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SSSM^%,r:-^ 21236 1, (^ 


Dr. John Geise 


Writings o?i American History 





House Document Number 96 - 82d Congress, 1st Session 

on American History 


Compiled by the Library of Congress 

James R. Masterson, Editor 
Anna Marie Kane, Assistant 






For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office 
Washington 25, D. C. Price J2.00 (cloth) 


To the Memory of 

Editor, 1908-1949 


This volume, a classified list of books and articles on United States 
history published during 1948, continues a series of volumes of which 
the latest, for 1939 and 1940, was issued in 1949. No volumes have been 
prepared for the years 1941-47. 

The first volume of this series, listing publications of 1902, was 
issued in 1904, and the second, for publications of 1903, in 1905. The 
years 1904 and 1905 were not covered. Writings published during the 
3^ears 1906-40 were listed in 33 volumes edited by Grace Gardner Griffin. 
Miss Griffin retired from the editorship in 1949 after 41 years of service. 
Her achievement in American historical bibliography has never been 

The present volume and a volume for 1949 were prepared by the 
Library of Congress between July 6, 1949, and April 2, 1951, with funds 
provided by the American Historical Association. The work was done 
under the general supervision of vSolon J. Buck as occupant of the Chair 
of American History. 

On December 12, 1951, the National Historical Publications Com- 
mission, at the request of the Executive Secretary of the American 
Historical Association, assumed responsibility for preparing the Writings 
and seeing the volumes through the press. It is understood that the 
Writings will continue to be printed as parts of the annual reports of the 
Association. The Commission's only responsibility for the volume for 1948 
has been to complete the reading of proofs. The volume for 1949 is in 
press, and work on the volume for 1950 is nearing completion. No pro- 
vision has yet been made for preparing the volumes for 1941-47. 

The main differences between this volume and its predecessors are 
the following: (1) Only titles pertaining to the history of the United 
States are included. (2) Reviews are not cited. (3) Duplicate citation 
of titles, and cross references within the text, are discontinued; each title 
is cited only once. (4) Biographical titles, and titles designated as 
"sources and documents," are not separated from other titles. (5) Titles 
are arranged, as far as possible, by regions, and topical classification is 
confined to titles that pertain to the United States in general. (6) Titles 
pertaining to relations of the United States with foreign powers, and to 
activities of American citizens, agencies, and organizations abroad, are 
grouped in a separate; section. (7) Titles are cited clu'onologically accord- 
ing to beginning date of subject matter, not alphabetically by author or by 
first word of title. (8) Illustrations, such as maps and portraits, are cited 
for articles as well as for titles published separately. (9) Footnotes or 


notes at ends of chapters or volumes, citing sources of information or of 
quotations, with page references, are designated by the word "notes." 

(10) The index is expanded for the accommodation of readers who wish 
to pursue single topics through all regions and periods, and whose 
needs in this respect are not met by the present scheme of arrangement. 

(11) The format and typography of the volume are revised for greater 

This volume is designed to include every book and article, however 
brief, that has any considerable value for study and research in the history 
of the United States from prehistoric times to the end of 1945. Works 
mainly descriptive of present conditions, and those dealing mainly with 
current affairs, are cited when they present historical information that 
seems difficult to obtain from other sources or that may be useful as a 
clue to such sources. A few publications of which the texts may have 
little value for historical purposes have been listed because they contain 
illustrations of historical value. 

All publications cited in this volume have been examined by the 
editor. An attempt has been made to cite in the volume for 1949 the 
relevant publications issued during 1948 that were not seen while the 
volume for 1948 was in course of preparation. 



The Historical Proiession ... 1 
Historiography and allied disci- 
plines 1 

The teacliing of history and allied 

subjects 5 

Historians and allied workers . . 7 
Lists and descriptions of historical 

materials 10 

Bibliography 11 

Printed works 12 

Manuscripts 17 

Cartography 19 

Iconography 19 

Other lists and descriptions . . 21 
Repositories and custodians of his- 
torical materials 25 

Nationwide History 30 

Political, economic, and social 

themes 32 

Politics and public administra- 
tion 34 

Law and the judiciary .... 43 

Communication 48 

Natural resources, production, 

and industry 51 

Transportation 57 

Property, money, and taxes . . 61 
Consumers and consumers' inter- 
ests 65 

Labor 68 

Population, races, and national- 
ities 71 

Social themes 74 

Sports 75 

Army, Navy, and Air Forces . . 76 

Education 82 

The arts 84 

Literature (except drama) . . 84 
The theater and allied arts and 

entertainments . .^ . . . . 88 

The fine arts 90 

Music 93 

The sciences 96 

Churches and religions 100 

Family history 104 

Other subjects 105 


Regional and Local History . . 108 

The East 117 

New England 118 

Maine 120 

Statewide history .... 120 

Local history ...... 121 

New Hampshire 122 

Statewide history .... 122 

Local history 122 

Vermont 123 

Statewide history .... 123 

Local history 124 

Massachusetts 124 

Statewide history .... 124 

Boston 125 

Other local history .... 128 

Rhode Island 133 

Statewide history .... 133 

Newport 133 

Providence 134 

Other local history .... 134 

Connecticut 135 

Statewide history .... 135 

New Haven 135 

Other local history .... 136 

The Middle Atlantic States . . 138 

New York 139 

Statewide history .... 139 

New York City 140 

Long Island (except areas 

within New York City) . 147 

Other local history .... 149 

New Jersey 156 

Statewide history .... 156 

Local history 156 

Pennsylvania 159 

Statewide history .... 159 

Philadelphia 162 

Pittsburgh 165 

Other local history .... 167 

Delaware 174 

Statewide history .... 174 

Local history 174 

The South 175 

The Southern Atlantic States . 182 

Maryland 183 

Statewide history .... 183 


Regional and Local History — 
The South — Continued 

The Southern Atlantic States — 

Maryland — Continued Page 

Baltimore 184 

Other local history .... 185 

Virginia 186 

Statewide history .... 186 

Local history 188 

The District of Columbia . . 193 

North Carolina 196 

Statewide history .... 196 

Local history 197 

South Carolina 198 

Statewide history .... 198 

Charleston 199 

Other local history .... 200 

Georgia 201 

Statewide history .... 201 

Local history 202 

Florida 204 

Statewide history .... 204 

Local history 205 

The Gulf States 207 

Alabama 207 

Statewide history .... 207 

Local history 208 

Mississippi 209 

Statewide history .... 209 

Local history 209 

Louisiana 210 

Statewide history .... 210 

New Orleans 211 

Other local history .... 212 

Texas 213 

Statewide history .... 213 

Local history 215 

The Border States 221 

West Virginia 222 

Statewide history .... 222 

Local history 222 

Kentucky 223 

Statewide history .... 223 

Local history 224 

Tennessee 227 

Statewide history .... 227 

Local history 227 

Missouri 228 

Statewide history .... 228 

Local history 229 

Regional and Local History — 
The South — Continued 

The Border States — Continued Page 

Arkansas 231 

Statewide history .... 231 

Local history 231 

Oklahoma 232 

Statewide history .... 232 

Local history 233 

The West 234 

The North Central States ... 239 

Ohio . . .• 242 

Statewide history .... 242 

Local history 243 

Indiana 247 

Statewide history .... 247 

Local history 247 

Illinois 249 

Statewide history .... 249 

Chicago 250 

Other local history .... 252 

Michigan 254 

Statewide history .... 254 

Detroit 254 

Other local history .... 256 

Wisconsin 258 

Statewide history .... 258 

Local history 259 

Minnesota 261 

Statewide history .... 261 

Local history 262 

Iowa 263 

Statewide history .... 263 

Local history 264 

North Dakota 266 

South Dakota 266 

Nebraska 266 

Statewide history .... 266 

Local history 267 

Kansas 267 

Statewide history .... 267 

Local history 268 

The Rocky Mountain States . 269 

Montana 270 

Statewide history .... 270 

Local history 271 

Idaho .271 

Statewide history .... 271 

Local history 271 

Wyoming 272 

Statewide history .... 272 

Local history 272 

Regional and Local History — 
The West— Continued 

The Rocky Mountain States — 

Continued Page 

Colorado 273 

Statewide history .... 273 

Local history 274 

Utah 276 

Statewide history .... 276 

Local history 277 

New Mexico 278 

Statewide history .... 278 

Local history 279 

Arizona 281 

Statewide history .... 281 

Local history 281 

The Pacific States 282 

Washington 283 

Statewide history .... 283 

Local history 283 

Oregon 284 

Statewide history .... 284 

Local history 285 

Nevada 286 

Statewide history .... 286 

Local history 286 

California 286 

Statewide history .... 286 

San Francisco 289 

Los Angeles 290 

Other local history .... 291 

Territories and dependencies . . 297 

Alaska 297 

Hawaii 299 

The Philippine Islands (to 

1946) 300 

Other Pacific dependencies . . 302 

Regional and Local History — 
Territories and dependencies — 

Continued Page 

The Canal Zone 302 

The Virgin Islands of the United 

States 303 

Puerto Rico 303 

International History in Rela- 
tion TO THE United States . . 304 

The An^ericas 310 

Canada and Greenland . . . . 311 

The West Indies 315 

Mexico 316 

Central America 319 

South America 319 

The Atlantic Powers 320 

Europe 321 

The Scandinavian Powers . . 326 

The British Isles 326 

The Netherlands, Belgium, 

and Luxembourg .... 330 

France 331 

The Iberian Peninsula . . . 336 

Germany 336 

Italy 338 

Austria 339 

Poland 339 

The Balkan States 339 

Africa 339 

The Middle East 340 

The Pacific Powers 340 

Oceania 342 

Japan 345 

Korea 346 

China 347 

India and Burma 348 

Russia 348 


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Dartmouth College Lib. bul. Dartmouth 
College Library bulletin. Hanover, 
N. H.: Baker Library, Dartmouth 

Davis & Elkins hist. mag. The Davis 
and Elkins historical magazine. El- 
kins, W. Va. : Beta-Nu Chapter of 
Phi Alpha Theta, Davis and Elkins 
College. [Vol. 1, no. 1, Mar. 1948.] 

Decorator. The decorator. [N o r o t o n , 
Conn.] Esther Stevens Brazer Guild 
and the Soc. of Early American Decora- 

Del. hist. Delaware history. Wilming- 
ton: Historical Soc. of Delaware. 

Dental items. Dental items of interest: 
a monthly journal of dental art, 
science, and literature. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. : Dental Items of Interest Pub- 
lishing Co. 

Desert mag. The desert magazine. Palm 
Desert, Calif.: The Desert Press, Inc. 

Detroit Hist. Soc, Bul. Bulletin of 
the Detroit Historical Society. De- 

Detroit Inst. Arts, Bul. Bulletin of 
the Detroit Institute of Arts. [n. p.] 

Detroit Soc. Geneal. Research mag. The 
Detroit Society for Genealogical Re- 
search magazine. Detroit, Mich. 

Diapason. The diapason: a monthly 
publication devoted to the organ and 
the interests of organists. Chicago: 
American Guild of Organists and 
Canadian College of Organists. 

Dickensian. The Dickensian: a quar- 
terly magazine for Dickens lovers. 
London: The Dickens Fellowship at 
the Dickens House. 

Dickinson law rev. Dickinson law review. 
Carlisle, Pa. : Dickinson School of 

Dominicana. Dominicana. Wash. [The 
Dominican Theological Students]. 

Dutchess Co. Hist. Soc, Yr. bk. 
Dutchess County Historical Society. 
Year book. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

ELH. ELH: a journal of English lit- 
erary history. Baltimore : The Tudor 
and Stuart Club, The Johns Hopkins 

Econ. geog. Economic geography. Wor- 
cester, Mass.: Clark Univ. 

Econ. jour. Economic journal. London: 
The Royal Economic Soc. 

Econometrica. Econometrica: journal of 
the Econometric Society. Chicago: 
Univ. of Chicago. 

Education. Education : a monthly mag- 
azine devoted to the science, art, 
philosophy, and literature of educa- 
tion. Boston: The Palmer Co. 

Element, school jour. The elementary 
school journal. Chicago: Univ. of 

Emory Univ. quar. The Emory Uni- 
versity quarterly. Emory University, 
Ga. : Emory Univ. 

Eng. jour. The English journal: . . . 
the professional magazine of the teach- 
ing of English in secondary schools. 
Chicago: National Council of Teach- 
ers of English. 

Essay proof jour. The essay proof jour- 
nal. N. Y.: The Essay Proof Soc. 

Essex Inst. hist. col. The Essex Institute 
historical collections. Salem, Mass. 

Ethyl news. Ethyl news. N. Y. : Ethyl 

Etude. Etude: the music magazine. 
Phila. : Theodore Presser Co. 

Far Eastern quar. The Far Eastern 
quarterly: review of eastern Asia and 
the adjacent Pacific islands. Ithaca, 
N. Y. : Cornell Univ. Press for the 
Far Eastern Assoc. 

Fed. Bar jour. The Federal Bar journal. 
Wash.: The Federal Bar Assoc. 

Fellowship. Fellowship of U. S. -British 
comrades. Wash. [Vol. 1, no. 1, 
Jan. 1948.] 

Field & lab. Field & laboratory: con- 
tributions from the science departments 
of Southern ]\Iethodist University. 
Dallas, Tex. : Univ. Press in Dallas. 

Field Artillery jour. The Field Artillery 
journal. Baltimore: United States 
Field Artillery Assoc. 

Filson Club hist. quar. The Filson Club 
history quarterly. Louisville, Ky.: 
The Filson Club. 


Fla. anthrop. The Florida anthropolo- 
gist. Gainesville: Florida Anthropo- 
logical Soc. [Vol. 1, no. 1, May 1948.] 

Fla. hist. quar. The Florida historical 
quarterly. St. Augustine: Florida 
Historical Soc. 

Fla. law jour. Florida law journal. 
Tallahassee: Florida State Bar Assoc. 

Food drug cosmetic law quar. Food drug 
cosmetic law quarterly. Chicago: 
Commerce Clearing House, Inc. 

Fordham law rev. Fordham law review. 
N. Y. : Fordham Univ. 

Foreign affairs. N. Y. : Council on 
Foreign Relations. 

