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Full text of "The Annual American catalog, 1900-1909; containing a record under author, title, subject and series of all books recorded in the Publishers' weekly, 1900-1909, with a directory of publishers, authors and printers issuing books during the year; and a directory of booksellers in the principal towns of the United States and Canada"

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t* «'» a '-. ^ 


t'> '■'■ •^/ \ i 

'V.;:' \ 



A^merican Catalog 



A record under author^ titUy subject atid series of all books recorded in The 
Publisher^ Weekly ^ 1909, with a directory of publishers, authors and 
printers issuing books during the year; and a directory of booksellers 
in the principal towns of the United States and Canada 





»»-roR,t6tiflx *«• 



Prefatory Note v 

Book Production in 1909 ix 

American Books of 1909 ix 

Work of the Copyright Office During 1909 ... x 

Hook Production in Leading Countries .... xi 

Popular Fiction of 1909 ....... xii 

A Directory of Publishers, Printers and Authors Issuing Books 

in 1909 xv-xlviii 

Annual American Catalog: the Books of 1909, by author, title, 

subject and series i -574 

A Directory of Booksellers in the principal towns in the United 

States and Canada 575-639 


The Annual American Catalog for 1909 covers the extraordinary num- 
ber of 10,900 books and includes approximately 30,000 entries recording these 
books by author, title, subject and series entry. The United States has reached 
a book production now on a par with that of England, Germany and France, 
the other chief book producing countries, and the rapid increase of output makes 
it probable that within a few years it will exceed the book production of any 
other country. The phenomenal increase in recent years has made it impractica- 
ble to give full-title entry and descriptive annotations in the Publishers' Weekly 
for all books received or recorded and the Weekly Record of that Journal has 
therefore become a select representation instead of an approximately complete list, 
which latter is to be found in the reference lists printed monthly. Partly for this 
reason and partly because of the growing size of the Annual American Catalog, 
tiie latter is this year and will hereafter be confined to the single alphabet which 
is comprehensive and as complete as an American trade bibliography can perhaps 
be made. It may be added that the reprinting for the full-title annotated list, as 
a separate feature of the American Catalog, has not met with sufficient support 
from the libraries and the booktrade to justify the considerable cost of annual 
aimulation and separate printing, while, on the other hand, the information can 
be found in the bound volumes of the Publishers' Weekly kept in many libraries, 
and indexed by date in the author entry of this short-title list. 

This list is founded on, and indeed cumulates the linotype entries of, the 
monthly lists of the Publishers Weekly, which are intended to be fully com- 
prehensive within their field. The list does not attempt to include importations 
of English books or books in foreign languages where the importation is of in- 
dividual or few copies ; but only importations of editions, small or large, with an 
American imprint. It does not undertake to include directories and similar publi- 
cations, official publications unless of large general interest, or minor pamphlets. 
This volume contains, as usual, a directory, with street addresses in the larger 
cities, of all American publishers who have issued books during 1909, including 
printers and authors who have been publishers of their own books ; and for the 
first time it includes a select list of representative booksellers in the principal 
towns of the United States and Canada. This new list, it is thought, will be of 
general usefulness, and of greater value because it is a select list, not attempting to 
include the several thousand newsstands, cigar stands, drugstores, etc., which sell 
periodicals and a few paper bound books. The new list has been carefully pre- 
pared with the help of travellers from several houses and it is believed that it 
will serve as the best basis for communicating directly with the retail booktrade 
throughout the country without waste of effort and expense. 




*S09. judged by the number of titles re- 
^•^rded in The Pubuskers' Wekkly, has 
~^«n the banner year for book production, 
"e financial crisis of 1907 occurring, as it 
**i. !0 near the close o£ the year, had a 
''Marked effect on the output of books in igo8, 
^— ^ution and money stringency combined to 
*^ake the publishers fearful of issuing many 
"Ooks, and the result was a decrease of pro- 
duction as compared with the previous 
t'Welve months, which until igog had been the 
•Viost active recorded. Wi; have in our 
"Weekly Record of New Publications" dur- 
ing the past year recorded io,goi titles, of 
Which 10,193 were ntw books and 708 new 
editions, as against 9254 in 1908, of which 
8745 were new books and SOQ new editions, 
the gain for 1909 being 1647 titles. Of the 
whole number 10,901 books recorded, only 
4324 were received at this office. The re- 
mainder of 6677 represent new editions, pub- 
lications imported only in very limited num- 
bers and not sent for review, titles reported 
by publishers, titles taken from the accession 
cards received from the Library of Congress, 
and titles gathered from every available 
source by the constant watchfulness of our 

Table No. 1 will show an interesting com- 
parison between the two years. The rather 
extraordinary decrease in the works of fic- 
tion may or may not indicate an awakened 
interest in books of a more serious nature. It 
would seem more probable that, owing to the 
circumitance that 1909 has seen the centenary 
celebrations of so many famous men that 
works by them have appeared in many edi- 
tions, while books about them have also come 
forth in great numbers. This, no doubt, will 
accotmt for the fact that the class literature 
and collected works has gone from fifth to 
first place with 1136 to its credit, 512 more 
than last year, while fiction takes second place 
with but 10S8 novels, 401 less than in igoB. 
Religion and theology has fallen from second 
to third place with 903 books, as against 816 
of 1908. Among the other classes each shows 
an increase in this year's record; juvenile 
works has gained 253, useful arts 226, de- 
scription, geography and travel 59, biography 
35, political and social science 79. education 



TAltic No. .. 








utTniV™ .Ir^...:::::::::;; 

Hediol, HjgMK 



Political >»d SocUl Science 


De9crip«ioB,"Geocraphr, Travel.. . 


K.aiSJiiyRiS''.^'":;:: :: 






Ta»i. No. .. 






Ultrmtareiod Collected Woiki 







Theology uid Religion 



PaliticaiandSoculSdenct ... 

HlatorT - ■- - 


FiaeArta: IlluLGirt Booka... 
D«ne«liciDd Rural 


Worka of Refeience 

K-.^'s-srr ,:: :::: 







226, uhitc fine arts and illustrated gift books 
shows but 28 as its increase. 

Table No. 2 is an attempt t« show the 
number of books manu factored in the United 
States in 1909 — first, those by American 
authors ; second, those by English, Or foreign 
authors, made in this country according 10 
the demands of the copyright law, which two 
classes, added to those books in English, im- 
ported bound, or in sheets, comprise the year's 
output. The first and second divisions are 
made up very largely of copyright books. We 
do not claim absolute accuracy for either of 
our tables, but think that they are of interest 

as showing approximately the character and 
numerical importance of American book pro- 
duction. The table shows 8.108 by American 
authors against 6349 of 1908; 828 by English 
or foreign authors (made here) against 1145 
of 1908, and 1765 books or sheets imported, 
against 1765 of 1908. Again the imported 
books largely outnumber the reprints of 
works by foreign authors, a phenomenon ob* 
servable for a number of years past. Unlike 
the previou'i year, 1909 shows the most re- 
prints in the class literature and collected 
works instead of in fiction. This also may 
be traced to the centenaries. 


Following is the pith of the report of | 
Thorvald Solberg, Register of Copyright, of ' 
the copyright business transacted for the cal- { 
endar year 1909; 


The greater part of the business of the , 
Copyright Office is done by correspondence, i 
The fees, titles, deposits and applications re- 
ceived come for the most part through the 
mails. The volume of the business is indi- 
cated by the following 

Uttcn containiiiB nmituncei: 

Money orders rcceind to tbe numticT of. 
Kiprei* orden wtre received to the nom- 

Chciki were received to llie I'umber of.. 

Letters cDntuning catrency and coin 

Leiten of loquiry, etc., received 

LeUcn lequnllng bluiki and prinied Dial- 

AppUcEtioiu received'flM iccoiiiinnjed'by fcV. 

Infomial uppticstiTna leceivcd 

I ;..j I J.J ■□ ihr Libr-"'" 


II. l>eriDdica!9 (iium'icri) rcirsU'eii. jj.jjS 
E. Muaical cumposiliDns registered... ii.vy 

e. Maps leeistereJ^ . l.«. 



II. Rcproductioni di'lio "jS 

Renewal! reaistereil 10 

Registraliaiu for ad iDttrim |>ro- 

Tolal enlriia TT^.m 




Feet applwi durins calendar year looa; 

PERIOD FROf """ - -"-- "'" •••^'••"""'■> 

1697, ro' DECEMBER Exper. 

Julv ,. tt^,. to June JO. 1898.. 
JhIt (. iSoS. to June 30, 1899,. 


Thf publishers' Circular, of Jjjndon, re- 
port* ihe most active year ever recorded in 
the English publishing field. In 1908 there 
«a?i a fmall decrease of 93 books as com- 

RdiiioD, Ptiiliwiph«,eic 

BdunlioBal. Clinical, mad Fill- 


PiciioD. loTCnilc Worki, etc 

L^w, Inriapmlencc, etc 

Foiiiicil and Social BcoaoB]', 

Ana and Sciencat 

VoTafea/TraTcti, GeoKtapbj' 

Hinorr. Biocrapbr. etc 

poetrr and Drama 

Vcar-Boob and Serial* ia Volnmei 

Medicine, Snrserr.elc 

Belles- Letlrei. K«aT«, etc 

MitecllaneouB, loctudlnK Pan- 

pared ttitli 1907, but in spite of this the in- 
crease in the annual output since, the com- 
mencement of 1906 is 2473. For 1909 the 
statistics show 10.72S books recorded, Qd 
more than last year. In England the num- 
Wr of new editions has decreased, the 
percentage being 21-2 as against 235 in 

1908— on Ihc whole a gralifyiiiy change, 
indicating that there have been fciver 
cheap reprints than before. Taking the 
year's output class by class, there are the 
following increases: Religion. 100; fiction, 
<>4 ; political and social, 81 : arts and sciences, 
37; voyages and travels, ao; history and biog- 
raphy, 53; year books and serials, 76; medi- 
cal science, 37; belles-lettres, 47: miscella- 
neous. 478; while there are decreases in the 
following classes: Educational, 8; law, 17; 
poetry and drama, 94. The spring publishing 
liiisintss «as unusually prolific and prolonged. 
The preceding analytical table shows (he 
books divided into classes. 


It is difficult to make any adequate calcula- 
tion of the world's output of books in any 
giieii year, especially in view of the lateness 
of date ai which these are given in continental 
countries. The figures for Ihc United States 
and for Great Britain are given respectively 
in The Pubushers' Weekly and in The 
Publishers' Circular, of London, promptly 
within January, but other countries lag be- 
hind three or six months in iheir report. It 
is, Ibcrefore, necessary to estimate approxi- 
mately the probable output for the year closed 
from the increase or decrease in previous 
years. Such figures actually for the United 
Slates. Great Britain and Italy, estimated for 
Ihc oilier coiinlrics for the year 1009. but as 
recorded for llic preceding vears igoR and 
1907. arc uiven in the following tabic: 


United SUt« 9^10 

Great Britain g,«i4 

Cermany jo.wj 

rnince io>7SS> 

IWy 7.040 



The figures for the United States are of 
books recorded during 1909 by The Pub- 
usHEBs' Weekly and for Great Britain of 
books recorded during igog by The Pub- 
lishers' Circular, both showing a gain from 
previous years. These are practically books 
proper, though sorne pamphlets are included. 

They do not correspond to the copyright ^• 
ures of either country, as the American fig- 
ures include uncopyrighted reprints and in 
England not all copyrighted books are regis- 
lered during the year of production. The 
French figures are of books recorded in the 
Bibliographic de la France, which for 1908 
exceeded the copyright figures by 2268. The 
official German figures are not comparable 
with the others, as they include all sorts of 
printed material as well as books proper, and 
the estimate for 1909 is probably a fair state- 
ment of books proper for comparison. 


AtcoBoiNi; 10 The Bookman the following 
ii a list of the fiction thai has been most in 
demand during 1909: 

1. Tbe,Tni[ of the LoneKune Pine its 

y Pewr '.'.*■.'.*.'.'. .!!!!!'.'.'. '.'.V.i .! i;3 

4. Tbe Teitiiit ol Diana MallDi? i]<i 

J. The Red iSly ■" 

6. The M»o from Hrodnes-i S3 

..The Trail of ths Loneiom* Pine !ji 

J, Peler 19S 

J. Lewis Rnnd '« 

4. rh? Man from Brodncy'* ..,...,.-.--.-. : 1 

s. The Red CllJ ?* 

(. Oul-of.Doorj in tbe Holy Lund-- J7 

I. Tbe Trail of the Louoomc Pine -■?' 

i. SeptimuB. V. .'.'.'.'..".'.'.'.'....'.'. I S5 

^ Lewia Rand id) 

<. The Miaaioner »> 

6. The Rtd Mooae S» 


1 54-40 or B»iK »«■> 

J. Tte Trail oftlie I^ueaome Pine ifli 

3. Septi 
V Pel^. 
;. The Red 

1. Katrine '.'..'.'.'.'. io« 

1. The Bride of Ibe Hiitletoc 94 

4. Mr. Opp . OD 

5. The WUle Mice 64 

b. Tbe White Siiter 7, 


1 Tbe ftooK Girl.. a^i 

a. The Inner Shrine jij 

3. A Certain Rich Man iSi 

4. The Bride of the Uiattetoc tii 

S- Katrine ..- ia 

6. The RomanGe of a Plain Unn . 7/ 

Noviu tut. 

i! The^GooaeGiri'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.''.'.'.','.. .!.'!. I!.'' ji« 

1. The SiiYcr Horde 1Q4 

4. A CcTtaia Rich Man 1J4 

s. The Dancer Mark i» 

6. The CalllDS of Dan Matthcmt, 9S 


I. The Silver Horde i+n 

1. TruxtoB Kinj :6. 

3. A Certain Rich Man 14* 

4. The Goooe Girl ii; 

5. The Danger Mark lis 

i. Belli Donna ._ 117 

From the above lists the following cnmpari- 


Issuing Books in 1 909 


Issuing Books in 1909. 

'. L. 
\ O. 



I. A: 
L M. 
?. 5. 

7: F., jr. 
I. H. 
V, F. 


Pub. Co. 


i. Educ. 
f. Educ. 
'irst Prcsb. 

J. D. 

r, /. B. 
r, J: B. 


: H. 
: F: 
: H. 
& S, 



T; M. 


d. Pol. Sci. 


'). Soc. 



kers' Assoc. 


American Library Association Pub. lJoard..i Washington St., Chicago. 

Abbatt, William 141 E. 25th St.. New York. 

Abbott, A Sulphur Springs, Okla. 

Abbott, C. L., St. Paul, Minn. 

Abbott, Lemuel Abijah Williamstown, Vt 

Abbott, Twyman Osmand Chicago. 

Aberdeen Publishing Co 225 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Accountancy Publishing Co 2^2 Waverly PL, New York. 

Acme Publishing Co 223-227 Pleasant St., Morgantown, W. Va. 

Acme Publishing Co 1413 Williamson Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Adams, Albert Augustus Council BluflFs, la. 

Adams, A. M. & M. L Humboldt, la. 

Adams, Byron S 512 nth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Adams, Charles Francis, Jr 84 State St., Boston. 

Adams, Edgar H 40 Fourth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Adams, W. F Springfield, Mass. 

Adcock Publishing Co Hampton, Ky. 

Advertiser's Cyclopedia Co 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Advance Printing Co Liberty, Mo. 

Advance Publishing Co Chicago. 

Advocate Publishing Co St. Joseph, Mo. 

Ainsworth & Co 378-388 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Akron Board of Education Akron. O. 

Alabama Superintendent of Education Montgomery, Ala. 

Alaskan- Yukon-Pacific Exposition Publishing Co Seattle, Wash. 

Albany First Presbyterian Church Albany, N. Y. 

Albright, Jacob Dissinger. M.D 3228 No. Broad St., Philadelphia. 

Alderbrink Press. See Seymour, Ralph Fletcher. 

Alexander, James B Minneapolis, Minn. 

Alexander. John Brevard Charlotte, N. C. 

Allabcn. Frank. Genealogical C( 3 W. 42d St., New York. 

Allen, (ieorge Hoyt Clinton, N. Y. 

Allen. William Frederick 24 Park Place, New York. 

Allen, William Harvey. .Care of Atlantic Monthly, 4 Park St., Boston. 

Allen, Lane & Scott 1211- 1213 Dover St, Philadelphia. 

Alliance Press Co 692 8th Ave., New York. 

Allyn. Mrs. Adeline Bartlett, 

Care of H. C Wells, Warehouse Point, Ct. 

Allyn & Bacon 172 Tremont St., Boston. 

Altemus, Henry, Co 507-513 Cherry St.. Philadelphia 

Altrurians ( The) 12 Mt. Morris Park W., New York. 

Alvord, Samuel Morgan 254 .Ashley St., Hartford, Ct. 

American Aberdeen- Angus Breeders' Association .Chicago. 

American .\cad. of Pol. and Social Science. .. .Station B, Philadelphia. 

.American .Adjusters Co Union Trust Bldg.. Cincinnati. 

.American .Aeronautical Society Chicago. 

American Anthropological As.sociation. (B. Talbot Hyde, Treas.), 

542 Fifth Ave., New York. 

.American .Anti(|uarian Society Worcester, Mass. 

American Art Annual, Inc 215 W. 57th St., New York. 

-Americar. Bankers' Association, 

Hanover Bank Building. 11 Pine St., New York 
.American Baptist Publication Society, 1701-03 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. 
Sec also Griffith & Rowland Press. 

Ameri:an Bible Society 6 Bible House, New York. 

American Book Co 100 Washington Sq., E.. New York. 

American Chess Bulletin Co 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Am. Cii-ic League. Amer 

/im. Corr, Seh. Amcr 

Am. Educ. Allianct. 
Am. Economic Ai- 

i Civic League, John Horace .\lc Far land, Pres., 

Box 65s, Harrisbuis, Pa. 
I Correfpondtncc School of I-aw Chicago. 

Am. Esferanlisl. 
Am. Geog. Soe. 
Am. Hist. 
Am. Home Eco- 

Am. Hotel. 

Am. Imt. Archi- 

Am. Insl. Elec. Eng. 
Am. Inst. Law. 
.•Im. Iron and Steel. 
Am. Jersey. 
Am. Law Bk. 
Am. Lvth. 
Am. Medical. 
Am. Negro Acad. 
Am. News. 
Am. Pbilosophieal 

Am. Phys. Educ. 

Am. Play. 
Am. Press. 
Am. Pub. Co..(yt.) 
Am. Railway Guide. 
Am. .9. S. 
Am. Sch. Corr. 
Am. Seh. Deaf. 
Am. Seamen's 

Am. S'or. Meeh. 

Am. Sports. 
Am. Text-Bk. 

Am. Unitarian, 
Americana German- 

Am ericus. 

American Esperantist 235 40th St., Chicago. 

American Geographical Society 15 W. 8ist St., New York. 

AmeTican Historical Association Washington, D. C. 

American Home Economics Association, 

52s West I20th St., New York. 

American Hotel Register Co 51-53 W. Washington St., Chicago. 

American Institute of Architects The Octagon, Washington, D. C. 

American Institute of Electrical Engineers. .25 W. 3gth St., New York. 

American Institute of Law 60 Wall St., New York. 

American Iron and Steel Association. . .361 S. 4th St., Philadelphia. 

American Jersey Cattle Club 8 W. 17th St., New York. 

American Law Book Co 60 Wall St., New York, 

American Lutheran Publication Board,. 1349 Fifth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

American Medical Association, Press of 535 Dearborn St, Chicago. 

American Negro Academy 1439 Pierce PI., Washington, D. C 

American News Co 9-15 Park PI., New York. 

American Ptiilosophical Society 104 S. 5lh St., Philadelphia. 

.■\merican Physical Education Review. 

93 Westforit Ave., Springfield. Mass. 

-American Play Co 1402 Broadway, New York. 

.\merican Press Co Baltimore, Md. 

Aicerican Publishing Co Middlebury, Vt. 

.American Railway Guide Co Chicago. 

American Sunday-School Union 1816 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Seamen's Friend Society 76 Wall St, New York. 

Society of Mechanical Engineers. .29 \V. 39tli St.. New York. 

.American Sports Publishing Co 1521 Warren St., New Y'ork. 

American Text-Book Co Philadelphia. 

.American Tract Society 150 Nassau St, New York. 

American Unitarian AE.^ociation 25 Beacon Si, Boston. 

Americana Germanica Press, 

Box 10, College Hall. Univcrsitj of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 
Americus Book Co Americus. Ga. 




Arnold, U V. 

Arnold, T. B. 

Art. Com, of N, Y. 

Art Pub. 



Arts and Crafts, 
Askmore, D: N, 
Assoc, Am, Port- 

land Cement, 
Assoc, Bk. 
Assoc. Charities, 
Assoc. Imp. Con. 

Assoc, Life, 


.ithenia Pub. 

Atkinson, W. 

Atlantic Deeper 

Atlantis Press. 

Atlantis Pub. 

Atlas Portland Ce- 


Auburn Pub. 


Audit Co, 


Augustine, W: A. 

Auringer, O, C, 


Automobile Club, 
So. Cat. 

Automobile Topics. 

Ave Maria, 


Ayres, R, C. 

Babson. R. W. 

Bacon, A. S. 

Bacon, D. G, 

Bacon & B. 


Bahnson, F. H. 


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Baker, V. & Co. 

Baker & T, 

Baker Pr. 



Baldwin, T: W. 

Ball, A. 

Ball Pub. Co. 

Balmer, E. 

Balto. Pr. 


Bankers Mas, 
Bankers Pub, 
Bankers^ Law Pub. 

Banks & Co. 
Bapt, Bk. 
Bapt. S. S. Bd. 
Barber Asphalt. 
Barlow, J: R: 

Barnes, O, P, 
Barnes Mfg, Co. 

Arnold, Leon Vance 15 Arnold Ave, Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Arnold, T. B. Glen EUen, 111. 

Art Commission of the City of New York City Hall, New York. 

Art Publishing Co Scranton, Pa. 

Artemesian Bindery Los Angeles, Cal. 

Artil Co Ithaca, N. Y. 

Arts and Crafts Book Shop Chicago. 

Ashmore, David Newton Decatur, 111. 

Association of American Portland Cement Manufacturers, Philadelphia. 

Association Book Co 4 W. 40th St., New York. 

Associated Charities Washington, D. C 

Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, 

105 E. 22d St, New York. 
Association of Life Insurance Presidents, 

I Madison Ave., R. 4203, New York. 

Astrophysical Journal, University of Chicago Press Chicago. 

Athenia Publishing Co Athenia, N. J. 

Atkinson, Wilmer Co 1024 Race St., Philadelphia. 

Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association Philadelphia. 

Atlantis Press Boston. 

Atlantis Publishing Co 113 W. 31st St., New York. 

Atlas Portland Cement Co 30 Broad St., New York. 

Atwater Publishing House Peoria, 111. 

Auburn Publishing Co Auburn, N. Y. 

Audel, Theodore, & Co 63 Fifth Ave, New York. 

Audit Co. of New York 165 Broadway, New York. 

Augustana Book Concern Rock Island, 111. 

Augustine, William Azariah Carey, O. 

Auringer, Rev. Obadiah Cyrus Forestport, N. Y. 

Austin Publishing Co 10 Arlington St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Automobile Qub of Southern California, 

402-6 Laughlin BIdg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Automobile Topics 103 Park Ave., New York. 

Ave Maria Press Notre Dame, Ind. 

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Bacon, Alexander S 37 Liberty St., New York. 

Bacon, Mrs. Daniel G Robinson Cottage, Newport, R. I. 

Bacon & Brown Boston. 

Badger, Richard G 194 Boylston St., Boston. 

Bahnson, Frederic H Box 73- Salem, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Baird, Henry Carey, & Co 810 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Baker, Walter H., & Co 5 Hamilton PI, Boston. 

Baker, Vc-orhis & Co 45 John St., New York. 

Baker & Tavlor Co 33 E. 17th St. New York. 

Baker Printmg Co 251 Market St., Newark, N. J. 

Balance Publishing Co 1700 Welton St, Denver, Colo. 

Baldwin, H. L., Co 522 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Baldwin, Thomas WDliams 79 Clarkson St, Dorchester, Mass. 

Ball, Alwyn, Jr 395 Broadway, New York. 

Ball Publishing Co 683 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Balmer, Edwin 1045 Hollywood Ave., Chicago. 

Baltimore City Printing and Bindery Co Baltimore, Md. 

Bancroft Training School for Mentally Subnormal Children. 

Haddonfield, N. J. 

Bancroft- Whitney Co 200-214 McAllister St, San Francisco. 

Banker's Magazine 90 William St, New York. 

Bankers* Publi.^^hing Co 90 William St, New York. 

Bankers' Law Publishing Co Sedalia, Mo. 

Banks Law Publishing Co 23 Park PL, New York. 

Banks h Co 473-475 Broadway, Albany, N. Y. 

Baptist Book Concern .636-638 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Baptist Sunday School Board 710 Church St, Nashville, Tenn. 

Barber A.sphalt Co 90 West St. New York. 

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Barnes, A. S., & Co 11 E. 24th St., New York. 

Barnes, O. P., 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Barnes Manufacturing Co Susquehanna. Pa. 

Barnei Pub. 
Barr, J: IV: 
Bartett, C: S. 
Barrett Mfg. Co. 

Bane & H. 

Barthoiomew, E. J. 
Bartlett, A. 
Barllell, E. J. 
BartUU. N. J. 
Sarton, F. M. 
Basley, A. 
Bales 6- G. 
Satllc. J. M. 
Baughman Sta. Co. 
Baum, C. L. 
Bd. For. Mist. 

Bd. S. S. M. E. Ch. 

Beaver, I. M. 
Beaver Pr. 
Becker. W. C. 
Beggs, W: N. 
Belisle Pr. 
Bell. J. D. &■ F. R. 
Bell. J. P. 
Bell Si. 
Bellou-s, IV. C. 
Bender, M. 

Bettdvre & A. 
Benton, } : C. 
Benton, J. H: 

Bethel Pub. 


Barnes, Arthur J., Publishing Co 2201 Locust St., St. Louit. 

Barr, John William Sta. G, Cincinnati. 

Barrett, Charles Simon Union City, Ga. 

Barrett Manufacturing Co Boston, 

Barrie, George, & Sons 1313 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Barry, James H., Co 1124 Mission St., San Francisco. 

Barse & Hopkins (Successors to Brewer, Barse & Co., Chicago). 

296 Broadway, New Vork. 

Bartholomew, Klmer Jefferson 134 Mentor Bldg., Chicago. 

Bartlett, C. H., Co Cuba, Wis. 

Bkrtlelt, Alfred 69 Comhill, Boston. 

Bartlett, Edwin Julius Hanover. N. H. 

Bartlett, N. J., & Co 28 Cornhill, Boston. 

Barton, F. M., Co 706-712 Caxton Bldg., Cleveland. O. 

Banich Bros 4^ Broadway, New York. 

Basley, Mrs. A... Room 626, Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles. Cal. 

Bassette, F. A., Co Gennona Bldg.. Springfield, Mass. 

Bates & Guild Co 42 Chauncey St.. Boston. 

Battle, Jesse M aoot Locust St„ St. Louis 

Baughman, Charles H . Frederick, Md- 

Baughman Stationery Co Richmond. Va. 

Baum, Mrs. C. L 1325 East Colfax St., Di-nvcr, Colo, 

Baumgardl Publishing Co...,..ii(' N, Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Board of Foreign Missions of the United Presbyterian Church o'. 

N, A 921 Witherspoon Bldg.. Philadelphia. 

Board of Sunday Schools of the Methodist Episcopal Qiurch. Chicago. 

Beattys, Frank D„ & Co •, 225 sth Ave,, New York. 

Beaver, L M 123 N, 6lh St, Reading, Pa, 

Beaver Printing Co Greenville, Pa. 

Becker. W, C 688 Cass St„ Milwaukee, Wis, 

Beggs, William N., M,D ijlh and Delaware St„ Denver. Colo 

Belisle Primings Publishing Cn ii.i From St,. Worcester. Mass, 

Bell, J. D, & F. R„ Co q6 Broadway, New York- 
Bell, J. P,. Co., Inc Lynchburg. Va, 

Bell Book and Stationerv Co 914 E. Main St., Richmond Va 

Bellows, Walter Clarke 315 W. 113th St, New York 

Bender, Matthew, & Co 511-513 Broadway, Albany, N. Y, 

Bender-Moss Co, (formerly Bender- Chnquette Co,), 

80 Ellis St., San Francisco. 

Bendure & Arthurs 709 Pine St,. P. H.. Steuhenville. 0, 

Bennett. Dana T.. Co 324 E, 23d Si,. New York 

Benton Publishing Co Fowler. Ind. 

Benton. John Clemens Santa Barbara. Cal. 

Benton, Joseph Henry Ames Bldg,. Boston, 

Benziger Bros 36 Barclay St., New York 

Bethel Publishing Co Dayton.^O. 

ell. Job" Andrew, ,..,,. Corva"' '^ 




. /: F. 
ie & T. 

C: K. 
w, A. N. 

I, /. D. 

Assoc. Tu- 



I Pub. Lib. 
t Sch. Com. 
m & C. 
J. S. 

iry, A. R. 
y. M. 
m, I: R. 
*r's Gazette. 
en Pub. Ho. 

r. O. 

fw. F. H. 
I, S. A. 

, C. C. 
cell. H. E. 
fine Pub. Lib. 
lyn Eagle, 
lyft Inst, 
lyti Lib. 
5. F. L. 

x, C: G. 
I, E. E. 
I. H. C. 
I. H. R. 
I, /. M. 
I, M. B. 
I & P. 
I Alumni. 
I Bros. 
I Bros. Co. 
I Pr. Co. 
I Univ. 
te's Business 


ling, E: F. 
ting, O. A. 
fry. O. V. 
r,J. W. 
, R. L. 
t. C. L. 
t. F. A: 
ublic Pr. 
E. C. 

nham. J. E B. 
am. M. H: 
nan, F. G. 
leisen, H. D. 
Hist. Soe. 

Bobbitt, John Franklin Clark University, Worcester, Mass. 

Bobbs-Merrill Co 9 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Boericke & Tafel loii Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Bogarte, M. E., Book Co Valparaiso, Ind. 

Boger, Frederick, Publishing Co i Maiden Lane, New York. 

Bolton, Mrs. Charles Knowles Brookline, Mass. 

Bonham, Alfred N 2812 Central Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

BonncU, Silver & Co 48 W. 22d St.. New York, 

Bonnell, J. D., & Son 152 Purchase St.. Boston. 

Book Supply Co 220 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Bookstore (The) East Northfield, Mass. 

Booth, Walter S., & Son. .403-405 Nicolette Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Boss Publishing Co 87 Madison St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Boston Association for the Relief and Control of Tuberculosis. 

4 Joy St., Boston. 

Boston Book Co 83-91 Francis St., Boston. 

Boston Law Book Cc Boston. 

Boston Museum of Fine Arts Copley Sq., Boston- 

Boston Music Co (G. Schirmer. Jr.) 26 West St., Boston. 

Boston Public Library Boston. 

Boston School Committee Boston. 

Bowman & Crossley Ames, la. 

Boyd, Rev. James Shields Courtenay, N. I). 

Bradbury, Mrs. Anna Rossman 721 Warren St.. Hudson, N. Y. 

Bradley, Milton, CVi 49 Willow St., Springfield, Mass. 

Branson, Isaac Reichelderfer Aurora, Neb. 

Breeder^s Gazette 358 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Brentano's Fifth Ave. and 27th St., New York. 

Breslow, M. M., Co 8 Bible House, New York. 

Brethren Publishing House 16-24 S. State St., Elgin, 111. 

Brewer, Barse & Co. See Barse & Hopkins. 

Brewer, Orville. Publishing Co 21 r E. Madison St., Chicago. 

Brigham, Frank Hartwell 1356 E. Vernon Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Bristol, S. A.. Co Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Broadway Publishing Co. Sec B'uay Pub. 

Brock, Claude Cornelius 542-544 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo, N, Y. 

Bromwell, Henrietta E Denver, Colo. 

Brookline Public Library Brookline. Mass. 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Eagle BIdg , Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brooklyn Public Library 26 Brevoort PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brooks, Rev. Frank Lester Hyannis, Mass. 

Brour Green Co 48 John St., New York. 

Brown, Charles Gardner Ithaca, N. Y. 

Brown, Elmer Ellsworth Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C 

Brown, H. C, Co 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Brown, Hubert R 320 Broadway, New York. 

Brown, Jennie Marie Acton, Ind. 

Brown, Martin R 49 Park PI., New York 

Brown & Page 184 Summer St., Boston. 

Brown Alumni Magazine Co Providence, R L 

Brown Brothers Fifth and Pine Sts., Philadelphia] 

Brown Brothers Co Rochester, N. Y. 

Brown Printing Co 10 N. Lawrence St., Montgomery, Ala 

Brown University Providence, R. I 

Browne's Brooklyn Business College, 28 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Browning. Edward Franklin 18 W. 75th St.. New York 

Browning, Otis A., Publishing Co Toledo O 

Brumley, Oscar Victor 1806 N. High St.. Columbus. O. 

Bruner, Jane Woodworth 1457 Ocean Ave., Long Beach L I 

Brunswick- Fa^ke-Cc'Jendcr Co 29 W. 32d St., New York 

Bryan, R L Co Columbia, S. C 

Bryant, C. L Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bryant, Frank Augustus 62 W. 40th St., New York. 

Bureau of Municipal Research 261 Broadway New York 

Bureau of Public Printing Manila P I 

Buck, Edith Cora Cedar Falls. la^ 

Buckenham, J. E. Burnett Chestnut Hill. Philadelphia. 

Buckham, Rev. Matthew Henry Burlington, Vt. 

Buchanan, Frances Grant Denver Colo 

Bucgeleisen, H. D 48^; Fifth Ave., New York! 

Buffalo Hjjitorical Sc»ciety Buffalo, N Y. 

Buffalo Pub. Lib. 
Buffum, B. C. 
Bull, C. E. 
Bullis & H. 

Burgess, C: F. 
Burgess. L. & Co. 
Burke, J. W. 
BuTTtham, E. 
Bumham. W: H: 

Burton, A. J. 
Burton. G: W. 

Burton Co. 
Burtscher, W: J: 
Bushneil, }. 
Businrss Code. 
Business Man's Pub. 
Business Pub. 
Bulls, W- H: 
B'wav Pub. 
Bylsma, fl- 


Cal. Assoc. Tuber- 

Cal. Depi. Pub. In- 
Cal. L. A. 
Cal. Promotion. 
Cal. State Lib. 
Cal, State Mining, 
Caldwell. A. B. 
Caldwell W: 
Caledonian Pub. 
Camfhell, W: J. 
Campbell Co. 

Canada, I: W: 


Buffalo Public Library Buffalo, N. Y. 

BufEum, Burt C Worland, Big Horn Co., Wyo. 

Bull, dark E 1511 W. Bayaud St, Denver, Colo. 

Bullia & Holden aeveland, 0. 

Bungalowcraft Co. .403 Chamber of Commerce BIdg,, Los Angeles, CiL 

Buon Bros Ardmore, Okl». 

Burford, William B Indianapolis, Ind. 

Burgess, Charles F Moosup, Ct 

Burgess, Lang & Co 50 State St., Boston. 

Burlce, J. W., Co 508 Cherry St., Macon, Ga. 

Burnham, E 70 State St., Chicago. 

Bumham, William Henry Clark University, Worcester, Mass, 

Burrows Brothers Co 1.33 Eudid Ave., Cleveland, 0. 

Burt, A. L., Co 52 Dnane St, New York. 

Burton, Alonzo J 686 Prospect PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Burton, George Ward, 
Care of Times Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Burton Publishing Co 709 McGee St., Kansas City, Ma 

Burtscher, William John Ruskin, Tenn. 

Bushneil, Joseph Jackson, Jackson Co., Minn. 

Business Code Co 929 West End Ave., New York. 

Business Man's Publishing Co Detroit, Mich 

Business Publishing Co Peoria. III. 

Butts, William Henry 919 Oakland Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Broadway Publishing Co 835 Broadway, New York. 

Bylsma. Richard Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Byrd Printing & Publishing Co Atlanta, Ga. 

Byrne. John. & Cc 1322 F St. N. W.. Washington, D. C 

Cahn, Julius Empire Theatre Bldg.. New York. 

California Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
California Department of Public Instruction Sacramento, Cal. 

California Library Associatiori Los Angeles, Cal. 

California Promotion Co San Francisco. 

California State Library Sacramento, Cal. 

California State Mining Bureau Ferry Bldg., San Francisca 

Caldwell, H. M., Co £o8-zi8 Summer St., Boston. 

Caldwell. A. B Temple Court Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Caldwell, Rev. William 60s W. 5th St., Fort Worth, Tex. 

Caledonian Publishing Co 83 Bible House, New York. 

Callaghan & Co 1 14 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Campbell, William J 1623 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. 

Campbell Company Chicago. 

Campion & Co 1316 Walnut St.. Philadelphia. 

Canada. John William Houston, Tex. 

Canon City Record.. Canon City. Colo- 




Church Ex- 



Summer Sch. 

ral Lib. 

I Club. 
t Era. 

I Pub. 
y Assoc. 
y Co. 
y Hist, 
ers, C: O. 
>ers, W. L. 
;, G. W. 
I, H. L. 
'■ News, 
nn, C. 
\e Pub. 
\es Pub. 
y Organ. 
F. N. 

>, C. M. 

in Press, 
^ham Press, 

:qI Engineer, 

Daily News, 
'■{arbor Com. 
Hebrew Inst. 

legal News. 
Jt. Club. 
Med. Bk. 
""ub. Lib. 

?n's Pub. 


ygical Coll. 

. A. 



ub. Co. 




an's Sch. 

It'll. C. N. 

J. G. 

lub, Chicago. 

'ist. Phil. 

ib. Assoc. 




Catholic Church Extension 7j8 The Rookery, Chicago. 

Catholic Editing Co i W. 34th St., New York. 

Catholic Education Press, 

1026 Quincy St., Brookland Station, Washington, D. C 

Catholic Summer School Press no W. 74th St., New York. 

Catholic University Washington, D. C. 

Cathedral Library Association . .534-536 .\mstcrdam Ave., New York. 

Caulk, L. D., Co Milford, DeL 

Caxton Club Chicago. 

Cement Era Publishing Co 842 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago. 

Central Maine Publishing Co Waterville, Me. 

Central Printing Co Little Rock, Ark. 

Central Publishing House Cleveland, O. 

Central Publishing House 519 Main St., Cincinnati. 

Century Association 7 W. 43d St., New York. 

Century Co 33 E. 17th St., New York. 

Century History Co 54-56 Dey St., New York. 

Chalmers, Charles 512 Camp St., New Orleans, La. 

Chambers, W. Lee Santa Monica, Cal. 

Chapin, Gilbert W Hartford, Ct. 

Chapin, Harry Lorenzo R. D. No. 3, Huron, O. 

Chapin News Co Hartford, Ct. 

Chapman, Clowry 282 Manhattan Ave., New York. 

Chappie Publishing Co., Ltd 944 Dorchester Ave, Boston. 

Charities Publication Committee ^^5,^' ^^ ^**' ^^^ York. 

Charity Organization Society 105 E. 22d St., New York. 

Chase, Fessenden N Bath, Me. 

Chatterton-Peck Co. (now A. L Chatterton Co.), 

296 Broadway, New York. 

Cheadle, Clarence McKee Ashton, 111. 

Check, Rabbi Sabbath 62 E. 7th St., New York. 

Chelston Press P. O. Box 566, Atlantic City, N. J. 

Cheltenham Press 150 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Chemical Publishing Co Easton, Pa. 

Chemical Engineer Publishing Co 355 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Chesman, Nelson & Co 1127-1128 Pine St., St. Louis. 

Chicago Commercial Publishing Co P. O. Box 575, Chicago. 

Chicago Daily News Chicago. 

Chicago Harbor Commission -. Chicago. 

Chicago Hebrew Institute 485 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Chicago Historical Society.. .Dearborn Ave. and Ontario St., Chicago. 

Chicago Legal News Co 87 Qark St., Chicago. 

Chicago Literar>' Club Chicago. 

Chicago Medical Book Co Congress and Honore Sts., Chicago. 

Chicago Public Library Chicago. 

Chief Fuhlishing Co 45 Centre St, New York. 

Children's Publishing Co P. O. Box 328, Cincinnati. 

China Inland Mission 235 School Lane, Germantown, Pa. 

Chirological College. . .Inspiration Point. Echo Park. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Choate, Augusta Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Christian Herald Room 92, Bible House, New York. 

Christian Press As^ociatio^ l^iiblishing Co. .26 Barclay St., New York. 

Christian Publishing Co 2712 Pine St., St. Louis. 

Chtistian Science Publishing Co 250 Huntington Ave., Boston. 

Christian Union Publishing Co Des Moines, la. 

Christian Witness Co 151 Washin^on St., Chicago; Boston. 

Christian's School of Applied Food Chemistry, 

7 E. 41st St., New York. 

Christie Publishing Co 171 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Churchill, Mrs. C. N 834 High St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Cincinnati Medical Book Co 905 Rail St., Cincinnati. 

Circle Publishing Co 50 Madison Ave., New York. 

Cisco, Jay Guy Vandcrbilt Law Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. 

City Club of Chicago 228 S. Clark Ct, Chicago. 

City Historical Society of Philadelphia, 1623 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

City Library Association Springfield, Mass. 

Civic Forum 23 W. 44th St., New York. 

Civic League of St. Louis St. Louis. 

Claflin, H. B., Co 224 Church St, New York. 

Clapp, David, & Son Boston. 

Clara Vista Press Pasadena, Cal. 

Clark. Arthur IT.. Co Caxton Bldg., Cleveland, O. 


Clark, C: E. 
Clark, C. ^f. 
Clark, H: S. 
Clark, J. E. 
Clark. M. C. 
Clark Univ. 
■ Clarke. E. H. 
Clarke. W: B. 

Cleveland Pub. Lib. 
Clifford & L. 

Clymer, R. C. 
Coats, M. C. 
Cobbey, I. E. , 

Cockayne, E. 0. 

Coldwaler, C: H: 
Cole, L. E. 

Colo. Manuf. 
Columbia Pr. 
Columbia Sell. Poul- 
Columbia Univ. 
Com. of One Hun- 

Com. Toion History. 
Commercial Pr. Co. 

Commercial World. 

Comsloc'k. W: T. 
Con key. 
Conn. Lib. 
Conn. Pub. Lib. 
CdHfad. H: C- 

uiliiialed Safety. 


Clark, Charles Eugene Covington, Kj 

Clark, C M., Publishing Co 211 Tiemont St, Boston. 

Clark, Henry Spencer roo N 4th St., Paterson, N. J. 

Clark. J. E.. Supt. of Public Instnictton Santa Fe. N. M. 

Clark, Myron C, Publishing Co 355 Dearborn St., Chicaga 

Clark University Press Worcester, Mass. 

Clarke, Robert, Co Government Sq., Cincinnati. ■ 

Clarke, E, H., & Brother Memphis, Tenn, 

Clarke, Wti^liam B., Co 26 Tremont St., Boston. 

Clas,iic Publishing Co Baxley, Ga. 

Ckveland News Co 1552 W. 3d St., Oeveland, O. 

Clcvela:id Press (Clinical Review Publishing Co.), 

346 Ogden Ave., Chicago. 

Cleveland Public Library Oeveland. O. 

Clifford & Lawton 1 E. 38th St., New York. 

Clode, Edward J 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Clymer. Reuben Swinburne Allentown, Pa. 

Coats. Mack Colvin 23 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

Cobbey, J. E Beatrice, Neb. 

Cobden Publishing Co Washington, D. C. 

Cochrane Publishing Co., Inc Ii26Tribune BIdg., New York. 

Cockayne, E. 211 Tremont St., Boston. 

Coe-Mortimcr Co 24 Stone St., New York. 

Coldwater, Charles Henry Lake Charles. La. 

Cole, L. E., Music Publishing Co Port Angeles. Wash. 

Collier, P. F., & Son 416-424 W. 13th St.. New York. 

Colorado Manufacturers' Association Denver, Colo. 

Columbia Printing Co Chicago. 

Columbia School of Poultry Waterville, N. Y. 

Columbia University Press Morningside Heights, New York. 

Committee of One Hundred on National Health, 

69 Church St.. New Haven, Ct. 

Committee on Town History Cohasset, Mass, 

Cotnbe Printing Co St. Joseph, Mo. 

Commercial Printing Co Raleigh, N. C, 

Commercial World Publishing Co Detroit. Mich, 

Compton, F. E„ & Co 200 Monroe St.. Chicago. 

Comstock, William T., Co 23 Warren St., New York. 

Comtelburo, Ltd 16 Beaver St., New York. 

Conkej. W. B., Co Hammond, Ind, 

Connecticut State Library Hartford, Ct 

Connecticut Public Library Committee Hartford, Ct. 

Connecticut, State of Hartford, O. 

Conra.l. Hcnfy C Wilmington. Del 

;oli<lated Safety Valve Co 85 Liberty St.. New York. 




Croll, P. C. 
Xrosby, J. A. 

Cntmmer, W. F, 
Cumberland Press. 
Cummings, W: L. 
Cunmngftam, C. & 

Cunningham, H : IV. 
Cupples & L. 
Curtis, N. C. 
Curtis Adv. 
Curtis & C. 
Cycle Press, 
D.A.R., Hannah 

Winthrop Chap. 
D. C. L. A, 
D. D. Pub, 
Daily Record. 
Dale Assoc. 
Damon, H: B. 
Dandridge, A. S. 
Daniels, P. 
Darling, J, T. 

Davenport, E. 

Dazns, A. McP, 
Dains, J : M, 
Davis. O. P. 
Davis Bros. 
Davis Press. 
Davison, A. 

De Bower-C. 
De La Mare. 
De Laurence, S. 
Dei College. 
Delaware Hist, Soc. 
Dell, S. 
Delmarter Pub. 
Democracy Pr. 
Denison, T: S, 
D enrich. 
Denver & Rio 

Denver Int. Corr. 

De Puy. 
Dcseret News. 
Desmond, H. J. 
Deuther. C: G: 
De Vinne. 

Devnev, R. S. 

De Witt & S. 

De Wolfe. 


Dick, S: M. 


Dillinjzham, G: W. 


Distribution League. 

Ditmas, C: A. 

D it son. 



Dodge, A. /. 

Dodge. B. W. 

DocrHinger, C: H. 

Croll, Rev. Philip Columbus Beardstown, 111. 

Crosby, J. A Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Crowell, 1 homas Y., & Co 426 W. Broadway, New York. 

Crummer, W. F Oak Park, 111. 

Cumberland Press Nashville, lenn. 

Cummings, William Leon 803 McBride St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch. . .565-567 Market St.. San Francisco. 

Cunningham, Henry Winchester 89 State St., Boston. 

Cupples & Leon Co 137 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Curtis, Nathaniel Cortlandt Auburn, Ala. 

Curtis Advertising Co Detroit, Mich. 

Curtis & Cameron 75 Pierce Bldg., Boston. 

Cycle Press 421 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Daughters of the American Revolution (Hannah Winthrop Chapter), 

Cambridge, Mass. 

District of Columbia Library Association Washington. D. C. 

D. D. Publishing Co 4630 Grand Boulevard, Chicago. 

Dadant & Sons Hamilton, 111. 

Daily Record Co Baltimore, Md. 

Dale Association Boston. 

Damon, Henry B Katonah, N. Y. 

Dandridge, Mrs. A. S Shepherdstown, W. Va. 

Daniels, Percy Carthage, Mo. 

Danner Publishing Co 1508 Polk St., San Francisco. 

Darling, Jasper T 79 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Dau Publishing Co 40 W. 33d St., New York. 

Davenport, Eugene College of Agriculture, Urbana, 111. 

Davis, F. A., Co « T914-1916 Cherry St., Philadelphia. 

Davis, Andrew McFarland Cambridge, Mass. 

Davis. John McCan Springfield, 111. 

Davis, O. P - 1620 T5th St., Denver, Cdo. 

Davis Bros Kansas City, Mo. 

Davis Press 38-44 From St., Worcester, Mass. 

Davis-Gibbs Co 350 Dickinson St., Springfield, Mass. 

Davison, Alvin Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. 

Dealy, J. V., Co Houston, Tex. 

De Bower-Chapline Co Chicago. 

De La Mare Printing & Publishing Co 2 Duane St., New York. 

De Laurence, Scott & Co 1514 Masonic Temple, Chicago. 

Delaware College Newark, Del. 

Delaware Historical Society Wilmington, Del. 

Dell, Sidney Los Angeles, Cal. 

Delmarter Publishing Co Chicago 

Democracy Printing Co 23 Duane St., New York. 

Denison, Thomas Stewart 163 Randolph St., Cliicago. 

Denrich Press Chula Vista. Cal. 

Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, Passenger Department, Denver, Colo. 

Denver International Correspondence Schopl cf Money. Denver. Colo 

De Puy. Clarence C Syracuse. N. Y. 

Dcseret News Co Salt Lake City. lUah. 

Desmond, Humphrey Joseph. ..;. .P. O. Drawer ^6, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Deuther, Charles George ^2y Washington St., Buffalo. N. Y. 

De Vinne Press 395 Lafayette St., New York. 

Devney, Raymond Smith Bowlinir Green, Ky. 

DeWitt & Snelling 9 Telegraph Ave.. OaklaTid. Cal. 

DeWolfe & Fiske Co 20 Franklin St.. Boston. 

Dick & Fitzgerald t8 .Ann St , New York. 

Dick, Rev. Samuel Medary Minneapolis. Minn. 

Dilley, Arthur Urbana, & Co., Inc 5 Park St.. Boston. 

Dillingham. George W., Co 119 W. 23d St , New York. 

Dissell Publishing Co Box 273. Hartford. Ct 

Distribution League 21 Union Trust Bldg.. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ditmas, Charles Andrew 350 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ditson, Oliver, Co 150 Tremont St., Boston. 

Dodd, Mead & Co 30th St. & 4th Ave., New York. 

Dodge Publishing Co 214-220 E. 23d St., New York. 

Dodge, A. Johnson 20 Wabon St.. Boston. 

Dodr?e, B. W., & Co 4.^ ^V. 27th St., New York. 

Doerflinger, Charles H 254 94th St.. Milwaukee. Wis. 


Dolbey. Dolbey, Edward P., & Co 3607 Woodland Ave, Philaddpluik 

Dolphin. Dolphin Press 1305 Arch St, PhiladdiAa; 

Dom. and For. Mis- Dcmestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protectant Episci^ 

sioH. Church a8i Fourth Ave.," New Ywt 

Domestic Bnginter- Domestic Engineering 4y E3 N. JefEersor St, Chicago. 


DoHlan. T: J. 
DooHttU & K. 

Doremus, P. 
Doublfday, P. 
Dougherty. C: A. 
Dow. G: P. 
Dowling, E. S. 
Doyle, J: 

Draper, A. S. 
Drew Sf L. 
Dnggan, F. J. 
DumoHt, E. R. 
Dumont & H, 
Dnnlap Pony Co, 
Du Pont de Ne- 

Durant, S. H. 

Dvnghl, F: 
Dvke. A. L. 
E., C. E. 
Eagle Pub. 
Earley, G: G. 
Boston. F. A. 
Eaton 6- M. 
Eau Claire Bk. 
Eddy, County Pro- 

Donlan, Thomas J Colonial BIdg., Botton. 

Donnelley, R. R., & Sons Co Dearborn St, ChicagDi 

Donohue, M. A.. & Co 407-429 Dearborn St, Chicag;o. 

Doolittle & Kulling, Inc Philadelphia. 

Doran, George H., Co 35 W. 32d St. New York. 

Doremus, Philip Montclair, N.J. 

Doscher, C H., & Co 156 Fifth Ave.. New Yort 

Doubleday, Page & Co 131-137 E. i6th St., New Yort 

Dougherty, Charles A Bristol, fc. 

Dow, George Francis Es<>ex Institute, Salem, Mass. 

Bowling E, S Los Angeles, Ol 

Doyle, John Fayetteville, N. Y. 

Drake, Frederick J., & Co., 

Fisher BIdg, Dearborn -nnd Van Buren Sts., Chicago. 

Drake law Book Co 30^ Wayne Co. Bank Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Dramatic Publishing Co. (C. H. Sergei. Pres.>, 

358 Dearborn St, Chicago 

Draper, Andrew Sloan Albany N Y 

Drew & Lewis gs Cliff St, New Yorit 

Duffield & Co 36 W. 37th St, New York- 

Duggan, F. J., M.D Grand Forks, N D. 

Dumont. Earl Royce 18 W. 27th St., New York. 

Dumont & Hayward 18 W. 27th St., New York. 

Dunlap Pony Co Greenfield, O. 

Du Pont de Nemours, E. I., Powder Co Wilmington, Del. 

Durand, Silas H SouthamptOLi, Pa. 

Button, E. P. & Co 31 W. 23d St.. New York. 

Dwight Frederick 52 William St. New York. 

Dyke, Ar.drew Lee 3932 Olive St., St Louis. 

Dyrsen & Pfeiffer 16 W. 33d St, New York. 

E., C. E. Dewey House, 4th and Hanover Sis., San Francisco. 

Eagle Printing and Binding Co Pittsfield. Mass. 

Eagle Publishing Co Reading. Pa. 

Earley, George G Newton, la. 

Easton, F. A Box 243, Worcester, Mass, 

Eaton & Mains .150 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Eau Claire Book & Stationery Co Eau Claire, Wis. 

Eddy County Provost New Rockford, N. D. 

6-18 Chnulcau Ave., St Louis 




Elmore, J. B, 
Ely, A. D. 
Embree Pr, 
Emerson, C: W, 
Emerson, G: D. 
Empire Bk. 
Engineer ScK 

Engineering Mag, 

Engineering News, 

Englewood Pub. 

English Leaflet 

Enterprise Pr. 

Eppendorf, L. 



Essex Bk. 

Essex Inst, 

Estabrook, J: D. 


Evans, C: 

Evans Music, 

Evergreen Press. 

Evolution Pub. 


Exeter Bk, 

Exporters^ Enc. 



Fairbanks, T: N. 


Fairfield Hist. 

Falkner, R. P. 

Farquhar, A. B. 



Fellows Gear. 


Fcmald, C: H: 



Fidelity ^ Casualty. 

Fidlar & C. 

Field and Stream, 

Field Museum. 

Financial Calendar, 
Financial Pub. 
First Church of 

Fish, S. 
Fisher, J: I, 
Fiske &Co. (Bost.) 
Fitzgerald Bk. 
Flanigan, D: W. 
Flem Pub. 
Flom. G: T, 

Flowers. W: T: 
Floyd, F: C, 
Fly, H. K. 
Flynn, P, V, 
Flynn, T: /. 

Pohlin E. V. 
Folsom, C: P, 
Foote, W. Y. 

Elmore, James Buchanan Alamo, Ind. 

Ely, Anson Doner Birdinhand, Pa. 

Embree Printing Co Belton, Tex. 

Emerson, Mrs. Charles Wesley Millis, Mass. 

Emerson, George D 99 West Genesee St, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Empire Book Co 68 Murray St, New York. 

Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Co 119 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Engineer School, 

United States Army, Washington Barracks, Washington, D. D. 

Engineering Magazine 140 Nassau St, New York. 

Engineering News Publishing Cc 220 Broadway, New York. 

Englewood Publishing House Chicago 

English Leaflet Co 1570 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Enterprise Printing Co Milwaukee, Wis. 

Eppendorf, Lina Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Equitist Publishing House Pasadena, Cal. 

Erwood, William Joseph Elkhart, Ind. 

Essex Book and Print Club Salem, Mass. 

Essex Institute Salem, Mass. 

Estabrook, John Da vis.. R. D. Route No. i, Box 47, Westboro, Mass. 

Estes, Dana, & Co 208 Summer St, Boston. 

Evans, Charles (Blakely Press) 1045 Pratt Ave., Chicago 

Evans Music Co 26 Cortlahdt St, New York. 

Evergreen Press Montrose, Pa. 

Evolution Publishing Co P. O. Box 75, Atlantic City, N. J. 

Excelsior Publishing House 27 E. 21st St, New York. 

Exeter Book Publishing Co Exeter, N. H. 

Exporters* Fncyclopedia 78-80 Broad St., New York. 

Expose Publishing Co Roxbury, Mass. 

Expression Co 308 Pierce Bldg., Boston. 

Fairbanks, Thomas Nast 34 Union Sq., E., New York. 

Fairfax Publishing Co 358 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Fairfield Historical Society Fairfield, Ct 

Falkner, Roland Post 53 Mallby Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

Farquhar Arthur B York, Pa. 

Farrell, Clinton P 1265 Broadway, Room 412, New York. 

Fell, William F., & Co 1222 Sansom St., Philadelphia 

Fellows Gear Shaper Co Springfield, Vt 

Fenno, R. R, & Co 18 E. 17th St., New York. 

Fernald, Charles Henry Amherst Mass. 

Ferris & Leach 27 S. 7th St, Philadelphia 

Ferro Machine and Foundry Co Cleveland, O. 

Fidelity & Casualty Co 97 Cedar St, New York. 

Fidlar & Chambers Davenport, la. 

Field and Stream Publishing Co 24 E. 21st St, New York. 

Field Museum of Natural History (formerly Field Columbian Mu- 
seum) Chicago. 

Financial Calendar Co 25 W Broadway, New York. 

Financial Publishing Co 185 E. State St, Columbus, O. 

First Church of Christ Hartford, Ct 

Fischer, Carl 6 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Fish, Stuyvesant 214 Broadway, New York. 

Fisher, John Irvine, Publishing Co Loui.sville, Ky. 

Fiske & Co 25 Arch St, Boston. 

FitzGerald, Desmond, Inc 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Fitzgerald Book Co Chicago. 

Flanagan. A., Co 338 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Flanigan, David Willis Court House, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Fleet-McGinle^ Co Baltimore, Md. 

Flem Publishmg Co 1507 Forbes St, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Flom, George Tobias Iowa City, la. 

Flood, T. H., & Co 201 E. Madison St., Chicago. 

Flowers, William Thomas Rt. 2, Box 37, Tolbert, Tex. 

Floyd, Frederick Clark P. O. Box 1531, Boston. 

Fly, H. K., Co ' 43 W. 27th St, New York. 

Flynn, Paul Vincent Newark, N. J. 

Flynn, Thomas J., & Co Boston. 

Fogle Publishing Co Lock Box 583, Columbus, O. 

Fohhn, Ernest V 402 D. F. Walker Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Folsonj, Charles Follen 15 Marlborough St., Boston. 

Foote,. W. Y., Co 212 So. Warren St, Syracuse. N. Y. 


Ford ham Univ. 

Forest Press. 

F organ, /. B. 

Fornaro, C. de. 

Fort Hill. 

Fori Wayne Sch. 

Forum of Con' 

Frank, M. M. 
Franklin, C: G. 
Franklin /ntt. 
Franklin Pi: and 

Frankhn-T. , 

Fret Press. 
Free Speech. 
Frecce. H. P. 
Freeman. E. L. 
Freese. N I. 
French. H. B. 
French, S: 
Friedenwald. H. 
Frontier Press. 
Fuller. R. 
Fii/(oi( Trust Co. 

Pur man Univ. 

Gapen. }. K. 
Garilner, M. A. 
Gas Traction. 
Cay. R: L. 
Caselte Co, 
Gearhart, I, I.. 
Geddes. J. 
Gemiinder. A 
C-n Co- 


Forbes & Co 2508 Warren Ave.. ChkagOL 

Fordhitm University Press Jio W. 74th St., New Yock. 

Fc-resi and Stream Publishing Cc la? Franklin St., New York. 

Forest Press 15 E. 34th St., New Yoit 

Forgan, James Berwick First National Bank, Chioigi]. 

Fornaro, Carlo de 9 W. 4Sth St., New York. 

Fort Hill Press i;6 High SL, BostoD. 

Fort Wayne School Board Fort Wayne. Ini 

Forum of Conscience and Love Concord. N. R 

Foster, Charles, Pubti;hing Co 716 Sansom Si^ Philadelphia. 

Fox, Richard K 340 Pearl St, New York. 

Frame, Andrew Jay Waukesha. Wis. 

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, 

Si. Rose Convent, La Crosse, Wis. 

Frank, M. M 147 N. Front St., Philadelfdua. 

Franklin. Charles Goodwin Ontario, Cat 

Franklin Institute 15 S. 7th St.. Philadelphia. 

Franklin Printing and Engraving Co.... 321 Superior St., Toledo, 0. 

Franklin -Turner Co 65 Ivy St Atlanta, Ga. 

Free Press Printing Co Burlington. Vt . 

Free Speech League lao Lexington Ave., New York. 

Freece. Hans P Columbia University, New York. 

Freeman. E. L.. Co Providence, R. I. 

Freese, Nettie Isabed 22 Frazee St, Auburn, N. Y. 

French. Howard Barclay 4th and Callowhilt Sts,, Philadelphia. 

French, Samuel, Ltd 24 W. 22d St, New York. 

Friedenwald, Harry Philadelphia. 

Frontier 806 Mutual Life Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Fruil-Grower St Joseph, Mo. 

Fuller. Rufus 41 Mat loon St.. Springfield. Mass. 

Fulton Trust Co 30 Nassau St.. New York, 

Funk & WEgnElls Co 4460 E. 23d St, New York. 

Furman University Greenville. S. C. 

Furst, .1. H., Co 23 S. Hanover St., Baltimore, Md. 

Gwpen. J, K Care of Dr. Strong, Saratoga Spring*. N, Y. 

Gardner, Margaret A 14 Larch St., Providence. R. I. 

Gas Traction Co Minneapolis. Minn. 

Gay. Richard Lewis 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

Gazette Co Lawrence, Kan. 

Gearhart. Lynn L 54 Ketchum PI., Buffalo, N, Y. 

Geddes. James, Jr Boston University. Boston. 

Gemiinder, August & Sons 42 E. 23d St. New York. 

Gcn.Tal Cnuncil Publication House (Lutheran), 


• xxvu 


Glens Falls Pub. 
Godda^d, H. C. 
Golden Rule. 
Good Health. 

Good Tidings. 
Goodman, H. M. 
Goodmann, G. 
Goodrich, E. J. 
Good sell, A. T. 
Goodson, G: A. 
Goodwin, J. H: 
Gordon, J. 
G or ham. 

Gorrill, T, B. 
Gospel Pub. 
Gould. IV. R. 
G our ley, S: B. 
Grady B: F. 
Grafton Press. 
Grafton Pub. 
Grate, H. 
Gray, A. C. 
Great Western Pr. 
Green, H. & A. 
Green, S: A. 
Green, S: S. 
Greendlinger, L. 
Greenman, A. A. 
Gregg Pub. 

Gregory, J, J. H. 
GriMn, C: E. 
GrifHn, M. L J. 
Grmtfts, T: J. 
Grimes, E. L. 
Grimes, W. B. 
Grimke, F. J. 
Grolier Club. 
Gross, C. 
Grosvenor Lib. 
Gruber, C. L, 
Guarantee Pub. 
Guest, E. A. 
Guiding Star. 
Gurlex, W. & L. E. 
Hall. H: 
Hall J. A: 

Hamilton, G. P. 
Hamlin, C: 
Hamlin, C: S. 
Hammett, /. L. 
Hammond, C. ^. 
Hampden Pub. 
Hampton, C, E. 
Hampton Inst. 
Hansbrough, L, V. 

Hansen, H, C. 
Hansom ^ V. 

Glens Falls Publishing Co Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Goddard, Harold Clarke Northwestern University, Evanston, 111. 

Golden Rule Co Boston. 

Gcldsmith-Woolard Publishnig Co. .22 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita, Kan. 
Good Health Publishing Co. (successors to Modem Medicine Publish- 
ing Co.) Battle Creek, Mich. 

Good Tidings Co '. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Goodman, Herbert Marcus 4533 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 

Gcodmann, Gustav 34.=^ Broadway, New York. 

Goodrich, E. J Oberlin, O. 

Goodsell, Alfred Taylor 1143 Iranistan Ave., Bridgeport, Ct. 

Goodson, George Arthur 1030 Andrus Hldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Goodwin, Joseph Henry 12 15 Broadway, New York. 

Gordon, Col. James Okolona, Miss. 

Gorham, Edwin S. (Supplies books of the S. P. C. K.), 

Z7 E. 28thSt.. New York. 

Gorrill, T. E Bel Air, Harford Co., xMd. 

Gospel Publishing House 54 W. 22d St., New York. 

Gould, W. Reid 139 Nassau St., New York. 

Gourlcy, Samuel Birch 91 17 Cottage Grove Ave.. Chicago. 

Grady, Benjamin Franklin Goldsboro, N. C. 

Grafton Press 70 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Grafton Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Gramercy Publishing Co 30-32 E. 20th St., New York. 

Grandgent, C. H 107 Walker St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Gratz, Hermann 2420 S. i6th St., Philadelphia. 

Gray, A. C no'/j Main St., Houston, Tex. 

Great Western Printing Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Green, Hinckley & Allen Providence, R. L 

Green, Samuel Abbott, 1 154 Boylston St., Boston. 

Green, Samuel Swett. Worcester, Mass. 

Greendlinger, Leo ^2 Waverly PI., New York. 

Greenman, A. A. (University Bookstore) Boulder, Colo. 

Gregg Publishing Co., 

151 Wabash Ave.. Chicago: 1123 Broadway, New York. 

Gregory, James J. H., & Son Marblohead, Mass. 

Griffin, Charles E., Care of Van Fleet... 47 W. 28th St., New York. 

Griffin, Martin Ignatius Joseph 1935 N. nth St., Philadelphia. 

Griffith & Rowland Press i7o>-3 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Griffith Stillings Press 364-372 Congress St.. Boston. 

Griffiths, Thomas J Liberty and Hotel Sts., Utica. N. Y. 

Grimes, E. L., Co Boston. 

Grimes, Rev. Walter B 518 Main St., New Alhany, Ind. 

Grimke, Rev. Francis James. .. .1415 Corcoran St., Washington, D. C. 

Gritman & Sullivan Chicago. 

Grolier Qub 29 E. 32d St., New York. 

Gross, Rev. Carl Kurtz villc, Ontario, Can. 

Grosset & Dunlap 52 Duane St, New York. 

Grosvenor Library Buffalo, N. Y. 

Grubei, Calvin Luther Kutztown, Pa. 

Guarantee Publishing Co 99 Madison Ave., New York. 

Guest, Edgar A Detroit, Mich. 

Guiding Star Publishing House F.stcro. Fla. 

Gurley, W. & L. E Troy, N. Y. 

Hall, Henry ^2 Broadway, New York. 

Hall, James Augustus Watsoinille, Cal. 

Hamburg- American Line 45 Broadway. New York. 

Hamersly, Lewis R., & Co i W. 34th St., New York- 

Hamilton, Green Polonius 119 Kim1)rough St., Memphis. Tenn. 

Hamlin, Charles P. O. Box 494, Bangor. Me. 

Hamlin, Charles S p.oston. 

Hammett, J. L., Co 1 16 Summer St., Boston. 

Hammond, Caleb S., & Co 142 Fulton St., New York. 

Hampden Publishing Co Springfield, Mass. 

Hampton, Celwyn Emerson, Capt. 21st Infantry. .Fort Bayard, N. M. 

Hampton Institute Press Hampton, Va. 

Hansbrough, Mrs. Lucinda Victoria Blair. .R. F. 1^. 12, Buechcl, Ky. 

Hansell, F. F., & Brother, Ltd 714 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Hansen, H. C, Type Foundry 43 Centre St., New York. 

Hansom & Van Winkle Co Newark, N. J. 


Hanueht, Kanische & Co 2936 St. Paul St, Baltimore, Md 

Hardit.G: R. Hardie, George RoberJ Cantor, N. Y. 

Harding. Harding, Robert, Co., Ire 10-14 S. i;th St., Richtnond, V*. 

Harding, A. R. Harding, A. R., Publishing Co 326 Broad St, Columbus, O. 

Hardwood Record. Hardwood RiKord Co 134 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Hare. W: H. Hare, Bishop William Hobart Sioux Falls. S. D. 

Harisuti. Harisun, Homer, & Co 37 S. Water St., Chic^a 

Harper. Harper & Bros , Franklin Sq, New York. 

Harper-Adams. Harper-Adams & Co Omaha, Neh. 

Harriman, A. Harriman, Aliee, Co 31H IJenny Bldg., Seattle, WasL 

Harrington, J: L. Harrington, John Lyle New Nelson BMg., Kansas Gty, Mo, 

Harrisburg Pub. Karrisliurg Publishing Co Harrisburg, Pa. 

Harrison Co. Harrison Co 71 Ivy St., Atlanta. Ga. 

Harrison Pr. Harrison Printing and Advertising Co Union City, Ind. 

Hart, C: H: Hart, Charles Henry 4717 Chester Ave., Philadelphia. 

Hartman Pub. Hartman Publishing House 100 W. 44th St, New York. 

Hartuttg. H. H. Hartung, Harrv Hall, M.D Boston. 

Harvard Bk. Harvard Book Co Chicago. 

Han-ard Co-op. Harvard Co-operative Society Cambridge, Mass. 

Han-ard Dramatic. Harvard Dramatic Club Cambridge, Mass, 

Harvard Law. Harvard Law Review Publishing Association Cambridge, Mass. 

Harvard f/niv. Harvard University Cambridge, Mass. 

Harvey. F. Harvey, Fred 8th and Delaware Sts., Kansas City, Mo. 

Harvey, O. J. Harvey, Oscar J 36 W. Union St, Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Harvey. T. L. Harvey, Theodore Lee P. O. Box 202, Monett, Mo. 

Harvey Pub. Harvey Publishing Co. (Otto Juetlncr) I.W Opera PI., Cincinnati 

Harwood, H: H. Harwood, Henry Hamilton TI12 Capitol St., Richmond, Va. 

Haslain E. Hastain, E Muskogee, Olda. 

Haven. C. Haven, Curtis 1526 W. Ontario St., Philadelphia. 

Haverford Coll. Haverford College Havertord, Pa. 

HoTvaiian Gazette. Hawaiian Gazette Co Honolulu, H. I. 

Haivts. B. B. Hawks, Earl Bedford Qinton, Wis. 

Hayden. W. L. Hayden, Warren Luce 14 N. Bolton St, Indianapolis, Ind, 

Hayes. E. Hayes, Ellen Care of G. H. Blis Co., Boston. 

Haynes. Haynes, D. O., & Co 90 William St , New York. 

Health-Culture Health -Culture Co 45 Ascension St., Passaic, N. J. 

Heath. Heath, D. C, & Co 120 Boylston St., Boston 

Heek. F. Heck, Frank Chicago. 

Heer. Hecr. F. J., Printing Co 57 ii. Main St, Columbus, O, 

Heidelberg. Heidelberg Press isth and Race Sts., Philadelphia. 

Heidingsfeld, J. Heidrngsfeld, J New Brunswick, N. J. 

Ueilbron. W: C. Heilbron. W. C 104 Dispatch Bide.. St Paul. Mina 

Heinemann. H. E, Heinemann, H. K 145 Usalle St, Chicago. 






Hist and Phil, Soc, 

Hist. Pub, Co. (Pa.) 
Hoe, R. 

Hoenshcl, E, U. 
HoWert, F, P. 
Hoffman, /. D: 
Hoffman, O. S. 
Holland, J, P. 
Hollinger, L, I. 
Holman, E, E. 
Holt, F. 
Home Manual. 
Hood, G: T. 
Hood, H. P. 
Hooker, M. H. 


Hotel Red Book. 
Houdlette E. L, 
Houghton M. 
Housekeeper Corp. 
How Pub. 
Howard, D. 
Howe, J: D, 
Hubbard, S: F. 

Hudson Press. 
Hudson Pub. 

Huebsch, B: W. 
Hughes, J. E. 
Hugo. G: B, 
Huhner, L. 
Hulburd. E. W. 
Humphrey, G: P. 
Hunt, A. IV. 
Hunt, C. W, 

Hurtt, J: M. 
Husband. A. P. 
lies, G: 

III. Educ. Comm. 
III. Lab'y Nat. Hist. 

Ill, Law Review, 
III. State Hist. Lib. 
Imperial Pub. 
Independent Pub. 
Independent Relig' 

India Rubber. 
IndO'Am. Bk. 

Must. Bk. 
Indust. Press. 
Inger, A. J. 
fngersoU, A. N. 
Ingram, T: D. 

Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio Station E., Cincinnati. 

Historical Publishing Co 133^^ Cherry St., Philadelphia. 

Hocking Publishing Co Law Bldg., Norfolk, Va. 

Hoe, Robert 504 Grand St., New York. 

Hocber, Paul B 69 E. sgth St., New York. 

Hoenshel, Elmer Ulysses Dayton, Va. 

Hoffert, Franklhi Pierce Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hoffman, James David Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. 

Hoffman, Otto Sichel Battle Creek, Mich. 

Holden Patent Book Cover Co Springfield, Mass. 

Holland, Josephine Park Lake Helen, Fla. 

Hollinger, Mrs. L. Israel Densmore Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. 

Holliswood Press Hollis, Long Island, N. Y. 

Holman, Emily Elizabeth 1020 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. 

Holt, Henry, & Co 34 W. 33d St, New York. 

Holt, Frank, & Co 739 Broad St, Newark, N. J. 

Home Manual Publishing Co Chicago. 

Homewood Publishing Co Chicago. 

Honeyman's Publishing House Plainfield, N. J. 

Hood, G : Jussen Lawrence, Kan. 

Hood, H. P., & Sons 494 Rutherford Ave., Charlestown, Mass. 

Hooker, Margaret Huntington., 

Care of E. R. Andrews Printing Co., Rochester, N. Y. 

Horst, E. Qemens, Co San Francisco. 

Hotel Red Book & Directory Co... Grand Union Hotel, New York. 

Houdlette, Edith Laura Melrose Highlands, Mass. 

Houghton MifHin Co 4 Park St, Boston. 

Housekeeper Corporation Minneapolis, Minn. 

How Publishing Co Decatur, Ga. 

Howard, Daniel Winsor Locks, Ct. 

Howe, John Dicks 1714 O'Farrell St, San Francisco. 

Hubbard, Samuel F .20 Parmenter St., Boston. 

Hudson, Franklin, Publishing Co., 

22d, Oak and Gillham Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Hudson Press 1433 Broadway, New York. 

Hudson Publishing Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission, 

Tribune Bldg., 154 Nassau St, New York. 

Huebsch. Benjamin W 225 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Hi'ghes. James E Lexington, Ky. 

Hugo, George B., Co 147 Shawmut Ave., Boston. 

Htihner, Leon 5 Beekman St., New York. 

Hulburd, Ebenezer Wallace Descanso, Cal. 

Humphrey, George P 65 Spring St, Rochester, N. Y. 

Hungerford-Holbrook Co Watertown, N. Y. 

Hunt, A. W 48 Abbott Court, Chicago. 

Hunt, C. W., Co West New Brighton, N. Y. 

Hurst & Co 395-99 Broadway, New York. 

Hurtt, John Milton Pomona, Cal. 

Husband, A. P Llanerch, Pa. 

Hyland, J. S., & Co 325 Dearborn St, Chicago. 

lies, George 5 Brunswick St., Montreal, Can. 

Illinois Educational Commission Springfield, 111. 

Illinois State Laboratory of Natural History, S. A. Forbes, Director, 

Urbana, 111. 

Illinois Law Review y? E. Lake St., Chicago. 

Illinois State Historical Library Springfield, 111. 

Imperial Publishing Co 27 E. 22d St, New York. 

Independent Publishing Co Chicago. 

Independent Religious Society 140 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

India Rubber Publishing Co 395 Broadway, New York. 

Indo-American Book Co 218 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago. 

Industrial Publication Co. (Supply publications of G. Gottsberger 

Peck) 178 Fulton St, New York. 

Industrial Book Co 178 Fulton St., New York. 

Industrial Press 49 Lafayette PI., New York. 

Informant Publishing Co Cleveland, O. 

Inger, Archie J Oakland, CaL 

Ingcrsoll, A. N South Orange, N. J. 

Ingram, Thomas Darlington, M.D.. .P. O. Box 2503, Washington. D. C 

Inland Pr. 
last. Colored Youlk. 
Insurance Field. 
Int. Banking. 
Int. Bii. Am. Re- 
Int. Claim. 

Int. Pr. 

Int. S. S. Assoc. 
Int. Tax. 
Intercoll. Prohibi- 

Interstate Prohibi- 

Ithaca Joum. 

Jackson, G. A. 
Jackson, G.- 
Jacobs G. E. 
Jacobs. H.- 
Jacobs & Holmes. 



I Co. Med. 

Jenkins, W: R. 
Jenner. W: A. 
Jennings. J. 
Jensen, J. C. 
Jersey City Lib. 
Jewel Pub. 
Jctvett. A. D. 
Jc,i.vtl, C: 
Jeivish Pub. 
Johns Hopkins. 
Johnson, B. F. 

Johnson. C' L. 

Johnson. E. C. 

Johnson. E. R, 

Jiihnsoi\. K. & 


Inland Printtr Co 130 Sherman St., Chicaga 

Institute for Colored Youth Cheynejr, Pa 

Insurance Field P. O- Box 617, Louisville, Ky 

International Banking Corporation 60 Wall Si., New YorL 

International Bureau of the Ammcan Republics. 

2 Jackson PI., Washington, D- C 

International Oaim Agency Pittsburg, Pa. 

International Committee of Young Men's Christian Association. .Set 
V. M. C. A. 

International Printing Co 236 Chesinu*. St., Fhiladelpiiia. 

International Sunday School A^s.lciation. .Rjs Hariinril Illdg.. Chicagi.. 

International Tax Association Columlms. 0. 

Intercollegiate Pichibition AsM.cialion. , . .151 Wa.shington Si., Chicagu. 

Interstate Prohibition Publishing .Association. 

477 Ellieott Sq.. Buffalo. N. Y. 
Interstate School of Correspondence, .378-S8S Wabash Ave., Chicago. 
Inventors & Investors Corporation.. .1114 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Ithaca Journal Press Ithaca. N. Y. 

Ivy Pres5 Seattle, Wash, 

Jackson, G. A 8 Pemberton Sq., BoMon. 

Jackson, George Dallas, Tex, 

Jacobs, George W., & Co 1216 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Jacobs, G, E 1st Naticnal Bank Bldg.. Gettysburg, Pa, 

Jacobs, Henry sgo Prospect .Ave.. New York. 
acobs & Holmes , i^ Adams St,, Chicago. 

Jefferson Publishing Co Xetiia, 111, 

Jefferson County Medical Society l-ouisville. Ky. 

Jenkins, William R„ Co 851 Sixth Ave,, New York, 

Jenner, William A U P'le St., New York, 

Jennings & Graham 220 W. 4th St., Cincinnati. 

Jennings. Janel McKinley PI., Monroe, Wis. 

Jensen, J, C Denver. Colo, 

Jersey City Free Public Library Jersey Citv. N- J, 

Jewel Publishing Co Springfield. -Mo. 

Jewett, Albert Dewey 1002 Flatiron Bldg,, New Y'ork 

Jewett, Charles. M,D ,ioo Clinion Ave., Brooklyn, N, Y, 

Jewish Publication Society of America, .608 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Johns Hopkins Press Baltimore, Md. 

Johnson, B. F., FubliEhing Co., 

Rooms 317-319, Mutual Bldg., Richipond. Va. 

Johnson, Charles L Seattle, Wash. 

John.'on, E. C 70? JTlailey Bldg.. New Haven. CL 

Jnlmson, Edwin Rossitfr J4 Union Sq., New York, 

Johnson, Knch & Quin 427 U Salle St., Chicago 




\ann, E, 

AT, H. r. 


. L. E. 


Af. L. 
, C: £. 

, F: . 


rley, M. 

C. E. 

cky Dept. 


cky State Lib. 


die, P: J. 


-, H. B. 

J. H. 
J. N. 
II rM. 


ill Press. 

F: A. 
G: fVi 
JV: A. 


ird, P. 
y R. B. 
atric, H. 
h. IV: 
?w. /. IV. 
en, R. 




ison & M. 

, P. C. 

, R. L,. 


& P. 

y, C: M. 
f, G: W. 
eol. Survey, 
ub. Co. 

ert, JV: H. 
oumc, A. 

IV. D. 
Ion. E. F. 


Katz, Elizabeth 3 W. 92d St.. New York. 

Kaufniann, Ernest 22-24 N» William St., Ncw' York. 

Keating, Hightower T 206 Pub. Sq., Nashville, Tenn. . 

Keaniey, John E 43 W. 27th St., New York. 

Keefe- Davidson Law Book Co St. Paul, •Minn. 

Keeler, Lucy Elliot 417 Birchard Ave., Fremont,* O. 

Keener, W. T., & Co. (purchased by the Chicago Medical Book Co.), 

90 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Keith, Max L 525 Lumber Ex., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Keller, Charles E Mallet Creek, O. 

Kelley, Frederick \ Holton, Mich. 

Kellogg- Baxter Publishing Co 11 W. 9th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Kelly Publishing Co 5 Beekman St., New York. 

Kelsey, Francis Willey Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Kemp & Hubert Spokane, Wash. 

Kenedy, P. J., & Sons 5 Barclay St., New York. 

Kennebeck Journal Print Augusta, Me. 

Kenncrley. M itchell 2 E. 29th St., New York. 

Kent, Mrs. C. E 26 T St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Kentucky Department of Education Frankfort, Ky. 

Kentucky State Librarian Frankfort, Ky. 

Keramic Studio Publishing Co Syracuse, N. Y. 

Kemodle, Peter Jefrer son Eton College, N. C. 

Kerr, Charles H., & Co 118 W. Kinzic St., Chicago. 

Kerr, Robert, Press 2 E. 2gth St., New York. 

Ketler, Horace B Csmden, N. J. 

Kibler & Co Springfield, Mo. 

Kidd, James Harvey Ionia, Mich. 

Kidd, Josiah Nicholas W^infield, Kan. 

Kilboum, Dwight C East Litchfield. Ct. 

Kilner, H. L., & Co 824 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Kimball Press Evanston, 111. 

King, Franklin Hiram Madison, Wis. 

King, Frederick Alwin...' 2 The Romaine, Clifton, Cincinnati. 

King, George W., Printing Co 31 S. Howard St., Baltimore, Md. 

King Richardson Co I37f^ State St., Springfield, Mass. 

King, William A., Union and Times Press, 

St. Stephen's Hall, Buflfalo, N. Y. 

King Bros 413 E. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md. 

King Printing Co Bristol, Tcnn. 

Kinnaird, Percy 312V2 Third Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Kinsey, Robert Baldwin Reading. Pa. 

Kirkpatric, Howard University School of Music, Lincoln, Neb. 

Kirsch, William Newark, N. J. 

Kitchen, Mrs. James W 313 East St., Warren, Pa. 

Kitchen, Mrs. R 341 West Sixth St., Bloomsburg. Pa. 

Klopp & Bartlett Omaha, Neb. 

Knickerbocker Press 2Q W. 23d St., New York. 

Knowlson & Muller Room 4, Eagle Bldg., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Knox, Philander Chase 1527 K St., Washington. D. C 

Knox, Robert L Fredericksburg, Va. 

Kohl Technical Publishing Co 346 Broadway, New York. 

Kohn & Pollock, Inc Baltimore, Md. 

Kclesch & Co 138 Fulton St., New York. 

Kozlay, Charles Meeker 339 Adams St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Kuehl, George W Milwaukee, Wis. 

Louisiana Geological Survey Baton Rouge, La. 

Louisiana Meadow Co New Orleans, La. 

Louisiana Publishing Co New Orleans, La. 

Laing, L I., Co 5734 Kimbark Ave., Chicago. 

Laird & Lee 263 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Lambert, William Harrison Mutual Life Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Lamboume, ■ Alfred 53i 6th Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Lanahan, J 220 N. Howard St., Baltimore, Md. 

Lane, John, Co., Bodley Head 110-114 W. 32d St., New York. 

Lane, W. D., & Co n QiflF St.. New York. 

Langdon, Mrs. Emma Florence. .1395 Lowell Boulevard, Denver, Colo. 

Lange, Louis, Publishing Co St. Louis. 

Laning Printing Co Norwalk, O. 

Lanthorne Press Ann Arbor, Mich. 

LttHjiit, J. J. 
Laramie Rtfmb. 
Larkin, E: 

Larson. H: J. 

Lathbury, A. A: 

Lathrop, L. C. 

Lawrence. R: H. 

Lazeyeri' Co-op. 


Leack J. G. 

Leader Pr. 

League Ant. Muni- 

League Lib. Com. 

Leale.C: A: 

Lee. L L. 

Legal Aid. 

Lehigh Co. Hist. 

Lehigh Cool 

Lehman. H: H. 


Leland Stanford Ir 


Lent &■ G. 

Lester Bk. 


Levey. E. /. 

Levi. L: E. 

Leivis, C: E: 

Lewis, H. A. 

Lewis, S. A. 

Lewis &■ W. 

Lewis Pub. 

Lewis Pub. Co. 

Leviiston Joitrn. 


Lib. Bu. 

Lib. Shelf. 

Lichtetistein, G. 

Life Pub. Co. 

Light and Hope. 

Lih'ctigren, A. 


t.indiay Pub. Co. 

xxxii LOWE 

Laniit, Joseph J Giicaga 

Laramie Republican Co La.rainie, Wjv. 

Larkin, Edward, Sec'y Chicago Chapter, Knights of Columbus, 

R. A. 12, Great Northern Hotel, Chicago. 

Larson, Henry James Haileybury, Cht 

Lathbnry, Albert Augustus East Norwich, L. L, N. Y, 

Lathrop, Lester Cassius 911 Atwood Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Lawrence, Richard Hoe 15 Wall St, New York. 

Lawyers' Co-operalive Publishing Co Rochester, N. Y. 

Lea & Pcbiger.. 7o6-7<^ Sansom St, Philadelphia. 

Leach, Col. Josiah Granville 733 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Leader Printing Co Guthrie, Okla. 

League of American Municipalities 95 Dearborn St., Chicago- 
League of Library Commissions The Capitol, St Paul, Minn. 

Leale, Charles Augustus 604 Madison Ave., New York. 

Lee, Ivy Ledbetter ao Broad St, New York. 

Legal Aid Society Room 33, 239 Broadway, New York. 

Lehigh County Historical Society Allentown, Pa. 

Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co 108 So. 4th St. Philadelphia. 

Lehman, Henry Harvey Ashland, 0. 

Lehmen Printing Co Baltimore, Md. 

Letand Stanford Jr. University Stanford University, CaL 

Lemcke & Buethner 30-33 W. 27th St., New York, 

Lent &. Grafi" Co 137 E. 25th St, New York 

Lester Book Co Atlanta. Ga. 

Levey Bros. & Co Indianapolis. Ind. 

Levey, Edgar J Room 300, 135 Broadway, New York. 

Levi, Louis Emanuel Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lewis, George Edward Bryantville. Mass. 

Lewis, H. A Success Co.. a) E. azd St.. New York. 

Lewis, Spenser A., Co 1731 Euclid St, Washington, D C 

Lewis & While Kosciusko, Miss. 

Lewis Historical Publishing Co 265 Broadway, New York. 

Lewis Publishing Co 3SK Dearborn St.. Chicago. 

Lewiston Journal Co., Press of Lewiston, Me. 

Lex Publishing Co Jackson, Miss. 

Library Bureau 536 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Library Shelf 850-854 McQurg Bldg., Chicaga 

Lichtenstein, Gaston 1419 Grove Ave., Richmond. Va. 

Life Publishing Co 17 W. 31st St, New York. 

Light and Hope Publishing Co Birmingham, O. 

Liljengren. Adolph 670 No. High St, Middletown, Ct 

Lincoln PubUshing Co 270 North St, Springfield, Mass. 

Lindsay. Nicholas Vachel 223 So. 6th St., Springfield, III 

Undasv Publishing Co SellinB-Hirsch Bldg., Fortland. Ore. 





I Lib. 

J: W. 
A. C. 
r Press, 
ran Pub, 
1 Bros. 

L L. un.) 

L, L. (N. Y.) 
L. L., (Pa.) 

per, G: 
die & H. 
^de, J : 
llie, S: W. 
?ndon, W : A: 

maid, D. W: 
maid, W: J. 
maid & Co. 
onough, R 
^ou'cll, T. L. 

vaine, H: R. 

tyre, L. L. 
ntyre, JV : I. 


•wifry. M. M. 


tight, L. A. 


mghlin, /. C. 







um Bonum. 
? Farmer, 
ne M. R. 
s Press. 
\atfan Bk. 
attan Trade. 
\a Merchant/. 
\al Arts, 
al of Statistics. 

7n Press, 
ens, /.* 

ry. F. E. 

hnic, J. 

h, B: C. 
m, G: 
!«. G: H: 
n. G: H. 
n, H: D. 
m & A. 

n & H. 
in. T. R 

Lowell City Library Lowell, Mass. 

Lowman & Hanford Co 616-620 First Ave., Seattle. Wash. 

Luce, John W., & Co 143 Federal St.. Boston. 

Lunn, Arthur Constant 5537 Drexel Ave., Chicago. 

Luther Press P. O. Box 253, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lutheran Publication Society 1424 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Lyceumite Press 617 Stein way Hall, Chicago. 

Lyman Bros 108 Pearl St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Lyon, James B., Co 30-36 Beaver St., Albany. N. Y. 

\filitary Order of the Loyal Legion 320 Ashland Blvd., Chicago. 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.. New York. 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U. S. Commandery of the 
State of Pennfylvania Philadelphia. 

McAleer, George, M.D 155 Main St., Worcester. Mass. 

McArdle & Helmholtz 6432 Ingleside Ave., Chicago. 

Macaulay Co 15 W. 38th St., New York. 

McBride, John. Co 2 Rector St., New York. 

McCallie, Samuel Washington Atlanta, Ga. 

McClendon, William Augustus R. F. D. No. 4, Abbeville, Ala. 

McClurg. A. C, & Co 336 E. Ohio St.. Chicago. 

McDonald, Donald William Tampa. Fla. 

McDonald, William Jesse 824 Brozas St.. Austin, Tex. 

McDonald & Co Canadian, Tex. 

Macdonough, Rodney 5 Bromfield St., Boston. 

MacDowell. Theodore L 2125 Uber PI., Philadelphia. 

McGraw Publishing Co. See McGraw-Hill Book Co. 

McGraw-Hill Book Co. (Successors to Book Dcpt.s. of McGraw Pub- 
lishing Co. and Hill Publishing Co.)... 230 W. 39th St.. New York. 

Mcllwaine, Henry Reed, 

State Librarian, Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va. 

Mclntyrc. Mrs. Louise Leverenz Dansvillc, Til. 

Maclntyre. William Irwin Thomasville, Ga. 

McKay, David 610 Washington Sq., Philadelphia. 

McKennan Publishing Co Durley Bldg., Bloomington, 111. 

McKenney, Mrs. Marie M.. Highland Terrace, North St. Paul, Minn. 

Mackenzie-Klink Publishing Co Chicago. 

McKnight, L. A Fowler, Ind. 

Maclachlan, A. D 502 Boylston St., Boston. 

McLaughlin, J. Candor, M.D 308 Junction Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

McLoughlin Bros 890 Broadway, New York. 

Macmillan Co 66 Fifth Ave., New York. 

McNair Publishing Co 40 Williston Rd., Aubumdale, Mass. 

Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Co., Inc., 

34 Park Row, New York. 

McVey, John Joseph 1229 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Magath, Julius Oxford, Ga. 

Magnum Bonum Co 4665 Lake Ave., Chicago. 

Mail Order News Fordham, New York. 

Main, Josiah University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Maine Farmer Press Augusta, Me. 

Maltbie, Milo R 154 Nassau St., New York. 

Manas Press 860 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Manhattan Book Co 196 E. Broadway, New York. 

Manhattan Trade School 209 E. 23d St., New York. 

Manila Merchants' Association Manila, P. I. 

Manual Arts Press Peoria. 111. 

Manual of Statistics Co 20 Vescy St., New York. 

March Brothers 208-212 Wright Ave., Lebanon, O. 

Marion Press Jamaica, N. Y. 

Markens, Isaac 62 Beaver St., New York. 

Marley, F. E 4 Wilson St.. Batavia. N. Y. 

Marohnic. Josip 1420 E. Ohio St., Allegheny. Pa. 

Marquis. A. N., & Co 324-326 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Marsh, Benjamin Clarke 165 Broadway, N. Y. 

Martin, George State Historical Society, Topeka. Kan. 

Martin, George Henry State House, Boston. 

Martin, George H Room 303, Ford Bldg., Boston. 

Martin, Henry Desires Clinton, Mass. 

Martin & Allardycc, 

Fries* Building, Franklin Ave. and Orthodox St., Philadelphia. 

Martin & Hoyt Co Atlanta, Ga. 

Marvin, T. R.. & Son 73 Federal St., Boston. 


Mason, A: L. 
Mason, C: L. 
Mason, E. L. 
Mass. Com. Inland 

Mass. Hist. Soe. 
Masseck, F. L. 
Maltheivs, A. 
Matthews, S. C. 
Maupin.B: P. 

May. C. E. 
Mead. W. W. 
Meakin. T: P. 
Med. Pr. 
Medical Abstract. 
Medico-Legal Pub. 
Meier L. W. 

Meiberg, P: L. 
Mellen, E. B. 

Mennonite Pub. Ho. 
Mercer, J. K, 
Merchant!^ Assoc. 
Merchants' Friend. 

Merchants' Pub. 
Merchants' Record. 
Merriam, G. VS- C. 
Merrill, C: E. 
Metcalfe, R: L. 
Mfih. Protestant. 

Metropolitan Ch. 

'Metropolitan Mu- 
Metropolitan Pr. 
Metropolitan Press, 

X3ixiv MINING 

Mason, Augustus Lynch 536 Life Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Mason, Charles L North Granville, N. Y. 

Mason, Mrs. Eveleen Laura 4 SL Paul St., Brookline, Mass. 

Mason-Henry Press 106 So. State St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Massachusetts Commissioners on Inland Fisheries and Game, 

158 State House, Boston. 

Massachusetts Historical Society. . Boston. 

Masseck, Frank Lincoln Potsdam, N, Y. 

Massey Business College Birmingham, Ala. 

Matthews, Albert Hotel Oxford, Bostoo. 

Matthews, Schuyler Colfax. .. .Room 207, 500 Fifth Ave., New Vort 
Maupin, Benjamin Franklin, 

Care of John Lane Co., 110-114 W. 32d St., New York. 

Maver Publishing Co 136 Liberty St, New York. 

May, Clarence Earl Btoomington, Ind. 

Mayhew Publishing Co 92-100 Ruggles St., Boston. 

Mazdaznan Associates of God Chicago. 

Mead, Willis Waldo 195 Broadway, New York. 

Meakin, John Phillips 468 First Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Medical Printing Co Danbury, Ct. 

Medical Abstract Publishing Co Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Medico-Legal Publishinc Co 201 Market St, St Louis. 

Meier, Mrs. Lina Wachtelborn, 

German Cooking School, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Meiberg, Peter L 912 N. W. BIdg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Mellen, E^ B 106 Main St., Brockton. Mass, 

Mendota Book Co .Madison, Wis. 

Mennonite Publishing House Scottdale, Pa. 

Mercer, James Kazerta 55 E. Main St. Columbus. O. 

Merchants' Association of New York. .Wvit Lafayette St., New York. 
Merchants' Friend Stock Calculator, 

1122 Grand Ave., Kansas City. Ma 

Merchants' Publishing Co Denver, Colo. 

Merchants' Record Co 315 Dearborn St., Chicaga 

Merriam, G. & C, Co 499 Mam St., Springfield, Mass. 

Merrill, Charles E, Co 44-60 E 23d St., New York. 

Merrymount Press (D. B. UpUike) 232 Summer St, Boston. 

Metcalfe, Richard Lee Box 28, Lincoln, Neb. 

Methodist Protestant Book Concern, 

316 N. Charles St, Baltimore, Md. 
Metropolitan Church Association. 

Fountain Spring House, Waukesha. Wis. 
Metropolitan Museum of Art Fifth Ave. and 82d St, New York. 

Metropolitan Printing Co 14? First St, Portland. Ore 

Metropolitan Press Portland, Ore. 





Minn. Forestry 

Minn, HisL Soc, 

Minn. Pub, Soc, 

Minn, State Bd. Im- 


Miss Hills' Sch. 

Missouri Bu. Geol. 

Mitchell, S. W. 
Mitchell S' Co. 
Mixer, M. E. K. 

Modern Dyer. 
Modern Lang. 

Modern Methods. 
Monarch Pr. 
.Money and Stamp. 
Moninger, J: C. 
Montgomery, C: A. 
Moody s Mag. 
Moon, J. H. 
Moore, F. M. 
Moore, P. E. 
Moore, W: IV. 

M or eland, G: M. 
Morgan, J: P. 
Morgenstern, J. 

Morris, J: D. 
Morrison, G. B. 
Morrison, M. L, 
Morrison <$* M. 
Morse, H. H. 
Mortensen, A. C. 
Morton Eichman 

Morton, P. 

Mo she r, T: B. 
Motor Boat Pub. 
Mt. Holyoke Coll 
MuUiner. G. S. 
Mumper J. I. 
Municipal Art Soc. 
Municipal Journ. 
Munk, J, A. 

Munroe, J. P. 
Murdoch, C. A. 
Murphy, G: 
Murphy, Patrick. 
Murray, C. H. 
Murray, S. V: 
Murray Bros. Press. 
Musselman. D. L. 
Mutual Bk. 
Mutual Pub. Co. 
Myers. P. M. 
N. E. Druggist. 
N. E. Hist. 
N. Y. Age. 

Minnesota Forestry Commission St. Paul, Minn. 

Minnesota Historical Society St. Paul, Minn. 

Minnesota, Publishing Society of St. Paul, Minn. 

Minnesota Stste Board of Immigration St. Paul, Minn. 

Mirror Printing Co Marceline, Mo. 

Miss Hills' School for Girls Alumiuv Assoc Philadelphia. 

Missouri, Bureau of Geology and Mines, H : A. Buehler, Director, 

Rolla, Mo. 

Mitchell, Silas Weir, M.D 1524 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Mitchell & Co 1504-8 Rockefeller Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Mixer, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Knowlton. 

313 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Modem Dyer and Cleaner Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Modern Language Association of America, 

107 Walker St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Modem Medicine Publishing Co., Ltd. Sec Good- Health Publishing Co. 

Modern Methods Publishing Co Detroit, Mich. 

Moffat, Yard & Co 31 E. 17th St, New York, 

Monarch Book Co 121-127 Plymouth PI., Chicago. 

Monarch Printing Co Quincy, 111. 

Money and Stamp Brokerage Co 150 Nassau St, New York. 

Monfort & Co 422 Elm St., Cincinnati. 

Moninger, John C 111-125 E. Blackhawk St., Chicago. 

Montgomery, Charles Alexander P. O. Box 888, New York. 

Moody's Magazine 35 Nassau St, New York. 

Moon, J. H y^.Fallsingtor. Pa. 

Moore, Francis Marion Hot Springs. S. D. 

Moore, P. E., & Co 829 Marquette Bldg., Chicago. 

Moore, William Walker Cary, Miss. 

Morang & Co., Ltd 90 Wellington St., W., Toronto, Can. 

Moreland, George Matthew Monterey, Cal. 

Morgan, J : Pierpont 23 Wall St, New York. 

Morgenstern, Dr. Julius, Sec'y Central Conference, 

3450 Highland PI., Avondale, Cincinnati. 

Morris, John D., & Co 1201 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. 

Morrison, Gilbert Burnet McKinley High School, St Louis. 

Morrison, M. L Peterboro, N. H. 

Morrison & Martin Sharon, Pa. 

Morse, Howard Holdridge^. Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Mortensen, Arthon Christian 1326 L St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Morton, John P., & Co 440-446 Main St, Louisville, Ky. 

Morton Eichman Co Lebanon, Ind. 

Morton, Paul 120 Broadway, New York. 

Mosby, C. v.. Medical Book Co.. Grand Ave. and Olive St, St. Louis. 

Mosher, Thomas B 45 Exchange St, Portland. Me. 

Motor Boat Publishing Co 1133 Broadway, New York. 

Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Mass. 

Mulliner, Gabrielle Stewart Room 808, 320 5th Ave., New York. 

Mumper, J. I., and Miller, Robert C. .41 Baltimore St, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Municipal Art Society of Hartford Hartford, Ct 

Municipal Journal and Engineer 231-241 W. 39th St, New York. 

Munk, Joseph Amasa 819 Security Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Munn & Co 361 Broadway, New York. 

Munroe, James Phinney 79 Summer St, Boston. 

Murdock & Co 68 Fremont St., San Francisco. 

Murphy, John, & Co 200 W. Lombard St, Baltimore, Md. 

Murphy, George, Inc 57 E. 9th St, New York. 

Murphy, Rev. Patrick Payette, Id. 

Murray, C. H Elgin, 111. 

Murray, Sara Van Alcn i Madison Ave., New York. 

Murray Brothers Press 1733 7th St, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Muskogee Printing Co Muskogee, Okla. 

Musselman, De Lafayette Quincy. 111. 

Mutual Book Co 70 Franklin St., Boston. 

Mutual Publishing Co 67 E. Alabama St, Atlanta, Ga. 

Myers, Mrs. Peter M Bedford, O. 

New England Druggist Publishing Co 145 High St., Boston. 

New England Historic Genealogical Soc 18 Somerset St, Boston. 

New York Age Publishing Co 7 Chatham Sq., New York. 


.V. )'. Am 

.V. y.' Assoc, for 


.V, r. Botanical. 

N. y. Deft. Agri. 

S. Y. Dept. Health. 

S. y. Dept. Labor. 

X. V. Eiluc. Co. 

N, y. Labor Nfws. 

iw. y. Pub. Lib. 

A", r. Public Ser- 

N. Y. Sch. Automo- 
bile E«g. 
N. y. State Edue. 
N. y. State Hist. 
JV. )'. ZoologicaL 
Nagei, O. 
NasoK. A. H. 

Nassau Press. 
Not. .Annol. 
Nat. Assoc. Tan. 

Nat, Assoc. Tuber- 
Nat. Rapt. Pub. 
Nat. Bd. Fire. 
Nat. Bible. 
Nat. Bridge. 
Nat. Business. 

Nat. Child Labor. 

Nat. Congress 

Nat. C^rr. Sch.R. R. 

Nat. Druggist. 

Nat. F. lee trie. 

Nat. Guard. 

Nat. Lead. 

Nat. League. 

Nat. Lithographer. 

Nat. Pub. Co. 

Nat. .^lu: Promo- 
linn hidufl. F.dur. 


New Vork Anti-Viv 
ivew York 

for llie Blind.. 

. .20^3 Broadway, New York. 
ii8 E. 59ih St-. N. Y. 

New York Botanical Garden Bronx Park, New York. 

New York Slate, Department of Agrieulture Albany, N. Y. 

New York Department of Heailln. . .6tli Ave. and 55th St.. New York. 

New York State, Department of Labor Albany, N. Y. 

New York Education Co 50 Slate St., New York. 

New York Labor News Co A City Hall PI.. New York. 

New York Public Library 425 Lafayette St., New York. 

New York Public Service Commission Albany, N. Y. 

New York School of Automobile Engineers, 

146 W. 56th St.. New York. 

New York State Education Dei;arinienl Albany, N. Y. 

New York State Historical Association Albany, N. Y. 

New York Zofiofiical Socielj Room 35. 11 Wall St., New York. 

Nagel, Oskar P. O. Box 38s, New York. 

Nason. Arthur Huntington. 

ZI2 Gould Hall, Lnivei siiy Heights, New York. 

Nassau Press Richmond Hill, L. I.. N, Y. 

National .Aimoialing Co Craw fords vi lie. Ind. 

National Association of Tanners Chicago. 





Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis. 

105 E. zad St., New York. 

Baptist Publishing Board Nashville, Tena 

Board of Fire Underwriters 34 Nassau St, New York. 

Bible Institute 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Bridge Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Business League of America. 

507 Stock Exchange Bldg.. Chicago. 

Child Labor Committee, Inc 105 E. aad St., New York. 

Congress of Molhers, 

806 Loai) and Trust Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

Corri-spondcnce School tif Railroading Chicago. 

Druggist St. Louis. 

Electric Light Association 29 W. 39th Sl. New York. 

Guard Magazine Columbus. O. 

Lead Co 111 Broadway, New York. 

League for the Civic Education of Women New York. 

Lithographer 150 Warren St, New York. 

Publishing Co 235-243 American St, Philadelphia. 

Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education, 

18 W. 44th St., New York. 
Tax A.'sociation Columbus. ~ 




.Wavton, D. W. 
Newton '& C. 
Scwton Co. 
Nichols, J. L. 
Nimmo, D: C. 
NobU\ G: \V. 
Nonotuck Press. 
North American. 
North American, 

Northzcestem Sch. 

Northzi'estern t/wiV. 

Norton, D. M. . 




Oak Leaves, 

Occidental Pub. 


Ogilvie, J. S. 

Ohio Geol. 

Ohio Law. 

Ohio State Acad. 

Ohio State Fire 

Oklahoma Bk. 

Oklahoma Dept. 

Old Corner. 

Old South Work. 

Oldroyd, O. H. 

Oliphant J. H. 

Oliver, F. E. 

Oliver, J : 

O'Neil, R. K. 

O'Neill F. J. 

Open Court. 

Orange Joum. 

Orion Pub. 

O'Sheridan, M. G. 




Our Hope. 


Ozven, F. A. 

Owen, N. H. 

Oxford Univ. 

Pacific Improve- 

Pacific Press. 

Pacific Rural. 

Packard, S. S. 


Pagan, W. D. 

Page, L. C. 

Palisades Press, 

Palmer Co. 

Pan-Am. Law. 


Panunsio, C. M. 

Panzer, O. L. 



Parke, D. & Co. 

Parker, G: L. 

Parker, G: W. 

Parker, P. A. 

Parker, W. P. 

Parks. F. S. 

Newton, Donald W 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Newton & Cartwright 156 Fifth Ave., New York 

Newton Co 243 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Nichols, J. L., & Co Kailer Block, Napcrville, Dii Page Co., 111. 

Nimmo, David Chalmers Detroit, Mich. 

Nixon- Jones Printing Co St. Louis. 

Noble, George W Lakeside Bldg., 214-220 Clark St., Chicago. 

Nonotuck Press Northampton, Mass. 

North American Review 325 Pearl St., New York. 

North American Philadelphia. 

Northwestern School Supply Co., 

329 Fourteenth .Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Northwestern University Chicago. 

Norton, Dora Miiiam Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Nuneviller, W., Co 711 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Nunn & Co 535 N. Howard St., Baltimore, Md. 

Nye Family of America Association Cleveland, O. 

Oak Leaves Co 105 Warren St., Oak Park, Ill- 
Occidental Publishing Co Seattle, Wash. 

Occv^lt Ecok Concern o Murray St., New York. 

Ggilvie, J. S., Publishing Co 57 Rose St., New York. 

Ohio Geological Survey Columbus, O. 

Ohio Law Reporter Co 806 Main St.,- Cincmnati. 

Ohio State Academy of Science Columbus, O. 

Ohio, State Fire Marshal Columbus, O. 

Oklahoma Book Co Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Oklahoma Department of Education Guthrie, Okla. 

Old Comer Book Store 27-29 Bromficid St , Boston. 

Old South Work, Directors of.... Old South Meeting House, Boston. 

Oldroyd. Osborn Hamiline Washington, D. C. 

Oliphant, James H.. Co 20 Broad St., New York. 

Oliver, French Earl 4330 Harrison St., Kansas City. Mo. 

Oliver, John Palmer, Colo. 

O'Neil, Robert Kingsley. .Care of San Jose Printing Co., San Jose, Cal. 

O'Neill, Rev. Felix J Stafford Springs, Ct. 

Open Court Publishing Co 378-388 Wabash Ave., Cl.i^ago. 

Orange Journal Orange, N. J. 

Orion Publishing Co Nashville, Term. 

O'Sheridan, Mary Grant 172 Oakwood Blvd.. Chicago. 

Oswald Publishing Co 25 City Hall PI.. New York. 

Ottenheimei, L & M 321 W. Baltimore St., BaUimorc, Md. 

Otterbein Press Dayton, O. 

Our Hope Pub. Co Mendota, 111. 

Outing Publishing Co 315 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Owen, F. A., Publishing Co Dansville, N. Y. 

Owen, Mrs. Nellie H 1210 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Oxford University Press (Amer. Branch)... 29 W. 32d St., New York. 
Pacific Improvemmt Co 401 Crocker Bldg.. San Francisco. 

Pacific Press Publishing Cf. Villa St.. Mountain View, Cal. 

Pacific Rural Press 667 Howard St., San Francisco. 

Packard, S. S loi E. 23d St., New York. 

Pafraets Book Co Troy N Y. 

Pagan, W. D 18 Wall St., New York. 

Page, L. C, & Co 200 Summer St , Boston. 

Palisades Press Edgewater, N. J. 

Palmer Co 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Pan-American Law Book Co Calumet Bldg., Chicago. 

Pandex Co 30 E. 53d St.. Chicago. 

Panunzio, C. M Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct. 

Panzer, Otto L P. O. Box r86, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Paragon Press Montgomery, Ala. 

Parke, Vincent, & Co 32 Union Sq., New York. 

Parke, Davis & Co Detroit, Mich 

Parker, Rev. George Lawrence 203 Lafayette St.. Salem, Mass. 

Parker, George Warren 98 South St., Concord, N. H. 

Parker, Prescott Alphonso Volanta. Ala. 

Parker, Mrs. W. P 8 Chestnut St.. Salem. Mass. 

Parks. Frank Sylvester 2104 H St., N., Washington. D. C 


Patterson, C: E. 
Patton, /: S. 
Peabody Museum. 
Peace Soc. 
Pearson. P: H: 
Peck, J. S. 

Pendergasl, E. W. 
Penn. Dept. Health. 
Pemi. Inst. Blind. 

Penn. Mus. andSch. 

of Ind. Art. 
Penn Pub. Co. 
Penn. Stale Colt. 
Pennypacker, S: W. 


People's Univ. 
Perkins. C. B. 
Perkins, G: H. 
Perkins Inst 
Perley, J. A. 
Perrin, B. 
Perry, O. 
Personal Help. 
Peters. /: P. 
Peterson, E. 
Phelps, E: B. 
Philbrook. H: B. 
Phillips. C. 

Phillips, P. F. 
Physical Therapy. 
Pickett. C. A. 

Pilgrim Press. 
Pilot Co. 
Pioneers Farmers' 

xxxviii POWERS 

Patterson, Charles Edwin 316 K. Bridge St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Patton John Shelton University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 

Peabody Museum Cambridge, Mass. 

Peace Society 507 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Pearson, Peter Henry Lindsborg, Kaa 

Peck, Mrs. James Sidney 5 Waverley PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Peebles' Publishing Co Battle Creek, Mich. 

Pelonbet & Hill (formerly S. S. Peloiibet) . , 133 Nassau St., New York. 

Fendergast, Mrs, Ella Worth 374 Broadway, Winter Hill, Boston. 

Pennsylvania State Department M Health Harrisburg. Pa, 

Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind, 

Overbrool^ Philadelphia. 
Pennsylvania Museum and Schod of Industrial Art (Edwin A. Barker, 

Curator) Philadelphia. 

Penn Publishing Co 1^3 Arch St, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania State College State College, Pa. 

Pennypacker, Samuel Whi taker, Historical Societv of Pennsyl- 

. Philadelphia. 

Penton Publishing Co Cleveland. ( 

People's University Extension Society 105 E. 17th St, New York. 

Perkins, Charlton B., Co San Francisco. 

Perkins, Prof. George H Burlington, Vt 

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind Boston. 

Perley, J, A 614 Diamond Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Perrin, B 191 Yale Station, New Haven, Ct 

Perry, Adjutant-General Oran State House, Indianapolis, Ii^d. 

Personal Help Publishing Co Des Moines, la. 

Peters, Rev. John Punnett 227 W. 99th St., New York. 

Peterson, Ephraim Independence, Mo. 

I'heliis Publishing Co Springfield, Mass. 

Phelps, Edward Bunnell 141 Broadway, N. Y. 

Philbrook, Henry B 23 Park Row, New York. 

Phillips, Isaac Newton Springfield, IlL 

Phillips, Cropley, Co. (Successors to World Railway Publishing 

Co.) T412 Tribune Bldg., Chicago. 

Phillips. Mrs. Fannie Frank 122 Stedman St, Brookline, Mass. 

Philosophical Publishing Co Box 64, AUentown, Pa. 

Phonographic Institute Co 224 W. 4th St, Cincinnati. 

Physical Therapy Library Publishing Co Chicago. 

Pickett, Cora A Talcott Hall. Oberltn. O. 

Pilger Publishing House Reading, Pa. 

Pilgrim Press 14 Beacon St. Boston. 

Pilot Co Marquette, Mich. 

Pioneers of the Farmers' Republic Somerville. N. J, 




Practitioners' Pub. 
Praise Pub. 
Pratt, A. S. 
Pratt Inst. 
Prentis, C, 
Presb. Bd. 
Presb. Pub. 


President's Home 

Press Pub. 


Prince Soe. 

Princeton Univ. 


Progress Co. 

Prosch, T: W. 

Psychological Clinic. 

Psychological Re- 

Pub. Ed. Assoc. 

Pub. Ho. of Evan- 
gelical Assoc, 

Pub. Ho, of M. E. 
Ch., So. 

Pub. Pr, 

Pub. Pr. Co. 

Pub. Sch. Pub. 

Pub. Weekly. 



Puritan Pub. 



Queen's Shop. 

R. I. Coll. 

R. I. Dept. Educ. 
R. I. Hist. 
R. I. State Lib. 
Radford Architect 

Railroad Age. 
R'way Educ. 
Railway World, 
Rainier Pr. 
Ralston Health. 
Ralston Univ. 

Ramsay, R. L. 
Rand, McN. & Co. 

Randall, I. A. 

Rane, F. W: 
Ransom. J, H. 
Ratcliffe, F. A. 
Rational Cult. 
Raymer. C. D. 
Re'ad. H. P. 
Record Co. 
Reed, W: B. 
Reed Press, 
Reeve. J. S. 
Reform Club. 

Regan, T. 
Reid Pub. 
Reillv. P: 

Practitioners* Publishing Co 55 W. 126th St, New York. 

Praise Publishing Co 1530 Cheslnut St, Philadelphia. 

Pratt, A. S., & Sons., National Bank Agents Washington, D. C. 

Pratt Institute Free Library Ryerson St., • Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Prentis, C Topeka, Kan. 

Presbyterian Board of Publication 1319 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 

212-214 N. 6th St, Richmond, Va. 

Presbrey, R, Co 3 W. 29th St, New York. 

President's Home Commission Washington, D. C. 

Press Publishing Co,. New York If oWd ... Pulitzer Bldg., New York, 

Preston & Rounds Co 98 Westminster St, Providence, R. I. 

Prince Society Boston. 

Princeton Ui iversity Libiary Princeton, N. J. 

Priscilla Publishing Co Bbston. 

Progress Co 515-519 Rand-McNally Bldg., Chicago. 

Prosch, Thomas Wickham Seattle, Wash. 

Psychological Qinic Press.. 36th St and Woodland Ave., Philadelphia. 
Psychological Review Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

Public Education Assoc 281 Fourth Ave., New York, 

Publishing House of the Evangelical .'Association (J. H. L^b, Agt.), 

Qeveland, O. 
Publishing House of the Metliodist Episcopal Church, South (Smith 

& Lamar, Agts.) Nashville. Tenn. 

Publishers Printing Co Enid, Okla. 

Publishers* Printing Co 419-421 Lafayette St, New York. 

Public Scliool Publishing Co Bloomington, 111. 

Publishers' Weekly, Office of the 298 Broadway, New York. 

Public, The Ellsworth Bldg., 357 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Publicity Publishing Co 88^-90 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Puritan Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Pustet, Fr., & Co 52 Barclay St., New York. 

Putnam's, G. P., Sons 29 W. 23d St, New York. 

Queen's Shop 7 Devon Road, Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Mass. 

Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts., 

Kingston, R. I. 

Rhode Island Department of Education Providence, R. I. 

Rhode Island Citizens' Historical Association Providence, R. I. 

Rhode Island State Library Providence, R. I. 

Radford Architectural Co Medinah Bldg., Chicago. 

Railroad Age Gazette Room 97, 81 Fulton St, New York. 

Railway Educational Association 227 Monroe St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Railway World Publishing Co Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Rainier Printing Co., Inc 116 Third Ave., So., Seattle, Wash. 

Ralston Health Club Washington, D. C 

Ralston University Publishing Co., 

1307-1329 15th St, Washington, D. C 

Ramsay, Robert Lee Columbia, Mo. 

RLud, McNally & Co., 

142 Fifth Ave., New York; 160-174 Adams St, Chicago. 
Randall, James A., 

N. E. cor. Grand Boulevard and Brush St, Detroit, Mich. 

Rane, Frank William 6 Beacon St, Boston. 

Ransom, J. H W. Lafayette. Ind. 

Ratcliffe, Rev. Francis Asbury Pelham, Ga. 

Rational Cult Co Box 323, Freeport, 111. 

Raymer, C D., & Co... 1522 First Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Read, Harmon Pumpclly Albany, N. Y. 

Rebman Co 1123 Broadway, New York. 

Record Co St Augustine, Fla. 

Reed, William B Madison, N. J. 

Reed Press Lewiston, Me. 

Reeve, J. Stanley Philadelphia. 

Reform Qub 42 Broadway, New York. 

Reformed (Dutch) Church in America, Board of Pub., 

25 R 22d St, New York. 

Regan. T Boise, Idaho. 

Reid Publishing Co 30 Huntington Ave.. Boston. 

Reilly, Peter 133 N. 13th St, Philadelphia. 


Reilly & B. 
Rel Educ. 
Reliable Poultry 

Remick. J. H. 
Rep. Pub. 
Riser, A. 0. 

Review and Herald 

Revieiv Pub. Co. 
Reyburn. S: W. 
Reynolds. P. R. 
Reynoltis. R. C. 
Rhoodes. S: N. 
Rhodes. E. S. 
Rhodes. L. R. 
Rice, F. P. 
Rkhmotid, E. 
Riddell Pub. 
Rider & D. 
Riedinger, L. R. 
Ries. IV. P. 
Rlgbj, IV. 0. 
Rigg^.J: F. 
Riley, F. T. 

Riverside Press. 
Robarls, H. 
Roberts, J: C. 
Roberts, IV. F. 
Roberts Bros. 
Robertson, A. M. 
RoheitsoH, S: L. 
Robinson, H. 
Robinson, Leigh. 
Rockefeller Inst. 

Rodeffcr, J. 
Roger Bros. 
Rofrr iSr S. 


Reillj; & Brilton Co 258 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Religious Education Association 72 E. Madison St., Chic^o. 

Reliable Poultry Journal Publishing Co Quincy. III. 

Rcmick, Schilling & Co 3a Warren St., New York, 

Remick, Jerome H., & Co 131 W. 41st St., New York. 

Republican Publishing Co Hamilton, O, 

Republican- Courier Print Bozeman, Mont. 

Reser. Alva O Lafayette. Ind 

Reveli, Fleming H., & Co., 

158 Fifth Ave., New York; 80 Wabash Ave,. Chicago. 
Review and Herald Publishing Associaiion Washington, D. C 

Review Publishing Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Reyburn, Samuel W Union Trust Co., Little Rock. Ark. 

Reynolds. Paul R 70 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Reynolds, R. G Hanover, N. H. 

Rhoades, Samuel N 920 Waluut St.. Philadelphia. 

Rhodes, Edwin S 118 So. Sth St.. New Philadelphia. 0. 

Rhodes, Ledru Rollin Fort Collins, Colo. 

Rice, Franklin P 17 Ablrott St., Worcester, Mess. 

Richmond, E 219 Mint Arcade, Philadelphia. 

Riddel! Publishing Co Chicago. 

Rider & Driver Publishing Co 1 123 Broadway, New York. 

Riedinger. Mrs. Laura Rhodes R. F. D. No, 2. Alliance, O. 

Ries, W. F Toledo, O. 

Rigby, Will O Topeka, Kan. 

R'8KS, John Franklin Des Moines, la. 

Riley, Frank T., Publishing Co Kansas City, Mo 

Ritchie & Co 37 Randolph Si., Ciicago 

Riverside Press Cambridge, Mass. 

Robarts, Heber. M.D 5895 Cater Ave., St. Louis. 

Roberts, John Gray 418 K. Adams St., Springfield. Ill 

Roberts, W- F., Co.. Inc IJ13 New York Ave., Washington. D. C. 

Roberts Bros. Co Lockport, N. Y'. 

Robettsnn, A. M .i.S.lQ Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 

Robertson. Samuel L 13^4 Ina St., Birmingham, .Ma. 

Robinson, Humphrey Louisville. Ky. 

Robinson, Leigh Washington. D. C. 

Robson & Adee .309 State St., Schenectady, N, Y, 

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 

66th St, and Ave. A, New York. 

Rodeffer. John David Salem. Va. 

Roger Bros 429 Sixth Ave., New York, 

Roger & Smith Co ...Chicago, 




Russell Pr. 
S. C. Hist, 
S. S. Hd. So. Bapt. 

S. S. I imes. 


Salem Co. Hist. 

Salem Press. 
Salt Lake Trib. 
San. F. St. Normal. 

San Francisco Lib. 
Sanborn, B: H. 
Sanders, P: J. 
Sanders Pub. 
Sandison, H. 
Sargent, C. S, 

Saumenig, J: H. 
Sauveur. A, 
Saxton, E. 
Scenic America. 
Sch. Liberal Arts. 
Sch. Methods. 
Sch. R'way Signal- 
Schaad, J. A. 
Schaefer S' K. 
Schechter, S. 
Schenck, C. A. 
Schenck, F. J. 
Schleppey, B. B. 
Schnell, A. F: 
Sc homer, A. S. 
Schumaker, E: 
Schwartz. K. & F. 
Sci. Authors*. 
Science Pr.. (N. Y.) 
Scott, E. 
Scott. F. & Co. 
Seares. F: H. 


Sellers, E. J. 


Shannon, W. W. 
Sharp & A. 
Sharpe, W : C. 
Shaw, C. B. 
Shaw Pub. 
Sheffey, J: P. 
Sheldon Univ. 
Shepard, F. 
Sherman, E. E. 
Sherman, F. 
Sherman, F, F. 
Sherman, I: D. 
Shift, R. R. 

kussell Printing Co Buffalo, N. Y. 

South Carolina Historical Commission Columbia, S. C. 

Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, 

167 N. Cherry St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Sunday School Times Co 1031 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Saalfield Pi bliihmg Cc Akron, O. 

Salem County Historical Society Salem, N. J. 

Salem Press Co Salem, Mass. 

Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake City. Utah. 

Sametz, William F., & Co 540 Pearl St., New i'ork. 

Sampson Puhlifhing Co: 6 Beacon St.. Boston. 

San Francisco State Normal School, 

Buchanan and Waller Sts., San Francisco. 

San Francisco Public Library San Francisco. 

Sanborn, Ftnjamin H., & Co 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Sanders, Peter James Murray City, Utah. 

Sanders Publishing Co 358 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Sandison, Howard 404 N. Center St., Terre Haute. Ind. 

Sargent, C. S Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plains, Mass. 

Sault News Printing Co Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Saumenig, John H., & Co 229 Park Ave., Baltimore. Md. 

Saunders, W. B., Co 925 Walnut St., Philadelphia 

Sauveur, Albert Retch Bldg., Cambridge, Mass. 

Saxton, Edmund 41 Bladensburg Rd., Washington, D. C. 

Scenic America Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

School Methods Co 380 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

School of Railway Signaling Utica, N. Y. 

Schaad, Rev. Julius A 415 W. 13th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Schaefer & Koradi 4th and Wood Sts., Philadelphia. 

Schechter, Solomon 535 W. 123(1 St.. New York. 

Schenck, Carl Alvin Pisgah Forest, N. C. 

Schenck, Frank Joseph 75 State St.. Rochester, N. Y. 

Schirmer, G 35 Union Sq , W., New York. 

Schleppey, Mrs. Blanche Bloor 634 E. nth St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Schmalz Publication Co 31 Ames Bldg., Boston. 

Schnell. Albert Frederick 343 W. 17th St., New York. 

Schomer, Abraham S 5 Beekman St., New York. 

Schuberth, Edward, & Co 11 E. 22d St.. New York. 

Schumaker, Edward, & Son Hubert, Wis. 

Schwartz, Kirwin & Fauss 42 Barclay St., New York. 

Scientific Authors' Publishing Co 329 W. 57th St., New York. 

Science Press Sub-Station 84, New York. 

Scott', Elwood Marion, Ind. 

Scott, Foresman & Co 378-388 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Scranton, S. S., Co 281 Asylum St., Hartford, Ct. 

Scribner's, Charles, Sons 153-157 F'ifth Ave., New York. 

Searcy Publishing Co Griffin. Ga. 

Seares, Frederick Hanley, 

Mount Wilson Solar Observatory, Pasadena, Cal. 

Seiler, Adolph G 1224 Amsterdam Ave., New York. 

Sellers, Edwin Jaquett 800 Betz Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Sentinel Co North St. Paul, Minn. 

Sergei, Charles H., & Co 358 Dearborn St., Chi'-ago. 

Seymour, Ralph Fletcher (Alderbrink Press), 

Fine Arts Bldg., Chicago. 

Shanley, Hobart J., Co Burlington, Vt. 

Shannon, W. W. (State Superintendent of Printing) . Sacramento, Cal. 

Sharp & Alleman Co 900 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Sharpe, William C Seymour. Ct. 

Shaw, Clement B 74 Auditorium Bldg.. Chicago. 

Shaw Publishing Co Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Sheffey, John P Marion, Va. 

Sheldon University Press Liberty ville. 111. 

Shepard. Frank, Co 190- 194 W. Broadway, New York. 

Sherman, E. E., & Co Boston. 

Sherman, French & Co 6 Beacon St.. Boston. 

Shcmian, Frederic Fairchild 42 W. 39th St., New York. 

Sherman, Mrs. John D y^ E. 47th St., Chicago. 

Shiel, Roger R Shiel Apartment House, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Skippers' Freight. 
Showaller, L. P. 
Shriver, C. H. 

Silver Lotus. 
SimmoKS. ^ 

Simmons, M- a* U. 
Simon. F.P: 
Simplified Spell. Bd. 
Singer, J. 
Slaugkt, H. E. 
Sloane. J. R- 
Slociim, G: E. 
Slocum Ptb. 

SmeU=er, J. R- 
Smiley, A. J. 
Smith. A. H. 
Smith. C. S. 

Smith. D: B. 
Smith. E. B. 
Smith. E. A. F. 

Smith, P. 
Smith. P. }. 
Sjnilh. J. A. 

Smith. L. K. 
Smith. W. R. C 
Smith & B. 

Smith & McC. 
Smith & S. 

Smith. Insl. 
Smylh. S: G. 
Snotv. J. E. 
.<;«i.w &■ F. 
.•;„vder. S. P. 
~ ' Clinic Pr. 


Shippers' Freight Service P^rst National Bank BIdg., Chicago. 

Showalter, Lewis Pendleton Eaton. O, 

Showalter-Patton Co Dallaa, Tex. 

Shriver, C. H 84 State St., Boston. 

Sibley & Co 120 BoyUton St., Bosiod. 

SiRiiia Publishing Co 310 Pine St., St Louis. 

Silver, Burdett & Co 231 W. jgth St, New York. 

Silver LoHis Shop Pittsfield, Mass. 

Simmons, Patker P 3 E. i4ih St., New York. 

Simmons, Manning & Dawson 74 Lafayette St., New York. 

Simon, Ferdinand Peter.. 132 Hill St, New Haven. Ct 

Simplified Spelling Board i Madison Ave, New York. 

Singer, Jacob Philadelphia. 

Skelton Publishing Co 235 Edison St, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Slaught, H. E American Mathematical Society, Chicago. 

Sloane, James Robinson 2715 Bryank Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Slocum, George Engs _, Scottsville, N. Y, 

Slocum Publishing Co 218 13th St, Toledo, O. 

Small, Mavnard & Co 15 Beacon Si., Bosion. 

Smeltier, Jeannie Ringland Fort Dodge, la. 

Smiley, Amanda Jane W. Lafayette, Ind. 

Smith, Albert Herman Lowville, N. Y. 

Smith, Caroline Sprague, 

Care of Cheltenham Press, 150 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Smith, Prof. David Eugene ^s W. i20lh St, New York. 

Smith, Egbert Bull Port Jefferson, N. Y. 

Smith, Emma A. F. 

Washington Headquarters Assoc., Morris Mansion, New York. 

Smith. Frank Dover, Mass. 

Smith, Frank J Pleasanton, Kan. 

Smith, J. Augustine (Ideal Concrete Manufacturing Co) 

South Bend, Ind. 

Smith, Leonard Kingsley 417 Kansas St., Huron, S, D. 

Smith, W. R. C, Publishing Co Prudential BIdg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Smith & Butterfield Evansville, Ind. 

Smith & Lamar. See Publishing House of Methodist Episcopal Qiurch. 

Smith & McCance ...38 Bronifield St.. Boston, 

Smith & Sale 45 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

Smithsonian I'.=tiiution Washington, D. C 

Smith-Brooks Printing Co Denver, Colo. 

Smyth, Samuel Gordon West Conshohocken, Pi. 

Snow, Jane Elliott 4201 Clinton Ave., Cleveland. O 

Snow & Farnham 15 Custom House St. Providence, R. I. 

Snyder, Shcrwnod Percy llr.x sS. Daylon. 0. 

Southern Clinic Print 4 E. Clay St. Richmond. Va. 


Sperle, C: H. 


Spring, JL W. 


Squire, H. 

5"/. Boniface^s, 

St, L. Com. Tuber- 

St. Joseph's Pr. 

St. L. Univ. 

St. Mary^s Indust. 

Stack pole, E. S. 

Staff Coll. 


Standard Diary. 

Standard Pub, 

Standard Pub. Co. 

Standard Sanitary 

Stanford Univ. 

Stanley & W. 


Starbuck, R. M. 

Starrett, D. W. 

State Cap. 

State Co. 

State Gazette. 

State Hist., la. 

State Hist., Kan. 

State Hist., N. D. 

State Hist., Wis. 

State Hospital In- 

State loum. Co. 

State St. Trust Co. 

Steams, L. M. 



Stein, B. 

Stepanek. W. H. 


Stephens, H. 

Stephens, J: R. 


Stem, D. 

Stevens, A. L. 

Stevens, H, J. 

Stevens, J: F. 

Stevens, IV, L. 

Stewart, R. A. 

Stickley, G. 

Stilwell & R. 

S tins on, J, C. 


Stone & B. 

Stone & W. 

Stone Pr. 

Storey, M. 

Storey, T: A. 

Storrs. E. P. 
Stoutenburgh, H: A. 
Straivbridge & C. 
Student Volunteer. 
Sturgis ^ W. 
Sturmer, J. W: 
Stuyifesant Press. 
Success Co. 



Sperle, Charles H Somerville, N. J. 

Spon & Chaitiberlain 123 Liberty St., New York. 

Spring, Leverctt W Williams College, Wiiliamstown, Mass. 

Sproul, George D Room 408, 150 5th Ave., New York. 

Squire, Edwin Claremont, Cal. 

St. Boniface's Industrial School Banning, Cal. 

St. Louis Municipal Commission on Tuberculosis St. Louis. 

St. Joseph's Printing Office Collegevillc, Ind. 

St. Louis University St. Louis. 

St. Mary's Industrial School Odanah, Wis. 

Stackpole, Everett Schermerhorn Bradford, Mass. 

Staff College Press Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

Stafford Publishing Co Marion, 111. 

Standard Diary Co Cambridge, Mass. 

Standard Publishing Co 16 E. 9th St., Cincinnati. 

Standard Publishing Co Boston. 

Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stanford, Leland, Junior University Press ... Stanford University, Cal. 

Stanley & Wagner Room 703, 45 W. 34th St., New York. 

Star-Gazette Co. . .* Elmira, New York. 

Starbuck, Robert Macy, & Son Hartford, Ct 

Starrett, D. W 4325 View St., Oakland, Cal. 

State Capital Printing Co Guthrie, Okla. 

State Co Columbia, S. C. 

State Gazette Point Pleasant, W. Va. 

State Historical Society of Iowa Iowa City, la. 

State Historical Society, Kansas Topeka, Kan. 

State Historical Society of North Dakota Bismarck, N. D. 

State Historical Society of Wisconsin Madison, Wis. 

State Hospital for the Insane Norristown, Pa. 

Stat; Journal Co Lincoln, Neb. 

State Street Trust Co Boston. 

Stearns, Lyman Marshall 1333 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. 

Stechert, G. E., & Co 151-155 W. 25th St., New York. 

Steiger, E., & Co 25 Park PI., New York. 

Stein Block Co Rochester, N. Y. 

Stepanek, W. H Cedar Rapids, la. 

Stephens, R. W Columbia, Mo. 

Stephens, Hugh, Printing Co Jefferson City, Mo. 

Stephens, John Rittenhousc. . Keith and Perry Bldgs., Kansas City, Mo. 

Stern, Edward, & Co 140 N. 6th St., Philadelphia. 

Stern, Daniel 355 Dearborn St.. Chicago. 

Stevens, Agnes L 343 J4 Yamhill St., Portland, Ore. 

Stevens, Horace J Houghton, Mich. 

Stevens, John Frank N. Y. & N. H. H. R.R. Co., New Haven, Ct. 

Stevens, Walter Le Conte Lexington, Va. 

Stewart, Robert Armistead 320 E. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 

Stickley, Gustav 29 W. 34th St., New York. 

Stilwell & Ross Dryden, N. Y. 

Stinson, James Cyrus Greenville, Tex. 

Stokes, Frf deiick A., Co 533-341 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Stone & Barringer Co 22 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Stone & Webster 147 Milk St., Boston. 

Stone Printing & Manufacturing Co Roanoke, Va. 

Storey, Morfield Care of Storey, Thorndike, Palmer & Thayer. 

735 Exchange Bldg., Boston. 
Storey, Thomas Andrew. M.D., 

College of the City of New York, New York. 

Storrs, E. P. (Dartmore Bookstore) Hanover, N. H. 

Stoutenburgh, Henry A 23 Broad St., New York. 

Stradling. J. M., & Co 78 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Strawbridge & Clothier Market and Eighth Sts., Philadelphia. 

Strombcrg-Carlson Telephone Mfg. Co Rochester, N. Y. 

Student Volunteer Movement 125 E. 27th St., New York. 

Sturgis & Walton Co 31-33 E. 27th St, New York. 

Sturmer, Prof. Julius William 107 Fowler Ave., Lafayette. Ind. 

Sttij'vesant Press 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Success Co 29 E. 22d St., New York. 

Suggestion Publishing House 151 1 Marquette Bldg., Chicago. 

Sullivan, J. IV: 
Summy, C. F.. Co. 
Sun Dial. 
Sun rrfss. 



.VtfUiMoM. C. A. 
Swing, P: F. 
Sii:innrrlon, H: U. 
Sylfan Press. 
Syuilicale Pub. 

Taher, C: A. M. 
Tabcr. S. R. 
Tagliapictra. M. T. 
TaL-ahira, K, 

Tax Reform. 
Taylor. B. F. 
Taylor. J: P.. 

Tavlor. tV: J 
Taylor & C. 
Taylor histrumftit. 
Teaehers' Coll. 

Teachers Co-op. 
Teachers' Supply. 
Technical Pub. 
Tenny Press. 
Theosophical Bk. 
Thomas. P. H. 
Thomas. W: H. 
Thompson B. 
Thompson, C: C. 

Thompsnn. E.- 
Thompson, G. A. 
Thompson. J. W. 


Sullivan, James William 193? Stillwell Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sumxny, Oavion F., Co 220 Wabash Ave.. Chicaga 

Suii Dial Classics Co 201 E. i2th St.. New Ynrk. 

Sun Press Spring Valley, Wis. 

Surclus Publisliing Co 136 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Surgery Publishing Co 92 William St., New Yorlt 

Sutton, A. D.. & Co Fort Smith. Ark. 

Swansoii. Governor Claude A Richmond, Va, 

Swelland Publishing Co J39 W. yyth St., New York. 

Swing, Peicr F Cincinnati 

Swinnerton. Henry U Cherry Valley. Now York. 

Sylvan Press Kalamazoo. Mich. 

Syndicate Publishing Co 12-14 W. 32d St., New Y'ork 

System Co I5<-I53 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. 

Taber. Charles Austin Meiidcll Wakefield, Mass. 

Taber, S. R 532 Mouadnock Block. Chicago. 

Tagliapielra, Mrs. Margaret Tonusend 343 W. 34th St.. New York 

Takahira, Baron Kogoro, 

Japanese Legation, i )io N St.. Washington, D. C. 

Tally. Joseph M 512 Westminster St.. Providence. R 1. 

Tandy-Thomas Co. (formerlv Francis U. Tandy Co.), 

31-U E. 27th St.. New York 

Tax Reform Association 56 Pine St., New York. 

Taylor, B. F Columbia, S. C. 

Taylor. John Edwin Skawhcgan, Me. 

Office of the Clerk of the City Court. MimtRomerv. .Ala. 

Taylor, William J 50 Broad St, New York. 

Taylor & C^aipcnicr Ithaca, N. Y. 

Taylor li'strument Companies Kochcster, N. Y'. 

Ttachers' College* L. F. Su'nv Publication Bureau), 

W, i201h St., New York. 

Teachers Co-operative Co Nashville, Tenn, 

Teachers' Supply Co Grayson. Ky. 

Technical Publishing Co Caxton Bldg,. Cleveland, O. 

reni'nnt & Ward 122 E. 25th Si., New York. 

Teiniy Press iig3 Broadway, New >'ork. 

Theosophical Book Co ^ Jay St., Alt)any, N. V, 

Thomas, F- II-. I-aw Book C<. St. Louis. 

Thomas, William Holcomhe. 

Thompson Brown Co 120 Boylslon Si., Boston. 

Thompson. Charles C. (ffnmrlv Thompson & Thomas), 

,1,1^-344 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Thompson, Edward, & Co Norihport, L. I. 

Thompson, G. A While Plains. N. V. 

Thompson. J. Walter, Co 44 E, 23d St.. New York. 

Thompson, John Glasgow Junction, Ky. 

Th„.iipsr>ii, William Alcxiiraler Ponli.ic. Mich. 




Townsend, L, T, 
Tracy, G. & Co. 
Trade Joum. 
Trade Periodical. 
Treadwell, A: 

Trenton Iron Co. 
Trenton Pub. Lib. 
Trevor, J. E. 
Tribune Assoc. 
Tribune Pr. Co., 

(N. Dak.) 
Tribune Pr. Co., 

aV. I'a.) 
Tricoche, G: N. 
Tridon, A. 
Trolley Press. 
Trow Press. 
Trowbridge, F, b. 
Trussed Concrete. 
Tubercle Press. 

Tucker, G. B. 
Tucker, G. M. 
Tucker, IV. G. 
Tucker & V. 
Tufts, J. H. 
Turner, C. A. P, 
Tutt, R. G. 
Tuttle Co. 
Tuttle, M. & r. 
Twentieth Century. 

Twining, H. L. 
Twilchell, R. E. 
Tyrell's Hygiene 

U. P. & S. P. R. R. 

U. S. Brewers^ 

U. S. Cavalry, 
U. S. Infantry. 
U. S. Mushroom. 
U. S. Naval Inst. 
U.S.,Supt. of Docs. 


Ullman, B. L: 


Un. B. Pub. 

Un. Editors. 


Underwood Type- 

Union Bk. 

Union Pub. Co., 

Union Trust Co. 

Unitarian S. S. 

Univ. Extension. 

Univ. of Cdl, 

Univ. of Chic, 

Univ. of Cin. 

Univ. of Col, 

Univ. of la, 

Univ. of III 

Univ. of Mich, 

Univ. of Minn. 

IJnh. of Mo, 

Townscnd, Luther Tracy Brookline, Mass. 

Tracy, Gibbs & Co Madison, Wis. 

Trade Journal Advertiser 315 Dearborn St., Chicaga 

Trade Periodical 'Co 355 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Transcript Publishing Co Holyoke, Mass. 

Treadwell, Augustus 204 Montagu St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Treat. E. B., & Co 241 W. 23d St., New York. 

Trenton Iron Co Trenton, N. J. 

Trenton Public Library Trenton, N. J. 

Trevor, Joseph Ellis.. Care of Day & Heaton, 80 Broadway, New York. 

Tribune Association Tribune Bldg., New York. 

Tribune Printing Co Bismarck, N. D. 

Tribune Printing Co Charleston, W. Va. 

Tricoche, George Nestler Park PI, Morristown, N. J 

Tridon, Andre 301 VV. io6th St., New York. 

Trolley Press Hartford, Ct. 

Trow Press 201-213 E. 12th St., New York. 

Trowbridge, Francis Bacon New Haven. Ct. 

Trussed Cone rcte Steel Co Detroit^ Mich. 

Tubercle Press Bureau Chicago. 

Tuck, Raphael, & Sons Co 122-124 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Tucker, Guy B Little, Rock, Ark. 

Tucker, Gilbert Milligan 304 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

Tucker, Willis G., M.D Albany Medical College, Albany, N. Y. 

Tucker & Vinton Park Ave. and 41st St., New York. 

Tufts, James Hayden University of Chicago, Chicago. 

Turner, Claude Allen Porter. .. .816 Phccnix Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Tutt. R. G Box 1076, St. Louis. 

Tuttle Co Rutland, Vt 

Tuttle, Morehouse & 1 aylor Co 125 Temple St., New Haven Ct. 

Twentieth Century Publishing Co 2 W. i6th St., New York. 

Twining, Harry Le Verne Los Angeles, Cal. 

Twitchell, Ralph Emerson East Las Vegas, N. M. 

Tyrrell's Hygienic Institute 321 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads. 

120 Broadway, New York. 
United State*- Brewers' Association, i eg and 1 11 E. 15th St., New York. 

United States Cavalry Association Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

United States Infantry Association Washington, D. C. 

U. S. Mushroom & Spawn Co.... 550 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

United States Naval Ii stitute Annapolis, Md. 

United States, Office of the Superintendent of Documents, 

Washington, D. C 

Ulbrich, Otto, & Co 386 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ullman, Berthold Louis University of Chicago, Chicago. 

Umbendenstock-Frisky- Porter Co Chicago. 

UrJted Brethren Publishing House.. Fornh and Main Sts., Dayton, O. 

United Editors' Association 225 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Underwood & Underwood 5 W. 19th St.. cor. 5th Ave., New York. 

Underwood Typewriter Co 241 Broadway, New York. 

Union Book and Publishing Co 356 Dearborn St.. Cliicago. 

Union Publishing Co Nashville, Tenn. 

Union Trust Company Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Unitarian Sunday- School Society 25 Beacon St., Boston. 

University Extension Association Chicago. 

University of California PVess Berkeley, Cal. 

Univesity of Chicago Press 58th St. and Ellis Ave.. Chicago. 

University of Cincinnati Press Cincinnati. 

University of Colorado Boulder, Colo. 

University of Iowa Iowa City, la 

University of Illinois Urbana, 111. 

University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich. 

University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn 

University of Missouri Columbia. Mo. 


Univ. of Mont. 
Univ, of N. C. 
Univ. of Neb. 
Univ. of Nev. 
Univ. of O. 
Univ. of Ot<. 
Univ. of Penn. 
Unit: of Penn., 

Univ. of Tex, 
Uttiv. of Toronto. 
Univ. of IV. Va. 
Univ. of Wash. 
Vniv. of Wis. 
Vniv. Prets,(Camb.) 
Univ. Press, {Notre 

Univ. Press, (Se- 

Uniy. Pub. 

Uni^^ersat Business. 
Universal Portland 

Upson Memorial. 
Ui-bana Univ. 
Usher. E: P. 
Ulica Lib. 
Vail. M. H. 
Vallelte, J. C. 
Vande grift. 
Van Deusen & E. 
Van N OS t rand. 
Verplanek. V. E. 
Vii Pub. 

Virginia Stale Lib. 
Visiehrr, H'. L. 




Von Hoeckntann J, 



University of Montana Missoula. Mont. 

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, N. C 

University of Nebraska Lincoln, Neb. 

University of Nevada i Reno, Nev. 

University of Ohio Columbus, a 

University of Oregon Eu|[ene, Ore. 

University of Pennsylvania j4th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia. 

Universiljf of Pennsylvania Care of D. Appleton Co., New York. 

University of Texas Austin. Tex. 

University of Toronto Library Toronto, Can. 

University o." West Virginia Morgantown, W. Vi. 

University of Washington Seattle, Wash. 

University of Wisconsin Madisou, Wis. 

University Press Cambridge, Mass. 

University Press Notre Dame, Ind. 

University Press (University of the South) Sevianee, Tenn. 

University Publishing Co 134 N. Eleventh St., Lincoln, Neb. 

University Society, Inc 44-60 E. a3d St., New York. 

Universal Busines,"; Institute. Inc 27 E. aad St, New York. 

Universal -Good Publishing Society, Inc.i Madison Ave., New York. 
Universal Portland Cement Co Chicago. 

Universalist Publishing House 359 Boylston St.. Boston. 

Upson Memorial Committee 118 S. 6ih St., Minneapolis, Nlinn. 

Urbana University Urbana, O. 

Usher, Edward Preston Grafton. Mass. 

Utona Bcok Co Chicaga 

Utica Public Library Utica. N. Y. 

Vail, Morrison Hu^ns Dixon, ID. 

Valktte, J, C N. Franklin. Ct 

Vandegrift. F. B., & Co 66 Beaver St., New York. 

Van Deusen & Elms 833 So. Figueroa St., Los Angeles. CaL 

Van Nostrand, D., Co 23 Murray St., New Yoii. 

Vcdania Society 135 W. 8oth St., New York. 

Verplanck, Virginia E Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Vir Publishing Co 200 N. isih St.. Philadelphia. 

Virginia State Library Richmond, Va. 

Visscher, William Lighttoot, 

Care of Atwell Printing & Binding Co.. Chicago. 

Volland, P. F., & Co 24 Adams St, Chicaga 

Volta Bureau 1525 ^sth St., Washington, D. C 

Volunteer Pres,' Prim 38 Cooper Sq.. New York. 

Von Boeckn an n- Jones Co .,,^. Austin, Tex. 




IVashington State 

Waters, J. K., Co, 
Watkins, /. U 
Watkins, R, L. 
Watson, A, W, R, 

Watson, C, B, 
Watt, W. /. 
Walts, R, /. 

Webb, E. G: 
Weber, F. C: 
Webster, H: S. 
Weeks, F. E. 
Wells, F: H. 
Welsh, L. 
Weltz Press. 
Wenzlick, W: 

Werner Co. 
Wescott, M. E, 
WesseU, E, J. 
West, J. H. 
West Pub. 
Westchester Press. 
Western Corr. Sch, 


W ha pies, E: S, 
Wheat, W. V. 
Whitaker & R, 
Whit comb. 
White, A, L. 
White, G: R. 
White Dental. 
White Peril. 
White Rats. 
Whitehead, J. B. 
Wickliffe, E. L. 
Wicfnvire, A. M, 
Wicrs, C: R. 
Wilcox, M. B. 
Wilcox Bks. 

Wiles, F. L. 

Wilkie & C. 
Williifms, D: 
Williams, W: C. 
Williams W, L. 
Willianvs & W. 
Williams Pr, 
Willows Shop, 
Wilshire Bk, 
Wilson, E: L, 
Wilson, E: S. 
Wilson. H: L, 
Wilson, H. W. 
Wilson, J. R, 
Wilson, T: IV. 
Wilson Pub. Co. 
Wilson &■ Mi. 

Washington State Library Olympia, Wash. 

Waters, J. K., Co 311 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Watkins, J. L.. & Sons New York. 

Watkins, Robert Lincoln 20 W. 34th St, New York. 

Watson, Mrs. Annah Walker Robinson. 

132 Montgomery St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Watson, Chandler Bruer Ashland, Ore. 

Watt, W. J, & Co 43 W. 27th St.. New York. 

Watts, R. J Amherst, Mass. 

Wayland-Smith, Francis Kenwood, N. Y. 

Webb Publishing Co 47-51 E- 47th St., St Paul, Minn. 

Webb, Eugene George 25 Harrison Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Weber, Fred Charles 2217 Budlong Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Webster. Henry Sewall Gardiner, Me. 

Weed-Parsons Printing Co Albany, N Y. 

Weeks, Frank Edgar Clarksfield, O. 

Weimar Press 3015 S. Main St, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wells, Frederick Howard 228 Partridge St., Albany, N. Y. 

Welsh, Rces & Co 901 Sansom St, Philadelphia. 

Welsh, Lilian, M.D Baltimore, Md. 

Wehz Press 9 Clinton St., New York. 

Wenzlick, William 1206 Lawrence Ave., Chicago. 

Werner, Edgar S., & Co 43 E. 19th St, New York. 

Werner Co Akron, O- 

Westcott, Morgan Ebenczer Mora, Minn. 

Wessels, A 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Wessels, Edwin J 2 Rector St, New York. 

W-st. James H., Co 22*0 Devonshire St, Boston. 

West Publishing Co 5258 W. 3d St, St Paul, Minn. 

Westchester Press Rye, N Y. 

Western Correspondence School of Mining Engineering, 

Des Moines. la. 

Westminster Press (see also Presb. Bd. of Publication), 

1319 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Whaples, Edward S West Haven, Ct. 

Wheat W. V., Co 315 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Whitaker & Ray-Wiggin Co 770-776 Mission St, San Francisco. 

Whitcomb & Barrows Huntington Chambers, Boston. 

White, Almira L 73 Broadway, Haverhill, Mass. 

White, George Ransom Nashville, Tenn. 

White, S. S., Dental Mfg. Co. .. .Chestnut St cor. 12th, Philadelphia. 
White Peril Co Danbury, Ct 

White Rats of America 1553 Broadway, New York. 

White-Smith Music Publishing Co Boston. 

Whitehead, Prof. J. B Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

Whittaiver, Thomas, Inc 2 Bible House, New York. 

Wickliffe, Elizabeth Lockhart Wickliffe, Ky. 

Wickwire, Arthur Manley Room 1412, 5 Nassau St, New York. 

Wiers, Charles Robert 631 West Delavan Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Wilcox, M. B 28 Spruce St., New Vork. 

Wilcox Books Concern 163 Randolph St., Chicago. 

Wilde, W. A., Co 120 Boylston St, Boston. 

Wiles, F. L 8 Pemberton Sq., Boston. 

Wiley, John, & Sons 43 E. 19th St., New York. 

Wilkie & Coan 924 Real Kstate Trust Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Williams, D?.vid, Co 14 16 Park PI, New York. 

Williams, William Carlos 131 Passaic Ave., Rutherford, N. J. 

Williams, Walter Long 115 Valentine PI.. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Williams & Wilkins Co 2427-29 York Road, Baltimore. Md. 

Williams Printing Co Richmond. Va. 

Willows Shop Clintonville, Mich. 

Willwerscheid & Raith St Paul, M:nn. 

Wilshire Book Co 200 William St., New York. 

Wilson, Edward L 122 E. 25th St., New York. 

Wilson, Edward Stansbury 1043 Franklin Ave., Columbus, O. 

Wilson, Henry Lawrence Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wilson, H. W., Co 1401-1405 University Ave., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Wilson, Joseph Robert. . .606-607 Commonwealth Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Wilson, Thomas W Eureka, Cal. 

Wilson Publishing Co Room 1615, 66 Broadway, New York. 

Wilson & McMaster East Lansing. Mich. 

H'inscll. R. E. 
Wisconsin Depl. 

Pub, I Its true t ion. 
H'iiconsln Free Lib. 
Wisconsin Hist. 
H'is. Slate Barbers' 

IVisliard, S: E. 
IVifhers. Z. 
Witter & K. 
Woiuo'i's Fir. Miss. 

Il'oiiiati's Mat. Prog. 

Wood. F. .4. 
Wood. H. G. 
Wood H. 
Wood. H A. 
Woodwan. H. R. 
Woodbury. S. E. 
Woodruff Pub. 
Woods. R. 
Woods. P. T. 
Woodzivrd & L. 
Worcester Press. 
World BIf. 
World R'-u-ay. 
Worrall. T. W. 

