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i' .<:, / ^? 

KE Zc^l'1 



@nglif$°3)(utf$($ nub t)roff$°@nglif$(6 

Clietl I. 


Dr. JFeltjf ^tigel, 

11 liter 9Kittt)irfun9 

Dr. 3* ®- ^Ittgel, 

(Funfuf t>rr 9)(reinfgten @(aatni t»pit 9lor^'^mcrira j^ii i'eiviig- 

(!BeTUg0rr<^t gefit^err.) 

auUiifi e. jRi(5tcv. 


3 ^ a n n 9( u g u fl 3)? e i g n e v. 










Dr. J. G. FLOGEL, 







kh: -^-'7 




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1852, by 


in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the District of Columbia. 



Xhe demands made upon English 
Dictionaries by the readers of Eng- 
lish works arc increasing from year to 
year. Scarcely a book is published in 
England or America which is not 
immediately read in Germany, and 
which makes it necessary to consult 
the Dictionary. The mental affinity 
of these highly cultivated nations is 
manifested by the almost simultaneous 
enjoyment of the productions of the 
imagination as well as their discoveries 
in science y art and nature , and the 
constant medium of this intellectual 
exchange is the English Dictionary, 
which it is the aim of the editors 
in each succeeding edition to render 
more worthy of its predecessors. 

It cannot be disputed , and I beg 
leave to offer this as a purely sta 
tistical fact, proved by careful compa* 
rison with other Dictionaries, that 
my large Dictionary of the English 
^gttage is the most copious of all 
works of the kind which have yet ap- 
peared,* still it would be presumptu- 

3Kit icbemSa^re flriflevn fi(^ bie Qlnfor^ 
berungen ber Scfcr engltfcffer ^c^riften an 
bad fnc|(tf(^c 938rtevbu(^. Gd fommt 
in (Snglanb unb ^mcrifa faf! nt(^rd 
f^ctauS, n?a§ nid^t auc^ in ICcutfd^lanb 
fogleic^ gclefcn toivb unb aScranlajfuug 
gieBt, bad SBSrterBuc^ gu Dtat^t gu 
giel^en. 5Die getfltge ajevtvanbtfc^aft 
blefer l^od^gedlbeten 93olfet 6eur!unbet 
fid^ bur(^ ben unmtttelSaren 9Ritgenu^ 
il^ret ^^antaficgcBLfbf, fo toit i^rei* 
gntbfdCungen in aBljfmf^aft, Stmifi 
unb 0latur, unb ber beflanbige 5E)oIr 
metf^er biffed ^udtauf^ed ifl bad 
engUf(^e 2B6rtcrBuc^, beffen «6eraud? 
geBer jebe i^rer 5(udga6en gu toertooU- 
jlanblgen bemii^t fmb. 

Unffareitig — unb bted Bitte t^ aid 
rein jlatijlif^e unb burd^ forgfaltlge 
Siergleid^tmg mit anbent lIBSrlerSii^ 
d&ern enuiefcne 3!^atfa(^e aufgufaffen — 
iji bad \)on mir ^evaudgegeBene grope 
SQbxitiAvL^ ber engltfd^en (S^t^a^e bad 
toottjianbigfle aUer bidder eif^Leneneu 
SBerfe biefer «rt* unb bo^ ware cd 

* It win ftQfiice in regard to this state 
aient to refer to the third edition of the work 
itself, or to the pamphlet pablithed by me 
entitled: — ,,8iterariWe ©pmpatl^icn oDcr 
inbnflricUe iBu^macherei. Sin Scitrag pr 
Ocfd^i^tc bcr ncucrcn engUf<^cn ^cxifogropf^ie 
Don Dr. 3. ®. 5. 9ic., ncbfl eincm »or»ort| 
wn bcm |)crm (Somtttir, Ac. ^rofcfTcr Dr. 
(Sottfnrb Hermann, ^tipm, 1843/' 

• ©3 genfigt in bicfcr SBcjic^ung auf bic 
Dritte^fufiflQbe bcft ©crfcs felbft, obcr auf Die 
Heine oon mir ^crau^gcgcbcneScftrift:— ,,«i^ 
terartf(!^e ®i)nipatMcn obcr tnbufiri^c 93u(b« 
ma^erci. Sin IBcitrag sue (Scfcftt^tc ber 
nencrctt engliftjen iexifograpjic ton Dr. 
3. ®. S. :c., ncbfk eincm «om)ort Mn bcn» 
^erm (Scmttur, k. ^rofeffor Dr. Oottfrieb 
Hermann, ^eipiig, 1843/' iu rcrwcifcn. 




0113 to assert that it supplies in every 
respect all the information that might 
be desired. In the short time which 
has elapsed since the 2^ edition ap- 
peared, the literature which relates to 
commerce, manufactures, science, 
and the arts, has made such con 
siderable progress that a third and 
thoroughly revised edition was called 
for. The revision and republication 
of so extensive and costly a work 
could not however, in the nature of 
things , be executed so rapidly as the 
increasing wants of the public require, 
wants which can be satisfied by the 
issue of smaller works of a purely 
practical character. Such a Practical 
Dictionary is the one, which I now 
present to the public, constructed par- 
ticularly for the use of those engaged 
in business, in which, besides the words 
and expressions in daily use, those 
terms employed in commerce, the 
trades, the arts, and the sciences are 
more fully explained than in any work 
hitherto in use. As my Complete Dic- 
tionary is based on a whole library of the 
latest researches, in a similar manner 
the materials for the present work 
have been drawn from a large number 
of new publications procured and con- 
sulted for the purpose, from which, as 
well as from an extensive course of 
reading and careful observation, much 
has been added, which no work has 
hitherto contained. Much useful mat- 
ter also, which I was prevented from 
inserting in my lar^c Dictionary, on 
account of its size and the wish of the 
publisher not to increase its price, has 

ungelJii^rUc^ ju htf^au\^ttn, bap ed in 
aUtn a5fiie^ung«i iebr iDunfd&Oarc 9(u«- 
funft 0a6f. 3n <&tnft$t auf JgrnM 
unb ©ftoevBf, Stiinfi uiib SBiffenfd^aft 
ifl bie Sitcratur In ber furjen feit brr 
jhjcitcn 5lu«ga6e toerflofffneii Qtit fd)on 
tviebet fo Oebeutenb ))oraud9ef(^vtttcn, 
bap eiiic brittc ©earBrituiig beffrCBen 
nitf)iQ luuvbf. 2)ie SBieber^erau^gatJe 
elneg fo umfangrei^en unb foflft)ieUgeu 
aBevW fann inbeffcn ber 0latur bit 
(Sad^e na^ nid;t fo f<l^nfa erfolgcn, 
alB man buv<^ Reinrre, bie (Spvad^e 
attelu \)on i^rer ipraftifc^ftt ®eite bar= 
fleUenbc SBerfe bent erl^S^ten a^ebiirf^ 
ntffe bed ^uBItcumd aBju(;eIfeit tin 
(Stanbe i% @d evfd^etnt balder ^irr= 
niit eln \>on mix l6efonberd fur ben 
©ebraud^ ber mit ben materteQen 3u= 
tereffen S3ef(^aftioten BearBeiteted pxat^ 
tif4e0 SSixttxiui), bx ttjeld^em, 
aufier ben SCBSrtem unb 9(udbru^en 
bed tagli(^en SSerfe^td, bie im ^aiu 
bel unb in ben ®en>erben, in bet 
Stmfl itnb in ben 9Btffenf$aften ge; 
Bvau^Ud^en 980rter unb Jhm^audbrucfe 
\>oUftanbiger aid in irgenb etncm Bid- 
der vjor^anbenen SJJerfe \>ct;ti(l^net unb 
erflSrt n^evben. SBie meinem (jr3pem 
aBorterBuc^e eine gauge ©iBIiot^ef ber 
ueueflen Duetten ju Onmbe liegt, fo 
fmb au^ fiir blefed SBBrterButfi \>ou mix 
ttiele neue ^ier^erge^Srenbe jffievfe an- 
gefd^ajft unb ju 9lat^e gejogen unb 
SRant^ed, n>ad fi$ nod^ ntrgenbd an^e^- 
geBen fanb, an^ eincr umfajfenben ?cc= 
ture gefammelt unb f;injugefiigt u>orbcn. 
gd ifl in biefed 2Berf, hjeld^ed g(ei(;^fam 
ovganif(^ ueBeu meineu gvopevcn lerifa; 
(ifdben imb anberen 9trBeiten ertvac^feu 




lound a place in the preaeot work, 
which has thus grown up, naturally as 
it were, by the side of my larger lexi 
cographical and other labours. On 
the other hand the greatest economy 
of space has been aimed at in order to 
make room for the technical terms. 
In this work therefore^ which, as 
above remarke*!, is intended to meet 
practical wants, the following classes 
of words have been omitted (though 
they are absurdly retained in smaller 
works that pass generally under the 
denomination of Pocket Dictionaries 
of which — by the way — many 
are nothing but bungling ex 
tracts from my large Dictionary): 
1. incorrect, antiquated words and 
mere provincialisms or such as very 
«eldom occur; orthographical and 
other peculiarities, such as Curso 
rary, Escocheon, Examplary, Escript, 
To Esloin, Evanid, Evestigate, To 
Resperse, Untriumphable, Unworm 
cd, Ac; 2. A large number of 
participles, derivatives of verbs or 
Bouns, the significations of which 
do not differ from their primitives^ 
and which every person, who is 
moderately acquainted with the lan- 
guage, can form for himself: thus, 
for the sake of brevity, only one 
meaning is given for '^ Evocation ,' 
.,bir i§eit?orrufuitg/' with a reference 
to the verb Evocate (Evoke) for 
further explanation, from which the 
other modifications may be found 
without difficulty. The separation 
of the active and neuter significa- 
tions of verbs, which is generally 

1% au^ Diel \>on bcm kaud^baveu @tcjf, 
ben id^, urn meiii groped ^5vtn-6u6 
nic^t 3U ff^r aiifd^ivfttrn gu laffrit unb 
QtQtn M S&tvU^txfi aBuuf(^ ju ^rr- 
t^eueni, boii w^^lk^, etndef(^altft ivot- 
ben; bagegeu i^ \>ou anberev ®nu, 
urn biefeu meifl te^nifi^en SBovtcrn ben 
nSt^iOen $Ia| gu )9erf<l^ajfen, bte ^&(^fle 
OlaumerfVamif nfttcbt tvovben. (Bo 
finb benn in biefem, wit Qt]a^t bem 
\>raf tif(^cn 93eburfiiiffe gejuibmeten laBerf e 
foIgenbeaB9rterc(aflfen meggetlieSeu (ob- 
9(ei(^ man fte )?etfel^rtei* SBetfe in fo- 
genannten ^af<l^en- unb^ anba*en SB&r^ 
ttxhu^tm finbet, ))on benen eine gute 
%n^i)l — urn bie« feeiloufig ju er- 
maf;nen — tt>eitet nic^td, a{§ nn^t: 
fd^tcfte 5(u«gfige meinefi flropen aBov- 
terBud^S fiub): 1) Undi^tifle, vevaltcte, 
rein ^roi)tng(et(e ober nur gan^ serein- 
gelt )7or!ommenbe SBcrter, ort(;oc)ra: 
))^if(l^e unb anbere ^igentf^uinlid^fettcn, 
wit Cursorary, Escocheon, Exam- 
plary, Escript, To Esloin, Evanid, 
Evestigate, To Kesperse, Untriumph- 
able, Unwormed, &c. ; 2) ^tne Wenge 
Q}articivien, SittbaU obet DteminoU 
9(S(eituni3en, \\>t\m fie feiiie#on i^rcn 
®tamnuv5rtevn al)mei(^enbe IBebeutun:: 
gen l^aten unb fur jeben ber ©pvac^e 
etnigetmafen SKSd^ttgen Ui^t jn bilbeu 
jlnb; fo ifl bet JJurje i»egen \ji>n 
Evocation nuv bte 1 . 93ebeutung : «&er; 
toorrufung, Qt\ti^, n>egen ber uOrigen 
aitx auf ba5 JBerOum To Evocate 
(Evoke) \)erauefen, ba jic^f biefe ein 
Seber o^ne ^it^e analog 6t(ben fann. 
^n(^ bte ^'rennitng ber actti'cii utib 
neutralen ©ebeutungen Oei aJevOeii, ble 
fonfl aur« fhrengfle biivd^gefu^nt 1(1, ifl 




most strictly attended to, has likewise 
been dispensed with in short articles, 
because many verbs in every language 
comprise both significations , and the 
repetition of that in the neuter, which 
is already given in the active, would 
be diffuse and unnecessary. 

From the fact that they heap up, 
m the midst of those in daily use, 
a mass of words , mostly antiquated, 
provincial, or such as are of very rare 
occurrence, which an author had 
perhaps employed in the whim of the 
moment, but which are quite worthless 
without quoting the passage, it will 
easily be perceived , how destitute of 
any plan, or minute investigation, and 
how culpably careless is the course of 
the compilers of these abridged dictio 
naries, that are indeed, for the most 
part, nothing but unprincipled pla- 
giarisms. It is an injudicious and in- 
congruous mixture of every thing, — 
copied out of the parent work which 
they had before them : — of course 
the materials are clipped and pared in 
a most niggardly manner. 

Here# might be said, that such 
books being merely practical must ne- 
cessarily be limited, but it is just the 
practical part, which these bungling 
mechanics neglect, practising at ran> 
dom their piracies upon what has once 

tti gan} tnx^n 9ttiff(n tiatfitttc^ ni6t 
etngefit^rt tvorben, tveit ja in ))ie(rn 
BeUndrtetn aUti Sptac^en Oeibe Ser 
bfutungtn mt^alten finb unb fomit 
^irbrr^olung beffen tm 9leutrum, ivad 
int 9(cti))um f(^on fiel^t,. unnit^ig unb 
meitf^meifig mare. 

SBte planM, o^ne gmoue Itnter? 
fuc^ung unb grtoijffnlod nat^Iafjtg 
blc aJerfaffer furjgefa^tcr SBiSrtcr- 
6ii^er — ble frelUc^ meifl kueiter 
ni(^td finb, aid ^rind^^Iofe ^Bf(^rei6f= 
rcien — t>tvfaf)xen, tann man bcutUct 

au5 ber 3"fflOinif»i^^"f""3 i«"ft ""- ^ 
Bfgfi^nctcr tterattcter, ^rottingiftter, nm 
ein^cln toorfcmmenbec 2B6rter (bie o^ne 
bad Sitat bed ©^riftfleUerS, meld^er 
fte biettet(^t in ber £aune bed (Sugen^ 
blidd pragte^ gan^ ivert^Iod ftnb) 
miuen unter aUtaglic^en aB&rtern er: 
fe^en; fitted ifl Bunt unb o^ne ^u^- 
tDtt^I — abgef^rieBen aud bem 9Ru= 
tlermerfe, bad fie t>ov fic^ ^^atten: 
— natiirU(^ mit ber PLcfhiiitterIi(^flen 
S3e^anb(ung unb SSefc^iteibung bed 

JDBgleid^ nun 3emanb fagen foiiute, 
bap folc^e ilBerfe eben aid rein ^taU 
tifd^e nid^t iveitldufig fetn fSmtten, fo 
ifl boc^ gerabe bie ^)ra(tif(5e ©cite 6ei 
biefen ^erren bie am meiflen »erna(^= 
tafflgte, toobei benn biefe pluni^en 

been given, too indolent to make SabriCanten ni^t einmal bie geringe 

the slightest effort to conceal their 
own deficiencies by the independent 
addition of a dozen or two new 
words. Thus in a small work of this 
sort, which was copied from the second 

Slnffarengung mac^en burc^ meutgflend 
ein pber jn^et S)utenb felbflflaubig ^iu^ 
{ugefugter neuer SBirtcr bie eigeite 
S)iirfligfeit ^u »erbergen. (So fe^len 
in einent berartigen flcincn SQSerfr 




eAtion of my Dictionary midi sfaivish 
aaridiiity, of course all those articles 
are omitted, which my later researches 
have enabled me to add, and which in 
their tarn are destined to he pom* 
poasiy paraded in ^carefully enlarged 
and improved editions" of such spu- 
rious reprints. After what has been 
said, it may easily be seen by what plan 
the author has been guided in the 
compilation of this work, which he 
herewith presents to the public under 
the conTiction, that a very slight exa 
mination will be sufficient to show that 
he has not been content to follow the 

xoa9 fottfl gar ct^ iem&^t gemefen 
t(t, bie jtoeitc Suflage meine« SBdr^ 
tfcfiuc^d fclaioif^ audjuf^reiben, natur- 
U^ allt in neuecrr 3^^ ^on mtr neu:: 
^injugefugtm 9lxtittl, bie bann in 
forgfciltig ,, )>erme^rtnt unb t^erbeffet- 
ten" 9iuflaqttt biefer dlac^brude prun; 
fen tpecben.' — Sd ift na6^ beni ol>en 
@efa0ten (d^t ju erfe^en^ totl^tx $lan 
bem SSetfaffer id ber SearBeltung bif- 
fed SBetfed )>or0ef(^ta>e6t ^at unb fo^ 
mit jtbergiebt er badfelbe bem $uilts 
cum, koelc^ed Bet einigec $rfifung gar 
balb getoa^ren toirb, baf et nid^t Htoa 
ben (equemen SBeg gett>a^(t l^oi, an 

convenientway of becoming in a man-Hfeinem eigenen gr($eren 3Berfe gtei((- 

ner the copyist of his own large 
work, but that he has produced some- 
thing independent. Compare for 
example the articles under: — To 
Answer, To Arch, To Attend, To Bear, 
To Beat, To Bend, Body, Bottom, To 
Break, To Bring, To Call, To Carry, 
To Draw, To Drop, To Edge, To 
Enter, Fag, Fagging -system. Fall, 
Fancy, Foul, To Hang, To Heave, To 
Hit, Level, To Live, To Lock, To 
Lodge, To Make, To Pass, To Puddle, 
Puddling-, To Run, To Shoot, Sol- 
phate, Acy To Take, Ac, Urim and 
Thummim, Urry, Zink, which have 
been most carefully revised and en- 
riched. Of the new articles, which have 
been added, of course but a few dm be 
noticed here; it must be left to the 
reader to ascertain whether the work 
has kept pace with the wants of the 
time; compare for instance Abietic 
acid, Absides, Absorbability, &c.y 
Acanthopterygions^ Aceria, Acerous, 

fam 2um%udf((rei6er }u iverben, fonbem 
etmad @el6jt^anbtged gettefert f)at, ))gL 
9lrtlfel, toie To Answer, To Arch, 
To Attend, To Bear, To Beat, To 
Bend, Body, Bottom, To Break, To 
Bring, To Call, To Carry, To 
Draw, To Drop, To Edge, To 
Enter, Fag, Fagging-system, To Fall, 
Fancy, Foul, To Hang, To Heave, 
To Hit, Level, To Live, To Lock, 
To Lodge, To Make, To Pass, To 
Puddle, Puddling-, To Run, To 
Shoot, Sulphate, Ac, To Take, Ac, 
Urim and Thummim, Urry, Zink, 
mel^e auf bad @orgfaltigfie neuec Sear^ 
6eitung obec (Snueitetung unteimorfen 
n)Otben finb. SSon neuaufgenommenen 
Srtifebt fimien ^ier natiir(i<^ nur tot^ 
nige angefit^rt tverben unb bem Sbt- 
nufenben muf t9 fe(B^ ii&erlaffen fetn 
JU ^r&fen, 06 bad HBerf mit ben f8u 
bitrfniffen ber Sett f^ fortgefittbet l^at; 
man )>erg(ei(^e }. S9. Abietic add, 
Absides, Absorbability, Ac Acan- 



Acetated, Acidifiable, Ac, Acinact 
form, Aciniform, Acinose, Ac, Aco, 
Acquisitiveness 9 Actinoiite, Address- 
ed bill, Agency business, Agency 
oflice, (ftc, Aluminate, Ammite, Am 
modyte, Ammonite^ Amniotic acid, 
Antiabolitionist, Antifederalist , An- 
ti ministerialist, Antimoniate, Apodal, 
Apodes, Apparitionist , To Appro- 
priate. Ac, Apter, Apteral, Arrival 
train (likewise Departure - train, Up- 
train, Ac), Atmospheric Railway, 
Augite, Azotized, Backwoods, Ac, 
Barbecue (in the signification used 
at Jamaica), Batrachite, Batracian, 
Bed of the rails, Beroes, Blue books^ 
Bombiate, Bombic acid, Boletate, 
Boletic acid. Bonded or Bonding- 
warehouse, Bowie-knife, Branchioste- 
gou?, Bractea, Bracteate, Bracteole, 
Ac, Break (or Brake, on railways), 
Buddight, Buffers, Ac, Buhl, Bum- 
Bushrangers, Caloricity, Canaling, 
Ac, Calycine, Capillarity, Car- 
boniferous, Case -stake. Cattle -hur- 
dles^ Chimney-stack, Cholesterine, 
Churn - drill , Circling - tools , Com 
bativeness. Connecting-rod, Con 
stabulary. Continuous bearings, Con- 
trate- wheel. Crossing - rails , Dahlia, 
Dash - wheels , Deviling - machine. 
Discharging acids, Dissolving views. 
Doubled twist. Driver (of a locomotive 
carriage). Drivers, Driving- carriage, 
Edge- rails, Electro- in composition. 
Fish -bellied rails, Flat -rails, Plate- 
rails , Tram - rails, Ac Ac, Epizootic, 
Equaling - file , Ethnographer, Ac, 
Faunic , Ferric , Ferricalcite , Ac, 

thopterygious, Acerta, Acetous, Ace- 
tated, Acidifiable, Ac, Acinaciform, 
Aciniform, Acinose, Ac, Aco, Acquisi- 
tiveness, Actinoiite, Addressed bill, 
Agency business, Agency office, Ac, 
Aluminate^ Ammite, Ammodyte, Am 
monite. Amniotic acid,Antiabolitionist, 
Antlfederalist, Antiministerialist, An- 
timoniate, Apodal, Apodes, Appari- 
tionist, To Appropriate, Ac, Aptcr, 
Apteral, Arrival - train (ebenfo Depar- 
ture-train, Up -train, Ac), Atmo- 
spheric Railway, Augite, Azotized, 
Backwoods, Ac, Barbecue (in ber auf 
Jamaica iiMt^rii93ebeutunQXBatrachite, 
Batracian, Bed of the rails, Beroes, 
Blue books, Bombiate, Bombic acid, 
Boletate, Boletic acid. Bonded obtt 
Bonding - warehouse , Bowie - knife, 
Branchiostegons , Bractea, Bracteate, 
Bracteole, Ac, Break (ober Brake, 
^xtm», Sremdfc^menoel auf @tfenba^= 
ne»), Budelight, Buffers, Ac, Buhl, 
Bumpers, Bungalow, Burden -cars, 
Bushmen , Bushrangers , Caloricity, 
Canaling, Ac, Calycine, Capillarity, 
Carboniferous , Case - stake , Cattle- 
hurdles, Chimney-stack, Cholesterine, 
Churn - drill , Circling - tools , Com- 
bativeness , Connecting - rod , Con- 
stabulary, Continuous bearings. Con- 
trate- wheel, Crossing -rails. Dahlia, 
Dash - wheels , Deviling - machine. 
Discharging adds, Dissolving views, 
Doubled twist. Driver (of a locomotive 
carriage). Drivers, Driving -carriage. 
Edge -rails, Electro- mit 3uf<iHtm(n:: 
fe^ungftt, Fish -bellied rails. Flat-rails, 
Plate - rails , Tram - rails , Ac Ac, 




Perro - cyanate, Ferro - cyaaic, Ferro-ilAc. , FauniCy Ferric,. Ferricalcite, Slc^ 
pnis«iate , Ferro * pmssic , Ferro- HFerro - cyanate, Ferro - cyanic, Ferro- 
silicate, Ac , Firebox, Fireboy, FirmerJjprussiate , Ferro - prussic , Ferro* 
Flaoborate , Formation - level , Gas- silicate, &c.. Firebox, Fireboy, Firmer, 

holder. Gas - work, the railway expres 
sions: Grade, To Grade, Gradient; 
lohabitiveness, Intrasionists , Non- 
intmsionists. Lapping- engine, Man- 
hole, BliU-boards, Mill-pnff, Mill 
rod, Ac, Moniliform, Monochromatic, 
Monospermoits,Ac., Oat-station, Pac- 
ing - places , Pemraekin , Peripteral, 
Petiolate, Ac, Petong, To Phos 
phoresce, Ac, Piggery, Post-captain, 
Pong, Rostel, Saurian, Scansorial; 
of the many articles in Sea, e. g. 
Sea -Island cotton, Ac, Seeretiveness, 
Sedimentary, Serial, To Shampoo, 
Sliding -rest. Sliding- scale, Sliding- 
valye. Stertorous, Subaudition, Sub- 
letting act, Subsill, Subtreasury- 
system. Suctorial, Suction - hose, 
Sulpho - in composition , * Super- 
electoral, Supply -pipe, Swedish acid, 
Sycee silver , Tally - ho , Tatties, 
Terminus, Territs, Thaories, The- 
atricals, Throstle -cot tonm ill. Thugs, 
Thuggee, Tidal, To Toady, Tompung, 
Tonsorial, Toolups, Toomel, Trac- 
tarian , Tractive, Trade -sales , Tuft- 
hanter, Tunneler (labourers at or in a 
table. Turning -platform, Turning- 
table, Unacted dramatist, Uniaxal, 
Upper-plate, Upper -vase. Upstroke, 

Fluoborate, Formation - level , Gas- 
holder, Gas -work, bie (Sifenia^naud- 
btitde: Grade, To Grade, Gradient*, 
(nhabitiveness , Intmsionists , Non- 
intrusionists. Lapping - engine , Man- 
hole, Mill- boards, Mill-puiT, Mill* 
rod, Ac, Moniliform, Monochromatic, 
Monospermous, Ac, Out-station, Pass* 
ing- places, Pemmekin, Peripteral, 
Petiolate, Ac, Petong, To Phos- 
phoresce, Ac, Piggery, Post -captain, 
Pung, Rostel, Saurian, Scansorial; 
unter ben )}telcn 9(rtt{elit in Sea, nur 
j. 93. Sea -Island cotton, Ac, Se- 
eretiveness, Sedimentary, Serial, To 
Shampoo, Sliding-rest, Siiding-scalc, 
Sliding-vaive,Stertorous, Subaudition, 
Subletting act, Subsill, Subtrcasury- 
system , Suctorial , Suction - hose, 
Sulpho - mlt Snfammenfe^unoen , * 
Super-electoraJ, Supply-pipe, Swedish 
acid, Sycee silver. Tally-ho, Tatties, 
Terminus, Territs, Thaories, The- 
atricals, Throstle -cottonmill. Thugs, 
Thuggee, Tidal, To Toady, Tom- 
pung, Tonsorial, Toolups, Toomel, 
Tractarian, Tractive, Trade -^alcs. 
Tuft-hunter, Tunneler (XuxmtU^xith 
ter), Tunneling, Ac, Turn-out, Turn- 
table, Turning- platform. Turning- 
table, Unacted dramatist, Uniaxal, 

" Due regard has been paid to the growing 
importance of Cberoistry and the natural 
•ciences In general which will be evident 
even by a toperfictal examination. 

• 9jQmcntli(^ ifl ou* auf bic ncncrcr3cit fl<^ 
immcr mc^r (tcigcrnbcSEBi^tififcit bcr(5()cmic; 
fibcr^aupt bcr S^QturmifTcnf^aftcn, bic gcbfi^^ 
rcnl>c 0lutf|i(&t ficnommcn worsen/ »a$ fdi^on 
cine obcrf[d(t>lid»c Untcrfut^unfl k^vcn mx\^. 




Vakeel, Van (in its fourth sense],Vanadic, 
linc , Ac, Vivisection, Vocalic, Voliin 
taryism, Voitatypc, Wanghee, Watch- 
(iu composition, as — cap, — coat, 
— frame, — frame - gage, Ac), Water 
( — avens, — beetle, — bird, — bird- 
lime, Ac. Ac), Weald -clay (Wealden, 
Wealdon), Weaveret, Webbing (or 
Webs), Weed-ashes, Week -boarders, 
Wends, Xanthin(e), Xanthopicrine, 
Xanthoxylum, Xiphosures, Xylanthrax, 
Xylopale , Xylophagan , Xylophage, 
Xylophagoiis, Xylophilans, Xylotroges, 
Xyiopia, Ac, To Yacht, Yachter, 
Yoked, Zaim, Ac, Zax, To Zink, 
Zoanthiis, Zoophagous, Zoophytic 
But notwithstanding the large mass 
of matter which has been added, of 
which the above list contains but a 
small portion, many a useful word has 
been necessarily omitted, owing to the 
strict limits imposed by circumstances, 
to which the inclination of the author 
has been forced to yield. He had the 
same inconvenience to complain of in 
his large work (see Preface to the 
3* Ed. of his Compl. Dict>.), he can, 
however, safely maintain that hitherto 
not a more copious work of equal 
originality has been condensed into 
the same space,* a fact, which any 
person versed in such matters will 
confirm after a closer examination, 
and though many improvements will 

Upper-plate, Upper -vase, Upstroke* 
Vakeel, Van (in fetncr 'oitxten iBcbeit= 
(BiUvferJ, Vitelline, Ac, Vivisection, 
Vocalic , Voltatype , Voluntaryism, 
Wanghee, Watch- (in 3ufommenffftun= 
gfn, iDie — cap, — coat, — frame, 
— frame-gage, Ac), Water- ( — avens, 
— beetle, — bird, — bird-lime, Ac Ac), 
V^eald-clay(Wealden,Wealdon), Wea- 
veret, Webbing (obcrWebs), Weed- 
ashes, Week-boarders, Wends, Xan- 
thin(e), Xanthopicrine , Xanthoxylum, 
Xiphosures, Xylanthrax, Xylopale, 
Xylophagan, Xylophage, Xylophagous, 
Xylophilans, Xylotroges, Xyiopia, Ac, 
To Yacht, Yachter, Yoked, Zaim, Ac, 
Zax, To Zink, Zoanthus, Zoophagous, 
Zoophytic. 3)afl oBer troft bet groflen 
SMafff beS ncul^in^ugefomnicuen ©toffcS, 
tjon bem bad eUn mitget^eiUe fflcr^ 
jfi(^nif nur cinf germgc $ro6c biftet, 
bennod^ ntand^ed Braud^bare SBort in 
bte Sammlungen bed SSerfafferd l^at 
inxxid^tU^t tDerben mixffen, ifl ®(^u(b 
ber ajer^altntffe, bic o^ne iRiicfjit^t auf 
bic aBiinfd)f cincS ajftfafffrS bemfclBcn 
te^r f^arfc ©rcnjcn fejen. 5Die0 ^atte 
bet aSfr. oudj Bei felnem grO^ern SSBerfe 
(flcl^c aSorrebe §ur 3. 9[u5g. befi Compl. 
Dict^) gu bcfkgen; ft barf jebo^ mit 
)}oUer @i$er^ett U^avOpttn, baf auf 
bcmfelben diaamt bidder fein bot(flan= 
btgmd a^nltd^ed fetb^flanbiged S&cxt 
jufammengcbrSngt toorben ijl;* dm 

* Where the space did not admit of a detailed 
explanation of words or such articles as are 
liranching ofT Into nnmerous compounds, as 

* flSo Dcr Staum »eitldttf!gere Ocrfld^ 
jruitdcn obcr mcitttfrgtocigtc 3urammcnfcoun« 
-gen ni(^t julief/ aue bet Honourably 




onaToidably become necessary in 
the course of time, yet the author 
has no apprehension of either 
" orerwhelming the beginner with 
an unwieldy mass of words or of 
disappointing the more advanced 
scholar in cases of a complex 

%t^ai]a^t, ml^t bet @a(()>erfliitbtdr 
na$ no^erer ^ufung Ocflatigen tvirb 
unb nxnn fd^on mand^e SSetBeffevung 
tm £aufe ber 3«tt fid^ aid nSt^ig g<U 
tetib niac^en tvtrb, fo furc^tft ber SSa- 
faffet bemtod^ ,;ipeber ben Stnfcinger 
burd^ bie 3Rafff bed S)atge69tenen ju 
erbruAen, noc^ auc^ ben Jtennec in 
f(^>»ierigcn %atim jn wrlnffen."* 

Hoooarable, Lynch law. Nail, Nerile, Orcliift»|| Lynch lav. Nail, Nerite, Orcbii, Pea, Pl«a, 

P«a, Plea, Preventer, Thorn, Tongue, Top, 
&c. reference is made to the large work. 

* Tfiift pompous phrase Is used by Mr. F. 
W. Thieme in the preface to a dictionary 
bearing the title : — "A New Complete 
Critical Dictionary of the English and 
German Languages, Leipsic 1846. C. Mayer,*" 
What there is new in this work, is not 
easily to be guessed; it certainly cannot be 
the art of copying, though this ingenious 
art has frequently been practised by more 
skilfal' hands. 

Whoever is even in a slight degree 
acquainted with the present state of lite- 
ratore will not indeed be surprised to find 
io a work of 42 sheets, not two of them 
perhaps of independent labour, as little 
when he sees not a single mention made 
of sources or authorities; but the putting 
forth sach a work as a "/ong felt desi- 
deratum" has something in it extremely 

Withont dwelling upon the <' merits'* of 
the work, I mIH only call attention to 
this circumstance that, for instance of the 
atiove list of really necessary words which 
may easily be increased, not one (from 
Abietic acid to Zoophytic) is to be found 
in Mr. F. If. TfUeme'ti Dictionary. It cer- 
tainly does not appear like "nifeting the 
reantt of the time" when a man perseveringly 
copies in a great measure useless words 
and errors of !20 years' standing, which, 
altboygh copied by others, have long ago 
been exposed ; and again on the other hand 
omits not 10 or 20, or 50, but thousands 
of words without a knowledge of which, 
scarcely any modern composition from the 
lightest pamphlet to the most serious scienti- 
fic work can be nnderstood. it is impos 

Preventer, Thorn, Tongue » Top, &c. ifl auf 

t)as 9r6f ere fiBer! oerwicfcn worbcn. 

eso XixMt n^ M. %, SB. S^tcme in 
ter fiorrebe gu einem bem Zittl na4»: 
,,neucn ooa^dnbigen fritifd^en SBortcr* 
bu(bc bcr engUfibcn unb beutfi^cn ©prod^e, 
^etpstg, 1846 bci ®. SWatjcr," pemp^ap 
genug aus. SBad eigentU(b on biefem SBcrfc 
ncu ifl, nirb wc^l fttcmanb tcrrat^en^ 
bie Stmft beg TCbf^reibend Mcxlid^ ni^t, 
obglcidii biefelbc f4on eon gef(bt(7teren 4>&ne 
ben gebanb^Qbt loorben ifi. SBer nur 
einigcrmapcn mtt bem gcgenmdrtigen 3us 
(lonbe ber Siteratur befonnt ifl, wirb 
}»ar ni^t weiter erflaunt fcin, roenn er in 
einem lEBerf e Don 42 fdogen oieUeidl^t nt(bt 
2 ®ogen fcibflfldnbige TLxUit, ebcnfomenig, 
n>enn er nid^t eine CtucHe aU bcnu^t ange« 
gebcn ftnbetj aber bie SDarflcQung einei 
foI(ben SBerfed aid eincS //{dngfi gefu^l» 
ten SebfirfniffeS'^ ()at bann bo^ ctn>a$ 
uberaus Jtomir^bc^* ^^ne (ier tveiter auf 
bie,,IBecbienfili(bfeit'' biefcd SEBerfed einjus 
gc^cn, bcute i^ nur barauf l^in, Hf ). fd. 
ocn bem obcn angefu^rten natitrlid^ oen 3^' 
bcm lei<bt ju erroeitemben IBcriei^niffe ge^ 
xoif ndt^iger ICBcrter ()>on Abietic acid 
bid Zoophytic) Fein einjiged in M. %. 
SB. X^iemc'd SBfirterbu* flc^t.— e§ bcipt 
nac^ mcincr TCnfi^t mcnigfbend ni^t /,einem 
5Bebfirfniffcber 3cit ab^elfen", wcnn 
m<in 20 Sa^r olte, jwar an^ »on Ifnbcrn 
copirte, ober Idngjl aufgcbccfte ®*ni^er nnb 
cerbditnipmdf ig unnu^e SBorter unoerbroffcn 
copirt, Quf ber anbcrn &dt^ aber nid^t 10 
ober 20, ober 50, fcnbcrn Xaufcnbe ©on 
®6rtern DermifTcn Idpt, o^'ne beren Jtcnnt* 
nip fafl feine nenere ©irift, oon ber Iei<b« 
teften Srof^fire hii ^um cmficn niffcnrc^oft* 
lid^cn SBerf, oerjldnblid) ift. SBer j. «. 




Before closing these remarks, I feel 
it a duty to acknowledge the efficient 
aid rendered me throughout the 
entire work by my son Dr. FeUx 
Flugel\ the collection of the new 
materiab, as well as the careful 
revision of a great part of the old, 
together with the disquisitions upon 
orthoepy contained in the intro- 
duction , are almost entirely his 
own work. 

In regard to the method of marking 
the different souncb of the letters for 
pronunciation, sufficient explanation 
will be found in the introduction ; the 
author concludes with the wish that it 
might soon be adopted, in order to aid, 
if possible, in introducing a better 
understanding of orthoepy in general. 


(&f)t id) bicfe 93emrrftuioeu fd^Iiepe, 
ift t9 metne $f{t(^t, Un t^«itidrn IBet^ 
ftanb, tveld^en mit metii (Bof^n Dr. 
Qfelix Sflugel, n)%enb bn* (janjen 
SearBettuni) M SSud^ed i3flftflrt ^ar, 
anjucrf eniif u ; bie ^frbeift^ajfunfl unb 
forgffilttge 5Dut(^at6eituu9 rtned Qxo^tn 
%f)t\M M neurn wit bed ]^on ))oi' 
^anbenfii ®tojfe9, foane bic ovt^oevi^ 
fd^en m berSmlettuud ent^aUenrn Unta*: 
fiid^unflen fmb fafl ungct^eitt \<'m SBcrf. 

aSBaS enblicj bie ^(ufifprad^eOejcIc^- 
nung Bfivitft, fo ifl bafi 9litl)\^c iti 
ber (Sinleitung baruter Ocmerft Ivor: 
ben J ber fflerfoffer f^KeJt mit bem 
9Bunf((e, baf fie Oalb (Stngano flnbeti 
mftge, nm tvo mSglid^ ein beffered 
ajerjiaubnig ber Drt^oevle u&er^aupt 
mit (efJrbern $u i}c\fc\i. 

Bible for inatance, that aoy person who 
reads tbe ITth chapter of Dickens* Sketches 
can know a priori what a "Water -man" 
in the iiguifications hitherto given in 
(lictionartes can have to do with a 
'< Hackney- coach -man!'* It is only the 
marking of such words as have either 
been incorrectly explained, or altogether 
omitted, or other improvements rendered 
necessary by time which can justify the 
appearance of a "iVeio" Dictionary. 

Dickens* Sketches, Jtap. 17., Iicft,.(unn 
imm6dU4 a priori miffcn, was ctn Water 
man in bcn loott ben SBorterbu^cm bii^^cr 
ttttefn ongefu^rten ©cbcutunBcn mit giacrc* 
Jtntf(<^em )u t^uit ^oben foU! Unb nnr 
bttt^ bte Kuf|ct(&nund folr^cr SBortcr, bie 
cntTOcber bister unri^^tig crHart worben 
warcn cbcr ganj unb gar Dcrmift wur« 
bcn, obcr bur* fonft einc »irfli4> jcit- 
^mUfi ScrbcfTcmnd Idft ft* ba§ drfii^cinen 
cinefi „ nencn" aB6rterbu4>ed reWertiflen. 



iVhrh the author first adopted 
Walker's system of pronunciation in the 
first edition of his Complete Dictionary 
(IS30), he clearly perceived, as every 
one must, who has spent some time in 
the thorough study of the English 
language , that Walker did not enter 
into a nice discrimination of all the 
vowel-sounds, but that , on the other 
handy an increase of the figures to 
denote the pronunciation , would con- 
fuse rather than aid the learner; the 
reasons which induced the author to 
adopt and to retain that system are 
of an earlier date and cannot here 
be discossed at large. (Compare 
the aolhor's Complete Dictionary 
3** Edition, p. VUL) 

In this position of things he naturally 
conceived the idea, which indeed he 
publicly expressed some years ago, 
of making use of symbolical signs to 
mark the pronunciation, notwith 
standing that similar, though tmsa- 
tisfactoiy attempts, had frequently 
been made. Such a system of marks 
appears more natural because, in 
the first place, the usual signs for 
long and short syllables are already 
universally known ; in the • second 
place, because the influence of the 
aocent or of consonants upon pre 
ceding or following vowels, the dif- 
ferent pronunciation of the same con- 
sonants, Ac can be more easily 
exhibited by means of concrete signs 
placed either over the words or 
attached to them, since they are 

^6)on Ui bei' erpeu^uu^dtbuud'oed 
Wiilker'fd^eit %udfvvad^efvfiema in met: 
ucm IS30 juevfl erfd^ieiieiieit ^^oUflau- 
bi^en SB5rtei:Bu(^e \mt inir tkv, m< 
naturli^ 3(bem, bcr fid) (anocre 3^i< 
Ovunbli^ mit bem (Snglifc^eu bef^af- 
tigt, ba§ Walker ftd^ ttid^t anf bie^r- 
gftd^nuit0 Met fetiien a3i)caU®d[)at' 
ttrungm einla^t, anbenu^eifd abex 
eine 93ermc^ruH0 bet Qoon i^m juv 
SaiU%ejei(^nung grtuSi^Uen) Qatfltn c^fc 
V)eni?lnen. aU fSrberiib aurfen tvurbf ; 
bte ©ciinbe, a\i9 beneii i6) jrned @V' 
fiem bort auna^nt uub fcfl^tdt, ge- 
^5ren cinev fvft^mi Qtit an unb fSu- 
nen (;tef nl^t tveitlaufld evottert uht- 
ben. (^tXQlti^c Complete Dictionary 
3. 5lufla0e, <S. Vlll.) 

S3ei bent tUn ititi^mttn ®tanb« 
ber S)tnge lag bet \7on mir mi) fc^oit 
\>ox 3<ii)xm offentlic^ au$defvrod)ene 
®ebaii!e iii^t fei'ii, btc ttatiirlic^eve^^Oi: 
QaU bet %udfptad^e buvc^ fi)m()olifc^c 
Scid^en gu toa^leii, jumol af;uli(l)e, on 
fretUc^ ^5d^fl itiigenugenbc 9>evfu(bc 
gemad^t tvorben )vaten. 9{atuvlid)er 
fc^eint mit cine foW;e a3ejei(^iiung, 
well eine^t^eil^ bie 0eivo(;uH(^Pen Qci- 
d^en fut ^m^t unb ituvje aUgemein 
Mannt fmb; onbenit^ciia fmb (Sin: 
^vitfungen beS 5tccent8 oi?er bet ttwt^ 
fonanten auf folgenbe ober \)or^evge^enbe 
ajocale, vetf^iebene 9Cu«fvra(5e bevfcC: 
ben Sonfonantrn, u. f. to.; bur(^ con- 
aete unmittel6av lUet obet aw ben 
Su^flaben angeOvii^te 3et4<^" ^t^'l ^^'^4' 
tet unb anfc^oulid^et bavjjuflfKm unb 
folgUc^ incl beffev gu mevfeuj fnbH(^ 




much more impressive and more rea- 
dily retained in the memory ; and the 
additional great advantage of an 
economy of space speaks for itself. 
Here likewise it was necessary to keep 
within proper limits, and not to put 
a new sign for each and every modi- 
fication of sound, since in that way this 
*'odd - looking moruter in philology 
*a pronouncing dictionary'" would 
become still more confused , and what 
is of greater importance, less practical 
Hence in some few instances, the 
designation of a vowel is, strictly taken, 
true only in part, but the proper sound 
becomes evident by a consideration of 
the well known law of accent, that 
unaccented syllables have a strong 
inclination to drop their natural sound, 
so that the addition of a new sign 
could only take place at the expense 
of perspicuity, and was therefore in- 
expedient. To designate, for example, 
the unaccented syllable ow in Shadow, 
Morrow, &c. I have not chosen the 
usual sign of unaccented syllables, but 
the sign of a long syllable, 5, although 
the true sound lies between the two 
(Wgn — shad'ow — lOw'ness). The 
same is applicable to the termination 
'led, particularly when it has the 
secondary accent. Words for instance 
like accompanied, -bodied (in com- 
positions), candied, hurried, sullied, <£c. 
would be more correctly expressed by 
-led (-4d) than by -id (-Id), which 
latter would be similar to the termi- 
nating syllables in candid, horrid, 
solid, Ac. ; equally so the termination 
- ies for example in the words : ladies, 
parties, species, or bodies (for body- 
guards) in distinction from bodice 
(stays). An acute accentuation, such 
as the English language requires, will 
prevent an undue lengthening of unac- 
cented svllables , and so between two 

Itegt ber au^ere tvefentU^e fBovO^H bee 
9laumern>amt^ auf bet «&anb. 9(u<^ 
l^ier toax aSer ba9,re(^te9Ra$iu l^alten 
unb nt(^t fur att unb jiebe Sautmobifi' 
cation aud^ etn neued 3^^^^^ i^ f^ft^n^ ^<^ 
bad fd^on att ft(^ ^^muttberUd^ erfti^eittenbe 
^^i(olo9if(^e Ungel^euet, ein «^udft)ra(l^e= 
aB(rter6u^])'' babur^ tttir no^ laii^tin: 
ff){\^tx unb, toad toit^ttger i% mtpxah 
ttf^er werbcn toilrbc: bolder i^ In eini= 
gen n^emgen gfaUen bie SBejeid^nung 
tim9 aSocaW ganj flreng genomwfn 
nur gum 3:^fil ri^tig; ber iSkiut ater 
))erflanb f!(^ (et ^eritd^lc^tigung be£ 
Bcfanntcn 5tccentgcff^ed, baf aufcrbein 
accent flel^enbe ®t?I6en flarfe Slelgung 
f)aUn, fl(^ ju i}frp(^tlgen fo gang »on 
felbfl, baj ^erjujic^ung eine6 neuen 
3eid&en« ouf Stolen ber UeBerfl^tlid^^ 
felt unnfitl^lg tear; fo Ifl g. ffl. gur 
SBegel^mmg ber unBetonten ©i^ttc ow 
In Shadow, Morrow, &c. ntd^t bad o 
(toad fottfl in imBetonten ^tjlbm fte^t) 
gettjfii^U toorben, fonbem bod QtitS^cn 
ber ganger 6, o6glel$ ber ?aut eigent^ 
U(^ gttjifd^en Belben (li'on — shSd'ow 
-- low'ness) mitten Imte ftel^t; bad= 
felBe gilt »on ber (Snbung -ied, gu^ 
mal, njenn ber fecunbSre Slccent barauf 
Uegt; iebenfaHd ri(|tiger toerben g. ». 
SQbxtn trie accompanied, -bodied 
(in Sufammenfejfungen), ober candied, 
hurried^ sullied, &c. bur(^ -led (-4d) 
audgubrtlden fein, aid bur^l -id(-!d), 
tva^ ben Snbf^lben in candid, horrid, 
soljd, Ac. gleic^fame; etenfo bie (Sn^ 
bung -ies tt?ie g. SB. in ben SBdrtem: 
ladies, I)arties, species, ober bodies 
(flatt body-guards, gelBgarbe) gum 
Unterfd^iebe bon bodice (Sc^nitrBrufl). 
®(^arfe SSetonung, h?ie fte bad 8ng= 
Ufd^e uBetl^aupt forbert, toirb toor iiBer- 
mfiftger JDei^nung unBetonter ®y?IBen 
teid^t Betoal^ren unb fo ifi gtolfd^en gtoel 
UeBeIn bad fleinfie unb gtoar etn n?irf: 
li^ unBebeutenbed gevva^lt toorben. 




enis the least, (and it is really very 
iosignificant) has been chosen. The 
same view is to be taken of words in 
which o, in its quality, has Walker's 
Grst sound of u, but in its quantity the 
third sound, as, FaiYg'inous, Accilsfi'- 
tion, AcYd'ulaS ; since it is not to be 
imagined that any person even slightly 
acquainted with the predominant in- 
fluence of the accent (which every 
learner of English will soon be) will 
fall into the error of pronouncing u in 
the above words as if it were fyii--, 
accyu-, acidyii-, equivalent to Wal- 
kei^s fu-, akkik-, asidd-, instead of 
fyu-, accyd-, acidyd (Walker: fy&, 
akkyu, asidyA), which would indeed 
be unusual and difBcult. I differ in 
this from my predecessor and friend 
Mr. J. E. Worcester, the well known 
coadjutor of Webster in his dictionary, 
whose simple and natural system of 
marking the pronunciation I have fol- 
lowed throughout, with some unim- 
portant exceptions. One who is not 
versed in the English langnage, does 
not clearly perceive in which cases u 
(Worcester puts u in all cases when it is 
unaccented, so also i,&c«) is to be distin- 
guished in quantity, and not in quality, 
from the long accentuated u (fu'el), 
without agreeing in any respect wiUi 
Worcester's u in Urbane', SiiKphur. 1 
was obliged to adopt a similar manner 
of proceeding with the unaccented e, 
because there is a manifest difference 
in the sound of this vowel in the first 
and last syllables of, for example, 
Prece'dence, R^balc^r, RedSS'mer. In 
t e first syllable it sounds like a short 
i, hence I have expressed it by e 
(Prec^'dence, RebtilL^r, RedeS'mer) 
in the last syllable (- er) obtuse like u 
in sulphur; for a nearer explanation 
see further on. 
After these remarks I proceed at once 

Untri* bifffl6e 9(n|t<|ft faQen bie 9&i\^ 
ttx, in betten bad u bft Ciualttat m^ 
ben I. Walker'fc^rti u-Saut, beir£Xuatt= 
titcit nad^ ben 3. f^at, wit Fring'jnous, 
AccQsa'tion, ^cYd'ula€; ba in praxi 
feinem emigermafen mit bem u6emur^ 
genbett (Sin^ti^ bed Accented ^efaniitrn 
(u>te bied boc^ jebet (Englifd^lernenbe 
fe^v balb tvirb) l&etfontmen Unn, in 
oWgen aBortcnt jlatt fyd- [fy6-], 
&ccyil- [ik'-kyA-] Ac. ettoa fya[fA-], 
accyu- [UL'kA-] ju f^red^en^ tt>ad f(^on 
an fl^ unge)vd^nli($ unb fd^anevtg ivare. 
<&ienn Bin id^ au4 bon meinem Siot- 
ganger unb greunb, «&enrn J. E. Wor- 
cester, bent rul^mU^fl Befannten SRitar^ 
Better an bem gro^enWebster'fd^enSBSr:: 
terBud^e, beffen etnfa(^em unb natttrltd^en 
a3e}ei(|nungdf9ftenie ic^, mit geriugfu^ 
glgen ntnr bte gorm Betreffenben Qtiid^ 
no^nten, bur^gSngig gefolgt Bin, ah: 
gemtd^eit. @d tfl namlid^ fur ben bet 
englifi^en &^ta^ Unfunbigcn ni^t 
beutlldj, bafl bad u (metered Worcester 
in oUen gfatten fe^t, wo ed accentlod 
i% eBenfo i, Ac) in einigen gatten mix 
quantitati\), nic^t quatttatit) s>on bem 
(angen occentutrten a (ffi'cl) uiiterfd^ie? 
ben fein fott unb feinedtvegd mit bem 
Bei Worcester gleid^Bejei^neten ii in 
Urbane', SiiKphur gufamnienfattt. S)ie= 
felBe S^altung toar id^ gen5ti^gt mit 
bem unBetonten e bor}une^men, ba 
J. S9. bad Bel Worcester g(eid^Bf}eii^- 
nete erjle unb Ie|te e in PrccC'dence, 
Rfbalter , Redec'mer, jtoel \)erf(i^lebeue 
Saute Bejeid^net 5Der 2aut, ben ed 
^ier in ber erflen e^lbt ^t, mirb 
n^ie furjed i audgef\n:o(^en unb fjl bon 
mir bur^ e audgebrftA ^worben (PrccC*- 
dence, RebuTt^r, RedeG'mcr); in bev 
(Snbf^e (er) ber Beiben Ie|ten SBor- 
ter glei($ bem bumt>fen 8aut bed u in 
sulphur. 3)od (Seiiauere jle^e weitev 

Sflad^ biefen IBemrrfungen ge^e xA 




to tht explanattoD of the signs: — the 
inatk [•] denotes a long sound , [w] a 
short one; a point [•] want of accent, 
in consequence of which the vowel thus 
marked, especially after an accent, is 
weak : *- two points [ •• ] are placed over 
vowels affected by a succeeding r (with 
the exception of a which sometimes 
occurs in othercases). The other signs 
do not extend to all the vowels simi- 
larly ; those which are not marked are 
mute , except y , under which the dot 
could not be placed on account of its 
form, and a few other terminations 
explained further below. 


A has seven sounds. (Compare 

1. a like Walker's & as in Shade, 
Fain, La/^r (like the German long e 
in ®ec, fdttt, Qtlftn, t^tffx). 

3. & like Walker's & as in Shad, Fan, 
Llimb (lying between the a and a in 
the German words Samm, S&mmet). 

3. k like Walker's 4 before r as in 
Shire, F4ir, Bear (answering precisely 
the a in 4^atin0^ Staftx or the e in 
f)tt). This peculiar sound of a before 
r has not been distinguished by any 
orthoepist except Peny,^ although it 
is an acknowledged fact that the in 
fluence of r followed by e mute ef- 
fectually changes the regular sound of 

fogleii^ jitr Sbtf^etCung bet £aut i XaitUt 
iUt: -. bad Qti^ [-] br&dt Songc 
[^] ASoit, [.] Xonlo^gfrit unb tn 
gfolgc beffm, ftefonbetd nad^ bem ^t^ 
ctnt, S>nnti^ffftit and; [••] ^e^t ii6ec 
bm ban nac^fofgenbem r a^ictm SSo- 
cattn (au^er bel a, toaB fid^ aud^ in 
anberen %SUm fhtbet); bie onbeten 
3ei$en erfhreden fid^ nt^t tin aUt 
9}ocaIe glet(^ma$tg; bie nid^t Bejeic^ne; 
ten 99u(!^ftaBen finb fhtmm; oufet y, 
unter h)rl(^6 ti^))ogra^^tfd^er ®(^)tie- 
rigfeit n>egen ftin fPunft [•] gefe^t 
merben fonnte unb einige BefonberC 
angef&l(ftte (Snbungen. 

I. Socale. 

A ^t fieBen )»ei;f((tebene i^oute. (SB^l 

1. a gleid^ Walker'd k: — Shade, 
Fain, L&/er (gleld^ bem beutfd^en langen 
e in ®ee, S3eet, gel^en, (lel^r). 

3. & glei4 Walker'd k : — Sh&d, F^n, 
L&mb (}knifd^en bem a unb a in ben 
SBittem £amm, i^ammer). 

3. a gleid^ Walker'^ & bor r : -<- Share, 
F4ir, Bear (to>ie & in ^axin^, Sta^tx ober 
e in l^et). S)iefer aUeln ^ox r ftd^ ^nbenbe 
^aut ifi nur bon bem cngllfi^en Ort^oe^ 
pifkin Perry • aM toom k »erfd^ieben bes 
^eic^net lootben, oBtoo^I ed eine offenfun^ 
bige X^atfai^e tfl, baf ber (Sinjiuf bed r 
tn ben %aUtn, tvo ed in rein englifc^en 
ober b0<^ eingebitrgerten SB(ttern na(^ a 

' it 18 remarkable that laost of the EogUtb 
orthoep Ista hare conaidered the diacrimina- 
tion of thia sound toperfloous — at least 
theoretically. — Thos Walker asiertt in his 
Principles (§73) that a In spade, lade, trade, 
be. («) ioonds exaetlx like that la 6€er, 
swear, pear. Sec (A) a position eqaally 
untenable with that advanced In the same 
place, Tiz. that this long i in splde, Iade,&c. 
corresponded precisely to the French 4 in 
Mre^ tite, 8tc. 

* 96 ifl merfioiirbig, baf bie mctften eng^ 
tifd^en SDrt^oeptften bteSrenaung bicfcr Saute 
(»enig(ien9 in ber X^eorie) fitr itberfluffig 
ittltm. €5o meintWalkcr (Principles, § 73), 
lade, spade, trade, &c, (ft) laute genau 
mic bear, ewear, pear, Sec. (A), wq$ auf 
bemfclbea S^rt^vnic bent^t, oU bie bort 
aufgeflcate Se^auptung/ bap a (bad a in 
spade, iSde, trade, &c.) genau mtt bem 
Saute beS franj6|!f*en < in <tre, t^te fiber* 




the preceding a (ai, ay) in pure EnglishflmU 
words as in skare, bare, dare, so likewise 
when the r is preceded by ai(ay)f as 
iapair, air, fairy, in which it etyiuo 
logicaUy belongs to the radical syllable. 
The frequent tendency in English to 
transform such words especially as 
are in daily use has transferred this 
change to other words which were 
more correctly spoken with the long 
Mund of & ; for instance Mary y Dairy, 
Ac. unless we resort here to a middle 
sound, as we are frequently obliged 
to do. Although the letter r exerts 
this influence regularly, only where 
it stands in the same syllable with 
a (a£),* yet an exception is formed 

folgeiibem fhimuteu e (yoit share, 
bare, dare) ober nad^ ai (ay) (air, pair, 
fairy) fle^t unb eti^mologifd^ jur HBurjrU 
f^lSc Qtffixt, bm regelredjten i&aut be5 a 
(ai, ay) toirflidj »eraubert ^at. S>itim 
(SngUfc^en fo l^aufige Steigunc; Oefcnbevii 
aUtagfiti^ Qtixau^U unb ba^er Ui^t bet 

jugeflalten, f^at btefe DSeranberung au<^ 
auf anbere u(erttagen, bte rtd^tigev bm 
getud^nlid^ftt trflen a-£aut fatten (Mary, 
Dairy, Ac), Mnti man ni^t f^itx, 
kvte bled fo oft nSt^tg i^, gu eincm 
SRittcUaut fcine duf^^u^^ ne^mrn tvitt. — 
Ofiglei^ btefe eiumtvfung bed r rrgeU 
maftg nur ba flattflnbet, wo c9 mit 
a (ai) in tintx ®ijtte fte^t,* fo Oilbeu 

' Saart takes an erroneoas view of this 
tabject (and lo does Mr. Voigtmann, who 
follows htm blindly and who, althoogh he 
woald Ihia prescribe laws of pronnnciation 
to the Eoglisb, is for from being so in- 
dependent as he imagines himself to be) 
when be aays: that this r effects the same 
change upon aU the Towels. It is a well 
and long known fact that the English (as 
veil as the Low-Gennan) r has particaiarly 
in the middle and the end of words very 
mach tbe natore of a rowel and hence in 
carelcas pronnnciation it takes the place 
either of one of the seml-?owels or vowels 
themselres. (Compare the child*8 rhyme 
Jeremiah blow tke fire [as if fl'-ab] in A 
Blne-comt Boy's Becollections of Hertford 
Scbool, by G. Wickham; or the affected 
proanncintloD of the i^rd in the Pickwick 
Papers: GmacionsBeayensl I thought eTeiry 
body had seen the new mail- cart [caat, FIJ] ; 
it's the neatest, pioettiest, gioacefullest 
thing that ever [eooo, FL] loan upon wheels — 
painted toed, with a cioeam piebald); or tbe 
Cockncyisms, feller, vinder (or even vinner), 
dramer, Idear, polker, yer, instead of fellow, 
vindow, drama, idea, polka, you; or how 
are yon (y e)[hoi^ - a| - yiQ)? This vowel element 
of r, which in prosody may have even the 
firce of asyilable, produces no soch retrograde 
cfect open the other long vowels, except in 
«ome soands mentioned by Walker in cheer- 
ful, fearful, beard, fierce, piera«, tierce, 4cc. 

* ^6 ifi erne falf^e ^arfleEnng bcr ®a(^c, 
»enn Smart (unb i^m na^bctcnb bcr ben 
dngldnbern 7Ctt9fprad^c«®efc^e Dorf(j^rci« 
ni^t fo felbfifl&nbtd ifl/ aid er M einMloct) 
mint, btefe ecrdttbentng be»irfe bad r bci 
aCen Bocalen. dd ifl cine Idngfl bcfannte 
6a4e/ baf bad cnglifd^e r bcfonberd im 3n* 
nnb TTudlautc eine fe^r miift, fafl Docaitfdl^e 
fftatvLX f^at, bo^r cd M in na^Idffigcr Kiid« 
fproc^e gerabciu in Bpcok obcr voealartigc 
(Sonfonanten aufloft obcr anbieStcUcanbcrcr 
6o<Qle trttt. (Sgl. Gd^tttfnabcnrcimc roit 
Jeremiah, blow the fire [glci^fam ff-fh] in A 
Blue- coat Boy's Recollections of Hertford 
School, by G. Wickham; obcr bic affcctirte 
TCndfyrad^ bed Lord'd in ben $i(f miff tern: 
Gioacioos Heavens! I thought eveioy body 
had seen the new mail cart [caat. Ft.]; It's 
the neatest, pioettiest, gioacefullest thing that 
everfeooa, FlJ] van upon wheels— painted 
toed, with a cioeam piebald; ober bic Cock- 
neyisms feller, vinder [obcr gar vlnner], 
dramer, idear, polker, yer ftatt fellow, 
window, drama, idea, polka, you; obcr how 
are you (ye) [bdi^-ai-yi])? Diefcd oocaltf^c 
eUment bed r, n)e(4)ed in bcr ^rofobte fogar 
bod ®ci(oi(^t cincr @i)lbe bcfommcn fann, f^at 
abec auf (cincn bcr anbcm I an gen fSotok, 
aufer bem crmd^nten & nnb ben Grf^einnn* 
gtt/ bte Walker bei cheerful, fearful, beard, 
fierce, pierce, tierce, 9x. eriod^nt (ogl. 
jjcbod^ heir, where, there, e'er, ne'er, be mo 




by mayor and prayer, which are 
contracted in daily use into mire 
and prare; the former most fre- 
quently, the latter always. 

It is singular that Smart, who is 
otherwise so trustworthy, in his 
Walker Eemodelled regards it as 
unheard-of to make a difference 
between the sound of a in payer^ 
slayer and that in pair^ fair, share, 
which difference is heard not only in 
New York, but everywhere where the 
English language is spoken. 

Mr. Smart in his Principles ofl 
Pronunciation, p. Vlll, 54. makes the 
following remark: — "It has been 
said, there is a palpable difference 
between the vowel sound in payer, 
player, slayer, and that in care, fair, 
hair, share. What difference may 
be made in New York I know not; 
but 1 know that none is made in 
London, nor can be made without 
that peculiar effect which shows an 
effort to distinguish what in general 
is necessarily undistinguishable. " 
May the author be permitted here 
to give but one instance — for the 
many proofs that might be alleged 
to the contrary on this subject — 
from an excellent work: — "The 
Alphabet of Nature, or Contributions 
towards a more accurate analysis 
and symbolization of spoken sounds, 
by Alexander John Ellis, B. A., Lon 
don, 1845." Mr. Ellis, a gentleman 

bo(^ mayor unb prayer, Mex>eratttag= 
Ud^e ©eBtaud^ fa^ in mAre unb prAre 
jufammenjle^t, baS erfterc fe^r ^auflg, 
bad 2^eite conflant ^n^mimt. 

SGBirfli(^ fcftfam ijl e«/ totnn bcr 
fonfl fp 2U)>er(dft!9e Smart in feinent 
Walker Remodelled ed al9 mtrrl^^rt 
Betra(^tet, einen Unterfc^teb jtoifti^en bent 
a-8ttut in payer, slayer unb in 
pair, fair, share gu mfl^en, beren 
Uttterfc^teb fi(^ bo^ ni^t iM in 
New York, fonbern uUxM, wo (Sngs 
Ufc^ gefjjrod^en toirb, jeivjt. 

^tvc Smart fagt nantUc^ in feinen 
Principles of Pronunciation, @. Vllf, 
54 . : — ,,9Ran tf<d flefagt, bofi tin ^tnU 
It^rt Unterfc^ieb gtvifd^en bem SSocaU 
lautt in payer, player, slayer unb bcni 
in care, fair, hair, share fel. SBeld^et 
Untcrfc^icb In New York gemacjt njer- 
ben mag, koeip i(^ ntd^tj abet i^ ton^, 
ba$ fetner in London gemad^t mtrb ober 
gema(^t metben f5nnte, o^ne bie etgens 
tl^unilic^e SBltfung, totl^c bem SJerfu^e 
folgt, ettoaa fur getv5^nU(^ fd^lc^t^in 
Ununterf^etbBored bennoc^ gu unter- 
fd^eiben.'^ (Sd mag bemSSetfaffec erlauBt 
fein, l^ler nut einti Don ben »Wen 
SBeifVielen, ble blefe fflel^au^Jtung tt?iber= 
legen, an^ einem trefflic^enSBerfe: — The 
Alphabet of Nature, or Contributions 
towards a more accurate analysis and 
symbolization of spoken sounds, by 
Alexander John Ellis, B. A., London, 
1845, anjufu^ren. <&err Ellis, ein 
e(enfo f^arfjinntger unb borurt^eil^:: 

(compare, however, heir, where, there, e'er, 
ne'er, ftc. in which the pronunciation is like k, 
the reason of which cannot be here discussed).' 
And it is merefency to tbtnkof dlstingnishing 
se-, fi-, to-, fti-, in the words se-rioas, fi- 
ring, to-ry, fn-ry from se- &c. in se-cant, 
fi-nal, to-tal, fu-gitive, or with the fine-eared 
imitator of Smart Mr. Voigtmanrit to specf^ 
the rowels in mere, fire, pore, cure, as being 
spoken otherwise than the nsual e, f, o, a. 

Me Ku&fpra^e gleid^ A tft/ aber au$ anDcren 
^(cr nic^t j« erortemben ©rfinben), riitfioir* 
fenbcn @influf unb eft ifl ^(antafieret baft 
se-, fi-, to-, fu- in se-riovs, fi-ring, to-ry, 
fn-ry, Don bem se- &g. in se-cant, fi-nal, 
to-tal, fa-gitive unterf^etben gtt n>oIIen, cber 
mit bem frht^jfrigen; freUi^ nnr bem Smart 
nad^tappenben^errn IBoigtmann, in mere, 
fire, pore, care cin anberft atft gewo^nlid^ 
aiiftgcfpro^eneft c, i, o, n ^cranftinfpecttliren. 




whose penetration and freedom from 
prejodice is only equalled by the ex- 
actness of his inrestigation remarks 
|k49: — ^Between a and a is a broader 
soond of a heard in the French words 
€kim$, fHe, phre, and, as we think,* in 
the £^;lish words more, chory, there^ 
Ac, This sound we shall denote by 4> 
Many persons consider the sound, in 
the English words just cited, to be a, 
and others to be a fuati diphthong 
[the description of which may be found 
with Mr. Ellis, p. 85 ttseqq.y in Smart's 
Principles, $ 54]. ''We shall content 
oorselTes with drawing attention to 
the following comparisons: — player 
with the French pUmre; sayer (one who 
sayi) with the Scotch sair; ^el^t 
(German) with ^er (also German)." 
In accordance to this Bfr. Ellis was fully 
justified in distinguishing (p. 51) the 
sound of a in pain (n^e, S3eet) from the 
'^ palpably different" vowel sound in 
care, pear, there, pair (p^e, ibrSy 
fdi; ^i^t, b«, ^et). 

4. a like the & of Walker, called by 
him the Itafiaa a in the words Far, 
Father, Shiirp, Mark hke the a in gar, 
tror, affectedly spoken with an incli- 
nation to a, bearing resemblance to the 
a in the word SRarf as the inhabitants 
of Hamburgh pronounce it, with an 
elision of the r, similar to the English 
word maik, that is SRaaf but somewhat 
more drawn and incfining to i (a). 

5. i (lying) between Walker's &(&) 
and i (a) , as in Stilff , Haft, Ex&mple, 
Dance, BriLnch, Demand, Grftnt, 
Grass, Misk, Clasp, Fast, BAth. 
This sound of a (sometimes atf, which 
15 so frequently met with inoldEnglish 
instead of a, compare aungel, chaunge, 
merchaundice, balaunce, &c. — This 

freier, aid toorfu^tig ))riifenbet SXann 
fagt bort ®. 49 :--„3h)if<^en a uub a iji 
tbx I6retteter Xen bed a, n>el^er in ben 
franjfifif^enSQBrtem chine^ f^te,pere, unb 
nad^ unfeter (Xnfl^t/ in ben englifc^en 
fBoittn mare, chary, there, &c. Qtf}ixt 
toirb. 5Diefen Saut merben toix burd^ d 
(ejeic^nen. SSiele Betra^ten biefen (in 
ben e(en angefu^rten englifc^en fSibtittn 
{id^ ))orfinbettben) iaut aU Qltid^ mit 
a, 9(nbete aid einen £Xuatu^i))^t^on- 
gen" [ber »on «§erni Ellis, p. 85 u. flgg. 
bon Smart J 54 feiner Principles Be- 
fc^tieBen tt»irb]. ,,aBir ttjerben un9 Be= 
gnugen, bie IXuftnerffamfett auffolgenbe 
aSetglei^ungett gu Icnfcn: — player mit 
bem frang. plaire, $ayw (one who tays) 
mit bem f^otttfd^en sair, im 5Deutf($cu 
^t^ix mit ^er." 3)lc unter jx(^ i)oI(= 
fommen gleid^en J^aute )0on pain, nit, 
SBeet {inb ba^er Bel «gerrn Ellis, p. 5t 
mit Dted^t t)on ben unter fi$ eBenfatld 
tooQfomimn gleic^en £auten: — care, 
pear, there, pair (phre, itre, fait; 
\pta<^t, bet, l^er) getrennt njorben. 

4, a glei(^ bem Walker'fd^en foge- 
nonnten ttalianifc^en k in Far, Father, 
Sharp, Mark toie bad a in gar, 
mar, mit leifer gintfinung i)on a, in 
gejiettcr JRebetocife, ttma wit ber ^aux^ 
Burger bad a in bem flBorte: ^axt 
mit elibirtem r gleid^ bem engltfc^en 
SBorte mark fpric^t, namlic^ ^aat 
nitr nut ttma^ me^r 5De^nung uab 
mc^r »&inncigttng jum a (ii). 

5, £l gtoifdjen bem Walker^fd^en i (a) 
unb i (a) mitten inneliegenb, in Staff, 
Haft, Example, Dance, Branch, 
Demand, Gr^nt, Grass, M^sk, Clasp, 
Fast, Bath. S)lefer fiaut bed a (jUs 
toetlenaud^ au, wa^ Im aitengUfc^en fo 
^uflg f6r a fte^t, togl. aungel, 
chaunge, merchanndice, balaunce, Ac. 

- Dr. Rapp (Phytiologie der SpracheJi * Dr. fRapp <9^9R«l0dic ber epta^r, 
!•!. 3. p. 174) is of the Mmc opinion. ||«r). 3 P5. 174) ifl bcrfclBen SWcinnna. 




atf being but a remnant of old ortho- 
graphy cannot be admitted to inflnence 
present pronunciation) this sound of 
0, 1 repeat, before ff, ft, mp, nc, nch, 
nd, nt, ss (s), sk (sc), sp, st, tb, parti 
cularly at the end of words is no 
new discovery but something long 
known and confirmed by practice. 
W"* Blitford (compare Worcester's 
preface to his tables in Webster's 
Dictionary) says in his Essay upon 
the Hannony of Languages (London, 
1774): _ <*No English voice fails to 
express, no English ear to perceive 
the difference between the sound 
of a in passifig and p€usive; no col- 
loquial familiarity or hurry can 
substitute the one sound for the 
other." — Fulton and Knight only, 
previous to Worcester mark this 
sound as not being so short as a 
in fat, as Walker and Jameson, nor 
so broad as the Italian a in far, 
as Perry, Stephen Jones,* Narcs 
and others describe it. Walker (Prin- 
ciples of English Pronunciation, $ 79) 
disapproves of every middle sound as 
tending to render the pronunciation 
of the language obscure and inde- 
finite, but the best use decides the 
question which follows a medium be- 
tween the almost vulgar &, and the 
affected k (although this pronunciation 
is still often heard in good society, 
particularly among people of the so- 
called Old School). Smart justly 

unb n>ad, aU jufottiged oxOfo^t^ffu 
f(^e0 UetoUeiffel in affnlii^tn SfaUen 
fur We if|)lge ^udf^rad^e nvS^i M 
mafigeBenb Betra^tet totv!btn foQte) 
)>0T ff, ft, rop, nc, nch, nd, nt^ as (s), 
sk (sc), sp, 8t, th, meift tm ttitds 
latttC; ift Ubit neue (bfinbuttg, fonbfnt 
ehte fntfd^tfbme vmi> in Ux $rari0 
anerfannte fD^aifad^. Will. Mitford 
(*gl. bic Worcestcr'f^e fflorrebe |u feiner 
XaUUt K. in Webster)^ fagt untn* 
Vnbent, in feinem 3&tdt, An Essay 
upon the Harmony of Languages 
(London, 1774): — "No English voice 
fails to express, no English ear to 
perceive the difference between the 
sound of a in passing and passive; 
no colloquial familiarity or hurry 
can substitute the one sound for the 
other." — 0hir Fulton unb Knight 
Be}ei(i^nen \>ex Worcester btrfen iaui aid 
nid^t fo htrj n)ie a in fat, tvie Befon- 
berd Walker unb Jameson, unb nt^t fo 
brett tvie a in far, tt>it Perry, Stephen 
Jones,* Nares u. 91. if)n Brjei^nen. 
Walker erflart ft(^ (in feinen Prin- 
ciples of English Pronunciation, $ 79) 
6^mmt gegm jeben nuttein £aut, 
meil babur(^ bie ®vi^a$< i^t fefied 
©evcige ^tditt, aUtin f^itx entfdSieibet 
bet Bepe ®e&rauc^ bet jt<l^ )n>if((eii 
bent gemein getoorbenen & (oBkoo^I man 
biefe 9(u9f^ra(^e nod^ gan) l^aufig in 
geBllbeter OefeKfi^aft 6efonber« bet fo* 
genannten 9Uen @d^u(e ^Stt) unb bem 
afectirten k f^iU. Smart fagt ^terfiBer 

* Stephen Jones says explicitly: — **To 
prevent, however, any misconception of my 
meaning in the use of this sonnd, be it 
observed, that my fourth a (which coin- 
cides with Wallter's &), though it is 
more open than the a in half stops con- 
siderably short of the broad protracted 
prominelfttion so commonly heard among 
the rastic and the vvlgar, who say, fddther, 

• Snbcf bcmertt Stephen Jones aulbrfidP* 
U4:— ,,Um juoer^tnbcnt^baf nicine^ft<l^ttn 
iSesisg attf ben O^ebraud^ btefc^ Wanted mifocr- 
fhmbeit »crbe; f o fei bemerft; baf metn bierteft 
a (meUftes mit & bei Wallcer iibercinflimmt), 
obgtei^ offener oB ba« a in hat, bo4 bebcn- 
tenb bon bcr breiten, langgebctntcttTCusfpra^c 
entfemt \% xotiSit man fo ^dnfig unter ^anb« 
leitten mtb bem gcmeincn SoIY ^nbet, n>el4e 
blither, tH\U UiAU Ac fagen/' 




remarks in bis Principles of Pronun 
dation, which precede his Pronouncing 
Dictionary (11: — ''Walker is a bigot : 
he allows of no coraprombe between 
the broad &, with which a vulgar 
month pronounces «vt« and the sound, 
narrower, if possible , than the a in 
at, with which an affected speaker 
minces the same word. Surely in 
case like this, there can be no harm 
in aToiding the censure of both par- 
ties by shunning the extreme that 
ofieiHfe the taste of each;" Smart, 
howerer, though he affirms that this 
IS the use of the best speakers , marks 
%ll these words with 4> referring to 
$ 1 1 BO that this & in all cases in which 
it was previously pronounced ft, re- 
quires an intermediate sound. The 
adoption of a distinct mark settles the 
matter at once and is justified by 
the precedents of Fulton A Knight 
and Worcester. 

The following is a list of these 
words, which will not be unwelcome 
to the reader. In some few cases in 
the dictionary itself, the H (&) has 
through oversight remained; heoce| 
this list is at the same time to be 
regarded as a corrective* 

A therefore appears: — 

1. Before ff, ft, or cooresponding 
sounds, as in €haff, Draff (Dr^ugh), 
Graff, Ingraff, Staff (and of course 
all their compounds and derivatives 
as PicksUSff, PackstUff, and so on 
through the whole list). On the au- 
thority of Mr. Worcester I have marked 
Hofogrdph in the same manner; 
though it were scarcely necessary to 
mark the difference since the secondary 
accent is here so weak, especially 
as it is not employed in other words ol bund -graph (Autograph, &c.) nic^t 

the same termination (Autograph, 
&c). In several instances Mr. Wor- 
cester gives this sound to words, which, 

hi ben Principles of Pronunciation, 

bie ec frinem 9(uafpra(l&e::aBSrtfr6ttd&« 
»oranf(^i((t, $ 1 1 :— "Walker is a bigot: 
he allows of no compromise between 
the broad ft, with which a vulgar 
raputh pronounces (ut, and the sound, 
narrower, if possible, than the a in 
at, with which an affected speaker 
minces the same word. Surely in a 
case like this, there can be no harm 
in avoiding the censure of both par- 
ties by shunning the extreme that 
offends the taste of each;'* o6g(ei(| obex 
Smart fobami berjtd^ert, bap bird bcr 
®tixavL<f^ bee itpn ©prefer fei, fo 
be^eic^net er bod^ aKe jenr ilBorte mit 

\)en9eifl a(er ouf ben $ 1 1, fo bap 
biefed ft in aUm Saden, n>o c$ fru(^rr 
ft ^tipxoi^n \))UxU, mit einrm 9)2ttrd' 
(aute ju f))re(^n ifl S)ie SBa(;( eiiied 
befonbereu 3ei(|end ifl natur(t(( fiirjei- 
uttb bur^ ben iSorc^ang bou Fulton A 
Knight unb Worcester flerec^tfertigt. 

S9 folQt l^iec ein aSeqeic^tup biefrv 
aBiirtec, \va9 bem Sefec ui(^t mmiiL 
fommen fetn roirb; in eiiuoeit 8&Hrn 
ifl au9 IBerfe^eit im SBSrtevbud^e fo(6fl 
a (ft) fle^en ^^ilieitn, ba^ev if! biefe^ 
33erjei(i^»i^ in^lei^ alS S3ert(^tiaun,a 
{U betrai^teu. 

A erf^elttt alfo: — 

1. SSox ff, ft ober (orrefpoubireuben 
Sauten, luie : — Chaff, Draff (Praugb), 
Grftff, Ingraff, Staff (natitvli(^ au^ bic 
^iermit dufanimengefe^ten obev ^b^t- 
leUeten, iwie Pick'staff, Pack'staff, Ac, 
toad ^r bad ganje ffiec^eic^nip gilt); 
mtt Worcester f)aU i4 no^ H<>1'- 
ogr&ph angftiommen, obivo^l, ba f;in 
ber fecunbfire 9(ccent nut f^iradf^ if^, 
bie abn)el(^enbe Se^et^nung faum n5' 
t^ig ivare, jumat fie fonfl in bei i&\u 

efngef5^tt Ifl; etnigemafe f^reibt Wor- 
cester biefen iaut iffiSrtem ju, bie 
fonf), hjenn ne ben <^auptlon f^ahen, 




when they are accented, are marked 

Imit a (&), Uiti^mi fittb, nrfe: — 

[ — 'k^, as the broad sound of a 
seems, in general, to have a tendency 
towards the sound of ft, compareSmart, 
J[I23. Add to these:— Abftft', Aft, 
After, Critft (Han'dicrftft, Priesf oAft, 
Ac), Draft (Draught), Grftft (Tngrift', 
Rcgrift', Ac), Hftft, Rift, Shaft, Waft. 
Q. Before mp: — To Champ. 
Example, and the contracted forms 
sample (Sam'pler). 

3, Before nee Cos), nch, nd, nt: — 
Adrance', Chance, Chan'cel, Chan'- 
cellor, Chan'cery, Dance, To Eiance', 
To Enhance', France, Glance, Lance, 
Mum'chancc , Perchance', Prance, 
Romance', Trance, to be added An'- 
swer; To Blanch, Branch, To Lanch, 
Planch, To Scranch, Unstanched';* 
To Command', To Countermand', 
To Demand', To Remand', To Re- 
primand', Alessan'dria, Alexan'dria,** 
Chan'dler (Corn'chandler, Ac), Chan'- 
dlery, Chan'dry, Fian'ders, GJan'ders, 
Sian'der, Ant, Adran'tage (Disadran'- 
tage, Ac), To Chant, To Endianf 
(To Disenchanf, Ac), GaJiant', To 
Grant, To Pant,*** Slant. 

4. Before bb (s), jk (sc), sp, st : — 
Aia«', To Amass', AjUy Bass (a fish). 
Brass, Class, Glass, Grass (Knof- 
grass, Ac), I'singiass, Lass, Mass, 

witha(J)as:— Horse'laugh,Moon'caif Horselaugh, Moon'caif [— 'kafj, tt)lf 

r /. *^ ..^ ^.^ J ' "" fi6eii^ou))t bnr 6reltca-2aut fl(^ immft 

me^r bem a-^aut ffbximti%tn f(^eint, 
ef. Smart, $ 122. gfetncr: — Abaft', 
Aft, After, Craft (Uan'dicraft, Priest'- 
craft, Ac), Draft (Draught), Graft 
(Ingraff, Regraff, Ac), Haft, Raft, 

Shaft, waft. 

2. SSox mp : — - To Champ, Example 
unb bie gefutjten Sforrnm Sample 

3. aSoc nee (ns), nch, nd, nt: — 
Advance', Chance, Chan'cel, Chan'- 
cellor, Chan'cery, Dance, To Eiance', 
To Enhancti', Frknce, Glance, Lance, 
Mum'chance , Perchance', Prance, 
Romance', Trance, l^lequ tritt An'- 
swer ; To Blanch, Branch, To Lanch, 
Planch, To Scranch, Unstanched';* 
To Command', To Countermand', 
To Demand', To Remand', To Re- 
primand', Alessan'dria, Alexan'dria,** 
Chan'dler, (Corn'chandler, Ac), Chan'- 
dlery, Chan'dry, Fian'ders, Gian'ders, 
Sian'der, Ant, Advan'tage (Disadvan'- 
tage, Ac), To Chant, To Enchant' 
(To Disenchanf, Ac), Gallant', To 
Grant, To Pant,*** Slant 

4. aSor ss (s), sk ^sc), sp, st: — 
Alas', To Amass', Aju, Bass (aid 
Sifd^), Brass, Class, Glass, Grass 
(Knot'grdss, Ac), I'singiass,* Lass, 

* To Laoch, To Scranch are however re- 
ferred to Launch, Scrianch pinsh, skrinsh, 
Waiker]; the eiaiple of Unitanched' has been 
marked Stanch, although the orthographic 
difference ia of no importance ai has already 
been remarked (p. XXI under ft) ; on the 
words To Craunch, Draugh, To Com- 
mand, Ac. compare Smart, § 122. 

** The pronunciation of this word w 
vacillating. Worcester gives both in different 
places. The same applies to Tcherkask^ 
(TcherkiUk'). : 

*** Plant according to Smart, sec § 11. I 

* To Littch, To Scranch finb jebo^ dUf 
r^aunch, Scr&unch Krtoiefcn [iinsh, skransk. 
Walker]; bod simples oott Unstanched' ift 
sanch besei^net unb bo4 »tn ber ort^ogra- 
p(if4e Unterf^ieb/ mt fd|)on oben (6. XXI 
unter a) angebeutet, ctgentlic^ ni^ts befagen, 
Dgl. fiber To Craunch, Draugh, To Coni> 
mand, kc. Smart, § 122. 

** ibti bicfcm fiBorte f4»asih ]ebo4 ber 
(Scbrau4). Worcester gtebt an berf^tcbcnen 
fOtittt bcibe TCu^fpra^cn. S>aSfelbe gift )>cn 
Tcherkask' (TchcrkSsk'). 

*** Plant m^ emarr^ fie^e {11. 




M^siYe, M^sy, Pto (IinpSs'sable, 
To Snrp&s', To Repto'/ Plis'sage, 
Pta'oTer, Ac); To A»k, To BSsk, 
BS/ket, Clisk (To Indbik', Ac), 
casket, Dam&slLiu, Fl^k, Flds^et, 
MidL (To Bemdsk', To Dismftsk', 
To InunSsk', Ac), lUs'cal, Tftik; To 
Cl§sp (To Inddsp', Ac), To Engrilsp', 
To Ei&s'perate, G&sp, 6rd3p, £Ubip, 
Risp, Bib'pbenrj, proTinciaUy W&sp 
oocon, although the infloence of w 
brings it nnder the rule of being 
pronounced wSsp; Aghftst' (AgSstO) 
AlabS^ter, Av&st', Bfis'tard, Bfdst, 
Bonn^Sst (To Bombdst^, Ac)^ To 
Cftst (To ForecSsf, To Misc&st', 
Mole^c&Bt, To OvercaBf , Ac), C&te, 
CS^tle (Fore'c&tle, Ac), Con'trilst 
(To ContrftBt', Ac), Ddfl'tard, Deyia'- 
tale, Dis^ter, £ccle8i^tes,£ccIe8iSs'- 
tic, Eias'tic,* To Empllis'ter, F&st 
(Hold'fSst, Ac), Gh^i'lj (Gtefly), 
LttSt (in all its significations and 
derifations, LSs'tage, Ac), M^t(To 
DismSst', Fore'mfist, Ac), MSs'tcr 
(Berg^m^ter , TSsk'mSster , Ac), 
MSs'tMB^ Nas'ty, P^t (PSs'time, Ac), 
PSs'tor(PSs'toral, Ac), Pds'ture, Pl&s'- 
ter, RepSst', Shas'ter, Vftst. 

5. Before th: — B&th, L&th, Path, 
raaiked by Smart with Walker's & (a). 

This large number of words shows 
how widely extended the sound is, 
and that it well deserves a special 
mark distinctive from the others. 

In such numerous transitions of a 
sound, however, especially where the 

M&ss, M&s'sive, Mis'sy, Pftss (Impds's- 
able, To Surpass', To RepSss', 
Pfis'sage, Pass'over, Ac); To Ask, 
To BIbik, BftslLet, CSsk (To Incfisk', 
Ac), CAs'ket, Damfts^us, Fl^k, 
Fl&'ket, M&sk (To Bemftsk', To 
Dismask', To Immtsk^ Ac), Rds'cal, 
TSsk; To Cldsp (To Inddsp', Ac), 
To EngrSsp^ To Exlis'perate, GSsp, 
Grdsp, lUsp, Rdsp, Rds'pberry, ^tos 
)»ln{iea finbet fi(| au^ Wtep, obfd^on 
Ifin bet (Stnffuf M w bie U(itdf^ra(^ 
w5sp gut gtegd gemac^t f)at} Agh&st' 
(Ag^^, Alabfts'ter, Avdst^, Bfts'tard, 
Bl&Bt, Bom'bdst (To Bombdst', Ac), 
To C^t C^o Foredbf, To Miscfisf , 
Mole'c^Bt, To Overcast', Ac), Cftste, 
C^'tie (Fore'cAstie, Ac), Con'tnkst 
(To Contrftst^, Ac), Dds'tard, Dqy^'^ 
tate, Disds'ter, Ecclesiis'tes, Ecdesifis'- 
tic, El3s'tic,'C To EmpUis'ter, Fdst 
(Hold'fast, Ac), Ghastly (GSst'ly), 
List (in aiitn IBcbetttungen nnb ^b^ 
(eitungen, Lfts'tage, Ac), Mast (To 
Dismast', Fore'mast, Ac), Mas'ter 
( Berg'master , Task'master , Ac), 
Mas'tiflF, Nas'ty, Past (Pas'time, Ac), 
Pas'tor (Pas'toral, Ac), Pas'ture, Pias'- 
ter, Repast^, Shas'ter, Vast. 

5. SBqx th: — Bath, Lath, Path, 
))on Smart mit Walkcr'd A (a) itfttSftitt. 

S)iefe gro^eSRenge bonlEBdrtmtjeiat; 
mle txibxtUtt biefec iaut i% unb bafi ec 
tool^I fine Befonbere^ i»on benanbem 2ati^ 
Un )}CTf(l^iebene SBejeid^nuns berbienl 

(ta tann freiU(^ Ui \oU^tn maffen: 
^aften Urfiergdngen fined Sauted, Bes 

* The termioation as'tic (Emplas'tic 
Fantaa'tic &c.) is not generally claiaed here 
became these wordt haye not gained to firm 
a footfog in the langnage of the people, that 
their proDonciatioB hat become attimilated 
to thote wordt. (Compare Cas'tanett,ZoroSi'- 
ter, ice.) The English pronunciation it must 
be remembered, it, in many casct purely 

• ZJbttoJl Me (SnDfi)lbe as'tic fonfl (n>ie 
Empllb'tic, FantXt'tic, Ac) (ien>on tttt^ge* 
r^lofen ifi, loett ticfe {Sorter noi^ ni^t fo 
in bie eott^mafTc ein^ebnmgen ftiiD, baf 
t^re Yu^fpra^e M lenen fiBortern offu 
miUrt. (JB^l CWtaneU, Zoroao'ter, Ac.) 
Do* ittt au* SEBiUlfiir in ©cftimmung 
ber engUWen Knefpra^e ein grofcS gclb. 


period of transition is not 
imst (as appears from the words 
Horse'l&ugh, Moon'caif, and the con- 
stant influence of conversational 
language), there must necessarily 
be more or less wavering, and 
while a number of words are fixed 
and grounded in the new sounds 
others are, as it were, on the borders 
of the new law, not being able to 
free themselves entirely firom other 

6. k like Walfcer*s &, the so-called 
broad German a in L&w, FMl, 
Wirm, W4'ter, answering nearly or 
quite the German provincial a, 
especially in Lower Saxony as in 
the affirmative particle: ^o, tallying 
with the nautical term: y4w. 

7. a only in unaccented syllables 
like Walker's unaccented &, and 
nearly the same as e, i, 9, u, y, in 
words like Li'ar, SoK^ce, Thom'^s, 
Ri'v^l, Ab'b^cy, Mon'archy ▼cry «- 
milar to the obscure German e in 
Sfinoer, ititx. 

This long list of sounds may appear 
very formidable to the beginner, but 
the frequent agreement in the signs 
with the corresponding sounds of the 
other vowels will wear away the diffi- 
culty in a short time, especially by 
means of the explanation given in 
difficult cases in parentheses, 

II. E. I. S like Walker's long i in 
M€, M€re, Me'tre, Sh£€p (here a small 
typographical inconvenience occurs 
from necessity by marking the double 
ee), answering the long German i, 
(or It) in mlr, ^ier, SWienc, Ac 

3. S like Walker's short i in H^n, 
MSt, L^t; like the German short e 
in fttt, Sett, Ac. 

3. e like a,occurs only in certain causes: 
— Heir, There, Where, and answers 
the broad German e in fftr, WZX, Ac 




ivenn biffe $mob< bel UeSct- 
Oanged noQ^ nid^t ^iUiQ Movnbtt ifk (unb 
ble0 f^fintn S9ejf UHnungen mt Horse'- 
Iftugh, Moon'cftlf unb ber unauf^altfam 
fortn>{tfenbe(Stnf{u$ brrUmgangdfprad^e 
{uBekDcifen), t9tann ^ier6ei alfo ®d^n)an; 
Cung nid^t tvo^I ftffitn unb n>%rnb einc 
^njol^I )>on SQdrtmi ieftimmt unb un; 
aSmeUUd^ fl(^ bed noten Sauted bemi^- 
ti%i, j^toanU tint anbtte glelc^fam an bei 
(Srenje ber neuen Stegel unb (aun fic^ 
anberen Smfluffen ntc^i ))iUto entgit|^n. 

6. h ^Uid^ Walker'd it, bem foge- 
nannten bretten, httU^n a in Law, 
F&U, Warm, Wli'ter, gleid^i bem beutfd^en 
(angen, 4)rototn}teKen 2auf bed a, wit ht: 
fonberd in fftieberfad^jen |. fB. in bet 
^ffirmati)>r$artifel: 3a, btebemeng: 
Ufc^en @eeaudbni(f: yftw eattfvcic^t. 

7. ^ nut in un6ftQttten @\f\btn, 
gletd^ bent tonlofen k bed Walker unb 
fafl gleid^ mtt ^, i, 9, n, y, in SBirtern 
n>ie Li'^r, Sol'^ce, Thom'as, Ri'v^l, 
Ab'b^cy, MonVch, }ientU(^ g(ei(( bem 
bumpf audgef^vod^enen e tut beutf^en: 
Singer, 8elct. 

C^let^ biefe lange iiftt bem 9(n^ 
fSnget fel^r bro^enb audfe^en mag, fo 
»trb bod^ bie ^aufige Uebereinflimmung 
brr SBejeic^nung mit ben correfipDnbircn: 
ben Sauten anbetec ffiocolf bie Sd^tutes 
rigteit 6a(b minbetn, gumal in f(^n>ie- 
tigeten %aUtn, bie in ^arent^efe (iu- 
jugefugte Stflarung gu «&u(fe (ornrnt. 

II. K 1. $ g(ei(( Walkcr'd (angem 
i in Me, Mere, M€'tre, Sheep (^icr 
t$ tin gertngev t4t>ograV^ifd^et Uebel- 
flanb ber bo)>))e(te fiatt bed etnfad^en 
Stri(^dX gleid^ bem beutfc^en langrn t 
(ober ie), in mlv, ^ier, 3Riene, k. 

2. S g(et(^ Walker'd tuijem & in 
H^, M^t, L^t; i^ g(et(^ bem beutfd[)en 
furjen e, in fttt, f&ttt, k. 

3. d glei(^ a, fommt nur in elnigen Sal- 
len »or: — Hdir, There, Where; tnU 
fpxxdft bem beutf((en6tetten e in t^tt,\t>tx u. 




4. e ocean only before r final as inl 
Her, Herd, Fern, Yei'nal, Per'sonar- 
itj, or when a consonant follows r 
in the primaiy or secondary accent 
(with the exception of r itself: - 
Ch&'ry, M^r'ry — when it does 
not belong to a syllable, of flexion 
as in Def^rer). It has an obtuse 
sooiid somewhat fuller than the 
unaccented German t in SSattt, 
nearly like 9 in IjHtti^, hence when 
not accented it becomes e, and is 
scarcely to be distinguished from i 
or n in analogous cases. 

5. e Kke Walker's !, only some 
what less distinct, as it is never 
accented, occurs frequently at the 
end of syllables immediately before 
the accent (almost without excep- 
tion in the inseparable prefixes 
E-, Be-, De-, Re-, Se-, as: — 
ET&it', Bequ^sf, Detest', Redr&»', 
Secern', Ac), Defei'rer, Rid^if- 
mcr, Ac See abore page XVII. 

6. e like 9, which it very nearly 
resembles in sound (like the short 
German e in SBeftet, S>tittt, Ac), 
occorring only in unaccented, espe- 
cially in final syllables, as Defer'rer, 
BebulKer, Rede€'mer, Pcrvers'e; it is 
less obtuse before other consonants 
than r, and varies from ^ merely 
in quantity; compare PSn'tagon, 
PentSig'ona], Sp^c'tre, Spectfi'tor. 

*ni. I. i. I like Walker's long i 
(German ei in Sftinb), in Pine, Fine, 
Fft«, Brfer, Prish, Sure. 

3. r like Walker's short I (German 
i in %iant, SUi^pt), in Ptn, Fin, ClYlf, 
MJf'rpr, Shtv'cr. 

3. i like € in Marine', Shire, 
Marine', ^ttque [%nt!k'], or like the 
long sound of the German i or ie in 
SRarine, aRaf(^inf, »ier, S<^iefer. 

4. 1 occurs only before r in the 

4. e fommt mtr \>pi r hn SluMautc 
ober ttxmi auf )}rtmar obet fecunbat 
6etonted r eitt Qonfonant (r fettfl aut^ 
genommm : — ChSr'ry, Mir'ry — ii>enit 
f« nl^t ioie In Defei^rer gut ^leriottd- 
ftlSe ge^Jrt,) folflt, in Her, Herd, 
Fern, Ver'nal, Per'sonaKty. Ql 
^at dntn bum))fen, ettvad ^oeUtrtn 
iaut, M bal unfietonte bfutf(^e e in 
Soter, fafl n>ie i in ft^rrie, ba^c 
tB ou^ htm 9ic€tnt in ^ fibfrgri^ 
@d unterfd^fibft fl(^ fafi gar nic^t t)Oit 
bfn in analogen %i\itn flr{;fnbfn 1 
unb u. 

5. e qM^ Walker'l t, ober bmi 
bfutfc^fn unSetontrn {, nur ftn>a^ 
ttrger, ba t9 flet0 awfler bem Mfcml 
Ufgt, bffonberd unmittflBar ))or brut: 
felben in offfUft ^^Vbt, b. ^. n>enn el 
Me @^l6e fd^He^ (bo(;er fafl e^neSCu«- 
na^me in ben untrenn(aren IBorf^Ken 
E-, Be-, De-, Re-, Se-, toiein: — 
Ev^nt', Bequ&t', Det^t', Redr^ss^, 
Secern', Ac), Defer'rcr, Redse'mcr, 
Ac ajfll. bafl oten @. XVil ®efagte. 

6. e, VDle a, bem e« in ber 5(u8- 
fpra^e fe^v nai^e fommt, wit bad beutf^c 
un6etonte e in i&tdtx, S>tStx, k., nuv in 
unbetonten , 6efonber« 8nb ^ ©v^^'f"/ 
tuie Defci'rer, Rebulcer, Rcd^S'mcr, 
Pcrvers'e; nic^t ^arti fo bttnH)f ijl e« »or 
anbeten Gonfonanten all r, unbeigent- 
li^ nut quantitati)) ^on c ))erf(^tebeii; 
i)gL P^n'tagon, PentJ&g'onal, Sp^'tre, 

i\\. I. 1. T glei(^ Walker's langcm 
I (ober bem beutft^en el in gdnb) : — 
Ptne, Fine, Fire, Bifcr, Prish, SlTe. 

2. t glei^ Walker's furgem I (ober 
bem beutf*en i In glnne, ^!ipve): — 
Ptn, Ffa, CM, MTr'rQr, ShYv'er. 

3. t glel^ i in Marine', Shtrc, 
M99hine', jintlque [antlk*], ober bem 
beutfc^en gebel^nten iaut beS i obet ie, in 
aXatine, aRafd^ine, fBitx, <S(^iefet. 

4. 1 nut t>ot r, in benfelBen 9Wtn 




same cases as e: — Fir, Sir, Bird,||toie e : — Fir, Sir, Bird, St'ir'r^r; tegfU 

Stju/rer; contrary to this rule (com- 
pare e) are Squii'r^l, Stir'rup, Sii^ap 
(also P&negyrlc); mir'^cle', Spl^jt, 
formerly pronounced Mii^ade, Spu/it, 
have conformed to the regular sound. 
Smart expresses the hope§ 115 that 
the same will take place in time with 
Squirrel and Panegyric, as instead 
of S>Vup (siir'up) the pronunciation 
Slc'up with Y is acknowledged by 
good speakers. 

5. i occurs, Kke ^ and ^, only in 
unaccented syllables^ and is before r (ir) 
very much like the obtuse ^r, ur (also 
yr): — EUx'ir (Mar'tyr), VjrgYn'i^; in 
most instances it differs from Y in 
quantity only : — Digres'sJTe, Inte/ 
tjne, Immldscjbil'ity. 
' IV. O. r. 6 like Walker's long 
o (German long o in JD^ 9lctf[, &c), 
in No, Note, Tone, SOre, O'ri^nt, 
Tc'ry, T6rn, WOrn 

3. like Walker's short 6 in Not, 
SiSr'el, Tfii'rent, nearly answers to 
the short German o as in iottt, ^0U 
ttntott, Zoxm\ttx, <&c. 

3. 6 like Walker's A (the Ger 
man u iu ®tuH ®xnit, SBctt^fr) as 
in Move, Pr6ve, C66I, S66n, Boor. 

4. o like Walker's broad A answering 
4 (&) ; found before r, as in Nor, Sor'* 
did, Or'd^r (in German a middle sound 
between o in 0lOcb and a in i(^aiiv). 

5. 6 like Walker's A as in Son, 

mibrig ()9gl. e) jutb SquiVr^l, St'ii^- 
rup, SiVup (eficnfo PSnegyVic); Mir'- 
^cle, SpYr'it, koeld^e aud^ fritter Mii'- 
ade, SpiVit lauteten, ffaitn jid^ bent 
tegftmaligrn £aut gugtkvanbtj Smart 
fVrid^t $1.15 bie ^offhung aud, ba§ 
bo^feUe M Squirrel, Panegyric mit 
bet 3'^ rrfolgen tvrrbr, toit mUn brr 
^2(udfVvad^e SyVup (siii'up), bie nut 
¥ (SYr^up) tion gutm @m^nti itxtii^ 
attfrtannt i^ 

5. i flf^t xdU a unb c nut in uiu 
6etontfn ®)^I6en unb tomml bor r (ir) 
bem buni4)frn cr, ur }ientli(( glfid^ 
(c6fnfo yr): E lYx'jr (Mar'tyr), VjrgYn'ja; 
)i>ftt ^au^grr aUv ifl ed nuv quan= 
titatiti toon T toevfc^ie ben : — Digrca'- 
sjve, IntSs'tjuc, ImmiscibYl'ity. 

IV. O. l". 6 giei(5 Walker'a langem 
6 (ober bem beutf^en UmQtn o in JD^v, 
9lctf), K.), t" No, Note, TOne, Sure, 
O'riSnt, To'ry, Torn, Worn. 

i. 6 gleid) Walker'6 fuvjem 6 inN6t, 
SSr'cl, T5i''rcnt, fomnU bem beutfd^en 
(urj aSgeflo^enen o, j. S3. h?te in iotte, 
<&OttentOtt, Xonttf^er, zc. jiemlit^ glrtc^. 

3. 6 glei^ Walker'd bunfeln A (oA) 
(obev bem beutfc^en laugen u in: — 
^tUf)l, ©ittte, IBrttbev), In Move, 
Prove, Cool, Soon, Boor. 

4. 6 gleid^ Walker'e 6vf item 6 , cnt:- 
fpted^enb k (t); ed finbet fi^ »ov r : — 
Nor, Sor'did, Or'dcr (cin aJlitteHaut 
junfc^eu in 9lorb unb a in <6aar). 

5. 6 glei(( u (Walker'0 fl) In Son, 
Done, Some, Bor'uHgh [bur'c], L6ve, Don^, Some, BCr'ough [bur^O], Loto, 
M6thV,&c.* (Compare ii p. XXXIl.)! M6th'er, &c.* 08qI ii @, XXXII.) 

* The following is a list of wordi in Mrhich 
this irregular tound of o is found. It may 
be regarded a» a completioa of Naret't list 
given by Walker in his "Principles" § 165 
the words are arranged according to the 
various cases in which the sound occnri. 
Thenee it becomes clear that the reason 

* 66 fotdt ^tcr ctn Seriet^nip bcrSB^rtcr, 
in bcnen o Mefcn obmcic^cn^cn ^ut ^at. (Ss 
(ann oU fil^crooafifinbtgund bee oon Walker 
(Principles, § 165) mitgct^etUen Nares'fit^en 
Scr^ei^nifreft bicnen vnb ifl no^ ben i>er« 
r^icbemn SdHcn flcorbnct/ in bcncn a wt* 
fommt. Gd mxh baraud beutU(|)/ bap bcr 




6. 9 like a, e, j^ occurs only in 
unaccented syllables and, precisely like 
these, more obtuse than usual in final 
$>llab]e8 , particularly before r (quite 

6. 9 j^tfft n)lf a, e> i wut itt un-s 
ittonttn @^l6en unb ^atii mie itnt in 

tb = ®^lbftt, 6ffonbfr0 i)or t^jtma^ 
bunH)frr (Qan^ gleic^ nr: — Ac'tpr, 

awigned by Smart (Principlct, § 1 16) for the 
partial explanation of this Irregularity (viz. 
tbat w effects a change io the vowel follow- 
ing: — won» wonder, worry, one, Ac.)» 
applies to bnt a Tery snail number. It would 
be more rational to explain this sound of o 
froB the influence of the following con- 
sonants, particularly labials and similar 
letters, as tb , before which it is most fre 
quently found. This list, like the preceding 
one, corrects the dictionary in a few in- 
stances, which are not, howeYer, of impor- 
tance. As Smart justly remarks in regard 
to this sound, that <*the force of the more 
general rale (which would require the usual 
short sound d [&]) will now and then detach 
a straggler, and if the word frequently 
occurs, reduce it at last to regularity. 
There was a time/ he proceeds, ''when 
sovereign and comrade were always pro- 
nounced with the as short u; but since 
the former word has been the name of a 
current coin, the regubir sound of the o has 
been getting into use, and bids fair to be 
completely established. The word Cony 
belongs to this class; bnt in slow solemn 
Btterance may have the regular sound of 
s." — It will be observed in looking over 
the list, that the pronunciation varies 
in several words, in others the n has 
been aabstitnted, as LnflT instead of Loof, 
Dungeon instead of Donjon, Mummery, 
Rummage, Ac 

6: 1. Cdchineal', according to Sheridan, 
Walker, Perry, Fulton A Knight, Knowles 
and Gilbert's Etymological A Pronouncing 
Dictionary (1846), but Stephen Jones, 
Kn field, Jameson, Smart, Webster and 
Worcester decide in favour of the more 
usual pronunciation CdchineaF. 

2. Before d in Bldod, Fldod, To Cdd'dle 
(». c. To Hog). 

3. Before t (as a vulgar exception) in Sdot, 
according to Sheridan, Nares, Perry, Keorick, 
W. Johnston, instead of the regular pronun- 
ciation of sdt; Wdt, after Elphinston, instead 
uf the established pronunciation wSt. 

4. Before 1 in Cdi'our (its compounds and 
derivatives, which equally applies to all the 

®runb/ ben Smart (Principles, § 116) {Wr 
t^eilmctfen (SrfMnind biefcr aBiod^enben (St* 
fi^Hnvng anffi^rt (ndmltd^ baf w auf ben fol^ 
gen^en SSocal finbemb einmirfe; won, wonder, 
worry, one, Ac), nur fiir fine J6#^ detinge 
QCnja^l anftrei^t) befTcr ifk U, biefen o-^ant 
and bem dinfluf folgcnbcr (Sonfonontcn |u 
crfl&ren nnb namentlicb bcr Stppen* unb &^n« 
li(bcr S3tt(bfiQben, mtc th, oor tenen er (14 am 
^dnfigften finbet. Qfnd^ na^ biefcm JBer^eub* 
ntfTe ^nb emige loenigc eeifpUU im flB6rtcr* 
hu^i felbft iu ben<btigcn^ bo(b betrifft btee 
nnr unwefentUibe JdHej n>ie benn fiberboupt 
Smart fc^r ri(bttg fagt^ baf bie O^ciOQlt bcr 
{>anptrcgel (»cU^e ben ge»5bnli4en tt-^ant 
[h] erforbem mfirbe) bann imb toann eincn 
9ia(bi£gler bcr UnregelnUifigfcit entrcipe unb 
bei b^nflgcm Sorf ommen enblt(b gan^ regcl* 
mipig ma^e. „(&i gab eine 3eit/' fd^rt er 
fvrt/ „too sovereign unb comrade ftet^ mit bem 
Q-&utte au^gefproiben »urben> abcr fcit ba6 
erftcrcSBortberStame ciner gangbarenSXiinse 
ge»orbcn, ift bie regeUn&tigc :](u6fpra4e aO* 
milig in (S ebrauib gcfommen unb fcbcint bur(b« 
and auf bem ttBege fid^ fefliufe^en. Cony, naB 
au(b |u btefcr (Slaffe gcbort, bat bci Iang(amcr 
fctcrliibcr TCuSft^ro^e ben rcgelmipigen Saut." 
— 3m Scticiibntfre felbfi »irb man ®eUgen< 
bcit baben in bemcrfen, baf bei vukxtxtaVi^X' 
tern bicfe @(b»anhtng bctrftbt, onberc qu4 
bduftger gcrabestt mit u gef4^rieben merben, 
mie Luflf flott Loof, Dungeon flott Donjon, 
Mummery, Rummage, Ac. 

6: I. Cttchineal', ttcben biefcm uonStephen 
Jones, Enfield, Jameson, Smart, Webster unb 
Worcester oertretcncn 2aut ftsbet fl<b an^ 
bci Sheridan, Walker, Perry, Fulton unb 
Knight, Knowles, unb neufter^eit in Gilbert's 
Etymological k Pronouncing Dictionary 
(1846): cdchineal'. 

2. Sot d in BlOod, Fl«od, To CftdMie 
(t. c. To Hug). 

3. fSox t (gemein unb nur au^nabrndmciri) 
in S6ot, na4 Sheridan, Nares, Perry, 
Kenrick, W. Johnston; flatt beS regeln(b« 
tigen sAt; Wdt, na4 Elphinston, flatt bed 
aQgemcin angenommcncn w5t. 

4. §Bcx 1 inCftKour (feinen3ttrammcnfetun# 
gen unb Kbleitungen, toad natitrliib oon oSes 




Kkc ar, a«iaXci'tor,D5c't9r); other-p5c'tor), M fonfl, tt)0 f§ flc^ nut 
wise varying from short 6 merely in ber Duantitat na^ bon 6 vmtn^dftU 
quantity: — ConciSct', Contort', bet: — Conc6ct', Contort*, C5m'- 
CSm'prQmYt, Obt^sf, Oppd'nent. Ilpromtt, Obtest', OppO'n^t. 

Mlowing), To Decl^l'orate, DecdKora^'tion, 
To DiicdKonr, fte. 

5. Before n: — a) \n Ddne, Ndne, Tdn 
(oftcner Tub), Wdn; 6) in Cdn'ey, Hdn'ey, 
MWey; Onton, ROn'ion (compare RosDion); 
Shdne (after Perry, otherwise generally Bh<(n 
or ftbOn); c) nd: — Cftn'duit (generally pro 
■oanced kGa'dft, only Sheridan has konMwjt 
and Enfteld kOnMU),LdnMoB,L<)n'dondeH'ry, 
MOn'day, SOnMay, S^n'dry (instead of the 
usual orthography: Suodny, Sundry), 'WOn'- 
der; d) ng, nk: — Amtng', Andngst', Mt^ng'- 
corn, MtWger (and componnds), M6n'grel, 
M6nk, Mdn'key, Sptnk (nsnally Spank), 
Tdngne, Yftn'ker instead of the nsoal 
Younker; c) before nj (ng): — AllOnge', 
To CSn'Jare, Ddn'jon (more nsoal Dangeon), 
Ldnge (also Lunge), Sptn^e (more fre- 
quently Sponge); /) nst, nt, nth: — CSn'- 
stable; AfTrSnt^ Ac, A-frdnt', ElTrOn'tery, 
Frdnt (nimost all the orthoepists are in 
fnTonr of this pronunciation, yet Sheridan 
»nd Smith prefer that of fr<int, while Scott, 
Nares and Wnlker do not object to acknow- 
ledge it; Knowies merely gives ftrfint, but 
observes: — this word is vulgarly (!) cor- 
rupted into /runf, bat I prefer restoring the 
correct pronunciation), ROnt, obsolete in- 
stead of Runt the present usual orthography, 
WAnt, Unwdn'ted, Mdnth. 

6. Before r: — BOr'age, BOr'oQgh (com- 
pare borrow), Mdr'ay (proper name), Tb6r'- 
ough, &c.. To WOKry; when a consonant 
sncceeds r, it submits to the mutation men- 
tioned in e and T (4) that is tf is changed 
into S, yet there is so little difference be- 
tween 5 and 3 that Worcester frequently 
uses them indiscriminately, especially in 
unaccented syllables; compare Work (wQrk), 
Wort (wurt). Worth (wurth). Worm (wurm), 
&c. with Coun'terwdrk, FraoK/wdrk, Fret'- 
w«rk. Frost'wdrk, Han'diw6rk, Ont'wOrks, 
Stone'wnrk, Un'derwOrk, To Underwork', 
Wax'wfirk, Thor'onghwOrt, Bos'worth, Pcn'- 
nywdrth, Mon'ey*swdrth, Wor'thy (wur'thy) 
by the side of (Jnwdr'thy, MuckVdrni, Whfir'^ 
tIebcrVy, &c.; In such cases, the mark of ii 
has been chosen in this work , for the sake 
of uniformity. 

fDlgenbcn gilt), To DecdKorate, DeedKoraf*- 
tion. To Discftl'our, Ac. 

5. Sor n: — a) in DAne, Ndne, T5n 
(^Uflgcr Tun), W5n; 6) in Cdn'ey, Hftn'ey, 
MSn'ey; dn'ion, RSn'ion (90l. Runnlon); 
ShSne (sa(t Perry, fonft bur^j^sdngig thSn 
ober shon); c) nd: — Cdn'duit (aQgemein 
kttnMjt defpro^en, n»r Sheridan giebt klSn'- 
MOn'day, S«n'day, Sdn'dry (flatt beS gew^Jn* 
Uiben Sunday, Sundry), Wtn'der; d) ng, 
nk: — AmOng', AmSngst', Mdng'-com, 
Mftn'ger (mtb Bnfammenfetungen), MOn'grel, 
Mdnk, HSnlcey, SpOnk (gem^^nU^ Spunky 
T5ngue, Ydn'ker flatt be* flbli^en Younker 
e) 9or nJ (n^):— AIIOn^',ToC«n'jare, 0dn' 
jon ((dnfigcr Dungeon), Ldnge (au(b Lunge), 
SpOn^ (^dufigcr Spun^e); /) nst, nt, 
nth: — Cftn'stable; Affront', &c., A-frdnt*, 
Effrfitt'tery. Frdnt (filr bicfe XnSfpra^e cr^ 
Wren ft* foft aHe Drtjoepiflcn, bocb wirb 
bie Yttsn^rad^e frSnt t>on Sheridan ttnb 
Smith Dorgejogen, «on Scott, Nares unb 
Walker wenigflcttS anerfanntj Knowlea 
^ttt nnr frfint, mtt bem IBemerfcnj — 
thii word is vulgarly (!) corrupted into 
frunty but I prefer restoring the correct 
pronunciation), Rfint, ceroltet fltttt brt 
\t%t ftb(i(ben Runt, WSnt, Unwdn'ted, 

(5. ©or r: — B^^r'age, Bdr'oogh (»gl. 
burrow), MdKay (eigcnnomc), Thdi'oogh, 
Ac, To WOKry; wenn cin 6onfonant bem 
r folgt, leibct e« ^ier bic bel € nnb ! (4) 
angegeoene fierdnbentng5 and fi mirb ttdm> 
U(b 9, bo4 finb d ttnb 8 fo nenfg oers 
f^teben^ ba^ fte Worcester, namentii* aufcr 
bcm ^ttupt * Tfccent , ^fiuftg o^nc Untcr* 
Web fe^tj t^\. Work (work). Wort 
(wurt). Worth (wurth), Worm (worm), Ac, 
mit Coun'terwdrk, Frame'wOrk, Frefwfirk, 
Frosfwdrk, Han'diwSrk, Oot'wftrks, Stone'- 
w6rk, Un'derwdrk, To DnderwSrk', Wax'- 
w6rk, Thor'onghwdrt, Bos'wSrth, Pcn'ny 
wftrth, Mon'ey'sw&rth, Wor'thy (wur'thy) 
neben UnwSr'thy, Mnck'wdrm, Whdr'tlcber'- 
ry, Ac; ttt folijett giUen (fl tn biefcm SBerfc 
ber Cfonfe(|netts roegea immer geiod^lt 




V. U. I. fi like Walkers long & | V. U. 1. d g(ffa( Walker'd laitflem & 
(or the Getmaii iu in Sitfrcl , Sttgenb, \(pUt %m beittfi^ ju inStt^^^f Sttdcnb, 
3«beX as in Tube, Tone, FiTry, Core. l3tlbe),in Tube, Tane, Fo'ry, Core. 

7. Before s (s): — o) when pronoonced 
■oft (like z), as Id Bdf'om (the Tolgar 
pronaMciation, betide b^zom, cited by Dr. 
Kearicdc, W. Johaitoii, Elphioston and 
Walker), Ddef, Pl^el, DAzeOing, Ddz'en; 

8. Before labials and th: — a) before 
m: — AcdWpaoyy Becdme', Bdmb (bfiin\ 
Bdin'bard (and all deriTatifet)» Bdmbasin', 
BtalMMt, To Bdmbaat', Bdmbaset', Btm'bay, 
BWbjx, Brdn'ley, Brta'toii, Coltm'bia (alto 
Colmbia), Cdm'bat (accordiog to Sheridan, 
Walker, Stephen Jonet, FoUon and Knight, 
Saart; c^iuliat it preferred by Perry, 
Eafidd, Jameaon, Webtter), To Cdme, Cdm'- 
ftt, Cta'fort (Ditcdu'fort, Ac), dlm'frey, 
Cdn'paAy, Cta'patt, Gftnl'rade (after Sheri 
dan. Walker, Perry, St. Jonet, Falton and 
Kaight; cSoi'Fade after Enfield , Jameton, 
Webtter and Smart, compare beginning of 
thit note p. XXIX), Drdm'edary, To Encdm^ 
peas, Ii/cdme, LOmp', MSm'mery (tee Mom- 
■erf), Ndm^et (compare Nnrablet), PAm'- 
ace, Pdme to compoondt at Pdmegran'ate, 
ftc, Pdoi'mel, POm'pion, P5mVire, RhAmb 
(rfim), RAmf'age (see Rnmmage), Sdme, 
Sda^era (lalandt), Sdm'ner, instead of Sam- 
moaer, Stte'ach ; 6) before b : — WhAob'ab, 
inttead of the ntual Hubbnb; before f In 
L6of, nore ntnally Liiff; c) before v: 
AbdYe', Beldv'ed, Cdv^enant, and othert, 
CAv'eBoaa, CAv'entry, To CAv'er (and com- 
pouda, RecdT^cr, Dltcfti/er, Ac), CAv'ert, 
Cdv'et, C«?'ey, CAv'in, DAve, GWve, GAv'em 
(MitgAVem, Ac), Hftv'er (generally; htti/er 
It &vovred by Sheridan, Scott, Perry, 
Eafield, Jaaeaon, Kaowlet); IrrecdT^eraUe, 
Ldrc, <VeB, PI6/er, Scdt'el (Smart, Wor- 
oeater, betide the pronnnciation of ScSv'el), 
To SMre, Sbdv'el, Sdv'ereign, Stdv'^ 
(Webtter, beaide the more ntnal pronvnciar 
tioa SU/rer); d) before th, partaking in 
some aMatore of the nature of labio-dentalt: 
— Asdth'er. BrAth'cr, Ddth, MOth'er (Fore^- 
m5eher, Ac), NOU'iog (vulgarly alto heard 
pronaanced naffia [i], compare Dickent't 
works), dth'er. To Pdth'er (after Sheridan, 
Walker, Perry, St. Jones, Falton and Knight; 
Enftekl^ Jameton, Webster, Worcester, 
Knovlea, Smart are in favonr of Ptttb'ec) 

7. eor 8 (z):— a) nam t^ mtUb (gldtb 
z) ift: Bdf'om (gcmeine %iufpra(te neben her 
^aupt'TCuSfpraite bd'zom ton Dr. Kenrick, 
W. Johnston, Elphinston nnb Walker ange* 
f%t), D6ef, Ddz'el, DOze'llng, Dtz'en; 
by DOest. 

8. Sor SippenbiKtfiaben uuh th; — 
a) tor m: — AccWpany, Becdme', Bdmb 
(bttm), Bdm^ard (unD aHe TCbgeleiteten), 
Bdmbasin', Bdm'bast, To B(^mbast', Bdm- 
bazet', BdmlMiy, B5m'byz, BrWiey, Brftn/- 
toB, Coldm1i»ia (nebcit Colombia), CdmlMt 
(fo Sheridan, Walker, Stephen Jones, Falton 
unb Knight, Smart; fitr ctfm'bat erfldren 
fi<^ Perry, Enfield, Jameson, Webster), To 
Cdme, Cdm'fit, Cdm'fort (Discdm'fort , Ac), 
Cdm'frey, Cdm^pany, Cdm'pais, Gtei'mde 
(na4 Sheridan, Walker, Perry, St. Jonea, 
Falton nnb Knight; cdmVade nadft Enfield, 
Jameson, Webster unb Smart, ogl. dingang 
t>iefer Slote, €5. XXIX), DrOm'edary, To 
Encdm'pasB, In'cdme, Uhnp', Mftra'mery 
(vid, Mnrnmery), N6m^Iet (tgl. Nnmblet), 
PWace, Pdme in 3ttfammenfe^imgcn »ie 
Pdmegran'ate , Ac, Pdm'mel, Pdm'plon 
PWpire, Rhdmb (riim), Rftm'age (vid, 
Rommage), S6me, SWers (Islands), Sbm'- 
ner, flatt Summoner, Sttm'aeh; 6) to^ 
b: » Whftob'ob, flatt Ui gc»5(nU4en Hobbnb ; 
ooc f in Ldof, g(io5bn(i(^cr Lilff; c) tor ▼: 
— AbOve', BeldVed, Cdv'enant, u. H., 
CdWenoos, Cfiv'entry, To Cdv'er (un^ 3u« 
fammenMttngcn, Recdi/er, DitcdT^er, Ac), 
Cdv'ert, Cdv'et, CJ^ey, C^t'in, BftYe, 
GldTe, Gdv'ern (Misg^T'ern, Ac), HOWer 
(aQgcmein^ ffir hSv'er flnb Sheridan, Scott, 
Perry, Enfield, Jameson, Knowles); Irrec5V- 
erable, LAve, d/en, PIdv'er, Scdv'el, 
(Smart, Worcester, nebcn bet Vu$nprad^r 
SdSv'el), To Sh«Te, 8hd?'el, SOv'ereign, 
Stdv'er (Webster, ncbcn ber aUgemeincren 
TTsMpi^a^e 8u/¥er); d) tor bem ben 
totigcn lant'tcnton^ten th: — ■ AnSth'er, 
Brdth'er, D6th, Mdth'er (Fore'-mftther, 
Ac)> Ndth'ing (VMS man ton gemeinen 
tauten au4 noffin [!] fpre^en (6rt/ tgl. 
Dickens'6 e*riften), Oth'er, To Pdth'er 
(na4 Sheridan, Walker, Perry, St Jones, 
Fulton snb Knight; ffit PSth'er jlnb 
Enfield Jameson Webtter « Worcestera 



3. ii like Walker'a short A (a simi- 
lar sound does not exist in German, 
as near as it can be described is, 
to combine the o in ^OUi^, X^pf and 
the t in fSitt^tX, ^i\iftx, but it 
decidedly inclines more to o) , in But, 
Tiib, Tiin, Ftir'row, Ciii'rent. 

3. ik like Walker's obtuse A, parti- 
cularly after labials, (answering the 
short German u as in ^uUt, S3ttfd^/ 
mtttx, &c.), in Bdll, Fdll, PAU, BAsh, 
Bdtcher, Cush'ipn [kush'Qn]. 

4. (i like Walker's A (answering 
the long German u in UtVitift, nVix, 
gttt, Ac), in Riile, Siire [shdr], Trfle, 

5. u used only before r, in the same 
cases and with the same exceptions as 
e and i with which it coincides in pro- 
nunciation, with the exception of its 
being more obtuse: — Fiir, Purre, 
Chiirch, Miii'der, Fiir'rier. 

6. u strictly analogous to a, e, i, 
9 : — Miir'miir, Curvet', Mnltan'gular, 

Vl. Y. 1. y like I:— My, Dry, 
Type, Scythe [sith], Cy'cle, Cy'prus, 
• 2. f like If: — Cym'bal, Cyn'jc, 

3. y like i; — Myrrh, Myi'tle, 

4. y like i: — V^r'y, Fo'ry, 
Cymar', Mar'tyr. 

2. it gleid^ Walker'd furjem A (tin 
im S)futf(^en nid^t bor^anbriift £aitt, 
fin m\^laut gtDifd^en bf m o in S9ota<^, 
Zopf unb bem J In fQbti^tx, Xbpfrx, 
bo4 entf(^teben mel^t bem o ftd^ ^inneU 
genb), in Biit, Tub, TSn, Fiir'row, 

3. A 0lei(^ Walker'^ bum4)fem fuqcn 
A, Befonberd nai^ ^i!^ptnin^ftaitn (bem 
beutfc^en f ur}cn u \n SttUe, ^n% fBnU 
ttx, 2c. entfrre^enb), in Bull, FAll, Pdll, 
Bush, Butcher, Cush'iQn [kdsh'pn]. 

4. a 0let(^ Walker'd A (gleic^ bem 
bfutf(^fn gebe^ntrn u in Stnt^t, nuv, 
gttt, K.), in Rale, SAre[shur], TrAe, 

5. u, nut bor r, in benfeKen gaU 
ten unb mit bcnfeffien ^u^nal^ntrn, 
toit e unb 1, benm c« in ber 9iu9'^ 
\)pxa(^t litmli^ glfi(^ fommtj nur ifl 
c3 etnja« ^nxtCpftx: — Fur, Piirre, 
Chiirch, Miu/der, Fiir'rier. 

6. u, ifl bem 9, e, i, o genau 
analog: — Miir'mnr, Curvet', MuitW- 
gOlar, MultYp'artTte. 

VI. Y/ 1. y fllelc^ T: — My, Dry, 
Type, Scythe [sTth], Cy'de, Cyprus. 

2. f g(ei(^ If: — Cym'bal, CKJc, 

3. y 8^^ **: — Myrrh, Myr'Ue, 

4.' y gleit^ i: — V^i^y, FuVy, 
Cymai', Mar'tyr. 

QuMh (after Walker, Stephen Jonea, Smart» 
and others betides qoOth), Rdth'er instead 
<if the now nsaal Badder, Smftth'er. This 
sound also very freqnentty occurs in syllables 
which are not onder the primary accent, 
particnlarly if from any cause they are spoken 
with a greater stress than mere weak and 
unaccented syllables; it occurs of course 
most frequently in the secondary accent : — 
Car"damdm', Ab^'ingddn', Is^lingtdn', Lcb"a- 
ndn', Lcx"lngton', Dn"is«n', Wash"ingtdn', 
Man"ih6t'. Frol"icks6me', Wea"ris«me', Ac 
In unaccented syibibles 9 often occurs instead, 
as : — Han(]'s(>ffle, ilc 

Knowles, Smart), Qudth (na4 Walker, 
Stephen Jones, Smart, tt. 7i. neben qnOth), 
R6th'er flatt bed {ett iibli^ett Rudder, 
Sm6th'er. Q(u4 in B^lbtn, bte ni(tt ben 
^ouptacccnt ^oben^ befonberft nenn i^ncn 
au$ irgenb einem ®ntnt)e mc^r ®en}ui(^t 
aU ganft tonlofcn unb bumpfen gufommt, 
ftnbet M btefeS 0$ notiirli^ am ^dttftgflen 
im fecvnbdren Tfcccnt: %, id. Car^damftn', 
Af'ingddn', U"lingt6n', Leh"an6n', Lex*, 
ingtdn', U^nisdin', Wash'^ingtOn', Man^ihOt', 
Froi"icks6me', Wca"risftme', &c. 3n accent-- 
lofen ®»)lben flc^t ^dupg 9 bafur: — 
Hand'R9me, ^c. 

btroduetion. XXXm (Sinlettttng. 

A complete surrey of these vowelli S)te Xaittit bnr Socalr m&tbc 
soQDcIs is exhibited by the following alfo tnt} }ufantmcngrfaflt fU^ barfietten 
table, as : — ||tt)ie folgt: — 

A. I. ft: — Shade, Fftin, L&y'er. 

3. &: — Sh&d, F^, Ltop. 

3. i: — Share, F&re, BAre. 

4. a: — Sharp, Far, Fa'th^. 

5. ft: — Fftst, Hftffc, E^ftm'ple, Bftth, Brftnch, Gribp. 

6. ft: — Lftw, F4n, Wli'ter. 

7. 9: — Lfar, PlU'ace, M^nVc^^ 
E. 1. €: — Ms', M&e,' ShSSp. 

3. «: — HSn, M^t, Ut. 

3. « gbi(( &: — H^ir [Ar], Th«re [th^]. 

4. c: — Her, Herd, Defer'r^r. 

5. S glefa^ i: ^ ET^f, Re&Tity, Defei^r^r. 

6. e: — Lfty'er, Fa'ther, Redec^m^r. 
I. 1. T: — Pine, Fine, Flte, 

2. T: — Pfii, Ffii, M&r'rQr. 

3. t: — Shire, Marine', Ma9hlne'. 

4. 1: — Fir, Bird, Stir'rer. 

5. i: — EKi'ir, ImmYscibU^tj. 

O. 1. 5: — No, Note, SOre, To'ry, TOra. 
3. 5: — N5t, SSi'el, TSrtcnt. 

3. d: — Move, Pr6ve, C66L 

4. o: — Nor, Soi^did, (Vdcr. 

5. (5: — S6n, B6i^6ugh [biir'rO], L6vc. 

6. 9: — Acftgr, Dftc'tgr, Obti^st', Cqnc6cif. 
U. 1. II: — Tfibe, Ftfry, Cflre, 

2. 11: — Tilb, Tfin, Ctii'rent 

3. lA: — Bdll, Bdsh, Bikt'cher. 

4. ft: — Rftlc, Sflre [shftr], TrfttA. 

5. u: — Fiir, Chiirch, Mur'der. 

6. a: — Mui^mnr, Multifp'artTte. 
Y. I, y: — My, Dry, Cy'pms. 

2. y: — Cym^al, Cyn'lc, Syi'van. 

3. y: — Myrrh [mir], Myr'tle, Syr'tis. 

4. y: _ Vgi^y, Sym'™etry, Cymai^. 

Gembinations of vowels. — Socal-Setlittbnngetu 

a€ glcfa^ S: — CaS's^r glrii^ Sft'sar. 

aS g(ft4 e: — ASt'na, Syna^r'eslli glei^ Etna, sinSr'isls. 

ai (fiy) glei<^ a:, — Fain, Pain, Plft/cr* gld<^ filn, pftn, pla'er- 

ai g(et^ a: — Air, F&ir g(ei(^ ^r, ?kr, 

au gldd^ a: — Aunt, Daunt ^UiS^ ant, dant. 

au (ftw) g(ft(^ a: — Taught, Bawl fitiiSf tftt, hkl 

Introduction. XXXIV eintettung. 

efi g(ei(^ i: — Greftt, Steftks gld^ grftt, stAk§. 
ei gleid^ i: — Bekr, Te&r qM^ b&r, iAr. 
Sa glfid^ S: — T^ar, Mean gleit^f t€r, mCn. 
Sa glei(|| ^: — Br^ad, TrSad g(ei(^ br^d, ir^d. 
ea glei^ e: — Heard, Pearl gleti^ herd, perl. 
€e glfi^ C: — Sh€ep, F€€t glei(^ shep, (et. 
ei glcld^ 1: — Seize, Receive' gleid^ stz, ristv'. 
^i glft^ ^: — H^r 9(fi(j^ ^r glei^ 4r. 
e9 gleid^ 9 : — Bliid'gepn g{ei(| bliid'JQn. 
ea (eW) glfid^ a: — Eflph^nlc, gleid^ ufSn'ik. 
eft (e^) glfi(( H: — Rheiliii, An'dreW glftd^ rAm, ^n'drik* 
ey gW^ e: — Barley, Joiir'ney gleid^ barle, jui/ne. 
!e gldd^ t: ~ Field, Shield glei^ Hid, shiid. 
le glfii^ I: ■— Dre, Lie flWc§ dl, iL 
6a gleid^ 5: — B5at, COai glfid^ b5t, k5l. 
ok glfid^ li: — Bro&d gleU^ br^d. 
6e 9(ei4 5: — Dae, Foe glfic^ do, fo. 
o€ glfi4 €: — ^^ntoe'cT, Foe'tus g(ft(( ^nte'sT, fe'tus. 
oi (glfld^ bem bei^c^en of, 01^^ In ^oi! <&oic, ^o^tt, ivenn man bad toie etn 
Brcltf« & au9fpxi^i, bgl. 4 6. ©. XXVI) : — AvoYd, Boll, Ott, Sotl, VoYcc. 
66 gleld^ 6: — F661, T661 gletd^ fol, t6L 

od (6w) gleU^ Walker's 6d (tole au in laU, 8ttttt): — Sound, Cow. 
oil, ou glfifi^ ii, u: — enough', jour'nSy glfld^ fniif, jiir'ne. 
oil glei(^ ii: — Boutftde', Loi^fsa g(ei^ biit&d', Jiifza. 
6(1 glft(^ d: — Alquif6ii, W6(ind glcid^ ^llwim, w&nd. 
iiy glfi(( ot: — Boy, To^ glel^ bolf, tot. 
fle glfid^ u: — Cue, Af'gae glfi^ ku, ar'gfl. 
tie glfi^ (i: — Triie, Rue gleid^ tril, ru. 
ui gleif^ a: — Siiit, Jaice glfi(^ sut, jus. 
iii glefa^ ft: — Frftit, Crftise glfld^ Mt, krus. 

In general all vowels that are not 
marked, are silent, with the ex- 
ception of y and some terminations 
specified below, peculiar deviations 
are in the dictionary always enclosed 
in brackets [ ], compare Convey^ 
Deign, Height, Buy, Book, Wool, 
Wood, Blood, Door, Caoutchouc, 

3m StUgemcinen gilt, ba$ aUe ttn= 
Sfjeid^neten SiocaU, aufer y unb ben 
untm Begfld^neten (Snbungm, ffatmm 
flnb; (ffonbere SCbtoftd^ungrn ftnb tm 
SBSrterbud^e fift0 in Sdammtm [ ] 
no^fr Bfjcid^nft, bgl. Convey, Deign, 
Height, Buy, Book, Wool, Wood, 
Blood, Door, Caoutchouc, Leopard, 

Leopard, Beauty, Aisle, Stc. I Beauty, Aisle, Ac. 

Consonants and terminations | (S^ottfonanten unb SSort 

of words 

Cwithontanymark,beforea,oand uand 
all the consonants has the hard sound 
of k ; it is soft like s before e, i and y. 


C ol^ne 93fj|eid^nung l^art (toie k) ))or 
a, o, u unb alien Sonfpnanten^ 
»rl(^ (toit s) \>ox e, i, y. 




Q, { hard like k: — Qh&i'acter, 

^hlsm, SgSp'tic. 
g, ^ soft like s:*— (^hftise, Fl&^qdl 

like shSz, fl^'sid. 
Ch without a mark sounds like tsh : — 

Charm 9 Chair like tsharm, tsh&r. 
G without a mark, hard before a, 

o and u, and all the consonants; 

it if soft before e, i and y. 
G, g hard like g in (Beit: — G^t, 
^ ^e. 
G, g soft like j: — <j&n, gfant 

like j&i, jf^uL 
N^^ n^hy nk like ngk: — B&n'cd, 

Brdn'^ja€, DSn^key like b&ig%:0, 

brSng^j^ d5nglu. 
Ph, like f : — Ph&n'tQm like ftLn'tpm. 
Qij, likekw: — QuYck, QnlfVer like 

kwlky kwT/er. 
$y 8 soft like z: — GuDse, WTse 

Kke gbe, wlk. 
Tk, tk sharp as in ikfok, mSiA'od, 

d5iA, m6nih. 
Thy th unmarked 9 soft or flat, as 

in this, thILt, sheathe, thYtVer. 
^f J soft like gz: — Ale^&iMer, 

£f ftfl/ple like^egz&i'der, egzto'pl. 
Z like a very soft German f (in lelfe, 

SBetff, Iffen, aBefen):— Zodnds, 

ZSpVyr like zoiindz, zSrir. 

The rest of the letters are almost 
all the same as in German (x like ks, 
AeJ)i a more explicit description of 
others (for instance r and w) must 
sought for in the grammar or in the 
dictionary itself. 

Qy s ffati toii k: — QUr^^^ri 

Ch&sm, S$«p'tj€. 
(}y 9 koeiJi tote s: — ghaise, Fl)&^- 

9Jd gleld^ shSz, fl&k'sid. * 
Ch o^ne Sejfld^nung toit tsh:-— Charm, 

Ch&ir gleid^ tsharm, tsh&r. 
G ol^ttf Sejeic^mmg ^art )»ot a, o, u 

unb aUtn (Konfonanten, taUi ^ot 

9, i l^ott toit 9 in ttott: — 9«t, 

Qlti^ j&n, jf^nt 
N^, n^, nk gtfi(( ngk: — B&n'c6, 

Br5n'£hiae, DSnl^ey qUU^ b&ng'kS, 

br5n^€, d5ngli. 
Ph toit f : — PhXn't^m flkid^ ftn'tpm. 
Qn koie kw: — Qnlfck, QuVer glti^ 

kwtt, kwYv'er. 
$, f koeid^ k9ie z: — GifliBe, Wise 

gbid^ gfze, wiz. 
Tk, ih ititi^mt ba0 fd^arfe oberl^atteth, 

toit in tAYnk, mith'Qdy Mtky m6niK 
Th, th Bejeid^net ba0 meii^f obcrfanftr th, 

tt>U in thlb, th&t, 8h€athe, tiitth'er- 
]J[, :f kpei(^ n)ie gz: — Al^^&n'der, 

£^&m'ple gleid^ ^^gz&iMf r,egzftm'pL 
Z mie ein fel^r loei^ed beutf^e9 f (in 

lelfe,aBetfe, Iffen, Iffiffett):— ZoAnds, 

Z^ph'yr gleid^ zoiilndz, zSfir. 

S)le iifivigen ^u^fiaitn flnb ben 
beutfd^en fajl aUe gtei^ (x glrid^ ks, Ac.)^ 
dbtx bie genaurre aSe^mung ein? 
be jelner, h)ie j. ». r, w att9 bet ®ram- 
matif ober im SBStterBiu^e fetbtl )u 

Terminations. — ®iibittigeii. 

Spt'd^l, SO'ci^l. 
- CSntrovei^sial. 

Ess^'ti^, Pai^ti^l. 

^rYMm^trd^, PhyslTd^. 
nan, | glefa^ than: «— C^trSn'sian. Per'si^. 
ti^ ; TerV^n* 


sBa],[ flicfal shal: 







tjate,! ^^ ' Balbu'tiWe, Expa'tjlte. 

^'^^^^A fllei* shiet: -- 4»^m^^f Ema'cjate. 
tjate, j " ^ bmY'tiate. 

cient, } Effycient, Prpfi^cient. 

sient, > ghi^ shent : — Tr&n'sient. 

iient, ) DissSn'tient, Pa'tient. 

cienceJ I'x. j^^ng. C^n'science, Effycience 

lience, j ^ ^ • ' Pa'ticnce. 

ons <jlei$ us, us: — Cartcous, P^r^lonS) Cai^noas, Wftn'drous gld^ 

kar'jkiis, pei^jliis, kar'aus^ wun'dras. 
ceoiis, \ Ac^na'ceous, Creta'ceoas. 

cioiis, I gleic^ shus: — Auda'cious, Preco'doos. 

gif id^ jus : 

CSp'lious, Seditious. 
Advanta'geous^ Conra'geous. 
Conta'gious, RelY'gious. 

^rte'sian^ EphC'sian. 

O'sier, Ho'sier. 

sion, > fllcic^ shon : — Acc^s'sion, PSn'sion, Conyer'sion. 
tion, ) Na'tion, C^ntSn'tion. 

xion gleld^ kshon: — jiflTi^xion. 

sion glfi$ zhgn: — Adhe'sion, Confu'sion. 

gion, I gj^.j^ j^„. _ RelTgion, Re'gion, Conta'gion. 



sian qM6^ zhan: — 

sier glft^ zher: — 




Other singularities of pronunciation 
as well as a portion of those which 
have been already mentioned are de 
signated in the dictionary, enclosed in 
brackets [ ], in order to prevent any 
mistake at once. In one point the sys 
tern of marks in this work differs from 
that of Mr. Worcester: that is the 
much controverted hissing pronuncia 
tion of the letters t, d, c, s, x and z 
before terminations or vowel combina- 
tions such as -nre, -une, -ean, -eate, 
-cous,-eal, co-, -ian,&c. It is generally 
agreed that this corruption, especially 
in regard to the letter d, has since the 
time of Walker, fallen within much 

^nbetf a6h)cid^enbe %ailt, jumX^ril 
ani) einjeinf \>tx i)orem>a^ntfn, j!nb 
im SBBrtfrBud^e ffffifl in Jtlammem [ ] 
bfutli(5 bfjeid^net iworbm, «m itU 
Srrung auf bcr (StclTc gu ijft^inbcm. 
3n ctnem $unftc nod^ totl^t bif iBe- 
}ei(^nung in biefcm SStdt ^on bfv 
Worcester'fc^en ab. (S« iji bie \>it\U= 
fpxo^tnt, ^icx feine«weg0 au« bem 
©ruitbc }u crJrtembe gegifc^te 2[u6= 
f>)rad^e bed t, d, c, s, x, z mox Qn- 
bitngrn obft 3iocaU(&omhinatiomn tuie 
-ure,-une,-ean,-eate,-eous, -eal, co-, 
ian, &c, Sebenfalfg iji alfgemein gu= 
geflanben, ba^ fcit Walker blffc (5or- 
nH)tion, brfonbcrd toaS d Setrip, fe^r 




narrower limits, to reject it entirely, 
with Worcester and others in such ter 
minations as -ture and -tune, seemed 
scarcely expedient. This question has 
been most judiciously treated by Mr. 
Smart in his Principles (Walker Remo- 
delied, London, 1836) $ 147 : --'Mt is 
possible to preserve the pure sound of 
the t and d in nature and verdure ; yet 
nothing is more certain than that tkey 
are not preserved pure by the best 
and most careful speakers. — In many 
words, it cannot be doubted that he 
(a speaker) must yield to this comip 
tion, if he wishes to escape the ridicu- 
lous effect of pronouncing as nobody 
else pronounces; in other instances, 
he may decidedly adopt the more 
regular sounds; but in the majo 
rity of cases his best course will 
be neither to yield decidedly to 
the practice, nor very carefully to 
avoid it, this being one of the cases 
in which the extreme either way 
has a bad effect.'' 

It will not be improper to repeat 
here what has been several times allu- 
ded to, in the course of this intro 
dnction, that words of daily use, which 
have become the property of the 
people, cannot be rescued from trans- 
formation; those which are more unu- 
sual and foreign are more conformable 
to rules ; to which, in conclusion I beg 
leave to add the following excellent 
remark of Mr. Worcester :—^A proper 
pronondation is indeed a desirable 
acGomplbhment, and is indicative of a 
correct taste and a good education; 
still it ought to be remembered, that in 
speech , as in manners , he that is the 
most precise is often the least pleasing, 
and that affectation is less pardonable 
than rustidty/' 

Sefd^rSnlt kootben ifl; j!f aBrt mtt 
Worcester unb 9(nbfren in fol^rn Sn- 
bungen tote -ture, -tune %ani aufjugr- 
Un, \^Un ni^t gerat^en. S>aS £cfte 
ffitTuitx fiat ivo^l Smart in etnem trejflt:: 
d^enSParagro^^en feinet Principles(Wal- 
ker Remodelled, London, 1 836) grfagt ; 
f0 ^cfft bort $ 147 u. «.: — „m ift 
mBgltd^, ben retnen Saut in Nature, 
Verdure }u (ekua^teit; abet nt(^t9 tfl 
getvljfer, aW baf blefe SBorte Mon 
ben beflen unb forgfiiltigflen ©pred^crn 
nid^t rein ittoaf^it hjerben. — 3n 
mtltn SQoxttn ifl t9 unitvetfell^afr, bag 
man biefer Sorruption nai^ge(en mup, 
toenn man ntc^t bie M^erU^frtt auf 
fi(^ ne^men toiU, }u fVted^en, tvie fein 
9(nberer f|)rl(l^t, in anberen %ilitn 
tann man entf<^ieben ben tegrlmapigen 
Saut anne^men; a6er e6 toirb mriflntd 
ba0 Sefle fein, koeber entf(^t(ben bent 
uMid^en Saute }u folgen^ no(^ tl)m ju 
angfSic^ auljutoel^en, tnbem bied etner 
i)on ben gfatten Iji, In benen 6eibe (Srtve me 
cinen ubien Sinbrud nia^en." 

%ud^ :^irr toieber^olt fi(^ bte 6e- 
tanntt (SrfAeinung, bie in btrfer Stn:: 
teitung an fterfc^lebenen &UUtn 6e= 
rii^rt hjorben Ijl, baf atttfigli^e, 
aSoltteigent^um getoovbene SBSrter ber 
Umgejlaltung nic^t entreifitor pnb, un= 
getoJ^nllc^ere unb frembe Keber bev 
Olegel folgen; unb fo fel e« erlaubt, 
mtt einem tvepc^en aufif^tud^e Wor- 
cester'8 ju fd^Uegen: — „<Bo tuun; 
f^endtoevt^ att^ eine ri(|tige 9(udfpra(^e 
ip, unb fo fe^r jle auc^ em Qci^tn 
elnc« geregelten ©efc^niaded unb einer 
guten Cqie^ung ift fo barf man bo^ 
nle ijetgeffen, baf fm Spted^en u^le 
im SSetragen, bae »egelre<^tejie oft 
am toenlgfien gefattt unb ba^ Sie-- 
rerei un\)erge{6tl(^cr ifl oW UngeWU 

Explanation (StlHxnnQ 

of the abbreviations and marks in bet XbhtQungen unb QA^tn in bicfem 

this dictionary. . SBottetbuc^e. 

Som mc^rm (inttrtiiMiibcc MmU Irtitd cincm fN4( msc^feeii, f« \fk bet XbttQuns 
cin -t. auyittnllef^cn aitftc|liist«iib bfcfclbc biclim Xitdfln MCdiiftf|MItiMCbai{ foPnbbd 
To Balance bic l^intft A. ft^boi tuiht&dt bd XctUnm Com-t. b. i. commercUl tenns; 
b(c brci Ic^toi XttiUl bd bcw ftosti Wli«: Mar-t. b. i. i 


En^lith abbreviiitioni. 

Qtn0Ur4e TCbffiriuneen. 


standi f<n 


Ac. canU 




















stands for 






aux. V, 



: abbreTiated; abbreviation, ab^Mnti Kbhtl^ung. 

academical term, ahbcmif^er itanflauftDntcf. 

academical cant term, Yu&bru<f in ber 6tubattenfpra(be. 

Acooftici, e^aine^re. 

«l|ective, ICbiectio, Seiwort 

adverb; adverbially, ^bcrbinm} aboerbtoUM. 

1. affectedly, gc|iert) 9. marks an affected (or pedantical) word, 
tin gcsietteft (ober pebantiMed) SBort in beiettbnen. 

affirmatively, afRrmatto^ bcfa^enb. 

term nied In Agricnltore, Vttftbnuf bctm Jfelbbav. 

Alchymy, Vl^Qmie. 

algebraical term» Kttlbmd in ber Klgcbra. 

American word or phnue, amerttttttifcbc* flBortober amerifoni* 
f4c 9tAeii$art 

analogona, analogoaily, analog: oertdltnifglet^* 
ancient, ). S. An. Arck.^ An. Geag., alt ob€r diter, }. 9). ditcrc 
Oanfnnfl/ altc Ocograp^ie, ic. 

anatomical term, YttSbnt<f in ber derglUbenmddfsnft. 

term ued with anglers, Ytt9bnt<f beim Angela. 

anglicism, engUrteepra^eigen^ett. 

Antiquities, Yntiqsitdten. 

antipbrastical , a word ased by antipbrasii^ antip^rafUfcb, cin 

aur XBcife einer Yati^^rafe gebran^ted fSort. 
a word of arbitrary formation, U^ntt cin »iafiibrU(b debilbr« 

tcs CBort. 
arcbitectonical term, Ktt9brtt(f in ber Oaufunfl. 
Archaeology, XftertbumSfunbc' 
arithmetical term, TCudbnttf in ber Yrit^metif. 
article, OlefdbU^tftWort. 

astronomical term, Ytt&brn<f in ber Yflronomtc. 
astrological term, Ku6bru(f in bcr Qf^ologte. 
auxiliary verb. i)fllfftieit»ort 
term nsed by bakers, Od(ferau6brU(t. 

barbarous word or term, 9arbari9muS (Seller gegen bie(X(fn(e!t 
ber 6pra(be). 



BiU. » 

Bkb. • 

Bkt. • 

Bot. m 

Bras. » 

Brem* » 

Bridk-m. » 

Brit » 

hUTi. » 

Butch. » 

6. w. » 

f Ae 6. ID. » 

Oimft. » 
Com. C/mo. J%. 



cant ph. 









coL {cols,} 












CmU, CuU 

: Biblical lobject , TCitft^nut in ter (etligctt B^tift. 
Billiftrd, TCuSbntdt im SiUorbf^iel. 
term oied by bookbindem, <5tt4bin))erailibni<f. 
term Vfted by bookiellen, Ott4(4lKblcrait9bnttf. 
boteBical term, Kttftbni<f in bcr f)paiisen>ttttb(. 
term lued by bnulen, Vttftbrntf ber Jtupfcrf^mtcbc 
termued by brewers, Vttftbni<f ber Srautr. 
term of brlekmaken,Yn4bnitfber3ie9ler. 
barleMiae, niibrig fom{f<^. 
term used by butchers, 9Uifii(erattlbnt<f. 
a bad word, ein Mte4te» (f^Ied^t gcbilbetce) SBort. 
the better word, ba6 b(f tre flBort. 
Cambridge, (ettgUft^e Unioerfltdt). 
Cambridge anivenity phrase, Otebenftort an ber UniocrfltAt iu 

term used in caaaliog, 2(nibra<f im itanalban. 
caat term, (cant terms) cant phrase, Jtnnftattftbmd (itunflatt*' 

brfltfe) ober fReben^art verfjbitbener (Scoerbe: ber 6eeleste, 

IDifbc, Settler, beft 96heU, u. vid. Diet. 
term used by carpenters, 3tmmcrmann(att9bnt(f. 
card maimer, itortenma^eran&brnd. 
confer, (compare), cottf^rirc, vergleii^e. 
term relating to chnrch cnstoms, 7(ttlbni<f in Setreff fintH^ei 


term nsed by Chandlers, Yttftbni(f ber &4t}ie(er. 

chemical term, Ynftbritct in ber €k|eibefunti. 

Chriitlu, 4riftti«. 

1. chronological term, 2(ttSbni<f in ber (S^ronolodie) 2. Chro- 
nicles, Ott4 ber (S^roniftt (in ber Sibel). 

clothier's ezpressioa, YttSbntd ber Sn^bereiter. 

coach-maker, TCsftbmdber ffBogenbaner. 

colloquial word or expression, (colloquial words, eiprcMions, phra- 
ses) Vv^brnct (7(tt6bdi<f e) in ber oectrouten ober Umgang»rpi^<^4^- 

collectively, coOectio, fiber^anpt) aI6 6amnieIn>ort 

term used In commerce, fau^dttttif4er Yu9brs<f. Com. Law^ 
commercial law, {>anbeUre4^t. 

commonly, ge»<((ttli^. 

comparative, <5oniparatii>, (6(ere eergleuj^nngiflufr. 

(in) compounds, b. t. in compound words, Qompoflta, in inrnm* 
ncngefetten tQ^rtem. 

Cottchology, 6on4t)IioIogtc. 

term used by confectioners, TCttftbmtf in ber 3u<ferbd(terei. 

conviction, ttinbemort, Qoniunction. 

contemptuously, or marks a word of contempt, oerd^tU^/ Cbet 
bctei^net einen TCn^brud ber eeracbtttng. 

coBtraded, contractedly, infQnunengQOsen. 

Cookery, ito^fnnfl. 

cooper's term, Mferattdbrutf. 

corrupted, corruptly, Dtiborbett, oerborbene G^reibort. 

Conwali, (SommoHid (engHfd^ ®raff4aft). 

Crystallography, itr^flottograp^ie. 

Cunbertand (engUf^e OrafMoft). 

temof curriers, 7(tt6bm<f ber Seberbereiter. 

term relating to the Customs, 2Cn6brstf im 3oIImefen. 

temused in Cutlery, fRefTerf^mtebeanSbnuf. 


for: 1. penny, pence, engUfd^er f)f(imid, englif^c 9fettni0e) 2. defec- 
ti?e, mangettafij 3. dative, verb dative, Satit, batited 3eit»ort. 
Dtn. » » Danish, bdnif4 ) Daniel, (Prophet) JDaniel. 

Demc, » » term aied in dancing, Yitftbntct in bcr Xanshmfl. 

dec. » » decent, anflfinblg (a word or phraae oied in decent laogai^ io 

preference to anoUier, tin SSort ober dne {Rebcnftart meld^eCd) 
onbmt beft Ynftonbeft nxgeti boc^ngteten ifl). 
i)eiit. > » term nied by dentists, 7(tt^brtt(f ber da^ndritc 

Ikrh. » » Derbysliire (CttgUfd^e ®raff(ftaft). 

Beta, » » Denteronomy, bad 5te IBU(^ QXoftft. 

Diai. » » Dialing, 7(u6bni(t in bcr ©nomontf (6ottnentt^rfunfi). 

Dt'lr. » » term nsed inDilnng,7(nSbntdbeimS>d<^bait. 

dim, » » diminutive, Scrfleinerungdworti diminatively, ))ernein(rnb. 

/>iop. » » Dioptrics, iDioptrit 

Dip. » » Diplomacy, Qfuftbnuf in ber SHptomatie. 

DitU » » term nsed in Distilling, 7(itSbrtt(f bet ber S>eflUIfrfttnfl. 

Dram. » » dramatical phrase, bramatif^e {Reben^art 

Draw. » » term used in Drawing, 7(udbni(f beUn 3ei(^nen. 

i)y. » » term used in Dying, SdrberattSbru<f. 

£cc'. )* » Ecclesiasticat^ftrd^Iti, geiftlti^. Ecc, Hist Ecclesiastical History, 

,$ttr4engerc^t4te. Ecc, Law, Ecclesiastical Law, Jtir^ente^t 
el. » » elegant, elegantly, a word nsed in elegant life, elegant, ge« 

f^matfboH, iierlt^^ ein sierlt4^er Qfuibnicf . 
Eiec. » » Electricity, eieftricitdt. 

elUpt » » elliptically, eQtptif^, mit YttS' ober XBedlafTung. 

emph, M » emphatically, emp^atifi^, mit 9^a4bnt(f. 

Eng. » » Engineering , Tfttdbntif betm Sngenicumefen. 

Engl. » » English, England, engUr^, (Snglanb. Engl. Col. English Colo- 

nie«, ^gUf4c (Solottien. Engl. Univ. English Universities, 

engUfi^eft Uniberfltdtdmefen. 
Engr. » » term nsed in Engraving, Jhtpfer* obcr 6ta(l|le4eratt6bru(f. 

£nt. » » Entomology, ^tomologie, iterbt^terhmbe, (Degieferletre. 

Em. » » Essex (englif^e (BrafMaft). 

^<^* '^ » Esthetics , tft^etif, CBifTenMaft torn 646nen unb Chr^abenen. 

Etch. » » Etching, Tfetfwift 

£^- » » Ethics, !IXoraI/ eittenle^re. 

euph. » » euphonic, enphonically ; euphemism, cnp^ontf4, »c((lavtenb; mil* 

bembi ^(emtftmug, milbembeft (Bort/ fdj^onenber TCuSbntct. 
/• » » substantive of the feminine gender, ^aitpttoott weibli^en ®e- 

^ab. » » Fable, gabel, :iCttftbrtt* in ber gabd. ^ 

-^a^c. » » Falconry, TCuebrurf in ber gattnerei. 

/tun. (/am-s.) » » familiar word or expression, (fiuniliar terms), TCttftbrndt (Ktt$« 

brfi(fe) ittberbertrantenoberUmgangSf^rat^e. 
^av** » » Farriery, 1. TCttdbntcf ber {>ttff4»iebe) 2. Xn&bruct in ber 9top« 

^e»c« » ■ term nsed in Fencing, T(«*bni(f in ber ge^ttttttjt. 

fig» (figs.) » ■ figuratively, ^guraUve expressions), bilbli* ober sneigentUd^)' 

(btlbUdbe 7(tt$bdt(fe). 
Eish. » » Fishing, TCuibnitf in ber gitterei. 

F-m. » » term used by Freemasons, greimottrerauftbrucf. 

Md' » ■ fondly, in fondness, |drtlt*/ TCWbrntf bcr 3drtU*feit. 

J^or. 9 » term used by Foresters, g6rfifrttlldbnt(f/ gorfhoefett. For. Law^ 

Forest Law, gorflgefete, Sagbgcfe^c. 
form. • » formerly, frfiicr, e^emald. 

f'orl. » » term in Fortification, Va»brtt<f in ber fi5efefligsttgftfunft 










































































ft. a. 


































































inel. marks an 

insep. partic. stands for 




I in Fonnderiet, Kuftbru(t ber fKetaflgief cr. 
French, ftans6flf4- 
tem ued by farriers (or in tbe for-trade), MrMnerailSbrillf ) 

Ksftbntcf im !Rait^woaren(<mbeU 
term used in fireworlu, Seuer»nferattftbru<f. 
gallicism, OaOiciimn^, fran)6fif4e epra^eidcntKtt. 
term used in gaming, TCn^bnidt im BpUU. 
term used in gardening, (SdrtnerotlSbnttf. 
Genealogy, YuSbntcf in ber Q^eneoloflie. 
generally, fiber^aitpt. 

term used in Geography, TCnftbritf in ber (Decgrop^ie. 
term used in Geology, TCuSbmdt in ber (Scologic. 
l.germanism,(Sermaniftmuft, betttfibe 6pro4ciden6ettj 2 Ger- 
many, German History, Ac. SDetttftlanb, beatfcbe (Sef^i^tc, u. 
term used by gilders, 7(ii9bru<f ber (Bergolber. 
term used by glaziers, Ku^bnttf ber Olafer. 
term nsed by glass-grinders, YitMruct ber ®lQ6f(bletfer. 
^over's term, Yn&brtt(f ber {>anbf4]t(ma4er. 
term nsed by gold-beaters, (3loIbf4Mgcratt6brtt(t. 
term used by gold-flners, ®oIbf(beiberoudbrttdf* 
term nsed by gold-smiths, ^u^bntct ber Oolbf^mtebc. 
Greek grie^iM) Greek word, grie4if4feS lEBort. Gr. Ol Greel( 

Chnrch, grie^if^e itir^e. 
grammatical term, grammati!aIif4Kr TCnSbrucf. 
term nsed by gon-smiths, Ytt^nttf ber Sfi^fcnf^miebe. 
term in Gonnery or in Artillery, VnSbnuf in ber ^ef^ii^htnfl. 
term nsed in glats-worlcs, (9(a6^iittettaudbrtt({. 
hardly allowable, faum in gefiattcn. 
hatter's term , {)tttma4erauSbru<f . 
term used by hair-dressers, Ks6bni(f ber ^aarfiittftter. 
term used in Heraldry, Ku^bnttf in ber |)eralbif. 
Hindoo, ^tttbttflonifdj^, ^boftottiM, inbif4. 
History, a^ef(ti<bte Q. fd. An HUU ; a. HUL ; Ecc, Hist. ; kc.) 
hardly legitimate, no^ faum anerfonnt (oon einem lEBorte). 
term in Horology, U^rma4erau9bru<f. 
term in Horticulture, TCnftbrnct im Oartenban ober inber ®drt« 

humorous , humorously, lannig, ners^oft. 
term nsed by hunters, ^dderott^bnuf . 
<erm in Husbandry, TCttdbmct bie ^nbn>irt(f4faft nnb Xcfergerdt^c 

Hydraulics, ^^branlif, SBnfferfraftlette. 
hjperbolically, ibertrteben, (to use a word — , ben 6inn eincft 

SBorted oergr(f em). 
Ichthyology, Yttlbrutf itt ber 34t(t)oU)gie. 
«d est, that it, baft (eift, baft bebentet. 
term nsed by instrument-makers, lCnftbru(f ber3nflrnmentenma4er. 
impersonally, nnperfdnli^. 
imperative mood, Smperatib: befe^lenbe 6i>re(tart. 
improperly, uneigentii^, unpafenb. 
incorrectly, fe^Ier^fi 

indecent, nnanfidnbig; gegen ben TCnfianb (c/. dec). 
inelegant word or expression, be^d^ttet ein flBort ober einen 

ICvftbrnd gegen ben gnten (BeMmoct. 
inseparable particle, un^ertrennli^e ^artifel. 
interjection, Snterjection: @mp{inbungft»ort, TCnftmftettg. 

































































































mod. (mod- 



Moh. Rel. 






: interrogative, fragenbi interrogatively, fragwcifc. 

Iriab, inM/ irldnDtr^. 

ironically, ironifA: fp6tttf4; ^6^mr4. 

irregnlarly, unregelm&fiQ/ regelmitng. 

Italian, itQUdmf4». 

terra nied In iron-worlci, OKfentfittcttOltftbratf. 

James, 3aft>bu6 (the Eplatle of—, Die Gpiftel 6t. S^tohi). 

term oted by jewelera, SuioeHnranibnKf. Jew. Ant. Jewiali Anti- 
quity, liiMMc lllterttilmer. Jew. Jiei. JewiAh Religion, {fibtf^e 

jocnlarly, Merg^ft. 

term nied by joinera, Xif4(erattftbrtt<f. 

like, gleit, ioi(. 

ponnd, f>funb (engltf^e 0tc4nnng6miLn|e). 

latiniun, ^ttiiUmaft; (atci»if4e e^ro^eigen^ett. 

Law term, iuttfltfter Xnibrutf, ®ortin bee 9te4t»gek^rfamfrit 
Law-pK Law phrue, 0teben6art in bee 9te4tSgeIettfamfett. 

term naed by letter-fonnden, Xtt6bni<f bee 64nftgtef er. 

licentionaly, eigcn^ftmliib fret gebraud^t. 

Uteratnre, Sitcratttr, Uterarifd^cr Xuftbratf . 

literally, btt4ftdbH(b/ »5rtU4, eigentH<b (nt^t fig&eli4.) 

term of loekuaitht, 6<blofrerQU&bru(f. 

logical term, XnSbmifin berSogif. 

lew properly, minber ri^ttg. 

little med, »enig fibU^. 

ladieronaly, fpofbttft/ brolUg; (diberlut. 

•nbitantive of the mascoUne gender, ^au|^t»ort mdttttliibCII 

middle age, (Dlittelatter. 

Magic, ICndbeiKf in ber !D^ag{e ober i^anberfunfl. 

Manege, ICnftbmtf in ber 0tettf<buIe. 

termniedin manafactories, 7(ttdbeu<f im !D^annfQCtnrmaarenfa<be. 

Marinen* term, itunflauftbmtf in ber &eefpra4e. Afar. Law, Ma- 
rine Law, ettxtH^t. 

Maaonry, Q(uftbru<f in ber 9Xanrerhtnft. 

mathematical terra, lluebnttt in ber SXatbematif . 

raechanical term, 7(u5bnt(f in ber 9Xe4anif ober in bem 9Xaf(btnen* 

medical term, lltt^bnttf in ber Xr}tteiioifrenf4aft. 

meteorological term, llttSbnttf in ber QReteoroIogie (Sufterf^et* 

metaphorically, metop^orift/ finnMIbH^. 

term nied in MetaUorgy, ICttSbrntf in bee 9Xetaanrgic, 64niels' 

Metaphyaici , lln^brndt in bee flXetap^Qfif . 

metonyinical , meton^mir^, namentauf4ettb. 

railitary terra, llnSbmtf in bet Jtriegfthtttft 

term need by millers and millwrighU, Kndbnttt bei ben aRdUcrn 
unb 9]ihi^Ienbanern. 

mineralogical or rainert* term, 2(nftbra<f in ber 9RtneraIien« bef > 
glei4en in ber Sergbatt«<)tnnbe. 

term osed with minters, ICttftbentf hti ben 9XetaQmiinsem. 

modem word or phrase, (modern phrases, Ac), XBort eber fKf 
ben^art (ttftrter u.) bee nenern hiit 

Mahometan Religion, mo^om(m)ebanif<be 0teligion. 

Mollusk, btc ^oUu^U, boe e$ri<btbier. 


Mor. stands 


m. p. 


















«. (. 


North. Myth 



n. V. p. 

n. y. 

It. y. L 





Ox/ C/itto. 




p. a. 


Airi. Pfc. 






















term iwed in Morab, Kttftbnuf in ber SXoral ober $(ittm(e(rc. 

more properly, ti^ti^tx, andcmcffener. 

muical term , TTudbrutf in ber SJtnfi!. 

term In Mythology, llnSbruct in ber 9Xt)t^oIodie. 

sobfttantive of the neuter gender, j>anptn)ort fdibli^en (Sefcf^le^tft* 

term in Natnml Hiitory, ^(ndbnuf in ber 9iaturgef4i(bte. 

nantical term, or term in navigation, naval tactica, TCulbruct in 

ber 64tff« ober e$4ifffa(rtft'<{tunbe/ nautifd^e XaftUt. 
NoUBenCf bemerfe, mo^l su merf en. 
New England, S^en^iSnglanb (norb5fU{4er Sfteil ber 6ereinidten 

e$taaten v>on 9iorb«lCmen{a, umfoft bie 6 e$taaten: Maine, 

New Hampihire, Vermont* Mauachiuetti , Rhode Iiland, 

not Engliih, tti^t engliM- 
negatively, oemeinenb. 
not legitimate, (or noanthorlied word) ni4t ancrlnnnter HUB* 

bmtf (ein no4 nid^t eittgcbilrdertee ttort). 
needle maker ; needle mill, TCn^bnttf ber 9{ablcr ober in ben 9{abeU 

northern mythology, ttorbif^e SR^t^olooie. 
not need, ni^ Mik, nudebrdtti^lid^. 
term in Nomiamatict, llnftbmdt in ber 9Xflns!nnbe. 
not very proper, ni^t datt) anQemefien. 
not yet, no4 nxM, (i- 9. n. y, ^ no4 ni^t oeraltet). 
not yet legitimate (icarcely natnralixed), nodi ^nm anerVannt. 
onomatopy, S)nomatap6ie; onomatopoetif^er XnSbmdt . 
opponitur (lat), e( mirb entgegengefctt, fle^t im Qegenfa^e }tt ... 
optical term, Xnftbmtf in ber S)|>tif. 
term in Ornithology, lluftbrutf in ber S)rnit^olodie. 
cant term, nsed in the Univenity of Oxford, KuSbmdt in ber Btu* 

betttenfpra^e in ber Unioerfitdt SDrforb. 
participle, ^articip, ffBe((feImort. 
participle adjective, f)articipiaU7Cbiectib. 
term in painting, ICulbmd in ber 9Ralerei. 
parliamentary phraie, fRebenftort im f>arlament 
particle, $artifd. 
particularly, inftbefonbere. 
paiaive, paflib, $ofi!b. 

term of paste-board^akeri, 2(n6bru<f ber yappettmad^er. 
term vied with pavers, Xndbmtf ber Cteinfe^er. 
powder-mill, 9)tttoerm&(le. 
term in Peripective, ICttSbnuf in ber ^erfipectibe. 
Persian, perfif^. 

term nsed In Petriiaction, XttSbm<f in ber Serfleinemnglfttnbc. 
term of pewterers, dinngieperandbmtf . 
philosophical term, llnSbnitf in ber |)^i(ofop(ie. 
phrase, phrases, OtebenMrt, 0tebenMrten. 
term In Pharmacy, lCndbm<Jt in ber ICpotbeferf unfl. 
term in Phrenology, ICndbrntf in ber 6((^ibeae^re. 
term in Physics, Xu^brutf in ber f)^9fif. 
term In Physiology, ^ndbmd in ber |)^9ftologie. 
term nsed by pinmakers, 11tt9brtt<f ber Stabler. 
plnral nomber, hiatal, !D^e(r)a6l. 
term nsed by plumbers, ^ndbntct ber IBIeigieper. 
term nsed in papermiUs, ^nftbruif ber f>apiemilUler. 
pleonastical , pleonastically, p(eonaftif4 : ilberflilfri0. 











































pron. a., or pron. 

adj. . 

pron. pert. 



pron, po$s. 






prov. (proti-t.) 















































SMp-b. Ship-c. 




















proper niime, Gigennome. 
term in Pneomatici, Kuftbrutf in ber ^ttftmef f unte. 
term oiedln Poetry, poctifd^er ^u$bru(f. 
term used in Politics, :2(u6bru(f in bcr ^olitit ober etaatSfunbe. 
Pomology, ICofbrudt in ber f)omoIodie, SDbflfunbe. 
postal expression, TCu^brutf tm ^ofboefcn. 
t«rm nsed by potters, :2(u$bruct tnbcr Sdpfcrei. 
participle past, ba$ ^articip bcr Dcrgangenen 3eit. 
participle present , bag ^artictp ber gegen^&rtigcn S^iit. 
preposition, f>ripofttion, SSormort. 
present tense, $rdfen$, gedenrndrtige 3e{t. 
preterit, f)rdteritum; jungfl tcrgangcne 3eit 
printers* phrase or term, {RebmSart ober XuSbrutf ber S3tt4;bru(fer. 
pronoun, |)ronomen, S^rioort. 
adj, stands for: pronominal adjective, |)rononiinal«Xbiectio. 
for: pronoun personal, perf6nH4e§ Sdnoort. 

pronoun possessive, beft^anieigcnbt^ ^fitwovt 

properly, tm eigentU(ften Ginne^ dgentli4. 

proverbial expression, fpri(iim5rtli4ier Ku$brtt(f (fpri4»6rlU<l^e 

proTinciaiism , 9)roi}tn2taUQ(u6bru(f. 
person, (grommattMe) ^crfon. 
participle substantive, participial^ ®ttbflanttt>. 
term used with pugilists, ^KuSbrutf ber Sauflfdmpfer. 
questionable, or a word of which the propriety is rather doubtful, 

ein SBort; bcfTcn ®ebrau4 nocb im ^roeifel fle(t. 
quod vide, which see, ml^ih ftc^e. 
religion, religious subjects, (Religion, bie 0leligion betreffcnbe 

respectfully, a(btundftDOll, auS TLd^tnu^. 
term in Rheotric, ^uftbnt(t in ber dlebefunfl. 
in ridicule, Id^erli^. 

term used by rope-makers, ^udbrutf bcr 6eiler ({Hcepfc^ldgcr). 
Roman, r6mif(^. Rom. Cath. Roman Catholic, r6mir(b«fattoIir<i^. 

Rom, Hist, Ac. Roman History, r6mif(be (&tW^% 3C. 
term used on railways Sifenba^nau^brucf. 
1. substantive, 4)Qttptn>ort$ 2. shilling, B^iUin^' 
dollar, Scaler, vid. Diet unter S. abhr. 
term used by saddlers, Xtt^brnct ber €$Qttler. 
term used in saltpeter houses, Ku(bru(f ber Calpcterftcbcr. 
Scottish, f(!|)ottif(^. 

Scriptural expression, biblif(ber TCu^brudP . 
term used in Sculpture, TCu^brucf ber J93ilb^auer. 
sea expression, sea language, sea phrase, Kuftbttttf Ober 9tes 

ben^art in ber eecfprac^e, aXatrofenau^brudf . 
term used in sewing, TCu&bntdt hci ber ^d^erei. 
term used with ship-builders or ship-carpenters or term in naval 

architecture, TCu^brurf in ber ©(Jiffbtttthinfl. 
shoemaker's term , ^unjlauftbrud bet Gribn^ma^er. 
singular number, Singular; Sin^a^l. 
term used by skin-dressers. KuSbrudP ber 2eberbereiter. 
term nsed by slaters, Q$4ieferbe(ferauSbru(f . 
term used by smiths, black-smiths, Kttdbrudt ber Cftdmiebe* 
term nsed by smelters, {>dttcnau$brud(. 
solemn, feierlid^ (Qegenfa^ t)on co^). 
substantive plural, {>anptn»ort in ber QReffria^I. 


Sport stands fur. 






f. V. 













V. c 

r. d. 

r. imp, 

r. tr. 
r. n. 
V. reop. 

w. r«g. 




Wax-cK » » 

ir-^. • » 




sportsman*! exprenion or term, Ae^m^art o^er (itunflO TCttdbrud 

bcr 3a0^Ii<^^<t^<^/ Steb^abcr trr Sergniidungen bes %t\lth, bee 

Sif^^end, eogelfieaens, u. 
term used in Statistics, 2(tt$bnitf in ber Q^tatiflif . 
sobjunctive mood, ber 6ttbiuncti9, (5onittnctit>. 
Snlfolk(cndUf(be ®rafr4iaft). 
term ased in sngar-worlcs, lludbrttct in ber 3u(ftrfteberei. 
term used in subjects of superstition, Ku$bru<t bci ®egenftdnbcn 

be6 7(b(rglauben6. 
superiative, @ttperlati9: %b^fU etfi%ctm^hWi, 
term in Sorgery, !2(uftbni(f in ber jffiunbarineifunfi. 
superflooQs word, fiberflufitgeft (unniltcO ®ort. 
Swedisli, [(bncbifcb. 

term used in salt-worlts, 0Qlinenau6brn(f. 
term nsed by sword-cutlers, 7(uSbru(t bet Gcbmertfeger. 
technical term (or terms) in general, Jtunfln>ort ober te(bnif4ec 

KnSbratf (Jtunfhodrter ob. "XuSbdid e) m TCaaemeinen. 
term used by tailors, itunflauSbnttf ber €S(bneiber. 
term used by tallow-chandlers, ^Ii6bmct ber Xalglt^tsie^er. 
term nsed with tanners, ®erbcrau(bru(f. 
tantological, tantologift* 
theatrical term, TCttSbntdP baS Sweater ober 2;(eaterange(egen(citcn 

theological term, Kttdbru(f in ber S^eoTogie. 
term used by tin-men, 11tt§bmct ber dinngief er unb Jtlempner. 
term used in tin-mines, KttSbrud in ben 3inngrnben. 
term used by tobacconists, Kn5brtt(f in ben l^abaHfabrihn. 
tropical expression, tropif^cr Ober nneigentlidier Ku6bm(f . 
term in trigonometry, Knftbrutf in ber Xrigonomctric. 
term used by turners, S>re4SIeratt6brutf. 
typographical term , Xnftbmct in ber Snri^bmtferfunfl. 
uncertain word, of which the sense is not clear, nngemif, ober: 

ein %Bort,befen 6inn ni(bt flar tft. 
?erb, 3(itn)ort* 

verb actlYe, t^fttiged 3tit»ort. 
verb defectlTe, mangelbafteS 3eitmort. 
term of the Veterinary Art, lluSbrntf in ber S^ierarsnetfnnbe. 
verb impersonal, unperf^nli^ed 3eitn)ort. 
term used by vintagers, IISinserau6bru(f. 
verb irreguUr, nnregelmdpigeft 3ntioort. 
verb neuter, nentroled 3cit»ort. 
verb reciprocal, gegenfeitig loirfenbeft 3eitn)ort. 
verb reflective, {ttdldtWirfenbeS 3(itn>ort. 
verb reguUr, regeUttdf iged 3eitW0rt. 
vid«, see, fie(e. 

vulgar word or expression, gemeine^ SBort ober TCu^brutf. 
term used by watch-makers, Ubnna<beratt6bnitf. 
term used by wax-chandlers, TrnSbnitf ber SBa^bSH^tsieber. 
term of wire-drawers, Kn^brutf ber X)ra^fsie(er. 
term of wearers, USeberaulbntcf. 
term of wheel-wrights, ^uSbrutf ber eteQmotber; SBagncr. 
term in wood-engraving , TTuftbruct in ber 4)ol}fd[ineibefunfl. 
term nsed in preparing or dressing wool, Knftbni(f beim Gortiren 

ber JffioUe unb ber SBoObereitvng. 
term in Zoology, Vu&brud in ber S^ierfunbe. 
term in Zootomy, 2(n6bru(f in ber S^l^iersergtieberung. 


4: marks an olf$olete toord, begeicf^net ein uxaltem SBort 

114: marks a word nearly obsolete, bthcl^ntt m bema(c ^exaltttU ttort. 

* marks 1. a poetical word or repression; 2. at the head of leveral words ftignifieji that 
they come onder the same principle ofproaanclation aa the leading word, 
btiti^ntt 1. ein pottif^u SBort, 2. oor bcm XBorte jeigt eft an, baf Mf> 
fclbe in ber ^nefpraibe benfelben €tegeln, aU fdn estammmort ober dbnli<bc 
(Dorttnfte^enbe) aB6rter, folgt 
NB. fdd bcm Scrieitbttifle ber unregelmflf igen 3eitn)5rter am e^iblnffe biefed idn^c^, 
be^eutet ba§ etent^en [•] r e 9 e I m d f i 9. 

»(-) ellipsis; or mark of repetition of the word at the head of an article or semicolon^ 
or of letters^ syllables or words omitted, <3nipfe$ ober fBteber^oIundftieiibcn 
(eupplir • ober ^gduittttgeflrtib) flebt anftatt bed erflen (ober oorfle^enben) 
ffBorted eineft ICrttf eld ober 6emtcolonS) ober aU QhrddnjUttd audflelafTener 
Stttftoben, e^Iben ober IEB5rter. 

- marks of division of two words or sentences not immediately connected, Srettnttttgdieitben 
smeier jffidrter ober 6d^e, bie nicbt nnmittelbar }ttfammettde(6ren oberoer- 


t>tui\^t ^hl&XiunQtn. German Abbreviationa. 

X. flebt ffir: Xrtif el, article. 

a. » » ane,ali. 

abfief. » » abdefdrjt, abbreviated; llbMriling, abbreviation. 

agf. » » angelfdj^fifib/ Anglo-Saxon. 

arab. • » arabif(b, Arabian. 

a.B. » » anbere e^eite, other or next page. 

audgea. » » attlgenommen, except, excepted. 

b. » » beffer , beflere, better (j. «. : b. b. ®. — bad beflere JBort , the better 


fb.,Sd-n. » » IBebeutuns^ IBebeutttttgen, lignilication, signiflcationa. 

bef. » » befonberd, particular, particularly, 

betr. » » betrelfenb, relating to. 

b. » » ber, bie, bad/ the. 

b. a. ®. » » bad atte ®ort, the old word. 

b.b.(©.) » » badbefrere(«ort)| the better rword^ 

b.e.(«.) » n badebIere(«ort) | » i"'® «>««« C^ord;. 

bef. » » befectiD, mattQeibaft, defectiTe. 

befgl. » » bef dleiibtn, likewiae, alto, 

bentfib. » » beutfcber, betttf(be, bentf4ed, German. 

b.f.X » » ber folgenbeVrt^cI, the following article, 

b. f. (b.) ®. » bad fblgenbe (beffere) ffBort, the aubseqnent (better) word, 

btm., bimitt. » Serfleinerttttgdmort, dimlnntive. 

b. I. » » bad lebtere, the latter, 

b. m. r. » » bad mtnber ricbtige, the leai proper, 

b. r. » » bad ri^tigere («Bort), bed ri^tigem (JBorted), ber ricbtigcren (flBdr* 

ter), the more correct (word, words). 

b.& » » bad fiblfibere (HBort, word), more in use. 

b. 9. SB. » » bad loor^erge^enbe %Bort, the preceding word. 

e. » » einer (ein), eine, eined (ein), a. 

e. a. XB. » » ' eitt alted lIBort, an old word, 

e^em. n » ebemald, formerly, 

eig. eigentl. » » eigentUtb/ properly. 

cUi^t. » » eaipt{f<b, elliptically. 

9-n. » » <5igcnname, proper name. 


erf. mt ffir 

: erflf*,ier|i»,Krie. 


ein r<bU4»te» (f4lc4t gcbUbeted) ffBott, a bad or ill formed word. 

e. tt. C 1 

ein nnaitbeft SBort, a oieleuword. 


bie fblgenbeO; unb fo xociUx, the following, and so forth. 


SrauennamC/ woman's proper name. 


fronjSflW, French. 


gebroucbt; uied; gebran<bli<b/ atnal. 

(S^cdcif. 1 

(Begcnfab/ in opposition. 


gemcin, gemciner; gemetnC; gemeine^/ Tnlgar. vulgarly. 

%tm. I 

gmo^nli^/ unal, asnally. 


grfe«i», Greet 

gram. i 

groauaatifaUrt, grammatically. 


bebrdir<b/ Hebrew. 


in ben fblgenben iSebetttuagen; in the following senses. 

i. e. e. 

n g. ©. 1 

imeblenCinne ) i„,»«„^„„.p 
imgntenCinne l'*"^*^*^^ ••"•*• 

tniii.e. > 

im iiblen einnt, in a bad sense. 

in a. 9-11. i 

in aOcnScbetttangen, in all the significations. 


inbif4, Hindoo, (East-) Indian. 

mbian. k 

inbianiM, Indian. 

isb.9. 1 

in biefer Sebentung, in this significaHon. 

irioSri. « 

irIdttbiW, Irish; Srianb, Ireland. 

itaL) 3tel. « 

itaUenif<b/ Staliener, Itelian. 

i. ». e. 1 

im weitcren 6inne, in a more extended sense. 


Sa^r^nnbert, centory. 

I. J. «. 

fount }U geftetten^ hardly allowable (word or sense), 

Ut. 1 

Iateintf4i; Latin. 

m. n 


maL t 

mala])if4/ Malayan. 


ntittet^0(bbetttf4, Middle-High German. 


aXannename, man's proper name. 

■oroL a 

moraUr<b/ morally, or in a moral sense. 

n. r. (b. tt. I 

'.) " 

ninber d<bttg,bagminber riibtigc (SBort), less properly, the lea* 
proper (word). 

1. 1 

na(b/ atter. 

a.X > 

tta4 Xnbeni/ according to others. 

a. s. > 

tti^totterfnnnt, notaUowed. 

«-©. - 

9eoib'Oetttf4Ianb, 9eieber-»eatf4Ianb, North of Germany, Lower oi 
Northern Germany. 

K-cngl. a 

9eorb-englanb; North of England. 

a. g. » 

tto4 gemetner, more Tolgar. 

Xibd. > 

9eibelnngen Sieb^ lay of the Nibelnngs. 

nicberl. » 

nieberUnbifib/ Datch. 


9?ieber*€Jtt4fen, Lower Saxony. 


ttieberfdcbfifib/ lo^ Saxon or low German. 


tti(bt fibliib/ not in use, onasnal. 

5D-b. « 

SDber«©eutf*lttnb, Upper Germany. 

Ob. » 

ober, or. 


Seflreiib (im £)cflrei*if4icn), (in) Austria. 

onent. » 

orientalif^/ oriental. 


S)ber«ea4fen; Upper Saxony. 




portugieffW j yortngiefc, Portuguese. 


f)r4(ixttm, prefix. 

r. » 

ri^tfger; more correctly. 

cvgclm. n 

regelmd^g, regularly. 


f. IB. fle^t fur: fcIteneSetetttttng, a lenie leldoaiiiMd. 

^^ott i e^ottl » Mottiftft, Scottish ; 64ottIanb, Scotlaad. 

®(&r. » » 64reibart, ityle^mode ofwritiog. 

fc^r. » » f*rcibt, writes. 

0-S). » » 9iLb«S>(lttr<6Ianb/ Sooth of Germaoy. 

e^-engl. » » 6ilb«<5ndlanb; Sooth of England. 

f. g. » » fogenannt, denominated, so-called. 

fpan.)6pan. » f^anif4, Spanish; Sponieii; Spain. 

fpr. » » h>ri(!b;pronoonce; fpriibt^ pronoonces. 

fl. » » ftatt^ anftatt/ instead of. 

esttbft. eing. » eubflantit); im esingular, sobstantive in the singolar number. 

Gttbft. 9)Iur. » e^abflantiO; imf>Iaral/ sobstantive in the plural number. 

f. p. ». » » fo V>iel mie/ the same as. 

S-R. » » Sau^ame, christian name. 

n. • » nnb^and. 

u. » » l.flblub/ ued; 2.fibU4er, moreinuse. 

fibrig. » » iibrigend, as for the rest. 

uneig. uncigentl. » nneigetttU^/ improperly. 

ungef. » » nngefd^r, about. 

ungem. » » ttngeio5^nli(b/ unusually. 

unr. » » unri<btig/ incorrectly. 

ttnr. e^r* » » ttnri(btige e^r^^oi^/ incorrect orthography. 

nnt. » » rnittr, among, in. 

urflpr. » » urfprungliib, originally. 

p. » » poil; of, from. 

e. 6t. P. 9eorb«Xm. flc^t fftr: Sereinigte etaaten pon ^torb-Xmerifa, United States ot 

(North-) America. 

perb. Serb, ftebt ffir: perbunben, connected; Berbinbung, connexion, 

perb. » M perborben, corrupted, 

perfl. » » perftanben, understood. 

piPbt. » » penpanbt, related. 

IP. n » loiC/ as, like. 

©v®-f- » " «ort/ word; ®6rter, words, 

jffi-engl. » » aBejlsenglanb, West of England. 

n>-r. (1. » » mentger fibltcb, less used. » » ipmig itbliib/ little used, 

m. fi. t. » » mtlibcd flbli^er ifl, which is more used. 

ifgf^t. » » }ttfammcngefett/ in composition , in compounds (compound words). 

iidJ. A » lufommengeiogeii; contracted. 

3fT(gn. » n Surammenfc^ttngen, compounds, 

snip. » » snipcilcn; sometimes. 


Slbfutjungen bee 9lamen pon ed^tiftfieUetn unb SBerten bie in biefem 

SBorterbuc^e citirt finb. 

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(offen ober aucb obne bie gebfibi^enbe 9iennung feincS Stamens) immer 
mebr anerfannt mirb i in biefer 4>mft(bt mte befonberS au(b in Scjug auf 
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G. Surenne*s ebenbafelbfl erf^ienenem Pronouncing Dictionary of the 
French and English Languages. 







Fite, fit, fire, fir, Htst, fill, f&'t^ Mete, mSt, ih^rt, herd, elapse', rSdee'm^r. Fine, ftn, 
BlfUfee^, iHrd, fiiiiii'ififi Note, nUif mdve, nor, Idve, c^udDl^. Tube, t&b, biUl, riUe, 

charcb, mur^m^r. 
Y==I: mj, c>TB^, mjnrh [aur], v^r'y. (cf. P. XXXIII.) 

Cbatr, Character, ^baife; ^ve, ^iatt. Wife. TfduK tbis. Ei^aiapie. 

K s» «. Cem SocaO/ HB 'K, q. 

pofrtion on (f^on im ^gf. juroeifen an) tnU 
ftanttn unb bef. in cngl Xbwrbfcn, §. © 
away, aback (agf. on \eg, on bac), bajer 
1104 ie^t bad a $daft0 tiir4 on ju erfe^en 
aboard, ashore = on board, on shore ; oft 
(in toititf^Hmliin fRiU) »ar f)arttdpial» 
BubfltLntmnx to go a-hnntmg, jagen (}iim 
^dgen^ }ur ^agb) ge^en^ be bnrst out a- 
langhing, tx bra4 in ®tlid)Ux au9. 

^ [fcttoi a], art. dn^ efne, ein. 

A^ a^ abbr. Com, 1. (auf tBe^feln) ft. ac 
eepted; 2, (in ?)rrfMi|iett) ft. advance ; A. B., 
Sea, ft, able bodied; A. €., Corns. (Ace*. 
Cnr*.) fk, account current; ac. (acc^.) ft. 
accepted; ac, a/c, acc^ ft. account; Adm^ 
ft adniral; A. M., ft. ante meridiem (Iat.5 
before Doon, «OTmittas5)5 Am*., a"*.. Com. 
ft a-raoont; a. s. f. ft. and so forth; a. s. 
o. ft. and so on, nnb fo weitet. 

iak, M. bcr Xaf (TCrt plotter m^tinf*iffc). 

lam, s. bCe ti%m, £)^me (Sft^fftdfeitSmaf). 

ia'ron [A'rgn], s. ^aron (?K-n.). 

AsrSflfc ---^, [^ttn'jk], adj, ttttronif^. 

ly%c^ ^baCc^ 5. ber ®e»et)eptfatt$. 

^bids/, ocfo. Mar, }tiru(f, rit(fio5rtS 3 to lay 
or brace — ^, tie Gegel batf Brafen$ to be 
taken — , 1. (oon ben esegtln) Dom ffBtnbe 
pC5tU4 r£AodrtS 9er4tettbertn>erben$ 2.co2. 
pt^Ii4 ^ctrotfen »erben^ in ®eflfirsung ge« 
tat^. [bfe-edulenpldtte. 

ii/Mii, 1. 1. itfatA. bie me^entafel ) % Arch.] 

4UM'd9B, 9. Bihl brr drrfl^m, b6f( ^dnb. I 

AbMt', Mor. I.adu. ^nten (4m ®*iffe), Mii» 
termdrtd^ H. «. bod ^intert^eil bed e<biffed. 

To Aba'lf^ale, w. a. 1. Law. oerdujenii 3. 
/tgf. entfremben. [SSeft^t^umd. 

Abfilf^tt&'tiQn, 5. Lavoy bie fietisf entng (eined 

To i^ban'd^n, v. a. I. i^erfo^eU) oufgeben^ 3. 
Cam. obonbonniren, obtreten^ 3. to — to, 
$reid geben (<linem @tioa04 d'ni^i^ fi^er« 
loffenj a-ed, p. a. 1. MtlofFen, w.^ ^-*. 2. 
oer^bet^ d.oermorfen^ obf^euli^i loftir^ofr. 

AbSn'dpDm^nt, 1. 1. bOd €erIofen) 2. bad 
WerlofTenfcin? 3. fig- ^«d ei<b*flbertoffeii, 
^ingeben^ 4. Com. ft Laio, bfe Sergii^tfeis 
^ng, ^fbonbonttirung. [Srepon. 

Ab9ptfs't9n, s. An. Surg, ber C^^Abelbol^ret, 

4: To ^bire', v. a. 1. entWdfcnj %fig» cnt* 
berfen. [SDiort^tofe. 

Ib^rtioala'tloii, «. ^naf. bie itno^enffigttng; 

AbKs', s. Com. Ut Kbod (ein perfifdbed ^tt* 
letigewi^t »ott Vs Jtorot). 

To ^base', v. a. 1. nieberloffen, fenfcnj (bie 
groggc) ftrei*ettj 2. fig. a) erntebrigctt; be» 
mi^t^fgen) b) entmat^igen, nieberfiblogen. 

Abased' [^bJsf], p. a. Her. gefenft. 

Abase'm^nt, s. ]. bod S^teberlofTen) fig* 2. 

To AblUh', V. a. bef^Amen^ pass, (mit at) M 
(ci'ner eo^e) f^dmen, ocrlegen fein (fiber). 

AbSs'si, AbSs'sjs, s. ber lCb(b)offt; '}a>(h)tii 
(perf. eilbermfihje b. ungef. % X^r.). 

i^b&'t9ble, adj. Law, mofi ttHatiKig gemo^t 
werben fonn, umflopen, beflrettbar. 