Fortune. Fortune. Chicago: Time, 

Franklin Inst., Jour. Journal of the 
Franklin Institute, devoted to science 
and the mechanic arts. Phila. : The 
Frankhn Institute of the State of 

French Am. rev. The French American 
review. Wash.: Institut Frangais de 
Washington. [Vol. 1, no. 1, Jan. 1948.] 

French rev. The French review. Balti- 
more: American Assoc, of Teachers 
of French. 

Friends Hist. Assoc, Bui. The bulletin 
of Friends Historical Association. 
Haverford, Pa.: Haverford College. 

Friends' Hist. Soc, Jour. The journal 
of the Friends' Historical Society. 

Frontier times. Frontier times. Baird, 
Tex.: J. Marvin Hunter, Jr. 

Ft. Ticonderoga Mus., Bui. The bul- 
letin of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum. 
Ft, Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

Ga. Bar jour. Georgia Bar journal. 
Macon, Ga. : Georgia Bar Assoc. 

Ga. hist. quar. The Georgia historical 
quarterly. Savannah: Georgia His- 
torical Soc. 

Ga. rev. The Georgia review. Athens: 
Univ. of Georgia Press for the Univ. 
of Georgia. 

Gallery notes. Gallery notes. Buffalo, 
N. Y.: The Buffalo Finfe Arts Acad- 
emy, Albright Art Gallery. 

Gen. mag. and hist, chron. The general 
magazine and historical chronicle. 
Phila.: General Alumni Soc, Univ. 
of Pennsylvania. 

Geo. Wash, law rev. The George Wash- 
ington law review. Wash.: The 
George Washington Univ. 

Geog. rev. The geographical review. 
Burlington, Vt.: Lane Press for the 
American Geographical Soc. of New 

Geol. Soc. Am., Bui. Bulletin of the 
Geological Society of America. N. Y. 

Georgetown law jour. The Georgetown 
law journal. Worcester, Mass.: 
Georgetown [D. C] Law Journal Assoc. 

German quar. The German quarterly. 
Appleton, Wis.: American Assoc, of 
Teachers of German. 

Germanic rev. The Germanic review, 
devoted to researches dealing with the 
Germanic languages and literatures. 
N. Y.: Columbia Univ. Press for the 
Department of Germanic Languages of 
Columbia Univ. 

Guild ticker. The Guild ticker. Fayette- 
ville. Ark.: Commerce Guild, College 
of Business Administration, Univ. of 

Harper's. Harper's magazine. Albany, 
N. Y.: Harper & Brothers. 

Harv. law rev. Harvard law review. 
Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Law Re- 
view Assoc. 

Harv. Lib. bul. Harvard Library bulletin. 
Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Univ. 

Harv. theol. rev. The Harvard theo- 
logical review. Cambridge, Mass.: 
Harvard Univ. Press for the Faculty 
of Divinity, Harvard Univ. 

Heart throbs of the West. Heart throbs 
of the West: official organ of the 
Daughters of Utah Pioneers, [n. p.] 

High school jour. The high school 
journal. Chapel Hill: Univ. of North 
Carolina Press for the Department of 
Education, Univ. of North Carolina. 

Hisp. Am. hist. rev. The Hispanic 
American historical review. Durham, 
N. C: Duke Univ. Press. 

Hisp. rev. Hispanic review: a quarterly 
journal devoted to research in the 
Hispanic languages & literatures. 
[Phila.] Univ. of Pennsylvania Press. 

Hist, and Phil. Soc. Ohio, Bul. Bul- 
letin of the Historical and Philosoph- 
ical Society of Ohio. Cincinnati. 


Hist. bul. The historical bulletin: a 
service quarterly for teachers and 
students of history. St. Louis, Mo.: 
Department of History, Saint Louis 

Hist. N. H. Historical New Hampshire. 
Concord: New Hampshire Historical 

Hist. rev. Berks Co. The historical review 
of Berks County. Reading, Pa. : His- 
torical Soc. of Berks County. 

Hist. Soc. Montgomery Co., Bul. 
The bulletin of the Historical Society 
of Montgomery County. Norristown, 

Hist. Soc. South Calif., Quar. The 
quarterly. Historical Society of South- 
ern California. Los Angeles. 

Historian. The historian: a journal of 
history. Albuquerque, N. M.: Phi 
Alpha Theta, National Honorary Fra- 
ternity in History. 

Historiographer. The historiographer. 
Phila. : Church Historical Soc. 

Hobbies. Hobbies: the magazine for col- 
lectors. Chicago: Lightner Publish- 
ing Corp. 

Holiday. Holiday. Phila.: Curtis 
Publishing Co. 

Hollywood quar. Hollywood quarterly. 
Berkeley and Los Angeles: Univ. of 
California Press. 

Hoosier folklore. Hoosier folklore: a quar- 
terly of folklore from Indiana and 
neighboring States. Indianapolis: In- 
diana Historical Bureau for the Hoosier 
Folklore Soc. 

Horizon. Horizon: journal of the Philo- 
sophical Research Society. Los An- 
geles: Horizon Publishing Co. 

Horn's. Horn's: the magazine for book- 
lovers. Santa Ana, Calif.: Charles 
W. and Zonetta C. Horn. 

Horse. The horse: "The magazine for 
the horse fancier and breeder." Wash. : 
American Remount Assoc. 

Hug. Soc. S. C, Trans. Transactions 
of the Huguenot Society of South 
Carolina. Charleston. 

Huntington Lib. quar. The Huntington 
Library quarterly: a journal for the 
history and interpretation of EngUsh 
and American civilization. San Ma- 
rino, Calif.: Henry E. Huntington 
Library and Art Gallery. 

I. C. C. Practitioners' jour. I. C. C. 
practitioners' journal. Federalsburg, 
Md. : Assoc, of Interstate Commerce 
Commission Practitioners. 

la. jour. hist. The Iowa journal of 
history and politics. Iowa City: 
State Historical Soc. of Iowa. 

la. law rev. Iowa law review. Iowa 
City: State Univ. of Iowa. 

I bero- Americana. Ibero-Americana, 
Berkeley, Calif. : Univ. of California 

III. law rev. Illinois law review. Chi- 
cago: Northwestern Univ. Press. 

III. lib. Illinois hbraries. Springfield: 
Illinois State Library. 

III. State Hist. Soc, Jour., Journal 
of the lUinois State Historical Society. 
Springfield, 111. State of Illinois. 

InKy. In Kentucky: official publication 
of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 
Frankfort: Division of Publicity, De- 
partment of Conservation. 

Ind. hist. bul. Indiana history bulletin. 
Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Bu- 

Ind. law jour. Indiana law journal. 
Bloomington: Indiana Univ. School 
of Law for the Indiana State Bar 

Ind. mag. hist. Indiana magazine of 
history. Bloomington: The Depart- 
ment of History of Indiana Univ. in 
cooperation with the Indiana Historical 

Ind. quar. bookmen. The Indiana quar- 
terly for bookmen. Bloomington: In- 
diana Univ. Library. 

Industrial and labor rel. rev. Industrial 
and labor relations review. Ithaca, 
N. Y. : School of Industrial and Labor 
Relations, Cornell Univ. 

Infantry jour. Infantry journal. Wash. : 
United States Infantry Assoc. 

Inland seas. Inland seas. Cleveland, 
Ohio: Great Lakes Historical Soc. 

Internatl. affairs. International affairs. 
Toronto: The Univ. of Toronto Press 
for the Royal Institute of International 

Internatl. jour. Am. linguistics. Inter- 
national journal of American lin- 
guistics. Baltimore: Waverly Press, 
Inc., for Indiana Univ. under auspices 
of the Linguistic Soc. of America and 


the Am. Anthropological Assoc, with 
the cooperation of the Joint Com- 
mittee on American Native Languages 
of the American Council of Learned 

Isis. Isis: an international review de- 
voted to the history of science and 
civilization. Cambridge, Mass.: His- 
tory of Science Soc. 

Italica. Italica. Menasha, Wis.: 
George Banta Publishing Co. for the 
American Assoc, of Teachers of Italian. 

Jew. educ. Jewish education. N. Y. : 
Comet Press for the National Council 
for Jewish Education. 

Jew. rev. The Jewish review: a journal 
devoted to the study and interpretation 
of Jewish life and thought. N. Y.: 
Shulsinger Brothers for the Jewish 
Teachers' Seminary and People's Univ. 

Jeiv. social stud. Jewish social studies: 
a quarterly journal devoted to con- 
temporary and historical aspects of 
Jewish life. N. Y.: Conference on 
Jewish Relations, Inc. 

Johns Hopkins alumni mag. The Johns 
Hopkins alumni magazine. Baltimore : 
Johns Hopkins Alumni Assoc. 

Jour, air law. Journal of air law and 
commerce. Chicago: Northwestern 
Univ. School of Law and School of 
Commerce under the auspices of 
Northwestern Univ. Institute of Aero- 

Joiir. business. The journal of business 
of the University of Chicago: a quar- 
terly devoted to the scientific and 
professional interests of business. Chi- 
cago: Univ. of Chicago. 

Jour. cent. Eur. affairs. Journal of 
central European affairs. Boulder, 
Colo.: Univ. of Colorado. 

Jour, chemical educ. Journal of chemical 
education. Easton, Pa.: Division of 
Chemical Education of the American 
Chemical Soc. 

Jour, criminal law. The journal of 
criminal law and criminology, including 
the American journal of 'police science. 
Chicago: Northwestern Univ. Press 
for Northwestern Univ. School of Law. 

Jour, documentation. The journal of 
documentation, devoted to the record- 
ing, organization, and dissemination 

of specialized knowledge. London: 

Jour. econ. hist. The journal of economic 
history. N. Y.: New York Univ. 
Press for the Economic History Assoc. 

Jour. educ. research. Journal of educa- 
tional research. Madison, Wis. : Dem- 
bar Publications. 

Jour. educ. sociol. The journal of educa- 
tional sociology : a magazine of theory 
and practice. N. Y. : The Payne Edu- 
cational Sociology Foundation, Inc. 

Jour. Eng. and Germanic philol. The 
journal of English and Germanic 
philology. Urbana, 111.: Univ. of Illi- 

Jour, farm econ. Journal of farm eco- 
nomics. Menasha, Wis.: American 
Farm Economic Assoc. 

Jour. geog. The journal of geography. 
Chicago: A. J. Nystrom & Co. for 
the National Council of Geography 

Jour, higher educ. The journal of higher 
education. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio 
State Univ. 

Jour. hist, ideas. Journal of the history 
of ideas: a quarterly devoted to in- 
tellectual history. N. Y.: College 
of the City of New York. 

Jour. hist. med. Journal of the history 
of medicine and allied sciences. N. Y. : 
Henry Schuman, Inc. [etc.]. 

Jour, home econ. Journal of home 
economics. Wash.: American Home 
Economics Assoc. 

Jour, marketing. The journal of market- 
ing. Menasha, Wis.: American Mar- 
keting Assoc. 

Jour. Miss. hist. The journal of Mis- 
sissippi history. Jackson: Mississippi 
Historical Soc. 

Jour. mod. hist. The journal of modern 
history. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago 
in cooperation with the Modern Euro- 
pean History Section of the American 
Historical Assoc. 

Jour. Negro educ. The journal of 
Negro education: a quarterly review 
of problems incident to the education 
of Negroes. Wash.: Howard Univ. 
Press for the Bureau of Educational 
Research, Howard Univ. 


Jour. Negro hist. The journal of Negro 
history. Wash.: The Assoc, for the 
Study of Negro Life and History. 

Jour. pol. The journal of poHtics. 
Gainesville, Fla. : Southern Pohtical 
Science Assoc, in cooperation with the 
Univ. of Florida. 

Jour. pol. econ. The journal of political 
economy. Chicago: Univ. of Chi- 

Jour. South, hist. The journal of South- 
ern history. Baton Rouge, La. : South- 
ern Historical Assoc. 

Journalism quar. Journalism quarterly, 
devoted to investigative studies in the 
field of journalism. Iowa City: Amer- 
ican Assoc, of Schools and Depart- 
ments of Journalism and the American 
Assoc, of Teachers of Journalism. 

Jr. college jour. Junior college journal. 
Wash. : American Assoc, of Junior 

Jr. historian. The junior historian. 
Harrisburg, Pa. : The Pennsylvania 
Federation of Junior Historians. 

Jr. historian {Tex.). The junior his- 
torian of the Texas State Historical 
Assoc. Austin, Tex. 

Just buttons. Just buttons. Hartford, 
Conn.: Sally C. Luscomb. 

Kan. Acad. Science, Trans. Transac- 
tions of the Kansas Academy of 
Science. Lawrence, Kan. 

Kan. hist. guar. The Kansas historical 
quarterly. Topeka: Kansas State 
Historical Soc. 

Kan. Judicial Council bid. Kansas Judi- 
cial Council bulletin. Topeka, Kan. 

Kenyan rev. The Kenyon review. Gam- 
bier, Ohio: Kenyon College. 

Kiva. The kiva. Tucson, Ariz.: Ari- 
zona Archaeological and Historical Soc, 
Arizona State Museum, Univ. of 

Know. Know. Norfolk, Va. : Norfolk 
Advertising Board, Inc. 

Korean rev. Korean review. Seattle, 
Wa'^h. : Korean-American Cultural As- 
soc, Inc [Vol. 1, no. 1, Mar. 1948.] 

Ky. engineer. The Kentucky engineer. 
Lexington: College of Engineering, 
Univ. of Kentucky. 

Ky. Hist. Soc, Reg. The register of the 
Kentucky Historical Society. Frank- 
fort, Ky. 

Ky. law rev. Kentucky law journal. 
Lexington: College of Law, Univ. of 

Ky. Lib. Assoc, Bui. Bulletin of the 
Kentucky Library Association, [n. p.] 

Ky. med. jour. Kentucky medical jour- 
nal. Bowhng Green: Kentucky State 
Medical Assoc, Inc. 

Ky. State Bar jour. Kentucky State 
Bar journal. Louisville: Kentucky 
State Bar Assoc. 

La. hist. quar. The Louisiana historical 
quarterly. New Orleans: The Louisi- 
ana Historical Soc. 

La. law rev. Louisiana law review. 
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State Univ. 

Labor and nation. Labor and nation: 
independent national labor magazine. 
N. Y. : Inter-Union Institute, Inc 

Lamp. The lamp: a Catholic monthly 
devoted to Church unity and missions. 
Graymoor, Garrison, N. Y. : Fran- 
ciscan Friars of the Atonement. 