Worllt. P. W. 
Wright, L- L. 
Wright. T /i. 
Wright & P. 
Wyotl. h: F. 
Wvoming Com. 
Public Lands 

y. v. C. A. 

Wiltzius, M. H., Co 413-417 Broadway, Mil«aukec, Wis. 

Wiiisett, Robert Emmet Doxey, Okla. 

Winston. John C. Co loofc Arch St.. Fhiladelphia. 

Wisconsin, Dept. of Public Inslruction Madison, Wis. 

Wisconsin Free Library Commission.. 

Wisconsin History Commission 

Wi-consi(i Slate Barbers' Board of Ex; 

...Madison, Wis. 
— Madison, Wis. 
. .Milwaukee. Wis. 

Wishard, Samuel Ellis. D.D 135 E. .\\e. $3. Los Angeles, Cal, 

Withers, Zachary Elmhursl. Cal. 

Witter & KinlneT 503 Fifth Ave., New York 

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal 

Church in America 150 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Wiman's National Prc^ressivc League.. , .a-o William St., New York. 

Wood, William. & Co 51 Fifth Ave.. New York. 

Wood. Frances A Vassar CoIleRc, PouRhkeepsie. N. Y. 

Wood, Rev. Hermon Gaylord 6 Lyndhurst St., Dorchester. Mass, 

Wood. H Kansas City Star, Kansas City. Mo. 

Wood, Howard Athons Burlington, Wis. 

Wood-Brownlee Printing Co San Antonio. Tex. 

Woodman, Hannah Rea Poughkeepsie. N. V. 

Wtodburv, Sarah Eliia JQ31 Kansas Ave., Los Angeks. Cal. 

rt'oodriiflf-Collins Co 217 N. luh St., Lincoln, Neb. 

W( cdrnff Publishing Co Boston- 
Woods Publishing Co 27 E. aad St., New York. 

Woods, Dr, E., Jr Charlottesville. Va. 

Woods. Prince T Middleton, Mass. 

Woodward & Lothrop 1013 F St., Washington, D. C. 

Worcester Press Boston. 

Woilii Botk Co Park Hill, Vonkers, N. Y. 

World Railway Pub. Co, See Phillips, Cropley, Co. 
Worrall. Mrs. T. Worcester, 

nag HoiTse Chapel. D. A. R., Tacony Si.. Frankford, Philadelphia- 
Worth. Pauline Wilson 15.I9A Cambria St., Los Angeles. Cal. 

Wright, L. L. Stale Snpl. of Public Instruction, Lansing. Mich. 

Wright, Tobias A ijo Bleecker St.. N. V. 

'.'/right & Potter Friiiling Co Bosloa 

Wyalt. Frederick Fuller San Angelo, Tex. 

Wyoming Commissioner of Public Lands Cheyenne. Wyn, 

)'. W. C. .A. 

X-ray Publishing Co Butte, Montana. 

Young Men's Christian Assoriation, International Committee of, 

124 E. 28th St.. New York. 
Young Women's Christian .\ssociation National Board, 

125 E. 27th St.. New York. 



Of books recorded January 1 to December 31, 1909, by Author. Title, 

Subject, onrf Series entry. 




books recorded January i io December 31, 1909, by Author* Title, 

Subject, and Series entry. 

des Skat in Deutsch und English. 
e, F. W. 50 c. Schaefer & K. 

^iiide to sensible horseshoeing. Mag- 
>. $1. Saalfield. 

f bookkeeping. Dicksee, L. R. 80 c. 


of five-figure logarithms. Wood- 

C. J. $1.25. Spon. 

>f philosophy. Landsberg, G. F. 75 c. 

>f taxation. Filiebrown, C: B. $1.20. 

Doubleday, P. 
. Publishing Board foreign book list. 
ap. A. L. A. 

, comp. Selected list of Norwegian 
anish books. 25 c 
. Publishing Board library handbook. 
ap. A. L. A. 

er and Cattell. Aids in book selec- 

I he would go. Reed, M. *$i.2S 

Sherman, F. 
r oiseau. Jallade, E. J. $1. 

Utrr. O'Brien, W: L. (Add. pubs, 
ice.) Review Pub. Co. 

lug. Murray-. 
urray-Aaron, Eug. 

lie funnel. Kipling, R. t$i.50. 

B. W. Dodge, 
led. See Verne, Jules. 


;, R. S. Public abattoirs. $3.50. 


crosier. Sue, M. J. E. 50 c. 

N. Y. Labor News, 
leveland, and Nichols, Mrs. Josephine 

^end genealogy: record of the de- 
dants of John Townsend, 1743-1821, 

of his wife, Jemima Travis, 1746- 
. '09(Api7) c. 12**, (Allaben geneal- 
al ser.) $2. Allaben. 

Sdn« Austin. 

of the Holy Grail : portfolio of paint- 
. '09(Mr27) 4**, $5; subjects sold sep- 
ely, ca., 50 c. Curtis & C. 


:e of nature and modern conditions 
ultivation. '09(Api7) 8**, *$2 net 


C. Abbeys of Great Britain. ♦$1.50 

t Cathedrals; France; — Westmiiuter Abbey. 

Abbott, Alex. Crever, MJ). 

Principles of bacteriology. 8th ed., rev. '09 
(Ag) 631 p. il. I2^ *$2.7S net Lea. 

Abbott, C. L. 
Common sense Bible teacher. '09(N) c 
64 p. il. 25 c. C. L. Abbott. 

Abbott, Edith. 
Women in industry; study in American 
economic hist; with an introd. note by 
Sophonisba P. Breckenridge. 'o9(Dii) c. 
D. **$2 net. Appleton. 

Abbott, Rev. £dn. 

Message of the Son of Man. '09(Ag7) 
8*, *$i.75 net Macmillan. 

Abbott, Ernest Hamlin. 
What they did with themselves. '09(Si8) 
c. D. (What is worth while ser.) leather- 
ette, **30 c. net. Crowell. 
Abbott, Fk. Frost. 
Society and politics in ancient Rome. '09 
(Sii) c. D. **$i.2S net Scribner. 
Abbott, O: F: 
Turkey in transition. '09(N20) iL pors. 
O. *$4.25 net. Longmans. 
Abbott, Lawrence, 
Green, S : A. Memoir of Abbott Lawrence. 
35 c. S: A. Green. 
Abbott, Lemuel Abijah. 
Personal recollections and Civil War diary, 
1864. '08, [1909.] (Mr) io-|-2g6p. por.8'*, 
(Add. author for price.) L. A. Abbott. 
Abbott, Lyman, D.D. 
The temple. '09(Ni3) c. D. **$i.25 net 

— , and McFadyen, J: Edg. 
Interpreter's commentary on the New Tes- 
ment v. 1-6. *09(Api7) ea., $1.50. 

See also King, H : Churchill. 
Abbott, N. T. 
Cases on the law of equity jurisprudence 
and trusts; sel. from Am. and Eng. deci- 
sions. *09(D) c. O. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Flood. 

Abbott, Stanley Warde. 
That same old lover. '09 (Jl) 12 p. front 
8**, 50 c. B. Castello. 

Abbott, Twyman Osmand. 
Automobile law for motorfsts. 'o9(Jlio) 
c. D. flex, leath., $2.50. Reilly & B. 

Primer of the law of negligence for con- 
ductors and motormen, and rules for 
their guidance in their relations with the 
public. [New ed.] '09 (Jl) c. 42 p. Tt. 
pap. (Add. author for price.) 

T. O. Abbott 

Douglas, R : Surgical diseases of the abdo- 
men. '$6 ncL Blakiston. 

Abewieen -Angus cattle. 

Sir Cattle. 


Stt Slavery. 

About, EdmoDd FrAncoig Valentin. 
Les jumeauK de I'Hotel Corneille; ed, by 
S. Tindall. 'ogCOie) S. (Shorter French 
texts.) *2$ c. net. CrowclL 

Abtabams, Israel. 
Judaism. '07. [1909.] (Ap) 8°, (Religions 
ancient and modern.) '40 c. net. 

Abram, A. 

Social Ec^gland in the xvih century ; study 
of the eflects of econotnic conditions. 'OQ 
(D18) 12°, (Research lib.) •$! net. 

Abrams, Duff And. 

Sre Talbot, Arth. Newell. 
Abkvizi mountains. 

Stt lulr- 

Sit Spectrum. 

Abt, I: Artb., and Bidlon, J:, eda. 

Pediatrics: [and) Orthopedic surgery; wilh 
the collaboration of A. Steindler. '08, 

AbQ '1-Mahiiin JamSl ad-Din Yflsuf ibn 
Taghri BirdI, 
Aba 'l-MahSsin ibn Taghr! Birdi's annals 
entitled An-Nujfim az-Zahirft fi Multk 
Misr wal-Kihira [The brilliant sUrs; 
being the chronicles of the rulers of 
Egypt and Cairo]; ed. by W; Popper. 
■o9(N) 128 p. Q. (Univ. of Cal. pubs.; 
Semitic philosophy.) pap., $1.50. 

Univ. of Cal, 

Academic algebra. Bradbury. W; F. $1.08. 

Thompson B. 

Academic diclionary, Worcester, J. E. $1,50. 


Acadeiiiy of PaciHe CoosI Hi ' ■ • "' 


Aeootmt of the departure which the moit 
serene Prince of Wales made from thii 
city of Madrid, on the gth of Sept. of tbt 
present year of 1623, accompanied by our 
lord the King, and by the infant Charln 
and the CartUnal his brother, to San Lo- 
reio el Real of the Escurial, where His 
Highness took leave of his Majesty [lae- 
sim.] '02, I1909.I (N) 4°, $J 

Hispanic Sot 


Sii Boakkapiag. 

Accurate tool work. Goodrich. C. L. 'U 
net Hill Pub. 

5n Ligbtini. 

Acharnians (The). See Aristophanes. 
Achotn, J: WaneD, MJ>. 
Nature's help to happiness. '09(Ap3J c. D. 
•'SO e. net. UoSil 

Acorn ser. 2q v. '09{Ag28) 16°, ea., 50 t 

Acquisitions of Oregon territory. Schafet, 

J. pi, 1. gratis. Univ. of Oit, 

Acropolis of Athens, D'Ooge. M. L. "J^ntL 


Across Panama and around the Caribbean. 

Nicholas, F, C. $1.50. Cald«eIL 

.\cross Papua. Mackay, K. "$2.50 net. 


— PUj»; — ThfBlrc. 
Actions and reactions. Ser Kipling, Rudyard. 
Actions at law. 

Armatrong. T: Pr&cedure in justice cases. 
{Add, pubs, for price.) 

Lord Balto. Press. 

Sci alia F-quilY;— Evidenct:— FoniM (>■ Joa);— 

)ur;:— Pfeu&ng aad prmctice ;— Triik 

Active footsteps. Churchill, Mrs. C. N. ?tJ5. 

C. N. Churchill, 

Acton, J: Ginericb &; Dalberg -Acton, [Lorl 

Cambridge modern history ; ed. by Adolphus 
W : Ward, G : Wa, Prothero arnJ Stanley 
Mordaunt Lcalhes. In 12 v. v. 6, The 
ightcenth century. ;oQ(Da5) ; 



Ad Miriam. Law, F: H. ♦♦$! net. Putnam. 

Adair, W. W. 
Wrecks and heroes: [lessons on New Tes- 
tament heroes.] '09(Mri3) pap., lo c. 

Y. M. C A. 

Adam, Fk. 
Cans, sept 3 and regiments of the Scottish 
Highlands. 'opCJla) il. fold, map, O. *%6 
net Scribner. 

Adami, J: G:, MJ). 
Principles of pathology. In 2 v. v. 2, 
Systemic (incl. special) pathology, by J : 
G : Adami, M.D., and Albert G. Nicholls, 
M.D. '09(N) 1082 p. il. 8^ ^$6 net. 


Adam's dream. Corbin, A. 75 c. Scribner. 

Adiima, Albert A: 
True love. '09 (O) c. 3-95 p. i6*, 75 c. 

A. A: Adams. 

Adiims, Alice Dana. 
Neglected period of anti-slavery in Ameri- 
ca, (1808-1831.) '09(Jl3i) c. 8% (Rad- 
cliffe College monographs.) ♦♦$1.50 net. 


Adams, C: Fa. 

Physical laboratory m.anual for secondary 
schools. Rev. ed. '09(Ag7) c. il. tabs., 
D. 60 c. Am. Bk. 

Teacher's manual to accompany Physics 
for secondary schools. *09(Sii) c. D. 
pap., 25 c. Am. Bk. 

Adams, C: Fa., jr. 
•'The Solid South" and the Afro-American 
race problem; speech at the Academy of 
Music, Richmond, Va., Oct. 24, 1908. '09 
(My) 8% pap. (Priv. pr.) 

C: F. Adams. 

Adams, C: Kendall, and Trent, W: Peterfield. 
History of the United States. Rev. ed. '09 
(Jc5) c. il. por. maps, 12*, (Allyn & 
Bacon's ser. of school histories.) $1.50. 

Allyn & B. 

Adams, Cimis Cornelius. 

Elem. commercial geography. *09(Ja23) c. 
il. maps, 12*, $ Appleton. 

Adams, Edg. Holmes. 

Official premium list of United States pri- 
vate and territorial gold coins. '09(1)4) 
c. il. D. $2; leath., $2.50, boxed. 

E. H Adams. 

Adams, H. Tracers. 

Physical development in relation to perfect 

voice production. '09 (N) 79 p. 8 , pap., 

^75 c. net. Scribner. 

A^^wf^ ja. Tmslow. 

Some notes on the currency problem. '08, 

[1909.] (F) c. 35 p. 8% gratis. 


Adams, Jos. H: 
Harper's machinery book for boys. '09 
(Ap24) c. il. D. (Harper's practical books 
for boys.) $1.75- Harper. 

Adams, Oscar Fay. 
Motley jest: Shapespearean diversions. '09 
(Mr6) c. D. *$i net Sherman, F. 

Adams, T: 
Sermons; cd. by J: Brown. '09(Ag2i) 16**, 
45 c. Putnam. 

Adams, Wa. Sydney. 

Spectroscopic investigations of the rota- 
tion of the sun during the year 190S. '09 
(My) 36 p. il. 8". (Contributions from 
the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory.) 
pap. (Not for sale.) Carnegie. 

Summary of the results of a study of the 
Mount Wilson photographs of sun-spot 
spectra. 'o9(Dii) tabs., 4°, (Contribs. 
from the Mount Wilson Solar Observa- 
tory.) pap. (Add. Institution for price.) 

Adaptation of the schools to industry and 
efficiency. Draper, A. S. gratis. 

A. S. Draper. 
Adcock, Ja. Pringle. 

Wooing in rusticity. '09(0) 288 p. 12*, 

$1.50. Adcock. 

Addams, Jane. 

Spirit of youth in our city streets. '09 

(N6) c. D. ♦♦$1.25 net. Macmillan. 

See also Stelzle, C: • 

Added interest tables, 1909. Fisher, J : I. $5. 

J: I. Fisher. 
Addington, Keene H., rep. 
See Illinois. Appellate cts. Repts. 

Addison, Joseph. 

See Spectator (The). 

Addleshaw, Percy. 

Sir Philip Sidney. '09(Dii) il. O. *$3.50 

net. Putnam. 

Adeney, Wa. F:, D.D. 

Greek and Eastern Churches. 'o9(Ja9) O. 

(International theological lib.) *$2.50 net. 

Adiassewich, A. 

English prices with Russian equivalents, 
calculated at fourteen rates of exchange 
in roubles per pood; giving rate per lb. 
and equivalents per ton. '09(Ap3) 32*, 
SO c. Spon. 

Adirondack mountains, N. Y. 
Hardie, G: R. Where to go in the Adi- 
rondacks. 25 c. G : R. Hardie. 

See also Fire. 

Adjusting and repairmg violins. Broadley, 

A. 40 c. Scribner. 

Adler, Herbert M., and Davis, Arth., eds. 

Service of the synagogue; new ed. of the 

festival prayers with an English tr. in 

prose and verse. 6 v. '09(N) 8*, $15. 

H. D. Buegeleisen. 
Adler, Hermann, D.D. 

Anglo-Jewish memories, and other ser^ 

mons. [09(Ag2i) 8**, *$i.50 net. Bloch. 

Administrative and industrial organization. 

Griffith, J. B. 50 c. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Administrative law. 

See Law. 


See Executors and administrators. 

Admirable Bashville. See Shaw, G: Bernard. 

Ashburner, W. Rhodian sea-law. $5.75. 

Oxford Univ. 
.Admission of Chinese students to Ameriran 

colleges. Fryer, J. (Add. Superintendent 

for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Adoption. * Chapin, H, L. $1.25. 

H. L. Chapin 
Adrift on an ice-pan. Grenfell, W. T. **7$ c. 

net. Houghton *M 

Adult Bibie class. Pearce. W : C. 25 c. 

Advance agent. McCarthy, M. 75 c. 

Adventure ser. O. *$i.SO net. Lippincolt 
— Hyrst. Adventures in the Arctic regions. 
Adventures among the Arabs. Forder, A. 

Si Gospel Pub. 

Adventures every child should know. See 

Lorenzini, Carlo. 
Adventures in America. Moncrieff, A. R. H. 

$1.75. Macmillan. 

AdventuTe* in field and forest; by Fk. H, 

Spearman, Harold Martin, F. S. Palmer, 

W: Drysdale. and others. '09(Mr20) c. il. 

D. (Harper's young people ser.) 60 c. 

Adventures in London. Douglas, J. ■*Jl.7S 

Adventures in the Arctic regions. Hyrst, 

H, 'W. G. '$1.50 net. LippincotL 

Adventures of a brownie. See Craik, Mrs. 

Dinah Maria Mulock. 

Adventures of a green dragon. Osborne. T: 

M. (Priv. pr.) Auburn Pub. 

Adventures of Little Knight Brave. Rees. 

F. B. t$i-5o. Appleton. 

Adventures of Pathfinder. Haight, M. N., 

camp. 35 <=■ Am. Bk. 

Adventurer of [he v^orld's greatest deleclives. 

Barton, G: 75 c. Winston. 

Advertisements of The Spectator. Lewis, L. 

$2. Houghton M. 


Ayer, N. W., & Son. 1869-1009; forty 
year? of advertising. (Add, pubs, for 
price.) Ayer. 

Balmer, E. Science of advertising, 25 c. 
E. Balmer. 
Bellamy, F,, ed. Effective magajine adver- 
tising, *$5 net. M. Kennerley. 
Borsodi, W:, rd. Advertisers cyclopedia 
of selling phrases. $15. — Financial ad- 
vertising. $2, Adv. Cyclo. 
" ' V of advertising and sales. 

A DVERTi SI NO. — Continued. 
Thompson, W : A. Druggists" and dis- 
pensers practical show card. $1, 

W: A. Thompson, 

Sie atta Church (The); — Lellcrioc — Window 

Advisability of electing United States sena- 
tors by popular ballot. Mohn, E. J 1 
(Priv. pr.) Georgetown Univ. 


Sir Flendlng >nd practice. 

Aechie deutsche kochkunst. Meier, Mrs. L 
W, $2.50. L, W. Meier. 

Kasmar, M. K. First lessons i 
tics. $2. Am. Aero. Soc 

Lanchester, F. W. Aerial fiigbl. 2 v. 'V 
net Van Nostrand. 

Lougheed. V. Vehicles of the air. *$ 
net. Reilly & B. 

Maxim, Sir H. S. Artificial and natural 
flight. '$1.75 net. Mamiillan. 

Morgan, A. P. How to build a 20 ft. bi- 
plane glider. 25 c. Soon. 

Rotch, A. L. Conquest of the air. *•$! 
net. Moflfat. 

Sqwier, G: O. Present status of military 

Am. Soc. Mech. Engineers. 
Turner, C; C. Aerial navigation of to- 
day. •$1.50 net. Lippincott 
Twining. E. W. Model aeroplanes. 50 c. 

St> also Air;— Kit**;— War;— Wind. 

Aerial tramways. 

Sit Wire rope tranipOTtatioD. 
Aerial warfare. Heatne, R. P. *$2.5o net. 


Plays; tr. by Wa. Headlam and C. E, S. 
Headlam. 'o9{D2S) ia°, (Bohn's libra- 
ries,) *$i net Macmillan, 
Croce, B, .Esthetic as science of CTpres- 
sion and general linguistic. •$.! net. 

Gordon, K. Esbetics. Holt 



Africa. — Continued. 

MacQueen, P: In wildest Africa. $3. 

L. C. Page. 

Neil, H : Roosevelt's thrilling experiences 
in the wilds of Africa. $2. 

Bible House. 

Patterson, J : H : In the grip of the Nyika. 
**$2 net. — Man-eaters of Tsavo. ♦$2.50 
net Macmillan. 

Rainsford, W: S. Land of the lion. 
**$3.8o net. Doubleday, P. 

Sejrmour, F: Roosevelt in Africa. $2; 
$2.75. Educ. Co. 

Springer, J: M. Heart of Central Af- 
rica; mineral wealth and nrissionary op- 
portunity. ♦$! net. Jennings. 

Springer, Mrs. J: M. Snap shots from 
sunny Africa. *$i net. Re veil. 

Weule, J. K. K. Native life in East Africa. 

♦$4.50 special net. Appleton. 

See also Algeria; — Bedouins: — Congo Free State; 
— Egypt; — Morocco; — Kandi; — Rhodesia; — 
Sahara desert; — Slavery; — South Africa; — 
Tripoli ; — Tunis ; — Uganda. 


See Negroes. 

After death — what? Lombroso, C **$2.50 
net Small. 

After-dinner sleights and pocket tricks. 
Neil, C. L. 50 c. Lippincott. 

After sunrise. Wagner, P. M. $i. 

P. M. Wagner. 
After the cataclysm. Blanchard, H: P. $1.25. 

After the pardon. Serao, M. $1.50. 

Stuyvesant Press. 

After Waterloo. Fryc, W: E: (Add. pubs. 

for price.) P. R. Reynolds. 

Age (L*) d'or de la litterature frangaise. 

90 c. Heath. 

Age of gold. Campbell, L. E. *$i.25 net. 

Whitaker & R. 
Age of quickened conscience. Angell, J. B. 
(Add. University for price.) 

Univ. of Mich. 

See Insurance; — Principal and agent. 

Agnes Grey. See Bronte, Anne. 

Agricola (The). 5*^^ Tacitus, Caius Cor- 

Agricultural chemistry. 
Ingle, H. Elem. agricultural chemistry. 
*^l.SO net. Lippincott. 

See also Fertilizers; — Soils. 

Agricultural machinery. 
Gas Traction Co., Minneapolis. Modern 
farming ; the passing of the horse, gratis. 

Gas Traction. 
Thwaitcs, R. G. Cyrus Hall McCormick 
and the reaper. 50 c. State Hist., Wis. 
United States. Dept, of Commerce and 
Labor, American agricultural imple- 
ments in Europe, Asia, and Africa, by 
Roland R. Dennis. '09(Je) 88 p. il. 8% 
pap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) . 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Abbey, G : Balance of nature and modem 
conditions of cultivation. *$2 net. 

American amculturist handbook. 50 c. 


Agriculture. — Continued, 
Bailey, L. H. College of agriculture and 
the state, gratis. L. H. Bailey. 

Bailey, L. H. Principles of agriculture. 
♦♦$1.25 net Macmillan. 

Bailey, L. H., ed. Cyclopedia of American 
agriculture. In 4 v. v. 4. ♦*$5 net; 
per set, ♦♦$20 net ; ♦♦$32 net. Macmillan. 

Cook, O. F. Vegetation affected by agri- 
culture in Central America. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Copeland, E. B. Elements of Philippine 
agriculture. 96 c. World Bk. 

Coulter, J: M., and others. Pract. nature 
study and elem. agriculture. $1.35. 


Curtler, W. H. R. Short history of Eng- 
lish agriculture. $2.15. Oxford Univ. 

Fisher, M. L., and Cotton, F. A. Agricul- 
ture for common schools. $1. Scribner. 

Flowers, W; T: Farmer and his relation 
to the country. 50 c. W : T : Flowers. 

Hamilton, J: Address on better agricul- 
ture and how to get it. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) N. B. Critchfield. 

Hatch, K. L., and others. Elem. agricul- 
ture. 40 c. Row, P. & Co. 

Jewell, J. R. Agricultural education. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Main, J. Manual for high schools; with 
special reference to science and agricul- 
ture, gratis. J. Main. 

Nolan, A. W. One hundred lessons in ele- 
mentary agriculture. 65 c. Acme. 

Perry, S. P. Tariff and the farmer. 50 c. 

F. S. Blanchard. 

Public school agriculture, 1909. gratis. 

R. J. Watts. 

Snyder, J. L. Agriculture and democracy 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Mich. Agricultural ColL 

True, A. C:, and Crosby, D. J. American 
system of agricultural education. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Tucker, G. M. American agricultural pe- 
riodicals. (Priv. pr.) G. M. Tucker. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Agri- 
culture : list of publications of the United 
States Agriculture Department, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Ex- 
periment Station Office: bulletins, circu- 
lars, Experiment Station record, and re- 
ports of colonial experiment stations; 
Agriculture Dept., U. S. A. ; for sale by 
Superintendent oi Documents. '09 (N) 
32 p. 8**, gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Fed- 
eral legislation, regulations, and rulings 
affecting agricultural colleges and exper- 
iment stations. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. For- 
est Service. Qassified list of publica- 
tions available for distribution, April i, 
1909. '09 (Ag) 4 p. 12**, pap., gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Decs. 


Agriculture.— Co ntifued. 

United States. SuperitiltndenI of Doca- 
ments. Agriculture ; Public documents is- 
sued from the Office of the Secretary of 
Agriculture, U. S. A. ; for sale by the So- 
perititendent of Documents. '05)(O) 33 
p. 8°. gratis. U. S„ Supl. of Docs. 

Warren, G: F: Elements of acricnlture. 
•♦$1.10 net.— Teacher's manual *13 c. 
net Maemillan. 

Wilkinson, J : W. Practical agriculture, 
$1. Am. Bk. 

Wilkinson, J: W. Institute hdbk. on ag- 
riculture and domestic science ; for teach- 
ers, 30 c. Oklahoma Bk. 

Wyoming. Slate Board of /mmigraUon. 
Agriculture in Wyoming. {.\dd pubs. 
for pri^e.) _ S. A. Bristol. 


- C<M>per»tioo ; — Con 
.ninuls; — Domr^ic ccc 
dEbb ;— Fruit ; — G»rd eea 


Asrlculture;— Irrfsstioo; — MII0, 

Poultry :— Rome;— Sred ;— Soil. ;— Trees. 
Aicard, Jean. 

Diverting adventures of Maurin ; tr. from 

line French by Alfr. Allinson, 'og(N3o) 

D. $1.50. Lane, 

Aids in hook selection. ICroeger, A. B. 15 c. 

A. L. A. 

Aikcns, Charlotte Albina. 

Ginical studies for nurses : text-book for 

second and third year pupil nurses and 

a hand-book for alt who are engaged in 

caring for the sick. 'og(N) c. sio p. it. 

8°, $2. Saunders, 

Primary studies for nurses ; conl. courses of 

studies in anatomy, physiology, hygiene, 

bacteriology, therapeutics and materia 

medlca, dietetics, and invalid cookery 

■o9(Ap) c. S-43B p. il. 8°. "Ji^s net. 

Ainge, T: Styles. 

Sanitary sewerage of buildings. '09(Ap24) 

Airship almanac. Allen, L. 75 c. 

Airship boys. Sayler, H. L. $1. 

Reilly & B. 
Airship boys adrift. Sayler, H. L. ■f^i. 

Reilly & B. 

Sii Aerial navigatiao. 


Set MauutcriplB. 

Aitken, Bob., ["Douglss Hndson."] 

Bcvoitd Ihe skvUne: [short stories.) 'og 
iMyO D. $1.50, B: W. Huebsch. 

Lantern of luck. '09(04) c il. D. 51.50, 
W. J. Watt 
Akbab, Emptror of India. 
Garbe, R. .\kbar. Emperor of India, '50 
c. net. Open Court 

Aker, J. W. 

Cur=e of Ham. 'ogCS) c. 190 p. 12°, $1.25. 
B'way Pub. 
Akers, Floyd. 

Boy fortune hunters in China. '09(018) 
c. front. 12°, 60 c. Reilly & B. 

Akron, 0. Board of Education, Rules gov- 
erning medical inspection in Akrnn public 
schools. 'og(D) 7 p. 8°. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Akron Bd. Edac 

Al-Gaiali, Aba Hamid Mobammed. 

Confessions of Al Gha^ali: tr. by Oaud 

Field. '09(Fi3) 16°, (Wisdom of the 

Ea,=l scr.) "40 c, net. Dutton. 

Al-Kindi, Abu Omar Hahammad ibn Ynanf 

ibn Yh' qub, comp. , 

Hi5tory of the ^yptian cadis ; together 

with additions by Abti Al-Hasan Ahmad 

ibn 'AM .Al-Ramman ibn Burd ; ed. from 

the unique ms, in the British Museum bj 

R: J. H. Gotiheil. 'ogfjes) Q. ht. leaih., 

*~- " Slechert 




See Baptist church; — Cahaba. 

Aliin de Lille, [AIaiiiis de Inaulis.] 
Complaint of nature tr. from the Latin 
by Douglas Maxwell Moffat '09(Api7) 
8*, (Yale studies in English.) pap., 75 c 

Alinns de Insnlis. 

See Alain <fe Lille. 
Birds and mammals of the 1907 Alexander 
Expedition to Southwestern Alaska. 75 c. 

Univ. of Cal. 
Brooks, A. H., and others. Mineral re- 
sources of Alaska. (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Covert, C. C, and Ellsworth, C. E. Water- 
supply investigations in the Yukon- 
Tanana region, Alaska, i907-'o8. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Greely, A. W. Hdbk. of Alaska. ♦♦$2 net. 


Knopf, A. Geology of the Seward Penin- 
sula tin deposits. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Moffit, F. H. Mineral resources of the 
Kotsina-Chitina region, Alaska. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Osgood. W. H. Biological investigations in 
Alaska and Yukon territory. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Powell, A. M. Trailing and camping in 
Alaska. ^$2 net Wessels. 

Prindle, S. M. Forty mile quadrangle, 
Yukon-Tanana region. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Rickard. T: A. Through the Yukon and 
Alaska. $2.50. Mining and Scientific. 

Tarr, R. S., and Butler, B. S. Yakutat 
Bay region, Alaska; phjrsiography and 
glacial geograj)hy; aresd geology. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
United States. Adjutant-General's Office. 
Military Information Division. Explora- 
tions in Alaska, 1899. pap., 20 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Alaska- Yukon- Pacific Exposition, 1909. Of- 
ficial guide. '09(Sii) c. il. pors. plan, O. 
pap., 25 c. Alaskan-Yukon. 

Alaska-Yukon-Pactfic Exposition, Seattle, 
Glimpses of the Alaska- Yukon- Pacific Ex- 
position, Seattle. Wash. 75 c. ; 25 c. 

Washington. Dept. of Education. A.-Y.- 
P. exposition as an educator, gratis. 

Wash. Supt. Sch. 
See also Edtication; — Roads. 

Albania, Turkey. 
Durham, M. E. High Albania. ^$4 net. 


Albany, Louisa von Stolberg, Countess of. 
Lee, v., pseud. Countess of Albany. 
*$i.50 net Lane. 

Albany N. Y. 

5"/* First Presbyterian Church. 

Albee, Fred Hondlett 
See Taylor, H: Ling. 

Albemarle County, Va. 
Woods, E. History of Albemarle County, 
Va. $2. E. Woods. 

Albert, Allen D., jr. 

Customs frauds in New York; article in 
the Washington Times of Sunday even- 
ing. May 23, 1909, entitled The chase of 
the sugar smugglers. '09 (Ag) 13 p. 
diagr., 8". (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Albert Fair, pseud. 

See Peker, C: Godfrey. 
Alberta, Canada. 

See Rocky Mountains. 

Albrecht, Johann Friedrich Ernst. 

Primer of eye diseases and their treatment ; 
fr. the German of the Sth ed. ; tr. and 
notes by Otto G. Haussmann. '09 (Je) c 
78 p. il. 8*, 25 c. Ware. 

Albright, Jacob Dissinger, MJ). 

Practical treatise on rectal diseases, their 
diagnosis and treatment by ambulant 
methods. 'o9(Ag) ii-f 17-455 P. >!• 8*. 
?4. J. D. Albright. 

Albright, Victor Eight. 
Shakespearian stage. '09 (N6) il. 8**, (Co- 
lumbia Univ. studies in English.) *$i.50 
net. Macmillan. 

Albright ser. 12*. 

Pub. Ho. of Evangelical Assoc 
— Boroman. Great salvation. 50 c. 

Alcestis. Montenegro, C. M. $1.25. Badger. 

Alcock, N. H., and Ellison, F. O^B. 

Text-book of experimental physiology; 
with preface by E. H. Starling, M.D. 
'09(Di8) il. 8**, ♦$1.50 net. Blakiston, 

American Association for the Study of Al- 
cohol and other Narcotics. Some scien- 
tific conclusions concerning the alcoholic 
problem and its practical relations to life. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Horsley, Sir V. A. H., and Sturge, M. D. 

Alcohol and the human body. *$i.50 net 

United States. Treasury Dept, Office of 

Internal Revenue. Denatured akohol at 

at home and abroad. 10 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Williams, H: S. Alcohol: how it affects 

the individual, the community and the 

race. **5o c. net Century Co. 


See Alcohol ; — ^Tempcrance. 

Alcono cook book. Neil, M. H., comp 50 c 

Alcorn, Edg. Greenville. 

Duties and liabilities of bank directors. 
*09(Ap3) c. 12**, $1.50. Financial Pub. 

Alcott, Amos Bronson. 
Sanborn, F. B : Bronson Alcott at Alcott 
House. England, and Fruitlands, New 
England. *$3 net. Torch Press. 

Alcott, Louisa May. 

Flower fables. '09(Ni3) il. Q. $1. 


Alcott, Loui« May, 
Moms, B. Louisa May AJcott, dreamer 
and worker. ••$1.25 net. Appleton. 

Page, R. B. Letters of Alcuin. $1 ; 50 c. 
Forest Press. 
Alden, H: Hilla, ed. 

Set Howells, W: Dean 
Aldeo, Percy, ed. 

Hungary of to-day by members of the 
Hungariaii government, «c. 'ogCJll 
il, pors. 8'. "$3 net. Breiilano's. 

Alden, Raymond Macdonald. 

Introduction to poetry, for students of Eng- 
lish literature. ■og(Api7) c. D. $1.25. 
Aldemuii), Edn. Anderson, HsFria, Joel Chan- 
dler, ["Dncle Remus,"! Kent, C: W:, 
and others, eds. 
Library of southern literaliire. In 15 v. 
vs. 1-7. 'o9(JcS) il. 8°, per set, S8o-$200. 
Martin &- H. 
Aldin, Cecil C: Windsor. 
Black puppy book. '09(D) bds., 75 c. 

Pickles: a day in the hfe of a naughty 
puppy. '09(D) il. in col. *$2 net. Doran. 
White puppy book. '09(D) bds., 75 c. 

See also Emanuel, Wa, 
Aldine readers. See Spaulding, Fk. Ells- 
worth, and Bryce, Catherine T. 
Alexander Ike Greol. 
Kirkman, M. M. Romance of Alexander 
and Roxana. — Romance of Alexander 
the king. — Romance of Alexander the 
prince [fiction.] ea., $1.50. C Phillips. 
Alexander, Alex. S. 

Horse secrets. '09(D> c. 64 p. 8°, 25 C- 

W. Atkinson. 
Alexander, De Alva Stanwood. 

Political hist of the state of New York. 
v.. 3, i86i-i88z, '09(09) c. O- "$2-So 
net. HolL 

Alexander, E. W. 

Writings on practical bee culture; ed. and 


Alexander, J: Brevard. 
Reminiscences of the past sixty years. '06, 
[1909,] (Jl) c. S13 P- por- 8°, $2. 

J: B. Alexander, (N. C) 
Alexander, S: 
Locke. '09(Jl3i) is'. (Philosophies an- 
cient and modem from Pythagoras to 
Spencer.) *so c net. Dodge. 

Alexander ExPEDmoN. 

Ste A la ilea. 

Atexandte, Ais6ne. 

Sec Utrillo, Dati Miguel. 
Alexandrian romances. See Kirkman, Mar- 
shall Monroe. 
Alezandriaji series. 10 v. '09(Oz) S. ea, 
$1, boxed; limp leath,. S1.50. Caldwell. 

Brand, C; J:, and Westgate. J: M. M- 
falfa in cultivated rows for seed produc- 
tion in semi-arid regions, pap.. 5 c. 

U. S., SupL of Docs. 
Hansen, N. E. Wild alfalfas and clovers 
of Siberia, pap., 10 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Doci. 
Weslgate, J: M. Alfalfa. S c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs, 
Srt alio Seed. 


Bradbury, W: F., and Emery, G- C. Acad- 
emic algebra. $1.08. Thompson B. 

Brooks. E: Normal standard algebra 
$1.Z2. C. Sower 

Davisson, S. C. College algebra, *$i.50 
net, Macmillaa 

Lubarsky, L: H :, rd, Elem. algebra. $1.50. 
Engineering News. 

Milne, W ; J. Key to Slandard algebra, 
$1, Am, Bk 

Nicholson, J. W. School algebra. $1. 

Am. Bk. 

Paterson, W, E, School algebra: (with 
answer.',! In 2 pts, ea., 75 c. ; complete. 
$1,2^ Oxford Univ 

Rietz, H: L, and Cralhome, A, R. Col- 



All-around recitations. West, E. E., comp. 
35 c Werner 

AU change here. '09(D) col. il. 32*, bds., 25 c. 


All is well. Pennington, J. G., ed. 50 c. 


Allahen genealogical ser. il. 12^. Allaben. 

— Abbe and Nichols. Townsend genealogy. 

— Smith. Jesse Smith, his ancestors and 
descendants. $4; $6. 

—»St evens. Stephens- Stevens genealogy. 

Allan, son of a gunmaker. Rowell, H. $1.50. 


"AlUtn Sidney/' pseud. 
Sec Hartmann, Sadakichi. 

Allbntt, Sir T: Clifford, MJ)., and Rolleston, 
Humphry Davy, MJ)., eds. 

System of medicine, v. 5. '09 (S) 14+ 
972 p.; V. 6 (D) i6+«6i p. il. 8**, ea., 
♦$6 net; shp., *%7 net; hf. mor., ♦JS net 


Allc fiinf ! Stdkl, Mrs, H. B. 30 c. Heath. 

Alleman, Herbert Christian, and Dunbar, 
W. H. 

Book and the message, pt. i, by Herbert 
C. Alleman, D.D. ; pt. 2, by W. H. Dun- 
bar, D.D. '09(N) c. 4+158 p. il. 8% 
(Lutheran teacher- training ser. for the 
Sunday-school.) 50 c. Lutheran Pub. 

Allen, ^Alfr. H:, MJ). 

Commercial organic analysis. 4th ed. v. i. 
ed. by Henry Leffmann, M.D., and W. A. 
Davis. '09(Di8) il. 8*, ^$5 net. 


Alien, Bernard Melzar, and Phillips, J: Lewis. 

Latin composition. '09 (My) c. io-f230 p. 

12', $1. Allyn & B. 

Allen, '^edarine," pseud. 
See Allen, G: Hoyt. 

Allen, Emory Adams. 
Gems of immortality; book of consolation 
and help. '00 (Jl) c. 400 p. il. 8*, $2.25; 
hf. mor., $2.75 ; mor., $3.75. Central Pub. 

Allen, Frederic Sturges. 

Noah Webster's place among English lexi- 
cographers : address del. before the Mod- 
em Language Qub of Yale University, 
at the commemoration of the 150th anni- 
versary of the birth of Noah Webster, 
October i6th, 1758. 'o9(Jei2) c. O. pap., 
25 c G. & C. Mcrriam. 

Allen, Gardner Weld, M.D. 
Our naval war with France. '09(Myi5) 
c. il. pors. map, D. ^♦ net. 

Houghton M. 

Allen, G: 

Science of accounts made clear and simple ; 
text-book for use in the public schools; 
embracing single entry and double entry 
bookkeeping. High school ed. '09(N) 
c. 136 p. 8*, $1 ; Graded sch. ed., 60 c. 


Anen, 6: Hoirt, ['^edarine^ Allen.] 

**I am reminded." 'o9(N) c. 31 p. il. i6*, 
pap., 5 c. G: H. Allen. 

Allen, Horace. 

Modern power gas producer: treatise deal- 
ing with the gasification of various 
classes of fuels by the pressure and suc- 
tion system of producer. *09(Jai6) 8*, 
♦$2.50 net. Van Nostrand. 

Allen, J. C. 
Narrative o^ Indian history for high 
schools. '09(Jl3) il. pors maps. D. 90 c. 

AUen, J. W. 
Wheel magic: [cycling in England.] S. 
♦$1.25 net. Lane. 

Allen, Ja. 
As a man thinketh. 'o9(Mr2o) 32**, (Ariel 
booklets.) leath., 75 c, boxed. Putnam. 
As a man thinketh. 4th ed. '08, [1909. J 
(My) 61 p. i6*, 50 c; pap., 15 c. 

Sheldon Univ. 
Mastery of destiny. '09 (N6) c. S. bds., 
**$i net. Putnam. 

Allen, Ja. Lane. 
Bride of the mistletoe. *09(Jl3) c. D. 
t$i.25. Macmillan. 

Allen, J: Kermott, ed. 
Sizes of flow and return steam mains. 2d 
ed. '09(Jei9) c. il. tabs., 16*, 50 c. 

Domestic Engineering. 
Allen, Lewis. 
Airship almanac; little light literature on 
high life, telling how to get off the earth 
and how to get on again. '09(Di8) c. D. 
bds., 75 c. J: W. Luce. 

Allen, Lyman Whitney. 
Abraham Lincoln: a poem. Centennial 
(4th) ed. '09(Fi3) c. D. **$i.25 net. 


Allen, Mrs. Mary Wood-. 

Making the best of our children; ist ser., 

I to 8 years; 2d ser., 8 to 16 years of 

age; ed. by Rose Wood-Allen Chapman. 

'09 (N6) c. D. ea., *$i net. McGurg. 

j Allen, R. W., MJ). 

Vaccine therapy and the opsonic method of 
treatment. '09(Ja23) c. 8*, ♦$2 net. 

Allen, Rob. Cameron. 

Bible in our public schools. '09(My) c. 

60 p. 12**, pap., 25 c. Jennings. 

Allen, T: Newton. 

Chronicles of Oldfields. *09(Dii) c. por. 

O. *$i.50 net. A. Harriman. 

Allen, W: F: 
Railway operating associations; addresses 
del. before the Graduate School of Busi- 
ness Administration of Harvard Univer- 
sity, Jan. II, 1939. '09(J1) 28 p. 8*. 
(Priv. pr.) W:F: Allen. 

Allen, W: Hanrey. 
Broader motive for school hygiene. '08, 
[1909.] (Mr) 16 p. 24*. (Priv. pr.) 

W: H. Allen. 

Civics and health ; with an introd, by W : T. 

Sedgwick. '09(Ap3) c. il. D. (Efficient 

citizen ser.) $1.25. Ginn. 

Allen, Willis Boyd, comp. 
Violet book. '09(62) z. front O. ♦♦$1.80 
net. Jacobs. 

Allinson, Alfr. 
Days of the Directoire. 'o9(N20) il. O. 
♦$5 net. Lane. 

IVitiselt, R. E. 
IV in si on. 
H'iscousin Depl. 

Pub. Instruction. 
H'isvoHstn Free Lib. 
U'iscousin Hist. 
li'is. State Barbers' 

Wishard. S: E. 
Withers. Z. 
Witter & K. 
Woman's For. Miss. 

Woman's Nal. Prog. 

Wool '' 
Wood. F. A. 
Wood. H. G. 
Wood. H. 
Wood, H A. 
Woodman H. R. 
Woodbury. S. E. 
Woodruff Pub. 
Woods. E. 
Woods. P. T. 
Woodward & L. 
Worcester Press. 
World Bh. 
World R'u-ay. 
Worrali. T. W. 

Worth. P. W. 
Wright. L. L. 
Wright. T. A. 
Wright & P. 
Wyatt. ^.■ F. 
Wyoming Com. 
Public Lands. 
Y. -I/. C. A. 


M. H., Co 413-417 Broadway, Milwaukee. Wis. 

Robert Emmet Doxey, Okla. 

John C. Co 1006 Arch St. Philadelphia. 

I, Dept. of Public Instruction Madison, Wis. 

I Free Library Commission Madison, Wis. 

1 History Commission Madison. Wis. 

1 Slate Barbers' Board of Examiners Milwaukee. Wis. 

)'. W. C. A. 

Wishard. Samuel Ellis. D.D 135 E. Ave, 53, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Withers. Zachary Elmhurst. Cal. 

Witter & Kintner 50J Fifth Ave., New York. 

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal 

Church in America 150 Fifth Ave,, New York. 

Wtman's National Progressive League ito William St.. New York. 

Wood, William, & Co 51 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Wood, Frances A Vassar ColleRe, Pouehkcepsit, N. Y. 

Wood, Rev. Hermon Gaylord 6 Lyndhnrst St., Dorchester. Mass. 

Wood. H Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo. 

Wood, Howard Athens Burlington, Wis. 

Wood-Brownlee Printing Co San Antonio. Tex. 

Woodman, Hannah Rea Poughkeepsie, N, Y. 

W(odburv, Sarah Eliia 2931 Kansas Ave., Los Angeks. Cal. 

Woodruff-Collins Co 21? N, iilh St., Lincoln, Ntb. 

Wcndruff Puhli.'ihing Co. Boston. 

Woods Publishing Co 27 E. 22A St., New York. 

Woods, Dr. E., Jr Charlottesville. Va. 

Woods, Prince T Middleton, Ma.'s. 

Woodward & Lolhrop. 1013 F St., Washington. D, C. 

Worcester Press Boston. 

Woild Botk Co Park Hill, Yonkers, N. Y. 

World Railway Pub. Co. Scf Phillips, Cropky, Co. 
Worrali, Mrs, T, Worcester. 

nag House Chapel, D. A, R., Tacony St.. Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Worth, Pauline Wilson 1539A Cambria St., Lxis Angeles, Cal. 

Wright, L. L., State Supt, of Public Instruction. Lansing. Mich, 

Wright, Tobias A 150 Bleecker St. N. Y. 

Wright 4 Poner Priming Co Boston. 

Wyatt, Frederick Fuller San Angdo. Tex. 

Wyoming Commissioner of Public Lands Cheyenne. Wyo, 

X-ray Publishing Co Butte, Moxtana, 

Young Men's Christian Assoriatitjn, International Committee of. 

124 E, 28th St., New York, 
Young Women's Christian Association National Board, 

I2,q E, 27th St.. New "I'ork, 




Altabeler, Jos. Alex. — Continued. 
The recovery: story of Kentucky. '09 
(Apio) c. D. $1.50. Lovell. 

Alvarez de Ailldn^ Pedro, and Httrta^P de 
Toledo, Luis. 
Comedia Tibalda; ahora por primera vez 
publicada seg6n la forma original por 
Adolfo Bonilla y San Martin. '03 [1909.] 
(N) 77 p. (Bibliotheca hispanica.) $1. 

Hispanic Soc. 

Alvord^ Clarence Walworth. 

British ministry and the treaty of Fort 
Stanwix. *09(Api7) O. pap., 25 c 

State Hist., Wis. 

— , ed. See Illinois State Historical Library. 

Alyord, S: Morgan, comp. 

Genealogy of the descendants of Alexander 

Alvord, an early settler of Winsor, 

Conn., and Northampton, Mass. '08, 

1909.] (S) 9-823 p. il. pors. 8*, ^$5 net. 

S: M. Alvord. 
Alvord family. 

See Genealogies. 

Amateur art. Cosgrove, Mrs. H. C. J. $1. 


Amateur Athletic Union of the United States. 

Official hdbk. ; constitution, by-laws, general 

and athletic rules. '09(025) c. 12 p. front. 

12°, (Spalding athletic lib.) pap., 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 
Amateur motorist. Pemberton, M. ♦*$3.7S 

net McClurg. 

Amateur performance. Evinson, E. $1. 

BV-ay Pub. 
Ambard, Bug. M. 
Tourist guide to the West Indies, Venezue- 
la and Isthmus of Panama. '09 (My) c. 
97 p. il. map, i6*, pap., (gratis to pas- 
sengers). Hamourg- American Line. 

Moncrieff, A. R. H. Adventures in Amer- 
ica. $1.75. Macmillan. 

See also Alaska; — Canada; — Central America; — 
Latin America; — Mexico; — North America; — 
Panama; — Sotsth America; — Spanish America; 
—United States. 

America across the seas; our colonial em- 
pire, described by Hamilton Wright, C. H. 
Forbes-Lindsay, [and others.] *09(Jes) c. 
il. maps, Q. $1. C. S. Hammond. 

America and the Far Eastern question. Mil- 
lard. T: F. F. **U net. Moffat 
America set. f*, pap. Union Bk. 
— Baxter. America. $12.50. 

Amerifao Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Associ- 
ation. Supremacy of Aberdeen-Angus Cat- 
tle; results of leading fat stock shows 
during past decades in Great Britain and 
America ; classification of special premiums 
and American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders* 
Association sales for the year 1909; ed, 
by C: Gray. '09(D) 3-105 p. il. fold, tab., 
8**. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Am. Aberdeen-A. 

American Academy of MEDiaxE. 

See Barker, Jeremiah. 
American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. American business conditions. '09 
(D18) Q. (Annals of the American Acade- 
my oi Political and Social Science.) pap., 
$1. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. I 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Child workers of the nation: 
proceedings of fifth annual meeting of the 
National Child Labor Committee. '09(Ap3) 
Q. (Annals of the Am. Acad, of Pol. and 
Social Science.) pap., $1. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Chinese and Japanese in America. 
(O2) Q. (Annals of the American Acad- 
emy of Political and Social Science.) pap., 
$1. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Conservation of natural resources. 
'09(Jei9) 4*, (Annals of the Am. Acad, of 
Pol. and Soc. Science.) pap., $1 ; $1.50. 

Am. Acad. Pol. ScL 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Consumer's control of produc- 
tion : the work of the National Consumers' 
League. '09(Agi4) c. Q. (Supplement to 
Annals of American Academy of Political 
and Social Science.) pap., 75 c. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Industrial education. '09(Ja9) Q. 
(Annals of the Am. Acad, of Pol. and Soc. 
Science.) pap., $1. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Labor and wages. '09(Ap3) Qi 
(Annals of the Am. Acad, of Pol. and 
Social Science.) pap., $1. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Race improvement in the United 
States. '09(Ag7) Q. (Annals of the Amer- 
ican Academy of Political and Social Sci- 
ence.) pap., $1. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 

Science publications. 8*, pap. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 
— Haney. Vocational training and trade 

teaching in the public schools. 15 c. 
— Koler. Un-American character of race 

legislation. 25 c. 

American Adjusters Co. directory of reliable 
lawyers and banks in the United States and 
Canada, June, 1908. '09(Jei9) c. 8°. $5.50. 

Am. Adjusters. 

American agricultural periodicals. Tucker, 
G. M. (Priv. pr.) G. M. Tucker. 

American agriculturist hand book. 'o9(Apio) 
c. il. 8**, 50 c. Judd. 

American and English annotated cases; sel. 
from the current Am., Canadian, and Eng. 
repts. ; (W: M. Mc Kinney, D: S. Gar- 
land and H. Noyes Greene.) v. 11. '09 
(Mr) ; V. 12 (Je) c. O. shp., ea., $5.— Di- 
gest, vs. i-io, with tab. of cases. '09(Mr) 
c. 679 p. O. gratis to subs, of Am. and Eng. 
Annot. cases. E: Thompson. 

American and English encyclopaedia of law. 
See McKinney, W: M. 

American Anthropological Association Me- 
moirs. O. pap. Am. Anthropological. 
— Pepper and Wilson. Hidatsa shrine. 50 c 

American apple orchard. Waugh, F. A. $1. 

American art. 

See Painters and paintings. 



Of books recorded January i to December 31, 1909, by Author* Title, 

Subject, and Series entry. 

ABC des Skat in Deutsch und English. 
Liedtke, F. W. 50 c. Schaefer & K. 

A B C guide to sensible horseshoeing. Mag- 
ner, D. $1. Saalfield. 

A B C of bookkeeping. Dicksee, L. R. 80 c. 


A B C of five-figure logarithms. Wood- 
ward, C. J. $1.25. Spon. 

A B C of philosophy. Landsberg, G. F. 75 c. 


A B C of taxation. Fillebrown, C: B. $1.20. 

Doubleday, P. 

A. L. A. Publishing Board foreign book list, 
12°, pap. A. L. A. 

— Kildal, comp. Selected list of Norwegian 
and Danish books. 25 c. 

A. L. A. Publishing Board library handbook. 
12*, pap. A. L. A. 

— Kroeger and Cattell. Aids in book selec- 
tion. 15 c. * 

A-roving he would go. Reed, M. *$i.2S 
net. Sherman, F. 

A vol d' oiseau. Jallade, E. J. $1. 


Aaron Burr. O'Brien, W: L. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) Review Pub. Co. 

Aaron, Eug. Murray-. 
See Murray-Aaron, Eug. 

Abaft the funnel. Kipling, R. t$i.50. 

B. W. Dodge. 
Abandoned. See Verne, Jules. 

Ayling, R. S. Public abattoirs. $3.50. 

Abbatial crosier. Sue, M. J. E. 50 c. 

N. Y. Labor News. 
Abbe, Cleveland, and Nichols, Mrs. Josephine 
Townsend genealogy: record of the de- 
scendants of John Townsend, 1743- 1821, 
and of his wife, Jemima Travis, 1746- 
1832. '09(Api7) c. 12*, (Allaben geneal- 
ogical ser.) $2. Allaben. 

Abbey, Edn. Austin. 
Quest of the Holy Grail : portfolio of paint- 
ings. '09(Mr27) 4®, $s; subjects sold sep- 
arately, ea., 50 c. Curtis & C 

Abbey, G: 
Balance of nature and modem conditions 
of cultivation. '09(Api7) 8*", ♦$2 net 



Dixon, C. Abbeys of Great Britain. *$i.50 

net. Scribner. 

See also Cathedralt; France; — Westminster Abbey. 

Abbott, Alex. Crever, M.D. 

Principles of bacteriology. 8th ed., rev. '09 
(Ag) 631 p. il. 12*, ^$2.75 net. Lea. 

Abbott, C. L. 
Common sense Bible teacher. '09(N; c 
64 p. il. 25 c. C L. Abbott. 

Abbott, Edith. 
Women in industry; study in American 
economic hist; with an introd. note by 
Sophonisba P. Breckenridge. 'o9(Dii) c. 
D. **$2 net. Appleton. 

Abbott, Rev. Edn. 

Message of the Son of Man. '09(Ag7) 
8*. "^^^JS net. Macmillan. 

Abbott, Ernest Hamlin. 
What they did with themselves. *09(Si8) 
c. D. (What is worth while ser.) leather- 
ette, **30 c. net Crowell. 
Abbott, Fk. Frost. 

Society and politics in ancient Rome. *09 
(Sii) c. D. ♦♦$1.25 net Scribner. 

Abbott, G: F: 
Turkey in transition. '09(N20) il. pors. 
O. *$4.25 net Longmans. 

Abbott. Lawrence. 
Green, S : A. Memoir of Abbott Lawrence. 
35 c. S: A. Green. 

Abbott, Lemuel Abijah. 

Personal recollections and Civil War diary, 
1864. *o8, [1909.] (Mr) 10+296 p. por. 8°, 
(Add. author for price.) L. A. Abbott. 
Abbott, Lyman, D.D. 
The temple. *09(Ni3) c. D. ♦♦$1.25 net 

— , and McFadyen, J: Edg. 
Interpreter's commentary on the New Tes- 
ment v. 1-6. '09(Api7) ea., $1.50. 

See also King, H : Churchill. 
Abbott, N. T. 

Cases on the law of equity jurisprudence 
and trusts; sel. from Am. and Eng. deci- 
sions. *09(D) c. O. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Flood. 

Abbott, Stanley Warde. 
That same old lover. '09(J1) 12 p. front 
8**, 50 c. B. Castello. 

Abbott, Twyman Osmand. 
Automobile law for motorists. '09(Jlio) 
c. D. flex, leath., $2.50. Reilly & B. 

Primer of the law of negligence for con- 
ductors and motormen, and rules for 
their guidance in their relations with the 
public. [New ed.] '09 (Jl) c. 42 p. Tt. 
pap. (Add. author for price.) 

T. O. Abbott 


Amciic&D Philosophical Society. Calendar 
of the papers of Benjamin Franklin in the 
library o£ the American Philosophical So- 
ciety; ed. by I. Minis Hays, '07 [igog,] 
(N) (Not for sale.) 

Am. Philosophical Soc. 

American pilgrim's way in England. Huish, 
M. B. $6 ; $15, W. E. Jones. Bahimorr 

American playgrounds, Mero, E. B,, ed. $2, 
Dale Assoc. 

American pocket medical dictionary. Dor- 
land. W: A. N., ed. '$1 net; with thumb 
index, •$i-2S net, Saunders. 

Amehtcan poetry. 

Sit Poetry. 

American Pomological Society. Fruits rec- 
ommended by the American Pomological 
Society for cultivation in the various sec- 
tions of U. S. and Canada; rev. by a com- 
mittee. 'o9(Ae) G<J p. labs., map, 8°, (U, 
S.. Depl. of Agricuiiure, Bu. of Plant In- 
dustry bull) pap., IS c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

American ponltry culture. Sando, R. B. 
*$i.5o net. Outing. 

American practice of surgery. Set Bryant, 
Jos. Decatur. 

American primitive music. Burton, F: R. 
"$5 net. Moffat, 

American princess. Eldridge, W: T. $1.50- 
Sturgis & W. 

American prose masters. Brownell, W: C. 
•*$i.SO net. Scribner, 

Amtrkm public problems; ed. by Ralph Cur- 
tis Ringwalt. D. Holt. 

— Coolidgc. Chinese immigration. "•$1.75 

American Railway Master Mechanics' Asso- 
ciation. Locomotive dictionary. 1909 ed. 
'oglDas) c. il. f°, $6. Railroad Age, 

AmI'Bucan RevoLUTiON. 

Andrews, F. D. Tea-burners of Cumber- 
land County, [N. J.,] who showed their 
resistance to British tyranny by burning 
3 cargo of East India tea. .10 c. 

F. D. Andrews. 
Gardner. F. A. Glover's Marblehead regi- 


American School of Correspondence. Cyclo- 
pedia of civil engineering; editor-in-chief, 
F: E. Turneaurc, 8 v, ■ogCJaiG) c. il. 
maps, charts, 8°, $i8.6a Am. Sch, Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Heat- 
ing and ventilation, pi. i ; instruction pa- 
per, prep, by C: L. Hubbard. 'ogCAg?) c. 
il. 8°. $1,50, Am, Sch- Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cyclo- 
pedia of mechanical engineering; editor-in- 
chief, Howard Monroe Raymond. 7 v. '09 
(Fao) c. il, 8°, $r8.6o. Am, Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Ga* 
producers: instruction paper prepared by 
S: S. Wyer. '09(Jai6) c il, S*. ?I. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

Americai' School of Corresp'mdence pubi. il. 
8°. - Am. Sch. Corr. 

— Bacon, Forging. $1. 

— Chamberlain. Commercial law. pt. 1. 
SO c. 

— Collin.'i. Woolen and worsted spinning, $3. 
— Dickcrman and Boyer. Refrigeration. Ji. 
— Dickinson. Accounting practice. 50 c, 

— Dienier. Automobiles, $1,50. 

— Esty. Alternating current machinerj'. $3. 

—Everett and Lawrence. Freehand and per- 
spective drawing, $t. 

— Gray and Ball. Plumbing. $1.50. 

^Griffith. Administrative and industrial or- 
ganization. ^ Corporation accounts. — Pur- 
chasing and stores department. — Records 
of labor and manufacturing orders. — Single 
entry bookkeeping. — Single proprietors' and 
partners' accounts. — Voucher system ac- 
counting charts. — Wholesale, commissioner, 
and storage account, ea., SO c. 

—Griffith and Sweetland. Trustees', execu- 
tor's, and stock broker's accounts. 50 c. 

— Gunsaulus. Modem engineering practice. 
12 V. $29.80, 
Hathaway and Griffith. Genera! expenn 

SO c 

Hedrick. Cotton spinning, $3 
— lOiox iirid Shadd, Electric wiring and light- 




American science ser.. Advanced course, il. 
8'. Holt. 

— Chamberlin and Salisbury. College text- 
book of geology. **$3.S0 net. 

— Martin. Human body. ♦♦$2.50 net. 

American science ser.. Briefer course, 12*. 

— ^Remsen. Introd. to the study of chemistry. 

American Seamen's Friend Society. Acts of 
the apostles of the sea; an eighty years' 
record of the work of the American Sea- 
men's Friend Society. '09(N) 118 p. il. 
pors. 8*, gratis. Am. Seamen's Friend. 

American social progress ser, D. **$i.25 net. 

— Devine. Misery and its causes. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 
Transactions; v. 29, Indianapolis and New 
York meetings, 1907. 'o9(F6) c. il. 8*, hf. 
mor., ♦$ii net Am. Soc. Mech. Engineers. 

American stallion register. Battell, J. $5. 

Am. Pub. Co., (Vt.) 

American state repts.; (A. C. Freeman.) v. 
123. '09(Mr) ; v. 124 (Je) ; v. 125 (Jl) v. 
126 (S) ; V. 127 (N) ; V. 128 (D) O. shp., 
ea., *$4 net. Bancroft-W. 

American state repts.; (Edm. Samson 
Green.) v. 4. '09 (My) c. Q. shp., $6. 


American statesmen: second ser,; large pap. 
cd. pors. 8**. Houghton M. 

— Stan wood. James Gillespie Blaine. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) 

American Sugar Refining Co. 
The sugar trust: articles from the New 
York World of June 9, 1909, showing the 
settlement out of court of the case 
brought against the American Sugar Re- 
fining Company by the Pennsylvania 
Sugar Refining Company for $30,000,000. 
'09(J1) 2 p. S**. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

American system of agricultural education. 
True, A. C. (Add, Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

American telegraphy. Maver, W:, jr. $5. 


American transportation conditions. Peyton, 
J: H. so c. Courier- Joum. 

American transportation system. Rankin, 
G: A. **$i.So net Putnam. 

American tropics. Corlett, W: T. $1.50. 


American verse, 1625-1807. Otis, W: B. 
♦♦$1.75 net. Moffat. 

American waterways, il. O. **$3.5o net, 
boxed. Putnam. 

— Curwood. Great Lakes. 

— Lyman. Columbia River. 

—Quick. American inland waterways. 
♦♦$2.50 net. 

Americana Germanica new ser.; ed. by Mari- 
on Dexter Learned. Q. Univ. of Penn. 

— Seipt. Schwenkfelder hymnology. $2. 

Americans. Francis, A *$i.50 net. Appleton. 

Ames, Mrs. Eleanor Maria Easterbrook, 
[•Eleanor Kirk."] 
The CHirist of the red planet. '09(D) c. 
18+138 p. 12", $1. E. M. E. Ames. 

Ames, Fisher, jr. 
By reef and trail: Bob Leach's adventures 
in Florida. '09(Ni3) c. il. D. $1.50. 

Brown & P. 

Ames, Ja. Ban, and Smith, Jeremiah. 

Selection of cases on the law of torts. 3d 

ed. V. I, pt. I, 2, bv Ja. Barr Ames ; v. 2, 

by Jeremiah Smith. '09(N) 619 p. O. 

ea., $6. Harvard Law. 

Ames, Percy W., ed. 

Milton memorial lectures, 1908; read before 
the Royal Society of Literature ; ed., with 
an introd. '09(Jei9) il. O. $2. 

Oxford Univ. 
Amethyst cross. Hume, F. W. $1.50. 

Ammerman, Ada. 

Pro patria; il. patriotic recitation with 

lesson talk. '09 (Jl) c. 24 p. il. D. pap., 

35 c. Werner. 

Among the Danes. Butlin, F. M. ♦$2.50 net. 


Among the humorists. Patten, W:, camp. 

$2.25. Collier. 

Among the wild tribes of the Afghan frontier. 
Pennell, T. L. *$3.S0 net. Lippincott. 

Ampler sky. Fallow, L. ♦$! net. Macmillan. 

Amrine, T: Hamer. 

Comparative tests bf carbon, metallized car- 
bon and tantalum filament lamps. '07, 
[1909.] (Ap) 44 p. il. 8^ (Univ. of 111. 
bull.; Engineering experiment station.) 
pap. (Add. Univ. for price.) Univ. of 111. 
Lighting country homes by private electric 
plants. '09(Jai6) il. plans, 8**, (Univ. of 
111. Engineering Experiment Station 
bull.) gratis. Univ. of 111. 

Hamilton, W: W. Worldly amusements. 
**T0 c. net. Am. Bapt. 

Hartt, R. L. People at play. **$i.5o net. 

Houghton M. 

Wells, C. Pleasant day diversions. **$i 

net Moffat. 

See also Athletics ]-— Cards; — Charades; — Circus; 
— Conjuring; — Dancing; — Drills; — Entertain- 
ments; — Games; — Music; — Opera; — Palmistry; 
— Plays ; — Recitations. 


See Cbemiiitry; — Food; — Metals and metallurgy; 
— Spectrum ; — also names of substances ana- 

Analysis of beauty. Hogarth, W: *$i.50 
net. Silver Lotus. 

Analysis of the evolution of m.usical form. 
Glyn, M. H. *$3.50 net. Longmans. 

An.alyzed Bible. See Morgan, G: Campbell. 

Anarchist woman. Hapgood, H. *$i.25 net 

Cunningham, D. J., ed. Text-book of anat- 
omy. *$6 net; ^$7.50 net. Wood. 
Kimber, D. C. Text book of anatomy and 
physiology for nurses. ^$2.50 net. 

Macewen, J: A. Surgical anatomy. *$3 
net. Wood. 

Quain, J. and Sir R: Elements of anato- 
my. In 4 V. V. 3, Neurology. $4.50. 


Streeter, G: L. Lab'y guide in anatomy. 

50 c. Wahr. 

Anatomy. — Conlinucd. 

Wilder, H. H. Hi?!, of ihe human body. 
$3. Holi. 

Young, J. K. Hdbk. of anatomy. $I.?S. 

See oIjo Abdomen:— Animals; — Ear; — Etc; — 
Head :— Ucarl ;~HisUlogy ;— Inleitlnca;— Keck ; 
-Nervous system;— Nurea and Dursing;— Sur- 
gery;— TcciL 

Anatomy and ^ome of the biological aspects 
of the "American mistletoe." York, H. H. 
50 c. Univ. of Te.t. 

Set GcncBlogies ;— Heredity. 
Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. Lea. J. H : 

$[a Houghton M. 

Ancien: cities ler. Dutton's. 
Ancient English Christmas carols, 1400-1700; 

collected by Edith Rickert. 2 v. 'ogi(D) 

(New Medieval lib.) ^3.25 net. Duliicld. 
Ancient Greek historians. Bury. J : B. $2.2S. 
Ancient histosv. 

See Hiiloty. 

Ancient Persian lexicon. Tolman, H. C. 

$1.25. Am. Bk. 

Andean land. Osbom, C. S. In 2 v. '$5 net. 


Andeis, Ja. Meachtei. 

Texl-book of the practice of medicine. 9th 
ed., thoroughly rev. '09(0) e. 1326 p. 
11. partly ccl., 8°, $5-So. Saunders. 

Andersen, Bans Cbiistlan. 

Fairy tales. '09(Ag28) il, 8". *$i.SO net. 
AndeTEDn, A. J. 
Romance of a friar and a nun ; being the 
romance of Fra Lippo Lippi. '09(025) 
il. 8°, "52,50 net. Dodd. 

Anderson, Mrs. Ada Waodniff. 

Strain of white. 'ogtMyS) c. il. D. IJi-Sa 
Little, B. & Co. 
Anderson, Archibald. 

jrae of 5tudy in history and hdbk to the 

Andersou, W: B., and Watson, C: R. 

Far north in India; survey of the mission 
field and work of the United Presbyte- 
rian church in the Punjab. 'o9(My) c- 
9+l?-3i2 p. il. pors. map, 12°. 50 c 

Bd, I^or. Miss. 
Bibliography (a p). 

Andersoo, W: J. 

Architecture of the Renaissance in Italy. 
4th ed., rev. and enl. '09(Ag2i) il. 8°, 
*SS net. Scribaer. 

Andersonville prison, Georgia. 

Bullard, K. C, comp. Over the dead-line; 
or, who killed 'Toll Parrot": [incident ^ 
in Andersonville prison.] •$! net, 

Andrei yeir, Leonidss. 

A dilemma; tr. from the Russian by J; 
Cournos. '09(N20) $1. Brown Bros. 
Seven who were hanged: a story; author. 
tr, from the Russian by Herman Bern- 
stein. 'ocjdVIyi) c. D. $1. J. S, Ogilvie. 
Andrews, B: 8: 

Museums of education; their history and 
use. '08, [1900.] (S) g8 p. (Teachers' 
College record.) pap., 30 c. 

Teachers' Coll, 
Andrews, C. D., pseud. 

New standard speller ; word-hook of pro- 
gressive lessons in spelling, pronunciation 
and word building; for use in primary, 
inlermediale and grammar grades. '08, 
[190Q.] (Ap) 218 p. front. 12°, bds., 25 c. 
Andrews, C: McLean, and Davenport, Francet 
Guide to the manuscript materials for the 
history of the United States to 1783, in 
the British Museum, in minor London 
archives, and in the libraries of Oxford 
and Cambridge. 'o8(Fi3) Q. (Carnegie 
Institution of Washington pubs.) pap., $3. 
Andbews, Bfi. Edward Gayer. 

McConnell, F. J. Edward Gayer Andrews, 
JMclhodisl bishop.] *$i.50 n 




Andrews, P. J., rep. 
See Connecticut. Supreme ct, of errors. 
Andrews, W: 
Old English towns. 'o9(Di8) il. O. *$2 net. 

Andrews, Mrs. W: Shankland. 
See Andrews, Mrs. Mary Raymond Ship- 
Andromaque. See Racine, Jean Baptiste. 
Andfijar, Manuel. 
Spain of to-day from within. '09(Api7) 
c il. D. ♦$1.25 net. Revell. 

Atiecdota Oxoniensia, classical ser. O pap. 

Oxford Univ. 
— Qark. Inventa Italorum. $3. 
— Keith, ed. Aitareya Aranyaka. $7.75. 
Anecdota Oxoniensia; Mediaeval and mod- 
ern ser. 8*. Oxford Univ. 
— ^John, of Worcester. Chronicle. ♦$i.go net. 
Hunter, W: Severest anaemias, v. i. 
♦$3.25 net. Macmillan. 


Stg Marine zoology. 

Collum, R. W., and Gray, H. M. M. Prac- 
tice of anaesthetics, and General surgical 
technique. *$3 net. Wood. 

Gardner, H. B. Surgical anaesthesia. *$2.25 
net Wood. 

Angel and the star. Gordon, C: W: *2S c. 
net Revell. 

Angel of thought. Murphy, E. A. $1. 

Angelic Angelina. Paddock, M. 60 c. 

Cupples & L. 
Angelico, Fra, [Prate Giovanni da Fiesole.] 
Masterpieces. *09(Jl3i) il. 24®, (Painters' 
ser.) pap., *25 c. net; Icath., ^75 c. net 


Angell, Fk. Capron. 

Annals of Centerdale in the town of North 

Providence, Rhode Island, its past and 

present 1636-1909. '09(N) c. 15+196 p. 

il. map, 8**, $2.50. F. C Angell. 

Angell, Ja. Burrill. 
Age of quickened conscience ; baccalaureate 
address. '09(N) 10 p. O. pap. (Add. 
University for price.) Univ. of Mich. 

Angellier, Auguste. 
Pages choisies : prose et vers ; ed. by fimile 
Legoius; seulc edition antorisee. 'og 
(Mr6) por. S. (Oxford higher French 
ser.) $1.15. Oxford Univ. 

Angers, F. 
See Conan, Laure, pseud. 

Angler's guide. Randall, W., ed. 60 c. ; 50 c. 

Field and Stream. 
Angler's secret Bradford, C: ♦$! net. 

Nassau Press. 
Anglican church. 

See Church of England; — Protestant Episcopal 

Anglican Church handbooks; ed. by W. H. 
Griffith Thomas, D.D. D. *40 c. net. 


— Giadwick. Social work. 

—Carter. English Church in the 17th cen- 

— D'Arcy. Christianity and the supernatural. 

Anglican Church handbooks. — Continued. 
— Girdlestone. Old Testament theology and 

modern ideas. 
— Joynt. Pastoral work. 
— Lees. Joy of Bible study. 
— Spencer. Old Testament history. 
— Thomas. Christianity is Christ 

Anglican (»u)Ers. 
Lowndes, A. Vindication of Anglican or- 
ders. ^$3.50 net Grorham. 


See Fish and fishing. 

Anglo-Jewish memories. Adler, H. *$i.50 
net Bloch. 

Ang]o-iSaxon chronicle; tr. by £1 £. C 
Gomme. '09(Jli7) 12®, *$2 net 


Anglo-Saxon Congregationalism in the South. 
Jenkins, F. E. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Angora goats. 

See Goats. 


Bourne, G. C Comparative anatomy of 
animals, v. i. *$i.40 net. Macmillan. 

Cesaresco, Countess E. M. Place of ani- 
mals in human thought. *$s net. 


Dale, J: T. Heroes and greathearts and 
their animal friends. $1. Fairfax. 

Daniel, J. F. Animal life of Malaysia. 
**$i.2o net. Bobbs-M. 

Dumas, A. My pets. *$i.75 net 


Grimm, J. L. K. and W. K. Animal sto- 
ries. $1.50. Duffield. 

Guizou, A. Animals in the Ark. $1.25. 


Hagenbeck, C. Beasts and men; being 
Carl Hagenbeck's experiences for half a 
century among wild animals. *$3.50 net 


Knobel, E: Wild animals of North Amer- 
ica. $2.50. Lovell. 

Mother animal stories, tso c. Altemus. 

Seton, E. T. Life histories of northern 
animals. In 2 v. *$i8 net. Scribner. 

See also Cattle; — Domestic animals; — Game pre- 
serving; — Hunting; — Mammals; — Natural his- 
tory; — Protozoa; — -Theosophy; — Vertebrates;— 
Veterinary medicine and surgery; — Vivisection; 
— Zoology; — also names of animals. 

Ann Veronica. Wells, H. G : t$i-5o. Harper. 

Annals of a parish. Gait, J: 90 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Annals of Fairyland ; reign of King Cole. 

'o9(Mr27) 16', (Everyman's lib.) ♦as c. 

net ; leath., *70 c. net. Dutton. 

Annals of Fairyland; reign of King Oberon. 
'09(Mr27) 16**, (Everyman's lib.) ^35 c. 
net ; leath., *yo c. net. Dut' m. 

Annandale, Nelson. 
Fresh- water sponges collected in the P: il- 
ippines by the Albatross expedition. 09 
(N) 131-132 p. 8**, pap. (Add. Supei n- 
tcndent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Dc :s. 

Annapolis second classman. Beach, E: L. 

t$i.25. Penn Pub. Co. 

Anne, Queen of England. 
Ryan, P. F. W: Queen Anne and her 
court. 2 v. ^$6 net. Dutton. 


A» ATOM Y. — Co nlinucd. 

Wilder. H. H. Hist, of the human body, 
fa. Holt. 

Young, J. K. Hdbk. of anatomy. $1.75. 

Stt aliO Abdomen;— Animilii — Eni; — Eve; — 
Head; — Heart;— HIatologyi— In lestiiw* ;— N eek ; 

Anatomy and some of the biological aspects 
of the "American mistletoe," York, H. H. 
50 c, Univ. of Tex. 

Anatomy of ihe central nervous system. 
Skillern, P., jr. •$! nei. Dolbcy. 


Scr G«nc«loiiM; — Heredity. 

Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. Lea. J. H ; 
$10. Houghton M. 

Ancien: ciliri ser. Dutton's. 

Ancient English Christmas carols, 1400-1700; 
collected by Edith Rickert. 2 v. '09(D) 
(New Medieval lib.) "fa.zs net. Dufficld. 

Ancient Greek historians. Bury, J : B. $2.25. 

Ancient Persian lexicon. Tolman, H. C. 

$1.25. Am. Bk 

Andean land. Osbom, C. S. In 2 v. •$; net. 


Anders, Ja. Mescbtei. 

Text-book of the practice of medicine. Qth 

ed,. thoroughly rev. 'ijQ(O) c. 1326 p. 

il. partly col.. 8°, $5.5a Saunders. 

Andersen, Hans Christian. 

Fairy lales. 'og(Ag28) il. 8', •$1.50 net. 
Anderson, A. J. 
Romnrce of a friar and a nun; being the 
romance of Fra Lippo Lippi. '09(025) 
il- 8', '$2.50 net. Dodd. 

Anderson, Mia. Ada Woodruff. 
Strain of white. '09(My8) c- it, D. t$ 
Little. B. & Co. 
Anderson, Archibald. 

Course of study in history and hdbk. to the 


Anderson, W; B., and Watson, C: B. 

Far north in India: survey of ihe mission 
field and work of the United Presbyte- 
rian church in the Punjab. '09(My) c. 
9+i7-3'2 p. il, pors, map, 12°, 50 c, 

Bd. For. Miss. 

BibliogiBphy (3 p). 

Anderson, W: J. 

Archileclure of the Renaissance in Italy. 
4th ed., rev, and enl. '09(Ag2i) il. 8', 
■$5 net. Scribaer. 

Anderso!«ville prison, Georgia. 

BuUard, K. C comf. Over the dead-line; 
or, who killed 'Foil Parrot": lincidenl 
in Andersonville prison.] ■$! net. 

Andrei yeS. Leonidaa. 

A dilemma ; ir. from the Russian by J : 
Cournos. '09(N20) $1. Brown Bros. 
Sevcii who were hanged : a story ; author. 
Ir, from the Russian by Hcrn'an Bern- 
stein, '09(Myi) c. D. $r. J. S. Ogilvie. 
Andrews, B; R: 

Museums of education; their history and 
use. '08. (1909.] (S) 98 p. (Teachers' 
College record.) pap.. 30 c. 

Teachers' Coll. 
Andrews, C. D., pseud. 

New standard speller; word-book of pro- 
gressive lessons in spelling, pronunciation 
and word building; for use in primary, 
intermediate and grammar grades. 'c& 
J1909.I (Ap) 218 p. front. 12°, bds.. 25 c 

Andrews, C: McLean, and Davenport, Fiascet 

Guide to the manuscript materials for the 
history of the United Stales 10 i;83, in 
the British Museum, in minor London 
archives, and in the libraries of Oxford 
and Cambridge. 'o8(Fi3) Q. (Carnegie 
Insiituiion of Washington pubs.) pap.. $a. 
Andbews, Bp. Eduard Gayer. 

McConnell, F. J. Edward Gayer Andrews, 
[Methodist bishep.] *$i.50 n 




Andrews, P. J., rep. 
See Connecticut. Supreme ci. of errors, 
Andrews, W: 
Old English towns. 'o9(Di8) il. O. *$2 net. 

Andrews, Mrs. W: Shankland. 
See Andrews, Mrs, Mary Raymond Ship- 
Andromaque. See Racine, Jean Baptiste. 
Andfijar, Manuel. 
Spain of to-day from within. '09(Api7) 
c il. D. *$i.2S net. Revell. 

Apecdota Oxoniensia, classical ser. O pap. 

Oxford Univ. 
— Qark. Inventa Italorum. $3. 
— Keith, ed. Aitareya Aranyaka. $7.75. 
Anecdota Oxoniensia; Mediaeval and mod- 
ern ser. 8*. Oxford Univ. 
— ^John, of Worcester. Oironicle. ♦$i.go net. 
Hunter, W: Severest anasmias. v. i. 
♦$3.25 net Macmillan. 


Seg Marine zoology. 


Collum, R. W., and Gray, H. M. M. Prac- 
tice of anaesthetics, and General surgical 
technique. *$3 net. Wood. 

Gardner, H. B. Surgical anaesthesia. *$2.25 
net Wood. 

Angel and the star. Gordon, C: W: *2S c. 
net. Revell. 

Angel of thought Murphy, E. A. $1. 

Angelic Angelina. Paddock, M. 60 c. 

Cupples & L. 
Angelico, Fra, [Prate Gdovanni da Fiesole.] 
Masterpieces. '09(Jl3i) il. 24*, (Painters' 
ser.) pap., *25 c. net; Icath., ♦75 c. net. 


Angel 1, Fk. Capron. 

Annals of Centerdale in the town of North 

Providence, Rhode Island, its past and 

present, 1636- 1909. '09 (N) c. 15+196 p. 

il. map, 8*", $2.50. F. C. Angell. 

Angell, Ja. Burrill. 
Age of quickened conscience ; baccalaureate 
address. '09 (N) 10 p. O. pap. (Add. 
University for price.) Univ. of Mich. 

Angellier, Auguste. 
Pages choisies : prose et vers ; ed. by fimile 
Legoius; seule edition antorisee. '09 
(Mr6) por. S. (Oxford higher French 
ser.) $1.15. Oxford Univ. 

Angers, F. 
See Conan, Laure, pseud. 

Angler's guide. Randall, W., ed. 60 c. ; 50 c. 

Field and Stream. 
Angler's secret Bradford, C: *$i net, 

Nassau Press. 
Anglican church. 

See Church of England; — Protestant Episcopal 

Anglican Church handbooks; ed. by W. H. 
Griffith Thomas, D.D. D. *40 c. net. 


—Gi ad wick. Social work. 

—Carter. English Church in the 17th cen- 

— D'Arcy. Christianity and the supernatural. 

Anglican Church handbooks. — Continued. 
— Girdlestone. Old Testament theology and 

modern ideas. 
— Joynt. Pastoral work. 
— Lees. Joy of Bible study. 
— Spencer. Old Testament history. 
— Thomas. Christianity is Christ 

Anglican orders. 
Lowndes, A. Vindication of Anglican or- 
ders. *$3.S0 net Gorham. 

See Fish and fishing. 

Anglo-Jewish memories. Adler, H. *$i.50 
net Bloch. 

Anglo^axon chronicle; tr. by E. E. C 
Gomme. '09(Jli7) 12®, *$2 net 

Anglo-Saxon Congregationalism in the South. 
Jenkins, F. E. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Angora goats. 

See Goats. 


Bourne, G. C. Comparative anatomy of 
animals, v. i. *$i.40 net. Macmillan. 

Cesaresco, Countess E. M. Place of ani- 
mals in human thought. *$3 net. 


Dale, J : T. Heroes and greathearts and 
their animal friends. $1. Fairfax. 

Daniel, J. F. Animal life of Malaysia. 
**$i.20 net. Bobbs-M. 

Dumas, A. My pets. *$i.7S net 


Grimm, J. L. K. and W. K. Animal sto- 
ries. $1.50. Duffield. 

Guizou, A. Animals in the Ark. $1.25. 


Hagenbeck, C. Beasts and men; being 
Carl Hagcnbeck's experiences for half a 
century among wild animals. *$3.50 net 


Knobel, E: Wild animals of North Amer- 
ica. $2.50. Lovell. 

Mother animal stories, tso c. Altemus. 

Seton, E. T. Life histories of northern 
animals. In 2 v. *$i8 net. Scribner. 

See also Cattle; — Domestic animals; — Game pre- 
serving: — Hunting; — Mammals; — Natural his- 
tory; — Protozoa; — -Theosophy; — Vertebrates;^ 
Veterinary medicine and surgery; — Vivisection; 
— Zoology; — also names of animals. 

Ann Veronica. Wells, H. G: t$i. 50. Harper. 

Annals of a parish. Gait, J: 90 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Annals of Fairyland; reign of King Cole. 

'o9(Mr27) 16**, (Everyman's lib.) ♦as c. 

net ; leath., *70 c. net. Dutton. 

Annals of Fairyland; reign of King Oberon. 
'09(Mr27) 16°, (Everyman's lib.) ^35 c. 
net ; leath., *7o c. net Dut? m. 

Annandale, Nelson. 

Fresh-water sponges collected in the P il- 
ippines by the Albatross expedition. 09 
(N) 131-132 p. 8**, pap. (Add. Supei n- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Dc :s. 

Annnpolis second classman. Beach, E: L. 

t$i.25. Penn Pub. Co. 

Anne. Queen of England. 
Ryan. P. F. W: Queen Anne and her 
court. 2 v. *$6 net. Dutton. 


Anatomv. — Continued. 

Wilder, H. H. Hisl. of ihe human body. 
$3. Holt. 

Young. J. K. Hdbk. of anatomy. $1.75. 

See alia Abdomen:— Arinuls; — Ear; ~ Eyt; — 
Head:— II«rt:— Hiitolagy:— 1 nicitiius ;— Neck ; 

— Nu™ 


Anatomy and Eome of the biological aspects 
of the "American mistletoe." York, H. H. 
50 c, Univ. of Tex. 

Anatomy of the central nervous system. 
SkilJcrn, P., ;r. •$[ net, Dolbey, 


See Genulogiei;- Heredity. 
Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. Lea. J. H; 

$ia Houghton M. 

Aiicien: cities ser. Button's. 
Ancient English Christmas carols, 140D-1700; 

collected by Edith Rickert. 2 v. '09(D) 

(New Medieval lib.) '$3.25 net. Dutficld. 

Ancient GreeEc historians. Bury, J ; B, ^.2$. 


See Hi«orir. 

Ancient Persian lexicon. Tolman, H. C. 

$1.25. Am, Bk 

Andean land. Osborn, C. S. In 2 v. '$5 net. 


Anders, Ja. Heschter. 

Text-book of the practice of medicine. 9th 

ed., Ihorotighly rev. 'Ci9{0) c. 1326 P- 

il. partly ccl., 8°, $5.50. Saundera. 

Andersen, Hans Christian. 

Fairy tales. 'o9{Aga8) il. 8°, '$1.50 net. 
Anderson, A. J. 
Romance of a friar and a nun ; being the 
rOTnancc of Fra Lippo Lippi. 'o9(Dzs) 
il. 8°, '$2.50 net. Dodd. 

Anderson, Mrs. Ada WoDdmff. 

Strain of white. ■o9(My8) c. il. D. IJ1.SO- 
Little, B. & Co. 
Anderson, Archibald. 

Course of study in history and hdbk. 

Andetaon, W: B., and Watson, C: B. 
Far north in India: survey of ihe mission 
field and work of the United Prcsbite- 
rian church in the Punjab. ■c9(My) t 
9+IJ-312 p. il, pors. map. 12°, 50 c, 

Bd. For. Misi. 

Bibliogiaphy (3 p). 

AndeiBon, W: J. 

Architecture of the Renaissance in Italy, 
4th ed., rev. and enl. ■09(Ag2i) il. 8°, 

•$S net. Seribner. 

Bullard, K. C comk Over the dead-line; 
or, who killed 'Toll Parrot": [incident 
in Andersonville prison, I •$! net 

AndreiyeS, Leanidss. 

A dilemma; tr. from the Russian by J: 

Cournos, 'o9(Nzo) $1. Brown Bros, 

Seven who were hanged; a story; author. 

tr, from the Russian by Herman Bem- 

slein. ■09(Myl) c. D. $1. J, S. Ogilvie. 

Andrews, B: R: 

Museums of education; their history and 
use. '08, [1900.] (S) 98 p, (Teachers' I 
College record,) pap., 30 c. \ 

Teachers' Coll. | 
Andrews, C. D., pseud. 

New standard speller; word-book of pro- 
gressive lessons in spelling, pronunciation 
and word building; for use in primary, 
inlprmcdiate and grammar grades. 'A 
I1909,] (Ap) 218 p. front. 12°. bds.. 25 c 
Andrews, C: McLean, and Davenport, France* 
Guide to the manuscript materials for the 
history of the United States to 1783, in 
the British Museum, in minor London 
archives, and in the libraries of Oxford 
and Cambridge. 'o8(Fi3) Q. (Carnegie 
Institution of Washington pubs.) pap., fs. 
AnnHEWs, Bp. Edward Gayer, 
MeConnell. F. J. Edward Gayer Andrews, 
IMcthodist bishop.] *$t.5o net. 




Andrews, P. J^ rep. 
See Connecticut Supreme ct. of errors. 
Andrews, W: 
Old English towns. 'o9(Di8) il. O. *$2 net. 

Andrews, Mrs. W: Shankland. 
See Andrews, Mrs. Mary Raymond Ship- 
Andromaque. See Racine, Jean Baptiste. 
Andiijar, Manuel. 
Spain of to-day from within. '09(Api7) 
c. il. D. *$i.2S net Revell. 

Atiecdota Oxoniensia, classical ser. O pap. 

Oxford Univ. 
— Qark. Inventa Italorum. $3. 
— Keith, ed. Aitareya Aranyaka. $7.75. 
Anecdota Oxoniensia; Mediaeval and mod- 
ern ser. 8**. Oxford Univ. 
— ^John, of Worcester, Chronicle. ♦$i.go net. 

Hunter, W: Severest anaemias, v. i. 
♦$3.25 net Macmillan. 


Seg Marine zoology. 


Collum, R. W., and Gray, H. M. M. Prac- 
tice of anaesthetics, and General surgical 
technique. *$3 net. Wood. 

Gardner, H. B. Surgical anaesthesia. *$2.2S 
net. Wood. 

Angel and the star. Gordon, C: W: *2S c. 
net Revell. 

Angel of thought Murphy, E. A. $1. 

Angelic Angelina. Paddock, M. 60 c. 

Cupples & L. 
Angelico, Fra, [Frate Giovanni da Fiesole.] 
Masterpieces. '09(7131) il. 24®, (Painters' 
ser.) pap., *2S c. net; leath., ♦75 c. net. 


Angell, Fk. Capron. 

Annals of Centerdale in the town of North 

Providence, Rhode Island, its past and 

present 1636-1909. '09(N) c. 15+196 p. 

il. map, 8*, $2.50. F. C. Angell. 

Angell, Ja. Burrill. 
Age of quickened conscience ; baccalaureate 
address. *09(N) 10 p. O. pap. (Add. 
University for price.) Univ. of Mich. 

Angellier, Auguste. 
Pages choisies : prose et vers ; ed. by fimile 
I^goius; seule edition antorisee. '09 
(Mr6) por. S. (Oxford higher French 
ser.) $1.15. Oxford Univ. 

Angers, F. 
See Conan, Laure, pseud. 

Angler's guide. Randall, W., ed. 60 c. ; 50 c. 

Field and Stream. 
Angler's secret Bradford, C: ♦$! net. 

Nassau Press. 


See Church of England; — Protestant Episcopal 

Anglican Church handbooks; ed. by W. H. 
Griffith Thomas, D.D. D. *40 c. net. 


—(^ ad wick. Social work. 

—Carter. English Church in the 17th cen- 

— D*Arcy. Christianity and the supernatural. 

Anglican Church handbooks. — Continued. 
— Girdlestone. Old Testament theology and 

modern ideas. 
— Joynt. Pastoral work. 
— Lees. Joy of Bible study. 
— Spencer. Old Testament history. 
— Thomas. Christianity is Christ 

Anglican (»u)ERS. 
Lowndes, A. Vindication of Anglican or- 
ders. *$3.50 net. Gorham. 

See Fish and fishing. 

Anglo- Jewish memories. Adler, H. *$i.50 
net Bloch. 

Anglo-Saxon chronicle; tr. by £L £. C 
Gomme. *09(Jli7) 12*, *$2 net 

Anglo-Saxon Congregationalism in the South. 
Jenkins, F. E. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Angora goats. 

See Goats. 


Bourne, G. C. Comparative anatomy of 
animals, v. i. ^$1.40 net. Macmillan. 

Cesaresco, Countess E. M. Place of ani- 
mals in human thought. ^$3 net 


Dale, J: T. Heroes and greathearts and 
their animal friends. $1. Fairfax. 

Daniel, J. F. Animal life of Malaysia. 
**$i.20 net. Bobbs-M. 

Dumas, A. My pets. *$i.7S net 


Grimm, J. L. K. and W. K. Animal sto- 
ries. $1.50. Duffield. 

Guizou, A. Animals in the Ark. $1.25. 


Hagenbeck, C. Beasts and men; being 
Carl Hagenbeck's experiences for half a 
century among wild animals. *$3.50 net 


Knobel, E: Wild animals of North Amer- 
ica. $2.50. Lovell. 

Mother animal stories, tso c. Altemus. 

Seton, E. T. Life histories of northern 
animals. In 2 v. ♦$i8 net. Scribner. 

See also Cattle; — Domestic animals; — Game pre- 
serving: — Hunting; — Mammals; — Natural his- 
tory; — Protozoa J — -Theosophy; — Vertebrates;— 
Veterinary medicine and surgery ;— Vivisection ; 
— Zoology; — also names of animals. 

Ann Veronica. Wells, H.G: t$i-50. Harper. 

Annals of a parish. Gait, J: 90 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Annals of Fairyland; reign of King Cole. 

'o9(Mr27) 16**, (Everyman's lib.) *35 c. 

net ; leath., *70 c. net. Dutton. 

Annals of Fairyland; reign of King Oberon. 
'09(Mr27) 16°, (Everyman's lib.) *35 c. 
net ; leath., *70 c. net. Dut' m. 

Annandale, Nelson. 
Fresh-water sponges collected in the P 11- 
ippines by the Albatross expedition. 09 
(N) 131-132 p. 8**, pap. (Add. Supei n- 
tcndent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Dc cs. 

Annapolis second classman. Beach, E: L. 

t$i.25. Penn Pub. Co. 

Anne, Queen of England. 
Ryan. P. F. W: Queen Anne and her 
court. 2 v. ^$6 net. Dutton. 


Anne oE Avonlea. MonlEomery, L. M. $1.50. 
L. C. Page. 

Anne Page, Syrett, N. $1,50. Lane. 

Anniversaries and holidays. Hazel line, M. 
E., ed. 25 c. Wisconsin Free Lib. 

Asniul American catalog, igo8; record, under 
aulhor. title, subject and series ; also the 
full titles, wilh descriptive rotes, oE all 
books recorded in The Publishers' Weekly; 
directorj of publishers, etc.; (first supple- 
ment 10 the Araerican Catalog, 1905-1907.) 
'09(Api7) c. Q. J3. Pub. Weekly. 

Annual library index. See Fletcher, W ; I :, 

Auinial magazine subject-index for 1908: a 
subject index to T20 Am. and Eng. period- 
icals and society publications, by F; Win- 
throp Faxon. '09(My8) 8°, $3. 

Boston Bk. 

Annua) register: review of public events at 
home and abroad for the year 1908. New 
ser. '09(Jei9) O. $6. LongiQans. 


Sir Marriaie. 
Another mile. Qiapman, J. W. *35 c. net. 

Aksei.m. St. 

Foley, G : C. Anselm's theory of the atone- 
ment, "$1.50 net. Longmans. 
Ansfautz, E; Polkck. 

Guide to the twelve tissue remedies of bio- 
chemistry, the cell -salts, biochemic or 
Schuessler remedies. '09(Je) c. 91 p. 
16'. 75 c. Bocricke & T. 

Anaon, Sir W. RefDell. 

Laiv and custom of the constitution. In 
3 v. v. I, Parliament. 4th ed. '09CD) 
8°. *$3,40 net. Oxford Univ. 

"Anatey, F.," pseud. 

See Guthrie. T: Anstey. 

Shacklcton, Sir E. H. Heart of the Ant- 
arctic. **$10 net. t-ippincott. 


S'l Jews. 
Anton, the man who saw. Brownsoo, E. L. 
$1. Mayhew. 

Antonio. Oldmeadow, E. •*$i.30 net 

Cenlury Co. 
Antony and Hero. Simon, F, P; $1. 

F. P: Simon. 
Antrim, His. Hinna Thomai, 

Jester Life and his marionettes. '08, [1909-) 
(Mr) c. il. 24°, ooze cf., $1. Altemtu. 

McCook, H : C, Ant communities and how 
they are governed. "Ja net. Harper. 

Albright, J. D. Practical treatise on rectal 
diseases. $4 J. D- Albright 

Hirschman, L: J. Hdbk of diseases ot 
the rectum. $4. Mosby. 

Richard.'ion, D, D. Treatise on disease? of 
the rectum, prostate and associate organs. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Campbell Co. 
Anwyl, E: 
Celtic religion, 'o?, [1909-I ^Ap) 8', 
(Religions ancient and modem.) "40 C. 
net. Open Court 

Anyam gila. Mason, O. T. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supl. of Docs. 

MacGregor, F. H. Tenement houst legis- 
lation, slate and local. 25 c, 

Wisconsin Free Lifr. 

Flcckenstcin, N. T. Widow's wisdom. 
75 c. CaldwelL 

Macy, A. W: Short-cut philosophy, 75 c 
Sturgis & W. 
Rowland, H. Reflections of a bachelor 
girl. 75 c. Dodge. 

Sampler. J. E Great adventurer: [apothe- 
osis of life and deaih.l 75 c. 

Kerr Pre^. 
Sic nlio EpignTiu; — Maxitni. 




Around the world with the battleships. Mil- 
ler, R. J : $1.25. McClurg. 
Around the world readers. See Tolman, 

Mrs. Stella Webster Carroll. 
Arpee, Leon. 
Armenian awakening; hist of the Arme- 
nian church, 1820- 1860. '09(09) c por. 
D. ♦$1.25 net Univ. of Chic. 

^Anima, Jehn," pseud. 

See Harriman, J: Emery, jr, 
Anom de Ayala, Cecilia Francisca Josefa 
Bohl von Faber y Larrea, ['^Feman 
Un serviton y un liberalito tres almas de 
dios; ed., with introd, notes and vocab., 
by Carlos Bransby. '09(02) c. S. 
(Heath's modern language ser.) jo c. 

Axs moriendi; [facsim.] '02 [1909.] (N) il. 
4*» $5- (100 copies.) Hispanic Soc. 

Ars una species mille; general history of 
art. il. D. Scribner. 

— Armstrong. Art in Great Britain and Ire- 
land. ♦♦$1.50 net 
Arsene Lupin. Jepson, E. t$i-SO. 

Doubleday, P. 

See ^Esthetics; — Fine arts; — Uieful arts. 

Art and science of advertising. French, G: 
**$2 net Sherman, F. 

Art crafting in metal for amateurs. Cliandler, 
F. A. $1.50. Fort HiU. 

Art education. 

See Fine arts. 

Art in Great Britain and Ireland. Arm- 
strong, Sir W. **$i.SO net Scribner. 

Art of 'decorating show windows. Tracy, 
C: A., comp. Merchants' Record. 

Art of life ser.; ed. by E: Howard Griggs. 
D. ♦so c. net B : W. Huebsch. 

—Griggs. Human equipment 

—-Patten. Product and climax. 

Art of living. Creighton, Mrs. L. ♦so c. net 


Art of magic. Downs, T: N. $S. 

W. S. Edwards. 

Art of modern bo6kkeeping. Spencer, R 

$3. E. Spencer 

Art of painting in the nineteenth century. 

Mach, E. R. O. v. ♦$i.2S net. Ginn. 

Art of self-control. Ingalese, R: $1. 

Art of sermon illustration. Jeffs, A. ♦$! net. 


Art of speech and deportment Morgan, A. 

<^i.SO net McQurg. 

Art of the Belgian galleries. Singleton, E. 

♦♦$2 net. L. C. Page. 

Art of the plasterer. Bankart, G: P. ♦Jio 

net. Scribner. 

Art of the short story. Gerwig, G : W : 75 c. 


Art of theatrical make-up. Morton, C. 

♦$2.SO net. Macmillan. 

Art talks with young folks. Collmann, S. M. 

$i.So. Young Israels. 

Artaxerxes in., Ochus, King of Persia. 

Hirschy, N. C Artaxcrxes ni. Ochus and 

his rdgn. ♦75 c. net Univ. of Chic 

Arte of rhctoiiquc. Wilson, Sir T: $1.75. 

Obcford Univ. 

Arteaga y Pereiia, F. de, comp. 

Nine Spanish poems. '09(Myis) pap., 

♦40 c net Oxford Univ. 

Artemis to Actaeon. Wharton, Mrs. E. N. J. 

*♦$! net. Scribner. 

Artemision. Hewlett, M. H: ♦$! net 

Jones, R. L. Arthritis deformans; com- 
prising rhumatoid arthritis, osteo-arth- 
ritis, and spondylitus deformans. ^$4 net. 

Arthrosteopedic surgery. McCurdy, S. L. 
$1. Medical Abstract. 

Arthur, King. 
Malory, Sir T : Le morte d' Arthur. ^$7.50 
net.. Dutton. 

Malory, Sir T : Selections from Le Morte 
d' Arthur. ♦♦2s c. net. Macmillan. 

Arthur, W: 
New building estimator; guide to estimat- 
ing the cost of labor and material in 
building construction, from excavation 
to finish. '09(Myi) c il. tabs., 16*, 
$250. D: Williams. 

Artificial and natural flight Maxim, Sir H. 
S. ^1.75 net. Macmillan. 

Artificial manures. Ville, G. ^$3 net 


Artificial water-ways. Hepburn, A. B. **$i 
net. Macmillan. 

Artistic work and gymnastic games. Ander- 
son, H: S. 7S c. Werner. 

Cary, E. L. Artists past and present. 
♦♦$2.50 net Moffat 

Cyr, Mrs. E. M. Story of three great ar- 
tists : Raphael, Michael Angelo, Leonardo 
da Vinci, so c. Ginn. 

See also Engrravcrs and engravings: — Musicians; — 
Painters and paintings ;^-<ii^0 names of artists. 

Arts and letters lib. il. 8^ Duffield. 

—Turner and Baker. Stories of the French 

artists. ^$3 net 
Arts connected with building. Schultz, R. W. 

♦$2 net Scribner. 

Arts of Japan. Dillon, K ♦$! net. 


Artz collection. 

See Boston Public Library. 

Amndell, J: Fs., Baron Arundell of Wardour. 
Some papers of Lord Arundell of Wardour, 
I2th Baron, Count of the Holy Roman 
Empire, etc., with a preface by the dow- 
ager l^dy Arundell of Wardour. '09 
(JI3) por. O. ^$3 net. Longmans. 

Denison, T : S. Primitive Aryans of Amer- 
ica. $3.25; $2.50. T: S. Denison. 

As a man thinketh. See Allen, Ja 

As it happened. Hilliers, A. ^$1.35 net. 

As old as the moon. Stoddard, F. J. ♦♦$! 
net Doubleday, P. 

AsBURY, Bp. Francis. 
Du Bose, H. M. Francis Asbury. $1. 

Pub. Ho. M. E. Ch., So. 
Mains, G : P. Francis Asbury. ^25 c. net. 

Eaton & M. 
Asfordby family. 5*^^ Genealogies. Turk, 
W. A. C 


Aicbitecta' directory and specific 
dex for 1909; containing a complete list 
of the architects in the United Stales, 
Canada. Cuba and Porto Rico, classified by 
states and towns, gth ed, 'og(02) c. Q. 
'$3 net. W: T. Comstock. 

Architectural dbawikg. 

Curtis, N. C. EiementK of graphics, ortho- 
graphic projections, shades, shadows and 
perspective. $1.50. , N. C. Curlis. 

Hicks. I : P. Building plans and how to 
draw them. 50 c. Indust. 

Archiieciiiral history of the Christian church. 
Hill, A. G; '60 c. net. Young Churchman. 
American Institute of Architects. Matters 
rel. to competition. 50 c. 

Ain. Inst. Architects. 
Anderson, W ; J. Architecture of the 
Renaissance in Italy. -$5 net. Scribner. 
Architects' directory and specification in- 
dex for 1909. *i3 net. W : T. Comstock 
Browne, E. A. Great buildings and how 
to enjoy lliem : Greek architecture. 
•$175 net. Macmillan. 

Bungaloivii and cottages, w c 

M. L. Keith. 
Bungalow plans. $t. Metuchen Bungalow. 
Chancellor, E. B. Private palaces of Lon- 
don — past and present. "$5 net. 


Coiislruclion of Association huildiiigs. 15 c. 

y. M. C. A. 

Davison, T. R. Modern homes. '$5.35 

neL Macmillan. 

Delineator prize $3000 house. $1. 

B. W. Dodge. 

Detached dwellings ; country and suburban. 

$5. Swctland. 

Dictionary of terms used in architecture 

and building. 50 c. Indust. Bk, 

Du Cerceau, J. A. French chateaux and 

gardens in the xvn century. "$io net. 

Embury. A., 2d. One hundred country 

Arch itectube. — Co nlinvfd. 
Mencken, H ;, ed. Bungalowcraft ; book on 
bungalow and cottage building, $1. 


Old houses of Rouen of the 17th and i&h 

century. $15. Hessling. 

Porter, A, K, Medieval architecture ; its 

origins and development, 2 v, $15, 

Baker & T, 
Radford, W. A, Portfolio of plans. U 

Radford Architcclure 
Radford, W: A., ed. Combined house and 
bam plan book $1, 

Radford Architectunl, 
Radford's artistic bungalows, fi. 

Radford Architectural 
Radfc.rd's artistic liomes; 250 designs '00 
(N) c. '08, 261 p, il, plans, 4°. (Adi 
pubs, for price.) 

Radford Architectural 
Radford's modern homes, $r. 

Radford ArchiiccttiraL 
Sale. E, T. Manors of Virginia in Colo- 
nial times, *f5 net. Lippincott 
Simpson, F, M. History of architectural 
development In 3 v. v, a. *i6 net 


Sparrow. W, S, English house; how to 

judge iis periods and styles. 'S2.50 net 

Sternberg, G: M. Report of committee on 
model houses, f Add, Superintendent for 
price.)" U. S., Supt. of Doc*. 

Slickley, G. Craftsman homes. $2. 

G. Stieklej. 

Wilson, H ; L, Bimgalow book. $r. 

H : L, Wilson. 

Young. C,, and Brooks, S. M, Spon's ar- 
chilccls' and builders' pocket price-book 
$1.50. Spon. 

Str also AbanoCr*: — AbbejB; — Arches;— Architrc- 
lural drawing; Bridget:— Bull ding;— BuUdinl 
la«j;— Building m»teri«l»:— Cafpfntry; — Catke- 
dr.ils; — Cemirati — Cfaurvb arcbilccturei - 
Cliurcli':i;—Co]l:II.nB;— Concrete; — Fine am; 
— Healing; — HouBt dtcorsitoo; — Lighting; — 
Mafonry; — Roofl: — Sonilarv engin«rinG-,— 
School!;— Steel;— Strength of materials;— V*B- 
"" " 1;— Wnodwt " 




Aidrey, R. L. 
Railway capitalization: a review of the 
corporate history of ten leading western 
railroads. '09(02) c 8**, $10. 

R. L. Ardrey. 
Are the dead alive? Rider, A. F. $1.75, 
fixed. B. W. Dodge. 

Argentine Republic. 
International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics. Argentine Republic; general de- 
scriptive data. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int Bu. Am. Republics. 

Set Debating. 

Argyll, J: Douglas Sutherland, Duke of. 

Life of Queen Victoria. New ed. '09 (D4) 
il. 12", (Bohn's libraries.) ♦$! net. 

Arid agriculture. Buffum, B. C. $1.50. 

B. C. BufFum. 
Ariel booklets, 32**, leath., 75 c, boxed. 

— Allen. As a man thinketh. 
— Arnold. Light of Asia. 
— Balzac. Maxims. 
— De Quincy. Confessions of an English 

opium eater. 
— Keats. Lyrics. 

— Longfellow. Courtship of Miles Standish. 
— M§rimee. Carmen 
— Story. Roman lawyer in Jerusalem. 
— ^Tennyson. Enoch Arden and Maud. — 

Idylls of the king. 2 v. 
— Wilde. Happy prince. 
Arikare Indians. 

Set Indians. 

Aziston-dilettaiite series. 21 v. '09(02) O. 

ea., bds., $1.50, boxed. Caldwell. 


The Achamians, the knights and the birds ; 

Frere's translation. '09(Mr27) 16**, 

(Everyman's lib.) *35 c. net; leath., *70C. 

net. Dutton. 

The Achamians; with introd., critical 

notes and commentary by W. Rennie. '09 

(My8) D. *$i.7o net. Longmans. 


Works; tr. into English under the editor- 
ship of J. A. Smith and W. D. Ross. 
V. 8, Metaphysica. '09(Ap3) O. $2.50. 

Oxford Univ. 

Aristotle on the art of poetry; a rev. text, 
with critical introd., translation and com- 
mentary by Ingram Bywater. 'o9(Sii) 
O. $5.25. Oxford Univ. 

Nicomachean ethics, bk. 6; with essays, 
notes and tr. by L. H. G. Greenwood. 
'09(Mr) 7-f 214 p. 8", ♦$1.75 net. Putnam. 

Rhetoric ; tr. by Sir R ; Claverhonse Jebb ; 

ed., with an introd. and supplementary 

notes, by J. Edn. Sandys. 'o9(Mr) 27+ 

207 p. 8*, *$i.75 net. Putnam. 


Watson, J. M. Aristotle's criticisms of 
Plato. $1. Oxford Univ. 


Arnold, L. V. Supplemental problems in 
arithmetic 25 c. L. V. Arnold. 

Bendure & Arthur's practical and complete 
guide for the use of auditors, agents 
and railroad men generally: [ready reck- 
oner.] $3. Bendure & A, 

Arithmetic. — Continued. 

Byrnes, J. C, and others. Pupils' arithme- 
tic primary book. In 2 pts. pt. i, *26 c. 
net; pt. 2, ♦jo c. net; complete in i v., 
45 c. net. Macmillan. 

Calmerton, G. Primary arithmetic. (Not 
for sale.) Fort Wayne Sch. Bd. 

Eby, E. G. Handy tables b} which o' er 
50Q,ooo problems of the busy man are 
already solved : [ready-reckoner.] $2.50. 

J, F. Smith. 

Ellis Publishing Co. Model arithmetic for 
commercial colleges and department 
schools. '09 (N) c. 8+250 p. il. 8°, 69 c. 

Ellis Pub. 

Harvey, T. D. Fract. arithmetic. In 2 bks. 
bk. 2. so c Am. Bk. 

Jones, D : R. • Course of study in primary 
arithmetic. 30 c. San F. St. Normal. 

Low, F. F. Hampton arithmetic. $1. 

Hampton Inst 

Lusby, J. W. Stocks and bonds made easy. 
50 c. Teachers' Supply. 

Mercer, G: E., and Bonsall, M. Complete 
arithmetic, pt. i. 54 c. World Bk. 

Myers, G : W : Arithmetic, grammar 
school. 60 c. Scott, F. & Co. 

Nicholson, J. W. Grammar school arith- 
metic. 45 c. Am. Bk. 

Smith, D: E. Rara arithmetical cata- 
logue of the arithmetics written before 
the year mdci, with description of those in 
library of G: Arth. Plimpton. 2 v. $20. 


Smith, D : E. Teaching of arithmetic. 30 c. 

Teachers* Coll. 

Stevens, F. L., and others. Practical arith- 
metic. ♦♦65 c. net. Scribner. 

Walsh. J: H: Arithmetic for upper 
grades. 50 c. ; with appendix, 55 c. — 
Graded mental arithmetic. *5o c. net. 


Walton, G : A :, and Holmes, S. H. Arith- 
metics, fourth book, ♦so c. net. Am. Bk. 

Watson, B. M., and White, C: E. Gram- 
mar school arithmetic. 60 c. Heath. 

Wcntworth, G: A. New elementary arith- 
metic. 35 c. Ginn. 

Wentworth, G : A., and Smith, D : E. Com- 
plete arithmetic. 60 c. Ginn. 

Young, J. W: A., and Jackson, L. L. Ap- 
pleton arithmetics ; grammar-school boolc 
55 c. — Primary books. 35 c. Appleton. 

See also Bookkeeping; — Engineering; — Interest; — 
Mensuration ; — Numerals ; — Percentage. 

Arithmetic of electricity. Sloane, T: O. $r. 


Arizona Territory. Supreme ct. Repts. ; (E. 

W. Lewis.) V. 10. '09(S) c. O. shp., $4.25. 


Arizona Terkitorv. 

Macdougal, D. T. Across Papaguerio. 

50 c. Am. Geog. Soc. 

Munk, J. A. Arizona bibliography, gratis. 

J. A. Munk. 
Seg also Yuma. 

Arkansas. Bureau of Mines, Manufacture 
and Agriculture. Descriptive catalogue of 
the diamond bearing rock, by Philip F. 
Schneider; to accompany the exhibit of 
periodic rock. '07, [1909.] (Mr) 4 p. S"*, 
pap., gratis. G. B. Tucker. 

American artisan manuals, il. 12°. D. Stern. 

— Pratt Advertising manual. $3.50. 

AmencAn Association for the Study of Al- 
cohol and other Narcotics. Some scientific 
conclusions concerning the alcoholic prob- 
lem and its practical relations to life; pa- 
pers read at the semi-annual meeting at 
Washington, D, C, March 17, 18 and tg, 
igop. '09(S) 179 p. 8°. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S,, Supt. of Does. 

AmericMi Bankers' Association. Savings 
Bank Section. Proceedings of the 7th an- 
nual meeting, held in Denver, Colo., SepL 
28, 1908; ed. by W: Hanhart. 'oq(Sii) 
pors. O. }^ leath, (Add. Assoc, tor price.) 
Am, Bankers' Assoc. 

AmcrJCAn bankruptcy lepts., annot.; ed, by J: 
T. Cook. V. zo. '08, [igop,] (Ja) : v. 21 
(Jl) O. shp., ea.. $5.— Digest of v. 15 to 20, 
incl., (1006-1909,) [etc.,] by Melvin T. Ben- 
der and HaroH J. Hinman. V. 2- 'ogC/e) 
c. 0. per set of 2 v.. $450. M. Bender. 

American Baptist year-book, 1909: ed. by J. 
G. Walker. 'o9(My8) O. pap., '50 c. net. 
Am, Bapt. 

American beauties. Fisher, H. Sj. Bobbs-M. 

American bibliography. Evans, C ; In 6 v. 
V. s- $15. C; Evans; fBlakely Press.] 

American business conditions. American 
Academy of Political and Social Science, 
$1. Am, Acad. Pol, Sci, 

American business law. Sullivan, J : J. 
**Si.5o net, Applcton. 

America.!! business methods, (down to the 

minute.) '08, [1909.] (S) c. 376 p. il. 4°. %2. 

Business Man s Pub. 

American campaigns. Steele, M. F. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S,. Supt, of Docs. 

American casebook ser.; ed. by Ja. Brown 
Scolt. O. West Pub. 

— Ijsrenzen. Cases on the conflict of laws. 

— Mechem and Gilbert. Cases on damages. 

American cidsrn ser.; ed. by Albert Bush- 

AoMrican crimmal repts. ; cases determined 
in the federal and stale cts. in the U. S, 
[etc.] V. 14; (J: F. and H: C Geetmg.) 
'08. [1909.] (Mr); v. 15 (O) c. O. shp, 
ea.: -Ss net. Callaghan. 

American crisis biographies; ed. by Ellis 
Paxaon Obcrbollier. por. D. ■•$1.25 net. 

— Du Bois. John Brown. 

^Hayncs. Charles Sumner. 

—White. Stonewall Jackson. 

American cvclopedia of the automobile . j; 
T: H. Russell and C: P. Root, assisted 
by a corps of experts. 6 v. '09(Myaa) 
c. il. 8°, $18.50, Thompson & T. 

AmericaD decisions ; notes showing how each 
case in these reports has been applied, d^- 
veloped, strengthened, limited, [etc.] v, i, 
incl 1-7 Am. dec. '09(N) c. 1301 p.: v. a. 
incl. 8-14 (D) O. ca,, $6,50. 

Bancrofl-W.; Lawyers' Co-op. 

AmericsJi digest, annot. ; 1908 B, [etc.] '09 
'Ap) c. O. (Am. digest system.) $6. 

West Pub. 

American digcfl. Decennial ed., 1906; com* 
pletc digest of all reported cases from 1897 
to 1906. V. 6. '08, [1909.] (F) ; V. 7 (Ap); 
v.S(Je); V. 9(Jl);v. io(S); V. II (t5) ; 
V, 12 (D) c. O. (Am. digest system.) ea., 
$6, (Sold only in complete sets.) 

West Pub. 

American digest system. Slate ser. O. 

West Pub. 

— Kansas digest In s v, v. i. $6. 

—Michigan digest, v. 5, $7.50. 

American Economic Association •Quarterly. 
O. Am. Economic Assoc 

— Barnett. The Printers, $z; pap., $1. 

— Seligman. Progressive taxaiion, $1.75; 


American education. Draper, A. S. **$2 net 
Houghton M. 
American educational list. 1909. See Pub- 
lishers' Weekly. 
American Egypt Arnold, C. •$3.80 net 




Amcrican history. 

Set United States. 

American Hoyle. Dick, W: B. $1.50; 75 c; 
50 c. Dick. 

American illustrated medical dictionary. 
Dorian, W : A. N. *$4.50 net ; *$5 net. 


American Institute of Architects. Matters 
rel. to competitions; extracts from the 
rcpts. of 1905-8. '08, [1909.] (My) 33 p. 8*, 
50 c Am. Institute Architects. 

American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 
Library. Catalogue of the Wheeler gift of 
books, pamphlets and periodicals: cd. by 
W: D. Weaver; with introd., descriptive 
and critical notes by Brother Potamian. 
2 V. '09 (My) il. pors. 8% $8. 

Am. Inst. Elec. Eng. 

American Institute of Sacred Liteiature ser. 

New ed. 10 v. *09(J1) Univ. of Chic 

Contents: Burton, Ernest D., Founding of the 
Christian church, 54 c; Four letters of Paul, 37 c; 
Life of Christ, 54 c; Chamherlin, Georgia L., 
Origin and religious teaching of the Old Testament 
books, 54 c; Harper, W: R., Book of Job, or the 
problem of human suffering, 27 c.; Foreshadowings 
of the Christ, 54 c; Work of the Old TcsUment 
priests, 54 c; Work of the Old Testament sages, 
S4 c; Mathews, Shailcr, Social and ethical teachings 
of Jesus, 54 c; Smith, J: M. P., and Chamherlin, 
Georgia L., Universal element in the psalter, 50 c. 

American Iron and Steel Association. Cana- 
dian supp. to the Directory to the iron 
and steel works of the United States ; cont. 
a complete list of the blast furnaces, roll- 
ing mills, and steel works in Canada, corr. 
to Dec. I, 1908. '08, [1909] (My) 19 P- 
8**. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Am. Iron and Steel. 

American Jersey Cattle Club. Jersey sires 
with their tested daughters, also a com- 
plete alphabetical list of tested cows; all 
tests accepted by the American Jersey Cat- 
tle Qub to March 31, 1909. '09(D) 16+ 
294 p. il. 8**, $2. Am. Jersey. 

American Jersey Cattle Club. Register of 
merit of Jersey cattle, established by the 
American Jersey Cattle Qub, May 6, 1903 ; 
individ^1al excellence and dairy perform- 
ance. '08, [1909] (Ap) c. 176 p. il. 8*, 
gratis. Am. Jersey. 

American Jewish year book, 5670, Sept. t6, 
1909, to Oct. 3, 1910; ed. by Herbert Fried- 
enwald. '09(Si8) c. tabs., D. 75 c. 

Jewish Pub. 

American leaders and heroes. Gordy, W. F. 
60 c Scribner. 

American literature. 

Alderman, E. A., and others, cds. Library 
of southern literature. In 15 v. v. 1-7. 
per set, $80-200. Martin & H. 

Cairns, W: B., ed. Selections from early 
American writers, 1607-1800. **$i.25 net. 


Heydrick, B : A. One year course in Eng- 
lish and American literature. $1. Hinds. 

Howes, A. W. Primer of American lit- 
erature. ♦♦50 c. net Heath. 

Pearson, P: H: Question for interpretive 
and literary study. 16 v. ea., 7 c. 

, P: H: Pearson. 

Simonds, W: E: Student's history of 
American literature. $1.10. Houghton M. 

American literature. — Continued, 
Stanton, T., ed. Manual of American lit- 
erature. **$i.75 net. Putnam. 
Webster, H. H., ed. American classics 
for seventh and eighth grade reading. 
♦*8o c. net Houghton M. 

See also Authors; — Biblicgraphies; — English liter- 
ature; — Essays; — Poetty; — Quotations; — Wit 
and humor. 

American madonna. Todd, Mrs. M. Van L. I. 
$1.25. Binghamton Bk. 

American Medical Association. New and 
non-official remedies; cont. descriptions of 
the articles which have been accepted by 
the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry 
of the American Medical Association. '09 
(Je) 168 p. 12'', *50 c. net Am. Medical. 

American Medical Association. Papers to be 
presented before the Section on Laryngol- 
ogy and Otology of the American Medical 
Association, Atlantic City, June 8- 11, 1909. 
*09(Je) c. 214 p. il. 8"*. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Am. Medical. 

American Medical Association. Papers to be 
presented before the Section on Ophthal- 
mology of the American Medical Associa- 
tion, Atlantic City, June 8- 11, 1909. '09 
Je) c. 13-336 p. il. 8**. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Am. Medical. 

American Medical Association. 
Strong, H : R. Machinations of the Amer- 
ican Medical Association. 25 c. 

Nat. Druggist. 
American medicinal barks. Henkel, A. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
American Missionary Association. 
Beard, A: F. Crusade of brotherhood: 
hist of the American Missionary Associ- 
ation. *$i.25 net Pilgrim Press. 

American nature ser.; group i, Natural his- 
tory, il. Q. Holt. 

— Knowlton. Birds of the world. **$7 net 

American nature ser.; group iv., Working 
with nature, il. O. Holt 

— Sternberg. Life of a fossil hunter. ♦♦$i.6o 

American nature ser.; group v., Diversions 

from nature, il. Q. Holt. 

— Holder and Jordan. Fish stories. '**$i.75 



1695 p. 

8"*, pap. 
— Grimke, 




Bk. 3. 



negligence digest, from 1897 to 1907, 
by Wa. J. Eagle. '09(D) c. 2+ 
O. $8.50. Remick. 

Negro Academy occasional papers. 

Am. Negro Acad. 
Modern industrialism and the 
of the United States. 15 c. 

newspaper. Rogers, J. E : ♦$! net. 

Univ. of Chic. 

newspaper annual, 1909. [29th 

'o9(Mr2o) maps, 4*, ^$5 net. Ayer. 

normal readers. Harvey, M. L. 
50 c. Silver. 

of the future. Matthews, J. B. 
net. Scribner. 

Patty. Thompson, A. E. t$i.2S. 

Lothrop. L. & S. 
people. Low, A. M. ♦♦$2.25 net 

Houghton M. 


American Philosoiihical Society. Calendar 
of ihc papers of Benjatnin Franklin in the 
library of the American Philosophical So- 
ciety; ed. by 1. Minis Hays. '07 [igop.] 
(N) {Not for sale.) 

Am. Philosophical Soc 

American pilgrim's way in England. Huish, 
M. B. $6; $15. W. E. Jones, Baltimore. 

American playgrounds. Mern, E, B., ed. $2. 
Dale Assoc. 

Ameriean pocket medical dictionary. Dor- 
land, W; A. N., ed. •$! net; with thumb 
index, *$ net. Saunders. 

American poetrv. 

American Pomological Society. Fruits rec- 
ommended by 0ie American Pomological 
Society for cultivation in the various sec- 
tion? of U. S. and Canada; rev. by a com- 
mittee, 'o9(Ag) 69 p. tabs., map, 8°, (U, 
S„ Dept. of Agriculture, Bu. of Plant In- 
dustry bull.) pap., 15 c. 

U. S,, Supt. of Docs. 

American poultry culture, San do, R. B. 
•$I.SO net. Outing. 

American practice of surgery. Sff Bryant, 
Jos. Decatur. 

American primitive music. Burton, F; R. 
"$S net. Moffat 

American princess. Eldridge, W: T. $1.50. 
Sturgis & W. 

American prose masters. Brownell, W: C 
••$1.50 net Scribner. 

American public problems; ed. by Ralph Cur- 
tis Ring«alt. D. Holt. 

— Coolidge. Chinese immigration. "Si-rs 

American Railway Master Mechanics' Asso- 
ciation. Locomotive dictionary. 1909 ed. 
'0f)(D25) c. il. f°. $6, Railroad Age, 

Ahkbican Revolution, 
Andrews, F, D. Tea-burners of Cumber- 
land County, (N. J„] who showed their 
resistance to British tyranny by burning 
a cargo of East India tea. 30 c, 

F. D. Andrews 
Gardner, F, A. Glover's Marblehead regi 


American School of Correspondence. Cyclo- 
pedia of civil engineering; edi tor- Jn -chief, 
F: E Turreaure. 8 v, '09(Jal6) c. iL 
maps, charts, 8°, Si8,6o. Am. Sck Corr. 

Anicrican School ol Correspondence. Heat- 
ing and ventilation, pt. i ; instruction pa- 
per, prep, by C: L. Hubbard. '09(Ag7) t 
il. 8°, $1.50. Am, Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence, Cyclo- 
pedia of mechanical engineering : edttor-tn- 
chief, Howard Monroe Raymond. 7 v. '05 
(F20) c. il. 8°, $18.60, Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Gas 
producers ; instruction paper prepared by 
S: S, Wyer. '09(Jai6) c. il. 8*, ?i- 

Am. Sch. Corr, 

American School of Cormpnndettce pubi. il, 
8'. - Am. Sch. Corr. 

—Bacon. Forging. $1. 

—Chamberlain. Commercial law. pi. i. 
50 c. ^ 

— Collins. Woolen and worsted spinning. $3. 

— Dickerman and Boyer. Refrigeration, $1. 

— Dickinson. Accounting practice. 50 c. 

— Dienier. Automobiles, $1.50. 

— Esty. Alternating current machinerj'. $3. 

^Everett and LawTcnce. Freehand and per- 
spective drawing. $1. 

—Gray and Ball. Plumbing. $I.St). 

—Griffith. Administrative and industrial or- 
ganisation. — Corporation accounts, — Pur- 
chasing and stores department. — Records 
of labor and manufacturing orders. — Single 
entry bookkeeping. — Single proprietors' and 
partners' accounts. — Voucher system ac- 
counting charts. — Wholesale, commissioner, 
and storage account, ea., JO c. 

— Griffith and Sweetland. Trustees', execu- 
tor's, and stock broker's accounts. 50 c. 

— Gunf^auliis. Modern engineering practice 
12 V. $2980. 

-Hathaway and Griffith. General expense 

— Hedrick. Cotton spinning, $3. 
-Knox and Shadd, Electric wiring and light- 




American science ser,. Advanced course, il. 
8^ Holt 

— Chamberlin and Salisbury. College text- 
book of geology. **$3.50 net. 

— Martin. Human body. **$2.50 net. 

American science ser.. Briefer course. 12**. 


— Rcmsen. Introd. to the study of chemistry. 

American Seamen's Friend Society. Acts of 
the apostles of the sea; an eighty years' 
record of the work of the American Sea- 
men's Friend Society. '09(N) 118 p. il. 
pors. 8**, gratis. Am. Seamen's Friend. 

American social progress ser. D. **$i.25 net. 

— Devine. Misery and its causes. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 
Transactions; v. 29, Indianapolis and New 
York meetings, 1907. '09(F6) c. il. 8**, hf. 
mor., ♦$ii net. Am. Soc. Mech. Engineers. 

American stallion register. Battell, J. $5. 

Am. Pub. Co., (Vt.) 

American state repts. ; (A. C. Freeman.) v. 
123. '09(Mr) ; v. 124 (Je) ; v. 125 (Jl) v. 
126 (S) ; V. 127 (N) ; V. 128 (D) O. shp., 
ea., *$4 net. Bancroft-W. 

American state repts.; (Edm. Samson 
Green.) v. 4. *09(My) c. Q. shp., $6. 


American statesmen: second ser.; large pap. 
ed. pors. 8*. Houghton M. 

— Stan wood. James Gillespie Blaine. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) 

American Sugar Refining Co. 
The sugar trust: articles from the New 
York World of June 9, 1909, showing the 
settlement out of court of the case 
brought against the American Sugar Re- 
fining Company by the Pennsylvania 
Sugar Refining Company for $30,000,000. 
'09 (Jl) 2 p. 8*. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

American system of agricultural education. 
True, A. C. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

American telegraphy. Maver, W:, jr. $5. 


American transportation conditions. Peyton, 
J : H. 50 c. Courier- Joum. 

American transportation system. Rankin, 
G: A. **$i.50 net Putnam. 

American tropics. Corlett, W: T. $1.50. 


American verse, 1625-1807. Otis, W: B. 
♦'•$1.75 net. Moffat. 

American waterways, il. O. **$3.50 net, 
boxed. Putnam. 

— Curwood. Great Lakes. 

— Lyman. Columbia River. 

— Quick. American inland waterways. 
♦♦$2.50 net. 

Americana Germanica new ser. ; ed. by Mari- 
on Dexter Learned. Q. Univ. of Penn. 

— Seipt. Schwenkfelder hymnology. $2. 

Americans. Francis, A *$i.50 net. Appleton. 

Ames, Mrs. Eleanor Mana Easterbrook, 
["Eleanor Kirk."] 
The Christ of the red planet. '09(D) c. 
i8-f 138 p. 12', $T. E. M. E. Ames. 

Ames, Fisher, jr. 
By reef and trail: Bob Leach's adventures 
in Florida. '09(Ni3) c. il. D. $1.50. 

Brown & P. 

Ames, Ja. Ban, and Smith, Jeremiah. 

Selection of cases on the law of torts. 3d 

ed. v. I, pt. I, 2, by Ja. Barr Ames ; v. 2, 

by Jeremiah Smith. '09 (N) 619 p. O. 

ea., $6. Harvard Law. 

Ames, Percy W., ed. 

Milton memorial lectures, 1908 ; read before 
the Royal Society of Literature ; ed., with 
an introd. '09(Jei9) il. O. $2. 

Oxford Univ. 
Amethyst cross. Hume, F. W. $1.50. 


Ammerman, Ada. 

Pro patria; il. patriotic recitation with 

lesson talk. '09 (Jl) c. 24 p. il. D. pap., 

35 c. Werner. 

Among the Danes. Butlin, F. M. *$2.50 net. 


Among the humorists. Patten, W:, camp. 

$2.25. Collier. 

Among the wild tribes of the Afghan frontier. 
Pennell, T. L. *$3.50 net. Lippincott. 

Ampler sky. Fallow, L. *$i net. Macmillan. 

Amrine, T: Hamer. 

Comparative tests bf carbon, metallized car- 
bon and tantalum filament lamps. '07, 
[1909.] (Ap) 44 p. il. 8% (Univ. of 111. 
bull.; Engineering experiment station.) 
pap. (Add. Univ. for price.) Univ. of 111. 

Lighting country homes by private electric 
plants. '09(Jai6) il. plans, 8**. (Univ. of 
111. Engineering Experiment Station 
bull.) gratis. Univ. of 111. 

Hamilton, W: W. Worldly amusements. 
**T0 c. net. Am. Bapt. 

Hartt, R. L. People at play. **$i.5o net. 

Houghton M. 

Wells, C. Pleasant day diversions. **$i 

net. Moffat. 

See also Athletics |— -Cards; — Charades; — Circus; 
— Conjuring; — Dancing; — Drills; — Entertain- 
ments; — Games; — Music; — Opera; — Palmistry; 
— Plays ; — Recitations. 


See Chemiiitry; — Food; — Metals and metallurgy; 
— Spectrum; — also names of substances ana- 

Analysis of beauty. Hogarth, W: *$i.50 
net. Silver Lotus. 

Analysis of the evolution of musical form. 
Glyn, M. H. ♦$3.50 net. Longmans. 

An.alyzed Bible. 5"^^ Morgan, G: Campbell. 

Anarchist woman. Hapgood, H. *$i.25 net 


Cunningham, D. J., ed. Text-book of anat- 
omy. *$6 net; *$7.50 net. Wood. 
Kimber, D. C. Text book of anatomy and 
physiology for nurses. *$2.50 net. 

Macewen, J : A. Surgical anatomy. *$3 
net. Wood. 

Quain, J. and Sir R: Elements of anato- 
my. In 4 V. V. 3, Neurology. $4. 50. 


Streeter, G: L. Lab'y guide in anatomy. 

50 c. Wahr. 



Burton, E. D.. and others. Biblical ideas of 
aionement. $i. Utiiv, of Chic. 

Foley, G: C. Anselm's theoty of ihe atone- 
ment. "$1.50 net. Longmans, 

Forsylhe, P: T. Crucialily of ihc cross. 
•$1.50 net. Doran. 

Randolph. B. W: Precious blood of Christ : 
being thoughts on ihe doctrine of the 
aionement. *75 c. net. Longmans. 

Stalker. J. The atonement. •?! net. 


Walker, W : L. Gospel of reconciliation or 
al-one-mcnt. *ii net. Scribner. 

Ste alsa Jcnii Chrtit 

Atrtum of the Vestals, Rome. 

Van Deman, E. B. Atrium Vestsc. (Add. 
Institution for price.) Carnegie. 

t Nm 

I of 1 

Atteiidge, A. 

Napoleon's brothers. 'o()(Jl30 il- B', •$5 
net, Brentano s. 

Attic guest. Knowlcs, R. E: •$I.zo net. 

Re veil. 

Sir Lawyers. 
Attwaod, E: L. 

Text-book of theoretical naval architecture. 
5th <d., rev. and enl. '09(Sn) (igs, tabs., 
D. $2.50. Longmans. 

At water, Joshua. 

American grain computalor. 'ogC N ) c. 
151 P 8°, 53,50. Aiwater, 

Atwater, Wallace W«. 

Se* Siilisbury. RoUin D. 
At wood, F: Juiino. 

Kansas rhymes and other lyrics, '02, 

(1909.I (Ap) g6 p. 8°, $1. Crane. 

Atyi, a Grecian idyl. Wagstaff. Mrs. B. S. 

51.25, M. Kennerley. 

Aubuty, Lewis E. 

Copper resources of California. 'o9(Jes) 

i!. fold, maps, 8°, (Cat, State Mining 

Bureau bull.) pap., •$! net. 

Cal. State Mining. 
Aucassin and Nicolette: the lovers of Prov- 


Anringei, Rev. Obadjah Cyms. 
Twin poems of the Revolution : The deatti 
of Maid McCrea. and The lover'^ trag- 
edy. '09(Jai6) $1. O. C. Auringer. 
Aurora boreaus. 
Birkeland, K. Norwegian Aurora Polaris 
Expedition, 1903-1903. v. i, On the caose 
of magnetic storms and Ihe origin of ter- 
restrial magnetism, 1st section. $t. 

Longmans. . 
Aurora ot Poverty Hill. Walton, E. 50 c ' 

B'way Pub. 
Aurora polaris. 

Aaiten, Jane. j 

Emma. '09(023) il. 12*, $2. Dutton. 

Emma; with an introd. by E, V. Lucas. 

Pocket ed. 'o<)(Mr6) por, S. (WorWi I 

classics,) 35 c Oxford Univ. 

Persuasion. 'og(023) il. 12°, $a. DuttoiL 

Austin, Herbert H. 

Scamper through the Far East ; incl. visit 
to Manchurian battlefields. 'og(N6) il. 
maps, O. $5. Longmans. 

Austin, Leonard Strong. 
Metallurgy of common metals, gold, silver. 
iron, copper, lead, and zinc, zd ed., rev. 
and enl. '09(N») c. il. O. $4. 

Mining and Scientific 
Austin, Mrs. Maiy Ennter. 
Lost borders. '09(N6) c. il, D, t$i-2S. 

Austin, Stanley Blaton. 
History of engraving from its inception to 
the time of Thomas Bewick. ■oc)(Fi3) iL 
pors. D. •$1.50 net Scribner. 

Glasson, W: H: Australian votinr sys- 
tem. 20 e. W: H: Glasson. 
Lang, W. H. Australia. '$2 net. 

St. Ledger, A. Australian socialism. •$1.50 
net. Macmillan. 

R. Commonwealth of Australia. 




Authors. — Continued, 
Shelley, H: C: Literary by-paths in old 

England. **$ net Little. B. & Co. 
Strachey, L., ed. Love letters of famous 

poets and novelists. ^$2 net. McBride. 
Thorold, A L. Six masters in disillusion : 

[Fontenelle, Prosper Merim^e, Ferdinand 

Fabre, Huysmans, Maeterlinck and Ana- 

tolc France.] *$i.50 net. Button. 

Visscher, W: L. Ten wise men, and some 

more; [writers.] (Not for sale.) 

W: L. Visscher. 
Winter, W: Old friends; being literary 

recollections of other days. ♦♦$3 net. 


See also Bibliogrm^ies; — Copyright; — Drmma and 
dramatists; — Fiction; ^~ Literature; — also 
names of literatures. 

Authors' and printers' dictionary. Collins. F : 

H. 35 c. Oxford Univ. 


Cochrane, C: H. How and where to sell 

mss. 50 c. Cochrane. 

Esenwein, J* B. Writing the short-story. 

$1.25. Hinds. 



See Suggestion (Mental). 

Burr, Afrs. A. R. B. The autobiography; 
critical and comparative study. **%2 net. 

Houghton M. 

Autobiography of a neurasthene. Qeaves, M. 

A. $1.50. Badger. 

Autobiography of Methuselah. Bangs, J: K. 

$1. B. W. Dodge. 


Williams, H. My chums in caricature. 
♦50 c. net. McQurg. 

Automatic capitalists. Payne, W. j^i. 


Automatic screw machines. Goodrich, C. L. 

*$2 net Hill Pub. 

Automobile Gub of Southern California 

Tour Book. '09(Ap3) c. il. maps, 8*, pap., 

$1.50; leath., $2.50. 

Automobile Gub So. Cal. 


Abbott, T. O. Automobile law for motor- 
ists. $2.50. Rcitly & B. 

American cyclopedia of the automobile. 6 
V. $18.50. Thomson & T. 

American School of Correspondence. Cy- 
clopedia of automobile engineering. 4 v. 
$12. Am. .Sch. Corr. 

Berry, C. P. Treatise on the law rel. to 
automobiles. ♦Is net. Callaghan. 

Bottone, S. R. Magnetos for automobiles. 
♦$1 net. Van Nostrand. 

Brewer, R. W. A. Motor car. **$2 net. 

Van Nostrand. 

Chauffeur question .ind the answer. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) 

N. Y. Sch. Automobile Eng. 

Diemcr, H. Automobiles. $1.50. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

Dyke, A. L. Course of automobile engi- 
neering. $10. — ^Troubles, remedies and 
repairs of the automobile and gasoline en- 
gine. $2. A. L. Dyke. 

Homans, J. E: Self-propelled vehicles. $2. 


Automobiles. — Continued, 
Huddy, X. P. Law of automobiles. $3.50. 

M. Bender. 
Kuehl, G: W. Automobile blue book of 
Wisconsin. ^$2 net G: W. Kuehl. 

Levitt, D. Woman and the car. *$i net 

Longest, W: B. Whys and wherefores of 
the modern motor car. 50 c. 

W: B. Longest 
Massachusetts. New motor vehicle law; 
arr. for the use of owners, dealers, gar- 
ages, operators and chauffeurs by C: J. 
Babbitt. ♦♦$1 net Little. B. & Co. 

Michales, H. S. Principal automobile 
routes of the United States gjid Cana- 
da, 1910. $2. Henncberry. 
1909 year book. $6. Automobile Topics. 

Pemberton, M. Amateur motorist **$3.7S 
net. McGurg. 

Penn-Jersey automobile road guide and 
route list $1. Nuneviller. 

Rand-McNally photo-auto guide. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Rand, McN. & Co. 

"Red book" interstate automobile guide, 
1909; [New England.] $2.50. 

F. S. Blanchard. 

Root, C: P. Automobile troubles and 
how to remedy them. $1.50. 

C: C. Thompson. 

Scarfoglio, A. Round the world in a motor 
car. *$5 net. M. Kennerley. 

Schmidt, O. C, ed, Pract. treatise on auto- 
mobiles. $12. Am. Text-Bk. 

Welsh, C :, ed. Chauffeur chaff : anecdotes, 
[etc.] 50 c. Caldwell. 

Whitman, R. B. Motor car principles: the 
gasoline automobile. **$i.50 net. 


5*^^ also Boats. 

Autumn leaves. Ellis, Mrs, O. $1. 

Times Pub. Co. 

Autumnal sprays. Princeton University. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

H: W. Swinnerton. 

Auvergne, Edm. B. d'. 
Lola Montez. '09(Jl3) pors. O. ^$4 net 


Auxiliarium. Gross, C. 45 c. C. Gross. 

Auxilium infirmorum. Eaton, R. *4$ c. net. 

Auzas, A., ed. 

Poemes Napolfeniens. 'o9(Oi6) S. 
(Shorter French texts.) ♦25 c. net 


Avare (L'). Molidre, J. B. P. de. *25 c. 
net Crowell. 

Ave atque vale. Jones, T: S., jr. 25 c. 

G: W: Browning. 

Avebury, Lord. 
See Lubbock, Sir J: 

Avery, Alfr. H. 
Auto-transformer -design : pract. hdbk. for 
manufacturers and contractors and wire- 
men. '09(Di8) 8**, $1.50. Spon. 
Avery, Elroy McKendree. 
History of the United States and its people. 
In 15 V. V. 5. *09(Mr2o) c. il. pors. 
maps, subs., per v., *$6.2S net; hf. lev., 
♦$12.50 net; lev., *$I7.50 net. Burrows. 



Avery, Habel Allen. 

Mother Goose or. bridge. 'ogCJIs) c it 

D. $1. Lyman Bros. 

Avery-StDttle, Hri. LUIb Dole, H«iui, Hina, 

aod SabinHn, Ella M., compe. and eds. 

Selections for our liltle folks, especially 

adapted as a reciter for use in church 

schools, missionary societies, temperance 

societies, etc. 'o9(Je) c. 12+13-260 P- 

12*, 60 c. Pacific Press. 

Index verborum of the fragments of the 
Avesta, by Montgomery Schuyler. '09 
CF6) 8°, (Columbia Univ. Indo-Iranian 
ser.) price reduced from $2 to $1.50. 


Awakening of Helena Richie. Deland, Mis. 

M. W. C +$1,50. Harper, 

Awakening of Spring. Wedekind, F. '$1.25 

Awakening of Turkey. Knight, E: F: *$3 

net. Lippincott. 

Axtell, Ja. Wiekl«S. 
Superintendent's hdbk. for 1910; cont. the 
lesson text, golden text, review sugges- 
tions, [etc.] outline program and statis- 
tical blanks for every Sunday in the 
year; also list of lessons for igii. '09 
(Ag) 132 p. T. leath., 35 c. 

Cumberland Press. 
Teacher's hdbk. for igio; cont. lesson text, 
golden text, definitions, [etc.,] for every 
Sunday in the year; with teaching sug- 
gestions, and (he list of lessons for 1911. 
'og(Ag) 132 p. T. leath.. 35 c. 

Cumberland Press. 

Ayer, N. W., & Son. 

1869-1909: forty years of advertising; a 

■^■^lUtlifin "f "wmevjlial intimate talk', pn 

ccttnin pliases of adverlising by the larg- 

ind leading agency. '09(S) c. 9-60 p. 

Ayrea, St«v«ii B. 
Bridge. 'og(Mr2o) e. D. (Dunwoodie 
books of games.) *$i net. Brentano's. 
Ayscoufh, J:, paend. 
Droiiiniii. oytApio) c. D. "t^t-SO. Putnam. 
San Celestino. '09(D4) c. D. t$l-5o. 


Sf NBYigation. 

Azimuth instruuehts. 

Sh NiTlailiDii. 

Diven, T : J. .\ztecs and Mayas. In Z v. 
V. I. $1. Antiquarian. 

Babbitt, Ja. Bradford. 

Physical history of the earih in outlhv. 09 

(Ja23) e. il. O. $[.56. E. E. Sherman. 

Physical history of the earth in outline. 

Rev. ed.; with appendix. '09CS18) c, O. 

$1.50. E. E. Sherman. 

Babcock, Kev. C: Edn. 

Persecution of Stephen Strong. '08, [1909.] 

(F) c. I2+14S p. front. 12', $1. 

B'way Pub. 
Babcock, Ta. Voods. 

See Lavind^T, Claude H. 
Babcock, F hi lip S., comp. 
Sic l.'i.i;<d Slates. Compilation of laws 
!•:. .• ii-n.: companies. 
Babe of Bethlehem. Price, C. F. per 100, 
$2.50. Eaton & M. 

Babes in the wood. Mord, W. 35 c. Stokes. 

Set Children. 

Babies and blossoms. Jerrold, W. C. 75 c. 
Babies of other countries. '09(D) col. il. 
bds., $1. Doran. 

Hammond, E,, comp. Splendor of God : ex- 
tracts from the sacted writini^ of the 
Bahais. **6o c. net. Button. 

Babsoii, Roget Ward. 
Business barometers used in the accumula- 
liuii 0/ money: a lexl-book on funda- 




Bacheller, Dora, comp. 
Housekeeper pudding boolc '09(Ja23) c. 
D. pap., 50 c. Housekeeper Corp. 

Bacheller, Irving Addison. 
Hand-made gentleman. '09(Ap24) c. D. 
t$i.50. Harper. 

The master; being in part copied from the 
minutes of the school for novelists; a 
round table of good fellows who, long 
since, dined every Saturday at the Sign 
o' the Lanthorne, on Golden Hill, in New 
York City. 'o9(N6) c. D. **$i.20, fixed. 

Doubleday, P. 
Bachelors. See Irving, Washington. 
Back to Hampton Roads. Matthews, A. F. 
$1.50. B: W. Huebsch. 

Background of the Gospels. Fairweather, 
W: ^$3 net. Scribner. 

Backwoodsmen. Roberts, C: G: D. t$iSo. 

Bacon, Alex. S. 

Illegal trial of Christ. 2d ed. '09(Ap24) 

por. O. pap., 25 c. A. S. Bacon. 

Woolly horse: [papers on timely topics.] 

'09(Ap24) por. O. pap., $1. A. S. Bacon. 

Bacon, B: Wisner, DJ). 
Founding of the church. '09(Ni3) c. S. 
(Modern religious problems.) 50 c. 

Houghton M. 
Introdnction to the New Testament. '09 
f Ap3) 12", (New Testament handbooks.) 
Price raised from *ys c. net to *$i net. 

Modern commentary; the beginnings of 
Gospel story: historico-critical inquiry 
into the sources and structure of the 
(]lospel according to Mark; with expos- 
itory notes upon the text. 'o9(Mr2o) c. 
O. ♦$2.25 net. Yale Univ. 

Bacon, E: 

Last hurdle. 'o9(Jl) c. 272 p. 12°. (Not 
for sale.) D. G. Bacon. 

Bacon, Fs., Lord. 

Essays; or, counsels civil and moral; ed. 

by Fred Allison Howe. '08. [1909.] (Ja) 

c. 37+250 p. 16**, (English classics.) 

*35 c. net. Heath. 

Bacon, Gorham, MJ). 

Manual of otology ; with .in introd. chapter 
by Clarence J: Blake, M.D. 5th ed., 
thoroughly rev. '09(0) 500 p. il. 12**, 
♦$2.25 net. Lea. 

Bacon, J: Lord. 

Forging. *09(F2o) c. il. 8**, (American 
School of Correspondence pubs.) $1. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
Bacon, Mrs. Josephine Dodge Daskam. 

In the border country. '09(023) c. il. D. 
*♦$!, fixed. Doubleday, P. 

Bacon, Roger. 

Liber primus com.munium naturalium Fra- 
tris Rogeri : partes prima et secunda; 
cdidit Robert Steele. '09(025) O. (Op- 
era hactenus inedita Rogeri Baconi fasc. 
II.) pap., $3.40. Oxford Univ. 

Meaphysica Fratris Rogeri ordinis frat- 
rum minorum de viciis contractis in studio 
theologie ; omnia quae supersunt nunc pri- 
mum; edidit Robert Steele. '09(025) O. 
(Opera hactenus inedita Rogeri Baconi 
fasc. I.) pap., $1.75- Oxford Univ. 

Bacon, Victor V., and Booth, P: 

Refraction: essentials of systematized, 
condensed and elucidated. '09 (Ag) 61 p. 
il. 24**, leatherette, $1 ; pap., 75 c. 

Chic. Med. Bk. 

Abbott, A. C. Principles of bacteriology. 
♦$2.75 net. Lea. 

Burnet, E. Campaigns against microbes. 
♦$2.50 net. Wood. 

Conn, H. W: Agricultural bacteriology. 
$2. Blakiston. 

Dieudonn6, A. Bacterial food poisoning: 
ptomaine poisoning. *$i net. Treat. 

Ellis, D : Outlines of bacteriology. *$ 
net. Longmans. 

Iowa University, College of Medicine. Con- 
tributions from the Dept. of Pathology 
and Bacteriology, v. i. 25 c. 

Univ. of la. 

McFarland, J. Text-book upon the path- 
ogenic bacteria. $3.50. Saunders. 

Mclsaac, L Bacteriology for nurses. 
♦♦$1.25 net. Macmillan. 

Stitt, E: R. Pract. bacteriology, blood 

work and animal parisitology. *$i.5onet. 

See also Dairjr; — Diaffnosis: — Digestion; — ^*2^' 
theria; — Fumigation; — Milk, — Parasites; — Tu- 
berculosis ; — Water. 


See Bacteria. 

Baedeker, Earl. 

Central Italy and Rome. 15th ed. '09 
(My22) il. maps, plans, 16", $2.25. 


Italy from the Alps to Naples. 2d ed. '09 
(F13) il. maps, plans, S. *$2.40 net. 


Northern France, from Belgium and the 
English Channel to the Loire, excluding 
Paris and its environs. 5th ed. '09 
(Je26) plans, fold, maps, S. *$2.2S net. 


Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with ex- 
cursions to Iceland and Spitzbergen. gth 
ed., rev. and enl. '09(Jl3i) maps, plans, 
16**, $2.40. Scribner. 

United States; with excursions to Mexico, 
Cuba, Porto Rico and Alaska. 4th rev. 
ed. '09(My22) maps, plans, 16°, *$4.50 
net. Scribner. 

Baghdad railway. 
See Asia. 

Bagot, Josceline Fitz Roy. 
George Canning and his friends. '09(Api7) 
2 v.. il. 8", *$9 net. Button. 

Bagot, R: 
Anthony Cuthbert. *09rje26) D. *$i.5o net. 

Bagwell, R: 

Ireland under the Stuarts and during the 
interregnum. In 2 v. *09(Mr6) maps, 
O. $10.50. Longmans. 


See Babism. 

Bailes, G: Mitcheson. 

Modern mining practice. 5 v. 'o9(My) 
il. 8°, ea., $3. Van Nostrand. 

Bailey, Mrs. Alice Ward, [Mrs. A. G. Bailey, 
"A. B. Ward."] 

Sec Morgan, Anna. 


Avery, Habel AUen. 

Mother Gooie on bridge. 'ogCJIj) c iL 

D. $1, Lyman Bros. 

Aveiy-Stnttle, Htm. Lilla Dale, Mann, Uina, 

aod Hobincon, Ella U., comps. and edi. 

Selections for our little folks, especially 

adapted as a reciter for use in church 

schools, missionary societies, temperance 

societies, etc. 'oQCJe) c. 12+13-260 p. 

la , 60 c Pacific Press. 

Index verborum of the fragments of the 
A vesta, by Montgomery Schuyler. '09 
{F6) 8°, (Columbia Univ. Indo-lrarian 
ser.) price reduced from $2 to $1.50, 


Avocat (U) Patelin. Brueys, D. A. de. 

•25 c. net Crowell, 

Si4 StiwtcOl. 

