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E. B. Bennett 1842 
Picture taken 1863 





E. B. Bennett, Publish ek 





Genealogies are proiilable, inasmuch as tliey are of great in- 
terest to all descendants, and become more and more so to future 
generations in tracing back their lineage. 

There is a growing interest in many families in this respect, 
and family pride is increasing with a desire to know more of one's 

In this my first attempt to prepare a family genealogy, it has 
been my aim and purpose to make it as correct, accurate and 
complete as possible. 

However, in some respects the work is incomplete, owing to 
the failure of a verj' few of the connections to respond to inqui- 
ries for information and data. 

The design of this genealogy' is lo perpetuate the memory of 
our worthy ancestors, Kdward, Samuel, John, William and Cap- 
tain Thaddeus Bennett, and to gather in one volume the names 
of their many descendants. 

I acknowledge myself indebted to many of the friends in fur- 
nishing information for this genealogy. 


East Berlin, Conn., April, 1910. 



Not until tlie year 1907, when E. B. Bennett of East Berlin, 
Conn, went West to visit his brothers, whom he had not seen for 
fifty years, had a Family History ever been thought of. When 
he found how little the Bennetts in tiie West knew of their an- 
cestors, he, being from Connecticut, the original home of the 
Bennetts, decided to put into printed form the knowledge he 
could gain of the Bennett family. Since that time no time or 
money has been spared in his untiring efTorts to make this His- 
tory as complete as possible. 

The main records of the Smith Bennett family were found in 
the old family Bible, which had been handed down and had fall- 
en into the possession of the widow of Charles H. Bennett — Mrs. 
Martha Conant of Garwin, Iowa. 

Town Records and many Histories and Genealogies have 
been searched in order to learn more of our ancestors until 1 have 
found an unbroken line back to the landing of the first Bennetts 
from Weymouth, England, and their settling in Weymouth, 
Massachusetts, in 1628-1635. 

Records of the Bennetts in England before these years have 
been found, but I have thought best not to follow them at this 

Records of tlie Pension Department show the Bennetts to 
have taken part in their Country's cause in all Wars since tlieir 



Bennetts of Pythouse 
Fane Eennett of Stanford, Vere Esq. of Pythouse. The fam- 
ily of Bennetts was founded by John Bennett, who was Sheriff 
of Wilts in the fifth year of Henry III. His great grandson, 
Thomas Bennett of Boston, married the daughter and co-heiress 
of the Pa^e of Devizes Wilts. 

Records and Genealogies of New England 

Tlie early settlers made Freeman, after a residence of seven 
years according to the laws of the country at that time, Edward 
Bennett at Weymouth, Mass., May 25, 1636. Records say he was 
Parser of the ship Mary Rose, which was accidentally blown up 
in Boston Harbor in 1648. 

I<]dmond at Weymouth, Mass., May 25, 1636. 

James at Concord, Mass., March 13, 1638. 

Samuel at Lynn, Mass , 1637. 

Richard at Boston, Mass., 1637. 

William at Salem, Mass., 1637. 

John at Salem, Mass., 1637. 

This shows tliey were all here at least seven years, prior to 
their being made Freemen. 

Matthew came in the "Paul" on July 6, 1635, by way of Lon- 
don, England. 

Thomas came in the "American" in 1635. 

Jane came in tlie "Elizabeth." 

Ann Cooper Master came in 1635 at the age of 16 years and 
became the wife of William of Salem, Mass., and was admitted 
to the church there in 1648. Their children were Moses, Ann and 
Deliverance. William died on June 27, 1683. 

It would be impossible for the writer to tell just how all of 
this family were related, but it is claimed by historians that Sam- 
uel was son of Edward. But Edward's children being born in 
England, it is a hard matter to get their records. The records 
show, however, that Mr. Edward Bennett had a muster of his 
servants on Februarj' 7, 1619, prior to sailing in 1621. 

Rev. George S. Bennett of Boston, who has made a thorough 
search of the old records, states that Samuel was the son of Ed- 


ward, who came from Weymouth, England, and settled in Wey- 
mouth, Mass., and was there made a Freeman in 1636, after seven 
years' residence. 

He also states that the children of Edward were Samuel, 
John, Priscilla, Edmond and Richard. 

I find in the earlier records of 1618 that there were Thomas, 
Mary, Robert, Samuel, James and Katherine, the latter a widow 
with a three weeks' old child named William, who sailed for 
Jamestown, Va., in 1622. It is doubtful if they remained. This 
is sailing record from London. 

Samuel Bennett, who was a house carpenter, came to this 
country by way of London, England, in the "James," and Wil- 
liam Bennett of Salem, Mass., testified before a justice court 
that Samuel and himself both came together in the "James" in 
1630. Samuel settled in I^ynn, Mass., when he was nineteen 
years old and in 1639 he settled in Chelsea, Mass., where he 
owned a large farm, shop, windmill, etc. His wife's name was 

Children : 

Samuel, Richard, Klisha and Lydia. 

John of Boston, son of Samuel, and a seaman in 1675, but 
where he was born or resided is not known. John and Anthony 
are credited to him on the records. 

John of Stonington, son of John the seaman of Samuel, mar- 
ried Eliza Park. 
Children : 

Eliza Patty. 

John, born February 24, 1650 and died in 1654. 

William, 1660. 

John again, 1666. 

Joseph, 1671. 


Anthony, born November 12, 1679; died September 22, 1691. 

William, son of John of Stonington, of John of Boston, of 
Samuel, married Susannah Bright. 
Children : 

William, Henry, Samuel and Daniel. 

William, son of William, of John, of John, of Samuel, mar- 
ried Abigal . 

Children : 

Deliverance, Joseph, Stephen, Thaddeus, Sarah and Abigal. 


Captain Thaddeus Bennett was the son of William and Abi- 
gal Bennett, having three brothers, Deliverance, Joseph and 
Stephen, and two sisters, Sarah and Abigal. William, the fath- 
er, had two brothers, Samuel and Daniel, as he named them as 
executors of his will, which is on the probate records at Fairfield, 
(Jonn., where it can be found of August 5, 1772. 

Probate Record of Fairfield, Conn., A. D. 1772. 
Will of William Bennett. 

I give to my wife, Abigal, so much, to my son. Deliverance, 
to my son, Joseph, to my son, Stephen, to my son, Thaddeus, 
and daughter, Sarah, to my daughter, Abigal, to my four sons 
and my two daughters to share and share alike. 

I appoint my brothers, Samuel and Daniel, as executors of 
mv Will. 


Historical Records of Stratford, Conn. 