Lancaster Co. Hist. Soc, Papers. 
Papers of the Lancaster County His- 
torical Society. Lancaster, Pa. 

Land econ. Land economics: a quarterly 
journal of planning, housing, & public 
utilities. Madison, Wis.: Univ. of 

Landscape architecture. Landscape archi- 
tecture. Boston: American Soc. of 
Landscape Architects. 

Law and contemp. problems. Law and 
contemporary problems. Durham, 
N. C: Duke Univ. School of Law. 

Law lib. jour. Law library journal. 
Albuquerque, N. M.: American As- 
soc, of Law Libraries. 

Lawyers Guild rev. Lawyers Guild re- 
view. N. Y.: National Lawyers 

Lib. chron. The Library chronicle. 
Phila.: Friends of the Library, Univ. 
of Pennsylvania. 

Lib. Cong. quar. jour. The Library of 
Congress quarterly journal of current 
acquisitions. Wash.: Library of Con- 

Lib. notes. Library notes: a bulletin 
issued for the Friends of Duke Univer- 
sity Library. Durham, N. C: Duke 
Univ. Library. 


Lib. quar. The library quarterly: a 
journal of investigation and discussion 
in the field of library science. Chicago: 
Graduate Library School, Univ. of 

Lincoln herald. Lincoln herald: a maga- 
zine of education and Lincolniana. 
Harrogate, Tenn.: Lincoln Memorial 

Long Island forum. The Long Island 
forum. Amityville, N. Y.: Paul 

Los Angeles Bar bvl. Los Angeles Bar 
bulletin. Los Angeles, Calif.: The 
Los Angeles Bar Assoc. 

Loyolalawrev. Loyola law review. New 
Orleans: School of Law, Loyola Univ. 

Luth. Church quar. The Lutheran Church 
quarterly. Gettysburg, Pa.: Luther- 
an Theological Seminary at Gettys- 
burg and the Lutheran Theological 
Seminary at Philadelphia. 

Mag. of art. Magazine of art. Wash.: 
The American Federation of Arts. 

Marine Corps gaz. The Marine Corps 
gazette: professional magazine for the 
United States Marines. Quantico, Va.: 
The Marine Corps Assoc. 

Marquette law rev. Marquette law re- 
view. Milwaukee: Students and Fac- 
ulty of Marquette Univ. School of Law. 

Mass. Archaeol. See, Bui. Bulletin 
of the Massachusetts Archaeological 
Society. Andover, Mass. 

Mass. law quar. Massachusetts law 
quarterly. Boston: Massachusetts 
Bar Assoc. 

Masterkey. The masterkey. Los An- 
geles: Southwest Museum. 

Md. hist. & geneal. bul. The Maryland 
historical & genealogical bulletin. Bal- 
timore: Robert F. Hayes, Jr. 

Md. hist. mag. Maryland historical 
magazine. Baltimore: Maryland His- 
torical Soc. 

Md. hist, notes. Maryland history notes: 
quarterly news bulletin of the Maryland 
Historical Society. Baltipiore. 

Md. law rev. Maryland law review. 
Baltimore: Maryland Law Review, 
Inc., Univ. of Maryland School of 

Md. naturalist. Maryland naturalist. 
Baltimore: The Natural History Soc. 
of Maryland. 

Mech. engineering. Mechanical engineer- 
ing, Easton, Pa.: The American Soc. 
of Mechanical Engineers. 

Med. ann. Dist. of Col. Medical annals 
of the District of Columbia. Bal- 
timore: The Medical Soc. of the 
District of Columbia. 

Mennonite life. Mennonite life. North 
Newton, Kan.: Bethel College. 

Mennonite quar. rev. The Mennonite 
quarterly review. Goshen, Ind.: Men- 
nonite Historical Soc, Goshen College. 

Mercure de France. Le mercure de 
France. Paris. 

Met. Mus. of Art bul. The Metropolitan 
Museum of Art bulletin. N. Y.: The 
Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Miami law quar. Miami law quarterly. 
Miami, Fla.: Dade County Bar Assoc, 
and the Students of the Law School at 
the Univ. of Miami. 

Mich. Acad. Science, Papers. Papers 
of the Michigan Academy of Science, 
Arts, and Letters. Ann Arbor: The 
Univ. of Michigan Press. 

Mich. hist. Michigan history. Lansing: 
Michigan Historical Commission. 

Mich, law rev. Michigan law review. 
Ann Arbor: The Michigan Law Re- 
view Assoc. 

Microfilm abstracts. Microfilm abstracts: 
a collection of doctoral dissertations 
and monographs available in complete 
form on microfilm. Ann Arbor, Mich.: 
University Microfilms. 

Mid-America. Mid-America: an histor- 
ical review. Chicago: Loyola Univ. 

Midw.jour. The Midwest journal. Jef- 
ferson City, Mo.: Lincoln Univ. [Vol. 
1, no. 1, winter 1948.] 

Mil. affairs. Military affairs. Wash.: 
American Military Institute. 

Mil. chaplain. The military chaplain. 
Wash.: Military Chaplains Assoc, of 
the United States. 

Mil. engineer. The military engineer. 
Wash.: The Soc. of American Military 

Mil. surgeon. The military surgeon. 
Wash.: Assoc, of Military Surgeons 
of the Ignited States. 

Milbank Memorial Fund quar. The 
Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly. 
N. Y.: Milbank Memorial Fund. 


Mineralogist. The mineralogist, devoted 
to mineralogy, gem cutting, and the 
collector. Portland, Ore.: The Min- 
eralogist Publishing Co. 

Minn. hist. Minnesota history. St. 
Paul: Minnesota Historical Soc. 

Minn, law rev. Minnesota law review. 
Minneapolis: Minnesota Law Review 

Minn. med. Minnesota medicine. St. 
Paul: Minnesota State Medical As- 

Minute man. The minute man. Chi- 
cago: The Sons of the Revolution 
in the State of Illinois. 

Miss, law jour. Mississippi law journal: 
journal of the Mississippi State Bar. 
University, Miss. 

Miss. Valley hist. rev. The Mississippi 
Valley historical review. Cedar Rap- 
ids, la.: The Mississippi Valley His- 
torical Assoc. 

Miss. Valley med. jour. Mississippi Val- 
ley medical journal: . . . official pub- 
lication of the Mississippi Valley 
Medical Society. Quincy, 111.: Radio- 
logic Review Publishing Co, 

Mo. archaeologist. The Missouri archae- 
ologist. Columbia: The Missouri 
Archaeological Soc. 

Mo. Botanical Garden, Ann. Annals 
of the Missouri Botanical Garden. 
Galesburg, 111.: Board of Trustees 
of the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. 

Mo. hist. rev. Missouri historical review. 
Columbia: The State Historical Soc. 
of Missouri. 

Mo. law rev. Missouri law review. Co- 
lumbia: School of Law, Univ. of 

Mod. lang. notes. Modern language 
notes. Baltimore: The Johns Hop- 
kins Press. 

Mod. lang. guar. Modern language quar- 
terly. Seattle: Univ. of Washington. 

Mod. packaging. Modern packaging. 
Easton, Pa.: Modern Packaging Corp. 

Monmouth Co. Hist. Assoc, bul. Mon- 
mouth County Historical Association 
bulletin. Freehold, N. J. 

Mont, law rev. Montana law review. 
Missoula: The Law School Assoc, 
Montana State Univ. 

Month at Goodspeed's. The month at 
Goodspeed's Book Shop. Boston, 

Moonbeams. Moonbeams. Cincinnati: 
The Procter & Gamble Co. (Manufac- 
turing Department). 

Motor news. Motor news. Ypsilanti, 
Mich.: The Automobile Club of Mich- 

Mt. Holyoke alumnae guar. Mount Hol- 
yoke alumnae quarterly. Holyoke, Mass.: 
Mass.: Alumnae Assoc, of Mount 
Holyoke College, Inc. 

Municipal Engineers jour. The Munic- 
ipal Engineers journal. N. Y.: The 
Municipal Engineers of the City of 
New York. 

Mus. echoes. Museum echoes. Colum- 
bus, Ohio: Ohio State Archaeological 
and Historical Soc. at the Ohio State 

Mus. OP Fine Arts, Bul. Bulletin of 
the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston. 

Mus. of Mod. Art bul. The Museum of 
Modern Art bulletin. N. Y. 

Mtis. service. Museum service. Roches- 
ter, N. Y.: Rochester Museum of 
Arts and Sciences. 

Musical Am. Musical America. N. Y,: 
Musical America Corporation. 

Musical digest. Musical digest: an inde- 
pendent magazine to intensify your 
enjoyment of good music. N. Y.: 
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. 

Musical guar. The musical quarterly. 
N. Y.: G. Schirmer, Inc. 

Musicology. Musicology. Middlebury, 
Vt.: M & H Publications, Inc. 

NACCA law jour. NACCA law journal, 
devoted to current trends in personal 
injuries and deaths under the work- 
men's compensation, railroad, and 
admiralty laws. Boston: National 
Assoc, of Claimants' Compensation 
Attorneys. [Vol. 1, no. 1, May 1948.] 

A^. A. M. law digest. N. A. M. law 
digest: analysis of laws, legislation, 
and decisions. Wash.: The Law 
Department, National Assoc, of Manu- 
facturers of the United States of 
America, Inc. 

N. C. hist. rev. The North CaroUna 
historical review. Raleigh: State De- 
partment of Archives and History. 


A^. C. law rev. The North Carolina 
law review. Chapel Hill: Univ. of 
North Carolina Press for the Univ. 
of North Carolina School of Law. 

N. D. hist. North Dakota history. 
Bismarck: State Historical Soc. of 
North Dakota. 

NEA jour. NEA journal. Wash.: Na- 
tional Education Assoc. 

A''. /. compass. New Jersey compass. 
Princeton: New Jersey Compass, Inc. 

N. J. Hist. Soc, Proc. Proceedings 
of the New Jersey Historical Society: 
a quarterly magazine chiefly devoted to 
New Jersey histor}", biography, and 
genealogy. Newark, N. J. 

N. M. folklore rec. The New Mexico 
folklore record. Albuquerque: New 
Mexico Folklore Soc. 

A^. M. hist. rev. New Mexico historical 
review. Santa Fe: Historical Soc. 
of New Mexico and the Univ. of New 

N. M. mag. New Mexico magazine. 
Albuquerque: Bureau of Publications, 
State of New Mexico. 

N. M. quar. rev. The New Mexico 
quarterly review. Albuquerque: Univ. 
of New Mexico. 

N. Y. Acad. Sciences, Ann. Annals of 
the New York Academy of Sciences. 
N. Y. 

N. Y. Botanical Garden, Jour. Jour- 
nal of the New York Botanical Garden. 
N. Y. 

A^. Y. folklore quar. New York folklore 
quarterly. Ithaca: Cornell Univ. 
Press for the New York Folklore Soc. 

N. Y. hist. New York history. Coopers- 
town: New York State Historical 

A^'.-F. Hisl. Soc. quar. The New- York 
Historical Society quarterly. N. Y. 

N. Y. Pub. Lib., Bui. Bulletin of the 
New York Public Library. N. Y. 

N. Y. State Bar Assoc, hnl. New York 
State Bar Association bulletin. Al- 

N. Y. Univ. law quar. rev. New York 
University law quarterly review. N. Y.: 
Board of New York Univ. Law 
Quarterly Review. 

Nantucket Hist. Assoc, Proc. Pro- 
ceedings of the Nantucket Historical 
Association. Nantucket, Mass. 

Nation's bus. Nation's business. Wash.: 
Chamber of Commerce of the United 

Natl. Assoc. Watch and Clock Col- 
lectors, Bui. Bulletin of the National 
Association of Watch and Clock Col- 
lectors. Williamstown, Mass. 

Natl. Bar jour. National Bar journal 
St. Louis, Mo.: The National Bar 
Assoc, Inc. 

Natl, button bul. The national button 
bulletin, [n. p.] The National But- 
ton Soc. of America. 

Natl. Geneal. Soc. quar. National Genea- 
logical Society quarterly. Wash. 

Natl. geog. mag. The national geographic 
magazine. Wash.: National Geographic 

Natl, parks mag. National parks mag- 
azine. Wash.: The National Parks 

Natl. Railway Hist. Soc, Bul. The 
bulletin. National Railway Historical 
Soc. [n. p.) 

Natl, tax jour. National tax journal. 
Lancaster, Pa.: The National Tax 
Assoc. [Vol. 1, no. 1, Mar. 1948.] 

Natl. Theatre Conference, Bul. Bul- 
letin. National Theatre Conference. 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Natural hist. Natural history. N. Y.: 
American Museum of Natural History. 

Nautical gaz. Nautical gazette: Amer- 
ica's oldest marine publication. N. Y.: 
Nautical Gazette Publishing Corpora- 

A^e6. hist. Nebraska history. Lincoln: 
The Nebraska State Historical Soc. 

Neb. law rev. Nebraska law review. 
Lincoln: Nebraska State Bar Assoc, 
and the College of Law of the Univ. 
of Nebraska. 

Needle and Bobbin Club, Bul. The 
bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin 
Club. [n. p.] 

Nev. State Bar jour. The Nevada State 
Bar journal. Reno: State Bar of 

New colophon. New colophon: a book 
collectors' quarterly. N. Y.: Dusch- 
nes Crawford, Inc. [Vol. 1, no. 1, Jan. 

New Eng. hist, and geneal. reg. The 
New England historical and genealogi- 


cal register. Boston: New England 
Historic Genealogical Soc. 

New Eng. guar. The New England 
quarterly: a historical review of New 
England life and letters. Brunswick, 
Me.: The Colonial Soc. of Massa- 
chusetts and the New England Quar- 

New Eng. Water Works Assoc, Jour. 
Journal of the New England Water 
Works Association. Boston, Mass. 

New South. New South. Atlanta: 
Southern Regional Council. 

Newberry Lib. bul. The Newberry Li- 
brary bulletin. Chicago. [2d ser., no. 
1, Jul. 1948.] 

Nieman reports. Nieman reports. Cam- 
bridge, Mass.: Soc. of Nieman Fel- 

19th cent. The nineteenth century and 
after. London: Constable & Co. Ltd. 

North Am. Wildlife Conference, 
Trans. Transactions of the North 
American WildUfe Conference. Wash.: 
Wildlife Management Institute. 