Awakening of Helena Richie. Deland, Mis. 

M. W. C. +$1.50. Harper. 

Awakening of spring. Wedekind, F. •$1.25 

net Brown Bros. 

Awakening of Turkey. Knight, E; F; *$3 

net. Lippincott 

Axtell, Ja. Wickl«ff. 

Superintendent's hdbk. for 1910; cont the 
lesson text, golden text, review sugges- 
tions, [etc.,] outline program and statis- 
tical blanks for every Sunday in the 
year; also list of lessons for 1911, '09 
(Ag) 132 p. T. leath., 35 c. 

Cumberland Press. 
Teacher's hdbk. tor iQto; cont lesson text, 
golden text, definitions, [etc.,] for every 
Sunday in the year ; with teaching sug- 
gestions, and the list of lessons for 191 1. 
'oQ(Ag) 132 p. T. leath., 35 c. 

Cumberland Press. 

Ayer, N. W., & Son. 

1869-1909; forty years of advertising; a 

collection of somewhat intimate talks on 

certain phai^es of advertising by the larg- 

I and leading agency. 'o9(S) c. 9-60 p. 

Ayies, Steven B. 
Bridge. '09(Mr20) c. D. (Dunwoodie 
books of games.) *?i net Brentano'). 
Ayscough, J:, puad. 
Droniiii.,. oytApio) c. D. +$'-50- Putnam, 
San Celestino. '09(04) c. D. t$i-50. 


r Ntvig; 


Sei aho Arrini. 

Babbitt, Ja. Bradford. 

Physical history of the earth in iiuii::'i'. 'on 

(Ja23) c. il. O. $1.56. E. E. Sherman. 

Physical history of the earth in outline. 

Rev. ed.; with appendix. '09(Si8) c. 0. 

$1.50. E. E. Sherman. 

Babcock, Rev.C: Edn. 

Persecution of Stephen Strong. '08, [1909.] 
(F) c. 12+145 P- front. 12°, $1. 

B'way Pub. 
Babcock, Ta- Voods. 

See Lavinat.T, Caude H. 
Batcock, t'hilip S., comp. 
i,cc V.i.'.uA Slates. Compilation of laws 
I. ;. .■ S'l.-T companies. 
Babe of Bethlehem. Price, C. F. per 100, 
$2.50. Eaton & M- 

Babes in the wood. Mord, W. 35 c. Stokes. 

Set Children. 

Babies and blossoms. Jerrold, W. C. 75 c 
Babies of other countries. '09(D) col. il. 
bds., fi. Doran, 

Hammond, E., eomp. Splendor of God : ex- 
tracts from the sacred writings of the 
Bahais. **6o c. net Dutton. 

Babaon, Soger Ward. 
Business barometers used in the accumula- 
lli.111 of money: a text-liOok on funda- 
niciilal statistics for investors and met- 


Bacheller, Dora, comp. 

Housekeeper pudding book. '09(Ja23) c. 

D, pap., 50 c. Housekeeper Corp. 

Bacheller, Dving Addison. 

Hand-made genlleman. '09(ApZ4) c D. 

t?i.SO- Harper. 

The master; being in part copied from ilie 

minutes of the school for novelists: a 

round table of good fellows who, Idhi; 

since, dined every Saturday at the Si^n 

o' the Lanlhorne, on Golden Hill, in Xl-w 

York City, '09(N6) c. D. "$1.20, fi.>:cd. 

Doubleday, P. 

Bachelors. See Irving, Washington. 

Back to Hampton Roads. Matthews, A F. 

$1.50. B: W. Hucbsch. 

Background of the Gospels. Fairwe.ith.jr, 

W: '$3 net. Scribner. 

Backwoodsmen. Roberts, C; G: D. t$ 



Bacon, Alex. S. 

Illegal trial of Oirist. 2d ed. 'og(Ap34) 

por. O. pap., 25 c. A. S. Bacon. 

Woolly horse: [papers on timely topics] 
'09(.\p24) por. O. pap., $1, A. S. Racon, 
Bacon, B: Wisner, DJ). 

Founding of the church. 'og(Ni3) c S. 
(Modern religious problems.) 50 <■ 

Houehtou M. 

Introdi'ction to the New Testament. '09 

(Ap.i) 12°, (New Testament handbooks.) 

Price raised from 'y^, c. net 10 *$i nti. 


Modern commentary ; the beginnir-'ji of 

Gospel story: historico-critical iii(|iiiiy 

info the sources and structure ^^i 1 Ik 

Gospel according to Mark; with o-ipns- 

itory notes upon the text. 'og(Mr2o) c. 

O. '$2.25 net. Yale Uniy. 

Bacon, E: 

Last hurdle, 'opfjl) c. 272 p. iz°. i N'ot 
for sale.) D. G. Bacon. 

Bacon, Fs., Loid. 

Essays: or, counsels civil and moral; ed. 

by Fred AlliFon Howe. '08, [1909,] IJa) 

37+250 p, 16°, (English cla' 

•35 c 


Bacon, Gotham, HJ). 

Manual of otology; with .in introd chapter 

by Clarence J: Blake, M.D. 5th ed 

thoroughly rev. '09(0) 500 p. il. 12°, 

■$2.25 net. 1.^3 

Bacon, J: Lord. 

Forging. '09fF20) c. il. 8°, (Am^tLcan 
School of Correspondence pubs.) $1, 

Am, Seh. Corr. 
Bacon, Mrs. Josephine Dodge Daskam. 
In the border country. '09(023) c. il H. 
"$i. fixed. Doubleda.v, P. 

Bacon, Soger. 

Lilicr primus commiinium naturalium Fra- 
tri? Rogcri ; partes prima el tecuiid.T ; 
edidit Robert Steele. '09(025) O. (Op- 
era hactenus inedita Kogeri Raconi h'^c. 
n.) pap.. $3.40- Oxford Univ. 

Meapliysica Fratris Rogeri ordinis frat- 


I slndii 

theologie; omnia quae supersunt 
mum; edidit Robert Steele. 'otj(D75) O- 
(Opera hactenus inedita Rogeri Bacooi. 
fasc. I.) pap., $1.75. Oxford Untr_' 


Bacon, Victor V., and Booth, P: 

Refraction : essentials of systematized, 
condensed and elucidated. 'o(}(Ag) 61 p. 
il. 24°, leatherette, $1 ; pap., 75 c. 

Chic. Med. Bk. 

Abbott, A, C. Principles of bacteriology. 
*$2.75 net. Lea- 

Burnet, E. Campaigns against microbes. 
•$2.50 net. Wood. 

Conn, H. W : Agricultural bacteriology. 
$3- Blakiston. 

Dieudonn^, A. Bacterial food poisoning: 
ptomaine poisoning. •$! net Treat 

Ellis, D: Outlines of bacteriology, "^ 
net. Longmans. 

Iowa University, College of Medicine. Con- 
tributions from the Dept. of Pathology 
and Bacteriology, v. I. 25 c. 

Univ. of U. 

McFarland, J. Text-book upon the path- 
ogenic bacteria. $3.50. Saunders. 

Mclsaac, I. Bacteriology for nurses. 
"$1.25 net. Macmillan. 

Stitt, E: R. Praci. bacteriology, blood 
work and animal parisitology. *Si,sonet 


;— ililfc, — PirHlIn: — Tb- 


Baedeker, Kail. 
Central Italy and Rome, isth ed. 'op 
(My22) il. maps, plans, 16 , $2.25. 

Italy from the Alps to Naples. 2d ed. '«9 
(F13) il. maps, plans, S. *$240 ncl 


N on hern France, from Bel^H 
English Channel to the Lout. 
Paris and its cnvironi. 
(Je26) plans, fold, map*. S. 

Norway, Sweden and I 
cursions to Iceland and SpfeAn^. ^ 

ed.. rev, and enl. 'opO^S*) ■■P*- l^ux. 

16°. $2.40. SswKf 

United States ; witb ei^Miaai m HtfA-Ji. 
Cuba, Porto Rico md 1§I^^ A frt 
ed. '09(My32) obk ^h«. if. *%*.■<' 
net fcrtv-.^ 

Baghdad bailwaV. 

Sn AiU. 
Ba^ot, JoiceliM f 
George Cannjac 
2 v., il. r, • 
Bagot, B: 
AnthonyCMfc_ . . 


Ireland mtm^Ktmm$ stui. ■ - ■ 


Avery, Mabel Allen. 

Mother Goose on bridge. 'og{J!3) c i1. 

D. $1. Lyman Bros. 

ATeiy-Stnttle, Mn. Lilla Dale, Mann, Mina, 

and Robinson, Ella H^ compa. and tia. 

Selections for our little folks, especially 

adapted as a reciter for use in church 

schools, missionary societies, temperance 

societies, etc. 'ogCJe) c. 12+13-260 p. 

12', 60 c. Pacific Press. 

Index verborum of the fragments of the 
A vesta, by Montgomery Schuyler. '09 
(F6) 8°, (Columbia Univ. Indo-Iranian 
ser.) price reduced from $2 to $1.50. 


Awakening of Helena Richie. Deland, ^fls. 

M. W. C. +$r.50. Harper. 

Awakening of spring. Wedekind, F. ♦Ji.zs 

net. Brown Bros. 

Awakening of Turkey. Kjiight, Et F: ♦$3 

net. Lippincott. 

Azbell, Ja. Wicld«a. 

Superintendent's hdbk, for 1910; cont. the 
lesson text, golden text, review sugges- 
tions, [clc.,] outline program and statis- 
tical blanks for every Sunday in the 
year; also list of lessons tor 1911. '09 
(Ag) 132 p. T. leath., 35 c. 

Cumberland Press. 
Teacher's hdbk. for 1910; cont. lesson text, 
(Tolden text, definilions, [elc.,] for every 
Stmday in the year; widi teaching sug- 
gestions, and the list of lessons for 1911. 
'ogCAg) 132 p. T. leath.. 35 c. 

Cumberland Press, 
Ayer, H. W., & Son. 

1869-1909; forty years of advertising; a 
collection of somewhat intimate talks on 
CLTlain pha=cs o£ advertising by the larg- 
est and leading agency. '09{S) c. 9-60 p. 

Ayrea, Steven B. 
Bridge. '09(Mr20} c. D. (Dunwoodie 
books of games.) *$i net. Brentano's. 
Ayacongh, J:, pseud. 
Droiiiiijji, oytApio) c. D. t$i-50. PulnanL 
San Celestino. '09(04) c. D. It';**- 


St* Nlvigation. 

Azimuth instkuhents. 

Sn Na*iB>lIoo. 

Diven, T : J. Aitecs and Mayas. In 2 v. 
V. I. $1. Antiquarian 

Set alio Arymiu. 

Babbitt, Ja. Bradford. 

Physical history of the canh in omr^'c, 09 

(Ja23) c. il. O. $ E. E. Sherman. 

Physical history of the earth in outline. 

Rev. ed.; with appendix. '09(818) c. O. 

$1.50. E. E. Sherman. 

Babcock, Ser. C: Edn. 

Persecution of Stephen Strong. '08, [1909.) 

(F) c. 12+145 P- front. 12', $1. 

B'way Pub. 
Babcock, Ja. (Foods. 

See LavindLT, Oaude H. 
Babcock, Fhiiip S., camp. 
.^K lJi.i:id Slates. Compilation of laws 
i> ;, .1 (['1J..T companies. 
Babe of Bethlehem. Price, C. F. per 100, 
$2.50. Eaton & M. 

Babes in the wood. Mord, W. 35 c. Stokes. 


Jerrold, W. C. ;s c. 
■09(D) col. il. 

Babies of othi 

bds., $1. 

Hammond, E., comp. Splendor of God: ex- 
tracts from the sacted writings of the 
Bahais. "60 c. net. Dutton. 

Bab son, Roger Ward, 
Bu'^iness barometers used in the accumula- 
t".iii iif ninriiy: a tcxl-book on funda- 

chants. 'oo(Agi4) c. il. S. $2; leath. 




Bacheller, Dora, comp. 
Housekeeper pudding book. '09(Ja23) c. 
D. pap., 50 c. Housekeeper Corp. 

Bacheller, Irving Addison. 
Hand-made gentleman. '09(Ap24) c. D. 
t$i.50. Harper. 

The master; being in part copied from the 
minutes of the school for novelists; a 
round table of good fellows who, long 
since, dined every Saturday at the Sign 
o* the Lanthorne, on Golden Hill, in New 
York City. 'o9(N6) c. D. **$i.20, fixed. 

Doubled ay, P. 
Bachelors. See Irving, Washington. 
Back to Hampton Roads. Matthews^ A. F. 
$1.50. B: W. Huebsch. 

Background of the Gospels. Fairwcather, 
W: *$3 net. Scribner. 

Backwoodsmen. Roberts, C : G : D. t$i-5o. 

Bacon^ Alex. S. 

Illegal trial of Christ. 2d ed. '09(Ap24) 

por. O. pap., 25 c. A. S. Bacon. 

Woolly horse: [papers on timely topics.] 

'09(Ap24) por. O. pap., $1. A. S. Bacon. 

Bacon, B: Wisner, DJ). 
Founding of the church. '09(Ni3) c. S. 
(Modern religious problems.) 50 c. 

Houghton M. 
Introduction to the New Testament. '09 
CAp3) 12", (New Testament handbooks.) 
Price raised from *75 c. net to *$i net. 

Modern commentary; the beginnings of 
Gospel story: historico-critical inquiry 
into the sources and structure of the 
(jiospel according to Mark; with expos- 
itory notes upon the text. 'o9(Mr2o) c. 
O. ♦$2.25 net. Yale Univ. 

Bacon^ E: 

Last hurdle. 'o9(Jl) c. 272 p. 12°. (Not 
for sale.) D. G. Bacon. 

Bacon, Fs., Lord. 

Essays; or, coun.sels civil and moral; ed. 
by Fred Allison Howe. '08, [1909.] (Ja) 
c. 37+250 p. 16**, (English classics.) 
♦35 c. net. Heath. 

Bacon, Gorham, M.D. 

Manual of otology; with an introd. chapter 

by Qarencc J: Blake, M.D. 5th ed., 

thoroughly rev. 'o9(0) 500 p. il. 12**, 

♦$2.25 net. Lea. 

Bacon, J: Lord. 

Forging. 'o9(F2o) c. il. 8**, (American 
School of Correspondence pubs.) $1. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
Bacon, Mrs. Josephine Dodge Daskam. 

In the border country. '09(023) c. il. D. 
**$i. fixed. Doubleday, P. 

Bacon, Roger. 

Liber primus com.munium naturalium Fra- 
tris Rogeri : partes prima et secunda ; 
cdidit Robert Steele. '09(025) O. (Op- 
era hactenus inedita Rogeri Baconi fasc. 
II.) pap., $3.40. Oxford Univ. 

Meaphysica Fratris Rogeri ordinis frat- 
rum minorum de viciis contractis in studio 
thcologie ; omnia quae supersunt nunc pri- 
mum ; edidit Robert Steele. '09(025) O. 
(Opera hactenus inedita Rogeri Baconi 
fasc. I.) pap., $1.75. Oxford Univ. 

Bacon, Victor V., and Booth, F: 

Refraction: essentials of systematized, 
condensed and elucidated. '09 (Ag) 61 p. 
il. 24*, leatherette, $1 ; pap., 75 c. 

Chic. Med. Bk. 

Abbott, A. C. Principles of bacteriology. 
*$2.7s net. Lea. 

Burnet, E. Campaigns against microbes. 
♦$2.50 net. Wood. 

Conn, H. W: Agricultural bacteriology. 
$2. Blakiston. 

Dieudonn^, A. Bacterial food poisoning: 
ptomaine poisoning. *$i net. Treat. 

Ellis, D : Outlines of bacteriology. ♦$2.50 
net. Longmans. 

Iowa University, College of Medicine. Con- 
tributions from the Dept. of Pathology 
and Bacteriology, v. i. 25 c. 

Univ. of la. 

McFarland, J. Text-book upon the path- 
ogenic bacteria. $3.50. Saunders. 

Mclsaac, I. Bacteriology for nurses. 
♦♦$1.25 net. Macmillan. 

Stitt, E: R. Pract. bacteriology, blood 
work and animal parisitology. *$i.5onet. 


See also Dairy; — Diaffnosis : — Digestion ; — l^|ph* 
theria; — Fumigation; — Milk, — Parasites; — Tu- 
berculosis ; — Water. 


See Bacteria. 

Baedeker, Earl. 

Central Italy and Rome. 15th ed. '09 
(My22) il. maps, plans, 16°, $2.25. 


Italy from the Alps to Naples. 2d ed. '09 
(F13) il. maps, plans, S. *$2.40 net. 


Northern France, from Belgium and the 
English Channel to the Loire, excluding 
Paris and its environs. 5th ed. 'op 
(Je26) plans, fold, maps, S. ^$2.25 net. 


Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with ex- 
cursions to Iceland and Spitzbergen. 9th 
ed., rev. and enl. '09(Jl3i) maps, plans, 
16**, $2.40. Scribner. 

United States; with excursions to Mexico, 
Cuba, Porto Rico and Alaska. 4th rev. 
ed. '09(My22) maps, plans, 16°, *$4.50 
net. Scribner. 

Baghdad railway. 
See Asia. 

Bagot, Josceline Fitz Roy. 
George Canning and his friends. *09(Api7) 
2 v., il. 8", *$9 net. Dutton. 

Bagot, R: 
Anthony Cuthbert. *09(Je26) D. *$i.5onet. 

Bagwell, R: 

Ireland under the Stuarts and during the 
interregnum. In 2 v. *09(Mr6) maps, 
O. $10.50. Longmans. 


See Babism. 

Bailes, G: Mitcheson. 

Modern mining practice. 5 v. '09(My) 
il. 8**, ea., $3. Van Nostrand. 

Bailey, Mrs. Alice Ward, [Mrs. A. G. Bailey, 
"A. B. Ward."] 

See Morgan, Anna. 

Bailey, Carolyn Sheiwio. 

Stories and rhymes for a chilti. 'og(N20) 
i!. re% $1. M. Bradley. 

Bailey, CyriL 

Religion of ancient Rome. '07, [ig09-I 
(Ap) 8°, (Religions ancient and mod- 
em,) '40 c, net. Open Court 
"Bailey, Fk.," psend. 

See Millard, Bailey. 
Bailey, F: Randolph, HJ)., and Miller, Adam 
Ha lion, HJ). 
Text-Book of embryology. 'og(Ap) 686 p. 
il 8°, *$4.50 net ; leath., 'Ssso net. 

Bailey, ]: Cann. 

Claims of French poetry; nine studies in 
the grealer French poels; [studies of Ihe 
work of Ma rot, Ron sard, Le Fontaine, 
Andri Chenier, Victor Hugo, Leconle de 
Lisle, and Heredia,] 'oq(Jl3i) 8°, $2.50. 
M. Kennerley. 
Bailey, Liberty Hyde, 
Beginners' botany. 'opCMris) c. il. D. 
"60 c. net, Macmillan. 

College of agriculture and the state ; ad- 
dress del. on the occasion of Farmers' 
Week at Cornell University, Feb. 26, 
'og(My23) O. pap., gratis. ll H. Bailey, 
Horticulturist's rule-book. New and lev. 
ed. 'ogCJeig) 12°, (Garden-craft ser.) 
75 c. Macmillan. 

Nature-study idea, jd ed., rev. '09(030) 
*|i.2^ net. Macmillan, 

Principles of agriculture. [Rev. ed.] 'otj 
(Cfe) c. il. la", (Rural science ser.) 
•51.25 net. Macmillan, 

Training of farmers, '09(09) e. D, "•$! 
net. Century Co. 

— ,«d. Cyclopedia of American agricvilture. 
In 4 V. V. 4, Farm and the community. '09 
(Ap3) c Q. subs., •*$5 ret, boxed ; per set, 
■*$20 ret; hf. mor„ "$32 net. Macmillan. 
Bailey, Vernon. 
Key to animals on which ivolf and coyote 
bounties arc often paid, '09(J1> ,1 p. il, 
8*, (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bu. 
of Biological Survey circular) (Add, 

Baird, Jean Katherine. 

Coming of Hester. ■og(Sii> c. D. (Hes- 
ter ser.) tSi.2S- Lolhrop, L. & S. 
Sixty-five on time. ■o9(Ni3) c. O. $1.25. 
Baker, Artb. 
Introd. to Esperanto; with a short story 
and vocabulary. 'oQ(Ja33) c 16*, pap, 
10 c. Am. Esperantin. 
Baker, Austin H. 
Theory and practice of veterinary medi- 
cine. 2d ed. ■09(F) c. 26s p. 8', $3-50 
A. Eger, 
Bskei, C. H. Collins, ed. 

See Turner, Percy M., ed. 
Baker, C. S, 

What Sheila did ; the adventures of an 
only child. '09(09) ii. S. 50 c. Stokes. 
Baker, C: McCoy, and Intlia, Alex. Ja. 

High school course in Latin composition. 
;og(F6) c. D. $t, _ Macmillan. 

High school course in Latin composition. 
In 2 V, and 3 pts. [New ed.) '09(09) 
12°, V. I. pts. I, a, *6o c. net; v. 2, pt. 3. 
"55 c. net. Macmillan. 

Baker, Charlotte Alice. 

Books as tools for children. 'o9(N> 7 p. 
16*, o, p Carson-H. 

Baker, Mrs. Cornelia HcGlie«. 
Magic image from India. 'og(N6) c. col. 
il, Q. $1,25. boxed. Stem. 

Baker, Etta Anthony. 
Girls of Fairmount. 09(09) c. il. D. 
t$i .w. Little. B, & Co. 

Baker, Franklin T:, Carpenter, G; Rice, and 
Dulon, Julie T. 
Primer, 'ogCJlr?) c, il. D. f Language read- 
er ser.) "25 c. net, Macmillan. 
Bakei, G: K: 

Locomotive fuel economy; economical fir- 
ing, economical boiler feeding, econom- 
ic.ll u=e of steam. 09(Ag7) c. il. D. $r. 
R'way Ednc 
Baker, G; Melville, ed. 

Pieces penple ask for ; serious, humorous, 
palliclic, patriotic, and dramatic selec- 
d poetry for readings 




Baker, Smitli. 

See Jenkins, Fk. K 
Baker, T: R. 

New physics. 'o9(Mr) $i. Stradling. 


See Cake; — Cookery. 

Balance of nature. Abbey, G: *$2 net. 

Balch, Lewis. 

See New York [State.] Public health law. 
Balch, T: 
Calvinism and American independence, 
1876. '09(D) 18 p. 4% $1. Allen, L. & S. 
Balch, T: WiUing. 
L'Evolution de Tarbitrage international. 
'09(Jai6) 8^ $2. Allan, L. & S. 

Balch, Thomas. 
Edmonds, F. S. Thomas Balch and the 
Geneva tribunal. (Add. author for 
price.) F. S. Edmonds. 

Baldry, Alfr. Lys. 
Burnes-Jones. *09(Api7) il. O. (Master- 
pieces in colour.) bds., *6s c net Stokes. 
Sir Joshua Reynolds. '09(D) various pag- 
ing, il. Q. (Great artist ser.) ^$2 net. 

Baldwin, C: Sears. 
Composition, oral and written. '09(Ni3) 
c. D. $1.20. Longmans. 

Writing and speaking: text-book of rhet- 
oric. '09(Je5) c. D. $1.20. Longmans. 
Baldwin, W: Ja. St. John. 
Hot water heating and fitting; modern hot 
water apparatus, the methods of their 
construction and the principles involved. 
4th ed., rev. and enl. '08, [1909.] c. 1$+ 
306 p. il. tabs., 8**, *$4 net. McGraw. 

Baldwin, Willis. 

See Michigan. Law of taxation. 
— ,cd. See Michigan. Law of personal in- 
Baldwin lectures. See Wenley, Rob. Mark. 
Baler (Siege of). 
Cerezo, S. M. Under the red and gold; 
being notes and recollections of the siege 
of Baler. $1.25. Hudson. 

Balestier, C: Wolcott 

See Kipling, Rudyard. 
Balkans (The). 
Cowen, J. Speeches on the Near Eastern 
question. $1. Longmans. 

Henderson, P. E. British officer in the 
Balkans. *$3.S0 net. Lippincott. 

Hutchinson, F. K. Motoring in the Bal- 
kans. ♦$2.75 net McClurg. 
Miller, W: The Balkans: Roumania, Bul- 
garia, Servia and Montenegro. $150; 

$1.75. Putnam. 

See also Bosnia; — Herzegovina. 

Ball, Carleton Roy, and Leidigh, Arth. H. 
Milo as a dry-land grain crop. 'o9(F2o) 8*, 
(U. S., Dept. of Agriculture; farmers' 
bulletin.) pap., 5 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Ball, C: Baclnxs. 

See Gray, W : Beall. 

See Baseball; — Bat-ball;— Cricket;— Drills {fan. 
cy) ; — Football; — Lacrosse. 

Ball and the cross. Chesterton, G. K. t$i.50. 


Ball family. 

See Genealogies, Deaa, A. S. 

Cameron, C. Stories of the ballads. 50 c. 

Witham, R. A., comp, English and Scot- 
tish popular ballad's. 40 c. Houghton M. 

See also Poetry; — Songs. 

Ballads of a Cheechako. Service, R. W : $1. 

Ballard, Emerson Etheridge. 
Complete index to Ballard's Law of real 
property, v. 1-12; rev. and repr. with 
each new v. of the sen, [etc.] 09(Ap) 
c. 231 p. O. $6.50. Flood. 

Law of real property, v. 12; ed. by Arth. 
W. Blackmore. '09 (Ap) c. O. shp., 
$6.50 ' Flood. 

Balleine, 6. R. 
Hist, of the Evangelical party in the 
Church of England. '09(Agi4) pors. D. 
price reduced from *$i.75 net to *$i net. 


Ballenger, W: Lincoln, M.D. 

Treatise on medical and surgical diseases 

of the nose, throat and ear. 2d ed. '09 

(N) 930 p. il. 8", *$5-5o net. Lea. 

Ballet, Gilbert. 

Neurasthenia; tr. from the 3d French ed. 
by P. Campbell Smith, M.D. 'o9(Ag) 
436 p. figs. 8", *$2 net. Hoeber. 


See Rifles. 

Balmer, Edn. 

Science of advertising. '09(Agi4) S. 25 c. 

E. Balmer. 

Waylaid by wireless. '09(Jei9) c. il. D. 

t$i.5o. Small. 

Balthasar. See France, Anatole. 

Baltimore, Md. Public service corporations 
of the city; a compilation of the public 
and private grants of rights, franchises, 
easements, privileges and immunities to the 
various public service corporations engaged 
in the pubfic utilities of Baltimore city; 
comp. by C: Pielert. '08, [1909.] (Ja) c 
shp., $8. G: W. King. 

Tate, G. P. Frontiers of Baluchistan. *$5 
net. Scribncr. 

Balzac, Honorg de. 

[Works.] Comedie humaine. Centenary 

ed. ; tr. by Katharine Prescott Wormeley. 

'o9(D25) I2^ ea., $1.50. Little, B. & Co. 

Contents: v. 34, Letters to Mmc. Hanska; v. 35, 

A woman of thirty and other studies; tr. by G: 

Burnham Ives: v. 36, The muse of the department 

and other stories, tr. by G. Burnham Ives. 

Cat and Racket, etc. ; introd. by G : Saints- 
bury. '09(Mr27) 16°, (Everyman's lib.) 
**35 c. net; leath., *70 c. net. Dutton. 

Cesar Birotteau ; ed. by Wilhelmine E. 
Delp. '09(Myi5) D. (Oxford modern 
French ser.) 60 c. Oxford Univ. 

Eugenie Grandct; ed. by H. E. Berthon. 
*09(Mr6) il. por. S. (Oxford higher 
French ser.) 85 c. Oxford Univ. 

Le mcdccin de campagne; ed.. with introd. 
and notes, by de Payen-Payne. '09(Mr) 
20+310 p. 16**, (Pitt Press ser.) *9o c. 
net. Putnam. 

Maxims. 'o9(Apio) front. 32**, (Ariel 
booklets.) Icath., 75 c. net. Putnam. 

Stories by Balzac. '09(Jli7) 12% (World's 
story tellers ser.) *40 c. net. Dutton. 

Balzac.— Continued. 

Talcs- 'wj(D4) c, S. (Wayside lib-) leath,. 

$1. Brentano's. 

Une tenebreii'e affaire; ed. by Marie A. 

Pechinet. 'og(Mr6) S. {Oxford modern 

French ser.) 60 c Oxford Univ. 

Balzac, Hon ore de. 

Gillette, F. B., comp. Title index to the 
works of Honort de Balzac. 25 c. 

Boston Bk. 
BaacToft, Jessie HnbbelL 

Games for the playground, home, school 

and gymnasium. '09(Di8) c. il. O. 

**$i,5o net- Macmillan. 

BancToft, Maig., and FariDgtou, E. A., coinps. 

Manual of the course of study, Bancroft 

Training School for Mentally Subnormal 

Children, Haddonfield, N. J. '09(My) 

!20 p. 12°. (Not for sale.) Bancroft. 

Bancroft, Marie Effi« Wilton, Lady and Sir 

S quite Bancroft. 

The Bancrofts: rccollecliona of sixty years. 

'og(Jei2) il. 8°, $5. Dutton. 

Bancroft, Sir Squire Bancroft. 

See Bancroft, Marie EfBe Wilton, Lady. 

Srt Surgfry. 

Bandeliei, Adotph F. 

Islands of Titicaca and Koati. [ipoSI '09 
(N) (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Hi;panic Soc. 

BandelieT, — . and Roepke, Otto. 

Tuberculin in diathesis and treatment ; text 

book oF the specific diagnosis and therapy 

of tuberculosis ; tr. from the ad German 

ed, by Egbert C. Morland. 'og(J!) il. 

fold, charts, 8°. •$.! net. Wood. 

Banderet, P., and Reinbaid, Ph. 

First lessons in French: adpt. by Grace 
Sandwith. 'og{Jei9) D. (Modem lang. 
ser.l 'fo c. net. Crowell. 

Bangs, J: Eendtick. 

Autobiosraphy of Methuselah ; ed. by J : 

Kendrick Bangs, 'og(D25) e. il. 12°, $1. 

B. W. DodRe. 

Real thing, and three other farces. '09 

(O16) 5. il. S,_t$i. Harpei 


B A N KR u PTC V ,—Co nlititied. 
Collier, W : M. Law and practice of bank- 
ruptcy. $7.50, M. Bender. 
Staples, A. Suit in bankruptcy, (Add, 
pubs, for price,) Michie. 
Woodman, A, S. Treatise on tlie law of 
trustees in bankruptcy. $6.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Srt alij Sa]e:~alio names of ilatu. 

Banks, L: Albert, DJ). 

Problems of yomii; series of discourses for 
young people on themes from the book of 
Proverbs, '09(N20) e. D. •^ net 

BbdIcs, TTathan. 

Directions for collecting and preserving 
insects; by Nathan Banks in collobora- 
lion with various ■ncmhers of the Bureau 
of Entomology, Dept, of Agriculturt 
'o(){023) il. 0. (Smithsonian Institution, 
U. S, National Museum bull.) pap. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 
Banks and banking. 

Alcorn. E. G. Duties and liabilities of bink 
directors. $1.50. Financial Pub, 

American Adjusters Co. directory of re- 
liable lawyers and banks in the United 
States and Canada. $5.50. 

Am. Adjusters. 

American Banker.^' Association. Savings 
Bank Section. Proceedings of the 7th 
annual meeting, Denver. Colo., 1908. 
(Add. Assoc, for price.) 

Am. Bankers' Assoc 

Casiveil. L. B. Postal savings bank: paper . 

entitled "Do we want the postal savings ' 

hank." (Add. Superintendent for price.) A 

U. S., Supt of Docs. ' 

Conant, C: A. History of modem banks of 
issue. **$3.So net. Putnam. 

Crawford. J : J. Bank directors, their pow- 
ers, duties and liabilities. 50 c. 

Bankers' Pub. 

Forgan, J. B. Should national bank de- 




Banks and banking. — Continued. 
Postal savings banks, gratis. 

Univ. of Wis. 

Pratt's digest; laws rel. to banks. $2. 

A. S. Pratt. 

Robinson, H. Simple explanation of mod- 
ern banking customs. (Add. author for 
price.) H. Robinson. 

Sharp & Alleman Co.'s lawyers' and bank- 
ers' directory for 1909. Jan. ed.-July ed. 
ea., $5. Sharpe & A. 

Sherwood, G. M., comp. Summary of the 
general banking laws of the commercial 
states, gratk. R. I. State Lib. 

Sweetland, C: A: Bank book keeping. 
50 c. Am. Sch. Corr. 

United States. Compilation of laws rel. to 
trust companies. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Am. Bankers' Assoc. 

United States. National Monetary Commis- 
sion. Replies to circular letter of inquiry 
of Sept 26, 1909, on suggested changes in 
administrative features of the national 
banking laws. '08, [1909.] (O) c. 8*. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Treasury Dept. Comp- 
troller of Currency. Instructions and 
suggestions of the comptroller of the cur- 
rency relative to the organization, etc., of 
national banks. '09 (Je) 47 p. 8°, pap. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Treasury Dept. Informa- 
tion concerning national banks; letter 
from the Sec'y of the Treasury, trans- 
mitting a response to the resolution of 
the House m^aking inquiry as to numbers, 
capital, circulation, deposits, etc, of the 
national banks. '08, [1909.] (My) 238 p. 
8*. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

White, H. Money and banking, illustrated 

by American history. *$i.8o net; *$i.50 

net. (jinn. 

Se€ also Adyertising; — Codes; — Finance; — Gold 
ias money) ; — Interest; — Money: — Negotiable 
instniments; — Panics; — Stocks; — also names of 

Banner, 6. A. 

Practical engraving on metal. 2d ed. '09 
(Ap24) il. 16**, $1.25. Van Nostrand. 

Bannerman, Margaret Gordon, Lady. 
Archibald, R. C. Carlyle's first love, Mar- 
garet Gordon, Lady Bannerman. *$3.50 
net. Lane. 

Banquet songs and ballads. '09(Jei9) 12"*, 
bds., 25 c, in envelope. Reilly & B. 

Banzai! "Parabellum," pseud. t$i.5o. 

Baker & T. 
Da3rton, A. C. Theodosia Ernest: [con- 
versation between two children and their 
mother on the subject of baptism.] ^75 c. 
net Baptist Bk. 

Grime, J. H. Hist, of alien immersion and 
valid baptism. *I5 c. net Baptist Bk. 

Ratcliffc, F. A., and Smith, H. T. Baptism. 

30 c. F. A. Ratdiflfc. 

Stt also FrieDds iSoeUty of). 

Baptist church. 

American Baptist year-book, 1909. *5o c 
net. Am. Bapt 

Centennial celebration of the Baptists of 
Alabama, by the Alabama Baptist State 
Convention and the Baptist Woman's 
Missionary Union. '08, [1909.] (S) 20 p. 
8**, pap., gratis. Paragon. 

Church clerk; hdbk. for clerks of Baptist 
churches. 25 c. Am. Bapt 

CoUinsworth, J. R. Pseudo church doc- 
trine of anti-Pedo-Baptists defined and 
refuted. $2.50. Hudson. 

Folk, E. E. Baptist principles. $1. 

S. S. Bd., So. Bapt. 

Frost, J. M. Our church life; serving God 
on God's plan. 90 c. S. S. Bd. So. Bapt 

Griffith, E. C. Epochs in Baptist history. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Advance. 

Jones, P. L. Restatement of Baptist prin- 
ciples, ♦♦so c. net Am. Bapt 
Baptist handbook for 1909. '09 (Mr) 85 p. 

T. pap., 10 c. Am. Bapt. 


See Lawyers. 

Bar B. boys. Sabin, E. L. t$i-50. Crowell. 
Barahona, Diego. 
Glosa a la obra de Don Jorge Manrrique; 
hecha por Diego Barahona dirigida al 
muy yllu stre Senor Dom Caspar des- 
tufiiga de auellaneda abad de Castro, 
[facsim.] '02, 1 1909.] (N) front 4**, $4. 

Hispanic Soc 

Barahona de Soto, Luis. 

Primera parte de la Angelica de Lvys; al 

excelentissimo Senor Duque de Offuna. 

[facsim.] '03, [1909] (N) 251 p. 8**, $8.50. 

(100 copies.) Hispanic Sec. 

Barbara. See Root, E: T. Redemption of 

Paradise Pond. 
Barbara, pseud. 
See Wright, Mrs. Mabel Osgood. 

Barbarians of Morocco. Sternberg, Count 
♦♦$2 net. Duffield. 


See Rodgers. John. 

Barbe, Waitman. 
Famous poems explained; with biographi- 
cal notes of the authors represented; 
with an introd. by R: G. Boone. '09 
(My8) c. I2^ $1. Hinds. 

Barber, Amzi Lorenzi. 

Best road and the right way to make it. 
'09(Mri3) c. il. O. pap. (Not for sale.) 

Barber Asphalt. 
Barber, Edn. Atlee. 
Maiolica of Mexico. '08^ [1909.] (F) c. 
IIS p. il. 8**, (Art hdbks. of the Pa. Mu- 
seum and School of Industrial Art.) 

Penn. Mus. and Sch. of Ind. Art. 

Pottery and porcelain of the United States, 

to which is appended a chapter on the 

pottery of Mexico. 3d ed., rev. and enl. 

^09(Je26) c. il. O. ♦♦fc net. Putnam. 


Drexel, A. Progressive barber ; a book for 

the apprentice and for barbers. $1. 

Wis. State Barbers' Bd. 
Barbour, J: 
The Bruce; ed. by W. M. Mackenzie. '09 
(S4) 12*, ♦$1.90 net Maauillan. 


B«ibou[, Levi L. 

Peler White is man and citizen: addres: 
at joint session of the Oassical and His 
torical Conferences at Ann Arbor, Mich., 
Mar. 31, li 
Univ. for p 
Baibour, R&lph 
Captain Chub. '09(02) c il. D. t?i.SO. 

Century Co. 
Double play : story of school and base- 
ball. '09(09) col. il. D. ■tti-SO. 


Lilac girl. '09(N6) c. col. il. O. $2, bo.-tcd. 


Barclay, Mrs. Florence Louisa Charleawortli. 

The rosary. ■oq(D4) c D. -*$i,35 net. 

Barclay, W, C. 

See Eiselen, F: C. 
Barclay of the guides. Strang, H. ' net. 

Bard, Hairy Enrln. 
The city school district ; statutory provisions 
for organixalion and fiscal attairs, '09 
(Das) c. 8°. (Teachers' College. Colum- 
bia University; Contribs. lo education.) 
$1. Teachers' Coll. 

Bardeen, C: W: 

John Brady's astral body, and other stories 
about schools. '09(Ja23) c, D. $1. 

— , «d. Fundamental facts of elementary 
physics : consisting of full answers to all 
the examinations in that subject given by 
the regents of the Universiiy of the State 
of New York, 1896-1905. 'o9(Ja23) c. il. 
figs. D. $1. Bardeen. 

Barefoot days. Williams, B. $1.50. Conkey. 
Barine, Arvede, paeud. 
See Vincens, Cficile. 
Bark, Don Hurdman. 
Irrigation in Kansas. 'og(Jl) 28 p. maps, 
8°, (U. S. Dcpt, of Agriculture. Office of 
Experiment Stations bull.) pap, (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Barnard, Annie E. 

My tirst cousin or myself. 'o(>(DJ c. 86 p. 
12°, 75 c. Cochrane. 

Barnard, EUa Kent. 
Early Maliby with some Roadcs history 
and that of the Maulsby family in Amer- 
ica, descendant-! of William and Mar; 
Maltby, emigrants from Nottinghamshire, 
England, to Pennsylvania. '09(Jei2) t 
il. por. facsims., 8°, $i5,2S. S : N. Rhoades. 
Barnes, Mrs. A. J. 

Sec Barnes, Louisa Ellen. 
Banes, Annie Maria. 

Lillle lady at the fall of Quebec. 'o9(Ni3) 
c. il. D. t$l.25. Perai Pub, Co- 

Bamea, C. L. 

Lessons in elementary practical ph3^ica. 

V. 3. pt. I, Practical acoustics. 'o9(Ap3) 

il, 12°, (Stewart and Gee ser.) *$ net 


Baines, Eail. 

Child study in relation to elementary art 
education. '08. [1909.) (F) c. ao p. 8*. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Am. Art 

Barnes, Everett 
Short American history for intennediate 
grades ; navigators and explorers, early 
inhabitants of North America, the col- 
onies to the close of the French and In- 
dian War. 2 V. 'oS, [1909.] (F) c. iL 
fold, map, 12", V, I, 70 c. ; v. 2, 75 c. ; com- 
plete, $1. Heatb. 
Barnes, Ja. 

Sff Boys on the railroad, 
Barnes, Louisa Ellen ["Mrs. A. J. Barnes."] 
Practical course in shorthand. "o9(N) c. 
172 p. 12°, $1.25. Barnes Pub. 

Barnes, W: 

Selected poems ; chosen and ed. by T ; 

Hardy, with a preface and glossarial 

notes. 'opCJeig) 16°, (Oxford lib, of 

prose and poetry.) 90 c. Oxford Univ. 

Baraett, Evelyn Snead. 

The dragnet. '09(N2ol c. D. 51.50, 

B : W. Huebsch 
Barnett, G: Ernest. 




BtfoggiOy Alex., comp. 
Two hundred seating furniture in histori- 
cal styles, photographic reproductions 
from rare and characteristic specimens of 
chiefly English, French, Italian, Flem- 
ish, Spanish, and partly Oriental origin, 
from originial photographs. '09(0) il. 
f**, $12. A. Gerbel. 

Barometers and the measurement of atmos- 
pheric pressure. Marvin, C: F: (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Baron (The), pseud. 
See Ronzone, B: Anthony. 

Ban*, Mrs. Amelia Edith Huddleston. 

Hands of compulsion. '09(Apio) c. front 

D. t$i.50. Dodd. 

House on Cherry Street. '09(04) c. front 

D. t$i.SO. Dodd. 

Barr, J. Stoddart 
See Barr, T: 

Barr, J: H: 
See Kimball, Dexter Simpson. 

Barr, J: W: 

Inductive method of learning stonework; 
simplified system for acquiring the art of 
preparing forms for letter-press printing, 
based on the folded signature as an ele- 
mentary and infallible guide for imposi- 
tion. '09 (N) c 16 p. 8**, $3.50. 

J: W: Barr. 

Bair, Sob., ["Ukt Shsrpe."] 

Cardillac. '09(09) c. col. front D. t$i-50. 


Barr, T:, MJ>., and J. Stoddart 

Manual of diseases of the ear ; incl. those of 
the nose and throat in relation to the ear. 
4th ed., entirely rev. and largely rewrit- 
ten. '09(Ap) 40+477 p. il. 8% ♦$4.50 
net MacmUlan. 


Barranco, Mariano. 
See Carrion, Miguel Ramos. 

Bazrett, Bynm Simeon. 
Book of homonyms ; with copious exercises 
on homogeneous and homophonous 
words, and chapters on compound and 
hyphenated words, use of the apostrophe, 
use of figures, rules for spelling, the for- 
mation of plurals and contractions, with 
extended exercises. 'o9(Mr6) c. D. *75c. 
net Pitman. 

Bairett, C: J. 
Poems and addresses. *o8, [1909.] (F) c. 
227 p. por. 8*. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Orange Joum. 
Barrett^ C: Simon. 
Mission, hist and times of the Farmers* 
Union: narrative of the greatest indus- 
trial-agricultural organization in history, 
and its makers. 'o9(Je) 419 p. pors. 8*. 
(Add. author for price.) C: S. Barrett. 

Barrett, Eaton Stannard. 
The heroine; with an introd. by Wa. Ral- 
eigh. 'op(Myi5) S. (Oxford lib. of 
prose and poetry.) 90 c. Oxford Univ. 

Barrett, Fk. W: Zelotes. 
Mourning for Lincoln. '09(My22) c. D. 
♦♦$1 net. Winston. 

Barrett, J: 
Latin America^ the land of opportunity; a 
reprint of official reports and special ar- 
ticles. '09(Si8) il. 8", pap., gratis. 

Int Bu. Am. Republics. 
Barrett, S: Alfr. 
Pomo Indian basketry. '09(Ja9) il. figs. Q. 
(Univ. of Cal. pubs.; Ainerican archaeol- 
ogy and ethnology.) pap., $1.75.. 

Univ. of Cal. 
Barrett, Stephen MelviL 
Practical pedagogy. '08^ [1909.] (Ja) c. 
137 p. 12*, $1. Heath. 

Barrett Manufacturing Co. Tarvia and pitch 
filler; digest of the proceedings of the 
tarvia meeting, held in (Chicago, Dec. 8th 
and 9th, 1908. 'o9(Ap) c. 20 p. il. 8". (Not 
for sale.) Barrett Mfg. Co. 

Barren, S: Benton. 
Lone Star defenders : chronicle of the third 
Texas cavalry, Ross' brigade. *09(Ja23) 
c. O. *$2 net. Neale. 

Barrows, C: H: 
Hist of Springfield in Mass.; for the 
I young; being also in some part the 
hist of other towns and cities in the* 
county of Hampden. '09 (My) c 166 p. 
il. 12*, 80 c. W. F. Adams. 

Barrows, Mary Minerva, ed. 
Value of happiness: introd. by Marg. E. 
Sangster. 09(0^) c. O. (Value ser.) 
S1.50; $2; chamois, $2.50; leath., $4; cl, 
$5. Caldwell. 

Barrows, Wayne Groves. 
Law of the range. 'o9(N2o) c. il. D. $1.50. 

C M. Qark. 
Barrows lectures. 5*^^ Hall, C: Cuthbert. 
Barry, W: Fs. 
Hygiene of the schoolroom. Rev. ed. '09 
(O16) c. 12*, $1.50. Silver. 

Barse, Mrs. Mary Emma Salisburv, ["Mary 
E. Blain."] 
Games for all occasions. '09 (Jl) c. 11- 
208 p. 8**, 60 c. Barse & H. 

Barstow, Mrs. Montague. 
See Orczy, Emma Magdalena Rosalia Ma- 
ria Josefa Barbara, Baroness. 
Bartholomew, Elmer Jefferson. 

Man, woman, know thyself!: illustrated 
treatise on practical psychology. '09 
(Ja2) c. il. charts, por. 8**, $2. 

E. J. Bartholomew, 
Bartlett, Edn. Julius. 
Calculations of the quantitative chemical 
laboratory with problems. *09(N) c. 47 p. 
12**, 75 c. E. J. Bartlett. 

Bartlett, P: Orin. 
Web of the Golden Spider. *09(F27) c. il. 
D. t$i.50. Small. 

Bartlett, Ja. L. 
Frosts in Wisconsin: occurrence, predic- 
tion, and methods of prevention. '09 
(JI3) O. (Univ. of Wis. bull. ; University 
extension ser.) pap., 25 c. 

Univ. of Wis. 
Barton, G: 

Adventures of the world's greatest detec- 

■ tives. '09(Ap3) c. il. D. 75 c. Winston. 

Barton, G:, Guilday, P: K., Taggart, Marion 

Ames, and others. 

Lady of the tower, and other stories, 'a^ 

(My8) c. D. $1.25 ^^tvtK^^t. 



Barton, Ja. Uvi, DJ). 

Daybieak in Turkey. 'o9(Jai6) c. O. bds., 
^1.50 net. Pilgrim Press. 

Barton, Llewellyn, comp. 

Maine official index and court directory. 
'09(Je) c. 160 p. O, $1. Smith & S. 

Bartow, E: 

Municipal water supplies of Illinois. '07, 

[igog.] (Ap) 123 p. map, 8°, {Univ. of 

III. bull.; water survey ser.) pap. (Add.. 

University for price.) Univ. of 111. 

— , Ddden, Johan August, and otbeis. 

The mineral content of Illinois waters. ■09 
fD) 8+ig2 p. il. 8°. (Illinois, State Geo- 
logical Survey; bull.) pap., gratis. 

Univ. of III. 
Bartrsm, J. W. 

Loiiemans' illustrated first conversational 
German reader. 'og(03o) D. 80 c. 

Barty Crusoe and his man Saturday. Bur- 
nett, Mrs. F. H. **$! net. Moflat. 
Baiwell, J. W. 

Science, the mind, revelation, the heart, of 
God; outcome of all the creeds. '09 
(Jciz) S. pap., 25 c. Jacobs & H. 

Bancell, Ho el. 

Someone pays. 'og(Api?) D. $1.50. Lane. 
Foster. J: B., cd. Spalding's official base- 
ball record, 1909, 10 c. Am. Sporls. 
McGillicuddy, C. How lo play base-ball. 
pap., as c. Barse & H. 
McGraw, J: J. Scientific baseball, 10 c. 

R: K. Fox. 
Spalding's official metropolitan baseball 
book. TO c. Spalding, 

Sullivan, J. E: How to catch, 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

Baseball boys of Lakeport. Stratcmeyer, E: 

t$i.2S. Lothrop, L. & S. 

Basel, Bdm. 

Songs and ballads; Waher and Lilian. '09 

(AgaS) S. pap. (Add. pubs, for price.) 


Barrett, S : A. Porno Indian basketry. 
$I7S. Univ. of Cal. 

Mason, O. T. Anyam gila (mad weave) : 
Malaysian type of basket work. — Voeab. 
of Malaysian basket-work. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Doc5. 
Turner. L. W, Basket maker. 75 c. 

Davis Press. 
Basley, Via. A. 

Poultry book; tells you what to do and 
how to do it. '08, [igcjg.J (F) 192 p. il, 
por, 8°, $1, A. Basley, 

B«8S, W: L: 

Dutch standard in the U. S. tariff law, 1909. 
H. R. 1438; to the Hon. Sen. Reed 
Smoot, from W. C. Bass, July i, IQ09. 
'09(0) 16 p. 8°, pap. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Basswood (I'l'c Americana). 'o9(Je) 3 p. 8°, 
(U. S.. Dept. of Agriculture, forest service, 
forest planling leaflet.) pap. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. ot Docs. 
Bastiat, Frederic. 

Fallacies of protection ; being the Soph- 
ismcs economiques of Frederic Bastiat ; 
tr. from the sth ed. ot the French by 
Patrick Ja. Stirling; with introd. note 
by H. H. Asquith, ■09(Ag2i) 8°, •$! net 
Bastin, Edson Sunderland, and Da via, C; 
Peat deposits of Maine, prep, in co-opera- 
tion with the Maine State Survey Com- 
'o9(My) 137 P- fisS; '1- O. pap. 

U, S-. Supt. ( 


Perttich, R, German schlagball (German 
bat-ball), 15 c. McVey. 

Baterden, J. S. 
Timber. •o9(]ei9) il. 8°. (Westminster 




Battel!, Jos. 
New physics; sound. '09(02) c. figs. O. 
$1.25. Am. Pub. Co. (Vt.) 

— ,CQfmp. American stallion register, incl. all 
stallions prominent in the breeding of the 
American roadster, trotter and pacer from 
the earliest records to 1902; and this in- 
cludes nearly all imported English thor- 
oughbreds, and their more distinguished 
get; together with many of the English 
stallions from which they are descended. 
'09(My) c. il. 4^ $5- Am. Pub. Co., (Vt.) 
Batten, S: Zane, D.D. 

Christian state; the state, democracy and 
Christianity. '09(Jli7) c. D. *$r.5o net. 

Am. Bapt. 

Battle, Herbert B., and Gascoyne, W: J: 

Chemical conversion tables for use in the 

analysis of commercial fertilizers, cotton 

seed, iron and food products, etc. '09 

(D) c 78 p. l2^ $2.50. Williams & W. 

Battle, Jesse M. 

Why I am not a Roman Catholic, an answer 

to a letter received from the Rev. Father 

. , S.J. '09(D) c. 294 p. 12*, 

$1.50. J. M. Battle. 

Battle, Mrs. Laura Eliz. Lee. 
Forget-me-nots of the Civil War; ro- 
mance containing reminiscences and 
original letters of two Confederate sol- 
diers. '09(0) c. il. por. 8*, $1.50. 

J. M. Battle. 
Battle (The). Moffett, C. t$i.5o. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

Battle Creek Sanitarium diet list. Kellogg, 

J : H. 25 c. Modern Medicine. 

Dawson, L. H. Book of battles and sieges. 

50 c Dutton. 

Hart, A. B., and others. Decisive battles 

of America. $1.50. Harper. 

Steele, M. F. American campaigns. (Add. 

Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
See also Gettysburg: — Lon^Island (Battle of); — 
Louisburg (Siege of);— -Point Pleasant (Battle 

Baty, T: 

International law. '09(030) O. *$2.75 net. 

Baudelaire, Charles. 

Poems in prose; tr. by Arth. Symons. '09 
(D) 32^ (Ideal ser. of little master- 
pieces.) *50 c. net; ♦$! net. 

T: B. Mosher. 

Baudot, Jules. 

Roman breviary, its sources and history; 

tr. from the French by a priest of the 

diocese of Westminster. 'o9(A7) 8°, *$i 

net. Herder. 

Baum, Lyman Fk. 
Road to Oz. '09(Ag7) c. il. D. $1.25. 

Reilly & B. 

Baum, Mary Eliza Davis, [Mrs. C. L. Baum.] 

Studies in divine science. '09(02) c. D. 

♦$1 net. C. L. Baum. 

Baum, W: L., M.D., and Moyer, Harold N:, 
MJ)., eds. 

Skin and venereal diseases; miscellaneous 
topics. '08, [1909] (Mr) 248 p. il. 12% 
(Pract. medicine ser.) $1.25. Year Bk. 

Baumbach, Rudolph. 

Das Habichtsfraulein : dorfgeschichte aus 
dem Thiiringer wald; with introd., notes, 
vocab. and composition exeicises, by Dr. 
Morton C. Stewart. 'o9(Jei2) c. front 
S. 40 c. Holt 

Der schwiegersohn ; nouvelle ; with introd., 
notes, exercises, and vocab. by Hedwig 
Hulme. '09(023) c. por. (International 
modern language ser.) 40 c. Ginn. 

Baumgarten, Paul Maria. 
Henry Charles Lea's historical writings: 
critical inquiry into their method and 
merit '09(Jai6) c. D. *9oc. net. Wagner. 
Bavinck, Herman. 

Philosophy of revelation: the Stone lec- 
tures for 1908- 1909, Princeton Theolog- 
ical Seminary. 'o9(F2o) c. O. ♦♦$2 net. 


Bawr, Sophie de Champgrand, Baroness de. 

Michel Perrin ; ed. by F. G. Harriman. '09 

(O16) S. (Shorter French texts.) *25 c. 

net Crowell. 

Bax, Ernest Belfort. 

See Morris, W: 
Baxter, J. S. 
America: her grandeur and her beauty. 
25th ed. '08, [1909] (Ja) c. 420 p. il. f*, 
(America ser.) pap., $12.50. Union Bk. 
Baxter, R: 

Saints' everlasting rest. New ed., ed. by 

W: Young. '09(Mri3) por. O. *$2.50 

net Lippincott 

Bayard of India. Trotter, L. ♦35 c. net; 

♦♦70 c. net. Dutton. 

Bayley, Fk. Tappan, D.D. 

Can the modern man pray? *09(Mri3) 

pap., 10 c. Y. M. C. A. 

"Little ten-minutes"; or, a pastor's talks 

with his children. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 

'09(Dii) c. por. D. ♦$! net Revell. 

Bayley, Harold. 

New light on the Renaissance: displayed 
in contemporary emblems. '09(My22) 
il. 8°, *$4 net. Dutton. 

Baylies, E: 
See New York [State.] Bender's justices' 
manual of civil and criminal law. 
Bayliss, Mrs. Clara Kern. 

Little cliff dweller. 'o9(Ag7) il. 16°, 35 c. 

Pub. Sch. Pub. 

Two little Algonkin lads. '07, [1909.] (O) 

c. il. fold map, 12**, 50 c. Educ. Pub. 

Ba3me, Mrs. Mary Addams. 

Bhtegrass and wattle; or, the man from 

Australia. '09(Di8) c. il. 12"*, $1.25. 

Standard Pub. 

Bayne, S: Gamble. 

Fantasy of Mediterranean travel. '09(023) 

c. il. por. O. **$i.25 net Harper. 

Bazin, Rene. 

"This, my son," (Les Noellets;) tr. by Dr. 

A. S. Rappoport. '09(Mr6) c. D. t$i.25. 

Be stronjr. Pennington, J. G., ed. 50 c. 


Beach, Chandler B., and McMurry, Fk. Morton, 


New student's reference work for teachers, 

students and families. '09 (N) c. 4 v.. il. 

(partly col.) pors. maps, 8**, subs., $16.50. 

Beach, E: Latimer. 

Annapolis second classman. 'o9(Ni3) c. 
il. D. tJl-ZS- Penn Pub. Co. 

Ralph Osborn — midshipmnn at Annapolis; 
story of life at the U. S. Naval Acad- 
emy. '09(09) c. il. D. t$i.50. Wilde. 
Beach, Sez. Elllngwood. 

Silver horde. 'orKSzS) c. il. D, +$1,50. 

I. Wilde. 

Beach patrol. Drysdaie, W: t$'-So. 
Bracon biographies; ed. by M. A. D. Howe. 

S. "50 c. net. Small. 

— Whillock. Abraham Lincoln, 
Beacon ler,; a graded course of study for 

the Sunday-School. 8°. Unitarian S. S, 
— Billings. Movements and men of Christian 

history. 45 c ; 35 c ; Gj c. 
— Fairfield. Stories from the New Testa- 

35 c 

2S I 

; 65 c 

—Parker. Stories from the Old Testament. 

35 c.; 25 c: 65 c. 
— lAne. First book of religion. 35 c. ; 25 c. ; 

60 c. 
— Park. Jesus of Naiarelh. 40 c. ; 30 c, ; 

— Secrist, Comparative studies in religion, 

45 c. ; 35 c. : 6s c 
—Wilson, Bible as literature. 45 c. ; 35 c, 
BudneU, H. J. Llewetlyn. 
Egyptian oasis : an account of the oasis of 
Kharga, in the Lyblan Desert, with spe- 
cial reference to its history, physical 
geography, and water supply. '09(Ag2i) 
il. maps, 8°, $350, DuHon. 

Bealby, J: T. 

Canada, 'og(D4) il, in col. 12°. (Pecp.-i at 

many lands ser,) 75 c. Macmillan. 

Fruit ranching in British Columbia. '09 

CD4) il. t2°, •$1.50 net. Macmillan, 

Beale, J. Fk. 

Abraham Lincoln ; a brief biography. '09 

CS) 48 p. il. por. 16°, $r. 

Strawbridge & C, 
Beale, Jos. H: 
Collection of cases on ' 

Beard, A: Field. 

Crusade of brotherhood ; hist, of the Amer- 
ican Missionary Association. 'o9(N6) c. 
pors. O. "Sras net. Pilgrim Press 

Story of John Frederic Oberlin. '09{Ni3) 
e. por. O. *$I.2S net. Pilgrim Press, 

Beard, C: Austin. 

See Robinson, Ja. Harvey. 
— , comp. Readings in American government 
and politics. 'ogfOa) c, O. "$i.go net. 

Beard, Dan Carter. 
Boy pioneers ; sons of Daniel Boone, 'og 
(023) c. O. •*$3 net. Scriboer. 

Beard, Jr. Carter. 
Billy Possum, '09(030) c, il. O. bds., W 
Beard, T: Fs. 

Biblische symbole; oder. die Bibel in bil- 
dem fiir jung und alt; aus dem eng- 
lischcn uberstezt von Rev. W. A. Schutte; 
vorworl von J. L. Nuelsen, ■09(J1) c 
182 p, il. 8°, $1.75 ; $2.25 ; Jz-SO- 

J. A. Hertel. 
Beards LEY, Aubrey, 
Ross, R. Aubrey Beardsley. *$i.25 n«- 

Beardsley, E: J: Gillespie. 

See Hare, Hob art Amory. 
Bearne, Mrs. Catherine Mary Charlton. 
Royal quartetle. '09(Jl3) pol^s. 8°, "$3 net, 
Bearne, Rev. D: 

Barnaby Bright. 2 v, '08, [1909.] (S) il. 

ea., *8o c. net Benriger. 

Gaud Denvil, artist: [12 short novels.) '09 

(Jalfi) iz°. •$! net. Herder. 

Jack South and some other Jacks. '09 

fMra?) 8°, $1. Herder. 

Romance of the silver shoon ; story of the 

sixteenth century. 'ogCDii) c, D. B^ c. 


Beary, Harriet Rebecca. 

Individual development of man : discussion 
of the influence of labor on the evolution 
f the individual. '09(Ag7) 




Beattie, W: Renwick. 
Onion culture. '09(Jc) 36 p. il. 8% (U. S., 
Dcpt. of Agriculture, farmers' bull.) pap. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Peanuts. '09(Je) 40 p. il. 8*, (U. S., Dept 
of Agriculture, fanners' bull.) pap. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Sweet potatoes. 'o9(F2o) il. 8*, (U. S., 

Dept of Agriculture; farmers' bulletin.) 

pap., 5 c U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Bkatty family. 

See Genealogies (Turk, W. A. C). 

Beau Sabreur. Trowbridge, W : R. H. ♦$4.50 
net Brentano'i. 

Beaumont, Fa^ and Fletcher, J: 
Works. In 10 v. v. 6, The queen of Co- 
rinth, Bonduca, and other plays. '09 
(F27) D. (Cambridge English classics.) 
♦$1.50 net Putnam. 

Works. Varionun ed. In 12 v. v. 3, The 
faithful shepherdess. The mad lover, The 
loyal subject, Rule a wife and have a 
wife, The laws of Candy. '09 (Jap) 8", 

*$3-50 "ct- Macmillan. 

Beauties of friendship. Woolard, S. F., ed, 

♦50 c. net; *$i.2S net C^ldsmith-W. 

Beautiful Bermuda. Bell, Mrs, E. Y. $1; 
50 c. J. D. & F. R. Bell. 

Beautiful chUdren. McFall, C H. **$5 net. 

Beautiful rebel. Campbell, W: W. $i.5a 

Beautv (in art). 
See Esthetics. 

Beauty (personal)' 
Bumham, E. Colored charts of the R 
Bumham system of beauty culture. $1.50. 

E. Bumham. 

See oho Gymnmatict and physical culture; — ^Hy- 

Beauty and the Beast. See Lang, Andrew, ed. 

Beauty of (Jod. Hood, J : *$i.25 net 

Beck, R: 
Nature of ore deposits ; tr. and rev. by Wa. 
Harvey Weed. '09(Je5) fl. 8*, $6. 

Hill Pub. 
Becke, G: L: 
'Neath Austral skies. '09(Jei9) D. $1.50. 

Becker, G: Ferdinand. 
Relations between local ma^etic disturb- 
ances and the genesis of petroleum. '09 
(N) 240. map, 8*, (U S. Geolog. Survey; 
bull.) (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
— , and Van Orstrand, C. E., comps. 

Hjrperbolic functions. '09(Jli7) il. O. 
(Smithsonian mathematical tables.) $4. 

Smith. Inst. 
Becker, Henrietta Katherine, and Rhoades, 
Lewis Addison. 
Becker-Rhoades elements of German; 
pract. course for beginners in German. 
Rev. ed. '09(Dii) c. D. (Lake German 
ser.) $1. Scott, F. & Co. 

Elements of German : pract course for be- 
ginners in German. [Rev. ed.] '09(016) 
c 12*, (Lake German ser.) $1. 

Scott, F. ft Co. 

Becker, Tracy Chatfield, MJ>. 

See Witthaus, Rudolph August, M,D, 
Becker, W. C. 
Der Nietzschekultus. '09(S) 75 c. 

• W. C. Becker. 
Beckwlth, Carmelita. 

See Shaw, Adele Marie. 
Becquer, Gustavo Adolf Domingnes. 
Romantic legends of Spain ; tr. by Cornelia 
Frances Bates and Katherine Lee Bates. 
'09(Sii) c il. O. **$i.50 net Crowell 
Bedell, W: Lyon D: 
Practical electro-plating. '09(Ap3) c. la*, 
$2. Hansom & V. 

Bedford, Jessie. 

See (Godfrey, Eliz., pseud. 
Bedinger, George Michael. 
Dandndge, Mrs, D. B. George Michael 
Bedinger: a Kentucky pioneer. $2. 

A. S. Dandridge. 
Lees, G: R. Witness of the wilderness, 
the Bedawin of the desert. $1.25. 

Beech, Merwyn Worcester Howard. 
Tidong dialects of Borneo; with preface 
and notes by Abraham Anthony Fokker. 
'09(Ja23) il. S. $1.75. Oxford Univ. 

Beeching, Canon H: C: 
William Shakespeare: player, playmaker, 
and poet; reply to Mr. CJcorge Green- 
wood, M.P. '09(My8) facsims., D. ♦fi 
net. Lane. 

Beechy. Hutten, Baroness B. v. t$i.5a 

Beeckman, Ross. 
Last woman. '09 (D4) c. il D. $1.50. 

W. J. Watt 
Princess Zara. 'o9(Apio) c il. D. $i.5a 

W. J. Watt 
Beede, C: Gould. 
Reincarnated: [poem.] '09(Ja) $1.25. 

Newport Pub. 
Beef Trust. 
Shiel, R. R. Twenty years in hell with the 
beef trust 60 c. ; 50 c R. R. Shiel 

Alexander, E. W. Writings on practical 
bee culture. 50 c. A. L Root 

Doolittle, G. M. Year's work in an out- 
apiary. 50 c. A. L Root 
Edwards, T. Lore of the honey bee. ^u|0 
net. Scribncr. 
Gates, B. N. Miscellaneous papers on api- 
culture; bee keeping in Massachusetts. 
5 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Jones, H: Radical cure for the swarming 
of bees. 25 c. H: Jones. 
Langstroth, L. L. On the hive and honey 
bee. $1.20. Dad ant 
Potter, T. C Bee-keeping for sedentary 
folk, gratis. A. L Root 
Beet sugar. 

See Sugar. 

Beethoven, Ludwig v. 
Piano compositions; ed., [with introd.,] by 
Eugen d' Albert. In 2 v. v. i. '09 (D4) 
por. 4**, (Musicians* lib.) $2.50; pap., 
$1.50. Ditson. 

Beethoven, Ludwig v. 
Diehl. A. M. Life of Beethoven. *$3 net. 


Beetle (The). Marsh, R : $1.50. Brentanos. 


Piercr, W: D. On the biologies of the 
phynchophora of North America. (Not 
for sale.) ' Univ, of Neb. 

Before tlic doctor comes. Crawford, M. M. 
Jl. Chr, Herald- 

Beggar in the heart. Rickert, M. E. t$i.SO, 
Beggar or a king. Read, H. E. 30 c 

Business Pub. 

Beginnings of New York. Forsylhe, M, I, 
as c. Badger. 

Behind the veil in Persia and Turkish Arabia. 
Hume-Griffith, Mrs. M. E. '$3.50 net. 

Behrens, C. 

Louis xvt. painting; designs in a modem 
Ireaiment after old original de^tgnij of 
the second half of the 18th century, text 
by Bruno Hessling. 'o9(Ag2i) il. port- 
folio, $8. Hessling. 
Beissel, Stephao. 
Lord's prayer and the Hail Mary ; points 
for meditation. '08. Iigop.] (Mr) c. 6+ 
227 p. 12°, "go c. net. Herder. 
Belabre, Baron de. 
Rhodes of (he knights; [description of the 
existing monuments of the Knights of St. 
John of Jerusalem.] '09(Ja23) il. figs. 
$g7S- Oxford Univ, 
Belasco, D: 

See Klein, C: 
Belden, A. W., Delamater, G. R., and Graves, 
J. W. 
Washmg and coking tests of coal, at ;he 
fuel-testing plant, Denver, Colo., July 1, 
1907, to June 30, igoB. 'ogfMy) 54 p. 
il. figs, tabs., 0, pap. 10 c. 

U. S., Supi. of Docs. 

BeU, Mrs. Enphemia Young. 

Beautifnl Bermuda, fr^m different view- 
points. [3d ed., rev, and enl,] 'o9(Jes) 
c il. fold, maps, fold, plans. 12°, $1 ; pap., 
SO c, J. D. & F. R. Bell 

BeU, Ladv Floreoce Eveleen OUiSe, [Hn. 
Hugh Bell.] 
Fairy tale plays and how to act them, '09 
(JI31) ii- $1.50. Longmans, 

Bell, Mrs. Hugh. 

Src Bell, Lady Florence Eveleen Olliffe, 
Bell, Ja. Mackiutoah. 

See Brown, Abbie Farwell. 
Bell, J: Joy. 
Oh! Christinal 'og{Ap24) c. il. D, •60 c 
net, Revell, 

Whither thou goest: a romance of the 
Clyde. '09(Fz7) c D. *$l.Zo net. Revell. 
Bel), Lettice. 

Go-to-bed stories. '09fAgi4> c. il. plan, 

8°, $t. Gospel Pub. 

BeU, Lilian Lida, [Mrs. Arth. Hoyt Bogue.] 

Coticent rations of Bee. 'o9(N6) c. frL-int, 

D. $1.50, L. C. Pagt 

Bell, Malcolm. 

Sir Edward Burne-Jones, •09(D) various 
paging, il. Q. (Great artist ser.) *$2 net. 

Bell, Ralcy Hosted. 

Changing values of English speech. '09 
(Mr6) 12°, $1.25. Hinds. 

Bell, Bp. W: Meivin. 

Social message of Our Lord. '09(0) c. 
181 p, por. 12°, *6o c net OtterbeitL 
Bell, W: Temple. 

Various verses, 'og(Jl3) c, D. $1. 

Cochrane Pub. 
Bell cow, Sherman, B. E. $150. 

C M. Dark. 
Bella Doniia. Hiehens, R. S. t$i.50- 

Bellamy, Fs., ed. 

Effective magazine advertising; ed., with 




Belloc-Lowndesy Mrs. Marie Adelaide. 
Pulse of life: a story. '09(Fi3) c. D. 
t$i.SO. Dodd. 

Uttermost farthing. '09(023) c. 8% $1.25. 

M. Kennerley. 
Bellows, Wa. Clarke. 
Campeche : some notes on the most remark- 
able postage stamp ever issued [Mexi- 
can.] '09 (Jl) 8^ $3.50. W. C. Bellows. 
Bell's cathedral ser.; ed. by G: White and E: 
F. Strange, il. 12*', ^60 c. net. Macmillan. 
— Woodhouse. Churches of Coventry. 
BelVs miniature ser. of great writers, il. 16*', 
*50 c net. Macmillan. 

— Bnckland. Oliver Goldsmith. 
Bell's miniature ser. of musicians, il. 16**, 
♦50 c. net; *$i net. Macmillan. 

— Runciman. Purcell. 

Bells across the snow. Havergal, F. R. 25 c. 

Belvoir Castle, Grantham, Eng. 

See Gardens and gardening. 

Bench and bar of Litchfield County, Conn. 

Kilbourn, D. C. $5. Kilbourn. 

Bender, Ida C. 

See Emerson, H: Pendexter. 

Bender, Melvin T. 

See American bankruptcy repts. Digest. 
Bender's selected statutes. 5*^^ New York. 

Bendure & Arthurs* practical and correct 

guide for the use of auditors, agents, and 

railroad men generally. '09 (Jl) c. 43 p. 12**, 

$3- Bendure & A. 

Benedict, A. L. 

Golden rules of dietetics: general prin- 
ciples and empiric knowledge of human 
nutrition ; analytic tables of foodstuffs ; 
diet lists and rules for infant feeding and 
for feeding in various diseases. '08, 
[1909.] (Je) 5-407 p. tabs., 8**, (Medical 
gruide and monograph ser.) $3. Mosby. 

Benedict, Clare. 

A resemblance, and other stories. '09 
(Mr6) c. D. f$i.5o. Putnam. 

Benedict, Fs. Gano, and Carpenter, Thome M. 
Influence of muscular and mental work on 
metabolism and the efficiency of the hu- 
man body as a machine. '09 (Je) 100 p. 
il. 8% (U. S., Dept. of Agriculture, Office 
of Experiment Stations bull.) 15 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Benediz, Roderich J. 
Eigensinn: [a play.] '09(Ni3) S. pap., 15 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Beneficiary features of American trade 
unions. Kennedy, J. B. 50 c. 

Johns Hopkins. 
Benefit societies. 

See Fremasonry; — Trade-unions. 

Benham, Allen, Rogers, ed. 
See Padelford, F: Morgan. 

Benn, Alfr. W.- 
Early Greek philosophy. '09(Jl3i) 12**, 
(Philosophies ancient and modern from 
Pythagoras to Spencer.) ^50 c. net. 


Benn, Mrs. Edith Eraser. 

Overland trek from India by side-saddle, 

camel, and rail; the record of a journey 

from Beluchistan to Europe. '09(Ni3) 

il. map, O. *$S net. Longmans. 

Bennet, Rob. Ames. 

Volunteer with Pike; the true narrative 

of one Dr. John Robinson and his love 

for the fair Sefiorita Vallois. '09(09) 

c. il. in col. O. $1.50. McClurg. 

Bennett, E: T. 

Psychic phenomena; with a foreword by 
Sir Oliver Lodge. '09(Jl3) 12*', *ys c. net. 

Bennett, Enoch Arnold. 
The glimpse: adventures of the soul. 
'09(023) c. D. t$i.5o. Appleton. 

Old wives' tale. 'oo(Je26) D. *$i.50 net. 

Bennett, F. 

Story of W. J. E. Bennett, founder of St. 
Barnabas', Pimlico and vicar of Froome- 
Selwcod, and of his part in the Oxford 
Church movement of the nineteenth cen- 
tury. '09(Ni3) por. O. ♦$2.25 net. 

Bennett, Johannas. 
La belle San Antone. 'o9(Ni3) c. D. $1.50. 

Bennett, Virginia. 

Old farm story box. 4 v. '08, [1909.] (Jl) 
il. 12**, per set, $1. Dutton. 

Bennett, W: Harper. 
Catholic footsteps in old New York, from 
1524 to 1808. '09(Ap3) c. O. $2.50. 

Schwartz, K. & F. 
Bennett, Sir W: H: 

Injuries and diseases of the knee-joint, 
considered from the clinical aspect. '09 
(Mr27) il. 12*', *$2 net. Wood. 

Lectures on the use of massage and early 
movements in recent fractures, and other 
common sur-s^ical injuries, sprains and 
their consequences, rigidity of the spine, 
and the management of stiff joints gen- 
erally. 4th ed. 'ooCJes) il. O. *$I75 net. 

Bennett, William James Early. 
Bennett, F. Story of W. J. E. Bennett. 
♦$2.25 net. Longmans. 

Benson, Arth. Christopher, ["J. T ;" "T. B."] 
Poems. 'o9(F6) 12**, *$i.50 net. Lane. 

Until the evening. '09(Si8) c. D. (What is 
worth while ser.) leatherette, **30 c. net. 

Benson, E: Frederic. 
A reaping. 'o9(Sii) D. $1.25, fixed. 

Doubleday, P. 

The climber. '09 (F6) c. front. D. ♦♦$1.40 

net. Doubleday, P. 

English figure skating *09(Ja9) il. 12*', 

♦$2.50 net. Macmillan. 

Benson, Irene Elliott. 

Yellow princess. '08, [1909.] (Ap) c. 8', 

25 c. McLoughlin. 

Benson, Marg. 

Venture of rational faith. 'o9(Ja23) 8°, *$2 

net. Macmillan. 

Benson, Percival Ramsey. 

Melchisedcc. '09(825) c. D. t$i.50. Holt. 
Benson, Father Rob. Hugh. 

The ccnveiitior.alists. '09(Mr6) c. D. $1.50. 

Mystery play in honour of the nativity of 
our Lord. New ed., (text only.) '09 
(D25) S. pap., 20 c. "LoTv^Tcv^xvs, 

' Benson, Father Kob. Hugh— Coil (in « erf. 
The necromancers. 'ogCNao) iz°. $1.50. 
Beosusau, S; Levy. 

Hnlbein. 'o8(Api7) U. O. (Masterpieces 
in colour.) bds., *6s c. net Stokes. 

Rubens. 'o()(Api7) il. O. (Masterpieces 
in col«ir.) bds., '65 c. net, Stokes. 

BentDU, Guy Potter. 
Real college, 'ogfjeig) c. D- ^-s c. net. 
Benton, Joel, 

Memories of the Twilight Club. '09(D) 
$1 ; leath., $1.50. B'way Pub. 

Benton, J: Clemens. 

Legal aspect of prohibition. '09CN) c, 4S P- 
8°, 50 c. J : C. Benton. 

Benton, Josiah H: 

Slory of the old Boston town house, 1658- 
1711. 'oq(F6) c. il. pors, plan, facsim., 
4°. (Priv. pr.) Merrymount. 

Working of the Boston Public Library: 
address before the Beacon Society of 
Boston, Jan. 2, 1909. 'ogCMrij) O. (Not 
for sale.) J. H: Benton. 

"^entztown Bard," pseod. 

See McKinsey, Folger. 
Denziger'a ecclesialica] diary and note-book 
for the special use of the reverend clergy in 
the United States, 1909. '09CF6) c. S. 
leath., '75 c net. Beniigcr. 

Beniiger'6 elementary geography for Catholic 
schools. '09(N) c. 133 p. il. 4°, 54 c. 

Marshall, H. E. Stories of Beowulf. 50 c. 
Berean srr.; cd. by J : T. McFarland. nar. T. 
Ealon & M. 
—Meyer. Lesson hdbk., 1910. "25 c, net. 
Berenson, Bemhard. 
Florentine painlers of the Renaissance. 3d 
e.-f,, rev. and enl. 'qp(Api7) c from. 12°, 
•*$i.50 net Putnam. 

Bei^e, Mme. 

wn dressmaker, '09(D) 


Beikwiti, W : Leonard. — Continued, 
Reminiscences ; composed of actual mail or- 
der experiences. '08, [1909.] (Je) 50 p. 
8', $1. Mail Order. 

Ups and downs of a mail order aspirant, 
described in a series of ten letters, writ- 
ten by Andrew Morton, a young mail or- 
der aspirant, to his father on the old fann. 
'oS, [igoaj (Je> 44 p. 8% $1. 

Mail Order. 
Berlin discussion of the problem of evolu- 
tion. Wasmann, E. '%i.(>a net. Herder. 
Beiinan, E: 

Tyrant in while, 'o9(N) c. 320 p. 12*, 

$1.50. LordL 


Bell, Mn. E. Y. Beautiful Bermuda. $1: 

SO c. J. D. & F. R. BelL 

Stt alto Moore, Tbomu. 
Bermuda verse. Chittenden, W: L. ••$1.50 
net. Putnam. 

Bernard, Augnste Joseph. 

Geo f roy Tory ; tr. by G : B. Ives. '09 
(Apio) il. 4", bds., •$37-50 net 

Honghton M 
Berri stein, E: 

Evolutionary socialism : criticism and af- 
firmation; tr. by Edilh C, Harvey. '09 
<D4) (Socialist lib.) »$i net 

B: W. Hiicbsch. 
Berry, Clatide Perrin. 

Treatise on the law rel. to automobiles. '09 
(Je) c. 15+305 p. O. *$3 net Callaghan. 
Berry, J: BentoB Hathaoiel. 

Some assurances of immortality. '09 
(ApT7) c. nar. D. $1, Fenno. 

Berry, Mary Anne. 

Woman of uncertain age. "09(Je) 193 p. 
front. 12", $ Stuyi-esanl Pre.s3. 

Berry, W. Grintoo. 
France since Waterloo. '09(Ap3) iL maps, 
D, ♦$! so net. Scribner. 

Beit, P. B. Bradley. 
Through Tersia from the Gulf to the Cas- 
pian. '09(Di8) il. 8°, ♦$3.50 net Dutton 
Betthet Elie. 




nd the right way to make it. Bar- 
w (Not for sale) 

Barber Asphalt, 
f canal for Panama. '09(Je5) il. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Birarda, M. 

ignettes: series of dramatic epi- 
[787-1871. '09(023) pors. 8% *$3 



iV: C, comp, Bethany sketches 
:ords. $1.50. W: C. Sharpe, 

to Olivet. Miller, J. R. ♦♦$1.50 

azimilien de, Baron de Rosny. 
% Due de. 

f Ronald and Thusnelda. Cook, 
) c Weimer. 

. Fa. Sales. 

ndex of forbidden books. '09 
12**, *3S c. net. Herder, 

briefs. Jacobs, H: W: $3.50. 


on and functions of mental imag- 

9(N) 99 p. 8^ (Columbia Univ. 

rs* College, contributions to edu- 

$1 ; pap., 75 c. Teachers* Coll. 

Id Scofield. 

5 and uses of the southern pines. 
c. 30 p. il. 8*, (U.. S., Dept. of 
turc. Forest Service; circular.) 
Add. Superintendent for price.) 
U. S., Supt. of Docs, 
y, Mary R 

ser. See Wcikel, Anna Hamlin. 

I's gulden year. Weikel, A. H. 

Little, B. & Co. 

s & Co. Warde, M. $1.25. 

Penn Pub. Co. 
iends. Aumerle^ R: 85 c 

le Testaments. Grant, C. M. 
t. • Revell. 

ic poems. Davies, O. *$i.25 net. 

o rebellions. Coolidge, A. C. $1. 

A. C. Coolidge, 
tables. Engstrom, D. A. $1. 

ng. Flanders, R. E. 25 c. 

Indust. Press. 

E: R. Beverages, past and pres- 

V. **$5 net Putnam. 

l. O. Reliable candy teacher, 

mmer drinks.] $2. W. O. Rigby. 
5; — Soda water. 

Alfred W: Ogilvic. 
jII, C F. 

r: H: 

ncnt: problem of industry. '09 
O. ^$2.40 net. Longmans. 


ss side of farming: text-book for 
in agriculture and a manual for 
dy. '09(D) c. forms, 8**, 50 c. 

J: A. Bexell. 

Beyer, T: 
Life in the navy, (the American battle- 
ship;) also humorous yarns. '09(Fi3) c. 
il. facsims., tabs., D. pap., 25 c. Laird. 
Beygrau, F. R. 

See Hammond, H. W. 
Beynon, R: 
Drapery and drapers' accounts. '09(Ag28) 
tabs., D. (Pitman's traders' hdbks.) $1. 

Beyond the border. Rogers, L. W. 10 c. 

Theosophical Bk. 
Beyond the marshes, (jordon, C : W : ♦25 c. 
net. Revell. 

Beyond the skyline. Aitkcn, R. $1.50. 

B : W. Huebsch, 
Beyond these voices. O'Leary, A. M. $1.25. 

B'way Pub. 
Beza, Thdr. 
Life of John Olvin; tr. by H: Beveridge. 
'09(Jei2) D. 50 c. Westmin«iter Press. 

Bhutan, India. 
White, J. C. Sikhim and Bhutan. ^$6 net. 


Biagi, Gtddo. 

Men and manners of old Florence. '09 

(O16) il. O. ♦$3.50 net; hf. cf. or hf, 

mor., *$S.5o net. McQurg.. 

Bianchi, Martha Gilbert Diddnaoii. 

Cuckoo's nest. '09(Jei9) 12**, $1.50. 

Bible. Authorized version of the English 

Bible 161 1 ; ed. by W: Aldis Wright. 5 v. 

'09. 23+495; 617; 775; 42s; 575 p. 8*, 
(Cambridge English classics.) ea., *$l.50 
net; per set, *$6.5o net. Putnam. 

Bible. Bible for home and school; ed. by 
Sailer Mathews. Acts; the second volume 
of Luke's work on the beginnings of (Thris- 
tianity ; with interpretative comment, by G : 
Holley Gilbert. '09(Ja9) 16", 75 c. 


Bible. Bible for home and school; ed. by 

Shailer Mathews. Commentary on the 

Epistle of Paul to the Galatians, by B : W. 

Bacon. '09(023) c. S. **50 c. net 

Bible. Bible for home and school; ed. by 
Shailer Mathews. Genesis, by Hinckley 
G. Mitchell. '09(Ni3) c. S. **90 c. net. 

Bible. Cambridge Bible for schools and col- 
leges: the Wisdom of Solomon, ed. by J. 
A. F. Gregg. '09(Myi5) i6% 50 c. 


Bible. Cambridge Bible; revised version. 
Epistle of Paul the apostle to the Ephe- 
sians, Philippians, Colossians, and to Phile- 
mon; ed. by W. K. Lowther Qarke. '09 
(My) 8+98 p. 16", ♦so c. net. Putnam. 

Bible. Scofield reference Bible; authorized 
version, with a new system of connected 
topical references to all the greater themes 
of Scripture, with annotations, revised 
marginal renderings, summaries, defini- 
tions, and index; ed. by Rev. Cyrus In- 
gerson Scofield. '09(My8) c. maps, 8*, ♦$2 
net; French mor., *$3.50 net; *$4 net; 
Alaska seal, *f 5 net ; Oxford India pap. ed., 
Alaska seal, ♦^.50 net; *$7 net; mor., *tS 
net; sealskin, ♦$io net. OiitloT^ XixCvi . 


Bible. [Selections.] Blessings; being Bible 
mosaics of blessii^gs, promises, eommantis. 
admonitions and arsn-ers ; comp. by Agness 
Greene Foster. '09(Di8) c. il. 16°, Re- 
liance ed., flex. Florentine, Vs c. net ; 
Fabriano ed., *$i.35 net, boxed. P. Elder. 

Bible. Self-interpreting Bible, wilh com- 
mentaries, references, harmony of the Gos- 
pels and the helps reeded to imderstand 
and leach the text; inlrod. by Bp, J: H. 
Vincent ; references, explanatory notes and 
tabulated statistics, ed. and rev. Iw Rev. 
Ja. W. Lee ; geographical, historical and 
explanatory comments by Josiah L. Porter; 
expository notes, dissertations and side 
lights by H : Cooke ; references, reflections, 
tabulated statistics and comments by J : 
Brown. 4 V. 'ooCJeia) c. il. maps. f. $a6. 
Bible Educ. 

Bible. O. T. Coptic (Sahidic) vcri^ion of 
certain f oks of the Old Testament from a 
papyrus in the British Museum ; cd. by Sir 
Herbert Thompson. 'o9(Ja3;) facsim., O. 
$5. Oxford Univ. 

Bible. O. T. Hebrew prophets for English 
readers in the language o£ the Revised Ver- 
sion of the English Bible, printed in their 
poetical form, with headings and brief 
annotation: ed. by Fs. H. Woods and Fs. 
E, Powell. In 4 v. v. i, Amos. Hosca, 
Isfliah (1*39) and Mieah. 'ogCApj) D. 
Bs c. Oxford Univ. 

Bible, O. T. Heroes of Israel; with notes 
and questions for young students, by Thdr. 
Gerald Soarcs. 'oC)(jaJ3) c, il. maps, 
Teacher's manual, D. (Constructive Bible 
studies; Elementary ser.) ea., $1. 

Univ. of Chic, 

Bible, O. T. Literary man's Bible : selection 
of passages from the Old Testament, his- 
toric, poetic and philosophic, illustrating 
Hebrew literature; arranged with introd. 
essays and annolatiins by W. L. Courtney. 
Ulh ed.] 'ogCMyts) 0. 'Siss net. 


Bible. N. T, Four Gospels and the Acts of 
the Apostles of the Neiv Tcsiaracnl of 
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the 
Psalms; Ir. [Into Chamorro] out of the 
original tongues. '08, [1909.) (0) 46a p. 
12°, pap., 30 c. Am. Bible. 

Bible, N. T. Gospel, according 10 St. Mark; 
with introd. and notes by Rev. A. S. Wal- 
pole. 'ogCApj) S. 40 c. Oxford Univ. 

Bible. N, T. Students' comprehensive top- 
ical Bible commentary; embracing the 27 
books of the New Testaments in both the 
authorized and revised versions, arranged 
in. alternating verses, elucidated with crit- 
ical and explanatory notes; together with a 
complete hist, and biog. diet.; the words 
and works of Jesus. [Standard compara- 
tive ed.] '09(N) c. il. pors. maps. 4°. $4.25; 
mor.. $5.25. O. A. Browning. 

Bible. N. T. University New Testament in 
modem historical and literary form ; for 
the church, the school, and the home; em- 
bracing the life of Jesus Christ in the words 
of Mark, Matthew. Luke and John, and the 
church of the apostles according to Acts, 
the Epi'tles and Revelation hi'torically har- 
monired by the Rev. S. Townsend Weaver. 
'og(D) c. 26+496 p. 12', $3-25. Winston. 

BibU- N. T. Works of Jesus; being the 
Bible narrative of His acts of healing and 
other deeds, in chronological order; with the 
Sermon on the Mount as His own -=um- 
mary of His teachings ; arranged by Edna 
S. Little. '09(018) il. 8°, Bethlehem ed„ 
(lex. fabriano, *75 e. net: Olivet ed., fab- 
riano bd.-., '{lsS net. boxed. P, Elder. 


Abbott, C. L. Common sense Bible teacher. 

2S c. C L. Abbott 

Acton. M. W: Secret Bible hist of 

Adamic innocence. «2. New Age. 

Allen, R. C. Bible tn our public scho«li. 

35 c. Jenningi 

Beard, T: F, Bibli=che svmbole. $1.75; 

J: A. Hertlt 




Bible. — Continued. 

Huntington, G: Charms of the old Book. 
*90 c. net. Am. S. S. 

Hurlbut, J. L., ed. Handy Bible encyclo- 
pedia. $1.50; $2; $3. Winston. 

Jackson, S : T. Lincoln's use of the Bible. 
♦25 c. net. Eaton & M. 

Jacobus, M. W., and others, eds. Standard 
Bible dictionary. $6; $10; $12; indexed, 
50 c extra. Funk. 

Jordan, W: G: Biblical criticism and 
modem thought *$3 net Scribner. 

Keeble, S: K, ed. Social teaching of the 
Bible. ♦$! net. Eaton & M. 

Kceler, B. C. Short history of the Bible. 
75 c. ; 50 c. Farrell. 

Kennedy, Mrs. M. G. Our boys and girls ; 
how to interest and instruct them in 
Bible study. 75 c. Wilde. 

Keyser, L. S. Rational test; Bible doc- 
trine in the light of reason. 75 c. ; 60 c. 

Lutheran Pub. 

Leavitt, J: M. Bible League essays in 
Bible defence and exposition. $1. 

Bible League. 

Lees, H. C. Joy of Bible study. ^40 c. net 


Lewis, T: H. Divine credentials of the 
Bible. $1.25. Meth. Protestant 

McComb, S : Making of the English Bible. 
**$i net Moffat 

McFadyen, J : R, and Votaw, C. W., comps. 
Best books for Old and New Testament 
study. 20 c. Pub. Ho. of M.- E. Ch., So. 

Maclaren, A. Expositions of the Holy 
Scriptures. In 30 v. 4th ser., in 6 v. per 
set, *$7.50 net. Armstrong. 

MacPhail, M. L. Magnetism of the Bible. 
♦75 c. net Am. S. S. 

MapTius, Lady. Picture stories from the 
Bible. $2; $1.75. Tuck. 

Maunder, E: W. Astronomy of the Bible. 
*$i.25 net. Doran. 

Mauro, P. Life in the Word, ♦so c. net 


M§daille. P. Meditations on the Gospels 
for every day in the year. *$i.50 net 


Miller, J. R. Devotional hours with the 
Bible. In 8 v. vs. i, 2, 3. ea., *$i.25 net. 


Morgan. G: C. Analyzed Bible, v. 4, The 
Gospel according to John. — v. 5. Book of 
Job. — V. 6, Romans, ea., *$i net. Revell. 

Mortimer, Mrs. M. New peep of day: 
Bible lessons for children.] 50 c. Doran. 

Mullany, J: F. Bible studies. $1.25. 

Reimensvder, J: M. Ancient history and 

the Bible. 35 c 20 c Lutheran Pub. 
Rcmy, J. S. Bible stories for little children 

in words of one syllable. 50 c. Altemus. 

Schenck, F. S. Sociology of the Bible. 

*$T.5o net. Reformed. 

Scott, T. Pleasure of reading the Bible. 

50 c. ; $1. M. Kennerley. 

Sotilsby, L. H. M. Suggestions on Bible 

reading:. 35 c- Longmans. 

Soulsby, L. H. M., eomp. Year's Bible 

readingrs. 35 c. Longmans. 

Standard biblical atlas. 75 c. Funk. 

Bible. — Continued. 

Stewart, M., ed. "Tell me a true story": 

tales of Bible heroes. ♦$1.25 net. Revell. 

Stmderland, J. T : Origin and character of 

the Bible, and its place among the sacred 

books. ^^$1.20 net. Am. Unitarian. 

Swete, H : B., ed. Essays on some Biblical 

questions of the day. *$3.75 net. 

Temple treasury; a Biblical diary. $1.50. 

Am. Tr. 

Tilly, F : E., ed. God bless you ; collection 

of Bible stories. 25 c. E. Kaufmann. 

Toffteen, O. A. Researches in Biblical 
archaeology, v. i, Ancient chronology; 
V. 2, The historic Exodus, ea., *$2.50 
net. Univ. of Chic. 

Townsend, L. T. Bible inspiration. 10 c. 

L. T. Townsend. 

Wells, A. R. Bible miniatures: character 
sketches of one hundred and fifty heroes 
and heroines of Holy Writ *$i.25 net 


Williams, T. R. Shall we understand the 
Bible? *40 c. net. Macmillan. 

Wilson, J: M. Bible as literature. 45 c. ; 

35 c. Unitarian S. S. 

O. T. Acton, M. W: Secret Bible hist of 

Adamic innocence. $2. New Age, 

O. T. Bell, C. C. Story of the promise: 
simple readings on the Old Testament 
♦60 c. net. Young Churchman. 

O. T. Brown, C: Birth of a nation: 
studies in Old Testament stories. *$i 
net. Revell. 

O. T. Coppens, C: Choice morsels of the 
bread of life; or, select readings from the 
Old Testament ^60 c. net. Herder. 

O. T. Cornill, C. H. Music in the Old 
Testament 50 c. Open Court. 

O. T. Duncan, J. G. Exploration of 
Egypt and the Old Testament. ♦$1.50 
net Revell. 

O. T. Geden, A. S. Outlines of introduc- 
tio!i to the Hebrew Bible. *$3.5o net 


O. T. Girdlestone, R. B. Old Testament 
theology and modern ideas. ^40 c. net. 


O. T. Hodges, G: Garden of Eden; sto- 
ries from the first nine books of the Old 
Testament $1.50. Houghton M. 

O. T. Hoyt, W. Some of the reasons why 
I cannot accept the results of the destruc- 
tive criticism of the Old Testament 10 c. 

Am. Bapt. 
O. T. Huffman, J. A. Old Testament 
messages of the Christ 75 c. 

Bethel Pub. 

O. T. Kent, C: F. Kings and prophets 

of Israel and Judah ♦*$! net Scribner. 

O. T. : Parker, C. H. S. Stories from the 

Old Testament. 35 c. ; 25 c. ; 65 c. 

Unitarian S. S. 

O. T. Piatt, S., comp. Stories from the 

Old Testament; retold. $1.50. Dodge. 

O. T. : Sampey, J: R: Heart of the Old 
Testament. 50 c, S. S. Bd., So. Bapt. 

O. T. : Spencer, F. E. Old Testament his- 
tory. *40 c net Longmans, 

B IBLE. — Co n tinned. 

O. T. Thomas. J. E. Old Testament in 
the light of the rehgion of Babylonia and 
Assyria. ♦$1-40 net. Macniillan. 

O. T.L Walker, R. H., and Miller. R. B: 
Studies in the prophets of Israel. 25 c. 

Eaton & M. 

0. T. Genesis : Goggin, T. E. Man's great 
charter: exposition of the first chapter of 
Genesis. ^1.75 net. Gorham. 

O. T. Genesis 1 Stinson, J. C. The search- 
light ; a scientific review of Genesis. 25 1 
J. C, Stinson. 

O. T. Isaiah: Exell, J. S, Biblical illus- 
trator. '$2 net. Rcvell. 

O. T, Isaiah: Rogers, A, Prophecy and 
poetry: studies in Isaiah and Browning. 
••$1.25 net Longmans. 

O. T. Job : Villiers, H ; M. Perfect through 
sufFering: being thoughts on the Book 
of Job. '$1.50 nel- Longmans. 

O. T. Jonah: Boyd, J. S. Story of Jonah; 
the tniant prophet. *7$ c. net. 

J. S Boyd. 

0. T. Pentateuch : Midbury, C: S From 
Eden to the Jordan : [lessons in the Pen- 
tateuch.] so c. ; 30 c. Standard Pub. 

O. T. Proverbs: Banks. L: A. Problems 
of youth ; series of discourses for young 
people on themes from the book of Prov- 
erbs. **$i.3o net. Funk. 

O. T., Psalms: Boyd, F. L. Law and love: 
.a study of "quomodo dilexi," (Psalm 
cxix, 97-104.) •90 e. net. Longmans. 

O. T., Psalms: Crane, F. Song of the In- 
finite. •50 c. net. Pilgrim Press. 

O. T, Psalms: Gasquet, F. A,, and Bishop, 
E Bosworth psalter. *$4.5o net. _ 


O. T. Ruth. Qoayle, W: A. Book of 
Ruth. ' net; *$ net. Dodge. 

O. T. Samuel : WiJIelt. H, L Studies in 
the first book of Samuel. $1.50. 

Univ. of Chic. 

O. T. Zephaniah:Zandslra, S. Witness of 
of the Vulgate, Peshitta and Septuagint 

B XBi£. — Con litiued. 

N. T. Hodge, R : M. New Tesliment ao- 
thors and their works, "30 c. net Seller. 

N. T., John. Epistles of: Findlay. G: G 
Fellowship in the life eternal ; exposition 
of Epistles of St. John. •$2.50 net. 

N. T.: Nicoll, W: R. Expositor's Greek 
Testament, v. 4 $7-50- Dodd 

N. T.: Park. J: E Wonder of His gra- 
cious works. •$! net. Pilgrim Press. 

N. T. : Phitbrook, H : B. The Bible : inter- 
pretation of its parables. 20 c. 

H: B. Philbrook. 

N. T. Pick, B. Apocrj'plial acts. $1.25. 
Open Court 

N. T. : Robertson, A, T ; Short grammar 
of the Greek New Testament. $1.50. 


N. T. Vincent, J : M. History of the 
textual criticism of the New Testament. 
•$1 net. Macmillan. 

N, T. : Zahn, T. Introd. to the New Testa- 
ment. In 3 V. •$12 net Scribner. 

N, T. Acts: Bosworth, E: I. New studiei 
in Acts. 75 c. : SO c. Y. M. C- A 

N. T. Acts: Hamack, C. G- A. New Tes- 
tament studies. HI,, Acts of the Apos- 
tles. •$i.7S net Putaam. 

N. T. Acts : Rice. E W. Commentary on 
the Acts. • net Am. S. S. 

N. T. Acts: Wmiams, C: B. Participle in 
the Bnok of Acts. '50 c. net 

Univ. of Oiit 

N, T. Corinthians: Mackintosh. R. The»- 
salonian"; and Corinthians. '75 c. net. 

N. T. Corinthians: Rendall. G. H : Episilc 
of St Paul to the Corinthians. •$! net. 

N. T. Gospels; Edmunds, A. J. Buddhist 
and Christian gospels now first com- 
pared from the originals. In 2 v. v, 2 
*$j net A. J. Edmimdi 

N. T. Gospels: Foster, C: Story of ihc 
Gospel. 7S c. C: Foster. 

N. T. Gosptls: Stalker, J. Ethic of Jesns 




BiBUL—Continued. I 

N. T. Matthew : McLaughlin, G : A. Com- 
mentary on the Gospel according to St. 
Matthew. $1.50. Chr. Witness. 

N. T. Matthew: Plummer, A. Exegetical 
commentary on the Gospel according to 
St Matthew. *$3 net Scribner. 

N. T. Paul. Epistles of: Scott, R. Pauline 
Epistles. *$2 net Scribner. 

N. T. Philippians: Jowett, J. H. High 
calling: meditations on St Paul's letter 
to the Philippians. *$i.25 net Revell. 

N. T. Revelation: Inger, A. J. Revealed 
translation of John's Revelation. 50 c. 

A. J. Inger. 

N. T. Revelation: Mead, W. W. Apoca- 
lypse of Jesus Oirist : an exposition. **$i 
net W. W. Mead. 

N. T. Revelation: Swete, H. B. Apoca- 
IjTpse of St John. *$3-7S net. Macmillan. 

N. T. Thessalonians : Buckland, A. R. 
First Epistle to the Thessalonians. — St 
Paul's second Epistle to the Thessaloni- 
ans. ea., ♦$! net Am. S. S. 

N. T. Thessalonians: Mackintosh, R. 

Thessalonians and Corinthians. *75 c. 

net. Revell. 

See also Apostlesj — ^Atonetneat; — Bedouins; — Cate- 
chisms; — Christian science; — Christianity; — 
Church history ; — Commandments^ — Conversion ; 
— Derotional exercises and meditations; — God; 
— Hebrew literature; — Higher criticism; — Holy 
Spirit; — Illustrations (religious); — ^Jesus Christ; 
— ^Jews; — Miracles; — Palestine; — Parables; — 
Religion; — Religion and science; — Revivals; — 
Saints; — Sermons; — Sunday-school; — ^Theology; 
— also author entries under Bible; — also Cen- 
tury Bible handbooks. 

Bdlx class. 

See Sunday-school. 

Bible in Shakespeare. Burgess, W: *$i.5o 
net Revell. 

Bible nature series. Cady, M. E. no. i. 
$1,25. Pacific Press. 

Bible on instrumental music. Wyatt, F: F. 
25 c. F: F. Wyatt. 

Bible readings and hymns for school use; 
prepared at the request of the Board of 
Education, Ann Arbor, Michigan. '09 
(Myi) c. O. 50 c. Wahr. 

Bible-school vision. Welshimer, P. H. 50 c. ; 
30 c. Standard Pub. 

Bible studies in missions, D. Revell. 

— Carver. Missions in the plan of the ages. 
^1.25 net 

Biblical criticism. Jordan, W: G: *$3 !iet 


Biblical ideas of atonement. Burton, E. D. 

$1. Univ. of Chic. 

Biblical stories retold for children. See Har- 
rison, Edith Ogden. 

Advertising: Lewis, E. S. Financial ad- 
vertising. $5. Levey. 
Advertising: Stryker, A. M. Advertiser's 
hdbk. [Trade journals and class publi- 
cations : advertising information.] $1. 

Trade Journ. 
Aerial navigation: Turner, C: C. Aerial 
navigation of to-day. *$i.50 net. 

iEsthetics: Gordon, K. Esthetics. $1.50. 


BiPi lOGRAPHiES. — Continued. 

Agricultural periodicals: Tucker, G. M. 
American agricultural periodicals. (Priv. 
pr.) G. M. Tucker. 

Agriculture: Fisher, M. L., and Cotton, 
F. A. Agriculture for common schools. 
$1. Scribner. 

Agriculture: Main, J. Manual for high 
schools, with special reference to science 
and agriculture, gratis. J. Main. 

Agriculture : Public school agriculture, 1909. 
gratis. R. J. Watts. 

Agriculture : United States. Dept. of Agri- 
culture. Agriculture. Public documents 
issued from the office of the Superin- 
tendent of Documents, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Agriculture : United States. Dept. of Agri- 
culture. Agriculture; list of publications 
of the United States Agriculture De- 
partment gratis. U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Agriculture: U. S., Dept. of Agriculture. 
Classified list of publications available for 
distribution April i, 1909. gratis. 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Agriculture : United States. Dept. of Agri- 
culture. Experiment Stations Office: 
bulletins, circulars, Experiment Station 
record, and reports of colonial experi- 
ment stations, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Agriculture: Warren, G: F: Elements of 
agriculture. ♦*$ net Macmillan. 

Agriculture : Wilkinson, J : W. Practical 
agriculture. $1. Am. Bk. 

Alaska: Greely, A. W. Hdbk. of Alaska. 
♦♦$2 net Scribner. 

Alcuin: Page, R. B. Letters of Alcuin. 
$1 ; so c. Forest Press. 

American literature : Simonds, W : E : Stu- 
dent's history of American literature. 
$1.10. Houghton M. 

American literature : Stanton, T., ed. Man- 
ual of American literature. **$i.75 net. 


American poetry: Otis, W: B. American 
verse, 1625-1807. **$i.75 net. Moffat. 

Anemia: Hunter, W: Severest anaemias. 
V. I. *$3.2S net. Macmillan. 

Angellier, A.: Page choisies. $1.15. 

Oxford Univ. 

Apocrypha: Pick, B. Apocryphal acts. 
$1.25. Open Court. 

Appendicitis: Vale, F. P. Has surgical 
treatment lessened the mortality from ap- 
pendicitis. 50 c. Snow & F. 

Arbitration : Griffin, A. P. C, comp. List of 
references on international arbitration. 
20 c. U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Arithmetic : Smith, D : E. Rara arith- 
metica: catalogue of the arithmetics 
written before mdci. $20. Ginn. 

Arizona: Munk, J. A. Arizona bibliog- 
raphy, gratis. J. A. Munk. 

Armenian church: Arpee, L Armenian 
awakening. *$i.25 net Univ. of Chic. 

Asoka: Smith. V. A. Asoka: Buddhist 
emperor of India. $1.15. Oxford Univ. 

Astronomy: Forbes, G: Hist of astron- 
omy. **75 c. net. Putnam. 

Athens, Greece: D'Ooge, M. L. Acropolis 
of Athens. ^$4 net. Macmillan. 


BlBLIOCHAPHIES— Ccti/ini'rrf. 

Athens, Greece : Savage, C ; A, Athenian 
family ; sociological and legal study, 
•$1.50 net; 'Slzs net Lord Balio. Pr. 

Aliases : United States. Library of Con- 
gresi. List of geographical aliases in the 
Library of Congress, 2 v. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 

Autobiography; Burr, Mrs. A, R. The 
autobiography. **$z nel. Houghton M. 

Aztecs: Diven, T; J. Aztecs and Mayas. 
In 2 V. V. I. $1. Antiquarian. 

Babylonian inscriptions ; Hinke, W ; J : 
New boundry stone of Nebuchadrezzar i. 
from Nippur. $3.50. Univ. of Penn. 

Bacon, F., Lord. Essays. "35 c. net. 


Balzac. Honore de : Gillette. F. B,. come. 
Title index to the works of Hoi.ora de 
Bnlzac. 25 c. Boston Bk. 

Bannerman. Margaret Gordon, Lady: 
Archibald, R, C. Carlyie's first love. 
•$3.50 net. Lane. 

Beet-sugar : United Stales. Dept. nf Agri- 
culture. Be el -sugar industry in the 
United Stales. 15 c, 

U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 

Beetles: Pierce, W: D. On the biologies 
of the phynehophora: [beetles.] (Not 
for sale.) Univ. of Neb, 

Beryllium: Parsons, C: L. Chemistry and 
literature of beryllium. $2. aiemical. 

Bible : McFadyen. J : E., and Voiaw, C. W., 
eomps. Best books for Old and New 
Testament study. 20 c. 

Pub, Ho. of M. F, Ch-, So, 

Bible: MacPhail, M. L. Magnetism of the 
Bible. *7S c. ret. Am. S. S. 

Bible: Hodge, R: M. New Testament au- 
thors and their works, '30 c. net. 

Bible : Plummer, A. Esegelical comment- 
ary on the Gospel according to St. 
Matthexv. *$3 net. Scribner. 

■ D Apocrypha. 


B IBUOC RAPHTES. — Conltiiucd. 

Blood : Craivley, H. Studies on blood and 
blood parasites, (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Blood : Meyer, W., and Schmicdcti, V. 
Bier's hyperemia treatment. •S3 net 


Books ; Annual American catalog, igOS. I3. 
Pub. Weekly. 

Books: Bcticn, F. S, Roman index of for- 
bidden books. *3S c, net. Herder. 

Books : Boston Public Library. Brief list 
of books for home reading for boys and 
girls in the Public Library, gratis. 

Boston Pub, Lib. 

Books : Brookline, Mass, Public Library, 
Something to read for boys and girU 
o. p. Brookline Pub. Lib. 

Books : Buffalo Public Library. Qass-room 
libraries for public schools. 25 c, 

Buffalo Pub. Lib. 

Books: Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh. Cat- 
alog of books in the children's depart' 
ment. •$! net Caniegie Lib, 

Books: Gary, C: P., ed. List of books for 
free high school libraries in the state of 
Wisconsin, gratis. C: P, Gary, 

Books; Cole, G: W., comp. Catalogue of 
books consisting of English 'itcraWre 
and miscellanea. 2 v. $73, Dodl 

Books : English catalogue of books, for 
1908. 'Slso net. Pub. Weekly. 

Books; Evans, C: American bibliography, 
1635-1820, In6v. V. 5. $1;. 

C: Evans; [Blakely Press.] 

Books : List of books for college and high 

school libraries, (Add. pubs, for price,) 

Eau Qaire Bk. 

Books : Poticher, Mrs. F, H. Boy an'd the 
books, 75 c Kimbati Press. 

Books: Power, E. L., cotnp. Selected list 
of children's books for school libraries, 
Mich, gratis. L. L. Wright 

Books ; Public school libraries : 500 boob 
and how to buy them, gratis. 

Mich. State Normal Coll. 




Bibliographies. — Continued, 
Briquets: Wright, C: L. Briquetting tests 
at the United States fuel testing plant, 
Norfolk, Va., 1907-8. 10 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Browning, R. : Selection from poems and 
plays. 40 c. Scott, F. & Co. 

Bro\\Tiing, R. Shorter poems. ♦♦25 c. net. 


Building (construction) : Jacoby, H : S. 
Structural details. $2.25. Wiley. 

Building (construction) : Radford's cyclo- 
pedia of construction. 12 v. ea., $2. 

Radford Architectural Co. 

Burgundy, Duchess of; Williams, H. N. 
Rose of Savoy. *$3.50 net Scribner. 

Calcium-lighting: Pond, G: G. Calcium 
carbide and acetylene, gratis. 

Penn. State Coll. 

Campbell, Alexander: Egbert, J: Alexan- 
der Campbell and Christian liberty. $1.50. 

Chr. Pub. Co. 

C^ada: Griffin, G. G., comp. Writings on 
American history. [U. S. and Canada:] 
bibliogriphy, 1907. ^.50 net. 


Canada: Wrong, G: M., and Langton, H. 
H., eds. Review of historical publica- 
tions relating to Canada, v. 12, 13. ea., 
$1.50; $1. Morang. 

Carnegie Institution of Washington. Year 
book no. 7, 1908. $1.25 ; $1. Carnegie. 

Catholic church : Bennett, W : H. Catholic 
footsteps in old New York. $2.50. 

Schwartz, K. & F. 

Catholic literature : Chicago Public Library. 
Catholic reading list [Catholic authors.] 
25 c. E: Larkin. 

Catholic periodicals: Middleton, T: C. 
Catholic periodicals published in the 
United States. [1809- 1892.] (Priv. pr.) 

T: C, Middleton. 

Cells: Hertwig, O., and Campbell, H: J. 
The ^1. *^.25 net Macmillan. 

Ccramicii Burton, W: and H. Hdbk. 
marks on pottery and porcelain. *$2.2S 
net. Macmillan. 

Ceramics: Hayden, A. (Thats on old 
earthenware. $5. Stokes. 

Challoner, Bp. Richard: Burton, E. H. 
Life and times of Bishop Challoner. In 
2 v. *$7 net. Longmans. 

Cheese: Thoni, C: Camembert cheese 
problems in the U. S. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Cheese : Van Slykc, L. L., and Publo, C : A. 
Science and practice of cheese-making. 
*$i.75 net. Judd. 

Chemistry: Emery, F. B. Elementary 
chemistry. $1.50. Chemical. 

Chemistry : Thorpe, Sir E : Hist, of chem- 
istry. In 2 v. v. I. **75 c. net. Putnam. 

Chemistry: United States. Chemistry Bu- 
reau. Bulletins, circulars and food in- 
spection decisions, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Children : Wilson, L : N., comp. Bibliog- 
raphy of child study for the year 1907. 
25 c. Clark Univ. 

Children's literature: South Carolina State 
Board of Education. South Carolina list 
of library books, gratis. R. L. Bryan. 

BiULioGRAPHiES. — Ccntirucd. 

Children's reading: Arnold, Mrs. G. W., 
comp. Mother's list of books for chil- 
dren. $1. McClurg. 

Children's reading: Connecticut Public Li- 
brary. Helps in library work with chil- 
dren, gratis. Conn. Pub. Lib. 

Chinese question: Cowan, R. E., and Dun- 
lap, B., comps. Bibliog. of the Chinese 
question. *$i.40 net A. M. Robertson. 

Chopin, F. F. Greater (Thopin. $2.50; 
$1.50. Ditson. 

Christianity: Thomas, W. H. G. Chris- 
tianity is Christ. ^40 c. net. Longmans. 

Church (The) : Foster, E. C. Boy and the 
church. 75 c. S. S. Times. 

Church history: Flick, A. C. Rise of the 
medijpval church. **$3.50 net. Putnam.. 

(Thurch history: Glover, T. R. Conflict of 
religions in the early Roman Empire. 
♦$2.50 net. Scribner. 

Church history: Gwatkin, H: M. Early 
church hist. *$5.25 net. Macmillan. 

Church history: Weber, N. A. History of 
simony in the (Thristian church. *$i.SO 
net Furst 

(Thurch of England: Balleine, G. R. Hist 
of the evangelical party in the Church 
of England. *$i net Longmans. 

Church of England: Dcarmer, P. Every- 
man's history of the English church. 
♦75 c. net ; ♦$! net ; ♦so c. net. Warnc. 

(Thurches: Thompson, C. B. Churches and 
the wage earners. **$i net. Scribner. 

Cities: Marsh, B: C, and Ford, G: B. 
Introduction to city planning. $t. 

B: C. Marsh. 

Civilization: Seignobos, M. J. C. History 
of contemporary civilization, v. 3. ♦♦$1.25 
net Scribner. 

Coal: Burrows, J: S. Mine sampling and 
chemical analysis of coals. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Coal : Goss, W : F. M. Comparative tests 
of lun-of-mine and briquetted coal on 
locomotives. 15 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Concrete: Moisseiff, L. S. Review of the 
literature of reinforced concrete.' 5 c. 

Engineering News. 
Conduct of life: Wright, H: B. Will of 
(jod and a man's lifework. 90 c. 

Y. M. C. A. 
Connecticut: Pond, E. L. Tories of (Thip- 
peny Hill, Connecticut. ♦♦$! net. 

(irafton Press. 
Corea: Gale, J. S. Korea in transition. 
50 c. ; 35 c. Young People's Miss. 

Corn : Bowman, M. L., and Crossley, B. W : 
Corn : growing, judging, breeding, feed- 
ing, marketing. $2.50. Bowman & C. 
Costume: Brooklyn Public Library. Read- 
ing and reference list on costume, gratis. 

Brooklyn Lib. 

Costume : Saunders, C. Costume in Roman 

comedy. **$i net. Macmillan. 

Cotton: Watkins, J. L. King Cotton: 

historical and statistical review. $1.50. 

J. L. Watkins. 
Creation : Caldwell, W : Idea of crea- 
tion : its origin and value. 50 c. 



Bibliographies. — Continued. 
Criminal law : Wigmore, J : H : Pfelim- 

inary bibliog. of modern criminal law and 
criminology. 65 c. Northwestern Univ. 

Cyclops ; Eynies, E. F. Fresh water 
Cyclops of Long Island. 80 c. 

Biooklyn Inst. 

Dairy: United States. Dept. of Agrieul- 
ture. Ba. of Animal Industry. Publi- 
cations of interest to dairymen, gratis. 
U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Dairy : U. 5. public documents rel. to 
the American dairy industry, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Dana, R : H :, jr. Two years before the 
mast, "as c. net. Maemillan. 

Danish books: Kildal, A., comp. Selected 
list of Norwegian and Danish books. 
25 c. A. L A. 

Dante Alighieri. La divina commedia. v. 7, 
Inferno. $1.25. Heath. 

Debating: Phelps, E. M., comp. Selected 
articles on the initiative and referendum. 
$1. H. W. Wilson. 

Diphtheria : Goodman. H. M. Experimental 
studies on diphtheric immunity. 25 c. 

H. M. Goodman. 

Diphtheria: Nuttall, G: H:. and Graham- 
Smith, G: S., I'rfj. Bacteriology of diph- 
theria. *$7 net. Putnam. 

District of Columbia : Dodd, W. F. Gov- 
ernment of the District of Columbia. 
51.50. Byrne. 

Domestic science : Langworthy, C ; F, U, S 
government publications a^ source? of 
information for students of home eco- 
nomics. (Add. Assoc, for price.) 

Home Economics Assoc. 

Drainage: United Stales, Dcpt. of Agri- 
culture. Organiiation work, and publi- 
cations of drainage investigations, gratis. 
U. S„ Supl. of Docs. 

Drake, Daniel : Juetlner, O, Daniel Drake 
and his followers, $5. Harvey Pub. 

Drama and dramatists; Crowley. T. J. 
r-treatmcnt in the medieval 


BiBLioGRAPH lES.— Conlinurd. 

Education: Munroe, J. P. Educational 
ideal. $1. Heath. 

Education: Norton, A. O. Readings in 
the history of education. 85 c 

Harvard Univ. 

Education : O'Sheaj M. V. Social develoi>- 
ment and education. $a. Houghton M. 

Education : Publishers' Weekly. American 
educational list, igog. 50 c Pub. W'eekly 

Education : United States. Burrait of Edu- 
cation. Teacher's professional library: 
classiSed list of one hundred titles. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs- 
Education: United States. Library ef 
Congress. Smithsoni-iit Division, want 
list of publications of educational insti- 
tutions. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 
U. S., SupL of Docs. 

Education : Wyer, J. I., and Phelps, M. L, 

comps. Bibliography of education for 

ig07. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Electric railroads: Fowle, F. F. Protection 
of railroads fnJm overhead transmission 
'line crossings. $1.50. Van Nostrand 

Electric railroads: Modern electric railway 
practice. 4 v. $32.5a W. V. Wheat 

Electrical engineering: Stone and Webster- 
Current literature references, [electrical 
engineering.] 1907. (Add- pubs, tof 
price.) Stone & W. 

Electncitv: American Institute of Elec- 
trical Engineers, Library. Catalogue of 
the Wheeler gift of books, pamphlets 
and periodicals. $8. Am. Inst. Elec Eng. 

Eliiabelh, Queen of Eneland: Mumbv, F. 
A„ comp. Girlhood of Queen Elizabeth. 
*'$3 net. Houghton M. 

Embryology: Lillie, F. R. Development of 
the chick ; inlrod. to embryology. "$1 
net. HolL 

Empcdocles: Fragments of Empedodes; ir, 
into English verse by W : Ellery Leonard. 
$!. Open Court 

Employmerl 3gencies:'Devine. E: T: 




Bibliographies. — Continued. 

Ether: May, C. E. Oxygen ethers of the 
type — -N: C. (O R), derived from cer- 
tain nitrogen heterocycles. (Add. author 
for price.) C. E. May. 

Ethics: Hayden, E. A. Social will. $i. 

Psychological Review. 

Ethnology: Thomas, W: I: Source book 
for social origins. ♦$4.50 net. 

Univ. of Chic. 

•Ethnology: United States. Bureau of 
American Ethnology. Ethnology: titles 
and prices of those published documents 
of the U. S Bu. of American Ethnology 
which are now available for distribution, 
gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Eugenics: Saleeby, C. W. Parenthood and 
race culture. ♦♦$2.50 net. Moffat. 

Europe: Nichol, J: Tables of European 
history, literature, science and art; and 
of American history, literature and art. 
♦$225 net. Macniillan. 

Fairfield, Ct.: Child, F. S: Fairfield, an- 
cient and modem. 50 c. Fairfield Hist 

Fairy tales: Boston Public Library. Find- 
ing lists of fairy tales and folk stories in 
books at the branches of the Public Li- 
brary. 5 c. Boston Pub. Lib. 

Fiction: English prose fiction. 15 c. 

H. W. Wilson. 

Fiction : Gerwig, G : W : Art of the short 
story. 75 c. Werner. 

Fiction: Johnson, J. G. Southern fiction 
prior to i860: attempt at a first-hand 
bibliography. $2. Michie. 

Fiction: Utica, N. Y., Public Library. Se- 
lected list of historical fiction, gratis. 

Utica Lib. 

Figs: Van Velzer, A. C. Fig culture. 
$1.50. Dealy. 

Finance: Davies, A. E. Money and the 
stock and share markets. 50 c. Pitman. 

Finance: Plehn, C. C. Introduction to 
public finance. **$i.75 net. Macmillan. 

Fine arts: Armstrong, Sir W. Art in 
Great Britain and Ireland. *$i.50 net. 


Fish : United States. Superintendent of 
Documents. Fishes; in the U. S. public 
documents great attention is given to 
fish and fisheries; documents cont. infor- 
mation on these subjects are sold at cost 
of pap., etc. gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Fish : United States. Dept. of Commerce 
and Labor. Bureau of Fisheries. List 
of publications of the Bureau of Fisheries 
available for distribution, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Flics: Merchants* Association of New 
York. House-fly at the bar. gratis. 

Merchants' Assoc. 

Florence: Staley, E. Famous women of 
Florence. $3-50. Scribner. 

Fonts: Bond, F. Fonts and font covers. 
^.80. Oxford Univ. 

Food : Hunt, C. L. Daily meals of children. 

(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Food: Leach, A. E. Food inspection and 

analysis. $7.50- Wiley. 

Bibliographies. — Continued. 
Food : Organization, work, and publications 

of food and nutrition investigations. 

gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Food: Priced list of public documents rel. 

to food, gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Food preservatives: United States. Dept. 

of Agriculture. Influence of sodium ben- 

zoate on the nutrition and health of man. 

$1. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Forests and forestry: United States. 

Forest service. Bulletins, circulars, maps 

and silvical leaflets rel. to forests, gratis. 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
France: Cousin, V. La societ6 fran^aise 

en xviie siecle. $1.15. Oxford Univ. 
France: Hall, J: R. Bourbon restoration. 

♦$4 net. Houghton M. 

Franck, C. : D'Indy, V. Cesar Franck. 

♦$2.50 net. Lane. 

French literature: Konta, Mrs. A. L. His- 
tory of French literature. ♦♦$2.50 net. 


French Revolution: Christophelsmeier, C 
H. First revolutionary step [in France.] 
$1. Univ. of Neb. 

Fruit. Los Angeles. Public Library. Cal- 
ifornia, United States and experiment 
station documents of interest to Califor- 
nia horticulturists. (Add. Library for 
price.) Los Angeles Lib. 

Fuel: Randall, D. T. Tests of coal and 
briquets as fuel for house-heating boil- 
ers. 10 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Fulton, Robert: Brooklyn Public Library. 
List of books and magazine articles on 
Henry Hudson and the Hudson River, 
Robert Fulton and early steam naviga- 
tion, gratis Brooklyn Lib. 

Fulton, Robert: Homer, H. H., cofnf^. and 
ed. Hudson-Fulton celebration. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) N. Y. Slate Educ. 

Gardens and gardening : Bailey, L. H. Hor- 
ticulturists' rule-book. 75 c. Macmillan. 

Gardens and gardening: Weed. C. M.. and 
Emerson, P. School garden book. $1.25. 


Garrett. R. : Cook, E : T. Edmund Garrett. 
*$3 net. Longmans. 

"Gaspee" (The) : Knox, H. B. Destruc- 
tion of the "Gaspee"; [British schooner 
destroyed by people of Rhode Island, 
1772.] gratis. R. I. Dept. Educ. 

Gautier, T. Trois grotesques. 70 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Geography: Calmerton. G. Geojiranhy — 
history. (Not for sale.) 

Fort Wayne Scli. Bd. 
Gcoirraphy: Sutherland, W: J. Tcacliing 
of geography. $1.25. Scott, F. & Co. 

Geology: Phalcn, W : C. Economic ucol- 
ogy of the Kenova quadransrir : Ken- 
tucky, Ohio and West Virginia. 25 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Geology: L^nited States. Geological Sur- 
vey. Publications, (not incl. topographic 
maps.) gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Geology: Weeks, F. B., and Nickles, J. M. 
Bibliography of North American gcolo^ 
for i9o6-'o7. 30 c. \3. S., ^v\\>\. o\T>o<::s. 



George i. of England: Melville. L. First 
George, in Hanover and England •$6 
net. Scribner. 

German-Americans : Helbig. R: E. Ger- 
man-American researclics : collection in 
N. Y. Public Library, 1906-0?. Bratis. 

N. Y. Pub, Lib. 

German art; Metropolitan Mu.seum of Art. 
Exhibition of contemporary German art; 
list of books and periodicals relating to 
modern German art in the library of the 
Museum, gratis. Metropolitan Museum, 

German language: Evans, M. B. High 
school course in German. (Add. Uni- 
versity for price.) Univ. of Wis. 

German literature: Buffalo Public Library- 
Books in German printed by the German 
Young Men's Association, gratis. 

Buffalo Pub. Lib, 

German poetry: Bithell, J, The Minne- 
singers. V. I. Jz, Longmans. 

Germans in the United Stales: Faust, A. B, 
Geiman element in the United Stales, 
2 V. "$7.50 net. Houghton M. 

Ghoits ■ Hawkins, J., comp. Gliosi stories 
ani] tales of the supernatural. 20 c. 

Boston Bk. 

Glaciers: Fairchild, H. L. Glacial waters 
in central New York. 40 c. 

N. Y. State Educ. 

Goldsmith, Oliver: Buckland, E. S. L. Oli- 
ver Goldsmith. '50 c. net. Macmiilan. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. The traveller and The de- 
scried village. "30 c. net. Applelon. 

Gould, George Milbry, M.D. Eibliog, of 
the contributions of G ; M. Gould to 
ophthalmology, general medicine, litera- 
ture, etc. gratis. Andrus. 

Government publications : United States. 
Superintend eni of Documents. Proceed- 
ings of Congress; being a complete list 
of the volumes of the Annals of (he Con- 
gress, Register of Debates in Congress, 
(Add, Superintendent for pri 


5. — Continued. 

Guilds: Unwin. G: Gilds and companies 
of London, •$2 net. Scribner. 

Gymnastics : Skarstrom. W ; Gymnastic 
kinesiology' *$i'2S net. Bassetit 

Healing: American School of Correspond- 
ence. Cyclopedia of heating, plumbing 
and sanitation. $12, Am. Sch. Corr. 

Historical novels : Burdick, J. E., ed. Gen- 
eral index [to The history of nations.] 
$275 ; 53-75 ; SS- , _ J : D. Morris. 

History: American Historical Association 
Study of hist, in the elementary schools. 
SO c. Scribner. 

History: Calmerton, G. Geography^ — his- 
tory. (Not tor sale.) 

Fort Wayne Sch. Bd 

History: Johnson, H: Problem of adapt- 
ing history to children in the elementary 
school. 30 c. Teachers' Coll 

History: Kemp, E. W. Outline of history 
for the grades. $1.25. Ginn, 

Holidays : Haieltinc, M. E., ed. Anniver- 
saries and holidays. 25 c. 

Wisconsin Free lib. 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell: Brooklyn Pub- 
lic Library. Oliver Wendell Holmes, 
1809-1894; a list of books and references 
to periodicals in She Library, gratis. 
Brooklyn Ub. 

House decoration: Lenygon, F. Decora- 
tion and furniture of English mansions 
during (he seventeenth and eighteenth 
centuries. •$! net. Scribner. 

Hudson. Henry: Brooklyn Public Library. 
List of hooks and magazine articles on 
Henry Hudson and the Hudson River, 
Robert Fulton and early steam naviga- 
tion, gratis, Brooklyn Ub. 

Hudfon, Henry: Homer, H. H,. comp. and 
ed. Hudson-Fulton celebration, (Add. 
pubs, for price.) N, Y. Stale Educ. 

Hugo, V. Notre-Dame de Paris. $1.13. 
Oxford Univ- 

Hydraulic engineering; Haria. L, F. In- 




Bibliographies.— Cotititiued. 
Immigration: United States. Dept. of 
Commerce and Labor. Bureau of Im- 
migration and Naturalisation. Cata- 
logue of books and blanks used by the 
immigration service. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

India: Anderson, W: B., and Watson, C: 
R. Far north in India. 50 c. 

Bd. For. Miss. 

Indian names: Douglas-Lithgow, R. A. 
Diet, of American-Indian place and 
proper names in New England, $7. 

Salem Press. 

Inland navigation: List, of works relating 
to deep waterways from the Great Lakes 
to the Atlantic Ocean, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Insects : United States. Entomology Bu- 
reau ; bulletins, circulars and technical ser. 
rel. to insects, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Insurance: Eke, A. J. Elements of in- 
surance. 50 c. Pitman. 

Interdict: Krehbiel, E: B. The interdict, 
its history and its operation, with especial 
attention to the time of Pope Innocent 
m. $1.50. Am. Hist. 

Intestines: Schmidt, A. Examination of 
the function of the intestines by means of 
the test diet. *$i.50 net. Davis. 

Irrigation: United States. Dept. of Agri- 
culture. Organization, work, and publi- 
cations of irrigation investigations, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Italian paintings: Jewett, L. R. History of 
Italian painting, outlines and references. 
60 c. Mt. Holyoke Coll. 

Italy: Jordan, L: H:, and Labanca, B. 
Study of religion in Italian universities. 
$240. Oxford Univ. 

Italy : Macdonell, A. In the Abruzzi. ^$2 
net. Stokes. 

Italy: Peet, T. E. Stone and bronze 
ages in Italy and Sicily. $5.25. 

Oxford Univ. 

Jackson, Gen. Thomas Jonathan, ["Stone- 
wall."] : White, H : A. Stonewall Jack- 
son. **$i.25 net. Jacobs. 

Japan : Dillon, R .Arts of Japan. *$i net. 


Jcfferies, John Richard: Thomas, E: 
Richard JefFeries, his life and work. *$3 
net. Little, B. & Co. 

Jesus Christ: Stalker, J. Ethic of Jesus. 
*$i.75 net. Armstrong. 

Jews: Jenks, O. R. Last prophets of 
Jsrael. 35 c Our Hope. 

Jews: Schemer, A. S. Primary cause of 
antisemitism. $1. A. S. Schomer. 

Johnson, Samuel: Brooklyn Public Li- 
brary. Samuel Johnson, 1709- 1784; list 
of books with references to periodicals 
in the Library, gratis. Brooklyn Lib. 

Juvenile courts: Hornbeck, S. K. Juvenile 
courts. 25 c Wisconsin Free Lib. 

Kansas: Prentis, N. L. Hist, of Kansas. 

60 c. C. Prentis. 

Kentucky: McElroy, R. M. Kentucky in 

the nation's history. ♦♦$5 net. Moffat. 

Bibliographies. — Continued. 
Kings Co., N. Y. : Ditmars, C: A. His- 
toric homesteads of Kings County. $5. 

C: A. Ditmars. 

Labor and laboring classes: Chapin, R. C. 
Standard of living among workingmen's 
families in New York City. $2. 

Charities Pub. 

Labor and laboring classes : Edwards, R : 
H :, ed. Labor problem. 10 c. 

R : H : Edwards. 

Labor ?nd laboring classes: U. S. public 

documents rel. to the wage- workers. 

gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Lamartine, A. M. L. Jocelyn. $1. 

Oxford Univ. 
Lamb, C: Essays of Elia. 40 c. Heath. 

Land: Johnson, A. H. Disappearance of 
the small land owner. $1.75. 

Oxford Univ. 
Latin language: Reiley, K. C. Studies in 
the philosophical terminology of Lucre- 
tius and Cicero. *$i.25 net. 

Columbia Univ. 

Latin literature: Gark, A. C, comp. 

Pontes prosae nvmerosae. $1.50. 

Oxford Univ. 
Law : Lobingier, C : S. People's law. ♦♦$4 

net. Macmillan. 

Law: Shive, R. J. Handy digest (civil) to 
the books that contain the law. $4.75. 

State Cap. 

Laws: United States. Superintendent of 
Documents. Laws of the U. S. for sale 
by Superintendent of Documents, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Lebanon County, Pa. : Croll, C. P. Leb- 
anon County imprints. 25 c. 

C. P. Croll. 

Liberty of the press: Schroeder, T., comp. 
Free press anthology. $2. Free Speech. 

Lincoln, Abraham: Boston Public Library. 
Abraham Lincoln: short list of books, 
for school use. gratis. 

Boston Pub. Lib. 

Lincoln, Abraham : Brooklyn Public Li- 
brary. Abraham Lincoln: list of Lin- 
coln's works relating to Lincoln in the 
Library, gratis. Brooklyn Lib. 

Lincoln, Abraham: Chicago. Public Li- 
brary. List of books and magazine ar- 
ticles on Abrahah Lincoln, gratis. 

Chic. Pub. Lib- 
Lincoln, Abraham: Grand Army flag day, 
Rhode Island, February twelfth, 1909. 
(Add. pub. for price.) R. I. Dept. Educ. 

Lincoln, Abraham: Lowell [Mass.] City 
Library. List of Lincoln's writings and 
works rel. to Lincoln in the library, 
gratis. Lowell Lib. 

Liquor: Edwards, R: H:, ed. Liquor 
problem. 10 c. R : H : Edwards. 

Longfellow, H : W : Narrative poems. 40 c. 

Scott, F. & Co. 
Lord's supper: Stone, D. History of the 

doctrine of the holy eucharist. 2 v. 

♦$8.50 net. Longmans. 

Macaulay, T: B., Lord: Essays on Qive 
and Hastings. 35 c. ScoU, ¥ . ^ Co. 




Machinery: Portland (Ore.) Library Asso- 
ciation. List of practical books on ma- 
chine shop practice, foundry work and 
electricily. gratis. 

Portland fOre.) L. A. 

Magnestle ; Hess, F. L. Magnesite de- 
posits of California. (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price.) U. S., Siipt. o£ Docs. 
Maintenon, Francoise d'Aubign£, Marquise 
de. : Dyson, C. C. Madame de Mainte- 
non. "$4 net. Lane. 

Maitland. F: W: ; Smith. A. U Frederic 
William Maitland. -85 c. net. 

Oxford Univ. 

Malaysia: Daniel, J. F. Animal life of 
Malaysia- *'$ net. Bobbs-M 

Manuscripts: Bradley, J: W. Illuminated 
manuscripts. •$! net. McClurg, 

Manuscripts: Keidel, G: C: Hist of 
French fable manuscripts. $1. 

Modern Lang. Assoc. 

Marsh. Captain Grant Prince : Hanson, 
J. M, Conquest of the Missouri, •$a 
net. McCiurg. 

Massachusetts Bay: Ford, W. C, and 
Mathews, A. Bibliography of the laws of 
the Massachusetts Bay, 1641-1776 (Priv. 
pr.) Univ. Press, (Camb.) 

Medical jurisprudence: EwcU, M. D. Man- 
ual of medical jurisprudence. $3.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Medicine: Allbiitt, Sir T: C. and RoUes- 
ton, H. D., tds. System of medicine. $6; 
$7; $8. Macmillan. 

Mennoniles : Smith. C. H : Mennonites of 
America. $2. Mennonite Pub. Ho. 

Meteoiology: United Stales. Dept. of 
Agricvllvre, Weather Bureau. Brief list 
of meteorolcgical text books and refer- 
ence books, gratis. U. S., Supi. of Docs. 
Meteorology : United States, Weather 
Bureau ; bulletins, circulars, maps, gra- 
tis. U. S„ Supt of Does. 

Middle Arm: Munro, D. C, and Carle- 
jn, G: C. Syllabus of medieval history. 


I LLlocRA PH lES. — Cd nlinued. 

MoUusksi MacFarland, F. M. Opistho- 
branchiate Mollusea of the Branner- 
Agassi; expedition to Brazil. $1. 

Stanford Univ. 

Money: Adams, J. T. Some notes on the 
currency problem. (Add, author for 
pries.) Broun-G. 

Money: White, H. Money and banking 
illustrated by American history. •$i.8o 
net; *$i.50 net. Ginn. 

Monkeys: Peterson, O. A. Rerision of 
the EntelodontidK. $2.50. 

Carnegie Museum. 

Montana: Fisher, C A. Geology of the 
Great Falls coal field, Mont. (Add. Su- 
perinteident for price.) 

U. S., Supt, of Does. 

Mortgages : Campbell, R. A. MoHgage tax- 
ation. 25 c. Wisconsin Free Lib. 

Mosses: Evans, A. W:, and Nichols, G: E 
Bryophytcs of Connecticut : [mosses.] 
30 c. Conn. Lib. 

Municipal government : Munroe, W : B. 
Government of European cities. "$2.50 
net. Macmitlan. 

Municipal government : Schaffner, M. A. 
Municipal home rule charters. 25 c. 

Wisconsin Free lib. 

Music: Dickinson, E: Study of the his- 
tory of music. "$2.50 net Scribner. 

Music: New York Public Library. Se- 
lecled list ot works rel. to the hist, of 
musia gratis. N. Y. Pub. Ub. 

Music ; San Francisco. Public Library. 
Music catalogue, gratis. 

San Francisco Lib. 

Music: Winn, E. L. Child violinist, $1-25 

Napoleon i : Gonnard, P. Exile of St. 

Helena. •Ja.So net LippincotL 

Napokoni: Hathaway, E. V, Little Cor- 

sican. Napoleon Bonaparte. $1. 

Rand. McN. & Co. 
Natural gas: Arnold. R.. and Anderson. R. 

Preliminary report on the Coalinga oil 




BiBUOGRAPHiES. — Continued. 

Norwegian books: Kildal, A., comi*. Se- 
lected list of Norwegian and Danish 
books. 25 c. A. L. A. 

Nose: Burnham, W: H: Hygiene of the 
nose. (Add. author for price.) 

W: H. Burnham. 

Novels: Wigmorc, J: H: List of legal 
novels. 40 c. 111. Law Review. 

Oberammergau passion play: Passion play 
of Oberammergau. $1.50. Duffield. 

Ohio poets: Venable, E., ed. Poets of 
Ohio. ♦♦$1.50 net. Clarke. 

Otway, T: The orphan, and Venice pre- 
served. *6o c. net. Heath. 

Painters and paintings: Mach, E. R. O. v. 
Art of painting in the nineteenth century. 
♦$1.25 net. Ginn. 

Palestine: Masterman, E. W: G. Studies 
in Galilee. ♦$! net. Univ. of Chic. 

Paradiso (by Dante): Vernon, W: N. 
Readings on the Paradiso. 2 v. ^$4 net 


Peace: Brooklyn Public Library. Interna- 
tional peace: list of books, with refer- 
ences to periodicals, in the Brooklyn Pub- 
lic Library. (Add. Library for price.) 

Brooklyn Lib. 

Pellagra: Lavinder, C. H., and others. 
Prevalence of pellagra in the U. S. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Periodicals: Brief manual of leading pe- 
riodicals in the United States and Can- 
ada, gratis. Chesman. 

Periodicals: MacDonald, K. I. Magazines 
for the small library. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) League Lib. Com. 

Periodicals: United States. Library of 
Congress. Want list of periodicals. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Personality : Ribot, T. A. Diseases of the 
personality. $1. Boericke & T. 

Peruvian literature: Brown Universitpr. 
Books printed in Lima and elsewhere m 
South America after 1800. 50 c. 

Brown Univ. 

Peruvian newspapers: Winship, G: P. 
Early South American newspapers. $1. 

Am. Antiquarian. 

Petroleum : Arnold, R., and Anderson, R. 
Preliminary report on the Coal in ga oil 
district, [CbA.] 20c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Pharmacy: Arny, H. V. Principles of 
pharmacy. *$s net Saunders. 

Philosophy: Coppens, C: Brief hist, of 
philosophy. $1. Schwartz, K. & F. 

Philosophy: De Wulf, M. History of me- 
dieval philosophy. ^$3 net. Longmans. 

Philosophy: Open Court Publishing Co. 
Work of the Open Court Publishing Co., 
. consisting of a complete book list with 
brief characterization of authors and con- 
tents, incl. also a selection of noteworthy 
articles from the Monist and Open Court. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Open Court. 

Philosophy: Pcrricr, J. L: Revival of 
scholastic philosophy in the nineteenth 
century. ^17S net Columbia Univ. 

Bibliographies. — Continued. 

Philosophy: Wilson, A. M. Principle of 
the ego in philosophy, ♦so c. net. 


Physiology: Hill, L., ed. Further advances 
in physiology. *%^2Q net Longmans. 

Pianoforte: Beethoven, L. v. Piano com- 
positions. $2.50; $1.50. Ditson. 

Pianoforte: Smeltzer, J. R., comp. Out- 
lines and grades for the use of piano 
teachers. $2.50. J. R. Smeltzer. 

Pilgrims: Cockshott, W. Pilgrim fathers. 
♦$2.50 net Putnam. 

Plato: Cavanagh, F. A. Ethical end of 
Plato's theory of ideas. 50 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Plays: D'Avenant, Sir W: Love and 
honour and The siege of Rhodes. ^60 c. 
net. Heath. 

Plays: Shelly, P. B. Ccnci. 60 c. 


Plumbing: American School of Corre- 
spondence. Cyclop, of heating, plumb- 
ing and sanitation. $12. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Poe, E. A. Complete poetical works. 
♦75 c. net. Oxford Univ. 

Poe, E. A. : Material by and about Edgar 
Allan Poe to be found in the library of 
Columbia University. (Add. Univ. for 
price.) Columbia Univ. 

Poe, E. A.: Woodberry, G: E: Life 
of Edgar Allan Poe. 2 v. ♦♦Is net; 
♦♦$7 net. Houghton M. 

Poetry: Alden, R. M. Introd. to poetry. 
$1.25. Holt 

Poetry : Hart, W. M. Ballad and epic : de- 
velopment of the narrative art. $2.50. 


Poetry: Hoe, R. Catalogue of books of 
emblems. (Priv. pr.) R. Hoe. 

Poetry: Springfield, (Mass.,) City Library. 
Some modern verse; partial list of re- 
cent poetry in the City Library. 5 c. 

City Lib. Assoc. 

Political economy: Mill, J: S. Principles 
of political economy. ♦$ 


Political economy : Seager, H : R. Eco- 
nomics; briefer course. $i.7S- Holt. 

Politics: Jenks, J. W. Principles of poli- 
tics. ♦ net. Columbia Univ. 

Poor (The) : Conyngton, M. How 10 
help. ♦ net Macmillan. 

Poultry: Columbia School of Poultry Cul- 
ture text-books. Course A. In 12 sec- 
tions. $2. Columbia Sch. Poultry. 

Poultry: United States. Superintendent 
of Documents. Poultry; U. S. public 
documents, gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Prayer: Strong, A. L. Psychology of 
prayer. ♦$1.75 net. Univ. of Chic 

Preaching: Hoyt, A. S. The preacher. 
♦♦$1.50 net. Macmillan. 

Primaries : SchaflFner, M. A. Primary elec- 
tions. 2S c. Wisconsin Free Lib. 

Prophets (Hebrew): Eiselen, F: C. 
Prophecy and the prophets in their his- 
torical relations. ♦$i.SO net 

Eaton & M. 

Proteids: Osborne, T: B. Vegetable 
proteids. ♦$1.20 net. Longmans. 



BlBLlOCRAFHlES. — CoHlinticd. 

Psychology ; Kirkpatriek, E. A. Genetic 
psychology. •*$i.2S net. Macrnillan. 

Psychology: Rowland, E. H. Psycholog- 
ical experiences connected with the dif- 
ferent parts of speech. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Psychological Review. 

Psychology: Titchener, E: B. Lectures on 
the experimental psychology of the 
thought -process. ■*$1.25 net. 


Radium: Gager, C:S. Effects of the rays 
of radium on plants. $2. 

N. y. Botanical. 

Railroads; Oeveland, Ft A., and Powell. 
F. W. Railroad promotion and capitali- 
zation. "$2 net, Longmans, 

Railroads : Education and railroad men. 
25 c. Y. M. C. A, 

Railroads : Meyer, H. H ; B., comr- Select 
list of references on the valuation and 
capitalization of railroads, 10 c. 

U. S., Supt of Docs, 

Reference books : Jacobs, H :, comp. 


3 find i 

index t 

of information on all subjects of general 
interest. 50 c. H : Jacobs. 

Religion : Chamberlin, G. L., and Kern, 
M. R. Child religion in song and story. 
(v. 2.) Walks with Jesus in His home 
country. $1.38. Univ. of Chic. 

Religion: Guthrie, K. S. Spiritual mes- 
sage of literature. $1, Open Court 

Represcnlation: Curtis, R. E. Propor- 
tional representation. 25 c. 

Wisconsin Free Lib, 

Rhode Island : Brighain. C. S., comp. List 
of books upon Rhode Inland history, 
gratis, R. I. Dept. Educ. 

Rhodian sea-law ; Ashburner, W. Rhodlan 
sea-law, $5.75, Oxford Univ. 

Rifles: Fames, H: E. Rifle in war. $2. 
U, S, Cavalry, 

Roads: United Stales. Public Roads Office, 
Bulletins and circulars rel, to the im- 
provements of roads, gratis. 

U, S.. Supt, of Docs. 

BiBUOCHAPHtES.— Con/inH«rf. 

Science: Pratl Inslitule, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Free Library. Technical books of 19A 
gratis to libraries. Pratt Inst. 

Scott, Sir W. Lady of the lake. "25 t 
net. Scribnci. 

Scottish staple; Davidson, J :, and Gray, A, 
Scottish staple at Veere. "$4,50 nci, 


Shakespeare, W ; Furnivall, F : J., and 
Munro, J: Shakespeare, life and work 
♦35 c. net ; "65 c. net. Cassell. 

Shakespeare, W ; Greg, W, V/., comf. 
Descriptive catalogue of the early edi- 
tions of the works of Shakespeare in the 
library of Eton College. $1.10. 

Oxford Univ. 

Shakespeare, W: Plays of Shakespeare; 
Tragedy of Julius Cjesar. •■25 c net. 


Sheridan, P. H.: Sichel, W. S. Sheridan. 
In 2 V. "$7.50 net. Houghton St 

Short story : Canby, H : S, Short story 
in English. $1.60. Holt 

Sicily: Monroe. W. S. Sicily. $3- 

L. C, Pagt 

Siddons, Mrs, Sarah Kemble ; Parsons, 
Mrs. C. Incomparable Siddons. •Sj,?" 
net, Putnam. 

Sin: Burton, M. Le R. Problem of evil 
$1.25, Open Court. 

Slavery; Adams, A. D. Neglected period 
of anti-slavery in America, (1808-1S31.) 
•*$!.S0 net. Ginn. 

Slavery; Mumford, B. B. Virginia's at- 
titude toward slavery and secession. 
•■$2 net Longmans. 

51ecp: Sidis, B. Experimental study of 
sleep, '$r net. Badger 

Slide-rule : Cajori, F. History of the 
logarithmic slide rule. $1, 

Engineering News. 

Slocum. F, : Slocum. C: E. Hist, of 
Frances Slocum. $2.50. Slocum Pub. 

Smithsonian Institution Classified list o( 




BiBUOGRAPHiES. — Continued. 

Spanish America: Hale, A. B. Practical 
guide to Latin America. ♦*$! net. 


Spanish America : International Bureau of 
the American Republic, Washington, D. 
C. List of publications published or dis- 
tributed by the International Bureau of 
American Republics. (Add. pub. for 
price.) Int. Bu. Am. Republics. 

Spanish literature: Foulch§-Delbosc, R. 
Bibliographic hispanique, 1905, 1906. ea., 
$1.25. Hispanic Soc. 

Speculation :. Fayant, F. Some thoughts on 
speculation. (Priv. pr.) Baruch. 

Stael-Holstein, A. L. G. N., Baronne de. 
De TAllemagne. 85 c. Oxford Univ. 

Stanley, Sir H : M. Autobiography. $5. 

Houghton M. 

State publications: Bowker, R: R., id. 
State publications, pt. 4. $10 for com- 
plete work. Pub. Weekly. 

Stenography: Gregg. J: R. Gregg re- 
porter. $1.50. Gregg Pub. 

Suggestion (Mental): Winbigler, C: F. 
Suggestion. $2.50. S. A. Lewis. 

Sunday-school: Oliver, C. A. Preparation 
for teaching, [Sunday-schools.] 25 c. 

Westminster Press. 

Superstitions: Stewart, C. T. Origin of 
the werewolf superstition. 50 c. 

Univ. of Mo. 

Surgery: Kolle, F: S. Subcutaneous hy- 
drocarbon protheses. ♦♦$2.50 net. 

Grafton Press. 

Swedenborg, Emanuel: Hyde, J. Bibliog. 
of the works of Emanuel Swedenborg. 
$10. New Church, 

Sweet pea: Crane, D. B. Book of the 
sweet pea. *$i.50 net. Lane. 

Teachers and teaching. Boyer, C: C. 

Modem methods for teachers. $1.50. 

Teachers and teaching: Neet, G: W. 

Pract. methodology. $1.25. Bogarte. 

Teachers and teaching: Pattee, F. L. 
Elements of religious pedagogy. *75 c. 
net. Eaton & M. 

Teachers and teaching: Rowe, S. H: 
Habit-formation and the science of 
teaching. ♦♦$1.50 net. Longmans. 

Teachers and teaching: Thomdike, E: L. 
Teaching staff of secondary schools in 
the United States. (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Telephone: Scott, L. Telephones; inter- 
change of service. 25 c. 

Wisconsin Free Lib. 

Temperance: Hammell, G: M., ed. Pass- 
ing of the saloon. $2 ; $2.75 ; $3.50. 

Tower Press. 

Tennyson, Alfred, Lord: Brooklyn Public 
Library. Alfred Tennyson, 1809- 1892; 
list of books with references to period- 
icals in the Brooklyn Public Library, 
gratis. Brooklyn Lib. 

Theology : Davies, E. O; Prolegomena to 
systematic theology. *i$i.25 net. Doran. 

Tobacco : Gilbert, W : W. Root-rot of to- 
bacco. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Bibliographies. — Continued. 

Tory, Geofroy: Bernard, A. J. Geofroy 
Tory. ♦$37.50 net. Houghton M. 

Toys: Jackson, E. Toys of other days. 
♦$7.50 net Scribner. 

Trenton, N. J.: Trenton Public Library. 
City of Trenton, gratis. 

Trenton Pub. Lib. 

Tuberculosis: Keyes, T: B. Renewal oi 
life Tubercle Press. 

United States: Bruce, H: A. B. Romance 
of American expansion. **$i.75 net. 


United States: Caldwell, H. W., and 
Clark, E. P. Source hist, of the United 
States. $1.25. Ainsworth. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Bu- 
reau of Soils. List of publications of the 
[U. S.] Bureau of Soils, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Pub- 
lications of the United States, Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, and how they are 
distributed, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bu. o^ Census. Publications, 
loth, nth and 12th censuses, gratis. 

U. S.. Supt of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bu. of Fisheries. List of publi- 
cations, gratis. U. S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor. List of publications of the De- 
partment, gratis. U. S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of the Interior. U. 
S. Geological Survey. List of publica- 
tions, gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States: Low, A. M. American 
people. ♦♦$2.25 net. Houghton M. 

United States : Nichol, J : Tables of Euro- 
pean hist, literature, science and art ; and 
of Am. hist, literature and art *$2.25 
net Macmillan. 

United States. Superintendent of Docu- 
ments. Library of Congress publications 
sold by rhe Superintendent of Docu- 
ments, gratis. U. S., Supt of Docs. 

U. S. Congress: United States proceed- 
ings of Congress. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

U. S. history : Andrews, C : M., and Daven- 
port, F. G. Guide to the manuscript ma- 
terials for the hist of the U. S. to 1783, 
in the British Museum, in minor London 
archives, and in the libraries of Oxford 
and Cambridge. $2. Carnegie. 

U. S. history : Bradford, T : L., comp. Bib- 
liographer's manual of American history. 
In 5 V. V. 3. per v., $350. Henkels. 