Page 513, First Volume, 1639-1886 

Captain Thaddeus Bennett, a shoemaker and farmer, was 
Captain of the trained band at the commencement of the Revo- 
lutionary War and went to New York with his Company in Au- 
gust, 1776, to defend the city against the British troops. His 
Company suffered considerable loss by death and the Caj^tain 
died soon after returning home from the campaign. He died on 
January 21, 1777, aged 52 years. 


He left two sons, Joseph Wilson Bennett and Thaddeus Ben- 
nett, and two daughters, Grizell and Sarah, both of whom were 
pensioners for the service of their husbands in the war. Grizell 
married Isaac Odell, who was a sergeant in the army, and Sarah 
married Nathan Fairchild. 

Ebenezer Hall was a farmer and married for his second wife 
the widow of Captain Thaddeus Bennett. She was born in 1728 
and died on November 16, 1815, aged 87 years. 

Son of Captain Thaddeus and Elizabeth Bennett 

Thaddeus 2nd was born in Stratford, Conn., August 23, 1758, 
and there, on February 28, 1782, married Martha or Patty Hall, 
daughter of David and Lydia Hall, who was born Dec. 3, 1760. 

Thaddeus 2ik1 was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, serv- 
ing as a private in his father's company of Militia at Stratford, 
Conn., in the fall of 1776 served two months in New York City in 
Regiment commanded by Col. Jchabod Lewis ; in the autumn of 
1777, three weeks at White Plains in the same company under 
Capt. Abijah Sterling ; in 1778 served eight months at Black 
Rock in the company of G. Ward, under Ensign Samuel Still- 
man ; in 1779 served twelve months at Mutton Lane in the com- 
pany commanded by Lieut. William Hall. (For copy of the 
original record in the Bureau of Pensions at Washington, see 
page 10.) When he was discharged and returned home he set- 
tled down and raised a large family — six boys and three girls. 
Children as follows : 

David, born January 20, 1783 ; died August 8, 1868. 

George, born July 15, 1785. 

Elijah, born June 25, 1787. 

Betsy, born March 7, 1789. 

Thaddeus, born Ociober 17, 1790. 

Lydia, born July 30, 1794. 

Eli, born June 30, 1799. 

Minerva, born January 13, 1802 ; died December 28, 1823. 

Wildman, born July 20, 1804. 





A. W. 

Wed. File 17278 Bukeau of Pensions 

Rev. War 

Washington, D. C, Dec. 17, 1907. 
SiH : 

Jn reply to your request of 7th inst. received 9th inst., for a 
statement of the military history of Thaddeus Bennett, a soldier 
of the Revolutionary War, you will find below the desired infor- 
mation as contained in his widow's application on Hie in this 

Dates of 
Enlistment or 

Summer or 

Fall of 1776 
Fall of 1777 
May 1, 1778 
Jan. 1, 1779 






8 mos. 
12 mos. 

Officers under whom service was rend'd 

Thaddeus Bennett 

his father' Ichabod Lewis 

Abijah Sterling 
Ens. Sam'l Silliman 
Lieut. Wm. Hall Sam'l Whiting 

Soldier's father Thaddeus died January 21, 1777, and his mo- 
ther Elizabeth, who afterwards married I']benezer Hall, died No- 
vember 16, 1815, aged 87 years. 

P>attles engaged in, . 

Residence of soldier at enlistment, Parish of Stratford, Fair- 
field, Fairfield County, Conn. 

Dale of application for pension, July 2, 1840. Her claim was 

Residence at date of application, Monroe, Fairfield Co., Ct. 

Age at date of application ; she was born December 3, 1760, at 
Weston, Eairlield County, Conn. 

Remarks. Soldier was born August 23, 1758, in Stratford 
Parish, Conn, and there married on February 28, 1782, Martha (or 
Patty), daughter of I.ydia and David Hall. Soldier died in New- 
ton, Fairfield County, Conn. , January 8, 1831. Children: Da- 
vid, born Jan. 20, 1783; George, born July 15, 1785; Elijah, born 
June 25, 1787; Betsy, born Mar. 7, 1789; thaddeus, born October 
17, 1790; Lydia, born July 30, 1794; Eli, born June 30, 1799; Mi- 
nerva, borii Jan. 13, 1802, died Dec. 28, 1823; Wildman, born July 
20, 1804. Very respectfully, 

E. B. Bennett, E. Berlin, Ct. V. Warner, Com'r. 



Son of Thaddeus and Martha Hall Bennett 

David Bennett, son of Thad- 
deus and Martha Hall Bennett, 
and grandson of Captain Thad- 
deus Bennett, was born in New- 
town, Fairfield County. Conn., 
on January 20, 1783. Here he re- 
ceived such education as was pro- 
curable at tliat time and learned 
the scythemaker's trade. All of 
his spare time was made use of 
with his books until he became 
qualified for the ministry and 
followed tlie Baptist faith, also 
teaching both district and pri- 
vate schools. He preached in 
Monroe, Newtown, Ashford aud 
at Manchester Green, Conn. 
He was married about 1805 or 1806 to Aner Minerva Smith 
and by tiiis union they had three boys and two girls: Smith, 
Mary Ann, William Henry, Minerva and Lioomis G. Aner Mi- 
nerva died about 1831. David married again, about 1832, Clarissa 
Farnham of Ashford, Conn. She was a school teacher and was 
born November 21, 1793. There were two boys by this union : 
Farnliam O. and Maurice B., who became noted physicians at 
Manchester Green. 

David kept a store for quite a while, but sold out and on May 
18, 1842, purchased a farm in Burlington, Conn., where he moved 
his family and resided there until 1864. Here he became school 
visitor and registrar of births, marriages and deaths and was also 
a judge of probate for a number of years. In 1864 he sold his 
farm to George Case of Burlington, Conn., and moved to Ashford 
and Westford, Conn., where he died on August 8, 1868. His wife 
died at Westford, Conn, on Jaimary 6, 1869, aged 76 years. 



Son of David and Aner Minerva Smith Bennett 

Smith Bennett, son of David 
and Aner Minerva Smith Ben- 
nett, M^as born in Monroe, Conn, 
on November 23, 1807 and died 
in Cheboygan, Mich, on July 11, 
1875. He received a common 
school education and learned the 
blacksmith's and scythemaker's 
trades, at which he worked most- 
ly while living in Connecticut. 
In the spring of 1857 he went 
NYest and settled in Stump Town, 
now called Hitt, Carroll County, 
Illinois. In the fall of the same 
year, five of his sons with his 
fourth wife followed him, he hav- 
ing started in the blacksmith 
work there. Eli, his oUlest son, having learned the macliinist's 
trade, went into company with him in tlie repair work, remain- 
ing for about two years, when he was married and started in bus- 
iness for himself. 