North country life. North country life: 
a digest for northern New Yorkers. 
Ogdensburg, N. Y.: G. Glyndon Cole. 

Northumberland Co. Hist. Soc, Proc. 
Northumberland County Historical 
Society. Proceedings and addresses. 
Sunbury, Pa. 

Northw. Ohio guar. Northwest Ohio 
quarterly: a journal of history and 
civilization. Toledo: The Historical 
Soc. of Northwestern Ohio. 

Notes. Notes: a magazine devoted to 
music and its literature, with bibliog- 
raphies and reviews of books, records, 
music. Wash.: The Music Library 
Assoc, Inc. 

Notre Dame lawyer. Notre Dame lawyer: 
a quarterly law review. Notre Dame, 
Ind.: The Students of Law, Univ. of 
Notre Dame. 

Now and then. Now and then: quar- 
terly magazine of history and biog- 
raphy. Williamsport, Pa.: The 
Muncy Historical Soc. and Museum 
of History. 
Ohio jour, science. The Ohio journal of 
science. Columbus: The Ohio State 
Univ. and the Ohio Academy of 

Ohio State archaeol. and hist. guar. 
The Ohio State archaeological and 
historical quarterly. Columbus: The 
Ohio State Archaeological and Histor- 
ical Soc. 
Ohio State law jour. Ohio State law 
journal, [n. p.] Faculty and Students 
of the College of Law, Ohio State 
Okla. law rev. Oklahoma law review. 
Norman, Okla.: Univ. of Oklahoma 
Press. [Vol. 1, no. 1, May 1948.] 
Old Fort news. Old Fort news. Fort 
Wayne, Ind.: Allen County-Fort 
Wayne Historical Soc. 
Old Print Shop portfolio. The Old 
Print Shop portfolio. N. Y.: Harry 
Shaw Newman. 
Old timers news. Old timers news. N. Y.: 
The Automobile Old Timers, Inc 
Old York Road Hist. Soc. bul. Old 
York Road Historical Society bul- 
letin. Jenkintown, Pa. 
Ont. hist. Ontario history: papers & 
records. Toronto: Ontario Historical 
Opera and concert. Opera and concert: 
a monthly magazine devoted to music 
and allied arts. San Francisco, Calif.: 
G. Pisani. 
Ore. hist. guar. Oregon historical quar- 
terly. Portland: Oregon Historical Soc. i 
Ore. law rev. Oregon law review. Eu- 
gene: Univ. of Oregon. 
P. E. Church, Hist. mag. Historical , 
magazine of the Protestant Episcopal I 
Church. New Brunswick, N. J.: Joint , 
Committee of General Convention, 
and Church Historical Soc. 
PMLA. PMLA: publications of the 
Modern Language Association of Amer- 
ica. Menasha, Wis. 
PNLA guar. PNLA quarterly. Seattle, ' 
Wash. : Pacific Northwest Library 
Pa. geneal. mag. The Pennsylvania 
genealogical magazine. Phila.: Genea-, 
logical Soc. of Pennsylvania. 
Pa. German Folklore Soc, Yr. bk. 
Pennsylvania German Folklore Society. 
[Year book.] AUentown, Pa. 
Pa. hist. Pennsylvania history: quar- 
terly journal of the Pennsylvania 
Historical Association. Phila.: Univ. 
of Pennsvlvania Press. 


Pa. mag. fust. The Pennsylvania mag- 
azine of history and biography. Phila. : 
The Historical Soc. of Pennsylvania. 

Pac. hist. rev. Pacific historical review, 
issued quarterly by the Pacific Coast 
Branch of the American Historical 
Association. Berkeley: Univ. of Cal- 
ifornia Press. 

Pac. pathways. Pacific pathways: the 
pictorial travel magazine of the West. 
Los Angeles, Calif. : Pacific Pathways, 

Pac. spectator. The Pacific spectator: 
a journal of interpretation. Stanford, 
Calif.: Stanford Univ Press for the Pa- 
cific Coast Committee for the Human- 
ities of the American Council of 
Learned Societies. 

Palacio. El Palacio. Santa Fe: School 
of American Research, the Museum of 
New Mexico, Archaeological Soc. of 
New Mexico, and Laboratory of 

Palimpsest. The palimpsest. Iowa City: 
The State Historical Soc. of Iowa. 

Panorama. Panorama. N. Y.: Harry 
Shaw Newman Gallery. 

Partisan rev. Partisan review. N. Y.t 
Added Enterprises. 

Patent Office Soc, Jour. Journal of 
the Patent Office Society. Federals- 
burg, Md. 

Peabody jour. educ. Peabody journal of 
education. Nashville, Tenn.: Peabody 
Press, George Peabody College for 

Pennsylvanian. The Pennsylvanian. 
Wash.: Pennsylvania Historical Junto. 

Phi Chi guar. The Phi Chi quarterly, 
Phi Chi Medical Fraternity. St. Paul, 
Minn.: Leland Publishers, Inc. (The 
Fraternity Press). 

Phila. Mus. bid. The Philadelphia Mu- 
seum bulletin. Phila.: Philadelphia 
Museum of Art. 

Philol. guar. Philological quarterly: a 
journal devoted to scholarly investiga- 
tion of the classical and modern lan- 
guages and literatures. Iowa City: 
State Univ. of Iowa. 

Phylon. Phylon : the Atlanta University 
review of race and culture. Atlanta, 

Picket post. The picket post: a record 
of patriotism. Valley Forge, Pa.: 
Valley Forge Historical Soc. 

Pitt. Pitt: a quarterly of the University 
of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Planning and civic comment. Planning 
and civic comment. Wash.: Amer- 
ican Planning and Civic Assoc, Na- 
tional Conference on State Parks. 

Plants <&. gardens. Plants & gardens. 
Lancaster, Pa.: Brooklyn [N. Y.] Botanic 

Plateau. Plateau. Flagstaff, Ariz.: 
Northern Arizona Soc. of Science and 
Art, Inc., Museum of Northern Arizona. 

Players mag. Players magazine, serving 
the educational theatre. Plainfield, 
N. J.: National Collegiate Players. 

Pol. science guar. Political science quar- 
terly, edited for the Academy of 
Political Science by the Faculty of 
Political Science of Columbia Uni- 
versity. Lancaster, Pa. 

Polish Am. stud. Polish American stud- 
ies: official organ of the Polish Amer- 
ican Historical Commission (of the 
Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences 
in America). Orchard Lake, Mich.: 
St. Mary's College. 

Port Arthuran. The Port Arthuran. 
Port Arthur, Tex. : Maxwell W. Cook. 

Prairie schooner. Prairie schooner. Lin- 
coln, Neb.: The Univ. of Nebraska 

Presbyt. Hist. Soc, Jour. Journal of 
the Presbyterian Historical Society. 
Phila.: Department of History of the 
Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. 

Presbyt. survey. The Presbyterian sur- 
vey. Richmond, Va.: Agencies of the 
Presbyterian Church in the United 

Princeton Seminary bul. The Princeton 
Seminary bulletin. Princeton, N. J.: 
Trustees of the Theological Seminary of 
the Presbyterian Church. 

Princeton Univ. Lib. chron. The Prince- 
ton University Library chronicle. 
Princeton, N. J.: The Friends of the 
Princeton Library. 

Print collector's guar. The print collec- 
tor's quarterly. Woodstock, Vt.: 
William Edwin Rudge, Inc. 

Prison jour. The prison journal. Phila.: 
The Pennsylvania Prison Soc. 


Prison world. The prison world. St. 
Paul, Minn.: American Prison Assoc, 
National Jail Assoc, and Bruce Pub- 
lishing Co. 

Psychiatry. Psychiatry: journal for the 
operational statement of interpersonal 
relations. Baltimore: William Alan- 
son White Psychiatric Foundation, Inc. 

Psychoanalytic quar. The psychoanalytic 
quarterly. Albany, N. Y.: The Psy- 
choanalytic Quarterly, Inc. 

Psychoanalytic rev. The psychoanalytic 
review: an educational American jour- 
nal of psychoanalysis devoted to an un- 
derstanding and education of human be- 
havior. N. Y.: Coolidge Foundation. 

Pub. admin, rev. Public adminstration 
review. Chicago: American Soc for 
Public Administration. 

Pub. opinion quar. The public opinion 
quarterly. Princeton, N. J.: Prince- 
ton Univ. Press for the American 
Assoc, for Public Opinion Research. 

QM rev. The quartermaster review. 
Wash.: The Quartermaster Assoc. 

Quar. jour, speech. The quarterly jour- 
nal of speech. Columbia, Mo.: The 
Speech Assoc of America. 

Quar. jour. stud, alcohol. Quarterly jour- 
nal of studies on alcohol. New Haven, 
Conn.: Laboratory of Applied Physi- 
ology, Yale Univ. 

Quar. rev. (Bapt.). The quarterly review: 
a survey of Southern Baptist progress. 
Nashville, Tenn.: The Sunday School 
Board of the Southern Baptist Conven- 

Quar. rev. higher educ. among Negroes. 
The quarterly review of higher educa- 
tion among Negroes. Charlotte, N. C: 
Johnson C. Smith Univ. 

Queen's quar. Queen's quarterly: a 
Canadian review. Kingston, Ont. : 
Quarterly Committee of Queen's Univ. 

R. I. hist. Rhode Island history. Prov- 
idence: Rhode Island Historical Soc 

R. I. med. jour. The Rhode Island 
medical journal. Providence: The 
Rhode Island Medical Soc. 
Radcliffe quar. The Radcliffe quarterly. 
Norwood, Mass.: RadcliflFe College 
Alumnae Assoc 
Radford rev. The Radford review. Rad- 
ford, Va. : Radford College, Woman's 
Division, Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 

Railroad mag. Railroad magazine. Chi- 
cago: Popular Publications, Inc. 

Railway and Locomotive Hist. Soc, 
Bui. Bulletin . . . Boston: The Rail- 
way & Locomotive Historical Society, 
Inc., Baker Library, Harvard Business 

Rayburn's Ozark guide. Rayburn's Ozark 
guide. Eureka Springs, Ark.: Otto 
Ernest Rayburn. 

Record changer. The record changer. 
N. Y.: Changer Publications, Inc. 

R&puhlique Franqaise. La Republique 
Frangaise: revue trimestrielle de 
I'ideologie r^publicaine et d^mocratique. 
N. Y. : Franco- American Publications, 

Rev. and expositor. Review and exposi- 
tor: a Baptist quarterly. Louisville, 
Ky. : Faculty of the Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminar j\ 

Rev. bimestre cubana. Re vista bimestre 
cubana. Habana: Sociedad Econ6- 
mica de Amigos del Pais. 

Rev. de lit. comparSe. Revue de litt4- 
rature compar^e. Paris: Boivin et 

Rev. econ. and statistics. The review of 
economics and statistics. Cambridge, 
Mass.: Harvard Univ. Press for the 
Department of Economics, Harvard 

Rev. educ. research. Review of educa- 
tional research. Wash.: American 
Educational Research Association. 

Rev. hist. Ain. Revista de historia de 
America. Mexico: Instituto Pan- 
americano de Geografia e Historia. 

Rev. maritime. La revue maritime . . . 
publi^e avec le concours du Service 
Historique de I'fitat- Major de la 
Marine. Paris: Les Grandes fidi- 
tions Frangaises. 

Rev. politics. The review of politics. 
Notre Dame, Ind.: Univ. of Notre 

Rice Inst, pamphlet. The Rice Institute 
pamphlet. Houston, Tex.: The Rice 

Rochester engineer. The Rochester engi- 
neer. Rochester, N. Y.: Rochester 
Engineering Soc, Inc. 

Rochester hist. Rochester history. Roch- 
ester, N. Y. : Rochester Public Library. 


Rocks and minerals. Rocks aud minerals: 
oflBcial journal of the Rocks arid 
Minerals Association. Peekskill, N. Y. : 
Peter Zodac. 

Rocky Mt. law rev. The Rocky Mountain 
law review. Boulder, Colo.: Univ. 
of Colorado School of Law. 

Rocky Mt. med. jour. Rocky Mountain 
medical journal. Denver, Colo. : Col- 
orado State Medical Soc. 

Romanic rev. The Romanic review: 
a quarterly publication of the Depart- 
ment of Romance Languages in Co- 
lumbia University. N. Y. : Columbia 
Univ. Press. 

RoTAL Hist. Soc, Trans. Transactions 
of the Royal Historical Society. Lon- 

Royal Unit. Serv. Inst., Jour. Journal 
of the Royal United Service Institu- 
tion. London. 

Rudder. The rudder: the magazine for 
yachtsmen. N. Y.: The Rudder Pub- 
lishing Co. 

Rural social. Rural sociology, devoted 
to scientific study of rural life. . . . 
Official organ of the Rural Sociological 
Society. Raleigh, N. C: North Car- 
olina State College of Agriculture and 
Engineering, Univ. of North Carolina. 

Russian rev. The Russian review: an 
American journal devoted to Russia 
past and present. N. Y. : The Rus- 
sian Review. 

Rutgers Univ. law rev. Rutgers Uni- 
versity law review. Newark, N. J.: 
Rutgers Law Review. 

S. C. hist, and geneal. mag. The South 
Carolina historical and genealogical 
magazine. Charleston: The South 
Carolina Historical Soc. 

S. C. mag. South Carolina magazine, 
founded 1937 "to tell the South Caro- 
lina story." Columbia, S. C. : South 
Carolina Magazine Corp. 

Salesianum. The Salesianum: official 
bulletin of the Alumni Association of 
St. Francis Seminary. Milwaukee: 
The Salesianum Publishing "Co. 

Sat. rev. lit. The Saturday review of 
literature. N. Y.: The Saturday Re- 
view Associates, Inc. 

Scandinavian stud. Scandinavian stud- 
ies. Menasha, Wis.: George Banta 

Publishing Co. for the Soc. for the 
Advancement of Scandinavian Study. 

Schweizer Rundschau. Schweizer Rund- 
schau : Monatsschrif t f iir Geisteslebeu 
und Kultur. Einsiedeln : Verlangsan- 
stalt Benziger & Co. Ag. 

Science. Science. Wash.: American 
Assoc, for the Advancement of Science. 

Science & society. Science & society. 
N. Y. : Science and Society, Inc. 

Science educ. Science education. Al- 
bany, N. Y.: The National Assoc, 
for Research in Science Teaching, the 
National Council on Elementary Sci- 
ence, and the Assoc, of Science Teachers 
of the Middle States. 