Ab<a chauvee [sibSt-shyvg], s. Com. eine Krt 
geringer (franjdfif<»er)«Boire, 7(udft*«J»olU. 

To Abate 


To Abhor 

To J^hfiUf^ V- 1, a. 1. abbrc^en, nfeberreifen^ 
aerflJren) ^.fig. t>em{nbcnL ftiUen, miU 
tent 9 3. Com-5. a) ( — of, from the price, 
oom 9reife) ab(a|fen; na^IafTeni 6)(enta< 
tcrfe^en (ten ?>reU)» c) objfetcn, rabatti* 
ren^becotttren ) 4. Lmw, a) ungiiltig macben, 
umflopeti, iDiberrttfai5 ft) *© — *» estate, 
ein <Bnt loiberre^tlicb an fi<b reifrn^ II. t>. 
i.abncbmcn, nadfiafftm f<b ocrminbern j fitb 
Icgenj 2. Man. bcfm Curbettfren (©ogen* 
fpdnge maiben) Me |>{nterfiipe gttd^eiA anU 
Mftii 3. Lati7, a) ungiiltig nerbeni b) M 
ber SertafTenfibQft eineft Serflorbenen »{ber» 
re(btU(b bemd^tigenj to — in one's flesh, 
(am Ecibe) abne^mcn, abfaneti, abmadern; 
to — in price. Com, im |)retfe faUen. 

iAbste'm^nt, 8. 1. bie ISerminberttiig, ICbna^* 
me) 2. Com. a) bet W^jug, 5?a(blaf, ©ecort, 
9labatt5 bte dtefactU) &)ber SRonco (Xn^ 
faO) bei Otecbnungen $ Z.fig, bie S^ieberge:' 
f^blageabeit) 4. Lcnxhs. d) bie Umftofnng 
eine« SdtW^f(t9i 6) bte ioibem(btIi4fe 9e» 
ffbuebmung $ 5. Hfr. ba« (surtSerminbemnd 
ber XBurbe angebraibte) IBefgeUben. 

^b8V, <• !♦ ber «erminberer, u.) 2. ba« 

Abatis [ab^tsQ, «. (fr.) Mi/, bet «erbtt«. [raer, 

^ba'tor, s. Law, ber ioiberre(bt(id^c a^efibne^^ 

Ab'fture^ [ob. — tahttrz], «. pi. Sport, ber Hhs 
urn, bie 6pur (bee ffBUbe<), bie ffd^rte. 

Abb, *. Weav. ber 3etter, ICuftug, bie Jlcttc. 

AbV, ». (^ebr.) Kbba: «ater. 

Ab'b^cy, s. bie W>t«*«firbe. 

^bbai'j, /Ibb&i'sis, i. vid, AbaMi. 

Abba'ti^l [9bi'th»i], arfi. dbtti*, abtelll*. 

Abbay*, adv. vulg. weg, ttbwfirtft. 
ib'b^ii, s. Sbtifftn, Tfbtfn. 
Aba)iy, 5. bie TCbtei (btt» Jtlofler). 
Ab'b^t, «. ber^t $ — t n commenr/(?ni, cin loelt* 

li<ber ZituXaXfXbti — largeon, ber ^eibargt 
Ab'b9Uhrp, s. bie flEBfirbe unb ba« TCmt eine6 

7Cbte« ober einer Sbtifftn. 
Abbrcavoir [Xbbrvvwor'], s. 1. bie Xv&nU, 

|)ferbeWiDemme5 2. Arch, hit Jtittfpalte. 
Abbre'vlate, v. a. abWrgett. [Wrgungfijetibcn. 
Abbr5v|a'ti9D, s. l.bieTCbffirjunfii»7fbs 
4lbbr€V|at9r, *. ber ^Wrser. 
^bre'vj^ttfire [tihtlr], s. 1. txa ICbfurjung^* 

iei4en, bie QCbWriungj 2. ber TCuSjug, 
Ab'by, vid. Abbey. Abe, v/d. Abece. 

tbd8'rl»n, adj. obberitif*. 
b'dgrfte, *. ber Wberit, Gin». »ott Wbera. 
Ab'dic^nt, I. p. o. (mit oQ entfagenb; wrji** 
tenb (ouO) U. *. ber QCbbonfenbe. 
Wdjcate, V. I. a. 1. nieberlegcn^ aufgeben 
(cin Xmt), (bem X^ron) entfagen^ 2. Law, 

a) abfeben, entfebenj b) ocrfioPett, enterben^ 

n, n. ttbbanfcn, cntfa^en. 
Ab<^ca'ti9n, s. 1. bie 9(ieberledttttg, bol Xuf' 

gebenctnc^ 2(nitc$ i bie ^bonhing $ (Xbron)* 

(Sntfogung J 2. Law, bie «erftofiBng, enter? 

bung. [^bbanhtngl;. 

Abdic'«tiTe, adj. bic SJiebcrlegung betrcjfenb, 
AbMjtpry, s. ber Cerftcrf. 
.'Jibdo'ni^n,.r.(p/.9bd()m'jn^ [(atjob .^bdo'm^n^) 

l.ilnof. ber Unterfeib) iumeiien HB Sancb^ 

fett J 2. EfU. ber |>inter!eib ber Snfeften. 
AbdSm'jnal, I. adj. Anat. ben Unterfeib be- 

treffenbj —ring, ber £ei(tcnring4 II. a-«, 

s. pi. Ich. bie SBou^flojfer. 
^bdSm'jnoui, adj. Anat. jom Unterleib ge* 

b6r{g5 bi(fbdtt(big. 

To ^bduce', r. a. Anat. abgie|en, abfonbern. 
AbdG'c^nt, adj. Anat. abgiebenb i — muscle, ber 

/Lbdfic'tiQn, 1. 1. gen. bie TCbffibrung) 2. ilnaf. 

bie Kbgie^nng) 3. Lair, bie ^tffi(rttng) 4. 

Svrg.(S9ein09ru(b) 5. Log. bie !2(bbttCtton. 
AbdiicV* s. I. Law, ber Sntf%cr5 2. Anat. 

ber QCbjiebmu^fel. [bucb. 

Ab^ce', J. ba$ X<b«c, QCrpb<^bet5 baft Ofsb^c^ 
Abecedarian, s. 1. bcr 7(sb*c4cirer, 6^ul* 

meiflcr 5 2. Ushsc-Wlt^, fam. 7f«b*(5f(^fi^ 
Abecedary, I. adj. lum lf»bsC gc^rig 5 II. ,<p. 

bie ^sb*c*tafcl. 
Ab^d' (a-bed, t>gl. A-, €$.i)» ado. col. 1. im 

On) Sette i 2. bettMgerig ) 3. in (ben) OBocbcn. 
A'b^l, *. Qfbel (SR-n.) J — musk, ber 7(bermc» 

fcbu$5 —tree, ob. ^beW, bie SBeifpoppel, 
^bcr'devine, s. Orn. bcr 3ciftg. {XbtU. 

Aberdeen-', comp. — fwh, ber Sabcrban* — 

hose, geflri(tte 6at}ettn>aare au$ Tfberbeen 9 

— snake, bie langgcftbibdnite 6<buppcn. 


^ber'rface (— cy), s.* Xb»ei(ben, bieXb* 
^TOcitbungj ^.Jig. bie 3rrung, ber Srrtbunu 
Ab^rrft'tion, 8. 1. bic 7(b»ci(bnngi 2. a) Ast. 

bie TCbirmng bc« 2i(btcfij ft) Opt. bie »res 

(bnng ber Sitbtftrablen) 3.^^. bcr ^rrmcg, 

3rrgang5 3rrt(nm. 

+ Aber'rjng, p. a. (ab)irrcnb; fT<b t^crirrcni?. 
To Abet', V. a. (€Hnen ju cincm IBcrbreiibcn) 

antreiben, anreigen, anbc^en) (@inem) IBcts 

f(bub tbun^ bclfen, unterflubcn. 
Ab«t'm?nt.5.bicXnfliftung j bie Untcrftnbung, 

ber eorWub, «eiflanb, [fcrebclfer. 

/lb«t'tor, J. ber TCnfliftcri SRitWulbige, ^cU 
Abe/^nce f^ba'^nsj, .?. l^tc, bie ^nmartv 

fibaft) to lie in — , im ®treite licgen (pen 

®runbfhi(ten)i lands in ->, t>acantc ob. 4cr« 

renlofe £dnbereien. 
To ^bhor', v. a. oerabMeueni ScHpe. oet* 



t^tn, tcrMmd^m^ ^v & Script. i»ers 

.jkbhor'rfDce (— cy), s.bieeerabf^evttiid) ^tx 

XbWen (— of» from, «or)} ^er ^a|, bU 

Kbttetgimd (gesen}. 
^bbfir'r^Bt. I. adj. 1. oerabfiiiaieiib 4 2. (to, 

xddit from) anoerrinbar mit ^., ton ($t»a« 

eatfemt, bemrelben suwibcr) II. — ly, adv. 

nit Xbfi^nt. 
Ablidr'rfr, s. fBttahf^fOitt i ^eiiib (oon). 
^Dhor'riiig, (p.) s. tie Scrabf^euung i bet 

ICbf^ctt. [lenber. 

A'b|b, «. ber Kbib (Ifie fDIonat) im jfib. ^a« 
To ^bide', r. irr. L w.bletben: 1. oerioclUii^ 

vobncn 5 2. Jig. a) inrborren; ou«t«ren (-— 

by, IB) J 6)fl<ib<iItcn(ott),flfitett(a«OJ to— 

with ft persoo, hd 3emonb bldbcn^ II. a. tts 

WLXttUi (riben, erieiben (daen 6erlnfl)5 er« 

trages, au^tQlten, a-iogj. p. a. (— ly, ado.) 

fornD^^rettb, (aii$)banenib j IT. 1. 1. ba$ 95Iei« 

bca^K.i 2..% bie (gortO^DoHfr, ber fBe^^ 
^fbiib5 ft-iDs-plftce, ber fficbnort. 
AbHfn^iw, adj. tannen, oon Soanentol}. 
Abl«f, dot) s. Bot. Qattung aa« ber Sam. 

dapfbbdame (£anne, gi^bte, K.). 
AibMSt^ ac^jd, *. CAew. bte Itanncn^arjWure. 
Abigail, *. 1. XbtgoU CbibL g-n.)^ 2. cvl. a) 

bieitammetiunsfer, 3ofe i b) HB bofe ISeib. 
^biTily, *. bU gdfjigfeit: J. bad ©crmfigeui 

bie Jtraft, Oef^^tcfliibfeU j 2. bie ((S^dfted^) 

itTaft,7Ctt(a0e5 3. (— to pa>), bie^aMungd? 

ttjigfeit} — of estate, ba5 «enn5gcii, b(c 
JUnUnfu, (Selbmitui. 
Abiat&'tfte, adj. Law, ol^ne Xeflamcttt. 
Ab'ject, 1. adj. (— ly, adr.) nicbrig, elenb, 

ccTo^tli^, ntebertrfi^tig., oenoorfen^ un« 

niebcrbrtaglidb oerloren > II. « . :^ ber Serioor; 

feBC,6Ienbe^ III. — ne«i, ^bjec/tedncas, ^h- 

jec'tioo, «. 1. bie Xiebertrdcbtigfcit, Ccrwor? 

fcuitity 2. bie (6e(bfl06rnicbrigung/ S)e; 

aiitbigttitg (oor ®ett). 
^To .f bjo'djcate, v. a. aberfcnncn. 
Abjiira'tiQii, s. Law, bie ^fbf^w^rung ^ (feicr? 

li^e) Gntfagung i oath of — , Engl, HUt. 

bit Xbfdbworung (be$ ^rdtcnbcnten). 
To .jLbjttre', at>f4n>5rett; berf(b»6rcn, cntfagcn. 
To Ablac/tate, t?. a. Hort. abfduflen, vid. To 
^ Graft (by approach). 

IbiacU'ti^n, «. ^ort. bte Kb(dn0Utig, (uid. 
^Grafting &c.). [be, ^crUnfcibe. 

Ab12i*ae [abOac], *. Cam. feitte perffWe ©d^ 
.^bliqnia'tipD, *. Hort. bafiiufbatfen bcrGrfce 

3a bie Sur jeln ber Sdame 5 Vint, bie f>a(f e. 
Abls'tl^n,^. 1. bieSBegnabme^baSSBegnebmen, 

{aatSurg.StChem.)^ 2.Af0d.bie7fu0(eeruTig$ 

3. i^rOft. ba6 ICbjiebeti. 

Ablative, I. adj. megiiebmeiib ^ II. s. Grams. 
(— caie), ber 2CbIati» 4 — abiolate, ber ttb« 
folnte (nnabbdngige) Ablatio. [Slammen. 

^blaze', adv. fam. brennenb, lobernb, in 

A'ble, adj. fdbig: im etanbe^ tficbtig, ge« 
fcbitft, erfabreii3 t>erm5genb, rdibi braioi to 
be — , im ©tttnbe fein fonnciii — to pay. 
Com. iabluitgdfd^ig/ folDcnt) — bodied, 
adj. ftaxi, frdftig; riiflig) — bodied lea- 

^mcn, Mar. bienflfdjige (gefcbirfte) ©celeute. 

Ib'l^n, iblvt, *• provinc. ber ffidfpW. 

A'bleo^M, s. lit. & fig' bie gfibigfeit; Jtraft, 
tt., vid. Ability. 

Ab'lfpiy. s. (/. w.) Ut. ft fig. bie ©littbbrit. 

iToAb'ligate, v. a.ab(6fen,abbinbeB;Ioebin« 

^ Ibljaa'tioD, 8. bie Kbl^fung. [ben. 

JTo Abl9dlte, v. a. (Der)pa4tciL 

AblGfot, I. adj. reinigenb$ Med. abfifibrettb} 
II. a-s, AblQen'tj?, [— '•bi»]» *• pl- Med. 
(blutrdnigenbe) Xbfubntngfimittel. 

i^bio'tion. «. 1. bie Xbnafd^ung ({Reinigung 
burib SBaf(ben)$ 2. Chem. bad Xudioafibeii 5 
TCbfufeti} 3. Rom. Cath. bie QCblution (ber 


Aboega'ti^D, #. bi^etbli^e) lfbWugiittng,«er» 

IVng^t9r, s. ber ^bldugner, JSerldugner. 


4:lbn9da'tloD, s. bad ®erbaueit, TCbfappeiu 

Aboard', I. adv. Mar. an ^orb, im (gu obet 
auf bcm) ©(biffe } to go — , ficb eiaWiffen^ 
to fall — of (or with) a ship, mit duem (on- 
bern) ©(biffc jufammcnflof en $ to turn — 
of a ship, ein &(bifF anfegcin $ n. int. an 
Sorb I (c/. Board). 

^bode', I. pref. & p. p. fon to Abide; II. *. 

1. bad IBleiben, JS^ericdlcn, ber TCufentbalt) 

2. ber :2(ufentbaItdort; bie SBobnung^ to 
make — , 1. mobtn iiebcn) 2. tsobnen. 

4: To Abode', v. a. oorbebeuten^ vid. To Bode. 

^bude'm^nt, 8. bie iiBcrbebeutung. 

To ^bul'jBb, V. a. abf^afcn^ aufbebens in 

SCBcgfaQ bringen 3 i)ern)crfen 5 oer^jjtejL 
AbdKifth^ble, adj. abgufibafcn :c.,*6mn$tbar. 
Abol'jgh^r, s. ber ^bf^affer, fiScrnicbter. 
AbfilVhm^nt, s. bie TCbf^aifung, TTufbebung. 
AbQirti^D, 5. Lair, bie :jCbfcbaffnng, Tiufbe* 

bung 9 bie Gtraferlaffung^ aSeilegung. 
Aboli'tiQDifiD, s. (bef. Am.) ber 7CboIitionid« 
^mnd, (2&ninbfab ber eclaoensSmancipation. 
AbQirupnist, s. ber fiir bie ^ufbebung einer 

ea4c (bef. Am. ber 5Jegcrs0cla©erei) ip, 

QCboUtionifl. • 

Abo'm?, 8. Zool bie 0lierenf4Iange. [gen. 
AbQiDii'sam, Ab^ma'sijiB, 8. ZooL ber Sabmo* 
AbSm'in^ble, I. adj. II. — ly, adv. abf<be]ttt4, 




Weuptt* i Script, unrein i (-ly), wwig. fiber* 
mfipCg; an. unge^enerj in. — nesa, *. Me TCb* 
To Ab«m'iiiatc,v.a. ©erabf^euen. [f*eulWeCt 
4^b5in|na'tion, s. (mit of & to), bie »erob» 
Wcnnngj ber:Kbf#<u (t>or)^ ber ©rdnelj bit 
7fbPbcttli*feiti Script bie«€fle*i«g,«er* 
nntetnipng 5 to have (ob. hold) in — , \>er* 

^burd' (on board), adv, vid. Aboard. 
Aborig'fnfil, adj. urfprfingliib/ lonbe^cigen. 

geborgcni rebli*, offcn, fcti, unocrfletft, o^ne 
Jtunftgriffei — ground, auf ©rbcn, tt<>* om 
tibtrn — utairi, oben, in ber S)berfhibe$ — 
mentioned, — named, — cited, adj. oben an< 
gefd^rt, oben ob. )>orern>lbttt4 t&e — men- 
tioned, the — named, s. ber (bie, b<*) S)ben« 
tmif^nU, baft £)b<n9ef«gtc. [tergrabtn. 
To ^brftde', v. a. obfiaben, abreiben j^. un» 
i'br^ham, s. TCbrobam (3R-tt.)} — Vbiilm, 
ber JteuWbttum ( Vitex agnus castus). 

Ab9ri4'|n^If , ib9rii'in6f , J. pi. bie Urcinwob* U'br^m, f. contr, D. Abraham; to sham — . 
ncr eine« «ttttbes, Uri)6tter, etammofitter. vulg, fi^ fran? ftetten. 
^bor'tion, s. lit. & fys- baft !Wif gebdren } biej^bra'fion L-«l»vn]» *. baft !Kbf*aben, Xb» 

geblgcbnrt; ?frubg«b«rt, 

Ab5r'tive, adj. ju frilb ficboren, nnjeitifij/tg. 
aiplungcn, ©emngTfi(ft$ to prove — , fcbl* 
f(blagen, rjernnglflefcn i an — flower, Bot. cine 
«Wtbe, bie feinc ^ru^t brtngtj — vellum, 
^ergament auft ber $ant cincft unieitigen StaU 
beft. [beftfrntbt). 

i^bSr'tivcf , J. pL abtreibenbe SKiftel (fur Sei* 

^bSr'tjvcly, adv. jur Unjeit, ungeitig, unretf. 

Abdr'tfven^M, jr. baft ^fgcbdren 5 ^. baft 
SWiflingen, 5eblf*lagen 

To Aboftnd', r. n. fit " 
im flbcrfluffe baben 
with, an (Stwaft; ooll fein t)on). 

i^bSftt', adv. & prep, um, um ... b^ruW; urn* 
beri ungcfdbr, ct»a, gegen, circa3 in TCnfebnng, 
wegen, fiber 5 (nabe) Ui, an, ton, na(b/ in, auf i 
all — , fiberall 5 round — , runb b<rum, ringft* 
nmj — the hoo«e, irgenbmo im ^aufe? a round 

— way, ein Umweg 3 ten miles — , 10 5Reilen 
im Umfange^ — and — , um unb um,bittunb 
ber 5 ba unb bort ^ to be — a thing, ^tmaft 
torbaben, momit umgcben j to be — to ..., im 
©egtiff fein, sn ... i to bring — , inft Iffierf flet 
ten 5 to come — , um fein 5 anbcrft merben^ to 
drink — , bcf«iw trinfenj to go — , berum 
gebenj mit^tmaft umgeben, (Stna^ ))omeb« 
men, to lie — , Jier unb ba jerftreut ob. um« 
ber ItegeUy Nauts. to put a ship — , ein 
ecH&Ain^en) ready — ! ^(arigleit su men< 
ben! — ship! Olee! to the right — ! Mil 
retbtftum febrt eucb ! 

Abodt', int. auf! baran ! anft SBerf ! 

/Lbflve', T. adv. obeuj barfiber j from — , ton 
oben ijip. ton ®ott 5 the powers — , bie binims 
lifiben SKdcbtej as — , »te oben ermdbntj the 

— letter, ber obige (oorfiebenbe) IBrief 5 since 
writing the — , &c„ ©bigeft gefcbrieben, «.5 
over and — , obenbrcin, barfiber^ II. prep< 

reiben, (Rabiren^ baft Vbgeriebene, 6dS»abfel5 

Med, bie SBegfibaffttttg beft e^Uimt^ bnr(b 

ftbarfe 5Rtttel. 
Abrdom' [flb-r AmO , s. bie rotbe jDammetbe i baft 

engLSlotb (|um^&rben beft Sl^abagon^bolieft). 
^breast' [vbrSstQ , adv. neben einanber, ©eite 

anCeite^ Mil. ingrontj Mars, gcgenfiber,* 

a fleet formed — , eine glotte in grontlinie. 
To Abridie'jW-a. abtfirjen (an^Aig.) 5 jig.tcr* 

ffirsen, beohinbcrn, einfibr«ttfen$ (Semanben 

Abrifd^'ra^nt, s. bie :ifbWrjung ifig. Cerwinbc* 
rung, @inf(brdnfung/®d^ntalerttng) berXuft^ 
sug (auft einem fBud^e, etner @(brift). 

Abroach', adv. (tongfiffem in bcr Sogc), gum 
llfnsapfenj tobc — , angejapft (angcflotben) 
fein 5 to set — , anjapfen, anfte<ben. 

Abroc^d', adv. brauf en, auf en, auftmdrtft i au« 
per bem ^au^Co in ber ^embe, aufer ^anbeft 5 
from — , ton Qufeni to go — , anftgebenj an* 
per ganbeft gcben, terreifen, to walk — , ft>a» 
jicrcn geben 5 to send — (k traveler for or- 
ders), Com. reifen lafTcn (einen Sommift, um 
Xuftrfigesnerbalten)^ to set — , aaftgeben, 
bcfannt marben j to take — (with), mitneb- 

^mcn (Qfinen ob. Gtwaft). 

Abri/^h, s. ctneXrt feiner bengaltfcber SOtuftlin. 

To XbVogate, c. a. abftbaffen, aufteben. 

Abrpga'tlon, s. bie !lfbf(baffnng, QTufbebung. 

Abrohant, s. vid. Abroah. 

Abrupt', adj.lit A fig. abgcbro^en(au4 Bot.); 
unjufammenb^ngenbi pl5bH(b, unermartet, 
ba^g, rafcb, fibcreiiti — pinnate, Bot. ab= 
gebrod^en gepebert^ an — style, eine fnrjc 
(abgebro^enc) ©^reibart. 

Abriip'tion, s. bie ^brcftung, pW^Ticbe Xrcn* 
nung, 3erflfirfelung, ber ©ru*. 

fiberjb^beralft5mebralft,mebr,barfiberj -B^briipt'ly, adv. obnc Sorbereitnng, pldbK*er 
all, tor TfHem, oor atten ©ingen, tomdmlitb 4 ffieife. pl5bU*. 

- that, fiber biefeft } to be (ob. get) - , fiber* AbrBpt'o^ss, #. Die maubelt (eineft ^6rper«) j 
frcffen J - board, fiber ©orb^ fig. geB*ert,ll ©tvilbeit, 3«b<l .%-*• bie Ubereilung, iSiU 




itt^^Ui uaseitige|>eft(gfett, ^^uJlA^t (be6 
SetrigcBOi — of ttfle. Die irtrje (Xbge* 
bro^en^ett) ber @4r(ibart. 
Abrapts', #. pi. »i^ige ^tegreifeuiftiUe, ^b« 

ll/ic&s, s. Med. bad ®tf4»ilr, bie (liter* 

beule J — lancet, Sutq, bic ^attjette iur &ff* 

nuts voa 9efib»&ren. 
Ab^sats* ^bicis'sa, j. Math, ber !2Cbfrbnttt, bie 

nfcifff/ ber ClaerfiRttd. 
Abtctfi'sioR [^b-sT^h'-^n] , s. Surg. ba5 Wi>^ 

Maeiben (dRed^Uebe^)? KM. bie Ybbre* 

4n]i09 ba$^f4netbett(eiiier e9lbe,K.)^jig. 

bie SvAebttug, Ungiiitigma^ttRd) bad Xbge* 

To Abscuad', v. I. a. lit kfig. i^erbergen^ II. n 

fub oerbergen^ fi<b (um ber gefe((i<ben @trofe 

Ab'i9l&tely, %dv. unumfibrfoft) «>daig^gaBi; 

fidnili(b/ obneXuSnabmej unbebingt^ ttnbe> 

jiejli*, an unb fur f«b, abfoluti befttmmt, 

f*le(btcrbiiigd, bur<bau05 - yoarg, ganjber 
Ab'i^mteDtu, s. bic Unumftbrinftieit, Unab== 

^dngigfeitj fiSoDftSnbidhit^ 9Xa4t9oIl!oni« 
^menbeit} dwingierrfrbaft, ber ©cftpotidmud. 
Ab«9ia'tian, s. taw, bie greifpre(bung 5 ber 
^etrofenerlapj TAeo/. bie TCbfolution. [le^re. 
Ab's^mti^in, *. Theol. bie StotftmenbiaMtt^ 
^biSI'atQry, adj,Ecc, abfolutorifi 3 Law, ftci* 

fpre*enb5 — icnteace, bad ^odfpre^ungd* 

urtjeil, !JCbfolutorium. 
^bftSl'v^tpry, adj, vid. Abiolutory. 
To ^b^SlTc', V, a. Law, freifprcicn, lodfprcs 

<ben (- of, from, oon ber ©(bulb unb ©trafe) j 

{a etttae^en) i^exfUdtn, entmei^eR, audtreten. Ecc. obfoloiren i (einer f)f[i(bt) entbihben. 
^bceda'd^r, s. bct, ml^tt,um M ber gefeb»|^bf5I'v^r, s. iSimv, ber lodfpn(bt/ ber Sod^ 
^Itiben etrafe §tt entjiebeR; M v>eTbirgt. | Jpte^tt. 
Ab'ifnGe,j.a'tbie}CbmefeRbeitK~ofmiD(i),|Ab'8Qn9nt, adj. im JBiberfprutb (—to, mit), 

^tjerRRRftwibrig, nnficreimt, abgefd&marft. 

Ab'spnous, adj, »ibrig f JingeRb, raif ftimmig, 

To ^baSrb', v. a. in M Xicfttn, einfaugCR; tia^ 
f^ludfen, abforbircn (mie ein 0(b»amm, ber 
©aRb, ber ^(bnee ic. bad SBaffer ic.)i (pass. 
M) auflofen, ^erjebrcn j ;?g. (beR®eifl)in 
^nfprui Re^meRi to — one's estate, fein 
Cermogcn buribringen, t)erf(bn)enbeRi a-cd 
in tbought,/g. iR (SUbaRfcR oertieft. 

^Lbsorb^bTi'jty, s. hit Sigenftbaft, eingefaugt 
n)crben {u ^dRnen, bie^bforptioRdfraft. 

ibsor'b^blc, adj. einfaugbar, abforbirbar. 

^bsflr'b^nt^ adj. einfaugenb, abforbircnb. 

^bgor'b^nts, Anat abforbirenbe (Uefape, 
EQinp^gefafcj Afcd. abforbirenbe (fatfartigc) 

i^bfdrp'tion, s. bad (SiRfaugen, 6inf(blu(tcn, 
«erflcgeRj T. bie ^Kbfcrptionj C/icm. bad 
SerftegeR eined^afed^ Me(;.bieb5^ereitraft 
ber SerbauttRg. [tioRdfdbig. 

^bs6rp'tive, adj. eiRfaugeR f^RReRb, abforp* 

To ^bftain', ». n. abjicJeR (— from, ©or), M 
(eiRer^acbO CRt^alten, (^tioad) nieibeR, M 

;^.bie@etfledabmefeRbe(t/3erflre)iuRg5 Law, 
bod (firafbare) Xttdbl^iben, 9ii(bterf(beinen9 
leareof — , berUrl^bj iron, bie p(db(i4^ 
&itiaffsQg ettted Seamteten5 on leave of—, 


Ab'sfflt, adj- ttbwefenbj fenii fig. serjlreut^ 
MiL A Civ. — with leave, mit Urlaab, beur* 
lottbti — without leaYe,o^ne Urlaub? befertirt. 

To Abs&it/, V a. to — one'i self, flcb eRtfer« 
acsi (Ckbulben f^lbtx, tc.) audtreteR, f|(b 

JMti% mo^eR. [be}ie^eRb, abmefeRb. 

Abi^UL'sSous, adj, fi^ auf bie QCb»efen(eit 

ihaifmU^fS. eiR7(b»efeRber(toR feinemXmte, 
n.)i ber abtvefenbe f)fr(iRbRer, bearlaubte 
S)ffidcr^ ic. 

^bUw^t^r, s ber (»0R feiRem ^ofleR) ^bR>e« 
feabC) — of parliament, bad mS^renb ber 
ei^vnQ abmefeabe ^arlamentd * ID^itglieb. 

Abdbl^aifnt, s. bie :2Cb»efea(e{t. 

Ab'ild^, 5.p(.>irt.bieXbftanbdpunfte,7fbrtbeR. 

Absl'i'lAlyn, adj. mermut^artig. 

^briin'tAiaM, p. o. vdt ffBermatt gef(b»dR« 

gert$ Jig. eerbittert. 

4M^MffiiB» X. vtd. Worm-wood. 

To ^raf, V. n. abfte^ett, ablaffcR (— from,! cerfageR. 
90K)i M entferneR* n^bsts'mioQs, I. adj. n. -ly, adv. eRtbattfam, 

Ab'a9l9te,a<^'.nna]Rf<brdn(t,anab(dRgig,freiJ mdfig) m. -ness, 1. bie ($Rt^aItfam(eit, 
^.e6lltd/T>o0fl4Rbig, DoOFommeR i URbebingt/ !]Xdf igf eit 

BBoMnbcriiibi anbesiebUib/ abfotat^ in fftb 
W>1t gegtunbet j — acceptance, Com. aabe^ 
btB^tr TCanobwe/ purer Accept) an — estate, 
Laif, dn laftenfteted &nti an — knave, eiR 
HqHiiwcfti an - prinee, eiR fott»erdaer gittrft) 
MM — promise, etR URbebtRgted lBerfpre<b(n$ 
e, Ihy. ber «nbc}ie((i4e (Haum. 

^bst«'mioas,tbe— , t>U 9KdpigeR fiberbo 

lEBeiRmeiber) bie ber ^iibe eRtfageR. 
Abst^n'tion, s. bie Chttbaltfamfeit I Qtntt^aU 

tuRg i ber GiR^alt; bad Serbot, b€f. Z.aio, bie 

To ^bsterie', v. a, abmif^eR, abtro(f rcr, reint* 

gen, bef. Surg, (ftBunbcR) audwaf^cR. 




Abftter'ifQt, adj, abioif^enb; reinigent^ Med. 

obffiirenb. [9temidund§mtttel. 

^bBter'g^nts, s, pL Med, TCbfa^rungSmittel, 

^LbstcHiion, s. bad TCbwiWcn, dleinigen) Med, 

bie Kbf&l^Tund. 

^LbBter'sjve, ad[7. abmtf^enb/ abtrotfnenb; rd^" 
ntgenb $ Med. abfd^renb. 
^Lbster'fjvef, j. pj. vid. Abstergentft. 
Xb'8tln?ncc(-cy), s. bic ent^altfamFeit; 5Kfi: 
figWtjGntJaltung^ JScc. bo5 Saftcnj day 
of — , bcr Safltag. [mdf ig. 

ib'«tin?nt, I. adj, U. — ly, adu ent^altfam,. 
To ^bfttrSct', o.a. objteicn, ttbfonbern (—from, 
oon)j Jiff, in Oebanfcn abfonbern, cbflraji* 
ren (SBegriffe, w.)) aufijiejen^ in cincn 7(u5= 
Sug bringen (ein S3u4, eine Ote^nung)^ 
^C/iem. bcpittircn. 

Ab'strSct, fldittbgcfonbert, abgcsogcft (bcf. t)on 
©egriffen, cud^ mit from) j i^i. abftract, tief* 
ftnnig (oon Unterfuri^ungen, }C.)5 —matbe- 
matics, bie rcinc SKat^emotif j an — qaan- 
lity, eine abgejogcne ®r6f c 5 — words, ab» 
flracte SEBfirtcr. 

ib'stract, s, Fh. ba5 ^bjlractum^ber obgcjogene 
«egriff J Tfuftjug, fummorifd(>e Snbegriff 5 in 
(the) — , an unb ffir M, abgcfcjen oon ... 5 
- numbers, ila'tA. abflractc (unbenonntc) 
Sojlen J — statement, or — of (an) account 
current, Com. bcr OtC^nungSttUfijug, bic 

^bstrSc'tfd, I.p.a.f7i. abgefonbert/ abgejogen, 
abftra^irt; abftract j »erfeincrt, geldutert 5 gei 
flig4 bunfer, f^wcr ju ©erfleicn^ scrftrcut, tin= 
aufmcrffamj — ■piritual lore, bie geMutcrte, 
gcifligeSiebcj II. -ly, ado. obgefonbcrt, an 
tinbffirM betracjtet, abfhractj —from 
o(ne 9lfi(ffl(bt auf ...; abgefeften Don ... i III. 
— ness, s. baS TCbjlractc, bie ob£lracte ©e* 
f(^offentcit (cincrSaii^e, cinc« ©eroeife^, :c.). 

^LbstrSc't^r, jr. ^incr, ber cinen ^u«iug ma*t, 

^bstrJtc'tion, s. Ph, bie :ifbflraction 5 H^Tth 
|ie^ung§t?erni6gcn 5 bad TTbftractc i bic ® eifteS: 
abwefcn^eit, 3erftrcuung$ ^jicfjung bcsOe* 
mut^S oon trbtf^eniDingenj C/tem. bie ^e> 

AbstrSc'tjre, I. ae^*. Fh. objieienb, (in ®eban' 
ten) abfonbernb, abfhra^irenbj n. — ly, adv. 
t/W. b. f, ®. 

^bstrScfiy, adv. auf einc ttbftracteXrt, an nnb 
ffir M, abgefonbert, abflract 

^bstr«ct'n?s8, *. Ph. bie abftracte »ef*affcn* 
belt ber Sbccn, bafi TCbflrartc. 

Ab'strScto, s.pL Mus. bic Xonfpinc, S^onflfibe 
(in ber «BinbIabe einer 2)rgel); Xbflracten. 

^bstrifc't^d, p. a. aufgebunbcn, aufgcI6fct 

Abstrdse', I. adj. 11. — ly, adv. tief berbi>rgett, 
berflerft5 fig' bunfel, im\>er|lfinbU<S 5 ni. 
—ness, s. bie JDunW^eit, Un^crftfinblic^feii. 
Abstrd'sjty, s. vid. Abstruseness. 
Absurd', I. adj. II. — ly, adv. miberPnnig, tin* 
gercimt; albem, abgefcSmacft, t^5ri4t5 III. 
—ness, s. vid. b. it. Absurdity, 
^bsur'djty, s. bie Ungcrcimt^eit,lfbgef^ma{fl» 
^cit, Wern^eit, S^or^eit, ber Unjlnn. 
4bun'd?ncc, *. berUberpup, bic?KengC;gfitte5 
in —, or — of, im flbcrjlup, boHauf. 
Abiin'd?nt, I. adj. )5bcrflflf^g; fei<JIi*5 to be 
— with, — in, uiiflidf i^erfcjen fein mit ..., 
flberjjuf babcn an ..., xtidf fein an ... i 11. — ^ly, 
adv. im Uberflu^, rei(^Ud^i jur ©en^gc/ t6U 
ligj njcitlfiupg. 

To ^hu;e', V. a. mipbran(!^en$ MRterge^en, 
tfiuf^en 5 bcrffif^ren j mif ^anbeln, beWimpfen, 
r^md^cn j @inem SdBja nai^fagen) falft^ an* 
wcnben (ein ®ort). 

AbQsc', s. bcr3J?ifbrau(3(>5 uble ®cbraud^5 ©e* 
tnig, bie Xdnf^nng^ ^f^anblung, I3ef<f^im« 
pfnng; @()^mdtung 4 ber ungercd^te:^bcl$ bie 
fiJerffi^rungi falf^e TTnwcnbung, €finnt)er= 
bre^ung (einc8 SBortcS). 
^bu'f^r, s. bcr, mld^cv mifbrau^t^ bcrEdftc* 
rcr. e^rcnft^dnber? JBerfS^rer j ®etruger. 
AbQ'sjve, I. adj. mifbraucftenb^ fd^mfi^cnb, 
Wimpfcnb} UM^li^i — language, gemcinc 
(anjfiglic^^c) 9lcbtn, ©(^impfiDortej — wri- 
tings, p/.0<^mfiiWriften 5 n. — ly, adv. rmrd) 
^ifbtavi^f, mipb rduc^Iiti 5 f(<>md^Ii(b,f(btmpfs 
U6)i f4md^enb3 III. —ness, s. btcSiJmd^* 
fu<^t. [an, gegen). 

To Abut^, V. w. angrcnjcn, anflofen (—upon, 

Abut'm?nt, J. bicXngrcnjung 5 baS (Srenjjci^eii, 
bie ©rcnjc, 5Karf 5 Arck.u^ ©iberlagcr cincr 
I8rfi(fe5 (vid. Butment). 

Ubfit^t^l^, Imwj bie Orenjcn ob. SWarfrn 

I eincd Sanbcigcnt^umg. 

lAbfss', (4: AbJ^mO, jr. bet ^gtunb, efbran^ \ 
hijp. cine grunblofc :5icfc$ Bibl. bic J^dttej 
Her. bad |)crj bed @<|>irbcd. [nicn. 

Abyssin'j?, s. Geog. (bad .^dnigreid^) tybnffts 

lbys8in'{>n, I. adj. abi)fflntfd^4 lI..<r.berXb))fs 
Pnier, bie 7(bi)f|lnierinn. 

AcSc'^ilQt, s. Orn. ber mcyicaniWeSlimmerfatt. 

^cH'cf^ [vkft'-sh9-9], *. bic TCcade, ber 7f CQa 
cienbaum^ Afed. bcr 7(cacicnfaft> German 
— , ber ©(bicbborn, Cd^maribom. 

Acfd^'mi^l, adj. afabcmiW i — figures. Paint. 

^Tffabemien, ©tnbien (jum Sta^sdtbncn). 

Acfde'ml^n, s. bcr :iffabemifer;bad 5Witglicb 
etner TCfabemtci bcr ed^^Ut anf dner Xfabc^ 

^mie Ob. Uni»erfltfit. 

Acadcm'fc, I. adj. afabcmifd^: bic Xfobemic 



(p(atoaif4c f>ti(ofop(ic) bclnffcnt^ auf cine 
bcfonVrc ^b^ofopbtc Squ^ ^bcnb? H* '' 
tcr mibcmifcr (Yn^toflcr bcr platonif^en 
|>bUcfcpbiO- [(vtV^- AoUemic), 

Acad^n'jc?!, I. a^j- H* — ly. adv, afabemif^) 
^cSd^niic'iaa [^.ksid-^>miBh'-9ii] , g. \>tt Ufa* 
bemtfcr. [(ofopbi^* 

Acad^^nilst, i. viV/. Acndemic. 

AcaiFfui) • «. bic Y^abcmic: @<bule bcr 9^(o«| 

fcpbi(94>o<bf4ttI<^/ CUnit>crfitdt) j ^ebung^^ 


adtfi^vlC} (—figure), /*a/7it dncSRobcH* 
Acaid', s. Uiem. bcr €^g. [sct^bnung. 

^ca^ldfi, X. bcr 9iierenbaitm5 — nau, 6aious 

aufic, aiepb^ntciildufc. 
Acalot, s, vid. Acamlot. 
^C9fln«^u, X. Om, bcr $ (attfibRabcl. [Itg. 
Ac^ai'ceoiw [— ftbvs] , adj. Bot bomig^ ftatbc* 
Acifl^iA^, «• Bo^ bcrS>orn, €fta<bcl4 Zoo(. bcr 

6ta4cl (in bcr Sif^f^^fTO^ ^^^^' ber iDom« 
.fertfaft. [S^^d^^/ bcr Kfont^abolnd. 

ic9a(Mib'9l«s, #. Surg. ))ic (Sr&tsangc, 3ioi(f« 
IcfoffcS'ceoiw [— sbui], ar^* But. bomig/ 
^fUfbcltg, btflclartig. 

icM<A9pt^r5's|oQs, ifdj. Zoo^ fKKbclflOfftg. 
Acin'C/iys, x. A>^ bie flSSrcnflau) Arch, bic 

tobKiiicnms am (Sapital cincr 6dulc. 
Acan'ticunc, x. Afin. bcr^iflactt/ Gpibot. 
.^cat^lsc^tic X. Gram, bcr x^oafldnbtgC; i^oU^ 

idblis^ (fplbcnrccbte ob. voatactige) SScrl. 
Acau^n, Aclu'ious, adj. Bot. fldngcUo^, un» 

To AocSde' [9k-BedO. r. 71. to — to ... , Zf^cil 

Qcimm an ... , bcitrctcn (a treaty, ctncmlScr^ 

tragc), bcifHmmcn, cinmiOigcn (in). 
.^cce'dfnce [9k-B«'-df nt] , s. bie fBcmilTtgttng. 
To AccSl'frate, p. a. bcr^Icunigcnj a-d 

steaa-boat, mod. bad (Silbantpfboot. 
.^ccciyra'tion, s. bic %ef<btcunigiing 9 (an(b 

JPfnf.)i — of the moon, Ast.W bcfd^cnmgte 

9c9cgung bcS ^onbcs. 
^cdEfer^tive, adj. bcf<blcuntgcnb. 
Acc&frsftftr, s. Anal, bcr XrcibmuSfcl. 
AccSfffft^ryt o^i* bcf^Icunigcnb. [barfcit. 
AcccttdiblFity , s. Oiem.kPiiy. bic @nt}finb: 
Accj^a'dlbie, adj. Oiem. k Fhy. cntgunbbar. 
^ccen'uoB, s. Ckrm. k Phy. bie TCnsunbnng. 
k^c^U s. (bcf. Gram, k Mtit.) bcr Accent 

bic Sctonsng 9 bad Sonsci(bcn 1 bic XudfpracbC; 

brr Yodbmtf^ a dciponding — , bcr f(cin« 

R&C^c Son, Jrtcinlaut. 
To.^cc^Bt', v.<T. acccntnircn; betoncn^ mitXc- 

mtCiculbcn verMen5 •au&fprc^cn^ dufcrn. 
^cc^t^r, J. Mtf X. ber erUe iDidcant. 
ic'c^ta, *. 2>/.. bieSUcbe, Xcnc, «Bortc5 

®pro<be$ (vicl. Accent); tlie inusioal — of 
birdB, ber melobifibe ®efang ber !B6geL 

Acc^n'to^l [— t«ha--], adj. ten Qfccent be* 
treffenb, rbijtbmif*. [accentuiren. 

To ^ccj^n'toftte [— t«U6— ], v. a. betonen, 

^ccJSntuS'tion [— uh(l~], s. bie Accentuation. 

To ^cc^pt', v.a. (obnc tt. mit of) anncjmcnj 
to — of conditions, fBcbingungen eingeben^ 
Com-s. to — a bill of exchange, eincn 9Be<bs 
fct occeptircnj a-edbitU, acceptirte%Be(bfcI. 

Acc^ptqtbn'jty, s. vid, b. U. AcceptableneM. 

/Icc^p'tfble, I. adj. II. —ly, adv. anne^mbar, 
annebmliib/ angcnc^m, iith, toinfommcn; be« 
Ucbtj 111.— ne«*, s. bie7Cnnc^mli(i^tt (eince 
«orf(bIageS, ic). 

Acccp't^nce, s. bad Xnttc^men; bie Ynnabme^ 
(gtttc)7(uMmej (SinmiUigung in...) (Se> 
nc^migung; ber 9)eifaa$ Law, bie Tfnna^me^ 
Corns, bie TCttna^mc, *5cre^nmg, ber ®<bub 
(cined iffic^feld), ber Accept, bie Acceptation 9 
tor want of — , SXangcl (an) Annabmej — 
for part (conditional, or qualified — ) , biebc* 
bingte Annajmej — upon honour, upon pro- 
test, bcr 3ntcrt>entiondprotefl5 ••• being out 
for—, jum Accept gcfanbt 9 (uncovered) a-s. 
Accept* ob. Acceptationdgcfcbdfte. 

Acc^pts'tion, s. bie Annabme^ gute Aufhabme) 
®un|l, bcrfficifofli bic (angcnommenc) «e* 
beututtg (bcr ®inn) cincd SBortedj Com. bie 
Acceptation 9 time or term of—, bie A-djeit. 

^cc«p't?r (Acceptor), s. ber Anne^mcrj Com. 
Acccptant. [ber e<bulberlaffungdf*ein. 

^cceptjla'tion, s. Law, bie €f(beinqnittnng, 

Recess', s. ber 3ugang, SvLttitt (p. ^crfonen 
u. ©a*cn5 an(b Lair) 5 bie AnwartWaft, bcr 
cbeli^e Umgang^ bcr 3iin>ad^d; bie 3unabme9 
Afed. vid. Accession; of easy — , Icicbt gu* 

gdngli(b. [*«• 

Ac'c^ss^rjly, Ic'cf ss^rin^ss, vid. Acccssorlly. 

Ac'c^ss^ry, adj. k s. vid. Accessory. 

Accgssibn'lty, j.bie 3ugdngIi<bFeit. [u.ea<ben). 

Acc«8's)ble,adi.(— to), gngdngli* (o.^crfonen 

A ccSs'sion, s. ber SBeitritt (}tt etnem SScrtrage) i 

' bie (Selangung jn ... 9 X^ronbcfteigung^ «er« 

meaning, bcr 3tt»a(bd5 Law, bic Acccfftonj 

summer's — , bic Anndjcrnng bed ©ommerdi 

— of bodily distempisrs, Med. ^anf^eitdiU* 


^ccgs'sional, adj. binsugcffigt, ^^ingugcfcbt. 

^Lcces'sionf, pi. SSermc^rungcn (bur(b bin$u* 

gcf ommcnc Xb^iiO 5 3nfd^e (ju eincr ©(brift). 

Ac'cfss^rjly, adv. aid 32ebenfadiie, beildufig, ac* 


Xc'c^ssQry, I. adj. ^injufommcnbjbcigcffigti 
tbcilnc^mcnb, mitf4ulbig5 — nerves (acces- 
sories) AnaU |>ulfdner^en J — pnrts, Paint 



IBctmcrfc j — proof, Dcr SicbenbcmeUi to be 
— to... , bcitraflciTia.../ mit^ctfciv mitf^ut 
^td fcins lUs. Laws, bcr X^etlnc^mer, ^SiiU 
Mul^igci bcr Xn^and,bie3ugob(3 bteStebcn^ 
fa<b(, bet 3icbcnumfi(mb3 fuod and its —, 

^(Sa)>ttal uab SnterefTcn. 

Ac'ejU^nce, s, (book of — ), bcr Zomt, bit 
Kcinc latciniMc eprat^tc^rc (fucXnfdnd^r). 

Xc'ci<i«nt, J. bcr (uncermutjctc, bef. unglfirf* 
li<bc) dnfttQi Unfall^ ba$ iufdQtge (Srddnip^ 
i'yi. bae dufdUigc, :Ku^m>efcRta4e j i^aint. 
bill 3ufaatge (rate snfdHid cmfaUenbeS ^idftt, 
fiebenliibt)? ^ram. bic QufdOige) ^igcn* 
Maft eittcl IBortce j Af«</.b(r3ufaa; TCnfaa^ 

^cc&m'm^d&tjnip, p. a. 9ertragU(bl nmtau^id; 
gefdUig, artigi on — terma, Com. wrter on- 
ne^mbaren fiScbinoungen. 

^codmm^da'tion, s. bte ^itpaffung 4 ®emip« 
beit) 04i<ni<b^it5 SetUgung, btr (giitU4fc) 
eergleid(^ i bie9ki)uemiubfeit$biee€cforgttog 
(mit(Stma$),^Ugbu(fe> to come to an—, 
tin'XhHmmtn txtfftm -bill, Com. ber JUU 
lemedi^fcl, SDaflarbmedj^fcV ^roformQioeibfcl, 
gormwedtifeU —ladder. Mar. bic grofcgttU* 

^ccdmmpdjl'tioiu, s.pL bte S9e<|ttemU(bfeiten) 
Tfbtbeilungen uiibJtammem auf cinem &<b(1fc. 

^cctfin'm9dat9r, j. bet TCttorbner (eiiier @a(beX 

i/er. bttS ©cijciibcn 5 by — , JufdUig, Jttf4lli«| ' 2cit«r, gfi^rcr 5 «cnnittkr. [gefcUWaftct 
gcr ®eifc, i>on ungefd^Sj — makers, QCcci*[Acc6m'p»n!cd,p.fl.bcglcitct(— by,»onXi>er 

bcniicnmatbcr, SRoIcflabi^tcr (drbitbtcr )>cn 
9Korbgcr^i<btcii; (9aunerflrci4cn^ u. fur bte 
ciigUrd^cn Soumolc). 

AccjdSn'tfl, I. adj, sufdOtg^ ttiu»cfentn<b/ aU 
9icbcnfa(bc5 — colours, PhysioU sttfdSige 
(pbt)rioIogir<bc) Sarbcni — point. Per, bcr 
accibcntclte^ttuft i II. ^ . bad dufdOigC; TCufcr: 
iD(fcnt(i(bC/ bic 9{cbcRfa4c) III. — ly, adv, 
^ufdUigcr SBcifc^ i}on ungcfdbr j unn>cfcntU<b- 

i^ccfp'i^nt, .f. bcr (Smpffingcrj Com. bcr Tit* 
ccptant^ vid. Accepter. 

^ccTp'jt^rf, J. (pi.) bic Sflattbi>6gcl. 

AccTp'jirine, adj. raubcnb, in ben (Raubtdgdn 
gcborigj — order of fowls, bie SfloubvSgcl. 

^ccliiiin', s. • bcr (Qutc fdcifaU, 3ttruf, bad 


Accl^imii'tion, jr. bcr frojlorfcnbc 3uruf, loutc 
Scifan, Srcubcnruf, bad Bujaucbjcn/Srcubcns 
gcfArci, bcr ^uSruf (bci fiffcntli^cn ffia^len, 

^cclaniVt9r)-, adj. surufcnb, jujouibjcnb. [«.). 

^ccli'ro^tfd, p. a. acclimatifirt. 

^ccirv'jty, J. bic fleilcXnto^c, Xuffajrt (cincd 
©crgcs) i Fort, bie Tfuffobrt (a56f*ung) cineS 
©aUc«. [flcigcnb, jdftc, flcil. 

^ccli'vous, adj, bctgon (dufrodrtft) gcbcnb, auf* 

Acclofed', p. a. Far. (t>,^)fcTbcn) wraagelt. 

Accplftde', .f. bie ^ccolabc, Umarmung (bei bcm 
{Ritterf(bfage)3 Afw*. bic Jtlammer (lurJBer* 
binbung mc^rcrer 8iiiicnfi)flcme)5 Com. bie 
Jtlammcr (jur i^crbinbung mc^rercr 9>ofbi;n 

^mlt i^rcm »ctragc). • 

Ac/coHe, adj. Her. angcfcbloficn. 

To ^cc5m'ai9date, v. a. cinri^tcn, bequcmcn 
(— to. na<b) i $uri(btcn, (accommobircn), auf* 
ftu^cn i apprctircn i gut(i(b (in (S iite) beilegcn^ 
f*U*tcn4 to - with ... for ... , rt(b Krglei^cn 

mit ... fur ...5 r?crfcicn, berforgcn, ((Sincm) 

ou^Ifcn (-with, mitetioad), (Strnx^ lei* 

ben 4 well a-d, bec|ttcm roobwnb. [mop. 

^ccSm'ra^d^te, adj. paffcnb; angcmefTen, gcr 

^ccftm'p^njfr, s. ber fiSegleiter, ®efclir(b<tfter j 
Mus. vid. Accompanist [3(ccompagiicmeiit. 

^ccdm'p^DinfDt, s. bic Segleitung) Mus. ba$ 

Accdm'pfjijmfBts, 9,pl. Paint. S9ci»er!e^ Her, 
SBapenoeriterungeik. [pAgntfl* 

^ccOm'pMist, s. Mus. bcr Scgicitcr, QCc(om< 

To ^ccdm'pfny, v. I. a. (Sefcafioft Iciften, U* 
gleiten j Mus. beglciten, accompogmren 4 Sea, 
gclcitcnj n. n. Mus. bcglciten, accompagui* 
ren$ (— with), fi(bgcfcacR(iU)$ beimobncn 
(cincr ^rattcnlperfon). 

^cc6ro'p9nyjng,p.a. Com. — the present (i.e. 
letter), bcige^enb; bcigefugt. 

Accom'pljce, s. ber (bie) (Witfibulbige, ber 
I^bcil^ii^^f (<^R ^n^ni SSerbretbcn). 

To ^ccfim'pljsh, V. a. au^fu^rcn^ toafu^rcni 
(cin i6crfprc(bcn, etncn ^unf(b) erfiiacui 
bcgabcti/ i>erfc^enj auSj^icren^ au^biibcn, 
ftbniucten (JTdrpcr eb. (&ei^). 

Accom'pljsh^ble, adj. aviifa^xhaxi bcr IBtv 
i^oUfommnung (TCuSbilbung) fdf^ig. 

Accdm'plished, p. a. auSgcbilbet, i^oSfommcn) 
}ierU(b j elegant) an — geotlenan, cin SOtann 
9on DoHenbeter IQdilbttng. 

Accdm'plisb^r, s. bcr fioUenbcr; JBoUfubrcr. 

Accom'plisbm^nt, s. bieiBoaenbung^ ^tt$fub« 
rung 3 ^uHung^ ^u$bilbung (i\it6rper ob. 
®eifl)5 bie JBerfibonerung/ bcr dlci}5 bte 
@igettf4aft, ^txti^Uit, berJ6orsug/ baf 3;a« 
lent J (vid. pi.). 

Accom'pljsbm^nts, s. pi. Salcntc, ^enntniflr. 

/iccdrd', s. bte Qintta^t, 6:nigFcit4 Qberetii* 
fUmmung) (au(b Paint. \>. ti^t u. ^^atten)) 
Afi^f. ber @inf(ang; Kccorbj Law^ bcr Ser- 
gleicb, Tfccorb) with one — , eiufHmmig, ein-- 
mut^igi with (of) one's own — , au6 eigcntoi 

YntdebC; i>on felbft, freimittig j Con-s. to be 

of — , acrorb (ubereinfltmmenb) feinj that 

which is of — , in £)rbnuiig G^cbcnbed. 
To Accord', V. 1. a. idberctnfltmmig ma^en. 




rrinmen, (—to, Hat) 5 in (SCnKang brinacn, 

to— (lifriciilties,04mi€nd^itcn ^cbcii) ll.n. 
ttbcretnftimmett ( — with, mit), paffcri (ju). 
Accor'dfnce, 1. W Ubercinflhnmungj in — 
vith ...» cincr @0(bc gerndf, ju Sol^c j in -- 
to ... , in Ubcrcinfitmmung mit ... 5 (QU(^ 

Accor'UfLDt, I. adj- II- — ly. adu. ubncinjlim* 
mcnb, dlcicbfdrmig, gcma^ 5 im GinHand. 

Accor'djng, prep, (cigcntl. b. pari. 0. To Ac- 
corU; — to), na(b/ 2U Solgc, gcsiaf, Iaut$ in 
Infc^ng} — tocircamstaoces,na<bl5€^<baf' 
fcnbcit bcrllmfldnbc; — to law, re^timd^ig; 
gefe^nuiftd) — to reason, bet ^entunft d^ 
188^4 — to J onr orderB, Com. Z^tcn Xuf* 
trd^cn Qcmify — M(conj.}, fo wU, jc n(ub« 
ben, infofmu 

.5ceir'd|Dgl>% ac/i bcm (bcr cb. bcRcn) qvnaf, 
Ura^i reIgU<9/ bcmnadji/ mitf^in, alfo. 

To Accuit', V'. a. anrcbcn. 

Accds't^blc, arO'. im&n^li^, umgdngUib/ dc« 
feSig, gcfprd^ig; frcnnbltcb. 

^ccws'ted, p* a. Her. bcglcitct, bcfcitct. [fcr. 

Accoacheur [ak-kd-sbar'] » 1. bcr ©cburt^^i^I* 

AcooacbBieat[ak'k<ish'-in«nt], s. bic S^itDer^ 
ftraft, Gtttbmbitng. 

Accooat', X. fc/. p/.^, btc0lc(bnung, '7^ote9 bcf. 
Com.b«$^onto j bie Scrccbnung 9 boS ISScrsctdii^ 
Ri$ >>??• bic 0lc(bcnf^aft) (Srsdblung, 3(btlbc> 
nag, 1Darft(Rang;(Srf IdntRg 9 bcr SBcriibt ^ bie 
Siai^ncbt^ bcr TCufftblup, bic 9)lcinung j ir(b« 
niBg,4>c4^f4d^ttng5ba§ :}(nfc^cn3 bcr ®cu»inn, 
Sertbcilj IBctratbt) bic Urfa^e, bcr ©runb^ 
Old or New — , Chron . bcr altc Ob. ncuc &tr)i 5 
to call to — , jur (Rcd)cnf(bttft jicjcn} to give 
(an) — , dcinuttg (9lc(bcnf(baft) ablcgcnj 
bfriibtcitj crfldrcit) of—, roi^ti^, 9onJ93C' 
bcntangi of«»— , geringfugig, nliSiU bcbcw- 
toib, nicbt^ gcUcnb5 to make—, bufur l^aU 
tat, gUnbni) bcobflcbtigcnj barauf rcd^nctij 
to Make — of, bo4f4d|cn$ to make no — of, 
gcnnfif^d^cn^ to take an — of, untcrfu^cnj 
00 — oU aus Uffa^c, wcgcn, urn ... wiUcnj 
00 (o|ion) no — , auf fcincn 'SdU, burtbau^ 
niSlU vpon all a-s, auf jcbcn %aU, in jjcbcr 
IRaiffl<^t9 inicbcrXrt) bet jcbcr @clcgcnbcit3 
writ or action of — , Law^ bic Jtlagc wcgcn 
ecnocigcrecr^Ifbrcfbnungj Coin-^. to balance 
(an) — , QoRtC fttlbircRi to bring in one's — , 
fctne 9tc4nuttg cinrcicbcii/ 01. ablegcn 9 to keep 
— , SI. fif^rtn, dknto baltcn; to open an — , 
QcntD croffncns to past to — , in 9t.bringenj 
to place to new — , ouf ncuc iR. bringcn^ to 
tarn {or to render) to — , ®cwinn bringcn, 
(dstr) 9t. gcbcRy rcnbircn $ M i^crintcrcfftren ^ 

for ~- of ... , fur dt. oon ...) for — ud risk, 
fur an. unbOefo^r j forhalf -, 01. jur^dlfte, 
(Sonto hmeta; for one's own—, fur eigene 
0t.4 OH -, auf 01., auf ^bfcblag; abf^ldgli^, 
& dontO) to pay on — , anticipanbo bc^b^cnj 
a&iablcn,abf(bldgU4 ^f^UmQixt^d^uf kifimi 
a payment on — , bic TCnticipanboiablung/ 
a (Sonto ' ^o^Iungi ber @inf(bup j an open (un- 
settled) — , cine offcnc (unbcjabUe)0l.^ (pro 
forma or) simulated — , bic cingebilbctc 01. 
(6ontosginto)5 — of charges, bic Unfofkcns 
(ob. ©pcfcn*) 01. J — of charges (of) mer- 
chandise, ba$ j)anblungg « Unf often < ^nto 5 

— of disbursements, bic ^U^age* (ob. TCtti* 
Ugen's) 9iota$ — of exchange, bod SBe(b(el* 
ob. 6ambio«6ont09 — of insurance, bic TCf^ 
fecurani *0l.j — of moveables, ba$ OXobilien* 
6ontOj -^ of reexchange, bie 0lu(ft»e4fcl« 
(0licambio«) Bt.i — (of) sales, bie Serf auf* 
rcdiiRungj — of settlement, bic @4Iuprc4« 
nungi —book, ba$ ^-i'Sdn^, (Sontobudj^j 

— current, bie Ittufcnbc 01., Son<o s(5orrcnt, 
bcr 0l-fi*^uSjugj — current book , baft 

To ^ccoiint', V. 1. a. in 0lc(%nung bringcn j j?gr. 
cra(btcn,mcinen,bafur ^alten (sum. mit upon) ; 
to — to ... , CCbircn an...* (virf. b. fi. To As- 
sign); II. n. rc4ttcn,sd^lcn3 sufammenre^' 
mn, abrcrbnciw to— with one, mit Sincm^u* 
fammcnrcd^ncn, fitb berc(bncn mit ...4 M ))er« 
ftdnbigcn^ to-for, 0lt(bcnf(baft (furgtwaft) 
gcbcnj Dcrantwortli* fcin (flebcn) fflr ...5 
ben ®runb angebcn )oon ... . 

Accodnt^bil'jty, j. bie SSerantmortIi(bfcit. 

Accodn't^ble, I. ai^j. (jur 0tc4cnr(baft) \>er* 
pflid^tetj (— to, (Sinem) »crantn)ortU(b (— 
for, fur etwa^) $ — for, inel. crfldrbori 
II.— ness, ^ bic J9Scrantioortlid^l^cit. 

AccuQn't^nt, x.bcr 0lc(bnungftfu^rcr, SBucbbal'' 
tcrj Somptoiriflj a-s, ^erfonen, mitbencn 
man in 0lc(^nung fielit j — general, bcr Sap 
prcr ob. oberfle 0te(bnungft^^rcr im«^anilci« 
gcriibtsjof 9 — general office, baft oberfle 

^«c6ints', s, (pL », Account, qu.^ Corns, 
merchants' — , bic faufmdnnifd^c S3u(bftal« 
tung9 book of — current, baft ©controbuib) 

— agreed upon, bcr 0tc(bnungftabr4^Iup 9 
giving up of — , bic QCblcgung oon 0lc^nun* 
gcn^ to settle — , 0lc(bnungen abf(blicfcn$ — 
are kept in ... , man rc(bnct na4 ••• • 

To Accdfi'tre, v*a. MU, k Mar. auftruftcn9 Ottf* 
pu^en, auftf(bmu(fcn, auftflattcn, auftflafjtren. 

^ccdu'trem^nt, f. Mil. bie @oIbatcnruflung, 
baft deug5 bcr QCnsug, ^u^, @taat9 col. a(t- 
mobifcbc ob. ungcmobnlicbc ^^ra^t. 




^ccdd'trem^ntB, «.p/.3terat(en^ {Beriterungen. I 

To ^ccrSd'jt, V. a. M. Uqhubi^tn, beDoIl'| 
mWligen (cinen SKmifler) 5 Oom.accrebitiren. 

Acer^Bfe^nU p* a. bef. Bot. ottioa^fenb, iune^« 
menb. [tation. 

AccreM, Accressiment, s. Mvs, rid, Aogmen- 

^ccre'tlon, s. Bot & Phy. ber fBa^St^um, bte 
TCn^dttfiing, ba^ 3ttne|men (etnes ^orpers^ 
ic.)9 right of— , Laio,ba63nn>Q4fttn9&red^t. 

^ccre'tjve, adj. Bot ft /%y. gune^menb; toad): 
fenbj — motioD» bie sune^mcnbe fBetoegung 

^CGri]ii{Da'tion, s. vid. Crimination 

To ^ccrOach', v. a. 04 miberrteAtU'^ bem2(^< 
tigen, iueignen, on ft* bringen, an Mvtiftn, 

To ^ccrde', v. n. auS @tn)a> enffle^en, ermadft* 
r^n ) jnwad^fen/ ^insttfommen; sufaUen. 

^cciim'b^ncy, j.ber liegenbe (Ietnenbe)3ufianb. 

^cc'bm'bf nt, adj. ^Qlb Itegenb, fi^enb, le^nenb. 

To ^ccG'mQtate, o.l. a. (dufen, an^dufen^auf^ 
^iufcn^ n.n. ft4(dufen^iune^men,n)Q(^ren 
^g. iune^men (im (Suten ob. ©fifcn)^ a-d 
treason, Lcew, tilt aU Derftbtebencn ISerbre^ 
fi^en infammen enoad&fener $o4^errat^. 

^ccfi'mttl^te^adj. gufammendcf^duft; ange^uft. 

^ccGniGlii'tion, s. bte ^dufung, in^dufung 
bcr^attfc5 I^w-s. bie Xn^dttfung mcjrercr 
tmter in ciner ^crfon 5 bas 3«fttmmnitre|fcn 
©crf^icbener Umjldnbe jn einem IBewcife. 

^cefl'uiQt^trve, I. adj. an^dufenbj ange^dvft) 
U. — ly, adn. (Qnframeife j an^dufenb. 

Accfi'mulatpr, s. bet Tln^dufcnte, «ermctrtr. 

^c'cGr^ey, *. bie (SenauigPdt, yfinftli4>fcit. 

4c'ciir9te, I. adj. II. — ly, adv. genau, ri(^tfg, 
pfittWi*/ forgfdttig 5 genou bcflimmt 5 o^nc 
gfebrerj most — ly, auf* ®enauefle| III 
— ncss, *. t>id. Accuracy. [fd^ttlbbclaben^ 

^ccfir't^d, p.a.:^&* wrwfinWt, rcrnittlcbeft. 

^LociS'sable, adj. anf logbttr, flrafbar (of, n>egen). 

AccQ'f^nt, s. Law, ber Ofn^dger, itidger. 

XccQfa'tion, s. bie Tfnnage, iScf^ulbigung^ 
JWagc (»or (Sertd^tV 

^ccfi'fatfve (— case), s. Gram. bcrOTccufotio. 

Accfi'^^tivcly, adv. Gram. al6 ^ccufati»5 ben 
Qfccttftttio betrcffenb. 

AccQ'^atory, adj. eine Jtlageent^ttltenb ob. ^cx-. 
urfoienb i — libci,bicJtIagf(brift,9!e*ttfIoge 

To ^cciife', v. a. onflagcn, beWulbigen (—of 
a thing, loegen einer @a4fe)) tobeln^ mifhiU 
ligen. [jDcnunctant, bie 2Cnf (dgerinn, k. 

AccfFf^r, s. ber TCnfldger^ ^(dgcr, bef. Laic, 

To ^cciis't^m, v. a. ge»o^nen (— to, an). 

^Locus't^med, p. a. gewo^nt^ ge»5(nt j gemobn* 
U<b/gebrdu4It4$ a shop wed — , Com. cin 
(oon Jhinben) ftarf befu*ter 8aben. 

urn dn |)aar; beina^ei not an -, ni^t bal 

5Winbeflei — ^point, ber Offpunft (bieCeite 

be& fiBiirfeld; morattf baft ICf fte^t). 
^c^phVlous, adj. fopfloS, ^auptloft. 
^cerb', adj. berbe (im ^efAmatf); bitter, 

fhrenge, f*orf j^ig. rauj, fhrenge, ^art, f*orf. 
To Acer^bate^v.a. berbe macben 5>Sg.t>erbittem. 
^Lcer'bity, s. ber b^rbe ®ef4nia<f, bie {)erbig« 

UiU fig. bie ^drte, ©trenge, OlauW«t (ber 

(Semittb&art ob. ber 6itten). 
>lcer'|c, adj. jumTCborn ge^firig^ vom YJorn j 
^— acid, Chem. bit Xb<>i'nfdure. 
Ac'^roDs jAc^rOse', adj. Bot-s. fpreuortig, 

nabelffirmig) —leaves, Stabeln. 
Ac^rvil'tion a. bie Hufbdnfttng. 
Aces'c^ncy, s. bic ©ducrliibfeit (Keigung jur 

6dure)4 6dure, &d)^vft, 
^^c^s'cf nt, adj. faucr werbenb, fduernb. 
^cSs'ceDts, s. pi. iDinge, bie %t^t fouer merben. 
AcetKl/lllvni, s.Anat. bie$fanne$ Bot. etne 

Krt bed Se(berf(bn>amme6 (Petiza) ; Zoot. 

vid* Cotyledons. 

X'cettte, *. Oiem. ba» efHgfaure 6aU,QCcctat. 
A^cHlLi^d, adj. (Item, cfftg^gefduert, fducrlirb. 
Aci'tj^m [Sk-g'-shi-^m] , s. Lair,bie3un>eifung 

ber ©(babencrfaoKage an bie Queen's-Bencb. 
Ac^JtTc. adj. Chem. ©ffig ent^altenb, acetifib i 
Acetite, s.vid. Acetate. [— acid, Gfjigfdurc. 
Acdtcsc', adj. ©dure ent^altenb, fduerli<b/ 

fauer) f4arf. 
Ae€td«'|t>', s. bie ©duerli*?eit, ©dure. 
.^ce'toas, adj. (cfPg*) faucr, fduerlid^. 
Ac^'tMni, s. Chem. bcr ffieineffig. 
To Agbe [ak], v. n. [(bmerjenj vid. To Akc. 
A?he (impr. Ach), s. bcr ©dj^merj » wW. Akc; 

Bot bie ^eterflliei — bone, i4na^ba6^i(ft« 

Icb'Sron, j. Myth, bcr IC^bcron "(Xraumfluf) j 

» bad ©(battcnrei<b/ bic Unteneelt, .^dffe. 
^chlev'^bie, adj* audffi^rbar, t(unli(b/ m$gli(b. 
To Achieve', v. a. audffibi^en, toObringen; su 

©tanbe bringcnKmd(fam)ern>erben,befoms 

men, erlangen$ bat>ontragen (ben ©ieg), gc» 


.f chieve'mf nt, jr. bie Tfudfubntng; IBoKenbung ) 
* ^elbentbat, (»vt>ttf)aUfig. bad (grope) ® erf, 

^eugnifj ^^r. bad (bur^ rii()mU(be X^a^ 

ten erworbene) SBapcn. [rwficr. 

^chie\V» s. ber «onbringer5 ©rroerber^ »e« 
^jhn'lcs, s. 7((bineft(aR-n.)j -teBdo,>lwrtf. 


A{b'iys, s. Med. bie Xugent)crbttn!elttng. 
A'cbpr, s. Med. bcr ^il^fiborf, Ynfpntng. 
Ashr^mSt'jc, adj.Opt farbenloft, acbromatifib i 

Ace , *. bad 7C§j ®rdn 5 bie iSxM (auf ® urfeln — glasses, o^rcmatifiie ©Idfer (bei ©piegef- 
ob. Jfarten) ifig. bie .If leinigf e it ^ within an — , || fernr^^ren). 




AcTc'ttlfr, BoU k Mm. I. adj. nabc(f6nntg, 

Jpi^ulaufenb; II. ado. nit ^abeln. 

Ad^d, Chem, I. ad)- fttuer, ^crbei IT. s. bic 

^©terej «-«, p/. 6anren. [tcnb. 

Acidif^roDs, rjAem. ae^f. foucr, 6dure ent^al^ 

iLcfdjfi'^ble, adj. fduerbar. 

AcTdifjcil'tion, #. CTiem. bU @2uerdnd^ 

Acid'lfif r, s. diem. Ur €5durenbilber. 

ToiJLad'i^, o.a. ffivcm, fautt ma^en^ Client. 

Js einc ©dare wrwanbeln. 

AddTn'eter, s. Qiem. ber ^dsrenmefTer. 

A^^idTst, J. bcr ^cibifl (tZfnf^ditger bcr c^emif^' 
mebt|titi(^en ^^re ton Un 6ditren). 

Jlcid'lty, Ac'idn^u, j. bie ©dure, Tfcibitdt. 

Acid'iilas, j. p(. bcr ©auerbrunnen. [fduem 

To Acidulate, t?. a. Chem. fduerliif; maiden, 

Aad'glous, adj. Oiem. fdttcrlit^. 

Acioa'ceous [— sh^s] , adj. vid. Acinose, &c. 

tcioa^iforni, adj. Bot. fdbelf5rmid. 

Acrni'lform, adj. Anat. traubenf^rmig 5 — tu- 
nic, bie Xrauben^attt be$ TfugeS. 

Aetoose', Ac'inoas, adj. Min. fornig. 

Vjo«fi* *• Sot. bie emjelne ©cere ber gufam* 
oenscfe^ten 95eerenfrii(i^te, g. ®. ber Srom« 

To AcknSwH^dge, v. a. (p5r gfiltig) oncrfens 
noL, agnofciren, rccognofrircn^ befennen, tin- 
%tfk}^ 5 fur etroae erf enntli* fetn, cr?ennen 5 
to — the receipt (of a letter) , ben ^mpfang 
(eiacS IBriefc^) anjef gen. 

licknowi'f d^^dly, adv. anerfannntermafen. 


Ackoowl'^d^m^nt, s. bie QCncrfennung, Lair, 

ma^tn (— witb,mit); benatn^tigeB (—of* 
con). [ber (bie) ^efannte 

Acqui&in't^nGe, s. bie Sef anntf^oft 9 Jtenntnif $ 

Acquain'tfd, p. a. bcfannt (— witb^mit)) un» 
terri#tet(— of, wn). 

^Acqa^sf,§ enoorbeneQut^bic^robrrung. 

To Icqajescc' [ak-lKwi-&'] , tj.n. (— in) , M 
bcru^igen 0>ti)i jufriebcn fcin (mit)5 einioil- 
ligen, M ffisen (in). 

Acquies'c^nce, t. bie 6inioiaiguttg , 3uflim« 
mvLH^i Srgcbung, ^gung (— in, in). 

Acqojcs'c^nt, adj. nac^gtebtg 

^qqujr'fble, adj. ermerbbor, erlangbar. 

TdAcq jire', v.a. erwerben, erUngen 5 erreicjen 5 
lernen, erlemen. 

^cquTre'ra^nt, s. bie ^noerbung, (Srlangungj 
bie bur^^cif enoorbene ^df^igfeit ob.Ser< 

Acqul'r^r, s. ber (Srwerber. [tigfcit. 

Acqni^i'tion, s. bas @rmerben, 6noerbnip^ 
bie ©nwrbung^ (Srlcmnng^ ba* erioorbene 
®nt5 ber Tfnfaufj bie ^cft^ntt^me, ©robe* 
rung 5 — of glory, erworbcnc €^rc. 

Acqu^jtivc, I. adj. erroorbcn, crlongt^ II. 
— ly, adv. Gram. Qnjeigenb, baf cin 3cit»ort 
to Ob. for na^ fi^ W' 

AcqnVitifven^ss, s. Pfiren. ber erwcrbJfinn. 

To^cqnif, v.a. befrcien, freifpre(6en/lo6fpre« 
(^enjcrlQJfen, quittinn^ to ~ one's self of a 
tbing*, pij^ cincr ©oti^c cntlcbigcn, to — an 
obligation, cineJ^crbinblt^Feit erf&Uen) eine 
SBo^lt^at erfcnnenj. to — (one's self of) a 
debt, einc ©*ulb obtrogen> to — one of a 
debt, @incm eine ©c^ulb erlaffens paid and 

ICgnition, SUccognition 5 ba§ S5c!cnntnip (einc§ a-ed, beja^lt unb quittirt. 

Se^Ier^)) bie entf*ulbigung5 ber ©inpfang: 

f4eitt» L««, {RecognitionSfdJeinj bie ^ta^ 
^pfdngSttnieigcj (a-s) , bie @r!cnntli(jf eit. 
Wme. s.fig. ber ®ipfel, ^6*flc ^unW j Afed. 

bie ^citflc JCrifiS ciner ^ranf^cit. 
Ic'nc, s. Med, bic ffilut^c int ®efi*t. 
A'co, jr. kh. bie ©arbcHc. [f arbicncr, 5Wef ner. 
^coK^tAist, Ac'plfte, s. Ecc. ber Kfolut^, TiU 
Ac'onite, *. Bot. bic S5olfg»urs, baS gifen^iit* 

leiui * ein tobttid^cd (Sift. [natter. 

^Acon'tiajt [a-kCn'-shj-gis], s. Zool. bic ^feiU 
A'a?rn, a. iit (Sidftli Mar. ber glugclfnopf. 
A^c^rned, adj. ©(^eln trogenb J Her. (cine 
_©4J&e) mit ®(i^eln loerfe^en. 
A'c^nis, s. Bot. ber J^almuSj Nat. bie blauc 

XavaUi 5 Med. ber grof c ® olgant. 
\cod'st|c a<^. ohiflifdjj — duct, Anat. bcr 

anferc @e^5rgang $ — instrument, ba5 

eprod^ro^r, Jf>6rro^r, 
Aco&'stics, Phy. bicTCfuflif, ©^aUlcJrC; 

(Se^ifunbe $ Med. Qe(5rarsneien. 
To .^cquaiut', t'. a, (— one, ^incn) befannt 1 

.^cquit', s. (fronj.) Com. bie ELuittung j per— , 
(auf bejo^ltcn «Bc*feIn 11. flle*nungen) be* 
Stt^t/ er^alten. [fprec^ung. 

Acqurt'tal, 8. Laufj bic grcifprc(6ung , SoS» 

Acquyt't^ncc, s. bie ©cfreiung (i>on einer^er* 

'binbli*feit)5 Corns. bie:Xbjo^lung^ £Lttit« 
tungf sum of—, ba& TCbftnbungSqnantum; 
bie TCbflnbungSfumme^ — in Mi of all ac- 
counts, bie (^eneralquittung. 

Vcrc, s. ber SKorgen, ^dicr EanbeS (4840 
£tuabrat«S)<ii^^^)^ an — of rupees, einSad 
(100,000) SHupien 4 -shot, -tax, bic ® mnb* 
ftcuer (no* bcm TCdfcr). [i>crm6gcnb. 

A'cred, p. a. col. ©runbeigent^ttw beft^enb, 

AcrSme', s. ^e^n ^orgen Sanbe«. 

Ac'rjd, hadj. f*arf,bcifenb,tcrbe j ll.-ness, 

J. bie 0<*drfe, IBitterteit, ^erblg?eit. 

AcrfniO'nious, I. adj. II. — ly, ado. f^txht, 
bitter J fig. ftrcng, beipenbj HI. -ncss. .*. 

j)id. b. f. «B. 

Ac'rjra^ny, 3. bie ©(Jdrfe (e«er ©nbftonDi 

fig, bie ©ittcrfeit; ©trenge, .^eftigfeit. 




AcVjtftde, s. biee^firfc, ^erbightt M &o 

Acr^tmiXt'tc (<-cal), adj. Pk. ge^etm^ ctnge^ 
wei^t, grfin^t^ ^tUf^tt, efoterif^. [ter^ol^e. 
i^crc'inidn, s. Anat baft ^omion^ bte B^uU 
^crttn'lc ^crdn'ic^l (Acronycai), adj. AsU 
ahomf4» (eigentL ahoiii)4if4). 
Acrfta'jG^liy, adv. Axt. %vx afromf^ea 3(it 
i (/rpupire, s. Bot. httStdm (bef. dneft €$omen« 
Jotna Mfet ber 6rbc), bad (»JattO gcbcr* 
Ac'rpspTred, p. p. & a. fetmenb. [djieit. 

^cr&ss', I. adv. (reuitoeifej with arms — , mtt 
i>erf4rdn!ten ^nnen f^^g. totbvi^ unglfictlicb 9 
n. pr«p. querilber, quer ob. mitten butfb*^ 
^crdft'tjc, FioeU I. J. baft ICfrofH^on ^amen« 
gebi^t)) n. adj. vid. b. f. SB. 
Acr5s'tic«l, I. adj. afrofHf(b4 n. —ly, adv. 
qUidf einem KfrofH^on. [vid. b. f. iEB. 

AcrptC'rf a, j.p/.ilnat. hit (SxtttXtdtiUm Arch. 
ii/r^t^rf , *. p^ Arch, fleinc niebrigc gup gc* 
fteUe am JDad^dtebelj beftgl. bie barauf fle^en- 
ben Stlbf&ulen. 

To Act, V. I. n. I^anbeln/ iu 8Ber!e ge^en^ n>tr« 
fen Mo — vpon certain principles, nad^ ges 
wiffen ©runbfd^cn (anbeln^ to — np to an 
order, einem S^efe^te gcmS^ (anbelnj II. a. 
in Setoegung fe^en, (bie X^dtig!eit) beftim< 
men^ tretben; (eiten^ auffu^rcn (ein Sweater 
(Wc()j fptelen, borfleHcn, (a part, einc fftoUt) 
jjebenjpielcn^agirenj to — oat of character, 
anft feiner {XtoQc faQcn. 

Act, J. ( baft£>anbelnj bic^anblung; 
Xi^ati ber Gibritt^ baft ®et^ane4 ber @trei4 9 
bie SEBirnicbfeit^ ber Xuf^ug (Xct eineftS^ea* 
terftitdfeft)4 Laio,bte8er^anbInnd^^cte5 Pari, 
berSefd^tuf)^ baftjDecret^bteXcte (baft &ts 
fet$ Ac. bie iDiftpntation) ber TCctuft (Sffentl. 
fe(erU(be |>anblun8)9 Law, baft Snflrumcnt, 
S>ocument4 in — , totrfli^^ im^Begrif 4 in the 
very — , auf fri^er Zfy^U to put into — , in 
^nftfS^ning bringen^ vermirtUtben; — of a 
student ia divinity, Ac. bie t^eotOdtfcbe 3n« 
anguralbiftputation i — of faith, Fxc. baft 
Yutobafe) a-a of penance, iSuffibungen^ 
Com. k Law, ~ of abandonment, bie 6efa 
flonftactej — of cassation, baft (Saffationft' 
urt^etl^ — of honour, bie 3ttten>entionft< 
actej 9?ot^abrefre$ — of grace, vid. lasol- 
vency (act of—); — of navigation, bte 9Ja« 
©igatfottftactej - of oblivion, bicTfmnc^ei 
— of settlement, bte X^ronfolgeacte. 
Ai/tfng.p.^.Aff. baft^anbeln, SEBirhn^ €Jpie» 
len (eineft 8<battfpielerft) i bonbelnb i — burgo - 
master, ber amtffi^renbe (regierenbc) ©urge* 
mriflerj -partner, Cbm. ber »ir«i(beWocl^. 
Ac'tjnollte, 8. Min. ber etra^Iflein. | 

Actln^lit^ic, adj. flrablfleinartig. 

Ac'tion, s. bie ^^dttbtung^ zlati i%. bie 
%Btrhtng5 Poet, bie {)aupt|anb(ung (eineft 
®ebi(btft)5 Rhet. baft Ocberbenfpiel (hdta 
iBortragX bte TCctionj Patnt. & Sculp, bie 
^altung, ©tettung (einer gigur), berTfct^ 
Pliy^; Laic- j. bie Jtlagefacbe, (ge= 
ri<btlt4c) Jtiage) baft itlagere^tj MU. baft 

' IKreffen, ©cfedj^tj Com. vid. pi. ; to be in — , 
mirfen^ in S9en>egung fein^ fit fur — , ju ©c^ 
Wdften gcWidPti full of -, gef*fiftig, t^dtigj 
gefUcuIirenb) Laws, to bring (enter or lay) 
an — against one, S^wianb geri(btliib belan* 
gen J to hold a-s, procefitrcnj (; an 

— upon appeal, bieXppcUationftMagcj — for 
debt, bie @(bulbnage$ —on policy, bcrXf' 
fecuransprocepi an — for trespass, einepein- 
Ud^t ^lage. 

Ac'tionablc, I. adj. 11. — ly, ado. eine gerlcbt^ 
liibcJTIage suIafTenb, flagbar, belangbar^pro^ 


Ac'tion^ry, A'ctionist, s. (frang.), Com. bet 
^ctienbefi^cr, ^ctiondr j 3(ctien^dnbler, ef= 
fecten^dnbler 4 society of actionaries, bie 


Ac'tionf , s. pi. Physiol, bie ^ctionen (Serri4« 
tungen) ber lebenben JC6rperi (frans.) Com. 
3(ctien, :2(nt^eilfd^eine4 to hold — , Xbefl^cn. 

To Ac'tjvSte, V. a. inSJdtigfeit fe^en, in ®ang 

J®e»egung) bn'ngcn, roirffam ma^en. 

Ac'tive, adj. t^dtig, njerh^dtig, betriebfam^ 
wirffam, wirfenbi Icb^aftgefibdftig^ be^cnb, 
gc»anbt5 ipvaHi\^i Oram, actio? Corns.— 
capitiil, — property, baft eigene ®enn6gen 
(eineft ^aufinanneft) an barem®elbe,®rttnbs 
fWrfcn; SBaaren, fiBe^fcln, ici ICctiMi — 
commerce, ber ictic^anbcl; ^uftfubr^anbelj 

— debts, Xcti»f(bulben, (anftfte^cnbe) ©d^ul* 
ben 5 — property of a bankrupt, bie SRaffc 

^eineft gaUiten 9 —verb. Gram. baftOTctioum. 

Ac'tjvely, adv. O^M^, wirFfami gef(bdfHg j in 
ber Zf^ati Gram, alft Q(ctit>um^ tmiQ. 

Ac'tjven^s, s. vid. b. H. Activity. 

Activ'jty, s. bie ZW^Mt, aetriebfamfcit, 
(3ef4)dftig!ett;SBirffamfeitj in full-, in i>ol« 
lem (Sanger feaUof— , Jlunflflfi(fe5 sphere 

^ f — , ber ©irfungftPreift. 

Ac'tpr, .f. ber^anbelnbe^X^dter j 0<baufpieIer 9 

^Xnmalt (imGiDilprocefTe). [©^aufpielerinn. 

Ac'tr^ss, s. nic Janbclnbe weibli^e ^crfon 5 

Acts, s. pi. Bibl. (— of the apostles), bie 
QfpofleIgef(bi4te^ Laws, bie Ycten^ diecbtft^ 
f(briftcn5 — of parliament, bie f)arlamentft« 
acten (©tatnten beft Jt5nigrei*ft) j - of God 
and the King's (Queen's) enemies, (in IDccu>- 
menten) 1)6(erc 3Ka(bt 




A</tii«l [ik-tsliM*]> I. ae(;.t^iti09»irQulft9||To^dXpt',v.a.a»pftfitnbma4Ktt/anpAf^^ 
9C9ai»£rtt9,ic^i9$— cauteriet^SifTg.etgentcl loenbcn (—to, anf)5 to become a-ed to. 

ii^t Sreitnmittcli —debt, nirflt^e @4ttl< 

kh; " icrt iec bcf. Mti. bcr loirf (t^e SXenft? 

- itatc of natters, bic 3citQmfldnbe/ 6on« 

InKturcii) II'— ly» adv. in berX^at. with 

li^i dC9Cil»artid4 B^pply — on hand; Com. 

AduSfity [-^thfi-], s. hit fgirnic^fcit 
Ac'tn?!^, '• bcr Tfctaann^, 9)rotoconift/ {RegU 

flratcr, (Ocri^td «) ©i^rcibcr 4 cbicf — of a 

firm, r^jR. bcr trfte Ocf^^ftsffitrcr. 
To Ai^ste, v.a. inSdotgung ob.S^dtigfett 

fc^oi, in Gang brindCH; ontrcibcn, ixtiUm 

ad bj ... , on^etricbcn t^on ... . 
Actsftios, s. bic aBirfang, loirfettbc itraft 
Aci1d9t«* AcS'<€ftt^, adj. & p. a. £ot. fta^C^ 

119, fi^d^ ^<^' ">tt ciiicm eta(^cl vcrft^. 
\caOB, «.p/. ao^ A Zooi. eta^cln. 
Aefm^a, x. bit fi^arfc €^pt^C5 A^ bte 6(4^arfs 

To.fcu'0|B9te, V* L a. sixf|>i|en, f^drftn (aii4 

;^.)) li. n. M ^d^t^^mig cr(cbcn< 
^eS'mlii^e, 4ca^}n&led, adj, & p. a. f^arf 

AcoBina'tion, #. bad 3ttfpi^cn$ bic Marfe 
09i^5 ^- bic 6<^rffuintdfcit. 
.^dHB^ons, adfj. f|>t^tg. 
Idte', l.a^'. II. -4y, o(/v. fptttd/f<&<^^r^ ^<^'' 
fi^9S Mm. f*arf , ^cU^ ^. WarfRimifi, 
faui —accent. Gram, bcr TCcutKftj — an- 
galar, fptbWinnig) — disease, Med. tint 
W^gc itranf^cit 4 111. — ness, s. bic 6pi^ig= 
fat5©*drfci J5g. bcr e4K»rf|lntt,bic 0(Wrfe, 
Scin^t, j>rftigfctt/^nfU (cincr JtraK{^cit)5 

— of discovery, cine ftaxh UnterWcibimgl* 
hafti — of the eye, bic Gi^drfe bc$ QbtfiM^ 

— of sounds, bic e^drfe bcr Xonc^ — of 
vit, btc 64arfft4^tigfcit 

Ad [5d], /^f. prep. na(!ft9 — libitum, nA4 

^tkitcbcni — v€Uorem, m^ bcm IBcrt^c. 

Ad'^ge, #. ba« 6pri4^mort, bic !0{(uctme. 

.^da^giO, Mus. 1. 1. ba6 Xbogio 5 !!• adv. abagio^ 
Itogfiaiii unb fanft. 

Ad'fm, «. Xbam (^-n.)j -*s-apple, Bot. & 
Anat. bcr X-6apftI) — 's eartb, bic 7f-§« 
crbc, jDnnuidccncr Grbe; — s needle, bic 

Ad'aaant, s. ber ^tamant, ^cmant. [artig* 
kim^utef^m adj. ^art micSManuint, bcmant^ 
Ad^nJIii'tine, adj. bcmantcn i fig- tinacrft^rbar^ 
^nuniflMi^}— spar, Afin.bcrSDtamdntfpattf. 
Ad'9tBjc-earfV,#. Gc«)/.cor. bicabamif4c6rbC/ 
.Slct^Icrbc, cngUr^c Grbc. 
AdMaG'Bff, s. Bot. ber Saobabbanm, Yffcn^ 

tertrant merben mit... , M ^tto6intn an . 

Adaptfbn'jty, s. bic tXn»enbbar!cit; ^af U4' 

Adap'tfble, adj. Ottn>enbbar. [Hit 

id9pta'tion, s. bie QCnpaffutts, QCnibenbun<)9 
bad Xnpafl^ 

i^dSp'tion, s. vid. b. b. Adaptation. [!0{u«Um 

^d'^tjs, s. Com. cine Tfrt fciner c^inbif^n: 

/idfijy, adv. now — , f^tut ju Zaqt, \t%t 

To Add, V. 1. a. ^iniu^an; ^iniufugen, beifugen 
(— to, )it)$ betf^Ucfcn^ nact^tragen^ (bete 
gc^lcnbe) ergdnjen^ntt^saWcn^ (to— to)»er» 
mc^renj (to — up) abbircn^ to — the in- 
terest to the capital, 3infen s«in Gopital 
f^lagen^ ll.n.^insnfbnanen, bcmie^rcn) this 
a-8 to my grief, ba» bcrme^rt QUincn ihiilis 
mer^ — to this, (ier^u hmmt no4/ boiu 
UmmU a-ed to, nebft. 

Ad^d^ble, ndj. i[>emte^rbar4 vid. Addible. 

Ad'dftis, Ad'd^ties, s. vid. Adatis. [jc^ten. 

To^ddlc'jmate , v.a. Law, ben3c^ntcn ae^men; 

Addenda [qtddenMfi], pi. Lit madftXQ%t. 

Addendum [^dd^n'dijim], s. Lit ber^ttfa^; 
Kn^ong, 9ttt*trag (eincd «Berfc«) j gem. pi. 

Ad'd^r, J. Zooi. bic flatter j -bolt, -fly, Efkt 
bie ^ibcUe, ©rcitjungfcri -stung, bon einn 
SRotter gefloibcn j Bot-*.— s-grass, badittta* 
benfroutj -'s-tongne, bic SRttttcrjunge^ -s- 
wort, bie ^atterwurj. 

Addjbil'ity', s. bic «ermc^rbarfeit. 

Ad'djble, ad), socrmc^rbar, iufugbor. 

Ad'djce, 8, vid. b. it. Adz. 

To Addict, V. a. wibmcn, wei^cn^ to — ones 
self, fiif crgcbcn, p* fiberlaffcn (— to vice, 
Ac bem 5iaf[er, u.). 

Addfc'tion,*. baSSBibmcn, bicSBibmung j ^« 
gebung, 3'icigttng, ber ^ong (- to, ju). 

AdMjng, p. p. (t>.To Add); — chnrges or ex- 
penses, Com. mit Snbcgriff ber epefen. 

/kddi'tion, s. boS 4>insut^iin9 bicSeifftgnng) 
Ut bcr 3nfaft Cjn cinem «Berft)5 >ie Stanb^ 
gloffci bcr3uroa*e, bic«ermc^rung5 vulg 
cin fort^cilittftcrSufa^, ^itvatf^i Arith.\iit 
TCbbitionj Mus. ber ^anH (ncben ber «ote 
aU»erI4ngenmgeiei*cn)j Aou?, ber S'leben* 
titcl (©eifa^ jttra«or* ii.3unttmcn)j Her. 
bttS ©eijci^enj ^i^- ber 3uftt^4 Com. ber 
»tt(bWup, :ttbf*mtt. 

^ddftiQO^, adj. ^in}ttgcfebt;t)enne^rt,er(6(t, 
na*trdgli*4 — happiness, cin 3tt»a*i an 
©IfidPj Com. k Law, — charges, bieJ^eben* 
fcfhn, atcbcttftefen^ — (and conditional) 
clause, ber 3ufQ^arti£e(, bie 3ufa^urfmtbe9 
— credit, bcr eupplementarcrcbit^ - duty 




or tax, bet er^d^te 3olI/ blc S^a^fleuer^ — 
freight, bie S^Q(^t}ul09e$ — payment, ber 
9fac^f4uf. [^anggOKift 

^ddftionqtlly, ado. aU 3ufa^/ aid ^u^aht, an* 
id'ditrve, adj. ^insufc|bar, f)tnsufugcttb. 
ia'djt^ry, adj. Denuc^renb, ocrgr5f crnb. 
AdMie (Addled), adj, leer, unftui^tbar, foullB/ 
terborbeni — egg, bad SBinbcij cols. — 
brained, —beaded, — patcd, Ieer(5pf{g, leer, 
^irnlod, ipinbig, unbefonncnj — brains, - 
pate, bcr bumme, einfdltidtSRenfd^/^nfaUd: 
pinfcM — plot, bcr epielverberber. 

^dddrf'ftd, p.a.Her. audwdttd (mit bent Mdtn 
gegen einanbcr) gefe^rt. 

To ^ddrW, V. a, (— one's self to), (ft4 anS^' 
manb)n>enbcn, (@tn>a9 ani^n) rif^teii) (au4 
im pdnbtf(^en Ginne) eine QfbrefTe, einGefu^ 
etad?f»en, eincn Xntrag fttUtm suelgnen, an^ 
Rben) to --goods (to,@mem) SBaarcn fen 
ben (cottlloniren)^ to — a letter, eincn ©rief 
abrefflrcn* to — papers, f)apicre fiberfdSircis 
ben Mo — the king (the Senate), ft4 f4rift« 
It4 an ben Mnx^ (an ben 6$enat) menben j to 
— a lady, ciner IDame bcn{)of ma^cn^ a-ed 
bill, Com. bcr SDomicil*fi!Bedi^fel. 

Address', s. btc Q(nrcbc5 (Singabc, i99ittf4nft3 
JDanWrift, ©anfabreffe^ i'ari. bfe ^ntwor:: 
ten, mcl^e bem Goubcrain auf btc S^ronrebc 
f«rift 5 7Cuff*rift (<f ncS «rief c6, K.)/ ^breffe 5 
bie (Bemanbt^eit, &c^d^idli^hit, Sim^i bcr 
Xnflanb, bu{>altnng, badSene^mcn, btc!DU« 
nier, ^bendart 5 Sicbedbcmcrbund (gem. pi.) 9 
to pay one's a-es to, M bewerbcn «m, (— 
a lady, eincr^amc) ben^of ma^cn) to make 
one's — to one, ^incn attreben, M (about 
a thing, roegcn @tn>ad) an 6incn »enben 5 
Corns, to forward to one's — , an 3«niattbcd 
(ob. na(» IfbrclTc beflcKen laffcnj — in case 
01 need, ICbreffc auf ben 92ot^fan. 

^ddress'^r, j.^nct, bet dnc TTbrefTe fibcrrei<Jt 5 
bcr IBtttftcQer) bcr, »eI4)er eine Tfnrcbe ^dlt. 

To Adduce', v. a. beibnngen (IBcmetfe bur4^ 
3en9en, ac.)5 anfiijren (©*riftflcllen, w.)/ 
auffitOen (cine ^utoritdt, ic.). 

AddH'c^nt, adj. Anat. aniic^cttb, {ufammcns 
$ic^enb5 — muscle, bcr TCnjie^mudM. 

^ddQ'cjbie, adj. anfd^rbar^ anjie^bar. 

Adduc'tion, s. Anat. bte TCnjic^ung^ Ltf. btc 
Xnfa^mng (ciner 0*rtftflene, k.). [genb, 

Addfic'tlve, adj. ()eTunter^olcnb, feeruntcrbritts 

i^ddiic'tpr, s. Anat ber QTngle^rauSfcI, Xnjie* 
^er, ICbbttctor. 

id'«b, s. Com. tin dg^ptifcl^ed (Bcmi^t Don 210 
okes }n 3 rotolos, nngef. 2 jDra^mcn meni* 
gft, aU ein englif^ed |>fttnb. 

Ad^lfnta'dQ,^. (fpan.) ber ©tatt Jotter (in einet 
Ad'ciaide, *. :jfbeljcib (g-n.). »wini). 
Ad«li'n?, s. Xbeline (g-n.). 
ilLd^mp'tion, s. Law, hit aBcgnaJme, ©crou* 
^bnng, Gntsicjnng (eincd Sorre^ted). 
AdSnog^r^phy, s.AnatMe ® rufcnbcfi^reibung. 
Ad'enoid, adj. brufcnprmig, brfifcnartig, bni* 
Adenol'pgy, s. Anat. bie ©rufcntcjre. [fig. 
Ad'gnOs, s. Com. eine Tfrt ©aummoOe aud 
^^(eppo (att4 marine cotton gcnannt). 
Ad€nose', Ad'^nous, adj. vid. Adenoid. 
Addnofprny, *. Anat bie jDrufensergliebcning. 
Ad^pt', l.j. ber Jtunfh>crfldnbige5 OHngemei^tc; 
U. adj. funfl»crfldnbig, erfajren, geU^rt. 
Ad'€qa^te, I. adj. II. — ly, adv. angemefTen 
(Jduftg mit to) 5 (inldngli^, boDfldnbig^ ill. 
— ness, s. bie (Semdf^eit, XngemefTenJeit, 
dii^ttgfeit (ber Dorfleaung bed aSerjdltnif* 
AdfiSc'tfd, p. a. Alg. iufammengefe^t. [fed). 
To Adfiliate, Adfiliation, vid. To Affiliate, Ac 
To Adhere', t?. m. anjangcn, anfleben (— to, 
an)i^— to..., fi^lj fatten an. ..$ to— to- 
gether, ^ufammenjangenj we shall— to your 
order, Com. »ir werbcn SJrcr «orfirift 

Adhe'r^ncc, (— cy), s. bad ^njangen, XnWe* 
ben^ Jig. bie 7(n^dngli4((it, Grgebent^eit. 

^dhc'r^nt, I. adj. anjangenb, anHebenb} an» 
Jdngigj n. s. ber Qfnjdnger 4 Hi. — ly, adv. an» 

AdheV^r, ■.berQ(nf)dnger. [Jangenb,an^ngli4. 

^dhs'fiott, s. Phy. bad Xn^angen (}. fd, bed 
6ifend an ben SXagnct) , bie ^nf (ebung. 

i^dhe'sjve, I. adj.'U. — ly, adv. lit A fig an* 
Jangenb, anHcbcnb^ — plaster, bad f>efts 
pflaftcr^ III.— ness, s. bad 7(n()angenbe, %c^» 
ttebenbci bie JtlebrigFcit. 

^dhor't^t^ry, adj. ermo^nenb. 

AdjXph'anous, adj. unburc^ftibtig. 

AdiSphVoQs, adj. gleicbgultigj Ckpm. neu* 
tral^-salt, bad 9?eutralfali (cin5KitteIfaIg). 

Ad japh'Qry, *. bie ®Iei*gditig?eit 5 bad aWttcU 
bingj CAwn. bie Stentralitdt. 

.Adicn', I. adv. (Sott bcfo^ien, Icbe (Icbcn ©ic) 
n)oJI, Qfbien4 H* s. (au4 pi*) bad ^benojl. 

ToAdfpOc'irllte, v. a. in gfttwar^d t>cr»anbeln. 

AdjpOcjra'tion, s. bie IBcr»anbIung in %ttU 

Ad'{p9clre, s. bad gfttmaibd. [toa^d. 

Ad'ipuse, Id'ipous, adj. Anat. fctt4 — mem- 
brane, bie gettjautj — ducto, bie gettieaen. 

Ad'jt, *. Min. & Mil. bcr 3ngang, ©toUen^ 
n>agcre4te (S^ang ^ur QCbleituna bed SBalfcrd. 

^dja'c^ncles, *. pi. angrenjenbcferter ob. Wn» 
ber, bie umliegcnbe ©cgenb, Umgegenb. 

4idjR'c«ncy, *. bad Stabclicgcn, bie Xngrenjung, 
bad Ofngrcngenbe, ^nflofenbe. 




^4i&'c«Bt, acb'.angrcnien^ anflcf enb, aRliegenb 
(— to, an)) — placet, mte Adjacencies. 

To Adject^, V, a. ^iniut^tttt, ^inaufe^eii. 

A^tftiooB* adj, ^injttget^an, (iniugcfelt. 

Ad^cfifve, Gram, I. s. DaS XtjCCtiDj II. — ly, 
adv. M Seiwort, abjectioif^. 

To AcUoTd', V, I. a. beifugen; biQiufugen, an- 
^gcn 9 n.n. na^e lit^tn,an^xtnitn^nfioftn (an 
Gtn>a6)) adjoining room, boS 9tebcnitmmer. 

To Adjoarn', Par/, k Law, v. T. a. vertagcn^ 
cerfil^iebeni aufT^icben^ H* n. f!(b oertagen. 

^djoarn^B^t, J. IViW. A I^io, bie Sertagung 
^osfe^und^ Scrf^ubund; ber Xaffcbub. 

^djovaeii'-«eid, «. Com, bcr bengalif<be XnieS 
CJinmi copticum). 

ToAdjad^e', v.a. Low, saerfenncn^iufpre^en ; 
pcnirtbdUn, conbemniren (— to, ju). 

Adjadis'BfBt, X. iLoio, bie duerfennung (einrr 
Qttaft), ba6 Urt^eili bie Serurt^eilung. 

To Adjii^dicate, Law, v. I. a, suerPenncnj II. n. 
geri^tlt^ crfcnnen (— npoo, ubcr). 

Adjiidica'tioD, s. LaWy bie 3tterf ennung, du- 
f^re4uiig4 ba$ Urt^etl, ber {Re^tSfpru^. 

To Ad[j9£ate, o. a. anioi^eR, iufammenjcd^en. 

Ad'jfiBct, Lx. ber3ufa^ (etioaS a9eigef(tgte6, 
~to,}n)$ Metaph. bie 6igenf(baft) Gram. 
kLae 'bah Xbiunctum} ber ^junct^ 'KmU'^ 
ge^fe^ 11. adj. terbunbcn (— to, mit) j heU 
gefeOti— deities, MyVi. bie ^iilf^gdtter^ an 
- professor, Ac. eitt auperorbentlitber 9)ro* 
feffor. [ber 3ufa^ 

Mj&ncftion, s. bie 28eiffigung 5ba$ {>in}tifugen$ 

Adjanc'tfire, h s. ber IBeifiigenbe^ ba6Seige« 
figtt^ IL adj. III. -ly, adv. bcifCgenb, ter« 

.JdjaDc^tly, adv. folglt^ $ bamit \}erbunben. 

Adji^a'tioB, s. bad IBefd^n>5ren, bie IBef(bn)5s 
rug, bringenbfle Sitter QribedformeU Xuf« 
erlegang a. IBorfibreibuRg bed ^bed. 

To Adjfire', v. a. bringenbfl hitUn, anrufen^bc^ 
^wtea (—by, M)i ((5inem) ben @ib anf^ 
crfcgcn Ob. torf^reiben^ ben @ib jufcbieben. 

^djBr'^, #. btr I9ef4n)$rer5 ber auf etnen Qrib 

To Ad|iutf, V. a. in IDrbnung bringen, orbnen 4 
nberetnftimmenb macben (mit to, juio. au(b 
vlth)) pafenb ma^en; anpaffen j beri(btigen3 
C!Ot£a}en) iufUreu) ((Semi^t) aidden) ab^ 
80401, abt^un, gfitli^ beilegen, fiblt^ten^ 
Com-s. k Law, to — an account, eine 0te(b» 
mtog auSglei^eii} ben@albo jieben, falbiren4 
to — the average, bie {>af ereifoften aufmacben, 
U^ttM, bidpaibiren^ to — a business, ein ®e« 
f^dft abma^tm Mech-s, a-ed weigbt, ab- 
gc^e^eac^ (abgeai^ted) (9e»t(bt i a-ing scale, 
bie (7C^«) 3ufHrs ob. 'Xbgleifbungd-SBagc?! 

a-ing screws, Q^teQf^raubcn^ a«ing tools, 
7(bglei4fiattgett$ a-ing weight, bie 9)robe« 
platte. Quflirer 4 'KiS^tt, 7(i(bmetfier. 

^djiist'f r, s. ber Seriiitigerj Sermtttler ^ Xt>* 

^djust'm^nt, s. bie Serttbtignng^ Tfnorbnung j 
®nri(btung(eincrSRaf(bine,2C.)j baSQfbju* 
fliren i QCi(ben i bie S3eilegung (eincd estreited), 
ber (gutli40 ^erglei(b$ — of the average. 
Law, bie ^maibung bed 6(bttbend (bei 

^®(bifcn). [bie gef(bid(te Kncrbnung 

Id'jytancy, s. bie Xbiutantur; bad3Relbamt$ 

Ad'jytant, j. ber ^jutant j gen. Qe^ulfe^ - 
general, Mil. ber (Sfeneralabiutant; a-s ge- 

^ncral, pi. Ecc. bie ©eneralabjutanten ber3«= 

Ad'jvtpry, adj. ^elfenb, bebiilfliA* [fuiten. 

Ad'jv vSnt, I. adj be^ulfli(b, fdrberli^, nulliib ) 
11.^4. ber (Sebfiire^ bad ^(tlfdmittel. 

To Ad'jvvate, o. a, unterfiii^en; ielfen, bcl» 

T0;^dmSa'fVre [^d-ml^zh'-Qr] , v. a. (ab«)>nefs 
fen, aiiben; oiriren) Law, ^nt^eilen, iumcffen. 

Adm^a^'^remf nt, s. Laws, bie Vbmeffung, bad 
t^CbmefTen^ bie geridbtL Qfudmeffung u.3umef« 
rung) 3ttt^eilung j bad ST^af (o. (Sefdfen ob. 
0*iffen) J of the — of..., ton ... Xonncn* 
ge^alt, ...grof i bill of-, ber 5Kcf brief fiber 
bie ^afligfeit eined 0<btffed. 

Adraea'svr^r, s. ber TfbmejTcr, tKudwefTer^ 3«» 
meffer, ^ert^eiler. 

Admensura'tion, s. vid. Admeasurement. 

Idmjnfc'Ql^r, adj. bfilfreiib/ bc^filfli^. 

To Admin'jst^r, v. I. a. Derioaltcn (bef. 5fentl. 
Tfngelegenbjiten), »orfleJen5 ein Kmt ©erfc^en, 
fungiren^ abmint^riren j audt^eilen^barrei^en 
(bie ®af ramente $ Xrgneien, tc.) ^ to — an oath, 
einen 6ib ftbnoren laffen i to — jcaIousy,6ifcr« 
fu4t er»cdten3 Il.n.bettragen/ be(ulfii4 fein 
(— to, ju)j loerroalten (— upon, Stwad), ab» 
miniflriren. [ge^Srenb, abminiflerieU. 

AdminjsteVi^l, adj.Pbl. (ur ©taatdvermaltung 

Admin'j8tr9ible, adj. loerwaltbar. 

To Administrate, vid. b. b« To Administer. 

Adminjstra'tion, s. bie (bef. dffentl.) SSerioal* 
tung) (®taatd«)9tegieruttg$ 9$ern)altungd« 
be65rbe4 bad ^inifierium) bie SScrmaltung 
berCSfiter eined Cerfiorbcncnj (public-), bie 
Sflegic^ TCudtbcilung (bcreacrttmente)j -of 
jostice, bie SHe^tdpflegei — of the public re- 
venues, bie ^tdatdSfonomie; ^taatdftnansen. 

Adnun'jstr^itive, adj. Krwaltenbj barreiicub/ 

^ert^cilcnb j be^filflitb, f6rtcrli(i. 

Adminjstra'tpr, s. ber jBermaltcr, 7(mtd))cr« 
wefer, ICbminifiratori Sincr, ber bie ©fiter 
eined Snteflatud abminiflrirti berOCudfpenber 
0)cr®acrttmentc)j Sc. Laxo, bcr^ormunb, 




Adinjnistrft'torthip, s. Hi Ymt cincd ^mini« 

Admjnjstrn'tnN , s, bic SScrwaltciinn, SJors 
flcfrcrinn, ITbmiuiftratorinn 5 cine Srou, wrfdiK 
Jbk ®utcr cincft SntcflotuS a^miniftrtrt. 
Aiiniir^bTl'ity, s, vid. Afhiiimblcncss. 

Ad'nijr9hic, I. adj. bnounbcrnetofirbig/ \>ox» 
trcffn^5 — pear, tie 3»icbclbirn5 U.— ly, 
a(/t\si!r9)cn>nntcrutid; vortrcffUtb/ ubcraus? 

III. -ncn, «. tic dcn>unbern$tourbt3(ett, Ad'nftte, adj. Bot am 0tcngef »a<!^fen^/ aw 


Ad'mjr^l, *. Afar, tcr ^miralj Chon. bic Tfl)- 
raira(f(bncctc (l>cr K.) ^ Ent. bcr ^lummcrtogcl 
(If.)J LonlHigU -, bcr ®ropttt>mirttl (t>on 
6nglanb)4 rear — , vid. Rear; the— 'a ship, 
H& KbmiraWJf ) icbcd grope ob. ^auptf^if 
(8. ©. cincr i)anbcUflottc), 

Ad'injr^lty* #. bic TfbmtroUtfit, bcr ©ccrat^ 

-court, bad 7C-ft9cri*t» rid. Coort of —5 waiWcnb, jugfnbliib j U. *. bcr S^ndUng. 

— nicfscngcrg, Ti-ihoUn, X-6couricrc. 

Admim'tion, s. tic I0cn)nnbcrung 5 taken up 

with — . rait id. crffitttj note of—, boS Xtt8« 

rnfung6S^4^^n [*]• 
To ^XdiiiTrc', v. I. a. bcTOUnbcmi fam. fc^r Kc* 

ben, anbcten j 1 1, n . fi(b rounbcm (— at, fiber), 
i^dmir'fr, s, bcr ficwunbcrcrj fam, JBcre^rcr, 

Eicbftabcr, Knbctcrj a foolish — , coL cin 

Wauialfc, X^or, JJarr. 
Admir'jngty, ado, bciounbcmb^ VAit SScmunbe^ 

rungi mft IScnDunbcrung. 
AdmTssjbTI'lty, .?. bic 3urdffigfcit. [Ii(b 5 gfittig, 
ifidmirs'slble, I. adj. II. — ly, ado. JUlfiffig, julofs 
j^dniisVioii, s. bic dulttffung (-•to.ju)} ®c» 

Hottongj Xufnabme (—Into, in) j Kcc. bcr 

erovfongbcr JBcibc^bcr ei«(op,3tttritt4 Phy. 

bcr 3wdan9 5 /^(f. bic einrfiumung 1 —money, 

ta§ (Siniapgclb. 
To J^dmW, V. a. juIoffcn^bcnButritt rcrflattcn 

(-to. Into, in)i )tt cincmTCratc lafTcnj (into, 

mitof, etwaft) sulaffcn, cinrfiuractt; gcflotlcn, 

anncbmcn^ to— into an account, (^om. in cine 

9lc(bnuns aufhc^mcn-. 
/\dntit't9blc, adj. guldfflg, 
^dniTt't^ncc, j.bicStilajfang^ Xufnabmc^ (Sin^ 

fubning (au(b in cin Ymt)$ bcr Butritt, 
.^dmift^r, s. bcr Vufncbmcnbc, Qtinfu^rer (^u 

cincm ^mtc cb. in cine ®cfcllf4aft). 
To Admlfx', 9.0. bcimif^cn. 
i^dmix'tion, s, bic ^cimtf^ung, bcr 3ufQ| 
^dmrx'ture [^dmiks'-tshvr] , s, Hi ® emif<btc, 

bic 9Xif4ung$ bad SKif^cn. 
To^dmdn'isb, o.a. crmabncn, crinncm (—of, 

an)i marnen (— against, tjorGtmaS)} Ecc. 

cincn«cnoci8 gcbett(— of, against, ffir, fiber). 
AdmOn'f sb^r, j.bcr (Jrmabttcr, (5rinncrer,«ar« 
^dnSn'jsbmfnt, s, vuf.b. f. SB. [ner. 

Adn^nftion, s. bie (Srma(«ing, Ohrinncning, 
ffBamuttgi bcr IBcnoeift fiber^. ^ Ecc. bie 3u« 

^rc(btweifung, ©upi^ermobnung 

Adrapni'tion^, s. bcr Gittenprebiger. [nernb. 

AdmSn'jtive, adv. ermabncnb; marnenb, enn« 

Admdn'jtQr, s, vid. Adnonisher. [ncttb. 

^dmi$n'jt9ry, adj* ermabnei^; erinntrnb, n>mr» 

Adnas'c^nt, adj. an ctn>a> 7f nberm naibfenb f«n 
—plant, eine€$4maro^erpflan2e. [gema^^fen. 

4ldd', s. ba* X^nn, SJreibcn, «Befcn, Tfuftcbcn, 
bic tJerwirmng, bcr t&vm, bod Oerdafcb i bie 
aRube, ©^roierigfeit; 95ef*»erbej much - 
about nothing, mel Sdrm um9ii4td$ after 
much — , na4 t>ie(er ^fibe, enbU4* 

Ad9l«s'c9noe, (— cy), *. bad 3fittgKng*alter, 
bic 3«9fnb. 

AdoUs'c^nt, hadj. im Sfingltngdalter fiebenb 

^ddl'phas, s. ^olpb (SR-n.). 

^dG'nic, Ptiet I. adj. abottiWi H. s. (ob. - 

rerse), bcr ab0ttif(bc «cr&. 
^do'nis, *. Myth. Xbonid (bedgl. S-n.)5 Jig. 

cin f46ncr3ungling jber®eHebte einedaJtdb* 

(bend^ —flower, bad 7Cbonidr6s4cn. 
To Ad'pnTze, v. a. fim. f(b6n beraudpmen. 
i^door^, ado. vulg. an ob. 9or ber Sbfir. 
To ^dCpt', v.a, aboptiren, anfinbcnj Jk- on» 

nc^mcn, bcipfiiibtcn, biUigenj M iticigncn, 

oitmapcn; an a-ed child, ein ^optitfinb? 

a ed captain. Afar, ber ©ebf^biffcr. 
Adtfpt'^dly, ado. bur(b ^option angenommen; 

burtb Tfnna^mc. [itittbcd), "Xnfinber. 

/iddpt'^r, s. ber ^optircnbe, ^nncbmcr (eincd 
/Idtfp'tion, s. bie Tfboption, bad ^nfinbenj fig. 

bie^nnabme j the — of vice, bad 93cfrennben 

mit bcm ftafler. 
Ad»p'tjve, adj. aboptirj aboptirtj fig. fttmt 

(nicbt eingeboren) 5 — father,bcrlfboptiWtttcr; 

— children, aboptirte (ob. 7(bopti» Jtinber. 
Ado'r^ble, I. ad;. 11.— ly, adv. anbetmigdwfir* 

big 5 III. — ncss, s. bie QTnbetungdmfirbigfeit. 
Ad^rS'tion, s. bie ^nbetnng ((Sotted) 4 ®creb* 

rungi Ecc. bie «erejrung (TCboration) bed 

ttcttgemd^ltcn ^apfhd bur^ bie ^atbindle. 
To /idore, v.a. anbetenj »erc^rcn ^ Jam. leiben* 

f<baftli4 liebcnj Jig. anbetcn, • Dcrgolben. 
^dor'^r, s. bcr^nbeter ((Sotted)^ SSere^rer (— 

of truth, *c, bcr ® tt^r^dt, ic.) i fam. ber lei« 

benf4aftli4 ^ieber Oe^^g-. tXnbcter. 
To ^ddm', w. a. f(bmfi(fen, jiercn (ycrfonen u. 

©inge) J t»erf(b6nem (eine flftebc)'d ^idft 

fteUen, »erberrli(ben, 
^dor'n^r, s. ber Gibnificfer, «cr|ierer. 
^ddrn'm^nt, s, UUkfig.Ux&d^mu^/iiitatt^, 

bte )Ber)ierttng/ eerf45nening, 3ierbe. 




i'Uot, s. Chem, k Med. bad f)Qrti9afrcr^ ^$[4:^ 

•affer. [f a> Card, bad ?)fropfen. 

AUowQla'tioii, ^. Bot. fC^c.^bteSeftu^titng) 
AiloMed, p. a. Her. vie/. Addoried. 
^db^a\ 1. prfp. 4b ttttfcii; ^inahi n. a({v. nic* 

bcn»<m, nicber, ^nab. 
AilragaBtfa, s. vid, TrugACftoth. 
A'dri^o , Ad'rjfii, J. Kbtian , {>abriatt (O-n.). 
AdiifiiG'ple-rl^d, «. Com, bad tfirfif^e 9lot(, bcr 

Ylijan (cine Yrt Ict>antif4cn itrappd). 
AdriSl'ic I. adj, abnattf4^5 n*Jr- (or— sea), 

boi dbnatif^e aXeer. 
.5drm', adv. k adj. ba^in (auf bem ®af|€t) 

f4»unmcttb, tretbenb^ ben SBeKen preidge* 

grbcH} jSg^- anf bad Gcrat^emo^I; to break 

— fromtlie moorines. Afar. bieXnfcr listen, 

^droil', Lacp. II. -ly, ad». gef*{tft, gewanbt, 

bcbenbe, pflfpd^ imFtttageK ) III. - nets, «. bie 

OcMuniiiteit, ® cmanbt^cit, f^crfcl^Iagen^ctt. 
Adrf ', 4mC. (na4 bem Gubft) burftig, trotfen. 
idftcfti'tioiu, arfj. erborgt, (tniuget^an. 
Adaia'tion, #. bad 64inci4cto, bic e^met^e* 

(et) /(sm. bic^n^df^wdnicref. 
Adnis't^r, «. ber €S4nici<(^Ier 
Ad^lftory, a<(;. f(»TOci(ftclJaft, Wmei^lerff*, 
AdiU'tffM, s. bie e^mei^terinn. 
Adalf, 1. adi. cma^fenj II. s* bie ermad^r^^ne 

f>erfdit (Z-oir, ». 14 bid 253atrcn). 
Adiftfr^nty^.berG^ebre^er^bie (S^cbre^ertnn $ 

ber SerfdlMer) bad ^erfdlf^enbe. 
To AdiKt^rite, v. L n. a^cbru* bege^eu? yfe. 

bcffctfen^ ll. a. oerfdlf^^eni terberbeu) a-d 

iBoaey, falf^ed (3e(b, falf<l^e 9)hinse. 
.fdU'l^rvte, 1. p. a. 11. — ly, adr. cJebrc^eriW 5 

mflff^tf in. -new, s. bie «erfdlf*t^eit; 

SerfUftftttttd. [rating I vtVf. Adnltery. 

.^dttit^rii^tion, X. bad eerfdlf^cn, bie«erfdU 
Adui'tfffr, s. bcr e^cbrci^cr} Script* bcr 

(9o|c»btcner4 ber i»om ma^ren (Slanben 7fb« 

trmmtge? bcr Srbtf^gejlnntc. 
.MiU't^rfss, X. bie e^cbrc^crinn. 
i^dikl'tfrrne, Ladj. fm (S^cbrud^e Cl^CUfitJ tcr^ 

fdlf*t, nnc^t^untergcWobett) ll.<». /-au>,ba^ 

in d^icbni* cricugtc Jtinb, [borben. 

.fuaKt^oas, ad/.c^brctftcrif* } Jffir.itnedbt, Dcr* 
id&Fttry, x.^crejebnt* iJJg.bidBcrfalf^ung 5 

Scnpf. bie UnPc«f*6eit 5 XbaottercijTCbtrfin* 

mgfeit eom loa^rcn ®Iaubcn. [Tater. 

A4ilt'nfM, s, bad 6r»ad^fenfcin/ enoa^r^ne 
.^damlnYnt, adj. abfiftattcnb, im Umriffc, 
To AdfimlM'lte, r. a. befiftatteni ^. (A\iiaX' 

tOL, f^attircn, ffijjircn, 
Adunbrt'tion, 3. }iW Wf^attuug, ©fiSJC ^ Her. 

Mc fdbottenfarbige ^idur. 
^dia'city, s. bie Jtrfimmc, ^afenf6rmigfeit. 

>Sg*6eftig;brii4igj Afed. ^i^ig; entiflnbet. 

^dat'tjble, adj. (crbrenniiitf. [bie €^nt}ilnbnng. 

/Ldi&s'tion, '.bidBcrbrcttttttng, berSranb$ Afed. 

To ^dvtnce', v. I. a. oorwdrtdbringen, bor« 
rfiden^ bef6cbem; er^ben) crftd^cn^Derebeln; 
ver^errliiftcn^ vorsie^ens bef^icunigen^ bor« 
(erfagcn^ boraudf4i(fcn5 torbringcn^dufcni) 
aufjleaen^ boraudbc^^len, borf4liefcn (cine 
6ttnane <9elb)$ (<9clb) audlegeu; ocrlcgen^ 
to — the price, Com. bett f)reid er^d^eu) II. 
n.Dor»drtdde(ett; borhtcTcn; onriiifen^ ^xU 
fd^ritte madden/ snne^men (— ia, in, an dt* 
mad)^ Corns, to — in pric^, im |)reife flei« 
gen^ to— on tbelait bidder, (beiXuctionen) 
ben ^bten flberbieten. 

/Ldv&Dce', #. bad «or»drtdde^en, Ynrilcfenj 
S^rtrfidten^ ber flufenmeifeSi^rtf^ritt^ %Q>xt» 
gang i bieSerbclfernng $ Serebelung \ (TCmtd-) 
9cfdrberung^ badentgegentommen,berYn« 
lag, ((S(elb*)eorf4nf ('/-pU; bad®nt^aben$ 
(— on the last bidder), bad^d^ergebot,9]ite(r« 
gebot (bei^Cuctionen)) an— in cash , an- of 
money,eitte bare@ntf4dbigttng ob.iBergiltnng5 
in—, im JBoraud; prdnumeranbo^ to be in or 
upon (the)—, im S^orfi^uf fein, in 7ft>ance fle« 
^en 4 to be on the—, im^reife fWgen 5 — gnard. 
Ma. bie TCoantgarbe, berSortrab ^ IBorpoflen 9 
—money, ber (®elb«)JBorf4nf i bodf^anbgeib 4 
^d^ere ®cbot (in ^nctionen)^ bie ^rdmie. 

4LdT&aced', p.p. (». To Advance), —in years, 
in Sa^ren torgeriidft^ —prices, Com, (o^e 
^reife j — work. Fort, bad «or»erf. 

Advftnce'fflfnt, 8. bad 9Sorrttd(en, S^^rtrddPen ^ 
bie (TfmtdO ©efdrbcmng j ber Sortf4ritt(in 
ben SBiffenf^aften 2c.) 9 bad lEBacbdt^um. 

Advftnc'fr, s. ber IBefdrberer^ <S5nner5 a k, 
pU Sport, bie ©dfproffen, eidfpriffel. 

^dv&n'cff , is.)pl. (p. Advance, 7V.)$bef.C3um. 
^udlogen, Sorf^ufTe) Draufgelb $ i>attbge(b , 
for your—, gcgen 3^^ ©utjaben 5 to make — j 
iBorf4itffema4en}@rdffnungenmadS)en/bie er* 
fien6d(^ritte t^un, r^nem) enfgegenfornmen. 

Advftn't^^e, s. bic fibcriegen^eit, bereorsng 
(mit of A over); {Bort^eil, ©eminn, ^n^enj 
bie gfinfHge (Selegen^eit^ to have the — ot 
one, imlBort^eil fein(tn9e)ugauf Semanb); 
Semanb fennen, loon bem man nid^t etftonnt 
mirbj to the best—, auf bad JBort^eil^afte|le » 
Corns, to sell to — , tort^eil^oft terfaufm^ 
to torn to—, ®e»inn abwerfen, Cortjeil ge» 
wdjren, rentirenj personal a-s, fdrperli*e 
Sorjfigc; —ground, Afif. bad vort^eil^afte 
a;errain$ fig* ber Vort^eil 




To ^Uvtn'tJi^e, v. a. i»ort(eU(aft (nft^U^) 
rcin,einbrln0Ctt, (3nnan^em)n£^eii5 nu^Bor 
ma^en, bcf6rbem. - Uudt 

Advfta'tvsed, p. a. tOQ&gltt begabt j hnox* 

fifiiiflig (mitto); ll.--ly, ado. t^xtS^ifyift, 
mit Ku^en^ m. -leM, s. \>U nn^bwcMt, 

Adv^cti'tiont, adj. m%tf&t^vt, au^ldnbiM. 

^dv«'iijf Dt, adij. bininfommenb, iufdUig. 

Xd'vtnt, «. jEcc. bcr Xtn^mt, Uc XbKnti^it 

Advf ntt'tioot, I. a<fj. f^v^n^^vunen, infiWi^, 
.muvcrcntlt^/ ftcra^i II. — ly, adv, ^ufdatg. 

i^dv«Dt'o«l [— uha— ], a4/.sumybi>cntde($« 

Advlfnt'ure [— toh vr], *. ba»Q(b€ntcuer i fBogc* 
flfld 4 bcr ®liliBfaa^ dufaK^ bad iufM^t Ghr« 
dgr.if3 Com. biefle»adte (htfAUxfm\M) 
{)aRbcttttntcrnctmund/ fcemirtt ittttemom* 
menc C^^ccnlation, 7(i>antttr$ Afar, bie 9et> 
Ufk, ba«St«8C|>itf bcreecldttei-UftiniM, 
Afiii. ber Xnxi bill of—, vid. Bill; groM — , 
Old. Grou; by—, vontin0ef%^ atalla-s, 

To^dvSnt'ure, i). I.a.wagcS/in (Sfefa^r ob.anf $ 
€^ptc( fc^rn j II. n. M erfubneii; ed mogat. 

AdvCnt'oi^r, *. bcr TCbcntcurcr, Q^l^d^xittcr, 
SBaflc^al^i bcr loagcnbc Untcrnc^meri Com. 
(nerchant— ), bcr Unternc^mer auf gut (&lviit, 
ber tcrftt^ftmcifc (bcf. fibcrfceiMe) e^ccula' 
tioncn mc4U bcr eiblei^^&nbler. 

.^dv^nt'iireidiDe, I. adj. vulg. vid. Adventn- 
rout; II.— neM, «• bie Jtu^nbcit fScmt^tnp 
t^iU SBagliibtcit. 

Ad\<^nt'arous, 1. adj. II. — ly, adv. fviin, ber* 
metfcn^ abcntcucrli^, »ag(t4} HI. — bsm, 
s. bic ittt^n^cit; SenocgCR^cit, ^ictgung ^ur 

^YbentcttcrU4(cit$ fEBagUib^cit. 

Ad'v^rb, «. (rram. bo$9(cbca»ort;Xbocrbium. 

Adver'bi^l, Gram. I. a<0'. ncbcniD6rtU4/ abocr- 
bialiftb) II. — ly, adv, oU Sicbenwort, obwr* 

Ad'y^rnry. I.*.bcrakgncr,«Biberfa<berj BM. 

ncnb, abbcrfatib. [®tnbcm$rtcr, IKbbcrfatioa. 

^dvcr'i^trve^, jr. pi. Gram, cntgegcngcfeltc 

Ad'v^rae, L adj. iuwibcr, mlbrig; entgcaen) 
— furtHne, baS SXifgcMiif i — party, bie 
QkiiettiMrtei, bcr Ocgner^ - wiadis lolbrtsc 
ff^inbci II. — ly. adiu iumiber, w.5 fiaoi on» 
ber* J m. -Dew, *. bad ®ibcrfprc<bcRbe, 
antgegenfeiR) bcr tttbcrfpnt^j Mangel on 
Orfolg ober Ocbcibcn. 

Adver'sity, s. bie «Bibenoirtigreit, baft Unglficf; 
ber Unraa^ bic Xriibfal, 9iott, ba$ (Slcnb. 

To Advert', «. I. n. (—to) attf dtibaO merfen, 
aufmerffam fcin (auf ), eft watrne^meni bin* 
meifen (auf; 9 n.— (the mlod; to ... , (few 
(Scntiltb) feine ^ufmerffamfctt anf dtna^ 
riibteiL [feit, Qf^tfamfeiL 

^dver'tfDce, ^dver'tfiicy, s. bie TCttfmerffoiR' 

^dver't^at, odioufnurffam, aibtfam^ maibfanL 

To Ad'vf rtff eJLdvfrtif e', o.a. bena<bri4tigcn, 
bcri^ten^ 5ffentU4 anjeigen; befaRntma^en. 

^dver^tifem^tt, Idv^rtlf e'm^t, s. bieSeRRtb' 
rtfbtiguRg, 9{a4ri4t/ ber Script i bie Grin* 
ReniRg, VBantttRg j bte(6jfeRtIi4e}XR}eige; 


Ad'vfrtiffr, IdvfrUfVi «• ber 9eRa4ri4ti« 
ger; ^Riciger; bcr dffcRtlicbe XRieiger, bad 

^dvTce', s. ber (gute) fftati^, KRfiilag; bie Hx* 
wdguRg ; 9erat(r4(aguQg ; ^aibrubt/ ber 99e» 
ri<bt;Cbm.QCoi»; Cbni-«. m per—, lautXuf' 
gabe, Uttt Script; for want of — , megcR 
aXaRgel bed Seri^td; with -, URter Xnf' 
gabe; without further —, o^RC meitercR IBe* 
ri4t; letter of — , ber TCmdbrief; —boat. 
Afar, bie Xbidia^t, bad YoUftbiff; Voflfibifr. 

^dvTf'^ble, l.ff^'.rat^faRt,iutrdgli(b/ RfibU^; 
fur (gutCR) 0lat( eoM^fiRglitb ; n. -neia, s. 
biemat^famfeit; (5mpfdRgU(bf eit fiir (guten) 


To 4ldvTf e', v.I.a.$Hat^ gebeR^atbeR,abratben ; 
berat^CR (6iReR) ; bcRa^ricbtigen, bericbteii, 
mcIbCR; oRjeigeR; to - on .,., fftattf ertb(t« 
IcRiber...; to-to (a thing), ratbeu (GiRcm 
ciRC [ob, }U eiRcr] Gadde); to — and aasiat 
one, SemaRbem mit 9tat( uRb Zf^t an bic 
^bge^CR; Com-s. to — a bill, ciRCR fiSeib' 
fcl aiotflrcR; advising me (us, Ac), nater 
^Rjcigc ; n. R. (— with one, mit GiRcm) ratb« 
f^iagcR; fiberlegCRj to — with ones oeif, 
mit M }tt 0tatbc gebcn. 

^dvif ed', p. a. bebatbtfom, bebdcbttg, borRcb* 
tig; bcba^t; borfetli^ ; iU— » URbeba^tfami 
well-, mo^Ibebdddtig; be — (by me), lai 
bir ratbcR; fei i^orftd^tig; *« — * Com. laut 
Yttfgabe^Iaut Script. 

Advi^'^dly, adv. mitScba^t, mit ilberUgung. 

^dvlf'^dn^M, f.bie fBeba(btfam!cit;fi)ebdibttg« 

^dvif'^r, s. ber Otat^gebcr^ Seratber. [fcit. 

^dvlf'ing, port. 0. To Advise, qv. 

i^dvTf '0, s. bcr 0tot^; bod Yoifo. 

Id'vpc^cy, s. bieSertrctRig eiRCd QCRbern (bef. 
tor ®eri4it)/bic eert^eibigURg ; e^RbMrtft ; 
bie Xbbocatsr; XboocateR*8<tCRttdt: in -- 

^of ... , }ur iBertbeibiguRg boi ^.. 

Ad'vpcfte, s. ber2Cb9ocat,6a4b»attfr; Ser« 
t^eibigcr, Serfecbtcr; * & Bibl. ber Sdrf^re* 
4er, eertreter. 




To IdfrpAte, o. ha.uvtf^ti^i^m,^tt^td^ttn ; l8ro«'c9py, s. Ffiy, bie Seobo^tung ber ^ft 

yiaMreii/ abvodren ; 11. n J^ertretf r fein ; to 

for, ((Siaem) ba$ SBort reben. [iBertrctung. 
idVpe^tedirp, ^.bUlTbvocatitr^lBert^eiHGUitg; 
idfiM'tion, «. bie TCboocatnr, SNi^ntng einer 
^9U4ttfa4e; SertntuRg, eert^eibidung. 
AdvQii'tion, s. bal J^insnfltegeR. 
iivpHi'tion, ^. bad ^jumdljen. 
A4Td*€«', tf. £cc. ber Jtir^cniMtrott ; 04tnit« 

90^1 — panimoiiiit, bet {>au^tffr4tRpatroit 

(btr Mnig/ bie Jtdtttginn). 
A^Tow, Advowry ; vid. Atow, Ac. 
^dTv^'f^B,^. /.«t0,bQ99atrondtre4t; appen- 

daat — , b<i$ biRgU^e $atronatre4t; — in 

gross, baS ^erfonli^e ^atronatre^t 
Adz, (Adze), g. Carp, k Coop, b{e^o(Ibeip(I; 

^^bd^fel; itrnrnm^oite, .Jtntmmaxt^ bad 

Ae, M [e], dit tDop^Itattf, berengl. 8pra(!^e 

mH eigent^&iiti^. ffB6rter, bie (ter ni^t 

fte^,i»<{. nnterE. 
^i^inSp^ ^- Med. ^oHU^fnaviQt, (Serflenforn 

(mTiu^t); Bof. bad j>Qfengrad. 
.C'jgf •, *. bfe tgibe (btr ©cWl^ ber !W(nen&«) ; 

Sijpi^^cipn, s, Mtd. bie ddt)ptif<j^e 6olBt 
iEa^iafi, adj. oeolifift ; — harp, bielTeoWJarfe, 

Stnb^rfe. [(Binbinfhruinettt. 

Ae^opb^B, J. Mus. mod. baS QfeoIop^OR (ein 
48^ra, *. Cftron. bie Tfero ; vid. Era. 
Ag^rffl, cKt^. %XLX ^ft de^6rid/ ob. au6 S. be« 

&^ell^^ htftfg; »on ber %. erjeugt; in ber 8. 

befn1>U4 ; ^i< %• be»o(nenb ; $o4 ; • dt^erifd^; 

— acid, Ch«n. bie Suftfdure; —traveling, 

bas^ftretfen; — toyage, bie ftiflreife. 

A'Sr9ttXt, a. ber SnftbaO, bal ^ttftf<Mr. 
igrpatXtlc, adj. J%y. oeroftatiftb. 
A6r9ft*f IM, *. pi. /»fcy. bielCeroftotif : bieftift* 

8e»i*tlejre,eaf5ri©d0ehmft; «uftf*»ebhtnfc 

A8r(>«til'tioB, #. bie^uftf^iffhinfi; ^aftfiWff^ 

fa^rt; PAy. tttftde»i<l^tle(re (i>M.b. b. Aero- 
ASsl^p^, jr. ICefop (Ql-n.). [ttatia). 

Aesthetic Aestketical, Ac 9<d. in £. 
A^'/Ai^pa-min'^r^l, f. Afed. bet fKinerabnofr. 
Aid'tSf , #. Aftn. ber VbCerfhtn. 
A^tfna, s. btr (fenerft>eienbe t)erg) Tfetsa. 
^far, adv. fern, meit; oon fern; —off, wett 

entfemt ; from — » Y)Ott fmt; and ber ^rne. 
If fa, a. Com, ein^olbgeioiibt anf Guinea (sn« 

gefd^r eine nnje). [UmgdngU^Mt. 

Aff^blFity, #.bieeetttfeligfeit, S^timbli^feit, 
if liable, I. adi. letttfelig/ fteunbli^, ttrngdng- 

U4 ; milbe (of coaDtena&ee, im Sttftm) ; 11. 
^ — ^neis, J. lofe Affability. 
Affably, ado. letttfelig, jtennblit. 
If fiihroiis,adj.!iinftlt4/ funfireidL meifler^aft. 
AflXb^ia'tioD, s. bie 9Xorat einer Qabel. 
hftky, $, bad <9ef4dft,bieXngeIegen^eit^C$a4e^ 

ber ^anbe! ; Siebedfianbel ; bie O^^renfacbe ; bod 

©efedt/ Xre|fen;iDnea; at the headof a-s, 

an ber fepi^e ber fRegiernng. 
To ^IRcf , V. a. ouf @t»ad einwirf en, (SinbnMf 

ma^en, ed angrcifen ; treffen, bedl^ren ; >ftV 

ren, (bad ®emiit^) bemegen; troil^teR^^eben 

(na4); fcjnii* bege^ren, lieben; affectiren, 

na4^R/ erfinfieln;{l(J^iieren; bettd^eln; M 
^ftettett. [bie 3iererei. 

Aff^ctA'tion, s. bad ge}»ungeReffBefen,®e2iere, 

Ac'rie, A'€rie,*.bodS"teft (eineda!lattb»ogeld),j^ff?fct'9d, I. p. a. geneigt (— to..., jn^twad); 

_ble ^txft ; bie ©rat, bad ® ebrflt (Stanbwdgel). 
iff f^ca'tion,^. Phy.bieSerbinbnng ob.^Qung 

wx Safe ; bie «erflil^tignng, ©erbampfhng. 
A'«r|f5rm, A'crjform, adj» Pfiy. luftttttig, gad* 

orfila. [ob. anfdnen. 

To A^riff , r. a. Fky. mit £uft ©erbinben •, 
Adr9d^iintcs, s, Phy. bie ^upfraftfe^re. 
ASrSgHphy* '. ^y. bte Suftbeftbreibnng. 
A'dr^Rte, s. Met. ber ^erolit^, ?ReteorfWtt. 
Ur^aiflc%U adj. /7iy. aerologif(b. 
A«r5K9i||st, s. Phy. ber Suftfunbtge. 
A«r5f9Sy* *' ^y- We Suftreftre, Euftfuttbe. 
i'er^Biiicy, s. Div. lit Suftn^a^rfogerei. 
Urd'oidtTr, s. Pfiy. ber ^iuftmeffer, bad 1fero= 
UrSai'etry, j. /%y. bie ^uftmeffunfl. [meter. 
i'^r^BAQt, *. ber Enftf^iffer, Snftfoijrer. 
UrpBiv^c, A9r9nAn'tjc9l, ad;. lttftf(>iffenb, 

aer(Mtait^4 ; — expedition, bie tnftfabrt. 
Ur^ftAi/tfct, 5. pi. bte Snftf(bi1ff unft, QCeronau^ 
Airvpke^i^, «. Afed. bie SuftWen. [tif. 

geflnnt ; affectirt ; bewegt; be^aftet (with., 
mit..) ; — friendship, ©erftetttcgreunbf^aft ; 
—looks, erWnflette ©Uffe; II. — ly, adv. 
sum e^ein; anf ge}n)ungene, gesierteffBeife; 
abfUtli*, mitgleif; IH. — ness, *. bad ge« 
l»nngene«8efen, bie3iererei. 

^ffScf f Bg, I. p. a. ril^renb, angreifenb ; n.— ly, 
adv. anf eine rfi^renbe ffieifc; fe^nfn*td©ott. 

Affi^</tion, s. bie (Semfit^dbewegnng ; ber Ef- 
fect; bie 8iebe, (Sunft, 3nneignng; ^^erjliib- 
hiU bie 9?eigttng, etimmnng; ber^emit^d* 
^ttfbnb; (Sifer; bad (Sefilbl; bie (S^efinnung ; 
Qtigenf^aft; Afed. bieJtranf^eit, bad Seiben; 
—of the cheit, bad©rnftleiben ; ( cor. ft. affec- 
tation) b{e3iererei; a-s of qnantity, Mat. 
bie eigcnf(baftett ber @rdf e. 

^fRc'tion^te, I, adj. II. — ly, adv. licbcvon, 
^drtltib/ berjli^; (in ^i^'^t) suget^an ; gdttg, 
wo^lwoHenb; HI. — ness, *. bie 3ttnetgnng, 
titU, 3«rt!i*feit, |)erg!i*?eit. 





Uf¥^^f €f§tb€B, ykaU4' 

uabtfUmmU <»iUfHr«fr Mf rise Mteaitr 

0IIIMU frflfriai ; btHifti^, btfUtiinnL 

^nuf'm^U $, />ii0rMt3cftfr|safl divrOcl^ 

/^IMr^tir^, $, pL Law, hU0kf4^mtun,wUk€ 
titu unbtfHmmit QMbftttU f(Wc|<n (c/. To 


rfibrmb; mit fBirmc »or0(tra0iii» 
AflTghanUtMi, Ac* «/tf, AfgbiiBlston, Ac* 
^(n'«nc«, #• bal ecrtrattcn (bcf.anf Oott), 
To /kfTi'f lice, V. a. Hrlobcn; vcrtraucH/ fein 

Btxtxantn ft^tn (- In, tuf StiMft). 
i$m'«ncf r, #. ber/Bcrlobaibf; ^tiftcr rinrddbe* 

J9(rtr0d». [ti0cecrtra0; ob. aib bcr Zxm, 
(T|aJlS|t, #. JLiiw, b(( bcf4i9<>rn(Xuftfo0C; ba^ 
dbn4f( ecfninrnif ; b(c cibUddc (9or (S^cri^t; 
rincm factor/ donful^ n, abecdcbnic) Ocf^ci- 
niiiunii(bcf. inAiiio: (onwk«-, dtUdlf be* 
frjftifli'n Ob. crbdrtcn. 

T<i Aini^iAu, r.a. on eobnce (Jtinbc»)etatt 
onni'(mcii/ abcptircn ; in clncn txhtn, cine (S^c* 
rrUf(bart aufncl^mcn/ offliiircn. 

^(TiijA'tioB, s, bicXnnebmung an 6obncO (Jtin* 
bei»)0tatt/ balXnfinbcn; bieXuftaobme in 

^cinvn IDrbcn. eine (BcfearcbofL bic XfllUation. 

AfOii»l«» «• Afetal.baft XbtrcibcnberWttaUe, 
btc 9 juteruna, fKcinigune^ bai (Rafjfniren. 

Afftn'tt), «. blelBerrAmdderttnd, Senoanbt* 
Mart, (au(b aem.) itnliAKit. 

Tu MHrui'. V. 1* a. beia(en/ bcbaiu>teB; 9ut> 
bciMi ^^ (dnllrtbeil) bcftiH^en, bcfrif^ 
tidcn: II. n. (Itii»a^ fderliib ob. dbli<b erfld- 
ren^ bcMtiaen; untersd<bncn (mit to). 

^mrm'^bU, 1. a«. II. -ly. «di>, bcjabii*, be 

.^mrui^nt, 1. ber »elabenbc,»etatt|>tcttbe,lftt*. 
fagcnbc} taus bcr due drfldruNa an dtbcl 
etatt abaiebt (wie bidtlttafvr >, bcr ^eponcttt 

lainuA'UuB, s. bic l^ciabHttg, tfobav^tSKg: 
l^errdftifuaa/ i^eflatiattaa; ba» ^cfMttgte, 
i^aiuttbiate; Uw, tie «Babrbcit«beMfti- 
AHna bcr CtM jfer an Qtb^ etatt. 

AilrM'^U\«« I. a<(^ bciabciib, bebattptmb; 
l.(M», befWtigcnb; -^r«|^«rty, affimatiK^ 
l^rtt^n (S., bal mas VHrftitb ben«t>; - 
^iMMiiiM» Math. K|ltUH'«r*ptn: IK*. bic 

ec]«b^tfi4; tosAsvw is tke— , kitbrBb«it» 
merttu; IlL -4y, «cfr. briabo^/ bcjobos^' 
•ctfir. Kit 3<- 
4 ffiraV, «. Ht fm«bcsbe, SkbilVfate. 

affigirai; oifr^, •■ba n yn^ tcibuMs; to 
— a fdU to, en eiegd bdfigcs. 
stfiK s. Gram, Ui Yflum; bcrXif^blaflKt' 
(d; a^)lrto A: rtiudo. Lam, Ysb^ftng nb 
^Vbacbaing. [geb««t,itct*i.B««riMli|t 
aM|i^ #. p/. YOci, »qB in emcm JMsfc em* 
^irixloa, M, (».iL) btc Yabeftiua, Ui Ynbcf^ 
ten ; QCnaebeftetfdn ; bic Ynb^Bsttng. 
i^rVi'tioBt #. u$ Ynblafcn, 3nblafcn, YmDcbcn, 

To ^fllicf , V. a. betriibcn^ franfen ; qudten, pei* 
nigeii; martcra^ dnafHaen; untcrbrvtoi tRt* 

J^mdifd, l.p.a«bcMbt; geplngt; -with, 

franf an 11. tbe — » s. pi. bie 9)etriibteR ; III. 

— ly, adv, pdntiiby nmtqjd^, bctrfibt; lY. 

—BOM,*. Me9ctrubmf,brrihiinmer,®ram; 

bic y lagC; bcr iDrnef. [fcnbc, bcr nudlcr. 

AfOrc't^r, s, bcr (bie^ baft) «ctriibcttbc, .ftrdn* 

Afiarc'tjDg, I. p,a. pdttti4/ \dimttifidf,ftiaten^, 

bctdibcnb; II.— ly, adv, qndlcnb/ f^mcr^enb 

Affltc'tion, s. bic IBeMbnif, fdMmmtcnif, 

Xrubfal, ba« ^cibcn, (— of heart) boS 4>cr- 

ideib, bic 9lot() ; boS mf^tfi^id, Unglficf. 

.^flirc't j ve, L adj, bctriibcnb, qudlcnb/ frdnfenb, 

WmcriUib; H. -ly. adv. pcinli*/ bctrubt, 

frdnfcnb, f^merili^ (6tma& cmpftnben). 

ICiiaf Dce, J. bcr 3u^uf, 3ufammcnfluf (ium. 

-cy) ; fig' flbcrfluf; »d<btbum, ffBoblfianb. 

XfHOvnt, I. ad;, gufltepenb ; iibcrfluntd/ rci^ * 

II. tho -> s. pi. bic SRcitben ; IlL — ly, adv. 

$uflie|ienb, iiberpfifftg, rd(bU4; IV.— Be»», 

s, bcr duftttf; flbctfiup^ {Htd^tbum. 

Af li vx»^fll&x'ion» s. bcr 3ufluf ^ufammenflup ; 

3u(aiif; baft 3nfir6mcQ (au(b A***)* 

To ^ff(>rd', V. a. gcbcn^Ucfern, bci^o^HngCB ; 

bcrgcbcn, bingcbcn^itbcrlafrcii, barrdiben^ cr> 

tbdlen^ bcwiUigcn, gcwdbren; Idflcii; cat* 

fMbtgcn; f^affdi, mfibaffen; aafbria^cn, 

crf<ib»ingctt, bcfhrcitcn; to — acut, (9Xit« 


To i^n^fU V. «. Lauy, ^aab, ^dbcr ja ciacm 

^ttfki AO^ca^ dafbrflcn. [bc«, (Stafffrfbmg. 

^flbrttti'tioB, 1. Law^ btc Kalagc eiacft SBaU 

to AffHbi'cbife, v. a. f rdgcbca, ^ctauidNa^ be* 

^dca. [laffimd. 

.^ffrite'cbifeicBt, s, (». 1) btc tkfrctaag^ «o^ 

^ifriy^» «. L««» btc ftffcatlubc eibldgcrct^ b«« 

^ai^cmcagc;bcrXaflaaf,SafliBU; canal 

~, Hr $afdHtge SobtMlag bd bcr ^ilbfb 





To Afireigbt [f-frfttf] » v. eu Com, (etn ge» 

^itcrtc^ @4^ befra^tcn. 
\ffireigbter [^Mra'-tpr], J. Com. ber fllfra^' 

ter (rintft de^serteii 64if (6). 
Aflf eic^Ument [^f-fr&t'-D^nt], «. Com. bt( ^t* 

fro^tafid (ctneft e^tfTe^ vom CfXiet^r). 
To ^Tght^, r, a. (w. fi.) crf^retfen (—at, 

AflMglitf, #. (».&.) bere^reden^ ba$ (SnU 
fc^ ; ber f4re<(lu{^e7(nbli<f, baft €$4rectbilb. 

Afirfgkt'^, X. (». ii.) ber Grf^redf er. 
kf^i^mu adj. ( |4|^redltd^, ffir^terlicft, 
Affflsbf m^nt, x. (». ii.) baft (bet) S^rrden, 

ba» 6iitfe^;^bie 6rf4ro(fentett 
To Affrdaf, v. 0. befd^unpfen, grob belcibigea; 

oagmfni, Sro^ bicten; a-ed at, bcleibigt 

iber, bitr^. 
Afirdot', X. bie (drobe) Seletbigund/ a^ef^bimi' 

pfsBg, b<r €MbiiiM>f ; /am. Xro(. 
Affr6Dtee'^ I.x. ber ScIetbidte^Sefcbinipfte ; n. 

mdi. Her. (o. X^txta, mit bem (^efl^te) ge* 

8C8 chumber tfb. dnmdrtftdefe^rt. 
iAm^Bt^rr, ji. ber Scldbiser, Sef^impfmbe, 

Xt^forberer; Sro^bietenbe. 
Mfrtet^Bgt P* o- beletbigenb, ao^figUib/ fibn^be. 
^flBrtet^Te, adj. bclnbigeiib, bef^impfenb ; 

Wnpfttcb ; tro^tg. [aufgief en. 

To iMl<ife'» V* <^ (^(f* CAem.) ba^u giefcn^ 
^JTli'f H»a» X. (bef. Oiem.) bie Xufgiefuud, bcr 

Aflf, C3OTII. by his (or their) — , per |)rocura. 
A^^^ajofln^ X. A a<^*. Geog. Qffgbaniflan, af* 


A^hia', L adi. afg^nif4; n. X. ber Q(fg^ne 
l^biaf', ifshAnof', x. pi. btc ^fg^anen. 
.4lfeM', ado. osf bem ^elbe ob. Sanbe^ anf baft 

gelb Ob. toiib. 
Aiovme [ff>f&iBO, x. (Afort.) md. Fiume. 
AllrcP, ado, \xi %t^tt, brennettb^ in Sranb. 
M^t odo. fla^, platt; bem ®oben glet4». 
^iaait'y ado^kadj, \i»tt, Mwimmenb; >!g. 

frif^, rifttg ; im ®ange, im 3ttge ; )>erbreitet 

<». etxcm ®crfi<ibO ; to ««t or get a ihip — , 

Afeotf U-M], adv. iVL Snpe; jEg. im Change ; 

bi f>c»e0img (b. einem 4)eere). 
^fore', I« prep, bor; e^er; fiber; (md. b. t 

Before) ; II. adv. Afar, torn im 6(bi{fe; — 

tke saftt aallors, geno^nL^Statrofen/bieavf 

bem 4Mnm>tbe(e befibAfttdt ftob. 
^fore'goiiig, p. a.bor^ge(enb; (mUb. fi. 

ForesoiBg). \vid. b. fi« Before-hand, 

^ar€%2ii4, ado. botttttft/ ^tnnborattft; border; 
ffofVB^BtioBed [— m^n'-sh^Dd], adi. bor 

er»4bnt; borbemelbet, obgebad^t(in ^ooh 

menten). [tDocumettten). 

^mre'Qamed, adj. borgenannt^ obbenannt (in 
i^f^re'said [— s^d], adj, vid. Aforementioned, 
^fftre'tiaie, adv, bormalft, tf^tmM, e^ebem. 
^friUd', p. a. ffir^tenb, beforgt, bange (—of, 

bor Ctoaft) ; erfibroden, fur^tfam. 
Afresh', adv. Don 9ienem, abermali oteber. 
if rjc^ X. Geog. Tifcih. 
Af rjc^, I. adj. afdfantf4 ; U* J^. ber Vfrifa« 

ner ; BoU bie 6ammtblume. 
^fr&nt', adv. in ber gronte, im (BtMt, gerabe 

entgegen, ob.gegenilber; bon born/ in'ft ©e* 

Afslagi^rf , X. p<. Com. eine 3(rt SnfP^ctoren 

^bei ftffentl. IBerfhigemngen su TCmfterbom. 

Aft, X. adj. k adv. Mar. baft ^intertbeil am 
0<biffe; binten; agter, agterlicb; bintenom 
Ob. im 04iffe ; fore and—, 00m unb binteti ; 
right —, unmittelbar bon f^intcn; to bring 
the wind—, ©or bem ffiinbe ablanfen; to 

^haul — the sheets, bie ©egel beibolen. 

Xftfr, I. odj. Afar, agter; (eigentl. ft. more 
aft,). IB. —capstan, --sails, vid.comp*); 
fam. fp&ter, na(b(eng ; II. prep, naib/ bta* 
ter; fig. nacb, iugolge, gerndf ; to go-, 
fotgen ; day— day, einen^g na<b bem anbern ; 
bon einem Sage pm anbern; one-another, 
einer naib bem TCnbern, natb einanber; — 
date, vid. Bate; —that, na(b()er; ^ierauf; 
lU. con j. na(bbem; IV. adv. (interber; naib« 
^er^ na<bbem, barauf; —all, natbaQem/bei 

^aQe bem, enbU4, am @nbe. 

Aft^r- , cornp* — acceptation , Com. bie 
fpdtere Acceptation;— account, bie 9{a(b.« 
re^nung; 3ffa<bforberung; — ages, x. pi. bie 
^nfnnft, golge* (fommenbe) ^eit, 9tacb»elt; 
— birth,— burden, bie Sta^geburt, After« 
geburt; —capstan, Mar. baft bintere ob. 
fUine ©angfpiU; -claim, ber fpfitere 
(ae*tft«) Xnfprw*; bie SRa4>forberung ; - 
dap, fig' baft SJacbfpiel, ber El«erflri(b, col. 
baft J|)ittterbrein; -comer, ber 8la*foIgcr; 
-cost, bie 9?a*!open; >fe.S«a*»eicn; - 
course, ber fpdtere, ^uhinftige ®ang/ Sauf ; 
—crop, bie ^a*ernte; — days, s.pi. bie 3u» 
runft; golgejeit, ««a<b»ett; -dinner, bie 
3ta<bmittagftftanbe; -dinner's sleep, bie 
Seo^mittagftm^c ; - enquiry , bie oerfpitetc 
Unterfu^ung ; — event, bie fpdterc fBegeben^ 
^eit; -game, einnener«erfu(b, bcimepiel, 
nm baft JBerlorene miebtr ^n gewinnen; fig. 
^iilfftmittel,3?otbmittel; to play an-game, eft 
no4 einmal magen, mieber anfc^en ; - gather- 
ing, bie ^a*lcfc; -grass, vid. After-matU; 
-growth, ber 3lia4»U*ft; -guard, Afar. 




ber in ^intnfUfdU bes 64tffcl bienfH^ttcnbe 
tRatrofe; — hAtchwAy, Mar. bit {)intcrIttlPe; 
— help, Me 9^4(ii(fe ; — hold. Mar. bcr ^in* 
terramn; — hope,biefpdtere, jttWinflige^off» 
nuns ; ~ hoam, «. p^. bie noi^folgeiibeii Q^tnns 
ben, ?fol8Qeit; -life, baft ilbrige (fi)dtcre) 
8eben; iuffinfttge^cbeii; —liver, ber9ltt4* 
f omrne, «nW ; — living, Me 3nf uuft ; — love, 
bte sweite ob. fpitere ^ebe; — mftlice, bie 
Mnter^erfommcnbe Ooft^eit, ber ®roIl; — 
math , baft 9Sa<ft^ea , epdt^eu , Ti^tv^, 
(Snimmet; — nilklogt, #. p{. bie 9^ad^mil4 '» 
— iiooB, ber fta^nittdg; —noon's luncheon 
or — nooning, cqI. baft 9eftperbrob ; — pains, 
#. pi. bie S^a^wejen (bei ber ©eburt); — 
—part, ber na^folgenbe IC^eil; Mar. bet 
f)intertbet( beft e<biffeft; —payment, i>fm. 
oer l^aibr^vf * — pi«<^> Dram, baft 9{a4fUi<f ; 
Sad. baft Mntere ®tfi<f eineft Gattelft; — 
proceedlngii, s. pL Law, baft tta<b^erige (%t» 
ri^tiiibe) Serfabren;— proof, ber 9ta^U* 
wetft ; bie smeite f>rDbe ; na^foidenbe 6rfa(« 
ntQQ, Ob. bie bur^ rpitereerfabntng entbed* 
ten (SigenWaftcn ; Typ. bie {Ret)if!on ; - reck- 
oning, baft 9{a(bbered^Ren; bie naibfold^bc 
ffttd^nm^, fKa^itM ; —repentance, bie 9ia<b« 
reue; —report, ber 9{a<bberi4t; —sails, *. pi. 
Afar, bie l^lnterfegcl;— state, ber Wnftigc 
3uflanb ; — sting, ber 9ta4r<bmer| ; — storm, 
ber unenoartetecrpdtere) Sturm, S^a^ftorra; 
-snpper, bie ^tit s»if(ben Kaiteffen unb 
Giblafense^en; —swarms, s. pi. bie 9Ca4' 
Wwfirmc (ber fflienen) ; —taste, ber 9ta4de* 
f4ma<f ; — thonghu, pi. 9{a4deban!en, ®t» 
banf en, bie su fpit f ommen ; bie |u fpdte (Sin* 
Mt, Ob. flberlegung;- time, bie^ttfttnft; 
—times, bie Wnftlflen 3citen, golge* 
}eit, 9{a4»elt;— tossing, baft 9^a(bbraufen; 
ffBeHenf^tagen ber Gee na(b einem 6turme ; 
—wise, adj. in fpfit (eingefe^en) ttug ob, 
weife; -wit, bie JTlug^eit na*berXiat/ Wn^ 
terbrein, ju frfite Gin|i*t; JJ-f. baft Xber^ 
eier ; —wrath, ber fp5te (^ttaitrdgli^e) ©roD ; 
—writer, ber fpitere ©♦fftfleaer. 

Aftermost, Aft'fflOst, Mar. L adj. f^lrtitVf bin* 
terfl$ n. s. ber bintere X^eil beft e^ilfft^ 
3. ber unterfle iBinfel eineft breietfigen ee- 

Art^mftdn, Ac, vid. unttx After-. 

Af 't«rw9rd(s), ado. Harder, barna*; na<bmatft. 

A'g?, [S., K. /.. /a., Swin a'g?. A, ATn.], 
«. ber Yga (tilrrtf«e ©efeblftbaber). 

Again, [»g«n', 5., W., /., £., /?"., ATn.. 5m., 
^«f^', ii^irf; agSn', /o.J, odr. wieber, gn- 
riltf $ wiebemm, no^malft, abermatft, tto4 
eiitmali «berbief,feriieri ^^mf^,¥f^m^^ 

ebenfo, ebenfaOi) unb banuf to and — , bin 
nnb »ieber ) as much — , iio4^ einmol fo Mei^ 
— alM ~, )tt nieberboltctt SRales, einniai 
fiber baft anbere, mebrmalft{ bin unb ber. 
Againsf, [9i«nsf, 5., IK, /., £., F., £n., 
Sm., Craigf Reid; fginst', Ja.], pr«p. wi' 
ber^ degett) gegenfiberi A'* bei, dcgen, an, 
bift5 — the stream, gcgen ben Gtrom) — 
the grain, »iber (gegen) ben 6tri4) >ig. 
tw^i/. »iber CBiOen, ungent i over — , gegeiu 
fiber $ ~ which. Com. atft Oegenfab fftr ..., 
per (Sotttra. 

Ag'^laxy, s. Med. ber 9RangeI an ^I(b. 
Agjil'l9$hvni (Vflltf^h), #. baft ^Cloe^ol), Yb* 
ler^ol}, |)arabieft^oI}. 

Ag'iipi, Vvp>i«* '• T'A^oi. baft SiebeftmabI 
ber er^n (S^riften na4 ber (Sommsnion. 
Agape', adv. f am. gaffen^, mit offnemSXtrabe, 
(vulg. aXauIe) ; to stand—, gaffen, wig. baft 
^^anl auffpenen. 

Ag'^Pft, s. ein ^ebbaber beft M^nen <S(e> 
fibieibtft ; ber eergRfiguRgftffi^tigc, 
jlg'irrc, s. bcrS(dtterf(bn>amm; female—, 
ber ^r^ettf^mamm ; —coralline, bie 6pii« 
SenforaKe ; —mineral, bie Sergmilib/ Webl* 
Agftst', vid. b. ^. aber in. r. Aghast [ihreibe. 
Ag'^te , 1. Min. ber Tf^at, TCgat ; IV-dr. ber 
^oUrftein; —arborescent, ber®attma4at. 
Ag'atha, OCgttt^e (bie ®utc, g-n.). 
Ag'^iized, a(^'. toicQC^at gejei^net; — wood, 
^a^atifirteft {>oI|. 

Ag'flLty, adj. aibatartig ; an— flint, ein geuer* 
ftetn 90R 7C<bat. 

Aga'v§, s. Bot. bie amertfanifibe fBanmaloe. 
Age, 4. baft TCIter; Qretfenalter; dXenfc^en* 
alter; 3eitatter,bie3eit; baftSQ^t^nnbcrt; 
bie QRunbightt; baft fru<btbare ICIter (bei 
ben grauen) ; (comp. vid. in Constant, Foil, 
Great, Green, Ac); of—, mfinbtg (majo- 
renn); to come to—, mfinbig toerben; un- 
der — , unrnfiRbig ; s., vid. Under-, n. Non-. 
A'ged, I. adj. alt, beja(rt; II. the— » p/. bie 
alien ttntt, bieTfltcn, beia^rte^erfonen; 111. 
— ly, adv. wit alte ^nte, na<b Yrt alter 

A'g^ncy s. baft KBirfen, ^asbeln, bie TCctton i 
«ermittlttttg, ber^ienfl; Qm-s. bie Xgent* 
fibaft, Ygentur; — buain^ss, baft Qommif* 
ftonftgef^dft, ber6-^ttbel, ^eti^rei^anbei ; 
—office, baft (S^eomptoir. 
Ag^n'd^ Cofn. s. baft IDenfbitib/ bie 6<bretb< 
tafel; Afor.£ebeiiftpfIi<btett (inm Unterf<biebc 
b. Credenda) ; JEcc. bie (Jtir^ettO Vgenbe. 
A'^^nt, s. ber 4)anbelnbe; i^iv baft mir? 
fenbe ffBefen; wirfenbe, loirfTame {Rittel; 
7(genft;/>'p* ber ®ef<baftfttr4ger , 0^oll= 




mUti^, Xgest; Uf. Mar. A ^t^. Si4e> 
nui0lb€ajntete; Om-«.ber}C^nt, (S^ef^iftt^ 
filter, 6eiiuut{floii4r, eptbittux , fiBaa« 
resocrfeiiber , S)i^potteot; beflcQte Genfal 

tar; —TictBftler, Uv 9)rooiantmdftcr. 
To4«8l^^«^^«> o. L a. auftofctdn, sitfam' 

aesrolto, lufnttmen&altii/ fndtteln; !!•« 

Mfitgebi, nun^eri, infammenteu^ii, de« 


4esl9ai^i'tioD, #. bad Yuf»t(teltt, Jtndttcbi; 
'dvfanmieiiloiifen (o. Jtdcpem); ISerbinbcn 

^^glftiBfiit* adj. Med. ocrbittbotb. 
4Lgsl&'tiii9DtB, #. pi. Med. tdamittA, i^i 

To i^ssia'tiDite, V. a. |ufiammeiilci»en; Mtd. 

biabai, att^eilen;^^. Derrimdea. 
^figlitiiil'UoD, s. bie3ttfammenleimnng ; Afed, 

Tbd^aJbm^ , OtnbnRg ; fig* bie ^nngnitiie 

^t'tiji^iive, a<(;. leimenb^ binbtnb; Mtd, 

^egd'aed-bviiii, «. Croi. bu befte beiigaUf4« 

To iii'sr^iHlfze, (— le), v. I. a. ^ergrdfern, 

enBeitrm, er^db^tt/ erbeben; n. a. fitjb i^ir* 

gijfeni, i»a4ftiv inne^mat. 
A^gr^adizea^t, (— semeot), #. bieS3ergr6« 

Nrias, iSnoeitecuRa; (Srbebung, Scrbcrrli* 

ibvag. [weiterer ; Serterrltiber. 

Ag'gr^diz^r, (— ier), s. berSergtdf erer, ^« 
i^^v9bie» a47. oergrdfemb; fmpdrenb. 
To Ag'giYv^^^* V* ^M» f<b»erer mo^ni/ cr^ 

f4»ctf&; ^eipArfeU/ vcrmebreR^^ergrfifeni ; 

verMOinmcni ; (in bcr SMrfteOnig) itbertrei' 

Aggrf viftion , «. bit (Srf4»entng; i5er< 
fM9M%\ 4Serf(bnmmenmg; baft Ungeb^nre 
(ctae^ S(rbrc<benft); bie flbertreibvng (in 

To ig'gr^&te, V. a. (aiu ob. ^ufammen) ^du* 
fn, }tt einerQKalTe oereimgen; ineiite.®e« 

^IdMaf^ oufiu^bmettr ttddregtren. 

iis'gragfle, I. adi. Oi^m. & Bot. angebtoft; 
Low^ OQgregirt; —corporation, Loio, eine 
Jt^rf4<ift, bie ben tlCbgong ooaaHttglie* 
bcrn ffett bur^ not biniatretenbe erfebt; — 
loven, JBo^ an* ob.jufammengcbdtifte 9(il« 
tbn; IL#.ber4>attfen; Snbegriff (me^rerer 
f)iBgc>; bo^Yggregat: m.-ly, adv. batu 

^finuwifc, imOoaseii ob. tttfammcn genommeii. 

I{gr€^tioii, J. bie (7(a«) ^dtt^jL Seteini' 
sng, eoimnlang; berf>aufeR, bte^enge; 
rjkcm. Qo^dficn glei^artiger^drper; :(ttf< 
ttbme (is ctse ®efeOf(baft). 

.Vgrggitlvo^ a4r. inftgefoaust, coflectib ge* 
nommen (^egenfab oon Diijanctife). 

^s'sr^S^* 9* bet €fammUr (o. !Rateriolien). 

To AesrStc', V. a. (sserfl) asgtetfes, oafaOeni 
auftftblogen ; sUt discm aabiaben. 

4ggr<^«os, (Aggrcwy^ t. berecfle Vsgrilf, 
Onfall; Ubergriff. [feab, offenfio. 

Aggrei'iiTe, adj. 6treit beginnenb, ongrei' 

^ggrSa'spr, s. ber ongreifeabe Sb<ii« 

^ggrle'fiince, 9. vid. GrieTance. 

To ^ggrtere', v. a, vid. To Grieve, [picen. 

To isgtttkf^, V. a, T. safonuneafleaea/ gtup- 

^^%Mii \,%-%M\, adj. erfibrotfen; erflaunt, 
beflfirst; lei(beablaf (oor 6<bre(f). 

l^jle, I. Qdj. bebenbe, burtig, Iei4t; flinf ; U. 
—DOMy *. a)ie Agility, ^. 

Ar^'ity* #. bie l&ebeabigfeit, t>urttgreit, <»e> 
fibwinbigftlt, ^i^ttgfeit 

igiUochom, #. vid. AgaUocbom. 

ig'io, *.(ital.), Com. baftXufgelb, berXuf. 
me^fel/ baft Ygio ; — accoiiat, baft JCgioconto. 

To ^i^uf , V. a. Law, einfebmett ob. ia bie 
flXafl ae^mea, meibea laffea (frembeft eieb 
f&x (Setb) ; hti ber ^etbe f^iafea lafea. 

^gist'B^Dt,^. Law-s. a) bie^iafe^muag^lCnf* 
aobme {ur IGBeibe nab SRa^ag ; 6) baft 3)ta{i* 
gelb/Sriftgelb ; c) bie Xnfbdmntnng, baftJDdm* 
men n. bie @ttner; biefeft )n ben>ir(en (bei ben 
fi)e»o(nem ber 0eefiifh ob. fnmpftger ®c« 

^grst'pr, (Agittator), s. Law, ber Sebmmei* 

„fler, gorflaaffeber, aRaflauffeJer. 

Ar it^bie, adj. ben)egU<b ; fig> problentatif^b. 

To A^'iUte , V. a. f^acO (ia nab (er ben)egea 
ob. »erfea^ [(biitteln, riittela; figs.txid^ik* 
tera; ((eftige (Seni^tbftbenegnngea) erregea, 
(baft C^emdtb) beuarnbigea; to— a question, 
fiber eiaegrageftreitea; bebattirea, biefelbe 


AgitiVtion, s. bie (eftige pb9fir4( fi(n>egnng, 
(SYf^fltternng; fig- b^ftige ®emiit(ftben)e' 
gang, fiBaOuag, Uarnbe; @r5rterttag (eiaer 
ftreitigea 6a4e);- bie (politif^e 2C.) (SMIV 

^rang/ Qfgitatioa ; S9eratbr4^Iagung 

A^jta'tive, adj. bewegeab, erf(biitternb. 

A|ita'tu» adv. Mvs. bemegt; agitato. 

A^jtatgr, s.&tut, bet eiae 6aibe betreibt; 
ber Xafnibrflifter, («olfft»)Xnf»iegler. 

^(^to, s. Com. eia fleiaeft <Bemi<bt ia ^ega. 

Ig'ltt, s. baft C^aflli4 gearbeitete) eeafeU 
ble4 / ber ®eaMfUft4 Bot baft Jtdbcbea an 
bea etaubfdbea ber IBlamca. 

Vnftil» *. baft SRagelgef^wfir ; ber 9UetaageC^ 
vid. Whitlow. 

AguSte, I. adj. vern)aabt (0. t)dterli(ber€$citc); 
II. s. ber Kgaat (vid. b. f. 0.). 




Xgn&'a, s. pi, Ttgnoten, iScrnHinbte 9on i>jtcr« 
lid^cr 6elte. 

^gnXf jc, ad;, bic flSemQttttfitQft 9on vdterli* 
<l^er ®ctte betrcffenb. 

^igna'tion, s. btc Mrecte ^fhimmund i&on oi« 
terli^cr 6dte, Slttt^freunbf^oft (jum Un^ 
terMicbe )>on Cognation, gv.) ; fig. hit IBcr- 

^manbtf^^aft bcr Gprad^en. 

.Vo^, 1, %ncfc, Tfgncft (g-n.). 

^gnftioD, #. (m. a.) bie ICnerfesnung. 

4gns'aifn, j. ((at.) bcr 3unamc, idciname. 

^gRdniinft'tion, f. bcr IBdttamC; 3nname; bie 
TCnfptcIund cincft SBortcft auf ctn anbered; 
locgcn S^nlic^hit bc9 Jtlottgcd. 

^g^vs. ^« i2om. Cat/i. bad Silb bed (®ottcS«} 
fammcd ; —castas, Bot bcr Jteufd^baum ;— 
castoi teed, Jtcufd^boumfamen, e^afmuUcn ; 
—del, Rom. CatKHi TtgnnSlDd; ctn gc* 
locl^ter fiBo^sfu^en mit bcm IBilbe bc»&mts 
mc6 ; \>ai X S)., ein 2;^cil bcr SKcffc. 

^go', adi). toruber/ »orbci, tor^er, t>0T, ^ct ; 
long— » lange ^cr ; not long—, unlfingjl, \»or 
Jhiricm; a while—,, tor cinigcr 3cit; a 
year—, tor cincm S^iw. 

iAgdg', ado. Ififlcm, bcgierig, fc^nffi^tig; to 
be—, fi<^ Cna* et»a*) fcjttcn; to tet- , 
lufla-n, bcgicrig ma^cn, anrctscn (— on ob. 
for, nac^ Ob. itt (StmaS). 

^g<>'JDg, adv, (cifiCtttl. b. part. ». To Go, mit 
bcr l3orfi)lbc a) im (Sange; in ®ang^ in fQt^ 
wcaung; imlBcgriffe. 

To Ag'Qnlze, t>. 1. ii. mit bcm Xobc ringen, 
in ben Ic^ten S^Hqcn Ucgcn ; fie. 9cin Icibcn ; 
n. a. mit gropcn6<l^mcr)cn bc^aften, qn&Ien, 


Ag'pnizfng, I. p. a. pcinK^ ^ fc^mcr^Ii^; II. 

J- ly, ado, auf bie pcintoOflc Ttrt, pcinli^ft. 

Ag'pny, s. bcr Sobcdfampf ; figs, bic Gcclcn* 
ongfl, bad Gcclcnicibcn 5 bcr ^cftige ^ampf. 

^grXni'initrst, #. bcr Uttgclc^rtc. 

To ^gr«(', V, n. (t. ^crfottcn u. 6a(Jcn) 
ubcrcinftimmcn ; fibcrcinfommcn ; cinigfcin 
ob. »crbcn(— on, upon, iSbcr) ; gcmif, ange« 
mcffcn fcin, paffcn, fh^cn (—to, 6inem), be* 
fommcn, sutrdgli4^ fcin (—with, (Sinem); 
cinfUmmcn (—in, in, iibcr), cinfKmmig ob. 
cincrlci ^dnung fcin; cinmiaigcn (—on, 
upon, in), 6tmadiugcbcn, cinrdumcn, bcwiU 
ligcR ; miOfa^rcn; <Stn»ad gemdnMaftii^ be 
Mlicfcn, tcrabrcbcn; cinig (cben, M t<r« 
trogcn ; fi^ i>erf6bncn ; M tcrglcic^cn (- on, 
open, fiber (5t»ad); IBcbingungcn (—to a 
thing, dneea4e)dnge^en; to— together, 
M nit dnonbcr tertragen , dncd Ginned 
fein; to —in one tnne, Afi/i. }ttfammen« 
fUmmen , (armonircn ; Com-s, that opon 

which we—, in £)rtnnttg (Be^enbed; to— 
for (upon) the price , locgen bed ^rdfed 
(fiber ben |)reid) dnig merben; bebingen; 
(befgl. ofathing),atn>adbcfle]Ien; berbin* 
gen (dne Arbeit); to— with... for..., dn« 
merben mit... urn..., bebingen. 

Agrse'fble , I. adj. fiberdnftimmenb, paffenb, 
gcmdf; angemeflen, anfldnbig; angene^m, 
anmut^ig (p. ^erfonen u. Gaclben); to make 
— , empfcilen; moiUnbringen; ll. — ly,adr. 
pajTcnb; angenel^m; auf angcne^me Tixt; 
—to ... , in (ob. }u) So^ge, gemdf, na<b; HI- 
— neu, s. bic QbcrcinfHmmung, TCngemefTen* 
^cit, ®lei<bf6rmigfdt; It^nU^fdt (smifcbea 
|)crfoncn n. tDingcn) ; Ynne^mU^fdt, Kn' 
mut^, bcr (Rd). 

^grSed', I. p. a. fibcrcinftimmcnb ; cinig, tcr* 
git^cn, bdgdegt; bcftJ^Ioflen , audgema^t; 
as— upon, mif terabrcbet; II. adv. topp! 
ri^tigtmdnctmegenl gut, edblcibtbabd! 

Agreeing, I. s. oad &bcrdn|iimmcn )C vid. 
To Agree; II. p. a. fiberetnflimmig , gld<l^« 
f5rmig, d^nli(t, paffcnb, gemdf ; cinig ; not~, 
mip^eOig, nncinig; miff lingcnb. 

^gree'm^nt, s. bie jlbcrdnfiimmttng, ttjinlid^* 
Hit (imifiben }n>d £)ingen) ; ber @inflang, 
bie j>armonie; (SinigMt, Sintra^t; bie9$d« 
(egnng; dufKmmung, bcr (Sonfend; IBer> 
gld(b, flSertrag, Contract, ^Kccorb, {Recef ; 
ber 9)unb, bod Qfinbnif ; —in tone, bie pat' 
monie (ber Xdne) ; articles of—, «crglci« 
*ttngdputtfte; -maker, bie SKitteldperfon , 
bcr «ermittler, ®*icbdri*ter, Untcrbdnblcr. 

.Agres'tjc, ^gr^s'tic^I, adj. lanbmdf ig, Idnb' 
li4, ^.bduerif*, grob; -life, bad^nb» 

^Icben ; —nobility, bcr Sanbabcl. 

Agrjc9lii'tion, s. ber gdbbau, ^nbbau. 

Agrfciii'tQr, s. ber ^anbbttucr, Eanbmirt^. 

Agridil'tur^I [— Uh^r— ] , adj. lanbtOtrt^ 


Ag'riciiltiire [— tsbyr], s. bic 2anbmirt(f<baft, 
bcr Sanbbau, Ytfcrbau, Sdbbau (im mifTen* 
fitaftli^cn einne), bie £)fonomie. 

Agrjcfii'tarfst, 1. bcr (miffenf<baftti4 gebilbete) 
Sanbmirti, £)fonom. [fUtte. 

Xg'rjm9ny, s. Bot. ber tDbermenmg, bie ^bers 

k!gfr]6U s. bie faure Jtirfcbc, «Bei*fd (»jrirf*c). 

/LgrSfind', adv. Afar, auf ben ®ntnb;attf^em 
®-be, geflranbet ; to run—, an ben ®. raafen, 
auflaufcn, flranben; to mn a thip— , ein 
6(bi{f flranben ma^en, in ben ®. fegdn, in 
bctt(, auf ben ®. fe^en; to be->, 
fie. in Sertegen^dt fein ; ju ® runbc gcrtdj^td 

I'gfte, s. bod (falte)9icber, lffie<^fclfieber ; 
berSieberfroft; 9rofl,b4ddittern tor itdUe; 




abarniog — > ein (i^idcd ^ieber; — caice, 

Med. ber giei)erfu4>«; -fit, ber gUber* 

flatter; —powder, H^ gieberpiiloer ; — 
proof, fUbtrfefi; -- spell, baS Sieberiaaber^ 
mlttcl; —struck, ©omg.bcfttlkn; —tree 
Sot. bcr Caffaftadbaum. 

A'gfied, adj. bal^icbet (abenb; fieber^aft; 

A'etttsh, I. adj. ficbcr^aft; fteberif(b; ^. fro: 
|lig; n. — ncM, s.r>U gieber^aftiafdt/ ber 
(gieb<r*) ©♦«"«• 

Ak, lAt a^! bd! a4! ah me! a<b j>immcfl o^ 

ihi', tut. aba! (a I ^al 

^ead', ado. Mar. meitcr i»or; oomdrl^; 
toroni, 9oran; —of as, tor un6 ; to rue — 
of one*s reckoning, mit bem Sefletf )arit(f 
fria; to go—, fi(b betilen. 

^ben', int. %m\ (Sbtitid^nvm^ bed ^uftend). 

Ahof, i»t. Mar. (^oUal all bands-! ICUeg 

'asr&ecrbedtl fiberaUl Uberaa!((/.Hoay). 

^ill', adv. Mar. oor Zop ttnb 2^a!el. 

Ai[r|, «• Zoo^. ber Id, ba$ (amerif .) Sanl' 

To lid, v. a. ^elfen, beifte^; imterflfioctt. 

Aid,«. 1. bic j)ulfr,ber Seifianb ; a.ber®e^ulfe; 
bieOe^JUftim: d.contr. fi. —de-camp; 4.bie 
3abafe,aitf erorbentli<be®teuer; Cu^.royai— , 
bte bcm Jtoniflc bewiUtgten ^^Ut, &Uutxn, 
Xb^obemc;— consignee. Com. ber(Sommtr< 
fundr; MU^s. —de-camp [ad-d^-k&ng'], ber 
Ubintant euieft®eneraU; — m^jor, UxfRt^U 

Ai'dtr, s. ber ^tlftx, ©e^ulfe; ^Kn^dnger. 

Aidlfsa, adj. b&lflod, terlafleit. 

Aidf, j.p/. (fran).)3oIlftettern; coartof— , 
tioB QCccidamt; eteuercoQedium; Man. bie 
|)nlfni; Com. (in S-b.) 4>anbel&9e(iilfen. 

Ai'grf t. Aigrette, s. loie Egret, qv. 

Ai^gve-m^rine' , s. ber Yqaomarin; ®ert)Il. 

Afgiiet, «. ber 6enfel, vid. Aglet 

llk'rAw, J. £ot. bie SBar}en{Ie<bte. 

To AiU V. 1. a. Gcbmer^eu berurfoiben ; n. n, 
64mer}eR (oben, [(bmerjen; unpaf fein ; wbnt 
a-s year eye? wod ^ben 6te am Tfttdef 
vkat a-s yoo to beat me? n>arum [(blagen 

Ail^, p. a. itnpdpliib/ !rdn!elnb ; she iseier 
~, i^r fc^t inuner (&tmai. 

AiFm^Dt, s. bie Unpaptt^feit, Jtrdn!U4feit, 
b«» Seiboi ; bie Unru^, ber stammer. 

iilf , s. pi. bte SMxtt am SBeijen. 

To Aim, v.Ln. (-at) na<b ob. dttf@t»a& 
iieleii; fig. feine Xbfl<bt a«f (Stwafi rii^ten, 
biabottca (auf); to— at, tra(btennadf^ ; muti^s 
mfea; tkepointatwbichhea-s, bad^iel 

feined etrebcttS ; Iwasa-edat, eSdaUmir; 

U. a. lit. k Jig. ritbten (ein (Sefibof , einc 


Aim, s. bie9ti(btung (eined <Sef<bofle&,u.); 
baft 3iel; ^rn (an C^cbiefeeme^ren), bod 
Xbfe^eR; bie^erU (an ber ^rmbmfl) ; fig. 
bad 3iel, ber 3»cd; ^unft, bie QCbfKbt, bo* 
«or^aben; to take-, jielen, oufd Jtorn 
nebmcn; to give—, anieigen, roeifen, leiten, 
to miss (of) one's — , feinen 3»etf wrfeblen , 
—sight, bad ^m (an ©(bicfgeioebren). 

Aim'^r, $. ber 3ieUr ; fig. ber auf etwad ^in* 

>eutet; ber gingerieig. 

Aim'l^ss, ac^*. obne 3iel. 

Air, s. 1. bie «uft, bad 5iflft<ben ; ber ©unfl, 
jDuft; gentle a-s, fanfteSiSfte; totakethe— , 
an bie Snft ge^eu/ audfommen; to take—, 
fig. betannt; oerrat^en n>erben; to give— 
to..., 6t»addufern; 2.biel(rie; ^elcbie; 
ber (Sefang, bad Sieb ; softa-s, « fanfteSdne ) 
3. bie (Seberbnngdioeife^ SKiene^ baft TCn* 
fe^en; a noble—, ein ebled ICnfeben; ber %Vi* 
ftanb, bie {)a(tiing, dufere KBfirbe; —and 
mien, @efialt unb (SeMtdbilbung; to tak 
{or put on) a-s, oome^m t(un$ 4. Man. 
ber ®ang eined sugerittenen ^ferbed. 

Air, comp. — bag , Bot. ber gru^tbalg, bie 
IBalgfapfel; —balloon, ber euftbaUon; — 
balloonist, ber Suftfa^rer; —bladder, bie 
iuftblafe; /c/i. C^wimmblafe (bergifcbe); 
— born, * luftgeboren, pbantaflif* ; — bra- 
Ting, (lurmtro^enb; —built, in bie iuft ge* 
baut, iMftig, eittgebilbet; — b. castles, &uft« 
fcbWffer; —grass, v(<Z. Hair-grass ; —gun 
bie aSinbbfirbfe; - holder, Thy, ber ittpbe« 
Idlter; —bole, bad ^uftlocb; -boles in a 
furnace, bie Bugro^ren an einem B^mtfy 
ofcn; —jacket, bie®$»immjarfe; —lamp, 
bie ®adlam4)e ; —level, Mec/i. bie 9{it>eUirs 
n>age ; — light (Beale's patent—), mod. bad 
9atent<SuftU(bt (einel(rt®ad; badgeru4« 
lod, ^tU unb fljir brennt); — pipe. Mar. eine 
fRo^tt, urn bie ^uft im ^ibifdraume rein gu 
er&alten; —poise, Pneu. bie^uftwage; — 
pninp, Pneu. bie iuftpumpe; —sacs, pi. Om. 
Suftgefdf e in )>erf(biebenen S^eiten bed Mx» 
:perd berJB5gel; —shaft, Afm. ber iB^etter* 
f(ba*t, 2aftf(ba*t; -speaker, mod. ein 
trttgbarerSon»SeIegrapb»--*tirring, * luft» 
bemegenb; —stone, eine ^rt SSebftetn (au< 
ber ©raffiaft Air) ; —threads, s, pi. €Jom» 
merfdben, @ommermeben , vulg. ber atten 
©eiber ©ommer ; —tight, luftbiibt ; —trunk, 
eine IBorriibtung jur i^nftreinigungmit 9Kett« 
f*en erfuflter£)rtc; — tube, berCDlinber (eii 
nerarganbif^enSampe); —vessel, T-s.\>u 




««ftr5(rc; Ul Snftgffdf (bcr|>flaiiaen); ber 

fllecM^iciit (an Scttcrfprttcn; tc.). 

Vo Air, t7. a. an bie freie Siift brtngm, ber 

(—a room, cin dimmer) auMfiftcn; ter« 
niadcn laf^ (®etrdnf) abffi^Ien; tro(f« 
ncn; wdmtit; to— ooe'iielf, fdWt Snft 
M5pf(n; to— a hone, eitt f>ferb audretten ; 
to— beds, Scttfttfonnen; to— hides, Tan, 
^intt (sum Srotfnen) ausbreitm; to-ltoen, 

, SBdfi^e (bctm Suiter) trodncn (mdrmea). 

Alrer, i. bcr (btc) (St»oS (fiftet, tro(fnet. 

AiVfly, adw muntcr, teb^aft, lufHg. 

Air'jn^ss, s. bit Sufti9h(t;^.bie2ei4ttgfeit, 
bcr Scti^tlinn; bit ^b^afttgfcit, ^Uhtnterfcit, 

Air'log, p.^. baSSuftcn U. (otd. To Air); bte 
Or^olung in frctcr Znft, Gpajterfa^rt, ber 
epasierdtt, ^poiicrgong; to take an 
frif4e Suft Mopfcn ; to give an- (to..., (SU 
nen) au^fu^rcn, l^asicrcnfii^rcn, (—to a 
horae), au^rtitcn. 

Alr^fti, adj, UlftM, bumpflg. 

Alrling, s. ber ^(fi^tUng, ffBilbfang. 

Mr'y, adj. Inftig; ^o4; jS^. Ui^t; bftnn (loie 
bit Saft), fliiittig; »inbig, dtd; lotfer^ fiQt> 
tcmb; Ici<l^tfinntg, (dppiM ; muiiter, teb^aft, 
(uflig, fro(; an— nothing, dnluftigeftSSi^td; 
— ghoftt, (—demons), tuftgeifter ; —castles, 
— notions, —schemes, ?uftWl6ffer; ^re- 
I0OBS, b(e Sttftf4i((t. 

Al'ry, *. t>W. Aerie. 

Aif e, J. Bot. baft ^la^fthrant; Si^i^^u^- 

Aisle [II], s. bcr^rftgcl dneftCJorcs, beriS^or- 
gang, bie QaOcdc. [fBcrber. 

Ait, #. baft Snfd^cn (in eincm SfufTe)/ bcr| 

Aix-la-Chapelle [Ss' - If - shf - pll'], i. (?f og. 
(bie etabt) Tto^en. 

^isddn' [f-zdn'], *. BoL baft Smmergriln. 

" Ifir', actr. Sttlb offen, naffenb (i>on dner X^fir). 
^Otfige, «. bcr Yuffat anf ben ^l^^ren ber 
epdngbrunnen unb fiBafTerffinfle. 

To Ake, V. n. lit. kfig» fd^merjen, CHnemme^e 
t^un; my head a-s, mir t^ut bcr Jtopf me^ ; 
mysonl(heart)a-s, eft fimerjt mic^ in ber 
€kcle, Wnft mi^ fc^r. 

Ake, 1. ber B^mtxi, baft ffBc^e, bie $dn. 

AkV. wirf. b. m. r. Acre; —staff, bcr ^|liig» 

A-kimbo, vid. Kimbo. [rdtel. 

^kfn', adj. Km>anbt(att4jSg.), befrcttnbet. 

Ak'ing, I. p. s. boft e^mcrsen, bcr an^attenbe 
earners ;>Eg, baft CBc^; IT. p. a, fd^merscnb, 
f*mcrj^aft; fig. f*merjcrfiint, himmertott; 
to hate an — tooth, da^nfii^mcrsen (aben. 

Akorn, vid. Acorn. 

Al, yrdf. Com*, — marcoj na^ bem (Semit^t 


(6d QKiinjctt); -corjo, na^ bem ietigcn 
Oottrfe Ob. nadjf gegenioArtigem tSert^; — 
pan, in glei<l^em SBert^e fle^cnb. 

itVblUtfr, I. s. ber Ylabaftcr; IL adj. «(ab«> 
ftem; —glass, baft Scinglaft, QRiU^glaft. 

^12ck', tnt. a^l ome(; — a-day, coi. owe(! 

^ISc'rity, s. bicQRuntcrfdt.Seb^afdgfdt, j>ei' 
terreit^^^K^fdt, ber^ro^flnn. 

Al'»mlr«, s. Mus. bie tttttetfte (liefffe) Rote 
auf er dner in ®ttibo Yrettno'ft Xonrdter. 

AlvmOde', 1. adv. vulg. na^ ber ^obe, mo> 
bif(| ; n. s. Com. da Hnntv, f4»ar)cr Xaffet. 

AlVn, «.l.YIanttft(eor-n); 2.dne7rrt«Binb« 
fpiel, ffBittb^ttttb. 

^iXnd', adv. an'ft Sanb ; ^m (ob. su) 9anbc. 

Al'^rrck, 4. Xlri*, (Slxi^ (SK-n). 

^larm', s. 1. baftSdrmgefi^rd, bcr tBatfenruf, 
baftTCnfgebot; a. berSumult, Zivm;Fenc. 
ber Vppen;^ff. bieUnm^e, JBcmirrung^ee* 
fMriung^ bere^recf; H&rl. ffBedPer (dner 
U^r); —of fire, bcr geuerldrm; to sound 
(an)—, Wrm bIarcn;togive — , 9<rmma« 
d^en; Unru^e erregen; to take (the)-, un^ 
ru^ig werben, inTCngftgerat^en; to spread 
— , ^rm 9crbrdten, beunm^igen; comp. — 
bell, bie GturmgUxfe; — dmm, bie Sdrm« 
trommd; —post, ber^rmpla^; eammtU 
pla^; — rattles, bie Edrmhiarren; — watcb, 
bie fiBe<fu^r. 