Smith, with his youngest son, George, drove a pair of horses 
through from Illinois to Palmyra, N. Y., where they settled, 
about 1863. George, the son, died here in 1864 and it is thought 
that Smith joined a New York regiment for army service in 1864. 
Smith was married four times. His first wife was a Miss 
Vorce, whom he married about 1827. She died, leaving him with 
a little daughter, Sarah M. Bennett. 

His second wife was Electa M. Snow. She also died, leaving 
him a son three years old, Eli S. Bennett. 

His third wile was Susan Snow of Ashford, Conn. She died 
in New Hartford, Conn, on May 5, 1851, leaving him with five 
small boys— Chas. H., Wm. L., Edgar B., Walter S. and Geo. W. 



His fourth wife was Caroline Vorce, who died in Camden, 
New Jersey, of old age. 

Daughter of Smith Bennett and His First Wife 

Sarali M. J5ennett was 1 orn in Connecticut on February 4, 
1828 and died in Canton. Conn, on April 11, 1859. Her mother 
died when she was only an infant. She learned tlie tailor's trade 
at Canton and continued at ihat work until she married Josepli 
Andrus of Canton. 
Children : 

Randolpli A. Andrus. 

Jennie F. Andrus. 

Frederick Andrus, who died in infancy. 


Maky E. Bennett 

Son of Smith and Electa M. Si 


Eli S. Bennett was born in Monroe, Fairlield County, Conn. 
on May 5, 1833. He attended the district schcols in Monroe and 
upon leaving home, went to work in a niacliine shop in Pine 
Meadow in tlie town of New Hartford, Conn. He remained 
there until the spring of 1856, whien he went West and spent the 
summer in Elkliorn Grove, Ills., returning in the fall to New 


Hartford, where he worked in the macliine shop until Septem- 
ber, 1857. He then, together with four brothers, went to Stump 
Town, now called Hitl, Carroll County, Ills., to join their father, 
wlio had gone tliere in the spring. Eli worked with his father 
in the blacksmith and machine shop about two years, when he 
married Miss Mary 1^. Thorpe of Elkhorn Grove, Ills, on Sep- 
tember 17, 1859. 

She was born in New York State on September 11, 1843, be- 
ing tlie daugliter of Caius and Catherine Vandurburgh Thorpe, 
who were of Coimeclicut stock. Her grandmother was born in 
Newtown, Conn., March 22, 1734. After their marriage they 
rented a farm wliere they lived until 1869, when he purchased a 
farm in Grant Townsliip, Tama County, Iowa. Here they re- 
mained until 1889, when lie bought a home in Reinbeck, Grundy 
County, Iowa, where they have since resided and where on the 
17tli of September, 1909, they celebrated their golden wedding. 
Tlieir children : 

Lucius C, born August 15, 1860; died January 3, 1863. 

C!]iarles K., born November 9, 1863. 

George (!., born April 9, 1866 ; died April 13, 1897. 

Frank R., born August 13, 1868. 

Aura E., born June 13, 1874. 

Mary E., born Marcli 17, 1876. 

Viva A., born May 21, 1879 ; died February 4, 1881. 

Wilbur T., born October 26, 1884 ; died October 3, 1886. 

Son of Eli S. and Mary Thorpe Bennett 

Charles E. Bennett was born November 9, 1863, in Carroll 
County, Illinois and with his parents settled in Grant Township, 
Tama County, Iowa, in 1869. He attended private preparatory 
schools in Vinton and Traer, Iowa. He graduated from Leander 
Clark College, Toledo, Iowa, in 1888, receiving the degree of Bach- 
elor of Science. He taught school six years and was engaged in 
newspaper work for five years. In 1899 he entered the ministry 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church and completed the five years 
course of study prescribed by the Church in 1904. He is a mem- 
ber of the Des Moines Conference of Iowa. 

On August 27, 1891, he married Elma Freet, who was born in 
Tama County, Iowa, on November 13, 1865. She is a daughter of 
Hiram and Percilia Myers Freet. Her father was born in Ohio 
and her mother in Iowa. 


Sylvia E. Bennett 1892 

Chas. E. Bennett 1863 Elma Fkeet 1865 

Clarence E. Bennett 1900 

Children : 

Sylvia E., born September 4, 1892, at Reinbeck, Iowa. Sbe 
is now a senior in tlie High School al Colo, Iowa, preparing for 

Clarence E., born September 18, 1900, at Oakwood, Ills. 

Son of Eli S. and Mary Thorpe Bennett 
George C. Bennett was born in Carroll County, Ills, on April 
9, 1866. In the spring of 1869 he went West with his parents, 
who settled in Grant Township, Tama County, Iowa, wliere he 
attended the public schools and afterwards the High School in 
Reinbeck, Iowa. He made farming his business. He was mar- 
ried on February 25, 1896, to Lydia A. Freet. who was born on 
February 26, 1864 and was the daughter of Hiram and Priscilla 
Myers Freet. Early in the spring of 1897 he was taken sick, and 
died on April 13, 1897. His widow made her home with his par- 
ents until her marriage to David P. Eddy of Reinbeck, Iowa, on 
August 20, 1902. 


George C. Bennett 1866-1897 

Son of Eli S. and Mary Thorpe Bennett 

Frank R. Bennett was born in Fairfax Township, (Jarroll 
County, Ills, on August 13, 1868. In the spring of 1869 his par- 
ents moved to Grant Township, Tama Comity, Iowa. Here he 
attended the pubUe schools and later the High School at Glad- 
brook, Iowa. For a number of years he managed a large thresh- 
ing outlit and in 1891 settled in Reinbeck, Iowa, making paper 
hanging, painting and carpenter work his occupation. 

On November 27, 1895, he married Minnie P. Morris, a school 
teacher, who was born in Carroll County, Ills, on February 10, 
1875. She was the daughter of Edward and Kate Armstrong 
Morris. To this union a daughter, Dorothy M., was born on Oc- 
tober 9, 1897. The wife and mother died on March 23, 1899. 

On January 17, 1905, he married for his second wife, Lois F. 
Osborn, who was born in Lyndon Township, Whiteside County, 
Ills, on April 13, 1868, She is the daughter of Harvey and Eliza- 
beth Brewer Osborn. 



Fkank R, Bennett 1868 

Lois E. Osborn 

Do HOT II Y Bennett ISOl 



Minnie Morris Ekn.nett 1875-1899 

Son of Eli S. and Mary Thorpe Bennett 
Aura E. Bennett was born June 13, 1874, in Grant Township, 
Tama CJounty, Iowa, wliere he attended the public schools and 
later the High school at Reinbeck, Iowa. Afterwards he took up 
mechanical engineering, which he followed until the breaking 
out of the Spanish-American War, when he enlisted in C!omi3any 
L, 49th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, on JNIay 6, 1898, and 
served in the army of occupation in Cuba under General Fitz- 
Hugh Lee. He was discharged at Savannah, Ga. on May 13, 
1899 and returning home, was engaged in structural iron work. 
On February 21, 1903, he married Emma R. Wagner, daughter of 
John and Amelia Dickerman Wagner, who was born in Grand 
Meadow, Mower County, Minn, on April 30, 1883. 
Children : 
Ralph W., born September 23, 1906. 
Ruth G., born in Reinbeck, Iowa, March 14, 1908. 