Scientific Am. Scientific American. N. Y.: 
Scientific American, Inc. 

Scientific mo. The scientific monthly. 
Lancaster, Pa.: The American Assoc, 
for the Advancement of Science. 

Scots mag. The Scots magazine. Dun- 
dee, Scotland: John Leng & Co. Ltd. 
and D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. 

Servile. The Servite: a national popular 
Catholic monthly. Cincinnati, Ohio: 
The Servite Fathers. 

Sewage works jour. Sewage works jour- 
nal. Lancaster, Pa.: The Federation 
of Sewage Works Associations. 

Shane quar. The Shane quarterly. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. : School of Religion, 
Butler Univ. 

Shield. The shield of Phi Kappa Psi. 
Cleveland, Ohio: Phi Kappa Psi Fra- 

Sierra Club bul. Sierra Club bulletin. 
San Francisco, Calif. 

Signals. Signals. Wash.: Armed Forces 
Communications Assoc. 

Silent worker. The silent worker: the 
national magazine for all the deaf. 
Berkeley, Calif.: National Assoc, of 
the Deaf. [Vol. 1, no. 1, Sep. 1948.] 

Smith alumnae quar. Smith alumnae 
quarterly. Brattleboro, Vt. : Alum- 
nae Assoc, of Smith College. 

Soc. Am. Sword Collectors, Bul. The 
bulletin. Society of American Sword 
Collectors. Chicago. 

Soc. Architectural Historians, Jour. 
The journal of the Society of Archi- 
tectural Historians. Urbana,Ill.: 
Alan K. Laing. 


Soc. BiBLioG. Natural Hist., Jour. 
The journal of the Society for the 
Bibliography of Natural History. 

Soc. Calif. Pioneers, Puh. The Society 
of California Pioneers. Publication 
. . . San Francisco. 

Soc. Mex. Geog., Bol. Boletfn de la 
Sociedad Mexicana de Geograffa y 
Estadfstica. Mexico, D. F. 

Soc. Motion Picture Engineers, Jour. 
Journal of the Society of Motion 
Picture Engineers. Easton, Pa. 

Social educ. Social education. Wash.: 
The National Council for the Social 
Studies in collaboration with the 
American Historical Assoc. 

Social forces. Social forces: a scientific 
medium of social study and interpreta- 
tion. Chapel Hill, N. C: Univ. of 
North Carolina. 

Social justice rev. Social justice review: 
pioneer American journal of Catholic 
social action. St. Louis, Mo.: Cath- 
olic Verein of America. 

Social science. Social science. Menasha, 
Wis.: Social Science Publishing Co. 
for Pi Gamma Mu and the Academy of 
World Economics. 

Social service rev. The social service 
review: a quarterly devoted to the 
scientific and professional interests of 
social work. Chicago: Univ. of Chi- 
cago Press for the School of Social 
Service Administration of the Univ. of 

Social stud. The social studies for teach- 
ers and administrators. Phila.: Mc- 
Kinley Publishing Co. 

Social work jour. Social work journal. 
Albany, N. Y.: American Assoc, of 
Social Workers. 

Sociol. and social research. Sociology 
and social research: an international 
journal. Los Angeles: Univ. of South- 
ern California Press. 

Socony-Vacuum news. Socony-Vacuum 
news. N. Y.: Socony-Vacuum Oil 
Co., Inc. 

Sons Am. Rev. mag. The Sous of the 
American Revolution magazine. 
Wash.: National Soc. of the Sons of 
the American Revolution. 

South Atlantic bul. South Atlantic bul- 
letin. Chapel Hill, N. C: South 
Atlantic Modern Language Assoc. 

South Atlantic quar. The South Atlantic 
quarterly. Durham, N. C. : Duke 
Univ. Press. 

South. Calif, law rev. Southern Cali- 
fornia law review. Los Angeles: Fac- 
ulty and Students of the School of 
Law, Univ. of Southern California. 

South, econ. jour. The Southern eco- 
nomic journal. Chapel Hill, N. C: 
Southern Economic Assoc, and the 
Univ. of North Carolina. 

South, folklore quar. Southern folklore 
quarterly: a publication devoted to 
the historical and descriptive study of 
folklore and to the discussion of folk 
material as a living tradition. Gaines- 
ville, Fla.: Southeastern Folklore Soc. 

South, lumberman. Southern lumberman. 
Nashville: J. H. Baird Publishing Co. 

South, packet. The Southern packet: 
a monthly review of Southern books 
and ideas. Asheville, N. C: The 
Stephens Press. 

Southw. hist. quar. The Southwestern 
historical quarterly. Austin, Tex.: 
The Texas State Historical Assoc. 

Southw. jour. The Southwestern journal. 
Langston, Okla. : Langston Univ. 

Southw. jour, anthrop. Southwestern 
journal of anthropology. Albuquer- 
que, N. M.: Univ. of New Mexico 
Press for the Univ. of New Mexico 
and the Laboratory of Anthropology, 
Santa Fe. 

Southw. law jour. Southwestern law jour- 
nal. Dallas, Tex.: The Univ. Press 
in Dallas for the Southern Methodist 
Univ. Law Students. 

Southxv. lore. Southwestern lore. Gun- 
nison, Colo.: Colorado Archaeological 

Southw. Mus. papers. Southwest Mu- 
seum papers. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Southw. rev. Southwest review. Dallas, 
Tex.: Univ. Press in Dallas, Southern 
Methodist Univ. 

Southw. soc. science quar. The South- 
western social science cjuarterly. Nor-i 
man, Okla.: The Southwestern Social 
Science Assoc. 

Soviet lit. Soviet literature. Moscow: 
Soviet Writer Publishing House. 


Soybean digest. The soybean digest. 
Hudson, la.: American Soybean As- 

Special libraries. Special libraries. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.: The Special Libraries 

Spout. Morton's spout. Chicago: 
Morton Salt Co. 

St. John's law rev. St. John's law review. 
Brooklyn: Students of St. John's 
Univ. School of Law. 

Stained glass. Stained glass: a quarterly 
devoted to the craft of painted and 
stained glass. Boston, Mass. : Stained 

. Glass Assoc, of America. 

Standards world. Standards world. 
Wash.: Standards World. [Vol. 1, no. 
1, winter 1948.] 

State and local hist. news. State and 
local history news. Woodstock, Vt.: 
Elm Tree Press for the American 
Assoc, for State and Local History. 

State Bar Calif., Jour. Journal of 
the State Bar of California. San 

State govt. State government. Chicago: 
The Council of State Governments. 

Staten Island Inst. Arts and Sci- 
ences, Proc. Proceedings of the Staten 
Island Institute of Arts and Sciences. 
Staten Island, N. Y. 

Stephens College bul. Stephens College 
bulletin — alumnae news. Columbia, 

Stud, in philol. Studies in philology. 
Chapel Hill, N. C: Univ. of North 
Carolina Press. 

Studia neophilologica. Studia neophilo- 
logica: a journal of Germanic and 
Romanic philology. Uppsala: A.-B. 
Lundequistska Bokhandeln. 

Studies. Studies: an Irish quarterly re- 
view. Dublin: The Educational 
Company of Ireland Ltd. 

Surveying and mapping. Surveying and 
mapping. Wash.: American Con- 
gress on Surveying and Mapping. 

Susquehanna Univ. stud. Susquehanna 
University studies. Selinsgrove, Pa.: 
Susquehanna Univ. Press. 

Symposium. Symposium: a journal de- 
voted to modern foreign languages 
and literatures. Syracuse, N. Y.: 
Department of Romance Languages, 
Syracuse Univ. 

Tasks econ. hist. The tasks of economic 
history ... a supplemental issue of 
The journal of economic history. 
N. Y.: New York Univ. Press for 
the Economic History Assoc. 

Tax law rev. Tax law review. Balti- 
more, Md.: New York Univ. School 
of Law. 

Teachers College rec. Teachers College 
record. N. Y. : Bureau of Publica- 
tions, Teachers College, Columbia 

Temple law guar. Temple law quarterly. 
Phila.: Student Body of the Temple 
Univ.. School of Law. 

Tenn. archaeol. Tennessee archaeologist. 
Knoxville: The Tennessee Archaeo- 
logical Soc. 

Tenn. hist. guar. Tennessee historical 
quarterly. Nashville: Tennessee 
Historical Commission and the Ten- 
nessee Historical Soc. 

Tenn. law rev. Tennessee law review. 
Knoxville: Faculty and Students of 
the Univ. of Tennessee College of Law. 

Tenn. walking horse. Tennessee walking 
horse: a national breed publication 
devoted exclusively to "the world's 
greatest pleasure horse." Nashville 
and Lewisburg: The Murray Founda- 

Tex. geog. mag. The Texas geographic 
magazine. Dallas: Univ. Press in 
Dallas, Southern Methodist Univ., 
for the Texas Geographic Soc. 

Tex. law rev. Texas law review. Austin : 
The Univ. of Texas School of Law. 

Tex. parade. Texas parade. Dallas; 
Texas Parade. 

Theatre arts. Theatre arts. N. Y.: 
Stage Publications, Inc. 

Theol. Semin. Evangel, and Reformed 
Church, Bul. Bulletin. Theological 
Seminary of the Evangelical and 
Reformed Church. Lancaster, Pa. 

Thought. Thought: Fordham Univer- 
sity quarterly. N. Y.: Fordham 

Tijdschrift v. gesch. Tijdschrift voor 
geschiedenis. Groningen: P. Noord- 

Timberman. The timberman: an inter- 
national lumber journal. Portland, 
Ore.: The Timberman. 


Time and tide. Time and tide: a local 
monthly publication. Orient, N. Y.: 
Duncan Haldane. 

Timepieces quar. Timepieces quarterly 
. . . devoted to the history of Amer- 
ican and other clocks and watches, 
the biography of makers and manu- 
facturers, and the bibliography of the 
science and the art of timekeeping. 
York, Pa.: American Clock & Watch 
Foundation. [Vol. 1, no. 1, Nov. 

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. N. Y.: Garrett 
Pubhcations, Inc. 

Tower. The tower. Nashville, Tenn.: 
Creative Writers' Club of David 
Lipscomb College. 

Tracks. Tracks: Chesapeake and Ohio 
Railway magazine. Cleveland, Ohio: 
The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 

Traffic rev. The traffic review. Evans- 
ton, 111.: Northwestern Univ. Traffic 

Trail and iimherline. Trail and timber- 
line. Denver, Colo.: The Colorado 
Mountain Club. 

Trains. Trains: the illustrated magazine 
about railroads. Milwaukee, Wis.: 
Kalmbach Publishing Co. 

Transatlantic . Transatlantic: quarterly. 
London: Transatlantic Books Ltd. 

Travel. Travel. N. Y.: Robert M. 
McBride & Co., Inc. 

Tree-ring bul. Tree-ring bulletin. Tuc- 
son, Ariz.: Tree-Ring Soc. with the 
cooperation of the Laboratory of Tree- 
Ring Research, Univ. of Arizona. 

Tufts alumni rev. Tufts alumni review. 
Medford, Mass.: Trustees of Tufts 
College for all Tufts alumni. 

Tulane law rev. Tulane law review. 
New Orleans: The Tulane Law Re- 
view Assoc. 

Tyler's quar. hist, and geneal. mag. 
Tyler's quarterly historical and gen- 
ealogical magazine. Richmond, Va. : 
Richmond Press, Inc. 
U. S. N. Inst. proc. United States 
Naval Institute proceedings. Annapo- 
lis, Md. 
U. S. Steel news. U. S. Steel news. 
Pittsburgh, Pa.: Industrial Relations 
Department, United States Steel Cor- 
poration of Delaware. 

Univ. Chicago law rev. The University 
of Chicago law review. Chicago: 
Univ. of Chicago Press for the Univ. of 
Chicago Law School. 

Univ. Cincinnati law rev. University of 
Cincinnati law review. Cincinnati, 
Ohio: Univ. of Cincinnati. 

Univ. Detroit law jour. University of 
Detroit law journal. Detroit: Univ. 
of Detroit School of Law. 

Univ. Fla. law rev. University of Florida 
law review. Jacksonville, Fla.: Con- 
vention Press. [Vol. 1, no. 1, spring 

Univ. Kan. City laiv rev. The University 
of Kansas City law review. Kansas 
City, Mo.: Univ. of Kansas City 

Univ. Kan. City rev. The University of 
Kansas City review. Kansas City, 
Mo.: Univ. of Kansas City. 

Univ. Laval, Rev. La revue de 1' Uni- 
versity Laval. Quebec. 

Univ. Pa. law rev. University of Penn- 
sylvania law review. Phila. : Univ. 
of Pennsylvania Law School. 

Univ. Pittsburgh law rev. University of 
Pittsburgh law review. Pittsburgh, 
Pa.: Univ. of Pittsburgh Law Stu- 

Univ. Rochester Lib. bul. The Uni- 
versity of Rochester Library bulletin. 
Rochester, N. Y.: Univ. of Rochester 

Univ. Toronto quar. University of To- 
ronto quarterly. Toronto, Ont.: Univ. 
of Toronto Press. 

Utah humanities rev. Utah humanities 
review: a regional quarterly. Salt Lake 
City: Univ. of Utah. 

Va. law rev. Virginia law review. Char- 
lottesville: Virginia Law Review As- 
soc, Univ. of Virginia. 

Va. mag. hist. The Virginia magazine 
of history and biography. Richmond: 
Virginia Historical Soc. 

Va. quar. rev. The Virginia quarterly 
review: a national journal of literature 
& discussion. Charlottesville: Univ. 
of Virginia. 