U. S. history: Griffin, G. G., comp. Writ- 
ings on American history: bibliography, 
1907. *$ net Macmillan. 

U. S. history: Want list of American his- 
torical serials. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

U. S. Supreme court: Herman, H: B. M., 
comp. Library of Congress list of works 
rel. to the Sup. Ct. of the United States. 
20 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 


BiBLLOGRAPaiES .—Con ttnvtd. 

University of Calitomia, Berkeley, Cal. 
Publications. .(Add. Unlvertity for 
price.) Univ. of Cat, 

Useful art: Louisville, Ky. Free Public 
Library. List of practical books in the 
library on electricity, machine shop prac- 
tice, foundry practice, plumbing and 
woodwork. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Louisville Pub. Lib. 
Utah: Widtsoe, J: A., and Peterson, W: 
Dodge's geography of Utah. "35 c. net. 
Rand, McN. & Co. 
Van Schurman, A. M. : Birch, U, Anna 
Van Schurman. '$2 net. Longmans. 
Virginia ; Virginia State Library, Rich- 
mond. Trial bibUog. of colonial Vir- 
ginia. $1. Virginia Slate Lib. 
Virginia : Watson, T : L. Mineral re- 
sources of Virginia, gratis. 

C. A, S^'anson. 
Vocations; Choosing 3 career: circular of 
information for boys; for girls, ea., 10 c. 
High School Teachers. 
Water: Richards, E. H. S. Laboratory 
notes on industrial water analysis. 50 c. 
Water : United Stales. Superintendent of 
Documents. Water pollution; water pu- 
rification: priced list of documents, gratis. 
U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Water-supply: United States. Depi. of the 
Interior. U. S. Geological Survey. Pub- 
lications rel. to water resources, gratis. 
U. S., Supt. of Doca. 
West (The): Smith, C: W. Check-list 
of books and pamphlets rel. lo the hist, 
of the Pacific northwest lo be found in 
representative libraries of that region. 
(Add. lib, for price.) 

Washington State Lib. 
Whitman, Marcus; Smith. C: W, Contri- 
bution toward a bibliography of Marcus 
(Add University for price.) 


Biclmell, Jot. D. 
The Wissahickon. '09(D) 24 p. il. (City 
Hist Society of Philadelphia pub.) $1. 
(Sold to members only.) 

aty HiM., Phil 

Sti Cjtlins. 

Bierce, Ambrose. 

Collected works. 10 v. 'o9(Mr37) c pors. 

8', leath., ea., ?ia Neale. 

Shadow on the dial, and other essays, 'og 

(Ag7) c O. *$a net A. M. Robertson. 

Write it right; little blacklist of literary 

faults. ■09{Ni3) c. T, 'so c. net 

Bieimann, Ernest H., ed. 

See Osthaus, Carl WJlhelra Ferdinand. 
Bier's hyperemic treatment in surgery, medi- 
cine and specialties. Meyer, W. ^3 net 
Bierwirth, Heinrich Coorad. 

s of les 

S with 

an abstract of grammar. 2d ed., r 
enl. 'o9(S) c. 8-}-3oo p. 12°, 90 c. ' HoU. 
Big brother of Sabin Street. Thurston, Mrs. 
I. T. »Ji net RevelL 

Big John Baldwin. Vance, W. J. t$i.Sa 

Big shellbark: king-nut hickory (hicoria 
lacinioia). ■og(N) 4 p. 8', (U. S.. Dept 
of Agriculture, forest service, silvical leaf- 
let, ) pap. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Big Stick and the Golf Stick. Sweny, H. R. 
50 c Lyon. 

Big strike at Siwash. Fitch, G: +«) c 

Doubleday, P. 
Bigelow, Fk. Ha gar. 

Daily normal temperature and the daily 
normal precipitation of ihe United States. 
■oQ(Mr6) labs., 4°, (U. S., Dept. of Agri- 
culture, Weather Bureau, bull.) Si.7S- 
U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Manual for observers in climatology a 




Bigelowy Maurice Alpheus. 
Relation of nature-study and science teach- 
ing. 'oS, [1909.] (Mr) 33-40 p. 8% pap. 
(Add. author for price.) 

M. A. Bigelow. 

Kcdow, Willard Dell, and Cook, Fk. Cmn- 


Meat extracts and similar preparations. 

'09(F20) tabs., 8", (U. S., Dcpt of Agri- 

ccdture. Bureau of Chemistry, bull.) pap., 

10 c. U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Bigg, C:, DJ>. 

Origins of Christianity ; cd. by T. B. Strong. 

'09(Jci9) O. $4.15. Oxford Univ. 

Spirit of Christ in common life: addresses 

and sermons ; sel. and ed. by the Dean of 

(Hirist Church; with an introd. by the 

Bishop of Oxford. 'o9(Mri3) O. ♦$2net. 

Biggie, Jacob. 
Garden book; vegetables, small fruits and 
flowers for pleasure and profit. '09 
(Ja23) c. il. 24**, (Biggie farm lib.) 50 c 

W. Atkinson. 
Bigham, Ifadge A. 
Overhead in Fairyland. '09(023) c col. 
il. D. t$i.50. Little, B. & Co. 

Bilhom, P: Philip, and others, eds. 
Hymns of His grace; no. i, for the evan- 
gelist, church, Sunday school, and young 
people's society. '07, [1909.] (Ja) 192 p. 
8**, 30 c ; per 100, ^5. Bilhorn. 

Bill Possum : his book, Whiteside, M. B. $1. 

Bill-toppers (The). Cantaigne, A. t$i.5o. 

Bill Truetell. Brennan, G: H. $1.50. 


Seg Nuisance. 
Gamo, B: Modem billiards. $1. 

Billings, C: T. 
Movement and men of Christian history. 
'o9(N) c. 6+72+15 p. 8°, (Beacon 
ser.) 45 c. ; pap., 35 c. ; Teacher's ed., 
65 c. Unitarian S. S. 

Billings, Fk., MJ)., ed. 
Diseases of the digestive system. 2d ed. 
'09(Mr) c. 1(5+824 p. il. 8^ (Modem 
clinical medicine.) $6. Appleton. 

~-,and Salisbury, Jerome H:, M.D., eds. 
General medicine. '09 (My) c. 403 p. il. 
12*, (Practical medicine ser.) $1.25. 

Year Bk. 
Billings, J: D. 
Hist, of the loth Mass. Battery of Light 
Artillery in the War of the Rebellion ; 
fromerly of the Third Corps, and after- 
wards of Hancock's Second Corps, Army 
of the Potomac, 1862-1865. '09 (Ap) 
496 p. il. pors. maps, 8^, $2. Arakelyaa 
BiUionaire phrase code. '09(Api7) c. O. 
leath., $1.50. Business Code. 

Billy Possum. Beard, J. C t$i. Stokes. 

Billy To-morrow. Carr, Mrs, S. P. $125. 


Billv Whiskers at the fair. Wheeler, F. G. 
f$i, SaalBeld. 

Billy Whiskers' grandchildren. Montgom- 
ery, F. T. $1. Barse & H. 

Billy Whiskers ser. il. O. Saalfield. 

— Nayior. Dicky Delig^tiful in Rainbow 

land. $1. 
Biltz, Heinrich. 
Introd. to experimental inorganic chemis- 
try ; author, tr. from the German by W : 
T: Hall and Jos. W. Phelan. '09(D) 
16+185 p. 12**, $1.25. Wiley. 

— ^,and Wilhelm. 

Laboratory methods of inorganic chemis- 
try. '09(Je26) c. figs. 8^ $3- Wiley. 
Biltz, Wilhelm. 

See Biltz, Heinrich. 
Bindloss, Harold. 
Greater power. '09(Sii) c. front. D. 
♦♦$1.30 net. Stokes. 

Lorimer of the northwest 'o9(Ja3o) c. il. 
D. t$i.50. Stokes. 

Thrice armed. '09(Je26) c. D. t$i.50. 

Cox, H. R. Eradication of bindweed, or 
wild morning-glory. (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Bingham, Hiram. 
Journal of an expedition across Venezuela 
and Colombia, 1906- 1907. *09(Je5) c. il. 
fold, map in pocket, O. *$2.25 net. 

Yale Pub. 
Binion, S: A: 

Phyllanthography of leaf and flower writ- 
ing ; and a "Basket of choice roses" : 
[pictorial alphabet of flowers and leaves.] 
'09(Mr27) c. il. por. 4**, $3. Fenno. 

Binnie, J: Fairbain, M.D. 
Operative surgery, v. i. 4th ed., rev. and 
enl. '09 (Mr) 815 p. il. 12**, ♦$3.50 net. 

Binstead, Herbert Ernest. 

Furniture styles; with chapters on mod- 
ern mission and craftsman furniture by 
J: Newton Nind and Gustav Stickley. 
'09 (My) c. 8-f2i2 p. 8^ $2. 

Trade Periodical. 

Biographic clinics. Gould, G: M. v. 6. 

*$i net. Blakiston. 


Almanach de Gotha; annuaire gcnealog- 
ique, diplomatique et statistique, 1910. 
$2.70. Lemcke. 

Baker, J. H. Lives of the governors of 
Minnesota. $2.50. Minn. Hist. Soc. 

Bleacklcy, H. W: Ladies fair and frail. 
♦$5 net. Lane. 

Butler, H: M. Ten great and good men. 
$2. Longmans. 

Carr, J. W: C Some eminent Victorians. 
*$3-5p net. Scribner. 

Catholic who's who and year book, 1909. 
♦$1.50 net. Benziger. 

Chi, fi. Annuario bigrafico italiano. $1. 


Copeland, C: T., and Hcrsey, F. W. C, 
comps and eds. Representative biogra- 
phies of English men of letters. ♦♦$1.25 
net. Macmillan. 

Cust, Mrs. H : Gentlemen errant : jour- 
neys and adventures of four noblemen in 
Europe during the xv. and xvi. centuries. 
♦$4 net. Dutton. 

De Leon, T: C. Belles, beaux and brains 
of the 6o*s. G: W. Dillingham. 



BlOGU A P H Y. Co HlitlUi'd. 

Paris. J: T, Winning Iheir way: [short 
biographical sketches.] $1.50. Stokes. 

Fyvie, J ; Wits, beaux and beauties of the 
Georgian era. *$4 neU Lane. 

Haaren, J ; H ;, aud Poland, A. B. Famous 
men of modem times. 50 e. Am. Bk. 

Hancock. M. S. Children of hislory. In 
2 V. V. I. ea., "50 c. net. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Hi^inson, T: W. Carlyle's laugh and 
other surprises, **$2 net. Houghton M. 

Hodges, G: Apprenticeship of Washing- 
ton and other skclchc!' of significant col- 
onial personages. "$1.25 net. Moffat. 

Holland, R. S. Historic boyhoods. *$i.SO 
net. Jacobs. 

Huneker, J. G. Egoisis: book of super- 
men: Stendhal, Baudelaire, Flaubert, 
Anatole France, Huysmans, Bar res, 
Nietzsche, Blake, Ibsen, Stirner and 
Hello. "$1.50 net. Scribner. 

Kirk, J: Biographies of English Calliolies 
in the i8th century. '$2.73 net. 

Leonard, J: W. Who's who in Pennsyl- 
vania. $5. Hamersly. 

Lewis. A. M. Ten blind leaders of the 
blind; (Benjamin Kidd, Henry George, 
Immanuel Kant. Prof. Richard T. FJy, 
Cesare Lombroso. Max Sterner, Thomas 
Cariyle, Albert ShSfBe. Augustc Comte, 
Bp. Spalding.) 50 c. Kerr. 

Marvellous year, [1909.] *$i.25 net. 


Mercer, J, K Reprcsenlalive men of Ohio. 
$25. J. K. Mercer. 

Northen, W: J., id. Men of mark in Geor- 
gia. In 6 V. V. a. '00. per set. $S0: 
$100. A. B. Caldwe!!. 

Powell. L. P. Heavenly heretics. **$i.2S 
net. Putnam. 

Qni-etcs-vous? [Who are you?) Annuaire 
des contemporains, igog. $2. Stechtrt. 

Ramsay. 5'iV W : Essays, biographical and 
chemical. *$2.So net, Dutton. 

'■ A. S. Roval lover? an.! th< ' 

Biography. — Conlinufd. 

Watfcins, Mrs. C. L. Young life of famous 
folk. 75 c, ■ 

PBb. Ho. of M. E- Ch.. So. 

Who's u'ho, (Catholic.) See Catholic. 

Who's who. (German.) Sff Wer isls. 

Who's who along the north shore of Mas- 
sachusetts. $2.50. Salem Press. 

Who's who in New England. $5. Marqmi 

Who's who in New York City and stalt 
$5. Hamerslj. 

Who's who, igog. *$ net. Macmillan, 

Sii o'lo Aetoc* and aetreueii — Artisu: — Autborii 
—Bibk;— Birthday bodlu :— Boys ;— BusJoea;- 
Childrcn;— Eiplorcrs;— Fallwrs of Ihe ehoni; 
— Crnealogirs; — Giils;— Lawyers; — Minislcit; 
•'-- ■- - md^ Mi.»ioii»ri«;— Ni.m«;— Napo. 

Ironic war*;— Ot 

and piiinriy;— Po«.;^ . . _ 

f(Hiji4;^^TF>chtrB and tfaching; 



—Woman;— oJjD 



Biography of a New York hotel scrub, Blom. 

A. 25 c A. Blom, 

Biography of a silver fox. Seton, E. T. 

t$i.SO. Century Co. 

Biography of voulhful Willie and Wall Street 

Bill. Norton. B : 60 c. Cupple? & L 


Alexander, J. B. Dynamic theory of life 

and mind. $2.75. J. B. A]e?tandcr. 

Dricsch, H. Science and philosophy of the 

organism. In 2 v. v. 2. '%^ net. 


Kirkaldy, J. W.. and Druramond, I M. 

Inlrod to the study of biology. $I.6a 

Oxford Unir. 

Pollock, J. B., ed. Lab'y directions for 

general biology; botanical pt 40 t 

Thomson, W : H. Some wonders of biol- 
ogy. **$i.20 net. Dodd, 
United States. Biological Survey. Bulle- 
tins, circulars and North American fauna 
of this bureau ; Agriculture Department. 
gratis. U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 
United Slates. Deft, of AgriniUure. Bu. 
of Biological Survey. List of publicJ 




Birds. — Continued. 
Grinnell, J. Bibliog. of California ornithol- 
ogy. $1.50. W. L. Chambers. 
Grosvenor Library, Buffalo, N. Y. Read- 
ing list on birds and l^ird study, gratis. 

Grosvenor Lib. 

Hey wood, E. E. Fifty common birds 

around the capital, [Topeka, Kan.] 25 c. 


Johns, C: A. Birds in their haunts. ^$3 

net. Dutton. 

Knowlton, F. H. Birds of the world. ♦*$; 

net. Holt. 

McGregor, R: C. Manual of Philippine 

birds. $4. Macmillan. 

Massachusetts. State Bd, of Agriculture. 

Special rept. on the decrease of certain 

birds and its causes, with suggestions 

for bird protection; by E: Howe For- 

bush. 2d ed. rev. June, 1908. *o8, [1909] 

(My) 118 p. il. 8**. (Add. pubs, for 

price.) Wright & P. 

Shufeldt, R. W. Osteology of birds. (Add. 

pubs, for price.) N. Y. State Educ. 

Thomas, E: Some British birds. *%2 net. 

Wright, H. W. Birds of the Boston Pub- 
lic Garden. **$i net. Houghton M. 
Wymper, C : Egyptian birds. ♦$6 net. 


See also House martin; — Peacock; — Pigeons; — 

Poultry ; — Quail ; — Sparrow ; — Tu rkey. 

Birds and mammals of the 1907 Alexander 

Expedition to Southeastern Alaska. '09 

(Ap3) il. map, Q. (Univ. of Cal. pubs.; 

Zoology.) pap., 75 c Univ. of Cal. 

Birdsall, Katharine Newbold, ed. 

See Burnett, Mrs. Frances Hodgson, ed. 
Birdseye, Clarence Fk. 

Reorganization of our colleges. '09(Mr6) 

c. O. ♦*$i.75 net. Baker & T. 

— ,ed. See New York [State.] Consolidated 

Birkeland, Kr. 

Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition, 
1902-1903. v. I, On the cause of magnetic 
storms and the origin of terrestrial mag- 
netism. I St section. 'o9(F2o) figs. O. 
pap., $7. Longmans. 

Birkhoff, 6: D: 

Asymptotic properties of the solutions of 
ordinary linear differential equations con- 
taining a parameter with application to 
boundary value and expansion problems. 

'08, [1909] (JO c. 219-231; 373-395 p. 
4*. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

G: D: Birkhoff. 
Birmingham, Pa. 

See Genealogies. Cope, G. 
Birth of a nation. Brown, C: *$i net. 

Birth of liberty. Lane, J: H. ♦$! net. 

Bell Bk. 
Birth of modern Italy. Mario, Mme. J. W. 
♦$3.50 net. Scribner. 

Birthday books. 
Kipling. R. Birthday book. ♦♦$1.50 net. 

Doubleday, P. 
Birthday of hope. Jones, J : D. *25 c. net. 

Bisgood, Mary. 
Powder and Jam. '09(09) il. in col., obi. 
T. $1. Stokes. 

Bishop, Mrs. Bemice Pauahi. 
Krout, M. H. Memoirs of the Hon. Bcr- 
nice Pauahi Bishop. (Not for sale.) 

Bishop, Edm. 

See Gasquet, Fs. Aidan. 
Bishop, L: Faugeres. 
Heart disease, blood-pressure, and the 
Nauheim-Schott treatment 3d ed. '09 
(N) c. 284 p. il. 8% $3. Treat. 

Bishop, Seth Scott. 
Diseases of the nose, throat and ear and 
their accessory cavities. 4th rev. ed. '08, 
[1909] (Je) c. 23-f564 p. il. 8°, $4.50; hf. 
leath., $6. Davis. 

Bishop, W: G. 

Short course in business training, for nor- 
mal schools, high schools, common 
schools, teachers, and independent stu- 
dents. '09 (My) c. 7+Q-85 p. 8**, 65 c. 

Univ. Pub. 

Bishop and the boogerman. Harris, J. C. 

♦♦$1 net. Doubleday, P. 

Bishop in the rough. Duthie, D. W., ed. *%2 

net. Dutton. 

"Bishop Sunbeams." Metcalfe, R: L. $1. 

R: L. Metcalfe. 
Bishop's letters. Lacey, T. A., ed. ♦so c. net. 

Young Churchman. 
Bisland, Eliz., [now Mrs. C: W. WetmoreJ 
and Hoyt, Anne. 
Seekers in Sicily ; being a quest for Perse- 
phone by Jane and Peripatetica, done into 
the vernacular. '09(Ag2i) il. D. *$i.50 
net. Lane. 

Bispham, 6: Tucker. 
Principles of equity ; treatise on the system 
of justice administered in courts of chan- 
cery; expanded, [etc.,] by Sharswood 
Rrinton. 8th ed. '09(N) c. 159+862 p. 
O. $6. Banks. 

Biss, Gerald. 
The dupe. '09(023) D. t$i.50. 


Bisseker, H. 

Problems of discipleship. 'o9(Apio) D. 
♦50 c. net. Eaton & M. 

Biter (The). Cramp, W. S: $1.50. 

C. M. Clark. 

Bithell, Jethro. 

The Minnesingers, v. i, Translations. '09 
(Api7) O. $2. Longmans. 

Bitting, Arvill Wayne. 

Canning of peas, based on factory inspec- 
tion and experimental data. *09(Ag) 
32 p. il. 8**, (U. S., Dept. of Agriculture, 
Bu. of Chemistry bull.) (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See Pavements. 
Bjornson, Bjornstjerne. 

Mary: tr. from the Norwegian by Mary 
Morison. '09(S4) 12**, $1.25. Macmillan. 
Black, Adolph. 

See Turneaure, F: Eug. 
Black bass. 

See Kish and fishing. 

Black bishop. Page, J. ^$2 net. Revell. 

Black cross. Briggs, O. M. +$1.50. Moffat. 
Black Diamond*s directory of coal mine op- 
erators. '09(My) c. 8**, $5. Black Diamond. 


Black flier. Macvane, E. t$i.50. Moffai. 

Black Hall traditions. AIItd, A. B., comp. 

$1, A. B. Allyn. 

Black Hawk War. 

Wakefield, J : A. Hist, of the Black Hawk 

War. (Add pubs, for price.) 

Caxton Club. 
Black puppy book. Aldin, C. C; W. 75 c 

Black sheep. Sharts, J. W: $1.50. Diiffield. 

BUck walnut (juglans nigra). 'o9(N) 5 p. 

8°. (U. S., Depl. of Agriculture, forest 

service, forest planting leaflet.) pap. (Add. 

Superinlendeni for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Blackall, Rob. H: 

An air brake calechism. 23d rev. and enl. 
ed. '09(0) c. 380 p. il. 12°, $2, Henley, 
Blackford, C : Mioor, jr. 

Smithsonian Institution ; repr. from the 
Norlh American Review for Jan., 1909. 
with revisions by the author. '09(My) 
II p. 8°, pap. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Blackfbiab's theatbe, London, 

Wallace, C : W : Children of the Chapel at 
Blackfriar's, 1597-1603. •$2.50 net. . 

C: W: Wallace. 
Blackmore, Artb. W., ed. 

Sec Uallard, Emerson Etheridge 
Blackmore, R: Doddridge. 

Loma Doone ; with introd. and rotes by 
H. Snowden Ward. Dooneland ed. 'og 
(JaS3) il. maps, 8°, $2.50, Harper, 

Lortia Doone, a romance of Exmore ; 
abridged and ed. by Harry C. Davis, 'oS, 
[1909,] (Mr) c. 288 p, ii. pors, 16°, 60 c. 
Lonia Doone, 'og(Myi) 3 v., il. S, (Win- 
ston's ideal classics.) flex, leath,, $2.50, 
boxed. Winston. 

Springhaven. '09(Mr27) 16*, (Everyman's 
lih,) 'SS c. net; leath., '70 c. net, Dutlon. 
Cran, J. Machine blacksmithing. 25 


Blair, Emma Helen, and Sobertun, J*. Ain, 
edi. and trs. 

Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, In 55 v, v, 
53. 54, 55, Analytical index, 'o9(Sii) c. 
pors, facsims., O, per v., ^$4 net. 

A. H. aart 
Blaib, Rev. Robert Downey. 
Hansbrough, Mrs. L. V. B, Life of Rw, 
DoH-ney Blair, $1.50. 

L V. B. Hansbrourfj. 
Blaisdell, Mary Fiances. 

Polly and Dolly. '09(Nl3) c. il. D.ITc. 
Little, B. & Co. 
Blake, ForesL 
Saint Josephine. 'og(N6) c. D. "tLas net 
Blake, Sir H: Arth. 
China bv Mortimer Menpes. 'opCOa) il 
Q. (^ienpes crown ser.) 'Slso net. 

Blake, William. 

De Selincourt, B. William Blake. '$2 ncl 


Blake Hedges, Florence Edytb«. 

Story of the eaiacombs. '09(Ap24) c. D, 

•$l net. Jenninf[). 

Blaker, Ernest, and Fisher, Willard Ja. 

Experimt-nlf in physics, for students of 
science ; printed expressly for students ia 
a first year laboratory course in f,tntni 
physics in Cornell University, 2d ti. 
•09(S) c. 213 p. iL labs., 8°, '^1.25 net. 

Taylor & C 
Blakeslee, C. G. 

Sec Mason, Herbert Delevan. 
Btakiilnn'i quis-compeid ser. il, 12°, ■$! 
net; *$(.2S net Blakistoii- 

— Radasch. Compend of histology.. 
Blokisl{in:<t science ser. il. O. Blakiston. 
—Duff, ed. Text -book of physics •$2.75 "^ 
— McC^ung. Conduction of electricity through 

gases and radio-activity. *$i.SO net. 
Blanchan, Nettj«, [pseud, for Uis. Nellie B. 
Doubled ay.] 
American flower garden ; planting lists bj 
Leonard Barron. 'oo(Jeitj> c. il, f°. $10, 
boxed. Doubleday, P. 

Blanchard, Amy Ella. 





BUnd, Mrs. Hubert N. 
See Bland, Mrs. Edith Nesbit. 

Blind, J. 0. P. 
Houseboat days in China. 'o9(N2o) il. 
fold, map, O. $5. Longmans. 

Bbndiii, Mn. Isabella Marg. EUz. John. 
History of higher education of wo^ien in 
the South prior to i860. '09(Ja23) c. O. 
^3 net Neale. 

Blaney, C: E: 
Girl and the detective. 'oQ(Ja2) il. 12**, 
pap., 25 c. J. S. Ogilvie. 

Girl from Texas. '09(023) il. 12*, pap., 
25 c. J. S. Ogilvie. 

Little terror. '09(023) 12®, pap., 25 c 

J. S. Ogilvie. 

Sporting deacon. '09(030) il. 12* pap., 

25 c. J. S. Ogiivic. 

Tennessee Tess. '09 (J2) il. 12**, pap., 25 c. 

J. S. Ogilvie. 

Young Buffalo in N. Y. '09(030) il 12% 

pap., 25 c. J. S. Ogilvie. 

Blashfield^ De Witt C^ ed. 

See Mack, W; 
Blatchf ordy Ambrose N. 
(Hiurch councils and their decrees. '09 
(N20) *8o c net. Am. Unitarian. 

Blatter, G : J :, [''Fiacar Mariaon."] 
O'er oceans and continents with the setting 
sun. 3d ser. Jerusalem, Palestine in 
Bedouin garb, Syria and the islands of 
the Mediterranean, Smyrna, Constanti- 
nople, Athens, Corfu. '09 (Mr) c. 11- 
227 p. il. 12", $1.29; per set of 4 v., $5.16. 

G: J: Blatter. 
Blazing the way. Denny, E. I. $2.50. 

Rainier Pr. 
Bleackley, Horace W:, ['rrivoli."] 
Ladies fair and frail : sketches of the demi- 
monde during the eighteenth century. 
'o9(Mr27) il. 8*, ♦$$ net. Lane. 

Bledsoe, S. T. 
Indian land laws, being a treatise on the 
law of acquiring title to, and the aliena- 
tion of, allotted Indian lands, [etc.] '09 
(N) c. 27+686 p. O. $6. Pipes-R. 

Bledsoe family. 

See Sumner Co., Tcnn. 

Bleichert system of aerial tramways. Hewitt, 

W: gratis. Trenton Iron Co. 

Blind (The). 

Jones, G: W. Braille or New York point? 
gratis. G: W. Jones. 

New York Association for the Blind. 
Special Committee on Prevent ion of 
Blindness. Prevention of blindness. 
gratis. N. Y. Assoc, for Blind. 

Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind, Overbrook, Philadel- 
phia. About a school for children and 
youth who have bad eyesight, gratis. 

Penn. Inst. Blind. 

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts 
School for the Blind, Boston. Brief sum- 
mary of the history of the Institution. 
gratis. Perkins Inst. 

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts 
School for the Blind. List of embossed 
books, maps, appliances and tangible ap- 
paratus for the use of the blind. p:ratis. 

Perkins Inst. 

See also Eye. 

Blindness of Dr. Grey. Sheehan, P. A. 
$1.50. Longmans. 

Blindness of virtue. Hamilton, C. $1.50. 

Block, L: Ja. 
World's triumph: a play. 'o9(Ap24) c, D. 
♦♦$1.25 net. Lippincott 

Block, Rudolph Edgar, [''Bruno Lessing."] 
Jake — or Sam. '09(04) c. il. D. bds., 50 c. 

Block signals. 

See Signals and signalling. 

Blom, Ada. 

Biography of a New York hotel scrub. '09 
(Je26) D. pap., 25 c. A. Blom. 


Bishop, L: F. Heart disease, blood pres- 
sure, and the Nauheim-Schott treat- 
ment. $3. Treat. 

Cabot, R: C, ed. Diseases of metabolism 
and of the blood. $5. Appleton. 

Craig, C: F. Malarial fevers, haemoglo- 
binuric fever and blood protozoa of man. 
♦$4.50 net. Wood. 

Crawley, H. Studies on blood and blood 
parasites. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Crile, G: W. Hemorrhage and transfu- 
sion. $5; $6. Appleton. 

Meyer, W., and Schmeiden, V. Bier's hy- 
pereniic treatment in surgery, medicine 
and the specialties. ♦$3 net. Saunders. 

Neusser, E. V. Clinical treatises on the 
symptomatology and diagnosis of dis- 
orders of respiration and circulation, pt. 
2. *$i.25 net. Treat. 

Watkins, R. L. Catechism of haematology: 
[examination of the blood.] $2. 

R. L. Watkins. 

Wile, I. S. Blood examination in surgical 
diagnosis. $2. Surgery. 

See also Anemia; — Bacteria; — Diagnosis; — Hcartj 
— Malaria ; — Parasites ; — Serum ; — Tuberculosis. 

Bloomer, Howard B. 

See McGregor, Malcolm — Michigan corpo- 
ration law. 
Blue and the gray. Finch, F. M. **$i.30 net 

Blue bird. Maeterlinck, M. **$i.20 net. 


Blue goops and red. Burgess, F. G. **$i.35 

net. Stokes. 

Blucgrass and wattle. Bayne, Mrs. M. A. 

$1.25. Standard Pub. 

Blumjv.tJial (George) lectures. See Cohim- 

bia Univ. George Blumenthal foundation. 

Blundell, Mrs. Fs. Nicholson. 

See Blundell, Mary E. Sweetman. 
Blundell, Mary E. Sweetman, [Mrs. Fs. Nich- 
olson Blundell; "M E. Francis."! 
MadRc-make-the-best-of-it. ^OQCJeiQ") il. 
12**, (St. Nicholas ser. of beautiful 
hooks.) *8o c. net. Ben/^igcr. 

Blundell, Odo. 

Catholic Highlands of Scotland, v. i. Cen- 
tral Highlands. *09(0) i3-f229 p. il. 8*. 
*$T.TO net. Herder. 

Blushful South and Hippocrene. Loveman, 
R. **$i net. Lippincott. 

Blythe, S: G: 

Wc have with us to-night ; what happen*^ at 
that great American institution, the ban- 
quet. *09(Je5) c. S. bds., 50 c. Altcmus. 


Bo-Peep : treasury {or the little ones. '09 
(N6) col. il, O. Ji; bds., 75 c. Cassell. 
Boaidman, Edn. A: 

Small yacht: ils management and handling 

for racing and sailing; with chapters or 

construction. '09(Je26) c. il. 0. "'$2 net. 

Little. B. & Co. 

Boardman, G: Hye. 

Shakespeare; five lectures. 'og(Fi3) c. 12°, 

•$1 net. RevelL 


Ferro Machine and Foundry Co., Cleve- 
land, O. Marine gasoline engines and 
equipment : design, construction, installa- 
tion and operation of power boats. 25 c. 

Life preservers on motor vessels. (Add, 
Si-perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Does. 
Motorboat handbook. *$i net. 

Motor Boat Pub. 

Stt alia NaTigalion;— Rowlnj;— YscliU and yacht- 
Bob the castaway. Webster, F. V. 35 c. 

Cupple.s & L. 
Babbitt, J: Franklin. 
Growth of Philippine children. "oc){09) 
il. O. pap, (Add. author for pnce.) 

J: F. Bobbin. 
Bobby Blake. Weiderseim, G. G. 50 c. 

Bob's Cave boys. Burton, C; P. t$i.So. 

Boccaccio, Giovanni. 
Huiton, E : Giovanni Boccaccio. *$s "^ 

Bocher, Maxime. 

Introduction lo the study of integral equa- 
tions. '0()(Mr) Z+72 p. 8°, (Cambridge 
tracts in mathematics and mathematical 
physics.) pap., "75 c. net. Putnam, 

Bode, Wtlhelm. 

Florentine sculptors of Ihc Renai 


Boggess, Artb. Clinton. 

Settlement of Illinois. 1778-1830. ■oq(My81 
c. niaps. S", { Chicago Historical So 
ciety collections,) $3. Chic Hisi 

Bogue, Mrs. Arth. Hoyt. 
See Bell, Lilian Lida, 
Bogue, Viigiiia, 

Strength to yield ; the psychology of 3 great 

temptation, '09(023) c. coL front 8*. 

$1,50, Cunningham. C & W, 

Boban, Eliz. Baker. 

The (!rag-nel ; prison story of the present 

day. '09(D) c. 33Z p, il. 12°, $ 

C. M. Qark. 
Bobannon. Hattie Donovan. 

Light of stars. 'o9(Myl) c, D. *$i net 

Bohemia. .Austria-Hungary. 

Sit Eliuticlli Sluut. Oh(«i of Behemia. 
Bohlen lectures. See Foley, G : Cadwalader, 
Bohn's libraries. 12°. Macmillan, 

— ^Eschylus, Plays, *$i net, 
—Argyll, Life of Queen Victoria. •$! net. 


Christie, S. Boiler; boiler rules and tables 
used in the construction, testing and oper- 
ation of steam boilers, $1.75. Christit 

Collins, H. E. Boilers. $1, Hill Pub, 

Darling, P. G, Safety valve capacity, 
gratis. Consolidated Safety. 

Newell, W; S.. and Dow, C. S. Steam 
boilers. $1. Am. Sch. Corr, 

Walker, S. F. Steam boilers, engines and 
turbines. *$3.50 net Van Nosirand, 
Sre aho Coal;— Fnsin«;— Heating;— LoMmoti^n; 
— Sleiin cnsine. 

Bojei. Johan. 

Power of a lie ; tr. from the Norwegian by 
Jessie Muir ; with an introd. fay Hall 
Caine. '09(Mri3) c. D, $1.25. 

M, Keniierley. 
Bolax, Cidpepcr, Mrs. J. •$! net. Morphy. 


International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics, Bolivia, general descriptive data 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu, Am, Republic!. 
Bolster. Roy Hale. 




Bonaparte family. 
Atteridgc, A. H. Napoleon's brothers. ♦$5 
net. Brentano*s. 

Turquan, J. Sisters of Napoleon: Eiisa, 
Pauline and Caroline Bonaparte. *$375 
net. Scribner. 

Bonar, Ja. 
Philosophy and political economy in some 
of their historical relations. [New ed.] 
'09(818) 8®, *$2.75 net. Macmillan. 

Bonbons; [poems.] Savinien, F. P. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) B'way Pub. 

Bond, Alex. Russell, comp. and ed. 

Handy man's workshop and laboratory. 

'09 (D4) c. O. $2. Munn. 

Scientific American boy at school. '09 

(D4) c. il. O. $2. Munn. 

Bond^ Fs. 

Fonts and font covers. '09 (My 15) il. O. 

$4.80. Oxford Univ. 

Visitor's ^ide to Westminster Abbey. '09 

(N13) il. plans. S, 40 c. Oxford Univ. 

Bonehill, Captain Ralph, pseud. 

See Stratemcyer, E: 
Goldthwait, J. E., and others. Diseases of 

the bones and joints. $6. Heath. 

See also Arthritis; — Knee; — Osteopathy; — Spine. 
BoBham, Alfr. N. 

Misconceptions of life insurance policy 
holders ; anaylsis and explanation of each 
popular form of legal reserve life insur- 
ance policy; instructions for correcting 
adverse policies without reduction of in- 
surance and how to buy and what to 
pay for life insurance. '09 (My) c. 10+ 
229 p. 12*, $3. A. N. Bonham. 

Bonnier, C:, comp. 

La Iig^§e des podtes au xixe sidcle: being 
an anthology of modern French poetry. 
'08, [1909.] (My) 12% $1. Oxford Univ. 
Bonomelli, Bp. Jeremias. 

New series of homilies for the whole year ; 
tr. by Right Rev. T: Sebastian Byrne. 
In 4 V. '09(D25) c. O. $5, boxed. 

Bonsall, Mabel. 

Sec Mercer, G: E. 
Bonsall, Marian. 
Tragedy of the Mormon woman. 'o9(Ja23) 
c. il. pors. O. pap., 35 c. 

Housekeeper Corp 


See Philippine Islands. 
Book, F: W: 

Psychology of skill with special reference 
to its acquisition in typewriting. '09 
(Jei2) il. O. (Univ. of Montana pubs.; 
Psychology.) pap., $1. Univ. of Mont. 
Book and the message. Alleman. H. C. 
50 c. Lutheran Pub. 

Book collecting. 
Savage, E. A. Story of libraries and book- 
collecting. ♦75 c. net. Dutton. 
Book illustration. 
Penrose's process yearbook. 1908-9. $2.50. 

Swisher, C: C, ed. Twenty lessons in il- 
lustrating. $5. Art Pub. 
Book of a hundred bears. Smith, F. D. 75 c. 

Rand, McN. & Co. 
Book of anniversaries. Tucker, H. B. 50 c. 

Dutton. I 

Book of battles and sieges. Dawson, L. H. 
50 c Dutton. 

Book of Christmas ; with an introd. by Ham- 
ilton W. Mabie. '09(023) c. il. S. ♦♦$1.25 
net Macmillan. 

Book of Days. Gordon, W. *6o c net. 

Book of filial duty. Hsaio Ching. ^40 c net. 

Book of friendship. Kauffnian, R. W. 75 c. 

Book of glame. Edgerly, W. $4. 

Ralston Univ. 
Book of good cheer. Grover, E. O., ed. $1. 


Book of good fellowship. Grover, E. O., ed. 

$1. Volland. 

Book of gratitude. Kauffman, R. W. 75 c. 

Book of homonyms. Barrett, B. S. *75 c. net 

Rook of hours. Thompson, E. $1.50. 

Forest Press. 

Book of Latin prose composition. Elmore, 

J. $1. B: H. Sanborn. 

Book of living poets. Jerrold, W. C, ed, 

♦$2.50 net. Lane. 

Book of love. Kauffman, R. W., comp. 75 c 

Book of lullabies. Hix, M., comp. 40 c. 

Educ. Pub. 
Book of my heart. Weil, A. M. $1. 

Lib. Shelf. 

Book of nature. Jones, J., pseud. *25 c. net ; 

♦50 c. net P. Elder. 

Book of operas. Krehbiel, H: E: **$i.75 

net. Macmillan. 

Book of precious stones. Wodiska, J. 

♦♦$2.50 net. Putnam. 

Rook of quatrains. Marvin, F. R. $1. 

Sherman- F. 

Book of Radcliffe College songs. *09(Jli7) c. 

Q. pip., $1. Boston Music. 

Rook of Restoration verse. Braithwaite, W: 
S., ed. *$2 net ; *$3 net. Brentano's. 

Book of satyrs. Spare, A. O. *$6 net. Lane. 

Rook of the cottage garden. Thonger, C: 
♦$i net. Lane. 

Rook of the Poe centenary. Kent, C : W :, ed. 

$1. J: S. Patton. 

Book of the Psychic Society. Edgerly, W. 

$2. Ralston Univ. 

Rook of the railway. Mitton, G. E. ^$2 net 

Book of the simple way. Lao-Tsze. *$i.25 

net Badger. 

Book of the sweet pea. Crane, D. B. *$i.50 
net. Lane. 

Book of veterinary posology. Brumley, O. V. 
$1.25. O. V. Brumley. 

Book of witches. Hueffer, O. M. *$2.50 net. 

J: McBride. 
Spenceley, J. W. Check-list [chronolog- 
ically arranged] J. Winifred Spencele/s 
book-plates. 35 c. Assoc. Bk. 

Booke of hunting, 1576. Turberville, G: 
$2.50. Oxford Univ. 

Bookish books. 16°, *$$ c. net Burrows, 
—Allison. Delicious vice. (.SecotvA %^t^ 



Allen, G : Science of accounts made dear 
and simple. $i. Edwards. 

Baker, J. W. Reference book ; ioth cen- 
tury bookkeeping and office practice. ?l. 
Southwestern Co. (Nashville.) 

Beynon, R; Drapery and drapers' ac- 
counls. 5i, Pitman. 

Bookkeeping outlines. 'oq(S) c. 56 p. 4". 
(Priv. pr.) Ellis Pub. 

Brown, J. S. Typewriter bookkeepins. 
grati.s. Underwood Typewriter. 

Dickinson. A. L, Accounting practice and 
procedure. 50 c. Am, Sch. Corn 

Dicksee. L. R. A. B. C. of bookkeeping, 
80 e. Longmans. 

Garrison, E. E. Accounting every busi- 
ness man should know. ••$1.20 net. 

Doubleday, P. 

Goodwin, J. H : Improved book-keeping. 
$3. J. H ; Goodwin, 

Greendlinger, L. Accountancy problems, 
with solutions. •$.'! net. .'\ccounlancy. 

Griffith. J, B. Purchasing and stores de- 
partment. — Records of labor and manu- 
facturing orders. — Single entry book- 
keeping. — Single proprietors' and part- 
ners' accounts.— Voucher system account- 
ing charts. — Wholesale, commission, and 
slorage accounts, ea., 50 c. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

Griffith, J. B., and Sweetland. C: A: Trus- 
tees', executors', and stock brokers' ac- 
counts. 50 c. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Hatfield, H : R. Modern accounling. 
••$1.75 net. Appletoti. 

Montgomery, R. H. Auditing. 3 v. ca., 
SO e. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Musselman. D. L, Bookkeeping for busi- 
ness colleges, schools, and private in- 
structions. $2. D. L. Musselman, 

Neal, E. V,. and Crai^m. C. T. Modern 
illuairative bookkeeping, $1. Am. Bk. 

New York University, School of Com- 
merce, Accounts and Finance. Graded 
accounting prohh 

Arnold, G. W., coinp. Mother's list oi 
books for children. $1. McQutg, 

Baker, C. A. Books as tools for children, 
o. p, Carson -E 

Carv, C: P., erf. List of books for free 
high school libraries in tlie slale of Wis- 
consin, gratis. C; P. Gary. 

Hix, M., cemp. Brief outline of the books 
I have read. 25 e. Hinds 

Kroeger. A. B. Guide to the study aad 
use of reference books. •$1.25 net. 

A. U A. 

Kroeger, A. B.. and Catiell. S. W. Aidi in 
book selection. 15 c A, L A 

List of books for college and high scliool 
libraries. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Eau aaire Bk. 

Piiblic school libraries ; 500 books and how 
to buy them, gratis, 

Mich. Slate Normal Coll, 

Scott. T. Pleasure of reading, •S1.25 net 

Virginia. Board of Education. List of 
books for rural school libraries it? Vir- 
ginia, gratis, W: E. JoneS- 

Stt t/jfl BihliDfraphiei;— Book cotktting;— Bonl 
illnilnlion :— Book-nlates : — Catiliwuins ; — Copi 
rigbC—Critidimi— Fiction;— Librarian! aad li- 
tirariu:— LiUnlnre;— Printen and prinliot:- 
Pulilisberi ar.i) iiubllshinc. 

Directory of booksellers, newsdealers aiid 
stationers in the U. S. and Canada $5. 
H. W, Wihon. 
Boom (The), 

St,i Gymn;iilfci and phylical culture. 
Boonnan, T: Hogh. 
Asphalts t their sources and otiliiations; 
asphalts for dustless roads, 'og(JsiG) 
8°, $3. W: T. Comstoek. , 

Booth, F: 
Sec Bacon, Victor V. 

ruled c 

Booth, Wa, S. 




Bornier, Vicomte Henri de. 
La fille de Roland; ed., with introd. and 
notes, by C. A. Nelson. '09(Jai6) c. S. 
30 c. Heath. 

Borrow, George. 
Walling, R. A. J: George Borrow, the 
man and his works. *$i.75 net. Cassell. 

Borsodiy W:, ed. 

Advertisers cyclopedia of selling phrases. 
'09(Jei2) c. il. 4% $15. Adv. Cyclo. 

Financial advertising. *09(Jei2) $2. 

Adv. Cyclo. 

Bosnia, Austria Hungary. 
Holbach, Mrs. M. M. Bosnia and Herze- 
govina. *$i.50 net. Lane. 

Boss, W: Leslie. 

Hist, of the panic of 1907, its origin and 
mainspring. '09(8) $1. Boss. 

Boston, Ben, pseud. 
See Magill, Harry Byron. 

Boston. First Church. John Cotton, 1582- 
1633-1652; exercises at the unveiling of the 
John Cotton memorial in the Berkeley 
street edifice of the First Church in Boston, 
Thursday, Oct. 10, 1907. '08, [1909.] (Mr) 
64 p. front, il. 8**, $1. C. H. Shriver. 

Boston, Mass. 

Benton, J. H : Story of the old Boston 
town house, 1658- 171 1. (Priv. pr.) 


Crawford, M. C. Old Boston days and 
ways. **$2.50 net. Little, B. & Co. 

Murdock, H., ed. 1872: letters written by 
a gentleman in Boston to his friend in 
Paris describing the great fire. *$5 net. 

Houghton M. 

State Street Trust Co. Collection of inter- 
esting and historic prints, gratis. 

State St Trust Co. 

See alio Checkley, Samuel. 
Boston Association for the Relief and Con- 
trol of Tuberculosis. Narrative of the 
work done in a year; fifth annual report, 
Nov. I, 1907, to Oct. 31, 1908. '09(My8) 
il. O. pap., 15 c. Boston Assoc Tuberculosis. 

Boston Public Library. Abraham Lincoln, 
Feb. 12, 1809-Apr. IS, 1865; a short list of 
books for school use cont. in the Public 
Library of the city of Boston. *09(Mr) 
no paging, D. pap., gratis. Boston Pub. Lib. 

Boston Public Library. Brief list of books 
for home reading for boys and girls in the 
Public Library; comp. by a committee of 
the Boston Home and School Association. 
*09(^fr^3) D. pap., gratis. Boston Pub. Lib. 

Boston. Public Library. Finding lists of 
fairy tales and folk stories in books at the 
branches of the Public Library. '09(Ja23) 
8", pap., 5 c. Boston Pub. Lib. 

Boston. Public Library. List of the books 
forming the gift of Louise Chandler Moul- 
ton to the Public Library of the city of 
Boston. '09(D) 26 p. 4**. (Not for sale.) 

Boston Pub. Lib. 

Boston Public Library. 
Benton, J. H: Working of the Boston 
Public Library. (Not for sale.) 

J. H: Benton. 

Boston School Committee. Rept. of tlie Com- 
mission appointed by the School Commit- 
tee of the city of Boston to investigate 
the problem of tuberculosis among school 
children. '09(N) 11 p. il. 8^ (Not for 
sale.) Bost. Sch. Com. 

Boswell, Ja. 

Life of Johnson; ed. by Augustine Bin ell. 
In 6 V. '09(Jei9) fronts, por. D. $5. 


Life of Samuel Johnson; newly ed., with 
notes, by Roger Ingpen. In 2 v. '09 
(O16) Q. ♦$6 net Sturgis & W. 

Tour in the Hebrides with Dr. John'son. 
'09(Mr27) 16**, (Everyman's lib.) *35 c. 
net; leath., ^70 c. net. Button. 

Bosworthy £: Increase, D.D. 

Modern interpretation of the call to the 
ministry. *09(Mr) c. 21 p. 12*, (Claims 
and opportunities of the Christian min- 
istry.) 10 c. Y. M. C. A. 

New studies in Acts. *09(Ja23) c. 8*, 
75 c. ; pap., 50 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Weak church and the strong man. '09 (Mr) 
c. II p. 12**, (Qaims and opportunities of 
the Christian ministry.) 5 c Y. M. C. A. 

Bosworth psalter. Gasquet, F. A. *$4oO 
net. Macmillan. 

Bailey, L. H. Beginner's botany. **6o c. 
net. Macmillan. 

Bergen, J. Y. Essentials of botany. $1.20. 


Brandegee, T. S. Plantae Mexicanae Pur- 

pusiana. 15 c. Univ. of Cal. 

Britton, N. L. Genus Ernodea: study of 

species and races. — Taxonomic aspect of 

the species question, ea., 25 c. 

N. Y. Botanical. 
Chase, A. Plant babies and their cradles. 

40 c. Educ. Pub. 

Clute, W. N. Lab'y botany for the high 

school. 75 c. Ginn. 

De Vries, H. Mutation theory. In 2 v. 

V. I. $4. Open Court. 

Elliott, G : F. S. Botany of to-day. ♦$1.50 

net. Lippincott. 

Furncaux, W: S. Field and woodland 

plants. *$i.50 net. Longmans. 

Ganong, W : F. Laboratory course in plant 

physiology. $1.75- Holt. 

House, H. D. North American species of 

the genus Ipomoea. 35 c. 

Columbia Univ. 
House, H. D. Studies in North American 

Convolvulacae. w., Genus Exogonium. 

25 c. N. Y. Botanical. 

Jepson, W. L. Flora of California. In 

about 15 pts. pt. I, 90 c; pt. 2, 80 c. 

Cunningham, C & W. 
Jordan. D: S., and Kellogg, V. L. Scien- 
tific aspects of Luther Burbank's work. 

*$i.75 net. A. M. Robertson. 

Knuth, P; Hdbk. of flower pollinization. 

V. 3- $9.75- Oxford Univ. 

Meier, W. H. D. Plant study and plant 

description. 75 c. Ginn. 

Pond, R. H. Further studies of solution, 

tension and toxicity in lipolysis : [effect 

of chemicals on plants.] 25 c. 


BoTTASY.— Continued. 
Robinson, C; B. Alabastra pkilippinensia. 
25 c. N. Y. Botanical. 

Shull, G : H. Bursa bursa-pastoris and 
bursa heegeri biotypes and hybrids. 
(Add, Iiisiitution for price.) Carnegie. 

Spalding, V. M. Distribution and move- 
ments of desert plants. $3. Carnegie, 

Spruce, R : Note' of a botanist nn tbe 
Amazon and Andes. 2 v. S6.50. 


Standley. P. C. Allioniaceae of the United 
States with notes on the Mexican species. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supl. of Docs. 

Wahon. G: L. Practical guide to the 
wild flowers and fruits. '•$1.50 neL 

Warming, J. E. B. Oecology of plants. 
$2.go. Oxford Univ. 

Sii nhn Ajriculture; — Bacteria; — Biology; — 
EvcrgrccMj— Evolntiotii— Fenn; — Floweis; — 
Foreils and foreMtrj— Fruit;— Fungi;— Gardtns 
and gardrning; — Mistleloc; — Ho™;— Mmh. 
rooroi:— Nature;— Palcooiolorr; — Seaweeds:— 

Botsfoid, G: Willis. 

Roman assembliea. from their origin to 
tbe end of the Republic. 'oqCOz) c O. 
"%4 net. Macmilian. 

BSttchec, Anton. 

■Cranes ; tr, and supplemented with for- 
eign practice by A. Tolhausen. '09(My) 
$y; p. il. 4°, *$io net. Van Nostrand. 
BoTTicELU, Sandro. 

Davey, R : Botticelli. '$2 net. Doran. 

Bottone, Selimo Romeo. 

Magnetos for automobiles ; how made and 
how used. ■og(My) 88 p. il. 12°. •$! 
net. Van Nostrand, 


Bailey, V. Key to animals in which wolf 
and coyote bounties are often paid, (MA. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S,, Supt. of Docs, 
Bouquet of rhymes. Randolph, A. 

! BOY 

BoweiB, Hary Beny. 

Dorothy and her wardrobe; just Dow tt 
make the things a good doll should but. 
•09(02) c. il. 12°, (School arts book- 
lets.) pap., 35 c. Davis Prtu. 


Sec New York Clijr. 

Bo-wket, R: Rogers, ed. 
Slate publications. In 4 pts. pt. 4, South- 
ern states. '09(F27) c. O. pap.. $10, (or 
complete work. Pub. Weekly. 

Bowker, W: Ruahton. 

Dynamo, motor and switchboard circuits, 
zd ed., greatly enl. 'og(My) 180 p. iL 
8°, "$2.50 net. Van Nostrand. 

Bowles, J: Hooper. 

See Dawson, W: Leon. 
Bowman, E: S. 

Bible doctrine of devotion. '09(0) i6". 
(Devotional ser.) *ao c. net. Un. B. Pab. 
Bowman, G: T: 

Our military rifle and how to use it. '09 
(S) c. 22 p. il. 24°, pap., 10 c. 

Arms and the Man, 

Bowman, MetvilU Le Roy, and Crossley. 

Bruce W: 

Corn: growing, judging, breeding, feeding, 

marketing. ■09(Jl3i) c. il. fold, map, fold, 

tab,, 8°, price reduced from $2.50 ti 


n &C. 

Bowman, Bp. T: 

Great salvation, 'oQ(Ap) c. 127 p. 12°, 
(Albright ser.) 50 c. 

Pub, Ho. of Evangelical Assoc. 
Bowne, Borden Parket. 

Studies in Christianity. 'og(Mr2o) a D. 
••$1.50 net, Houghton M, 

Bownocker, Jr Adams, Lord, Rathanid 
Wright, and Somenneier, E. E, 
Coal : pi. I, Coals of the Monongahela form- 
ation or upper productive coal measures ; 
pt. a. Chemical tests of the Clarion, lower 
Kiltanning, middle Killanning and upper 
Frecporl coals, '08, Iigoal (Ap) 1*+ 
■■ told. maps. 8°, (Ohio; Geological 




Boy with the U. S. Survey. Rolt- Wheeler, 

F. t$i.50. Lothrop, L. & S. 

Boyce, Sir Herbert. 

Mosquito or man. '09(D) 16+268 p. 8", 

♦$3,50 net. Dutton. 

Boycott, G. W. M. 

Compressed air work and diving: hdbk. 

for engineers. '09(Agi4) il. 8**. **$4 net 

Van Nostrand. 

Boyd, Rev. Fs. Leith. 

Law and love : a study of "quomodo dilexi" 

(Psalm cxix., 97-104) ; with an introd. by 

the Bishop of London. 'o9(F2o) D. *90c. 

net. Longmans. 

Boyd, Rev. Ja. Shields. 

Story of Jonah, the truant prophet; told 
for its practical lessons by Rev. Ja. 
Shields Boyd; with a large part of one 
chapter by Rev. H: Clay Trumbull. '09 
(My) c. 178 p. il. 12% *75 c. net. 

J. S. Boyd. 
Boyd, R. H., DJ>. 

Separate, or "Jim crow" car laws, or legis- 
lative enactments of fourteen southern 
states ; together with the report and order 
of the Interstate Commerce Commission 
to segregate negro or "colored" passen- 
gers on railroad trains and in railroad 
stations. '09(Je5) S. limp bds., 25 c. 

Nat Bapt. Pub. 
Boyd, T: Parker. 

How and why of the Emmanuel movement ; 
hdbk. on psycho-therapeutics. *09(Jl3) c. 
I2^ ♦$! net Whitaker & R. 

Boyer, C: Clinton. 

Modern methods for teachers. 'o9(Ja23) 
c. O. $1.50. Lippincott. 

Boyer, Fs. Howard. 

See Dickerman, C: 
Boyer, Rev. Matthew 6. 

Wonderful story of life and death, as writ- 
ten in the books of nature and revelation. 
'08, [1909] (Mr) c. 8+9-390 p. 12**, $1.50. 

Lutheran Pub. 
Boyer, Michael K. 

Poultry secrets, gathered, tested and now 
disclosed. [7th ed.] '09 (My) c. 56 p. il. 
8', pap., 25 c. W. Atkinson. 

Boyhood of Christ See Wallace, Lew. 

Boylan, Grace DuflSe. 

Yama Yama Land, where everything is 
different '09(030) ool. il. O. (Yama 
Yama ser.) t$i-50. Reilly & B. 

Boyle, Ja. Ernest 

Financial history of Kansas. *09(F6) O. 
(Univ. of Wis. bulletin; Economics and 
political science ser.) pap., 50 c. 

Cfniv. of Wis. 
Methods of assessment as applied to differ- 
ent classes of subjects. '07, [1909.] 
(Mr) c. pap., 7 c. ; per 100, $5. 

Nat Tax. Assoc. 
Boyles, Kate and Virgil D. 
Homesteaders. '09(02) c il. O. $i;5o. 

Boylston, Herbert Melville. 

See Sauveur, Albert. 
Boynton, C. W. 
Portland cement sidewalk construction. 2d 
ed. 'o9(Oi6) c. il. tabs , O. pap. (Add. 
pubs, for pricc.^ 

Universal Portland Cement 

Bo/s-eye view of the Sunday-school. Rogers, 

W : O. ♦60 c. net. S. S. Times. 

Boy's life of General Grant. Knox, T: W. 

$1.25. Saalfield. 

Boy's ride. Zollinger, G., pseud, $1.50. 

Boston Public Library. Brief list of books 
for home reading for boys and girls in 
the Public Library, gratis. 

Boston Pnb. Lib. 

Dickinson, G : A. Your boy, his nature and 

nurture. *$i net Doran. 

Edwards, K Personal information for 

boys. 50 c. Fenno. 

Foster, E. C. Boy and the church. *75 c. 

net. S. S. Times. 

Hall, W. S. From youth into manhood. 

50 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Holland, R. S. Historic boyhoods. *$i.50 

net. Jacobs. 

Horton, C. B., ed. Reaching the boys of 

an entire community. $1. Y. M. C. A. 

Mowry, W : A : Talks with my boys. $1. 

Society for the Promotion of Social Ser- 
vice. Juvenile delinquent and the Young 
Men's (Thristian Association. 50 c. 

Y. M. C. A. 

Stall, S. What a young boy ought to know. 

$1. Vir Pub. 

Sweet, F. H. Illustrious boys of many 

lands. 50 c. McLoughlin. 

Cee also Athletics : — Camping ; — Children ; — Con- 
duct of life; — Hygiene; — Useful arts; — Voca- 
tions; — Young men; — Young people. 

Boys and girls of seventy-seven. Smith, 
Mrs. M. P. W. t$i.25. Little, B. & Co. 

Boys and girls of the White House. Sage, 
A. C. • $1.50. Stokes. 

Boye of liberty library. 25 v. *09(JeT2) c. 
il. D. ea., 50 c. McKay. 

Contents: De Mor^n, J:. Cruise of the "Lively 
Bee" ; ^Fighting Hal; First snot for liberty; Fooling 
the enemy; The hero of Ticonderoga; Into the 
jaws of death; Marion and his men; On to Quebec; 

Paul Revere; The voung ambassador; The young 

Siardsman; — Hancock, Harrie Irving, Captain of the 
inute Men; — Harbaugh. T. C, In buff and blue; 

The Tory plot; Under Greene's banner; Washing- 
ton's young spy; — Lounsberry, Lieut., By order of 
the colonel; A call to duty; Fighting for freedom; 
In glory's van; The Quaker spy; Ralpn, Capt. Frank, 
The kin^s messenger; — Shendan, Frank, The cruise 
of the "Essex"; Dashing Paul Jones; From midship- 
man to commodore. 

Boys of the service ser, il. O. Scribner. 

—Brady. On the old *Kearsage." **$i.35 

Boys en the railroad; by Molly Ellioi Sea- 
well, James Barnes, Ellen Douglas Deland, 
John R. Coryell, E. Carruth, and otliers. 
'09(Si8) c. il. D. (Harper's athletic ser.) 
60 c. Harper. 

Boys' book of locomotives. Howden, J. R. 

$2. Stokes. 

Boys* life of Ulysses S. Grant Nicolay, H. 

$1.50. Century Co. 

Boys' story of the railroad ser. il. O. t$i-50. 

L. C. Page. 
— Stevenson. Young train master. 
Boys' own lib. il. D. t75 c McKay. 

— Standish. Frank Merriwell's loyalty. — 

Frank Merriwell's return to Yale. — Frank 

Merriwell's secret. 

Brackett, E; A. 

Materialized apparitions: if not beings from 
another life what are they? ■o9(Jei9) 
c. D. Ji^S- Badger. 

World n-e live in. 'o9(Jeig) c. D. $i. 

Bradbury, Mrs. Anna BoBsmao. 

Hist, of the city of Hudson, New York, 
with bioeraphieal sketches of Henry 
Hudson and Robert Fullon. '08, [1909.] 
(Mr) c. 9-13+223 p. 12°, $1.50. 

A. R. Bradbury. 

Bradbury, W: Frotiingham, and Eiaery, 

OrenTille C. 

Acadtmic algebra. ■o9(N} c. 6+448 p. il. 

12°. (Bradbury's malhemalical ser.) $1.08. 

Tfiompson B. 

Bradbury's mathemalicat str. il. 12°. 

Thompson B. 
—Bradbury and Emery. Academic algebra. 

Bhaddock, Cenerjt Edward. 
Soeieiy of Colonial Wars. District of Co- 
lumbia. Hist, address of Marcus Ben- 
jamin, with other papers rel. to the dedi- 
cation of the Braddock boulder in the 
cathedral grounds, Mount St. Albans, 
Washington, D. C gratis. 

Soc. Colon. Wars. D, C 

Btadfon), C: 

Angler's secret 'ogfMy) il. 16°, •$! net. 

Nassau Press. 

Determined angler. 'og{My) il. 16", 60 c. 

Nassau Press. 

Wtld-fowlers ; or, duck shooting in the 

great lagoon. 'o9(My) il. 16', •$! net. 

Nassau Press. 
Bradford, J: Ewing, ed. 

James McBride manuscripts; selections rel. 
to Miami University. 'oq(JI) 8°, (His- 
torical and Philosophical Soc. of Ohio 
pubs.) (Not for sale.) 

Hist, and Phil. Soc , O. 
Bradford, T: Liodeley, H.D., camp. 

Bibliographer's manual of American his- 
tory; cont. an account of all state, terri- 
tory, town and county histories rel. 10 Ihi 

Bradley, I: S:, eomp. 

See Wisconsin State Historical SociMy. 
Bradley, J: W. 

Illuminated manuscripts. 09(09) S. (Lit- 
tle books on art.) •$! net McOurg, 
Brady, Cyrus Tovnsend, D.D. 
Island of Regeneration. 'og(023) c. eoL 
il. D. t$i.50. Dodd. 
On the old "Kcarsarge" : story of the 
Civil War. '09(023) c il. O. (Boys 
of the Service ser.) **$1.35 net 

Ring and the man. '09(Mrr3) c. a D. 
1^1.50. Moflat 

Brady, Nayd Churton. 

Modern marriage and how to bear it '09 
(Ja2) 12°. $1.25. . M. Kennerley, 
Bragdon, Claude. 

A brief life of Annie Besant, president of 
the Theosophical Society. '09(D) c 20p. 
12°, 15 c. Manas Press. 

Thcosophy and the Theosophical Society. 
'09(Afii4) c D. pap., 25 c. Manas Press. 
Bragdon. Claude, and Fiake, J. Parker B. 
Tapestry brick work. '09(04) c. il. Q. pap., 
20 c. Fiske & Co., (Best.) 

Brahms, Johannes, Henogtabtrg, Beinticb t. 
and ElisalHt v. 
Johannes Brahms : the Herzogenberg corre- 
spondence; ed. by Max Kalbeck; tr. by 
Hannah Bryant '09(Fi3) 8', •$3.50 ret 
Braille svstem. 

Ste Blind. 

Krause, F. Surgery of the brain and 
spinal cord. $6. Rcbman. 

Spear, R. 0. Cerebration ; is the science of 
the psychic menial and physiological 
functions of the brain in the brain and 
body. $2. Rational Cull. 

Stf DliD Hy»trria;—rnsBnily;— Mind i— Mind ud 
body;— Nermui sybfem;— Piychology;— Tonch. 
Brain and brawn ser. See Drysdale, W; 
Brainerd, EvEllne Warner, comp. 

Great hvmns of the Middle Ages. 'o(){09) 
T, (Thumb-nail ser.) leath., $1, boxed. 




Brand, H. W. Broderick, T. ♦$1.50 net 

A. Harriman. 
Brand new doctor. Dcvncy, R. S. $1.25. 

R. S. Devney. 
Brandegee, T. S. 
Plantae Mexicanae* Purpusiana. 'opCJlio) 
Q. (Univ. of Cal. pubs.; Botany.) pap., 
15 c. Univ. of Cal. 

United States. Office of Internal Revenue. 
Regulations and instruction concerning 
the distillation of brandy from apples, 
peaches, grapes, pears, pineapples, oranges, 
apricots, berries, prunes, figs, or cherries 
exclusively, Sept 16, 1008. '09(0) 25 p. 
8°. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Branigan, Rev. W: H: 
Abraham Lincoln. '09(Jei9) O. pap. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) M. L. Morrison. 

Branson, I: Reichelderfer. 
Yosemite against corporation greed; shall 
half of Yosemite national park be de- 
stroyed by San Francisco?; thesis 
against it. '09(09) c. front. D. pap., 
gratis. I: R. Branson. 

Branston, J: W:, [*TL B. Brown."] 
Girders for electric overhead cranes. '09 
(D25) c. il. 8", (Machinery's references 
ser.) pap., 25 c. Indust. Press. 

Brant, J: Ira. 

New regime, a.d. 2202. '09(Jl3i) c. D. $1. 

Brantly, W: T., rep. 

See Maryland. Ct. of appeals. Repts. 
Brassey, T: Allnutt, ed. 

Naval Annual, IQ09. '09 (S4) il. tabs., O. 
*$6 net. Scribner. 

Brat ten, Amo. 

Redemption of Arthur True; a rural 
school story; with an introd. by E. G. 
Lentz. '09(S) c. 139 p. por. 12*, 75 c. 

Braune (Die) Erica. Jensen, W. 35 c. 

Brave heart ser. See Thompson, Adele 


See Heroes. 

Bray, Bfary Matthews. 
Romance of Barnstable. '09(Jei9) c. D. 
$1.50. Badger. 

International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics. Brazil. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu. Am. Republics. 
Brazilian National Exposition. 
Wright, Mrs. M. R. Brazilian National Ex- 
position of 1908; [held at Rio de Janeiro.] 
$2.50. Barrie. 

Breasted, Ja. H. 

History of Egypt from the earliest times to 
the Persian conquest. 2d ed., fully rev. 
*09(Jl30 c. il. maps, 8^ ♦♦$$ net. 

Neusscr, E. v. Qinical treatises on the 
S3miptomato]ogy and diagnosis of disor- 
ders of respiration and circulation, pt. 2. 
•$1.25 net Treat. 

See also Gjrmnastics and physical culture; — Nose; 
—Throat;— Voice. 

Breazeale, Ja. Fk. 
Canning vegetables in the home. '09 (Jl) 
16 p. il. 8*, (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture; 
Farmers' bull.) pap. (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Brebner, Percy Ja., ["Christian Lys."l 
Royal ward. '09 (My 15) c. il. D. T$i.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 
Testing of Olive Vaughan. '09(Mr20) c. 
D. $1.50. Doscher. 

Bredon, Juliet. 
Sir Robert Hart: romance of a great ca- 
reer. *09(02) il. 12*, ♦$1.75 net. Dutton. 

Breeding minks in Louisiana for their fur. 
Elfer, W: A. 75 c. Gessner. 

Breezes from the Southland. Mayes, J. S. 
$1. BVay Pub. 

Biennan, O: Hugh. 
Bill Truetell : story of theatrical life. '09 
(F27) c. O. $1.50. McQurg. 

Brereton, Austin. 
Literary hist, of the Adelphi and its neigh- 
borhood; with a new introd. *09(Di8) 
8"*, $3.50. Duffield. 

Brereton, Rob. Maitland. 
Question : did Sir Francis Drake land on 
any part of the Oregon coast? '09(Mr) 
24 p. map, 8**, pap., *25 c. net. Gill. 


See Plymouth Brethren. 

Bretons at home. Gostling, Mrs. F. M. P. 
♦$2.50 net. McClurg. 

Brett, Allen, ed. 
Reinforced concrete. '09(Mr27) c. il. tabs., 
24°, $1. Technical Pub. 

Brett, G. S., comp. 
Representative English poems ; sel. and ed. 
with introd. and notes, by G. S. Brett. '09 
(F6) 16**, ^75 c net. Macmillan. 

Brett, Rev. Jesse. 

Divine friendship. '09(Mri3) D. *$i net. 

Holy Mount : meditations on the transfig- 
uration of our Lord as revealing the life 
of prayer. 'o9(Apio) *6o c. net. 

Young CThurchman. 

See Catholic ch.irch. 

Brewer, 6: Emeison, MJ>. 

Text-book of surgery; for students and 
practitioners. 2d ed., thoroughly rev. and 
much enl. '09(N) c. 9+17-915 p. il. 8*, 
$5. Lea. 

Text-book of surgery. *09(0) 908 p; il. 8*, 
*$5 net ; leath., *$6 net Lea. 

Brewer, I: Williams, MJ>. 

Rural hygiene : hdbk. of sanitation designed 
for the use of students in agricultural 
schools and colleges. *o9(N2o) c. il. figs. 
D. ♦*$i.25 net. Lippincott. 

Brewer, R. W. A. 

Motor car: pract. manual. *09(Agi4) il. 
12*, ♦*$2 net. Van Nostrand. 

Brewer's accounts. Sweetland, C: A: 50 c. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
Wahl, R., and Henius, M. American handy 
book of the brewing, malting and auxil- 
iary trades. 2 v. $12. Wahl-Henius. 
Wright, H. E. Handy book for brewers. 
*$5 net. Van Nostrand. 

See also HevcraKCS; — H«ps. 


Brewster, Edn. Tetmey. 

Life aiifl Ictlcrs of Josiah Dwight Whitney. 
'09(D4) c. por. D. ••&! net. Houghton M. 


St, 0»il1a|j«. Jan». E. C F. 

BwcK Presbyterian Church, New Vork 


Knapp, S. History of the Brick Presbyttf- 

rian Church in the city of New York. 

2 V. $5. Srribiier. 

Brtck work. 

Sn Muootr. 
Gi!br«h. F. B. Bricklayinn! sistein. '$3 
net. M. C. Clark. 


Rolfe, C: W., atirf others. Paving brick and 
paving brick clays of Illinois. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Univ. of 111. 

Sft oiro Columm: — Mauiiry. 
Bride of the mislletoe. Allen, J. L. t$l.a5- 

Bride on trust. Curties, Hr $1.50. Esles. 
Bridge, Sir F: 

S.-c Meredith, G: 
Bridge, Norman, U.D., ed. 

Sec Riiiler, G; F., rrf, 
Bmr^E (card game). 
Avery, M. A. Mother Goose 00 bridge. $1, 
Lyman Bros. 
Ayres, S. B. Bridge. •$! net. Brenlaiio's. 
Browning. H. C. Auction bridge and how 
to play it. '75 c, net. Dulton. 

Camp, W. C, Condensed bridge tor the 
busy mar. 35 c Collier. 

Crowninshield, F. W, Bridge-fiend. $1. 

Dalton, W: Interferences at bridge. *4oc. 
ret ' Lippincott 

Foster, R, F. Auction bridge. ••$! net 

Meyer, V. M. K. Enlarged small lalkj on 

bridge. 50 c. Ruledge. 

Well^ C. Rubaiyat of bridge: [huniorou? 

verses.l $1 Harper, 

Bridge builders. Ray, A. C. t$i.5o. 

Litlte. B & Co. 


Brief pilsrimage in the Holy Lnii,d. i-Lai, 
C. "$1.25 net. HoactdmU. 

Briggs, C: A:, D.D. 
Church oni^: studies of its most itnpottjnl 
problems. 'og(02) c. O. **ix.y> ntl 
Virgin birth of Our Lord; with inirod. bj 
Wilford L. Robbins. '09(Mr6) I2^ w, 
•as c, net. Whiltaktt, I 

Brigga, Olive Mary. 

Black cross. 'og(F2o) c. D. ttr.50. MofiM. 

Brighatn, Clarence Sannderi, cotnp. ' 

List of books upon Rhode Island history. 

'09(Ap3) O, (R. I. educational ciriruUrs; 

historical ser.) pap., gratis. 

R. I. Dept Educ 
— .ed. See Broivn, Rob. Perkiiis. 
Brigham, Fk. Hartwell, ed. 

ConjoRation of Spanish verbs, complete. 
'o9(Ag) S4 p. 12*. 60 c. F. H. Rtigtiam 
Brigbam, Loniae. 

Box furniture, 'ogfjes) c, il. D "$t6o 
net. Ccnttiry Co, 

Bright, C: 

Life story of Sir Charles Bright, civil en- 
gineer; with which is incorporated the 
story of the Atlantic cable and the first 
telegraph to India and the colonies, id 
ed. 'o9(Agi4> il. 8*. •$1.50 net. 

Van No'trand 
Bhii;ht. Sir Charles TiUlon 
Bright, C: Life story of Sir Charles 
Bright, civil engineer. •$4.50 net. 

Van Nostrand 
Bright side. Skinner, C: R., rrf. 50 c. 

Blight-wit!, Prince of Mogadore. Lough- 
lin, B. 75 c. Caldwen. 

Brightmote, A. W. 

Structural engineering. 'oS, [1909.] (Mr) 
296 p, il, 8°. *$3-7S net. CasselL 

tlh-ir.HT's raSEASE. 

Noorden. C. H. v.. erf. Clinical treatises 
on the pathology and therapy of disor- 
ders of metabolism and nutrition, pt, 7, 
Diabetes mellitus. Si.^o. Treat. 

BwiMfTFUi, Mass. 





BsmsH Empirx. 

Dcnison, G : i . Struggle for imperial unity. 
*$2.25 net. Macmillan. 

Eraser, J: F. Quaint subjects of the king: 
[account of little-known races who live 
in King Edward's dominions.] *$i.25 
net Cassell. 

Marshall, H. E. Empire story- stories of 
India and the greater colonies. *$2.50 
net. Stokes. 

Silbum, P. A. B. Colonies and imperial 
defense. $2. Longmans. 

See also Australia; — Canada; — England; — Great 
Britain: — Gibraltar; — India; — Ireland; — New 
2>alana ; — Scotland ; — Wales ; — West Indies. 

British historical portraits: [v. i,] Richard n. 
to Henry Wriothesley, 140Q-1600; the lives 
by C: Rob. Leslie Fletcher, the portraits 
chosen by Emery Walker; with an introd. 
on the history of portraiture in England 
by C. F. Bell. '09(Myi) pors. Q. $2.90. 

Oxford Univ. 

British Isles. 

5"*^ Great Britain. 

British Journal. Sec Brown, G : E., ed. 

British (The) Journal photographic almanac 
and photographer's daily companion for 
1909; with which is incorporated the "Year 
book of photography" and "Amateurs' guide 
for 1909"; ed. by G: E. Brown. '09(025) 
D. $1 ; pap., 50 c. G : Murphy. 

British ministry and the treaty of Fort 
Stanwix. Alvord, C. W. 25 c. 

State Hist. Wis. 
British Museum, London. 
Hulbert, A. B., comp. and ed. Crown col- 
lection of American maps [in the British 
Museum.] In 5 v. v. 4, 5. ea., $100. 

A. H. Clark. 
Lethaby, W: R: Greek buildings repre- 
sented by fragments in the British Mu- 
seum. *$4.20 net. Scribner. 
British officer in the Balkans. Henderson, 
P. E. *$3.50 net. Lippincott. 
British sports past and present. Armour, G. 
D. *$6 net. Doran. 

British tar in fact and fiction. Robinson, C: 
N. *$4 net. Harper. 

Brito, Bernardo de. 

Silvia de Lysardo; recopilada por Lour- 
engo Craesbeck. [facsim.] '03. [1909.] 
(N) 54 p. 8", $3. (200 copies.) 

Hispanic Soc. 
Brittannicus. See Racine, Jean Baptiste. 

Brittany, France. 
Gostling, Mrs. F. M. P. Bretons at home. 
♦$2.50 net. McQurg. 

Britton, Nathaniel Lord. 

Genus Ernodea: study of species and races. 
'08, [1909.] (Mr) 203-208 p. 8°. (Contri- 
butions from the New York Botanical 
Garden.) pap., 25 c. N. Y. Botanical. 

Taxonomic aspect of the species question. 
'08, [1909.] (Mr) 225-242 p. 4*, (Contri- 
butions from the New York Botanical 
Garden.) pap., 25 c. N. Y. Botanical. 
Britton, Wiley. 

Gvil war on the border. 2 v. '09 (Ag) 8', 
$4. Hudson. 

White slavery : study of the present trades- 
union system. 'o9(N2o) c. D. $1.50. 


Broader motive for school hygiene. Allen, 

W: H. (Priv. pr.) W: H. Allen. 

Broadley, Arth. 

Adjusting and repairing violins, 'cellos, etc. 

*09(Jl3) por. figs. D. pap., 40 c. Scribner. 

Brock, A. Glutton-. 

See Clutton-Brock, A. 
Brock, Claude Cornelius, comp. 

Solitaire: the great European game of 
"Patience": for one or more players; 
how to play forty games. '09(My8) c. 
il. O. pap., 25 c. C. C. Brock. 

Brock, 5^i> Isaac. 
Nursey, W. R. Story of Isaac Brock; hero, 
defender, and savior of upper (Canada. 
♦$1.50 net. McClurg. 

Brockwell, Maurice W. 
Leonardo da Vinci. '09(Mri3) il. O. (Mas- 
terpieces in colour.) bds., *65 c. net; 
leath., ♦$1.50 net. Stokes. 

— ,ed. See National Gallery. 
Broderick, Therese, [**Tin Schreiner."] 
The brand H. W.; tale of the Flathead 
Reservation. 'o9(Di8) c. front. D. *$i.50 
net. A. Harriman. 

Brodie, Rob. Donald. 
Changing voices, and other poems. '09 
(D4) c. D. $1. Badger. 

Brokaw, Mrs. Estella Bachman. 

Soul of the world : (story advocating bal- 
anced land tenure.] 'o9(Mr) 370 p. $1. 

Bromwell, H: Pelham Holmes. 
Song of the Wahbeek: a poem. '09(Je5) 
por. D. $1 ; leath., $2. H. E. Bromwell. 
Bronson, Wa. Cochrane, ed. 
English poems selected and edited with il- 
lustrative and explanatory notes and bib- 
liographies. [In 4 V. V. 2.] The Eliza- 
bethan age and the Puritan period, (1550- 
1650.) 'o9(S4) c. D. ♦$! net; lib. ed., 
♦$1.50 net. Univ. of Chic. 

Bronson of the rabble. Hancock, A, K 
t$i.50. Lippincott. 

Bronte, Anne, ["Acton BeU."] 

Agnes Grey. Pocket ed. 'o9(Mr6) por. S. 
(World's classics.) 35 c. Oxford Univ. 
Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Pocket ed. '09 
(Mr6) por. S. (World's classics.) 35 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

— , Charlotte, [Mrs. Nicholls, "Currer Bell,"] 

and Emily Jane, ["EUis Bell."] 

Complete Bronte ; edition de luxe in 7 v. ; 

with introds. by Mrs. Humphry Ward. 

V. I, Jane Eyre; v. 2, Shirley; v. 3, Vil- 

lette; v. 4, The professor; v. 5, Wuther- 

ing Heights and Agnes (jray; v. 6. The 

tenant of Wildfell Hall ; v. 7. The life of 

Charlotte Bronte, by Mrs. Gaskell ; with 

an introd. and notes by Clement K. 

Shorter. '09(Jl3) il. pors. facsims., hf. 

vel., subs., $35. Harper. 

Bronte, Charlotte, [Mrs. Nicholls; ''Currer 

Villette; introd. by May Sinclair. '09 
(Mr27) 16', (Everyman's lib.) *35 c 
net : leath., *7o c. net. Dutton. 

See also Bronte, Anne. 
Bronze age. 

See Italy. 

Bronze bell. Vance, L: J. t$i.5o. Dodd, 


BiiooK Cliff Coal FraLD. 

Srr Ca,il, 

Brooke, U: 

Fooi of quality; introd, by Fs. Coutts. In 
2 V, '09<F6) T. ♦$! nei. Une. 

Brookfield, Frances M. 

Friar observant '09(Ap24) 8°. 


BnooKFiBij), Mass. 
Vital records of Brookfield, Mass, (Add. 
pub, for price.) F. P. Rice. 

Brookline, Mass. Public Library. Something 
to read, for boys and girls, '08. [igog.] 
(F) 31 p. 13°, o, p. Brookline Pub, Lib. 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle almanac, igog. 'og 
(Jaaol c. fold, maps, O. 50 c. 

Brooklj-n Eagle, 

Briiolrlyii Inslilule of Arts and SdfHces; 
Coll! Spring Harbor monographs. 0. 

Brooklyn Inst. 

— Byrnes, Fresh water cydops o£ Long 
Island. 80 c 

Brooklyn Public Library. Abraham Lin- 
coln : list of Lincoln's writings and works 
rel. to Lincoln in the Brooklyn Public Li- 
brary. 'ogCMr) 24 p. S, pap., gratis. 

Brooklyn Lib, 

Brooklyn Public Library. Alfred Tennystin, 
i8o(}-i8Q2; list of books with references to 
periodicals in the library. 'ogfAg?) S. 
pap. gratis. Brooklyn Lib. 

Broahlyii Public Library. Earthquakes and 
volcanoes: list of books with reference to 
periodicals in the library, ad ed.. enl. 'og 
fMri3) S. pap., gratis, Brooklyn Lib. 

Brooklyn Public Library. International peace : 

list of books, with references to periodicals, 

in the Library; comp, by Alys M, Gordon. 

'og(.Mr6) -16°, (Add. Library for price,) 

Brooklyn Pub, 

Brooklyn Public Library. List of hooks and 

magazine articles on Henry Hudson and 

the Hudson River, Robert Fulion and early 

steam navigation, 'o9(Jl3i) S. pap., gratis. 

Brooklvn Lib. 

Brooklyn Public Librarv. Oliver Wendell 

Brooks, Alfr. Mansfield. 

Somes House, 'ogtjli?) 12°, '$1.25 net 
Brooks, Amy. 

Dorothy Dainty in the country. 'o9(Sii) 
c. il. 12°, (Dorothy Dainty ser,) t$i. 

Lothrop, L. & S 
Prue at school, '09(Sii) c. il. la*. (Pnie 
books.) \%i. Lothrop, L. i S. 

Brooks, E: 

Nornial standard algebra ; designed for 

public and private schools, normal 

schools, academies. 'og(Di8) c. il. la", 

$1.22. Sowet. 

Brooks, Rev. Fk. Lester. 

Prevailing prayer: sermons. 'og(.Jl3i) t 
por. 12°, 60 c, F. L, Brooks. 

Brooks. John Cotton, 
Sharp, J. C. John Cotton Brooks, $1.50 
Burgess. L. & Co. 
Brooks, J: GraliHm. 
Conflict between private monopoly and 
Rorid citi/.enship. '09{D25) c S. "50 c 
net, Houghton M. 

Brooks, Rob. C. 
Odd prices and bargains in retail trade. 
■o<)(My8) O. (Univ. of Cin. studies.) 
pap., 50 c. Univ. of Cin. 

Brooks, Standford H. 
Sfc Voung, Clyde. 
Brooks, Ulyssea Rob. 

Butler and his cavalry in the War of Se- 
cession, 1861-1865. 'op'Oaa) c. il. pors. 
8^ $2,50. State Co. 

Brooks, Van Wyck. 
Wine of the Puritans; study of the present 
day in America. 'o9{N20) c. 8°. '$! net 
M. Kennerley. 
Broom, Jacob. 
Caraobell, W: W. Life and character oi 
J.icob Broom. 50 c Delaware Hist. Soc 
Broomell, I: Norman, and Piacbelis, Pbilipp. 
Anatomy and histology of the month and 
teelh- 3d ed„ rev. '09(D) c, 13+4.'^ P 
il. S°, $3 Blakision. 

comp. and ed. Practical dentistry. 




Brown, Alice. 

Story of Thyrza. 'o9(Mr2o) c. front. O. 

**$i-35 net. Houghton M. 

Brown, Arth. Judson, DJ>. 

Why and how of foreign missions. 

[Churchman's cd.] 'o9(Ap) 12+275 p. 

12*, 50 c. ; pap., 35 c. ; Leaders' helps, 

10 c. Dom. and For. Mission. 

Whv and how of foreign missions. 3d cd. 
'08, [igoQ.] (F) c. 12+286 p. il. 12% (For- 
ward mission study courses.) *50 c. net. 

Young People's Miss. 
Brown, C: 
Birth of a nation: studies in Old Testa- 
ment stories. '09(Myi) 12*, ♦$! net. 

See Greenhough, J. G. 

— , Darlow, T. H., Greenhough, J. 6., and 
God's garden; sermons for harvest and 
flower festivals. 'o9(N2o) D. *$i net. 

Eaton & M. 

Brown, C: Ftanklin. 
Drainage of irrigated lands. *09(D) 52 p. 
il. plans, 8**, (U. S., Dcpt. of Agriculture, 
farmers' bull.) pap. (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Brown, C: Gardner. 

Good, the beautiful, the true; poems. '09 
(Apio) c. il. S. $1. C: G. Brown. 

Brown, C: Reynolds. 
Yorng man's affairs. '09(Ag2i) c. D. **$i 
net. Crowell. 

Brown, Demetra Vaka, [Mrs. Kenneth 


Haremlik; some pages from the life of 

Turkish women. '09(My22) c. **$i.25 

net. Houghton M. 

Brown, Mrs. Elis. Deborah Jewett. 
Nell Beverly, farmer; story of farm life. 
'09 (Ap) c. 'c8. 190 p. 12**, pap., 50 c. 


Brown, Elmer Ellsworth. 

Distinctive functions of university, college 

and normal school in the preparation of 

teachers. 'o9(Mr) 6 p. 8". (Add. author 

for price.) E. E. Brown. 

Brown, G:, DJ>. 

George Brown, D.D. : pioneer, missionary 
and explorer: autobiography. '09(Jei9) 
8*, na^So. Revell. 

Brown, G: E., ed« 

British Journal, Photographic Almanac, and 
Photographer's Daily Companion, with 
which is incorporated the "Year Book 
of Photography and Amateurs' Guide," 
1909. '09(Ja9) il. D. $1 ; pap., 50 c. 

G: Murphy. 

Brown, Goold. 

Institutes of English grammar; rev. and 
rearranged by J: W. Davis. '07, [1909.] 
(Jc) 8+344 p. 8**, (Brown's grammar 
ser.) 80 c Wood. 

Brown, Ira Smith. 

Typewriter bookkeeping as applied to the 
"unit order," "retail bill and charge" and 
"condensed billing" systems on the Un- 
derwood. 'o9(S) c. 36 p. il. 4**, gratis. 

Underwood Typewriter. 

Brown, Ja. Newton. 
Estimates and agents* companion. Rev. 
ed. ; clear exposition of the cubic foot 
rule for estimating the approximate value 
of buildings, with data as to cost of ma- 
terials and sugggestions for building. '08, 
[1909.] (Mr) c. '07. 103 p. 16**, $1; 
leath., $1.50. Rough Notes. 

Brown, J:, M.D. 
Horae subsecivae; with an introd. by Aus- 
tin Dobson. Pocket ed. '09(Mr6) por. 
S. (World's classics.) 35 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Our dogs. '09(D) 64 p. 24**, 50 c. 

Rab and his friends. '09(0 16) c. por. S. 
50 c. Altemus. 

Brown, Joha 
Du Bois, W: E: B. John Brown. ♦*$i.25 
net. Jacobs. 

Huhner, L. Some Jewish associates of 
John Brown, o. p. L. Huhner. 

Brown, J: Franklin. 
American high school. '09(Je5) c. tabs., D. 
♦♦$1.40 net. Macmillan. 

Brown, J: G. 
Reinforced concrete construction for fac- 
tories and warehouses. '08, [1909.] (F) 
c. 24 p. il. 8*. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Doolittle & K. 
Brown, Mrs. Kenneth. 

See Brown, Demetra Vaka. 
Brown, Martin Shepherd. 
"Sleepin' at the foot," and other poems. 
Memorial ed. ; collected by Mrs. Jennie 
Marie Brown. '09(8) c. 72 p. il. por. 
12", $1. . J. M. Brown. 

Brown, Mrs. Mary Alice Abbott, comp. 
Dainty dining; a few simple luncheons and 
a few not so simple; but with tried re- 
ceipts for each and all ; with a post-script 
for dinners. 'o9(Mri3) c. 4**, $1.50. 

Reed Press. 
Brown, P: Hume. 
Hist, of Scotland. In 3 v. v. 3, From the 
revolution of 1689 to the disruption, 1843. 
'09(030) D. $1.50. Putnam. 

"Brown, R. B.," pseud. 
See Branston, J: W: 
Brown, Rob. Perkins, Palmer, H: Robinson, 
Eoopman, Harry Lyman, and Brigham, 
Clarence Saunders, eds. 
Memories of Brown : traditions and recol- 
lections gathered from many sources. '09 
(Ap3) c. il. pors. 8**, $2.50; mor., $5. 

Brown Alumni. 
Brown, Stimson Jos. 
Trigonometry and stereographic projec- 
tions; prepared for the use of the mid- 
shipmen at the U. S. Naval Academy. 
'09 (Mr) c. 9+1 II p. diagrs., 12". (Not 
for sale.) Lord Balto. Pr. 

Brown, Rev. Theron. 
Under the mulberry trees. '09 (N6) c. front. 
D. $1.50. Badger. 

Brown rat in the U. S. Lantz, D: E. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Brown University. Books printed in Lima 

and elsewhere in South America after 

1800 [John Carter Brown Library.] '09 

(My22) 4**, 50 c. Bro^Ntv \5tvvi. 


Brtnni Uriversily. Facsimile of the first is- 
sue of the Gatela de Lima, with a descrip- 
tion ot a file for the years 1744-1763, [John 
Carter Brown Library.] 'ogfjlsO 12°, $2. 
Bromi Univ. 
Brown Univehsitv, Providence, R. I. 
Bro«n, R. P., and others, eds. Memories 
of Brown. $2.50; $5. Brown Alumni. 

Browne, Editb A. 

Great buildings and how to enjoy them: 

Greek architecture. '0Q(Jl3) il- 8°, •?i.73 

net. MacmlHsn. 

Greece. 'o9(Dzs) il. map, 12°, (Peeps 31 

many lands.) '75 C- fet. Macmillan. 

bowue, Edfflond Coinelius. 

See Browne, T: Rob. 
Browne, Horace B., comp. 

Short plays from Dickens, for the use ot 
amateur and school dramatic societies. 
■oglMyi.-;) il. D. *?i net. Scribner, 

Biowoe, Sir Ja. Criclitaii-. 

Parcimony in nutrition, '09( Mr6) D. 

"75 c. net. Funk, 

Browne, Marioa J., ["Marioa J. Bntnowe."] 

New scholar at St. Anne's, 'o9(Fao) c, " 

85 c, Benzie. 

Browne, Rev. Patrick W: 

Where the fishers go: the story of Labi 
dor , 'o(i(Jl3) c, il. fold, map, O, $1,75, 

Browne, T: Rob. and Edmood Cornelius, 
camps, and «ds. 
Miscellaneous correspondence, commercial 
and legal f!>rnis, pt, i, 'ogCJag) c, 0, 
50 c. Browne's Business Coll. 

Browne, Tom. 
Johnson, A E, Tom Browne, R,l, •Ji,50 
net. Marmillan. 

Brownell, W; Crary. 

American prose masters— Cooper. Haw- 
thorne, Emerson. Poe, Lowell, Henry 
James, 'ogtNe) c. O, "$1.50 net. 

Browning, Carl Hamilton. 
Src Muir, Rob. 

BrowninE, Sab.^Conliiiued. 

Selections from the poems and play; oi 
Robert Browning ; ed. for school use bj 
Myra Reynolds. 'ogfDii) c. S. (Lake 
English classics.) 40 c. Scott, F. & Ca 
Shorter poems ; selected and cd., with in- 
trod. and notes, by J; W: CimiiSc. '09 
(Apt?) c. por, 16°, (Scribner English 
classics.) ••25 c. net, Scribner. 

— , and Eliisbeth Barrett. 
Love poema from the works of Rob. 
Browning and Eliiabeth Barrett Brown- 
ing; selected and arranged by Ethel Har- 
ris; il. with reproductions from the 
works of master painters. '09(D) t 
127 p. il. por, 8°, 51.25; leaih,, $1.75, 
boxed. Rand. McN. & Co, 

— , and Hunt, Leigh. 

Love poems, '09(Je26) c. D. padded silk, 
$1.50; leath., $a, boxed, Dodgt 

Browning, Robert, 

Hornbrooke. F, B. Ring and the book; an 
interpretation, "$1.50 net. 

Little, B. 4 Ca 
Neiileship. J: T. Robert Browning; es- 
says and thoughts. *$2,25 net. Scribner, 
Omar and the Rabbi ; Fitzgerald's transla- 
tion of the RubSiyat of Omar Khayyim 
and Browning's Rabbi Ben Ezra arranged 
in dramatic form, ^25 c, net. 

Harvard Co-op. 
Rogers. A. Prophecy and poetry: studies 
in Isaiah and Browiting. ■•$1.25 net. 


Sif GcnealogiM, 

Brownlee, Jane. 

Moral training in the public schools. '08. 
[1909,] (Mr) c. 29 p. il. 12°, 10 c 

Holden Pat. Bk. 

Brown's grammar sfr. See Brown, Goold. 

Brown son. Earl Leo. 

Anton, the man who saw. '08, IigogJ (F) 

75 p. il. 12°. $1, Mayhciv. 

Br(;yles, Lester Everret, ["Hetsel Terreve."] 




Bmmmitt, Dan. Brearley, ed. 
Notes on the Ep worth League devotional 
meeting topics, ist ser., 1909, January- 
June. '09(Ja2) ; 2d scr., 1909, July- 
December. '09( Jei9) c. D. pap., ea., ♦is c. 
net; per doz., *$i.20 net. Eaton & M. 
Notes on the Epworth League devotional 
meetings topics; first sen, i9io^January- 
June. '09(Di8) c. D. pap., 15 c. 

Eaton & M. 
Bnmer, Jane Woodworth. 
Question of Romanism; historical review 
of the system of Romanism from its or- 
ganization to the present. *6B, [1909.] 
(Ap) c. 9-307 p. 8*, $1.50. 

J. W. Bruner. 
Bninner, Josef. 
Tracks and tracking. '09(04) c. il. D. 
♦$1.25 net. Outing. 

Bninowe, Marion J., pseud. 

See Browne, Marion J. 
Brush, pen and pencil set. il. O. *$i.50 net. 

—Johnson. Tom Browne, R.I. 
Brussels (Belgium) Universal and Inter- 
national Exhibition. 
United States. Dept. of State. Universal 
and International Exhibition, Brussels, 
gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Bryan, Albert Hughes. 
Methods for the analysis of maple products 
and the detection of adulterants. '09 
(F20) 8**, (U. S., Dept. of Agriculture, 
Bureau of Chemistry, circular.) pap., 5 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Bryan, Ja. Wallace. 

Development of the English law of con- 
spiracy. '09(My8) O. (Johns Hopkins 
Univ. studies in historical and pol. sci- 
ence.) pap., 75 c. Johns Hopkins. 
Bryan, Jos. Harris. 

Organized adult Bible class. *09(Ap) c. 
163 p. il. 16**, 50 c. (Thr. Pub. Co. 

Bryan, W: Jennings. 

Prince of peace. *09(Ni3) c. 12**, pap., in 

envelope, 35 c. Reilly & B. 

Speeches; rev. and arranged by himself; 

with a biographical inlrod. by Mary 

Baird Bryan, his wife. In 2 v. *09(Dii) 

c. pors. S. *$2 net, boxed. Funk. 

Bryan, William Jennings. 

Morgan, A : T. On our way to the Orient ; 

or, Mr. Bryan don't you know. 25 c. 

Denver Int. Corr. Sch. 
Bryant, Fk. A:, MJ>. 

George Watson, the trials and triumph of 
a stammerer. *09(Je) c. 39 p. 12**, pap., 
10 c. F. A: Bryant. 

Bryant, J: C. 
Business man's commercial law and busi- 
ness forms combined; a vade-mecum for 
the counting-house; ed. by G: W. Clin- 
ton. i6th ed., rev. '10, [1909.] (N) 
2404-57 p. por. 8**, $1.50. C L. Bryant. 
Bryant, Jos. Decatur, MJ>., and Buck, Albert 
H:, MJO., eds. 
American practice of surgery. In 8 v. v. 5. 
'c9(Jai6) ; v. 6, Regional surgery contin- 
ued. (Ag) 924 p. il. 8*, subs., ea., $7; 
leath., $8; hf. mor., $9. Wood. 

Bryant, Marg. 
Christopher Hibbault, roadmaker. *09 
(F13) i2', t$i.5a Duffield. 

Bryant, W: Cullen. 
Thanatopsis; [30 full-page etchings by 
Walworth Stilson.] 09(Oi6) 4', hf. 
parchment, ♦$io net. Tandy-T. 

Bryant, W: Sohier. 

See Knight, C: Huntoon. 
Bryce, Catharine Turner. 

See Spaulding, Fk. Ellsworth. 
Bryce, Clarence Archibald, MJ>. 
The gentleman's dog, his rearing, training 
and treatment. 'o9(D25) front. D. $1. 

So. Clinic Pr. 
Bryce, Ja. 

Hindrances to good citizenship. *09(Dii) 
c. D. +$1.15 net. Yale Univ. 


See Mosses. 

Bryson, Ernest. 

See Pollitt, Arth. W. 
Buchanan, Frances Grant, and Grant, Mary 
In Cupid's realm, and other poems; con- 
sisting of an operetta and a number of 
poems here published collectively for the 
first time. *09(N) c. 7-f 70 p. 12**, $1.15. 

F. G. Buchanan. 
Buchanan, Ja. 
Works of James Buchanan, [President of 
U. S. 1856- 1860;] comprising his speeches, 
state papers, and private correspondence ; 
collected and ed. by J: Bassett Moore. 
In 12 V. V. 6. '09(Ja30) ; v. 7 (Jei9) : 
V. 8, 9 (Ag2i) c. 8**, ea., **$5 net, boxed. 

Buchheim, E. S. 
Der ungebetene gast: [a play.] '09(Ni3) 
S. pap., 15 c. Oxford Univ. 

Buchholz, Heinrich Ewald. 
Governors of Maryland from the Revolu- 
tion to the year 1908. 2d ed. '09(Jai6) 
c. pors. O. $2.50. Williams & W. 

Buck, Albert H:, M.D., ed. 
See Bryant, Jos. Decatur. 

Buck, Edith Cora. 

Guide to the teacher's mastery of texts, and 
aids in elementary instruction. [2d ed. 
rev.] '08, [1909.] (Ap) c. 266 p. I2^ 85 c. 

E. C. Buck. 
Buck, Gertrude. 
"Make-believe grammar;" repr. from the 
School Review. *09(My) 21-23 p. 8°. 
(Priv. pr.) Univ. of Chic. 

Buck, Inring Ashby. 
Geburne and his command. *09(Mri3) c. 
por. map, O. *$3 net. Neale. 

Buckham, J: Wright, DJ>. 
Personality and the Christian ideal : dis- 
cussion of personality in the light of 
Christianity. 'o9(D25) c. O. ♦$1.50 net. 

Pilgrim Press. 

Buckham, Rev. Matthew H: 

Culture of the imagination ; lecture in the 

teachers* course. University of Vermont. 

'09(J1) II p. 8*. (Add. author for price.) 

M. H : Buckham. 
Buckland, Rev. A: Rob. 

First epistle to the Thessalonians. *o8, 
[1909.] (My) 12", (Devotional commen- 
taries.^ *$i net. Am. S. S. 

St. Paul's Second Epistle to the Thessa- 
lonians : devotional com.mentary. '09 
(Myi) D. (Devotional commentaries .S 
♦$1 net. Km. ^. '^. 


Buckland, E. S. Lang. 
Oliver Goldsmiih, 'og(Ap3) ii. i6°, (Bell's 
minialure ser. of great writers.) '50 e. 
net. Macmillan. 

Buckland, Fk. Herton. 

RliymcE of the stream and forest. 'CgCJe) 
12°, $i.2S- Forest. 

Buckley, Elsie Finnimore. 

Children of the dawn : old tales of Greei;^; 
introd. by Arth. Sidgwick. ■o9(Myis) il. 
8', $i,;o- Stokes, 

Buckley, Ernest Robertson. 

Geology of the disseminated lead deposits 
of SL FranjoiE and Washington counties. 
IMo.] "ot)(Ji) c. ifi+JSP p. il. maps, tab,, 
4", (Missouri Bu, of Geology and Slines 
rept.) (Add, pubs, for price.) 

H, Stephens, 
Buckley, J. P. 

Modern denial materia medica, pharma- 
cology and therapeutics. '09(N) 11+ 
.-jSj p. U. 8°, •$2.50 net. Blakiston. 

Buckley, Rer. Ja. Monroe. 

Wrong and peril of \Noman suffrage. '09 

(D) c, 128 p, 12°, 'js c, net. Revell. 

Buekner, Fiauklin Feroando. 

Wreath of song. '08, figog,] (Mr) c. 9- 

98 p. t6°, 75 c. Roberts Bros. 

Backwalter, Geoflrey. 

Fourth reader, pt. 1, '09(F) 42c. Simmons, 
Bucyrus, the railroad wrecker. Lorimer, J. 
M. 25 c Muskogee. 


Sayings of Buddha; the Iti Vuttaka: a Pali 
work of the Buddhist Canon ; tr. with 
introd. and notes by Justin Harlly Moore. 
■oq(F27) 8°. (Columbia Univ. Indo- 
Iranian ser.) "S1.50 net. Macmillan. 


Edmunds. A. J, Buddhist and Christian 
gospels compared from the originals. In 
2 V, V. 2. •$2 net. A. .1, Edmundu, 

Bndge, Ernest A. Wallis, ed. 

Paradise or parden of the holy fathers; be- 


Buell, Jennie. 
One woman's work for farm women ; tlie 
story of Mary A. Mayo's part in rani 
social movements. '08, I1909-I (F) f. 
6+78 p. por. 12°, 50 c. ; pap., 25 c. 

BtJEKOs Aires. 

Set Inlcrnalinnal Burrau of A«cri<;3n Republic, 
"'"'■■' 1. D. C Manicipd organiiaiioni. 



Sardi, V. Leben des seligen Kaspar del 
Bufalo, •?s c net P. A. Gied 

"Buffalo Bill," pKud. 
Se.- Cody. W : F : 
Buffalo hiisloricoi Society publications. 8'. 
Buffalo Hist. Soe. 
—Hill. Historical review of waterways and 
canal construction in New York State, fe; 
$4- Buffalo Hist. Soc 

Buffalo Public Library, Books in Crfrmin; 
printed by the German Young Men's Asso- 
ciation for the encouragement of the read- 
ing of the Crfrman language. *o8. [1909.) 
(Mr) 7-iss p. 4', pap., gratis. 

Buffalo Pub. Lib, 

Buffalo. Public Library. Class-room libraries 

for public schools, listed by grades. 3d ed.; 

(o which is added a list of books suggested 

for school reference libraries. "09(Je») 0, 

pap., 25 c. Buffalo Pub. lib. 

Buffalo Public Library. Means of education 

and self-culture offered day- workers bv ihe 

city of Buffalo. 'o<)(Jli7) D. pap., graiis. 

Buffalo Pnl) Lib 

BuStDgton, Beitba Elinor, Weimer, Theteu, 

and Jones, A. R. 

Circus book for children. 'ogfNia) c il. 

D. 50 c. B ; H. Sanborn, 

Bnffington, F. C. 

Physical training for Filipinos. 'o9(Mya2) 
c. il. 12'. $1. Heath. 

Buffo m, Burt C. 

Arid agriculture; handbook tor the west- 
crii farmer and stockman. 'oQ(My) c. 
44:( P- il. 12", $1.50, B. C, Buffum. 

Buffum, Hugh Straight. 

Federal and state aid lo eduralion in loiva. 



Building. — Continued. 
Radford's cyclopedia of construction. 12 v. 
ca., $2. Radford Arcliitectural Co. 

Rexford, E. A. Tables and diagrams for 
obtaining the resisting monienis of ec- 
centric riveted connections. ♦$! net. 

Engineering News. 

Richey, H. G. Building mechanics* ready 
reference; The building foreman's pock- 
et-book and ready reference. $5. Wiley. 

Schultz, R. W., and others. Arts con- 
nected with building. *$2 net. Scribner. 

Young, C, and Brooks, S. M. Spon's ar- 
chitects' and builders' pocket price-book. 
$1.50. Spon. 

See also Arfchcs; — ^Architecture; — Bridges; — Build* 
ing materials: — Carpentry; — Columns; — Con- 
crete; — Engineering; — Masonry; — Retaining 
walls ; — Roofs ; — Saws. 

Building and loan associations. 
Gark, C : E. Local building association : a 
cornerstone of the commonweal. 10 c. 

C: E. Qark. 

Building laws. 

New York City. Bureau of Municipal Re- 
search. Tenement house administration. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Bu. Municipal. 

5"^* Apartments. 

Building materials. 
Humphry, R : L. Fire-resistance properties 
of various building materials. 30 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Munby, A. E. Introduction to the chemis- 
try and physics of building materials. *$2 
net Van Nostrand. 

See also Bricks ; — Cement ; — Concrete. ; — Masonry ; 
— Steel ; — Strength of materials. 

Building mechanics* ready reference. See 
Richey, Harry Grant. 

Building plans. Hicks, I : P. 50 c. Indust. 


See Gardens and gardening. 

Bull, Clark E. 

Philosophy of life, mortal ,and immortal ; 
with a rich collection of communications 
from the spirit side of life pertaining to 
philosophy; subjects of antiquity and re- 
ligious thought. '09(Ag28) D. $i.0o. 

C. E. Bull. 

BulUrd, K. C.y comp. 
Over the dead-line; or, who killed "Poll 
Parrot." *ocf(Jh7) c. D. ♦$! net. Neale. 
Ballen, Fk. T: 

Young Nemesis. *09(Mri3) il. 12**, $1.50. 


Buller, A. H. Reginald. 
Researches on fungi; an account of the pro- 
duction, liberation, and dispersion of the 
spores of hymenomycetes treated botan- 
ically and physically; also some observa- 
tions upon the discharge and dispersion 
of the spores of ascomyatcs and of [>ilo- 
bolus. *09(Sii) il. figs. O. ^$4 net. 


Bulletin of Bibliography pamphlets. 12**, pap. 

Boston Bk. 

— Hawkins. Ghost stories. 20 c. 

Bullet's flight from powder to target. Mann, 
F. W. $4. Munn. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir £: 6: Earle Lytton, 
[Lord Lytton.] 
[Works.] Edinburgh ed. In 12 v. '09 
(D18) il. 8°, per set, ♦$25 net. Dutton. 
Lost tales of Miletus. 'o9(My8) D. ♦$1.25 
net. StuTgis & W. 

Pilgrims of the Rhine. '09(Mr27) 16*, 
(Everyman's lib.) *35 c. net; leath., *7oc. 
net. Dutton. 

Bumbletoes. Sowerby, M. 75 c. Duffield. 
Bungalow plans, as designed and built exclu- 
sively by the Bungalow Colony of Neigh- 
borly Metuchen, New York. '09(Jl3) c. il. 
plans, f*, $1. Metuchen Bungalow. 


See Architecture. 

Bungalows and cottages: choice collection of 
100 designs for bungalows and inexpensive 
cottages costing to build from $400 to $3000. 
'08, [1909] (My) 96 p. il. plans, 4', 50 c. 

M. L. Keith. 

Bunker Hill oration, Webster, Dan. See 
Washington, G: First farewell address. 

Bunnikin-bunnies in camp. Davidson, E. B. 
♦♦50 c. net. Houghton M. 

"Bunny," pseud. 
See Schultz, Carl Emil. 

Bunyan, J: 

Pilgrim's progress ; with a memoir of the 
author condensed from his Grace abound- 
ing and the Life of Bunyan, by Canon Ed- 
munds Venables. [New ed.] '09(Je26) 
c. il. O. *50 c. net. Am. Tract. 

Pilgrim's progress. 'o9(Di8) il. 8^ *$3 net. 


Pilgrim's propress ; with an introd. and 
notes by xMarg. A. Eaton, 'oofjlio) c. 
per. S. C Classic lib.) pap., 15 c. 

Educ Pub. 

Pilgrim's progress from this world to that 
which is to come. '09 (N6) col. il. O. $2, 
boxed. Fenno. 

Buonarotti, Michelangelo. 

Masterpieces of Michaelangelo. '09(025) 
il. 24**, (Painters' ser.) leath., *7$ c. net; 
pap., *25 c. net. Stokes. 

Burba NK, Luther. 
Jordan, D: S., and Kellogg, V. L. Scien- 
tific aspects of Luther Burbank's work. 
♦$1.75 net. A. M. Robertson. 

Burchill, Georgine, Ettinger, W: L., and 

Shimer, Edg. Dubs. 

Prop:ressive road to reading, bks. t, 2. '09 

(My) c. bk. I, 32 c. ; bk. 2, 40.— Bk. 3. 

(Nt3) c. il. D. 48 c. Silver. 

Burden bearer. Williams, F. H. **$2.50 net. 

Burdette, Mrs. Clara Bradley. 

Rain])ow and the pot of gold: [story of life 
of Temple Baptist Church. Los .^nceles.] 
'08, [1909.] (Ap) c. TI-I-147 p. il. oors. 
8°, $T. Clara Vista. 

Burdick, Gordon Granger, M.D. 
X-ray and bic:h frequency in medicine. '09 
(D) 7-318 p. il. 8^ $2.75. 

Physical Therapy. 

Burdick, J. Ellis, ed. 

General index [to The history of nations.] 

'08, [1909] (Ja) c. 1080 p. 8^ (History 

of nations.) $2.75; ^ mor., $3.75; full 

mor., $5. J : D. Morris. 

8ai«an of Social Research, New York. Chat- 
tel loan btisincE's : rept. prepared under the 
direction of the Bureau of Social Research, 
New York School of Philanthropy, by 
Arth, H. Ham. '09(Mr> c. 58 p. 8°. (Rus- 
sell Sage Foundation pubs.) 25 e. 

Charities Pub. 
Burgess, Albeit Franklin. 

Requirements to be complied with by nurs- 
erymen or others who make interstate 
shipments of nursery stock. '08, [l9og.] 
(O) ■} p. 8°, (U. S., Dept. of Aericuliure, 
Bureau of Entornolosy; circular.) pap. 
• (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S.. SupL of Docs. 
Burgess, C: F., ed. 

Historic Groton; comprising historic and 
descriptive sketches pertaining to Groion 
Heights, Center Groion, Poquonnoc 
Bridge, Noank, Mystic and Old Mystic, 
Conn., by local uxiters. 'ogCS) c. loi p. 
il. 4°, $150; gill edge, %2. 

C: F. Burgess, 
Burgesi, Fs. 

Rudiments of Gregorian music. 'og(ST8) 
D. pap,, 'zo c. net, Scribncr. 

Burgess, Fk. Gelett. 

Blue goops and red: manual of polite de- 
portment for children who would be 
good; showing how and how not to be- 
have everywhere. 'oo(Ni3) c. il. Q. 
"$1.35 net. Stokes. 

Lady Mechante; or, life as it should be. 
'09(Ni3) c. il. O. •*$i.So net. Stokes. 
Bnigess, J: W: 
German Emperor and the German govern- 
menl : address del. before the Gernianistic 
Society of America, January 5, igog. '09 
(Fr3) O. pap. {.^dd. pubs, for price.) 

Columbia Univ. 
Burgess, W: 

Bible in Shakespeare. '09(D) c. '03. 288 p, 
8°, •$i.SO net. Revell. 

Formerly putaliihed br Winona Fubliibios Co. 
Reliaion of Ruskin, '09(D) 
8°, "Sa net. Revell. 


Burke, Hai; C , 

School room echoes ; book I. '09(1)25) 
c, por. D. $1.50. Badgtr. 

Butkett, C: W: 

Farm slock; practical treatise on liorsu, 

cattle, sheep and swine. '09(Mr27) c. iL 

12°, '$1.50 net. Judd. 

Farmers" veterinarian ; pract. treatise on 

the diseases of farm stock. 'ogCDii) iL 

12°, *$t.sonet. O. Judd. 

— ,eii. Dcimeslic animals. "09(Ja23) il. 4', 

•$3.50 net. Ginn. 

Burleigh, Clarence Blendon. 

With pickpole and peavey ; or, two live 

boys on the East Branch drive. '09 

fSll) c. il. O. (Norman Can-er ser.) 

■f^i.SO. Lolhrop, L. & S. 

Burlington, Wis. 

Wood, H. A. Burlington; its early hisl., 

growth and progress. 35 c 

H. A. Wood. 
BuB.NE- Jones, Sir Edward. 
Baldry, A. L. Bunie-Jones. ♦es c. neL 

Bl^II, M, Sir Edward Bume-Joncs. -$2 

Bornet, Etienne, H.D. 

Campaign against microbes, 'oqCO) 259 p. 

8°, '$2.50 net. Wood 

Burnett. Urs. Frances Hod^OD, [now Hn. 

Stephen Townesend.] 

Barty Crusoe and his man Saturday. '09 

(D4) c. il. O. •*$! net. Moffat, 

Emily Fox-Seton ; being "The making of 

a marchioness" and "The methods of 

Lady Walderhurst. "09(030) c. D. tJt.SO. 

Land of the Rlue Flower, '09(016) c col. 

front. D, •♦^S c net. Moffat 

— , Bitdsall, Katharine Newbold, and Burnett, 

Vivian, eda. 
Children's book. 'o9(D4) c, 11, O. i«i.5o, 
Burnett, P: Hardeman. 

Path which led a Protestant lawyer to the 
Catholic church; ed. and abridged bT 




Burnham, W: H:, and Suzzallo, H: 
History of education as a professional sub- 
ject. •o9(Ap24) 8**, 50 c. 

Teachers* Coll. 
fiuming issue, and what co-operation will do. 
Callahan, J. Y. 25 c. Pub. Pr. 

Burns, Cecil Laurence, and Marsden, Rufus E. 

Principles of educational woodwork; hdbk. 

for teachers and others. '09(02) il. 12", 

♦$1.50 net. Dutton. 

Bums, £: Fs. 

Songs of cloud and star. '09 (F6) c. D. 

*$i.25 net. Ball Pub. 

Bums, Rev. Ja. 
Revivals, their laws and leaders. '09(D) 
124-312 p. O. *$i.50 net. Doran. 

Bums, Rob. 
The Geddes Bums. *09(Apio) por. fac- 
sims., 8*. (Add. Society for price.) 

Burns. Robert. 
Carlyle, T :, and Macaulay, T : B., Lord. 
Robert Burns, by T: Carlyle; Samuel 
Johnson, by Lord Macaulay. 30 c. ; 20 c. 

Btrnt oflFering. Ellison, Mrs. E. N. $1.25. 

B'way Pub. 
Burr, Aaron. 
Wood, W. Tragedy of the deserted isle. 
$1.50. C. M. Qark. 

Burr, Mrs. Anna Robeson Brown. 
The autobiography; critical and compara- 
tive study. '09(030) c. O. **$2 net. 

Houghton M. 

Burr, Jane, [pseud, for Punch, Rosalind Mae 


Letters of a Dakota divorcee. '09(N) c. 

148 p. D. $1. Roxburgh. 

Burrell, D: Ja., DJ). 

Qoister book, for shut-in worshippers and 
pastorless congregations. '09(D) 340 p. 
12®, $1. Am. Tr. 

Burroughs, J: 

See In American fields and forests. 

Borrows, C: W: 

Best method of demagnetizing iron in mag- 
netic testing. '09(My) 205-274 p. il. tabs., 
8**, pap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Burrows, J: Shober. 

Mine sampling and chemical analyses of 
coals tested at the United States fuel- 
testing plant, Norfolk, Va., in 1907. '09 
(Mr6) S\ (U. S., Geol. Survey, bull.) 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Results of purchasing coal under govern- 
ment specifications, with a paper on burn- 
ing the small sizes of anthracite for heat 
and power pui*poses by D wight T. Ran- 
dall. '09(My) 44 p. labs., O. pap. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Burrows, Julius Caesar. 
Marine Corps; hist, of the Marine Corps. 
'09(My) 6 p. 8', pap. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Bursa bursa- pastoris. 

5## Botany. 


5## Botany. 

Burstall, Sara A. 
Impressions of American education in 1908. 
'09 (F6) D. *$i.25 net. Longmans. 

Burt, C. A., pseud. 

See Bean, Burt Clifford. 
Burt, Mary Eliz., ed. 

Poems that every child should know. 3 v. 
School ed. '09(Jl3i) c. 12**, $1.50. 

Doubleday. P. 
Burt, Bp. W: 
Europe and Methodism. *09(Dii) c. 16**, 
(Little books on missions.) 35 c. 

Burton, Alonzo J. 

Eastern Star; a collection of historic pa- 
pers, reminiscences, poems, essays, etc., 
etc., rel. to the Eastern Star. '09(S) c. 
94 p. il. pors. 12*, pap., 75 c. 

A. J. Burton. 
Burton, C: Pierce. 
Bob's Cave bovs: sequel to *The boys of 
Bob's Hill. ''09(Mr27) c. il. D. t$i.50. 

Burton, Edn. Hubert, D.D. 
Life and times of Bishop Challoner, (1691- 
178 1.) In 2 v. '09(030) il. pors. O. *$7 
net. Longmans. 

Btirton, Ernest Dewitt, and Mathews, Shailer. 
Life of Christ, for the use of classes in sec- 
ondary schools and in the secondary 
division of the Sunday-school; adapted 
by I: Bronson Burgess. *o8, [1909.] 
(Mr) c. 307 p. il. plan, 8*, (Constructive 
Bible studies; ed. by E. D. Burton; sec- 
ondary ser.) $T. Univ. of Chic 
— , Smith, J: Merlin Powis and Gerald Bimey. 
Biblical ideas of atonement. '09(Ni3) c. 
D. $1. Univ. of (Thic 
Burton, F: Russell. 

American primitive music; with especial 
attention to the songs of the Ojibwajrs. 
'o9(N2o) c. front. O. ♦♦$$ net. Moffat. 
Redcloud of the lakes. '09(J13t) c. il. D. 
$1.50. G: W. Dillingham. 

Burton, G: Ward. 
Book on California and its sunlit skies of 
glory ; also, letters from Europe and mis- 
cellaneous essays in literature, ethics and 
politics. *09(N) il. 4*, $2.50. 

G: W. Burton. 
Burton, Hobson. 
See Burton, W: 

Burton, Rev. Marion Le Roy. 

Problem of evil; criticism of the Augus- 
tinian point of view. '09 (N6) c. D. $1.25. 

Open Court. 
Burton, R: 

From the book of life: poems. '09(02) 
c. D. **$i.25 net. Little, B. & Co. 

Masters of the English novel ; study of 
principles and personalities. '09(Di8) c. 
D. $1.25. Holt. 

Burton, W: and Hobson. 
Hdbk. of marks on pottery and porcelain. 
'09(030) figs. D. ♦$2.25 net. Macmillan. 
Burton-Fanning, F. W. 
Open air treatment of pulmonary tuber- 
culosis. '09(Ag) 12+184 P- figs. ♦$1.50 
net. Hoeber. 

Burtscher, W: J: 
Yellow Creek humor. '09(Je5) c. D. $1. 

Bury, J : BagEiell. 

Ancient Greek historians ; (Harvard lec- 
tures.) '09(Ja3Oj c. O. $2.25. Macinillan. 
Buich, Wilhelm. 

Edward's dream: the philosopliy of a hu- 
morist; tr and ed. by Dr. Paul Carus 
from the German. '09(Jl3l) c por. S. 
■$1 net. Open Court. 

Buah, Harold Hotitfort. 

Diary of an tnlisted man. "ogfAgza) D. 
50 c. ; pap , 25 c. F. : T, Miller. 

Bngh, Wa. Kelsoo, &ai Clarke, J: Bernard. 
Elements of geometry, 'c5(Oi6) c. il. 12*. 
$1.25, Silver. 

Boshinaii paintings copied [in color] by M, 
Helen Tongue; with a preface by H: Bal- 
four. 'ogfNij) il. Q. pap.. $10.25, boxed. 
Oxford Univ. 
Busbnell, Mrs. BeUe Johnaton, 

John Arrowsmilh^planler, '09(04) c, il. 
D, $1,50, Torch Pres5, 

Busbnell, Curtia Clark. 

Readings from Latin verse; with notes, 'oq 
IJaq) c. I2°. 75 c- Allyn & B. 

Bnahnell, Jos. 

Voices of the past, present and fuUire: 

Ipoem.'s.] '09fN6) c, D. 50 c, J Bnshnell. 

Bushnell, Jos, P., GOmp. 

What to do ^nd how to do it : manual, 

treating of the home and its interests, 

the culinary art, health, the farm, [etc! 

'09(Jei2) c. 8°, $2. Home Manual. 


American business methods (doivii-to-ihe- 

minule) : comp. by the Board of Experts 

of the Business Mai^s Magasitic. $2 

. Mar 


Berkwilz, W: L. Encyclopedia of the 
mail order biifineis, $5. — Reminiscences, 
compo.sed of actual mail order experi- 
ences. $1-— Ups and downs of the mail 
order business. $1. Mail Order. 

Bishop, W: G. Short course in business 
traininK- SS c, Univ. Pub. 

Collins, J. H, Human naiuie in selling 

B u s I N Es s. — Con liitH ed. 
Kallmeyer, C; Pract. legal and business 

manual. ?5 c. C: Killmeftr, 

Lemien, P. W. How to double the day's 

work. $2. Syslem. 

Marden, O. S. Not the salary biit llie op- 

portunily. '"lO c. net. CrowelL 

Morals in modern business. ^1.2> net 

Vale Univ. 
New business code. $7.5& Business Code 
Parson, C. C. Business admittistration. $3. 

Parsons. T. Law of business. $4. 

Quinn, F. O. How to be a good salesman. 

50 c. Harper-.'\danis, 

Slepanek. W, H. Business methods in a 

hardware store. $1,50. W. H. Stepatidi 
SloU. A„ jr., comp. Oever business 

sketches, ?I. Business Man's Pub. 

Sullivan, J ; J. American business la*. 

$1.50. Applelon. 

Woods, C. E. Industrial organization, sys- 

lematiialion and accounting. 3 v. %i^. 

Sif altB Advertiainn; — Banks ind btnldni; - 
Doolclccipina; — Codes : — Comniertr ;— Coibitib. 
eiil eorrespciictiKc; — ConunercUl Ijw: — Cor. 
g:.f«tiotn: — Education; — Engliih 'jnMgf:— 

Nationul Biuintn ' LeaEue of ' 

Pri«a; — Stocln; — Suhxh:— 7 

(tHdBi'rioI):— Window dressing;- 
BusinesB administration ; Hon, Bobt. M, La 1 
FoUelle, supervising editor ; Wm. M. 
Handy and C : Higgins. managing edi- 
tors; University extension course, La Salle 
University, Chicago, 12 v, 'oo(Api) til 
map. 4°, per set. $72. Du Mont & H. 

Business barometers, Babson, R : W, Sj; Ij 


, W, 1 

5r.' Commerd*! eoiretpondeoce. 

Busineas correspondence in shorthand, no, 7; 
being a portion of the letters contained in 
"Pitman's 20th century dictation book and 
legal forms" ; with printed key, and IN 
matter for speed practice in either short- 




Bntler, C: H:, rep. 

See United States. Sup, ct. Repts. 
Bvtler, E: 
Carburettors, vaporizers, and distributing 
valves used in internal combusion en- 
gines. '09(09) il. 8*, ^$2 net. Lippincott. 
Butler, Lady Eliz. 
From sketch-book and diary. *09(D25) il. 
O. (Color books ser., Miscellaneous.) 
^.50 net. Macmillan. 

Butler, Eliz. Beardaley. 
Women and the trades; Pittsburgh, 1907- 
1908. '09(D25) c. il. O. (Russell Sage 
foundation pubs. : Pittsburgh Survey find- 
ings.) *$i.50 net. Charities Pub. 
Butler, Ellis Paricer. 
Mike Flannery on duty and oflF. '09(Jei2) 
c. il. D. so c. Doubleday, P. 
Thin Santa Qaus; the chicken yard that 
was a (Thristmas stocking. '09(0 16) c il. 
D. (Little comic masterpieces.) tso c. 

Doubleday, P. 
Butler, G: Fk., MJ>., Favill, H: Baird, MJ)., 
and Bridge, Norman, MJ>. 
Materia medica and therapeutics; preven- 
tive medicine; climatology. '08, [1909.] 
(F) c. 360 p. il. 12", (Practical medicine 
ser. of year books.) $i.5a Year Bk. 

Butler, Glentworth Reeve, MJ>. 

Diagnostics of internal medicine. 3d rev. 
cd. '09 (N) c. 34+1193 p. col. il. 8**, $6. 

Butler, Harold Edgeworth. 
Post-Augustan poetry from Seneca to Ju- 
venal. *09(Ap3) O. $2.90. Oxford Univ. 

Butler, H: Montagu, D.D. 

Ten great and good men ; lectures. '09 
(N13) D. $2. Longmans. 

Butler, General M. C. 
Brooks, W. R. Butler .nnd his cavalry in 
the War of Secession. $2.50. State Co. 

Butler, Tait. 

See Stevens, Fk. Lincoln. 

Butler's story. Train, A. C. t$i.25. 

Butlin, F. M. 

Among the Danes. '09(023) col. il. 8*, 
♦$2.50 net. Pott. 


Michels, J: Creamery butter-making. 
$1.50. J: Michels. 

Rogers, L. A. Paraffining butter tubs. 
5 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Rogers, L. A., and Gray, C. E, Influence 
of acidity of cream on the flavor of but- 
ter. 10 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Se, also Milk. 


Thomas, E: Some British butterflies and 

insects, ♦to net. Doran. 

See also Moths. 

Butt*, W: H: 
Elliptic cylinder function of class K, syn- 
thetic treatment and computation of 
tables. '08, [1909.] (D) 29 p. il. f', 50 c. 

Lord Balto. Pr. 
Burton, C: Koden. 
Turkey in revolution. '09(Myi5) il. map, 
O. ^.50 net Scribner. 

Bnzton, Btliel M. Wilmot-. 
See Wilmot-Buxton, Ethel M. 

Buztoni Rev. Harry J: Wilmot. 

Notes of sermons for the year. pt. i. '09 

(O16) I2^ *$i net. Whittaker. 

Old road; thirty plain sermons. '09(0i6) 

12*, *$2 net Whittaker. 

Buzzard, E. Farquhar. 

See Yeo, I. Burney. 

By force of circumstances. Holmes, G. 

$1.50. Qode. 

By grandsire's well. Letts, Mrs, A. M. B. 

$1. Kellogg-B. 

By reef and trail. Ames, P., jr. $1.50. 

Brown & P. 
By right of conquest. Homblow, A. t$i-50. 

G: W. Dillingham. 
By the Great Wall. Williams, Mrs, I. B. R. 

♦$1.50 net. Revell. 

By the grey sea. Spring, H. $1. Herder. 

By the shores of Arcady. Eaton, L G. $1.25. 

By the waters of Egypt. Lorimer, N. *$4 

net Pott. 

Byng, L. Cranmer. 

See Cranmer-Byng, L. 

Byrne (/;) & Co.'s quiz books. S. pap., 50c. 

— Tyler, comp. Questions and answers on 
contracts. — Questions and answers on real 
Byrne, Lee, ed. 
Syntax of high school Latin ; statistics and 
selected examples arranged under gram- 
matical headings and in order of occur- 
rence by fifty collaborators. *09(Sti) c. 
O. *7S c. net Univ. of Chic. 

B3rrne, Mary Agnes. 

Peggy-Alone. '09(Jl3) c. 8% $1.25. 

Byrnes, Esther Fussell. 
Fresh water Cyclops of Long Island. *09 
(Jei2) O. (Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and 
Sciences; Cold Spring Harbor mono- 
graphs.) bds., 90 c. ; pap., 80 c. 

Brooklyn Inst. 
B3rmes, Ja. C, Richman, Julia, and Roberts, 
J: S. 
Pupils' arithmetic; primary book. '09 
CMyi) 12**, ^45 c. net. In 2 pts. pt. i. 
(O23) c. figs. D. **26 c. net; pt. 2 (Dti) 
D. *30 c. net. Macmillan. 

B3rmes, W. 
See New York [State.] Civil procedure 
Byrom, T. H., and Christopher, J. £. 

Modem cooking practice, incl. the analy.sis 
of materials and products. '09(D) c. 
156 p. il. 8^, ♦$3.50 net. Henley. 

Byron, G : Gordon Noel, Lord. 
Childe Harold, canto the fourth ; The pris- 
oner of Chillon and Mazeppa; ed., with 
introd. and notes, by C: Swain Thomas. 
'ogCDiS) c. 12*, (Riverside literature 
ser.) 25 c. Houghton M. 

Byron, George Gordon Noel, Lord. 
Edgcumbe, R : Byron, the last phase. *$3 
net. Scribner. 

Byron, May. 

Cat's cradle. '09 (Ag) 48 p. il. in col. 4', 
60 c. Dodge. 

Little Robin Hood. '09(D) il. ♦so c. net. 



Bywater, Ingtam. 
Erastnian pronunciation of Greek and its 
precursors ; Jerome Aleander, Aldus 
Manutius, Antonio y Lebrixa; a lecture. 
'og(Mr6) pap., 35 c. Oxford Univ. 

Caballero, Femao, pseud. 
See Arrom de Ayala CeHIia Francisca Jo- 
sefa B6hl von Faber. 
Gregory, J. J. H. Cabbages and cauli- 
flowers; how (o grow them. 30 c. 

J. J. H. Gregory. 
Cabell, Ja. Brancb. 

Chivalry. '09(N6) c- il. in col. O. ♦•$2 net. 

boxed. Harper. 

Cords of vanity. 'o9(Mr27) c. front 12*, 

t$t.So. Doubleday, P. 

Ste Furniture. 

Cable, G: Wasbington. 

"Poison Jone" and Pere Raphael; with a 
new word setting forth how and why the 
two tales are one. 'og(N6) c. il D. 
t$i.50. Scribner. 

Cable, Lucy Leffin^ell, ["Lucy Dunton."] 
School children the world over. '(x)(Sii) 
c. Q. $1,50. Stokes. 

Set Electric wires;— Telegnpbji—TelepbaDe. 

Cabot, Pollen. 

Clinical diagnosis and treatment of dis- 
orders of the bladder with technique of 
cystoscopy. 'og{Mr) 225 p. il. 12°, '$2 
net. Treat. 

Cabot, Oliver C. 

Man without a shadow. 'og(Ap24> c. il. D, 
+$i =0 Appletoo. 

Cabot, R: Clftrke, H.D. 

Physical diagno.sis. 4th rev, cd. 'o9(Ag> 

6ot p. il. figs. sq. 12', *$3 net. Wood. 

Social service and the art of healing. '09 

{O16) c. D. ••$! net. Moffat. 

— ,ed. Diseases of metabolism and of the 

blood, animal parasites, toxicology; auihor- 

"Die deutsche klinik" under 


Caeaar Caiua Jnllas. — Continued. 
Gallic War; bka. i-vii; ed. by Archibald 
Livingston Hodges. 'og(Oi6) iL mapi^D. 

(Macmillan's Latin ser.) •^1.25 net. 

Caf^ cackle, "aivette, the Man in Black," 
pseud. 50 c Laird. 

CafflD, C: H: 

Story of Dutch painting. '09(04) c. il. 0. 
•*$i.20 net. Century Co. 

Cage family. 

Sit Sumner Co., Tenn. 

Car ABA, Ala. 
Fry, Mrs. A. M. G. Memories of old 
Cahaba. $t. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., Sa 
CabD, Jolios. 
Official theatrical guide; cont. authentic in- 
formation of the theatre and attractions 
in the U. S., Canada, Mexico and Cuba. 
■o9(N) 838 p. il. 8°, %t. J. Cahn. 

Cain, G«orgea. 
Walks in Paris; tr. by Alfr. Allinson. 'oj 
(My8) il. plans, D. $2. Macmillan. 

Cain, Captain W. S. 

Autobiography ; biographical sketches of 
relatives; reminiscences of i86i-'6s; also 
some opinions and reflections concerning 
public duty. '08, {ipix).] (F) 126 p. 12*. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Crane. 

Cain, W: 
Theory of solid atid braced elastic arches. 
2d ed., rev. and enl. 'og(Ap24) c. il. 24*, 
(Van Nostrand's science ser.) 50 c. 

Van Nostrand. 
Caine, T: H: HalL 

My story. 'o9(F27) c. il. pots, facsims., 0. 

♦*$2 net AppIetoD- 

Wliite prophet: a novel. 'og(S4) c. ii. D. 

t$i.5o Appleton. 

Cain's wife. Oliver, F. E Jr.'ja 

F. E. Oliver. 
Caird, E: 

Essays on literature. 'og{03o) O. $I.7S- 

Cairns, W: B. 




De Morgan, A: Elem. illustrations of the 
differential and integral calculus, ''^i 
net Open Court 

Lester, O. C. Integrals of mechanics. 80 c. 


Osgood, W: F: Differential and integral 

calculus. *$2 net Macmillan. 

Caldenm de la Barca, Pedro. 
La vida es svefio; comedia famosa de D. 
Pedro Calderon de la Barca, 1639; ^. by 
Milton A. Buchanan, v. i. '09(02) Q. 
(Add. University for price.) 

Univ. of Toronto. 

Calderwood, W. L. 

Salmon rivers and lochs of Scotland. '09 
(D4) il maps, O. *^ net Longmans. 

Caldwell, Howard Wa., and Clark, Edm. Per- 

Source hist, of the United States, from dis- 
covery (1492) to end of reconstruction 
(18^), for use in high schools, normal 
schools, and colleges. '09(N) c. 16+ 
484 p. 12*, '*$i.25 net Ains worth. 

Caldwen, W: 
Idea of creation; its origin and its value. 
'09(0) 42 p. 8', so c. W: Caldwell. 

Caleb Cobweb's comparisons. Wells, A. R. 
50 c McNair. 

Calendar of the papers of Benjamin Frank- 
lin. See American Philosophical Society. — 
Pennsylvania University Library. 

Olendars and year-books. 
Chesney, E., comp. Life and the great for- 
ever. *$i.50 net. Lane. 
Kilbum, H. M., comp. and ed. Calendar of 

the fellowship, 1910. ♦75 c. net. 

Bacon & B. 
Lander, M. J., comp. Friendship through 

the year. $1 ; $1.50. Dodge. 

Porter, Mrs. D. L., comp. Year of ideals 

for every-day living. *75 c. net. 

Pilgrim Press. 
Sheldon, C: M. A Charles M. Sheldon 

year book. $1. Crane. 

Stevenson, R. L. Stevenson calendar. 

60 c. ; $1. Crowell. 

Thoreau, H : D : Thoreau calendar. 60 c. ; 

$1. Crowell. 

Wordsworth, W: Wordsworth calendar. 

60 c. ; $1. Crowell. 

Seg also Almanmcs and amnumls;— Birthday books; 
—also nnder apedal subjectt. 

Calhoun, Frances Boyd. 

Miss Minerva and William Green Hill. '09 
(Mri3) c. il. D. $1. Reilly & B. 

Calhoun Strout: psychic. Holland, J. P. 
SO c. J. P. Holland. 

California. Alaska-Yukon Exposition Com- 
mission. California: its products, re- 
sources, industries and attractions; what 
it offers the immigrant, homeseeker, in- 
vestor and tourist ; ed. by T. G. Daniells. 
'09(0) 174 p. il. 8*. (Add. pubs for 
price.) W. W. Shannon. 

California. Code of civil procedure, adopted 
Mar. Ti, 1Q72; with amendments, [etc.;] ed. 
by Ja. H. Decring, Legislative history by C : 
H. Fairall. 'o9(J1) c. 7+1169 p. S. shp., $5. 


California. Codes as amended 1909. Pocket 
ed. ; annot. by Ja. M. Kerr. In 4 v. v. 4, 
Penal code. '09 (N) c. 86-f 1335 p. S. leath., 
^. Bender-M. 

California. Codes of 1909. In 4 v. Pocket 
ed. ; annot. by Ja. M. Kerr. v. i, Political 
code. '09(D) c. S. leath., $6. Bender-M. 

California. District cts, of appeals. Repts.; 
(C. P. Pomeroy and H. L. (jear.) v. 7. 
'09(Ap) $2.30; V. 8 (Ag) $3; V. 9 (N) c. 
O. shp., *$3 net. Bancroft-W. 

California. General street laws, text of stat- 
ute law, with synopsis of decided law and 
invaluable foot notes and forms (up-to- 
date) by Sidney Dell. '09(J1) c. 174 P- O. 
pap., $2. S. Dell. 

California. Penal code of stale, with amend- 
ments to 1909 ; ed. by Ja. H. Dearing ; legis- 
lative history by C: H. Fairall. 'o9(N) c. 
20+1204 p. S. shp., $5. Bancroft-W. 

California. State Library, Sacramento. In- 
formation comp. for the use of members 
of the legislature under the supervision 
of Ja. L. Gillis, state librarian. '09(D) 
30 p. i6*, gratis. Cal. State Lib. 

California. Statutes and amendments to the 
codes passed at the extra session of the 
37th legislature, 1907. 'o9(S) 1391 p. 8*, 
shp., $4.75. Bancroft-W. 

California. Supreme ct. Repts.; (C P. Pom- 
eroy.) V. 153. '08, [1909.] (F) ; V. 154 (O) 
c. O. shp., ea., $3. Bancroft-W. 

Arnold, R., and Anderson, R. Preliminary 
report on the Coalinga oil district, Fresno 
and Kings counties, California. 20 c. 

U. S., Supt, of Docs. 
Aubury, L. E. Copper resources of Cali- 
fornia. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Cal. State Mining. 
Automobile Qub of Southern California. 
Tour book. $1.50; $2.50. 

Automobile Gub So. Cal. 
Burton, G : W. Book on California. $2.50. 

G: W. Burton. 

Coats, M. C. (^lifomia jroducts and how 

to grow them. 50 c. M. C. Coats. 

Derleth, C: Destructive extent of the Cal- 

fornia earthquake. *$i.25 net. 

A. M. Robertson. 
Diller, J. S. Geology of the Taylorsville 
region, California. (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Forbes, H. R. P. S. Missions tales in the 
days of the dons; [stories of California.] 
$1.50- McGurg. 
Gardner, N. L. New chlorophyceae from 
California. 10 c. Univ. of Cal. 
Grinnell, J. Bibliog. of California ornithol- 
ogy. $1.50. W. L. Chambers. 
Grinnell, J. Three new song sparrows 
from California. 5 c. Univ. of Cal. 
Hasse, A. R. Index of economic material 
in documents of the states of the U. S. : 
California, 1849-1904* $2.25. Carnegie. 
Hess, F. L. Magnesite deposits of Cali- 
fornia. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Hichborn, F. Story of the session of the 
California legislature of 1909. $1.25. 




C A L IFOR N lA. — Con tintied. 

Jepson, W. L. Flora of California, in about 
15 pts. pt. I, 90 c. ; pi. a, 80 c. 

Cunningham. C. & W. 

Jones. T; W., cntnf>. Scenic treasures of 
California. 50 c. F. Harvey. 

McClfndon, J. F. Ophitirans of the San 
Diego region. 30 c. Univ. of Cal. 

McLaren, J : Gardening in California. 
•$375 net. A. M. Robertson. 

Mendenhall, W. C. Ground waters and ir- 
rigation enterprises in the foot-hill belt, 
southern California. 50 c. — Ground wa- 
ters of the Indo region, Cal. ; with sVeicli 
of the Colorado desert. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

V. S-. Supt. of Docs. 

Mrndenball. W, C. Some desert watering 
places in southeastern California and 
soulhwesiern Nevada. (Add, Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Mission record of the California Indians, 
(Add. University for price.) 

Univ. of Cal. 

Pack. R. W. Notes on echinaids from the 
tertiary of California, to c. 

Univ. of Cal. 

Rodman, W. Hist, of the bench and bar 
of southern California. $l?.SO. 

W. J. Porter. 

Torrey. H, B, Leplomedusae of the San 
Diego region, 20 c. Univ. of Cal. 

Weaver, C: E. New echmoids from the 
Tertiary of California. 5 c— Stratigraphy 
and (jalwjntolQgy of the San Pablo for- 
mation in middle California. 25 c. 

Univ. of Cal. 

Wickson, E: J. California fruits and how 
lo grow them. $3. Pacific Rural. 

Sit alio Frait;— Mouni WilMo;— S»n Anloiilo 
CioTon: — Sui Bero»dioo mounUins; — Sin 
Kranclsco;— S«n Joiqujn V.ll»ri— SanW B«r- 
b»™;— TriiJty County;— Yok mile Valley;— alio 
Porlola. Gari>are dc. 
California and other sonnets. Palmer, F. P. 
•$1.50 net. P. Elder. 

California Association for the Study and Pre- 
vention of Tuberculosis. Warfare against 

Call. W: Timothy. 

Vocabulary of checkers. 'og(D25) c. figs. 

D. $2. C. M. Pottcrdon. 

Call of the country church. Hoyt, A. S. 5 t; 

per 100, $4. Y. M, C A. 

Call of the heart. Way, L. N. +$1.50. 

G: W. Dillingiam. 
Callaban, Ja. Horton. 

Evolution of Seward's Mexican policy. '09 
(Jes) O. (W. Va. Univ. studies in Amer- 
ican History; ser. I, Diplomatic history.) 
pap., ?s c. Univ. of W. V». 

Callaban, Ja. Yancy. 

Burning issue, and what co-operation will 
do: [co-operative ^riculture.] '<A 
[1909.] (F) c. 59 p. 12°, pap., 25 c. 

Pub. Pr. 
Callahan, Maud Fulchei. 

Evolution of the constitution of West Vir- 
ginia. ■o9{S4) c. 0. (West Va. Univ. 
studie.' in West Va. hist.; Conslitutiotiil 
hisl.) pap., 50 c. Univ. ot W. Vi. 

Callaway, Morgan, jr. 
Incidental teaching of English. '00(D) 
13 p. 8°, (Univ. of Texas, bull.) pap., 
15 c. Univ. of Tex 

Calleuder, Geoffrey Arth. Romaine. 

Sea kings of Britain; [v. 2,] Albemarle to 
Hawke. ■oQ(Jes) maps, plans. D. $1. 

Cal lender, Gtty Stevens, 

Selections from the economic hist, of Iht 
United States. 1765-1860; with imrod. es- 
says. 'og(Ni3) c. O. $2.75. Gtnn. 
Calling of Dan Matthexvs. Wright. H B. 
$1,50. Book Supply 
Calmerton, Gail. 
English; language; literature; ethics; ref- 
erence. '09(D) 11-96 p. 8°. (Not for 
sale.) Fort Wayne Sch. Bd 
Geography— history. 'oq(D) 158 p. 8°. 
fNot tor sale.) Fort Wayne Sch. Bd. 
Primary arithmetic. '09(D) 5-30 p. 8'. 
(Nol for sale.) Fort Wayne Sch. Bd. 
Programs: public library; kindergarten; 
occupations ; reference list ; teachers' 
books, '09(D) 76 p. 8°. (Nol for salt) 




dhrin and the Reformation: a symposium. 
'09(Jl3i) 8', ♦$1.25 net Revell. 

CahiB memorial addresses; del. before the 
Genera] Assembly of the Presbyterian 
Church in the United States, at Savannah, 
Ga., May, 1909. '09 (N6) c. il. pors. O. 
$1.50. Prcsb. Pub. 

Balch, T: Calvinism and American inde- 
pendence. $1. Allen, L. & S. 
Strong, J. S. Essential Calvinism. *75 c. 
net Pilgrim Press. 
Sit also Congregational church; — Presbyterian 
CihreU, W:, HJ). 
Text-book of medical treatment, (alphabet- 
ically arranged.) '10, [1909.] (D) 4+ 
630 p. O. *$4-50 net. Longmans. 
Camac, C: Nicoll Bancker, comp. 
Epoch-making contributions to medicine, 
surgery and the allied sciences. 'o9(Mr) 
435 P- por. 8*, ^$4 net. Saunders. 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Daughters of the American Revolution, 
Mass. Hannah Winthrop Chapter, 
Cambridge. Historic guide to Cambridge. 

D. A. R., Hannah Winthrop Chapter. 

Set also Radcliffe College; — ^Harvard University 
Law SchooL 

^cmbridge bioUgical ser.; ed. by Arth. Ever- 
ett Shipley, il. 8**. Putnam. 

-Ward. Trees, v. 4-5. ea., ♦$1.50 net. 

ambridge devotional ser. 32®, 45 c. ; 60 c. ; 
leath-, 75 c. Putnam. 

-Smith. Sermons. 

ambridge English classics. D. *$i.50 net. 


-Beaumont and Fletcher. Works, v. 6. 

-Bible. Authorized version, 161 1. 5 v. 

-Fletcher. Poetical works. 

ambridge English literature for schools. 
16*. ^40 c. net. Putnam. 

-Gobbet t. Rural rides.* 

-Defoe. Memoirs of a cavalier. 

-Hazlitt. Characters of Shakespeare's plays. 

-Scott. Tales of a grandfather. 

-Smith. True travels. 

ambridge geological ser. il. 12*. Putnam. 

-Harker. Petrology. *$2 net. 

ambridge historical ser.; ed. by G: W. 
Prothero. i6* and 8*. Putnam. 

-Sands. Gient princes of the Roman Em- 
pire under the Republic. *$i.50 net. 

-Vernon. Italy from 1494 to 1790. ♦$i75 

ambridge modern history. See Acton, J : 
Emerich E : Dalbcrg-.\cton, Lord. 

ambridge natural history. See Harmer, 
Sidney F: 

ambridge patristic texts. 12**. Putnam. 

Novitian. De Trinitate liber. ♦$2 net. 

imbridge tracts in tnathemaiics and mathe- 
matical physics, 8**. Putnam. 
Bocher. Introduction to the study of inte- 
gral equations. *75 c, net. 
\MDEN, N. J. 

Cooper, H. M. Historical sketch of Cam- 
den, N. J. $T. H. B. Ketler. 

Seg Cheese. 


See Photography. 

Cameralists (The). Small, A. W. *$3 net 

Univ. of Chic 
Cameron, Agnes Deans. 
New north ; being some account of a wom- 
an's journey through Canada to the Arc- 
tic. '09 (D4) c. il. O. **$3 net. Appleton. 
Cameron, Catherine. 
Stories of the ballads. '09(Fi3) 24**, (Told 
to the children ser.) 50 c, Dutton. 

Cameron, Marg., [Mrs. Harrison C. Lewis.] 
Involuntary chaperon. '09(023) c. il. D. 
t$i.50. Harper. 

Camoens, Luis de. 
Os Ivsiadas de Ivys de Camoes ; co todas as 
licegas neces.sarias em Lisboa [facsim.] 
'03 [1909.] (N) 141 p. 8% $6 (200 copies). 

Hispanic Soc. 

Camp, Edg. Whittlesey, and Crowe, J : F., eds. 

Encyclopaedia of evidence, v. 13. '09 (Jl) 

c. O. shp., $6. L. D. Powell. 

Camp, Wa. Chauncey. 

Condensed bridge for the busy man. '09 

(D4) c. 12*, 35 c. Collier. 

Jack Hall at Yale: football story. '09 

(O9) c. col, il. D. t$i.50. Appleton. 

— , ed. Spalding's how to play foot ball. New 

ed., rev. for 1909. '09 ( (3) c. 104 p. il. 

per. 16°, (Spalding's athletic lib.) pap., 10 c. 

. Am. Sports. 

Spaldincr's official football guide for 1909. 

'09(Ap28) il. S. pap., 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Camp and trail. White, S. E: *$i.25 net. 

Doubleday, P. 

Campan, Madame Jeanne Louise Henriette 


Memoires, 1785-1792; ed. by H. C Bradby. 

'09(Mr6) por. S. (Oxford higher French 

ser.) 85 c. Oxford Univ. 

Campbell, A. M., and Mord, W. 

Fairy flights in Cloudland. '09(S) col. il. 

Q. (Fairy flights ser.) bds., $1. Stokes. 

Fairy flights to Moonland. '09 (S) col. il. 

Q. (Fairy flights ser.) bds., 35 c. Stokes. 

Fairy flights to the Zodiac Zoo. 'o9(S) 

coi. il. Q. (Fairy flights ser.) bds., 35 c. 

Campbell, Alexander. 
Egbert, J. Alexander Campbell and Chris- 
tian liberty. $1.50. Chr. Pub. Co. 
McLean, A. Alexander Campbell as a 

preacher. ^30 c. net. Revell. 

5"^* also Disciples of Christ. 

Campbell, F. W. Groves. 

Apollonius of Tyana: study of his life and 
times ; with an introd. by Ernest Old- 
meadow. 'o9(My22) 8*, ♦li net. 

M. Kennerley. 
Campbell, Gabriella Vere. 

Sec Bowen, Marjory, pseud. 
Campbell, Harry Clay. 
Leucocytes in milk : methods of determina- 
tion and the effect of heat upon their 
number, by H. C Campbell, (in co-oper- 
ation with the Pennsylvania State Live- 
stock Sanitary Board.) '09(D) 19 p. 
tabs., 8°, (U. S., Dept. of Agriculture, 
Bureau of Animal Industry, bull.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Campbell, Helen M. 
Life of Abraham Lincoln. '09 (Mr) 64 p. 
12*, *25 c. net. Educ. Pub. 

Campbell, H: JolmstODe. 

Sec Herlwig, Oscar. 
Campbell, Leon. 

Comparison stars for 252 variables of long 
period prepared for publicaiion under the 
direction of E: C. Pickering. 'oS, [igog.J 
<Je) 211-288 p. tabs., 4°, (Astronomical 
Ob-icrvaiory of Harvaid College arnais.) 
(Add. University for price.) 

Harvard Univ. 
Campbell, Luther Eog. 

Age of gold: being a collection of north- 
land tales, song, sketch and narrative, 
miner- legend and camp-fire refleelions, 
all gleaned at first hand and done in 
doubtful metre by an eager listener. '09 
(O) S+iis p, 12°. *$i.2S net. 

Whitaker & R, 
Campbell, Reaii. 

New rev. complete guide and descriptive 
book of Mexico. 'ogCMr) c. '08. 6+ 
352 p. il. fold, map, 12°, $1.50. 

Rogers & S. 
Campbell, Sob. Argyll. 

Mortgage laxation. '09(Mr6) D. (Com- 
parative Jegi.'lalion bull.) pap., 25 c. 

Wisconsin Free Lib. 
Campbell, W. B., comp. 

Hdbk. of modern treatment and medical 
formulary'; condensed and comprehen- 
sive manual of practical formula and 
general remedial measures, '08, [igog.] 
(Mr) c. 11+483 p. 8", •$2-50 net, Davis. 
Campbell, W: S. 

S.-e McQuillin. Eug. 
Campbell, W: W. 

Life and character of Jacob Broom, 'og 
(My) 37 p. 8°, (Papers of the Historical 
Soc, of Del,) pap. 50 c. 

Delaware Hist, Soc. 
Campbell, W: Wilfred. 
Beautiful rebel; romance of Upper Canada. 
'09(Ni3) e. 12°, $1,50, Doran. 


Sit Disctplri of Chriil. 


American Iron and Steel Association. Cta- 
adian supp, to the Directory to the iron 
and steel works of the United State*. ' 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Am. Iron and Sled. 

Bealby, J: T. Canada. 75 c. Macmillan. | 

Cameron, A. D. New north. •■$3 net. 


Commercial convention bet. France and 
Canada. (.^dd. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Dionne, N. E., ed. Le parler populaire des 
Ciinadiens franjais, '$3.50 net. Stecherl. 

Gibb's travellers' route and reference book 
of the United States and Canada. $3. 

Gibbs Bras. & M. 

Griffin. G. G., camp. Writings on Ameri- I 
can history. [U. S. and Canada:] bib- 
liography igo7. '$2.50 net. Macmillan. 

Koch. F. J; Little journey to northern 
wilds. 50 c. Flanagan. 

Laut, A. C. Canada, "$1.75 net, Ginn. 

Laut, A. C. Conquest of the great North- 
west. $5. Moffat 

Lucas, Sir C: P. History of Canada, 1763- 
1812. $4.15. Oxford Univ. 

Michaels, H. S. Principal automobile 
routes of the United States and Canada, 
1910. $2. Henneberry. 

Wrong, G: M.. and Langton. H. H., eds. 
Review of historical publications relating 
to Canada, v. 12, 13. ea., $1 so: $1. 

Mo rang. 