To ^larm', v. a. 1. ^rm blafen ob. fctiogen, u. 
babnri^ iu ben ffBaffen ntfen ; 2. Sdrm ma^en, 
erf^rc^en, beunmttgcn, in fBemegung bdit' 
gen/oemirren; a-edst..., beunnt^^igt fiber... 

^larm'jng, I. p. a. erf^retfenb, beunm^igenb, 
f^rctfCi^ ; n. p.f . baft Sdrmen, k. ; ber Sdrm; 
III. — ly, adv. anf cine 64te(fen erregenbe^ 
bennrviigenbe ffBeife. 

^larm'ist, s. bcr (fiffentr.) Wrmma^er, Wrm- 
blafer, Unrn^fHfter. 

^laVvm, 1. vid. Alarm. 

4Jis', int. a4! Idbcr! orac^I —for shame, 
p^il —a (ob. the) day! a^! nngfficttii^cr 

Aliped, adj. Bot. geffiigcrt. 

Alb, s. 1. Num. dne tfirfif^eSMnte; wd. 
Asper; a. biclCIp; vtd. Alp. 

Alb, Ai'ba, s. Rom. Caih. bie Ylba, baft Wef« 
(cmb/ (S^or^cmb; — week, bie £)ftem>o4e. 

AlOif n, #. Xtbannft (!Dt-n). 

^ibs'nif, *. Oeog. Iflbanien. 

^Iba'njfn, I. adj. albanir^^; U.S. ber Vlbd* 
nicr. ^(banefe. 


MbS'nifns, p/. btc XTbanicr. 

Ai'bftriSss, s. Om.berlCIbatrof, Jtrtegftf^iffft* 
Alb€marl', /. Bot bie !D{armcrp|!rf!<l^e. 




A11»«ricit, 9, 7Clbed4 (!R-n). [Me. 

Alber'«i9» ilbcr^nyt, i. Com. einc ^Ctt leoan* 
ttjiii^ (Sdinrlot. 

ll^trt, «. Xlbred^t, KXbfxt (SR-n). 

,4lb&'€«Bt, «((;. »df werbenb, »cif U4. 

Albifldl'dott, #. Cftem. bdS ®etf moduli. 

aKUb , #. bcr %Xb\ii (eln {colit^artideft SXinc* 

^i'B9i^ 9» pi. ntift 9teger, Ylbinoft. [ral) 

Xl'bf^B, #• # TOHon, (Snglonb; — meul, ®(ei 

^bU Sim MeifUibet. 

llbf • «. pi. trfrf. Aib-week. 

ilbtt(^B'«oiu, acb*. bem ^»eif e d^nU4», »le 
(StoMif; mdfliit, »eif ; baft fiBeife (ben m» 
bvrdbMtifiea Qleif) im TCage betreffenb^ 

AFcphU, #. Cfc«m. 1. ber (d^fi rectifUtitt 

flBetnteifl; Tafoiol ; 2. baft fubtUfle fMUm; 

— luip» ^ie epititnftlamipe. 
AlcQkSI'jc, actf. fpirilnftartig, alfo^olarttg. 
Aleohdljzi'tloB, i. CA«m. bk Xlfobollflnmg^ 

0Uttificiran$; baft Scmanbeln in baft fub* 

til^ 9tt(9er. 
To AHcQh^ltzc, V. a. aSo^olifircn; rectipciren; 

in baft liibtilfle ^uloer oemanbeln. 
Alcoran, s, vid* Alkoran. 
^acuvc' IW.kc; Xl'-kov, Wb.^, #. 1. ber ^l* 

rooen; 2.bie2attbe; (Brottc; 3. bic92ief4c 

(in einer ©ibiiotje!); -bed, (/. P. R. J.\ 
Jbah 9ett in cinm TClfooen. 
Al'cy9ii, s. Om. ber ^ftvogel; vid. Halcyon. 

-humoDr, AnaU hit »ftfferi0( %tud^ti^hit At'cygnlte, s. Nat. ber fofiUe 6eeforf. 

beft Xngeft. 
AJhs^g^, 9. baft «Bei^ im Si; baft ®eipe (etn 

nbvrdbMtiger SUtf) tm Yufie, baft Senfoma, 

ba »cxfe etor. 
iU'bvm, /. baft eummbnit) (eigenbdnbtde) 

grrm^eabiub i (—ocaii)* baft ffieife im ^nge. 
Albfi'BtB, #. baft ®etf e im 6i^ iSimeif . 
jObe'aiiaoiM, «<(;. baftOiioeif betreffenb; ei« 

•eifd^nOdb, eiweifartie; i%yA'o/. f<l^leimid, 

iAc [epiint. 

Ai^yni. #. 1. Ick. ber ®eipfif4; 2. Zto(. ber 
^{bikKiivai, #• Bo(. ber Gplint. [mnnse). 
irbfts, i. Num. ber flBeiPpfennig (!(. 6Uber* 
Aicmbert, Akfthestic tnd. in Alk.... 
Aialc, Poet. I. a(<7. al(dtf(b (oott einer JBerfts 

art bed Xlcdnft); II. s. ber aIf/Hf<be Serft. 
^kaid', 9. ber VIcalbe, 0ti4ter, etabtrii^ter 

(IS Gpanien); Sriebenftri^ter (in ben frii(e< 

res fpoiu Qolottien); ber S)berbefe(Iftbaber 


llcaii, Akaline, To Alcalizate, vid. in Alk... 
^icas'a^t '. BoU bie morgenl&nbif^e XOhuma, 

Al'dfif, 9. (—tree), bie (Srie, GHer, ber ariem 
baum; — bed (a-s-plot), ber <5rIenioaIb. 

A^l'dfrman, #.ber0lat^ft^err, mat^monn/ iU 
tefle;— of award, berCluartiermetfler^JBier* 

^telftmeifler;— '■ robe, ber glfigelmanteU 

Al'd^rmanllke, adj. vid. b. f. fR- 

Al'd^rmSnly, adj. k adv. lu einem fltatbft* 
^rm ge^ftrid; mie ein Tdberman ob. {Xat^ft« 
btrr; fig. ftoli- 

Al'd^ni, adj. von ^rlentot}, erien, eQern. 

A.ld'§iite, 9. Onn. cant, a drangbt on tbe 
pump at—, ein falf^er, torn Seiogenen nitbt 
andenommener fiBe^feU 

Ale, I. s. baftti; unge^opftefBier, filBdienbier, 
ftifeS3ier; medicated—, baft Jtrduterbier; 
n. cwnp, —bench, bieSierbanf; —berry, 
baft ®annbier, Sierbier; —brewer, ber tU 
hrautt, ©ierbrauer ; — conner, ber flSierauf' 
fejer^ iBierprober (in bonbon); — cott, (— 
coaitt), Bot. ber (Rainfarn; -draper, joe. 
ber IBierfi^enf ; Siermirt^ ; -fed, biergendprt; 
—hoof, Bot. ber (Srbep^eu; — hoaae, baft 

ubemctrtc ^mfcnia; dyer's—, bie f&rbenbe Sier^auft, bie 6<l^etth, vulg. S-fneipe; - 

SDibfettiunse; — leavea, TC-hl^n; —oil, baft 
IM, Q^prvftftl; —root, bie gepfiloerte, fdr« 
besbc iBitriel bcr YCPanna. [3Ife (9-n). 
AJce, #. abbr. (fftr Alice) Xtexia, Glftil^en, 
^Ic«'d9. 9. Om. ber ^ftnigftfif^er, ^)>odeL 
Akhemical, Alddmical, ke. vid. AJchya... 
Alehoraa, ice. $. vid. Alkorao. 
^{{hfaW (^IcbVlO* I- a<<7. H- -ly> adv. 
.ti^vmtflif*, al4Dmtf«. 
AKchyiafBt, 9. ber XU^tfiBkifk; <9oIbma4er. 
ll^ynr^'tic*! (llchyais'tfc), adj. a(4t»mi« 
fttfdj^. [UUi) ]»er»aabeln. 

To AKcbyitfze, v. a. TCfd^mie treiben^ (aRe« 
iK{hymy, «. bie Xl^^mie, (o^e 64eibdhtttfl; 
<SoIbma<|erhinft [ftbtlein. 

^tfae*, «. Bot. ber ^fi^nerbarm^ baft aXdHfe« 
iKc?, #. Zooi. ber VlfQ; merifanift^e j>ttnb. 

boose impost, baft 3apfengelb; (vid. -sil- 
rer) ; — boase keeper, ber 64enhoirt(, Sier« 
loirtj; —inspired, bierbegeiftert; -post, bcr 
^aienbaum; baftl9iersei(ben; —silver, bie 
Xranffteuer; —shot, bicS3ier}c4e; —stake, 
ber ®ierpfa(I (alft ®4ilb biencnb), baft Aicr» 
jcic^en; —taster, bcr Sierprober; —^ at, bcr 
®«trbottifi,»rattbotti*;-wifc, l.bie«ier. 
sotrttiinn; 2. (eigentl.) i'lftftf, ein amerif. 
Sif4 auft bem ^dringftgcMIe^te (Oupea 

^lee', adv. Naut. ttnter bem fBinbe, im %d; 
hard—! beim XBinbe ge^alten! 

Al'egar, t. bcr ilcfflg, fBierefftg. [folben. 

/llem'bic, s. Chem. berSrcnnfoiben, S>efHlUr< 

^lVi<i<ite, I. adj. Ich. fibuppenlcft; li. «. bcr 
fibnppentofe Si^. 




^cft', L adj. U.— ly, adv. wa<l^f<un/ auf feinerlJAItdbit', «. Geog, TCUcMta ber Vlicttntioeix. 
f>ttt(bef.Af2f.,apoathe-);manter,(eb(|aft, AKfce, s. yiUxia, Tiliii Qlfe, Jlfe (Wife, 

fUttf ; IttfHg; — looking, mttnter^)$fe^enb. 
MMn^M, s. Die SBa^famfeit; {Kunterhit; 

^b^aftifieeit, bo^fltate SScren; bie^ttftifihit 
A'l^t, J. Urn. ber SKcb^iitncrfalf. 
h^xhi'd^r, s, TncTonbcr (9X-n); -*» foot, 
^Bot. ber IBertram, baft 6pe{4clfraat. 
Al^xSn'd^rf , «. J9o(. boft Gmi^menfrattt, bie 

AlfxSnMrj^-wood [— wAd], s. erne Tfrt fei« 
jud, iwc ibafltif^Ierei gebrau4te$ j>ols. 
Alf xtbiMrjne , i\»ee. 1. f . ber alexanbrinif^e 

(Berft; II. a<6'. ole]»mbrinir<i^. 
^Ixipbar^iajc,!. a^jj. aid Gegengift bienenb ; 

n. s. bod (S^egengift. 
AlSzfphar'iiifc^l, a<2;. wCe Alexipbarmic, qv. 
Al^x'ippds, 5. mod. cine ^afd^iat snmKuf« 

rubten gefhirjter ^ferbe. 
^llxftSr'ic. I. adj. gif tabtreibenb ; bod ^teber 

tertrribcnb; II. s. bad 6(bu(mitte(, bef. 
^gegen ®ift, Oegengift 
All»o<Ii'g9, /. Cus. na f>a<f' ttnb 3oIl(attd in 

Siffobon; erne 3oIlabgabe »on aus« nab em« 
^ge^cttben SEBaoren. 

Al'gf, s. Bot. bad 6eegrad, bie @eencflcT. 
il'g^z^l, «. Zool. bie ®a}eae. [re(benfunfL 
iKgibr^ 4, Math, bte Ylgebra, fl9u(bflabetts 
Aliibra'iC iliabrft'jc^l * o<0'. A^at/i. olge« 

braifibl —carve, bie olgebraif^e frumme 

^nie (im (Segenfa^ ber trandfcenbeaten). 
Ali«brt'|«t, s, ber Qflgebralfl. 
Alge'rj^ #. Geog. TCIgerien. 
i^l|e'iine, I. 1. ber Sewo^ner Don Iflgteri 

II. adj. algienfib 
Algierine, s. k adv. vid. Algerine. 
^litcTf', s. Geog. Wgier J Ttlgerien. 
AKg9r« «. Med. bie ^eftige Jtiite, ber f^arfe 
^»wfL [3abl<tt. 

AFgQri^m, Al'g^rrtfcm, s. bie fBifTenWaft ber 
Al'godB, adj. )u benKIgenge^6ng{ ooKTCU 

®ifa) (g-n). [^etbiopien. 

iFjcSnde, i. ber 7CUconbe«Sattm in Stieber* 

IKlfD, I. adi. fremb, audUnbtfib) einem9Ci4t« 
b&rgerge(6r{g$ siiwiber,niiangemefren) n. 
s. ber Srembe5 Law, TCudMnber, ber m<bt 
SB&rger tfl^ —act, —bill, bad TCttdUinber* 
beaet (ben Vnfent^alt ber Qremben in @ng^ 
lanbbetreffenb)^ — 'sduty, ein€txtra}oa^uf 
bie 9on TCudldnbem eingef&()rten ffiaarett) 
bedgL von bent Xonnengebolt ber 6<bifft au^* 
Unbifiber Sl^eber; -office, bad Sremben* 

To Alien, To Aliene, vid. To Alienate. 

Ali^D^ii'jty, s. bie Scrdnf erU(breit. 

Al'ifnf bie, adj. oerduperliib. 

AFif D9ge, s. bie ^remb^eit, Yudldnberfibafl. 

To AKj^olte, v.a. Derdufern j fig' nbwenbig 
matben, cntfremben, abjieben. 

Al'j^ni&te, I. adj. tocrdufert^ fig. abgeneigf, 
entfrembet(— from, i&on)} n. #. ber^rembc, 

Alj^nfi'tioD,!.!. bteeerdnpemngj SLSrembbeit 
(vid. Alieonge) ; 3.fig. (Sntdn^erung i Ybge* 
neigt^eit i — of mind, bie Oeifledabmefen^it, 
berSBa^nfuinj — ofTice, einSureau, bet bem 
aOe flSerduperuttgdabgaben beri(btigt nerben. 

Alj^nji'tQr, s. ber Serdnferer. 

Aii«ne«', s. <Sintt, bem 6tn>ad oerdufert »irb, 
ber ^dufer. 

Alienism, s. vid. Alienage. 

Ai'jform, adj. Anat. f[dgelf9rmtg$ — proceta, 
ber p%Ifdrmige ^rtfa^. 

To^ligbt', o.n. fl<b nieberlaffen^ abfteigen, 
audfteigen(— from, von, and)) t^vahfaUtn, 
nieberf anem i to — on ... , berfaUen fiber .... 

^Ilke', adj. k adv. gleiib, d^nlt^/ eben fc »ie$ 
—minded, glei(bgeflnnt, glei^benfenb. 

Al'jmf ot, 9. 1. bie 9?a(mng, bad K-dmittel, 
bie Gpeife, bad gutter ) ber Unter^alt (vid. 
Alimony) ; 2. ber 3nnber. 

gen) algenartig. [(in epanien). Aljm^nt'^l, I. adj. ndbrenb, na^r^aft) H- ~ly* 

Xl'gu^zll, 1. ber Tflguapi, ^^\^tt, emerge ado. anfnd^renbeSBeffe. 
Alkatontide, i. cor.vid. AU-ballow-tide in All. U Aliment Vin^M, $. bie 9{abr(aftig!eit. 

Atbenon, 9. vid. Alcanna. 

AlbidiiM^ AlidAde', «. Matli. bad S)iopter' 

£ineal an aXef inflrumenten. 
ilboltantide, s. vid. All-hallow-tide, in AH . 
A'liXff, Law, I. adt>. fonfl, anberd i Simaon, 

alias Smitb, Cimfon, fon^ ©mitb (genannt) 5 

II. #.-capiai,ein »ieberbolter«er^aftdbefe^l. 
AI'jbT, s. Law, badTdibi) to prove one'* 

fein Q(. na<bn)eifcn. 
iKjble, adj. nd^renb, na(r(aft5 ndbrbar. 

Alicaadc, C. Allccnde, Afort. vid. Alicoade.USi'jm^ny, t. Law, bie Ylimenttttiott. 

Aljmlnt'^ry, I. adj. 1. jnr SRa^mng ge^drig ^ 
2. nd^renb; na(r(aft$ 8. {ur^peife bienenb, 
efbar) Anat. —canal, ber Darmfanal) 
—duct, ber ^peifegang) II. s. 1. bieSer< 
pflegunglanftalt) S. ber Yiimentarind (bnrc^ 

Alim^ntft'Uon, s. 1. bie 9ia^r(aftigrdt, M^r« 
ftafti 2. Chrnd^rnng, IBerpflegung, ber 
Unter^aU. [Unn. 

Alittin'tjven^M, $. Fhren. ber Chrndimngd* 




ACip^U, adj. Zo9l. ftdtterfflfts, mit cmcr 

^Siagfraut terpen. [mdufc, w,). 

AViphl^ s. ju. Zool. gldtterfuf Icr (gleDcr* 

APiqvint IWorc Ac; nl'-j-kwdiit, WJ],adj 
Arith. altqaont j 3 U an— part of 10» 3 %t^t 

jnid^tin lOaitf. 

Al^iqautt adj. Arith. aliquot j 8 is an — part 
of 9, 3dcttui9aufj —part, bcrS^eUer. 

AliiaBilera, #. vid. Alexanden. 

A'ljih, adj. »ie Ticl, bierartid. 

Ailtffi. «^ 6tifabet«4en, QH»«cn (8-n). 

^Gve', adj. Icbenb; lebcnbtg, am Scben) j!g. 
t^tigj Icbbaft, nmnter j tief fu^Ienb^ cm^ 
pjtnMami all—, sonsYttgcttnbClr) fft^- 
icn^, cmpjinbeB^ (im mitefien 6mac)} 
fceliagly — for (to), fcjr empfittgU^ fTftr. 

Alk, Orii. bcr Ylf, ^apagcitouiber. 

AFkfkiat, s. Chem. Da6 Vlfa^cft. || 

AKk^besfjc adj. a«fi. oafWfcnt), jertteiUttb. 

Aikfl&'cvnt, adj. r<bioa<b aI(aUf<b/ alfalif!- 
rmb, loiigcnfalitg. 

AlkikK, 1. ofV/. Alcaid. 

AKkfli [ H'fr. Ac ; al'.k9-l€, Ff. Ac], «. a«m. 
M Ylfalt, ^asgenfat); J9ot. ber (3la$MmeU/ 
M&eoiftrrattt; -volatile, fia^^tigcd Sou* 
geafoli. [cincm Tittali »erben. 

ToAJlc^ljry, r. I. a. alfalijiren^ 11. n. {u 

Alkyfig'^oua, adj. alfaltfircnb. 

Ift^irfliSt^r, s. Oiem. bcr ^Ifalimctcr. 

AHi^llBe llVorc. Ac; Sl'-k^-lfn, (f. Ac]* 
adj. a^enu alfaltf<b; a(faHmr<bi —earths, 
alhUmiMc^STbci) -salts, WaUfaI}e^ £au« 


AikaltzA'tion, *. bie Qflfaliflrttng. t [firen. 

To Al'k^ze. V. a. mit TCItali ffitttgcn, alfali^ 

AKk^n^r, #. bie {>attrcnb{afe$ vid, Isiogiasc 

AKk^^t, «. vid. Alcanna; bastard—, Bot. 
bcr If (f erfteinfamcn. 

Alkanna, Alkeana, j. vi(f. Alcanna. 

Alkek^o'^j, s. Bot. bic 3itbcnfirf(bc. 

Alker'n^ #. /Viarin. ^ie ^tnxrge oon Jter* 
mc^bctren, ber Jtcmic^bcerfaft} — oak, ^t. 
bie Jtermedci^C/ ^d^avlad^ciiyi. [bcrbaum. 

Aikft'v^, «• Jtot. bie Cbriflpalmc, ber «Bun« 

AJ^^riiB, «. TAeo;. ber Jtoran. ©ie Oricnto* 
^Hftei fipr. flcw. fil-k9-rAn'. 

Alk9rSii'je, af/j. ben Jtoran betreffcnb. 

All, I. pron. adj. aUtx, aUt, oHe^^ ganj^ 
II. s. baft Oknie, TfO (c/. Alls, p(.; ; for - 
the world, bur^attft, gerobe$ —dinner-time, 
Mbtenb beft ganio* aittttagefTend i by - 
■eana, eft fof^ »aft eft moffe, burdbauft^ 
fibU^tctbingft i once for — , ein ffir ollemal i 
for good and—, ganjunbgori aufimmer^ 
for— we know, baft wifTcn loir ni*t, baft fanu 
mas nicbt loiffrnf after-, am Qhtbe, mobi 

gar iio44 imiSnmbe betraibtet} at -, iiber* 
aa,bttr4auft} enblicbbocbnoib^ etma^ bean 
bo(b4 not at -, gaas unb gar niibt, ni^tft 
meniger aift} 'Us -one, eft ift ^COeft eisft, 
tmxki, glei(b9iel5 and -that, unb berglet* 
<benj -the better, beftobeffer^ he has lost 
his—, cr^atQCaeftoerlorea} when -^cornea 
to-, menu eft urn uub umfommt, euMi^^ 
Mar. — hands hoay ! XUt {)dttbe f^odf 1 IQUft 
auf ft Serbetf I tiberaK! — hands to quarters 
hoay! }um}Cngrtfrbereit(Xufruf an bic6ee* 
(cute^ an ibre Soften }tt geten)^ — ^s well! 
1. gttte SBa^c! (Tfuftmf ber e<biIbiM4<B 
auf Jbriegftf^iffen aSe balbeetunbenrndbtaib 
ber 9Ia<btn>a4(n)i a. Untnovt bcr eibilb* 
»a*en auf who's there?; ebenfaOft Tiuftruf 
ber 9{a4tn)d(bter. 

All, adu.ganj, gdnjiicb/ f£mmtti<b, ^^Ui^i (in* 
Mg/ aOeinj gerabe j -along, ber (dnge na^i 
bie ganse3eit iiber^ immerfortt aaentbalbcni 
in — y jufammen) in — the month of May 
next I promise to pay, Ac, im (iaufe 5eft) 
ffinftigen !Kat Derfpre^e i<b )u be^abbn 
(g(ei<bt>iel an mel^em Sage)) - in the wind. 
Afar, bie 6egel fiOen (merbcn f<b(aff)) she 
was — eyes, fie maM^ gtofe Xugen j - at 
once, — ofasndden, plft^K(b, auf einmah 
-over, gans unb gar, bur* unb burcb^ 

All-, comp. (iDie meifien mit all- oerbunbc 
ncn, minfftrlicb gebilbeten«B5rter finbTCbiec 
a^a, empbatif(b oberpoetir(bgcbrau4t) all 
oerftArft ben ®inn in einem ^i^ttta (9robc 
alft most unb entfpri<bt bem beutftben ^nicft, 
HU', aU', aOgemeitt, iiberauft, bur^auft, 
ganS/ r>&ni%, ooOfommen, b^^fl: -blaze, Dec 
©armbebiitcr (gum eifcn »4rmen) i - boun- 
teoQs, — boantifnl, allcjutig) —conscious, 
1. aUmiffcnb) a. feft ilberiengt^ -divine, 
b6(bft ooUfommen} -divining, XKeft oor* 
auftfebtub} —flaming, fiber unb fiber brett« 
nenbj —fool's- day, lud. Tfttemarrentag, ber 
erfle ^pril^ -fours, L s. pi. aUeCiere (»ami 
eineft gem. Jtartenfpielft)$ II. ado. on-f., 
auf alien JBieren; -good, l. adj. aOgfitig) 
11. /. 1. (thc-g.) ber 7(Ugutige} 2. Bot baft 
TfUgut, ber gute^einri^b, Selbfpinatj — gra-* 
cioas, aUgutig i — hail, I. int. * (eine(Bru^ 
formel) fei mir gegrfi^tj j>eiU 11. s. ^eil, 
@egen, ©cfunbbeitj To — hail, v. a. feier* 
Ii(b begrfifen^ —hallow, —hallows, Jiom. 
Cath, Yaer^eiligen (Seft am erflen 9iooem« 
bcr) 5 — hallow- tide, (— hallown, — hal- 
lowmas)biedeitum^er(eiUgen$ —happy, 
iDoOfommen glficfUib/ fctigi —heal, Hot. bie 
Jtraftlourjel5 the clown's — b«:a^, Bo/, baft 




9(kbfnittt} — jott, ooafcmmni gm^, aO« 
^ettMi -kind, aDgitts, (64f[ Uebrci^i 

— InowiDg, aStDtfTenb^ aJtorife^ -lovlog. 
Mithtn'^i --merdfiil, a^. aVbtxmf^^i 
the -Bercifel, s.ttt VSbannb<r}ige i — aight, 
bo^sea^tfi^t (eiae CBa^SWeibe ob. 9toUe 
mit eisem 3>o4t in ber QRitte)) — perfect, 
b9<bfi oonh>iiimcii4 — pewerfal, affmiibtid/ 
oOgeioaltid i the — rf ghteoot, #. ber (Skte^te 
((Sott)) — Misti, #.p/. R(m.Cath. ba§9<fl 
(—MiDti-daj, ber Zag) ^CSerdeitigen 5 

— sainti-wort , Bof. bol So^annUYrant ^ 

— leed, Bot. 1. ber Weine mlbe 8dn, b«« 
nefnfteXdttfcttbfoni) S. bU!ReIbe, vid. Or- 
raeh; -leeiog, aOfe^nb^ — teer, ber TO 
febeilbe(Oott)) — leub, 1. pi. Rom. Calk 
boft gefl (-«oali-day, ber Sttg) OTerfcelen 
(am 2. 9{D«ember) j - ipice, Bot ber 9t« 
ment, S^elfenpfeffer, engKM (Semilrs^ /i 
neue ffB^} —spice-tree, Bot ber 9i« 
mentbatrai/ bie ^imeRtm^rtbe ) Carolinian 
-^pice-tree, BoUlitfwc^iinifi^tSttl^hlvmt, 
ber 9ei9ir}firatt<b) —tofficiency, bie 7(H« 
geimgramfett, gr{ffteeoIIfommen|eit) -tof- 
ftcient, I. a<^' aagenngfam) II. the— 1., «. 
ber Tnrgeimgfame (<Kott)^ —wise, I. adj. 
aUmi^t, bie ooah)mmenf!e ffBetft^eit befitenb 5 
II.the--w.,f.ber7lr»eire^ -witted, b64fl 
wibig/ bur^trieben, k. 

All-VB^rt', adj. vulg. i>er»trrt, aufer gof* 

fnng/ mebergeboimert) betriibt. 
il'l^nTte, f.berYQanit/ Qererit; balprisma* 

tifibe (Serererj. 
All?ati/fd«f, All* Dtoif', *. Zoot. baft UrittgefSf, 

bie ^mboitt 

^ihio'd^ble, adj. preiswilrbtg, lobeitSmert^. 
To Allay', v. a. 1. (— netals, ORetoHe) be» 

Wrfen Cwd. b. fi. Alloy); 2. yiy. W»d*en, 

)}erminbem^ linbem, bdmpfen, fH0en$ to 

— wine with water, ffljeln mit ®offer t>ers 
mif^en (i^erbdnncn). 

^lisy', 1. 1. berdurabtitteittmSJtetaae, vid. 
t.i. Alloy) ; 2, fig. hit ®<b»d4ung; Stn« 
berung i — of colours, bie TOlbenmg bunfler 
Sarben hnx^ baft Xufbellen i withoot — , obne 
3ufab/ vngemircbt) to give — , md^igen, 

' lidbemj cool— , bie YbMbtttRg; JtaItf4o(e. 

^lifi/f r, *. ber, bie, baft !Dtdfigenbe, ^inbembe 5 
—of acrimony, baft, maft bie 0<bAtfe bdmpft. 

To Ailedge, Aliedgeable Ac. vid. Allege, Ac. 

AlitgH'tlon, s. 1. Me Ifnfabntngj «ebaiip= 
tiing) angefdbrte GteKe) bte bebauptete 
ea^e/ ber eab) 8. bie Xuftfage, Yngabe, 
Yuftrebe, Qiitf<bttlb{giing, ber JBormanb. 

To MlH^f V. a. (Seweife, k.) beibringen, ait' 
^ fA^ren^ auftfagen, bebaupteH; bejaben. 

^ll^^e'ithle, adj. anfflbrbar, (alft eiii«e»eift 

ober eine eiitMitibiginig) bci^iibriiigeti. 
^Wi^iH^ AUi'ilfs* s. etn ofHnbifiber dnig 

wn Savrnmolle ob. f[a<bftJbnii<ben Gtoffen. 
JjJii^^f #. ber Xnf&bter, Seb^mpter. 
^llg'ii^^e, X. bie Ustert^nespffitt, %tHU^ 

pfiMi local or temporary — , bie Untcr? 

tboaettpfUcbt eineft Qremben geges bie Dbrtg- 

feit feineft Yufentbttlteft i oath of — , ber 4>ul« 

bigttttgfteib; to do — , bulbigen. 
^ll^jag, p. a. tniter bem Bonoanbe. 
illSgtfr'M (Alligftr'jc) , I. adj- aOegorifnb, 

flKubilbli^, oerblfimt j II. — ly, a<fr. affego^ 

rifib/ in iBilbem j III. — ness, s. baft TtDego* 
jifd^e, bie aOeaorif^e @igenfibaft 
Al'l^gprifst, lrlSg9rtzfr, s. ber einnbilbncr, 

To AKlig^ifze, o. I. a. btlbli^ oortragen, auft* 

briiden) aSegorifiberfldrcn} II. n. alft eine 
^miegorie bebanbebi. 
Ai'l^g^ry, s. bie YOegorie, bilblii^ glebe. 
All$gr«Lml^n't«, adv. Mus. burttg, munter. 
All^grSt'tO, Mum. L s, baftTTflegrettO) U. adv. 

etmaft munter ob. lebbaft 
lllggrls'sfBiO, adv. Mu$. febr ^nrtig. 
^li^grB, Mu9. I. /. baft ICIIegrO) II. adv. 

allegro, munter, luftig. [luiab. 

AUelQJah [Xl-|g-ld'.y?i], *. (baft, ein) *ane« 
lll^mande', $. Banc bie THemanbe. 
lllfaXn'nic, adj. aOemattRtf<b. 
^llelld', s. vid. Allodiom. [bern. 

To ^UiVlite, V. a. erlei<btem, milbem, (in* 
4Llle?i&'tion, s. bie Chrlei^teruttg, ^berung j 

baft erki^temngftmittel. 
iKlCy, «. l.bie YOee^ 2. baft Odf^en, bet 

^t^gang) 9. bie 0to<!b6rfe (in^nbon)} 

a torn - again (or a blind) — , ber €kuf (eine 

(Saffe o^ne ^Cnftgang). 
luift'ceous, adj. fnobiau^artig. 
^m'f nee, s. 1. bte ICnian}, baft Siinbnif, bet 

Snub) 2. bie 6erf(bmdgernng, Sermanbt* 

f<b<ift) 3. bieSertoanbten) to make ao^, 

fl4 i&erbinben, oermd^len^ Pol-t. the 

holy-» biebeiiigeKHians^ treaty of—, bex 

To ^in'f nee, v. a. vid. To Ally. 
AlRed', p. a. Mitt, verbttttben, venoanbt. 
^Ilief', p{. V. Ally, bie miiirten. 
To lll^gite, V. a. oerbittben, oerMpfni, per* 

illjgX'tion, «.bteeerbiRbttng,8erfttilpftengf 

Arith. (rule of—), bie TTCigatiottftregel, ©e« 

WiAtngft' ob. Sermif^ungftregeli Otem. 

bie Scgintng. 
iKljgXt^, s. Zool. ber Klligator, Jtaiman i 

—pear, Bot bie ^nubt beft TCrogatobaumcft. 




in'is^yre [-ubikr], s. bod Sanb, Oelcnf/ 
iFlfO, s. cant ber aXtMnaM/ baS TTQcrlei. 

fiof ea, ber TCmottrf. [Suf^^benretm. 

^im«ni'tioa, s. P&et. bie ^iteration, ber 

4llitf«r^Ye, odfi. oaiterirenb, im Xone b(r« 


AU9ca'tioD, «. Law-s, bte j>tnsnt(ttttnd (tined 
XrtifeU )v diier dte^nung) j 7(n»eifung {vr 
Seio^Iung (in ber eiig(.G4a(fammer)4 Oe« 
ri^tigvnfi^ SiOidttng, fdeniHtgKnd (eine^ 
YrtifcUin) einer Ote^nnitg) ®iebererflat« 


Ailfca'tgr. '• Law, bie Oef^etmgung^ baf 
cine tajpxtt Stt^mn^ in IDrbnmig fei. 

AU^cS'tuHi, s. bie TCnrebe 

bwl$ —buds, eigengiiter, TCSobioIgilter. 
^Uddffica^tioa, f. Law, bie a$er»<uibbtng bon 
Sebngfitem Im (Sigcngilier; eeroSobmig. 
Aiid'diQm, s. Law, badltnobinin^ freie dtb^ut, 

AiVi<>«* s. Bot. ber j>afettf(ee^ ^afenompfer. 
^\6aief^ s. Fenc. ber TCn^flof im Se4ten5 
Man. Hi &>nge, ba§ Sosfbonb. 
iU^y, iiil. imfg. ^aOol^I vid. Halloo. 
To Alld</, «• n. A a. vulg, vid. Halloo. 
MI5p<^lAy, #. Med. bie XOopat^ie. 
AU9pi<i^ a^y. Med. oHopot^iM. 
PV^bt, ^. Med. ber XOopat^. 
To ^Udt', «.«. bcrloofenC—soc^dfl, SBaaren}) 
aa^ft»ielai5 {vitfeilea/ ait9t(eilettj Suerfen^ 
aet $ ert^Iea/ (emiQigen (mit to). 
^Utt^fot, «. bie eert^eilung/ eerloofimg) 
bai 2oo6, ber TCnt^eil) bie Xbt^eilung (in 
eiaem Morten, )C.)| -of goods. Com. bie 
fiBaareayartie, iSaoeling. 
4lu/tTi9, «. f>f.'l. seebenbiage, frettbartige 
9cfd^ftignngen$ a.lBei»erh. 
To J^Ho^f V. a.^ugeben, einrdsmen; anne^ 
BKB, anerfenaen^ Saerfennen, pgefhten; 
ialaflcn, erUvbeni btSigen, gene^migen 
(ia». mitoO; beioiSigen^ geben; bergiiten^ 
aa^fr^n (etne €$umme)$ mei^en) wibsten) 
rc^tfertigea, Dert^eibigen^ Stficfft^t oaf (St« 
»afttte(mea/ na4^eben$ iibrig lafen^ ein« 
re^^sen, abre^aen^ ab)ie(ett. 
^Uddr^ic, I. adj.; 11. — ly, afh\ mad jajB* 
geben, eia|ur4a»en i^i iuldfflg, tvlauiti 
ri4t»dfig$ m. -aeM» «• bie dulifllgreit^ 

^u&V^Bce, «. 1. bie ^rdumang^ dutafTang; 
CrUmtaif j Sergfiafligung, Sreiteiti Ua« 
gr^mbca^eit} SoKma^ti 2. b«6:XaSgefe^te; 
bk frMefteOf e 6amme^ ber befHmmte ® e^att, 

Alii/di^, adj. Law, erbeigea, le^alfrei/ oHf « bes (SotbeSob. Gilbert ;;Sg.bielSermif4nag, 

bos 6alair, ^oftgelb, XaMeagelb^ k. ^ bie 
3e^rfoftott,S>idten('®eIber)i ber3iif4uP) bie 
{Rations 3.ber6r(af; UtfUctd^MU 4. bie 
ttBiebererftattmtg (ber WrOtfUR}, (Siared^- 
aang eiaer Gnmaie, (Sntfil^ibigang, ber ®elb< 
erfatj Otm. ber Tfbiug, bie Otefaetie) bad 
Ontgetbid^tj abankrapt*!— , bie (Sompetea^ 
eined SaUiten (aus ber ^aRe)) short — , 
Afar. bie9erhtappang; to make or give- 
of sometbiag, dtna^ ftberfe^ea, elai^tfo 
geaaa bamit ne^mea. 

To ^Jld^'^ee, v. a. Mar. oerfaappen. 

Alld^'^r, s. (Sintv, ber 6t»al biStgt, re^t* 
fertigt, befldtigt. [legiren. 

To ^llof , V, a. (-metaU, gjletaHe) beWitfen, 

^115$', *. ber 3ufab (»ii eiaem aXetaOe), bie 
^gintng; ber ®e(oU (bad ^orn, ber SBert^) 

ISerf^le^terung^ berXbgug^ of. 

(dt^ig, . . . ent^oltenb. 
Allf, s. pi. vulg. bie fdmmtli4^e <^be. 
lll'splce, s, vid. AIK comp. 
IllQbei'cf Dcy, s. bie flBiOigfeit; dufrieben(ett. 
To ^llfide', V. n. anfpielen (-to, onO. 

I-'AlIa'ding, p. jw bad Xnfptelen, bie Vnrpiclaag. 
ll'lfoi, s. vid. Alom. [ren, andmalen. 

To AHa'aiioIte, To ^Ua'mlae, v. a. iHumtai' 

^All&'mjn^r, ^im'mjDpr* «. bet :3;auminirer, 

Alla'ialnoiif, Al'lttay, ado. Alomiooas, Ac. 

To ^Vllnre', v. a. anlotfen, anreijen, rei^en. 

^liare'ment, s. ber 9ttxi, bie Xnreisnng, 
^dhing, TCnlo^ng, flSerfi^ntng. 

Aimr'«r,5.berXnlodfer^SSerfft$rer9 bie6-rina. 

^IQr'iBg, hp.s. bad 0lei}cn, ber 0leis) bie 
^otfttttg; n. p. a.; HI. — ly, adv. lorfenb, 
reijcnb, \>erfi!i^renfdi>. [fiflebe). 

^Llia'f loo [~ zhan], s. bie Tfnrpielang (in bei 

^lia'sive, I. adj. anfpielenb) IT. — ly, adv. aa| 
eine anfpielenbe, \>erbe(fte TCrt; bnr<l^ Vn» 
fpielung. [gcmb. 

Allii's9>7' odj. anfpielenb; oorbringenb; fol< 

/iim'v j», s. pi. bar4 htn Strom aufgef^menunte 
Heine 3nfeln. 

AliQ'Tjal, adj. anger^ibcmmt, angeft>u(t. 

^im'vl9o, ^im'vfaa»» '• bie :!(nf4»emmnng; 
bad Xngefpiilte, ongef^memmte ^anb, ber 

^HO'Tloas, vid. b. t AUoTfal. 

To i^ll^, V. a. terbdnben; bei^inben, bereini^ 
gen (~witb, to» mit) ; alUed by blood, blatd« 
aermanbt [manbte; Sreanb 

iWf, s. ber QCfiiirte, dunbedgenot^; (Ber« 
Ltm^ciin'tar , ». Ast. ber ^d^enfreid^ — '■ 
staff, Geom. eia ^dbenmcffer. 

lil'mSde, ll'madje, Armady, 1. 1. ein aftifoa. 




ita^n ]»ott i^atinirtn^ej 2. cin lan0ediSootl|ll'n^e,«.^a6@aenmaf,!DtefrramltMeae) 

(b(f. )tt (Salcttttci) in S)flmbien. 
^kiii'gr^, s. Min, boS fpan. S^rauntot^- 
^Imftin', «. 1. betTCleman, QCIIemann, iDeut* 

fd^e; vid. German; 2. bit WtmanU, vid. 


lenberj — maker, bjr^-mo^et. 

ll'n^dlne, s. Min. ber KlmaRbitt'OHubm. 

Alman-famace, vid. Almoad-farnace. 

^Ima'rjf, s. pi, bad Tfrtbiv (einer S^^it, k.) 

Alm€'D9 (Almene) , s. Com. ein ofUnbif^ed 
eaffrongewt^bt oon 2 ^funb. 

Almea [amz], jr. pU vid. Alma* 

AlfflSgh'tin^s, J. bie TCOmacbt 

ilmigh'ty, T. adj. oOmdcbtig; II. the- 

Ilmizft'djr, s. Chem. ber (Srilnfpatt. 

Almner [am'-n^r], n vid. Abnoaer. 

AlmocaDtar, s, vid. Almacantar* 

il'mQad [am'-9nd j col. am' qh], s. bie SXanbel 5 
Com. etRportudieftf(be$SDelmof 9on4y2 &aU 
lonen (26 a-s ma^en nne ^Ipe)^ a-s, s. p{. 
bie defibttittenen ^ftaOft^tfe su JtroQlea<b« 
ttVfXi - -of the throat (or toDtiUyUnr. —of 
the ear), Anat. bie {>aUma]lbeltt| — milk. Me 
a)t-mild^$ — oU, bQS9X-6($ —paste, ber 
!IX-tet9} —powder, bie 5i»-Weie; -soap. 

^bie Su(bmonufactur«6teuer. 
|Al'nai^^r, Al'n?g%r, Al'n^g^r, s. (&ineT, ber 

na(b ber eile mif t $ ber gefd^wome Sutbmeffer, 


Alnight', s. vid. All night, URter All-, 
ll'nys, #. vid. Alder-tree. 
Il'oe, s,Bot. UtTHoti —wood, ber9)lenb« 

haum, bod 7(blerboI|^ ^Cloebolj. 
il'oef , *. pi. Med. bie TCIoe, ber eingebicfte 

^Cioefaft, Ytoeextract 
Al9«f jc (Al9«t'Jc^). adv. »on ^loe, mit ^ttoe 

berfe^t [neien ocn Kloe. 

Alog'tjcs, il9«'d|rle^, s. pU mtttl ober Hvi^ 
Aldft', I. ado. bo4/ ^^aben, inber^^be) in 

bie^obe, bocbauf) Afar. obendtn Gd^ijfe), 

IQuf bem S3erbe<fe; in bem ^^attiberre^ from—, 
bORobeii) II. pr«p. * fiber. 
I ^iOne', adj. ft adv. aMtii to !ea?e — , t^cr« 
loffen} let me-, laffenSie mttb geben^ lalfen 
&U mi(b in 9tn(e^ ob. in Srieben. 
^ISng', adv. IdngS; ber Sdnge na^i fort, tt>d» 
ter fort J all — , bur^ttul} aHentbolbcn, 
fiberaU) bie ganse 3eit iiber, immer, aUe^cit ^ 
as I (we, yon) go— , Uttterwegdj Afar-j. to 
lie — , ton bem SEBinbe auf bie &^itt gelegt 
feinj to sail — the coast, ber JWfh entlang 
fegeln; —side of, biibtneben, on ber ©cite 

biefS^-feife; —stones, monbelfdnnige 6tei« }iia,ZtiUan&nUi Mar. Sorb oniOorb^ 
ne, SR-fteine4 —tree, Bot ber SK-baumd —with, mit, in ©efeUfioft mit, juglei<b mit 5 
_*.-«.ku. ^^ a ^.«.:-^ » ^ . «,:ii — —shore, illaf. IdngS ber JNlfte ) —shore boyK, 5m, bieSIuff(biffer,Jtuflenfobrerj bie 
ouf bem ^eflionbe SBo^nenben (opp. sea- 
men); -shore owner. Com. ber Mftenf^ilf' 

^l&ngst', adv. vid. b. ii. Along. 

i\66f, adv. fern, bon fern, R>eit ob, bon md> 
tem, in ber gerne j bW^^; abwirtd j Mar. 
Ini^mdrtS^ to keep — from a rock, oon einer 
^lippe ob. Sonf obbolten. 

i'lOOf, s. vid. Ale-wife, 2. 

AlQpfi'cj^, ^lop'«cy, s. Med. baS^fuifoDcn ber 

^ j>oore, bie gutb^ronbe, ber guibftgrtnb. 

AlQpsen', 8. Com. tint Tixt ftbotoler Oom^ 
bo^een (9)ombaftn). 

^Alo'se, ^lo's^, *. Ich. bie Xloft, Xlfe, (Sift. 

^Lldii'chj, s. bo6 Hlou^u^ari (fpr. oinfibt'), 
^orj bed »eif en 3tmmtboumeS. 

Al5Ad^ adv. lottt, bemebmlitb i Idrmenb. 

AlOw', adv. vuig. unten, nieberiodrtft. 

Xip, s, 1. bie ^Ip, ber (bobe) ©rodberg, bie 
{>oib»eibe$ vid. Alps; 2. ein Serggeiftj 3. ber 
TClp (IBefiemmung im ®(bIofe)) 4. ()m. ber 
®impel,©ompfaff5— horn, ba»!iap(en)bern. 

^tp&'ca, AlpiVna» *• Zoo^bOft^lpoco ob./am . 
yoeo, bie lipognosiege, gem. ou4 bod pe« 

— tnmbler, cor, ft ermine>t. qv. ; —willow, 

Bot. bie OX-metbe, monbetbldtterige fllBeibe. 
ll'm^nd-furn^ce [am-], s. Metal, bcr IWtrei- 

beofen, &(beibeofen, ®(bmelsofen. 
Xfrnpnor, x. ber Tflmofenier, 7f Imofenpfteger. 
Ai'mvnorshrp, s. bod TClmofenomt, bie Zvmtn- 

Al'mgnry, (cor. Almfry), s. boft Ylmofen^oud ; 
^bie ffBobnnng eined Klmofenierd. 
Al'mDst, adv. fojt, bcinoje J even—, or e'en—, 

col. beinobe, }iemli(b, fafl. 
^IfflOx^jiar'go (Atmox), s. (in ben ebemol, 

fpon^'omerif. f^dfen) ber Yudfabrsoll, ber fur 

bie onf fremben &iifStn oerlobenen ®tier« 

b^ute gegeben murbt 
JLlm^ [amz], #. pi. bo« YImofen, bie milbc 

®obej —bosket, ber Xrmentorbj —box, 

- chest, bic)(rmenbii<bfe/ berTflmofenfaften^ 

— deed, bie milbe ®obe, SBobitbot^ — fee, 
ber^eterftgrofiben i — honsc, bo8X-bttU6,Xr* 
menbottSj —man, i. ber K-mann, ^-empfdn* 
ger, i>ott*ontte i 2. ber X-geberj -men, —peo- 
ple, bie SSerforgten in einem Tfrmen^oufe. 

Alms-ace, s. vid. Ambs-ace. 

Almncantar, s. vid. Almacantar. [baum. 

AFayg-tree, s. Bot (Engl. Bibl.) bcr CHben^ 




raoafMc CMkaf (beffcn feine O0JU in t>erM. hftvr s'go, #. (in e^ttricn n. tecApd) 80K- 

ilVk*, '. UA lSip1^,Tii -cockle, Conch. 

2^et I 7Vp* Sn<l^fiabeitsa^( pon 83 ge^nut* 

tn 909015 >a» al|^^ettf4< 3n^lt6^er' 

To AHphf bjSt, V. a. dlp^betiM (n^t^ bem XU 

Ptobet) rtnri^teii, orbnen. 
Alph^a'rivii, «. ber :xe(S'f4^er. 
ilpMMficfl, llph^Mft'je, I. a«.; U.-ly, 

ado. alptabctif<b* 
MpUrfdd^B, «. •Skmsr* ber ednbnt^ (mit 

giiiQltdfter jrsotJbc&HtrpIittmmd). 
Aipfci'Bix, Alpko^nfx, s. ber ttei^e (an einem 

{Mftm gmnnbene) (9erften}ttdtr. 
Wea', s. Gam. bol Sspti^M (im Sdrofpiel). 
il'piBtt [»r.ifcc; XF^Ioe, IFft. Ac], I. adS- 

tiiHstf^, ^i n. s. ber Klpcttbeioo^er, 

Vdpleri eo»j».— crow, Ora bie9et§bo^(e, 

VpcBlrd^e) — Iwre, ZooL ber 9er&iberU<be 

jMfe, tkrg^fej — mcadowg, incor, ft. — pa*- 

tarea, «tU Alps, 2. 
ilpi, «. p(. 1. bie Kl^^cn, bttS Xlpengebirde; 

2.^4»eibcii^ (5ra»^ebtr9^ 
AF^fdft C— kwj -], s. Metal, ber Sletdlan). 
Jbread'jr, adv. berdtft, fibon. 
Afaace, ^il'tia [--fthl-f], 1. <?cog. ba6 Otlfof, 
AKwb^B, «. C%em. ba» 6eefali. 
AlAe', #. vui. Alcine. 
.<fifi, adv. <ut4, ebenfoIU/ luiitUb, bofu^ nocb. 
Alt, #.Aft(#.^er7nt. 
ilfttr, #. 1. ^er lltar 5 2. attarf6niiide Serft j ftebe, ber Sombaft. 

-cteth, bie Q((tarbecfe$ —piece, bad Tatar* 

Ittif, KUargemdlbe; —wise, adv. »te ein 

Xittx, attarfSnmg. [geige, Oratftbe. 

Ah^.Tjd'if, #• M«#. bielDoppelgeige, Xrm*> 
To Iffvr. o. !• a* dnbem, oerdnbem^ H- n. 

M fabccni to — for tlie wone, fUb oer> 

|i^|tianRcni5 to — one*i coBdition, fig. M 

miAbeni, M eer^ot^ 

maibt, in aOen Go^en o(ne meiterc YppeOa^ 
ties entf^eibctt |u bftrfen. 

iFtfr^r, «. diner, ber Gt»al ftnberf. 

^tern', adj. abnefbfelnb; »e4fe((»etfe{ -an- 
gles, vtd. Alternate angles. 

^ter'nMe, I. adj. abwe^felnb, we^felfeitid 
gegenretttg^ Bot. »e4fetoeife gefleat} -an 
gles, Geom.fiBe<bfetn>infel4 U' 9. bie Tih* 
»e<bfelutt0, ber Iffic^feU HI* -ly. ad«. 
ioe<bfeU»eire, einS umd anbere, balb fo, balb 
fo$ bajnifibenj IV. — ness, s. ^olKbiocib' 
fein, bie «»e(brtU»eife ob. »ei^fe(feitideSo(0e, 

To Alter'nite [ m. Ac; SK-tf r-nfite, Wb. Ac.]. 
V.I. a. loe^felliodfe vcrri^^tens ». rer£n* 
bem 3 U. n. abioeibfcin/ ab»c<br<^(nb folgcn. 

llt^mft'tion, «.bie7n)»e(breIttnd;SBe<bfeIfo(ge, 
ba» Vbioeibfeln) See. bie (Refponft (beim 
Oottelbienft); Aritlu bie |)emitttatton ber 

^LltSr^B^trye, I. adj. abn>e4felnb) altematit; 
— proposition, Log. ber fiBeibfcIfabj H. #. 
ber 8Be<brcifaa, bie Alternative} basdntwe- 
ber^Dber) fig' bie Ungcmifbcit, Scrtegen' 
(eit) III. -ly, ado. mcibfcUmcifc, ein^nmfi 
anbere^ ium fiBd^Ien^ IV. — ness, s. bie 
YbweAfelung, abwe<bfe(nbc eerfinbcntng. 

^Iter'njty, s. tie wcibfctdweifc ^olge, Xb»e4« 
felttttg. [Kt^c. 

^IM*^ s. BoU ber dibtfib, Me »i(be ^Ralor, 

Although', conj. obglei^b; ob»o(I, »cnnglct<b. 

^ltn'9qa^ce, 8. bie bo<btrabenbe^ Mwulflige 
0lebe, ber Sombaft. [meffer. 

^Lltini'dt^r, s. Gtom. bcr Ifltimctcr, ^5bens 

Altifia'gtry, s. Geom. bief>6|penmeffttnbe,{>o(b' 

Al'^n, s. Num^s. 1. berVltibi, tiirf. (So(b« 
miinse t>. aViX^ir.; 2. ber Xltin, fritbere 
ntff. 6ilbcnniin|e 9. un^efj^r 1 Or. 5 Geog. 
ein 0ee unb IBerg in Gibiricn. 

ltt«r^>fFity, «. bie irbdnberli^feit, Serdnber* 
Aftfr^le, I* adj. ; IL — ly, ado. abfoberliib/ 

Mrds^crUib $ lU. — ness, x. bieSerdnberlub- 

feit, Sosbclbarfeit 
Xh«r9Bt, adj. Anbemb. 
AVtft^utB, s» pi. Old. b. ft. Alteratives. 
IftfHi'cioD, «. bie Kenbernng, Serdnbernng ^ 

£g. Stcixenug. 
Aft^r*!:! ve, adj. oerdnbemb ; Afed. alterirenb, 
ll'tfTftfTe^ #.p<. Med. bie aiterire nben TCrj- 

To iKl^cflte, o. n. )anfen, fbrciten. 
AJt^reft^ioB. #.ber3anf etrcit,«gort»e<bfet. 

[ti^feitl^ltin'cfr, s. Chem. tincXct Htnflti^cft eal} 

(ium dteinigen) ber ^KetaUe. 

^ltis'9n^t, ^Itts'pnous. adj. do^toncnb, 
f<b»uiflig fitngenb, bi><btrabcnb. 

AKt|8t,«. Mux. bcr Tiitift. 

AFtitft, f. BoU bas etinfafantfraut 

Ai'tjtade, 8. (Ast) W^titifig* (lr(abea« 
bciti ber bobe (b<^(bftc) ®rab, (3ipfU| —of 
the eye, Fier. bie Vngen^dbe^ Geom. the 
snn's — of the meridian, bie!Kittagl(6(e ber 
@ottne4 to take the son's — , bie 0ottnen(6be 
mcjfcn/ bie Sonne [(bief en. 

Mtr>'9l^nt, adj. * (oib piegcnb. 

Xi'to, I. s. Old. Alt; U. atl). k adt^. (ita(.) 
Mvs. ^o<b9 -k«y. ber XltWblilireT* -r«- 




lievo, vid» Relievo ; — octaf o, Mus, cite 
SDctdOC i^t^txi —viola, vid. Alta -viola. 

iitogcth V« adv. iufammen; Dcrcint^ gatt) unb 
^ar, d&iD(i<i^/ ^^Ui% i iu^Uid^ mit ; for — , fir 
immcr, bcfidnbig. [mfinse)« 

il't9m, s. Num. bcc Xltfin, ICltun (tilrt. ®o»>* 

Al'Q<l«l, #. Oicm. bo& 6ttblimirdcfdf . 

Aj'vm, tf. bcr Tiiami —earth, bU Xerbc) 
-salt, ba«®teinfttlH — »iate, bcr^-W«f«ri 
— ttone, Surg, bcr TC-ftcm^ d^^^^^Rnte YUina ^ 
—water, bo^ ^-waffcr ; —work, boft X-»erf; 
bic X-Rcbcrci, :X-^uttc. 

To ilVm, V. (f. alQun(n, in cine Yi(umai46« 
fttng tauten) to - silk«, ecibcnseagc beeifcn 
lafTen) to — hiUes, Tan. f)dttte alauncn) 
a-eU calvea, alaungarc Jtalbfcde. 

lla'injnfite , s. Ciiem. bod aiatttt^dltide &al)/ 

Ai'uialne, ^lu'rajn^, Al'amjnite, j. Min. bic 
f4it>cfc{faurc S^^oacrbc, bcr Kiuminit 

Alu'minous, adj. alaunorttg; alaun^altig. 

Alu'iaiavn, s. (;/iem.badXlttmi(ttt)am,X(aun» 

Al'umiBb, Al'uray, adj. vid, AiaoiDoas. 

Aluta'tion, «. bad Ocrbctt (bed Eeberd), bte 

^<9erbcrci. [AnaU bie ®cl^6r^dble. 

Al've^ry, s. bad Sicncn^and, ber IBtenenftocf i 

Xl'v89l»r, AlS€9t9ry, adj^Anat bicda(nfi(ber 
betrefTcnb ob. »c(<be (abenb. 

Xl'v«9l«e, adj. hot. mit flciuen gdtbeni »cr» 
fe^cH; icUcnf^rmid. 

Ai'veolj, «. p/. ^Cltiolcn: 1. j)0ttig|ellen/ 
ffiat^H., 6icneius.) 9. ^5^Icii inbenSe^ 
Icmnitcn} 3. tcrflcincrte !)Kttf4cIn mit fegel' 
f6rmigcn3ellen$ 4. AnaU 3abnfd(ber,3abB» 
boWcn- pClocoUt (citt ?^fflO- 

Al'vfiQiite, s. Nat. bcrJiapfflcin, ©(bufTelficin, 

AlSdils, #. Anat. bct Jtanal bed Qi^i)lud. 

Al'vjne [5ifi. ; Xl'-vlne, Worc]^ adj. bic ffin» 
gemcibc ob. ben Unterlctb betreffenb. 

flwdr'grjin, *. (—plover), r>rn. bCT Qlolbre* 
gcnpfcirer, {Mibcnpfeifer. 

Al'w«y^, ado, immcr, fletd, bcftdnbig. 

Am, bin, wcrbc (crflc ^crf. bed^rdf. Snbic. «>. 
to Be, fctn). I— to write a letter, i^ foa(mttf , 
bin genfitjifit) cincn Crief (jn) f*reibcn. 

A'ro», s. i.C7i. etn ®efdf lumYbenbmabU 

Imfml (oit^dimifanciiifcittbK^cdCWff, 

ft4 itt ergeben). 
Amal'g^, Aa^'e^nif, s. Chenu bod VsiaU 

gama, ber nuictbrei, bie ^RetoUmifibnBgi 

Dy. bie aufgeriitrtc St&pt i fig. bte 9)^f^und, 

badQemifdif. . 
To Am^'e^&te, V. L a. Chem. amalgamiren, 

]»erqut(fen;^. mtf(ben, i^ermif^enj n. n. 

Mamaldamicen, i^ermifiben. 
^mi(lg9nia'tion, s. Chem. bie Kmalganuttion, 

Serqnicfund) fig. bie Sermifcbung. 
To Amal'g9mize, vid. (b.iiOTo Analgamate. 
Am'^n, s. Com. citt blauer, Utontifiber; baum* 


^roaa'doU, s. M'n. ber SXonbelftein. 
Amiinu^n'sit, $. ber ^cbreiber, €$ecretfir, ga* 

AmV^t/H '* !• Bot. ber Vmarantb; badXau* 

fenbf(b5n$ a. bie :K-fiarbe, badTC-rotbi 8.« 

eint ntti>er»elfli(te ®Iume (Ginnbilb ber Un* 

fterbliib^it). [farbig; 4i uni»erme£Kt4. 
Amtrlhi'tAiBe, adj. amarantben) omaranfb' 
To ^mtiBaf, v. a. bdufen, aufbdufcn^ fommela. 
^miUs', s. ber f>aure, Jtlumpen/ Gtof . 
AmdM'ffl^nt, s. bie ^nbdufuttg, ber {>aufett. 
Amateur [um-9-tir'> ^.}* '. ber Jtttnftiiebba* 

ber, ^nflfrcunb, Mettant. 
Aro^to'rj^I, I. adj.i II. — ly, ado, tcrlifbt, bie 
^^iebe betreffenb. 

Ara^toVious, adj. vid. Amatorial. 
Ara'^tQry, adj. bie ^ebe betreffenb j baitt rei« 

icnbj — maacle, Anat. bcr )}erUebte!)RttdfcU 

— potion, ber Sicbedtranf. 
Amioru'ija, s. Med. bie ^Cugcn^crbUttfeluid, 

ber f4ioarie etaar. 
To^ttkfiz%', v.a. erf<bre(fea) in €Stannen ob. 

IBcrmunbemng fe^cn^ beftiiriten/ Dcrbu^en. 
I AnAze, Ama'z^dness, s. ber &d^ttdi bad (Sr* 

ftaunen^ bieiBeflucjttngj in amaze, beflur^t. 
Amii'zfdly, adv. mit (svm) Grftannen, mit 

(jur) »efHii^«ttg. 
.Amiize'm^nt, l.s, bere<bte(fen, badttntfe^en^ 

Orfiaunen, bie Benounberung) bie grofte 

Sefliiriung; Kiebergefiblagenbeit ) II. tut. 

^mftz'ing, I. p. a. erflaunli^l U* P- ^* bad 

(Srflattnen) ill. — ly, adv, erflaunliib/fcUfam. 

^SBein)9Lcin9liifftgfeitdmafi vid. b.iLAain. I Am V5d, s. bie Timaionc) bad fricgerifibe. 

Am^bTI'jty. $. bie Sicbcttdmiirbigfeit. 

AmfdSt'to. AmVdot, s, bie TCmabottenbim, 

ADi'9d4>u. Am'^dow, J. ber 3unberfibn>amm. 

Aiaftin', I. adv. mit atter (»ereintcr) jtraft, 
beftig) pI(0U4, inaOerm, fiber ^a(d unb 
Jtopfi II. it U Mar, burtig (an S)orb)! let 
go - ! itrikc - ! laf t bie 6egel nieber I laf t 

mdnnli^e^eibj jZff. bie fBienc} Geog.^) 

^-nfluf, 9Xaranbon(ineiibamerifa)j *-»' 

boDting, Orn. bic H., !K-ammer. 

AmfzD'nj^n, adj. ama^onenbaft; friegerifd^i 

-habit, bad Xmasonenneib, SHeitbabit ber 

S)amen. [Jtritmrnung, SEBinbung. 

Ambii'^^f, s. pi. ber Umf4»tif im {Reben) bie 

Ambl'^jou, adj. meitfcbmeif^, meitMi^tift. 




AB%ir,#.(nifroeiafatttteiimif^ffBaateR«||iffi'ble, s.Man. het^at,9aiqcM^'Kntxitt, 

^bifl'a^d^r (A mh— t ad onr), «. ter ®efonMe,| Am'bl^r, «. Man. bcr ^afgdnger^ 3cltcr. 
vuf. Knbasrador ; to play tbe — , Sea, (<R« H Ara^bljiis* Afon. 1. p. a. ben ^af gc^etlb $ —nag, 
fefa) wd. Dscking. | ber^olgingcr, Belter j -pace. beri>Qf gang ; 

AnbSfl's^dreM, j. trid. EobftfMdrest. | Jh — ly, adv. in ^ofllv loic cin ^ttjflfiiiger, 

Aali^, 1. 1. ^r 7Cml»(r$ yellow--, ber0eIbe||Ain'blyg$n, Am^ljgon, «. Grom. baS fhtmpf* 

t.,9€tnfi^t liquid— ^berflitfflgeQCmbra) 
oil of >-, ^aft lCmbra5U U- M;- w^ TCmber 
bcfkt^b, bemfidneR) comp. — betd*, 
gcr n fU i nforageit ) — oyiter, ConcA. bie 
Senifld]tiiutf4el$ —seed, bt( eifam!6nter; 
TimbxMQAd^tni — tree, Bot. 1. bet lCmbra« 
btunii$ 2. bie TCmbrafloitbe. [ren. 

To In'b^, V. a. mit Xmbra rdu^ern, ombrU 

Aalifrgrii, (^cor. Ambergreate, — greese), s, 
bcr grone Kmber; black — , bet ^uitiamUvi 
wiiite — , bcr fiogelamber. 

AnbeiHMe (iaa — ], i. otd. Ambs-ace. 

AjB^i^ s. berTCmbia, etn bitfer tnbif^er Stf^r. 

ABbfd^tfr, 1. 1. (Siner, bcr ((Sine He) re^td 
aBblinH iuglei^ ifti tvd.r>ttX^^iM^eci 

JbinHtgetDrdcrf. [rolnfcKg 

^rablf g^n^l, AmblT'gonal, actf. Ceom. flump f» 
Am'bly^py, s. Med. bie tcrminbcrte ©cifraft 

o^ne finnU(b loa^rnc^mbarcn S<^^Ier bcr Ytt< 

gen, Kmblt^opie. 
AmbrDfc', s. 1. ^mbro|!u8 (9R-n)5 2. Bot. 

bod TCmbroficnfrattt; vid. Ambroeia. 
^rabrQ'^}^ [— zbj?], s. 1. JWyt/i. bie VmbroftQ, 

®6tterfpc!fe5 2. Bof. btt* ^mbroficnfraut^ 

®dtterh:aut^ Sraubcnfraut. [fu^ buftcnb. 
^mbr9'9if![— zbfal], adj. amhtofij^, H^ti^, 
^mbrO'fi^ [— zbjan], adj. 1. ombro|!W5 v/(/. 

Ambroiial; 2. ambroftonifcb ) the — ritani, 

ber ambrof!amf(be Sobgefang. 
Am'bry, s. 1. cor, vid. Almonry; 2. bcr®pei« 

Lg»t ein ®ef<bn>ercner ob. Kbioocot, ber ficb fef^ran!^ Jtutbcnf^ranf, Slicgenftbranf^ bie 

MD Wbcn f)arteien befiedden Ufti Gam. «---^*'-» m-fx:-«* .« 

ctBepieler, ber bei beiben f)arteien 7(nt(eit 
^i II. adj. >!g. in alien @dtteln gered^t 
Ambid«xt«i^|ty, f. bie g{et(be (Sef<bi(fft<bMt 
beiber {)diibe i fig. bie Qr^feltrdgerd, ^lf<b* 

Ambi^jhiftniSw, I. a<^'. re^td ttnb littf ft }n« 

gld^^^. a^feOrdgerif*, gweibentig, falf«5 
^IL — Baoy 1. vid. Ambideiterity. [freid, 
Wbi?iit» 01^'. mngebenb^ —air, bertDunfl^ 
Am^^pU '• n« fXRatlseit, wo Jtaltfd u. «Bar» 

vtt^ 2C. ivgleiib avfgefe^t wirb) fie- Mft ®e« 

aatgfel, mf%. ber 9Xif4imaf<b. [finn. 

Imbfgf^ity, ^. bie 3»eibe«tigf eit, ber ^ppel« 
^fldiiig^oiu, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. jmeibeutig^ 

}»eifie^aft, bunfel, boppelfiimig/ swdfinntg 

m. — nesa, i. vid, Ambfgoity. [tigfeit. 

^jMf^f «.bi(}»eibeuttge0tebe, 3»eibeti« 
^btl'pqnoai, a^. jwetbeutig im 3(nftbru(fe. 
^yafpqnj^ «. ber<Sebratt4sR)eibetttfgerKvft« 

bri^, bie doeibentigVeit. 
Wbft, «. ^er Umfiang, Umfreift. 
AmblftioD, s, ber (Sbi^gei§^ bie@(rfu<bt| 9dt 

g!ert>e, (f . e. €5.), «^r«ebe, ber «et(dfer. 
^■bl^ooo, I. a4}»; !!• — ly, adv. e^rbegierlg^ 

ebrffi^tiS/ t^tgeiitg^ »oa d^rgcfft^U begie^ 

tig (—of, auOi fig' empor^b<nb4 ni. 

-•eaa, s. bie <S(rbegierbe, G^rfu^t/ 0lu(ni« 

AWbf tfide, s. ber Itmfang, timfreift. 

©peifefommer, (Scft^irrfammcr. 
Ambf-Sce [Smz-iis', >K. Ac. ;9mz'-Ss, Tf'A. &c.]« 

J. (;am.3n»€t €tn& cb. aKcVf 5 ber9af(b(im 
^SBfirfelflpiele), ffiurfclpttfcb Im ^unttc einft. 
Am'bal%nt, adj. ^cnimwanbclnb 5 —broker*, 

or ambalaiits, s. pi. unbcetbigtc 9){df(cr eb. 

SEBed^felagentcn su Xmflcrbam, SBtnf cimdf (cr, 

SSnbafen. [6pagtcrcngc(en. 

Aaibula'Uon, j. baft ^erttrngc^cn, Sttflmanbcin, 
Am^ul^tive, adj. berumgc^cnb, fposicrcnb. 
Am'baUt9r, s. bcr Gpostcrgdngcr. 
Am'bui^t^ry, adj. bcntmgef^cnb, ttm()crroan< 

belnb; bcmcgliib. 

Am'bory, s. Far. bie W»ammi4tc ©lutroarje. 
Ambdscade', AmbABcflMo, s. Mil. bcr {)intcr« 

t^lt, baft Serftetf. 
.WbAab, s. Mil. 1. ber |)interbalt j 2. ber 

Uebcrfall anft bcmfclbcn) B. co//ecf. bie im 

^inter^alte liegenbcn Srnppcn. 
Toim'bAitb, Mil* v.\.a. 1. in einen |)in« 

ter^oit legend 2. im 4>* auffaucm^ 8. aul 

eincm ^. ubcrfaQcn^ H. n. im ^. liegen. 
Am'biist, adj. Med. »>crbr«nnt; »>crbrubt. 
/^nbfts'tlon, s, Med. 1. bas Scrbrcnnen, Ser- 

brii^ienj 2. bcr »ranbf<babcn, S5ranb^c(tcn. 
Ame, g. bie SD^m (XBeinmof , mtiflenS ten 
J2 Gimcm). 
Am'^l, s. ft V* vid. Enamel; —com, Bf^t ber 

^infel^ tDinPclioeiscn, ba" QmmertPrn/ bcr 


To Alible, tt. n. Man. Un ^f, TUnttitt, ob. Umc'n** *• Htnalia (^-n). [bif{tTH, 

CMbrttt ge^es, amblirm) langfam traben^ To Ami'llQrite, v. La. oerbefTemi If. n. fi^ 
tuqoi (vie eiii 9|ierb). i AmSHfrXti^n, «. bie Serbcflming. 





imffn', I. adv. Kmeit! IL s. Hh Xmen. 
^me'n^ble, adj. 1. rerontmortli^ ^ 2. niU* 

fi^nd (-to ..., eminent; ^Q, gele^rt'd; bUgM- 
To ^niSnd', w. I. a. (»er)bcffcni j beriitigcn 

(etne 64rift)i IL n. beffer mermen 9 denefen. 
^mend', Am^n<l^> s. (fran^.) LaWy bte ®elb' 

ftrafe^ —honorable, bie (6(fcntUcbc) Xbbittc^ 

(S^renerfldrungj jttr<lbenbufe. [beffcrli^. 
^in^nd'aible, a^*. ftrafbar^ fhraffiaig; \>cr« 
iiiiSn'd^tQry, a(6'. («)cr)be|ferttb, ftd^ bcffurnb. 
^«n'd?r, J. ber «crbeffcrer. 
^LraSnd'fdl, adj. DoQ IBefTerung. 
^^nd'm^nt, «. tie ISerbefTeruag 9 Loto, 7(b» 

inbening (etne6 ®efe^t>orf4l0idd/ k.)« 
Am^nd^, s. pi. bet (®4aben«)6rrtt^/ bte QnU 

fdbibigung, (S^enudt^uung^ to make — (for, 

6tn>a&; erfe^en; erftotten, )>ergiiten. 
^mSn'jty, s. bie 7fnne(mli(btett/ ICnmutl^. 
A'm^n^ *. pL Com, ein birfcr woDener ©toff 

Xm'^nt, s. Bot ba( Jtd^fbcn (an ®en>dd^fen). 
Affif Dt&'ceout [— shvit], ad[;. Bot H%^tntta» 

genb. fd^tbenartig. 
^men'ty, 5. ber JGSabnfinn. 
To ^erce', v. a, ®elbfh:<ifc auferlcgen. 
^erce'^ble, adj. ftrttfbar, ftroffdUig. 
Amerce'mfnt, *. 1. bU ®elbftrafc,®traffumme4 

vid. b. ii. Fioe; 2.baS£8eflraf^n. 
Ainer'cfr, j. Qmv, bcr cine Qetbflrofe aufs 

Ugt/ ber ilBcfiraft;r. 

^Lmiric^, 1. Geog, Hmtvita. [Xmert^ner. 
^LnSr'ic^u, I. adj. amerifantfibi U. jr. oer 
^meHjcfLoifiii, «. ber Kmeri!ani6mtt6. 
To ^mSr'ic^Dize, v.<i. ttmerifonijircn. 
ioief-Sce', «. vid. Ambs-ace. 
Aro'^ss, J. t/id. Amice. 
Anifm^BU s. Min. ber ^metbDft. 
Amet/iJFKt^jDe, adj. amctb^ftfarbig. 
To AmcQ'ble, v. a. (franj.) i/ort bie (Srbc 

umflecben, loifer matben. 
Ikm'l^f s. Ich. ber ^oberflfcb. 
imjfbil'jty, s. vid. Amability. 
i'ui^ble, I. adj, Itebendmurbig, f^^r mtge« 

nebm^ tiebreitbi II. --ly, adv. mWKtmvLtf^, 

auf Uebrei(be ^etfe^ III. — neta, 1. bie 2ie« 

bendn>firbia(ctt, Ynnuitb. 
Am'}ilntA, AmUn'tAv** s. Min, ber (Srbfla^^ 
^6ttinfla<bl, TC^befl. 

AmiXn'tAjform, adj. a&beftartig; baarfdrmig. 
Amifto'tAjnite, s. Min. ber^miantbinit(7Cbart 

bed etroblftetned). 
AmjSii'tAoid, Min. I. «. ber etxaf^l^n, ®Qf< 

folitb) II. ad!;, a&beflartig; boa^^nntg. 
iWicfble, Am'jc^l, I. <idj,; II. — ly, adv. 

(reanbUib/ gittii4^/ freunbfcbaftliib/ »obln>o( 

Unb5 —settlement, ber gfitli(be0erglet<b} 

III. -BCM (ImjcfkH'jty), #. bie grewMi** 
fcit; 9rettbf(bQFtU(b(eit; bad KBoblmonem 

Am'jce, Am'ict, #. Ecc bad 7C<bfelNeib eined 
fatboUf<beit ^riefierd (betm aReffefcfen). 

Ami'cia [— ibl^], s. Man. bie 9Xdn4d*6a|»tK* 

Amid', ^mrdtf, prep, mitten in, mitten nnter $ 
-•hips, Afar. mitf(biffd. 

^nusa', adv. k adj. flbcl, unreibt4 tertcbrt, 
feblerbaft^ falfcb^ unf^iai^^, unpaffenb^ un« 
4>df U<b/ un»obl| to do-, unretbt b^^nbeln, 
feblcn) to take — , Abel nebmen, itbel audit* 

^gen, )»erbenfen. 

Im'it, s. vid. Amioe, Amict [men. 

Am'jty, #. bieSreunbffbaft, bad gute eenieb« 

Im'ma, #. 1. bie Yebtifflmt) 2. Surg, bod 

^IBrtt^bbanb. [famen. 

Am'me^s-seed, Am'mf-sSSd, j. ber Xmmei)* 

Am'mTte, s. Geol. ber Grbfenflein. 

Am'ita9cbr>se, Ammpcbry'st;*) s. Gevl. bad 

^ita^engolb. [Gonbnatter. 

Am'm^dyte, s. Nat I. ber^anboalj 2. bie 

^mrao'oi?, #. Chem. bad Xmrnonium; fiit^^tige 
Ob. tbierifd^e tVlfali^ vid. b. f. SB. 

.^mmO'nlJlc, Chem. 1. s, ber TCmmontaf 5 II 
04/. ommoniafalif^) m1— > badX-fal}, bcr 


Amm9ni'»c«l, adj. ammoniafalifib. 

Am'mQnite, s. GeoL bad (^r^nerte) Km* 
mondborn, ber Kmmonit. 

^mmO'nigm, Am'm9ny, s. vid. Ammonia. 

AmmQnr'tioo, *. ber Jtriegdborratb* —bread, 
bad <Sommifbrob4 —box,- ber SRnnitiond* 
ttfleni -carriage, — waggoo, —cart, bcr 
SK-dmagen, 5R-dfarrenj —shoes, —shirts, 
— stocking, Ac, <Sommtf ftbube, tc 

Am'nf r, «. vid. Almoner. 

Xm'n^sty, #. bie Kmneflie. 

Am'nidn, s. 1. .<inat. bad 6<bAfb&nti!bett | 
2. Bot ber ^eimfaif . 

im'nids, s, vid. Amnion. 

Amniotic, — acid* Chem. bic TCmntOttfdltrc^ 
amnifibe CSdnre. 

^mo'm«m, s. Bot biclfmomC/ Jtarbamomc. 

^mftog', Am(^Dgst', prep, nnter, }n)if<bctt9 
{adv. ) from — , oott, aud, and ... bcrand. 

Am9raMo, Anfqr^t Aro'9rMt, s. ber ^cbcnbt, 

^(Seliebte. JBcrlicbtc, Siebbaber, Snblc 

Ami/rj^ttes ^mdur^tte', s. 1. cine (BcUebtc, 
^icbbaberinnj 2. Bot bod Siebedgmd, S^iu 
tergrad, Ymonrettengrod. 

Amor'ujngf, adv.vHlg. bed SXorgcnd. 

AmVoQs, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. tcrltebt 
(-of, in...), S^rtltib* HI. — Dcss, s. bft« 
)>erliebte ffBefen, bie eerliebtbcit. [rolinn. 

Amor'iih?. t. Bot ber 4)aflarbinbigo aud Qn> 

Aroor'phous, adj. geftaitlod, unregclmdfig. 




(cine* ocganifctatMtperO* 
^■ftrtf, adv. 1. (be, pSii 2. traurtg, betrflbt, 

^■orQfS'tion, ^ortfift'tioii, «. Low, 1. bad 

Xxnortifationlreibt; bie Xmortifation^ 2. bad 

Aaufre^t dner Oemdnbe^ S. bie {>eimfler« 

bung ernes ^^n». 
To ^oi'^ze (— ^c) [TT. Ac; ^-mbr^fSz, Wore, 

ftc], v.o. X^iw, Lamorttrm, amortiflrettj 

2. (eitt &(exi) ^frei mo^en. 
^noi'^iu^ty «. vid. Amortiiation. 
^9^oa, «. 1. bie (Sntite^mid <eine6 TimU^, 

K.)» 2.bieeitt»eitbttiid (ttiUer na^enBer* 

To ^LaoAot',* betcagen, fi4 beloufett (—to, 

tiif...)9 fig' auf iSt»a( ^inansiattfen. 
^BdAnt', #. ber Setrag, bie 6iimme$ ber dx^ 

txAgf ba6 Sacit^ ber iSefhrnb^^^. ber{)attpt« 

in^olt, bai SBefentU^fte; SHefuItat^ GDm-^. 
tk« — of ..., sum Selauf (im Setrage) 

(»x^fi, Uneinftef^raiiftMt; Yntbe^ttiiid; 
«eBeitlto{!dfeit $^. Q(r6fe,9ra<^t, berOKans. 

To Im'pljfictte, v. a. vid. To Amplify. 

inpiifj^fi'tion, «. bie 6rmeittrimd; fiergrfif e* 

^ruiig. C/iff. «obrcbiicr. 

Am'pliii^r, #. ber Srweitcrcr, «er0r6ferer$ 

To Am'pijfy, i>. 1. o. cnoeitem, ftergrCf em, 
auftbe^nen^ n. n. M »eittiitflfl attebrfiifen ^ 
dlinienb, 9r54tid barfteOen, andmctlett, i»cr« 
f46nern ((dujld mit oo). 

Im'plitfide, «. ber nmfutg, ®e}irf, bie ftBcite, 
®ro^e{ % ber® (ana/ bie^ra^t, lEBirbei 
fNi^id^eit} ^fide; ber fiberftof}) il<t.(bef: 
comp.) bieCBeite) —of the niiis«f <?tcf» 
bie (ori^ontale 64nf « ob. flBttrfteeite 5 —con 
pus, berf)eiIcompttf. 

To IWpGt&te, V. a. Surg. abI5fen, Q]ll9«tt« 
ren) i/ore. ab^auen, fht|en (Mnme). 

JLnpfia'tion, #. S^rgr. baft 7(bl5fcn, bie 7(m« 


AjB^-ftce', s, vtU Amba-aee. 

to l»« VI >••! „ _ ., „, ^ , , , .- - 

MB ^., — betragenb) to pay the whole — Jlni'itfrdaiii, «. Geog, TCmftetbaiB. 
l»er 900 btsa^Ien i — of balance, ber ealbo^in/iklSt, s. baft ^mulet, daubermittel. 


^bMx', #. ber Siebeft^anbel, bie Siebfcbaft 
^mA^^^ '• P<* -f^' W^^ (Sbeifleine. 
^spbn/|9n, «• bef. p(. ATo/. bie Kmpbibic 
^■pliibi^id(S'i€»U (uH.^<u. amipiiibU>lo%i\^, 
lBphib|5l'9g7> '• Not' bif Tmp^ibtenfunbe. 
^a^}M\ouBf Nat. L adj. omp^ibifd^} fig. 
MB oermtf4ter :(rt4 -ammal, ^U HVK^^* 
Uti n.— nesa, s. bod Xntp^ibienarttge, bi(| 
Ifl^ibieftnatitr. [Vmp^ibie. 

^■pUVj^m, <- Oat. pi ^npUb'jf) Nat. bie| 
Wpbfbule, f . JUtR. bie i^oniblenbe. 
AapkibSl'ic, adj. (omblenbenartid. 
Aapb|b9ld^ic»l* !• <i^i'i H* — lyt adv. }»ei« 
^eatifi, bo^pelftttnid. [pelftim. 

ltK^h}^V9iy> *' ^^ 3»eibeatidfeit, ber ;Dop« 
AHfpliibrasli, AmphjbrSsh'yf , #. iV>et. ber 
la^^ca^Y)^. [felig. 

^miroe', «. bie hu^n, ber blbobenfa^. 
libvreSf'lty, t. baft feel^ejlge; ber Dlfa^ (bel 

To ^niQf e', v. a. unter^altett, belufligen, bie 

3eit pertreiben^ (mitSerfpre^undea) (in* 

t^lUn, QuftaUen. [treib. 

^mufe'm^nt, s. bie Unter^altund^ ber 3eitPer* 
j^mttffr, «. /am. &ner, ber TCnbere (anges 

ne^m) ttttter^ilf) CHner, ber Yiibere (nit 

JBerfpre4ttBden) ^in(dU. 
^m&a'jBg, I. p. #. baft Unter^alten, u. 1 11. p. a. 

III.— ly, iidD.itnter(alteRb/tt.i erge^IMb. 
Amila'jve; —ly, adj. A adv. vid. A]iiiiaing,Ac. 
Am'y, s. Hxmta, Kmatift (9-tt). 
^fg'd^l^te, I. adj. Don COtattbeUi^ auft !IXan« 

beta bereitet^ U. «. bie fRonbelsnii^. 
Amifs'd^rne [W.; ^-mfe'd^-IIne, Yforc], 

a<^'. manbelartig. 
Amf g^d^ldYd, t. Jiftn. ber aRoiibelfleiit. 

AaphlhJSi^bSdV^l , adj. Crfst. boppelwfir^ . . , 

4mpb9'9gy» #. vie/* Amphibology. Amyg'dfldid^i, adj. Min. manbelftetnartig. 

AmphlimVcfr, s. Paet. ber !2Ciiip^imacer. Amyla'oeoaa [— ahvt], adj. ftdrfenartig. 

AmpklriMiSii^t, ^raphifsVoy «• "^jooI. bie Ym« .WylSne, s, Cftem. ber etdtdTedummi. 

p(i»b4ne, 0liiideif4Iande. 

Aiq*Xi'cji[— ahrji], ^phIi'c|»o^[-»h'j-»n2], 

's.p/. bie|i»eif4attigenJB5l!er. 

imi^M^t^f adj. amp(it6eatraUf<lb. 

Ampbif/i^'^tre, s. boft Tdnp^t^eoter. 

l^ltMSt'rlc^, odi. ampl^it^eatralir^. 

Wplc I. ocfj. H — ly, ado. »eit, geriumig, 
teit$ grof ) uneingefdtr&aft, rei^Ii^/ b^lUg, 
ftbcrflftfiid^ ergicbig^ fig. prddfttig/ gidn' 
{oib} neitlinfig, anftfft^rlidt, umfttobli^j 
vici nmfafTenb) m. -aeaa, x. bie ffi^ite; 

Ara'yivm, a. baft Ga^me^l, itraftme^l. 

in [im dufammen^nge «n], I. art. ein. cine 

ein (por Sofalen v. [anftgen. Q, ea] fhimmem 
h); n.4::s:=If,9V. [gIei4PieI,vC</.A,a. 

A'b», adv. Afed. (auf 9tecepten) von lebem 
Xn«bVti<n» «. i^* ber Ynabaptiftmitft. 
An^bap'^i^^ '• &<^' ^ Knaboptift; «Bieber« 


in^b^ptia'tjc, — c«l, adj. Rcc. anabopttflifib. 
An^bft'sii, f . Med. baft ffBa^ftn, bie 3iitta(^me 

ber ^ranf^eit 




iifcWptic (- c^\), adj. Opt lutixdsottftn^ ^ 

Ao^dlmp'tioi, s. pi, OpL bte itatoptdh 
iniieftftfir'tjc, Mtd. I. adj. Ui (Stbrc^en 
bef5rbemb$ n. t, ^U aufh>2rts wirhn^e 

4LnX£h'Qr«ti» «. bie QKnfieblrrtim. 
i^ni^Sh'^rft, ^n^shV^te, ^LnX^h'prTte, s, ter 
<liii^ebltr. [ffeblermdfie. 

in^chQrSt'ic (— c^l) , a</;. eisRcblcdf^/ nn» 
^iiI(b'r9Drfm, #. ber ^ita^toiiUmnd. 
AoJ&yhron&'tic, a<^'. ana<bronift(f<b. 
in^cliui'tic adj. OpU }udi(fn»erfenb/ %vxM^ 

ftrablotb ) --glaflsei, s, pi, ee;cirgMfer; JtnalU 

(jldrer, epringgldrer. 
lji«clWtjct» J. p^ Opt. bielDicptrif. 
inf cSn'd^ #. Zo^*^. tie ^nafonba, TCbgotfd' 

f(blange, dtefeRf^landc. 
in^ctfite' (Anatcote;, «. Cbm. eine Tttt ge> 

blilmtet niebetldnbif(ber ffBoaen^eQg. 
^oScrSdn'tjc, I. adj. anafreontif^ $ n. 5.ber 

aitafreonttfibe IBer». 
In^diplo'siii , s. RlieL bie (SBieberO ett» 

boppelsn^ [pfiRbttngelofldfeit. 

inaestAe'f i»[XnH«-tft3'-2hi»], «. Med. bfe^« 
Ao'^lyph, «. Scu^p. bie gan) ob. (alberbabene 


Inv^ljfp'tjc, ad}. Sculp. aRag(i)pt{f4^. 
iti^si^g, Ao^gSg'y, s. Med. ber ICttdmntf 

Don fSlnt, u. burilft {>itficit it. @rbre4en 

TAeoi. bie (®eift«) Qfrbebimg (su ®ott)j 

Gffiafe) A'&j. bie^nwenbung Don affegori* 

[(ben 6$t(;ffen be$ alten Seft. ouf baft neue. 
ABfgtfi'M, BibL A Tkeol. I. adj. ; H. -ly, 

ado. gebeimfiimid,(deif|s)(i^b«benb4 ge^eini^ 

nif ooO. erbabeit. [tra(btunden. 

kn^^hn, «. i\>et. baft TCnagramm. 

An^gr^mmXt'leidC— ic), I. a^. ; 11. — ly, adv. 


Ao^rWm^tifin, s. Poet bie Jtmtft Xnagram' 

^me }it Mlben^K'Rbilbitnd. 

AnanrXni'iMtifit, s. ber ICttagrammatifl. 

To AJi«grWiMtlZ6,D.ii. Kna^ammen ma<bcR. 

A'n^l, adj. ben Kfter bctrefenb) -fln, bie 


An^c'tf, An'^l^cti, #. p{. bie Ynaleften. 

Xn^Wm^, s. Geom-s. 1. bie IBor^eSung beft bie flBafferfnebt 

f^immelft anf ber geraben gfld^c beft Q^teri* 
bianft i 9. ber 3ei^b«atrdger bei eonnennbren. 

An^lSp'iiiy * Med. bieflBieber^erfhanng efneft 
obgeKb^ten Jt^rperft) Surg, baft Sragen 
eineft gerbro^enen ®liebeft in ber Sinbe. 

JLii^Mp'MCf adj. nervenfldrfenb. 

An^Wp'tfcf, «. pi. Med. flirfenbe Tfrgneten. 

anaIogtf(ibe7Crt^ burtbTfnatcgie^ m. —neti, 

s. bie analoge l&ef^affenbeit. 
J^tAYifiX^, s. Log. ber Knotogiftmuft, tbn* 

;a<bteitftr4rttf. [Wiefen. 

to ^LnaKp^fze, v. a. attttlogtW erHdren, ober 
AniU'QgOQii, I. adj. ; IT. — ly, arfw. anafofiifiib, 

fibnli4/ gtei^artig, fa4dbni(4/ fpra<biibnn(b. 
Anal'Q^y, *. bie TCnalogiej ((rramm. €pr«*«) 
To In^lf^e, tnd. Analyze. [tbttli^feit 

AnSl'yAjs, s. T-s. bie 7fna!i)fet TTufttfung, 3er» 

fe^ung, derlegung; 3ergliebemRg i ber Xbrif. 
An'fiijst, #. r. ber TCnalQtifer. 
An^lf t'fc?!, AB^Ijfffc, T. adj. andl^fifib, auf* 

I6fenb, jergliebernbj n. — ly, adv. anttltjtif<b/ 

».; bur(b Xnaii^fe. 

In^ljff icfl, s. pi. Log. bie Xnalt)tif. 
To In'^lfze, v. a. anali)|!rett, aufWfcn, scr» 

in'^ifz^r, *. T. 1. ber Tfnaltjttfcrj 2. baft 

TCnatQfirenbe; Tfttfl^rungftmittel. 
In^mn^s'tic, adj. Med. gebd^tniffidrtenb. 
An^9rpho'8ia [IT., Wore, ice; Sn-^-mdr'fQ- 

■IS, m., Sm. Ac], s.Fer. l.bie UnxMU 

bung^ flSemuinblirag ber O^efhlt^ 2. bie 


Ana'n^, *. Bot bie Tfnanaft, ber itJnigftapfd. 
in'»p««t, s. Poet, ber Tfnapfift. 
An^p^f'tjc, Pbet I. adj. anap4flif(b 5 IT. *. ber 

AnXph'^rfi, s. Rhet bie Tfnopber i Med. ber 

©Itttauftwurf, ®terauft»urf. 
i^nSp'I^Ms, s. Surg, bie ®nri(btimg; ISieber* 
^Sttfammenfugung eineft gebrocbenen ®Uebeft. 
An^pl^rfit'tc, Surg. I. adj. anaplerotifcb, baft 

Sleif4 (in SBunben) wa^fen ma^enb 5 n. s. 

baft {Ieif(bcr}eugenbe CRittel. 
inVAod, *. ejrenfrieb, Sbrenrei* (SW-tt>. 
An'firsh, s. ber Xnar^, (Rubcflirer. 
^Dar'shje, ^nar'shfc^ly ^narshj^I, adj. anar^ 

♦W/ g«feWoft, rfgeltoft, »erroirrt 
inVcliifm* '. Pol. bie inartbie, ©cfc^loftg* 

fdt, t^ermimtng. [feQltcben £)rbnung. 

AnVsblfst, s. ber ITnarebip;, ©tftrcr ber gc^ 
AnVsby, s. 1. bie Xnariie, OJefe^lofigWt, 

«er»irrttttg, ber regentlofe3ttftanb5 2. ber 

Qtaat obne S)berbaitpt^ obne £)brigf eit. 
in^Bar'cf, s. Med. bie |>autroafrerfu4ta Bot. 

InfAar'coas, adj. Med. mit ber ^onttoafTer* 

fndjt bebaftet, (JanN) »afrerfil*tig. 
An9st9mftf|e, adj. Med. bie ®efdfe ob. <S^&n^t 

6|fhenb, erfiffnenb 5 ben ©ItttumTauf beWr« 

To 4LoJ(ii't9m08e, v. n. Anat anaflomoflrcn 5 

Bot M berdftela (cf. Anastomosis). 

iBfU»r{cf I, I. adj. analog) n. -ly, adv, aufHin^tt^mO'sfs, An9st«m'9sy, Anat bie fraaN 




vrnXUfptw^^i Gmdtcnmft Uv (Sefdtoff* 
nagcs) BoL bU Beri^ng bcr GpiraU 

AMs^^B^M'ic, adi, loic Auftonatic. 
^Bis'trgpM, ^lU'trppky, «. .Rft«t. bie ffBott* 
Mcfe^nid, QCnaftoopilie. 
ioif 9, Anate, «. vid. AaotUu [toebrit 

Ao'vUbfn, 4Lii^'«af, #. Eee. baft :2Ciuit(eii, 

berltattflit^/ Jtir^atbanit. 
kn^ihfmSitflt^ Ecc I <M;. bca 43<mn betref* 

fcsb/ bois ge^dngi D. -ly, ado. nadft :Krt M 


AAitVfm^ti^in, «. eid Aoatkea, ADatheiiia. 
AoiCMiStizi'tion, «. £<». bit JBerfbtd^g/ 

To 4Uii&t^«iB^e, v.a,£€c in ben <^r^ea« 

^■itft'fM^iizfr, «. bcr ben Jtir4atbaim|bi4 

iaattf^ouy arfj. (Snttn (ervorbrittgmb? 
-tkell, GoncA. bic (SntoimuMel. 

AB^UMcfl, L otfi ; n. ~ly, ado. onatomiM) 
)%. obgefonbcrt. 

^it'^flDftt, «. ber Xnatowiftt, ^crdUeberer. 

To ^■ii'gndze, o. a. onatomirett/ )er0(teberQ~ 
(ouftAr.). [hmfl4 3(rgUcbcn»ig. 

^at'^Biy, s. bic Xttotomie, dergUebenmg^ 

li^Sp^^c odi. befiegcnb, obfiegnib. 

WftrSii, J. Lbieeobaj S.b<iftailauerfal},b€r 
edipcttr^ 3. bcr Olaftfct^aum, bie eiaftgaac. 

Afl^Viy, f. Old. Ambory. 

lji'c^9r, s. bcr Sorfa^r, X^n, etammoatcr. 

Aa'cfst9r|> *• P*- ^ic «orcttcm, X^ttCtt, 

AM(9oC</ii9U adj. vid. Aacettral. 

Aa'o^tral, axh- alt94tcrti4^5 angciiammtj 
-estate, boS ©rbgut J - ri«ht, bol erbrc*t. 

Ao'cvstry. #. bic TC^ncn, SorcUcm^ bic (Ot^rc 
$cr)»fiaxiiiii]tng^ (Scbart^ bcr 6tamm. 

la'^kpr* *- 1. bcr (6*iff$*) Xnfcr j a bcr 
^dttu cincr 04ttanc4 8.^. A Her, bcr 
4>offiutn9S«sfcr4 4. bcr Znhx, baft 3(-fdf* 
#cii(ei&S(&ffidfcitftmaf)9 comp. lEank or 
beaai of the — , bicTC-rut^Cj bow — , bcr Q}a« 
bcloairr; sbeet— ,bcrj>anptattYcr4 — groaad, 
bcr (jgatt) X-grunbj —hold, bcrX-gnmb) 
Jfe. bte eidbcrbcitj -ttocki, #.p/, bic X 
fi&t, X-(oI)cr 4 —watch, bic ^-ma^c. 

To Aa'-gh^r, «. L ii. attfcnif »or Xnfcr Iic9cn$ 
.%. (— od) bet 6t»aft ftc^en bicibcn, M 
bcfta(a]if)j a. a. aalcm, X. mcrfea, bor 

JL Icgeit, 

ia'{h9r9ble, a4;. ITnFcrgntnb (abcttb. 

iM^^kgr^ie, s, 1. bcr TC-grunb, IC-pIa^ i 2. baft 
lafcra; 3. bic fdnuntlicbcn 7f. cincft 6dbif« 
fcftj C (doty of ~), baft TC-gclb, 4)a^nflclb 

An'ch9red,p.a. l.)>or^(ttfcrlic8cnb,gcaRfM» 

^SLanfcrfdnnid) 8.aiifcrartid()»o]t6<b(attecn) 

An'^hpr^My «. md. AaachoreM. 

AB'^9r^t, An'ch^rite, s, vid, Anachorete. 

Aa'sh^rjng, «.l.baft^nfcm$ a.(ob.-crouBd 
—place,) bcr Infcrplati 3. baft 7C-gclb (vid. 

^BchOTe', «• v<d.b. f.fiB. 

4nchO'Tjr[FK., Wore, ice.; &a'-UhO-v«, m., 
C], s. Ich. bic %nn^Uf cingcma(btc ob. ctn« 
gcicgtc GarbcSc j —pear, bic Yoiboicbim. 

^nchdf e', «. vid, Alcaana. [®cUnfc. 

lii£hyK/sjB, s, Med. bic Unbdocgli^edt bcr 

AnM^ncy [— shfBcy], s* vid, Aocieuty. 

In'ci^nt [— sh^nt, gen., cigCtttL So'ih^at, 
m. Ac], I. adj. alt) borid, bormalig, c^ 
malign II. «. bic grofc glaggc. 

Ao'cifoUy [— th^nt — ], adv. ©or TCItcrft, 
c^bcm. [t^ttm. 

Aa'cifota^u [-sh^at-]. s. baft ^Itcr, Xltcr. 

An'ci^ntry [— shfot-], s. baft "KlUt, TCltcr* 
tbum bcft etammcft, bcft Ocfd^lcibtft, bic ^cr« 
hmft, Ybfnnft; bcrMmmliil^e^ aUc ffBurbc. 

Aa'df nta [-eh^aU], s. pi, bic XltCtt (SKcn* 
f^cn, bic in ben iltcm 3citcn gelcbt ^obcn^ 

^bcf. (Slafftfcr bcr (Sric<bat nnb CRftmcr). 

An'cillfry, adj. 1. Aoio, bicttftbar, (alft !S{agb) 
bicttcnb; untcrgcorbttct) 3. einerOXagb gc« 
(drig, fie bctrcffcnb. [fubncibig. 

^ncip'jt^l, adj. 1, )i»cibctttig$ 2.^ot. }loci' 

Aade, <• vid. Ankle. 

An'cQn, s. Anat. bcr Slbogcn. 

In'cune, s. Arck. bicGifc^ borfpringcnbe TCttft* 
bicgitng (cincr iDtaucr, cincft (BaUonft) i ^oft- 
u. einbicgnng. [anftgcfibniiebetc Gifcnftab. 

An'c&ny, s, /-lo. bcr an bctt (Snbcn nid^ ni4t 

lnd» L conj, nnbi bread — batter, fiutterbrob 9 
a coach — six. einc Jttttf(bc mit fc<bfcn4 to 
go — see, na4^fc^cn{ two — two, paanbcifci 
contr. fl. and if it, Ac. — pleaee God, fo 
®0tt toiUi what'i that — please you? mit 
(36nr) erlaubni;, waft ifl baft! II. s. with- 
out ifs or ands, o^nc ffBcnn n. ^bcr, P^nc 

^IBiberrcbC; TogUid^. 

Aodfldflja [col. — zh«], s. Geog. TCnbalttfien. 

An'd^l&aite, s. Min. bcr ^Knbafnfitb/^artfpatb. 

Andan'td, Afu#« I. adv. anbantc) II. s. baft 
:2Cnbantc [mcnt. 

In'd^riic, «• bcr Sanbaracb/ baft rotbc Dpcr* 

Xn'dHn, adj. Geog, ju bcn TCnbcn ge|^5rig. 

An'dgf , #; pi. Geog. bie ^nbcn. 

Aad'ironf , a. pi, 1, ^it ctfcmcn (ob. mef{lngtten) 
Senerbftcfc^ i95ranbb6tfc (auf bcm{>crbc, k.)$ 
2. IBratb6(fc. 

Indr^nat'Qoiy , s. Anat. bic dcrgUcbCtung 
cincft mdnnl. Sci^namft. 




n'dre#, *. TCntteft* (5R-n)4 St— 'scroM, engel^oft, cngHW(M" 

i^Bdr<(^yn«l, Ladj,; IL — ly, adv. iwitUt 
^fr,}Witterarttg^ Bot aiibrodt)mr<(. 

^Lndr&iJnt, ^ndrog'yBtt, #. baft fDtannndb, 

Andr^^yBy, #. tie 3ioitterbt(bttil09 BotUt 
KRbrogQttif/ (^nanbrte. 

^diS^ynooi, adj. wd. Androgynal. 

V^rftld, 4LBdr5I'daf,«.ber(neine)menf4(tdfte 
Xtitomat) ^it SRarionette, jDra^tpuppe. 

i^ndr6pli'^t» «. ber!ReQfdftenfreffer;<5aRntba(. 

^Bdrttt'pmy, «. om!. ABdranatony. 

ToABeay, u?d. To AbbmI. 

Afl'^cdote, «. bie Knefbote, !(. ^f^i^te. 

iB^cdSffcfli adj. anefbotenartig; defdftt4^« 
tenarttg. [e4mcl§fetiem. 

ABC'ml&s, s, Chem. ein CBinbofni )u fd^ncnen 

XBdniftg'rfpby, s. Aer. bie ffBiRbbeMteibttRg. 

lin%m6Vi4f* '• ^^- ^ie ^^^ Ob. 7(b(anblttii(( 
t»on ben fBinben. 

Aa^mttrn'tt^, s. Aer, ber flBinbmelTer. 

/IbIoi'^bS, AB<m'9n7> «• &>^ ^ie Knemone, 
iriopperrofe. [8Btnbfa(ne. 

AB£mVcOp«> '• Aftfc^ ber flBinbselger^ bie 

ijkB^Bd', ^B-^Bd', (eigentl. ob ead), adv. Mar. 
fenhe^t j the main top-mast it — , bie grofe 
etenge ift onfgefe^t 

Aaef , f. pi. (Sronnett; tC. viU Awns 

In'ellrlfm, «. Afed. bie ynUabergefctmutft; 

iBenrVf'mai, a^. Med. anettn^ftmatif^/ etne 
9ttlftabergef4iDvlfl betreffenb 

^nt^, adv. bott V^enent; our^ fteue, mieber, 
miebentni; abermali auf etne neue 7(rt. 

ABfractaos6,a47* Aafractaosity^f .it? (f . b.f.ffB-r. 

^BfrI(/tnoas[— tshik— ], L adj, boE Jtrfim» 
mnngen; famm, gemunben/ibinfeUg^ il.— 
ness, s, bie iMmnmng, baft JTntmme; flBin* 
feUge. [>ttnd. 

^BfrXc'tBre[— tsh^r], *. bie ilrfrnme, ®in« 

Angeiograpby, kc. vid. Angiograpby, &c. 

kn'i^l I. J. l.ber6ndel(au4>E2r*)) the evil— , 
Ob. the — of darkness, ber ^gel ber ^infter* 
rdti 9. Ich. ber itltppftfi^i n. adj. ben ^ngeln 
gleidt/ engUM; <''omp. —bed, baft ofene 
9ttt, em ojne f fbflenj -fish, /a. ber 
^ReerengeU — Kke, engcidlei^, engUf^^ 
—shot, bie itettenfugel^ —winged, « mit 
Qngetftfittiden; —worship, bte Kngelolatrie; 
eere^nittg G^nbetung) ber Ohigel. 

AB^^I'ic, adj. ben Sngeln gleid^, engUfd^. 

/Lni«F|c*, s. l.TfngeWaCS-n)} 2. BoU bie 
If., fttgelmurs) —tree (Virginian-), ber 
fta^eii^te Yngefifbanm 

(an^/fg.)! in. — ness, j. 
bie englff^e ^ef^affen^eit) bie ^{f^ftrJBor* 

To An^ti'jff, V. a. Qnqtin gleict ma^en. 

ABgSH'n^, s. ICngelina, TTngela (g-n), 

Angdldi'^try, s. bie ^ngetoCatrie, {Berc^ntng 
(TCnbetung) ber QhtgeL 

Ang§10l'9gy, #. bie (Sngelle^re. 

An'^Si^t, t. l.bieXngeUla (Yft)Saute)5 2. ber 

^Xngelot (Krt i^dfe auft ber S^ormanbie). 

An'gsiiis, s. Rom. Cath. baft TCnemariaidntcn. 

Aa'Ser, #. ber 3om, UnmiUe^ ^rger, {Bei^mf . 

To An'gff, V. a. jornig ma^en, ersdmen, anf* 
bringen, drgem, b6fe macten. 

Aa'g^ed, p. a. vid. Angred. 

An'gf fly, adv. }omig, vU. b. CL Angrily. 

An'^^rBf as, s, baft 3om{gfetn. 

An^B9, «• Afed. bie ({>a(ft<) Srtfttne. 

An^i^r^phy, *. >liiat. bie 9$efd(»reibung ber 
Slut' unb anberen (Sefdfe beft t^ierifii^en 


Ab^aC^^, «. ilnat. bie 2e(rc bon ben Shttr 
nnb anberen ®efdfen beft ttfitxinttiSt^rptve. 

Angi^mttDQsper'moas, adj. Bot, nur ein eittji' 
geft eamenfom tragenb. 

An'^i^sperra, «.Bot.bie angiorpennif4e9)fIanse. 

An^ipspCr'mons, ad!;'. Bot. angioflpermiM. 

AnlJSt'Qmy, s. Surg, bie anatomifd^e 3ergUe« 
bemng ber SintgefSpe beft t^ierif^en i^6rper«. 

An'gle, «. l.berffBinfelf 2.ber7(ngel^a9titi 
bie Xngel) — ol timber, or stone, bie f^arfe 
^ante beft fian^olieft, ber 6tetne ; — of ele- 
▼atiuB, Clin, ber (3^(ebationftwinM, fti<*» 
tnngftlDinFel ber ®ef4il^e$ Opt-*, —of in- 
cidence, ber SinfaSftminf el; 97etgnngftminfet $ 
—rod, bie T(ngelntt^4 —tie piece, Carp. 
ein langer Kuff^SbKng, ber bon berlDa^* 
ftu^lfdttle bift )nm ®iebelft>ief e ge^t 

TuAn'gie, v.l.n. angeln^ i^?. na4 Gtmoft 
angeln, f!reben$ ll. a. aniotfen; an^ie^en. 

in'gled, V, a. comp, Geom. minfetig. 
n'gl^r, #. ber Tfngler. 
An'glef, s. pi. bie Xngeln (bentf*er CoTfo« 
An'gijc, An'glic^n, atfj. angltPanif4; englif(!^ i 

the — charch, bi ( angUfaniWe (engl.«bif<^6pi» 

♦c) Jtirt^e. 

An'gljcfn, t. ber TCngtifaner. 
Aa'd jcr^m, s. ber TCnglidftmnft. 
To An'gljcTze, v. a. angliflren, englif4 mo4en. 
An'gljng, p. t. baft TCngein) — iine, bie ^ngcl> 

Wnurj —rod, bie Tfngelrntje. 
An'glO-, comp: — danish, adj. angelbdntf<b ^ 

— norman, I. adj. angelnormdnnif^ 9 IT. «. 

berKngelnormanni — saxon, I. arf;. angeU 




fUMtHi n. s^l. ber lCiigeffa«re4 ^ Mln\md\M^,*.MSMiUx 

ia'g&b^, X. JSbt bie {Ml^Mm. 
iagd'lf, vtU ABgora. [2. bie 9xUWm^. 

Aaff^^ la'sovr, «. 1. ber earner}, bie ^ein i 
^ifS'rv-y «. crnnp. --goat, bie Jtamee^iegej 

-goafs hair, aii0oriMcl i^ameeliiegeni^aar^ 

— rabbit* bcr (ensl.) Geiben^afe^ —yarn, 

baft itouelganu 

AB'gred. p. a. ersimt, asfgebra^l^t, b6fe. 
Aa'gif f » Olio. 1. iorni^/ im3ome} 2. (n>. &.) 
JdfUktiA«tft, enti^bet, b6fe. 
ia^gry, Mj-l-ionug; b6fe9 2.(n>. il.)f4mer}» 

^ft, entjAnbet) aa — cora, ein b5fcd (me^e§) 

i&jiUfr^Xi^t ^ to be — with (at) one, anf 
^CHmeii b^fe feiit. 

Aa'ga^Uef, s. pi. ZooU ^abeiiiofinner. 
ABgaiVI|f&nB, a^. NaU aatf5nntg« 
AB'gBisb, «. bie Tlnqft, £Lual, ber ed^merj^ 

—of nund, bU 6eelenangft. 
To Aa'giiish, V. a* mit^ngft ergreifeii^ c^Mtn, 

mit ^eftigem e^metj togfltgcn. 
Aa'gDiabeil, «^'. getogfiCget) geqnilt. 
ia'^gClfry I. iMi!J.; H.— ly, adv, rninhUg; e^g4 

the — poiat, ber ^imh, »o (Stmaft einen 

fBisM maittj III* ~ bom, x. roie b. f. 
iagfttiuity, t. baft «BtnfeKge, Gifige. 
in'gSttHd. od!;. edig geformt, lointelig. 
iagftUte^ty. s. »ie Angolarity. 
lo^gftloaa, adj. ecfig, minfelig. 
Aagfau'tioo, s. bie Sereugung. 
ii^t^ty, la'gvttn^M, «. 1. bie Gngej 

2. Giage|(i^rinft^ett, Krmut^. 
Aagfstfi'r^-bark [— tshft— ], s. bie Xngofhtra» 
^riBbc bef. osft Xrinibab. 
|abSUl'tion, «. baft ^^en. 
Aafa^'droaa, adj. Chem. loafTerloft, an^t)brif4 
^tfgbf, ^Bights' [~D!t, -nits], a(/v. M^aM, 

tfl ber fea<bt, lur 9{a<^tKit. 
iail, #. Bot ber Ynil, bie 3nbigopflani€. 
^Ue/iKM, ^nll'ity, x.baft.l^ote»eibl.!2aterj 

coii^ baft 7at»>eibenn4|tge. [fd^ig. 

Aa^aa^ble^at^'. fd^g belebt iu merben, lebenft^ 
Aaiandvoraal, adj. vid* Animadveriive. 

AnWlf I' «• baftS^ier j fig. (cont) ein buin« 
mer it. grober QRenf^^ U* ^fi. oninalir^/ 
t^ieriW J flanU* j -body, ber t^ierif^e Jt6rs 
per$ — tconoBiy, ber a-e ©toff, baft a-e ©i)» 
flenii —flower, jYat. bie Geeanemone) — 
food,ffIeif4na(ntng) -fancUoni, bie tfric* 
rif^eneerrid^tnngen^ -kiagdom, — lystem. 
boftXJierrei*} -iplriu, bie Jebenftgeifhr, 


AnlmXl'ctlle, s. baft 2^^ier^en. 

Animallty, In'im^ntM, «. bie S^ier^eit, t(ie> 
rif((e Giaenfdftaft. [t^iemng. 

AatnialisS'tlDB, «. 1. bie IBelebnng } 2.eer« 

To An'imvlizf, v.a.beleben) berbaueu/ aflt* 
mitiren. [mnntertt, an^em. 

To la'jmiite, v, a. bekben, befeelen) fig. attf» 

An'im^te, a^, In'jmat^d, p. a. belebt, leben* 
big,befeelt^^.Ieb^aft$ *feeIenboa. 

An'fm^toBfM, s. ber duftonb beft fielebtfeinft, 
baft tthtn. 

Inlma'tion, x. bie Selebitag, Sefeelung, ®C' 
nMgvng, £eb(aftig!eit, Sebenbigfeit) baftSe* 
lebenbei —in trade, baft Seben im ^anbtt. 

Ia'imj(tive, adj. belcbenb, befeelenb. 

in'jmfttvr, s. ber, baft iSelebenbe^ baft Seben 
Ob. eeioegttttg ei^engenbe ^riacip. 

ABlmOse', L adj. lebf^aft, ^i^ig, leibenMaft* 
lidfi II. — new, s. bie ^eftigfeit, ^ibe. 

Anjradi'ity, #. bie ^eftigfeit, SeibcnMaftli^' 

^lcit$ tSrbitterung, ber Unmiae, (iron, 3ont 

Animo'sQ, adj, Mus. bc^erit, imtt^ig, rcgfam 
leb^aft, leibenfd|^aftli4. 

Aaln'g9, s. Bot. bie Vningamnriel (auf ben 
TCntiOen, sum dutferraffUiiren). [fame. 

An'}ie, Aa'js (-seed), $. Bot. ber TCnift, Ynift« 

AnkV> «. baft TCnferfjf^en^ vid. Anchor. 

in'kl^ s. bcr Jtn64el am ^uf e. 

Ann, Anne, s. Vnna, ^anna (S-n). 

AnB^bib'ift,^. pi. Com. eine 7(rt grober woOncr 
deuge in Sranfreid^, f&r ben ®uinea^anbel. 

In'n^iiit, s. ber Xnnalift, 7(nnalenf4reiber, 
C^rottifenf<^reiber. [(S^ronit 

in'n^lf, «.pi. bie Tfnnalen, JaJrWicter, bie 
Aaiaiydfer'sion, #. 1. (». t.) bie flBatrne^slAn'n^tt, In'n^teii, s. pi. Rom. Cath. jd^rl{(^e 
mtm%, Semerfuttg, TCnmerfnttgi 2.bieiQ9e' ^effen(f&rberflorbeneob.Iebenbe$crronen). 
U^notg^ ber Senoeift, SabeU 3. bie TC^n^lAaniit^tQ, #.i/td.Anotta. 
Jtma/B, Seflrafttag (ait on, vpon). |To ^nneal', v. a. Mech. (wig. neal, nealing) 

UjB^dver'giTe, I. adj. (lo. ft.) mit Semnft* 
frji begabt, ma^meiftmenb, benrt^eilungft* 
fft^l — fiioolty, Ob. U. — neis, s. baft 
Sa^me^ttngft' (fo^bangftO tBermftgen, 
bicJEIcfterlegttiigft* nnb fBenrt^eilttngfthft^. 
To lajB^dvert', o. a. 1. wa^meimen, mer^ 
fm, eni|>finbea$ 2.benoeifett, a^nben, beftra^ 
teii(niitoB» npon). 

1. anftglii^en ((Blaft, QKfen, K.)$ 2.Sarben 
anfiSlaft einbrennen, auf®(aft maten^ 3. baft 
geblafene (Slaft (in ben Jtfi^lofen bringen), 
abhi^len^ 4. brennen (3iegel, u.)5 5. mit 
£)lfarbe tr&nfen, 6len. 

To^na^x', v.a.l. an^ingen, beifiigcn, (insufu« 
genj beifcHiefen (einen®rief,ic.)j 2, (-to...> 
oerbinben (mit), oercinigcn (mit). 




^■n£]L'^, J. bad TCn^todfel; bte ^inittfiidund/ 


Ann^xa'tion, s. l.bielBeifitdung/ Unf^nsanqi 

2. flSereinidttttg, eerbinbung (—to, mit). 
AB■exed^ p. a. Cbm. beigcfilgt, angebogen; 

^oD^x'mfDt, «• 1. bieSerbtnbttttg^ baftSeU 

ffigeit; 2. bas Serbunbene, IBdgefligte, bet 


Annl'hili^ble, adj. t}cmi4tbar, )erfldrbar, 
To ^ni'liilate, v. a. 1. oemi^tctt, ^etftfrm ; 

2. jigr. auf^cben, umftopen, Qnnantren^ amor« 

tiren,amorti|lren,niQrtiftciren; to--orderi, 

Com. gegebene TCuftrdge miberrufen/ ab< 


^nol'bjl^te, adj. pernidbtet 
Annthjia'tion, f. 1. bie Semi^titag; dcrftfs 

rung; 2. TCmortifatiott/ aXorttjiciitiott; 3. 

92i4tig!eit, ber dsferfie BerfalL 
in'ojs, f. vid, Aniae. [lidf^. 

Aanjvcr'afrlly, a(fo. (att) jWrlidJ, Ja^trtfcier*- 
Annj ver'a^ry, I. «. 1. ber 3a^redtag ; 2. bad 

3aMf(fl/ bie 3a(redfeier, bad Sa^rbegfog* 

mf; aDniveraaries, #. p/. jRom. GotA. 2Cns 

itioerfarien ; eeelenmeflen , bie tdgUdft bad 

gon^e 3q(i^ (inbur<( gc^altenmerbeB (foneii)) 

n. a<(;.idirli4; -feaat, bod Saftredfeft 
Aa'nO (lat) comp. t^uf. in A, abbr* 
An'nQirsp «. Zooi. bie Xnoltd, eine ameriPft* 

nif4e (5ibe<bre/ bie 9)toi>deibe4fe. 
i^nndmjna'tion, «. vid- Agnomination. 
To An'nptate, «• a. Ynmerfungen }tt einer 

e4riftma4en,anmerNtt; auff(breiben, auf» 
jei*nctt. [«ote. 

Ann9t£'cioB, <• bie Ynmerhtng}u einer edftfift, 
AnnQta'tioQiit, s, vid. b. f. flB. 
Annpta'tpr [IF. fTorc; an'-np-a-t^r, ffb, 

&c.]> «. ber TCnmerfer^ S^otenma^er^ Yudle* 

ger (einer ©cjrift). 
Aonttt'tf, ^nOt'tQ, s. vid, Anotte. 
To ^noAttce', v. a. antitnbigen, anfteigen^ be^ 

tanntmadten^ anmelben. 
Anndance'm^nt, f. bie Xn^eige^ Ynffinbignng, 

Sefanntma^uttg. [hitdbringer ob. IBote.. 
;f nndAn'c^r, sMt 7Cnieiger,Xnffinbiger,9teuig« 
To Annof, v.a. beunm^igen^ plagen, befttme* 

ren, fUren, beldftigen; f^aben. 
Anndf', 1. bielBeld^guttg, |>lQge, 6t6rnng. 
/^nnof »Bce, *. bad ©eWfttgen, ^lagen, et6* 

ren ; bie ^lage, dual, ber «erbrttf , bie «e« 

^oAf'fr, «. bertindler; 9>lagegei|t, eenu' 
m^iger; bie ^(age. 

in'nQ^l, I. adj. jjdtrtt^ : Bor.einid4rig ; Cbiii-#. 
— accoant, bieS^t^tedrettnuttg; — twIaDce, 
bie €$dftluf biloni/ 8(dftInfred^miBg; — plaot, 
Bot, etne euqd^dge f)fiattse ; IL «• 1. BoU bie 
einid(rige9ilatt}e, badeomnierge»d<H; 2. 
bie 3a(redf4rift4 m. ~-ly , «ufo. aOe 3«^tf, 
.. f&r tin ober bad 3a^r^ \WH. 

An'nQfry, vid, Annval. 

^BnQ'jtiAt, #. ber (3aired«)9lenttter, fteatfii' 
taber, Sontinenbefi(er, iScplMft 

J^nnh'iiy, s. bieZnnnitdt, jd(rlt<te ^ibrente, 
3eitrente; bad 3a(i^gelb. 

To 4bbu1', V, a. annuOiren, nngfiltig ma^en, 
mortifidren ; attfteben^ abfilftaffen; wnd^* 
ten ; Com-^, to — ordera, gegebene ^(nftrdge 
wibermfen^ abf^reiben; aale aBBoUed, aitf« 

iB'nOI^, In'nlil^ry, adj. rittgfdmiig. 

la'aQl^t, «. ber Heine (Ring, badfltingel^en; 
Arch, tint fitiat oierecKge a$e|immdt>eriie* 
rung in ber borif^en ^dnlenorbnung. 

^nniil'm^Bt, a. bie Ynf^ebung, XnnnlUniig, 
Kmortifation, (IRortt|ication. 

In'BGloa pJacfto'rjvi, s. (lat) * fee. bcr Si« 
fcfterrtng, bad pdpfll. 3nf^tgel; 9uh Aimulo 
Piscatoris, nnter bem pdpftti^en GiegeL 

Xn'nvm, (lat.) ... per — , adv. ... ffir ein ob. 
bad 3a^r; {d^rlid^. [^insured^nen. 

To ^LnnG^iu^rate, v. a. t^ingnid^len; hti^itn, 

^BB&m^S'tion, #• bie|>in}ure(i^ttung/ 9eire<l^ 
nung^ Setgd^lnng. 

^BBcift'tion, s, 1. bieSerfiinbignng; 2. Ecc. 
(xday), a)tarid SSerfdnbignng. 

i^nniincja'tor, «. ber XnMnbtger. 

InVf Be, adj. bef. Med. f^^met^ftiOenb, liiir 
bernb ; an — necklace, ein magnetifdft«4Knit« 
fd^ed ^aldbanb sur(Srlei4terung bedda^nend 
hti Jtinbem. 

An'^df nef, a.pL Med. f^meriftiOenbe SRittel. 

An'^dfnoni, adj. vid. Anodyne. 

To^nSintf, v. a. 1. falben; fig. einmeitett; 
2. f^mieren; the Lord's a-ed, ber QcTalbtc 
bed{)ermi a-ing-oll, bad6albd(. 

Anofnt'^r, «• ber Salbenbe. [(Sefalbtfelii. 

^nornt'mcnt, #. bod &aVbm, bie Galbttng, bad 

AnOm'^l^r, adj. vid. Anomaloas. 

^nttn'^If m, s, vid, Aaonaly. 

^Bdm^lii'tjc ^ndB^a'tlc^l, adj. T. onomal, 

unregelntdfig/ (oon berfltegel) abioti^cttb: 

AtU bad anonMUfHfcte 3d(r. 

f4»erbe, Unrute; Uv>, bie IBef((dbigungP^ndBi'«ioBa,I.a(tJ.; n.-^\j,adv. 7*. onoma* 
(beretrafen^erfltfen^u.); -j^.ttaiS^'l UM/ mtregebttdfig; m.-neit, «. Me ttii'> 

I ^Lntfm'^ly, f. Gram, k AtU bieXnomalie; Xb» 

fdft»omengen4t jnr Unterfuctttng dffentli^er | 
XttfMfigfeiten u. Gtdmngen. 




Mi»iiKfttlBeXonIeiterob.3ntcr»one; a 

AW, (ufo. 1. gUidft; fo^ld*, bolb; 2. ©on 
3dtjn3ett, Snncilen; 8.»aS giebfs? roU 
WTjU^fttCieM*? ever ftnd— , Immerfort, 

Mym^lf adv, vid, Anonymoai. 
Wyo^jty, t, »U ABooymoosneM. 
^in'jiiioiii, L adj. ; n.-ly, adv. attoni)m(if*), 
t^utfUvm, VMqtmannt; — society, Com. 
)k mmu (namenlofe) ®efcnf*o^ ; ni. 
-B«i, #. ^ie ^ttontymitdt, Ungcnttnntjcit, 
.«flam»erf*»ei8mifi. [reyfe. 

Ai'oriif, *. Jifed. We Xpctitloflgfeit, Tfno* 
'M«fc'«r, fldj. tin onberer, cine antjere, cin 
oberti; folgcnb, nd^ft; no* cincr, cine, 
to; wrf^icben; one—, einanber, gegcn* 
falls; one tiler—, no^einanbcr; from—, 
WBciadnber; one among—, anter einanber? 
•lewiA-, mit etttttia)er, ©eibe, OTe, pi* 
taam, {Sua in'» Xnbere gcred^net. 
infirt?, «.berS)riettn^»(ramCBuraorc«a7i«- 
^); Camber S)rle<in, Xnnotto. 
^Boogii, Anow, vid» Enoagb, Enow. 
yiiH «b*. fieJwWt, mit {)anb^ttben. 
^Wde', *. (ftttmO itf«. bcr ©efreitc bcim 

ToliW^[jn'-i^r], t>. I. a. 1. atttwotfen, 
(towfi) beantworten ; 2. ©enfige , ^olge 
•??«/ 9«tt9 tbtttt, abbelf^n, erfiincn, befric 
•^o, ht^iffltn ; 3. (einer ©otbe) entfpreicn, 
9fl84f fria; 4.emiebeni; »i<berbolen j 6. bil* 
^«J Qwinf. te— a bill, einttt®c*felbcrfcn, 
<«Wfni, bei«b^$ to — a claim, cine got* 
^ fittt niacben, eine e*ulb entridjtcnj 
to-«<iebt,i.einc@*ulbbcj«b^ett} 2. fflr 
m BifigXh Mrge werben Mo — exigencies, 
^9itttgel(®elbman9e0 cntgegen fommcn ; 
't M BO purpose, e§ b«ft JU ni*tt ; IT. n. 
J- ««»ortai; 2. p<b rerftntwortcnj Iflebc 
tt^^Btwortgeben, Otetbenftbaft gcben, et 
JJmttntJoortcn} 8.bfirgcn, gtttfein,ein« 
J*» (-for, ffir ... )5 *- P* (tor ®cri4t) 
ittBeB} (Sincn i&ertretenj 5. poffcn, tongcn 
^} ^.gelittgcn/ ttnf*lagenj to — again, et* 
•»«^^«tgegnett; wrfe^cn. 
*>'w^[tn'.«^r],*.i.bteXnt»ort; baSTfnt^ 
jwrtf^reiben^ 2. bie 0le<benf(b<»ft| 3. bcr 
««Bnrf;bie(Bfberlegung, ®egenf*rift, OHe^ 
R«to«; Tfntifritffj Low, bicOteptfF, ^nt^ 
Jrt Mf cineitlagc} Am. bie Xntwort be* 
wa«tt Ob. be« 4>attfe» ber0ttprfifentonten 
«fMeSrfffimng»rcb« be« ^fiflbentcn ber 
*• 6t. Ob. be» ®oQoemettr6 etncS ber ©tao* 
toi (»a» tm engl. ^arlamenfe bie Tfbreffe 

ill); Afar, ber ©cgcngruf (mft Jtttnonen» 


IttW^r^bie [tn'-s^r-fible], I, adj.; II. — ly, 
adv. 1 . beanttoortlidft ) )>crantt9ortIi4 ; 2. ent» 
fpre*enb, gemdf, fibercinftimmcnb, r^cx^ilU 
m>m«f*33 ongemefcn,f*icKi*5 gici*,fibn- 
li(b J III. - ness, s. 1. bic »Cttnt»ortIi*fcit , 
«erantTOortli(bfeit; 2. Vngcmcffenbcit tbn- 


An'iw^r^r [*n'-«^r-?r], *. 1. bcr TCntwortcnbc, 

J93eftttt»orter) 2. (^egncr, SHepIifant. 

in't, A'n't, 1. contr. vulg. fur: am not, are 
not, is not; — it? n{(bt»abr? 2.(fl. and 
if it), nnb menn, toenn, vid. in And. 

int, s. Ent. bie iSfmcife; -bear, —eater, bcr 
7f-nb«r,2C-nfrcffcr; — eggs,!lC-ncicr5 -bill 
(— biliock), bcr !lf-nboufcn j - lion, bcr 7(-n» 

&nt&c'|d, vid. Anttacid. 

^ntSg'pnifni, *. bcr «Bibcr(lrcit, ©ibcrftfinb, 
bo* Clegenflreben, hit GcgcnwirPitng. 

^ntiig'onfst, I. #. 1. bcr ©cgncr, IStbcrfa^r^ 
2. baft (Scgenfbeil, ©cgeaftiSdj ^nat. ber 
®egcmnn£fel; ll. adj. vid. b. f ffB. 

^ntlgpnis'tjc, adj. »lber|trcitcnb. 

To ^BtXg'9nTze, v. n. wibcrftrcitcn, »(bcr» 

•^fhrcbcn, (Qinem) cntgcgcn fefn. 

Ant^n^cIiiVis, s. Met. bic TCntanafiafift. 

Antfpbrpdit'le, adj. Med. antiijcncrifib. 

Ant9P9plSc't|c, adj. antapo^plcftifib, wirffttm 
gcgen ben ©^It^^gPufi. 

Antarc'tjc, adj. Geog. bcm StorbCtt cntgCgcn^ 
gefe(t,<mi©{ibpo(C; fiiblitb, antarftifcb; tbc 
— pole, or the — , bcr ©ubpol. 

AntfireMt^fc, adj. gi*tbctlcnb. 

Ant^tbroat'{e[— 9st— ], adj. gut roiber bie 


An'tS, (lot.) partic. comp. «or«. 

Itt'tsXct, *. ba*«crgQngcnc, bic friibcrc|>ant» 
lung Ob. Xbot; a-s, pi. tcrgangcnc IDingc. 

Antfcidft'nfoas, adj. oorbcrgc^cnb. 

To AntlcSde', v^n. (bcr 3citno(b) torbcrgcbcn. 

AntScS'd^nce, AntdcSM^ncy, s. bQ^SSorbcr* 

^gebctt, ftfibcr Corbonbcnftin. 

AntecS'd^nt, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. t'orbcr* 
gcbenb, iforgdngig, vorlfiuffg, i^or; -in, 
ebcr, aU... i III. *. ba§»orbcrgcbcnbc ; Gram. 
baft TCnteccben*/ bcfgl. Log. n. Math, tcr 
Sorberfat/ baft Sorbcrglicb. 

Intec^s's^r, s. ber»orgdngcr (in eincm Xwte, 

ji.), Corfabr tm »cfl^ j fig. bcr :Knfubrer. 

Aa'tdchiimbf r, s. baft ISorsimnicr. 

An'tSchap^l, s. bie IBorcapcKCy flSorbaUe. 

Ant^sbrYs'tj^n, ad^. voribriflli*. 

^ntS'cianf [— sh^nz], s. pi. Geog. Mc ®c* 
gcnmobner (yid. Antoeci). 




Ant^cur'ft^r, i. Ux BorUittfrr. 

To In'tedate, v. a. fril^er ot. )udid batiren^ 

« oorf4me(feit, 9orenu>fbiben, )>orgemeftti> 

an a-d oM age, ein frfi^e6 Bter. 
An'tSdjite, «. ba^ fdL^ere SDatnm; « ber Sor* 

Mmatf. [t(tg; antebilu))ianif4- 

IntSdjlO'vl^l, inC8djm'vj«n, ac^'. oorfuntpu* 
intddii&'vifini, s.pL bte TCntebiluoioner. 
In'tSlOpe, #. vi'd. Aotilope. 
loteift'c^n, adj. tM oor SageS Xnbru^ ift 
iBtdm^rid'jfin, oc^'. »ormttt2dig (v»d. A, M. 

ink abbr.) 

lotdmSt'lc, adj. gut »fber ba6 ^bre^en. 
lntam£t'iG8 (Antemetica), «. pL Med. ante* 

metiH(# 6rbre4ett fttOettbeSRittel. 

Mbluiifl dbcr^laneit; 9, fig. Uu biefilu« 

menlef($ 8. Gr. CA. cine eammlung ton 

iDth'Qny[-~tQBy],«.Xiitoninl, Knton (9X n); 

St— 'i-fire, Mtd. U6 YntoniiiS'Scucr, bif 

(Rofe^ ber dtot^lauf. 
in't/i^, «. 1. Boi. fbXvmXif Slfit^CR ; 9. IRo«> 

marin ; S. Aich. bie Cittiiitcfreni, boi (8oIb* 

elixir i 4. bie 9)etlefr(ra). 
In't^cit^, «. Afin. ® Umifo^Ie, ^o^lenblenbe. 
Xnt^^cdni'dt^r, *. G/iem« ber Kitt^rafomctcr, 
^JCo^jlenffioremeffer. [fiittfcl. 

An't/ir^x, s. Med. A K(rf. bic f)c|lbcttle^ Jtar- 
Anthr^pdg'nQsy, s. Hi. bie SRciif^rntoiiitntf; 

9Xenf4cRfnttbe. [gungdlcbrc. 

ADtdm&D'dane, a((7. bor Q(rf<baffURfl b<r fBelt Antiir^pdgi'QBy , s. Ph. hit 9Xcnf<baicr}cn« 

bor^anben gemefen, 
^nUo'nae, s. pi. Ent bie %iWvBLtx. 
intSnttm'b^r, s. bie borbere 3ab(. 
Xotialip'tial [-Bh«I], adj. bor^o^ieitUib. 
lotgpXfl'sh^, odi. oor IDflern. 
la'Up&it, «. bie Heine ob. gcrtnge flSorma^I* 

ieiti fig. ber Sorgenuf; Sorf^matf. 
in'tapSnult, Cram. I. adj. Ux, bie, baft britt* 

le^te; n. «. vtd. b. f. fS. 
iiitaplniU'tjm«i, s. Gram, bie )rRte|>eiittItima. 
iDtdpSn&l'tjm^te, adj. Gram. )ar UnUptnnU 

titttQ ge^^rig. 
IntSpllSp'tjc (— cal) , adj. Med. antiepilcp* 

tifib, m miber bie SaSfu^t [!»{itteL 

intSpjl^p'tjci, 4. p^. Afed. antiepiUptifibc 
Aa'tdpOrt, s. boS duf ere Xbor. 
Intgp9f lotion, t.Gram. bieSorfe^ttng eineft 

(EBorteS. [ment. 

int«pr?drc^»ni«at, *. /.og. baft eorprdbiCQ* 

lat^r9p»g'r«phy, latftr^pAf^^, <• i^ bie 

9iaturle^re beft aXenMen. 
^D(ArOp9m5r'phjfni, «• £c€, Ux Kttt^ropo* 

^Bt/irOp^mdr'phlte , s. Ecc ber Vlitbropo« 

morp^it [popatbie. 

IntAr9pdp'9tAy, «. i%« & Tfieol, bie Xntbro* 
ABtAr^pdph'fi^l, « pU bie fDtcnfdiKnfrefrcr, 


InfftrQpOph'fgoBB, adj. menftbcnfreffenb. 
Int/tr9pdph'«gy, «. baft aRenf^enfreflcn, bi< 

^Kenf^enfrefTcrei. [^^Qfiodnomte. 

latiirfpfts'cQpy, *. Fh. bie ^enf4«if<bau, 
AnfArQpuf'ophy, s, JPh. bie Knttropofop^ic. 
InthypnfitfCyAnthyp^chAn'drfSc, ABthyp0i»li'- 

9r^ InthysUr'ic, cor. ft AntihypBotic, itc. 

vid. Anti ••• • 

Xn't\ (griecb.) parUc. amp, »ibcr, gegcn. 
iDtjXb^ii'tioBrit, «. 1. berKntiaboIiticRifl, 

(ber deit unb bem fiftaome nacb)/ borber, 

^Bttrlur'lty, *. 1. baft Gtjerfeiii, griiberfeiji 

(berdeitu.bemSDrte na^); 2. berSorjug, 

Sorrang, bie b^bcreeteQe^ 3. baft b^bcre 


in'terftftm, t. baft IBoriiinmer. 
ABUftSm'^sh, s. AnaU ber Sormageii) ihti 

bem 8(ben)ieb) ber Jtropf. 
Anth8'IJ9B[— t-h-], s. Phys. bie (Scgenfoniic. 
knth^\mio!i\c, adj. ant^e(mintif(b, gutwibcr 

bie SBdrmer. 
In'tk^m, jr.berSIBe4fel(bor,G(orgefaRg; f>o(b« 

gefang, beilige ob. gei^Ucbe Gefang^ bie 9Xo« 

tette mitSDrgeibcglcitURgj -wUe, adj. m^ 

felmeife ♦orflngenb. 
AB'tAftrajs, s. BoU bie rdmifibc i^amiQe. 

^Bte'rf9r,4aits'rjoyr,ad7.(~to)oor(ergebenb (Segner ber eclabcnabf4a|fnng $ 2. Scinb 

^ber 9CeuerungcR. 

Antjic'jd, Afed. L adj. ber ^dttrcibibcrflc^enb, 

bie edure bdmpfenbj 11. a-i, dXittd 

gcgen bie Gdurc. 

Anti^m^r'jc^n, adj. antiamcrihBif<b. 
Antfap^pl^c'tiG^, «. p^. Afed. 9Riml gegen 

ben 6(blag|lup. 
XntifrtArYrjc , MetL I. a<lj. ontartbritifib ; 

BIT. a-ih s. pt. gitbtlinbcmbc ^ittcU 
Xntj^ttrft'ion, a. Mech. cine0(bmierc, um bie 
(Reibung bei (D^af^binen/ K. }u berminbcm. 
hk't]c, I. adj.; II.— ly, adv. 1. alt^ alU^dtc* 
rif^^ altmobifib (vid. Aatiqae); fi. feltfam, 
groteftf; 3. lid^txli^, abcntettcrli^i IH. s. 
1 . ber 9)ofrenreif er, ^anftmnrflj 2. bie S^aoc/ 
®attfelci4 8. baft (8efpenfl> eM^cnfal^ 4. bie 
Xntife (oid. Aatiqae). 

Aa'tAff,/. Bot bie^nt(ere^ber6taubbetttet To Ab'Mc, v. a. ittm9iarrrnma4Kn; Id(bcr< 
AntA^lfig'fcfl, adj. antbologifcb. | lid^vxa^mi Mec/i. onti! arbciteni einSuib 

^nmVtfiy, #. MeYnttoIogie: l./itbieXb«l anf bem 0<bmtte mit Siguren (ieren. 




|ift|C9^«e'tf€, ad). Mtd. onttfa^cftiM. 
Ai'tichiab^, «. Old. Antechanber. 
Ai^Mit [ Ware}, #. htt Xntu^nft 
Attii^rfsi^ifa, I. a4?. loi^erdftrifltt^ ^ II. t. 

ABlfcMtr^MtSfiB* Antj(hrritj«i'ity, sMxHxi* 

iB^r9tfC|M, #. bet Xntl^roitUimil. 

To Mti^lpSte, o. a. 1. Dor hit 3eit t^im, 
Mc^ (»cg) Be^mtii; vorgrdfeiti 2. Doratt^ 
leniefai^ooteiii^linbaif 3.ni4to(ne(9nmb 
ataeiKi Mrmttfe^j 4. )ttt»otfommen, oor« 
Ittoif^inbcni; to-psyment, CSom. antictpi* 
rcBr voT ^er 3ett da^lung leifien $ a-d appeal, 
Lffv, to asticiDirte YppcUatiott) a-d old 
H^ riB fritsettCflcft ^ter. 

Aatfcipft'tioii, s. 1. bod flSoratt$iu(mcit, bie 
Bomegso^iite^ bat Sor^reifni^ SL bt€ fBox* 
cap^bmtg/ bereorfctmatf ) baSJB«rgeffibl4 
ba»f^^im<Sctffeec(ett{ 8. ber oor^faf te 
9tgfa9, baft Sornrt^ } 4. bie (Shnvortwigf ii 
&.ba(3tt9orfoiiimen4 Conw.bieYitddiHiTf 
^^bntg, k Cto-ja^Imid I by—, anf .lCb« 
f^Ug^ikQoiito) aitfStefenug^ »-•>?<• Kn« 

Mtff'ipit«r»<- l.ilitter^beroor^ttegiiimmt, 
•orsrcift, }ii9orh>»mt4 SL CSom. bet Sor* 
ffafer. [aief enb, vorgreifenb. 

ABtifip^tpfy^ adj. wm^ ne^meiib, wt%t* 

iatlcfi^B^x, #• £/^ee. bie umsefe^rte eteige* 
mq, Qkgenflcieenxttd. 

bt|ctai^tioo9l, iY>^. (utf. anticonftittttio* 
wtU, ecrfuflvii^mibrig. 

Aatlcteatitt'tioiitlitt, «. Pid. ber TCnttcottfli' 

^iBttooelU, fierfafttttg^egiKr. 

4itic9iiTtl'B}ye, adj. Med. aitticonottlfliDif^, 
9Bt wHr Seriitdandcn. [fdfte SRittei. 

lailcteTtU'tiTef, «. pi. Med. anticononlfioi' 

la'^cor, «. Far. hit enifi0efdft»it(ft 

Aitfrpwyt^jc, a47« -Med. ber 6<l^6n(eit na4» 
t|ci% oirt^ftmetifdb. [SXittel. 

&it|09aa<t^» #. pi. Med. antifdftmetif^e 

Aa'QdMirfSer [— tehvr], #.ber ®egnrr Ob. Stiab 

,bei fwfe«, e^tansenfeinb. [6dftdpfers. 

iatfcrst'tpr, «. ber Oegner ob. ^nb beft 

ia^, «. pi. Orote6hn(c/. AnticA Aatiqoe). 

Aa^dite, a. ft V. ear. vid. Antedate. 

Aa^d£B9crit^c, — c^U adj. B)U aRtibemo* 

>itif4f/ ber Soffft^errfctoft feinbli^. 
iatf^liNr jfii. Off?. A«. ccT. vid. AntedJlovian. 
.^idflrt^l, iiit|dO't«ry, adj. Med. ontibOtO' 
liH: 1. oU O^esendift bienenb; 2.0011 ben 
(Scgesaiften ^Bbefnb. (Gedettniittel. 

Tt la^ote, V. ir. 1. Med. 9egeitdi|t eiit^e* 
kcii 5t^. ]mr# 9c0emRittel er^Iten. 

iiit|djfi«»t«K'te, a«. Med. ottib^fentcriM. 
Aatlf^t'ief (-let), s. pi. vid. Antemetici. 
AnUeni, Antientry, Ac vid. Ancient, Ac. 

An'tiace, s. baft OegenseHd^t, bie entgcgcngc 
Je^tc eeite. [mcr. 

AntjMXt'fc, #. ber geinb beraiiaitbcnftfd^iodr' 
ABt|«bV|le, adj. Med. flebcr^cilenb, flebcr- 


intffiJb'rili, s. pi. Med. giebemtittcl. 
Ant|f»'«r«Hrst, J. Am. /W. berTCntifobcralift. 
J[nt|g8g1fr,«. Mech; ein qtMoMKtCT, metattc* 

ner (SlfifRaWtft*) ^eber. [berftejcnb. 

AntjbypoSt'fc, adj. Afcd. ber €k|^(affud^t ioi« 
Intjbypndt'jci, «. pi. Med. Ottt^QpnotiWc 

Wttel. [{>9po4onbric. 

Xntfbfp^cbSn'drf^c, adj. Med. gvt »iber bie 
intibfp^cbtfn'dri^ca, s,pL Med. anti^Qpc* 
^4onbrifdfte 9XitteL [ClegenbcioeiftfltUc. 

Antibypfipb'9r«, *. Rhet bie )(Rf&(nind cincr 
Ant{b)it«r'jc adj. Med. anti^Dfterir^. 
"atjbytt^r'jci, s.pLMed. 8KittcI gcgen bie 

Antji^g&m'f n^, 4. BiU. bie ICiitifcgomcna. 
kniilii^iithm, s. Math, ber TCatifogaritbmc. 
•^ntn'9gy* 9. Ut. bie^Cttttlogie, berSBiberflreit 

ber (Srdttbe fitr unb »iber einen 3a^ 
Xntfloon', 9. Ontu eiit^tame beft f einen breiten 

(S^tonft. biege (in Yfien unb Kfrif a ). 

In'tjlope, 9. Zool. bie )(nti(opc, <9aieac, J|>irfib« 
f DtKl'oqulftt, 9. Ut. ber SBiberfpreiber, (Segncr. 
AntimteiBtft'ri^l, adj. Pvl. bem aRtnifhnriuni, 

ber {Regientng feinblid^. [rieHc. 

Xntimrni»te'r{«irtt, 9. JM. ber :XntfmiRiftc« 
intlm^nar^yjc^l (AntfiD9nirsb'jc), Pol. l.adj. 

anttmonar<l(if4$ IK — nean, 9. bcrKntimc* 

nar^iftnuft/ i)af gegcn bie SKonar<tie. 
Antjmdn'^rsbfat, 9. FoL ber TCntimottar^ifi. 
Intjmiy'Dj^l , adj. Oienu antimottifdft / )um 

0pief glafe ^f^xiq, baranft bcreitet. [faU. 
Antjmo'nfjlte, #.Gfeem. baft GpiefglanKon^b)* 
intimo'nifttfdf adj. Chem. fpiefglaft^altig. 
AntjmO'njoas, adj, Chem. antinottif^^ 9 — i^cid, 

bie 6pief glan^fdure. 

io'tim9By, 9. baft TTntimonium, 0picfg(aft. 
XntimOr'^iTflt, 9. bcr Scinb ber eittliib^it. 
Antjmtt'ffe^, adj. ni$t mvfitalifd^ ; obne mu* 

ntaliMeft Oe((r. 

intinvpbrift'jc, adj. Med. antinep^ritif^* 
Ant)D«/iD|«D, I. adj. feinbli^ gcgrn baft Qefc^ ; 

pber6ecteber7(ntinomifienge((rig} II. jr. 

vid. Antinomiit. 

An^oG'mitLnf, 9. pi. Ecc bie Xntinomier. 
intfno'mi^ni^m, 9. Ecc ber Yntincnuftmuft. 
An'tinpmfot, 9, bcr !)(ntittomift, Qcre^flfirmer. 
An'tfn^my, 9. bie ICtttittomie. [piflif^. 

Intfpi'pfl, Antip^pfi'tjc (— c^l), adj. atttipa* 




iiit|pXr^)ffic<-G^), actf. JIM. onti^aralD* 

Antip»t;i«f M (iiit|p»tft«t^ic), I. adj. ; H.-ly. 

ado. oon 92atttr }tt»tber/ loi^rig^ »U>crfh;e* 

betb, ttnccrtrfifiUilii m.— ne«», t^la^Xn* 

tipat^tif4e^ natitrli^e 3ui9tberfetn. 
^LDtfp'^t^iu, a<(;. o(d. ADtipathetical. 
Antt'p'»%, *. bie:iCtttipttt5le, We (SJaturO Xh* 

neidung; ter ^af , l(bf4e«. 
intipXtrjtft'jc, adj. unpatdotirdft. [Kltdren. 
lotip^n'djvm, s, Ou ba$ Sor^ansdtudft oon 
Antjp^s'ta^i, s. Fhys. bie TCntipertftafe. 
AotjpM|i«n'ti«Ll , adj. Med. antipefUIetttiO' 
Aatjphlp^rt'fcjc, I. adj. anttptlogtflir^/ entsiin« 

bungiwibrid, {>i^ bdrnpfcnb^ n-«. Med. 

l.bkKntip^Iodtfitf^ 2.ber7rntt|)((0difHhr5 

ft-t, s. pf. Afed. ^tttel gegen (Sntjiinbung. 
In'tjphSo, f. jifuj. bar &td^ftli^ox, (Segenf 

gcfang (vtd. Anthem). 
^ntTpb'^n^l, 1. 1. »te Antiphonary, qv.f U. 

adj. ; 111. — ly, adv. un %Be4feI4or fUigenb) 

in Qb»e4felnben (S^6rea. 
^ntifph'^B^ry (i^ntfph'Qn^r), #. JZoiit. Cath. 

baft ^ntip^onanum^ (S^orbud^. 

tntifph'^nd, ^^ntfph'ony, «. vid. Aotipboo. 
otjpbdn'jc (— cal), at^. anttp^onif^. 
^DtTph'r^ift, In'tlpbraf e, #. G^om. bie ^ttti« 

p^rafC; ber (Segenfinn. [ado. antip^rafttf4^. 
Antf pbrXa'tjc^l (Antfphrib'tje), I. a(ti* IL ---iy, 
^ntifp'^d^l, Ajft. I. ad;* antipobtfct, tnt^t^tm 

the — meridian, ber aJtittagftfreid ber ®e« 

genfiif ler4 II* a-i, j. pi. ©cgenf&f Ur. 
^ntrp'pde^, J. p^ Ast bie ^nttpoben, Gegen' 

^ffiflcrj joe. «Biberftt*er. 
An'tjpSrfQOp s. boft (Segengift 
In'tfpCpe, «. ber Oegenpopfi 
An'tipOrt, «• vtd. Anteport [itird^e fetnb. 
Ant|pr«iaf|c (-c«d), a*, ber btfWi*en 
An'tjprieat, «. ber ^defterfeinb. 
Antjprieat'crUft, s. baft Tffttipfdffent^ttm. 
Antipno'cjple, s. baft Oegenprittcip. 
Intjprdph'f t, s. ber ^rop^etenfeinb. 
Antjpt&'ais, s. Gram, bie (Stafuftioenoe^relung 

(in ber (Sonftntction). 
Aotip&Vjt^o, jr. ber Gegner ber ¥>untaner< 
^nti'qafi, Germ. Typ. affe lateintf(be 9)u(b« 

AotjqaftVniD, I. adi' bie ^fertbiimer betref« 

firab, altert^itmU4 j n. jr. »ie Antiqnary, qo. 
AntiquftVj^ni^m, s. bie ^ieb^aberd f&r ^Xnti* 

qaitdten^ Xttert^fimelei. 
An'tlqo^ry, #. 1. ber Ttntiquar, iTcnner ttnb 

Eieb^aber ber Yltert^fimer^ Xltert^umftfbr* 

Mer} a. Kntifen^nbler) 8. fifi^ertrftbler 


To Aa^qaite, v. a* oetolten ob. abftommen 

lafTen, abfd^affen^ an ftebeit 
In'tjqn&tfd, I. p. a. abgefommeii^ i^eraltet) 

II. — neia (Antiqoatenesi), a. 1. baft 8era(« 

Mti a. eeraltetfein. 
Aotjqa&'tion, s. 1. bie Xbfd^affung^ 2. baft 

fieraltetfein, KUert^um. 
^ottqne' [-^, I. adj. 1. alt, antiU a. alt> 

mobif4/ altD^terig^i 3.feltram,groteftf (vid. 

Antic) ; —oil,, eitt 1)1 ffir baft 4)aar $ — worka, 

pi. alte Jbmfhverfe^ n. j. 1. bie Tinifh, baft 

Yltert^mnftfUiir, bie alte Jhtnfhirbdt) 2. baft 

Kltert(am4 3. ber^ofcnreifer, 4>(inft»urfi 

(vid. Antic). 
Antiqoe'n^aa [-dli'-], s. baft tlOtert^umlidfte; 

baft altert^fimli^e nifti^ta (eiser ea<be, bef. 

eineft Jtunftgegenfhuibeft). 
^ntiCqnlty, s. 1. baft QOtert^um, bieJBor)eitj 

coUect. bie Xittm a. bie TCatiqmtit, baft 

alte ihrnftner!, alte Btddi antiqaitiet, pi. 
^Xltert^flmer, ^Cntiquitdten. [ntng. 

Ant|r£r9ia'tion, #. JPbL mod. bie ®egenempd> 
Intjr^vplfi'tionfry, adj. F&l. ber^aatftum* 

miliung, ber (Smpftrung feinbli<b$ mod. dne 

(Begenummdljung betwectenb. 
AntjrjfTQlQ'tionlst, #. JFbL 1. ber ®egner ber 

0taatftnm»dl)ung; ber (Shnpftmng i a. mod. 

ber IBef^tberer ber (Segenummdliung. 
Ant|ti(bb^ts'n«n, s. Eec. ber eabbat^feinb. 
AntfUc^rdo't^, a(^' bem ^deftert^ume feinb. 
^BtYs'ci^Bs, Antlif'cil[-fab'j«nf, -lab'fl], «.p/. 

Ast bie av ben perftbiebenen Settm be* tqna* 

torft »o(nenbetiiB5lfer, ®egenf^tttge. 
intiscprba'tjc (-»!),ad7. Med. antifcprbtttifd^. 
An'tjscQrb&'tjcs, *, pi. Med. antifcorblttif(be 

^itttl. [liugnen ber ^dligeit e<bnft. 

AntiicrTp'taritm [— tab^r— ], s. Ecc. baft ICb* 
Ant|icrfp'tnriat[-Ubvr-], #. Ecc. bet Xb* 

liugtter ber ^dligen Gcbrift. [fte^enb 

Antit^p^c, adj. Med. ber gdnliiif »iber> 
Antja^p'tjcs, 4. pi. Med. antifepttf4e SRittel. 
AntiaO'cial[— abid], adj. 1. ttngefeflig, ba 

mettr<bU<ben Okfenfdftaft f4dbli4 ^ a. «>5ller« 

Antrs'p^rs, s. Med. bieKMdtung ber edfte 

na4 einem anbem S^eile beft itfrperft. 
Aatjsp^mdd'jc, adj, Med. hampffliaenb. 
Antiap^mSd'ica, Med. frampfflillenbe 

AntispXa'tjc, adj. Med. obldtettb; aRtirpaflif<b. 
Antjapl^n'^tic adjL Med. bieOkkOe abf&^rci^b* 
mflsftt^^t^eilenb. [S)berprebiger$ Xbt 

^ntTs'tea, s. ber JBorfte^er; Dberpriefhr^ 
^ntift'tr^pbS, ^Bti'^tr9pfay,#«l^et bie Q^egen* 
ftrop^e^ Oram, bie ICndftrop^e. [fhropbe. 
^ntTs'tTQpbtfn, s, Rket. bie fiftetorfion, UntU 




IstfrtrtfliSt^, odi, Med. fj^pptxMbtikh,] 

IjitlatHliiiXt'jcs, s. pi. Med. ^ittel grgen ten 
^■litft^M^ «. 1. i2A«t bie TCntit^efe, ber ®e« 


AntltAeti'nait, #. Lots, bie durildff^iebang 

bee Serbre^tnft oon ®eitea bed Vitdeflagten 

oBf bCQ JtUaer. 

tif4»/ d^0e«fi^(i<|/ entgegendefleDt 
^ttt^et&i, «. Gram, ber Q^egenfd^, Tfnsetge 
M Oegest^eUS. 

Ant|triait2'rifii, £cc. 1. 1. ber SDreieinigfett^ 
^Ifagncti n. (Mj. antitriRttartft. 
Wt|tfpe» «. ber ^bnitf^ bie ZbM(bitng4 
^TheoL txa Qegenbilb, (Segentoorbiib. 
iiQtjyic^l, adS, gcgenbilbU^. 
ABtfrM^rSfl, adj. afttioenerif^- 
iAt|ieaV[an4 SotlzJ^^t], ^.beraiferfeiitb, 
Antl^ry 4. Sport, baft imter^e, erfte Chibe am 
JHtftigeiDei^e nnb 9le(bo(fSge(dme^ brow- 
aatlenh bie Kugenrprofen, untem CSnbeitj 
m-or bear-antlerc, bie obem Gnbeil j bea— , 
M bem imteni €itbe SiA^fle. 
Ai'Ufre^ acb'- ge^mt/ geioei^tragenb. 
ii'li^-tilce', «. baft 3Atf4eR. 
Aatoc^w, «. i^ar. cor. rid. Anticor. 
^Bto€'c7» #. ]»i; if #t. bie C^egen»o^ner. 
ia'tpAef* — ofclovet, *. bie SKuttergewfirj* 

Jtti/Dt^ #. ICntottia (S-n). 

feieliiiOBomafie, 97amenioe4fe(nng. 
it^jr, «• vid. Anthony. 
iMtfwiipf In'tSrf, s. Gtog, Tlnimtxpcn, 
4'niy s. AnaL ber Xfter, baft tuperfU beft 


u^ s. ber QCmb^f ) riuag -, ber )»eifpi^i« 
^gc Xmbef, i^omambof , baft e$petr(iorR. 
ia'viled, p. a. asf bem Xmbop gef^miebet. 
^jajf^ty, s. 1. bie (f^erjenft*) Yitgfl/ iS^ngig' 

fett^Seforgitif^Sitrd^t) 2.bieS3edngfKgttng4 

3. lit Maamt, 6d^n»tengteit; Sertoorren^eit 5 

4. Med. bte Sedemmnng. 

isY^ioM, L adj. n. -~ly» adv. 1. Hn^fili^, 
b«Bge, tuinttig, bcKmmert^ 2. forgf&Ittg 
(beforgt); fe^Rli(() eifrig$ III. — neu, .t. 
1. bietng^t^Mt; 9)aiigig!ett ) 2.bie®e' 

Aayt&'ac], I. pro». adj. l.irgenbein(er); 
ugenb eine, irgenb einft^ et»>aft^ ein wenig, 
nr B0<^ ^.| 2. einige) 3. einer, eine^ einft, 
Senosbj have yov — ibares? ^bctt ®ie 
Ictteal IB — place, aiiiebemSDrte,fiberaE5 
uke — , ite^mctt 6ie, loaft 3(iien bettebt^ 

-*body,— oae,irgenb eincr,ieber,3ebermaBii, 
not—, iteiner^S^iemant; ni^Ui not--oDe, 
ttid^t^ntt, 9liemanb) —thing, irgenb iSt^ 
maftt (Stm^, ein ffBenig (waft eft audb fei)$ 
II. adv. irgenb...3 —bat..., lanter...^ 
— farther (forther), ein ®enig »eiter^ »ei- 
ter^ —how, vulg. ottf irgenb eine ^rt, eft fei 
»>ie eft moUe, eft gilt glei4 bieU toenigfienft 
bo4j -longer, no4 (tin ftBenig) Mnger^ 
—more, ein SBenig me^r { me^r, nodft etitaft i 
mieber ) wltbont— more ado, o^ne meitere tint' 
fldnbe5 not— more, gar nid^tft me^r$ ni^t 
mejr J (in) — way, — wise (co/.— ways), anf 
irgenb eine fEBeife, irgenbmiei —where, ir* 

;genbmoi ilberaS) —whither, irgenb mo^in. 

Ao'njfin, a((7. aontf^/ bdotifA) — songs, aoni« 

J4e (grie4if4e !RufenO Oefdnge. 

A'9nat, s. Gram, ber ^orifhlft. 

iLor'tfli [TForc, W.; R-or'-t* 5m,], s. Anat. 

_bte grofe ®<^lag« ob. ^nlftaber. 

Aod'tf , s. BoU ber ^apiermaulbeerbanm. 

Apiict/, adv. geM»inb, fd^nell^ ^nrtig, eitig 
Sufel^enbft^ flarf; (eftig 5 it rains — » eft regnet 

^Itarf. [apagogif*e»e»eift. 

Ap'»g«i8, Ap'^gttgy, #. Log. bie Xpagoge, ber 

Ap9gd^ic^I, adj. Log, inbirect, mittelbar, 
opagogif*. [f*enf*eu. 

Ap^nt/irO'p)^, ^pSUi'tAr^py, s. Med. bie9Xen< 

Ap^lne', 1. JBot. baft ^lebfraut 

ip^rit^'misrs, «. Rhet. bie TCufjA^lung. 

^part', adv, 1. beifeitft, bei ©eite^ 2. abge* 
fonbert, befonberft j — from, abgefe(^»ott.... 

Apiirt'm^nt, s. baft dimmer. 

Xpft/t^t'jc, adj: nnmpf!nbU4, (ge)fift(ncft. 

Ipf^thuty s. l.berSill^Uofej 2. SeibenMoft' 
lofe^ ®Iei4miit^ige. [miit^ig. 

lp%t/iis't|c^l,adi. glei^giiltig 5 fii^Uoft^ glei^' 

Xp'»t/iy, s. 1. bie gfl^Uofigleit, Unempfittb» 
lid^eit^ 2. ^benf^aftftlofigfeit^ ^rei^eit 
oon ®emfit(ftbe»egttngen$ (Slet^miit^igfeit ^ 
3. bie ^gefpannt^it, Unt^dtigfeit. 

^pftome', s. Her, bie anftgeftrecfte fla<|^e {)anb. 

Ape, s. 1. Zoo/, ber ijfe (v/d. Monkey) $ 
2, fig, berSlaWffer, alberae Xropf j —lea- 
ders, (—bearers, —carriers), (^emmjiejenbe 
^offenfpieUr (mit Xffent^ater, u.)j aw. 

To Ape, 0. a. nad^ffen. 

i(ip6ak' (^psek')» adv.inmsDurd^bo^ren bereit 
(Dr. J.) ; Afar, fetthedj^t, ob. gerobe fiber ob. 
unter bem ^n!er^ to ride — , mit ge^ajeten 
(u e. fenftedjt geftettten) {ftaaen loor Tfnfcr 
liegen} to ran—, mit bem &d^i1ft fiber ben 
Tfnfer ju fte^en fommen. 

Ip'tnnine, adj. Gtog. apenninifA) the— hills^ 
or the Apennines, #. pi. bie Vpemtinen. 




i'p^, 9. eont bcv 9ta4<t^ec, 9ia44frec$n 8.]iaMfettb) IIL-neM,«. baft Vfen^fte, 

Zooj. ber 9bcv. [dfrnenb^ abffi^renb. Idp^f4e (Befen. [{>erinopfctt), titf, tact. 

Ape'ri^Dt, Ap^r^tifve, a4i. Afet<- (ben «nb) Uprf piit, adv. (0. pit it. pat) (bcf. o.f^nelten 

Apl^oit^ic, o^;. Opt. feine ^»eidftttiig (ber 
^i^tflta^len) ^abmb, aplanatifdft) — focus, 
bcr a-e ©rennpunftj —telescope, baft a-c 

^Lpdc'^fpae, «. Bt6{. 1. bteTCpofttlQpfc^ £/ffen« 
^arungSc^anniftj 2. bunfle 0t(ben. 

^Lpdc^l jp'tjc, I. adj. 1. apohh)9tif4», offcnba* 
rcnbj S. dc^cunnifboni bunfelj Mw&nnc* 
rifAi II. 9. ber flSerfafet dner7(po!aIi)prc/ tin 
apofalQptir^er G^riftfleller. 

Apbc^lVtfcqil, adj. ; -> ly, adv. »U b. 0. flB. 

^pdc'QpC, i^pttf^Qpy, J. Granu bie Xpofope. 

ipQcHU'tic af(7. Mtd. opolntflif^/ ludltf* 

^trribenb. [neieit. 

Ap9criis'tics, «. pf. Afed. iurilcttreibenbe Xrj* 

Apdc'rypb^, «. p/. 27ieof. bie apo!nM>tif<!(^cn 
IBil4ei:berlBibel5 ^'t. C^nftcn unbrfanu' 

Apdc'ryph^l, I. a<0'.; n. — ly, afIv.apofn)' 
p^ifd^, ttn0laubn>iirbi0, oerbdd^tig, ynti^tU 
^aft) ocn ttngewtfTer TCutoritdtj untcrde* 
fd^oben; III. —nets, s. bdft 7(pofnN>iifdbe, 
UngentfTe , bie dibeifel^aftiglcit h baft Ser^ 
bd^tige. ^ [cryphaJ. 

Apd</ryph9ry, lp9Grfpb'ic4iI, a«(7. vid. Apo- 

.Vgd^i^adi. l.Aat.fiuploft,fttrsfiifid$ a./cA. 
9a^tbdu4ig. [mit fc^r Hxytn S^f en. 

Apode', «. NaU baft fuf (ofe X^ierj ber Sodel 

Apodef', «. pZ. /eft. JtatlbdttAe. 

Ap^dTc'Mc^l (ip^drc'tjc), r. r*.; U. -ly, 
adD. opobiftif^^ unioiberfpredbUdft/ unldug* 

^bar, gewif . 

Ap9dix'}8, 9, lUutMx un»iberlegli4e fl^emets. 

ApftdW** «• Oram, k RheU ber Siad^fa^, 


Ap^ga^^n, ipQ^e'^n, Ipp^'vm, ^.vtd.b.f.ffB. 

Ap'QiJee, s. Alt. bie tfrbferne. 

ApSgi^tii'r^, «. Afvf. vid. Appogiatnra. 

Ap'^s^Oy 4. /c/u ber j>drindft(ftnig. 

Ip'pgrXph, s. bie (Sopie, Ybf^rift. 

Apftg'r^phfl, adj. eopirt, abgefdftrieben. 

Ap«l'lQ, 9. Myth. ^poUo, ber ®ott ber aXitfir, 
jDi^tfunft; 2C. 

Ap5I'ly9B, 9. Bihl. ber SSerberber. 

^pOl'^i^r, 9, vid. Apologist 

^pfil^i^t'ic I. adj. apologetifi^^bertftetbtQenb f 
II. «. bie e4u(rebe, Gd^u^Mnft ltiff|>. 

Apfilp^^t'jc^U I. adj.; IL— ly, adtf. apo(ode« 

- , , , Ap^l'Qgtst, «. ber G^tt^rebner^ eertietbi((er. 

A'pii» S' 1. Myth. Vpift (dgQptifd^c ®ottfteit) jl To Ap0!'9^e, v. ti, 1. (-for) (Sinem ob. eincr 
a. (lat.) bie Siene. | ear^e etne ed^ubrebe tialten^ i(n ob. fie otr« 

A'pfib, I. adj. 11. — ly, adv. affennidfig :i t^cibigen, wrtreten^' «.(- to ...for..,) B<% 
1. pofRerlit/ Idppif4, auftgciafTen, geiiert^l entfdftttlbigen (bci ... wegen ...). 

Api'ri^ats (Ap«ri«ii'l|9 [-«l>)-9]), <• pi. Med. 

Aper'tion, «. (to. Hi.) bie Jbffiiimg^ bol'feffhen 5 

bie tiiiti ber jDurdtgang. C^Cugenliebeft. 

tpeKt^r, 9. Anat. ber 2Cufl^ber beft obem 
p'^rtureC— tsMr], 9. 1. bie £>ffliunsi 2. 

(».£.) Grldttterung^ ^rfldnnig) 8. Opt bie 

7f pertnr ctneft Semro^rft ob. JBergrdf entngft' 

0lafefti 4. Gtom. bie e^enfeltoeite. 
ifLp£t'9lous, Bot. I. adj. o^ne 9)lumenbldtter, 

bldtterloft^ U. -oess, 9. bie SldtterloligMt. 
A'pfx, 9. 1, bie 6pi^e, ber (S(tpfel$ Gram, ein 

jDe^niingftaccent[«]4 ^o^ bie ^nt^er, baft 

etaabgcfdfi Zool. ber SeberbuM, bie^e^ 

ber^aube oerf^iebener flS6gel. 
Aph4^r'9s)^>» '• Gram, bie TCp^drefiftj •Suf^. A 

Afed. bie SBegna^me, ($ntfemitttg (0. (Stioaft 


AphS'lj^B, «. Att. bieConnenferne. 
^phe'tfi. 9. A9trol. ber Gebttrtftflem. 
^phit'ic^l, adj. A9trol. ben <9ebttrtftflem be« 

trcfenb. [(iebe^ bie SXenrdftenfd^cu, 

AphjlSn't/irQpy, 9. ber ^ongel on !)Kenf4en« 
A'pbis, J. Ent. bie 9)(att(auft. 
Sphl^gistjc. a4;. flammenlofti —lamp, bie 

ap^odWf^e Sampc^ baft ®lit((dmp4ett. 
Apho'nJ9« Aph'9ny, 9, Med. bie 6fpra4lofig< 

f eir, epra^ld^mung, eHmmlofigfeit. 
Apb'orifm, «. Rhet. ter ^p^oriftmuft, £e(r» 
Jpru*. [auf apjoriflifijc TCrt f*reibt. 

Aph'9ryfiii9r, Apb'^rifst, *. RJiet. (Jiner, ber 
Aphprrs'tjc^l riphQiifs'tic), I. adj. II. -ly, 

ado. opOoriflif*, in 2e(^rfprfi*en, infurjcn 
Aphrodif'j^c, Xphr9dii|ti'9C9l, adj. 1. ben ®e« 

Mle^tfttrieb reiienb; StbieSufiifen^e betref^ 
^fenb, iur oenerif^en Jtronf^eit ge^ftrig. 
Aphr9dff|9C8, *. pi. Med. ben ©egattungft* 

trieb anregenbe ^itttl. 
Aphr9di'tS, 9. 1. Myth. {Benuftj 2. Zool. 

[iph'r9dit], bie ©eeraupe, ber ©olbwurm. 
Aphr9nitres 9. 6alpeterfd»aum, Calpeterbliu 
^men, SKanerfalpeter, ^JtalfTalpeter. 

iett)imaXttnbeberJKttberi bieaXunbfdule. 
Aph'yloiis, adj. BoU bUttloft. [(auft. 

A'p|»ry, *. Bee, ber ©iencnftanb^ baft ©ienen* 
Ap'jcftf , pi. t. Apex, ^. fanf Seben, 

Apiece' (a piece), adv. fur baft ZtUdi fix ob. 
A'pii»«.l. " 




V9i9sM, s. %it (2e(rO Sabel, moratif^e 

Mrift^ 8. Srrttetbigvitg, Qntr^ulMgung. 
ApfaecSn'etry^ «. ^tfom. Me Sernmepfunbc. 


^pjiph'fsb, #. itAet. bie Xpop^fe. 
ip9pU^m«Ltlc(— C9I), ait'.Jtle((.ben@4teim 

Ap^phl^m^tfcs, <• p2. ATed. f^tetmabfu^renbe 
&P9^«6Wtrfa, «. Med. bie 64(eimauS« 

ip9phkgii3tl1»»nt, «. Jlfed. tin mtttl ba» 
bcs e^Ietm (bitr^ bie 9{afe) abffi^. 

AiwpUftcgiB [V-9-tMlm]> «. iZAf t. baft QCpo* 
p^t^cgma, ber S>enfflpnt<^. [p^t^egmatif^ 

Ap6pfc'4y«, Ap«phViy» *. Arch. berTCb* «nb 
KaUmf eiite«&dii(enf4afie6: upper—, ber 
IbUmfi lower—, bCTl(nIattf. 

Xjf^jalU, ^$pVyfty, #. ilnat. ber i^norren, 
XaSmwdf^ ober Sottfa^ an Stnod^tni bie 


ip9pl£^tie, (— e^), 1. ad^. opopleftif4/ ben 

zifiaisfiuf ietrejfenb* an — fit, ein Hn^U 

vm ^W^i ^ *' (in bom e^Iage <9e« 

tnf cacr. [rfi^rt, geM^mt. 

V^pl^ed [— ^t] , o<^'. 00m Gd^Iage ^e^ 

Ap'fpi&cy, «• ber 0il^Ia9^f $ 64Iad4 to foil 

iito mo — , i>om B^Iage deril(rt »erben) an 

>- of draakenneM, j^. ein ISanmel berSntn> 

hUfdt, baS ton nnb bott feitt« 

^rf9, lp'9nr» '• bie TCporie: 1. i2h«t; 

1 Med. bie 9ebertafte1Ctt0fl ob. fBeflemmung. 

^p3fj9p€'»l«, ApttflVftiy, *. ilM. bieVpo. 

ftopefe, Xbfsfxt^wi^ ber dlebe. 

Afte^t^sy (— ey), #. bteTCpoftafie: I, RH. k 

Fbl. TTbtrftttni^t, ber VbfaUi Med-s. 2. 

bie X&flof nag eiaeft X§ei(e6 , S« ^* «ineft 

braabifiea itno4en6} 8. ber TCbfcef . 

Apga'tiUe, I. iT. ber 7(poflat, :Kbtritnni9e$ ^ 

gefaOeite^ n. a47. opoftotif^/ abtriinnig^ 


To ^p6^Ute, V. n. tn<i. To Apostatize. 
If^fiiseic^lt adi. apoflatifr^, abtritnnid. 
TeAp^MIze, v.n. abfoQen (bef. bon feiner 
Stdi^a), abtritnnig »erben. 
To Ap5a't8aiite, 0. n. Med. r4»irett/ eitem. 
4pjM2st'tion, #• Med. bad 6te ICnIage ium) 
e^uixm, ®tcrtt. 

ip9ft£fli'»toiit, iM;. Afe<{. apoftemat6d. 
i^^etHmt, s. Med. baft (Btfd^toUx, ber 64n>i« 
TO, bie ^tergef dftmnlfL 
^P«^Ue Up^sI]. n Bi6<. ber TCpoflel. 

^pufl'tietbrp [-pWit-], ^p^t'tplite, t. Ecc 
l.baftYpoflolat, TCpoflelamt^ 2. it^al^) 
bie Sif4op»firbe$ 3. getfHicI^ (0cri4»tftbar* 
feit^ 4. pipP4e9te0teruttg. 
Ap^stdFic, adj. Ecc. opoftoKf^) —fothcrK 
bie Jtir4ettb4ter 4 - See, ber pdpftlidfte 6tu^l. 
ip^stdlfc^l, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. apoftoUf(i^9 
m. — neu, s, bad TCpofioUMe, opofloliftbe 

Ip9tt01'ica, s. pi. Ecc. bie TCpoftolifer. 
4p6s'tr9phe, 4Lp5t'tr9pby, #. 1. Rket. bieKpo« 
ftrop^e; Xnrebe) 2. Gram, ber Xpoftrop^. 
To 4pfirtr9pb9, v. a. Gram, apoftrop^iren. 
ip9ttrtfph'ic, adj. l.Gram. apcflrop^if45 ^ 
Rhet anf eine Ypoftrop^e Sesng ^abenb. 
To 4p8«'tr9pliTze, v. a. 1. (Sinen far} anreben, 
Sort anfajrenj Grams. 2. (ein ®ort) ab« 
ffir^en ob. sttfaauneniie^en 4 3. rnit einem 
^TCpoftropt besei^nen^ apoftrop^iren. 
Ap'9stGme, cor. vid. Aposteme, ft To Apo- 

i^ptft/iV^Lry, s. ber Xj^otjef er J —'•bill, bie 

X-re$nnng4 iron, eine ibertriebene Sfte** 

nung9 — >' ball, bad gemeinf^aftU^e ^labo^ 

ratorium berTC. in^nbon^ — '• ihop, bie 

TCpot^cfe. [thegm. 

lp'9tfc£g;m [— t?U(m], lp'9t]i2m, «.vid.Apoph- 

ip9%giDSt'|c (— c^l), adj. apop^^egmatiM. 

ip9tfcSg'm^ti8t, s. ber 0amniler, Berfatfer 


To ip9t/ieg'm9tize, v. n. tDenff^ril^e fagen. 
ip9t/(«'9«ts, s. bie ^pDt^eofe^ Bergdttcmng. 
iLptttVdflis, $. Surg, bie Kpot(efi$. 
pdt'9m2, ^pttt'9iDy, s. Math, ber Unterf<|»ieb 
}Wif4en jtoei incommenrurabeln ®r5pen. 
Ap'9z^ni» s. Med. ber Jtrdntertranf, Jtrduter* 
abfub, bae SDecoct. 
Ap9zWic9], adj. Med. becoctartig. 
To AppAl' , To 4LppftH' , V. I. a. crblei^en 
maiten (bor C^tetfen), erf^redten, entmtt« 
t^igen, nntcrbriltfeni n. n. ♦ terblei^en. 
^Ppftl'm^Dt, #. bad SrblafTen bor e^retfen, 
ber pljbli^e ette^en. 
Ip'pan^le, «. bie Apanage: bad ^eibgcbinge^ 
fr^. ber Tfnt^eil, TCnJang ju @t»ad j bad 3u« 

App»rft'tvs, *. T. 1. ber Kpparat (©erfjcugc 
jur proWif*cn ©etrcibung einer ®i|fenf*aft 
Ob. Stvmfti h «. *cm., *irurg., literarif*et 
X)i 2. ber SorratS; bad 3ubeS5n 7(m« 
meublement (eined 4)aufed)$ itriegdgerdtb^ 
3eug) bieC^quipagej bie durAfhtng^ 3. ber 
$ab/ bad C^eprdnge. 

^ppSr'el, *. l.bieJ«eibung,!5ra*t.badak» 
monb, ber e^mu^^ 2. bad ecbiff^gerdt^i 
3. Surg, ber IBerbanb (auf eine «Bmtbe). 




To Appi(r'«l, v.a. fldben, be^tet^en; fd^m<i(fen. 

^ppAr'fiit, I« adjr, n. — ly, adu. 1. QUgen^ 
iidnlidi, flat, offenbar^ fi^tbar, R^tli^j 
2. r^einbar^ 3. befannt, geioiP/ unftreitig^ 

— diameter of the ran, Ut f^cinbare Um« 
fang ber 6onnc. [unftreitige (Srbe. 

Appir'^nt, s. ellipt ft. heir— , bcr gewiffc, 
App^trftion, J. 1 .(n>. 1) bie @rf(beinung,®i4^t« 
borfeltj 2. ba$ ®e|l(bt, ©efpenfl, bcr ®eifl, 
bie ^rf^eittttngj 3. bteXduf^ung; 4. Ast, 
bie £i(i^ertobe (beS0Ronbee, :c.). 
Ipp^rftiQniiiti s. ber ®eifhrfeber. 
AppXr'ltpr, *. Law, ber ©eri^tdbicner, ®e* 
xii^moU, ^ebeK. 
ijkppart'm^nt, «. cor. vid. Apartment 
Toi^ppSal', Law, 1. eine <ftlage oor 
einen anbem Slitter gie^enj 2. (— to), ap> 
peQiren, ficb (aufSemanb) berufen^ to be 

— ed to by ... , aufgeforbert toerben ooit ... 5 
11. a. annagen, angeben. 

Appeal', s. 1. bie ^ppeQation, Serufung auf ..., 
Knrufitiig (einer 9)erfoR aU3evge)j 2. bie 
3ttflu4t9 LaW'S^ 3. bie Untla^zi 4. 7Cuf« 
forberung auf eine Jtlage }u antmorten, SSor* 
labung) 5. ba& TCppeUationdre^t 5 action 
upon— I bie tlC-SHttge J court of a-s, Ut TC-^* 
(of^ ba« ^-Sgericbt 

^ppSal'^ble, adj. 1. anHagbor; gur SSerants 
oortungsu sie^en (—for, »egen)j 2.einer 
XppellQtiott unterroorfen. 

AppSa'if r, s, \>ev TCppeQant. 

To Appear', v.n. 1. }am fBoT^tm lommeti) 
erf<beinen) 2.fi4}eigen;auftreten$ ()>or®e« 
riiJtit) erfd^einen, nibfleUen^ 3. er^eaen, M 
ergeben$ 4. fcbeinen (bad ^Cnre^en 1)cibtn)i 
to — dry, trocfen gelegt werben, jum f6ox» 
f^lb^in fommen (5. ^. 00m &inbe bur(^ bie 
<5bbe}) to — shining. Metal, blicfen) to 
make — , bemeifen, bart^un^ to— against 
one, »{ber 6inen (al$ ^artei dfTentUcb) auf^ 
tretetti to - for one, 1. fftrCJinen auftreten, 
|l4 6{fentU(i^ftlribn erfldrenj 2. fllr einen 
(oor ®en(bt) erf^einen^ to •- on the sUge, 
(auf ber SBilbne) auftreten i to — in print, 
ixa iDrucf erftbeinen) it shall — in your crc> 
dit, 0>m. e§foIl35nengutgef(briebentt)erben. 

^ppSa'r^nce, t. 1. bie (Srfibeinung^ 2. bad 
Xnftreten, ber C^intritt^ 3. bie degenwart 
4.bcr(dufere)®(bein;3rnf(bein5 ba6®4ei« 
nenj bie «Babrf(bcinli(bfeit4 ber ©ormonbj 
6. bad Sujere^ iupere ^nfe^n, tlCudfe^, 
bie ©eftalt} 6. bad ©cfpenfKbie SrWeinung) i 
at first-, beim crflenlCnblfcfei good -of 
an article. Com. t>od Ifuge (gute Sufcre) 
cinerfiBaare; great - at court, grofeOJala 
bei ^ofej a great - of people, ein grofer 

3u(attfoon(eine9Xenge)!9lenfiben9 Law-*. 
day of—, ber ®eri<it*termittj default of—, 
baS 9ti(j^terf<beinen , ftrafbare XrObleibtn^ 
to enter into bond for — , M f4l^ftU4 t>cr« 
pfli^ten, 9or (Beri^t ju erf^einen. 

^ppea'r^nt, «. Law, ber oor (BttiM <Srf(|^eu 
nenbe. (Somparent. [Qhrf^eimmfi. 

i^ppea'r^r, s. ber^ bie^ bas (Srf^einenbe, bit 

^ppea'^^ble, I. adj. »ad (lei^t) berubtgt, 
befdnfttgt »erben f ann, oerr^bnU(b i n. — oess, 
s. ber 3uflanb, fub (lei(bt) befdnftigen %u 

To^LppSa^e', v. a. 1. beru^igen/ befdttftigm^ 
be^iebigen, ftiOen, bdmpfen^ 2. audfdf^nen, 
I»erf5^nett4 appeasing remedies, Mgd. fibf 
fdnftigungdmittel, f)alItatioe. 

^ppSafe'fflfnt, s. bie IBeru^tgung^ ®e|tiebt« 
gung^ €ttt(e. [fierf6^ner. 

^ppca'f^r, *. ber (Ru^efiifter, ©efdnftiger, 

.f ppga'sjve, adj. mitbemb, Unbemb. 

App^l'l^cy, f. l.bielBemfunganfbett^5^rai 
mi^tti 2. bie Xppeaotiondfd^igleit 

^pp^l'l^nt, l.s. 1. Law, ber Appellant/ itld« 
ger4 2.'Qfufforberer, 4)erattdforberer4 3.Ecc. 
ber Appellant (®egner ber SuSe Unigeni^ 
tus)i n. adj. 1. appeflirenb j 2.bie^ppel> 
lirnng ob. ben TCppeSanten betreffenb. 

^pp^l'iite, I. s, ber ^(ppellatj vid. (b. ft.) 
Appellee; II. adj. [^ppSFl^te], bieXppeSi' 
rnng betreffenb. [2. bie GtafTe. 

^pp^im'tion, «. 1. bie i95enemittng, ber 9(ame ; 

^ppei'l^tive, I. adj. 1. app^ottt, ber ganjen 
©attung sttfommenb5 2. ge»0^nU(b/ ge« 
brdu(bU4(benennenb)| II.<. Gram.» 
TCppeOatioum^ aUgemeine ^^ennmort) ®at« 
tungdroort, ber (Slaffenname 4 2. bie (beu 
»6rtl.) Senennung, SitttUrung^ 111. — ly, 
adv. appeOatio, alt, n>ie einTCppeOatiouni. 

4Lpp^l'l»t9ry, adj. etneTfppeHation entbaltenb^ 

^- libel, bie X-df(brift. 

AppfUee', s, I. Law, ber ^ppeOot, OeHogtc; 

2. ^eraudgefbrberte. 

ApplSt'l^r [ftpp^lldr', opp. app^UiS'],^. 1. Lout, 
ber TCppeSant^ Jtldger^ 2. $eraudfbrberer$ 

3. SSerrdtber feiner 5Kitf(buIbigen. 

To ^pp^nd', v.a. (—to) 1. an Sttpod (ftsgen, 

an^dngenj 2. beif&gen. 
App^n'df^e, s. 1. ber Tfn^ang, bie S^lge^ 

2.baSXn^dngfel,:ifccefforittm, Bube^dr, ^cr* 

App^n'd^t, I. adj. 1. an^angenb, Dcrbunbrn^ 

2. Law, mit bem !Bef!( eined drunbfhtcH 

bcrbunben; U.s, berXnbang; bad®efolge, 


App^nMlcSf, pi, dufd^c^ K., vid. Appendix, 
i^pp^n'djcle, s. bad TCn^dngfel* 




^ppi^^Xy .«. Ut. 1. bet Xnt^an^, ba$ Titfi -et; ^49 jrett^aitl, ^er (:XpfeI') Oriebft 
W«flfel, bfj 3ufae, tie»eitttgf, balSubeWrj | (®r6b«j -coftr, ber TC-fle*er) - graft. 

JL ber nmfittnb; geio. pU bte Umftfinbe. 

Ap'p^HBf ge, #. vid. Appanage. 

Ip^PfBAfoe, Amx vtd. Apeimine. 

ip^oSp'tloB, *. JPfc. bleSRerfbarfrft, «cr« 
lowing (bes flberfinnltcben) ^ flSorftellung 
mtJRmvftfnn, bas 6(Ibftbe»ttftfeut. 

Toipp^rttln', v. n. (-to), |ttgr^6reii, jtt* 

App^rtiiii'iii^nt, #. ba9 3ube($r, ber()tt6t« 
BHI6 3<i^rtge) Sorjug, Mr ®m(btfame. 
App& t^niAce, «. ba» ^n^tffiv, U. (mU Ap 

ba»^ftopfW0 wii dnewX-bttiime; -bar- 
▼eft, biel-Iefe, Qf-ernte^ —John, ber3o» 
»on»i«(U)fel5 -johnt, pi. armeSftitter (ei« 
(Skba<t)j -Joft, bic)C-fammcr, Cbflfamnicrj 
—monger, berS)bfl^4iibler, £)bW6fej -pa- 
ring, bie *pfelf*olM -pic, bietpfel^joftetej 
— qaface, bieX-quittC} —roaster, baS 7fpfel» 
blect (morauf man tpfcl hraUt)i — rote, 
bie raubc Otofe^grefe J^agebuttenrofe) -«ance, 
biel^felfttttccj-tart, bietpfeltorte j -tiiom, 
ber ete^opfeU -tree, ber ICpfelbaum* 

porteoaiice); a-« of a lanOi, baa (SleWfel — wanan, bie ipfelftau, IDbflfraii ; —yard, 
eiacS &raune«. I berSpfelgorten i Cbflgartcii (vid. Orchard). 

To Apper't^n^ce, v.a. vid. To Appvrtenance. 
Apper'tfaf lit, adj. vid. Appartcnant. 
Vpft^aeeC— cy), #. 1. Me ©egietbe, baS 

tolufte Serlonges; bie Sinnenluft; 

etx^bt&i berfilBimfA^bieee^nftt^t^ S.ber 

^Snt^mngMnfHitct) 3&fttii(t4 4. bit iSm* 

pfinqVttHit, Grregboif^^ Fhy. bie Vn}ie« 
^^nig^ Xttracttfm. 

ip^t^t, ittg, (febr) begierig, Ififhm. 
IppafbiFity, s. bod ^ttsie^enbe, einnenluft 

toegcsbe^ ber (Rei). 
ip^p^tyMe, I. ad;, ansie^eub, bad fUittU^elBer* 

Ingeit erregenb, reijenb^ U.— neu, s,vid. 

i|/pffffe, #. 1. bie Segterbe, baSIBerlangcn^ 

a.bcr7fppetit, bie(Sfl«(t,ber$ungtrj 3. ber 

{Mif^iinger(craving or bulimia), eine^anf« 

tUttt hti 9>fierbeil, vid. Foal feeder; to be 

glTe« to — , gefr&fig Ob. fi^wclgcrif* fein. 
ipp^tioa , s. (n>. to baft Serlangen, bie 
ipp«a'tioiia, ocfr. munbenb, f^mad^aft^ sum 

Qfsaf etnlobcttb; )»erlangungft»ert^5 ange- 

^td^m, retienb. 

Ap'p^titfve, Off;, bege^renbl —power or facalrj 

ty,jb«g ©egeinmg«t)erm5gen. [roihrgett. 
To Ap'pfCfze, p. a. ben ^ppetit reijen; fig. 
ApVetiz^r, #. baft ben TCppetitdteij^enbe. 
To Appliad', V. a. applaubiren, tauten ©eifaC 

geben, (Qnnem) 99eifaK $nfiatf4en, beflat* 

S^Mi e^' lobtn, MSigen. 
AppIAad', #• vid. ApplauKe. 
ApplAu'd^r, #. ber ^pptaubirenbe, <Siner, ber 

MfUI |BfCaff<tt^ Sobpreifer, ®eipfli(bter. 
AppiAof ci', #. ber TCppIanft, baft (H^eifano 3n« 

fIctWenj ber (Ittttte) 8$eifaS) bafttob. 
^ppiAa'afre, adj. applaobirenb, beflatfebenb) 
^aa — lonp, ein Sobgefang . 
ip'ple, «.ber7(pfel{ —of love, ber^iebeftapfel, 

Gc]!bapfet5 -of the eye, ./ig. ber ^ugapfel; 

^hotter, baft If -wttf J —cart, berX-farren ; 

To Ap'ple, v.n. apfclf5nnig bilben. 

^pptiVble, adj, anmenbbar. 

4pplf«nce, «. bie 7(Rn>enbvng4 baft (ange* 
manbte ^illffts)9)^ittel4 bie ^nri^tnng. 

Ippi|c«Ml'jty, 8, bie ICmoenbbarfeft 

Ap^lj<9ble, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. anwenbo 
bar (— to, auf J in. — nes^ *. bie Ifnmenb* 

ipVljc^nt, $. 1. ber l^enerber, Sittfteller, 
Ypplicant) 3. Am. ein ffatiger Gtnbent 

ip'plfcqite, «. TVtg. bie tKppIicate, S)rb{nate. 

AppIjcS'tion, $. l.bie Yufiegung; Kniegung, 
iBerri^tuttg, ber IBcrbanb (). id. beft Kr^teft, 
lEBunbarsteft/ k.) i 2. bie (9ttt^«) Xnn>enbttng, 
ber ®ebrau(b9 3- baft ange»anbte ^Kittel, 
|>iilfftmittel5 4. ^ie Sewerbnng; baft <Sefud|r, 
bie mm 5 5. bieTCnfmerfTamfeit, ber ^eif , bie 
ffletricbfamfeit? ©cifteftanfhrengung. [tif*. 

Ap'pljcfitifve, adj. anioenbenb; auftubenb, praN 

Ap'plicatSry , I. adj. anwenbenb, auftiibenb, 
t^fitigj II. ». bie anwenbenbe Jtraft} baft 
^nmenbbare. [idbenbe SBeife. 

^ppli'fdiy, adv. auf anjumenbcnbe^ attftiU' 

^ppti'^r, s. 1 . ber S3e»erber, Applicant > 2. ber 
Xnmenbenbe, ®ebrau4ma4tnbe^ 3. ^Kner^ 
berf!(b anf ^tioaft ({EBiffenfcbaften^ xQ legt 

To ^pplf, V I. a. l.auflegen/ anlcgen^ noranf 
legen ob. bringen^ anotingen$ 2. anwenben, 
gcbrau(bcn) 3. anf C^tmaft menben^ ri(bten, 
^eftenj temcnbenj to — coloorion ciotbt, 
Dy. garben anf ©toffe auftragen^ to— one's 
self for help to ... , M nni {>ulfe »enben an 
... , dnf!u4t fttd^tn hei .*.i to — one*s self to 
something, fi^^ einer 6a4e mibmen, j!^ ber> 
felbenbcpeipigenj to — a thing to (anse), 
n4 einer &ait bebienen }u ... i 11. n. 1. fOf 
f(bi(fen, paffen/ fibereinfUmmen, angemeflfcn 
feinj 2. (— to) einer 6a(be befommen, 9in« 
bait i^rxai 3. to — to one, M anjemonb 
»enben; anrnd|^en> narbfucben (— for,um). 

AppSgjatn'ra, #. Mii«. ber (ange BorWag 




To Appr^h^nd', tj. a. 1. greifcn, tt^uiftn, 
angceifen, ter^aften, gefangen neimett, eitt« 
Sie^eni 2. fafen, begreifen, dnfe^en ) 3. glau* 
iben/ meinen i 4. fi(ir4ten; bef&rd^tm, berorgen. 

Ippr^h^nM^r, s, 1. einet/ ber eine |)erron 
ergreift; fefl ^ilt, Derbafteti S. ber 6iit« 
febenbe. S)(nNr) 3. ber girtbtenbe, berSc* 
forgniffe begt. 

Appr^h^n'ftjble, adj, begreif{i(b, fttfU4* 

Appr^fa^D'aion, «. 1. baft Grgreifen, bie4$er« 
baftiiebmimg, ber gong, ©riffj 2. ©egriff, 
bte Corfleirung) SReimmg.) SafTungefrafT^ 
3. bie®eforgnif I berSerbacbt) tobeander 
great a-i, in grofergurtbt ftbwebeny grofc 
«efprgntlfc Jegen. 

Appr^bSn'sfve, I. adj, ; 11. — ly, adv, 1. Iei<bt 
begreifenb, fibig^ 2. fnnbtfam, fdnbtenb. 
Beforgtj to be — of, 1. (Stna% bef&rtbten^ 
2. Cftmad empftttben, merfcn^ HI. — neM» s, 
1. bie S^bigfeit in begreifen, Me (f<bnette) 
gafungsFraft, ber e^arfRnn) 2. bie guribN 
famfeitiSSeforgnif $ bebent(t<b«dagba^gfdt. 