Vanderbilt law rev. Vanderbilt law re- 
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History of Medicine of the Johns Hop- 
kins University, reviewing his studies of 
medical history since his arrival in the 

United States in 1931. Contents. — In- 
troductory remarks of the toastmaster, 
by John F. Fulton. — ^A salute from his 
pupils, by Leslie A. Falk. — Henry E. 
Sigerist: his interest in Soviet medicine, 
by Stuart Mudd. — Henry E. Sigerist: 
his influence upon medical history in the 
United States, by Richard H. Shryock. — 
Henry E. Sigerist: the medical historian, 
by Arturo Castiglioni. — Henry E. Sige- 
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Weathervanes. — Cigar store figures and 
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Other Lists and Descriptions 

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names for insertion in "American clocks 
& clockmakers." Timepieces guar., 1: 
39-43 (Nov). [330 

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The enumeration and classification of 
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here made to enumerate and classify 
the various forms of American antique 
clocks from the beginning down to 1900." 
Proposes a scheme of classification and 
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of weavers [1806-74]. 
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The pattern books 

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officers of the United States Navy for at 
least twenty years before the adoption of 
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graphical sketch of Jenny Lind [by] 
Leonidas Westervelt. — The Leonidas 
Westervelt Jenny Lind Collection. — The 
Jenny Lind enterprise [by] Madge Walk- 
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Parker Van Buskirk. — Jenny Lind por- 
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938918 — 5:: 


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13 (Jun-Jul). ports., view. On Swedish 
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1948. [1563 

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8): 34; (no. 9): 12, 26; (no. 15): 9, 42. 
Cont. These installments: 1765-1947. 
Contents. — Minneapolis, by Norman 
Houk. — Texas, by John Rosenfield.— 
Pacific Northwest, by Hazel Gertrude 
Kinscella. — Seattle, by Hazel Gertrude 
Kinscella. — Los Angeles, by Albert Gold- 
berg. — Baltimore, by George Kent Bel- 
lows. [1565 

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On "information available in the illus- 
trated covers of sheet music," 1798-1881. 


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On Sousa (1854-1932) as a bandmaster 
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James Francis Cooke. Theodore Pres- 
ser (1848-1925): educator, publisher, 
philanthropist — a centenary biography. 
Etude, 66: 404-405, 441, 479, 501, 529, 
532, 587, 643, 659, 714-715, 728, 781 
(Jul-Dec). facsim., ports., views. To 
be cont. On Pressor as a printer and pub- 
lisher of music in Pennsylvania, ca. 1870 
ff., and as founder of Etude, 1883. [1570 

Frederick Pease Harlow. Chanteying 
aboard American ships. A7n. Neptune, 
8: 81-99 (Apr), music. To be cont. 

On four types of chanteys, ca. 1870-ca. 
1890. [1571 

Richard S. Hill. Getting Kathleen 
home again. Notes, 5: 338-353 (Jun). 
facsims., port. On I'll take you home 
again, Kathleen (1876) by Thomas Paine 
Westendorf (1848?-1923). [1572 

We remember Lilli Lehmann: an esti- 
mate of the first lady of opera by three 
famous associates, as told to Edward J. 
Smith. Musical digest, 30 (no. 1): 10-11, 
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Walter Damrosch, and Olive Fremstad. 


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1894-1930. [1576 

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1948, with a "List of works." [1577 

Ulysses Walsh. Another memorable 
"John Bieling Day." Hobbies, 53 (no. 
10): 33-35 (Dec), port. Report of a 
gathering of "pioneer recording artists" 
at Garden City, L. I., Sep. 10, 1948, in 
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1894-1948. [1578 

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Hobbies, 53 (no. 5): 32-33 (Jul), port. 
On Freemantel as a tenor singer and 
record-maker, 1896-1948. [1579 

S. Brunson Campbell. Ragtime begins: 
early days with Scott Joplin recalled. 


Record changer, 7 (no. [3]): 8, 18 [Mar], 
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sue, 1948. N. Y.: Musical America 
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no. 3, Feb.) Contents. — John C. 
Freund, editor-crusader, by A. Walter 
Kramer. — The golden jubilee of Musical 
America [1898-1948], by Herbert F. 
Peyser. — The later years, by Quaintance 
Eaton. — How audiences grew, by Cecil 
Smith. — Music between two wars, by 
Robert Sabin. — Early memories of the 
Metropolitan [1898-99], by John Alan 
Haughton. — America's orchestras, by 
Cecil Smith. — Four decades of the dance, 
by Robert Sabin. — -Random recollections 
of 40 years, by Herbert F. Peyser. — And 
still no revolution! by Ernest Newman. — 
Criticism: an unrealized potential, by 
Alfred V. Frankenstein. — A half century 
of opera, by Francis D. Perkins. — New 
sets for Wagner's ring, by Herbert F. 
Peyser. — Forward steps in music educa- 
tion, by Howard Hanson. — A symphonist 
goes to folk sources, by Donald Fuller. — 
Federation takes stock of 50 years, by 
Marie Morrissey Keith. — Metropolitan 
gives Peter Grimes, by Robert Sabin. — 
[Other contributions, of only contem- 
porary interest.] [1681 

Ulysses Walsh. Sylvester Louis Oss- 
man; "the Banjo King." Hobbies, 53 
(no. 7): 32-33; (no. 8): 36-38, 57; (no. 9): 
31-32 (Sep-Nov). port. To be cont. 
On Vess L. Ossman (1868-1923) and 
records made by him, 1898-ca. 1917. 


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Lady of the Phonograph." Hobbies, 
53 (no. 2): 35-36, (no. 3): 31-32 (Apr- 
May). On Miss Spencer (Mrs. Willard 
Foster Doolittle) as "the first woman to 
have her voice reproduced on a Victor 
disc," ca. 1900, with an autobiographical 
letter from her. - [1583 

John Douglas Cook. Enrico Caruso — 
the human side. Opera and concert, 
13 (no. 7): 12-15, 28-29 (Jul), cartoons, 
facsim., ports. On Caruso in America, 
1903 ff. [1584 

The passing of a noted American artist. 
Etude, 66: 519, 522, 576 (Sep), port. 
On Lucy Mary Olga Agnes (Hicken- 
looper) Stokowski (1882-1948), better 
known as Olga Samaroff, and her career 
as pianist and piano teacher, 1905-48. 


Beinald Werrenrath. Hobbies, 53 (no. 
6): 32-33, 37 (Aug), port. On Wer- 
renrath (born 1883) as a concert baritone 
and record-maker, 1907-48. [1586 

Bill Russell. Mutt Carey [1892-1948]. 
Record changer, 7 (no. 11): 7 (Nov). 
facsim., port. On Carey as a jazz band 
musician, ca. 1915-1948. [1587 

Bill Qrauer. "Kid Punch." Record 
changer, 7 (no. 6): 10, 25 (Jun). port. 
On Ernest Miller (born 1897) as a jazz 
band musician, 1919-48. [1588 

Charles Edward Smith. Cultural an- 
thropology and the reformed tramp. 
Record changer, 7 (no. 6): 11-12, 24 (Jun). 
cartoons. On the development of jazz, 
ca. 1920-1948. [1589 

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account of the Class of 1892 bells at 
Princeton with notes on bells and carillons 
in general. Princeton: Princeton Univ. 
Press, 1948. x, [4], 75, [16] p. diagrs., 
music, views. On the Princeton carillon 
(installed 1927) and "The carillon in 
America" (1922-48), with "A list of the 
carillons in the United States and 
Canada." [1590 

Marion Bauer & Claire B. Beis. 
Twenty-five years with the League of 
Composers [1923-48]. Musical quar., 34: 
1-14 (Jan), views. [1591 

Charles Edward Smith. Clarence Wil- 
liams: the trail of an unissued album led 
to the most fabulous jazzman of them all 
[1923-25]. Record changer, 7 (no. 4): 
6-7 (Apr), port. [1592 

John Briggs. George Gershwin: a re- 
appraisal [1924 ff.]. Tomorrow, 7 (no. 
11): 20-24 (Jul), port. [1593 

Eddie Condon. The Blue Blower. Rec- 
ord changer, 7 (no. 5): 7 (May), port. 
Reminiscences of Red McKenzie (1899- 
1948) as a jazz band musician, 1924-36, 




Joseph Mannone & Paul Vandervoort 

II. Trumpet on the wing. Garden City, 
N. Y.: Doubleday, 1948. 256 p. ports., 
views. "Discography" (p. 240-256) 
Autobiography of Joseph Mannone, alias 
Wingy Manone (born 1904), recounting 
his boyhood in New Orleans and his 
career as a jazz trumpet player, ca. 1924 
ff. [1595 

Leslie M. Collins. A song, a dance, and 
a play. Southw. jour., 3: 65-81 (winter), 
notes. Condensed from a thesis. Western 
Reserve Univ. A study of the lives of 
Marian Anderson ("A song"), Katherine 
Dunham ("A dance"), and Paul Robeson 
("A play") as representing "the tradition 
of Negro protest," 1925-48. [1596 

Barry Ulanov. The incredible Crosby. 
N. Y.: Whittlesey House [1948]. xiii, 
[3], 336 p. ports. "A Crosby dis- 
cography" (p. 297-321). On Bing Crosby 
(originally Harry Lillis Crosb}-, Jr., born 
1901) as a singer, 1925-48. [1597 

Vema Arvey. George Gershwin through 
the eyes of a friend [ca. 1930 ff.]. Opera 
and concert, 13 (no. 4): 10-11, 27-28 
(Apr), ports. [1598 

Tadd Dameron. The case for modern 
music: an originator of be-bop tells how 
it started and what it's all about. Record 
changer, 7 (no. 2): 5, 16 (Feb), port. 
Reminiscences of a pianist and arranger, 
1938-48. [1599 

Orrin Keepnews. Sweet Papa Jelly 
Roll: ten year history of Morton's Li- 
brary of Congress recordings. Record 
changer, 7 (no. 2): 6-7 (Feb), port. On 
recordings of New Orleans jazz made by 
Ferd Morton (died 1942), with his 
autobiographical comments, 1938. [1600 

Orrin Keepnews. The evolution of bop: 
Illinois Jacquet as a case in point [1940- 
48]. Record changer, 7 (no. [3]): 9-10, 
18 (Mar), cartoons. [1601 


A. Richards. The laboratory as an 
early factor in developing biolog3\ Bios, 
19: 101-111 (May), notes. On the 
study and teaching of biology in the 
United States, 1643-ca. 1873. [1602 

John W. Streeter. John Winthrop, 
Junior, and the fifth satellite of Jupiter. 
I sis, 39: 159-163 (Aug), notes. Obser- 
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To be cont. On Very Reverend Father 
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tion . . . and the Corps of Engi- 
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and the Northwest. — Bishop [James Har- 
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938918 — 52- 



[Oklahoma to California], by John Stein- 
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Lewis. — Grand Canyon, by J. B. Priest- 
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Railroad town, by Anthony Trollope. — 
American hotels, by Anthony Trollope. — 
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original shanty-camp legend, but the 
stories and secondary characterers are 
my own inventions." [1825 

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Branch (N. J.), Mount Rainier, the 
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the Washington Total Abstinence So- 


ciety, established at Baltimore and ex- 
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memoranda of interest to his family. 
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Oregon, and California ivilh the regions 
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West Point, a picnic at Bridgeton (N. Y.), 
Hell Gate, the banks of the Delaware, 
Narragansett Bay, New York seen from 
New Jersey, Sherburne (Vt.), Kingston 
(N. Y.), Trenton High Falls (near Utica), 
and Half-Dome (Yosemite), by Thomas 
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New England 

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Local History 

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bury, Essex Inst. hist, col, 84: 254-276, 
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ranch near South Carver, Mass., 1941-48 



Statewide History 

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scription with occasional historical refer- 
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1946) against criticisms by Kenneth 
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Argues that the "mill" was built by ship- 
wrecked sailors from the expedition of the 
Portuguese Caspar Cortereal, ca. 1511. 


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of Touro Synagogue National His- 
toric Shrine ["=1948]. 55 p. facsims. (1 
fold.), ports., views. Contents. — Some 
notes on the Touro Synagogue, by D. de 
Sola Pool. — Peter Harrison, by Fiske 
Kimball. — The Jews of Newport, R. I., 
in pre-Revolutionary days, by M. A. 
Gutstein. — A story of religious freedom, 
by J. M. Proskauer. — In the early days, 
by L. M. Friedman. — Judah Touro, by 
Leon Huhner.- — The Hebrew cemetery, 
by H. W. L. Dana. — The good future, by 
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national historic site, by T. J. Allen.— 
Man doth not live by bread alone, by the 
editors. [2164 

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connection with the family of Thomas 
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Rhode Island painters and sculptors up 
to the end of the 19th century" (p. iii- 
xxi). [2169 

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secretary presumably made for Joseph 
Brown. /?. I. hisL, 7: 121-125 (Oct). 
view. On a secretary made by John 
Goddard in 1759, with three letters be- 
tween him and Moses Brown, 1763. 


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by John Singleton Copley, presumably 
ca. 1765. " [2171 

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the Clarendon Hotel, Providence, built 
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of the Rhode Island Historical Society 
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Concl. Diary kept by a man of means 
at Providence, recording social life, news, 
and weather, Jun. 6-Dec. 31, 1788. 


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Other Local History 

Rhode Island records prior to Rev- 
olutionary War. D. A. R. mag., 82: 
49-50, 124-126, 202-204, 295-296 (Jan- 
Apr). Lists of persons admitted as 
freemen in Warwick, 1750-78; Coventry, 
1760; East Greenwick, 1762; West 
Greenwich, 1761-62; and Bristol, 1760-62. 


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A. Collins III. The patrol of Narra- 
gansett Bay (1774-76) by H. M. S. Rose, 
Captain James Wallace. R. I. hist., 7: 
12-19, 90-95 (Jan and Jul), fold. map. 
notes. To be cont. Includes letters 
from Captain Wallace, dated Dec. 15, 
1774, Feb. 9, 1775, and May 9, 1775. 


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R. I. hist., 7: 33-50 (Apr), views. Shore 
resort on Narragansett Bay, 1847-1947. 


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England: the life of Monsignor Charles 
Dauray [1838-1931]. Boston: B. Hum- 
phries [1948]. 242 p. ports., views. On 


the Precious Blood Parish, Woonsocket, 
R. I., in charge of Father Dauray, 
1872 flf. [2183 


Statewide History 

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the General Assembly: some aspects of 
the present system [1634-1948]. Conn. 
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liog. (p. 57-64). A collection of inci- 
dents and anecdotes from the history of 
Connecticut, 1635-1947. [2185 

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necticut meetinghouses: being an account 
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based chiefly upon town and parish 
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State Bar Association of Connecticut. 

