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University of the State of New York 

Li Jr. Sc^c. 


r^o . / - ") o 

State Library Bulletin 


No. I-20 






Jniversity of the State of New York 


With years of election 

UDD Upson L. H.D. D. D. LL.D. 

Chancellor, Glens Falls 
[ Croswell Doane D. D. LL.D. 

Vice-Chancellor, Albany 
L TowNSEXD M.A. LL.D. - - Troy 
EY M. Depew LL.D. - - - - New York 
> E. Fitch LL.B. M.A. L. H.D. - Rochester 
. Warren D. D. - - - - Syracuse 

AW Reid LL.D. - - _ - New York 
[ H. Watson M.A. M.D. - - - Utica 
E. Turner _ - _ - _ Lowville 
R McKelway L. H.D. LL.D. D.C.L. - Brooklyn 
DN Harris Ph.D. LL.D. - - Albany 
Beach Ph.D. LL.D. _ _ _ Watkins 

. E. Smith LL.D. _ _ _ Syracuse 

. Sexton LL. D. _ _ _ _ Palmyra 

FORD Smith M.A. LL.D. C.E. - Buffalo 
L. Stimson B.A. M.D. _ « _ New York 

ER M alone __----- Brooklyn 
Vander Veer Ph.D. M.D. - - Albany 
3 R. Skinner M.A. LL.D. 

Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio 
I S. Lord M.A. LL.D. _ - _ Brooklyn 
f L. Woodruff M.A. Lieutenant-Governor, ex officio 
RE Roosevelt B.A. LL.D. Governor, ex officio 
McDonough LL.B. LL.D. 

Secretary of State, ex officio 


Elected by regents 

1888 Melvil Dewey M.A. 


Dewey M.A. 

Administrative, State library and Home education 
ussell Parsons jrM. A. College arid High school depots 
iCK J. H. Merrill Ph.D. State museum 


With the exception of no. i, 5, 12 and 18 the following bibliographies have 
been prepared by students of the New York state library school on subjects of 
their own choice, as a condition of g^duation. The title-page of each bibliog- 
raphy gives full contents. 


1 Guide to the study of James Abbott McNeill Whistler. 

Walter Greenwood Forsyth & Joseph Le Roy 
Harrison, '93 i 

2 Reading list; colonial New England. Minnie Cornwell 

Wilson (Mrs G. A. Cragin) '95 15 

3 Select bibliography on travel in North America. 

Charles William Plympton, '91 35 

4 Reading list on the history of the 17th century. Grace 

Fisher Leonard, '95 61 

5 Selection of reference books for use of cataloguers in 

finding full names. New York state library 95 

6 Reading list on Japan. Helen Kilduff Gay, '95 117 

7 Reading list on Venice. Helen Sperry^ '94 137 

8 Reading list of out-of-door books. Harriet Howard 

Stanley, '95 157 

9 Reading list on the Netherlands. Elisabeth Gertrude 

Thorne, '97 181 

10 Reading list on renaissance art of the ijth and i6th 

centuries. Anne Seymour Ames & Elisabeth Parkhill 
Andrews, '97 209 

11 Reading list on history of latter half of 15th century. 

Etheldred Abbot, '97 275 

12 Best books of 1897; with notes. New York state public 

libraries division 309 

13 Fairy tales for children. Frances Jenkins Olcott, '96 337 

14 Index to subject bibliographies in library bulletins to 

Dec. 31, 1897. Alice Newman (Mrs Martin Nacht- 
mann) '95 367 

15 Reading list on Russia. Anna Louise Morse, '97 429 

16 Illustrative material for nature study in primary schools. 

Clara Whitehill Hunt, '98 463 

17 Bibliography of biography of musicians; in English. 

Arthur Low Bailey, '98 493 

18 Best books of 1898; with notes. New York state public 

libraries division 579 

19 College libraries in the United States; contribution 

toward a bibliography. Hugh Williams, '98 607 

20 Reading list on house decoration and furnishing. Ella 

Emilie Miersch, '99 659 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletii 




Walter Greenwood Fortytb 

Joseph Le- Roy Harrison 

UBBABY KOUOOl. KKii'Wll nJll^tii^ iiU 

AmUcm polatt to WUtUn^ Uh. . 

" * 

r or Tiu itrrATB d 


Akbox Jrt>t) IIpmk, D. D., LL D^ ChawsIUir 
WiixiAM Choawbij. Duuc, D. D^ LL. D^ rfoe-£flaniMVtfr 
liKVi t*. MniETOH, LL. b^ GuTariKir 
(!RAHt.K>« T. SAXrms, LL. 1)., LtuUh*u*ot-(?ii7rn»it 
JotfK PAIJIXtt. ScHiKUnr i>f StllU- 

CiuutLfis K. tiKntHEo, M. A.. Sup'tof Pab. Iiwcrocitan 







/n orv&T eftUcUon by tie UgUtatiu 

Maktm L TovRfaaiTR. M. A., U.. D. 
Ahsok J. Diwx, D. D., l.I* D. 
\f iLUAM L. BorrwiuK, M. A. 
CSADWOET M. Dei'kw, I.L D. - 
CuABi^ E. Frrviii. LI- It., M. A. - 
OIUU9 U. Wakkes, D. D. _ . - 

WuiTKLAW Bkim. LL. D. - - - 
WiuiAM U. AVaisow, M. a., M. D. - 
IIkhkv E, Ti'itnitK _ - _ - 
Sf Olaik Mt'K»i,WAr. LL. D. - 
IIaj(ii.tu.<« IIauuu, LL. I>. - 
Damel BiwcH, I'll. I).. LL D - - 

OA&BtiLL E, SmTTH _ _ - - 

PuBY T. Saims, LL D. _ - _ 

T. (JotuoKO Smito, M. a., C. E. - 

W)LUA3l OfflWWBLI. DoArfE. U. D., LL D. - 

Lswis A. STiMacijr, B. A., M. D, - 

SlLVEStBS MajUU|-B _ _ - - 

AutEIR VA<tDBSyxKK,K. t>^rb. p. ' 


KUx^ hy the reg^ntt 
1683 Melvil Dowet. M. A., Seerelary 


Ciena Fnlla 


New York 



New York 









Now York 




University of the State of New York 

state Library Bulletin 

BibUography No. 1 May 1806 



Whistler was born, according to liis own statement, in St Peters- 
burg, Russia, of American parents ; according to Cliamplin's 
Cyclopedia of painters and jHiinfings^ Lippincott's liioyraphical 
dictionary and Appleton's Cyclopedia of American hioyraphy \\\ 
Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1834. Mr Theodore C'hild in his article 
in Harper* 8 magazine of September, 18S9, gives the artist's birth- 
place as Baltimore, and a i)ersonal friend declares that he was born 
in Stonington, Connecticut. It is said that Whistler delights in 
keeping up the mystery of his nativity. His father was Major 
George Washington Whistler, an engineer of wide reputation. His 
mother was Anna Matilda McNeill, a daughter of Dr 0. D. 
McXeill, of Wilmington, X. C 

Several years of Whistler's early youth were spent in Russia; 
his father, in 1842, having accepted the invitation of Emperor 
Nicholas to superintend the construction of the St IY»tersburg and 
Moscow railroad. Young Whistler came to America shortly after 
his father's death in St I^etersburg, in April, 1849. 

In 1851, at the age of 10 years and 11 months, he entered the 
United States military academy, at West Point, receiving his 
appointment as a delegate at large from President Fillmoiv. 

His career at the academv was unsuccessful. At the end of his 
first year his rank was 42 in a class of CO. In his second vear he 
was absent on account of ill health, and was examined in only one 
subject, drawing, in which he obtained the highest possible mark. 
At the June examinations, 1854, his third year, he was found 
deficient, and recommended for discharge. Throughout the three 
years of his course Whistler's name appears in the West Point 



Register very near the foot of the general demerit and conduct 
rolls of his class. 

It is not without interest to note that Major Marcus A. Reno, 
who was dismissed from the United States army in 1S80, owing to 
the official censure of his conduct during the Custer expedition 
of 1876 against the Sioux Indians, was one of Whistler's classmates. 

In less than two years after leaving West Point, Whistler went 
to England, to remain, however, only for a short time. 

In 1856, he was settled in Paris and hard at work in the studio 
of the famous genre painter, Charles Gabriel Gleyre, where he 
remained for two years and where he began in earnest his life's 
work. Among his fellow students were George Du Maurier, Mr 
Armstrong and Edward John Poynter, R. A., author of the 
nmch discussed painting, Diadumene. 

In 1859 and 1860, Whistler's paintings were refused at the Paris 

Whistler settled in London in 1863, taking up his residence on 
the Embankment, and beginning at once to draw his subjects from 
scenes most nearly at hand, the life of the Thames. 

It was in this same year, 1863, that he made a second attempt to 
have his pictures hung in the Paris salon. They were rejected, but 
the Salon des Refuses accepted them, thereby enabling him to 
appeal against the judgment of the critics who had refused him 
recognition. Among the accepted pictures was the White girl. It 
did more for Whistler than make a sensation. It caused Paris to 
speak of him as one of the " original " artists of the day. 

In 1877, Whistler exhibited a collection of his works at the 
Grosvenor gallery, London, on invitation of its owner, Sir Coutts 

In November, 1878, Whistler brought suit against Ruskin on the 
ground that Ruskin had libeled him in a criticism on one of his 
pictures exhibited at the Grosvenor gallery, called A nocturne in 
black and gold ; a night view of Cremorne, with fireworks. The 
criticism complained of appeared in Fora Claviyera^ and is as 
follows : 

" For Mr Whistler's own sake, no less than for the protection of 
the purchaser. Sir Coutts Lindsay ought not to have admitted works 
into the gallery in which the ill educated conceit of the artist so 


nearly approached the aspect of wilful imposture. I have seen and 
heard much of cockney impudence before now, but never expected 
to hear a coxcomb ask 200 guineas for flinging a pot of paint in the 
public's face." 

Whistler claimed that this criticism had injurea the sale of his 
paintings; Ruskin that it was simply a iaiv eiud bf ma Jide cnticism 
on a painting which the plaintiff had exposed for public view. 

The jury rendered a verdict against Ruskin, and placed the dam- 
ages at one farthing. 

In 188G Whistler was made president of the Society of British 

On January 30, 1892, he was created an officer of the Legion of 
Honor by the French govennnent. 

Whistler has now, 1892, deserted England as he did America, 
and spends nuxst of his time in Paris, where he receives more atten- 
tion and where his works are more favorably criticized than in any 
other of the .great art centers. 


Mr Whistler has always an electric manner, one feels it at once. 
It is specially notable when he is standing at his easel with brain, 
hand and eye all working in perfect sym])athy, inspired by the joy 
and difficulty of his art. — Illustrated news^ Apr. 9, 1892, p. 348 

He is a harum scarum genius ; keeps none of his work, makes no 
records, gives no help to any one who wants to help him ; generally 
makes no answers to letters. 

. . . for I had hoped ... to have listened to his delightful 
talk, which, though gay, witty and alert, is always simple, serious 
and dignified when referring to the art he loves so well and prac- 
tises with so sure a mastery. — Illustrated newSj Apr. 9, 1892, 
p. 348 


Etchings (arranged, as far as knuwn, chronologically) 

1 Early portrait of Whistler, 1857 (?) 7 Unsafe tenement 

2 Annie Haden, 1857 (?) 8 Dog on the kennel 
8 Dutchman holdinij the glass 9 I^a Mere GJemrd 

4 Llverdun (Near Toiil, in Lorraine) 10 I^ M^re Grerard stooping 

5 La Re fameuse 1 1 Street at Saverne 

6 £n plein soleil 12 Gretchen at Heidelberg 



18 Little Arthur 

14 Lh Vieille aux Loques 

15 Anuie 

16 La marchande de moutarde 

17 The rai? gatherers 

18 Fumette 

19 The kitchen 

20 Title to the French set, 1858 

21 Auguste Delatre 

22 A little boy (Portrait of Seymour 

Hadcn, the younger) 

28 Seymour 

24 A.nnie; seated 

26 Reading by lamplight 

26 The music room 

27 Soupe d trois sous 

' 28 Bibi Valentin, 1859 

29 Reading in bed 

80 Bibi Lalouette, 1859 
31 The wine glass 

82 Greenwich pensioner, 1859 

83 Greenwich park 

84 Nursemaid and child 

35 Thames warehouses, from Thames 
tunnel pier. 1859 

86 Westminster bridge. 1859 

87 Limehouse, 1859 

88 A whark (Unfinished sketch) 

89 Tyzac, Whiteley and co., 1859 

40 Black Lion wharf. 1859 

41 The pool, 1859 

42 Thames police. 1859 

43 Long -shore men. 1859 

44 The lime burner, 1859 

45 Billingsgiite. ia59 

46 Landscape with the horse, 1859 

47 Arthur Seymour (Arthur Sey- 

mour Iladen) 

48 Becquet (Known also as "The 


49 Astruc, a literary man, 1859 

This etchinfjf is the dry point portrait often 
known as '' Pavis *' 