Daughter of Eli S. and Mary Thorpe Bennett 

Mary E. Bennett was born in Grant TownsJiip, Tama Coun- 
ty, Iowa, on March 17, 1876. She attended tlie public schools 
and later tlie High School at Reinbeck, Iowa, where she gradua- 
ted with honors in 1893. On November 27, 1895, she married 
Don C. Coffin, son of Charles H. and Iilstlier Sharp Cofltin, who 
was born in Butlerville, Tama County, Iowa, on July 28, 1872. 



E.MMA R. Wagnkk 1S83 

Aura E. Bennett 1874 
Ralph W. 1906 Ruth 1908 

Don C. Coffin 1876 

Mary E. Bennett 1876 



Chas. II. J^K.NXKTT LSoiMSSo Martha Bennett 1846 
Son of Smith and Susan Snow Bennett 

Charles H. Eennett, oldest son of Smith and Susan Snow 
Keniiett, was born in Monroe, Fairfield County, Conn., June 1, 
1839. His boyhood days were spent in Connecticut, but in 1857, 
with his fatlier and brothers, lie removed to I'^llchorn Grove, Ills. 
and worked on a farm and clerked in a store until September 13, 
18G1, when he enlisted in Company H, 7th Illinois Cavalry and 
served his country until July 20, 1862. He was then discharged 
on account of iiliysical disability which developed into a chronic 
heart trouble from which he never recovered. 

On September 13, 1864, he married Martha Jiurnett, daugh- 
ter of Joshua and Christiana Barr l^urnett of Elkhorn Grove, 
Ills., who was born March 14, 1846. They settled on a farm in 
Wysox, wliere they continued to live until his death. 

Their children were Alice May, who was born September 23, 
1865 and George Wilbur, born August 2, 1869. 

In October, 1880, he was stricken with paralysis, from whicli 
he never fully recovered, and on September 12, 1885, a tliird 
shock ended his life. He was buried in the Union Cemetery at 
Wysox, the funeral being in charge of Sliiloh Post, G. A. R. of 
Lanark, Ills, and lianark Lodge, I. O. O. F., of which organiza- 
tions he was a member. 


Maktiia Conant 1846 

Makion Conant 1852 

Martha Burnett Bennett married for lier second husband, 
on February 18, 1904, Marion A. Conant. He is the son of Dr. 
VVilliani L. Conant and was born on April 8, 1862, in St. Joseph 
County, Michigan. With his parents he went to Tama County, 
Iowa, where they settled on a farm in 1855. Here he attended 
school and worked on the farm until he became of age, when he 
married and bought one hundred and sixtj' acres of his father's 
farm, which lie worked for a number of years. He finally rent- 
ed his farm and built a nice home in Garwin, Iowa, three miles 
away. His first wife died in 1901. His father was born in Ply- 
mouth, Vt. and served in the Civil War. 

Daughter of Charles H. and Martha Burnett Bennett 

Alice M. Bennett was born in P^^lkhorn Township, Carroll 
County, Ills., on September 23, 1865. She attended the public 
schools, later graduating froni the Lanark High School. She af- 
terwards became a school teacher. On March 8, 1886, she mar- 
ried Thomas N. Fleming, also a teacher in Carroll County, and 
they continued teaching for several years, finally settling in Mil- 
ledgeville, Ills., where they now reside. 




N. Fleming 1848 



Alice Fleming 1865 


Two (laufj,h1ei>; were born to them, Ausla M. on May 21, 1889 
and Martlia RuUi on September 14, 1897. 

Ausla Rradualed from the Milledgeville scliools with the 
class of 1907, clerked for awhile in a store and at present is em- 
ployed in the post office. Ruth is still attending sciiool. 

Son of Charles H. and Martlia Burnett Bennett 
George W. liennett was born August 2, 1869, in J^^ikhorn 
Grove Township, Carroll County, Ills. Here he attended the 
public schools and later the Higli School at liaiiark. Ills., then a 
business course at Davenport, Iowa. He then accepted a posi- 
tion as express messenger on the C. B. & Q. R. R., but being in 
a wreck on the railway he changed his mind and went to Cali- 
fornia, where he is now employed as an assayer and manager of 
an agency for the Risdon Iron Works Company, manufacturers 
of gold dredging machinery. 

Son of Smith and Susan Snow Bennett 
William L. Bennett was born March 20, 1841, in Monroe, 
Conn. In 1857, with four of his five brothers, he left (Jonnecticut 
and settled in Elkhorn Grove Township, Carroll County, Ills., 



William L. Bennett 1841 

Sakah E. Bennett 1849 

where he woil^ed as a farm hand until October 6, 1864, wlien he 
enlisted in ("ompany I, 92nti Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infan- 
try. He served with this company until the following June, 
when it was consolidated with Company G, 65th Regiment, Illi- 
nois Veteran Volunteers. He received his discharge July 13, 
1865, after having been with General Hherman's army on the 
march to the sea. On March 1, 1875, he married (Sarah E.Tay- 
lor, who was born February 16, 1849. Her father served during 
the Civil War in Company G, 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry. In 
1881 they moved to Mt. Carroll, Ills. Soon after William's re- 
turn from the army, his eyesight commenced to fail him, the 
trouble increasing until 1904, when he became totally blind. 

Carrie M.. born May 21, 1877. 

Charles O., born December 23, 1878. 

William W., born Maich 14, 1884. 

Avadna A., born April 22, 1886. 

Daughter of William L. and Sarah Taylor Bennett 

Carrie M. Bennett was born May 21, 1877, in Wysox Town- 
ship, Carroll County, Ills. She attended the public schools in 
Mt. Carroll, Ills., graduating with honors from the High School 



Charles O. Eexnett 1878 Maky E. Bennett 1880 

in 1896. After teacliing school one term, slie married George 
Wacker, a well lo do farmer, the son of Pliiiip and Anna KafT- 
nian Wacker of Woodland Township, Carroll County, Ills., on 
June 29, 1902. They have one daughter, Ethel Estella, who was 
born April 22, 1908." 