Sit alto BHtiah Coluiubia;— Periodically— kodi. 
Mounl^ni;— W«r of iSu;— oiio Brock, S.r 

Canadian heroes set. il. D. McClurg. 

— Nurrey. Story of Isaac Brock, *$i.50 net- 
Canadian repts. ; appeal cases, appeals al- 
lowed or refused by the Judicial Commit- 
tee of the Privy Council on appeal from 
the Dominion of Canada; arr., innot and 
ed. by Wa. Edn. Lear. v. i. 1908. ■09(N) 
8°. iif. c(, $7.50; continued each year in 
parts, $6.50. A, Poole. 




mas presto querra ver: vaya ala tabla: y 
todas aquellas que ternan esta seial son 
las nueuamente anadidas [facsim.] '04 
[1909.] (N) 203 p. 8*, $55 (200 copies). 

Hispanic Soc 

Cancaoneio llamado danga de galanes, en el 

qual se contienen inumerables para cantar, 

y baylar, con sus respuestas y para despo- 

sorios y otros plazeres [facsim.] '03 

[1909.) (N) no paging 8**, $45© (aoo 

copies.) Hispanic Soc. 

Caadonen) llamdo Verge! de amores recopi- 

lado delos mas excelentes poetas Castella- 

nos assi antiguos como modemos: y con 

diligecio corregido [facsim.] '03 [1909.] 

(N) 2+36 p. 4*, %4 (200 copies). 

Hispanic Soc. 
Candle as a symbol and sacramental in the 
Catholic church. Theiler, H : 50 c. Pustet. 
Candler, Bp. Warren A. 
Dangerous donations and degrading doles ; 
or, a vast scheme for capturing and con- 
trolling the colleges and universities of 
the country. '09(Jl3) i6', pap., 10 c. 

Lester Bk. 
Candles in the wind. Diver, M. $1.50. Lane. 

Candole, H. L. C. V. de. 

Confirmation, authority, confession: three 
sermons preached in Holy Trinity Church, 
Cambridge. '09 (F6) D. ♦36 c. net. 

Candy, Albert Lnther. 

Elements of plane and solid analytic geom- 
etry ; with supplement. '09 (My) c. 12-f 
368 p. il. I2', -^$2 net. Heaih. 

Rigby. W. O. Reliable candy teacher. $2. 

W. O. Rigby. 
Cane, W. Ralph Hall. 
Isle of Man. '09(025) col. il. sq. 8°, (Color 
books ser.) ^$2 net. Macmillan. 

Canerio, Nicold de. 

Opus Nicolay de Caneiro Tanuensis 
[facsim.] '07 [1909.] (N) map, $20. 

Hispanic Soc. 
See also Stevenson, E: Luther. 

Canevin, Bp. J. F. Regis. 

Inquirer's guide: an easy way to learn 
what the Catholic church is, and what the 
Catholic church teaches. '08, [1909] 
(Mr) c. 80 p. i6*, 10 c. ; per 100, $5. 

Cath. Church Extension. 

Canfield, W. W., and CUrk, J. £. 

Tilings worth knowing about Oneida 

(Tounty, [New York.] *09(Apio) c. il. O. 

♦Ji net T: J. Griffiths. 

Canfield, W: Walker. 
Along the way. '09(Ag28) c. il. D. $1.50. 

Cann, 6: Turner. 

Requests to charge in civil and criminal 
cases; with citations of authorities and 
forms for instructions to petit juries, incl. 
the requisites of charges to the grand 
jury. '09(Fi3) c O. $6.25. Harrison Co. 

Cannan, Gilbert 

"Peter Homunculus": novel. '09 (N6) D. 

1$i.SO. Duffield. 

Canning, George. 

Bagot, J. F. George Canning and his 

friends. ^$9 net. Dutton. 


Seg Presemna. 

Cannon, W: Anatin. 
Studies in heredity as illustrated by the 
trichomes of species and by the tri- 
chomes of species and hybrids of juglans, 
Oenothera, papava, and solanum. *09 
(N13) il. Q. ((Carnegie Inst of Wash- 
ington pubs.) pap., 75 c. Carnegie. 

Stanford, C: V. Resurrection: short can- 
tata for Eastertide. 30 c. Ditson. 

Canterbury classics, i6'. Rand, McN. & Co. 
— Chaucer. Story of Chaucer^s Canterbury 

pilgrims. 40 c 
Canticles of Niagara. Deuther, C : G : $2.5a 

C: G: Deuther. 
Cantor lectures. See Guttmann, Oscar. 
Canvas door. Sanborn, Mrs, M. F. S. $1.50. 

B. W. Dodge. 
Cape Colony, Africa. 
Rogers, A. W., and Du Toit, A. L. Introd. 
to the geology of Cape Colony. *$3.50 
net. Longmans. 

Capecelatro, Cardinal Alplionsus. 
Christ, the church and man : essay on new 
methods in ecclesiastical studies and wor- 
ship; with some remarks on a new apol- 
ogia for (Christianity in relation to the 
social question. '09 (Jl) 78 p. 8**, *SS c. 
net Herder. 

Capital. See Marx, Karl. 

Capital >nd lamr. 

Daniels, P. Swollen fortunes and the prob- 
lem of the unemployed. 15 c. 

P. Daniels. 

George, W. L. Labor and capital at Port 
Sunlight : [account of an experiment in 
the conduct of a manufacturing enter- 
prise.] ♦$1.40 net. Scribner. 

Lincoln, J. T. City of the Dinner-pail. 
♦♦$1.25 net Houghton M. 

Ries, W. F. Monkeys and monkeyettcs: a 

reply to ex-President Roosevelt. 10 c. 

W. F. Ries. 
See also Intcnst; — Labor and laboring classes: — 
Money; — Monopolies; — Poor; — Railroads; — 
Trade-unions ; — Trusts ; — Wages. 

Capital punishment. 
Fogle, H. M. Palace of death ; or, the 
Ohio Penitentiary Annex. $1. Fogle. 

Capps-Oliver, Martha, comp. 
Round the year with the poets: compila- 
tion of nature poems. '09(09) c. il. D. 
$1.50; limp leath., $3. Caldwell. 

Captain Chub. Barbour, R. H: t$^-50. 

Century Co. 
Captain Jinks. White, F. H. $1. L. C. Page. 

Captain Pete of Cortesana. Wheeler, J. C. 

$1.50. Dutton. 

Captain Pete of Puget Sound. Wheeler, J. 

C. $1.50. Dutton. 

Captives of Israel. Mord, W. 35 c. Stokes. 

Capture and escape. Kellogg, J: A. $1. 

Wisconsin Hist. 
Remsen, I. Introd. to the study of com- 
pounds of carbon. $1.20. Heath. 
Carbon monoxide. 

See Gas and gat-fitting. 


See Engines. 


Carcassonne. Nadaud, G. (Priv, pr.J 

T : N. Fairbanks, 
Garden, Godfrey L. 

Machine-tool trade in Belgium ; transmit- 
ted to Congress in compliance with the 
act of March 4, igog, authorizing inves- 
tigations at trade conditions abroad, 'og 
(N) 93 p. i!. 8°. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt, of Docs. 

Cardigan and Lancaatre, Adeline Louiae 
Maris de HorMy, Countesa of. 
My recollections. '09(025) pors. O. *$350 

Cardillac. Barr, R. t$tSO- Stokes. 

Cardiphonia. Wilte. G ; R. 75 c. Bookstore. 

CardoH), B: ITstfaan. 

Jurisdiction of the court of claims of Ihe 

stale of New York, ad ed. '09(Ap) c 

16-I-331 p. D- $3- Bank! & Co. 

Hoyle, E. Games modernized. "75 c. net. 
Lowe, P. E., comp. Hoyle's card games. 
15 c. Ottenheimcr. 

Schmali, J: B. Nuggets from King Solo- 
mon's Mine. $2. Schmalz. 
Ser alia Bridge;— Skit i— Sol iuire. 
Care and feeding of children. Holt, L. E. 
75 c. Applelon. 
Caxe and repair of dynamos and motors. '09 
(AP24I c. il. 8°. (Machinery's reference 
scr.) pap., aj c. Indust, Press, 
Care ot books, Clark, J: W. •$2.50 net. 


Care of mother and child. Cheadle. C. M. 

$2; $i.50. C. M. Cheadle. 

Care of natural monuments. Conwentz, H. 

'$1 net. Putnam. 

Care of the child. Chance, Mrs. B. *$i net 

Penn Pub. Co. 


Carlotia's intended. Stuart, Mn. R. H. 

t5i.2S- . . Harper. ( 

Cailovingian coins. See Sue. Marie Joseph 

Eugene. I 

Carlyle, Mrs. Jane WeUli. | 

Ste Cariyle. T : 
Carlyle. T: I 

Cariyle; [selections;] ed. by A. W. Evans. I 
'o(»(N20) por. D. (Masters ot literature.) I 
•$1.10 net. Macmiilan. 

French Revolution. 3 v. '09(Ag28) il. 
pors. S. (Ideal classics.) leath.. ea., $1.25, 
boxed. Winston. 

Life of Frederick the Great; abdg. and 
ed. by Edg. Sanderson ; with an introd. , 
by Roger Ingpen. '05(02) pors. map. D. 
•$1,50 net. McQuTg, 

Life of John Sterling; with an introd, by 
W, Hale While. Pocket ed. 'o9(Mr<) 
S. (World's classics.) 35 e. 

Oxford Univ. 
Wisdom of Carlyle; selected and tnlrod. 
by E: Qark Marsh. '09(04) c. T. (Wis- 
dom ser.) leath., *■$! net, Brentano's. 
— , and Jane Welsh. | 

Love leilcrs ; ed. by Alev Carlyle '09 
(Myi) c. a v., il. O. •*$8 net. Lane. ' 

— ,and Macanlay, T: Babington, Lord. 1 

Robert Bums, by T ; Carlyle ; Samuel John- 
son, by Lord Macaulay ; ed., with introd. , 
and notes, by E; Everett Male. jr. '09 
(Ja,30) c pors. 12, (Standard literature 
ser,) 30 c ; pap., 20 c Newsoa 

Cablvle, Thomas. 

Conway. M. D. Thomas Carlyle. $1. 

Craig, R. S, Making ot Carlyle. "it net. 

Carlyle's first lowe. Archibald, R. C. " 
net. Lane. 

Carl3lc's laugh and other surprises. Higgin- 
son. T : W. **$a net. Houghton M. 

Cannel, J: Prosper. 

Nature's message, 'ogfAgaS) il. f°. $1. 

Carmen Ser Merimee, Prosper. 
Cartnichael, Amy Wilson-. 

i Hera Fund Commission. Carnegie 
Hero Fund Commission created by An- 
drew Came^e. 'og(S) 68 p. front. 8°, 
gratis. Carnegie H. F. Comm. 

Comegic Institution of Washington. Papers 

from the Tortugas Laboratory, v, I. '09 

(F13) $a; V. 2. 'o!)(Mri3) il. figs. Q. 

(Carnegie Inst, of Wash, pubs.) pap.. $3. 


Carnegw Institution of Washington. Year 
book, no. 7, igoS. 'og(Mr6) i]. plans, maps, 
Q. $1.25 ; pap., $1. Carnegie. 

Camegif Inititulion of IVashinglon pubs. i!. 
O and Q. pap. Carnegie. 

— Andrews and Davenport. Guide to the 
manuscript materials for the history of the 
United Slates to 1783, in the British Mu- 
seum, [etc.) $2. 

— Cannon. Studies in heredity. 75 c. 

— Castie, and others. Studies of inheritance 
in rabbits. 75 c. 

— Eigenmarn. Cave vertebrates of America. 

— Noguchi. Snake venoms. $10. 

— Spalding. Distribution and movements of 

desert plants. $2, 
— Van Deman. Atrium Vestx. (.Add. Insti- 

imion for price.) 
Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, Catalogue of 
books in the children's department. '09 
(Fa?) O. pap., *$I net. Carnegie Lib. 

Cnrnegit Mustum pubs, f. pap. 

Carnegie Museum. 
— Peterson. Revision of the Entelodontidx 

Carnegie Technical Schools text-books. 8°, 
Van ."Jostrand. 
— Leeds. Mechanical drawing for trade 

schools. *$3 net. 
Carney, W: Auten. 

Promoter's assistant and improved secre- 
lary's manual: compendium of forms, in- 
structions and legal information for pro- 
moters, secretaries of corporations and 
others, zd ed. 'opCAo) c. 9-|-s-3^ P 
8'. $3. Carlisle. 

Carolina: [state song.J Pool, B. F. w) c. 

B. F. Pool. 
Ancient English Christmas carols. 1400- 
170a "$3,35 net. Duffield, 

Canittj, G. 
History of art v. a. Early Christian and 
Nert-Oriental art; European art (north 
of the Alps) : tr, by Beryl de Zocte, 'oq 
(Myaa) 16°, •$1.50 net. Dullon, 

Carpenter, DeWitt 
Facts for farmers; to the farmer, by a 
farmer, for the former. 'oqCD) 20 p, 8°. 
10 c, D. Carpenter, 

Carpenter, Bdm. Janu. 
Roger Williams; study of the life, times 
and character of a political pioneer, '09 
{D4) C. por. D, (Grafton historical ser.) 
••$2 net. Grafton Press. 

Carpenter, G: Rica. 

Walt Whitman. '09(Aplo) c. D. (English 
men of letters ser.) "^s c "«, 

See also Baker, Franklin T: 


Carpenter, Helen McCowen. 

Born-iu floor work (Grapcwine-Poma In- 
dian) for lodge staffs, 'og(O) c, 65 p. H. 
12°, $1. H. M. Carpenter. 

Carpenter, Bolla Clinton. 
Heating and ventilating buildings: manual 
for heating engineers and architects, sth 
ed., rev, and cnl, '09(D) 16-I-S62 p. figs. 
8*, $4. Wiley. 

Carpenter, Thome M. 

See Benedict, Fs. Gano, 
Carpenter, W: Boyd, D.D. 

Popular historv of the Church of Eng-. 
land, 'og(ti) 16-I-SI8 p. il. 8°. •(1.50 
net. Dutton. 


Peker, C: G. Hints for carpenters.^Shorl 



Carpet s, 

Gaflin, H, B., Co, Rugs and carpets from 
the Orient, gratis, Qaflin. 

Carr, Clark Ezra. 

Stephens A. Douglas; his life, public ser- 
vices, speeches and patriotism, 'o9(Nao) 
c, il, pors. O. *$2 net. McClurg. 

Carr, Jos. W: Comyna. 
Some eminent Victorians : personal recol- 
lections in the world of art and letters. 
'og(Fi3) il, pors, facsim,, 0, •$3.50 net. 
Carr, Hanley Earl. 
Preliminary repl, on the Volusia soils, their 
problems and management. '09(D) 22 p. 
il, map, 8°, (U, S„ Dept, of Agriculture, - 
Bureau of Soils, bull.) pap. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S,, Supt. of Docs, 
Carr, Sadie. 

Goldetiiod: poems. '09(Je5) c, por, D. $1, 

Can. Mrx. Sarah Pratt. 

Billy To-morrow, 'o9(Si8) c il, D. $1,23. 
Carradine, Beverl?. 

Living ilhi'lralion'i. '08, [iQOQ.] (F) c. 
290 p. 12°. $1. Chr. Witness, 


Heale. J, H. Selection of cases on car- 
riers. $4. Harvard Law, 
Stephens. J, E. R, Law of carriage, $2. 

Srr alio Commerce; — Riilrtudi. 

Carrington, General H. Beebee. 

Indian questicn ; address before the geo- 
grapliical and bioloBical sections of the 
British Asscciation for the Advancement 
of Science, at their forty-fifth meeting, 
at Bri^ol, 1875, 'oc){Oi6) fold. maps. 8°, 
•6oe, net; pap,, • DeWolfeiP. 
Carrington, Hereward. 
Huinpia Palladino and her phenomena, '09 
(Dii) c. il. por, O. '$2 net, B, W, Dodge. 
Carrliiu, Miguel Bamos, Criado, Lnls Cocat y 
Heliodoro, and Bairanco, Hariano. 
Trcs comedias modcrnas el un acto y en 
prosa ; La mueia del judicio, por Miguel 
Ramos Carrion; Las solteronas, por Luis 
Cocat y Heliodoro Criado; Los panta- 
lone=. por Mariano Barranco; ed., with 
notes and vocab., by Frederic W : Morri- 
son, '09{Di8) c. S. 60 c. Holt- 


CamiU, £:, ]r^ comp. 

Law printing laws ; \avj= and rules of 

courts and judicial bodies of the U. S. 

and the state of N. Y. '09(D) c. O. pap.. 

$1. E: Carroll. 

C«xroll, J: D. 

Scf Kentucky statutes. 
Carrol], Lewis, pseud. 

See Dodgson, C: Lutwidge. 
CaiTUth. E. See Boys on the railroad. 
Caralaw, Horatio Scott. 

Plane trigonometry. '09(04) 13°, •$i.iO 

nel. Macmillan. 

Carson, Blanche Habnry. 

From Cairo to the Cataract. '09(Api7) c 

il. map, D. $2,50, boxed. L, C. Page. 

CaTBOQ, W: Eaglish. 

Mexico, the wonderland of the south. '09 
(N6) c. il. D. "$23S net. Macmillan. 
Carter, Ada, 

Seamless robe. 'og(N6) c. D. t$i.50, 

C«rter, B: Franklin. 

French word-lists. '09(Ja23) c, D. 25 c. 
Carter, Rev, C. Sydney. 

English Chnrch in the 17th century. '09 
<Ni3) D. (Anglican Church hdbks.) 
*40 c. net. Longmans. 

Carter, C: F: 
When railroads were new; with introd. 
note by Logan G. McFlierson. 'o5(Apio) 
c. il. O. ••$2 net. Holt. 

Carter, Hrs. Cotnelia Hitanda Redington. 
John Redingion of Topsfield, Mass., and 
some of his descendants, with notes on 
the Wales family; ed. by Josiah Gran- 
ville Leach. 'o9(Ap) c. 44-3-86 p. il. pors. 
8°. (Add, pub. for price.) 

J, G. Leach, 
Carter, Dean F, E. 
Preaching. '09(016) D. (Handbooks for 
the clergy.) "90 c. net. Longmans. 

Carter, Herbert Paring 

First exercises in Latin. '08, tigog.l (Mr) 

94 p. 12°, 60 c, B. S. Adams. 

Carter, W; Giles Hard iog. 

CaruB, Paul. I 

The pleroma; essay on the origin of Qirii- I 
tianity. '09(04) c. D. $1. Open Contt I 

of Christianity in China; with special refw- 
ence to the expedition of Fritz V. Holm, 
containing Mr, Holm's account of how iht 
replica was procured, the original Chinat 
text of the inscription, A. Wylie's Erglisb 
tr., and historical notes on the Neslonam; 
repr, from The Open Court of January, 
1909, with numerous additions. '09(Jl3l)c. 
il. O. pap., 40 c. Open Court. 

Carvthen, W: A. 

Knights of the horseshoe. 'o9(Apio) iL 
ia°, (Standard fiction) $1. F 

Carver, Sev. W: Owen. 

Mis.'iions in the plan of the ages. '09(Dl8) 
c. D. (Bible studies in missions.) *ti,I5 
net. Revell 

Carver, Mass, 

Stt Plymouth County, Hut. 
Caty, Austin. 

Manual for northern uoodsmen. 'og(Fl3) 
il. map, 0. '$2 net. Harvard Uni». 

Cary, C: I^eston, ed. 
List of books for free high school libriHci 
in ihe state of Wisconsin, with instruc- 
tions for cataloging. 'og(,Ap3) 0. pap,, 
gratis, C: P. Gary, 

Gary, Elisabeth Lntber. 

Artists past and present: random studies. 
'09(Ol6) c, il. pors. O. ••52.50 net, 

Cary, Otis, DJ). 

Hisl. of Christianity in Japan. In z v. v. i, 

Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox 

missions; v. 2, Protestant missions, 'oj 

(Sii) c, 8°, ea„ •$2,50 net. Rcvdl, 

CasanowiCE, Immanuel Hoses. 

Collection of rosaries in the United Statts 
National Museum. 'opfMyis) il. 0. pap 
(Add Superintendent for price.) 

U, S.. Supl- of Docs. 
Casas, Bartolomi de las, 

MacNntl. F. A: Bartholomew de Las Ci- 




5 cyclopedia of mechanics. Hasluck, 
, ed. 5 V. ea., *$2.50 net. Cassell. 
s house decoration. Hasluck, P. N., 
$3 net. Cassell. 

s household cookery. Heritage, L. 


I people's library. [Masterpieces of 

aphy, fiction, poetry, science, essays, 

100 V. '09(My22) ea., 35 c. ; leath., 

Herbert Newton. 

; Hall McCormick, his life and work. 
;Ni3) c. por. O. $1.50. McQurg. 

ae, AndrS. 

>ill-toppers. '09(818) c. il. D. t$i.SO. 



Bflrs. Agnes Sweetman and Egerton. 
onds cut paste. '09(023) c. D. t$i.50. 


Tastle, Mrs. Agnes Sweetman. 
W: Ernest, and others. 
es of inheritance in rabbits. 'o9(Agi4) 
tabs., O, (Carnegie Institution of 
shington pubs.) 75 c. Carnegie. 

)y the sea. Watson, H : B. t$i.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 
Df dreams. Syrett, N. $1.25. 

and chateaux of old Burgundy. Mil- 
F., pseud. $3. L. C. Page. 


enealogies, Martin, R. A. 

Miguel de. 

del soldado espafiol Miguel de Castro 
93-161 1 ) escrita por el mismo y pub- 
da por A. Paz y M§lia. '00 [1909.] 
) 5-9+232 p. 4*, (Bibliotheca his- 
ica.) $3. Hispanic Soc. 

, Lncien B. 

1 savings banks : paper entitled "Do 

want the postal savings bank?" '09 
y) 4 p. 8**, pap. (Add. Superintendent 

price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

iam, J: C. S. Skull and dentition of 
extinct cat closely allied to felix 
7X Leidy. 15 c. Univ. of Cal. 

I Racket. See Balzac, Honore de. 
ool. Marshall, F. *30 c. net. 

Educ. Pub. 
vfBS, Rome. 

-Hedges, F. E. Story of the cata- 
ibs. *$i net. Jennings. 

A, Fr. Magin. 

Ihardt, Z. Holy man of Santa Clara; 

life, virtues and miracles of Fr. 

gin Catala. 75 c. Barry. 

i librorum reprobatorum & praele- 
)ru ex indicio Academi^T Louaniensis 
m.] '96 [1909.1 (N) no paging 4**, 
coo copies). Hispanic Soc. 

ae of the American Play Co., with 
al casts. '09(F6) c. O. pap., 50 c. 

Am. Play. 


on, S: Some notes on catalog mak- 
$1. Trow Press. 

Catalogue librorum reprobatorum ex ivdicio 
Academix Lovaiensis cvm edicto Csesa- 
reae maiestatis ewlgatus [facsim.] '96 
[1909.] (N) no paging, $5 (100 copies). 

Hispanic Soc. 

Catchwords of worldly wisdom. Inglehart, 
M., comp. *7S c. net ; ♦$1.25 net ; *$i net. 


Catechism of haematology. Watkins, R. L. 
$2. R. L. Watkins. 

Catechism of harmony. Schwartz, G: F. 
50 c. White-S. 

Dalton, M. L. Church catechisms in anec- 
dote. ♦$! net. Whittaker. 
Urban, A. Sunday-school teacher's explan- 
ation of the Baltimore catechism. $1. 


See also Creeds. 

Gates, C: T., jr., rep. 
See Tennessee. Sup, ct, Repts. 

Cathalogus libroru qui prohibetur mandate 
Illustrissimi Reverend D. D. Ferdinandi 
de Valdes Hispalefi [facsim.] '96, [1909.] 
(N) 27 p. 4°, $5.50. (100 copies.) 

Hispanic Soc. 
Collins, W. W. Cathedral cities of Spain. 
**$3-50 net. Dodd. 

Perkins, C. C French cathedrals and cha- 
teaux. 2 V. *$5 net. Holt. 
Singleton, E., comp. and ed Famous ca- 
thedrals, as seen and described by great 

writers. ♦*$i.6o net. Dodd. 

See also Abbeys; — France; — also names of abbejrs. 

Cathedrals of England and Wales ; with short 
notes by Nugent M. Qougher. In 2 v. '09 
(Mri3) T. pap., ea., ♦25 c. net. Stokes. 

Catherine's child. De la Pasture, Mrs. E. B. 
♦*$i.20 net. Dutton. 

Catholic church. 
Battle, J. M. Why I am not a Roman 
Catholic. $1.50. J. M. Battle. 

Baudot, J. Roman breviary, its sources 
and history. *$i net. Herder. 

Bennett, W: H. Catholic footsteps in Old 
New York. $2.50. Schwartz, K. & F. 

Benziger's ecclesiastical diary and note- 
book, 1909. *75 c. net. Benziger. 

Bruner, J. W. Question of Romanism. 
$1.50. J W. Bruner. 

Burke, J. J. Reasonableness of Catholic 
ceremonies and practices. *25 c. net; 
♦13 c. net. Benziger. 

Burnett, P: H. Path which led a Protes- 
tant lawyer to the Catholic church. ♦$1.50 
net. Herder. 

Canevin, J. F. R. Inquirer's guide: easy 
way to learn what the Catholic church is. 
10 c. ; per 100, $5. 

Cath. (Thurch Extension. 

Champagnat, J. B. Qualities of a good 
superior. *$i.2S net. Herder. 

Conway, J. P. Question of the hour. ♦$1.25 
net. J: McBride. 

Cooney, P. J. Roman Catholicism and 
socialism. 10 c. P. J. Cooney. 

Curtis, G. P., ed. Some roads to Rome in 
America: conversions to the Catholic 
church. ♦$i.7S t\ct. 'Vl^t^tx. 


Cathouc church. — Continued. 
Fradryssa, G. V. Roman CatholiciEnt 

capitulating befort PFotestantism. $1.50. 
Southern Pub. (Ala.) 

Kirk, J : Biographieti of English Catholics 
in the i8th century. •$2.75 net. Benziger. 

Kirlin. J. L. J. Catholicity in Philadelphia 
from the earliest missionaries down to 
the present time. 53.50. McVey. 

Krehbiel, E: B. The interdict, its hist and 
its operation, with especial attention to 
the time of Pope Innocent m. Ji.SO. 

Am. Hist 

Leith, W: F. Memoirs of Scottish Cath- 
olics during the xviith and xvnith cen- 
turies. In 2 V. *$7 net. Longmans. 

Liquori, St. Alphonsus. On retreat, pap., 
*6 c. net. Herder. 

Lynch, I. S. M. Essentials of the I'^ive 
Scapulars. 25 e. Cathedral Lib. 

McCabe, J. Decay of the Church of Rome. 
*$2.So net. Dulton. 

Middlfion, T; C Catholic periodicals pub- 
lished in the United States, [1800-1892.] 
(Priv. pr.l T: C. Middieton 

Morton, F. T. Roman Catholic church 
and its relation to federal government. 
$2. Badger, 

Murphy, E: J. Latin pronounced for altar 
boys. *5o c. net. Chr. Press, 

Nainfa, J : A, F, P. Costume of prelates of 
the Catholic church. '^LSo net. 


Official Catholic directory and clergy list, 
1909. V. 24. Abridged ed. $i.7S: $2.50; 
complete ed., $^.50; $3. Wiltzius. 

Pace, E : A., and Shields, T : E : Religion ; 
first book. *40 c. net. Cath Educ. 

Roche, J. T: Die geschteftlicbe seite der 
religion, "ro c. net; per 100, $fiTO. 


Schiffini. S. De vera religionc seu de 
Christ! ecclesia ejusque miinere dnc- 
trirali. "Jars ncl. Herder. 

Theilcr, H : Candle as a symhcl and sacra- 
mental in the Catholic church— Holy 


Catholic home annual for 191a '09<D35) iL 

sq. O. pap., 25 c. BeniigcT. 

Catholic reading list Chica^ Public Li- 

braty. 35 c E Larkin 

Catholic who's who and year book, igog; ed. 

by Sir Fs. Cowley Bumand. '09(Ap3) D. 

*$i.50 net Beniign. 


St, Othdlk dmrch. 
Catholics and the American Revolutim 

Griffin. M. I. J. In 2 v. y. a. $3. 

M. 1. J. Griffia 
Catlln, G: 

Boy's Catlin ; my life amotig the Indians; 

ed., with a biographical sketch, by Marjr 

Gay Humphreys. 09(02) c. il. O. ••$1.50 

net Scribner. 

Cat's cradle. Byron, M. 60 c. Dodge. 

Cattail, Saiah Wan. 

See Kroeger, Alice Bertha. 

American Aberdeen- Angus Breeders' .\~so- 
ciation. Supremacy of Aherdeen-Aiignl 
cattle. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Am. Aberdeen-A 
American Jersey Cattle Club. Jersey series 
with their tested daughters. $2.— Regis- 
ter of merit of Jersey cattle, gratis. 

Am. Jersey. 

Holstein-Friesiaii Association of America. 

Outlines of the advanced registry syslem 

of the Holstein-Friesian Association of 

America. (Add. pubs, for price.) 


Shaw. T: Management and feeding of 

cattle. $2. Judd. 

Special rept. on diseases of cattle. Rev. 

ed,, igoS, 'OQ{My) 551 P- i'- 8°. pap. $1. 

U, S., Supt. of Docs. 

Str also Abattoii»:— Buttei;— Diury;—Dam«M 
snimals; — Milk; — Tatereultms; — Vtwrinatr 

Hunter, W. D: Practical demonstralion 
of a method for conlrolline the cattle tick. 
(Add, Superintendent for price.) 




^aTenashy Fs. A. 
Ethical end of Plato's theory of ideas: 
thesis. '09(Ni3) O. pap., 50 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
law, Ja. Lewis. 
Scottish painting, past and present, 1620- 
1908. '09(02) il. Q. *$8 net. Stokes. 
^wein, Madiaoii Jnliua. 
Giant and the star; little annals in rhyme. 
'09(02) c. D. ♦^i net Small. 

7axton thin paper classics, 16^, limp lamb- 
skin, *$i.25 net. Scribner. 
-Poc. Tales of the grotesque and arabesque. 
>lestina (The). Rojas, F. de. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) Hispanic Soc. 
'ell of self-knowledge. Gardner, E. G. ♦$2 
net. Duffield. 

See Violoncello. 


Hertwig, O., and Campbell, H: J. The 
cell : outlines of general anatomy and 
physiology. *$2.25 net. Macmillan. 

McFadyen, A. Cell as the unit of life, and 

other lectures. *$3 net. Blakiston. 

See also Biology; — Histology. 

Boynlon, C. W. Portland cement side- 
walk construction. (Add. pubs, for price.) 
Universal Portland Cement. 
Buehler, H : A. Lime and cement resources 
of Missouri. 25 c. Missouri Bu. (jeol. 
Eckel, E. C. Portland cement from a finan- 
cial standpoint. $2. Moody's Mag. 
Hanson, E: S. Cement pipe and tile. $1. 

Cement Era. 
Palliser, C: Modem cement sidewalk con- 
struction. 50 c. Indust. 
Portland cement industry in the United 
States; directory. (Add. pub. for price.) 
Assoc. Am. Portland Cement. 
Radford, W: A, Cement houses and how 
to build them. 50 c. 

Radford Architectural. 

Smith, J. A. Present and future of the 

cement block. 25 c. J. A. Smith. 

See alxo Concrete; — Pavements. 

!enci (The). See Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 

United States. Depi. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bu. of the Census. Century of 
population growth, from the first census 
of the U. S. to the twelfth, 1790-1900. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
United States. Dcpt. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bureau of Census. Publications, 
loth, nth, and T2th censuses and perma- 
nent bureau. '09 (My) 13 p. 8°, pap. 

$T.TO. U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 

See also Clitirches; — Statistics. 

lenavra generalis contra errores. quib re- 
centes haeretici sacram scripturam asnerse- 
runt. cdita a supremo senatu Inquisitionis 
aduersus hereticam prauitatem & apostasiam 
in Hispania, & aliis regnis, & dominiis, 
Cesareae Magestatis constituto. [facsim.] 
'96, [1909] (N) no paging, 4^ $5. (100 
copies.) Hispanic Soc. 


See Money. 
!entenary of Tennyson. Warren, T: H. 

35 c Oxford Univ. 

Centenary of the (Geological Society of Lon- 
don, celebrated Sept. 26 to Oct. 3, 1907; 
recorded by Prof. W. W. Watts. *09(Jl3) 
por. O. pap., *ys c. net. Longmans. 

Centerdale, R. I. 
Angell, F. C. Annals of Centerdale in the 
town of North Providence, Rhode Isl- 
and. $2.50. F. C. Angell. 

Central Africa. 

See Africa. 

Central America. 
Cook, O. F. Vegetation affected by agri- 
culture in Central America. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Corlett, W: T. American tropics. [West 
Indies, Central America, Venezuela.] 
$1.50. Burrows. 

Pittier de Fabrega, H. F. New or note- 
worthy plants of Colombia and Central 
America. CAdd. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See also Costa Rica; — Guatemala; — Honduras; — 
Nicaragua ; — Salvador. 
Central topics in geography. S. pap., 10 c 


— -McMurry. The Alps.— The Rhine. 

Century Bjble handbooks; ed. by Wa. F. 

Adeney. 8 v. '09(D) 24**, bds., ea., *40 c. 

net. Dor an. 

Contents: Andrews, H. T., Apocryphal books; 
Bennett, W. H., Old Testament history: Franke, 
R. S., Man, sin and salvation; Horton, Robert F., 
The early church; Mackintosh, Rob., Christian 
ethics; Martin, G. Currie, Books of the New Testa- 
ment; Peake, A. S., Religion of Israel; Selbie, W. B., 
Life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Century of empire. Maxwell, Sir H. E. 

In 3 V. V. I. ^$4 net. Longmans. 

Century of the child. Key, E. K. ♦♦$1.50 

net. Putnam. 

Century Shakespeare, il. 16*. Cassell. 

— Furnivall and Munro. Shakespeare. ^35 c. 

net; *65 c. net. 
Barber, E. A. Maiolica of Mexico. $2.10. 
Penn. Mus. and Sch. of Ind. Art. 
Barber. E. A. Pottery and porcelain of the 
United States. **$5 net. Putnam. 

Burton, W : and H. Hdbk. of marks on 
pottery and porcelain. "$2.25 net. 

Davison, R. C. Concrete pottery and par- 
den furniture. $1.50. Munn. 
Getz, J : Catalogite of the Macomb er col- 
lection of Chinese pottery. $1.25. 

Boston Museum. 
Hainbach, R. Pottery decorating. *$3 net. 

Van Nostrand. 
Hayden. A. Chats on old earthenware, f >. 


Masterpieces of handicraft; ed. by T. 

Leman Hare. 6 v. ea., *75 c. net. Dodd. 
Pier, G. C. Pottery of the Near East. 

♦♦$3.50 net. Putnam. 

Pottier, E. Douris and the painters of 

Greek vases. $2.50. Dutton. 

Rum Bellow, H: A. Factory glazes for 

ceramic engineers. ♦$io net. Spon. 

See also China painting; — Glass; — ^Wedgewood, J. 

Chamberlain, J. S. Feeding value of ce- 
reals. 10 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
See also Grain; — Wheat. 




Sir Brain. 

Ceres' runaway.' Meynell, A. C, T. *Si.25 

Ceteio, Satuinino Martin. 

Under the red and gold; being notes and 
recolleclions of the siege of Baler; tr. 
and ed, by F, L, Dodd?. ■ogCAgsi) c 
il. por, map, plan. 8°, $1.25, Hudson. 


I MbH 

Wbite. W: h. tji-so, 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. 

Don Quixote; Mottcux's translatior. 2 v. 
'o9(MrZ7) 16°, (Everyman's lib.) ea., 
*35 c. net ; leath., "70 c. net. Dulton. 
Don Quixote de la Maneha. Tercentenary 
issue. Critical ed. In 7 v, v, i, Fac- 
simile reproductions of first Madrid ed. 
of the 1st pt {1605) ; V. 2. Faciimile re- 
productions of the first ed. of the zd 
pt. (Madrid, 1615); V. 3, Facsimile re- 
production of 4th Madnd ed, (1605); 
V. 4, 5, 6, 7, Critical text of ist and 3d 
pts., prep, by M. Raymond Foulchc-Del- 
bosc ; with an introd. by Ja, Fitzmaurice 
Kelly. "07 [1909.] (N) 8°. First impres- 
sion, ea., Sao (100 copies); Second im- 
pression, ea., $10 (200 copies) ; Third 
impression, ea., $5 (500 copies). 

Hispanic Soc, 
Slories by Cervantes 'og(STiJ front. I2°, 
(World siory-ieller ser.) '40 c, net. 

Cebvante? Saavedra, Miguel dc. 

Havell, H, L., comp. Stories from Don 
Quixote; retold. $1.50. Dodge. 

C*6ar Birotteau. See Balzac, Honorc dc, 
Cesaresco, Conntess Evelyn Martinengo. 
Place of animals in human Itiou^ht. '09 
(Dii) il. O, "$3 ncl Scrihner, 

Chace, E: Mackay. 

Sec Powell, G; H. 
Chadman, C: Erehart. 

Concise Icgsl directory adapted lo the use 
of [aw siudents and all persons siudying 

Chafer. Lewis Sperry. | 

Satan. 'opfAgij) 75 c. Goipe[ Pub. I 

Chaffee, W: H: 

Chaffee genealogy. 'og(Myj2) il. 8°. It; 
net. Grafton Picss, I 

Sti Gcnealogi*). ' 


Goodenough, G : A., and Moore, L E 

Strength of chain links. (Add. Univ, ioi 

price.) Univ. of HI 

Challenge of the eil>-. Strong, J. 50 c. ; 35 c. 

Young People's Miss. 

Challice, Badiel. 

S^crer hist, of the court of Spain, ite- 
1906. 'o9(Dii) il. 8*, *$4 special net, 
CF.M.r,0NEt(, Bp. Kichard. 

Eurlnt-, E. H. Life and time oi Bishop 
ChalJtiner. In 2 v. *$7 net. Longmans, 
Chalmers, Stephen. 

V3ni-.hinB smuggler. '09(0^3) c. col, il. 
n 51.50. Oodc. 

Chalmers, W. P., comp. and ed. 

Deutsche gcclichle lum auswendiglenien. 
'09(Jei9) D. (Modern lang. ser,) •40 c 

Chiroberlatn, Aith. H; 

Standards in education, with some con.iid- 
eration of their relation to industrial 
training. ■og(Jag) c. D. $1. Am. Bk. 
Chamberlain, Joa. Scndder. 

Fecding value of cereals, as calculated from 
chemical analyses. 'o9(.My) 64 p. tabs.. 
8", fU. S., Dept. of Agriculture; Bureau 
if Chemistry, bull.) pap,, 10 c, 

U. S,, Stipt. of Docs 
Chamberlain, Fk. 

Hudson tercentenary; an historical retro- 
spect regarding the object and quest of an 
all-waler route from Europe to India; 
also Hudson's voyage to .America in 
1609. '09(S;s) c. O, (Add, pubs, for 
price.) Lyon. 




^bamberlin, T: Chrowder, and Salisbury, 

Rollic D. 

College text -book of geology. '09(030) c. 

il. maps, figs. D. (American science ser., 

advanced course.) **$3.50 net. Holt. 

-yMoulton, Forest Ray, Slichter, C: Sumner, 
and others. 
Tidal and other problems. *09(Ap24) figs, 
fold, chart, Q. (Contributions to cosmog- 
ony and the fundamental problems of 
geology.) pap., $1.50. Carnegie. 

Chambers, A. M. 
Constitutional history of England. '09 
(O2) *$i.40 net. Macmillan. 

Chambers, G: F: 
Story of the comets, simply told for gen- 
eral readers. 'o9(Ni3) il. O. $2. 

Oxford Univ. 

liambers, Rob. W: 

Danger mark. '09(09) c. iL D. ♦♦$1.50 net. 


Hide and seek in Forestland. *09(Dii) c. 

il. 12", ♦♦40 c. net. Appleton. 

Special messenger. 'o9(Ap3) c. il. D. 
t$i.50. Appleton. 

hampagnat, Joseph Benoit. 

Qualities of a good superior; comp. 
chiefly from the instructions of the Ven- 
erable Father Champagnat, founder of 
the Little Brothers of Mary; ed. by Rev. 
Ferreol Girardley. '08, [1909.] (Mr) 17-f 
agS p. 8*, *$1.25 net. Herder. 

hampion spelling book. Hicks, W. E. 25 c. ; 
in 2 pts., ea., 18 c. Am. Bk. 

liamplain. Harper, J : M. *$i.75 net. Lane. 

hamplin, J: Denison. 

Young folks' cyclopaedia of persons and 
places. 5th ed., rev. 'o9(Jei9) c. il. 8°,* 
♦♦$3 net. Holt. 

hance, Mrs. Burton. 

Care of the child. '09(Ni3) c. D. front. 
(Family books.) *$i net. 

Penn Pub. Co. 

hancellor, Edn. Beresford. 
Private palaces of London — past and pres- 
ent. '09(09) 4°, *$5 net. Lippincott. 

Wanderings in London — Piccadilly, May- 
fair and Pall Mall. '09(023) il. in col. 
*75 c. net. Pott. 

Ihancellor, Mrs. Louise Beecher. 
Players o' London : tale of the Elizabethan 
smart set. '09(N6) c. O. ♦$i.75 net, 
boxed. B. W. Dodge. 

handler, F. Alex., [*T. Alexander.**] 
Art crafting in metal for amateurs. '09 
(Ap24) il. D. $1.50. Fort Hill. 

handler, W: H:, ed. 

New complete condensed encyclopedia. 
New ed. '09 (Jl) c. 8-f 1703 p. il. maps, 
4". $375 : leath., $5. Collier. 


See Philosophy, 
lianging conceptions in education. Cubber- 

Icy, E. P. **35 c. net Houghton M. 

hanging values of English speech. Bell, R. 

H. $1.25. Hinds, 

hanging voices. Brodie, R. D. $1. Badger. 

Channing, £: 
Short hisl. of the United States; rev. in 
consultation with Susan J. Ginn. '09 
(S18) il. I2^ *$i net. Macmillan. 

— ^,and Lansing, Marion Florence. 

Story of the Great Lakes. 'o9(Apio) c. il. 
maps, D. ♦♦$1.50 net. Macmillan. 


See Church music. 

Chapel in every home. Wilson, J. R. (Priv. 
pr.) J. R. Wilson. 

Chapin, Calvin, D.D. 
Parker, E. P. Appreciation of Calvin 
Chapin. (Priv. pr.) G. W. Chapin. 

Chapin, Harry Lorenzo, M.D. 

Adoption, and other sketches, poems and 
plays. '09 (N) c. 196 p. por. D. $1.25. 

H. L. Chapin. 

Chapin, H: Dwight. 

Theory and practice of infant feeding ; with 

notes on development. 3d rev. ed. '09 

(Mr6) il. 8^ ♦$2.25 net. Wood. 

— , and Piaek, Godfrey Roger. 
Diseases of infants and children. 'o9(S) 
c. 628 p. il. in col. 8**, *$4.50 net. Wood. 

Chapin, Rob. Coit. 

Standard of living among workingmen's 

families in New York City. '09(Ap3) c. 

figs. O. (Russell Sage Foundation pubs.) 

$2. Charities Pub. 

Chapin Family Association pubs. il. 8**. ( Priv. 

pr.) G. W. Chapin. 

—Parker. Appreciation of Calvin Chapin, 

Chapman, A. B. Wallis-. 

See Wallis-Chapman, A. B. 
Chapman, Allen. 
Da'-ewell chums on a cruise ; or, Fenn Mas- 
terson's odd discovery. '09(Di8) c. il. 
12*, (Darcwell chums ser.) 60 c. 

Cupples & L. 
Ralph on the engine ; or, the young fireman 
of the limited mail. *09(S) c. 4-f250 p. 
il. 12*, (Railroad ser.) 60 c. Grosset. 
Chapman, C: Hiram. 
Story of Oregon and its people. '09(Ni3) 
c. il. maps, pors. D. 60 c. O. P. Barnes. 
Chapman, Clowry. 
Law of advertising and sales; and related 
general business law ; with which is com- 
bined Advertising and sales that develop 
good will. In 2 V. '09 (N6) c. il. O. 
bds., $10, boxed. C. Chapman. 

Chapman, Fs., comp. 

See Pennsylvania. Mechanics' liens. 
Chapman, G: 

See Marlowe, Christopher. 
Chapman, G: E., ed. 
Sec Illinois cases. 
Chapman, J. Wilbur, D.D. 
Another mile, and other addresses. '09 
(Mr6) c, T2**, pap., *2S c. net. Revell. 
Chapman, J: Jay. 
Causes and consequences. New ed. '09 
(Jei9) 12**, $1.25. Moffat. 

Emerson, and other essays. New and rev. 
ed. '09(Jli7) c. D. ♦♦$1.25 net. Moffat. 
Practical agitation. New ed. 'o9(Jei9) 
12*, $1.25. Moffat. 

Sausage from Bologna: a comedy. *09 
(JI3) c. D. ♦♦75 c. net. ModEaA.. 


Chapman, M, Wallis-, 

See Wallis-Chapman. M. 
Cbapman, Wo. 

Sec Parkinson, Ethel. 
Chapters on municipal administration and ac- 
counting. Oeveland, F: A. **$z net. 

Chapters on Spanish literature. Fitzmaurice- 
Kelly, J. ?i.?S. Hispanic Soc. 

Doyle, J; World's great character builder 
and practical thoughts for every day liv- 
ing. 50 c. J: Doyle. 
George, M. M. Character building. In 
2 V. ea., $1.25, Flanagan. 
Hubbard, E. Divine in man. 10 c. 

Kellogg, Mrs. E. E. Studies in character 
building. $1. Modem Medicine. 

Lindsay, A. A. Mind the builder; [charac- 
ter building.] $1. Lindsay Pub. Co. 
Mitchell, J, C. Character: some talks to 
young men. **7i c. net. Jacobs, 
Segiio, A. V. Cours scientifique dc I'anal- 
vse du caractere. $5-7S. 

Chixological Coll. 
Wiggins, Mrs. L. K Know thy neighbor ; 
or, character reading. $1.25. 

J. L, Nichols. 

5« also Chrittiiui life;— Conduct of life;— Etbici. 

Character delineation and inspiration tor 

those horn under the sign of Capricorn. 

To«ne, Mrs. E. I. com/.. 7$ c. E. J. Tome- 

E. J. TowTie. 

Charaeteres, Scf Theophrastus, 

Characters and events of Roman history from 

Csesar to Nero. Ferrero, G. "$2.50 net. 


Oiaracters of Shakespeare's plays. Scr Haz- 

litt, W : 
Characters of Theophrastus. Jebb, Sir R : C. 
■$2.25 net. Macmillan. 

Charms of the old Book. Huntingtgn, C; 
•90 c. net. Am. S. 3. 

Charter of liberties. Penn, W ; 50 t 

Chaitera, Weirett Wallace. 

Methods of teaching, developed from a 
luncticinal standpoint. ■o9(Di8) c ii\ 
$1.10. Row, P, & Co, 

Cbase, Annie. 

Plant babies and their cradles; for fifsl 
year pupils. ■o<)(Ag2i) c il. 12°, (Field 
and foreil ser.) 40 t Educ Pub. 

Chase, Fessenden N. 
Government employ; exhaustive informa- 
tion concerning applications for positions 
in the government service, ind. samplt 
examination questions, marking of pi- 
pers, appointments and salaries. 'o9(Olfi) 
c. por. O. pap., ig c. F, N. Cliast 

Punctuation and paragraphing; with pnc- 
tical Hord lists. '09(016) c. por, O. pajL, 
tS c. R N. Chast 

Stenographer and employer; daily desk 
reference for stenographers, printen, 
lawvers, and employers. 'ogCN) c 85 p. 
il. O, pap., $1. F. N. Chase. 

Stenographers' guide for daily de<^k refer- 
ence, '09(016) c. por. O. pap.. 15 c, 

F. N, Chase, 
Women stenographers ; a little "'risk" and 
roboreous hut '"pigs is pigs" and facts is 
facts. *09(0) c. 26 p. il. O. pap., jo c 

F. N, Oiast 
Cbase, P; H:, D.D. 

Confirmation in the Apostolic Age. 'w 
(D25) 12°, "80 c. net. Macmillan, 

Chase, G:, eel. 
See New York [Slate-1 Code of civil pro- 

Chaie, Leslie. 

Rooseveltiana; [articles antagonistic to Mi. 
Roosevelt's policies reprinted from news- 
papers,] 'og(Mr6) 12°, 50 c. 

Grafton Press. 




Xhats" scr. il. O. *$2 net; >4 levant, *$s net 

— Hayden. Chats on old earthenware. 
—Lowes. Chats on old silver. 
Chattel loans. 

See Loans. 

Chatterbox for 1909; founded by J. Erskin 
Qarke. '09(02) c. il. O. $1.75; bds., $1.25. 

Chatterton. See Vigny, Alfred Victor, Comte 

Chatterton, E. Keble. 
Sailing ships and their story, from the 
earliest times to the present day. '09 
(Dii) il. 8^ *$3.75 net. Lippincott. 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. 
Story of Chaucer's Canterbury pilgrims; 
retold for children, by Katharine Lee 
Bates. '09(Ap3) c. il. 12**, (Canterbury 
classics.) 40 c. Rand, McN. & Co. 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. 
Darton, F. J. H., comp. Pilgrim's tales 
from Tales of the Canterbury pilgrims. 
60 c. Dodge. 

Goddard, H. C. Chaucer's Legend of good 
women. (Add. author for price.) 

H. C. Goddard. 
Chauffeur chaff. Welsh, C:, ed. 50 c. 

Chauffeur question and the answer. 'ogCJb) 
4**, pap. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

N. Y. Sch. Aulomobile Eng. 
Cheadle, Clarence McKee. 

Care of mother and child; with an introd. 
by C: Edwin Ruth. •o9(Ap) 20^4-354 p. 
12°, $2; leath., $2.50. C. M. Cheadle. 

Cheatham, Carrie Vandiver. 

Beatrice Sumpter. '09(Ap3) c. il. D. $1.50. 

C. M. Clark. 
Check, Rabbi Sabbath. 

Sec Jews. Newly improved prayer book. 

Call, W : T. Vocabulary of checkers. $2. 

C. M. Potterdon. 

Hill. J. Synopsis of draughts openings. 

50 c. Warne. 

Lee*i, J. Complete guide to the game of 

draughts. 50 c Warne. 

Richmond, J. L. Game of draughts. 50 c. 


Stearns, L. M., ed. Draughts marvel and 

twentieth century checker compendium. 

$4. L. M. Stearns. 

Checkley, £dn. 

Natural method of physical training. New 
rev. ed. 'o9(S) 174 P- il **$i-25 net. 

Baker & T. 

Checkley S i 

Diary of the Rev. S: Checkley, 1735; ed. 

by H: Winchester Cunningham. '09 

(N) 271-306 p. facsim. 8**. (Priv. pr.) 

H: W. Cunningham. 
Cheer up. Raymond, C : F. 75 c. ; $1.25. 

Desmond, H. J. Little uplifts. 40 c. 

H. J. Desmond. 

Jordan, D : S. Philosophy of hope. *75 c. 

net. Am. Unitarian. 

Raymond, C: F. Cheer up. $1.25. Dodge. 

Robinson, S. C, ed. Royal messages of 

cheer and comfort. *$i net; *$2 net 


Decker, J: W. Cheese making. $1.75. 

Mend Ota. 

Thom, C: Camembert cheese problems in 

the United States. (Add. Superintendent 

for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Van Slyke, L. L., and Publo, C: A. 

Science and practice of cheescinaking. 

*$i.75 net Judd. 

Chemical technology and analysis of oils, 

fats and waxes. 3 v. Lewkowitsch, J. L 

*$IS net Macmillan. 


Allen, A. H: Commercial organic analysis. 
V. I. *$s net. Blakiston. 

Bartlett, E. J. Calculations of the quanti- 
tative chemical laboratory with problems. 
75 c. E. J. Bartlett 

Baskerville, C: General inorganic chem- 
istry. $1.50. Heath. 

Baskerville, C:, and Curtis, R. W. Lab'y 
exercises to be used in conjunction with 
General inorganic chemistry. 40 c. 


Biltz, H. Introd. to experimental chemis- 
try. $1.25. Wiley. 

Biltz, H. and W. Laboratory methods of 
inorganic chemistry. $3. Wiley. 

Clowes, P., and Coleman, L B. Quantita- 
tive chemical analysis. *$3.50 net. 


Coblentz, V. Manual of volumetric analy- 
sis. *$i.75 net. Blakiston. 

Cummings, W : L. Modern formulary : 
text book of chemistry as applied to the 
manufacture of proprietary specialties. 
$2.50. W: L. Cummings. 

Dictionary of chemical and metallurgical 
machinery, appliances and material man- 
ufactured or sold by advertisers in 
Electro-Chemical and Metallurgical In- 
dustry, 50 c. Electrochemical Pub. 

Emery, F. B. Elementary chemistry. $1.50. 


Ewell, A. W. Text-book of physical chem- 
istry. ♦$2.25 net Blakiston. 

Fentcn, H: J: H. Outlines of chemistry, 
pt. I. ^$3 net Putnam. 

Friend, J. A. N. Theory of valency: [the- 
ories of chemical combination.] $1.60. 

Garrett, A. H. Periodic law. *$i.75 net. 

Godfrey, II. Elem. chemistry. $1.10. 

Gooch, F. A., and Browning, P. E. Out- 
lines of qualitative chemical analysis. 
♦♦$1.25 net. Wiley. 

Gore, H. C : Apparatus for U5e in the de- 
termination of volatile acids in wines and 
vinegars. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Hale. W : J. Calculations of general chem- 
istry. $1. Van Nostrand. 

Hanson, E : K., and Dodgson, J : W. Inter- 
mediate course of laboratory work in 
chemistry. *$i.20 net Longmans. 

Hawk, P. B. Pract. physiological chemis- 
try. $2.50. Blakiston 

Kahlenberg, L: Lab'y exercises in general 
chemistry. 90 c. L.*. Yja\v\tT^N^xv^. 



Cheu iSTK V . — Con tin ued. 

Kahlenberg, L ; Outlines of chemistry. 
■•$2.60 net Macmillan. 

Keane, C 1 A. Modern organic chemistry. 
•$1.50 net. Scribner. 

Lassar-Cohn. Chemistry in daily life. 
•$1.75 net. LJppincotL 

Levi, L : E., and Manuel, E. V. Tanners' 
and chemists' hdbk. $5. L: E, Levi. 

Long, J : H. I'ext-book of physiological 
chemistry. $2.50. Blakiston. 

Lunge, G : General methods used in tech- 
nical analysis. In 3 v. v. i in 2 pts. *¥l5 
net. Van No strand. 

Lunge, G: Technical chemist's handbook. 
•$3 50 net. Van Nostrand. 

McGregory, J. F. Manual of qualitative 
chemical analysis. $1. Ginn. 

Matheivson, C, H. First principles of chem- 
ical theory. $1. Wiley. 

Matthews, J. M. Laboratory manual of 

dyeing and textile chemistry. $3.50. I 


Meaiie. R : K. Design and equipment of 
small ehcmical laboratories. •$; net. 

Chemical Engineer. 

Mears, B. Osmotic pressure o£ Ciuie sugar 
solutions al 15° centigrade. 40 c, 

Johns Hopkins. 

Morgan. J : L. R. Physical chemistry for 
electrical engineers. "$1.50 net. Wiley, 

Morse, H. V. Osmotic pressure of cane 
sugar solutions at 10°. 40 c. 

Johns Hopkins. 

Nagel. O. Mechanical appliances of the 
chemical and metallurgical induMries. "$2 
net. O. Nagel. 

Newell, L. C. Course in inorganic chem- 
istry, for colleges. *$2 net. Heath. 

Newell, L. C. Descriptive chemistry. $t.20. 

Oslivald, W. Fundamental principles of 
chemistry. $2.aS' Longman;. 

Ostwald. W. Principles of inorganic chem- 
istry. "$6 net, Macmillan, 

Ostwald. W., and Morse. H, W. Fli 


Cheu isikv. — Co Klinued. 

Segerblom, W. Tables of properties of 
over fifteen hundred coounon inorganic 
substances. $3. Exeter Bk. 

Sellers, J. F. Elera. treatise on qualitative 
chemical analysis. $1. GintL 

Simon, W; Manual of chemistry. *$3 net. 

Stanislaus, L V. S., and Kiraberly, C, H. 
Pharmaceutical chemistry, ^.50 net 

Stewart, A. W. Recent advances in phyu- 

cal and inorganic chemistry. *$2.50 net 


Strong, W : W. Ionization in dosed ves- 
sels. 35 c Johns Hopkins. 

Thorpe, Sir E: Hist, of chemistry. In 2 v. 
V. I. •*75 c. net. Putnam. 

Tower, O, F. Quantitative chemical analy- 
sis of inorganic substances. •$! net 


United States. Chemistiy Bureau i bulle- 
tin«, tireulars and food inspectior deci- 
sions; Agriculture Department, U. S. A.; 
for sale by the Superintendent of IJocn- 
ments. ■og(0) 8^ U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Zsigmondy, R. A, Colloids and the ultra- 
microscope. S3. Wiley. 

Sti oljo Agricultural el»mi»try;— Ali;— Bu-ley; 
Brryllium; — Bptsnv; — Cwhoo;— OMl;~Cook- 
cry:— Dairy;— DiiigSosi»;—Elrc[ro-clitnii«nF: — 
Enplosivesj — Fertiliwrs; — Fuel; — G«s«; — 
Heal: — HydroBco;— Iron ;— Milt: — Ujthemat 
ita;- Medical di*BiiMr»i— Melilt and mrtallur- 
gy; — Microscope; — Mineral walcrt; — Minfrila- 
ly : — Puiot : — Plunnacj ; — Photography ; — 
Physics; — Phy^oloiy;— Poieont; — Radio-actiri- 
ty; — Spenrutu;- IJseful arts. 

Chekokeb Indians. 

Set Indian.. 

Cherry feasts for barbarous Fourths. Cool- 
tdge. A. C. 25 c. Hungerford-H. 

Cheruh Devine. Ford, S. $i.5a 

M. Kcnnerley. 

Cheaoey, E., [Mrs. E. P. Chailewood,] comp. 

Life and the great forever; dailv readings 

in r-rose and ver?e, '09(025) S, ■$! so 




Chi, E. 
Annuario biografico italiano; compilato a 
cura di Guido Blagi. 'opCJlio) D. hf. 
mor., $1. Stechert 

Chicago. City Council. Committee on Local 
Transportation. Electrification of railway 
terminals as a cure for the locomotive 
smoke evil in Chicago, with special consid- 
eration of the Illinois Central Railroad. 
'08, [1909.] (Mr) 7-353 p. il. 8'- (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Donnelley. 

Chicago. Harbor Commission. Rept. to the 
mayor and aldermen of the city of Chicago 
by the Chicago Harbor Commission. '09 
(Jl) 8+383 p. il. 8^ (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Chic. Harbor Com. 

Chicago Daily News almanac and year book, 
1909. Langland, J., ed. 40 c. 

Chic Daily News. 

Chicago, 111. 
Porter, H : H. How to provide for (Chi- 
cago's growth. (Priv. pr.) 

G: F. Porter. 
Seg also Docks. 

Chicago Hebrew Institute. Program of cele- 
brations during Lincoln week; [Abraham 
Lincoln and the Jewish spirit: address.] 
'09(S) 8 p. il. 12% pap., 5 c. 

Chic. Hebrew Inst. 

Chicago Historical Society collection^. 8**. 

(Thic. Hist. 

— Boggess. Settlement of Illinois. $3. 

Cliicago law directory, 1909; by C: Gritman. 
33d annual ed. *09(Je) c. 212 p. O. $1. 


Chicago Literary Club papers. 12**. (Not 
for sale.) Chic. Lit. Club. 

— Gookin. Our defective American banking 

— Little. John Milton. 

Cliicago Public Library. Catholic reading 
list; catalogue of books (in English) by 
Catholic authors in the Chicago Public Li- 
brary; comp. bv a committee of the Cath- 
olic Writers' (iuild. '08, [1909.] (Mr) c. 
^55 p. 8**, 25 c. E : Larkin. 

Chicago. Public Library. List of books and 
magazine articles on Abraham Lincoln. '09 
(Ja30) O. pap., gratis. Chic Pub. Lib. 

Chickasaw Indians. 

See Indians. 


See Poultry. 

Child, 0: 6., jr., MJ>. 
Epitome of gynecology. '09(N) 210 p. il. 
sq. 12**, (Lea's ser. of medical epitomes.) 
♦$i net. Lea. 

Child. Fk. S: 

Fairfield [Ct], ancient and modern. '09 

( My8) c il. O. pap., 50 c. Fairfield Hist. 

Child and his religion. Dawson, G : E. *75 c 

net. Univ. of Clhic. 

Child and the dream. Cook, M. 50 c. 

Metropolitan Pr. 
Child classics. See Alexander, Georgia. 

Child in the house. See Pater, Wa. 

Child labos. 

See Children. 

Child life in town and country. See France, 
Anatole, pseud. 

Child religion in song and story. See Cham- 
berlin, Georgia Louise. 


Child slaves and other pocnls. Long, S. L. 
$1.25. Courier Press. 

Child study. 

5"^^ Children. 

Child violinist. Winn, E. L. $1.25. Fischer. 

Child workers of the nation; Proceedings of 

the fifth annual conference, Chicago, 111., 

Jan. 21-23, .1909- *09(Myis) O. $1.25; pap., 

$1. Nat. Child Labor. 

Child you used to be. Pease, L. $1.50. 


Childe, C: Plumley. 

Operative nursing and technique : book for 

nurses, dressers, house surgeons, etc. '09 

(Jl) 238 p. il., ♦$2 net Wood. 

Childe Harold, peeud. 

See Field, E: Salisbury. 
Childe Harold. See Byron, G: Gordon Noel, 

Childhood and ponyhood blended. White, O. 
A. 35 c. Dunlap Pony Co. 

Childhood of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. 
Twining, A. G. ♦do c net 

Yoimg Churchman. 


Allen, Mrs. M. W.- Making the best of 

our children, ist and 2d ser. ea., *$i 

net. McClurg. 

American Academy of Political and Social 

Science. Child workers of the nation. $1. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 
Arnold, Mrs. G. W., comp. Mother's list of 
books for children. $1. McClurg. 

Association for Improving the Condition of 
the Poor. New York Milk Committee. 
Infants' milk depots and their relation to 
infant mortality. 50 c. 

Assoc. Imp. Con Poor. 

Ayres, L. P. Laggards in our schools. 

$1.50. (Charities Pub. 

Bancroft, M., and Farrington, E. A., camps. 

Manual of the course of study, Bancroft 

Training Sch. for Mentally Subnormal 

Children. (Not for sale.) Bancroft 

Bayley, F. T. Little ten minutes; or, a 

pastor's talks with his children. *$i net. 

Bobbitt, J: F. Growth of Philippine chil- 
dren. (Add. author ^or price.) 

J: F. Bobbitt. 
Boston Public Library. Brief list of books 
for home reading for boys and girls in 
the Library, gratis. Boston Pub. Lib. 
Brookline, Mass. Public Library. Some- 
thing to read, for boys and girls, o. p. 

Brookline Pub. Lib. 
Burke, C. E. Child study and education. 
75 c. Benziger. 

Chance, Mrs. B. Care of the child. *$i 
net. Penn Pub. Co. 

Chapin, H: D. Theory and practice of in- 
fant feeding. *$2.25 net. Wood. 
Chapin, H: D., and Piske, G. R. Diseases 
of infants and children. ^$4.50 net. 

Child workers of the nation. $1.25; $1. 

Nat Cliild Labor. 
Qeveland Public Library. Work of the 
Qeveland Public Library with the chil- 
dren. (Add. Library for price.) 

Qeveland Pub. Lib. 
Gopper, E: N: Child labor in Indiana, 
gratis. Nat 0\\\d \-a!a<5x. 


C HiLDREN.— Con linued. 

Craddock, Mrs. H. C. Training of chil- 
dren. "60 c net. Macmillan. 

First Internal i on al Congress in America 
for the welfare of the child, held under 
the auspices of Ihc National Congress of 
Molher.s at Washington, D. C, Mar. 10 
to 17, 190a "08, [1909.] (My) j-350 p. il. 
pors. 8°, pap., $1. 

Nat Congress Mothers. 

Fiske, J ; Meaning of infwicy. "35 c. ret. 
Houghton M. 

Forsyth, D: Children in heahh and dis- 
ease, "$3 net Blakiston. 

Hall, F; S. Scholarships for working chil- 
dren. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Nat Child Labor. 

Hancock, M. S. Children of history. In 
3 V. ca., **so c. net. Lilllc, B. & Co. 

Hogan, L. E. S. How to feed children. 
♦•$1 ret Lippincott 

Holt. L E. Care and feeding of children. 
?S c. Appleton. 

Holt. L. E. Diseases of infancy and child- 
hood. $6. Appleton. 

Jacobi, A., ed. Diseases of children. $6. 


Kelley, S: W. Surgical disease? of chil- 
dren. "$5 net. Treat 

Kennedy. Mrs, M, G. Our boys and girls; 
how to interest and instruct them in 
Bible study. 75 c. Wilde. 

Kerley, C: G, Short talks with young 
mothers on the management of infants. 
*$i net. Putnam. 

Kerley, C: G. Treatment of Ihe diseases 
of children. $5. Saunders. 

Key, E. K. Century of the child. "$1.50 
net. Putnam. 

Kirkpatrick, E. A.j rd. Studies in develop- 
ment and teaming. $1. 

Science Pr. (N. Y.) 

Klykken, O. Our homes and our children. 
7"; c. Lutheran Pub. 

, J. In God's orchard; being 
s of talks to the yotma folks. ** 


ClilLU^tN. —Conlinued. 

Power, E. L., comp. Selected list of chil- 
dren's books for school libraries of Mich- 

this? so c. " " J; W. Luce. 

Sadlier, S. H. Infant feeding by artificial 

means. *$l.3S net, Dutton. 

Shields, T: E: Making and unmaking of a 

dullard. •$[ net. Calh. Educ 

Smith, S. K., and Perreit, L., comps. Our 

baby's record. $1 ; $a ; $2.50. Dodge. 
Stories of royal children, "fis c net. 

Century Co, 
Tracy, F., and Stimpll, J. Psychology of 

children. $1.20. matt 

United States. Defl. of Commerce and 

Labor. Bureau of Labor. Woman ard 

child wage-earners in Great Britain. 

(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S-, Supt of Dtxs. 
Wells, C. Seven ages of childhood. "$a 

net. Moffat 

Wheeler, M. The baby, his care and train- 
ing. •$! net. Harper. 
Wilson, L: N., comp. Bibliography of child 

study for the year 1907. 25 c. Clark Univ, 
i-Carmichael, A. Lotus buds; [chi!- 

rrimlnalsi — Doit 

Family; — Fine srtt;— Food; — ^Gkrdens and t"- 

KiDdcrgarlcn; — HiuioQS tad loissiorairiaT — 
Molhen;— Orpbuu; — Painters and pajntjiu;— 
PJiygTounds;— Pfobalioo (yrteni ;— "Sex ;-^Bn- 

Chii.dben of Hek Majesty's Revels. 

Sft Bluckfriir'a Thnlre, Loodon. 
Children of Israel. Mord, W $1.50. Stoket 
Chilotf-n of the Chapeu 

Sre BlHcVfriir'i The*!re, London. 
Children of the dawn. Buckley. E. F. 
Children of the summer. Howells, W: D. 

*$i.J5 net Harper. 

Children's hook. Burnett Mrs. F. H., eit. 

tSi.SO. Moflfat 




See Juvenile courts. 

Children's creed. Twinning, A. G. *6o c. net. 

Young Churchman. 
Children's crimson classics; formerly Mc- 
Qure's library of children's classics. See 
Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith. 
Children's poetry. 
Chisholm, L,, comp. Golden staircase. ♦$! 
net. Putnam. 

Esmond, D. W:, comp. Poetry of child- 
hold. $1.50. B*way Pub. 
Field, E. Cradle lullabies. 50 c. 

Canterbury Co. 

Fillebrown, Mrs. R. H. M. Rhymes of 

happy childhood. ♦*$2 net. Winston. 

Good Shepherd; narrative and poems for 

young people. 25 c. E. Kaufmann. 

Ivimey, J: W: Complete version of ye 

three blind mice. *50 c. net. Wame. 

Mayhew, E: Lyrics of childhood. **$i 

net. Grafton Press. 

Old rhymes pictured by Mabel Lucie Att- 

well. $1.50. Tuck. 

Sivern, L., and Sherwood, R. Primer of 

nursery rhymes. 30 c. Houghton M. 

Song of sixpence picture book. $1.25. 


5"^^ also Songs. 

Children's red books. 12 v. *og(Jtig) il. 12**, 

ea.. bds., 25 c. Reill>r & B. 

Cortrnts: Peter Rabbit and Dick Whittington; 
Little Black Sambo and Uncle Tom's Cabin; The 
night before Christmas and Mother Goose rhymes 
and iingles; Black Beauty, and The little lame 
prince; Rab and his friends, and J. Cole; The 
adventures of a brownie and The Swiss family 
Robin.<>or; Little Red Riding Hood, and Sleeping 
Benuty: Cinderella, and The three bears; Tack and 
the beanstalk, and Robinson Crusoe; Alices adven- 
tures in Wonderland, and TlM'oui;[h the looking- 
glass: Andersen's fairy tales, and Rip Vin Winkle; 
Urimm's fairy tales, and Snow White and Rose Red. 

Children's round of fact and festival. Bell, 

C. C. *4C c. net. Young Churchman. 

Children's services. Grossman, R. 10 c. 

Children's tales of English minsters. Grier- 

son, E. *$2 net. Macmillan. 

Children's theatre. Williams, C. A. Si. 

Child's garden of verses. See Stevenson, 

Rob. L. 
Child's guide to American historv. Klson, 

H: W: ♦*$L25 net. Baker & T. 

Child's guide to biography. Stevenson, B. E. 

**$i.25 net. Baker & T. 

Child's guide to music. Mason, D. G. 
**$L25 net. Baker & T. 

Child's history of Westminster Abbey. Twi- 
ning, A. C. *$i.5onet. Young Churchman. 

Child's story of the New Testament in words 
of one syllable. *09(S) c. 9-1 12 p. il. 12**, 
(Altemus' one syllabic ser.) 50 c. Altemus. 

ChildSy Jessie H. 

Sea of matrimony. '09(D) $1.50. 

B'way Pub. 
Intel national Bureau of American Repub- 
lk:s, comp. Chile: a handbook. $1. 

Int. Bu. Am. Republics. 
Chillacoc Charlie. Macdonald, R. M $1.50. 

Chimes of childhood. McCullough, A. W. $1. 



Blake, Sir H: A. China. $1.50 net. 


Bland, J. O. P. Houseboat days in China. 
$5. Longmans. 

Carus, P., ed. Nestorian monument: an- 
cient record of Christianity in China. 
40 c. Open Court. 

Conger, S. P. Letters from China. *$2.75 
net. McQurg. 

Convention between the U. S. and China; 
arbitration. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Getz, J: Catalogue of the Macomber col- 
lection of Chinese pottery. $1.25. 

Boston Museum. 
Headland, I : T. Court life in China. *$i.50 
net. Revell. 

Holcombe, C. Real Chinaman. ^$2 net. 

Kemp, E. G. Face of China. *$6 net. 

Morse, H. B. Gilds of China. ♦$1.20 net. 


Mott, J : R. Chinese student migration to 

Tokyo. 5 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Parker, E: H. John Chinaman and a few 

others. *$i.2S net. Dutton. 

Pontius, A. W., comp. Protection extended 
to patents, designs, trade-marks and copy- 
rights in China, Japan and Korea. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Ross, J: Orig. religion of China. *$i.25 
net. Eaton & M. 

Stanford, E: Atlas of the Chinese Empire. 
$4. China Inland. 

Thomson, J. S. The Chinese. $2.50. 


Williams, Mrs. I. B. R. By the Great Wall; 
(letters from China.) ♦$1.50 net. Revell. 

Yung Wing. My life in China and Amer- 
ica. ♦*$2 net. Holt. 

See also Chinese in United States; — Yunnan. 

China (porcelain). 

See Ceramics. 

China painting. 

Class room. [Instnictions and designs for 

pupils in china-painting.] $3. Keramic. 

Monachesi, Mrs. H. D. Manual for china 

painters. $1.25, boxed. Lothrop, L. & S. 

Chinatown trunk mystery. Harper, O. 25c. 

J. S. Ogilvie. 
Chinese in the United States. 
American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Chinese and Japanese in Amer- 
ica. $1. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 
Coolidge, M. E. B. R. S. Chinese immigra- 
tion. ♦*$i.7S net. Holt. 
Cowan, R. E., and Dunlap, B., comps. Bib- 
liography of the Chinese question. *$i.40 
net. A. M. Robertson. 
Fryer, J: Admission of Chinese students 
to American colleges. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Chinese literature. 
Crannier-Byng, L., comp. Lute of jade. 
*6o c. net. Dutton. 

Chinese student migration to Tokyo. Mott, 
J : R. 5 c. Y. M. C. A. 


Chip. Young, F. E. M. $1.50. Lane. 

Cbipmao, C: Phillips. 

Page and the prince; nr, a fight for a 
throne. '00(09) c. il. D. t^ias. 

Ball Pub. 
Cbipman, G: E., ed. 

Illinois cases, common law pleading, zd 
ed. "09(5) 241 p. 8°, $2. Callaghan. 

Chipman, W: PecdlEtoQ. 

Boy scouts; story of Burgoync's dtfeat in 
'777- '09(My) 2&4P. ''• 12°. t$i. Burt. 
Chippendales (The). Grant, R. $1.50. 

Chippfnv Hill, Ct. 

Sii £»i PLiRiKiuth. Ct. 

Chisholm, G: Goodie. 

Hdbk. of commercial geography. 7th ed., 

with addilional chapter on trade routes. 

'n9(M)i2) maps, tabs., fold, maps, 8°, 

*$48o ret. LonginanB, 

Chithoim, Louey, comp. 

Golden EUirease: poems and verses for 
children. New ed. 'og(N) col. il. O. 
*$i.50 net ; School ed., ■$! net. Putnam. 

Chinvick s 


Calendar, 60 c: , 
— Thoreau. Calendar. 60 c. : $1. 
— Wordsworth. Calendar, 60 c. ; $1. 
Chittenden, Fk. Horlbtit. 

Control of the Mediterranean flour moth 
by hjdroeyanic-acid ga^ fimiigation. '09 
(D) 22 p. il. 8°, (U, S.. Dept. of Agri- 
culture, Bureau of Entomology- circular.) 
pap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S,, Supt. of Docs. 
"Chittenden. Lany," pseud. 

Src Oiitlciidcn, W : La^\rencc. 
Chittenden, Lucius Eug. 

Lincoln and the sleeping senline!. 'og 
(Jaw) c. por. D. '50 c. net. Harper. 

Chittenden, W: Lawrenea, ["Latiy Chitten- 
Bermuda verses, 'oof Myr,) c. il. O. ••$1.50 
net. Putnam. 



Chooaing a career ; a circular of informatign 
for boys, "09(318) c. O. pap., 10 c 

High School Teacher.' 
Choosing a career; a circular of infun^atimi 
for girls. 'og(Si8) c O. pap.. 10 c 

High School Teacher-' 
Choosing a vocation. Parsons, F. "fi nd. 1 
Houghlon M. j 
Chopin, Fr$d£ric Francis. 

Greater Chopin; ed. by Ja. Huncker. '09 
(Jaifil c. por. F. (Musicians' lib.) fa^. 
pap., $!.50. Dilwin. I 

Chords and discords. Hawkins. W. E. StJS- ' 

Murray Bros. Pr«s. 
Cliosen people. Mord, W. $1. Stokes, 

1. F:R. 50c 


Christ and the eastern soul. Hall, C: C. 

♦•$1.25 net. Univ, nf Chit 

Christ of the red planet. Arttes. Mrs. E. M. 

E $1. E. M. E. Ames. 

Chriitiau, Eug. 

Siincooked food; treatise on how to gel 
the highest form of human energy from 
food, (ith ed.j relitled and rewritten to 
keep pace with progress, 'o^( D) c. 
.}6s p. por. fz°, $1. Christian's Sch. 

Chri^lion art. Cram. R. A., ed. 3 v. "Ji; 
net. Badger, 

See TheolOKT. 
Christian doctrine of God. Clarke, W : N. 
**$2.S0 net. Scribner. 


Jirr Kfligiuat F'lnnlliHi. 
Chrislian educaltonal ser. O. I.uther Press, 
— Luihcr, [Sermons.] 3 v. v. 1. 50 c: v, 2. 

3. ea., $1,65. 

See FssCt ind featti. 
Christian Greece and living Greek. Rose, A. 

$1. Stechert. 

Christian ideas and ideals. Ottley, R. L. 
$2.50. Longmana. 

Christian litk. 

BiEB. C: Spirit of Christ in comm.-.n I' 




Christian life, — Continued. 

Scott, A. B. Branches of the cross. *$i.5o 

net Doran. 

Smith, R. Lost Christ. ♦25 c. net. Doran. 

Steele, D. Love enthroned: essays on 

evangelical perfection. $1.20. 

Eaton & M. 
Tomkins. F. W. Helps toward nobler liv- 
ing. **50 c. net; **75 c net. Jacobs. 

See also Ondact of Iife;---Consdence:— -Conyer- 
sion; — Devotional exerciaes and meditations; — 
Faith ; — Love ; — Monaaticism ; — Religious educa- 
tion ; — Repentance ; — Revivals ; — Saints ;— »Young 
men; — ^Young people. 

Christian ministry and the social order. Mac- 
farland, C: S., ed. ♦$1.25 net. Yale Univ. 
Christian pedagogy. Halpin, P. A. $1.50. 

J. F.- Wagner. 
Christian race. Smith, H. L. 20 c; 75 c. 

Y. M. C. A. 
Christian reconstruction. Douglass, H. P. 
♦$1.50 net. Pilgrim Press. 

Christian religion as a healing power. Wor- 
cester, E. ♦♦$! net. Moffat. 
Christ[an science. 
Famsworth, E: C. Sophistries of Chris- 
tion science. $1.25. Smith & S. 
Haldeman, I: M. Christian science in the 
light of Holy Scripture. ♦$1.50 net. 

Hanna, S. J. Christian science. 6 c 

Chr. Sci. 
Horn. Mrs. D. H. Timely aid: [analysis 
of Christian science and spiritualism in 
form of iktion.] $1.25. Austin. 

Kimball, E: A. Christian science, (La 
science chr^tienne;) le pouvoir de 
rhomme sur mal. — Christian science, (La 
science chretienne;) ses bienfaits pour 
rhumanite. ea., 6 c. Chr. Sci. 

Leonard, F. H. Christian .science; demon- 
strable religion. 6 c. Chr. Sci. 
McKenzie, W: P. Christian .«;cience, (La 
science chretienne;) ou, la delivrance du 
mal. 6 c. Chr. Sci. 
Milmine, G. Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy 
and the hist, of Christian science. **$2 
net. Doubleday, P. 
Mind over body. [Christian science.] $1. 

J. H. West. 
Murray, S. V. Christian science versus per- 
sonal opinion. — Flesh and matter: the 
Scriptures vs. Christian Science, ea., 50 c. 

S. V. Murray. 
Paget, S. Faith and works of Christian 
Science. *$i.25 net. Macmillan. 

Parker, G: A: Out of the depths: [fic- 
tion.] $1.25. Reid Pub. 
Podmore, F. Mesmerism and Christian 
.science. ♦$1.50 net. Jacobs. 
Pope, F. Stranger's visit: [Christian sci- 
ence.] 60 c. Zuriel. 
Schaad. J. A. Only a mask? comparison 
of the teachings of the Christ and of 
Christian science. 25 c. J. A. Schaad. 
Sindell, M. Satisfied at last: [fiction.] 
$1.50. Reid Pub. 
St urge, M. C. Truth and error of Chris- 
tian Science *%i net. ^ Dutton. 
Tomlinson, I. C. Christian science: both 
Christian and scientific. 6 c. Chr. Sci. 

Young, B. Christian science. 6 c. Chr. Sci. 

Seg also Faith care; — Mental acience; — Mind and 

body; — ^New thoo^t; — Suggestion (mental). 

Christian secret of a happy life. Smith, Mrs. 
H. W. *$i net. Revell. 

Christian sociouxjy. 

See Social science. 

Christian state. Batten. S: Z. *$i.50 net. 

Am. Bapt. 
Christian unity. 
Briggs, C : A : Church unity. ♦♦$2.50 net. 


Overman, N. Public discussion on the 

question : Does the church of Christ offer 

a Scriptural basis for the union of all 

Christians. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Spence, F. Christian reunion; or, a plea 
for the restoration of "The ecclesia of 
God." *$i.50 net. Doran. 

Batten, S : Z. Christian state ; the state, de- 
mocracy and Chnstianity. *$i.5o net. 

Am. Bapt. 
Bigg, C: Origins of Christianity. $4.15. 

Oxford Univ. 
Billings, C: T. Movements and men of 
Christian history. 45 c; 35 c. ; 65 c. 

Unitarian S. S. 
Bowne, B. P. Studies in Christianity. 
♦♦$1.50 net. Houghton M. 

Carus, P. The pleroma; essay on the ori- 
gin of Christianity. $1. Open Court. 
D'Arcy, C: F: Christianity and the su- 
pernatural. ^40 c. net. Longmans. 
Delk, E. H. Three vital problems. 50 c. 

Lutheran Pub. 
Drummond, R. J. Faith's certainties. 
♦$1.50 net. Doran. 

Everett, C: C. Theism and the Christian 
faith. *$3.S0 net. Macmillan. 

Foster, G : B. Finality of the Christian re- 
ligion, pt. I. ♦$2.50 net. Univ. of Chic. 
Harnack, C. G. A. Mission and expansion 
of Christianity in the first three centuries. 
*$7 net. Putnam. 

Hartman, E : R. Socialism versus Chris- 
tianity. $1.50. Cochrane. 
Hill, D : R. Philosophy of Christianity and 
the philosophy of government, tojcrether 
with a criticism of God's word, history 
and reason applied to false teachers. . 
$1.50. Tribune Pr. Co., (W. Va.) 
Holmgren, C: J: A: Story of twentieth 
century Christianity. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Forum of Conscience. 
Hopkins, M. Evidences of Christianitv. 
$1.25. T. R. Marvin. 
Hubbard, E., and Albertson, C: C Joint 
debate Hubbard-Albertson ; question: re- 
solved That Christianity is declining. 
25 c. Rovcrofters. 
King, H : C. Letters on the greatness and 
simplicity of the Christian faith. *75 c. 
net. Pilgrim Press. 
Lloyd, A. S. Christianity and religions. 
**75 c. net. Dutton. 
Lyon, M. H. For the life that now is : the 
present worth of Christian faith. 75 c. 

Mauro, P. Number of man. *$i.25 net. 

Moore, W: W. Christianity in the light 
of reason and revelation. $1.50. 

W : W. Moore. 


Ottley, R. L. Christian ideas and ideals. 
$2,50. Longmans. 

Palon, L, B., ed. Recent Christian pro- 
gress. ••$3 net, Macmillan. 

Pcike, A. S : Christianity, its nature and 
iruth. 'Si-zs net. Crowell. 

Peile, J. H. F. Eeclesia diseens: the 

church's lesson trim the ages, "$i.6onet. 


Pesch, T. Christian philosophy of life ; re- 
flections on the truths of religion. '$+50 
net. Herder. 

Pfleiderer, 0. Primitive Christianiij ; its 
wrilinps and teachings. In 4 v. v. 2. '$3 
net. Putnam, 

Quackenbos, J : D. Enemies and evidences 
of Christianity, $1,50. Eaton & M. 

Roads, C ; Rural Christendom ; or, the 
problem of Christianizing courlry com- 
munities, 'go c. net. Am. S, S, 

Slack, S. B, E.irly Chrislianily. '^o c, net. 
Open Court. 

Thomas, W. H. G. Christianity is Christ. 
•40 c. net. Longmans. 

Tomkins. F: W. Faith and iife of a Chri-;- 
tisn, "ys c, net. Am. S, S, 

Turton. W. H„ comp. Iruth of Chris- 
tianity, $1.25, Putnam. 

Usher, E: P Greek gospel: an interpre- 
tation of the cnming faith. !i, 

E: P. Usher 

Wayland-Smilh, F. Materialism and Chris- 
tianity. 25 c. Wayland-Smilh, 

Williams, C: D: Valid Christianity for 
to-day. •*{i,50 net. Macmillan. 

Wilmshurst, W. L, Christianity and sci- 
ence, "Si net. Badger. 

Sti niso Bible:— Citbolic ctiiifch:— Church liit- 
lory; — ConTMlion: — God; — Hi.lory:-Holy 
Spinl;— Hrmn*;— Jnus Chrfslr — Mirai:l«: — 
Miiioni and oii».i£c™»rlMi— Personslily;— Pro- 
testanliini i— RcliglOD ; — Rellgian and idence; 

"—■-' — llieology;— Wbrthip;— oiliD 

■ -"•- "'--'-.n and Cburch; 
D Ceutury Bible 

Christmas carol. See Dickens, C: 

Chriotmaa in the heart ; book of gladness and 
devotion. '09(Nl3) il, in coL S. bds,. 'soc 
net. DotM, 

ChriiiiTias stories, Ser Dickens, C: 

Chriattiphelsineiet, Cail Heiniich. 

First revolutionary step [in France.5 (Junt 
17. 1789-) '09(Jei2) 8°. (Universitr 
studies.) $1. Univ. of M. 

Giristopher Hibbault, roadmaker. Bryint, 
M. Duffirld. 

ChrisCophei, J. E: 
See Byrom, T. H. 

Christ's way of winning souls. Sligh, J: C 
60 c. Pub, Ho, of M. E. Ch., So. 

Christus centuriarum. Dingwell, J. D, Jl, 

Chronicle history of the London stage. Flcaj, 
F: G, *$6 net. Stechttt 

Chronicle of the Cid; cronica del fatnMO 
caiiallcro Cid Ruy diez campeador, [fw- 
sim.] '03. [1909.] (N) ii6p. 8°, $2S. (JM 
copies.) Hispanic Sot 

Chronicle of the Cid ; coronica del muy efFor- 
tado y inuencible cauallera el Cid ruy diai 
campeador delas EspaiSas, [facsim,) 'oi 
|i9oa.] (N) no paging, 4°, $12, (200 cop- 
ies,) Hispanic Soc 

Chronicle of Thomas of Eceleston. Culh- 
bcrt, Father. '75 c. net Herder, 

Chronicles of Manuel Alanua. Wyneken, L 
E. $2. Cochnnt 

Chronicles of Oldfields, Allen, T : N. ^1.50 
net. A, Harrinian. 

Chronicles of Rhoda. Cox, F. T. t$i-2S- 


Toffteen. O. A, Researches in Biblical sr- 
chiEology. V, I. Ancient chronology. i>t 
t; V, 2, The historic Exodus r [BihM 
chronology,] ea., 'Sa.SO net. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Chronology of municipat history and election 
Etritistic^, Watervilie, Maine. Given, C 
M. $1.50. Maine Farmer, 






w, H. S. Mission of a liberal church. 

1, D. E. Church and her prophets. 

B'way Pub. 
I, D. D. Docs Christ say go to 
ch? 5 c. D. D. O'Neill. 

, C: Principles of successful church 
rtising. *$i.25 net. Revell. 

W. M., ed. Socialized church: ad- 
s. ♦$! net. Eaton & M. 

r. C :, ed. Ritual "reason why." ♦$! 

Young Churchman, 
it, J: C: Thoughts on modem 
ch life and work. ♦$! net. 


o Boys; — also names of churches and sub- 
under Church in entries following. 


\. G: Architectural history of the 
stian church. *6o c. net. 

Young Churchman. 
M. H. Church plans and designs. 
d. author for price.) M. H. Vail. 

o Abbeys; — Cathedrals 

catechisms in anecdotes. Dalton, M. 
;i net. Whittaker. 

rook book; published for the benefit 
irch work and charity. *o8, [iQog.] 
8o p. il. 12**, oil cl., 75 c. 

Williams & W. 


F. Fonts and font covers. $4.80. 

Oxford Univ. 

thers of the church. 


y, W. F. Greek and Eastern 
ches. *$2.50 net. Scribner. 

, B : W. Founding of the church. 

Houghton M. 
. J. Revivals, their laws and leaders. 
50 net. Doran. 

sne, L. M. O. Roman church before 
stantine. 10 c. Cathedral Lib. 

sne, L. M. O. Early history of the 
istian church. *$2.5o net. Longmans. 
A. C. Rise of the mediaeval church. 
.50 net. Putnam. 

•. T. R. Conflict of religions in the 
y Roman Empire. *$2.5o net. 


:in. H : M. Early church hist, to a.d. 

♦$5.25 net. Macmillan. 

nan, G: A. Church hist, for busy 

)le. $1. F: L: Rowe. 

Iman, H. T:, ed. National Teacher- 
ling Institute text books, bk. 6, Early 
ch-history and doctrine, bv J : Wes- 
Conley. ♦♦so c. net. Am. Bapt. 

L. Church of the Apostles. ♦$1.40 

r, H : C. Church history handbooks. 

I, 2, 3, 4. ea., ♦♦40 c. net. Am. Bapt. 

-, N. A. History of simony in the 

istian church. ♦$1.50 net. Furst. 

ott, B. F. Two empires; the church 

the world. ♦$1.75 net. Macmillan. 

ho Apostles; — Dibfe; — Catholic church; — 
stianlty; — Church polity; — Fasts and feasts; 
ithers of the church; — ^Jews; — Miracles;— 
lions and missionaries; — Monasticism; — 
sts ; — Reformation ; — Saints ; — Theology ; — 
names of charchea. 

Church music 

Burgess, F. Rudiments of Gregorian mu- 
sic. ^20 c. net. Scribner. 

Lorenz, R S. Practical church music 
♦$1.50 net. Revell. 

Morse, C: H., and Vernon, A. W.. eds. 
Songs for the chapel. ♦♦$1.50 net. 


Pollitt, A. W., and Bryson, E. Unison 
chant choir-book. $1. Oxford Univ. 

Wyatt, F: F. Bible on instrumental music. 
25 c F: F. Wyatt 

Seg also Hymns and hymn writers. 

Church of England. 
Balleine, G. R. History of the evangelical 

party in the Church of England. ♦$! 

net. Longmans. 

Carpenter, W: B. Popular hist, of the 

Church of England. ^$1.50 net. Button. 
Carter, C. S. English church in the 17th 

century. ^40 c net. Longmans. 

Chadwick, W. E. Social work. ^40 c. net. 

Day-hours of the Church of England. 

♦$i.2S net. Longmans. 

Dearmer, P. Everyman'3 history of the 

English church. ^75 c net; ^$1 net; 

♦50 c. net. Wame. 

English Church manuals. In 18 v. v. 16- 
18. ea., ^4 c. net; per doz.. ^36 c. net; 
per 100, *%z net. Longmans. 

Handbooks of English Church expansion. 
6 V. ea., 80 c. Young Churchman. 

Moves, J. Aspects of Anglicanism. ♦$! 
net. Longmans. 

Patterson, M. W. History of the Church 
of England. *$2 net. Longmans. 

Sanders, H : M. Message of the church in 
collect, epistle, and gospel, v. 2. ♦$i.20 
net. Longmans. 

Simpson, W : J: S. Use of vestments in 
the English church. ^20 c. net. 


See also Anglican orders; — Baptism; — Cathedrab; 
— Church history; — Church polity; — Confirma- 
tion;— Ministers;— Protestant Episcopal church; 

Church of Rome. 

See Catholic church. 

Church of the Apostles. Ragg, L. ♦$1.40 
net. Macmillan. 

Church of the Brethren. Two centuries of 
the Church of the Brethren ; or, the begin- 
nings of the Brotherhood ; bicentennial ad- 
dresses at the annual conference held at 
Des Moines, la., June 3. 1908. '08, [1909.] 
(Mr) c. 398 p. pors. 8**, $1.50; hf. leath., 
$2.50. Brethren Pub. Ho. 

Church polity. 
Blatchford, A N. Church councils and 
their decrees. ^80 c net. Am. Unitarian. 

Church pulpit commentary. In 12 v. v. i, 
Genesis-Deuteronomy; v. 2, Joshua-2 
Chronicles; v. 3, Ezra-Isaiah; v. 4, Jere- 
miah-Malachi ; v. 5, St. Matthew; v. 6, St 
Mark-St. Luke vn.; v. 7, St. Luke viii- 
St. John v.; v. 8, St. John vi-Acts x. '09 
(Mr27) ea., ^$2 net. Gorham. 

Church singing. 

See Church music. 

Church unity. 

See Christian unity. 


Grierson, Mrs. E. W. Children's talcs of 
English minsters. '$2 net, Macmillan. 

Stabb, J r Some old Devon churches, *$3 
net. Scribner, 

Thompson, C. B, Churches and the wage 
earners, ••$! net, Scribner, 

United Slates. Depi. of Commerce and La- 
bor. Bu. of the Censits. Religious bod- 
ies, igo6. 'og(O) 91 p, diagrs,, t*. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., SupL of Docs, 

Woodhcuse, F: W. Churches of Coventry. 
•60 c, net. Macmillan. 

Si, alio Ahbcyn^— Catbedrsls;— Cburch irchilco 
turt:— Church dciorallon and ornament;— alio 
naoifs of churche*;— al« New York CHj-. 
Cborchill, Mrs. Caroline Niehoia. 

Active footsteps. '09(811) c, por, D. $1.25, 
C N, Churchill 
Churchill, Winston SpencCT. 

My African journey, '09{Api7) il, maps, 

D. *$i.50 net. Doran. 

Churchman's ready reference, Haverslick, A, 

C, $1. Young Churchman, 

Cicero, Marco a Tullins. 

De finibua bonorum ct malorum ; libri 
quinque; with introd, and commentary by 
W. M. L. Hutchinson. 'ogCMyaa) O. 
'$2.40 net. Longmans. 

Essay on friendship (Ljclius de amicitia) : 
tr. from the Latin with notes by Alex. 
J. Inglis. 'o9(Mr) c. '08, 83 p. por. 12", 
50 c. Newton & C. 

Orationes; pro, P. Quinctio, [etc.;] rccog- 
novit brevique adnotalione cHtica in- 
struxit, Alberlus Curtis Qark. ■o9(JeTo) 
D, 75 c. Oxford I'niv. 

Select letters and orations; introd. by J; 
Milne. '09(MrZ7> 16°. (Everyman's lib.) 
•35 c. net: leath,, "70 c, net. Dutton. 

Six orations (Allen and Greenough's edi- 
tion) ; rev. by Ja. G. Greenough and 
G ; L. Kittredge, with a special vocab. 
by fa. B. Greenough. 'oQ(Apio) c. oil. 
maps, folil. plan. D, hf, leath., $1. Ginn. 
-, and Emerson, Ralph Waldo. 

Sn Codco. 
Circle and square. Fuller, R. R. Fuller. 

Circulation (of the biood). 

Sn Blood. 

Circumstantial evidence, Rhodes, L. R. 75 c. 
L. R. Rhodes. 

Buffinglon. B. E., and others. Circus book 
for children: la reader] 50 c. 

B: H. Sanbom. 
Greenwood, !: Jt The circus: its origin 
and growth prior to 183S- "^S net, 

Circus and all about it. Smith, E. B. $2. 

Cisco, Jay Guy, 

Historic Sumner County, Tennessee, with 
genealogies of the Bledsoe, Cage and 
Douglass families, and genealogical notes 
of other Sumner County families. "09 
(Myis) c, il. pors. iz°, $2, J. G Cisco. 
League of American Municipaliiiei. Book 
of municipalities. $3.50, 

League Am. Municipalities. 
Marsh, B: C, and Ford, G. B. Introduc- 
tion to city planning. $1. B : C. Marsh. 
Strong, J. Challenge of the city, so c ; 
35 c. Young People's Miss. 

5« Munidpsl gowmrBeiHi— Parks :— Tuiationi— 

Citizen SB IP. 

Brooks, J : G. Conflict between private 

monopoly and good citizenship. ••50 c. 

net. Houghton M, 
Bryce, J. Hindrances to good citizenship. 

•$!-iS net. Vale Univ. 

Hughes, E. H. Teaching of citizenship. 

$1.25- WiWe. 

Sie aha Nmunlintlon 

ily Club bull. pap. City Qub. Chicago. 

Public Utility Commission of New York 
City, o. p. 
City Hhti-ry Society of Philadetplm 

CITY ll 

City wiih foundations. M'Fadyer, J: E. 
•$1.25 net, Armstrong. 

Civic Forum addresset. 12°, pap., 10 c. 

Civic Forum. 
— Eliol. Lawlessness. 

Waterman, S. D. Practical aids to the 
teaching of civica. 60 c. Whitaker & R. 

Stt I'olilidl (dena 

Civics and health. Allen, W: H. $1.25. 


miDCt of counlrfc* 

Civil law. 
Justinian I. Digest of Justinian, v. 2. *$4 
net. Macmillan. 

Sti oils La*, ud rcfcnncet under that inb- 
jrci; — aim ntnie* of tUUt. 

Civil sekvice. 
Chase, F. N. Govemraent emplov. 15 c. 
F. IJ. Chase. 

Foltz, E. B. K. Federal civil service as a 
career. ♦*$ net Pulnain. 

United States. CiiAl Service Coinriissiou. 
Information for boards of examiners 
concerning applications, examinations, 
and appointments, June i, 1909. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) , 

U. S.. Sugt. of Docs. I 

Sft alio EmninstloD*;— Pdm-dScc. 

CtviL War (United States). 

Abbott. L. A. Personal recollections and 

Civil War diary. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

L. A. Abbott. 

Barron, S ; B. Lone Star defenders : a 
chronicle of the third Texas cavalry, 
Ross' brigade. "$2 net. Neale. 

Battle. Mrs. L. E. L. Forget-me-nots of 
the Civil War. $1.50. J. M. Battle. 

Billings, J: D. Hist, of the loth Mass. 
Battery of Light Artillery in the War of 
the Rebellion. $2. Arakelyan, 

Brition, W. Civil war on the border. 2 v. 
$4. Hudson. 

Dougherty, M. Prison diary of Michael 
Dougherty. (Not for sale.) 

C; A. Dougherty. 

Favill. J. M. Diary of a young officer ser- 
ving with the armies of the United Slates 
during the war of the rebellion. "$1.50 
net. Donnelley. 

Floyd, F: C. History of the Fortieth 
(Mozart) Regiment, New York Volun- 
teers : [from Bull Run to Appomattox.) 
$3. F: C. Floyd. 

Gilpin, E. N. Last campaign : cavalryman's 
journal, [account of Gen. James H. Wil- 
son's Cnvalry Campaign in Alabama and 
Georgia.} 50 c. U. S. Cavalry. 

Hall, H. A. History of the Sixth New 
York Cavalry, Army of ihe Potomac, 
1861-1865. $5. F. A. Easton. 

Hubbard, J : M. Notes of a private. $1. 
E. H. Qarke. 

Jacobs, M. Notes wi the Rebel invasion of 
Maryland and Fennaylvania, End the 
battle of Gettyiburg, $1 ; 25 c. 

G. E. Jacobs. 

Jones, B: W. Under the stars and bars. 
it B: W. Jones. 

Civil \^\ti.^Continucd. 
Kellogg, J : A. Capture and escape ; narra- 
tive of army and prison life. $1. 

Wisconsin Hist. 
Kidd, J. H. Personal recollections of a 
cavalryman with Custer's Michigan cav- 
alry brigade in the Civil War. $2. 

J. H. Kidd. 
Ledford, P. L. Reminiscences of the Civil 
War, 1861-186S. 25 c. News Pr. Ho. 
McOcndon, W: Ar Recollections of war 
times, by an old veteran, while under 
Stonewall Jackson and Lieut, -Gen. James 
A, L.ongstreet. $1.25. 

W: A: McClcndon. 
Military Historical Society of Massachu- 
setts. V. 3, Campaigns in Virginia, Mary- 
land, Pennsylvania, 1862-6J. (Add. pubs, 
for price.)— V. ?, [Kentucky and Ten- 
nessee campaigns and their battles.] 
$2.50. Military Hist Soc. 

Scofield, L. T. Retreat from Pulaski to 
Nashville, Tenn. (Add. pubs, for price.) 
Stearns, A. A. Lady nurse of ward E, 
"$1.20 nel. Baker & T. 

Westcott, M. E. Civil war letters. 25 c. 

M. E. Westcott. 
Sir alio Andcisonvillc prison;— Cahabs, Ala.;— 
" " -f ■ - Grttyit. 

. _. N. J.;- _.. ._. 

Virginia;— W«t Point;— olio Butler. C(" 
M, C. ;— Quanirrll. W. C. 

MahafFy, J : P. What have the Greeks done 
for modem civilization? ♦♦$2.50 net 


Mauro, P. Number of man ; climax of 
civiliialion. *$1.25 net. Revell. 

Seignobo?, M. J. C. History of contempor- 
ary civilization, v, 3, [Modern civiliza- 
$1.25 net. Scribner. 

1 Educ 

—Ethics; — Hilt 

Cla&iu, H. B., Co. 

Rugs and carpets from the Orient. '07. 
[1909.1 c. Ill p. tl. 8'. gratis. Claflin. 

Inlernational Claim Agency, Pittsburgh, Pa, 

Next of kin, heirs at law, legatees, etc., 

etc., cic. Si. Int. Claim. 

Claims and opfiorltitiilies of Ike Christian 

ministry: ed, by J. R. Molt. 12°. 

Y. M, C. A. 

— Bosworth. Modem interpretation of the 

call to the ministry. 10 c— Weak church 

and strong man. S c. 

—Gordon. Oaims of ihe ministry on strong 

men, 10 c, 
— Hoyt. Call <}i the country church, S c; 

per 100, $4- 
— Jefferson. Minister as preacher, s c, ; per 

-McDowell, Right si 

t of rr 

1 tor the 


; per 1 

-Moore, Preparation of the modem minis- 
ter, 10 c. ; per 100, $8. 

-Wilson. Minister and the community. 
10 c, ; per 100, $8, 

riaims of French poetry, Bailey, J: C. $2,50. 
M. Kennerley, 

Claims of llic minislry on strong men, Gor- 
don, G: A. IOC. Y. M. C A. 
Claiimont, Rftlpb de. 
Reform : essay on the political, financial, 
and social condition of the United Slates. 
4th ed, '09(Fi3) c por. $1. Roxburgh. 
Clancy, Ja. 
American rivics, descriptive of the govern- 
ment of New York City, the states of 
New York and New Jersey, of the United 
Stales, and of political methods in nation 
and slate; ed. by Hugh Hastings, 'og 
(D4) c. bds., $1, Democracy Pr. 
Clans, septs and regiments of the Scottish 
Highlands. Adam, F. -JC net Scribner. 
Clapp, F: Gardner. 
Underground waters of southern Maine; 
with recorJs of deep welU by W: Shirley 
Bayley. '05CJI) 268 p. il maps, 8°, (U. S- 
Dept. of the Interior ; U, S. Geo!, Survey 

Clare, Israel Smith. 

Illustrated hist, of all nations ; cont. a rec- 
ord of the human race from the earliest 
historical period to the present time; 
embracing a general survey of the prog- 
ress of mankind in national and social 
life, civil government, religion, literature, 
science and art, 15 v. '0()<N) c. il. 
maps, facsims,, 8°. (Add, pubs, for 
price.) Chr. Herald. 

Clare, J: 

Poems ; ed.. with an inlrod., by Arth. 
Sjmons. 'ogCMyis) S. (Oxford lib. of 
prose and poetry.) 90 c. Osford Univ. 

Clarise, Henri, pseud. 

See Co5grove, Mrs. Henrietta Clarissa 

Clark, Albert Curtis. 

Inventa Italorum; being a contribution to 
the textual criticism of Cicero ; Pro 
Qvinctio, Pro Roscio Comoedo, !'ro Cae- 
cina, De lefte aRraria contra Rvllvm, Pro 
Rabiro perdvellionis reo, Pro Fiacco, In 
Pisoncm. Pro Rabirio postvinD, 'go(D25) 
facsims.. O, (Ai ■ - ■ ■ - 


Clark. Barriet Eliz. Abbott 

See Clark, Fs. E: 
Clark, H: Spencer, comp. and ed. 
Record of the lands and past descendants 
of Henry and Anne Qark, who settled 
on the head-branches of Whippany 
River, Roxiticus, Old Hunterdon County. 
N. J., 1728. '09(Agz8) por, O. pap., 50 c 
H: S. Qark. 
Clark, H: W: 
Christ from without and within; a study of 
the Gospel by St. John. 2d ed. '09 
(Agi4) 12°, •$1.25 net Revdl. 

Clark, Imogen. 

Charming humbug. '09(Jll7) 12*, •$ 

net Dulton. 

We four and two more. 'og(Sir) c. front. 

in col. D. t$i,25. Crowell. 

Clark, J. E. 

See Canfield, W. W. 
Clark, J; Calvin Lawrence. 
Tom Moore in Bermuda. 2d ed. '09(04) 
c. il. O, bds., *$2 net Smith & McC. 

Claik, J: Willis. 

Care of books: essay on the development 
of libraries and their fittings. 2d and 
ch^':it>er ed. 'o(jf Myi) il. 4", *$2.=D net. 

Clark, Julia Gil man. 

Ways of Eleanor, fold by her mother. 'dS, 
|igog,] (Mr) sop. il. por. 8°, { 

Clark, W; Lawrence. 

Quiz book on Clark's elementary law ; in- 
troductory course in the American Insti- 
tute of Law. '09(5) c. 68 p. O. pap. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Am. Law Bk, 
— , ed. See Prohaie repts. annot 
—.comp. Eltmentary law. 'o9(Je) c. i4-f 
490 p, 0. $5. Am. Law Bk, 

Sti GennloglH. 

Clarke, Dan, Allen, 

Commercial forest trees of Massachusetts; 
how you may know ihetn. [2d ed.] '08, 
[1909,] (Mr) 66 p. il. 8°. (Add. puhs. 
fir price. )^ Wright & P. 




Clark SFiELD, Ohio. 
Weeks, F. E. Pioneer hist, of Garksfield. 
♦$i net. F. E. Weeks. 

Claas room (The). No. i. The art of teach- 
ing, a color palette and its use, ground lay- 
ing, lustres; No. 2, Flower painting on 
porcelain. '09(02) il. F. pap., ea., ^3, 
boxed. Keramic 

Class-room libraries for public schools. Buf- 
falo Public Library. 25 c. Buffalo Pub. Lib. 

Classic lib. S. 25 c. ; pap., 15 c. Educ. Pub. 
— Bunyan. Pilgrim's progress. 

— Shakespeare. Antony and Cleopatra. — 

Merchant of Venice. 
— Whittier. Snowbound. 

Classic stories for boys and girls, D. 

Pcnn Pub. Co. 
— Edmison. Stories from the Norseland. 

Classical moralists. Rand, B:, comp. **$3 
net. Houghton M. 

Classical philology. 
Postgate, J : P. Flaws in classical research. 
♦$1.40 net. Oxford Univ. 

Classics in art ser. il. Q. Brcntano's. 

— Corrcgio. *$3 net. 

Classics of the bar. Sellers, A. V. $2. 


Classification of religions. Ward, D. J. H. 

75 c. Open Court. 

Classiqucs (Les) frangais; ed. by M. H. War- 
ner Allen. 12", ♦$! net. Putnam. 

— Hugo. Poemes choisis, 1822-1860. *$i net. 

— Rousseau. Julie. 

Classiques (Lrs) frangais illustris. il. 12*, 
♦$1.40 net Macmillan. 

—Sand, pseud. Frangois le Champi. 

Gaud Denvil, artist. Bearne, D: *$i net. 

Clavis universalis. Collier, A. $1.50. 

Open Court. 

Clawson, W: Hall. 
Gest of Robin Hood. '09(Agi4) O. (Univ. 
of Toronto studies. Philological ser.) 
pap., $1. Univ. of Toronto. 

Clay, Albert Tobias. 
Legal and commercial transactions dated in 
the Assjrrian, Nco-Babylonian and Per- 
sian periods, chiefly from Nippur. 08, 
[1909.] (Ja) 9+85 p. il. facsims,, f**, 
(Babylonian expedition of the Univ. of 
Penn.) $6. Univ. of Penn. 

Lester, K. M. Qay work: hdbk. for teach- 
ers. $1.25. Manual Arts. 
Ries, H. Clays, their occurrences, proper- 
ties and uses. **$5 net. Wiley. 
Ries, H. Hist, of the clay-working indus- 
try in the United States. ♦♦$2.50 net 

Veatch, O. Second rept. on the clay de- 
posits of Georgia, gratis. 

S: W. McCallie. 

See also Bricks. 

Claypool, Mrs. Elizabeth Griscom Ross Ash- 
bum [Betsy Ross]. 

Parry, O. R. Betsy Ross and the United 
States flag. 20 c. ; lo c. T. W. Worrall. 

Clayton, Edwy Godwin, comp. 

Compendium of food m.icroscopy; with sec- 
tions on drugs, water and tobacco ; comp. 
with additions and revisions from the 
late Dr. A. H. Hassall's works on food. 
'09(N) 47T p. il. 8°, ^$4 net. Wood. 

Clayton, H: Helm, and Fergusson, Stirling 
Exploration of the air with ballori-sondes. 
at St Louis, and with kites at Blue Hill. 
'09(Jl3) il- tabs., 4**, (Annals of the 
Astronomical Observatory of Harvard 
Univ.) pap., $1. Harvard Univ. 

Clayton, Marg. 
Camping in the forest; the adventures of 
five children. '09(02) il. O. *$i net 


Clean milk. Coit, H: L. (Add. pubs, for 

price.) Jefferson Co. Med. Sec 

"from cellar to garret; textbook on 

household science. 10 c. Carbona. 

Baird, H : C. Pract. dry cleaner, scourer 

and garment dyer. *$2.50 net. Baird. 

Owen, F. A., and Standage, H. C. Dyeing 
and cleaning of textile fabrics. $2. 


Pawlie, E: Pract, hdbk. of garment dyeing 
and cleaning. $3.75. M. M. Frank. 

Cleaves, Marg. Abigail, M.D. 

Autobiography of a neurasthene, as told 
by one of them and recorded by Marg. 
A. Cleaves. '09 (N6) c. D. $1.50. 


Cleburne. General Patrick Ronayne. 

Paick. L A. Cleburne and bis command. 
*$3 net. Neale. 

Clegg, T: Bailey. 
Joan of the hills. '09(Jei2) D. $1.50. Lane. 

Clemens, G. C. 

Township officers' guide; manual of the 
laws concerning townships and township 
officers in Kansas. 13th ed. ; rev. 1909 
by W. L. Harvey. *09(S) c. 116 p. O. 
pap., 50 c. Crane 

Clemens, S: Langhorne, ["Mark Twain.'' ] 
Extract from Captain Stormfield's visit to 
Heaven. '09(623) c. front. O. t$i- 


Is Shakespeare dead ? ; from my autobiogra- 
phy. '09(Api7) c. O. **$i.25 net. 

Clement, J. K. 

On the rate of formation of carbon mon- 
oxide in gas producers. 'o9('Ag2i) il. 
tabs., O. (Univ. of 111. bull. ; Engineering 
experiment station.) pap. (Add. Univ. 
for price.) Univ. of 111. 

Clements, Frederic E: 

Genera of fungi. '09(D) 227 p. 8**, $2. 

H. W. Wilson. 


5"^^ Ministers {of the Gospels); — Priests. 

Clerk, Dugald. 
Gas, petrol and oil engine, v. i, General 
principles of the internal combustion en- 
gine, together with historical sketch. 
New ed.. rev. and enl. '09(Agi4) figs. 
8^ ^$4 net. Wiley. 

CLfiRY 1 

Cleiy, Jean Baptiate Csnt-Haoet. 
Royal family in the Temple Prison; (jour- 
nal of ttie imprisonment;) with a sup- 
plementary chapter an the last hours of 
Louis XVI. by his confessor, I'Abbe Edge- 
worth de Firmonl; 1r. from ihe French 
by E. Jules Meras. 'o9(N6j c. front. D. 
(Court sei. of French memoirs.) $1,50, 
Sturgia i W. 
Cleveland, F: Albert 

Chapter; on municipal administration and 
accounting. 'og{Je5) c. O. "$2 net 

— , and Powell, Fred. Wilbnr, 

Railroad promotion and capitalisation in 
the United States. ■og(My?i) c. O. ••$2 
net. Longmans. 

Cleveland, Stephen Grover. 

Addresses, slate papers and letters; ed. by 
Albert Ellery Bergh. 'oQ(Je) c. 499 P- 
por. 12°. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Sun Dial, 

Ci-EitLAND, Stephen Grover. 

Parker, G: F. Recollections of Grover 

Cleveland. **$3 net. Century Co. 

Williams, J L. Mr. Cleveland. "50 c net. 


Cleveland, Treadwell, jr. 

Status of forestry in Ihe United Slates. 
■0Q(Di8) 8", (U. S., Depl. of Agricul- 
ture. Forest Service, circular.) pap. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Cleveland Pubiic Library. Work of the Oeve- 
land Public Library with the children, and 
the means used to reach them ; pub. tor the 
information of the citizens of Qeveland and 
Ihe members of the National Educational 
Association. '08, [igop.I (Mr) 48 p. il. 8°. 
(Add. Library for price.) 

Qeveland Pub. Lib. 

Clever business sketches. Stoll, A.. /V.. comf. 

$1. Business Man's Pub. 

Oient princes of the Roman Empire. Sands, 

P. C. 'Slso net. Putnam. 

Clinical treatises on the pathology and ther- 
apy n( disorders of metabolism and nutri- 
lion. Noordcn, C. H. v^ rd. pt. 7, $1.50; 
pl. 8. $1. Treat 

Clinical treatises on the symptomatology and 
diafinosis of disorders of respiration and 
circulation. Neusser, E. v. pt 3, $1. 


"Clivette, the Man in Black," pseud. 

Cafe cackle, from dumps to Delmonico's. 

■09(02) c. il. por. S. 50 c Laird. 

Confessions of a palmist. '09(F20) c. Jl. D. 

pap., 25 c. Laird. 

Clodd, E: 

Animism. '07, [1909.] (Ap) 8°, (Religions 
ancient and modem.) "40 c. net. 

Open Court 
Cloister and the hearth. Sff Reade, C: 
Cloister book. Burrell, D. J. $1. Am. Tr. 
Cloister to court Cotton-Walker, F. M. 
$r.40. Longmans. 

Cloppet, E: If: 

Child labor in Indiana. '09(Jei9) il, 8", 
(National Child Labor Committee pubs.) 
pap., gratis. Nat Child Labor. 

CIoBBton, J. Storer. 
Prodigal father. '09(030) c. D. t$i,SO- 
Century Co. 
Hansen, N. E, Wild alfalfas and clovers 
of Siberia 10 c. U. S,, Supt. of Docs;. 
Hunter. B. Clover seed production in the 
Willamette Valley, Oregon. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Clow, Bev. W. M. 

Cross in Christian experience. '09(Ab) 

13°, "StSO net. Jennings. 

Day of the cross : course of sermons '09 

(N!3) O. *S1-50 net Doran. 

Clowes, Fk., and Coleman, I. Beniaid. 

Quantitative chemical analysis. 8th ed.. 

rev ■og(N) Z4-f56s P. il. 8°, *$3.SO net 


Que (The). Wells, C. t$i.5o. Lippincott 

Gulch of circumstance. Hardy, A. L. $i. 




and more sacred teachings of the Egyp- 
tian initiation; notes by F. Oscar Biber- 
stein. *09(Jei2) c. 8**, $5. Philosophical. 

Bcall, Mrs. M. S. Story of the Washing- 
ton coachee and of the Powel coach 
which is now at Mount Vernon. (Priv. 

pr.) Neale. 

See also Brimfield, Mast. 


Belden, A. W., and others. Washing and 
coking tests of coal. 10 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Black Diamond's directory of coal mine 
operators. $5. Black Diamond. 

Bownocker, J: A., and others. Coal [in 
Ohio.] 50 c*. Ohio Geol. 

Burrows, J: S. Mine sampling and chem- 
ical analysis of coals tested at the United 
States fuel-testing plant. Norfolk, Va,, 
1907- 5 c. — Results of purchasing coal 
under government specifications. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Goss, W : F. M. Comparative tests of run- 
of-mine and briquetted coal on locomo- 
tives. IS c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Randall, D. T. Tests of coal and briquets 
as fuel for house-heating boilers. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Randall, D. T., and Weeks, H. W. Smoke- 
less combustion of coal in boiler plants. 
20 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Ray. W. T., and Kreisinger, H : Compar- 
ative tests of run-of-mine and briquetted 
coal on the torpedo boat "Biddle." (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Richardson, G. B. Reconnaissance of the 
Brook Qiffs Coal Field, bet. Grand 
River, Colo., and Sunnyside, Utah. 20 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

White. D : Effect of oxygen in coal. 25 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Wright, C: L. Briquet:ng tests at the 

United States fuel testing plant, Norfolk, 

Va. 10 c. U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 

See also Carbon j — Coke; — Inland nayigation; — 
Machinery; — Mines and mining. 

Coaling A oil district, Cal. 

See California. 

Coan, Maris Blair. 

Coming peril: [socialism.] *09(My8) c. D. 
SO c. Wilkie & C. 

Coates^ Mrs. B: H. 

See Coates, Florence Earle. 
Coates, Florence Earle, [Mrs. E: H. Coates.] 
Lyrics of life. '09(Di8) c. D. $1.25. 

Houghton M. 
Coats, Mack Colvin. 
California products and how to grow them. 
'09(023) c. 12'*, pap., 50 c. M. C. Coats. 
Cobbey, J. E. 
See Nebraska. Cobbey's comp. statutes — 
Cobbey*s annot. statutes. 
Cobbett, W: 
Rural ridei ; sel. and ed. by J. H. Lobban. 
'09(My) 20+231 p. 16', (Cambridge Eng- 
lish literature for schools.) *40 c. net. 

Cobleii^, S. 
Handy farm devices and how to make them. 
'opCDii) il. 12% *$ net O. Judd. 

Coblentz, Virgil. 
Manual of volumetric analysis. 2d ed., rev., 
completely reconstructed and enl., by An- 
ton Vorisek. '09(0) c. 8+234 p. il. 8', 
♦$1.75 net Blakiston. 

Coblentz, W: Weber. 
Radiation constants of metals. '09(Je) 
339-379 P- diagrs., 4**, pap. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Coburfi, Alvin Langdon. 
London ; with introd. by Hilaire Belloc. *09 
(D4) il. F. bds., $6. Brentano's. 

Coborn, Foster Dwight. 
Swine in America; text-book for the 
breeder, feeder and student. 'o9(My8) 
il. 8% ^$2.50 net. Judd.. 

Cochran, W: Coz. 
Charles Grandison Finney; memorial ad- 
dress del. at the dedication of the Finney 
Memorial (Thapel, Oberlin, June 21, 1908. 
'09(Mr) c. *o& 94 P- il. 8^ (Priv. pr.) 


Cochrane, C: H. 
How and where to sell mss. '09(D) 50 c. 

Cock-a-doodle Hill. Haines, A. C. t$i-50. 


Cockshotty Winnifred. 

Pilgrim fathers. '09(Dii) il. map, O. *$2.50 
net. Putnam. 

Coddy Marg. Jane. 
With Evans to the Pacific: a story of the 
battle fleet. '09(Sii) c il. por. D. 60 c. 

Bankers* telegraph and cable code. $3-50. 

Business Code. 
Billionaire phrase code. $1.50. 

Business Code. 
Master code. $12. Business Code. 

Miners* and smelters' code. $1. 

Business Code. 

Sellers, D: F. Unofficial telegraph and 

cable code. $2.50. Navy Pub. 

Codling moth. 
See Moths. 

Cody, William Frederick. 
Griffin, C: E. Four years in Europe with 
Buffalo Bill. $1. C : E. Griffin. 

Coe, Alice Rollit. 
Lyrics of fir and foam. '09(Ja2) c. il. D. 
bds., $2, boxed. A. Harriman. 

Coe, Fanny E. 
School reader. Third grade ; Fourth grade. 
'09(F20) c. il. D. Third grade, 40 c; 
Fourth grade, 50 c. Am. Bk. 

Coe, 6: Albert 

Progress in religious and moral educa- 
tion ; annual survey of the Religious Ed- 
ucation Association. '09 (Ag) 16 p. 8*, 
pap., 25 c. Rel. Educ. 


See Woman. 

5*^^ Seaweeds. 

Coffey, W: Harrison. 
Tim, a Kentucky mountain story. '08, 
[1909.1 (Mr) c. 93 p. W. 16"*, «>o c. 

Coffin, Jos. G: 

Vector analysis: introduciion lo vector 

methofh and their various applications 

to physics and mathemalics. 'ogCMyzaJ 

figs. 12°, 'S2.50 rel. Wiley. 

Coggina, Herbert Leonard, comp. 

Stories worli: Idling. '09(Nl3) c, il, S, 
50 c. Penn Pub. Co. 

Coggins, Paichal Hcston. 

Parliamentary law; for quick use in public 
meetings of all sorts. 'og(Ni3) c. S. 
SO c. Penn Pub. Co. 

CoHASSET, Mass. 

Davenport, G: L., and Osgood, E. Ge- 
nealogies of the families of Cohasset, 
Massachusetts. $5. Com. Town History. 
Cohen, Alfr. J. 

See Dale, Alan, pieiid. 
Cohen, Joa. E. 

Socialism for tludcnls. 'oC)(D25) c. S. .9)c, 
Cohn, Laaaar-, Dr. 

Sre Lassar-Cohn, Dr. 
Cohnbeim, Paul. 

Diseases of the digestive canal: e.sophagus, 

stomach, intestine : from the 2d German 

ed. ; ed. and tr. by Dudley Fulton. '09 

(F) c. 375 p. 8". ••$4 net. Lippincotl. 

Coin of sacrifice. Tiernan, Mrs. F. C- F. 

IS c. Ave Maria. 

Adams, E. H. Ofiicial premium list of 

United States private and territorial gold 

coins. $2: $2.50- E. H. Adams. 

Money and Stamp Brokerage Co. Money 

and stamp manual. $1. 

Money and Stamp. 
Sh alio Gold (ai monfy) i—Money. 
CoiT, Daniel Wadsworth, 

Gilman, W; C, Memoir of Daniel Wads- 
worth Coit, of Norwich, Connecticut. 
$1.25. W: C. Oilman. 

Coit, H: A: 
School sermons. '0<)(Ap3) e. D. ♦•?! 50 
net Moffat. 


Coldwater, C: H: 

Helping hand for every day's want: recipei 
for the kitchen, bath, toilet, laundry, 
household, sick room, garden, and farm; 
niili etiquette. 'opCJaifi) c. por. la', 
$1.50. C: H: Coldwater. 

Cole, G: Watson, comp. 

Catalogue of books consisting of English 
literature and miscellanea, including many 
original editions of Shakespeare, forming 
a part of the hbrary of E. Dnight Church. 
'og( Mvis) 2 v., il. facsims., 4°, subs., 
$75. DoJd, 

Cole, Lindon Albertia. 
See Kahl, J: Corliss 
Cole, Lou E. 

Voices of the West; poems of Washington. 
'09<JI) c. J7 p. por. il. S'. 50 c. L. E. Cole. 
Cole, H. 
Tempering steel; annealing and case hard- 
ening iron. '09(Mr) 23 p. 32°. (Hand- 
book ser.l pap., 10 c Sampson, 
Cole, Mary Eliza GnUy. 

Essays '09(D) c. 9-213 p. front. !2°, $1. 
B'way Pub 
Cole, Percival H:, eomp. 

Later Roman cdoealion in Ausonius, Ca- 
pclla and the Theodosian code : with 
translations and commentary. 'ootSiS) 
c. O. (Columbia Univ., Teachers' College, 
Contributions to education. 1 pap., JS c 
Teachers' Coll. 
Cole, Hob. Jermain, ["The Knrtiel."! 

Photogrnphy in a nutshell. 'og(D> c. 64 p. 
12°, 25 c. TennanL 

Cole, S: Winkley, and Lewis, Leo Rich. 

Melodia; a course in sight-singing. "09 
(Agu) $'.50. Ditson. 

Cole, Willis Vernon. 

Poems that heal the sick. '09(N1 c. 'oS. 
48 p. il. 8', pap., 75 c; ook, $2. 

Universal -Good. 
Coleman, I. Bernard. 

See Grawes, Fk. 
Coleman, Silaa Ellgworth. 




Collaboration of Webster and Dekker. Pierce, 
F: E. $1. Holt 

See Ceramics ; — Funxiture ; — Pewter ; — Postage 

Collection and disposal of municipal waste. 

Morse, W : F. $5. Municipal Joum. 

Collection of easy hymns. Hahn, B. F. 35 u 

St. Boniface's. 
College algebra. Davisson, S. C *$i.50 net 

College algebra. Rietz, H: L ♦♦$1.40 net 

College histories of art; ed. by J: C. Van 
Dyke. il. D. Longmans. 

—Hamlin. Text-book of the history of archi- 
tecture. $2. 
College of the City of New York, N. Y. 

See Gymnastics and physical culture. 
College years. Paine. R. D. t$i.50. 

Colleges anp UNniotsiTiES. 
American college and private school direc- 
tory. $2. Educational Aid. 
Benton, G. P. Real college. ^75 c. net. 

Birdseye, C. F. Reorganization of our col- 
leges. **$i.75 net Baker & T. 
Candler, W. A. Dangerous donations and 
degrading; doles; [gifts to colleges and 
universities.] 10 c. Lester Bk. 
Curzon, G: N., Baron. Principles and 
methods of luiiversity reform. 85 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Dabney, C: W: Unity of the University. 

(Not for sale.) Univ. of Cin. 

Fryer, J: Admission of Chinese students 
to American colleges. (Add. Superin- 
tend for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Hayes. E. Letters to a college girl. 60 c. 

E. Hayes. 

Jordan, L: H:, and Labanca, B. Study of 
religion in the Italian universities. $2.40. 

Oxford Univ. 

Olin. Mrs. H. M. R. Women of a state 
university. ♦♦$1.50 net Putnam. 

Stevens, W. L. College standardization. 
(Not for sale.) W. L. Stevens. 

Tufts, J. H. American college education 
and life. (Add. author for price.) 

J. H. Tufts. 

United States. Library of Congress. 
Smithsonian Division. Want list of pub- 
lications of educational institutions. '09 
(My) 14 p. 8*. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Walden, J : W : H : Universities of ancient 

Greece. ♦♦$1.50 net Scribner. 

See also Acriculture; — Medicine; — Orators and ora- 
toryj — Religious education; — Younjr Men's 
Christian's Association; — also Eton College; — 
Miami Univ.; — ^Unir. of Leipzig: — Vassar O)!- 

Collegiate course for home study. Skinner, 
H. M., ed. $29195; $3995; $57. Cree. 

CoIIetoii, Arth. Stanley. 
Isle of temptation. '09(Jc) c. 64-292 p. D. 
$1.50. StU3rvesant Press. 

Collier, Arth. 
Gavis universalis; ed., with an introd. and 
notes, by Ethel Bowman. '09(023)^1.50. 

Open Cfourt. 

Collier, Price. 
England and the English from an American 
point of view. '09(Ap3) c O. ♦♦$1.50 
net. Scribner. 

Collier, W: 
Book of etiquette entitled "Don't do that" 
v. I. '09(My) c. 59 p. il. 16**, 50 c. 

Collier, W: MiUer. 
Law and practice in bankruptcy under the 
national bankruptcy act of 1898. 4th ed., 
by W: H. Hotchkiss. 7th ed., rev. and 
enl. by Fk. B. Gilbert. '09(Je) c. 68+ 
1309 P. O. $7.50. M. Bender. 

See Coal. 

Collins, Archie F: 

Design and construction of induction coils. 
'09(Myi5) c figs. O. ^$3 net Munn. 

Manual of wireless telegraphy and tele- 
phony. 2d ed., enl. '09(Ag28) c. figs. 
12% ♦♦$1.50 net. Wiley. 

Collins, F. Howard. 
Authors' and printers' dictionary. '09 
(Agi4) S. 35 c. Oxford Univ. 

Collins, Guy N. 
Apogamy in the maize plant. '09 (O) 453- 
455 P- 8**, (Smithsonian Inst. U. 5. Na- 
tional Museum; contribs. from U. S. 
National Herbarium.) pap. (Add Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Collins, Hubert Edn. 
Boilers. *09(Fi3) c il. tabs., 12*, (Power 
handbooks.) $1. Hill Pub. 

Shafting, pulleys, belting and rope trans- 
mission. 'o9(Fi3) c il. 12*, (Power 
handbooks.) $1. Hill Pub. 

Steam turbines. '09(Jei9) c. il. 12**, (Power 
handbooks.) $1. Hill Pub. 

Collins, Ja. Franklin, and Preston, Howard 
Key to New England trees, wild and com- 
monly cultivated. 'o9(Jei2) c. T. pap., 
40 c. Preston. 

Collins, Ja. H. 
Human nature in selling goods. '09(My8) 
S. (Altemus* popular manuals.) bds., 50 c. 

Altemus. . 
Collins, Jos., M.D. 
Letters to a neurologist *09(F2o) I2*, ♦$! 
net. Wood. 

Collins, Miles. 
Woolen and worsted spinning. '09(My8) 
c. il. diagrs., 8', (American School of 
Correspondence pubs.) $3. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
Collins, W. W. 
Cathedral cities of Spain. '09 (D4) c. col. 
il. O. ♦♦$3.50 net Dodd. 

Collinsworth, Ja. Ragan. 
Pseudo church doctrine of anti-Pedo-Bap- 
tists defined and refuted; rev. by Rev. 
W. T. Dale, D.D. '09(0) 647+17 P. il- 
por. 8*, $2.50. Hudson. 

Collmann, Sophie M. 
Art talks with young folks. '09(D25) c. 
il. O. $1.50. Young Israel. 

••CoUodi, C," pseud. 

See Lorenzini, Carlo. 

See Chemiitry. 



Colloquy (A). Gourley. S: B, (Add. au- 

Ihor for price.) S; B. Gourley. 

Collum, Rowland W., and Gray, H. M. W. 

Practice of anesthetics by Rowland W. 

Collum ; and General surgical techninoe 

by H. M. W. Gray; ed. by Ja. Cantlie. 

'09CJI) 352 p. il. 12°, *%3 net. Wood. 

CoJmore, 6., pseud. 

See Weaver, Gertrude Ren ton. 
Colombia (Republic of). 

Bingham, H. Journal of an expedition 
across Venezuela and Colombia. 1906- 
1907. *$2.2S net. Yale Pub. 

International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics, Colombia; general descriplive data. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Inf. Bo. Am. Republics. 
Pitliev dc Fibrega, H. F. New or note- 
worthy plants from Colombia and Cen- 
tral America, (Add. Supcrinlendert for 
price.) U, S., Sunt, of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor, Rept. on trade conditions in Co- 
lombia, by C: M. Pepper; repr. and dis- 
tributed by the International Bureau of 
American Republics. '09(D) 53 p. 8°. 
(Add, pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu. Am. Republic. 

Col. Wilton's daughters. Finklea, Afrj. A. B. 

$1.85. B'way Pub. 

Colonial families of America. Smith, F. M. 

$2. Allabcn. 


Alvord', C. W;. British ministry and the 
treaty of Fort Stanwix, 25 c. 

State Hist., Wis. 

Sh Uaited Stiles colonic] pountioai. 
Colonia (The) alert; selections from the 
Voulh'f Compitnion. 'o9(0) c. 64 p. il, ia°, 
(Companion lib.) pap., 10 c. 

Youth's Companion. 
ind imperial defense. Silburn, P. 
A, B, $a. Long:mans. 

Colorado rivth. 
Jones, T ; W., covtp. Scenic t 

California, incl. Grand Canyon of Ari- 
zona, so c, F. Harvey. 

Colorado State Organiiation of the Interna- 
tional Congress on Tuberculous. Colorado 
souvenir book for the International Con- 
gress on Tuberculosis ; ed. by W : N, Begea, 
'08, [tgog.] (Mr) 200 p. il. maps, tabs.. 8°. 
(Add, pub. for price.) W: N, Beggs, 

Coloratura album for soprano. Marzo, E>, 
camp and ed. $1. Ditson, 

Stt NcgtOM. 

Colorist (The), Hatt, J. A. H : $1.50. 

Van Nostrand, 
Colour of Rome. Potter, O. M. •$5 net. 

Columbia elementary geography, Scfamucker, 
S ; C, 60 c Hindi. 

Columbia River, 
Lyman, W: D, Columbia River. •*$3.S0 
net. Putnam. 

ColuTiibia School of Poultry Culture text- 
books. Course A. In 12 sections. '09 
(D18) c. O. pap., per set, $2, 

Columbia Sch. Poultry. 

Columbia University contributions from the 
Dept. of Botany. 3°, pap, Columbia Univ. 

— House. North American species of the 
genus Ipomoea. 35 c. 

Columbia University contributions lo Orien- 
tal history and philology. 8°, pap. 


— Zandstra. Witness of the Vulgate, Peshitta 
and Septuagint to the text of Zckhama,, 
•$1 net. 

Columbia University Germanic studies. S°, 
pap., '$1 net. Macmillan. 

— Hauhart. Reception of Goethe's Faust in 
England in the first half of the miieteenth 

Columbia University Indo-Im 




Columbia University studies in English, il. 
8°. Columbia Univ. 

—Albright. Shakespeare stage. *$i.50 net. 
— Tucker. Verse satire in England before the 

Renaissance. ♦$! net. 
—Wood, A. I. P. Stage history of Shake- 
speare's King Richard the Third. *$i.25 

Columbia University studies in history, eco- 
nomics and public law; ed. by the Faculty 
of Political Science. O. Longmans. 

— Davis. Psychological interpretations of so- 
ciety. $2. 

— Fry. New Hampshire as a royal province. 


— Gephart. Transportation and industrial de- 
velopment in the Middle West. $2. 

— Hains. Conflict over judicial powers in 
the United States. $1.50. 

— Hayes. Introduction to the sources relat- 
ing to the Germanic invasions. $1.50. 

— Lichtenberger. Divorce. ♦*$i.5o net. 

— Parsons. Responsibility for crime. $1.50. 

— Shapiro. Social reform and the Reforma- 
tion. $1.25. 

— Woolston. Study of the population of 
Manhattan ville. $1.25. 

Columbia University Teachers' College. Ed- 
ucational Museum. Exhibition of material 
illustrating the historical development of 
mathematics from the collection of David 
Eugene Smith. *09(Mr) 8 p. 8°, pap., 
gratis. D: E. Smith. 

Columbia University, Teachers' College, con- 
tributions to education. O. pap. 

Teachers' Coll. 

— Bard. City school district. $1. 

— Betts. Distribution and functions of men- 
tal imagery. $1 ; 75 c. 

— Cole, camp. Later Roman education. 25 c. 

— Lodge. Vocabulary of high school Latin. 

— Snyder. Legal status of rural high schools 
in the U. S. $1.50. 

Columbia Univ. Teachers* College record, il. 

8^ Teachers' Coll. 

— Johnson. Problem of adapting history to 

children in the elementary school. 30 c. 
— Sachs, ed. Studies in secondary education. 

30 c. 

— Smith. Teaching of arithmetic. 30 c. 

Columbia Univ., Teachers' College ser. 8**. 

Teachers' Coll. 
— Andrews. Museums of education. 30 c. 

— Stowe. English grammar schools in the 
reign of Queen Elizabeth. *$i.50 net. 

Columbus, Christopher. 

Kitchen, M. L. K. Essay on the life of our 
patriotic admiral, Christopher Colttmbns. 
50 c. R. Kitchen. 

Columbus. Ferdinand. 

Catalogue of Ferdinand Columbus Library 

reproduced in facsimile from the unique 

ms. in the Columbine Library of Seville. 

[facsim.] '05, [1909] (N) no paging. 4**, 

$70. Hispanic Soc. 


Talbot, A. N. Tests of brick columns and 

terra cotta block columns, gratis. 

Univ. of 111. 

ColviU, Mary H. 
Samt Teresa of Spain. '09 (N) i6-f-344 P» 
il. S'*, *$2.50 net. Dutton. 

Colville, W: Wilberforce JuyenaL 
Health from knowledge; or, the law of 
correspondences as related to psycho- 
therapy, in seven lectures. '09 (D^ c. 
143 p. 12**, so c. Macoy. 

Colvin, Fred Herbert 
Engine lathe work. 'o9(Je26) il. $1. 

Hill Pub. 

Link motions, valves and valve setting. 2d 

ed. '09(D) c. 82 p. 24**, 50 c. Henley. 

Machine shop drawings, leading drawings, 

making shop sketches, laying out work. 

'09(0i6) c. il. 12", $1. McGraw-H. 

— ,and Cheney, — . 

Engineer's arithmetic. 2d ed. '09(D) 
122 p. 16'*, bds., 50 c. Henley. 

Colvin, P. H. 

See Richards, Jos. W: 
Colvin, Ian D. 
South Africa. '00(09) il. in col. map, O. 
(Romance of history ser.) ^$2 net. 

Colwell, Eliz. 
Songs and sonnets. 'o9(Di8) c. O. pap., 
♦$2.50 net, boxed. F. F. Sherman. 

Colwell, Nathan Porter. 
Need, methods and value of medical col- 
lege inspection. 'o9(N) 11 p. 8**, pap., 
gratis. Am. Medical. 


Set Trusts. 
Combined tonics and other related auditory 
phenomena. Peterson, J. $1.50. 

Psychological Review. 
Combustion engines. 

See Engines. 

Comedie humaine. See Balzac, Honore de. 

See Plajrs. 


See Astronomy. 

Comfort, W: Wistar, comp. and ed. 

Les maitres de la critique litteraire au 

xixme siecle. '09 (N6) c. S. (Modern 

language ser.) 50 c. Heath. 

Comfort of the hills. Mitchell. S. W. (Priv. 

pr.) S. W. Mitchell. 

Coming of Hester. Baird, J. K. t$i-25. 

Lothrop. L. & S. 
Coming peril. Coan, M. B. 50 c. Wilkie & C. 

Coming struggle in eastern Asia. Weale, 
B. L. P., pseud. *$3.50 net. Macmillan. 

Walker, S. G. Household catechism on 
the Decalogue. 25 c. ; 40 c. S. G. Walker. 

See under subjects. 

Commentary on the science of organization 
and business development. Frank, R. T. 
$2.75; $3- S: \. Bloch. 

Adams, C. C. Elem. commercial geogra- 
phy. $1.10. Appleton. 
Chisliolm, G: G. Hdbk. of commercial 
geography. ♦$4.80 net. Longmans. 
Daish, J : B. Procedure in interstate com- 
merce cases. ♦$$ net. Lowdermilk. 
Drinker, H: S., jr. Treatise on the intrr- 
state commerce act. 2 v. $10. Riscl. 


Com uebce. — Conlinufd. 

Hague, G: Pract treatise on banking and 
commerce. $3. Bankers' Pub. 

Hall, A., and Heywood, F. Shipping : 
guide to the routine in connection with 
the shipment of goods. 50 c Pitman. 

Hough, B : 0. Elem. lessons in exporting. 
53. Johnston Export. 

National Business League of America. 
Pract. suggestions for the development 
of American export trade, with direc- 
tories of the chief cities of Brazil, South 
America, Chile, Panama, southeast Af- 
rica. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Nat. Business. 

Pigott, C, comp. Exporters' encyclopedia. 
$5, Exporters' Enc. 

Selling foreign manufactures in United 
States at prices lower than the domestic 
prices, 'o(j(Je) 126 p. 8", pap. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U, S., Supt. of Docs. 

Thompson, R. J., comp. Suggestions for 
the development of American export 
trade to Gennany, gratis. 

Nat. Business. 

United States. Dept. of Comtnerct and 
Labor. Bureau of Statistics. Commer- 
cial America. (Add. Saperintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor. Btt. of St<ilh\ii-s. Exports of 
domestic merchandise from the U. S. dur- 
ing the year ending June 30, igo8. '09 
(Ag) 711-778 p. 4°, pap, (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U, S.. Supt. of Docs. 

United Slates. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bureau of Stalislks. Foreign 
commerce and navtgaiion of ihc U. S.. 
for year ending June 3": 1908 $2, 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Commcrcr and 
Labor. Bureau of Statistics. Imports 
and exports of gold and silver and 
imiiorts and exports of merchandi« Into 
and from the U. S. by 


mitting in response to Senate resolntioo 
of Apr. 5 information respecting nuuiii- 
factnred products. 'o9(Je) 8 p. S*, pap. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Snpt of Docs. 

United States. Drpi. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bureau of Statistics. Tonnage 
movement of American and foreign ves- 
sels in the foreign trade of the United 
Stales during the year ending June 30, 
igoS. 'og(My) 1065-1134 p. tabs., 4°, pap 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of State. Fordga 
trade and treat; relations 1 letter from ^e 
secretary of state, transmitting a request 
for an appropriation of $100,000 to enable 
the Department of State to defray the 
necessary expenses incurred jn connec- 
tion with foreign trade and treaty rela- 
tions. '09(0) 9 p. 8*. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See Bite Advertising; — Buiknt^tcy; — Banki «nil 
^-~'"~~" —Bookkeeping; — ^miiiesi; — - Carrien; 
' * ' . — Conmcidal 

—Erie ODi];— Flnince;~Gnat Likeai— In- 
Und RivigitiaTii — Intereitj — Loini; — Uoneri— 
MoQOpolie*; — Panics; — Political economt; — 
Railroadi:— Sale; — Stocki; — Tariff;— iTnide- 
unions; — Tianiportotion ; — Truala. 
Commercial and technical terms in the Eng- 
lish and Spanish languages. Montcverde, 
R. D. *7o c. net. Macmillan 



Browne, T : R. and E, C. Miscellaneous 

correspondence, commercial and legal 

forms, pt, I. so c 

Brown's Business Coll. 
Crissey, F. Hand-book of modem business 

correspondence. $1. Thompson & T. 
Hammrind, H. W. Style-book of business 

English, 85 c. Pitman. 

Hickox, W ; E, Correspondents' manual 

for stenographers, 50 c, 

Lothrop, L. & S. 
How to write letters that win. $z. 




Commercial law. — Continued. 

McMaster, J. S. Commercial digest and 
business forms. $6. Weed-Parsons. 

Moore, W: V. Legal secretary: series of 
articles on commercial law. $3. Boger. 

Nims, H. D. Law of unfair business com- 
petition. $6.50. Baker, V. & Co. 

Putney, A. H. Commercial law. $4.80. 


Simons, C: C. Commercial law simplified. 
$5. Business Man's Pub. 

Slater, J: A. Pitman's mercantile law. 
$2. Pitman. 

Sullivan, J. J. American business law. 
♦♦$1.50 net. Appleton. 

See also Bankraptcy; — Carrieri; — Contracts; — Cor- 

p<>ration8; — Insurance; — Negotiable instruments; 

— Patents ; — Railroads ; — Sale ; — ^Trusts. 

Commercial organic analysis. Allen, A. H. 

V. I. ♦$$ net Blakiston. 


See Negotiable instruments. 

See Tariff. 

Commercial World encyclopedia of account- 
ing.. Spear, R, H., ed. In 2 v. v. i. per 
set, $15. Commercial World. 

Commercialism and journalism. Holt, H. 
♦*$! net. Houghton. M. 

Common affections of the liver. White, W. 
H. *$2 net. Wood. 

Common law. 

See names of states. 

Common schools. 

See Schools. 

Common sense Bible teacher. Abbott, C. L 
25 c. C. L. Abbott. 

Commons, J: R., Phillips, Ulrichs B., Gilmore, 
Eugene A., and others, eds. 
Documentary hist, of American industrial 
society; prepared under the auspices of 
the American Bureau of Industrial Re- 
search, with the co-operation of the Car- 
negie Institution of Washington; with a 
preface by R: T. Ely and introd. by J: 
B. Gark. In 10 v. v. i, 2, Plantation 
and frontier, by Ulrich B. Phillips; v. 3, 
4, Labor conspiracy cases, 1806- 1842, by 
J : R. Commons and Eugene A. Gilmore ; 
V. 5, 6, Labor movement. 1820- 1840, by J : 
R. Commons and Helen L. Sumner ; v. 7, 
8. Labor movement, 1840-1860, by J: R. 
Commons; v. 9, 10, Labor movement, 
i860- 1880, by J: R. Commons and J: B. 
Andrews, analytical index. '09(09) c il. 
pors. 4*, per set. ^$50 net. Issued two 
volumes bi-monthly, beginning Sept. i. 

A. H. Gark. 

Commonweal (The). Hillier, A. P: ♦$1.50 

net Longmans. 

Commonwealth of Australia. Wise, B. R, 

♦$3 net. Little, B. & Co. 


See Lord's supper. 


See Socialism. 

Pressy, E. P. Vision of new Gairvaux; 
[introducing experiences of Montague, 
Mass., colony of idealists]. ♦$1.25 net. 

Sherman, F. 
Communium naturalium. See Bacon, Roger. 
Compact (The). Cullum, R. *$i.20 net. 


Companion library, il. 12". 

Youth's Companion. 
— Colonies alert. 10 c. 
Companion ser. il. 12'. Youth's Companion. 
— Under the crown. 50 c. 
Company law. 

See Corporations. 

Comparative legislation bulletin. See Wis- 
consin Free Library Commission. 

Comparative mythology. Muller, M. 50 c.; 
75 c Dutton. 

Comparative studies in religion. Secrist H : 
T. 45 c. ; 35 c. ; 65 c. Unitarian S. S. 

C(Hnpayr6, Jules Gabriel. 

Yvan (jail, le pupille de la marine; ed., 
with notes and vocab., by O. B. Super. 
'09(Ja23) c. il. S. 35 c. Holt. 

Compendium of food microscopy. Clayton, 
E. G., comp. ^$4 net. Wood. 

Compendium of history. Kemey, M. J. 
♦$1.25 net. Murphy. 


See Commercial law. 

Complaint of nature. Alain de Lille. 75 c 

Complete angler. 5"^^ Walton, Izaak. 
Complete farmer ser. il. D. ♦60 c. net. 

— McConnell. Live stock. 
Complete guide to the game of draughts. 

Lees, J. 50 c. Warne. 

Complete Mother Goose. See Mother Choose. 
Complete pocket guide to Europe. Stedman, 

E. C. and T. L., eds, ♦$1.25 net. 

W: R. Jenkins. 
Complete version of ye three blind mice. 

Ivimey, J : W : ♦so c. net. Warne. 


See English language; — Rhetoric;— a/jo names of 

Comprehensiye standard diet, of the English 
language; designed to give the orthogra- 
phy, pronunciation, meaning, and etymology 
of about 38,000 words and phrases in the 
speech and literature of the English-speak- 
ing peoples ; abgd. from the Funk and Wag- 
nails Standard dictionary of the English 
language, by Ja. C. Femald. '01, [1909.] 
(D) c. 5-8-533 p. il. 8% $1.50. Funk. 

Compressed air. 
Boycott, G. W. M. Compressed air. **$4 
net. Van Nostrand. 

Hiscox, G. D. Compressed air, its produc- 
tion, uses and applications. $5. Henley. 
Wightman, L. L, comp. Compressed air. 
$1. Am. Sch. Corr. 

See als7 Machinery. 
Compulsory education in the South. Milton. 
G: F. gratis. Nat. Child Labor. 

See Arithmetic. 

Comrade Kropotkin. Robinson, V. $1. 

Comrades. Dixon, T:, jr. t$i-50- 

Doubleday, P. 
Comrades courageous ser. il. 12**. Badger. 
— Whitcomb. Skimming the skies. $1.25. 
Comrades ser. for boys. See Victor, Ralph. 

CoMTE, Auguste. 

Whittaker, T : W. Comte and Mill. *50 c. 

net. Dodge. 

Comte (Le) de Monte Cristo. Dumas, A. 

40 c. Am. Bk. 


Comt«lbtira business calendar, igop; contain- 
ing information of business holidays 
throughout the world and a supply of busi- 
ness maxims for every day of the year. 
'09(Mr6) c. tabs., 0. $i. Comtelburo. 

Coiiai!, Laurc, [pseud, or F. Ansets.] 

Master motive: tale of the days of Cham- 
plain ; tr. from the French by Theresa A. 
Gethin. 'ogCMr) 2+254 P- 8*. $1. 

Conant, C: Aith. 

Hislory of modem banks of issue: with 

an account of the economic crises of the 

nineteenth century and the crisis of 1907. 

4th ed., rev. and enl. '09(Aplo) c. O. 

•■*$3S0 net. Putnam. 

Conant, Levi Leonard, ed. 

Five- place logarithmic' and trigonometric 

tables based on the tables of F. G. Gauss. 

■og(N2o) c. O. so c. Am. Bk. 

Plane and spherical trigonometry. '09 

(N13) c. il. O. 85 c; with Five-place 

logarithmic and trigonometric tables, 

^i.zo. Am. Bk. 

Plane trigonometry, 'o9(N2o) c. O. 60 c; 

bound with Five-place logarithmic and 

trigonometric tables, 90 c. Am. Bk. 

Conard, Howard L: 

Reconstructing Eden: [satire on some cur- 
rent tendencies,] 'og(Mr) c. 66 p. il, 16°, 
SO c. : pap., 25 c. New Eden. 

Conceited puppy. Emanuel, W. so C, 

Concentrations of Bee. Bell, L. L. $i.SO. 

L. C. Page. 

Sec Mmic. 

Association of American Portland Cement 
Manufacturers, Plans for suburban con- 
crete dwellings. $1. 

Assoc. Am. Portland Cement. 

Alias Portland Cement Co., N. Y. Con- 
crete construction about the home and on 
the farm. ?th rev. ed., 1909. '09(S) c. 
'05. 160 p. il. 8°, pap., gratis. 

Atlas Portland Cement. 

Atlas Portland Cement Co,. N. Y. Con- 

Concrete. — Continued. 
Talbot, A. N. Tests of reinforced con- 
crete beams, ser. 1907-08. gratis.— Test 
of three large reinforced concrete beams, 
gratis. Univ. of UL 

Taylor. F: W., and Thompson. S. E. Con- 
crete, plain and reinforced. $5. Wiley. 
Thompson, 5. E. Concrete in highway con- 
struction. $1. Atlas Portland Cement 
Trautwine, J : C. jr. and J : C, 3d. Con- 
crete, plain and reinforced. *$2 net. 
Trussed Concrete Steel Co,, Detroit, comp. 
Kahn system standards. $1.50. 

Tru»s Concrete. 
Tucker and Vinton. Reproductions from 
photographs of representative concrete 
structures. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Tucker & V. 
Turneaure, F: E., and Maurer, E: R. 
Principles of reinforced concrete con- 
struction. $3.50. Wiley. 
Turner, C. A. P. Concrete steel constmc- 
ticin. pt. 1, Buildings. $20. 

C. A. P. Turner. 

Twelvetrees, W. N. Simplified methods ol 

calculating rem forced concrete beams. 

ao c. Macmillan. 

Webb, W. L,, and Gibson, W. H. Masonry 

and reinforced concrete. $3. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

Sit also Arthn:— Br)die>;-Ilu)lding;-<>i»eiit 

Condensed bridge for the busy man. Camp. 

W- C. i5 c. Collier. 

Ccnder, Claude Beignier. 

Cily of Jerusalem. "ogCJes) il. 8°, '$4 net. 


Conditions and future of the Philippines. 

Winslow, E. (Add. Superintendent for 


U. S., Supt of Docs. 



Abbott. L. 

The temple. '"^Las net. 



Sayings of Confucius. 'Si.zs 



Emerv, C. 

Way that He willeth for me. 

25 c. 

Reid Pub- 




Conduct of life. — Continued. 