60 Fumette standing. 1859 

51 Famette's bent head 

52 Whistler (the artist), 1859 
63 Drouet. 1859 

54 Finetto (A public dancer) 

55 Paris: the Isle de la (Mte. 1869 
(View looking along the Seine) 

66 Venus, 1869 

67 Annie Haden, I860 

68 Mr Mann, 1860 

69 Sketch at Limehouse (Unfinished) 

60 Rotherhithe 

61 Axenfcld, 1860 

62 The engraver, 1860 

63 The forge, 1861 

64 Joe, 1861 

65 The miser 

66 Vauxhall bridge. 1861 

67 Millbank. 1861 

68 The puut, 1861 

69 Sketching 

70 Westminster bridge in progress 

(Unfinished) 1861 

71 Little Wapping, 1861 

72 The little pool, 1861 

73 Tiny pool 

74 Rat^liffe highway 

75 Encamping, 1861 

76 Ross Winnns 

77 The Storm. 1861 

78 Little Smithfield 

79 C^odogan pier 

Called ''Early morning, Batteraea** 

80 Old Hungerford bridge 

81 Chelscii wharf, 1863 

82 Amstertiam; etched from the Tol- 

huis. 1868 

83 Wearv. 1833 

84 Shipping at Liverpool, 1867 

85 Chelsea bridge and church 

86 Speke hall, 1870 

87 Model resUng. 1870 

88 Whistler's mother 

89 Swan brewery, 1872 

90 Fosco, 1872 

91 Velvet dress (Portrait of Mrs Ley- 

hind) 1873 

92 Little velvet dress. 1873 

93 F. R. Leyland 

94 Fanny Leyland, 1873 

95 Elinor Leyland 

96 Florence Leyland 

97 Reading a book 

98 Tatting 

99 Maude 

100 Maude, seated, 1873 

101 The beach, 1873 

rNiTKRsmr of thk state of new yokk 

lOa Tillle; a model. 1873 

103 Seated girt 

104 The desk (UnUDiahcd) 
103 Iteeting 

lOa Agnt-B 

107 Model Ijiog dowD 

108 Two Bketclies 

109 Tin: iKiy 

110 Swiuhurne (Algernon CharleBSwlo- 

bunie the poel) 

111 A liuiy at n wiudow 

112 CUild on a couch 

118 Sketch of a Ki'l; "ti*l^ 

114 StuniiiboHtB off the t«wer 

115 The little forge. 1875 
lie Tvo Rhipa, 1875 

117 Thepiftoo 

118 Scutch widow, 1875 
110 Spcke shore 

laO Dam Wood. 1875 

121 Shipbuilder's yanl. 1875 

123 Guitnr plnyer (Portrait of Ridley, 

the urtUt) 
laS Liindim bridge 
la-l IViee'B cnuiil*! works 
123 Biittefw:*; dawn 
I2R Tliti mutt 

127 Hketcti of ships 

128 Itlversidc sketch (UnHoishcd) 

129 Tli« trembled Tliami-s 

130 Sketi-b from Billingflgnte 

131 Flailing- boa W, [lastings, 1877 

132 W.vtli BtrcHi. 1877 

133 Temple Bur 

184 PriTtraiie whiirf. 1877 

Sometimes callrd Ihe UUW llmehouM 
135 Tliames towards Erilh 
ISn L<nds.iy houses. 1>478 
13T From I'lLklid Hirring Slaire 
188 I>or<i Wotseley 

139 Irviug as CharlcK First 

From 111'* ijuiniin); (if thesamexuhject 

140 St .h.iiicsHtrert 

141 Vn^lv Ikltersi-a bridge 

142 Whistler, with the whlU-IiK-k. 18T9 

143 The large pool, 1879 

144 The "Adam and Eve; " Old Chelsea 

145 Putney bridge 

140 The Little Putney. 18TB 

147 Hurlingham 

148 Pulham 

140 The little Venice, 1880 

150 Nocturne 

151 The little mast 

152 The little lagoon 

153 The psiai-ca 

154 The doorway 

155 The piaiJietta 
ISII The traghetto 
137 The riva 

158 Two doorways 

159 The beggars 

160 The mast 

161 Dimrway and Tine 

162 Whetlwrighl 

103 San Riiigio 

104 B<^^^i<l stringers 
165 Turkeys 

106 Fruit stall 

167 San Giorgio 

168 Nocturne palaces 
100 I^ng lagoou 

170 Temple 

171 Tlie bridge 

173 Uprif;lit Venice 

173 Little court 

174 r.<>lt8tpr pots 

175 The rivn; number two 

176 !>niry Line 

177 Tilt balcony 

178 Fishing -boat 

179 Ponte Plovan 

180 Garden 

181 The Itiiilto 

182 I/iug Venice 

184 Quiet canal 
18.') Salute: dawn 

186 Ijigoon; noon 

187 Murano; glass furnace 

188 Fish shop; Venice 

189 Tlic dyer 

190 Uttle salute 
101 Wool-canlers 

192 Regent's quadrant 

193 Islands 

194 Nocturne: shipping 

195 Old women 



196 Alderaey street 

197 The smithy 

198 Stables 

199 Nocturne: salute 

200 Dordrecht 

201 A corner of the P&lais royal 

202 Sketch at Dieppe 
208 A booth at a fair 

204 Cottage door 

205 Village sweet shop 

206 The seamstress 

207 Sketch in St James's park 

208 A fragment of Piccadilly, 1885 

209 Old clothes shop 

210 Fruit shop 

211 Sketch on the Embankment 

212 The Men pes children 
218 The steps 

214 Fish shop, Chelsea 

215 Zaandam 

This list of etcliings is taken from Mr Wedmore's catalog, which 
was kindly loaned for the purpose by Mr S. P. Avery, of New 
York city. The catalog supplies almost a complete list of Whistler's 
etchings from 1S57, when, as a young man in Paris, he issued his 
first plate, to 1886, and is an invaluable aid to the collector or 
student of Whistler. It gives under each subject a full description 
of the etching, as far as possible the date of its execution, size, 
exact signature, and other means of identification, proofs and 
impressions, rarity, etc. 

Mr Wedmore's catalog is also an excellent guide to Mr Avery's 
Whistler collection, which contains all the etchings mentioned in it, 
except nos. 56, 88, 98, 97, 99, 104-11, 113, 119, 127, 129, 133, 138, 
139, 189, 191, 194, 19S, 202, 204, 205, 207, 210-12, and 214. 

Collections of Whistler's etchings hang in the Queen's library at 
Windsor and in the British nmseum. 


Whistler is the author of four series of plates, known as the 
French sety Thauies seU Venice sety Jirst series and Venice set^ 
se^}n<l series. The works which make up these sets are as follows : 

French set, 13 etchings, 1858, printed by Delatre, Paris: 

I^a Re famcuse 
£n plein solcil 
Unsafe tenement 
La Mere Gerard 
Street at Saverae 
Little Arthur 

La vieille aux loques 


Ia marchaude du moutarde 

Th«' kitchen 

Title to the French set 

Augiiste Delatre 

Thames set, IG etchings, publicly issued in 1871 (printing not 
snccessfnl) : 

Thami'S warehouses, from the Thames Westminster bridge 
tunnel pier Limehouse 


Tyzac, Whiteley and co. The forge 

Black lion wharf Millbank 

The pool The little pool 

Thames police Codogan pier 

The lime burner Old Hungerford bridge 

Becquet Chelsea bridge and church 


Venice set, first series, 12 etchings, 1880, issued by the Fine art 
society : 

The little Venice The piazzetta 

Nocturne The traghetto 

The little mast The riva 

The little lagoon Two doorways 

The palaces The beggars 

The doorway The mast 

Venice set, second series, 26 etchings, 21 Venetian subjects, five 

English subjects, 1886, issued by Dowdeswell : 

Doorway and vine Lobster pots 

Wheelwright The riva. number two 

San Hiagio Drury lane 

Bead stringers The balcony 

Turkeys Fisliing boat 

Fruit stall Ponte Piovan 

San Giorgio Garden 

Nocturne palaces The Rialto 

Long lagoon Long Venice 

Temple Furnace nocturne 

The bridge Quiet canal 

Upright Venice Salute ; dawn 

Little court Lagoon ; noon 


The angry sea Great fire wheel, 1883 

Arrangement in brown Harmony in amber and black 

At the piano, 1867 Harmony in brown and black, 1884 

The balcony: arrangement in flesh color A Japonaiserie: caprice in purple and 

and green. No. 2 gold 

Blue girl, 1882 Lange Leizen — of the six marks; an 

The blue wave; Biarritz arrangement of Japanese drapery and 

Coast of Brittany. 186:3 china 

Entrance to Southampton water, 1882 Last of Old Westminster, 1863 

The falling rocket Little SweetstufF shop: note in orange 

Fragment of old Battersea bridge by Little white girl 

moonlight: nocturne in blue and Night view of Cremorne, with fireworks: 

silver, 1882 nocturne in black and gold 

Gold girl, 1878 Nocturne in black and silver 


Nocturne in blue and gold. 187H Portrait of mj mother: arraDgement in 

Nocturne in blue and green, 1878 • gray and black, 1872 

Nfx:tun»c with the falling rocket Portrait of Seftor Pablo Sarasate: ar- 

Nocturne with ValparaiHO liarbour rangement in black 

The Pacific: arrangement in gray and Portrait of Miss Spartali in a Japanese 

green costume 

Portrait of Miss Alexander: hannony Portrait of Ross Whistler, 1862 

in gray and green, 1888 Portrait of Thomas I). Whistler. 1862 

Portrait of Lady Archibald Campbell: Portrait of himself 

arrangement in black, 1888 Princesse du pays de la porcelaine, 1865 

Portrait of Thomas C'arlyle: arrange- St Clark's, Venice; blue and gold 

ment in black and gray. 1872' Sea and rain 

Portrait of Miss Kosa Corder: arrange- Symphony in white. No. 3 

ment in brown and black View of the river at Chelsea; blue and 

Portrait of Henry Irving as Philip 2, of silver 

Spain: armngement in black Westminster bridge, 1863 

Portrait of Lady Meux White girl, 1862 

Of tlie paintings mentioned, tlie Arrangement in brown, Frag- 
ment of 01(1 Battersea bridge. Harmony in aml>er and black, Night 
view of (vremorne, Noctnrne in bine and gold, Portrait of Carlyle 
and Portrait of Irving were exhibited at the Grosvenor gallery ; 
Portrait of my mother and At the piano, at the Royal academy ; 
the Portrait of Carlyle, Portrait of my mother and Princesse du 
pays de la porcelaine, at the Paris salon, and the Portrait of Miss 
Alexander and the Portrait of Lady Campbell, at Munich. The 
balcony was exhibited at the l^aris universal exhibition of 1889, and 
the White girl at the Salon des Refuses. Whistler has also exhib- 
ited his works in the Dudley gallery and at the Hague, where he 
was awarded a gold medal. 

The Portrait of my mother was recently purchased by the Lux- 
embourg gallery, Paris, and the Portrait of Carlyle, by the corpo- 
ration of Glasgow. 


Ten o'clock. Boston, 1888 The gentle art of making enemies 

New York, 1890 


It is almost impossible to class Mr Whistler with any particular 
Bchool. "His work'' . . . says Mr Brownell, "is . . . 
now accepted as tyj)ical, and made to stand for a class of art, or at 
least a manner of jminting, of which the friends and foes are ardent 
and fluent." What this class is it is hard to say. He is most nearly 


associated, perhaps, with the impressionist school, yet he is not an 
impressionist in the strict sense of the word. 

*• The impressionists," says Mr Hamerton, " are a new sect, com- 
posed, as all new sects in painting invariably are, of young men who 
have not yet definitely formed their styles. . . They go to 
nature and receive an impression . . . and the purpose of their 
art is to render the impression as a whole, without either the pain- 
ful 8tudy of parts or any scientific arrangement of material." " In 
other words," quoting Mr Brownell again, " impressionism implies, 
first of all, impatience of detail. And, so far, Mr Whistler may 
justly be called an impressionist. . . But to associate him with 
a new sect, composed of young men who have not yet definitely 
formed their style, would l>e absurd ; and an intimation that his works 
are lacking in the study of parts or arrangement of material, would 
be false." 