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the selection of Connecticut jurors 
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Smith papers: papers of John Cotton 
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Governor, and Governor of the State of 
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1811-July 19, 1813. Hartford: Con- 
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win [1840-1927] Com. bar. jour., 22: 
39-52 (Mar), port. On Baldwin as law- 

yer, jurist. Governor of Connecticut, and 
professor of law, 1 863- 1919. [2191 

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Daggett, & David M. Reilly. In 
memoriam: George Emerson Beers, 1865- 

1947. Conn. bar. jour., 22: 184-186 (Jun). 
On Beers as a lawyer and professor of 
law in Connecticut, 1892-1933. [2192 

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Chief Justice of its Supreme Court of 
Errors. A7n. Bar Assoc, jour., 34: 
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William Mills Maltbie (born 1880) as 
a lawyer and jurist in Connecticut, 
1905-48. [2194 

Connecticut State Medical Society. 

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necticut: a general survey of distribution 
and incidence [1935-46]. Conn. State 
med. jour., 12: 826-831 (Sep), diagrs. 


New Haven 

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of an old New Haven landmark. [New 
Haven] Yale Univ. Press, 1948. 73-98 p. 
maps. (Yale Univ. Publications from 
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Creek, in New Haven, 1638-1947. 


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Grove Street Cemetery. [New Haven] 
New Haven Colony Historical Society, 

1948. 26, [1] p. On cemeteries in New 
Haven, 1639 flF., and specifically the 
Grove Street Cemetery, founded 1797. 


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leges: 7— Yale University [1701-1948]. 
D. A. R. mag.,82: 875-880 (Dec), view 
(front.). [2198 

When Yale was but a pup. Month at 
Goodspeed's, 19: 120-121 (Jan), facsim. 
Describes The catalogue of the Library of 
Yale College in New- Haven (New London, 
1743). [2199 


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dated May, 1762, from the Robert R. 
Potter Collection. Timepieces, 1: 51-52 
(Nov). [2200 

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Yale motif: excerpts from the half-century 
record. Class of 1897, Yale College. 
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assistance of the Printing-Office of the 
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1947]. Scientific mo., 58-63 (Jul). 


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Other Local History 

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dam meetinghouse: who designed it? 
Conn. Hist. Soc, BuL, 13: 4-6 (Jan), 
views. [2206 

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there in 1671. [2207 

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ticut [1674-1944]. Naugatuck, 1948. 

xii, 331, [1] p. maps, ports., views, bib- 
liog. (p. 304^307). [2208 

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draw table. Conn. Hist. Soc, BuL, 13: 
17-20 (Jul), view. On the history and 
design of a table, probably made in 
America before 1700, in possession of the 
Connecticut Historical Society. [2209 

Prominent physicians in early Fairfield 
[1718-1879]. Conn. State med. jour., 12: 
329-332 (Apr), view. [2210 

Thelma Wright Clark. For two hun- 
dred years the same: an intimate and re- 
vealing account of the beginning and 
growth of the town of Chester, Connecti- 
cut, and the Protestant churches therein 
[1723-1948. Chester?] <=1948. 79 p. 
views, bibliog. (p. 79). [2211 

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makers in Waterbury, Connecticut (pre- 
liminary fist) [1760-1876]. Natl, button 
bul, 7: 76-79 (Mar). [2212 

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dier and religious zealot. Picket post, no. 
21 (Apr), p. 3, 16. port. On Huntington 
as a Connecticut merchant. Army officer, 
and collector of customs, 1763-1818. 


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sisters by Ralph Earl. Art in Am., 36: 
55-57 (Jan), ports. On a portrait of 
Ann and Winifred Stryker, 1787. [2214 

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scape by Ralph Earl. Art in Am., 36: 
49-53 (Jan), view. On Earle's Land- 
scape near New Milford, Connecticut, ca. 
1790? [2215 

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of clocks by Eli Terry, clockmaking genius 
of Connecticut [1792-1850]. Timepieces 
guar., 1: 2-8 (Nov), views. [2216 

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mental shelf clocks. Natl. Assoc. 
Watch and Clock Collectors, BuL, 3: 
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1772) and his career as a Connecticut 
clockmaker, ca. 1792-1826. [2217 


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Bristol, Conn.: Charles Terry Treadway, 
<^1948. 30 leaves, map. "Sources" 
(p. iv-v). On the clock industry estab- 
lished by Eli Terry, Sr. (1772-1852), at 
Plymouth, Conn, (modern Thomaston), 
1793-1862, with an account of clockmak- 
ing in Connecticut and of the Terry 
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Long Island (except Areas within 
New York City) 

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Other Local History 

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betical lists of vocal and instrumental 
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Ticonderoga, May 10, 1775." [2447 

Ethan Allen's blunderbus. Ft. Ticon- 
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Presented by Allen to Benedict Arnold 
(probably in May 1775) and by him to 
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Traditions and lore, including place 
names, the killing of Nimham (Wappinger 
chief) by the British, the services of 
Enoch Crosby as a spy in the Revolution, 
and the murder of Abe Wanzer of Phillips- 
town by George Denny in Oct. 1843. 


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The flint and steel tinder box. Ft. 
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view, notes. Signed: E. M. Undated 
item (ca. 1777?) in the Fort Ticonderoga 
Museum. [2451 

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N. Y. hist., 29: 342-348 (Jul), notes. 
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1777 of a wound received in the Battle of 
Oriskany) and history of his family and 
property as indicated by a "portfolio" 
of ms. and printed matter (location not 
indicated). [2452 

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and David Henderson, 1822-ca. 1845, 
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wus, in the Adirondacks. [2474 

Ethelyn Weller. 

ern Erie County. 
50-54 (spring). 

Wild animals of south- 

A''. Y. folklore quar., 4: 

Bear and wolf stories, 


Bagley and Sew- 

country's largest 

North country 

(winter), ports.. 

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all — one of the north 
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On the Friends of Temperance, West- 
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The 1802d Special Regiment: an illus- 
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West Point, New York. [By Sidney 
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facsim., fold, map, ports., views. On an 
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body of enlisted men to perform the labor 
of the Post and the Academy," 1829-1947. 


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Describes a ms. containing texts of 89 
songs (many from oral tradition) current 
in northern New York 1843-56 and 
written down at that time by Volney 
Stevens and Julia Parker Stevens. [2490 

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i-ron-dac, 12 (no. 4): 4-7 (Jul- Aug), 
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Kachesco, a legend of the sources of the 
Hudson (1873), and comments on 26 
place names included therein. [2491 

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ident; Laura Murray, Vice-President; 


and Catharine A. F. Stebbins, Sarah L. 
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facsims., map, ports., views. History of 
Boonville during the period (1855-67) 
when the construction of the railroad 
(chartered 1832) was halted at Boonville. 


Timby's globe timepiece of 1863. Time- 
pieces quar., 1: 34-37 (Nov), view. On 
the Timby Solar Clock, patented by 
Theodore R. Timby, Baldwinsville, N.Y., 
1863, and intended as "a geographical 
educator for the school room and family." 


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Facsimile reproductions of her hand- 
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givings in New York State, 1864-70, and 
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later exhibited as a curiosity, recently 
added to the collections of the Farmers' 
Museum, Cooperstown. [2513 

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[1948]. 219 p. facsim., ports., views. 
Autobiography, ca. 1880 ff., and account 
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wana, N. Y., 1924, as "a recreation and 
convalescent center for persons of educa- 
tion and refinement." [2518 

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town and Westfield, N. Y., 1904-26. 


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Co., N. Y., Jul. 11, 1906; his trial at 
Cortland; his execution at Auburn, Mar. 
20, 1908; and the use of these facts by 
Theodore Dreiser in An American tragedy. 
Quotes letters written by Gillette and 
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1922 in a 1901 Pierce- Arrow, to cele- 
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model. [2535 

Wallace Ashley & Max Spitalny. 

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Statewide History 

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.Jersey [177(), 1844, 1942-47]. N. J. 
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Local History 

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ters. Archeol. Soc. N. J., Bui., no. 1 
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apparently of the Rosencrans Focus. 


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the First, Second, Third, and Fourth 
Tenths, which "comprised all of West 
Jersey North of Oldman's Creek," 1623- 
1702. [2547 

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of West New York, New Jersey, in com- 
memoration of its golden jubilee. West 
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(1756-1833), who settled in Pennsylvania 
in 1769, 1770, or 1771, and the history of 
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Play Men." [2764 

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ing, Maj. John Levering, Christopher 
Sower III, and other spies in Pennsylvania, 
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turn in April 1778 shows use of wheat and 
rye fields during Valley Forge encamp- 
ment. Picket post, no. 21 (Apr), p. 17-19. 
facsim. "Return of the wheat fields and 
meadows to the different brigades of the 
Army," signed at Camp Valley Forge, 
Apr. 28, 1778, listing divisions and bri- 
gades, forage masters, number of wagons 
and horses, and owners and acreage of 
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Statewide History 

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Good newes from, Virginia, sent from 
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The record of the Bourbon-Democratic 
and Liberal Readjuster parties con- 
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Local History 

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Statewide History 

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Other Local History 

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S. C, 1797-1947. " [3266 

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Statewide History 

Schuyler Medlock Christian. A sketch 
of the history of science in Georgia. 
Ga. rev., 2: 415-427 (winter). To be 
concl. This installment: the Cherokees' 
knowledge of nature, and the scientific 
activities of white persons, 1719-1830. 


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The Gulf States 

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Statewide History 

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Local History 

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Statewide History 

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Local History 

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Statewide History 

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Local History 

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bell? 1805), relating the murder by Abel 
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his pregnant wife, and commenting in 
verse. [3673 

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Statewide History 

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93891&— 52- 



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Cont. and to be cont. Deaths of persons 
over 15, 1852-1907, with age at death, 
cause of death, place of birth, and names 
of parents. These installments: Caaey 
Co., Christian Co., Crittenden Co., and 
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Local History 

Legend of Cherokee princess kept alive 
at Carter Caves: open grave of Indian 
girl found in cavern. In Ky., 11 (no. 4): 
22-23, 46-47 (winter). Undated legend 
of Indian lovers and a silver mine in 
Saltpeter, or Swindell, Cave, Carter Co., 
Ky. [3702 

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the Ancient Buried City, Wickliffe, Ky., 
a mound-builder site excavated 1932 ff. 


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F. L. S. D. Quotes travelers in Ken- 
tucky, 1771-1826, on the question wheth- 
er bluegrass is indigenous to Kentucky. 



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facsims., views. Contents. — Old Tran- 
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Gratz Park, Lexington, Ky. — ^The old 
library at Transylvania College. [3709 

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ments and a biographical sketch by 
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sists of ten letters, written 1845-48, 
dealing particularly with Mayslick and 
vicinity. [3710 

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127-163 (Sep), views, notes. Alleges 
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in 1809 was torn down before 1840; and 
traces the history of "the structure now 
enshrined in a great marble building in 
Kentucky." [3718 

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of Jefferson County, Kentucky [by] 
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of the Jefferson County Courthouse [by] 
Charles B. Seymour [1921]. — Fireproofing 
of Jefferson County Courthouse [by] 
Brinton B. Davis. [3723 


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Cassius M. Clay and the True American. 
Filson Club hist, quar., 22: 197-198 (Jul). 
From Craig, of Lexington, to the Rev. 

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the dismantling of the press used by 
Cassius Marcellus Clay in publishing his 
abolitionist newspaper. [3724 

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Clay and the True American. Filson Club 
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a Lexington newspaper devoted to grad- 
ual emancipation, 1845-49. [3725 

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224 (Sep). Letter to Gabriel Germann, 
o. s. B., Jan. 14, 1948, written by request 
of the latter, mainly on the services of 
Father Joseph Ryan in Kentucky, ca. 
1848-1876. [3726 

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tion meeting in Kentucky in 1849. 
Edited by Clement Eaton. Jour. South, 
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ings of a meeting of citizens of Warren 
Co., May 12, 1849, signed by Samuel 
Murrell, Chairman, and others. [3727 

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School nearing century mark. In Ky., 
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founded in 1854 as Sayre Female Institute 
by David Austin Sayre. [3728 

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Monday" — August 6, 1855. Hist, bid., 
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the Germans, the Irish, and other for- 
eigners, instigated by the Know Nothing 
Party. [3729 

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tiary to his wife, dated Columbus, Aug. 
14 and 15, 1863, on the war in Kentucky. 


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manded the Union Headquarters of 
Western Kentucky at Paducah, Jul. -Sep. 
1864. [3732 

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Nashville Railroad and specifically the 
Lancaster-Fort Estill line, 1867-1934. 


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Farmington, Kentucky, and history of 
Farmington schools [1879-1948]. [Farm- 
ington? 1948]. 85 p. maps, ports., 
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Freemasons. U. S. Scottish Rite. Su- 
preme Council for the Southern Jurisdic- 
tion. Honoring on his fiftieth anniver- 
sary as a 33rd degree Mason John Henrj' 
Cowles, Sovereign Grand Inspector Gen- 
eral in Kentucky and Sovereign Grand 
Commander of tha Supreme Council 
(Mother Council of the World) of the 
Inspectors General, Knights Commanders 
of the House of the Temple of Solomon 
of the thirty-third degree of the Ancient 
and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free- 
masonry of the Southern Jurisdiction of 
the United States of America. [Louis- 
ville? Ky., 1948.] 91, [1] p. ports., views. 
On Cowles (born 1863) as a Mason, 
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1948. [3737 

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and archeologist in the ITniversity of 
Kentucky, 1918-48. [3738 


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ter. Armored Cavalry jour., 57 (no. 4): 
6-7 (Jul-Aug). port., view. History and 
description of the Armored Center, Fort 
Knox, Ky., 1931-48. Installations con- 
stituting the Center are described in the 
same issue of the Armored Cavalry journal. 


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Armored Cavalry jour., 57 (no. 4): 9-15 
(Jul-Aug). port. History and descrip- 
tion of the school, established as the 
Armored Force School, at Fort Knox, 
Ky., Aug. 7, 1940. [3741 

Statewide History 

Cullen Tuller Carter. History of the 
Tennessee Conference and a brief sum- 
mary of the general conferences, the 
Methodist Church, from the frontier in 
middle Tennessee to the present time 
[1787-1948. Nashville, 1948.] 556 p. 
ports., views, bibliogs., notes. [3742 

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Tennessee Militia, 1812. Tenn. hist, 
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gration, 1865-1880. Tenn. hist, guar., 
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amazing "privilege tax" [1870-1947]. 