^ppr«n't|ce, *. l.ber Eebrling; fjeb'^burfcbe, 
co!. Sebrinnge; 2. Engl. CoL eke blofe 
®orti»er4nbening ft. Slave, [bingen lafen. 

To ApprSn'tjce, v. a. in bie ^b" tbun, anf- 

^Lppr^n'tjceshrp, ^.l.ber SebrUngftfhiob/ bie 
To AppOf^tioB, V. a. oerbAItnifrnd^g tbeilen, Sebr^eit, Sebre j 2. Engl. Col. eine blof e 
iutbetlen, ium 7f ntbeil geben. SBortverAnberung ft. Slavery ; to serve (ont) 

^^ppOr'tion^iten^B, s, baft d^tige IBerbiltnif « one's — , fetne ^bn<ib^( aia^f^n, c9l. bie 

To App^tet, V. I. a. 1. b|flKmmen, anfct^tn, 
f^ebeni auftfeben (etne%iunme){ 2. be* 
ftbeiben, befleHeni 3. ]»erabreben) 4. emen* 
nen, einfeben (ittm9$e9oSnii(btigten> :c.)5 
5. ^erorbnen, oorftbreiben ^ 6. einri^ten, in 
etanb feten, mit^ttwad oerfeben, ouftrfiHen^ 
to — a day, einen Zaq attberaumen) 2.n. 
einen SeftbluP faffen/ bef<bUefen. 

^ppoinf , s. Corns. 1. ber Appoint, Xbftbnitt; 
bielDeoife («Be<bfeO) 2. 9ea(bf<bttf , 3uf<bnf 
i&ttb, baft manittgiebt, urn eineenmme w>n 
in ma(ben).i payment per — , bie €kilbo* 
3ablnng) to draw per—, h point ob. a punto 
(per Galbo) trafRren (i e. bie 9oOe Gnmrne 
feinerSorbemng entnebmen). 

^ppdinr^ble, adj, befHmmbar, ein^nfe^en. 

App5!Dtft«', «. ber (in ein Xmt) @ingefebte. 

Appara't^r, #. ber 9eftimmenbe« ICnorbner, 

Appofnt'm^nt, «. 1. bie ®eftimmnng/ %tft' 
fe^nng, TCnorbnnng) 2.bie®eflellnng) (Sr* 
nennnng) 3. bie Serabrebnng, Vbrebe, ber 
Serglettb? 4. bieSerorbnnng, eorf(brift, ber 
®efeb(9 5.bieQtnri4tttng,7rttftriiflnttg) 7rn« 
ftalt^ 6. ber (niibt flxtrte) ®ebalt, bie «e* 
folbung^ T. Law, bie f)interlafrenfc^aft an 
eine (Semeinbe, tc, ffir mtlbe Bmetfe. 

Appor'tionfr, *. ber 3tttbeiler, 
App5r'tionmfnt, s. bie gl<i(bmA^ge 3ntbei« 
^lung, oerbditntf mdfige SSertbeilung. 
Ap'pQffte, I. adj.; H. — ly, adv, [(bicHitb/ paf* 

fenb (—to, }tt)/ angemeflen, beqneni) HI. — 

ncM, «. bie Bi^ittli^Mt, ^figlitbfeit, TTnge* 

App9f ftion, s. bie f)insufilgttng; 2Cnb<nptng, 
^ber Seifab, 3nfab5 <?ram. bie Xppofition. 
Appdf'itiTve, adj. inWid^. 
To^ppriife', v.a.\M^zn, anWIagea^fojci* 

ren, wfirbigen; a-d value, ber tojrirteflBertb. 
^Lppriife'm^nt, «. 1. bie 0<bAbttng, Soration; 

SBurbtgnng$ 2. ber Xoanoertb. [tor. 

^pprfti'ffr(^pprftt'f9r), s.'btt&ifi^tv, Z4xa* 
Apprgcft'tioB, s, ber inbHinfUge ®unfib; bie 

bringenbe Idittt. 

Ap'prdc^tQry, adj. ®egen erbittenb,»itttr<benb. 
4lppre'c}^le [— 'ihg— ], adj. ^dfi^hox , ber 

Sfirbigmg ob. 7((btnng fl^ig. 
To Appr€'ciite[-/.h8-], v. I. a. bO<b fWb<«/ 

»atbigen, preifeni II. n. Am. im |)reife, im 

SEBertbe ^igen. 

Sabre fleben. 

To Appretiate, Appretiation, vid/Apprec... • 

To Apprize', V. a. 1. beuaibrlibtigen; nnter- 
riibten (—of, bon), belebrenj 2. f^dben 
(vid. To Appraise). [Appraiser 

Apprlze'in^nt, j^pptfi^, vid. AppraiMiiieBt* 

To Appr^Acli', V. L a. (M) nabett, ndber 
fommenj n. n. 1. ndbem, n<b^ bringen, 
ndber feben; 2. ffort. abtaftiren; abfdugen. 

Appruaeb', s. 1. bte Vnudbemng) Knfunfti 
2.ber3tttriltj Bnlanf; Xnfattj 9. fig. erfte 
eerfttibi 4.Aftl.baftl(ttr^<fen(beftSeinbeft)) 
lines of— , or a-es, bie Xpprotben^ Sauf« 

Approachable, adj. }ttgdngli<b/ erref^bar. 

ApprOa'ch^r, s. ber f^obenbe. 

ApprOachlfss, adj. nnsugdnglitb* 

Appr8ach'ni«nt, s. (». d.) bie Ifnndbemng. 

To Ip'prQbiite, u. a. Am. biHigen, Seifan 
f<benfen ob. geben. 

ipprobft'tion, s. 1 . bie OiQigung, Oenebmt- 
gnng, berSeifaV^ 2. ber OJefaSen (an Ot« 
maft); 3. (ebem.) bie S>m<f«0rIattbnif . 

Appr«cj«'tion[-sli8-]. s. 1. bieSEBfirbignng, Xp'prpbiltire [Wb. kc ; ^ip-prO'-b»-tJv, /a,], 
«ertbf<b^nng) 2.berflBertb) 3.ilm.baft 0^(7. binigenb. 
et^igen im Dreife. im XBertbe. iilp'pr^bitQr, #. ber ©iaigenbe. 




Ipprik^prffble, a^. »aft ittgeeidnet (auf dnen 
b(f. OegcBflaitb eingefd^rinft) »erben Hm> 

To i^pprt/piiSte, t?. o. 1. (—to) onpaffeii, 
mtMun, beftimmeni S. ^cmenben (— to» 
IB)) S. M (eine 6a4e) sneigneni 4.(ee« 
giife) octbinben) Lam-s. 6. due |)fr&nbe 
OB tie ti>bte{)4nb oermaten} 6. moef. tx* 
pro^inren (be» ilident^ttm$ berauben) vid« 
ApproprlatioB, 6.). 

^pprS^pii^te, I. ac^. 1. ^ttoi^mtt, dgeti} 
SLbc^um, bie&Ii4/ tfl^tig^ 3.-to» attge« 
ncffoi) 11. «. lit HH^tt^it, Gigent^iimli^' 
fdti in. —Xy, adv, oaf attdemefeneKrt} 
IV.— BCM, «.bftVBdemefrenbdt. 

^pprtprja'cioD, #. 1. Me Budgnsng; Xmoen" 
na%i 2 SemeBbttngi 3. Sedriffftbeftim^ 
BUiBg (etoeft flBorted)} Laws, 4. bie fiber* 
tngSBg daer|)(diBbe an bie tobte|)anb4 
&.nocI. Wc tjcproprtatton (Otntddtttittg beft 
fMi^cS, Ob. 6r»erbBii0 bed f&r (ffentL 
39ctfe, old Gifeaba^neB; StanSU, u. erfor« 
bctfi4<aOntBb vab ®obeB$)) 6. a-s, p/. 
ciahififtt. I 

ApprH^ptiSt^rt If5., Wore. Ac. ; «p-prO-prf-S'-| 
t^r, ir.j, «. 1. ber CemeBber, TfaneBber^K. i 
a. bcr 9rmer daer HbertrageBeB f)frABbe. 

^pprs^pii^i^jry, «. ber (»e(tU4e) 9ef!^er daer 
getfllUben ^friabe. 

.f pprd'Tfble, a<(;. beifoHSwAtbid. 

To ^pprdTe', o. I. a. 1. biSigeB^ genebmigen, 
oBctfeimeii^ 9. ben)d(rea/ erprobea^ 3.(m.l) 
bei»dfen, bartbaa^ 4. Law, oerbelTeni, in 
befcm etaab fe^ea (da (Sranbflfiit)) to 
—oae't self to one, M S^onbed S^dfaU 
enDcrbeai II.(mttof)n«biSigea,gtttbetfea. 

Ipprdve'aHnt, «. 1. WfdiUiqm^, berSeffoQ) 
Lkw-s, S. bie Senoaabiaa^ daed 6tA(fed 
Ocmdi^belanbed ia Werlaab) 3. bod frd^ 
■tlldc flMeaataif daed IBerbre^erd vor ber 
p:d8^ta4^ Uaterfa^ttttd/ nab Xagabe ber 
9it|^Hlbi0ea« Bm M bobar^ (BnaU aad* 

^pprd'v^, s. 1. ber eiOi^er) S^dpfli^ter^ 
Laws* 2. ber gefUabige (Betbre4er a. Tin* 
gcber feiBer!IXitr<baIbigea$ 8. ber (BeAe|re« 
rer) tke kins't a-t, (ebem.) ^oapd^ter, 
Otctbf^ttfter aaf ben fdnigl. IDomainea. 

^pprihclwM^f a47* aabe, md. b. H Proximate. 

To ^pprSx'liBite, v. I. n. f!(b B^eTB) n. a. 
aab^ brfageB/ a Jb^ni* 

^pprttxjaii'tioB, s. 1. bie (Xa«) tKAbernnd 4 
2l MrtA.9{lberBad)BrflBnr}elbnr<b4M<be3 
3. JUed. bie Yalhcfttag bartb flSerfibntad. 

^pprSx^mftifTe , adj, aandberab; oppreyi 


^piilte'Cm.ftc.; Xp'pvlse, W., Wore, ttc]' 
s. l.ber^nflof, bie9eriibtaad4 2.|ieltB* 
fuaft, ^anbaagi 3. A^t bie ficnlanctioB 
eines |)Ianeten mit einem gu^flerne. 

Appfil'sion, #. bab Xafiof ea, bie Serfibntag. 

ipptii'iive, adj, aaftofeab, beritbrtnb. 

^ppor't^n^ce, s. Law, bad 3ttdeb6r, bie 9te' 
benfaibei dnlade^ a-^, pi, 9ertincn}ien;|)er« 

To ^ppar'tfB^ce, v. a. Law, aU eia Ou Qt" 
»ad ae^jrigeb) 0te(bt befibea. 

AppoKtf n^int, adj. sageb^rig, geb^rig; sttfUa' 
big} eommoD— , Loio, Oemdabelaab. 

A'prjc^t, #• Bot. bie Xprifofei —tree, ber 

i'pril, s. ber (QXoaat) YpriL 

A'pr9ii[-p9ni],«. l.bieCcb^ei bab€Mbar)>' 
fin 4 2. Sod. bab e^oofieber (aa Gtbrioletb 
ic.)$ 3. 5ft/p-6. berSiaaeaDorftevea) 4. bie 
9>laa!ea«i8ettaBg aa^e bea Slutbtb^rea daer 
ibctfe^ —of agBD, Gun, ber ^faaaeabetttl 
(^Detfei aaf bf^3ftabIo4e daer itaaoae)/ bad 
9)Iattlotb$ — ofagoose,biefette9an4bttat 
eiaer ®aab4 —man, bir ^aabwerfer, ^aab* 
»erVbmaan$ — striog, bad Cib^nenbaab) 
— itringhold, bad itattVeHe^a, ffBdberleba. 

A'pr9oed [— p^rnd], adj, mit daer ^utit, 
einem eiuxiftUt verfe^en 

Apropos' [—pQ/], adv, 1. jar geleaeaea 3eit; 
eben re4t$ 2. (aid &bergangd)et<ben) n>ad 
i<b fagea tooSte, ebea tint mix tin, 2C 

ip'ai*, s, 1. Ast, (pi. Apsides ob. Apses), 
bie Tfpflbei 2. Arch, bad getodlbte t>ai^, bie 
«B6lbuag4 3. ^-lo.berJhranseinedWabed. 

Ipt, adj, 1. gef^itff; taagli<b/ pafTenb, be* 
avitmi fSbig) 2. geadgt) 8. lebbaft; fertig, 
ftbaeOi to be—, 1. geneigt fda^ 2. gera 
tbtta,ppegea4 — tobreak, lerbre^Ii^^ —to 
take fire, ki^t feuerfaageab/ breaabar^ an 
— 3nt,eiaf<btteaerftBib. 

TaApt, V. a. |a (St»ad gef(bitft, tfl^tig nia<ben > 
fSbig/ eaipfAaglitb maibea, torberdten. 

ip'tfr, s, Ent, bad nngeftttgelte 3^\ttt. 

Ap't^r^, adj, Ent. ungefl^gelt. 

Ap'tjtfide, s, 1. bie®ef(biai4Ydt,S>il(btiglPeit4 
2.bie¥afli(bl^it) efdbtgfeitj 3.bie9eetgung, 
oer ^ang. 

Ipt'Iy, adv. 1. gef^icft, K. (mie Apt, adfi.) , 
2. fugli<b/ mit mdbt, ri«tig4 3. fertig, 

Apt'n^ss, s, (mit Aptitude, ft*.) ; —(to learn) 
bie <Sde(rig!dt4 — of iron to rust, bie CK' 
gentbiiaili(b(dt (fSdgang) bed CHfend }tt 

Ap'tote, $. Gram, bad iabedinable 9{ean»ort. 

i'qQ9) «• Ckem. bad ffBaffer [i. b. fotg. comp. 




na4 W. Kfc'-wft]; —fortU, C/ifloi. oa9 
6^(U loafer 4 —marina, Ut TCquamarin: 
1. MTi ^r ScrDU ((Sbclflctn)} 2. i>am(. 
ba$ Wonjtc ©Utt tcr aXaler ^ Cficm-*. — mi- 
rabitit, bafi «Bunl>cr»aircr 4 — rcgia or — re- 
galia, (fru^cr) bad Jt6nt0$n)afrcr, vid. Nitio- 

. muriatic acid ; — tecunda, )>erbunttte$ @4ci« 
bckDafler} — tinta, Engr. Me Xqnatintaj 
— vitae, berKquaoit, (SetoiirsslSranntwcin' 

^qua'rjv«» s, AsU bcr SBafTcrmann. 

^quat'ic ^quSt'jcfi, adj. isi fiBafTcr Icbenb 
cb. wad^fenb. [rodd^ft 

Aqu&t'ica, f. p<. ftBafiert^icrej SBaffcrdc 

Aq'ufthey ac^'. (10. u.) vid» Aqoatic. 

Aq'uSd&ct, 1. bie tBalferleitung. 

AquC'jty, s, vid. Aqaeousneis. 

A'quSottB, h adj, xo&ffcxi^i II.— nest, J. bad 
SBafTedge, bic SBofferidfeit. 

Aq'ujline [Wore, kc; ilc'-wj-lin, W, &c.], 
adj, 1. ctsen Xtkx bctreffenb; QCbler ...^ 
einem Q(. &(nU<($ 2. gchummt (toie ein 7(b« 
Icrfi^nabel)^ —nose, eine Wttnaft, ^a^ 

.fLquuie', adj. adflTcrig. 

Aquds'jty, «. bic SBdlfendfeit. 

A/^b, I. «. ber ^raber^ ll. adj. vid. Arabian 

Ar»b«l'l», s. mvahcUi (g-n). 

Ar^bSt'ky, adj. arabedfenartis. 

Ar'9b{sqiie[— tk], Arch,, Sculp, k Paint 
I. jr. bte TCrabedfc ; IK adj. (or arabesqaed), 
arabcdfcnarttg i — foliage , — ornament, 
(arabesques) atabif^cd Saubmcrf, arab. 
3tcrrat(|en/ Yrabcdtcn. 

^ril'bi9, *. Ccog. TCrabicn- 

^rft'bj^n, I. adj. arabif^) —figures, -pi. 1. ara> 
bif4e3a^len$ 2. 7(rabedfcnj —characters, 
p/. arabif^e ©♦riftj U. s. ber Xrabcr. 

Aril'bi^, $, pi. Com. gcdittertc ^tnen. 

Ar'«i>rc, I. «. bad Vrabif4e/bUarabif4e6pra« 
4e} 11. adj. arabif^s —troches, bad arable 
Me Gummi. 

^rllb'lc^l, I. a(/i. vid. Arabic; II. — Ij, adv. 
auf arabif*e %vt Wrobidmud. 

AH^brf m, J. ble arabif*c ©pra^ciacnjcit, bcr 

Ar'^bTst^ s. ber Jtcnncr bed Krabifr^cn. 

Ar'^ble, acb'-artbar^pfluflbar^urbar^ tragbar. 

Ar'qiby, s. Geog. ft. Arabia. 

Ar'f^h, #. BoU bte SReibe^ vid. Orracb. 

Ar&ch'nOid (Iff sbnolCdeO* ^nat. adj. k s. 
-^unici. bie epinneioeben^aut bed (Se^irnd i 

trii(h'nold, *. Pet ber epinttenfteia. 
^ r'^ick, *. bcr Kratf^ vid. Arrac. [Ac. 

Ara«»t'ic adj. Ara««t'|cs. s. pi. vid. Areotic, 
Ar'^g^n, s. Geog. Qfrafionien. 
^riiga€€' [»-r4-n«'], s, Fvrt. bad gcrammtcl 

<Sontremi«enf9^ unter u. oor bcm Olocis 
etner S^^flung. 

4rane6i'96y, s. bic ©pinttenfunbe (Jtunfl au» 
ber ©eobatbtung ber ©pinnen bad better in 

^ra'n^oas, adj. einem ^pinnengcmebe i^nlid^, 
fpinmoebesarttgi —fingers, epinnenpnger, 
fpinbclbfinne Singer. 

Ir'^s, s. Zool. ber tnbiMe SUht, rot^e Xra. 

^rs'tion, «. bod QCdfcrii; ^flitden. 

Ar'^tQry, adj. bcii^Xcferbaubetreffenbi — io- 
straments, bad Tidtx^ttii^. 

Ar'qittire [— tshdr], s, vid. Aratioa 

^ray', s, vid. Array. 

Ar'b^Wt, Ar'b^ist, s. vid. ArcobaiisL 

Ar'b^ilist^r, s. ber ^rmbruflf^u^. 

Ar'bjt^r, s. 1. UxBd^itUxiifUx, 2. ber(9c« 
loalt^ober, £)ber]^err. 

Ir'bjtr^ble, I. oc^'* toiOfii^rU^; ctttf^eibbar^ 
II. — ly, ado. vid. Arbitrarily. 

Xr'bjtr^e, s, vid. Arbitration. 

Arbit'r^m^nt, s. ber frete ^iae, bie SEBiOfu^r, 
freie XBa^L [unuttfci^rdnft, bedpotift^ . 

Xr'bitr^rjly, adv. toiUhl^rli^, na^ SBtOfa^r, 

Xr'bitr^rin^ss, s, bie IBiahi^rli^feit^ Unum* 
r4rdn(t(eit^ bcdpotifr^e (^eioaltj SBinfu^r. 

Ar'bjtr^ry, adj. niOftt^rlid^ {Ut. o. |)erfoneii 
u. jig. 0. &a4en); eidcmoiOtd, eigenrnd^tig, 
bcdpotif^/ na4 SSiUht^r roiberruflid. 

To Xr'bjtrSte, v. I. a. 1. (f(^tebdrt4terlt<l^ ob. 
na4 (S^utbfinfen) entf^eibcn^ 2. (fd^iebdrie^* 
terU4) f^Ii^ten 4 U- n, 1. urt^Ieii (uber 
(Stioad), entf^etbcn; abfpre4»cn$ 2. Com 
arbitriren, vtd. Arbitration. 

Irbjtr&'tion, s. Lair, 1. bad f^iebdr{4»terlt4e 
jBerfa^ren) ber &4i(^rpnt<(/ ^it G^ntf^eu 
bung) 2. ber SSerglet^, bad (Sompromtf4 
—of exchanges. Com. bie %Be4rt(<trbttrage, 
SBe^feIfianboergIei4ung| ^rbitragere<l^attiid5 
—bond, lAtWy bie Qompromif acte. 

Krbjtr&'tor, «• 1. Law, ber @4iebdri<ftter, 
04iebdmanni 2. etatt^alter; ^rdfibent^ 
3. unumf^rdnfte ^txx, ®en)alt(aber$ —of 
averages, ber €$tranbri4ter, jDidpa^eur. 

Ir^itratrix, s. vid Arbitress. 

^rMtthr^m^nt, s. LaWf 1. ber @4iebdn>rU(l^, 
bie Qrntf^etbung, (f^iebdrir^terli^e) ®en>a(t 5 
2. bie JBermittcIttng. ber SSerglei^/ bod (Som« 

Ar'bitr^ssy s. bie €$4iebdri4teri]in. 

Ar^9r, iHoyr, s. 1. BoU ber ®aum| 2. bie 
0ommerlaubei badlBodquct) comp, — ge- 
neaiogica, fig . ber SStammbottm^ — vine, 
BoU bieiffiinbe, Saubioinbe^ — vitae, Boi. 
bie amerifanif^e mift 3eber, ob. ber tebend« 
baum? 3. MecA. bie Gpinbel, SBtQc If^fc, 




la i)r(^intt, S>ceMli94 (in Am. Skaft, 

^0- — ttands, ^Dre^ftifit^(U$ a-ntoturn 
•crew points, 64nmbcnpp[er $ babince 

a-% Uam^bte^fiifte^ bran mtcw ooie a-t, 

Ir^b^r^iy, 4rWr&>iia, a<5^2iibenSdttmcnge« 

tdrid^bditmartid^ b(uniid^nU4,oon43dumea/ 

cb. Saumiioeigen; anflBdttmra toai^r^b. 
Arbpri'tvry «. vid* ArborUt 
irhoThfo^nce^ s. l.Mn btebasmarttdeitn)^ 

fbiBtfatioBj 2. fiof. ba« Sauanoerben. 
irbprib'o^t, attf. 1. jnm fBaume toerbcn^, 

cxifWxftnh, bonmd$nU<bwa4fenb4 2. ^oI« 

$ig »et>tnb9 — ttar-fisb, Jch. Hh ^(H* 


Ii^rtt, «. boi ®dtim4en, bee €$traa4. 
^rUte^c^, act;. Mitxne betreffmb. 
Arb9r|c61^re[~tobvr], #. bie fBaunuultnr. 
iHb^rlit, «. 1. bcr Sdava^Matti a. ®aiim« 

lrb«r|zi'tioo, ^.bie Saum* Ob. pflan^enartige 

3d4ui]tit9 iE SRineralien. 
To ir'bgiize, o. a. in SJlincralictt baumartige 
^ddfimoiqtn bilben. 

Ar1»9ffo«s, <!«(}. vid, Arborany, Arboreous. 
If'ba^, #. vid. Arbor. 
AHb^adc [— b^Ml], «. ber fidne SSttavib/ ^i< 

etosbC/ bo^ jBdnnKben. 
^rbWc&l^, Ai^b^ftXbe, aili. flrau(bartiS; 


^rbWtjTe, 04;. bsfibtg/ bmalbet. 
Irbfiat'tvn, #. ba> ®ebi(f4, ber Sufib- 
litete, «• Bot. ].ber<lTbb(erbavm$ 2. ber 

{Ktdayfelbaitmi —berry, bie IB&rentroube, 


Arbfi'tg^D, 047*. sum (Srbbeerbaum det6rig. 
ire, #• ^om. * J^t. ber ^albjirfel^ Sdo^iMi 

Xb/^mtt, bod eegment (eine^ JCretfeS)^ 

(mi. Ardi). 
^rciAs', «• 1. iirch. ber iSogengang, bie Yr« 

f(ibc4 S.i>afic.bie9odenfleDttng. 
^TcSfd^ #. <?eog. A « :2(r(abien. 
^rca'di^s, ^rcX'dfc, («<;. ar9abtf4 4 Mnblid^. 
Ii'cfdy, Jw vui. Arcadia. 
^tcS'bvb, #• (p/. arcaaa) bad (9e(cimm(». 
if'c^avit #• oM. Arsenal. 
4rch, s, 1. bef. ^c^ ber ftogen, 6(bibibbogeii, 

btt Oei»6Ibe4 2. ^»mel$ge»6lbe) triom- 

fbal — , Ut Snitmp^begen, bie S^renpforte ^ 

— roof, bie gemdlbte iDecfe^ —stone, ber 

&btefftetB,hi(fdnaige®e»6tbftdni —way, 

bcrSo^ttgaag, JtreiQgang. 
Tolrcb, V. I. a. tbolbes, iib€rm6lben4 II. n. 

M ViiCbcn, (einen) ftogen matben, bilben, 

Mtegen^ ber Ups a-ed into a smile, t^re 

ti|^ veriogen M in mm ^c(n. 

Arcb, adi. 1. arg, lofe, (et^rtig, mtttbiotmg, 
f<blau4 2. comp. ba« (Srile, ®rdfte in fetaer 
Tixt, grof (im gnten a. naibtbciiigcn einne), 
Srj*i -aposUe, berobcrfleTfpoffcl (ber beil. 
f)etru«)4 -architect,ber erbabcne ©anmeifter 
berflBelt/ CBelten, ®ott) — beacon, bte (Bar* 
ten^d^e) — bisb'op, bcr (Srjbifibof ^ — bisb'op 
•tamper. Conch, ber 6r|bif(bof 4 — bisb'opric, 
baft Grjbtftt^umj — botler, Germ. Ut(Sn* 
f4en!$ — cbamberlainy ^«rm. ber (Srifdmmc* 
rer) ^berfammer^err j --cbaneellor. Germ. 
berGrgfaniler^ — cbanter,ber£)bcr«aaiitori 
eorfdnger,4>auptfdnger4 — count', ber (Srt* 
graf; —critic, ber 4>auptfritifer) — dap'ifar. 
Germ, ber (Sritntd^fcf 9 -deacon, —dean, 
ber%r4ibiaconttft,%Bei^bif(bof) — deacoory, 
1. baft TCr^ibiaconatj 2. ber TC-ftfprengeU 
3. ber®t0 eineft ^rtbtbiaconud^ —deacon- 
ship, baft ^r^ibiaconat CKmt eineft 7(r(bi* 
biaconnft); —divine', ein torgtiglt^er (9ot« 
teftgele^rtcr^ — du'cal, adj. crjberjogli*, 

- duchess, bie (Sr^erjoginn 3 ® rof fur^nn i 
—duchy, baft @riber3ogtbuni4 — dulce', ber 
<Srg(er30g$ QbvoffHtfti cane.etn(5rsf(belm$ 

— duke'dora,baft€h^(ersogtbninj —enemy, 
bcr erjfcittb/ ©atan? —felon, ber (Srs«)er« 
rdtjcrj - flend', —foe, bcr Srsfeinb, ekitan, 
Ztn^tU —founder, ber J^auptgrfinbcrj — go- 
▼ernor, ber obcrfte ©tatt^alteri —heresy, 
bie @ri!e^erei5 —heretic, I. s. bcrCrgfetcri 
n. ad}» erjte^crif(bi —hypocrite, bcrQIrj* 
beu(bter$ — lute,vtif.Archilute; —marshal. 
Germ, ber QhrjmarfctfaUi -minister, bcr 
|)remier'^inifter$ —pastor, bcr 4>auptfee(' 
forgery —pillar, ber ^onptpfcilcrj —philo- 
sopher, bcr ^auptpbiiofop^^ —politician, 
ber 6rspolitifer $ anftgcscicbneti 0taatft« 
mann$ — pontiflT, ber £)bcrpricfter; ^opft) 
—prelate, ber Sberprdlati —presbyter, citt 
|>rdlat, bcr in geifllt^en Scrrtcbtungen beft 
Sif(bofft ©telle oertrittl —presbytery, bie 
miShtbrli^e unb aflgemeine f)errf<baft beft 
^rieftert^nrnft) —priest, ber (Irspricfter, 
S)berprtefleri —priesthood, baft Timt nnb 
bcr IBegirt eineft (Sh^ricflerfti -prinmte, ber 
(Srjprimafi (erfle gcifil. ® firbe) i - rebel, ber 
QhrircbeO; ^anpUm^&uxi —rogue, bcr Oirj- 
fd^elm^ —tempter, ibie —fiend; —treasu- 
rer. Germ, bcr Crj^abmciftcrj -treasu- 
rership. Germ, baft er}f(ba^nieif)eranit 4 
—villain, bcr GrsMeim, (Sr}f<^nrfe9 —vil- 
lainy, bie i&vi\^uttttd^ — wag, ein 6r)f(ba(f . 

^rshfi'jc, adj. ar4^difKf(b/ oeraitct. 
2Lrsh2idl'9g|c, Ar£h9i9ldi'ic«l, ad). ar<bdo{c« 
gifib/ aUcrt^umfthtnbig. [funbr. 

Xr£b^i61'9gy, j. bie QCr^doIogic, VUertbnmft' 




^ni<f, oeraltete epra^gebraud^. 
lrsh&a'g«lt s. 1. t>tt SriengeU 8. Geog. Yr« 

Mangel $ 3. Bot. wbite— , btc taulbel^effcl) 

balm-leaved <-, tie ^ilittL 
iLr{h^g£l'jc, a<fv. {s b(tt GfrjCttdeUi d((5rig. 
Ir'Gb^, adj. gevdlbt^ —legs, oor^^lgeRbe 

3tnit (etn fibel ber ^ferbO^- Bitot, ber 

43oaeRf4uf* [f>artf4ieret. 

irchV» «• 1. bee ®ogenf4fi0e dbcrb. 9. MU, 
Xrch'^r^M, s. hit Sogenfunbtge. 
Irdbf ^ry, s. baft S9o8enf(bief en j Sogelfdbief en | 

€(dMbenf4ief en (mit bem Sogen) ^ bie ^nft 

wit bem Sogen {u ((biefenj —room, boft 

JLrch'^f, pi. b. Arch, SSogen^ —court (coart 

of—), baft getftlt4e S)berged4t> SDbercon* 

flffa>rittni ( beft ^bifubofft bon (Santerbsn)). 
Irshetf p^ adj. urbtlblt(b, ar<bit9pif4. 
AWshStf pe, #. baft UrbUb, Drtgtnalfliitf, aRu^ 

fter^ bieUrf*riftj JWiut. baft 3ufllrge»i<»t. 
V$J»«'»«f *. AlcK ber Urftoff; ^benftgeifl, bie 

oEbelebenbe itraft. 
irch'jbtJd, s, Vrdbibalb (9R-tt). 
Ir^sbjcfl, aefi. oberft, et% ^anpt«. 
XrshidiK</9n9i, adj. ar<btbiacontf(b. 
Jirshj^&'cQP^, adj. n:}bif<b5fU4- 
Jlrshi9pii'c9p«cy, s. bie er}bifd^ftfii4e flSBurbe^ 

baft Gnbtfttbum. 
Ir'shfl, #. bie S)rfetire/ ^MttfU^U unb bie 

batauft bereitete rotbe Sarbe ^ctmuft. 
ir'chilSte, s. (jitaLarcUiutoyMusMtXf^tOtht. 
lr{h}mXii'drjt«, #. (tuff,) ber Xr^imanbrit. 
IrshhnS'd}^ scre^, s. Medu bie anbimebi* 

fje (SEBaflerO e<braube (neuerli* auf bie 

iDainpfrtiffTQ^rtangeioenbet) ((/.Propeller). 
Irch'jDg, L p. s. baft flB6lben/ Sogenma^cn, 

9ogenf4Iagen{ II. p. a. bogenfSrmig. 
jiyfib|p«, i&jhlpglVgO, s. Geog. ber )fr4i» 

Ir'^bitect, s. ber eaumeifter, Saufunflier^ 

^. Urbeber^ -Uke, 1. glei4 einem ©ou* 

meifler) 2. mit Jhrnfi^ mit et)mmetrte. 
irgli|t«c'tjve, 04;. |u einem ®att ob.'jur jtunfl 

ge(jrig4 —materials, Oanmoterialien. 
Arshft^ctdn'lc (— c^l, adj. — c»lly, adv.), ar» 
,4ite!tottiW. [hwfl. 

Xr^bltfctdn'jct, s. pi. bie Sebre Don ber Sau^ 
ir'$hjt<ctr9M, J. bie Sonmeiflerinn. 
Ar5h|t«</tiir»l[-t»bMr-], adj. bie»attfun(l 

bctreffenb, ar^iteftonif^. 
Xrch}t«</tore [-t»byr], s. bie ©auhtnfl. 
ir'jhltraire, #. A-cfc. ber Xribitrao, grofe 

Sr'sh{vi«ll^ s. Arch, bie fiogtneiftfairiiie. 
Xr'ghfTef, «. pL baft Vr^ib) bie Urfitnbeii. 

Ar'shjvrtt, s. ber Yr^ioar. 

ArchOike, adv. ge»^Ibe« pber bogendbnlii^ 

Ircb'ofM, s, bie £ei<btfertigfe{t, e^elmerei, 

)irch't^e, #. tiA. Archetype, [ber aXtttb»ine. 

irck'wf^e, odi>. bogettWeife. [Archibald ^u. 

.Vchy, I. adj. bogenfSrmigi IL s. abbr. d. 

iLrctiL'tioo, «. 1. baft 3nr<unmen|)reirett (eine$ 
^^rperft)) 2. Med. bie Serflopfitiig buril 

Xrc'tfc adj. Ast. nftrbli^, arftifib) — drele, 
ber f)olarfreift; — pole, ber ^TorbpoL 

irc'tjt&de, s. vid. Arctation. 

To Ir'custe, v. a. frfimmen, biegen. ' [gen. 

ilr'cii^te, Jlr'cB^tile, adj. bogenfftrmig, gebox 

Xrca&'tion, s. 1. bie Jtdimmnng^ baft Jtrilm* 
men^ 2. Hart, baft eenfen, ^bfenfen. 

Ar'cQb^ft^ s. bie l(rm(truft$ ^teinfiblciiber. 

ircfibflig't^, s. ber ^rmbra^f^tt^e. 

XWd^a filk, orXr'dMi^*'' Com. parfff^e XbAs 

, »nrf«6eibe j ardyaalne' allk, 9)er(feibe. 

Ir'dfocy, s. lU. kfig. bie <^i0e, Snbntttfl. 

ir'dfot I. adj.; H. — ly, adv. lit, A fig. f^df, 
feurig, brennenb) (eflig/ eifrig, leibenRbaft^: 

.Ii<b. [ber Sraiboci^er. 

Ir'd^rf, Ar'dovrf, s. pi. Agr. baft Sratblanb, 

ir'doyr, Ai'dgr, s. lit k fig. bie ^i%t, ^cf* 
tigfeit, ber (Sifer, bie 3nbntnfl. 

Xr'dQovi; I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. fteit, bo4; 
2. j!g. Miber . f4»ierig, miX^^om. i m. — iieu« 
s. 1. bie (fieife) {)cfbc) 2. bie e<bn>ierigreit. 

ire [ar], (f)l. o. ^rdf. beft «erb. To Be) finb^ 
%t.h aa yoa —! Mil. ri<bt't «tt4! 

To Are [ir], v. a. pflilgen, atfern. 

^-rS', t. Mus. vid. Alamire. 

i'rS^, #. 1. bef. (Teom.bie8ld4e,®niiibfIiibe, 
ber 8U<beninb<tit4 — of a building, drde. 
triaogle, Ac, ber dianm im £i4ten, inaere 
8(d<benraiim eineft <Sebdnbeft, ein«ft itreife^, 
:c.i 2.itberb. ber freie9)la04 3. ein befonber« 
bie cleganten .^dufer £onbonft umg^enber, 
et»a6Sttf breiter^tiefer, anftgemoacrter^mtt 
CNttern (— railing*) nm|ogetter ®raben ob. 
f>ofrattm; itber ben ein Srilit^en na4 ber 
^anfttbitr fubrt unb in ben bie gfenfler bed 
itellergefil^ffeft, bit M^cn nnbSebientenfltt* 
ben binanftgebeni — atepa, ein; ReineXrcppc 
in biefcn ^ofranm, abgefibloffen bttr<b cifte 
Sbflre (—gate); 4 Med. baft YnftfaOen ber 
*^re5 bie iCablbeit, yiatte) & Min. bad 

felb (beft Gr^arbeitcvft)^ — tneak, cant, brr 
ofrdnme beMIei^enbe 3>ied. 

lluerba»en,»inbeba»ett^lfr*itraoatta;bfir Ar6«k', adv. vulg, ronibmb, bampfenb, f^tif. 
..mtbgenfleri ber Jtaminjlmft. Ar^fSc'tion, *. I. baft »ro(«nen, iWrrcn* 2. 

Ar^fihiv^l, adj. or^ibifib/ ar(bibarif<b. II Xro(fen»erben. 




To h'ifft o. a. trotfncn, Mltro^ca, Uutn, 

^^m^ «• 1. Aut Ui Tinna, htt itampf^Iati 

t. Mill, ^rr 0aab$ 8. Afed htv f>anidried. 

if«ti^ioB; s. Med. boS CSoilbbob. 
ArSaafc', iWdnoiiSv adj. ooOcr 0anb; fanbt(|. 
^rMUoM, «(;. oidl HdKCtt 6(mb nttbaltenb, 

51^919, iW^le, «. iijiat. bie rindf5niiig ge* 
vot^ctc f>aiit^I(e, ber f>of («m Oiattrm, 
Ocf(i|»firc, vm bie 9$nifb9ar)e). 

hr^Bm/^tfr^ s. /9^y. bet SX^tidfdt^mcfTer, bie 
Zvuitninc [bernb, f^neiftreibenb. 

iff«ttf|c, add. Med. vetbiiimenb/ fubtteif bef&r* 

Irnseie^ «• pi. Med. terb&imcRbe (f<bn>eif be> 
fSitcrabe) TOttel. [Tartar). 

h*^, Ir'gaile, «• ber ^einfteini (vid. 

ix's^'Vkm^^ #. bie argonbirte Sampe, 619* 

IHgfai^adi. 1. Plbenoeif, fUberforben) 8. * 
fUbcni,dU]iSeiib(mie6i(ber)4 8.if«r.»eif. 

#fiaii't»l, a«. LfUbersi a.filber^Itid4 mit 
Gtlbcr i^erbimbea. 

if'^^Ute, «. Cftem. bol GabetOX^broIi. 

ir^ti'tioa, «. bie (BerHlbentng. 

iir^«aiif ^oi», 040'. ftlber^aUtg. 

ir'g^tioe, I. adj. 1. fUberfatbett^ 8. filber* 
^, rdiit6ncnb (wieGilber) $ n. #. 1. Aftn. 
»cre«teferfpatb) 8. Bot. baft eilberfraut 

if'sli* #. 1. ber XboO/ bie XJpfererbe) a. Om. 
ber atiefeafroni^/ ^CrgilL^rd^i tl^OUQXtl^tl^onvS^U 

Af^ilB^f row, a4;. Oeol. ti^ouig, t^n^dSti^ 

ir'liBite, «. MiA. ber Slottf^iefer. 

iriRiK^i^ <«<;• Min. tbottfAieferartig. 

Af]|Dflo«s, mO'- tbonis^ (cbmig) tb^nem. 

ii'p^ «. fit'* ArgaJ. 

h'g/9^j (Ar'g^ile), «. bie StaxatU, StataU 
(fpiadfd^ Ob. portttg. itauffa^rteif^ifD- 
Uhe'^tjv.l.n. l.e4ji&^tm^vx,Wietin, 
Orvi^ asfiibreR ; 8, ftct&m, bisputiren (mit 
vitb anb against); IT. a. 1. bttr<b(Srfinbe 
ttcrrcbes^ beweges) a. mitOrfinben {eine 
00^) bcfiretten, barfiber fhreiteii; biftputi* 
TCI I 8. erweifea, ^eigenj 4. (eine eo^e, 
3rage)er5rteni,ttnterftt4^eii{ to— tagacity, 
CMkortRim oerratben. 

Af'gi^, J. ber etreitcr, Scflreiter; yolemifer^ 
toitrovertifl^ flkweiftfttbter. 
ir^gfliaif ntt s. 1. bet 9etoeiftgninb/ ®e»eift, 

bdlti b.Ast. baftVrgumentj to hold an -> 

irg«Ua«nt'fl» adj. beveifenb, beveiftMfHgi 
Wiefeitb/ grinbli^, Mlitf mdfig. 

IrgOm^tft'tioii, «. baft SeipeifeS; W^litftn, 
bie Semeiftf&^rttttg. 

Irgflm^at'ftfve, I. adj. (}»». mit oO; n.-ly, 
adv. I. beioeifenb, banbig) 8. ftreitfft^tig. 

Ir'gvs, s. 1. Mfth. Yrguft i ft. fig. berf4lt«# 
f(barfe Oeoba^ter^ comp. — bntterfly, Ent 
ber 6te<bgiiifhprfafter, grofeXrguftj -fea- 
thers, bie ffebem beft ^fimfafaiift} — shell* 
Conch, ber 9tame berf^iebeaer avgeaartig 
gesei^neter G^altbiere (yor^ellaitf^tt^^teii). 

Ir'g^le, s, eine itaffee- ob. ZX^tdwat iMn 
SU(b mit tDoppetboben. 

i'ri^ j.(itaL) Mus. bieOTrie, baft eingftiltf. 

A'ri^n, Ece. 1. 1. ber Maner) II. adj. aria* 

A'ri^ifia, s. Bee. ber mosiftmnft. [nif^. 

Xr'id, I. adj. bftrre^ trodten^ fig.tndm, falU 
If. — ness, «. vid. Aridity. 

Ar'idMy «• Com. (— of herbs) ber Qrofttttffet 

ArTd'ity, «. l.bielDfirre, Xrodtn(eit) 8. Med. 

Iboft Serborren^ ®4»inbeni 8. Thool. bit 
itaUe,ttRempfUibU4feit,tore(beft Oemfttbft)* 

/LrteW, ^rlerc', s. vid. Arriere. 

AVjd^, s. Ast. ber ftBibber. 

irjif t«, s. Mus. bie Xriette. 

^gbl^ (Jam. ^^rtghts'), ado. attfre^t; ge» 
rabi; fig. xt^t, ri^tig, pre^t. 

Ar'ii, M^^* '• ^ot- bie eomenbecb. 

Ar'ill&t^ ir^Ued, a^?. Bot. mit eilier6t» 
menbedte berfe^en. 

Irii/tp, (itaL) s* Mum. baft Xriofb, ber fang' 
bare €kib« 

To ^^ef, 1. anfge^eU; avf|leigeB,a«f> 
fteben^ auffommen^ a. anferfleb^; 8. ent* 
fpringen, berfommenj B^er^eben (-from. 
... anft, bott) i 4. fidft auflebnen, anffleben 
(—against, ... miber). 

Arif'fo, part. 0. To Arise. 

Anfs'tf, s. Bot. bie ®ranne. 

.Vjstarshy, s. Pad. bie ^errfii^ft a»ftgeHi4< 
neter ^Dtdnner einer Station. 

Arfttdo^r^cy, #. PioU bieMflohatie, ^el^err* 
f4ap. [Xbelftfretinb. 

Arjst^GrSt^, irfst^orXte' , s. ber Xriftofrat, 

ir|st9criit'|c»l (irlstpcriltlc). Lodf?.; n.-ly. 
adv. ariftofratif*, abelberrf(ba|tU<b, abeU 
berriM) ni. — ness, «. baft XriftohotiMe, 
bie Vnbingli^^eit an ben (atten) XbeL 

irfstftl'Qshy, $. Bot. bie4)0^I»tir}, £)flerIvseL 
»i^»^.^ .. *..*• ^.w»M^*««v, ^.^.^, Ar|st9t«'l|»n, 1. 1. ber XrifbJteliler) U.adj. 
Oruiib, e4(ttf4 8. ber etreit, baft £)ift- arillotelif*. [f)biU)fapbie. 

Ptttireni 8. bie etreitfrage, SRaterie, ber|Anst9t*'l|»nrfm, *. bie oriftoteHf«e tebre ob. 
«toff, ©fgenftottb J 4. ber 3n^Ct/ i>attptim|Ar|it9t«l'|c, adj. vid. AristotelUn. 




^rVtfi'iBf tfc «. Me Yrii^metif; Ote^tnhtnft 
Irjt/tm^ric^l, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. arit^me* 

tif44 — preciiioii,>Sg.bte f^^fix (Senaai^t. 
^t/im^tiCciaa [— tish'-^n], s. ter ^rtt^metifcr 
irk, s. 1. bie £abe) 2. (u Tivdft, ber itaflen 

(9toa()$ —of covenant. Me ®ttnbeMabe) 

3. Cofic;i.(ob.-«]ieli)bteQCT4e^X-ninuf4el4 

4. bod S)e(ff(iftiff mit jla^em ®ob(n $ 5. Jm. 
ein srof es Sluf ^oot, !)Karftf(6tff. [geO). 

Arlef [ariz], s. (—penny) bQ» SJ^tet^gelb, 7(n> 

Arlft, «. fotber oftinbtf4eitnmin(J&(lmmeI). 

Xrm, #. LberXmii 9Reere(arm$ ^CrmeineS 

^feS, ber Udd^nti ®anmafl; armf5r« 

mide (Segenfianb i 2. bte XBaffe i rt>id. Anns ;) 

3. Man. ber Sorberfd^el eineft ^ferbeS? 

4. j^g. bie ^a4t; ®e»aU5 — of an oar, ber 
Xrmeine^fRuberd) he ia my right—, fig. 
er {ft metne re^te 4>anb9 comp. — chair, ber 
Sebnfefrel/TCrmftu^U — ftil, ein ^rm ooll) 
— hole, 1. baft 7(rmb4, irmeUoA) 2. bef« 
fer : — pit, Anat bie TC^Jfelgmbc. 

To Inn, V.I. a. lit. A fig. 1. maffhen^ be« 
maffntn, maxfifUni 2,mitQttwai (hntfbi* 
feftidttttd) oerfe^en^ einfafen, bef^Iagenj U. 
n. M toaffRen, beioaffneii, rflflen. 

^rmi'd^, s, bte fpan. itriedfttlotte) Krmaba. 

&rm?d]I^9» «• Zoo/, baft Yrmabiir,f)an8ert(ier, 

4Wni9]n«nt, s. 1. bte Jtriegftriifhinsi 2. baft 
Jhriegftgerdt^ } 3. bie ibriesftma^t/ 9ee< 
mo4t/ itriedftflettei 4. f^mereft Oief^it^. 

XWrn^ii, ir'ai^nd, «. Tet ber enoei^enbe Yr}« 
neitraitf ob. bte Sattoerge. 

ir'mf tore [— tahflr], j. 1. bie flWftang, i. p. 
tSaffeni 2. Sport bie 6pomen an ben 
itampf^A^neni 3. fiot. JDornen^eta<(eln,K. 

Irin'fd, a4;. lit kfig. beioaffaet^ hm^iti 
•* chair, vid. arm-chair; an — load-«tone, 
ein ormirter SRagnet^ an — ship, ^ sum 
itriege anftgeritfteteft itattfTa^rteif^iff. 

^rme'nj^, s. Geog, Krmenien. 

^rmc'ni^n, T. s. ber^nnenianer) n. adj. ar^ 
meitif4i Jllin-«. — bole, ber armenif4e ®o« 
luft$ —atone, ber armeniftbe ostein/ baft 
(Bergblatt. , [JBie^ de^ftrig. 

Arm^n't^, Ir'm^ntlne, a^/. iu einer |>eibe 

ArnfatOte', adj. ^erbenreidft. 

^rmrftrona, ^ra^^ront, adj. ®ttffen trQ» 
genb. be»e^rt, bewaffhet. 

Ar'mi^f r, s. ber fiBaffditrdger^ dn Eiqnlre. 

Ir'mlllfiry, adj. T. rlttgeltit^ In Otingett} 
einem ICrmbanbe gleii^enb) A»t —sphere, 
bie 7Crmiirar»©piare, fltingJugeli -trlgo- 
nometer, ein auft ffinf j>alb}irfe(tt befte^en* 
eeft Sttftntment iwc fibneUen Xnfiftfuttd tr{go« 
pometrif^er ^robleme. 

Ir'miUftt^, adi' mit Vrmbdnbem ob. Stingcn 

Ir'mjng^, #. pi. Mar, vid. Waist-cloths. 

^rniin'l^n, I. s. ber tKrminianer) n. adj. at* 

^rmlfn'i^nif m, s. Ecc. ber Xrminianiftmnft. 

^Lrmifp'Qtence, s. * bie 9Ra4t im Sxit^t, ^adbt 
ber ® affen, lEBajfenma^t. 

Anmp'QtSnt, adj. * mUti^ im ^ege. [felnb. 

^rnus'Qnons, adj. * waffennirrenb, looffenrof* 

ir'mistice, s, ber SBaffenflillfiattb. [maffnet. 

Xrm'lfss, adj, 1. armloft; 2. maffenloft, nnbe* 

Xrm'l^t, *. 1. ber Heine ^rm (ber 6ee, ic.)^ 
2. ber Tfrm^arnif^, bie tKnnf^iene} 3. baft 

^nnO'nlfic, s. 1. vulg. bie Ifprifofe (vid. Apri- 
cot) ; 2. cor. ft. Ammoniac, qv. 

i^rmSn'jc, adj. vid. Armenian. 

i^rmO'njG^, s. vid. Harmonica. 

Xr'mQr, Ir'movr, s. hitUxmatSt, 9itfian^, 
ber ^arnif^j —bearer, ber ffioffentrfiger, 
€54»tlbhiapp{ top—. Mar, bie €5<b<iRSn(i« 
ber ber SWarffen (SXaflf 6rbe). 

Ir'mpr^r, Ir'movr^r, s. 1. ber SBofenf^mtcb, 
e^nertfeger/ S9fi4fenf(biniebj 2. ber9tiifl> 
fnapp) S.berXBaffenanffe^er. 

^rmo'ri^l, I. adj. }u bcnfiBapen (bef. |tt einem 
Sami(tett»apett)de^ftrtg$ 2.j. baftfiSapen* 
bu4 i —hearings, —ensigns, -insignia (or 
armorials, pi.), baft ® apen, bie fBapenf^ilbe. 

^rmdr'ic, I. adj. armorif^^ bretonifib^ U. s. 
bie armorif^e ob. bretonif^e 6pra^e. 

ArmSr'jc^n, I. adj. armoriW; bretontf^j H. 
9. ber ICrmorihr, ©retone, ©retainer. 

Xr'm^rfst, *. ber $>cran>ifer, ©apenhmbige. 

Ar'mpry, Ar'movry, s. 1. bie ^rmatnTfommer, 
9tfiftfammer , ®e»e(r9amnterj baft 3eug* 
^aufti* 2. bie 0tilflang$ 3. baft ftBapen, ffBa* 
penf(btlb4 4.bie^era(bif,ffBapenfuttbej book 
of—, baft IBapenbu4, SBapenregifter. 

irmf, s. pi. 1. bte 7(rmatnrftfi<fe, lEBafen; 
Law, jebe7(ngriffft>ob.J6ert(cibignngft»a|fe9 
2. * ber Jtrie04 8. Her. baft ® apcn j 4. Wh-xt. 
bie beibeniSnbett einer flBagena^fe) 5. Sport 
bie^^ecineftdtaubiDOdcIft^ 6. Bottdomtn, 
&tQdtelxt, iti small—, ^^te^etoe^re, fleine 
6cbuf»affen4 a stand of — , ber ®cn>e^r< 
flanbj eineeompIette6oIbatenrilfhtn<t4 cen- 
sation of—, ber ffBaffenfHQftanb) coat of—. 
baft HBapen ^ — of an anchor , bie Qltigcl 
tina TivXtx^, bie ijfnferarmej to — ! Afi7. ja 
ben SGBalfen! in'ft <^»e^r 1 

Xr'my, t. bie Krmee; baft(J(rtedft*)4>eer) a 
flying-, einfliegenbefttagerj -agent, bet 

Am»t'tO, ^mXt't^ s. vid. Anotta. 



^(/m*, #. BoL ^01 Vuma^ ^(r (fcine) Q^t* 

Aromat^ Ar^m&t'ic^I, adj, aromatif4, wftt* 

if9aat^cs, «.p/. 1. Bot aroinatif4( |>flatt« 
}en 9 2. ®c»uri, ffiur^en, 6|>c)ereten, 9Bo^I« 

Ar9fliStjza'tion» J. bic Scrmif^ung mitOit' 

To Ar'9a«tize, v. a. 1. ttttrgcri/ iiiit (Seour;^ 

9crfc^$®ci9iit}rdu4iTn, I90^lrie« 

^rSn'^Gz^r, 4. ^$, »a$ ®cn>&r} gicbti wad 

gc»un^«ffe eidcnf(!^aft citt^U. 
^A^i>■['9UllJ^ a<(7. oromatiM, gcAurn^Qft. 
A^9i^ #. BoL bcr ^ron, bUdc^murs, Si(ber*[ 
Ar'gph, #• ber eaffwn. [»urg. 

^rdfef, preL »• To Arise, [f^e Qt^(6rn(bcn. 
Anmgbetia [Xr'-r9-k9ii], #. ZooL bad JoirginU 
^roma4\ I. adv. tmitmfr, rttttb (nnsd) b<n:« 

im$ II. prep, iim ... ^cnioi/ vm ... ^tr, it»9 

9idm Roaod. ■ 

To .ArSikfei', o. a. l.aufUKcEen) 2. j!g. cmcf*|| 

f(a,crRgni,aitfreg(n$ (— rrom...,(itt(/90tt). 
^row', arfo. (in a row) in cincr (ftcijtf, la eincr 

Usttt, ia ffttO^tn, na4» bcr f^tit^t 
irpeg'glo, (ita(.) s. Afus. bad ^arpeggio, {>ar' 

pc^ixtu, bie 3erd(irbcnin0 brc Xccocbe. 
Af'p^t, ^. dne 4>ufc &inbe$ 
Arqnebviilde'C- kg- or -kwd-], #• l.ber 

Jllhiica' Ob. Stt^tfenf^ttPi SI (—water), 

tfeif. ^ir Krauebttfabe, bad e^npmafTrr; 

Si;ab»airer. [bie QCrqucbuf^^ {)a!cnbu4fe« 
if'<|ii2UUe, Xr'qn^iiu[— k§<-or— kw8-], <. 
irqa£b^er'[— kd— or— kwd-], *. bcr ^Kr 

gncbnffr, Sfi4fr<nf4fi^ 
if'^alfod. «. 9u/. Alqoifoa. 
If'rffli, Ir'r^ck, «. vtd. Orradi. 
irrUk'lWb^ »K, Ac.; ar'-r^, 5m., Ac], 
/. Ut Titad, conlr, 9la(f. 
iHrfgun, <f. <;eog. Ifrragottien 
To.^rr5!gn'[— ran], v. a. 1. orbttm, fleHeil, 

daH^toti 2.bcn4tigen, ubigircaj Law^s. 

Z,M,tia^<n, bcf(bulbigen$ 4.\)orru^rcn/ )i>or 

Ckri^t ^efUn (— for ... , loegen). 
^ili^, «. vid. Araignee A Arraignment 
^rriigii'iii^iit, x. 1. ba$ £)rbnett; bte 93eri4tt« 

goagi 2. bieetellung sDorO^m^t^ in bad 

Scr^^rj 3.bic7Cn!iagc^ JBcf^ulbipng. 
To jkrrSn^e', v. a. orbticit, in S)rbnung bria^ 

gea, dari(6tCB; Com. to — one'i self with 

.»t fi4 au$ciaanbcrf(bea mit...$ to-- «n 

aceoant, eiac (Re^auag abma^ca. 

badfibminfommca, bie YadgleMnKg (vid* 


4rran'^, #. bcc £)rbaer, Yaorbaer. 
Ai'r^Dt, adj. fe^r arg, batdj^tmbea, tti; aoto* 

Cif4^4 an — coward^ dae ^mmmti aa «- 

fool, eia oaftgemt^ter 9iarr. 
Ar'rfBtiy, adv. org; f^fobU^er 8Bdf(. 
Ar'ffi, X. 1. vid, Arai; 2. — , or — hsngiagi^ 

bi( gewtrfte Sapete, Xoi^cicrd, ber Xq>^. 
/Lrray', x. 1. bte0ld^/ ®tdbiag4 Otd^ a. 

Otteb4 etlai^tocbaaag^ 2. ♦ bte (ptaaN 

^Qfte) itieibang, berXa^ag, 9>a^4 8. /.oid. 

bie Sraeaaaag ber ®ef4i9oraea aab badSer' 

idibaip berfelbea. 
i'o Arra>'» v. a. 1. orbaea, ia SDrbaaag bria« 

gen Ob. ficUenf 2. * (praaf^ft) fleibea, U* 
II tlcibca, eiaWttea (— witb, ln» ia) j 8. to - a 

pannel. Law, bie®ef(ii9orneaUfleeati9erfdt. 
Arrear', «. 1. ber 9{a4»|ag, 9Sa(|trab (bie ilr- 

rUrfgarde, vid, Arriere) ; 2. berdb&if^tfb^ 

vid, b. fi. Arrears, 
i^rrear'f^e, #. vid. b. fi. Arrears. 
^rr€arf ', s,pl. rfi^dabigc 0aaimea ob. e^aU 

bea, 0iit(tfHnbe| coL {Reflaatea) to be 
(renais) in—, ia deft bleibea, reftirea^ oae 
in — , ber didjldabige C^albaer, (Reflaat 

Tq Arr&t^, V* 0. oafbebei', oafdditea. 

4rr«</t«r7, «. Carp, ber aafrc^tfte^eabe IBal' 
!ea Ob. 9fo^a. 

Arr^nt&'tion, «. Law, baft Sia^fignagfirecbt 

Arr^pti'tioas, adj. 1. eatnfTea^ (gemaltfan) 
ea^gea i 2. eiagef^li^en (oon (9ebrda4ea). 

To^rr^Bt^, V. 0. 1. arretirea^ ter^ftea^ 2. 
mitTCrreflbelegea/ £ef4iag legea auf ..., uu 
fiimmera^ 3. surClit^altea, aaftattea, eia' 
^oltea; ^bera; fig> feft^altea. 

^rrSat', s. Law, 1. (-of person) bie £cr(oft* 
ae^nmag, ber Hxufii 2. bie IBef^lagaa^e, 
SerfaQerndrung) 3. ber6in(aU) bie$eai» 
aiaag/ ^toitaagi 4. baft Urt^l/ ber riit« 
tcrli^e ^uftfpra4 (vid. Arret); — of tha 
glads, Fort, ber Jtamm beft bebedtteaSBegeft. 

/Lrr^sto', $Tpl. Far. bie SXaafe aa bea ^iatcc* 


Arret', #. Law, ber^aftrpra4(dneft(Sed4tft), 
baft nrt^e(i)i/ (Snbart^eili abiet eiaeft Saa« 
beft^crrn. [laagi> berflagt. 

ArrStft^d, adj. Law, )>or ($txHt dtixt, be< 

Arriere', X. (—gnard) Mil, ber9ia4trab^ bie 
Xrriergarbe (c/. Arrear ft Kear); —ban, 
bcr^eerbanni ber Eanbflarmi taw,— fee, 
-aef, boft^tterle^eai -vassal, berVfttr« 

Arri'fion, «. baft Tfata^ea; dald^eln. 

^ria^e'a^t,!. l.bte^taorbnunai S)rbaungJArri'v^l, «. I.bie7(nfuaft$ Kalaabaagi Seti, 
etcOaag, Q^iadd^taagi 2. bie uberciafuaft J bie j>eraaftf4iffung aaft OReerengea, u.i % 




— traiD» it-IP. ^er anfonuiun^ flBagening. 

To ^ntv^t V. n. 1. attfommcs, anlangen, an* 
laatrn; tintttffcui 2. to — at, dtna^ ttvti* 
4en/ stt (Stwad delangen^ 3. to->to, )«« 
faOen^ iu 2;(eU wcrben^ M iittragati bc» 

To^rrOiWy v.a. btnagen. [dedBm. 

iHrQg^Dce, #. bie QCnmafund/eermefrenidt; 
berS)i(iiiPel/ flbermut^. 

Ir'rpg^Dt, I. adj.; U. — lj, ado. awmfiXCb, 
tcxmfftn, tUrmikf^iQ, fb^. 

To jyrpgiite, V. a. 1. mtberre(!|^tlt4 anfpre* 
4^eit) a. fi4 (auft ®to(^) anmofnt/ (eran$« 

Arr9sft'tioii, s, bic Xttmaf ung. [nej^men. 

Ir'fQgftirve, adj, onmof tnb. 

Arro'f ioi, #. bQ0 Seaagen^ bU Oenagnng. 

Xr'rOw, «. bet yfril) ♦ flBurffptef $ romp. 
— grBM» Bot. bod f)-dr«$9 — hoad, 1. bte 
|>-rpi^e{ 9. Bot. bad 9'fvanti -headed 
characters, lit. bieitetlf^rift) —root, BoU 
1. bet loefKabifdlie eSalep, bie 9-nn^tU >. 
JIfed. bad f)-»'me^l^ Xrromme^ll —stones, 

^Fet. Hp-fktint, Oelemniten. 

▲r'rowy, adj. I. aud ^fttten befie^ettb i % pfrU« 
ffinnig) fpi^id* 

Arse,^. ber^itttere; &teifi —foot, Or». ber 
etetffttf, bieXattdli(er)tnte$ -gat, ilnat 
ber^a^arm) -smart, Bot. badSId^fruut. 

Ir'sea^ «. bad Krfcaal; dettg^aud. 

^rsi'ii{«c-X'c}d, vid. Arseaical-acid. 

Arsc'ni^te^ s. rjiem. badOTrfeniat/ arfeniffiattrc 
0al^$ —of lead, orfenifraured idXti, 9Iei« 
Mfttjej — of potash, orfeniffauredJtali. 

Ars«n'|c, s. Min. bet )(rfenlf j flaky-, ber gltc: 
genftettt/ bad dtattengift) native (yellow) — , 
ber gebiegene Xrfenif ^ bad Kartpigmentj 
crystalline (white)— , ber ^iittenratt#, bod 

^rs^n'M, adj. Yrfettif entftaltenb; arfenifa^ 
Hf4) -add, Oiem. bie Xrfeniffdure. 

To ^rs^n'jcite, v. a. mit Xrfeirff perbinben. 

^ra'ajoos, adj. arfenifalif^ i —acid, Chem. 
bte arfenige Qiutt. [€5a(}. 

JLr'senlte, s. Chem. bad Xrfeiitt, arfenigfanre 

jlr'sfs, s. Mus. 1. bie {Kbung bed Xoned (ber 
etiinme)4 a. ber Huffdfia^ im Zactt (mit 

AHsmftrt, #• vid. arse-emart ttttt. Arse. 

ir'spn, *. Law, bad borfd^U^e JeBerattlefien, 

, bie gRorbbrennereL 

Ar'snre [-shtr], s. Law, bad ^vohiun neuer 

^ Sxfin^en im S^uer. 

Ar'syver'sy,ir's8ver'8«, adv.vtdg, bad fcberfle 
itt ttnterfl, berfejrt, (Sind bur<b bad Tf nbere. 

Irt, bU ate 9)erf. bed |)rdf. SRbic. b. To Be. 

irt, «. 1. bieituRft^ Q(eMt4fU4Mt4 a.bu 
9ein(eit4 eerf^lagett^eit} the liberal, po- 
lite* or elegant a-s, bie frcien Jtilnfle} the 
mechanic or nsefnl a-s, bic ^ttbWerHmdtU 
gen itfliifie, !Ke4anif { a master of a^, ein 
SRagifier ber freien Mnfle (gem. obhrM.A.) ; 
-anion, mod, ber itttnfiberciii. 

ir'tachdke, s. vid. Artichoke. 

^rti'rffl, adj. Anat. arterieO^ —blood, bad 
yuIdaberblBt. [abern. 

^rterittl'9gy, s. Anat bie^^re POB ben9)ttld« 

^rtCrjdt'^my, s. Surg, bad e^^Iagen Ob. S)ff« 
nen ber ynldabern, Xberlaffen. 

^rte'rjoos, adj. boDer f)uldabeni. 

Ar't^, «. bie Xxtttit, finldaber, CNblagaber. 

i^LrtS'fian, adj. artefift; and ber 9)robitt| Xu 
.toid/ ba^irt —wells, mod. artefifi^eOnttttteft 

Irt'fvl, I. adj. ; II. -ly, adv. 1. (ni^t natiir* 
a«), »xtfm4i fnnftrei^/ geftbictt, artifHM $ 
gem. a.^. UfKg, f^laa^ verf^mi^t, fcin$ 
m. -ness, «. l.bieMnflli4feit, ®ef4i(rU(b* 
Hiti %fig. bie ^ft> e«lanMt 

ArtMt'ic ^rtMt'lc^l, adj. Med. 1. artbri^ 
tif<b/ gi4tif4l a. }it ben (Selenfen ge(5rig. 

^rtfcrft^s, s. Med. bie (Slieberfrasf (eit, (Bi<bt 

Ir'tAvr, #. Xrttttt (!Dt-n). 

Ir'tichoke, s. Bot. bie YrtiModfe, Qrbr^odfe 9 
Jenualem — , bie Scnifalem'd T, eine Ittt 
€5onnenbI«me, beren JtnoIIen bie drbbirnen 
llnbj wild— , bie aXarienbifhl. 

Xr'tfc, adj. cor. ft Arctic. 

Ir'tide, s. l.berVrtifel, X^eil, ^unft, bad 
Bt&^i lit. it fig. ber einselne (Segenflanbi 
a bie 9ebittgung) 3. Bot. bad O^lieb) 4. 
Gram, ber Ifrtifel , bad ®ef<b(e4tdmort ^ 
Corns. 5. ber fi^aarenartifel i 6. ber ^oftcn 
(im®tt4^alten); 8le<bnnngdartife(. 

To Ir'tjcle, v. I. a. 1. artileldmeife abfafTen* 
(tnXrtifel, f>ttRfte) eittt^eilen^ a. (|)iinft 
far f)imf t) barlegeO; portragen (S^atfa^en) i 
f(brtftli<b berflagen) 3. unter contractiicben 
Sebittgnngett binben (—to, aR...)^ H- »• 
(cotttraetii^) fibereiRfommett, bebiRgen^ Se- 
biRgungen ma^en, Cerglei^bttRgdpRRfte auf* 

^rtrc'filfr. I* odj. Anat. bie ®(ieber URb <9c« 
leHfe betreffenb , Olieber* j n. — ly , adv. 
Gram, artihilirt^ T^^^eRrndfig andgefproiben. 

^rtfc'RI^te, I. adj. ; IL — ly, adv. 1. artiht* 
lirt, beRtIi<b/ beme^mlitbl a. artifeimtife 
andgebrii(ft$ abget^eilti 3. Anat. Oiiicber 
Ob. (SeleRfe betrefeRb, gegliebert; 4. Bot. 
gegliebert/ fRotig^ III. —ness, s. bie ISer« 
Re$mbarfeit, 2)eRtli49eit 

To Artie'ftlftte, v, I. a. 1. auf ciRC bcme^mliibe 
Vrt andfpre^eR, artitalireR) a. Anat. iu- 




ftsnaffigcs/ artifttlimi j n. n. uutliif, ^tt* 

^rticflka'tiony #. 1. ilnaf. Me ®cl€nh»erMn> 
btttg, itiio4»enffidiin0i 2. Bot. UxJtnDtcn, 
ba6 ®elenf, (B&et4 Grams. 8. bie (bcut< 
lt4e) Xttdfprai^, ZxifMathm 4.ber3Rit« 

Mi'fice, #. 1. (te(»er4i(fit«fdt, ^STuttfl $ 2. bie 
ttfiifk, ^intetUft, ber Jhrnflgriff. 

Artier, s, 1. ber MnfUer^ j>aitb»erfer, 
tBcrtadfler j 2. Afi^. berSenenDnd^erj 9.fig. 
ber erfinbtr, etffter,* (0tanfe>) e^oieber. 

Artifi'eifl [— fitsh — ], I. actf.; H. — ly, adv. 
I. gen. t6nftix^i 2 eema^t, iiad^gemactft^ 
fg. tes^lerifit, erfftnflelt} 8. fnnflrei*, 
^xaxti^i 4. It^g, 9erf(i^Ia0en4 5. angebant, 
ttiftt ct]i|ciiiiif4 (9* <Semd(^fen)) comp. 
— iajr, iist ber ffinfUt^eSkid (bon 240t.)) 
66091. A Afatft. —lines, fenftli^e (Qbtt^ 
ftrvctioit^) SiQien j—niuDbers, ^gartt^mem 
-penou. Law, mi)fltMe ^erfonen^ IH. 
-BeM,{.b. f.®. 

irt|fifeiaity[-ah.h-l *. LWeMttfllidHeit, 
itimllfertidMti 2.bte ^ift, eerf^laden^eit 

irtiU'd^Is, #. p(. itsRfl^robttcte. 

Irtifirdoas, adj. ffinfUi^/ nac^gema^t 

To li^Qlize, V. a. <StiDaft ben ^nft^ein ber 

ArtilVy* *• We Xrtiirerfe j bo* ©ef^fi^wefen^ 
OeMfiO' <»^- (ob.-nen) bie :2(rtilleriflen, 

li^tif^a, #. beritinftleri ^aitbn>er!er. [bige. 

Irt'itt,^. l.berMnfUer) 2.berituttfh>erfi4n' 

iltifM^ L a<b'. ; n. ~ly» adv. 1. hmjuio*, viu 
gdanflelt/ Mtktli^i 2. fURfhoibrig^ ge* 

bie itxnfHofiafdf ) 2. bie (nat^rUil^) :!(uf« 
ti^dgfeit. [girMnter. 

Ai'tiBd^l sn, «. ba* &)I ber moluffCf^en 9)nr« 

^Tftadifti'ceont, odj. Don Sto^r, 9to(r»5 ro(r> 

.Ob. f^aWttli^. 

ir^adiii'aoas, a<^*. mit 0to(r ob. e<(t(f be« 
n^\t9L, noOer Oto^r ob.*€$4{If/ Milfid. 

ir'z^i, ^. Man. etn4)ferb/ bad ouf bem re^ten 

J^xatttfa^ etnen meifen ^etf (at. 

A|, o9ii;. Aodo. 1. att/mte^ fo, fo »(e, eben 
^$ fb fenn —per, Ctm. laut: §• ©. — p«r 
bUi of faidiii&Iaiit^ra^tlbrief I — yet^no^j 
Wiic^t, Won 5 —this day, (eute^ —what, 
Ilia, »«* ? — big agftiD, no^ einmal fo grof 9 
— veil— , fo0at,all) fo»o({/attatt4) —toft 
— ..., fo met4M»ie...) —far—, bi*4 (— )rieh 
- be M, ret4 »te er i^, fo reulft er au(!^ ifl; 
•for, —to, naft betrifft, tiiSe)ttdattf$ to 
•ored — to weep, fo beoegt, baf matt weinenl 
ssf 9 2. aU, bn, n»ie^ viA^renb) toenn^ »eil5 

al* ob (iittlttt»ta|fttn0 opn H)^ lucb— , (jnii 
foIgettbemlBerbuin ob. a»4 mit SBegkifrniid 
befelbenX/ ber mel^er/ bie wel^e^ foI4e 
xiAxvui %m, ®eifptel) -regards, »a*be» 
trifft} — yottwcre! Altt. (bei ben ?)re»fett) 
Orif )ttdl<!! 0id ben ^rrei4^ern) (^erfteSt 
en^l — I hope, fo loa^r i4 (off<9 vbea- 
he knew. £c, ba er bod^ mnfte, K.9 — i^ 
were, glei^fam^ foiufagen. 

As, 8. bo* ICft (r^nu (^tnxi^t u. SX&nse). 

is^fojffidv, As^fSt'idf, J. FKarm. ber fltn- 
fenbe iCfanb^ bie Xfaf^tiba/ rmlg. ber Sen* 


Asfr^itc'c^ «. BoU bie {)afet»ttr2. 

^^bfo'tfae, adj. adbeftartig, nnoerbrenttUA. 

A^b^s'tiDlte, 9. Min, ber YibefUttit; a£be|l> 
artiae Gtra^lfiein. 

J^U^tffh ^Mbes'tvs, ^f b^flt', «. Min. ber Y*« 
befi/ 9ergf[a<(*/ Gteinfla^*/ ba* S^benoeif. 

Xicflo'nj^ (co/. ^uidUljpn), s. Bot. e^nitt" 
(an4^ vid. Scallion. 

^scilr'jdes, s. pL ZooL Y*faribett. 

^Lscaonce', 4'caiint', adv, vid. Askance, kc. 

To 4»c£nd', V. I. n. 1. auftedrt*fteigett/ ((inM 
anffieigen, ge^en, ob. fa^ren i 2. fig, —to, er« 
rei^en^ (inaufrei^en^gcienbi*...) 8.^4^1^^ 
Bot. anf^gen? 4. Mvs. fteigen) II. a. (in« 
aufHettern, erfWgen, befleigen i Ast-s. a— iog 
node, ber anffleigenbe ^oten) a-ingsign, 
ba*attffieigettbe3ei<lftett| a— iBgplane,Afee^ 
eine anffteigenbe ^bene^ a-ingyessels, Anat. 
bie attfjtetgenben (Skfdf e. 

^scSnd'^le, adj. erfteiabar, erfleigli^. 

^cSnd'^t, I. s. 1. bteuberlegen^ett, ^mtUt, 
berSin^nf^ 2. Attrol. ber 7(*cenbent (ber 
in ber ©ebnrtlfiunbe anfge^nbe ^nft ber 
Wtptif); n.a47.1.ilberIegett;&bertoiegenb4 
2. Astrol. auffteigenb, iiber bem f^or^onte 
beflttblut. [toie. 

^sc^n'dfnts, IBer»attbte in anffteigenber 

^c^n'd^ncy, s. bie &berlegen(eit, Dbergewalt, 
ba* aberge»i*t, ber einfluf (— over, ilber). 

^scea'sioD, s. 1* ba* QCttffteigen/ bie l(ttffa(rt4 
ba*Xttffleigenbe) 2.^<.ba*Xnffleigeneine* 
®eflim*, bie Xfcenfion; Rel-s. the — of 
Christ, bie ^immelfa^rt Cf^rifK ^ - day, ber 

/Lscj^n'sion^, adj. 1. attffleigenb$ 2. Ast-s. in 
ber Kfcenfloni — diflference, ber Unterf(*ieb 
in ber geraben nnb ft^iefen QCuffieigung. 

^scSot', s.* (j>tn')^ttf|teigen, )(nfge(en ; 
bie Tfnffa^rtj 2. bie Gr^d^ung) 8. bie TCR' 
ii^ht, ber ^itgel. 

To Ascertain', v. a. 1. att*mitteln, ge»if ma« 
4en, feftfe^en, beftimmen^ in 9ti<ftttgfeit 
bringenj 2.oerge»i|fem,fiber|eiigett4» 




(Attpten, befrdftfgctt) bart^un; to -a ba 
lance. Com. etnen Galbo t>crg(d<beii. 

A«cfrtain'%ble, adj. bcflunmbor. 

iic^rtii'n^r, s. bet Sef^fe^eRbe, IBefHmmenbc, 

Aac^rain'rafiit, t, 1. Mc S^f^Vit^/ ®efKin* 
mung) 2. bie Abcrseudung, SerdmifTenind 5 
8. bie fcfle 9tcgcl, fRi<btf(bnttr, ff orm. 

Aicessancy, Aaoessant, md* Aceuency, Ac. 

^scet'ic, hadj. afcettf(b/bcfibaun<b) —book*, 
(ascetics), pi. 7Cnba^t$bfi(ber, (Stbauund^^ 

Jcbriftcnj ll. *. bcr ^fcetifcr, Ginfleblcr. 

A8'ci9nft[ilsh'-i-^nfl], As'cjT, s, pi. Ast. bie ttn« 
f(battidcn Ob. fd^attcntofen Solfer. 

^ici'tSf, s, Med. bie f8au(bmafrerfu<bt. 

Aidrt'jc, Aftctt'lc^l, adj. bou^toafTcrril^tid. 

Ascitr'tiooK, adj. 1. (iltiugct^an^ 2. 2ufdIIiS5 
an — name, ein angenommenet 9?ame. 

^crl'b^ble, crdj. jufcbrcibbor, jujuWrciben, 

To Ascrtbe', v, a. (—to) sttf*rcibcn, bcilegeri; 
bdmefTen (6inem atmoft). [JBcilcgund. 

Ascrrp'tion, s, ba$ 3ttf4reibcn, Scimeffcn, bie 

Aicripti'tious, adj. jugcWriebcn. 

Asb, l.«. 1. /?oe.bic@f(bej$@r4enM 
(bie »cn bicfem 4)oI| wrfertigte fiBaarc wirb 
im^ttnbcl Tunbridge ware gcnannt)^ 3.bcr 
€54Ktft5 comp'S flowftring— , bic ©lumens 
efibej inoantam— bie SSogcibccrej prickly—, 
ber3obnnebbQuin5 n. «(f;. efiben) bie^ftbe 
betrcffcttb J III. comp, — balb, s. pi. ^Wcn= 
ftigcln (sum «Baf<bcn beft ^ciuenjeuficS) 5 -co 
lour , baft Xftbsrau, bie Tfftbfarbe ^ '- co- 
loured, oWgrou, oWpftrbigj —drawer, 
Min. ber TCficuiicbcr, XurmoHn^ —fire, 
Chcm. baft gcbdm^jftc Scuer, baft 7ff*cn» ob, 
6aabbab5 —hole, baftXftbcnlocbi —keys, 
s. pi. bie @f<bbattmM(4en ) — pan, baft 
ICffteufaP; bie eifcmc tMmpftjfanne^ — pit, 
baft 7(f(benIo(b; bie TfWcngrubci — tree, ber 
CSf^bcnbaum, bie i&^i^i —Wednesday, bie 
3[f(bermittmo<be$ —weed, Bot. ber (Skit* 
fuf, (Sicrft. 

^shxmed', adj. M f^dmenb; beftbdmt) to 
be— (oO* M W4men(6ineft ob. einer 0ad^e) 

^sliJl'm^dly, adv. f<bam^ft, ©erftbdrat. [ic. 

i^ih^f , adv. Mar. auf eincr ©anbbanf, Stliv^t, 

ish'^n, adj. cfcben, bott (Sf(benbol|. 

AshVy. s. r.bie^ottaf*enfabrif. 

A«h'«^, s. pi. 1. lit. bie Kf*ej to bum to -, 
in eiRettlcpbenbonfeit oenoanbeln, eindWem^ 
laid In-, ei«gedf(bert^ 2. fig. bielff<be,ber 
etaab, bie fterbliibcn flberrefle. 

Ash'l?ir, .f. (Dr. J., C, Sm.) ber ©ru<b|lein. 

AsbV, *. (Sm,) J»liM.bereo(fel(:Cbfa^ einer 

^fWauer mit Iluaberfteinen). 

AiMfrTne, I. p. s. Mas. baft Sinmauerfl ber 

eodPelfleiRe^ n. s. Carp, bie (etifen bet) 
©erf(balu}t9 (unter bem iDacbe). 

Ashore', ad d. an'ft Uf^, an'ft Sanb^ am Ufin; 
am^nbej to get-, (att)lattbenj an'ft^tt^ 
bringen^ to go — , an'ft ^nb fieigen^ to mn 
a ship — , ein 0(biff auf ben ©tranb fe^en, 

^flranbcnj a ship—, ein geftranbeteft Gibtff. 

AshV* adj. 1. ar<btd4 2. afd^farben, af^gran^ 
—pale, af^enbiei^/ GH<ben) blaf. 

Asia[a'-sbf-9, col. ft'-zh^], s. Geog. TfRen^ 
—minor, itieinafien. 

4:A'8|»n [ii'shl^n], adj. afiotif*. 

Asiatic [a-^hi-Sf-ik] , I. adj. aftati^j TL. s. 
ber 3f fiate. 

Asiaticism[S-shi4t'-i-8rzm], s. bieS^a^abmtmg 
afiatiMer eitten. 

^sfde', I. adv. 1. feitiodrtft) abn»drtft$ 2. beC 
0eite, auf bie 0eite; befonberft, fdrfubl to 
lay (net) — , lit. kfig. bef ©eite Icgen, fetenj 
aufgeben^ Law, annuUiren^ IT. #. Ttieat. 
an — , ein ©eifeite, waft ein 0^itfp:eler fftt 

^P* fpri(bt. ftarig i 2. fig. efet^aft 

As'jn^ry, As'jaTne, adj. 1. ju cinem 6fel ge« 

isjns'go, *. 1. ber (fitini} (Sfel? 2. cor. fig. 
ber efeltrciber J 3. fig. ber Sropf, tDumm* 

Ask, *. 1. Bot. ber (5f(benbaum, t)i<f. A«h; 
2. Zoof. bieOaffenibecbfe, vid. Asker. 

To Ask, V. I. a. 1. fragcnj 2. bitten i 8. fbr» 
bern, begebrcn, cerlangenj 4. erforbernj 5. 
cinlabcnj to — leave, anfu^en, mn ^anb' 
nif bitten 5 to — one*s pardon, Semanb nm 
©er;eibung bitten 4 to — a price of ... , einen 
f>rcift »on ... forbem^ to — (back) a|ain, 
}urtic(i>erlandenj to — In, btreinrufett; b^t* 
einndtbigen j II. n. 1. hitten (gem. mit for) 4 
2. fragen (gew. after); to — for (after) 
a thing, na4 <3tn)aft ^agen, fitb bama^ 

Askance', ^Lskanf, a<fo. bet&uere, <)tter, fdbfef, 
idber^wer^/ feitwdrtft; oon ber &titt. 

^skannce', jjLskaunt', vid. b. H. Askance, Ac. 

Ask'^r, s. 1. ber^ragenbe, k.) 2. Zoo/, bie 
fiBa{rereibe<bfe. [(au4 com.} 

Aske«', adv. bon ber ^Hit, feitwdrtft, f(bief 

^sli'ni, #. Num. 9iamt ber nuT)ertdnbtf<!ben 
S5»entbaler in ber Sebante. 

^slaat', adv. fftief, quer, bon ber ©eite. 

^sicsp', adv. f^Ia^nb, im ®4(<ife$ fig. tolbti 
to be (lie)—, f<blafen4 to fall—, e{nf<blafen{ 
my foot is — , ber guf ift mtr eingeftblafett. 

^sl&pe', adv. fd^Uf, im TCbbaage^ abf(biif|lg. 

Asl/mflitous, adj. UttFdrperliib' 

Asp, s. 1. Bot. (—tree), bieSfte; vfd. Appen ; 
2. Zool. bie 9?atter, vid. Aspic. 

^LspXMiils, s. Bot. 1. bie Scricborofe (t?f\£ 




wdtx Rote) ; 2. brr dt^oMFnrbom, btl 9tc» 

^ipir'9gin, #. Cbfm. bad OTdparagin, ber 

^k^M^veua, J. bcre^^trgcM -tongues, s, pL 

JbU eparsclgangc. 

A«'pfct, #. 1. bcr 7(nbli(f; bod Knfc^cn^ 2. bie 
ecfii^tftsiigc, b«e &cMt, ttt tblidi 8. bie 
atii^tund, :2(nfiii^t, ecitei 4« bie IBeMc^ung, 
bo^Scr^aitnipj 5. il«(. bieOCfpccteii) nortb- 
era— , bcr f^orbf^ein) dooble— , Paint. 
bteDoppcIaniubt etntt %i%nx, bie perfdftiebcne 
9cgciifldnbe barflcnt. 

Vpfo, I. «• (—tree) bieSfpe, bet Sfpenboam, 
btc3itttrpappel, fficifpappei) 11. adj. efpen, 

you Hfpckt^olii — leaves, (Sfpettlanb. 

.Wper. *. 1. Amjii. ber Xfpcr (tfirf. ©ilber* 
innie p. nndcf. 2 ^f.) j 2. Gram, ber 9pi* 
tints ofpcr[*]. 

To As'p^riite, v. a. tan( (uncbcn) ma^en. 

AspfT&'tioB, 4, bad 0lau^* ob. Unebenmad^en. 

iiipfrjfil'IIIte, Isp^fo'UoBs, a€(;« Bet, rau^^ 

^apft^ty, #. 1. bie Stantigfeit, Otau^^eitf 
(bcfsL bcr etimme), ^eifcrfclti 2.^g. bod 
rtibc- SScrcn , bi^fRo^^cit, f^drte^ 3. bie 
B^ixfc, ber fanre^ ^cnge (9ef4nia<lt. 

Aip^Bi'iion, «. bicf>iiitanfe^ttng^ (Bera^tnng. 

ii^pfrow, <u(7« rao(/ uneben. 

To fiiiMne', V, a. (bea gutcn flUuf) bejledfen, 
b(f<bmi^cti/ perleuittbcn. 

.UfMEr's^r, x. bcr Ccrlctimber. 

^^lef'sioB, 4. 1. bie Oefprcngnng (bef. Rom. 
Cocfc. mit ttci^wafTer)) 2. fig. bieSerienm* 
bn§, e^n^ftung^ (@^rcQ«) S^cfleifung. 

Afphalt, #• vid* Aspbaltot, Aspbaltum. 

AiphSI'tjc /kspbSKme, a<(7. afp^altiM, erb* 

pccbtgu erb^arjig* 
AsphiFtos, .jisptkaCtVin, «. Min. ber TCfp^alt, 

bad {ii|U»fi0C (Stbpe^, Ratfirli(be (Srb^ar^; 

SobcB^ Ob. ®er0pc4. 
As'plipiU^l, X. Bot. bie ^otbmitr)/ Vffobiacj 


^•phi'reliKtes, ^. pi, Min, ^atbmctaUt, 
Aipbfit'y, (^sphjx'if), J. Med. ber ^W)le 

Ortb bcr S^^nmadftt, CS^eintob. 
itf'pfc «• 1. Zool. bie Scatter, 9{attcrf4^Iattde i 

9. <r«/i. ctae Jtanone (l2pf(iRber) ) 3. Bot. 

bie^pifdiatbe) 4. (oil of—) bad ^aoenbelol. 
L'pfii, s. A adj. vid. Atpen. 
i^nuu '• bcr Ydpiraitt/ ®emerber (urn ein 

Xst^ sc.) j iibcr^. ber na^ (Stwad Sra^tenbe. 
ToA/pfrate, Gram. v. T. a. afpirirtren^ H. 

B. afii>irirt fciit, ben ^attdi^ ^abetu 
IVpir^te, (^rom. I. adj. afpirtrt j n. s. 1. ber 

epiritud afpcr CH 2. bie QCfpirate^ ber 


Ispjrl'tion, «. 1. Gram, bie VDi>iration) t. 

bad etreben^ deftige Serlangea (bef. na4 

bem j)d(eren). 
To ^tpW, o. fi. 1. U<. anblafen/ an^att^eii) 

2. .%• ftreben, ^eftig berlangeu/ tra^ten 

(— to, at, after, nai<St»ad)) emporftreben 
AipiV^r, J. ber (OtoporO ©trebenbe, ic. 
^spiVjog, I. p. a. 1. auffbrebenb/ emporflre* 

benb, flrebfam^ 2. (piw. imottebeln einne) 

do4fatlreiib,groMneriMi — pnmp, HydroU 

bie esattgpnmpe) U. s. bcr iS^rgeis, bad e^r* 
^gciiige etrcben (to ... , na^ •••)- 
Ispprta'tioii, #• Law, bad flBcgtragen (ge« 

fio^lner eMftn)i ®egtreibeit (gcfto^liieB 


.Asquint', adv.f^ief^f^ecli to look—, fd^ielcR. 
Iss, «. 1. ber iSfeU 2* fis» berSDummfopf ^ 

she — , bieCfelinnj —driver, ber (S-treiber 

— locks, Gpannfi^idfrer fHx €fcl. 
4Lssili', (itaL) adv. Mus. fe^r. 
To ^LisiiK, V. a. anfanen, angrcifen^ beftilr' 

men, berennenj Jig' bebrdngen, k. 
Assail'^ble, adj. angreifbar. 
^ssSi'l^nt, adj. onfUienb, angreifenb. 
^ss|i'l9nt, ^Bfti'l^r, «. ber QCttgreifer; ongrei^ 
^fenbe Zf^dl 
Ass^pan'ic #. (inbianif^) Zool. bad (ameri* 

fanif^e) piiegenbe <5i^()5m4cn. 
Assarabac, s. tnd. Asarabacca. 
^ssart', 8, Law, 1. btc unerlanbte TCudrottnng 

bcrSdume, ber gorfifrepeU 2. ein entwnr* 

)riter Sanm) 3. bad dlobelanb. 
To ^ssart', v. a. Law, bie Sditme im flBalbf 

o^ne Srlaubnif androtten, androben. 
Assas'sjn, j. ber ^en^elmdrber. 

To ^ssXs'sfnSte, v. a. meu^elmdrbcrifd^ nm* 
bringen, men^Iingd crmorben. 

^sssUa|nii'tion, s. ber ^eu^elmorb. 

^8sas's}njit9r, s. ber ^eu^elmdrber. 

^es4olt', s. 1. berOCngriff, Onfall) bie 9efidr» 
nntng,beretnmi$ 2. Law, bie ^etcibigung 
bur^ TCnbro^ung t^dtU^er !S{if (anblmig. 

To ^knXtf, v.a, angreifen, oafaaen^beflilmien. 

AssAolt^fble, adj. angreifbar. 

^Bsiul't^r, s. ber TCngreifer, IBeleibigcr. 

Assay', s. 1. ber«erpi(», bic^robei 2. bie 
(f*»ere) ^rfifnng^ 3. Law, bie Unterfn* 
*ung, ^rilfung (bed dffentU SRaf ed nnb ©€• 
mi(dted)$ 4.Metal-s.ttmnts.tit^ttaU» 
prober — bycoppeling, bie ^obe anf bem 
^robtrofen^ mark of—, bad |>robeiei4en 
(auf 0ilber»aaren)4 —balance or— scale, 
bie ^robirn>age4 —master, ber SRfininarbeia. 

To 4issay', o. a. !• «erfu4ett$ 2.fig.kChem. 
prfifen, probiren; 3. Mint ft Oiem, ben 
»ertd bcr SKdnjctt befUmmen, warbirenj t* 




— tihrer, €^tI(crproMrait to — by coppd- 

ias* abtrriben (®o(b; Bitbet). 
Am&>V> *. ber f)robirer, SXibtimartein. 
^iy^ins* P* «• 1. UxfSixfaii 2. Afcto/. ba9 

|)robtrett$ art of—, bie ^robirfonfl) 8. 
^Mui. baft Sorfpiel. [Idt, itde4erd. 

AMf cti'tioB, f . bie ^ttftoartsng, S>ienfhoiOtg« 
AM^tion, 1. bte (Srloagiing. 
AMelaniy «• vuf. A«laaL 
^^m'blf^^ «• 1. bie 6animlini8/ ber{)aa» 

fen) 9. baft eerfammeUi^ bie eerdnigimd. 
To Aw^iBl>le» V. L 0. fonmeUt/ oerfommcbt ^ 

ivfURmenberiifisni iufammeniUben) II. a. 

fUb verfammebi, iufammeithiiimciu 
^LiiiSiii'blfr, 1. bet (Berfammler. 
^u^m^ly, s. l.gen.bieSfrfQsnmtttngj (9(* 

feaftbaft) 9. Am. (honte of—) ber (Soargref; 

bie (Repr2fenta]iteii«^ammer, 6taatft4Ser« 

fammlttttgi 3.badb0<b^dofHi(be®eri4tin 

e^ottlanb) 4. Mil. baft Srommelfldnal ium 

Xbbreiben beft Sagerft, bie IBergattenm^) 

riotom — , bie dttfammenrottttitg^ ber tumuU 

tnorif^e TCuflauf) —room, ber SerTamnu 

lungftfaali baft ®efeaf4a^)immer. 
^Min^t s. bie (Sixiwiaidimg, Oenebmigand; 

To ^ueat', v. n. beipjli^ten, beifhnraien, (—to, 
^in ($tmaft) einwilttden, denebmigen. 
Aaif nti'tioB, #. bie SeifUmatmifl auft 6<bmei» 

^elei Ob. BtrfUUun^, baft flte^tgcben. 
Autn'tf r, «. ber SeifHmmeitbe^ k. 
^s8<$n'tjBgly, adv. beifUnunenb/ ein»inidenb, 
To ^Lwerf, r. a. 1. gen. bebaupten$ 8. (»or 

<Beri(bt) auftfagen, befrdftigen^ bejabeii5 8. 

(ein 0te(bt) anfprecben. 
^LMer'tion, «. 1. gen. bieOebauptttttg) 2. bie 

Seiabnngi 3. bieXuftfage ber deugen bor 

QktH^ti 4. bie bebanptete {Keisung^ baft 

^e/t|ve, I. adj. ittberMtli*, UfUmmt, 

pere»ptorif(b/ bogmatifd^} n. -ly, adv, 


Aiscr't^r, s. ber©ebaupter, «erfe*ter. [oQ. 
As's^tpry, adj. beiabenb^beboitptenb C|uto. mit 
To Au^u'. ». tf. 1. feflfebett, befWmmen j 2. be* 

fibaben, befteuemi W^tn, tanren. 
^^i^ble, adi. Mabbar, ftenerbar. 
^si^i'iipn^ry, adj. beiflbenb. 
AuSM'm^nt , #• 1. bie Seftenemng i 2. bie 

etever^ 3. bie Kbftbibsng, e<bibuiiS9 baft 
^eftfebea (einer Qtntfdj^dbigtmg). 
^Mj(t/t9r, s. l.ber©eifiber;7()fe|for4 2. ber 

Af's^u, s. pi. 1. Low, ber 92a(blaf (eineftCer* 
florbenen bmldngli<b sur SDetfung ber e<bttl' 
betOi 2. Cm. bieOitter ob. berSennfigenft' 

befhmb eineft goQiteii/ bie SXaffc) KctUM 
(vui.ActiTe property); —and debts, 1Ctti9« 
imb 9)affib«e<bvlben. 

To ^Lu^v'^r, To J^M^y'^rU^ v. a. feierlicb 
berMem, (eib(i<b) erbirten. 

^^v^rft'tioB, s. bie fderU<be ©erMemiig, 
©etbeserung, (eibli^e) (SrbArtitng. 

Ittid&'jty, i.bie toftgleit^ttiioerbroffencXbi' 
nqUit, ber (aiibaltettbe)Sleifi aMldoitiei, 
pi. bebarrli<b< ^nfinerffamfeU (gegea ^tv 
foneit)) (imil. GS.) unabldfflge 3ubringli4« 
Mt, dtac^fhOimgen. 

^LB^d'voai, I. adj.; IT. — iy, ado. emflg^ ]in« 
berbroffen, nnabldffig/ onbattenb ob. ouft^ 
bauemb fteifig) m.— aeM, #. ber a]ib<>I^be 
Qleif^ bie UnberbrofTenbeit. 

To ^ttign' [^•-•Tb'], v.o. 1. beflimmen/ fefl« 
febens 2.emenneii;befie1len$ 3.angebeii(— « 
reaaoB, etnend^mitb)) Law-s. 4. afftgftiren, 
dbertragen, (&ont«) cebiren^ 5. na^wetfeii, 
bartbnn- [Guratorett^ vid. Assignee. 

^srifga', s. ber ®eboIImd<btigte$ ge». pi. a-«, 

^sriga'able [M-^Ta'-^bH] , adv. befUnuttbar $ 

janittiocifen, fibertragbar. 

As'sjgnat, s. mod. baft7C0gnat^ f)apiergelb« 

^(mebr im pi. ilbli(b) Yfligitateii. 

Assigai^tioB, #. pi. 1. bie ©eflelliutg (on einen 
t>tt), baft eteUbiibein) 2. bie ©ettimmang^ 
Vngabe^ 3. bie QCfRgaation, Xmoeifimg. 

AssjgB««'[Rs-sj-De'], #. Law, berOeboOmdib* 
tigte, ^ntoait, Xgent, Gorator (curator 
massae); (SefRonar) a-sofabankropt, bie 
Gttratoren ber CDtaRe (eineft gfaBtteii)^ cura- 
tores bonorum. 

^Tga'^r [-sSb— 1 (IssjgnoW [— s|a — ], opp. 
assignee), f. 1. ber Tdikoeifer; Xbtreter einer 
€$(butb, K.4 2. Law, ber Qebent 

^sdga'mf at [— siB— ], j. 1. bieSefHmnittiig) 
2. Law, bie Yffignation) flbertragung) (Sefs 
fion5 S)elegation4 f^riftlitbelCmoeifttiig) (Sef* 
fionft*Urfttnbe) 3. Com. ber traflirteflBe<bfel, 
bie Xratte, Xbgabe$ boyer of the — , ber 

i^ssMl^ble, adj. M afRmiliren (dbnlub ma? 
(ben) (afTenb, afflmilirbar. 

To ^s^m'jtftte, v. I. a. aflimiliren : 1. glei<b« 
ma(ben, oerd(nli(ben{ 2. oergleiiben) (—to, 
.... mit) 4 3. Pliysiol. ben92abmngftftof «>er^ 
arbetten^ U. n. I. (i^ arfimiliren/ gleiib ner^ 
ben/ M bereinigen^ 2. Physiol. M nuft 
0peife in S^abrungftroft oenoanbeln^ ndb^en. 

^Lssim'iifiten^ss^ s, bie if^nUdfUit 

^Lsidfrnila'tlon, «. I.baft©erdbnli4>tn>erben9 bit 
eerdbnlitbnng/ ®Iei4ma4nttg9 2. Physiol* 
bie YfUmilatiott (Yneignnng ber S^dbnndft- 




Amim, AssUeTy «. vid AMize, Attiier. 

To .^tnBif, V. I. a. beifte^eii/ ^clfra (dlnem) $ 
IL R. (e(feQ5 bctioo^nen, babei fern (mit at)< 

^UsSi'tfBce , f. 1. btr Oeifhinb, Me ^ftlfc} 
S. bie 9ri»o4mmg. 

^Ba^tfuU I. #. 1. brr Wf^t, (Se^fe, eci- 
ftaab$ Cbni>ebiatt) Sanntlne$ a.bcr9edlci' 
ter, ICaiDcfenbe) 3. ber Xmt^denof 4 n. <i4;. 
be^Iftt4, bafie^enb^ comp. j>urfi^^ <»u 
— engmeery —sargeon, Ac); — ftldemwD, 

^Liri^tfr, #. ber ®e(ftlfc4 ^elfer. 

^iriBM^t, adj 6itlfloft,bctflonbd(od. 

^ifiEc'y ^ufzfM, «. sing, k pi. bic Yf{lfe(tt) : 
1. bic Geffloii, 6ffentU4( Oeridtsfi^itng, ba6 
Script, eaabgm^ti a. baft (Sefibwcnienge* 
n^it; 3. ber Qen^tttadl taabtag^ 4. bie 
ecroibiitt]tg4Zoxorbnimd;Xaxe5 rents of-, 
vaverdaberlitbe 0ttnteii ber 9i^<if<itfr«t ttnb 
(altera) Stbnftbefi^r. 

To Aflttze', V. a. ^reU^ !)Raf It. (S(en>t<bt obrig* 
feitti^ befHmmen^ tojcircn, abfuflxren. 

Aio'zfr* #. ber SRirftmetfhr/ ^Dtarftvo^t 

^Mi^, #. 5c. Zow, ber <9e{<b»onie. 

.Wbke, oeff. 9Ui4 efaiem (S^tl, efel^aft. 

AMo'c|9ble [— oh)—]' ^i- 1* t^ereinbar) ge* 
^9 j 9. Med. empf^gn^; empftnbH^. 

To ^Mo'ciite, r. L a. 1. iugifelEen/ berbtoben 5 
2.begleiten, (BcfeSf^aft Uiflen^ 3. freunb* 
f(Mf^ avfhe^meii^ n. n. fl<b etnem ob. 
dner 6a(te sngefeOen, oerbinbeii. 

|M</449te» T. J. l.ber Gefi^rte, O^efeOr^after, 
V^GSjuf^VBOx, ®e(^fe, Ymtftgenof, SunbeS^ 
9eief$ 4>^nbettse]u>f{ S. ber^nitf^ulbifie^ 
royal a-o, Mitiglt^^ CStipenbiafcn) n. 01(7. 
la^eTeSt, oerbunben, Derbfinbetj — powen, 
bie cerbunbeten !DU[4te. 

^Mdcfs'tioii, s. 1. bieSSetbtttbung/ fl?eretiit'| 
gio^) St bte S^etlne^mung^ 8. bie (Senof'U 
f(aifl^ft,({>aAbe{ft«)®efeaf<baft) 4. iitiu ber 
^frctitt%ttwx6.xn 5. ber 9eifatf (b. Gtolfen) 4 
—of ideas, /YLbieSbeettverbtabung. 

is'f^B^ace, 1. A/icl. & ibe^ bie Iff oaan). 

A^oonvnt, adh Bhet. k PotU affonireab. 

To JL/a^aSte, f^allea, t^aea (»ic eine 
QHedBe). [offbrtirea. 

To AaaSit', o. a. attftfud^ea^ sufhaunea orbaea, 

AMdrt^Bt, J. baft Gortirea^ — of goodn, 
0>fli. bttft (fl3adr€a«)C(ortimcat. 

To ^■aas^e', o.l. a. milbera. liabera^ befdnf* 
tigcn, flOIea) n. n. aa^loffea/ M miabent/ 
abae^amL [9eflaftidBa05 Ybna^me;2c. 

^anSkiem^^t, 1. bic !Rabenta0, Siaberaag; 

asoii'^cr, M. ber eiaberabe, ^efiafttger. | 

4M«i'fiTe,ail;.mt(berab,naberab;ber<artfdeab. | 

^LaoftWf bio, adj. aaae^ttbar^ oaiaae^mea. 

To ^u&me'» o.l.a. 1. aaaebaiea^fiberae^nuai 
a. ooraaftfetea) 3. I9tberre4tlt4 aaaebmea, 
fi<b aamafea^ 4. R(b oaae^mca/ aaf fi^ aa« 
meabea) n. ti. 1. grolti^ua) flDl)^ aaaiafcab 
feia4 2. UnOf fi<b oerbiabtt^ maibea. 

AiaO'ment, $. ber 3itfot (eiaer e^rtft). 

^la&'iB^r, s. ber )(aaiaf eabc, diagebilbete. 

4Luiini'ptit[fs-slB'-o|t], j. Low, bie freiwiStg 
eiagegoageac CerbiabUAfett (etaem )(abera 
dtwaft ia sa^Iea ob. ju lei^a)) action of— « 
eia aaft folibem l^erfi>re<bea eatfh^eaber 

^lafinp'tioB [^i-iun'-abvn], s. 1. bte^aaa^* 
me$ 2. bie ^Camafaagi 8. bie (Boraaftfetaag^ 
Log-s. 4. bQft ^oflalatam j 5. ber SXiaor, 
Uaterfabi - of the Holy Virgin, Ece. 9Xa« 
rid f^immelfa^rt [Doraaftgefebt 

i^Lu&mVtjTe [fi-nW-tlv], odj. aageaoaimen, 

Auu'rftnceC^.ihO'— , fo bie bttboaVbgeleitetea J, 
s. 1. bie 3ttoerfl4t4 gewiJTe Qrrmartaag 
fiber^eaguagi 2. bie^fefligfeit, etaab^afiig* 
hit* baft eelbftbertraaea 4 bie M^abeit, 
9reiaiftt(ig9eit4 3. bie CerMeraag, Sfirg* 
f(baft5 Com. TCffecaraaiCvtif. Insurance); —of 
lands, JCoio, bie coatractU<be ftbergabe ooa 

^Bsf rf nc^ pi. SttR^eraagea. [Sdabercien. 

To ^saftre', v. a. 1. DerMemi 2. Gi^er^eit 
leiflea;,ft<berma<bea; 4.}afi<bera, 
oerfpre^ea (—oO; to— one*sself, oerMert, 
ftberjeagt feia. 

^ssflred', I. p. a.; II. ^sst'rfdly, adv. 1. 
Derfi^ert) 2. ge»if, fiberieagt^ 3. fi(ber, 
anflreitigi 4. aabef^eibea, breifl, ffi^a $ HI. 
^sabVf dness, #. bte Cftemif (eit, tc. 

^satV^r, t. ber eerfl4erer,®iirge 9 QCIfecaraat $ 
(vid. Insurer k Underwriter). 

^ssaWg^nt, adi. BaU bogeafdrmig aaffteigeab. 

To Asswage, Ac, vid. To Assuage, Ac. 

^saf ri>, #. Geo^. TCfT^riea. 

^f rjfin, I. J. ber QCff^rier { IL adj. affi^rif^} 
— plnm, Bot. bie f4»ar}e Oraflbeere. 

is'taclte, la'tf C9llte, «. FtU ber ICflafoUtb, 

Is'teifm, #. Bhtt bie loerftetfte; feiaeSroaie. 

.Wtfr.i.Bot.bie^fler^eterablame^ Zoo/. ber 
eeeflera^ Aft».ber^ttea(eiaeXrtS(oaerbe). 

^sts'rifttf d, adj. flerafftrmig. 

Ast5'r|^ttte, *. Pet. ber uerfleiaerte Ceefhra. 

As'tfrTsk, s, T\p. boft etera4ea[*]4 (c/. 
Reference, marks of—). 

As't^rTfin, s. 1. AsU baft eterabitb, O^eftira^ 
2. baft etera^ea {vid. b. b. Asterisk). 

is'tfrite, #. Mtn. ber 6tera|leta. 

^stem', adv. Mar. l.iai^iatert(ei(e beft eibif' 
feft, ^iatea im e(biffe$ 2. binter bem e4ife. 




Ai'tfrMdf , s, pL mod. Ast. bie XfUroibOL 

AflMoftf^^, «. Med. bte8<^rc t»on brr l(fl(K 

JUtli'na[Sil'-], ^.Afed. bf e Gngbniflifteett, 
ber f4»(re Yt^em, bi$ ICf^ma. 
^tiunfit/jc, A<tbiB&t^c^l» adj. Med. tn^hxi' 

^tthnXf }c, #. bcr (bte) (SngbrufUgc* 

To ^Ktdii'itli, v.a. m(Sr^nnen fe(en,erMre!« 

ftn, beflfir}t ma^cn. 
A«t«ii1alirns, L adj.; U. -Iy» crfo. erflatt> 

ncnb5 erflaunltd^^ III.— neM, ««bie6rflaita« 

n^Mt^ ba» fiBanberbare. [snag 

^st5ii'ishiiif ot, s. baft etfbittiien/ bie S^eftitr^ 
To ^tdAnd', v, I. a. vid. To Attonith ; II. n 

SeMiibing uruxM^i betduben. 
Xitr^Xn', «. ft adj. Geog. Ttftra^an) aftra^tt' 

nifii^ Com.— Iiir, — liiBibHikini, Sarttshn, 
' a-e ^mmfeUCy gem. ^ftrafa»cr genannt. 

ttrSddle', odv.fptnrbeinig^rettenb, rittlingft. 
'tr^g&l, «. 1. ilreli. ber ftcif; Oting, (0tiiiib') 
etabi 2.<?un.ber0tiR0,9tetf<ut<3(ef4tt^ettj 

8. AnaU bd9 e|vntngbetR| 4. Bot. ber 
Soddbom. [artig, geftimtj 6terB«. 

i^r^l, adj. )tt benetemen ge^drig? fterss 
A«trs>', iidv. oom re^tett iSege ab, trre) to 

lead — , lit. kfig, ixxt fujren. 
^•trfc'tlon, s. Med. A Surg. 1. bie dufaouneRe 

)ic(ung; Serftopfung (ber ®eb&nne, ic.)i 

2. baft SBIutftiaen bur4 iufammenite^be 

mtUU a. baft UQterbinben. 
^ftric'tlvc, ^gtrtc't^ry, adj. Med. )ttfamnien« 

lie^enb^ blutftiaenb. 
^stride', adv. fperrbeinlg, rittlingft. 
To i^strTnge', v. a. abjtringiren, sufammett> 

)ie(cn HufammeRprefTen. 
^ttrlb'g^ncy, s, bfe iurammenite^eiibe itraft 

(ppp. relaxation). 
Astrrn'g^nt, adj. Med. abfiringirenb, )Qfam<' 

tnen}ie(enb,(erbe^ —medicines, ob. a-t, pi. 

Sufammetisie^enbe TCrpefmittel. 
i^ttrdg'ttpsy, (Astr^gnu'f f^), «. ^At. bie 6tem* 

bilbcrfunbe, etemtcnntnif. [©temfunbe. 

tttr5g'r9phy, j. Ast bie Gtembef^reibimg, 
■'trftrt, Ai'traite, s. 1. Zoof. eine7(rt9Xa« 
brepore^ bie ©ternforatte^ 2. Min. ber ICfh* 
rit, ©tcrnflein. 
ii'troiabe, s. I. Gfom. ber ©infelmelTer^ 

9. AsU baft Yftn)(abittm^ f>Iantfp^dritim. 
Aftrolocliy, Astrologe, vid. Artstolocby. 
A»trW'9i»r, ber TTHroleg, ©tembeuter. 
Agtr?l«4'ic9l, (A»tr9ldi'|c), I. adj. ; II. -ly. 

adv. aftrclogtW. [beutcn. 

*itrdl'oiy, J. bie Xflrotogie, ©tcrnbeuterei. 

I^BtHhi'onfr, «.^ber ICfiroRom, ©temfiuMAC 
IftrpndB'le^ (AfttrooSa'fc), 1. adj. ; II. -ly, 
ado. ofirononitr^, fiemfiinbig5 — )ear, Va» 
aftrottomif^e Z^ih ©onnen^Sa^r. 
AitrdoVp^y, #. bie Vfhrottomie, ©tcmfuabc. 
AB'tr9scCpe, s. Ast. bad7ffircff&p$ bcrGtcrn- 
f^trSs'c^py, *. Alt. bie Tfflroffopic. [fcgcL 
^latrOae', adj. unter eincm aagifitfiii^ (Scftini 
^geboren^ ungliidlii^- 
As'tro-tASdK^gy. *. bie ^Cftrot^eologic. 
^triit', adv. flrobcnbi anf<d|»n)cacnb,oid. Strot. 
^gto'cjoQii, adj. ^interliftig^ tcrf^iagcn. 
To Astfin', V. a. betdubcn, oid. To Ston. 

Ils'tilte, luO'.Iiflig/MIaui /'f. MarfMtig. 
^Mia'dfr, adv. 1. bcfoRbcrft, abgcfonberti 2. 
aufteiRaaber, eRt3n>ci. 

^•^%m, Asyle', «. (p/. m5'1»)« 1. baftlCfol, 
bie Sreiflatte, bcr3ttPtt<^tftorts 2. baft©pit' 
tel (bef. Cowp.). 

^tivafm^try, s. 1. baft <RifKr(iltRif 5 2. 

^Math. bie llRRtcpbarfcit. 

Atf'yiBptOteC— sim-], s. Math, bie X^iptotc. 

Aiympto'tjc^l [— iim— ], adj. ari)nipfottf(b. 

Agjo'deton, f. Gram, laft 7rfl)RbetoR. 

At, prep, an, in, hci, auf, in, nm, Ra<(, mit, 
ilber, gcgeR^ fix, i^ox, dor, auft, u.i -bomc. 
Stt^aufe) —sea, aufber©cc$ —band, bci 
ber^aRbi —large, mcitldufig, auftfutrli(^$ 
imSrcieR, iRSrci^cit^ — aminatc, auf^ic 
(SReiRer)aXiRRtei — length, cRbU^j -last, 
lule^t; eRbli4$ —all, gaR} uRb gar, gar> 
buniauft) aufirgenbeiRelScife^ not- all, 
feineftvegftf — a word, mit ciRem SBBorte $ 
the faYoofR I received— your bands, bie lair 
DORS^nra crieigttRtBotit^tCRj —second 
hand» auft ber iibeitcR {>aRb j — least, inm 
SBeRigfteR, bo4 %}nif, o^Re^mcifel; —odds. 
RReiRft Mo be — liberty(leiiare), frci (miipig) 
feiR) I am — tbe charge of It, H muf bie 
JtofteR (batoR) tragCRj —stake, auf bcm 
^piiii -yonr pleasure, n)ie Cftl^^RCR bc« 
Ucbtj to be — law, proccffirCRi to play — 
cards, -chess, —billiards, Ac, Jtartc, 
Bd^ai, SiSiarb, tc. fpicIeR^ have -you! 
RttR foOfl iDtt'ft frifgCR ! warfe ! — a shilling, 
a ponad, baft ^^Rb fiir ctRCR ©Rifling i 
—half, ffirb(e{>dirtcj —a small espenae* 
nm eiR CkriRgeft^ (a gale of) wind — S. E. 
(Sooth East), ©uboflwiRb) men-at-arms. 
beRMffiietc ^eute^ sergeant-at-arms , ^cr 
©tabtr2ger{ Sergeant — law, bcr 0tc4fftgc 
Icjrtei ticCRtiati Barrister - law, ciRXb« 
totat, Xnwalt (bcf. iR ciRcm URterea <?•• 
ri^te)! Doctor— law, eia!Doctorbcr9tc<!|»te. 

ItWU «. bie iteffeltrommel (bcraXaurcn)ft 




it^IXntftf, s. theiilaad of—, e^loXdffta* 

lost [(9e«tt(«nite. 

At'yrSzy, it^riix'i^ s, Fh. hit eeelenni^, 
It'fzy, #. Med. bie Unrcgelmftfidedt, Ybioci' 

4iitt0 (im Serlanf «on JtranffldteR x.) 
Ite, pr«(* i>oii To Eat 
^-tj^B'pD, a<ft?. Mus. )u flld^er (red^t(r)3eit; 

gaum ]i«4 Urn Xacte) -"aocoMot, Com. 
^Qento a tempo. [adj. attanafUinif^- 

Att^iifff^a, Ecc. I. f . ber Xt^naflaBrri U. 
AtV^nor, «. C^m. berJDigerir'IDfni, AcmtWe 

ShiVDfen, vu fg. ber fonle f)€in). [nirag. 
A'ttSfB, tf. berVtfteidmve, bie (Botteftltog* 
i'lAafat, I. #. b€rXt(eift,<Sottc$Mttdiier4 U. 

ai<7. ot^tfUfit (vi<f. b. f. e.)- 
itt«r«'tje9l, AfftOb'tfc I. 047. ; II. -ly. ad9. 

fbrei* [nienfcr, bie K-Tinn. 

Aci^AM, I. adj. titf^nimmi H* '.berKt^« 

Itk'^mM, s. Geog. Yt^n. [feinb. 

itfc^vli/^fB, «. ber Kftert(eoIoge, X^eologen' 

AtUin/B^t AthfMm»y #. Ar«d. bie Ordge* 


iMrOWatou, adj. btdgefi^iouI^Wtig. 

^itilinf , adv. bvrftig^ >!g. — for . . . , begiedg 
B«4 • . - [(aitd^ fig'} fboratt. 

^thmtf, 9. Ant. ber Kt^Iet, «Bett!dmpfer) 

KthXie\c, a«. ot^letiMi jSg. fUrf, Mftig) 
-SUMS, pi. SttoK^itU, fltingflptde. 

^(Awiit', I. prep, ^uathtx, iiberi b«r4$ 
Arar-«. biMtrS, (re^t boii ber €eite %u)i 
- hawse, ^r bor ben ^Ififen^ ben Si. gegen* 
iber $ -«kip«, quertibei ime^iff, ban einem 

df^} t-lc rmil-way, mo!/, bie (b. Clegs 
in OngUinb erf.) Snftbnid^Cnfeitbt^n. 
At'Qm, #. i^ar. ber Xtom, bad itnttei((»are 
(Urfloff«)X(dl4eii3 eonseafMnbifteii. 

1Ctoiiieti,7(tomebetreffhib| anlQCtonen. 
At'oaffBt 1. A^ot. bie Ytomenletre. 
It^OfflTit, #. ber 2Ctomifii!er, QCtomtfL 
To 4Ltone', V. I. n. da ^rfat (tqiibalent) f«r 

atioa» fdn4 n. a. bfife»/ gemgt^iui, be* 

fdebiges) fft^aefti to ~ for, Otwad abbftfen^ 

bafttrldbea,e»erfetea,i>ergtea. [damaL 
^toae', ado. (o. at u. one) mit etaaaber, aaf 
^Ltooe'ofnt, #. 1. bieTCbbitfttitgi 3. bieiSk* 

ttagt^aaag^ berttrfoe^ 8. Script ba^eil^a- 


W^vt, #. ber ^a^eberi QCbbAfeabe ic. 
^tttn'ic I. orfi. Mtd. abgefyanat, Miaffi a. 
^#. Gram* bad Ktoaott. 
it'pnyy <• Mml. bieVbgefyaantbeit, Xtonie. 
^tdp', ado. obeO/ ju oberf^ obea anf. 
Atr^bfM'rf^, adj. gaOfil^tig/ mdaniboUfiib* 
itrabfU'rjoas, I. adj, fibwaitgaOig . mdaa« 

4^ottr4i n. -BCM, «. bie Oaflfaibtigrdt 

Atrfbn'foatr aitf. a»ie AtrabUariou. 
Atr^tn'MJ, Itr^^a'tou, adj. tiatig/ da« 

teaf^btbar}. [temoibett taugU4^. 

itrMi9aU'rj«««* oij* datenfibnari^ )aai Sia* 
At'red, adj. gef4»irit 
^trV, ^-trTp', adu. itfan aufgebift, geli<btet. 
^Wciou [— sh^a], I. adj.; IL — Ij, ado. 

abr(b<ttli4/ d^iplub/ graafami lU. 

bie (9rdf U(bMt^ eerru<btbeit. 

Sorbiam anberai II. adv, query fibet)i»er^lAtrMtyf #• bie XbfibeoliiblPdty ®rdfU4iPdt. 
(9. &•)$ At* vngelegea^ berdb^t, \dM, flbd 9 At'r^phy, #. Med. bie S^arrfuibt/ ^Xbiebruag 

imf. Thwart 
At^r, #. ber (Solbflaub an ber afnIaaiMen 

Mlbt, bef. im afni. JHaigrei^e ©ago. 
^dlt', odD. 1. oonodrtd gebeagt (»ie da %t^* 

tKt)i fliiteiagdegterSangei 2. ab»irtdge« 

ad^, flppeab (loie eia gaf ). 
^-tijp-toe, ado. anf bea 3ebca, xmlg. )(b^Inb i 

M' nf^ ^64fie gefpanat, febr aengteng 

^tSa'lli^ I. adj. ailaatif<bl U.^. or tiie- 

ooBM, bad adaatifibe Steer. 
^ttfo'tjdef , #. p/.^#r. bie Ytiantibea^ |)(dabea. 
At^«. 1. Gaog. berTCtiad, bad^rtlaigebirge j 

a.bcatoib(tertai|aoraiUuig,berYtlad5 3. bod 

It/tad-Somat/ grop ^:ia ^ 4. bad Geibenpa* 

ptcri 6. ber QCtlad (edbeaieag)i 6. AjmL 

ber 1(dad/ Xriger. [meter. 

^tm&n'a^, #. ^. ber Ktmibometer, Ktrno* 
At^affffMre, «. bteTCtmofpbire, ber SDnnfi^eid. 
AtBfapb^r^lc^i, AtA^aphSi^jc, adj. atmefp^* 

|To ^ttXct/, V. a. 1. 1«aio, ia fierbaft nebmen 
($erfoaen), ia Sef(blag aebmea (Gaibea), 
berhimmerni 2. j^. aa M M^, eiaaeb' 
mea, feffela i 3. befefligea, onbcf ten, aardb<R i 
Jig.iure(bRen,beime|fen$ a-ed to, l.ergebea^ 
2. bdgefigt, angeb5dg. 

^ttitoWfble, adj^ m^A mit Oefiblag beUgt 
loerbea fann. 

^ttich'a^at, «. Zov, 1. bie 8erbafttte|mttag, 
ber ^rrefli bie Oefiblagaabmei 2. fig. bie 
2CabingIi4!dt. Srgebenbeit^ 8. bie X4taag, 
3Cufroerffammt/ bad Sutraaeaj coart of- . 
Law^ bad SBalbgeriibt; Sorfiged^t. 

To ^tUck', V. a. lit* ttfig. (feiabli*) aagid* 
fea, anfaOea. nCnfaS 

AttSck', #. lU. A fig. ber (feiabU^e) Xagrilt 

^ttiiclEi', #. pi. Fort, bie fl^erh, Saafgrdbea. 

AttSckV»«* berKagrdfer, aagrdfeabetSb^l 

To Attala', V. I. a. (aa ob. |u(lt»ad) fommea, 
gelaagea, (9ttoH) txTtid^tn, erbafteni fig. 
6 * 




(QKnem) gftHtovmtm li. n. i. miin geUn* 

flen(iiiit mt u. to) ; m eii»n3uftan^d(rot(en^ 

2. beeretfen (SeiM mit to) 
^ttiinVble,jSg. I. a//;, errei^bar) n. —nets, 

*. Me Qhrrei^barfett. 
^ttiin'dtr» «. l.jtt. berSorioarf, &d)ao3»fiedi 

Lauhs. 2. bie AberfA^ntiid, eerurtbeUan<) 

(medeneine^^auptverbre^end)) 3. beranf 

cittern 9eri4tn4 fibemiefenen ^auptotrbre' 

(bet ba^enbe G^anbflecf. 
^Ltttin'mfot, #. 1. bie erlattgung^ 2. bai Qcr^ 

motbene^ (erlangte) Q^uti ber Qkioinni 3. 

baftSaleitt, berSorsug, bef. p/. a-s, ®(i« 

To At»inf , V. ff. Lffio/ 1. ilberfft^ren (etnes 

Serbre^enft)) 2. bie (3ef4women eineft faU 

fibenUrt^tt ilbemeifen) 3. befletfen, i>er« 

nnef^xtn, entabeln. 
i^ttftiof, I. #. l.ber3R«M, edm^td, bie 

9ef4impfttn94 2. Fet-berSritt/eiblad/Uv 

bie Serlebvng (an ben |)interfupcn ber 

(attf(St»a$)i2.bietBartiiii9,f>fle0e^ Vnf* 
SMrtungi 6ebienttng4 ber SDienfli 3. bie 
Segleitiuig^ bas ®efo(ge$ 4. bie Vmoefer.- 
f^tit, ®e9enmart| to be ia— , loarteni to 
give-, Laufioarteii/bebienenj 2.feineVuf« 
loartttttg macbes. 

^tt^n'd^Dt, I. adj 1. begleitenb, folgenbi 

(imo. mit oD, upon); untergeorbnetj 2. an« 

loefenbi 8. Law, abbdngid (Don ...)i 11. s. 

l.ber Vn^Arter, (bieTf-rinn), berSebientei 

2.berOedIeiter$ S)ienftpfli<btidej 3.ber7(R« 

loefettbe, {>elferj a-i, s, pi. baft ®efbldr 

^tt^nt', adi, vid. Attentive. [(an(b.feO- 

Attfo'tfttef, «. p<. /.aio, bie Ser^anbltmgen 

eined ®eri4tdbofeft fiber eine &a^t, nacbbem 

itber biefeibe eini>emmttndftttrt(ei( gefprcHben 

worben ifi. [fdU U* tut. Mil. TC^fung ! 

^ttSn'tion, 1. 1. bie Vu^erffamfeit j TUftfam* 

^ttJSn'tfve, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. ttUfmerffam, 

(ubtfam^ (to ..., auf...)/ bebutfam} III. 

—nets, s. bie Vttfmerffamhit (avf GtioaO- 

f>r^tbe)i 8. Law, geri<btU4er eefe^l ittrHAtt^o'iifjit, a47.i>erbiinnenb. 

Unterftt^nng^ob baft ®ef4ioomengeri4t einenl Attin'a^nts, Med. Derbfinnenbe Yr}iieien. 

falfd^en Kttftfpru<b getjanj lI. p. a, fiber«|To AttCn'uate, v. a. oerbfinnenj jSg. wrrin* 

miefen. [pfung.l gem. oerfieinertt. 

^ttftint'm^ot, s. bie flbeneeifung , 9ef(l^im«|^tt^n'Qfte, ad;. oerbiinntK/^-)oernitgert. 
^ttSin'toreC— tshvr],«.l.bie9^i4tigttng;ber|itt{n'flStfd, p. a. wrbilnnt, K.4 Bot. fpibig 

Conovrf/ bie e^anbe) 2. Afed.baft verbor*! svlanfenb* 

bene 9Ittt. [>ie orientolif^e dtofenefTen}. Utt^nU'tlon, s. 1. bie Serbfinnnttg^ baft Ser* 
it'tar, *.Me(orietttaKf*e)6frenji —of roses, ringemj 2. bie 3er«einenmg, »er»itteninfl 
To ^tt^M'pfr, V. a. 1. bttrdft 9e{mir(bung| (ber gelfeU/ K.). 

f<b»<4ett, milbem i 2. fig. mUfi^ta, bdm« lifter, s. ber eiter, baft geronnene ®Int. 

pfenj 3. ge(6rig vermif^en, einri<btett/ att«|To Afterrste, ti. n. l.loftfibwemmett; abfpii* 

paffen. | leni 2. anf^memmen, lu trocfnem, fejtexn 

4tt«ni'p«rate, actf. angepaf t, gemdp gema^t. I 2«nbe werben. 

To Attempt' [-tJmtO, v. I. a. 1. t>erf«4>en, 
mgett) 2. angreifen, M oergreifen (an)} 
n. 71. (mit upon) to — npon a man's life, 
dinem na(b bem ^eben tra(bteR. 
Att«mpf , s. 1. ber «erfu*, baft Untemebmen, 
SBagefMi* i 2. ber (freoeliafte) Xngriff, Tin* 

^tt«nipt'fble[— t«ini^-], ad)» 1. jn terfn^enj 
%BtvMtn, Kngriffen anftgefebt, in(&tfa^v, 
^tt«mpV[-t«m'-t?r], s. 1. ber«erfu*er, 
u.i 2. ber Xngreifer. 

To itt^nd', 17. 1, o. 1. beglciten, folgen^ auf« 
»arten,bebiencn5 2.beiroobnen,gegen»drtig 
fein bei ..., befutben) 3. enoarten^ 4. ab* 
toortctt, t)errl(btenj II. n. (gem. mit to ob. 
aponj i.aufCtwaftmerfen, a^tenj 2. (SU 
nem aufwarten, m.j 3. einer ea(be beimo V 
nen, w.5 |le pflegen, beforgenj 4. warten, 
oerjiebenj a-ed by . . . , ob. with . . . , begiei* 
teti>on...j oerfnfipftmit.... 
fttCnM^nce, s. l.biey*tnng,lfufmerffamWt| 

Itt^rra'tion, t. bie Q(b« tt. Tfttfibioemmung bcft 

Sobenft^ ber 7(nma(bft beft Uferft bunb ^n^ 


To Attlsf , V. a, 1. bef(beimgen, bejeugen, bar* 
^t^nn^ 2. }um 3engen nebmen ob. anntfen. 
Attests'tlon, s. 1. bie ©ejeugungj 2. bie »€• 

glaubigung, baftBeugaif, bie eef<beinigimd. 
Att^s't^. -^Ltt^t't^r, #. ber 3ettge. 
Aftjc, I. a47. amn, atbenienflf<b4 ^ff. frit 

(t>om (Btnmad, u.)^ rein^ claff!^) II. «. 

berKt^enienfer j Gram. TCttifer j Arch^. 1. 

(-order), bie attifdbc ©dnlenorbmingj 2. 

(ob. — ttory, }u». attics, pL), bieSDa<bfHlb«, 

berflberrab,baft{>aIb{|ef(bop^(SRtrefoI$ —of 

a roof, bie TCtHh, berUberban wn^ilaflmt. 
At'tlc^l, adj. xAd. Attic. 
At'tjcrfm, s. ber Ytticiftmnft} bie attiMe ffeiiw 

bett im 9teben. 
To Xt'ticTze, 0. 1, a. bem attifften SHalett d<» 

mAfma(bettj n.ri. 'VtticiftmeR gebran^en 
fig- M fein (}ierli(b) avftbrita. 




T« ^tartf, V, a. anfUi^tn, pu^tn, }ieren. 

Attire'* s. ] . biei((nbiui9,^a: Vasttg, 6<^mu<f, 
t»pfpu%i S.(Db. attires, pZ.) Her. k Sport, 
^tA i3tt^Tii, (Smeit^, ®efidnge. 

Atared', p. a. 1. geM»fi(tt, U.» 2. i/er. & 
Sport, mit ®cteeiHp oerfe^en. 

Ata'r^, «. bar SencibenbC/ ic. 

^tn'rjiigf , #. pL ber Jtopfpa^. 

At^tptfide, jr. lit kfig. bte GtcOang/ ^oUitng. 

Attfts'diofLl, adj. bte eteOuRg, ^altung betr. 

^wafifnt, L arfj. oQfrid^tenb) 11. s. ob. -mo«- 
cle, AnaU ber ^ebenut^fel, Tfoneber. 

AitoBe, AttoBement,v.,a<fo. ft «.vu/.Atone,Acc. 

To ^ttom' [—torii^. Law, v. I. a. baft 9efi^* 
t^na Ob. ben S)ten{l etneft fiofaOeit ouf einen^l 
anbcnt Se^nft^erm ilbertragem II. n. einen 
Besot &^tntffiCaatT anertomeit, nnb Se^en nnb 
f>ft4t Don i^m ne^men, i^m ^Ibisen. 

^ttor'n^yC— torn'—]. *. Imw^. (—at law), 
berlCittoalt, ea^walter, 7(bbocat$ SCxamtt' 
Qonfulciit, {>anbe(ft«Ktt»aU$ SUcalj Xsest, 
SeeoOni^^tigtei ^rocsrator, QXanbatar? 
Xfligsatar^ —general, ber (SeaeralfUcal/ Of e- 
BtraUyrontrator, Jtronan»aIt) —at large, 
etB Xbvccat; ber in aUen ®eri4tft(dfen 3tt« 
tritt t^t ; —special, bef gl., ber nor fir einen 
eb. ben onbern ®eri4tft(of beftimmt ifl^! 
letter (power ob. warraBt) of—, bte f^nft^ 
li^e BoUtMidft 

^ttor'n^yship [— tfim— ], *. ble 7fB»ttttf*ttft, 
f>roatratur j baft ^iftcalot. 

^ttora'aif ot , j^ttoilni'iDfiit [— torn — ] , s. 
Law, bie ^nerhnnnng etneft neuen ^(nft^errn 
B. flbertragung beri^e^nftpfii^t auf benfelben 
eoB 0eiten beft BafaOen. 

To ^ttrilct', V. a. liu A fig. anste^eB) an Mf 
aaf (14 iir(en^ re^en^ Io(fen. 

Attrict^billty, #. bie l(nite(ttngft!raft. 

Attric't^le, adj. anjie^ungftfA^fg. 

AttrXe'tjie, ai(;. Xnsie^ungftfraft befl^enb. 

^ttric'tiDg, I. p.#. baft TCnsie^en) II. p. 
in. —if, adv. anste^enb. 

^ttrii/tioo , s. bte ICnjie^gfthaft j fig. ber 
fftd%,W WeisBng, ^(tnng ) elective— ,C^m 
(■uKf.) ble flBa^oerioonbtf^aft. 

/^ttriic'tjTe, Ladi,; II. —ly, <ufo. anite^enb, 
tei|enb5 —power, /%y. bie Xttiietnngfthaft 
(opp. RepaUive power); III. s. fig. ber 
Stdii IV. — ness, s. bie on}te(enbe Gigens 
f<|flft, baft Tfniie^enbe, {Utei^enbe. 

AttnU/tpr, (^ttrSc'tfr), i. ber angictenbe Jt6r* 
per, ba« Kngte^enbe^ fig. dUisenbe. 

At'tr^hfot, Laidj. ansie^enbi 11. s. baftlCn^ 

jte^eBbe, ber retfteBbe GegenflaBb. 

At'tr^^nu, #. pL Med. gttfammeniie^nbe 
(SlafTB ite^enbe) SRittcI. 

Attrfcta'tioB, #. baft itfUvi) «>effl((en, Se« 


^ttrn/otyble, adj. iu}uf4^reiben, bei^ulegen. 
To Attrtb'ate, v. a. iuf^reibeB/ bcUegeB, bet« 
At'trjbBte, «.baft7(ttributi 3ei4en,9Xer(maU 

TCbifi^en, einnbUb) {PamU k Sculp, bef. 
Jm, pi. fi.). 
AttribU'tion, «.bte3neigBBBg,6rt(eilBBg, bei* 

gelegte 6tgeBMa^5 bie (Smpfe^Iung, baft &ob. 
^ttrib'atjve, I. adj. snt^eiieBb, betlegeBb^ n* 

«. baft Seigelegtej Gram. i6etIege»ort. 
^ttnte', 1. adj. 1. abgeBB^ti 3. 7/ieol. ytu 

hiirfd^t; betriibt) n.— aess, s. bie^erie* 

beB^eit, TCbgenutt^elt. 
^ttri^tion, s. 1. baft dteiben (an einanber), bie 

ICbnu^ung (einer €$ac(»e bnr^ D^leiben)* bie 

•Herreibangi 3. baft3erriebenfeini 3. ThtM. 

bie Giinbenberennng (auft gur^t oor ber 

C^trafe); derfnirf^ang beft ^ergenft. 
To ^ttQne', v. a. fiimmen, tftnenb madden $ * 

Ao^lfltngenb^ (anBontf4«t5Benb mo^en. 
Aty, Ac vid. Attar. 
Aiibsdc', #. baft flXorgenftJnbil^. 
lu'b)o, s, Man. berfSr MUc^tge^altened^ang 
/ineft 9>ferbeft jmiMen 9)at nnb (S^alopp. 
An'brey, s. ber 6peifef4ranf; u. vid. Ambry. 
Au'bi^rn, adj. buntelbraun, faftanien^rann, 

mfbxam, f^ioar^brann. 
Anc'tion, #. bic7(BCtfon,6{fatl.S3erfieigerung, 

«ergantung j —law, baft Qantre^t i —office, 

—room, baft (Sant^anft; ber (9ant(uben. 
To Auc'tion, V. a. oerauctiottiren/ oerfUigern 
Aac'tioDfiry, adj. pr Tfuctlon ge^^rig. 
Aacti9nS€r', Aactipnier', «. ber TCnctionator 

ftffentlidfte Serfieigerer. 
To Incti^nfSr', v. a. oerauctioniren, 6ffent(i(b 

oerfhigern, perganten. 
Aada'ciouB, I. adj.; II, — ly, adv. oerioegett, 

breifl; fre4^/ nnoerff^amtj (an4 in g* ®*) 

fn^n, frei, offen; III. -ness, *.bie JW^n^eit, 

IBerivegen^eit, 9re4^eit, Unberfc(»dmt(eit. 
Aodac'lty, i. bie Mf^n^tit, k. (audft iwn. im 

g. €$.)9 bleSre^^eit, u. 
Aa'dible, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. f^ivhax, laut, 

oerneJmUAj III. -ness,*. bie 4>5rbacf tit, 

Au'dj^Bce, s. 1. Pol. bie ^ubien}, TCn^^rung} 

2. bie ®e(ftrgebung, baft®e^or$ 3. biedu« 

45rer, baft TCttbitorinm^ -conrt, Law^ baft 


AaMjt, s. LaWf 1. bie {Ae^nnngftuntcrfui^ung 

unb ^legnng i 2. bie G^luf bei^ec^nuna (nai 

ger(lftetetter|)nlfang)i S.bieYufna^mcetuco 

Beugenber^ftrftob. einer Kuftfage fiber^aupt^ 
I - hovse, ber {>6rraal, )Ber^6rfAa(. 




To Att'dit, V. I. a. Jjow, SUi^mHtn ahf^txtnA gung (au« 3ei<^cn)3 SBa^ifaderei^ X ^«6 
9l.iarURterfu(|^ttndabne^meR$^Ini^ Xttgurtttm; Die ecrbebctttung, Daft KnicUbcn. 
infammenre^ttcn. Aa'gvit, s, net (aRonat) Xugufl, €ratcmcnat. 

Att'dltifTe, ac^. t^TCttb. [m»ifor, Controlleur. Aaga»f, adj. groj, er^abcn^J^ebr, ^crrU<ft. 

Aa'djt^r, s. ber dn^drer^ Law^ 9te<bnttiidft« 

Au'djtoribrp, 1. baft (SontroQeitramt 
ta'dit^ry, I. adj. baft (Se^fttbetreffeilb) ^ft« 
mb; — nervei, Anat bie dtffimeneni 
—orgna* baftOeb^torgoR) U,s, l.colUct 
lit du(ftrer$ 2. baft TCttbttodttm^ ber ^ftr^ 
Jaal4 S. ber 9ltcbterflit^(. 

Au'ditTfu , 1. Die 3tt(ftrerintt. 

Auf, s. ber Ztcp\, Cbou^, 9?arr) (cf. OaO* 

Au'g^r, *. 1. Corp. ber groje ©otrer,®tangen» 
bobrer, ^(bfilpbo^rer, ^umpenbo^rer (ber 
e(biffftsiinmer(eute)4 Chrbbo^rer $ a. Mil. bie 
3itRbertemptrmaf4ine) •haakofthe-*. Daft 
(Sifett (Die etange) beft e^Alpbo^rerft ^ 
throQgh of the -^ ber ^anbgrif beft G(bAIP' 
bobrerft^ screw, or twitted ~» ber6(bneN 
fenbo^rer^ ~bit,bie9o(rf4ii(pej ^bore, 
(— bole). Daft ©obrlotb. 

Au'gft, 1. Mil, bie £eitrititte beim ST^fnenbau. 

AttgW! bAogbM [Aw'-biV] tne. cont, abba(! 
pabi (art fdril 

Aagbt» pron. Mvaft/ irgenb Gttoaftj for — 
I care, co(. meinetmegen^ for — I know, fo 
viel i4 loeip. 

Au'^te, #. AfiA. ber Tfngit; bie OltDtoblenbe. 

To Augment', v. I. a. pemte^reRi oergrftferR j 
H. n. fl(b wcmiwi, ittRe^meR. 

Ang'mfot, f . bie eerme^ntRg (vui. Aogioen 
tntioD) ; Gram, baft KttgmeRt. 

Augm^nf^ble, adj. perme^rbar. 

Aagm^nta'tion, s. 1. bie SermebruRg, 3RRab' 
me) a. Die eteigentRg) 3. per 3ufab4 4. 
Com, Daft 6teigeR (of tbe price, Der ^reife) $ 
5. Mut. Die ^ugmeRtatCoR, Sergrftf eruRg. 

Aagm^n't^tVve, adj. oermebreRD; DergrftfemD. 

Aagm^o't^r, s. Der oD. baft Serme^reRbe. 

ta'gre, «. vid. Avger. 

Aogf 'bfirgb, #. Gwg. VttgftbRTg^ Pid. Abguita. 

To Av'gvr, V. I. fi. aRft!Rer!nialeR wrnitttJeR $ 
n. a. weffTageR^ mutbrnaf eR, abReR. 

Ao'gflrf I, adj. bie VugureR ob. TTagRrieR be« 
treffcRbj —staff, ber IfHgwrflab. 

To Ao'gRrite, v. I. n. aRft CorbebeutRRgeR 
oor^erfageR, a^RCR) n. a. MeifiageR; pro* 

Aagari'tioD, 1. 1. Daft IfagudreR, «BaJrfageR 
(aRft3ei4cR)4 «. Die GeiflaguRg, f)rorte* 

jetRRgi 5.Die«orbebeRtttRg, baft TfRgci^en. 

Aagfl'rf^l, adj, aRgRrif*, wabrfagerif*. 

Au'gfirons, adj, aagurireRb) rarbeDeRteRb, 

Aa'gtkry, s. 1. Daft YRgRrtreR) biena(rfa« 

Aug&s'tf, s. 1. XRgRfla (S-n>l a. Gfog. 

Ang&s'tf n, adj, 1. augRfhif(b i dafltM (in |)iR« 
sion,Genii* Sec, bieaRgftburgif<bc(SoRfcfficR. 

Augfts'tjB, s. TCUgUfliRUft/ TCttgUfhR (W-R)$ 
Ecc. Angastias: 1. -> friars, QfugRfliner* 
m6R4e) 2. — nuns, QfRgRfltRcrRORReR. 

Aogbst'n^ss, .T. bie ^obcit, (SrbabcR^cil. 

Agils'tys » s. TtRgRfliift, YugRfl (UR-R). 

Ank, 4. Ont. bei %lf, yapagcitauiber. 

Attli'rj^n, I adj. }r eiRCm (SoaegtRRl (Hair; 
ge(6rig$ II. s. S){itglieb eiReft (SoUegiiim^ 
(Hall) RRf eiRer ber eRgl. URii^rfititeR (opp 
Collegian, (SoOcgiat) Bd^Utv mn bobcn 
64nle). IGerm. ber ^ofratb. 

Ao'ljc, adj. in ciRem ^ofe gc((lrig$ — conncii, 

Anln[an], s. 1. bie (fcaR).) ^Oe, berGtab^ 
2. vid. Anne. 

Anm, s. 1. Bot. bie Ulme$ 2. vid. Auue. 

Aam'bry, s. vid. Almonry ft Ambry. 

Aame, (Aon), s. bieSDbm, ICbm (ffidRma$, 
meijtcRft DOR swci (Simcm). 

Aum'^iet, J. Der Gierftt(bcR. 

Xnnt [ant], t. Die XaRte, Safe, !KRbme. 

Inn'ty, s, dim. SaRt^eR. 

Au'r», *. T. Der ©HRfl, ©Rft. 

AoVite, #. 1. Fom. Die itdRigftbirR, OolPbim | 
a. Chm. baft ^Rrat, Qolbfali. 

An'rStf d, adj. gotbibnU^. 

Aar8'lif, s. 1. TCRrclia (8-R)j 2. Aa/. Die 

5)Rppe; 9iQflip4e, (S^rpfalift. 

Aar«'9l9, 1. raint, bcr 4)ei(tgeRf4eiR. 

Au'rlc a<(;. —acid, baft (3 olborpb. [^r^cbr. 

AuVjcle, s. Anat 1. baft dRferc Zt^ti 2. Da« 

AarfdU^y^f. j}ot. Daft OdrcR6^r4cR/ Die 

Auri'cQlfir, adj. 1. Daft ID^r oD. |)ftrcR betref^ 
ftRb, b^fbarj>Sg.(-ly, adu.) 2.iR'ftC^r 
gefagt i 8. mfiRbliib ubertrageR/ fortgep jlantt 4 
—confession, ^c.bie£)bi^cnbei<btei — tuUc. 
ciR ^6rro(r. 

Aarl'dUf te, adj. Bot gc6brt. 

Auriff ^rons, adj. « (9olb fajrcRb, goIDrcii^. 

Anrigjl'tloa, s. Daft Sa^noefdi, (Scwcrbe eiQc6 

Auriplgmln't^m, s. vid. Orplmcnt. 

Aa'rjsdUp, s. ber S^brloffel. 

AoVjst, s. ber SDbreRarst. 

inro'rf, s. 1. T(Rrora(5-R)* a.)Kbif 9Xor> 
geRrfttbe, bcrSXorgeRj 8. Knt ber itrcf* 
weiffiRg^ -borcalis. Afcf. Der9icrb((lbcin. 




iarO'rfl, adj. hit aRorgeiirdt^e ob ba6 9tort« 

n^t bctrcfftob, {(ncn d^nli^. 
in'rym, #. CAem. (Solb^ — fnlminaiM , baS 

ibldSgoft) — Bini fun, or ^moMicom, bol 

!0hxtl9dol5y mofaifite (Slolb. 
Auevlti'tioo, #. 1. bas 3iiWrw, ^ot^cn 

Z Mecf-bielCtt^ettttatioii. 
To ilv'ipfeite, v. a, 1. dftnflid tenfen, begfin^ 

ftijrn) 2. 9orbebeutm3 3. (em OeMAft) be- 

gimiat, anfdHgeit. 

Ittt/teVjf I, adi. bca Bcrfaflcr ob bie Vutort 
Waft betrcffcnb, f*riftflcCcnf<b. 

lu't/i^r, *. 1 . bcr Ur^cbcr, bicU-riniu ©tiftcr, 
et-rinnj 2. bcrlfator, «erftt(rer, e<bnft. 
fteficri (female-). bieS-riim, e*nftfl<U 
(erinni 3. bie Urfod^e. [b. u. Author. 

kvLUhgr^Uy s. 1. bie Ur^cbcrinn, U.J 2. «/#/. 

Aa(/l0r'|M|trve, I. ntfj.; U. -ly, adv. 1. 7(u* 
torttdt ^abenb, bo^oflmdilfttigeti 2. dcbtctc* 
rifil, abfprc^cnbj ill.— nest, #. l.baftlBc* 

Ai'ipiee, s. LbielBodelWan, Sogelwa^rfa' ooUmi4d()tfcmi 2. bad (wi^tigc) TCnfc^j 
nereis 2.hiee9xbtUutmiqi fig, (gem.p/On 3. baft gebicfertr^c fBcfen. 
bie Vv^tden: ber e^tmt (eineft ^tt^mn),HuUibr^ty, t. 1. bie dcfelrndf igc 9Ka<bt unb 

bieScttoB^^ MnnetWafti (dtinfti^er) (Kn« 
lupl'cMtl, adj. Dorbebeutenb 
jiwpl'cioiis, I. adj. 1. ®(fi(t toeifadenb ) 2. 
gttAi4 (». 9)crfoncn)} 3.fitinfMfl, gcneiflt 
(0. yerfonen u. ea($ett)$ II. — ly, adv. 
ntcre&ifiidereorbebeutvng, glii((li<b) 111. 
-aeM» *. ber gfinpigc ^nWein, glfirflijic 
^dBftanb, bad (S^Ifidt. 

JMtSre', I. ad}.; U. ~ly, arf«. fhrenge, tawj, 
nfttnbliit) ^erbej III. -ocm. *.bie^«rtc, 
Qitfreaiiblubfeit^ ber ^erbe ®ef4ma<f. 
i«i«Hity, #. bie etrenge, Jtafteiung be« 2ei. 
^^$ ^rte3v4t/ Orattfamfeit. 
At'itjB, #. (contr. ». Avgufttin), Xttfiuflinu«,| 
lBgiifliii(Sll-n)5 £cc. -friars, Kiigtifliner* 
■dn4l() — oQQi, TtuaufKnernonnm. 
Wtr^« ff<;>. flibli4 i — Asia, (contr. Auitra 
lia), *. Geog. TCu^alUn, Wb»3nbten4 —I 
Asiaui, (coRtr. Aaitralian), ac/j. auflraUW j 
-had, fttbti^eft ^nb) — aigog, Ast. bie fub- 
It^oi ^immeU}e(4en. 
Jastrili^ iostri'lfain, c/. Austral. 
Ts loa'trfllze, v. n. f!(j^ na^ ©fiben wenben 
ia'strjf, #. c«og. £)firet4. [ob. neigen. 

la'striyii, I- iidi. oflrei^iW) —rose, hit xoti) 
Q. gribe 9tofe4 —sneeze-wort, bie papier = 
Msnr,3nnBette(re) U. /. ber bftreiS^cr. 
Wtrfae, adj. ^thtidn vid. Austral 


iastir^cva, t. Om. ber SattbenfaK. [(err. Au't^crSt, s.I^l. ber Kutcfrat, €{clbfltcrr< 
Wtirsh, #• ber 6t4f^fldettflgenbe, 3elb^« .(at9crSt'ic(— g«I), ad;, autcf rati W/ unum« 

Ai'tar^hjr, s. bie ©efbflgenfigfainfeit ^ baft 

(stAia^tfc; -ly; -neaa; vfd. b. f. ffi-r. 
(n/A&i'^c^I, I. adj. ; 11. — ly, ode. aitt^en* 
tiH, e^t) be»dtrt (bon Ba^^en u. ^txfo* 
tn)i ni. — ness, s. vid. b. L Aatbeaticity. 
litA^B^tjeSte, tj.a. aut^cntifiren, re^tftgfiltig 
vo^ni/ beisrhinben^ begtaubigen. 
tatA^atieft'tion, s. bie Seglaubigtmg, tegali* 

titAtntfcjty, s. bie Yttt^ciitidtdt, <l((attbl9fir> 
ligteie, G^t^t. 

®e»a(t, a){a4ti>oah>m]nen(citi 2. baft Xn« 
fe^eu/ bcr bcftimmenbc ^n^nf, bie filBi^tig' 
feitj d.bieSoOmadftti 4. /it. baft dengnif; 
bie (®eleg*) Clucae) 6. bie ®Iaubn>(lrbig« 
fcit: 6. bie dhriaubni^; (IDrocf*) Srei^eiti 
7. bie 7(atoritdt, ®en>dbr4 B. Am. a) (in 
Coo.) baft Oeri^t^ bie (®crid^tfts) Qc^orbc^ 
bcr 9)^agi|lratj 6) bie ^rofcffbrcn alft Siix* 
perf^afti Com, on the — of the samples, 
na(i^l^Hna(f^9Rufter$ on, or anderthe— 
of..., bcre^tigt bur4 ... ) im7(uftragc von 
...i from good-, auft fitbcrer CLucHc, ouft 
Merer |>anb. 

Aat/iSr'iUes, Law, l.DicQtntWcibungeu 

ber 66|9tercn ®cri((tft(6fc i 2. bie Tfctcn^ loorin 

biefe (Sntfd). cnt^altcn flnb^ 3 (public -, 

local — ) 6ffcntli*e (ob. S)rtft») ©cjorbcn. 

Aut/i9r|zft'tion, jr. 1. bie Xutorifation, I6cvea« 

mi^tigung) 2. ldcfMtigttng,(S)iiItigma(bung. 

To Ivfthqiiztf V. a. I. autoriflren^ bcvoUmd4^« 

tigen; berc4tigen$ 2. gut^ifcn, fur rc^t* 

mdfig erfldren, re^tfcrtigcnj 3. bcfldt*^cn, 

gfilti^ ma<l(en. [unglaubmurbig. 

Au't/i9rl«ss, adj. otneUr()cber ob. SScrfafTcr^ 

Au'tAprsbrp, s. bicXutorf*aft, ©cftriftftcUcrci. 

AutQbi^srSph'jc^l* adj. autobiograp^ifcb* 

Aut^biVrfphyi /. bie Tfutobiograpiie. 

Xotuc'rvsy. I. Pol, bie ^utotratic, edbfl* 

>errf*aft ... l^**'^- 

fd^rdnft [ftcrrf<bcrinn. 

(uti>e'ratrfx, AutWrftrifce* s. Pol. bicBcIbfl^ 
Auto-da-fe [Aw-tQ-dflifll'], t. Rom, Lath, baft 


Aut9fi«^oi9i, adj. felbflcrseugt; fclbflgefitaffea. 
Au't9gr»ph, I. *. bieeigcnc|>ttnbf4^rift, Untcr» 

f(brift/ Urf^rift/ Urhtnbe^ II. adj. eigen* 

W»Wg gef*riebttt. [f*ricben), urtunbU^I. 
tut9graph'ic(— c^), adj. eigcn^dnbig (ge» 
Autdg'rypby, jf. bie eigene |)anbffbrift, Ur* 

f4^rift, baft Drigiaoi. 
lAQtdKTiy. s> baft eeibflgcfpri^. 




Ant^a'^t^I, adj, vid. Automatic, Slc, 
lvL'U)Mth, s. ber eelbf!gele(rte, tXutoDibaft. 
lotQDillt'jcC— c^l), oiO'* atttomotiM/ maf^t' 

AotWftQD, s. ba$ Automat, bie M felbfl U* 

m%taU SXaf^tnC; baft 6erbftgetriebe$ >ig. 

ber S)flin]itling. 
AotSm'ytoiis, nc/i. automattf^, M (oU aKa« 

f^lne) felbfl bewegenb. 

AiitttnViBoiii,a((7. felbft^errMcRb^imab^tedig. 
Au'tQpsy, #. baft Gelbftft^ett/ bte 6e(bflbe« 

Mamtna^ ber ICaeenf^eliL 
Aot5p'tjc(— Gfl, «ff. ;--€9lly,ado.)> w^t etgnen 

TCngen fe^enb^ beoba^tetj —examination, 

Med, bte Gelbflunterfa^ttng (am itranhn« 
Aat5th'«rst, s. ber TCittot^eifl. lUtU), 

Att't^mn [— tym], *. ber ^erbft 
Autfim'nfl. adj. %ttf>f^i^i comp, ^erbft*. 
Aatttm'n^lf, #. pi, Bot, im ^ttbft btii^enbe 
An'idtXs, s. Rhet bie Qrioeiterung. [f^f^n^cn. 
Auiil'jv. Auin'i^ry, I. adj. ^elfenb, beifk* 

(enb, ^(tlftet^j {>i(IfftM n.«. ber, bie, baft 

^ftlfeleiftenbey auxiliarie*, pi, bie ^fi(fft« 


Aaijljl'tion, «.b{ef>iilfe,ber9eiflanb. 
Anxjlji't^ry, adj. »ie Auxiliar, &c. 
Aoitfm'et^r, *. i¥r. ber «ergr6f ewngftmeffer. 
To AvUi'. V. I. a. 1. n^tn, t^lftni 3. begibi« 

ftigen, bef5ibem) to — one's self of, be 

attics, Mbebieneii) n.ii.ttfi^U4reitt/^elfeiL 
f vSiC, #. ber 9tu^eit, Sort^eil) a-c, p<. ^Im. 

(AT. £.), ber (SeioinO/ Qfrtrag. 
^viil^ie, I. adj. ; II. -ly, arfr. nt^Udf, bor» 

tJeiH^aftj I^,gi>''tig,flatttaftj IIL-ieM, 

s. bie 9eiieii4?cit/ 9tutbar9etti Xow, bie 
^Ofiltigfeit, JJroft. [e^neelbrj. 

Av^llnche', Av^lXngc', #. bie 8a»ine, ber 
^T&it', I. #. vki. Van; II. int. vid. Avaant; 

III. comp. bef. Mil. — coarier, ber Sorbote j 

(vid. Van); — gaard, bielCoantgarbej (vid. 

Van); -main, Man. ber ©orberftaf (hti 

f)ferbett)j —mare. Fort bie Cormauerj 

— peach, Pom. bie grfijpflrll*. 
AT'^rrce, *. ber ®eij, bie ^abftt*t. 
Avfiri'eioDs, I. adj,; H. — ly, ado. geijig, 

fargj m.-ncM, *. ber(»eia, bie Jtargjeit, 


Avftat', int Mar. genug ! (alt! (alt an ! 
AvAant', int. fort! meg ba ! (tnauft ! padCe^it^ ! 
A've-M4'ry, #. Ecc boft Xt>e aXaria. 
AT«ni'clon«, adj. (aferartig. 
ArVfie.*. ber^aferjinft,bie*afergillte. 
To ^v^n^e', 0. a. 1. rd^en (— one*s self of ... , 

M - an ...)j 2. a(nbcn, jlrafen. [fung. 
^▼(nge'm^nt, s. 1. bte fRad^ti 2. bie ®eftras 
^v^n'gff, /. 1. ber€W#erj 2. ber ©eflrafrr. 

iv'^ni, (I\'$nt), /. Bot. baft9cnebictcnhrant. 

^v^n'ture [— Uliyr], #. Law, ber uniOidHUfyt 

^dufaH, ber eineft^SKenr^en Xob surgolge (at. 

Av'^niie, 1. 1. ber (gerdumige, freic; dvgaiid 
(in etnen ffBalb), (IBattm>) ®ang, bie^Ucej 
2. bie 2Cnfa(rt; breite (mit eiomen befe^te) 
etrafei 3. Ml. ber ^af, dugang, SBeg. 

To ^Yer', V. a. alft ioa(r beweifett/ be(aiq)ten, 


Av'«r?ige, *. 1. Corns, bie^ferei, ^barici 
Ungelber, y rimgetb (ge». in S^^A^tbriefen : 
witli primage and — accnstomed; vid. Pri- 
mage); small or petty — , bie gemeineob. 
neittef>afereij general—, bie grofe^.$ free 
from—, 9ebarb, frei bom Serberben? ad- 
jastmeat of a-s, bie S)iftpa((e, 6eef((abenbe« 
rc((nung{ -account, bie {)afereire((ttung$ 
2. baft mittlere (3a(Iett«) Ser^ditnif , ber 
^ur((f4nitti comp, fSXittelbnr^f^nittft * $ 
—amount, ber ^un(fi(ntttftW6etrag i Com s. 
—date, ber mittlere 3a(lttngfttermitt/ biege- 
meinMaftti^eJBerranieit) —tare, bieS)ttr<l(' 
f((mttft«Sara$ 3. — of corn fields, bie md^ 
ber (Srnte liegengebliebenen j>alme^ baft (S»e> 

[To Av'f r^^e, v. a. 1. einctt Cur^Wnittpreid 
ma4en$ ittgIei<(eS(eiIet(e{(en3^un^« 
r4nitt (er)geiett, bur((f4nitt(i4 anftma4«L 

^yer^^t, s.Law, 1. ber (3eugen«)V«n»eift/ 
bie Sefrdftignng) 2. bie Seftiti^^ttng, S^ejas 
(mig i 3. baft TCnerbieten beft Setiagten, einc 
Exception iu beweifen, nnb berSemeift berfcU 
ben felbft [Sraubenforte auft Q^iaoenna. 

Aver'n^t, AuYer'n^t, s.Fbm. berQIdoner, einc 

To Avf rri&n'cSte, v. a. attftmurscln, anftrotten. 

Av^rrync&'tion, #. bielCuftrottting. 

Averse', I. adj. abgeneigt, nngunpig, entgegen, 
jttwiber, wibrigj (mit to); U. — ly, ado. 
mit ® ibermiSen, ungem) III.— ness, s, bie 
^geneigt(eit, ber 83iber»iae, Zb^^tn. 

Aver'sion, «. 1. bie7(bneigttng,ber Xbf^eu, SBi« 
berniae) 3. beriSegen^anb beftl(bf<(etteft,ic. 

To^vert', v.l. a. 1. n)eg»enben/ abjie^cn* 
2. Kbneignng enoedten^ 8. abmenben, ab« 
wenbig ma^en^ 11. n. M abmenben. 

Aver't^r, s, berlCbmenber, baftQCbibenbenbe^ac. 

^\Ter't|, (Avert'), #. Afan. bie f#ttlgered>tc 
Sewegnng cineft 9fn:beft. 

A'vf«ry, /. baft Sogel(anft} bte Sogel^eifc. 

Avrd'ity, #. 1. bie Our, Oefrdpigfeit^ 2. bte 
^ohfuM' [baum. 

Av9£ft'do, (Aviga'to), s. Bot. berOCeodatc 

To Av'^cite, V. a. abntfen, ab(altett. 

AvQcft'tion, 9. 1. bie Ybruf^ng) 2. bieXbs 
(altung (burcb eitt (Befibdft). 

A?9c»to'r|f , *. pi. Law, bie 3(brttfttngftbricfc. 




fvl/c^tfry, adj, abrufen^; ob^altenb^ —let 

ter, ter tSbntfnnd^bncf. 
To Avoid', V. a. 1. merben^ t>emeiben$ ent^ 

geben, entfommoi $ 3. oerlaffen^ r5iunen3 

3.tinbfrit^ Derettein) 4. Z^ow, nnnenbcn^ 

5. avfb^bcn^ ttogultig macben. 
Aroid'^ble, ad). 1. i^cnneibltib) 2. «ngttbe« 

Imt^ »iberrttflt(b' 
fkvdfd'^ce, ^. l.bieSermeibung^ Sgegfd^ofs 

ftiBg 5 8. bi( Q(b(dtung, Vttf bebttRg/ bcr ISi- 

berrnf i 8. bU (Srlcbidung; Bocani. 
4Lvdld'^, #.ber, (bie, ba$) ^XRtibcnbe, XBeg* 

Maffenbc, ic. 
^ToTd'iiig, Lp*«.ba»!9tetben,ic.$ —of blood, 

ber9lst9erl«(l,®ltttf[nf$ 11. p. a. t>ermei« 
^vSTd'lfw, a</i. trnDermeibUib- [bcnb; ic. 
A>'oir-4fi-p«ff' [a'v^ — ], *. bad semelne ®c* 

Aulbt/ ^anbeisgemi^t, JtramergeiDt<bt oon 

To 4Lt5«cI/, v. a. 1. beboQDten, i»(rfl4ern$ 2. 

(inm Qtb«f Ob. Scften emeS QCnbem) anffib* 

ra 4 3. recbtfdttgen/ gnt beif eR/ befr^ftignL 
AvMcl/fr, s. ber Sebouptenbe, IMtdfttgenbe. 
^Tddch'o^Bt, «. bu Qrnirung, eebauptung, 

To 4Ltoi1^, v. o. behtttten, anerhnneR^ oertbet« 

Hgen, bebaitpten^ Z^, 6ffeiitli4 erfldren, 

OBgeftebai imb re^tfertigen. 
^rai'^ble, I.<ic/j.; II. — iy, ado, anerfennbar, 

IS re^tftrttgftt, su Dcrtbetbigen. 
4t5^^, «. baft Sefenntnif ; bie (6ffentli(be} 

dtfltomg, TCttftfage. 
Aro^^t, jr. Law, to Seflagte, »el(ber dnc 

(MterO 4Begnabme efngefltbt, aber rc<bt« 

fertiat. [offcn^ obne dtfictbalt 

^ro^^dly, adv. f^ei, 6ffeRtU<b (befennenb); 
ATd#S€', s. ber JHr(benpatron^ viV/. Advowee. 
^?5ilV> '•berSehnner, fBebauptet; Sertbei* 

btger, Serffinbiger. 
^Lva^ry, «. Low, bie JBertbetbigong etner (Su* 

tmDCgna^me^ 6(bttbf4nft bed IBe!lagten (in 

ciner action of replevin). 
^voA'f^l, s. bad eef enntnif . 
Avfibed', p. a. abgeriffen, neggeriffen. 
AviFsioB, «. bie ^reif ung ) ^egrei^ng. 
Toi^vSit', V. a. »arten, erroarteiij a— ing yonr 

reply, Ac, S^^^^tttmortentgegcttfebent^tc. 
To ^Lwftke', «. r«g, & fr. I. a. (er)medfen^ attf* 

vetjBm^ IL n. emadben, aiifioa(ben (attcb^-). 
^wikc^, lu/f. »a4/»acbenb/munter$ fiblaflod. 
To ^wftlc^a, vjd. To Awake. 
4wike'B^r,«.ber(@r«)tl^cc(er; bad®e<tenbe^ 

ber €Be({er an einer Ubr. 
Awi'keojog, (i^wftlcing), p. <r. bad QhnDe<f en, 

enva^n) J2e/. bad getflige Sma^cn, Sc« 

Wnbigieetben bed religidfen 6$tnned. • 

To ^wArd', Lai0, v. 1. a. gcrt(bt(i<b safpreibcn, 
Snerfeimcn(<SineiiiQtoad)j II. n. ben Xu6< 
fpnt(b tbun, urtbetlcn. 

i^wArd', s. Law, bad Urtbeil, ber (f(bicbdn<b« 
terli(be)Vttdf9ru49 berSef<beib. 

To ^wArd', w. a. audpariren, vid. To Ward olT. 

iflw&r'd^r, *. ber (G4^iebd*) (Ritbtcr. 

AwAre^, I. adv, getoabr, auf fcincr ^ut, a^U 
fom; POR (Sttioad iPtfTenb; unterri^tctj to 
be — of a thing, (Stmad gcmabr ipcrben i ftd) 
eitter6a<beperfeben5 um@t»ad mifTcns ii 
tne.1C4tmigl Porgcfcben! 

4lwI/, I. adv. meg, abioefenb, forty to make-, 
1. bttrcbbringen, ocrf4n»eiiben4 2. (to make 
— with one's self), (fi^) bad (Baraud matben, 
umbrittgen^ she cannot — with him, jle fanit 
niibt mtt ibm audfommen^ ^ann ibn ni^bt 
pcctragen^ to make one's self—, fi(b »cg 
(col. aud bem^taubc) ma(bcn$ U. int. fort! 
loegi bini^^* -for shame! pfui! (f(bdmc 
tbiil f<bdmt @it<bO laugb — 1 nur ju go* 
l&d^tl fire-! r<bie^itt! 

.twe, 1. 1. bie 6b^r4t$ ebrcrbiettgc Surcbt, 
6(bea$ 2. berGcbauer. 

To Awe, V. a. 1. (Sbrfurcbt einflofcn) 2. in 
Sur^t bcilten, %. einiagen j 3. ftbeu ma^en 

^wsa'ry, adj. mfibe, ermattet. [einfcbu^tern. 

^Lw&i'th^r, adv. Mar, IttPlodrtd. [\fift. 

Aweigh', A-weigh' [vwa'], ad). Mar, aofgc^ 

A-wiSlK-p'dAy', tn(. giltigerf>immel! oiocb! 

IwTdl, L adj. ; II. — ly, adv. 1. cbrfur^tgc* 
bietenb, ebrfurtbterregetib j 2. furibtcrrcgcnt, 
fur(btbar5 3. ebrfuritdpottj lU.— ness, s 
1. bie (Sbnourbigfciti 2. bie (Sbrfur^^t. 

^whlle' [-hwiP], adv. ettte^eit lang, eine ftBeiic. 

^whrtf [vhwit^, adv. (in negatioen ed^m) 
not a — nitbt im ®cringftcR$ vid. Whit. 

Awk'w^rd, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. ungc* 
fibitft, Iinftf4/ t5Ipif4/ plumps 2. unrno^ 
nierli(b/ d^ob) abgeftbmactt, albemi 3. n>U 
brig, f(bIintiR$ miberfpdnfHg^ III.— ness, jr. 
bie Ungef<bi<ttbcit, ^Inmpbeit) Snmmbcit, 
ICbgef^madtbeit, ^bernbeit. 

Awl, *. bte TCbic, ^)fricme, bcr S^b^i peg- 
ging -, bie ^po(t«7rbIe fiir 6<bubnui<bcr^ 
joiner's — , ber ©pibbobtcr fur Xiftbicr j 
brad—, ber Gpi^bobrcr fur 3immcr(cute$ 
Bot-*. —shaped, pfriemenformigj —wort, 
bad SBafferpfriemcnfraut. 

Aw'l^s, adj. unebnrbietig/ ebrfuribtdlod. 

Awme, r.4 wn), s. vid. Anme. 

Awnf, Awnef, s. pi. bic Oranncn (an ben 
jtbren), V4eln. 

i w'nfog, p. s. bad SSonnettscIt, leinene Bd^irwL* 
ba<b (ilber cinen @<biffCf 2C)$ badSeRfler« 
ielt, bie SXarqnife. 




Xwn'lfM, adj> o^ne Orannen, itndegrannt. 

AVny, adj. ^oUtt (Bxtamtn, flcsrannt 

Awoke/, pret. oon To Awake. 

^wdrk', i^wdr^fng,, coL in ber 
Ifriett, (an) ibnlttHtUit, atbtiMhi to 
let— , jttt^nngeben. 

JJLwrf' [f -rt^, «d[;. A adu. Wief^ancbett/ttngUW^ 
fetttpdm 5 fci^telettb 9 >!g. oerf e^rt, ongereimt. 

Ax, Axe, «. bie ^rt, ba§ srofcSeil^ bie^aue, 
j>a(fe) broad—, bie dimmerajEt, baftSreit* 
beilj bntcher'i— , boS^fiberbdl) crow—, 
bie6$ttdSiaict j felling—, bieffBalbaitt} junk—, 
bo^Jterbbeil (sum happen bet Sane)) pole— 
(boarding—, battle—), bie ©treitajrt, bttft 
^nterbetl) —formed, BoU ^obeIf5rmid) 

— head , ber 7f jt^^elm , {Rfirfen einer Wi 
-stone, Min. bet Seilfleitt 4 —▼etch, —wort, 

^B^u ba6 eeilfraut, bie i^eilcoroniUe. 

Ax'iform, adj, o^feufdrmid. 

Ax'jl, i^xil'l^ s, 1. Anat. bte K^felgrube) 2. 

Ix'lll^r, ix'jli^ry, attf. ilnat. jar TCil^fetgrttbe 

deb^rig) a-y, Bot im QCfls ob. SSlattmtnfel 

flebenb, atbfelftdnbtg) a-y artery, Xnat.bie 

Ax'fnUe, s, Min. ber X^mnerfhin/ Wait 
Ax'jom, jr. i%. baft V;riom, ber (Sraabfat* 
ixf9mXt'|c(-qii), adj. ajciomatif*/ aejoif, 

(bttrib M felbfl) ermiefen^ anerf annt 
Ms, #. r. (bef. Maik. k Bot.) bte TC^fe; 

AnaU ber }mette 0tfi((eni9trbel$ Zooi. ber 


Ax'le, Ax'ie-trss, 1. bic Xddfe am flUabej — -t. 

arm, ble S^toengelflange j — -tarmi, bie 

XtbfeaWenWj --tbcd, baft 7f*fenfatter5 

- -t. box, bfe l(<bfettbil*fei — -t. hoop, ber 
^tabenriag, baft 9{obenbanb j --tnnt, bie 

I Xtbfeaf^rattbei -(-t.)pin, ber X^ftiut^ci, 

bieSfiafe am {Robe 9 —trees. Afar. bie^(bf<ni 

etoeft {Rasper tft 4 —-tree washers, bte ©top- 

f^elbea (c/. Washers), 
ly [afl, adv.rmlg. la, \a bO(b4 freiUib/ ^itoif, 

be^tmmtj —sir! Sea,iameiiif>errl(8ewdbal. 

Vatioort ber !Katrofea aaf baft (Sommoabo) 9 

—and no, jaaabaeiaj ayes and noes, pi. 

©timmea bafur aab batoiber. 
ly, I. int. a^l a^l loebl —me! loe^emir! 

n.Ay, or Aye, adv. * (aaf) immer, ewtg! 
Ay'-gre«n, $. Bot. ber f>aaftlaa4. 
Ay'ry, *. bie -^orfl, ZC, vid. Aerie. 
Az'^Gle, s. J\m. bie Hiaiolt, SJ^iftpelbirae. 
Iz'imiie^, L s. AjtU ber Y|imat^, 8erti!a(iir« 

Hli n. adj. a}imat^I$ —compass, A'aut. 

berTCiimut^aliirfel) -dial, bie :2Ciimatbal« 

^zote^, (^dt', C), s. Chan. ber©ti(ffh>ff, baft 

etidgaft/ Jto^Ienfioffgaft; bie Sti^uft 
Mfi€> adj' Gfiem. 6ti(fftoff eat^alteab. 
Az'QtXfed, p. a.'- food, fiictfioffbalttge 9iab« 

Az'pnte, s. Chem. baft folpeterfaare ©alg. 
A'z^re [i'-zhyr], 0^7. (immelblaa/ bo<bbIau, 

« aiantf —stone, Af»n. ber ^tfurflein. 
A'zvre [a'-zhvr], #. 1. Chem. baft baafelblaue 

^obaltglaft, bie ematte) 2. ber (^ft«)j)im» 

meU S.Her. baftSlaa (blaaegelb)) —of 

copper, Min. bie ibipferlafar. 
To A'zyre [i'-zh^r], v. a i&txoai bimatelbUiit 

fdrbea. [(^tmmeDblaa, lafttrfarbig. 

A'z9re<i [s'-zb^rd], adj. |^immelblaa gefdrbt, 
A'zvrlte [— zbvr — ], s. vid. Azure-stone. 
Az'ymSf , «. pi. Jew. Rel. baft gefi ber uage* 

fdaertea SBrobe. 
.Wymoos, adj, Jew. Rel. aagefduert. 


B [b«], «.(ein5Ritlaater), baft®, bj Mus. ber 
fiebeateSoa ber Xoaleiter (b)) B flat, (B t?), 
Mus. b mcUi B's of the bowsprit, Ship-b. 
bie Stoltaea (IBotfea) beft Sagfprietft. 

B, abbr. ft. bass, bcr i^af $ B. A., ft. bachelor 
of arts, 0a((aIaareaft ber frciea JWnfle^ 
B. C, fl. before Christ, oor (S^rifti (Sebart j 
B.P., ft bachelor of (in) divinity, IBacca« 
laareuftberXbeologie^ bd. fl. bonod, (00a 
IBd4erB)gebaaben) bds. fl. in boards, ta 
9)appe; hvoWxti B. L., ft bachelor of 
laws, fiketalaureuft ber 3uriftprabeai) B. M., 
fl. bachelor of medecine, Saccataureaft ber 
Webicinj Bot., fl. bought, faafte (ia Caafrt. 

0te4aaagea)$ Bar., hart., Bt., ft. baron, 
baronet, IBaroa, iQ3aroaet; Bp., ft bishop 


Baa, s. baft Sdi6hn, (Sithl&t (00a e^afen). 

To Baa, v. n. blofca, tmig. bdea. 

Baar^e, s. tint &axu 

Baat, #. 1. eiae ftameflf(be (oiereffige) 6tlber« 
mfiaiei 2. eia 4iaefif<6eft Qimi^t 00a eiaer 
balbea Unje. 

To Bab^ble, v. I. n. 1. papebi/ flaauaelA (loie 
Heine it(nber)} piappern^plaabera^ 2. Sport, 
(9. {>aabea; bef. jar aare^tea 3eit) aafibia* 
gen 9 11. a. (bammeft 3ea^ f4n>a^ea« 

Bab'ble, s. boft (3tf^w^\, (BepUaber, (ie»dfd> 




itiU>a>(^r, s. ber e^iofi^tt, K.i ihe— , bie 
Bib'bl^rf , pi. Sprt, oorUutte ^itabe. 
BSbO>liog, Lp.#. l.baSfMaubcni; itttHil^e®e« 

f<^»i^$ 2.« oorlauteTfnfi^Iadtnber 

|)itiibe/ nadftbtiit fU Me Bpur be« Gitbeft ^ 

belts n. p. a. f^va^^oft, plaubernb^ the— 

edio, baft gef^ioA^ige 64o ) the — Atream, 

ber riefelnbe (munnelnbe) 9ki<l(. 
B2be, «. 1. bos fleine Stiv^, ^nb^en, ber 

eiasUng) 2. baft^il^p^en. 
Bilifl, #. 1. <?eog.®«beI, Ottbt)lpn; 2./ig. 

bie Senoimtng, Unorbnnng. [itinberei. 
ian>f 17, «. ber Jtittberfram, bod Bpiditn^, bie 
BTbish, B&'bfshly, oirf. Babyish, Ac. 
Baboon', #. Zoo/, ber f>a9ion. 
Bfboo'sliff , 1. p<. 9aho^tn, fBa^uf^en. 
B2l>j, «. 1. baft fteitte^inb^ 2.bie9sppe4 

-things, bftft ^ppenioerf, Jtinberfpiclfa^en. 
To Bi'bjr, V. a. »ie eitt Jtinb be^anbeln ) t^u* 
Baliyhood [- hid], #. bie Jrittb^eit [f*em 
Bi1,yfah, I. a4}. ; II. -ly, fldv. Wnbff*. 
Bi^ylpD, s. Oeog, Oab^Ion, Oabel. 
BShylO^of^n, I. adj. 1. bobt)tDttifd^4 2. >ig:. 

tmoirrt^ n. s. ber 9kibi)Ionier. 
BibylOo^BSbyl»n'ic«l,B&bylO'nish,<i4;. 1. 

bab9loitif45 2.^. oenoirrt fhirmifi^. 
Bie, s. l.tin^vcim, ^(rboot$ 2. Brew. 

loft MW4i1f/ ^er M^lbotti^^) 8. Dish 

BWcf, s. BoU bie Seere. 
Baccflio'riftte, J. Zit. baft Saccalaureat. 
Bicch'fn^ I. a((;. f^welgerif^/ f4»irmenb5 

IL #. ber e^melder, 3e4brnber. 
Baofh^nft'lj^iiy 9. tt, adj, »te Bacchanal. 
Bac^h'^n^lf, s. pL 1. Ant, bieOac^analienf 

2. jig. bie 64»<Iderei, baft dei^^gelad. 
BfcchWtef, f.p<. l.^t.9ac4anten,!Bac4an» 

Bac^sh^rlts, s. BoU bk ^flrnour). [ger. 

Bac'{hf c, Bilc'chic^I, a^, UcWi i toeifttntn' 
ftB, i»datotL 

Bie'chMf '. A>ee. ber 9ae4ittft. 

Bac'sfaga, «. Afyf A. IBaoftttft. 

Bfe^f^rooa, odj. Bo^ IBeeren tragenb. 

Bae^% Voo*T ad[7- Not. Sceren freffenb. 

Bick'^pr, J. 1. berSuRggefeKej 2. htv^Qqt»\ 
^ti5 S. ^c. berfBaccalavreuft} — '■ battoni, 
Bou 1. bie fBalblp^mft; baft ^arienrftft^eit) 
% bie itombbune. [ilc baft Saccalatireat. 

B^ch'flprabrp, s, 1. berSttnggefeHenftaRb) 2. 

Bicfc, s. ge». comp, bie Jhife^ |. 9. beer — , 
bie maHfti brewing -, baft M^IWfff 
(ritf. Bne). 

BScfc, s. 1. bcr9tii<rcn5 2. baft Jtreiii (eineft 

f)ferbeft, u.)i 8. baft ^intert^eil (aneinem 
itieibe, u.), bie CRiiitrcitc, ber {RiicfeR (ber 
4>a&b, eincftlDtt^eft, Gtu^Ieft^ flBcrfgcuBeft^ 
^ilgelft, K.)$ 4.ber Jtomm mit eiacr 9iei(e 
3i6ne(fil.iiii{>aBbelgc». backs genannt)) 6. 
5A»p4rber diu^tca eineft @tu<f J(nuiun^oUeft 
(opp. Belly); Mar^, — of the stem poat, 
ber i8itteil^eoen$ —of the rudder, bieSut« 
teniRg ob^Berboppelttng am Steucri —of 
a coin, ^er 9tcs>M (bie Jte^rfette) eincr 
QKiinse ^ a — and breast, ein ^amif4/ M^ 
rati —and collar, ein fldftlemeft dnNrngft- 
teib^en (sur {Berbefientng ber f^iefen {)ai* 
tXRg)) comp. —band, baftS^ragbanb (bit ber 
engl. (Babelbei^feDj —b. hooks, bie^ohn an 
ber (Sabel sum din^afen ber Stttttu (beft 
Xragbanbeft) i — basket, ber SragYorb i baft 
ffteffi bieOttttcj — blow, 1. ber 64(ag auf 
ben9lii(teRi 2. ber€$4Iag mit amgemanb* 
ter |>anb i — board, Mar. baft ^e^nbret ^ift* 
ten anber0ibbanf eineft Sooteft) —bone, 
l.berBtiicten) 2.baftSliiifcnflu(e5 — bonen, 
#. pi. bie fleinfle Gorte ber ABaUfiHibarbenj 

— clouts, #• pi. bie SBinbeltt) ~ door, 1. bie 
f>itttert^r} 2.>!g.bicl(nftflu4tj- freight, 
bie (Hdctfra^ti — friend, eia berflcater 
Sreunb/ (eimli^er Scinb^ — gammon. Gam. 
baft Xriftraf, f)ttffrpiel CKxt Srctfpiel}} - 
ground, MU. ber IBerflecf/ ^intergnmb, 
befgi. JPiUnt. bieSertiefUttg (in einem <Sk< 
mdlbe^ )c)4 — handed, mit umgcwaabter 
{)anb4— heave, ber (Segenf^Iag 4— heaver, 
eine !SRaf4ine i«m CM^mingen beft Jtornft^ 

— house, baft j)ittter^auft/ ^intergebiubc) 
-light, baft j)interglaft in einer itutfibe^ 

— painting, eine ^rt (Blaftmalerei (auf ber 
dtitffreite beft Q^lafeft mitS)cIfarbc iSuminirte 
Jhipferfli*e)4 — part, ber ^intertjeilj — 
piece, baft Btitdten^cf (ciner (Ruflttng/ u.)i 

— room» ber (intere {Raum$ bie ^inter« 
finbe) — shop, baft {>intergc»ftlbei — side, 
1. baft {)intert^eil, bie fStuiifcitt i 2. ber ^of 
ober dtanm fainter bemf>aure; 8. ber|)interc 
(eineft X^iereft)) —staff, Nmtt. ber Gonnen* 
^ft^enmefler) -stairs, *pL I. bie{>inter« 
treppe) (eimli^e Xrcppe$ 2, fig. bie Vnft* 
MU — itays, Afor-#. bie ^arbunen (ftarfc 
Sane sur Oefeftignng ber ^aflcn)5 after— 
stays, yarbnnen an ben ecitcn beft ®(^iffcft 
(inter ben SRaften) breast— sUys, Geitcn^ 
parbunen) standing— stays, ftc(cttbe yar« 
bunett$ traveling — stays, IBorgparbunen 
bcr@tengen$ —step. Mil. ber {R^tfT^^ritr, 
bei miiitdrif^en fBemegnngen o^ne Serinbc 
ntng ber gronte 5 — ititch, Sew. ber estepp^ 
fK<(4 -strap, bie Gtruppe am Sttxtf^^* 




Wrr)-swayedt Tet earners tt. e^wA^en fp4tet(«^on8riii|ten,u.,att4US&05^1.-B€«^ 

in benSUcrcn let^enb(9on9ferben)) —sweep 
of the WKvei, Mar. bie CBtberfec) —sword, 
1. ^er ^tebct/ $aubedni, bod einf^nribide 
ed^»crbt) 2. ein etoct mit einem A^xh^t^ 
WP ium 8<4ten5 — iword man, bcr $(4' 
teraufben^teb) —tools, A>olc-6. Sileten, 
6tn4 ' ober Sabcnfiemyd {um (Beriicren ber 
M4erdl(ten5 — water, i)iJE. ^tattmaRcr) 
To — water, t). a. Afar, dtfiodrtd ntbern^ 
—woods, iim. bie oon bcn7flled(<tnt)«®cbirgen 
»efil. liegenbcn Urndlber Qe^t fi/theWcst 

#. l.btel(bjseneigt6eit,bcr®ibcrn>iUcj 2.bk 
&iiiafdmfeit,Xrid^citi d.baddttructfcin) 3c* 

BSck^Wfird, Bilck'w^df, adv. rtttfmartG, (tt* 
riict j r&cfgdadig) DCrfc^rti —and forwards 
^in nnb (er. [ben 9 2. )>cr(cttmbcn. 

ToB&ck'w^find, v. a. 1. mctt<b(indd )>crn>ttn« 

Bi'cQo, «. berGpccf; a flinch of-, ctnc6$pc(f' 
\titti a gammon of—, (a ham), cin 6$d)m* 
ttay — hog, baft fettee^nein, aXaftf<bn»ctn. 

BXeQlttm'dtry, «. ^fat/u bic 6tQbmcffung| 
eermeflung mit au6gefte<ttcn Gtabcn. 

Ob. the /or West); —'woods' men, biemei«pXd,I.o<yi.9 II. — ly, adv» Mlc^t, ftbiimm 

fen 0mo(ner biefer flBdlber, ^intem^ibUrd 

— worm (vtd. Filanders); — yard, bcr j)in«| 

BXdc, ado. ittrfict ^ (intenoirtftj — or —again, 11 

mt^er, loiebcmmj a few years—, 9or eisil 

nigen Sa^ren. 
To B&ck, t). I. a. 1. (ein |)fcrb, ic) befleigenJI 

^inten anfii^en^ 2. (ein^ferb) abriibtenJ 

bftfe^fibeU 2. f^dbltdji^ungcfunb) S.Fraufi 

— debu, f^Ie^te (smcifcl^aftc) 0<btttbcni 

— growth, ber axif wad^ft 9 -ncw», nngun* 
fiige ^a^xid^ttxki — papers. Com, ^opicrc, 
bie in f^^letl^tem (Scebit fle^cni —paymaster, 
ber r^Ie^te darter j — woric, VrinL bcr bcfc 
60^5 in* — BOSS, 1. 1. bic &(b(c4t6dt$ 
2. bie 64Ic4tiglfeit, 9)oft^cit. 

iureiteni 8.jSg. (Qinem) ben 0l6(ten (altenJ Bilde, pret. 0. To Bid. 

(i(tt) unter^t^H/ oert^eibigen) 4. ,mii(f||BSdge, s. 1. baft 3ei4en, Jtcnnjci^en^ 9){cvf« 

gotten ^iur^iftreten laffen (|)ferbe, Ddbfen 
}cX (mil ettem^4r»erf))urii(f^afenf to— 
a letter, einen9rief itberf<breiben) to— a 
warrant, Low, einem in einer anbcrn ®raf* 
r^aft anftgefleOten eer^aftftbefe^I burc^ bie 
Unterf^rift eineft bortigen ^riebbftriAterft 
OiUtigfeit geben j to— in, riitfmdrte (inein- 
fa^ren, ge^eU/ yt*, ittrii(f(a!en^ (vtd. oben)^ 
Mar-i, to— an anchor, einen ^n?er oerfat* 
ttn^ to— a-stem, to— the oars, bie Oliemen 
flrei^en; riidfmdrtft mbemi — all a-stem, 
flrei^t inSgefammti to - the sails, bieGegel 
bttrf (gurnet) legend n.n. jnrfidftreten, rilrf* 

BXck'bjt, pret. & p. p. 9. To Backbite. 

To Biclc'bTte, v. ir. o. ofterreben, terlenmben. 

BXdc'btter, jr. ber Cerlenmbcr. 

Biick'bTtlngly, adv. oerleumbcdf^. 

BSck'bftten, p. p. i>. To Backbite. 

3Xcked', adj. einen fltiicten ^abcnbi broadly—, 
mitbreitem0tAdeen) broken —, frensla^m. 

BackgXm'm^n, s. vid. nnt. Back. 

BScks, s, pL Conu 1. baft 6o(Ueber (in ^aU 
ben 4)intett){ 2. vid. Back 4. 

BXck'slft, p. a. im fft&dtn angcftUen^ oerfolgt 

ToBack'slide, v. a. jig. l.gnriictgeten, }uru<fs 
meiiben5 ouftmei^en, ^uftf[itc(»te fud^eni 2. 
abtriinnig merben, Dom Olanben abfaOen. 

fiXcksA'df r, *. 1 . (giner, ber inrihf mii^t, Xuft« 
flilibtefttdftt) 2.ber7(btryinnige. 

BXck'w^rd, 1. adj.; 11. -ly, adv. fig. 1. ab« 
geneigt; mibermiOigi 2. tangfam, )>evbrofren, 
MWbembi ^xHifxU d.biobe^ 4. fpdt, ter* 

maU 2. Her. baft SDrbenftici<bcn9 Sacfci* 
e^ilbi 3. Skip'b. eine falfd^cecitcngallcric 
auf Jtauffa^rem. 

To BXd^e, V. a. jei^nen, beiei^nens (in bie 
^anb) branbmar^en. 

BXd'i^r, s. 1. Zooi. ber ^a^ft; 2. Law, ber 
priDilegirte ^erumsie^enbe Stoxn* u. eictua< 
lien(dnbler$ — legged, ba^ftbctnigj —gin. 
bie SDa^ftfaQe, baft JDa^fteifcn. 

Bft'd}^, Ba'djfoe, s. BoU bcr Gtcrnam'ft. 

BXd'in^de, B^dio'^rfe, s. baft Icicbtc, f^crg^af tc 
®efprd4/ bie G^dferei, bcr ®pap. 

BXdly, BXdn^ss, vid. unt. Bad. 

BXffe'tff, BXft^f, #. pi. Com. IBaffctaft^fSof' 
taft, ein oflinbifi^er S^aumwcQcnscug (white. 
geblei(bt5 brown, ungeblei^t). 

To BXf fie, 17. I. a, 1. (ittterge()cn; taur(ben 5 
2. flur}en,nnn)irl^amma4cn;tcrcitcln$ vcr* 
mirrcn/ bef4dmen5 II* n, mit cincmlBctrugc 
umge^en; betrAgen. 

Baffle, s. l.biefiereitelungj 2. ber IBctrug, 
bie Xduf^nng. 

BXf fif r, s. ber Sereitelnbe, Sdnf^cr, )c. 

BXg, ^. 1. ber 6a(ti ^vxUU Saacn^ 2. bcr 
^aarbeutel) 9* Far. baft 7(rincifa(t(ibcn ium 
TCppetit^iSrregen bei 9>ferbcn $ 4. baft^utcr 9 
a- of wool, ein IBaOen (240 ^fnnb) SBelIci 
eloke— , baftSeSeifen^ bcr^antclfatf 9 ba^l^- 
ing— , bie Sagbtafibe, bcr 9tcifefatf 9 -and 
baggage, 6a(t ttnb ^acf j — fox. Sport, ^cr 
iurSagb eingefangcncSu^ft} screw-barrci 
—lock, baft G^raubenfcblof 9 puzzle— lock, 
baftJBeinrf^Iof { — net, baft Gatfnc^ j ~ l*u>«i 




oteeaifpfdfe^berDttbclfftcfj To-pipethe|| high-, b«r Sbcwmtmaiw, K.J -of a port, 
mizes. Mar, Uft Sefanfegel bad legeii) ber ^afenrutter. [dnc^BailifTbtcSodtcu 
-pnddiag, b<r ^ ttDbing^ cttfiUfAe (ob. eer« B«i'l|irrck, #. ber 1Cmt«» ober ®cri*«bcgirt 
Mfttnt«)^iHof9 —reef, Afar, baft viertennb II Mii'mtDt,#. JLav, 1. bad ^cpomrcn 5 3. bic 

ntere 0teef5 — tinM, Surg, baft 6ttftpen« 

forhim, MeStagbmbe. 
To BSg, o. I. a. 1. in einen 6a(f t^nn, etn^ 

fa(fni$ S-befadttt^belaben^ II. n. aufT4weI< 

itn; anfbaafibeii. [belri. 

Blg^URle', #. btcJndni^fdt/ SapiHiIie; 2fin« baft ^onncnbect Ucit. 
B9giBz'» #. 5iig^>ir. baft )(nna((ene3tt(ferro(r BSi'r^m, s, Moh. Rel. baft i99airam»Scft* 


Bag'ft, «. fiof. bUeagette, bo4^fHeIifieSuIpe. 

BSg'svge, «. 1. btt fbti^a^t, ba$ ©epdd; ®e« 
rit^ (duet Ttrmce)) 2. baft ^affagiergut 
(oici. bad in biefer Sebeutung in Snglattb 
1 Lass«S«); — warehonse, Cus. bie|)aif« 
fonaitr (»o baft ^afTafliergat nieberddegt u 
mterfte^t oirb). 

Bis'sfBg, #. btc (grobc) ea(f(em»anb/ ^atf* 
IdmMBb, baft 6a(ttudj^. 

Bagv^v [bSn'y9]> «• 1. baft Sabe^anft » bie 
Sobfftaibej 2.baftSorbelI$ 3. (mberXfir^: 
fd) ds Ifufbnoa^rttngftort ffir (S(friflenfcta< 
Dcn$ —keeper, l.btr Saber, Sabemei^t: 
Z Ob. — |»aader, ber SorbeOtoirtb* 

Te BSg'pTpe, (the mizen) vid. in Bag. 

B^gs^ue', Bfgojft', #. 1. Mils, bie ®erte, 
eine^t^9 brr Eabeftodf) Otacfetenftab^ 
2. ^c/u baft Oftttnbfldbtcn (Ketner olft dn 
iitnigaJ, qv.y. 