Perhaps the most typical painter and the most absolute artist of 
the time. — Seribner^s mo7ithly^ 18 :495 

His etchings are universally praised ; but his paintings are both 
abused and admired. — Infernatlonal cyclopaedia 

Nothing can be more foreign to his art then set purposes ; the song 
of a bird is not more absolutely unconscious. — Scrihner'*8 montJily^ 
18 : 488 

It would be difficult to find a better example of a pure painter, 
a painter to whom art is so distinct a thing in itself, and so unre- 
lated to anything else. — Scrlhier^B monthly^ 18 : 487 

Mr Whistler's etchings attract a good deal of attention, and differ 
from his paintings in meriting it. They display a free hand and a 
keen eye for effect. Three of the oil pictures are blurred, foggy, 
and imperfect marine pieces. The fourth is called the " White 
girl,'' and represents a powerful female with red hair, and a vacant 
stare in her soulless eyes. She is standing on a wolfskin hearthnig, 
for what reason is unrecorded. The picture evidently means vastly 
more than it expresses, albeit expressing too nmch. Notwithstand- 
ing an obvious want of purpose, there is some boldness in the hand- 
ling and a singularity in the glare of the colors which can not fail 
to divert the eye, and to weary it. — H. T. Tuckekman, Book of 
the ArtistSj p. 485 


Tlie qualities of few painters are so distinct, and indeed one is 
tempted to say aggressive. Every one will perceive in liis slightest 
etcliiiig an effectiveness, an inipressiveness, a form which may or 
may not justly be called eccentric, but which it is impossible not to 
recognize as original. — Scn'bner^s monthly^ IS : ^S(S 

One can scarcely be as admirable in all ways as Mr Wliistler is, 
and still touch the highest point in any one way. — Serihner^s 
monthly^ 18:495 

Mr Whistler, in prose, is always pungent. Mr Whistler, in art, 
is always suggestive in more ways than one. — Neio York tribune^ 
Mar. 20, 1892, p. 14, col. 6 

Mr Whistler's suggestiveness is felt in the moods which his 
etchings call up. It is this expressiveness, this going directly to the 
core of the subject, this giving its fullest meaning to every line laid 
on the copper, which discloses in Mr Whistler's best work his 
affinity with Rembrandt and shows him to be an artist quickly 
responsive to human feeling. — S. R. Kokhler, Etehimj^ p. 102 

For with Mr Whistler's equipment, and energy and genius, the 
surprising thing about him is that there should bo any discussion 
concerning his position as a painter, that he should not have vindi- 
cated his ability by something of unmistakably large importance. — 
Scrihner'^s monthly^ 18:495 

And the nature of his ideal is singularly pure and high. It is 
this which, after all, finally measures an artist, the character of his 
ideal, his attitude toward absolute beauty, his conception of what is 
best in the visible world and the world that is to be divined. — 
Scrihner'*8 monthly^ 18 : 488 

Portrait of his mother. In the latter of the two portraits to 
which I have already referred (that of his mother), there is an 
expression of living character, an intensity of pathetic power, which 
gives to that noble work something of the impressiveness proper to 
a tragic or elegiac poem. — A. C. Swinburne, Fortnightly revieto^ 
49 : 745 

White gfirl. The White girl is certainly a lovely picture, but its 
loveliness has a marked individuality. Nothing could be more 
delightful than the simplicity and delicacy of line and hue of this 
figure, nothing more graceful than her attitude, or more subtly 
charming than the broad harmonies worked out by the dark hair 


and the lily, the wliite drapery, and the soft fur upon which she 
stands. On the other hand, no one can fail to note the sense of 
character which pervades its loveliness, and to observe how its 
individuality is quite as strong as its beauty is charming. — W. C. 
Brownell, Scrihner^s monthly^ 18:490 


The books and magazines referred to can be found in the New York state 
library, except those starred. 

In ref(;rcnces to periodicals, volume and page are separate by a colon; e. g. 
8: 144-.53 means vol. 8, beginning on page 144, ending on page 153. 

Academy 23: 139. 
* American architect 22 : 258. 
Annual register 1878, pt. 2, p. 215. 
Art journal 41 : 18 (Jan. 1879) ; 41 : 63 (Apr. 1879) ; 49 : 97 (Apr. 

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American artists at the Paris exhibition. 
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(Apr. 14, 1892). 
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col. 2; Jan. 17, 1889, p. 6, col. 4; Feb. 25, 1889, p. 2, col. 5; 

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20, 1892, p. 14, col. 6. 
Portfolio 9 : 8 (1878) illus. ; 18 : 61 (1887) ; 23 : 88 (1892). 


Saturday review 46 : 687 ; 55 : 241 ; (^ : 621. 
Scribuer's monthly 18: 481 (Aug. 1879), illus. W: C. Brownell. 
Whistler in painting and etching. 
♦Thomas, Ralph. Catalog of Whistler's etchings, 1874. 
(Superseded by Wedmore's catalog.) 
Tuckerinan, II. T. Book of the artists, p. 485. 
*Vose, (jeorge L. Sketch of the life and works of George W. 

*Wedmore, Frederick. Whistler's etchings, a study and a catalog. 
London, 1886. Limited to 140 copies; the first 14 on very 
large paper. 

* Four masters of etching. 

Westminster review 130 : 202. 

University of the State of New York 

Object. The object of the I'nivewity nn rtilined liy law is U> encourage and 
promotu education in advance of the cumniou elementary braachoii. Its Ileld 
includes nut only the noric nf aiudctnies, collui^cs, Hnivenutii;^, iirufcHsinnal and 
technical sebnoln hnt als>) (^lueatioDal work conDccted with lihntrius, museums, 
univerdty extension courses anil similar afrencien. 

Tlie University is a suiMTvisory and admioistrative, not a teaeiiing institution. 
It U u alutc dc[iiir(mcut niul at the lume time a tiiieratiou of more ttian WW insti- 
tutions of higher and secondary cdm.-attitn. 

OOTemment. The I'Tiiverwity is go'''Tncil and all its corporitle {Kiwcrti exer 
cised hy lU elii'tive resenta and liy tlie governor, lieutenant -go vi-rnor. Si-crirtitry 
of statu an<l superintendent of pulilic instruction who an- fj- "jglnn resrents. 
Itef^ents are elected in the xauic munner as l'nitc<I S(ati« HcnHtors; they aro 
nnsaluried and are thi- only public iiUlecrs in New Votic chosen for life. 

The elective otlt<.-er« are a chanijcllur and a vice-chancellor who serve without 
salary, and a s«<cretary. 

The secn-Urj-, under offlcisl bomis for 310,001), i.s n-apnnsiMc for the safe k-cp- 
ing aiid proper uite of the Tulvinvity si-al and of Ihr: brniks, reciirds and other 
projierly in ehHrge of ihc re^entx, and for the proper adrainistmtion and di«;i- 
pline of its VHiioiis oDlces and dcpartmLiils. 

Powers and dutiaa. Bi-sidc many other iniportant imwcM and duties, the 
regents have power to Incor|ion(Ie, anil to alter i>r revoke ilie eliHrter:* of univer- 
sities, collcKiv. ncademies. libraries, niusi'iims. or other educational insiilutioDs; 
to distribute to tlicm funds granted by (he state for their use: to inspect their 
workings and n-qiilre auuual reports utulur oath of Iheir [iresidioi; olUi'crs; to 
esiabtish eznrainations ns toattainnieuls in learning and confer on siici-^s-^fiil I'uuili- 
dates suitable cert i lien tes. diplomas and degrees, and to confer honomry d[-;;r(^-s. 

Tliey apiHirtion aunuulty an academic fuiitlof $I(K).0IH>. |iart for buyiut; InHikn 
and apporalui for academies and high schook raisin;; an eipml amount for the 
lanie pur|K>se. and the remainder on tlie basis of attendance and llie n-siills of 
Instrueti'in ai shown by satis Victory completiiin of cmiru's for which 
the ng.-iil-i examiuatldus alfonl Ihi' olllcial t«.t. They ulsu expend annually 
$M.i>in for the benefit of tree |iublie libraries. 

BegenU me«tiiig:s. Itegular iiUHilerly mii-tings are held on the fourth 
Tbiirsilaya ot November. Pebruary and M^y. Sikh ial meetings are hiilit whiiO- 
CTcr biidoess requires. 

OonTOCAtiOD. The University ci>ncfHitlion ot the n-gents and the ofBeiTS of 
inatiliitionx in Hie University. forii.iL-.iderulit>u of subjii-t* of mutual inlerest. him 
been held annually sini.-e IHat in tlie s.iiale chamber in AllMiiiy on Ihe llrst Wed 
nesday. Thunwlay and Friduy after .July 4. 

Though primarily a New Yorit mci-ting, neariy all questions are of 
equal Interest otiiside tlie state. Itsn-putuIiotiMi^ihe ni'"^ important higher edu- 
eallonal mei-tiug of tlie country has In Ihe \m.>X few years drawn to Ii many i^nn 
nent iilueators not residents of New York, who arc most ciinliAlly welcomed and 
share fully in all discussions. It eh-cts each year a council of Ove to represent it 
In intervals t>etween meetings. Its proceedings issued annually are of great 
value in all educational libraries. 

Uaivemtr of tfae State of New York 

1 AdniiiiitntiT* <11c;anu odhx) — kncludbifr tacorpontloti, •upcrrltinii, 
iM|ini<lnu. trimrt*. Ugbhttdn. flnanrf mmI all oiberwuch axual^Lil bi KtnAlmr 

IlujJiiVIr dfrtWPn. TUj It B !(«{« clMlin; lbi>U3l>, l« wUcti aPT lui^tiixloB In 
tbii ITr^lvcniir nuf lenil l*j«la •ir up)i*mij* wbtrJi U nu Innger nfiiulnv. uhI 
wtKt rn.<tu it ID return kd ri]iui| tjilDc Ruilinl to Itn localitjr nai! Decdi. 

fi Bxamiiualoa — Im-IiuJUic pKtnrEultnnl' . 1*« •ludajnt. tii^UrA) (tuOvni, 
MwUmtli . bij^i-r, law. aiMUcaJ. Ulirari'. eiifUainu uiil atiy iiltii-rciaiiiluMiitus niU' 
dnctMl t'j thii Kurnu. •(>(] iilw i-nxli-oibu nt dugnie* conftmil on lEKamituUun. 

Tha«uunlDiitk>MaTrci»i)>lurtqdutli«bMt lo*cr fommrtoxIwUor tcort (nuD 
Indus* DDil twire erMduailt uiil istnUimuta ttudy rrnm «Uiiliu)U, uxl u tlic beM 
IBHM* of iliiUntiog awl climlaalinK iDclBi'lcDt toii^m or mrUiod*. l^rc Dftmr 
IW «ibj«c1* kDd Trtgotm nrariy l.dtm.iyN) i|U<-f4loci (■npi'is uouJlr. uod kra ItoM 
Uw w»k iukUdk (be lui FrtiUj- in Jtumu'y wil Huvb viil Uie Uilnl Friitoy In 
Jiin*. In ihi<4IHI>u>di!iiilB»Koi)liI){l> tn-JiiMililiillirroivcniiywid nlM M vxrliiw 
ceninl poloU wborv tberc arc ID ur m<iii' i»iulhUt(«. 

8 XxtmaUm — iiu-ludloK ■■lOBier. raraiinu. (^rAlny and rurreipnaiimm 
tLboult will (Aliin ftwiua uf latiuiun tuw-Ji liij; , iM'tuio niuraw, ■ttiil)' cluln, n«il- 
lactdrtJa»iu)iloUiBrfteencli!»f<jrtlM!(imnntiot>ac>il wltlvrtsleMlonor uppnrtu- 
uUiM And fki^llUis tia educBtloD, oimdMlly tot Ukhc unthlc lonuiail the iohbI 
taHdilPK iDStlntttiHM. 

AtU<'« liintria ditititin. Tu pfmnt-tr Uic gtSDHpl Itlmty tntereM* iif Ute nUte, 
wUcb ihmujtli it iDpctula 9Q0,'>')(l a yur tor Uio bmejlt of fra: piiliUc libmic*. 
ITlidpr lie clurii* nn- tlie iraTidlnf! lltinrtM Im tetidln^ u> local tItirariM ur (ii cnm- 
oiluilUu uoi jtt tufinf peiUMDL'iU libmriiSL 

Till? BiiMit ItniMiKaiil fviot nf tlir «<tl«n«Hia mnreiDi'al (% iwnvldoa of ll>n tioK 
tBulIiif fur nil dUiun* t>y dibuis [>f UbvpUdk, Iiimm nud nptUil tlbnrtM aad 
uioolatul iwU Uuoucl* ^f pul>II<: IlUnriut illiidan. 

4 Stata litir&rjr — lndudln( ttoi* Uw, ntii'tlcal. oad education lihrvifs, 
lllintry tchiinl. tiitillDj^iibk pubURaUiw, tendlD^ luMfca tu diidtiita ud tlmllar 
Otmr^ lnt«vat«. 

LUirarjf mAmI Tlir taw aiiUwirirna ibti cutit Ubrax? Xo ^rn to nof Wiyeuita, 
a«Utiin(. or uihi-r |>erHifl liitiri^inl In uiir lllinry la llu< Mali;, IntuurtioB and 
UiiatUii'e la MuaJiltlog aul admiDiatoriai; lllnriis. titudeati r«t«lf d Inun the 
•lair UliruT ituff. Id n-uim lor Barrlri* nnxlMrou to tUr Ubrvr dui1uj> Uitlr twn 
ytiiTi' niune nrrlu] ttxlulng In oiial<igtuK> <Jaa«ilkitIaa aad iill atfau ddika iif 
{'[UltMlimitl libntiianiibip. 