Son of William L. and Sarah Taylor Bennett 

Cliarles O. Bennett was born December 23, 1878, in Wysox 
Township, Carroll County, Ills. He attended the public and 
High schools in Mt. Carroll, Ills, and later engaged in newspaper 
work, being at one time proprietor of a pai)er in Chadwick, Ills. 
He is now in the employ of his father-in-law, w'ho is with the 
Wells-Fargo Express Company and owner of a large omnibus 
line in Mt. Carroll. On November 27, 1902, he married Mary Es- 
tella Stiteley, daughter of Winfield Scott and Ruhamah Mitchell 
Stiteley, who was born April 27, 1880, in Mt. Carroll, Ills. 

Daughter of William L. and Sarah Taylor Bennett 

Avadna A. Bennett was born April 22, 1886, in yit. Carroll, 
Ills. She attended the public schools and spent two years in the 
High School, after which she took up newspaper work, in which 
she is now engaged. 



Gkokge W. Bennett 1869 

A\Ai>NA A. 1>kxm<:tt 1S86 



Edgak B. Bexxett 1842 

Son of William L. and Sarah Taylor Bennett 

William W. Bennett was born March 14, 1884, in Mt. Carroll, 
Ills. He attended the public schools and later spent two years in 
the High School, after which he went to work as clerli in a store. 
He married Bertha Atherton, daughter of Lucius and Helen 
Balcom Atherton, who was born April 3, 1882, in York Town- 
ship, Carroll Township, Ills. 

Son of Smith and Susan Snow Bennett 

Edgar B. Bennett was born November 2, 1842, in Monroe, 
Conn. He has always lived in Connecticut except during the 
Civil War. He enlisted under the first call for volunteers of 
April 15, 1861, but was debarred from going by reason of the fact 
that no more three months troops were wanted. Under the call 
of May 3, 1861, he enlisted from Burlington, Conn, in Company 
K, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery and on November 11, 1863, 
re-enlisted as a veteran. He remained with his company until 
March 25, 1865, when he was taken prisoner in front of Peters- 
burg and confined in Libby Prison until March 30, when he was 
paroled. After a thirty days furlough he returned to his compa- 


Mary E. Bennett 1849 

ny and was mustered out of service at Fort Lyons, Va. on Sep- 
tember 25, the war being over, receiving his discharge at Hart- 
ford, Conn, on October 1. On April 9, 1865, while on parole, he 
married Mary E. Marsh, daughter of Lewis and Evaline Stone 
Marsh, who was born in Nortlifield, Conn., July 7, 1849. Her 
great grandfather, Othniel Gillett, served in the Revolutionary 
War from Connecticut. For details as to her parentage, see the 
Marsh Genealogy of 1895, page 61. 
Children : 

Minerva S., born in Burlington, Conn., January 9, 1867. 

lola E., born in Burlington, Conn., October 28, 1870. 

Daughter of Edgar B. and Mary Marsh Bennett 

Minerva S. Bennett was born in Burlington, Conn., January 
9, 1867. On July 16, 1888, she married Arvid Kalilstrom, who 
was born July 21, 1869. He died July 5, 1896. 
Children : 

Ethel Alma, born in Burlington, Conn., May 31, 1890. She 
expects to graduate from the Derby, Vt., Academy in June, 1910. 

Lewis Samuel, born in Burlington, Conn., February 9, 1893. 


James J. Nichols 1855 Minerva S. Nichols 1867 

Ethel, Lewis J, and Edgar C. Kahlstrom. Willard J., Helen M., Rose M., 
Myron E. and Vera B, Nichols 

Edgar C. A., born in Burlington, Conn., June 1, 1896. He is 
now attending the American Scliool for the Deaf at Hartford, 
Conn., his affliction being the result of an attack of cerebrospinal 
meningitis when he was a year and nine months old. 

Minerva Bennett Kahlstrom married for her second husband, 
James J. Nichols, who was born in Brownington, Vermont, on 
March 9, 1855. They were married at Cheshire, Conn., October 
27, 1897. 

Children : 

Willard James, born in Burlington, Conn., Dec. 19, 1898. 

Helen May, born in Burlington, Conn., October 17, 1901. 

Rose Mary, born in Brownington, Vt., September 22, 1904. 

Myron Karl, born in Brownington, Vt., December 13, 1906. 

Vera Bessie, born in Brownington, Vt., September 11, 1908. 

Daughter of Edgar B and Mary Marsh Bennett 

lola E. Bennett was born in Burlington, Conn., October 28, 
1870. On September 5, 1907, she married James F. Murphey,son 
of John and Mary Murphey, who was born in Cromwell, Conn., 
April 12, 1874. 


loLA E. Bennett 1870 James F. Mukphey 1874 

Son of Smith and Susan Snow Bennett 

Walter S. Bennett was born in Monroe, Conn., June 16, 1844. 
In 1857, with four of his brothers, he M-ent to Elkhorn Grove, 
Ills, and in 1859 went to Kalamazoo, Mich., and followed farm- 
ing until September 1, lg62, when he enlisted in Company L, 5th 
Michigan Cavalry. He served under General Sheridan in the 
Shenandoah valley and was at Appomattox when General Lee 
surrendered. He w as discharged June 22, 1865, and went back to 
Kalamazoo. After a few years he went to Wayland, Mich., and 
later returned to Kalamazoo, where on May 1, 1872, he married 
Evelyn A. Blodgett, only daughter of Jared and Jane Chaffee 
Blodgett, who was born in Pavilion, Kalamazoo County, Mich., 
October 16, 1848. Her grandfather served in the War of 1812 and 
her great grandfather in the Revolutionary War from Vermont. 
They lived near Kalamazoo for about ten years, when he bought 
a farm near Wayland, Mich., where they still reside. 
Children : 

Earl J., born October 20, 1872. 

Hallie J., born August 6, 1874 ; died December 30, 1907. 

Arthur C, born September 13, 1877. 

Sarah B., born October 13, 1884. 

Evelyn M., born June 15, 1886. 

Clell R., born May 18, 1891. 


EvEFA'N A. Bennett 1848 Waetek S. Eennett 1844 

Son of Walter S. and Evelyn Blodgett Bennett 

Karl J. lieniiell was b;)ni October 20, 1872, in Comstock 
Township, Kalaniaz-oo County, Mich., later moving with his jia- 
rents to Hopkins Township, Allegan County. On December 21, 
1893, he married Myrtle Humaclier,(laugiiterofGeorgeand Liana 
Pitmoyer Hamacher. 
Children : 

Bertha L., born June 8, 1895. 

Henry A., born December 8, 1897. 

Fred \V., born June 7, 19UU. 

Gretchen A., born June 24, 1904. 

Daughter of Walter S. and Evelyn Blodgett Bennett 

Hallie J. Bennett was born August 6, 1874, in Portage Town- 
ship, Kalamazoo County, Mich., afterwards moving with her pa- 
rents to Hopkins Township, Allegan County. On December 29, 
1892, slie married Allie C. Fryne. They had one child — Harry 
A., who was born February 12, 1895, in Hopkins, Mich. She died 
on December 30, 1907. 