Ta B&il, o. I. <r. 1. Laio-#. a) Oitrgf(baft Ui 
^$ M (ftr Ginen) berbilrden, 6inen Ioft« 
b&gai $ gegenOiirgfibaft frddeben^ (—one, 
fixaoL f&r3nnanb) alft Siirgen anneffmenj 
etacQ Sfirgen fleaen5 Com. ai>aUreit (ffir 
fMffOldfidh biirgen) j 6)be^ntreni 2. auft« 
n6pfni(>aftSBaffermit(Si]nem,ic.)^ to— 
(aat) a boat. Afar, ein 0oot attfto^feRt 
IL Ji. impr. fl. To Bale, gv. 

BiU, s. 1. Law, a) bte Siirgfctaft, (Bcnd^n 

M<ft)j 6>berSfirde,®ei9A(rftmaRnj Com 
Qc^fdMBfirge^ IEB«6abeRt ^ to stand—, ata« 
liteai 2. ber ^enhi, ®viff (an dnem Jteflel^ 
v.) i d. btc ® renje in dnem ® albe 4 4. tmpr. 
fL Bale, 99. 1. —bond, bie IBilrgMaftft'&b^ 
ligation, b(rlBfirg(f4aftft>64dn$ —piece, 

Bii'l^Mc, adj. bftrgf<baftlfibig/ oerbargIt(b. 

BiOS^, s. Law, ber S>e9ofitar, IBenoabrcr. 

Ki^^r, s. Law, bet SDeponent, ^interleget. 

Biilifr, BSi^ff, s. 1. berTtmtmann, Sanbvogt^ 

9tii(fgabe eineft ^epoRtumj 3. baftiDcpop* 

turn, awoertrautc Gut. 
Baildr', (oj>p. Bailee), #. Law, ber iDcponcnt. 
Blily, #. ber 6*crge, ©fittcl. 
BSilf, #. pi. bte ®ogen eineft Sootcft, morauf 

Bait, s. 1. ber JCftber, bie «orffpdfe, (au*^.)j 
2. bie (Srfrif^ung auf ber CHeife. 

To Bait, 17, 1, a. 1. HUtn, anfomcnj 2. un« 
termcgft cinfc^ren, an^altcn, ftift erfriMcni 
(auf berOldfe) futtemj 3. anfaflcn (bef. ton 
flUaubtSgeln , to — at ... , flcf en auf. . .) i 
(|>nnbe) an^eten$ bei^en (i^on C$top)>ogeIn)5 
fig* plagen, qudlen; II. n. 1. mttbenSIii' 
gein f(btagcn, flattem (Don (Rauboftgeln; 
beim Knblict ber fdcuU) i 2. (auf ber ^Idfe) 
einfe^ren, an^alten. 

BJi'tjng, (p.) *. baft Jt6bcrn; K. rid. To B.i!t; 
-place, l.baft SBirfbft6<iuft, bie^crbcrgc? 
2. ber |)e(pla$; bie^a^$ bull—, baft S)(b' 
fente^en, &tiergefe4t. 

Baize, s. Com. ber S5ot) (woHcner 3cug). 

To Bike, V. reg. k ir. 1. 0. 1. batfen 5 2. ^r* 
ten, brentten(3iegel)5 U. n. l.gebacPcn ioer« 
ben, ba<feni 2. barren, burre loerben. 

Bftke-, comp. — hontc, baft IBa(t^attft, bie 
IB£(ferei; Sactftubej —meats, s. yl. ge< 
bactene 6$pdfen. 

Ba'kfd, Ba'k^n, preU 0. To Bake. 

BaOc^r, s. ber IBdcfcrj — • foreman, Bak. ber 
XBerhneiflcr (in einer Sdcterei). 

Ba'k^ry, *. bic ©firferei (^anbwerf unb ^otal 
eineft ®d((erft). 

Ba'king, (p.) s. 1. baft ®aifen $ 2. baft S9ren» 
nen$ 3.baft®cbd(f $ 4. (-trade) baft 0d(ter« 
^anbtoer(3 one—, cinS)fen Ml, ein(S(cbd(f$ 

ld(isiig,<5atttiott4 Gt)m.:Koai(JEBec(»feIbiirg' a— of clay-pipes, ein iftranb t()5nerne |>fd< 

fen 4 — dish, bie IBa(ff<bfi|fd9 — pan, bie 
Sactpfanne, ^^ortenpfannc. 
Biil'^nce, #. bie SBage, SBagf(ba(e j 2. Mech. 
baft ®Id<bge»iibt) 3.badUcbergemt(bt| ber 
Ueberf*ttf, (c/. Corns.); figs. 4. bic «cr* 
gld(bung, (Snodgung; 5. baft eAmanfen^ 
6. bie Unpartdliifeit, T. (—of power), baft 
(l)lei<bgt»i4t (ber 9Xa(bt)4 ®egcnge»i(bt5 
8. AsU bie SBagc a 9. Dane, ber €$4mebe« 
r^dttj 10. i/or. bie Unru^e (in dner Ubr)) 
11. Corns. bieeiIan),berUeberr<bu^Seflanbj 

2.ber64loft>ogt$ S.berSogt, 6<buIbbdfJ ber (Stat, Senndgenftfiattb^ Ueberftcbt ber 
eeri^tftbiener^ 4. berSenoalter, ecbaffnerJ Ginna^me u. Vuftgabc^ ber (Re^^nungftfalbo, 
ataitcn«(IKnnebmer(anf9atdmoniaIgi(tem)$|| (R-reft, da^tungftreftj - of (an) account 




carried forward, Ut Sortrag etncr 9te<l(« 
nnnd5 amoant of-, ber ©albobetragj — of 
accounts, ^(r9te4nung^Qb^4lttf I — of io 
terest, bcr SinfenaQ^glei^, d-falbo) — of 
trade, bie ^anbeUbilans) to have a— In 
one's favoar, gut t^dhtVLi — in oar (yoar, 
my)fayoDr, 6atbo in unfern (Bnnftftt, fovxmt 
uiie...5 ©olbo S^nen ober mirj —to their 
debit, Galbo %u i^ren ^ften^ to leave a— 
in one's debit, in 9tcfl blelben, rcfKrenj to 
strilce a—, ben€5albo jiejen^falbirenj comp. 
— acconat, bie 9tit(!fianbSre(f^ttmig5 bad Si* 
lansconto^ Gontoralbo^ — bill, ber Galbo* 
leeitfel^ Zppoint) — book, bad ®iIaR)btt4 $ 
— sheet, ber SSilansbogen J — arbonrs, vid. 
in Arbor; — fish, Ich. ber ^ttmmerjatj i 
—fly, finf.bie^ibene^^afTcriungferi —ma- 
ker, ber SBaeenmod^er 5 2V». (bef. Watch,) 
— poiser, eineS5alancirmaf*inej —tool, tin 
tDocfbrc^fht^lj -webs,URniW«^len j -wheel, 
bad Gteigerab i — wheel engine, ein Gtetge* 

To BiU'^nce, r. La. I, wigen, abwdgen^ fig. 
ern)dsen$ 2. balanctren^ in'd ®Iei4ge»t4t 
bringen, im (9 e er^altenj 3. bad ®(ct4« 
Ob. (9egengemi4t batten^ fig. anfmiegen^ 
4. Mar. einnebmen, einbinben (tin fftttf), 
bergen (bit ©egel)j 5. Corns, bilonjiten; i>er« 
gleitben, ben ®tatud matben) to— anac 
count, etne9tecbttung falbfren, ftbliefen; aud^ 
glei(ben} fcontrireR; ben QSalbo jie^en, b. 6. 
beja^len^ to — accounts with ..., I(bre4 
ttung (alten, fi^ bere(bnen mtt. ..i to —the 
ledger, bad ^auptbu(b f(bltefen| b-d in ac- 
count, bur4 ^egenrecbnung falbirt) n. n 
].im(9Iet4gei9{(bt fein$ 2.>!6r. unftblfirRd 
fein, f(b»anfen. 

BU'^cfr, 1. berlSdgenbej ffBagemeifhr. 

BSI^der', s. Mech, 1. gen, ber©alancier5 
2. Mint, bad SDrntfrnerf in einer Wunjftdtte. 

Biil'^nvB, s, vid. Ben-nnt. 

BXiW-rttby, BS<l'»«-rdby, s, Jew, ber ©alttfa 
rubin, €ftttbinbalaf . 

Bftl^zSS^, BXI?i20ci/, s,pl. Com. »eifetaum» 
leoOene 3enge and Gurata. 

To B^bG'cjnlite, To B^lbti'tiftte, v, n. flam* 
nteltt; ftottem. 

BXCch^r, s. Jch. ber jange ^acbd. 

BiKcpny, 1. 1. Arch, ber ©alcon, ^^Oer) 2. 
ATor. bie^lntergafferie J -box, bieTOtteno^e. 

Bild, oi/j. hbl/Unbe^aart^RadPt) yEg.f^mmt' 
Iod,g!att5 gering,ttle(btj gerabejuj comp. 
—buzzard, Orn . ber 9einbre4er,6eeab(er 5 — 
eagle, Orn, ber»eiffopf,gif(babUr J -kite, 
Orn, ber ©ttfaar^ ORdiifefalf, bie ffBei^e^ 
-fate, 1. ber JtabffopH 2. Orn. bieiocif* 

f6pf!ge iSaubet — pated, (—pate), fa|l« 
f 6pflg 9 — rib, bie 0(b»i^indnppe. 

ToBftld, v.a. fa^l ma^en, abtrogen, tb- 

BXl'd^^hrn, BillM^qara, #. Arch, ber 9atbt' 
(bin/ $ra(bt(tmmel/ S^ron^immeL 

BAlM«rd&sh, s. 1. bad ge^oltlofe Oef4lod(, 
ber(9aminot(iod(C.); 2. bad ®emif4, /am- 
ber ^if(bmaf(b i 9. gefilfcbter ffieiit 

To BillM^rdSsh, v.a. ^ttmiidttn, Dcrfftif^en 
(bef. «Bein). 

BAld'ly, adv. Hf^l, vnbe^art, &a<tt{ fig. 
f(ble4t) f4le<(t»eg;gerabe|u. 

Bftld'm^ny, t. Bot. ber ^^tan, vid. Gantian. 

BiUd'n^s,i.bie^a(^eit$ (»U%Ki fig.pUttt, 
f^U^te eAreibart [S)cgettgc(^eRf . 

BACdrick, s. ber ®ilrtel, bod VM^^n^e, 

Biile, $. 1. ber (<9itter») Saaen, bod ^aMi 
2. ber ^enfel, ;c., vid. Bail 2; 3. Geog. §ba» 
fel/ vid, Basle; — goods. Com. 1. Odter in 
eaUen, bef. oftinbif(be (sum Unterf^^iebc pon 
Piece-goods); 2. oont eaOettioaare (in 
Sranfreidli u.^anbem)/ orbindre htiietBaa« 
nn (More.). 

To BSle, V. I. fi. embaHiren/ einboSen, tin* 
padfen, (ob. to — np goods, fiBoaren) »er« 
padfeni n. a. impr. ft Bali, qv. 

BKldXr'ic, adj. Geog. balearif^. 

BXle'fai,!. adj. II. -ly, adv. l.elettb.Hdg' 
U<b/ tranrig, betrflbti 2. oerberbU(b/ t>cr« 
nfiflenb/ oer^aft. 

B^lirt^r, s. bie Ifrmbntfl. 

B^lW, s. Mar. bie 6pier*9a!e. 

BAlk[b4k], s. 1. berOolhn) 2. Hu^. bei 
0tais (|»if4en ben Sur^ett)^ fig-^* 3. bit 
fetter^afteKttdlofrung, bcrfier^f, Se(Ur$ 
CXtierpri<b4 €$4^f/ bie G^onbej bad ttn* 
re<bt, bie Seleibignng, ber e<babe, 9la4t(etl $ 
—book, bie ^Rufleif arte, badf)robettbu(b ber 

ToBAlk[bftk], v.a. 1. Husb. b^^flugen 
0taine i»tf(bett ben Surtben laffeni 2. auf< 
f(bi4ten, anfb^nf^n) 3. irre Ititen; tdufdb^n 4 
dffett) bef^imen) f^abeni d. oorbeigeben, 
ilberge^en, leeglaffen) oerftj^weigeii/ oer^eb^ 
len i 6. benoeigent/ andfiblagen ) to — a shop, 
einem itramlaben bie Jhniben abfpdnfha 

BA'ik^r^ [bAHc^rz], s. Fish. j>drt]igdbotcll, 
^ringdl^d^er, a«4 conders tmb hnan ge« 

Bdll, 1. 1. ber SaO, bie .jtagel i 2. jeber ntnbc 
Ob. nmbliibe iTdrper^ berKpfel (Yngopfel, 
9tei<bdapf^I)$ 8. berCSocon ber ecibenrattpe y 
4. ber fallen (an ^diiben ob.84^)) 6. T^p. 
(e^em. b-s, pi.) bie OaOen^ 6. ihr, bir 




Sinfc am yenbeU T. Sport. W %il^tU tiua 
%Uii^\Ui ^ of the koee, t>iit Stnitfd^^Ui 
a sweet ^, mnik— , eiafBtefomhio^^f^ Mils. 
(ftre--) MeSran^fugeli OrottotC} (o^'Uff^t-*) 
^ie Uu^ttu^tU Met. ter %tutthatLi — of 
■pan -yarn, Afor. rin Jtloon €$4^iemoiinft< 
gani$ wtth (wap)-, bi(6eifiei^gel$ bni, p< 
/r-w. bu aii« ben f>ttbbcl6feii fonmenben ei> 
IciflttiiqMn ober ^pen^ cricket b-a, p/. 
BVtugib(UU f&c Gnoo^feae) boll and f ocket 
joint, ei]iilugeir4arnier^del}a))feni comp, 
— cabbage lettoce, bet Ctofolatl MUs* 
— eartridget bie^tttgelpatroRe) — proof, ht" 
idftfki —stock, 7>^.(e(ein.) bcrOriffam 
Zm^MbiUtni — vein, etn nUtta^ttmi^tx 

BiO, «• bcr Son (dae Xanjdtfellf^aK)- 
To Bill, v.n. MboQea. 
Baited, #. bit ®aOabe$ — monger, ein O n» 
oerfdafet ob. Biu^tti —singer, bcr 16-R^ 
Rliger, Mahlfdndmr) bielBdnfelfdngetinn. 
To BS'l^d, o. n. fBanaben madden ob. fiagea. 
nai^di^ry s. ber Saaabrabt^ter ob. Gdager. 
BiKl^fl, BlI1«s-rttb>, mUBalasa-ruby. 
um^Mitf s. I. Mar. ber iSSaOafi^ a.>ig. ba6, lood 
ttotfimdlei^gewi^t^dlt) pea— ,9aIIa|l 
mi JNe^foab^ sbingle ob. stone — , iS. bon 
gcobea J(iefel («6teiaea) 3 to go on (to sail 
to)—, (mir) m\t ©. belabea feiaj - lighter, 
].ba6lB-f4iff/ bielB-f(ftute$ 2.ber^affe^er 
lenaKaff^iefen beft SaHa^ft) —port, bte 

To Bil'l^t, o. a. 1. boQaftea, mit SoCo^ be.- 
Ubcn{ a./g. itt ©lel^geibi^t taltea. 
B«KI«t, s. 1. baft eaHet) ber SBtltnentaa}^ 
2. Her. ber SaQea, bie Jbtgel. 
Mette', #. vid. Ballet, 1. 
BiFlfat^r, s. vid. Baluster. 
Bolides', [— AdnO, s. vid. Balloon, 6. 
Bflldda', (BSl'l^n), #. 1. ber grof e Sail/ 6la« 
fath^^i befgL ba« SaSfpiel (mit biefem Id., 
ail baDoon-ball gea.)) 2. (wind or air—, 
bcr ffiiabboQ, {taftf) SaHoa^ 3. Chem, ber 
grofedledpieitt; Sattoa) 4. Arch ber Jtaopf 
(aaf ciaer X^urmfptbe/ u.)j 5. /'-w. bte 
etcrs'^eiterfugel (bei %vift» ober SBafTer^ 
3dicr»crfeB)5 6. eiaeOCrtSHuber'iSrtgaatiae 
KHMnist', #. bere«ftf4i1fer. [gu eiam. 
BSrioc #. 1. bie IBa^thtgel, 9aaotirfttgel3 
8. bcr«B4t(|ette(, etiaimsetteri 3. badSaU 
lotim ) —box, ber ettouahftea/ bte SSatI« 
anif . [ffBotliettel abfiiauaea. 

To BJUn^u v.n. baUotfrea, bKr^ itugela obcr 
Bill^Ude, BiK^tlde, s. Maw. bie e«aott<^e. 
Balm fblBi}, s. 1. berttolfom) a. iebe foft« 
b«t<,WoVt^ed^eabe€ki(be) 8.>ig. ber®.,ie' 

I beSfiftmerifKaeabeaXtttcU -of«ilead,ber 
!Kenabalfani5 — apple. Bet ber fbalfam* 
(tpfel) -cricket, Ent. bte Qicabe, IBoum* 
griUei - gentle, -mint, BoL bicaRcU|ff j 
—tree, vid. Balsam- tree. 

To Balm [bam], v. a. balfamirca^ Jig. lin* 
bern, ftiUea. 

BiU'nifarte, #. Bot. bie Sruaacntreffe. 

To Bii'lmlf^ [bam-], v. d. ju iBalfam modf^en. 

Ba'Imy [bam'y], adj. bolfamtftb* /g. Ub» 
bernt/ faaft. 

BSl'ndfil, adj^ vid. Balneatory. 

BaKne^ry, s. bte S3abefiube. 

BUn€2'tion, #. b«» IBo^ea- 

B&l'ne9it?ry> a<&'* ium ISabea. IBabe gc^ortg. 

Bal'n€viB, s. Chem, ba6 (Ybbuafhtng^O IBat. 

Bil's^ui, «. 1. ber fdalfam (cf. Balm); 3. BoU 
bielBalfomtae, vid.Balsamlne ; Hungarian-, 
Jhramm^obdli Ik^^i.- shmb, biciSalfam^ 
ftaubei —tree, l.bicQlufiei S.ber^opaico' 
6aam) 3«berXen>eatinbaum. 

To B^Ks^m, V. a* vid. To Balm. 

BflsWic, (— C9i), adj. balfamtfc(^, vid.Balmy 

BAl'svmine, #. Bot. bte fi9aIfomtae 

Bikl'sfmrnt, s. Bot. bie aXelifTe. 

BlU'tMar, 1. JBot. ba» ^^aufeabfctoa. 

BU'tAfsar, #. SoU^afor (^-a.). 

BAnic I. s. bad baltif*e SRcer, bie ©ft- 
fees n. acO*. balttf4/ bua ber SDflfee, fiebc* 

'BAl'timDre, «. Geog. (Me &taU) HBalttmorC) 

. -bird, Om. bie ©altiaiore/ ber geucrvogc 1. 

B^j^tt^TfS.Arch. I.bie®cldaberrdu(c3 2. bie 
€$toIIe ober iDodPe aa etaer tct^ne, Srep;>cn< 
le^aes 3. Bot. ber (Sraaateabaum. 

To B&l'vst^r, V. 0. uaigitteni/ xc, vid. s. 

BXi'vBtrade, s. Arch, bie SSaUufirabe, ba<; 
bsr^brod^ae (Seldaber^ ©ittcrioer!. 

BXm, s. wig. bcr IBetrug, bie Suge, bad 
®leab»erf, ber|)fiff; Jtaiff. 

To Mm, V. a. vulg. ^iatergc^ca* tduf(^cit, 
prettea, sum 9)eflea (abea. 

Bqjnbdd', #. Bot. ber IBambud, bad IBambud* 
ro^ri —habit, eta @(lftioinuaneib and IBoai^ 

To B^bdd'zle, v. a. vulg. bctriigca, (iater- 
gc^ea, preOea, sum IBcftea (abea. 

B^mbdd'zl^r, 1. vulg. ber IBctn&gcr/ 64a{f . 

Ban, /. 1. bte 6ffeatli^e7(udrttfuag/ fBcfaaat^ 
ma4»ttag4 2. badXafgebot ber Serlobteai 
8. ber «aaa, bieX^tj ber Sla^/ bteBer^ 
miiaf4aag4 bod^nterbict^ to proclaim the 
b-s, aafbictcas 4. Com. tint Hxt feiaer oft* 
iabifd^fiXadliaj —dog, ber Jletteatuab. 

To BKn, V. I. «. oermunf^ea, brr^a4»efi9 
II. n. flucbea. 




Orn. ber ^ifangi&oficl, bie ^-brofleL 1 

Ban'co [bang'-ko], s. baS Oonco, 9attC0«<9eIb ) 
— mark, a){ar!«IBattCO| — RcgU, — RcginaJ 
vid» Ring's-Beaeb Q. QaeenVBench. 

BXnd, I. 's. sing. 1. baft Sanb, bie 93iabeJ 
edtinur^ 2. berdtlng 5 bie Jtette^ 3. (head-) 
l)il:6. ba$ 9anb ((Sopitdl^en) eineft IBudfteft} 
4. berlCuf« ob. Ue^erf^Iag, Jtraden) fhrie* 
ftnrfragen 5 5. bie Sanbe, (Rotte, Gompapie ^ 
6. etn®oIbde»u^t auf (Guinea (2Un}enXroQ« 
Oktoid^t); r. ilrcA. bie ^liatt, ^Uttti 
8. >ig. bie gejfel; ©anbe j — of a tail, Afar. 
baftiBanb ob. bieflSerboppelnnd quer fiber ein 
Bt^tii u. h-B, 1. Afar, bie lebernen 
&(bTt&vt beim fftttpWA^tn 8. Bfcb-#. bie 
$eftf4ttftre3 ttnber}{erte Seberbdnbe, ). S 
(booki) in iheep-b-i, inS^afleber gebunben j 
3. b-8 of a saddle, Sad. bie j»ei eifemen 
Sdnber unter bet ^jtrdmrnvitd ber battel* 
bogeit/ nm fie in i^rer ^age )« er^alten; 
III. comp. — box» bie f>utf4a4tel, ^ut< 
fd!iac(^tel (fftr ^amen)^ —dog, vid, ban-dog, 
ant. Ban; —roll, bie 5Rn|len:oae^ Siflej — 
string, bad ^agenbanb. 

To BSnd, V. I. a, 1. binben, oerbinben i 2. (in 
Sanben) oereinigen, jufammenrotten) II. i>. 
fl* bereinigen. [Surg, 

Ban'd^e, s. bie 9labe$ ber IBerbonb^ brf. 

BfndSn'9, (B^ndan'nOe^), b-a bandkercbiefe, 
'. p^ eanbannoft, fetbene (G^nupf*) Xii^er 
auft S)fHnbien. 

BXn'd?l«t, BXnd'l^t, #. Arch, baft »inb*en, 
IBfinbc^en, iftimd^tn, bie Heine Seifte. 

Bun'difn, s, vid. Badian. 

BXn'djt, B^ndit'tp (p^ b&n'djti, b^ndrt'tf) s. 
ber»anbit, ©trafenrduber. 

Band9lc«r^', *. Mil. baft ©anbelier, ©♦utter* 
flBe^rge^dnge r ber ^atrontaf^enriemen 4 
Xrommelriemen^ ^arabimerriemen^ (na<^ 
Jforc, FT., Ac), bie |)atrontaf4e. 

Bitn'dOre, s. Mvs, bie ^anbore. 

BXn'drOl, t. LbieSanberoOe, bie(ber)6(lfttffft« 
mimpel, baft ^i^n^mi 2. bie Zxempt^ 

BSn'dy, I, s. baft 9ta(fet (sum IBaOfpieO) n. 
adj. comp. fntmm, (auftwdrtftO gebogen 
—legged, fnimmbeinig. 

To Biin'dy, v.l.a.1, Jin nnb Jer filftlagen (ben 
©aU) i a. fig. (in tt. Jer ftreiten, fiberlegen i 
II. n. ftreiten; metteifern^ ft* oerbinben, ber* 
einigenj to — a business about, Mooft in 
Um^age bringen. 

B«n«,#. 1. baft (Sift 4 ^.fig. baftSerberbenj 
Bot-$. - berry, bie d^renffirmige e^tbarj* 
•nrij -wort, bie XoOKrfte. 

To Bane, v. a. oergiften. 

Bane^ai, L adj.j II. — ly, adv. 1. giftig) 
2. fig. berberbli*, tftbtli^j m. — nc«», t. 
l.bie(9ifiig!eit) 2.^. bie Serberblid^feit. 

To Bang, v. a. vulg. 1. f^lagen, fAneifen; 
bur^bldueu) 2.;!g. nnfanflbe^anbeln, mi^* 
(anbeln3 to — to a door, eineX^fir }ttf4iagen. 

BKng, i. l.vulg, bere^lag^e^nif 9 2. o^n* 
bifd^e fiSenennttttg beft^onfeft (eigentL bbnsg). 

BUn'gle, ad;. comp. (erab^dngenbi —eared, 
mit (dngenben SD^ren. 

BXn'i^n, BSn'ni^, «. Bot. (—tree), ber $a« 
gobenbanm,ge§eiligteSetgenbattm} —days, 
Mar, bie |)ungertage, Sage, an benen eft fein 
8Ieif4 giebt(SRontag,$D{tttn)o4 u.9reitag). 

BSn'jfns, BSn'jfns, s. pi. vid. Bannians. 

ToBSn'jsh, v. a. oerbannen, bertreiben> /g. 

Ban'jsh^ble, adj. ya berbannen, }tt bertreiben. 

B&n'ish«r, s. ber ISerbanner, Sertreiber. 

Ban'ishmfnt, «. 1. bie iBerbannung/ ^nbeft* 
berioeifnng i 2. baft (SMvan 5 9. fig. baft^er* 

Bank,«. l.baftUfcr, ©eflabe^ 2.ber|>itgelj 
SDamm, ViaUi 3. baft ©teinlager in einem 
Srud^e, bielBan! dumBi^en, ic.)4 4. Afar. 
bie 9tttberbanf 4 6. Com. bie flBetf^felbanf, 
baftOanfier^auftj bie fianlgefenrdftafti baft 
33anco (md. Banco); 6. Print. baftSauf* 
bret an einer IBu^brttdterprefTe} officers of 
a—, ©anfofficiantenj —of oars, Afar, bie 
S)ttft« ob. (Ruberbanf 5 —for loans, bie ^ei^* 
ban!/ baft ^((auftj —for savings, bie ©par* 
caffe (md. u. Saving) ; —for scalptors, ber 
i6ofilrftn(I) — of circnlation, bie ®iro« 
Sanf) — ofdiscoont and deposit, bie SDift* 
conto* u. IDepofito*a5anfj — of issue, cine 
S.^ bieS^oten emittirt^ bieS^otenbanf^detteU 
banf; (anbere Com. comp., cf. Banking); 
—account, baft S-conto^ —agio, baft©-» 
agio) -bill, 1. bie i8-a(tie, O-anweiftms, 
®>note; ber S9-|etteI{ 2. i>nr, bie S-bia 
(^arlamentftacte^ baft 9-ioefen betre|fettb)$ 
-bills, IB-noten;9apiergeIb| -brokerage, 
bie SBe^feUourtage^ —cresses, BoU 
ber^eberi^ i —martin, vid. —swallow; —mo- 
ney, baftSancogelb (vrd. Banco); bieS-oa* 
lata$ -note (baft beffereSBort f&v -bill l.): 
biefSanfttote; berS-icttel (sa^Ibar [bemSn* 
(aber] Ui Bid^t) i -post-bill, fionfnoie^ (ber 
ft. bon (Snglanb, ja^Ibar 7 Sage nai^ ZHit ; 
cf. po«t-note, ttnt. Post); — post-paper* 
ein fe^r bitnneft yoftpopier^ —stock, (ba< 
CHgent^um in) 9anf«Xctieni — swallow 
Orn. bie Uferf^watbei — token, vicLuittrr 
Token; —transactions, vid. ttnterBankiiig^ 




ToBSok, v.a. l.bdimnni, attf^drnmett, cin«{ 
Mmmea^ umtooHeil (vid. To Embank); 
2. (to. &) is ^it San! legni. 
Blnk'fr,*. 1. ber ©onttcr, (0eIbO®e*«Ietj 
8.ber9att^alttr(bet{>a)arbf9ielen)9 3,Jlfar, 
^er Terreneuf- (Newfoundland-, S^enfunb* 
loB^O S<t(i^^/ SafeQattfirdfter (6<^ifF unb 
Su^rer beffelbeit) j — • commiMion, bielBoii' 
Kcrprovtfion 9 —1 note, bie Sanhntoeifuag i 
— Uble, — counter, bcr flj^ctr^ltif^. 

BSok'^rf , p^ Dik, ^analarbetter. 

Bank/iDg, I. (p.) s. 1. Dtlr. bad JDdmmen; 
Xsfbdnmen (bed Ufetd bet Qn, u,}i Con^s* 
% ber ffBetf^fel^attbel, ®elb^anbe() 8. bie 
^tnng oon IBanfen ) 11. comp. — account, 
UA Sanfconto i — butlneta, — transactions, 
CBe4feIdef42fte$ — house, bie fBe^felbanf, 
MfBe^felcomptoirs eanfier^ud. 

Bank^rvpt,L «((;. banftrott^ }a^IsiidSnsfd(id9 
n. s. 1. berSanhrott) 3. berSanferottirer, 
9aiiferottirte, 3a6(ttngduitfd(i$e^ to turn 
(become) a—, bonferott ma^en, faatren; 
the general mass of a— *8 estate, bie (Son* 
aximaffti in. comp, —commission, bie (Su« 
rttorex ber ^afTe eined %oUiUn (Curatores 
bonorum}; — law, badgaHitengefet^ —of- 
fice, ber ®eri4t9(of in ®attferottfac(»en) 
- sjstem, fdmmtl^fSere^e irab 0ie4tdmittcl; 
He M osf S-e be^ie^en. 

To Knk'r^pt, v. I. a. banferott ma^m $ }tt 
®tntfbe ri^ten) II. n. banferott merben. 

Bank/r^ptcy, j. ber ©ottferott, badSaniment, 
He 3a(IimdSnnfd^ififcit$ court of-, baft 
SoSitengeri^t, bieQonairftbe(6rbe (Coneur- 
Atf creditorum) ; declaration (or act) of—, 
lie Saiilerotterfidntno (oor (Seridftt) 1 sta- 
tote of — , bod ©anferottirmanbat 

Bitt'nfr, #. 1. bad pannier, ©anner, bie gaine, 
etutbttrtej 2. bad gd^n^en (an einer 
&UQe, u.)i 3. Bot. bad gd^n^en einer 

BSn'o^cd, p. a. ©anncr ffijrenb. 

BSn'n^^lyf. vi({. Bandrol. 

Bin'nf^, «. ii.coinp. vtd. Banian. 

Bia'ttjfiif, *. pi. I. bie Sanianen (^anbeld* 
Ittfle in ZT^UaOi a. inbtf^e ^anbeld^Xgen* 
ten (i« 5>iett|l ber enropdif^en itattfTeute). 

lUu/nistf r, cor, b. Baluster, Balustrade, qv, 

Batt'quft, #. bad Sonfett^ (d^ope) (Safhna^I. 

To BSn^qn^t, v. L a. feflli^ be»irt(en^ tracti^ 
ren i IL n. banfettiren, Mmaufen. 

Bitt'qu^t^, s. 1. ber€^4mattfer^ 2. ber®afl« 
(ma^l)fleber. [geWattc. 

Bin'qnf^ns-hdll, 1. ber Sanfettfaal, bie 

B^qii«tte'[-k«tq, s. Fort. bieCanfette, ber 

BaA't«m,#. Om. bod fiintam^B^n^ * work, 
/otA. ^ttfltifd^ierarbcit mitiSolb ober9Re« 

Baa'stjcUe, #. Ich. ber eti^lmd. 

To BSa't^r, v. a. fpottcn, f^rauben^ attgic^en, 
sum ©eflen (aben. 

Biin't^r, j. ber €^ct^, epott, bod (Sefpott. 

Bitn't^r^r, s, ber 6pdtter, 6paf oogel. 

Bintljng, s* vulg. bad Heine Jtinb, ber 1bal%i 
cmt ber IBaftarb/ bad nneftelitbe Jtinb. 

BSa'y^ns, vid, Bannians* 

Bft'9biU>, s. Bot ber Of ffenbrobbaum. 

BXp'tIf m, s, bte Saufe. 

Bfpti^m^l, adj, jurSt^attfc ge^dng) —vow, 
ber Xanfbunb. 

B Vtist, «. 1 . ber Sdaftr i Saufgefinnte 4 2. ber 
ffBiebcrtdufer) 8. ©aptifta (!9l-n.). 

BSp'tistf r}', f . berXanfflein5 Savfort. 

B^ptiTs'tjc, Bfptis'tief I, adj. bie Xanfe bctref-- 
fenb. [oerbdnncn (Oetrdnfto). 

To Baptize', V, a. taufen) cant terfdifiien/ 

B^pti'z^r,^. berSaufenbe. 

B&r, I. s. sing. 1. bie etange (ton {)o(| ober 
SRetalO/ ©arre^ 2. berfRicgel; badftiegel* 
(ol^, CLner^d} (am ©oben eined gaffed, u.)5 
ber ©itgel) 3. bcrSalfen, Oanm: €$(biags 
banm j etaObavm, etanbbaam) j>ebebaumi 
4. bie Sarre, C^oabbon! ob. 9lei(^egetfett I'cr 
einem^area) bie di(^ebe) & biee^ranfcn, 
bad eitter i 6. ber mit e^ranfen eingefd^Iof* 
fene e^enftif^ (nnb£)rt beffciben)) 7. bie 
e^ranfen in einer &cvi^HftaUi ber Oc^ 
ri^tdfaaU 8. bad ®eri4t| coUect. bie Vb* 
)>ocaten, SXitgliebcr bed TCbbocatenflanbedj 
9. fig. bad{)inbemif$ 10. ber daerftri^, 
befgL 7Vp.ergdninngdflri<b) 11. Com. bie 
©arre, etange (^rrid* ob. aBcrt^bcflim* 
mang im afif(anir<|^ett j>anbel)$ 1% Print. 
ber 9)ref bengel i 13. Her. ber G^rdgbalf en i 

14. Mus. ber Xact, Xactflri^ (vicf. pl.)i 

15. Shoe, ber ©cfti^; 16. Sew. bie©Iu« 
mcnna^t (an ©pi^en) j IT. Law, bie percm« 
ptorif(be (Sinrebe, nei^e bie Miction bed ^Id« 
gerd oinig (emmt^ mosquito—, Am. bad 
gRudf itO'Stee (gcgen bcnCti* ber5Radfitod)f 
-fee, bad ei^tlhf ^aftgelbj -Iron, bad 
etangcneifeni -keeper, ber iteUner, ©tbenf- 
»irt^4 -maid, (-keeper,) bad e#enhndb» 
♦en, bie ^eOnerinni —man, ber 7(nfmdrter, 
ic (»ie — keeper) ; — master, Min. (Derb.) 
ber CrjmefTer; —pump, (Rng.) Mar. bie 
JtD4dpampe,4)anbpampe, ber 4)cberj -room, 
bie e4(nffi»((/ ^«ft Qrebenuimmer; -shot, 
etangenfngelnj -steel, ber gemeinceta^J 
—ways, gitterweife, in Elneriinicnj -wood, 
bad afrifttn.«otWolj, eanbel^oU* ii- B5r|, 





s,pl e«rrcii(— ofgold,ftcM<dalbbarr(n,K.)9 
Muss. ^ieXactftri(te{ —of rest, 9)aufen9 

— of the capstan, Afar, btc {)anbrDet(te& U^ 
OottdfipiU^) -of a horse, Man. WtcJ^n, 

To Bar, o. a. 1. Derriedeln, |uri((|eta^ (oer)^ 
fipcrreii, ocrgittern, mtt QS^braafen um^tbtm 
2. mit^treifctt (oerf^^ieb.Sarben) Derfeben$ 
9. ftretfen; in Btniftn tf^iUn; figs, 4. bnn« 
men, ^inbent, ab^altenj 5.aQ(f(bItefni, auS^ 
ne^men (mitfrom); 6. unterfoden, Ginbalt 
t^unj 7. Law, mt (Simoenbund mo^en; 
(emmen) 8. (in einisen epitltn) firafeO) 
to— a vein, Vet. bicTfber eiiie$ |)ferb« on 
i»ctS)rten unterbinben u. AjfneQ. 

BIr'ft, Blr'^t^r, vM. Barratry, Barrator. 

Birb, I. s. sing. 1. (contr, i».Barbary) 1. ber 
Barbar, fterberi 2. ba« Serberrof ^ 3.>Sg. 
ber ®art, toie bei Stf(ben, tc, baber: bte 
©orbe, ber ©artflf* 5 4. ber ® iberbafen (an 
etnera|)feil, TTngelbafen, ic»)i 5. BoU^tt 
Sart5 6. Orn. bte nttmibtfAe ZanUi II. 
Bfirbf, «. pi. 1. ber^ferbebarmfcb/ ba6|)fer' 
beiev^/^^eMirr (be» alten!D{iIit4r«) 1 2. re^ 
bie j>sttder}iben { 3. bie SBaO^Wbarten 

To Birb, «. a. 1. eiit ^ferb auffibirren, rfiflen, 
Dertop^tt) 2.mltfiBiberba!enberreben9 to 

— a lobster, eisett StctU lerlegem 
Bar^^c^n, «. Forts. I, bod XufetMttt, bte 

e(boniei ber Srficfenfopf ^ 2. ber flBa4t« 
tbnrm, bie lEBorte; 3. bte e^teffcbarte) 
4. (fran](.) bad mtnnhxb {in einer SKauer 
inm Xblaufen beS JBaferft). 

Bai'b^clle, vtd. Barbecue. 

B^rbftMpef , s. Geog. ©orboboftl Bo<-j. -aloe, 
bie 8eber»7f roei^cWrry, bie wefKnb. JKrfebe 4 

— flower-fence, (—pride), ber |)fatten« 
[(bioonsf -le«» Afcd. ber aiepbantenfUf, 
ba$ JrnoObeitt, bieSIepbatttialUi —nut, bie 
»e|Hnb.f)ttr9imuf5 --tar,betfl3er9tbcr. 

BaHbir* , s. ©orbar^r; ©drbel (g-n). 

Birbft'rf^, I. adi:' 1. Geog, bttrborif*, ber* 
berif<b5 2.^g. barbarif*/ »iib, rob, un- 
menf(blu({ U. s* 1. fi^eoff. berSarbar, ©er« 
ber) 2. fig. berDnrbar, Unmenfib. 

BitrbaVifOf, Geog. bic SorbareSten. 

B^bXr'ic, at(i. barbartf^b; rob/ n»i^. 

Bar^frifm, *. 1. LU. ber ©arborilmn* 5 2. bie 
fltobe UnmifTenbeit, u., vid. b. t. f. fiB. 

B»rb«r'jty, ,. 1. bic©ttrbttrei, ©ilbbeit, 0lob« 
beit) 2. bie UnmenfibKibfeit, fubdofe <9rau> 
famNiti 3. Lit. (».i) ber ©arbarismn*. 

To B&r^rlze, «. I. a. in ben 3uflttnb ber 
«obb«t,Uncultttrberfeben4 n. n. epwib* 
MIer nia<ben. 

BiWh^rons, L adj.i II. — ly, adv. 1. barba* 
rifcb/ n>tlb, rob/ ttngebtlbet ^ unioifrcnb i 2. on* 
menr(bK(b/ draufom; 3. fpra4»tbrig$ III. 
— ness, «. 1. bie ffBilbbeit in ben 6itten $ ber 
un0efittete3ttflanb$ 2. bie UnmenrtbUcb^itv 
3. ba$ ©erflof en ibiber bie (Reinbcit ber 

Bar1>9ry, s. 1. Geog, bie Qatbarei, Serberei* 
2. (or— horse), baft ©erberrof) —falcon, 
Orn. ber Sarbarfolf. 

Bar'bate, Bar'bat^d, (part.) adj. mit SBiber^ 
baf en, bdrti^/ be|gl. Bot. -flowers, ra<ben» 
f&rmi^e ob. iippenblsmen. 

Barbe, s. vid. Barbs, unter Barb; to fire 
in-. Mil. itber bie Sruftwebr, anflatt bur<b 
bie 6<bief Marten f^bicf en. 

To Bar'b^e, v. a. 1. tin &(bn>rin (einen 
S)(brtn; u- gam) braten (in SBeftinbien unb 
9{orbameri(a)i 2. (aufSamaifa) Jta{ree(auf 
einer 9)lattform) trodPnen. 

Bar'bfcQe, s. 1. ein gebrateneft (ganjeft) 6pan« 
ferfel, (S)(bft/ u.), baber 2. ein IdnbU(beft, 
feflU<beft aXabl (bef in Xmerifa) 9 3. auf (3Q' 
mai(a) eine TCrt |)Iattform {um Sro<fnen 
(QSonnen) bcft ^affeeft. [ti% (ou(b ^^)- 

Bar'b^, p. a. mit jffiiberboFen oerfebcn, bdr< 

Bar'bfl, s. 1. Ich. bie ©arbe, vid. Barb ; 2. 
(ober Barbels) Vet. vte^Barbs unt. Barb. 

BaHb^r, s. ber IBarbien — '* chafer, bie 
ffBArmfIafibe/B'flar4e$ —s pole, —s sign, 
bafte<bi(b eineft ©arbierftj — cbirsrgeon, 
or — sorgeoB , ber ©arbicr , brt gnglei<b 
ffiunborit i(l5 -s' vises, ^aiaffin^tn, f.g. 
engl. 0(biiiP/ engl. ^afcn. 

Bai^rry, s, Bots. 1. bielBerbcri^c, ScrbiS= 
beere) 2. (—tree), ber eerbiftbeerenfirau<b 9 
vid. Pipperidge (-bush). 

Bar'b^t, s. bieSarbette: 1. Orn. berSart* 
bogeW 2. Zooi. ber©artbunb/iottigc,Iang« 
obrige flBafferbunb, |)ttbel. 

Bar'blef, t. pi. Vet. vid. Barbs nnt. Barb. 

Bar'bQtifne, s. ber filBnrmfarae. 

Bard, s. 1. bcr ©arbe (3Xei|lerffittgcr ber GcU 
ten,ic.)4 2.* ber^Diibter, edJcgerj 3. bQ6 
bi(nngef(bnittenc 0td<f @p<^ inm epidtn. 

To Bard, v. a. ^upfen. raofen^ tiid. To Beard. 

Bar'dic Bar'djsh, adj. barbif^, ©arben*. 

BaHdjf m, #. baft ©arbent^nm, bie ^eiflerfdn- 

Bar'dous, a4;. einf&Itig9 [(biberfdQig/ trdgc. 

Bar'd^Iph, s. ©arbolpb/ ©artbolf (9R-n). 

Bard'-wddl [-wdl].«. accommobirtefiSone (bcr 
eble %itil wm glicf e, t. e. o^ne Jtopf' unb 

BAre, I. adj. i II. -ly, adv. 1. nacft (au<b fig.^y 
unbebecft) blcf, Ht^i, obnc ^aavt, gUtti 




S. tntb\6fti leer (aui^ fig' o6ne <9e(alt)^ 
Urfti^i 8. ttttgef^mtidtt/ einfa^/ f4mtt(eto6 
(Miifig'^i 4. offen, entbeA; &. obgetradcit, 
fabenf^einid, fiiobid (av^ thread-); HI. 
comp. — foot, ocfj. k adv* batfuf 4 ^footed, 
p. a. barfnf 5 —ground, ber platte flSobeiif 
~ headed, p. a. mit eiitbMf tem j>au|>te, mit 
blofem Jtovf^/ unbebeejft) — legged, p. a. 
vat bXofai fdantn, barbeinis^ a ship ander 
— pole«. Mar. da G^iff mit bef^Iagenea 
eegelQ) — pump, (C.) vitf. Bar-pamp 
—ribbed, ^^tt, bfim IV. — ne«i, #. 1. bie 
Kafft^t, eUfti a. bie ^Dtagerfeit) 3. bie 

Bire, /. bet tmbegrarete^lat, bie Se^be, {>eibe. 

To Bikre, v. a. nadt^ !abl ma4eR, entbUfcn) 

B^e'flced, I. p. a.; H. — ly, adv. 1, mit blo* 
fen ®efi<bte/ tutberlar^t) fig-^-; 3. im« 
oerbint, offim, frei, 6|fentli(b$ 3. unter* 
Mdmtj nL -iieM, «. bielDreiftidfeit; %xf^^ 
beit, Uttoerfcbdmtbeit 

Bir'gajaOir'-lfB], #• Com. 1. ber^ttbcl, 
Jtasf, JTaaftanbel, ^aufotxtta%i (biOide) 
QxBlKnifj 2. bie gefaufte ob.berfQufte0Q(be$ 
3^ UtQimirm, ^xo^U Ctk) a—! topp! 
eft fei I a loniDg— , ein {)anbel (eine 6a<be), 
vobei man oerliert 4 intothe— , inbenitattf, 
obcn brein$ to make (bny, or strike) a—, 
naoL itauf ober^oabel f^Utftm to lell one 
a good — , QKnem 6t»aft moblfeil oerfanfni $ 
to sell one a— ,^. Ginem eincn f)oiren ober 
0trei<jbfpi<len, ibnbetr^genj to get (or to 
hare) a dead — , nm einen €5pottprei* be* 
!iommat$ by—, wie vcrobrebet^ contractmd* 
fig, coiitractli^) —and sale. Law, einSer- 
UafUonttact, meliber bie tbbergabe beft Sers 
hofteit tto4 niibt mit einf^Iieft) —maker, 
col. ber SUdtter, ©enfal. 

To Bar^gajD, t?.n. banbeln (— for, um 6t»a$), 
bebasbeln) einen {>Qnbel MUe^n ober ma- 
(ben, feilfiben^ as b— ed for, mie oerabrebet. 

BargafnSt', #. ber Jtdufer, bie Muferinn. 

Bar'gmlDf r, 3, (opp. bargaio^i', bargainer'), 
ber«a*ttttfcnbe,«erMttfer, bieCerfdnferinn. 

Bar^e, I. *. 1. bie ©arte, baft ©oot, gu^boot, 
8. ba» eet4tr(bifr, ber eiibter^ 3. ba6 2abber« 
lot I II. comp, Arch-s. 1, — couples, ber (in 
eincn nstbcmSttlifen sutiBfrftdrfitng eingelaf* 
fene) CLserbaOen^ 2. — eonrse, bie fiber bie 
Oiebelbalfen b^rvorrogenbe jDo^^iegelreibe^ 
-nao, 1. ber 9ootftfne<bt, €$<biffer) 2. ber 
9efebUb<>ber einerSorfej -rmaster (or bar 
ger),bcre4itfer$ 6apttdn(ob.9fgentbftmer) 

Bar^i'iBlstfr,VM2.Bergniaster. [einerBarfe. 

Bir'jga. s. Com. eine TTrt ofKnbif^er ®eibe. 

B^rm^ s. Bot-4. l.basealifrattt) 2. bie fi^a* 
niWe eobo5 sweet-, bie fcinfle Ylicant* 
6oba. [Baritono. 

BSr'ltOne, Afvi. I. adj. boritoniW i H* «• vid. 

BarftQttTst', s. Mw. bcr ©«ritonifl. 

B&ito'no, #. Mus. ber doriton, b^bc 9af. 

Bark,^. 1. bieOorfe^minbe} 2. bie ttarfe) 
ber Stamen) bie eixttc^ 8. ber tdcfk (ein 
oftinbifiber dcng and ectbc n. ^ffameclbaarcn 
gefnrtigt); armed—. Afar, ber SranbCT) 
Pemvian- , or Jesoit — , bicGbinarinbC} In- 
dian — , Incense — , bie ffBdbraudi^rinbC) 
—bared, —stripped, obgcdnbet, abgef<bdlt { 
— bonnd,birfrinbigj —galled, on ber Winbe 

To Bark, v. I. n. bcKcn^ f (dffcn (mit at) $ fi^. 
oerfibreien, f^mSbm, Idjicrn^ 11. a. (bie 
9tinbe) abfiftdlen, abrinbcn. 

Bar^fr, s. 1. bcr SeOcry 2. ber ^oltact, 
6(breier,64^nidbcr^ 3. bcr ^Mdlcr (bcr 
Sanmrinbe). [ftcbenb. 

Bar'ky, adj. borfig, rinbtg, auft 0linbc be* 

Barfiy, s. Bot bie (ScrftC) pearl—, |)erlen> 
granpen) French — , Oranpeni winter- 
(sqnare or bear, bd Gttnigen anib big-) -• 
oieI}ei(igeKBintergerfle) spring—, t^icrsciligc 
®ommergerfle4 tprat— , 2ibciiei(ige eom« 
mergerflC) battle-door—, fulhan-, pat- 
ney — (oon 6inigcn gld^faUd spmt - ge> 
ttonnt), ^teiSgerfte, ©artgcrflc i Siberian-, 
flberif(be ober {meiscilige nacfte Ocrflcj — 
brake,berOmtetan}9 -*- broth, bcr (S^-nfaft) 
®-tran!$ — com, basO-nforn^ baftflcinfic 
cngLSingenmaKyidoIOj -mow,bic<S(*m' 
mobb) —water, ber (S-ntranf , ®-nf<b(cim. 

Barm,#. bie j>efcn, IBdrme (fiirSter u. I^rob). 

Bar'my, adj. j>efen entbaltenb, bcfig. 

Bam, hs.l. bie ®4cnnc, 64cncr) 2. ber gr^c 
Jlarpfen^ n. comp.— floor, bie (6ibettn«) 
Xcnnc) 0i7i-.f. — owl , bie 6d^lcicrettle< 
—swallow, lie 0lan(br<bma(bc. 

Bar'ttfclCyt. Cbnc/ubicentcnmuffbel^ —bird, 
—goose, Om. bie (f^bottifibe) 9anmgan$. 

Bftr'n^clef, bicSremfc,9)rcmfe,bcr 
92afenhttbel. [gloB. 

B^rfim'St^r, «. /%y. bad iO^aromctcr, SBcttcr* 

BSrQmSfric (— c*l, idj. — c^ly» adv.), adj. 

B»r'9n,j.ber©aron,?frcibcrr5 Lauhs. -of 
the excheqver, ein 9li<bter ime<bdb^An' 
mergeri(bt4 lord chief— > ber IDbcrridi^ter, 
f>r4|lbent barinj cirsltor -, bcr nnterfic 
Seifiberbiefe«<9eri(btd/ bcr bie doBbeamte- 
ten, ®b<rttfi/ w. certbcibigtj — and femme, 
^ann u. gron (bad C^paar aid cine moroli* 
f«cS)crfonbetraibtct)* a- ofbeef, Bwt«*. 




We iwd unsetMIten 8tnfcenflu(fe (»irloiM)|| irorfenc ffioarcn)} Mils, fire -, gt«erf4f« 
(inetS)4fea. U ftr; tbonderiog — , Sonnerfiffer, erant^ 

Bir'fDf^e, t. 1. bit SBarone a. |>air$ (aUl fifrcT(aufSranbern)) — of earth, Qhrfefdffei 

ronie, Sreijcrrfcjofti 4. bie greijermflcuer. 

Bilr'pnfss, s, bie Saroneffe, Sreifrau. 

BSr'pnft, s, ber baronet. 

BXr'^n^t^e, BSr'po^tcy, s* 1. bie SBfirbe et» 
ned®aronet0) 2. ber nieberelfbel, bie CHit^ 
terfi^oft. [^errlidi^. 

B^ri/oi^l, a(0'. einenSaron 2C. betreffenb,frei* 

BXr'9ny,#. bieJrei^crrWoftj ©aronftwflrbe. 

Baroque/ [^Ok], adj. ft adv. 1. fc^tef, fcbief^ 
runb (oon ^nUn)i 2. fig, Uibtvli^, auf* 
fdUcnb^ fonberbar^ 3. Mus. unxi^timi* 
fifl, barof. 

Bilr'9ftcGpe, Fhy. ft Chem. baS Sor^Scop. 

Barr, «. ft v. vtd. Bar. 

BJir'racfiD, s. Com. ber ©crfan, ©ttrfon, Sa» 
rafon 4 — maker, ber ©erfanweber. 

BaWr^ck, j. Mi/-*. 1. bicSarrttfe, gelb^tte j 
2. bie (Safeme (att(( p^ barracks), £;rbonani« 
^iufers — bed,badSeIbbette9 —matter, ber | 
(Safetneninfpector? — matter general, ber^ 

BXr'rage, J Com. bie ©ttrrege. 

B&rVai, s, 1, Chem. ro^efi gid^tenjorj , 
beffen beffere ®orte Galipot genannt »irb, 
qu.4 2. bie |)actleinmanb. 

Bar'r^tpr, s. 1. ber 54n!er, 4>4nbelraa4er, 
9lc(?^td©crbre^er (ber Ifnbere }um ^roccf- 
firenreiiOi 2. Com. Law. ber (Sapitdn, ic 
ber aSaraterie U^if^t 

B«r'r§itroui, I. adj. ber ©oratrie Wulbigj 
11. -ly, adv. na4 ^rt ber ©aratric. 

BXr'r^try, jr. 1. bQft4)dnbelfHften,bie0te4t8»er» 
bre^ung) Chicane ^ I/nr, ba« unrebli4»e (be« 
ftecili^e, :c) Serfa^ren in ^roceffodi^en^ 
2. Com. Law, bie»oratrie, ©arotterie, «er» 
untreuuttg, ber Unterf4leif (oon Btittn beft 
e^ifTerd [Gfapitdnft] ob. bed cnbilfdbolfeS). 

BXHrScOcf, jr. pi. Mar. fleine ©affertoniien. 

BSr'rf 1, s. 1. bod gaf i bie!Scnne(an(i tin^af 
u. (Benidft oon terf^. Or6fe)^ T-s. 2. bad 
Seberge^dufe ob. bie Srommel einer Z4\^tn^ 
Txiti 3. ber Jtaften einer Srommel^ 4. ber 
Sauf einer glinte, k., frwn. bie Ceele i 6. bie 

4>6»rc,bef. Afec/i. ber C^Unber^bieaBolje, ber 

etiefeli -of a jack.'bieetritfmoljeoneinem 

, «raten»cnberj -o theear,ilnae.bic£)ir» 

trommel 4 Afar-*.— of the capstan, bieSBelle 

be$ (5angni>{irs^ - of the wheel, bie ^eUe 

be$eteuerrabe«| -chain, ^or. bie 

ber \V)Vi - maker, ber SofbiI»^'•*• 

Mfncri —organ, eine ©re^org 

BIr'rflf, #. pl» Com. etoffag^ 

(qU ©rufboe^r bienenb). 

To Bir'r?! (— up), v. a. in cingap fiinen, ein« 
legen, eintonnen. 

B&r'rfB, I. adj. II. — ly, adv. 1. gelt (»on 
ZW^txOi 2. gen. unfruc^tbary 3. biirrt; 
tro(fen9 4. arm, biirftig) 5. abgefibmatft, aU 
bemj 111. Barren, *. bie^oibej Vf.comp. 
— money, ein tobted (Sopital? —privet, Bot. 
bie4>oufi»ttrs$ — spirited, geijlloft 5 -wort, 
Bof.bie©if*opmil^e4 V.-ness, s. l.bic 
Unfru^tbttrfeit (ber 3;^iere) j 2. bie5)ur« 
(bed ©obend)9 3. ber ^Dtangel an ©ebentung; 
on C^nbund&fraft} ^an^tl an !0{atenc5 
bie ®eifle&leere. 

BSrrjcftde', B&rrjc&'do, s. 1. lit ©erfpemittg; 
©errammuttg/ ©erfdi^ansundf 2. ber64)lad- 
baum$ 3. Mar. bie 6d{|an}Derf(eibundj 
4. fig. baft 4)inbernip 5 barricade of trees 

To Birrjcide', To Barrjca'dO, v. a. 1. oet* 
rammen, ©erfperren, verWanjenj 2. fig. 
bemmen, abbalten 5 to — a ship, Afar. \iic 
ginfenetten unb @(bansneiber urn baft &(^ift 

Bar'ri^r [b|r5r', Pope], s. bef. Fort. 1. V\c 
©erfdi^aniung, ©efejligungj baft ®att^n 
bie Eanbwebr, ©ormauer^ (— town) bie 
Orenifeflung 5 2. ber ©(blagbaum, <3renj» 
fleine ^-*. 3.bie®renjei 4. ber (5in?>alt, 
baft {>inbernif . 

B«r'r|?rf, s. pi. bie ©cbranFcn, Eauff^wnfcn j 
Q^xtnitn, etateten^ etban^pfd^Ie. 

Bar'ring, p. pr. oon To Bar ; — mistakes, 
3rrt^iimer auftgenommen. 

BaWrlst^r, s. ber ®eri*tft«7fboocat, Tfnwalt. 

Bar'rQw, s. I. (hand-), bie Srage, (Srag') 
©abre^ 2. (wheel-), bere*ub!arren;* 
gefcbnittene 6<b»ein 5 EngUnd) baft ^dfxom 
((Iberb.)j Am. (auftf*!.) baft gef*nittent 
©(btoeinj — grease , baft ©iweinefclt/ 
e*meerj -hog, bergef«nitt«eeber,?)olf. 

BSr'rOwf, *. pi. Salt-w. $utferbutf6rmige®et' 
benMrbe lum Xrocfnen beft @al}eft. 

Barse, *. Ich. ber ©arf(b/ vid. Perch. 

Bart, abbr. ffir: Baronet, vid. B. abhr. 

To Bar't^r, v. h n. Zau^ibi^anttl treiben, ba* 
rattircn, trofirenj H. a- rertau^en, tcr« 
wccbfeln (Jtarten(m©p«i^ to - awa). 

,%♦ tergcuben <Ui\xf -^« 
iBiir't^r, f, I. m' ^ 

f 1 




Bartft, ». Hus, ber marme ^t ober Setfd^lofi 
ffir iimgeft Sie^. 

Bai't^ii, *. 1. bie ^errengfiter, Sdnbereien ei* 
ttH^ta^i 2. bod f>erren^aa& $ ^iebenge* 
Hvbe^ S. (itt».)terSBirtH4aftS(of/ {>ti(« 
ser^of. [wurj. 

Bir^tr^ffl, s.Bot ber ISertrom, bte€5pet4e{s 

Bir'wayf , Bir'ry, vid. bar-wayi, ttilt. Bar. 

Bar'wfg, *. bie ^errfirfej «W. Periwig. 

Bwf'ta, Bfirfte', B^rf t§f » *. Mn. bie ©♦lDcr» 
erbe, entnblage bed Gf^werfpat^S. 

Bar'jtuiie, «. 1. Gram, baS 9aT1}tonon 5 2- 
Afvx. m^i. b. r. Baritone. 

Ba^s^J, ae^i. Oi€iR. bafif^. 

t^W, s. GeoU 1. berSafalti md.Basaltes; 
1 (—Wedgwood), ein Wwtttjed, ben ©diiten 
«tberfi(^enbeS endltfdlbed ®tein$ut. 

BanKtSf , «. <?eo/. ber i5afaU, Gdnlenfleiii. 

MU'tjc, adi. f»ofaIttf((, auS (oon) ^afatt. 

Bttaftiform, acf/. bafaUfdrmig^ f4ulenf$nnid 

Ranl'tiae, #. 1. Geo/. beri8«raltin5 2. bie 

ft^'foite, BMii'ngs, #. JUtn. ber |)toMrftein 

B3se, adj' 1. niebrtg (^g.)/ fi^^nbli^/ gemein, 
IldQlt^, 9ivA^tUii 2. gerins^ dCTing^altig, 
f^<^t, unt^ti falf4 (Don^SKfin^e)^ unebel 
(mWelaEen)j5.une^eJi*5 4.(t)OiiiXone) 
ticfj —bora, 1. une^elic^^iSegitim^ 2. me« 
iiig geboren, unabelig? S.^^Ud^t, gemetn 
l^ofi^ingen)! —broom, vwf.Dyer's-broom^ 
-eoart, l.btr»ieWofl 2. bttdUntergeri*t$ 
-estate, 1. jLoio. baS gtmeine, niebrige^er^ 
bmrncnj 2, badSSaitergitt) — knot-graw, 
Betf. ber «Begetritt, Stn6ttxi^i the— part, 
Mms. ber Sdaf i vid. Baas ; — ring and ogee, 
Cm. bfld 4>tnterfried an dner Jlonone^ 
-rocket, Bot. bie »abe gelbe Otefebo } — te- 
nre, bo^Sanerte^cn (»ie — eatatc)^ —tree, 
Bot. ber ^eifflee, C^Qtirue-. 

Bmc,i, 1. uu kfig. bie «afl*, ber (Srunb j 
2. berSobes^ 3. berguf, ba* ?fuf gefteU, 
IJeftamcnt^ ber edttlenftujlj (—of a bed), 
tcrjifrconi <ei«es«ette«)} 4. Cwn. btt5 
(Sef^fie wm leutteflenJralibrr^ 5. C/iem. 
H<9afe$ «. Afiu.ber©a>5 (— otring), bie 
9o«dte^ r. /cfc.ber©ttrf*i 8. ber£>rt (bie 
««rre), ©on »o and bod «Bettlatifen (Xanjen* 
brci^eB,K.> beginnt forfinben, boRrcn. 

T« Bifte, «. a. 1. ». fi. fgrEmbaae ; 2. ^nod^ 

Bue'i^M, a<^. ui.kfie. grunbtoft. 

BMe'»y,«du. l.«iibrig,Biebertrd*tig,f*dW' 
li^ -- - -wi^ti gerittfibttltig 0>on 
« .5Wii|€n)5 3. (—born) 

eiac fbrtlatifcnbe »afU, 
iertage^ b*«eouterr«w.y 

B&'s^n (Ba'sM). J. fei« y«Kic< BA^fu^i 
braune e^fUbcr ^fv ^■ftluamy jl # 
c/. Basil. 

ber®ebvrt| nctcS^c ^tftvsi 9L fexfLtf:^ 
bertrd^tigMt, e^IcdNVa, aLi X ta^i:^ 
rtng^ltigfeit (9ok ^Ifiiirn, x. ^ 4. «■? 
2;iefe (bed Xontf). 
BSse'nf t, s. vid. Baasiacl. 
BfshAW, IfTb^ W^ Ac] s. 1- 
(r. 9af4a)4 2.>g. ber Z»raa. 
Bfsh'fdl, I. a((;. ; IL — ly. •*:- 1- ^ 
t>(rf4dmt4 2. bidbe, Mi^laxf a. 
erregenbi ill.— «ess,#. l.tacr 
feit; 2. bie Sljbigfett, e#6#smiis:; Sr:> 
BWII, #. 1. Gwg. »«fel, (©«- Bw*e c 2-fc. 
nUnd (3R-tt.)5 3. ba« gr«e*si ^iWfeL, 
(uid. b. b. BaseB)4 4. T. <Amu *«-. • fir 
e*rdge, Oe^re, 9e^n»«$ b^&eAtttuwi*^ 
ber (f*iefc) »i«W (et«e««fl|isit, jwiic*- 
eifend, u.)j Bot-#. 5. btf tWfttetfaui;, 
©Ofllicum (Ott* sweet-); Afr i rwa *«W-. 
bie SRonorbei "toaa — # to: aannMH^ 
—weed, ber «irbflb©ftaL 
ToBSyil, v.a. r.(e4ldbC9CSf|Oir^lMiry 
f*iet»itt!eligjuf<bW|ai/ •H*fi0»- _ 
B9^n'ic«, «. ^nat. Mc ea|Uu<» MtfifST lt»0:, 
£><ttt9taber beS tvoA. 

BS^'iilfc, B^ffl'ic?!, ««' ^iMt WiSfl, $»r 
©aftlico ge^Srig. 
B^sil'icpn, *. Pkarm. Ut twwgP|im>f > 
BSs'llislc, I. #. 1. (tttt* CMiBi*te> te f«> 
bi*tete) »o|Utdf, MimtfiSea^ t. iW, 
bie (ofKttb.) Jt6mg^riteifti a m* t ^. 
€in neuered 4»pfam9ib t \ mki ^ ^ 
baflttsfenttrtigi -gtaw- J^ fterM^ 
fenbiict ^ 

Bft'sfB* '•!• bVSctfx tar&fM«M(tfr, 
bie e^oki fL birSfl^itfie^ J- iftf€4UiU 
f4ale (betjM#tettr - C /Ck"^ M em^ 
ferble«,pPK^ «. » tlsi^, tfiff^rtiW ♦ 
6.beritefellte^aite (sn^C^rte^i^rttib 
nend) berfloKlait^' ?. Pit eu^t (M, 

eiaer ©otftj -^^sfmum mnntnMfn i 
bie (»*i^,'i^. «*ii»ttf*t5icren 
bod ikf^i -^mi^, Anat H$iZ: 
xnbtAMi ^h^-^ ^>w, bie effent. 
mXMdkMmWnHm (mti ber 3h^ 




carried forward; ber Cortrog eincr fM^ 

nungj amoQot of-, ber QSalbobetrag^ — of 

accounts, berfRer^nungdabrtilttf 3 — of in 

terest, ber iiti^tn^nh^Uidf, Sfolbo) - of 

trade, hit ^onbeUbilan)) to have a— lo 

one's favour, gut (abenj — in onr (your, 

my) favour, 0albo in unfem (Sunfien, fommt 

un9...3 ealbo S^nen ober mtr) -to their bet<9aKiinot(ia6(C.);»akmif4,/< 

debit, ealbo ya t^ren^aften) to leave a-| berORtf^mar^^ 3. gefilf^ter fiBda. 

WpPge Xmhti - pated, (- pate) , f^U 

f 6|>f{g ^ — rib, bie e<bibetB6ri;^De. 
ToBAld, v.a. H^l ma^tn, obtragen, ab- 

BSFd^^hrn, BUM^qutn, #. ilrdi. bet Solbi' 

4in^ $ra(bt^tmmet; X^rott^iminel. 
BAlM^rdSsb, s. 1. boS ge^oUlofe <9efi(»dt/ 

in one's debit, in 9lefl btriben, rcfliren) to 
striico a—, bm^olbo }ie(en^falbtren) comp, 
— accooot, bie ^il(Yflanb6reibnttng) bad Idi^ 
lansconto, (Sontofalbo5 ~ bill, bet €5albo« 
wed^fel, TTppointi — boolc, bod 9)ilonibtt4 4 
—sheet, berlBilansbogenj —arbours, md. 
in Arbor; — fish, Ich. ber ^ominer^(M)4 
-fly, Enf.bie^ibcae,®tt|ferjun8fer3 — ma- 
leer, ber^agennrndber^ l-s, (bef. Watch,) 
— poiser, eineSolancimwfibinei —tool, ein 
©otfbrebflttilj —webs, Unrn^feilen j —wheel, 
baft Gteigerab i — wheel engine, ein Gteige< 

To BiilVnce, v. I. a. 1. »dgen, abioAgen} fig. 
emAgen^ 3. balanciren, in'ft (Slei^gewt^t 
bringen, im (9 e erbalten^ 3. baft ®tei4 
Ob. (9egengen)i(bt boiten^ fig- aufroiegen^ 
4. Mar. einnebmen, einbinben (ein fftctf), 
bergen (bit 6egel)j 5, Com-s. bilanjiren, ber. 
glei(ben, ben 6tatuft ma^en^ to— anac 
count, einefitecbnung falbiren, i^litftn, auft* 
gtei(ben5 fcontriren, ben Salbo }ieben^ b.6. 
bejablen^ to — accounts with ..., 7(bre<b> 
nung balten^ fi<b bere(bnen mit . . . 3 to — the 
ledger, baft ^auptbtt(b f^iiefen^ b-d in ac- 
count, bnt4 (Begenretbnung falbirt^ n. n fein) 2.^. vnf(blilffig 
fein, f4»anfen. 

BiU'^ncfr, s. berffiBdgenbe^ «Bagemeifier. 

BU^cfer', *. Mech. 1. gen, berlBolattcierj 
2. Mint baft ©ni(f»erf in einer SRunjfidtte. 

BUKftn^s, #. vid, Ben-nut. 

BXlVs-rtlby, BXI'^s-rOby, s. Jew. ber SalaJ* 
ntbin, (Rubinbalaf . 

Bi(l9ze€f', BSlfzOe^, Com. »eifet>aum» 
moSene 3rage auft Gurata. 

To B^LlbO'cioJlte, To B^lbti'tiftte, v, ft. flani' 
tnebi/ ftottem. 

BSi'chf r, s. leh. ber innge ^4d. 

Btt'c^ny, J. 1. Arch, ber ©alcon, B^Utti 2. 
Mar, bie^fntergaHede j -box, bieSRittelloge. 

Biild, a(/i.fabl,tn)bebaart;na(ft) >Eg.f4niitdE> 
loft,glatt,* gering,nie<bt) gerabe)u| comp. 
—buzzard, Orn. ber ©einbre^er^Ceeabler 5 — 
eagle, Om. ber«eiffopf,gif<babler j -Itite, 
Om. bet ©itfaar, SWdnfefalf, bie ff^ei^e^ 
-pate, 1. berJIabifopf) 2. (¥11. bieioeif* 

To BalMfrdftsh, v. a. oermifiben, i^erfdlfdbett 
(bef. ffBein). 

B&Id'ly, adv. HH, unbeboart, naejfti fig. 
Wtiu r4(e4tibeg;getabesu. 

Bild'm^ny, #. BoU bet <Sn|tan, vid. Gentian. 

Bft]d'n9ss,«.bicJeabl^ett3 Ola^e^^.ptotte, 
f4^lc(bte 6(bteibatt [SDegenge^enf. 

BAl'dr}clc, #. bet (SArtel, baft ftBe^tg^nge, 

Biile, «. 1. bet (CftfitetO SaOeS; baft fiadeti 
2. bet^enfel, }C, vid. Bail 2; 3. Geag. tta* 
fel, vid. Basle; —goods, Om. I. MUx in 
fdaUtn, bef. oflittbif(be (sum Uttte;:fibiebe bon 
Piece-goods); 2. oont SaUenmaate (in 
Stonfreiib n.SIanbem)/ otbindre htrieiSaa- 
ten (,MoTt.), 

To Bftle, V. I. II. embaKiten, einbaDen; eit* 
patfett, (ob. to — up goods, ttaaten) oet' 
padlen) U. a. impr. ft. Bail, qv, 

BSlftSr'ic, adj. Geog. baleatifi- 

BSle'fai, I. adj. Il.-ly, adv. 1. elenb^Hdg' 
li<b, ttatttig, bettilbtj 2. betbetbli*, wt* 
nAftenb, betbaft. 

Biilis'tfr, s, bie Krmbntft 

Belize', s* Mar. bie Gpiet^Bafe. 

BAllc[bdlc], s. 1. betSalYen) 2. Husb. bei 
Otaitt (imifcben ben Sut(ben)$ fig-s» 3. bte 
fe^let^afte YuftlafTung, betSet^f^ S^Iet$ 
£iuet^(b4 &<biiRPf/biee4^aitbe) boftUn* 
te<bt; bteSefeibignng, bete^abe, fUdbtt^l i 
—book, bie SRuflerf arte, baftf)robenbn* brr 

To Bilk [bAk], v. a. 1. Husb, bjrim ^flugcn 
Otaine s»if(ben ben gur^en lajfeti) 2. ouf* 
f(!bi<bten/ auf^dnfen^ 3* irre letten, tduf^ibcn ) 
dffen^ bcf^Amen) fcbaben) 4. botbeigeben, 
iiberge^n, meglaffenj 9etf<b»eigen, bet^^> 
len i 5. benoeigeni; onftfcblagen ; to - a shop, 
einem Jttamlaben bie Jhtsben abfpdiifHg 


B&lkfrf [bA'kfrz], s. Fi*k. j>dtingftboteii, 
j>dtiBgftf^d(et, an<b condors nub hutrs ge« 

BAII, «. 1. bet DaO, bie JtageU 2. febet nuibc 
Ob. ntnbliibe Jtftr^et) betKpfel (Yugopfcl, 
0lei4ftapfel)$ 8. bettSocoa bet eeibentanpc 5 
4. bet9aaeii(aK^dRbett ob.9fipen){ ^* ^l>- 
(e(em. b-s, pi.} bie Balleni 6. /for. ^ie 




tinfc am yenbeU 7* Sport, bu gd^rte einelH N6 fc^merifiiiraibe SXittcI i ~ of 6ilead, bee 

Su4»fc$) — of tbo knee, bU Jtnufd^eibc) 
aiweet— , miuk— , dn®tefomhiODf5 M^^. 
(fire-) bieSranbfugeCi Oranote) (obaight-) 
bie tet(ttfage(4 A&<. bet geitcrbaa^ — of 
span -yam. Afar, eiit StlOQU &^itlMim^> 
San; wMli(ioap)— ,bie®eifeithtgel) bHi,p<. 
/r-w. bie an» ben ^ubbeUfeit fbnumnbett Gi" 
fatflompen ober Suypctt) cricket b-i, p/ 
64^0^^^ f^ (Snoa4^fettei ball and locket 
joint, einJtttgelf^arnier^^gdiapfen} comp. 
— cabbage lettuce, bet (SitrjfaCat) AfU^. 
—cartridge, lit Sta^tHpattonti — proof, ht' 
0c(feft4 -stock, 7^.((^em.) berQrilfdm 
Zm^htifltni — vein, cut niereafi^nntger 

Bill, #« ber DaS (ctiie San)d(feQr4aft> 

To Bill, «•!«. MbaUnu 

BaKl^d, #. bie9olUlbe5 —monger, eitt® lu 
verf infer ob. Gtoger} —singer, btr iB-n 
tbiger, Sittfelfingtr j bfeSSdnfelfdngermn. 

To Bil'l^d, V. R. ftaQoben mo^en ob. futgeti 

BjQl^di^, «. ber ^Qaobenbtdj^ter ob. ednger. 

BiilM* Bfil'l«a-r<ib), tnU Balasa-ruby. 

Ballfst,^. 1. Afar.berSaaafi)* 2. j^. baft, toog 
fittvog tm9(ei4get9{4t tdlt4 pea—, fiaQaf) 
•0B JKegfottb; iibingle ob. stone — , IB. bon 
gro^eit Jtiefel (^eteinen) i to go on (to sail 
in)—, (a«r) mit 9). belaben fcin ^ — lighter, 

1. ba» fb-Wff, Me 9-r4ttte j 2. ber :Kuffe^er 
IcimTCvdf^icfen beS maUafim —port, bie 

To BiKl^at, V. a. 1. boOaflen, mit IbdUafk ht 
tobcR) a.>fg. tm <9lel4gc»i4t (alten. 
Bin^ s. 1. bo« ®«flet9 ber Sd^nentani^ 

2. Her. Ut BaUtn, bie ihtgel. 
B^fiette', s. vid. Ballet, 1. 
BiSilfst^, #. vid. Baluster. 
Bfltden', C— AdnQ, #. rid. Balloon, 6. 
BfllAdB', (BiKl9n)> *. 1. ber grof e SaO^ »la» 

^btfSj befgL baft «<iBfpieI (mit biefem S., 
nij^ balloon-ball gen.)) 2. (wind or air — , 
ber GinbbaQ; itafU) fdaUom 9. Oiem, ber 
gro^lRectptettt, Satton^ 4 Arch ber Jbtopf 
(amf einer X^urmrpt^c, u.)i 5. F-w. bie 
etrm^etterfttgel (bei ^af^• ober tBaffer^ 
Sevcnoerhn)) 6. eine7(rt0lttber«9)rtgantine 

MlMBTaf , «. beresftfctiffer. [pi @iam. 

Binpt, #. 1. bie ffBo^lfngel, SaDottrfugel 
2L ^ffBa(Iiette(, ettmmsetteU 8. baSSal^ 
lofirea ) —box, ber etimmfoften, bie flBa^I« 
ante. [ffba(I^el abflimmen. 

To Eil'M* o- *(• ballotiren, bi£r4 <Jtttgein ober 

Bail9t2de, Bil'^tide, $. Maft. bie OaOottabe. 

Bala rb2m}» *- 1- ber0alfam{ 2. {ebe !o(l* 
l«rc, i»oVne4^Rbe ealbe i B. jig. ber Id., \t* 

^effabaifam; — apple, Bet ber Sdalfam* 
opfeU -cricket, EnU bie (Sicabe, SBaum* 
griUej - gentle, -mint, BoU bicaRcliffcj 
—tree, vid. Balsam-tree. 

To Balm [biim], v. a. bolfamircni fis» Im< 
bern, fUOen. 

BSfnifarte, 4. BoU bie ®runnenfre|fc. 

To Ba'lfflif; [bam-], v. d. ^u IBalfam madj^cn. 

Ba'lmy [bam'y], adj. balfamlM) fig, lin> 
bemb, fanft. 

B&l'aSfl, adj. vid. Balneatory. 

Bal'ne^ry, #. bie 193abefiube. 

B&lnea'tion, s, baft Saben- 

Bal'nS^t^ry, adj. sum IBaben, IQ^abc gc^ortg. 

BiU'nStfffl, s. Chem. baft (^bilnfhtngftO lOab. 

Bil's^m, s. 1. ber IBalfam (c/. Balm); 2. Boi. 
btei^alfamine/ vid.Balsaroine ; Hungarian-, 
itritmm(oI&5Ij 2?ot-i.— sbrob, bie!Ba(fam» 
ftaubey —tree, l.bie(5(ufte$ 2.bcr6opaii^af 
bamn) 5. ber Xerpentinboum. 

To BAl'ifun, V. a* vid. To Balm. 

Bylsam'ic (— c^>, adj, balfamif^, vtd.Balaiy 

Bill's9min£, «. Bot. bie 2BaIfamtne 

Bdl's^mfnt, s. Bot. bie mUfft. 

B2U'tMar, 4. Bot. baft Sanfenbf45n. 

BSm^sar, #. IBalt^afar (^K-n.). 

BAl'tjc, I. 1. baft baltif^^e ^eer, bie Ofl* 
fee) 11. a<tf. baitifi^/ bvn ber IDflfee, fie be* 

Bill'timOre, «. Geog. (bie Gtabt) IBalttmcrci 

. —bird, Om. bie ©altimore, bee geuen^ogcl. 

h9}f^it^r,s.Arch. l.bie®c(dnberfduU$ 2. bie 
etoQe ober IDo(fe an einer ^c(nc^ Sreppen- 
(e^ne^ 3. jBot. ber Granatcnbaum. 

To BSI'vst^r, V. a. umgittern^ u., vid. s. 

BSl'vstrade, s. Arch, bie SBaUufirabe; ba^ 
bur^^ro^Kne Geldnber, ®ittcrn>crf. 

BSm, s. vulg. ber IBetrug, bie Sdgc, baft 
fBlenbmerf, ber^jtff; ^^niff. 

To BSm, V. a. vulg, ^intergc^cn., tduf^cn, 
prellen, 2um IBeflen (aben. 

B^ffibftd', s. BoU ber IBambuft, baft IBambnft< 
ro^r^ — babit, ein e^nimmfleib anft IBam^ 

To B^bdd'zle, v. a. vulg. bctritgcn, (inter- 
gc^en/ preSen, ium IBcften t^Un. 

B^fflbftd'zlfr, s, vulg. ber iBctrdgcr, e^alt. 

Ban, s. I. bie ftffentli^eTCuftrufung, Scfannts 
ma^ung) 2. baftXnfgebot ber Serlobten^ 
3. ber iBann, bie UMi ber fflui/ bie Bet- 
»iittf4»ang| boft^nterbict^ to proclaim tbe 
b-s, aufbietcnj 4. Com. einelCrt feiner ofls 
inbtf^erQXnftlin) —dog, ber Jl^tten^nnb. 

To BXn, V. L «. oermunfi^ett, brr^oAdi) 
11. n. fluAen. 




Baa&'of, s, BoU bieSananoSfeidCj —bird,! 
Orn . ber fHfangcofiel, bie g)-brofreL 

BXn'cO [bSog'-ko], s. ba$ Idanco, SaRC0«(9eIb | 
—mark, 9Rarf«IB(mco5 —Regit, —Regina, 
vid* King'fl-Beaob v. Qoe«ii*i-Bench. 

Bf(nd, I. jr. nng. 1. baft Soiib, bie ®inbe, 
ed^nut) 2. ber9tind$ bieJtette^ 3. (head-) 
Bik6.bad9Qnb (6apttAl<tctt) tint^fdn^t^i 
4. bet Ynf* Ob. UcfTerMlag, Jtta^tni fhrie* 
flerfrageRi 5.bieSanbc,0totte,(5ompa0Rie$ 
6. ein®oIb^eioi(bt ouf (Btt{nea(2Un)enSro9' 
<»e»i*t); r. ^rc/i. bie yUnte, fMatte,- 
8. j!g. bie Sefel, Sanbe ) — of a sail, Mar, 
baSSaab ob. bieSerboppelnng quer fiber ein 
et%tli IT. b-i, 1. 3far. bie leberneit 
ed^xAxt beim fltcepft^Mger^ 2. JBM-#. bie 
{)eftr(tiiilre} unoersferte SeberbdnbC/ %* S. 
3. b-i of a saddle. Sad. bie |»ei eifemen 
iBAnber unter ber JMmnrang ber Z^tttU 
bogen, urn fie in i^rer Sage }tt er^alten; 
ni. comp, — box, bie f>tt^r4a((tel, t>itt* 
f4a4^tel (f&r SDamen) i — dog, vid, ban-dog, 
Uttt. Ban; —roll, bie SXttflerrone, Wftej — 
string, bos itragenbaqb. 

To BSnd, V. I. a. 1. bittbeu; bcrbinben i 2. (in 
!Banben) bereinigen, iufammenrotten) II. n 
ft(^ bereinigen. [Surg, 

BanM^e, t. bie IBtRbe) ber IBerbonb, brf. 

B«ndj(n'9, (B^ndXn'nOef), b-a bandkerchiei^ 
s. pi. OanbannoS; feibene (e^nupf*) XA^er 
ans S)flinb{ett. 

BSnMflft, Bind'Ift, s. Arch, baft (Binb^en, 
«finb*eR; ttiem*«tt, bie fleine ?ei|le. 

Buo'dj^D, s, vid, Badian. 

Ban'dit, B^ndit'to (pL biaMjts, b^ndft'tf) s, 
ber IBonbit, etrof enrfiuber. 

Bandoleer^', i. Mil. baS iBanbelier, 64«Iter« 
ffBe(rgc^4nge 5 ber f)atrontaMenrieinen 4 
Srommelriemen) ^arabinierriemen) (nod) 
iTorc, W., Ac), bie f>atrontof*e. 

Biin'dore, s. Mvs. bie 9>anbore. 

BSin'drol, jr. 1. bie ©onberotte, bie(ber)e4iffe. 
mimpel, bad 8d(n4ett5 2. bie Zrom^t 

BSnMy, I, 1. ba^ Btadtt (sum SSallfpieO^ H. 
adj. comp. ftnmm, (onSwirtS«) gebogeU) 
-legged, fmmmbeittid. 

To BXn'dy, v. I. a. 1. (in nnb (er f4)Iagen (ben 
SoD)! 2. j!g. (in tt. (er fhreiten, fiberlegeni 
II. n. preiten, wetteifem^ M ©erbinben, »er« 
einigenj to — a business abont, MoaS in 
Um^oge bringen. 

B*ne, *. 1. bos mfti %fig, bos (Betberben^ 
Bof-*. — berry, bie d(renf6rmige 64ioar}« 
•nrij -wort, bie XoBKrWe. 

ToBftne, v. a. oergiften. 

Bftne'fdi, I. adi,i II. — ly, ado. 1. giftig) 

2. fig' oerberb(i<(, t^btlict* UI. -ness, #. 

I.bie@tftigfeit4 2. jSg. bie Serberbliibfeit. 
To BSng, o. a. vulg. I. f^Iagen^ Mmeifen, 

bur((bldnen j 2.;Sg. nnfanft be(anbeln, mif* 

(onbeltt) to — to a door, eittcX(ir ittf^lagen. 
BXng, s. ber34tog,®4Brif I 2. ofHn« 

bifcbeSencnnttng beS^an^S(eigentl. bhang). 
BIn'gle, ac^;. comp. (erab^ittgenb) -eared, 

mit (Angenben t>\vttL 
BSn'i^n, BXn'nffMA, #. Bot. (—tree), ber |)0' 

gobenbattm,ge(eiIigteSeigenbaum) —days, 

ilf ar. bie {>ttngertage, Xage, an benen ed f ein 

SleiM giebt(aXotttag,aRitnoo4 tt.8reitog). 
BStt'jfns, BSn'j^s, s. pi. vid. Bannians. 
ToBMsh, v.a. oerbannen, bertretben^ /g. 


Ban'ish^ble, adj. in oerbonnen, {u t>ertreiben. 
BibiVh^r, s. ber JBerbanner, Sertreiber. 
B&n'ishn^ nt, s. 1. bie Serbanmuig, SanbeSs 

bermeifttttg) 2.baS€^)iItum) 9.fig.H$fSn» 

Blok, s. 1. boS Ufer, ®eflabe$ 2. ber ^figel; 
SDamm, ViaUi 3. baS Gteinlager in etnem 
ettt^t, bieSan9(iuni6tben.u.)i 4. Afar, 
bie 0tttberbonf I 6. Com. bie ffBetfelbant, 
bQS8anner(attS) bie SonlgefeSr^afti ba$ 
i^onco (vt'd. Banco) ; 6. Print. baSSottf* 
bret an etner 9s((brtt(ferprefre| officers of 
a—, ©anfofpcionteni —of oars. Afar, bie 
jDuft* Ob. 0tnberbanf ) —for loans, bie Ztiff* 
hanf, baS ^i((auS| — for savings, bie 6par» 
cafe (vid, tt. Saving); —for sculptors, ber 
S9offirfln(() — of circolatioo, bie Oiro* 
9anf5 —of discount and deposit, bie jDiS« 
contc u. iDepofitO'San!} —of issue, eine 
!d., bie9?oten emittirt, btc9{otenbai^,3ettel« 
ban!; (anbere Com. comp.^ cf. Banking); 
—account, baS 8>COtttO| —agio, boBS-« 
agio 5 -bill, 1. bie IB-actie, 9-an»etfaitg, 
0-note, ber fl9-|ettel) 2. Lmo^ bieS-biH 
(f>arlamentSacte, bas ®-ioefen betreffenb)^ 
—bills, IB-noten, |)apiergelb| —brokerage, 
bie SBe4feIconrtoge) —cresses, Bot. 
berf)eberi4^ —martin, vid. —swallow; —mo- 
ney, baSIBancogelb (vM* Banco); bieS-oa* 
Inta) —note (ba$ befTereSBort ^r —bill 1.): 
bieSanfnote, berS-iettel {^t^lbax [UmZn* 
(abcr3bei6i4t)4 -post-bill, Oonhioit, (ber 
9. bon Qnglanb/ sa^Ibar 7 Sage nocb ZiSft ; 
cf. post-note, Uttt Post); — post-papar, 
ein fe(r btinneS yofipopier; —stock, (bal 
<figent(ttm in) SanMCctien) — swallow 
Om. bie U^ntHXbti — token, vid. uster 
Token; -transactions, vid. Vttter Banking 




ToBJCnk, o.a. i.bdmmeii; oufb^mmeit; dn^i 
himmtn, nmmaOeii {vid. To Embank); 
2. (». &) in bie ®anf legen. 
Bink'er* '• 1. bet ©onKer, (Qclb*) ®«J§!cr i 
2.b<rSaiif$aIter(l>ei|>a|arbrpielen)4 S.JIIor. 
ter Terreneitf' (Newfoandhmd-, 9{ciifuitb« 
Iaab«) Sa^rer, Sahliauftf^^er (€$4tff unb 
Su^rer bcfTelbtn) ^ —'a commisflion, bieSoii' 
Kn^rotifionj — *• note, bit iBdnfanweifungj 
-table» — Gonnter, ber flBc^r^lttM. 

Bank'^rf, pi. Dik. ^Qualarbeiter. 

Banking, I. (p.) «. 1. DtJir. bad tDduimett, 
Xufbdmmen (bed Uferd bet Gee, 2C.)j Com^. 
2. ber ftBe^fel^onbel, (Sclb^t&bel) 3. bte 
%atmi% bon iSan(en i H. eomp, — acconnt, 
bAd IBanfconto i — bnsinesi, — traniactions, 
fBe4feIdef($dfte3 — bonse, bte SBed^r^Ibanf, 
bodfSe^felcomptcir^ Sanftcr^aud. 

Bink'rvpt,!. acfj. banferott, sa^lunddusfd^t^^ 
n. 4. 1. ber ®an!erott5 2. ber»OEferottirer, 
9«iiferotttrte, Ba^Iungdanfd^ige j to tyrn 
(become) a — , biinferott madden, faEirenj 
tbe general mass of a— *« estate, bie (5on« 
mrimaffe 5 m. comp. — commission, bie (5u« 
rotoreB ber !Dtaf e etneS SaDiten ((><Tatorej 
ftonoTttin); — law, bad gaDitengefe^ ^ —of- 
fice, ber (Sert((td^of in fBanferottfa^en^ 
— system, fdmrntl^j^efete unb 0te4tdmittcl, 
bie Ri| anf 9-e be}ie(en. 

To Bank'rapt, v. I. a. bonferott marten 3 iu 
9vsjB^ ri^ten) II. n. banferott werben. 

BSnk'r^ptcy, s. ber ©onferott, bafigaaimcttt, 
bie 3a(Iimdftttnfd^i9feit3 coert of — , bad 
gaaitengeri^t; bie6oncurdbe(6rbe (Gotciir- 
Jtti cr«c2ttorum) ; declaration (or act) of—, 
bie Sattltrotterfldmnd (bor Q^eri^O) sta- 
tnte of — , bod ©onf erottirmanbttt. 

Bin'n^, s, 1- baft |)Qnnier,®anner, bie gajne, 
6taitbarte$ 2. baft Sd^n^en (an einer 
&ui}e, ic.)9 9. Boi, baft ^d^n^en einer 

Ban'n^red, p. a. ©onncr fill Jrenb. 

B5a'nfr9l»«. vid. Bandrol. 

Ban'nl^, «. tt.comp. vu2. Banian. 

BWnj^f, *. pi. X. bie ©anianen (4)anbelft* 
teffoin 3nbten)3 2. inbif^e f>anbeIft<Q(den« 
ten (int ^Dienfl ber enropftiWen Jtanfleute). 

Bij/n]st^r, cor. 0. Baloster, Balastrade, qft?. 

Bin'qn^t, $. boft Sanfett, (grof e) (Baftma^I. 

To BSn'qn^t, v. 1. a. fefili* bewirtjen, tratti* 
ten 3 n. n. banfettiren, Mmaufen. 

Bin'qa^^r, s. 1. ber€^4maQf^3 2. ber^aft- 
(mtt4l)«eber. [geft^aHc. 

Ban'qaft|as-b41l, #. ber IBanfetf faa( / bie 

B^nqBJTtte'C-kStn, ». Fort. bie«anfetle; ber 

BSa'tfm, s. Orn. baft S«ntam(tt(R^ * work. 
Join. Jtunfttifd^Ierdrbcit mit <9o(b ober 9)te« 

BStt'stickle, s. Ich. ber eti^Ung. 

To BSn'tfr, v. a. fpotten, Wraubctt, anfiicjcn, 
ima Seftett ^aben. 

Biin't^r, 4. ber 64er|, epott, baft Q^efpott. 

Ban't^r^r, s. ber 6p6tter, ©paf »ogcl. 

B&nt'ling, s. tmlg. baft ficine Jtinb, ber fdal%i 
cont ber Saflarb/ baft uneteU4c JMnb. 

BIbi'yiins, vid. Bannians* 

B%'9b&b, s. Bot. ber Tfffenbrobbaum. 

BXp'tIf m, s. bie Sanfe. 

B^ptifx'm^l, adj. gnr^Suoitfc (|e^6rig3 --vow, 
ber Skiufbunb. 

Bip'tist,^. l.bcrXdttf^r3 SattfgeftRnte3 2. ber 
ffBiebcrtdufer3 8. Saptifhi (SX-n.). 

BMp'tistfry, «. ber Xanffieini Xanfort. 

Bfpt)fs'tic, Baptis'tiefl, adj. bieSaufe bctrcf» 
fenb. [oerbiinnen (®etrdnfe). 

To Baptize', V. a. taufeni cant, bcrfdlff^cn, 

Bfptf'z^r,!. berXanfenbe. 

Bar, L $. Hng. 1. bie Gtange (bcn f>oI} ober 
^etaa),©arre3 2. ber«iic0el, baftdiegel* 
(oil, tXuer^oIs (am ©oben cincft ^af(t^, u.)3 
ber IBiide(3 3. bcrSalten, ©anm: ®4»(a0« 
banm3 GtaObaum, 6tanbbaum3 j>ebcbaum3 
4. bie IBarre, CSonbbanf ob. mei^egelfcn wx 
einem j>afen3 bie 9i(ebe3 6. bie G^^ranfcn, 
baft fitter 3 6. ber mit edbranfen cingef^of* 
fene e^enftifit (nnbS)rt bcfTelbcn)} 7. bie 
e4ran!ett in einer ®eri4tftfhtbe3 ber <Slc« 
ri4tftfaa(3 8. baft ®eri4t3 coUect. bicYb* 
iDocaten, aXitglieber beft 7(btocatenfiattbeft3 
9. fig. baft4)tnbeniip3 10. ber Etucrflri*, 
befgL 7\fp. arrgdninngftflrii(3 II. Com. bte 
©arre, ©tangc (^rcift» ob. «Bcrt^bcfUm* 
mnna im afrifanif^cn j>anbcl)3 12. Print. 
ber f)ref bengel 3 13. Her. ber edj^rdabalfen 3 

14. Mus, ber Saet, Sactflrid^ (vid. pl.)i 

15, Shoe. ber»cfii*3 1«. 5«w- bic«Itt* 
mcnna^t (an ©pi^cn)3 17. Law, bie percm* 
ptorif^e 0inrebe; melcie bie Action bcft Jt(d« 
gerft bdHig icmmt3 mosquito—. Am. baft 
SRuftKto«?ee^ (gegen benCti* berSRuftKtoft)* 
-fee, baft Ci^gelb, ^aftgelb3 -Iron, baft 
0tott9eneifen3 -keeper, ber Jtcllner, ed^cnh 
»irt^3 -maid, (-keeper,) baft e^enfrndb* 
*en, bie Jleltaerinn3 —man, ber Xnfwdrter, 
ic. (»ie — keeper) ; — master, Min. (Jkrb.) 
ber (Srimeffer; — pnmp, (ilng.) Mar. bie 
Jto4ftpumpe4>anbpumpe^ ber $eber3 —room, 
bie e^enffiube^baft 6reben^immer3 -shot, 
6tandenfugeln3 -steel, ber demeincetatt3 
-ways, gitterweife, in nnerttnicn3 -wood, 
baft afrifan.motWoIj, eanbeI^olj3 H. Barf, 





s,pl eacren(-ofgold,iic., ®ol^barrea,ic)$ 
Muss. ^itXattftvi^ti —of rest, 9)aufen$ 

— of the capstan, Mar, Me f>anbfpet4eit be& 
OottgrpiO^) —of a horse, Man, W^chen, 

To Bar, v. a. 1. oerriegeln, ittricfleln, (»er)* 
fptvxtn, ^tt^ttttn, mit ©dbraufen nm^thttn 
2. mit^treifen (^erMieb.Sarben) oerfe^cn^ 
S.ftretfen, ia^treifen t^eiUn; ^g-«. 4. ^ein« 
men, ^inbern, obftolten) 5. auSf^^Uefen, ouS^ 
ne^meii (mit from); 6. unterfagcn, @iii(alt 
t^un) T. Z.ai0, eine GtimoenDttttd mo^en; 
^emmen) 8. (in etnigen epitltn) firafenj 
to— aveio, Vet. bie^er eineft |)ferbc8 an 
iu»ciS)rten nnterbtnben u. 6|fnett. 

BIr'ft, B&r'^tvr, viU Barratry, Barrator. 

B&rb, I. s. sing, 1. (cantr. t.Barbary) 1. bet 
®arbar^ Berber { %\>a$9btxhtvvofi 9. fig' 
ber S3art, lote hti Stf^en, }c, bo^er: bie 
Sorbe, ber ®artfif(b 5 4. ber SEBiber^afen (an 
einem|)feit, TTngel^aten, k.)5 5. £oi. ber 
SdaxU 6. Orn. bie numibtfdbe Saube) n. 
Barbf, «. p{. 1. ber|)fetbebarnif<ib/ bad^fer* 
beiettg;<def(iirr (be6 alten!D{ilitdr«) $ 2. Fef. 
bie 4>ttttger|i^en $ 3. bie fiBaO^fcibarten 

To Barb, v. a. I. tin ^ferb anffibirrett, nHflen, 
Dertap^en) 2. mit fiBiber^afen berfe^en i to 

— a lobster, einen StttH {ertegen. 
Bar'b^c^n, «. Forts. 1. bad XufeiMtd, bie 

G4an}ei ber Srficfenfopf ^ 2. ber {IBa4t« 
t^urm, bie ®arte; 3. bie e^iefr^l^rte^ 
4. (fxm%.) bo« minnloib {in einer ^Rauer 
inm Yblavfen beS JBaferd). 

Bai'b^clle, vid. Barbecue. 

B^rba'dpef , s, Geog. ©arbabofii Bot-s. —aloe, 
bie8ebcr»y(oe>-^ar€rry, bie »efHnb.JKrWe3 

— flower-fence, ( — pride), ber ^fauen* 
[(bwans^ -leg, Med. ber Glep^tcn^f, 
bad itnoObein, bieSIep^antiafUi —nut, bie 
weflittb. |)ttrgirnu^3 .— tar, bet fl3ergt^er. 

Bar'birfli, s. ©arbor^r, ©firbel (g-n). 

Bvbft'rl^, I. a^ 1. Geog. batborif*, ber» 
beritti 2. fi^. barbarif*, »ilb, rob, «n» 
menfiblt^) II* s* 1. Geog. berlQ^arbar, 9er« 
ber I 2. jig. berDarbar, Unmenfib. 

B|irbil'rj909, Geog. bie Sarbaredfen. 

Bf rb&i'ic, adj. barbarifd^, to(, milb. 

Bar'btri^m, s. 1. Ut. ber ©arbaridmud^ 2. bie 
grobe Unmifenbeit, u., vid. b. il. f. fiB. 

e^rbiKity, *. 1. bie«arbarei, ©ilbbeit, Siof^^ 
beit) 2. bie Unmenf<bU«feit, fu^Clore Olrau^ 
fomfeitj 3. Lit. (».l) ber «arbari«ratt«. 

ToB&ra>«rize, v. I. a. in ben 3ttflaab ber 
«oi^t,UncultttrberfeHnj It. n. 0pra*' 
MIer nia<ben. 

Bflr'b^roiM, I. adfj.) U.—ly, adv. 1. barbtt' 
rifcb/ toilb, x^i, ungebilbet ^ umoifTenb ^ 2. un< 
menf(bU<b/ groufami 3. fpra^nibrig; III. 
— ness, s. 1. bie ffBilb^eit in benGitten^ ber 
»ngefittete3uftonbj 2. bie Unmenfibli^f eiti 
3. bad Serflof en miber bie Oicin^eit ber 

BarHiiiLry, s. 1. Geog. bie Qatbatei, ©erberei 4 
2. (or— horse), bad SBerberrofj —falcon, 
Orn. berSarbarfalf. 

Bar'bSte, Bar'bat^d, (part.) adj. mit SBtber< 
bafen^bdrtig, befgL 5ot. -flowers, racben* 
fdrmige ob. ^ippenblnmen. 

Barbe, s. vid. Barbs, nnter Barb; to fire 
in — , Mil. itber bie IBruftmebr, anfiatt bur<b 
bie @(btef fibarten fcbicf en. 

To Bar^bfcfle, v. a. 1. ein QS(b»ein (einen 
S^ibfen; K. ganj) braten (in SBefiinbien unb 
9{orbameri(a)$ 2. (aufSomaifa) Jtaffee(auf 
einer 9)lattform) troctnen. 

Bar'b^cQe, s. 1. ein gebratened (ganged) 0pan« 
ferW, (S)(bd/ ic.y, baber 2. ein IdnbUcbed, 
fefUi(bed aXabl (bef in TCnierif a) 1 3. auf (3a« 
maifa) eine TCrt ^lattform {um Sroitnen 
(Gonnen) bed Jtaffeed. [tig (au(b Bot.). 

Bar'b^, p. a. mit jffiiber^a!en berfe^en, bdr« 

BaHb^l, s. 1. Ich. bie ©arbe, vid. Barb ; 2. 
(Ober Barbels) Vet. vtc^arbs unt. Barb. 

BaHbfr, s. ber ffiarbicH — *• chafer, bie 
®dnnflaf(be,»-flaf4«5 —s pole, —s sign, 
bad0<biib eined ©arbierd} — chirsrgeon, 
or — surgeon , ber ©arbicr , \xc iugleid^ 
aBunbarjt ifli -s* vises, 3abrtifl«SW/ f-g- 
engl. ^^lufel, engl. {>afen. 

Bar^^rry, *, Bot-s. 1. bie©erberi^e, ®erbid= 
beerej 2. (—tree), ber ©erbidbeerenfirauib > 
vid. Pipperidge (-bush). 

Bar'b^t, s. bie©arbette: 1. Orn. ber ©art* 
oogely 2. Zooi. ber ©art^unb,)ottige,Iang» 
o^rige SBaferbunb, $nbeL 

Bar'blef, s. pi. Vet. vid. Barbs nnt. Barb. 

Bar'bQtine, s. ber tBurmfame. 

Bard, *. 1. ber ©arbe (SReifterfdnger ber (5ei« 
ten, M.)5 2. 46 ber ^Ditbter, edagcrj 3. bad 
binngeMnittene @tu<t 0p^ sum epitfen. 

To Bard, v. a. jupfen, rattfenj vid. To Beard. 

Bar'djc, Bar'djsh, adj. barbifib^ ©arben<. 

Bar'di>m, #. bad ©arbentbum, bie £02eiflerfdn- 

Bar'dons, a(;^'. einfdltig9 [(bmerfdaig, trdgc. 

BarM^lph, «. ©arbolpb, ©art^olf COt-n). 

Bard'-wddl [-wAl],«. aecommobtrtc SBoQc (ber 
eble Xbeil bom SSflief e, i. e. ob«c Jti>pf« unb 

BAre, I. adj. 4 II. — ly, adv. 1. na(ft(au(b>Sg.)i 
ttttbebecftj bicf , !abl, obne ^aaxt, glatt$ 




8. ttttMfti leer (aii4 fig* o^ne (Se^alt), 
^ftrftig) 8. ungef^miicft, einfo^/ f^mttcKo^ 
(audffig.^i 4. of^, entbetft) 5. cib^tttn^tn, 
fa^mMeiiiid, f4^abig (an^ thread—); III. 
comp. — foot, adj. & adv* batfnf $ —footed, 
p. a. barfiif $ — groond, ber platte OoDen^ 
-headed, p. a. mit eittbUftem j>an^te; mit 
blofem Jtopft, unbebedtt^ ~ legged, p. a, 
ant blof en Seines^ barbeinig^ a ship onder|| 
— poles. Mar. eto €$(bifF ntit befiblagenen 
Btqdni — pump, (d) m<f. Bar-pamp 
-ribbed, b<>d^/bArr 4 IV.— nc«i, #. 1. Me 
9Ut<rt^eit, eidfei a. Me ^DtagerMtj 3. Me 
X^irftigfeit, TCrmut^. 

Bire, s. bCT unbegrafeteyiat/bie Ztf^U, ^dtt 

To Bire, v. a. nodt, fa^I ma<ben, entbUfenf 

Ure'fllccd, I. p. a.; 11. — 17, adv. 1. mit bto« 
ftm Geftcbte/ ttni»erlan>t) fig-*'* 2. uq* 
9cr(flat, offen, fvti, 5|TentU(b4 3. ttRi»er« 
Mtot; HL — oesa, #. Me tDrei^gf eit^ Si^e<b« 
text, niti»erf4dmt(dt 

Bar'6a|n[hai'-|fn], #. Owii. 1. ber^llbel, 
Stauf, iTasfbanbel, Jtavfbertrag) (btllide) 
eoAttif) 2. Me gefaufte ob.^erfaufteGaibe} 
9^ bcr^eiMim, ^tofiU Ct is) a—! topp! 
cs fell a loftiog-, ein ^anbel (eine €Ja<be), 
a»obet man oerliert; into the-, in ben Jtauf, 

B^riFlf, #. B6t.#. l.basealifrant^ 2.Mc fpa- 
nif(be eobai sweet-. Me feinftt Ylicant* 
Cobo. [BaritoDO. 

BSr'jtone, Mus. I. acO*. baritonirub ) H- '• Wr/. 

BaiitQorst', «. JMiij. bcr««ritontfl. 

BXrjto'nO, #. 3fuj. bcr Soriton, ^obc Sof . 

Bark, «. 1. bie Sorfe, 9tmbc5 2. bie ttarfe^ 
ber S^a^eu} bie e^butc^ 3. bet ®oft (ein 
ofKnMfcber dcttfl an« Gcibc n. ^ameclbaaren 
(lefSertigt)^ armed—, Jtfar. bcr Sranbcr^ 
PeinTian— , or Jeaait — , McGbinArinbC) In- 
dian — , incense — , bie ffBcibravibrinbe) 
—bared, —stripped, abgcrinbet^obgcf^bdlt) 
— bonnd, birfrinbig i — galled, on ber Winbc 

To Bark, v. I. n. bcOcn, fMffcn (mit at) $ fig» 
oerfibreien^ f^mlt^tn, Idjiem; If. a. (bie 
(Rinbe) Qbr4^dlett, obrinbcn. 

Bar^^r, s. 1. ber Scaer; 2. bcr ^ottcict, 
6<breier, e^na^eri 3. bcr ^Mdlcr (ber 
Sonmrinbe). [flcbenb. 

Barley, adj. borh'g, rinbig, an& 0ltnbe be* 

Barney, s. Bot bie <9crflci pearl-, |)erlett' 
dronpen) French — , Oraupen) winter- 
(sqnare or bear, bei (SinigCtt anib big-) -• 
MeljeiUdeffBtntergerfit) spring—, ttcr}cili0c 
Gommergcrflei sprat—, ^ivetieiltge ec«« 
mergerfle$ battle-door—, fhlham-, pat- 

oben brdn$ to make (bny, or strike) a— » ney — (oott Ginigcn gleiibfalld sprat - ge* 

dneniraufober^attbcIfibUefen) to sell one ^^ "-'* — *- **^-'' — *" "«•-—*— 

a good — , (Sinem QtmaS wo^Ifcil oerf aufen ) 

to sell one a— ,^. 6inem eincn f)offett ober| 

0trn<Jbrpi^ien, i^nbetritgen^ to get (or to 

haTe) a dead — , um einen €5pottprei6 be» 

femmms by—, »ie berobrebet, contractmd* 

fig, contractu^) — nnd sale, Law, ein fStV' 

ttttfkontract, melcber bie flbergabe bed IBer« 

Haftea nod^ rddft mit einf^^iieft; — maker, 

col, bcr aXoKcr, ©cnfal. 
To Bir'gain, u.n. bottbelii (— for, nm StWaft), 

bcbnabein; einen ^anbel Mliefen ober ma^ 

d^, fnlfdbett^ as b— ed for, »ie oerobrebct. 
Bargainee', s. ber Aiufer, bie itdufennn. 
Bar'gmfn^r, s. (opp. bargainee', bargainer'), 

ber8etfavfeRbe,«erMnfer, lie Serf Anferinn. 
Urge, I. s. 1. Me ©ttrfe, bo6 »oot, ^n^boot, 

2. baft 2ci(btf4iff/ berSicbter^ 3. ba6 Jabber* 

Eot4 n* comp. Arch-t. 1. — conplea, ber (in 

ctncn anbem Salfm sutflScrfUrfttng eingelaf' 

fese) tXncrbalfen) 2. —course, Me fiber Me 

<9iebe(batfea b^n^orragenbe lD<ub)iegeIreibe$ 

—man, 1. ber 9ootftfnc<bt, 0cbiffet$ 2. ber 

9cfebUbaber einer©ttrfej -^-master (or bar 

ger),bere4i1^r$ Qapitdn(ob.tfigentbftmer) 
Bar^oUUt^, vid.Bergniaster. [einer ®arf e. 
Bir^. s. Com. cine TTrt oflinbiMer 6eibe. 

aonnt), 0leiSgcrfle, ©artgcrflc j Siberian-, 
flberiftbe ober jiociicilige nacfte Ocrfici — 
brake,berOmtetan)9 -*- broth, ber (S-nfaft) 
®-tranf5 — corn, baSC^-nfcm; baftflcinflc 
engLSingenmaf (% doQ)^ -mow, Mc®-tt« 
mabbj —water, ber (S-nttanf, (S-nf<b(cim. 

Barm,#. Me^cfcn^ SArme (ffirSier u. 9rob). 

Bar'my, adj. j>efen entbaltenb, b^f^g* 

Barn, l.s.l. bie&<bemie, ^(better) 2. ber gr^c 
J(orpfen$ n. comp.— floor, Me (6ibetta«) 
Scnnc) Om-s. —owl, Mc Gtbleicrenici 
-swallow, lie 0ian(bfcbn)olbc. 

Bar'nfcleyt. Cbnc/t-McentCRmurcbcU -bird, 
—goose, Om. Me (f(bottif(be) Sdumganft. 

BaHn^clef, s,pl. Far. bicOremfc, 9)rcmfe, bcr 
92ofenhttbel. [gloft. 

B«r0m'«t9r, s. Phf. baft barometer, SBettcr* 

BSrpm^frlc (-c»l, adj. -c^Ily, adv.), adj. 


B»r'9n,*.ber©aron,?frcibcrr5 Laio-«. -of 
the exchequer, ein 9li<bter ime<b<Kbfam« 
mergericbt) lord chief— ^ bcr S)bcrnibter, 
f>rWbent baring cnrsitor -, ber nnterflc 
Seifl^r biefeft (9eri<btS/ bcr btc dcObeamtc- 
ten, ©btriW/ it* tertbcibigt} — and femme. 
9Xann u. Sron (baft Qbcpaar a(ft cine morcdi» 
f*eS)crfon betra*tet)» a- ofbeef, fiwtc*. 




^ie imi URdct^cUten ^nbenfiucfe (sirloiot) 
cines S)4rtn. 

B&r'pn^ge, s. 1. Die Sarone u. 9>aird (al6 
Jtdrpec)) a. bieSaron^mfirbe^ 3. bic Sa> 
rente, Srei^ectf^aft^ 4. bte grei^errnfleuer. 

BSWpn^w, s. bie Soroneffe, ^reifrau. 

BXr'^n^t, J. ber Saronet. 

BXr'Qn^lfie, BXHpDftcy, #« 1. bie SBfirbe et^ 
nedSoroRetft) 2. ber niebere Kbel, bie0tit« 
terf^ftft. [^errK*. 

B^Tu^nl^l, adj' eittcnSarott 2C betreffenb^frci* 

BJ(r^9ny,#. bieSrei^errf^aft) 0orottd»<trbe. 

Baroque' [-rGk], <u^. ft adv. 1. f^tef, fcbitf* 

fftUenb^ fonbcrbar) 3. Mus» unregelmd- 

fig, barof. 
B&r'^tGGpe, Fhy. ft Oi^m. boS Sar^^cop. 
Barr, s. ft v. vid. Bar. 
BXr'r^e^n, i. Cbm. ber Serfan, Marfan, IBa« 

roFan 4 — maker, ber Serhmioeber. 
BaWr^ick, J. MU-s. 1. bieCarrofe, gelbifittc j 

2. bie (Safeme (att4^ pi. barracks), ^rbonani^* 

trorfenc ©ttoren)i MU-s. firc-.gttterf4f- 
ferj thundering—, S)onnerf2ffer, IBranb^ 
ffiffer (auf »rttnbern)5 -of earth, Qhrbfdffer 
(aU ©ruftwe^r bienenb). 

To Bir'rfl (-op)> «• a. in cingap ffiQen, ein« 
legen, eintonnen. 

B&r'rfD, I. adj. 11. — ly, adv, 1. gelt ()>on 
S^ieren)^ 2. gen. unfrutbtbarj 3. bfirre, 
tro(fen9 4. arm, bfirftig5 5. abgef4mad(t, aU 
Uvni 111. Barren, s. bte^aibe? IT. comp. 
— money, eiii tobteSCopitalj —privet, BoU 
bie4)ttUS»ttrsJ — •pinted,geifUo65 —wort, 
5ot. bie©if*opmil^ej V. — new, s, 1. bie 

rnnb (©on |)erlcn)4 2. fig. W*erU*, ttttf» Unfru*tborfeit (ber 3;^iere) j 2. bieDfirre 

(bed IBobenOi 3. ber Mangel an fBebentung, 
an @rffttbizng&!raftj SKangel an SRaterie^ 
bie ©eiflesieere. 

BUrrjcade', B&rrjcfi'dO, «. 1. bie IBerfpemmg, 
jBerrammung, JBerf4an}ung i 2. ber 6(biag:! 
battui) 3. Mar. bie 64aniDerf(eibttng{ 
4. fig. ba$ 4)inbernif i barricade of treea, 
ber 8er^au. 

^Sufer5 — bed,badSeIbbette$ -matter, ber HToBarr{c2de', To BrirricaMo, v. a. 1. 9er 

ISafentenisfpector) — master general, ber 

BXr^rage, < Com. bie Sarrege. 

BilWras, s, 1. Chem. ro^ed S^^ten^ars, 
beffen befTere 6orte Galipot genannt loirb, 
qv.i 2. bie ^actleinmanb. 

Bar'r^t^r, *. 1. ber 34nfer, 4>dnbelma<ber, 
0tc<btsoerbre(er (ber Ynbere sum |)rocefs 
flrenreijt)i 2. Com. Law. ber (Sapitdn, ic 
ber 33araterie begebt. 

Bilr'r^trous, I. adj. ber fflaratrie Wulbigj 
II. — ly, odtj. na4 ^rt ber IBaratric. 

B&r^r^try, jr. 1. ba$^dnbelfliften,bie9te<btSoer< 
bre§ung9 (Sbicane) Law, bad unrebli^e (be< 
fte^Ii^e, It.) eerfabren in 9)rocef fatbcn 
2. Com. Law, bieCaratrie, ©arotterie, «er* 
untreuung, ber Unterfileif (jon ©eiten bed 
GtbtfTerd [(Sapitdnd] ob. bed cnbiffdbolfcd). 

BiHr^cOef , jr. pi. Mar. Heine tBaffertonnen. 

BSr'rfl, J. l.badgaf $ bie Sonne (an4ein!IRa^ 
It. (Bmidtt oott terf(b- Ordfe)^ T-s. 2. bad 
Seberge^dufe ob. bie Xrommel einer Saftbens 
ixffti 3. ber Aaften einer XrommeU 4. ber 
Sauf einer ^linte, il, tun. bie 6eele i 5. bie 
4)6»le, bef, Mech. ber (S^Hnber^bieSBalie, ber 
€$tiefel ) — of a jack, ^bie ^tricfwal^e an einem 
^ Bratenmenber^ -o the6ar,ilnat.bie0(r» 
trommel) Mar-#. -^f the capstan, bieffieUe 
bed (5angni>{ad3 - of the wheel, bie {BeUe 
bedeteuerrabedj -chain, ^or. bie Jtettc in 
ber Ubrj - maker, ber gafbinbcr, JMfer, 
Mfncrj —organ, eineiDreborgel. 

rammen, ^erfperren, verf(banien) 2. fig. 
^emmen, ab fatten 5 to — a ship. Afar, bic 
Sinfenetten unb @(bansnetber urn bad 6<biff 

Bar/rj^r [birSr', Pope], s. bef. Fort. 1. bie 
eerfd(^an}ttng, 93efeftignng9 bad (Satter? 
bie Eanbwebr, Cormauer^ (— town) bic 
©renifeflung 5 2. ber ®(biagbaum^ (Brenj* 
fkeitt}^-*. 3.bie®renjej 4, ber^injolt, 
bad ^inbernif . 

Bir'rl^r^ s. pi. bie ®4ranfen, Eauff*ranfcn i 
Orenien, 6tafeten, etbanipfd^Ie. 

Bar'rjng, p. pr. Don To Bar ; — mistakes, 
3rrtbflmer audgenommen. 

Bar'ristfr, «. ber ®eri(btd>2rb))ocat, Titmalt 

BSr'row, *. 1. (hand-), bie Sragc, (Xrag-) 
IBa^re 5 2. (wheel-), bcr©(b«btarren ; 3. bad 
gef(bnittene6<b»ein) E/^bad @(bn>cm 
(iiber^.)) Am. (audftbl.) bad gef(bnittene 
e^meinj — grease , bad 6d^iocinefett, 
e<bmeerj -hog. bergef*nittcKc6bcr,¥olf. .Sa/t-10. itttferbutformigefSei* 
bcnfdrbc sum Xrocfnen bed Gained. 

Barse,«. Ich. ber ®arf(b, vid. Perch. 

Bart, ahbr. f&XX Baronet, vid. B. abhr. 

To Bar'tfr, v. I. n. SauM^anbel treibcn, ba« 
rattircn, trofirenj II. a. i^ertauf^en, t»er« 
»e(bfcln (Jtarten im 6piele)5 to — away, 
fig. cergeuben (felne 3cit, it.). 

BaWt^r, s. 1. ber Sauf<bb<KnbcI, iBaratbanbel, 
Umfat, ffBaarenoertriebi 2. |un>. bie loer* 
tanMte &a(bt. [Sertauf^cr. 

Mt'rflf, *. pi. Com. etoffage, gdffer (fur Bar't^r^r, t. 1. ber »attf«W»bUrj 2. ber 




B«rtfc, s. Hus. ^r »an]» IDrt ober Scrf^i^lag 
fir jititde^ Sit^. 

Bir't^n, #. 1. bie^errengiifer, Sdnbtreten ei* 
nesS^ett$3 2. ba^f>ecren^Qttd5 92ebengt' 
HvSiti 3. Oum.)^erSBtrt^f4aftHof, {>£$' 
Hereof. [»urj< 

Rar'tnuB, «. Bot ber ISertram, b{e €5pet4el* 

Bar'wiyf , BSr'nr, vid. bar-wayg, QRt. Bar. 

Bar^^lg. '. bie^erriirfej «W. Periwig. 

Barf ta, B^r^e'/B^tSf , *, Afin. bie ®4»er» 
rrbe, C^mnblage bee G<^»erfpat($. 

Blr^on^ 9. 1. Gram. baS j^ao^tonon $ 3. 
Jlfii^. md. b. r. Baritone. 

Ba'siJ, ad/. Cfcem. bafifi^. 

B^ailt', ^. Geo!. 1. berSafalt) vtUBaaaltei; 
% (—Wedgwood), ein S^Xdexyth, ben ©duten 
9tberfie(enbe$ eRglif<(eS ®tetngut. 

BadU'te^ «. Geo/, ber IBafaU, eiulenftetn. 

BfdU'tfc, adi. bofaltff((, mh (i9on) 9ofa(t 

BuSKtiiomi, act;, bafaltf^nnig, fdnlenfSrmlg. 

B«aal't|Be» «. 1. Geo^ ben^afaltitt^ 2. bie 

Bif'^ite, BfaS'ngs, s, jlltfi. bet yroMrflein. 

Base, adj- 1. niebdg C%.), fc^dnbK*, gemein, 
!UtRU4, 9erft4tli4l 2. gering^ gering^oltig; 
f#(e4t, one^t^ falf^ (iDon^lRdnse)) unebel 
(9ea 9trtaaen)4 3. une^eti^ 5 4. (90m Xone) 
tttf4 —born, 1. une^elt^^ittegitim^ 2. me« 
brig gebcren, itnabelig j 3. f^Ie^t, gemein 
(WA^tllgen)! — broom, vfd.Dyer't-broomj 
-court, LberSie^^oO 2.ba6ttnterged4t5 
- estate, 1. Law, baS gemeine, niebrige4>er» 
hvmtm 2. b«$Saucrgtttj — knot-gra«a, 
BoU ber tBegetritt, Jbi^tedg) the— part, 
Mu$. bcr Saf 9 vid, Bass ; —ring and ogee, 
Gioi. M$ J^interfrteft an einer Jtonone^ 
-rocket, Bot, bie wilbe gelbe fUtefeba 5 — te- 
BBre, MSSauerie^CR (loie — estate)) —tree, 
BoL ber ®etfnee, 6Qtifv$v 

Bue,^. 1. lit it fig, bie Safis, ber(9runb3 
2. berSoben^ 9. ber^itf, bod ^uf gefleU^ 
^opoment^ ber 6dnlenftu(lj (—of a bed), 
bcr^affrani (einedSetteS); 4. Gun. baS 
Qefi^fii i»em lei^teften ^aUber^ 5. C/iem. 
He akfci 6- -Mtt^. bet ©ftf } (—string), bie 
©ftff^itej T. /c^ ber ©arf*5 8. ber2)rt (bie 
9arTC), T>on »o and ba$ffBettlaQfen(San}(ns 
bte^eii, u.) beginnt. [griinben, baftren. 

To Biae, v. a. 1. ». ii. ffirEmbaac ; 2. tnoei. 

Bisc'lfaa, adi. fit. kfig, gmnbloS. 

Base'iy, adv. 1, niebrig^nieberttdcitigjd^dnb* 
li^$ SL f^Ietftt/ ttite<!itj gertng^altig (i»on 
KetaBcii)$fa(f4(iD.9]ldnieR)5 8. (-born), 

Base^B^nt, s. Arch, eine fortUufcnbe iSafi^/ 
Hr^uf boben, bieUnterUge^ btf eouterrain. 

Bft's^n (Ba'sfn), s. bof gefdrbte e^affeOi 
braune ©iopeber (ffir ©n^binber, it.), 
cf. Basil. 

Blse'n^ss, s, 1. bie 3Webrigfeit bed 6tanbe», 
ber®eburtj une^eU^c Qebnrt) 2. bie^tie* 
bertrd((tigFett, 64Ied{^t^ett, xa 3. bte^c:* 
ring^altigfeit (9on !Dtetaaen, ic.}i 4. bie 

Base'n? t, s, vid. Bassinet. 

B»diftw', [Wb., W., Ac] «. 1. ber «affa 
(r. 9af4a)) 2.^. ber S^rann. 

B^sb'fdl, I. adj. ; 11. — ly» adv. 1. f^am^aft, 
i»(rf4dmt^ 2. bldbe, f^itdl^temi 3. et^am 
erregenb) UL — ness, s, 1. bie ©(^am^aftig^ 
feit$ 2. bie Sl«big(eit, ®4i(d^tera^eit, Ser« 

BVil, s. 1. Geog. Safel, (wet. Basle); 2. IBa< 
Hand (^-R.)$ 3. bad gegerbte ©dl^affeU, 
(vfd. b.b. Basen)) 4. T, (Join. Ac.) bie 
04rdge, ®e^re, ®e^rung$ bad^^rdgmafy 
ber (r^^iefc) SSinfel (jdM ^tiftU, ^ohtU 
eifend; )C.)} Bot-s. 5. bad i^afiUenfraut, 
IBafiliCttm (au^ sweet—); American field—, 
bie !IXonarbe4 «tone — , ber X4t)miaR5 
—weed, ber SBirbelboflen. 

To BSfll, V. a. T. (©d^neibemerfgeuge) Mrdge, 
f4ief»tnfeUg iuf^leifen, abf^rdgen. 

B^fil^c^, s. Anat. bie fBafiUca, mittlere liber, 
f>ouptaber bed lirmd. 

Bif'jl^c, B^fTl'Ic^t, adj. Anat. baRUM, }ur 
iO^afilica ge^6rig. 

B^fTl'icpn, s. JPtiarm, bie Adnigdralbe. 

BS^'jiisk, I. s. 1. (au4 Cockatrice), ber (er^ 
bi^tete) ®afilidf, Jtonigdbra^e; 2. Zoo^ 
bie (oftinb.) Jtdnigdetbe4fe$ 3. na4f b. Cyc, 
tin neuered 48pffinbiged ®e^(b^i 11* adj. 
bafilidfenartig) — glance, ^g. beriSafilid' 
fenbH*. ^ 

Ba'sfn, s.l, b!?fflerfen, ber SSBaflcrbeWiter, 
bie®4ale) 2.bieSBagr4<ite5 3.biee4(eif« 
rd^aU(becjd^4Ieifer)4 4. Hat.badetet' 
ferble4,?fu^&5 5. bie ®rube, JtoHgrube 4 
6. ber Jteffel (bad Serfen) einedCpringbrun^ 
nend) berfleineXei^) 7. bie i8u4t (vid, 
unten)j JIfar-*. — ofadock, bie Jtumm bei 
eiaer©orfej —of a port, ber SBinnenJafen 5 
bie (SBafTer') S)o^^D. o^ne glut^t^&ren, 
bad Baffin j — of tlHidney, Anat bad ^ic- 
renbectenj sale by the—. Com. bie dffent< 
lit^e TCuction ju ^mfterbam (mobei ber 3u« 
fil^Iag auf einem ©erfen gef*ie^t)j -stand, 
berfBaf^ftanb, fiSaf^tif^, bic^af^com* 

Ba'sjned, adj. »ie in einlBeden gefaf t. [mobe. 

Ba'ajs, g. bielBaftd, ©runblage, ber^ranb) 
edttlenfhi^l; bad gufgefteU^ bie ®rttnb> 
fdule, badgwibament^ (viUBaseina.«-n.). 



To hUkf o. L a. (biiacn, fSmmcni) 11. n. (anc^ 
>l6r.) M fonnett, M w&xnau 

BScl^t, #. l.^en. ter itorb) 2. bcr itorbt»oO/ 
ciii iimhtfOmmM) 9Xaf (bcf. bciSrft^tten)) 
BttL ber CMI^imiforb) 4. (- faUt), ber (e^^ 
beU) JTorb, iberflo^tenc QMff ob. Sfiflel am 
edbel^U.) back—, vul. isBack; — fisk, 
Zoo(. ba« !Rebufai^ipt4 — naker, ber 

tr^ser^ — salt, bad Xafelfol) (feisfte nnb 
wdfefte endUfi^e eo(i)| — womaa, 1. bie 
Jt-ma^ttinm 3. bie Safttrisermn. 

To Bi(Af t, V. a. in cinen itorb t^ttiL [^L 

BSs1c|Dg-shark, «. /c^. ber0liefen^ 9>fdrbe> 

Ba'fle, Bale, #. Geog. (bU etabt) Safel. 

Bft's^n, #. vid. b. b. Baaio. 

BSsqae [biUk], s, bec Sodfe, SUfttlKr. 

BXt'qQith [-ki«h], adi. baSf tM, bUfa9if4. 

BSa-Tflief, «. oid. Bait-rdief URt Bait. 

BIm, I. #. 1. /cA. ber !Reer»olf 9 (Cumb.)* cin 
ffbtfbard) (HampOf ^nC^eebarS) Anuiijn 
ben sdrbl. etaaten) bet geangte Sard) a. 
5o(.bie^tnbe5 3. ber Saft) (-mat), bie 
Oofbnatte/ etro(« ober f^infeRbeffe} 4. Mus. 
ber Sofi —of an organ, bad 64narr»erf 
(bieOafflimmen) einer&rgelj n. adj, Mtu, 
titfi in. comp. —relief. Sculp, bad Badre^ 
Uef^^alb^odftbilb; bie (alber^abene Arbeit) 
-rope, bad©oflfeil5 —viol, bieflSafgeige^ 
^Itgeige, ©ratfftej —wood, bie Sinbe (md. 
oben) j bad SiRben^oI}. 

To BXu, v. 1. a. ticf (im «af ) tdnen laffea^ 
11. n. tief flingett, bmmmen. 

BSa'aa, s. bet Saffa) vid. Bashaw. 

BSs'sft, s. Gam. bad IBaffet ('fpiel). 

ToBat'sft, v.a. ARn. anfhi^ (oonJIo^Ies* 
fldecn). ^ [«i|ir. 

BXasfntt', «. ein let4^ter f^elm, gem. o^ne 

BWt^ck, 9. bie (9aft«) SXat^AicBau). 

BIU't9-r«IIe'vO, s, vid. Bait-^mT URt Basa. 

BfMOOa', Blb't9a/ 4. Mus. ber SaffoQ, bad 

BM«&^aist, *. Mu9. ber gagotifl. [gogot. 

BSit, «. 1. ber 0afl$ 2. bad Saftfeil. 

BlU'tii, I. «. Gam. (fraR}. ^arte): piques 
Come^ (betttrc^e AarfU ®diR«&bcr (au^ 
Baito); bieOafte) II. W. Mus. geRVgl ^alt! 

Bfti't^rd, t. «. 1. berJBaftarb, bad URe^eli^e 
JtiRb) 2.>ig. (iibcrt. iebe uneitte Ob. URter» 
flef4obeReea<bebe}ei(tneRb)) 3. Mar^. o) 
eiRC O^alecre Don getod^nl. (Brdf e n. mit bret^^ 
tem4>iRtert(eiIe4 6) bad grdf te ecgel einer 
Oaleere, beffcR Q^ebrauilft Rur weaig ffBtnb 

00a itttge»^(nli4aiiJlattberi lY. comp. — 
child, ber Baflarb 1 Bot-i.— dittany, bcr loilbc 
Xyipton 3 —heilabore, bie Ra(fte€$teiibel»nr} f 
- oata, ber taibe loafer, SBilb* ob. Oiftb^ 
fer$ —parsley, ber ittetteitobell —ribs, 
Anai. bie Inxyvx ob. falf^endtippen; Bot-s^ 
— aaffroD, ber Safflor? — mma, ber lodlf^e 
@enedbattm, 9lafeRbanm, m&lfibe ^fea^ 
— stocco, Mas, itoOmdrtel ntit fdaem &aabe 

Jtorbma^er; - maker's loose work, bur^' berfe^tf — tiUe, 2Vp. ber 64nutititeL 
bro^eReit-ma^enoaarei —man, ber Sa^ To BSs't^rd, v. a, ber ttne^K^^eR Oeburt 

flberfiii(ren3 iumSaflarb ma<ten) 9.nenaen. 
Bis't^rdTfiD, «. ber dufUnb, bie Sage einedSa* 

To B&s't^rdlze, v, a. 1. ber ttRe^etti^ea (^' 

burt, entartuRgilberf^ren^ 2. einenSSas 

ftarb sengeR} 8. fig. oerfAlf^eS/ ocrberbea. 
Bfts't^rdy, s. bie mie|feli4e (Bebsrt 
BSs'ttf , s, pi. vid. Baffetas. 
To Biste, V. reg, k it. I. a. 1. priigela, and' 

priigeiR) 2. (eiaen Sraten mit '^ttt, u.) be« 

gie^ea; n. n. TaU. oerloreR (eftoR, aa^Ia* 

geR/ in Saben f^Iagen. 
Bftste, s. ber ea% vid. Bast. 
BS'st^, L adj. baftats U* baatea, or basted, 

p. p. bOR To Baste. 
BS'stf r, 8. baffelbe, mie Basting-ladle. 
BiU'tjitt^nt, BSstfmSn'tO, s. Fort ber SBaQ^ 

ftBoIIgaRg; bie iSrufhoet^r. 
Bastittide', BiUtina'do, s. LbielBaftonabe) 

2.itber(. badf)riigela, bie^rugel, ®to<t* 

To BJUtjoade', ToBastjaftMO, v. a. 1. bie 

9aftonabe geben; 2. prfigebt, abyr&geln, 

Ba'stfog, p. t>. ToBaste) —ladle, ber^ra- 

teRl6ffel; bie &<^6pffeae. [Soamerf. 

BXs'tion [-tahflo], s. Fort. bicCafW, bo$ 
Bas'to, *. Gam. Vbad arcff-Xd iR ber aua= 

briae) 2.vtd.Basta. 
B&s'tQo, B^itOGD', J. l.ber^ittel, |)ruge(, 

vid, Batoon ; 2. Arch, vid. Batoon. 
Bit, *. 1. Zool. bieSiebermand) 2. Hum. ber 

Sa^en; 3. ber 9>rfige(, bie iteulei 4. Gam. 

bad diadtti 5. Mm. ber bttvmiR6fe64iefer* 

t(0R| 6. (abbr, «>. Bartholomew) 9art^cl 

(^-R)3 comp. brick—, eiR ®tfi<f »0H einem 

3iegclfleiRej -fowling. Sport, bie garfeU 

jagb) —loose, Rnt bie gemeineglebermands 

fliegei - horses, ©tfltfpferbe, TfrtiOeric. 

pferbej -men, etudChie^tcj —wings. 

Anat, bie bretteR aXutterbiaber. 
BS'tf bie, adi, Mtig. 
B»ta'tfs, s. Bot. bie «afate, fiije Jtartonel. 

erforbertj II. adj.; Ill.-ly, ado. I. RRJlBftft't^e, *. tnd. Potatoe. 

e»e(i4) 2. uRe^t, falf*, mfdlf«t j 8. Gun.hM'f\^ s, l. Geog. matmm 2. Com. «a. 



taoia, ((aIb»)feiteniT obcr moKeiur 3citg 
(oon OataoU auf Zwd). {tawc, 

BftS'vi^, I. a4;. batattfAi n.«. terf)ft> 

Bitch, #. bofi ®e6i(f 5 ter e<^ttb (»n>b, u.)) 
of tke uae—, jSg. oon bcmfelben B^la^t 

Bite, «• 1. Phtm. Ut ea^ (viU Bati); 
S. b«6 OcMebc be* ^o^c*, btc ^olsfarern^ 
amke— , ein ICitfteiesler, Unrn^^fter. 

To Bite, (vid. b. i. To Abate) v. I. a, 1. ab« 
bredi^ai, berminberni na^lajfeit) 2.»egneV 
men, aJ^fd^netbeii) !!• n. 1. abnebmeii; M 
oeminbcnii 2. ouf (St»a ftofca (bcf. von 
9ta]ibi»6gela), bci|en4 9. einfe^ren, it., vid, 
To Bmit» n. 

Bite^l, adj. |4itKM. 

Bite'ltn, adj. ttnvttter»erfli(b, uttbeitorngbar. 

Bite'a^t, «. bec ^Cbbnub/ bie eerminbenrad 
(bei ^anbwerfimt; s- 9* bei Sir^Ieni ber 
Kbf^Bttf, tc, iibr. vmL b. il. Abatenent). 

Bith, #. (p/. bitthz), l.bQ»Sab^ (QU(b Oiem.) 
9. ber £>rt f n ber Sabeftube, mo man f<bn>t^t $ 
3. Gtog. Bath (Gtabtin <SndIdnb)5 knight 
of the—, (Hitter be* 9atb*SDrbene) dry-, 
rin troifmed Sab$ hot—, bie S9d(ung5 
foot—, etne ftbubf^nnige f^abenmnne^ — 
bark, BoU bcr breibfiktbtge (SbinabauiB^ 
-binMcb, engUf^e itanten, Cpt^enj — 
coating, eine Yrt engl. XittFel 5 — tly, bie 
fipoaif^e ^iU^ti — metal, ber tSombatf, ba^ 

To Batlie, o. I. a. 1. boben i (to — one's 
felf, ft4) baben) 2. b%n$ 3. waf<ben, 
a*»af4€n$ II. n. imftBajfer old in eincm 
9tbe fein^ ein ®ab gebron^en* $ to -> in 
teare , Jig. itt X^xAnoi nwimmtn. 

Bi'tfafr, J. ber Sabenbe^ Sabegofl. 

B^tkfng, p. «. ft a. comp. boS (Oaben i S&att*^ 
-lodge, ba* 93-b<tnS) —place, ber 9-pIo(9 
(-room), bie©-flttbc5 — season, bfe ©-jeit, 
-tab, bie2B-»(ranc. 

hSfth6t^ s.l.J^)et.\>itZitfti 2. Lit. tVon. 
M*92tebri0e in bcr ^rbteibort, opp. Pathos* 

Batjag, I. p. s. bie 9(nninberung$ vid. 
To BaU; IT. prep, av^gcttomwen , abgc 

Ba'tja, #. Bot. ber QXccrfenibel. [loanb, 

Batfst', B^tfate', s. ber Satift, bfe SatifKcin^ 

Bitl^t, s. ber S(&ueO SBafcbblducl. 

Bat'flifji, s. Com. exit ®em{(bt in ber ^cbante 
(n«flef. 16% yfonb cngl.) 

BSt'oOn, BSf9D, #. 1. bcr 0omnianboftab, 
9larf4aa^b| 2. bcr^fittcl, ^riigel^ 3, 
/f«r. bcr €5tab 5 4. i4rch. ber i^Ml [|teln. 

Bit'r^ehtte, 5. Af<ii. ber ©otracbit, Jtr6tcn: 

E^trs'ei^o, adj. Zool. itt ben Satracbicrny 
Hm ifrof<b««f*(e*te gc^Wg. 

B»trft'cj»af,«.p^ Zoo<. bieeatra^fr,SroM= 


Bfii^t9, s. (inb.) Ma. eolb bcr cngliMcn Xvup* 
pen in 3nbien; dry-, (Bc(b fl. bcr 9laricni 
extra*-, 9e(b}nlnge^ full-, ber duW«f bcr 
oftinb. Gompognie on i(re Smppcn i half-. 
ber4)«Cbforbj wet-, bcr©oib inSiaturtt. 

B^ttii'ii?, s. Mil. 1. btc 6<bla<btorbnungi 
2. ba« {)au|>ttrcffett (aXittcItreffcn) cincr 

Bf tt.'illpn, s. Mil. ba* SataiUon. [Knncc. 

BiitUU'i^oed, adj. in ©otttifloncn fcrmirt. 

ToBiU'tfo, v.ha. miftctii bungch, («anb) 
bcfru(bten4 U.n. 1. ftcb mdjlcn, micbcr crbc« 
len^ 2. fi(b md^en (toie cin ecbwctn im 
^otbe)) 9. fig. im flbcr^uf (cbcn. 

BSt't^Q, #. Carp, ba* 0li(btf<bctt, grope Eincal 
bcr 3immcrlcutc, 2C.) bicbunnc ^attc, (Ctttcro 
ttiftci }Veav. bic $abc (am SBcbflublc); 
—door, bie Sctflcntb&r (opp. Panel-door) $ 
— ends, tanncnc fatten bi* mit SSttp edngc. 

Bat't^nf, s, pi. Mar. bic €$topf(ba(cn bcr 
0laoen u. 9Raflcn$ —of the batches, bic 

ToBat't^r, v. L a. 1. fiblagctt, flampfcn$ 
2. boO Oeulcn ma<bcn (cin metaUcnc* Olc- 
fdf 5 3. ierf^^Iagen^ gertrtimmen), gcrMmct- 
tern; 4. flarf bcfcbicpen, bcflurmcn) 11. n, 
Mas. Abcr^angcn, Dorfpringen. 

Bat't^r, 1. 1. (Coolr.) bcr gefiblagcnc Xcig 
(bon SRebl, (Sitvn unb W{I<b }u Jtlofcn, tc.) i 
berOinrcblag/baddtfibrci) 2. /Vmt. bcr De- 
fect («IBu<b^abe)5 3. Mtch. vfr/. Batting, 

Baft^red, p. a. gcfc^iagen/ tc. j bcf<bdbtgt5 fig. 
abgenu^t, miirbc, auftgcbicnt; an^gcmcrgclt. 

BXf t^r^r, s. ber 6(b(dgcr, 3crtritntmercr. 

BSt't^rjng, p.s. vid. To Batter; — nrtiller), 
—pieces, ba6 9c(agcntng*gcf4iib^ — trnin. 
bcr ©tfirfjttg i — ram, bcr eturmbotf. 

Baftfry,^. 1. baS6(b(agcn$ bic e<bl^gcre( $ 
®cldgening"(bu^j 4. bic»attcric, ©tiirf* 
bettuttgj 5. fig. biefflattcric5 6. i'fcy. bie 
electrize ©atteric* T. Uw, bic tWtli<bc 
<IXifbonblung) 8. Hat. bic SBalffammcr, 
«Bal!ftdtte4 9. Bra.boft (gc^agcnc) 9Kff« 
flng« obcr Jtupfcrgcldbtrr. 

BXf tjsh, adj. flcbcrmoiiftartig. 

Baf tjng, s.« eiblagballfpielcn 9 ftc- 
f<bIdgC4 -machine, Mech. bic Gibldg' c^- 
JtiopfmaWine (jnm ^ufCoctcrn u. ©dnbcrn 
bcr ©aumn>oUc)5 -staff, bcr ®af4brducl. 

Bai'tie, s. MU. l.bic 641a<bt^ baSXrcfcn^ 
2. bie ^cere»obtbcilnng5 -array (ob. order 
of-), bie €5(bia4torbnung5 - axe. bic 
etrcitdjtt, ^cUcborbcj -door (-dorc). 




f«eibei 4.bteyalette$ba«Sorbcnbret9 5.)>ie 

ir«bcC*tofet} — d. barley, vid. nnt. Barley; 

— d.-shaped, Bot fpatelfSmiigj —holders, 

bie eecnnbonten bet eintm |)auptfauflf am^fe ; 

-royal, 1. Pug. tint %Toft (aOfletndiie) 

®4Idgerci$ 2. Sport, cin itampf itnter 

mc^rercn |>dtaen. 
To Biit'tle, V. ». 1. eiae e<bIo(bt ob. ein Zvtf* 

fen liefern/ <i4 fAIagen^ S. jSg. (eftig firei« 

ten (—for, «m). [mawer. 

B&t^tled, p. a. befefHdt^ —wall, btcSefhtng^' 
BUt'tlcm^nt, s. Mil. bie QRauer mit 3innen 

Ob. e^ieffd^orteit^ b-s,2>{.biefedinnenfelbfi 
Bat^tiem^nt^d, p. a, mit Oilmen oerfe^eit. 
Blt^tljog, «. ba$ f^anbgemend, Zttfftn, ber 


B^ttSFoiifst, «. Gram. (n>.&.) ber SBorthdmer . 
To B^tt&l'^ibe, V. a. (w. fi.) unnil^er fSetfe 

baffelbe mieber^olen. 
B«ttdl'9^y, #. Gram. (». fi.) bie unnu^e S^c^ 

ber^Iitng, b<i$ leere ®ef(i»d^, bie iEBort» 

BSt'ftpn, BSt'tOOn, «. ou/. Batooa. 
B&f trjl, s. Did. Batlet. [^lebccmattS 

Bifty, adj. jn etner Stebermaitd fie(6ris$ 
Batz, s. Num. ber ®a(cii. 
Bin'ble, s. vid, Bawble. 
BivW' '• gum-, baS ®ttmmtdtttt. 
Bind, s. vid. Bawd. 
B&udeOcio, Bdod'klD, s, vid. Bawdlcin. 
Biu^e, «. Com. ber Sauga, etne ^rt iDroguet 

(grober IffioSeRieug in Surgunb). 
To BAolk [b&k], vid. To Balk. 
BAolks [biki], *.p/. Afar, ©pieren ob.aSdnmc 

Su 9taaen, Gtengen, u. 
B4alm [bAm], BAam, s. vid. Balm. 
To Bdoltfr, 0. n. frdufcin, frifiren. 
Bdo'sia, s. vid. Bawain. 
B»vi'r|». 9. Geog. ©ttiem. [bie «oierittn 
B»?«'r|»n, I. ad), boierifcbj JL *. ber goter. 
Ba'vQD, s. boft ®eiferldt4ett^Mff(ben. 
Biv'in, 4. ba«met», etAtf OteiHoIg) ffttU 

bunbj b-«, pi. 1. Afi/. Sar^tnen^ 2. Mar. 

bie Srennbdnbel eined Cranberi. 
BAw-, comp. — horsei , — men, vid. Bat 

hortei, kc 
BAw'ble, #. ba» epi^erf, bie Jtlcinigfeit, 

Sapperei, bie ni4»»ficbige 6ad^e ob. $er 

fott} a fool's—, bie Slarrentttppe. 
BAwd, s. 1. ber Appier, (ge»5^nli*er) bie 

fuppUrinn* 2. Sport. einXu^ruf, menu ber 

^afe onffprtogt. 

To BAwd, V. n. fnppeln, ten Jtuppler macben. 
BAw^djly. adv. nnfU^ig, un&fi(btig. 
yAw'djatss, #. bieUnfldt^igfeit, Unju*tig!eit.| 

BAwd'kin, s. ber Oolb* ob.0i(btrbrocat) retib 
mtt ®olb tt. eilbcr burcimebte eeibenflof . 

BAVdrfck, 1. vid. Baldrick; 2. bie Sftiemen 
(am ®Ioif enf (6pfeO. 

BAw'dry, s. 1. bie Jtuppelei $ 2. biellniu^t, 
Unfldt^igMt, dotenrtiferei, dotcn. 

BAVdy, I. adj. ttttfldt^ig, ttnifi<bttd, [((AmloS, 
f^nraiig) 11. «. bie 3oten. 

BAwk, s. Ang. ein itnoten in ber Yngel. 

To BAwl, V. I. n. f^teien, freif^en (oor 
earner} ob. Sr^ube) i pldrren (mie itinber)4 
IL a. ^ffentui auArufen. 

BAVi^r, #. ber ©((reier. 

BAw'ijng, p. s. 1. baS 64reien, ®ef<bret4 
2. Sport, bog Setten ber j>ttnbe; e^ fie bie 
@pur finben. 

BAw'r^l, J. Om. ber Sofan^Qbi^t 

BAw'sjn, s. I. ber S)a4^$ 2. viiL b. f. IS. 

BAw's^n, s. ein bitter ttttbe(iilfU4^er (auc^ ein 
Idrmenber) QXenft^. 

B&y,«. 1. bie Sal), fdndft, ber Heine ^eer* 
bafen) 2. ber e<^n^ on einem ^uffittid^t, 
biee^Ienfe^berOXutlenbammi ber(e<ba^o 
SDomm, ba( G^a^gatter) 8. Jllar. bie tBaf« 
fnhadf^Uhatti 4. bie S3aafe (einer e^ea^ 
ne)5 5. bie Httt ober £)ffnnng in eincr ^oacr 
Sa einer X^iir ob. einem S^nfler^ ber {Ranm 
i»if4en {loei (^oaptqaerOIBaifen, ba« So<b i 
bie 6itie;r4arte) 6. tinker's -> ber ©act 
ciaefi Jtcffcipirfer^j T. ber Sorbeer, ^orbeer* 
baam5 8. ber Sorbeertron}^; 9. bai 
(tafianien)broane|)ferb (vid. adj.); 10, fig. 
(c/.5port-*.) ble©ebrdttgnifi bcrKot^flaab, ^ 
mennman/ )9on&belnamgeben; benenmon 
nii^t enttommen Um, i^nen M tit^n miber^ 
fe^t, bie 92ot(me6r ^ Sport-^. to stand at — , 
(ber.oom^o4n>i(b) ft4 n)iberfe(en^bic8pi(e 
bieten $ fig. in ber gr5^ten ^ot^ (in JBerlcgen* 
^eit fein, M ni^t ja ^clfen miffcn) to keep 
at-, (0. b. Sagbinnben) einen 4)irW, 6ber^ 
ic, na^bcm er jam ©te^en gebracit, fo lange 
oaf^aUen, hi^ er oom 3dger eriegt R>trbj 

fig. ^in^altcn i eingefdi^r&ntt (alten i.comp.^ 
berries, bie Sorbeeren 4 -coloured, braaa^ 
fttrbigi -fever, bad S5ai)|!ebcr (ber R* 
front fleHenben Gtrdflinge, am bie jE)eporta> 
tion na(( Botany-Bay gu ocrmeiben) ^ — ice, 
inngeA (frif4gebi(beteA) di&i -leaf, baA 
Jorbeerblottj —oil, baA Eorbccrol; Sordlj 
—piece goods, 6tit(tgiiter aaA Seagalca> 

— salt, baA ©a^falj, ©ecfolj 5 - State, Am. 
ber Gtaat Massachusetts ; —tree, Bot. ber 
£orbeerbaamj —wax, baA griine CBa^Aj 

— window, baA gcwAIbte genflcr (vid. Bow- 
window)^ —yarn, boA moDcnc ®arn. 

Bay, a47. broan, braanrot^z taftanienbraaay 



--liorse, bad Qtiftimtn^ybxauwtHfiftvh, Ux 

To BSky, V. I. n. 1. UUtn, Sport. onWagen 
hUHui & rings vmgebcn fein i II. a. l. mit 
^vnben ^n, iageit, beHenb oerfolgen^ 

2. dnfilftttef en, einengen, umgeben. 
Biy'vrd, #. 1. bad (faflamen*) branne $fetb, 

berSranne^ 2. ber ^anlaffe, nnbef4^eibene 

Biy'^rdiy, adv. btinb, l^ldbf; bnmm. 
S2 jef» 1. md. Baize. 
Klyl* s, vid. Bail. 

BiSf^QB^t, «. bas iSSoionett, ber^tenbol^ 
To Bsypn^ 0. a* mit bem S3aj[onette fort> 

trriben, obcr nicberftopen. 
B9jM, s. Am. ber fteine Stop (in btn filbs 

OKftt. etaotoi bon 9^orb'Xmeri(a). 
BSjf* 1. i\»et. ber £orbeer(tans, bie 

^xhtttvxi % bod iSarrefptel, vid. Base; 

3. ottidft Bayze, ber fdt^, vid. Baize. 
Bi^ Bii'z«t, s. vid. Bazot. i 
B^zii'r Bfzar'i, Bazaar' » i. ber S^ojor 

(aRorft^lai mit ^anfmannSdemdben ber 
orientoIifii^enlSdlfer)) c/. Faocy-bazar. 

Bi'z^t, s Com. ein dgpptif^er ®anm»otten» 
icitg. [rieienbed €$4lcini(ar)). 

Bdefl|«»» [d^Mf «• ^ad ISbeSinm (ein n>o^l« 

To Be, I. o. tr. n. fein? werbenj ((Soninnctio){ 
fei) to — found, pfinbeny be it to — ex 
€«ed, er ifl ju entf<^uibigen$ it ii not to — 
iBas^Bed, manfann fi^'S ni^t i^orftcOcn^ 
to--floraometbing, 6ttoad wflnMen, (aben 
veaen, na^etwadtra^ten^ fi^ffirStioad 
erttdren^ to — off, lodtommen^ fi4 ^abon 
nuUten^ to — ont with one, uneind mit 3€» 
nonb fein 4 to — op, obenbrauf (geborgen) 
feini im €$piele geioonnen ^aben^ oufge^ 
brailbt (beleibigt) fein) yoar aunt that is 
to—tSbtesnlfinftigeSonte) the candidate 
to — , ber iSanbibat in spe; what woold the 
-at? toad loin fie benn? »a6 bat ftebor? mad 
mU Re bomit fagen? let (it) -, rii(r' ed 
ni^t an$ II. amp. aid s. be-all, bad XDed5 
-all and end-all, eittUttbOfUed, bie ganje 
{)abc. [Oeflabe. 

B^aeh, s. bad fla^e Ufrr^ ber Gtranb, bad 

B^cby, adj. mit fla^n Ufem. 

Beai'cQO, s. Mar. tt MU. 1 . bie 6pierslBa(e ob. 
9aafe, ffBa^rtonne, 6eetonne3 2. bieTCnfer* 
beiK/berXnferndibter) 3. ber Sen^ttburm, 
bie Sencr»arte$ 4. bad Sarmfener, eignal« 
four, ffBadftfener^ 5. « ber Seitflem. 

To B«a'e9n, o.a. 1. Gpierbafen errid^ten) 
2. 9afen legend B. Sdrmfener,u. ma(ben 
mo miter^alten. 

Ba/cfsfie, «. bad ftafengelb^ IBlitfengelb/ 

(^gabe ber cinlanfenben e<l^tf e inr Unter* 

^Itung ber £en<btt(ilrme.) 
Bea'cpned, adj. 1. JSk\X einemSeuAtt^unn, u.| 

2. m lett<btenb, fonnbeftrablt. 
Bead, I. M.sin^. i.bad^gel<bcn, Jtndpf^en) 

2. bie|)erte (bef. am9tofcn!ranac)$ 3. ber 
Sropfenj — cnff«, SRahf^ettcn mit 9)erld|)cn 
Ob. Jto6t(benfK(fcrei| —proof. Dial, l.j.bie 
|)erlen9robe$ 2. acO*. probebaltig, flarfton 
f)erlen ob. Slafen^ —roll, l. £cc. bad Scr^ 
sei^nip berf)erfonen, f&rmeltbeecclcnmeffcn 
SUlefenfinb^ 2.iiber^.: bad IScrsei^nip, bie 
^fte$ -tree, Bot. ber |)aternofterbanm) 11. 
Beads, s. pi. 1. ^erlen, ^trictperlen; 6tt(f* 
perlen) 2.ilrcA.Mgel(ben (am^ciftenwcrf;) 

3. JHst. G<battmbl£d4en/ ^rlen (auf ®)>i« 
ritttofen)4 4. (popish—), beriRofcntranjj 
to tell (to be at» or to say over) one's b-s, 
ben(Rofen!ran{ beten^ b-s of sweat, 64n>eip' 
tropfen) b-s-mao, 1. ber ISeter^ 2. bcr^ct» 
bruber (fur !Knbere)5 3. fig, ber f)Iapperer i 

4. ber ©ettelooigt) —woman, 1. bie^et* 
f(^»efier 9 2. bie ^odpitalitinn. 

B^a'd^, adj. mit einer ^erlenfcbnur )>crfe6cn. 

Bea'df Iry, s. vid, Bedelry. 

Bea'dfng, s. Arch, bad ^eifienioerf. 

Bia'dle, s. Law k Ac. ber (S^eri^tdbiener/ 
Oeri^tdbote, f)ebell5 Sutteli cinnleberer 
Seamteter in ben ^farreicn, »cl(bcr gcringe 
iBerbrei^en be|lra^9 — thip,!. bie®eri<btd« 
bienerfFeOe, )c. [iur 4)afeniagb). 

Bea'gle, s. ber @tduber, 6tdber ('4>unb, bef. 

Beak, «. 1. ber @dftnabet (e. Sogcld)5 2. bad 
fd^nabelfSrmige ^be eined iDingcd , %. S. 
bie 0td^re eined tDefliBirfolbenbetmed, bie 
ecbnauie an (Sef^pen) iiber^aupt: bie 
epi^e^ 3. jPor. bad Uebereifcn, bie ^appc, 
ber 2Cufiug4 4. Carp, bie borfpringenbc (Srfc 
am obem 6nbe (Jtopfe) bed Supbolged an 
einer ©(bwibebanf J 5. (—head), Ship-h. 
ber ®<biffdf(bnabel (bad«orbcrt^iI/ bie JCafc 
bed 6(biff(d)/ bad (SaUion^ — iron, vid. 
Bickern. [Her. k Bot. gcf(bndbclt. 

Bealc^d [ob.bekt], p.a. f<bnabelf5rmig/ fpi^ig $ 

Bea'k^r, s. ber fdtitxi bad f)otpourri. 

B€a'kjng, p. s. Sport. Hi Scflbaltcn mit bem 
©♦nabel, 7Cnf(bnfibeln (bcim 4)abngcfc(btc). 

Beal, 1. 1.bie93eule, bad®ef<biofir4 bicginnc, 
SSIatter^ bad Sbl^ftni 2. iScal i^-n.}. 

To B6al, tj. n. f*»drctt, citem. 

Beam, s. 1. Carp, ber 4)auptbalfen4 iiber(.: 
f^alfen; Unterbalfen/ bie e4n>eUc) ber 
Saum, {>ebebattm) bad Saltenncrf 4 8. bet 
flBagcbalfen) fig. bie XBage) 3. Weav. 
bcrBeugbanm, «Beberbaum5 4. ber|>flug* 
baum) 5.biejDci4f(U 6. Spor^bieetongc 




(am4>ir|*ae»eii)5 t.bieiatttie(amXiifer)j 
8. Met. \>it etra^l, £i*tflro^l5 gettcrftreu 
fen, Wegenerfdulc (om^immel)^ ge». pi. 
comp-s, b-8 of thewD, ®onneiiftra^Un$ b-n 
of a comet, bet Sart, e^toeif eine» Jtome« 
ten 5 draw (or wind) beam, berfiSenbelbaum 
((St»a« borait «m|nbreiett)$ —of a bell, ber 
SSeQbQum am ®U)tfenfln(Ie$ itfiir-#. b-s, pi 
bfelDedPbQlfen^ rigbt on the beam, xt^i Don 
ber &titt, vuig, b»ar$ ab (i. e. na4 ber 0t{4' 
tung bes mtttelften fi9a(fenOl ^« >hip U on 
ber — ends, ba( @4^iff Uegt (ganj) aufber 
@ette4 — board, bie ^^Igeme (EBagfd^ale) 

— compasaei, ber ©tongenjirfcl 5 — featheri, 
(ob. b-s). Sport, bie G^mungfebern ber 
fllQnbbfigel (bef.bergQlfen)} (white) —tree, 
BoU ber 9){e^lbeerbQam, SEBetfborn. 

To Beam, v. L n. flrtt^len^ II. a. CtTtt^ten 

b€A'm|ng9, pi. fig, TC^nungen, bas aamfi^« 
Kge (geifKge) ©rfennen (einer ©a*c) 5 (au* 
im ««&.)• 

BSaml^ss, a<0'. 1. fbcaf^UnloBi 2, fig. matt. 

BSa'my, adj. I. flra^Ienb j 2. j^t^ bttumftwer j 
(2- 99. eine baumr^mereEan^e)^ 3. .Sport, 
mit ©enei^en oerfe^en, ge^6rnt. 

BSan, s. Bot. bie 9o^ne5 comp. —caper, bie 
S-nfoperj —cod, 1. bielB-n^fllfej 2. cm 
8if*er* ob. ^otjfenboot in Portugal 5 —flat, 
ba«©-nfetbi —goose, Orn. bieS5-ngan«, 
©oatgonJj — monse, Zool. bie grof e gelb* 
maud, 4EBaIbmattd3 — sbot, 99-ngranaIten, 
(gef*molicned) Jhipfer, bo8 ft* in ^eifem 
SBaflfer grannlirt, ju 5Wef|lngbrait benu^t^ 
—stack, ber 5B-nf<^^ober, ©-nfe^mj Bot-s. 

— tree, ber 8-nbanm, bie ©anmbo^ne^ 

— trefoil, ber eigentlit^e ©-nboum, €t)tifu« j 

— tressci, bad ©-nf rant, bie ©aturei. 
To BeAr, v. ir. I. a. 1. tragcn, unterfW^cn, f^aU 

Um 2. ffi^reni B. bringen, fiberbringcnj 

4. aus^alten, leiben, (er)bun)en, ertragen^ 

5. ^g. erieben (j. ©. lAU cine Xuflage)3 
6.^en)orbringen} gebfiren^ Mn>anger(trd* 
tig) fein mit ... 5 T. (an M) ^abcn (®e»alt, 
t^nli*fcit, 2c.), tragen, ffi^ren (einJDatnm, 
K.)j 8. ^cgcn (®roa, 8iebe, 2C.), unter^al* 
ten} to — one's self, f!(j|> bctragen, f!d^ be* 
ne^men, verl^atten} to — one's self upon, 
pra^len mit . . .$ to — a body, Paint garbe, 
®mnb fallen (loon garben) j paper that b-s 
ink, Ropier, bad nt*t bur*Wlfigt5 to -a 
price, gcUen, foflen j renbircnj to - an of- 
ilcc, ein ^mt berwaltcn j to — in mind, fid^ 
(einer 0a*e) toflPommen bewuft fein j be«^ 
benf en, M ennnern 5 to — (one) company, 
(Sinem) ®efclIf(^>oft Icif^enj to - testimony, 

to - witness, ^eugnif ablegcn, ieugcii, 3cv§e 
fcin$ to — (upon> one hard, (Sinctt ^ort be- 
^anbeln, ftrengc mit i(m (crfa(ren i to — all 
before one , M ubcr Tflled (inmcgfc^n i 
to — sea, ®ee fatten 9 --a hand. Mar. frifd) 
ju! frif^auf! rfi(^rt6u4! ^urtig! II. m. 
1. tragen, buiben, 2c.$ 2. (icgcn, gdcgen fctn> 
3. fegetn, trciben, icj to bring to—, gc« 
Ungcn mailmen, audfu^rcn, 2u 6tanbc bnn* 
gen 4 the ship b-s, bad G^iff gc^tgutiefj 
to — away, (n.) baoon gc^cn, bie gimlet cr» 
greifenj bai>on fegcln^ to— back,(fi.)gururf« 
treibenj to — down, (a.) 1. nicbcrlaffen, 
ttiebcrfenfenj 2. nicberbriirfcn (au*jfg.), 
niebcrreipcn, nicberfturjen i <n.) 1 .fi* fcnf en, 
meberflnfcnj 2. tief tragen ()?on ec^icfgc- 
me^ren) $ 3. prefTcn (in ben ®cburtdn>e(Kn) i 
to — forward, Donofirt* treibcn (j.©. einc 
{»eTbe)5 Mars, to— in with the harbour, 
gerabe anf ben |>afen sufegcln, einlattfenj 
to— off, (a.) 1. »egfii^ren,cntffiircn3 2. ju« 
rii(f(alten, abtocnben, audpanrcnj (n.) vcm 
ISBinbe abfegefn, tom £anbe abfo^ren, ab< 
ftofen,in©ecfle<tcn} to — on, (a.) <intrd« 
ben 3 to — on, or upon, (n.) ouf 6tmad lie* 
gen, ft* auf <Stn>ad flu^cn, (e^ncn, rubcn 9 
to — out, (a.) uttterflii^cn, tertrctcn, rer« 
t^eibigen 5 (n.) i4rc^. ^crtorragcn, wrfprin* 
gen) ^eraudfa^ren^ —up the helm! Mar. 
laft bad 64iff me^r mit bcm XBinbe gc^n! 
to — up, (a.) tragen, ^alten, nntcrftuoenj 
(n.) 1. attdbnlbcn,aud^arrcn$ 2. ^^ cmpor« 
^ebcn, empor (ommcn) to — up against, 
f[(f^ toiberfe^en, toibcrftreben) to — up to 
one another, P(^ cinanber na()cm; Mars. 
to — up before the wind, )>cr bcm SBinbc 
tinfegelnj to — op to a ship, aufcin®<^iff 
ab^alten, jufcgclnj to — upon, treibcn, 
brdtfen auf... $ liclcn anf .... 
BeAr, «. 1. bcrSBarj she-, bieSarinnj 2. 
Afar, cine 9Xaf*inc gum SUdnigcn bed «cr= 
beef d 9 3. Ast. the greater and the lesser — , 
ber grof e u. ber Heine ©dr (an* ursa major 
and V. minor; 4. Com. cant, (an ber 6^to(ts 
IB6rfe gu bonbon, im (Scgcnf. \>. Bull), ber 
TTctienfpiclcr, Ctotfdrciter, vulg. gu^^fcr, bet 
in Sonbd auf bad $aHcn fpceulirt (inbem cr 
aud nac^t^eiltgen (Seriid^tcn ben (Scurd ber 
Kcticn ju erniebrigen fuiibt), cjnc jcbccb bie 
fWittel su beR^cn, bie f)apifre, auf bcrcii 
Courd er fpccnUrt, Kefcrn gn fonncnj babcr : 
to sell a — , ICcticn, «. an ber ©drfe i>erfatts 
fen, bie man ni(j|)t 6at9 comp. foot lis (or 
rope) b-s, 3otte{mottcn, gaulmatlen, tbnd* 
mattenj —baiting, bie ©fircnjc^e; Bots 
— barley, bie ticTscitige XBtntcrgcrflr ) — 




k«rr7» 1. Die ftetbed^ («m(. Bar-berry) 4 
a. bie S-cntranbe) — biod, bteS-ioiB^3 
—cloth, vicf . Beariog-c. ; —'t-breecb, Bot 
bie 0-citfIan) — 's cob, cin iw»%tx Mxi 
—dog, berS«nettbei^r$ Bot-«. — Vear, 
bad9-ai$(rlem^bie Yur9el$ — a earaanide, 
bcr fMxfwBLiHU — fly* ^^ bie IMn^uge) 
Bot-». — 'a-foot, 1. bif S-enfbuv (wd.Bcar'a- 
breeeh); 2. bie fiittfettbe 9tieS»ur}$ — 's 
garlic, bcr S-enlan^i —herd, bcrS-en^ 
mdrter, S-en^ter; — aidn, eine beroUIen 
Smenasngett be$(5almiidt65 —skins. Com, 
(Mvaiie) S-enfeflcj ^ward, »ie— herd; 
— whelp, ba» Snsd^ ^^^ SAren $ — worms, 
FjU. Mrratpm (be^orte CNftmetterlmg^ 
raapcn) j — s wort, BoU L bie Mnbttr}? 
2. ber ^aarfirtng. (iu ertragen. 

Bei'rylile, ailj. 1. tragbar) 5Lfig, ertrdgli^, 
Bei'rf ace, #. Mec^. ber 6tit|pimft. 
Beard, «. 1. ber Sart4 3. Bot. ber fdaxt, bie 
Onmacn (am ®etreibe), bie funtn ^aoxt 
aaiSlitmenfield^, ob. ber S-frone$ bte€(aft> 
fdbeii«aiiu(Mrerev3ci*iirten) biedoftmCan 
SiirHltt/ 2C.)9 B. Zoo<. ber Sart (ed^MdO 
ber Vnfleni ttnb me^rerer anbemSRuf^eUij 
bie 9<irtfibeit (am !DUmIe berf^. gtfi^e)) 

4. bie (BiberMni (<ut ^nem 9)feil^ tc.)$ 

5. ber e^ibeif (eineft SComtttu), 2c 4 to 
oae'a — ,/am« iii'» ®efi4t, }sm Sro^) —of 
a horae, Afa/i. ber 9art, bad Untermaul 
idxM 9fttM)i —of a letter, Typ. ber 
9art am e^rif^geii BoUs. the old 
nan'a — , bte brennenbc fBalbrebe^ Jnpi- 
ter** — , ber 3ii|>iterbart4 —gage, 2Vp. ba6 
Ssftohum^ —grass, BoU baS SartgraS 
'Buinica, Om. ber fpi^bdrtige Eangfd^iban} 
(eine Urt !IKetfe). 

To B€ard, v. a. 1. bei bem Sarte supfen^ ratt> 
foi; S. fidj^eren) 3. Corp. (Satt|ol8> bfiimer 
^ncnj 4. r-#. to — cloth, Su4 f^ereit ob 
bdrteln^ to — wool, bie 3tQpf» n. ^aldmoHe 
torn S^ief e abfonbern^ to — off metaU, ^e= 
taSc bef4roten$ 5. to — one, >%. (Sinem 
Zxe% bieten, ®nen beteibigen, rei^en. 

Bear'ded, adj. bdrtig; fta^elig) a — arrow, 
cia 9)feil mit iBiber^afen^ — away, Carp, 
bfoner ge^anen^ —grain, (Betreibe (fUtog^ 
gen, Qkrfte) mit®raimen5 —loach, Jch, bie 
e^merlej —wheat, Bot, ber SDinfelmeisen, 
epelt, epelg. 

BSard^^sB, I. adj, 1. nnbdrtig, bartlod) ^-fig- 
iagcttbli^^ n. -nest, s. 1. bie Sartlofig^ 
fett i 3.>Eg. bie SngcnbU^feit. 

Btei'dfag, p. pr. 0. To Beard; — piece of tbe 
rodder, Ship-b. ber dluberpfo|lett. 

BdkV^r, «. l.berXrdger dber(.) Sei^entrd' 

ger> 2.^rc;uberSrdger(eine|)fb0e,6dttIe 
Ob. aXaaer %tx etubnng eined SalfeR6){ 

3. Typ. ber (Solnmnentrdger , Xrdger am 
0ldtm4ett, baaiBdttfcMfen, bie Unterlagej 

4. Her. ber G^ilb^alter^ 5. Hort ber trag* 
bore ob. fmd^tbore IDaum 5 6. (— of a letter, 
Ac.) ber Ucberbriager (eineftCriefeft^ac)^ 
—of a bill (of exchange), Com. ber SBec^felin* 
ber (Syactor i pi* b-s of a tree, bie Sragi^eige 
(fru^ttragenben 3*) on etnem Saume. 

BeiVjag, p. S.St a. 1. bad 2^ragen, u. i tra> 
geQb^u.(ouLToBear); 2. bie Sage 4 eteU 
long, ber (Bang, bie 4>aItttRg, QXiene i 3. Her. ^ 
bad tBo^penbilb, jyauptfigur eined SJBapend^ 
4. Arch, ber 0laum jioifd^en ben jioei Gtuf 
4>unften eined i99alfeBd; —at length, loenn 
ftd^ tie ®t{ttpunf te an beiben Chiben befin* 
ben 9 the — out, ber ^eroorrpringenbe ft^eil 
(aneittem<Bebdtibe)4 5. Naut-s. —of the 
land, bie Sage^ ({>56e) bed Eanbed, in TCn* 
fe^ung bed 64tffed ob. eined anbem CSegen« 
-flanbedj to uke the b-8» bie (Segenb auf* 
fud^ta, bieTfudmelTungne^men) 6. b-i, pi. 
Medu bad 3apfenlager i Com-^. — date . . ., 
dt^atoi —(the) weight, ooH»i4tigfeienb$ 
— intereat, ^ntereffen tragenb $ comp. —bads, 
HorU 2;raghiodpen, Xragaugenj — clawn, 
Sporu bie Sorberje^en eined J(ampfta(« 
ned) —cloth, Ecc. ber Xaufmantel, tad 

Be^Vjah, adj. bdrend^ttU^, bdren^aft, plump. 

BSa'f^l, s. vid. Bezil. 

BSi'f9m, s. ber IBefen, vid. Beaom. 

Beast, s. I. bad S^ier, 8te(5 2. fig. ber 
niebrige, ro^e SRenf^^ — of harden, bad 
^fU^ier 9 3. Sports, beasts of chase, jagb' 
bore S^ierej —of the forest (or — of vc- 
nery) , ffialbt^iere i — and fowls of the 
warren, 4>^g<t^tere$ Gams. 4.bad£abet 
(Jlartenfpiel)} 5. bieflSete (ber Sinfai bed 

To BSast, V. n. Gam. labet ober heU werben. 

B«as'tial [-^Ufaal], adj. m^ifdf, nnoemiinftig. 

BSas'ting^ s. vid. Biestings. [ro^. 

BSas'tjsh, Beast'like, adj- t1iiexi\df, tii^df, 

Beast'lin^ss, s. bad me^if^e SBcfen, unoer* 
nunftige IBetragen. 

BSast'iy, adj. kadv. 1. t^ienf(^$ Oic^if^) 
2. fig. unfldt^tg; ro(), brutal. 

To Beat, v. irr. I. a. 1. gen. Wa^tn, (bannau6 : 
@olb, bie Xrommcl, ben S^^inb, Sact, sc)? 
2. fto^eU; fiampfen, pod^en^ sci^i^ofen, ^er- 
bred^en 9 3. (auf bie Sufc^e) f^Iagen, urn XBiib 
attf|uft6bcrn9 4. brefdi^cR) 5. beftcgeni i&ber- 
treffen i 6. Mw#. begleiien (mit ber ettmme){ 




Aft^-f. to- (nn) alarm, Zim f^^lageil) to 
- a charge, jur TCttoh blafcn^ sum 6tttnn» 
loufen Wagen, to - the troop, yat ^aW 
f4(agen$ to — a parley, bie TCnlPunft einee 
9>arlamentdr& (bur^ Srompete ob. %com» 
mcl) ftflnQlljlreiu ©♦amabe ftWagcnj to — 
the way, ben ©eg ba^nen, nicbertre* 
ten J to — the wing, pattern $ to — the 
field, to - abroad, (n.) fig, baft gelb 
bnr*ftrei*en (bef. beim 3«8en)5 auf ben 
TCnftattb geben i to — the dust, Man, wenig 
«obcn ncbmen ^ to — the hoof, ju gup gejen 5 
to — theair,ft4K>ergebU4bemit^en) II. n. 

1. f^Iagen (^om^ersen, k.)I 2. t^rmen, 
»fit(ett 0>on bem® tnbe; ber Seibenf^aft; k.)$ 

3. anflopfen^ 4. betoegt fetn^ fcbmanfen) 
5. nt<bt roiffen, moi^in mon M toehben foQ 
(bef. oon aufgejagtem fiBttbe)) 6. Sport 
Wrtien (»ic ein |>afe jur ©runfeeit)^ (or 
tap), trommelnj T. Afetr. lacirenj 8, 2Vp. 
anpragen (bie S<*t*03 iWM-*. the dram 
beats, bteXrommel gel^tl the general beats, 
ber (Seneralmarfib ntrb gef^Iagen^ to — td 
arms, }n ben fiBaffen f(b<ttgen (vid. General); 
to — abont, (a.) 1. Jemmru^renj % umber* 
tretben^ (w.) l. Afor. nm^jerfreujen, lati* 
renj 2.^g. fi<b bemfi^en, forf(bcn3 (—for, 
anffu(ben)3 to — one's head aboat (with) a 
thing, (a.) fidft itber (mit)@tn>aft ben Jbpf }er< 
bre<ben i to — back, (a.) sudttfTtblQdcn, <>b» 
Wlagen, jurfidftreibenj to — down, (a.) 1. 
nicberr^Iagen^nieberreifen) 2. nieberbiigein i 
9, fig. entfrdften^ fibmdd^en/ mnt^Ioft ma^en 3 

4. Com. (bett|)rei6) berabfe^en ober termin* 
bern, abbonbeln, wenigcr bieteni nlebetbrfi!« 
fen (ben 9rei$)5 to — down, or up and 
down, (n.) Sport, balb bie cine, balb bie an= 
bere (Ri<btuttg im Eauf einMlagen 3 to — in, 
(a, k n,) (Into) bineinpblagen, trciben, ob, 
flofen, einWlttgenj to— into, (a.) einbldnen^ 
to — off, (a.) 1. jurfidPfiblagen, abWtagenj 

2. 7Vp. abnopfen,ab!lotf<ben5 to — on (a 
sobject), («.) grfibeln, brfitcn ubcr (einen 
®egenflanb) J to - out, (a.) 1. au«f*lagcn, 
auftbreftben^ 2. breit unb bfinn fd^lagen^ 

3. Bras. auMiefenj bfr««*treibenj ^. fig. 
abbrtngen, aus . . . bringen ^ to — one out 
oTconntenance, ginen au§ bergaflung brin* 
gen,i5erblfiffen5 to — out, (n.) Afar. »(nb« 
»4rt* geben (fegetn), laoiren; to — o^er, (n.) 
bin^ilpfeni Wngaloppiren, burcbfliegen, ^in« 
r(b»eben5 to-np, (a.) 1. qufrlen^ MH-s, 
2.(jttfammen)trommeIn4 s.angrrifen, be* 
ftilrmenj (r-) to — op for recruite, werben, 
ouf fBerbnng fein i to - upon, (n.) anf Oft* 
mi IcSfturmen j (flO^ff- ciRf*irfenj Mans. 

to — upon a walk, (n.) gu hltj treten 4 t# - 
npoa the hand, (a.) mit bem Jtopfe MttcU 
len (werfctt). 

BSat, J. I.WAg. ]. ber @(bldg3 Afuf-i. Z bcr 
Saftf(bl<ig) 3. ber eorftblagi 4. Wm. bie 
Otnnbe^ 9)atrole ber Sta^tmd^ter 5 5. Spore. 
baft^(opflagen$ 6. Afon. ber unregebnifige 
(Sang ber 9)ferbe$ II. pi, b-s, ifoW. bie 
@(b»ingttng6f4Uge ( eincr U^r) i — and 
turns, Mui, {Dtorbentett nnb tDoppelf^Idge. 

B£at, pret. k p. p. b. To Beat. 

BSa't^n, p.p. i». To Beat ft a. gcffblagcn? 
>!^. abgebrof<ben$ a — road, etn betrctencr 
(gebabnter) «Beg i an old — soldier, jig. cin 
alter berfu^ter Golbat^ — corn, bom {^agc? 
niebergefiblagenes ®etreibe. 

BSa't^r, s, 1. ber B^ld^tii Sports. 2. ber 
Xreiber^ S.^Siner^ber (jagenb) bur^ Selb 
u. «BaIb (birfibt) flrcift j (a - up), ber auf 
bie Sreibjagb gebt$ Ts. 4. berecbidgcl, 
6t6fel; bie Gtampfei 5. bie 4><tnbramme, 
Sungfer (ber eteinfe|er)j 6. bie Stradc 
(|ttmUmrit(renbe0 J(a(f$){ 7. bie ^6tfct' 
fettle i s. ber Su^bruderballett i 9. bad |)o« 
lir^ols ium Qldtten M dinner (hd ben SDr« 
gelbauem)) lO.berSolicnMIfiger^ H.ber 

B^^trf Icfil, Bd^tl^f iC I. adj.; II. -ly, ado, 
feligma(benb;fe(igi — Tision, bie ^immlif^c 

B6»t|f|cil'tlon, *. Ecc. 1. bie ©tKgfpretbung i 
2. bie (Jlnfllid^e {)erborbringttttg eineft {>ei* 

ToBS&'tfty, V. a. 1. feiig ma^ett) 2. Ecc. 
felig fpreien (opp. Jcilig frre*en). 

B^a'tjng, jr. 1. baSGd^Iagen/ ^(op^n) 2. bad 
IBre^ctt beSSIa(bfed u. j>anfe§) S. Print. 
bad^uftragen (ber e*»firie)i 4. Sport, 
bad <Bef(brei ber {>afen unb J^aniniben in ber 
Srunfijeitj bad 3»rommeIn5 —horse, bod 
(SefteO (ber 93o(f) gum Tfudf (opfcn ber itiei* 
ber j — mill , Medi, bie ©towpffalanbcr 
(beim Eeintoanb b(eiiben). [eeligmaibuag. 

B€afitade,i. 1. bie (®U((.)6eItgf eit{ 2. bie 

BeVrTce, (-Ix), *. «eatrij (g-n.)- 

Beau [bo], s. (frang. pi. beans ob. beaux, qr.) 
1. berGtvfet/ gaiante {>err $ 2<ber4Sours 
ma^er j comp. — Ideal , bad Urbilb bed 
@<b6nen9 — monde (bO-mdndO, bie feine 
(f*6ne) «Belt. [tin> 

Bean'fct [bo'-f^t], s, ber©4enftif*, arcbem* 

Beau'ish [bo'-jsh], adj. ftu(ermfifig. 

Beau'teou8[ba'tJvs,5m.ftc.; bu'tshjys, IK], 
I. adj.; II. — ly, adv, f<b6n 5 III. — ness, 4 
bie e<b6n^eit. 

Bcau'tjfi^r [bn'-], 1. ber «erf4onerer. 




Bcan'tiftl [bfi'-], I. attf. i U. -ly, ado. f46n i 

m. — neM» s, Me 646n(ett 
To Bean'tffy [bii'-l «. I- «• »erf*6ttcrn, au9« 

nxK&dtaj n. fi. ^4 oerf^dttem. 
Beao'tfifu O&H* «<(;• ttttf^eittbor, ^df U<(. 
Bean'tyOft'-tj],!. Lbtee^dtt^eit)**Re 

iDtibL ycrfon) e45nc 5 - spot, bod 64611* 

pfUficr^ett/ 64inin£pfiificr4eQ9 '- water, 

tod e^Meitdioafer^ ed^mmhoalTer. 
Bean [Mz], (frott).) p/. 0. Bean, go. 
BSa'T^r* s. 1. ber »ihn, 6«flor* 2, (-kat), 

ber<Safbr(itt) 3.beretitntt(nt$ ba» Siftr 

(ani^Ime>3»eeftpertob$ rtd^Bever; 

€rai-#. - coaUng, fdiJbtt in flben^rfenj 

-• codf, ©-gdleii J — eaterg, CielfraffeOe, 

flioroilialett} — ikSoa, S-f(ae4 —tree, JBot. 

ber S^-baum. [e. ^ebne, ge^elmt. 

Biafr^red, ad|jL 1. mite. (So^r^ttte^ 2, mtt 
B&Tfrtecn', *. Own. em battnuooDener 6toff, 

aoBi^rfierartig searbeitet 
Bla'Tis, s. (9X-n), abbr, 0. Bellovesiu. 
B&E^Tj, #• Old. Bevy. 
To B&i'zfl, v.n, vid. To Beszle. 
Bea'zfl, s, vid. BezeL 
ToB«bl««d', To BSbldod', To BSbldod'y 

[-bind'-], o. a. mtt Stot befMtn. 
Bee^bilDg'^ s. Bot. bie Oa^bttnde. 
Ke^tOf 1. Om. ber Sddenfteffer. 
To B^dLhii' [-cai<], «. a. Wlleii, beffaftigen, 

tentidcn^ to — aakip. Mar. eitt 64iff be« 

MmcB) Sm» tobeb-ed, oon eineriBinb* 

fIxSe fibcrfaOen merben) the wind has b-ed, 

ber fBiab ift ma (b. i. ftiO). 
Kcalii'jns, p. 1. boe etillen, S^efinftisen ; 


Bdcaae', pret »• To Become, [um ... loiSen. 
BdeUfe', I. co»i. »eilj n. —of, prep, megev, 
B^ccfl^cS, B^ccfli'gO, 1. eid. Beeaflco. 
To Bechami', v. a. ^ttr4» 0tetge) einne^men/ 

frflefit. livid, b. & Pectoral!). 

B^dbjca, 1. pt Med. (Dlittel gegen ben {)nfien ^ 
K^ «. 1. ber mint, ba9 ^opfniden^ 2. 

«id. Becky. 
To B^ck, To BJJckVn, v, I. n. (mit bem JCopfe 

Ob. ber j)attb) nlnJttn, niden (mit to) ; n. a. 

bir^ ^^fnidfti, u. ntfen; loden. 
B^fck'«t, #. bie 9effel (an ben ®eiaen ber ^a* 

meele,tc)$ —of a block. Afar, ber {»nii^« 

fot (^imbifot) einel IBlodl. 
Blck^fto, 1. p^ Afar. f>atat n. 9attbe, um 

losfmbee Sonmerf, Btuber, ^pamu, ic anf« 

2a^dttgen (anfsuhicbebi). 
B^fck'^n, s, A o. vid. Beck. 
B^ck^y, s. (8-0.) a6^. b. Bebeoca. 
To Bddddd', o. a. Ut. ik>!g. mam6ifen; ttm* 

bftHem, WBttebeCit^ berbvnfelii. 

To Bdcftme', v. ir. I. ir. merben^ II. a. 1. fU^ 
(einer ea^e gemdf) betragenf 2. dQiemen, 
anfie^eti^ fte^en, fteiben. 
BScSme', p. p. bOR To Become. 
Becdm'iQg, I. p. 1. bad tterben^ boi SBo^l* 
anfte^en, ®e}iemen$ n. p. a.; III. — ly, adv. 
anfUttbid/ ge^iemenb^ mo^Uinfle^enb} lY. 
— neu, s. ber 2(ttftaiib/ bie 64i<{ti4teit. 
BSd, jr. 1. baftSettj 2. baeSittf bett^etrombett} 
3. ba» Seeti 4. ba$ ^ger, bie £age, ^(bi^t 
(bef. eeo<.)$ 5. BoU bie j>d(ie in ber 4>itlfe, 
morin baft eamentom liegt i 6. bie Setting ^ 
7. 3por^ baft Sager eineS 9tebeft4 8. >!g- bie 
edblafftdtte , fiBo(n«ng, ^erberge) df^ti 
T^s. 9.ber»obeiiftein (vid. Bcddcr); 10. bie 
Eaffettenmanb 3 fiHaflbanF einer ^ononej 
Mors, —of the bowsprit, bie GteQe be$ 
Sngfprietft, n>o fi<b ber gr^pte tDnr^meffer 
beflelben beffnbet) ber ^opf beft JBorflebenft; 
moranf bal Sugfpriet rn(t5 — of a mortar, 
Gun. bie dopfenlQger einer 9)ldrfer(affetter 
— of stone, bie Gteinbettung ^ — of the rails, 
R-w, bal 64ienenbett$ —of state, baft^a* 
rabebettj —of honours, baft i8. ber6bre, 
@(bUiibtfeIb$ —of death, baft etecbebett4 
—of ease, baft 0tn^bett; S<^nlbett$ —of 
snakes, ein SCefl innger 04langen$ to lay 
herrings, Ac inb-s, ^dringe,u. f^l^ten? 
-and bedding, SettfteQe u. (SeberO® ett$ 
— and board, Sif<b u. ^tH (vid. Separation); 
to take to—, bettUgerig meiben, fi4 legend 
>^. to bring to—, eine gran entbtnben) of 
the second—, ymtkHxiSiti comp. bride— ; 
canopy— ; flock—, Ac vtd. in B., C«, F., Ac; 
—bog, JBnt.biefigan)e4 — castors, IB-roKen 4 
— chair, ber ©-ftabl fur Jtranle $ — chamber, 
baft €$(blafiimmer, 6-gema(b/ bie 6-himmer 4 
—clothes, pi. baft iO-)eitg (t. e. iDeden n. 
Z^Mh f&r bie Sebteren au4 —linen) ; — ('s> 
feet, baft Suf enbe beft idttta i - fellow, 
(—mate), ber e^lafcamerab, S-geno^^ fie* 
{>erienftfrettttb4 —hangings, ber deugsu 10" 
borb^ngen ( — conrtaios ) ; bie iBorb^ttge 
felbft) -CO kead, baft Jtopfenbe beft fbtU 
teft4 —hooks, Ubrbafen, pm Xnfbingen ber 
ttbr anbieOarbinen) —maker, bie ^-ma« 
(berinn/®-frau (auf ben engI.Unioerfitdten)4 
— mate, viiL — fellow ; — monlding, Ardi» 
boft^arnief) — pan, bie e-mUxmfia^^ti 
-plates, pi. baft 0tan(oli) —post, bie S-« 
fdttle, ©-pfofte^ berSB-floBenj -pressor, ber 
8angf(bWfer, ganlenjer j —rid, or —ridden, 
bettl4gerig4 —roll, vtd. Bead-roll 4 —room, 
baft ©♦lafeimmer^ —screw coTers (or-^ 
caps), happen ftsrSebeifung ber I8-Mratt« 
ben 4 —side, ber fi-gangj at the — side, 




omftettej -ttafr^MeSettleifle^lNiiecitot'i 
fttdP $ — itead, Me ©-fhttej our Lady** — 
straw, Bof. irafrer StebenS^Men O-ftrot? 
—•tods, ©-ttigcl^ — swenrcr, bcr ItTtTtt' 
flfager, e^eire^, bfe (SHw*<rtim 3 - 
table, htt «-tif* ffir Jtranfe, -tick,bic 
«-8ie#ej -work,>Sff. Welei^teXrbdt* - 
wreodt, da e^Ififfel }« bett ®-f4ra«ben. 
To B«d, V. I. a. 1. (Brit dncrf)er|<)n) juSette, 
Seten) ju 99(tte bringen, in bo^SettUseni 
9. 8«re<bt bsen, betten (bcf gL «>om (Rotb» 

efnfdeii, pflattjen j terfhtfcn, terbergen ft. «. 
»ie 9<f4^/ itt ^^r Uferbanf/ tm Ganb, )c) 9 
4. f4i4t»dfe (egen, f(bi4ten$ 5. ]iieberf4I«' 
gen (mie flBinb ob. ^agd ba6 ®ftreibe)4 6. 
7Vp* bte ^f4gcbrtttften 9ogcn bcf4»eren$ 
IT. n. (mitwith) cinerf)erfonbeiflw>ittci!; fie 
befiblofen. [f4mu}eii. 

ToBSdSb'ble, v. a. bene^en, bef;^ri^eii, be^ 

To BddSsh', v. a. befpd^en^ bene^en. 

To BSddub', To B^dAwl/, v. « . befttbelit, be* 

To Bddiz'zle, v. a. bleitbett. [f^mieren. 

BSd'd^r, BSd^ft^r, s. MiU. ber Sobenfhin 
(untere SKfiJlcnflein). 

B^d'djo^, p. s. 1. viU To Bed; 2. bae ftett- 
S^S/ Q^ebett; bieSetten) 3. bieetren ffir 
baft fBitfii — moalding, ind. Bed-moulding. 

Bide, 1. »ebO; ©eto (aX-n). 

To B8dSad', v, a. betfiubett, entfrdften. 

To Bedeck', V. a. f^mfitfen; gieren 

B€'del, «. bef. Ort^ogr. 0. Beadle, gv. 

BS'd^lry, #. ba9 Ciertet, baft (ber JTretft, beit) 
efn beadle jn beforgen IJat. 

B§d«t't?r,*. Jlfitt. wd.Bcdder. [ten, beneben. 


BMe^^r, [-dQ'— ], *. baft ©ct^auenbc. 

To B^dToi', V. a. i&erbunfcin, oerffnflcm. 

BCdl^m, I. s. (cor, 0. Bethlehem) 1. ©eblam 
(baft Strenjauft in bonbon)? figs. 2. bas 
ZoD^anft, ein S)rt beft Kufru^rft ^ 3. ber ZoU^^ 
^dttftler^ II. adj. )u einem Sontianfe geb^rtg, 
befenmfirbidj »a^nfinnig. 

B^d'lfjDite, s, ber ©eblamit, Sa^nfinnigc, 
9tafenbe. SoO^duftler. 

B^douinf', BSd^wgin^ [b^dwina/, b^dAlnz', 
bMptnz^, 1. p/. bie ©ebninen. 

To BSdrtecb', v. a. burdjwdlfem, trdttfen, be^ 
fen^ten, anfen*ten. [perfig madden. 

ToBldrtp', tj.a.l. betrdufelnj 2 befletfen, 

To BedttDg', V, a. 1. mit ©ung bebecfen, bfin^' 
8<n$ 2.>?g. befibmnien, befttbeln. 

To Bddttsf . r. a. 1. fhntbig ma<bett; mit etauh 
bebetfen, befldnbenj ^.fig, vulg, anftprfigeln. 

B«d'w^rd, adv, btttwdrtt, na^ bem etttt, gv 
©ette^ ittm ©ette ob. e^Iafen geneigt. 

To B^dwirf , V. tu Hori. kfig. snKrgortig, 
ober nein m^^vk, am iBad|)ftt(anie binbcrn. 

W^l,s.nng, l.£iit.btt©teBe)2^gr-cinflci' 
figeraXenf^4 3*ilin.bte®cfcaf4aftfrd«tti0 
^elfenber IKoJk^^xvL bet bem ©auc eineft {h»* 
rtft^ beim{>oIifdllen, U.4 H> ccmp. boaey— , 
bie $>oni«btettei — bread, baft ©-abreb, 3m« 
menbrob^ — eater, Oi7i.bcr©-nfpc<|^,©-ii' 
molf 5 —flower, BoU bic©-abl8me —garden, 
ber ©-ngortett) —glue, baft 0ti>9fn»aM 
(an4 hive-dross); •- hive, ber ©-nftcft, 
©-A(brb5 — boase, ber ©-nffamb, baft ©-a^ 
mogagia^ — iark-apnr, BoU ber grofblu^bc 
dtitterf)pom) —master, ber ©-nwdrter, 
©-a^lter, ©-ttt)«terj —tiger, KnU ber 
Xobteafopf) Uf. Bees, «. pi. —of the 
bowsprit, ^tp-ft. bie Siolincn ober ©ocfcn 
beft ©agft>rietft4 -wax, baft SBaibft. 