8 tA»%» muamuB _ It.-i—'^v - ■ 'i . . ■-.-.i.i, ....i r.-,il»v,(|nM. work* 

nf arv. vbirrui nf lit-.-i : .'r ti> a ^-iwtnl 

CDUwum, If uimtd I'; i; irr* spoonic 

■hw; aim tl 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 








Colonial New England iai.e i History of the 17th century iac.i. 

Alibreviations 19 | Al»l>r<'vi:uiMii<; 63 

Authorities roferrccl to 19 ' riincipal calaloijiics an-.l imloxes 

General lii.-»l">ry 21 croiiMiltcM 64 

kcfcrciui.-s.i 23 I Ili-^t'-.ry nutlin-- m* ilu- 17th cen- 

Rcliniou- hi>ii)ry an«l I'l'stTvarues. 23 ' tury 65 

AVitclitTaft... 25 ! Outline of tlic piiJiiical hi:t<«ry (15 

l^ioj^rajihy 20 ■ IvekTtnrt-i 23 

LiliTauire 2S | (Jennany. Austria an-l the nnrl!i of 

A rehi lecture ami furniture 28 : luitDpe 

Description •» 29 i I\ri«i-1 "f^.o year.' war. Cleneral 

Pocnis, >t«'ries an" 1 novels 31 | hisi^TJc-; 69 

Travel in North America j I.,mi..'.-n!.i..s 73 

Abbrcvi.iti(«ns 37 j S'.ais.lin.ivi.i 73 

North Amerira 37 ' Au.*tri:i 74 

j»riti'-h Aiiieriea ^is , Ku-.%:a 74 

Mexico 40 ' r«»'-.:t:!s, .]:;inia: an 1 n-'V* Is 74 

Central Anserica 41 Kn:;lan«l. ScMtlaml ;in«l IreKiml.... 75 

AVest Intlies 42 ^ JiranuN, novels an« I poums S3 

L' nit •.".1 states* 44 I Tranie 84 

North Atlantic >t:Ues 47 " I>raina.s an^J ntivels 88 

South Atlantic ^t.ite-. 53 . Italy 88 

South central or (Julf>tates 55 | Novels ar.«l poenis 88 

North ccntial or Lake stales.. 55 Spain 89 

\V<j>tern or Mountain hiato.> . . 56 I America 89 

Taci tic states 58 ' Poem ■> and ni* vols 91 



Lii4raHg7-aooo Prfce 10 CefltS 


Anson JuDD Upson, D. D., LL. I)., L. H. D., Chancellor 
William Croswell Doank, D. D., LL. D., Vice-Chancellor 
Frank S. Ulack, B. A., Governor 
Timothy L. \V<i()druff, M. A., Lieutenant-Governor 
John Palmer, Secretary of State | 

Charlks R. Skinner, M. A., LL. D., Sup't of Pub. Inst. J 

Ex officio 

In order of election by the legislature 


1873 Martin L Townsend, M. A., LL. D. - - 

1874 Anson Judd Upson, I). D., LL. D., L. H. D. - 
1877 Chauncev M. Depew, LL. D. - - - - 
1877 Charles E. Fitch, LL. B., M. A., L. H. D. - 

1877 Orris H. Warren, I). I). - - _ - - 

1878 WiiriELAw Rkid, LL, D. - - - - 
1881 Wiij.iAM IL Watson, M. A., M. D. - - - 
1881 Henry E. Turner - - - - . 
1883 St Clair McKelway, M. A., LL. D., L. H. D., D. C. L. 
1885 Hamilton Harris, Ph. D., LL. D. - - 

1885 Daniel Beach, Ph. D., LL. D. - - 
1888 Carroll E. Smith, LL. D. - - - - 
1890 Pliny T. Sexton, LL. D. - - - - - 
1890 T. Guilford Smith, M. A., C. E. - - 

1892 William Croswell Doane, D. D., LL. D. - - 

1893 Lewis A. Stimson, B. A., M, D. - - - 

1894 Sylvester Malone ------ 

1895 Albert Vander Veer, M. D., Ph. D. - - 
1897 Chester S. Lord, M. A. - - - - - 


Glens Falls 

New York 



New York 










New York 




Elected by the regents 
1888 Melvil Dewey, M. A., Secretary - 

- Albany 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 





Minnie Cornwell Wilson 
CLASS OF 1895 



Abbreviations 19 

Authorities referred to 19 

Principal indexes and catalogues 

consulted 20 

General history 21 

References 23 

Religious history and observances. 23 

Religious history 24 


Religious observances 24 

Witchcraft 25 

Biography 26 

Literature 28 

Architecture and furniture 28 

Descriptions 29 

Descriptive references 31 

Poems, stories and novels 31 

University of the State of New York 

state Library Bulletin 

Bibliography no. 2 February 1897 




Books marked e have been personally examined, while e indicates that the 
edition examined is not the same as that entered in the list. 

References to works in more than one volume are made in the same form as in 
Poole's Index U periodical literature, volume and page numbers being separated 
by a colon ; e. g. 3 : 145 means vol. 3, pa^^e 145. 

Initials following the main entry refer to the libraries in wbich the book was 
consulted. Authority is cited for quoted notes ; those unsigned are by the com- 
piler. The following are the principal abbreviations used : 

Boston public library B. P. 

Cleveland Clev. 

Detroit library Det. 

Drexel library Drexel 

Milwaukee library Mil. 

New York state library N. Y. 

Out of print o,p, 

Peabody P. 

St Louis mercantile St L. 

Sargent's Reading for the young Sargent 


This list includes only books to which reference has been made for special chapters and 
which are not elsewhere entered in full. 

Bancroft, George. History of the United States 1492-1789. 6 v. O. N. Y. 1891. 
Appleton $15. 

Ferguson, Henry. Essays in American history. 211 p. D. N. Y. 1894. Pott $1.25. 

Fisher, George Park. Colonial era. 348 p. maps, D. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1.25 

(Amer. hist, series) 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Atlantic essays. 341 p. D. Bost. 1882. Lee 


Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Poetical works. 399 p. O. Boat. 1890. Hougbton 
$1.50 (Housebold ed.) 

Lodge, Henry Cabot. Stndies in bistory. 403 p. D. Bost. 1884. Hougbton $1.50. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. Poetical works. 6 v. pi. D. Host. 1892. 
Hougbton $9 (Riverside ed.) 

Lowell, James Russell. Among my books. 2 v. O. Bost. 1891. Hougbton $3. 
Sparks, Jared. Library of American biograpby. 10 v. por. S. N. Y. 1834. 
Harper $12.50. 

Stedman, Edmund Clarence & Hutchinson, E. M. Library of American 
literature. 11 v. por. Q. N. Y. 1891, Webster $33. 

Whittier, John Greenleaf. Writings, 7v. por, D. Bost. 1891. Hougbton 
$10.50 (Riverside ed.) 

Winsor, Justin. Narrative and critical bistory of America. 8 v. il. maps, Q. 
Bost. 1884. Hougbton $44. 

Memorial history of Boston. 4 v. il. maps, Q. Bost. 1880. Osgood $25. 

Principal Indexes and catalogues consulted 

Adams. Manual of historical literature 

American catalogue 

American library association: Catalogue 

Annual literary index 

Aster library. Catalogue 

Boston athenaeum. Catalogue 

Boston public library. Bulletins 

Brooklyn library. Catalogue 

Cincinnati public library. Catalogue 

Cleveland public library. Catalogue 

Detroit public library. Catalogue 

English catalogue 

Griffin. Index of articles on American bistory 

Griswold. Descriptive lists of American novels 

Haferkom. Handy lists of technical literature; architecture 

Massachusetts historical society. Collections 

New York state library. Subject catalogue 

Osterbout free library, Wilkes-Barr6 (Pa.). Catalogue 

Poole. Index to periodical literature 

Providence public library. Monthly reference lists 

Review of reviews, Index to 

St Louis mercantile library association. Catalogue 

St Louis free public library. Catalogue 

Salem, Mass. public library. Bulletins 

San Francisco free public library. Classified English prose fiction 

Sargent. Reading for the young 

Sounensobein. Best books 

University extension syllabuses 



Adams, Charles Francis. Massachusetts ; its historians and its his- 
tory, nop. O. Bost. 1893. Houghton $i. N. Y. e 

Lectures ... Mr Adams has elaborated views of the history of Massachusetts 
in regard to religions liberty and of the treatment of the theme by Massachusetts 
historians. — Nation, Jan. 1894, 58 : 33 

Three episodes of Massachusetts history. 2 v. maps, O. Bost. 

1892. Houghton $4. N. Y. e 

Contents : The settlement of Boston Bay ; The antinomian controversy ; A 
study of chnrch and town government. 

The first episode shows how Boston was settled ; the second is a picture of one 
of the most exciting controversies in the early history of New England ; the third 
is a masterly description of the growth and life of a New England town. — Dial, 
Jan. 1893, 14 : 17 

Doyle, John Andrew. The English in America; the puritan colonics. 
2 V. maps, O. Lond. 1887. Longmans 36s. N. Y. e 

Admirably fair and impartial. Its judicial temper and philosophical spirit 
make it, in some respects, the best that has been written about New England. — 
Fiske. Beginnings of New England. 1889. p. 281 

The thoroughness of Mr Doyle^s researches is conspicuous in every chapter of 
this history.— Acaden^y, Feb. 1887, 31 : 122 

Fiske, John. Beginnings of New England ; or. The puritan theocracy 
in its relations to civil and religious liberty. 296 p. map, O. Bost. 
1889. Houghton $2. N. Y. e 

The story of the colonization and formation of New England is here told with 
great breadth and fairness and with vigor and lucidity of style. The work stops 
with the agitations which preceded the revolution . . . Traces the underlying 
principles of New England commonwealth back to the 4th century. — Literary 
world, July 1889, 20 : 220 

Includes a bibliography, pp. 279-87 

Goodwin, John Abbot. Pilgrim republic ; an historical review of the 
colony of New Plymouth, ed. by W; B. Goodwin. 662 p. il. map, 
O. Bost. 1888. Ticknor $4. N. Y. e 

A local history, narrating the early republican regime at Plymouth with great 
fulness of detail, touching on many controverted points and handling them with 
coolness and justice, though without much imagination or humor. — Nation, July 
1888, 47 : 36 

Lodge, Henry Cabot. Short history of the English colonies in 
America. 560 p. map, O. N. Y. 1881. Harper $3. N. Y. e 

The life, the thought, the manners and habits of the people were the subjects 
that the author investigated and has well described. The volumes may be com- 


mended as a scholarly production.— Adams. Manual of hUtarical literature, 
18f^. p. 609 

Interesting in connection with the history of the New England colonies, in 
order to note the difference in character, habits and manner of living between 
the northern and southern colonies. Each colony is treated separately. Writ- 
ten in a pleasing, narrative style. 

Oliver, Peter. The puritan commonwealth, an historical review of the 

puritan government in Massachusetts in its civil and ecclesiastical 

relations. 502 p. O. Bost. 1856. Little o,p. N. Y. e 

An exceedingly severe criticism of the puritan policy . . . written with rare 

grace and beauty of style. — Adams. Manual of historical literature. 1889. p. 5b2 

Important, as the ablest presentation of what may be ca]le<l ' the other side ' 

of Puritanism. 

Palfrey, John Gorham. Compendious history of New England, 
4v. O. Bost. 1 89 1. Houghton $6. N. Y. e 
5 v. O. Bost. 1890. Little $18. 

Not only the most satisfactory history of New England we have, but one of 
the most admirable historical works ever produced in America. It shows great 
learning, comprehensive views and sound judgment. Written in a graceful and 
agreeable style. The fourth volume brings the work to the year 1740. — Adams. 
Manual of historical literature. 1889. p. 583 

Its only shortcoming is that it deals somewhat too leniently with the faults of 
the puritan theocracy and looks at things too exclusively from a Massachusetts 
point of view. — Fiske. Beginnings of New England. 1889. p. 280 

Thornton, John Wingate. Peter Oliver's Puritan commonwealth 
reviewed. 79 p. O. Bost. 1857. Button ^./. N. Y. e 

Shows great learning and ingenuity . . . and shoidd be read in connection 
with the work it reviews. As a defense of the puritans ... it is one of the 
most successful. — Adams. Manual of historical literature. 1889. p. 583 

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. The colonies, 1492-1750. 301 p. maps, S. 
N. Y. 1891. Longmans $1.25 (Epochs of Amer. history) N. Y. e 

Good for a very condensed outline ; p. 112-94 deals with the New England 
colonies. Useful bibliographies at the beginning of each chapter. 

Weeden, William Babcock. Economic and social history of New 
England, 1 620-1 789. 2 v. O. Bost. 1890. Houghton $4.50. 

N. Y. e 

An important service to New England history in bringing together a vast 
amount of scattered material which has hitherto not been generally accessible. — 
Dial, Jan. 1891, 11:279 

Describes growth of industries and government during colonial period and 
deals specially with the social life of the people. 