Peters, M. C. How to make things go. 
25 c. Laird. 

Pierson, A. T. Obdly self-control, ♦so c 
net. Armstrong. 

Rickaby, J. Four-square; or, the cardinal 
virtues. *6o c. net. Wagner. 

Rogers, L. W. Life sublime: lectures on 
the application of the higher principles 
to the conduct of daily life. 10 c. 

Theosophical Bk. 

Tomkins, F. W. Faith and life of a Chris- 
tian. ♦75 c. net. Am. S. S. 

Wilson, C. D. Making the most of our- 
selves. ♦$! net. McClurg. 

Wright, H : B. Will of God and a man's 
life wcrk. 90 c. Y. M. C A. 

Seg also Character; — Cheerfulness; — Christian life; 

—Culture; — Ethics; — Etiquette; — Family; — 

Girls; — Happiness; — Success; — Temptation; — 

Vocation; — Young men; — Young people. 

Conduction of electricity through gases. 

McOung, R. K *$i.50 net. Blakiston. 


See Street railroads. 

Cone, R: Wood. 

Speaking voice ; its scientific basis in music. 
*09(Mr) $1. Evans Music. 

Cone, Trenmor, comp. 

See Nebraska. Liquor Laws. 
Cone, Victor M. 

See Fortier, S: 

See Civil War. 

Confession, and other verses. Low, M. A. 

*8o c. net. Sherman, F. 

Confession of Seymour Vane. Snow, E. 50 c. 

Confessional hist, of the Lutheran church. 

Richard, J. W: $3. Lutheran Pub. 

Confessions of a con man. Irwin. W : H : 

*$i net. B : W. Huebsch. 

Confessions of a Macedonian bandit. Son- 

nichsen, A. $1.50 Duffield. 

Confessions of a neurasthenic. Marrs, W: 

T. *^i net. Davis. 

Confessions of a newspaper. North Amer- 
ican, Philadelphia, gratis. 

North American, Phil. 
Confessions of a palmist. "Qivette, the 

Man in Black," pseud. 25 c. Laird. 

Confessions of Al Ghazzali. Al-Gazali, A. H. 

M. *40 c. net. Dutton. 

Confessions of an English opium eater. See 

De Quinoy. T: 
Confidantes of a king. Goncourt, E. L. A. H. 

de. In 2 V. *$4 special net. Appleton. 


Anderson, C: P. Confirmation or the lay- 
ing on of hands. 10 c. McClurg. 

Chase. F: H: Cogfirmation in the apos- 
tolic age. *8o c. net. Macmillan. 
Confirmation, authority, confession. Candole, 

H. L. C. V. de. *36 c. net. Longmans. 
Conflict between private monopoly and good 

citizenship. Brooks, J : G. **50 c. net. 

Houghton M. 
Conflict of religions in the early Roman Em- 
pire. Glover, T. R. *$2.5o net. Scribner. 
Conflict over judicial powers in the United 

States. Hains, C: G. $1.50. Longmans. 

Sayings of Confucius; ir. by Leonard A. 
Lyall. '09(02) O. ^$1.25 net. Longmans. 

Conger, Mrs. £dn. Hurd. 

-S'^^' Conger, Sarah Pike. 
Conger, Sarah Pike, [Mrs. £dn. Hurd Conger.] 
Letters from China, with particular refer- 
ence to the Empress Dowager and the 
women of China. *09(Myi) c. il. map, 
O. *$2.75 net. McClurg. 

Congo Free State, Africa. 
Doyle, Sir A. C. Crime of the Congo. 
25 c. Doublcday, P. 

Congregational church. 
Jenkins, F. E., and others. Anglo-Saxon 
Congegationalism in the South. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Franklin-T. 


See United States. 

Conigsby, W :, ed. 

See Dawson, W: Ja. 
Conjugation of Spanish verbs. Brigham, F. 
H. 60 c. F. H. Brigham. 

Downs, T: N. Art of magic. $5. 

W. S. Edwards. 
Goldston, W. Tricks and illusions for am- 
ateurs and professional conjurors. *$i.25 
net. Dutton. 

Neil, C. L. After-dinner sleights and pock- 
et tricks. — Modem card manipulation, 
ea., 50 c Lippincott 


See Genealogies, Prosch, T: W. 

Conlan, Jos. J: 

See Chrysostom John, Brother. 
Conley, J: Wesley, D.D. 

Educative value of Bible study, and The 

Bible and the schools, from The Bible 

in modern light. 'o9(Jl) 163-193 p. 16', 

pap., 5 c. : per 100. $2.50. Am. Bapt. 

Sec Musselman, Hugh T: 

Conley, W: G., rep. 

See West Virginia. Sup.ct. of appeals. 
Ccnly, Mrs. Ella Madge Smith. 
Lady of France. *09(Jai6) c. il. 12", $1.50. 

Conn, Herbert W: 

Agricultural bacteriology; a study of the 
relation of germ life to the farm with 
laboratory experiments for students, 2d 
ed., rev. and enl. 'o9(S) c. io-j-331 p. il. 
8^ $2. Blakiston. 

Elementary physiology and hygiene, for use 
in upper grammar grades; rev. and enl. 
ed. '09(0) c. 334 p. il. 12**, ♦60 c. net. 

— , and Budington, Rob. AUyn. 

Advanced physiology and hygiene, for use 
in secondary schools. '09 (N6) c. il. D. 
(Conn ser. of physiologies.) $1.10. 


— , and Webster, Lucia Washburn Hazen. 

Preliminary report on the algae of the 

fresh waters of Connecticut. '08, [1909.] 

(Mr) 5-75 p. il. 8', (Conn, state geol. 

and natural hist, survey bull.) 35 c. 

Conn. Lib. 
Conn ser. of physiologies, il. D. Silver. 

— Conn and Budington. Advanced physiolo- 
gy and hygiene. $1.10. 
Connan, J: C. 

Switchboard measuring instruments for 
continuous and polyphase systems. '09 
(Mr 13) il. 8", $2. Spon 


OonJiecticut Public Library. Helps in library 
work with children. 'o3((D) 6 p. 8°, 
(Conn. Public Library document,) pap,, 
gratis. Conn. Pub. Lib. 

Ccmiiecticiit, Sales act (public acts, igoj, 
ch. 212) ; complete text of statuie as en- 
acted, suppleraenled by the conditional sales 
act and the sales in bulk act, with notss; 
by J: Elliott 'ottCJD c. 10+933 P- O- 
$6. Dissell. 

OonnecticDt. Supreme cl. of errors,. Cases; 
(Ja. P. Andrews.) v. 80, 81. 'og{0) c. 
O. shp., ea., $2.3a Banks. 


Conn. H. W :, and Webster. L. W. H. Pre- 
liminary report on liie algae of the fresh 
waters of Connecticut, 35 c. Conn. Lib. 
Evans, A. W:, and Nichols, G: E. Bryo- 
phyles of Connecticut: [mosses,] 30 c. 

Conn. Lib. 
Grcgorj'. H. E., o>id Ellis, E. E. Under- 
ground water resources of Connecticut. 
{Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
S€i! aim Bethany:— Eut Plymouth;— Foi rfirld;— 
County;— GroIon; — Litcblield Co.; — Tobercu- 
Otmnecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, 
Transactions, v. 15. July, 190Q. To the 
University of Leipiig on the occasion of the 
500th anniversary of its foundation, from 
Yale University and the Connecticut Acad- 
emy of Arts and Sciences. 'o9(Sii) $3.5a 
Yak Univ. 
Connecticut slate geological and nalural his- 
tory survey bulletin. 8°. Conn. Lib. 
—Conn and Webster. Preliminary report on 
the algae of the fresh waters of Connecti- 
cut 35 c. 
— Evans and Nichols. Bryophytes of Con- 
necticut 30 c. 
Connell, A. C. 
Pitman's companies and company law; to- 
gether with the Companies (Consolida- 
tion) Act, 1908. ■oQ(Mr) 12+332 P- O- 
cl, $z. Pitman. 
Connelley, W: Elsey. 


Conover, F: K., rep. 
See Wisconsin. Sup. el. RepU. 

Conoveiv J. 
See On the gridiron. 

Conquest of Mexico. Prcscott, W : H. 3 v. 
ea., "35 c. ret; 'yo c net. Dntton. 

Conquest of the air. Rotch. A . L. *•$! net 

Conquest of the great Northwest Laut A 
O. $3. UoRat 

Conquest of the Isthmus. Weir, H. C. ■•$2 
net. Putnam. 

Conquest of the Missouri, Hanson, J. H. 
•$2 net McGurg. , 

Conquest of the North. Ingersoll, E. 10 c, 
C. S, Hammond. 

Cooiad, H: Clay. 

History of the state of Delaware. '08, , 
I1909-I <F) C.3 v.. il. 4', $12- 

H: C Conrad, 

Angell. J. B. Age of quickened conscience. 
(Add. author for price.) Univ. of Mich. 

Consciousness. Marshall, H; R. *$4 net 

Conscript See Ercfcmann, Emile. 

Conservation of natural resources. Ameri- 
can Academy of Political and Social Sci- 
ence. $1; ?i,so. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 

Conservative gynecology, Massey, G: B. •$* 


Consideration of Macautay'i comparisoti of 
Dante and Milton, Courthope, W: J; 
40 c. Oxford Univ. 

"Consistency," pseud. 

See Foley, J : Thaddeus. 

Alien, E. A. Gems of immortality; book of 
consolation and helps. £2.25 ; $2.75 : 
$3.75. Central Pub. 

Eaton. R. Night thoughts for the sick and 
desolate. '45 c. net Herder, 

Gleams of sunshine for hearts in shadow. 
35 c. Good Tidings. 

MacArthur. R. S., and others. Royal 




Anson, Sir W. R. Law and custom of the 
constitution. In 3 v. v. i. *$340 net 

Oxford Univ. 

Dodd, W. F., comp. Modem constitutions. 

*$5 net. Univ. of Chic. 

Thorpe, F. N., comf. Federal and state 

constitutions. (Add. Superintendent for 

price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See also Political science; — also names of coun- 
tries and ststcs. 


See Building materials; — Engineering; — Machin- 

Construction and flying of kites. Miller, C: 

M. 20 c. Manual Arts. 

Constmction of Association buildings. '09 

(Mri3) pap., 15 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Construction work. McGaw, V. 60 c. 

Constructive Bible studies. See University of 

Constructive exercises in English. Frank, M. 

M. 50 c. Longmans. 


Stowell, E. C. Consular cases and opin- 
ions from the decisions of the Eng. and 
Am. courts. $5. Byrne. 

Consumer's control of production. American 

Academy of Political and Social Science. 

75 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 


See Tuberculosis. 


See Bacteria; — Infectious diseases. 

Contantt 6: C. 

Pardoned lifer; life of George Sontag, 

former member notorious Evans-Sontag 

gang, train robbers; written by Opie L, 

Warner. 'o9(N) c. 211 p. por. 12*, $1.25. 

G: C. Constant 
Contemporary France. See Hanotaux, Ga- 
Contemporary science ser. See Scribner*s. 
Contented rivals. MacArthur, J. 75 c. 

Mich. Chr. Herald. 
Contes k ma soeur. Moreau, H. ^25 c. net. 

Contet, F., ed. 

Examples of old iron work of the second 
half of the i8th century; [portfolio.] '09 
(Jei9) il. $1340. Hessling. 

Continental Congress. 

See United States. 

Contra Costa Co., California. 

See Squirrels. 

Contractor's accounts. Wright, H. 50 c. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

Tyler, F: S., comp. Questions and 
answers on contracts. 50 c. Byrne. 

Willis, H. E. Principles of the law of 
contracts. $3. Keefe-D. 

See oho Mortgages; — Principal and agent; — Sale. 
Ccntributions from the Mount Wilson solar 

observatory, il. 4*. Carnegie. 

— Adams. Spectroscopic investigations of the 

rotation of the sun. (Not for sale.) 
— Adams. Summary of the results of a 

study of the Mount Wilson photographs of 

sun-spot spectra. (Add. Institution for 

—Julius. Anomalous refraction phenomena. 
(Not for sale) 

Contributions from the Mount Wilson solar 
observatory. — Continued. 

— Kapteyn. On the absorption of light in 
space. (Not for sale.) 

— King. Further study of the H and K 
lines of calcium. (Add. Institution for 

—King. On the separation in the magnetic 
field of some lines occurring as doublets 
and triplets in sun-spot spectra. (Not for 
sale.) — ^Relative intensities of the yellow, 
orange and red lines of calcium. (Not for 

— Ritchey. 60- inch reflector ot the Mt. Wil- 
son solar observatory. (Not for sale.) 

Contributions to cosmography and the funda- 
mental problems of geology. Q. pap. 


— Chamberlin, and others. Tidal and other 
problems. $1.50. 

Contributions to the knowledge of the Cd\\- 
fomia species of crustaceous cornllinss, n. 
Nichols, M. B. 15 c. Univ. of Cd\. 

Contributions to the life histories of fishes. 
Gill, T. N: (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Smith. Inst 

Control of body and mind. Jewett, Mrs. F. G. 
50 c. Ginn. 

Control of household insects. Felt, E. P. 
gratis. N. Y. State Educ. 

Control processes in modified handwriting. 
Downey, J. E. $1.50. 

Psychological Review. 

Convention normal manual for Sunday-school 
workers; Baptist first standard course in 
three divisions. '09 (Jl) c. 224 p. il. maps, 
12**, 50 c. ; pap., 35 c. Bapt. S. S. Bd. 

Conventionalists (The). Benson, R. H. 
$1.50. Herder. 

Goodman, F. S. Evangelism through Bible 
study. ♦25 c. net. S. S. Times. 

See Christian life; — Missions; — Salvation. 

Conversationaliste franjais. Roth, E: $1. 

E: Roth. 
Converse, Mrs. Harriet Maxwell Clarke. 
Myths and legends of the New York State 
Iroquois. '08, [1909.] (Mr) 195 p. il. 
pors. 8°, (N. Y. State Museum bull.) 
75 c. ; pap., 50 c. N. Y. State Educ. 
Hamilton, W : W. Sane evangelisni. ♦♦75 c. 
net. Am. Baijt 

Jefferson, C : E. Next step ; [to be used in 
following up results of evangelistic cam- 
paigns.] 35 c. ; condensed, 5 c. 

Y. M. C A. 

Leete. F : D. Every-day evangelism. ^ ♦$! 

net. Jennings. 

Sligh, J : C. Christ's way of winning souls. 

60 c. Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

See also Christian life; — Missions; — Repentance; 
— Revivals ; — Salvation. 

Convertible securities. Rollins, M. $3. 

M. Rollins. 
Convict's sweetheart. Harper, O. 25 c. 

J. S. Ogilvie. 

5"^^ Crime and criminals; — Prisons. 
Convivio. See Dante Alighieri. 

Convolvulus family. 

See Botanjr. 

ConwAj, Agnes Etbel and Sir W: Haitin. 

Children's book of art. '09(023) col. il. 
O. *?2 net. Macmillan. 

CoQway, Joa. P. 
The qiiestton of the hour; survey of the 
position and influence of the Catholic 
church in the United States. 'o9(Dii) 
c. D. -$i.2S net. J: McBride. 

Conway, Katherine Eleanor, corop. 
Siory of a beautiful childhood; comp. from 
the journals of Joseph Aslley Gallufihtr 
'og(D) c. 107 p. por. 12', $1. C. M. Clark, 
Thp woman who never did wrong, and 
other stories. 'o9(Dii) c. 12°, 75 c. 

T: J. Flynii. 
Conway, Honcnte Dan. 

Moncure D. Conway; addresses and re- 
prints, 1850-1907; published and unpub- 
lished work representing the literary and 
philosophical life of the author. '09(Jlio) 
c. 0. $3. Houghton M. 

Thomas Carlyle. 'ogCMy) c. 7-+13-2SS P- 
il. pors. facsim., $1. Harper. 

Conway, T:, Jr. 
Traffic problems of intern rban electric rail- 
roads; repr. from the Journal of Ac- 
cotmlaiicy. Mar. 6, igog. 'og(N) 31 p, 8°, 
gratis. Univ. of Penn. 

Conwentz, Hugo Wilhelm. 

Care of natural monuments, with special 
reference to Great Britain and Germany. 
'o9(Mr) 11+185 p. '1- "2°. *$i net. 

CoNVHEABE, Frederick Com wall is. 

Sanday, W. New Marcion ; being a criti- 
cism of Mr. F. C Conybeare's "Myth, 
magic and morals." '36 e. net. 

Conyngton, Mary. 

How to help. '09(Myi) U°, 'I1.50 net, 

Cook, C: A: 

Stewardship and missions, '09(Ja2) c. D, 
"50 c. net: pap., '*2S c net. Am. Bapt. 
Cook, C: Cyrus. 

Tnith about grace, by a Bercan. '09(Jag) 
c. S. pap., 25 c. C: C. Cook, 

Cook, Orator Fnlln. 

Local adjustment of cotton varietlci. '09 

(D) 75 p. 8°, (U. S.. Dept. of Agricid- 

turc, Bureau of Plant Industry, (wli) 

pap. {Add. Superintendent for prict) 

U. S., Supt. of Doci 

Vegetation affected ly" agriculture in Ctu- 

tral America. 'opCJe) 30 p. il. 8°, (U. S, 

Dept. of Agricuhure ; Bureau of Flint 

Industry bull.) pap. (Add. Superinimd- 

ent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Doo. 

Cook, Stanley A. 

Religion of ancient Palestine. 'o9(.^pi4) 

8", (Religions ancient and modern.) 

•40 c. net. Open Court. 

Cook, W: Wallace. 

Quarter to four. '09(Mvi) c. il D. "fiiiO. 
G: W. Dillin^am 

Sft Cookrry. 

Cooke, E. Cozens. 

Case against protection ; summary of tl» 

proceedings of the International Frte 

Trade Congress. '09(Ap24) D. pap, toe, 


Cooke, Edni. Vance. 

Little songs for two. ■09(Ag) 73 p. il. 1 
•$1 net; ooie, *$I.So net. Dodgt 

Cooke, Frances. 
Unbidden guest. '09(04) c. D. $1.25, 

Cooke, F; H. 

Law of combinations, monopolies and labor 
unions. 2d cd. "09(0) c. O. $6. 

Cooke, Jos. Browa 

Nurse's handbook of obstetrics, for use in 
training-schools. 4th ed,, rev. 'ogfN) 
c. 403 p. il. 8°, $3. Lippincott 

Cooke, fiev. J: Hunt. 

Johann Gerhard Onckcn: his life and work. 
'09(Mr) (Light and truth ser.) "50 t 
net. Am. Bapl. 


Baeheller, D.. comp. Housekeeper pudding 
book, 50 c. Housekeeper Corp. 




OooKERY. — Continued. 

Institute for Colored Youth, Cheney, Pa. 
Applied domestic science: daily menu for 
the school year. 50 c. 

Inst Colored Youth. 

Johnson, F. K. Large meals for little 
money. 10 c. People's Univ. 

Kaufman, N. M., comp. Our sisters' reci- 
pes. $1. J. A. Perley. 

Keyscr, Mrs. F. French household cook- 
ing. *6o c. net. Scribner. 

Macon cook book. $1. J. W. Burke. 

Maddocks, M., ed. Good Housekeeping 
family cook book. 50 c. Phelps. 

Meier, Mrs. L. W. Aechte deutsche koch- 
kunst: German cooking. $2.50. 

L. W. Meier. 
Menu book. $1.25. Reilly & B. 

Middleton, M., comp. Recipes from old 
Mexico. 25 c. J. C. Middleton. 

Mitchell, M. J. Fireless cook book. $1.25. 

Doubleday, P. 
Neil, M. H., comp. Alcono cook book. 

50 c. Pitkin. 

Parloa, M. New cook book and marketing 

guide. $1.50. Estes. 

Phillips, Mrs. F. F., and Levy, R. H., comps. 
L^niversal cook book. $1; 50 c. 

F. F. Phillips. 

Poindexter, Mrs. C. M., comp. Jane Ham- 
ilton's recipes. $1. McQurg. 

Reed, M. How to cook vegetables. — One 
thousand salads, ea., **$i net. Putnam. 

Riedinger, Mrs. L. R. Fireless cookery 

with the hay box. 10 c. 

L. D. Riedinger. 
Royal Baking Powder Co. My favorite 

recipe. 50 c. Royal Baking. 

Smith, Mrs. J. H., comp. Famous old 
recipes. ♦♦^ net Winston. 

Swain, R. Cooking for health. $1. 

365 orange recipes. 50 c. Jacobs. 

Van Buren, S. Good living: practical 
cookery-book for town and country. 
$2.50. Putnam. 

Warren cook book. $1. J. W. Kitchen. 

Williams, J. C Us two cook book. $1. 

Barse & H. 
Wilson. E. L. Good things to eat. $3. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

See also Bevenges ;— Cake ; — Candr ; — Dining ; — 
Domestic economy; — Food; — Efygiene; — Ice 
cream ; — Preaerring ; — ^Vegetarianism. 

Cooking for health. Swain, R. $1. 


Cool, C: Dean, comp. 
See Giese, W: Frederic. 

Cooley, llrs. Alice Woodworth. 
See W^ebster, W: Franklin. 

Cooley, C: Hoiton. 

Social organization: study of the larger 
mind. 'o9(Apio) c. O. ♦*$i.50 net. 


Cooley, Roger W^ ed. 

Brief making and the use of law books, 

by W! M. Lilc H: D. Redfield, and 

others. 2d ed. 'o9(N) c 12-1-574 P- O. 

$2. West Pub. 

Coolidge, Asenath Carver. 
Between two rebellions. '09(Mr6) il. por. 
D. $1. A. C. Coolidge.. 

Cherry feasts for barbarous Fourths. '09 
(JliO c. por. D. bds., 25 c. 

Coolidge, Helen Eliz. 

Poems. 'o9(Mr) 102 p. 12**, $1.25. Badger. 

Coolidge, Julian Lowell. 

Elements of non-Euclidean geometry. '09 

(Sii) O. ♦$5 net. Oxford Univ. 

Coolidge, Mrs. Mary Eliz. Burroughs Roberts 


Chinese immigration. '09(Sii) c. D. 

(American public problems.) **$i.75 net. 

Coon, Rev. J. M. 
Self pronouncing lesson commentary on the 
International Sunday school lessons, 1909. 
'o9(Mr) 125 p. 32**, leath., 35 c; inter- 
leaved, 50 c. G: W. Noble. 

Cooney, Patrick Jos. 

Roman Catholicism and socialism; appre- 
ciation of the one and a plea for the 
other. '08, [1909.] (Je) c. 32 p. 12**, pap., 
10 c. P. J. Cooney. 

Cooper, Arth. 

Sexual disabilities of man and their treat- 
ment. '09 (Ag) 184 p. il. ♦$! net. 

Cooper, C: H., ed. 
Responsive readings for schools. '09(D) 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Barnes. 

Cooper, C. S., and Westell, W. Percival. 

Trees and shrubs of the British Isles; na- 
tive and acclimatised. 2 v. *09(Di8) il. 
f*, *$7 net. Dutton. 

Cooper, Fs. 
Financing an enterprise: manual of infor- 
mation and suggestion for promoters, in- 
vestors, and business men generally. 3d 
ed. In 2 V. '09(N6) O. $4. 

Ronald Press. 
Cooper, Howard M. 
Historical sketch of Camden, N. J.; with 
introd. by Hon. C: Van Dyke Joline. '09 
(O) c. 74 p. il. pors. 8*, $1. 

H. B. Ketler. 
Cooper, Ja. Fenimore. 
The spy; ed., with introd. and notes, by 
S: Thurber. jr. 'o9(F2o) por. T. (Mac- 
miHan's pocket American and English 
classics.) 25 c. Macmillan. 

Cooper. James Fenimore. 
Haight, M. N., comp. Adventures of Path- 
finder adapted. — Last of the Mohicans; 
adapted, ea., 35 c. Am. Bk. 

Cooper Ornithological Club of California 
pubs. 4*. W. L. Chambers. 

— Grinnell. Bibliog. of California ornithol- 
ogy. (Pacific coast avifauna.) $1.50. 

Callahan, J. Y. Burning issue, and what 
co-operation will do: [agricultural co- 
operation.] 25 c. Pub. Pr. 

See also Socialism;— Trade- unions 

Co-ordinate geometry. Fine, H: B. *$i.6o 
net. Macmillan. 

Cope, P: J. 
Tarry. '09(N) c. 235 p. por. 12*, $1.. 


Cope, Gilbert, tomp. and ed. 

Genealogy of the Darlington family ; record 
of the descendants of Abraham Darling- 
ton of Birminghani, Giester Co., Pa., 
and of some other families of the name, 
■oo [1909.] (N) 579 p. 8°, -fj net 

C. D. Heydecker. 
Cape, H : F : 

Friendly life. '09(84) e. 16°, {Right living 
ser.) bds., "35 c. net. Revell. 

Copeland, C: Towusend, and Heiaey, Fk. Wit- 
aon Cheney, comps. and eie. 
Representative biographies of English men 
of letters. 'og(Oi6) e. D. •■$1.25 net. 
— ,and Hideout, B: Milnei, eds. 

Selections from Byron, Wordsworth. Shel- 
ley, Keats and Broivntng. '09(S4) c. S. 
(Gateway ser.) 40 e. Am. Bk- 

Copetand, Edn. Bingham. 

Elements of Philippine agriculture. '08 
ligog,] (Mr) c. 15+172 p. ii. 8°, (Philip- 
pine education ser.) 96 c. World Bk. 
Copeland, Wa., pseud. 

See Jerrold, Wa. Copeland. 
Coping faw work. Johnson, B. W. 20 c. 

Manual Arts. 
Cop pens, Rev. C: 

Brief hist, of philosophy. ■0Q(N) c. 10-|- 

144 p. 12". $1. Schwartz. K_ St F. 

Choice morsels of the bread of lif-: or. 

select readings from the Old Testament, 

■og(My) 9+672 p. 16°, •&! e. net 



Anbury. L, E. Copper resources of Cali- 
fornia, 'Si net Cal. State Mining, 

Hixon, H. W. Notes on lead anit copper 
smelting. $3. Hill Pub, 

Stevens, H. J. Copper handbook, v. 8. 
JQoS, $s; $7.50, H, L, Stevens. 

Copping, Artli. E. 

Gotty in furrin parts, 'ogdlio) il, D. 
S1.50. M. Kennerley. 

Copua, Bev. J: Edn., fCnthbert."] 

Making of Mortlake; story of a Rockbnd 


Corduroy road. Dunham, Mrs. A. C. $1.15. 
Core A, 
Baird. A. L. Daybreak in Korea, "fe t 
net. RndL 

Gale, J. S. Korea in transition. 50 t; 
35 c. Yotuig People's Mia. 

Pontitts, A. W.p eomp. Protection ex- 
tended to patents, designs, trude-tnarki 
and copyrights in China, Japan and Ko- 
rea, {Add. Superintendent for price.) 
U. S,, Siipt. of Doo. 
Wagner, E. C, Kim Su Bang, and other 
stories of Korea. 50 c. 

Pub Ho. M. E. Ch., Sa 
Corinthians. See Bible. 

Stt ItlKCtS. 

12°, $1.50, Burrows. 

StI Valvm, 

Bowman. M. L.. and Crosley. B W: Com: 
growing, judging, breeding, feeding, mar- ■ 
keting. Ja. Bo«man & C, 

Cornell, Rer. J: 
See Duyckifick, Whitehead Cornell, 

Cornell study bulletins for teachers: ed. by 
C:DeGarmo, il. Q. Bordeen. 

— Dc Garmo. Laboratory exercises in art. 
40 c. 

—Whipple. Guide to high school observa- 
tion, 40 c. — Questions in general and edu- 
cational psychology- 75 c 

CoBNBXi. Onivessity, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Engeln. O. D. v. At Cornell $i.5a 

Artil Co. 

5» alio Flike Icelandic coUcctJoD. 

Corner ser. See Blanchard, Amy Ella, 
Coraill, Carl Heiniich. 

Mu-ic in the Old Testament, '09(023) iL 




G)RP0RATiONS. — Continued. • 
Lybrand, W: M., and others. Accounting 
for modem corporations. 50 c. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

Mason, A: L. Corporations and sociil 
changes. (Priv. pT.\ A: L. Mason. 

Michigan. Modem law of general business 
corporations. $4. Drake Law 6k. 

New York. Manual of corporation law. 
$3.50. Ronald Press. 

Noycs, W. C. Treatise on the law of inter- 
corporate relations. $6. Little, B. & Co. 

Overland, M. U. Manual of corporation 
law. $4. Ronald Press. 

Putney, A. H. Corporations. $4.80. Cree. 

Thompson, S. D. Commentaries on the 
law of private corporations. In 6 v. v. 
2. 3, 4. ea., $6. Bobbs-M. 

United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bu. of Corporations. Taxation 
of corporations. '09(Ag) 8**, pap., 20 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Warren, E. H., ed. Select cases and other 
authorities on the law of private corpo- 
rations. $5. E : H : Warren. 

White, F. Corporations; cont. the laws as 
amended to Jan. i, 1910. $7. 

Baker, V. & Co. 

5"^^ also Bankruptcy; — Commercial law; — Invest- 
ments ; — Monopolies ; — Municipal government ; 
— Railroads; — Stocks { — Taxation; — Trusts; — 
also names of countnes and states. 
Correct chicken culture. Sperle, C: H. 
gratis. C: H. Sperle. 

Ccorrect social usage; course of instruction in 
good form, style and deportment, by 
eighteen distinguished authors, nth rev. 
ed. 2 v. 'o9(Ap) c. il. 8**, $1.95; per set, 
$2.95; hf. leath., $3.95. H. A. Lewis. 

Correggio, Antonio Allcgri da. 

Correggio. '09(Jl3) il. 8**, (Classics in art 

ser.) ^$3 net. boxed. Brentano's. 

Correlation of efficiency in mathematics and 

efficiency in other subjects. Rietz, H. L. 

35 c. Univ. of 111. 

Correlation of the physician and the layman. 

Drewry, W: F. (Priv. pr.) Williams Pr. 


See Commercial correspondence; — Letter- writing; 
— Stenography. 

Corsica (Island of). 

Young, E. Corsica. *75 c. net. 

Cort, Howard R. 

Donakin circus ; from Don's book of Dona- 
kins. 'o9(D2S) c. il. in col. obi. O. bds., 
$1. Stokes. 

Cortes, Fernando. 

MacNutt, F. A: Fernando Corte> and the 
conquest of Mexico. **$i.35 net. 

Corwin« Minnie Lahr. 
Ethel Wright; or, only a music teacher. 
'o9(N20) c. 12^, $1. Cochrane. 

Cofy, C: Barney. 
Birds of Illinois and Wisconsin. '09(0) 
764 p. il. (Field Mtiseum of Natural His- 
tory pubs.; Zoological ser.) pap., $4. 

FiM Museum. 
Coryell, J: S. 
See Boys on the railroad. 

Cotby, ArtiL FortnnatiUL comp. 
See New York [City.] Code of ordinances. 

Cosen, Jos. £. 
Socialism for students. 'o9(D25) c. S. 
SO c. Kerr. 

Cosgrove, Mrs. Henrietta Clarissa Jackson, 
["Henri Clarise."] 
Amateur art: oil and water color painting, 
painting on China, modeling in clay and 
ware painting, pyrography or burnt wood 
etching. [22d ed. rev.] '09(Agi4) c. il. 
8*, $1. Donnelley. 

Cosgrove, J: Jos. 

History of sanitation. '09(Myi5) c. il. O. 
$1.50. Standard Sanitary Mfg. 

Sewage purification and disposal. 'o9(Je5) 
c. figs. O. $3 Standard Sanitary Mfg. 
Cosmo collection; consisting of duotone and 
hand-colored reproductions of the most fa- 
mous paintings and sculpture from all 
schools of the world; editor-in chief, G: 
Hall Baker; art editors, Harry W. Wat- 
rous, Will H. Low. (Tomplete in 10 v. 
'09(Api7) c. Q. ea., $375; full vellum, $5; 
full mor., $10. Cosmo. 


See Universe. 
Cosmos and dia-cosmos. Snider, D. J. $1.50. 


Hathaway, C: E., and Griffith, J. B. Gen- 
eral expense and cost summaries. 50 c. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
Nichols, W: G. Cost finding. 50 c. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
Unckless, L. How to find manufacturing 
costs and selling costs. $1.50. 

Modem Methods. 

Sec also Prices. 
Cost of mining. Finlay, J, R. *$5 net. 

Costa, Alfonso Arbib-. 

Italian lessons. '09(F) $1. Toed. 

Costa Rica, Central America. 
International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics. Costa Rica. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu. Am. Republics. 
Costello, F: Hankerson. 

Sure-dart : a story of strange hunters and 
stranger game in the days of monsters. 
'09(09) c. il. D. $1.25. McCiurg. 

Costin, W: Wilberforce. 

Introduction to the genetic treatment of the 
faith-consciousness in the individual. '09 
(Mr27) 8^ *6s c. net. Williams & W. 

Brooklyn Public Library. Reading and 
reference list on costume, gratis. 

Brooklyn Lib. 

Saunders, C. Costume in Roman comedy. 

**$i net. Macmillan. 

See also Dressiraking. 
Costume of prelates of the Catholic chnrch. 
Nainfa, J: A. F. P. ♦$1.50 net. Murphy. 

Cotes, Homor. 

The counterpart. 'o9(N) c. 324 p. col. 

front. 12**, $1.50. Macaulay. 

Cottage homes of England. Dick, S. ^$7 

net. Longmans. 

See Architecture. 

Cotter, Jos. Seamon. 
White song and a black one. '09(69) c 
por. D. 50 c. "J. ^. Co\X.w. 


CottOD, FaiMtt Allen. 

See Fisher, Martin L. 
QnrON, John. 
Boston, First Church. Exercises at the 
unveiling of the John Cotton memorial 
in ihe Berkley St. edifice of the First 
church in Boston. $i. C H. Schriver. 
Cotton, W: Edn. 
See Schroeder. Ernest C: 

Cook. 0. F. Local adjustment of cotton 

varieties. (Add. Superintendent for 

price.l U. S., Supt. of Docs, 

Goodrich. C: L. Profilable cotton farm. 

(Add, Superintendent for price.) 

U. S,, Supt. of Docs. 
Hedriek, C: C. Cotton spinning, 53- 

Am. Sdi. Corr. 
Martin, H : D. Progress and profit for mill 
men [cotton manufacture], $1, 

H: D, Martin. 
United Slates, Depl. of Commercr and 
Labor. Bureau of Census. Cotton pro- 
duction. 1908. (Add, Superintendent for 
price.) U. S,, Supt. of Docs. 

Watkinj. J, L. King Cotton ; historical 
and stali-itical review, $1,50, 

J, L, Walkins, 

Stt alio Flrtiliien. 

Cotton- SEED pro d vers, 
Soule. .\, M. Feeding of cotton seed meal 
and hulls, (Add, pub. for price.) 

B. F, Taylor, 

Cotton shippers' book; comprising a directory 
in the American Soiah of cotton buyers, 
cotton shippers, cotton f. o. b. shippers, cot- 
ton expTTtevs and cotton merchants ; also 
cotton sellinR agents in New England, '08, 
[1909,] (F) c. 8°. (Add, pubs, for price.) 



Cotton- Wallcer, Frances M. 

Cloister to court: scenes from the life of 
Charlotte of Bourbon. Abbess of Jonarrc, 
Princess of Orange '09(My22) front, 
n $ Longmans 

OUNTBV LIFE, — Continued. E: British country life in au- 
tumn and winter. — British country life in 
spring and summer, ea., " "«■ 


Stt aliB G«[dent and (ardeninB; — Nalun. 

"Caiinlry Life" lib. il. Q. Scrtbner. 

— English vegetable garden. '$3 net, 
— Jackson. Toys of other days. •S/.jO net 
— Keyser. French household cooking. "60 c. 

Countryman, Cul Cbapin. 

Three senses; a few poems. '08. [igcjg.] 
(Mr) c, 11-95 P- 24°, SO c; leath,, 75 c; 
pap,, 25 c. C. C, Countryman, 

Comity examiner, Lusby, J. W : bds., $1, 

Teachers' Supply. 
County lieutenancies and the army, 1803- 
1S04- Fort escue. J ; W : *%i net. 

Cou.vTV Palatine of Durham, Eng. 

Stt England. 

Courage nf Christ, Schuyler, H: C. 'TO t 

net, P: Reilly, 

Cour lander, Alphonse. 

Henry in search of a wife. 'oQ{Oaj> D. 

$1.50. Brentano'i. 

Course in dyeing for garment dyers. Prag, 

E ; $5 Modem Dyer, 

Ccurse of religious initruction. Ir.slilule of 

the Brothers of the Christian Schools. 13°. 


— Chrysostom John. Manual of Christian 

doctrine. $1. 
Cnurs scientifique de I'analyse du caractere. 

Segmo. A, V. $5.75. Chirological Coll. 
Court life in China. Headland, I: T. •$1,50 

net, Revell. 

Court of inquiry, Richmotid. Mrs. G. L. S. 

•$1, fixed, Doubleday. P. 

Court of L^uis xiii, Patrr.ore, K A. •'$3,50 

Ccuri ser. of French memoirs; ed. by E. 

Jules M§raE, il, D. Sturgis & W. 

— Clery, Royal family in the Temple Prison. 





Covert, Clermont Calvert, and Ellsworth, C. £. 
Water-supply investigations in the Yukon- 
Tanana region, Alaska, 1907 and 1908; 
Fairbanks, Circle and Rampart districts. 
'09 (Jl) 108 p. il. maps, 8**, (U. S. 
Geological Survey, Water-supply paper.) 
pap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Sef Milk. 

Cowan, Rob. Ernest, and Dunlap, Boutwell, 

Bibliography of the Chinese question in the 
United States. '09(Ag7) c. Q. bds., 
♦$1.40. A. M. Robertson. 

Cowen, B: Rush. 

Abraham Lincoln; by one who knew him. 
'09(Fi3) bds., ♦$! net. Clarke. 

Cowen, Jos. 

Speeches on the Near Eastern question ; 

foreign and imperial affairs, and on the 

British Empire; rev. by his daughter. 

'09(Mri3) por. O. $1. Longmans. 

Cowles, W: Lyman, ed. 

Selections from Ennius, Catullus, Tibullus, 

and Propertius, with parallel passages 

from Horace. Ovid and Martial. '09 

(My22) c. il. D. 60 c. W: L. Cowles. 

Cowley, Eliz. Buchanan. 

Plane curves of the eighth order with two 
real four fold points having distinct tan- 
gents and with no other point singulari- 
ties. '08, [1909.1 (Mr) 23 p. il. 8°. (Not. 
for sale.) New Era Print. 

Cowley, Matthias Foss, ed. 

Wilford Woodruff, fourth president of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints ; hist, of his life and labors as 
recorded in his daily journals. '09(04) 
c. il. por. 8**, $3.50. Dcscret News. 

Cowper, W: 
See Gray, T: 

Cowperthwaite, Allen Corson. 

Text-book of materia medica and thera- 
peutics, characteristic, analytical and 
comparative. loth ed., with an appendix, 
enl.. incl. new remedies. '09(N) c. 17+ 
864 p. 8*, $5. Boericke & T. 

Cox, Florence Tinsley. 

Chronicles of Rhoda. '09(02) c. il. D. 
^$1.25. Small. 

Cox, Herbert Randolph. 

Eradication of bindweed, or wild morning- 
glory. '09(0) 19 p. il. 8^ (U. S.. Pept. 
of Agrictihure, Farmers' bull ) pap. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Cox, Rob. Lynn. 

Geographical distribution of the invest- 
ments of life insurance companies ; ad- 
dress del. at the bi-monthly meeting 
of the Association of Life Insurance 
Presidents at New York, April 2, 1909. 
'09(09) fold, map, O. pap., gratis. 

Assoc. Life. 

Impropriety of taxing returns to life in- 
surance policy-holders: address del. at 
the 26th annual banquet of the Boston 
Life Underwriters' Assoc, at Boston, 
Mass., Feb. 16, 1909. '09 (Jl) 6 p. 8^ 
pap., gratis. R. L. Cox. 

Cox, Rob. Lynn. — Continued. 

Life insurance and legislation in 1909; rept. 
June 4» 1909- '09 (S) 8 p. O. pap., gratis. 

Assoc. Life. 

Taxation of life insurance in the U. S. 16 p. 
O. pap., gratis. Assoc. Life. 

Coxe, Macgrane. 

Chancellor Kent at Yale, 1777-1781 ; a paper 
written for the Yale Law Journal. '09 
(S) c. 3-53 p. il. por. 8^ (Priv. pr.) 

M. Coxe. 
Coxhead, Marg. Duncan. 

Mexico. '09(025) col. il. map, O. (Ro- 
mance of history ser.) **$2 net. Stokes. 

Coyle, D., and Howe, F. J. 0. 

Electric cables, their construction and cost. 
'og(Di8) il. 12°, limp leath., *$5 net. 



See Wolf. 

Coyote-proof pasture experiment. Jardine, 
J. T. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Ciabbe, G: 

Poems: selection; arranged and ed. by 
Bernard H: Holland. New ed. '09 
(N13) por. D. *$i net. Longmans. 

Poetical works; ed. by A. J. Carlyle and 
R. M. Carlyle. '09(Jei9) por. *$i.50 net. 

Oxford Univ. 

Crabtree, Harold. 

Elem. treatment of the theory of spinning 
tops and gyroscopic motion. *09(Je5) il. 
figs. O. *$i.5o net. Longmans. 

Craddock, Mrs. H. C. 
Training of children ; from cradle to 
school: guide for young mothers, teach- 
ers and nurses. 'o9(N6) il. D. *6o c. 
net. Macmillan. 

Cradle days of New York. MacAtamcy. H. 
E., comp. 50 c. Drew & L. 

Cradle lullabies. Field, E. 50 r 

Canterbury Co. 

Craftsman homes. Stickley, G. $2. 

G. Stickley. 

Craig, Austin. 
Harwood, W : S. Life and letters of Aus- 
tin Craig. *$i.5o net. Revell. 

Craig, C: Franklin, M.D. 

Malarial fevers, haemoglobinuric fever and 
blood protozoa of man. 'o9(S) c. 489 p. 
il. charts, 8°, *$4-50 net. Wood. 

Craig, Clara £. 
Sec Eaton. Amasa Mason. 

Craig, R. S. 

Making of Carlyle. 'o9(Apio) por. O. *$4 
net. Lane. 

Craigic, W: A. 

Scandinavian religion. '07, [1909.I (Ap) 
8°, (Religions ancient and modern.) 
♦40 c. net. Open Court. 

Craigin. C. T. 
See Neal, E. Virgil. 

Craigin, Laura E. 

Kindergarten stories for the Sunday-school 
and home. New ed. '09(D) il. 12**, 
(New Testament ser.) *$i.25 net. DorSLf'. 

cRAiK i; 

Ctaik. Hm Dinab Hum Holock, (Min 


Advoiiures of a brownie as told lo my 

child. '06, [1909.1 (Ap) c laB p. il. 8', 

SO c McL^ghlin. 

Little Ume prince and his Iraveliing cloak, 

■09(016) c. O. ni.25- 

Rand, McN. & Co 
Craik. G: Ullle. 

Manual of English lileralure. '09(Mr27) 
16°, (Everyman's lib.) *3S c. net: kalh., 
*70 c net. Dutlon. 

Cram, Ber. Jacob. 
Journal of a missionary tour through the 
new settlements of northern New Hamp- 
shire and Vermont ; from the orig. man- 
u.script. 'opCApio) 8°, bds.. $1-50. 

G; P. Humphrey. 
Ciam, Marshall P. 

See Gilpin. Jos. Elliott, 
Ciam, Balpb Adunt. 

Excalibur. an Arthurian drama. 'o9(Mr) 

c. 160 p, 8", hds., 5j; leath. ,$io Badger. 

— .ed Christian art. 3 v. '09(D) 11. 4°, 

•$15 net. Badger. 

Ciamp, Wa. S: 

Heart of silence. '09(D) 7-325 p. 12°, 

$150- C. M. Qark. 

The biter. ■o9(Nao) c. D. $1.50, 

C. M. Dark. 

Cramp, W;, and Smith, C: F. 

VecloTi and vector diagrams, applied to the 

alternating curroiit circuit. 'og(F6) il. O. 

•$2.50 net. Ixingmans. 

Cramptan, C: Ward, H.D., comp. 

Folk dance book for elementary schools, 
class room, playground, and gj'mnasium. 
'09(My22) c Q. $1.50, Barnes. 

Ctan, Ja. 

Machine blacksmithing. 'o(»(Si8) c. ii. 8*, 
{Machinery's reference ser.) pap.. 25 c. 

In dust. Press, 
Crandall, C: H: 

Songs from sky meadows ; poeins. '09 
(My8) c. D. •$! net. Outing. 

Ciandall, C; Lee. 

The transition curve, by offsets and by di 


<^aiie, Wa. B: 

Index of mining engineering liierattire. 'of 
{JI31) c 8", —%t D«; tnor., ••?s net 
Crane cUusict. 12*, 2^ c; pap., 15 c. Crane. 
—Shakespeare. Othello. 

Cr^aJTford- "Sef^i^kfU, Mrs. Elii. Oegbom 

Cranmer-Byng, I^ rauip. 

Lute of jade; selections from the cUssitra) 
poets of China '09{Api7) 16°, (Wis- 
dom of the East ser.) *6a c net Dutton. 
Cratbome, Arth. Bab. 

Set- Rieti. H : Lewis. 
CiBven, Priacilla, pseud. 

See Shore, .Wrj. Teignmouth. 
Craven, Soger Carey. 

In tlie Iwilighl 7one. '09(I» 327 P >1 12*. 
S1.50 C M- Oark 

Craven's Chcycc. Sharpe. E: S. IO c. 

Salem Co. Hist. Soc 
Crawford, Floretta Ifewbm;. 

Dreaming back. '091 D) c. 7-61 p. 12". $1. 
B'way Pub. 
Crawford, Fs. Marion. 
Stradclla.' '09(09) c. il. D. i$i.5a 

Venice, the place and the people; salve 
V'enelia; gleanings from Vaictian his- 
tory. '09(Jei<)) c. 2 v., il. 8°, "$5 net 

White sister. '09(My8) c. il. D l$t.50, 
Crawford, J: Jay. 
Bank directors, iheir powers, duties and 
liabilities. 'og(Je) c, 36 p. 24°. (Bankers 
handy ser.) 50 c. Bankers' Pub. 

Crawford, Mary Caroline. 
Old Boston days and ways : from tlie dawn 
of the Revolution until the town became 
a city. '09(023) c. il. O. *^.TO net. 

Little. B & Co. 
Crawford. Mary Merritt, H.D., and Welton, 
Thurstsn, S., M.D, 




Crawley, Howard. 

Studies on blood and blood parasites. '09 
(D) 31 p. il. 8% (U. S., Dept. of Agri- 
culture, Bureau of Animal Industry, 
bull.) pap. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Crawshaw, Fred Duane. 
Metal spinning. 'o9(N20) il. 16**, (Popular 
mechanics 25 cent hdbk. ser.) 25 c. 

Popular Mechanics. 
Problems in wood-turning. '09(Di8) c. il. 
obi. S. pap., 80 c. Manual Arts. 

"Crayon, Diedrich, jr./' pseud. 

See Bruce, Kennetn. 
Creamery butter making. Michels, J: $1.50. 

J: Michels. 


Caldwell, W: Idea of creation; its origin 

and value. 50 c. W: Caldwell. 

Holbrook, D: L. Panorama of creation, 

as presented in Genesis, ♦so c. net. 

S. S. Times. 
See also Bible; — Evolution; — Universe. 

Twining, A. G. Children's creed. *6o c. 
net. Young Churchman. 

Creek Indians. 

See Indians. 

Creelman, Ja. 

Why we love Lincoln. 'o9(Mri3) c. pors. 
facsim., O. *$i.25 net. Outing. 

Crete (Island of). 

Hall, E. H. Decorative art of Crete in the 
bronze age. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Creighton, Ja. Edn. 

Introductory logic. 3d ed., rev. and enl. ; 
with the addition of new problems and 
examples. '09(09) 12*, *$i.40 net. 

Czeighton, Mrs. Louise, [Mrs. Mandell Creigh- 
Art of living and other addresses to girls. 
'09(02) D. ♦so c. net. Longmans. 

Some famous women. '09(0 16) il. pors. D. 
50 c. Longmans. 

Creighton, Mrs. Mandell. 
See Creighton, Mrs. Louise. 

Creighton, W: H: Paul. 
Steam-engines and other heat-motors. 2d 
ed., rev. and enl. '09(030) c. figs. 8°, 
$5. Wiley. 

Crew, H: 
Elements of physics, for use in high 
schools; rev. by Franklin T. Jones. '09 
(N6) c. D. ♦♦$1.10 net. Macmillan. 

— , and Jones, P. T. 

Elements of physics; rev. by Franklin T. 
Jones. '09(0i6) il. 12**, ♦$ net. 

Creyton, Paul, pseud. 
See Trowbridge, J : Townsend. 

Criado, Lois Cocat y Heliodoro. 
See Carrion, Miguel Ramos. 

Crichton-Browne, Sir Ja. 
See Browne, Sir Ja. Crichton-. 

Cricket (game) . 
Lucas, £: V., ed. Hambledon men: 
[cricket] 90 c. Oxford Univ. 

Patterson, W: S. Sixty years of Upping- 
ham cricket. ^$2 net. Longmans. 

Crile, G: W. 

Hemorrhage and transfusion : experimental 
and clinical research. '09 (My) c. 13-I- 
560 p. il. tabs., S**, subs., $5 ; hf. leath., $6. 

Crime and criminals. 

Drummond, A. L. True detective stories. 
$1.50. G: W. Dillingham. 

Folsom, C : F. Studies of criminal respon- 
sibility. (Priv. pr.) C: F. Folsom. 

Morrison, W : D. Crime and its causes. $1. 


Parsons, P. A. Responsibility for crime. 
$1.50. Longmans. 

Society for the Promotion of Social Ser- 
vice. Juvenile delinquent and the Young 
Men's Christian Association. 50 c. 

Y. M. C. A. 

United States. Dept. of Justice. Memo- 
randa relative to the extraditio nof fugi- 
tives from the United States in foreign 
jurisdiction, 1909. '09(D) 6 p. S'*. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
See also Capital punishment; — Criminal law; — 
Detectives -—Highwaymen ; — Juvenile courts ; — 
Prison ; — Probation system. 

Crime of the Congo. Doyle, Sir A. C. 25 c. 

Doubleday, P. 
Crime on canvas. White, F. M. $1.50. 

Criminal law. 
New York [State.] Penal law. $1.50. 

Van Voorhis, J : S. Pocket digest of crim- 
inal law. 30 c. Eagle Pub. 
Wigmore, J: H: Preliminary bibliogra- 
phy of modern criminal law and crimin- 
ology. 65 c. Northwestern Univ. 
See also Conspiracies; — Crime and criminals — 
Jury; — Law, and references under that subject; 
— Prisons; — Trials; — also names of states. 
Criminal slang. Sullivan, J. M., comp. 15 c. 

Worcester Press. 

See Crime and crimuials. 
Crisis (The) : the unions and the courts. 
Hunter, W. R. 10 c. S : A. Bloch. 

Crissey, Forrest. 
Hand-book of modern business correspond- 
ence. '09 (F6) c. 12*, $1. Thompson & T. 
Critchell, Rob. Siderfin. 
Recollections of a fire insurance man, incl. 
his experience in U S. Navy (Missis- 
sippi squadron) during the Civil War. 
'09(Di8) c. il. pors. facsim., 12**, $1.25. 

R. S. Critchell. 
Critic (The). See Sheridan, R: Brinsley. 


Coleridge, S: T. Literary criticism. 90 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Dickinson, T: H., and Roe, F: W., eds. 
Nineteenth century English prose : [criti- 
cal essays.] $1. Am. Bk. 

Poe, E. A. Selections from critical writings. 
♦♦75 c. net. Holt. 

Pollard, P. Their day in court; [criticism 
of modern novels.] $3. Neale. 

Smith, D: N. Function of criticism. 

35 c. Oxford Univ. 

See also .Esthetics; — Literature ;—<i/ja names of 
arts and literatures. 

Criticism (of the Bible). 

^ See Higher criticism. 


Critique of practifal reason. Sre Kant, Im- 
in an II el. 


Marohnie, J. English -Croatian letter- 
writer. $1. J. Marohnie 
See alio Engliih languoge; — Lochmer. A. 

Croce, Benedetto. 
.Esthetic as science of expression and gen- 
eral linguistic; tr. from the Italian by 
Douglas Ainslic, 'o9(Nzo) O. ^$3 net. 
Crocker, Fa. Bacon, and Toida, Thdr. 

Direct- and aliemaling-nirrent machine de- 
sign ; being instructions for the design of 
motors and genemlors. 'opCMrz?) c. il. 
8°, "Ss iici., McGraw. 

— iSager, Lawrence E., Citshipg, H: Cooke, jr., 
and Trow, Hairia C. 
Practical lessons in electricity; working 
guide to tbe fundamental principles of 
electrical science and approved American 
practice in the construction and use of 
storage batteries and the installation of 
conductors for power, lighting, and 
Other purposes. "09(N) il. tabs., 8°, 
(American School of Correspondence 
pubs.) J1.50. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Crocker, H: Grabam. 

Situation in soulheastem Europe: address 
del. at the seventh annual meeting of the 
Society of American Wars, Commandery 
of the District of Columbia, 'ogfjeig) 
O. pap. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

B. S. Adams. 
Crockett, S: Rutherford. 

Men of the raouniain. 'ogCAgaS) c. il. D. 
t$i.SO. Harper. 

Crockett, Wa. Hill. 
History of Lake Champlain. 'ogtJiio) c. 
il. por, D. pap,, 75 c, Shanliy. 

Croisset, Fs. de. 
, Sie Jepson, Edg, 
C10II, Rev. Philip Columbus. 

Lebanon County imprints and bibliography; 
paper read before the Lebanon Ci-mnly 
Hi?lnrkal Society, Feb. 


Croaker, Jos, H:, DJ). 

Jesus brought back. [New ed.) 'ogiApi?) 
'2°, '75 c. net. Sherman, F. 

Crosby, Artb. F., comp. 

Set- New York Cily. Code of ordinances. 
Crosby, Dick Jay. 

See True, Alf C. 
Crosby, Everett U., and Fiske, H: A. 

Crosby-Fiske hdbk, of fire protection. 4lh 
ed. '09(Ag) 495 p. il. tabs., 16°, $4. 

Insurance Held. 
Cross, Mrs. J: W. 

Sre Eliot. Geoi^e, pttud. 
Cross, Tabitha Ann. 

5"t-f Dunham, Mrs. Anna Cross. 
Cross, Wilbur Lucius. 

Life and limes of Laurence Sterne. '05 
(Jcs) c. il. pors. O. '$2.50 net. 

Message of the cross : notes for the use of 
clergy taking the three hours' service and 
for private devotion. '60 c. net. 

Young Churchman. 

5« olio AloncDicnt: — Good Frid»7. 

Cross in Christian experience. Clow. W. M. 

■$1.50 net. Jennings. 

Crossing the bar. Gordon, G: A. '50 c, net 

Pilgrim Press. 

Crossley, Bruce W: 

See Bowman, Melville Le Roy. 
Crotheri, S: McChotd, DJ). 
Making of religion. 'o9{Apio) 16*, '40 c. 
net. Am. Unitarian. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, the autocrat, and 
his fellow boarders; with selected poems. 
'o!f(Sz5) c. por. D. ••75 c. net. 

Houghton M. 

Src Reiftvcjiti 

Crowe, J: F„ ed. 

5"^^ Camp, Eilg. W. 
Crowe, Sir Jos. Archer, and Cavaleaselle, Gio- 
' Battisla. 




CrowelVs shorter French texts; ed. by J. E. 

Mansion. S. *2S c. net. Crowell. 

— About. Les jumeaux de I'Hotel Corneille. 
— Auzas, ed, Pocmcs Napoleoniens. 
— Bawr. Michel Perrin. 
— Brueys and Palaprat. L'avocat Patelin. 
— Daniels, comp. Choix de poesies faciles. 
— Dumas. L'evasion dpisode tir^ de Vingt 

ans apr^s. — ^Recits tirls des Impressions de 

— Erckmann and Chatrian. Le tr^sor du 

vieux seigneur. 
— Moliere. L'avare. — Le bourgeois gentil- 

homme. — Le mSdecin malgr§ lui. 
— Moreau. Contes a ma soeur. 
— Sebillot. Choix de contes populaires. 
CruwelVs thin paper poets ser, D. limp 

leath . $1.25, boxed; ooze leath., $1.75. 

—Lowell. Poems. 

—Ward, comp. Dictionary of quotations. 
— Wordsworth. Complete poetical works. 
CrowelVs thin-paper sets. 16**, flex, leath., 

$1.25. Crowell. 

—Elliott, pseud. Works. 8 v. 
Crowley, Mary Catherine. 

In treaty with honor. [Popular ed.] 'eg 
(N) front 12**, 75 c. Little, B. & Co. 

Crowley, Timothy J. 

Character-treatment in the mediaeval drama. 

'07. [1909] (Mr) 16+17-181 p. 8% $1; 

pap., 75 c Univ. Press, (Notre Dame.) 

CrowTi of individuality. Jordan, W : G : *$i 

net. Revell. 

Crotvn theological lib. D. Putnam. 

— Eucken. Life of the spirit. ♦$1.50 net. 

— Harnack. New Testament studies: ni.. 

Acts of the Apostles. ♦♦$1.75 net. 
— Kniger. Papacy. $1 '50. 
Crowninshield, Fs. Welsh, ["Arth. Loring 
Bridge-fiend; cheerful book for bridge- 
whisters. '09(N20) col. front. D. $1. 

Crowther, Cornelia Sisson, comp, 
Pensees et reflexions de La Bruy^re et 
autres auteurs frangais. '09(Jai6) c. S. 
$1. W: R. Jenkins. 

Crowther, Bp. Samuel Adjar. 
Page, J. Black bishop: Samuel Adjar 
Crowther. *$2 net. Revell. 

Crozier, W: Armstrong, ed. 
Virginia heraldica: registry of Virginia 
gentrv entitled to coat armor; with ge- 
nealogical notes of the families. *09 
(Jag) 8**, (Virginia County record ser.) 
$3. Genealog. Assoc. 

Cmce, Emetic. 
Le novveav Cynee; the new Cyneas of 
fimeric Cruce; the French text; repr. 
from the orig. ed. of 1623; together with 
an English tr. and introd. by T: Willing 
Balch. '09(D2S) 8% $2. Allen, L. & S. 
Cruciality of the cross. Forsjrthe, P: T. 
♦$1.50 net. Doran. 

Crude rubber. Pearson, H: C. $10. 

India Rubber. 
Cruise of the "Pickering." Kaler, J. O. t$t. 

Cmm, Mrs. Eliza Tilden. 
Nature, and other verse. 'o9(Jl) c. 7-ii^P. 
i2*, $1 ; pap., 50 c E. J. Goodncn. 

Cnimmer, Mrs. Emma C. Cushman. 

Mig Robin, his story. *09(J1) 5-120 p. il. 

$1. W. F. Crummer. 

Crusade of brotherhood. Beard, A: F. ♦$1.25 

net. Pilgrim Press. 


Byrnes, E. F. Fresh water Cyclops of 
Long Island. 80 c. Brooklyn Inst. 

Cryer, Matthew H: 

See Cunningham, Dan. J: 
Crystal gazing. 

See Hinduism. 

Cuba: population, history and resources, 
1907; comp. by Victor H. Olmsted, di- 
rector, and H: Gannett, assistant direc- 
tor; census of Cuba, taken in the year 
1907. '09(My) 275 p. por. il 8^ pap. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics. Cuba. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu. Am. Republics. 
Military Historical Society of Massachu- 
setts. Naval actions and operations 
against Cuba and Porto Rico. v. 11. 
$2.50. Military Hist. Soc. 

Wilson, J. H. Free trade with Cuba. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
See also Legends. 

Cubberley, Ellwood Patterson. 

Changir.g conceptions of education. '09 
(O23) c. D. (Riverside educational mon- 
ographs.) ♦*3S c. net. Houghton M. 
Cuckoo's nest. Bianchi, M. G. D. $1.50. 

Cuddy. McCarter, Mrs. M. H. 50 c. Crane. 
Cullen, Rev. P: J. 
Socialism and the Christian religion ; ap- 
peal to right reason. '08. [1909] (My) 
c. '08. loi p. 16°, 35 c. Mirror. 

Cullen, T: Stephen. 

See Kelly, Howard Atwood. 
Culler, Jos. Albertus. 
Text-book of general physics for colleges; 
mechanics and heat. '09(09) c. il. 8*, 
$1.80. Lippincott. 

Cullum, Ridgwell. 

The compact: the story of an unrecorded 

conspiracy in South Africa. '09(Ag2i) 

D. ♦$1.20 net. Doran. 

Watchers of the plains. *09(Ap3) c front. 

O. t$i.5o. Jacobs. 

Culpeper, Mrs. Josephine. 

Bolax: imp or angel— which? *09(S4) c. 
front. D. *$i net. Murphy. 

Waters, R. Culture by self-help; in a lit- 
erary, an academic or an oratorical ca- 
reer. ♦*$i.20 net. Dodd. 
Young, J. B. To-day: an age of oppor- 
tunity. *$i.25 net. Jennings. 
See also Conduct of life; — Education; — Etlnuettc. 
Culture of the imagination. Buckham, M. H : 
(Add. author for price.) M. H: Buckham. 
Cuming, E: W: Dirom. 
The three jovial puppies; rhymes by E. D. 
Cuming; [pictures] by J. A. Shepherd. 
'09(02) F. bds., $2. Caldwell. 
Cumming, Rob. C, ed. 
See New York [State.] Consolidated 

Cumminea, Mrs. Ella Sterling. 
See Mighels, Ella Sterling 
Cummings, G: Willis. 

Electricity and magnetism in telephone 
mainlenance. 'o<j(F6> c. diagrs,. 8°, $1.50. 
Cuminings, Horace H&tl. 

Naiiire study by grades. "ogOag) c. il, D. 
$1. Am. Bk. 

Cuminings, Sob. C, ed. 

See New York Slate. Tan law- 
Cnntmings, W: Leon. 

Modern fotmulary ; text book of chemis- 
try as applied to the raanutaciure of pro 
prietary specialties, '09{Ap24) c. D. 
$2.50. W ; L. Cumraings, 

Cuneiform writing. 
Clay, A. T. Legal and commercial trans- 
actions dated in the Assyrian, Neo- Baby- 
lonian and Persian periods. (6. 

Univ. of Pcnn. 
Radau, H„ td. and tr. Letters to Cassile 
kings from the Temple archives of Nip- 
pur. $6. Univ, of Penn. 
Cunningham, Dan. J:, H.D., ed. 

Text-book of anatomy, 3d ed. 'o9(Ag) 
1467 p. il. 8°, "$6 net ; hf, mor., *$ net. 
— .Watenton. D:, and Cryer, Matthew B; 
Imperial sterescopic anatomy of the head 
and neck ; adapted to the use of the 
specialist on diseases of the brain and 
nervous system, the head surgeon, the 
ear, nose and throat specialist, the den- 
tist, etc. [103 cards in 3 ceses.] '09 

Imperial Pub. 
Cunningham, Frances Berkeler. 

Priest or pretender. '09<Ap3) c. il. D. 
$1.50. C, M. Clark. 

Cupa revisited. Mannix, M, E. 45 c. 

Cupid's understudy. Field, E: S. $1.25, 

W. J. Watt, 
Cupper, Percv A. 
See Lewis, J: H. 

Cnrrie, Donald H. 

Second Internationa! Conference on Lep- 
rosy, held in Bergen, Norw'ay, Aug. 16 to 
19, 1509. '09(D) 10 p. 8°, (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Cuiry, S: Silas. 

Alexander Melville Bell ; some memories, 
with fragments from a pupil's note-book. 
'o9(Ag) c. 84 P- por. 12°, $1. Expression. 
Curse of Ham. Aker, J. W. $1.25. 

B'way Pob. 
Cursus philosophicus in usum scholanim. 
Frick, C. •$1,10 net. Herder. 

duties, Captain H; 

Bride on trust, '09(Myl) D. $1.50. Estes 
CuTtin, Jeremiah. 

Journey in southern Siberia. 'ogCNl3> c. il. 
map. O, •*$3 net. Littie, B. & Co. 

Curtis, Alice Tumei. 

Grandpa's little girls and their friends, '09 
(N13) c. il, D, t$r. Penn Pub. Co, 

Utile heroine at school. 'og(Stil c, il, 
D, (Lillle heroine ser.) $1,25. 

Lothrop, L, & S. 
Curtis, Georglna Pell, ed. 

Some roads to Rome in America ; being 

personal records of conversions to the 

Catholic church. '09(Ap) c. 9-^S32 p, 8'. 

*$i.75 net. Herder. 

Curtis, H: Holbrook. 

Voice building and tone placing. 3d ed. 'oQ 

(Ap3) c, il. 12', $2. Appleton, 

Curtis, Mra. Isabel Gordon, comp. 

Good housekeeping woman's home cook 

book, '09(.Tbi9) 8°, 60 c. Reilly & B, 

Alio iuued under Iltic Good housekeeping every 
da^ cook booli. 

Ser also Morse, Sidney Levi, 
Curtis, Nathaniel Cortlandt. 

Element; of graphics, orthographic pro- 
jections, shades, shadows, and persgcc- 
tive, '09(D) c. 34 P- il. 4°, t^-^o. 

N. C. Curtis. 
Curtis, Hob. W. 




Curwood, Ja. Oliver. 

Great Lakes ; the vessels that plough them ; 
their owners, their sailors, and their car- 
goes. 'o9(Myi) c. il. map, O. (American 
waterways.) **$3.50 net, boxed. Putnam. 
Curzon, G: Nathaniel, [ist Baron Curzon of 
Kedleston, formerly Viceroy and Gov- 
ernor-General of India.] 
Principles and methods of imiversity re- 
form. 'o9(Myis) O. 8s c. Oxford Univ. 
Cushing, H: Cooke. 

See Crocker, Fs. B. 
Cnahman, Allerton Seward. 

Preservation of iron and steel. 'opCJls) 
il. fold. fig. O. (U. S., Dept. of Agricul- 
ture, Office of Public Roads bull.) pap. 
lo c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Cushner, Meyer Barnard. 
Commercial law for accountant students. 
'08, [1909.] (Ja) c. O. 372 p. hf. leath. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Universal Business. 
Cust, Mrs. H. 

See Cust, Nina. 

Cust, Nina, [Mrs. H. Cust.] 

Gentlemen errant: being the journeys and 

adventures of four noblemen in Europe 

during the xv. and xvi. centuries. '09 

(Api7) pors. maps, 8**, ^$4 net. Dutton. 


See TariflF. 

Customs frauds in New York. Albert, A. D., 
jr. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Cutaneous diseases. 

See Skin. 

Cuthbert, pseud. 

See Copus, J: Edn. 
Cnthberty Father. 
Chronicle of Thomas of Eccleston. '09(0) 
39+168 p. 8*, ^s c. net. Herder. 

Cutter, Mrs. B. B. 

See Cutter, Sophia Genevieve Robinson. 
Cutter, Sophia Genevieve Robinson, [Mrs. B. 
B. Cutter.] 
Practical recipes. '09(0i6) D. ♦$1.25 net. 

Cutter, W: R:, ed. 
Historic homes and places and genealogical 
and personal memoirs relating to the fam- 
ilies of Middlesex Co., Mass. *o8, [1909.] 
(Ja) c. 4 v., il. pors. 4". (Add. pubs, 
for price.) Lewis Pub. 

Cutting, Ifrs. Mary Stewart Doubleday. 
Just for two. '09(016) c. il. D. ♦$! net, 
fixed. Doubleday, P. 

Cy Hains's sermo-phone. Taylor, J: E. 50c. 

J: E. Taylor. 
Cycles of speculation. Gibson, T: $1.50. 

Moody's Mag. 
Allen, J. W. Wheel magic : [cycling in Eng- 
land.] ♦$1.25 net. * Lane. 
Cyclopedia of modem shop practice; How- 
ard Monroe Rajmiond, ed.-in-chief, as- 
sisted by a corps of mechanical engineers, 
designers and specialists in shop methods 
and management. 4 v. '09(0) c. il. 8*", 
$12.80. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Set Encyclopedias. 


See Cnutaceans. 

Cylinders and other ancient oriental seals in 
the library of J: Pierpont Morgan. Mor- 
gan, J: P. (Priv. pr.) J: P. Morgan. 
Cynical kids. Newkirk, C. 75 c. Caldwell. 
Cyprus (Island of). 

Mariti, G. Travels in the Island of Cyprus. 

♦$1.25 net. Putnam. 

Stewart, B. My experiences in Cyprus. 

♦$2 net. Dutton. 

Cyr, Mrs. Ellen M., [now Mrs. Ruel Perley 


Story of three great artists: Raphael, 

Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci. '09 

(Jes) c. il. D. (Graded art readers.) 50c. 


Dabney, C: W: 

Unity of the university. '09(0) 6 p. 8®, 

pap. (Not for sale.) Univ. of Cin. 

Daffan, Katie. 

Woman in history. 'o9(Ja23) c. O. *$2 net. 


Daggett, Mabel Potter. 

In Lockerbie Street; little appreciation of 

James Whitcomb Riley. '09(D25) c. il. 

per. 8°, 50 c. B. W. Dodge. 

Daily living. Ewart, N. E. ♦$1.84 net. 

H. P. Hood. 
Daily meals of children. Hunt, C. L. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Daily normal temperature and the daily nor- 
mal precipitation of the United States. 
Bigelow, F. H. $1.75. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Daingerfield, Mrs. Nettie Gray. 

Frescati: a page from Virginia history. 
'o9(Myi) c. D. ♦$! net. Neale. 

Dainty dining. Brown, Mrs. M. A. A., comp. 

$1.50. Reed Press. 


Gurler, H : B : Farm dairy. $1. 

Breeders' Gazette. 

Lane, C. B. Business of dairying. *$i.2S 
net. Judd. 

Michels, J: Market dairying. $1. 

J: Michels. 

Rawl, B. H., and others. Dairy industry in 
the South. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Russell, H. L., and Hastings, E. G. Ex- 
perimental dairy bacteriology. $1. Ginn. 

Spillman, W: J. Successful poultry and 
dairy farm. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Bu. 
of Animal Industry. Publications of in- 
terest to dairymen. '09 (My) 5 p. 8**, pap. 
gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States public documents rel. to the 
American dairy industry. '09 (My) 37 p. 
12**, pap., gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See also Butter; — Domestic animals; — Milk. 

Daish, J: Broughton. 

Procedure in interstate commerce cases, 
with illustrative precedents and forms. 
'09(Mr) c. 14+494 p. O. ^$5 net. 

Daisy chain ser. 8 v. '09(D) c. ea. 44 p. il. 

in col. 8", ea., 15 c. Doran. 

Contents: The daisy chain: Doll3r*8 picture book; 
Blind man's buff; Puss in the corner; For doggie 
and me. Baby's own picture book; Oranges and lem- 
ons; Hide and seek. 



Dalbiac, Philip Hugh. 

Jiff Harboltle, T: Benfield. 
Dale, Alan, [pseud, foi Alfi. J. Cohea.] 
Great wet way. ■o9(Ap3) c. il. O. '•$1.50 
net- Dodd. 

Dale. J: T. 

Heroes and greathearls and their animal 
friends. '08, [1909.) (N) c. pors 8'. $1. 

Dale, Hoty. 

Miss Eagle: the suffragette. 'oQ(Jc) 12°, 
SO e. Aberdeen. 

Dale, T: Nelson. 
Chief commercial granites of Ma-'Mcliu- 
sells. New Hampshire and Rhode Island. 
■o9(Mr6) il. maps, 8°, (U. S. Geol. Sur- 
vey, bull.) 30 c. U. S., Supt, of Docs. 
Daley, Myra. 
Jcrd Cless, '09(D25) c. la', $1,50. 

Dalkeith, Lena. 
Stories from French history. 'ogfN6) eol. 
il. 24°, 'so c. net. Duttoii. 

Dal], W: Healey. 
Contri buttons to the Tertiary paleontology 
of the Pacific eoasi ; i, Miocene of As- 
toria and Cooa Bay, Ore. 'o(j(My) 378 
p. il, map. 4', (U. S., Dept, o£ the In- 
terior ; U. S. Geol. Survey : Professional 
papers.) pap., 50 c. U. S., Sitpi. of Docs. 
Dali-as. Tex. 
Lindsley, P. History of greater Dallas and 
vicinity, v. 1. per set, $20. 

Lewis Pub, Co. 
Dalrymple, Julia. 

See McDonald, Mrs. Elta Blaisdell. 
Dalton, Rev. M. L. 

Church catechism in anecdote. "oqCOiG) 
iz°, *$i net. Whittakcr. 

Dalton, W: 

Inferences ai bridge. '09{Je5) S. *4o c. 
net, Lippincott. 

Daly, T: AuKUstine. 
Carmina, 'og(Apio) c. D. "$i.So "ct- 

Damon, H; B., camp. 

Gems of thought. ■07,(1909.] (Mr) 

pr.) H: B. 

Damphool in the Kentucky legislature 

i.edy, H: C. $1. 
Gatun Dam and earth dams in gene 
tide from the Engineering Nen's 
1, igo^ '09lje) 10 p. il. &\ pap. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S.. Supt. t 

Dana, E: Salisbury, and Ford, W: Bb 

Second appendix to the 6th ed. of 

System of mineralogy ; complel 

work to iQog. 'o9(Si8) c. il. 4^ 

Dana, Ja. Dwigbt. 

System of mineralogy. 1837-1S68: 
tive mineralogy. 6th ed., by E: S 
Dana; entirely rewritten and mu 
with appendix 1, completing the ' 
1899. '09(Jci9) il. 4°, hf. mor., j 

Daoa, J: CottoiL 

Modem American library economj 
lustrated by the Newark. N. J 
Public Library, pt. i. The lend 
partment ; section 1, The work 
registration desk, by Sara C. 
Carr. 'o9( Jal6) il. pap.. 25 c.;- 
The school department ; section 3. 
of study lor normal school pupils 
use of a library, by Marjary L. 
'o9(Jer2) e. O. pap., 75 c. 

Elm Tre 
Dana, H: H:, jr. 

Two years before the mast, 'oi) 
24", (Pocket Am. and Etig. cl 
*a5 c. net. Ma 

Danahei, Albert J., lep. 

See New York State. Repts. 
Danaher, Franklin Haiti n. 

Bar cjiamiuations (New York 
of law study, cont the 




Dangers of the day. Vaughan, J : S. $i. 

Ave Maria. 
Daniel, J. Fk« 
Animal life of Malaysia. [2d ed.] '09 
(Ap3) c. il. O. ♦*$i.20 net. Bobbs-M. 
Dtniel, J: Warwick. 
Lumber schedule; paper entitled Data on 
the lumber schedule; also a sworn state- 
ment of the difference in the wage scale 
of the U. S. and Canada, etc. '09 (Ag) 
8 p. 8", pap. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Daniels, Percy. 
Swollen fortunes and the problem of the 
unemployed. *o8, [1909.] (My) c. 74 p. 
8°, pap., 15 c. P. Daniels. 

Daniels, W. M., comp. and ed. 
Choix de poesies faciles. 'o9(Oi6) S. 
(Cro well's shorter French texts.) *2S c. 
net. Crowell. 

Danish language. 

See Norwegian language. 

Danish literature. 

Kiklal, A., comp. Selected Norwegian and 
Danish books. 25 c. A. L. A. 

Dante. Raymond, G: L. **$i.25 net. 

Dante Alighieri. 

Convivio ; tr. mto English by W : Walrond 
Jackson. '09(Agi4) 8*, (Oxford lib. of 
translations.) *$i net. Oxford Univ. 

Divine comedy, pt. i, The inferno; with 
introd. and notes, arranged for high 
schools, colleges, and literary societies. 
'08, [1909.] (Jai6) c. por. charts, 12°, 
(Lakeside classics.) *SO c. net. Ainsworth. 

Divine comedy; tr. by H: Wads worth 
Longfellow; ed. by C: Welsh. 4 v. '09 
(N) c. il. g°, $6. W. D. Lane. 

La divina commedia; ed. and annot. by C. 
H. Grandgent. v. i. Inferno. '09(Ap3) 
c. D. (Modern lang. ser.) $1.25. Heath. 


Reade, W: H: V. Moral system of Dante's 
Inferno. $4.15. Oxford Univ. 

Snell, F : J : Hdbk. to the works of Dante. 
♦$1.50 net. Macmillan. 

Toynbee, P. J. Dante in English literature. 

2 v. ♦$5 net. Macmillan. 

Oante and Beatrice. Drummond, Mrs. S. K. 

W. **$i.25 net. Macmillan. 

X^anvers, Mass. 

Vital records of Danvers, Mass., to the end 
of the year 1849. *$4.4S net. 

Essex Inst. 
Daphne in Fitzroy street. Bland, Mrs. E. N. 
tji.50. Doubleday, P. 

I>arby, Mrs. Sarah. 

That affair in Philadelphia. 'o9(My8) c. 

D. $1. B'way Pub. 

D'Arcy, Bp. C: F: 

Christianity and the supernatural. '09 

(F27) D. (Anglican Qiurch handbooks.) 

*40 c. net. Longmans. 

Darewell chums on a cruise. Chapman, A. 

60 c. Cupples & L. 

Dargan, Mrs. Oliye Tilf ord. 

.Semiramis, and other plays. 

(My22) *$i net. 

"Duing, Hope,** pseud. 

See Johnson, Anna. 

Dark comer. McGhee, Z. $1. Grafton Press. 

[2d ed.] '09 

Darling, C: Rob. 

Heat for engineers. 'o9(Mri3) il. 8°, 
(Finsbury technical manuals.) $5. Spon. 
Darling, Jasper T. 

Heart of hope. '09(Jei2) c. il. por. O. pap. 
(Not for sale.) J. T. Darling. 

Darling, Philip Grenville. 

Safety valve capacity. [2d ed.] '09 
(My22) c. il. O. pap., gratis. 

Consolidated Safety. 
Darlington family. 

See Genealogies : Cope, G. 
Darlow, T. H. 

See Brown, C: 
Darmesteter, Mme. Agnes Mary Frances Rob- 
inson, [now Mme. Duclanz.] 
French procession ; pageant of great writers. 
'09 (D4) pors. O. **$3.50 net. Duffield. 

Darrow, Clarence S. 

"The open shop": [argument in favor of 
trade-unions.] '09(Ap3) c. S. pap., 10 c. 

S: A. Bloch. 
Darton, F. J. Harvey, comp. 

Pilgrim's tales, from Tales of the Canter- 
bury pilgrims. 'o9rAg) 120 p. il. 16*, 
(Children's bookshelf.) 60 c. Dodge. 

Darwin, Charles Robert. 

Fifty years of Darwinism: centennial ad- 
dress in honor of Charles Darwin. 
**$2 net. Holt. 

Poulton, E : R. Charles Darwin and The 
origin of 5pecies. $3. Longmans. 

Seward. A. C:, cd. Darwin and modem 
science. *$5 net. Putnam. 

Darwin, Sir G: Howard. 

Scientific papers, v. 2, Tidal friction and 
cosmogony. *oQ(Je26) Q. *$4.50 net. 


See Evolution. 

Dash at the pole. Phelps, W: L. 75 c. 

Ball Pub. Co. 

Daudet, Alphonse. 

Lettres de mon moulin ; selected and ed. by 

G. H. Clarke. 'o9(D25) map, 12", (Siep- 

mann's advanced French ser.) *6o c. net. 

Daughter of France. Maud, C. E. $1.50. 


Daughter of the hills. Marmon, Mrs. W. F. 

$1.50. Neale. 

Daughters of the American Revolution, Mas- 
sachusetts. Hannah Winthrop Chapter, 
Cambridge. Historic guide to Cambridjre. 
2d ed., rev. '09(023) c. il. maps, O. $1.25. 
D. A. R., Hannah Winthrop Chap. 
Daughters of the rich. Saltus, E. E. $1.25. 

M. Kennerlcy. 
Daulton, Mrs. Agnes McClelland. 

From Sioux to Susan. '09(02) c. il. U. 
t$i.50. Century Co. 

Daulton, G: 

Helter Skelters. 'o9(Oi6) c. col. il. D. 
t$i.2S. Stokes. 

Dave Porter and his classmates. Str..te- 
meyer, E: t$i-25. Lothrop, L. & S. 

D'Avenant, Sir W: 
Love and honour and The siege of Rhodes ; 
ed. by Ja. W. Tupper. '09 (N6) c. por. 
16°, (Belles-lettres ser.: Section iii., The 
English drama.") 60 c. '^^^'Ccv. 



Davenport, B: Rush, ed. 
Digest of literature ; ed., with suggestions 
from the Rt. Hon. W : E. Gladstone, the 
assistance of the feUowship of Christ 
Church, Oxford, England, and also the 
faculties of the leading American univer- 
sities. 3 V. 'ogCJeS) c. from, pors, .1°. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Hist. Pub. 

Davenport, Eug. 
Education for efficiency; discussion of cer- 
tain phases of the problem of universal 
education, ivith special reference to aca- 
demic ideals and methods. '09(N6) c. 
12°, $1, Heath, 

Industrial education with special reference 
to the high school : address read at the 
High School Conference, Univ. of III., 
Nov. 30, igoB. 'og(My) so p. 8°, pap., 
gratis. E. Davenport. 

Davenport, Frances Gardiner. 
Sec Andrews, C: McLean. 
Davenport, G: Lyman and Glii. Osgood. 
Genealogies of the families of Cohassel, 
Mass.: comp. imder the direction of the 
Committee on Town History. 'og(Di8) 
il. pors. 8°, $5. Com. Town History. 
Davenport, Homer Calvin. 
My cjuest of the Arab horse, 'o9(N6) c. il. 
O, "$a net. B. W, Dodge, 

Davenport, Wanen G. 

Butte and Montana beneath the X-ray; be- 
ing 3 collection of editorials from the 
file" of the Butte X-ray during the years 
1907-08. 'o<)(D) c. 381 p. 12°. pap., ?5 c. 

Davey, S: 

Botticelii- 'ogfD) various paging, il. Q. 
(Great artist ser,) -$2 net. Doran. 

Nine days' (jueen ; Lady Jane Grey and her 
limes; ed,, with an intrnd , by Martin 
Hume. -oofNao) il, O. fRomantic his- 
tory.) *$ net, Putnam. 
David, Jules. 

I-e sermert ; cd. by Cecile Hugon. 'oo 
(MrC) S, (Oxford modern French 

Davics, Arth. C: Fo»-. , 
See Fox-Davies, Arth. Ct 
Da vies, E. 0. 

Prolegomena to systematic theology ; study 
of authority, '09(Ni3) O. *$i.zs net 

Da vies, Gerald Stanley. 

Ghirlaniiaio. '09(Myz2) il. 4°, *$4 net. 
Daviea, H: Rodolpb. 

Yi'm-nan ; the link between India and the 
Yangtze, 'c^(Ut) 12-I-431 p. il maps, 
S', "$5 net. Putnam. 

Davie s, Oliver. 

Belween-lime poems. 'o9(N6> D, ^i-2S 

Daviess, Maria Tbompaon. 

Miw Selina Lue and the soap*box babies. 
'09(09) c, il, D. t$i. Bobbs-M 

Davis, A., ed. 

S,-r Adicr, H M., fd. 
Da vie, Allan, 

Premised land: a drama. 'og(Ap3) 8°, $1. 
Harvard Dramatic. 
Davis, Andrew Jaclcson. 

! inrmnnin! philosophy. 3S(h ed, 27 v. 

'ogiD) S", S30. Austin. 

Principles of nature : her divine revelations. 

35ih ed. '09(D) 8*, $3.50. Austin. 

Davis, Andrew UcFsxIand. 



'.■^Z-iOa p, 8°. (Priv, pr.) 

A. McF. Davisu 
Dsvis, Andrew P. 
Neuropathy; the new science of drugless 
healing amply illustrated and explained, 
embracing ophthalmology, osteopathy, 
chiropractic science, suggestive thera- 
peutics, magnetism, instructions on diet, 
deep breathing, bathing, etc. ; advice to 
mothers — how to care for children — 
physical manipulations lo cure chronic 
and acute diseases ; many invaluable 
recipes for home use — instruclions how 
ithout medicine, and 




Davis, Floyd. ^ 

Mine investors' guide. '09(My22) c. il. 

D. $1.50. Western Corr. Sch. 

Davis, Foxcroft. 

The whirl r a romance. 'ogCJes) c. il. D. 

t$i.SO. Dodd. 

Davis, Harvey Nathaniel. 

5"^^ Marks, Lionel Simeon. 
Davis, H: Bdg. 
Development of the District of Columbia; 
paper from the proceedings of the Wash- 
ington Academy of Science. '09 (Jl) 20 p. 
8". (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Davis, J. L. 
Mountain preacher ; being some experiences 
told in the language of the people among 
whom he so successfully labored. '09 
(Ap) c. 75 p. il. 12**, 50 c. F: L. Rowe. 
Davis, J: 
Travels of four years and a half in the 
United States of America during 1798, 
1799, 1800, 1801, and 1802 ; with an introd. 
and notes by A. J. Morrison. '09(030) 
O. *$2.50 net. Holt. 

Davis, J: McCan. 

How Abraham Lincoln became president. 
Centennial ed. '09(Fi3) c. il. pors. D. 
*75 c. net. J. M. Davis. 

Davis, J: Wa., and Jnlien, Fanny. 

Finger play reader, pts i and 2, tor first 

year classes. 'o9(Jlio) c. il. (partly 

col.) D. (Davis-Julien ser. of readers.) 

ca., 35 c. ; Teachers' ed., ea., 50 c. Heath. 

Davis, Lyman Edwyn. 

Jonathan Twigg. '09 (Jl) 389 p. 8% $1. 

O. P. Davis 
Davis, Madison. 

Old cannon foundry above Georgetown, 
D. C, and its first owner, Henry Foxall; 
repr. from the records of the Columbia 
Hist. Society, v. 2, 1908. '09 (F6) il. por. 
facsim., O. pap. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

New Era Print. 
Davis, Michael Marks. 

Psychological interpretations of society. '09 
(JcS) O. (Columbia Univ. studies in his- 
tory, economics and public law.) pap., $2. 

Davis, Nathaniel Newnbam-. 

5"^^ Newnham-Davis, Nathaniel. 
Davis, Norah. 
Wallace Rhodes. 'o9(Apio) c. D. t$i.50. 

Davis, R: Harding. 

White Mice. 'o9(Jes) c. il. U t$i.50. 

Davis, Rob. Conrtney. 

See Stewart, Merch Bradt. 
Davis, W: Stearns. 

Outline hist, of the Roman Empire. '09 
(S18) map, 12*, ^6$ c. net. Macmillan. 
Davis family. 

Ste Genealogies, Estabrook, J: D. 
Davison Alvin. 
Dust as a carrier of disease in the school- 
room. '09(N) c. IS p. il. 16*, pap., 10 c. 

A. Davison. 

Human body and health: an intermediate 

text-book of essential physiology, applied 

hygiene, and practical sanitation for 

schools. '09(811) c il. pors. D. 50 c. 

Am. 6k. 

Davison, Ralph C. 

Concrete pottery and garden furniture. '09 

(D4) c. il. D. $1.50. Munn. 

Davison. T. Raffles. 

Modern homes; with a foreword by Sir 

Aston Webb. '09(Jli7) il. 4"*, ♦$5.25 net. 


Davison, W: J. 

Gymnastic dancing. '09(Si8) il. 12*, bds., 

$1. Y. M. C. A. 

Davisson, Ralph Boardman. 

Yoke fellow. '08, [1909.] (Mr) c. 311 p. 

il. 12**, $1.50. C. M. Qark. 

Davisson, Schuyler C. 

College algebra. '09 (N6) 12**, ♦$1.50 net. 

Dawbarn, C. Y. C. 
Liberty and progress. '09(023) O. *$3 net. 

Dawber, E. Guy. 

See Schultz, Rob. W. 
Dawe, W. Carlton. 
The woman, the man and the monster. '09 
(Je) c. 345 p. front. D. $1.50. 

Stuyvesant Press. 
Dawn of the Catholic revival in England. 
Ward, B. 2 v. ^$7 net. Longmans. 

Dawson, Conlngsby W : 
See Dawson, W: Ja. 
Dawson, £. Rumley. 

Secret of sex; discovery of a new law of 
nature: how sex is caused. '09(D) c. 
64 p. pors. 12**, 50 c. Cochrane. 

Dawson, O: £. 

Child and his religion. '09(030) c. D. 
^S c. net. Univ. of Chic. 

Dawson, Lawrence H. 
Book of battles and sieges. *09(ApT7) 32*, 

leath.. 50 c. Dutton. 

Dawson, W; Ja., DJ>. 
Masterman and Son. '09(023) c. D. *$i.20 

net. Revell. 

Threshold of manhood. '09(02) 12^*, *$i.25 

net. Revell. 

— , and Conlngsby, W:, eds. 

Great English essayists, with introd. essays 

and notes. 'o9(Ni3) c. D. (Readers' lib.) 

*$i net. Harper. 

Great English letter-writers; with introd. 

essays and notes. 'o9(Jl3i) c. 2 v., D. 

(Readers' lib.) ea,. ♦*$i net. Harper. 

Dawson, W: Leon, and Bowles, J: Hooper. 

Birds of Washington ; a complete, scientific 
and popular account of the 372 species of 
birds found in the state. '09(Ag7) .c. 2 
v., il. 8*, subs. only. $12; hf. mor., $15; 
mor., $20; large paper ed., $25. 

Occidental Pub. 
Dawson-Scott, Catharine Amy. 

Treasure trove ; story of unusual situations 
on the text of "Finding is keeping !" '09 
(O2) $1.50. Duffield. 

Day, Lewis Foreman. 

Nature and ornament. In 2 v. v. i. Na- 
ture the raw material of design. '09 
(Myis) il. O. *$2 net. Scribner. 

Day, Sarah J. 

Fresh fields and legends old and new: 
[poems.] '09(Myi5) c. front. O. **$i.25 
net. Putnam. 

Mayflowers to mistletoe: [poems.] 2d ed. 
'09(Je26) c. il. O. **$ tvet. '?>\V^^Ta. 

DAY 1- 

Day dreams of Greece. Slork, C: W. '75 c. 

net. Lippincott. 

Day-hours of the Church of England. Rev. 

ed, 'og(My22) D. *5l.2S net. Longmans. 
Day of the cross. Oow, W. M. "$1.50 net. 

Day with the poets ser. 6 v. '09(D) col. il. 
12°, ea., 50 c. Doran. 

Canlnii: Tennyson; Browoioi: Burn?: Kmm: 
Longtctlow; Wordswortb. 

Daybreak m Korea. Batrd, A. L. A, *6o c. 

net- Rcvell. 

Daybreak in Turkey. Barton, J. L. '$1,50 

net. Pilgrim Press. 

Days of June. While, M. C "SO c. net. 


Days of the Directoire, Allinson, A. *$s net. 


Days spent on a Doge's farm, Symonds, M. 

■ ret. Century Co, 

Dayton, A. C. 

Theodosia Emcsl. '09(Si8) D, "75 t^. net- 
Bapl. Bk. 
De hello Gallico. Ser Cxsar, Caius Julius, 
De finibus bonorum ct malorura. See Cicero, 

Marcus Tulliiis. 

De infinitivi (inalis vel crnscculivi construc- 

tionc apud priscos poetas Grajcos, Ogdcn, 

C: J. '"^Las ret. Macmillan. 

De I'AUemag^e. See Stael- Hoi stein, Antic 

Louise Gcrmaine Necker. Baronne de. 
De profundis. See Wilde, Oscar. 
De Trir.ilatc liber. See Novilian 
De vera religione. Schiffini, S. '$2.?5 neL 

Deaderiek, W: Heiskell. 

Pract. study of malaria. '09(D) c. 11- 
40:! p. il. pors. 8°, $4.50. Saunders. 

Deaf and dumb. 

De Land, F. Dumb no longer. $ 


Sparrow, R. E., comp. Stories and rhyme* 

in Melville Bell symbols; comp. and cd. 

at the Rochester School for the Deaf. $1. 



Deana, S: Stotry. 

Trials of fiv« queens: [Kalherine of .-^u- 
gon, Anne Boleyn, Mary, Queen of 
Scots, Marie Antomttte, and Caroline of 
Brunswick.] 'ogCJIji) pors. 8°. '$350 
net. Breiitano'j. 

DearbotD, Ned. 

Catalogue of a collection of birds from 
British East Africa. 'ogCAg) iji-igo p. 
map, 8°, (Field Museum of Natural His- 
tory pubs.; Ornithological ser.) 50 c. 

Field Muicum. 
Dearmet, Rev. Percy. 

Body and soul : enquiry into the etTect of 
religion upon health ; with a dcscriptioT 
of Christian works of healing from the 
New Testament to the present da^-. "09 
(JI17) la". ' neL Dtitton, 

Everyman's hist, of the English elnirch. '09 

(09) D. "75 c. net; d. gilt. *$i net; pap, 

*50 c. net Wame. 

Deas, Anne Simons. 

Recollections of the Ball family of Smuih 
Carolina and the Coraingilee plantalion. 
[Private ed.] '09<N) c. 189 p. il, pars, 
facsim?,, plan, 8°, $5. A. BsD. 

Stt Fulun l,t«;— Immonslity. 

Deaili of Lincoln. Laughlin. C E. "$r.SO 
net. Doubleday. P. 

Death of Maid McCrea. See Auringer. Obs- 
diah Cyrtjs. Twin poems o( the Revolu- 

Dcath Valley Slim. Worth. P. W. 75 t 

P. W. Worth, 
Deaver, J: Blair, MD., and Asbhurst, AstlcT 
Paston Cooper, M.D, 

Surgery of the upper abdomen : ?l<miacli 

and duodenum, v, 1. '09(j323) c. 8'i 

•$5 net. Blakislon. 

Debaters' hdbk. ser, ia°. H. W. Wilson. 

—Phelps, comp. Selected articles on the 

and refcrendtun, $1. 

Lyman, R, L, V Principles of efTecti 




I>ecker, J: Wright. 

Cheese making. 5th rev. ed. by F. W. 
Woll. '09(Fi3) c. il. figs. O. $1.75. 

Decker, Ward« 
Complete condensed electricity: a practical 
and simplified course of study for be- 
ginners. In 3 pts. pt. I. '09(02) il. D. 
pap., ea., $4; per set, $12. Barnes. 


See Elocution; — Orators and oratory; — Recitations. 

Declaration of Independence. 
United States. Constitution of the United 
States of America and Declaration of In- 
dependence. *25 c. net. G. A. Jackson. 
Decoration and furniture of English man- 
sions. Lenygon, F. ♦$! net. Scribner. 
Decoration and ornament. 
Contet, F., ed. Examples of old iron work. 
$13.40. Hessling. 

Day, L. F. Nature and ornament. In 2 v. 
V. I. ^$2 net. Scribner. 

Hall, E. H. Decorative art in Crete in the 
bronze age. (Add. pubs, for price.) 


Studio year-book of decorated art, 1909. 

♦$3 net; *$2.5o net. Lane. 

White, G. Practical designing. ♦$1.25 net. 


See also Alphabets: — Bock illustrations; — Ceram- 
ics; — China painting; — Church decoration; — 
and ornament; — Fine arts; — Furniture; — House 
decoration; — Lettering; — Needlework; — Paint- 
ers and pzinting; — Sculpture; — Textile fabrics; 
— Upholstery;— Wall decoration. 

Decorative art in Crete in the bronze age. 

Hall, E. H. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Decorative glass processes. Duthie, A. L: 

**$2 net. Van Nostrand. 

Decree on daily communion. Ferreres, J. 

B. *$i.5o net. Herder. 

Dedham, Mass. 

See Dorrer, Mass. 
Deep hole drilling. 'o9(Fi3) c. il. 8°, (Ma- 

chinerjr's reference .ser.) pap., 25 c. 

Indust. Press, 
Deep-water ser.: popular tales of the set. 

D. $1.25. Sturgis & W. 

— Russell. Wreck of the "Grosvenor." 
Deeper stain. Hird, F. t$i.50. Appleton. 

Deeping, 6: Warwick. 
Mad Barbara. '09(Fi3) c. front. D. t$i.50. 

Red Saint. '09(023) col. front. D. $1.50. 

Seven streams. *09(N6) D. $1.50. Fennb. 
Deering, Ja. H.^ ed. 
See (Talifornia. Code of civil procedure. 

Defective children. 

See Children. 

Defence of the government of Guatemala be- 
fore the Central-American Court of Justice 
at Cartago, in the case of Honduras. '09 
(Mr 1 3) O. pap. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu. Am. Republics. 
Defoe, Dan. 

Defoe: [selections;] ed. by J: Masefield. 
'09(D2S) 12", (Masters of literature.) 
*^ net. Macmillan. 

Life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 
pt. i; with introd. and notes by C: Rob. 
Gaston. '09(023) c. T. (Pocket Am. and 
Eng. classics.) 25 c. Macmillan. 

Defoe, Dan. — Continued. 

Life and strange surprising adventures of 

Robinson Crusoe. *09(S25) il. in col. O. 

♦♦$1.50 net. Houghton M. 

Memoirs of a cavalier; or, a military 

journal of the wars in Germany and 

the wars in England from the year 1632 

to the year 1648; ed., with introd. and 

notes, by Eliz. O'Neill. '09(My) 11+ 

292 p. 16°, (Cambridge English literature 

for school.) *40 c. net. Putnam. 

De Garmo, C: 

Laboratory exercises in art appreciation. 
'09(Ja23) il. Q. (Cornell study bulletins 
for teachers.) 40 c. Bardeen. 

De Geer. 
See Dubois. 

De Goesbriand, Bp. L: 

Young converts; or, memoirs of the three 
sisters — Debbie, Helen and Anna Barlow. 
'08, [1909] (Mr) 304 p. 12°, ♦75 c. net. 

Chr. Press. 
De Groot, C. Uofstede. 

Catalogue raisonne of the works of the 
most eminent Dutch painters of the sev- 
enteenth century; based on the work of 
J: Smith by C. Hofstede De Groot, (with 
the assistance of Kurt Friese;) tr. and 
ed. by E : G. Hawke. In 10 v. v. 2. '09 
(JeS) 8°, *$7.5o net. Macmillan. 

Deitch, Guilford A. 

Digest of insurance cases ; general index, 
embracing all decisions in any manner 
affecting insurance companies or their 
contracts, [etc.] v. 1-20. In 6 v. '09(D) 
c. 973+515 p. O. $36. Rough Notes. 

Digest of insurance cases, v. 21. '09(S) c. 
O. hf. shp., $3. Rough Notes. 

Deity of Christ. Speer, R. E. *25 c. net. 

Dejeans, Eliz. 

Winning chance. '09(My22) c. front. D. 
t$i.50. Lippincott. 

Dekker. Thomas. 
Pierce, F: E. Collaboration of Webster 
and Dekker. $1. Holt. 

Delafield affair. Kelly, Mrs. F. F. $1.50. 

Delamater, G. R. 
See Belden. A. W. 

Deland, Ellen Douglas. 
See Boys on the railroad. 

De Land, Fred. 

Dumb no longer ; romance of the telephone. 
'09(Je5) c. il. pors. O. $1.50. Volta. 

Deland, Lorin Fuller. 

Imagination in business; rev. and enl. '09 
(N6) D. ♦♦so c. net. Harper. 

Deland, Mrs. Lorin Fuller. 
See Deland, Mrj. Marg. Wade Campbell. 

Deland, Mrs. Marg. Wade Campbell, [Mrs. 
Lorin Fuller Dek^ind.] 
Awakening of Helena Richie. [Margaret 
Anglin cd.] 'o9(N2o) c. il. O. t$i-50- 

Where the laborers are few. '09(023) c. il. 
O. t$i-50. boxed. Harper. 

Delany, Selden Peabody. 

Ideal of Christian worship. 'o9(Apio) c. 
S. ♦so c. net. Young Churchman. 



De la Pasture, Mrs. Eliz. Bonham, [Mrs. 
De la PaBtuic] 

Calhcrine's child. 'ooCJaso) c D. **5i.» 
net. Button. 

The tyrant. '09(0) 8+38a p. 12°, *$i.2S 
net. Dutton. 

De La RocheUe, Philippe. 

Guide to French pronunciation and prac- 
tical phonetics. 'o9(Ap24) c. D. 'go c, 
net. Stechert. 

De Laurence, Lauren W; 

God, the Bible, truth and Chrisrian the- 
oloKy. '09(JI) c. 14+542 P- il- por. 12°. 
$3.50, De Laurence, S 

"Immanence of God" ; "Know thyself ; 
"God (the soul) and the man"; "The 
book of self (God); "Faith" (the pri- 
mary will) as taught by "Jesus the mas- 
ter." '08, [1909.) (F) c. various paging, 
12°, $3.25. De Laurence, S. 

Mystic test book of "The Hindu occult 
chambers ;" The magic and occultism of 
India- Hindu and Egyptian crystal gaz- 
ing; The Hindu magic mirror. 'og(J\) 
c. 177 p. por. il. 12°, $2. De Laurence, S. 

Conrad, H: Clay. Hislorv of the slate of 
Delaware. $12. ' H: C. Conrad. 

Stt alio Dniwyers frcsbyleiiaa Church. 

Delaware College bull.; new ser. &'. 

Del. College. 

— Sypherd and Messersmith, High school 
course in English, gratis. 

Delau-arc Historical Society fapers. 8°, pap. 
Delaware Hist Soc, 

— Campbell. Life and character ot Jacob 
Broom. 50 c. 

— Higgins. Historical address delivered be- 
fore the "Friends of old Drawyers." (Add. 
pubs, for price.) 

— Pennewill and Macdonough. Addresses 
at the unveiling of a memorial tablet to 
Commodore Thomas Macdonough. 50 c. 

Delaware Indians. 

Delk, EdD. Heyl. 1 

Three vital problems: the higher and the ' 
highest criticism; the modem church and 
the social crisis; the centrality of Chris- 
tian fellowship. 'o9(N) c. 83 p. ia°, 50 c. 
Lutheran Pub. 
Dell, Sidney. 

See California. General street laws, 
Del Mar, W: Arth. 

Electric power conductors. 'o9(Sii) il. 

12°, *%2 net. Van Nostrand. 

De Long. Allen Percy, 1 

When the lilacs bloom. 'oS, [1909.) (Je) 

c. ,412 p. il. 12°, $1.25. Benton. 

Delmartei, Ja, EllBworth. 

Elements of vocal music; self-instructor in 

the theory of notation and sight-reading, 

incl. a brief dicL of musical terms. 'C9 

(N) c. 54 p. 12", 35 c Delmarler Puh. 

Del pit, Louise. 

L'age d'or de la litteralure franjaise. '09 

(N20) c. tabs., D. (Modem language 

ser.) 90 c. Heath. 

Demagog (The). Hereford, W: R ; tSt.SQ. 


Denung, Horace E: 

Government of American cities : program 
of democracy: study of municipal organ- 
isation and of the relation of the city to 
the stale; also a reprint of the municipal 
program of the National Municipal 
League. 'o9(Mr27) c. O. "^I-SO net. 


Snyder. J. L. Agriculture and democracy. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Mich. Agricultural Coll. 

Sst alio Political science;— Suflragc, 

De Morgan, A: 

Elem. illustrations of the differeniiil and 
integral calculus. New ed. 'oo(Mt) 8-f 
144 p. •$! net. Open Court, 

On the study and difficuUies of mathe- 
matics. 2d ed. ■o9(Mr) S-f-288p- •$1.25 
iici. Open Court. 

De Morgan, Wr Fiend. 




Denifle, Rev. H: 

Humanity; its destiny and the means to 
attain it; tr. from the German by Very 
Rev. Ferdinand Brossart. '09(030) c. 
per. D. ♦$1^5 net Pustet. 

Denison, O: Taylor. 
Struggle for imperial unity; recollections 
and experiences. *09(Ap24) por. O. 
♦♦$2.25 net. Macmillan. 

Denison, T: Stewart. 
Primitive Aryans of America ; origin of the 
Aztecs and kindred tribes, showing their 
relationship to the Indo-Iranians and the 
place of the Nauatl or Mexican in the 
Aryan group of languages. '09(Jai6) c. 
O. $3.25; pap., $2.50. T: S. Denison. 
Denizens of the deep. Duncan, F. M. *$i.75 
net. Cassell. 

Baedeker, K. Norway, Sweden and Den- 
mark, with excursions to Iceland and 
Spitzbergen. $2.40. Scribner. 

Convention between the U. S. and Den- 
mark. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 

Butlin, F. M. Among the Danes. ♦$2.50 

net. Pott. 

See also Ribe. 

Denney, Ja., D J>. 

Jesus and the Gospel: Christianity justified 

in the mind of Christ. 'o9(F2o) c. O. 

**$2 net. Armstrong. 

Denney, Jos. Villiers. 
See Scott, Fred Newton. 

Denny, Emily Inez. 

Blazing the way ; or. true stories, songs and 
sketches of Puget Sound and other pio- 
neers. '09(0) 503 p. il. pors. 8**, $2.50. 

Rainier Pr. 
Denslow, W: Wallace. 

When I grow up. '09(69) il. (partly in 
col.) Q. ♦*$! net. Century Co. 

Dental metallurgy. Essig, C: J. *$2 net. 


See Teeth. 

Denton, Clara J. 
See Irish, Marie. 

Denver International Correspondence School 
of Money. Catalogue and curriculum. *09 
(Mr) c. '08. 23 p. D. pap., 25 c. 

Denver Int. Corr. Sch. 
De Packh, Baroness M. 
Twenty years in Siberia. 'o9(Mr27) 12°, 
$1.25. Guarantee Pub. 

Deportmental ditties. Graham, H. $1. 

Dep^et, Charles. 

Transformation of the animal world. '09 
(Api7) fold. tabs. D. (International sci- 
entific ser.) *$i.75 net. Appleton. 

Depreciated currency and diminished railway 

rates. 'o9(Jlio) O. pap. (Add. pubs, for 

price.) Railway World. 

De Qiuncey, T: 

Selections: incl. Joan of Arc, The English 
coach, Levana and our ladies of sor- 
row, and Savannah la mar ; ed. for school 
use by W: Vaughn Moody. '09(Jl3i) 
c. 16", (Lake English classics.) 25 c. 

Scott, F & Co. 

De Quincey, T: — Continued. 
Confessions of an English opium-eater. '09 
(Apio) front. 32*, (Ariel booklets.) 
leath., 75 c, boxed. Putnam. 

Spanish military nun and Revolt of the 
Tartars; ed., with introd. and notes, by 
V. H. Collins. '09 (D4) map, S. 50 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Derleth, C: 

Destructive extent of the California earth- 
quake. 'o9(Jlio) :J. 12**, ♦$1.25 net. 

A. M. Robertson. 

See Skin. 

Desborough, Arth. 

See Watteyne, Victor. 
Descaves, Lucien, ed. 

Color of Paris. '09(D25) il. 8°, *$6 net, 

boxed. Dodd. 

Descendants of John Mowry. Mowry, W: 

A : $3. Preston. 

Descriptive chemistry. Newell, L. C. $1.20. 

Descriptive geometry. 

See Geometry. 
De Selincourt, Basil. 
William Blake. 'o9(Je26) il. D. (Library 
of art ser.) *$2 net. Scribner. 

De Selincourt, Hugh. 
The way things happen. 'o9(Si8) D. $1.50. 

Deserted farm house. Lincoln, V. $1. 

Deserted village. See Goldsmith, Oliver. 

The traveller. 

See Botany; — Sahara desert. 


See Architecture; — Decoration and ornament; — 
Textile fabrics. 

Design and color in printing. Trezise. F: J. 
$1. Inland Pr. 

Design and construction of induction coils. 
Collins, A. F. ^$3 net. Munn. 

Design and equipment of small chemical lab- 
oratories. Meade, R : K. *$2 net. 

Chemical Enpjinccr. 

Design of electric and overhead cranes. 
'o9(Oi6) c. il. 8**, (Machiner/s reference 
ser.) pap., 25 c. Indust. Press 

DesJardinSy B: M3nTick. 
Wild flower poems. '09 (F6) c. il. pors. T. 
50 c. ; 75 c. ; pap., 25 c. Chapin News. 

Desk book of facts for physicians and phar- 
macists, Walsh, R. $1.50. R. Walsh. 

Desmond, Humphrey Jos. 

Little uplifts; paragraphs which may cheer 
or inspire as they catch the mood. '09 
(D) c. 77 p. 16**, 40 c. H. J. Desmond. 

Desnoyers, Louis Claude Joseph Florence. 

Les niesaventures de Jean-Paul Choppart; 

ed., with notes, vocab. and exercises, by 

C. Fontaine. *09(Myi5) c. S. (Modem 

lang. ser.) 40 c. Heath. 

Destruction of the "Gaspee." Knox, H. B. 
gratis. R. I. Dept. Educ. 

Destructive extent of the California earth- 
quake. Derleth, C: *$i.25 net. 

A. M. Robertson. 

Detached dwellings; country and suburban; 
[portfolio of plates and plans.] '09(Ap3) 
f*, $5. SwetUtvd. 



Barton, G: Adventures of llie uorld's 

greatest deledives. 75 c, Witiston. 

Deterioration of lead slieaihs of aerial and 

underground telephone cables. Spencer, 

T: G- gratis. Strombcrg-C. 

Determined angler, Bradford, C: 60 c. 

Nassau Press. 

Dettmann, F: 0. 

Complete lexl-book o( phono-stenography; 

for self -instruction and use in public and 

private schools, pt. 1, Correi.ponding 

style. 3d ed., rev. and Enl. 'o9!Sii) D. 

•J I net. Stcchcrt. 

Denther, C: G: 

Canticles of Niagara, and other poems. 
'og(Mv) c. 86 p. por. 16°, $2.50. 

C: G: Deuther. 
Deiitach-ongUsther lesebiicher fur katholische 
schulen; German- English readers for Cath- 
olic schools. [In 3 v.] 'ogCDss) c. il. D. 
V. I. 13H c; V. 2, leVj c; v. 3. 25 c. 

Deutsche gedichte zxtm auswcrdiKlenten. 
Chiilmers, W. P., ccmt. and erf. '40 c. net 
Deutsche (Das) lied. Kaun, H., comp. $1. 
Deutsche palrioten in Rusiland zur leit Na- 
poleons. Arndt, E. M. 30 c. Heath. 
Developmenl of llie chick. Lillie, F. R. "$4 
net- Molt. 
Development of the District of Columbia. 
Davi.s, H : E, (Add. Superintendent tor 
price.) U, S., Supt of Docs. 
Developmenl of the English law of conspir- 
acy. Bryan, J. W. 75 c. Johns Hopkins. 
Development of the stole. Dealey. J. Q. 
$1.50. Silver. 
Development of theology in Germany since 
Kant, Pfletderer, O. '$2.75 net. 

Devereiui, W: 

Henry of Navarre; romantic play in four 
acts. 'ogfMrii) c. 12°, pap., 50 c. 

Knickerbocker Press. 


Dn'otioim! omtitentariei; cd. by A: Rob. 

BucUland. 12°, 'Ji net. Am. S. S- 

— Buckland. First Epistle to the Thcssalo- 

nians. — St. Paul's second Epistle to the 

Devotional commentary on the Gospel of St 

Matthew, Horton, R. F. •$! net. 


Beissel, 5. Lord's prayer and the Hail 

Mary : points for meditation. *go c. net. 


Eaton, R. Auxilium infirmorum: manual 
for the sick. '45 c, net. Herder 

For love of our Lord: series of devotional 
papers. '40 c net. Young Churcliman. 


for 1 

ligiouE, 'Si. so net Bcniiger. 

Gottheil, G. Sun and shield : devout 

thoughts for every day use. •$! net. 

M„ G. With the beloved; book o[ private 

devotion in \erse. *&> c. net. 

Young Churchman. 
More, G. Holy practices of a divme lover, 

•75 c. net Herder. 

Pepper, G; VV. The way; devotional book 

for boys, 'iio c. net; $1,05, Longmans, 
Smith. C; E., camp. Altar devotions. 

**25 c. net. Longmans, 

Wilson, J. R. Chapel in every home. 

fPriv or.) J. R, Wilson, 

'""tendars And ytmr-bookt'. — Oin'*- 

' also Biblc- 

■ ioo lift;— Con__ 


Mount ;—Wonhlp. 

Devotional ser. 50 v. igog. S. 16°, ea.. vd- 

lum. so c. Altemu^. 

Dn-olional ser. 16'. Un. B, Pub, 

— Bowman. Bible doctrine of devotion 

*J0 c. net 
De Vries, Hugo. 

Mutation theory. In 3 v. v. 1. '09(013) 
il. in col,, $4. Open Court 

Dewar, Daoglaa, and Finn, Fk. 

Making of -.pecies. '09(Ag28) il. O, •$2,50 




Dey, Frederic van Rensselaer. 

Gentleman of quality. '09(Ap3) c. il. D. 
$1.50. L. C. Page. 

Dballa, Manckji Nuisservanji. 

Nyaishes or Zoroastrian litanies: Avestan 
text with the Pahlavi, Sanskrit, Persian 
and Gujarat! versions; cd. together and 
tr., with notes ; Khordah Avesta, pt. i. 
•o9(F27) 8', (Columbia Univ. Indo- 
Iranian ser.) ♦♦$2 net. Macmillan. 


See JB right's Disease. 


Atkinson, T : G. Functional diagnosis. 
$1.50. Chic. Med. Bk. 

Butler, G. R. Diagnostics of internal med- 
icine. $6. Appleton. 

Cabot, R : C. Physical diagnosis, ♦fc ret. 


Faught, F. A. Essentials of laboratory 
diagnosis. *$i.50 net. Davis. 

Webster, R. W. Diagnostic methods, chem- 
ical, bacteriological and microscopical. 
*$6 net; *$7.50 net. Blakiston. 

Wilson, J. C. Hdbk. of medical diagnosis. 
$6. Lippincott. 

Wood, F. C. Chemical and microscopical 
diagnosis. $5. Appleton. 

See also Blood; — Gynecology; — Nervous system; 

— Surgery; — Tuberculosis; — Urine and urinary 

organs; — Veterinary science and medicine; — 

also names of diseases. 

E>ialectic of Plotinus. Overstreet, H. A. 25 c. 

Univ. of Cal. 

See Recitations. 

^iamant, Sidney. 

Curves for calculating beams, channels and 
reactions; manual for engineers, archi- 
tects, designers, draughtsmen, builders 
and contractors. '08, [1909.] (F) c. 3+ 
^ 13 p. il. ^$2 net. McGraw. 

t-^iamond master. Futrelle, J. t$i- 



Arkansas. Bureau of Mines, Manufactures 
and Agriculture. Descriptive catalogue 
of the diamond bearing rock to accom- 
pany exhibit of peridolite rock, gratis. 

G. B. Tucker. 

Arkansas Diamond Co. Brief account of 
the discovery and investigation and the 
official repts. of geologist and mining en- 
gineer on the occurrence of diamonds in 
Pike Co., Ark. (Not for sale.) 

S: W. Reyburn. 

Holt, S. T., ed. The diamond, gratis. 

F. Holt. 

Schneider, P. F. Preliminary rept. on the 
Arkansas diamond field. (.Add. pubs, for 
price.) Cen. Pr. 

ftamonds cut paste. Castle^ Mrs, A. S. 

t$i.50. Dodd. 

Diana dethroned. Letts, W. M. $1.50. Lane. 


See Almanacs and annuals. 

Diary kept at the siege of Louisberg. Steams, 
B: 25 c. S: A. Green. 

Diary of a district messenger. Metcalfe, J. S. 
25 c. Life Pub. Co. 

Diary of a show-girl. Irwin, G. L. $1. 


Diary of a young officer. Favill, J. M. *$i.50 
net. Donnelley. 

Diary of an enlisted man. Bush, H. M. 
50 c. ; 25 c. E : T. Miller. 

Diary of the home: [record book.] '09(Ja) 
il. $4, boxed; full leath., $6, boxed. 


Diathesis and ocular diseases. Ramsay, A. 
M. ^$2 net. Wood. 

Diaz, Porfirio, President of Mexico. 
Fornaro, C. de. Diaz, czar of Mexico. 
$1.50. C. de Fornaro. 

Dibble, Sheldon. 
Hist, of the Sandwich Islands. '09(023) 
fold, map, D. *$i.75 i:et. Burrows. 

Dick, Rev. S: Medary. 

Psychotherapy; or, the ministry of the 
church to the body: five sermons del. in 
Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church, 
Minneapolis, Minn. '09(Jei2) c. por. O. 
pap., 25 c. S : M. Dick. 

Dick, Stewart. 

Cottage homes of England. 'o9(Ni3) col. 
il. O. *$7 net, boxed. Longmans. 

Dick, W: Brisbane, ["Trumps."] 

American Hoyle : hdbk. of games ; to which 

is appended an elaborate treatise on the 

doctrine of chances. 19th ed. '09(Jl3) c. 

16**, $1.50; bds., 75 c. ; pap., 50 c. Dick. 

Dick and Dolly. Wells, C. t$i.5o. Dodd 

Dick & Fitzgerald plays. 16 v. '09(84) c. 

ea., pap., 25 c. Dick. 

Dick Hamilton's fortune. Garis, H : R. 60 c. 

Dick in the Everglades. Dimock, A. W. 

t$i.50. Stokes. 

Dickens, C: 

Works. In 15 v. Piccadilly ed. '09(Api7) 
il. hf. leath., $52. Funk. 

Works; with the life of Dickens by Fk. T. 
Marzials, J: Forster,' Mamie Dickens, and 
Adolphus W. Ward ; introds. by And. 
Lang, Hamilton W. Mabie, C: Dickens, 
the younger, and E: Everett Hale; es- 
says, critical comments, arguments, and 
notes by Frederic G. Kitton and others; 
T : H. Clifford, managing editor. [Book- 
lovers ed.] 'o9(Ap3) c. 30 v., il. pors. 
12°, per set, $27.50; hf. leath., $37.50; limp 
leath., $47.50. Univ. Soc. 

Christmas carol in prose; being a ghost 
story of Christmas. '09 (N6) c. 12°, (Ru- 
bric ser.) ♦♦60 c. net. Duffield. 

Christmas stories. *09(N) i4-t-7o8 p. 12*, 
(Everyman's lib.) *35 c. net; leath., ♦70c. 
net. Dutton. 

Dickens dictionary: characters and scenes 
of the novels and miscellaneous works 
alphabeticallv arranged by Alex. J. Phihp. 
'09(Mr27) 8°, $3. Dutton. 

Edwin Drood. 'o9(N) io-f-354 p. 12°, 
(Everyman's lib.) *35 c. net; leath., *70c. 
net. Dutton. 

Mugby Junction and other stories; printed 
in the corresponding style of Pitman's 
shorthand. 20th century ed. '09(N6) S. 
pap., 50 c. Pitman. 

Our mutwal friend. '09(Mr27) il. 12°, (Il- 
lustrated pocket classics.) $1 ; leath., 
$1.50. Macmillaiv. 


Dickaus, C:— Continued. 
Reprinled pieces. 'o(j{N) 12+302 p. 12°, 
(Everyman's lib.) "35 c, net; leath,, *70e, 
net, Dulton. 

Speech del. at Gore House, Kensington, 
May 10, 1851 ; printed from the original 
autograph manuscript. '09(D) c. t? p. 
8°. (Not for 6ale.) Bibliophile. 

Uncommercial traveller. 'o9(N) 22-]-37o p. 
12°, (EverjTnan's lib.) *3S c. net; leath., 
•?o c. net. Dutton. 

Dickens, Oiarles. 
Browne, H, B., conip. Short plays from 
Dickens. *$1 net. Scribner. 

Shore. W: T. Charles Dickens and his 
friends. •$1.75 nel. Cassoll. 

Dickeitnau, C;, and Boyer, Fs. Howard, 
Rcfri-erntion. ■og(F2o) c. il. 8°, (Ameri- 
can School of Correspondence pubs.) $1. 
Am. Sch. Corr. 
Dicldns, Mrs. Edith Pratt. 

Port o' dreams. '09(Mr27) c. S. •■$! net. 
Dickinson, Arth. Lowes. 

Accounting practice and procedure ; in- 
struction paper, 'o9(D4) c. 8°. {Amer- 
ican School of Correspondence pubs,) 
50 c. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Set- also Lybrand. W : M. 
Dickinson, E: 

Study of the h'Story of music; with an 

annotated guide to music literature. Rev. 

and enl, ed. '09(My22) c. 8°, •♦$3.50 net. 


Dickinson, G: A., H.D. 

Your boy, his nature and nurture. 'oQ 
(N13) il. D. •$! net. Doran. 

Oickinson, Goldswotthy I owes. 

Is immorliilily desirable?; IngersoU lec- 
lure, igoS. '09(Mv22l c. D. "75 c, nel. 
Houghton M. 
Dickinson, H. N. 

Sir Guy and Lady Rannard. 'oo(Sll) ti", 
$1.50. Duffield. 

Dickinson, Mra. Herbert. 

' 7 Ward, Mrs. E\W.. Stuart Phdps. 


Dictionary of terms used in architecture 
building. '09(Si8) i!. 12°, 50 c. 

Indust. Bk. 
Did your child say this ? Preble, G : H., romf. 
SO c. J. W. LiKt 

Didier, Eugene Lemoine. 

Poe cull and other Poe papers ; with a ntir 
memoir. '09(Ag) 301 p. H. 12'. $i.5a 

B'way Pub,. 
Did win, I:, psend. 

See Sturdy, W: A. 
Dieffenbach, W: HennaniL 
Hydrotherapy; brief summary of the prac- 
tical value of water in disease for ito- 
dents and practicians of medicine. '09 
(Je) 16-1-2^ p. il. 8°. $3. Rebnaa 

Diehl, Alice M. 

Life of Beethoven. 'o9'(D) por. 8°, '$3 ntL 
Do ran. 
Diemei, Hugo. 

Automobiles. '0Q(My8) c. il. diagrs., 8", 
(American School of Correspondence 
pubs.) $1.50. Am. Sch. Cort. 


Sfi Cookcty;— Food. 

Dietrich, Gideon. 

Biology of the sex problem according to 
the latest facts disclosed by biology and 
evolution. '09(023) C D. SO c. 

S: A. Block. 
DieudonnS, A. 

Bacterial food poisoning : concise expo- 
sition of the etiology, bacteriology, path- 
ology, symptomatology, prophylaxis, and 
treatment of so-called ptomaine poison- 
inEi tr. and ed., with additions, by C: F: 
Bolduan; author, translation. 'o9(Mr) 
9-128 p, 8°, *$i net. Treat. 

" CALCt-'LUS. 

Differential equations. 

Sii Equitlonr. 

Digest of literature. Davcnpon, B: R.. ed. 

3 V. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Hist. Pub. Co.. (Pa.) 

Billings, F., ed. Diseases of the digestive 




DiUon^ Mrs. Mary C. Johnson. 
Patience of John Morland. '09(Jli7^ c il. 
in col. D. t$i.50. Doubleoay, P. 

Dimock, Anthony Weston. 
Dick in the Everglades. '09(0i6) c il. D. 
(Boy explorer ser.) t?i.SO. Stokes. 

DTndy, Vincent. 
Cesar Franck; tr. from the French, with 
introd. by Rosa Newmarch. '09(D25) 
pors. pis. O. ^.50 net. Lane. 

Dingwell, Ja. Davidson. 
Christus centuriarum. '09 (N6) c. D. $1. 



Wilson, E: S. Poetry of eating. 50 c. 

E: S. Wilson. 
See also Cookery; — Food; — ^Toastg. 

Dionne, Nardsse Eutrope, M.D., ed. 

Le parler populaire des Canadiens frangais, 
ou, lexique des canadianismes, acadian- 
ismes, anglicismes, americanismes, mots 
anglais les plus en usage au sein des 
families canadiennes et acadiennes fran- 
gaiscs ; avec preface par Raoul de la Gras- 
serie. *09(Jci2) O. *$3.50 net. Stechert. 

Gcddings, H : D. Precis on the manage- 
ment of outbreaks of smallpox, diph- 
theria and scarlet fever. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Goodman, H. M. Duration and disappear- 
ance of passive diphtheric immunity. — 
Experimental studies on diphtheric im- 
munity, ea., 25 c. H. M. Crorman. 

Nuttall, G: H:, and Graham-Smith, G:, eds. 
Bacteriology of diphtheria. *$7 net. 


American foreign policy; by a diplomatist. 
♦♦$1.25 net. Houghton M. 

Van Dyne, F: Our foreign service: the 
"A B C* of American diplomacy. $2.50. 

Lawyers' Co-op. 

See also Arbitration;*— Consuls; — Peace. 

Diplomatic memoirs. Foster, J: W. 2 v. 
♦♦$6 net. Houghton M. 

Direct- and alternating-current machine de- 
sign. Crocker, F. B. ^$5 net. McGraw. 

Direct legislation. White, J: Z. 5 c.; per 
doz., 40 c. ; per 100, $2. Timby. 

See France. 


See names of places and subjects; — also Newi>ort 
social index. 


See Business. 
Directory of booksellers, newsdealers and sta- 
tioners in the United States and Canada. 
5th ed. '09(Mr6) Q. $5. H. W. Wilson. 
Dtrectory of directors in the city of New 
York. [1909, loth ed.] '09(Ag2i) c. O. 
$5. Audit Co. 

Disappearance of the small landowner. John- 
son, A. H. $1.75. Oxford Univ. 

Disappearing eye. Hume, F. W. t$i.2S. 

G: W. Dillingham. 
Disciples op Christ. 
Garrison, J. H. Story of a century; brief 
hist, sketch and exposition of the relig- 
ious movement inaugurated by Thomas 
and Alexander Campbell, 1809-1909. $1. 

Chr. Pub. Co. 

Disciples op Christ. — Continued, 
Hayden, W. L. Centennial addresses de- 
livered in 1909; [centenary of the found- 
ing of the Disciples of (Thrist] 50 c 

W. L. Hayden. 

Moore, W: T: Comprehensive history of 

the Disciples of (Thrist. *$3.SO net; 

♦$4.50 net; *$6 net. Revell. 

See also Campbell, Alexander. 

Discourses and sermons. Gibbon, J. $1. 

Discoveries and discoverers. 

See Explorers; — Voyages and travels. 
Discoveries which make mental therapeutics 
and the transmission of mental communica- 
tions an exact science. Starrett, D. W: 
$1.75. D. W: Slarrett. 

Discovery of discoveries. Mason, E. L. 
$1.25. £. L. Mason. 

Discussion of methods for determining the 
availability of phosphoric acid. Leavens, 
G: D. (Add. pubs, for price.) Coe-M. 


See Milk; — Pathology; — ^Veterinary medicine and 
surgery; — also names of diseases. 

Disinfection of sewage. Phelps, E. B. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

See Pharmacy. 

Disposal of West Side railroad tracks: re- 
port to the Merchants* Association of New 
York by its committee on disposal of West 
Side railroad tracks, Nov. 25, 1908. '09 
(Ap3) map, O. pap., gratis. 

Merchants* Assoc. 

Disputed handwriting. Lavay, J. B. $3. 

Harvard Bk. 


See Anatomy. 
Distinctive functions of university, college 
and normal school in the preparation of 
teachers. Brown, E. E. (Add. author for 
price.) E. E. Brown. 

Distribution and functions of mental imagery. 

Betts, G : H. $1 ; 75 c. Teachers' Coll. 

Distribution and movements of desert plants. 

Spalding, V. M. $2. Carnegie. 

District of Columbia. Ct, of appeals, Repts. ; 
(C: Cowles Tucker.) v. 32. '09(Je) c. O. 
shp., ♦$$ net. Lawyers' Co-op. 

District of Columbia. 

Davis, H : E. Development of the District 
of Columbia. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Dodd, W. F. Government of the District 
of Columbia. $1.50. Byrne. 

Morrison, A. J. District of Columbia in the 
xviiith centur]^. 50 c Lowdermilk. 

Tindall, W : Origin and government of the 
District of Columbia. (Add Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See also W^ashington. 

Ditchfield, Rev. P: Hampson. 
Old-time parson. '09(My22) 8', ♦$2.50 net. 

Ditmas, C: Andrew. 
Historic homesteads of Kings County. '09 
(Dii) il. in col. f", vellum, $5. 

Diven, T: J, 
Azlecs and Mayas. In i v. v. i. 'ogCJes) 
c. D. $1. Antiquarian. 

Diver, Maud. 
Candles in the wind. '09{N20) D. $1,50. 
Divera, W. H. 

Spring flowers at Belvoir Caslle; uilh di- 
rections for cultivation and noles on the 
gardens by W. H. Divers, head gardener 
to his grace the Duke of Rutland. '09 
(N20) Tl. 0. "SlSo nel. Longmans. 

Diversion? in Sicily. Jones, H: F, •$1,25 
net. Scribner. 

Diverting adventures of Matirin. Aicard. J. 
$1.50. Lane. 


r Inl 


Divin« comedy Ste Dante Alighieri. 
Divine credentials of the Bible, Lewis, T: 
H. $1.25. Meth. Protestant. 

Divine friendship. Brett. J. "Ji net. 

Divine healing, 

Srt ChriBtiM sdenee ;— Failh cure. 

Divine in man. Hubbard, E. 10 c. 

Divine in man. Schofield. A. T. *75 c net. 
Divine praises, Graham, W: "75 c, net. 

Divine seal. Orcutt, E. L. $1,50. 

C. M. Dark. 
Divine story. Holland, C. J. "%! net. 

J. M. Tally. 
Division and reunion, iSag-igcx). Wilson, W. 
$1,25. Longmans. 


Donovan, J. M. Law of marriage, annul- 
ment, domicile, divorce. $1. Med. Pr. 
Lichtenberger, J, P. Divorce. "$1.50 net. 
Phillips, Jt B. Increase of divorce. 25 c 

Univ. of Col. 

United States. Bureau of Ihe Census. 

Marriage and divorce, 1867-1906. 

Do you remember? Harrison, J. 60 c 

Doan, Fk. Caileton. 
Religion and Ihe modem mind, and othtr 
essays in modernism. 'o9(N30) c. D. 
■$ net. Sherman, F, 

DobsoD, E: Austin. 
Proverbs in porcelain and other poems, 'eg 
(D) 4°, (Lyric garland.) 50 c; Japin 
vellum, •$! net. T : B. Moshw. 

Dockery, A, V. 
Black bass and other fishing in North Caro- 
lina. 'ogCJl) c. 3-176 p. il. 12°. 75 t 
Commercial Pr. Co, 

Sikes, G ; C. Rept. on the Chicago dock 
problem. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Chic. Harbor Com, 
Dr. Fausius. See Marlowe, Oiristopher. 
Doctor Rast Oppenheim, J. $1.50. 

Sturgis & W. 
Dr. Thome. Sec Trollope, Anthony. 
Doctor says: book of advice for the house- 
hold, with practical hinls for the preserva- 
tion of health and the prevention of disease. 
'og(Apio) c. O. ••$! net. Jacobs. 


Ser Thfoloffr. 

Documentary history of American Industrial 
Society, Commons, J, H.. and others, eds. 
In 10 v. tso net A. H. Oarke. 

Dodd, Wo, Fairleigh. 
Government of the District of Columbia; 
a study in federal and municipal adminis- 
tration. '09(0) c 298 p. 8', $1.50. 

Bibliograiiliicd note (7 p.). 

— , comp. Modem constitutions : fundamen- 
tal laws of twenty-two of the most irapor- 
tanl countries of the world, with historical 
and biographical notes. '09(Jaz3) c. O. "$5 
net, boxed, Univ. of Chic. 

Dodge, A. Johnson- 
Practical embalmer. Rev. ed.. with an ap- 
pendix of 400 questions and answers on 
anatomy, embalming and sanitary science^ 




Dodgson, C: Lutwidge, ["Lewis CairoU."] 
Hunting of the snark. 'o9(0) c. 10+15- 

119 p. il. 8**, 50 c. Altemus. 

Through the looking-glass. '09 (Ag) c. 8+ 

185 p. il. (partly col.) 8**, $1.50. Dodge. 

I>odgson, J: Wallis. 
See Hanson, E: Kenneth. 

Doerflinger, C: H. 

Prospectus of the People's New Education 
Advanced Common School, embracing 
kindergarten, primary, elementary and 
advanced education; based on the peda- 
gogical thought and practice of progres- 
sive modern education, (1869 to 1907) 
'09(My8) pors. O. pap., 25 c. 

C: H. Doerflinger. 
Does Christ say go to church ? O'Neill, D. D. 

5 c. D. D. O'Neill. 

Brown, J: Our dogs. 50 c. Altemus. 

Bryce, C. A. Gentleman's dog; his rear- 
ing, training and treatment. $1. 

So. Qinic Pr. 
English foxhound kennel stud book of 
America, v. i. (Priv. pr.) F. L. Wiles. 
Hartley, O. Hunting dogs. 60 c. 

A. R. Harding. 
Hutchinson, W. N. Dog breaking. ♦$! net. 


Mooney, H: T: How to train your own 

dogs. 50 c Saalfield. 

Police and work dogs in Europe by H : W. 

Diederich and H: Albert Johnson. '09 

(Je) 16 p. il. 8**, pap., 5 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Dog World and Anti-Cat Review. Emanuel, 
W., pseud. **25 c. net. Stokes. 


See Theology. 

Dole, C: Fletcher, D.D. 

Ethics of progress ; or, the theory and prac- 
tice by which civilization proceeds. '09 
(S4) c. O. $1.50. Crowell. 

Noble womanhood. '09(09) c. D. bds., $1, 
boxed. Caldwell. 

Dolin, Stanislow. 

Evolution of the spiritual world; new dis- 
covery which reveals mysteries of the 
Bible. '09(D) 15 p. Q. pap., 15 c. 

C. D. Raymer. 
Dollar hen. Hastings, M. M. $1. 

Arcadia Press. 

Bowers, M. B. Dorothy and her ward-robe. 
35 c. Davis Press. 

Gates, Mrs. J. S. April fool doll. t$i.25. 

Starr, L. B. Doll book. *$2 net. Stokes. 
Young, S. Letty Lane paper family. $1. 

Dolly Drake. Weiderseim, G. G. 50 c. 


Dolly's college experiences. Jones, M. C. 

$1.50. C. M. Clark. 


Armsby, H : P. Principles of animal nutri- 
tion; with special reference to the nutri- 
tion of farm animals. $4. Wiley. 

Burkett, C: W: Farm stock: treatise on 
horses, cattle, sheep and swine. *$i.50 
net. Judd. 

Domestic animals. — Continued. 
Burkett, C: W., ed. Domestic animals. 
*$3.50 net. Gmn. 

McConnell, P. Live stock. *6o c. net. 


Moncrieflf, A. R. H. Beasts of business. 

$1.50. Macmillnn. 

See also Animils;— Cattle;— Meat; — Poultr> . — 

Veterinary medicine and surgery; — also n.iinea 

of domestic animals. 

Domestic architecture of England. See Gar- 
ner, T: 

Domestic economy. 

Coldwater, C : H : Helping hand for every 
day's want. $1.50. C: H: Coldwater. 

Gist, E. Gist of domestic science. 75 c. 

E. Gist 

Hamilton, J: Farmers* institute for 
women. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Hewitt, Mrs. E. C. How to live on a small 
income. 50 c. Jacobs. 

Household economist. Popular ed., 35 c. ; 
Standard ed., $1.25; $1.50. Davis-G. 

James, A. L. Housekeeping for two. 
**$i.25 net. Putnam. 

Johnson, C. When mother lets us help. 
**75 c. net. Moffat. 

Langworthy, C: F. U. S. government pub- 
lications as sources of information for 
students of home economics. (Add. 
Assoc, for price.) 

Home Economics Assoc. 

Morse, S. L. Household discoveries: 
recijJes and processes. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Success. 

Wilkinson, J: W. Institute hdbk. on agri- 
culture and domestic science; for teach- 
ers. 30 c. Oklahoma Bk. 

Sec also Bacteria; — Cleaning; — Cookery; — Dairy; 
— Family; — Food; — Furniture; — Gardens and 
gardening ; — House decoration ; — Hygiene ; — In- 
sects; — >«'ceJlework. 

Domestic employment: handbook. *09(Je5) 
S. pap., per 100, $4; per 300, $10; per 500, 
$16. Legal Aid. 

Domestic relations. 
Tiffany, W. C. Hdbk. on the law of per- 
sons and domestic relations. $3.75. 

West Pub. 

See Divorce; — Family: — Marriage; — Woman. 

Domestic sanitary engineering and plumbing. 
Raynes, F. W. ^$3 net. Longmans. 

Domestic science. 

See Domestic economy. 


See Marriage. 

Dominant dollar. Lillibridge, W: O. $1.50. 

Dominican Republic, West Indies. 
International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics. Dominican Republic; general de- 
scriptive data. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu. Am. Republics. 

Dominican tertiaries' guide. McKcnna, C : 

H., camp. 75 c. ; $1.25. Rosary. 

Dominion of Canada. 

Sc? Cannda. 

Dommasch, Otto. 
Neuer englischer lehr gang; mit aus- 
sprachebczcichnung zum schul-, privat- 
und selbstunterricht. '09 (Jap) c. D. 50 r 

DON 11 

Don Quixote. Ste Cervantes Saavedra, 

Miqiicl de. 
Donahey, Mrs. Mary Didcenon, 
Down Spider Web lane; a fairy tale, '09 
(N6) e. il. Q. $1.25, boxed. Stem. 

Donakin circus. Cort, H. R. $1. Slokes. 
DoiuldaoD, 0. F. 

Workingraan's view of the Bible. 'og 
(Dri) e. D. '$1.20 net. Sherman, F, 

Donkey John of the toy valley, Morley, 
M. W. 51.25. McOurg- 

Donavan, Jos. Mitchell. 
Law of marriage, annulment, domicile, di- 
vorce, gth ed. '09(N) c. 96 p. S. pap., 
$1. Med. Pr. 

Donovan, Mike, [Hiclui«l Jos. O'Dfmovan.l 
Roosevelt that I Ktiow ; ten years of boxing 
with fhe President — and other memories 
of famous fighting men ; ed. by F. H. N. 
'o()(Mrfi) e. il. pors. D. *$i net. 

B. W. Dodge. 
Don't fret ser. T. 50 e. Dodge. 

—Pennington, All is well. — Be strong. 
Don't kill Ihe laying hen. Potter, T, F. $1. 

T, F, Poller. 
D'Ooge, Martin Lutber. 

Acropolis of Athens. '09(Ja23) il. figs, 
plans, O, •$* net, boxed. Macmillan, 

DoolitUe, G. U. 
Year's work in an oul-apiary; or, an aver- 
age of UaVi pounds of honey per colony, 
in a poor season. '09(Ja3) O, pap., 50 c. 
A. 1. Root. 
Door where t!ie wrong lay. Greene, Mrs. M, 
E. B. $ C. M. Oark. 

Doors of life, De ^pe, W. $1. Funk. 

Dor^ lectures. Troward, T. 50 c. 

Roger Bros. 

Doremus, Philip, 

Reminiscences of Montelair, [N. J.,] with 

some account of Montclair's part in the 

Civil War. 'oS, I1909.] (Mr) ill p. il. 

pors. 8", $1. P, Doremus. 

Dorian days. Stafford, W. P. '*$i.25 net. 


Dorland, W; Alex, Newman, 


Dorothy Dale and her chums. Penrose, M. 

6o c. Cupples & L. 

Dorothy Dale's great secret. Penrose, M. 

60 c. Cupples & L. 

Dorothy in California, Raymond, Afr*, E. 

H, fo c. Chalterton-P. 

Dorothy of Anglewood. Nieolovius. L. 7Sc 

B'way Pub, 

Dorothy on a house boat. RajTnond, Mrt. 

E, H. 60 c, Chatterton.P. 

Dorothy on a ranch. Raymond, Mn. E. H. 

60 c Chatterton-P. 

Dorr, Julia C. B. 

Sec Nadaud, Gustave. 
Donance, Mrs. Ethel Arnold Smith. 

Maid and a man. '09(Sas> c. il. in col. O. 
"$1.50 net. MoffaL 

Dot. Zimmerman, L. M, $1. 

L. M. Zimmerman. 
Douanier (Lc) de mer. Berthet, fi. 60 c. 

Oxford Uoiv. 
Douglas, Hudson, paend. 

See Aitken, Rob. 
Double fortune. Hoskins, B. L. $1,25. 

Double play. Barbour, R. H: f^i-so. 

Doubleday, Mrs. Tfellie B. 
See Blanchan, Neltje, pseud. 

Sr, Failh. 

Dougherty, Michael. 

Prison diary of Michael Dougherty, late 
Co. B, 13th Pa, Cavalry, while confined 
in Pemberton, Barrett's, Libby, Ander- 
sonvilte, and other southern prisons ; sole 
survivor of 127 of his regiment captured 
the same lime, 122 dying in Anderson- 
ville, '08, [1909.] (Mr) c, 75 p. por. [2". 
(Not for sale,) C: A. Dougherty. 

DovglaB, A. H. 

Elements of commercial law, '09(As7) D. 
(Pitman's practical primers of business.) 
50 c. Pitman. 

Douglaa, Amanda Minnie, 

Helen Grant, teacher. '09CS11) c. il. D. 




Douris and the painters of Greek vases. Pot- 
tier, E. $2.5a Dutton. 
Douthity Jasper Lewis. 
Jasper Douthit's story. 'o9(Apio) D. *$i.2S 
net. Am. Unitarian. 
Dover, Mass. 
Smith, F. Biographical sketch of the resi- 
dents of that part of Dedham which is 
now Dover, who took part in King 
Philip's war. (Priv. pr.) F. Smith. 
Dow, Carl Stephen. 

See Newell, W : S. 
Dow, Ethel C. 

Proud Roxana. '09(N6) c. il. O. $1.25, 
boxed. Stem. 

Dow, 6: Fs. 

Old wood engravings, views and buildings 
in the county of Essex, [Mass.] '08, 
[1909.] (Jl) 14 p. il. 4'. (Priv. pr.) 

G: F. Dow. 
Down on the old plantation. Scogin, Mrs. 
S. M. C. 25 c. J : D. Howe. 

Down Spider Web lane. Donahey, Mrs. M. 
D. $1.25. Stem. 

Do\*'n the road with a tramp writer. Wright, 
J: L. $1. Black Lion. 

Downer, B: Ja., comp. 
See United States. Compilation of laws 
rel. to trust companies. 
Downey, June Etta. 
Control processes in modified handwriting. 
*o8, [1909.] (O) 7+148 p. facsims. 4*, 
(Studies from the Psychological Labora- 
tory of the University of Chicago.) $1.50. 

Psychological Review. 
Downey, Sheridan, comp. and ed. 

See Wyoming. Sup. ct. Complete digest. 
Downie, Ja. Walker. 
Clinical manual for the study of diseases 
of the throat. 2d ed., rev. and in a large 
measure rewritten. '09 (N) 18+432 p. 
il. O. *$3.25 net Macmillan. 

Downs, T: Nelson. 

Art of magic ; ed. by J : Northern Milliard. 
'09(Ap3) c. il. pors. 8*, $5. 

W. S. Edwards. 
Doyle, Sir Arth. Conan. 

Crime of the Congo. 'o9(Dii) c. O. 50 c. ; 
pap., 25 c. Doubleday, P. 

Doyle, J: 

World's great character builder and prac- 
tical thoughts for every day living. *o8, 
[1909.] (Mr) c. 19+21-270 p. 12°, 50 c. 

J: Doyle. 

Doyle, Mrs. Martha Claire MacGowan, 

[''Martha James.**] 

Mint Julip. *09(D4) c. col. il. front. O. 

$2.50. W. D. Lane. 

Doyle, Mary E. 

Standard Catholic readers: First reader. 
'09(Ag2i) ; second reader. *09(S4) ; 
third reader; fourth reader, for fourth 
and fifth grades; fifth reader, for sixth, 
seventh and eighth grades. *09(Sii) c. 
il. D. 1st reader, 20 c. ; 2d reader, 30 c. ; 
3d reader, 40 c; 4th reader, 50 c; 5th 
reader, 60 c. Am. Bk. 

Drage, Geoffrey. 

Austria-Hungary. '09(Ag2i) il. 8*, maps, 
$6. Dutton. 

Dragnet (The). Baraett, E. S. $1.50. 


Drag-net (The). Bohan, E. B. $1.50. 

C. M. Clark. 

Dragon's blood. Rideout, H: M. ♦*$i.20 

net. Houghton M. 

Brown, C : F. Drainage of irrigated lands. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Fortier, S:, and Cone, V. M. Drainage of 
irrigated lands on the San Joaquin Val- 
ley, Cal. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Ontario, Canada. Drainage acts. $5. 

A. Pool. 

See also Farms and farming; — ^Hydraulic engineer- 
ing; — Irrigation; — Sewers and sewerage; — Wa- 
ter supply; — also names of states. 

Drake, B. F. 
Progressive drawing. 7 bks. *09(Jai6) il. 
obi. S. pap., bks. i, 2, 3, ea., :k) c. ; bks. 
4, 5, 6, 7, ea., 25 c. 

Union Pub., (Nashville.) 

Drake, Dan. 
Notices concerning Cincinnati. 2 v. .in i. 
'09 (Mr) 8**, (Historical and Philosoph- 
ical Society of Ohio pubs.) (Not for 
sale.) Hist, and Phil. Soc., O. 

Drake, Daniel. 
Juettner, O. Daniel Drake and his follow- 
ers. $5. Harvey Pub. 

Drake, Sir Francis. 
Brereton, R. M. Question: did Sir Fran- 
cis Drake land on any part of the Oregon 
coast? *2S c net. Gill. 

Hague, J. D. Drake medal, gratis. 

W. D. Pagan. 
Drake, J: N. v 

See New York [State.] Tax law. 

Drake: an English epic. Noyes, A. ♦♦$1.50 
net. Stokes. 

Drama and dramatists. 

Crowley, T. J. Character-treatment in the 
mediaeval drama. $1 ; 75 c. 

Univ. Press, (Notre Dame.) 

Grau, R. Forty years' observation of 
music and the drama. $5. B'way Pub. 

Hill, H. W. Sidney's Arcadia and the 
Elizabethan drama. (Add. Univ. for 
price.) Univ. of Nev. 

Mantzius, K. History of the theatrical art. 
In 5 v. V. 4, 5. ea., ♦$3.50 net. 


Symons, A. Plays, acting and music. ♦*$2 
net. Dutton. 

Witkowski, G. German drama of the nine- 
teenth century. $1. Holt. 

See also Actors and actresses; — Costumes; — Opera; 
— Pantomime ; — Plajrs ; — Theatre ; — also names 
of dramatists. 

Drama in sunshine. Vachell, H. A. ♦$! net. 

Dramatis personse. See Browning, Rob. 

Dramatization in the Grammar grrades. 
Woodbury, S. E. 30 c. S. E. Woodbury. 

"Dranoel," pseud. 
See Leonard, Josiah Sloan. 

Draper, Andrew Sloan. 

Adaptation of the schools to industry and 

efficiency; address before the National 

Education Association, June, 1908. '09 

(Ja23) O. pap., gratis. A. S. Draper. 


Draper, Andrew Sloan. — Continued. 
Addresses and papers, 1908-1909, '09<My8) 
O. pap. (Add. pubs, (or price.) 

N. Y. State Educ. 

American education ; with inlrod. by N : 

Murray Butler. "09(018) c. O. ■*$2 net. 

Houghton M. 

Industrial and trades schools; addresses by 

the Commissioner of Education. '08, 

[1909.1 (S) 5-67 p. 8°, (Add. Dept. for 

price.) N. Y, State Educ. 

Si-t IIduk dcCDntioai— Upholitererr. 
Drapery and drapers' accounts. Beynon, R : 

$1. Pilraan, 


Sit ArihilKlural litiwinj;— Mecbamcal diawing. 


Sit Cbeclun. 


Colby, L. E. Talks on drawing, painting,. 

making, decorating, for primary teachers. 

$i-So. Scotl, F. & Co. 

Ever ell, H. E ;, aud Lawrence, W : H : 

Freehand and perspective drawing, $1. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
Neus, E. General instructions in drawing. 

50 c. Sch. Liberal Arts. 

Norton, D. M. Freehand perspecliie and 

sfcelchinK. $i. D. M. Norton. 

Sit alio Archlleclaral dnwEng;— Boole illiiatration; 

—Dccomtion and oinament; — Engineering; — 

MEthnnicildtawioB:— PcnpecIIve;— TopDgr»pb- 

ical duwiog. 

Drake, B, F. Progressive drawing. 7 bks. 
bks. I, 2, 3, ea., 20 c. ; bks. 4. 5. fi. 7. ea., 
25 c. Union Pub. Co., (Nashville.) 

Fisher, H. American beauties. $3. 

Fisher, H. American girl. •$3.50 net. 

■, J. M. Cily people. "$350 nel. 


Dred Scon CASE. 

Ewing, E. W ; R. Legal and historici! 
status of the Dred Scott decision. S3. 
Dieschei, Martin. 
Gedichte. '09(N) c. 219 p. por. 8°, ?2. 

Columbia Pr, 

Ste Cottume. 

Dressing of minerals. Louis, H ■ •S8.50 net 

Berge, Mine. Every h oraan her own dress- 
maker. "51.25 net. DotaE. 
Williams, W. R. Science of skirt drafting. 
$10. Gaieite Co. 
Drew sermons on the golden texts for igtft 
Tipple, E. S., frf. •?! net, Eaton & M. 
Drewry, W: Fa. 
Correlation of the physician and the laj- 
man ; address of the president ; [del. tit- 
fore the Medical Society of Virginia. '09 
(Apiol 12". (Priv pr.) Williams Pr, 
Drexel, Arnold. 

Progressive barber; a book for the appren- 
tice and for the barber. 'o9(S) c. 71 p, 
16°, $1. Wis. Slate Barbers' BA 

Driesch, Hans. 

Science and philosophy of the organism; 
Gifford lectures del. before the Univer- 
siiy of Aberdeen in the year 1907. In 3 
V. V. s. -ogCJaie) il. 8°. -$3 net. 

Maanillaii- (fancy). 

Newhal!, W: B. English ball drill. 10 c- 


Rcilly. F: J. "Right-dress"; simple drill 

resulaiions, 50 c. Educ Piit»- 

LS (machinery). 

Orioker, H: Storeii, jr. 

Treatise on the interstate commerce scK 
and diRest of decisions construing th^ 
same, 2 v. 'og(Mr) c. az-fsGj; 565— 
140 p. O. $to. Bisel . 





Dniminond, Rob. J., DJ). 

Faith's certainties. '09(D) 16+403 p. D. 
♦$1.50 net. Doran. 

]>rumiiiond, Mrs. Sara King Wiley. 
Dante and Beatrice. 'o9(Di8) c. S. ♦♦$1.25 
net. Macmillan. 

Drum's story. Miller, D. S. $1. 


Sec Temperance. 

Dry farming. 

See Farms and farming. 


See Bookkeeping; — Business. 

Dryden, Ja. 

Syllabus of illustrated lecture on the pro- 
duction and marketing of eggs and fowls. 
'09 (My) 20 p. 8% (U. S., Dept. of Agri- 
culture, Oflfice of Experiment Stations, 
Farmers* Institute lecture.) pap., 5 c. 

U. S., Supt. ok Dues. 
Dryden, J: 
Poetical works. Cambridge ed. '09(Ap3) 
c. por. O. $3. Houghton M. 

Drysdale, A. H., DJ). 

Christ invisible our gain. '09(630) D. 
♦$1.25 net. Armstrong. 

Drysdale, W: 

Beach patrol; a story of the Life-Saving 
Service. '09(69) c. il. D. (Brain and 
brawn ser.^ t$i.50. Wilde. 

Fast mail; tne story of a train boy. '09 
(O9) c. il. D. (Brain and brawn ser.) 
t$i.50. Wilde. 