BCScb, «. (—tree) bit ©a<be, ber ©u^en* 
baum; —coal, bie Sa4€ah>61e$ —mast, bie 
©u4maft$ — nnts, bie ©u<be(tem5 — •il« 
baft©u(b6(, ©uAnufcI. 

Bee'ch^n, adi. ba^cn, bii<bcn. 

Bee'dy, 1. 1, provtnc. vid. Biddy; 2. — s 
eyes, p<. Bot bie ©reifaitigfeitftblame, baft 

Bief,l.i.baft0tiabfleif«| (vtd. Beeves, p/.); 
IL adj, iDctt fiHiabfletfib/ auft 91* befle^enbi 
—eater, Om. brr SDibfenbocter^ —fork, bit 
gCeifibgabelj -gravy, biedt-brfijej —knife, 
baft grofeitu^enmcfTer) —steaks, bieger6flr« 
tenOtinbfleifi^Wnitteob. e<bciben9 —wood, 
baft 0tinbfIeird^(oIi (oaft IDfliiibtca). 

Bicle, 1. eine Gpibaxt ber ©ergleute^ —men. 
p/. bie &pi|^aner. [teafel. 

Bi^l'zftbub, s. BihL ber pegenfurfl, S)ber' 

B«eme'-wood [w(ld]« 9. baft bimaftfibc (ob.©i« 
maeftO 6apanboI), geio. ©imaft(o($ genannt 
(eiae fleinere, bunnere 6ortc beft cjliab. 
etot^bolgeft). [gaitarrcnd^nL Snf^n^t. 

Been [bin], I. p. p. «. To Be; II. s, cin oflinb. 

B«er, ». 1. baft ©icr (anft QXalg u. j>opfea) $ 
2. bie ©a(re, vtd. Bier; comp. small—, 
spruce —, table—, Ac vtd. inS. AT.; — 
back, bie©-fufei —barley, rerf4. ^r. v. 
bear—, wtd. ant. Barley; —barrel, ba§ 
©-faf, bie ©-tonne $ —cock, ber©-b<ibn/ 
©-!ta(tt4 —money, baft©-ge(b, Sriafgdb. 

BC<rf, s. pi. Com, col, bie ©iergldfer. 

Bii'f 9m, s. vid. Besom. 

BCist, sub. V. To Be, fein. 

B<€s'tingf , 1. vtd. Biestlngs. 

B«et, *. Bot. bie ©eete, bir SRangolb j red ~, 
—radish, —rave, bie rot^e {Rfibe, (RottfeU 
rfibe^ —(root) sugar, ber {RuafelriibeniMtftr. 

BCft'tf 1, BsCtle, s. ber ©etcl, vtd. BeHc. 




e^xo^n%t^^, W e4»iii0e (beim ^oiif' 

3«itgferOeretd]ifr$er)$ ber dtammblotf^ 
B^Vi%zU 2.£ntber(^fi»)jrdfrr4 comp. 
—brow, ^rab^to^enbe QCugenBraitcn$ ^« 
bie ftftftere mtoif^e^Dtient j —browed, tbvc* 
^ginbf TCogenbrotten ^abotb^jig. mfirriftb/ 
wrttieflt^, (liifhr$ -bead, ber ©icffopf, 
S)aiitml0pH — Steaded, f^merfipfig^bitmm 5 
— atoek, ber €$tiel am SIdnel, ® 41^9^1/ )<• 

T« B«s^tle, tj. n. iberbdngen; b^^porrttgctt^bor* 

Beetllng-mtU, #. vict. BeatiDg>mi)l. [fpringen. 

BSilfrftTe, a. out uttt. Beet. 

B«Tef, a. p^ (b.Bief) bef. in >lifi. dinb^ 
m^l 0ttober(iRChiglaRbBlack.cattle gen.). 

To B«fiyK, To B^fAl^ v. tr. n. (sumeflen a.) 
befallen, begegnen, )ufh>f en, viberfabrenC^on 
gEitten nnb b^fen iDingen^ an(b [iebo<b felten] 
nit to Dorberyerfon)^ 9(b ereignen, 
}iitragcn$ fair — you, Q^oft fegne iDi4^. 

BiOUeii', BifilV, p. p. p. To Befall. 

BifflK, BMl', pr«t. 0. To Befall. 

To B^fft', V. a. fl4 fi^itfen/ M gestemen. 

To BMddl', o. a. bet^firenj betriigen^ jum 
9tarren baben, vid. To Fool. 

Bcfilre^, I. prep, por} —one's face, (Knem 
vBt% ®eMt| — tbe fire, ibtr ober an bem 
Senrr j —now, fion,bere(t^5 — <« now— nt, 
Cbm — )nr Seantwortung oor nnd^ I love 
yon — me, t(b Kebe 6ie mebr, aid mi(b5 
11. ado. 1. porn^ 2. )ni»or/Porbcr,Porma(d$ 
3.cbec (att)$ >!£r.lieber^ 4. bibber) be« 
rcttsi to get—, inPorFontmen, fibcrlegen 
fdni m. ixmi. bepor, e(e. 

Betore'-hand, ado. 1. DorauS, jttPor, porter j 
3. eortdttfig) 3. onfdngU^. [begegnen. 

ToBdfor'tnne [— tsb^n]^ v, a, jplbcrfttbren, 

To BSfMK, V. a. befubeln; beft^mnjen. 

ToB^IH^nd' [-fr«nd'], ». a. (®ncm)Sre«nb* 
r<baft, ©efdOigfett erseigen, ftcb bctteunben 
adt ..., (ibm) beifteben, beginftigen. 

To JKfrlii|e', v. a. bcfranfcn, mit granfcn 

Tol^g, w.I.fl. 1. (-for, um6troa$) bitten^ 
ftbttteti$ 2. betteln^ U. n. bcttein geben? 
wm Oetteln leben. 

Bif^ii', pret pon To Begin. \pid. To Gem. 

To Bd^^m', V, a. col. mit ^elfidnen bcfeben. 

To BSgCf , o. it. a. 1 . gengen (num^mal mit 
on, upon, por ber!0hitter^ t. e. mit)i 2. 
^. ftiengen, b(n>orbnagem 

BSg^t't^, a. ber (Srienger, JBater. 

B^g^,a.l. beriBettler^ 2. berbem^ig ob. 
nnmMdmt Sittenbej 3. a — of principles, 
ber, welder MnaSUnenoiefcned aU cnpiefen 

i^oraiUfe^t) comp. -'s bnab, (-'s inn), bit 
«-berbergej -'a lace, bie grobcn 3»irn« 
fpi^eni -'s lyre, bie ficicrj — V\clvet, 
ber® fammet,9)I«f4. 

To Bcg'g^r, V. a. an ben ©cttclflttb bringen, 
fig, etttbl5fen, beraubcn) erf(b5pfen$ de- 
Bcrlption wonid bnt-, (n.) eft fibcrftcigt aKe 
Sef4retbnng, fetne ISef^teibnng »arbe eft 
auftbriiteen fdnnen. lIDitrftigfett. 

B^g'gvriittfaa, a. bie ©cttclbaftigfcit, 'Kxmattf, 

B^g'gvrly, adj. k adv. bcttclbaft, arm, arm* 
felig, irmliib/ b&r^g, (nmpigi — cloihea, 
Eumpen 3 - doings, p^ 9iicbcrtrd<btigMtcn. 

B^g'g^ry, #. bie aettelamrnt^, duperflc Xr* 
mutb/ S^rftigfcit. 

Slugged', prct. ft p.p. pon To Beg. 

B^s'g^r, s, vid. b. txu r. Beggar. 

l^glng, I. p. a. baft S3ittcn$ Scttcln^ to 
go a — , betteln gcbenj^g. vulg. ni^t gcaitet 
oberbea^tetwerbeni unnit^rcin^ 11. p. n. 
bittenb/bettelnbj —friar, ber IBetteIm6tt(b* 

B^g'gjngly, ado. bettclnb, bittiocife. 

BSgfIt', p. a. mit <Bolb bcfc^t. 

To Bdg^n', V, tr. I. a. anfangctt, begin* 
ttcn^ to — the worid,/g. cin Tfnfdngcr 
fein, in bie fiBeit treten, tl4 ctablircn, M 
bernorgntbun anfangen^ Corns, to — ^ 
new set of books, bie j)anbe(ftbn(bcr anfma^ 
(ben i to —anew, to — the world again, einc$ 
S^nimcntft entf4(ttgenfein, mtcber lu ^anbcln 
anfangctt5 H.n. anfongen^ entfic^cn^merbcn. 

BS^n'n^r, s. ber Qfnfdngerj Ur^cbcr. 

Begin'ning, a. 1. baftlfnfangcttj 2. bcrlfn* 
fang,Urfpnmg3 3. ber ^ntritt. 

B6gin'njng9, pi, bic Xnfangftgrdnbe. 

To BS^rd', V. I'r. & reg. a. 1 . bcgurtcn, umgur* 
tcn$ 2. fig. umgcben, einfiblicfcn^ biccfircn. 

Begirt', prct. ft p. p. p. To Begird. 

To BSglftdm', v.o. pcrbuntcln, umbiificrn. 

To BSgndw' [bSnA'J, v. a. benagctt, icrnagcn. 

To B^^d', V. 0. ocrgottern, pergottli^cn. 

BegSne', tnt. n>cg ! fort! pa((eS>i(b! 

Begored', p. a. mit IBIttt befibmicrt. 

B^gdt', pret. ft.p.p. Pon To Beget. 

BSgSt't^n, p. p. con To Beget; the first—, 
ber Oifigcborne. [fcbmicrcn. 

To B§gr5alf e', w. a. (mit^ttt cb. SDcI) bc« 

To B§grfmc', V. a, mit Wttf ob. JJotI) bcbcrfctt, 
bentfen, fcbradrgen, befubeln. [Sefnbler. 

B§gr]'m«r, #. @mer, ber (Stmaft befcbmuit, ber ' 

BSgQe', s. Vet bie Jtennung, IBobne, ber item 
(on ben 3d^nen ber f)ferbe). 

To Beguile', v. a. 1. bintergeben, betrfigen, 
tdnften, perffi^ren^ 2. leer abfipeifen^ 3.ent« 
mif^en, entgeben$ to — one's time* M bie 
3eit perffirsen. 




Blgiitled'» p. a. ttftifi UVU^, vid.To Begoile. 
BSgaile'm^iit, s. hah Setrftgoi; htt tdtttUQ, 

B^goi'lf r, s. ber fdttx^^tt, eetfU^rer. 

Bdgftn', pret, A p.p. id. To Begin. 

BShalf [-hif], i. ber Se^ttf, S^v^en^ Sort^eil, 
ba^lBerte) in — of..., itai; fftr, ... »iaen, ait6 
fMidfiibt fUr ... $ to appear in— of ..., Law, 
aU eteSoertreter erfc^dnen ffir... . 

ToB§liftve', v.Ln. MUtxa^tn, Moer^aU 
ten^ U. 11. (— one*8sel0> (fl*)bctrtt9Ctt5 
lil b-d, Don fdftled^ten ettttm well b*d, mo^l 

Bdh&'Tfovr, B§h&'vior, s. baft Setragen (im 
0. tt. ft. e.)/ t>Qft (flttli^e) Ser^olten, bie 
7(uffii(rtt&0 4 ber ^ftanbi (graoefU— ), 
bieXmnut^ im du^ereniBetraden^ bie ®e« 
bcrbe^ to be bound to (or to be [put] upon) 
one*8 good--, Law, berbunben fetn, Ote^ett' 
f^aft loeden feineft Serbaltenft %n seben. 

To Bdb^ad', o. a. eutbaupten^ Hp^tn, guiOo* 

B«liSad'jng, s. bie (Sntbanptung. [tiniren. 

BSh^Id', pret. ft p. p. b. To Behold. 

Belilmtf (A, «. (arab.) ein imde^eureS; bef. Mer« 
ffifigel Sbier, 0tiefentbier$ na^ Bochart 
Q. QC. baft Slttfpferb, 9^tlpferb. 

Beli^n, 1. Bof-*. l.(— tree), berSebenbanm 
2. bie ffBw^el beft OaIbrianft$ red—, ber 
rotbe Se^ett) white—, ber toeije 99e^en, 
XaubenYropr/ baft 64a^tfrattt. 

B€h«8t', t. ♦ baft (debeif , ber Sefebl- 

BShlnd', I. prep, bittter j to be — one*8 time, 
Muxjp&tttt, fiber bie 3eit auftbleiben) U. 
adv. binten, }urfi(f, binterwdrtfti to be 
with...,>!g. no<b (Ril^Anbe }n besablen baben. 

BShTnd'-hXnd, adv, 1. binten, )nrfi(f, rucf* 
wdrtfti 2. )« fpdti 8. to be-, Jfig. im 
(Rii^anbe fein. 

To Bdhuld', V. ir. a. ft n. feben, fibasen^ er» 
bGcfen j anblicfen, anfeben^ betra^^ten. 

B^hold^tn^f{ebe! bier! fieb< (febet) baJ 

BShOfd^n, I. p.p. o. To Behold; II. p. a. 
oerpfli^tet, oerbanben, ge^alten. [adl^ter. 

B^hoiM^r, s, ber ^nfibouer, 3ttf<b<iuer; Seob« 

BdhOI'ding, p. J. vid> To Behold. 

Tb Bdbtfn'dy, v. a. mit ^ottig berfftfeo) mit 
^onig beflrei^en. 

B%h66P,s, ber Sebuf/SSortbeil) baft^rommen. 

To B2hd6vo^ v.tmp. gebitbren/ M gebfi^ren/ 
fi^gejiemen, Mf(bi<feii. 

To fidhdve', V. imp. toit Behoove, qv. 

B^i^c'-Kerie, *. Com. bunte 6<bafferge; na« 
tilrli^e eerge (ein moVenerdettg, gemftbRU^ 
bon graner, brauner ober f<b»or)er 9arbe). 

Bi'ing, I. Don To Be, feienb) my Lord 
Mayor for the time -, ber jur 3eit (ber 3ei^) 

regierettbeenrgemeifter; at this time—, in 
biefem Yngenblitf 5 II.conj. —that, ba, »eiW 
IIL«. l.baft6ein,S)areitt/ bie(S]:ifienH 2. baft 
eieiben, ber ^ufentbaits 3. baft S)ittg. fBe> 
fen) a«Godisin— ! fomabrC^ottlml 

Bs'iuo ftatt be it m. [prfigeln, bttr<bgerben. 

To Beis'bovr, v. a. vtdg, bttr^arbeiten, auft* 

To B8tiice', v.a. I. Mar, (—a rope, einZan)be« 
feftigett (vtUToBelay); 2.v«lg.bttr4prftgelli. 

To BSlste', V. a. fiber bie 3eit, bift in bie fpfite 
^a^t aufbalten, (fl(b) berfpdten. 

Biii'tf d, I. p. a. berfpdtet, bon ber 9la4t fibers 
eilt $ II. — neu, 4. baft JBerfpdtetfein. 

To Beisy^, V. a. 1. in ben tBeg treten^ 
benffSeg berlegen, bertretenj auflaneni; 
2. Mars, to — a rope, ein ISau beUgnt; 
befefHgett) fpliben (mU To Splice); 
to — the end of a lashing or teiziog, ein 
iBinbfelbefe^enj b-ingpins, 3apfen, on be* 
nen baft laufenbe Sanwerf befefUgt loirb, 

To B^lch, V. I. n. 1. auffiofen^ wig. rfilpfeu) 

2. fig, mit einem (Set^fe berborfommen (glei^ 
ber Sronbung beft SXeereft, u.)i Q* «• auft« 
fpeien/ auftftofen. 

B^icfa, s, baft Tfnfllof en, vulg. {Hfilpfen. 

BeFch^r, «. 1. GKner, ber TCnfllofen bat) 2. ein 
gelbbitttteftfeibeneft^alfttttcb (gemeinerSeute). 

BJSl'chjng, p. 1. 1. baft Vttffbf en, vulg. MIp« 
fen (vtd. baft eblere breaking of wind up- 
ward); 2. ber ^uftiourf eineft ^aterft, k. 

BS\fdmf B«'dime, «. cont, baft alte«Beib, 
alte SXfitter^en, bie (9rof mutter 5 olteBet* 
tel) fig.t>U^nt' 

To Bdlea'gu^r, v. a. belagem) fig. umgeben. 

BdlSa'gu^r^r, s. ber ISelagerer. 

BmJSm'nTte, Bai^mnl'tSf, s. GtoU ber Selem' 
nit^ £n(bftfiein, ^fetlfhin. 

B^l'flo^er, B«l'(5find«r, «. vid. nnt. Bell. 

BSFfriy, B^l'fry, s. 1. Arck. ber ®lo<fen« 
tburm) Ol-fiubl, baft Ol-gerfift) 2. Mar. 
ber bebetfte ®-galgen (anf einem 64iffe)9 

3. Ant. ber flBarttbsrm) baft Slodb^nft, 
bie Sttrgoefie, (Surg*) flBarte. 

B^f^i^n, 1. 1. ber Selgier) II. adj. belgifdft. 
B&i\cy adi' belgtfib) — roie, Bot. biebel* 
B^l'ifym, t. Geog. Selgiett. [gif^e fRofe. 
B^igrftde', s. Geog. Selgrab, (Srie^if<b* 

To Bdlie', V. a. l.belfigeu) 2. Sfigen ftrafen, 

miberfpretben, }motber banbeln) 8. berleum* 

ben; 4. nacbdffen, naibma^en. 
B§il^, «. 1. (bef. Theol.) ber (Blaube) 2. ba« 

®(aubenftbefenntttif) (Sreb04 ivid. b. u. 

Creed); 3. bie {Religion, ((V(attbcnft*)^ei* 





To BSttere', «. a. ft n. (ant in, (mo. mit on)| 

90ft ben ®abr(eiten ber Otelisbn nnb i^rcn 
Serbcipundot Ubenbig ibeqengt fein. 

B^e'T^, #. 1. ber C^Uttbenbe^ 8. 7'Aeo<. ber 
(SHftabi^ci trae— , ber OtettdMabige. 

B«fie'T}iig, I. 4. bo^ Olanbett/ ber Glauber 
IL p.a. glftttbenbj — men» (Bldnbige) UI. 
— ly, adv. gldnbig, im Olonben. 

Bttke', Bdlikeffy, ado. /am. MrsintbUib/ »ie(> 
lei4^>Hibrf4einIi44 tron.ib]abo41 

B«l, I. «. ting. 1. a6frr. fdr : Arabella A Iia 
beliai S. bie Olodk^ ekbeOei Jtlingel) 
a. (— of a flower) ber 9tamaiHUif, bie 
Jtsofipe^ 4. Arch. bieiSIotfe on einerGinle^ 
S. T-«. 9lotof9rmide ^(dr^er: bie etiirK/ 
bcretiricnrtng, eibaStrubter einer Sronu 
9cU, 9ofaxait, <SIarinette, }c 4 — of a cioekJ 
ifor. bie Olocfe in einer Ubt4 to bear (to 
carry away) thc-r,>%. ber^Cttfftbrer fein^ 
eoron ^eben, aWt !Dtitbe»erber flbertrcffen/l 
ben fyrct» baoon tragen) n. B-a, «. <p<. 
1. Bat. bie eanendpfel, Seeren (ber Stax* 
toffrf, u >i S. Afar, bie balbe etnnbcnwo^e 
tsf Anefteftiffeni ring (ringing, or cUme) 
of b^ baft ((9lotfen«)<^cIdnt| a ekime of b^ 
cii®io(fenf|>iel$ hawkib-«,5port.bie6<b<I« 
!en (on ben Pfen) eineft 9alfett$ lU. comp. 
bell-bity Man. baft (S-ngebtf) — clapper, 
ber (^sfldypel j — cranlci, ®>n)ieb»irbe!$ 
ttitf^Ieifen/ Jtnie ob. <9c»erbe f(tr ben ®-n» 
brobti —end, baft tri^ter* ober g-nf^rmtge 
Qabe^ —fashioned, g-nformifl) —flower. 
Bat. bie <SI-nbInme$ — foonder, ber (V-tt> 
gieferi — giaM, bie Oloftglotfe (fiirSinmen, 
JUfc, 3c)9 — leaTer. berlBonbglotfensieber^ 
-4ettari» aid. Bellea-l. ; —nan, ber (Vliftner i 
Xaftrftfer^ —metal, bie ®-nfl>eife, baft (8-n» 
metall) <S-ngnt$ — moath, ber GcbaDtrub' 
trr (etneft Gpra^robrft, iQi — mosk, car, 
% AbeiBoak, gv.; —pear, bie ®-nbim4 
-pe^er, Bot ber ©-npfeffer^ —ringer, 
ottf bcB engL Unioerfltiten, k. berQ-nmontt; 
^Udaeti — acalceinSWaf inrSeftimmnng 
ter Ordfe, JDiife, beft (Scmidbtft, k. einer 
OtocSe^ -^shaped, g-nfdmiig^ -spring. 
lerO-nbitgel5 —string, bie Jtlingelfj^nur, 
-teat. Mil, mad. baft eng(. deit, baft la 
SKosB fttflj — weighte, g-nfdrmige ®e» 
mibte$ —wether, LberSeit^onunel) 2. fig. 
beTXsf&bi^er, 9t&belftfiit4rer) -wort. Bat. 
baft 3apfcttfrant 

To BOl, V. n. 1. Bot glotof^rmige fblft* 
t^tnoTpeft befonunen/fttofpen^ a. Sport. 
ttrcien,r6^(o^irf<b(n inber 9mnf^t). 

B«ia»-d6n'n9 , s. Bot-t. bic SeDabcnnt) 
«BolfftKrf(bej - Hly, bie ©cHabonnmif. 

B^ile, 1. bie 6dk6ne. 

Belles-lettres' [b«l-l«tr', Sm. kc; bll'-lStr, 
JVb. &C-], i.pZ. Z4«. bie W6ncn«Bi(rcnf(boftcn. 

BSU^trTst', s. mod. Lit. ber ©♦ongcifi; ber 
f<b6nen flBiffenftbaftcn Scfliffcne, Skttctrifl. 

B^llftris'tjc (-c«l), ad}, mod. bcHctriflif^^, 

B^FIted, adj. bott^ig, biucbig/ bitf, gcf<bn>cl< 
len, ottftgebebnt^ anfgeblafcn (au(b Bot. k 
24tol.)i (inw. compos « — g>as«* cine 
(Vlaftblafe, Otctorte. 

BfUif^rons, adj. * itricg bringcnb. 

To B^lfg'f rite, o. n. itrieg fiibren. 

Bflir^^r^nt, Bflir^^rons, adj. (to. ii.) fricg* 
fd^renb, * !riegerif4$ b-t powers, bic fricg* 
f&btenbcn ^i^tt. 

BJSI'ljng, p. 1. 1. Bot. baft Jtnofpcntreibctt, 
Oteifcn, bef. bcft ^opfcnft) 2. 5port. baft 
(R^bren, 64rcien (bcft ^irf^cft in ber 

B^Mpn, 1. Ar<></. bie eiciToUr. [Srunft}cit). 

B^l^Y^^svs, «. OeOobcfnft; IBcIlo»cft (^-n.). 

To Bell0w« V, fi. 1. bijfen, briiScn, (v. Wt* 
ren^ cont. loonSRenfibcn)) 2. fig. branfcn 
(0. !Reere ic.)* 

B^now, Brewing, «. 1. baft Slofcn, Ocbldf, 
99riUUn; ®cbrva(berXbi(i^i co^^' ^* ^^n* 
f<ben)5 ^fig' baftSraufcn (ber^ce)) baft 
(35ebeul (beft fiSinbeft, ac). L^uftntfer. 

B^yiowfr, 1. cont. ber ^^xmxi ftffcnt(i<be 

BSKl&w|, «. p{. (a pair of—), ber Slafebalg i 
Hessian-, Iftn. befiir^eS^lofcbdlge, nmSuft 
in Omben gn Waffen, baf bie IScrglcnte arbei* 
ten f^nnen^ —blower, bcr»4lgentretcr4 —fish, 
vid.Tnunpet-fish; —mender, b. ®I.-jli(fer. 

B^ly, i. 1. berSancb) (cib; SXuttcrleibi 
2. Ship-h. bie bo^le Gcite bcft Jtrnmmbciicft 
iopp. back); 3. T-s. (bei 2koniocr(iengett, 
ac.) ber JJaflen $ the- (or concaTe) of a 
harp, ber 9)au4 (bic inncre {^oblung) einer 
4>arfe$ the— of a bottle, ber9au4 einer 
8laf4e9 the — of a salt, berlBau^ (aufge* 
blafene SbciO ^iu^ 6egelft) the lower-, 
ber 0<binerbatt(b/ Unterleibj comp. —ache. 
vulg. baft Oan(b»eb/ bie teibf^merjcn, 
StolxU dry— a., bic ©Icifolifj — *• bush or 
— a. weed, BoU cine 7f rt ber ^nrgimttf in 
Kfrifa mibcr baftf8an<b»cb5 ber iOan4»(b' 
banm) —band, 1. bcrSau^' ob. Gattcf^ 
gttrt,Satt4ri(incn5 2. Surg, bie ®au<bconi* 
pteffej — bonnd, ©erflopft, b«rt(etbig$ — 
firetting, illan. 1. baft tBnnbreiben torn 
San4^nrte4 2. Vet. baft Oan^grimmcn, bie 
IBinbfoiilPi -friend, ber ©<bniarober} — 
gpd, ber SSancbbiener/ Zifimmxi -gats. 




(in Cfoofcct anl dcbranntem ^ixdtt ii. SRan^ 
^e(n Ob. 9tfiaiiai htxtittt (fraQ). Nougat) ; 

, -plea. Law, Sert^dbigund ob. 7(u&f[iid|^t 
wegen e4»angerf(tttft, nm eineii XufT^ub 
ber etrttfe )« er^teas —roll, bic»ttlj= 
tonne, 9Mit, fiSeUe (bef. beim Selbban)? 
— worn. Zoo/, brr S>anniottnR, GpttUvunn. 

To B^Kly, V. L n, haud^iQ feia ob. werboij 
II. «r. anfr^toeaen, anfc^soeKtn/ oaffiUen} tke 
wall bellies, Ma«. bte SRaaer ftdngt ubcr, ifl 
ban^ig. [fen5 — muIi, MmefleabcGcdcI. 

Bel'l) jDg, p. a. ^t. & ZooJ. batt^ig, aufgebla^ 

B^l'm^n, Bll'm^tfl, &c. otd. BeU-man, Sic. 

B^lone', #. /cA. ber lanftfAnobcUde j>orn^t. 

To BelfiDg', V. n. 1, g(66ren, inge^orcn^ande* 
i^xttii 2. aage^en, betrefFen. 

Baidved' [m4. bS-ldT'-^dJ, 04;. geliebt, (-by, 
...»ott), teener, totttf). 

Below', /»X kfig, I. prep, untcci II. ado. un* 
ten j auf (Srben,4E^teniebett4 unter benSobteui 
Law, in eiaemUatergeric^t^ the coorti— , 
vid, IB Court; Com. as (quoted) — , mte UU* 

To Bench, v. I. a. 1. mt^MtM »erfc^^ 
2. oaf cine d)an! fc(cn» 11. n. iuOcru^t fM^n- 

Bea'cbQf, 9. l.bcr miller) 2.bcrSaiiUUtcilCy 

To Bend, «. reg. A £r. I. a. ]. bicgca, bcngcn, 
Hmmcui 2. n4rten/ Icnfcn (ben ei^ritt 
looftin, bett(S(eift auf(St»a6, ic.)} — 
one's self (one's ntod, Ac) to» or npon, 
obcr iOLpast, to be bent on (to), genc^t, cat- 
f^IolTcn fein {U..^ erpij^t feln anf ...$ 4.att6' 
be(^nen, fi^nen (tbe bow, ben Sogen, ic.)$ 
5. bc}n)i^ea, M natcnoerfen (<St»al)^ 6. 
Afar, be^eftigea, binbca^ to — two cables, 
i»ei7(a(ertane anf einanbor flc4eni to— back, 
inrufltbicdeni to— a net, cin Ee^ ficOcBv 
to — a pike, (ine|)th finctt, fenftn, emlogoiy 
to — the fist, bte S<ntfl baOen) to— planks. 
$l«nf en fruaun bnanen ^ to — tbe brow, bic 
0tirn runieln* to — ooe*s spite against. . . 
einea (Kroll faffen gegen...) b-ed lever, 
Mech. ber f&inhlt^hcU U. n. 1. M biegcn, 
gebogea ob. tnmm rcin^ SL ftdk nogea (i.S. 

tea bemerlt^ toU nntenffe^nb? —par, untcr forwards, fub budtea)) an^fig. laota gcacigt 

yarii — steirs, aalea, par terr«, 

Bllt, I. s. sing, 1. ber Q^Attti, ba^ SDegenge^ 
^cn!^bieS)egenfup9el4 2.Si/rg.bie9imbage9 
8. r«f. ber Mrjeboarm, 0tet}»arm (elae 
04Kipranf^eit)$ 4. yirc/u ber«Stran|, ba$ 
Jtronigeflmdi —maker, ber (SiivtUti 11. 
Belts, j.p/. 1. ^t. bie®firtel (€5treifen) 
bed3npiter9$ 2. Geog. the two— , bie beu 
ben i^elte $ (the Great Belt, the Lesser Belt, 
ber grope u. ber f leine 9elt). 

To B^it, V. a. lit, A fig. begfirten^ amgurten. 

B«l'v8d^r, Bel'vldire, #. 1. IL Arch. ba*»el* 
oebere^ bie tafiiaartei 2. Bot. berbefeu' 
artige Gdnfefap, flSefenfia^ft. 

BSl'w^thfr, s. vid. Bell-wether unt. Bell. 

To Belf , V. a. vid. To Belle. 

To Binire', v. a. fot^ig ma^tn, bef(!(^maien. 

To BSmuaa^ t>. a. betlagen, beweinen, be- 
trauerns to — one's self» we^tlogen. 

BSm&a'n^r, i. ber SBe^flagenbe. 

To Bem&te^ v. n. ft4 rnaufen (oon IBogetn a. 

B8n, s. 1. oMr. fftr: Benjamin, Qcnjamin 
(9R-n.)5 2.JBot. ber S^e^enbaum, k., vid. 

fein^ 3. uber(aagctt4 4. M b&abigen, hca^ 
gen, antcnoerfen $ to — against . . ., (cbcafo 
im pass, to be beot against), M n^erfetcn, 
Xnt bietea. 

B^nd, L s. sing. 1. bie Bicgung, Arummsng, 
Jtrimm£3 Berf^ltagung ^ 3. Mar-s. cin 
Gtidb obcr JCnoten, €lpIiefhtotcn$ a — of 
moulds, ein SteU SJ^aaen^ common—, or 
sheet-, ein <34otenfii<^5 9.Hcr. ber 0^r£g= 
ba(hn) 4.bcrCKRfaf aneincrSraucaaril^i 
II. Bends, i. pi. 1. Sldp-b. bie itruami^i(» 
ier, Sdau^ftiiti 2.if«r. bte Sergftilscr; 
8. eo^Ueber in et&Atn (and ben bcflcn 
:s^nien ber ^oat gcMmttten); 4. (obsr 
-hides), p ben cr»>abnten Ynlf4mtttcn 
beftimnte {>dute. 

B^n'dfblet adj. biegfom, geMmetbig. 

B^n'd^r, s, 1. bte|)erfon ob.ead^, wet^c bit« 
get, trammct, ber ^panaer? 2. Anat. ber 

Ben'djng, I. p, s. 1. ba^Siegcn, 6paanai$ 
2, bie fiSiegung/ ber Sng, Sogcn^ Kb- 
^ang) the — of a vault, ilrcA. bieScibnnd 
(Sogenmnbung) eincd (Sknotbt^i !!• p* 

Behen; —nut, bie 2Be(ennnf , C^olbnnf) ab^fingig) a — cUIT, eine iibcr^Qngcnbc 

oil of—, IBc^cn6l. 
B«nch, s. 1. bic eanti 2. ber IBerFauf&fianb, 
itrdnurflonb^ 3. Law, bte (^eTi4t6b«nfi 
fig' bie m^Ut, bad (S^eriibti the Qqeen's 
(orKing's)— , vid. unt. Queen; —of Hip 

Stlv^pti — masdes, ^a^bte{)fiftbcinmtt6« 
Fein. [SS^rdgboltaL 

B^nd'lft, s. HfT, bie rieiac Diabe, ber Heine 

B«Bdfw|a^ 1. /to<. bU fSalbrebc. 

BSnMy, adv. Her. f^rdg gefhreift. 

pecrates. Su,rg. bie ^ippohotifibc (Sinri^^tcMB^n'^, i« BoU ber eefam, bod ecfomtraut. 
ob. 3u^banh -Goal, (in'S(a#.)bicoberfte|B8a«aped', adi. jMar. benc^cn, fan bem 
64i4)t bee eteinfo^Icnlagcr. I eanbe, tc.) fefW^eab; ai4t fUtt 




UBtnthffhprep, vmitti n. ado. vutm, ^e« 

vk^tn. [(3f-n*)- 

Ben'Sdiet, s. tdtnAkt (aX-tt.)) Sesebicta 

B&iddTc'tfne, I. #. ber emtbMmf^SMnit, 

raubcni «anma(HcRj 2.impaas,: nwUt 
nadift ttberraf^t mttUn, fid oorfp&ttn. 
Benign', I. adj.; H. -ly, adv. 1. gitig, milt>, 

MeS-9?onne5 n. <u(7.)tniiS)tbeiibar9en&« lizhwoU, i)olb\(ii%i a. loo^It^dtig, ^cilfttm, 

^ictiner ge^drig. 
B^ii^dfe'tioa,^. l.tftx et^ttt, bie^KnfegiHmd^ 

£ec. S. bie (Sutfe^ttQd eineft ICbteft bnr4 Sin^ 

{egiiintd^ 3.berS><mf4 bietDanffagung. 
BlneaU^tion, s. 1. b<i$ ffBo^mti S. bu 
B«nefi</t9r, «. ber ftBottt^dtet. [SBo^lt^ot 
Beoeftc'tr^a, j. bit ® o^Iti^ltertnn. 
Bei/ef%ee» #. 1. bUyfrfo^e^ 2. baft fBoTtt^t, 

He Stci^tt 

B^n'dflrced [— flf«t], acg. bcpfciinbet. 
Beft2fte«nce» j. bte ffBo(lt^gfieit , ®1tt« 

Ben^fjcf nt, I. a^. ; H. -ly, adv. mo^ttitid,' 

vilbfl>d(ig;« 8tttt5«(0s (dcftnnt), gut^erjig. 
Ben^fif'ct^, I. fldy. ; II. —ly, adv. 1. OortiSfdls 

taft,iril««4^ 2. r>itnm, ^eilfan, »o|ltH« 

tig j m. —new, #. 1. bte 9»(Itd^fttt) 2. bte 

BSB«fi'4n?>7> 1- ^* l.bitr4®ti]iflbffttenb; 

nterdtbeit^ob^sgfgl 9. be^^frfinbet^ n.«. 

1. bcrf^fHlnbtten 2. bctXIniofmempfditgfr. 
Bteafi^ci^cy, s. hitMU, !Renf4eitfraiiib» 

vagMt, nom^ti^m. 

UnifftA^ut, adi. mobl^tfttg, milbt^tig. 

B^n'^flTt, #. 1. bte moWW, ®nttf^t, ®efdU 
Ixgfett5 2. bet S^B^en, fSoxtl^eil, (Sewiint^ 
3. bte 9e{obttttngft« (9enefi|«) fi^or^llung 
eme$CSdaaf^eler$/)C.; basSeitefl}) 4. Law, 
%€ft f)riDtIegtniR; 9orre(bt 

To B^Sflft, V. 1. 0. 1. nfi^eit^ 9^^eii bnngens 
betlfnn fein ^ 2. begftnfiigen) n. n. to -- by, 
^fia%tn i»on <St»as b^^ben, ge»innen) a b-^d 
ticket (in » lottery), ein glfidRt^eft Sooft^ 
era Xreffer (in ber ^otterie). 

BJ^b'^, s, vt4i.Beonef. 

B&i^V^^lence, s. l.bdft^oblwoUen, bte®^^ 
tigfdt; 2.bieffiobttbdtigfett$ 3. bieO^te; 
Giittbot^ &vn^i dtte — , bte (^eflanb$pfIC4« 
tai etiKft ^oime^ gegen feine $rau. 

BenJ^T'plfnt, I. adj.; U. —Ijf adv. t09f;lincU 
inib, gMg/ guttbdttg, ftettnblid!^^ UebretdSio 
— fliiid,berUnterfHitungftfbttbj III. — ness, 
9. vrd. BeneToIence. 

BSb^K, 1. 1. Geog. ®engalen$ 2. Com. ein 
btBeeHLif^tx (ait6 {>Qar a. Geibe geftrtigter) 
0teff$ —cane, boft fipanifibe 0lobr. 

B^^HSe', #. ft a. (the— language), bett- 
gtUM, bie bengoHf^e &pTd<be. 

BengUe^e', s. («t»g. ft pi.) ber ©engttlej bie 
9-tiist9 bie ©ettgalen. 

To Baafebt', r. a. 1. j%. »erflB(tent, ber« 

gtitartig (|. ». Tjon e. Jtranfbcit^ ac)5 gto 

fKg J HI. —new, i. wd. BenigftSty. 
Bfnrg'n^Bt, B^ftlg'n^ntiy, »te Beaiga, ftc 
BBoKg^ajty^ s. 1. bieCMttc^aSHlbe^ 2. bicffiobi* 

tbdtigfcit) 8. bte ^ci£{^mfett, ber ioo^(t(d« 

B«D)«m)fa, s. LSettiamin (aR-it.)$ 2. ba 

l93eik}oe,bie3n»gfersmiUb5 8. (—tree), Bot. 

ber 93enioebaitm. 
BStt'nft, 1. l.Seiiebict (<0{-d).» 99c]tebicta 

(jS'U)., (abbr. ». Benedict, qv.); 2, (horb-), 

Bot bte 9ie(len»itr|, baft®enebi(tenfraut. 
B^t, pret. ft p. p. 9on To Betd, qv. 
BSnt, <• 1. bieJTrdntne^SiegKng j 2.bie{Ri<b« 

tmig) 9{eigimg, bet {lottg, 5tig4 ^^fig-. bte 

Saune, 6Sttmmtmgi ber (SntfifVipi 4. bie 

Xnfirengung,<ftraftdiiferttitg$ 5. (~ grata). 

Bo<. bo9 etrattf grod, Sittfengrod. 
B€B*t, abhr. f(tr : be not, fci (fkb) ni<bt. 
B^n'tjDg, p. a. 1. btsfenbaft^ 2. jig. drmii^, 

f&mlnerUcb) —time, biefmngorjcit ber Zaw 

hex bor ber 0leife ber |>tilfcafri(bte4 fm- 

To Bdnfim', {cor. To BdOihab'), v. a. I. 

(i»or Jtdlte) erfiarren ma<ben9 2. bc6 (S'c> 

fdbtd berauben^ j!g. betdubett* 
B^nttm'm^dn^M, s. 1. bie O^rflorrttngi 2. fig, 

bie ©etdubttitg. 
B^Bvdnlie', «• Print, baft Sntrottum, ber flBta* 

fommen (baft ®elb; reeltbeft ber nctt TCngcs 

fommene [gutn JBcrtrinfen] cricgcn mttf). 
Bea'z^ste, s. Qiem. baft betisocfaurc 0al|. 
B^nzo'lc, adj. C%em. —acid, bie 3eii)cefdttrc. 
Benzoin', #. ber (bie) Scnjoc, ibobiricibeiibc 

TTfanb) —tree, vld. Benjamin, 8. 
B^At^ic adj. fhraipffiiinig^ gcffibtlcft. 
To BepSinf, V. a. (n>. it.) bemalen, f^miitfcn. 
To BepYnch', v. a. htcipeR; burd) Jtttei^*n 


To B§pl&me^, v. a. mit Sebcm f<bmtt(f en. 
To B^pdVd^r, 17. 0. bepnbern^ mit f)iibcr 

beftreuen. [*cn. 

To Beprlif e', «• a. lohtn, w<g. bcrauftflrci>c 
To Bdpor'ple, v. a. mit ^urpnr, (purpvrrotb) 

fdrben. [ocrlaffcn, Icgiren. 

To BSqnCatli', v. a. tcflamcntli(b t>erma<|en, 
BSqoSa'th^r, s. berXcflator, ^cgatarinft, (Srb* 

taffer. [«cgttt itid. b. 4. f. ».> 

BiqoSatb'oi^nt,^. l.bie^beinfe^ung) 2. baft 
BSqn^st', s, baft SSermd^tni^ Segat. 
To B^ate', r. a. f(bcitttt, anftf^eltcs. 




To Bdrftttle', v. a. einen ^rm inot&Ut) ma* 
4ctt; (Sinen) ilbertduien; onfa^ren. 
Ber'bi^D^rae, i. ber ^ebeftapfd (von ben ata^ 
bifd^en trsttn fo graannt). 
Ber'b^iTy, s, vtd. Barberry. 
Bercean [b^-tiOf], s. 1. J.reft. ba& Xonnen* 
ge»6Ibe) 2. bod fQn^^^milU, bet Sauben^ 
goa^, OoflcngQUg (in Stm^ixtttt)i bteSo« 
genlaube. [ben, entwenben (ge». ntit of). 

To B§r€aYe'y t>; reg. i^ tr. a. berattben, rau^ 

Bir^ave'mfDt, j. bieSeranbungt ba^Serau* 

B€r£ft', pret. ik p. p. b. To Bereave. [ben. 

Ber'gfjnO, «. Com. Sergamod, Sergamed, 
grobe gemebte Xapeten (fonfl in ber 9lor« 
manbie u. a. S). gefertigt) au6 i^erfd^. !Ka« 
tertolen, aid: Geibc, flBoIU/ SanmiooDe, 
$anf, 3iegen^aar, u« 

Ber'g^mdt, 1. 1. bte Sergamotte; Sergomott* 
btm^ 2. (— esience), boi ®ergamott(II$ 
3. ber mit btefiem SDele loobine^enb gema^te 
®4nttpftabaf j 4. vid. Bergamo. 

BeHgXndfr, s. vid, Birgander. 

Berg'mSitfr, Bergh'mfttt^r , [vulg, b&r'- 
mftftt^r], s. Mn. (in JDerh.) bet Sergmeifier 
(ISorgeretteberSerglente), @r$metfer. 

B^rg'mOte, Bergh'mOte, i. Min. (in Dtrb.) 
bal iBerggeri^t. [bereimen. 

To Berhjfme', v. a. iron, in 0leimen befingen, 

B^r'lth, s, eine IM ^dSngel (0eife) sum 
YnSmad^en ber ^^^etfe in 3eugen. 

Ber'lin, s. k adj. Geog. (bie @tobt) Berlin 
berlittir44 —bine, baft Serlinerblan (A. 

B^rfin', B^rllne', [b«r-liD', FT., ^c; beW-Ifn, 
Wb., Ac] *. bie Cerline (beoneme oierfi^ige 

Berme', «. Fort, bie Serme, ber fiSoDgang. 

B^mQ'd^, s, Geog, bie bermnbifd^en (6om< 
mer«XettfeU')3nfeltt, Semmben. 

Ber'n^cle, jr. n. comp. vtd. Barnacle. 

Ber'nard, *. IBemJarb(SR-n.)5 -the hermit, 
£nt. ber fd-ifttbi, G^maro^erfrebft, 6itt< 
flebler. [^arbinem ge^6rig. 

Bir'nMine, Ber'n^rdYn, adj, }u ben SStcn* 

Ber'n^rdinef , BeWnqirdifn^ , «. pL Ecc. bie 
Sem^rbitter« ob. (Sifiercienfer^SR^n^e nnb 
9{cnnen. r^^^^^* bo6 |>anptberbre4en. 

B^n«t, s. Law, bie Sranbfh'ftung ) sn» 

B€ni'-ditri, t. vid. Barn-owl, in Bam. 

Mi^€, #. Zoo{. bie dlippenqnaOe. 

BSr'ried, p. a. Bot, beerentfttgenb^ bee* 

Wr'ry, #. bie«eere$ So^ne (©.itttffee,u.)5 
—bearing. Seeren tragenb^ -gaiu, ftbrnam* 
mi^e ®olUi^el. 

To BlWry, &. I. n. Ocerm tragen, ob. befom* 

mett4 U. a. 1. f^biagen, bref<ben j»2. vergrt* 
ben, K., vW.ToBnry. 
Ber'tt^n, s, vici, Beciatan. 
Birth, s, k v. Mar. vid, Birdi. 
Ber't/tf^J. Sertba(9-tt.)- 
Bir't^n, f. tnd. Barton. [9ertram. 

Bei^^m, s. I. Oettram (!R-n) i 2. Bot. bet 
BeWtyjng, p. i. cor. (C.) vid. Birthing. 
Bj^r'yl, s, Min. berS^erDS, ^auamarin. [grfin. 
Ber'yiine, adj» Min. beri^Oartig, gr&tliib/ bea> 
Be'^^nt, Be'f ^ntine, vid* Bymnt, Ac. 
B£f'-Sntl^, s. vid, Bez-antler. 
To BeacrAwF, v. a. befri^elQ, bef^micren. 
To Biscreen', v. a, befttrmett, bebeifen, oer« 

To Bescrib'ble, v. a, bef<bteiben, behri^ln. 
To BesWch', v. ir, k reg. a. btingenb hitttn, 
erfn^en, anfle^en. 

BSses'ch^r, «. ber (brisgeiib) OittfAbe, Aitt- 
fleHer, ^nfuibenbe, S^e^enbe. 
B«ac«'diing, p. i. ba« bitten, (Srftuben 
To B§s«em', v, n. 1. fi4 geiiemen, fi^ fdfttte i 
2. anfte^en (Ginem), fteiben. 
Bdsjsc'misg, I. 8, berXnflanb, bie^rtigfeitj 
U.p. a. ge}iemenb,f4i<ni4/Pafrettb,4Uifiiiibig. 
BHUnfly, adj. arttg, anftAttbig, f4i(Hi4- 
ToBSa^f, v. ir. a. 1. befe^eni bef<b(agen$ 
2.einf4Uefen;Umgebca, umringen^umlagmi, 
beldgern) 3. in bie dnge (.ftUmme), in Ser« 
legen^eit bringen. 
BMt', pree. Icp* p. 9.T0 Beset. 
To B€shrei^, v, a. i»enoilnf<ben, terfluibcn^ — 
u,l berbommt fei! u,l 0, benofinMt! 
— yonr heart ! ^oC jDiib ber Seufel ! 
BSride', Bdsldef', I. prep. 1. neben, hA, bi^lbt 
hdi 2. ou^r, anferbalbj 3. nid^t gemd^, 
fiberf —that, ouferbiejemj —the pnrpoae, 
ttni»edhn£fig$ 'tis — ny present scope, e& 
btent ni^t |u metnem Sor^oben^ things — 
nature, iibernatitrU^e iDinge? fig-** t« ^« 
~one*sseIf, — one's senses, auferM/ bon 
einnen fein$ lit. rafen, ni^t bet6er^nl>f 
fein9 11- adv. (BasidefO* auferbem, fiber* 
biep; obnebief/ no<b b<t)U4 all his troops be- 
sides, aSe feine (ibrigen ^^ntppen. 
To B^^e^e', V. a. belogem^ theb-d, pi. bie 
©elagerten. [©elagercr. 

Besie'l^r. s, ber ® elagcrer 9 the b-s, pi. bie 
Bdsie'ging, p. s. k a, baft Selagem, bie ^e* 
lagentng) —army, baft Seiagerungft^eer. 
BSsis't^n, 1. berlBefiflan, (bfbectte)Saiar (im 
S)ricttt). [beWmuien, befubeln. 

ToBSsmear', v, a, bef<bmieren, befhreiibttt i 
BSsmtaVfr, s, ber IBefcbmierer, IBerubier. 
To BSsmOke', v. a. (10. ii.) berdufbem, cm- 
ritt^emi riuibern. 




To Muri&f , V. a. htxufm, ht^wa^au 

To Beti.ow', V. ff. LbcAntien, uberf^niien^ 
%M' But »cif ra IBiut^, K. bebecfen. 

To B^snlUF, v. a. mit 6<bnti9ftaba( be* 

Be^f^m, 1. ber ISefeiu [ftbmuscn. 

To Be<^n, V. a. f e^reii, fcflcn. 

Be'fOre, s. vict. Bezoar. [onfUiiibig fein- 

To Maortf, v. a* M MtdM^ ^fpnt/ anfic^en. 

To Belief, o. a. busm nuuben (bef. bttr^^ ben 
Snmf )^ bcti^rcii. 

Beodtftfdiy, adv. t(6ri4ter; odttiMer «Bcife. 

Bdfldft^«M,«. bieS^or^dt, iSktbornng. 

B2MHigbt/[— dlt]» pnet. A p. p. 9. To Beteecb. 

Mtpike', pret. :^Asol,io. To Beipeak. 

To BespXn'gle, v. a. nrit ^Uttent ob. anbetn 
ofia^aittn 3iera^en befefni. 

To BUp&tftfr.v. «. 1. (mit itot^, ffiSafier, ic) 
bcTpri^nt/ bcfleto) 2«^. ocrtemnben. 

To BSopini', V. a. befpeun, befpucten. 

ToB8«p«ak', o. l.bcfWttcn (.-of,bd...). 
bcfipTCidbeB, bmdtBj a. bttr<b SBorte euine^s 
not, ill gnoittnen fuiben; bitten, on^alten $ 
3. « oafprciben/ onTeben; 4. i>orber DerHin« 
bigoif vor^ogen j 5. funb gebeit, attieigcn, 
ttfBSJbtgen, Derrat^en) let me ~ your nt 
teatioB, lib bitte um 3it€ Vn^erffamfieit. 

Usp««(1c«r, #. ber SefteHer. 

To BSsp^ek'ie, v. a. fletfRt/ fprcttltln. 

To B£ope«', r, a. (bur* (Srbrecben) befpeicn. 

To B^ice', v» a. mii^en. 

To Ba^it, V. a. befprengen, befrriben, ilbcr* 
i^Nr nnberfprtbcn. 

To B^itf, V, ir. 0. befpeien, befpncf en, be* 
f|rn^9 Pf'ct. bespit, or bespitted^ p. p. 
beipit, boopittod, or betpitten. 

B€sp9kef, prot. A; p. p. 9on To Bespeak. 

BCspd'fc^, p. p. 9. To Bespeak. 

To B^pttt', v.a. 1. mit Sletf en gct<bnen, llecten, 
%ccnt)Bltt) 2. befie(fen, befubein (m-r u.)« 

ToBespHSad', v. ir. a. beftrenen; bebctfcnj 
preC. a p. p. bespread. 

ToBdsprrn'kle, v. a. (mit IBaffer, 2C.) be« 
^cageS/ befpn<en5 (mit etonb, k.) be* 
bcifn. [berScfprengcr^ Seftduber. 

Bispiliik/I^r, 1. ^er, ber (StncA bcfpri^t, 

To Bdspfie', v.a. vid. To Bespew. 

To Bispnrt', o. a. rnd. To Bespirt. 

To B^spfit^tff, o. a. befpttctcn, befpcien, be* 
fi^ri^/ bernbeUt. 

B&s, «. a6^. vid. Betty. 

Bist. (jup. 0. Good) I. at^. ber, bic, ba£ 
befki the — part, 1. ber %v6ftt Zl^tiU 
bt» SUtftej S. bie eeftenj to pot the — 
coMtractioii opon a thing, Htmal anf baS 
9cP< beottttl wliat'i the — news^ »a» 
flUbt c« gtte« fteued? she had the ^ of it, 

fk ^e benSortbcil; to make the - of a 
thing, 1. ouf bae »eflc mit atm^ umflcbcn, 
eft anfft Scfte bcnu^^ 2. M fo gut man 
hnn, Qttft einer (fibiimmcn, :c.) 0a4c bcran^* 
ipttfeln (}.IB. of ill fortune, of a bad bnrgaio, 
Ac); to do one's—, fcin«c|lcftob.aX6gCt<b' 
fteft t^nn$ to my— {or to the— of my) re- 
membrance, ro gnt (fb Htl) i<b mi* crinncm 
fann ^ to the — of my power, fo gnt, al6 eft mir 
mdgU* ifl) to the — of our obnervation. 
na* unfercr genauefien ®coba<btund $ to 
make the — of one's way, fo fcbr cilcn a!$ 
m6dUibifi9 ben hii^eflcn fiBcg nebmen; nt 
(the)—, ©ruttbci pon ber ftbonftcn 
(beflen) eette betracbtct^ 2. mcnigflenftj 
3. onf ft{>54fte; at the -hand, auS ber erften 
|)anb i moblfeil 4 to have the -, 0icger fein i 
U. adv. dm Sefictt; onf d ®(fle 3 he thought - 
to, &c., er ^iclt eft ffir baft fi9eflc ju, u.$ what 
had i — do? or what course had 1 — (to ) take? 
mie tbne i* am fiSeflen? n>e(<ben SSeg fcU i(b 
eittfcblagen? -of all, beftobeffcr^ am £ieb» 
ften 9 1 like this - of all, mir ifi baft am lieb* 
ftenj HI. amp, — beloved , am meiften 
(\)ic(«) gellebtj —bidder, ber SXeiflbietenbc, 
eteigcrer, blatant 4 Mars, the — bower 
anchor, ber tiglicbc ^nfer^ the — bower 
cable, baft tdg(i*e Yn(ertau$ — natnred. 
— tempered, ber (bic, baft) gntm&t^igfle, 
fltttartigflc, :c. 

To B&tftin', V. a. befle(fen, bef<bmusen. 

To Bftst^ad', 0. ir. a. 1. nu^en, ^^u^cn bringen >»irtben,untcr^a(ten9 (vid.To Befriend). 

BSstSad', or BSst^d', pret. & p. p. t. 0. SB. 

B«s'tisil,I.a<*7.,- 11. -ly, <rrf». ticWf*/ tbie* 
rif*, im (5*ftcn (Srabc finnltib' 

BMSl'ity, s. 1. bie Diebif4e «cf(bafrenbnt$ 
baftoiebif^eXBefen^ bie Uni^crnunfti 2. ber 
S3nttatidmttft; bie grie^iftbc ^icbe. 

To Blfs'ti^&ze, To BSs'tjiite, v. a. bem Bief^i 
gtei* Ob. &bnli4 macbcn. 

To Bftstfck', V. ir. a. beflerfcn, i^onihtfrn. 

To BistiTnk', v. ir, a. mit (Beflant erfuaen, be« 
fldnfem, einftlntem. 

To BSsfir', V. a. regent to — one's self, rrfl. 
M anftrengen, Tub beeifem, bcfhrebett) eilen. 

To B«sti)V, V. a. 1. (to — u]H>n) ertbeikn, 
geben, f*enfen, verleiben, enodfcn, gemdb> 
ren, barbringenj 2. anmenbcn, ic^ermenben, 
auftoenben, (®clb) baran legend 3. legcn 
^Ilen,febitt,aufbc»abren4 to— a daughter, 
eine Softer i>erbeirat()en, anftfiattcni to — 
one's self, fl<b befibdftigen. 

iBestoWfl, s, (m. it.) 1 . bie Knorbnung, Scran* 

I ftattmtg/ eer^lgttng$ 2.bic<Skmi^rung(ci« 

I tter«itte>. 




fitetow'fr, s. bet (Srt^eiler, (Mtx, S)td|»o» 

BettoViDfiitftf. LbicChrt^eilttiig/iSabei 2. 

bieXniDetibSQfl) 8. bo^iSkben, Sctneiiben. 
To fiestr&d'iUe, v. a. vid. To Bostride ie To 

ToBMrew', ToB8»tr0w',[bg»tru', Wb. W., 

Ac; b§itr0\ 5m., &o.], v. reg. k ir, a. 

befiroten, befprengeii/ bebeden* 
Bd«trid', pret. & p. p. BSttnd'd^n, p.p. 

0. To Bestride. 

To Bdttnde', v. ir. o. (fibtx Qtoa^) 1. f(btet« 
Un, ^htx^vtittn, bcfcbrdteni 2. niten. 

B€itrDwn', p. p. ooa To Bestrew. 

B^tuck', pret. i^ p. p. 9. To Bestiek. 

To BSstad', V. «. 1. bef(bUtden, befefen (mit 
itndpf^en; :c)4 2.^.befAeiu 

B^tunk', pret, k p.p. io. To Bestink. 

To Beswift^, V, a. bef4latni0ett. 

B^t, 1. 1. bte fiBctte j 2. a66r. d. Betty, ^d. 
Betty. [fc^cn, fc^en. 

To Bet, V. a. netteit/ (^tt einer^ette) d]i< 

To Bdtake', r<r/7. to — one's self to..., 

1. fi4 iu 6ti9o» »enben, feme dsflu^t %a 
<St»a$ nc^men, gu St»a^ flrdfen^ ergretfen 
(Att4/g. bie Sln^t, ac.)) <5toaft onfangeo, 
fub auf Qttmad lesen^ 2. fi^begebcn, ft(b 

Bitft'k^Q, p. p. 0. To Betake. [toerffieen. 

Bi'tfl.f. mieBetle. 

B^t^l'ijef, J. vid. Betilles. 

To BStMok', o. ir. a. (& r</f. to — one's self, 
M) bebenhtt/ ({14) beftnnen, M erumem 
(— of, ciner0Qcbe). 

BSMah^m, 9, 1. c^g. Set^le^emj 2. baft 
92arren^ttS, (vid. Bedlam). 

B^tA'ieh^mlte, B«t/('l§mlte, s. 1. etii (Be-- 
wobner )»oni93€t(le(emj 2. £cc etnSet^ 
U6emiter«!D{5n49 3. bee SXonbfiltbtige, )c, 
vid. Bedlamite. [Bethink. 

B6<Aott€ht' L~<'iAt']» Prtt. A p. p. s>on To 

B§tid', Beti'd^d, preU k BftTd', p.p. b. f. «S. 

To Betide', o. tr. A reg. I. a. be^egnen/ itt* 
ffcoM/ befallen, ic ^ woe ~ thee ! me^e 2)ir ! 
ber 4)enfer l^ole SDiib! (b* o. sttm. nut to); 
II. n. fi^ iutraden, eretgiies, defibe^en. 

B9ti(Ue^. '• Cow. fdtt}^\Vi^, idtmoA, tin b!« 
hxtx, banmwoaescr, meiflend mei^eftaretfter 
Ob. »eifgegitterterS9attiR»o8eKfloff ooA oer^ 
f^iebenen )(rten unb Qerftbiebenen Oegettben 
SDHinbienft. [% fW*c. 

B«time',Bgtimo?',od».bei3citettj balb$ ytx*\ 

B«'tic, *. Bot. ber«etelj -not. bic»rtcl« 
nuf/ TCrefattnfi. 

To Bdtolcfn, V. a. 1. beseicbnen, anbenteni 

2. bebetttcn; torbebeutet, per^rWabigcn, 

iBCt'fDy* «• £ot. bie IBetome. 

BStook' [- tAk'], pret. D. To Betake. • 

To H^txhYf t>. a, 1. oerrat^eni 2. ^ttVdtan, 
Derf&^reni 8. ieigen, entbeifen. 

B«tri/«r, «. bet fierrdt^. [aufiDQ^es. 

To BStrtm', v. a. fi^nrftcfen, lieren, put^/ 

TO B€trStV, V. a. 1. (rt4) oerloben, (jur ^bc) 
i>erfpred^eQi 2.peinem£9iftt6umeeme«tcit. 

B8trdt/i'm«Bt, j. 1. baft^ei>erfpre<(eii, bie Ser^ 
lobung i 2. bie Ctntennung jn etsemeiftt^itme. 

B^t'sSy, BSfsy, s. oirf. Betty. 

BfttSi'ld^f, B^ttel'ljef , s. wd. BeUiles, 

BJSt't^r, (comp. o. Good), L actf. beffer, mebr 
roert^, fiberlegen (an Qbtift, 0tdrf e, Sapfcr* 
U\t ;c.,K.)) to haTe the—, bteDbec(aiil> 
baben i to get the ~ of, ben Soef^l (aben 
fiber « • ., (tbenoinbett, ^err merben itber ... 3 
to give one the — of it, (Sticm ben SoriUg 
geben,na4fte(en5 for the—, (etnecead^e) 
jam ^tfUm 11. adv. 1. beffer^^r, 
barftber$ to lore (like) •>, lieber f^tm 
yoa (had) — , Ac, Sie t^dten befTer, ac. j ten 
foot high and— tiebngnfi (o<b nnb baruber ^ 
it is — than half past eleven o'clock, H ift 
fiber ^alb i»o(f (U6r)4 io much the — , befto 
befTeCi Hove him the — for it, i(b liebe ibn 
befmegen nur befb me(r$ 1 tfaoo^t— of it, 
id^ ^abe mi<b befler bebo^ti for— for worse, 
auf (SIM nnb Unglficf, a«f alle mogl. %SMz, 
auf (9erat^e»o(I) Ul. s. l. ber fiorgud/ 
IBort^etl, bie SDberf^aabj (oergl. phs, 
hd Better, 1.)$ 2. ber S^efTcre, Some^ 
mere, SDbere (geio. im pi.); 3. (in fvt. 
Hud*} ber ^ointcur htUa ©piel (opp. sitter, 
IBan^aUer)$ oarb-s, pU 1. unfere S)bern, 
iSorgefe^ten^ 2. Sorne^mere aid loir^ 3. bie 
beffere (Sigeuf<baften^ ic ^abcn alft mx. 

To B^t't^r, V. a. 1. oerbefern, oerooUfomm^ 
neai 2. fibertreffen^ 3. beforbeni; unter* 
ftuben, begfittfKgens to — one*s self, ft(b (bet 
einem i^aufe, ic.) oerbeficrtt. [rectionfi^au^. 

BCt't^ring-hSdse, J, baft ^BcfTerttngSbauft; 6or« 

BlSt't^rm^nt, s. bteSerbefTcrung i eerebeiuad j 
Sefftrbemng) b-s, «. pi. Am. icoL ft. 
improvements), ^niagen, Serbeffentsgen 
nescr idnbereien burrb Urbarmubttng bee 
Sanbeft, ^Cn^pCan^mtgen, 3C. 

B^f ting, s. baft ftdetten, bie ^ttU. 

B^t'tQr, 1. ber ^ettenbe, ^Better. 

B^t'ty, s. 1. cant, baft Cre^eifen $ ber IDictriA i 
2. abbr. (fix: Elisabeth) 2ieft4en4 9tett« 
4en (g-n.). |jerfn6ttert- 

Betim'bied, p. a. tmorbetttIi(b/ bcrtborren, 

Bfttwien', 1. prep, imtf^en, untcr^ —thin 
and to morrow, |»if<bcn bent' unb nwrgen^ 
—whiles, »on3(tt i« 3ett, {itioeilen, baiiti 



snb nMOin; ~oun«lvei, (— yov and me), 
BSttr jua (ed^€n), wkUv oier ^ii^esi 
II. ado. the spMe— , ter 9tat»i dai»{f^en, 

there U n^thlag in the-, eS glebt Drinc WiU 
tetftrofc) —deck*, Af«r. dwif^enbectd. 

Betwixt'* prep, lole Between. 

B^t'^U L «. 1. Afee/i. (Carp,, Mas,, Locfc^fm., 
&c.) bie e^miege, 64»ti, ^er ffiinhlpafer, 
GiuMfofT^/ to» €Mft49tBtof/ (Se^rmof ^ 
befgL i/er. (inffBopttt)) 2. (iefd^r&gc ob. 
fd^teife 0ti4tttng$ utd. Beveling; H. adj. 
filrrdd, filief, tin Jtnie, erne Jtr&mnt Mlbenb^ 

|B«wftch'«ry, BSvitcb'ni^nt, ». 1. bk mtm'- 

I berung^danbcrrrafl, terdauber^ 3.j^.bcr 

B«wf tch'fdi, a<(i. rc^ciiD, b^naberab. 
BdwYtch'fng, Lp.s, btt^ioxtbennigl II. p. a. 

III. — ly, adv, be^ubevnb, rctsenb. 
B«V|ti, s. pL Fake bte ^eber^fltieMV gut 

Wt^vu% ber 9it^»e(belle]t rifted giiren. 
To B2wriiy'» tj. a. oetratben, ictgen. 
To Bewr&p', V. a. nmn>icteln, oer^uOcn. 
Bey [ba], s, bcr 18ci) (turt. ©tatt^altcr). 
BSydnd', I. prfp. 1. jcnfcit, jafctt^ (anfbcr 

anbem ettte)^ a uber, ubcrbin, t^mu, 

fnniim) — angle^ ber f^KefeflBinlel^ --goar, avfer^ 3. bor(oori6g(i(beraI»...)4 —wlmt 

ftc trid. nut. To Bevel. 

To Bev'^U «. I. o. MT4d( Mnetbttt, fcbief riib 
toil Sh<p-«.d]ietfl(fjt>ol)na<|dner^«U 
bfb«»cn/ |inri4tcii9 II. n. tin' f<btatfe^ [(biefc 
eber fnnmne HU^tmid b^bett^ Afec/i. b-ed 
gear, bod f outfit (Setriebei a b-ed wbeeU 
CIS IDiagonol « ob. Jtrgelrab; f onifd^ed 9tab 

Biv'^ifBg, I. ad3, f^tig, f<btef, fniinm; n. j 
3fc^-6. 1. bASStb^itett bee ^ol^ee na4 tiner 
sua? bit iOtestmg be» {)oI}ee$ 3. ein ®tn< 
W ^rffcr (standing —) ob. Hdntr (under—) 
oB ein reibter. 

Biv'ffan^t, «. Afin. bie ^bfiumpfuag, 7(bfia< 
^^QBd ber <S(f en eimft ^i^ftaSft. 

B^T^y «• vid, Beaver. 

Kv'fr^g^y <• 1* boe ®etr&ttf / bet Sronf ^ 2. bie 
SrfttfflnBd/ timonabt) ber nUtfiBajfcr ber^ 
bfante G^bet ^ 3. bie Heine ^abl}eit pr Ch:« 
frlMimd, QoQdtioB^ 4. ber Vntritt^f^maue, 
flBtHfbnunen^ 5. ber Gisfhinb, b«6 Sin« 

B^v^l, «. ft adi., B^T^Ie, #. Her. vid. Bevel. 

B^v^y, «. 1. hurl, etne (lDamens)<9efeOf<baft4 
2. Sjiorf. ber |>anfni; bte 64aar, 4>(i^be, k*9 
ber ^9 (S6iseO$ a— of partridges, ein 
Sett (eineitette,ob.JKtte)«ebb<ibner5 a- 
of quails, ets "J^ttg ®a4teln4 a— of roes, 
ein 9tvbel (€$pTtmg) €lebe ^ a — of roebneks, 
ein 9tirbel (Xm^p) {Rebb6dPc4 — grease, 
ba jHrf^fett. [mebfUkgen, troQcrn. 

To Bewail', v, I. a. beflagen, be»eitten$ II. n, 

B^ii^^ble, ad^. benogeniwertb* 

B«wai'lf r, s. ber flBebHagenbe. 

B^wsi'ling, s, bod Oeflagen^ bie ® ebfUge. 

To B^w^e^, V. n. ftd^ buten, fi^ t><>rfeben 
r — ef. oor ) gttweilen a.). 

ToBdwiKdfr, v.ff. 1 .irre fibren,^tenSBege 
abbmdeii9 2.jEg.i»enoirrt;beftfir}t]tta4en. 

B^v^dfrm^t, i. c»l. bie l$enbtrmiig. 

ToBdwftch', v.a. l.bebexen$ 2. Jig. began^ 
bem^ beflrfcten. 

B^wiich'f r, s. ber Seiauberer, {^exenmeifler. 

is sufficient, mebr aldgenugj to eat— di- 
gestion. n<b imGfcn uberlnbcnj to go — ..., 

1. uber . . . biftaui geben, meiter gebcn, 
iiberfcbrciten^ 2.>^. ubertreffen^ S.bintcr^ 
gebcn, bevortbeilen^ to go — one's dcptb, uber ben Jtopf tn'd Gaffer, \c gebcn* 

2. J%. ft4 nt<bt mebr sa belfea mtfcs 4 —belief. 
unglaubli^j -^expression, unbcfibrcibli^ 5 
-^-measore, liber bie !)9{afcn5 — niemor), 
iiber aJUnMcngebentett} — recovery, ovf 
immer eerloren? li. adv. uber . . . binonlr, 
bariiber buiani ic. 

B§zlin', B&'^nf, s. Com. d^cfanc, n>ct^, gc* 
flretftc ober berfibiebenfarbigc bcudnltf^e 
bQummoQene 2^u<bcr. 

BSzant', (C.) J. vid. Byzant. 

B^-lintl^r, s. Sport, bie (SidfprDffc, berSii* 
fpriffet, f>dtfel an ^rf4»gcoetbe. 

BSz&n'ty, s. vid. Byzanty. 

Bez'«I,B<z^l [Wb., kc; be'zl, fforc, Ac.], 
s. ber J(afhm (beft Biiagcd, loortn ber eteva 
fi%t), bad {Ringrstter. 

Bs'zOar, s. (—stone) bcrlBe)oar,.fiegoftrftetni 
German—, bie®em6fagel5 ox—, berOlinbt* 
gafleiiflcin (ein gelbliibcr ®tein in ber <9aQen< 
bUfe ber S)4fni)4 — antiiope, Zooi..bic 
QajeOe^ — goat, ZooL bie iecgoaniegci 
— mineraU Chan. mtneraUr<bcr 93e)oar (ein 

B^zQaHdjc, 04;. bcgoarbaltig. [aeien. 

B^ZQiii'dlcs, s. pi. Med. begoarboltige Xrs' 

Bizo'lm s. leh, bie Heine !IRardne. 

BdzD'ni^n, s, iShaktp.} ber drmli^ (&i^ 

4: To Bcz/zle, V. o. (Mitt.) Derprcffeu. 

KkOwftnee', s. (inb.) Mifih. bie O^&ti&n ber 
^erWrung (bet ben Thugs, ^.). 

Bhfi]]^, (inb.) vid. Bang, 2. 

Bi'^t *. ber fiameftf(be Wame filr Cowry qv. 

BUn'gfilate, Biin'giklat^ Bian'gliloqs, adj- 
^ei»inf eiig, imeie<tig* 

Bi'^, I. s. l.bieWefeeeitc ob. SHicbtang, 
bieCtttcre} berftberbongj TCbbangj -of 

out of bis-, >' _ _ 

-l-o Btb'ble, r. - _Tr^^^- 

j3fb'blc-bril) I- - "^ :z 5*-"' 

;^5l>b^ *■ pi • ' " " " *Ii: rrT- 

l>et SBacttn ^ — o 

:»n>'»?r» *•• ^ .rrr-- 

:ft*ml>ViCg'nn- — Tj'an, 

flBucberir "*»un:ar 

5». t>cr'<H - ~* ^.'. 

;^^irbliOf't «• • • "^^ 

^^ WVarr. - "" - - " - J* 




••••^rt, Derdetttl; titfUoUi 

• ^^imrrtersettcU 3. Her. tie 

f hiVlet-ddDX [bni«-d6j, pi. 

d<^7l), ^06 £icbcftbrief*cnj 

• *». btr @oIbs,u. ^lumpea^ 

^r«.(0otottt«i) cinquartiren. 
■ "-»*'' ffrfj. comp. <?am. ffliUart*; 

.'d, taS ducuej —table, 

••' f?«im ba6 ©iUarb, ®-Welj 

*.^. fpieUn, 

'' Diei99iIUoiu [Surfed* 

' "ttfnf^, «» «Spor<.Die&>ofnnd bee 

'>">». 1. Mr gering^aUidee <9olb 

-' Megtrind^QlUge (iufiardntt 

•-fitc) SRunjej —of gilver, ^a* 

* >^a&@4eU, viU Billet; 2. b-i 
- '•.♦r. Mint, (golb* Ob. @Uber« 

-" -cmiiiijtc$ (Solb ob. ©ilber. 

' '•• i^rcfc fiBette, SBoge^ — beatcaj 

' •'. ». (ncHenf^rmig) anfi^wtUtn, 
" -'men^ * Qufwogen. 
• 'n wogig, wogenb. 
1 . Mech. ber (SrobftaW/ bie Cor* 
''):ne$ 2. a66r.i). William, toicBiU 
UilObed', adj. Bot iioeilappig. 
. a^j. JSot. iweifd^crig. 
H, adj. stoei^nbig. 
>od [— vAd], s. vid, Beene-wood. 
D. BlmaWic^, adj. j»<iSR«ere (€5c<n) 
Tcnb. [IBimebtaUinic. 

fefl, gcioif ma4en^ abf^Iiefen^eiamfKui* 
bcl/ K.)j 4. (to— in), ^mmcn, iiabcmj 
5. Med. )»cr^opfcK) 6. Mew. binbcn (oom 
^ai!)$ to — with galoon, mit SrtflTen ober 
iBorten Ufc^tni to — an apprentice, eincn 
^(rling aufbingen laffcn, <Smeit is bic ^c^rc 
gcben^ to — a servant, cincn Wiener bur4> 
^iet^gclb obcr Contract binbcn ^ to — over, 
citirra ()>orIab€n) lafen^ II. n. 1. bid^t, fidf 
ober ^ort merben it>, mcuten u. Jtorpcm); 
hazard* gen.), ^lod^er, glne binds, tdm binbctj 2. Dcrflepfcnbe 
marker, ber JB-marqueur^ SBirfung ^ben; 3. fig. (oer) binbcnbc 
J^raft baben (on, fur). 

Bind, s, 1. BoU bie ^opfcnran(e, bcr f>opfen9 
grey and white — , bie bcibcn befltn 6ortcn 
ber j>opfcnpf[aQie9 2.Min.o4er^aItigc24oB3 
erbt) 3. Com. a - of eels, 250 Ztuit 
TCalej —weed, JJot. bic «Binbc- 

BlnMfr,^. l.gen. berS3inber$ Oarbcnbinbcr^ 
S^u^binber^ 2. bie IBinbc^ 3. Med. bad 
binbenbe ^iiUl, fiSer^opfung^mtttcl. 

Bin'd^ry, «. mod. bie i83u4binbern>erf{iatt. 

Bin'djng, Ls.l. baS S3inben, Serbinben, u. $ 
2. ber ginbanb (eined IBuibe^ ic.)^ 3.ber JBer* 
banb$ 4.bieS3inb€} 5.bieC^nfaffung,ldoi-te 
(att(b b-s) ; 5. Falc. bad Grmilben, 6rrei(!ben 
ber ^ente^ 6. Fenc. ba&fi3inben ber JtUnge$ 
the iron — of a dead eye, Mar, bcr 9$ef4lag 
eincr Sungfer^ II. p. a. binbcnbj -joist. 
Arch, bcr ]»erbinbenbc Cluerbalten ^ —land, 
binbcnberSobenj —notes, Mus. ^d^Uifno' 

Bine^ s. pi. ^opfenranfen (vid. Bin<l). 

Bing, s. Al-w. ein ber Suft andgefe^ter 

Binn, vid. Bin. Binnf cle, vid. Binacle. 

Bm'Qcle, s. Per. bad JDoppelfemro^r j bit . 
inl, ailj. Math, bimcbialj —line, bic Bin3c'ulv» «<^i' !• 5»cidugigj 2. Per. fur 
's?ii. luij. aUc jwei 5Xonate geWeienb, beibc Tfugen biencnb (?. e. mit 2 6cir5brett)? 
jicnatUit). —telescope, baS S)oppelfcmro^r. 

Bino'mj^l, Alg. \.adj. binomifib^ H- '• bie bino* 

BTndm'jnoas, adj. 2n}etnamig. [mif(be ®rope« 

BinSt'pnoos, adj. ^loeiflimmig, }»cit6nig. 

Bidg'r^phfr, s. Lit. bcr IBiograpb* 

BiQgraph'jc, BiQgraph'jc^I, adj. biograp^ifib. 

Bi(»g'niphy, s. Lit. bie S^iogropf^ie. 

BipVous, adj. ynti 3ungc (auf einmal) ge« 
bdrcnb. • [rcnb. 

Bipar'ti^nt[— shl— ], adj. ^albt^cilcnb^Mbi- 

BipVtlte, adj. 1. in |»ci I^b^ile get^cilt^ 
Smeit^cilig (au4 BqL)\ 2. boppelt/ in ixoci 
7Cbf(briften (oon (Sontracten -j^-^ 

Blp^tiCtion, s, bic Xbeil' 

Bl'pfd, 9. bad i»cifiipis 

t. tu iiabc, ^Ri|lC; bcr Jtaflen, m. j comp. 

: oats-, l)cr|>aferfaflenj bread—, ber 
3* lo. N . ^Ur. bag €ompof idttfirbPtti 3iad^t» 
,.'. ; - i.imps, 9?a(bt()audlampen. 

' I JMijt, fi'/j. (^t(/. Binary. 

..-y. J. adj. Arith. binarif4,aud jweiGins 

:ci\ ottict}iut , boppelt (imei^a^Iig, ge- 

: • ^ M . 6 . )^ ic 3ioci^cit, 3a^l ton 3»cien $ 

. of«;). - arithmetic, bic binarifcbc '^iiitfy 

■ : .?: :-■{} —measure, Mu9. ber ge* 

. . . . juj. /.'ot. s»eiid()Ug. [robe Xact 

I...1. r. rr. 1. a. l.binbctt} eiubinbett) 

.vu (vine SBunbe u aiu^ nit op); 




bowl, Ut JMiitf (btc Xdgsng, etArfe) ctner 
itagdi 3. Com. ter 1Cit«f4»lad 0mm Gd* 
gen)! aa4>^* bad flbcrgeioi^t/ bie 9)ta4»ti 
3.>^. Me Oti^taiid, bcr Srieb) {>an9; 3itg, 
bic Keismifi) ba» etrebes^ bie HhMU 
4. ber 6iiin, bie fMcutua^i to pot one 
odt of hifl— , 3<nMttbea aus bem Qottceptr 
brinsen^ i(tt oerUden mn^eni U* ado. f<btef, 
feitUngS, 90n ber 6eite$ to cot ->, ber Sluere 
fibtteibeii) fis* oerfebrtattdleeen; to go a-, 

To Bi'Mf v.a. 1. auf bic eine 6cite aeigeni 
^J^-netgen,(eiten/n<bten) tixmt^mtni auf 
feiite etitt }ieben^ (fi<b) lugetbon mQ<ben. 

Bib, «. 1. bad Qau^Wiieni 8. (— apron), 
bod (S^eifettnib/ (<3(eifer*) Sdj^iben. 

8lbi'cioiu[ ITorc., ff&., W.; bibA'sh^t, Sm.], 
o^y*. bem Xnmfe ergeben. 

BibWt ftn>1>el9r, «. ber 9^ipit, 3e4er, de^' 
bruber, Gdsfer. 

BiVbiag, s. bod 9lippen, Qe^erx. 

To BIb'bic, V. n. vtd. To Bobble. 

BW\ii9-hi)At\e,s.vulg. Qe»dr<b^«Bif<bi»ar<bi. 

BIbbf , «• pz. 5fctp-fr. bic ben>orfie(eitbenX^e 
ber Sa<f en cined ^Stafieft. 

Bi'ble,f.l.bieeibcl, tfei(igee«rift$ a. Afar, 
bic grofe Hxt bed $o<bbootdmaimd| —oath, 
ber 6(b»ttr auf bie 9ibel. 

Bn>'lf r, «. vid. Bibber. 

Bn/lfc^U a^;. hihm- 

BibljSg'aQfy, «. Lit. 1. biclBdiberfeimtilif, 
0ttiberhtnbe$ 2. bie TCnleitung bosu. 

BfbliAgi'r^ph^r, #. lit 1. ber fl9ibIiograpb$ 
a.ber1Cbf(breiber4 3. ber e^rififleaer. 

l»bli9gri(ph')G (-€^), a4}. bibliograpbiM. 

BtbliSg'r^phy, s. IaU bie Qibliograpbic. 

Bfl/li9lTte, «. iVt. ber eiblioiitb. 

BIbli9Bft'oi«, s* Lit. mod. bie lasibttpmantc, 
Siliberwtttb, 0ft(berru<bt. 

Blbli9iB&'Bi?o, 4. UL mod, bcr Siblioman. 

B!bli9B«nI'«c|J, adj. lit. bibliomaniM* [ter. 

Bn>'ii^poie, BXbi}6p'9irit, s. Lit. ber Siubbdiib<> 

Blbli9tfc«'c«, BTb'lJ9t^«ke, s. met. Library. 
BVblittC/i'ic^ [Wb., PK, Sm.; bibliQM'c^l, 

Wore. I(c], adj. Lit. }n ctner 9ibliotbet 

gc^rig. [Sibliotbetar 

BIMi^tMeft'rjfii, Bn>li«tA'ddiry, s. Ut. ber 
Bfl/listt s. ber eibclgldubige ^ ttibclfenncr. 
BVb'ftloofl, afl(;. f4l^»anuiii<bt4 — p«per, £5f(b« 
BicViQlfr* <M(i* ilot. imeilopfeltg. [papier. 
Blcar^pnftte. Ckem. I. «. bad Sicarbonat^ 

II. adj. dbcrfoblcnfauer. 
BUo^s, Faint, bad ttltramarini bloe— , ubcrb. 

bie blase 9<i^be, bef. bod 0(atblait$ 

biegrftneSarbe^ badOlafgrAn. 
BMFp'jt^l, Blcrp'itons, ady. )»etf6pfig. 

To Bfck'fr, V. n. 1. M itttcmb ober »ogesb 
bin n. ber beiocgett, (b. %iammgn, ob. ^tiiffcn) 
fub f<bldttgcin5 fiaiUat, loUim 2. firciten, 
lonfen^ (abem. 

Bick'f rf r, s. ber Gtreiter, ddnler. 

Brck'^ni (BTck'-IrpB), «. 1. MecA. bad fptbige 
QKfen, SidCeifen i 2. Sm. bcr |»eifpttige (ob. 
|»om«) Ynbod, bod 6perrbom^ Ooppelboni/ 

fil'o&ro, Bi'cdraeyBIcdr'oooi, adj. 1. not |loei 
^dmem, gcbdmt{ 2. Bot. }»eibdmig. 

Bi'cdm, s, Bot. bie 9>flattie mit itoeib^migen 

Bicor'p9r«i, adj. sioetletbig. t^ntberen. 

To Bra, V. ir. 0. 1. (eifcn, befeblen, gebieten^ 
3. bieten (eincn f>rcid, befgL in Vactiottett)$ 
3. entbieten, anbieten^ 4. anfbieten, obMn* 
bigCQ) anlfiAbigen, audnifen) 5. bitten^ ein« 
laben) to — poe the time (coa^ilUieBt) of 
tbeday, 3emanbgrfiten(gntenaRorgett,2ag, 
ICbenb bieten) { to -one &rewell, dtaem 
«ebe»obl fagctti to- fiiir(».), fH qui oalaf' 
fen, }n ^ofFnungen bernbtigen^ to - a booa» 
urn eine Okibc ((S^nabe) bittmi to -the 
beads, bcs dtofenrran^ hettm to— op, (in 
TCttctionen, sc.) dberbieteai (bie %)reifc) in 
bic |>6be treiben. 

Bid. I. pret, k p. p. (p. p. ®.)| u. ,. 
bad (Mot (in Xnetionen). 

Bid'd^n, p. p. p. To Bid. 

Btd'dfr, t. Lber, bie eefcblenbc$ 2. ber CNn« 
Iabcr4 3. ber etcigerer^ £icitant (in einer 
ICttCtiott)^ the best or highest —, ber ^eifts 
bicteabc) the lowest—, bcr SRinbcflbietenbe. 

Bid'diDg, I. p. .r. 1. bad <3»ebeif , (9cbot, bcr 
Sefebl/bie£)rbcr$ 2. bod Sietcn, Ocbot (in 
ICnctionen); ILp.a. beifenb^tc^ oid.ToBid. 

Bid'dy,«.l.a66r.fdr: Bridget, Brigit; 2.dim. 
bad|>dbn<bett(afd Vnlo<ee«»ort:f)ttti $uti> 

To IKde, V. L a. n 4: asdbarren, (gebalbig) 
abnarten; II. n. vid. To Abide. 

BiM^oi, Bi'd^at, *. vid. Water-hemp, [^adtig. 

Bidin'tfJ, adS- 1. }»ei}d(ttig/ dtDCt^inKgi 2. 

8id«f, [Wh., Wore; b|di', Sm.], m. 1. bae 
fleittc 9ferb, ber JtUpper^ 2. bie dicitboaf, 
bad Oleitbedctt (^um SBaffben). 

Bi'diag. p. #. 1. bad SBobncns 2.(of — pbce> 
ber CBobnplat/ ^(nfientbaltdort. 

Btd'po, «. Mar. einSiufRgfeitdmaf ton ungcf. 
5 cttgU Smart [(aa4 Bo(.>. 

Biin'ni^, I. adj.i 11.— ly, ado. imciidbrig 

Bier, «. bie Sa^rc, Xobtenba^rC) —balk, ber 
itir4(o|ta>eg )n Scgrdbntffcn. 

Bids'tjagf, M. pi. bie 9itfbniidf. 

Blfl'iions, I. adj,; 11. —ly, adv. 1. |mei» 
fa4,}»eibcutig,boppcirtnnig< 2. Bot. |mei« 



VSt^TvoM, adj. Bot 0<(r({4)i»dma{ ttoden^. 
BfWiii, s. einc 7M getrotfueter, plattgcpref ter 

Kpfet [»ie b. f. fS. 

Bi'fid, [ Ware^ IK, Sm. ; Mi'fid, Wb^ Kn.], adj, 
Brfjdit^ Brf {d9te, p. a. 1. in }»ei S^eile 

qttktOt, geftxaten; 3. Bot. imeifpoltig. 

Bff «7U #. Bot. bos dnefbUtt. [jneiblnmie. 

Bi'f&ld, oii;. }»df3ltid^)ipiefa4,bop9eIt 

Bi'ftmi, Bf'^rmed, adj. s»eif9nmd/ ooa bop* 
pelterBonn^ ^meileibtg. 

BUSr'raity, j. bie boppelte (^efhiltnnd/ £)op' 
pelfotm, ^ntifad^ti&tf^lt 

B7f proQs, odi. mit boppeltes X^finn. 

BifirttB't^ p. 0. 1. smei Sorberfeiten (abenb) 
2. smeifltoitg. 

BdSr'cate, Blfir'c^M [Tfirre., H"., Sm»; 
bi^ifircSt» Ac If 6.]» p* a. 1, }n>d)a<!ig, )»n* 
iinftg) 2.Jfot.0abeIf5nni0,»iDdafUd/d^9aiteii. 

Bifwct'tioo, «. bie Gpaltung (in {todS^eUe), 
gabclfarntide 2;tdlimg (be« <Begc», )C.). 

nefiir'coiis, adj. vid. Biforcate. 

Bls» ai6* l.biif,dTof,9oa5 2. ^i^mn%tti trd4« 
tid d.^Sf- crf&at, ooQ (}.®. ooaihtmmer, 
Chnoartttiig, Srrgn^en, mit with...)} 4. 
ftofe, ttiiftd>tafen, lro^i8,iocb, gtof ^ 6. grof* 
^etsig, er^aben, mut^DoBj — with child, 
MwangoTj — with yoang, trfi^tig; figs- 
to go — with a project, mit dnem TCnf^^iage 
M»aR^er ge^) to look—, fie\%, tto%i^, ic. 
anMetett) to telle—, groft^ittt, auffi^neibeR) 
— bdlied, bicfbAn^ifi) mUg. f^noanger^ 
—bodied, birfldbigj —boned, part, froft* 
ooll, oierfii^TJtig) —corned, —grained, 
gcoff^rnig^ — named,l.berii^mt4 2. bom« 
baftifib benaitnt, )>oIImanUg i —napped, grob« 
fSMg) — nddcred, mit oollen ^utern. 

Big, Bfg'-beir, BIg'-bSre, vid. tttttet Barley. 

To Big, V. a. A A. provinc. (S^-CBsL) batten. 

Kg'Muat, #. ber fitgamtfl. 

Brg'Miy, #. 1. bie iOigami^ lDoppeU<f(e) 3. 
(im ranoniMen 0lc4^te) bie ^drot dner 
i^ctten 9raQ, k. 

U^^re&n*, t, Fbm. lit gtcfe »dfe^er}ftrf4e. 

Bie^fli'mte, adj. Boi. boppelt {todgd^Iig. 

Br^i«l» t. Zool. haBSHnlqm. 

Big'ifB* «. i. bie Oeg^ine, Xonnen^anbe (ber 
Sc0iiiiten)4 3. ba^ Jtinber^dnbc^n/ 9X6^ 

dbco) (.SAdkfp.) bie (9{a<bt49Kilbe. 

Bight, s. 1. Mar. ber 0ng, bie Sngt (ber Urn* 
fang dnef sofammengeToOten 6ii^iftaite6)$ 

2. bie Sutt, ein lldnir {>afen, 64lnpfl{^a« 
fesi 3. ber buibtfttnli^e einfd^nitt in ein 
Q^feCb) 4. if on. bet IBsg amGc^nfd (ber 

BSg^a^M. 9. bie tDtde^ O^rSf e, ber Umfang. 

iBigao'Bif, 9. Bot bie Srompetcnbbtmc 
Big'^t, I. 9. 1. ber TinUdttkt, Srimmler, 

e4einliciltge$ 2. ber bltnbe TCn^&nger (mit 

to); II. 04^*. f^cin^cilig, bigott. 
Bi8'9tfd, L adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. bigott) 

frdmmelnb i 2. blinb crgeben, sngct^n, — to 

..., eingenommenf&r... . [Bigotry. 

Big'Qtrfm, 9. ber|>anginr7(nbdd^tc(d9 vid. 
Kg'otry, 9. 1. bie Sigotteric, l(ttba(btclci, 

^rdmmelei, e^^dn^^qf^ti 2. bie blinbc 

Bijou Oizhdii', Word bl'zhuG,5iR.],f.(frani.) 

baft Jtleinob, ber Sumel, foftbare e^mucf. 
Bjf oulry[bYzb'iitr|], 9. IBi|onterie («aBaarcn). 
Bljft'gona, adj. BoU {ipdpaarig gcftebcrt. 
Bll&'b|«te, adj. BoU ^mdiippig. [bcfie^cnb. 
Bfla]a'«U»te[Vr6.], adj. Bot. audgwd^laiten 
B jl&i'. 9. Com. bdft KBerfaOieit'Su^/ 3a^(UBg6« 

Sud^, (in Sranf rd(b) dn 9k4/ morin itanf* 

lente nnb SBe^sler i^rc Ictio* imb 9affti>* 

e^ttlben dntragen. 
Bn'^d9r,«. Mar. 1. bcrSinnenlattbcT 4 2.ber 

leiUmber (dn |»eimaft.r4toeb. u.engl.e4iff)- 
Bjlilffr^, adj. |»eifeitig, boppclfeitig. 
Bl'lAw, 9. Old. By-law. 

Bfl'b^rry, /. Bot. bie ^dbelbcere. [0tappicr. 
BH'bo, Bjlb]/?. 9. (fpon.) bie £>cgentltnge, ba^ 
BiFbde^ (Bil'buwf ), 9.v^ Mar. bie iSSujen, 

gttpbttttbe, ber eto* (f&r «erbr«bcr auf 

e^iffcn). [anf; baft Gte^auf»Q){dntt4en. 
Btt1»9qw9t [— M], 9. bcr^gelfang^ ©tcb« 
Bile, 9. 1. bie (9al{e) 2. baft (Sefi^miir, u., 

oid. b. b. Boil ; —duct, Anat. ber OoUengang, 

SiUargong^ -stone, illisrf. ber (BaHenfteiu. 
Brige, 9. l.ber Staucft cittcft^affcft i 2.M4ir.baft 

SUtib/ bie ®dte ober f&tcitt beft e^ifSbo* 

benft^ —pomp, bie S^obenpumpc, €S4(ag« 

pnmpe; —water, baft Jtimmnaffer, Sc^Iag* 

To Bilge, V. n. Mar, Ictf mcrben? a b-d ship, 

dn im S(a4l leM (ein geMeiterteft, htW* 

bigteft; ramponirteft) &dfiffi vid.To Bulge,! . 
BB^j^ry, adj. %VLX GaUe ge^rigf -duct, 

Anat. ber Gallengang, !8iUargang. 
BIKo'gu^r [— gw»r]. adj. j»dfprttibig« 
Blirn'gaous[-gwu8], adj. l.)»eiii(ingig,bop« 

pel^fingig^ 2. |»d€$pra4en f)pre(benb. 
Brfions [— yvi]* a^- 1- goHig^ ^ gaUi^^t 

gaOenartigi — fever, baft Qaaenftcber. 
Bilit/^r^l, adj. gmdbn^fiabig. 
To Bnk, 0. a. MneOen, prcllen, betdigen, im 

6ti4e loflen (bef. fdne ^liubiger). 
BYll, 9. I. am. (f&r: William) «We(m, 

mUmimi 3. ber e^abd ivid, Beal^); 

— fali, ein Gd^nabdooD) —headed, f<bna« 

beifftrmigi 3. bte€attbfpi(e$ 4. bic0pi|c bcft 




StnUt^ltt^,tiM^ithU, tci -of aaauicbor, 
tie YftfirTpi^ i — fish, vid. Gar-fi«h ; 5. eine 
Vrt e^uimadel^ —brads, eine Xvt 9idg(l 
mit geraben G^uUctn ob. Jt5|>fen (}nm @m« 
renfra)^ 6. «!ard. eine)(rt@i(iel, bic|>ippe, 
taS ®arte]tmefrer, G^nitfnuffer^ (au4 — 
hook, be^gl.): 7. Mil, baSSaMtnettmeflTer) 
hand—, eine ftlt5c|)i^jpe J hedge (hedging)*-, 
ein« lange ^ippti —man, ber fBaumf^ncts 
ber^* 9. bie Jtrummairt^ ^tuitaxt^ ^eUt 
barber — man, ber ^eHebarbier. 
BiU, s. bef. Cbm. k Law. 1. ber 3ettel/ bdS 
Stnet9* 2. bieStfit, bae eer^tcftQif^ 8. bie 
dUi^nung, bee ^u^jng/ bie Siote^ 4. ber 
G^ein, bie Seftfteinigund^ 5. ber ®e4fel4 
7Cp|>i>{nt (vt(/. Appoint)) 6. bie &^vift, 
Gd»tt(boerf(&reibung;Urhinbe) 7. bieitiage' 
Wrtftj a(a-actnp), bertXiiWlagscttelf 
bas QCoeitiffement) 9. baft fiHecept; 10. bie 
fdia (ber (SnttDttrf [S^orf^las] sn einein (Se^ 
fr^eob.}tteiner$arlamentf)»erorbnimg)) bie 
XtU (ber DerbinbUii^e ^avlamtnthfd^luf, baft 
@efe^)$ — BDder one's hand, eine ^anb^ 
f(<>rift5 ukcrofa-, beraraffont, ^ntoe^* 
mer i —for (of) debt, (due — , or hand — ), 
ein{>anb(f(^u{b)fd^ein^attb»e4rel 5 » long—, 
etn langftdi^tider SSed^r^l) a short—, ein (ur|« 
MU^tt «Be^fel5 a tingle (sole, or only)-, 
ber Goloibe^fet (eigene ob. trodten^fBed^fel)^ 
Bills, pi. 1. gen. Com. fiSed^fel, ^^Uvt, iDe^ 
9if)en (%Bedftfel anf einen SBei^felpiat/ ^^^ 
einen^onrft^at)) 3.Xctien, ic.9 3. IBriefe 
(aufbemiSourftblatte)) 4. Mint. (3loIb«ob 
eilberflmnpen, vid. Billot ; b>s at three 
uonthft* date, bret ^onot ^apUti b-« at 
usance, Ufotoe^feU b-« in sets, JBerJ^fcI 
iRS)ttplicaten, <5opien>e4feI) b-s on London, 
fBediffel ouf bonbon , tridg, tonboner; b>s 
payable book, baft Qfcceptattonftbu^, Xrnt- 
Unhnd^ i b-s receiyable b., baft filcmeffenbu<^, 
f)Ia(« Ob. ®tabt»e4felbu4. Bill of admea 
surement, ber COtefbrief) —of adTentnre, 
ber TCbeiftvrbrief 9 — of attortisation, ber 
!roortiftcationftf4ein^ Silgungftfc^eini — of 
bottomry, ber i^Dbmereibrief, Gd^iffftpfanb^ 
brief 5 —of carriage, ber gra^tbriefj —in 
chancery, bie G^abenerfa^flage Dor bem 
Jtan^tetgeri^t^ —of complaint, bie ^Ioge« 
Wrift; 0led^tftf(age) —of cost, bie Jtofien* 
r e^nung i ^infaufftrecftnung $ —of the coarse 
of exchange, baft (Sourftbiatt/ ber (Sonrft^et* 
tel4 -of credit, ber offeneflBed^feU ^m. ber 
e^a^fammerfd^ein) —of debt, ber@4ulb« 
fd^ein^ biee^nlb^erfd^reibang 1 -of delivery, 
ber (7Cttft«)^eferungftf<^ein$ —of divorce, 
ber 64«i^brief; —of emption, ber Jtnuf* 

brief, Jtaafcontract; —of endltement (or 
indictment), bie Unfla^tattti —of entry* 
bie BoObeciaration (baft (&in* ob. ^uftgangft* 
|oUoersei4nif)$ —in equity, bie ilUi0e«ob. 
IBittf^rift in ea^ea ber fBiOidfeit^ —of 
exchange, ber SBe4feIbrtef, SBe^^fel) —of 
exchequer, ber CS^a^fommerfc^eitt j —of 
(the) fair, ber etaubf^ein, ®taiib|ettel (auf 
aReffen u. SRirften) 5 - of fare, ber 5Rarft- 
jettei, Jbi^eniettcU @peife|ettel) -of fount, 
JPWnt. ber e^riftjettel, ©ief|etlel$ - of 
freight, ber grad^rief) -of health, ber 
(Sefunb^ettftpaf; baft ®efunb^eitftatteflat$ — 
of indemnity, vid, (bond oO Indemnity; 
—of lading, ber (G(^iffftOSerIabtmgftf4ein/ 
(0ee»)Sra*tbrief, baft (Sonttoffamenti —of 
mortality, bie eterbeltfte^ Xobtenlifle) —of 
parcels, bie (fpecifidrte) 9Baaresre(l^ntnd/ 
Sactnra $ — of the play, ber ^m6biea)ette( 9 
—of prescriptions, (doctor's— ), baft 9tecept 
(cineft^riteft)j —of rights, bie (nnter Wil- 
liam tt. Mary bem engLSolfe gesebene) Ber* 
fafungfturfunbe^ — of sale, ber Jtottfbrief/ 
^attfcotttract9 ^fanbcoatract; Am. ber xd^t 
unterfiedelte SerEanfftcontroct eineft Ontnb* 
fHtdteft i great or grand — of sale, ber idtiU 
brief (obrigf eitli^^eft deuditif ilber ben nor« 
f^riftmifiden S3att eineft ®4liffeft)4 —of 
sight, ber 3i>Ilerlaubm^f4^eia, ®uter o^iu 
gactur ttuftgnlabenj —of specie, ber6orten« 
Settel$ —of store (stores), ber §)rootant« 
fitetn, erlaubttiffi^cin jur ^oSfreien eerpro« 
biantirnng fur bie 9tet[e eineft j)anbelftf^f« 
feft$ —of sufferance, ber (SrUutbttiff^etn, 
Srei^ettel, $afflc}ettel }ur ^ollfceien Tfuftfn^r 
9on fEBaaren bon einem britif<i^en fxtfte ^vaa 
anbern $ — of tannage, ber ^JKe^brief (anftge* 
fteHteft 3eugnif bom TCi^meifter uber bie Sn* 
ftifiWt eineft ©^iffeft) 9 — of view, vid. — of 
sight; —of weight, bie ®e»i4tfttt0tei -ac- 
count, baftSBe^felconto j —book, baftfiBe^^ 
felfcontro? — bows, t?t<2. Bilboes; —broker, 
ber^e^felmdfler; —brokerage, bieiBedb* 
felconrtage) — bosiness, flSattfgefdj^dfte^ — 
copy-book, baft XBed^feUopierbn^ 9 —doer, 
ber SBed^fclreiter) SBttiterer; —holder, ber 
SBe^felitt^aber, ^rdfentant) —Jobbing, bie 
SBe^felreiterei) —money, bie tBe^^feUour*^ 
tage^ —poster, —sticker, ber 3ettelanf4(d* 
ger, 3-anfIeber^ —stamp, ber SBei^felfiem* 
pel; —wallet, baft Saf^jenbwl^ ^m beque^ 
men £ragen ber Sonfnoftn u. ^e^ftl. 

To BHI, V. I. a. cant (bnrfl^ 2(nf(^lag|ettel 6fs 
fentl.) anieigeB9 II. n. jt(^ f^nlbelni Jig, 

Bil'l^rd, s. ber 9a|larb«Jtapattn. ptebeln. 

Bil'l^rdf , «. pL bie iuRgc iSntt b. Jto^ enfif4»e4. 




Bffl^frry^ jw M> Bilberry. 

2. ML ber £lnarticr}etteU d. i^^er. (ie 
e^inbel j soft-, (bmet^Oox [bilig-dd], pi. 

vid. BUiot; —wood, IBtam^oI}, e^^t^ol) £(^rlm0 aufimaen laffcn, (Smcn in bic ^c^rc 

(3Ssf tt«43oKIang> 
To BSflfU v.a. mi.(j&olUtsxO einquartiren. 
Bill'f^rd [— yiird], adj* amp. Gam* ffliUart*; 

->biUl, bie S-fsgel; bet fd-haUi — boles, 

—pockets (gc». bazardft gett.)/ S-W*er, 

l^bctUeM — marker, bcr JB-marqueur) 

— stick, ber ©-ftod, ba$ Slueue) —table, 

bie fd-taftl, baS S. 
BilK|^df,f.p<. Gam. bad ®illarb, IB-fpiel) 

to play at—, ©. fpUleJU 
Bai'i^ii, «. Arith. bie SiUxon. [gulfed 

militifiig, Bn'littiog, t* Sport, bie Soofung bed 
Bll^, M. Com. 1. fe^r gering^aUiged ®olb 

s. Gilbert 2. bie geting^aliige (p {lar( mtt 

itnpfer oerfe|te) ^Dtitii|e$ —of silver, ^a^ 

Btt'lfit, s. 1. bos 64eit^ vid. BiUet; 2. b-s 

of gold or silver. Mint. ®o(b« Ob. @ilb€r« 

tlxaapen, ungemunsted (Solb ob. @tlber. 
BiKluv, «. bie ftrofc SBeKe^ ^oge^ -beaten, 

♦ awgenge^eitfd^t. 
To BiKlGw, w. ». (weHeiifJrmig) auffdi>»eKen, 

Mauft^iiniienj * oufioogeii. 
BiFll^wy, adj. tOQgtg, ivogenb. 
Bil'ly, #• 1. Mech. ber <3robfht(I/ bie Sor« 

{piwama\^mi 2. a&6r.i». William, loieBill. 
BiloHb^te, Bmbed', adj. Bot. }»eilappig. 
BHWgI^, adj. Boi. |»eifi4ertg. 
Biauk'aoiis, adj* ^ioeittdiibig. 
Bfniii-wood [— wAd], «. vid, Beeme-wood. 
Biiiift'ri»n,Bimar'jc9i, adj«i»ei£0^eeTe (@een) 

betrefenb. [lEBimebiaUinie. 

Bime'di^l, adj. Math. bimebiQl$ — line, bte 
Binea's^l, adj. aUt s»ei ^watt gefdftebenb; 

>ig-^.2.biabco, t>€xpldttm, ^erbinbcii a. 
fefl, gen)if mA^tn, abf4Iie$cn(euien ^li- 
bel, 2C.)j 4. (to— in), ^mmen, ^iabernj 
5. Med. )»erftopfctt$ 6. Mas. binbcn (torn 
StQJi$)i to — with galooB, mitSreffen obcr 
IBorten befc^en^ to — an apprentice, einen 

gebens to — a servant, cincn Diencr bur4> 
SKiet^gclb obcr Contract binbcn $ to - over, 
citiren (oorloben) laffen^ II. n. l. bi<bt, ficif 
ober^t»erben (t>. mzi^tn lu St6xpctn)i 
glne binds, !^im binbct) 2. Dcrflopfcnbe 
jIBtrfung iaUai 3. fig, (wr) binbcnbc 
J^raft baben (on, fur). 

Bind, s. 1. Sot. bie ^opfcnraatc, bcr j)opfen; 
grey and wbitc — , bie bcibcn beflen 6ortcn 
ber j>opfcnpf[aQie j 2. Min. i>4er^altigc ZJ^n* 
eiUi 3. Com^ a — of eels, 250 Ztutt 
HaUi —weed, Bot, bie «Binbc. 

Bln'df r, s. 1. gen. ber ^inber 5 (Sarbcnbinbcr ^ 
SSutbbinber^ 2. bie fdintici 3. Med. bod 
binbenbe ^itUi, SScrflopfungdmtttcl. 

Bin'dery, «. mod. bie iOSu^binbertoerfiiatt. 

Bin'd|ng, I. j. 1. ba$ i99iaben; iBerbinben/ u.9 
2. ber 6inbanb (etned Sbn^U, K.)i B.ber JBer« 
banb 9 4. bie S9inbc} 5. bie Sinfaffung, !do<ti 
(att(^ b-s) ; 5. Fate, bad 6rmuben/ errei(bcn 
ber ^ente^ 6. Fenc. badlBinben ber JtlingC) 
the iron — of a dead eye. Mar. bcr 9$ef4lag 
eincr Sungferj II. p. a. binbenbj -joist, 
Arcli. bcr oerbinbenbc Cluerbaltcni —land, 
binbcnberSobenj —notes, Mm jr. ^d^Uifno' 
ten j -Hitrakes, Mar. btc®(berfl6(f e bc5 Reefed. 

Bine^, s. pi. ^opfenranfen (vid. Bio<l). 

Bing, s. Al-w. ein bcr £uft audgefe^tcr 

Bifnn, vid. Bin. Binnacle, vid. Binacle. 

Bin'^cle, s. Per. bad )DoppeIfernro^r> bit . 

Blnuc'ulv* adj* 1* liocidugig) 2. Per. filr 
bcibc QCugen bienenb (J. e. mit 2 ©e^r^bren)? 
—telescope, bad S)oppeIfcrnrobr. 

Bin, s. bie ^be, Sti^t, ber ^aflen^ u.$ comp.HBino'mi^I, Alg.Ladj. binomirt? H*'. bicbino* 
aU : oats — , ber ^aferfaflen^ bread — , berHBinom'jneas, adj. irocinamig. [mif(be (Srofe. 
9robf4raBf^6peifef(bran(,bie@petfefammer. iBio^t'pnous, adj. }»eiftimmig, }»cit5nig. 

Bio'^cle, J. Afar, bad (Sompaf^dad4ett/^a(bt« Biiig'rapb^r, s. Lit. bcr 93iograp^. 

tfav^i -lamps, Stttibtbaudlampcn, 

BinaVioas, adj. vid. Binary. 

Bi'o^ry, I. adj. Arith. binarift/ and i»ei (Sin- 
beitcn befte^nb, boppelt (stoeiia^Ug, ge- 
p»dt}i II. s. bie3)«ei^ctt/ 3a^l i>on3n>ciea$ 
III. comp. — arithmetic, bie binarif(4e 7Crit^« 
mctif/^Qabifj —measure, Mus. bcr ge« 

K'n^te, a4?. Bot. )io^t(ig. [robe Sact. 

To Bind. v. ir. I. a. 1. binbcn 9 einbinbotti 

Bl9graph'jc, BlpgrapVic^l, adj. biograp^ifib. 

Biog'r^phy, s. Lit. bie S3iograp(^ie. 

Bip'^rous, adj. iioci^ungc (anf einmol) ge« 
bdrcnb. - [rcnb. 

Bipar'tient[— shj- ], adj. ^albt^eilcnb, M>i« 

Bipartite, adj. 1. in |n>ci Xi^tik getbcilt^ 
smeit^eilig (au4 BoU); 2. boppelt/ in i»ci 
^bf(briften (oon (Sontracten^ :c.). 

Bip^rti'tion, s. bie X^eilung in jioci S^ile. 

wrbitfben (jim SBunbe u aucb mit op) ;llBi'pf d, ^- bad ivcifujigc S^icr. 

9 B 





Wore.], «. Cook, bte iDCi^ (SalTerte, bad 

BlXnd, a^;. milb, fanft/ gfitig/ (olb. 
BlSttdft'tioiiy «. bi( G4mei4^elcu 
Blfiiifin'9qo9Bce, Blandn'^qay, «. fiif e tBottC, 

To BlaB'djih, v. a. fdftmet^elit, liebfofen. 

BlXn'dfflhf r, s. ber 04n^4I(i^* 

Blin'diehmfDt, #. 1. baS Gdj^meidfteln (mit 
ffBprten)) 2. bie Stebfofttnd, greunbliitfeit 

BlSnd^B^M, s. bie (DUIbe, eattftmut^, (Sutt 

Bliok, I. adj. l.mif, unUf^tithtn, leer (Don 
einem ^optere, !buiit,u.)i 8. »etf$ hlaf, 
blei44 3. befid^init, xnuti^tod^ Denoitnbcrt, 
i»er»ittt; beflfint) 4. reimlod) 5. DoafHn* 
big, gan|,mangeuo8$ Il.comp.— bar, jLoio, 
ber ^imonb gegen bie Oef^nlbigimg bed 
JtligerS) — bond, (—cbarter), bad unattdge* 
fftate Sormalar eined S)oauttentd, eianqset 
lU eincr Obligation; — cartridges, Afif. 
^ttloerpatronettol^tte^gcltt) ~ cover, bod 
Ictre (5o«oert| Cdm^. —credit, ber ofene 
(Srebit, YcceptatioBft', Olanco* ob. fBtd^ftU 
(Srebiti — endorflemeot, bod (Sliriren ober 
Giro inC^loBCO) —letter of attorney, bad 
OUnqnet |ur eoIIma4t) — licease» eia blo« 
fer Qttttx, unandgef&nter) 3;rattf4eia$ — 
— maoger, (— mange), «td3lanc-m.;— verie, 
Poet reimlofe 3<unbett. 

filink, s, 1. ber »eife (leere) ^(at auf bem 
^aptere ob. in einem 9vi^ti 2. badunbe* 
f^rtebene $apier$ 3. Ropier mit audgeI6f(^ 
ter G4nft,- 4. bad SUinquet, unandgefuKte 
Sormular) 5. bad blinbe Scnfier ober bie 
blinbe X^fir $ 6. bie 9{tete (in ber ^tterie) 5 
ber lecre SOurf im SBurfeln; bie loeife (bi(b« 
lofe) ^arte) T. badSBeipe in ber 64eibe$ 
MinUs. 8. ber 64t5tling (bie nngeprdgtc 
!Dl)in|pIattej b-«, pL 9linbmittt}e)i 9. ber 
ffBeifpfennig (alte e$<(etbemiin2e)9* Corns. 
In— , IBIanco; to accept in — , in IB. accepti* 
ren$ to draw in—, in®, traffiren; to en 
done in — , in ®. inbofpren, ob. girirenj to 
leave in — , in Sianco laffen (ni4t andffincn, 
3a^Ien, Stamen, u.). 

To Blank, v. a. 1. audI5f4en, t>emi4ten, 
attnebctt; 2. nutt^lod, befhir)t ma4»en, be* 

BlSn'kft, s. I. ting. 1. bie »eif e, moVene iEBett« 
bedfe, ©etfe (broad—, bie feine, u, narrow—, 
bie grobe)$ 2.bieS(anea'«BittbeIj d.Sug-v). 
bad 6ei^<l^ imn Ginlegen in ben S>nr<l^ 
lugdforbj 4. Print, bie (Jfilj. ob. %a^0 

bebeto; to— one, l.a*t.(Sinenpreaen4 2. 
fig. oerfpotten, auftie^cn. 
Bl&n'kfting, 9. l.bad^reOcn^ 2. bad3e«g 
itt IBetti^eceen. [4.;%. bef^i&mt. 

BlUnk'iy, adv. 1. »eif| 2. Icei) 8. hlafy 
To BlAre, w. n. 1. (». i.) b«fcn, brfiKenj 2. 
f4»elen, locgfi^nielien (»ic ein ^t). 
BlSae, 9. eiaRud (SOl-n.). 
BIft'f 9n, s. k V. vid. Blazon. 
To Bl^spbirae', v. I. a. (Oott) I&flem, fUt- 
4cnj (Sinen) Idfiem j II. n. <9ottcd(ofU« 
rung ottdflopen. 

BiMpbe'mf r, 9. ber (Stottcdldfterer, Siflerer. 
BUrph€mooa, I. adj.; II. — Jy, adv. ^ttU* 
(dfterlulft, Idflerlict- 

BlXt'phiny, s. bie(iottedMflenurg,td|icntttg. 
Bltat, s. I. sing. Nat. 1. bie Svftftrirauuig, 
berflBinbflop$ 2.bieSuftcrMiittenmg (burcb 
dnen AanonenMnf, u.)l 3* -Mtn. bie fSi» 
plofion (bed Gprengpnlocrd, eined bdfen ttet« 
terd, u. ) 4. 1-vB. bie (sur €S<l^meIiung cincr 
beftomtcn CUtantitdt <f r) crforberli^e) Sitft« 
mafre,kttftrdttle$ 6. ber €S(j^B/ Son (eined 
aiadinflnuBetttd) $ 6. ber ftWbli^e Sttft* 
ftrom, bie 9c|Unft; ber ^Dte^tt^tt, f^onb 
(auf^fkmden, :(.)} T. bcr<BcnerMabcn$ 
IBlit/ bieQhtti6nbnng oomlBIt^; -furnace, 
/-10. ber ^o(ofen) — olntnent, bieiOranb^ 
falbe) n. b-a, pi. Min. bie bofen SBetter. 
To BISst, V. a. l.i»erfcngett, oerbrennen, f4^las 
gtn, »clfen ma4»ea (bnr4» $<igc(/ !IXc^(t(aiv 
u.) i fig'9. 2. plagcn, ocmi^ten/ ocreitdn, 
oenoimf^en; le.) bcf^inpfen, bcf4^mitcn$ 
3. (to— abroad) m^^tbar ma^cn, andpofaa* 
nen$ 4.(mitf)uIoer) fprcngen. 
Blli't^r, s. ber 3crfl6rcr, Ccrbcrbcr. 
Blftt'tjng, I. p. s. bad fierfcngen, u-i H- p. cr. 
terfengenb, u.i vid. Blaat, s. k n. 
Blftt'ty, adj. ftfirmif^j virf. To Blast. 
BlMtdl'9gy> *• ^^t. bie Sc^rc vom IBef4nei« 
ben ber JSeinflod c. 

BlSy, s. Ich. ber ftBeif fiM, vid. Bleak (-fbk). 
Bl&ze, s. 1. bie (ftcQe ob. lobernbe) SI<in>inp/ 
Saifcl) aud|ln5menbe®Iut) badSobern ob. 
Seu^ten ber %lmmci 2. bie Serbrcitune 
eined ®crii((td, bie 6age) 3. ber Um, Zn* 
mult) 4. bie99(dfre (an ber6ttrn e.^ferbed). 
To BIfize, V. I. n. 1. flammcn, fatfcin, anf* 
lobem,leu4ten{ fnifhmi /g .r.2.gldiisni, 
f4immem$ 3. in bie ^ugcnfpringeni II. a. 
1 .(to — abroad), ru^tbar ma4^en, tcrbrcitcn i 
2.For.(93dame bur^ QKnfi^nitte inbie0linbc> 
neif ieicftnen, anfd^Iagcn. 

Unterlagej II. b-s, pi, MU. 3finbpapierJBm'«9r, j.ber'jBerbrcitcr t»on 9Jeaigfcitni, n. 
Srennmotcrialien f&r «ranber. lBli'z)ng,p.«.ftp.p. badSiammcn,u. m<f.T« 

To BlXn'kft, V. 0. (mit etner SDede) iubetfenj Blaie; -ttar» AH. ber 4>aarflcm, Xomct 




ToBls'zoB, v.a.1. Her, blafottiren^ 2, fig, 

waAftama, snr64^aii oueiegen^ 9.iitvtn, 

tterf^dnent) 4. befannt maitn, auSpofatt« 

nen? prdfea, fetenu 
Btii'zvo, #. 1. /fer. btc SS(u>enfttnbe/ ®apen* 

htafti 2. (fran}.) MS SBapcn) 3. fig, (aS 

(I<mte)9)retrni, Xndpofattnen. 
BlS'zpn^,^. l.Her. berSUfoitifi: a)aBQpett' 

hmhigti &)fiS-(eri>Ib) 2.berQCttepofattner 
Bli'z9iu7, #. Her, bie fiBopenfttttbC; 9Iafo« 

Biia, J. 1. bet epltnt (tm {>o]^e) $ 2. Bo^ bie 

I»e9e j)afelftaube) 3. viJ. Bleak (-fiih)$ 

—berry, bie 93i<fbecre/ 4>«toclbecre. 
To Bleach, v. I. a. bleiitenj »eif ma4en$ 

n. n. (let^en, »cif werben. 
Bisa'ehf r, j. ber iSiei^er, bie Slei^erinn. 
Biea^cb^ry, s, bie fBIei^e, ber Sleiitpla^. 
Biia'cbiDg, p. t. bad S9fet(^enj — gronnd, 

(084 bleach-yard), bie fdltiift, ber ®(ei4' 

pUi({ —liqoid, bas Slei^wafer. 
Bleak, I. a({;. 1. bldf^ blci4$ 2. fait; frofti^i 

3. tranrig, freubenlo^l II. «. 1. vid. Blea; 

2. (-fi«h), /cA. ber «Beiff!f4$ bie S9Gfe) 
a.X 9reie. 

Bliafkltb, adj. ttna^ Mt, ft^fHi^. 

BlSakiy, ado. Bl^a^ky o<^* vid. Bleak. 

Bieak'DfH, #. 1. bie lUSSft %axU, fBldfle^ 

Biiar, adj. Mhe, bunfelj unsoden/ttmnebelt^ 
—eyes 9 XriefangeQ) —eyed, triefdugig) 
j^. eCnf&Iti^ [ma4en. 

Te BRar, v. a, (bie ^ugen) Mbeti^ triefaugig 

Blfa'r^diifM, s. Me Sriefdugigteit. 

To BliaU V. a. bI5fen (loie ein 64^0- 

Bisai, Blea't}iig,#. ba$9I5fen (etneS e4afed). 

Bleb, #. bie Stafe, bas )6afrerbU$4ett« 

BlSb^y, oc/j. i»oa flStofen, blafig. 

BU^d, pret. ft p. p. 0. To Bleed. 

To Bl€{d, 0. tr. I. n. 1. it/. A^. btuteit i 2. 
tro9|ini, trftpfebj anMaufen^ (i»om Gaft 
btrSdame, k., bcf. ber fiSeinrebe) bluten^ 

3. tbM genaUfomen Sobed fhrbcn; the 
vorfc b-«, Bk5. boS ®u4 ift berf4nittett, aQ« 
gefd^nitten (bei bem ®ef4tteibett)5 n. a. 1. 
SOT ICbcr laffenj 2. ben Goft ans einem 
9awnt %cpftn. 

mn^^Tf s, ber ^erlaffer (©unbai^t, w.)« 
Blef^dfiig, I. p. a. blutenb^ >ig. gefd^rli4/ iM 

n.p.« 2.ber7(berlaf 4 3. ber 

9fxLtfbafi 4. bo9 eoftabgapfen b.Sdumen. 
To Blwfah, V, a, 1. bemnftalten, entfleOen^ 

^fig' bef4iinpfnt/ f4dnbeii^ 8. Sport, bom 

€M^i»eif abge^eit. 
ENWidi, «. 1. ber Jfel^Ier, bad ®cbre4en$ 

2l ^. ber (e4anb») 9leA, SXafcI 5 94intpf/ 

bie 64Qitbe$ 3. Spor;. ber i9ni4: a) ber 
abgebro4ene 3mcig lux 9c}et4ttung ber 
ffljilbbttjn Ob. iFor.) bes |>oUf4iogc«, bie 
5Rarfc, epur; 8) bad Tfbge^cn bcr3«ftN 
(imbe oon ber epnr^ 4. 7. ber Stctf (!8ru4)« 
bie unganse eteUe (dnf !)Ketonoberfld4cn). 

BUm'jihl^, (wS. mafellod, fcjlcrfrci, tor* 

To BI^Dch, V. n. Sttr£(ff4rectcn, mei4cn. 

Blanch, s, l.^Sff. bie Q(bipei4ung, flScrirmng^ 
2. Law, to hold land in — , ein 6tutf ^anb 
auf (Srb« ob. (9mnb}ins beft^en i —holding, 
bad Zt^n gegeit Seifhtng einer O^elbfummc 
(cf. Blaach-farm). 

BUn'ch^r, s, bad 64r«i^iib/ biel$ogc(f4eu4e.> 

To Bl^nd, V. I. a. l« mtf4cn/ i>crmif4en$ 2. 
benoirren) U. n, fi4 oenntf4en. 

BUnd, (Blende), s, Min, bic95ienbe (ein 3tnf» 
erj)j —metal-iron, (in Staff ,} ein grobCv 
eifenerjj —water. Vet, einc Seberfranf Jcit 

Bieo'd^r, s, bcr )Bermir4cr. [bed {Rinbbic^ed. 

Bi^nMoufl, adj, bicnbenortig. ' 

BUfn'ny,^. Ich, berG4icimfir4/bieYaImuttcr. 

To Blest, v,a. 1. fcgnen$ einfegnenj 2. be* 
gliitfett; gcbei^en laflen^ 3. fclig ma4en9 

4. (gl6<fli4) preifen, lobpreifcn, rit^men^ 

5. to — one's self at..., fi4 lautbeflagcn 
fiber . . ., fam. f!4 freujigen u* fcgnen Ui.,,i 
—me! int, gerc4ter ^immcU bad »£re* 
n>iel ift ed mdgli4 i 

Bl^s'sfd, I. (p.) adj, 1. gefcgnet, beglutft, 
gliidfli4/ glfictfelig^ 2.felig5 8. gelobt, gc^ 
priefcn) — thiitle, Bot. berGorbobentbicteni 
II. the — (the — spirits), s, pi, bie Geligen. 

Blc^s'sfdly, adv. gefegnct, felig^ g(it(f(i4' 

BlSs'sfdn^M, J. l.bie®Iit(ffcUgtcit, bodOIitcf, 
^eil , ber eegen) 2. bie gottli4c f^ulb 
®nabe) eeligteit. 

Bi^s'sfr, s, ber Oeglitdterj Oefcliger, )C. 

Bl^s'sjng,<. I.bie6egnnng4 2. ber^egen, 
bad4>eil{ biegottIi4e^nIb|3.bieprop(ctif4e 
Serbeifung ffinftiger OUtfrdigfcit^ 4. fig. 
bie eegnung^ a^otlt^at^ bcr JBortbeili &• 
Jew, Rel, bad ®ef4enf, bie ®abe) 6. vulg, 
bie (fleine) dugabe bcr iTrdmer, ^6hx, xc. 

Bl^singf, pL 1. tto^It^atcn^ 2. col, (Bliitf i 
e4d«e. [Bless. 

Bl&t, pree. k p. p. contr, ft Blessed, l>. To 

Bleir, pret. b. To Blow. 

Blgyme [bISm], «. Far. bic eteingallc. 

BRght [bin], s. 1, siTig. 1. ber Webtt^ov, 
fiSranb) 2. bad e4neibettbe, SrefTenbe, bic 
e4itfcj 8.« bcr ®ift^au4^ II. b>s, p^ 
Am, ein j>autandr4tag* 

To Blight, v.a, I, (bttr4 5ReWtiau,u.)»eibcr» 
bettj2.^.am®cbcibcn*inbcm5 tentl4l«u 





fillgb'ty, adj, \>oU(X ^c^lt^OU. 

Blind, adj. 1. blinb, blobfii^tig (—of, puo. 
in one eye, o«f einem Xuae) j figs. 2. hiiat 
(mit to, gegen)) wabmnntimit), u.i 3. 
bunfel (f(^»er ju ftnben ober guttnttrfi^eiben^ 
oon e.SBege; k.); d^^iiv, txrbedtt (oon e. 
tS^reppe^ e. ®ange)4 blinb (t>on e. S^o^^/ 
e. SRauer, e. genfter, k.)5 *• obfcur, wentg 
belonnt (i»on e. &d^tnU, xt,)i 5. unuberlegt 
umotfTenbi 6. falfib/ unsuretibenb/ albem 
(pon e. Qntfibulbtgung, :c.)5 7. pcrlorcbtn, 
unlefcrlieb (Pon ber ©^rlft, 2C.)i 8- 5cripf. 
moraUf4 oerberbt, tboriibt^ -paths, pi. 
Srmegc ^ a man's — side, ^emanbed fd^ioacbe 
. Getter comp. moon — , par — , sand — , vtd. 
in M., P., S.; a — alley, bo6 (Bdfd^en 
o(ne TCuftgand; ber ead, baft ite^r»irber5 

— beetle, jE/it. bcrSKatfdfcrj —coal, Xaub* 
fobl«/ (S(lanifoble4 — cui^ping-glass, ^t/rg. bie 
IBentofe, ber blinbe ©(brdpfPopH —fires, 
©erborgenegcucrj —gut, ^«a/. ber®Hnb» 
barAf —lane, mrf. —alley; —man, ber 
Sltnbei —man's ball, —Harry, Bot ber 
9oPifli —man's buff, baft ^(inbefubrptel 

— nettle. B(;f. bie SBraunroursj —tooled, 
Bkb. blinb (o^ne SSergoIbung) abgebrudt^ 
mit bem blo^eu 93ortf!{et perjiert^ —tarns, 
3aIou|le»*5orrcibcrj -vessels, Cliem. @e* 
fdf e, ipel^e nur auf einer QeiU eine £){fnung 
jabcnj a — wall, bie fpanifcbe «Bonb, ber 
6J(blrm i a — way, vid. — alley ; — worm, 
Zoo/.bie gemeineSUnbr^ It*i<be/%ru(bf(blande. 

Blind, s. I. stng. 1. lit. kfig. bieS)C(fe; {>aae $ 
9«^g. baft SSorgeben, ber SSoripanb; bie 2Cttft< 
flu*tj 3. baft blinbe genfterj ©itterfenfterj 
4. baft {Rouleau ) bie IBlenbe^ 5. For^ bie 
eienbe j 6. Min. bie IBlenbe; vid. Blend; 
T. S«rg. ein ©(blag (®tof) obne |i4tbarc 
6erletu«g$ II. b-s,j)/. l. Forr (roie^i/ig.) 
bie Slenbe^ 43lenbung ^ 2. Man. 0(beuleb'er^ 
rolling b-s, CHaOialott^en (pon 3eug)j Ycne> 
tlan b-8,3alouf!en (b6laernc3alou6efenfler). 

To BRnd, v. a. 1. uu blenben^ 2. pcrbunfeln, 
perfittflern) 3. fig. perblcnben ipast. mit 
by . . ., at . . .) ; 4. perbunfeln, trfiben (ffir baft 
geifhge Xuge)5 5. Fort blcnben. 

Bllnde, .V. Min, vid. Blend, Blende. 

Blind'f^ld, adj. Sl adv. 1. mit perbunbenen 
Yugen^ 2. blinblingft, nnbefonnem 

To BHnd'fDld, v. a. bie ICugen perbinben. 

Blin'dlng, p. t. baft fBlenben, k., vid. ToBlind. 

Blindly, adv. 1. blinb 4 2. blinblingft; ic 

Bilnd'n^st, s. 1. pic ©Unb^eit? 2. yi^.bie 

To BBnk, v. n. 1. blinfen, blinjen, blinseln^ 
ml. fig, (a.) Aberfeten 5 2. blinf en $ cin f(bl»a* 

<b(ft ^i4t perbre!ten, blaf brennen^ 1C9 3. 
5port. (pom3<igbbunbe) tor bem Cogel, k- 
PorbeiUuifen^obne i^n au^afpurcn^ubergeben. 

Blink, s. l.berplo$licbt>orfibergcbenbe0(bim« 
mer, baft Slinten^ 2. baft SSUnsaugc^ ^iht&» 
blinfen j 3. Sport, ber Snid^ (abgebroibene 
3n>eig, bie 5Karfe, ©pur, gen>. im pL, cf. 
Blemish) 4 Sea, —of the ice, ber 6ift* 
blittf, 6iftbli(f (in ben ^olarmeeren)5 —of 
the land, (in ben ^olargegenben) ber roei^e 
ober gelblid^e, burcb gro^e ©(bneefld^en 
perurfatbte (8Bieber«)©4»ein am {>ori2ont5 
— beer, Sagerbier, wel^cft nicbt angejapft 
mirb; ^nxh eft eine bob^ ^^^if^ errei(bt b<)M 
-eyed, blinjougig. 

Blin'ksird, Blin'k?r, s. 1. ber ©lins(l)er, K. 
2. baft ©linfenbe. 

Bltn'k^rf , $. pi. Man. vid. b. eblcre Blinds. 

Blin'kjng, I. p.s. baft SBlinjen, Wo — of beer. 
Brew, baft ®d^ren ber ©icrwiirjej II. p. a. 
blinfenb, 2c. j a — idiot,>ig. tin armer (gut* 
mfitbiger) JJropf, Sinfaltftpinfel. 

Bliss, s. Jic ®liirffeligfeit (bef.ber6eligen), 
gen. jSBonne. 

Birss'fai, I. adj.; II. - ly, adv. felig, glurffelig, 
wonneoott^ III. — nesa, s. Uz ©Ifitffeligfeit, 

Blfss'l^ss, adj. ungefegnet, ungliitflicb- 

To Blis'spm, V. a. befpringcn, bocfen. 

BlfsV, *. l.bie»lafej i^i^)SblatUr, baft 
iS6ldft(ben, ber ©tbrodren j 2. bie S9tofe (an 
Hansen) 9 3. bie blafenf6rmige 6rb6bung, 
^^a^ (an ^^bonarbeiten, ^B^etaUg^jfen, u., 
gcipfi^nl. im pi.)5 4. (—plaster), baftSBlo» 
fenpfla|ler,3ttgpflafier5 —fly, Ent. bicfpa* 
nif^C ^Uc^ii —steel, vid. Blistered steel. 

To Blis't?r, V. I. n. ©lafcn brfommenj II. a. 
1. ©lafenpllafter^jc. auflegen, ©lofen jiejeni 
2. 1-v>. Ui ber @ta()Ibereitung ©lafen auf 
bem iSifen (erporbrtngen. 

Blis't^red, adj. potter ©lafen ob. Slattern 4 
—steel, ber ©lafenfla^l. 

Bits Vjng* p. s. (& a. -heat), bie Sntgiittbung 
(mit®erblattertt)4 —plaster, vid. Blister, 4. 

Birt, Birts, s. vid. Blite, Ac [beerfptnat. 

Bifte, Blites, s. BoU bie Seermelbe, ber @rbs 

Bin/i, I. s, v/d.Biestings; IT. 0^(7. vid. Blithe 

Bllt/ie, I. a(y. ; H. — ly, adv. fro^, munter, 
luftig, aufgerfiumt^ III. -ness, s. bie gr^b- 
lid^hit, aXunterfeit. 

Blit/te'fill, adj. mie Blithe, qv. [Blitheness, qv. 

Blit/ie's^me, I. adj.; II. —ness, s, wit Blithe, 

Bloach, 3. bie IBlafe, ©latter. 

To Bloat, V. I. a. 1. Ut kfig. aufftbioenen, 
aufbldb^n (^^^- ^it up)$ 2. vid. To Blote ; 
n. n. auffcbiPeHen, auflaufen. 




Blta't^, I. adS. 1. aufgebunfen (—with, ^0x1)9 
^. fig- ttttfgeMofenj -herring (G), vid, 
xaaL To Blote ; II. - nees, s. Hi ©c^wetten, 
bte Xufgebunfen^eit; ®ef4n>ulfl. 

BiSb'bfr, s. provinc. inel. MeSIdfe^ —lip, 
(au^ blob-lip), bie btcfe Stppe^ —lipped, 

Bl«ck, #. 1. Der (ro^e) ©to* (t)on ^oft, ©tein, 
u.)j 2. 7;i>fr(!>ettrbeitcte)©lorf: a) Bfcft. 
ber irto^, etctn ^ 6) ber ^lo^ sum ^ol^f^^ne^ 
bfnj c}HaL berSlorf, 4>utflodC^ d) H-dr, 
bcr^crriirfenflotf 5 bafi 9lon^oI§ ^ /) Mar. 
bie 3tmsfer ^ bcr JKobw, bie (® lo(f*)64eibe, 
SlixfroSe^ g) -Foiit. bie 0tange (auf ber ber 
galJe WOJ A)bermi«tbIo(t5 figs, 8. ber 
^o(f (plumpe^ bumme ^iRenr^)^ 4- ba& f>itt» 
bentifj cowp. — booltf. Print. SBfi^errait 
{>oI|tafeIn gebnttft/ jn^Iogrop^if^e jDrutfej 

— carriage, JUi/. berffilo(f»ttfienj —head, 
ber ©ammfopf, Jtlo^j —headed, bumnn 
— headly, branmfSpfigj — house, bo9®Iotf* 
^$ (bef* }ur SSert^etbtgung etned f>afen5) i 

- like, bvxnm, einfdWg 4 —maker, ein ©lotf* 
brewer J — mtit, Mar. ein ®ttlceren» ob. 
eifthe^tm^^aft, mit oieretfigten Sopp unb 
04eibenj -printer, ber fBlotfbnirfer 5 — 
printing, ber S)rtt(f mit gansen $>oIstafetn; 
ber ^ol|brurf5 - tin, bad IBlorfginn} — 
theaves, Afar. ®todff(^eiben 5 — ttoncg, ro^e 
Bteinrnaffenj —strop, rirf. Strop ; —wood, 
vuig. ba§ (Sampe<(^e(olg. 

To B15ck, v.a.1, f^mmtn, fperren, berflopfen 5 
2.(to-Hip), blotfiren, t>errommeln5 to— ont, 
I. Sculp, bttbjttuen^ 2. Wood. oiiS^eben, 
(and bem (9r6bften) audfctneiben, oudfle^en. 

Blockade', *. bie ©lotfttbc, ©ereimung. 

To BiSckide', v. a. blorfiren, berennen. 

Bt5dElng, — yp, *. bie IBIotfobe. 

BlSck'jsb, I. adj,; 11. — ly, adv. bumm, plump, 
titpifdfi m.— ncsi, *. bie jDttmm(>cit; boS 
tdlpif^e ^efen. 

Blc/mary, s, I-w. bad grif^feuer. 

BI5nde, Bldnd, s, (fran J.) comp. — lace, blc 
Clonbenj —maker, ber ©-fWppler, bie 
a>-?tdpplerinn 5 — «ilk, bie ©ptftenfcibe. 

Btdod [blud], s. 1. bad«lttt, ®eblfit^ 2. :ie bcr 
(XraubenOSJaft (bef. b. rotten Zx^), bad 
Slnti 3. fig. bie ^ftammung, $crfunft, 
©er»anbtf*ttft,©ltttdfreuiibWaft3 ^rt$ 4. 
a) bad f6nigl.,«.®lut,®ebWt 5 6) bie e^rcn* 
boSelCbfiammmtg,biel^o^e^erfunft5 5* bad 
©lttt,8eben5 6. bad (bergcffene) «Iut, ber 
9)torb, Xobtfi^Iag^ T. bie IBIutibaltiing/ 
|)i^c, liribenfil^aft, ber Bom (au^ill— , @r» 
bittenxng/ :c.)5 B. fr. (con einem SRenWen, 
b«f.) a\oung— , bad funge (raf(^c) «l«t5 

old-, ^ferbe mit ben Wngflcn etammbdv* 
men 5. new-, ^fcrbe, mlifyi ni*t bon 
bem crftett inSngtonb eingcfajrtcn arobiWcn 
|)engflc (Godolphln) obflammenj half-, 
vid. Half-b. ; to let one — , Gincm sur Xbcr 
laffcn^ tobeIet-,jnr7fbcr lolfcn* — cr;m- 
•oned,*mitlB.gefarbt5 b-r^tj^ -frozen, 
erfiarrted 199. (abenb? — gDiltine«g, bie9-« 
Wttlbj —hone, ein eblcd, fcnrigcd f)fcrb 
(oon cblem [arabi^en] ®cbifit)5 —hot, 
b-»ttrm, laui —hound, ber 64^»eip^unbi 
Jifir.«-5unbi To-Iet,i7.a.gur7CberIa(|<ni 
-letter, 1, ber 'Jfbcrlaffcr (vid. Bleeder); 
2. ber Q(ber(apoert^eibiger$ —letting, ber 
QCberlaJ, W.5 —pudding, bieffl-wurft^ ber 
«-pubbing5 —running itch. Far, cincXrt 
9ferbeaudfa$$ -shed, (or —ihedding), 1. 
ber IB-Derltt|i$ 2. bad IB-)>ergicfen$ ber 
^orb,Sobtr(^lag$ — thedder, bcrSRorbcr, 
conUSQ'^unhi — ihot, (— shotten),®. 
unterlaufen^ 2.boI[b(fitig^ -ipavin, Far. ber 
©-fpat^l -itatncd, 1. lit. blutbeflerftj 
2. b-Wulbigj -itick. Far. bicWopianjctTei 
-stone, Min. 1. ber S9-fleinr2. bcr Safpid 
and 0Kabagadcar ^ —sucker, 1 . bcr 9$-egeI 4 2. 
bcr ©-faagcr,«ampt)r5 9. fig. ber ©-burfligc^ 
SKdrbcr^ —sucking, b-fawgcnb, b-jicjenbj 
— thirster, ber b-b(trfttge, nt4IofeWenf(t^9 
— thirgty, b-bfirflig^ —vessels, ffl-gcfdfc> 
—warm, I. adj. b-n>arm, lau) II. s. bie ld-» 
wdrmej —wit, — wite, Ardiaeol. bad ©-• 
gelb, «Bc^)rgelb; bie©-flrafe$ —wood, bad 
fd-Wh S'ticaragua^ol}. 

To BlOod, V. a. 1. blutig ma^cn^ 2. Sport. 
(etnen 3<tgb(unb) anSlut gcmp^nen? brcf* 
flrenj (e^en^ d. fam. ^ur Vbcr (affcn ((Si* 
nem)^ vid. To Blood-let. 

Blbod'iIy,adi?. l.blntig$ 2. (-principled), 
blutgierig, graufom) 3. vuig. {dmrnerUi!^^ 
abf^euli^. [ber Stutburft, bie SBIutgtcr. 

Blftod'jn^sfl, s. 1. bad eitttigc, SBIuttgfcin4 2. 

Blftod'jng, #. bteS3Iutn>ttrft4 ber Siutpubbing. 

BloodV") adj. 1. blutlod, leblod^ 2« o^ne 
Slutbergiefen; unblutig. 

BWod'y, adj. 1. bl«tig» 2. blutgierig, bint- 
bilrfKg 5 3. blutig (mit T>ie(cm»Iutvergicpcn 
©erbunben)5 4. (au* adv.) cant, crj*, ipcr* 
bammt; fe^r flarT; u.4 - eyed, mit blutigcn, 
graufamen ^Jfngen (©lirfcn)^ -flux, Med. 
bie rot^e Oln^r i — fluxed, mit bem JBIutgang 
be^aftet) -jemmy, Cbofc. ein gebatfner 
es^afdfopf 5 —minded, blntgicrig/ morbfu4« 
tig 5 — rcd,blatrot^j —rod, vid. —twig; 
-sweat, l.ber bIutigee4ibcif,IB(utr4mctM 
2. vid. Sweating-sickness; —twig, Bof. ber 





itnie(0liM,etiK»3itl^/ M -of a« anchor, 
lU TStHtfpi^ i — ash, vid. Gar 4Uh ; 5. one 
Vrt e^i^tia%tU —brads, etne Xrt Stdgel 
mit geraben 64u(tcrn od. Mpftn (ijm @tns 
fenfen)^ 6. Gurd* dntTivt&id^i, bic|>ip|>e, 
tod ®atten»iefrer/ G^ttlttnuffer^ (au4 — 
hook, be^gl.): T. itftf. baS gafd^iQenmeflTer 
haBd^,eiiiefttl^{)ippe$ hed^e (hedging)— » 
tint Hn^t ^ippti —man, bet SBaumf^neU 
berj 8. bie itrnmma^^ ®trett(Wt^ ^eUc^ 
borbe^ ~ man, ber ^ettebttrbier. 
Bai,tf. bcf. Cbm. ftZ^io. 1. ber3ettel^ baS 
«taet$ 2. bieeiftt, bQS Serjeictntf $ 8- bie 
(Re^nung; ber ^u^iitg, bit ^oUi 4. ber 
64dtt, bie Sdtf^idqm^i 5. ber ffBe^feU 
Qfppofnt (vid. Appoint )$ 6. bie 64rift, 
ed»u(boerf(i^vtibund;Uclunbe) 7.hitSdo%z^ 
f*rift4 a(a-»ctnp), bettXttWlogxcttelf 
btt( QCoettiffetiURt; 9. boftOtecept) 10. bie 
SBiS (ber Sntiosrf [Ij^orf^lttg] sn ciittm dbt^ 
fr^e ob.itteiner$arlament#9erorbiutno)^ bie 
QCcte (ber Derbinbli^e ^atlamtnt^^luf, baft 
®<r^t)9 ~>nder one's hand, eine ^Ottb* 
ttrifti taker of a-, ber^rttflTant; entneV 
meri —for (of) debt, (due—, orhand— ), 
etn{>anb(f(^tta))f4ein^anbn)e<&fel$ along—, 
tin lattgflii^ti^erSSedftfel) ashort— , einhtrs^ 
Rd^tiger flSBa^fel? a single (sole, or only)-, 
ber Goldsoe^fel (eigene ob. trodtenelBec^fel): 
Bills, p{. I.g6fi. Com. lEBe^fel; ^apiere, SDe^^ 
9{fhi (SSe^fel asf efnen ^e^^felpla^, ber 
eiiien(Soitr(^at)) 2. Xcticn^Uo 3. IBriefe 
(aufbein(5ourlbIatte)$ 4. Mint (3lolb»ob. 
eilbcrflttrnpeii/ vid. Billot; b-s at three 
months* date, bret OXottat f)apier$ b-« at 
usance, Ufowed^fel^ b^ In sets, ffi^et^fel 
iiiS)upUcaten, (SopietoeAfeU b-s on London, 
ffBei^fet auf Sonbon^ wdg. Sonboncrj b-s 
payable book, baft ^Kcceptationftbu^, Ztat^ 
tenbu<^ i b-s receivable b., baft 9temeffenbu<^/ 
9la(« Ob. 6tabtme4felbttd^. Bill of admea 
sorement, ber ^SUfMtfi —of adTentvre, 
ber ^beiftvrbrfef ) — of amortisation, ber 
!D{ortifteationftf<^ein; 2:ilgungftf(^ein^ — of 
bottomry, ber IBobmereibrief, 64^iffftpfattb« 
brief j —of carriage, ber gra*tbrief j —in 
chancery, bie Qk^abeQerra^flage Dor bem 
Jtan^leigcri^t ^ —of complaint, bie^lage* 
fi^rift, dled^tinage) -of cost, bie ^ofken^ 
redifiinng $ <5in!auf^re(ftiiung $ —of the conrse 
of exchange, baft GourftbUtt/ bertSonr^et* 
telj - of credit, ber offene«BeiWel5 ^m.ber 
e^a^Vammerf^ein^ —of debt, bere<ifttt!b« 
ffbein^biee^ulbberfibreibttitgi -of delivery, 
ber (7(ttft*)^eferttiigftfd^eitt5 —of divorce, 
ber e^^ebrtef; —of emption, ber Jtattf« 

brief, Jtaafcostract5 --of endltement (<»• 
indictment), bie Xntlageacte) —of entry, 
bie BoObedaration (baft iSia* ob. Xuftgangft« 
goaoeriei^nif)^ —in equity, bie Jt(age«ob. 
»ittf(»rift in 0o4en ber SiOigfeit) -of 
exchange, ber SBe^felbrief, SBe^feli —of 
exchequer, ber CS^a^fommerf^ettt ^ —of 
(the) fair, ber Gtanbfi^eiii/ etanb|ettd (asf 
SReffen u. SRdrWen) i - of fare, ber SRocft-. 
Settel,Jtil4ensettel)@petfe|etteW -of fount, 
JPWnt ber e*riftjettel, ©iefjettel^ - of 
freight, ber grad^riefs -of health, ber 
©efunb^ettftpof , baft ®efit»b(ettftatte|iat$ — 
of indemnity, vid. (bond of) Indemnity; 
-of lading, ber (e^iffftO^erlabtnigftfil^ein, 
(®ee')Sra4tbrief, baft (Sonnofibmeftt j —of 
mortality, bie GSterbelift^, Xobtenli^4 —of 
parcels, bie (fpecifictrte) flBaorcare^Aintg, 
Sactnra^ —of the pUy, ber ^mdbiesietteU 
—of prescriptions, (doctor's—), baft 0tecept 
(cineft}Cr|teft)$ -of rights, bie (unter Wil- 
liam u. Mary bem ettgLSol^e gegebeae) Ser* 
faffttngfturfttnbe^ — of sale, ber Jtoafbrief^ 
JCaufcotttract^ ^fanbcontract $ Am. ber ni^^t 
unterfiegelte JBeiriPaufftcontract eiseft (9nmb« 
flfirfeft^ great or grand — of sale, ber ©eil* 
brief (obriglPeitli^eft deugnif iiber ben oor* 
f^riftmifigen S3au eineft e^tffeft)) —of 
sight, ber 3oIler(aubm^f4ein, ®uter o^iu 
Sactur ouftiulaben i — of specie, ber 6orten« 
IttUU —of store (stores), ber ^rooiottt* 
f^ein, erlaubttiff^etn iur soSfreten Serpro* 
vianttnmg fur bie S^eife eineft j)anbelftf4Hf' 
feft$ —of safferance, ber ^Uutbttiff^ein, 
^xti^ttttl, ^affii^ettel }ur sottfreien Tfuftfn^r 
oon fiSaaren bon einem britif<^en JHtfte ssm 
anbern; — of tnnnage, ber fIRef brief (auftge* 
fteOteft 3ettgnif bom ^Xi^meifler fiber bie Sa« 
fKgWt eineft ©d>iffeft)j — ofview, »/d.— of 
sight; — of weight,bie®e»i4tftnote4 — ac- 
count, baft SBedftfelconto $ — book, baft fiBedt^« 
felfeontro) — bows, vtd. Bilboes; —broker, 
bertBe^r^lmdfler; —brokerage, bie%M>« 
feleourtage^ —business, Satt(gef4Afte$ — 
copy-book, baft ®e4»felcopierbu4 4 —doer, 
berlEBei^felretter) aSudfterer^ —holder, ber 
SBe^felin^aber, ^rdfentant) -Jobbing, bie 
ffiBe^felreiterei; —money, bie ffBe^^feUottr* 
tage$ —poster, —sticker, ber 3ettelanf4(d« 
ger, d-anfleber^ —stamp, ber SBed^felfbem* 
pclj —wallet, baft Safcfteidiwl^ |iim htqnc* 
men Xragen ber Sonhioten u. ^e^^fel. 

To Bm, «. I. a. cant (bunft ^nfd^agiettel 6f< 
fentl.) anseigenj U. n. ft(^ f^nibelni fig, 

Bil'lfird, s. ber 93a|larb«Jtapaun. [liebeln. 

Bn'i^df , 9. pi. bie juRge jQrut b. Jto(lenfif4»e4. 




BIU%f rry* jw oid. Bilberry. 

2. J^'f. bcr £tuartier}ettel$ d. ifer. bie 
et^tnteu toft->, (biiaatrdoox [bnie-ddj, pz. 
biFldts-ddiix [-ddz])» ba»£iebc&brief4en5 

oi(i. Biilot; —wood, dtnu^ol}, e^eit^ol) 

To Bil'lft, v. a. M^.(eolbaten) emquartirtn. 
BiU't^rd [— yvd], a^f. comp. ^am. ©ittarb«; 

--ball, bie d9-fugel, bet ®-bQU5 — bolea» 

—pockets (0e». hazards gen.)/ S-I6*er, 

l^brtttet} — marker, bcr ©-marqueurj 

— fttkk, ber ©-jtod, ba$ Slueuo —table, 

bU il^-taftl^ b<u SS. 
BiU'i^df, «. p<. Gam. bad SiHarb/ a9-fpteU 

to play at—, S5. fpUlen. 
BXU'i9ii, «. ^rit/i. bie Stflioiu [gulfed. 

Bil'litiLDg, Billittrng, s. ^rt.bie&>ofung be$ 
BHI^o, «. Com, 1. fe^r gering^altigeS <9olb 

JL Biihzt) 2. bie gering^alitge (ju flarf mit 

Atpfer oerfe^te) 9Xitii|e$ —of silver, ^a« 

Bil'ldt, s. l.boe 64eit, vtU BiUet; 2. b-s 

of gold or silver, Mint, ®o(b» Ob. ^ilber 

fhtmpen, nngemunste^ (Solb ob. @ilbcr. 
BiFlOv, #. bie ftrofe SBeKe^ ^oge^ -beaten, 

1^ iPogettgepeitf4^t 
ToB9'lGw,v.]i. (weHeafJrmig) a«ffdi>»eHcn, 

fuftottft^iiniienj ^aufioogen. 
Billowy, adi. toogig, ivogenb. 
Bn'iy, 5. 1. Mech, ber (BrobfluM/ bi^ So^* 

fpitiBinaf^inej 2. afr6r.i». William, loieBiil, 
Bili/bf t^ BilObed', adj. £ot. jmeilappig. 
Bildc'fil^, adj. Bot. iioeifi^erig. 
BinS'aoiis, adi- ^meiiidnbtg. 
Bfina-wood [— wdd], #. vid, Beeme-wood. 
BimilVjan, Bimar'jcQLl, adj, i»ei ^ttxt (@een) 

betrefenb. [IBimebiaUinie. 

Bine'di^l, adj. Matfi. bimebialj —line, bie 
BimSa'siJ, adj. aQe imi !92onate gef^e^enb, 


>ig-«.2.biiibett, Dttyflt^tai; i»erHnbeai S. 
fefl, gen>if rno^en, abf^Iiefcn (einen^n* 
bel/ ic)j 4. (to— in), ^emmen, iinbcrnj 
5. Med. Derftopfenj 6. Mas. binbcn (t>om 
^al!)j to — with galooD, mitSreflTen ober 
Sorten befc^eni to — an apprentice, einen 
^e^rling aufbingen laffcn, einen in bie ^c^rc 
geben) to — a servant, eincn ©icncr bur4> 
SKiet^gclb obcr Contract binbcn $ to — over, 
citiren (oorlaben) lafen) 11. n. 1. bi4t^ ficif 
ober ^ort merbcn (t>, mid^^n u. Jtorpern); 
glne binds, ^m binbctj 2. ocrflepfcnbe 
jIBirfung ^aben^ 3. /*ۥ (ocr) binbcnbc 
J^raft tiahtu (on, fur). 

Bind, s. 1. BoU bie {>opfcnran!c, bcr f>cpfen} 
grey and white — , bie bcibcn beflcn Morten 
ber j>opfcnpf[anie9 2.Afin. o4er^aItigc2;4on» 
erbC) 3. Com. a — of eels, 250 ^tucC 
TCoIe j —weed, BoU bic ttSinbc. 

Bln'd«r,«. I, gen. bet^inber^ Qarbcnbinbcr^ 
S$n4binber$ 2. bie SdintiCi 3. Med. h^ 
binbenbe aXittel, SScrfbpfung^mittcU 

Bin'dery, *. mod. bie ®tt4>binber»ert|}ott. 

Bin'djng, I. s. 1. ba$ IBinbcn, Serbinben, id 
2. ber 6inbanb (cined fbn^t^, u.)^ B.ber iBer« 
banb9 4.bteS9inbe$ 5. bie C^infaffung, 93oi*te 
(and^ b-s) ; 5. Faic. bad Grmuben; 6rrei4en 
ber HBentC) 6. Fenc. badlBinben ber JtlingC) 
the iron — of a dead eye. Mar, bcr i^cf^lag 
eincr Sungferj U. p. a. binbcnb$ —joist, 
^rc/i. bcr oerbinbenbc Cluerbalfcn^ —land, 
binbenbcrSobenj —notes, Mus, Bd^Uifno' 

Bioef, 4. pi. ^opfenranfen (vid. Bind). 

Bing, s. Al-w. cin bcr 8uft audgefe^tcr 

Binn, vid. Bin. Binnf de, vid. Bioacle. 

Bin'^cle, s. Per. bol ^oppelfernro^r) bit . 

Binoc'uHu', adj. 1. jwciaugigf 2. Per. fur 
beibc TCttgen bienenb (?. e. mit 2 ee^r^^rcn)} 

7. e. wx^ 2 d;yrv9(v;a^9 
iwcuiu;utti.ui9. II — telescope, ba&S)oppelfcrnro^r. 

Bin, «. bie ^be, JUffe, ber ^n^tn, xu^ comp.lBinu'mj^, Aig.Ladj. binomiM^ U. s, bicbino* 
aU : oats -, ber 4)aferfttflcn^ bread — , ber Blnom'jnous, adj. jwcinamig. [mi! 


Biii'9cle,f. Mar.r>adQoxapamvi&^tn,^a^U 
^ad) -lamps, 9ia^t^au6lanipen. 

ffiaS'rioos, adj, vid. Binary. 

Bi'fi9ry, I. adj. Arith, binarif^, QU& irnei (SiU' 
^eitctt befle^nb , boppelt (^rotiiai^ii^, ge- 
V»cit)9 I^' <(• bie^i^ei^eit; 3a^I Don3n>cien9 
in. comp, — arithmetic, bie binarif(4e ^rtt^« 
metif/S^i^abtf) —measure, Mus. ber ges> 

Bi'nate, aili. BoU i»ei}&^lig. [robe Xact 

ToBiad, v. it. I. a. 1. binbcn $ einbinbett) 
vcrbinben (eine f^unbe u au^ mit op); 

[mif(^e ®r6f e^ 
BioSt'Qnous, adj. stoeiftimmig, i»cit5nig. 
Bidg'raphf r, s. Lit, bcr fi3iograp^. 
BiQgraph'ic Bipgraph'jc^l, adj. btograp^ifi^. 
Bidg'r^phy, s. Lit. bie Siograp^ie. 
BipVons, adj. sn>ei3ungc (auf einmal) ge« 

bdrcnb. ' [rcnb. 

Bjpar^tient [— shj- ], adj. ^albt^eilcnb, ^i« 
Bipytite, adj, 1. in jmci X^etlc get(^cilt^ 

Siocit^cilig iandi Bot); 2. boppelt/ in i»ei 

^bf^riften (oon (Sontracten^ k.). 
Bip^ti'tioo. J. bie X^eilung in smci S^ile. 
Bi'i>f d, s. bad i»cifiipigc Z^icx. 



Brp'M^, lio^. %titi%of langi 9. s»et gftft 
(abett^,|iod|&fig. [2. Bot. ^oppelt gefle^ert 

Blp^a'n^te, Vli^n^t^, adj. 1. )IDdf[fi0eUg) 

Blp^n'ofs, #. Afar, eine toppelMneibidc }C;ct 
lum Jtoppen bed feinblicten Xan»erfft Inm 
(Snttxn. [menhoncn). 

B1p2f^oiift,a<(;. Bot. |»eibUttmd (DonfBItt< 

BlqcA'drilte, BlqufdrSt'ic, tf. Alg. bte eiqua^ 
bratia((, bierte 9otcn| (einer (9r6f e). 

BiqvfdrXt'ic, adj. Alg. biquabtattf^. 

BlrlMi^tcBfra'djItfd, adj. lek. |lpetftrQ(ltS. 

Btrch, I. s. 1. BoU bie ®lrfe, (-tree), ber 
Otrtcnbaitm) 2.b{cbirfene(Rttt^e/bad2B-tt« 
reU$ IL adj. hixhtii —broom, ber fd-n^ 
befcttj —oil, ber ©-ntbcrj —wine, iSein 
aa» 43-ttfQft 

To Birch, v. a. mit (bitfencn) Otutben peitfcben. 

Kr'Ghfn, a<(7. birfenj —broom, berlBirltn* 
befenj —rod, bie ©itfenrut^e. 

Bird, I. «. 1. ber ©ogel; 2. bad Heine ®tft&* 
gel i 8. 5por/. —of game, ber (jur 303b) ob* 
ged^tete Salle I b-iofgame, eogehottb' 
pret^ b-t of paMage, 3us« ob. 6tri^o$delj 
IL comp. —bolt, 1. ber JBogelboIgen^ 2. Ich. 
bie OTaU) Ctuappe, Ttalraupej —cage, ber 
»-bauer J -call, bie gorfpfrife, berfB-ruf^ 
—catcher, ber«-fdnger, ©-fleaerj -catch 
ing, bae «-fleaen, ber C-fang j - (s-) 
cherry, Bof. bie «-firf<be, Xraubenfirftbej 
—'■eye,*. vid.nnUn b-aeyc; —eye, — ■ 
eye, (— I'-eye), adj. in «-^erfpectibe ge* 
feben5 —■'-eye view, bie ©-^erfpectiwj 
— eyed, Mttgig,* Warffe^enbj — lllce, t)-or» 
tig 5 —lime, berSS-Ieimj —limed, mit«-* 
leimbefWcbettj —man, ber JB-fdngers «-» 
Wttbler4 -*■ ne^t, 1. lit. ba*«-ne^j 2. 
befgl. vid. Carrot ; 3. bad (ofHnbifcbe) ef > 
' ban S-nefl, Xnnfinnefl) — nesting, bad 
©-nefler audne^men (|l6ren)4 —pepper, Bof. 
ber«-pfcffcr, fpan. ?>feffer} — ■eller, ber 
«-Jdttbler5 — ■kewer, (—■pit), ber «-fpeller 
(6pief)$ b^-eye, Bot bad llbonidrdd^en. 

To Bird, V. n. ©dgcl fangen ober fteHen. 

Bir'der, 9. ber ©ogelfhKer, ©ogeifdnger. 

Blr'djng, *. Sport, bad SogelfleDen, ber«-« 
fang 9 —net, bad B-nt^i —piece, bie 8-' 
jtttttei —poach, bie8-taf4e) —■hot, «-• 

BTrd^jng, #. dim. badSdgeI<ben. [bnnft. 

Blr'g^ndfr, f. Om. b{e$U(bdgand,99ranbente. 

BTried, adj. mit Heinei'Sutfeln obe» ihidpf" 
<bett gQiert, befett [beiig. 

Birds'tnite, Blr««'trit^d, adj. Bot. jweifibna* 

Sift *. Ich. bie ©teinbutte, vid. Tnrbot 

BirtA, 9. 1. bie Oeburt^ 2. bie ^txfunft, TCb« 
ftammvttg) ber Urfprungi 3. bad^unge, 
JKttbi 4 Jig. bie ^fnt^t, bod Qhrteugnif^l 

new—, ThetA. bie tSicbergebltrti -day, 
ber ®-dtag i bod (B-dpsfi i -d. od«, btc (B-d« 
tagdb^nine^ -night, 1. bie (S-daa^t; 2. bie 
Xbenbgala am (!(-dtage bed Jtdnigd, ber itd* 
niginn, )C.5 —place, ber<9*dort, bie ^d« 
mat^ $ —right, bad Q-dre4»t, {Re^t ber Grfi* 
geburt, (Srbanrecbt^ — dn, bie Grbfiinbe^ 
—song, bad ®-dUeb$ —strangled, in ber 
Oeburt erfticft) —wort, Bot. bie ^fterliQei}. 

BirtA, s.Mar. l.ber€SptelraQm (ittmttmfd^wen*^ 
fen dat^ 6(biffed$ ^la^ i»ifd^n ben 0(bt^ 
fen)$ 2. beqnemerlCnfet^lati 3. bad ^Nbiffd* 
hett, bie SagerfteOe, Jtoi); 4. bielBaif, ber 
0taum, ©erfiblag f&x bie S)ffidere, }C anf 
bem edfiffe, u. 

To BirtA, V. n. (refl.^ Mar. to — one's self, 
M (mit einem Bcbiffe, in eine 4Bu4t) fefl 
legend to be b-ed in the cabin, feiae (Bob* 
nung in ber Jtaiiite b^bcn. 

Bir't^ing, «. Afor. 1. badXttfbttien (t. e. bie 
QCnIegnng ob. TCuffetuttg ber f)lanhn)$ 2. 
XUt^, mad ben 6<biff(borb erbd^t 

Bis, ado. Coth. k Mut. gmeimal. 

B{f ilnt', Bif ^nitlne, vid, Byzant, Ac. 

Bfs'cay, s. Geog, 93idcai)a (rpon. ^robini). 

BiVcvtifn, 9. tint Tilt 3u(ferfu4en. 

Brs'cttjt, 9. 1. ber3»iebatf, (-bread), ba^ 
(barte) @(biffbrob3 2. bad SOidotit, ranbe 
® tdngttt (eine Hxt ^orgellan obne ®lafnr>. 

Bue, «. md. Bice. [f^ndbett, b^'Ibiroi. 

To BTsSctr, V. a. Math, in s»d Zt^iU t^tiitn, 

BUSc^tion, 9. Math, bie S^eilung dner ®rd^e 
in gioei gidibe S^dle. 

Bi^j^g'mfnt, 9. Math, ber dne Z^tU einer in 
glei(be f>dlften get^eilten ^nie. [renb. 

Bls^x'ons, adj. beiben (SefcbCe^tem angeb6* 

Biflh'op* *' 1. £c€. ber iO^ifcbof (^obe gei^licbc 
SBfirbe)^ 2. cant. berSifibof, dnQetrdnf av^ 
^ein, Drangen u.3utfer) 3. Gam. ber^ti« 
fer (im ®(ba4). 

ToBtsh'^p, V. a. 1. Ecc. gum Qifib^f dn* 
mei^en^ dnfegnen, ffrmeln^ 2. Man. einem 
alten ^ferbe bie 3d(ne brennen, nm cd %u 

Bbh'Qplike, Brsh'9ply, adj, bif<bdfri«, fUb fir 
einen IBif^of f^icfenb, }iemenb. 

Brsh'9prfc, (-rck), 9. bad IBidt^vm. 

Buk, Brsqoe, 9. I. Cook, bie Jtraftbrfib<, 
Jtraftfuppe) 2. Gam. imOaOfpiele ein ge« 
wifTer Cortbdl, ber 16 gi!t3 to give — , tor« 
geben/ einrdnmen. 

Bis'kft, s. vid. Biscuit. 

Blff'mvt^, 9. Metal, ber flBifmntb* 

BVni9tM> 04;. 1. wifmtttbbaltig4 2. aue 
®if mutb befiebenb. [IS. geb^rig. 

BYf'mvtfrfc, adj, and XBifmnt^ gewoanen, imm 




s. Zooi. ber ®ifon, Sn(fe(o4d, amerit. TCuer* 
o4»S. [(—day) ^er6*alttttg. 

BfnCz'tfle, a((;. k 9. (-year) (a« 64^altiatfr $ 

BiM'tjng-milk, Bfsft1|ngi, vid. Bieitingt. 

Bls't^d, 9. vid. Bmitard'. 

Bb'tf r, Bli'tre, «. ber Sieficr, boS 9tttf broun. 

Bf I'tprt, 5. Bet. tie SUttemnr). [mefTer. 

BWtovry, «. Su^g. M» Siftouri, 6inf4nttt< 

BiaiU'cou, oci;. mit gefpaltenm JKauen. 

Bft» «. l.ter4Bi{ren;ba&®tft(f$ 2.badneinc 
etfiMnt/ Bif^eni 8* ba» Q(ebif (am 
3a«ne)9 4. Jlfec^. baft Oo^reifen, bfc 
€$4£Ip€ cinedSotntS) bie So(rn>i^e an et« 
nem Xrattbeitf^o^rer ^ 5. cant. gen. Qclb i baft 
ftdne etfitf (Sklb; j. Q. a fl¥e penny—, [col, 
ffppf BBf-UftO, baft 5 pence ZiAH, Vis dneft 
fi^. ^oSarft (in SBrflinbicn u. %orb«XiiK* 
rifa)) —of a key, bet Sart eineft e^lfif* 
fdS { itfar-#. —of a cannoo, bie fUtattmnabel j 
a weather — of the cable, ein boppelter fdi* 
tingf^lag^ Biu, pi. bie Mtingft^fdlier^ 
Adajn'fl bit, AnaL vid, Adam'i apple ; to 
dnw—, ab)ditmett$ to bite on the—, 
1 Man. ottf bie 6tange beif m, bie Zt fan* 
^€11$ 2. j^. a)feinentU!»iIlen oecbeifev, ben 
Born in M freffen^ 6) nbttmerli^ leben, in 
grofer 9{ott fein^ -bridle, ber Gtangen:' 
laom, bieGanbare. 

Bft, pret. ftp.p. tonToBite. 

To an, V a. 1. Afan. baft ®ebif geben, auf* 
itomen) 2. to — a cable. Mar, baft JtabcU 
eb. ICnfertan nm bie 93dtiQgft^6lser winben. 

BHeh, t. 1. bie |>finbittn/ ^e^e (aller sum 
^vsbegef4^Ied^tc ge^ftrigettX^iere)) 2. md^, 

To Bite, V, ir. a. 1. beifen (eigentl.)) 2. fic» 
i^en, fi^eiben, betfen, brennen (uneidentl. 
wm%tofit,^^tfftt,7C.)i 3. ff^neiben, ein^ 
^neiben (in baft ^opier^ beim tDntcf) ^ 4.>!g. 
Mttfeo/ beifen ()»on einer 6ati)re, ».)$ 5. 
w<g. betrflgenj 6. the anchor b-s, (v. n.) 
Mar, ber linfer fafti to — off, abbeifenj to 
— the oaila, an ben 92dgetn fonen. 

Bite, s. 1. ber9if{ 2. baft Xnbeifen (ber 
9tfi^e)5 8. ber Jtftberj fig. vuig. 4. ber 
Sctmg^ itniffi 5. bee iO^etrfiger^ —of the 
wheels, R-w, baft (Sittgreifen ber Ctdber ovf 
btit CWenenj —teeth, Man. bie ^nnbft* 
Sd^ne, j>afett. 

Bi't^, 9. 1. ber Seifer) 2. ber anbeifenbe 
%ii^ ; ^'fiS' ^n Oetrfiger, iCm'ffma^er. 

Bl'tfng, I. adj.; IL — ly, adv. 1. beifcnb, 
f4^arf{ 2. fatprif^^ — coId,f(ttteibenbeitdI« 
tej ni.— ,#. 1. baftCeifen, icj 2.j?g.ber 
ectmg^ bie e^nafe, pcfft. 

Bft'tfcle, 9. vid. b. d. Binacle. 

Bif t^, p. p. 0. To Bite. 

Blft^r, I. adj. 1. bitter^ 2. j!g. a) flrenge, 
(art, granfam, ^eftid; f^neibe^b, beifenb, 
rau(, mdt^enb, erbittert boft (pen flBinbe, 
ber Jtdlte, bem fiB etter, etreite, bon Oigen^ 
Waften, w.)^ 6) [♦merj^aft, frdnfenb, bit* 
ter) c) tranrig, htMhU d) nadftt^eitig) 
e) beipenb, fpdttiM^ fat^riM^ n. ^.jt'ng. 
Afar, ber 9)dtingMIag5 in. Bitters, 9. pi. 

1. ber bittere Sranntoeini fitttertropfdii 

2, fig. ©itterhiten, »iber»drtigfeiten, ic. 
(opp. sweets) { IV. comp* —apple, (-co- 
cumber, — gonrd), Bot. bie (Soioquinte) 
- end. Afar, baft um bie Sdtingft gelegteXn» 
hvtaui -salt, baftflSitterfal)} —spar, Afin. 
beri^itterfpat^) —sweet, B^t. baftiBitters 
fhfi -wood, baft Sitter^oI» auft 3«niaira 
(Don ^ttfHtf4lem gebrand^t)) —wort, Bot 
ber rot^e dnstan. 

To Bitt'tf r, V. a. Mar. vid. To Bit. 

BIf t^rjngf , 9. pi. Sw. ber Ocbenflein in eoi}' 

fefleltt. {ettterli4^feit. 

Brt'tfrjsh, I. adj. bittcrii^^ IL -nese, 9. bie 
Bft't^rly, adv. 1. bitter) 2. bitterii^i 8. 

ran^, ^art, (eftigi -afllicted, Mmer^Ii^ 

betrdbt [terfole i 2. Om. bie 0to^ibommel. 
Brt'tfm, 9. 1. 5-10. bie bittere eoie ob. ^Otut* 
Brft^rn^B, 9. 1. bie eitterfett$ 2. fig. a) bie 

{^drte,®raQfamfett^eftigFeit9 b) bieSoft^eilK * 

ber bittere j>af 1 c) ber Jtnmmer^ Oram, bie 

eorge, baft trdnfenbe (Sefit^L 
Bit'to^r, Blt'tpr, 9. vid. Bittern, 2. 
Bitts, 9. pi. Mar. vid, BiU nttt Bit. 
Bjtfime', 9. vid. Bitmnen. 
Bftfimed', Bftfi'minlte, p. a. mit Grbpe^ gC' 

fdttiget) mitye<!^beflri(^cn, gepi^t. 
Bjtfi'non [Ware, W., Sm., Ac], 9. baft ttrb« 

pe4^ erbbar), Scrgpeii^. 
To BitG'mjnftte, v. a. bitumin6ft ma^en* 
Bjt&'fflinons, adj. erbpe^tg, crb^ar^ig. 
Bi'vXIve, I. *. 1. Conch, bie ^meif^alige SUn* 

f4^c(4 2. Bot. bie )met!Iappige %xudfti H. 

adj, »ie b. f. ffB. 
Blv&l'vQl^ir, adj. 1. Conch, jmeiMalig, mit 

Sneies^alenj 2. Bot. 5»eif(appig. 
BlvAul't^ adj. Arch, boppelt gemftlbt. 
BlvSn'tral, adj. Anat. gmcibdu^ig* 
Biv'joas [Wb.; bl'vfvs. Wore, Ac], adj. 

in>ci ®ege (abenb^ anf gmei tB-n ffi^renb. 
BivWc (Biv'oafck) [St. J.; biv'w^, Ja.; 

bi'vili^k, Sm.], 9. (fran|.) Mil. baftOtootta!, 

ble99ei»a4»e$ baft S^Ibna^ttager^ bie ana 

f erorbentli^e ^a^tma^ti to raise the — , 

baft Oibotto! anffteben. [Nren 

To Brv'9n«G (Brv'9««ck), v. n. MiL biSOlM- 




Blfx'fL. S' vid. AnotU. 

Bfz'^nt, Biz'^ntine, s, vtd. Byzant, kc 

Biz'irre, adj. U^vt , fettfaiR^ touQt^erU^ 

(ofd. Od4). 

Bjzir'rQ, s. Mus. hit f6i%am^, ^mtia» 
ToBttb, v.I.n. f4»a^n, p(appent$ 11. a 

to — out, au&plan^ent. 
Bifl/b^r, Blab, s. htv &dit»^^tx, ^Im'btttX, 

TiUQiUv, tie ed^xai^ttinn, k. 
Bttb'b^r-irpped, vtU Blobber-lipped. 
To BJSb'b^r, o. n. Afon. einon^ferbe pfeifen, 

»emi (S fiaSeit foil. 
MXck, I. 01^'. 1. f4»ar)$ 2. r^todrilid^^ 

fi^xoaxibxQun, lo^forben^ branngelb, bunfel 

3. uttpoltrt (o. Wctoadrbctten^ opp. bright); 
^-fig* fl) ff»fHr/ milrrifd^, fancr^ 6) fle^eim^ 
iiifooll^ c)trattrig,itRglu(tU4$ d)bod^aft, 
lafler^aft, r^^narj^ vemt^t/ abf^evltcti 
U. adv. f^marj, tc^ IIL s. 1. tad 04»a% 
bie fdftioarie ^arbe, 04n)ftr}€, berftnfi 2. 
jSg. ber SIe<fen5 8. ber e^roarie, Sieger ^ 

4. bu Xraner, Xtouerneibnttg (a«4 !>-») 

5. tbe — (or light) of the eye, ber Gtttn 
(baft ®(^arse) im Ynge, ber 3(ngapfelj 

6. b a, p{. IBtCbbiebe^ a— man, a—wommi, 

1. eiv^^eger, tint^t^ztinm 2. eine fc^drj^ 
K^ f)erfott (©rflnette)$ to malce oae— , 
Qdttenanr^ibdrjen/bentnglimpfenf IV.comp. 
—act, Lotr, eiit flrengeft ®efe$ gegen bie 

•®ilbbieberei| -alder-trce, Bot bergaaU 
baum^ — amber, Mn. ber ®ogat5 —amoor, 
vid. Blackamoor; — ball, 1. bte ^dftoCXlt 
iSa((fudel, 0a1Iotirhtgel$ 2. bie @4»dTS« 
fogel, baft ^^v^lbQ^ftj To — ball, v. a. 1. 
burc^ eine fd^war^e Jtugel (beim IKbfHmmen) 
eerwcrfett) bttr<^fallen laffen^ ^. oerfiofen) 

2. QuftprAgeIn, bur^walfeii; ic.^ ~ beer, 
fBrounbi^r, btmiiger ©oppelbierj Bot-s. 
—berry, bie 95rombeerc$ — berry-banh, bie 
Srombeerflaube i — berried - heath , ber 
^rauetifki^ft; — bircb,Bo^ biefif^ioargeDirgi^ 
ttiWK«trfe |-b!rd, Om. hit Qfmfelj -blend, 
Mhh. bte ^e^blenbe^ —boil, mtt SSd^elbe^ 
waficr aufgeWfteft Jtupfer sum ©fiubcrn ber 
^ttaUMp^i -book. 1. Mag. baft3auber* 
bu4,i93ef<!^»6rungftbu4 j 2. Mil. baft f^warjc 
Stegifler, ©trdflingftbttij —browed, 1. mit 
f(^iDar}en Yugenbratten) 2..%. m&rnf4f, 
f{Rfler^ bro^enb) —brown, fd^iDar^brann 
—cap, Orn-s. 1. ber ©J^warjfopf, ^lott* 
9k6n^i 2. bie f<l^mar}f6pf!0e QReoe, 8ad^« 
wew4 3. CtK)*. ettt Wmarj gebrotenerlCpfel j| 
— cat, Zool, bie Wwarje Jta^e, 9tnottt, berj 
ametifaniMedobel^ —cattle, EngLeolUct, 
b«« 0tinbbie^; ^omble^) —chalk, f^narse 
itretbe$ —cherry, Bot. ber loilbr itfrf4« 

bann » — choler, jSg. bie e^netnmtti, aite« 
Um^oUe^ —diMter, bie burgunber &tm* 
traubej —cock, vid. —game, 2.; — cnrrant, 
Bot. bie f4»ar}e3o^aimift^eere, Q(t4^tbcere4 
-cuttle, vtd.— fish; —day, bet Unglfidft* 
tag4 —eagle, Orn. ber f(6i9ar}e TXUtti 
— eara, Zool. ber J^ara!ali —earth, bie 
S)ammerbe$ —eye, bie^arbe as berSSo^ne) 
— eyed, fi^»ac}i«gig i — faced, r4»ac|' 
brautt (bom (9efi4t>, bdinett^ — feet, or — 
foot Indiani, bie ^Aipar^fttf (er (ein norb« 
omerif. Snbianerftamm/ aui ^dganinbia^ 
Rer)4— fi«h, (or— cuttle), Zool. berXiaten* 
ftf4/ ihittelfifit/ biedeptaj -forest, C^enn. 
ber @<l^»ar2iDaIb$ —friar, ber ^omintfauer 
(<!IR6n4)j — frian, ein6Stabtbiert(tiiiSon« 
boil) -game, 1. baft G^maQioilb (opp. 
dtot^lbilb)^ 2.(au<!ft— groQse),vtd.Gronte; 
— goard, [blag'gfrd], 1. bcrXrofbubt) ge» 
meitte^ fd^muiiQt SUxt, Qfiegel; 2. cine !2Crt 
irldnbifid^er ^^nupftobalPj — balled, mit 
i^mxitmOixiffi —hole, baft ftnftere Sod^, 
(f(^Ie4te) (BeifdRgniP/ 6ef. beim Wlitix, 
cont j)UQbelo4i — Indiei, bie cci^en 
nemcafller eteinfo^IengntbcQ) — jack, 1. 
Arclweol. ber 04latt4, bie 9<I^Ieif!aitne^ ber 
r4»ar^a(tirteSier!rug} 2. ilfiikbielBleiibe, 
baft gef4imefeltedinfo;:i}b i — latten, 64ioarj« 
mefjingj —lead, Min. baft jRei^blei, ^ott* 
lot^j — l.crncible, ber ©leierjtiegelj — 1. 
pencil, ber ©leiflift^ — I. powder, Giferi' 
f4»£r}e$ —1. spar, bunfler IBIeifpat^^ 
04n)ar}b(eieri, eieiftwdrje) —legs, pi. 

1. Ent. ber OartenMferj 2. Vet. (in Unc.) 
eine 64af« u. ^&(ber(raR(^eit oon in firn4»> 
tern Sutter 9 3. Com. cant ber 3R)if4cil^ittb« 
ler (an ber lonboner IBftrfe) i -better, 1. gro« 
ber, r^wa^er ^xndi 2. got^if^eed^rift) 
— letterman, jSg. beri9)ft4er»urm5 —mail, 
(e^em.) 1. ber 9tduberfoIb, baft ^i^u^elb^ 

2. ^atnral}infen (in (Betreibe, S(eif4,u.)5 
—martin, Om. bie^auerf^loalbej —mas 
tenrort, Bot, bie SReifiermur} $ —match, 
ber 3unberf4»amm4 —meat, baft 64»args 
fieifd) (ber^afen, &4nepfni, u.)? -mettle, 
ber fdftmarse Gitiefer^ -monday, ber IDfter? 
montage Unglndfttag^ etraftag^ ^iaxi^* 
tnngfttag) —monk, vid, —friar; —moor, 
ber !9to(fr (vtd. Blackamoor) ; —mouthed, 
1. f4mai^mdnlig$ 2. jSg. ein lofeft SRauI ^a* 
benbj Com-*, —mans, ©^leierfappen i^on 
r(^»arsem®Utn|tafft$ —oak bark, bie enters 
cttron«9linbe$ —oakum. Mar. iBerg oon 
get^ertenSonett) —peopled, mit ft^marsen 
^enf^en bet>6l(trt$ —pins, |)aamabeUi9 
-plates, ei^marsbie^i —points, {d^macit 




OUalforoOett Cief. fikt teiijHmtcl n$^ ttttl 
afrifomf^fn M^Oi — puddins, bie S9Ittt« 
viirft^ — rcnti, pi. hit 3infett in 2Raturtt»| 
liai (i»<2. —mail, 2.); uher of the — rod, 
Ut (StxtvMvUnmtifttt 90m SDrben be$ ^o^ 
fettboitM^ S^&rfleier mit bem Mmarjen 
etabe oor bemS>b(r9arIa]nente u. bem ^Mgl 
3immer4 —Sea, Geog. bad f^nwcit Sfleerj 
— sickness, eine itrait!(ett ber mdnuHdjien 
^(nfhrn na4 ber Segattungj —smith, ber 
(9robf<!bmieb,f)uff4mieb$ —stone, beri93erg> 
torf, bie IBergpe^erbe^ -syrop, (i»@ttb= 
amerifa) ein bem $usf4e d^nli^ed <9etr£n!| 
-tail, Ich. ber Jtaitlbarfib) —tea, ber2%ee« 
bnb) —thorn, Alt. ber @^»arsbont,®4Ie(* 
bom I — tin, iltn. bad gepocbte u. gemof^ene 

1. %mL €M|^meIien subereitete diiner)^ - 
Tarnish, ber 0teintoblentber 4 — visaged^ 
aft f4marHm(9eft4it$ — vomit, bad [(bmar^e 
drbrei^tt ihtim gelbes Sibber); — wad, 
ilfiR.bad®ab^f(bioar|e^attgdne(i$ —wa- 
ter-rat, Zool, bie Mvorse ^aferratte^ - 
vood, f4n>ftr3ed@benboIjaitd!D{abddadcar5 
-vork, bie ®n>bf4Mniebdarbect$ — worts 
(whortlebenriea), j)rlbeibeeren. [Blaokea. 

To Bttek, V. a. fibtbor} ma4c»$ vui To 

Blai:k'9mdOr, BUiek'-^-m66r, s. ber ^t^iX, 
!Bto§r) she— ,bie9{egenas, SXo^rinni — 's 
teeth. Com. cant. i(aarid, ^uf(belge(b. 

To BiSck^ill, vid. ust. Biack. 

ToBllck'^n, v.La. Mlbar^tta^en, Mv&r^ 
ItBf fig- tmfd^mic^ni U.n. f4>bar$ tbcrben. 

Black'^nQT, «. Giner, ber (Stwod &erbttit!elt, ic. 

Biack'sn^rd, *. vid. tmt Black. 

Black'ga^r^fm [blSg'-g^-dizm], s. bad ge= 
aeine, fi^miQlge ISefen, bie ^Icgelei. 

Blacfc'iag, s. 1. bad 04»>drsen > 2. bie ©(bttb* 
fdkm&rse $ ber B^vmitl 1 —bait, v£<f . black-b 
nai. Black; -bmsh, 1. bie SBubdbfirfiej 

2. ber€S4»ar$9ittfel. [braun. 
Bladc'jsb,adj. f4n>JriU(b$ —brown, f(bn)ars« 
Blldc^y, €u2v. 1. Mmori? 2. jEgr. abfcbeuli^/ 

grdliiib- [tdwaiteil^i 3. bte^r4enli<bfeit. 

Blad/nfsa, s. 1. bie ed^xoSLtiCi figs. 2. bie 

Black'wfll-fi[c't9rs,«.p/. Com. (Sommifflondre 
ber Zn^xnoxutfactitrett auf bem ^nbe^ fjtr 
bes lonboser SRarft* 

Blid'd^r, s. 1. hit (|)arnO Slafe^ 2. bie 
edbninunblarei 3.badSUd4enaufber|Hittt 
9l&tter(l^en; —nut, Bot bie ^impemup. 

BtiLde,«. l.bad9Mttib«i,®rdd<bett^almiben: 
b-» (of Indian oom), pi. Am. ^DtoidbMt 
ter 9 a — of grass (straw), citt OradK© trobO 
^aimi 2. bad Slatt, bie iCUnge (ber 6Age/ 
bei^efferd, tt.)5 ^^fis- ber JCerl, IBurfibe, 
UJi Mar-s. —of an oar, badSUittctned9ties 

men(€tttberd)i —of an anchor, H^ ditferfle 
etuA bed TCrmed eined TCnIecd, auf »el<bed 
ber Sliigel gef<b»eipt ifti —of the shoalder. 
bad ^(bttlterblatt) a pair of b-s, eine (Sant' 
»inbe5 — bone, b(^64ulterblatt$— mill, bie 
€$(bleifmu^le^ —smith, ber® ^mertfeger. 

To Blade, v. I. a. mit einer JlUnge ©erfe^en^ 
II. n. to — it, 1. ben fftenomiflett madden, 
)>rableni 2. ffboffen/ auff^ief en. 

Bla'd^d, adj. 1. bebaUnt, bebMttert^ 2. Min. 
and longen unb binnen yidttiben bejlebenb; 
— corn, (Setreibeanf bem 4>alme, ®./meU|^ed 
gef^oft fidt 

Bifun, s. 1. ber (f&hiU) B^mixtn, bie (SiterO 
aSeuIe^ 2. Far. eineiiBeute m ber^ungen^ 
tbursel oerf^iebener Z^im. 

Bla'ffl9ble (BlSme'^ble), I. adj.; U. -ly, 
adv. tabelbaft; tabelndrourbtg^ ftrafbar^ III. 
— ness, s. bieXabelndlbilrbigf eit;6trafbarhit. 

To Blame, v. a. tabeln $ f<beUen i beftbulbiger 
(for a thing, emer 0a4e i }u». au^ mit oQ- 

Blame, I. s. 1. berSabel, btedlitgej 2. bad 
IBergeben; bie Zd^ulh, bod Serbreiben. 

Blame'fai, adj' tabelnd^ertb, ftrafbar. 

Blame'i^ss, L adj. (mit of) ; U. — ly, ado. ta« 
bellod; nntobel^aft/ naflibttlbtg$ III.— ness, 
s. bie Untabelbaftigfett/ Unftbulb. , 

Bla'm^, s. I. berS^ablerj 2. ber ®pUttcr« 
ri(bter, Jtrittler. [wurbigWt. 

Blame'worthin96s[— wur— ], s. bteXabelnd^, 

Blflme'worthy [-war-], adj. tabelndttfirbig. 

BlSn'c^rdf, Com. SSlanfarbd (frangdf. 
^einmanb, bef. nm (Ronen ge»ebt). 

To Blanch, v. I. a. 1. mei^matben^ weifen^ 
2. (— Itaen cloth, 8ein»anb) bleitben^ 3. 
(—coin, SRfinien) »eif fiebenj ccrjuincni 
4. to — almoads, &c. Cook, ^anhiln, tc. ab« 
blllfen/ fasten 9 roUeni 5. to — endive or 
lettuce, iifor^ Qrnbioie ob. £atti(b blei^en 
(»eif cb. gelb werben laflfen) 5 6. to — the 
plaachets, Mint, hit ®(br6tlinge (®oIb' ob. 
€$ilberplatten) matt ma(ben5 T. fig. ein» 
fteibcn (eine (Hebe, 5fttt»ort, k.), bemdnteln, 
bef(b5nigen, neifbrennen; II. n. ^udfUt(bte 
fu4en Ob. oorbrtngen, audraeicben. 

Bmacb, (Blanche), s. ©lanco, ©ianca (g-n.>5 
—farm, Xau, ein ®vct, mooon ber $a4t}ind 
audf(bliefU(b in ®elb entri(btet »irb. 

Bl^'ch^r, ^.Mech. 1. berS3let(ben 2. Tan. 
ber (Berber bed @(bmalleberd$ 3. Mint, ber 
©eiplieberj 4. 5p&r(.ber3;reiber^3<igbb«nb. 

BlaVcbjog, s. T. 1. badSBeipeu^ i^let^en, u.9 
in'd. ToBIanch; 2.badi6er^innen$ 3. Mint. 
bad ®et^ unb ©Idn^enbrna^cn ber aeugo^ 
prdgten @ilber<^iin}en. 

Blanc-man'g^r [bl9m$nzh', Wb.i blam6nj', 




WorcJ], s. Cook* bie weife (Sa&erte, bad 

ffBeifeflen, Gienoeif. 
BlKnd, a<tf. mtlb, faaft^ %Mq, 
BlSttdi'tion, #. bU Z^mtUiftUL 
Blfn^'^quf Hce, BlaDdiF9qQy> «• filf < IBottC, 

To Bl&nMjsh, v. a. fd^meidjieltt, (tebh)fen< 
BlSn'diBbfr, #. ber C^mei^Ier. 
BUn'djshmfnt, «. 1. bad G^metd^eln (mit 

fBorten)) 2. bie ^iebfofung, 9re»nbU4Mt 
Blandfa^n, «. bie !SttIbe, eanftmut^, ®ute. 
Blink, I. a4;. l.xotif, unbef^ttebett; leer (oon 

einm^a^iere^ ffiud^e/U.)) 2. wdpi blaf, 

blei^i 3. bef^dmt, mut^ToS, i»er»unbert/ Blls'pli^moos, Ladj.; U.—ly, adv. gottcd* 

bebeifen; to -one, l.UuaintnpMmi 8. 

>^. oerfpotten^ au^ie^n. 
Blan'Mjng, s. Lbad^reOcn; 2. baddcag 

%u IBettbccfcn. [4.^. bcf4in&mt. 

Blink'Jy, adv. 1. meifi 2. Imi 3. blaf$ 
To Biire, v. n. 1. (». fl.) b(5fcQ, briUlcn) 2. 

fi^mltn, n>c9r<^mcl»cn (wic dn ti4»t). 
Blike, f . ®(afftt» (SR-n.). 
Blfi'fpn, «. ik V. vid. Blazon. 
To BiMpbeme', v. I. a. ((Sott) I&flcrn, flu* 

4cn { (Gitten) I£flcnt$ II. n. (Sottcdldfte* 

rung audfiof en. 
BMpbs^m^r, #. ber ®ottcdIdfhrcr, Safhrer. 

oermirrt, befifint) 4. reim(od) 5. i^oflftdn' 
^id/ d<ui},>ttangeUod$ n.comp.— bar,, 
ber (3itt»anb gegen bte SSef^nlbtgnng bed 
Mi^tHi —bond, (--charter), bad unattdge' 
fSnte Sormitlar etned S>octtmentd, Slanqnet 
Sn emer S)bngation^ — cartridges, MU. 
$ttlT>erpatronenD(ne Jtttgebi) —cover, bod 
Uere <5ow»ert$ Corns, —credit, ber offene 
Qrebit/ 1Ccceptatlond»/ ®Ian€o> ob. flSecbfel* 
Qrebit) —endorsement, bad (SKrtren ober 
<Siro ittOIancoi —letter of attorney, bad 
SUmquet }ur fSotina^U — license, ein bio* 
ftt Qztttt, unaudgeffiUter) S^rauf^ein? — 
—manger, (—mange), vftd.Blanc-m.;— Terse, 
A>et. reimlofe 3<i>nben. 

«Unk, s. 1. ber meif e (leere) ^la^ anf bem 
9apiere ob. in einem Su^e? 2. badnnbe> 
f^riebene Ropier ^ 3. f^apter mit andgel5f4« 
ter Gc(>rtft$ 4. bad Idlanqnet, unauddef&Ute 
gormuUri 6. bad blinbe gcnfler ober bic 
blinbe Z^^ti 6. bie 9^ete (in ber Sotterie) i 
ber leere ® urf iai fiBfirfeln $ bie meife (bilb^ 
lofe) itarte) T. badSBeipe in ber e^eibe^ 
Mints. 8. ber ®4r5tUnd (bie nngeprdgtc 
!Mniplatte5 b-s, pi. i8ttttbmiitt)e)) 9. ber 
fiSeifipfennig (alte e4eibem6n)e)$ Corns. 
in—, Slanco) to accept in — , in 9. aecepti* 
renj to draw in—, in©. trafHren; to en 
dorse in — , in ©. inboffiren, ob. giriren j to 
leave in — , in IBIanco lafen (ni^t andfiitllcn, 
da^Ien, 92amen^ :c.). 

To Blank, v. a. 1. aud(5f4en, tcmit^ten; 
auf^bctt) 2. mttt(Iod, be^r^t ma((en, be« 

Bl&n'kft, s. I. sing. 1. bie meipe^toollene^ett' 
bede, Cede (broad—, bie feine^ n. narrow—, 
bie grobe)) 2.bieSIanea«CBinbeIa d..Stfg.m 
bad 6ei^<b inm (SinUqtn in ben S)nr(b« 
Jtt0dh)rb4 4. Print, bte (gilj. ob. »uibO 
Unterlage j n. b-s, pi. MU. 3finbpapier, 
Srennntaterialien ffir Oranber. 