Bancroft, George. History of the United States. 1891. 1:177-322.6 

Those chapters take up the bistory of New England from the causes wbicb led 
to iiH settlemeut to 1658. 

Bancroft's bistory of the colonial period is among the most authoritative. The 
style is stately, and tbe author tends toward pbilosopliical discussion of prin- 

Eggleston, Edward. The aborigines and the colonists, (see Century 
magazine^ May 1883, 4 : 96-1 14) e 

Account of the relations between tbe indiaus and the colonies, and Eliot'.s 
work among them. Gives portrait of Eliot. 

Planting of New England, (see Century magazine y Jan. 1883, 3 : 350- 

66) e 

An accurate and interesting article giving a clear and connected outline of 
tbe early days of tbe Plymouth colony. Portraits of Endicott, Wintbrop and 

Ferguson, Henry. Sir Edmund Andros. (see his Essays in American 
history. 1894. p. 11 1-60) e 

Sketch of the government of Andros. Shows his character in favorable light. 

Fisher, George Park. New England to 1688. New England lo 
1756. {stt his Colonial era. 1892. p. 81-176, 216-40) e 

These chapters treat of tbe New England colonies, but the book might well be 
read as a whole, to gain an idea of the relations between New England and the 
other colonies. More readable than Thwaites. 

Fiske, John. New England in the colonial period, (see Harper's maga- 
zine, Dec. 1882,66: in-24) e 

Brief outline of tbe political and religious history. 


Allen, Rowland H. New England tragedies in prose. 156 p. D. 
Bost. 1868. Nichols $1.25. N. Y. e 

Contents : Tbe comin;: of the quakers ; Tbe witchcraft delusion. 

Sketch of tbe historical events on which Longfellow has fonnded bis New 
England tragedies, forming an appropriate explanatory accompaniment to the 

Adams, Brooks. Emancipation of Massachusetts. Ed. 2. 382 p. O. 
Bost. 1887. Houghton $1.50. N. Y. e 

Begins with a brief summary of the religions persecutions in the old world 
which led to the colonization of Massachusetts ; gives a detailed history of tbe 
puritan commonwealth and of the development of the different sects. — Amer. 
catalogue, 1887. p. 2 



AdamSy C: F. The antinomian controversy, (see his Three episodes 
of Massachusetts history, 1892. i : 263-532; 2 : 533-78) 

Bacon, Leonard. Genesis ol the New England churches. 485 p. 
il. O. N. Y. 1874. Harper $2.50. N. Y. e 

The anther's aim was first of all to search oat the causes and courses of events 
in the old world by which these New England chnrches were brought into being. 
The present volume brings the pilgrims to Plymouth and follows tbein through 
10 years of their settlement at that place. — Nevo Englander, Jan. 1875, 34 : 133 

Ellis, George Edward. Puritan age and rule in the colony of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, 1629-1685. 576 p. O. Bost. 1888. Houghton 
$3-50- N. Y. e 

Not a detailed history ... an essay on the religions aspects of the age. — 
Nation, July 1888, 47 : 35 

Contains chapters on 'The puritans and the Bible,' ' The antinomian contro- 
versy,' 'The intrnsion of the quakers/ etc. The literary style is pleasing and 
the volume is full of interest. 

Religious element in the settlement of New England, (see Winsor. 

Narrative and critical history of America, 1889. 3 : 219-56) e 

Ferguson, Henry. The quakers in New England, (see his Essays 
in American history, 1885. p. 9-52) e 

Hallowell, Richard P. Quaker invasion of Massachusetts. Ed. 4. 
229 p. D. Bost. 1887. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. e 

The aim ... is to correct popular fallacies and to assign to the quakers their 
true place in the early history of Massachusetts. — Preface 

Though a defense of the quakers, the book is in the main written in a fair and 
impartial spirit. The author writes from careful study and intimate knowledge 
of his subject. 

McKenzie, Alexander. Religious history of the provincial period, 
(see Winsor. Memorial history of Boston, 1881. 2 : 187-248) e 


Bliss, William Root. Side glimpses from the colonial meeting house. 
256 p. O. Bost. 1894. Houghton $1.50. N. Y. e 

Sketches of the meeting bouse, minister and people^ delightfully told. Style 
bright and vivacious, with touches of quiet humor. A most entertaining book. 


Brooks, Henry M. The New England Sunday, (see his Olden time 
series, 1886. v. 3) e 

Shows how the spirit of the puritan sabbath liDgered in New England into tbe 
last half of tbe 18th centary. 

Earle, Mrs Alice Morse. Sabbath in puritan New England. Ed 5. 
335 P- D. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1.25. N. VT. e 

A bright and tboron^bly readable book. Tells of meeting bonses, cburch 
music, tbe Bay psalm book, and other things pertaining to the puritan Sabbath. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. The puritan minister, (see 
Atlantic monthly, Sep. 1863, p. 265-80; also published in his 
Atlantic essays, 1892. p. 191) e 

Interesting sketch of the duties and life of the puritan minister. 

Love, William De Loss, jr. Fast and Thanksgiving days of New 
England. 607 p. fac-sim. O. Bost. 1895. Houghton $3. N. Y. e 

Takes np the bistory of fast and feast days in New England with minute de- 
tail. Contains calendar, and bibliography of sermons. 

Singleton, Roy. Colonial meeting house ; Thanksgiving days and 
Christmas festivals, {see Magazine of American history y Dec. 1891, 

26: 434-38) e 

Tarbox, Increase Niles. Our New England Thanksgiving histori- 
cally considered. (seeiV/ze/ -£'//^/j7«//ifr, Mar. 1879, 38: 240-52) e 

Interesting account of the origin and observances of Thanksgiving. 


Palfrey, John Gorham. The witchcraft tragedy, (see his History 
of New England, 1891. 3: 84-124) 

Nevins, Winfield S. Stories of Salem witchcraft, (see New England 
magazine, Dec. 1891, Jan. 1892, 11: 516-33, 664-80) e 

Graphic account of witchcraft in New England, profusely illustrated. 

Poole, William Frederick. Cotton Mather and the Salem witch- 
craft, {^ee North American review, Ap. 1869, 108: 337-97) e 

A defense of Cotton Mather's part in the Salem witchcraft based on histori- 
cal evidence. 

Witchcraft in Boston, (see Winsor. Memorial history of Boston, 

1880. 2 : 131-72) e 


Upham, Charles W. Salem witchcraft. 2 v. pi. O. Bost. 1867. 
Wiggins & Lunt o, p. N. Y. e 

He has written Dot merely a history of the Salem witchcraft but has made it 
intelligible by a minnte account of the place where the delusion took its rise, 
and the circumstances which led to it. He has recreated Salem village as it 
was 200 years ago. — Lowell. Among my hooks. 1891. 1 : 142 

Upham, Caroline E. Salem witchcraft in outline. £d. 2. 161 p. il. 
D. Salem 1891. Salem press $1. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

The work of Charles Upham is the recognized authority on Salem witchcraft, 
but it is ont of print, and therefore inaccessible. Caroline Upham's little book 
is drawn almost entirely from the larger work ; is concise, and historically 


Campbell, Mrs Helen. Anne Bradstreet and her time. 373 p. D. 
Bost. 1891. Lothrop $1.25. N. Y. e 

A most interesting biography, giving also many side lights on the history of 
the times. Ch. 6, ^ A theological tragedy^ gives a sketch of Anne Hutchinson. 
Notice also ch. 10, ^Village life in 1650 ' and ch. 8 ' Some phases of early colonial 

Francis, Convers. Life of John Eliot. 357 p. S. Bost. 1836. 
Hilliard. (see Sparks. Library of American biography, 1834. v. 
5-48) Now published by Harper $1.25. N. Y. e 

The best and fullest account of the life and work of Eliot. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Life of Francis Higginson. 
158 p. D. N. Y. 1891. Dodd 75c. (Makers of America) N. Y. e 

Out of meager materials the author has made a valuable and attractive littlr 
book.— Xi(<Tory irorW, July 1891, 22 : 239 
Higginson was the first minister in the Massachusetts Bay colony. 

Lodge, Henry Cabot. A puritan Pepys. (see his Studies in history, 

1884. p. 21-84) e 

Entertaining extracts from the diary of Samuel Sewall with a sketch of his 

Moore, Jacob Bailey. Memoirs of American governors. 439 p. por. 
O. N. Y. 1846. Gates $2.50. e 

ptl: Governors of New Plymouth from the landing of the pilgrims in 1620 
to the union with Massachusetts Bay colony in 1692. 

pt 2 : Governors of Massachusetts Bay from the first settlement of the colony 
in 1630 to the expulsion of Andros in 1689. 


Sewall, Samuel. Diary, (see Massachusetts historical society. 

Collections, ser. 5, v. 5-7) N. Y. e 

Sewall bag been called ' tbe puritan Pepys.' His diary is a mine of infor- 
mation on the manners and customs of tbe times, and is tbe source from wbicb 
writers on colonial life in New England have drawn most freely. Nowbere else 
can one obtain so vivid an idea of tbe social atmospbere of tbose days, as from 
tbe pages of this diary. Its quaintness and old time flavor are charming and 
much of it is most delightful reading. 

Spofford, Mrs Harriet Prescott, Guiney, L. I. & Brown, Alice. 

Three heroines of New England romance. 175 p. il. D. Bost. 
1894. Little $2. N. Y. e 

Tbe three heroines are Priscilla, Agnes Surriage and Martha Hilton. Their 
stories are told in prose almost as musical as verse. A profusion of drawings 
■catteied through tbe text add rare charm to tbe volume. — C^rx^imoM book $helfy 
1894, p. 42 

Straus, Osc^r S. Roger Williams ; the pioneer of religious liberty. 
257 p. D. N. Y. 1894. Century $1.25. N. Y. e 

A careful study of tbe life and motives of Roger Williams, who, the author 
says, 'reclaimed liberty of conscience by separating tbe fuuctions of church and 
st« te.*— Optn shelf y Nov. 1894, v. 1, no. 2 

Walker, George Leon. Thomas Hooker ; preacher, founder, demo- 
crat. 203 p. I por. D. N. Y. 1891. Dodd 75c. (Makers of 
America) N. Y. e 

The author has used well the facilities afforded him in presenting succinctly 
most of tbe important incidents in Hooker's life.— Dtaf, Mar. 1892, 12 : 393 
Hooker was the first pastor of the Hartford church. 

Wendell, Barrett. Cotton Mather, the puritan priest. 321 p. 
I por. D. N.Y. 1891. Dodd 75c. (Makers of America) N. Y. e 

The author adopts a kindly tone towards Mather, and excuses his faults be- 
cause of the influences of the time,— Literary worlds Jan. 1892, 23 : 13 
Tbe volume abounds with copious extracts from Mather s journal andlftters. 

Winslow, Anna Green. Diary; ed. by Alice Morse Earle. 121 p. 
por. D. Bost. 1894. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. e 

Sprightly record of tbe daily life of a school girl in provincial Boston. Filled 
with vivacious and witty description. 

Winthrop, Robert C. Life and letters of John Winthrop, 1588-1649. 
Ed. 2. 2 V. il. por. O. Bost. 1869. Little $7. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

Tbe man of highest mark and service among the founders of Massacbuiettt 
was John Winthrop. His biographer has only to allow him to show himself for 
what be vf2i,%.— Nation, 1867, 4 : 65 

Tbe letters and journal of Winthrop form a large part of the two volames, 
which are well worth reading. 



Goddard, Delano A. Press and literature of the provincial period, 
(see Winsor. Memorial history of Boston, 1880. 2: 387-436) c 

Acooant of tbe first newspapers and books printed in New England. Illnstrated 
witk fac-similes and protraits of tbe early printers. 

Stedman, Edmund Clarence & Hutchinson, E. M. Library of 

American literature, 1888-90. v. 1-2. N. Y. e 

T. 1 comprises early colonial literature from 1607-75. v. 2 from 1676-1764. 
Gives long and well-selected extracts. Contains many portraits. 

Tarbox, Increase Niles. New England poetry of the 17th century, 
(see New Englander, Mar. 1880, 39: 174-97) e 

Interesting sketch of puritan poets and poetry. 

Trumbull, James Hammond. The indian tongue and its literature 
as fashioned by Eliot and others, (see Winsor. Memorial history of 
Boston, 1880. i: 465-80) e 

Acconut of the translation and printing of the indian Bible. 

Tyler, Moses Coit. History of American literature. 2 v. O. N. Y. 
1878. Putnam $6. N. Y. e 

V. 1 1607-76 ; v. 2 1677-1765. 

It is a book truly admirable both in design and execution ; the learning is 
great, the treatment wise, the style fresh and vigorous. The author has taken 
a whole department of human history, and rescued it from oblivion. — Naiionf 
Jan. 1879, 28: 17 

The two volumes are attractive and readable throughout. 