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abilities under Tennessee workmen's 
compensation laws [1919-47]. Tenn. law 
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ity program (with special reference to 
Tennessee Unemployment insurance). 
Vanderhilt law rev., 1: 376-395 (Apr), 
notes. On the working of the Tennessee 
Unemployment Compensation Law of 
1936. [3751 

George Street Boone. An examination 
of the Tennessee law of administrative 
procedure [1941-48]. Vanderhilt law rev., 
1: 339-375 (Apr), notes. [3752 

Local History 

W. Q. Polk. Old town site on Big 
Harpeth River. Tenn. archeaol., 4: 24-25 
(Jun). map, views. Examination of a 
"Mississippi" site, including about 80 
stone box graves, before its destruction 
by road-building machinerj' in 1928. 


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in Sumner County, Tennessee. Va. mag. 
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letter from Major Henry Bradford, dated 
Sumner Co., May 12, 1793. [3754 

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ment of Williamson County, Tennessee 
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[1787-1858], business and cultural leader. 
Tenn. hist, guar., 22: 314-321 (Dec). On 
Tannehili as business man, Mason, and 
author in Nashville, 1810-32, 1841-58. 



Shields Mcllwaine. Memphis down in 
Dixie [1818-1948]. N. Y.: E. P. Dutton 
[1948]. 400 p.*^ map. (Society in Amer- 
ica seriesr[3].) " [3767 

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good. Chattanooga, Tennessee-Georgia. 
Ga. rev., 2: 236-247 (summer). On the 
possible claim of Georgia to the land on 
which Chattanooga stands, 1817-1926. 


Rufus Buin Spain. R. B. C. Howell, 
Tennessee Baptist, 1801-1868. Vander- 
BiLT Univ., BuL, 48 (no. 11): 56. Ab- 
stract of thesis (m. a.). On Robert 
Boyte Crawford Howell as a Baptist 
minister in Tennessee, 1834 flf. [3769 

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Mountain Slasher F-59. Tenn. walking 
horse, 4 (no. 2): 13, 15, 17 (Apr). On 
Mountain Slasher (ca. 1850-1879), "very 
noted as a sire of fine saddle horses," 
and on noted horses descended from him. 


Tracy M. Kegley. Bushrod Rust John- 
son [1817-80]: soldier and teacher. Tenn. 
hist, quar., 7: 249-258 (Sep), notes. On 
Johnson as an official of the Western 
Military Institute and the University of 
Nashville and as an officer in the U. S, 
Army, 1851-75. [3761 

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Civil War memoirs of Mrs. Adeline 
Deaderick. Edited by Anna Mary Moon. 
Tenn. hist, quar., 22: 52-71 (Mar). 
Reminiscences of 1863-64, written ca. 
1898, with an autobiographical note (Apr. 
15, 1898) and three letters, 1866-69. 


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Smith, attorney-at-law. Blountville, 

Tenn. [1948. 8], 121 p. port., views. 
Autobiography of a Tennessean, born 
1869, and living in Sullivan Co. [3763 

John Maloney. Town of cultured 
ghosts: the viUage of Rugby, Tenn., 
remembers its gay 1880's when an 
English colony brought cotillions, cricket, 
and culture to the mountains. Holiday, 
4 (no. 4): 81-92 (Oct), ports., views. 
On a settlement established by Thomas 

Hughes (author of Tom Brown's school 
days) in 1880. [3764 

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Hayes (1865?-1947) as a breeder of 
horses at Lynchburg, Tenn., ca. 1890 S.] 
Tenn. walkirig horse, 4 (no 1): 7 (Jan). 


Worthy of honor: the story of David 
Lipscomb [1831-1917]. Tower, 2 (no. 3) : 
8-9 (spring). On Lipscomb and the 
Nashville Bible School, 1891 ff. [3766 

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Lipscomb: E. A. Elam [1855-1929]. 
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connection with the Nashville Bible 
School, David Lipscomb College, and the 
Gospel advocate, 1901-29. [3767 

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and Davidson County, Tennessee [1930- 
46]. Social sci., 23: 30-43 (Jan). [3768 

Statewide History 

Carl H. Chapman. A preliminary sur- 
vey of Missouri archaeology. Part iv: 
ancient cultures and sequence. Mo. 
archaeologist, 10: 136-164 (Dec), maps, 
views, notes. Includes (p. 155) "Table 
showing summary of tentative sequence 
of the archaeological cultures of Mis- 
souri," B. C. 8000-A. D. 1830. [3769 

Missouri Agency rolls. D. A. R. mag., 
82: 563-566, 641-643, 716-717, 783-785 
(Jul-Oct). Pension applications, 1818- 
53, of Revolutionary veterans then living 
in Missouri. [3770 

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Statewide History 

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To be cont. facsims. This installment: 
1787-1842. [3987 

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The Ohio Sundry Claims Board [by] 
John P. Walsh. — -Administrative settle- 
ment of claims under the Federal Tort 
Claims Act [by] Harvey Walker, Sr.^ — • 
Judicial experience under the Federal 
Tort Claims Act [by] William Ben tie 
Devaney, Jr. — A proposed act to create 
an Ohio Court of Claims [by] Robert 
Minor.^ — -Tort liabilitj^ of public officers 
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Massar. — Workmen's compensation for 
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Lynn, Jr. — ^Legal consequences of the 
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Conference on philosophy of education: 
a report of meetings held November 10, 
1947, on the occasion of the presentation 
of the William H. Kilpatrick Award for 
Distinguished Service in Philosophy of 
Education to Dr. Boyd H. Bode, Professor 
Emeritus of Education, Ohio State Uni- 
versity. Teachers College rec, 49: 263- 
290 (Jan). On the doctrines of Boyd 
Henry Bode (born 1873) as promulgated 
in Ohio State University, 1921-44. 
Contents. — Introductory statement [by] 
R. Bruce Raup. — A memorable occasion 
[by] George S. Counts. — Boyd H. Bode: 
an appreciation [by] John Dewey. — -A 
great teacher and colleague [by] Gordon 
Hullfish. — 'Bode's philosophic position 
[by] William Heard Kilpatrick.— Educa- 
tion for freedom [by] Boyd H. Bode. — ■ 
Bode in American philosophy of education 
[by] John L. Childs. — -Questions concern- 
ing Bode's position [by] Kenneth D. 
Benne. [4000 

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Local History 

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Cont. and to be cont. These install- 
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Island and islanders [1810-1948. Colum- 
bus] Ohio State Univ., 1948. x, 139 p. 
maps, views. bibliog. (p. 125-132). 
(Ohio. State University [Columbus]. 
Franz Theodore Stone Laboratory [Put- 
in-Bay]. Contribution no. 10.) [4020 

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refinement: early concert life in Cincin- 
nati, 1810-1826. [n. p., 1948.] 24 p. 
facsims. notes. Reprinted from Hist, 
and Phil. Soc. Ohio, BuL [4021 

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1921, and its predecessor meetinghouses, 
1812-1921. [4022 

Kathryn Miller Keller. Just before the 
world came to an end: the story of 

Thomas L. Hawkins. Norlhw. Ohio quar. 
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Hawkins, Jr., soldier, politician, con- 
tractor, merchant, in Lower Sandusky 
(now Fremont), Ohio, 1813-53. [4023 

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and John McCook and their descendants 
in Ohio, ca. 1826-1948, and the former's 
house at Carrollton, built in the early 
1840s. [4030 

[S. Winifred Smith & Vance W. Smith.] 
The First Presbyterian Church, Worth- 
ington. Mus. echoes, 21: 25-29 (Apr), 
view. On a church building, erected in 
1926, and its predecessor buildings, 
1830-1926. [4031 

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Ohio State archaeol. and hist quar., 57: 
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1948. 62 leaves. Contents. — The non- 
partisan movement in Toledo, 1897 to 
1920. — The rise of a national politician 
[Walter Folger Brown], 1869 to 1948. 
—The charter history of Toledo, 1837 to 
1948. [4038 

[Virginius C. Hall.] Mr. Taft receives 
an old lithograph. Hist, and Phil. See. 
Ohio, BuL, 6: 69-72 (Jul), view. De- 
scribes a print showing Harrison House, 
Cincinnati, May 1839, lithographed by 
L. Samyn. [4039 

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9-14 (Feb). views. On a Catholic 
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clinic. Ohio State archaeol. and hist. 

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lancet, the Lancet and observer, the Lancet 
and clinic, and the Lancet-clinic, 1842- 
1916. [4042 

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gregational Church. Miis. echoes, 21: 
41-45 (Jun). view. On a church build- 
ing in Oliio, 1844 ff. [4048 

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its historical past, 1869, 1845, and later. 
N. Y. : Newcomen Society of England, 
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view. On the Lima-Hamilton Corpora- 
tion and its predecessors, Lima Loco- 
motive Works and General Machinery 
Corporation, 1845-1947. [4044 

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dedicated in 1930, and the predecessor 
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(1850-1934) and Squire Valleevue Farm, 
bequeathed by him to Flora Stone 
Mather College. [4051 

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notes. Based on newspaper accounts of 
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Conneaut, and Westfield, Feb. 1861. 


Jack Cliflford Ransome. David Ross 
Locke: Civil War propagandist. Northw. 
Ohio quar., 20: 5-19 (Jan), port, notes. 
On Locke as owner and editor of the 
Hancock Jeffersonian (Findlaj', Ohio) and 
as author of the letters of Petroleum 
Vesuvius Nasby, Mar. 1861-Apr. 1865. 


William Frank Zornow. The attitude 
of the Western Reserve press on the re- 
election of Lincoln. Lincoln herald, 50 
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Cites Ohio newspapers, 1864. [4056 

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On Locke as editor of the Toledo daily 
blade, 1865-88, and of other Toledo 
papers, as creator of Petroleum Vesuvius 
Nasby, as lecturer, and in other capacities. 


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1948]. N. Y.: G. P. Putnam's Sons 
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forts to establish in Toledo "a church with 
no authoritative creed" and to convert 

the Unitarian Church to the principles of 
the Free Religious Association. [4059 

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medical specialties in northern Ohio: Dr. 
William T. Corlett and the "Renaissance" 
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On Dr. Corlett as a dermatologist in 
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building, 1893-1941. [4068 

Wealtha Ella (Vieth) Abernethy. 
Yesterdays . . . odds and ends. [Colum- 
bus, Ohio: 1948.] 96 p. "First pub- 


lished under the title of Odds and ends." 
Reminiscences of Circleville, Ohio, ca. 
1900-1948. [4069 

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On the death of the last passenger pigeon, 
at Cleveland, Sep. 1, 1914. [4071 

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65-75 (Sep). On James F. Henry (born 
1876) of Delaware, Ohio, with texts of, 
and references for, "tall tales," "fool 
tales," "surprising answers," and "miscel- 
laneous motifs," collected 1947. [4072 


Statewide History 

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land entries. Volume i. Cincinnati Dis- 
trict, 1801-1840. Indianapolis, 1948. 
[8], iv, 241 p. Counties: Dearborn, 
Fayette, Franklin, Jay, Ohio, Randolph, 
Switzerland, Union, Wayne. [4073 

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Notre Dame lawyer, 23: 232-237 (Jan), 
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as a lawyer and jurist in Indiana, 1811-53. 


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kings [1835-ca. 1900]. Ind. mag. hist., 
44: 1-24 (Mar), notes. [4075 

The Indiana almanac calculated for the 
year of Our Lord 1949 . . . Fixed for 
Hoosiers, but of interest to the territory. 
Containing, besides a treasury of State 
and local anniversaries for every month 
of the year, a fund of instructive & 
entertaining matter relating to the liter- 
ary of the State. Embellished with 
scenes by Clotilde Embree Funk from 
popular books by native authors, and 
including an essay searching the reasons 
for so much literary production in 
Indiana. [Motto.] Indianapolis: Indiana 
Historical Bureau, 1948. 213-243 p. 
views. {Ind. hist, bul., v. 25, no. 12, 

Dec. 1948.) Lists of birthdays of authors 
native to Indiana, extracts from their 
publications (ca. 1840 ff.), and "What 
made Hoosiers write," by Howard H, 
Peckham. [4076 

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in the Indiana Constitution of 1851. 
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Third parties in Indiana [1876-1936]. 
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Governmental tort liability in Indiana 
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483 (Jul), notes. [4079 

Local History 

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Fort Wayne [1680-1790]. Old Fort news, 
11 (no. 2): 6-8. map. [4080 

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3-5 (Jun). On Fort Wayne, ca. 1680- 
1745. [4081 

Clark's headquarters in Vincennes. Ind. 
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house occupied by George Rogers Clark 
in 1778 and torn down ca. 1806. [4082 

Indiana celebrates anniversary of Indiana 
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450 (Jan). On the Battle of Eel River, 
in present Cass Co., Ind., Aug. 8, 1791. 


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472), notes (p. 115-139). On M'Coy as 
teacher and Baptist missionary in Indiana^ 
1804-59, with text of his diaries, 1842-44, 
1847-52, 1856-59. [4084 

Daniel Curtis. Recent documentary 
acquisitions to the Indiana Historical 
Society Library relating to Fort Wayne. 
[Edited by] Howard H. Peckham. Ind. 
mag. hist., 44: 409-418 (Dec), notes. 
Letter dated Fort Wayne, Sep. 21, 1812, 
from an ensign in the 1st Michigan 
Infantry Regiment, giving "an eyewit- 
ness account of the siege of Fort Wayne." 



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stracts of Warrick County, Indiana, wills, 
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coln and his neighbors. . . . Prepared 
for the Spencer County Historical Society. 
Rockport, Ind.: Democrat Pub. Co., 
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On Lincoln's neighbors in Spencer Co., 
Ind., 1816-30. [4087 

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in New Albany. Ind. mag. hist., 44: 
175-177 (Jun). notes. On Jacques 
Garnier {al. Garnier de Saintes) , resident 
of New Albany, 1816-20. [4088 

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piano. Ind. hist, bul., 25: 169-170 (Sep). 
On a piano manufactured in London by 
Muzio Clementi and brought to Switzer- 
land Co. by John Wright in 1817. [4089 

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Thiebaud genealogy. Ind. mag. hist., 44: 
326-334 (Sep). On Frederick Louis 
Thiebaud (1767-1844), who came to 
America and settled in Indiana in 1817, 
and his descendants. [4090 

William Maclure & Marie Duclos 
Fretageot. Education and reform at 
New Harmony: correspondence of Wil- 
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Statewide History 

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Other Local History 

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Statewide History 

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938918 — 52- 



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