To BlXn'k^t, V. a. (mit einer SDerfe) }ttbctfeni 

Idfterli4i, IdflerUib. 

BlXs'phdmy, s. bie0^ottedUflenuig,2dflentag. 

BIlUt, s. 1. sing. Nat. 1. bte Suftftromnng, 
ber SBinbflop $ 2. bie Sufterf^iiittentttd (bnrcb 
dnen itanonenf^uf/ u.)) 3. Min. bie iSi' 
plofion (bed eSprengpuli^erd^ eined bdfcn Witt* 
terd, u. i 4. /-to. bie (sur e^melinng cincr 
beftomtctt CUtantitdt Of r$ erforberli^e) teft* 
maffe^lttftfdnle) 6. ber64aa,Xon (eined 
Sladittftrumentd) i 6. ber f4^bU(be Suft* 
ftrom, bie 9)c^nft$ ber !Keblt(an, ©ranb 
(aufl^flanien^ :c)) r. bcrOetterf4aben$ 
Olii/ bieiSntiitnbnnd i>om©Ii(ei —furnace, 
J-w. ber |>o(ofett) —ointment, bieSranb* 
falbe) n. b-s, pi. Min. bic b6ren SEBetter. 

To BlSst, V. a. 1. oerfengen, ocrbrcnnen, r<bla« 
gen, melfen madden (bttr(b j>agc(, ^c^It^at^ 
K.)9 fie-*' 2.plagen/ oemi^ten/ tcreiteln, 
loermitnr^en; ».) bcfibimpfcn, bcf4imi(en$ 
3. (to— abroad) nt^tbar ma^cn, andpofan* 
nen^ 4. (mit$uIoer) fprcngen. 

BlSs't^r, *. ber 3crfi6rer, Cerbcrbcr. 

Bits'ting, I. p. J. bad Serfcngcn, u. i U. p. a. 
terfengenb/ :c.i vid. Blast, s. k ». 

Blfts'ty, adj. fhtrmiM^ vid. To Blast. 

BlfstSI'QgXf '• Vint bic Sc^rc rom ©cfdbnci* 
ben ber SBeinftotfc. 

Biay, s. Ich. ber f&dfffi, vid. Bleak (-ftak). 

Bllize, s. 1. bie (bcHc ob. lobernbc) SI<>nin^/ 
gatfel^ attdMmcnbcGInt) bad^bern ob. 
£en<bten ber S(ammc$ 2. bie JBerbreitung 
eined ®criidt»td; bie ^agei 3.bcrtdrm, Xn* 
mult) 4.bie«(dire (an bcretim c.^fcrbcd). 

To Blize, V, I. n. 1. flammen, fadcin; attf« 
(obem,Ieu<ftten^ fnifiem^ /g'^.2.gldiiscii, 
f^immem^ 3. inbieXugcnrpringenj 11. a. 
1 .(to — abroad), nnbtbar ma^^en, tcrbrcCtcs i 
2.For.(IBdttme bur4 6inf<bnitte inbiefiflinbc^ 
mdp id^nen, anf^Iagen. 

Blft'z«r,«. ber^erbrdter t^on 9ienig(cttctt, it. 

Bl&'zfng, p. #. icp. p. badglammcn, K. vid. Tv 
Blaie; — star, iUt. ber^aarflcm, Xomct. 




ToBli'i^ r.«u 1. Her. hUfoxdrm^ 2. fig. 

oMitnmm, larCMM asSIegcni 3. |tcrcn, 

wtf^^ntOLi 4. bef^umt maitn, taope^an 

acn i pvtiftJi, fritrn. 
BUi'zpo, #. 1. Htr. bU SBovenfiuibe, JBopen 

fttsfl) a. (fr«]ii.) bod SBapen; 3. fig. ba» 

(Uiate)9rdfeii, Xatpofattnen. 
BIS'z^D^,^. l.Her. berSlafoirifl: a)«Bapett« 

tosbtge) ()<B-(eroIb{ S.ber1Cit$porauner. 
Bli'zpnry, s. /fer. bie flBapenfonbe, Slafo- 

Blea, J. 1. ber epltat im^o^t) i 2. Bot. bie 

»c^ {>afel{laabc$ 3. vid. Bleak (-itb)f 

—berry, bic fBifff^erre, 4>eib(Ibecre. 

To Bleach, v. I. a. bUi^en) loeif ma^ttt) 

n. n. bidden, mctf wcrben. 

BlSa'ch^r, #. ber Slct^er, bit f^tci^erittiu 

Blea'difry, «. bie Sld^e/ ber 9(et4|>Iat- 

BtSa'cblDg, p. #. bad SBIet4^eii9 — ground, 

(ia<t bleacb-yard), bie Slet^e/ ber Slei^^ 

pin^i — liqaid, bad S[ei4»afer. 

BI€ak, L a4}. 1. blaf, blei<»$ 2. fait, frofti^^ 

3. fraarid, fresbenlod) n. #. 1. vid. Blea; 

2. (-fiih), Ich. ber «itim^i Me «Iife) 
I.X Sfete. 

BlSancjdi, adi. etwod Mt, frdflli«. 

Bleakly, aifo. Blialcy, adj. vid. Bleak. 

Bliak'o^M, «. 1. bie Mef^e {farbe, ^IdfTe^ 

Bi€ar, adj. ttfiht, luuUU um^ta,umatUlU 
—eyes, Xriefau9en) —eyed, triefdugig) 
fig. ehtfdtttg. [madden. 

To Bliar, v. a. (bie Tiu^ttC) trflben^ triefdttgig 

BKa'rvdofM, #. b(e Xriefdudighit. 

To BItet, V. «u bUfen (n>ie ein 64»af)* 

BUEat, BlSa'tfng, s. badSI^fen (eined e^afeS). 

Bleb, 4. bie 9\a^t, baft tfBafTerblddAeit 

Bi^iOiy, adj. boO Slafen, blaflg. 

BKd, pret. ft p. p. b. To Bleed. 

To Bl«€d, tf. tr. I. n. 1. lit. kfig. Mitten $ 2. 
tropfen, MpfrUi) audlanfni) (bom €^afi 
berSdnme^ u., bef. ber flSeinrebe) blnten^ 

3. etsed geiboltfamen Sobeft flerbm) the 
vork b-«, Bk&. bad Sud^ ifl berf^nttten, an« 
dcMidtten (bei bem fief^neiben); II. a. 1. 
JOT Tttt lafen^ 2. ben C^aft and einem 
Qainne s<U>fnt. 

Bl^^d^r, «. ber Tbcrlafler (JBtmbarst, k.)* 
Bl^e'diiis, I. p. a. biQtenb, fig. gefd^rli^^, \u 

ll.p.i.l.bodSlttteii) 2.ber!2rbertaf ) 3. ber 

SUitf[sf4 4. bad Gaftabsapfett b. Mnmen. 
To Bl&n'iah, v. a. 1. berunftalten, entfteKen; 

2.>!g.bef4i]BPf^/f4inbeii$ 8. Sport, bom 

CM^iveif abge^en. 
BKtt^, «. 1. ber Seller; bod (Bebre^eH) 

S.J^.ber(e4anb«)9e(f,9XahI) ^s^impf/ 

bie 64aabe$ 3. Spor;. berSnu^: ii)bet 
abgebrod^ene 3ibcig sur Scicicbnung ber 
Silbbabn ob. (For.) bed ^oigWaged, bie 
aXarfe, epitr; t) bad Ybgeben bcr^agb* 
brnibc ooitber epur) 4. 7. ber Sled (Srudb). 
bie ungasie eteOe (aufDRetanobcrfldcbeii). 

Bl^n'isblfis, oOj. mafellod, fcbicrfrci, tors 

ToBUnch, {urdcffibrecfcn, »ci4cn* 

Bi^ncb, s. hfig. bie XbibciAung; JBcrimiii§) 
2. Low, to hold land in — , ein Qtuct Canb 
anf <lrb« ob. (Sntnbitnd beflben i —holding, 
bad ^bn dcgeii Sciftung einer (Belbfummc 
(c/. Blancb-fiuin). 

Bll^n'€h^,#.bad€kbre<fbilb/ bicSodcIf4en<bc^ 

To Bl^nd, V. I. a. 1. mtfcbcn, bermif^en) 2. 
tenoirreit) II. n. fl4 bermifibeii. 

SI€nd,(Bl«nde),^. illin. bie Sienbc (cindinf* 
erj)j —metal-Iron, (in Stajf.) e(n grobcd 
IJifenerjj —water. Yet. einc ^eberfranfbcit 

BiSn'd^r, #. ber ecrmif<ber. [bed 0tinboicbcd. 

Bl^n'dons, adj. blenbenartig. ' 

Bi^n'ny,^. Ich. ber ^ibtcimfiW/bieYabtttttter. 

ToBi&f, V. a. l.fegnen) cinfegnen$ 2. be* 
gliicten; gcbeiben laffen} 3. ftUg ma<bctt$ 

4. (gliitfli^) preifen^ lobpreifen, rtibmen; 

5. to — one's lelfat..., fiib lautbeflagcn 
fiber .. ., fam. ficb freusigen n. fcgncn bei ... ) 
—me I int. gerecbter |>immcn bad ndre* 
loie ! ift ed nidgU4 \ 

BlCf'sfd, I. (p.) adj. 1. gefcgnet, begtiiift, 
glittfli^/ glfl(ffclig) 2. fclig4 3. gelobt, gC' 
priefcn^ —thistle, Bot. beriSarbobenebicten^ 
n. the — (the — spirits), s. pi. bie Gcligen. 

Bl&'s9dly,ado.gefegnetJc(ig$ gliitfUib* 

BISs's«dn«ss,i. l.bie<B(iicrrcligrcit,badailfi(f, 
4)eil , ber Gegen^ 2. U^ g^ttli^e ^nlb 
<3nabe) GeligMt. 

Bl&'sf r, s. ber Segldderj Sefcliger, u. 

Bl&'sing,#. l.bieCegttung^ 2. bcr6egen, 
bad^eit) biegdttii^e^nlb^ 3.biepropbetif4c 
«erbetfttng ffinftiger OldiffeligMt^ 4. fig. 
bie eegnung; ffBobltbat, ber ftortbcil) 5. 
Jew. ReL bad i3tfditnt, bic <3abe5 6. wig* 
bie (Heine) dugabeber^imer, j)6(er,K. 

Bies'singf, pL 1. flBobltbatcn; 2. col. <3Ifi(f ) 
e4dbe. [Bless. 

Bli^t, pref. ft p. p. contr, ft Blessed, b. To 

Ble^, pre(. b. To Blow. 

Bleyme [blCm], 4. Far. bie Gtetnganc. 

Blfght [but], s. I. sing. 1. ber 9Xcb(tb<ni, 
IBranb) 2. bad 0(bneibenbe, S^efTenbe, bie 
e<b<rfe) 3.* ber (Siftbau^i H. b-s, pi. 
Am. ein j>antandf(blag. 

To BBght, v.a. 1 . (bnr4 QXebltbaU; k.) bctber* 
ben)2.^.amOcb€ibcnbinbcm4 tcrni^tctt. 





lUIgh'ty, adh ooUcr 9Xe(It()ftU. 

Bnad,adj, 1. blinb, blobfidi^tig (—of, jitis. 
in one eye, auf einem ICuac)^ figs, 2. Mint 
(mit to, gcgen); unberannt (mit), icf 3 
bimfel (f4»»tr in ftnben cber iuantrrf^^eiben, 
oon e.SBege, ic); d^^tm, terbe(ft (oon e. 
Xreppe, e. (Bange^j bitab (oon e. X^or, 
e. f0{auer, e.genflcr,2c.)J 4. obfair, roenig 
betont (9on e. €S(btnh, 2C.){ 5. unubcrlegt 
umotfTenb^ 6. faiM/ uniureiiben!), albem 
(Don e. Sntftbulbtgung, ic.)i 7. )>trlof<b(n, 
unleferliib (von ber Shrift/ u.)? 8« ^cn'pr 
moralifcb t>trberbt^ tbdr{(bt4 —paths, p^ 
Srrmege 9 a man's — side, 3emanbe$ f^wa^e 

- €$ett(i comp. moon — , pnr — , sand ~, vid, 
in H., P., S.; a — alley, baS ®df4en 
obne Vufigang, ber Gacf, bat Jtebnoicbet) 
-> beetle, £n^ ber 9){dtfdfer j —coal, Xaub< 
9oble,<BIansfobIe^ —cupping-glass, •Surg, bie 
IBentofe; ber bUnbe @<br6pffopf9 —fires, 
verborgetteS^uer} —got, Anat. berSIinb^ 
bar* J —lane, vid. —alley; —nan, ber 
fdiinUi —man's ball, —Harry, Bot bcr 
9t>^ifti —man's buff, bad Sltnbefubrptel^ 
— netUe. Bvt. bie Sraunmurij —tooled, 
Bkh, bimb (o^ne Sergolbung) abgebnuft^ 
mit bem blofen ©ortfllet cerjiert^ — torns, 
3aIou|ie45orrciber5 —vessels, Chem, ©e^ 
fdfe, loelibe nur auf einer &titt tint £)ffnung 
baben^ a — wall, bie fpamfcbe flBanb/ ber 
CSibitnij a — way, w/d.— alley; -worm, 

Blind, s, L nng, 1. lit. kfig. bieDcde, ^fillc 5 
2. jig. bad JSorgeben, ber Sonoanb, bie 2(n&« 
flu(bt4 3. baft blinbe genftcrj ©itterfenfter 
4. bad (Rouleau 4 bie IBlenbe^ 5. Fort. Ut 
Slenbe; 6. Min. bie IBIenbe, vid. Blend; 
T. 5wrg. ein ©tblag (0tof ) o^ne Mthavt 
eerle^ttsg) ll. b-s,p/. l. /^ort. (mit sing.) 
bie SienbC; ^Slenbung ^ 2. Man. 04»euleb'er) 
rolling b-8, OtoDialottflen (ton 3ettg)) Vene- 
tian b-s,3aIouf!en ((5i}ernc3aIoujlefenfter). 

To Blind, v.a.l. lit. blenben^ 2. Dcrbunfeln; 
ocrf{nflern9 3. fig, ]»erblenben {pass, mit 
by . . ., at . . .) ; 4. ioerbun!e(n^ trfiben (f&r baS 
geiftige Vuge)^ 5. Fort, blenben. 

BITnde, s. Min. vid. Blend, Blende. 

BITnd'ft>ld, adj, k adv. 1. mit oerbunbenen 
Vngen) 2. blinbUngft, unbefonnen. 

To Bnnd'f<)id, v.a. bic Kugen cerbinben. 

Blln'ding, p. t. baft l&Ienben, Uv vid. ToBliad. 

BHndly. adv. 1. blittb* 2. blinbKng«,K. 

Bllnd'n^ss, *. 1. bie ©linb^eitj 2. ^g.bte 

To Blink, v. II. 1. blinfen, blinjen; hibmlm 
mUfig, (a.) ftberfe^en^ 2. blintcn j cin Mma« 

tbed ^9^t berbrettett; blaf brennett; tcj 3. 
Sport. (Dom^agbbunbe) i>or bem %ogel, ic. 
t>orbeilaufen,obne i^n au^nfpurcn,ubergeben. 

Blink, s. 1. ber pIo^Ii(b )>oritbergebenbe €S(bim- 
mer; baS 2BIin(en9 2. baft Slin^auges £iebe$« 
blinfen 9 3. Sport, ber Sru* (abgebro^ene 
3n>eig^ bie ^cxtt, @pur, gem. im pi., cf. 
Blemish) $ 5e<i, —of the ice, ber 6i6* 
blin!; 6i6bli(f (in ben $olarmeeren)9 —of 
the land, (in ben ^olargegenben) ber mcifc 
ober gelblicbe, burcb grope ^^(bnee^d^en 
verurfaibte (SBieber*) 6<b(in om j)oriiont9 
-beer, Sagerbier, »el<beft ni(bt ange|apft 
mirb, bift e$ eine bob^ (K^if^ enei<bt (ot9 
— eyed, blinjfiugig. 

Blin'k^rd, Blin'k^r, s. 1. ber»Unj(Oer, «. 
2. baft IBlinfenbe. 

Biin'k^rf , s. pi. Man. vid. b. ebtere Blinds. 

Blin'kjng, I. p.s. boft IBUnsen^ :c.| — of beer, 
Brew. ba6 ®dbren ber IBicr»iir|e$ II. p. a. 
biinfenb, K.9 a — idiot, jig. ein armer (gut* 
miitbtger) Sropf^ QHnfaltftpinfel. 

Bltss, s. )ie ®lfi(freligfett (bef.bereeUgen), 
gfTi. flSonne. 

Bfifss'fiil, I. adj.i II. - ly, adv. fclig, gMrffelig, 
monnet>oai in. — ness, s. bie ® ludPfeligf eit, 

Bliss'l^sB, adj. ungefegnet; unglutfliib- 

To BIis'sQui, V. a. bcfpringcn, borfen. 

Bffs't^r, *. l.bieSIafej (i>i^*)^latttv, baft 
IBIdft^en, bcr @(bmdren$ 2. bie!SIafe(an 
9flanien)9 3. bie blafenf5rmige @rb6iung, 
9ta^ (an X^^onarbeiten, SRetangufTen, ic, 
gc»6bnl. im pl.)i 4. (—plaster), baftSla^ 
fenpflaficr,3ttgpfla(lcr5 — ily, Ettt. bicfpa* 
ttifie 'S^it^fi —steel, vid. Blistered steel. 

To Blis^t^r, V. I. n. ®Iafen befommeu) II. o. 

1. IBIarenpflafier^K. anflegen^ Slafen iieben9 

2. /-IT. Ui bcr ©tablbereitung aiafen auf 
bem (Sifen (eroorbringen. 

Blis't^red, adj. w>Utv S3Iafen ob. f8lattern4 

-steel, ber »Iafen|labI. 
Blls't^rjog, p. s. (& a. —heat), bie @ntjiinbung 

(mit^rb(attem)^ —plaster, vid. Blister, 4. 
Birt, Blits, s. vid. Blite, Ac. [beerfptnat. 
Biite, Blites, s. Bot. bie 99eermelbe, ber @rbs 
Bin/), I. s. t}/d. BIcstings ; II. ad;, vid. Blithe 
Blithe, h adj.; H. — ly, adv. proj, munter, 

luflig, aufgerdumt$ III. —ness, s. bie Sr5b' 

n*fcit, SKunterfeit. 
Bllt/ieYdl, adj. toit Blithe, qv. [Blitheness, qv. 
BlTt/ie's9nie, I. adj.; II. — ness, s. mit Blithe, 
Bloach, s. bie ©lafe, ©latter. 
ToBluat, V. I. a. 1. //t. &^g. auffibmeUen, 

anfbldb^n (d<»- niit up)$ 2. vid. To Blote ; 

II. fi. auff^^meKcn^ auflaufcn. 




BIWM, I. at^. I. aufgebunfen (-with, oon)j 
2. fig, onftcMafenj — hcrriog (C), vid> 
vast To Blote; II. -ness, s. bad ^^weOen; 
^ie Kafdebunfeittett, (Sef^mnlft. 

BI5b^^, s. provinc. inel. MeSIofe^ — Up» 
(an* blob>lip)» bie bidPe 2ipp€j —lipped, 

Bl«ck, J. 1. ber (ro^c) fQM (y>t>n ^olg, ©tciti, 
u.)4 2. r-ber(bearbeitete)S5locf: a) BW. 
ber Stlo^, &tdn i 6) ber ^io( sum ^ol^f^nti^ 
ben 5 c)Hat. beraSlorf, 4>nt|lo(f5 d) H-dr. 
bcr^erriidPenftotf^ O^<»60toa^oIj}/)Mar. 
bie Swigfcr 5 ber Jttoben, bie («loce«)e4eibe, 
ShxfroUe^ g) FoZAc. bie Stange (attf ber ber 
galMt^Oj A)bermi*tbto(fj figs. 3. ber 
.M$ (p\uwpt, bunune ^ettf4)5 4. bad ^in^ 
Uvnifi camp. — bookst. Print. SBfidftermtt 
^I|tafeln gtbrutft, xDlogrop^iWe ©nitfe^ 
—carriage, JIfii. ber®lotfn»ttgett$ —head, 
ber S>iimm!opf/ Stit^i —headed, bitnini^ 
•^headly,bumm!6pftg3 —house, bad® Io<f« 
tftaa (bef. }ttr eert^eibtgund etned f>afend) $ 
- like, bnrnin, einfdltig i — maker, ein ©lotf« 
brewer j — maet. Afar, ein ©oleeren* ob. 
&4ebe<fen«f0{aft, mit bteretf igten Sopp unb 
B^dbtni -printer, ber ©lodPbrurfer $ — 
printing, ber Ibrnd mit gonsen f>olitafe(n, 
ber ^oljbrutf^ — tin, bas ffilorfjinnj — 
theavea, Mar, ®Io(f ft^etben ) -stones, rol^e 
6teiamaffen) —strop, i>irf. Strop ; —wood, 
mtlg. bad Gampec^e^ols. 

To BtSck, V. a. 1. immen, fperren, berflopfen 5 
2. (to— np), blodKren, terrommelnj to— ont, 
1. Sculp, bilb^auen 5 2. Wood, anft^ebett, 
(and bent (^rdbjften) au^fi^neiben, au&ftedjien. 

BIdckade', s. bie Slo(fabe^ ^erennung. 

To BlSckade', v. a. blodfiren, bercnnen. 

Bl5ck'}Dg, -MP, J. bie ©lotfabe. 

Bldck^isb, I. adj.; IT. — ly, adv. ^uxam, plump/ 
tdlpift) ni.— ness, *. bie ©umm^cit, bad 
tdlpif^e flSefen. 

BK/raary, s. /-to. bad grifd^feuer. 

Blonde, B15nd, s, (franj.) comp, —lace, bie 
Stcnbenf —maker, ber ©-Wfippler, bie 
©-ttipplerinn^ -silk, bie ©pi^enfeibe. 

Bidod [bind], *. 1. bttd«lut, ®eblfit5 2. » ber 
(Srauben«)@aft (bef. b. rotten Zx.), bod 
5)lnt5 3. Jig, bie ^Tbftammung, ^erfunft, 
CerroanbtWaft, ®lutdfceunbf*afti TCrti 4. 
a) bad Wnigl.,2C.©lnt,®ebliiti 6) bie e^rcn* 
noOeKbftammimg/ bie ^o^ef^erfunft? &• bad 
fJIttt^&ben, 6. bad (oergofTene) IBIut, ber 
3Rorb, !Jobtf4tagi T. bie ffllutmaEung, 
|)t$e, ^eibenfi^oft, ber3om (andj^ill- , (Sx» 
biftenrag, tc.)5 8. <»■• (bon einem ^enf^en; 
bcf.) avoung- , bad junge (raWc) IBlntj 

old-, ^ferbe mit ben (dngflcn etammbdtt* 
men 5. new -, ^ferbe, mclt^e nic^t ton 
bem erftcn inSnglanb eingeffi^rtcn arabifc^cn 
^engfle (Godolphin) abflommenj half-, 
uW.Half-b.; to let one-, ^inm jUrXbcr 
laffenj to be let-, jur Tiber laffcni -crim- 
soned,* mit©. gefdrbt 5 b-roti>4 -frozen, 
erflarrted©. (abenb) — gniltincss, bie©-* 
fti^ulbi -horse, ein cblcd, fcuriged ^fcrb 
(bott eblem [arabif*en] Ocbliit)^ —hot, 
b-marm, lauj —bound, ber G^mei^^unb^ 
fig. ©-Junb i To - let, V. a. gur ^Kber laffcn 5 
-letter, 1. bcr TCbcrraffcr (vid. Bleeder); 
2. ber Xberlafoert^eibigcr j —letting, ber 
TCberlap, 1C.5 —pudding, bte©-»ur|tj ber 
©-pubbingj —running itch. Far. cincTfrt 
^ferbeaudfa^j —shed, (or— shedding), 1. 
ber ©-berlttfl) 2. bad ©-bergicpen^ ber 
9tRorb,!5obtW!ag4 — shcdder, bcrSWorbcr, 
cont. ©-^unbi —shot, (— shotten), 1. mit©. 
unterlaufcn^ 2.9cllblitttg$ -spavin, Far.^tt 
©-fpatji -stained, 1. lit blutbeflerff j 
2. b-Wn!big^ —stick. Far, bicCRofianjettej 
-stone, Min. 1. ber ©-flcin^ 2. bcr Z^W^ 
and Wabagadcar) —sucker, l.bcr©-ege(4 2. 
bcr ©-fttuger,©ampt)r5 3. fig. ber ©-burfiige, 
SXdrberj —sucking, b-faugenb, b-jie^enbj 
-thirster, ber b-bfirflige, rudMofeSRenfc^^j 
-thirsty, b-bfirflig5 —vessels, ©-gcffifCj 
—warm, I. adj. b-n>arm, Uui II. *. bic ©-* 
n&xmti —wit, — wite, Archaeol. bad ©-« 

. gelb; ©cftrgelb, bie©-ftrafe4 —wood, bad 
©-^olg, Siicaragua^ol}. 

ToBldod, v.a. l.btutig ma(^cn4 2. Sport, 
(einen 3agb(unb) an©Iitt gcmo^nen^ brcf« 
firen$ ^e^enj 3. fam. jur Xber laflen (©« 
nem). vid. To Blood-let. 

Bldod'ily, add. l.blntig; 2. (—principled), 
blutgierig/ graufam^ 3. vulg. i5mmerli<!^, 
abf^enii^. [ber ©(tttburft, bie©ltttgier. 

BlOod'in^Bs, s. 1. bad ©Intige, ©lutigfctn^ 2. 

Bldod'ing, s. bie©lut»urfl4 ber ©lutpubbing. 

BldodVs, adj. 1. Mtttlod, leblod^ 2. oftne 
©lutbergiefcn, unblutig. 

Bldod'y, adj. 1. blutig^ 2. blutgierig, blut« 
bfirfKg 5 3. blutig (mit bielcm©rutioergicfen 
berbanben)4 4. (att<i^ adv.) cant, crj*, rcr* 
bammt, fe^r flariP, ic. 5 - eyed, mit blutigen, 
graufomcn Tfugen (©lirfen)^ -flux, Med. 
bie rot$e{Ru(r) — fluxed, mit bcm©ltttgang 
be^aftetj -jemmy, Cbok. ein gcba(fner 
e^afdfopf^ —minded, Mutgierig, morbfu4« 
tig J — red,bIutrot^i — rod, wrf. —twig; 
-sweat, 1 . ber blutige 04n>eif / ©!utf4»meip i 
2. vid, Sweating'Sickness; —twig, Bot. ber 





To B16ody» v. a. bltttig vxa^tn, mit Slut 

BMAm, s, 1. MelB(fit;^e, Slume^ 2.coU6ct. Die 
niAt^e (U^ iSIA^en); termor) 3. bae Slaue 
(ber fReif) ouf ^paumen, xa ^.fig. bie 
(SnQcnb") ®lAt^e/ )c*$ &• ber ^etPefiBittb< 
ftof j 6. 1-10. ber^eil, SDeuI; SDeuIind^ — 
raiains, ^ottrofinen. 

To Blddm, v.R. lit. kfig. bidden. 

BI6d'iii^ry, #. vid. Blomary. 

BI6d'm|ng,I.2).«.baftffilu^en^ II. p. o.; III. 
— ly, adv. lit, A fig, blfi^enb, bli(tbenrei(b. 

Bldd'my, <!((;. {». A>ig. in Sldt^e, blumenrei(b< 

Bldt'spm, #. 1. lit. bie iSlAt^ej 2. bie ^^xM* 
farbe (e. 9>ferbeO^ —colour, bie blfi^enbe 
Barbej -paper, rfit^HtSeft (26f4*; ^o^ier. 

To Bl&s'i9m» V. n. IQlHit^tn treibeii; bidden. 

Bl<{i't9my» adj. "blUtjitn^oU, bliS^enb. 

To Bist, V. I. a. 1. mit SDinte beffetfen, be« 
flerffenj bene^en^ 2.^. befubeln, Derun* 
ef^reit) 3.>Sg. ocrbunfelni 4. (meift mit out) 
ausflreiiben^ au^rabiren^ auftl6f(bett(Oer4rie> 
beneft ob. aiebrtttftee)^ 5. fig. oenoif^en^ 
tertilden (aue bem (Sebd4tnif ; K.)i n. « 
bun^fcblagen, fletfen (oom ^apitx, k.). 

Bt«t, J. 1. ber ^letfen, StM^, Zinttnfltdi 2. 
bas Vnedefiriiene; TCni^tnif^Ui 3.^. ber 
Sletteit, e(baiibf[e(t) 4. Gam. bie J9)(6fe; ber 
ungebetfte eteiu (im IBretfipiele). 

Blfttcb, jf. bie Qinne; ^i^blatter. 

To Blfttcb, V. a. f^xoit^tn, bepetfen. 

Blttt'chy. adi. flmiig. 

To Blotc, V. a. (burcb {Ilau4) trotfnen; rdu« 
d^emi b-d herrins, ber MdUxL^. 

BlOte, BlO'tfd* Bli/t^dnou, vid. Bloat, ice. 

BlOt't^d, p. a. betleitt^ — chloa ware, nndleitb 
gemaltes ^orjeaan/ urn bie f4»ab(aftcn etel< 
leiiiu bebecfen^ —lineaments,^, grobeditge. 

Blttt't^r, 1. Ckm. bod S^otiibu^/ !0(emonal. 

Blttl'tlns, s. baS %lHttn, u,, vid. To Blot^ 
-paper, boi WW|>a^^ier, gUefcwier. 

Blow, #. 1. ber ed^log, etrei«; ©tof, fiBurf^ 
2.^g.ber (0(bi<fral*-) 94109, UnfdQ, So« 
bedftof $ 3. ber f>aiibflrei4», baft ^Id^litbe Oe* 
f^ebeni 4. bafte<bmeifeR (gelegteei) ber 
3nfccteii) 5. bef. Am. bie (etnielne) Stiltbe^ 
baft Stttben (im TaL^tuu), bte«i&tbe$ 6. 
i4iii. Afar, bie fleife Ml^ltti a — up, 1. 
cine Qx^Ioffott, eia Xuftbntdb) 2.^. eine 
Ottbeitimg, biebabitn|i»enirfa<ttelBen»ir> 
nuig, f>rofUtttttoB5 to bit Ike -, ben re<bten 
%M treffinu -ball, Bot. bit (tn>*ette) «te. 
meiirrose beft^&Miiabtteft) ^ole, baft inft- 
lo^v — orer, C-w. eisnittber ob. omUge* 
btofetter Jt^rycr, ivoraaft ber OUiftf<bfteiber 
PKt e^les t^rarbettet5 -pipe, 1. 7. baft 

£5t(ro(ri 2. G'W. berXubuft luvxHufbl^ 
fen, befgl. 3. AnaU ber Xubuft, u. f&r bie 
CKngemeibei —pipes, pi. bie S9Iafer5(re. 
To Blow, V. ir. I. n. 1. me^en, blafen (oon 
fiBinbe, k.) b^aflg, tmp.); 2. fdj^nanfeit, 
feu(ben4 (ftarf) atf^meni 3. fcballen (port 
i9Iaftinfirumenten)i 4. bM^en, vid. To Bloom 
k To Blossom; H. a. 1. ^en. blafen (&* 
R>aft)$ 2. anblafen; anfa^ben (Seuer, ic.i awS^ 
mit up); 3. an^aniben (bie ginger, )C.) i 4. 
blafen (eine Zxoxtvpitt, xc^ aucb n. mit with); 
6- j^ff- (Gtmaft) i&erbretten, auftpofannen^ 
(mit bem ace. ber ^erfon) terratben^ 6. 
(au(b mit up) aufbiafen (eine Slafe, xc.)j 
Butch, i^aib; ecbdpft'gleifib, ;c.) auf' 
bidden 5 7.G-W. (®(aft)blafen$ S. Smelt 
(dinn) f(bmel5en) 9. bef(bmeipen (oon ^lit* 
gen) 9 to — the (ob. one's) nose, ft<b f(bn5n}* 
jen^to- at, anbIafen(3emQnb)5 to— away, 
to — ofT, 1. megme^en, megblafen, abblafenj 

2. Mech. (nur to — off steam), ^ampf auft^ 
loffeni 3. ji^. wrtreiben, ©crjagen 5 to- 
down, umwe^en, umblafen? to — in, (/i.) 
bincitt me(en4 to — out, auftblafen, auB* 
we^en, attftI6f4en5 to — over. I. a. oer* 
me^en, oertreiben^ n. n. (oon ©tiirmen, xt.) 
M h^xfttmtn, o^ne fffitrhtng loodiber ge^en^ 
to — up, I. «. 1. owfblafen, »ie To—, a. 6.; 
2.>!g. anfblafen, ftol}, anfgeblafen matben? 

3. anblofen, md. To— a. 2.; ^.fig* erregen, 
anfiburen (6treit, Sumult, xc.)i 5. (in bie 
^nft)fprettgen/fpringettlafren5 6. jfg. oer« 
ni^ten (|)Idnc, xc.)i ((Stnen) in H^mnU 
riibteni II. n. in bie ^ft fliegen/ aupegen 
(bitr4 ^(oflott); to — upon, 1. barauf 
blafen $ 2. fig, tera^ten; abnnb^nj —it! 
Cock. ph. (ft. bang it), (oHft ber{>eafer. 

Bisw'f r, s, 1. ber 9Mfer, Bnbldferi 2. berGonf* 
fleuri 3. ber aufbranfenbe !Renf4 » 4. ber 
3umf4me%er, Gcbmelseri 5. baftSlaftrobt^ 

6. baft @4iiebble(b in einem S)fen ob. Jtomin^ 

7. Meek, vid. Blowing-machioe. 
BIOw'jQg, L p. #. baft Sdt&ktn, %C, vid. To 

Blow; II.p.a.iDuibtg,fbilrmif4 (•Sm, ocU^ 
^Bbig)s III. comp. —apparatus, Mech. 
ber €^nuliapparati — kole, baft !BtiiabU>4 
(einer %iAtt, K.) $ — bom, etn Xatbom, XI* 
pettborn$ -machine, Mech, bie |>nbma« 
fibine, ^s^nu^Ie, gegemA^le. 
Blown, p. p. 0. To Blow, qo.; fig. anf^thUt* 
fen (wm Sbrgeia/ «•)> —■?••, anftpofaiwt. 
Blowtfc, «. 1. bie <ci8|diie) «lMtbe> 2. b«« 
SliibeH Ofu ^tit beft iHibciftX 
BlO^ied, p. 0. ovfgebsafei, b^rotb- 
B10#V» a<<i- btiftb^tfigf bo^rotb- 
B«bV»«. I.vii(fir.bie9(afe; 2. berlB«a^ 




ftm^i C9Mm^»}%ixwii 3. ZmL bad; 
aMsftnttonpti —cheeks, hidt, fleiMtse 
SaiCnij —knife, bad epedhnclTer) — % 
bie bitfe ^pe^ —lipped, biAippig^ grof 
atelidi —liver, hit MahUauUhtv. 

ToBI&l/b^r, o. I. n. (— with weeping), f|(( 
bi(f e Sadtoi weinen, (enleii/ fiftlu^S^n $ II. a. 
bsnt SBeimn (bie Satf en) ftit»eaen maifteti. 

Bifid'ile^D, 1. ein htr)er, ttnten bef^lagener 
Ob. mtt 9(et andgegoffencr eto<f. 

B»e, Ladj.; n.adv. l.bUltt^ 2. fig. e^t 
(oiuiblnie— ), aQfrt^tig; 8.OTed, wad in 
9)oItttf, 9teli0ion, Siterotur^ tc. iibertreibt j 
4. fig. ttawci^, Wt^t, tttU, vemirrt) 
ttcell the light bornft— , badSt^t brennt 
f^4t) in. comp.— aiihes, bteblaue^f^e 
QvmS^rbett)/ ihtpferaf4»e; bad itupferblaU; 
ScrgbUm) — bell, BoU bie blaue@Io<£enbItt« 
nr i —bice, omL Bice ; —black, bie (Reif f o^Ie^ 
(bef. and inagen ffBeinran!en)$ —books, 
staU SMarien bed (So(onia(anted in Downing 
street (London) fiber bie oerf^iebenfiett 6itt* 
ri^tsngen u. eer^iltniffe fdmmtL ^olonten 
Ocofbritoiiniend) —bottle, Bot-s. 1. bie 
Jtomblnme (anib —bonnet); 2. eine Kxt 
blaner {>pacint(e j 3. Eni. bie blaue 6(ftmeif« 
ffiege; —boy, ber JBaifenfnabej —buckle, 
bit (^^leme) blau angelaufene G^nanei 
—caps, 1. iron. Gpottname ber 04ot» 
teas 2. Bot ber Seufe(dabbif$*« daisy, 
BoU Me blaue ^aopiiebe) —eyed, blau* 
angigl —flora (or sqnare fine- Indigo), 
ber f^fte blone (bengolifd^e) Snbtgos — 
glass, Chem. bie S^imalte^ Slaufarbes — 
Peter, Mar. bieGignalflagge |ttm 6$egeln5 
—stockings, (col. bines), pi. Lit, (SDlatt* 
Mmpfe, MriftfteOernbe ^amen, weld^eald 
(ScCe^rte ya gtdn^en fuilften) —stone, Afm. 
em 9laaLe, ben man auf PaiT>*s Mountain in 
An^esea bem <9almet) beilegt^ —throat, 
On. bod SIanfe^l4^en i —vat, Ihf. bie ® lan« 
Ifipe) —veined, bianaberig. 

Mie, s. L sinff. 1. bad IBlan) 2. bie bUluIi^e 
6ife&farbe,%Batrerfarbes 3.bie®l(it^e4 n. 
Oxford b-s, pi. bie engl. Seibgarbe sn9)ferbe. 

To Biiie, V. a. 1. blan ma^en ob. fdrbeU; 
blaaea$ 2. T. (bef. Gold-sm, SRetaUe) bfau 
oBlonfen kffeni 3. fig. bef^dmt, oenoirrt 
8a^, Derblfiffett. 

Btted, adj. fig. i^ttmixxt, berbubt/ oerbttfft. 

Biie^y, adv. Man, tc, vid. Bine, adj. 

BiSe'Bfss, 9. 1. bieblane^rbe, eiduej 2. 
Surg, ber ttnabronb. 

BGIflr, L adi' 1. bitf, pbimp, ungeMitlt, anfge« 
ftmolUni %fig. ^li, anfgeblafen, trobid/ 
ibentfttttg5 Mars. 3. fhtmpf,abgeftnmpft, 

I breits 4. fteil; M/ f^rcf, u.| a -bow, 
ein ooOer ober breiter Sags * — headed 
ship, ein e^iff, beffen Sorberftei^en toenig 
«orWttp ^aU II. *. Sea, (bef. >4m.) bad 
io^e (faft fenfre*te) Ufer, gclfcnufer. 

To Blftir, V. a. bie TCngen terbinbcn (Sinem). 

BmfTn^ss, 1. l.bie^Inmp^eits 2.bie(9rob< 
(eit, »arf4(eit. 

Bia'jsh, I. adj. bldnli45 H- -ness, s. bie 
bldulid^e (blof blane) $arbe. bad filAnU^^c. 

To Bltin'd^r, u. I. n. 1. fi(( grobliib itrettj fam. 
pubein (upon..., in...)s 2. p<^ flbereilen, 
fofein, blinb iutappen, ^ufa^ren (an4^ mit 
about) s 3. ^olpems H* a. dr5bli4 oer* 
mengrn, u.) to — out, (craudplaben (mit 

Bmn'dfr, a, bad grobe eerfe^en, ber S^^Igrilf, 
aXif griff, «erftof, ©t^^niterj -head, vid. 

BlWd^rb&ss,f.ber9Xndfetons aswiveled— , 
bie SDonnerbfi^fe, bie »ir|ine S)re^bafre ge< 
bre^t loerben !ann. ^^SJk. 

BWn'd^r^r,*. beretfimpetr*5rpel; SDnmm* 

Blun'd^rjngly, adv. auf eine grobe, fafelnbe, 
fe^er^afte Xrt 

Bmnks, 8. Com. (in @4ottlanb) 1. ^rudKein* 
»anb4 2. baumn»onenc2;fi4er aud<9Iadgo». 

BlSnt, I. adj. I. tit. ftumpfs fig. 2. pinmp, 
unbe^olfen, gerabeju^ grobs 3. ungele(rig, 
nngefibUffen, bduerif^s n. 9. bad fiHappiers 
m. comp. —needles (ge». bhinU), einc %Vt 
bid er 9Sabeln lum Znin^f^tn, wig. 6<bnei« 
bernabcln 5 — witted, bumm, plump. • 

To Blunt, 1?. a. 1. lit. flnmpf ma^ens fig. 2. 
abfhtmpfen/ f4»A4^cn^ flillen; milbern, unter* 
brWen(85cgierben,:c.)j jurfirfftopenj to — 
the angles of a battalion, MU. tin £Lnar^C 
in ein ^($te(f oenoanbeln s abftumpfcn. 

Bliin'tish, adj. 1. ein wenig ftampf s 2. fig, 
etnad plump, u. 

Blunt'ly, adv. o^ne Umfldnbe, cf. Blunt, adj. 

Bliinf n^ss, «. I.h't. bie ®tumpf(eit; 2.>Sg. 
bie fMump^cit, OtauWeit ber eitten. [petf. 

Blfir, J. 1. bergletf, Jtlerfds 2. fig. ber 0(banb« 

To Blur, V. a. 1. beflecfens 2. cerwif^bftt/ 
audldf^ens 3.>ig. befle^n^befubeln. 

To Blurt, t>. a. (meifl mit out), nnbefonncn 
(eraudfagen, ^eraudplaben mit — 

To Blttsh, V. I. n. 1. endt^en (mit at u. for); 
2. (rot^) blfi(en) II. a. jettnur imp. p. 
b-ed with a reddish or vinous colour, in'd 
(R6t6li4e faOenb) white lightly b-ed with 
red, in'd ®laf rot^e fpielenb, blafr6t(Ii<b. 

Bmsh'.#. l.biee^amrat^ej 2. bU Mt^e, 
rotjegarbej 3. ber erjle, ftWtige Unhlid, 




bie uwmartete oD. pl6eu*e erWeinungj 
4. provinc. Die (Icife) ®cR(^tdd§nU(^feit. 

Bliisb'mu adj. ♦ mtt ec^amrot^e beDectt. 

Bliiah'ing, p.s. baft (SrrSt^en, bie ©d^amrStJe. 

Bmsh^fts, adj, mx>cvf^&mt, fredj^. 

BlgthOdn', j. Com. cin in Norwich gewebtcr 

Blush'y, adi. fonft gerot^ct, r6t^U(^. [d^nli*. 

ToBIus't^r, V. I. n, 1. toberi; mut^cn, poU 
tern (at ..., fiber .. ., 2C.)> prablcn 5 2. brau* 
fctt$ n. a, to — down, umwc^cn. 

Bliia't^r, s,, bcr^turm^ 2.ba6 
Ungeflfim^aButf^cni ^ra^lcn, ^oltcrnj 3. 
baft ®et6fe, (Serdufdj^i ber ^dmt; Xumutt. 

Blfii't^r^r, J. 1. bcr^oltcrcr^ coL bcr®ranfe* 
wtnb5 2. ber O^rof fptecber, ^rabl^anft. 

Bms't^rfng, I. p. a. 1. braufenb) 2.(efttg; la 
3. [(fiwfilftid (bom &t^l, :c.)5 II. «. baft 
ISraufen/ :c. [ungeftum. 

Bltts't^roDs, adj, getdnf(bboIl; Idrmenb; tcbenb^ 

B-mi [b^-me], s^Mus, vid, Alamirc. 

BO, int. vulg. b^H^. 

BO'*, s. 1. Zoo/.'buCfttefenrd^Iande i 2. Com. bie 
fboa, OCtt [(blangenfdrmider ^eaerine: etn 
^amettf(bmu(f)) 3. Med. bie33oa. 

BOar, s. 1. Zoof. ber @ber 5 2. bie ©pringflut^ 9 
wild—, baft wilbe ^i^min, ber ^auer^ 
yoang wild—, ber grifcbling^ —cat, ber 
Jtatcr^ — pig, Derjunge^bcr^ —spear, ber 
^aufpief, bie ©tbweinftfcber, baft gangeifen. 

To Boar, v, a. Man. ben ilopf SU i^O^ tragcnJ 
in bie 8uft werfen. 

Board, *. 1. baftSBret, bie ©ielc» 2, berlKif*,! 
tft Zafdi 3. fig, ber Xif*, bie Jtojl, ®e« 
Hfdqm^, ber Unter^alt ^ 4. bie Xafel in e. 
®cri*te, jc: 5. baft ©cridj^t felbft, baftTCmt, 
(9tatbft»)6oae9ium, fflfircau, bie «eb6rbe, 
Commiffion, ber^Cuftf^uf; :c.5 Mars. 6. ber 
©*iffftborb5 T. ber ©ilag (eincft ©d&iffcft 
beim ^abiren)? 8. Gam. baft ©pielbret 
(0(ba(bbret,w.)5 9. ^^ft* ber ^appenbetfcl, 
baft (Sarton^ a chess — , drawing—, &c. vid. 
inc., D., &c; bedof b-s, bie$ritfd|)ej a 
book ia b-s, ein in 9>appe gebunbeneft IBurb? 
the council-, ber fdni9l.gei^elme9latt5 j'ig-j. 
above—, fid^er, geborgen j to deal above—, 
frei,unberbc(ft Janbcln^ Mar-s. in—, bin* 
nenborbft^ —and—, Sorb an 93orbf a 
good—, ein ©^lagbug, ©tretfbug) a short 
—, ein furier (Sang (beim&tbiren)> to make 
a—, labiren^ to makeagood— ,einen©d^Iags 
bug ob.©tre(tbug macben) to make astern—, 
fiber ©tetter (1. e. rfirfwdrtft) geben i to shoot 
ft ship's masts by the-, eiiiem ©(biffe bie 
SKafltn abfibiefen) Corns, to pot on—, on 
9orb brtngett) to tell (free) on^, an iBorb 

(im ©(biff) terfaufen (bon »o ab ber Jtfinfct 
bie ^anbungftfpefen u. uberb. bie Sranftport: 
toftcn trdgt) 5 prices (quoted) on — (or free 
on—), (^reife) frci am Sorb (an ©orb no» 
tirt, oom «erfdufer frei on ©orb iu licfcm)5 
camp, —of admiralty, baft TCbmiroUtdtftgc* 
ritbt) —of commissioners, bie ^ommiffton, 
ber ^uftfd^uf i — of customs, baft ©tcueramt, 
doUamt) —of directors, baft jDtreetorium? 
— of green cloth, vid, unt. Green; — ot 
health, 1. baft ^efunbbeitftamt; bie (S<com« 
mifftons 2. baft S){ebicinal*6oacdium5 —of 
officers, baft Sfpcicrcorpftj —of revenue, 
baft Sinanjbfireau i — of trade, baft ^anbelft^ 
gertit, ^-cotteoium, ^-bfireau, 4)-minifti* 
rium5 — lands, Safelgutcri — load, 3ubupc 
ber ^dibter gu Safelgfiternj —officer, ein 
!2(uftf(bufmitdlicb{ —service, XafeKebcn u. 
^acbtdelbbafur^ —wages, baft Jtoftficlb. 

To Board, v. I. a. 1. bielen, tdfcln^ 2. a) in 
bie^ofl nebmen, befoftiocn^ b) in bie Jtofl 
gebcni 3. Mar. tntcxn, borbcn^ ll*n. 1. 
a) ^oflddnger baltcn; 6) inberJtoft fein 
(—at or in a house, with a person); 2. Mar. 
to — it up, (ben S(up) aufmdrtftlaoiren. 

BuarM^ble, adj. Mar. sugdnc(It(b/ cnterbar. 

BOar'd^r, s. 1. bcr ^oftgdngeri 2. JV/ar.(0c». 
pi.) b-s, bie iumSntern bcftimmten SXatrofen. 

BOar'djng, p. s, Hi ^icUn, ic, vid. Tu Board ; 
b-s, fd.. Mar. 2id^terfd(^ijfe 5 comp, —cap, 
bie ©turmbaubcj —pike, bie dntcrpifc^ 
—house, —place, baft Jto|itbauft,©pcifcbaaft j 
—school, bie JCoftfjbule, ^cnjlonftanflalt. 

BDaV)sh, adj. ftbtbeiniftb/ ^iebiftb 5 d^<iufam. 

BOart, s. Jew. tin finniger tOiamant 

To BOast, V. I. a. nl^mcn, crbebett$ ll. n. fi<b 
rfibmen,|loIi"fein,pratlcn (mtt of..., mit...;:c.). 

Boast, s. 1. baft 0tubmen;(9roPfprc(bcn^<9rop« 
tbun, bie fllttbmrebigfcit, ^rablcrci* 2.^g. 
ber 0tnbm/ ©tol^ (eincft ^nbeft^ k.)* 

Boaster, s. bcr ^ra^Mcr, ®ropfprc*cr. 

BOaat'filil, adj. nibmrebig, problbA^- 

BOas'tjng, I. s. baft SHubmcn^ bie^rableret^ 
II. adj.; III. — ly, adv. prableriftb* 

Buast'lfss, adj. anfprucbftloft, bcfcbcibctt. 

Boat, *. l.baft©oot^ bcr J^abn, baft fIeinc(SIupO 
©<biff, ber9^a(bett,bielBarfe,gdbrc5 2.Concft. 
wid.— shell; —cloak, bie ^eoantc (flbcrrccf 
gur©ee ju trafien)^ —screw, bie ©ootft* 
mannfcbaft) — sgny, bie Jtunbiodtbtcr brft 
©ooteft^ — s load, (— ful), bie©(biffftlabu]tg4 
— Cs.)raan, bcr ©ootftmann j — *s painter, 
—rope, baft ©(baluppentau) —s scoop, bie 
ftBafjerfibaufel^ —shaped, Bof. bootfdrmid^ 
—shell, Conch, bie ^r^i 4 - staflf, (— hook>, 
ber ©ootftbnfenj «-swiin [bot^swlin, Sea, 




W0n],ber|>o4boot«mannj --twain'g caU,bie 
(Sommanbopfeife bed i>o^hocUmannH i —'• 
mte, 1. berURtctbootsmann) 3.(m ^oSfinb. 
Stiffen) ber ^^iemann. 

To Boat, V, a. Am. mvt ©ootcn tratt»portiren 

Boaft^blc, adj. Am. filr ©oote Wiffbor. 

B5«'ting, 1. Am. bad J^ftenfa^ren (mit) JBer> 
fenben^Serfii^ren (oon^aaren, ic.) in etnem 
Soote, bte (Sabotage. 

B5b, ^. 1. abbr. fi(ir: Robert; 2. jebed batl» 
melitbe S>md : a) bad (Se^dnge^ £>^rgeidnde 5 
6) ifor. bieXinfe tilled farjen^cnbeld^ c) bie 
6tn^9errft(f e^ ber Gtuj^j (Q vu^g. bie "XaU 
(pidftr/ 7Calf[dfe5 3. bie (^b}etle, ber (Snb^ 
cerd, Olefraini 4. ber@*Iag, ©tofj 5. bie 
©ti^eUi, ber 4)o^tt, ©pott,* bad ©tit^elroorti 
--fttoy, Afar.berSugfprietdftaQ^tBafTerflag, 
-tail, 1. berStu^f^nwinn 2. bie^feilfpi^ei 
Jig. 3. bie{>ttre5 ber @unudS^; (Saftrat^ 4. ber 
Biebrififle ^obeU -tailed, fhttf*»«nsi9i 
— wig,bie©tu^perrfi«fe, berSJtu^. 

To B5bt V. ha. 1. ftu^eit; hn^ f(^neiben^ 2. 
abbrei^en (ein ®efprd^) ; 3. ^fijnen, netfen^ 
n. ft. 1. baumeln^ ^dngen j 2. vulg, (mit ber 
ICalfl^fe) angeCn. 

B5b'b!o,j. 1. bieSpttle, ber 0pt$enfl6ppeU 
a. bad 0unb^ 93itttbel (%l<ii^ loon ca. 100 
|)fb-)4 flat— , bic*piattWnwr4 round-, bie 
9timbf4^nur3 thread-, 3»imfpi$en 5 —net, 
ber ©pi^engrunb 5 plain — net, glattir ©pij* 
lengntnbj — nct«priggcd (ge»6^nl. <i?>?tf. 
fprigd, or sprigged —net), gemttfterter 
0pi^cngrunb5 — tooU, ©pi^enflflppcl, — 
work, gen. bie geflfippeUe Arbeit; gefioppclte 
©pi^tn, Sorten, Si^en^ ©^nitre/ 2c. 

Bdb'biog, I. p. *. bad ©(Jlagen, ic, wtU To 
Bob; n. p. a. fleine Sttdxt mac^enb. 

Bfib1>y, J. a66r. (dim.) ffir: Robert. 

B&c'ca, #. G'W. bad @^irio(t (am®Iadofen). 

Bde'^sioe, BS</9Min, Bdc'c^ssifne, ; . Com. bie 
ftiac eteifietntoanb. 

Boce, s. Ich. berSReerbrafTen. 

To Bode, V. I. a. bcrWnbeii, border anjcigen, 
votbeuttTt) 11. 71. bon SBorbebeutttng fein. 

Bod'jce, t. bad Eeib(ten, bie ©t^nfirbrufi. 

Bodied, adj. geflaltet, {comp,) «Icibig 4 big—, 
bt(tleibig$ f«ll — wine, ftar! gebecttcr SBein. 

BMlef, s.pL 1. 8eiber,ac./ vid. Body; 2. bie 
Knigl. ^ufgarbe^ Eeibgarbe^ a pair of—, 
etne ©^niirbnifl; md. Bodice. 

B&d^kTDf, Bdd'ljktn^, int. vulg. bei metner 
6e4d! berXeufet! badwdrel 

BOd^yt^M, adj. f6rperlod; ttn!drperlt4. 

B^d^ilfof SB, s. bad fdrperlid^e ©ein ob. fBefen 

Bdd^ly, adj. k adv. 1. Hx^ixli^, leibli^^ 
2. mxtiU^i S. fig. ernflll(^5 to drive— upon 

a coast. Mar. mit bem ©d^iffe quer auf 
bie JWfte treiben. [bebentnng. 

Bo'djng, s. (ftfiupg im p/.) bie TC^nung, «or» 

Bbd'kjn, *. T. 1. bie Xftle, ^frlcme (btrf*. 
j>anbmerfer)^ 2. bie ©(^uurnabel^ 3. bie 
©picfnabeU 4. bie grifirnabel, badJtrdufel- 
etfen^ bief>aarnabel5 cloth of—, ber^rocat^ 
bad ©iibergefti(f, vid. Bawdkin. 

BOdy,«. l.berEeib;A6rper9 (dead— ), ^eif^< 
nam^ 2. berOtumpf, Seib) 3. bie^erfon, 
ber 3}{enfd(^; ^ann, J^ntanb, man (mit some, 
every, any, no Jfgftt, vid. unt. S., E., Ac); 
4. Geom. & Pliy. ber Jtdrpcr J 5. bad ®e» 
fen, IGBefentIi(l^e, bie iEBirfIi<(»fett4 6. bie 
^enge, (3ufammen]^dngenbe)^affC; )>erbun« 
bene (Sefammt^eit/ bad ®an}C) 7. bad &^ 
fkm, bie ©ammlung (®iU%t, ic)^ 8. ber 
«ereitt, ^6rperi bie ^5rpcrf*aft, ®efea« 
f(^aft, 3unft, Snnang, ©emeinej bicf)artei, 
eerbinbnng,K.5 9. bie Xruppenmaflfe; bae 
(Sorpd ^ 10. ber {>attptbefianbt^ei(, ^mpU 
ti^til, bie f>auptmaffe (einer TCrmee: bad 
{)aupt«/!Stitteltreffen$ f>.eined&)nbed: bad 
Snnerej e.gluffed, cgeftjing, im@egenf.ber 
Xnfenwerfe^ bad ^ir^enf^iff^ ber ©iiffd- 
rumpf j IBaumflamm^ ^utf4»enfafteiu ^du4) 
eincr^ute,:c.)5 H.A^. ber ©toff, Sn^alt 
(eineda3riefed, K.)5 12. ber Jtfirper, ^ern, 
bie ©i*tighit, ©tar!e, geftigfcit, JTraft, 
®<ite (bedSBcined, $apicrcd,ac.)4 13. Paint 
ber Jt6rper, c/. To Bear a—; 14. fig. ber 
Seib, bieitnnU(i>en»egierben5 —for—, ein 
Sebed einjein genommen, @ined na<!^ bem 
TCnbern^ a writ to apprehend the—, einiSer* 
^aftdbefe^li —of an altar, ber Tfltarftein^ 
—of a cannon, Gun. bad fflobettftutf einer 
Jtanonej —of a letter, L-f. ber ©d(>rift- 
fegel5 the — of civil laws, bad Corpus juri^; 
the politic—, or- politic, ber©taatdf6rper9 
— cloth(e)8, pi. bie ?)ferbeberfe, ©♦abracfe, 
— gnards, pi. bie 2eibwa(^e3 —loose, Ent. 
biegi(ilaud4 —plane, Ship-b. ber©pannrij 
eincd ©*iffed. 

To B5d'y, v. a. formcn, bilben, geftalten. 

B6g» s. ber©umpf,Sru(l^, badOXoorj -bean, 
Bot. bergibcrflee^ -land,badSRarf(^>Ianb4 
—lander, 1. ber ©umpfben)oiJner5 ©ttfd)^ 
fleppcri 2.iron. berS^dnber 5 —oak, Sot. bie 
SRooreii^cj -ore, Min. bcrSHafeneifenfleini 
-reed, bad ©di^ilfro^r^ -spavin. Far. bie 
©(tale 4 —stalker, or— trotter, wie-^Iander. 

ToB(>g, V. a. 1. irniCot^ ^erumrbdlsenj ixa 
©(tiamm berfenfen^ 2. vulg. auf bemJDrecf 
ft^en lajfen. 

To BSg'gle, V. I. n. 1. fittben^ surudfa^ren 
(-at, nber, bor) j 2. unf^lfiffffl/ iwelffel^aft 




ftiit^ tOLfU^tai 3. fitn^ta, M i>crflcaeti9||B&le,«. l.UxSkMti ^1^ fMttu, Ut^ift- 

ixawdifcni n. a. Am, vulg. (Jbutd^ ®4mc« 
ngfeiUtt) in fBnkqtnf^tit fe^tn. 

BSg'gl^r, J. tKX Unf^Ififfige, 3a«bcrer. 

BSg'gy, adi. fumpftg, morafHg/ bntc^ig. 

Boggle (BSg'ste), #. co^ —bo, or — boc, cor. 
Bugmboo, ber^opaiti, ba&(Jtmb(r«)(Ber9enfl. 

BOh,^! vid. Bo. 

BohSft', «. berX^eebu^/ gemeine f<b»ar}c2;(ec. 

Bph^'ni^ s. Geog. Sobmen. 

B9h«'mf«D, 1. s. 1. ber IB6(^mc$ 2. bcr 3td^V' 
IICT} n. adj. b5^mif(b9 — pearls yCbnt. bob- 
mtf^ef^erleiij -^qoartz, Min. Qfitrtn obcr 
b^bmir^ctSopad) —warbler, Om. ber Gets 

Bof f r, s. vid. Bojar. [beuMmani. 

Bon, #• bad ®ef(bn)ilr^ ber (,SdtaU)&4im&vta. 

To Bdn, V. I. n. 1. foiben, fteben? 2. voaVien, 
brasfen (por ben SSeHen^ic.)} to — away, cm- 
fe^OLi to— over, l.(iberfo4en,fiberlaufcn3 
2. j?g. (tm dome) anfbranfen) II. a, (6tn>a&) 
Reben; fo(ben, !o(ben laRen; to — to pieces, 
}erfo(ben/ t>er(o(ben. 

Bofl^Lry, BoW^ry, j. 5-10. bieeicberei, ©iebc« 
i^tU, Baliht^t, bad Galsmerf . 

Boi'l^r, «. l.berGieber) 2. ber Jtoib^effel, 
(^ompfO^efTelj 3.Mt/U. ber6<brdtlind&dlii= 

BoI'l^rf , *. p^ Die Jto*erbfen. [ber,Xu08lfi]>er, 

Bofling, I. p. «. bad Stolen, iCi U. p. a. ft>> 
d^tatfiCi —peas, vid. Boilers ; —pot. Print. 
bteS<itbeb(afe$ — well, ber Gprindbrunnen. 

BSrs'tfroas, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. ungeftiim, 
fiittrmifib/ beftig/ braurenb, tobenb^ Idrmenb; 
aufrfijrerif(b,«nbdnbtg5 III.— ness, s. bcr 
(bad) Ungeftftm, bad Xoben, fhirmtftbe JBefen. 

BoO^r, #. ber ©ojar Cgrciberr, jc.). 

Bo'l^ry, adj. Min, bolttdartis, tbonartCg. 

Bold, adj. 1. Ki^n; iinerf<bro(fen, unoersagt, 
mul^igi 2. ^bnbeit erforbernb ()Don e. Un< 
tcmebmen)^ 3. bretfl;Unioerf(bdmtJredb;fret 
4. fig' W^n (»ott e. «er9(eidbe, k.)> &• flfii/ 
id^i to make—, fi(b ertu^nenj Mar-j, a— 
bow, vtd. Blaff; a — shore, eine fteilc (unb 
ba^er fltbcr ju bcfabrene) Mftti -face, 
1. ber Unterfibimte; Sfe(bej 2. bteUnter 
f4imt(ett$ —faced, tinterf^dmt^frecb. 

To Boi'd^n, V. I. a. W^n ma^en^ 3ui^erft(bt 
eittfldfen^ H* n. breift merbcu/ fi(b erfu^nen. 

BOl'd«r-st0ne, Ac. vid. Bowlder. [)>erf(bdmt. 

Boid'ly, adt;. l.WJn, nnerfcbrocten, w.j 2. un« 

Boid'n^ss, *. 1. ^(e JW^nbeit, Unerf(bro(fen» 
Wt^CerioegenMt, ber^KutJ^ 2. bieJDrei= 
fHftfeit, ©ermeffenbeiti 3. bie grcimfit^ig* 
UiU 4. bfegrcibbeU, UnwrfWrntbciti 5. 
bad jnterfiibtlitbe «ertra«en (auf ®ott)3 
6. Ut. bie WJnJeit (ber ©pra(bc)5 befgl. 
in -ftime., Scwip. k ArcK 

lung^ 2. bcryfcifcnfopH 3. (ifort.)ba< 
9Rap t»ott 6cngLe<befreUi (basbeb); 4. Min. 

ber Solud^ S^ttt^cn. 

Bo'letate, s. Chem. bad f(b»ammf6ttrc Ball. 

Bol^t'ic adj. — acid,C/u!Jii. bte9<b»animfaurc. 

Bu'ijng, s. Mar, vid. Bow-line. fSracbe. 

Bo'ljs, s. Met bie fcurigc itugel, ber fltegenbe 

Boll, #. 1. Bot. bie eamenfopfclj 2. vid. 
Bole, 3 ; 3. a — of salt, (C.) 2 Sn^el 6dl$. 

To BdU, V. n. Gamcnfapfeln anfc^cn. 

Biil'limSflg, BdlI'm&og, (BOl'ljnidny, C), Bul'- 
IjfflSiig, BfiFljmond, s. bad SXif^fonu 

B&l'lfr^ #. I. fing. 1. ein aufrccbtfiebenbcr 
9W Ob. eine^fofte} 2. bcr gefopftelBaum) 
-timbers, Skipb. bie bi<bt an bcm SSorflcrcn 
befinblt4cn dug* ober illiidbolicr^ 11. b-s. 
pi. Mar. ^ji(tba(ben/ JtifTcn (an ben Gciten 
einer S>o(fc). 

Bdl'ljugf , s. pi. se{6pfte Sdumc. [fcrbunb^en 

Bologna [bOlGn'ya], —dog, s, bad99c(ognes 

Bologuese [buiunez'], s. (pi.) & a. bcr (bie) 
IBoIogncT; bie S3-inn) boIogncfif<b. 

Bolognian [bGlO'nj^n], —stone, s, Min. ber 
IBoIogncfer €$pat^/ 6trablban}t. 

BoFst^r, s. I. sing, l.bad^olflcr, ^ffcn) bcr 
^^ffii 2. Surg, bie (Sompreffcj 3. Sm. 
ber tIfnfcrdtobop9 H* b-s, pL 1. Sad. bie 
j)intcrpauf(bcn/ ber Hcftct (bed @atte(d)$ 
Mar-s, 2. bie italbcn ob. itiampen con mci= 
Aem j)clic am Sopp ber SXaficnj 3. bie 2Bc> 
fleibungdfiffcn bcr Gtagc. 

To BGl'st^r, V. a. 1. polftcm, JtiflTcn untcr* 
Icaen^ 2. Surg. (Somprcffcn aupcgcn. 

Bol'st^red, p. a. aufgebld^t. 

Bol'stf r«r, s. ber X)tcbeddcbu(fc, {>c(Icr. 

BoKst^ring, «. (— np) bie {)e^lcrct. 

BOlt, ^. l.bcreol2cn;$fci(3 2. 7. berScl- 
gen (t>on 6ifen u. a. ^tM)i Olicgcl (an 
X^iircn), ta 3. Met. bcr ©cnncrfciij 4. 
Mill, bad ©cutclficbj 5. bcrglcrfcn (vid. 
Blot); 6. ^. bcr^fciI,bttd®ib»ort, u.: 
7. (a — of canvas), (28 OtKcn) bad Gtticf 
(j99unb/ SunbcO Gedcltu^j 8. b-s, p/. bic 
S3anbC; Scffcln) comp» —boat. Mar. cin 
flarf gcbawtcdSootj —drawer, bcr 93o{icn» 
audbebcr 9 — driver , bcr iSoIicntrcibcr $ 
—bead, Dwt. bcr (ScrlcgO^olben 3 -rope. 
Mar. bad 2cif, bcr ©csclfaum^ -sprit, rid. 
b. ix. Bowsprit; —upright, pfctlgcrabc, fcr^ 

To Bolt, V. I. a. 1. suricgcin; )>crrtcgc(n9 (mit 
einem®oIicn)bcfcftigcn, ()aUcn$ fcffc(n$ 2. 
MiU. Uixtcin, ft(btcn, ficbcn j S.fig, crgrtin« 
ben, prufcn, fi^^ten i (au(b mit out, [@tioad] 
audforf4cn,2c.)5 4. bcfprecbcn, Kr^anbclns 




6. Sport. (itanm4en)attf|le]ibeni; aufiogen^ 
to* a dilp» Ship^b. eui ©cWff wrboljenj 
n. n. (wit oet) 1. (eraueflfirsen, (|>l(f(U4) 
ittwaj^xat, (eraitMtbief eni a. j^. mtt (St« 
mas ^ail»|>la^eii$ to — in, or ioto, pI6tUcb 
diitrcten, (ereittftiir)en^ (creinplaten. 

BiX'tfr, #. 1. AftU. ter sKc^IBeutel, ^il(I> 
beittel, boSSottelfieb; 9. rine If rt 9?et. 

BOftfng, I. port 0. To Bolt, qv. ; II. comp 
—axes, Meek. ftUrfenbc IC^fnti MiU^, - 
b«g,ber!Re(lbestel) -cloth, bad IBettteltn<b5 
—bouse, ba9i93<^iid; bieGieberri j — bntcb, 
ber S'loflftt, bic Sd-favmtti —mill, bit S-' 
aafibine, boS S-»erf ; — toh, tin (Sefif, nm 
!Dtt(l bis^ 2V Mttn* 

B9^9s, «• ilfed. btr Idifftn, IdolUi bit |)iat, 

BOmb [Mini], 9. 1. bit S3ombt$ 2. btr ®Io(ttn« 
Mtag ) ba$ bvmpfe (Sttdft^ ber bnnp^ft ^an, 
9uaAi — cbe«t, bit S-nfiflt^ —ketch, — 
vessel, bit 9ombatbirgQliott^ bo^ IB-nf<btff 4 
- proof, b-«ftft [ftn, littttt. 

ToB^mb [bSm], o.n. (9ct5re otntifa^tn, fatf 

To Bpnibard', v. a. bombacbtrtn. 

Bdnb^rdeCr', Bdmb^rdier', «. 1. Mil. btr 
Sombarbirtr4 2. Ent. btr S3ombatbirfdftr. 

Bfiibard'ia^at, «. ba§ Oombatbtnitnt, bit 
Scmbarbinm^. [Sombarbon. 

Bteb^dfl^n^ 9. Mus. btr grof t ®ombarb/ 

Bteb9^',Bdmb«filoe',«. Com-i. l.btreom< 
bafts (tin itubttr »oa'rtibtntr3tttg){ 2. tint 
txt 9ar<btttt, in<i. Bnmbast. 

M^a'bist, I. s. 1. Com. btr 9ombafl; vui. 
BoBbast 8; 2. lit. btr6(b>»uif^ Sombaft j 
n. ffc^'. vid. Bombastic. 

To Btmb^t', V. a. l.fig. anfblaftn, ottff<b»el« 
lc8$ 2. <it. (mit faattt, 2t.) aueflopfiii/ anS' 
polftemi f4lft^tn. [benb. 

B9Bbis'^c (— C90> »&. M»iUfHd, (oibtra^ 

BWb«stry, s. Lit btr G^ioulfl, Sontbaft 

Bteb«z2t' (-zXtteOt «. Cbm. btr Sombafttt, 
nnoppretirte Xomid. 

Bdmby^oe', f. vid. Bombaslo. 

Bte1>|9t, s, C3um. bad ranptttfaurt Gal;. 

Bdmlkie, a<(;. —acid, Chem. bit9tanptttfdttrt. 

WimftHfMysMed.l.hQ»tbf^ttlnm 2.ba6|)olttrn 
la (tibe. [forbig, gt(bU4 u. bttrtbM^ttenb. 

B^mbjfc/jBoos, 04;. l.ftibtn^ 2.fttbenranptns 

B^mbfc'lnvm, s. Com. bit afT^rifibt Gtibt. 

Bpabf l^9S, s. Ent. vid. Bomble-bee. 

Bdm^yz, s. vid. Silk-worm, [bit ^nmttfnng. 

B6a [or baag], s. (fran}.) Com. btr ®ut«3ttttl; 

B^n^ comp. —fitley (lat) auft rtbli^ber 9Rtt« 
Bim^ auf Srtnt unb (Blanbtn^ Com-j. — f. 
bills, flBt4ftI ilbtr trnpfan^tnt aBaartnj 
-f. capital, bod ond XBaartn ob. anbtrn oer 
Map. €kt4tn btftt^tnbt <Sapital 

B9hXii'«, #. Bot bit 0anana<ftigt. 

BqbS'svs, Bqo&'svs, s. Zool. btr S3onafttS. 

BOB^vSn'tve [-tshyr],!. —mizeD, ilfor. {M 
grof tn e^ifftn) tin }»tittr Stfanmaft 

Bonbon [bdogbdng^* '• (franj.) bad Oonbon, 
3u(!trpldb<btn; -cracker (cracker—), H$ 

B9n-chr«'t|>n,*. Pom. bit GUriftbirn. 

fiSndv I. s. 1. bad Sinbtnbt; S3anb, Gtil, btr 
etruf { 2. (btf. pL), bit Sanbt, Jttttt; 
Seftlj /g. bit (Btfangtnf^aft) 3. bitflStr« 
binbung^ btrititt, id 4. fig. bad 93anb, 
bitStrbinbung^ 5. bit 6(bulb)»trf<brtibttn9; 
IDbligation) 6. bit (BtrbinbUcbftit/ bad Un« 
ttrpfanbj T. bit ©trpjli<btun8j under—. 
Law, mttt Qautton^ ob. gegtn (Sautiondltt* 
ftttng) Com, laWf special—, btr gjctra* 
iBfirdfibaftdfibtin) -of exchange, btr ftBt<b' 
ft(contract) —of obligation, btr e<bn(b' 
f4tin,biee4nlb9trf(brttbttng$ goods in—, 
SBaartn unttr 0ttgitotrf(bIup/ in btr f 6nig(. 
Siitbtrlagt) n. adj. dtbnnbtn, bitnflpf[i4^« 
tig; Itibttgtn) m. comp. Corns, —creditor, 
btr SDbligationdgldnbigtr i — debtor , btr 
O-Wulbntrj — dcbU, JD-f4luIbtnj —maid, 
bitStibtigtnt) —man, — serTant, btr^tib* 
tigttttj —service, bit 8tibtigtnf<baft4 — 
slave, btr (bit) tdUi^tXii i — (s-)man, 1 . btr 
Mbti^tnti 2. btrWrgtj -(s-) woman, 
bit Stibtigtnt. 

To B5od, V. a. Com. LaVy tintStrfcbrtibung 
andfltEttt ilbtr... } to- goods, ®fittr (SBaa* 
rtn) in bad fdnigl. CRagasin nitbtrltgtn) 
b-ed-ware-boDse, vid. Bonding-wareboase. 

Btfn'df^e, s. 1. bit ©tfangtnf^nft, ^aft^ btr 
3»ftng) 2.bit;Ditnftbarftit;Jtnt^tf4aft,ecIa» 
otrti^ 3. bit etrpfli<btung, Strbinblitb^eit. 

BSn'ding, p.s. l.bitStrbinbung) 2. Com. 
bad 9^itbtr(tgtn 9on fiBaartn in bad fdnigl. 
^agojin^ —ware-house, bieS^itbtrlagt, bad 
©cpot tintr flltgicrung an ©taptU ob. ^arf« 
bofdpld^ttt/ btrdoSfP^^ct. 

BOne,I. s, #mg. bad S^tin, btr Jtnodj^cn) bit 
dJrdttj 2. bit htimvw ©pinbt!, ©pnlej - 
of contention,^g. btr dnnfapfti 5 n. b-s, s.pL 
l.SBiirftU 2. (rnfi^tmc) Jtt5pptl ium&m* 
fpitltr: tlftnbtintmt^(dtt(bttt)5 IIL comp. 
fool b-s, vt(f.— spavin; lazy b-s, btr gatt* 
Itnstr) —ace. Gam. tintTCrt JtarttnfpitU 
— ache, bad (Reif tn in btn SStintn, bit &iAt, 
badf>obagra5 —binder, Af/n. badStin^til/ 
fdtinwtUi —black, bad gtbrannttOtlftnbcin) 
—breaker, Om.btr©tinbredi>er, ORttrabltrj 
—chopper. Butch, tin Jtno<btnbtil 5 —flower, 
Bo(,bit®4nftblumtj — knotjilnat. btrOli* 




ItOi^UtU -lace, geK6ppcItc ©pitcnj - 
nippers, bte Jhioc^ensange 5 To— W, v. a, 
(Derrenfte Olicbcr) ©icDcr cinrid&ten, cinren^ 
fen J ^o^cnbrfi^e^cilcnj — set,*, j8o^bcr 
^irf*Hee; JEBafferboflen 5 -tetter, bcr ® unfe* 
oxiU — "paTin, Far.ber^uffpttti, Scifl. 

To Bone, v,a.l. auSbeinen, bie Jtno^en an$« 
ne^men^ 2.9if((bem (in eine ^^nurbrufl) 
einfe^en. [Jtno^cn. 

BSoed, p. a. grof, flarf, (strong—), ftarf oon 

B^nee'tO, Bpn^t^t^, s. vid.Bonito. 

BOne'I^ss, adj. htinM, fno^enloft. 

BOne'ly, adv. »teBonniIy, vid. Bonoy. 

Bdii'fire, s. baft Sreubenfeuer. 

Bdn'jfiicc, s. «onifttciuft (3K-n.). [frele. 

BQni'to, s Ich. bie geflretf te SBonite, fdi^5ne (Dla^ 

fion-mot [bdngmc'j, s, (franj.) baft ©ottmot, 
ber f!nnrei4ie (SinfaQ. 

Bdn'n^t, #. 1. bie ^^i, ^dubt, Jtoppe, baft 
lOorett) 2. berS>amen^ut) 3.Afar.bteS3on 
nette, baft Sftejf ; b-», p/. ©eifcgel (aHgem. 
iOenennung ber SStagfegel, ^Mioer u. ^ee- 
fcgeOi Fori- J. 4. bie Jtappe^ ©onnetirung, 
baft ©onnetj 5. — A prestre (ctgentl. 
prArO. bie ^faffenrnfiOCj «hadc~, ber 
B^ixmfiVLti —boards, ^appenbecfel (su^a* 
men((tten)$ —cane, ^lecf^tro^r, (ju bergl.)* 

BSn'ujIy, adv. vid. Bonny, ddj. 

B5n'nin«88, s. (». fi.) 1. bie SKunterfeit, tlCufs 
gerdumtfteit) 2. bie SSo^Ibeleibt^eit) ft^dne 

BCn'ny, L adj. (bef. Wott.) 1. I^iibf*^ artigj 
a. mnnter, oufgemetft, lufHg^ 3. too^ibeleibt, 
fett} II. s. Min. baft (runbe) erjlogeri - 
clabber, a) (bef. irldnb.) bie faure ©utter* 
mil4 ; ft) ^»»- bie0dl>litf cr» ob.ed^lottermil*. 

B^n^Djan ■tOnc,^. Afin.berSBolognefcrSpat^, 

Ben-ton [bdng-tdng^, j. guterSon, feincSitte. 

Bu'n^ni-mag'nyn, s, Pbm, bie Jt5nigftpflawmc. 

Bo'n^s, J. Com. bie ^rdmie, ©i\&ibenbe5 — 
fund, ber©i©ibenbenf>nb. 

Bo'ny, adj. 1. bcinern, fn6d!>ern^ 2. fe^r fnc> 
^tg) ftarfhto<!^ig) 3. flapperbfirre. 

Bdu'ze, [Wb., Wore; bonz, Sm.'] s. ber 
©onje (inbifc^e ^riefter). [junf er, 

Bdd'by, s. ber X6lpel, SinfaltftpinfeU 8anb» 

Book [bdk], I. s. 1. baft f6u^i 2. baft ©u4 
cKbt|eiluttg e.i£Berfft)$ 3. baft {>anblttngft« 
bn4$ without—, 1. auftbemJ^opfe, auftwen^ 
btg4 2. o^ne7(tttoritfit4 to be in (mn into) 
one'a — (booka), ^emanbeiii Wnlbig fein 0>ii 
i^m inG^ulben geratffen)) to get into one's—, 
3emanbeft (Sttnfi erlongen^ a— in folio, ein 
goUant^ a — In nheets, or in quires, ein 
ro^eft Ob. iin(ein)gcbunbeneft ttu(^ ; II. comp 
6ef. Com-s, —of accounts, baft 9te4ttttngft« 

IBa4, (5onto«IBu4$ —of (accounU corrent 
of) merchandise, baft SBaaren* Gcotttro- 
(S3u(^)i —of adventures, citt ®u<t fiber tcr* 
fut^ftioetfe unternommene 6pccu(ationctt5 — 
of calculations, baft fCBaarcnMSalcalationft' 
®ud&5 —of cargo, baft %taM'^ndf (mit 
fpccificirter £abung eincft ©(^iffft)^ —of 
charges, baft Unf oficn«©u4 1 —of commis- 
sions, baft SGBaarcnsi93cflcUungft^u(i()5 —of 
invoices, baft SQCturen«ldU(^ j —of posta- 
ges, baft $crto*IBu<!^) —of purchases, 
baft fiBaaren«6in(aufft*(9iotisO©u(^4 -of 
rates, baft doO^^ttcb (n>orin bie vtxfd). 3cU' 
^nfd^e bcr^eic^net rtnb)4 —of receipts and 
expenditures {or disbursements), baft Sin^ 
na^me' u. 7Cuftgabe«!8u(l^ j —of sales, baft 
fiBaarens®crfaufM3ud(»4 —account, baft 
(Sonto {in einem{>anbInngft'Stt4e)5 —bind- 
er, ber a3-binbcr> — bindery, morf. bie Sd-* 
binbermertfla tt$ —binding, 1. baft IB-bin« 
ben 5 2. baft a5-binbcr^anbn)erf 5 —case, 1, 
ber !Bu(6erf$ran^ baft S^u^bc^dltnif $ 2. bie 
SKappe^ 3. baft®-futtcral5 — creditor, ber 
(S^irograp^ar, <i^-if(^e®ldubigcr4 —debts, 
®-f(i^ulbenj —fashion, ing^nn eincft SScft) 
—keeper, ber fb-f^aittx, 9ic4)nungftfu^reri 
—keeping, bie ©-ftaltcrci, ©-^oltung* — 
learned, 1. f^^ulgeic^rt/bclefcn) 2.flubengc< 
le6rt,pebantif(tj —learning, l.bieSclcfcn* 
f)eiti 2.bic©-*(©tubcn»)®clcWflnifcit, ber 
84utn»i$9 —linen. Com. baft^-Icincn, bie 
(fd^RWe) ©-leinn>anbj —maker, ber ©u« 
4erma(^cr, IS-fd^rcibcr^ — making, bie 
©(^riftficUereii —mate, ber ®<i^ulcamcrab, 
9){itf4{tler5 -muslin. Com. ber SDrganbin? 

— oath, vid. Bible-oath ; —seller, bcr (©or^ 
timentft*) ©-WwWerj -seller's (au(^ iu». 

— selling) shopr ber S3-labcn? — sellern 
value, or— s' currency, (unt. ben bctttfibcn 
S9-|^dnblern)^ bie iB-^dttblcr»3a^Iung, S3-* 
SBd^rung) -selling (business), b-s* trade, 
ber 95tt(^^anbcl$ —shop, (—store. Am.), 
ber fdn^M^m —stall, bcr 3)ud?crftanb (ber 
Xttttauare)^ —stand, baft ffliic^crbrcti — 
stone, vid. BiblioUte; —taught, bclefcn, b-« 
gele^rt; —tripe, Zoot. ber ©(dttermagcn 
ber «Bieber!daer^ ^falter j - wheat, vid. 
Buckwheat ; —worm, 1. Ent. ber 3u(f cr^afl i 
2. fig. ber S9u4enpurm« 

To Book [bAk], v. a. 1. (ineinlBttd^) cin« 
fdSireiben j auf ber^cfl^K. cinf^rcibcn lafTcni 
2. Coih. (Soften in bie fbui^cx) eintragen, 
bitcften j to — down, cinf^rcibcn, notircn^ 
to — in Gonformit>', glci^formig bttc()en,t>or« 
tragenj b-ing office, baft6inf4reibe«SBurcaxi. 

Book'fsh, I. adi. ; 11. -ly. atfv. ben fbu4^cf n 




(jga fe^r) ergeben^ fhtben^otfenb; lU.-ness, 

s. bie ubertriebene Sdud^ttlkha baS |u etfrigc 

@tubtren. Ld^lcbrt. 

Book'ifM[bAk'— ], adj, 1. o(ne^u(ber 3 2« un« 

Bddiii, J. Mar. 1. bct!Baum, bit (ancje^^tande, 

(Seffegel^)@ptere$ 2. bad ^eejeiiben, bic 
6pier«i99afe (cm Gingangc eined Stuffed ob. 
$afett&)$ 3. --of a harbour, ber 4>afcnbauin, 
bie|>o|ins®pcrrei 4. -4ot. em Olecbcn gum 
Tfaffangen bed S^of bolted $ — irons. Mar. 
lit ISugel }a ben ^eefegclfpieren. 

Tofiddm, V. n. 1. ftbreien »ie eine dto^rbom^ 
VLdi 2. fig. (ini3ornc) fortflunaett; fort* 
brasfcn^ 3. Afar, (—oat), olle ©egcl ttttd* 
fe^en, mit aUtn ob. oollen @egeln fabren$ 
4. (Don ffBelUn) M tbArmen. 

Bddn, I. J. 1. bte ®abe^ bad Oefti^en!; bie 
&vaaft, &e%ltf^at, ®nabe^ 2. bte SBittcj 
D. ocfi. 1. munter, attfgewecft, luftig ; 2. an« 
gcne^ni^ 9^^0iS* 

Bddr, 5. 1. ber Sdantxi 2. jSg:. ber giunmel. 

BdS'rfsh, I. acfi.; U. — ly, adv. lit. & fig. 
bdsenf4^j in. —nets, j. bad bdumf(be SBe= 
fen, bie®robbett 

Boce, J 1. CO/. berBtu^en, ®eminn, SSortbeiU 
Ubcrfdbttf, bte Mugabe; 3ulage (beim ^{ap u. 
SeiDi^t)^ to—, obenbrein, fiberbief, nocb 
Uiu, in benJtaufi to no—, obne ^u^tn, 
amfonft, ©ergebendj 2. bie ©eutc, vid. 
Booty; To — hale, v. a. a«f Seute aud^ 
^m, pKnbemi — halcr, ber^artciganger, 
|>[iinberer 5 — baling, bad SBeutemacb^n, 
^IfiQbem^ 3. a) ber ettefct^ 6) fpanifrbe 
etiefei (^rtSortur)4 c)— of a coach, 1. 
^ritaflftt unter bem ^utfcbenbode^ 2. impr, 
(province bad ©(boopleberj d)— for bot- 
tling wine, ber SoutctaenfHefeU —horse, ber 
Self irnn Kuf^ingen ber ©t.j —hose, 1. bie 
et-flnunpfe 4 2. Die ® amaftben 4 — hose top- 
ping. Mar. bad9leim$en bed ^d^ifcd oon 
Unrat^, {B^Uim, ^ufcbeln, 2C.) $ eine ^albc 
Jticlnng^ — jack, beret- fnctbt 4 -leg, ber 
et-fdbaftj — pnlls,bie@t-ttnsic^er j —straps, 
bie6t-flxitppen$ —stretchers, ©t-bebncr, 
9te^o(|er) —topping, vid. —hose t; — 
tops, et-fiulpen) — tree, ber et-bio(f/ bad 
6t-bolS5 screw— tree, bcr ©t- Wrttubcblod ^ 
—vamps, Q(d SSorf(btt^leber audgefcbntttcnc 
etncfe }n €$tiefeln $ —webbing, bad ©t-banb. 

To BMt, «. a. 1. ettefeln anjieben/ (fi4 be«) 
jUrfebi) b-ed, gefUefelt^^en/frommen/ 

Bddiee', #. (bef. ^m.) ber ^albflicfel. [^elfen. 

B^&^f , J. .4jt. ber IBdrcn^iiter. 

B6Ath,'^. 1. bie (*Kar!t* ob. 9Rep*)«wbc, ber 
9{c^^b$ 2. bie SSBaPttbe. 

To Bddt'-hale. u. a. Ac. rW. Uttt. Boot, 2. 

Bdd'tjng, s. bad etrafcft mit bem fpanif^en 
©tiefeU [3»ctf. 

BoOt'l^ssIy, ado. mm^, oergeblicbi o(^ne 

BOots, a.fiis.fam. ber ^Cufpaficr^ Jtleibcr* 
pubcr^ Eo^nbcbicntci bcr jfingflc (£)fficicr) 
ciner aiftbgcfeCfiba^ , bcr nntcrgeorbncte 
IDienfie tbun mup, %. fd. bad %x^t pu^cn, 
flingeln; 2c. 

Bod'ty,*. bicSJeutCj ber (Roubj to play — , 
mit Slcip terlteren, anre4tU<b fpietcni fi(b 
(J. ©. bcim ^ferbercnnen) bcjietbcn laffcn. 

Bo'peep, J. bad®u(ffpicI(S5cr|lerfjfpicl)5 to- 
w. n. aufbcrgaucrlicgen. 

BQriic'ic, adj. C/iem.— acid, bic Soronfdure. 

Bo'rgicite, a. Min. bcr ©oracit, SBfirfelftein. 

Ro'r«iclt$d, adj.aiem, mitSBoronfdurc oerbun« 

BCr'fge, *. Bot ber ©orrctfcb, ©oragcn. [ben. 

Bo'rate, *. Ckem. bad boronfaure ©a(g, 350* 

Bi^r^z, *. aiem. ber ©orajc. [rayfalj. 

BorVrygm, s. Med. bcr SBorbor^gmod. 

Bord, comp. Imw, —halfpenny, (auf QKcffen, 
3C.)bad@tanb0cIb,O){arftdelbj -land, bad 
Safclgut, btcS>omdnc. 

Bur'd^ge, a, bcr Scfl^ cincr Domdne. * 

Bprdiit', 5. Com. ©orbot(oricntaUf(bcr 58ttum^ 

Bor'dflfBQrdeKlo, s. badSBorbcU. [iboUcnscug). 

Bor'd^l^r, j. bcr ffiorbcllmirtb. 

Bor'dfT, s. 1. ber 9ianb uberb* (au(b an ISHun* 
jen, K.)3 2. bic®rcnse5 3. Card, bic SRa* 
batte, bad ©(bmalbcct) bcr dlain$ i. bad 
®cflabe3 5. ber ©aum, bic ®ortc, Sorbi» 
rung 5 6. Typ. bie»tt(bbr«rfcrlciflcj r. b-s. 
ob. -drawings, pi, StanbgctcbQungcn^ p^per 
b-s for rooms, Sapctcnbortcn. 

To Bor'd^r, v. I. a. 1. borbircn, bcfe^cn, cin* 
faffen, befdumen^ 2. (SXunien) rdnbein/ ran* 
birctti 3.^'. bcgrcnjcn, angrcnjcn (an...) 4 
II. n. 1. grenjen, anftopcn^ 2- fig* R* nd* 
bcrn, grenjcn (—upon. an). 

Bor'd^r^r, s, bcr TCnmo^ncr, ®rcnibcwo(ncr, 
©rengna^bbar^ (sum. mit on). 

B^rdSt'ti, s. vid. Bordat. 

Bor'dnre [-dzhyr], *. l.bcrSlanb, ©aum5 
2. bie Sorbirang^ Ginfafiung^ 3. Her, bcr 

To Bore, v. I. a. I. bobrcn (cin ^oib, cine 

,^anotte, it.), audbobrcn^ 2. bur*bobrcn; 

"^ bur(bfle*cn (oon SBurmer?., :c.), (audO 
^oblcnj 3. jfig. bur<bbringcn; (fi(b) W' 
bur(bbrdngcnj II. n. 1. M bo^rcn (laf* 
fen)) bobrcn^ 2. fig, ^orbringcnj 3. Man. 

Bore, I. prct. Don To Bear; 11. s. 1. bad 
fiBo(r(c(b (^S3. ciner^umpc)) 2. bie^db" 
lungbcc®ladinpramentej 3. Cwn. (-of a 




gun, cJinQoo), ber Caliber^ Me Cede (etner 
Jtanone) j 4. bet fdof^ttti 5. fig, ein 6tt4, 
eineffBunbe^ ^,fam. bie Uttgereimt^eit^ ir* 
gettb@tnQ»^ ba&lQnd»eilt^ eine unertrdg^ 
li^e^ efel^ftfte, Subringli^e; ;c. |)erfon$ 7. 
vid. Boar, 2. 

Bo'rd^l, BD're^n» acfj. (bef. ♦) n^rbli^. 

BD'rd&i, #. * ber IBorea^, 9torb»tnb. 

BQfSS', #. Dane, bie ©ourr^e. 

Bn^T^r, #. ber©oJrer (|)erfon u.Snftniment). 

Bo'ring, s. Vet. eine S)peraticn; urn oerrenfte 
C<bttltern ber $ferbe einsuri^ten^ —mill, 
Jf «cA. bie So^rmiible. 

Born, p. p. 0. To Bear, geboren^ base—, 
new—, &c. vid, unter Baie, &c.; my— days, 
mein Sebtage. 

BOrne, I. #. 1. bie ©renje^ 3. vid. b. m. r. 
Bourn; n. p.p. oonToBear, getragett^ 
all charges-^ Conu na4 ^bjug aUer Soften. 

Bu'rQn, J. Cfwm. bad IBoron^ ©oracium j ©o* 

BdHoogh [—'0], s, bie incorpodrte Sanbflabt, 
ber (©ttJU) glccfen, ©urgflecfen, SRorft. 
f[e(fen$ -Engiuh, Law, bas Se^nrecbt bed 
Sftttgern; -elder, —head, —holder, ber 
Srtlbeptttirte, S)ftSoorflanb/ ®emeinbefpre« 
iber^ —master, ber ©ttrgemcifler, vid. Bar- 
goraaster. [erborgeit, entle^nen. 

To Bttr'rOw, v. a. ouf Qrcbit ne^raeB/borgeii; 

Bjtr'row^r, *. ber Gfrborger, ©orger, —on 
bottomry, Qtm. Law, ber ©obmereine^mer. 

B^rs^l'i*, s. G'W. bie ®Iaefd^ere. 

Bors'-hOld^r [burs'-], s. vid, Boroogh-holder. 

Bfls'cfie, s. 1. baft (9ebfif(b/ gebfifcbige £anb j 
2. baft £ufl»dtb4eit$ 3. Faint, bie flBafb^ 

Bds'k^t, J. Gard. baft ©oftfet, tuflwdlbtben. 

B^ky, adj. gebfif^^ig, bnr4)ig; loalbig^ - 
acres, bur* ^etf en abgetjeilte Stfer. 

Bd^9m, s. I.ber©iifett,bie©nift5 2. ber©a 
fen (beftitteibeft j ber edfii^ t>orn am j>embe, 
ic.)5 fig'** 3. ber 6*oof ,©nfen, baft 4)ern 
4. baft Snnerc^ ber Umfang, ©e|ir!, bte Siefe 
(beft gjteereft, u.)» —enemy, ber^eimU^e 
Sfeinb, falf^eS^eunb) —friend, 1. ber©n 
Tenfreunb^ bie ©ufenfteunbinn? 2. eine©u> 
fenneibund fiir ^amen i — interest, bie S(eb« 
liagftabficbtj — pocket, bie Ceitentafcbei 
— secret, baft wiWqt Q^tt^timnifi —sin, 
bie e^^oofffinbei -thief, ber^auftbieb. 

To BV^m, V. a, 1. in baft j>er{ r<bnefen$ 2. 
oerbergen. oerftecfen ^ gebeim ftalten. 

Bu's^n (BlKsf n), #. cor. ©on Boatswain, qv. 

B«s'qo^t [-k«t], s. vid. Bosket. 

Bdss,j.l. biefintfel, ber er^abenc ©cWag, 
tnopl 3tnanfi (SeMirmagel^ 2. ber ©uifel, 

(Jtttorren an ©dumett; sc)5 3. Mas. a) bte 
gemftlbte B^Unfti b) bie italfmulbe^ ber 

To Bdss, V. a. I. mit ®ef(bimidgeltt, u. be< 
f^lagen) 2. mit er^abener Arbeit (©uifeln) 
befe^en, tcrgieren. 

Bfts'sf^e, s. Arch. 1. ber oorfpringenbe (sn 
©ilbbauerarbeit in terarbeitenbe) Ctein in 
einer!Raver) 2.©otragen,bduerir(beftSBcrf. 

Bussed, BSs'sy, adj. vid. To Boss. 

BSs'sfYe, adj. ^5tferig, frumm, Dcrmaibfen. 

B5t, s. vid. Bots. 

B9tftie', s. Anat. ber botaOiMc ®ang. 

B9tSii'ic (— c^), I. adj.; II. — «Uy, adv. bo« 

BptJCn'jcs, #. pi. vid. Botany. [tanifib. 

Bdt'^nist (Bptan'jc), s. ber ©otanifer. 

To B5tVnIze, v. n. botaniflren. 

B5t«nSl'9^, s. bie$flan|enie(re. 

B6f«ny, j.bie©otanif } —Bay wood, ein bttn< 
tel geftetfteft j)oIs fftr Jtnnfltif<bler auft B.Bay . 

B^tar'go, s. (ital.) ber ©otarga, ©otargo. 

Bfitch, s, 1. bie ©eule, ber BdfwdxoLi 2. ber 
%ltd, Sappen) 3. jig. baft SUtfioerf ; baft 
SUchoort, xc. 

To BStch, V. a. 1. (mit up, }ufammen')fii<fen» 
ftii(fen) 2. oerbiin)en5 3. mit ©eulen be< 
)ei(bnen. [fiber. 

Bafcb^r, s. 1. ber gKtff^neiberj 2. ber »pfu« 

BSt'ch^rly, adj, k adv., BSt'chjngly, odv. 
plump/ flfimperbaft 

BSt'ch^ry, s. baft ^idPloerf. [fhimperbaft. 

BQt'chy, adj. 1. Poller ©enlenj 2. geflicft, 

BOte'l^ss, adj. vid. Bootless. 

BOtA, I. pron.adj. k $, beibe^ ©eibefti II. 
conj. both . . . and . . ., f Dioobl . . . alft . . . . 

BStb'f r, Bdth^rft'tion, vulg. vid. Pother, &c. 

BQt/i'nl^ s, Geog. ©otbniett. 

BdtVnM, BStVnic, adj. botbnif** [benftein. 

Bptil'tjs, BStryltdf, s. Pet. ber ©otn)t, Srau^ 

BQt'ryoid (—dill), adj, »eintranbettf6rmig. 

BSto, s. pi. Ent. Gngerlinge^ Sarben ber 

Bdtt, s. L-w., baft itUppelfifTen. 

Bftt'tle, s. 1. bie Siafibe/ ©onteiQe; 2. baft 
Ctuart (9Raf)$ 3. baft ©ilnbel^ ©unb^ (i>tu, 
K.)) —ale, b-dale, baft glaf^benbieri 
—bottom, ber Unterfe^er^ —brash, bieg-n* 
bfirfle J -carrier, ber S-ntrdger (fftr flebenbe 
g-tt)4 —case, baft g-nftttter, bcrg-fetteri 
—castor, eine ^latmenage fur g-n> —com- 
panion, —friend, ber 3e4brttber5 —con- 
jurer, ber 2af<bettfpieler, joe. 4>e;renmeiflrc $ 
— cooler, ber 8-nhlbter 4 —flower, Bobbie 
Jtornblume^ — glMs, vid. Hollow-ware; 
—head, berf)obI(opf, ^ummfopf) —headed, 
bob't^fpfigf bummf6ppgi —jack, ber fei^ 



Tt4lei)r«tmt9tnber4 -<«belt,9Uf4eii<ibter< 

-note, 1. vuig. hit ^rdimtiodnenafe^ 2. 
Om. UtwttiVic^fi<cpa^titon^tt, hitenU 
telnafe^ 3. Zool. htt QeeUfne) —nosed, 
rettaaRs^ Mtfnaflaj -rack, ein g-nre|>o|l» 
terinai; — •crew.berJtortjie^j —stand, 
Ut ^-i^nhtx, S-nteller^ —swagger, Ux 
%'td^tt, ^tdJ^itti -tray, bcr g-ntrdger (fdr 

To Bttf Ue, r. a. 1. ouf SIaf<^n ffiOen, ab* 
iie^n Ou». mtt off) ; 2. in Mabel bhiben. 

Mftled, a4j' I. anfglflf*en gesogen^ 2. i>itf« 

Bdt^^r, #. ber JteOermeifier. [bdu^ig. 

Bdft^m, X. 1. ber nnterfie S^eil finer Ga^e 
(J.C. eine« ftnmnciie, gaffeft; ber guf einer 
Xttppt, fined ^AgeUi ifar-«. a) ber 9au4 
Ob. ba» SIa4 e. G^iffed^ 6) ber Soben^ 
aa«B,bfrtttttfr«Bafrergeit^ c)ba6e4iff; 
9a(r|ni^felbfi4 bfr J(dff/ Sobm ob. etn^l 
ciBfr Xvtif4^od€i bfr j)itttere, ic)? 2. ber 
9nmb(bf«!Reere9;tf.)9 3* bie ©ninblage, 
ber (Smnb (oon (SeMuben, ic.) ) 4. bte Siefe, 
l«(X^l,^fr S^algntttb, (c/. ilm. -lands); 
5. ber titflle (unterfte) S^eil, ba« Onbe einer 
6ai^, (einer etra^e^ 2c.)5 au^^Sg. ba«3n* 
aere, hieTUift, }.S9. to be at the — of ..., 
gdbibtt4 mjle^en/ tnne^a^en (Qrt»a04 6. 
j^-#. ii) bie ©renie^ bad (gnbe j 6) ber (©e» 
»e9«)<9nitt^, bie Xriebfeber ) c) ber ©runb, 
dnnibfa^, k.) T. bie ^en, ber (Soben*) 
6«e (be* «iere*; jc.)J 8. 5poit. bieJtraft^ 
etirfe (eined X^ifred; befgl. cineft Dier* 
ftbr^e&z ^nbfeflen iterU, u.)/ c/. Bot- 
tomed ; —of a silk worn, beriSocon^ bad 
eeibfsdebditff $ a— of thread, Ac, einJtnauel 
imxn,ta at the— , am Snbf; enbliib $ in« 
aoftib i — lands, Am. Uferldnber, rei(be SdR' 
bcreien in ben H^dtem gropf r gliifTf i —line 
/ViJit bie 9<blttf|file auf einer BnUi — 
pieces. Coop, bif SBobenftflife ber S^fTer^ — 
pit, bie mtterfie Xiffe, berTCbgrunb^ —up, 
Afor. JKel obf n. 

To BSt't^B, V. L a. 1. (namentl. >?g.) gr&nbf n i 
2l anfi9t(fteltt, winbfn^ 3. mit e. Soben 9er' 
|e^(finS^f/etii(ie[miteibfn],ic.)5 n.7t. 
M grinben, ru^tn (—on, upon, auf). 

MfUfmedf p. a. comp. mit einem Sobeii/ it*, 
l- 9. a flat — boat, ein ^ro^mi a — horse. 
Spurt eiainr^arfbrceiagb tattgliibfd9)ffrb$ 
(/. BottoB, 8. [fig. nnfrgribbU^. 

Bift^BlfM, 047*. l.bobfnlod/ grunblod^ 2. 

Bft^pary, s. Com, Law, bif Sobmerei) — 
letter (—bond), ber «)>brief, e^iffdpfanb* 
bcief, eMbijfdbrief, e^iffftme^ff <• 

Md'vhyt, 1. Pom. bie ^nctfrbirn. 

Bodd, s. EnU ber Jtommnrm, ABiebeL 

To Bdo^e [bdj], v.n. auff^ioeOen, r^meaen. 

Bdn^e [bdj], s. 1. bie®ef<bioulft$ 2.berSott4 

eineelianed) 3. C^m. ber Jtauri. 
BoAgb 05d], s. ber %% 3»eig. 
Bonght [bdwt], pret, ft p. p. ». To Buy; — 

book. Com. bad Ginfanfdbnib. 
Bought [bAwt], *, ber ««g, bie ©iegungi bad 

®elenf, (9Iieb5 ber ^ote% bie Sletbte, 

Boiiiie' Odzh€c']. s. 1. Surg, bie ©ongie, 

jeerse; 2. Com. eine0loSe flBa^dfiotf. 
BoviUon [bdlyttn^, s. 1. bie (SUif*0 

©rfi^ej 2. Far. bad gleiWgcmdibd am 

etra^le bed ^ferbefnped. 
Bual'dfr, s, vuf. Bowlder. 
Bodl^f , Bodlj^tte', s. Man. ein 9fttt mit fe^« 

lerja^cm gufgelenf. [fleber. 

Bda'iimy. s. Vet ber ^eif (uager; bad gref' 
BOtti'tjn, 9. Arch, ber Stertelflab^ bie «BulfL 
To BSdnce, v. n. 1. fra^ett/ fnaOeR) Idrmei^ 

toben^ 2. ^cfctg f^lagen, (anOHopfen^ 3. 

praQeR^platfn i 4. Tprengen^ 5. fpringen; fab* 

ren (mit in, out, Ac.) 4 6. fig. f am. a) pra^« 

len^ gropfpre(ben5 Dermeffenfein) &)tapfer, 

mn fein. 
BoAnce, #. 1. ber Jtra<b/ StaaUi bod ®etdfe{ 

2. fig. vulg. bie 9ra(lerei4 ^ro^nng) 3. 
leh. ber j>nnbdtai. 

Bodn'c^r, s, fam. 1. ber ^xatfizx, Edrmer^ 
^Agnerj 2. eine grope ^ge^ 3. eine plumpe, 
fette fJerfon. 

Bddn'<4ngly, adv. mit Hxm, pra((erif<b« 

Bodnd, I. pret. A p. p. 9on To Bind; hide—, 
ice—, wind—, vid. in H., I., W. ; —bailiff. 
Law, ein ®eri4tdbiener^ ber Krreflationen 
snb £(nli4f geriibtli^e f>anbUingen andiibt? 
— masonry, terbnnbened^ottermerf 4 n. a4j. 
Mar. mi einem S)rte beflimmt; auf einen 
5Drt gefra<btet (abenb) whither are yon—? 
»on>ollt3b<^(itt? moge^tbiedteiftMn) - 
ont and in, (in tt. (er beflimmt} m. s. sing. 
l.ber&prnng^ 2.berXttfrprung;(Riicffprttttg/ 
(miitf«)l>raa4 3.bie®renie,beraRarfftein4 
—setter, vid. Bonnder; — stone, vid. 
Bonnding-stone; IV. Bounds, #. pi. lit A 
^. bie ®renien, S^ranfenj within—, mit 
^Staft, mdf ig, in ben e^^ranfen ber SO^dfig^ 

To Bdaod, V. I. a. 1. fprengen^ fpringen 
laffenj 2. grensen, (to — npon), angren^enj 

3. begrenien; einf(br£n!en^ fig. itt6(branfett 
(alten} II. n. 1. fpringen 92. }ttrit<ffpringen, 
(anf« Ob. ittrii(fOpraIIen. 

BdAn'dfry, s. bie (Sren^e^ ber ®rcniftein. 
Bodn'd^n, p. p. Don To Bind. 




Bodn'd^r, s. 1. ber (Srensauffejer j 2. ber 

SKarff4eiber$ gclbmcfTer. 
Bodn'djng-stonc, *. 1 . bcr (Srensflctn, 3Korf« 

fttim 2. baft 0*ncnKi9cl4en, bcr©*uircr. 
Bodnil'l^ss, I. adj. 1. grenjcnloft, cwigj unbe* 

grcnst, unumWrdnfti 2. Him ®rensen fen* 

ncnb (tn...)5 H. —new, s, btc (SrensenloRgMt. 
Boan'Moui [ffbrc. &c.; boan'tehjvs, ff.], 

1. flcf;.; n. #iy, adv. giitig, mllbe, freigcbig, 
QUtt^aiigj in. - ncss, J. bic ©utigfeit, 
5Kilbc, grcigebigfcit. 

Bodn'tjWI, I. adj.; II. — ly, adw. milbc, QilitiQ, 
frcigebig, gutt^fitig, gropmut^fg, rei^U^ (im 
©cbm) J m. — ncss, *. bie 5Kilbe, Sreigcbigs 
frit, aBo^It^dtigfcit, (Srofmut^. . 

Bodn'ty. s. 1. bic 5KiIbe, greigebigfeit, (Sfitcj 

2. bic ®ttbe, ®\itti)ati 8. C<)m. bie ^rfimie bci 
bcr® ieberau6fu^r oerfd^.ffiJaarcn, (nfofcm fxc 
bcnSingangftjottfiberfleigtj —money, I. gen. 

bie G^metfung on cinem Gporen$ —of a 
TioIiD, ber Ciolinbogcn^ ctom— , rain—, Ac. 
vid. in C, Ac; Ship-b. k Mar. a bold (lean) 
—of a ship, cinbreitcr ob. toUer (Wmalcr 
Ob. f4arfer)Sugeincft®d^iffc$5 the b-s of 
a ship, bic ©Qtfen cincft ®4>iffe$ j on the—, 
frQjttbalfSweifcj II. comp. (bef. Mar.) — 
anchor, berSuganfer, (Sabclanfcr 5 —bearer, 
bcr gorfllfiufcr, 4)olsbogt j —bent, gefrummt, 
eingcbogcn, frumm^ -chases, Sugfhirfc, 
3agbfhirfc(»ic— pieces); —dye, citt (tors 
Siigli^eft) ®4arIa4rot^ (gu Bow h^ London 
gefdrbt)j —grace, eincaBanb(citt!Be^dnge) 
amSug ton altenSoumcrf (CBurflenu.SBic* 
Ictt) jum ©cftu^e gcgen baft eifti —hand, bic 
linfe (ben ©ogcn <>altenbe)|)anb4 —knot, 
ber terlorene Jtnotcn, bie ©d^Icife^ —leg, 
bafttanunel^ein^ —legged, frummbeinig? 
—length, ein Sdngcnmaf urn ben irbflonb 

bie$rdmie5 2.Afr/.baftSBerbegcIb,4>anbgc( eineft Sogenf^il^cn torn 3iel ya bcfKmmcn 

Boufjuet [bd'ka], s. ein (©Iumcn)@trattf. 
Bddr'^eors [— jsrs], *. Typ. bie Sorgoift 

(® (^rift jttiWen ^ttit u. Qorpuft). 
To Bddr'gepn [— J9n], v. n. 1. fnofpen, fprof* 

fen,blfi()cn5 2.geilfcin. 
Bddrn [or born], *. bie ©rcnse. 
To Bdfl^e, V. I. n. |e(^en, becbernj II. a. ter* 

Boat, s. 1. bic 9lci^C; SBcd^r^lfoIgc, baft ^cX 
2. ber etrei*, «erfu4 5 3. baft ®efe*t, bcr 
Jtampf, TfuftfttHi flSorfall, 65(^lQg^ 4. bic 
^uflbarfeitj (drinking-), baft (3c40®f* 
lag, bcrec^mauft. [©tegreifc. 

Bodtsde', s, einc Orinej ein Ginfall ouft bem 

Bd4't^nt. adj. Arch, jur ©t^^e bicncnb. 

Bouts-rimez [bdrjmsl^, s. pi. (franj.) i\)cf. 
bieOtcimttorte^ baft ^brcimgebtd^t 

BrAey-cOal, *. bic bituminSfc ©raunfo^le auft 
eyeter, ®ote»)fo^le. 

BoVlne, adj. 1. gum £)d^fcngcf(^Icd^t gc^o- 
rig) 2. * o^r^ndugig. 

To B64r, ti. I. a. 1. biegcn, beugen^ 2. burfcn, 
neigen) Sunirfcnj 3.^g. beugcn, «ntcrbruF= 
fen, ternit^tcnj n. n. l. MhU^im 2. fi^) 
biirfen, ftd^ neigcn 5 to — down, ^i^ niebcr^ 
biirfcnj nicberfinfcn. [ber ©urfring. 

B6«, *. bie Serbeugnng, Cerncigung, fam. 

Bow, *. 1. gen. ber ©ogen, ©ug5 2. Afar, 
bcr ©ug eineft ©*iffeft [in bicfer ©btng. bo & 
b6«]; 3. 2%f. fl) ber ©ogen eineft jDriCbo^)- 
rerft an berDrc^banfj b) Hat. ber ga*« 
bogenj c) bie©icge5 ber ©ugel$ d) bcr 
terloreneJtnoten, bie0*leifci e) baftSo* 
(ber 3ugoci^fen)5 /) ber Orobbogen j g) vW. 
-length; —of a key, bcr ec^MfTelring 5 
-of a saddle, ber ©attelbiig 5 -of a spar, 

line, bie ©uiicn 9 —line bridles, baft ©u> 
Uenfpriet) —line knot, ber ©u(ienf!i4$ — 
maker, ber ©ogenmad^cr, ©cgnerj —man, 
ber ©ogcttfd^ii^) —man of a boat, bercrflc 
(Rubererineincm©oote) —net. bie SRcufc, 
giWreufc 5 — pieces , ©ugftiidc (Icicbtc 
@*iffftfanoncn)5 — pin, baft e^^lag^olj; 

Mlurfenj ^inunterf((^Iurfcn, Vinterf(^^lingcn. —pot, ber (duferc) ©lumentcpf (aneincm 

gcnftcr) i -!Mi w, cine ©ogenfdge mit ©arfen j 
—shot, 1. ber ©'fdi^uf 5 2. bie ©-[(^uf roeitc j 
—sprit, baft ©ugfprictj (in fieincn ©i^iffcn) 
ber7(uftleger$ —sprit top-sail haliards, bcr 
Tfuft^olcr ber©*iebblinbe^ —string, bie©o= 
genfcjncj a hatter's — string, baft ©ogen= 
lebcr am gad^bogen bcri)ntma^er5 -wheel, 
bie Sif^^reufe) —window, baft gcroolbtc gcn^ 
fter, ©ogenfenfter, i)oJlfcnfler, ©*aufenfler. 

ToBoit'^i, v.a, 1. ouftmciben, auftne^mcn) 
2.^g. bift in baftSnncre bringen, cinbringcn. 

BOa'^il^ss, adj. fig. geffi^Hoft. 

B6\l'?l?, s. pi. 1. baft Gingcweibci fig. 2. bas 
3ttncrc5 3. Script, bcr ©i^ bcft SWitUibenc-, 
3artgcffi^Ift 5 baft SKitlcibcn, ®efu^l,- bowel - 
complaint, bic Scibf(^mcricn, Stolit 

BoV^^^r, s. 1. bcr jx* 9icigenbC5 2. ber ©cgcn, 
bicSBdlbung^ 3. bie Saubc^ ber f(^attigc 
^la^ i bic ldnbli*c ^uttc i bcr Xanbfi^ i 
4. Anat. ber ©cugcmwftfel, ©cngcr j 5. 
Afar- J. a) bcr SKaflf orb, SRarft) 6)bcr©ug* 
anfcr (ft.bow-anchor); the best- , bcr tdg(i(bc 
TCnfcr^ the small—, ber Xau« ob. IKeuanfcr. 

To B6*'?r, V. a. cinfd^Iicf en, uragcben. 

BOa'^ry, adj. toiler Xoubcn. 

Bu4'«ss, Bd^V*'. bcrTCcfliing, jungc j^abid^t. 

To Bo^rge, V. I. a. bnri^bojren, burd>f4>icf en i 
II. n. vid. To Bouge. 




BQw^-knife [—nil] , *. Am. ewc TCxt grof c$ 
3a0bmefrcr ndt ^tppenf^rmtger @pt(e. 
Bow^lBg, «. AfM.f. fcte 38o8enfu6run8. 
Bdil'mgly, arfu. fid^ bicgcnb, »erbeugent k. 
B0wl[lt'6., JK,&c.; boiMorbol, fKorc. &c.J, 
*. 1. bie Jtugelj 2. [bolj bcr-Kopf, bieSJe^uf^- 
fcl, e^ale, btt« aecf«ni 3.l>er ^o^Ie Zi^dl 
einc« SDingeS, Die |>6blung (ciacft gojfeU, 
etner ^feife: ber §)feifenfopf) ^ 4. bie QU 
fleraej 5. bcr «e«er^ 6. ber ©aumftamm^ 
7. ber SRaflforbi 8. bad SKap ©on 6 e*e^ 
Uin, ii'rf. Bole, 3^ —weft, (unter ben go* 
brifttrbeitern, bcf. SBebcrn) bic fiJcruntrcu* 
oRg ooit &axn, eeibe^ )C. 
To BowI l<}r boAl], v. I. n. 1. Jlegel fd()tcbcn, 
frgelui 2. fi* lugeln^ U. a. rotten, ftigtln. 
BowTd^rC^Tft.; boarder, W'orc.]. s. comp. 
(--•tone), GeoL ba« QkW^U, (Serott, ber 
aoUflcin, Jtiefclfleinj — »tone«, (bowldcM), 
pi. 1. ©tromftdne, aberfiefer^ 2. fleinc 
|)fWicrfleCiie5 —wall, bie JeiefelfleinmQiier, 
bcr eteinbamm. 

Bov^jng lor boAVIjng], *. bad Jtcgclfipicl 
-alley, ctne bebe^e Jtegelba^n? —green, 
berSofelpla^, ein htrige^altcner mafeapk^ 
HDiiitusel«(ni4t^gel«)@(^iebcn5 —ground, 
1. voU —green ; 2. ber Jtcgclpla^, bie ^-ba Jn. 
ToBuAse, V. I. a. Mar. jie^en, on^olcn, tttljcn, 
ouflttfjeni —away! -bol(ftar! sicken) TCUe 
osfcmmall oSe 0Rann bet ber XaQe I II. n. 
)e<bra/ otJ. To Bouse. [fiSogenf^u^c 

Bow'y^r, #• (». fi.) 1. berSSognerj 2, bcr 
Box, #. 1. Bot. bcr SuAsbaum (aud!> —tree) ; 
-dfut, €5agcfp((Re t. i8u4)$baunt$ —thorn, 
BoL ittSdvL^iiboxni —wood, fBu(?>Sbttnm= 
.^I|j 2. ber@^lag mit ber^anb (S^tuft)) 
-ontkeear, bie £)^rfeige, ^Kaulf^eae^ 3. 
a)btcSfi<!^re/ e^Q^tel, iDofej ber ^^aften; 
%cA S^^tui 6) bcr itaflcn an etner 2t(6t' 
pa^ei c) baft ^utteraU <I) bie 2oge (xm 
abater, ac.)5 bcr «crf*tag (j. ©. in ben 
engl. SSBtrt^S^dufenr, fur bie®dfle)j e) ber 
itutfii^crftb} ^tf4enbo(f 5 /) co/. bQ&{)£uS: 
to; g) Afar, lah 6ompa$^£u&4en $ /i) 
Typ. bod 9<><& iin @4rift!aften$ i) Gam, 
ber Seiner (jum SBfirfeln, :c)3 k) Gard. bie 
Ginfttfiimg eincft S5eetc5 j —of a screw, bie 
6<^rasbeiiinuttcr $ — of a wheel, bie iRabens 
ba<^fe, SBagenbiic^fej — and needle, ber ®ec« 
(boilHtf 3 ballot—, dust—, &g. vi'd. in B, D, 
Jfec; To— 'haul, v. a. TVawt. ^ttlfen, (oor 
bem ftBinbc) unlegcn, unmenbenj —iron, 
bdS 9itgcUifcn$ -keeper, Tfieat. ber io* 
gcnf^Iief cr, £ogcnn>drter $ — money, ^rmcn^ 
gelb, THmofcn) eparbud^fengelb $ —stays 
6iber^it0en f^r Jtoftcn; ^nltc, u. 

To B3x, r. 1. a. 1. in cine ffiiid^fe, in cin Jtd(l« 
d(^cn, ic. t^un, einfd(^Iicfen5 to - up, vcrfpcr* 
renj 2. (©dumc, wie 3urfcra^orn, jc.) on* 
Sapfcn, ouSiapfcn (95aumfaft)5 3, Naut-s. 
to — the compass, bie (Sompappunftc mit 
bcn^immcUgegenben tcrglcid^en j to - (off) 
a ship, bie iBorfcgel barf legcn, urn bad (Sd^iff 
wicbcr in ben SBcg su bringcn, rocnn eft cine 
(5ule gcfangcn Mj 4. C^rfcigen gcben, mit 
ber gaujt fiUgcnj II. n. fi* barcn, boxen. 
Box'^n, adj. 1. ©on ©ud^Sbaum, bu*sbfiu» 
men^ 2. bem IBu^ftbaum d^nli^. 
BSx'^r, *. ber Sauftf dmpfcr, a3cj:cr, 2C. 

Box'ing, s, 1 . Carp. & Join, a) bttS X^urfuttcr, 
hit gjeKcibung ber Xiurfiffnung 5 h) baS TTn* 
f«3()tagen bcrSefleibungj 2. Naut. eine^rc 
jection an ben Jtlfifcn. 

B6J,f. l.ber^abe, ©ube, 3ungc^3iing= 
ling, junge SWcnf^j boys, (in Snbicn) aUc 
mdnnIi4eS3ebienten5 2. oi<;. Baize. 

To Boy, V. I. n.^inbcrci trcibcn, finbiW fcin^ 
II. a. ttie cincn Jtnabcn bc^onbcln. 

BoyV, J. wjci. Bojar. [grttbcn. 

B6f au [—'0], s. Fort, ber 0*lag ber 2auf* 

Boy'^r, s. 1. bcrS5oi)cr, ©ujer (^oUfinb. ®*a« 
Iuppe)5 2. cin Hcincft ga^ricug, gum IBafcn* 
legctt gcbrau^t. [itinb^eit. 

Bofhood [— hadj, s. baft ^tnabcnaltcr, bie 

BoJ'ish, L adj. ; II. — ly, adv. f nobcnmafig, 
finbifcl^, lappif^j —days, bie^inbcrjabrci 
III.— ness, s, baft finbif^c iBetragcn, bie 
^nbcrei. [bcnaltcr, 

Bof }>m, s. 1. roic Boyishness ; 2. baft J^na> 

Brabant', *. Geog. baft ^erjogtl^um SBrabant. 

Br9ban'tg^,*.2)i. Com. brabantif^c Scinwanb. 

Braban'tjne, adj. brabanttf*. 

Brab'bie, s. ber 3ane, ©trcit. 

To Brab'ble, v. n. ftrciten, ganfcn, fcifen. 

lirab'bl^r, s. ber 3ttnfer, 0lc(|?ttaber. , 

Brace, s. I. sing. 1. baft SBanb, bie Sinbe, bcr 
Sliemcn^ ^alti 2. Typ. bie Jtlammcr ( [ ] ) j 
3. Mus, bie Tfccolabe 5 4. Arch-s. a) Uv'Xn-- 
fer, 4>afen5 &) baft Sragbanb, ber0tiiftbaU 
Fen 3 bie®trcbc3 5. bie^altung, S3inbungi 
©pannung^ 6. bie SHiiflung, bcr^arnifcS^ 
bieTfrmfdl^ienei T.baft^aar^ a — of pistols. 
Sport, bucks, foxes, hares, &c., cin^aar 
^iflolen, ein ^. ob. einc ^oppcl (Rc^bdcfc, 
gu^fe, 4><ifcn/ 2C. 5 —of a dosser, bie 4)anb= 
iabecinerlButtej -and bits, cincS3o^rbrur»e, 
^rmbrui'C mit baju paffenbcn ©o^rern 9 cine 
bergl. and collar, wcnn bie ©rui?e cin 4>ald" 
(lutf i)aU — springs, pi. 4)dngericmfcbcrn 
(an ^tf*cn)5 II. b-s, p/. 1. (a pair of-), 
vulg. cin ^aar i)ofentrdgct 5 Mars. 2. 
bielBrafren(@cgcrfeitc)5 3. bie Singerlinge 




To Brig, O.II. pra^, asfMndbcii 9. M 
x^mtu (— of, ciier 6«4e), ftol} fcui nf . • .. 

Brig, #. 1« ticyra^Ieret) 9L bcr 6t0l|$ 3. 
Gam, dn Jlartmfpicl, in md^cm to Ssbea 
mtbSteiiitat JNtuptfartni flnb^ —wort, due 
Krt 9on f4»a4m QXet^ ob. jwnigMirer. 

BriggfdO'cjf [-«h{>], s. pL (Morryot) f>ra^ 
kreten, !DNiu(^iiflabcn. 

Briigg«d</ci9 (-9hl9) [-»hi-9], #. berOrof. 

BrXg'gvrdrfm, s. bie^ra^lcrei, ICsff^ncibctd. 

BrXg'gvi, BrSg'g^r, I. s, bflr OroWpre^er^ 
^VQ^ltc, ICnff^netber j n. adfj. pca((enf;^. 

Brig's?!, (BrVg^t), #. 1. (na4 C Afed.) ctQ 
getotfre^ Ni(ItnbeS®etrdn! an^ flSafTor, SXali, 
^onigtt <9e»iiri$2.ber9Xet^,bieJraItf4olr. 


Brih'm^ s. (inb.) jRe/. (ber <9ott) Qranit. 

Br^hmftD'jc, a(<7. (inb.) brominiM. 

Br&Vmfo, s. vid. Bramio. 

Brab'fflloXfiD, #. (inb.) ReL bet d9ra(mat»niud, 
baft IBraminent^ttm. 

To Brfiid, v. a. 1. fle^ten^ 2. }uf«mmen' 
mhm 3*borbirett{ a b-ed coat,einc^fef4e. 

Brftid, s. 1. bieSled^tei ^aar^td^te; a.bei 
Jtnoteni baftiSetoebe^ 8.bie93orte^ Heine 
0pite }um d^efevn, ber Sorflof $ 4. bie Sa* 
Utte; bad ir^felbonb. 

Briil, 9. 1. Mar. bie eef^lagletne^ ba» ®ei< 
tau i Sport. CFalcJ) 3. ein 0tiemen pm gfefl* 
bittben ber Stttige eineft galfen^ 3. be^lei* 
^n ber ^a^ta u. bie eingetpcibe, ber Gtetf , 
eters eineft ^alfen. 

To Brftil, v. a. (— iip)> 1« Afar, aufgeien^ 
a. Sport (FaleO bie gittige cineft Bo^tl^ 
(galf en) binben. 

Brain, s, (gew. Brftiof, pi.) l.baftde^irn^ 
%fig. berScrftanb.Jtopf, baft <9eb44tnif $ 
— foYer, bie (Se^imentifinbnng) —pan, bie 
^irnf(bale$ — lick, a^j.; —sickly, ado. 1. 
ma^nflnnid; b^n^f^^tig j S. unbefonnen, obne 
Serflanb) — sickBew, l.berflBabnfinn) 2. 
ber Unberftattb, bie Unbefonnenbeit 

To Brftin, v. a. 1. baft Oebim attftfiWagen, 

benJtopfjerf*mettemj 2. Otok, entjimen. 

BrXc'tMite, a4;. Bat. mit Ce(fbt£tt4en ber«|Brftined,ae(;.comp.cock— ,Ac,vt(i.inC, &c. 

Cam 0tettemtber)9 4. —of a coach, bie 
04mtngrienen einer Stutfi^ci 5. — of a 
diUMf bie XronuneOeine. 

To Brftcc, v.a, 1. binben, an< (ein«) binben, 
on* (}nfamnen«) f^tften, befefHgen, (an«) 
MnaUett/ flarf an^ieben, einviifein, (e.Xrom* 
meOfpannen,f<binSren4 einfibtiefen^ infant^ 
menfoppeltt^ 2. (bieKerven, u.) fpannen^ 
ftdrf en i 8. Mar, bra|fen. [2. bie Konfibinie. 

Brice'I^t [col. brlU'-lct], s. I, baft Krmbanb, 

Bri'c^r, #• 1. ber <9nrt, MvUl, Xragriemen; 
U.4 f^ofentrdger^ bie®inbe$ 2. baft Zxm^ 
H&d (ittmlDaarpieT)5 3. Mc<L bie infammen* 
liebcnbe Vi^nei. 

Brftch, 9, Sport. 1 . ber Sracf OM Cpiirbnnb)^ 
2. bie ^finbinn beft Sagb^nnbeft^ bie $ e^e. 

Brftcb'ifl, adj. )nm TCrme gebdrtg, Vrnt*. 

BrXcb'ff to, adj, Bot amtfftrmig. [mein, 

BrXsb'fxt^d, adj. 1. mitKrmen) 2. niit£r« 

Bricb'm^n, Brish'mio, #. vid, Brainin. 

Br^bfg'rf pb^r, s. ber Sra(b9grap(. 

Br^bjfg'r^by, #. bie ®ra(bQgrap(ie. 

Br^chf I'9iy» s, Rket, bie IDra(bi)Iogie. 

Brick, s. 1. ber (SKauer- ob. «Baa-)«ru*i 
bie Orefcbei 2 baft S6Tuif1t&d, etUdi 3. fig. 
ber SRangel, geblen 4. baft ©rocfe, (SKeer*) 
0aI)ige,6alH ^*Com. bie Xuftf(buf maare^ 

To Brick, V. a. 1. fallen j 2. Com. ffBaaren 
anftrangiren, anftfcbiefen/ bradten. [lobn. 

Brick'f 4e, s. Com. ber ©racf* (ob. ©racfer*) 

Brick'^r, #. Com. ber gef(b»orene <9ilterbe« 
frbaucr, Oratfer. 

Brick'tt, 1. 1, sing, 1. Carp, bie Jeifle, Unter« 
lage, baft CLuerboIi (lum et&^tn), ber Xrd< 
geri 2. Typ. bie Jtlommer ([]n 3. ber 
CpleKeuiter J II. b-i. pi, i. bie iaffetten* 
wdnbe, CJeitenfWdPe ber SRdrferlaffetten,- 2. 
Mar. bie CJtieper ber (SlaDionft'Otegelingen. 

Brick'iib, I. adj. bracf, ein wenig faijig (com 
ecewaffer)! 11. -new,*. baftlBradPe, ©al» 
|ige, ber faliiae (Befibmatf. 

Bric'tS^ Bric'td, vid. Floral leaven. 

Bric'tHte* Bric'tf d, adj. Bot. mit SDecfbMt* 
tern berfeben. [feben, 

Bric'ICgle, «. Bot. baft ;De<fb(dttcben< 
Brid, «. 1. ber (SufO Sobennagel, Gpie* 
Vernageli 2. ber XapetennageU —awl, ber 

flr^diMJn', *. bie ((SaflTerOXrenfe, baft «olfft. 
gfbifi horn — , e{ne bdlbc Jtnebeltrenfcj 
loop— .befgLmitOting) •naffle— , einege« 
»6bnli4e Jtnebeltrenre^ -chains, -links, 
Tbrfettcn, Knfrat)dgelhtten i - runners, 
ObrrcQeni -swiveU,C(rbigc(. 

Brii'nfsh, adj. toSf dpftg, bibigf nngefliim. 

BriUn'lf ss, adj. bimloft, unbefonnen. 

Briit, «. Jew. ber robe £)iamant. 

Brike,^. 1. baft Snnifraut, Samgebfifcb^ 2 
baft ^orngebfif4/ ®rombcergebilf<b$ 3. bie 
({>anf«ob.8Ia<bft«)9^<bt$ 4.ber9unpen« 
f<biotngeI/ <Be(f|to<f j 5. ber {>ebebatt» (bei 
O^efibilbra)! ^' bie ^bbabe, ber (Brif, 
Oobi^blo(f$ 7. berSacttrogi 8. baft Marfe 
O^ebife 9.fVir.a)bi((Brenfei 6>ber9eotbfloai 




10. bet 0Ubf4tt(, {>eiimiMtt( i R-w, 9remd,[ hrMtMrj, s. baft XftntA, CIrfofitr. 

yremft^SremSMmdndel^ ll.eine7(rtf(^»e«| 
rtr9gflei — 'tneii, H-w. flDremftleute. 

To Br&ke, v. a. (|>aRf ob. SCa^ft) bre4»en. 

llri^^y #. baft JDom^ebftfd^, vid. Bnke^ 2. 

iMkft adj. bontig, ^^elifl. 

Bii'ii^ t, vi<f . Bnbffla. 

BrinlHe, #. I. sing. 1. ber !Broiitbeerftrau(( 9 
2. ber S>otnbiif4, baft (Beflriipp ; 3. (—finch), 
nte Brambling; eomp. — buth, ^ot. berj 
9ronbetrbuf4^ —net, baft %inftnne^i — 
•cytbe, bte {xtfenMel^ ll. b-i, p(. bie 

Bribn'bliiig, #. Orn. ber tBinterflnf, Serdfinf. 

BrWbied, BrWbly. adj. mit l&rombeer* 
flrfa^ea fibcnoa^fett. 

Bri'a^n* Bril'miBe IWarc. Sat, Ac; brWjn, 
Wh^ ae.]» s. (ittb.) i2«/. ber d9ramine. 

Bn'm^DfM, BrimiBCC', «. bie %X9iU eineft Sra' 

Br^juo'ic?!, adj. bramtiiif^. [minen. 

Bri'nfBif B, «. vid, Bnihiiiinism. 

Brio, s. bieJtleie^ —new, coL (gan}) nett, 
jmlg, ffBcoHlaa^tlntu, fpaimen. 

Brtlld^ 1. 1. #tng. 1. ber dmeig, Vfl^ Gt^of 
9L ber Zrm (eineft ^ufleft/ eineft ^hid^terft, 
ic)$ 3. bie einie (in (Slef4le(^tftrediflem)5 
4. Afti>. eine (Sriaber; 5. ilm. bie Seftaaung 
(iaeft eot^fenj ^-*. 6. berSffeil, bie Unter* 
tbtSftOttn^, ber ((9efitiftft:>;@r»erbft03n)eig, 
K-j baft ^4 1 T.berTCbfdmmring? 8. — or 
b-e^ pi. ber Knnleud^ter^ a two light — , 
da }i»etarm{9ereen(^ter j a vine—, einOteb* 

Br&n'chineM, #. baft dwei^ige, tfUge^ bie Yift^ 
breitnttg(ber3»ei8e{ au^^O- 

Brincbjfts'tigoiif, adj. Ich. mit Jtiemettbetfein 
Derfe^enj —membrane, bie Jtiemen^st 

Branch'i^fts, adj. I. swcigloft, Uifii 2. fig. 

Brinch'tfit, «. dim. baft Sfh^en. [natft, blof . 

Br^'chy, adj. ind^^, dftig. 

BrSnd,^. 1. ber Oranb, S^erbranb^ itienj 

2. * a) baft Gd|^mert4 6)beriDonnerfeiI} 8. 
baft 9)rattbmal4 4. Com. bie {>anblttndftmar> 
U, baft ^-W^nttf j»*ftiei4en (auf ftBaarenM 
&.fig, ber®4anbpe(fen^ — foi, Zaol. bei 
Sranbfu^ft/ 0Ut4ftt4ft$ — gooae, Ota 
bie Ototl^anft, fBamnaanft) —iron, 1. baft 
SBrennetfen) 2. (au4 HtreTet),ber©reiM5 

3. ber %tntxho(ti —new, vid. Bran-new; 
—Sunday, ber (Tfte S<i|lenronntag. 

To Brand, v. tu lit. k fig. branbniarfeii^ 
branbmalen) b-ing-iroo, baft IBreimeifen, 
SBranbeifen. Ibem. 

To Brtn'dish, v. a. fdj^wtttgen, f4»ettfen^ f^lett* 

Bran'disb, s. baft G^wingen^ ber 6(^»vb9; 
f>ieb (betm 9c4ten). 

To Bran'dle, v. n. naUila, nanfen. 

BrXDMijng, s, bie ^f&bnabe ^um ^ngetn). 

Briin'dy,^. ber Sranntttein 4 —distiller, ber 
!B-brenner5 — fralt, in ®. eindema^te 
griicjtej brendies, pi. col. (fl.— glasses), 
©ranntweinglfifer, ©cinappftgldfer. 

To BrXn'gle, v. n. )anfcn/ ftreiten. 

Bran'gle, s. ber 3anf, etreit, bie 3inferei. 

f^l) U. b-es, pi. 1. baft:2(fl»err) 2.biel Br]ln'glfr,«.ber3Anhr,etreiter. {SdAvtnnavu 
3fil^lf£bcn, 9tt^Ier; 3. Arch, bie Otippen Brank,^. A>t-f. berd9n4»et)en^ — ar8iD,bie 
(9odCB) ber got^. Qbmttbti 4. Sport, biei Bran'ny, adj. fleienartid, Heiig, Heiittt 
tnbeiiam^irf(i^0e»ei^e4 5.b-esofabridle, Br&nt, arfj. fteil, {d^e 4 ^o4$ comp.-^fox; 
fc Gtongen am (Sebtffe 4 ni. comp. Corns, —goose, vid. unt. Brand. 

-bank, bieSiltaIbanf,9{ebenbanf ^ — esUb 
Bskaent, baftSZebeu^nbUtngft^uft; bieQonu 
nanbite; — leaies, Bot. bie 7ffibWtter$ — 
Hae, — road, bie Kebenflraf e i 3ioeig(eis 
jcB)ba^n) — peaJ^ Gtetf^ ob. Gtaberbfen^ 
—pilot. Am. eitt mit einer obrigfeitl. IBeflaI» 
Jaaq oerfe^ener ^ot^fe^ —stand, Fate, baft 
^geit beft fallen Don JBanm ju fBanm, bie 
ber psab bie {Reb^it^ner anflagt. 

To B^ncb* V. I.n. (—off; —oat into..., kc.'), 
1. Bvetge treiben, fid^ in dweige avftbreiten, 
{crt^eitj ranfen^ 2. fig. M oerbreiten, 
anftlafTen, veitf^neiftg reben^ IL a. 1. in 
3flietse ober XtftUt tbeilen) 2. Otanfenma* 
4cB, Miinett) 3. mit dweigen ob. ^rmen 
9crfH<n5 b-«dcaodJestick, ber!2(rm(eit4ter. 

Bf^'cb^r, s. 1. maft M indweige auftbreitet^ 
S.jSg. ber CStommbater) 3. Sport, ber £fl> 
itag; 4. ber itanarienboget im erflen Sa^re. 

To BrSf e, v. a. vid. To Braze. [t^ilt. 

Briued, adj. Her. mit ein Xnbreaftfreu} ge» 

Bra'f^n, adj. k v. vid. Brazen. 

Bra'^i^r [— 'zh^r], s. 1. ber Jtupftrf^mieb^ 
2. [brf zbsr^, bie Jto^lenpfdntte, baftJt-becfen $ 
b-s* rods,mnnbeifen)itlBer(6Mgen fSrJtnpfer' 
f eflel; ^fannen; ic 

Br&'^l«ry [— zb^rj], s. SRcffingwaann. 

Br^'jl, BrKf H^t'tQ, Ac vid, BrJiz'}!, ke. 

Brftss, s. I. sing. 1. (yellow-), baft aRefftngj 
(red-), baftJtnpferi bielBronje^ baft Sri, 
SKetanj 2. fig. hit UnocrWamt^eitj n. adj. 
1. e^eni; metatlen, fupfern^ 2. fig. nnber* 
f^drnt^ in. comp. — battery, 1. iteffefanef* 
fing, QXeffingbled^) 2. bie {D^efftngoaare 
(Jteffcl, y fannen, u.) ^ —box heater, ein mef» 
fittgcncft ©djiltteifenj -colour, bie «ro«|e» 
farbe, ^rgfarbej -dust, SRetaDfeilfpane* 
-lamps, pi. Min. hit ntnben ffenerfleinr, 




ber ©<^»«f(cm«j -mooey, Dttfi Jhipfergflb^ 
fCLlf^(&tU>i —ore, Min. ber ©alme^/ 6a> 
lamlntftetn^ - "lu^ff. altrt SXefflng, «rn*' 
m«fflng4 IV. b-e», pi, 1. «aeffinM<f*i^f 
(^fannen, ^^fftl, ic.)^ 2. Afar, metalhie 
Siii^rett in S9Io((f4eiben$ B. bie bWn, in 
benen bie S^pinbel etnc§ &phinrabed^ tc. Uvft^ 
4. (monamental—). Her. in SKarmor, K. 
emgefiidteChrsplatten, n>eld^etBapen unb3n< 
fd^rift Don «erfh)rbenett ent^altenj 5. Typ 
GtfidNinien^ 6. Min, vid, —lamps. 

BrJU's^rdf , Brfti'sfts, t. pt. ^rmfd^tenen, bie 

Briis'sin^u, s. ba$ SKefpngartige, (Srsartige. 

Brfts'iy, a(fi. 1. erjartig; e^vm) 2. jig. un« 
»erf<^4mt5 —pyrites, erjortiger Jtieft. 

BrXt, J. conu ba^^nb; berSalg ) ^bfdmmUng. 

Brslal^, Brftwl^, j. Com. inbif^e 8^toffe mit 
Mauen nnb »etf en Streifcn. 

Br^vn'do, s, I. bie f>ra^Ierei^ ba6 Sro^bieten j 
2. ber ^ra^ler, ®rof fiprei^er. 

BrSve, I. adj. ; II. — ly, ad». 1. bra^, tttpfer, 
fii§n,nnerf4ro(fen4 2.re4tfctiaffen$ S.grop, 
er^ttben, ^errUA, prdd^tig j III. *. l.ber«Bo* 
gejttld, eifenfrefffr, 4>w*I«^i 2. bcrXro^, 
bte |>eratt6forberuttS; ^ra^Ierei. 

To Brftve, t>.a. l.Zvo% hUUn,^cf^n fpre^en; 
beMimpfen, j^eraueforbem; -trumpfen^ 2. 
mit &ttoah pra^Ien^ ee %nx Z^au ansiegen ^ 

Bra'v^ry, *. l.bie Xopfetfeit, Unerftbrotfen^eit, 

Bra'va, *. (itttL) ber SRcu^^eUnfirbcr, ©anbit. 

Br^vfiVf, s. Mas, l.bieffirttCour«lfrie5 2. bie 
Sra))Ottr (beim ®ingen). 

To BrAwI, r. I. n. 1. fjjreien, Wrmcn i 2. (lant) 
janfen^ 3. murmein (mie ein fda6f, ic.)$ II. 
«. 1. bur<i Wrmen terjagen^ 2. fig. nieber* 
f<|»mettem. [(laute) 3(inf. 

BrAwl, #. 1. bad ®cfd^rei, ber8firm$ 2. ber 

BrAWl^r, jr. ber ©d^reier, 3fin!er. 

Brdwn, s. 1. bad ©bcrfleif*, ¥6fcl(W»eine)=» 
f[e{f(^4 2. ber6ber4 3. badberbeSleif^^^ 
4. ber fleifd^ige, mudfeligeS^eil bed Jtorperdj 
—fallen, obgeje^rt, ftager. 

BrAwned, p. a. ftnrf, DierWrotig. [©d^mcin. 

Bratv'n^r, *. bad fiir bie S^afcl befhmmte wilbe 

firAw'n|Df M, s. 1. bie ^df^igifdti 2. bie ^e* 
fHgMt bed Sleifd^ed 5 9. fig. bie @tdrfe, lln« 

BrAw'ny, adj. fleif^^ig, mudfulod, flarf. 

Br«y,-jr. 1. bod Sfelgefd^rei 5 2. ber©4rei, 
mibrige Zant. 

To Br*y, v. I. a. ^oftn, flampfcn, jcrftof en, 
flein reiben* II. ti. 1. mie einGfel, ^irfd^, ic. 
f^teien 1 2. lotbrig tdnen brd^nen, f(bmrtttrn. 1 

Br«>'^r,i. 1. bie SR6rferfenle, CJtampfci 9. 
berS<trbettreiber^ 3. Print, bie M^rfeulr, 
bergarbenldufcr^ 4. ber roibrige ©dftreier. 
Brayl, s. vid. Brail. [vulg. 6(j^rei^af d. 

To BrSze, v. a. 1. Ifit^en* 2. (—over), mit 
@rs ob.^ltnpfer ilbersie^en, broniiren^ 9. fig, 
U^ |ur Unoerf^dmt^t ab^drten^ fld^Ien. 
Bra'z^n, adj. 1. e^ern, metaUen^ meffingen; 
2. (— ly, a(/«.) fig. uncerfd^dmti* — diali. 
Min. bad Suflirmaf ber Xr^ge, noiib benen 
®^egemejfen»erbeni —face, —front, ber 
(bie) Uttterfc^dmte^ —faced (—browed^ 
f^amlod, unoerf4dmt5 —sea, Jew, Ant. boa 
e^erne !XReer (im ©alomonif^en Sempcl). 
To Brft'z^n, v. I. n. unoerfd^t fein $ U. a. 
to — out, unterf^dmt^ M be(aupten^ obct 
oert(eibigen) to — one dovn, Semanbcti 
iiberf(Oreien. [Unverfdjidmt^r. 

Bril'zfnn^s, 9. 1. vid. Brmwiness; %fig. biz 
BrS'zi^r [— zh^r], s, vid, Brasier. 
Braz'jl [7\; brfiz€l', TT., fVorc, Sm. Ac], s. 
1. Ccog. ©rafilienj 2. (—wood), bad lb- 
^oIS/ berSernambu!) —ink, bie rot^eSiatc, 
— nnts, f)e(burimnfiflc. 
BrHzjtet'tG, s. (— wood), bad Samaifo^ols. 
Br^'i^n, s. k a. ber IBrafUianer^ bratl(ia> 
nifd^4 —root, Med. bie (braune) Sre(^iotit- 
}el, 3pt(a(uanta. 

Breach, s, 1. Hh ®red^en^ 3erbrc4en$ bet 
IBnt^i 2.berffBaIIbrQdii;bie®refi^e4 3. bte 
^iicfe, feffnung, ber 9Mf, bad ^od& 5 4. Sport. 
bie 0tut^e bed ^^d^fed i figs. 5. bieflbertre* 
tung; Scrle^ung (ber (Sefete, ic); bie flBort* 
bni(^{gfeit, K.i 6. bieUneittigfeit,<]9{tf^aid> 
Uit, ber ^wiflj I.aio-j. —of close, jcbed 
wnbefagte ©etrctcn frembcn ©runbedj —of 
covenant, ber 0rnA eined IScrtragd^ -MIf 
poand, gemaltfame Djfnung bed Se^Iterd^ 
and bem ber Signer fein gepfflnbeted 6ic^ be* 
freitj —of prison, bie gewaltfame <Srbre» 
d^ung bed ©efdngnifed (urn M fdbfl ob. Se-* 
manb llCnbem )U befreien). 
ToBriach, v. a. Mil. tint Sdxt\^t madden 9 
(bur4 eine Sref<be) erflfirmen. 
Br^ad, s. 1. bad IBrob) 2. fig. bad Timt, bq; 
Xebendunterjafti — andbntter, Butter (u.^ 
IBrob i c&mp. —chipper, Bak. ber IB-rafpc- 
Icrj — com, bodS-fom^ — frolt,biegrud>t 
bed ®-battmcd$ —not wood, bad (9{u|0 
4>oIi torn ©-nufbanmi —room, ber fb— 
ranm, bie IB-Tammer auf rinem ^d^ife^ ~ 
stitch, mVf. Broad-stltcb; —nknSi, Am. tic 
©-mafre,ber©-teid^4 —toaster, bet ©-roft 5 
— (frnit-)tree, Bot. ber iS-firtt4»tbattm. 
ToBr^ad, v. a. 1. (9rob) dnf^neiben, ein.. 
brotf en i 2. vid. To Braid, 1 . 




BrSad'l^a*, a^/. broblo^. 

Breads, s. 1. bie erette^ fiScitCi 2. Um. (t)on 

BreaiUVl^ss^ adj. o^ne Sreite. 
To Break, v. I. a. 1. g«n. ((StwaS) bre^en; 
a. icrreifen^ fsringen, berftm ma^eit^ er« 
bre^ j 3. a) ifxti^tUtn (mie bie 6onne 
bie aBoIhn)$ 5) Af/7. (bie fcinbliibc tinie) 
bar4bre<^i 4. lit. itxhtt^cn, iertrftmmeni 
(tint ^autx, k.)» serft^togen, latrrenfatJ 
bre^en; r^emj 5. Sport (to -^ up, ein 
9Ub/}c.> serlegett/ au^mtUmfis'*' 6.f{^n)d* 
*en, entfrdftcn, iintcrgroben, iexfk6xen, (bie I 
QefmO)^, 6d|^6n^ett); 7. bdnbieen^ |d^> 
aeQ<S^tere)9 i^an* sartiten (au4 to— in); 
8.bcUibtgcn, sierra ((in <)ttnb| to — it of 
iu tricica, t^m fetne Unarten) ftbdm66nen9 
bdmpfen, unterbdicten (^eibcnfctaften) ^ be^^ 
mut^tdeii (3emanbe$ etols)) (to-~one'« 
•elf of . • .), ablegen (iible QetootB^eitenX 
nttfagfii (bemeergQiigeii, te.)^ 9. bred^eit^ 
icrtrumment (eine Knnef, {Ra^t, ic.)4 10. 
m^ttf^Uqim, ittftiixfd^tn, serrfitten^brcc^en 
(b«d ^cn, ben Oetft, ic.) $ 11, banferott ma« 
(ben, fprengen (eine fdanf, ;c.)$ 12. oerob^ 
ftbtcbett^abbanfen^entUiffeii) 13.i/f. abf^^ui):: 
pen (bie j>dttt)$ 6ffntn Cm ®ef(tn)itr)5 
JEg-i. 14. a) (S3a^n) bred^en, onfangnii 6) 
i&aa^) in «orfdj>lag (aur^Xapet) bringenj 
(due ff^tuigftit) tT6fk(n, mitt^eilen, ^inter» 
bringeaj (fetiif>er;)au$r4fitten, offenbaren^ 
c) (anenepaf) mai^ta, (flSib) tetfcn (apon 
one, fiber Qnnett) 5 15- a) umflof en, auf* 
brbea (cin ®efi^, eine{)eirat()3 fr)Abertre» 
tta, breijften^ oerleben^ 16. nnterbre^en, fio^ 
rea (3mbi. 6<^laf, ba$ ®tiaf4^n>etgen/ }C.)3 
aof^atten} 17. gn ni(6te mad{)en, oereitein 
<91dtte,tc)$ 18. bre^en, auffangen (etnen 
8ttt,ic)5 l^.ttufldfen, abbreien (greunb* 
f<baft, 2C.)J 20. a) Sport'S. to — cover, (t. 
IBiCbe) bo^Sager oerlaffen, in'ft Srete ge^en) 
to— herd, bad fiftubel, bie 4)erbe cerlttflen 
(Wtt c. ^irf4^e, 2C.)j fr) to — company, fl4 
i9cgf^Iei(ften (au» e. (SiefeOMaft)) II. n. 1. 
gen. bre4ren, tn@tiufe ge^en; 2. ierretpen, 
(la^$ 3. ^etn«, Mbre^en (oon e. €^tttr« 
mi)i 4. a) M bretlften (oon ^eQen), bran« 
ben$ 6) fig' M tobern (oomlSetter)j 5. 
berfien, onfl^riagen, aufge^en (oon e. ®e< 
^iinutt,tL)ifig'S. 6.attbrecjen (bom^^ge)) 
7. cergc^ obnetmen, altwerben^ oerbtii^ 
^5 8. fallirea, IBanferott ma4en$ 9. M 
ttxitkTttt, oerge^en, br et^en (oom {>er)en/U.)9 
10. bre^^en (mit e.^reunbe, ic.){ 11. rainu 
U Ahhv6dtin, obfibuppett) 12. M hti^tn, 
nmfd^Ingcn (oon SBein, k.)5 M f^^ibcn 

(t}omUrtn,u.)i to - balic, (a.) iliar. 1. bie 
Sobung bre(<^en; angreifen^ein ecbiffiu I6f4en 
anfangeni 2. bie S. beflef^len^ to -down, 
(o.) nieberrcifen, abbre^enj Print, (cine 
|)refre) ab^lageni to - fortb, (n.) Jcrj^or« 
bre4»en,(eroorqueaeni;Sg.att»bre(!^en} to- 
ffom ... (n. ober to — one's aelf from. . ., 
fffiO* M entn>inbe&, ft4 lomifen) to — 
ground, 1. Agr. pfliigen) 2. R-w. ben ©an 
(einerSifenba^n) inTCngrifFne^men^ 3. Mil. 
bie ^ufgrdben 5ffhen» 4. Afar, bie TTnfer 
listen; and einem {>afen obfegeln, auelaufen^ 
5.^. bieSlu(bt ergreifen^ to — hemp or 
ilax, j>anf Ob. Sla(|)$ brec^en^ to — in, (n.) 
einbrec^en, einbringenj iiberraf(|en4 to -in 
upon, 1. herein platen, einbringen^ 2. fiber* 
laufett5 3. eingriff t^un is..-, oerleben^ 
4. fUren, nnterbred^en 4 to — into..., (a.) 
1. einbrcf^en, einbringen in ... 5 2.;!g. ouS- 
bre^en inimtHntn, u.)? to - loose, (n.) 
lo^bre^en, M lodreifenj M ftei mo4»en 
(—from, oott)9 to — meaanre, Fenc. au6 
bem Sager fommen ^ to — off, (a. (Stma$) 1. 
abbred^en, abreifen^ 2. unterbte^cn^ (n.) 
1. abbre4)cn4 2. Mil. abbred^en, fd^menfen^ 
to— off from..., (n.) 1. fi4> lo^ei^ett^loewitt' 
ben)Don...5 2. abfle^en 9on . • . 3 to— open, 
aufbred^en, erbrcd^en j to-out, (n.) l. auft* 
bredl^en (au$ bem (Befongniffe, u.) 3 2. out- 
brec^cn (»on e.geucr, 2C.)i 3. (pl6bli<^) ^er- 
9orbre(^en (oon e. fba^e, %Qi 4. auefa^ren, 
au&fcftlagen (am teihzi ». b. f. (^dnfig 
mit into) ; 5. fig. audbrc^en (in £§rdnen, 
K.)5 to — sheer, Mar. p ntit (enimf4^»in« 
gen (t>on cinem oor QCnfer Uegenben ^(^ifFe 
melees baburr^ in ®efa(r (ommt, baf ber 
Knfer trtftig micb)^ to — through, l.bur(^s 
bred^enj 2.fibcrtreten5 to— up, I. a. l.auf* 
bre^en (6tn»a&)$ 2. abbre^en^ in ®tfi(fe 
brcc^en j 3. Qufl5fen, (e. Xrmee, e. jBerfamm^ 
Iung)j oufgebcn (feine f>an6^Itung, %t.)i 
4.iigr. neubre<(en» 5. {Johnson} ^erlegen, 
trand^iren, oitf«/ an*, oorf^neiben, vid. To 
Brealc, 5; II. n. 1. an^ei^anberge^en, ft^ anf« 
I6fctt(iootte. |)ecre,ic.)4 aufbre(^en5 2. ge* 
rien befommen, feiern $ 3. fi4 Krt^eiIen(oom 
SfJebel), ft4> aufteUen (0. S»etter)j to -way 
aaSmei^^en $ to — ^ind upward, vulg. rfilp* 
fen$ to -wool, T. SEBoae fd^ief en, fortircn. 
Break, s. 1. ber IBrufft) 2. baS Eo4; bie 
£){fnung, berdmif^enraumi biedngan^fl^t, 
8lu(|)t (in e.aBttlbe)^ 3. ilrc/i. bie(aBanbO 
ftertiefung, S^if^e^ 4. .igr. bee ^veubnid^^ 
5. ber SSeUenbrudi^, bie6ranbung$ 6. M€ch. 
ber Xbricbtwagcn (jumTfbridl^ten ber|)ferbe)i 
7. ber j>emmf(bu()i R-yo. fdxtmh ^remd 




(wte Brake); 8. bie Unterbre^und/ f>aufej 
0. TVp-"** ^ttft Gpotium (im SDrucfcn), ber 
Ybfo^ (a (tnea) ; ber @tri(i, SXuttfitid^, <9e* 
banfcnflri*! ergfinjitngfiflrt^Hi tStxhitj 
bungSfW* [-]; -of a letter, 2,-/. ber^* 
bru* (ttm ©iriftfegel)^ by -of day, bei 
Sogcelfnbni^j -j«in*f -^''c'* bteoerban* 
bene SRaurnrarbeitj —neck, i. bad ^cAh> 
bre<ben) fig-'- 3. ber {d^ S)rt4 3. ber Unter- 
%an^ baSSecberben^ 4. Mar, ber i^u enseian^ 
bung&ortj —off; G-sm, bie&(bioatt2f(braube ^ 

— atone, Bot berCJteinbrttbi — water, 1. ber 
^nfer»4(bter, bteXnhrbcijej 2. berffiajfer* 
brec^r: a)ba6 oerfenfteieBract, timSronbun: 
gen |tt bre^en^ b) ber {)afenbamm ju biefem 

Breft'kfble, adj, }erbre4Uib- [3n)e(fe. 

Bre&'k9^e, «. 1. gen. baft fi^re^en j 2. baft 
S)ur(bfi(fem, 0tauen) 3. Com. a) ber iSru^ 
C0.terbre(b(i4enaBaaren)4 &) bie 0lefactie. 

Breft'kfr, s. 1. berflSred^cr, ©red^enbej 2. ber 
3erfWrer4 3. Man, ber ©ereiter, w., c/. To 
Break; 4. (bef. impf.) bie blinbe^Itpve; 
berTCnIauf; Gtrubel, bie IBranbung 4 5. ber 
(Siftbreiber) 6. MecL vid. Breaking-card 

BrSak'fast, s» baft ^xtiftSi^, fO^ordenbrob. 

To Br^ak'ffMt* «• I* n. ftfi^fhicren) H. a. etn 
9rfttfNl(f deben. 

Breft'kfng, part 9. To Break, qv, ; Fort, baft 
^6ffttett ber iaufgrdben j —card, ATecfc. bie 
Sorfra^e, (Srobfatbe; dlefphempet. 

BrCam, s, Ich. ber Sraffcii; bie Sditit. 

To BrSam, o. a. Mar. ein 6d^iff i»on 7(nf en 
rein brennen^ abbrennen. 

Breast, *. 1. bie ©rufl, baftlBruflblatt j figs, 
2.baft^ec), ($miLtf), ©ewifTen, bie®ruft5 
9. bie Sronte (eineft 4>^zl^, k.) i Mars. 4. 

— of a veaiel, bie €Jeite eineft ©^biffefti 5- — 
of a block, ber|)erb eineft 9lo<f eft 5 — back- 
•tays, bie ©eitenparbuncnj —board, R-m, 
baft Zluer^ol} eineft G^Iittenft, morin bie ei« 
femenjDre^erflben^ —bone, ber ©-Fnod^en, 
baft O-bein^ — bnckle, —broach, 1. bie9tt« 
fenfpange^ 2. bie iSufennabei) — bnttons, 
<Beflen!n6pfe$ — caskcu, Mar. bieOlaabdn* 
ben —cloth, ber©rafKa^5 —dees, ©-biatt* 
rin^ej —fast. Afar, baft dngtau (eine £anb* 
fefhing on ber &eiU beft e^ifft$)i —glass, 
(—fountain, —pipe), ber ^il^iitf^cx, bie 
^9N((bpumpe4 —height, bielB-{e^ne$ -book, 
<?ttii. ber ©-^afen, 0(bIepp(afett$ —hooks, 
pi. Afar. bieSu9banbcn;£Btt9flfi(te9' —knot, 
bie ©-Wleifej —pin, bie ©ufennabelj - 
-plate. Mil I.berjtflrof, ©-^amif^j 2. 
baft iloppel{<biIb^ SRebaiaon^ 3. Man. baft 
©-fr^ilb, ber©~8urt { 4. Mech, bie ©-platte, 
©oftrplatte) -plongh, ^gr. ber Xorf^eW 

— ropes, pf. Mar, bte9ta(ftatte{ — anminer, 
vid. Brest -sammer; —wheel, Mill, baft 
Jtropftob} —work, 1. Fort, bie ©-»c(r$ 
2. Afar, bie €^4otten anf ber ©act u. 6<banse. 

To Breast, v. a, gcrabc entgegeU; ob. auf 6t« 
»aft (oft 9c(eni bie Gtim bieten, tro^en. 

Br£as't$d, adj. comp, broad—, great—, mit 
flarf cr fflnifk, ic. 

Br^atA, s. 1. ber Kt^cm, Xt^entftng) iie£)bem4 

2. jig. ber {>aud^ i baft Suftiben i 3. baft Seben i 
4. bie Oiu^e^ Gr^olnng^ ber TCnff^nhi bie 
3»tr4ettieit,f)anfc9 5.berKngenbli(f| under 
one's—, leife. 

Br€a'th^ble,a(^'. at^emborf —air, Scbenftlttft. 
Tu Breathe, v. I. n. I. at^meni figs. 2. (eben i 

3. frif^enKt^em fdft^pfen, auftru^en^ 4. ban* 
4en (mit on, upon, anfa<ben^K.^ to— after, 
na4**-ftreben, trotbten^ II. a. 1. atbven, 
etnat^men^ 2.auftat^men;attft^att4eni (®e< 
rtt4 i^erbreiten (T>on ©(umcn^ ic.)5 figs. 3. 
(eife Ob. ^eim(i<^ fagen; Jufcni; t^nn,K.4 sn* 
flfiflem^ I^in(an^en5 4. n) liiften) 6)5fftten 
(e. Tiber, }c.)$ 5. at^mcn (etrenge, )c.)) 
f4nauben(9la4e,:c.)5 6./ee. inXtftem febcn^ 
jagen, treiben^ to — into, cin(att4eB/ cin« 
blafeni to— out, 1. auft^aniben (ben (9eift, 
K.)5 2. avftbnnftctt) 8. j^. anftflofkn. 

Brta'tbfr, s. 1. berXt^mcnbe^Sebenbe^ 2. Qi» 
ner, ber 6t»aft dupcrt/ eingiebt, tc, <^. To 
Breathe. [trotter flBoftigeruib- 

Br^at/i'fai, adi. 1. WU Enft ob. ^tt^i 2. 

BrSa'thing, I. «. 1. bttft Yt^men, U., vid. To 
Breathe; figs. 2. ber €^ett^erj ge^eime 
ffiBunffb/ baft ftille QitUti 8. bie Ifuftfprafbe^ 
II. adj, Icbenfttreu, rpre4enbi(nli4$ in. 
eomp.— hole, baft Suftlotb 4 —place, l.bcr 
9tu(eplab} 2, ber TCbfcbnitt (in einer ^c 
riobe)$ —space, ©id. —while; long — time. 
Com. langerBtefpiro) —while, 1. 3eit sum 
Kt(emf46pfen5 2. ein TCugenMicf . 

BrSatA'l^ss, I. adj. 1. at^emloftj 2.tobt{ 11. 
— ness, s, bie Tft^cntloftgf eit, gdnsiitbe ($r* 

Br£d, pret. k p. p. ron To Breed. [f^6pfUnd. 

BrCCch, <. 1. ber j>intere, Gtcif 9 2. vitt. 
Breeching, 3 ; Gnns, 8. ber 6tof (einer 
Jtanone)^ 4. (ob. —pin), bie@4n)anjf4^rau> 
be 4 5. Ship-b. bie{>a<fe ob. ber dnpercSBin* 
fel eineft Jtnic^ljcft (opp. throat) 4 — mould- 
ings, pt. Gun. bie {Reifen (amOefd^uO; ©c- 

To Breach, v,a. 1. {>ofen aniie^cn^ 2. ben 
j>intcm peitftben, pldbcn^ 3. Gsm, mit ei- 
ner B^wanifd^xanU oerfe^en (e. 9(inte)i 
4. Gun. baxen (e. ^anonc). 

Breeches [col. brich'f z], s, pi. or a pair of—, 
bie ^ftn, bef. ^bei^fofcn (ebirr ift small. 




dothct); -bearert* -sliiigi, pi. vulg. 4)o.l|Brt'v|»t (-fte), *. UtUxXnilU^ Ut 6om 
fentrdger i — pieces, bic 6trumpfl^ofeii. ttmbfitm. 

Brt«'dijiig» f. I. #tng. 1. baft ^tntert^eil^ bcr 

^terei 9.bie$ni9el{ ber^Idter^ 3. bte 
S«4fen ob. baft {>iiiter0ef(^irr cineft Jtutf4« 
pferbeft^ brr Stoxhi 4, Cim. ber «roof 
(on itanonen)^ — bolu, bie 0lindbol}ett, 
bBr4 bir ber ibtoot fd^rt ; II. b-s, pZ. bie 

To Breed, v. ir.I. a. Ljeugeni gebdreii} 2. 
erseugfnj bilbeii (dd^ne^ic)^ B.fig- ^^* 
wxhriMqn, cQeuden, bentrfa((en, enregen) 
4. anftftnnen, eibenfcn) 5. e^ie^en, unter* 
ri^ten, ^ranbilben (}tt . . .) 4 p<u<. ftubtren ) 
6. anfiiiditn, grofeie^en (Jtinber, im e. 9lace 
[9oa S^teren] jieVeii/ it.)) II. n. 1. gebdren, 
ttmanger fein(bon^enf4<n)) trdc^tig fein^ 
2. fi^ btlben, entHe^en^ fl(i cr^engen; 3c.$ 
9 %. M btlbezi/ nuib unb na^ entfle^en, 
oo^foi^ 4. M oerme^ren. 

Br«<d,#. 1. («>oii X^teren) bieOrut) 3. bie 
3ti^^ 'itt, ®attuttg4 Oebmt) Xhavti 3. 
cvAt. (0. yerfontn) ber Gdj^lag i 4. eine Sdxnt, 
m ®e^eff . [c/. To Breed. 

Bree'dfr, t. ber Grsenger, bie Qh^ugennn, ic, 

Br€eMJog, «• 1. baft 3ettgen, :c t>t d. To Breed ; 
9. bie (feiae) Silbung, ^bettftort^ —pood, 
Fish, ber 0tri<^tet«, Sai(btei(ft. 

brHze, /. 1. £nt. (au^ Breesc), bie (Sie^«) 
Sremfei 2. (tea-), ber M^IeaSinb Our 
6««)j Mar. fine JW^ltej (land—), ber 
etabwinb, baft frifcbe ^ft^en^ 3. baft Jtob* 
leageftiibe, bieSftfcbe, ber6inber5 — venu. 
Old. Brise-reats, unt Brite. 

To Breeze, o. n. bef. Mar, mf^en. [rttbig* 

Br^ezc^a, adj. o^ae ®inb/ wtnbfliUe, ftiU, 

^Hfzj, adi* btfHg; bon etnem friMtn flSinbe 

Bc«1b^B.*.(irl.)Law,ein9li*ter. [beftri*eii. 

Bftetp odi* mie Brant, qv. 

JirtMt,t.Arch^Ut^fVi\ii,9tvinhfiaU — tununer, 
Carp, bic Untcrlage^ {Rippe, baft Ota^mflucf. 

BrSt, «. /cA. bie CSteinbutte^ vtd. Burt. 

fir€eagriftef[bretan'y8z], #. Com, Sretagneft. 

W^TfO, s.pU «oI. fl. beft gem. Brothers. 

Br«Te, s. 1. Mus, bie 93rloe, ^meitaftige 
^hUi 2. i^et. bie profobifcbe M^t [u]$ 
/..ffw, 3. vid. Brief; 4. baft Qrebe, pdbfl» 

Briv'^t, J. 1. (in 3raitfrei(b) ber offene Ona* 
bcBbrirf 4 2. Sea , saw. ein Sr<K<fttbrief 5 
8. Mil. o) ber S^eftaOangftbrief ^ b) baft ^a^^ 
tot eineft 6ixbalteni«SD^cierft,baft ibm einen 
t^bem 9taag (o(ne Golber^ftbung) ert^eitt j 
babcr: —officers, Sitnlarofficiere $ —rank, 
ber XitnUrrang. [vid. b. f. flB. 

Vc^Tifry, f. 1. Rom. Cath. baftlBrebieT) 2. 


Bre'vlftore [-Ub«r], $. Ut. bie ItbMrjung. 

Brevier', $. Typ. bieCrebier, HeinelDnicffirift. 

Br«v'|p«d, bef. Om. I. adj. fttrjffijig^ H. s, 
ber furgfflf tge fl^ogel. 

Br«v^jty, *, ^^ kfig. bie Wrje. 

To Bre^, v. I. a. 1. ittiWcn (bur* ©ratten)* 
2. lit. brauen (Oier) i S,fig, ^ubcreiten, ein* 
mengen$ fcbmieben, anjettein) II. n. i.M 
btlben, an^ie^en (oon e.(Ben>itter) 5 2. brauen. 

Kre^, «. baft ©raueni ®ebrAube$ —bouse, 
baft ©rau^auft. 

Brc^^gc, *. bQl (Sebrdube, (Setrdnf. 

Bre^'^r, 9. ber ©ierbrauer, ©rauer. 

Bre^'f ry, «. bie ©rauerei, baft ©raubauft. 

Bre^'ing, s. J. baftSranen* 2. baft (ganjc) 
®ebrdttbe$ 3. Mar. bie fEBettergaSe. 

BrlVr, s. vid. Brier. 

Brfn>9ble, adj. Mttfli(b/ befle(bbar. 

Bribe, Billing, f . 1. boft (9ef(benf (Semanbei 
in bef!e(bett),bie©efle(bung ) 2. baft©efte^en. 

To Brtbe, v. a. l.befle^enj 2./om. (i.g.©.4 
burrb ©erfpre^ungen iu (Stmaft) iiberreben. 

Bri'b^r, s. ber ©e|te(ber. 

Bri'bcry, «. bie ©efierbung. 

Brick, *. 1. ber 9Rauer|tein, ©atfftclnj 2. baft 
bo(tf!einf0miige ©rftbcbcn* caping, or coping 
b-s, S>e((fleine, }Qr ^e(fung einer <9{auer i 
compass b-s, ^eRclfleine* draining b-s, 'Kb* 
ittgftsiegeU Dotcb, or Flemish b-s, GfaU* 
flinferft; feather-edged b-s, ^eilfleine* fire 
b-s, kiln b-s, fenerfefle3iegelfieine j pilaster, 
or buttress b-s, ©inbejiegel) samel, or 
sandel b-s, ©leid^fleine, f^lccbt auftgebrannte 
3iegd$ b-s in bond, ^edtfleine (Steinc, mie 
fit im ©au gelegt metben, baf einer ben an* 
bern f)aib becft)* - bat, baft ®tii(f ^aner* 
fteittj —clay, —earth, bie 3iegeferbe5 — 
dust, baft diegelmebi) —facing, Mas. bie 
©erblenbung (einer ^auer) mtt (S^anerfhi* 
nen; —kiln, (—kill, cor, nacb ber Xuftfpr.) 
bie 3iegel^fitte, 3-f*eune, 3-brennerci5 - 
layer, —mason, ber SKaurer* —layer's bore, 
ein ®runbboirer* —laying, baft infmaucrn 
(mit5K-en)i -maker, ber 3ic9ler, 3iegel« 
flrci4er5 —trowel, bic SRaurerfeUe j —work, 
bie 9Raurerarbcit. 

To Brick, v,a, 1. mit QXanerfHisen mauem^ 
ob.mit3iegelfieinen belegen* 2. (eine^auer) 
iiegelfarbig anfirei(ben. [tcr ©an. 

Brick'jng, s. tin anft !0{anerfleitten aufgeffi^t- 

Brick'91, Brifc'Qie, BHfc'Qlle, &r;am. berOtiltf- 
praU beft ©aUeft (im ©aDipiel)* ber Jtngel 
(im ©iOarbfpieO) to hold by—, bricoliren. 
iTo BrTck'*?!, To Brifc'9le, To Brifc'Qiie, ». «. 




trcffen) bricoliren. 
BriM^i, I. s. bte j)o4}eit; tad <f>0((iettfeft9 IL 

a<0'* (^o^jeitlt^; brdutU^; ^o^iieit--, Sraut^. 
Bride, s. 1. a&6r. loon Bridget, qv. ; 2. tie 

sroom, Der 99riut{dam$ je^t ^eto^^nl. ber 
S^ieuwrmd^ltcj -(ob. — '»-) maid, tie ©-« 
jungfcr, — (ob. —a) mao, bcr ©-biener, 
©-fu^rcrj — (ob. — 'iOatake, Die 4)0((^jeit- 
flange (urn n>eI4e getanit roirb). 
To Bride, v. a. iur Sraut ma^eti) (etrat^en. 
Bnde'wfU, J. gen. bod 3u(i^t^au6 (Y>on bem 
lonbcner ^udbt^^ufe Bridewell). 
Brrdge, s. 1. bieSrucfei 2. DcretCfl (auf 
@aiteninfirttmenten) j 3. Gun. bad @tii(t 
{>oIi auf ben sn>«i mtttelflcn ^tiegeln einer 
gaffette, roorauf ber mi(f>tfeU ru^t^ 4. blc 
SRittc eined boppeltctt Jtanimcs, biegjriitfej 
5. bad €$(li)amter (bte ^rfidte) am ^c^naaen- 
bugcli 6. iZ-m.bie Swinge i —of boats, bie 
©iijfbriidfe, ber §)ontonj -of the nose, 
Anat ber 9?afenrfl(teiL STafenfattel 5 — head. 
Arch. St Fort, berSrurfenfopfi — raiU, R-w 
«-nWiencn} -toll, ber ffl-njoff. 
To Bridge, v. a, eine Srfiffc Wlagen, obcr 
bauenj to — over, ilberbrucfen. 
Bri'dle, *. 1. lit k fig. ber 3aum; 3u8«Ij 
^appjaum? 2. Orn, ber 3udeU 3. Gun, bie 
(ber) etubet (am Slintenr4IoP)5 4. AnaUs, 
bad IBanb 3 — (or ligament) of the foreskin, 
badSornuIum^ Mars, b-s of the bowline, bad 
Sulienrpriet) b-s of the moorings, bie Saue 
ber <&afenanhr$ Mans, bridle-bit, bie fS(tiU 
flange i -hand, bie Knfe 4)anb5 -path, 
—road, ber (Reitweg J -piece, Locifc-j. bie 
(ber) CtubeL 

To Brt'dlc, V. 1. a. 1. jdumen; auftdumenj 2. 
^.(-in). im 3attmc balten, ein^rdnfcnj 
II. n, to -It, col, ^^ brilflen, |lol5ttun5 
to — up, f!4 in bie ©rnft werfen. [bigcr. 
Bri'dl^r, J. l.ber^lfufidumer^ 2.Ar.bcr©4n« 
Brief, I. s, 1. gen. eine(furje) ©irift^ 2. bad 
(pdpp4e)«ret)e i Laves, 3. bie JTIageMrift 
(species facti ber Jtlage)? bad mtenftfitf, 
ber ?)rotoh)attttdiug j 4. ber f*riftli<^c ®efc^l, 
lci% CoriobttttgdWreiben bor einen Wnigl.®e« 
ri(^tdJof5 ft. ber ©taatdbricf, bad officicire 
®<!^reiben, jDipIcmi 6.bcr«icenjf(bcin, offene 
®rief (jur drlaubnip fine ©eifleucr einju* 
fammeln)5 T. gen. berl^fudjugj 8. Mu$, 
vid, b.fl. Breve; U. ad},; III. -ly, adv. 
fur3(gcfaft)j gebrdngt, bunbig 5 iv.-nes«, 
*.bieiWrje (bef. bedTfudbrutfd), IBfinbigfcit. 
Bri'?r, #. ber ©traucb, ©ornflrauib. 

BiiVy» I. ad), bomig, fiaifig, raujj \ts. 

bad ©omengefh:fiu(b/ bie «rombccr(^ccfc. 

Brifg, s. Mars. 1. bie SBrig, SBrigg i 2. bie «rf= 

gantine, vid. Brigantine; —cutter, berSrig* 

Brigade', s. Mil, bie «rigabc. [Jtuttcr. 

To Brigade', v, a. Mil. in cincSrigabc fcnni= 

ren^jufammenjicjen. [®cncral cincrlBrigabc. 

BrTgadier', s. Mi', (-general), bcrJBrigabier, 

Brifg'^nd, s. bee ©trapenraubcr. 

BrTg'^nd^ge, *. bte ©auncrci, ^ lunbcrd, ®pi$« 

bftberci, 0(b«rfenflrc{(bc. [tine. 

Brifg'^ndlne, BrTg'jtntTnc, s. Mar. bieSrigan- 

Bright [bm], adj. 1. i^cu, gidnjcnb, funPcinb, 

f(bimmemb} 2. War, lid^t, Wcincnb ,• ^g-*. 

3. beutH(b, augenfcbcinlicb; fiarj 4.grdn5cn^ 

reijenbi 6. fam. aufgcfldrf, Octt (r. «cr-- 

ftanb), geifboa, finnreicb i 6. gldnjcnb (vcn 

e. 3eitperiobe, ©on 7fttdMtcn,2c.)i g(crrci<bf 

r.fiberreifj it is-, ed ifl Sag, wirb^clU-j 

— bay, ber 0*»eiffu(bdj —haired, glanj* 

(aarig5 blonb. 

To Brigh't?n [brl't^nj, v. I. n. 1. //(. cr^clffn, 

anfbellen, erleurbten^ 2 bea,gIinjcRb moc^cn, 

poriren,gldtten(mitup); 9. fig, a) anffld.- 

ren^erldtttcmj 6)auf^eitcm3 r) aufgcwccfr, 

wi^ig ma(beni d) oer^errticbcni II. «. 1. ben 

roerben, ftdj onfbcncn, fl* aufWdrenj 2. /g. 

gldnjcnb »ctben,gldn|cn, P<b auftcitcm (S)on 


Brigh'tfsh, adj, vuig, gldnscnb, ftbCmmcmb. 

Brtght^y, adv. ^ctt, gldnjcnb, War. 

Brtghfn^ss, s. 1. ber OJIanj, bie 4)eire; JWar- 

iftiti i)citerfeit (bed i>immcrd, k.)5 2. bie 

^olitur, ®Idttei Jettegarbcj |)ro(bt5 9, fig. 

bie eJ*drfe, Tfufgcfldrtbcit (bed Ccrflanbcd). 


Brill'l^ncy, s. ber ® lanj, ©(bimmcr, bie ^raibf . 

Brril'ULnt Hy^nt], I. s. 1. ycw.ber«riUionti 

2. Man, ein lebbaftcd, nuitbigcd ^ferb ten 

ftattli*cm®Ucberbatt} II. adj,; HI. -l>, 

adv.lit, kfig. gldnjcnb, funtelnb, f(^tm> 

memb 5 ^rborftetbcnbj prdcbtig \ lY. -ucsr, 

s. mt Brilliancy. [ber ))ferbc. 

Brni^, *. pL Man. bie|)aarc an ben ICugcnIibern 

Brim, I. s. 1. gen. ber fllanbj 2. ber 91. cine* 

®efdf ed i 3. ber obere Xbcii(«ttnb) riner ^fuf - 

|igfeit5 4.badUfer(eincrattcae, u.)$ -of 

a hat, bie (^utOJtrdmpc^ 5. Sport, bie 

©runft, asrunft (einer eau). 

To Brifm, V. I. ff. 1. bid an ben aianb roU gic* 

fen, gan) boK fitaen ; 2. mit einem manbe tcr> 

feben, rdnbern 5 n. n. l. geflriiJben (bid an ben 

{Ronb) boU fein i 2. Sport, brdbnen, brdmcn i 

To — til, u. a. hU an ben Wanb fuacn, ein« 

f*enfen. [fRanb* crfuW. 

Brrm'fai, I. adj. lit. k fig. »ott hi6 an ben 




Brifn'lfsc a4f' ttneingefaff, o^ne 9lanb. 

Brim'fitiiae, s. ber(ro(( o^. gemeine) 04n)cfel 5 
-butterfly, fin/.^crfSitronenoogeU -matche*, 
3-fpdne, 3unl>65U4en9 — impreesiom, — 
medab, &-ab^xiidti — wort, Dot, Hx^aax» 

Bnm'atODy, adj. f^mefcUg. [ftrang. 

Bnn'd^d, Brin'dled, adj. f^ecftd/ geflecft^ ge^ 
fprcnhU, dcftrcift. [one, Qintm jutrinfen. 

BriD'djce,«.vu/g.bil$3tttrin(enj to driok a— to 

BrTa'dJe, t. DcA ®t^t^^, SS^ecfige^ bie ® (^edPe. 

Brine, s. 1. baS Galimafrer, bieSafej (@a(iO 
eoIe4 2- * o) t>ie @e(, ba» 9Keer ^ 6) S^ri« 
nen3 ^i0- —pad, 1. Me ^alipfannzi 2. (oD. 
-pit), MeSaljgrube (baft^orquet) in ben 
@al|tci4eit) —pood, ber @alstei4/ in)cite 
0iimpf» —proven ble ©olTOttgc, ©olfpin= 
beU —tpring (—pit), bie BatsqueOe. 

ToBffae,v.a.faI)ett,einfa()en, einp5feln4 bri- 
ning of graiD,A;c., ba&2augen be$®etreibe$,ic. 
(am ed gegen IBranb a. 3^\tUtn su fd^it^en). 

ToBrifog, V. ir. a. 1. gen. bringen^ 2. mtt 
fu^ f&^Ieti } uberbnngen/ beibrmgeiL (^er« 
bcOf^^ 0^(1^ fid^ren, tragen/ tc. $ j7g*#. 3. 
einbriii^en, eintragen (@bre^}C.)$ 4- oerur» 
fo^cB) (to— to, iuGtwo^) bcingen; Derm5gen, 
bevegm^ to— aboot, to— to pass, (orto — 
to bear), 1. anbrtngeuj 2. nmfi&^ren^ 3. be< 
metffMi^tn, audf&^ren, (u etanbe brtngen? 
to — acqaainted, b^ttltt ma^^n j to — by 
tbe lee. Mar eine (SttU fangen) to — down, 
l.^tannter ob. (erunter bringen^ fig-^» 2. 
calirAfteH,f4ioi4en 3 3. benutitttgen, ^a^meni 
4. (bat^retS) (entnterbrlngen/ erntebrigenj 
to —forth, 1. bm>or (an'0£i4^t) bringenj 
barfteOcB, aufftttUm 2. gebAren, ieugen, (er* 
Mrbringeni to— forward, oor»drt$ bringem 
trrtboi; beforbern^ Com* tran^portiren, vt(/. 
to— oTer; to — in, 1. gen. (inein bringen^ 
dstmben 9 loc^n leiten^K.^ 2. in bie ®e* 
HM^a^ briiigen^ (fSaaren)einfu^reni Jigs, 
3, (@i]ttii)be^rbem/ (i4m)iu(Stma$ oer^el^ 
fen, U.9 4. ittr^dtmren auf..., erfUren 
ffir .. ., ic.$ AauKT, to — io guilty, \>enirt^ei« 
lot j to— ID notgoilty, freifpre^en^ 5. jum 
(S>c^rfam bringeni 6. (au4 o^ne in: @e« 
man) etntragen, etitbringens T. anbringen^ 
wxbnn^cn i<^imht, ic.)4 to — in a horse, 
Mm (rin^^ferb) bwbetbnngetti to — low, 
1. atebcrbrtngen/ niebermerfen^ 2. bemitt^i* 
9ai,W»4(ben,entfr£ften^ to — off; l.fort<' 
bringcn, fbrtK^ttffen^ fig-'' 2. i;uru(fne^men 
(feiaflBort)! d.befreien^ ^erou^iie^en^ (bur4 
He9(]i40 retten, ba\>on ^elfen; 4. abbrtngen 
(eoR...)/ abrat^enj to -on, 1. anfleaen 

(eiaeJtlage,u.)9 2. berbeifu^ren; oeraalaf* 
feiH 3. oortragen^ioorne^men^ 4. inSBirf* 
famfeit fe^en, mtrf en laffen) anffi^ren^anUiten, 
gelegentU^ ^eroorbringen i to — oat, 1. bet* 
au^bringen^ bringen aU,*4fig-s. 2. an'6 %i4^t 
bringen^ 3. auebringen, er^d^leni 4.barfieU 
lcn,seigen5 to— over, i.^cruberbnngeni 2. 
Com. tran^portiren^itbertragen, cf. Brought ; 

3, Jig. bcrcben, ju cincr (anbern) ^avtti hvin* 
gen5 bete^renj to— round, oorfabrett) to — 
to, m^Ptgen/ id^men^ bdnbigen, lum <9e(or« 
fam bringen) to— to account, Com. tnfHecb* 
nung bringen, au^werfenj to — to a ihip, 
Naut. 1. cin ©(biff beibrc^cn, beilegen, (auf» 
(alten)) 2. (im^egeln) ein^oten^ to— under, 
ubenoditigen^ to — up, 1. ^eranf, ^inauf 
bringen, bringen auf...$ 2. Com. {IbertrO' 
gen, tronftportiren , na^^bolen, natbtragen 
(faufm. iSBi[i(ber,:c.)9 3. aufjie^enj erjie^en) 
bilbcn^ aufbringen, in bie 0Xobe bringen 5 

4. f&^ren, anfu^ren, commanbiren (the rear, 
bie TCrrieregarbe) anditfen laffen^ (ben9{a4« 
SUg) bilben, beef en i 5. (@4Ieim) auemer* 
fen, ttuefpeienj Afar-*. 6. (ein ©(biff) auf« 
bringen, toegnel^men, erobern) 7. (oon 
Jtanffttirern unb Jto^lenf*iffen) benTCnfcr 
au^roerfcn, oor Xntcr Icgen. 

Brrng'cr, s. ber ©ringer, ic. (cf. To Bring). 

Bri'njsh, adj. faljig (»ie ^a!e). 

Bri'njftbn^ss, .«. bie ©aliigfeit. [ftabe. 

Brrnk, s. lit. kfig. ber dlanb, 99orb, bag (S(c< 

Bri'ny, adj. fttliig. 

BrT'pny, s. vid. Bryony. 

BrTfe, s. 1. vid. Breeze l.&2.i 2. bie IBra^e, 
bag S3ra(bftlb$ — venti, Hort. bie 6(bu$« 
matte, ©trobmatte (auf ben ©ceten). 

Bru'gDw, s. Geog. ber (bad) ©reidgau. 

BriBlc, adj. 1. frif*, ftinf, fcbnctt, leb^ft 5 
munterj 2. fr6^Ii(b 5 3. ftarf, geifbrei^ (loon 
geifl. ®etrdnfen) j 4. feurig, mut^ig, tapfer, 
Ir&ftig, Wttrfer, »eibli45 &• frif*, llarf (com 
^inbe)5 6. ♦gldn^enb, lebbaft (bergarbe 
naib)} a — call (demand) for.... Com. ^du< 
ftge^^acbfrage, ein lebbafte^erlangen naib— - 

To Brisk, (mit up) v. La. 1. anfcucrn? refl. 
jt4 aufrountcrn^ 2. anfcbfiren Cba6Scucr)4 
II. n. 1. frifcb, Icbbaft, mut^ici anrurfen, Jcr= 
bei tomraens 2. fi(b Pctf, fubn aufrirbten. 

Bris'k^t, *. bie SSrufl (eincS Sbierefi), bad 
©rufiflfirfj ©ruflbeitti -plate, bie etirn« 
platte bee 3aumgef(bined. 

Briak'ly, ad^j. frifd^, W. vid. Briik, adj. 

Briftk'n^M, s. 1. bie £eb^aftig!eit,^unterf (it) 
badSeuer^ 2. bieSr6^1i4!eit4 3.berfrif(bc 
^ut($ -oftrade,Com.ber®ef(b&ftdf(bn)ung. 

Brw'tle [bris'sl], *. 1. bie S3or|H*, e<bn>««^- 




(orfle i 2. Bot ^teSorfl( i Gom-^.dreued b-t, 
fottirte®-nj ondreMcdb-s. unfortirteC-n. 

ToBrifi^tle, V. I. o. 1. (»iea5orflen)flrdnbeR4 
a. Shoem. (ben 9)e4bra(t) mit finer ®orfle 
©erfe^cn? U» »• yfe» M flrduben, R* bor* 
(len, jtt SBerge ftcjen (oor Gntfc^en)^ to -up 
to one, Semanben M, tro^tg antreten. 

Brifi'tly [bns'ilj], a*, borflig, borflcnartfg 

Brli'tQl, *. Ceog. (bie etobt) ©rijlol j -flower 
(— noDBUch), fot. bieSt)(!^m&) —milk, coL 
ber 3Eere*»etn, ©ectj — stone, ber unccftte 

BrTt, s. vid. Bart. [S)iamant. 

Brit^iiD, I. adj, vid, British ft Britannic; II. 
s. 1. Sritannien/ @ng(anb5 2- ber!Bnte5 
Great-Britain, ®rof brftanttien. 

BritXn'nj^ s, I. sing,*?dtitannitni —metal, 
fine weife QRetaHcompofitton^ II- b-s, pi, 

BritSn'njc, adj. 9. ®rof britannien^britannifd^. 

Brtt'finy, Brit't^ny, *, Geog. bie ©rctaflnc. 

Briftcb, Brit'cbfng, vid. Breech, Breeching. 

To Britc, tj. n. fiberreif fein ob. werben (»om 

Britt'jsb, adj. 1. britiW, britonniW? 2. (in 
fBesie^imd auf bieGprad^e) n>anifif4^. 

Brit'pn, I. s. 1. ber ©rite, aSritannicr} 2. ber 
SBaQifer; II. ad;, britanmfd^. 

Brifts'ic^, BrTtz'glc?, J. eine TCrt meirccf^atfe. 

BrTt'tlc, I. adj. ; II. -ly (or Brift'tly), adv. 1 
hxixMQ,ltxhrc^li^,\pt6^ci fig-s.2. gebretj* 
114^^ ^infdnig^ 3. uttde»if4 in. — ness, j. 
I.bie3<rbre*a4rcit5 2- fig- bie4)infaai9!eit. 

BrTze, Brlze'-T^nts, s, n>ie Brine. . ., qv. 

BrOacb, *. 1. ber ©ratfpiej ^ 2. T. a) ber 
ZHfti () bie 0teiba^(e^ c) bie Gpinbel^ 3. 
vid. Brooch, 2^4. 5port. bie ©proffc, ber 
CJpief gnnder^irfd^e)^ 5.bieS)re^ordcl,2eier. 

To Broach, v. a. 1. an ben fBratfpief ftecfen 5 
anfpiefen^ 2. (ein gaf) onfh^en, anbo^en, 
anjapfen^fliefenlaffen^ d.jflg. (erauMalfen; 
dttfem^terbreitena anfbringen, borbringcn, 
crflnben j to — to, Mar. eine 6u(e fongen. 

Broa'chfr, 1. 1. ber Sratfpief 5 2. fig, ber @r> 
(Inber, Ur^cber. 

BroAd [brAd], I. adj. k adv. 1. breit (opp. 
f4mat Ob. tang) 5 bi(f5 2. weitau^gebe^nt, 
unenbli^) figs. 3. loeitMuftd^ (t>iel)ttm« 
fafTenb i 4. flarf^ ^xof, bie( $ (ea, laut (Dom 
OeId4ter,u.)^ 5. offen, ^ell; (i4t (Dom 2a< 
^li^U 6. o6ai9, gdnjlii^ (munter, uber^ 
ytugt,xc)i r.breifl, ungeWeut, fecf, flttrr, 
ttnoerfd^imt(i)om®Ii(e)i 8.unfeuM/f4Iupf« 
rig (b. 7Cu5bnKf)4 9. rau^, ptatt, grob (ton 
b. lfii*fprtt*e)j II. *. Hng. bie«reite,«Beite^ 
the - of an oar, bie Wuberplttttej III. comp. 
-ax, 1. (eiflntttt) bie etreitoictj 2. baft 

I 9)reitbeil,bie3inimeraxt) —bottomed, voV* 
gebaut (bon e. @4iffe)4 —cut, Agr. baft 
tKuftftreuen beft iSamenft mit ber jHtnb (au^ 
alft adv. gebr.)^ —doth, (breiteft) frincft 
Xudft i — eyed, 1. grof dugig i 2. meit fc^tnb i 
3 Jfe.^eH|i(^tig4 Corns, —goods, bretteSBaa* 
ren (©eibenjeuge, 2C.)i —listed doth, eine 
bef. Tf rt beft — cloth, mit gans breitcn Setftcn 
(6% ©iertel yrd. o^ncieiflcn breit)j —piece, 
ber Sacobuft (altt cngl. ®o(bmitnsc)5 -seal, 
baft grof e (f 6nigl.) 65iegeU — side, Jfar. 1. 
bie «attcriefeite (e. ©*ifp) 5 2. (a - side), 
eine ooDeEagc} 3. 7\jp. ber grofelBcgen, 
SO^anbatbogen, baft Ctuerfbrmat) fXocati 
— step, ber brcitc TTbfa^ (dner Xreppe) 4 — 
stitch. Sew. 1. ber 9)IattfH4i 2. bie iBcr« 
tenflidcreij —stone, ber Ctuaberflctn 5 — 
sword, ber^anbegcn, 9aaaf(3^,@arrafi — 
weaver, ber 0eibcn»cberi —wise, adv. na4 
ber«reite5 —worm, Zool. ber Oattbiounn. 

BroA'djsh, I. adj.; 11. — ly, adv, col. 1. nad> 
ber (in bie) 9reite$ 2. fig, ftci, Mlfipfrig. 