Arthur C. Bknnett 1877 Vkkna Bknnett 1879 
Grant 1896 Evelyn 1902 

Son of Walter S. and Evelyn Blodgett Bennett 

Arthur C. Bennett was born September 13, 1877, in Portage 
Township, Kalamazoo County, Mich. On January 18, 1896, he 
married Verna Mudgett, daughter of Herman and May Burlin- 
game Mudgett. 

Children ; 

Grant M., born in Hopkins, July 16, 1896. 

Evelyn M., born in Otsego, July 18, 1902. 

Daughter of Walter S. and Evelyn Blodgett Bennett 

Sarah B. Bennett was born October 13, 1884, in Hopkins 
Township, Allegan County, Mich. On March 14, 1896, she mar- 
ried Orville Truax, who was born in 1884. He died August 6, 
1908. They had one child, J. Orville, who w as born November 
15, 1908, in Hopkins, Mich. 

Daughter of Walter S. and Evelyn Blodgett Bennett 
Evelyn M. Bennett was born June 15, 1886, in Hopkins Town- 
ship, Allegan County, Mich. She graduated from the High 
School in Way land, Mich. On December 23, 1908, she married 
Walter Hazen of Hopkins, Mich., who was born in 1885. They 
have one child, Holden Walter, who was born April 21, 1910. 



Ohville Truax 1884-1908 Sarah Bennett 1885 
J. OuviLLE Tkuax 1908 

Walter H. Hazkn 1885 

Evelyn M. Bennett 1886 



Clell R. Bennett 1S91 

Geo. W. Bennett 1846-1864 



William Henky Bennett 1824-190U 

Emily Healey Bennett 1829-1908 

Son of Walter S. and Evelyn Blodgett Bennett 

Clell R. Bennett, youngest child of Walter S. and Evelyn 
Blodgett Bennett, was born May 18, 1891, in Hopkins Township, 
Allegan County, Mich. 

Son of Smith and Susan Snow Bennett 

George W. Bennett was born August 18, 1846, in Connecti- 
cut. In 1857, he went to Elkhorn Grove, Ills., with his brothers 
and lived there until I860, when he went with his father to Pal- 
myra, N. Y., where he died in 1864. 

Son of David and Aner M. Smith Bennett 

William Henry Bennett was born July 5, 1824. On April 2, 
1843, he married Emily Melissa Healey, who was born May 27, 
1829. They settled in Danbury Conn., where they spent the rest 
of their life. His death occurred February 4, 1900 and her's De- 
cember 1, 1908. 

Children : 

Frederick William, born Jan. 4, 1849 ; died April 17, 1884. 

Frank Henry, born September 25, I860. 


Son of William H. and Emily Healey Bennett 
Frederick William Bennett w as born January 4, 1849, in Dan- 
bury, Conn. He graduated with the degree of M. D. from the 
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New 
York City, and in 1874 commenced the practice of medicine in 
Brewster, N. Y. He removed from there to Newark, N. J. and 
later to Bloomfield, N. J., where he died on April IT, 1884. He 
married Josephine Harvey, who is also deceased. 

Son of William H. and Emily Healey Bennett 
Frank Henry Bennett was born September 25, 1863, in Dan- 
bury, Conn. He graduated from the High School and Colgate 
Academy and received the degrees of A. B. and A. M. from Col- 
gate University and the degree of A. B. from Harvard. He 
taught in several preparatory and High schools, being for seven 
years principal of the Danbury High School. He is now principal 
of the Brewster, N. Y., High School. On June 27, 1905, he mar- 
ried Helen Vaille Ives, daughter of Harlan P. and IClvira E. Ives. 

Elizabeth Emily, born May 5, 1906. XJLo^o4:0 

Frederick Harlan, born August 30, 1907. 

Daughter of David and Aner M. Smith Bennett 

Minerva Bennett was born in 1825. She was a scholar of note 
and commenced teaching at the age of seventeen, filling positions 
in New Britain, Canton and Farmington continuously until her 
marriage to John R. Andrus, which occurred in Burlington, 
Conn., November 21, 1858. They had one child, Minnie, who 
died at the age of one year. Minerva died June 10, 1868, in Coi- 
linsville. Conn. 

Son of David and Aner M. Smith Bennett 

Loomis G. Bennett was born in Connecticut in 1831. His 
younger days were spent in New York State, with his uncles, 
Eli, Thaddeus and Wildman. He died in VVestford, Conn, in 
1878, aged 47 years, eleven months and twenty-eight days. 



i.Mis Eknnktt 1881-1878 

Minerva Bennett 1825-1868 

Son of David and Clarissa Farnham Bennett 
Farnham Orris Bennett, M. D., was born December 21, 1833 
in Monroe, Conn. He received his early education in the district 
schools at Burlington, Conn., wliere he removed with his parents 
in 1842. He soon became a teacher and, desiring to better his ed- 
ucation, worked on tlie farm summers and taught school winters. 
He gratluated with the degree of M. D. from the Berkshire Medi- 
cal College on November 22, 1859 and took a two years' course in 
surgery in New York City. Immediately after graduation he be- 
gan the practice of medicine at Westford, Conn, and soon became 
one of the leading physicians of Windham County. He was twice 
elected to the Legislature by his fellow towns-people and held 
several offices of trust in the State, County and town. About 
1880 his practice liad grown to such an extent at Willimantic 
that he removed there to save the long drives over tire country 
roads and also to have better educational facilities for his child- 
ren. He died at Danielson, Conn., March 26, 1899. 

On September 15, 1868, he married Romelia Parsons, daugh- 
ter of William L. and Margaret Parsons of Rutland, Vt., who 
was born in Springfield, Mass., February 12, 1851, and died at 
Fort Collins, Colorado, December 31, 1907. 



Farnham O. Bknxktt 



Cliildren : 
William Howard, born Hepleniber 7, 1869. 
Frederick Ward, born July 16, 1871. 
Anne Louise, born July 16, 1877. 

Son of Farnham O. and Rcmelia Parsons Bennett 
William H. l^ennett was born f^eptember 7, 1869. in West- 
ford, Conn. Later he removed with his parents to Willimantic, 
where he attended tlie public scliools and graduated from the 
High School. On June 19, 1894, lie married Margaret Curran, 
daughter of Daniel F. and Katherine H. Grinnell Curran, of 
Rockville, Conn. 
Children ; 
Clarissa Farnham, born in Hartford, Coim., Nov. 14, 1895. 
William Howard, born in Danielson, Conn., Feb. 19, 1901. 