Winsor, Justin. Literature of the colonial period, (see his Memorial 
history of .Boston, 1880. i: 453-64) e 


Drake, Samuel Adams. Our colonial homes. 211 p. il. Q. Bost. 
1894. Lee $2.50. N. Y. e 

Includes a score of papers about old buildings in various parts of New Eng- 
land, set off with handsome letter press anJ half-tone prints. Presents many 
distinct types of colonial architecture. — Nation, Dec. 1893, 57: 448 

Earle, Mrs Alice Morse. China collecting in America. 429 p. il. O. 
N. Y. 1892. Scribner $3. N. Y. e 

Traces ont the history of English porcelain in America, and the early use and 
importation of china in this country. Gives abundant quotations and historical 
references.— CHHc, Aug. 1892, 21 : 90 


An illustrated article on this subject by Mrs Earle may be found in Scrihner'a 
monthly, Sep. 1891, 10: 345 entitled 'A china hunter in New England'. This ar- 
ticle is incorporated in her book China collecting in America. 

Home interiors, (see her Cusioms and fashions in old New 

England, 1893. p. 105-31) e 

Jones, Alvin Lincoln. Under colonial roofs. 237 p. il. ob. O. Bost. 
1894. Webster $10. N. Y. e 

Contains 40 fall page photogravure plates of historic colonial homes in Nsw 
England, with brief history and description of each. 

Little, Arthur. Early New England interiors; sketches in Salem, 
Marblehead, Portsmouth and Kittery. ob. F. Bost. 1877. Williams 
$6. B. P. 

Lyon, Irving Whitall. Colonial furniture of New England ; a study 
ofthe domestic furniture in use in the 17th and i8th centuries. 285 p. 
il. Q. Bost. 1892. Houghton $10. N, Y. e 

A superb quarto; hundred or more full page illustrations giving examples of 
furniture gathered from old homesteads mainly in Massachusetts and Counecti- 
cut with description and history. — Dial, Mar. 1892, 12 : 389 

Wallis, F. E. Old colonial architecture and furniture. Q. Bost. 
1891. Policy $25. B. P. Det. 

60 plates, showing the best example of colonial architecture and furniture 
taken from New England, New York and the south. 

Never before has there been auything published on this peculiar style, 80 
elaborate as this beautiful work. — Haferkorn. Handy l%9t8\ architecture. 1893. 
p. 289 

Whitefield, E. Homes of our forefathers ; .selections of the oldest 
and most interesting buildings, historic houses and noted places in 
Massachusetts. Ed. 3. 35 pi. Q. Bost. 1880. Williams $5. 

in Rhode Island and Connecticut. 32 pi. Q. Bost. 1882. 

Williams $6. 

in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. 36 p. Q. Read- 

ing, Mass. 1896. B. P. Dct. Mil. 


Bliss, William Root. Colonial times on Buzzard's Bay. 185 p. map, 
O. Bost. 1888. Houghton $1.50. N. Y. e 

Gives the story of the settlement and growth of a New England town in 
colonial times with special reference to its social life. — New Englander, Mar. 
1889, 50 : 151 


Brooks, Henry M. Olden time music. 283 p. D. Bost. 1888. Tick- 
nor $1.50. Drexel St L. e 

A coiupilation from newspapers and books giving some account of music in the 
early days of New England, more particularly in Boston and Salem. — Amer. 
catalogue. 1887. p. 28 

Olden lime series ; gleanings chiefly from old newspapers of Boston 

and Salem. 6 v. D. Bost. 1886. Ticknor 50 c. per v. N. Y. e 

Contents: v. 1 Curiosities of the lottery; v. 2 Days of the spinning wheel in 
New Kn<;land; v. 3 New England Sunday; v. 4 Quaint and curious advertise- 
ments; V. 5 Some strange and curious puuisliments; v. 6 Literary curiosities. 

Drake, Samuel Adams. Book of New England legends and folk- 
lore. 461P. il. O. Bost. 1884. Roberts $3.50. B. P. Clev. St L. e 

Interesting collection of legends and traditions told in prose and p(»etry. 

Nooks and corners of the New England coast. 459 p. il. sq. O. 

N. Y. 1875. Harper $3.50. N. Y. e 

Description of the historic landmarks of the New England coast. 

Old Boston taverns and tavern clubs. 70 p. il. D. Bost. 1886. 

Cupples. N. Y. e 

An account of the quaint inns of old Boston. 

Earle, Mrs Alice Morse. Costume of colonial time. 264 p. D. N. Y. 
1894. Scribncr $1.25. N. Y. e 

A history of colonial dress forms an introduction to the rest of the volume. 
The names of different parts of the costuiue and of materials are conveniently 
arranged in alphabetic order, with full description. A book for reference 
rather than reading. 

Customs and fashions in old New England. 387 p. D. N. Y. 

1893. Scribner $1.25. N. Y. e 

As a concise account of domestic life in New England we know of no better 
book.— Z>ia/, Oct. 1893. 15 : 222 

She is one of the most charming literary painters of the by gone days. Hav- 
ing told us of the puritan sabbath, she devotes this volume to the social side of 
the puritan's life^ treating of child-life, courtship and marriage, home interiors, 
table plenishings, etc. — Critic, Jan. 1894, 24 : 1 

Her style is delightful, and every page is interesting. 

Felt, Joseph B. Customs Jof New England. 208 p. O. Bost. 1853. 

N. Y. e 

Useful as a reference book; pt 1 relates to furniture or household appur- 
tenances, pt 2 to fashions of dress. Full description and history of each article 



Eggleston, Edward. The colonists at home, (see Century magazine, 
Ap. 1885, 7 : 873-92) e 

Interesting article on domestic life in tbe colonies. Many illustrations. 

Elliott, C. Wyllys. Good old times at Plymouth, (see Harper's 
magazine, Jan. 1877, 54 : 180-96) e 

Keay, F. E. Game in New England 250 years ago. (see Chautauquan, 
Nov. 1893, 18 : 186-92) e 

New England cookery in ye olden time, (see Chautauquan^ July 

1893,17:467-71) e 

Lodge, H: C. New England in 1765. (see his Short history of the 
English colonies, 188 1, p. 406-75) C 

Lowell, James Russell. New England two centuries ago. (see his 
Among my books, 1891. 1:228-90) e 

Entertaining and comprehensive sketch of the social condition of New England 
200 years ago. 

Scudder, Horace E. Life in Boston in the colonial period, (see 
Winsor. Memorial history of Boston, 1880. 1:481-520) e 

A vivid outline of life in the chief town of New England in the 17th century. 

Slicer, Adeline E. A puritan maiden's diary, (see New England 
magazine, Sep. 1894, 17 : 20-25) ^ 

Van Pelt, Daniel. The start from Delfshaven. (see New England 
magazine, Nov. 1891, ii : 325-37) e 

Interesting account of the pilgrims from Holland. Illustrated. 

Whittier, John G. Margaret Smith's journal in the province of Mas- 
sachusetts Bay. (see his Writings, 1891. 5 : 9-195) e 

A charming and vivacious narrative, presenting a life-like picture of the homes 
of New England in the 17th century. 


Austin, Mrs Jane G. Betty Alden ; the first bom daughter of the 
pilgrims. 384 p. D. Bost. 1893. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. e 

Spontaneous in its humor, deep and true in its feeling, accurate and dincrimi- 
nating in its historical data, individual in its characterization. — Criiic, Jan. 1892. 


Austin, Mrs Jane G. David Alden*s daughter, and other stories of 
colonial days. 316 p. D. Bost. 1892. Houghton $1.25. B. P. e 

A series of 12 ttories, each representing some notewortby character or iDcident 
of colonial times. Mott of them have appeared in Harper* Sy the Atlantic, and 
other magazines. — Amer, catalogue, 1892, p. 9 

A nameless nobleman. Ed. 32.369 p. D. Bost. 188 1. Hough- 
ton $1.25. Clev. St. L. e 

A yonng French baron is the chief character in this romance, the scene of which 
is laid in Plymouth. 

Standish of Standish ; a story of the pilgrims. 422 p. D. Bost. 

1893. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. e 

In her delineation of the famous pilgrim, Mrs Austin seems to have given him 
a clearer outline and warmer coloring than he had heretofore had in our imagin- 
ation.— DiaZ, May 1890, 11 : 13 

Mrs Austin's interesting style and bright thoughts interwoven with her 
stories, give zest to the reading while the accuracy of her historical accounts 
addH to their value.— Criiio, June 1891, 18 : 326 

Bynner, Edwin Lassetter. Agnes Surriage. 418 p. D. Ed. 19. 
Bost. 1886. Ticknor $1.50. N. Y. e 

It possesses in a rare degree that quality of atmosphere of the period in 
addition to an agreeable style. — Nation, Jan. 1887, 44 : 19 

The charm of the tale is in the grace of the telling and in the faithful haudling 
of the social atmosphere of the old colonial days. — Academy, Feb. 1887, 31 : 108 

Penelope's suitors. 68 p. T. Bost. 1887. Ticknor 50c. (also 

published in Atlantic monthly, Dec. 1884, 54 : 769) St L. e 

A charming romance of colonial Boston, told in the form of a diary. Penelope 
Pelbam was the young English girl wlio married Gov. Bellicgham in 1641. 

Cooper, James Fenimore. The wept of Wish-ton-wish. D. Bost. 
1890. Houghton $1. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

The scene of the story is laid in the early days of the Connecticut colony and 
deals with King Philip's war. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Scarlet letter, il. O. Bost. 1892. Hough- 
ton $2. N. Y. e 

A weird reproduction of life in Boston and the immediate vicinity in Got. 
Bellingham's time. — Foster. Reference liets, Aug. 1883, 3 : 26 

Herbert, Henry W. Fair puritan ; an historical romance of the days 
of witchcraft. 222 p. D. Phil. 1875. Lippincott $1.50. 

B. P. St L. e 


Holland, Josiah Gilbert. The Bay path. D. N. Y. 1882. Scribner 

$1.25. N. Y. ^ 

The scene is laid in Agawam, in 1638. 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Agnes^ (see his Poepns, Household ed. 
p. 89-97) 

The romantic storj of Agnes Surriage. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. Courtship of Miles Standish. (see 
\i\% Poetical works, 1892. 2:283-366) e 

John Endicott. (see his Poetical works, 5 : 301-72) e 

Founded ou the persecutions of the quakers in the Massachnsetts colony. 

Whiting, M. H. Faith White's letter book, 1620-23. il. S. Bost. 
1875. Hoyt $1.50. B. P. Clev. Osterhout. 

Letters written by a yonng puritan girl telling of her Leyden home, the 
coming to America, and the everyday events and hardships of the Plymouth 
colony during the first three years. — Sargent, 1890. p. 69 

Whittier, John G. The king's missive, {sec his IVritings. i: 381-6) e 

Introduces the qnakers and their assailants. 

Wilkins, Mary E. Giles Corey, yeoman. N. Y. 1893. Harper 500. 
(Haqjer's black and white series ; also published in Harper^ s maga- 
zine^ Dec. 1892, 86; 20) e 

Dramatized version of the story of Giles Corey. Told with much power and 
a vividness of description with trne handling of local color. Illustrated. 

The little maid at the door, (see Harper's magazine^ Feb. 1892, 

84: 347-59) C 

A touching story of Salem witchcraft days. 

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Appleton's handbook of summer resorts, il. maps, D. N. Y. 1896. 

Appleton, paper 50c. 
Appleton's handbook of winter resorts, il. maps, D. N. Y. 1896. 

Appleton, paper 50c. 

Complete information as to winter sanitariums and places of resort in the 
United States, West Indies, Sandwich Islands and Mexico. 

Benjamin, S: G. W. Atlantic islands as resorts of health and pleas- 
ure, il. maps, O. N.Y. 1878. Harper $3. 

The author's quick eye for the picturesque in scene and incident nnd charac- 
ter, his bright and easy style make the book a very delightful one. — Lit. world 

Bahamas, Bermudas, Miigdalen islands, Newfoundland, Prince Edward islands, 
Isle of Shoals and Cape Breton island. 

Ford, I: N. Tropical America, il. D. N. Y. 1893. Scribner $2. 

Personal adventure is agreeably interspersed with economic detail, history 
and anecdote relieve each other, interesting and instructive. — Critic 22 : 397 

South America, Mexico, Central America and the Antilles. 

Hayden, F. V. & Selwyn, A. R. C. ed. North America, il. maps, O. 

N. Y. 1883. Scribner $840 (Stanford's compendium of geography 

and travel) . 

The parts of Hellwald's Die erde und ihre volker relating to the United States 
and British America, adapted to English readers. 


RecluSy nlisee. Earth and its inhabitants ; North America. 3V. 

il. maps, Q. N. Y. 1890-92. Appleton $21. 

T. 1 British America afid Alaska ; v. 2 UDited States ; v. 3 Mexico, Central 
America and West Indies. Similar in character to the preceding but later and 
not 80 condensed. 

Rollins, Mrs Alice (Wellington). From palm to glacier, with an 
interlude; Brazil, Bermuda and Alaska, il. O. N. Y. 1892. Putnam 


Not an itinerary or book of travel, but rather a chronicle of iinpressions. — 
.Ya/ion 55: 35 

Longfellow, H: W. ed. Poems of places. S. Bost. 1876-79. Hough- 
ton $1 each. 
y. 25-26 New England; v. 27 Middle states ; v. 28 Sonthern states; v. 29 

Western states ; v. 30 British America, Mexico and Soath America. 