Young reporter; a story of Printing House 
Square. '09(0) c. il. D. (Brain and 
brawn ser.) t$i.50. Wilde. 

Young supercargo ; a story of the Merchant 
Marine. '09(09) c il. D. (Brain and 
brawn ser.) t$i-50. Wilde. 

See also Adventures in field and forest. 
Du Barry, Jeanne Becu, Comtesse. 

Hayes, H. K., ed. Du Barry, enchantress. 
75 c. Estes. 

Williams, H. N. Madame du Barry. *$3.50 
net. Scribncr. 

^u Bois, Mary Constance. 

Lass of the silver sword. '09(02) c. il. D. 
t$i.5o. Century Co. 

Otibois, Paul, M.D. 

Psychic treatment of nervous disorders; 
tr. and ed. by Smith Ely Jelliflfe, M D., 
and W: A. White, M.D. 6th ed., rev. 
'09(Jli7) c. O. **$3 net. Funk. 

Self-control and how to secure it, (L'Edu- 
cation de soi-meme;) author, tr. by Harry 
Hutcheson Boyd. 'o9(Apio) c. D. **$i.50 
net. Funk. 

Du Bois, W: E: Burghardt. 

John Brown. '09(02) c. por. maps, D. 
(American crisis biographies.) ♦*$i.25 
net. Jacobs. 

X)ubois, — , and De Gear, — . 

Lectures et conversations. 'og(Jai6) c. D. 
75 c. W : R. Jenkins. 

Du Bose, Horace Mellard. 

Francis Asbury; biographical study. '09 

(N20) c. por. D. (Methodist founders' 

ser.) $1. Pub. Ho. M. E. Ch., So. 

Men of Sapio Ranch. 'o9(Jl3) c. il D. $1. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

Du Cane, Florence. 
Flowers and gardens of Madeira. 'o9(D25) 
col. il. sq. 8°, (Color books ser.) *$2 net. 

DuCerceau, Jacques Androuet 
French chateaux and gardens in the xvith 
centmy; sel. and described with an ac- 
count oif the artist and his works by W. 
H. Ward. '09(Je26) il. plans, F. bds.. 
*$io net. Scribner. 

Duchesne, Abbe Louis Marie Olivier. 

Early liistory of the Christian church, from 

its foundation to the end of the third cen- 

lury; rendered into English from the 4th 

ed. '09(Je5) O. ♦$2.5onet. Longmans. 

Roman cliuich before Constantine. '09 

(JeiQ) pap., 10 c Cathedral Lib. 


Bradford, C: Wild-fowlers; or, duck 

shooting in the great lagoon. *$i net. 

Nassau Press. 
Duclaux, Mme. A. Mary F. R. 
See Darmestetcr, Mtite, Agnes Mary Fran- 
ces Robinson. 

Dudeney, Mrs. H: E. 
Rachel Lorian. 'o9(Mr2o) c. D. t$i.5o. 

Trespass. 'o9(Si8) D. $1.25, fixed. 

Small. M. 
Dudevant, Mme. Armandine Lucile Atirore 
See Sand, George, pseud. 

Dudley, Albertus True. 

School four. '09(Sti) c. il. D. (Stories 
of the Triangular League.) $1.25. 

Lothrop, L. & S. 
Dudley, Edg. S. 

Military law, and the procedure of couils- 

martial. 2d ed., rev. and enl. *09(Ja3o) 

12°, $2.50. Wiley. 

Dudley, Georgiana Eliz. Moncrieffe, Countess 

of, comp. 

Dudley book of cookery and liouschold 

recipes. '09(My8) O. *$2 net. 

Dudley, Gertrude, and Kellor, Frances Alice. 
Athletic games in the education of wonK'n. 
'o9(F27) c. D. **$i.25 net. Holt. 

Duff, Alex. Wilmer, ed. 

Text-book of physics. 2d ed., rev. '09 
(S4) c. il. O. (Blakiston's science ser.) 
*$2.75 net. Blakiston. 

Duff, J: Wight. 
Literary history of Rome; from the origin 
to the close of the Golden Acfe. '09 
(JI31) $4. Scribner. 

Duff, Nora. 
Matilda of Tuscany, la p:ran donna d' Italia. 
'09(Di8) il. 8°, *$3.50 net. Dutton. 

Duff, Orva S., comp. 
Sec Lewis, H : Harrison. 

Duffey, Arth. F., ed. 

How to sprint. *09(Jl3) front, il. 16°, 
(Spalding's athletic lib.) pap., 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 
Duggan, F. J., M.D. 
Infinity, or nature's God: [verse.] '09 
(JI17) c. obi. T. leath., $1.50. 

F. J. Duggan. 
Duke family. 

Set Genealogies: Smyth, S: G. 


Dolac, Edm. 

Lyrics, pathetic and humorous, from A to 
Z. '09(02) c. il. in col. Q. "$2 net, 
boxed. Wame. 

Dnlles, C: WiiihIov, M.D. 

Accid'eiits and emergencies. 7th ed., thor- 
oughly rev. and enl. 'ogCApi?) c. il. 
figs. D. •$! net. Blakiston. 

Dolon, Julie T, 

See Baker, Franklin T : 
Dumas, A]e:TaDdie. 

Count of Monte Cristo. 2 v. '0(){03o) 12°, 
(Everyman's lib.) ea., '35 c. net; leath., 
"70 c. net. Dutton. 

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo ; I'emprison- 

ment; I'evasion; la dicouverle du tr§5or; 

ed., with notes, exercises and vocab., by 

C, Fontaine. '09(Ag71 c. map, 40 c. 

Am. Bk. 

l.'evasion, Episode tir§ de Vingt ans aprfo; 
abrgd. and ed. by E. T. Currall. 'ot){Oi6) 
S. (Crowell's shorter French texts.) 
'25 c. net. Croweli. 

Mj- memoirs; tr. by E, M. Waller; with an 
mtrod. by And. Lang. In 6 v. v. 6. '09 
(Jeig) front. D. '$i-7S net. Macmillan. 

My pets ; newly tr. by Alfred Allinson. 
09(030) il, D. •$1.75 "fit- Macmillan. 

Rficits tiris des Impressions de voyage (Le 

midi de ia France) ; ed. by J. E. Mansion, 

'ogCOi6) S. (Crowell's shorter French 

lexis.) •25 c net. Croweli. 

Du Hanrier, Guy L: Busson. 

Englishman's home: a play. '09(Ap24) c 
O. $1.35. Harper. 


Ste riraf nnd dumh. 

Duntmelow, Stv. J: Roberta, ed. 

Commentary on the Holy Bible, by various 

writers; with general articles and maps. 

Complete in i v. 'oQ(Mr6) c. O. ••Js-So 

net. Macmillan. 

Dunbar, Jr Brown. 

"White man's foot in Kansas": address at 
the Pawnee Village, Republic County, 
Kansas, Sept. 27, igo6, celebrating llii 


Dltncan, William. 

Arctander, K. J. L. W, A. Apostle of 

Alaska; story of William Duncan of 

Mellakhtla. '$1.50 net. Rcvell, 

Dunham, His. Anna Crosi, [Tabitba Aiu 

The corduroy road; tale of pioneer life in 
the middle West in the early 40's. '09 
(Di8) c. il. 8°, $1.25. Werner Co, 

Dunham, Curtis. 

Gambolling with Galatea. 'ogCJes) c. il. D. 
•"$1.15 net. Houghton M. 

Dunlap, Boutwell. 

See Coivan, Rob. Ernest. 
Dunmohe's expedition. 

Set Point Pleiunt (Bittle of). 

Dunn, Jacob Piatt, and Wriglej, Mrs. Sarah 
A. Finley. 

Word Hoosier, by Jacob Piatt Dunn and 

John Finley, by Mrs. Sarah A. Wrigley, 

(his daughter.) '07. [1909.] (Mr) 37 p. 

8°, (Indiana Historical Society pubs.) 

■50 c. net. Bobbs-M, 

Dunn-PattiBOn, R«eina]d Philipson. 

Napoleon's marshals. '09(02) il. 0. "$3 

net. Little, B. & Ca 

Dunning, Ja. Edm. 

Mailer buildtrs. '09(Jei9) c. front. D. 
t$i.50. Applelon, 

Duo ton, Editb Kellogg. 

See Warde, Marg. 
Dantoii, Lucy, psead. 

See Cable, Lucy Leffingwell, 
DvnwordU books of games. D. Brentano's. 
— Ayrcs. Bridge. •$! net. 

Stt InlHIiiin. 

Dupe (The). Biss, G. t^i-SO. Brentano's. 
Durand, Sir H: Mortimer. 

Nadir Shah 'o9(Jes) il. 8°, *$3 net. 

Durand, Ja. Benedict. 

Songs in the night, and other poems; also 
a memoir of the author by Silas H. Du- 
rand. 'o9(Jl) 66 p. por. 13", so l-. 

S. H. Durand. 
Durand, W: F: 




iese; — ^Roadi. 

oads. Smith, J. W. ^3.sp "ct. 



ters and paintings. 

bs and gardens. Silberrad, U. L. 


ities for children. Terhune, A. 


THE United States. 
md Oiamber of Commerce in 
ica, New York City, 1609-1909; the 

in New Nctherland and the United 

• 75 c. 

Netherland Chamber of Com. 
w York. Singleton, E. *$3.50 net. 


»rmed church. 

EFORMED Church, Port Richmond, 

r York City. 

ndard in the U. S. tariff law. (Add. 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs, 
loings. Parkinson, E. $1. Dodge. 

rth. L: 

ive glass processes. '09 (Mr 13) il. 
W^estminster ser.) ♦*$2 net. 

Van Nostrand. 
ev. D. Wallace, ed. 
in the rough 'o9(Jei2) il. 8', *$2 



id beauties of life. Rowe, F: L: 
>3.50. F: L: Rowe. 

id liabilities of bank directors. Al- 
. G. $1.50. Financial Pub. 

A. L. 
gers, Arth. W. 

ancient cities; ed. by B. C. A. Win- 

12**, ♦$1.75 net. Dutton. 

;. Wells and Glastonbury. 
English lib. 16', ♦75 c. net. Dutton. 

comp. First printed translations 
English of the great foreign classics. 
miniature reference lib. 32°, padded 
50 c. Dutton. 

Dictionary of philosophical terms, 
in. German-French and French- 
1 pocket dictionary. 

Book of anniversaries. 
new universal lib. 12** and 16**, 
net; leath., *75 c. net. Dutton. 

Comparative mythology. 
Beuve. Causeries du lundi. v. 2, 3. 
told to the children ser.; ed. by 
Chisholm. il. 16**, 50 c. Dutton. 

3n. Stories of the ballads. 
CRor. Stories from Dante. — Stories 
ill. Stories of Beowulf. 

Stories from Wagner. 

iduct of life; — Ethics. 

k, Whitehead Cornell, and Cornell, 
7. J: 

inck and allied families. *o8, [1909.] 
$5. T. A. Wright. 



See Architecture. 

Dyar, Ralph E. 

Hicks at college: comedy in three acts. 
'09 (N) 16'*, pap., 25 c. Dramatic 

Dye, J: T. 

Ideals of democracy. '09(Ap24) c D. 
♦♦90 c. net. Bobbs-M. 


Baird, H: C. Pract. dry cleaner, scourer 
and garment dyer. *$2.5o net. Baird. 

Mathews, J. M. Laboratory manual of dye- 
ing and textile chemistry. $3.50. Wiley. 

Olney, L: A. Textile chemistry and dye- 
ing $3. Am. Sch Corr. 

Owen, F. A., and Standage, H. C. Dyeing 
and cleaning of textile fabrics. $2. 


Pawlie, E: Pract. hdbk. of garment dye- 
ing and cleaning. $3.75. M. M. Frank. 

Prag, E: Course in dyeing for garment 
dyers. $5. Modem Dyer. 

See also Spectra. 
Dyer, I: W., comp. 

Sec Maine corporation law. 
Dyke, And. Lee. 
Course of automobile engineering in 24 les- 
sons. '09(My8) c. il. $10. A. L. Dyke. 
Troubles, remedies and repairs of the au- 
tomobile and gasoline engine. *09(Apio) 
c. il. D. $2. A. L. Dyke. 

Dyke's Corners. Oakley, E. C. $1.50. 

Dynamic theory of life and mind. Alexan- 
der, J. B. $2.75. J. B. Alexander. 
Lunn, A. C. Differential equations of dyna- 
mics. (Add. author for price.) 

A. C. Lunn. 
Reeve, S. A. Energy, work, heat and 

transformations. *$2 net. McGraw-H. 
5"^^ also Electricity; — Heat; — Mechanics; — 

D>'namo, motor, and switchboard circuits. 

Bowker, W : R. ♦$2.50 net. Van Nostrand. 
Dynamos and motors. 

Care and repair of dynamos and motors. 
25 c. Indust. Press. 

Franklin, W: S., and Esty, W: Dynamo 
laboratory manual. ♦♦$1.75 net. — Dyna- 
mos and motors. ^$4 net. Macmillan. 

Hawkins, C: C, and Wallis, F. The Dyna- 
mo. *$5.5o net. Macmillan. 

Hird, W. B. Elementary dynamo design. 
♦$2.50 net. Cassell. 

Kahl, J: C, and Cole, L. A. Electrical 
connections, [for dynamos and motors.] 
25 c W. R. C. Smith. 

Lummis-Paterson, G. W. Management of 

dynamos. $1.50. Henley. 

See also Alternating currents; — Automobiles; — 
Boats; — Engines; — Hydraulic engineering; — 
Steam engine. 

Dyson, C. C. 
Madame de Maintenon, her life and times, 
1 635- 1 7 10. '09 (N6) il. por. O. *$4 net. 


fiouse of Hell : a ballad of Blackfoot. '09 
(Jes) c. S. pap. (Add. author for price.) 

C E. E. 
Fades, Jacob Allen. 
Sword of the spirit. '08, [909.] (S) 133 P- 
por. 16*, $1.50. SV^Vq^. 

EAGLIl 1, 

Eagle, Wa. Ja., ed. 

-Si'i' American negligence digest. 
Eagle's ncsi, McAuIay, A. $1.50, Lane. 

Eames, H: Edg. 

Rifle in war. 2d ed. ■09{N) c. 9+331 p. 
il. 8°. $2. U. S. Cavalry, 


American Medical Afsnciation. Papers to 
he presented before ihc Section on 
Latvngolcgy and Otology of the Ameri- 
ran Medical Association, 1909. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Am Medical. 

Bacon, G. Manual of otology. "$2. 25 net 

Ballingcr. W: L. Treatise on medical and 
surgical diseases of the nose, throat and 
ear. *$S.SO net. Lea. 

Barr, T: o-irf J. S. Manual of diseases of 
the ear: incl. those of the nose and throat 
in relation to the ear. "$4.50 net 


Bishop. S. C Diieases of the nose, throat 
and ear. S1.50; $6. Davis. 

Bench, E. B. Diseases of the ear. $5. 

Apple ton. 

Knight, C: H., and Bryant, W. S. Dis> 
eases of the nose, throat and ear. '$4.50 
net : '$6 net. Blakiston. 

Lamb. W: Pract, guide lo the diseases of 
the nose, throal and ear. '$3 net. Wood. 

Murray, A. N : Minor ophthalmic and 
aural technique, $3. Cleveland Press, 

Packard, F. R. Text-book of diseases of 
the nose, throal and ear. subs., "53.50 
net ; "$4 net. Lippineolt. 

Polil^er, A. Texl-book of the di 


Early lii.iiory of the Christian ciuich. 

Duchesne, L. M. O. '^.50 net. LongauDS. 
Early mile- stones leading from Bosion. 

Green, S : A. 25 c. S ; A. Gretn. 

Early South American newspapers. Winshift 

G: P. $1. Am. Anliquarisn. 

Earning power of railroads. Mundy, F. W, 

comp. and ed. $1. J. H. Oliphant 

Suess, E. Face of the earth. $5.75. 

Oxford l!ni»- 

Set alio CrotiooT — Phydea! fooaraphi. 


the e 

•5S r. 


West, C: E.. and Scott, S R, Operali 
of aural surgerv, together with those for 
the relief of Ihe intracranial complica- 
tions of suppurative oliti) media. 'Jz net. 

Sitf n/'O Draf and dumb:— Lip-remding: — Nervoui 

Eaibsrt, Lida Belle. 
Teaching children to study. '09(023) 
" (Riverside educational 

Earthly footprints of Jesus, Sweetapple, H. 
D. S. '$3 net. WHttjlBr 


Brooklyn Public Library. Earthquakfsanii 
volcanoes : list of books with refeterci 
periodicals in the Library, gratis, 

Brooklyn Lib. 

Dcrleth, C: Deslnictive extent of the Cal- 
ifornia earthquake. •$t.2.s net. 

A. M. Kobcnsjn, 

Miller, J. M. World's greatest disaster; 
the complete story of the Italian e»ttli- 
quake horror. $1.50. Monarcli. 

Sfr aUo Vo]caDoa:—alia Messins iisnW. 
Earth's bounty. Saint Maur, Mrs. K. ^ 

••$1.75 net. Macniill.iii 

East (The). 

S'l Oiirnt. 

East Africa. 

Stt Afno. 

East African PBorECTORArB. 

East end of Europe. Upward, A. *S4 R''' 

D Litton. 
East Plymouth , Ct. 
Pond, E. L. Tories of Chippenv Hill. Conn. 
"Si net. Grafton Prcsi 

Archibald, A. W. Easter hope. $1. 

S. D. Tovs^V 

Kent, A. Origin of the Easter festival- 

25 c. C. E. Ke"^'- 





od for Croatian s to learn the Eng- 
^uage. Lochmer, A. *$i.5o net. 

?y. Alkey, B. t$i-50- Estes. 

:cry; — Food. 

lasa Mason, and Craig, Clara E. 
/illiams ; with suggestions for study 
ools. '09(Ap3) O. (R. I. educa- 

circulars; historical ser.) pap., 

R. I. Dept. Educ. 
1. Cady. 

Dk of modern French painting. '09 
;) c. il. D. **$2 net. Dodd. 

lel Mason. 

artens in the public schools. '09 
S. pap., 5 c. Pub. Ed. Assoc. 
bel Graham. 

shores of Arcady. '09 (F6) c. D. 

il Webster, 
isure. '09(Ni3) c. il D. $1.50. 


n infirniorum : manual for the sick, 
t 12**, 8+202 p. *45 c. net Herder, 
loughts for the sick and desolate. 
' 18+237 p. 16**, *45 c. net. Herder. 
nnour, ["Paul Piper."] 

and Teddy-G, the bear detectives. 
>) Q. $i-50» boxed. Stern. 

1. Prichard, and Underhill, Elsie 
r place. '09(My22) c. D. t$i-25. 


of death. '09(8) 96 p. 12°, (Psy- 
b.) bds., *$T net. Badger. 

•nsend, W. J., D.D. 

i, Hermann. 

gy: elem. text-book; tr. and ed. 
X Meyer. *o8, [1909.] (Ja) c. 8+ 
il. 12**. $1.20. Heath. 

!foble Murray. 

X-ray therapy. 2d ed., rev. and 
J9(D) c. 256 p. il. 12**, $1.50. 

New Med. 
1 Doner. 

of blessing. '08, [1909.] (Mr) c. 

12°, 15 c. A. D. Eby 


ables by which over 500,000 prob- 
f the busy man are already solved. 
1.] '09(Ag7) c. nar. Q. leath., 

J. F. Smith. 
). See Nietzsche, Friedrich Wil- 

♦$1.60 net. 

icens. Peile, J. H. F. 

ch history. 


h polity. 

Dn, J. F. Ophmrans of the San 
legion, 30 c. Univ. of Cal. 

W. Notes on the echinoids from 
tiary of California, to c. 

Univ. of Cal. 

EcHiNODERMS. — Continued. 
Slocum, A. W. New echinoids from the 
Ripley group of Mississippi. 50 c. 

Field Museum. 
Weaver, C: E. New echinoids from the 
Tertiary of California. 5 c. 

Univ. of Cal. 

See also Crustaceans. 

Echoes and prophecies. Hyde-Vogl, V. D. 
$1. AricL 

Echoes from M. A. C. Hall, M. K. 50 c. 

Echoes from the frontier. Powell. A. M. 
**$i net. Wessels. 

Echoes from the Oxford Magazine; being re- 
prints of seven years. '09(Jei9) 16°, (Ox- 
ford lib. of prose and poetry.) 90 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Echoes of long ago. Gunnett, A. H. 50 c. 


Echoes of the Emancipation Proclamation. 

Reed. W : B. 15 c. W : B. Reed. 

Eckard, , and Naundorff, Charles Louis. 

King who never reigned; being memoirs 
upon Louis xvn. ; with a preface by Jules 
limaitre, together with introd. and notes 
by Maurice Vitrac and Arnould Galopin. 
to which is added Joseph Turquan's New 
light upon the fate of Louis xvn. '09 
(Jes) il. pors. O. ♦$3.50 net. 

J: McBride. 
Eckel, Edn. Clarence. 

Portland cement industry from a financial 
standpoint. '09(Ap24) c. il. map, 8**, $2. 

Moody's Mag. 
Eckles, C. H. 

See Shaw, Roscoe Hart. 

EcklofiF, Christian F: 

Memoirs of a Senate page, (1855- 1859;) ed. 

by Percival G. Melbourne. '09(My8) c. 

D. $1. B'way Pub. 

Eclectic readings, il. D. Am. Bk. 

— Haight, comp. Adventures of Pathfiender. 

— Last of the Mohicans, ea., 35 c. 
Economic aspects of lengthening human life. 
Fisher, L (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Com. of One Hundred. 


See Geology. 
Economic heresies. Nathan, Sir N. ^$3 net. 

Houghton M. 
Economic history of anthracite tide water 
canals. Jones, C. L. $1.50. 

Univ. oif Penn.; [Appleton.] 

See Political economy. 

Economy and training of memory. Watt, 
H: J. 50 c. Longmans. 

Economy factor in steam power plants. Haw- 
kins, G: W. $3. Hill Pub. 
Economy of education. Sturdy, W : A. $1. 

J. D. Bonnell. 
Ecuador. South America. 
International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics. Ecuador; general descriptive data. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu. Am. Republics. 

Eddy, Clarence. 

Twenty-five organ recital programmes. '09 

(N) c. 32 p. D. pap., gratis. Schubcrth. 

Eddy, Mrs. Mary Morse Baker Glover. 

Milmine, G. Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy. 

♦♦$2 net. Doubleday, P. 

Eden, F. S. 
School history of the County Palatine of 
Durham. '09(Jei9) il. D. 50 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Edgecombe Co., ti. C. 
Li chlen stein, G, Visit to Young's Pier at 
Atlantic City, N. J.; also. When Edge- 
combe was a-boming. The word sheriff, 
and Products of colonifl North Carolina. 
(Add. author for price,) 

G. Lichtenstcin, 
Edscnmbe, Kenelro. 

Industrial electrical measuring instruments. 
■09(Myl 2ig p. il. 8°, '$2 net. 

Van Nostrand. 
Edgcumbe, R: 

Byron: the last pha^e. '09(01 1) O. *$3 

net. Scribner. 

Edgerley, Webster, ["Edin. Shaftesbury,") 

Book of glame; complete course in life 

electricity, the source of vitality. 'oS, 

[1909.1 (Mr) c. 319 p. por. 8°, $4. 

Ralston Univ. 
Book of the Psychic Society: study of (he 
fourteen unseen powers that control hu- 
man life. '09(Jaie) c. 8°, ^3- 

Ralston Univ. 
Operations of the other mind ; incl. the 
science of all phenomena and the prac- 
tice of all forms of human control over 
others; in twenty-five cycles of knowl- 
edge. 'og(Mr) $25. Ralston Univ. 
Bdgett, Grace Lawrence. 
Exercises in geometry. 'ogCDjI c. ia°, 

, Mat 

Hill, C. Maria Edgeworth and her circle 

in the days of Buonaparte and Bourbon. 

•$6 net. Lane. 

Edicts of Asoka. See Asoka, or Pinyadasi, 

Emperor of India. 
KDiNBiJsaa, Scotland. 
Stevenson, R, L: Edinburgh; picturesque 
notes. *$i.7S net. Scribner. 

Edinburgh tecturr ler. D, Roger Broa. 

— Troward. DorS lectures. 50 c, 
Ediths series for 1909. 36 v, 'ogCOa) il. D. 

Anderson, L, F. History of common school 
education. $1.25. Holt. 

Andrews, B: R: Museums of educaiion. 
30 c. Teachers' Coll 

Armstrong, S ; C. Ideas on education. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Hamptcn ta 

Blandin. Mrs. I. M. E. History of ti 
higher education of women in the Soutli 
prior to i860. '$3 n 

Brownlee, J. Moral training in the public 
schools. 10 c. Holden Pat. Bt 

Buffalo Public Library. Means of duel 
tion and self-culture offered day-norkm 
by the city of BufTalo. gratis. 

Butfalo Pub. U, 

Burke, C. E. Child study and educ 
75 c. Ben 

Buniham, W: H:, and Suzrallo, H; 
tory of ed'ucation as a professional sub- 
ject. 50 e. Teachers' Coll 

Bitrstall, S. A. Impressions of AmericM 
education in 1908. •$1.25 net. LongniaiH. 

Cole, P. R:, comp. Later Roman educa- 
tion in Ausonius, Capella and ihe Theo- 
dosian code. 25 c. Columbia Uni». 

Cubberley, E. P. Changing conception) of 
education. **3S c. net. Houghton U. 

Davenport, E. Education for eSicitrcj. 
$1, H«ih. 

Draper, A. S, Addresses and papers [on 
education.] (Add. pubs, for price.) 
N. Y. State Educ 

Draper, A. S. American education. "Js 
net. Houghton M- 

Eliot, C: W: Education for efficiency aM 
the new definition of the cultivated aiw- 
35 c. Houghton M. 

Emerson, R. W. Education: an tSMT' 
•*3S c, net. Houghton M. 

Graves, F. P. History of education before 
the Middle Ages. "$ neL 


Heck, W. H, Mental discipline and educa- 
tional values. ■♦$! net. Lane- 

Hobhousc, W, Theory and practice of an- 
•$1 net. Stechert 




Education. — Continued, 

Oxford and working-class education : being 
rcpt of a joint committee of university 
and working-class representatives on the 
relation of the university to the higher 
education of work people. 35 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Patterson, C: B. New way to educate 
children. 25 c. New Way. 

Paulsen, F. German education past and 
present ♦$1.25 net Scribner. 

Plaisted, L. L. Early education of children. 
$1.50. Oxford Univ. 

Publishers' Weekly. American educational 
list, 1909. 50 c. Pub. Weekly. 

Rietz, H. L., and Shade, I. Correlation of 
efficiency in mathematics and efficiency 
in other subjects. 35 c. Univ. of 111. 

Sachs. J., ed. Studies in secondary educa- 
tion. 30 c. Teachers' Coll. 

Stevenson, A. E. Education and business 
leadership. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Univ. Extension. 

Sturdy, W : A. Economy of education. $1. 

T. D. Bonnell. 

Taylor, W: J. Syllabus of the history of 
education. $1. Heath. 

Tear, D. A. Logical basis of educational 
theory from the standpoint of "instru- 
mental" logic. 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 

Thwing, C: F. Education in the Far East. 
♦^1.50 net Houghton M. 

United States. Bureau of Education. 
Teacher's professional library: classified 
list of one hundred titles. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Dept of the Interior, Bu. 
of Education, Index to the Reports of 
the Commissioner of Education, 1867- 
1907. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. .S., Supt of Docs. 

Washington. Dept. of Education. Hist, 
of education in Washinjrton ; preliminary 
ed. issued for distribution at the A.-Y.-P. 
exposition. (Add. Superintendent for 

W)rice.) Wash. Supt. Sch. 

endell, B. Mystery of education and 
other performances. **$i.25 net 

Wyer, J. I., and Phelps, M. L., comps. Bib- 
lioprraphy of education for 1907. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Yetter, J : M. Educational system of Penn- 
sylvania. $1. Cochrane. 
See also Agriculture; — Boys; — Children; — Col- 
leges and ttciyersities; — Country life; — Culture; 
—-Ethics ; — Examinations ; — Fine art« ; — Garner ; 
— Girls; — Gymnastics and physical culture: — 
Home study; — Kindergarten; — Language; — Li- 
l>rariant and libraries; — Manual training* — 
Mathematics ; — Nature ; — Pnychologfy ; — Religious 
education; — Schools; — Songs; — Statistics;— 
Sunday-school; — ^Teachers and teaching; — Tech- 
nical edttcmtion; — also Iowa; — also Hegel, G. 
W. F. 
Bduoatioii and railroad men; [list of books 
applying to railroad work.) '09(Mri3) 
pap., 25 c. Y. M. C. A. 
Education (L') de soi-mlme. See Du Bois, 

MiKatkm law, 1909. 'o9(Jlio) O. (N. Y. 
State Educ. Dept. bull.) pap. (Add. pubs. 
for price.) N. Y. State Educ. ' 

Education of the will. Knowlson, T : S. ♦$1.50 
net Lippincott. 

Education of the will. Payot, J. ♦♦$1.50 
net. Funk. 

Education of workers in the shoe industry. 
Dean, A. D. 10 c 

Nat. Soc. Promotion Indust. Educ. 

Education through music. Famsworth, C: H. 
$1. Am. Bk. 

Educational advantages for American stu- 
dents in France. Geddes, J., jr. 25 c. 

J. (Jeddes. 

Educative value of Bible study. Conley, J: 
W. 5 c; per 100, $2.50. Am. Bapt. 


See Teachers and teaching. 

Edward vi.. King of England. 
Froude, J. A. Edward vi. ♦35 c. net; 
♦70 c. net. Dutton. 

Edwardes, Tickner. 
Lore of the honey-bee. '09 (Jl) 23-1-281 p. 
il. 12**, ^$2.40 net. Scribner. 

Edward's dream. Busch, W. ♦$! net. 

Open Court. 

Edwards, Arth. Robin, M.D. 

Treatise on the principles and practice of 

medicine. 2d ed., rev. '09 (S) 1246 p. il. 

8**, *$5.5o net. Lea. 

Edwards, Ernest 
Personal information for boys. '09(023) 
c. D. (Personal purity pubs.) 50 c. 


Personal information for young women. 

'09(Di8) c. 12°, (Personal purity pubs.) 

50 c. Fenno. 

Edwards, G: Wharton. 
Holland of to-day. '09(023) c. il. Q. ♦^ 
net, boxed. Moffat. 

Edwards, M. Betham-. 
See Betham-Edwards, H- 

Edwards, R: H:. ed. 
Immigration. '09(Mri3) c. D. (Studies in 
American social conditions.) pap., 10 c. 

R: H: Edwards. 

Labor problem. '09(Jei2) c. D. (Studies 

in American social conditions.) pap., 10 c. 

R: H: Edwards. 

Liquor problem. 'o9(Ja2) c. D. (Studies 

in American social conditions.) pap., 10 c. 

R: H: Edwards. 

Negro problem. '09(Ja23) c. D. (Studies 

in American social conditions.) pap., 10 c. 

R : H : Edwards. 
Poverty. '09(Ag2J3) D. (Studies in Ameri- 
can social conditions.) pap., 10 c. 

R: H: Edwards. 
Edwards, R: Kemble. 
Mystery of the miniature. *09(Ap3) c il. 
D. $1.50. C. M. Dark. 

Edwards, Rob. T: 
Short Methodist stories. 'o9(Je26) c. D. 
♦$1 net. Cochrane. 

Edwin Drood. See Dickens, C: 

Eells, E: 
Mission to hell. '09 (N6) c. D. ^80 c 
net. Sherman, F. 

Eells, Myron, DJ). 
Marcus Whitman: pathfinder and patriot. 
*09(Sii) c. il. pors. map, O. *$2.50 net. 

A. HwTvroaxv. 


EITcct of a constant stimuliu upon touch 
Iticali^ation. Lurie, L: A. (Add. Univer- 
sity for price.) Univ. of Cin. 
Eflective. magazine advertising. Bellamy, F„ 
ed. '%s "et. M. Kennerley. 
Effective speaking. Phillips, A. E: •$1.50 
net, Newton Co, 
Effects of the rays of radiu.-n on plants. Ga- 
gcr. C, S. $2. N. Y, Bolanica!. 
Effccls of war on properly, Lalifi, A. •$1.50 
net, Macmillan. 
Efficiency as a basis for operation and wages, 
Emerson. H. $2. Engineering Mag. 
EKcie-il a'Uscn ser. il. D. Ginn. 
■ —Allen. Civics and health. $1.25, 
Efird, C. M., lep. 

See South Carolina. Sup. el. Rcpts. 
Egan, J«. W: 
Five practical chapters on retail advertis- 
ing. '08. [1909.] (F) c. 48 p, 16°. (Add. 
pub*i. for price.) J, W: Egan. 

Egan, Hauiice fs. 
Wiles of Sexton Maginnis. 'ogfAp.i) e, 
il. D. t$i.5o. Cenlury Co. 

Egbert, Ja. 
Alexander Campbell and Christian liberty; 
centennial volume on his controlling 
ideas — enforced by his own words, Ccn- 
leniiial ed.. 1809-1509. '09(04) c. por. 
la", $t.5o. Chr. Pub. Co, 

EggerUi, Werner. 

My oi\n philosophy, and other poems and 
dramas, 'ogfjli?) c, O. $1.50. 

W. Eggerth. 
Bfgleston, G: Car;. 

Irene of the Mountains: a. romance of old 
Virginia. ■ogtSir) c. il. D. t$i.50- 

Lothrop, L. & S. 

Keliey, F: Treatise on food and egg pro- 
duction. $1- F : Keliey. 
Pearl, R,. and Surface, F. M. Biometrical 
study of egg production in the domestic 
fowl. IS c. U, S., Supt. of Docs, 
Wiley, H, W.. and others. Preliminary 
study of the effects of cold slorage 


Ec vpT. — Contin ued. 

Wymper, C: Egyptian birds. *S6 net. 


Ste alio KhiiBai— HytbolocT. 

EtivpT Church, Egypt, Pa. 
Roberts, C: R., and Schtndel, J. D. HiiL 
of Egypt Church, [Egypt, Pa.] 27 c 
Uhigh Co. Hist Sot 
Egyptian casis. Beadnell, H. J. L. $.1^, 

Ebrlicb, Pat:l, H.D. 
Experimental researches on specific thera- 
peutics : three lectures del, before tht 
Royal Institute of Public Health, London. ' 
'ogiMr) 100 p. por. •$! net. Hoeber, 
Bickemeyer, Carl. ' 

Cirdcrclla. 'o9(Mr) 25 c. C. Eickemeyer. 
Giaiii killer. '09(Ap24) c por. S. pap„zsc 
C. Eickemeyet. 
Eigenmann, Carl H. 

Cave vertebrates of America ; study in de- 
gener.ile evolution. 'ogCJli?) il, Q. (C»r- 
negie Inst, of Wash, pubs.) pap., $5. 

Eigensiiin. Benedix, R, J. 15 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Eighteen sermons on great ihcmcs. VVright, 
L, $1. ar. Un, 

1872: letters wrillen by a gentleman in Bos- 
ton Murdock, H., ed. *%$ net. 

Houghton M. 
1869-1009; forty years of advertising, .^ver, 
N, W,, & Son. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Etselen, F: Carl. 

Prophecy and the prophets in their histori- 
cal relations. '09(023) c "Sl-So neL 
Eaton & M. 
— , and Barclay, W. C. 
Worker and his Bible, 'ogCN) c. 2j6 p. 
maps, 12°, (Worker and his work ser.) 
55 c Bd, S. S. M. E. Ch. 

Eiaealiart, Lather Pf abler. 

Treatise on the differential geometry of 
curves and surfaces, '09(023) e. il, O, 
$4.50. Giitn. 

Eke, Alfr. J. 




Eldredse, Zoeth Skinner, and Molera, Eusa- 

bius J. 

March of Portola and the discovery of the 

Bay of San Francisco by Z. S. Eldredge ; 

and. The log of the "San Carlos," by 

E. J. Molera. '09(N) 71 P- Jl 8^ 50 c. 

Cal. Promotion. 
Eldiidge, 6: Dyre. 
See Landis, Abb. 
Xldridge, W: Tillinghast 

American princess. '09(09) c. front D. 

$1.50. Sturgis & W. 

Glasson, W : H : Australian voting system. 

20 c. W : H : Glasson. 

Ingram, T: D. Plan for a direct election 

law. 15 c. T: D. Ingram 

Mohr, E. J: Advisability of electing 

United States senators by popular ballot 

(Priv. pr.) Georgetown Univ. 

Rhode Island manual for voters. (Add. 

pubs, for price.) Green, H. & A. 

See also Primaries; — Referendum; — Suffrage; — 
also i>ame8 of states. 


See also Citizenship. 
Electra. See Sophocles. 


See also Electrical engineering; — Electric wires. 

Electric cuprents. 

See Alternating currents; — Electricity. 

Electric dynamos. 

See Dynamos and motors. 

Electric furnaces. 

See Furnaces. 

Electric ions and their use in medicine. 
Leduc, S. ♦$! net. Hoeber. 

Electric lamps. 

See Electric light. 

Electric light. 

Amrine T: H. Comparative tests of car- 
bon, metallized carbon and tantalum fila- 
ment lamps. (Add. Univ. for price.) 

Univ. of 111. 
Knox, C: E., and Shaad, G: C. Electric 
wiring and lighting. $1. Am. Sch. Corr. 
Lighting country homes by private elec- 
tric plants, gratis. Univ. of 111. 
Solomon, M. Electric lamps. ^$2 net. 

Van Nostrand. 
Taylor, F. H. Private house electric light- 
ing, so c. Spon. 

See also Electric wires. 

Electric meters. 

Hutchinson, C. T. Rept. upon types of 
electric meters in use in N. Y. City, 
gratis. N. Y. Pub. Service Com. 

Electric motors. 

See Automobiles; — Boats; — Dynamos and motors. 

Electric railroads. 

Conway, T :, ;>. Traffic problems of inter- 
urban electric railroads, gratis. 

Univ. of Penn. 

Lowe, P. M. Electric railway troubles and 
how to find them. $1.50. Drake. 

Modem electric railway practice. 4 v. 
$22.50. W. V. Wheat. 

Parham, E. C, and Shedd, J: C. Shop 
tests on electric car equipment for in- 
spectors and foremen. $t. McGraw. 

Swingle, C. F. Electric railway power 
stations. $2. Drake. 

See also Street railroads; — Transportation. 

Electric switchboards. 
Connan, J: C Switchboard measuring in- 
struments. $2. Spon. 

Electric toys. 

See Toys. 

Electric transformers. 
Grondahl, L. O. Synchronous commuta- 
tion as a method for alternating- current 
— direct-current transformation. 20 c 

Johns Hopkins. 

Electric wave telegraphy. 

See Wireless telegraphy. 

Electric wires. 
Coyle, D., and Howe, F. J. O. Electric 

cables, their construction and cost. ♦$$ 

net. Spon. 

Harrison, N. Electric wiring diagrams and 

switchboards. $1.50. Henley. 

Ibbetson, W. S. Theory and practice of 

electric wiring. $2. Spon. 

Knox, C: E., and Shaad, G: C. Electric 

wiring and lighting. $1. Am. Sch. Corr. 
Pratt, H. Wiring a house. 25 c. Henley. 

Rosenthal, L. W. Practical calculator of 
transmission lines, for distribution of di- 
rect and alternating currents by means 
of overhead, underground, and interior 
wires $2. McGraw. 

Russell, A. Theory of electric cables and 

networks. ♦$3 net. Van Nostrand. 

See also Electric light; — Electricity; — Telegraphy; 
— Telephones. 

Electrical activities of the human body. Good- 
son, G: A. 75 c. G: A. Goodson. 

Electrical connections. Kahl, J: C. 25 c. 

W. R. C. Smith. 
Electrical engineering. 
American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 
Library. Catalogue of the Wheeler gift 
of books, pamphlets and periodicals. $3. 

Am. Inst. Elec. Eng. 
Bowker, W: R. DjTiamo, motor and 
switchboard circuits. *$2.50 net. 

Van Nostrand. 
Del Mar, W : A. Electric power conduc- 
tors. *$2 net. Van Nostrand. 
Floy, H: High-tension underground elec- 
tric cables. $2. Elec. Pub. 
Haslam, A. P. Electricity in factories and 
workshop. $2.50. Henley. 

Kempe, H. R. Hdbk. of electrical testing. 
$6. Spon. 

Lyon, W. V. Problems in electrical engi- 
neering. *$i.5o net. McGraw. 

Montgomery, J. H. Specifications for elec- 
trical construction. $1. Wahr. 

National Electric Light Association. Elec- 
trical solicitors' hdbk. (Not for sale.) 

Nat. Electric. 

Rosenthal, L. W. Pract. calculation of 
transmission lines for distribution of di- 
rect and alternating currents. ^$2 net. 


Simmons, H. H. Outlines of electrical en- 
gineering. *$6 net. Cassell. 

Sloane, T. O. Electricians' handy book. 
$350. Henley. 

Sloane, T : O. Elementary electrical calcu- 
lations. $2. Van Nostrand. 

Specification for electrical construction. $1. 


Steinmetz, C: P. Theoretical elements of 
electrical engineering. ^$4 net. 


Electricai. engineering. — Continued. 

Stone Sl Webster. Current literature refer- 
ences, [clectrica! engineering,] 1907. 
(Add. pubs, for price,) Sione & W. 

Thorailen, A. Text-book of electrical e 
gineering. 'S^zo net. Longmans. 

United Stales. Dcpi. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bu. of Census. Electrical indus- 
tries o£ Porto Rico. (Add. Superin 
tendent for price.) 

U. S- Supt. of Docs. 

Str also Chemiitry;— Drnunas ud motors:— Elec- 
tric light:— Eleclricity;— Engineeringi—llydrai 
lie enginteriDB; — Telegrtphy. 

Electiiicai. musureuents. 

Edgcumbe, K. Industrial electrical meas- 
uring instruments. *J2 net. 

Van Nostrand. 

Richardson, S. S. Magnetism and electric- 
ity and the principles of eleelrical meas- 
urement. "^ net. Van Nostrand. 

Ashcroft, E. A. Study of electrolliennal 
and electroli-tic industries. In 3 pts. pi. 
I. *92 net. McGraw, 

Bates. P. A. Equipment of country houses 
with electricity. 25 c. Franklin Inst. 

Crocker, F. B., and others. Praci. lessons 
in electricity. $1.50. Am. Sch. Corr, 

Ciimmings, G : W. Eleclricily and magnet- 
ism in telephone maintenance. $1.50. 


Decker, W. Complete condensed electrici- 
ty. In 3 pts. ea„ $4; per set. $iz. 

Barnes Mfg. Co. 

Hibbert, W. Popular electricity, '$1,25 
net, Cassell. 

Lorenti, H, A. Theory of electrons. ♦$2,50 
ret. Stechert. 

McClnng, R, K. Conduction of electricity 
through gases and radio-activity. '$1.50 
net. Blakiston. 

O'Reilly, M. P.. and Welsh, J. J, Makers 
of electricity. *$z net. Fordham Univ. 

Schneider, N. H. Electric circiiils and dia- 



Jacobson, C. A. Conductivity and ionin- 
tion of electrolytes in aqueous soluliani 
as conditioned by temperature, dilution 
and hydrolysis. 60 a Johns Hopkins, 

Richards, T. W:, and olheri. Electro- 
chemical investigation of liquid amalgami 
of thalium. indium, tin, zinc, cadmium, 
lead, copper and lithium. 50 c Carnegie 

Sti alio ScNctrum, 
Electro- magnetic ore separation. Gunther, C: 

G. -$2 net. Hill Puh, , 


Bedell, W; L. D: Practical electro-plat- 
ing. $2. Hansom & V. ■ 

El ecTRo -T H E* A pEtmcs. 

5r> Medical eltctridt;- 


Partridge, C: S. Elect rotyping. $2. 

Inland Pr. 
Electboiytic industries. 

Stt Electricity. 


Ste Elr;cirldtT. 

Electrothermal industries. 

Scf Electricity. 
Elegy in a country churchyard See Gray.T: 
Elementary electrical calculations. Sloane,T: 
O, $2 Van Nostrand. 

Elfer, W: AnOii. 
Breeding minks in Louisiana for their fur; 
profitable industry. 'o9(N) c. 64 p. il. 
iz°. 75 c. Gessner, 

Elfoid, Percy, and Beaton, S: 

Pracl. school gardening. '09(Dl8) il. la", 

■70 c. net. Oxford Univ 

— , comps. School garden note book. '09 

(Ap?) D, 25 c. Oxford Univ. 

Elimination of pupils from school, Falkner, 

R, P- 10 c. R. P, Falkner, 

Eliot, C: W: 

Education for efficiency and the new defini- 
tion of the cultivated man. '09(113) c, 
D, (Riverside educational monographs,) 
35 c, Houghton M- 

Lawlcsfness: address. '09(MyiSf «_ poi. 
D. (Civic Forum addresses.) pap.. 10 e, 
"' ' Forum. 




H« Empress of Austria, 
T, C Elizabeth, Empress of Austria. 
X net McQurg. 

H, Princess Palatine, 
y, E., pseud. Sister of Prince Ru- 
Elizabeth Princess Palatine. ^$4 

H> Qm^c^ of England, 
r, F. A.r comp. Girlhood of Queen 
beth. **$3 net. Houghton M. 

H Stuabt^ Queen of Bohemia, 
, M. A E. Elizabeth^ Queen of Bo- 
a and Electress Palatine. ^^3.50 net. 

I of Boonesborough. Witherspoon, 
•. F. $1.50. Badger. 

I visits America. Glyn, Mrs. E. S. 



ama and dramatists. 


k. Gates. 

5 the up grade. '09(Dii) c. il. por. 

I. F. G. Ellett. 

: Fs. Scott 

of to-day; popular accotmt of re- 
notable discoveries. '09 (D4) il. D. 
o net. Lippincott 


jolly vacation. 'o9(N2o) 12**, t$i.50. 

Crs. Grace Dalrymple. 

shadow of the guillotine; ed. by 
n Kendrick Hayes. 'o9(Apio) por. 
5 c, Estes. 



leat, non-solar. *09(Jl3) O. pap., 25 c. 

J Elliott. 
fcs. J: 
3we, Maud. 

•I efl. 

)imecticut. Sales act. 

!s of bacteriology; (technical and 
iiltural.) '09(Ni3) il. O. *$2.50 net 

regory, Herbert Ernest 

ith M. 0. Lees, [Mrs. Havelock Ellis.] 

woman. '09(N) c. 259 p. col. if. 

$1.50. J: McBride. 


per gl* immigranti Italiani negli Stati 
i d'America; [tr. into Italian by 
tantino M. Panunzio.] 'o9(Mri3) 
T. pap., gratis. C. M. Panunzio. 

d{ Red Feather; tale of the Ameri- 
frontier. '08, [1909.] (Ap) c. 3-132 
8**, 50 c. McLoughlin. 

y Tib. '09(02) c. il. D. t$i.25. 


pioneers; or, better to be born 

gr than rich. '09 (My) c. '08. 280 p. 

•, Hi. Burt 

8. Havelock. 

lis, Edith M. O. Lees. 

tharine Ruth. 

Awake girls in Winsted. '09(825) 
(Wide Awake girls ser.) t$i.5o. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Ellis, Mrs. Olyette. 
Autunm leaves : [poems.] '08, [1909.] (Ja) 
c. 256 p. il. 8*", $1 hand col. il., $1.25. 

Times Pub. Co.. (Wis.) 
Ellis, Wade Hampton, ed. 

See Ohio. Municipal code. 
ElUson, Mrs. Edith NichoU. 
Burnt offering. '09(Ja2) 12*, $1.25. 

B'way Pub. 
Ellison, F. 0^. 
See Alcock, N. H. 

Ellwanger, W: De Lancy. 
Snuff box full of trees and some apocry- 
phal essays. '09(025) c 8*, ♦♦$2 net 

Elmore, Ja. BuchanazL 
Love among the mistletoe and poems. '08, 
[1909.] (Ap) c. 7+ 223 p. por. il. 12*, $1. 

J. B. Elmore. 

Elmore, Jefferson. 

Book of Latin prose composition for the 

use of colleges and advanced classes in 

schools. 'o9(N2o) 12*, (Students' ser. 

of Latin classics.) $1. B: H. Sanborn. 


Fulton. R. L, and Trueblood. T: C. Es- 
sentials of public speaking for secondary 
schools. 90 c (jinn. 

Kleiser, G. How to develop power and 
personality in speaking. ♦♦$1.25 net. — 
Teachers' key to How to speak in public. 
50 c. Funk. 

Morgan, A. Art of speech and deportment 
♦$1.50 net McQurg. 

Phillips. A. E: Natural drills in expres- 
sion, with selections. $1.25. Newton Co. 

Shoemaker, J. W. Practical elocution. 
$1.25. Penn Pub. Co. 

See also Debating; — Orators and oratory; — Preach- 
ing; — Readers; — Reading; — Recitations; — 
Rhetoric ; — Voice. 


5"*^ Orators and oratory; — Preaching. 

Eloquent sons of the South. Graves, J: T., 
and others, eds. $2. Chappie Pub. 

Elsie and the Arkansaw bear. Paine, A. B. 
$1. Aitemus. 

Elson, H: W: 
Child's guide to American history. '09 
(Ag2i) c. il. O. ♦♦$1.25 net Baker & T. 
Star-gazer's hand-book; a brief guide for 
amateur students of astronomy. 'opCOa) 
c. D. ♦50 c net. Sturgis & W. 

Elson, Rob. 
The magnate. '09(Apio) D. t$i.50. 

Elusive Isabel. Futrelle, J. t$i.S0. 

Ely, Wilmer Mateo. 
Young pearl hunters. '09 (My) 304 p. il. 
I2^ t$i. Burt. 


See Slavery. 

Emanuel, David. 
Hiihner, L. First Jew to hold the office 
of governor of one of the United States. 
25 c. Bloch. 

Emanuel, Wa., pseud. 
Dog World and Anti-Cat Review; written 
and illustrated by dogs for dogs, 'og 
(D25) c. 8**, pap., ♦♦25 c. t\t\.. 'SiXoV^^, 


BmBnnel, Wa^ mud Aldln, C«cU. ' 

Conceited puppy. '09(02) iL 24*, bds., 50 c. 
Dodge, A, J. Practical mibalmer. $3. 

A. ;. Dodge. 

Stt N'ndJework. 


Bailey, F: R, and Miller, A. M. Text- 
book of embryology. 'tt-SO net; 'Js-SO 
net. Wood. 

Jenkinson, J. W. Experimcnlal embryol- 
ogy. "$4-15 net Oxford Univ. 

Lillie, F. R. Development of the chick; 
an introd. to embryology. **S4 net. Holt. 

Sit alia Biology;— Cem- 
Embory, Aymar, «d. 

Ore hundred country houses ; modern 
American examples, '09(02) c. il. Q. 
•■$3 net, boxed. Century Co. 

Stt Acddints. 

Bmerson, C: Weiley. 

Six lectures. 'opCAg?) c. por. D. leath., 
$2: bds., $1.15. boxed. C: W. Emerson. 
Emerson, £: Kaodolph. 

Beverages, past and present ; historical 
sketch of (heir production, with a study 
of the customs conneclcd with their use, 
'o<)(Ja3o) c. 2 v., O. ••$5 net. boxed. 

Emerson, G; Douglas. 

Niagara campaign of i^tig. 2d ed. '09 
(S) c. 81 p. por. plan. 8", $1.50. 

G ; D. Emerson, 
Emetaon, Hamngton. 
Efficiency as a basis (or operation and 
wages. -ottCNC) c. il. ia°, (Works man- 
agement lib.) $2, Engineering Mag. 
Emeraon, H: Pendexter, and Bender, Ida C. 
Engliili spoken and wriiten. Bk. I. Lessons 
in language for primary grades, 'og 
(O16) il. la', •$1.50 net. Macmillaii. 
Emerson, Nathaniel Brigbt. 
UnwriHen litcralure of Hawaii; the sacred 
i of the hula collected and 


EuERSON, Ralph Waldo. — Conlinued. 
Nature. 'o9(N6) c. ia°, (Rubric ler.) 
'•60 c. net. Duffieli 

See also Cicero, MarcUS TulHus. 
Emerson, Rob. Leonaid. 

Legal medicine and toxicology. '09 (Jl) 

■3+593 p. il. 8°, $s. ApplelWL 

Emery, Cyrene. 

The way that He willeth for me. '051(018) 

c. 24°, Z5 c. Reid Puii 

Emery, Frederic B. 

Elcnicnlary chemistry. '09(O) i4-f.666 p. 
il. labf, 12°, $1.50. (3ieinical. 

Emery, Greuville E. 

See Bradbury, W; Frothinghara. 
Emeiy. W : D'EHte. M.D. 
Immuniiy and specific therapy. '09(Ag) 
14+436 p, il. •$3,50 net. Hoetwr. 

Emigrant (The). Jager, A. (Add. pubs, fot 
price.) Southern California Pr. 


Stt Immijralion. 

ill Beal propcrtT. 

Emma. Ser Austen, Jane. 
Emuaniel Chcirch, Boston, 
Baker. R. S. New ideals in healing "8;t 
nel. Stokts, 

Boyd. T: P. How and why of the Em- 
manliel movement. •$! net. 

Whitaker A R. 
Powell, L. P. Emmanuel Church Kovt- 
ment in a New England town [North- 
ampton. Mass.] ••$1.25 net. Putnam. 
Wilmer. L. Mental healing and the Eui- 
manuel Movement. 25 c. 

Psychological ainic. 
Worcester. E., and McComb, S: Chrisiiw 
religion as a healing power. *■$! ret 

Si/ also PjycholheiBpr. 

Emmet, T: Addis, H.D. 

Ireland imder English rule. 2d eil, i«- 
and in large part rewritten, a v. '« 
(Jeig) 8°, *$5 net. Putnam 




Encyclopedias. — Continued, 
dandier, W: H:, ed. New complete con- 
densed encyclopedia. $3.75; $5. Collier. 
Ctirrent cyclopedia of reference. 8 v. $25 ; 
$36. Syndicate Pub. 

Everybody's encyclopedia. $5. 

De Bower-C. 
Morris, C:, ed, Cjrclopedia, dictionary and 
atlas of the world. $3.50; $4.50; $5.5a 

Hampden Pub. 
Ruoff, H: W., ed. Standard dictionary of 
facts. $4.90; $5.50; $6.25; $6.75. 

Frontier Press. 
United editors encyclopedia and dictionary. 
40 V. $90. Un. Editors. 

Werner encyclopaedia. 25 v. $65; $85. 

Werner Co. 

Winston's encyclopedia. 8 v. $6. Winston. 

World-wide encyclopedia and gazetteer. 12 

V. $i3.5a Chr. Herald. 

Wright, C. D., ed. New Century book of 

facts. $4.50. King R. 

5tftf also under names of subjects. 

2hd of the road. Hyatt, S. P. t$i.50. 


Bndell, Ja. 

Love story of Empress Josephine. '09 

(O23) il. 8", ♦$2.50 net; J4 levant, *%S 

net Pott 

Cntlow, H. 6. 

What do Jews believe ? '08, [1909] (My) 

II p. 8^, (Jewish tracts^ issued by the 

Central Conference of American Rabbis.) 

pap., gratis. J. Morgenstem. 

Snemies and evidences of (Christianity. 

Qnackenbos, J : D. $1.50. Eaton & M. 

^crgy, work, heat and transformation. 

Reeve, S. A. $2. McGraw-H. 

Eag^lliardt, 2Sephyiiii. 

Holy man of Santa Qara; or, life, vir- 
tues and miracles of Fr. Magin Catala, 

O. F. M. '09(N) 197 p. il. 12% 75 c 

ingeln, Oscar IMedrich von. 
At Cornell. '09(Agi4) c. il. pors. O. $1.50. 

Artil Co. 

American School of Correspondence. Cy- 
clopedia of civil engineering. 8 v. $18.60. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
American School of Correspondence. Cy- 
clopedia of mechanical engineering. 7 v. 
$18.60. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Brightmore, A. W. Structural engineering. 
*$37S net. CasselL 

Colvin, F. H., and (Theney, — . Engineer's 
arithmetic. 50 c. Henley. 

Crane, W. R: Index of mining engineer- 
ing literature. ♦♦$4 net ; ♦♦$$ net. Wiley. 
Encyclopedia of pract. engineering and 
allied trades. In 5 v. v. 5. per set, $25. 

Fowler, C: E. Law and business of engi- 
neering and contracting. ^.50 net. 

(lebhardt, G: F: Steam power plant en- 
gineering. ^ net. Houghton M. 
Gmisaulus, F. W., ed. Modern engineering 
practice. I3 v. $29.80. Am. Sch. Corr. 
Gurle/s manual of the principal instru- 
ments used in American engineering and 
surveying. 50 c. W. & L. E. Gurley. 

EuGiUEBXiUG.— Continued. 

Harrington, J : L. Necessity for individual 
engineering libraries and for continuing 
study after graduation. 10 c. 

J: L. Harrington. 

Lewis, M. H : Water-proofing ; engineering 
problem. 50 c. Engineering News. 

Molesworth, 5*iV G. L. Pocket-book of use- 
ful formulae and memoranda for civil, me- 
chanical and electrical engineers. $2. Spon 

Trautwine, J: C Civil engineer's pocket- 
book. ^5 net Wiley. 

Waterbury, L. A. Vest-pocket hdbk. of 
mathematics for engineers. ♦♦$1.50 net 


Woods, R. J. Theory of structures. *$3 
net Longmans. 

Sgg also Aerial navigation; — Air brake: — ^Alter- 
nating currents; — American Society of Mechanic 
cal Engineers; — Arches; — Architecture; — 
Bridges; — Building; — Building material; 
— Concrete ; — Curves ; — Dams ; — Electrical en gi- 
neering; — Irrigation; — Locomotives; — Machin- 
neering; — Irrigation; — • Locomotives; — Machine- 
ery; — Marine engineering; — Mechanical draw- 
ing: — Mechanics; — Mines and mining; — Rail- 
roads; — Refri^ration; — Reservoirs; — Roads; 
— Sanitary engineering; — Ships and shipbuild- 
ing; — Steam engines; — Steel; — Strength of 
materials ; — Surveying ; — Turbines ; — Water & u p- 

Engineering index annual for 1908. 25th 
year. '09 (My) c. 438 P- 8^ $2. 

Engineering Mag. 
Kelly's directory of the engineers and iron 
and metal trades and colliery proprietors. 

♦$10 net Kelly. 

Seg also Astronomy. 


Butler, E. Carburettors, vaporizers, and 
distributing valves, used in mtemal com- 
bustion engines. *^ net Lipptncott 

Gerk, D. Gas, petrol and oil engine, v. i. 
*$4 net. Wiley. 

Dyke, A. L. Troubles, remedies and repairs 
of the automobile and gasoline engine. $2. 

A. L. Dyke. 

Hiscox, G. D. Gas, gasoline, and oil en- 
gines, incl. gas producer plants. *$2.50 
net. Henley. 

Hogle, W : M. Internal combustion engine. 
♦$3 net. McGraw. 

Jones, F. R. Gas engine. $4. Wiley. 

Levin, A. M. Modern gas engine and the 
producer gas. $4. Wiley. 

Mehrtens, A. C. Gas engine theory and 
design. ^.50. Wiley. 

Peabody, C. H. Thermodynamics of the 
steam-engine and other heat engines. $5. 


Poole, C P. Gas engine. ^$1 net. Hill Pub. 

Walker, S. F. Steam boilers, engines and 
turbines. *$3.50 net. Van Nostrand. 

Willard, W. C. Why the gas engine goes. 
75 c. Penton. 

Wimperis, H. E. Internal combustion en- 
gine. ^$3 net. Van Nostrand. 

See also Boilers; — Locomotives; — ^Marine engineer- 
ing; — Steam engine; — Turning; — Valvet. 


Abram, A. Social England in the xvth 
century. ♦$! net Dutton. 

Allen, J. W. Wheel magic; or, revolutions 
of an impressionist: [cycling in Eng- 
land.] *$i.25 net. Lwv^, 


England. — Co nllnued. 

Andrews, C: M., and Davenport, F. G. 
Guide to the manuscript mHterials for the 
hist, of the U. S. to 1783, in the British 
Museum, in minor London archives, and 
in the libraries of Oxford and Cambridge. 
$a. Carnegie. 

Andrews, W: Old English towns. "$2 
net Pott. 

Anglo-Saxon chronicle. *$2 net. 


British historical portraits, v i. $2.90. 

Oxford Univ. 

Cathedrals of England and Wales. 2 v. 
ea., •25 c. net. Slokes. 

Chambers, A. M. Constitutional history of 
England. *$i.40 net. Macmijlan. 

Collier, P. England and the English from 

an American poim of view. ••$i.;o net. 


Dick, S. Cottage homes of England. •$? 
net. Longmans. 

Eden, F, S. School history of the County 
Palatine of Durham, so c. Oxford Univ. 

Firth. C: H. Last years of (he Protec- 
torate. In 2 V. •$? net. Longmans. 

Fletcher. R. C: L. Introductory history of 

England. In 4 v. v. 3, 4, ea., 'Si.SO ret. 


Fortescue, J: W: County lieutenancies 
and the army, 1803-1814. '$3 net. 


Garner, T:, and Siratton, A. Domestic ar- 
chitecture of England during the Tudor 
period. In 3 pts. pt. 2. subs., ea,, "Jifi 
net; per set, %i& net. Scribner. 

Greenwood. A, D. Lives of the Hanove- 
rian queens of England, v. i. •$3.5onet, 

Gricrson. E. English tale? of Enelish min- 
sters. 'Ja net. Macmillan. 

Gwjtber, G. M. English history in the 
class-room. 80 c. Longmans. 

Hackwood, F: W; Inns, ales and drinking 
custom.? of old England. "$2 .50 net. 

Stiirgis Sr W. 

Harding, 5: B. and W: F, Story _ofEn_g- 

Ekci-and. — Continued. 

Macphail. A. Essays in politics : [Eaf 
land.] •$i.8o net. Longmim 

Maxwell. Sir H. E. Century of Empir;, 
1801-1900. In 3 V. V. 1, ito-cBy. 
*$4 net. Lonsmant 

Mortimer, J. H. Sprig of Plantagenet; or. 
the national debt of England. Si.ja 

Independent Pub. 

Pierce, W ; Historical introduction to t!i( 
Marprelale tracts. •$3 net. Duttoa 

Powell. E. T; Essentials of sclf-govtm- 

ment. (England and Wales.) "Slso net 


Rawnsley, H. D. Round the Lake Coon- 
try. "Slso net. Macmillitt 

Reynolds, K. B. Outline lessons in Eng- 
lish hist. 75 c. Putnam 

Rise and progress of the British explosive! 
industry. "fS-ZS net, Maoniilan. 

Shadwell, A. Industrial efficiency; com- 
parative study of England, Germany and 
America. '$2 net. Longmans. 

Sherrili, C: H. Stained glass tours in 
England. '$2.50 net. Lane. 

South, R: Moths of the British Isles id 
ser. •$3 net. Warne, 

Sparrow, W, S. English house. *$2 net. 

Stephens. K., ed. Stories from old chrrai- 
ides. 51.50. Sturgis & W. 

Siowe. M. A. English grammar schools 
in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. •^I.^o 
net. Teachers" Coll. 

Stowell. E. C Consular cases and opin- 
ions from the decisions of the Eng. and 
Am. c(>urls. $5. Byrne. 

Supervision of street railway^! in England 
and Prussia. (Add. pubs, for price.) 


Syiigc, M, B, Great Victorian age. •$! 
net. Do ran. 

Trevelyan. G; M. England in ihc age of 
W^liffe. ••$2 net. Longmanj. 

Tnrpin. E. H. L. English history stories. 
*5o c. net. C: E. Merrill. 

Wallis-Chapman, A. B, and M. Status o( 




I ball drill. Newhall, W : B. lo c 

I catalogue of books, for 1908: giving 
e alphabet, under author and title, the 
price, month of publication, and pub- 
• of books issued in the United King- 
72d year. '09 (Mr 13) Q. ♦$1.50 net. 

Pub. Weekly. 

"harch of England. 

I Church manuals; ed by Rev. J. C. 
:ht, Rev. Dawson Walker, Rev. J. E. 
s-Ditchfield, and Rev. F. S. Guy War- 
18 V. V. 15, Temperance, by Rev. 
J. Cole. '09 (Mr) ; v. 16, Confes- 

according to the Bible and the 
er Book, by the Rev. Canon Denton 
npson; v. 17, Principles of the book of 
ion prayer, by the Rt. Rev. T. W. 
y, D.D. ; v. 18, Conscience, by the Rev. 
ard C. Jackson. *09(N2o) S. pap., ea., 

net; assorted, per doz., ♦30 c net; 
ted, per 100, ^$3 net Longmans. 

church needlework. Hall, M. R. *$3 

'churchman's library. 'o9(Apio) ea., 

c net. Young Churchman. 

Ht^: Whitham, A. R., Christian use of the 
Staley, Rev. Vernon, Practical religion; 
lev. T. A., Mjrsteries of grace; Bickersteth, 
Til, Letters to a godson first ser. (Old 
It subjects); Bickersteth, Rev. Cyril, Letters 
son, second ser. (Christian doctrine.) 

classics. See Heath's. — Scribner's. 


English language; — Rhetoric. 

factories in India. See Foster, W: 

figure skating. Benson. E : F. *$2.5o 


foxhound kennel stud book of Ameri- 

V. I ; comp. and ed. for the Masters 

Dxhounds Association of America by 

H: Higginson. '09(Ap) 12'. (Priv. 

F. L. Wiles. 

English language. 

grammar schools in the reign of 

1 Elizabeth. Stowe, M. A. *$i.50 

Teachers' Coll. 


house. Sparrow, W. S. *$2.5o net. 


houses and gardens. Macartney, M. 

i6 net. Scribner. 


R. H. Changing values of English 
ech. $1.25. Hinds. 

e, A. Write it right, ♦so c. net. 

son, H. P., and Bender, I. C. Eng- 
spoken and written. *$i.50 net. 

n, E. W. Questions at issue in our 
jlish speech. $1. B'way Pub. 

n, G. Institutes of English grammar, 
r. Wood. 

G. "Make believe grammar." 
•iv. pr.) Univ. of Chic. 

P., and McFadden, E. B. Course of 
ly in grammar. 30 c. 

San F. St. Normal. 
vay, M., jr. Incidental teaching of 
lish. 15 c. Univ. of Tex. 

English language. — Continued. 

Clioate, A., and Hartman, G. Exercises 
for parsing and analysis. $1. A. Choate. 

Comprehensive standard diet, of the Eng- 
lish language. $1.50. Funk. 

Dommasch, O. Neuer, englischer lehr- 
gang; [in German.] 50 c. Stechert. 

Frank, M. M. Constructive exercises in 
English. 50 c. Longmans. 

Gowdy, C. English grammar. 80 c. 

Allyn & B. 

Hagar, H. A. Applied business English. 
$1.25. Gregg Pub. 

Harris, J. H. Course of studv and teach- 
ers' manual in elem. English. In 2 pts. 
pt. I, 25 c; pt. 2, 35 c. 

Northwestern Sch. 

Hulshof, J : L. Reading made easy for for- 
eigners, ist reader, 30 c; 2d reader, 
40 c.; 3d reader, 50 c. Hinds. 

Jesperson, O. Modem English grammar 
on historical principles, pt. i. *$3 net. 


Jonson, B. English grammar. ♦75 c. net. 

Sturgis & W. 

Krapp, G: P. Modem English. ♦♦$1.25 
net. Scribner. 

Lochmer, A. Easy methods for Croatians 
to leam the English language without a 
teacher. *$i.50 net. Caspar. 

McFadden, E. B. Course of study in lan- 
guage for grammar grades. — Course of 
study in primary language, ea., 30 c. 

San F. St Normal. 

McNichols, J: P. Fundamental English. 
80 c. — ^Teachers' handbook to accompany 
Fundamental English. $1.50. 

Schwartz, K. & F. 

March, F. A. Thesaurus diet, of the Eng. 
language. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Stanley & W. 

Murray, J. A: H:, and others, eds. New 
English diet.; reissue in quarterly parts. 
Jan., Oct. pts. of v. 7. ea., $1.43. — Apr., 
July pts. of V. 8. ea., 94 c. Oxford Univ. 

O'Brien, S. R. English for foreigners. 
50 c. Houghton M. 

Palmer, G: H. Self culli.ition ■ ' English. 
♦*io c. net. ^:rowell. 

Palmer, G: H. Self-cultivation in English. 
**35 c. net. Houghton M. 

Pitman's commercial dictionary of the 
•English language. 25 c. Pitman. 

Reed, A. Word lessons for intermediate 
and grammar grades. 25 c. 

C: E. Merrill. 

Roberts, P: English for coming Ameri- 
cans. Teachers' manual. 50 c. ; 35 c 
Students' lesson leaves. [4 ser.] per 
ser., 5 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Roget, P : M. Thesaurus of English words 
and phrases. ♦$1.60 net. Longmans. 

Snell, F. M. Essentials of English syntax. 

50 c. Longmans. 

Stebbins, C. M. Progressive course in 

English ; third book. ♦85 c. net. Sibley. 

Stevens, C: M., ed. Standard home and 
school dictionary. $3. Judge. 

Students' ed. of a Standard diet, of the 
English language. $2.50. Funk. 

Emglish language. — Conlinufd. 
Sypherd, W. O., and Messersmith, G; S. 

High school course in English, gratis. 

Del. College. 
Van Wagenen, K. Dictation day by day. 

ad-Sth yrs. ad, 3d yr., ea., "iS c. net; 

4th, sth vr., ea., '20 c. net. Macmillan. 
Ware. J. R. Passing English of the Vic- 
torian era. *$3 net. Dutlon. 
Webster, N. Inter-collegiate diet, of the 

English language. $!.?5;$2-50. Sialfield. 
Webster. N. Laird & Lee's new standard 

dictionary. 75 c. Laird. 

Webster, N. New international dictionary 

of the English language. $12; S14; 

$14.50; $17.50; $18; $20; in 2 v., $12; $14- 

G. & C. Merriam. 

Webster, W: P.. and Cooley, Mrs. A. W. 

Essentials of grammar and composition. 

"55 c. net. Houghton M. 

Williams, M. A. Report on the teaching of 

English in the United States. $1. 

Willoughby, J. E. Written exercises on 

direct and indirect quotations, 35 c. 

Am. Sch. Deaf, 
Worcester, J . K Academic dictionary. 

$j.SO. Lippincoll. 

Wyld, H : C. K. Elem, lessons in English 

grammar, 50 c. Oxford Univ. 

Sti bIio Li rif I- writing; — Punctu»tion ; — Rheioric; 
—SUng;-5pf11fr.i— Spelling;— VVord^. 
English lib. 16°. Dutton. 

— Zielinski. Our debt to antiquity. '75 c. 

English library ser. See Dutton's, 
English liter aturi. 

Calish, E: N. Jew in English literature. 
•$2 net. Bdl Bk. 

Cole, G: W., camp. Catalogue of books 
consisting of English literature and mis- 
cellanea. 2 V. $75- Dodd. 

Craik, G: L. Manual of English literature. 
"35 c. net ; "70 e. net. Button. 

Heydriek, B: A. One year course in Eng- 
lish and American literature. $1. Hinds. 

Long, W: J. English literature. (Add. 


English men of lellers ser.; ed. by J: Mor- 

ley. D. **75 c, net. Macmillaa 

—Carpenter. Wnli Whiiman. 
— Noyes, William Morris. 
English narrative poems. Fuess. C. M., ti. 

•25 c, net MacmiiUn, 

English nativity plays. Heminway, S: 

•$2.50; $2. HolL 

English poems. Set Bronson, V\ a. Cochraiic. 

English poetry. 

Sr, Poelrj-. 

English prices with German equivalents. Si. 

Koczorowski, — . 50 c Spon. 

English prices with Russian equivalents. 

Adriassewich, A. 50 c. Spon. 

English prose fiction ; selected list of about 

800 titles cataloged by author and title, 

with annotations. 'og{My8) 16°, pap,, 15 c. 
H, W. Wilson. 
English readings. Sec Holt's. 
English spelling and spelling reform. Louns- 

bury, T: R. **$i.25 net. Harper. 

English vegetable garden ; written by experts. 

'oo(Ag7) il. S°, ("Country Life" lib.) "fa 

net Scribner. 

Englishman in Italy. Wollaston. G: H, 

comp. •$i.7S net Oxford Univ, 

Englishman's castle, Loane, M, $2. 

Englishman's home, Du Mauricr, G. L: B, 

$1,25. Harper 

Engravers and engraving. 

Austin, S, E. History of engraving, *$I,50 

Banner, G, A, Practical engineering on 
metal, $1,25, Van Nostrand, 

Fischel, O., and Von Boehm, M. Modes 
and manners of the xixth century as 
represented in the pictures and engrav- 
ings of the time, *$? net Dutton, 

Lawrence, R: H,, eomp. Catalogue of the 
engravings issued by the Society of Icon- 
ophiies of the City of New York, (Priv, 
pr.) R: H, Lawrence. 

Meadon, J„ ed. Graphic arts and crafts 
book, [1909,] $5, " ~" 




Earu^hty T: 
King of Nobody's Island. 'o9(Jli7) c. D. 
$1. Gibson Pub. 


Seg Monkeys. 

Entertain MENTS 

Revell, E. I., comp. Arbor day exercises 

for the school-room. 25 c. Educ. Pub. 

Riley, A. C D., and Gaynor, J. L. Welcome 

spring!: spring or Easter program for 

Sunday or day schools. 25 c. 

C. F. Summy Co. 

Yale, Mrs. E. D. When mother lets us 

give a party. ♦♦75 c. net Moffat. 

See also Amusements; — Charades; — Drills; — 
Games ; — Memorial day ; — Pantomime ; — Plays ; 
— Recitations; — also Oncoln, Abraham. 


See Insects. 

Envelope edition of booklets. '09 (O) D. pap., 

*35 c. net, in envelope. Pilgrim Press. 

New volumes: The shepherd of Jebel-Nur Knight; 
The spirit of truth, Gordon: The mystery of peace, 
Smart; The golden bond, Smart, ea,: The Sermon 
on the Mount. Park; A loan's faith, Grenfell. 
Envelope ser. See Revell's. 
Bparde, Tina. 

Two ends of a house- boat. '09(D) il. $1.25. 

B'way Pub. 
Epic poetry. 

See Poetry. 


Noble thoughts of Epictetus; selected and 
ed. by Dana Estes; with essay on The 
discourses by Canon F. W: Farrar. '09 
(Jl) c. i5+fi9 p. front i6% (Noble 
thoughts of the world's greatest minds; 
ed. by D. Estes.) hf. parchment, $1.50; 
parchment, $5, boxed. Estes. 


Inglehart, M., comp. Catchwords of world- 
ly wisdom. ^75 c. net; ♦$1.25 net; ♦$! 
net McClurg. 

Haultain, T: A. Hints for lovers. ♦*$! 
net. Houghton M. 

Jameson, Mrs. H. T. Pippins and peaches : 
[epigrams] $1. Reilly & B. 

Joyce, J: A. Truth. $1. J: A. Joyce. 

'Theocratus," pseud. Legacy of a man 

who wanted to do his duty. 50 c. 

Corona Pub. 
See also Aphorisms; — Maxims; — Quotations; — 

Episcopal church. 

See Catholic church; — Church of England; — Meth- 
odist Episcopal church; — Protestant Episcopal 

Episodes in the doings of the dualized. 
Mason, E. L. 50 c. E. L. Mason. 


See Bible. 

Epitome of gynecology. Child, C: G., jr. 
♦$1 net Lea. 

Epoch-making contributions to medicine, sur- 
gery and the allied sciences. Camac, C: 
N. B., comp. ^$4 net. Saunders. 

Epochs in Baptist history. Griffiths, E. C. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Advance. 

Epochs in the life of Paul. Robertson, A. T : 
♦♦$1.25 net Scribner. 

Epochs of American history; ed. by Albert 
Bushnell Hart. il. S. Longmans. 

—Wilson. Division and reunion. $1.25. 

Xppendoxffy Lina. 
Handwork construction. '09(Ap3) c. figs. 
O. $1.58. L. Eppendorff. 

Epworth League. 
Brummitt, D. B., ed. Notes on the Ep- 
worth League devdtional meeting topics. 
1st sen, 1909, January- June ; 2d series, 
1909, July-December, ist ser., 1910, Jan.- 
June. ea., ♦is c. net; per doz., *$i.2onet. 

Eaton & M. 
Equal suffrage. Summer, H. L. ♦♦fe net. 


Equality of rights for all citizens black and 
white alike. Grimke, F. J. 5 c. 

F. J. Grirake. 
Birkhoff. G: D: Asymptotic properties of 
the solutions of ordinary linear differen- 
tial equations. (Add. author for price.) 

G: D: Birkhoff. 
Bocher, M. Introd. to the study of integral 
equations. ♦75 c. net. Putnam. 

Lunn, A. C. Differential equations of dy- 
namics. (Add. author for price.) 

A. C. Lunn. 

See also Algebra. 
Equipment of country houses with electricity. 
Bates, P. A. 25 c. Franklin Inst. 

Equitable Life Assurance Society of the 

United States. First fifty years of the 

Equitable Life Assurance Society of the 

United States, 1859-1909. '09(J1) 127 p. 

il. pors. 8*. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

W. F. Powers. 
Abbott, N. T. Cases on the law of equity 
jurisprudence and trusts. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) Flood. 

Bispham, G: T. Principles of equity; 
treatise on the system of justice adminis- 
tered in courts of chancery. $6. Banks. 
Illustrative cases in equity. $2. West Pub. 

Maitland, J. W. Equity. *$4 net. Putnam. 

Rush, G: F: Manual of equity pleading, 
state and federal. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Chic. Legal News. 

See also Actions at law. 

Erasmian pronunciation of Greek. By water, 

I: 35 c. Oxford Univ. 

Ercilla y Ziifiiga, Alonso de. 

Historia de la virgen madre de dios Maria ; 

desde su purissima Concepcion sin pe- 

cado original, hasta su gloriosa assump- 

cion; poema heroyco [facsim.] 2 v. '03 

[1909.] (N) 104; 105-248 p. 8**, ea., $6. 

Hispanic Soc. 
La aravca [facsim.J '02 [1909.] 7+17+39* 
p. 8°, $12.50 (200 copies). 

Hispanic Soc. 
Segvnda parte de la Aravcana de Don 
Alonso de Erzilla y ^ufiiga, que trata 
la porfiada guerra entre los Espanoles, 
y Araucanos, co algunas cosas notables 
que en aquel tiempo sucedieron. '03, 
[1909] 335 p. 8**. $12.50. (200 copies.) 

Hispanic Soc. 

ErckmanOy Emile, and Chatrian, Alexandre. 

Le tresor du vieux seigneur; ed., with in- 
trod., notes, exercises and vocabulary, by 
W. M. Daniels. '09(023) S. (Shorter 
French texts.) ^25 c. net. Crowell. 

The Conscript, and Waterloo. '09(Mr27) 
16**, (Everyman's lib.) ^35 c. net; leath.,. 
♦70 c. net. Dultotv. 



Etdman, W; Jacob. 

Holy Spirit and Christian experience. [3d 
cd., rcv-l '09(Ag* c. 51 p. 12°, pap,, 25=. 
Gospel Pnb. 
Eric, Sie Farrar, Fr W: 
Srichsen, Nelly. 

See Ross, Mrs. Janet Ann Duff-Gordon. 
Erie canal. 
Hepburn, A, B. Arlificial water-ways and 
commercial development, with a history 
of the Erie Canal. "$1 net. Macmilian. 

Sit Itatiny. 

Errors in magnetic testing with ring speci- 
mens. Lloyd. M. G. (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Errors of mind healing compared with the 
miracles of Christ. Willman. R, $1. 

Advocate Pub. 

Erstes lesebuch. ' Werner-Spanhoofd, A- 
75 c. Heath, 

Erwtn, Fk. Alex. 

Cases on sales of personal property, ^d ed, 
'OC»(Mr} c, 15+701 p. O, 53.50- Banks 

Erwood, W: Jos. 

Living thought: hook of essays, 'og(Jlio) 
c, por. D, $1, Erwood. 

Ervsiphe cichohacearum. 

Sit l-ungi. 

Burey, Sol H., rep. 

See Indiana. Appellate ct. Repts,— 5up, c(. 
Eacott-Inmnn. Rev. Herbert 

See Inman, Herbert Escotl-. 
Eaenwein, Jos. Berg. 

Writing the s hort- story : hdbk. on the rise, 
structure, writing and sale of the modem 
short-story. 'oQ(Myi5) c. D. $1.25. 


written, some loved, by the boy. '08, 
["909] (My) c. 108 p. il. pors. 12°, $1.50. 
B*way Pub. 

Essays . — Con tinued. 

Chesterton, G. K. Tremendous trititi. 

*$i,20 net. DodA 

Cole, M. E. G. Essays. $1. B'way Pub 

Dawson, W: J, and Coningsby W; Grtat 

English essayists. *%i net Harptr. 

Ellwangcr, W : D. SnufI box full of trees 

and some apocryphal essays. •*$2 neL 


Erivood, W; J, Living thought. S'. 

Franklin, F. People and problems: id- 

dresses and editorials. "Slso net Holt, | 
Guthrie, W: K Vita! study of literature 
and other essays. Sergei. 

Hall, B. Life, love, and peace. $1. 

Horion, R. F. Great issues. ••$1.50 net 

Kane, R. Sermon of the sea and other 
studies. •$1.50 net Longmans, 

King, W : Sure possession. $1.50. 

A. B. Caldwell- 
Lee, v., pseud. Laurus nobilis. "SLSonet. 

Lubbock, Sir J : Peace and happiness, 
••$1.50 net Macmillan. 

Lucas, E. V. Oiie day and another, •S1.25 
net. Macmillan, 

Mansfield College essays : testimonial vol- 
ume presented to Principal Fairbairn 
upon his 70th birthday, •$3 net, Doran 

Martin, E. M, Wayside wisdom, "$1.50 
net. Longmans, 

Matthews, J. B. American of the future. 
and other essays. •*$i.a5 net Scribner. 

Meynell, A. C, T. Ceres' runaway, and 
other essays. *$i.25 net Lane. 

Miilier, J. Hindrances of life. "SlSO net 
M. Kennerley. 

Patterson, C: E. Mysteries of life re- 
vealed ; truth in verse as came through 
spiritual consciousness, $t. 

C r E. Patterson. 

Read. H. E. Beggar or a king. 30 c. 

Business Pub. 




Essays in politics. Macphail, A. ♦$i.8o net 

Essays of Elia. 5"^^ Lamb, C: 

Essays on literature. Caird, E: $1.75. 


Essential Calvinism. Strong, J. S. *7S c 

net. Pilgrim Press. 

Essential nature of law. Pattee, W : I. $2.50. 


Essential needs of the soul. Reed, J. 75 c. 


Essentials in mediaeval history. Harding, S: 
B. $1. • Am. Bk. 

Essentials of milk hygiene. Jensen, C. O. 
♦*$2 net. Lippincott 

Essentials of pianoforte playing. Johns, C. 
$i.5a Ditson. 

Essentials of self government. Powell, E. T : 
♦$1.50 net. Longmans. 

Essentials of the Five Scapulars. Lynch, J. S. 
M. 25 c. Cathedral Lib. 

EssEX^ England. 
MoncrieS, A. R. H. Essex. ^$6 net 


Weston, W. H. School hist of Essex. 

50 c Oxford Univ. 

Essex County, Mass. 
Dow, G: F. Old wood engraving, views 
and buildings in the county of Essex. 
(Priv. pr.) G: F. Dow. 

Sasig, C : Ja., HID., and Koenjg, A :, H.D. 
Dental metallurgy. 6th ed., thoroughly rev. 
'09(J1) 355 p. il. 12*, *$2 net Lea. 

Estabrook, Alma Martin. 
Rule of three. '09(Myi) c. il. D. t$i.2S. 

Estabrook, J: Davis. 

Three generations of Northboro Davises, 
1781-1894. '09(Ag7) il. pors. facsim., O. 
pap., $3. J: D. Estabrook. 

Estate fences. Vernon, A. $3.50. Spon. 

See Executors and administmtort; — Real property; 


Bates, Gnstavus KendalL 
See O'Neil, Rob. Kingsley. 


See iKstbetici. 
Estimates and agents' companion. Brown, J. 
N. $1; $1.50. Rough Notes. 

Esty, W: 

Alternating-current machinery. *09(My8) 
c. il. por. 8*, (American School of Cor- 
respondence pubs.) $3. Am. Sch. Corr. 

See also Franklin, W: Suddards. 


See Engravers and engraving. 

Etchings of the East. Moore, J : M. *$i net 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

Eternal boy. Johnson, O. t$i.50. Dodd. 

Eternal epistle. Long, S. P: $2.50. 

S. P: Long. 
Eternal hills. Keller, C: E. 25 c. 

C: E Keller. 
Eternal values. Mtinsterberg, H. ♦♦$2.50 net. 

Houghton M. 
Ethel Wright Corwin, M. L. $1. 


Lodge, 5*fV O. J. Ether of space. ♦♦75 c. 
net Harper. 

May, C. E. Oxygen ethers of the type — N : 
C. (O R), derived from certain nitrogen 
heterocycles. (Add. author for price.) 

C. E. May. 
Ethic of Jesus. Stalker, J. ♦$1.75 net 

Ethical and religious significance of the state. 
Dealey, J. Q. ♦♦10 c. net Am. Bapl. 

Ethical end of Plato's theory of ideas. Cav- 
enagh, F. A. 50 c. Oxford Univ. 

Aristotle. Nicomachean ethics, bk. 6. 
♦$i.7S net. Putnam. 

Cronin, M. Science of ethics. ♦$4.50 net. 

Dewey, J: Moral principles of education. 
**35 c. net Houghton M. 

Dole, C: F. Ethics of progress. $1.50. 

Eliot, C : W : Lawlessness : address. 10 c. 

Civic Forum. 
Fitch, M. H. Physical basis of mind and 
morals. $1. Kerr. 

Hayden, E. A. Social will. $1. 

Psychological Review. 

Jordan, D. S. Strength of being morally 

clean. $1, boxed. Caldwell. 

Moore, J : H. New ethics. ^$1 net. Bloch. 

Mortensen, A. C. Law of transformation 
in nature of natural bodies: [science ap- 
plied to man's moral development] 
50 c. A. C. Mortensen. 

Palmer, G. H. Ethical and moral instruc- 
tion in schools. **$$ c. net. 

Houghton M. 

Perry, R. B. Moral economy. ♦♦$1.25 net. 


Rand, B:, comp. Classical moralists. ^^3 
net. Houghton M. 

Read, C. Natural and social morals. ♦$2.75 
net Macmillan. 

Sera, L. G. On the tracks of life; im- 
morality of morality. ♦$2.50 net. Lane. 

Sharp, F. C Study of the influence of cus- 
tom on the moral judgment. 30 c. 

Univ. of Wis. 
See also Business; — Character; — Cheerfulness; — 
Children; — Christian life; — Conduct of life; — 
Consciences— Crime and criminals; — Culture; — 
Divorce; — Education; — Etiquette; — Family; — 
Friendship; — Happinefla; — ^Heredity ^ — Manners 
and customs ; — Marrias^ ; — Optimism ; — Peace ; 
— Philosophy ; — Poor j— -Religion ; — Sex ; — Sin ; — 
Social science; ; — Success; — Temperance; — 
War; — Will; —;—-cho Plato. 

Ethics of Christian life. Haering, T. v. ♦$3 
net. Putnam. 

Ethics of the practice of law. Hughes, T: 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Daily Record. 


See Ethnology. 


Fisher, H. N. Ethnography and commer- 
cial importance of Latin America and the 
West Indies in 1906. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Eraser, J: F. Quaint subjects of the king. 
♦$1.25 net. Cassell. 

Thomas, W: I: Source book for social 
origins. ♦$4,50 net Umv. oi OftR.. 



Eth houxv.— Continued. 
United States. SuprTtaiendcnt of Docu- 
ments. Ethnology ; titles and prices of 
those published documents of the United 
Slates Bureau of Arnerican Ethnology 
which arc now available for distribution, 
[ad ed.) ■o9(Je) M P. 8°, pap., gratis. 
U. S., Supl. of Docs. 

S*t alio Ar.»iu;—Euseni<a;— Evolution;— Folk- 
lore; ■ — Indiant; ^-Language ;^ Man; — MTlboIo- 
gy; — NegroM; — Voyigci and trmli. 

Etiology of cholera infantum, typhoid fever 
and appendicitis. Tilden, J : H ; $5. 

Merchants' Pub. 
Collier, W: Book of etiquette eniiiled 
"Don't do that." v. 1. so c Bennett. 
Correct social usage. 2 v. ea., $1.95; per 
set, 52.95; $3.93. H. A. Lewis- 

Glover, E. H. "Dame Curtsey's" book of 
etiquette. '50 c. net McGurg. 

Hall, Mrs. F. M, H, Hdbk. of hospitality 
for town and country. $1.50. Estes, 
Hardy, E. J. How to be happy though 
civil. •$! net. Scribner. 

Etiquette for Americans by a woman of fash- 
ion. New and rev. ed. '09(Sii) 16°, ■$1.50 
net. Duffield. 

Eton College, Eton, Eng. 
Greg, W. W., contf. Descriptive catalogue 
of the early editions of the works of 
Shakespeare in the library of Eton Col- 
lege. $1.10. Oxford Univ. 
Stone, C. Eton. *$2 net Macmillan. 
Ettinger, Wr L. 

See Burchill, Georgine. 
Etudes of life. Winn, E. L. $1.50. Fischer. 

I Wor 


r (The). 

Eucken, Rudolf Chriitof. 

Life of the spirit; inlrod. to philosophy; 
ir. by F. L. Pogson. "ogCJaao) D. (Crown 
theological lib.) •$1.50 net. Putnam. 

The revellers ; the choruses of the Bacchi 
of EuripideS; and the third bock of Lu- 
cretius; tr. into English verse by Rev. 
R, E. McBridge. '09(Ag7) c 12°, Ji, 

B'way Pub. 


Harry, J. E: Question of divinaiion, 

(Medea 240, [by Euripides.])— Studies in 

Euripides; Hippolytus. (Add. Univ. for 

price.) Univ. of Gin, 


Crocker, H : G. Situation in southeasiem 
Europe (Add pub. tor price.) 

B. 5. Adami. 

Gust, N. Gentlemen errant: journeys and 
adventures of four noblemen in Europe 
during the xv. and xvi. centuries, "it 
net. Dmion. 

P'rye. W: E: After Waterloo; reminis- 
cences of European travel. (Add, pubs, 
for price.) P. R. Reynolds. 

Mayer, L. W. Mining methods in Europe. 
$2.50. Hill Pub, 

Mayne, J : Journal during a tour on the 
continent upon its reopening after the fall 
of Napoleon, 1814. '$4 net. Lane. 

Munroe, W ; B. (jovemment of European 
cities, " net. Macmillan. 

Nicliol, J: Tables of European history, 
literature, science and art; and of Amer- 
ican history. liltralure and art. *%2^S 
net. Macmillan. 

Osborne, T ; M. Adventures of a green 

dragon. [European travel.] (Priv. pr.) 

Auburn Pub. 

Poe, C. H. Southerner in Europe. 75 c 
Mutual Pub. Co. 

Robinson, J. H., and Beard, C : A. Read- 
ings in modern European history. 2 v. 
$1.50; 2 V. in I, abrg. ed., $1.50. Ginn. 

Satchel guide for the vacation tourist io 
Europe, [igop.] ••$1.50 net. 

Houghton M. 

Snowdcn, J. H: Summer across the sea. 
-■$1 net. ReveU. 




£T«ngelistic sermons, together with practical 
suggestions for the conduct of the after- 
meeting; comp. by the Evangelistic Com- 
mittee of the Presbyterian Church in the 
U. S. A. '09(Je) c. 5-293 p. 12**, 75 c; 
pap-. 35 c. P. E. Zartmann. 

Brans, Alex. W:, and Nichols, 6: Elwood. 
Bryophytes of Connecticut: [mosses.] *o8 
[1909] (Mr) s-203 p. 8*, (Conn, state 
geol. and natural hist survey bull.) 30 c 

Conn. Lib. 
Evans, C: 
American bibliography: chronolog. diet, of 
books, pamphlets and periodical pubs pr. 
in U. S. fr. 1639 to 1820; with bibliog. 
notes. In 6 v. v. 5, 1774-1778. '09(Jei2) 
Q. per v., $15. (Priv. pr.) 

C: Evans; [Blakely Press.] 
Evans, D: J., M.D. 
Obstetrics ; a manual for students and prac- 
titioners. 2d ed., rev. and enl. '09 (O) c. 
9+17-440 p. il. 8", $2.25. Lea. 

Evans, Edn. 
How to compose within the lyric form. '09 
(JeS) D. *$i net. Scribner. 

Evans, H: Ridgely. 
Old and the new magic. New and enl. ed. 
'09(023) il. $2. Open Court. 

Evans, Lawton Bryan. 

History of Georgia for use in schools. '09 
(My22) c. il. double map, 12**, (State 
history ser.) ♦$! net. Am. Bk. 

Evans, Marshall Blakemore. 

High school course in German. Rev. ed. 
'o9(S4) 12*, (Univ. of Wis. bull.; High 
school ser.) pap. (Add. Univ. for price.) 

Univ. of Wis. 
Evans, W: 

How to memorize. '09 (My) c. 95 p. 12*, 
*50 c. net. Bible Inst. 


See Refrigeration. 
Evasion (U) episode tir§ de Vingt ans apres. 

Dumas. A. ♦25 c. net. Crowell. 

Evelina. See Arhlay, Mme. Frances Bur- 
ney d*. 

Evening schools. 

See Technical education. 

Everett, C: Carroll, DJ). 

Theism and the Christian faith. '09(09) 
8**» *$3-50 net. Macmillan. 

Everett, Herbert E:, and Lawrence, W: H: 
Freehand and perspective drawing; pt. i, 
Freehand drawing; pt. 2, Perspective 
drawing. 'o9(F2o) il. 8**, (American 
School of Correspondence pubs.) $1. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
•*Evcrctt, Marshall," pseud. 

5"^^ Neil, H: 
Weed, C. M. Study of the evergreens in 
the public schools, gratis. F. W. Rane. 
Every child should know ser. il. D. 

Doubleday, P. 
— Kipling. Stories and poems every child 

should know. $1.20. 
— Lorenzini. Adventures every child should 

know; Pinocchio. ♦♦90 c net. 
—Rogers. Trees that every child should 

know. ♦♦$1.20 net. 
—Stack. Wild flowers every child should 
know. $1.20. 

Every-day evangelism. Leete, F: D. ♦$! 
net. Jennings. 

Every day girls. Lippmann, J. M. t75 c. 

Every-day Japan. Lloyd, A. ^$4 net. 


Every man his chance. Stone, M. W. $1.50. 


Every woman her own dressmaker. Berge, 

Mme. ♦$1.25 net. Doran. 

Everybody's booklets, D. pap., 10 c. 

Am. Press. 
— Jones. Strange adventures of an author in 
search of a publisher. 

Everybody's encyclopedia; editorial staff, C: 
Higgins, assisted by a large corps of spe- 
cialists and experts. '09(025) c. col. il. 
maps, 4**, $5. De Bower-C. 

Everybody's secret. Calthrop, D. M. t$i.50. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

Everyman, and other mystery plays. '09 
(Mr27) 16**, (Everyman's lib.) *3S c- net I 
leath., ^70 c. net. Dutton. 

Everyman's history of the English church. 

Dearmer, P. ♦75 c. net ; ♦$! net ; ♦so c. net. 

Everyman's lib.; ed. by Ernest Rhys. 16"*, 

*35 c. net ; leath., *7o c. net Dutton. 

— Annals of Fairyland; reign of King Cole. 
— Annals of Fairyland; reign of King 

— Arblay. Evelina. 
— Aristophanes. The Achamians. 
— Balzac Cat and Racket. 
— Blackmore. Springhaven. 
— Boswell. Tour in the Hebrides with Dr. 

—Bronte. Villett. 

— Bulwer-Lytton. Pilgrims of the Rhine. 
— Cervantes. Don Quixote. 2 v. 
—Cicero. Select letters and orations. 
— Craik. Manual of English literature. 
— Dickens. Christmas stories. — Edwin Drood. 

— Reprinted pieces. — ^Uncommercial trav- 
— Dumas. Count of Monte Cristo. 2 v. 
—Eliot. Felix Holt. 
— Erckmann and Chatrain. Conscript, and 

— Everyman and other mystery plays. 
— Fielding. Tom Jones. 2 v. 
— Froude. Edward vi. — Henry vni. 3 v. 
— Gilfillan. Literary portraits. 
— Gleig. Life of Wellington. 
— Hakluyt. Voyages . v. 7, 8. 
—Hugo. Les miserables. 2 v. 
— James. Richelieu. 
— Koran. 

— Lamb. Letters, v. 2. 
— Longfellow. Poems. 
— Macaulay. Speeches on poHtics. 
— Machiavelli. History of Florence. 
— Marlowe. Plays and poems. 
— Marryaf. Perceval Keene. — Settlers in 

-^Milman. History of the Jews. 2 v. 
— Milton. Poems. 

— Prescott. Conquest of Mexico. 2 v. 
— Smith. Life of William Carey. 
— Stowe. Uncle Tom's cabin. 
— Swedenborg. Heaven and hell. 




Evcrymnn's Hb.—Conlinutd. 

—Swift. Tale of a tub. 

— Thackeray. Oinstinas books. 

— Trollope. Dr. Thorne, — Last clironicle of 

Barset. a v.— Small house at Arlington, 
— TroUcr. Bayard of India. 
— Verne. Abandoned. — Dropped from ihe 

clouds. — Secret of the island, 
— Yonge. Heir of Redclyffe. 

Camp, E. W., and Ciowe, J ; F., edi. En- 
cyclopiedia of evidence, v. 13. $6. 

L. D. Powell. 

Sn alio Trill*. 
Evidences of Christianity. Hopkins, M. 

$1,25, T. R. Marvin. 


Burton, M, L, Problem of evil. Sl.25. 

Open Court. 

Sh alw Sin. 
Evinaon, Elmet. 

Amateur performance. '09{Jl3t) >Z°i $'■ 

B'way Pub. 

Deperet, C: Transformation of the animal 

world, *$i.?5 net, Appleton, 

Dewar, D., and Finn, F. Making of spe- 
cies. '^.50 net. Lane. 

Fifty years of Darwinism. "$2 net. Holt 

lies, G : Electricity uncovers a law of evo- 
lution, gratis. G; lies. 

Moore, J: H. Universal kinship. $1. 


Rogers, L. W. Hidden side of evolution. 
10 c. Theosophical Bk. 

Smith. L. Evolution: fantasy [poetns]. 
$1J5. Lane. 

Wasmann, E. Berlin discussion of llic 
problem of evolution. •$1.60 net Hcrdj 

Sci also Bicriogy:— Botarj " ' 

Evolution (L') dc I'arbilrage infcrnational. 
Balch. T: W. $2. Allen. L. & S. 

Evolution of law. Scott, H : W. $3; $4. 

Wilson Pub Co. 

ary:— Emhryotogy;— Elh 
- Heredity :—Mit.i-Uni 

EwelJ, Arth. Woolsey. 

Text-book of physical chemistry: theory 
and practice. 'op(030) c. i!. tabs.. 0. 
•$2.25 net. Blikiston. 

EweU, Huaball DitIb. 

Manual of medical jurisprudence for iht 

u^e of students at law and of medicini. 

2d ed. 'oq(D) c. 10+407 p. la*. (Stn- 

dents' ser.) $2,50. Little, B. & Co. 

Ewing, Elbert W: Robinson. 

Legal and historical status of the Qted 
Scott decision; history of the case and 
an examination of the opinion delivered 
by the Supreme Ct. of Ihe U. S.. Mar, 6, 
1857. '09(Je) c, 228 p. por. O, %y 

Ewing, Mrs. Juliana Hocatia Gatty. 

Flat iron for a farthing. '0Q(Jai6) il. is'. 
(Queen's treasures ser.) $1. Macmiliaa 
Jan of the windmill. 'OfKApsl il. 12', 
(Queen's treasures ser.) $1, Macmillan. 
Lob Lie-by-t he-Fire ; or, the luck of Ijng- 
borough, and other tales. '09(025) iL 
12°, (Queen's treasure ser.) •$! net 

Macmil Ian- 
Mrs, Overlheway'= remembrances. 'og 
(JI3) n. 12°, (Queen's treasures ser.) (i. 
Examination and repair of simple highway 
bridges. Sberrill, C, O. 25 c. Staff Coll. 
Examination of water, LefTmann, H: $1.25. 
Lusby, J. W: County examiner, $1. 

Teacher's Supply 

New York State Education Department. 

Professional examination papers, igoS-9. 

Y. Slate Ediic. 

ell, G : C .^mer- 

eview book. Ii.ja 

N. Y. Educ. Co. 

Sit BliB Civil mrvice;— Medieioi;— Pb/>ic»l gtet- 


Excalibur. Cram, R, A. $2; $10. Badger. 

Excelsior art series. 18 v. 'og(Di8( 16°. 

Pollock, H. M.. and F 




lent in colonization of the house mar- 
kiiller, C: W. gratis. 

Worthington Soc. 
lental embryology. Jenkinson, J. W. 
net. Oxford Univ. 

lental pharmacology. Greene, C: W. 
:t Blakiston. 

lental researches on specific therapeu- 
Ehrlich, P. ♦$! net. Hoeber. 

lental study of sleep. Sidis, B. ♦$! 

tents on the generation of insects. 
F. $2. Open Court 

lents on the sub-human. Greene, J. 
Add. pubs, for price.) 

N. Y. Anti- Vivisection, 
tion of the air. Qayton, H : H. $i. 

Harvard Univ. 


ojages and travels;— a/^o names of coun- 

tions in the Department of Peten, 
mala. Maler, T. $4. Peabody Museum. 

tions of Egypt. Duncan, J : G. *$i.50 


r (The). Maugham, W: S. t$i.50. 

Baker & T. 


inson, F: W. Men who found 

erica. $1.50. Stem. 

ill, Mrs. M. M. Explorers in the New 

rid before and after Columbus. *$2.25 

so Voyages and travels; — also names of ex- 


ines and mining. 


lann, O. Manufacture of explosives. 
10 net. Macmillan. 

md progress of the British explosives 
jstry. *$5.25 net. Macmillan. 

d States. Interstate Commerce Com- 
sion. Regulations for the transpor- 
Dn of explosives, as rev. and amended 
•il 13, 1909- '09(Je) 32 p. 8^ pap. 
id. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

so Mines and mining. 

tariffs of foreign countries. Stone, 

(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

;rs' encyclopedia. Pigot, C, comp. 

Exporters' Enc. 




ions of the Holy Scriptures. See 
iren, Alex. 

or*s Greek Testament. Nicoll, W : R. 
$750. Dodd. 

ado Manufacturers' Association, 
tp. Pocket ed. of 25,000 freight and 
iress rates, covering Colo., Idaho, 
1., Mont, Neb., N. M., Utah, 
oming. $3. Colo. Manuf. 

from Captain Stormficld's visit to 
en. See Qcmcns, S: Langhorne. 


rime and criminals. 


Albrecht, J. F. K Primer of eye diseases. 
(Add. pubs, foi price.) Ware. 

American Medical Association Papers to 
be presented before the Section on 
Ophthalmology of the American Medical 
Association, 1909. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Am. Medical. 

Bacon, V. V., and Booth, F: Refraction: 
essentials of systematized, condensed and 
elucidated. 75 c. Chic. Med. Bk. 

Fox, L. W. Pract. treatise on ophthalmol- 
ogy. $6. Appleton. 

Gould, G: M. Biographic clinics: essays 
concernincr the influence of visual func- 
tion, pathologic and physiologic, upon 
the health of patients, v. 6. ♦$1 net. 


Greeff, R: Atlas of external disease of 
the eye. $10. Rebman. 

Haab, O. Atlas and epitome of ophthal- 
moscopy and ophthalmoscopic diagnosis. 
— Atlas of the external diseases of the 
eye. ea., S3. Saunders. 

May, C : H : Manual of the diseases of the 
eye. *$2 net. Wood. 

Murray, A. N : Minor ophthalmic and 
aural technique. $3. Cleveland Press. 

Ramsay, A. M. Diathesis and ocular dis- 
eases. *$2 net. Wood. 

Shoemaker, W : T., and Swan, J : M. 
Retinitis pigmentosa: [disease of the re- 
tina.] *$2 net. Lippincott. 

Thomington, J. Refraction and how to 
refract. $1.50. Blakiston. 

Wood, C. A. System of ophthalmic thera- 
peutics, subs., $7. (Cleveland Press. 

Wright, J : W. Text book of ophthalmol- 
ogy. *$3 net. Blakiston. 

5"^^ also Blind; — Nervous system. 

Eyes of a child. Foster, A. G. 60 c. 

Ezekiel. Pratt, L 1$i. Doubleday, P. 

Fabian essays in socialism. Shaw, G: B., cd. 
♦50 c. net. Ball Pub. Co. 


Alcott, L. M. Flower fables. $1. 


Montenegro, C. Two travelers: book 01 

fables. $1.25. Badger. 

Wollaston, Sir A. N., comp. Tales within 

tales; adapt, from Fables of Pilpai. *$i 

net. Dutton. 

See also Fairy tales; — Manuscripts. 

Marshall. J: S. Manual of the injuries 
and surgical diseases of the face, mouth 
and jaws. $6.50. White Dental. 

Face of China. Kemp, E. G. ♦$6 net. 

Face of Christ in art. Larson, J. H: $1. 

H: J. Larson. 
Face of the earth. Suess, E. $5.75. 

Oxford Univ. 
Facsimile of the first issue of the Gazeta de 
Lima. Brown University. $2. 

Brown Univ. 
Facsimile reproduction in ten sheets of the 
map of 1502 of Nicolo de Caneirio. Stev- 
enson, E: L. $20. His^amc S>oq.. 



Fosier, W: Eriglish factories in India, 
1G24-1629. f4.i5. Oxford Univ. 

George, W. L. Labor and capital at Port 
Sunlight: (account of an experiment in 
Ihe conduct of a manufacturing enter- 
prise.] •$1.40 net. Scribiier. 

Haslam, A. P. Electricity in factories and 
workshop. $2.50. Henley. 

Niciiolson, J. L. On factorv organization 
and costs. $12.50. Kohl Technical. 

Stabler, H., and Frail, G. H. Puriticatioii 
of some textile and other factory wastes. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Sec aUa Buaintst 

Faery Queen and her knighls. Church, A. J: 
$[.50. Macmillan. 

Fagan, Ja. Octaviua. 

Labor and the railroads. 'oofNij) c. D. 
•$i net. Houghton M. 

Fagots of cedar. Swift, I. $1.25. 

Willows Shop. 
Fair, Albert, pseud. 

Sec Peker, C; Godfrey. 
Fair women at Fontainbleau. Hamcl, F. 
"I3.S0 net. Brenlano's. 

Fairalt, C: E. 

See California. Code of civil procedure. 
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin. 

Mansfield College essays; testimonial vol- 
ume presented to Principal Fairbairn 
upon his 7olh birthday. *$3 net. Doran. 
Fiiibaoks, Mrs. Charles Maaon, comp. 

See Thackeray, W : Makepeace. 
Fairbanks, Harold Wellmaa. 

Stories of our mother earth. Rev. ed. '09 
(SI c, '08. 197 p. il. ia°. 'n c. net. 

Educ. Pub. 
Fairchild, Uermao Le Roy. 

Glacial waters in central New York. '09 
(Ag) 66 p. il. maps. 8°, (N. Y. State 
Museum bull.) pap., 40 c. 

N. Y. State Educ. 
Fairfield. Ct. 
Child, F. S: Fairfield, ancient and mod- 

Fairy tales. — CoMinued. 

Arabian nights' entertainment ; [cxput- 
gated ed.] 51.50. Dodge 

Benson, L E. Yellow princess. 25 c. 


Bigham, M. A- Overheard in Fairjiaiii 
t$i.5o. Little B. & Co. 

Boston. Public Library. Finding list* DJ 
fairy tales and folk stories in books il 
the branches of the Public Library of iIm 
city of Boston. ■; c. Boston Pub. lA 

Donahey, Mn. M. D. Do«-n Spider Wdi 
lane. $1.25. Slero. 

Dow, E. C. Proud Eoxana. $1.25. Stera. 

Fairyland stories. $1.50. Tuck. 

Father Tuck's Picture land. $1. Tud, 

Graves, A. P. Irish fairy book. Sl.W. 


Grimm, J. L. K. and W. K: Fairy lalu. 
•$1.50 net. Dodgt. 

Grimm, J. L. K. and W. K. Fairy lalw 
from Grimm $1.50. Stem 

Laboulaye, E. R. L. Fairy tales. $2.50. 

Lang. A,, ed. Beauty and the beisi; 
Forty thieves, ca,, '75 c. net.— Invi'iblt 
prince; Three dwarfs; Twelve hunts- 
men, ea,, "60 c, net, LongmaDS, 

Lewis, C Almost fairv children $i.2i. 

Naylor, J. B. Dicky Delightful in Rginbcw 
Land. $1. SaallitM. 

Reader. E. Story of the little mer-man. 
'$1,23 net. Macmillan. 

Spielmann, Mrs. M. H. Rainbow book- 
♦■$i.So net. Warne. 

Thackeray, W: M. Rose and the ring- 
$1.25. Siokes- 

Wiggin, K. D. S., and Smith, N. A, cds- 

fairy tales. +$1.25. Rand, McN. & Co- 
Fairyland stories. 'o9(Ni3) col. il. F ImIs, 
$1.50. Tuck- 

Benson, M. Venture of rational faith, *!i 




Faith-healer. Moody, W: V. *♦$! net 

Houghton M. 
Fahh of a modern Protestant. Bousset, W. 
**75 c. net. . Scribner. 

Faith of his fathers. Jacomb, A. R t$i.50. 

Faith's certainties. Dnimmond, R. J. *$i.50 
net. Doran. 

Falkiner, C. Litton. 

Essays rel. to Ireland ; biographical, histor- 
ical, and topographical; with a memoir 
of the author by E. Dowden. '09(Dii) 
O. $3-50. Longmans. 

Falkner, Boland Post 

Elimination of pupils from school; review 
of recent investigations. '09 (N) 255- 
275 p. 8**, 10 c. R. P. Falkner. 

Some uses of statistics in the supervision 
of schools. '09(N) 8 p. 8*. (Add. author 
for price.) R. P. Falkner. 

Fall of the old order. Plunket, I. L. $1.10. 

Oxford Univ. 
Fall River^ Mass. 
Lincoln, J. T. City of the Dinner-pail. 
♦^1.25 net. Houghton M. 

Fallacies of protection. Bastiat, F. *$i net. 

Fallow, Lance. 

An ampler sky. 'o9(D25) 12**, *$i net. 

Fallows, Alice Katharine. 

Mental hygiene in everyday living. '09 

(My8) c. S. (Making the best of things 

ser.) bds., ^35 c. net. McClurg. 

Point of view. '09(My8) c. S. (Making 

the best of things ser.) bds., *3S c. net. 

Talk on relaxation. '09(My8) c. S. (Mak- 
ing the best of things ser.) bds.. ^35 c. 
net. McClurg. 

False position. Reynolds, Mrs. L. B. $1.50. 

'«l»e sdence in the schools; how physiology 
js mistaught by the makers of text-books. 
'08. 1 1909.] (My) 7 p. 16**, pap., gratis. 

U. S. Brewers' Assoc. 
fame's pathway. Taylor, H. C. C-. t$i.50. 

'^^^Hiliar friends ser. front. D. $1. 

Sturgis & W. 
"■Ward. G3rpsy Breyton. 

S^e Genealogies. 

Klykken, O. Our homes and our children. 
75 c. Lutheran Pub. 

Maryland. Law of domestic relations. $3. 

Balto. Pr. 

Savage, C: A. Athenian family: sociolog- 
ical and legal study. *%i.SO net; *$i.25 
net. Lord Balto. Pr. 

Stt also Children; — Divorce; — Domestic econo- 
my; — Ethics; — Eusenics; — Genealogy; — Mar- 
riage ; — Mothers ; — ^Woman. 

Family and the nation. Whetham, W : C. D. 

•$2.50 net. Longmans. 

Family at Misrule. Turner, E. t$i.S0. 

Pamily hooks, D. *♦$! net. Penn Pub. Co. 
—Chance. Care of the child. 
— Priestman. Heme decoration. 
Famous cathedrals. Singleton, E., comp. and 

ed. •♦$1.60 net. Dodd. 

Famous Indian chiefs. Johnston, C: H. L. 

$i.5a L. C. Page. 

Famous men of modem times. Haaren, J: 

H : 50 c. Am. Bk. 

Famous modern orations. West, E. E., comp. 

35 c. Werner. 

Famous old receipts. Smith, Mrs. ). H., 

comp. **$2 net. Wmston. 

Famous poems explained. Barbe, W. $1. 


Famous women of Florence. Staley, E. 

$3.50. Scribner. 


See Terence Afer, Publius. 

Fanning, W: H. W. 
Historical sketch of the St. Louis Univer- 
sity. '09(J1) 64 p. il. por. 8**, (St. Louis 
Univ. bull.) pap., gratis. St. L. Univ. 

Hubbard, C: L. Fans, ventilation and 
heating. 35 c. Indust Press. 

Fantasy of Mediterranean travel. Bayne, S: 
G. ♦♦$1.25 net. Harper. 

Far East. 

Millard, T. F. F. America and the Far 
Eastern question. **$4 net. Moffat. 

Moore, J: M. Etchings of the East. *$i 
net. Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

Peck, E. M. H. Travels in the Far East 
$3. J. S. Peck. 

Ronaldshay, L. J : L. D., Earl of. Wander- 
ing student in the Far East. ♦$ net. 


Thwing, C: F. Education in the Far East. 
**$i.5o net. Houghton M. 

Weale, B. L. P., pseud. Coming struggle 
in eastern Asia. *$3.50 net. Macmillan. 

See also China; — Corea; — India; — Japan; — Per- 
sia: — Philippine Islands; — Russo-Japanese war; 
— Siberia. 

Far north in India. Anderson, W: B. 50 c 

Bd. For. Miss. 

See Plays. 

Farewell address. See Washington, G: 

Paris, J: Thomson. 
Winning their way: boys who learned self- 
help. '09 C Six) c. il. D. $1.50. Stokes. 

Paris, Rev. W: Wallace. 
How to talk with God. *09(Ja2s) c. S. 
♦50 c. net. S. S. Times. 

Farland. Hudgins, C: (Add. pubs, for 
price.) J. S. Ogilvie. 

Farm animals. 

See Domestic animals. 

Parm dairy. Gurler, H : B : $1. 

Breeders' Gazette. 
Farm engines. 

See Agricultural machinery. 

Farm festivals. Carleton, W. $1.25. Harper. 

Farm that glue made. Williams, C. A. $1. 


Farmer and his relation to the country. 

Flowers, W : T : 50 c. W : T : Flowers. 

Farmers' Educational and Co-operative 
Union of America. 

See Farms and fanning. 

Faimera' Republic, Somerville, N. J. Book 
of the Farmers* Republic '09(02) D. 50 c. 


n' shipping associations; plans of or- 
ganizaiion of shipping associations for fruit 
and vegetable growers; rules and regula- 
tions of seme of the best shipping associa- 
tions in the United States; arranged by the 
Fruil-Groiver, '0(j(Ja) c. 38 p. T. ("Broth- 
er Jonathan" ser.) pap., gratis. 

Farmers' veterinarian. Burkett, C : W : 
'$1.50 net. Judd. 

Farming it. Shule, H: A: *$i.20 net. 

Houghton M. 

Faruingdale, Me, 

Vila! records of Farmingdale, Me., to the 

year 1892. $1. H, S. Webster. 

Farms akd farming. 

Bailey, L. H. Training of farmers. *•$! 

net. Century Co. 

Barrett. C: 3. Mission, hist, and times of 

the Farmers' Union. (Add. author for 

price.) C: S. Barrett 

Bexdl, J; A. Business side of farming, 

50 c. J: A. Bexell. 

Bolton, E, S. Farm life a century ago. 

(Priv. pr.) C: K. Bolton, 

Buffum, B. C. Arid agriculture. $1 ^^o. 

B. C, Buffum. 
Carpenter. D. Facts for farmers. 10 c. 

D. Carpenter. 
Cobleigh, R, Handy farm device* and how 
to make them, •$1.50 net. Ttidd. 

Hall. _B. Gaider. yard: hdhk. of ex- 
tensive farming. $1. McKay. 
Jardinc, J. T. Coyote-proof paslure ex- 
periment. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 
Macdonald, W. Dry-farming, "$i,2onet. 
Centnry Co, 
New York IState.] Df/'l. of Agrtcnltvrf. 
Agricultural advantages of New York 
State, gratis. — List of farms occupied 
and unoccupied for sale or rent. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) N. Y, Dept. Agri, 
Parkinson, E: K. Guide to the country 
home. *$i net. Outing, 


FaroBwort)], E: Clarence. 

Mementos and sea pictures. 'o9(Jl) c. 01 p 

por. 8°, $1.50. Smith S S. 

Sophistries of Christian science, '09(035) 

c. 8°, $1.25, Smith & S. 

Farquhar, Arth. B. 

Tariff revision from the manufactursn' 
standpoint; address made before Iht 
American Association for the Advanc^ 
nicnt of Science, Johns Hopkins Univ«- 
sity. '09(F6) O. pap. (Add, author for 
price.) A. B, Farquhu. 

Fatrar, Dean F: W: 

Eric; or. little by little. '09(Si8) il. «', 
75 c. MacmiliiiL 

Julian Home; a tale of college iiie. 'o? 
(S18I il. iz°. ?5 c MacmiUan, 

St. Winifred's; or, the world of school 
'05(Si8) il. 12', 75 c. Macinillin 

Farrer, Regitiald J. 
In a Yorkshire garden. 'og(N2o) 0. il 
$3,50. Longman?. 

Fairington, E. A., comp. 
See Bancroft, Marg. 
Farrington, E. C. 

Sec Maine. Railroad laws. 
Fatrington, Oliver Canuniogs. 
Meteorite studies, n. 'oc)(D) 19 _P- i'' 
(Field Museum of Natural Hislwi | 
pubs.; Geological ser.) 50 c. 

Field Musemn. 

Fashionable ad vent tires of Joshua Crwg. 

Phillips, D ; G. +$1.50, Appleton. 

Fast mail. Drysdale, W : "tti-Sa Wildt 

Fasts ako feasts. 

Bell, C. C. Children's round of fa^i and 

festival. '40 c. net. 

Young Churchman. 

Kellner. K. A. H. Heortology; hist, of 

the Qiristian festivals. *$3 net. Herder, 

Sei also Chrinlma*; — Easier : — GochI Friday ;- 


Faststamning, en samlung originella dialoget. 

Liljengren, K. 50 c. A. Liljengren. 

Fatal ruby. Garvice, C: $1.50. Doran. 




Fansty Albert Bernhardt 

German element in the United States ; with 
special reference to its political, moral, 
social, and educational influence. In 3 v. 
'09(Di8) c il. pors. facsims., maps, O. 
♦^.50 net, boxed Houghton M. 

Faust (by Goethe). 
Hauhart. W: F. Reception of Goethe's 
Faust in England in the first half of the 
nineteenth century, ^i net Macmillan. 
See also Marlowe, Christopher. Dr. Faus- 
Faitth, Philip. 

Moon in modem astronomy; tr. by Jos. 
McCabe; with an introd. by J. Ellard 
Gore, '09(Jli7) il. 8% ♦$2 net 

Van Nostrand. 
FaTin, H: Baird, ed. 
See Butler, G: Flc, ed. 

I, Josiah Marshall. 

Diary of a young officer serving with the 

armies of the United States during the 

war of the rebellion. '09 (N) 298 p. il. 

pors. 8*, *$i.J0 net Donnelley. 

Favorite of Napoleon. George, Mile, ♦$2.50 

net. J: McBride. 

Favorite song pantomimes. Irish, M. 30 c 

Favrean, J. Arth. 
La gtande semaine; fetes du troisi^me cen- 
tenaire de la d4§couverte du lac Cham- 
plain. *09(D4) c il. maps, O. $1.25. 

Belisle Pr. 
Fawcetty E: Douglaa. 
The individual and reality. '09 (D4) O. 
^$4.25 net Longmans. 

Fazoiiy Grace B. 
Popular recitations and how to recite them ; 
collection of the best selections for reci- 
tation, incl. several pantomimes, with 
complete directions for their delivery. 
4 V. '09(D) c 12**, $1. F. A. Owen. 

Fayant, Fk. 
Some thoughts on speculation. '09(Jl3i) 
O. pap. (Priv. pr.) Baruch. 

fayttx, C:, ed. 
Venomous snakes; poison of venomous 
snakes and the methods of preventing 
death from their bite; reprinted papers 
by the late Sir Jos. Fayrer, Sir Lauder 
Brunton and Major Leonard Rogers. '09 
(Mr27) 8*, ^5 c net Macmillan. 


Sfe Fasts and feasts. 
February boys. Molesworth, Mrs. M. L. S. 

$i.Sa Dutton. 

Federal and state aid to education in Iowa. 

Buflfum, H. S. $1. Univ. of la. 

Federal civil service as a career. Foltz, E. 

B. K. **$i.50 net. Putnam. 

Federal control of trusts. French, H: F. 

(Add. pubs, for price.) Kohn & P. 

Federal equity. 

S€£ United SUtct. 

Federal government. 

«S#« United States. 

Federal law. 

5«« United States. 
Federal reporter. See United States. Courts. 
Federalists party in Massachusetts to the 

ytmr xtox Morse, A. E. ^ net 

Princeton Univ. 

Feeding for meat production. Armsby, H ; P. 
10 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Feininger, KarL 
An experiential psychology of music. '09 
(O30) c. por. figs, facsim., D. %2. 

A. Gemunder. 
Felicita. Hare, C t$i^5. Stokes. 

Felicia's friends. Gotdd, £. L. t$i. 

Penn Pub. Co. 
F^lise. See Swinburne, Algernon C: 
Felix Holt See Eliot, G: 

Fellows Gear Shaper Co. Stub-tooth gear. 

'o9(F2o) c. il. O. pap., gratis. 

Fellows Gear. 
Fellowship in the life eternal. Findlay, G: G. 

♦$2.50 net. Doran. 

Felt, Ephraim Porter. 
Control of household insects. '09(My2a) 
O. (N. Y. State Museum bull.) (Add. 
pubs, for price.) State Educ. 

Felt. Timmerman, J : F., comp. 50 c 

Am. Sch. Corr. 
Felter, Lottie Schoolcraft 
Landscapes and waterscapes. '08, [1909.] 
(F) 7-120 p. I2^ ♦$! net 

Cannon City Record. 
Vernon, A. Estate fences. $3.50. Spon. 

Fenollosa, Mrs. Mary McNeil, [Mrs. Bmest F. 
See McCall, Sidney, pseud. 

Fenton, H: J: Horstman. 
Outlines of chemistry ; with practical work, 
pt I. '09(09) 8*. *%s net. Putnam. 

Ferguson, Stirling Price. 
See Qayton, H : Helm. 

Fergusson, £. Morris. 
For home department workers. '09 (F6) c. 
S. pap., 10 c. Westminster. 

Fernald, C: H: 
Grenera of the tortricidce and their types. 
'08, [1909.] (Jl) 67 p. 8% pap., 75 c. 

C: H: Fernald. 

Fernald, Rob. Heywood, Smith, C. D., and 


Incidental problems in gas-producer tests. 

'09(D) 29 p. il. 8% (U. S., Dept of the 

Interior, Geological Survey, bull.) (Add. 

Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs.. 
Step, E. Wayside and woodland ferns. 
♦$2.25 net. Wame. 

Ferreres, Juan B. 
Decree on daily commtmion: historical 
sketch and commentary; tr. by H. Jime- 
nez. '09 (My) 168 p. 8**, *75 c. net 


Ferrero, Gnglielmo. 

Characters an.l events of Roman history 

from Caesar to Nero; Lowell lectures 

of 1908; tr. by Frances Lance Ferrero. 

'o9(Je5) c. O. ♦♦$2.50 net Putnam. 

Greatness and decline of Rome. v. s; tr. 

by Rev. H. J. Chaytor. '09(Mr27) O. 

♦$2.50 net. PutnanL 

Ferri, Enrico. 

Socialism and modem science, (Darwin, 
Spencer, Marx;) tr. by Rob. Rives La 
Monte. 3d ed. '09(Ap3) c. D. 1^1. K<wt. 


Ferris, Curie SiTjet. 
Sunday kindergsrten, game, gift and slory; 

a manual for use in the Sunday schools 
and in the home. '09(S4) c, il. O. (Con- 
structive Bible studies; Elementary ser.) 
•$U5 net Univ. of Chic. 

FeiTO Machine and Foundry Co., Oeveland, 
O. Marine Kasolinc engines and equip- 
ment; treatise oti correct design, construc- 
tion, installation nnd operation of power 
boats, 'ogdeig) c. il. 1°, 25 c, Ferro. 
Ferryrnan, A: FeTryniin Hodder-. 

See Mockler-Ferryman, A: Ferryman. 
Fertilization (plants). 

Stt BoUojr. 

American fertilizerhandbook, igog. $3, Ware 
Battle, H, B., ond Gascoyne.W: J: Chem- 
ical conversion tables for use in the 
analysis of commercial fertilizers. $2.50. 
Williams & W. 
Leavens, G; D. Discussion of methods for 
determining the availability of phosphoric 
acid, — Remarkable fertilizer : Thomas 
phosphate powder. (Add. p«h=. for 
price.) Coe-M. 

Ville. G. Artificial manures, •fj net. 

Whitney. M. Fertiliiers for cotton soils. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S.. Supt. of Dors, 

Set niso Agritullur»l chemiitr!';— Altai f». 
Fetch over th; canoe. Visscher. W: L. 
(Not for sale.) W: L. Visscher. 

S€i Malarial fever;— Scarlet fever. 

Fewkes, Jesse Wa, 

Antitiiiilies of the Mesa Verde National 
Park; Spruce-tree Houfe. ■og(02) il. 
plan. O, (Smilhsonian Institution, Bu. of 
Am, Ethnologji bull) (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
fioulkes, C: 

Armour and weapons; ivith a preface by 
Vispount Dillon. 'o9(D4) il. O. bds., 
53,15. Oxford Univ, 


Fiddle sticks. Hall. F. C 50 c. 

W. F. Robefti 
Field, CUnd. 
Tales of the caliphs. '09(Api7) 8", (So- 
mance of the East ser.) *$i net. DatKm. 
Field, E: SaUBbmry, ["CUlda Enold."] 
Cupid's understudy. 'oq(D4) c tl. D. $iJ5, 
boxed. W. J. Witt 

Field, Bug. 
Cradle lullabies; with an introd. by Edn. 
Osgood Grover. 'o9(Jei2) c. por. 0. 
bds., S^ c. Canterbury Cj). 

Field and forest ser. il. 12". Educ. Pi* 

—Chase. Plant babies and their cradlei 

40 c. 

Field and woodland plants. Fumeaux, W: 

S. *$i.50 net. Longmans. 

Field Museum of Natural History pubs. if. 

Field Museom. 

— Cory. Birds of Illinois and WiscotiMO. 

(Zoological ser.) $4. 
— Dearborn. Catalogue of a collection of 
birds from British Eaist Africa. 50 t 
(Ornithological ser.) 
— Farrington. Meteorite studies, 11. ((j«- 

logical ser.) go c 
— Meek, New species of fishes from tropial 

America, (Zoological ser.) 50 c 
— Slociim. New echinoids from the Riplei 
group of Mississippi. (Geology ser.) 50 1 
Fielding, H: 
Fielding: tscleclions;] ed, by G: Saiiils- 
bury. 'og{N6) por. ia°, (Masters of lit- 
erature.) *$ net. Macmillan. 
Tom Jones; introd, by G; Saintsbury. 2 », 
'oQ(Mr27) 16°, (Everyman's lib,) ea., 
'35 c. net ; leath,, "70 c. net, DuHon. 
Wise sayings and favorite passases from 
the works, including his Essay on con- 
versation. Pocket ed. 'o9(Ap3) c. 16°, 
50 c Torch Press. 

Fiero, J. Newton, rep. 
See New York tSUte.' 
Fifteen lessons on the stall bars, Nissen, H, 

CI. of appea 




EgSiB, J: Neville. 

Gospel and human needs. 'o9(Ap24) D. 
(Hulsean lectures.) *$i.2S net. 

iffht for your life. Hanford, B: 25 c. 

Wiltshire Bk. 

ighter (The). Terhunc, A. P. fi.SO. 


igbting saint. Stifler, J. M. *75 c. net. 



Van Velzer, A. C Fig culture. $1.50. 

igueroa, Francisco de. 
Obras de Francisco de Figveroa. laureado 
pindara Espanol. [facsim.] '03, [iQOp-l 
(N) 64 p. 8**, $3.50. (200 copies.) 

Hispanic Soc. 

Ste Numerals. 

ilea and filing. '09(0 16) c il. 8', (Machin- 
ery's reference ser.) pap., 25 c. 

Indust Press, 
'ille (La) de Roland. Boumier, Vicomte H. 
de. 30 c. Heath. 

Illebrown, C: Bowdoin. 
A B C of taxation; with Boston object les- 
sons, private property in land, and other 
essays and addresses. *09(Mri3) c. D. 
$1.20. Doubleday, P. 

illebrown, Mrs. Sebekah Hnddell Miller. 
Rhymes of happy childhood. 'o9(Myi) c. 
il. O. **$2 net. Winston. 

*ilson Ciub pubs, pap. Morton. 

-Townsend. Life of James Francis Leon- 
ard. $4. 

Mnality of the Christian religion. Foster, G : 
B. pt. I. *$ net. Univ. of Clhic. 

Davies, A. E. Money and the stock mar- 
ket. 50 c. Pitman. 


Jcvons, W: S. Investigations in currency 
and finance. *$3 net. Macmillan. 

Noyes, A. D. Forty years of American 
finance. *$i.50 net. Putnam. 

Plehn, C. C. Introduction to public fi- 
nance. **$i.75 net. Macmillan. 

United States. Treasury Department. Re- 
port of Hon. Robert J. Walker, Secretary 
of the Treasury, on the state of the 
finances, dated Dec. 3, 1845. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Natural Monetary Com- 
mission. Rept. to the National Monetary 
Commission on the fiscal systems of 
the United States, England, France and 
Germany. (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Set also Advertising; — Banks and banking; — Bus- 
iness; — Commerce; — Interest: — Investment; 
— Money;— Negotiable instruments; — New York 
City; — Panics; — Prices; — Stocks;— Tariff ;— 
Taxation:— Wealth, 
tnancial advertising. Borosdi, W:, ed. $2. 

Adv. Cyclo. 
inancial advertising. Lewis, E. S. $5. 

laancial diary, 1909: diary of past financial 
events from the beginning of financial his- 
tory in the U. S. to the present time ; diary 
of future financial events for the year 1909. 
'09(Ap3) c. tabs., D. leath., $4. 

Financial Calendar. 

Financial gatling gun. Vallette, J. C. 50 c. 

J. C. Vallette. 
Financing an enterprise. Cooper, F. $4. 

Ronald Press. 
Finch, Edn. Ward, MJ). 
Frontier, army and professional life of Ed- 
win Ward Finch, M.D., with suggestive 
thoughts from his own personal experi- 
ences in the treatment of pneumonia, etc. 

'09(J1) c. 8+119 p. por., I2^ $1. 

Simmons, M. & D. 

Finch, Fs. Miles. 
Blue and the gray, and other verse; with 
preliminary word by And. D. White. '09 
(F27) c. por. D. *'*^i.30 net. Holt. 

Finch, W: Coles-. 
See Coles-Finch, W: 

Finck, H: Theophilus. 

Grieg and his music. *09(Je5) c il. pors. 

O. **$2.50 net. Lane. 

Success in music and how it is won ; with a 

chapter on tempo rubato by Ignace Jan 

Paderewski. 'o9(N2o) c. O. **$2 net. 

Findlay, G: G., DJ). 

Fellowship m the life eternal; exposition 
of the Epistles of St. John. '09(D) 154- 
422 p. O. *$2.50 net. Doran. 

Fine, H: Burchard, and Thompson, H: Dallas. 

Co-ordinate geometry. *09(Si8) il. D. 

*$i.6o net. Macmillan. 

Fine arts. 

Barnes, E. Child study in relation to ele- 
mentary art education. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Am. Art. 

Carotti, G. History of art. v. 2. *$i.50 
net. Dutton. 

Collmann, S. M. Art talks with young 
folks. $1.50. Young Israels. 

Columbia University lectures on science, 
philosophy and art, 1907-1908. *$5 net. 


Conway, A. E., and Martin, Sir W: Chil- 
dren's book of art. ^$2 net. Macmillan. 

Gosgrove, Mrs. H. C. J. Amateur art. $1. 


Cram, R. A., ed. Christian art. 3 v. *$f5 
net. Badger. 

De Garmo, C: Laboratory exercises in 
art appreciation. 40 c. Bardeen. 

Howard, W : G. Ut pictura poesis. $1. 

New York City Art Commission. Cata- 
logue of the works of art belonging to the 
City of New York, gratis. 

Art Com. of N. Y. 

See also iEsthctics; — Architecture; — Artists; — 
China painting;— Color; — Decoration and orna- 
ment: — Drawing: — Engravers and engraving; — 
Furniture ; — Glass ; — House decoration ; — l^ct ; 

Photography: — Plastering; — Portraits; — Sculp- 
ture; — Silver; — Singing; — Wall decoration; — 
Water color painting; — also Metropolitan Mu- 
seum, N. Y.; — National Gallery. 

Finerty, J: F: 
Ireland : people's hist, of Ireland. In 2 v. 
New ed. '09(D) il. 8"*, ♦$2.50 net, boxed. 

Finger play reader. Davis, J : W. pts. i and 
2. ea., 35 c. ; teachers' ed., ea., 50 c. 


Pink, Karl. 

Brief history of mal hematics : author, tr, 
of "Geschichte der elementar-mathe- 
matik." 2d rev. ed. '09{Mr) iz+343 P- 
•$t,5o net. Open Court. 

Finkel, B: Franklin. 
Mathematical solution book; cont syste- 
matic solutions of many of the mo5t diFR- 
cult problems, taken from the leading 
authors on arithmetic, and algebra, [etc.] 
4th ed., rev. and enl. 'og(Je) c. 16+549 
p. il. pors, 8°, $2. Kibber. 

Finklea, Mia. A. B. 
Co!, Wilion's daughter. '09(D) $1.25- 

B'way Pub. 
Scott, A. M. Through Finland. 'fLaS net. 
Thomson, M. P. Finland. '75 c net 

Flnlay, Ja. Ralph. 
Cost of mining; exhibit of the results of 
important mines throughout the world. 
'o9(D4) c. il. maps, O. ♦Js net- 

FJN1.EY, John. 

Dunn, J. P., and Wrigley, Mrs. S. A. F. 
Word Hoosier, and John Finley. 'So c 
net. Bobbs-M. 

Pinn, 7k. 

Sre Dewar, Douglas, 
Finneroore, J: 
Story of Robinhood and his merry men, 
'og(D2s) col. il. ia°, (Color books for 
boys and giils.) "$1,50 net. Macmil!?- 
FiNNEV, Charles Grandison, 
Cochran, W; C. Charles Grandison Fi 
ney; memorial address del. at the dedic 
tion of the Finney Memorial Chapel. 
(Priv, pr.) Lippiocott. 

Finot, Jean. 
Philosophy of long life; tr. front the 
French 'by Harry Roberts. '09(Myi5) 
O, "$2,50 net. Lane, 


from thi 
New England 
ed.) ■09{J1) c. 


•ire-rcsisiive properties of v 
materials, Humphrey, R : 
perintendent for price,) 

tiled with the varioni 
departments, [intl 
2°, $3-50 
•Standard Pub. Ca 

U. S., SupL of Does, 

Stt Cookery. 

O'Reilly, J. J: 1 
man. 75 c. 
FissT AID ilo Ike injured}. 

: How to become 1 fire- 

ise of domesiic 

J. C. Vorbwlt, , 
First at the North Pole, Stratemeyer, £; 
$1.25. Lothrop, L & S. 

First Baptist chijrch. Providence. R, I. 
King. H : M,, comp. attd ed. Historirat 
catalogue of members of the First Bap- 
tist Chinch in Providence, Rhode Island. 
$2, F. H, Townsfni 

FtHST CiiiiBCH. Pembroke, Mass, 

Litchfield, H: W. First church in Pem- 
broke, 1708-1908. 25 c. G: E: Leivis- 
Firat Church of Christ, Hartford, Ct Conv- 
memorative exercises of the First Churc^J* 
of Christ in Hartford, on the looth anui' 
vcrsary of tha dedication of the meeting" 
house and tlw a75th anniversary of th^ 
founding of the church, Dec, 1-3. igoT" 
'08, [190Q.I (Je) 81 p, 8°. (Add. pub* 
for price,) First Church of Christ- 




Tiachel, Oscar, and Von Boehm, Max. 

Modes and manners of the xixth century 
as represented in the pictures and en- 
gravings of the time; tr. by M. Edwards; 
introd. by Grace Rhys. 3 v. '09(Di8) 
8', silk, ♦♦$; net. Dutton. 

Fiachelis, Philipp. 
See Broomell, I: Norman. 

Fishy Stu3nresant. 
Address before the Economic Qub of Bos- 
ton, March 24, 1968. Under what condi- 
tions will the railroads of the United 
States best serve the public? '09 (F6) 
8**, pap., gratis. S. Fish. 

Fish and fishing. 
Bradford, C: Angler's secret. *$i net. — 
Determined angler. 60 c. Nassau Press. 

Dockery, A. V. Black bass and other fish- 
ing in North Carolina. 75 c. 

Commercial Pr. Co. 
Forbes, S. A., and Richardson, R. E. Fishes 
of Illinois. Exchange or gratis. 

111. Lab'y Nat. Hist. 
Gill, T. N: Contributions to the life his- 
tory of fishes. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Smith. Inst. 

Hodgson, W: E. Angler's season. *$i.50 

net. Macmillan. 

Holder, C: F:, and Jordan, D: S. Fish 
stories, alleged and experienced. **$i.7S 
net Holt. 

Meek, S. E. New species of fishes from 
tropical America. 50 c. 

Field Museum. 
Muller, J. W., and Knowlson, A. Fishing 
around New York. 50 c. ; 25 c. 

Knowlson & M. 

New York [State.] Forest, fish and game 

laws, 1908. 50 c. M. Bender. 

Kandall, W., ed. Angler's guide. 60 c. ; 
50 c. Field and Stream. 

United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor. Bureau of the Census. Instruc- 
tions to special agents; Census of the 
fishing industry (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept, of Commerce and 
Labor. Bureau of Fisheries. List of 
publications of the Bu. of Fisheries avail- 
able for distribution, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Fishes ; in the United States 
public documents great attention is given 
to fishes and fisheries; documents cont. 
information on these subjects are sold at 
cost of paper, printing, and binding, and 
delivered free, by the Superintendent of 
Documents. '09(0) 61 p. 8°, gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

S«e also Crustaceans; — Echinoderms; — Game laws; 
— Tellsrfish; — Marine zoology; — Salmon; — 
Whales and whaling. 

^ishe, Marian H. 

My Father's business ; or, the life and work 
of Miss Agnes Gibson. *09(Mr) 60 c. 

China Inland. 
ttsher, Casdns Asa. 
Geology of the Great Falls coal field, Mon- 
tana. •o9(My) 85 p. il. 8^ (Dept. of In- 
terior, U. S. (Jeol. Survey bull.) pap., 20 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Fisher, Dan. Webster, D J). 
A human life: autobiography, with excur- 
suses. '09(D) c. 325 p. 12*, *$i.50 net 

Fisher, Emma. 
Dornroschen : ein m&rchenspiel. 'o9( AgaS) 
S. (Modern language ser.) *2S c net. 

Fisher, Harrison, il. 

American girl ; [colored drawings of twelve 
types of American women ;] with a fore- 
word by James B. Carrington. '09 (N6) 
c. por. f**, bds., *$3.50 net. Scribner. 

American beauties. '09(030) c col. il. Q. 
$3, boxed. Bobbs-M. 

Fisher, Horace Newton. 
Ethnography and commercial importance 
of Latin America and the West Indies 
in 1906. *09(My) 4 p. chart 8**, pap.. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Fisher, Irving. 
Bulletin of the Committee of One Hundred 
on National Health ; being a rept. on na- 
tional vitality, its wastes and conserva- 
tion ; prep, for the National Conservation 
Commission. 'o9(N) 9+138 p. 8*. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Economic aspect of lengthening human life : 
address del. before the Association of 
Life Insurance Presidents, New York, 
Feb. 5, 1909. 'o9(Jlio) O. pap. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Com. of One Hundred. 
Fisher, Jerome B., rep. - 

See New York [State.] Sup, ct. Repts. 
Fisher, J: I. 
Added interest tables. 1909 ed. '09 (Je) 
152 p. 8^ $5 J: L Fisher. 

Bank instalment system: tables for instal- 
ment loans at bank discount '09 (Je) 
62 p. il. 4*, $25. J: I. Fisher. 

20th century tables: all-purpose interest 
book. New and enl. ed. $2.50. 

J : I. Fisher. 
Fisher, Martin L., and Cotton. Fassett Allen. 
Agriculture for common schools. '09(030) 
c. il. 12*, $1. Scribner. 

Fisher, Mary. 
Journal of a recluse; tr. from the orig. 
French. '09(09) c. 11+334 P- front. D. 
$1.25. Crowell. 

Fisher, Willard Ja. 
See Blaker, Ernest 

Fisher, W: Darius. 

From dawn to dusk. '09 (Ag) c. 38' p. il. 

por. 8**, 50 c. McDonald & Co. 


Special agreement bet. the United States 

and Great Britain. '09(My) 11 p. 8", 

pap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See Fish and fishing. 

Fiske, H: A. 

See Crosby, Everett U. 
Fiske, J: 
Meaning of infancy. '09(My22) c. I2*, 
(Riverside educational monographs.) 
♦♦35 c. net. Houghton M. 

Fiske, J. Parker B. 
* See Bragdon, Gaude. 


Fiike fund prist dUsertalion. 8°. Snow & F. 
—Palmer. Has surgical treatmenl lessened 

the mortality from appendicitis? jo c. 
FiSKE IcELANOic COLLECTION, Cornell Univer- 
sity. Ilhaca, N. Y. 
Islandica : annual rel. to Iceland and Fiske 
Icelandic collection, v. a. $i. 

Cornell Univ- 
Fit for work. Schofield, A. T, '$1.25 net. 

Fitch, G: 
Big strike at Siwash. '09(N6) c, il. S. 
{Little comic masterpieces.) t5o c- 

Doubleday, P. 
Fitch, Michael Hendrick. 

Physical basis of mind and morals. 3d ed., 

with numerous additions and emcnda- 

tiens. 'o9(Api7) c. D. (International lib. 

of social science.) $1. Kerr. 

Fitch, W: Clyde. 

Wave of life. 'ogCDas) c. 8°, $1.50. 

M. Kennerley. 
FiTcii, William Clyde. 
Bell, A, Clyde Filch I knew. $1. 

B'way Pub. 
Fitzgerald, Rob. 

Statesmen snowbound. 'oo(Ae7) c. il. D. 
"$1.25 net. Neale. 

Fitzgerald, T: W. H., comp. and ed. 

Ireland and her people; biography, to 
gelher with a popular history; to which 
is added an appendix of topious notes 
and useful tables ; supplemented with a 
dictionary of proper natres in Iriiu 
mythology, gCDgraphy. genealogy, etc. In 
10 or 12 V. V. 1. ■og(Jes) c. pors. 8°, 
$3; M mo.., $s: full mor., fe. 

Fitzgerald Bk, 
FiTZBEBHEBT, M's. Maria Anne Smylhe, 
Wilkins, W: H: Mrs. Fitzherbert and 
George IV. $5. Longmans. 

Fitimau rice- Kelly, Ja. 

Chapters on Spanish lileralore. 'ogfNao) 
8°. 5i-75. Hispaciic Soc. 

FJtipatrick, Sir Ja. Percy. 

Jock of the Bushvcld. Abridged ed, '09 

Flagg, J: H: 

Lyrics of New England, and other poems. 
'og(D) c. 7-142 p. 8°. (Add. pubs !nr 
price.) W: J. i'aylot 

Canby, G : Evolution of the American llag 
$1. Ferris. 

Parry, O. R. Betsy Ross and the Uniltd 
Slates flag. 20 c. ; lO c. T. W. 
United States. Congress Senate. Commii- 
tee on Military Affairs. American flag; 
hearing on bills to prevent desecration. 
'08. {igoQ.\ (O) 15 P- 8°. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., SupL of Doo, 
Waters' pocket flag manual, containing 
Hags of American and Canadian yacht 
clubs. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

J. K. Waters Co. 
Flanagan's library of Iravd. il. D. Flanaean. 
— Koch. Little journey to northern wildi 

SO c. 
FlanigBD, D: Willis, and Paiker, C. I., compi- 
Vaughan's practical review for law stu- 
dents; questions and answers. 'OQ{My) 
c. 66 p. 12', $5. D: W. Flanigan. 

Flanders, Ralph E: 
Bevel gearing. '09(Agi4) c. II. 8", (.Ma- 
chinery's reference ser.) 25 c. 

Indust. Pre5^ 

Gear-culling machinery ; complete review c^ 

contemporary American and Eurijpea- ' 

practice. "ogCJlsO c. figs. la", $3. Wilc^a 

Flatihish, N. Y. 

Flathead Indian reservation; acts relating 1 
ihe reservation providing for the openin 
of the same lo settlement, the construclio- ~ 
o£ irrigating systems, and the disposal o*^ 
Ihe timber lands. 'og(Ag3i) 8°, pap. (Add — 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Doc^ 

Flatiron for a farthing, Sm Ewing, Mre^ 
Juliana Horatia Catty. 

Flaubert, Gustave. 




leming, G: T., ["Flexn."] 
Rein's views of old Pittsburgh, precious 
with memories. *o8, [1909.] (F) 80 p. 4**, 
25 c. Flem Pub. 

•*LEMiNG^ Marjorie. 

Wiley, K. Pet Marjorie and Sir Walter 
Scott. ♦$! net; *75 c. net. Cochrane. 

leming, W: F., comp. and ed. 

Physical culture classics. 4 v. '09(025) 
c. il. 8*, per set, $15. E. R. Dumont. 

ilemiiigy W: H: 

Tariff, civil service, income tax, imperial- 
ism, the race problem, and other speeches. 
'09(Ap3) c. 4**, ♦$2.50 net. 

A. B. Caldwell. 
?lesh and matter. Murray, S. V. 50 c. 

S. V. Murray, 
netcher, Giles and Phlneas. 
Poetical works; ed. by F: S. Boas. In 2 
v. V. 2. *09(My) 23+362 p. 8**, (Cam- 
bridge English classics.) ♦$1.50 net. 


Pletcher, J: 
See Beaumont, Fs. 

letcher, Pbineas. 
See Fletcher, Giles. 

letcher, Rob. C: Leslie. 

Introductory history of England. In 4 v. 
[v. 3,] From the Restoration to the be- 
ginning of the great war; [v. 4,] The 
great European war. *09(Jlio) fold, 
maps, plans, O. ea., *$i.5o net. Dutlon. 

Ictcher, W: I:, ed. 

Annual library index, 1908. 'o9(Apio) c. 
O. ♦$5 net. Pub. Weekly. 

lick, Alex. Clarence. 

Kise of the mediaeval church and its influ- 
ence on the civilization of western Eu- 
rope, from the first to the thirteenth cen- 
tury. *09(Dii) c. O. ♦*$3.50 net. 



Merchants' Association of New York. 
House fly at the bar. gratis. 

Merchants' Assoc. 
Miller, C: W. Occurrence of the larva; of 
a parasitic fly, Protocalliphora chryor- 
rhoea Meigen, in bird nests in the vicin- 
ity of Shawnee, Pa. gratis. 

Worthington Soc. 

See Aerial navigation. 

Plights and fancies. Wickliffe, E. L. $2. 

E. L. Wickliffe. 
Flights o' fancy. Simmons, L. $1 ; $1.75. 

Atlantis Press. 
Flint, G: ElUott. 
Short cut. '09 (My) c. 292 p. D. $1.50. 

Horn, G: Tobias. 
Norwegian immigration to the United 
States. '09CN) (Priv. pr.) 

G: T. Flom. 
-, ed. See Tegner, Esaias. 
Hood, L. L. 

See Loughlin, Burren. 
Gibson, H: H. Oak flooring. 50 c. 

Hardwood Record. 
Hora of California. See Jepson, W. L. 

Florence, Italy. 
Biagi, G. Men and manners of old Flor- 
ence. *$3.50 net ; ♦$(5.50 net. McClurg. 
Machiavelli, N. History of Florence. 
*35 c. net; *70 c. net. Dutton. 

Staley, E. Famous women of Florence. 
$3.50. Scribner. 

Florentine frame. Robins, E. t$i-50. Moffat. 
Florentine painters. Berenson, B. **$i.50 
net. Putnam. 

Florentine sculptors of the Renaissance. 
Bode, W. *$4 net. Scribner. 


See St Augustine. 
Florida. See Apuleuis, Lucius. Apologia 
Floriflt's scrap book. 'o9(Apio) c. S. pap., $1. 

J : C. Moninj^er. 
Flory, Jacob Stooer. 

Love's sweet dream fully realized through 
holy matrimony and a sanctified home. 
'08, [1909.] (My) c. 5-174 p. I2^ 50 c. 

Higher Life. 
United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Labor. Flour and wheat trade in Euro- 
pean countries and the Levant. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Flower fables. Alcotl, L. M. $1. 

Flowers, W: T: 

Farmer, and his relation to the country, the 
manufacturing, the speculative and polit- 
ical world. '08, [1909. J (F) c. in p. 8**, 
pap., 50 c. W : T : Flowers. 

Florist's scrap book. $1. 

J: C. Moninger. 

Longyear, B. O. Rocky Mountain wild 

flower studies. $1. Merchants' Pub. 

Ramaley, F. Wild flowers and trees of 

Colorado. $1.25; $1. A. A. Greenman. 

Stack, F. W: Wild flowers every child. 

should knc»w. $1.20. Doubleday, P. 

See also Alphabets; — Bindweed: — Botany: — Gar- 
dens and gardening; — Roses; — Sweet peas: — also 

Flowers and ijardens of Madeira. Du Cane, 
F. ♦$2 net. Macmillan. 

Floy, H: 
High-tension underground electric cables. 
'09(My22) c. il. tabs., 12*, $2. 

Eleo. Pub. 
Floyd, F: Claik. 

History of the Fortieth (Mozart) regiment,. 
New York Volunteers, which was com- 
posed of four companies from New York, 
four companies from Massachusetts and 
two companies from Pennsylvania. '09 
(Ap3) c. il. facsims., pors. O. $3. 

F: C. Floyd. 
Floyd, G. C. 

See Gale, Norman Bingham Clifton. 
Fluch (Der) der schonheit. Riehl, W. H. v. 
40 c. Ginn. 

Fobs, F. J. Fluorspar deposits in Ken- 
tucky ; with notes on the production, min- 
ing and technology of the mineral in the 
U. S. 80 c. Kentucky State Lib. 

Flurscheim, A. 
Working hints for suction gas producers. 
'09(Mri3) il. 12**, bds., *50 c. net. Spon. 


FlIirKbeim, Kichael. 

Economic and social problem. '09(D) 
377 P- por. 8°, as c. Jefferson. 

Boehm, T. Flute and flute playing. $1.50. 

D. C. Miller. 
Flute of the gods. Ryan, Mrs. M. E. M. 

•*$i.So net. Stokea. 