Son of Farnham O. and Romelia Parsons Bennett 
Frederick Ward Bennett was born July 16, 1871, in Rutland, 
Vermont. He attended the public schools and spent two years 


in the High School at Willimantic, Conn, later taking a two 
years' course at the Fort Collins, Colorado, College, 1888-9. After 
this he returned East and engaged in P'lectrical and Mechanical 
Engineering. On January 20, 1895, at Attleboro, Mass., he mar- 
ried Barbara Louise Dotzert, daughter of John and Mary Leon- 
ard Dotzert, who was born at Broadbrook, Conn., June 11, 1871. 
Children : 

Frederick Orris, born in Providence, R. I., May 2, 1896. 

Byron Leonard, born May 3, 1898 ; died October 17, 1898. 

Myra Louise, born April 28, 1902. 

Daughter of Farnham O. and Romelia Parsons Bennett 

Annie Louise Bennett was born July 11, 1877, at Westford, 
Conn. She graduated from the Willimantic High School, June 
19, 1896, and from the Hartford Business College in July, 1897. 
From September, 1897, to June, 1902, she taught in the public 
schools of Fort Collins, Colorado. On June 10, 1902, she married 
Bertram Alden Gage of Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Son of David and Clarissa Farnham Bennett 

Maurice Boardman Bennett, M. D., was born March 4, 1837, 
at Bolton, Conn. He lived in Manchester, Conn, until May 18, 
1842, when he removed with his parents to Burlington, Conn., 
where his early days were passed on the farm. Acquiring his ed- 
ucation in the district schools, he soon became noted as one of the 
foremost teachers in his section, by his ability to discipline and 
method of interesting his pupils in their work. He worked on 
the farm summers and taught school winters, until he secured 
the necessary funds for a professional education. He attended 
the Connecticut Literary Institute at Suffield, Conn, and studied 
medicine with his brother, Dr. Farnham O. Bennett, who was at 
that time located at Westford Conn. Later on he graduated with 
the degree of M. D. from the Berkshire Medical (.'ollege, Pitts- 
field, Mass., and began practicing medicine in November, 1863, 
at Ashford, Conn. Afterwards he located in Coventry, Conn, 
and became one of the leading physicians in that .section of the 
State. He held with credit to himself, many offices of trust in 
the community. About 1883, his health having become impaired 
by his many long rides over the country roads, he removed to 


Mai'kjce B. Bennett 18B7-1894 

Mary E. Bennett 1851-1909 

Bristol, Conn., where he practiced his profession nearly to the 
time of his death, which occurred November 13, 1894. 

On December 31, 1867, he married Mary Elizabeth French, 
only daughter of Daniel A. and Dorcas Bissell French. 8he was 
born March 9, 1851, in EUenville, Ulster County, N. Y. When 
quite young she removed with her parents to Coventry, Conn., 
where she attended the public schools, finishing her education at 
the Connecticut Literary Institute in 8uffield, Conn. After her 
husband's death in 1894, she continued to live with her son. Bur- 
ton L. Bennett, until about 1900, when she removed to Middle- 
town, Conn., making her home with her daughter, Mary E. 
Bennett, until the time of her death, which occurred on Novem- 
ber 8, 1909. 

Children : 

Burton Lin wood, born December 6, 1870. 

Mary Elizabeth, born September 27, 1877. 

Son of Maurice B. and Mary French Bennett 

Burton Lin wood Bennett was born December 6, 1870, in Cov- 
entry, Conn. He attended the public schools there until about 
1884, when he removed with his parents to Bristol, Conn., where 
he completed his public school studies and graduated from the 



Burton L. Bknnktt 1870 

High School with tlie class of 1888. Afler graduating he worked 
as a drug clerk for three years and then entered the New York 
College of Pharmacy wliere he graduated in 1895 with the degree 
of Graduate of Pharmacy and honorable mention. Returning to 
Bristol, he went into tiie drug business for himself, locating on 
North Main street in July, 1896. On November 18, 1896, he mar- 
ried Isabelle May Mather, daughter of James Talcotl Mather— di- 
rect descendant of Cotton Mather — and Elizabeth Hall Mather 
of Essex, Conn. 
Children : 

Marjorie Mather, born July 24, 190-'>. 

Doris May, l)orn March 8, 1906. 

Daughter of Maurice B. and Mary French Bennett 

Mary Elizabeth Bennett was born September 27, 1877, in Cov- 
entry, Conn. In 1884 she removed with her parents to Bristol, 
Conn., where she graduated from the High School in April, 1896. 
In September of the same year, she entered the art department 
of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y., where she studied artfortwo 
years. In the fall of 1898 she secured the position of Supervisor 
of Drawing in the public schools of Middletown, Conn., which 
position she still holds, also holding the same position in the 
Portland and Gildersleeve schools. 


On the following pages are extracts from the records of the 
Connecticut Historical Society and from those of the States of 
Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, giv- 
ing lists of members of the Bennett family who have taken part 
in the various wars that have occurred since the settlement of 
New England. These lists are necessarily incomplete, but they 
will furnish material for any who may desire to go deeper into 
the genealogy of the family than we have gone in this volume. 

Names of Connecticut Bennetts Who Served in the French 
Indian War, 1755-1762 






Daniel, Jr. 
























Connecticut Bennetts Who Served in the Revolutionary War 





Daniel, Jr. 







































Capt. Thaddeus 

Thaddeus 2nd 

Oliver and Rufus 

were at the Wyoming 

Massacre in 1778. 



Connecticut Bennetts Who Served in the War of 1812 

Elijah Abel (3) Abijah 

Andrew Charles G. Daniel 

Eben Ebenezer Eleazer 

Eli Elisha Erastus 

Grafton Isaac Ira 

James James, Jr. James W. 

John (2) Jonathan Joseph T. 

Lewis Munson Oliver 

Origan Ozias M. Philo 

Primous Sherrybiah Stephen 

Thaddeus \V. William Wilson 

Arnold, Joshua and Stephen served in the militia. 
Ashael M., Henry, Hosmer, William and William H. served 
in the Regular Army during the Mexican War. 




Connecticut Bennetts Who Served in 

the Civil War. 1861-65 



Nathaniel W, 


Frederick A. 

Nelson B. 

Abner V. 


Noble H. 


George A. 



George D. 

Oliver G. 

Charles 2nd 

George H. 


Charles G. 

George M. 


Charles H. 

Henry D. 


Daniel G. 

Horatio N. 


Daniel K. 

James E. 




Seth D. 

David P. 


Stewart C. 



Syra P. 

Edgar B. 

John A. 

Theodore F. 

Edgar H. 

John D. 

Thomas B. 


John H. 

Thomas G. 

Edward G. 


Thomas H. 


King G. 


Edwin L. 