BroAd'ty, adv. oon Broad, qv. 

BroAd'ness, s. l.bieSrcite^ffidtej 2./^. bit 
e^Ifipfngfdt ^ ^latt^eit, (^emdn^cit^Orob- 

Brocade', BrpcftMo, *. Com. beri93rocat. [^cit 

BrpdiM^d, p.a.l, »ie Srocat gemcbt, brcca* 
ten 4 2. in ©rocat gcf Icibet. 

BrS'cfige, s. vid. Brokerage. 

BrOc'ft^l, BrSc^teFlO, s. 1. Com. bet ©rcca* 
ten ) 2. Min, ber Srccatmarmor. 

Brdc'c^lf, 9. Bot. ber ©roccoli, 0pcrgelft>^l. 

BrOche, s. k v. vid. Broach. 

Brtfck, s. 1. bcriDa^ft i 2. nad^C g(d4Brock«t. 

BrCck'^t, *. Sport, ber ©pieper, $$picf ^irf(^. 

Brttd'ekin (-qutn), s. ber ^albflicfcr. 

BrOgue [brCg], 9. 1. ber ^olsf^^u^^ 2. brr 
Wle<^te (irldnbifd^e) Ifcecnt, bie rettorbcnc 

To BrSfd^r, v. a.flitfen. [Kuftfpra^e. 

Brofdtrcr, 9. bcr ©tirfcr, bie etitfenmi. 

BrW'd^ry, 1. bie etitfcrei, [©trdt. 

Br5il,«. beridrm, Kufrujr, Zumnlt; 3«nf, 

To BrSri, tj. I. a. (ouf bcm Wcjlc) bratesi II. 
n. ber {)ibe auftgefe^t fdn, braten. 

Brofl^r, *. 1. ber 9toflf 2. ©iner, bcr attf bem 
(Rofle, K. bratct^ S.fig. ber 3onffKfter. 

Broke, I. pret. ; If. cor. p. p. t^. To Break. 

To Broke, v.n. 1. mdfein, ben Untcr^dnblcr 
ma^cn) fuppetn^ 2. vtU To Brook. 

Bro'k^n, p. p. ton To Break, qv. 1. gebro* 
^en, ». 3 2. Com. ia^Iungftunfd^ig, banf e* 
rottirt, foUiti fig-s. 8. tetborben, intaltb, 
alt 5 4. gebroi^en (ton ber CRebc, «.), gerabc« 
brc^ti 5. lit. tetborben (tomSBier, %\t{\^, 
«.)j fibdggebiieben^ Afar, —backed, gc* 
fritmmt^ to become — backed, dncn jte^es* 




dkfea auffte^en^ —btllled, cinen (Samu) 
fint4 ^abent) —down, (p, einem 9)ferbe) 
tintab, fK«j» ober buglajmj —letter, — 
matter, 2Vp. bieocrf4^obeneSornt) —wind, 
Far.berCttmpn — winded, farjat^emig, hi* 

Bro'keniy,a€{o.u]iterbro4en;fiii<f»etfe. [4^(nb. 

Br&'k^nB^u, j. bie 3crbro(bettb(it; Ungtei4» 
^i —of he«rt,j!g.bie i>eQenft$ertnirf^und. 

Bri/k^» s. 1. ber (SBe<bfe^ (9clb« ob. ftBaa« 
tiB»)a9tdf(er, SanMCgent, eenfalj Unter« 
IfiMexj 2. berSrdbler^ 3. Ux JCuppler^ 
— • memorandnm, — 's note, ber B^luf^tt* 

Brfif^rfge, s. 1. ber9Rd!IerIo(n, baftSR-gelb^ 
bie ^'^MiVf &tn\am, CSourtage, 9ro9i« 
fion»!S{-gef4ift/bte^dfIecet) 3. ber 
Srdbel$ Zr6bel$anbel$ 4. ber 9Bu(ber. 

Brume (BrO'iBlae),^. Chenu mod, ba^lBrom? 
brome-grsM, Bot, bie Srelpe. 

BrSm'ic, adj. Ghem. —add, bie i^romfdure. 

BrWchjae, s.jd, Anat. Ut 2ttftr5^rendfie. 

BrSa'^bj^, BrSn'sbfc, adj.Anat iur Sttftrd^re 
ge^drig j — glanda, bie SSron^ialbrfifen. 

Brin'ghpcele, #. 1. Afed. ber ^opf, bie SttW 
def4n»iitfl5 2* 'S«^« ber £uftr6brenbni(b 

Br9n{b5f 9niy, f . Surg, ber ^ftr6(renfd||iiitt 

BrW^bQa, «. ^not ber ^ttftr6^renfopf, Sttf^U 

Brpntdl'v^y, «. jPhy. bie Srontoiogie. OPopf. 

BrSnze, Brdnz, #. 1. bie IBrotiie, baS ®(o(ten« 
gat, etiicfgtt^ (5r}$ 2. bie ebeme Stdur^ 3. 
^ i>tnfmhi%t (oon iOrottse). 

ToBrttoze, v. a. 1. broitiiren^ bie @rsf<irbe 
gebenj 2.(»icSr8)^rtenf B.jig.fibertfitKbea. 

BrSn'dte* «. Min. ber Sroitsit 

Brddch [S., P., F.J brOtsb, VTb., W., Ac], 
f. l.pen» bag (Sefcbmeibe, ber 0(binnd(9 2. 
b<g edfiof (am Qfirtet^ tc.)/ 9)^ebaiaon; bie 
ntijitcte @(bndae, @pattge, ^rofcbe/ IBttfen^ 
Bibel, Xa(bnabel$ 3. vid. Broacb, 1.$ 4. 
Paiiil. bag (Somoieugemdlbe i 5. 7^. bie 
dierbe,yerle^ Jtrone. 

Te BrMd, «. L n. 1. briUen (i>onS5ge(n)| 2. 
/g. (nber Qtmai) hrHUn, (na(bben!{i4) t>er> 
(nafea fein 5 n. a. l.CbieJTucblein) mit benSlfi^ 
geinbebecfen^mdrmenj 2.jl^.pflegen,(egen. 

Brdgd, s. 1. bid99rat^e(fe{ ber ^(ag$ 2. cont 
a)ba^<Sr}eitgm#$ 6)bie9'la(b(ommenf(baftj — 
eoab, Bee^ bie Srutftbeibei —ben, bie(Blit(fe. 

Brook [brAk],#. berSatb 9 — bawking. Sport, 
bie (Snteniogb mit ^alf en i Bot-^. — lime, bie 
fia^bmioen) -mint, bie flBalfcmifiiije. 

To Brdi^ky V. I. a. ertragen^ bulben, leiben; 
Derf^mecKD i n. n. jufrieben fein. 

Brook^ft [brgk'— ], «. dinu ber Heine Sa^. 

Broo1k7 [brAk'l], adj, wn i^d^eil bltr^f^ttit* 
to, mflctrei^/ bewAfTert 

Brd^m, «. B^e. 1. ber (Binfier, bag yfricmcn- 
fraut; 2. bag {R^obifer^oli) 3. ber liBefen* 
— dose, —land, bie (Binfter^eibej -lime. 
Bot ber S^renpreigj —man, —maker, ber Se« 
fenbinberj IB-(dnbleri -rake, ber(Brinb, 
Jtopfgrinbi — »uflr, -stick, ber ©efenfUelj 
—woman, bie® efenbinberintt) ©-^dablerinn. 

To BrAdm, vid. To Bream. 

Brgg'ffly, adj, ooS (Btnfter. 

Br5tA,#.l. bieSletf^bril^e, JtraftbrubC) 2. 
Am. [(baumigeg (@(bnee«)SBafrer. 

Brtfth'fi, s. (— honse), bag35orbea. [renjdger. 

BrMh'eier, s. ber Iieberli4^e!I^enr4/ vulg. ^it* 

BrStb'^Iry, s. bag f)ttrenn)efeni ^it Un}tt(bt. 

BrdthV) 9. 1, ber 193ruber j 2. fig. ber Sru* 
ber, CKitmenfd^) (Sefdbrte (iiber^. Don (5ng- 
s>erbttnbenett/ ber SBaffeu"/ SeibenSbruber, 
ic.)j —in-law, ber ©iwagerj — german, 
ber leibliibe 99ruber (oonSater* unb SRut« 
terfeite)} — Jonathan, jSg. bag amerilaniMe 
fSolt (i. e. bielSereinigten Gtaates tonSiorb* 
7Cmeri!a)i —hood, bie Sr&berfcbafti -less, 
bntberlog. [^ruber, Dertraut; sdrtliib- 

BrgthVlyi adj. k adv. briiberli^ j glei^ einem 

Brought [brat], pret. & p. p. oon To Bring; 
amount — over, or forward, Cbm. (Gumma) 
S^rangport (bon) SoUo 1. md. wot* To Carry. 

To BroAf e, v. a. & n. uid. To Browze. 

bTb^,s. 1. bie ^ugenbrauej 2. Ut @tirn^ 
3. bag ®efl(bt5 TCn\tien, bie aj^iene^ ^.fig. 
bie |)5(e (beg4)immelg/:c.)/ @pi^e, ber Oipfel 
(eineg»ergeg,:c.)j berSEBatbranbj ^»fig* 
ftigfeit) —antlers, Spore, bie @tim«(Snben 
amOewei^e, erften eigfpriffeU To — beat, 
1?. ir. T. a. 1. murrifrb, fauer, ftoli ob. »er» 
dcbtli<b anfe^en j 2. burib flnflere IBltdfe ob. 
bocbmfit^iged iBetragen einfibu^tern) n. n. 
tro^igaugfe^en^ bie@tint runselni —less. 
unY>erf4Amt j -post. Carp. ein0ucrbal}en. 

To Brd^, V. a. 1. wn^ttn^tn, eingrenjen; etn« 
fibttef en 5 2. an ber @pi(e, am $anbe (eine* 
aergeg,ic.)feitti browed, p. a. mitTCttgen- 
brauen ^erfeftenj beetle—; vid. in Beetle. 

Brog-n, adj. braunj vulg. 9. ^ferben ft. Bay, 
qo.; comp. —beetle, Ent. hiX^aiUftti 
—bread, ©(btoar^brob J —crops, ^filfen* 
fruibtej — boUands, Com. braune (oHdnb. 
Gteifo ob. ®(ans(einn>anb, @(boletg$ — iead^ 
spar, bag SBraunbleier} 5 —owl, Om, bie gem.^ 
grof (6pfige ^le i — paper, bag 9a(fpapier $ 
—papers, Com. (e^ebem) eine ^rt f^IeffMe 
Seintoanb) —pink, ^ellbr aim (fe^r trangpa* 
rentegarbe)} -quadruples, eine y4 breite, 
ro^e, r4lef!f(be ^eimoanb, in etfitf en bon 68 
U QUtn, mit 4 etreifen (i^tblauen yopicrg um« 




bunben^ —quartz, Min, bcr (Rau^topaft) 
—rat, bie ffianberra^ej — «par, Min. ber 
(GtfenO^raunfpat^, 99raiin!a(f) — stoot, 
ba6 flarfe (boppeltc) ^orterblcrj -itudy, 
b!e bfiflern ©ebanfen, ber Xiefflnn j ~ sugar, 
ber gttringucfer ^ —wort, BoU 1. bie ©rauru 
wnm 2. bie ^nineUe, IBrunene. 

Urd^'DJsh, adj, brdunUdb. 

BroWof M, J. bie braune S^rbe^ SBrdune. 

ToBrS^^e, t?. I. a. (bic ©proffen, w.) ab= 
frefftn/ abmeiben i Sport ahhtof[€n, aHftn^ 
II. fi. metben (mit on) ; browsing beasU, 
gen, ba$ 9iot^»ilbpret. 

Broi^je, Bronze, tf.bieCproffc, ber€Jpr6ping, 
bad iunge Saub 4 —wood, bad S^trauA^oli. 

Brd^tjng, p. j. Crard, t>a^7ihhxt^tn ber 6pij» 
gen bon bfinnen Sroeigen. [(ubeOflrniffen. 

ToBr«<^ze, v. a. 1. vtU To Browse, I. ; 2. 

Br(k'cj9, Brd'^ine, s. Chem, bad Stucin. 

Brd'ln, *. met. ber ©drj an, ©raun, ^e^ 

To Brfil^e [brfta], w. a. (jer)(iuctfd^en, jerfto* 
fen^ermalmen^ierreiben^ Mrf^lagen) braun 
itnb blatt fi^Iagett. 

BHki^e, s. bie Httetfc^ung, Seule, SBnnbe3 
ecf^dbigung i - wort, BoU bad 6eifett?rattt. 

Brdi^^r, s. 1. Gl-gr. bteG^IeifMale) 2. (bei 
ben (Smaiaeurd/ u.) ein f4(e(^tertKrbeiter9 

3. wufgr. ein ©oxer, w. [tra). 
Brfim, s. (inb.) 9leidbranntwein (a«f euma< 
Brft'ffl^i, adv. winterlidt^, SBinter«. 
Brdn^tte', BrAnSt', s. bie ©riinette. 
Brtin'^epn, Briln'^jn, s. berS^rei^Id^ bad 
Briin'i^n, s. Com, bie CmneHe. [ginbelftnb. 
Brttn^wjck, 9. Geog. (bie©tobt)«rauttf*»eig. 
Brfint. *. 1. ber rteftige) ©toj, TCnfatt, ^ngriff 

(au* fig.); bie^ifte (bed Jtampfed)^ 2. fig. 
ber ©trei*, e^Iog (bod UngWrf). 
Brnsb, tf. l.bicWrfUj 2. ber grofe^infel, 
Sorflenpinfel, Slnafti 3. ber edi^mani (bed 
gulfed, K.) 5 Sport bie ©tanbarte, Suntej 

4. bad®finbeI9leidMH 5. bad SDitfit^^t^ 6, 
vulg. ber (Jeftige) Tfngriff, Jtampf, Ctranf 5 
T. -Sec. ber «<b«e8el, elettriWe etrojlen* 
bilf^eli —bit, ber ©flrftenbo^rer J -head, 
ber etu([fopf/ ©tmbeffopf} -maker, ber 
©flrftenbinbcri — ore,Afm.bad®ilrfletter}4 

- wood, bad ©ufc^^ol}; 0teid(ol}. 
To Brttsb, w. I. a. 1. bfirffott/ audbfirfteni 2. 

wiWen^fe^renj 3. (etwad) rei(Jt berfi^ren, 
ftreifen* 4. (grob) onflreii^en, anpinfeln 

5. f<4»«nen4 e.Wwingeni to -away, to 

- off, 1. abbflrflen^ 2. megffitren^ U. ». 1 
W f*»ea fortbewegenj (to -by, Dorbei) 
flreifen,fhrfl«en,w.j 2. (o.f)ferben)attdf*Ia. 
gen, r^meifen) to - away, to - off, ft4 bo* 
wnma^en, »e§ibif^en. 

BrtisbVf '• l*ber)(bbfirfter^ 2. vulg, ba3 

boae Oiod. 

Brush'nke, Brttsh'y, adj. bfirftenartig, borfti^. 

Broik, Brusque [brusk], a4). un^dfli^, barfi^i 

ro(. [or points, Com, bruffeier ©pt^n. 

Br&s'sflf , 1. Geog. (bic ©tabt) Sdvixffti $ —lace. 

To Brus'tle [br&s'sl], v. n. raofd^en, hiitterni 

to — uptooDe,auf<linen (caf4>) iodge^n, 

i^m bie 6pi(e hnUn, 

BrA't9],l.a(f7.; II.— ly, a<fu. I.t^ierif4,)>ie^if4^$ 
2.fig, i»te^if4>/Unmenfd^Iul^,drouram,n)lIb,ro^. 
BrAtal'ity, s. 1. bad bie^iff^e «Befen ) 2./g. bie 
Unmenf4U<(feit, SHo^^eit. 

To BrA't^lze, v. I. a. bie^if4, unmenf^Iit^, 
toilbma^en) II. n. ium&ie^e toerben, !>cr« 

Brdte, I. adj,; II. — ly, adv. 1. tjierifc^, 
vUWdfi fig. 2. unoernAnftig, loilb, rau^, 
undefittet, unbdnbig, grob^ 3. finnlod. 

BHkte, jr. 1. bad (unoemiUnftige) X^ier, Ste^i 
2.>!g.ber er^bumme ob. ungefctlac^te^enf^^, 
(Srobian. [<9ei9t4t- 

BrAte-weigbt [— w&t], s. Com. bad ©nitto* 

To BrQ't|fy, V. a. jam Sie^e mo^en, bed Ser« 
ftanbed beraitben. 

BHk'tjsh, I. adj,; 11. —ty, adv. Utl^imfdf, 
oie^ifd^) fig. 2. finnlid^, t^iWi^i 3* »^^i 
pie^md^ig/ unbemilnftig, grob, ro(, granfam $ 
nnwifTenb^ in.— ness,^. bod oie^if^eflBe* 
fen, bie t^ieri^e 9Butf^, SBUbbeit. 

Brft'aff m, s, bie Z^ier^eit^ fig. bad i»te(if(i^e 
ober ^ierif^e ftBefen. 

Brf Qny, s, Bot bie 3attnriibe. 

Biib'ble, s, 1 . bietBafterblafe/e^attmOSIafei 
2.GDncA.bielBIafenf4ne(fe) jig. 8. bodUnbing^ 
bienidl^tdwertteSad^e^ 4. ber Ieere©4ein, 
bie Xdnfii^ung, ©etritgerei$ 5. Cam. bie nt^* 
tige, auf grunblofen ®ehl<^ten beru^be 
iB5rfens ©peculation, bad (cere project, bie 
(«6rfenOWde4 6. ber IBetrogene, ^arr» 

To Diib'ble, v, I. n. 1. (to — up) S5lafen mer« 
fen, aufmaQen, fpntbeln^ 2. murmeln, riefeUi 
(bon ®dd^en, 2C.)^ H- a« wZg. (interge^tt, 

Bub^lf r, s. ber Setriiger, ^reOcr. [betdlgen. 

BB'bO, 1. Med. ber fdvAoi biiboea, pi, Anai. 
bie eiJbamgegenb. [flenbnt<t» 

Bu'b9n9GSle [ ^^ T., 5m.], s. Med. ber %ci» 

Bu(/c«l, adj. Anat %VL ben ©a(fen ge^drig. 

Buc(G)^ier^, Biccfine^r', s. ber Sufanier. 

To Bi&o(c)^ater^, v. a. ©eerdubcrei treiben. 

Bucqn&'tpr, 1. Anat. ber XrompetemnidfeL 

Biic'cinlte, #. Pet ber ©uccinit 

Biick, s. 1. a) bie Mu^t , Sange (dut 
SEBdr4e)4 6) (-of clothes), bie (gebda4^« 
it) SSdf^ei -ashes, bie &iugenaf((e) — 
basket, ber^df^forb^ — doth, W<f. Buck- 




iog-cloth imt To Back; 2. terSotf; ta9 
Vthai^ta ihti ^afcn^ ^anin^en: -Sport, 
^er fftmmitti au^ U6 Ote^eft, icOi 3. 
burl, bcr &ta^ev , ^obenarr^ ^fKina^ 
tttlbfiim0 ) II— of tbe first head, tin dlc^botf 
im 6teii 3«iw i C9mp. —bean, Bot bergic* 
berftct^ — horos, 4)CrW0e»ei^e^ Bof-*. - 
bora eressea, ba^SdffcIfrdnt) -^'% horn tree, 
bcr mt^iirif^e &uma^i —mast, bie fl3it4* 
na(l$ —ahot, Sport, Sle^poflen^ — skin, I. 
«. 1. bod Sode (%di(b«)Ieber $ a. mod, tin bitfc^ 
^fmsnt^) 3* iron, ber innge^edt^ U. adj. 
to<IUbem$ - stall » iSporf. 1. tin grofee 
^e| inm^anden b(6 dtot^utlbedi 2. bod 
Xrdberttmtbei(Rot(ioilb«3adbenj —thorn, 
Bot ber Jtrenjbornj —thorn berry, bicJtreujs 
Uttti —tooth, ber^Ietf^SQ^n/ {Raffsa^tt) 
—wheat, BoL berlBu4»dicn,btt84>cibcforn. 

To Biick, V. I. a. JEBdfcfte dnn>ei(^en, bdu^en^ 
»af<^en i b-ing cloth, ba6 ^au^en^ cb. Xf^cn^ 
tiul^ b-ing stool, ber ®af4Mo(f ) b-ing 
tnb, bie SBdu(|bfitte, ber SEBafd^jubct) 11. n. 
imd) a.) 1. bo(fen^ ftofen^ 2. |t4 belaufeit; 
be^dngen (con j>ofen; tc.). 

Bfick-».b««y, «. vid. Bogle(-bo), &c. 

Bicfc'^t,^. 1. berfBaffereimer J 5ca, bie ^fitfc, 
|)i(e $ 2. ber S^uereimer. 

B&dc^sh, l.adj. burl. ftu|eriW,u. wW.Buck, 
1.3.$ II. — ness, s. bvrl. bie ^tu^er^of- 
ti^rtt, w. 

Bick1«, 1. 1. bte€S4AaSe) 2. \)it^di, {>aar« 
!«!e$ 3. a — of beef. Cook, ein Gtiid 0tinb' 
ffctf* (rom &nbenflfltf). 

To Buckle, r. 1. a.. 1. f^naHctl, on* ob. su^ 
nnoOen) onlegen^ 2. fig. r^. jl* riifhtt; 
eorberrttcn? M I^g^n onf . ..53. (bie^joorc) 
leifett; I1« « 1. fid) friimmcn, fld^ hit^tni 

2. At. (mit 10) fl^ Wmiegen, no^geben^ 

3. (— in with. .), ^anbgemdn merben (mit). 
Bftek'l^, s, 1. ber e*i(b i 2. fig. bet «ef*ir» 

aer$ 8. v'd. Buckie, 3.5 4. Mar. b-s, pi. 
litStfikHap^mi —thorn, vid. BnckthorU; 

BSck'rfiB, I. s. Com. lit ©teifleinwonb, bcr 
e^etteti II. arfj.^ig:. fteif. 

Bick'r^iDf , s. BoU bet ®drenIou4- 

BSdc'sgoi (— ^S9rae), &c. vid. Buxom, &c. 

B6c6i^ I\>€t. I. f. LboS^irtcngebi^t; 2. 
ber a^l^Henbitter j II. (- c»l), adj. bufoli^. 

Bid,#. l.bie^o*pe, boft Xugej ^.fig. bcr 
Jtdm$ 3. bo$ Jtolb von eincm S^^tC/ ber 

To Bid, V. I. n. 1. fnoS^cn, au^f^la^tn, fet* 
atn^fproflTea) 2.^. im SBot^fen («IuJen) 
frittj n. a. ocuUren, pfropfen) budding- 
knife, G^d. bo§ SDenltrmefler. 

Bfd^, s. Geog. £)fen (^Mt in Ungorn). 

Bdd'dfaf, s, (tnb.) Rd. SSubb^. 
BAd'dhi^m, 9. (inb.) Rel. ber «ubb(ai«mu0. 
BAd'dhists, 9. pi. (inb.) /?e/. bie ©ubb^oiflen. 
Bud'dle, s. Min. bcr IBof(^trog^ biefiBof(b« 

f*eibcbonf 5 b-s, pi. €ra»fif*er. 
To Bfid'dle, v. a. Min. obflttUcn, mofcl|>Cnj 

huddling dish, bic IEBof(i^bu(ine. 
BQde'-Ugbt, s. mod. boS ©Ubcli^t (v. Gurncv 


goft, boe mit ouft otmofp^dnf^^er 2nf^ gcf^^ic- 

benem€$oaerf!offgoS gcmtf^t ifl). 
BQd^e, s. bo9 (gegcrbtc) ^mmfcU j —barrel, 

Mar. bod ble^cmc Quiver* ob. (Sronoten* 

f5f*en. [pdtt. 

To Budge, t). n. vulg. f[^ rcgcnj fln. fi(b rip- 
Bud'^^t, J. 1. bie (lebcrne) SoWe, bcr ©eutef, 

&adi bie@atteItQf(|»c) badJ93dcf-3endren) 

2. fig. ber«orrot^ bod GopitoU 3. J\fi. 

bod fiubget. 
B&fr, s. l.bcrSBatfd (ui(f. Buffalo); 2. (- 

leather, —skin) cigcntl. bod»fifeUeber,eo« 

mif(blcber (oonCebfcn, Glenn, k.)j 3. vid. 

—coat, Ac; 4. bic^eberforbc, bod ^ebergdb, 

(3(omoid j 5. Med. bic @pe(fbout4 —coat. 

—jerkin, bod Icbcrne Jtottcr, QoUtt, ob. «omd. 
Buff^iio, jr. Zool, ber ©fiffdj ©uffcrc^dj - 

snake, ZooU bic ICbgottd Wlongc , JRiefen^ 
Buff<?i, s. vid. Buffle. [ft^longc. 

Buffer, s. R'V>. (mdfl im pi.) bod ©toppoCfter 

eloftif^eCtofKBcnj —heads, etcfcrWpfc. 
Buffet, g. 1. (froni.) bcr ©ilbcrfcjronh <lre» 

bensttf^/ Bd^cnftifdfi 2. bcr f)uff, gonfl-' 

f^Iog, bic !0lonlf4eirc. 
ToB)iff(?t, w. 1. a. l.pnffen; mit bergoufi 

flopen ob. f((^logcn, !)iKoalf(^cncn gcbcn^ 2. 

bcMmpfcn, onfdmpfcn gcgen...^ H- '<• n<4 

bolgcn, boren. 

B&f f<?t9r, s. bcr ©♦ldgcr,8ottfifompfcr,»oxcr. 
Bttf fjng-Spp^ril'tgs, 1. R-w. bcr ©topopporot. 
BSCfle, s. Zjol. bcr ISBflffd (oW. Buffalo) ; - 

head, vulg. bcr ©flffcldfopf, ©ummfcpf J — 

headed, I. gropWpjig, biWpfigi 2. fig. 

bnmm, tSlpif^J -headed duck, (Bnffel nr 

Buffers head dock, Wb.)^ Orn. bcr Sictfcpf. 
To Buffle, V. n. vcrblfifft; bcfti'irst, i>crlcgen 

fdn. [©oufler, 9iorr. 

BvffO(Jn', s. bcr f)ofrcnreiJcr, Suftigmoi^cr, 
To Bvff^^n^ v. a. (dtbcrliib motbcn. 
Bvffdd'n^ry, BvffOd'njfm, s. bic (tiotTCttO 

f>o(rcn4 ?)oircnreiferd. TPg. 

Bvffdd'njsh, Bvffddn'nke, adj. (ondlOttrftmd- 
ToB&ffoonlze [— fd— ], ^fcn cb. 0trd(^c 
Bu'fu, s. Zool. bie Jtr6tc. [mi^cn. 

Ba'fonne, 3. Min. ber Jtrctf nflcin. 
Bfig, jr. 1. (bed-), Ent bic aBonse) 2. Eur. 

ber»Iottfou9cr,bicXftcrbIotf(ottd} 3. ^vi^t 




MOM tar dngUnfetr in Srknki -baae, (—HBtn\mj, «. Vet. mU Boaiinr. 

- bear, v, a. fdfttt 

yopaa},aXitmme($ To 

Un, han^tm^iitn. 
To Bug'gfr, V. n. StnahtnWnttvti tttiJbtn 
B&g'g^r^r, «. ber ^abntf4dnb€r^ Gobomit 

B&g'gin^, s. l>Q$«Btmme(n oon(S(taftetfcin 
mit) fiBanjen. 

Bug'gy, adj, mnt,i^, ©otter SBaitjen. 

BQ'gle, *. 1, (ejem.) ber »Ube£)<(ei 2, Me 

Mmar^eQIa^foratte j 3.»ie-honi; 4.(b€un 

enaLSRUitar) ber|)ornifl, aBalbJornbWfcri 

-horn, 1. bad S^scr^om, i)fift^ora5 2. 

Afi/. ba» SBalb^orn, ©ignoljom, gtugel^orn. 

B&'glpu, #. BoL bie C^^fensunge. 

fiGhl, *. Mech. matted ®olb, aXcfflng, ^crl^ 

mutter, ic. jum6cinlefien5 -work, eingclcgte 

Buhr'stOne, s. vid. Burstooe. [TCrbcit 

To Bund[bnd], t). tr. I. a. l.baucn^erbauenj 

2-^g. baucn (^uftf^loffer, w.)i to - op, l. 

aufbauenj 2. fig. erbaucn^ to — a cbapeJ, 

Mar. eineeulefttngen^ ir. n. bauenj to- 

npon,.<fg. bauen, fi* verlafTen auf . . . . 

BoflM^r,* LbcrSotienbej ©ouberr^ 2.fia. 
Ut S9aumeifler5 6(^5pfer. 

Bail'djDg, s. bod ®ebdttbe j -in piW, ber f)u 
febau,2ejmbattj a — of rooks (a rookery), 
Sport, bad ©aatfrdjengeniflej. -contract, 
l.ber «attcontract AbcrJ.j 2. Ship-b. ber 
QXdJlbriefj — docki, vid, unt. dock*; — 
yard, ber ©au^of, ©auplo^. 

Bunt, I. prcf. & p. p. Don To Boitd ; frigate-, 
freeattenfdrmig (gebaut)i H. *. bicSauart, 
©truftur. [,uvf. Bull-finch. 

Bu, *. Ich. biea5utte,bcr5Ittnbcrj -finch. 

Bulb, Bulbe, s. 1. gtm, bad 0lunbe (ber :ifufl« 
jpfel, K.)3 2. Bot. ber JTnoaen, bodSwte- 
belfie»44d, bie 3»iebelj 3. Medi. bte JTuael 
am XJermometer. 

Bttlbed, adj. (bef. Bot.) jwiebelfarmig. 

B»lbif^rou», oiij. Bot. JhioHen ob. 3»iebeln 
tragenb. [jmiebelartfg, ninb 

Bul'boua, BMlbfi'cco»g, BBl'blne, adj. fnoUia, 

BuFc^, *. pi. (p. port. 6oZ*a) Jew. fleine «eu« 
tjrf/ in beneii bie ofHnbif*en ©iamantett t>on 
uxabrad na4» toribon f ommeit. 

Bal'cbin, t. bad ©uttcnfalb. 

Bvjgft'rif, s. Geog. ©ulgarien; bie ©urgarei. 


Bttlgc, s.l. vid. Bilge, J . ; 2. Mar. bcr Eecf j 

3. b-B, (-way.), pi, tie 4)elben, ©cttnnacn, 
»oraufbade*iffabi«uftT ® ' 

ftntenj 2. wd. To Bilge; 3, diten «au(b 
ma^fett, borragen 

2. bcr Umfang, bie ©rdfrr, aXcngcj 3. bet 
gr6ftc|)aufen,|)aupttieil,/am,ammne(5 baft 
(9att$e9 bie (4)aapt*) 6ttmme$ 4. Arch, bcr 
borfpringenbeS^eit (eined(9eb&nbcd){ 6. bcr 
JUopptiW^eerfaufd^etanbj 6. Afar, a) bcr 
gan^e timere (paii09lam cincd e<^iffcds 
If) bie ganse (€^ifdO ^tbungi goodt laden 
in-, bie etiirj*«abang, etfirs*®utcrj by 
tbe-> imOanjcn, imSDiir*f*mttj inSauf^ 
n.^ogeaj to break-, vid. in To Break; 
-heada, pi. Sea, «crf*ldge, fiLncrrodnbc 
(anf ©*iffctt), ®e»cringen. 
To B&ik oat, V. n. eincn !Bau4 madden, ror« 
ragcn, wrfpn'ngcn. 

Biil'kjn^g, s. bie Orof c (ber ©cflalt cb. bed 
Umfanged), SRenge, aXaffc, ©clcibtfteit. 
Bul'ky, adj. grop, birf, ftarf, fldmrnig. 
Bill, I. J. l.ber Suae, ©uttoc^d, etierj 2. 
Ast bcr eticrj 3. Barb, ber (!a*encrrcgen^ 
be) ©iberfpru*, bie ffiibcrrinnigfcit, bcr 
(bronigeepro*»)gc^rcr5 ^.Ecc. bie(p4pft. 
U*e) «uac4 5. Script, cin (Srsfcinb, bcr 
brttttcnbe Una 6. Com.canU bcr Tfcticn* 
T. John Bull, jSff, bad (pcrfonificirtc) englifcbc 
SBolti II. comp.— bait, -baiting, bic5D(b« 
fenja^, ©tier^c$e5 -bee, £nt. b;c©rcmfei 
—calf, 1. bad ©-nfalb J 2. fig. ber ffinfaltd'* 
pinfelj —dog, ber ©-nbcipcrj -• ejc. 
Mar. 1. cine ^oigcrnc JTaufd^i 2. bie®etter= 
gallcj 3. Asu ber QCfbcbaran^ -» cyci«. 
Glaz. ©rubcrfu^cn (ffcCnc runbc gcnfter* 
Wcibcn)5 Mar. tiU ©affgldfcrj -eyed. 
fHcr»,(grofOttugigi -« eye gl.a«», Glau^w. 
bad ©allgladi -face, bad grebe, frc(^c ®c* 
Mu — fars, Com. cine ber ipiclctt©cncnnungcn 
bed(5almurfdj -feast, -fight, -ftghting. 
bad ©ticrgcfc^tj -finch, Oru. ber JDcm* 
pfaff,®impclj -fist, J5ot. bcr©ofi|lj -ily. 
Anf. 1. bie ©rcwfc} 2. bcr |>omf(^rotcr, 
^irWfdfcrj -frog, Zoo^ ber £(bfcnfrofcb, 
©rfittfroWi -head. I. lit. bcr 5D*fcttfopf j 
2.^ff. bcr ©ummfopfj 3. Ich. a) (river - 
head), bcr Jtaulfopf ^ 6) (armed - head>. 
bcr ©tcinpicfer, bie gcpanjcrtc (Broppcj o 
vid. Tad-pole I — '• pizzle,bcrS(brcttitcmcr} 
- ring, ber (Ring in 6*ra*tjdufcm (sum «c« 
fcfKgcn bcd«inbbtctcd)} -ru«h, wV/.Bul- 
rosb; -trout, Jdi. bie grcfc (la^dortigc) 
gorette. (born, 

Bai'Ifcc,*. Bot. biee<(rc(c5 bcr©*{cWcn). 
Bdl'i^ry,*. Ecc. bic (pdp|l(.)©itRenfammIung. 
iBiinftte, af^'. Bo/.Maflg. 




B«n«ii, #. ber{>attffHii0eI$ — naiU, 9Coff6|>fige 
(gelbc, u.) 9r&gel suSersUntng bar ^tfd^en, 

Biil'M^fr, «• etnc Hxt ftetner GS(|^iffe. [tc. 

B4fl«t, «. bie itugel; S^ntcntogeU —bore, 
G^snu ber itagelfnopf ) — dividcrt, bcrJtoI* 
UaijLtMi — iroo, f(i^nebtfi^e6@tandcnctfcn. 

Bdn^tifn, «. bef. Fot. baft Saaettn$ bcr Se< 
t«(l)ettcl etner €Stabtobngfcit, u. 

BtkHJIvfiff. MinU l.ber(!iolb«ob.6tlbcrhum« 
pen, baft itiigemiitt}te Qolb ob. C$tlber$ 2. 
swo. Com, unsongbareft (frembcft) ®e(b. 

ToBfincb, tn I. a. ini^finbcl )ttfammcnbmbni| 

II. ft. to — out, fecraufttrctcn, (crvorflct«ii, 

aufWwcttcn. [midc, ic 

Bfin'chjoffts, «. baft Jtoorrige; 2raubcnf6r« 

BUn'chy, <»(;. ia ®iif<^cln no^fcnb, bifd^elifli 

trdttbenf^nnig) ftdcfcrig, bacteligi htorrig, 

dftig. [SftoOCi — wool, S)unbcrn>oIle. 

Bun'dle, s. 1. bQ$ ®ttnb, IBunbcI^ ^acfct ) 8. bie 

To BunMlc, V. «. (to ~ Bp), in cin 99unbc( ($u» 

famneit)baiben$ ^nfammcnpactctt, cinpatfcn. 

UBung, 9, 1. bcr Spunb, ^punbgapfcn^ 2. (-> 

BAKIjsh, adj. farfr. fc^lct^aft; fprad^wtberfin* boIe),baft6pttnbIo49 3-<?un*bcr9Runbpfropf. 

BAt'lfrt, #. ber (pop^K) Suaenfi^retbcr. [nig. 
BAIIl^tioo, «. vld, EboUitioD. I 

BAHl^ck, #. 1. ber iungelDd^ft, %axtti 2. Am: 

bcr onftgciDaflkfcnc Z)^^? — *• eye, ilrc/i. bod 

IDc^fcnattgc. | 

BAHly, I. s, ber ©fcnfrcffcr, SHcRominifl, !Bra«; 

morbaft) n. comp. —fly, vid. Ball-fly $ —I 

ganestcr, ber Scutelf^ncibcr $ —rock, — 

rook, ber eifenfrcfTer/ :c. 
To BdKly, T7. I. a. 1. itbcrtdnbcn, in'ft So(f$« 

bom jaden) 2. preDen i II. n. bromarbafircn^ 
BnFrtUb, s. bie gUttte Sinfe. [poltcrn. 

MKritebf . ««(;. binfeitd(ttli(i|^, wQ Sinfcn. 
Bill's^, jr. iTtcf. Balcct. 
B4Kw«rk, 9. 1. Fort. baft!Bo1I»erf, bie®aftct» 
.gm, bie SefcfHgttng) 2. Ship-b, btc Aufcre 

(yianfenO^t^ieibungj 3. fig. bie etu^c, 

bee SoOioerf. 

To Bdlfw^rk, v. a, bcfcjligcn, bcrfi^onjcn. 

Bom, *. vulg. ber|)intcrc, ©teip; —bailiff, BAof,*. Afar, bie (^nfcrOSojCj —rope, bie 
- ber flSfittel; CJiJcrgcj —boat, wig, ba$ To Bdo}', u. I. a. 1. (— op), f^min 

To Bung, V. a. fpnnbcn, ^ttrpunbcn; vcrfpunben. 
Bfin'gf low, s, (in Sfiinbicn) cin mit &troft gc« 

be^cs {>auft i public—, cine Yrt SBirt^ft^auft. 
To Bun'gle, v. ]. n. fliimpcm, pfuffl^cnj II. a. 

(to — up), *>crpfttf(bcn, vcr^unjcn. 
B&n'gle,^. 1. bie etiimpcrci, 9)fuMcrci3 2. 

bcr grobc ^cf^lcr, GiJ^ni^cr. 
Bun'glf r, s, bcr Gtfimpcr, f)fitr(^cr. 
Bun'kjn, s, BoCbic i>irginif(^c@<^Iangen»urscl 
B&nn, s. bcr (nngcfducrtc) glabcn, Span. 
Bunt, s. 1. Dot bcr ©ofiflj 2. bcr©ttuf*5 3. 

Mar. bcri8au4 cincftScgcIft) -lines, Afar 

bie SBau^gorbingcn. [t^id. To Butt. 

To Bunt, V. n. 1. (to — out), attfT^^lpencttj 2 
Biin't^r, s. bie Sttmpcnfammlcrinn j cont, ba« 

gcmctne SRcnf^. 
Bfia'tjng (-^t«n,-'t|n, — 'tjnc), j. 1. baft Slag* 

gcntu(^5 2. Orw. bie ^mmcr 5 —Iron. G-w. 

baft IBIafero^r. [®oi)lcittc. 


Starftboot; ^roi^iantboot 

Bin1>IUt, f. l.berbttr(^B5^te3cQg, btc 0ti^ 
^eUrbeit^ 2. Tom. bcrSomba^ (7Crti93ar:: 
itnit)i 3. bieSaumwodcj 4. w</.Bonib<iftt,2. 

BliBilrfC'beS, s, EnU lit f>iimmcl; tDro^nc 

Bim'kio,^.! .Mar. berffintluf ^ 2.vid.Bunipkio. 

BiiBp,#. l.bteSeuIc) 2. bcr^uff; 6<^Iag; 

To Btep , V. I. a, Mlagen^ flof cn 5 H. n, 
(biDi^f) fdftmn, tm bumpfcft ®et6fe ma^cn 
(vid. To Boom, l.)4 to — up, [(^wcUcn. 

KWp^r, I. s. sing, ber^ttiiipcn, baft^afglaS, 
ooDe <SUlft4 n. b-», «. pL R-V), bie S^tof^ 
pslfttr. [^obeltc) ^anbjunfer, Z&lpcl 

Biaplcja, #. l.m'd.Porapion; 2. bcr(ungc« 

Binp^inly, ado, btoif^; t6(pif4^, pdtmp; 

Bin, s* vid. Bunn. [grob. 

Bincb, «. LbielBcuIe; 2.bcrJtnorren^ ^6h 
fer, 9uM, bef.p/. b-ei, (bei f)ferben), Stnc^ 
ten, VBarscn, fibcrbeinC; tc $ 3. baft ISitnbel^ 
Ssnb4 4- ber«af<J (^aore, gcbcm, ic), 
SfifilM) 6-bie®n!ppc («fiumc,ic.)j —of 
grapes, bieflBeintraubcj —backed, budPcIig. 

cr^altcn^ Afar.2. oufboDcn^ 3. (o^ne up), 
Safcn (cgenj ^. ftg. auftct^t cr^alten, cr* 
(cbcnj II. n. f(i)n>immcn, M ftcbcn. 

BOojf'iincy, s. 1. bie S^mimmf raft) 2.j!g. bie 

Baof'^nt, adj, 1. f(^n>immcnb, ipogcnb, (eid^t^ 
2.A'. flu*tig5 fii (Ici^t) cr^ebcnb. 

Biioy'1^8, adj. gntnbloft. 

Bur, *. 1 . Bot. bie Jtlcttc 5 2. L-/. bcr ©art (om 
^d^riftfegcO) 3.t)/f/.Borr,2.4 4. vief .Bower ; 
—stone, cincXrt CLuar^ (bcf. pi ^it^tficincn 
gcbr.)^ ba^cr: bcr iinbcjaacnc 5Ru^lfleitt. 

Bur'bot, s. Ich. bie Xairaupc, Sluappc. 

Bur'd^n, s. 1. bie taft, Xabung, ©firbc) 2. bie 
SafKgfcit Ob. 8afl (Xonncngc^alt) cincft ©4>if« 
ffftf 3. fig' bcr jDmd (bcr Tfbgaben, icOi 
4. Mus. bcr ^(^lufverft, 9icfraitt$ 5. /am. 
>Sg. bie oft raicbcr^otte Olcbc, an. baft alte 
Eieb ) — cars, /2- w. bie ®iiter»agcn, Xranft- 

To BoHd^n, V. a. lit kfig, bclabcn, bclaflen. 

Bor'd^n^r, *. 1. ber «cIo|lcttbc4 2../J0. bet 




BurM^ns^me (Bar'd^noiia), I. adj. 1. Idflifi; 
brAifenb^ a. oteUa^s (oon e. &Mf>i II* 

-ne«i, *. bie Wftigf eit, ®ef*wcrU<^relt 

Bdc'd^ck, s, BoU ^U StUUt. 

BSVeao HrO], #. 1. ber Gi^reibtifd^ , ba& 
®<^reibepult(raitga*erR),- 2. [MroO, Ua§ 
Qef4Aft&Sitnnier,bie@(bi^eibfhtbe3 3. Cb/N. 

ter i93uratt, bte S)ure (ein SBoOenjeug). 

Bur'g^fit, J. vid. Bergamot. 
BoHg^n^t, f. bie ^elmhppe^ @titnn^anbe. 
Bdr'geoit [bAr'zbv^], i. j^Vp* v'^- Bourgeois. 
To Bar'^epn, Did. To Boargeon. 

B&r'g^r-m&ftfr, s. 1. Om. ber i^iirgermetflcr, 

^ie fltaudidKde ^ct>e9 2. vid. Borgomaster. 
Bur'g?»8, J. LberSBfirger (eine6[®obt]5lef:' 

Unh), ®emeinbebilrgerj 2. ber fDrt^bepu^ 

titter 3. pi. b-e«, ble ©iirgerfcbafti -ihip, 

bie SBidibe eineS Drttbeputirten, ic. 
Burgb, Bfirg, s. 1. vid. Borough ; 2.5por^ Ac. 

vtd. Burr; —master, 1. uid. Borgomaster ; 

2. Min, vid. Bar-master. 
Bur'gh^r, s. bcr ©emeinbe^Arger^ -ship, 

badC@)emeinbe«)®firderre(bt. TMcb 

BarglftVjoas, I. adj.; II. — ly, n>a« (l<b a«f 

ndilbtU^cn {)attdeinbru4 bejiebt. 
dur'glfiry, «. Z.aio, ber (ndtbtlUb^ >Diebfta(l 

mit) ^nbni4. 
Bor'g^mftst^r, *. 1. bcr ©firgcmeifler (in 

&etttf(bIanb;K*)^ 2.0rR. tiid. Burger-master. 
Bur^grave, s. ber SBurggrof. [gunber. 

B^rgiiii'dl^D, adj, &s. burgttttbifrbj bcrCur* 
Bur'gvady, J. 1. Geog. ©urgunb* 2.(— wine), 

® urgunber (*ffiein). [groben. 

Bnr'i^ble [bSr'ri^bl], adj. ^u begwbeii, |tt » er« 
BurO»l Cffcii. b«r'r|»l]. *. 1. bQ§ SBegrabtttf 5 

btelBeerbidund; 2. gen. bie ^ingrabung. 
Unified [bg?rid], pret k p. p. t^on To Buyr. 
BuV|n, BC'rjne, s. Engr. bcr ©rabfttdjel. 
To Bfirl, 17. a. aoth. 1. (na* Dr. J., G, &c.) 

maRctt^ 2.ttoppen) b-ing-iron, baSS^oppcifen. 
BuHl^ps, s,pl. Com. rojc (»cfipjdaf#e, f. g.) 

^^aabrfidP er Seinen (Osnabargs), bef. ^r ben 

ttmerif . SRarft. [^trdtWct. 

Bur'lfr, *. 1. Qoth. ber Stopper} 2.fig' ber 
Barl^sque', Byri^sk', [juw. Oor b. ©ttbfl. 

bur'i&k], Rsth. I. ffdi. burleftf, poffierliibi 

II *. l.bttdf)offlerli*e, biep»frierl.€J<breib* 

att$ a. Mus. bie Surle^fc, ba» ^ofienf^iel. 
To Bvrt^sque' [-l««kn, r. a. Estk. (d<berli<b 

ma<ben, pofflerli* eittfleibcn, trooefHren. 
Bvrl«s'qu^r [- k^r], i. EHh, ber XrttDefHrcr. 
Bqrl«t't«i, *. (itor.) Mum. mod. ble «iirle«f c. 
Bar^in^s, s. 1 ber Umfang, Me ®r6ie, DidP. 

Ietbigfeit5 2. ba9 (SetSfe, ber Sdrm. 

Bur'ly, adj. 1. bicf^ fhtrf oott Jtdrper{ asfgc* 
blafen^ 2. tofenb; (drmenb. 

Bur'mf, Bur'm^h, 9, Geog. ©trma. 

B^rmefe', s. k adj. ber IBimtanef birmantf<b. 

To Burn, v. tr. k reg. I. a. 1. (^dttf. mit up), 
brennen^berbrennen^ 2.(iiibreiinea5 Derfen^ 
gen 9 3. oerbrcnnen, mit geuer ))emitnben9 
4. einbrennen (eindei^en, %t.)i andf Mat. 
brennen^ 5. audbrennen (e.@<boniflein,ic.)> 
6. brettsen (diegelfteine, u.)5 T. beif, glfi' 
^enb mQ(ben (^eiti; it,)i S. fig. breimen 
(oomSteber^ ber Seibenf^aft/ :c.)5 U* n*^^^- ^ 
fig. l.brennen (oor^ibenfibaft^ic.)) 2. leu^lb* 
ten/fanfeln4 to— up, Loerbrenneaj 
a. austrotfnen, oerjebren^ ^-fig- M ab)e(nn. 

Bdro, \.s. I.ber©ranb/i8ranbf(baben^ ba& 
SranbmaU 2. baft IBrennen (ber3iegel, ic.)* 
IL comp. — cow, Ent. bcr yra(btMferi — 
weed, Bot ber 0te<bapfet. 

Bar^nable, adj. (to. t.) brenttbar^ perbrennbar. 

To Born'-bait, v. a. Agr. (SEBdlber Ob. S<ter) 

BuHn^r, s. 1. beraSerbrettuer^ Mech-s. 2. bet 
93renner an dampen j 3. bie ®<aiid^ts6iftt. 

Bur'Dfng, h s. 1. baftSrettoen, u*. vid. T« 
Burn; 2. bie geuerftbrunfl?* fig^ 3. bie 2ttfl« 
fen(be5 4. bie <^eitbeit4 n« «<(;• 1* brensenb, 
beif J fig. 2. ^eftig^ geU5 3. friftb (»pa 
ber ©pur)) IlL comp. —glass, Ihy. bo# 
®rennglaft, ber Srcnnfpiegdj — tfcorny- 
plant, ^oe. bte (Sup^orbiaj —zone, Geog 
vid. Torrid-zooe. 

To Bor'nish, v. I. a. l.poltren^bnmirenj SL 
Sport, (ben fBofi )>om neuen ©ebdme) ab* 
f^blagen; II. n. l.gldn^enb, glatt »erben$ 
2. fi^ auftbe^nen, n>a<bfen4 Sport, auffitben i 
Mech-s. b-iog stick, ber Sdvnrtiv*, |>oUr« 
&taiU b'ing stone, berSBrunir«,<S^(dtt»etein. 

Bur/oish, s. 1. ber ^biii){ 2.baftXuftbreitett, u. 

Bur'nisb^r, *. 1. ber ^oltrerj 2. Mech. bie 

¥olirfei(e;ber93runirflabij ®(dttia(n. 

Burnt, pre^i^ p.p. p. To Burn, qv.; comp. — 

offering,(— sacriftce),5cn>t.bad0ranbopfer. 

Burr (r/.Bur), s. I. baftDbrldp^ibenj a. Sport. 

ber JCoIbenanfab/ bie Otofe^ 3. T. ein brei* 

ecfigeft Gtemmeifen 9 4. etit eifemer flUing an 

ber JIancne j 5. ber Jtopf etnes ^Boljene/ k.{ 

6. bee b^Ii^nie JCnopf an einer6(biff^)>ttmi>e$ 

—pump, Afar. bie0(blagpumpe$ —stone, vid. 

Byrr]((h'^, «.(inb.) vid.CaoQtcliouc. | Bur-st. 
Bur'r^.pipe, *. Surg, bie ^nlperbiitfe. 
BurVfl, s. (-shot), bie JTartdtf^ej -fly, 


Bur'rook, 4. Fish, baft fteine (?fif<ber*)»cir. 
BGr'rOw, *. 1. Sport, bie (Jranindbett»)|>d^te, 

ber(it-)9<tU9 a. Did. Borough. 




T» Bii'rOw, V. 5por^(bef. t>» Jtanin^en) I. a. 
^^en ffcabta (in Me (SrU)i II. n. in ben 
8kn f^ftpfen, Min 6rb66^len eingroben. 

Bif'ifr, BQi^Kr, f. 1. ber SurfarittS, 6d^a^« 
met^, (9lent>)eemo(ter j 2. ber^tipen' 
butt) — ship, ba$ @4a(metfto:amt, :c. 

Bdr'ifry, j. 1. ber &4a^ (e. (o^en &imlt, k.)) 
2. Sc. k Am, ba6 Gtipenbmm. 

BdrM,j. (in Sronfreu^; :c.) bte ({)anbel$0 
96rfe$ c/. ba6 fur (Snglanb^tc iibLExdiange. 

To Barst, t?. ir. I. h. 1. bcrflen (Ott(^ ^.)» 
plo^en, anffprtngen ^ a. (—from), M bon . . . 
lodcdfiaii 3. (—upoB), pl6bU(^ Mieidn^/ 
treffrn (bod SD^r, u.)5 4. (erborbred^en (bon 
<. dneOe, tc)$ 5. (—into), anftbredlKn (in 
Ziviatn, (Mister, u.)) 6. ^reinbredften, 
^ereinflfimien (to — ia vpoo , onf 3^<tnbj 
lo9); to — fortb, 1. aaftbre^en) 2. nm M 
^mfen i M. a. /»<. kfig. fprengen; jerfprengenJ 

Burrt, I. s. 1. badSerften^ytaben} 2. fig. bad 
{KdM^rbred^cn^ TCudbre^en^ 3. bad Jtra<l^enJ 
ber JTradbi 4. ber fUTif/ IBnt(^, bie 6paltej| 
5.5ifr]7. ber (^arm«)9rtt(^3 n. prct o. To 
B«rst; III. p. p. n>te Borstcn j IV. comp. — 
bellied, rid. Bunten; —wort, BoL bad 
Smd^fraut [jBdiu^ iahttiV 

Bir'flteii, p. p. b. To Bont, ^v.; einen (iDarms) 

Bsr'st^r, s. GCner, ber etioad jerbrfd^t; ic. 

Bart, «. fc/i. bie Steinbtttte, S)ombutte. 

Bii^kf n, «. vtd. b. b. Burden. [tentaljen. 

Bn'tfo* J. ilf or. bie Xalje ^ ~ tackles, bie Get- 

Bui'y [g€». b^r'rf], *. bie i)6ile, vid.Borrbw; 
- pear, bie IBtttterbirn. 

To Bnry [Wr'rj], v. a. 1. begraben, (jur (Srbe) 
bejlatteni 2. eingraben) figs, 3. (fi(^) oer^ 
$raben4 4. (ber CergefTen^^eit) iibcrgeben. 

Bish, f. 1. ber fduf^, 0trau4»4 2. ber Su: 
f^I^ Svffb (4>aare; u.)? 3. ber Jtran} (aid 
SBeis« ob.SSierjei^en)} 4. Sport bieOtutfte 
(bed %ttd>^e^)i 5. Mar. bie a){etaab64fe (an 
Sbc^^bcn)^ 6. TFA-u.bie97abenbu4fe;fiBa< 
genbui^fe i —men, bie IDuf^mAnner (am SSox* 
%thix%e ber gtttetti^olfnung)^ —rangers, (in 
6attbiemntdIanb)8BegI/iufer : - ranging, bad 
9tAttbcn9efen biefer f)orben. 

ToBAsb, o.Ln. bnfi^ig werben ) II. a. Afar 
(9l0<fMe{ben) mit e. ^etaabfidftfe berfe^en. 

sasy^l, J. l.ber(eneltfi^e)04effeU 2. uu/g, 
ber {>«iifett 4 3. ot^/. b. $. Bush, 4. ; —iron, 

B«sh'«la|e, <. Cif«e. ber 3oa na4 bem IBufl^el. 

BAsli^ii9ss,5.bad9nf4ige4 Quf^itJ^te. 

Ubb'y, adj. gcbfifd^tg, bn^igi bnf4i(^t. 

Boshed [biz'zid], p.a. bercbdftigt, vid. To Busy, 

Bot^ftf ss Cbfz'-], adj. unbef^dftigt, ndf ig. 

Btts'ily [bfz'— ], adr. ©on Busy, qv. 

Bus'iofss [bCx'nfs], #. l.bad®eMJft, bic»er« 
ri^tung) 2. bad ({)anbc||^*)®£f4^<3ift/ ®e« 
roerbe; bcrlBetrieb, {)anbel$ 3. bie6orge^ 
ber (Segenflanb ber Sefibdftigttng 3 4. bie 
W^^t, bad Serufdger^afti 5. bie &a^ti 
6brenfa4e9 ^ngciegenf^eit/ %c.9 my— is done, 
urn mid^ ifi ed gefd^e^en? to do the — for a 
man, Semanb tdbten, }u (Srunbe rid^t<;n. 

Bfisk, s. bad SSianffi^cit. 

Biis'kjn, t, l.ber^albfliefei^ ^^^^nurfUefel j 2. 
ber^pt^urni 3.^. bad XraucrfpieU 

Bus'kjned, adj. 1. tn^albfliefeln^ 2. fig. im 
Itot^nrn, ^o^trabenb. [Sfife. 

Buss, s. 1. fam. UxStvifi 2« bie (|)aringd<) 

To Buss, V. a. 1. fam, fujjfen) 2. * bedi^ren. 

Bust, #. 5cvip. bad IBruflbilb, bie Sufle. 

Biis't^d, s, Orn, ber Xrappe. 

To Bus'tle [bus^sl], v. n. ge^^ftig, unru^ig 
fein, fi4 (gerduf(booa) regen, ru^ren. 

Bus'tle [biis'sl], I. s. ber 2drm^ bad ©erdufdi^ 
©etdfe^ (Senu^U H. t/iL ^urtig! munterl 

Bus'tl^r, s. ber unru^tge Jtopf; bie gef^dftigc 

BusV [brz'zi], odj. l.bef*fiftigti 2. gef45f» 
tig, fictf ig; emfig/ tWi^ » 3. unru^ig, on« 
fcbldgig, unnfib gef^bdftig) 4. I&fllg, ^ubring^ 
\iSiif ungefhtm^ 5. geftbdft&ooH. 

To Bus'y [biz'zi], v. a. bef(bdftigett. 

But, L cortj, 1. aber, aHeini 2. fon^crn j — 
also, fonbem aud^ j II. adv, 1. audgenommen, 
aufer: the last — one, ber (bie, bad) »or« 
le^tej (bdttpg —that), »enn nicbt, wojem 
ni(bt3 anberd aid) ed fei benn, bap ..., )>or« 
audgefe^t, baf . . . $ ber (bie, bad) ni<bt, baf 
nicbtj obnicbt) baf 5 aU) not — that, nid^t 
bap, ni(bt, aid ob...j —for, n>enn ed ni(bt 
um . . . geioefen lodre, n>dre ed ntcbt, bap ... 9 
2. nur, blod, eben, erfl. 

But, T. 1 . bad (fiarfe) 6nbe i bie ©renie^ 2. bet 
^Ianfen!opfj befgl. —end, —shaft, wd. 
Butt ; 3. Ich. bie Sntte, ber glunber j 4. FUlu 
ber Sa^dforb 5 5. bie Orinmenbung 5 bad ^ber. 

To But, V. I. n. »ic To Abut, qr. ; II. c. Ocin* 
loenbung marben. 

Biit'cb^r, s. 1. ber ^ebger, e(bld<bter, glei^ 
fiber? 2,fis. ber blutgierigc SWenfdb, a)Wr« 
ber 4 -bird, (— ahrike), Orn. ber^euntdb* 
ter 5 — 's cleaver, bad SWebgerbeiU — s row 
(shambles), bie Sleif^b^nfe, ber S-f(barren. 

ToBat'cb?r,v a.l.f(bla(bten5,morben. 

Bdt'ch^rljn^ss, #. bie IBIutgier, (Sraufamfeit. 

Bdt'ch^rly, adj. 1. blutgierig, graufam? 2. 
grob unb ungef(bi(ft. 

Bdt'cb^ry, s, 1. bad gleif^erbanbrnerf 9 2. bie 
erbladfttban! 3 ^c^^ Gcblarbtbaud j 3. bod 

I SItttbab, bie ^e^etei 




BMfr, f. ber jreHermeifteri jreOntrj 9htnb« 
Wenfi Xafflbarfer^ -'■ plien, bie ^orf^ 
langc^ — fhip, baft iteUermtifltr* tc TCmt 

Bfif If r^e, «. bie SBeinfietter. 

BftfiBfot, #« 1. iirc/i. ber Q(ufbnt<f , falter 
(eme« (Be»5(beft) j baft fSiberlager (eincr 
©riirfe, K.)i 2. Carp, bte Jtcrbc. 

B&tt, «. 1. bte fdVLttt, baft grope %nf, etttcffop 
(©ein,K.)j 2. boft bicte (gnbe (c/.— end); 
8. bieOfrense^ 4. baft3iel/ bie 3ielf4cibC) 
berC54>eiben(lattbj 5. jig. (au<^ itJinding— ), 
bie 3telf4eibe (beft 0potteft), baft Sti^blatt 
6. ber Stopf^t i &tcf (bon einem ge^ftmten 
Wttt)i T. Fewc. ber6tof4 —end, baft 
(birfe) (SnUi ber Jtolben, ©riff (opp. top 
end); Ship-b, ber ^lanfenfopfj —binges, 

To B&tt, V. a. mit bem Jtcpfe (ben f)6mem) 
ftof en ^ to — at, gegen^ ober na4 • • • ftopen. 

B&t'tf d, adj. begrenit, umfc^rdnft. 

B&f t^n, s. Sport, ber^olbenanfab/ v(d.Biirr,2. 

Bttft^r, s. 1. bie ©utterj 2. Oiem. mmxa* 
Ur4e SB 9 —of antimony, bie 6picfglattS< 
btttttrj — bomp, Orn. bieOtoJrbommclj — 
cbnrn einlB-foJ (jum ©uttern)^ —crock, 
ber© topfi —flower, Bo^bieSB-btumcj —fly, 
Ent ber ©(imettcrling J —monger, ber ©-» 
Jfifej —pear, bie IB-bim, CS^maljbintj — 
print, —stamp, bie ©-form J —salver, bie 
©-bfliftfe} — tooth, ber breitc ©orbcrja^n. 

To Bttt'tf r, t>. a. 1. mlt9\ttttx beftrci(|>en (ju» 
ri^ften.M 2. Gam. ben Ba^ (im6piele) ocr^ 

Bfif tfifs, *. Far. baft ©irfeifen. [boppctn. 

Bttft^ry, I. adj. butteridl>t, buttcrartigj IL j. 
bie 0peifehmmer. [Barley, 

B&ftlfdpr-bar'iey, s. vid. Battle-door-b. unt. 

BttftQck, s. baft (ber) ^intert^eilj -of beef, 
baft SenbenfKi(f (bom£)<6fett)9 b-s, pi. l. bie 
^interbatfen; bcrStcifi baft Jtreuj (cineft 
?)ferbeft) ) 2. Ship^b. bie ©ittcn (Olunbung) 
etneft 6(^tffeft. 

Bl&ftpn, s. 1. ber ihiopf (ira »eitcfien®inne)5 
2. bie Jtnoftpe, baftXuge^ 8. ber icberneSilinfi 
an einem Jtreujiilgci) 4. bie ^ftiseme Z^x* 
flinhi 5. ber Jtamm (an ©eigen^ :c.)9 6. 
Bot. bie 9tarbe beft (Briffclftj b-s, 7. pt. 
Sport, bie Soofung beft ^ofcnj 8. Chem. 
rebttcirte £0{etaaf(iimp(|)en am ©oben beft 
©(Jmeljtiegclftj —paper, bie Jt-pappe, — 
•tone, Min. ber ^orpitj —tree, —wood, 
1. bie amcrifttn.^iofonej 2. ber Jt-baumj 
—ware, Jt-ma*er»aare. 

ToBttft9n,v.a. 2u!n5pfcn$ anFnfipfenj to — 
^?ffig» ftopfeh, berf^tief en. 

B&f t^n^r, s. ber Jtnopftie^er. 

Bttftr^s, s. 1. Arch, ber ©trebepfeilcr, bie 

|l ((Be»jlbe-)etutei 2. Fort, bie epi^ ciicr 
; B^auiti 8.vMi.Batterls; 4. jSg. bie Gtfit^ 

To B&t'tTfsa, o. a. Arch, fta^en, ttntcr|ifi|cn. 

Bdtta, s. pL (cf. Butt), 1. eo^llcber tn-gaiijcn 
^^uttui 2. ber 64^dbcnftanb, itngclfong. 

But^wTnk, «. Orn. ber Jtibi^; vid. Lapwing. 

Butyra'ceoof, Biit'yroiu, adj. bttttcrartig. 

Biix'9m, I. adj.; H. — ly, adv. 1. flittf, ntin« 

tcr} 2. (ofC/ f4^e(mir4, (uflig; 3. Ififlcm, 

tippig/berliebtj HI. — nesa, «• l.bie^inN 

^eit^^lXnnterfeit^ 2. ber^Dhtt^miaej 3. bie 

Sufiem^eit; ©crlicbt^cit 

To Bii5 [bl], V. ir. I. a. 1. !aufcn i fig. 2. cr. 

(aitfen (Semanbeft ®unft; :c.) 4 3. (—off)* bc> 

fle^en^crf aufcn 5 to — in, (beiTCuctioncn) wU* 

ber erflc^en, ^urucffaufcn ^ to — one oat, 

auftfaufcn (Semanbeft ®efi^dft^ k.)} to — 

up, auffaufcn; II. n. ^anbeln. 

Buff r,*.bcr J?5ufer,®nMufct^ -of a bill^Cbin. 

Buz, int. pa^ ! lari fari ! [ber SBe^fcIne^er 

To Buzz, V. I. n. 1. fnmmcnj 2. murmeliv 

bnimmen^ II. a. pii^crn, jupfifhrni to — 

about, anftplaubcrn. [®cfluflcr, (S^cplaubcr. 

Buzz, J. l.baftefummen$ 2. baft Qcmnrmei, 

Bttz'z^rd,!. s. 1. Orn. ber ©ttfaar, SKfinfefalfj 

2. j^. ber S)ttmmfopf, €finfa(tftptnfel 3 U. 

adj. finnloft, f ursfti^tig, bumm. 

Buzz^rd^t', J. Orn. bcr mifli^c gatte. 

Buz'zf r, s. bcr 3uflii(lercr j S)ircnbldfcr. 

By, I. prpp. 1 . bci, nebcn, an 5 2. ^oriiber, )for» 

bei i 3. burd^, bon, mit, bcrm6gc, n«*, unter 5 

Com. per (;. ©. by. procuration, per 9)ro« 

cttra)5 4. um, nai (cinanbcr)j —catches 

(turns, &c), wcd&fclftrocifc^ day — day, Sag 

ftir Sag 4 5. (ron bcr 3cit) uraj binnen, 

n>d]!)renb4 fett) gcgcn^ urn . . . ^enim$ 6. na<b/ 

iufoige, gemdp, asft; auf ... ^in) T. ju (anf 

bemSBcgc wn), fiber, vi*; 8. in,um, ffirj 

Com. pcr(s»cifc)5 —detail, imJtieincn, cin« 

gclnj —the pound, pcr^funb, —degrees, 

na^ QJcrabCi — one tenth, um Yio (Wngcr, 

ic.)5 —heart, auftwcnbigj —one's self, |iir 

M, aHein 5 50 feet — 20, 50 guf lang u. 20 

breiti 6 (f.)-2, 65. lang u.2 ^0*5 K-ist- 

North, £)flju9totb5 — west, »cftn)drtft5 — 

all means, auf jcbcn gall, burt^auftj —no 

means, feineftmegft^ II. adv. 1. babei, ba» 

neben$ 2. bcfonberft, beireitc;,sugcgcR3 

4. Dorbei, ©orfibcrj 5. (©on ber 3cit) naib) 

—and—, nd^ftcnft, bttlb, foglcidj. 

By-, comp. (mit bem ©egriff beft 9?ebcngctege« 

ncn, imtcrgcorbnctcn, k.)5 —bag, Fbst. b«4 

t?ebenfcneifcn5—blow,ber®lfitfftfairj— coach, 

iY>#e.bcr®ci»agcn5 — coffee-houne, cinSEBin- 

felfaffec^ufti cinc«B-Wcnfe5 —comer, l.ber 

e^lupfloinfels 2.baft9Cebeniimmcr,bei:7flfo« 




oca; — dMifB, bit KcbcnobMt; --dbh> ^od 
SeUffea, 3»tr4eii9eri4ti -fair,^tc ffiibtn* 

-Imw, 1. ba^ateboigefet j a. ^oiSteglmcnt, 
9cfe( einec dmft, u.| —name, ^er I99et« 
umt, 6pi^naatf$ —place, 1. bcrG^lupf* 
wiaMi 2. bie 9^ebenf4<uis<> -play, ba$ 
3»4i^ai^iri,3atenneii0i — iack,berSBat' 
M, £tsecfatf$ — ipoech, 7Cu$« (^Of4n>(i' 
^uig ta Ux StiU i -way, b€r edtenioeg, 9t ^' 
t^cBSMg, nmioeg, lfb»ed<$ —word, ba^ 6pn(!^* 
»ort| — «rork,ba»9(eben»af,9iebeRdebdabc. 

IBje, ta ben ))brafen: good-, UU »o(Il 

— , - adieu! by tlic— , ira Corbefgcben gefogt^ u. 

ba^f^ebeamerfi BsV^pioU, /. Com. erne Tfrt Jtattun aii& 

Bjf^^nt, Byf'^otioe, j. vi(2. Byzaat, &c. 
Bys'tiDe, a*. bifTiiW, (OD^«>feibcn. 
Bys'sglite, j. Afin. ber ©trobiPeln, ©pffblit^ 
Bf z'^nt,*. 1. iVt/m. ber IBi)jotttincr (®oIbm<in« 

|e)5 2. Tfer. ber Qolbpfennig im SEBopen. 
Byzan'tj^m [— sb)^], adj. bl))antinif(b« 
Bjfz'^ntlne, I. s. roieByzant; n. adj. {h\- 

zan'tjD], bl)iaatuiif(b- 


C [a], #. 1 . (eia fRitUutter) baft Q, a 2. Mus. 
Icr ccfb Xoa ber Xoaleiter (c)5 3. c fpring, 
bie (CSpriagOS^ber in Sotm eineft C. 

C^ abbr, D. ceniumj b^nbert; fi. cent; ft 
copper; C. B. ft ConpaaioD of the Batb, 
dUttrr bc« ISotborbenSj C. C. C. ft Corpot 
Cbiisti College; C. K. (CiT, £og.) ft 
ciYil eagjueer ; C. (P.) S. ft custos(privaU) 
ti^Ul, ber eSiegeU (Oe^eiaifieget^) ®e»ab« 
leri Gapt« ft captaia; Ch. ft Charles, 
captsTy charch; Cit. % city, citizen, ci- 
tadel; CI. ft clerk, clergyman, Clement, 
dotii; Co. ft company, county, country; 
CoL fL colonel, Colosaians; com., comr. ft 
comauaaion, commiaiioner ; Con. ft. consols, 
(ooiier. 0. consolidated stocks); Cr. ft. cre- 
ditor; crim* con. ft criminal conversation; 
Crt., Ccy. ft. cnrrent, ciirreacy; C. S. vicf. 
C. (P.) S. ; Ct. ft Connt; cost, rot fl. cu- 
«fos rotiilonuN, Vntfeber ber^rdftioe, Urtnn* 
bcabciaabrer ia ber eagl. Jtan)eUei$ Cwt ft. 
kandred weight, 

Cib, «• {abbr. 9. Cabriolet) bie jDrofibYe ) ber 
Sttfer) —man, ber gioferfutf^er. 

C»b2K, 1. s. Theol. bieitabbala$ 2.bie(5obale, 

Te CfUO', o. n. Qobalen ma<ben, (Rdnf e fcbmie' 

Cab'^12, M. Tkeol. vid. Cabal. [ben. 

CSb'vlI^, s. Theol. ber Jtabbaliftmnft. 

Cab'^Bst, 5. 1. Tkeol. ber Jtabbaliftj 2. Com. 
(in ^raafrci^) ber Xgent, factor. 

CibflEs'tic (-^), L a^.; n.-c^ly, adv. 
TheU. fabboIifHr(b. 

ito^(fopf5 —lettuce, ber JtopffaSati -plant, 
bie itoblpftaniej —palm, -tree, bie ^o(I? 
pointer -worm, Rnt. bieJCoblraupe. 

To C&b'bf^e, v. n. i(opfe fe^cn, fi4 f4Uef en 
(b. Jtrautarten). 

CSl/jn, «. 1. baft Qfabtnetj 2.bie Jtaifitej bie 
6<blaffteSe, 5M,Jtoie5 3. bie fleine 4>fitte^ 
»ttbe$ baft Sett J —boy, ber ©cbiffftiunge. 

Cab'iuft, s, 1. boftKeinedimmer^^Cabtnetj a. 
baft 6animlttngft}immer3 3. ber'® (bran! mtt 
bielen 6^ubfaften,ber ® (brefbef(bratt! > 4.(— 
council), Pol. ber (Sabtnetftratb/ baft (Sabtnet* 
comp.— maker, ber Jtuttfttif<bler J —organ, 
Mus. baft ^ofltibj -ware, JTunfltif^ler* 
arbeitj —wood, feineft |)olj fftr JC-tif(bIer. 

Ca'ble, s. Mar. bie ob. baft Jtabe(,JtabeItau,Q(n« 
fertau^ —s length, bieJ^abenfinge (120Sabep 
ob.iClaftern) j —stage, —tier, baft Jtttbel»®at. 

Ca'bled, adj. 1. ilfar. mit einemSatt bcfcfligtj 
2. Arch. iDfrfidbt^ mnb gerippt. [fertau. 

Ca'blft,/. Afar. eine|)ferbeUme^ baft Heine ^n-- 

Ca'blidn, s. Ich. ber J^abcljaU; iCabliau. 

Ca'bljng, #. Ardk. bie Serjldbung. 

To C»b«b', V. a. (bef. 6*6pfen.)SI«if* (««? 
aftatif(be Krt) bei f(bnellem ^tntx braten. 

C9b59hed', C«b(>shed', adj, Ber. (oon Zt^itX* 
fftpfen) abgeftbnitten. [ber Jtiiibenberftblad. 

C^bOdse', s. Mar, bie Aombftfe, &diiffM^ti 

CXb'Qtfic, s. 1 . bieJWflenfcbitffabrt, (Sabotage i 
2. Naut. bie Jtunft beft Jtfiflenfabrcnft. 

To Cab'Qt^ie, v.n. JWften befobrcnj JW|len» 
^anbel treiben, eabotiren. 

Cab'rjol^t, s. baft Cabriolet. 

Cabil^,«. beriSabalenma^er, 0tdnfef4mieb. 
cib'^IBae, adi- Stt ))ferben ge^ftrigj —aloes, 

Jfed. bie 9tof aloe) —oil, baft Aammfett. 
di/^c, s. Bot. bie f)afelmnr2. 
Cfi/bfic #. 1. ber JtoW/ Jlopftobt j 2. 5porf. 

bi( aUfc Wd. Borr, 2. ; Bot-*. -head, ber nigl. ®e^eira« ob. »erbaftftbr(ef. 


CflibGrnf', #. Mar. Jtabelgarn, ©eilfdben. 
C«c&'o, s. Bot. ber (Sacaoi -not, bie (Sacao* 
bobnej c/. Cocoa. 

C»8h«c't|c (-c»l), adj. Med. ca«eftif*. 
CS^'^t lor c»sha'. If ore], s. (franj.) ber W- 




Gi^h'exy, s. Med. b(e (Sa^efie. 

To Cllck'le, V. n. 1. gotfeln, flarfern, Wnattem j 

Ciick'l^r, j. 1. twig. ba$ dattelnbe{>u(n;:c$ 2. 
O^cdV* «. vid. Cacao, [/ig. ter®4natterer. 
CXc9$hym'Ic (-C*!), adj, Med, tott Derbor* 

better 64fte. [«!utrt, Der ©fifte. 

Cac'^sbjfmy, jr. Afed. bte SSerborbenfieit be5 
CXc^s'tAif, «. Me(/. bas un(eiIbQre®ef4»Jir. 
C^cSph'Qny, «. i2/i«t. & Med, bie itafop^onie. 
To CfLdl'iiifnJlte, v. a. )ttfpt(en. 
C&dV«r* «• AnaU bet Sei^nam. 
C^dKv'^roaa, adj. ld(b(n(oft$ oaftg. 
Cftd'bJlte, «. £nt. btr Stro^ionrm, bis Jtd^ct* 

iun8ferlar)>e. [oon Geibe u. ffBoKe. 

CXd'dfs (CSd'dfO, /. Com. 9ef5perte$ Sanb 
C&d'dAw. «. Om. bie)Do(Ie. 
CXd'dii, «. Com. 1. bad J^abiftsengj 2. ge!6» 

pcrted SBoOenbanb i 3. v»d. Cadbate. 
CSd'dy, CSd'dse, «. ba» Zt^tt* (du<ftr« tc.) 

Jtdfldften^ "ahell, — shovel, — tpoon, bad 

X(eer4dttfe(4en, dutterUffel^en* 
Cide» I. s. tin ^^^en, X^nn^en (bon &oo 

{>dringen ob. loooesprotten)^ II. adi> so^ni^ 
' ftrrC/ fonft 3 — lamb, ba$ ^attMamm i - oil, 

boft flBa4(olber0({ —worm, vid. Ca^ate. 
To Cftde, V. a. (^au^t^tere) sa^m oitftieJ^CR. 
Cft'd^nce, Cft'd^ncy, «. 1. ber Untergang) 2. 

Mus.kDanc. bteGabens^ber Sact j 9,MU.Ut 

GIei(br4r<tt{ 4. Man. bte [(bulgered^te ®e> 

•eguna rtne« ^ferbedj 6. /f«r. bie Unter* 

f^eibung ber SamiUen. 
To CftM^oce, V. a. Zact gebett, cobenriren. 
C^d^De', s. Com. (5abene(2;eppi4e b.^oante). 
C&'d^nt, adj. faQenb; (erabfaHenb. [(Sabet. 
Cfdef , *. 1. ber Jfingere, jfingjle ©ruber 5 2. ber 
C^de^', #. vid. Cadbate. 
CXd'i^r, *. ber *6fer, (»ictuolien*)$anbler. 
cu'dj, #. J\)l. ber (5ttbi (im £)rient). 
Cfi'djz, f.Geog. (Sabfx (Gtabt in e$panten). 
CXd'mi9, jr. Min, vid. Calamine. 
Cad'mjvm, s. Chem. & Min. bad Jtabltttum. . 
C^dQ'cjty, *. (w. a.) lit. kfig. bie|)tnWnig!eit. 
Cfidfi'coQs, adj. Dot. (InfAQig. 
Ca^c'ity, Ca^Kjb^te, Ac, vid. Ce . . .. 
CSf f^ J. Com. ein ofHnbif(ber gemalter banni» 
CXf fef n, s. Chem. bad Jtoffein. [wottencr 3eug. 
Ciifni^ /. bie Gafpia (meiregefenfibaft tm 
0»ffrft'ri«, *. Geog. bie Jtofferei. [£)ricnt). 
C«irr€C', CSf frc, *. ber Jtaffer. 
CXft^n, J. ber Caftan. 
CXg, s. bad S^P^en, vid. b. fi. Keg. 
Ciie,«. LberSogelbaver^^afig^ 2.bteUnisdU' 

nitng,bad(Bebi0e$ S.badQef&ngntf 3 4. Carp. 

ber SRantel 3 - work, bie gebro^ene Xrbeit. 

To Ci^e, V. a. (in etaen Mflg) cttf^rcnL 
Cft'^tka [ct'yf-], C«lc, C»lque'[-.|k^. l.Jlfor. 

bad JIair, ®aleerenboot) 2.biceaifc(flcinc 

9axft ber Jtofaf en)« 
CSi'm^n, s, Zool, vid. Cayman. 
CAirn [cArn], s. 1. eine fegelfdrntg sufaamien* 

geb^nfte ©teinnutfe) 2. ein Orabmol. 
Cfti'uon, CSissddn', «. MiL IMv trnterirbif^c 

i93ombenfafien) 2. berSRnnitiondioagenj 3. 

ifar. berS9o9e!aften) 4. Arch* bieitnppe. 
c&i'tjf(Cii'ti(l), I. «. ber eienbe^Sumpenbunb, 

6(burfe) ll.adj,; HI.— ly, odm^^burfiM/ 

niebertrd^^tig. [2. bef^wa^. 

To Cajole', V. a. vulg. 1 . f<bmei4eltt, ftottiren 1 
Cfjo'l^r, s. vulg. ber e^mti^Ux, Su<bd' 


Cqjd'i^ry, s, bie e(bmei(belei. fftf e ffBorte. 
C&ke, «. 1. ber Jtadftai 2. ided. e(ne oerbdr* 

tttt ®ef4n»tt(ft{ 3. bod Jt-fdrmige (fttfom* 

mengefinterte etdaUfjktt, rise iSiMlfdfoUt, 

u.)5 —hoop, einit-rdf, Jt-banb. 
[To Cike, v. L a. }vfanuncnbo(tea (Qtoad)) 

n.if.}uf<inmiettb«(fen4 caklog coal, bie eaif« 
Cal, 9. C3kem, gelber Xrfenif. [fo^U. 

CSf^b^, s. Zool. bad fibirlf^e Oi^^riubeiti 

— skiDi, Q^rnvmerr oon biefem X^toben. 
C»'«blUb»f. I.ber9(af4ett«hrbif $8.bieMr« 

bifflaf(be) — tree, Bof. ber (SaUbafTmbaitm. 
C^U'bri^, s Gtog. (bad 9anb) Galabrien. 
C^lfide', s. Man. ber ^Vmg (in b. 0teitfib«U). 
Cftl'ajs, s. G€og. (bie etabt) (Salaid. 
Cal^Xn'co, s.Com. ber^al(a)manf,<Sabnattg. 
C&l'^m^r, CillVmftry, s. ZooL ber Jtalmar. 
iCXKfmbilc, 9. bad (Salambacbol). 
Cal^mif ^rouf, adj. ftengelfdrmtg, flengelartig. 
CXKvmfne, CiU'^n, #. Mtn. ber Oalmei. 
CXi'^mrnt, 9. hot. bie Jtabenmdnie. 
;ciU'«mrt, 9. Min. ber ^Inmit 
Cal'^mite, 9. Bot. vid. Moly. 
C^Xm'jtooi, I. adS.; II. —ly, adv. eleab, («!»' 

men>oIl i m. — net •, 9. vid, Caiamity. 
C^l&m'jty> s> bad O^Ienb^ UnglH bie Xrfibfal, 

SBibertpdrtigrett; 9iot9; berSamner. 
CXI'fffivt, J. l.badfRo^r; 2. A><.beri(aliint6. 
C^lSfth', 9. 1. bieJtaIer4»ej 2. einSranen^vt 

(mit einem itragen)^ um gegen bie Gonne 

iu f^ii^en. [ber €(porn. 

Cal'c^r, 9. 1. Oiem. ber (Salcinirofen^ 2. Bot. 
Cal'c^r^te, adj. Bot mit einemSpom ^erfeben 
dilcft'rSoas (— 'rjoai), adj. fatfortig J — «irth, 

bte Jtalferbej —grit, Jtiefelnierenftiff. 
Cfil'ciftt^d, adj, bef<inlftet, in e^u^en. 
CJU'cdd^n, *. Jew. eine falf^ Xber in einem 

CXlcSdS'njv*, CM'cddpny, *c., vid. Ch . . •« 
Cfleif froQt. adj. fttll^I^. 




on^ejB^ble, 04;. Ckm. caUtniitar. 
To CiO'cifeSte, vu/. To Caldne. [tatiom 

GOciai'ftioii, s. (3um, bie (Salcntation, &p^« 
C^kM^itgry, s, CShem. ber iSMaivtU^tl 
To Cvidne', v. L a. 1. Chem, calctiiirei)/ ep^ 

fl<^ verfalfen. 

CaFcfvin, s. Chem* bad (Solciitm/ Jtalfrobifal. 
GiKcaivbie, «<$. id^U Ob. bereitenbor. 
caCFcAlvry, I.^#. coj/ect. 6teme in ittni^4« 
tes j n. a4;' AM. ben €$tein betreffenb. 

To CU'dUite, V. L a. bete^nett (aa4 >^.)» 
atfit^Moi^ A- n* re^ncn. 
CXIcfll&'tioii^t.l.bteflte^eiifattfli 2.bie9e 
rcif^ttinig (iitt4 fig.); 8. Com. bie (Salcula' 

CifcBl^re, a47. be« Ob. ibevrc^Benb. [ret. 

CiFcftlii^r, «.ber0ere4iKri 9ted^s]nH^fft(« 

ciFcitt^tvnr* 04;. bo^dtedftttin betrefresb. 

CiFcfiloiM» CXtM^, €d}. 1. fi(ittar% gric 
fig $ 9. Jfod. sit bem etetne be^aftet 

aBf€i»9M, #. 1. Med. ber (etefen-)6tein $ X 
bie etimilitgeli 3. Afot/i. bie flU^nttng. 

CU'drQB* «. ber Jteffel; Jtof^feffeL 

CUepOtd. Cole ft Kail. C»l«0e',vid.CalMh. 

cnsdi/iilf, s. * Jtalebottien, 0i|ottlanb. 

GiMG'Bf^, a^. ks. foIebotiifAi bet ^Ie» 
hotdxt. [wdmUfein. 


CiKIXc'tiY«, CSlific't^ry, ad[j. enodrmeab; 
cr^i^eii^. [(ib^* 

Ttidlfitf, V. 1. 0. emdnnetti IL n. ^<^ er« 

Cfi'vnd^r, s. 1. Ghron. bet ^alenber > 2. baft 
9ec}ei4niif. [(etneo{)eiIigni). 

To OU^^nd^r, v. a. im ^alenbet avtfatt^tn 

ToCiffod^r, r. a. 3fecA.Sitd^e(3ettde)»ann 
yreffcB^ rotten, mondelttj (8Bdr4^) pidtten. 

C8K«ttd«r, «. 1. Mech. bet^alanbet, bieXac^ 
ob.deii09teffe,3ettdtoSeob.9}iandel» 2,vid. 
Calendrer; 3. eine f)ldttennn » EnU 4. bet 
Jtombiirm, fBibdf 5. bet dJIanbet, 6|>e<t« 
Mfer$ —AtoDe, Mech.Uv ®ldttfleiB; <9nie* 
bel^. ixnUx. 

iaff^dr^T, J. Mech, bet s^tu^tffn, Zaiibt* 

€XK«B4f , ^. pi. Chron. bie Qfalenben. 

CSr^ ntare [-tihttr], $. Med. baft ^ibige itlt' 
mofifber ber ^eelente. 

Cilf[caf],f.(c/.Calreo,pi.)l.badJralb) 2. 
Sport, bod j>itfil^!albj S. ein iungetflSaS* 
fif*5 4. jSg. betttittfoltftpinfel; X^ipel; 5. 
bietBabe^ 6. Sea, baftdefenfte(fibetf((»emms 
te) «*|lfi*i -• foot, Bet. bet Xton j -• 
pla€fc,ba§JtalbftgeMfe5 -sfkia, baft Jtalb* 
leber) — '• snoot; vid, in Calves, pi. 

Calfidi [ca'llali], adj. »ie ein Jtolb. 

Cii'ibfr, «. Gwi. bet(Saltbet| baftJtugelmof ; 

— compastof , Mcc/i. bet 2:afiet}itfel, (Salibcr* 
iitfeU -rule. Gun. ber (Solibetjlob. 

C^i'bre [or cal'jb^r], *. mod. bie ®ef*a|fen« 
^dt, Titt, bet ©tcmpcl, O^ataftet. 

CSi'ice, s. Rei. bet Xbenbrna^lftfcl^. [fel^e. 

Cal'jc^, *. pL Anat. bic?iictenbc(ict, Siicrcn* 

Cal'jcO (CSl'jcOe), s. bet 3ib/ Jtattunj - 
printer, bet itattunbtucfct. 

CaiH I- adj. f^eif, btennenb i ll. — n^si, Ca. 
Iid'jty,#.bte^ibc. [toftrc. 

Cftl'jdilct, s. Mech. berZBdtmeleitct, bicSBd tm« 

C»i j^t't^, s. Bot bet aBa(^^olbcf fi^mamm. 

C&'lj^ J. bet italif 5 -sbfp, CiU'jf^te, baftiTa-- 
Ufat. [Mu, bet ^otntantpcct. 

Cilligi'tioB, 1. Med. bieSetbunfelnng bcft (^c« 

C^fitg'jnoBt, I. dutf. bnnfei, biiflet, ftnflerj 11. 
» ness, s. bie Sunfelicit, Suflet^eit. 

C^DTfi/rqiphfr, s. bet JtaOigtap^. 

C&l|gH(ph'jc, adj. faOigtap^iM* 

C^lig^r^phy, s. bie JtaSigtapiic. 

Ca'ljn, s. baft Galitt (^inef. a){ctattmi'f4ung). 

Caljpa«h',«. CooAr. baft Sleift^maft am (Eiicf en' 
f^ilbe bet e^itbhdte fl^t i CJUipee' (or fowl), 
baft SI^W/ »aft am ^and^r<^i(be ftbt. 

C&l'lp^rf , s. pi. Mech. vid. CaJiber-corapaaaea. 

C&ljph, ftc, vid. Calif, Ac. 

CSI'jv^r, s. bie ^ttfenbiiife. [vid. Calyx. 

Ca'ljx [or Cal'jx], j. 1. vid. Calice; 2. Bo(. 

To CAlk [cftk], w. o. 1. Afar. FalfatctttJ 2. 
Jm* ($fetbc, }c.) mtt Q^^nfcircn befij^lagen. 

CAlk'^r [cA'k^r], s. Mar. bet Jtaifatetet . 

CSI'king, s. l.Paint. baftJtalfiten^ 2. [cd'kfDg], 
Afar, baft SBetg (bet ^anf) sum Jtalfatet n i 
—iron, bet 6top^eipc(, baft Jtalfatetfen. 

CSI'kjn^, Calks [or cA'kjnz, cilks], 4. pi. bie 
(Sift^afeifen (bet ^fetbe obet SD^fcn)* 

Tu Cill, V. L a. 1. nenneH; ^etpen; benenncn i 
2.nifett, (— together) jufammentufcn, .fot« 
betn^betufcttj iair, potfotbctn j 9. Script. 
etnlabena 4.^g. sttfammcnnetmcn, fommeln 
(fetne@inne){ 5.anfttttrenj anfagcn; 6. er* 
nennen) betnfen i T. anntfcn $ II. n. 1. (}uio 
mtt on), tufeni 2.iSpor/. locfenj 3. Hunt. 
anf4lagen3 4. (mit at, on, opon. Id, bci 
Smb.; in e. ©irt^ftjanfe) cinfptccftcn, oot* 
fpte^en, c. Juticn fBcfn* madden » to — one 
namci,3emanbem©d^impfhamcn8ebcn5 to- 
at a port, (».) Afar, einen (3tot*0^afcn an* 
fegelnj to -for, na* (<5t»aft) ftagcn; wt* 
langen, befleHcnj c-ed for, Com. begcirt^ 
geftt^t^ to - forth,>Zg. anfbieteni to - In, 
1. ^eteinrufeni etnlaben^u.^ 2. (@4ulbcn/ 
ic.) einjie^en, einfotbeni) 3. toibettufen, in^ 
tilrfnejmett (e. ©cfej, k.)J to — in (Into) 
question, in Sweifel |ie^enj to — off, ab^ 
vuUn, at^jiebcn^ to — on (upon), 1. aufvii- 




ftui 8. anntfai; anfpxtdftn, Mttcit$ 3. tv* 
mai^ntn, rrtnncrn i to — over, (due ^fle, ic) 
verlcfcitj to — to mind, ^. 1. gttriiifnifrn 
3. fli^ crtnncrit, bcbcnfm 5 to — ap, 1. terauf^ 
rnfcii i 2. attfrnfcn^ emccf to$ errcgen) 3. (®et* 
flcr) bcf4>»5rcn^ cttiren 1 to — opon (to) one, M oiif3ni^- bmifen5 U. a. (3mb.)Qaf' 
fortcrn (mcifl im pass.: to be called upon). 

Cdii, «. 1. bcr fRuf, B^rtii 2. bie 9erufund^ 
erncnnnng, bcr fRttf j S.fig.httfdnuU ^ 
bdft ^mf, (»eruf*0®cf*dft5 5. ber ©efe^I, 
Vntricb, Mc ITufforbcrung j 6. ber furje ©c« 
fu(^) 7. bie 6er(efung| Parj. (-of the 
boase), a) bte 3ttfQmmenbcrufitng (bed 9ar« 
(ammte I 6) bcr namerttH4?e TCufruf (gnr ^* 
fHmmnnS/ ^^Oi 9* ^m. a) bte tfta^fta^t, 
bcrffBoarcttbcd<(ri 6) bie ((Xaten«)<3Hn2a(« 
lim0, ber Q^tnf4af (bci Vctienuntcrne(men)$ 
9. Sport, a) cfn ^ornfignttl ffir bte^junbc} 
h) bcr «ogelnif, bic Sorfpfrffcj 10. MU. ber 
Ifppeaj 11. Afar, bie Commanbopfeife (bc« 
$o4boot«mann»)$ 12. Min.ttvZnnfMm 
— bird, 5port. ber ^orfvogcf . 

CAliV* *. 1. bcr Wufcrj 2. bcr ©cfu*er, k. 

CftlOid, I. a</i. i>erf(^mt^t, f^Iauj II. -neu 
(C^inrd'jty), *. bic«erf*miottcit, ©♦louWf. 

C.Vlling, (p.) *. 1. baft Wufctt, ic. < 2. ber «c« 
ruf, ©tottbi 3. Script bieScrafung bur* 
©ottj roll -, ber Tfppcn. 

CiUljpSsh', CSl'ijp^rf, Ac, viU Calipash, kc, 

C^IMt} , *. bic 0*»lere, *drte bcr ^out 

CXI'loQfl, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1 . Surg. f*»ie* 
iifl/Veri4rtct, fnorrigj 2, fig. ttnempftebli* j 
111. - neu, *. 1. Surg. bie^autberWrtnngj 
2. fig. bie Unempfinbrii^feit. 

CJI'lOw, adj. 1. ungellcbcrt, fa^lj 2.>igr. jung, 
unrcifj -doctor, ber 5Kttrttf*reicr. 

CShMs. s. (lat.) 1. Afed. bcr StnotptU 2 
Surg, bie Ccbroiele^ ©cr^drtirag. 

Calm [c5ni], 1. adj.; II. -ly, adv. 1. fHU, 
ruftig (ron berCcc, w.)^ 2. fig. ruftig/ leiben* 
f«aft«toM in. *. l.bie©tifle;®inbfKlIci 
2. >?fir. bie {Ruje (bes (Scmfitje, u.). [gen. 

To Calm [cam], v. a. lit tfig. (Httcn i beruji* 

Calm'^r [ca'm^r], s. bcr ©cru^igcrj bttft ©e* 
ru^igitngSmittel. [0lu(c. 

Cfilm'n^sa [cam'-], *. lit k fig. bie ©tifle, 

C5K9m9l, s. Cfifm. baS Jtoforaef. 

Cf lor'ic, Phy. I. .t. bcr ffidrmeflojf J 11. adj. 
bca «B. bctreffenb. [(ber «Wincra{»fifrer). 

C.llorifc'lty, .t. Pinj. mod. bic fpeciflf(ic®anne 

C«l9r«'lc, adj. W^enb, cr^i^cnb. 

C«i9rir«'et?r. *. Mech. bcr «Bfinncmc(fcr. 

Cai'9r|«0t9r, [ Wb.], s. Ga!v. ber aalorimotor. 

CiWttc'. C^iifttc', *. 1. bic^lattmfi^ej boftfJiie- 
fler0^dpp4cn$ 2. i4rc;i. baft itippcl^en. 

C2l'9tffpe, t. i%y. mod. baft Jtalot^p. 
C«ldf<pr, s. Ece. ber (gne4tf4e)!D»a4- 
CSKtr9p, CXI'tftr9p, s. 1. Bof. vtd.Water-c.; 9L 

Mil. bte Svfongel j 3. 5|wrt. baft «tolfcifciu 
To C«Iftm'n|fite, v. a. An. falf4 annogen^ wx» 
Cf Ittmnj&'tioo, s. bic Serlamibttitg. [(eunbcii. 
C9Jilm'njSt9r, s. ber Sedenmbet. 
C^I&m'DJvtvry, adj. i>erleitnibetif4* 
C^lWojoua, I. adi-; II.— ly, ado. ocricum- 

berifd^5 III.— neso, «. baft Serlemnberif^. 
Cal'vmny, s. bie Setleitttbttng. * 
Cal'v^ry, s. Script Ut iSaloarienberg. 
To Calve [cav], v. n. 1. Hlhtn, etn SMb IMT* 

fen) 2. j!ir. cone. ben>orbrittgen, trtengea. 
Calvef [c&vf], «. p/. Don Calf, 1. Stitbai 2. 

JCoIbfcac) — snout (-mouth), JSot. baft U» 

menmattl^ — nionet, — velve, baft (Mf€)W>» 
CaKvinrfm, 9. Ecc bet (Saloiniftnitft. 
Cal'vinTst, s. Ecc ber (Sal»tnf ft, {Refbrmtrte. 
CIU vjari'tic (- c»l), adj. calbiniflifA* 
CalMsh [ca'vfsh], adj. Wit Gallbh, ^v. 
CSl'vlty, s. bie^abl^eit; Ola^e. 
CXix, s. Chem. ber ^a(N baft S^b. 
C^lfc'fn^, CSfycIoe, o^;. BoU 1. eiilCtt itel^ 

babcnb) 2. ptm MM i^ti^i 3. asf bem 

Jtel^e ^^enb, 

Clil'ycle, «. Bot ber fTeineQlomenlel^* [fcl^t. 
CXKycled, C^ljfc'QI^te (-It^d), adj. Bot ge* 
C^ljfp't^r, s. Bot. bie aW^ (ber aRoofe). 
Cft'iyx, s. Bot ber JteI4^ Olttmenfel^. 
C«imii'eli, C^ay'eQ, s. 1. Min. ber (Sa»ee^ 

9ilberfhin$ 2. Ptiint baftQamdeifGemdlbe. 
CXm'b^r, s, 1. (—beam), bef. Ship-b. baft bo* 

genfdrmig auftge^auene 0tAtf 9aiiboli$ 3. 

Mar. ber ita^enrfltfen^ c-ed deck, baft S>e<t 

mit einem Jla^enrfiifen. 
CXm'bfrrog, p. a. Afar. geMmmt, gebogen. 
CSm'bist, s. (ital. i w. A.) ber CBecbftler. 
CiUD'brfl, «.Bufc/i.baft^d8geboli- [Gambribge. 
CXm'brl^n, s. ft (tdj. 1. auft (Saoibrai}) 2. auft 
Cilm'brjc, s. Com. ber <5ambrt(f{ — mulin, 

gutter (meifer) ^Min, «atift('!IXttftlitt)$ 

—paper, baft Geibenpapier. [^ambrlbge. 
Cfim^brid^^, 4. Geog. (bie UniverfltdtftfhAt) 
CSme, I. pr€t Von To Come ; 11. 9. Glaz. baft 

CXm'91, 9. 1. Zoo^ baftitameeli 2. Meek, baft 

^ameel (sum ^ben ber edfi^e iiber Untie* 

fen) i 3. BibL eitt bicfeft ®eil. 
CXm'flnie, adj. bom itameel. 
C^m^l|9n, f. vid. Chameleon. 
CXm'9l9pftrd [ I>^., Sm., Ac] 9. TmU bcr Jtu- 

meelporbeT/ itamelopatb; bie QKralfe. 
Caro'f l9t, 9. vid. (Camlet 
C^mS'o [ITbrc], 9. vid. Camalen. 
CSmfr^lTs'tfc, adj. fameralifUftb* 




CifliriYUti'4<^^-P<*bicJtttmeral»lfrcilf4afteitJ| narieiifame) the— blandi,(ortheCaiiarie«), 
To CXmVftte, o. a. ndlbctt. || Geog, tie it-infeln$ -weed, Bot bie itrdu* 

CXnerft'tioa, «. tie ffB6lbung, ba$ Om6Ibe. 
CSB¥r6dn',«. Cbm. etn looUener deug (ffir ben 

ofttaD. !Rarft). 

CmbMM CuBifft'dO, «. Mii. bte (Samifabc. 
Canl^t, s. Om. ber Omelet 
CSmletscy, «. Om. gemuflerte (Samelotiengc 
Gimlfttne', J. Conu eine^rt geringtr(5ame(ot. 
CWaoc (CXm'^ck), s, Bot bie 4>att((4^el. 
CW^ck, s. Ship-b. ein @M(f Jtnte^ol). 
Can'vitf le, .t. Bot. bie ri(mtf4e ^omiOe. 
CSmp* «. 1. b«» Soger (eine^ f)eereO/ S^Ib* 

Uiger$ SLbieYrmee. 
To Clflip, vtd. b. A. To Encamp. 
0»Bpiien^ C^mp&ta', s. 1. bie abcne$ 2. 

ber S^ug. 

To Cf mpilga', v. it. etnen S^Ibsug mitma^en. 
Cfapkign^f r, ^. ber olte i^erfn^tc 6o(bat. 
0»Bpi'D«, «. A>f. bie itii^enf^eac. 
CfMpKn'ilorai, adj. ^t. glocfettfdrmig. 
CiBp9A0i'9^, J. Lie. bte (Sampanologic. 
Cuipin'&l^ «• J9o/* bieQbdIenblume. 
Cfapla^fll^te, odj. JBo^ gtocfenformig. 
C|Bp«a'chy, C^Dplfh/, C^mp^ck', «. (— 

wood), BoU b«ft<5Qmpe4e^oli, IBroflllen^oIi. 
OMtp&'trfl, ocU*. im Setbe ma$fenb, loUb. 
Cfflip&'tii^, adj. auf baft ge^ bejilgli^. 
CWph^r, #• ber Aamp^er. [marten. 

To Cia'phgr, v. a. mit J(ampb<r fdttigen, 
CWphQiYte I. J. C/i«m. baft fampberfaure 

6a^5 U. (or CUfhifrUf&),adj. mit^am« 

p^ aitgema^t/ geftimp^ert. 
C^mpMr'ic, adl^'.fampbetbaltig) ^amp(er«. 
<!an'(Hag* (pO «. Oam, baft Saaonfpiel. 
CWpioD, f. BoU baft $>i]iitiie(ftr6ft<ben« 
CIn'-wood [-^wild], s, baft JCttm^oI|, afrifo* 

Clfl, «. bie (bftlieme) JCannei — buoyf, pi. 

Mar. itiop'So^eiij -hooks, bte ®ter^ten. 


Ob, o. tf. Ir. n. Hwxm, oermftgen. 
O^Bi'difA, adi. ft s. canabif^ j ber CSonabier. 
Cifl'tkra, «. dim. baft ^dnn^en. 


ToCan'cfl, v. «. 1. tungittem, mit ©♦ran- 
fen umgeben i 2. (reuimeife bnrcbftreii^eni 3. 
LatD, auf^eben, annuttirenj 4. Com. (ge« 
gebene TCuftrdge) miberntfen, abf^reiben^ 
(einen0<bu(bpoflen) auftt^unj 5. Typ. (Sar« 

Can'c^l, s. Typ. bec Carton, [tonft brutfen. 

CSn'otl&t^d, adj. oergittert, XU cf. To Cancel. 

Cinc^U'tioB, s. 1. bie S)nr4flrei(bttng} 2. bie 

CSnotlla'ri^te, o^;. ben Jtan^ler betreffenb. 

Ciin'c^r, jr. EnU, AmI. k Med. ber itrebft. 

To Can'cfrftte, v. n. Afed. frebftartig loerben. 

CSncf ra'tion, 9. Med* bie(Sntfle(ung b. Jtrebfeft. 

CXn'c^oufl, 1. adj. Frebftartig^ IL— neu, «. 
bie Jtrebftartigleit. L^ebft geftaltet. 

CSn'crj(drm» adj. 1. frebftartig^ 2. »ie ein 

Can'cnne, a((/. 1. frebftartigj 2. M rW* u. 
pormJirtft benegenb. [TCrmUurbter. 

C^ndel'^ro, C&ndel&'brvm, s. ein fh^enber 

CilnMf at, adj. Chem. (»eif ) glubenb. 

CXn'djcfint, adj. Chem, rotif metbenb. 

Can'djd, I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. rebtt^/ anfri^' 
tig, offen$ UL -nesf^j. bieOtebli^Mt^ Xuf^ 

CSn'didate, s. lU. kfig. ber CSanbtbat. 

To CSn'djf^, V. 0. »ei| mad^tn, oeif en. 

Cind{fa'tioo, «. Qiem. bie (Sanbirung. 

GSn'dle, «. 1. baft Zi^t, bie JCerjej 2. « ba^ 
|>inime(ftU(lbt) com p. —bombs, JtnaUgldfer; 
—box, eine ^-labei —broach, ein ft-fpicf 5 
— coal, vid. Cannel-coal ; —jack, ber fEBa4»ft« 
flo(flen4ter ) —light, baft (Jter^en-) 2i(bt 
(opp. Sageftti(bt) 5 —mould frame, eia2-« 
tif(b» -tnfc,bieS-manfcbettei berS-Jparer, 
S-fne4t$ — snoirerii,p/.bie£-pu^e} —stick, 
ber Seuibter} branched (or armed) —stick, 
ber 7CmiIeu*teri -staff, ber (Si*t')»alg^ 
U. 9 —waster, ber9t(luber am ^Ui —wood, 
baft (Sitronen^oli. 

CXn'dlem^s, s. (—day), bie ^irbtmeffe. 

CSnMpc, CanldQck, s. Bot. baftgtupgraft. [feit. 

Cm^» s. Hydrol. 1. ber Jtanal^ 2. eine«Baf< CSn'd^r (-ovO, s. bie 9lcbli4!ett^ TCufricbtig^ 

ferleitnng im Jtleinen, bie Stinne, 0to(re3 
8. Anat. boft rftb^enfftrmige (SiefSf, ber Sta* 
nal4 4. 6lkirg.biee$(biene^SeinIabe$ S.fig. 
b<rfBeg,baft€Rittel9 -coal,iuV/.Cannei-Goal. 

CXnutfc'Glftt^d, Ciio^irc^likte, adj, 1. auftge* 
id^(t(oie etne9t6bre)^ 2.Bot.rinnenf5rmig. 

Canylifft'tion, Caa'ftliog, s. ber ^analban- 

To C2a'«lize, o. a. eitten Jlanal(Jland(e)bauen. 

CynftVy, j. beritanarienfecti —bird, 1. Om. 
berir-i>ogel4 2.^. ber ©(^alf 3 —grass, Bot 

To Can'dy, v. I. a. canbiren) in dntter ein« 
ma4en$ II. n. Priflalliriren. 

CSnMy, I. s. baft 6ingema(bte; 3ttdPer»erf{ 
(sugar—), ber(5anbift(«3u(ter)3 II. adj, can> 
birt) —tuft, fiot. ber iQauernfenf. 

Cane, #. 1. baftdto^r^ 2. ber (Robrfiotf; epa^ 
lUif^tti 3. bieSanje^ ber^feil auftOto^r^ 
4. Com. bie(5anna (itaL SOe)) comp. -bill, 
baft 0to(rme|fer, AappmefTer^ -blinds, pi. 
ofKttbifilbe (RoJr»3alottriett} -bottom-chair. 

bii*it-(»«Iatti«)graft;ba»o«: -seed, ber Jttt'll ber {Uto^rfhi^lj -brake, baft (Serd^ri** 




-•head,t(reto<!hlopfj -hole, litBtxHf 
fttttg, in mel^etaSdittferro^r gepfTanst »irb$ 
—man, bcr ©totf^dttbUrj —pencil, MeSloir* 
©Irifebcrj -spirit, 3tttfcrroir»0pirit«S5 - 
-truh, tie flberbleibfel bed ouftgepreften 

To C&ne, v. a. Gtoifprilgel gebcn^ pdigelit. 

GfinSl', j.l .berSaneel) 2.[c5n'?l],comp.— bone, 
i4nat.bal(durgelbein) —coal, vici.CanneI-^ 

C^n^i'c^nt, adj. BoU meifgraU; »e{p(i(b. 

C^nfc'lil^, CKn'jcGIe, j. iift. ber ^unb&flern ) 
/g. bie {)nnb$tade. 

C^nTc'GIfr dilys, p2. bie f>unbStage. 

Conine', adj, b^nbifcb^ Mtd. —appetite, btC 
.^ntib&bunger^ — madneu, bie ^unbSioitt^) 
—teeth, Auat, bie {>ttnbM(ne. 

CSn'fst?r, s. \i[t%%ztHii\t, bte^eme M4fe$ 
—shot, Gun, JtartJtfcben. 

CXnlc^r, #. 1. BoU a) ber JtrebS} ©ronb, 
itanfer i h) vid, -rose ; 2. Oiem. ber fRofi) 
3. gen, bcf. Med TCOeft greffmbe unb «cr* 
Se^renbe i 4. Vet baft itrebdgefibwfir (ber 
|)fcrbe, inberJteVeberCfigel)} berSD^rens 
ftrebs ber $uttbe5 5. Ent. a) (—fly), bie 
©drenraupej 6) (-worm), ber S^rMerj 
cQmp. Bot-s, —root, ber gemeine ©auer* 
ampferj -rose, bie^unberofej —worm, i 
berigngertingi 2.bic gcmelncSRaulwurpgritte. 

To CXnlc^r, v. I. a. l.anfre|fen,gerfre|fen, an« 
fletfenj 2.^. »ergiftcn, tergdUenj ll. n. i. 
tcrberben^w.^ 2. rofkn. 

Cnnlc^red, Lad},; II. -ly, adv. nrilrrifd^j 
Qn^6fli(b i moralifdft t>erf ebrt. 

CSnk'^rlTlce, CSn'Ic^roup, adj. heb^artig. 

CXnlcf ry, arfj. rofKg. Cann, vid. Can. 

CSn'tt^blne, a^f. bAnfen. 

CfinnKl', «. vi(f . Canal A Canel. 

CXn'n^l-cOal, *. Afln. bie !flo(|rfleinfoble. 

CXn'nSqofn [— kjn], s. Com, tin ofKnbiWer 

CXn'njbfl, I. s, ber (Sannibal $ !D^fnf(benfref• 
ferj 11. adj.; III.— ly, adw. conniboHf^. 

CSn'njb^nrfm, s. ber (SannibaliSmud. 

CXn'njpf rf , #. vid. Calipers. 

CXn'nist^, *. Mich, ein (glfif|lgfeit6')l>P^er. 

CXn'npn, «. 1. bie itanone^ Gun, bad 6tA(f ? 
9. collect, bad ®<f4it ) 9- ^P* ^id- Canon ; 
comp.— ball (— bnllet),bieJt-nhtgel9 —hole, 
bie€5tfidf)pforte) —proof, f-nfefjj —royal, bie 
J^artbauite^ — shot, 1. ber J(-nf(buf^ 2. bie 
St'tt^d^ufrotiUi 3. bie Jt-nfugel. 

To CInnpnMe', To CXnn^wter', r. t a, mit 
^anonen bef4»iefen4 Il> n, Panoiriren. 

CXnn^nXde', s, bie itanonabe. 

CXnnonfer', CXnn^niCr', s. ber JCanonier. 

CXn'nttltr, adj. rifjrenfdnnig, r^brenartig 

C^n^e', «. ber Oattnifa^tt) ft^r^ bad fletne 

fbot>t, ber9ia<bett. 

CSn'^n, 9, 1. gen, bie (Kegel; bol ®efe^i 2. 
£(;c. Law, ber^J^anon, bad Jtir<bengefe^$ S)r« 
bettdgefe^j 3. Scrtpf.bie faiionif<ben!Bu(bcr$ 
4. Ch. a) bad autorifirte {>ei(igcni?ersei<bnip9 
b) ber SHef f anon i 6. Ecc. ber ^Itanonicud; 
Gtiftd^erri 6. Mas, ber >ltanon5 7. ^eom. 
ft ii/g. ber Jtanon, bie^ormcU 8. Sui^.bic 
^eftnabeTj 9. iyiarm.bieSormcl{ 10. Vet. 
vid. —bones; 11. Typ, bicJtanon (great—, 
bie grobe A. 3 lean—, bie Heine St.^i comp, 
-bit, Man, bad i^obie aXnnbfifite am ^fet^e* 
gebifj — bonea, Vtt, bie ©pmngbeine? — 
lav, bad fanoYiif^e fftcM. [fr&iicin. 

CXnWu,^. £cc.bie>ltanonlfflnn5 badettftd* 

C^ndn'jc^l, I. adj, ; 11. — ly, adv. Ecc fano* 
nif(b/ fir^engefe^U43 fixd^li^i HI* — nesa, 
s, bad Jtanonif(bC; bie Jtirtbcngefc^ifigfctt. 

C^nSn'jc^ls, s, p/. Ch. bie Aanonieolicn, bet 
^ont(ermr4mtt(t. [bcrmfleUe. 

C^ndn'jcxte, s. Ecc, bad Jtanonifat; bieSDom^ 

Can'Qnrst, s. Ecc, ber ^anonift. 

CXn^nTs'tjc, adj. fanonifKf^)- 

CXnQnjzX'tion, s. Ecc. bie ^attonifoticn. 

To Can'^nlze, ». a. Ecc. fononiflren. 

Can'9nry, CXn'pnshrp, ». Ecc, bie Gtiff^* 
pfrilnbe^ bad ^anontfaf. 

CXtt'^py, s. 1. Arch, ber Salbaibin, Srag^itn* 
mel) 2. *bad$immeldgen)drbc^ —bed, bod 
|>immelbett3 —conch, bad Ctubcbctt. 

To Can'9py« v, a. mit eittem Salbad^in, $ra4 1* 
bimmel bebecfen* 

Cfno'rons, I. adj. flangrei^, meIobif(b4 H* — 
ness, s, ber Hdo^ong. 

CXn*t, ahbr, vulg. fdr cannot, fann nicbt« 

CXnt, I. s. 1. Gram, bie (befonbern aiafTen 
eigentbfiml.) Jtunfifpraibe (t>om 9)arlameRf c 
(erab hi$ jar Qonnerbanbe: bad9totbi^IM, 
K.)3 bie affectirte epra<be; bad Geiodfdb) 
(f<beinbeilige) (9cn>infcU —word, beretgcn* 
t^iimlid^e7(ttdbru(f 3 uneble TC., 6pra(bfcb(cr 4 
2. Com. bie Auction 3 3. Arch, cine ^i^^e, 
©lenbej 4. bie Jtante, ber 0ianb4 *. ber 
^etiibter, Xd>feltr«ger 3 6. Mar, bad Jtcntcm j 
n. adj. Mar, frjief, f(brfige4 Ship-h, —pie- 
ces, p^ breietjfige 0(biffdIatttn ob. {)6(scc 9 
—timbers, pi. fcbrdge Gpannett. 

To CXnt, V. I. n. 1. faubem>5(f(bcn4 3. in 
Jhinftwdrfem reben? B. aifcctirt rcben, faU 
babern4 4.n»ittfeltt, b^d^icrifrb rebenj 11. a. 
1. verfleigemi 2. fam. A Mar, umfHirscit/ 
umlegen) fanten, Fentem* 

CXa't«Ii?9rf, s. pi. vid, Cantilivers. [talilpc. 

CXn't^Spe(CXn't«lelip, Wb.), s. aof.bieOitt* 

Cfnti'tf, 9, Mum, bie Gontate. 




C&i'M> a4?* vu2. Cant, o^y. 

CMt8«ii',«. Aia. 1. HeaRacfetmbcr'Su^e ob. 
0<^aite » a. bie }tiuerne (ob.toI|.)S<:I^flttf(ftc. 

CXa't^r, #. 1. bcr JlBlnfeler, 7fnbd4^tlrr$ ber 
tnJtuBfh96rterniEe>aibe^ Uo 2. iSifan.bcr 
IdS^tt (ob. hiQe) (3^a(op4>* 

To Cln't^r, v. n. Afan. Ui^t galoppircn. 

CviX/UI'rifl, 1. JEnt bte ^Qittfifte Sdege. 

Cint'-hookf [— hAJu], «• pj. v/d. GaQ-books, 

Cao't^^M «• AnaL bcr ^ugenmnhl. [unt.Can, 

Can'tiGle, s, ber (defang/ ^obgefang. [ni$. 

Can'tjclef, s. pL Bibl, baft ^o^e tiiti ®QlomO' 

Cii/tlJiv^rf , Caatile'r^rf > «. p^ ilrc/i. bie 
6panrntf opfe, SMelenf opfe. [trageit. 

To CSn'tiliate, iJ. a. flngen/ rccitatioif^ ^ov» 

Chlf^m%, I. a(tf.; IL — ly, adv. faubenodU 

Maib, Uv vid* Cant. #« & v. ; — quoint, Mar» 

etm^Iicr (Jtuntjeft) }um Scflfetles ber %&l* 

\ Caatlft, ^. baft etfid, iSSru^flitdt. [fcr. 

Cia'to. s. 1. Pb«^ ber ^efong, baft lBu4 (ei- 
acft ®ebi4tft)i 2. Mus. bie ^tfteantpartie. 

CWt9ift*«* l.ber(2[aiiton)9e}ir!9 2.bte{>orbe{ 
3. ^te Zbt^eiiung j 4. Her. baft 6(!f4ilb((en. 

To CSa'toB, V. L a. (in 39e)ir(e) abt^eilen^ 2. 
ifer. mit Stfoeriierungen i>erfe(^en5 3- Afi^- 
iiB^iMrtiTenj II. n. 1. R^ n>o niebcrlaffeni 
9. MU, caatoimirett (mit'out). [oat). 

To Caa't9nize, v. a. (in S9ciir!c) t^eilcn (mit 

Cui't9DD«nt, «. Af*/. bie Cantonnirung. 

C^ntdto', ^. Com.. cm »cifer (buntcr) S9attm« 

Cin'Tta (CliaVvas), j. L.Cojr. ber CanneDaft? 
2. ba«ee9eltu<]^$ Afar. bie$refenning9 3. 
%. ^e 0egel eineft BMS^^i 4. baft $a(f« 
tii4/ t>ie 3€UIeinwanb $ 5. ein iBor^ang ob. 
Gi^iebe^ret oor Jtotf^enfenflcrn^ 6. Paint. 
k 1M~ bcr crfle Cntiourf^ 7.;ig. bie Tfuftfor* 
AoBd^ ^« bie (^imli^e) Gtimmemoecbung ) 
-yam, bad 6egelgam. 

ToCao'T^aa* v- J« a* l.prufen^untcrfudS^en^ 
2.crdrttra{ n. n. 1. (—for), fi4 (urn ein 
Xot) beioerben 3 2. flSa^lflimmen locrben. 

Cis'vva^ble, a<6'. ju nnterfud^en. 

Caa'vyH^, a.berSSa^lflimmenn>crber^ SCBa^l^ 
^amtapvtUt- [fcrtigt). 

Ca'ajf odj. 1. i»oK9to^r$ 2. auft^to^r (ge« 

CSuignStf, (itoL) *. Mus. baft Sieb^en. 

CaoA'choAc, CadA'tcboAc [cod'tohikkj, «. baft 
Sebtr^ar}^ Gttmmi*(Sta|licum; iCaoutf^uh 

d[p,«. l.Meita|>)>e,9}{u^e$ ^attbe,ber4)tttj 
2. T£UH ^iL^end^nUc^e : ber JDedei, bie 
e<iftak,{)fiae;S)ute4 Wi^U ber 4)ut eineft 
Piiit^i bie0ta{eten!appe$ «^appe eineft 3uf« 
fer^ittt^ ber YnfTa^ auf eincr fiSajferfunfi} 
Aut. bcr (S(afen^)^]tt) 8. ^u». baft |>(att« 
lot^^ 9id. b. ■• Apron; 4. iircA. ber Gittlen* 

fopfi &. ZVp.bieJtronbC(fe| 6. Afar, a) baft 
® anion $ &)baft(EfcU(aupti c)bieetcngci 7. 

jSg. baft S)bcrfle, j>5d^flc 4 8. baft ^utab^tc^cn 5 
comp. black— , bte(5alottc3 patent c-s, 3unb* 
6ut(jcn5 — ^ pc, or — .\ pic, j?ora Jtopf 
h^ auf bie gugc (gcriiflct)5 -merchant. 
Sea, ber ©upercargoj —paper, baft (grauc) 
9>a(tpapicr i — Mbeaf, Husb. bie obcrfle Qarbe 
(|)aube) eineft gcUnft 9 Afar. kGun. — icattla, 
bie ^pringlttfe^ —squares, 1. bte SBcfc^ldge 
beftSHapcrt? 2. bie 64iibiapfcnbc(tc(. 

To Cap, V. I, (7. 1. obcn bebccfcn ob. bcflciben i 
^xuffc^en^ aufflectett) 2. bcfappen (64u(^e,u.)» 
3. lubinbcn, ipcnoa^ren (c. Slaf*e^ic.)4 4. (bie 
^^e, le.) abne^men » IL n. Afar, mi ®pi(c 
obcr ein (Sfctftf^aupt anfc^en^ to — verses, 1. 
JUu Serfe »ed^fclftn»eire (erfagcnj 2 j?g. 
med^fclft»eife ncnncn, loiberrprcd^cn. 

Cap^il'jty, s. bie %afiiqlicit, baft Scrmogcn.' 

Ca'p^ble, I. adj. (- tf), 1. fi^ig 5 2. gcf*i(f t, 
tttUgU(tl9 3. enipfdngli(^ 9 11. — ncss, s. 1. 
bie Sd§ig!eit9 ®ef4i((a4tctti 2. bte (&inMt, 
ber JBcrffonb. 

C^pa'cious, I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. 1. gcrdumig, 
locitj 2.;!g.umfaffcnbi 111. - ncss, «. 1. bie 
©crfiumififcitj 2.>g. U( gajfungftfraft. 

To Cfpac'lf^, To Cfpac'jtatc, r. a. fd^ig, taug* 

CapacitiVtioB,f.baftSd^igma(^cn. [U4 ma(bcn. 

C^pac'ity, s. 1. bie ©erdumigfeif, bcr (ytaitm, 
®clap, ©e^alt^ 2.^g. a)bicSd^ig(eit9 Saf« 
fungftfraft; (Sin{ic|)t$ 5) bie (3(en>alt, IBcfug« 
nif, ^aMi c) bcr (S^araftcr, bie (Sigrn* 
fdi^afti 3. Geozn. ber cubif^c 3nN^* 

Capade', «. Hat. baft Ja^. 

C^par'js?!!* «. Afan. 1. bic $ferbcbe(fc, 64a< 
bracfe 5 2. baft gticgcnnc^. 

To C^par'jsQa, v. a. bic Bd^ahxadc auflcgcn. 

Cfipe, s, 1, baft (Sap, S>orgebirge5 2. bcr ^ra* 
gen (amaRantcI,;c.)5 —line, Surg, cinc^m* 
putationft'(3tr(cI*)^iRbc$ — wine, bcr (Sap« 

To Ca'p^r, v. n. Suftrpriinge ma^cn. [ncin. 

Ca'p^r, s. 1. bic>ltapcr3 2. bcr £uftfprung j 
3. bcr TCrmatcurj comp. — bunb, — ireg, 
Bot. bcr Jtapcrfirau^. 

Ca'p^r^r, s. bcr Suftfpringcr, ©ciltdnicr. 

Ca'pi^s, s. La\D, bcr SScr^aftftbcfc^I. 

C.^pilldire^ s. Pharm. bcrSraucn^aarfi)rup. 

Capil'lam^nt, #. Bot. kAnat^i ^aarbiinnc gi^ 

Ci&pjllar'jty,^. bte^aarro^ri^cnaniic^ung. [ber. 

CVillary(CapjIlii'ceous), I. adj. Bot.kAnah 
Jaarformig, ^aarfcinj II. (C-y), j?, Bot, k 
Anat. baft ^aargefdf . 

C?pil'Ii(orm, adj. ^aarformig. [tcmS^ciMc. 

Capn'9tsde,«. Cook. baft0tagout 0. Hcingebatf* 

C«p'|t»l, I. adj.\ IL-ly, adiK 1. bCttJtopf 
bctreffenbj 2.^ibttnbicbcnbctrcffettb auf 




bc9 Xob, p(tttU4$ Mer.(attptfd4(i4, {)Ottpt«, 

torneimfli -lce«, parte ^ottaWenlougcj 

-letter, ber7(nfon9ebu4>flabei —ship, tin 
. St«ienf*iff$ -«tock, baft ©tammgelb, nr* 

fpr^gliibe (Sopttal^ bet gonbd. 
CXp'it^i, 8. 1. bie f>aitptflabt$ 2. bcrTCRfangft^ 

Btt^^flabc (pL Typ. ble 8rart«rf*rift)5 3. 

ilrc/i. baS (Sapttalj 4. Com. baft etammca« 
CJlp'itfirflt, s. bet aapitalifL [pital. 

CVHftte, adj. BoU !opff5nnt9. 
CapjtJi'tioD, s. 1. bie 3d^Ittnd na4 it6pftR$ 

2. C— tax), baft Jtopfeelb, bie JTopffteoer. 
Ci(p')t9l, #. 1. baft (SopitoV Gapitoltumj 2. 

v4rc7i. vicf. Capital, 8. 
CfipYf fil^r (C^pYt'lil^ry), I. «. Ecc. 1. ber (Sa« 

pitc{bef4Iuf$ 2. ber (Sopitular^ 11. adj,; 

ni. -iy, ado. auf e. Qtift ob.(Sapttel beifigUib. 
To C^prt'filatc, V. n. Mil. capftulircn. [tion 
C^prtHlJl'tion, 9. hivBn^ltidf, bie (Sapitula* 
C^pYt'fil&tpr, 9. ber (SkipmiUrenbe. [(S-baam 
C^pt'vi, s, ber<5opai9abaIfam$ —tree, Bot. ber 
C^ptfe', s. Com* bie ®eiben(battm)»oHe. 
CfipSch', 9. bie SX6n<l&ft(appe, Jttttte. 
CS'p9n, «. ber ^paun. 
To Cft'p9D, V, a. Papauttenj vetf^neiben. 
Cap^nntere', *. Fort, bie (Saponiere. 
C|ip5t', 9. Gam, ber (Sopot, SKatf<b (im^iqitet). 
To C9p5f , t\ a. Gam. capot mo^tR/ matf^en. 
C^pdAcIi', 9. vid. Capuccio. 
CXp'p^r, 9. ber !D{fi4cRma(ber, (D{ii^eR(dnbIer. 
C8'pr§9mte [fTft., Ac], adj, Bot. ranfenb. 
C^prtcc', s. bcrlSigenffnn, bie ^irae, ber^Binfatt. 
C^pri^cioos, I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. eigCttRii' 

nig^Iaunifrbl mut^milltd^ ni. — neu, «. tie 

wuttberliie, cigcnflnnige^ontte, Ocmfit^ftart. 
CapV}c<>rn, *. Ast. ber ©trinbocf. [Seigen). 
CaprjflcS'tion, 9, BoU bie (Saprification (ber 
CSp'rjfBle, 9. Bof, ber SeldngerJeUeber. 
CSpVjform, adj. n>ie eine 3iege gcflaltet. 
Ca'princ, adj. gldd^ einer 3ie9e j 3ie9en». 
CXpVlole, J. 1. berSuftfpntngj 2. Man. bie 

CXp'rfp^d, CXp'rip«de, adj. jiegenboefftfufifi. 
CSp'ftjcQm, 9. Bot. ber ftanifcbe ^feffcr. 
ToC^ptTze', V. I. a. Sea-pk. umtegcn, umn>cr« 

fen^ II.n.r7»/g.umfaIlen. [®andfpiu,0piae. 
CV^°» CV»*f>"«» *• Afar, ber^abcftott, bie 
Cip'tni^r, CSp'ft«!«ry, adj. fapfelfSnnlgj — 

ligameiit, Anat baft Jtapfclbanb. 
To CXp'tlilste, V. a. m einci(apfe( einfctliefen. 
CXp'tfil^tc, adj. in cine Jtapfel cingcWIoffcii. 
CXp'soic,*, I. Bot. bieeamcnfapfelj 2. T. 

ber 9)robirtleficl. 
Cip'tafn, *. 1. ber |)auptmanii; (Sapitdnj 2. 

(tea-), ber ©*iffftc(ipf tfin j 8. gen. ber«e» 

Mtt*ober,8elbbctr,lfnffi^erj port-, ein| 

Gi^iffftcapitdii/ ber daBi^ig ton 20 ob. mthx 
Jfanonen coramanbirtj — of1iorte,bcr(Ritt* 
meifter$ — dregaer, Min. (in Com,) ^cr 
^o^fteider^ —general, ber £)berbefc(U^a^ 
ber^ — lieatenant, ber 6tabftcapiton. 

CSp'taincy, 9, bie {>ai2ptmannf(taft. 

CSp'tajiiry, 9, bie (itrciftO{>auptmaRnfi4aft. 

Cap'tajnship, 9, 1. bie j>attptmaRnftflcllC4 2. 
bie (^Jtreifts) j>auptmannf4aft} 3. bie Vr< 
fiibrung $ 4. bie Jfriegfterfabrenbeit. 

C^pta'tioD, 9. btc (®ttnft»)<Srf<b(et(bintg. 

Cap'^on, 9. 1. bie JBcrbaftung) 2. ber Scr< 
(aftftbefe^l4 ^'fie» baftSangcn (einer ycr« 
fon) bur(b 9erf&RgU(bc Siteben. 

CSp'tioat, hadj,; II.— ly,'ado. 1. tcrfdng* 
li^i 2.tabelf[i(btid,}dnrif4$ IH. -neas, r. 

1. bie eerfdnglicbreit^ 2. bie Xabelfud^t. 
To CXp'tjyate, v. a. 1. gefAngenttC^men^ 2. 

(fi*)ttnter»erfen(att<b)ig.); 3.;ig. feffrfn. 
Captivfi'tion, 9, 1. bie Gefangenncbnutng, Un« 

terwerfUngj 2.^. bie gefTclung. 
CXp^tive, lit, itfig. I. 9. ber ®cfaRgene$ IT. 

adj, friegftgcfangen, gefangen. 
Cfptiv'jty, 9, uu kfig* 1. bie (Sefoagenf^afli 

2. bie Jtneibtf^aft. 
CSp'tQr, 9, 1. geir. ber Qdngerj 2. ber Vuf* 

bringer eineft 64iffcft, 9tattbF(bifF(r/ <5apcr. 
CXp'ture [— tsh^r], 9, Lbaft^angenj 2. bie 

Ser^aftungj 3. bie Seutc, ^rife. [eapcrn. 
To CXp'tnre, v. a, fangcn,erbcttten,aufbringcn, 
CfpAo'cjQ [-iit«h'— ], C^piicb', *. bie Jtapusc. 
To Cfplich', v.a, mit einer ^apuje bcbetfcn. 
CapA9htii', 9, l.beriSapuciner^ 2. ber (Sopu^ 

<bon, S^ttenmantel mit eincm (SapMimi 

3. bie Jtappentaubc5 4. Bot. bie Salfavine 3 
— monkey(Capacine),Zool.ber6apQ€tncrairc 

Car, 9. l.berJtarren) 2. * ber SnompbiOQ* 
gen 5 3. A9t. ber grofe ©dri 4. JZ-v. bee 
Sranftport*; ©♦Icppwogen^ — man, ber 
JTdrrncrj — talcc^beraBagcnmciflcr- 
Car'ftbTne, j.l.bedSarabiner^ 2.bcrQarabiiiter. 

Ci(r|ibjDeer', Car^bjnier', 9, berCSarabinicr. 

CKr'^c, CSr'^cIc, 9, bie Jtaracte, StavaU. 

CJir'^cOle (— cqI), 9, 1. Man. bic tfoXbc fBtXU 
bung;e4»cnfung4 2.ylrc/(.bicSBettbc[trcppe. 

To Car'flicOlc (— C90» v. n. caracoCircn. 

CSr'^t, 9, 1. Jew. ber Aarat (9)er(engeiDi4t) 1 
2. baft Starat, ber ®ebalt'®rab (auifie-}' 

CiCr^vKn', 9. bie 6arat>ane) ber 3ug. 

CXr|iTXn'f«r>' (— fir^), «• bie (Saratanferet. 

GSH^vSI, 9. Mar, bie GaraioeOe. 

CXr'^wSy, 9. Bot. ber JtitmmeL 

Carbine', GarblnSer', 9. vid. Carabine, Ac. 

Carb9l«lB', 9. Chem. mod, baft Garbolein. 

Car'b^n, 9, 1 . bie ^ol^tobie^ 2. Ckem, ber Jto^* 

Carb9nil'ceout, adJ* !o((enflofna(ttg. [Icnflo^. 




ToOirb^iiide'C-ft'dO), v.a. 1. Cook. Mf bm 
ttoftebrtttcftj 2.jSg.}er^(fen/icr^a«eii. 

aLr1»9Q|ite, «. Cfcem. bad Ho^Ienfaute ealj. 

Cfrbdn'ic, <i47- b^UnfdttCr^ —acid, Oiem. 

Carb9BiffrooB, oc^. Mtn. fo(leitl^lti0$ — 
groops, ba6 (6teiii«>fto((eRlader. 

Gif^iiizi^tioii, s. btc eerft>(Iimg. 

ToCar'b^DUe, v. a. Mrto^leii. [ftof^dtig. 

Carii^a^hf'droiis, adj. Giem. fo^lnuoafTers 

C^i^i^ff > '• P<* d^< Jtorbftaf^en |« 01- 
tdotti, tc [ber JtarbttfthL 

CiHMo€le»#. I.Jew, beritarfttttfel) a. AM. 

To CSr^iliicle, v. a. mit StnfnnUla befe^em 

Cai'bAiicled, adS» Med. mit itorbiuifels be« 
tafirt. [tid,farba]iMarttd- 

C|rb<s'clU«r, adj. Jew. k Mtd, forfiittMar' 

(^rWttcBUI^tioa, s. Hort. bet 9rattb. 

Cif'birStH* adi' O^em. f^IcaftofRfftltig ) - 
hydrides gaiy baft ^o(taillHifftr|loffgQd* 

Cif'cMft, «. Archaeol. bad ^ISfseMnuibe. 

Gii'c9M,Cif'c9M,«.l.baBeeelett{ 9. a) bad 
9aipp€, »)bteMimiiur(e.e$<Mffd/K.)4 3. 
bciM4^»ini 4 bodlod 5 4.1fZl. bidBronbhtdcI. 

Cif^cfrol, ad^. }tt ehiemdefdtt0iri{fe ge^drig. 

Carqai/Bi^f '• itf«<<. ber ^ebd; bod itrebdge* 

Circjii5B'i»ioiit,a($.Ared.frebdartig. [r<b»&r. 

Cird, #. 1. lUievitU)St9XUi 2. bte(eifi« 
ta*>ft«rte$ s. btc6eeYartt$ 4. JYavt. bie 
^mp%ftoft, Hompaff (itibti 5. bie Jtarbe^ 
JtcteptI, bcrffBoShmm j —board, bad ^dm« 
ydbrct, bit Jtr-baaf 4 — i^eetm bte itarbcn* 
lA€r$ —wire, bet ^a^bra^t. 

Tt Gird, v. I. n. (gem) Morten ft>ieleii i U. a. 
iJttimpda, fatbdtMen 5 (3;tt4») bur^rov^ i 
% Ummtui 3. ^. buribeinonber mengen^ 
fecfOfa^tui c-ed vooUetrei4«tBDae) c-ing 
friBM, tod ^aTbeii»^ett}^olH <^ing wool, 
!8r}<, fetne (Zni^^KioUt. 

Cii'dfmlliB, Card^iiiG'mvm, «. bet itatbamom 
(6ameii s. 9)^ttie). [bet itartenfpieler. 

Cu'der, J. 1. ber(flBoIU)^rdmpIer5 2. /am. 

Cff'd$9e,Ladi.(C9rdi'^e9])l.{>cr}*) 2.itfed. 
(cQfUrfitnbi n. «• iled. bie ^en^drfung. 

C^rd^^.c^Oki'i^aij^^ ^erigefpaan. 

Cai'^a^l, I. #. Ecc. l.ber^arbinaU 2. Om. 
bccjt«tbtnalfiiif$ H»adj. i«axptfiiiidf,i^owfiU, 
itoibtiial') — C») flower, BoU bie Jt-d« 
Msmej Naut-^. the four — pointa, bie Jt-« 
psnftr^ the foDf — windf, bie 9ier JMinpt* 
msbc. [noldioiirbe. 

Cir'df oolite, Car'djBflabltp,!. Ecc. bie Jtarbi< 

CaHdioVd, «. Alg. bie ^otbioibe. [bone. 

Cyrdddn'.f. BoL bie fpaniMe7(rtif«o4e,Jear« 

Gfcre,«. 1. bieeorge, ber Jhmmer} bieSe^ 
%rgatf ^ 2.bieeorgfatt) yfiege^eeiiiiiftaiig} 

8. bieSorMt, Ttd^U 4. ber (Skgenftittb bar 
eorge^eiebe; to take-, eorgetragen^ to 
take - (to), M in ^4t ne^en, M ^ten^ 
to the-, fcc, (aufCriefen) aabieXbreffc^ 
W.J — of flir. N., per ^reffe bed ^tan «. 

ToCAre, v. n. 1. (-of, or for, ffir. . .)forgeft4 
2. M (be)Ht»iiieni$ 3. diigfUi<b, oertegea 
feiii$ to — for, or to, }QMi>ad€itfitabeit. 

ToC^esn', Miir.o.La.(eilte4iff)^l(oIett) 
U. n. smliegett, fibief fegela. [itieltobmg. 

C^ddn', «. Mar. 1. ber (e«iffd«>ftiel} 2. bie 

C«r«ir', s. 1. bie 9tettRba(tt, toi^* ob. ete4« 
bo^ni frf. bie CMbranfen; 2. Falc* ber f^itg 
einedSoffen) 8.^.bie(2attf«)Sa(tt$ 4. ber 
(i»oIIe)2attf, ftbneOfle Oalopp. 

To c^««r', V. 11. renneii, fatten lanfeai eilen. 

Cire^fdl, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. forgenooQ, 
befftmmert) 2. befbrgt,forgUd^$ 8. »orfi4' 
tig,be(ittfam$ m.— neai,^. 1. bie IBeforg^ 
nif^ 2. bie Yd^tfonifeit, eorgfalt) 3. bie 
Se^stfamfeit, Sorfi^t. 

Cdre'lfM, L a4;.; IL— ly, ado. 1. forgled, 
forgeafrei,^eiter$ 2.iiiibefdninert,gln4gfil« 
tig$ 3.iiiia4tfa»,im9orfl^g4 III.— neat, 
1. 1. bie eorglofigfeit) 2. bie 9{a«UfRgfeit, 
Uno^tfonf eitj 3. bie Un^orfi^tigfeit. 

To C^rCia', v. a. IiebfDfett;flrei4eIn,f4mei4eto. 

C^«a8^» s. bte &iebf ofung ) pL j>dflid^hites. 

Ci'rtt, s. bad Qiaf^ltimgdieidi^en [A]. 

Car'fiM> *^fie* ber Jtrenineg, bie dttergafe. 

Car'giM9>', $. Com. vid. Supercargo. 

Car'giJflQB, Cai'gM^o (— 2911), md. Cargo. 

Cir'go, e. Com. bie 64iffdlabimg^ Sracftt 

GSrfbi'fii, CXr|b(b)ee', adj. Geog. coraibiiiib. 

Ciirfcftore' [— tahdr^, «. bie CSorticatitr, bad 
denbilb. [barfteOen, IdiberUib mo^beii. 

To CXric^tare' [— tohttrQ, v. a. im 3errbilbe 

C&rfc^rist [-tshft'-], s. ber (Sarricatnrifl. 

C&^cooa, «<$. Surg, feigenartig. 

Ca'rjdf , e. Med. ber Seinfraf . [QIo<feiifpieI. 

CaKill9D, s. I. bod (Sldtf^eni 2. Mus. bad 

CSWinite, CSHjn&ted, atlj. BoL fo^ftfrmig. 

To C^itoe', md. To Careea. [t^CR. 

C9tiofth\^ s. Geog. (bad f)er}ogt^tim) Mm* 


Ca'rjooi, adj. Med. caridd. 

Car'BDe, s. 1. oid. Caroline ; 2. comp. — 
kneea, Skip-h. SBiiAIfliiett) —thistle, Bot. 
bie (Sbemvr). [2. grane drbfen. 

CaWljngf, «. frf. 1. 3Up-fr. bie itieCMiNStten^ 

Cai'l9ck,«.«»d.l8iiiglaaa. [ber)eigogne»one. 

Car'iodliDe-wool [— wdi], #. bie Oioette €$orle 

CaWnefite, «. 1. Eee. ber Qtrmeiiler j 2. Am. 

Cvmd'oifrwool [**wiU], «. bie !irmanribe (car» 
meiiif*e)«Bol{e} Com.badperfM#ediegeiitaar. 




C^nBta'vtfve, L adj. Med. ttoMrdftai^) II. 

CH, t, pU Med. iSornmuttiva. 
Cir^Mitae [ Wore^f ice'], t. bar Sonnlii. 
C&WDfdfBe, #. Me ^fd^farbe. [SBiftrc^t 
.C&r'nf^e,^. 1. boSOcme^I) 9. SporU toft 
Cir'Bfl, I. atfj. ; U. -ly, (uiti. fletf«fi4^, fittiu; 

U4/»oBftfU0l IU.—Beg0,«.«tii. Carnality. 
C&r'ofHit, Cir^nvUte, e. Ux XbtWii^ gejUuite 

C^nll'fty, f . Die ^leifd^ellitfl, eindi^f cit 
To Cflr^DfllZc, V. a* but4 Uniitd^t befUitfeit. 
Cfrnft'tloii, «. 1. bie 9(eif<l^farbe$ 2. PaiitrJ 
bfc9leif<Maltimg4 8. £ot. bie^artenaelh. 
C»nift'tl9ae4, <i4;. fleCWforben gef Arbt 

x^Mvm (bee eMWtt, tc)4 8. b«i Mr.- 

mert ber Gogen, JUrreiti 4. boSOefkO (cir 
aettftntMc, k.)4 bet |>rot»o0eB$ btc &tft 
fetter boftdtopert) bie (WdrferOScttuigi 
5. bie %x9L^t, bQ£ Su^rlo^ni 6. bie ^[tang 
(e. 9ferbe«/ }c)$ 7.^. bod i^enebmcn^ Se* 
tragen} bieSXanier}«2aQfbrct} 
beait of-, bod &iflttier | ibip of—, baft ^fh 
f4tffi bill of-, Ofju. ber 3ra<btbnef $ - 
lifter, mo(i. bie XBageiUDinb€4 —linker, bie 
j»eminlette9 —f topper, bet Sremft, |>rcm«. 

"C&Kriek-, #. eomp. Afar-#. — bead, bcr pUltte 
Sbnffp\i — bita, bie ^eitenbdtinge beft CSpiltt. 

CSr'rted, pret. ft p. p. oon To Carry. 

CiHntl-wdrk, «. 5A<p*&. bie gem4^iiU(bcXiiIe«ycir'rj9r, s. 1. ber flberbringer, Sut^rer^ Bote, 

gniid ber fXanleii (opp. Clinch-work). 
C^Qi'lltn* (-^If9i>)> Car'n^pl, #. Mtik. ber 
Cftr'nteoa, odf;. (UiM^d/ f^t. [(Sameol. 

CiWofy, $. Far. ber grof* (3XimbfraiifJeit( 


Oam|f|c&'tlon, f. ^vfi^. baft SerfleiMen. 
To Cflr'nfiy, t7. n. ^Mr«r. ^eifib anfeten. 
OftnH/ll, «. eeog. (boft^r|09t6n]ii)itrain. 
CftHnf f |J (Cii'tttnl), 9. baft (Samabol. 
C«mrv'9roiif,adi.tleif4»frefenb. [na<bS(<if4- 
Cfrnte'ity, #. Acrg. ber9leir4attft»a4»ft. 
Olr'nom, adj. fteif^id. 
Cl'rpb, $. \. Gold-sm. bie <5arobe} 2. (—bean, 

or —bread), baft So^oimiftbrob. 
C^rOche', # . bie (Sarofe. 
Cfir'^l, «. baft Sttbellieb; ber Sobgefos^. [fen. 
To CXr'pl, V. I. n. fin^en, ittbeln i II. a. lobprei* 
CX^Qllne, f. l.JlaroIinc (8>n.)4 S^iVuin. 

ber CfaroUn. [^alftp»Ift« ob.^aupff4Iaftabem. 
C«rftt'|d (.-d^l), act?. AnaU -arteriea, bie 
Cfrdtt'ffl, #. l.baftGarronfea) 9. vt(<.Caroaae. 
To Cfrftttfo', «. n. 1. }e4»eit$ 2. Am. (drmen 

(wie 3e4(riiber). [2. pi. ooOe Se^er. 

Cfrdttte', «, 1. baft (tAnnenbe3c4')<S^elag5 
C^rM'f ?r, *. ber 3e<ter, 3e*bruber. 
Cirp, *. IcK, ber JTarpfen. [beln, befritteto. 
To Carp, v. n. {mii at), fpotten, f«#eln, ta» 
C&r'pfDt^r, #. ber 3immermann. 
Cfir'ptntry, «. baft 3iminer^anb»etf . 
Cfir'pf r, *. ber Xabler, Jtrittter. 
Car'pft, #. ber Seppiib/ bie SufbecTe^ —bag, 

bie«eifetaWe4-wnlk, -way,berfllafen»e0. 
To C&r'pf t, V. a. mit Seppi^en itberlesen, be* 
Cfa'wtrDg, #. Com, baft Seppi^citg. Ibetfen. 
Gftr'pQiite, 9. Aim. ber Qarpolit^. 
Clf'pvt, 9. iinat. bie ^nbioirHl. 
Cftrfpy, 9. £ot. bie <>agebii4e. 

Clrr, CXHr^ok, Ac. md. Car 

CXr'rtiiit, «. 1. baft B«(mii ga^reig Sragea, 

Srdger) 2.berSu^rmann, Jt&rmer» 8.j(— 
—pigeon), bie I93rieftaabc 

Ciir'riQn, I. 9. 1. baft Yaft4 2. Jig. conL boi 
CHabenoofti II. a<^'. aaftfi) III. comp. Oni-4. 
-crow, bieTCaftfrd^e^ — vnltore, a) berV-* 
geieri &)vki.— crow. 

Cfti'r^Bade, 9. Gun. bie (SlarroiMbe. 

C^rrdftn', «. 1. bie Siammer on prioilegirtcg 
Sn^noerfen in Sonbon$ 2. ber|>a4t, bca 
biefe 8tt(r»er9e ia^len mufTeR. 

Clir'r^t,^. 1. bte9X5(re; de(bc.0tnbei 2. Jig. 
wtlg. ber 0tot((opf » 3. bie Sabotftcarotte. 

CSr^r^tjo^Mi «• bie rot^e garbe ber j>aa». 

CSr'r^tty, adj. Lmft^renfarbig^ 2.rotMttarig. 

To CIr'ry, o. I. a. 1. tragcn/ ffi^rcn, fa^ren, 
brittgen^ 2.>!g. fu^ren, brindcn^ Krfe^a) 
8. fortf&iftren(^uftru(tes^ }. S. cine aXaucr, 
3C.)} 4. jfg. lociter f&^ren, fortfcteni bcf5r« 
bem, treiben^ 6. (—away, off, Ac), bnr^t* 
ffi^ren) bemertfleaidcn/ bur^fcbm (pa99. 
bttr4ge(en)j bapontragen, erUngen, gcwin* 
nen,erobem;(— it, bie£)bcr(anb befomractt)^ 

fig'9. 6. mit ft4 fii^ren, tragen/an M) iobcn, 
ent(^alten) 7. dupem, seigen, (erratftctti 8. 
lit trageR; (unter)fiubCRi (eitcn (|.S. ^opfcit 
an0tangctt)j 9. tragett,cr|ettgca(9r&4te){ 
10. tragen (benitorperj^y^g. (ftib)bctragCB, 
benc^men (au(b to — it) ; ll. n. 1. tragen 
(bon 6<bitf gctocbren^ ic.)i 2. cine CRi^tung 
^aben (ton e.6dttle^K.)i 3. Man, benitopf 
trogcn, ^Itens 4. Sport, dt^t, e<bace, ic. 
trogcn (ton bctt4)afen)i to — into the book, 
in'ft en<b eintrageni to — away, 1. Afar, 
abbre^eni palieren (c. ^afA§m, ic)) 2. 
irrema^enip berletten^ 8. (au4 vdt before, 
ovt), (inreifen^ bejanbern^ to- forth, or 
ont, 1. )ur G^au tragen^ 2. dnfern, tor* 
brittgctti to — off, 1. wcg^ola^ cntf&^ren, 
sc.) 2.i9egra{fen,(t0bt(tt)i to — on, l.oa* 
fi^rai 2. ontreiben, beplfrbemi 8. betrci- 

S^ftbringfifyberSranftporti 2.Ar.bie9ort«l ben, perfblgcn. fi^ren, fortfUitreni to-o«t. 




l.Om. (eitte9mttmc)att6»erfiett^ 2. (—out 
to sea), au^Iot^fra (e. G^iff)) to — orer, 
Cbffu ii^€rtrQgen, trdiiSporttren^ (aoMrant) 
carried oTer (or forward), S^ranftport (ju) 
^olio.-v </• balaaee; to — to (oew) ac- 
coaot. Com. in (auf nette) 9le4nund ^Hngen 

CirtT^ng, p.*. ba»^Jrcn,W. vid. To Carry; 
— eatabliihraent , R-w, ^Q$ !£ran&portbll« 
reau 5 €bm- «. — places, SragepId^C; Xtagcs 
flfllrn (€r^flri4c )»{f4en }»d f^ifbaren 
gififren, :c.)5 —trade, bergw^t", Cpebi* 
tionS*, 3»Wcn5ttnbtI, bie fllieDerei. 

Cart, <. 1. ter Jtarren^ bie JtarrC) 2. bas 
Su^rwert, ber ffiagenj comp. — grease, 
He ® ogcnfftmifn 5 — bone, ba& dugpf et^ j 
— konse, ber SBagenf^oppeni —load, bie 
^orrenCfBagenOIabitng; —rope, baS Jlar« 
mifeil5 — nit,ba&2ftt^r8eleife4 —taker, ber 
fBdsemneifter $ — tf It, ber epriesel; bie ffBa« 
gesbetfe) —tire, bie0lttbf*iette^ —way {or 
road), dergo^rwegi — wrightfberSBagner. 

To Cart, «. 1. w. farrett, fdjrenj n, a. (einen 
Sft^re4ti^ |ur 6traft) anf einen Jtarren 
fe^en, an einen J(. binben. 

CaHta^e, s, 1. bad Jtarren, S^^^ren^ 2. Com. 
bte iraneportfoften, bad ^^rlo^n, ber ©n* 
fi^Iag) d. vid. Cartonch. 

Cirte-blXnfbe', s, L<nr, bad ©lanfet jtt einer 
So0ma4t5 bie nnetnaerd^rdnFte BoHma^t. 

CartSP, J. AfH. 1. bad (SarteO; berSertrag, 
(irQd»r4ffIttngd«)9crdIn49 2. bie {)erattd< 
fotttam^i 8. (-ship), bad (SortenWiffj 

cir't^r, 1.5. ber JiArmer; Jfarrenftt^rmann^ 
n. — I J. ado, ^mtin, ro^ (mie ein Jtdrrner). 

Car^t^^mfis, t, Bot. ber CSafTor. 

C^rtftft'f j^D, 5. £cc. ber Jtart^nferm5n4. 

Car'tflfle^. ^nat. ber Jtnorpel. 

(^rt|IS|^nous, CSrtjI^gfn'dous, adj, Anot. 
torpetig) Jhtorpel*. (iei<bnitng. 

C9rt6AB^ J. Pflinf. ber barton) bie 9Kufter< 

CartdOefa', s. Mil. 1. bie Aartdtf^e^ 2. bie 
9>fttrotttard^e j 8. ArcK *c. bie CartuWe. 

Car'tridge, jr. Mil. bie ^atronej — l>ox, bie 

Car'tul^ry, s. bad Urftmbenbii* j TCr^io. 

C&'^ocle, J. 1. Anat. bieOlarunM} 2. Orn. 
rxrStavm, bad Steif^^om. [audwu^d. 

Car&s'cfilSt^, adj. Anat. ntit einem ^ti^^ 

To Carve, r. I. a. J. (attd)Wneiben, Wni^en 
(|>olj)/ andjauencetein), jle^en (in Jtupfer, 
ic), graben^eingrabens 2. ©orf^neiben, jer* 
legen(9Uif4)9 8.^.bert^etlen;»illffi^rli(b 
ehm^tenj to — oott^ig. M felbfl bereiten, 
m^ltn, u. i n. n. 1. (Silber) fd^ni^en^ fle» 
i^tUfZc^i 2.torf*neiben CSemanbeni)^ carved 

worlE, i^ilb^taerarbeit j carvliig kntfa* ba» 

CaWvf I, $. 1. vid. Cararel ; 2. vid. Sea-blab- 
ber ; a. — woric, Ibic Caraei-work, qv. 

Car'Y^r, $. 1. ber(!8ilb')e4ni|er, Stlb^auer, 
w. (c/. To Carve); 2. fig. ber 6<b6pft!C/ 
64mieb (feined ($\&dh)i 3. bad Sorlege* 
mef er; bie Borlegegobel. 

Garyft'ta^ (-Xt1d8^), #. pL Arch. Oiaroatiben. 

CXs'cfb^lyf. 6^n. bieXraiibe(attber Jtonone). 

C^cade', «. ber ttafferfdO, fiBafferflur}. 

To CMcSde', v. a. (»ie ein flBafferfolQ aud^ 
fpri^en, faHen laffen. [SXinirer). 

CSs'caBf , s. pL Fori, bie f)or4bnmiien (ber 

ClM^irifl'l^ I. BoU bte GadCttriSe. 

Case, s. 1. bad Stttterol; ffntter, (Se^afe, bad 
9e(AItnif$ Geftell^ 9a4 (Ma tBotrenla* 
ger, u.)$ bie04»eibe$ ^ant; bad geO^ ber 
iBalg) bie^ftOe, {>iilfe, S>etfe, ^appe^ ber 
(i93ett«)&ber}ttg4 2.bad£n^eined(Seb4iu 
bed) 3. ein «orrat^' ober ^er^osdi 4. 
l\p. ber eibrtfOa^ttj —of knives, bad 
SHefferbeftetf) — of anast, Ar«n ein fDUu 
fienfofer) — koife, bad grofe Mdi^emiiefferi 
-sbot, ber Jtartfttf^enfili^ttf , bie JtartiUMc ) 
—stake, Mech. ber Zreibottbof (ju U(rgf« 
(5ufen)| —work, £k6. bad <Stla(ingeni — 
worm, biedanpe, bad 0pinninfect. 

To Ciise, V. a. 1. (in ein ®c(dufe^ eine 64Hbe) 
ftecten, einftecfen^ oerbergen^ 2. umgeboi) 
iiber}ie(cn,be!Uiben$ ill(u.marmoriren$ a 
bef^Iagen (e. €ltab) i 4. Sport, ft Cook., (ben 
9alg) abste^en, abftreifdi. 

Case, $. 1. ber SaQ; Umftanb, dufaS; bte 
eac^e^ 2. lit. k fig. ber dttftenb) 3. (-fa 
law), ber ate^tdfaU) 4. c^ronu ber (Safud 4 
in — of need apply to Mr. ***, Com. uit^ 

To CSse'-barden, v.a.l. I-w. (Stfen)(drtett) 

Ci'siic, adj. -add, C%em. bie Jtdfefdure. 

CXse'mSte, s. Fort. l.bie(5afematte$ 2. ber 

Case'm^nt [Wb., fte.; cSi'm^Bt, Wore W. 
Ac], s. 1. bad ®(b5f4tn (eined S^nflerd)) 
2. ber Senperfldgelj 8. badgenflerbef*ldge, 
ber genfttrra^men 5 4. Arch, bie ^o^lftifit. 

To Case'mfDt, 0. a. Arch, betlel^en (cf. «.). 

C&'seoQs [— shjvs], adj. fdfeartig, fdffg. 

C^'^ro [ m., c&'z^rn, fforc], «. bicQofemfc 

Cash, s. (bef. Com.) 1. bie Gaffes 2. bte Aar^ 
fdjaft, bod (bare)®elbj ready-, bared Oelb^ 
0otttanten$ rnnning- , circitKrenbed(SleIb4 
to put one in—, 3emanbem Oarfenbnngen 
ma*en, ©erfnng fenbcn, i^n bctfen j In- (o- 
cashed), in (SafTe, eingegangen/ eincoffirti 




to b« in—, bei ^Saffe (Bei ®elbe) fdn i balance 
of or In—, ber (Sttffabeflantj to pay In-, per 
Qaffa ht^fiifitni payment in— ^ bie 93aria^:* 
lung 5 proceed! in— ,ber<5a|rcnertrad 9 when 
in—, tta4 (Sindosd) to Iceep the—, btc Gafle 
^t^xtTLi — acconnt, baft Gaffa'Ctonto) — 
book, 1. baft (Saffabu^^ 2. baft ^fitttdftbQ((; 
ectfaufbttdftj 3.baft(5otttaiit*(6a|ra')9«4>- 
box,bie(5affe4 ~boMne8s„(Sontatttgef4^ifte) 
— Iceeper, ber Gfafflrerj —note, bie ^n»ei» 
fttsg) —notes, baft (SafTabroniSon. 

To CiUh, V. a. Com. einwed^fels, |tt ®elbe ma« 
^en/teolifirett^ to-a bill, einenflBe((fel, eine 
9Ud^n]mdbesa^len,einlftrett,eittcafftren$ c-ed, 
beia^Ity inCtafTa) to get c-ed, Sncaffo beforgen. 

G««bcrr-n&t,f. 1. bie Ycaiottnttf | a. vid. Ca- 

CMbter', 1. ber (Safflrer. [shoo 

To Cfihler' (—shire'), v. a, 1. tafiiren; ent* 
laffeQ) 2. auftebenj 8. ungfiltid ma^en. 

CMbie'r^r, s. boc @ntfe^er, Umfturser^ )(. 

CSih'ftft, s. Fhamu baft StaU^iU, 

CSs'imere (-mire), i. Com, ber Cfaftmir^ 
embossed—, gepreftgeftretfter & $ —nan 
Iceen, ber Jtftper'S^anfing. 

CA'sfng, p. s, I. sing, 1. ber flberfug; bie Gin^ 

^fafung) 2* ArJ^, bieSerlfleibttng^ —with 
stone» />yik. baft ^loAmtti —paper, baft 
9a(fpap{er) lI.c^^pi.fri<^.berdetrotfnete 
itntmtfi iur Seuerung. 

CftsJc, i. l.baftgaf, bie Sonnet 2.«bcr j>elm9 
—bridge, Arch, bie 2;onneBbrfi(fe. 

To Ctslc, V. €u (in etagaf) eitt* ob. aufffitten. 

Cfts'k^t, J. 1. baft i^mnd*)Mfi^ni2. c-s, 
p^ vid. GaslcetB. 

To CUft'k^t, V. a. in ein Jtdfld^en loerf^Iiefen. 

CSas, J. Gam. the great—, ber grofe Gaflno^ 
tbe little — , ber fleine (Saftno. [niohoursel. 

CiUs'^d^ CXss'^vl, s. Bot. bie Saflaoa; 5Wa» 

CfMii'tion, J. bie (Sajfation/ <Saf|irung$ court 
of—, Law, baft (5-ftgeri*t; ber (5-ft&of. 

C«s'«i» [cXsh1»], s. bieGaffla^ —berry, ber 
€$flbfee«ob.|)aragttaQt^ee5 —bark, — lignea. 
bie Gaffienrinbe i — buds, — blooms, dimmct* 
blumen, 3immetblfit^en5 —sticks, or— in 
the eane, 0li)^rcaf{la. [ber 0afftbonier. 

CiU'sidtfny, a, 1. Bot, baft dftu^rfraut 4 2. Min. 

GXs'sjmSre, Caa'sjm^r, s, vid. Casimere. 

C^ssioe', s,tfiot'i, I. bie(Sarfine$ ber $ara* 
gnat)t^ee$ 2. bie farolinif^e Stedj^palme. 

CXssinSf , J. Com. mod. ber aaffiiiet. 

CMftt'nO, 1. mod. Gam. baft (Safinof^iel. 

CiU'sock,j.i.(e^em.)bereaputro(t4 2.(ieet) 

CiU'aonftde, s. Com, bie Caflbnabe, ber ynber» 
IVidtt. [^cr Jtafttar. 

Cis's)9Wfry, CSs's^w^ry, CJU's^fry, s. Orn, 

To Ckst, 0. ir. h a. I. gen. werfm4 >• mi^ 
loerfcn, (Ircuenj 8. abwerfcn (Jtleibcr, ?c) > 
4. »eg«/ )>or«; (itt»erfen$ auftmerfen (»cii 
)(nfer)i faUen laffen, oerfc^utten} 5. ab»er' 
fen, verliercn (bief>auti bie gcbern: «>cn M 
maufemben fBo%cln,u.)i 6.(®rdbeR) sicken, 
(£)dmme, u.) aufinerfen^ T. flofcn, Micbcn, 
ft&v^m S.^.nerfe^en (iue. 3ttfianb, }c.)i 
9. auftnerfen, verbreitcn (^tra^Ieit, 9iebc(, 
Uv att((^.)/ n>cit(n (e^atten) f^. Ei4)t, 
einen fdlid auf (Stmaft, u.)5 bon fi<( gcben 
(®ertt*, 4>i|e, w.)i 10. «t.&;ig. (nicbcr) 
»erfen$ beftegcn, iibertrcffcnj 11. iiberibic' 
gen mad^en/benTCttftf^lag geben 5 12.(ScrbrC' 
4er) terurt^eilen, i>er»erfen i 13. auftrei^ncn, 
bere4nen$ anfd^Iagcn^enodgcn^ l4.(9toaen) 
Dcrt^eilen i 15. entoerfcn, abrci^cn, ict4)ncn 4 
16. (audl^^er.geflalten), formircn, mobcln; 
giepen (^etaO), (^idl^tc) sie^cn^ II. n. 1. 
(oft mit about), auf(5tu>aft finnen, na^ben* 
Um 2. M giefen, formcn laffeni 8. M mcr« 
fen, humm »erbcB (loom^olie, }c.)} 4. Mar. 
abfaSen (beimlCnferli^tcn); to — lots, lofcn 
(— upon, urn)} to — against, fig, tonocrfen 5 
to — away, I. fig. oerbanncn (Gorges, 2C.)| 
2. to — one's self away, fl(|) in'ft S^erberbcB 
ftfirsen^ p<w«.}u®^en, ed^iffbtn^ 
leiben^ to — behind, ((inter ft^) iwrnd (af' 
fen, iui^orfommettj to — in, (IBcn>cire, ic) 
beibringcttj to — off, 1. lit, kfig, abwerfcn, 
abtegen, la 2. )»em>erfCRj 3. abbanfcn$ 
Derfh>pen$ abweifcn^ oerlaffenj 4. iibcr^c* 
ien; 5. Sport, (bie S^gb^unbe) loftlaficn) 
to — out, l.liUkfig. auftflopen? 2, Cont 
fiBaaren anftf^icfens to — op, l. aufiocrfcR 
(Grbe, k.) $ 2. (burdl^ (Srbre4ea) t>cn |1(^ 
geben 5 3.attftn)erfen(®eri4^e,2c)j 4. vid 
To Cast, 13$ to— upon ..., f^icbctt auf . . .$ 
to — one's self upon one, R4 an^^anb n>eii« 
ben, P4 auf Scmanb oc-tlafTen. 

Cilst, pret. & p. p, 0. To Cast. 

CiUt, s. 1. gen. ber SBurf, baft fiBerfen$ 7fu$« 
n>erfen$ Uc SSurfioeitcj 2. lit, kfig. ber 
(fiBiirfel)SBurf$ bief)robe) 3.ber(Suf (ci« 
ncr gigur, ic.)5 4. bie (QiuWSonnj 5. 
Found, bie (Singufro^rcj 6. baft gegoffcnc 
IBilb) T. fig, bie Qeflaltj ber Sau (ber 
Serfe, iu)i 8. ber dufcre TCnfd^cin, QCnflrii^ $ 
9. bie angebome %xt, SRanier, SKicnc » 10. 
ber (att4: bcrf^iefc) f^iidh H* ber Jtniff, 
^fiff, etrci^i 12. bie Hit, ber 64^Iag) baft 
Sa49 13. bie Jtafie (in §Dflinbicn)j 14. 
Sporu ber Slug (ein |)aar) S<^I(ett. 

ClUt-, comp. —away, f. fig' I. ber Xuftmutf 
tc$ 2. bicabf^IdgigeXntiDortj AbmeifuR^i 




•ir«ii» Oufetfeni —steel 
rafiinirte BUJj/L 

Cie't9B^t"» «• pi- itf<('« Qaftadnetten. 

cttte, 1. bie Jtciflei rM* Cut, 18. 

Ob'tfUiia (-«ii), «. ber (SafteOaii. 

Caift9ll«]i7, #. bie (SaftcOcmei, Surgbogtd. 

To Cii^t^Ujite, 0. a. umbauett, einfafreR(i.99. 
tvBxu ftntnstn). 

Cie't^st^, a4}. bft^ftrmt/ beiiimt 

Cast^Ui^Uon, i. b4iS SefefU^en cines {xmfeft. 

Gfti^t^, 1. 1. ber ffBerferi 3. bet Bttintx, tc. 
€f. To Cast; 8. b<i( (mefflRgene) MtU^tn 
(on bengfifen bctetfi(Ie^ tc)i 4. bU (So* 
rttffiBt^ 5. (—frame, or a let of o«), bie| 
yiatmcnade. ^ Lmit|tg(n. 

To Ghf^^Hty 19. a. 1. ift^tideni 8. fig. bc« 

Cistisi'tioD, f, l.b{e3<<(tidttR0, 9tfic<ifiia^i 

GuftjgSt^r, 1. ber dfi^tfger. [2. bie Sitf e. 

Cia'tls^t^ry, odb*. yam d^^tigen bienenb, ^ft^* 

Casdle^ CMtiO'if, s. Gtog. QafHUes. [tigenb. 

C^tstiH^, ii47«&«. caflilioiiif4 ) ber (Safttlianer. 

OU^tfagt L p. 1. ba» ffBerfni, tc (otd. To 
CmI^; II.«.l.baS<9itffifi(f,ber(9up$ 3.ber[ 
Mbmcf ) 8. Sport. Ut^S^iShapHU i —off (of a 
voioei), Afor. boS Uttlegcii (efse^ &^iftt^')i 
ni. comp. — home, bie (Siefcret, G^melis 
(ftte^ ber e^metiofeii) -net. Fish, baft 

ber (8itHtatl,|Caf'Aalty [o&h'-], 1. 1. biedafiOidleiti a 
ber dufoS) 8. ber SobeftfoV, UsdtiicHfaa. 

CHf 'dikt [cfab'-], *. i%. ber (Safuift 

ToCXf'ttht,«.a.beii<SofuiflettrpieIeii. [fuifHfib. 

Cii«tia't|e, — cal, L oe^'.; U. —cally, ado. ca« 

CSf'AIitry, i. i%. bie (Saruifti!. 

Cat, I. ^. 1. bie JTabe, ber JTater; 3. Mor-^. 
a) baft itatffbiffj &) bie Jtat, ber lCnfer6(^a$ 
3. eia boppeltcr jDreifuf mtt fecl^ft SAfen* 
—in pan, pror. ber flberldttfer; Xuftreiferj 
n. comp. —of nine taiJa, 1. Sem k Mil. bie 
0tri(£peitr4e, ^eitf^e mit neun 6trdn« 
gen$ — a-nonnt, — -a-noantain, wild—, 
Zooi. bie »ilbe itabej —block, Mar. ber 
itatblotf J — call, — cal, (—pipe), 1 . bie ^d- 
pfeife^ a. ber So<fbogel5 -<aU> Afar, ber 
JtatMufer; — ilih, leh. ber setigerte ^aii 
-got, 1. bie IDarmfaite} 3. Com. ber^arli^ 
Afar'>f. — harpiagi, bie G^migtittden ber 
ffBanb (ob. ber ^)itttiJigen)5 —head, ber 
ibra(ttbalfetti — 'ahead, F&m.UxSt-ntopl 
|)afeitih)pf/ eise TCrt £pfe(3 — headi, Min. 
Jt-nfieitte(eifett(aItide^oten inSXineralien); 
Mar-^9. —holei, bie Jtatlftd^eri —hook, bef 
Jtat^ofen, 7(nfer(a!ea4 —miot, —nip, Bot 
bie St'Km&Oiti — 's paw, Afar-i. 1. eine 
ranfte ober leicbteM^ite, bie »riefe4 3. ber 

Sirf9om,fBttr^eb9-pIate,(;-w.bie(Sief>tt {>oOanber (eine )(rt04tinge in einemJSau) 

Cit'tiBSf, 1. pi. ^uftoaaren. [platte. fi - rope, ber Jtatldufer i — salt, Af in. eiit fein> 

Gts'tle [cia'tl], s. I. baft 04iof , JTaflea; bie f Smigeft 0al| (auft eitterfole, ivm ®ereiten 

mnqi 2. Mar. bicSBatf | 8. ^am. ber 0to4e ber(arteneeif()$ -•ilver,Aftn.ber®am»ier, 

(im €^4)^ -keeper, ber e^iopDogt) 

— top,beritreifel) —ward, bie Surgoogtei. an ®e»d4fen/ gem. p<.> vid. Catkins; 

To dMe [dL/sl], V. n. Gam. xo^, roi^iren. 
<aiAl«dC€ia'tld],a47.ntite«(5feni, get^iirmt 
C^aery [db'slrj], s. Me Svrgoogtei. 
dsftif t [cSs'si9t], 9. baft 04l6p4en. 
GUifl)!!^, /. bie nnseitige Seibeftfru^t^ — 

ridns (castlingii), p^ ^eOe loon itngebore« 

Cifl^9r*#.l.Zoo<.ber9i6er^Claflor) 2. cant. 

cin ^^iitf 8. vid. Castorenm; —and Pollux, 

1. MsL vid. Corposant; 3. AtU vid. Gemini ; 

—beano, f>iirgirf6mer^ — nnt, bie^urgir^ 

VBfj — oil (Castory), baft {RidmtftJL 
GbtvrCCiif, s. Com. ein feiner^MmererSfiffel. 
CMta^«9ai(-rft^),«.baft®ibjnrgeiL [meln. 
To Cis'tritc, V. a. 1. cafbriren i 2. fig. oerftilm« 
C^stri'tion, a. 1. bieJBerf^neibnngi (Sntman* 

■ngi a.Bot.bic<5aflration} 8.j^.bieeer» 
Cafltni'tii^.ber(Saflrat(0dttger). [fUbnmelvng. 
Cii'trfl, s. Orn. ber flBonnenmeter. 
CaoCrSii^sl^ii, adj. Jlfit. ya einem Sager gebdrtg. 
02r^ [cSzk^al]* I- a^y. 5 n. -ly, adv. )tt« 

liiCgi —word. Gram, baft 9?omen5 HI.— 
, t. mit b. f. tt. 

baft Jt-nfilber) J3ot-^. -tail, 1. baft Jtdb^ni 

bie Xei^felbe j - tyme, baft Jt-nfraut. 
To est the anchor. Afar, ben %nUx anffatten 
CSt^bSp'tis^ s. Ecc. ber ^atabaptifi. 
CSt^aus^tic, Math. I. adj. eatafttsflifd^^ H. 

c-e, f. pi. bie Srennlinien bur4 |urft<tge»or« 

fene Gtra^len* 
CXt^jhrls'tjc (-c»l), I. adj.; n.-cally, adv. 

RheU ge^mungen. [irbiM< OrabfbStten). 
CUf ^combf [— cOm2],i.pi. Jtatdomben(ttnter« 
CSt^coiis'tics, Math, bie JtatafufUf. 
Cat^didp'trfc, Opt. I. adj. (-c^l), fatabiop« 

trifcb i n. c-B, s. pi. bie Jtatabioptrif . 
C&tagm&fic, Med. I. adj. fdrfi(»e ^eilenb$ IT. 

c-s, Srfl^e (eUenbe3Ritte(. 
Ciif agrSph, 1. Paint, bie GKue, ber Umri^ 
CSt^l^c'tie, adj. Fbet. latatemf^- 
Cat^Sp'sis, CXtfai^psy,!. Afed. bie Jtatalepfle. 
Cat^«p'tic, adj. Med. fataleptif^. 
C&t^altfgae [-l<Sg], s. ber Catalog. 
To Cat'alttgae, To CHif^lftiUe, v. a. in einen 

Jtatalog bringen. 

C9t«'pa, 1. (—tree), Bot. berXrompetenboum. 
CXtfiB9riin'[5m., Ice], ^.l-baftgioM ^"^^^ 




fine SemiAtluidlmof^c Oitt Torpedo) )« 
Qixptoflonen bcr feinblt^en 64iffe) 8. (in 
Sieufunblanb) efne ^robe Hxt &<ilittttL 
CSt'^plSf m, s. Sure- Ut SretttOlfd^ldg. 
CXt^K^ct, $. 1. ber (0rofe) fiBafTerfaH) 2. 
«»d. Portcallifl ; 3. Med. b<t graue G^toar. 
C^tSrrh', *. Med. ber Jtatarr^. 

C^tSi'tTQpha (-f hy),i./\iet.i^. bieJtatafln>« 

To CStch, V. reg, k ir. L a. 1* ^^ ft>^. fdn« 
%fXif erdrdfett} emtf^en, ertappen) 2. faf> 
fen) (aufOfangett (Gtioa^) 3. lit k fig, 
fangen (Qeuer, k.)$ 4. aitfTangett, fUf» ju* 
sicken (c. ^m^tit, u )i figs. 5. mntf^* 
men, feflelni «. auffangen (etnen %on, xc)3 
7. auffafen (ben Ginn eincr Gac^e, ic)) II. 
n. 1. QttfMen/ anftecfenb fein^ 2. faffen (loon 
(e.|>afen,u.)4 to*(a)cold,fI4erMItcnj to- 
ft fall, einen %aU ttfitn i to — hold of. . ., M 
on . . . ^(ten, Ctoaft ergretfen ^ to >- a Bcent, 
Sport, toittern^ to — at, 1. (no^iStmai) 
grdfen, f^nappen, H4en4 2.>^. trodftten^ 
3. in fangen fto^en^ m^fbtUtni to — np, 
onffangen; negretf en; retten. 

CXtch, 1. 8. 1. ber ^ttg/ (Btilf 9 2. ber dtoub; 
blelBeute^ 3. bie e^neUidfeit; ber3ng4 4. 
berfleineX^eU;ba$etii<f4en4 5. Mu«. ber 
Otunbgefang, bie ^uge, ber Stmom 6. ber 
Kbfa^; bfeyaufej T. bie ^ner, 8. lit kfig, 
ber Ttnflttg, let^tc einbmcP; bie gcringe 7Cn> 
ftc^ngj 9. bteS^ermut^ttng; berlCrgnobn^ 
10. Mech-s. a) ber ^dtem ©(bnfipperj 
eWttHftni bie (S(£r*)<iHittfe, u.) 5) 
ber ®riff, ^ngriffi c) ber eperrfegelj 11. 
tote Bilboqoet, fv.; 12. vuf. Ketch; 18. ber 
Sdnger, {Rauboogel) 14. 5poit. a) bad ^e* 
berfpiel (bed S^lfen)) h) ber Sorlaf ) by 
c-ea, abgefe^t; we^fettweifej II. comp. —fly, 
Bot.bie9)e4neIfe9* —line, 2Vp. bie€$41ttf« 
jeilej — penny, vulg. bie (Kdbfcbneiberci 
iber^.) bte f^Ie^te Srofdb^re; tC9 —weed, 
Bot. bad Jtlebfraut) —word, TVP* ber Gnftod. 

C«fchpr,*. i.bergdngerj 2.berWWcr4 8. 
bte6(bUnge$ ber 9if4(amen. 

Cftt'cbiip, s. Cook, eine pifttnte and 9erf(b. 6e» 
getabilien (bef.and66Qmpidnottd;att4 aud7Cu« 
firm, ftBaHnfiffen, k. nnb e. 3ufa^ oon (Bm^ti 
tt.€$aIi)bereiteteGance (gem* nadt^ b.|>anptbe- 
ftanbt^eil gen./ wie: mashrooni— , oyster—, 

Cite, s. 1. vid, Catecbn ; 2. vid. Cates. [Itc), 

CJit85b«f|c (-<ml), I. adj.; H. -c^lly, tfdu. 
fateibetif*. [gen fiber, 

To C«t'«$bife, V. «. 1, fate*iflrett5 2. befra* 

CXf «5hif«r, s. ber Jtate<bi|lrenbe. 

CXf d$hff m, 1. ber Jtatetbidnmd. 

Clt^fat, s. Bcc. ber ^ateibet. 

Clt^hia'tic Ic, mie Catechetic, Ac. 
CXt^esbQ, s. Pkarm. bad Jtatcfbtt* [^ttmea 
CXtesh&'nfo (— mtnht), s. Ecc. bcr Jtate« 
csteshum^n'icfi, a^'.fatccbttmcnifib- [gortft^. 

CatSgor'jc^l, I. ac(y.; U. — ly, ado. Log. fatc« 
C^f gg9ry, «. Zogr. bic ^tcgorie, (Stoffc. 
CXtgna'rjvi, CJlt'dnvy, a£(;. fcttcnortig. 
To cat'enate, «. a. fctten, fcfTcln i verfettm. 
Cltdaft'tioo, J. bic Scrfettnng. 
To Ca't^r, v. a. Scbcndmittcl anftbaifcn. 
Cfi't^v, 9. Gam. bic«icr (anf Jrartcn,«.)j - 

coo»ln,>Sg. bcre^marotcr, (S^unfUing. 
Ct't^r^r, #. bcr 8icfcrant, f)ro»iatttmciftcr. 
Ci't^rf M, 1. bie CEtnfduferinn, Yttdgcbcrtnn. 
CXt'^rpill^r, t. Ent. Me 0Aupc. [(draicn. 
To c&t'^rwAul, V. fi. 1. miaucni 2. f<brctcn, 
Cftt^^rwAnl, 9, 1. bad ita^gcfdftrci i 2. bie 

Jra^enmnftf I 3. bad (Scf^rei, Oetofc. 
Cs't^, s. bieSorratb* (ob.Gpcife*) fommcr 
Cfltei, s, pL bieScbendmittcI, bef. Sccferbiffcn. 
OUhf^xtMt, s. Ecc. ein $uritancr. [nigcnb. 
C^tAar'tlc (-c»l), adj. Med. obfubtCttb, rci* 
C^thar'tjca, s. pi. Mod. Xbftt^mngdmtttel. 
C^tU'dr^l, I. s. bie iTat^cbralC; Dcmftr^c* 

II. adj* 1. eine jr. bctrefTcnb, ftiftdrnd^igj 2. 

fig. alt; ebrwiirbig. 

CifVddrat^, p. a. bcn Scbrftubi bctrcffeub. 
CXMedrat'jc s. bie StMofdflnuT. 
C«t/iVrinc, s. Jtatbarina (g-n.). [fonbt 
CSt^'€t^, J. Surg, bcr «^atbcter; bic ft5(afcn* 
C»tfc€'t«riffiD, s. Surg, bcr Jtatbcteridma*. 
CJUVpIIc (-c»l), I. adj.; 11. -ly, adv. fa. 

t$oUf(b3 rc^tgldnbigi lil.#. ber«^atbolir$ 

IV. -nesfl,«. bie XIlgemcin(cit;Uni\>crfa(itdt. 
G^t/tSKjcrfiD, Cftt/i^Mty, s. l.beritatboUs 

cidmnd i 2. bie Xn^ingU^fcit an bcnfcfbcn. 
C^t/idi'jc^n, s. Med. k UL bad Jtat(oIi!dn. 
Cafkjnf, Boi. 1. bieJtd^d^cnj 2. baf« 

GXt'iike, adj. Fa^enartig, fa^cn^aft. 
Cftt^ljiig, s. 1. Bot vid. Oatkina, 2; 2. Surg. 

bad Jtuorpelmefer, derglicbcnmgdmcffcr. 
C«i5p't^ (— tr^n), s. Opt. badepirgclfmirc^r. 
C»t»p'tr|c — c^l, adj. Phy. Fatoptrif*. 
C9t0p'trica, s. pi. Phy. bie JTatdptrif. 
CXt'tfip, s. vid. Catchup. 
CMle, s. bad (3ttg:')«tc(; )a|me8ie( (bcf. 

p. (RinbDicb)) — hordles, H-w. Sicbfarrcn. 
Ciin'd^e (-dStfd), adj. gcMndoit. 
CAv'dte, s. bie itraftTttppc (ftx Jtranf e, k.). 
To CAa'dle, v. a. tint Jbraftf^ppc mo^cn. 
Ciiaf, *. Fuh. ber gifAfaften. 
CAnght [eit], pret. k p. p. t)on To Catch. 
CAiik, s. Min. ber eUkmttfptiU^, Mmefelfaurc 
Canlcy* act;, fibmerfpotlartig. [ikirot. 

Ilciai, $. 1, bad 9?e^) 2. bad |Marne^ bcr 




CivBy^rons, a4?. BoU ftenoeltteiienb. 
GftaKjfl9#^[c0f-], J. Bot. bereittmenfoV. 
Can'lJRmi [cdK-], a^/. 3ot. ften^clfdmid. 
To Ci«k, To CAalk, kc, vid. To Calk, Ac. 
CAi/f^ble, adj. ht»iMax, an&fiS^riar. 
Cfto^flLl, I. adj. ; n. — ly, adv. srfdi|U4 ) ni. 

X. Gram, ble daufaU^artif (L 
Cii^SKity, «. hit Urfi(^Ii4!ett; Gaufalitdt. 
c&nji'doB, «. bteSemrfa^ttng. {Udf, caufatf o. 
CAvf^tiTTe, L adj.; TL --iy, (u<v. Gram. vrfSd^ 
C^Qfklpr, ^. brr 9entrf(i4er, Hr^eier. 
CAiife, #. 1. bie Urfa^e, ber O^runb 5 3. ber 9vo* 

cef,9te4ttftta5 8. bie Gad^e^ TCngelegen^ett 
ToCAofe, o. a. 1. bentrfa^en, beranlaffeni 

CtefcAfM, I. fldi.; n. — ly, adu. gtimbloS) 

•^ettrfa^ei m.-BeM,«.bteQmnbIoflsfeit. 
Cfti'f^, 1. 1. berttr^beri 2. bie mir^be 

nrfa4<- [flrafe. 

CAofe'wfty, C4o'^§y, 1. bie O^attfTee. JtmtfN 
Cio^d'iGil, a(f;. auf einen^bocateti oeiiiglii^. 
CiM'tfc (-C9I), «((;. Chem. k Med. fatt« 

^A^ i^enb) —curve, Geom. bie ®rettn« 

VtaUi —•tone, Surg, ber Ijdtteafhin. 
Ctat^e, s. Oiem. & Med. bae t^mitttU 

liittr— , Surg* ber ^JSenfiein. 
Cftwtfc^ty, I. Oem. bie t^fraft. 
Cin't^, 1. 5tfrg. baft JBrenneifen; t^mittel. 
Civ'^^f m, Cftvtf rjiX'tioii, s. Surg. b<kMren< 

Bn, t^tn (einer flBunbe). 
To CAo'tfilze, V. a. Surg, btemien; wegbei^s 

)a) c-zing iron, Surg,, Dent., Vet. baft 

Srenndfen. [Caoter. 

C4Vt9ry> s. 1. boft IBteimeit, t^tm 2. mU 
Ciu'tioa, 1. 1. bie eorfi^^ 2. bie 6antion^ 

Mt^n^fti 8.bte€Bantsng$ 4.bieei(l^er« 

^citsnukfregel. [maft). 

To CivVon, V. a. women (— agaii»t» vet Q[t« 
Ciii4l9inry» ««(;. l.bfirgenb, alft f>fttnb bie* 

ncRbj 2. narmnb. 
Cte'tiovtCdI'Bhns], I. adj.; II.— )y, adv. bor« 

Mtt^ be^stfom^ in. —neiis, s, bie^orfti^t 
GSKnlcmde', $. bie (Sabalcabe. 
GSYifler', L *. 1. ber0teiter$ 2. berfRitter, 

(SotMilier^ 3. Man. ber funftgereibte 9leiter5 

4. Forf. ber Qabalier, bie Sto^ti 11. acTj. ; 

BL — 1y, adv. l.ritter(id^4 2.mttiiter) 3. 

tbd, brao) 4. anmafenb^ floI}4 tro^iB* 
CSv'flry, f. bie Oleiterei, (SabaSerie. 
To Cft'Ttte, V. a. anft(6bien. 
C^vI'doo, C^vjl'd^n [-zh9ii], s.Arch. bie 

Yn^abnnsber^imbanietite eineft O^cbdvbeft. 
OlTc, «. 1. bie ^^t^ej 2. veU Cellar. 
T«Cive, 9. I. (7. l.attft^l^ien) 2. vid. To 

I Rake; U.n. ittetnec{>5tre»o(tteiij to'-fn, 
Cft'v§Xt, 1. 1. bie (Sriimerung, SBarnttns» 2. 

Law, ber deri(btli4e einfpnKb/ iBefcblog. 
To Ci'TSfit, o.n. Ginfpra^ ^nn/ ©ef*U»g 
Cav'^rn, *. bie 4)6Jle, [Ugen. 

Cav^nied, a<^*. 1. boSer j)6tleni 2. in {)6fh 
Q&W^nioiUy adj' bott ^(leir. [len toobaenb. 
Ca'vpr^, Min. (erj-)©iebe. 
Cav'fM^n, CiW^z^n, f . Afaa. ber itoppiottm. 
To G&Vfl, t). n. 1. fpitfbfbige eiiubfirfe no* 

(beni hitteln^ 2. (mit a«) l^itfinbig ta> 

beltt, befritteUi. 

G&v'il, f . bie epibilttbigfeit, 6cpbiflerci. 
Cli>|Ui'tioii,r.baft fpi^fiJibideXabelii^etreitfn. 
CXVilf r, t. ber eopf^ift, ISortHoaber. 
CaTlIona, I. adj.; fl. -I7, ado. fiptbfblbig, 

berfSnglitb^ in. -aesi, 1. boft (pibfubise; 

2C. SSefen, bie etreitfnd^t 
CUv'ln, 1. JIfa. ber {)obl»eg ob. (Sroben. 
CSv'lty, s. bie ^ebtang, j>6bie, itht^. 
To Ciw, V. fi. (rdd^Htt (^^ OUbea). 
CAw'dle,CAwk,&c.,vi'd.CaDdle,Ac. [6r)mafe. 
C&x'fttI, s. Min. bie (sum e^ttelftoi fertige) 
C^y^Dne'CCi'y^n), 1. (—pepper), ber<$09eime» 

|>feferi —cat, ZooLr>it omeril. XigetfttOc. 
CSy'iDfn, s. Zool. berJtatmoa^ md. Alligator. 
C»alc', C^ztqoe' [-zlk], 1. ber Jtl^le. 
To Cease, v. I. n. 1. oafb^a^ 2. ablofTen, 

ao4Iafrea$ n. a. einfieOea, enbigea. 
C§a«e^«gB, I. adj.; IL — ly, adv. uaoafbi^rlilb. 
Cyc^htn [ Vfbrc], s. vid. Zechin. 
Cgc'lle, Cgc'jiy, #. Gedlie (g-n.). 
CSca'ti^cy [~'»h|^~], 1. bieSUbR^tigfeit. 
ce'd»r,*.bie3eberj -likcieberglei*. 
C^d^o, adj. vid. Cedrine. 
To Cide, v. I. a. Law, cebirea, obtreten^ uber* 

lolfett^ n. n. notbgebea, wet^en. 
Ce'dfr,^. Lav,ber^treter, Yaweifer; (5eb<nr. 
cedTKlf^ s. bie (Sebiae. lJa.l adj. febem. 

Ce'drjae [P., ^6., Kn., Sm.; se'drin, 5., W^ 
Ce'dry, arfj. jeberortig. 
C4fd'fioiia, adj' fdllbar, fibiagbor. 
To Ceil, V. a. ^ircA. tdfela. 
Cet'l}og, J. 1. iiro/u boftXdfeUij Safelmerf, 

bie getdfelte ^ecfe^ 2. Mar. bie %Begera. 
C^Fftare [— tsbfir], 1. MecA. 1. bie iCunfl }u 

grobirenyiCv iSSilbfcbneiberei; 2. bie geflo' 

4ene Xrbeit. 
To C^I'fbr&te, v.a. I. preifen, erbeben, «er> 

berrlitbeaj 2. feiem, frferlitb begeben. 
Ci^fbrft'tion, *. 1. bieStitr, feierl.9egebnngi 

2.bteeerberrlubnttgi boft f>reifen/ Seiera. 
CSifbr&Vt s. ber ^obrebner. 




dKli'rioas, I. adj.; U. -ly» ado. htt&ffmti 
III. - neti, #. bie fbtx^mt\eit I 

Cel^Vrjty, s. 1. bet Stuf^m, btc eerit^mt^dt^^ 
2. vid. b. fi. Celebration. 

ceiMty, *» bie <9cf«»t]tb{0ffit, etneaightt 

Cd'^ry, s. Bot, bet GelKric. 

Gf»i^ti»l [-tih^], I. adj. ; TL -ly, adv. lit 

^vmtUhGx^tx, GeUge. 

C^Cfttifn (-foe), #. Min. bet a^lefiiit. 

CM'fsiInf, 9.pUEce. bir(S(IIefitner(*aX5tt4e). 

CS'lj^c, aitf. Med.'^itm Unterteibc de^firi^. 

C^Fib^cy, C«K|b«te, s. bie G^eiofidfeit, boft 

oni, I. «. nng. 1. bie 3eHe4 % bie {)tltte) 3. 
ba«(iterfer^)So4^ 4. MecA. bie 2infcii'(Sin* 
fdffimg) n. c-f» #. pi. 1. iinat., A'at., Bot., 
ft€., 3cirea:{)6tlttn0en5 8i<(fer (im&bfleX 
bie Jtenifammem) S. 7^. bie gd^er im 

C^'l^r, *. ber JteOeri —rent, ber JteHeriiiift. 

C^'l^r*^, J. 1. ba( JteOerdef^of 4 2. bie StzU 
lerei} 3. Cbm. a) bie Oktvagei () ber JteU 
leQind. [JteSermeifhr. 

CCFl^rer, CCI^frbt, C^l^^^r, «. bet ^eOner, 

cnVf t, #. ein ^afttenfeSer. 

CSi^tUfr, adi-^aid/}eOenf6rmi04 3eaen«. 

C»l81e, #. eine Reine deOe, {)i(tte. 

oa'sjtttde, 1. bie j>oHt, Ofr^aben^eit 

C^t, f . ber (Selte^ JTelte. [0pro4e. 

C«Ftic, L a((;. altif*} n. #. bie ceitif^e 

CW^nt, 9. 1. ber dement 4 2. C%«m. bae <5e« 
mentpttber 4 8. fig, baS Oanb (ber S^eunb' 
»aft, w.). 

ToCSm^nt^ v. I. a. l.fitten) 2. Gold-sm. 
bvrdft Qfementiren reintgen 5 3.^. berbijtben, 
befe^d^n; n. n. M oerbinben, (fefi) jufam 
men^dnden. [eerbinbttng. 

CAn^na'tion, s. 1. bad Jtitten, u. 4 2.>ig:. bie 

dm^nVi *. 1. ber Jtitter,JC4 2.fig. badSonb. 

CimVtery, «. ber Jtirc^^of^ (Sottelader. 

CSn'pt^lii* ** bad dtrengrobmal. 

Ctnae', *. O/rt. bie ©teuer, Gil^atund. 

To dnse, v. a. 1. CusU f((d^en, bef4a^eQ5 

C^n'M^r, J. bad €tau(bfap. [2. virf. To Incense,