917. I British America 

Bourinot, J: G: How Canada is governed, il. D. Toronto 1895. 

Copp, Clark co. $1. 

Short account of its executive, legislative, judicial and municipal institutions 
with hiHtorical outline of their origin and development. Author is clerk of 
Canadian house of commons. 

Butler, Sir W: F. Wild north land; 'a story of a winter journey with 
dogs across northern North America, il. maps, O. Phil. 1874. 

Porter $1.75. 

Most interesting account of the daily incidents and adventures, the large ani- 
mals, and few men that one meets in traveling over tbe great norihern plains. — 
Nation, Oct. 1874, 19: 272-73 

DufTerin, Harriot, lady. My Canadian journal, 1872 78 ; extracts 
from my letters home, written while Lord Dufferin was Governor-Gen- 
eral, il. map, D. N. Y. 189 1. Appleton $2. 

Lady Dufferin abstains fiom political comment but gives a great many details, 
some petty, some piquant, of the social life, sports and occupations of Canadians, 
with much description of scenery. — Ailanixc monthly 69:710 

Kohl, J ; G ; Travels in Canada and through the states of New York 
and Pennsylvania. 2v. O. Lond. 1861. Manwaring ^./. 
Mr Kohl notes everything which is to be seen whether in the geological for- 
mation of the country, the manners and traditions of the people or the political 
and commercial features of their present condition ; and his observations are 
pervaded by a strong sense and cultivated taste. — Lit. Uv. age 68 : 632 from the 


Moodie, Mrs Susanna. Roughing it in the bush; or, Life in Canada 
183—. 2v. in I, O. N. Y. 1877. DeWitt $i. 

Picturesque descriptions of the wild scenery of Cainada, humorous pictures of 
a settlt-r^s life and well drawn sketches of The rude and unrestrained characters 
of the backwoods. — Lit. worlds 17 July 1852 

Packard, A. S. Labrador coast, il. map, O. N. Y. 1891. 

Hodges $3.50. 

An authentic account of the Labrador coast, its ji^eography, its people, fishorias, 
geology, animals and plaints. Bibliography of the subject. — Pub. weekly, 14 Nov. 

Parkin, G: R. The great dominion ; studies of Canada. D. N. Y. 

1895. Macmillan $1.75. 

A most readable survey of the Canadian provinces, of much value and interest 
to the traveler in Canada. — A. R. Hasse 

Parkman, Francis. Historic handbook of the northern tour; Lakes 
George and Champlain, Niagara, Montreal, Quebec, maps, O. Bost, 
1895. Little $1.50. 
Narratives of the most striking events in colonial history connected with the 

principal points of interest to the tourist drawn from the 'France and England 

in America' series. — Sargent 

Ralph, Julian. On Canada's frontier, il. O. N. Y. 1892. Harper 


Journeys in western C.innda in company with the artist Frederic Remington, 
and the two bring before the eye and mind a most, picturesque procession of 
Indians, fur dealers, frontiersmen, hunters and woodsmen. — Christian union 46 :3S6 

Roberts, C: G. D. Canadian guide-book. il. map, S. N. Y. 1896. 

Appleton $1.50. 

A guide to eastern Canada and Newfoundland and western Canada to Van- 
couver's island including the Canadian Rocky mountains and National park. . . 
It is not often that a traveler's guidebook proves to be such a distinct acquisition 
to literature.— Critic 16: 27 

Robinson, H: M. Great fur land ; or, Sketches of life in the Hudson 
bay territory, il. S. N. Y. 1879. Putnam $1.75. o, /. 
As attractive as a romance. — New York tribune 

Sweetser, M. F. The maritime provinces ; a handbook for travelers. 

Ed. 13 cnl. il. map, S. Bost. 1896. Houghton $1.50. 
Itfl fund of instruction to tourists is really immense. — Lit. world 


Thoreau, H : D : Yankee in Canada, 1850. (see his Yankee in Can- 
ada, with anti-slavery and reform papers, p. 1-94.) Bost. 1866. 

Houghton $1.50. 

Describes a week's journey to Montreal, Qnebec and the Falls of St Anne, the 
whole expense of the trip, including two guidebooks and a map which cost 
$1.12!^, was $12.75. 

Warner, C : D. Baddeck and that sort of thing. 191 p. T. Bost. 
1874. Houghton $1. 
An excursion to Cape Breton. — Sargent 

917. 2 Mexico 

Bandelier, A. F. Mexico, il. Q. Bost. 1885. Cupplcs $5. 
Archeological rather than popular. 

Bishop, W : H : Mexico, California and Arizona. O. N. Y. 1889. 

Harper $2. 

Published originally in 1883 as Old Mexico and her lost provinces. He draws 
well the features of the landscape, the physiognomy and attitude of the natives, 
the quaint, serious, comfortable architecture of the Spanish, the somber sphinx- 
like ruins of the Aztec times and has made a real picture of what he saw. — At- 
lantic monthly 52 : 834 

Calderon de la Barca, Mme F. E. (Inglis), anon. Two years 
residence in Mexico. 2v. D. Bost. 1843. Little $2.50. 
Still remains though written 50 years ago the best presentment of life in 

Mexico. — Spectator 

ConkUng, A. R. Appleton's guide to Mexico, including a chapter on 
Guatemala and an English-Spanish vocabulary. New ed. il. maps, 
D. N. Y. 1890. Appleton $2. 
Inff»rmation is wonderfully condensed in it, and I wonder at its completeness 

in so little space. — U, S, Grant 

Gooch, Mrs F. C. Face to face with the Mexicans ; seven years' 
familiar intercourse with them. il. O. N. Y. 1888. Fords $3.50. 
A treasury of romance, legend, history, picturesque description and genial 

humor. — M. liomero, Mexican minister at Washington 

Janvier, T: A. Mexican guide. New ed. maps, S. N. Y. 1890. 

Scribner $2.50. 

Contains the information I felt the want of when I first went to Mexico. What 
can be easily found and plainly seen need not be laboriously described, a traveler 
of ordinary' intelliKcnce after being told what to look for and where to look for 
it in a Htrange country desires most to know the historic facts and associations 
conneeted with what ho sees. — Preface 


Le Plongeon, Mrs A. D. Here and there in Yucatan. S. N. Y. 

1886. Bouton $1.25. 

A iborongbly readable volame, witb inach iu it. of novel and iDstructive and 
witb some stories of exploring trials aud hardships stoutly borae. — Nation^ 21 
July 1887 

Ober, F: A. Travels in Mexico and life among the Mexicans. O. 

Bost. 1887. Estes $2.50. 

Mr Ober is an entbusiastic traveler who writes of what he has seen in more 
than one journey and witb a hearty interest in everything be sees. — AXlaniic 
monthly 53 : 8G5 

Smith, F, H. White umbrella in Mexico, il. S. Bost. 1889. Hough- 
ton $1.50. 
Sketches of street scenes by an artist. — Sargent 

Stephens, J: L. Incidents of travel in Yucatan, 1841-42. 2 v. il. O. 

N. Y. 1848. Harper $6. 

Racy narrative, clear descriptions aud striking representations of dilapidated 
architectural magnificence. — North Amer, rev, 57 : 88 

Wells, D: A. Study of Mexico. D. N. Y. 1890. Appleton $1. 

Mr WellH is an economist, a student in sociology and a statistician. His visit 
to Mexico naturally led him to pursue inquiries in the field where he was most 
at home and the results he reaches are those of a trained mind, wbat be says is 
well worth reading. — Atlantic monthly 59:715 

917.28 Central America 

Bates, H : W. ^^. Central America, West Indies and South America. 

il. maps, O. N. Y. 1878. Scribner $10.50 (Stanford's compendium 

of geography and travel) 

Mexico is included. Describes physical features, customs, population, govern- 
ment, etc. Based on Hellwald's Die erde und ihre volker. 

Brigham, W: T. Guatemala ; land of the Quetzal, il. O. N. Y. 

1887. Scribner $5. 

A better all round book about a country thnn this rarely has seen theligbt. — 
Critic 11:310 

Calvo, J. B. Republic of Costa Rica, from the Spanish, il. 

maps, D. N. Y. 1890. Rand, McNally $2. 

Even in its faulty English dress, a welcome addition to the conveniently ac- 
cessible sources of information about Central America. — Nation^ 24 Ap. 1890 

Charles, Cecil. Honduras; the land of great depths, map, D. 

N. Y. 1890. Rand, McNally $1.50. 

Lifelike account of the author's experiences during a residence ofseveial years, 
abounding in information regarding the soil, climate, people and institutions. 


Morelet, Arthur. Travels in Central America, 1848 ... tr. by Mrs 

M. F. Squier. il. map, O. N. Y. 1871. Holt $2. 

Contains much vnluable informatiou as to the manners aud customs of the in- 
habitants, the phj'sical features an<l natural history of the country interspersed 
with personal incidents and talcs of romantic adventure. — Xature 

Squier, E. G: States of Central America, their geography, topography, 

etc. il. map, O. N. Y. 1858. Harper $4. 

Mr Squier is a good observer of nature and an archeolof^ist and has added 
much vnluable matter to our previous knowledge of the country and people. — 
Frofcr^s magazine 45: 475 

Stephens, J. L. Incidents of travel in Central America, 1839-40. 2v. 

il. maps, O. N. Y. 1852. Harper $6. 

Not merely the record of an arcbeological tour . . . if all the portion . . . 
which bears this character were withdrawn, there would remain a work, than 
which none has lately fallen in our way more rich iu entertainment and instruc- 
tion. — North Amer, rev. 53 : 505 

Vincent, Frank. In and out of Central America, il. map, D. 

N. Y. 1890. Appleton $2. 

Contains sketches of travel in little known regions on the western coast of 
Ceotral America. 

917.29 West Indies 

Ballou, M. M. Due south ; or, Cuba past and present. D. Bost. 
1885. Houghton $1.50. 

Though the author makes his bow specially to the 'Gem of the Antilles' ho 
has much that is delightful to s;iy about Nassau and New Providence and the 
Bahama archipelago. — Critic 7 : 280 

Brassey, Anne, /ady. In the trades, the tropics and the roaring 
forties, 1883. New ed. il. maps, O. N. Y. 1887. Holt $3.50. 
From Madeira to Trinidad, thence to La Guayra and Caracas, Jamaica, the 

Banamas, Bermuda and home by way of the Azores. 

Dana, R: H:, jr. To Cuba and back, 1859. S. Bost. 1881. Hough- 
ton $1.25. 

His descriptions are not elaborate or detailed ; but by the sharp delineation 
of the salient features or strong characteristics of the object portrayed, he sug- 
gests the minor particulars which he makes it easy to imagine but which would 
be wearisome if written out in full. — Xorth Amer, rev. 89: 271 

Dorr, Afrs J. C. R. Bermuda ; an idyl of the summer islands, maps, 

S. N. Y. 1884. Scribner $1.25. 

Written with a pleasant enthusiasm and tells gracefully what every one would 
wish to know . . . the maps are good and convenient. — Atlantic monthly 


Eves, C. W. VVest Indie?. O. Lend. 1889. Low 7s. 6d. 

May be read with profit by all who desire to inform tbeir miods as to the his- 
tory, conditious and prospects of our West Indian colonies. — Spectator 

Froude, J. A. English in the West Indies ; or, The bow of Ulysses. 

O. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1.75. 

Its tone is wholesome and its main conchision in«lisputal>]c . . . that England 
shculil take over the governmont of the West Indies to administer it after the 
East In<l'aM manner, doing away with the farce of local representative assem- 
blies. — 6atur(Jaif rer. 65 : 140 

Hazard, Samuel. . Santo Domingo, past and present ; with a glance 
at Hayti, 187 1. il. maps, O. N. Y. 1873. Harper $3.50. 
A condensed history of both parts of the island and it describes in a readable 

manner the author's experience of travel there. — Xation 

Hearn, Lafcadio. Two years in the French West Indies. D. N. Y. 
1890. Harper $2. 

Astudy of life in Martinique. He has caught the brilliance of tropical color- 
ing and has impressed its hues upon bis own pages. — NatiOHf 3 July 1890 

Heilprin, Angelo. Bermuda islands. O. Phil. 1889. Acad, of 

natural science $3.50. 

He has written most delightfully as well as scientifically of the people, plants, 
animals and geology of this crescent of islanils ; paclted with interesting informa- 
tion as it is, we consider it on the whole the best vohnne on the subject. — 
Critic 15: 254 

Kingsley, Charles. At last; a Christmas in the West Indies, 1869. 

2v. il. D. N. Y. 1871. Macmillan $1.25. 