Fly-aways and other seed travelers. Fullz, 

F. M. 60 e. Pub. Sch, Pub. 

yiywhcels. 'ogCJIji) c. diagrs., 8°, (Ma- 

chipery's reference ser.) pap.. 25 c. 

Irdust. Press. 


See Aerial navigation. 
Flying Plover. Roberta, C ; E : T. $1. 

L. C. Page. 

Flynn, Paul Vincent. 

History of St. John's church, Newark; a 

memorial of the golden jubilee of its 

consecration; with a retrospect of the 

progress of Catholicity. 'o9(Apio) c. il. 

pors. 8". $3. P. V. Flynn. 

F(^a»sro, Antonio. 

Pereat Rochus, and Un" idea di Ermes 

Torran?a ; ed., with introd., notes and 

vocabulary. 'oo(Myis) C. S. f Modem 

lang. ser.) 40 c. Heath. 

Faglt Humpfarej' Harslull. 

Palace of death ; or, the Ohio Penitentiary 
Annex ; human -interest story of the in- 
carceration and execution of Ohio's mur- 
derers, with a detailed review of the 
incidents connected with each case. "08, 
[igop.] <My) c. 278 p. il. pors. 8°, $1. 
Foblin, Emeat V. 

Salt Lake City, past and present. 'o()(Sii) 
e. il. pors. 8', $1.25; pap., 75 c. 

E. V. Fohlin. 
Fobs, F. Julina. 

Fluorspar deposits of Kentucky ; with 
notes on the production, mining, and 
technology of the mineral in the United 
Slates, also some data concerning barile 
deposits. '07, [1909.] (S) 3-4-I-296 p. 
map5, 4°, (Kentucky geological 


Folk 1.0SB. 

Boston Public Library. Finding lists of 
fairy tales and folk stories in book; at 
the branches of the Public Ubrary of Iht 
City of Boston. 5 c. Boston Pub. Ui. 

Marshall, F. Cat school : folk lore starj. 
—Nixie well ; the goat and the trolL 
ea.. '30 c net. Educ. Pidi. 

O'Sheridan, M. G Gaelic folk tales. 60 c. 
M. G. O'Sheridaa- 

Ruskin J : Dame ^Viggins and her se\eO 
wonderful cats. '30 c net. Educ. Pul>- 

Sle ahe Fable.:— Fairy Ule.;- Games:— Jap*™ 5 
— Legends: — Mannen and castoms; — UylhoLxv- 

Folb-iorf ser. il. 12', '30 c. net. Educ Put» 
— Marshall. Cat school. — Nixie well. 
— Ruskin. Dame Wiggins and her scvc ^ 
wonderful cats. 

Follett, Mrs. Susan Jennette. 
The two Marys ; a retrospect ; a tributi^H 
'og(Sl c. 4S p. 16°, 75 c. Arts and Craft ^= 
Folsom, C: Follen. 

Studies of criminal responsibility and li n~— ^ 
ited responsibility. '09{Ag7) pors. 8 
(Priv. pr.) C: F. Folsor^ 

Folti, El Bie Eetn. 

Federal civil service as a career, 'a^^ 
(Mr2o) c. D. •■$1.50 net. Putnai^ 

FotiT.MNEOLEAU, France. 
Sti 1- ranee. 

Pontes prosae nvmerosae. Clark, A. C^ 
comp. $1.50. Oxford Unii^ 

Sit Church decoration and oraanient 

Benrdict, A. L. Golden rules of dieteci;^^ 

S3. Mosby— 

Browne, ^iV J. C- Parcimony in nulntifm^ 

**75 c. net. Funk — 

CI;jyron, E. G., ronip. Compendium of^ 

food microscopy. ^ net. Wood — 

Food and diet ; priced list of public docii-- 

ments rei. to food and diet issued hjr- 
■icntitic bureaus of the United States 




Food. — Continued. 

Richards, E. H. S., and Woodman, A. G. 
Air, water, and food from a sanitary 
standpoint $2. Wiley. 

Rhode Island pure food and drug act. 
(Add. pubs for price.) E. L. Freeman. 

Snyder, S. P., comp. Treatise on foods 
and their effects upon health and the 
physical and moral life. 75 c. 

S. P. Snyder. 

Sutherland, G. A., ed. System of diet and 
dietetics. *$9.2S net Oxford Univ. 

Thompson. W. G. Practical dietetics, with 
reference to diet in diseases. $5. 


United States. Dept, of Agriculture. In- 
fluence of sodium benzoate on the nutri- 
tion and health of man. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See also Bacteria; — Beef trust; --Beverages; — 
Butter; — Cereals : — Children ;— -Cookery ; — Diges- 
tion ; — Domestic animals : — Fruit ; — Hygiene ; — 
Meat; — Metabolism; — Milk; — Nuts;— dPrescrv- 
ing ; — Proteida ; — Temperance ; — Vegetarianism. 

Sre Maple syrup. 

^ood as a medicine in the cure of disease. 
'o9(Api7) S. pap., 25 c; 12 nos., $2. 

H. A. Yergin. 

Food tract, its ailments and disease. Black- 
wood, A. L. $1.50. Boericke & T. 

Fool of quality. Brooke, H : 2 v. ♦$! net. 


Foolish questions. Goldberg, R. L. ♦♦50 c. 
net Small. 

Foot-and-mouth disease. 

Sfe Veterinary medicine and surgery. 


Camp, W. C. Spalding's how to play foot 
ball. 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Camp, W. C, ed. Spalding's official foot- 
ball guide, 1909. 10 c. Am. Sports. 
Football boys of Lakeport. Stratemeyer, E: 
t$i.2S. Lothrop, L. & S. 
¥oote, E: Milton. 

Text-book of minor surgery. 2d ed. ; il. 
by 407 engravings from original draw- 
ings and photographs. '09(D) 7+27- 
752 p. iL 8*, ♦Is net. Appleton. 

footprints of Abraham Lincoln. Hobson, 
J. T. 50 c. Un. B. Pub. 

"Footprints of the centuries. Gearhart, L. L. 
$1. L. L. Gearhart. 

FoppA, Vincenzo. 
Ffoulkes, C. J., and Maiocchi, R. Vincento 
Foppa of Brescia, founder of the Lom- 
bard* School. *$25 net. Lane. 
For home department workers. Fergusson, 
E. M. 10 c. Westminster. 
Pot love of our Lord : series of devotional 
papers. 'o9(Apio) *40 c. net. 

Young Churchman. 

For the gaiety of nations. Rice, W. de G. C, 

comp. *so c. net. Dodge. 

For the King's sake . Blanchard, F. Q. 35 c. 

F. Q. Blanchard. 

For the liberty of Texas. Stratemeyer, E: 

•f$i.25. Lothrop, L. & S. 

For the life that now is. Lyon, M. H. 75 c. 


For the love of Lady Margaret. Wilson, W : 

T. $ Stone & B. 

For the Norton name. Godfrey, H. t$i-2S. 

Little, B. & Co. 

For the stars and stripes. Tomlinson, E. T. 

t$i.50. Lothrop, L. & S. 

For you and for me. Hale, A., pseud. *$i.25 
net. Campion. 

Forbes, Mrs. A. S. C. 

See Forbes, Harrie Rebecca Piper Smith. 
Forbes, G: 
Hist, of astronomy. 'o9(Dii) c. pors. S. 
(Hist, of the sciences.) ♦♦75 c. net. 


Forbes, Harrie Rebecca Piper Smith, ["Mrs. 

A. S. C. Forbes."] 

Mission tales in the days of the dons. *09 

(Api7) c. il. O. $1.50. McClurg. 

Forbes, Stephen Alfr., and Richardson, Rob. 
The fishes of Illinois. '©9(0) 131+357 p. 
il. {", (Natural History Survey of Illi- 
nois; State Laboratory of Natural His- 
tory.) With atlas. Exchange or gratis. 

111. Lab'y Nat Hist. 
Force of the wind. Chatley, H. *$i.25 net. 

Ford, Abbie A. 
John Pierpont; biographical sketch. '09 
(N) 25 p. pi. pors. 4®. (Priv. pr.) 

J. A. Crosby. 
Ford, G: B. 
See Marsh, B: Qarke. 

Ford, Julia Ellsworth. 
Simeon Solomon : an appreciation. '09 (Ag) 
77 p. il. 4*, ♦$3.50 net. F. F. Sherman. 

Ford, Sewell. 
Cherub Devine. '09(My8) c. D. $1.50. 

M. Kennerley. 
Honk, honk ! !, Shorty McCabe at the wheel. 
'09 (D4) c. front il. S. 50 c 

M. Kennerley. 
Ford, W: Ebenezer. 

See Dana, E: Salisbury. 
Ford, Worthington Chauncey, ed. 
See United States. Continental Congress. 
— , and Matthews, Albert. 

Bibliography of the laws of the Massachu- 
setts Bay, 1641-1776. '07, [1909.] (Mr) 
5+186 p. 8^ (Priv. pr.) 

Univ. Press, (Camb.) 
Forder, Archibald. 
Adventures among the Arabs in desert, 
tent, and town. '09 (Jl) 12**, $1. 

Gospel Pub. 
Fordham Unitersity Press ser, O. 

Fordham Univ. 
— O'Reilly and Walsh. Makers of electricity. 

♦$2 net. 
Fore ! the call of the links. Webling, W. H. 
75 c. Caldwell. 

Foreign mission study courses, il. 12**. 

Young People's Miss. 
— Neely. South America. 50 c. ; 35 c. 
Foreign missions. 

See Missions and missionaries. 

Foreigner (The). Gordon, C: W: $1.50. 

''Forest, Gale," pseud. 

See Reinertsen, Emma May Alexander. 
Forest land of Penn. Spangenberg, Mrs. F. 

I. $1.50. Badger. 



Cary, A. Manual for iiarthern wooUsmeii. 
•?2 net. Harvard Univ. 

Qeveland, T,, jr. Status of forestry in the 
United States. ( Add, Superin I indent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Minnesota. Forestry Commissioner. Plan 
of re forest rat ion. (Add. Commission for 
price.) Minn. Forestry Com. 

Minnesota Stale Board of Immigration. 
Minnesota's timber lands. (Add, pubs, 
for price.) 

Minn. Stale Bd. Immigration, 

New York [State.] Forest, fish and game 
laws, 1908. 50 c. M. Bender, 

Practical assistance to owners of forest 
land and 10 tree planters. (Add, Super- 
intendent for price,) 

U. S,, Supt. of Docs. 

Rane, F, W : Forestry from a commercial 
standpoint, — We must slop forest fires 
in Massachusetts (Add, author for 
price.) F, W: Rane. 

Schenck, C. A. Forest finance. $1, 

C A, Schenck, 

United Slates. Congress. House. Com- 
mittee on the Judiciary. Power of fed- 
eral government to acquire lands for na- 
tional forest purposes. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt, of Docs, 

United States, Forest Service; bulletins, 
circulars, maps, and ailvical lealleis rel. to 
forests; Agriculture Department, U. S. 
A.; for sale by the Superintendent of 
Documents. 'o9(0) 18 p. 8°, gratis. 

U. S,, SupL of Does. 

Wadsworlh, J. W., jr. Forest preservation 

and conservation of water supply, gratis, 

J. W. WadswDrth. 

Sit Dlio El Dorado Co., Cal.;— Fit* ;— Pine tree*! 
— Pl»«r Co., Cal, i— Trees;— White Mis., N. H, 

Foigan, Ja. Bem-ick. 

Should national bank deposits be Ruaran- 
tC'jd by thi; government or by a deposit 
with the ^jvernraent — in either case the 
5ary fund to be raised by taxing 

Formaii, Justus Hiles. 

Jason: a romance. 'o<>(Jl3i) c. D. +$1.50. 

Forman, S: Eagle. 

Essentials in civil government. 'ogCJiij); 
New Jersey ed. (Oz3) c, il. D, ea„ 60 c 
Am. Bk, 
FotiMs (lit Vow). 

Cann, G: T. Requests to charge in fivil 
and criminal cases; with citations of au- 
thorities and forms for instructions 10 
petit juries, (etc.) $6.25, Harrison Co, 

Jones, L, A. Legal forms ; incl. forms in 
conveyancing, together with general legal 
and business forms, $6. Bobbs-M, 

Srr alto Commercial Uw;-— oIm nuna of lUIO- 
Fornis of discourse. Cairns, W: B, St. 15. 

Fomaro, Carlo de. 

Diaz, c;ar of Mexico: an arraignment, with 
an open letter to Theodore Roosevelt, 
■09(Jll?) c, por, 8°, $1,50. 

C, de Fomaro. 
Mexico tal cual es; comenlarios. 'og(J!i7) 
c. por, 8°, 52,50; pap., $1. 

C. de Fornaro- 
Forsslund, Louise, pseud. 

Sec Waddell. Mrs. C: Carey, 
Forsyth, D:, MJ>. 

Ciiildrcn in health and disease, '09(N) c 

19+362 p. 8°, *%i net. Blakision 

Forsythe, Haiy Isabella. 

Befiinnines of New York: old Kmgston^ 
the first Elate capital. 'o9(N6) c. D. pap,__ 
25 c. Badger. - - 

Fotaythe, P: Taylor, DJ). 
Crucialily of the cross. '09(Ni3) 0. *$i.50 
net. Doran. 

Fort, C: 
Otitcast manufacturers. 'ogfApio) c, D 
$1,^0. B, W. Dn-lgv 

Fort Sa.vdoski, Ohio, 

Sit Obia, 

Forteacue, J: W: 

County lieutenancies and the army. i8oj- 
'09(M'r6) O. '$3 tlel, Macn.illan 




uadrangle, Yukon-Tanana region. 
.. M. (Add. Superintendent for 
U. S., Supt. of Docs, 
es late. Smith, F. Ii. t$i.SO. 

ears in India. Roberts, F: S., 


5. See Lang, Andrew, ed, 

* observation of music and the 
Jrau, R. $5. B'way Pub. 

of American finance. Noyes, A. 
) net Putnam. 


C. Roman Forum: its history 

monuments. *$i.75 net. 


\sion study courses, il. 12", 50 c. ; 

Young People's Miss. 

V^hy and how of foreign missions. 

rea in transition. 
>ward path. 
Under marching orders. 

•50 c. 

Hiallenge of the city. 50 c. ; 35 c. 

vement Mission studies, (graded 

Ik. I, (primary grades,) The chil- 

lission lands; by W. C: Griggs, 

(JI3) ; Bk. 2 (primary grades), 

children, their teachers and 

W: C. Griggs, M.D. (N20) ; Bk. 

of modern missions, by C. P. 

Bk. 6 (for intermediate dept.), 

of our Baptist missionary work, 

E. Bushnell. (O30) il. D. pap., 

:. net. Am. Bapt. 

rris Archibald. 

penetrating pen points and pecu- 
odies by a perhaps im-pertinent 
nic professor ; or, Dear Richard's 
; V. I ; being a collection of droll 

wise saws, pointed stories and 
ttes, or simple principles of the 
hy of Morris Brewster, by his 
'Morris Junior," author of The 
>f Morris Brewster (now being 
) '08, [»909.] (Mr) III p. il. 12% 



:es from Swedish literature in 
form. 2 V. 09(J1) c. '06. pors. 
c. Augustana. 

H. Teratornis, a new avian genus 
ancho la Brea. 10 c. 

Univ. of Cal. 

^t ; — Paleontology ; — Peacock. 

iSB Greene. 

child. '09(D) il. 60 c. Seymour, 
some others; poems. '09(Di8) 
16**, Rosemary ed., flex, fabriano, 
et; Friendship ed., fabriano bds., 
et. P. Elder. 

side, M.D. 

1 concerning the increased lon- 
)f life insurance policy-holders; 
delivered before the Association 
5 Insurance Presidents, New 
kpril 2, 1909. '09(02) O. pap., 

Assoc. Life. 

Foster, C: 

Story of the Gospel; or, our Saviour's 

life on earth, told in words easy to read 

and understand. '09 (Ag) c. 366 p. il. 

12", 75 c. C: Foster. 

Foster, Eug. Clifford. 

Boy and the church. '09(Ag7) c S. ♦75 c. 

net. S. S. Times. 

Foster, G: Bunnan. 
Finality of the Christian religion, pt. i. 
New ed. 'o9(N2o) 8**, ♦$2.50 net. 

Univ. of Chic. 
Function of religion in man's struggle for 
existence. '09(My8) S. ♦$! net. 

Univ. of Chic. 
Foster, John. 
Green, S: A. John Foster, the earliest 
American engraver. $2. 

Mass. Hist. Soc. 
Foster, J: Buckingham, ed. 
Spalding's official base ball record, 1909. '09 
(Jai6) c il. pors. S. (Spalding's athletic 
lib.) pap., 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Foster, J: Wa'tson. 
Diplomatic memoirs. In 2 v. '09(04) c. 
il. pors. faQsims., O. ♦♦$6 net, boxed. 

Houghton M. 
Foster, Louise Nellis. 
Songs of the Alps. '08, [1909.] (F) c. 51 p. 
il. por. 8", $1.25. W. Y. Foote. 

Foster, Rob. F: 

Auction bridge. '09 (F6) c. il. 12*, ♦♦$! net. 

Complete Hoyle: encyclopedia of games. 
New rev. and enl. ed. '09(Ja23) c. il. O. 
♦♦$2.50 net. Stokes. 

Encyclopedia of g^ames; including all the 
indoor games played at the present day. 
8th ed. '09(Mri3) c. il. D. $1.25; 75 c; 
pap., so c. Stokes. 

Skat up to date. '09(Mri3) c. D. pap., 
25 c. Dick. 

Foster, Roger. 
Treatise on federal practice, civil and crim- 
inal, including practice in bankruptcy, ad- 
miralty, patent cases, foreclosure of rail- 
way mortgages, suits upon claims against 
the U. S. equity pleading and practice, 
receivers and injunctions in the state 
courts. 4th ed., rev. and enl. In 3 v. 
V. I. '09(Ap) ; V. 2 (Jl) ; v. 3 (O) c. 
17+952 p. O. ea., $6.50; per set, $19.50. 

Foster, W: 

English factories in India, 1624-1629. '09 

(Je26) facsim., O. $4.15. Oxford Univ. 

Foulche-Delbosc, Raymond. 

Bibliographie hispanique, 1905. 1906. '09 

(N20) 12**, ea., $1.25. Hispanic Soc. 

Foulke, Roland R. 
See Pennsylvania. Treatise on the rules 
against perpetuities. 
Found by the circus. Kaler, J. O. $1. 


Foundations of American gr;pe culture. 

Munson, T. V. $3. Judd. 

Foundations of German. Kayser, C. F. 80 c. 

Am. Bk. 
Founding of the church. Bacon, B : W. 50 c. 

Houghton M. 

Founding the South Side Library. Nuesse, 

G: C. 50 c. Etvt^r^T\«»^ "?t. 


Tate. J. M., and Stone, M. O. Foundry 
praeiice. $2. Wiley. 

Sf aha Iron;— Machineir. 

Foontain (The) of life, 10 Catholic teachers, 
by one. '09(025) S. pap., '35 c. net, 


Four champions of Great Britain and Ireland. 

Mord, W. $1,50. Stokes. 

Four Comers abroad. Blanc hard, A. E. 

■f$i.SO. Jacobs. 

Four little Fosters. Verhotff, C. 51.15. 

A. H. Crist. 
Fonr-square. Rickaby, J. "60 c. net. 

Four years in Europe with Buffalo Bill. 
Griffin, C: E. $1. C: E. GrifSn. 

Fowle, Fk. F. 

Protection of railroads from overhead 
transmission line crossing. 'op{Sii) il. 
13', " net. Van Nostrand. 

Fowlei, C: Evan. 

Law and business of engineering and con- 
tracting. 'o9(Mri3) c. O. "$2.50 nci, 

Fowler, 0: Little, and Mellin, Carl J. 

Locomotive design. '0i)(Fl3) c diagrs., 

8°, {Machinery's reference ser.) pap., 

25 c. Indust. Pres, 

Fowler, Harold North, Wheeler, Ja. Rignall, 

and Stevens, Gorham Phillips. 

Hdbk, of Greek archfeology. '09(02) c. 

il. D. (Greek ser. for coIleKcs and 

schools.) $3. Am. Bk. 

Fowler, Rob. Ludlow. 

See New York [State.] Real property law, 
— ,ea. Sec New York [Stale,] Digested 
treatise and compendium of law. — Per- 
sonal property law. 
Fowler, W: K., ed. 

Suggestive exercises for special day pro- 
grams for the use of the public schools. 
'09(D) c. 164 p. -il. pors. 8°, 25 c. 

Univ. Pub. 
Fowler, W: Warde. 

Social life at Rome in the age of Cicero. 
'09<Mr6) c. fold, map, 0. **$2-25 net. 


Fox-Daviea, Aith. C; 
Complete guide to heraldry. 'ogCAgjfi) i'i' 
8°, "$4 net. Dodg«^ 


Sri Hog. 

Fox's alhletie library, il. 16°, 25 c. ; pap., 10 c^ 
R ; K. Fo>= 
— Fox. Life and battles of Jack Johnson. 
— McGraw, Scientific baseball. 
Fia Albertua, pseud. 

See Hubbard, EllberL 
Fractionation of crude petroleum by capillan^C 
diffusion. Gilpin, J. E. 10 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs . .= 

F^adiyssa, G. V. 

Roman Catholicism capitulating befor^^ 

Protestantism : [a vindication of Christ^*" 

by a Catholic priest;) Ir. from the Span — 

ish. '09CJa23) c. D. $1.50. 

Southern Pub. CAla.)«: 
Fragments from Grfcco-Jewtsh writeri_ ^ 
Steams. W. N., ed. 'Js c net. 

Univ. of Chic_ ,= 
Fraconard, Jean Honort 
Macfall, H. Fragonard. *6s c 
net Stoka— .1 

Frame, And. Ja^. 

Insuring bank deposits^ is purely iheoreticaL 1 
impractical, revolutionary and fatal ' fr — : 
coiiservatism ; history condemns it; a^E 
presented at the annual banquet of th^» 
Cincinnati Bankers' Qub. Feb. S, t9o8_3 
■ogCMy) IS p. 8°, pap., IS c, 

A. J. Frame — - 
Framing. Radford, W: A. $1. 

Radford Architectural — 
France, Anatote, (pseud, for Jaques Anatole^ 
Works. Complele limited edition in 15 v.. .• 
in an Eng. ir. under the general editorship * 
of Frederic Chapman, [v. 6,] Balthasarr 
tr. by Mrs. J: Lane. 'ogCJaaj) ; [v, 7,] 
Thais; Ir. by Rob. B. Douglas. '09 
(Apio) ; [v. 8,] The white stone; tr. by 
C: E. Roche. (O16) ; [v. g.] Pen- 
guin Island; tr, by A. W. Evans; 


F RANCE. — CoHtiti ued. 
Du CercAU, J. A. French chateaux and 
gardens in the xvu, century. *$io net. 
Fricero, K Our visit to France, $i. 

G«ddes, J., jr. Educational advantages for 
American students in France. 25 c. 

J. Geddes. 

Guthrie, A. Letters from France and Italy. 

*$i^5 net. McGurg. 

Hall, J : R. Bourbon restoration. *$4 net. 

Houghton M. 

Hamel, F. Fair women at Fontainbleau. 

•$3.50 net. Breniano's. 

Hanotaux, G. Contemporary France. In 

4v. V. 4. (1877-1882.) •$3-75 net. 

I^wton, F : Third French Repubhc. 
•$3.50 net. Lippincott. 

Fdxotto, K C Through the French 
provinces. *^.so net Seribner. 

Fennell, iirt. E. R. French cathedrals, 
monasteries and abbeys, and sacred sites 
of France. ♦•$s net. Century Co. 

Perkins, C C. French cathedrals and cha- 
teaux. 2 V. •te net. Holt. 
Qui estes-vous? (Who are you?] Annu- 
aire des contemporains, 1909. $2. 

Thompson, J. W. Wars of religion in 
France, ISS!H576. "S+SO net. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Sn aim AlMce: — Bonipirte family i—Biitlany; — 
Burjundy;— French Revolution ;—Frtnch and 
Indian war; — 'Hn^enota;— -Malla; — Napoleonic 

encf;'— Booen;— Touraint';— oK)' Du Barry, T. 
B..C<'mUti*,—naiha]i Cbarlolte, DuchH) ot 
Orlean*; — Joan of Arc;— jojephiae, Emt'f'i: — 
Looi* III.',— Main tenon, Fran^oiie ;— Napoleon 
!.,■ — Sobespienc, M. M. I, 


.^ Sii Public uliHtiel;— Sutfrsge. 

*''«ANCiA. Francesco Raibolini. 

Carmichael, M. Francis's masterpiece, '%2 
net. Diitton. 

P'rancis or Assisi, St. 

Go/r, Mrs. R. Assisi of St. Francis; to- 
gether with The influence of the Francis- 
can legend on Italian art. *$6 net. Dodd. 
He ins, M. A. Story of St, Francis of 
Assisi. •75 c. net. Beniiger. 

J^'BANaS JOSZPH L, of Austria. 

Rumbold, Sir H. Francis Joseph and his 
times. "^ net. Appleton. 

^rancia, Alex. 

Americans : an impression. 'o9( S4) O. 
•$1.50 net. Appleton, 

I^vncis, H. E„ plead. 

Sif Blundell, Mary E. Sweetman. 

Francisca reina. Truesdell, A. W. (Priv. 

pr.) Badger. 

Craaciacui Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, 

La Crosse, Wis. Geography briefly told. 

'o()(N) c. various paging, il. 8°, 80 c. 

Franciscan Sisters. 
Fbanck, Cesar, 
lyindy, V. Cisar Franck. *$a.50 net. 


VraDteia, Tictoi Emmanuel. 

Key to Fransois* French prose composition, 

introductory and advanced. '09{Sii) c. 

D. 80 c Am. Bk. 

Modern light on immortality. '09(Agi4) 
e. O. '$1.85 net. Sherman, F. 

Frank, Maude H. 
Constructive exercises in English, '09 
(Apio) c. D. 50 c, Longmans. 

Frank, Hob. J. 
Commentary on the science of organization 
and business development. Rev, ed. '09 
(JI17) c. mor., $2,75; shp., %2. 

Chic. Commercial; S: A, Bloch. 

Frank Merriwell's loyalty. Standish, B. L. 

t7S c. McKay. 

Frank Merriwi^U's return to Yale. Stand- 

i.ih, B, L, t75 c McKay. 

Frank Merriwell's secret, Standish, B. L. 

t7S c. McKay. 

Fiankan, His. Julia. 

See Danby, Fk,, pseud. 
Frankish, C: Goodwin. 
Beautiful San Antonio canyon; choice col- 
lection of superb half-tones from recent 
photographs, '09(S) c. 65 P- il- 4°. SO <:■ 
C: G. Frankish. 
Frankun, Battle of. 

Sti Cinil Wir. 
Franklin, B: 
Wisdom of Franklin, '09{Je) c. 32°. leath,, 

Franklin, Benjamin. 

American Philosophical Society. Calendar 
of the papers of Benjamin Franklin in 
the library of the American Philosophical 
Society, (Not for sale.) 

Am. Philosophical Soc. 

Hart, C: H: Original portrait of Doctor 

Franklin painted by Joseph Wright. 1782. 

•$2,50 net, C: H: Hart. 

Pennsylvania University Library. Calendar 

of the papers of Benjamin Franklin in the 

library of the University of Penn, $1.50. 

Univ. of Penn. ; [Appleion,] 

Franklin, Fabian. 

People ami problems : addresses and edi- 
torials. '09(Jai6> c, D. •■$1,50 net. 

Franklin, Wi Suddards. 

Electric waves; advanced treatise on alter- 
nating-current theory, 'o9(Di8) c. il. 8*, 
•*$3 net. Macmillan. 

Franklin, W: Suddards, and Esty, W: 
Dynamo laboratory manual for colleges and 
technical schools. [Rev. ed,] v. 1, Di- 
rect-current studies and tests. 'o9(Oa) 
c. il. O. ••$1.75 n«. Macmillan. 

Dynamos and motors. '09(34) il. 8", ^$4 
net. Macmillan. 

— , and HcNntt, Barry. 
Light and sound, '09(Jl3i) c, il. O, ••$1,60 
net. Macmillan. 

Franks, A. 
Esperanto for the English. '09CMy8) 12*, 
50 c. McKay. 

Praser, Alex. Campbell. 

Berkeley, '09{Jl3i) 12', (Philosophies an- 
cient and modem from Pythagoras to 
Spencer,) "50 c. net. Do4%^ 


Fiaset, D: 

Shorl cut lo India: record of a journey 
along the roiLtt of the Baghdad railway. 
'09<Je26) il. fold, map, O. *$$ net- 

Fraaer, Geotgis. 
Stone house at Gowanuj ; scene of the 
Battle of Long Island; Stirling's head- 
quarters; Cornwallis's redoubt; occupied 
by Washington ; colonial residence of 
Dntch architecture built by Nicholas 
Vechte, i6og. '09(D25) il. pors. O. $2.50. 
Witter & K. 
FriKT, Mrs. Hugh. 

Sec VrautT, Mrs. Mary Crawford. 
Fiaser, J: Foster. 
Quaint subjects of the king; [account of 
MranBC tribes in the British Empire.] 
'09(Ap24) il. D, 'Ji-as net, Cassell. 

Fiaaer, Mary Crawford, ["Mrs. Hugh Fraser."] 
Gianndla, '09(0) 4+.-1S5 P. 8^ $1.50. 


Fraser, W: H;, and Van der Smissen, W: H; 

German grammar, for schools and colleges. 

'o9(Nao) e. map, la', (Modem language 

str) $ Heath. 

Sti Secril todetiei. 
Fraternity. Galsworthy. J: "$1-35 net. 

Ftazar, Mrs. Hae D. 

PracI, guide to Great Brilain and Ireland; 

preparation, cosi. routes, sightseeing. 2 v. 

'otjCDiS) c. S, (Pracl. guide ser.) ea.. 

**$! net- Small. 

Fiaier, Ja. G: 

Psyche's task: (influence of superstition on 

the growth of inMiluIions.) '09(Ap24) 

8°, 'So c, net. Macmillan. 

Frederick the Great. 

Carlyle, T: Life of Frederick the Great. 

■$i.SO net. McQurg. 

Frederick Wili.iaw, Elector of Brandenburg. 

Schmidt. F. Youth of the great Elector. 

[Frederick William, of Brandenburg.] 

•60 c. net, McClurg. 

Frederick, Fk. Forrest. 

Fkbedoh of the press. 

5« Liberty of the prest. 

Freehand and perspective drawing. Excrttt 

H. E r $1. Am. Sch. Con. 

Freehand perspective and sketching, rJcnod 

D. M. $3. D. M. Nation. 

Freeman, A. C, ed. and rep. 

See American state repts. 
Freemso, J; Ripley. 

Lock canal at Panama. 'cig(Je) 12 p, B*, 
pap. (Add. Superintendent for prict) 
U. S., Supt. of Don. 
Freeman, Mrs. Maty Eleanor WUJdna. 

Winning lady. '0Q(Nl3) c. 11. D, Wi.iS. 

Freemason BY. 

Burton, A. J. Eastern Star ; a coUcitIicb 
of historic papers, reminisce) 
essays, etc., etc., rel. to the Eastern Star. 
75 c. A. J. BarlotL 

Ca-penter, H. M, Boni-tu floor work, Ji. 
H, M. Carpemer 

Forget it not. $1.50. Bullis & H, 

Hempstead, F. Poems by [the) poei laa- 
reate of freemasonry, $3; $5. 

F. Hempstead 

Howard, P. Odd fellowship up to dale 
Si ; 50 c. Didt 

Ketler, W : H. Why he is an die S c 

H. B. Ketler. 

Lowe. F. Odd Fellows' vest pocket guide 
50 c. F. Lowe. 

Rowell, B; W., and Richardson, A. L 
comps. Massachusetts consistory of 
sublime princes of the royal secret thirty- 
second degree of the Ancient and Ac- 
cepted Scottish Rite for the norlhem 
jurisdiction of the United States, (Priv. 
pr.) B: W. RonelL 

Itonayiie, E. Master's carpel; or, MasoniJ 
and Baal w'orship identical. 75 c. 

T. B. Arroiil 
Freese, Kettie Isabel. 

Without credentials. '08, [1909-] (F) t 
21 p. D. pap., 35 c. N, I Fretit 

Fh^fvi;-le. N. Y. 





and settled in Berlinton (Burling- 
in the province and country of 
New Jersey. 2 v. '09(Jei2) il 

facsims., 4*, ea., $8. H. B. French. 

.ND Indian War. 

n, G: D. Niagara campaign of 
$1.50. G: D. Emerson. 


ithedrals and chateaux. Perkins, C. 
. *$5 net. Holt, 

athedrals, monasteries and abbeys. 
, Mrs. E. R. ♦♦$5 net. Century Co. 
lateau.K and g^ardens. Du Ccrceau, 
♦$10 net. Scribner. 





ousehold cooking. Keyzer, Mrs. F. 

let. Scribner. 


R F. V. Les jumeaux de rHotel 
sille. ♦25 c. net. Crowell. 

er, A. Page choisies. $1.15. 

Oxford Univ. 
ong, E: C. Syntax of the French 

90 c. Holt 

A., ed. Poemes Napolloniens. 
. net. Crowell. 

H. de. Cesar Birotteau. 60 c. — 
nie Grandet. 85 c. — Une ten§breuse 
e. 60 c. Oxford Univ. 

H. de. Le midecin de campagne. 
. net. Putnam. 

et, P., cftd Reinhard, P. First les- 
in French, ♦so c. net. Crowell. 
5. de C, Baroness de. Michel Per- 
♦25 c. net. Crowell. 

, fi. Le douanier de mer. 60 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
1, H. E., and Starkey, V. G. Tables 
itiques de phonologie de I'ancien 
ais. 85 c. Oxford Univ. 

lud, R. de, comp. and ed. One thou- 
common French words. *25 c. net. 

:r, Vicomte H. de. La fille de Ro- 

30 c. Heath. 

, D. A. de., and Palaprat, J. L'avo- 
'atelin. *2S c. net. Crowell. 

1, Mme. J. L. H, G. Memoires. 

Oxford Univ. 
B: F. French word-lists. 25 c. 

rtj W : W. Les maitres de la critique 
aire au xixme siecle. 50 c. Heath. 

yre, J. G. Yvan Gall, le pupille de 
irine. 35 c. Holt. 

. V. La soci^te fran^aise en xviie 
r. $1.15. Oxford Univ. 

;, W. M., comp. and ed, Choix de 
cs faciles. *2S c. net. Crowd!. 

J. Le serment. 40 c. Oxford Univ. 

Rochelle, P. Guide to French pro- 
iation. ♦so c. net. Stechert. 

L. L*age d*or de la litterature fran- 
. 90 c Heath, 

rers, L. C. J. F. Les mesaventures 
can-Paul Choppart. 40 c. Heath. 
'. H., comp. Scientific French reader. 


French language. — Continued. 

Dionne, N. E., ed. Le parler populaire 
des Canadiens frangais. ^$3 net 


Dubois and De Geer. Lectures et conver- 
sations. 75 c. W: R. Jenkins. 

Dumas, A. Le Comte de Monte Cristo. 
40 c. Am. Bk. 

Dumas, A. L'evasion episode tir§ de Vingt 
ans apr§s. — R^its tir§s des Impressions 
de voyage, ea., ^25 c. net. Crowell. 

Erckmann, £., and Chatrian, A. Le tr€sor 
du vieux seigneur. ^25 c. net Crowell. 

Flaubert, G. Salambo. $1.15. 

Oxford Univ. 

Frangois, V. E. Key to French prose com- 
position. 80 c. Am. Bk. 

Gautier, T. Espaiia and Emaux et camees. 
70 c. — Voyage en Espagne. 60 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Gay, A. G. Mon livre de petites histoires. 
$1. W: R. Jenkins. 

Guerbcr, H. A. Easy French prose compo- 
sition ire part. 2S c. Am. Bk. 

Harmanson, S. T. M., comp, French verb 
form. 3S c. Ginn. 

Hein, G. Exercises in French conversa- 
tion. ^40 c. net. Crowell. 

Henin, B : L. A. French verb drill. 3s c. 

W : R. Jenkins. 

Hugo, V. Nolre-dame de Paris. $1.15. — 
Preface du Cromwell. 85 c. 

Oxford Univ, 

Hugo, V. Ruy Bias. 65 c. Holt 

Josselyn, F. M., and Talbot, L. R., eds, 
Elem. reader of French history. 30 c. 

Koren, W: Exercises in French composi- 
tion for schools and colleges. 75 c 

Lamartine, A. M. L. Jocelyn. $1. 

Oxford Univ. 
Landell, G. J. G. de la. Une haine a bord. 
7S c. Oxford Univ. 

Luquiens, F: B. Introduction to old 
French phonology and morphology. ♦$i.SO 
net. Yale Univ. 

Mansion, J. E., comp. Easy French selec- 
tions for sight translation, is c. Heath. 
Marique, P. J.» (^^d Gilson, H : B. Exer- 
cises in French composition. 40 c. Ginn. 
M6ras, B. and J. E. French verbs and ver- 
bal idioms in speech. ^60 c. net. 

Sturgis & W. 
Michelet, J. L'oiseau. 70 c Oxford Univ. 
MoliSre, J. B. P. de. L'avare.-^Le bour- 
geois gentilhomme. — Le m^ecin malgr€ 
lui. ea., ♦2s c. net Crowell. 

Moreau, H. Contes i ma soeur. *25 c net. 

Prentys, E. P. French for daily use. 75 c. 

W: R. Jenkins. 

Racine, J. B. Andromaque. — Britannicus. 

ea., 3S c. Holt 

Rostand, E. La Princesse Lointaine. 40 c. 

Roth, E: Conversationaliste frangais. $1. 

E : Roth. 
Roux, L: A. Lessons in [French] gram- 
mar and composition. 18 c Heath. 
Sainte-Beuve, C. A. Trois portraits litter- 
aires. 85 c. Oxford UtiW. 


Feench UiMGVACE.— Continued. 

Schwann, H. German -French and French- 
German pocket diclionary. jo c. Dutton. 

Sebillot, P. Choir de contes populaires du 
!a Haute- Brctagne. *2S c. net Crowell. 

Sismondi, J. C. L, de. Marigtian : conquet 
et pcrte du Milanais. — Pavie el le sac de 
Rome, ca., 50 c. Oxford Univ. 

Stael-Holslein, A. L. G. N., Baranne de. 
De rAIIemagne. 85 c. Oxford Univ. 

Taine, H. A. Voyage aux Pyrenees. 60 c. 
Oxford Univ. 

Talbot*Toumier, E. La methode Toumicr. 
$1.25. BelisJe Pr. 

Thierry, J, N. A. Les Normands en An- 
gleterre et en France. 60 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

"("ocqiieviUc, A. C. H. C. de. Voyage en 
Amerique. 40 c. Heath. 

Tricochc, G. N, Vade niecutn du profes- 
senr de fran^aia. $.50. G. N. Tricoche. 

Vigny. A. v., Cotnte de. Challerton, $1. 
Oxford Univ. 

Sit aim H«ndx Pronouncing dictionary :—Tnuth- 

nili mlnualB ot convenalion:— Tiucfaniti pock- 

t> dktioTurle*. 

French LrrERATURE. 

Konta, Mrs. A. L, Hist, of French liter- 

alure. ••$2.50 net. Applelon. 

Wells, B: W. Modem French hteraiure. 

*-$I net. Little. B. & Co. 

French men of letters; ed, by Alex, Jcssup. 

Sir. D, ••$1,50 net. Lippincott. 

arper. Sainle-Beuve. 

French pastellists of The eighteenth century. 
Macfall. H. '$10.50 net. MacmHIan, 

Bailey, J; C. Claims of French poetry, 

$3.!;o. M. Kennerley 

Bonnier. C. contp. La lignei des pontes au 

Xixe siecle. $1. Oxford Univ. 

French procession. Darmestelcr, Mme. A. 

M- F. "$3.50 net. Duffield, 

Frere, Hev. Ws. Howard, and niicgwurtli, 
A. L., eds. 

Siirsum corda : handbook ot inteiccjsion 

and thanksgiving : with preface b; ttie 

Bishop of Southwiek. 'oQ(Apio) 'js c 

net *75 c net. Young Churehnun. 

Frescali. Daingerfield, Mrs. N. G. •Jl wl. 

Fbesco p _._ 

Sit Will dccar*tl(ra. 
Fresh fields and legends old and new. Dajr, 

S. J. "$1,25 net. Putnam, 

Fresh leaves and green pastures. Panloa, 

Mrs. J. E. F. •53.50 net. Brenlano'i 

Fresh tvater Cyclops of Long Island. Byrnes, 

E. F. 80 c. Brookl)ii lust 

Fresno County, Cal. 

Ste California. 

Fbet saw. 

Ste Woodwork. 

Freytag, Gustav. 

Debit and credit; tr. by L. C. Cummings; 
with a preface by Chevalier Cbristian C 
J. Bnnsen. 'ogCAgzS) D. •$1.50 net 


Die joumalisten: lust^piel in vicr akttii; 

ed., with introd., notes and vocabulary, 

by Calvin Thomas, 2d ed., rev. 'ojCO) 

C. 10+224 p. 16°, 35 c. Holt 

Friar observant. Brookfield, F. M. fi.SQ 

Fricero, Kate F. 
Our visit to France. 'ogCAgaS) il f, Ji- 
Frick, C. 

Cnr*us phiiosophieus ; in usum scholanutt 
4th ed. v. I, Logica. '08, [iQOQ.] (Mr) 
12+326 p. 8°, hf. tnor.. "jLio net 

Friedberger, Frani, and FriihneT, Eugen. 
Veterinary palhology, (author, tr. ;) tr. ''T 
Matthew Horace Hayes; with notes n" 
bacteriology by R: Tanner Hewlett fitj* 
ed., (rev. and enl.) 'og(Jai6) 2 v„ 8 , 
*I8 rei. Chic. Med, Bt 

Fiiedenwald, Julias, and Ruluab, J: 

""■ ■ health and disease. ,id ed.. thf' 




y life. Cope, H: F. *Z5 c. net. 

i (Society of). 

acre, A. M. Witchcraft and Qiiaker- 
. $1. Biddle Press. 

1, J. H. Why Friends (fQuakers) do 
baptize with water. 25 c. 

J. H. Moon. 
of the hunted. Jewett, J : H. $1. 



0, M. T. Essay on friendship. 50 c. 

Newton & C 

0, M. T., and Emerson, R. W. On 
indship, by Cicero; Friendship, by 
lerson. ♦♦$2.50 net. Putnam. 

H: F: Friendly life. *3S c. net. 

man, R. W., comp. Book of friend- 
). 75 c Altemus. 

H : C. Laws of friendship— human 

divine. *$i.25 net Macmillan. 

W. de G. C. and F. Wealth of friend- 
K $1.25; $2; $2.50. Barse & H. 

nson, R. L: Meaning of friendship, 
c Canterbury Co. 

ard, S : F., ed. Beauties of friendship. 

c net; *$i.25 net. Goldsmith- W. 

lip outstays the hurrying flight of 

'09(Ag) 41 p. front, in col., 12**, 

net Dodge. 

hip through the year. Lander, M. J., 
$1 ; $1.50. Dodge. 

hip village love stories. Gale, Z. 
'. Macmillan. 


^ed Goodrich. 

lall, Arth. Graham. 

's saga. See Tegner, Esaias. 

»' Poolo. Crowell, J. F. $1.50. 

. Eugen. 
ricdberger, Franz. 

airo to the Cataract. Carson, B. M. 

L. C. Page. 

anoe to tunnel. Jersey City, N. J., 
Public Library, gratis. 

Jersey City Lib. 

arkness to light. Helm, M. ♦so c. 
'30 c. net Revell. 

iwn to dusk. Fisher, W : D. 50 c. 

McDonald & Co. 

den to the Jordan. Mcdbury, C: S. 
30 c. Standard Pub. 

3m cellar to garret": textbook on 
fiold science. '09(My8) c. obi. Ff. 
, 10 c. Carbona. 

g cabin to the White House. Thayer, 

1. 50 c. Hurst. 

y youth up. Sangster, Mrs. M. E. M. 

net Revell. 

>et to premier. Slicer, T : R. *$s net. 

Grolier Club. 
:a to sea. See Kipling, Rudyard. 

loux to Susan. Daulton, Mrs. A. M. 

Century Co. 
cctch-book and diary. Butler, Lady 
J2.50 net. Macmillan. 

From the book of life. Burton, R: **$i^S 

net Little, B. & Co. 

From Virginia to Texas. Gray, W : F. (Not 

for sale.) A. C. Gray. 

From youth into manhood. Hall, W. S. SO c. 

Y. M. C. A. 
Frommel, Emil. 
Mit ranzel und wanderstab: eine schiiler- 
wandenmg durch den nordlichen 
Schwarzwald; ed., with exercises, notes 
and vocab., by Dr. Wilhelm Bernhardt. 
'09(Mri3) c il. por. S. (Modem lang. 
ser.) 3S c. Heath. 

Frontier army and professional life. Finch, 
E. W. $1. Simmons, M. & D. 

Frontier boys in Hawaii. Roosevelt, W. 
60 c. Chatterton-P. 

Frontier boys in the Rockies. Roosevelt, 
Captain W. 60 c. Chatterton-P. 

Frontier boys in the Sierras. Roosevelt, W. 
60 c. Chatterton-P. 

Frontier boys on the coast. Roosevelt, Cap- 
tain W. 60 c. Chatterton-P. 
Frontiers of Baluchistan. Tate, G. P. *$s 
net Scribncr. 
Frost, E. L. 

See Frost, T : G. 
Frost, F: J. Tabor. 

See Arnold, Channing. 
Frost, Ja. Marion. 
Our church life; serving God on God's plan. 
'09(N) c. 269 p. front 12*, (Eva Garvey 
Publishing Fund.) go c. 

S. S. Bd. So. Bapt. 
Frost, T: Gold. 
Man of destiny. '09(Ag7) c. il. D. $ 

Treatise on guaranty insurance and com- 
pensated suretyship ; including therein as 
subsidiary branches the law of fidelity, 
commercial and judicial insurance, [etc.] 
2d ed., rev. and enl. '09 (Mr) c. S4+ 
802 p. O. $6. Little, B. & Co. 

Treatise on the business corporation law 
of the state of New York. 'o9(Ag) c. 
20+1097 p. O. $6. M. Bender. 

— and E. L. 

Frost family in England and America. '09 
(N) 19s p. $3. Russell Pr. 


See Meteorology. 

Frost family. 

See Genealogies. 

Froude, Ja. Anthony. 

Edward vi. ; introd. by Llewellvn William*^. 
'09(Mr27) i6*, (Everyman's lib.) ♦3s c. 
net; leath.. *70 c. net Dutton. 

Henry viii. ; introd. by Llewellyn Williams. 
3 v. '09(Mr27) i6', (Everyman's lib.) 
ea.. *3S c. net; leath., ^70 c. net. Dutton. 

American Pomological Society. Fruits 
recommended by the American Pomo- 
logical Society for cultivation in the va- 
rious sections of U. S. and Canada. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Bealby, J: T. Fruit ranching in British 
Columbia. ♦$ net Macmillan. 

Farmer's shipping associations; plans of 
organization of shipping associations for 
fruit and vegetable growers, gratis. 


Fbuit. — Con tinutd. 

Green. S: B. Popular fruit growing. $i, 


Los Angdes. Public Library. California, 

United States and experiment station 

documents of interest to California horti- 

cnlturists. (Add. Ijbrary for price,) 

Los Angeles Lib 
Thornton, A: W. Suburbanite's hdbk. of 
dwarf fruit tree culture, so c. 

A: W. Thornton. 

Wickson, E: J. California fruits and how 

to grow them. $3. Paciik Rural. 

S*t alia Agriculture; — Apples; — Cooksry; — Fcr- 

lilinre: — Fig; — Gurdcna and gardeoirg; — 

Gra p» ; — Lemoo ;^U ot li ; — OnngM . 

Fry, Mrs, Anna M. Gayle. 

Memoriesof old Cahaba. [Ala.] 'oa [1909.] 
(S) e. '05. 128 p, il. 12°, $1. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 
Fry, W; H: 

New Hampshire as a Royal Province, '09 

(F27) c. O. (Columbia Univ. studies in 

hisl., economics and public law.) pap., $3. 


Ftye, W: E: 

After Waterloo: reminiscences of Euro- 
pean travel, 1815-1819; ed.. with a preface 
and notes, by Salomon Reinach. '09(Jl3i) 
8°. (Add. pubs, tor price.) 

P. R. Reynolds. 

colleges, '00CJI3) 8°, (U, S-, Bureau of 
Education, bull.) pap. (Add, Superin- 
tendent tor price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 


Baker, G: H. Locomotive fuel economy. 

$!. R'way Educ. 

Booth. W; H„ and Kershaw. J, B, C, 

Smoke prevention and fuel economy, 

$2.50. Henley, 

Fcrnald, R. H., and others. Incidental 

problems in gas-producer tests, (Add. 

Superintendent for price.) 

U- S., Siipt, of Dr-- 


Fuller, Habert Bruce. 

Speakers of, the House, 'o9(S2S) c, pfii, 
O. •*$2 net. Little, B, & Co. 

Fuller, Rufua. 

Circle and square ; ancient problem a- 

ranged in four parts. 'oS, [igog,] (]1) c. 

'07. 46 p. il. 8', $1. R. Fnlltr, 

Fulness of Christ, Talbot, E. S. •» c. n«. 


Fulton, Rob. 

Life of Robert Fulton, and information re- 
garding the business transactions by the 
Fulton Trust Co. o£ New York [ad ed] 
■08, I1909-I (F-) c. '06, 23 p. il. pors„0, 
pap., gratis. Fulton Trust Co, 

Fulton, Robert. 
Brooklyn Public Library. Ljst of bonks 
and magaiine articles on Henry Hitd-nn 
and the Hudson River, Robert Fult™ 
and early steam navigation, gratis. 

Brooklyn Lib, 

HaH, E. H. Hudson and Fulton. (Add 

pubs, for price.) Htjdson- Fulton. 

Horner, H. H., comp. and fd. Hudson- 

Fulton celebration, Sept, 25 to Od 5. 

1909, (Add. pubs, for price,) 

N. Y. State Educ, 

Hudson- Fulton Celebration Commissioii, 

New York. Hudson and Fulton. 'Not 

for sale,) Hudson-Fidwn 

SutdifTe, Mrs. A, C. Robert Fulton and 

the "aermont." •*$r.20 net. Ceniuri'Ci>. 

Fulton, Rob. Irving, and Trueblood, T: CUrli- 

Essentials of public speaking for seconriary 
schools, 'ogtjeae) c. iL D, go c. Gin" 
Fulti, Fa. Marion. 

Fly-aways and other seed travelers 'M 
(Ag?) il, 16', 60 c. Pub, Sch. Put 

Out of door studies in geography. In ' 
pts, pt, I, The making of the surfi« 
and soils of the upper Mississippi region; 
pt. 2, The formation of mountain ranges 
'o9(Ag7) il. 12°. «,. 60 c. 

Pub. Sch, Pub 





Harding, A. R. Fur fanning. 60 c. 

A. R. Harding. 
See aUo Mixilcs. 

urlong, C: Wellington. 
Gateway to the Sahara; observations and 
experiences in Tripoli. '09(09) c iL 
(partly col.) O. ♦♦^so net Sirribner. 


King, A. S. Electric furnace for spectro- 
scopic investigations. (Add. Institution 
for price.) Carnegie. 

urneauz, W: S. 

Field and woodland plants. '09(04) col. il. 
D. (Outdoor world ser.) *$i.So net. 



Barogsio, A. Two hundred seating furni- 
ture in historical styles. $12. A. Gerbel. 

Binstead, H. E. Furniture styles; with a 
chapter on modern mission and craftsman 
furniture. $2. Trade Periodical. 

Brigham, L. Box furniture. ♦♦$1.60 net. 

Century Co. 

Hessling, E. and W. Louis xiv. furniture 
in the Louvre and the Museum of Deco- 
rative Arts, (Paris.) $13.40. Hessling. 

Lenygon, F. Decoration and furniture of 
English mansions during the seventeenth 
and eighteenth centuries. '*'$! net. 


Lockwood, L. V. (Collection of English 
furniture of the xvn. and xviil centuries. 
(Not f©r sale.) Tiffany Studios. 

Macquoid, P. History of English furniture. 
In 4 V. V. 4. $15. Putnam. 

Selden. F. H : Elem. cabinetwork for man- 
ual training classes. $1.25. 

Rand, McN. & Co. 

Windsor, H. H. Mission furniture, how to 

make it. pt. i. 25 c. 

Popular Mechanics. 
See also Concrete; — House decoration; — Uphol- 

^nmivall, F: Ja., ed. 
See Shakespeare, W: 
-,and Munro, J: 

Shakespeare, life and work. '09(Jei9) il. 
por. map, facsim., 16*, (Century Shake- 
speare.) *ZS c. net; leath., *6s c. net. 

int, S: WUHs. 

Mensuration, with special application of the 
prismoidal formula; designed for supple- 
mentary work in normal schools, high 
schools, academies, and advanced classes 
in grammar and common schools. '09(D) 
c. 104-72 p. il. 12**, 50 c. Sower, 

'urther advances in physiology. Hill, L., ed. 
^$4.20 net. Longmans, 

'urther adventures of Quincy Adams Saw- 
yer. Pidgin, C: F. $1.50. L. C Page. 

urther studies of solution tension and tox- 
icity in lipolysis. Pond, R. H. 25 c. 

N. Y. Botanical. 
ttrene, Jacques. 
Diamond master. '09(023) c. il. D. t$i. 

Elusive Isabel. '09(My8) c. il. D. t$i.50. 


'Qttire leadership of the church. Mott, J : R. 

|l. Y. M. C. A. 

Future life. 

(jordon, G : A. Crossing the bar : a lyric of 
life everlasting, ♦ Pilgrim Press. 

Jensen, J. C. Square look into eternity. 
25 c. J. C. Jensen. 

Keppel, D : That ye may know ; the ques- 
tion, how may I know that I have eternal 
life ? ♦as c. net Eaton & M. 

Lees, R. J. Through the mists. $ 


Lombroso, C. After death— what? ♦♦$2.50 
net Small. 

McDonald, D. W : What we are and what 
we will be. $ D. W: McDonald. 

Peebles, J. M. Inunortality and our em- 
ployment hereafter. $i.2S; 7S c. 


Rogers, L. W. Scientific evidence of future 
life. 10 c. Theosophical Bk. 

Randall, E: C. Future of man, meta- 
psychic. *$i.50 net Ulbrich. 

Spalding, J. H. Spiritual world; as de- 
scribed in the writings of Emanuel Swe- 
denborg. ^40 c. net ; ♦do c net Wamc. 

Staudt, C. K. Idea of the resurrection in 
the ante-Nicene period, ♦so c. net. 

Univ. of (Thic. 

Stanton, H. C. Starry universe, the Chris- 
tian's future empire. ♦$i.SO net Revell. 

Swedenborg, R Heaven and helL *ZS c. 
net ; ^70 c. net Dutton. 

See also Heaven; — Immortality ^— Reincarnation; 
— Salvation ; — Spiritualism ; — Swedenborg, E. ; 
— ^Theosophy. 

Future of man. Randall, E: C. ♦$i.SO net 


Future of rail and water transportation. Hill, 

J. J. (Add. author for price.) J. J. Hill. 

Fyvie, J: 

Tragedy of the Georgian era. '09(My8) il. 

8**, ^$4 net. Dutton. 

Wits, beaux and beauties of the (Georgian 

era. '09 (S4) il. pors. O. ^$4 net. L^ne. 

Gaelic folk tales. O'Sheridan, M. G. 60 c. 

M. G. O'Sheridan. 
Gage, Fred. W: 

Modern presswork. '09 (Je) c. 138 p. I2*, 
$2. Inland Pr. 

Gager, C: Stuart. 
Effects of the rays of radium on plants. 
'08, [1909.] (O) 8+278 p. il. tabs., diagrs. 
Q. (N. Y. Botanical Garden memoirs.) 
pap., $2. N. Y. Botanical. 

Gainsborough, Sir T: 
Masterpieces. 'o9(D2S) il. 24*, (Painters' 
ser.) leath., *7S c. net; pap., ♦2s c. net. 


Gairdner, W. H. T. 

D. M. Thornton : study in missionary ideals 

and methods. '09(Jei9) c I2*, ♦$i.2S 

net. RevelL 

Gairy, Richardson A. 

Poets' vision and the noblest struggle. '09 

(Jl) pap., 2S c. N. Y. Age. 

G&ius, [or Caius.] 

Institutes (extracts); The digest, title 45; 
I, De verborum obligationibus ; tr. by J. 
Graham Trapnell. '09(Jai6) 12*, (New 
classical lib.) leatherette, ♦$! net, 

Galatea collection. 

See Boston Public Library. 

sition. '09{Ag) 11+170 p. 
', (Forward mission study 

Gale, Ja. Scartb. 

courses.) 50 c.'; pap., 35 c. 

Young People's Miss. 
Gale, Harie Josephine. 
Alice Brenton. 'o<)(Jei2> c. il. 12*, Jr. 50. 
C M. Oark. 
Gale, Bdwarda J. 

Pewter and the amateur collector, 'og 
(D4) c. il. 0. **$2.50 net. Scribner. 

Gale, Norman Binsham Clifton, and Fiord, 
G. C. 
My playtime book. '09(Ni3) il. Q. bds., 
SO c. Tuck. 

Gale, OliTer Marble, and Wheeler, Hanlet 
Knight of the wilderness. 'o9(N6) c. il. 
D. $1.50. Rfilly & B. 

Gale, Zona. 

Friendship village love stories. '09(04) c. 
D, t$ Maemillan. 


GALLAiintR. Joseph Astley. 

Conway, K. E.. comf. Story of a beautiful 
childhood. $1. C. M. Clark. 

Gallatin, Fs. Dawaon. 

Unfinished divorce. '09(Ap24) c. D. $i.50- 

GallCiani, Rct. Alex. 
Jesus all good; tr. and ed, by F, Loughnan. 
■og;Mr) 2S-1 p. 16°. SO c.; ?!■ Kenedy. 
Gallic liar. See Caaar, Caius Julius. 
Gallic 0, Paolo, com p. and ed. 

Mosl popular piano inslructor. '09CD4) c. 

0- pap.. 75 c- Hinds. 

Galloway. G: 

Principles of religious development. '09 

(D25) 8°, '$3 net. Maemillan. 

Galloway, T: Walton. 

First course in zoology. 2d ed. 'o9(My) 
c, 12+481 p. 8°, "$2 net. Blakiston. 

Galsworthy, J: 

Fraternity. 'oo(Mr?o) c. D. ♦•$1.35 net, 
The silver box; Joy; Sirifc. 'og 


}a u es. — ContinHed. 

Barse, Mrs. M. £. S. Games for all occa- 
sions. 60 c. Barse ft H. 

Dick, W : B. American Hoyle. $i.(0; 
75 c ; SO c. Dki. 

Foster, R. F: Complete Hoyle: encyclo- 
pedia of games. **$2.50 net. — Encyclo- 
pedia of games. $1.35; 75 c; 50 c- 


Parsons, B. R. Plays and games for in- 
doirs and out ?i-SO- Bamw 

Phillips, B., comp. Standard Hoyle. Si; 

^ 75 e 

Games that glue played. Williams, C. A. fi. 

Gahewell, Mary Porter, 
Hubbard. E. D- Under marching orden; 
story of Mary Porter Gamewell. 'sot 
net. Young Peoples' Miu. 

Gaudy, J. P. 
Elements of banking. '09(525) D. (Prac- 
tieai primers of business.) 50 c. Pitman. 
Ganong, W: Fs. 

Laboratory course in plant physiology, iil 
ed., extended to form a hdbk. of experi- 
mentation for educational use, 'ogCJaaj) 
e. 0. $1.75- HcSt 

Gant, S: Goodwin. 

Constipation and intestinal obstruction (ob- 
.=tipaiion). 'oqCMv) c. 11-559 p. il. 8*. 
■$6 net, Saunders. 

Gapen, J. E., comp. 

Poem.s and plays of William Shakespear* 
arranged in the order of their first ap- 
pearance. '08, [1909.] (Mr) c 5+9-561^- 
8°. (Add. author for price,) 

J. K. Gapen — 
Garbe, Richard t. 

Akbar, Emperor of India. '09(023) iU 
•50 c, net. Open Conit. 

Garbe, Itob. 

Application of highly superheated steam to 
locomotives ; ed, by Leslie S- Robertson, 
"' " Henley. 




AND GARDENING. — Continued. 

Mrs. H. M. Summer garden of 
are. $3.50. McClurg. 

J. Garden book. 50 c. 

W. Atkinson. 

in, N., pseud. American flower gar- 

$10. Doubleday, P. 

3n, Mrs. K L. Gardens past and 

nt *$i.5o net Scribner. 

W. H. Spring flowers at Belvoir 

c. "^i.So net. Longmans. 

I, F. When mother lets us garden. 

c. net. Moffat. 

P., and Heaton, S: Pract. school 

tning. *7o c. net. Oxford Univ. 

P., and Heaton, S ;, comps. School 

tn note book. 25 c. Oxford Univ. 

I vegetable garden. *$3 net. 

R. J. In a Yorkshire garden. $3.50. 


H. A. Little Maryland garden. 

^5 net. Putnam. 

C:, ed. Gardens of England in the 

nd and eastern counties. '*'$3 net 


F: E: That rock garden of ours. 

net. Jacobs. 

ley, M. E. English houses and gar- 

in the 17th and i8th centuries. *$6 

n, J : Gardening in California, land- 
and flower. *$3.75 net 

A. M. Robertson, 
ma. Dept. of Education. Some 
stions in school gardening, gratis. 
Oklahoma Dept. Educ. 
G: W. Plant culture. $1.50. 

De La Mare, 
i, E. E. Home garden: vegetable 
mall-fruit growing. **$i.25 net. 

nd, Mrs. In my lady's garden. 
io net. Jacobs, 

k, Mrs. C. U., and Paynter, Mrs. 
ren's book of gardening. *$2 net. 

id, U. L., and Lyall, S. Dutch bulbs 
^rdens. *$2 net Macmillan. 

r, C: Book of the cottage garden. 

et. Lane. 

ick, Mrs. V. E. E. Year in my gar- 

$1. V. E. Verplanck. 

C. M., and Emerson. P. School 

n book. $1.25. Scribner. 

? Asriclture; — Botany; — California; — 
I and farming; — Fertilizers; — Flowers; — 
a and forestry; — Fruit; — Greenhouses; — 
ra ; — Parks ; — rotatoes. 

Marg. Doane. 

al neurasthenia. *09(My22) c. il. O. 
*$i net F. F. Sherman. 

Bdm. Garratt. 

self-knowledge: seven early Eng- 

mystical treatises printed by H : 

ell in 1521 ; ed., with an introd. and 

'09(D) (New medieval lib.) pig- 

*$2 net Duffield. 

*k. Augustine, MJ>. 

Marblehead regiment in the War 
B Revolution. '09 (O) 25 p. Q. 

Salem Press. 

Gardner, Fk. Augustine, MJ)., comp. and ed. 

Thomas Gardner, planter (Cape Ann, 
1623-1626; Salem, 1626-1674), and some 
of his descendants, giving Essex County, 
Mass., and northern New England lines 
to the eighth generation and Nantucket 
lines through the fourth generation. '07, 
[1909.] (Mr) 4+343 P- por. 8°, $3.50. 

Essex Inst 

Gardner, H. Bellamy. 
Surgical anaesthesia. '09 CN) 250 p. il. 12", 
*$2.25 net Wood. 

Gardner, Ja. P: 

Moneys of the world. *09(My22) c. 24**, 
(Bankers handy ser.) 50 c. 

Bankers Pub. 

Gardner, Marg. A. 

Scale and chord helps. '09(0) 12 p. I2*, 
20 c. M. A. Gardner. 

Gardner, Marg. Doan. 
House of rest: [play.] '09(D) c. '08. 29 p. 
il. 12**, *$i net. F. F. Sherman. 

Gardner, Mary Tracy and W: £: 
Winners of the world. '09 (S) c. 16+ 
238 p. 24*, pap., 35 c. Old (Corner. 

Gardner, Nathaniel Lyon. 

New chlorophyceae from California. '09 
(Myi5) il. Q. (Univ. of Cal. pubs.; Bot- 
any.) pap., 10 c. Univ. of Cal. 

Gardner, W: £: 
See Gardner, Mary Tracy. 

Gardner, W: Ja. 
Hist, of Jamaica from its discovery by 
Christopher Columbus to the year 1872, 
incl. account of its trade and agriculture ; 
sketches of the manners, habits and cus- 
toms of all classes of its inhabitants, and 
narraiive of the progress of religion and 
education on the island. New ed. '09 
(Dii) fold, map, 8*, *$2.50 special net 


Gardner family. 

See Genealogies. 

Garfield, Harry Augustus. 
Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. 
Williams College ; induction of Harry Au- 
gustus Garfield, LL.D., into the office of 
president, Oct. 7, 1908. $1. 

L. W. Spring. 

Garfield, Abram. 
Thayer, W: M. From log cabin to the 
White House: l:fe of James A. Garfield. 
50 c. Hurst. 

Garibaldi, Guiseope. 
Trevelyan, G: M. Garibaldi and the thou- 
sand. *$2.25 net. Longmans. 

Garis, Howard Roger. 

Dick Hamilton's fortune; or, the stirring 
doings of a millionaire's son. '09 (S) c. 
6+275 p. il. 12*, 60 c. Grosset 

Larry Dexter's great search; or, the hunt 
for the missing millionaire. 'o9(S) 6-j- 
247 p. il. 12**, (Great newspaper ser.) 
60 c. Grosset. 

Garity, Mary E., [''Betty."] 
Real letters to a real girl. *09(Je26) 12**, 
$1.25. C. M. Clark. 


Garlaod, D: S., ed. and rep. 

See McKiiincy, VV : M. — also Are, and Eng. 
annol. cases.— Digest. 
Garland, Hamlin. 

IWorks,] '09(Jl3) Harper. 

Cuninli. Boy life on the pfalrfe, »; The 
eagle'j heiirt, »i.soi Jaian Edwitd., (..Jj: A liitle 
Norsk, so c; Main-trsTclted nwdi. It <o; Pnlrle 
tolkl, I1.50: Hme of Ilulchcr'a Ciwily. |T.;ai A 
■poil Df office. *[,>;: The tratl of the gold-snken. 
J1.50; A wayatde coottship, 

Moccasin Ranch; a story of Dakota, 'og 
(Sr8) c. front. D. t$i. Harper. 

Garland, Ja. S., ed. 

See Massacbusetls town law. 
Gannan, C: B: 

Letters, lectures and addresses: a memorial 

volume; prepared with the co-operation 

of the class of 1884, Amherst College, by 

Eliia Miner Garman. '(xjtj's) c pors. 

O. **$3 net. Houghton M. 

Gahment cutting. 

Rude, C: B. A. D. Rude "great modem 

system" for designing and cutting men's 

garments. $12.50. A, D. Rude. 

Gamer, T:, and Strattan, Arth. 

Dome'lic architecture of England during 

the Tudor period. In 3 pfs. pt, 2, '09 

(Mrso) F. portfolio, subs., ea., *$i6 net; 

per set. •$48 net. Scribner. 

Ganwtt, Lucy Mary Jane. 

Home life in Turkey. '09(St8) il. pors. D. 

*$i.75 net. Macmillan. 

Gamett, Martha Hoseoe, [Mrs. H. S. Ganwtt.I 

Infamous John Friend. '09 ( JI31 ) c. D. 

+$i-50- Holt. 

Garnett, S: 

Life of W. J. Fox, public teacher and social 
reformer, 1786-1864: by the late R: Gar- 
net!: concluded by E: Garnelt, 'o9(Dii) 
il. pors. O- '$1; net. Lane. 

Gamett, Mrs. R. S. 

See Gainett, Martha Roscoe. 

Garno, B: 

Modem billiards ; complete text-book of 

the game, containing plain and practical 

instmction how to play and acquire skill 

at this scientific amusement. New ed. 


Garrison, Urs. Theodosia Pickering. 
Joy o' life. ■o91.\ijis) c. S. '%i nn. 

M. Kenntikjf. 
Garrod -Thomas, S. H, 

See Richards. Thdr. VV : 
Garviec, C: 

Fatal ruby. '09(Di8) c. 8°, $1,50. Doran. 
Gary, Anstiss Cortiss. 

The unforgotten: [poems.] 'oo(Je) c Hp. 
12°, $1. Dc Laurence, S. 

Gabv, Ind. 

Moore, W. H. "If I had known" about 
Gary in 1909. $1. P, E. Moore. 

Allen. H. Modem power gas producer. 

•$2.50 net Van Nostrand. 

American School of Correspondence. Gil 

producers. $1. Am. Sch. Con. 

Clement, J. K. On the rate of fomutiM 

of carbon monoxide in gas producen. 

(Add. University for price.) 

Univ. of 111 
Flurscheim, A. Working hints for suction 

gas producers. *5o c net. Spon. 

Sniiih, C. A. Suction gas plants. "$175 

net. Lippincott 

Stone. C: H: H. Practical tesiing of gas 

meters Sj.W- Wiky- 

Sii also Engincj. 

Gas engine. 

Sti Enpna. 
Gas Traction Co., Minneapolis. Modem 
farming: the passing of the horse. '09(N) 
9-54 p. il. pis. 8°, gratis. Gas Traclion 

Gascoyne, W: J; 

Sec Banle, Herbert B. 
Schmidt, C. L A. Table of H+0 H— con- 
centrations corresponding to electron*- 
tive forces determined in eas chain men- 
urements. 10 c. Univ. of CiL 

Sii olio EJeaiidij. 

Gssk, Lillian. 

In nature's school '09(Ag7) il. D. $1.^. 

Wonders of the zoo. '09{Ag28) il. w°, 
Si. 3.=;. Dodge 

Gaskell. Mrs. Eliz, Cleghorn Stevensoa. 



Gate beautiful. Miller, J. R. **8s c. net. 

Gat«3, Button Noble. 
Miscellaneous papers on apiculture; bee 
keeping in Massachusetts. '09(Ag) 6i- 
109 p. map, il. 8*, (U. S., Dept. of Agri- 
culture; Bu. of Entomolosy.) pap., 5 c. 
U. S., Supt of Docs. 
GatM, Mis. Josephine Scribner. 
April fool doll. '09CN13) c. a. O. "Wi-aS- 
Gates, Hra. Sus« Totug. 
John Stevens' courtship; story of the Echo 
Canyon war. 'og(N) c. 8+377 P- front, 
la", $1. Deseret News. 

Galnvay ser. of English texts; ed. by H : 
Van Dyke. S. Am. Bk. 

— Copeland unif Rideout. eds. Selections 
from Byron, Wordsworth. Shelley, Keats 
and Browning. 40 c 
Gateway to the Sahara, Furlong, C: W. 
"$2.50 net. Scribner. 

Gatewood, Ja. Duncan. 
Naval hygiene; prep, by direction of the 
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery and 
pub. by permission of the Navy Depart- 
ment. '09(0i6) c. il. 8°, $6. 

Gathered fragments. Lewis, J; H:, com^. 
50 c. Lewis & W. 

Gatok Dau. 

Sf Dani. 

Oantier, Thtophlle. 
Espafia and &maux et camies; ed. by C 
Edm. Delbos. 'og(Mr6) por. S. (Oxford 
higher French ser.) 70 c, Oxford Univ. 
Tales; tr. by Lafcadio Heam and Myndart 
Verelst. '09(04) c. S. (Wayside lib.) 
leath., $1. Brentano's, 

Trois grotesques; cd. by H. J. Oiaytor, 
'oc)(Mr6) por. S. (Oxford higher French 
ser) 70 c. Oxford Univ. 

VoyaRc en Espagne; ed. by Gerald C3ood- 
ridge. '09(Mr6j map, D. (Oxford mod- 
ern French ser.) 60 c, Oxford Univ. 
Gay, Agnes Godfiey. 
Mon livre Je peiites histoires. 'oo(Ap3) 
il.8°. Si. W:R. Jenkins. 
Gay, K: Lewis, comp. 

See Massachusetts. Laws of Mass, 
Gay (jnani of Gingalee. Huntley, Mrs. F, C; 
$1. Indo-Am. Bk. 

Gaynor, Jessie L. 

See Riley, Alice C D. 
Gazeta te Lima (periodUal). 
Brown Univeisily. Facsimile of Ihe first 
issue of the Gaeeta de Lima. $2. 

BroH-n Univ. 
Gear, H. L., lep. 

Ser California. District cts. Repts. 
Geaihort, Lynn L. 
Footprints of the centuries. '09^018) $1. 
L. L. Gearhart. 
Gears and ceauncl 
Engstrom, D. A. Bevel gear tables. $1. 

Fellows Gear Shaper Co. Stub-tooth gear, 
gratis. Fellows Gear. 

Flanders, R. E: Bevel gearing. 25 c, 

, Indust, Press, 


Gears and cbakinc. — CoKtinued. 

Flanders, R. E: (3ear-cutting machinery, 

$3 Wiley. 

Gebhardt, G: F; 

Steam power plant engineering, ad cd„ 

rev. and enl. '09CO30) figs. 8', "Se net 

G«ddes, Ja., Jt. 
Educational advantages for American stu- 
dents in France. 'ogCAps) 0. pap., 25 c 
J. Geddes. 
Geddes Bums, See Burns, Rob. 
Goddiuga, H: D. 
Precis on the management of outbreaks of 
smallpox, diphtheria and scarlet fever. 
'og(Myis) S", (Add. Superintendent for 
price,) U, S,, Supt. of Docs. 

Geden, Alfr. S., DJ). 

Outlines of introduction to the Hebrew 
Bible. '09(Myis) facsims., O. 'fe.S? net. 
Gediehte. Drescher, M. $2. Columbia Pr. 
Geeting, J: F. sod H. C, reps. 
See American criminal repts. 
Geheimnis (Das) der gestalt. Hauptmann, 
C. F. M. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

R. Tombo. 

Geirmann, Sev. P: 

Private retreat for religious ; enriched with 

reflections and select readings taken from 

the spiritual writings of St. Alphonsus. 

'09(Jl3) c. D. '$1.50 net. Beniiger. 

Gems of German songs. Rev. ed. '09(04) c. 

4°, pap., $1. Ditson. 

Gems of immortality. Allen, E. A. $2.25; 

$2.75 ; $3.75. Central Pub. 

Gems of thought. Damon, H: B., comp. 

(Priv. pr.) H: B. Damon. 

Genealogical and family history ef the state 

I of Maine. Little, G: T;, ed. 4 v. $25. 

Lewis Pub. 
. Gene.m.ocies. 

Abbe. C, and Nichols, Mrs. Town^end 
I genealogy, $2. Allaben. 

Alb-n. A, B-, comp. Black Hall traditions 
and reminiscences, [Grisivold family, 1 $1, 
A. B. Allyn. 
Alvord, S: M„ comf. Genealojiy of the 
descendants of Alexander Alvord. early 
settler of Windsor, Conn,, and Noriltamp- 
lon. Mass, *$■; net. S: M, Alvord. 

Barnard, E, K, Early Mallby; with some 
Rhoades hist, and that of the Maulsby 
family in America, $6.25. S : N. Rhoades, 
Be::m. E, Family history. [Hyder family,] 
50 c, Carroll Record Co. 

Browning, E, F, Genealogy of the Brown- 
ings in America, $7.50, 

Et F. Browning. 
Carter, Mrs. C. M. R, John Reddington 
of Topsfield, Mass,, and some of his de- 
scendants ; with notes on the Wales fam- 
ily, (Add. pubs, tor price,) J, G, Leach. 
Carter, W: G. H. Giles Carter of Vir- 
ginia, '{ net. Lord Balto, Pr. 
Chaffee, W: H: Chaffee genealogy. *%\s 
net. Grafton Press. 
Cisco. J, G, Historic Sumner Co., Tenn.. 
with genealogies of the Bledsoe, Cage 
and Douglas families, and genealogical 
notes of other Sumner Co, families. $2, 
J. G. C\%tn. 



Ge N EA LooiE s , — Con ti lived. 

Clark, H : S., comp. and ed. Record o 
lands and past descendants of Henn 
Anne Qark. 50 c. H : S. Clark 

Cope, G., comp. and ed. Genealogy o( the 
Darlington family. '$4 net. 

C. D, Heydecker. 

Crandall, Mrs. R. R. N. Neil family, 
Sweden -Am erica, 1718-1908. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) R. R. N. Crandall, 

Deas, A. S. Recollections of the Ball fam- 
ily of South Carolina and the Comingtee 
plantation. $5. A. Ball. 

Duyekinck, W. C, and Cornell. J : Duyc- 
kinck and allied families. $5. 

T. A. Wright 

Estabrook, J : D. Three generalioi 
Northboro Davises, 1781-181)4. $3. 

J: D. Estabrook. 

French, H. B., comp. Genealogy of the de- 
scendants of Thomas French. 2 v. ea., 
$a. H. B. French. 

Frost. T: G. and E, L. Frost family in 
England and America. $3. Rnssell Pr. 

Gardner F. A. Thomas Gardner, planter, 
and some of his descendants. $VS' 

Es?ex Inst. 

Gift, A. K., comp. Hist, of the Gift, Kera 
and Rover families, $1.50. Herald Pr. 

Hamlin, 'Mrs. M. L. S. Etca^r Hamlin 
and his descendants. $1. C: S. Hamlin. 

Harris, J. S. Collateral ancestry of Stephen 
Harris. '$3 net. W ; J. Campbell. 

Holman, D. E. Holmans in America, v. i. 
•$7 net. Grafton Press. 

Honeyman, A. V. D. Honeyman family. 
$6. Honeyman. 

Hooker, E: Descendants of Rev, Thomas 
Hooker, Hartford, Connecticut. $10, 

M. H. Hooker. 

Jewett, F. C. Hist, and genealogy of the 
Jewetts of America, "jao net. 

Grafton Press. 

Jones, E. C. B. Brewster genealogy. 2 v. 
*?!,■; net. Grafion Press. 

Lea. J. H.. and Hutchinson, J. R. Ancestry 


Nye, G: H., and Best. F. E., comps. Ge- | 
nealogy of Nye family. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Nvt 

Parks, F. S., comp. Genealogy of iht 

Parke families of Massachusetts, {jj;. 

F. S. Parks, 

ProEch, T: W. Conklin-Prosch family, 
wiih some reference to the Dolter, Rot, 
Reynolds, Brooks, Mapes, Elder, Mc- 
Carver and other connections. {Prif, ' 
pr.) T; W. PfOidi 

Read, H. P. Rossiana: papers and docu- 
ments rel. to the hist, and genealogy o( 

- the ancient and noble house of Ross, ol 
Rossshire, Scotland. Sio. H. P. Read. 

Seller?, E. J. Genealogy of the De Car- 
pentier family of Holland. $3 

E. J. Sellers- 

Sharpe, E: S. Descendants of the pioneers, 
[Saicm Co., N. J.] 10 c. 

Salem Co. Hist. Soc_ 

Slocura, C: E. Hist, of Francis Slocoin, 
the captive ; [viith genealogy of her de- 
scendants.] $2,50. Slocum Pub— 

Slocum, Ci E. Hist, of the Sloctims. Slo — 
cumbs and Slocombs of America, geneal — 
ogicaJ and biographical, from 1637 tc^ 
1908. 2 V. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Tutlle Co__ 

Smith, L. B. Jesse Smith, his ancestors 
and descendants. $4; $6, .'Utaben^ 

Smyth. S : G., comp. and ed. Genealogy" 
of the Duke-Shepherd-Van Metre fam- 
ily. $3. St G. Smyth, 

Stackpole, E. S. Macoraber genealogy. $5, 
E. S. Stackpole. 

Stevens, P. Stephens- Stevens genealogy. 
$5. Altabeo, 

Tagliapieira, M. T., comp. T own sen d- 
Townshend, 1066-1909: the hist., geneal- 
ogies and alliances of the English and 
American house of Townsend, $10. 

M. T. Tagliapietra. 

Tiilinghast, J. A. and F: W. Little jour- 
■ the home of Elder Pardon Til- 





•, W: A-, ed. Virginia heraldica: 
try of Virginia gentry entitled to 
armor. $3. Genealog. Assoc 

F. M. Colonial families of America. 

> Biography; — Genealogies, 
f fungi. Clements, F. E: $2. 

H. W. Wilson, 
of the tortricida and their types. 
i, C : H : 75 c. C : H : Fernald. 

rharacter of the proteins. Schr)rver, 
*8o c net Longmans. 

surgical technique. Gray, H. M. W. 
blum, Rowland W. Practice of 

theory of law. Korkunov, N. M. 

Boston Law. 


, L. Text-book of genito- urinary 
scs. ^$5 net. Blakiston. 

o Gynecology; — Midwifery; — Sex; — Urine 
irinary organs; — Venereal diseases. 

)f Speech. Scott, F. N. (Add. pubs. 
ce.) Modern Lang. Assoc. 

psychology. Kirkpatrick, E. A. 
net. Macmillan. 



IT York SUte. 

lerative organs. 

night of Old Brandenburg. Major, 
.50. Macmillan. 

n from East Blueberry. Marshall, 
c. Capital City Press, 

n from Mississippi. Wise, T: A. 
net. J. S. Ogilvie. 

n of quality. Dey, F: V. $1.50. 

L. C. Page, 
n's dog. Bryce, C. A. $1. 

So. Clinic Pr. 
n errant. Cust, Mrs. N. ♦$4 net. 


tical distribution of the investments 

insurance companies. Cox, R. L. 

5. Assoc. Life. 


er's elem. geography for Catholic 
)ls. 54 c. Benziger. 

ton, G. Geography — history. (Not 
ale.) Fort Wayne Sch. Bd. 

I, L. School-children the world 
$1.50. Stokes. 

K:an Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, 
raphy briefly told. 80 c. 

Franciscan Sisters. 
F. M. Out of door studies in geog- 
r. In 2 pts. ea., 60 c. 

Pub. Sch. Pub. 
tson, F. L. D. R. Elementary geog- 
'. V. I, 2, 3. ea., 30 c. Oxford Univ. 
r, D. C. Recreations in history and 
aphy. *30 c. net. Educ. Pub. 

rker, S: C. Columbia elementary 
aphy. 60 c. Hhids. 

and, W: J. Teaching of geography. 

Scott, F. & Co. 
i. S., and McMurry, F. M. Ad- 
d grcography. $1. 

Cal. Supt. Pub. Instruction. 

Geography. — Continued. 
Tarr, R. S., and McMurry, F. M. Geogra- 
phies. 5 bk. ser. pt. 2, Earth as a 
whole. **55 c. net. Macmillan. 

Unstead, J. F. Practical geography, pt 2. 
40 c. ; pts. 1-2, bound together, 60 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Ware, A. Course of study and teacher's 
manual in map geography. 30 c. 

San F. St. Normal. 

Seg also Altitudes; — Antarctic regions;— Arctic 
regions; — Atlases; — Commerce; — Ethnology; — 
Evolution ; — Explorers ; — Physical geography; — 
Surveying: — Voyages and travels; — also names 

Geological Society, London, Eng. 

Centenary of the Geological Society of Lon- 
don. ♦75 c. net. Longmans. 

Babbitt, J. B. Physical history of the 
earth in outline. $1.50. E. E. Sherman. 

Chamberlin, T: C, and Salisbury, R. D. 
College text-book of geology. **$3.S0 
net Van Nostrand. 

Hayes, C: W. Hdbk. for field geologists. 
♦♦$1.50 net. Wiley. 

Hayes, C: W., and Lindgren, W. Contri- 
butions to economic geology. 1908. pt. i, 
Metals and non-metals except fuels. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Joly, J: Radioactivity and geology. ^$3 
net. Van Nostrand. 

Phalen, W: C. Economic geology of the 
Kenova quadrangle; Kentucky, Ohio and 
West Virginia.' (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Studies from the geological department, 
[University of Illinois.] 75 c. 

Univ. of 111. 

United States Dept. of the Interior. U. S. 
Geological Survey. Publications; (not 
incl. topographical maps.) gratis. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See also Alaska; — Cape Colony, Africa; — Clay;— 
Coal; — Copper ; — Earthquakes; — Evolution; — 
Glaciers; — Granite; — Magnesite; — Mineralogy; 
— Missouri ; — New York City ; — Oregon ; — ^Pa 
leontology ; — Petroleum ; — Physical geography ; 
— Rocks; — Salts; — Soils; — also California; — 
Goldfield, Nev.; — Montana; — Morgan Co., Mc; 
— New York State; — North America; — Pike Co., 
Mo.; — San Pablo, Ca\.\—VtTmont;—also Geo- 
logical Society, London. 


Achimedes. Geometrical solution derived 
from mechanics. 50 c. Open (Tourt. 

Anthony, G. C., and Ashley, G: F: De- 
scriptive geometry. $2. Heath. 

Bush, W. N., and Garke, J: B. Elements 
of geometry. $1.25. Silver. 

Candy, A. L. Elements of plane and solid 
analytic geometry. *$2 net. Heath. 

Coolidge, J. L. Elements of non-Euclidean 
geometry. *$5 net. Oxford Univ. 

Durell, C. V. Course of plane geometry 
for advanced students, pt. i. *$i.50 net. 


Edgett, G. L. Exercises in geometry. 40 c. 


Eisenhart, L. P. Treatise on the differen- 
tial geometry of curves and surfaces. 
$4.50. Ginn. 

Fine, H : B., and Thompson, H : D. Co- 
ordinate geometry. ♦$1.60 net. 


Gbombtr V. — Conlin urd. 

Euclid. Elements; 13 books. ■$13.50 net. 
Hood. G : J. Descriptive gpometry prob- 
lems. 8s c. G: J, Hood. 
Newton. F. E„ and Lytide. L. E: Sylla- 
btis of plane geometry, ji. Andover. 
Phillips. J. D., and Millar. A, V. Essen- 
tials of descriptive geometry, $1, 

Tracy, G. & Co. 
Smith, E. R. Plane geometry. 75 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Wilson, V. T. Descriptive geometry. 

•*|i.50 net Wiley, 

Sti alia Cune*;— M»ebanie)l drswini;— Mratura- 
lion; — PoTjpective; — Pfojcclion ; — Surveying; 

George i. of England. 
Melville, L. First George in Hanover and 
England. 2 v. *$6 net. Scribner. 

George iv. of England. 
Wilkins, W: H; Mrs, Fitzherbert and 
GcoFRe IV. $s. Lon^nans. 

George, Rev. H. B. 

Historical evidprcc. 'orjfNia) D. 75 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

George, Mile., [Marguerite- Josephine Wey- 

mei, called "Mile. George."] 

Favoriie of Napoleon : memoirs ; ed. from 

the original manuscript by Paul Cher- 

amy. 'o9(Je5) por. 0. '$2.50 net. 

J: McBride. 
GeoTge, Marian M. 
Character building. [In 2 v.] v. r. Ethical 
lessons in kindness, industry, obedience, 
thankfiiiness and humane education ; v. 2, 
Ethical lessons in charity, self-control, 
honesty, cheerfulness, truthfulness, cour- 
tesy, cleanliness and humane education. 
'09fAgr4) c il. pars. O. ca., $1.25. 

Georfre, W. L. 

Labor and housing al Port SunliRhl. '09 

(jn frf2i8 p, T2°, •$1,40 net, Scribner. 

Georee Junior Republic, Freeville, N, Y. 

NolhinR without labor, 7th ed. '09(D) 

12 p. il. por. 


Georgia geological survey bulletin. 4°, pap, 

S r W, Mcailie 

— Veatch. Second rept. on the clay deposiis 

of Georgia, gratis. 
Georgian pageant Moore, F. F, 53.50 

Geph&rt, W: Franklin. 

Transportation and industrial developmnil 
in the Middle West, 'ogCJlj) c il. maps, 
O. (Columbia Univ. studies in hisiory, 
economics and public liw.) pap.. $2, 

Gepp, C: Otanville, and HAiKh, A. E. 
Latin English dictionary, 'o9(Sii) S, fiM 
Gerard, Ja, Watson, comp. 
See New York [Slate,) Digested (te)tijf 
and compendium of law. 
GerberdiDg, G: H:, D.D. 

Vagen till fralsning enligl den Lutheriki 
kyrkans uppfattning af Guds ords Isri. 
'08, [1909,] (S) c. 240 p, 12°, $1. 

Gerhard, W: PanL 
Guide 10 sanitary inspections. 4th ed., (O- 
lirely rev, and enl, 'oo(Ja30) la*, $1,50. 


Sanitation and sanitary engineering, '* 

rev. and enl. ed, '09(My8) D. ?t.50. . 

W: P. Gerhard. 

Sanitation, water supply and sewage di* 
po?3l of couniiy houses, '09(Je5) c. ^ 
fold, map. 12°, ?z. Van NosiraP*- 

Water supply, sewerage, and plumbing '^' 

modem city buildings, '09(D) 3^-1-491 '' 

il. figs. 8°, •$4 net. WiK^J- 

Gcrmaine. Rowland. H: C. $1,50. Lat**- 

GeR H A N- A M Eni C A N S. 

Hclbig, R : E. German- American t^^ 
searches ; growth of collection in N, "* ■ 
Public Library. 1906-07. gratis, 

N, Y. Pub Lit'- 
Gesmak art. 

Sei Painlcn and palntinRS. 
German bracelet. Gravdon, J, F. $i.W. 





ANGUAGE. — Continued. 
H. K., and Rhoades, L. A. Ele- 
of German. $i. Scott. F. & Co. 
:h, H. C. Beginning German. 90 c. 

m, E. S. Der migebetene gast. 15 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
•s, W. P., contp. and ed. Deutsche 
ite zum auswendiglernen. *40 c. 


-englische lesebiicher fiir katho- 

schulen. In 3 v. v. i, i3J^c. ; v. 2, 

; V. 3, 25 c. Benziger. 

M. B. High school course in Ger- 

(Add. University for price.) 

Univ. of Wis. 
E. Dornrosen: ein marchen-spiel. 
net Crowell. 

W : H :. and Van der Smisson, W : 
jerman grammar. $1.10. Heath. 
t\, E. Mit ranzel und wanderstab. 

J. W. v. Goethe in Italy. 35 c. 


. J., and Leonard, A. N. Brief Ger- 

^ammar. $1. Ginn. 

W. Die braune Erica: novclle. 


C. F., and Monteser, F. Founda- 

of German. 80 c. Am. Bk. 

. Easy German stories. *40 c. net. 

: Elem. German reader. $1. Silver. 
, A. B^, ccmp. Modern German 
: reader for advanced classes. $1. 

;, C. W. F., and Biermann, E. H., 
German prose composition. 65 c. 

Am. Bk. 
L. B. Der neffe als onkel. ♦♦35 c. 


bach, M. Das Rothkappchen : spiel. 

net. Crowell. 

^. H. V. Der fluch der schbnheit. 


, J. C. F. V. Jungfrau von Or- 

70 c. Am. Bk. 

, J. C. F. V. Maria Stuart. 75 c. 

n, H. German-French and French- 
an pocket dictionary. 50 c. Dutton. 
[frs, H. B. Alle fiinf! 30 c. 

T., and others. Immensee, by 
i; Germelshausen, by Gerstacker; 
indenbaum, by Seidel. 40 c. 

Scott, F. & Co. 
ann, H. Heimat. 35 c. Heath. 
Icnspiegels. 30 c. Heath, 

tin, I. G. Introd. to scientific Ger- 
$1. Times Pub. Co., (Pa.) 

-Spanhoofd, A. Erstes lesebuch. 

ce, J. H. D. Der zerbrochene krug; 
virtshaus zu Cransac. *S0 c. net. 

Allyn & B. 
Handy pronouncing dictionaries; — Tauch- 
santaala of conversation; — Tauchnitz pock- 

Public Library. Books in German, 
rd by the German Young Men's 
riation. gratis. Buffalo Pub. Lib. 

German literature. — Continued. 
Haertel, M. H: German literature in 
American magazines, 1846 to 1880. 50 c. 

Univ. of Wis. 
Priest, G: M. Brief hist, of German liter- 
ature. **$i.50 net. Scribner. 
Thomas, C. Anthology of German litera- 
ture. $2.25. Heath. 
Thomas, C. History of German literature. 
♦♦$1.50 net. Appleton. 
Wernaer, R. M. Romanticism and the ro- 
mantic school in Germany. ^$2 net. 

Witkowski, G. German drama and dram- 
atists of the nineteenth century. $1. 

German poetry. 

Bithell, J. The Minnesingers, v. i. $2. 

German schlagball. Pertuch, A. R. 15 c. 

Germanische bibliotek. D. Stechert. 

— Jesperson. Modem English grammar, pt. 

I. *$3 net. 
Germanistic Society of America pubs. O. 
pap. R. Tonibo. 

— Hauptmann. Das geheimnis der ijestalt. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) 

Germans in the United States. 

Faust, A, B. German element in the 

United States. 2 v. **$7.50 net. 

Houghton M. 

See PhUadelphia. 


Janssen, J. Hist of the German people at 
the close of the Middle Ages. v. 9-14. 
*$i8.75 net Herder. 

Paulsen, F. German education past and 
present *$i.25 net Scribner. 

Schauffler, R. H. Romantic Germany. 
**$3.50 net Century Co. 

Sedgwick, Mrs. A. Germany. *75 c. net. 


Shadwell, A. Industrial efficiency: com- 
parative study of England, Germany and 
America. *$2 net Longmans. 

Small, A. W. The Cameralists; pioneers 
of German social polity. *$3 net 

Univ. of Chic 

Stubbs, W: Germany in the later Middle 
Ages, 1 200- 1 500. *$2.25 net Longmans. 

Thompson, R. J:, contp. Suggestions for 
the development of American export 
trade to Germany, g^ratis. Nat Business. 

United States. Dept. of State. German 
manufactures; message from the Presi- 
dent of the U. S. transmitting, in response 
to Senate resolution no. 55 of June 4, 
1909, all correspondence which passed bet 
the Dept. of State and the German gov- 
ernment having relation to German man- 
ufactures furnished by the German gov- 
ernment to the U. S. '09 (Ag) 20 p. 8', 
pap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of State. Wages in 
Germany ; message from the President of 
the U. S., transmitting a letter from the 
acting secretary of state with accompany- 
ing papers furnished by the German gov- 
ernment on the subject of wages paid to 

:r M A N V. — Co nlinucd, 
German workmen. '09(5) i34p.8°. (Add, 
Supenntendent for price.) 

U. S-. Supi. of Docs. 

u. ; 

- Ober. 

-. - -B3»Bfrw(;— WUIiam _, 

— Williun II. 
Germelahausen. Gcrstackcr, F. W. C. See 

Storm, Theodor. 
Gerrish, F: H., HJ). 

See Prince, Morton, M.D. 
GeraUcker, Fiiedtich Wilhelm ChiistiaD. 

5..V Storm, Theodor. 
Gerwig, Gr W: 

Art of the short story. '09{Di8) c. S. 7- 


■ Co, 

GMangbucli dcr evangdiMrhen kirche ; hrsg. 
von der Deulsehcn Evangeli?chen Synod 
von Nord-Amerika. 'ogtjc) 650+139 p. 
12°, Small td.. without rotes, 50 c,-$z ; 
Small ed., wilh nolps, go c.-?3S°: I-arge fd., 
with notes, $i.25-$ Eden Pub. 

Geschajftiiche (Die) seite der religion. 
Roche, J. T : 'to c, net ; per 100. $6.50. 

Gest, J: Marahall. 

Practical suggestions for drawing wills and 
the sclllement of estates in Pennsylvania. 
■o<)(N) 20+152 p. 8°. *%2 net. 

T. & J. W. Johnson. 

Gest of Robin Hood. Oawson, W: H. $1. 

Univ. of Toronto. 

Getman. F: Hutton. 

Introd. to physical science, 'oQlAgsi) e. 

fie-'i. 12°. "$l,S" net. Wiley. 

Gettysburg. Pa, 

Miller, R. C, Historic views of Gettysburg, 
SO C. J. I, Mumper. 

Gettvsbijm; (Bailie of). 

Haskell, F. A. Battle of Geltysburg, $1, 

Wis, Hist. 

Knox, P. C. Memorial address on the 

battlefield of Gettysburg. May .^o, igo8, 

(Add, author for iirice,) P, C. Kiiox, 

Geti. J: 

CalalnRiic of tlie Macomb 

Giant-land. Quiz, R, *%2 net. Putnim. 

Gibbon, Perceval. 

Salvalor, ■09(Api7) c D. rti,50. 

Doubteday, P. 
Gibbons, Cardinal Ja. 

Discourses and sermons for every Suniiaj 
and the principal festivals of the j^i. 
'09(Jai6) c. D. $1. MurpbT. 

True manhood, 'og(Ap3) c D, bds,, sot 
Gibbons, WillsTd S-, ed. 
See New York [State.] Surrogate 1 m. 
Gibba, Winifred S. 

Lessors in the proper feeding of the familj. 
'or>(Jei9) O. pap., 25 c 

Assoc. Imp, Con, Poor, 
Gibbs' iravellers" route and reference booltnf 
the United Stated and Canada. (Map cd.,) 
for the use of commercial travellers, raer- 
chanls, and others. 'o9(Mr) c. 127 p, maps. 
8°. $3. Gibbs Bro,'. & .\1 


Lang, J. Gibraltar and the West Indiei 
"Js net. Stoliei, 

Gibson, A. H, 

Hydraulics, and its application, 'ogijui) 
S", '%S net. Van Noslrand. 

Waier hammer in hydraulic pipe lines; "ilh 
a chapter on the speed regulation □! hj- 
draulic turbines, '09(JIl7) il, 11", "P 
nei. Van Noslrand. 

GtBsoN, Agnes. 

Fishc, M. H, My Father's busines;; or, 
the life and H-ork of Miss Agnes Gibson. 
60 e, China Inland. 

Gibson, Aith. H. 

Human economics, 'og(Jei9) O. 'Sasone*- 
Longmans - 
GibGoa, C: R. 

How telegraphs and telephones work. '0^ 
(Jes) il O, *75 c. net. Lippincolt- 

Romance of modem manufacture, 'o9(Oa> 
il, O, (Romance ser.) '$1.50 net. 

Gibson, G: Howard. 

People's hour and other [heroes, 'of)(N6) 




Gibson, W. Herbert. 

See Webb, Wa. Loring. 
Gibson, W. R. Boyce. 

God with us: study in religious idealism. 
'09(Jli7) 12**, ♦$140 net. Macmillan. 

Gierlich, Nikolaus, and Friedmanny M. 
Studies in paranoia ; periodic paranoia and 
the origin of paranoid delusions by Niko- 
laus Gierlich ; Contributions to the study 
of paranoia by M. Friedmann; ed. by 
Smith Ely Jelliffe, M.D. '08, [1909.] 
(Ag) c. 4-f78 p. 8*, (Nervous and mental 
disease monograph ser.) $1. 

Journal Nervous Disease. 
Gieae, W: Frederic, and Cool, C: Dean, comps. 
Spanish anecdotes; arranged for transla- 
tion and conversation. '09(Mr27) c. S. 
(Modem lang. ser.) 60 c. Heath. 

Giffin, W: Milford. 
Todd and his friends; being the biogfraphy 
of a family pet bull dog. '09(Ap3) c. 
il. D. 25 c. Flanagan. 

Gifford, Mrs. Augusta Hale. 
New Italy; her people and their story, 'og 
(Myis) c. il. pors. O. **$i.20 net. 

Lothrop, L. & S. 
Gift, Aaron Kern, comp. 
History of the Gift, Kern and Royer fam- 
ilies. '09(My22) c. il. pors. 8*. $1.50. 

Herald Pr. 
Gift family. 

See Genealogies. 

Gilbert, Barry. 

See Mechem, Floyd Russell. 
Gilbert E: Holmes, and Elder, T: L. 

The varieties of the United States cents of 
1796. '09(D) c. 14 p. il. f**, $1. 

T: L. Elder. 
Gilbert, Fk. B., ed. 
See Collier, W: Millei.— New York [ State.] 
Consolidated laws. 
Gilbert, G: Holley, ed. 

See Bible. 
Gilbert, Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna, 
kno7vn as "Lola Montez.** 
Auvergne, E. B. d'. Lola Montez. ^$4 net. 

Gilbert, Paul Ja. 
King^s greatest business. 'ogCSii) c. 12', 
♦75 c. net. Revell. 

Gilbert, Sir W: Schwenk. 
Savoy operas. '09(09) il. in col. 8*, *$5 
net, boxed. Macmillan. 

Gilbert, W: WiUUms. 

The root-rot of tobacco caused by Thie- 
lavia hasicola. '09(D) 55 p. il. 8*. (U. S., 
Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant 
Industry, bull.) pap. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Gilbreth, Fk. Bunker. 
Bricklaying system. 'o9(N6) il. charts, 8**, 
*$3 net. M. C. Clark. 

Gilder, S: Watson. 
Lincoln the leader, and Lincoln's genius for 
expression. '09(Oi6) c. D. $t. 

Houghton M. 

Gildersleeve, Basil Lanneau. 

Hellas and Hesperia; or, the vitality of 

Greek studies in America : three lectures. 

*09(Sii) c. por. D. (Univ. of Virginia, 

Barbour-Page foundation.) *$i net. Holt. 


See Guilds. 

Giles, Herbert A. 
Ancient China. '07, [1909.] (Ap) 8', (Re- 
ligions ancient and modem.) ^40 c. net 

Open Court. 

Gilfillan, Q: 

Literary portraits; introd. by Robertson 

Nicoll. '09(Mr27) i6', (Everyman's 

lib.) *35 c. net; leath., *7o c. net. Dutton. 

Gill, A: Herman. 
Short hand-book of oil analysis. 5th ed., 
rev. and cnl. '09(F20) c. figs, tabs., O. 
♦♦$2 net. Lippincott 

Gill, J: Eaye, comp. 

Dictionary of the Chinook jargon; with 
examples of use in conversation and notes 
upon tribes and tongues, isth ed. '09 
(ApTo) c. T. pap., 50 c. Gill. 

GiU, Thdr. N: 
Contributions to the life histories of fishes. 
*09(J1) il. 8**. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Smith. Inst. 

Gillette, Frederika B., comp. 
Title index to the works of Honore de 
Balzac. '09(My8) O. pap., 25 c. 

Boston Bk. 

Gilliam, D: Tod. 
Text book of practical gynecology for prac- 
titioners and students. 3d rev. ed. '08, 
[1909.] (Mr) c. i6-f642 p. il. 8*. subs., 
♦$4.50 net; hf. mor., ♦$6 net. Davis. 

Gillis, Ja. L. 

See California. State Library, Sacramento. 
Gilman, Arth. 

My Cranford : a phase of the quiet life. 
'09(Mr20) c. D. **$i.25 net. 

Houghton M. 
Gilman, Bradley, DJ). 
Son of the desert. '09(02) c. il. D. t$i.SO. 

Century Co. 

Gilman, Dan. Coit. 
Daniel Coit Gilman, first president of the 
Johns Hopkins University, 1876-1901. '09 
(Mr27) por. 8**, (Johns Hopkins Univ. 
circular, new ser.) pap., gratis. 

Johns Hopkins. 

Gilman, Lawrence. 

Edward MacDowell: a study. '09(Ja2) c. 
pors. D. **$i.50 net. Lane. 

Gilman, W: C. 

Memoir of Daniel Wadsworth Coit of Nor- 
wich, Connecticut, 1787- 1876. 'o9(Si8) 
por. D. $1.25. W: C. Gilman. 

Gil more, Eug. A., rep. 

See Wisconsin. Sup. ct. Repts. 
Gilpin, E. N. 
Last campaien: cavalryman's journal, [ac- 
count of Gen. James H. Wilson's Cav- 
alry campaign in Alabama and Georgia.] 
'oo(Ap) 617-675 p. il. por. 8'. 50 c. 

U. S. Cavalry. 

Gilpin, Jos. Elliott, and Cram, Marshall P. 
Fractionation of crude petroleum by capil- 
lary diffusion ; under the supervision of 
D: T. Day. '09(Mr6) il. 8^ (U. S. Dept. 
of the Interior, Gcol. Survey, bull.) 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 


OUson, H: BTOckway. 

Set Marique, Pierre Joseph. 
Gilaon, Maijary L. 

See Dana, J : Cotton. 
Gitgou, B07 Solfe. 

Wistful years. 'ogCNij) il. D. t$i.5o. 

Baker & T. 
"Ginger," pseud. 

Se£ ir«in. Wallace Admah. 
Ginger and Pickles. Potter, B. 50 c. 


Ginn's international modern tanguage ser. D. 

and S. Ginn, 

— Baumhach. Der schweigersohn. 40 c. 

— and. Talbot. Elementary reader of 

French hi.slory. 30 c. 
— Marique. Exercises in French composilion. 

40 c. 
— Richt. Der fluch der schSnheit. 40 c. 
—Schiller. Maria Stuart. 7s c. 
Ginn's mathemalical teits; ed. by PerCT F. 
Smith, il. O. Ginn. 

—Granville. Plane and spherical trigonome- 
try. 51. as. 
Ginzbeis, Louis. 

Legends of the Jews ; Ir, from the German 
manuscript by Henrietta Siold. In 4 v. 
V. I. 'oQ(Jes) c. O. $2- Jewish Pub. 

Gipsy count. Wynne. M. $1.50. 

J: McBride, 
Girders for electric overhead cranes. Bran- 
sion, J : W ; 25 e. Indust. Press. 

Girdlestone, Kev. Rob. Baker. 
Old Testament theology and modern ideas. 
'OQ(Apiol D. (Anglican Church hand- 
books.) '40 c. net. Longmans. 
Girl and the bill. Merwin, H : B. ■t$i.50- 


Giri and the deleetive. Blaney, C: E: 25 c. 

J. S Ogilvie. 

Giri and the man. Yorke, C, pseud. $1,50. 


Girl from Montana. Lull, Mrs. G. L. H. $1. 

Golden Rule. 

Girl from Texa*. Blaney, C: E: 25 e. 

J. S. Ogilvie. 
Girl graduate; her own book; designed and 

Girls of FairmounL Baker, E. A. tS'.SO. 

Little, B. & Co. 
Girls of the forest Smith. Mrt. E. T. «i, 

Girls of to-day. Underwood, C F. "fj net 
Girt/ own library, il. D. t7S c. McKaj. 

— Lippmann. Every day giris. 
— Smith. School favorite. 
— Turner. Family at misrule. — Little motin 

Girty, G: Hetbert. 
Guadahipian fauna. '09(Ap3) iI, map, Q. 
(U. S. Dept. of the Intenor, GeoL Sur- 
s.) pap, $1.50. 
S., SupL of Docs 
Gist, Eliz. 
Gist of domestic science. Rer, ed. 'd) 
(Je) 168 p. 8°, 75 c. E Gilt 

Gist of domestic science. Gist. E 75 C- 

E Gist 
Gist of the lesson. See Torrey, R. A. 
Giuscppina. Marvel, T ; L. 25 e. Dramaiit 

Give up your gods. Rees, A. D. "Ji nd. 

Giveen, Clement HartiD,_ ed. 

Chronology o( municipal history and dtc- 
tion slalislics, Walervillc, Maine, 1771- 
1906, designed for a book of refercnct 
'08, [igog] (Ap) c. 278 p. il. pors,8*, 
$(.30. Maine Farnitr. 

Givens, Rob. T., ed. 
Has it ever occurred to you? '09(J1) i'l 
55 c. R. T. Givens. 

Fairchild. H. L. Glacial waters in central 
New York. 40 c N. Y.. Stale Educ 
Glad tidings. Thomas. R. $1.25. 

Pilgrim Pr(« 
Gladden. Washington. 

Recollections. '09CO30) c. por, O. ••$;"« 
Houghton H 
Gladwin, W: Zachary. 




. L: Decorative glass processes. 

Van Nostrand. 
O. R. Children in the glass in- 
in Pennsylvania. (Add. pubs, for 

Nat. Child Labor. 
. Kingsley, Mrs. F. M. t$i.50. 



1 voting system; sketch of its 

and principles — why N. Carolina 

Carolina and Georgia should 

L '09(6) 13 p. 8% pap., 20 c 

W: H: Glasson. 
tY, England. 

T: S. Wells and Glastonbury, 
let. Dutton. 


unshine for hearts in shadow. '09 

2^ 35 c. 

Good Tidings. 

Wellington. 'o9(Mr27) 16*, 
man's lib.) ♦35 c. net; leath., *7oc. 

iris. Remick, G. M. t$i.2S. 

Penn Pub. Co. 
ence Mell. 

back. *o8, [1909.] (My) c. 80 p. 
*. (Priv. pr.) Furman Univ. 

:s, N. Y. 
f. A. Glens Falls, N. Y. 60 c. 

Glens Falls Pub. 
ani nella vita moderna. Pecorini, 
;. F. Tocci. 

. navigation. 

he). Bennett, E. A. t$i.5o. 

Utah. Colborn, E: F. gratis. 

Denver & Rio Grande, 
f India. Swain. C. A. $1.25. 

Woman's For. Miss, 
ito the life of the Indian schools. 
: H. (Add. author for price.) 

W: H. Hare. 
I the Alaska- Yukon- Pacific Expo- 
attle, Wash., and the great North- 
i(My8) obi. T. 75 c, boxed; pap.. 

tmpany of the apostles. Jones, J : 
:. net. Doran. 

lother. Woolard, S: F., comp. 
net; ♦$1.25 net. Goldsmith- W. 

e conquered. Glaspell, S. t$T.5o. 

See Prudentius, Aureliiis Clem- 

76 Howell, ["Dame Curtsey."] 
Turtsey's" book of etiquette. '09 
c. front, S. bds., *50 c. net. 

Turtsey's" book of recipes. '09 
c. il. S. *$i net. McGurg. 

rot R. 

of religions in the early Roman 
. 3d ed. *09(DiT) O. *$2.50 net. 

arblehead regiment in the war of 
irolution. Crardner, F. A. 50 c 

Salem Press. 
9ee Williams, Gara Andrews. 

Glyn, Mrs. Elinor Sntberland. 

Elizabeth visits America. '09(My22) 12', 

•t$i.50. Duffield. 

Glya, Maxg. H. 

Analysis of the evolution of musical form. 

*09(F27) O. *$3.So net Longmans. 

Go forward. Miller, J. R. **5o c. net. 

Go-to-bed stories. Bell, L. $1. (Gospel Pub. 
Thompson, G: F. Angora goat. 5 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 


Barwell, J. W. Science, the mind, revela- 
tion, the heart of (Jod. 25 c. 

Jacobs & H. 

Bavinck, H. Philosophy of revelation. 
*'*'$2 net. Longmans. 

Brett, J. Divine friendship: [papers on 
God's love.] *$i net. Longman's. 

Qarke, W: N. Christian doctrine of (Jod. 
♦♦$2.50 net. Scribner. 

De Laurence, L. W: God, the Bible, truth 
and Christian theology. $3.50. — Imma- 
nence of God. $3.25. De Laurence, S. 

Everett, C: C. Theism and the (^ristian 
faith. ♦$3.50 net. Macmillan. 

Hammond, E., comp. Splendor of (jod: 
extracts from sacred writings of the 
Bahais. *6o c. net Dutton. 

Heisley, C: W. Providence and calamity. 
*$ net. Sherman, F. 

Hill, L. Two great questions; the exist- 
ence of (jod and the immortality of the 
soul. $2. L. Hill. 

Hood, J : Beauty of God as revealed in His 

works. *$i.25 net. Lanahan. 

Randall, J: H. The real God. $1.25. 


Rhodes, L. R. Circumstantial evidence: 
using the revealed truths of the infinite 
as a basis from which to demonstrate a 
God of design. 75 c L. R. Rhodes. 

Shumaker, E. E. God and man. **$2 net 


Sec also Bible; — Holy Spirit; — Jesus Christ; — 
Religion ; — Theology ; — Trinity. 

God bless you. Tilly, F: E., ed, 25 c. 

E. Kaufmann. 

God-man ; or, the life and works of Jesus. 
Losch, H: $1.50. Badger. 

God of love. McCarthy, J. H. "t^ 


God with us. Gibson, W. R. B. *$i.40 net. 


Goddard, Harold Clarke. 

Chaucer's Legend of good women; repr. 

from the Journal of English and German 

Philology. '09(Jei9) pap. (Add. author 

for price.) H. C. (Joddard. 

Goddard, Pliny Earle. 
Kato texts. '09(D25) por. Q. (Univ. of 
Cal. pubs. ; American archaeology and 
ethnology.) pap., $2.50. Univ. of Cal. 

Godfrey, Eliz., [pseud, for Jessie Bedford.] 
Sister of Prince Rupert: Elizabeth, Prin- 
cess Palatine and Abbess of Hertford. 
'09(Ap24) por. il. O. *$A T\et. \ja.Tvt. 


Godfrey, Hollis. 

Elem. chemistrj-. 'ogtjli?) c. il. D. $1.10. 

For the Norton name, '0()(O2) c. il. D. 
(Young caplains of industry.) t$i-2S- 
Little, B. & Co- 
Godly sdf-controL Pierson, A. T. '50 c. net 
God's garden. Brown, Ct *$i nel. 

Eaton Sr M. 
Gcethala, G: Washington. 
Isthmian canal. 'o9(My) 23 p. 8°, pap. 
(Add. Snpcrintcndpnt for price,) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Gcetlie, Jobann WalfgaDg v. 

Goethe in Italy; extracts from Goethe's 

ItiilieniBche reise for classroom use; ed., 

willi notes and introd., by A. B. Nichols. 

'09(Api7) c. front. S. 35 c Holt. 

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang v. 

Finger, W. R. R. Der junge Goethe und 
das publikiim. 50 c. Univ. of Cal. 

Guff, Clarissa, [Mrs. Sob. C: GoS.] 

Assisi of St. Francis; together with The 

influence of the Franciscan legend on 

Italian art, by J, Kerr Lawson, '09(025) 

col. il. 8°, *$6 nei, boxed. Dodd. 

Goff, Mrs. Rob. C: 

Sec Goff. Oarissa. 
Goggin, Rev. T. E. 

Man's great charter: exposition of the first 
chapter of Genesis. New ed. 'o[)(Mr37) 
13'". ■'$175 nel. Gorham, 

Going, C: Buxton. 

Methods of the Santa Fe ; economy in the 

manufacture of transportation, '09(84) 

c. il. 8°, $1. Engineering Mag. 

Star-glow and song. ■o9CApr7) c. D. •$1.20 

Going down from Jerusalem. Duncan, N. 
••$1.50 net. Harper. 

Going some, "Windy Bill," pseud. 10 c, 

J. S. Ogilvie. 
Gold (ij money). 

Gibson, T: Increasing gold supply and its 
effect on security value! 


Golden hour ser. il'. 40 c, Educ. Pub, 

— Hix. comp. Book of lullabies. 
Golden rule cook book. Sharpe. Mrs. M. R, 
L. **$2.5o net. Liitle. B. & Co. 

Golden rules of dietetics. Benedict, A L Jj 

Golden staircase. Chisholm. L., comp. "Ji 



;t-book, 1910. .5"*^ McFarland, ]: 

Bamett. L. D , comp. "Si tin. 
Golden treasury. Set Palgtave, Fs, Turner. 

Golden treasury ter,; ed, by Fs. lurner 

grave. 16". MaaniUiB. 

^Palgrave. Golden treasury. $1.30, 
— Palgrave. ed. Latin anthology. *%i tii 
Goldenrod. Carr, S. $1. S. Cm. 


Ransome, F: L. Geology and ore deposits 
of Goldfietd, Nev, (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Doci. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. 
Good-natured man; She sloops to conqu"; 
ed., with introd. and notes, by T; E 
Dickinson. 'o9(Apio) c por. D. (River- 
side literature ser.) 40 c. ; bound separ- 
ately, ca., pap., IS c. Houghton M. 
Traveller and The deserted ^-il!a^; cd„ 
with introd, and notes, by Horatio Nel- 
son Druiy. "o9(Jci9) c. por. 12", (Twen- 
tieth century lexlbooks.) '"ao C net 

— , and Gray, T; 

Traveller, and The deserted village, W* 
Gray's Elegy in a country churchyard; 
ed. by Rose M. Barton. '09(Di8> porv 
la", (English classics.) 25 c. Heaih. 
Traveller and Deserted village, also T: 
Gray's Elegy in a country churchyardl 
ed. by Warren Fenno Gregory, '09(N1 
c, 5+94 p. ror. ifi". (Studcnti' ser ol 
English cla.ssics.) 25 c. Sible.r- 

GoLnsMiTif, Oliver. 

Buckland. E. S. L, Oliver Goldsmith. 




GoUanczy Rer. Hexmann. 
Sermons and addresses; setting forth the 
teachings and spirit of Judaism. '09 
(Apio) royal 8', ♦$360 net. Bloch. 

— , tr. Translations from Hebrew and Ara- 
maic ; being The Targum to the Song of 
songs; The book of the apple; The ten 
Jewish martyrs; A dialogue on games of 
chance. '09(Ja23) 12**, *^ net. Bloch. 

GolHwogg in the African jungle. Upton, B. 
$1.50. Longmans. 

Goncourt, Edmond Louis Antonie Huot de. 

Confidantes of a king; the mistresses of 

Louis XV.; tr. from the French by Ernest 

Dowson. In 2 V. 'o9(Dii) il. 8"*, *$4 

special net Appleton. 

Gonnardy Philippe. 

Blxile of St. Helena, the last phase in fact 
and fiction; from the French of Philippe 
Gonnard. 'o9(Nao) il. pors. O. *$3.50 
net. Lippincott. 

Gooch, Fk. Austin, and Browning, Philip Em- 
Outlines of qualitative chemical analysis. 
2d ed., rev. '09(030) 8*, **$i.2S net 

Good, Ja. I:, D.D. 
See Richards, G: W. 

Good fellowship. Woolard, S: P., comp, 
♦$1 net Goldsmith-W. 

Good Friday. 
Clow, W. M. Day of the cross. *$i.50 net 


Richardson, G. L. Travail of His soul: 

three hours' devotion for Good FriJay. 

*6o c net Young Churchman. 

Good health and how we won it. Sinclair, 

U. B., ;>. ♦♦$1.20 net Stokes. 

Good Housekeeping lib. il. 8*. Phelps. 

^Maddocks, M., ed. Good Housekeeping 
family cook book. 50 c. 

Good housekeeping woman's home cook book. 
Curtis, Mrs. 1. G, camp. 60 c. Reilly & B. 

Good-living, a practical cookery-book. Van 
Buren, S. $2.50. Putnam. 

Good natured man. See Goldsmith, Oliver. 

Good Shepherd; narratives and poems for 
young oeople ; collected and tr. by O. V. H. 
'o9(N20') il. D. bds., 25 c. E. Kaufmann. 

Good (The), the beautiful, the true. Brown, 
C: G. $1. C: G Brown. 

(k)od things to eat Wilson, E. L. $3. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 
Goodale, Elaine. 
See Eastman, C: Alexander. 

Goodall, Agnes M. 
Portugal. 'o9(D25) col. il. map, 12®, 
(Peeps at many lands.) *75 c. net 


Goodenough, 6: Alfr., and Moore, Lewis Eug. 
Strength of chain links. '07, [1909] (Ap) 
73 p. il. 8*, (Univ. of 111. bull.; Engi- 
neering experiment station.) pap. (Add. 
University for price.) Univ. of 111. 

Goodman, Frederic S. 

Evangelism through Bible study: plea for 

a winning method of enlisting men for 

Christian life. '09(02) c. D. pap., *25 c 

net S. S. Times. 

Goodman, Herbert Marcva. 

Duration and disappearance of passive diph- 
theric immunity. '08, [1909.] (Je) 184- 
202 p. il. tabs., 8°, pap., 25 c. 

H. M. Goodman. 

Experimental studies on diphtheric im- 

mimity. '08, [1909] (Je) 509-540 p. tabs., 

8*", pap., 25 c. H. M. (Goodman. 

Goodman, Paul. 

Synago^e and the church; being a con- 
tribution to the apologetics of Judaism. 
'08, [1909.] (S) 17+395 p. I2^ $1.50. 

Goodmann, Gnstay. 
Probate proceedings and administration of 
estates. 'o9(Sii) c. S. bds., 25 c. 

G. Goodmann. 
Goodnow, Fk. Johnson. 

Municipal government. '09 (S4) c. O. ♦♦$3 
net Century Co. 

Goodrich, Arth. F: 
Lady without jewels. '09(Jei2) c. D. 
t$i.50. Appleton. 

Goodrich, Alfr. J: 
Music as a language; meaning of musical 
sounds; illustrated with characteristic ex- 
amples from the works of Bach, Haendel, 
Gluck, Haydn, Mozart, Clierubini, Bee- 
thoven. [2d and rev. ed.] 'o9(Mr27) c. 
8*, $1. Schirmer. 

(roodrich, C: Landon. 
Profitable cotton farm. '09 (O) 23 p. iL 
8' (U. S., Dept of Agriculture: Farm- 
ers bull.) pap. .(Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Goodrich, Clarence Leon, and Stanley, Fk. 
Accurate tool work. 'o9(Jai6) il. ^$2 net 

Hill Pub. 

Automatic screw machines and their tools. 

'09(Myi) il. I2^ *$2 net Hill Pub. 

Goodsell, Alfr. Taylor. 

Vocalists' and pianists' companion: text 

book devoted to musical information. 

New rev. ed". 'o9(Apio) c Tt leath., 

50 c. A. T. Groodsell. 

Goodson, G: Arth. 

Electrical activities in the human body. '09 
(Jei2) c. il. D. 75 c. G: A. Goodson. 

Goodwin, Jos. H: 

Improved book-keeping and business man- 
ual. 27th ed. 1909- 1910. '09 (Jl) c 3-301 
p. por. 4*, $3. J. H : (joodwin. 

Goodwin, Mrs. Maud Wilder. 
Veronica Play fair. 'o9(S25) c. il. D. $1.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Gookin, F: W: 

Our defective American banking system. 

'09 (My I) 12**, '(Qub papers.) (Priv. 

pr.) Chic. Lit. Gub. 

Goose girl. MacGrath, H. t$i.50. 

Goosie-gander rhymes. Lowenheim, G. $1. 


Gordon, C: W:, ['Italph Connor."] 

Angel and the star. 'o9(Dii) c. front D. 

pap., *25 c. net, in envelope. Revell. 

Beyond the marshes. 'o9(Dii) c. front D. 

pap., *25 c. net, in envelope. Revell. 

The foreigner; tale of Saskatchewan. '09 

(N20) c. D. $i.5a XioT-wv. 



GoidOD, G: Angltt, DJ). 

Gaims of the ministry on strong men. '09 
(Mr) 19 p. 12*, (Claims and opportuni- 
ties of the Christian ministry.) 10 c. 

Y. M. C. A. 
Crossing the bar : lyric of life everlasting. 
"op<Ni3} D. bds., "so c. net. 

Pilgrim Press. 

Land of pure delight. '08, ligog.] (Mr) c. 

34 p. 12°, *3$ c. net. Pilgrim Press. 

Religion and miracle. '0(j(0i6) c. D. 

■•$1.30 net. Houghton M. 

Gordon, George Angicr, D.D. 

Record and celebration by the Old South 
Church and society of the 25th anni- 
versary of the installation of Rev. George 
A. Gordon, D.D., AprH, igog. '09(0) 
144 p. 8°, 'ioc. Univ. Press, (Camb.) 

Gordon, H. Laing, MJ>. 

Modern mother; guide to girlhood, mother- 
hood and infancy. '0(){023) il. O. $3. 

Gordon, B; Evarts, ed. 

See Trueblood, T: Claikson. td. 
Gordon, Ja. 

Old plantation, and other poems. '09(Ag) 
166 p. por. 12°, $1.25. J. Gordon. 

Gordon, Kate. 

Esthetics. '09(030) c. D. $1.50. Holt 

GoidoB, Hary Kilgore. 

Sec Gordon, Rev. S. Dickey. 
Gordon, Mary Lindsay. 
Cinderella owl book. "07, {icjogl (Jl) il 
m col. 16°, bda., 50 c. Jacobs. 

Gordon, Rev. S: Dickey and Hary Eilgore. 
Quiet talks on home ideals. 'o9(Dii) c, 
D. *75 c. net. Revcll 

Gordon, Winifred. 
Book of days. '09(02) 24", '60 c. net 
Gordy, Wilbur Fisk. 
American leaders and heroes ; preliminary 
text-book in United States history. In- 
diana ed. '09(023) c. il. maps, 12', 60 c 

Gospel in Latin lands. Clark, F. E ; "50 c 
net. Macmillan 

Gospel in the church. Gwynae, W. 40 c 

(jospel of grace. Jones, J: D. •$1.25 net 

Gospel of Jesus the Son of CJod. Knox. G; 

W: 50 c. Houghton M 

Gospel of reconciliation. Walker, W ; L 

•J2 net. Scribntr. 

Gospel of the left hand. Young, D. T. 'Si.Jj 

net. Dor an 

Sf Bible. 
Goaa, W: Freeman Hytick. 

Comparative tests of run-of-mine iiid 
briquctted coa! on locomotives, inci, lor- 
pedo-boat tests and some foreign specifi- 
cations for briquetted fuel. 'o9(Mn5) il- 
8^ (U. S. Dept. of the Interior, Geol- 
Survcy, bull.) 15 e. 

U. S., Supl. of Docs- 

Utilization of fuel in locomolive practic^s- 

■09(D) 28 p. il. 8°, (U. S-, Dept. o( il»_2 

Interior, Geological Survey, bull.) (Adc3 

Superintendent for price.) 

U. S, SupL of Doc = 
Gossip, G: Hatfield Dingley. 
Sec Trepoff, Ivan, fseud. 
Goatling, Hrs. Frances M. PatkinMii. 

Bretons at home ; with an introd. [i 
French] by Anatole Le Braz. '09(525 
il. O. *$ net. McClnr^S 

lordanes. Origin and deeds of the GotTi^S 
50 c, C: C. Mierov— 

Gottheil, Rev. Gnstar. 

Snn and shield : book of devout thought=^- 

for every day use. '09(Ja9) 16°, "Si ncC:^ 


Gotty in ftirrin parts. Copping, A. E. $1.50^ 

M. Kennerley"^ 

Gould, C: Mewton. 

Geography of Oklahoma^ '09(0 c. 13+^ 





New York and state lawyers' diary 
W. '09 (Ja) c. 588 p. S. $1. 

W. R. Gould. 
^: Armistcad. 

Mrences; incidents in the life of a 
er in Oregon and Idaho. '09 (My) 
I p. por. 12', $3. T. Regan. 

3: Biidi. 

y, and other poems. Souvenir ed. 
pio) c. por. O. pap., boxed. (Add. 
r for price.) S : B. Gourley. 

' guide to London. Newnham- 
N. *$i.50 net. Brentano's. 

n, C. H. v., ed. Qinical treatise on 
Uhology and therapy of disorders of 
>olism and nutrition, pt. 8, Gout. 



lial government; — Municipal government; 
ical science; — also names of countries, 

and ttrritories. 

;nt employ. Chase, F. N. 15 c. 

F. N. Chase, 
^nt of the District of Columbin. 
W. F. $1.50. Byrne. 

jnt of the people of the state of 
m. King, J. A. 50 c. Hinds. 


r, J: Substitute for the tariflF upon 
ts and a provision for an equitable 
bution of the wealth of nations. 
. pr.) J: Bigelow. 

int reclamation work in foreign 
!S. Gray, E: D. M. (Add. Super- 
it for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

5 (The). Oppenheim, E: P. t$i.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 
5 of Maryland. Buchholz, H. E. 

Williams & W. 
grammar. '09 (JI) 8+293 p. 12", 

Allyn & B. 

.ucientes, Francisco. 

)ieces. *09(D25) il. 24°, (Painters* 

leath., *75 c. net; pap., *25 c. net. 

imadeus W:, and Shimer, Hervey 

American index fossils, inverte- 
5. In 2 V. V. I. '09(D) c. il. 8°, $6. 

thelbert Warren. 

ics of piano technic. 'o9(Jei2) c. 
$1.25. A. W. Hunt. 


d her pets. Hunter, M. L. 75 c. 

rt readers, il. D. Ginn. 

tory of three great artists. 50 c. 

mpplementary reading ser. See 


ilism and some of its fruits. '09 
40 p. 8**, 25 c. B: F. Grady. 

istorical ser,; ed. by H: R: Stiles. 

Grafton Press. 
er. Roger Williams. **$2 net. 

Grafton medical books, il. 8'. 

(jrafton Press. 
— Kolle. Subcutaneous hydrocarbon pro- 
theses. ♦♦$2.50 net. 

Graham, — ^ rep. 
See Georgia. Ct. of appeals. Repts. — ^1*^. 
ct. Repts. 

Graham, D: Wilkie. 
Way to win, and other poems. '09 (Ja) 
«26 p. 12**, $1.10. B'way Pub. 

Graham, E: P. 
Mystery of Naples. '09(0) 9+349 p. il. 8*, 
$1.50. Herder. 

Graham, Ennis, psend. 
See Moles worth, Mrs. Mary Louise Stew- 
Graham, Harry, [''Col. D. Streamer."] 
Deportmental ditties. '09 (D4) c. il. D. bds., 
$1. Duflield. 

Graham, Rev. W: 
Divine praises; addresses to Holy Name 

societies. '09 (Mr) c. *o8. 113 p. 8®, 

*75 c. net. Wagner. 

Phases of the sacred passion: Lenten 

course. '09 (My) c. 58 p. 8**, pap., *40 c. 

net Wagner. 

Graham-Smith, G: Stuart, ed. 
See Nuttall, G : H : 

Graham family. 

See Genealogies. Walker, A. K. 

Atwater, J. American grain computator. 
$350. Atwater. 

See also Com; — ^Milo. 

Grainger, Fa. £:, [''Headon Hill."] 
Hate of man. '09(Jl3) D. $1.50. Cassell. 
Traitor's wooing. '09(84) front D. $1.50. 


Unmasked at last '09(Fi3) front D. *$i 

net. Fenno. 


See names of lang^iages. 
Grammar of lettering. Lyons, A. W. *$2.50 
net. Lippincott. 

Grand Army flag day, Rhode Island, Febru- 
ary twelfth, 1909. '09(Ap) 51 p. por. 8". 
(Add. pub. for price.) R. I. Dept Educ 

Grand Army of the Republic. Dept. of Geor- 
gia. Services in commemoration of the 
looth anniversary of the birth of Abraham 
Lincoln, arranged by Union and Confed- 
erate veterans under the auspices of O. M. 
Mitchel Post no. i. Trinity Methodist Epis- 
copal Church South, Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 14, 
1909. '09 (Ag) 48 p. por. 8*. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) D. I. Carson. 

Grand Canyon. 

See Colorado river. 

Grande (La) semaine. Favreau, J. A. $i.2S. 

Belisle Pr. 

Grandin, Egbert H:, Jarman, G: Wallace, 
M.D., and Marx, Simon. 
Text-book on practical obstetrics by Egbert 
H : Grandin, with the collaboration of G : 
W. Jarman and Simon Marx. 4th ed., 
rev. and enl. '09(Je) c. i6-f 538 p. il. 8**, 
$4. Davis. 

Grandpa's little girls and their friends. Cur- 
tis, A. T. t$i. PwvTv '^Nj^i. Co. 


Dale, T : N. Chief conunercial granites of 
Massachusetts, New Hampshire and 
Rhode Island. (Add. Superiiitendent for 
price.) U, S„ Supt of Docs. 

Grant, Un. Anne Macricu. 
Memoirs of an American lady. New and 
cheaper ed. '09(D) 8", ret. 

Grant, C. M, DI>. 
Between the TeitamenU. 'oo(03) la*, *is c. 
net. RevdL 

Orant, Hn. Colqnhonn. 
Louise Ren^e de Kiroualle, Duchess of 
Portsmouth. 'o9(Dii) il. pors. 8', *$4 
special net. Appleton. 

Giant, J: Wesley. 

Out of the darkness: [story of neETO life.] 
'09(Je5) c. O. $1.10. Nat Bapt. Pub. 
Grant, Haiy Leonard. 

See Bucl^nan, Frances Grant. 
Giant, Sev. Peicy Stickney. 

Observations in Asia. '09(Ap24) c. D. bds.. 

"$1.25 net. Brentano's. 

Giant, Boll. 

The Chippendales. 'og(Apio) c. D. $1.50. 


Gbant, General Ulysses Simpson. 

Knox, T : W. Boy's life of General Grant 

$1.25. SaalReld. 

Nicolay, H. Boy's life of Ulyasei S. Grant. 

$1.50. Century Co. 

Shrady, G: F: General Granfa last dayi. 

(Priv. pr.) De Vinne. 

Smith, N : G. Grant, the man of mystery. 

•I1.50 net. Young Churchman. 

Grant Vernon. Stanton, E. B. $1. 


Granville, W: Anthony. 

Plane and spherical tri|i;onometry ; and j 

four-place tables of logarithms. '09 • 

(Jti7) il. O. (Mathematical textr) $1.25. I 

Plioe trieonometry and Four-place ubla o( lo- I 
larilbm,, hound .rparritcly, 'J, n«; Four rlacf »=«" I 
of log=r,'jhm5, bound Mp.r>lfly, "5= c. nel. | 


Grata, Seiman. 
Making of ice cream, icei, frozen fraJii, 
[etc 1] every detail belonging to the ice 
cream business plainly and conscientious. 
ly described. 'o9(Jl) c. 3-85 p. "°, Jj. 
R Gratz. 
Orats, T: D. 
Palmistiy made easy. 'o9(Je36) c figs. D 
•♦25 c. net. Winsion. 

Gran, Rob. 
Forty years' observation of music and the 
drama. 'o9(Nao) c pors. 8°, $5. 

B'way Pub. 
GtaTes, Alfr. FerciTaL 

Irish fairy book. '0QCD25) il. 8°, $1.50 

Gravea, Fk. Pleirepont. 
History of education before the Middle 
Ages. '09(F3o) c. D. •^ net 

Graves, J: Temple, Howell, Claik, and Wil- 
liams, Wc, «da. 
Eloquent sons of the South; hdbk. oC 
Southern oratory, a v. '09(N) c. pors — 
16", $2. Chappie Pub _ 

Gray, Alex. 

See Davidson, J ; 
Gray, C. Earl. 

• See Rogers, Lore Alford. 
Gray, E: D. McQueen. 

Government reclamation work in foreigi 

countries ; comp, from consular repts^ 
and official documents. 'og(Ag) 4+11^= 
p. 8°, pap. (Add. Superintendent fo^H 
price.) U. S., Supt of Docs 

Gray, Elii. H. 

Old ninely-nine's cave. '09(Jei2) c. il 
12°. $1.50. C. M. Qark — 

Gray, Eunice T. 

Winning of Fuji : Japanese play in one act^ — 
'og(N) 16°. pap., 35 c Dramatic, 

Gray, H. M. W. 
General surgical technique ; ed. by Ja. 
Cantlic. 'og(D) 392 p. il. 12% •Jj net 
aho ColTtmi, Rowland, W. 

\JL\.I^ X 


or\.ii/\ i 

Oray, T:, and Cowper, W: 

Elegy written in a country church-yard, 
and other poems by T: Gray; together 
with The diverting history of John Gil- 
pin and other poems by W : Cowpcr ; ed. 
by J. H. Castleman. '09(818) 24**, 
(Pocket Am. and Eng. classics.) ^25 c. 
net Macmillan. 

Oray, W: Beall, and Ball, C: Backus. 
Plumbing. 'op^Fao) c il. 8*, (American 
School of Correspondence pubs.) $1.50. 

Am Sch. Corr. 
Cniy, W: P. 
From Virginia to Texas, 1835; diary of 
Col. Wm. F. Gray giving details of his 
journey to Texas and return in 1835- 
1836 and second journey to Texas in 
1837 : with preface by A. C. Gray ; printed 
for the information of his descendants. 
'09(D) c. 8+230 p. 8**. (Not for sale.) 

A, C. Gray. 

Sraydon, Judith Fairer. 
German bracelet. *09(Ja23) c. D. $1.50. 

vraydon, S: 
Some notes on catalog making. *09(Jl3) 
front. O. bds., $1 Trow Press. 

»reat adventurer. Sampter, J. E. 75 c. 

R. Kerr. 

freat American lawyers. See Lewis, W: 

'^eat apostasy. Talmage, J. E: 60 c. 

Deseret News. 

'9^ fat art galleries ser. il. T. bds., 35 c. ; 
limp calfskin, $1. Caldwell. 

-W^lace collection. 

Veaf artist ser. il. Q. *$2 net. Doran. 

^Baldry. Sir Joshua Reynolds. 

-Bell. Sir Edward Burne-Jones. 

-IDavcy. Botticelli. 

-Radford. Dante Gabriel Rosetti. 

-Staley. Raphael. 

inEAT Britain. 
Cooper, C. S., and Westell, W. P. Trees 
and shrubs of the British Isles. 2 v. *$7 
net. Dutton. 

Dixon, C. Abbeys of Great Britain. ^1.50 
net. Scribner. 

Frazar, Mrs. M. D. Pract. guide to Great 
Britain and Ireland. 2 v. ♦♦$1 net. 


Kell/s directory of the engineers and iron 
and metal trades and colliery proprietors, 
[Great Britain.] *$io net. Kelly. 

United States. Dept, of Commerce and 
Labor. Bureau of Manufactures. Brit- 
ish iron and steel industry. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of Commerce and 
Libor. Bureau of Labor. Woman and 
child wage earners in Great Britain. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

See also Birds: — British Empire;— Country life; — 
England; — Fisheries; — Ireland: — Scotland; — 
Sport J ; — Wales; — also names ot colonies. 

Great buildings. Browne, E. A. *$i.75 net. 


Great crisis in the life of Christ. Scott, L. W. 
$1 F: L: Rowe, 

Great design of Henry iv. Sully, Due de. 
♦♦50 c. net. Ginn. 

Great divide. Moody, W: V. **$i.2S net 


Great English letter-writers. Dawson, W: J. 

2 V. ea., **$i net. Harper. 

Great English portrait painters of the i8th 
century: Reynolds, Gainsborough, and 
Romney; ed. by T. Leman Hare. 'o9(0) 
239 p. col. il. O. *$2 net. Stokes. 

Great events in the life of Christ. Mc- 
Conaughy, J. 75 c. ; 50 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Great experiment Morgan, A. 50 c. 


Great French Revolution. Kropotkin, Prince 

P. A. ♦$2.25 net. Putnam. 

Great hymns of the middle ages. Brainerd, 
E. W., comp. $1. Ontury Co. 

Great issues. Horton, R. F. **$i.50 net. 

Great Lakes. 
Channing, E:, and Lansing, M. F. Story 
of the Great Lakes. ♦♦$1.50 net. 

Curwood, J. O. Great Lakes. **$3.50 net. 

Green, F. W., comp. Mitchell & Co.*s 
hdbk. of the Great Lakes. $1.50. 

Mitchell & Co. 
United States. Steamboat Inspection Ser- 
vice. Pilot rules for the Great Lakes and 
their connecting and tributary waters. 
(Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

See also Inland navigation. 
Great masters of Dutch and Flemish painting. 
Bode, W. *$2 net. Scribner. 

Great ministry. Horr, G: E. ♦$! net; Sun- 
day-school ed, *75 c. net Bible Study. 

Great newspaper ser. See Garis, Howard 

Great operas told for children. Prendcr- 
gast, J: $1.50. Stokes. 

Great portraits. Hale, P. L. $1.50. 

Bates & G. 
Great possessions. Ward, Mrs. J. M. H.-S. 
♦♦$1.35 net Putnam. 

Great problem. Burke, J: J. *$i net 

Great red dragon. Chester, Lord, pseud. 
75c.; 35 c. Guiding Star. 

Great SaUt Lake, Utah. 
Lambourne, A. Our inland sea. $2.50. 

A. Lambourne. 
Great salvation. Bowman, T: 50 c. 

Pub. Ho. of Evangelical Assoc. 
Great sea horse. Anderson, L *$2 net; 
**$I5 net. Little, B. & Co. 

Great short stories. Patten, W: $2.25. 

Great texts of the New Testament Green- 
hough, J. G. ♦$! net. Eaton & M. 
Great Victorian age. Synge, M. B. $1. 


Great wet way. Dale, A., pseud, ♦♦$1.50 net 


Great white plague. Otis, E: O. **$i net 


Great world mvstery: [poem.] Nicholovius, 

L. $1. ' B'way Pub. 


Greater New York. See New York City. 
Greater power. Bindloss. H. "$1.30 net 

Greatness and decline of Rome. See Fer- 

rero, Guglielmo. 
Greatest good of mankind. Wenzlick, W; 
75 e. W: Wendiek. 

Greco, El, Domenico Theotocoptili, called. 
Calvert, A. F;, and Hartley, C. G. El 
Greco: account of his life and works. 
*$i.SO net. Lane. 

Gredt, Joa. 
Elemema pliilosophise Aristolel ico- Thorn fs- 
ticK. V, I, Logica; philosophia moralis. 
'09(N) 25-1-496 p. 8°, •$2.45 net. Herder. 

AUinson. F. G. and A. C. E. Greek land 
and letters. ••$2,50 net. Houghton M. 
Broi\re, E. A. Greece. •75 c. net. 


Bury, J: B. Ancient Greek historians. 

$2-25- Macmillan. 

Fowler. H. N., and others. Handbook of 

Greek archeology . $2. Am. Bk. 

Lewis, L. B. Pupils' notebook and Study 

outline in Oriental and Greek history. 

35 c- Am. Bk. 

Mahaffy, J : P. What have Ihe Greeks done 

for modem dvilization ? ••$2.50 net. 


Marfiiiantl, A. Greek architecture. *'$2.2S 

net Macmillan. 

Rose, A. Christian Greece and living 

Gr;ek. $1. Stechert. 

Stories of Greece and Rome, *'6$ c. net 

Ceinury Co, 
Tappan, E, M. Story of the Greek people. 
S1.50. Houghton M. 

Thuyeydidcs. History. 3 v. $10,50. 

Walden, J : W : H : Universities of^lic^cnt 
Greece. ••$1.50 net. Scribner. 

GikS, Richard. 
Atlas of external diseases of the eye for 

physicians and students; only authorized 
*" ;Hsh tr., by P. W. Shedd. ■og(N) 


Greek lancuage. — Continued. 
Plato. The Euthypbro. 60 c 

Oxford Uri' 
Robertson, A. T : Short grammar of tlii 
Greek New Testament $1.50. 

O c: 75 
•xford I 

Thucydide*. Histories, bk. iv, 90 t; 

Notes only, 60 c Oxford Unir. 

Williams. C: B, Participle in the bookel 

Acts, 'so e. net. Univ. of Chit 

Sei also Bible;— alto nimn of G»ek mCbiui, 

Allinson, F. G. and A. C. E. Greek lards ' 
and Icllers. •■$2.50 net. Houghton M I 

Gildersleeve. B.L. Hellas and Hesperiaiifct i 
vitality of Greek studies in America. •$! 
net. Holt. 

Havell, H. L., comf: Stories from the ' 
Greek tragedy; retold. $1.50. Dodg^ 

Murray. G: G. A. Interpretation of an- 
cient Greek literature. 35 c. 

Oxford Uiii'V 

Stearns, W. N., rd. Fragments froW 
Grseco-Jewish writers. "75 c. net. 

Univ. of Ch»^ 

Tyrrell R. V. Essays on Greek literatu*"' 
*$1.25 net Macmill.^J' 

Stt aha Dcsina and dtaipuiit);— Gmk p<xiTr '~ 
oliD oaiKM of mlho™. 

Greek PHimsorHv. 

Srt Fhitoiophy 

Ogdcn, C: J. De infinitivi finalis vcl cc^^ 

seciitivi conslructione apud priscos poeC ^ 

Grsccos. •'$1.25 net. Macmil!^»" 

Greek ter. for colleges and schitols; ed. "* 

Herbert Weir Smith, il. D. Am. ^ 

— Fowler, anii others. Handbook of Grei^ 

archxology. $2. 

Greely, Major-General Adolphns Wssbingtoti^^r 

Hdhk, of Alaska. 'og(Je5) c it. maps, C- 

•*?2 net. Scribne:^ 

Hdbk. of polar discoveries. 4th ed,. re*" 




Green, Helen. 

Mr. Jackson. '09(D25) c. front. 12**, $1.25. 

B. W. Dodge. 

Green^ James, D,D, 

Wirgman, A. T. Life of James Green. 

*$6 net Longmans. 

Green, Max, M.D. 

Jewish question and the key to its solution. 

Yiddish ed. '09(8) c. 11+193 p. 12*, 25 c. 

Green, Olive, pseud. 
See Reed, Myrtle. 

Green, S: Abbott 
Early mile-stones leading from Boston; 
and mile-stones at Groton. '09 ()1) 27 p. 
il. 8**, 25 c. S : A. Green. 

John Foster, the earliest American engra- 
ver. '09. 5+149 p. il. pors. 8", silk, $2. 

Mass. Hist. Soc. 
Memoir of Abbott Lawrence. *o8, [1909.] 
(Ap) 9 p. por. 8**, 35 c. S: A. Green. 
Slavery at Groton, Massachusetts, in pro- 
vincial times. *09(Jei9) 8*, pap,, 25 c. 

S: A. Gieen. 
Green, S: Bowdlear. 

Popular fruit growing. '09 (Jl) 298 p. il. 
12% $1. Webb. 

Green, S: Gosnell, DJ). 

Gospel of St Mark: [commentary.] '09 
(F13) c. i6*, (Westminster New Testa- 
ment.) *75 c. net Revell. 

Green, S: Swett 

Worcester, England, and Worcester, Mas- 
sachusetts. *09(F6) il. pors. Q. pap., 
gratis. S: S. Green. 

"Green Finch" cruise. Kempson, F. C. 
$1.75. Longmans. 

Green Fund book ser. D. Am. S. S. 

— Huntington. Charms of the old Book. 

♦90 c. net. 
- — MacPhail. Magnetism of the Bible. *75 c. 

- — Roads. Rural Christendom. *90 c. net. 
- — Tomkins. Faith and life of a Christian. 

*75 c. net 
Green ginger. Morison, A. t$i-50. Stokes. 

Greendlinger, Leo. 

Accountancy problems, with solutions; 
with introd. by J: R. Loomis. 'o9(My) 
8*, ^$5 net Accountancy. 

Greene, C: Wilson. 

Experimental pharmacology ; laboratory 
guide for the study of the physiological 
action of drugs. 3d ed., rev. '09 (Je) 
c. lo-f 76 p. il. 8*. ♦$! net Blakiston. 

Greene, Evarts Boutell, ed. 
See Illinois State Historical Library. 

Greene, Frances Nimmo. 
Into the night: story of New Orleans, 'og 
(O2) c. il. D. ♦*$i.20 net CrowelL 

Greene, H. Noyes, rep. 
See Am. and Eng. annot cases. — Digest. 

Greene, Homer. 

Lincoln conscript '09(Ap24) c. il. D. 
t$i.50. Houghton M. 

Greene, Jos. Morse. 
Experiments on the sub-human : are they 
justifiable? 2d cd. '08, [1909] (JO 3-28 
p. 8*, pap. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

N. Y*. And- Vivisection. 

Greene, Mary Anne Everett. 
Elizabeth Queen of Bohemia and Electress 
Palatine. '09(Di8) 8% *$3.50 net. 

Greene, Mrs. Mary Ellen Brown. 

Door where the wrong lay. '09(Je26) 
c. front D. $1.50. C. M. Clark 

Greene, R: Arnold. 
Saint Peter. '09(My22) c D. ♦$! net 

Sherman, F. 
Greene, Rob. 
Robert Greene: [plays;] ed., with introd. 
and notes, by T : H. Dickinson. 'o9(Dii) 
front D. (Mermaid ser.) ♦$! net 

Greenhough, J. G. 
See Brown, C. 
Greenhough, Rev. J. G. 

Mind of Christ in St Paul. ■09(D) 16+ 
310 p. O. *$i.50 net. Doran. 

— , Brown, C: Walker, W. L., and others. 
Great texts of the New Testament. '09 
(N20) D. ♦$! net Eaton & M. 

Dean, M. System of green house heating 
for steam or hot water. $2. 

Domestic Engineering. 
Hasluck, P. N., ed. Greenhouse and con- 
servatory construction and heating. *$i 
net. Cassell. 

Greenwich, N. J. 
Andrews, F. D. Tea-burners of Cumber- 
land County, [N. J.,] who showed their 
resistance to British tyranny. 30 c. 

F. D. Andrews. 
Greenwood, Alice Drayton. 
Lives of the Hanoverian queens of Eng- 
land. '09(Agi4) V. I, 8**, *$3.50 net 

Greenwood, Grace, pseud. 

See Lippincott, Mrs, Sarah Jane Clarke. 
Greenwood, Granville G: 
In re Shakespeare ; Beeching v. Greenwood ; 
rejoinder on behalf of the defendant 
'09(My8) D. *$i net. Lane. 

Greenwood, I: J: 

The circi-s ; its origin and growth prior to 
1835, with a sketch of negro minstrelsy. 
[2(1 ed.] '09(54) c. il. pors. O. *$5 net 


Greg, Wa. W., corap. 

Descriptive catalogue of the early editions 

of the works of Shakespeare preserved 

in the library of Eton College. '09(Agi4) 

O. $1.10. Oxford Univ. 

Gregg, Rev. Arth. Eug. 
Quest of the Holy Grail. '09(Jl3i) c. il 
O. pap., 25 c. F. ll Masseck 

Gregg, J: Robert. 
The Gregg reporter. '09 (N) c. 7+111 p 
12°, $1.50. Gregg Pub 

Gregorian chants. 

See Church music, 

Gregory, Herbert Ernest, and Ellis, E. E. 
Underground water resources of Connecti- 
cut; by Herbert E. Gregory; with a 
study of the occurrence of water in crys- 
talline rock by E. E. Ellis. *09(N) 200 p. 
il. maps, tabs., O. (U. S., Dept. of the 
Interior, Geolog. Survey; Water supply 
papers.) pap. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Sm^V. olX^o^v 



Ongory, Ja. J. 

Cabbages and cauliflowers : how to grow 

tbem; pract. treatise, giving full details, 

incl. keeping and marketing the crop. 

Rev. ed. '08, [igog.] (F) c- 93 P- il. 12°, 

30 c J. J. H. Gregory. 

Gienell, Zelotea. 

Church clerk; hdbk. for clerks of Baptist 

churches. '09{Je) c. 46 p, 12°, pap.. 25 c. 

Am. Bapl. 

Gtenfell, Bernard Pyne, ed. 

See Hcllenica Oxyrhynchia. 
Ore N FELL, Rev. George. 
Hawker, G : Life of George Greufell. "Ja 
ncl. Revell. 

Grenfell, Wilfred Thomaaon, M.D. 
Adrift on an ii.-c-pan. 'og(Je26) c il. por. 
D. '*?5 c Houghton M, 

Man's faith. 'ogCJag) c. D. bds., '50 e. ret. 
Pilgrim Press. 
— , ood otbera. 
Labrador ; the country and the people. '09 
(N30) c iL map, D. "$2.2? pel, 

Grey, Lady Jane. 
Davey, R: Nine days' queen. •$3.50 net. 
Giey, Z&ne. 
Last trail. 'o9(Apio) c, il. 12°, t$i. Burl. 
Short-stop, 'or){Jlio) c. il. D. $1.25. 

Greylocfc, Godfrey, piend. 

See Smith. J. E. A. 
GribWe, Fs. H: 

Chalcaiibriand and his court of women, 'og 

(Dii) pors. O. '$3-7$ let. Scribner. 

Lake of Geneva. '09CO2) il. map. 12'. 

(Color book aer.) *96 net. Macmillan. 

Lausnnnt, '09(Myl;) 8°, (Color books.) 

'$3 net. Macmillan. 

Grieg. Edvard Eagciup. 

Fifty songs: ed by Hr T. Finck tor high 
voice. '09CF20) c. por. Q. (Musi- 
lib.) $2.5