Marcus F. 

William C. 



William H. 

Francis J. 


These Served in the Navy 


Francis, Jr. 


James N. 


Perkins C. 

Stephen M. 

William E. 

These Served in the Spanish=American War, 1898=99- 

cis A., Lewis J., Clarence O., Lewis L. and Patrick. 




New York Bennetts 

Who Served in 

the Revolutionary War 




Lieut. Amos 
































Ephraim, Jr. 

, Isaac 




















Rhode Island Bennetts Who Served in the Revolutionary War 





































Massachusetts Bennetts Who Served in the Revolutionary War 
There are on the Revolutionary War records of the tSlate of 
Massachusetts, nearly three hundred of the names Bennett, Ben- 
net, Bennit, who were soldiers and sailors from that State during 
that period. Following are a few of them from the records in the 
office of the Adjutant General : 

Lieut. Bennett Gideon Deliverance 

Jeremiah James Robert 

John Aaron Nehemiah 

James Rola William 

The old records also show that Richard; son of Peter Bennett, 
received pay from the town of Dedham, Mass., for his services in 
King Philip's War in 1676. 


Some Notable Members of the Bennett Family 

Reference lo the encyclopedias shows that several members 
of the Bennett family have become noted in one way or another. 
It is not known what degree of relationship they have borne to 
our branch of the family, but it is thought that brief mention of 
some of them might prove of interest to the possessors of this 

Henry Bennett, Earl of Arlington, a distinguished statesman 
in the reign of Charles II., was born of an ancient family in Mid- 
dlesex, England, in 1618. In the beginning of the civil war he 
was appointed under-secretary to Lord Digby, secretary of state. 
He afterwards entered himself as a volunteer for the royal cause, 
and did the king good service, especially at Andover in Hamp- 
shire, where he was severely wounded. He was made secretary 
to the Duke of York, received the honor of knighthood from 
Charles II. at Bruges in 1658, and was sent as envoy to the court 
of Spain. Upon the return of the king to England he was called 
home, made keeper.of the privy purse, and principal secretary of 
state. In 1670 he was of the council distinguished by the title of 
the Cabal, and one of those who advised the shutting up of the 
exchequer. In 1672 he was made Earl of Arlington and Viscount 
Thelford, and soon after knight of the garter. He died in 1685. 

Sir William Sterndale Bennett was born in 1816 at Shetlield, 
England, where his father was organist. In 1826 he entered the 
Royal Academy of Music and remained a pupil of that institu- 
tion for ten years. He was made musical professor at Cambridge 
and in 1868 principal of the Royal Academy of Music. In 1871, 
he received the honor of Knighthood. He tiled in 1875 and was 
buried in Westminsier Abbey. For the last twenty years of his 
life he was considered the greatest musician in England. 

John Hui^hes Bennett, for twenty-six years professor of the 
institutes of medicine in Edinburgh University, was born in Lon- 
don in 1812. He became an able teacher and his original investi- 
gations gained for him a high place in the history of medicine. 
He died in 1875. 


James Gordon Bennett, founder of the New York Herald, 
was born about 1800 at Newmills in Banflshire, Scotland. Des- 
tined for the priesthood in the Roman Calholie Church, he was 
educated in a seminary at Aberdeen, but it became evident that 
he was naturally unlit for the priestly calling and his aversion 
ripened into a determination to escape from it. The reading of 
Franklin's Autobiograiihy led him to resolve on emigration to 
America and in the spring of 1819 he went to Halifax. After a 
short time he went to Boston and in 1822 located in New York 
City, where he was engaged in journalism for several years. On 
May 6, 1835, he issued the first number of tiie New York Herald, 
which has become one of the best known and most influential 
newspapers in the world. The successful mission of Stanley to 
Central Africa in search of Dr. Livingstone, of whom nothing 
had long been heard, was undertaken by Bennett's desire and at 
his expense, and he thus showed in the last year of his life the 
inextinguishable spirit of enterprise which had animated him 
throughout his whole career. He died in 1872. 

James Gordon Bennett once wrote: "The Bennetts were a 
little band of Freebooters, A. D. 896, in Saxony. I have no doubt 
they robbed and plundered a good deal. They emigrated to 
France and settled on the river Loire, where they lived several 
hundred years. The family was Roman Catholic and later, of 
the Church of England." That Mr. Bennett's statement is true, 
may readily be believed, for one thousand years ago Europe was 
given over to pillage, and the strong showed the weak no consid- 
eration. Perhaps the sturdy Bennett tribe owed its continued 
existence to the fact of its extreme tenacity of purpose and the in- 
ability of others to crush it out. At that time liondon was occu- 
pied by the Danes, Englishmen were herdsmen and cattle-steal- 
ing very much the fashion. This Saxon tribe was probably no 
worse than its neighbors. Be this as it may, the family in Eng- 
land, during the reign of Charles II. had assumed considerable 
importance, a Sir Henry Bennett being private secretary to the 
King.— S. B. Bennett. 


8. a. Bennett of Pittston, Pa., a few years ago published a 
genealogy of his branch of the family, in which he traces his 
ancestry back to Edward Bennett of Weymouth, Mass. Inalet- 
ter to the compiler of this book he says : "I am in receipt of your 
latest letter and .... it substantiates my theory that the 
'Providence Plantation' contained the Bennett Hive, and from 
this they multiplied and swarmed to New York, Pennsylvania, 
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and of course for purposes to 
get a living Rhode Island and Connecticut are practically one. 
The constant repetition of family names is a strong point, espec- 
ially when such an unusual one as Thaddeus. Son of my Great 
Grandfather Ephraim was undoubtedly cousin to some of those 
you mention, and was born along 1750 to 1765, but this is theory 
mainly .... Among the pictures sent are some who have 
the iiennett cast of countenance, notably David, 1783, Eli S., 
1833 and \V. H. B., 1841. I have a picture of my father at about 
70 years ; the resemblance to David is quite striking." 

Other Bennetts mentioned in the encycloj^edias are : Orlan- 
do Bennett, American wrecker, 1818-1880; Richard Bennett, Co- 
lonial Governor of Virginia from 1652 to 1656; Charles Wesley 
Bennett, an American educator, journalist and author, 1828-1891 ; 
Emerson Bennett, an American author, born 1822; Milo Lyman 
Bennett, an American jurist and author, 1790-1868; Thomas W. 
Bennett, an American soldier and statesman, born 1831 ; William 
Zebina Bennett, an American chemist and educator, born 1856 ; 
William Bennett, Bishop of Cloyne, 1745-1820. iS. B. Bennett of 
Pittston, Pa. states that more than one hundred clergymen of 
the Cluirch of England are of the name of Bennett. 

Charles F. Bushnell, Printer, Berlin, Conn.