Ph'asant pictures of the beauties of the islands and their surrounding waters. — 
yalion 13: 60 

Ober, F : A. Camps in the Caribbees ; the adventures of a naturalist 
in the Lesser Antilles, il. O. Bost. 1880. Lee $2.50. 
Conveys in a popular manner a good deal of information on various branches 

of natural history, an iuteresting though not at all exhaustive work. — Nationj 

29 Jan. 1880 

Paton, W : A. Down the islands; a voyage to the Caribbees. il. O. 
N. Y. 1887. Scribner $4. 

Breezy descriptions of the little paradise known to mortals as the Windward 
isles, which ^^tretches in a chain of never ending deli;;ht from St Thomas to the 
Spanish main. — Nalioiif 29 Dec. 1887 

St John, -S/V Spenser. Hay ti ; or. The black republic. New ed. map, 

O. N. Y. 1890. Scribner $2.50. 

We must admire the richness and variety of his knowledge and bis evident in- 
tention to get at the facts, in spite of his prejudices. — Critic 14 : 207 


TroUope, Anthony. West Indies and the Spanish main, 1859. D. 

N. Y. i860. Harper $1.50. 

About a third of the volame is devoted to Jam.'iica^ there are chapters also on 
Caba, British Guiann, Burbados, Trinidad, Central America and the Bermudas. 
His observations are always entertaining. — North Amer, rev, 90 : 289 

917.3 United States 

Wharton, Anne H. Colonial days and dames, il. D. Phil. 1895. 

Lippincott $1.25. 

A chatty picture of colonial home and social life, liberally sprinkled with ex- 
tracts from letters, journals, etc. of the period. — Dial 18 : 123 


Dwight, Timothy. Travels in New England and New York, 1796- 

1810. 4 V. maps, O. New Haven 1821-22. o.p. 

Though the humblest in its pretensions, the most important of Dr Dvright's 
writings and it will derive additional value from time, whatever may become 
of his poetry and his sermons. — Quarterly rev. 30:1 

Twining, Thomas. Travels in America 100 years ago. T. N. Y. 
1894. Harper 50c. (Harper's black and white ser.) 
The impressions of a singularly liberal and unbiased observer. — Dial 16: 88 


Dickens, Charles. American notes, 1842. il. D. N. Y. 1893. Mac- 

millan $1. 

The tone of the book throughout is frank, honest and manly. He has steered 
clear of all personalities, though he has not lost any point of what he deems to 
be the truth. — North American rev. 56:230 

Various other editions. 

Hall, Basil. Travels in North America in the years 1827 and 1828. 
2 V. D Phil. 1829. Carey, Lea and Carey o,p. 

This work will furnish food for tlio appetite for detraction which reic^us in 
Great Britain toward this country. — North Amer. rev, 29:323 

Lyell, Sir Charles. Travels in North America in 1841-42; with geo- 
logical observations on the United States, Canada and Nova Scotia. 

2v. il. maps, D. Lond. 1845. Murray o.p. 
Interesting, vuluable, scientific. — Sahin 

Martineau, Harriet. Society in America. 2 v. D. N. Y. 1837. 
Saunders and Otiey o, p. 


Martineau, Harriet, Retrospect of western travel. 2v. D. N.Y. 1838. 

Harper o.p. 

No ooe who wishes to form a correct and enlarged view of the character, in- 
stitutions, resources and prospects of America should fail to peruse Miss Marti- 
neau's volumes. — Edectic rev. 

Trolloptf Mrs F. E. M. Domesticmannersof the Americans, 1827- 
31. New ed. 2 v. il. D. N. Y. 1894. Dodd $3.50, 
Though some of her strictures are well merited, the hook is conceived in hit- 

ternesB and ill nature ; what is truly said is ungraciously said; much is said on 

hearsay which is not true; much is caricatured and exaggerated. — North Amer, 

rev. 36:38 


Bremer, Fredrika. Homes of the new world ; impressions of Amer- 
ica. 1849-51. 2v. D. N. Y. 1853. Harper^./. 

The love of nature, unlimited faith in goodness and a perception of humor are 
brightly displayed. — Lit. world 13:211 

Lyell, Sir Charles. Second visit to the United States of North 
America, 1845-46. 2v. D. N. Y. 1849. Harper $3. 
The materials which he hi^s hrought together are more complete and trust- 
worthy than can he found in any single hook of travels in America with which 
we are acquainted. — North Amer. rev. 69:353 


Russell, W: H. My diary, north and south. O. N. Y. 1863. 

Harper <?./. 

Author was correspondent of the London Times and sympathizes with the 
south in the civil war. 

Tocqueville, Alexis de. Democracy in America ; tr. by Henry Reeve, 
ed. with notes by Francis Bowen. Ed. 6. 2 v. O. Bost. 1876. J: 
Allyn $3. 

This famous hook is a work of undoubted genius ... it still remains perhaps 
the most valuable book ever written on American institutions. — Adams. Manual 
of hist. lit. 

The above is now ont of print but a new edition will soon be issued by the 
Century company. The following is the same work under a diflferent title : 

Republic of the United States and its political institutions ; 

tr. by Henry Reeve, with preface and notes by J. C. Spencer. 2 v. 
in I, O. N. Y. n. d. Barnes $2.50. 

TroUope, Anthony. North America. D. N.Y. 1862. Harper^./. 

He has not been a mere superficial observer of geographical and popular cus- 
toms, but has carefully studied our domestic institutions and our politics, always 
with candor and generally witli success. — North Amer. rev. 95 : 418 


X865 — 

Appleton's general guide to the United States and Canada, il. maps, 
S. N. Y. 1896. Applelon $2.50. Or iji two parts 
New England and middle states and Canada. $1.25. 
Southern and western states. $1.25. 

Arnold, Matthew. Civilization in the United States; first and last 
impressions of America. D. Bost. 1888. DeWolfe, Fiske & co. 
Cbaracterized by learuiog, candor, originality and fresliuess as well as by a 

cnrious insularity of ignorance in some of the matter under treatment. — Critic 

12 : 282 

Baedeker, Karl, ^^/. United States ; with an excursion into Mexico ; 

handbook for travellers, maps, S. N. Y. 1893. Imported by Scrib- 

ner $3.60 net, 

AJaintains the high reputation which bis European guidebooks have estab- 
lished . . . wonderfully accurate and detailed. Appleton's being more general- 
ized, is better for continuous journeys; Baedeker's, having fuller information 
regarding localities, is preferable for use at stopping. ]»lace8. — Xation 56: 477 

Bagg, L. H. anoft. Ten thousand miles on a bicycle ; by Karl 

Kron. il. D. N. Y. 1887. * Karl Kron' $2. 

Packed with information of interest to wheelmen, collected with great labor 
and so far as we can judge, accurate. — Xation 

Bishop, N. H. Voyage of a paper canoe; a . . . journey of 2,50a 
miles from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico during . . . 1874 and 1875. 

D. Bost. 1878. Lee $1.50. 

Capital reading, the canoeist's energy and courage can not be concealed. — 
Atlantic monthly 42: 582 

Bourget, Paul. Outre-mer; impressions of America. D. N. Y. 1895. 
Scribner $1.75. 

A siu«i:n]arly interesting work, in that it comes from a trained and practised 
observer, who sees and notes things which most of us merely glance at. — Xation 

Bryce, James. American commonwealth. New ed. enl. 2v. D. N. Y. 

1893-94. Macmillan $4. 

Impartial and kindly estimate of American institutions and their character 
by a thoroughly competent judge. 

Dixon, W: H. New America il. O. Phil. 1867. Lippincott $2. 

Contains accounts of many religious and socialistic communities. 


Dixon, W: H. Greater America; hits and hints by a foreign resi- 
dent. D. N. Y. 1887. A. Lovell & co. paper Joe. 
It's steady note of praise, tboagh there are bits and mild strictures, is delight- 
ful to listen to ... A breezy disoussion of live questions of land, labor, social- 
ism, tariffs and things wbich are uppermost in the public mind. — Criiic 11 : 202 

Freeman, E: A: Some impressions of the United States. D. N. Y. 
.1883. Holt $1.50. 

He is more anxious to find points of resemblance between the United States 
and England than points of dissimilarity. — Nation 36 : 494 

Jackson, Mrs H. . M. (Fiske) Hunt. Bits of travel at home. S. 

Bost. n. d. Roberts $1.50. 

California, New England, Colorado, tlicir natural beauties enthusiastically 

King, Moses. King's hand-book of the United States, il. map, O 

Buffalo 1891. Matthews-Northrop co. $2.50. 

Gives in succinct form the history, physical aud political geography, etc. of 
the several states, arranged alphabetically. 

Shaler, N. S. ^^. The United States of America; a study of the 
American commonwealth, its natural resources, people, industries, 
manufactures, commerce and its work in literature, science, education 
and self-government. 2 v. il. map, O. N. Y. 1894. Appleton $10. 

It is a picture and not a discussion. As a picture it is greatly stimulating, 
even inspiring, and must be regarded as a remarkable success. — Nation 

Warner, C: D. Studies in the South and West, with comments on 

Canada. D. N. Y. 1889. Harper $1.75. 

A witty, instructive book, as brilliant in its pictures, as it is warm in its kind- 
ness. — N. Y, commercial advertiser 

Their pilgrimage, il. D. N. Y. 1887. Harper $2. 

Gives a clear and truthful idea of the characteristics and peculiarities of the 
principal watering places and mountain resorts of the country. — Evening trans* 
cript (Boston) 

917. 4 North Atlantic states 

New England 

Drake, S : A. Nooks and corners of the New England coast, il. 

maps, O. N. Y. 1875. Harper $3.50. o. p. 

There is no book, we think, which gives so clear, agreeable and instructive 
views of the New England coast. — Lit, world 6: 20 

Earle, Mrs Alice Morse. Customs and fashions in old New Eng- 
land, D. N. Y. 1893. Scribner $1.25. 
Social side of the puritan^s life from the cradle to the grave. 


Rollins, Mrs Ellea Hobbs). New England by-gones; by E. H. 
Arr. sq. O. Phil. 1883. Lippincott $2.25. 

True pictures of New Englanil life in the more rural districts, with its stern 
and unnmiable features unsoftened and with its strong, hardy characteristics nn- 
higbtened.— iVation, 8 July.. 1880 

Sweetser, M. F. ed. New England ; a guide for the chief cities and 
popular resorts. Ed. 17. maps, S. Bost. 1896. Houghton $1.50. 

Mr Sweetser is to New England what Baedeker is to Europe, and reading 
these volumes is almost as entertaining as going over the very ground tU«y de- 
scribe. No traveler can afford to be without them, while as books of reference 
for stay-at-homes they are invaluable. — Evening transcript {BoBion) 

9x7. 4Z Maine 

DeCosta, B : F. Rambles in Mt Desert ; with sketches of travel on 
the New England coast from the Isle of Shoals to Grand Menan. il. 
S. N.Y.I 87 1. Randolph. 

Written in a style as cool and quiet as the Echo notch landscape which is 
photographed as a frontpiece to the book . . . intended as a sort of compromise 
between a guidebook and a personal narration of travel. — Nation 

Drake, S: A. Pine tree coast, il. O. Bost. 1891. Estes $3. 

He passes through . . . from Kittery to Eastport and gathers about each spot 
a story . . . describes the landscape, sketches the inhabitants and occasionally 
introduces thtiir conversation, with a realism the modern novelist muni envy 
. . . Antiquarian notes are added at the end of the chapter. — Nation 27 Nov. 

Lowell, J. R. A Moosehead journal ( see his Fireside travels p. 89- 
152) Bost. 1864. Houghton $1.50. 

It shows tender feeling and delicate humor, a quiet perceptiou and hearty en- 
joyment of out-of-the-way people to an extent which few books of travel can 
equal. — Christian examiner 77 : 376 

Thoreau, H : D : Maine woods. P. Bost. 1892. Houghton $1.50. 

The plain, unadorned narration of these excursions, with its simple and min- 
ute dcHcriptions, and the quUint reflections which intersperse it, is strangely in- 
teresting. — Morning express (Buffalo) 

Winthrop, Theodore. Life in the open air and other papers. D. 
N. Y. 1862. U. S. book CO. $1.25. 

Interesting and animated account of a trip to the lakes of Maine, the Penob- 
scot river and Mt Katahdin. 


917.42 New Hampshire 

Aldrichy T: B, An old town by the sea. D. Bost. 1893. Houghton 

The history traditions and description of Portsmouth, in themselves no more 
pictnresque or fascinating than those of other New England towns, these trifles 
become delightful through the ma^c touch of their historian and lover. — Dial 

BoUes, Frank. At the north of Bearcamp water; chronicles of a 
stroller in New England from July to December. D. Bost. 1893. 
Houghton $1.25. 
Very pleasant and easy reading ... he chooses his words simply without 

posing for effect as a scientist or moralist . . . abounding in quiet humor. — Lit, 

world 24 : 76 

King, T:S. The White hills; their legends, landscape, and poetry. 

il. O. N. Y. 1870. (preface iSsp) Hurd & Houghton $3. 

Witli his own magnificent prose poem he has tastefully interwreatbed all the 
choice liter.'iture and poetry of the White bills; and at the same time has put 
into fitting shape not only the local history but the rich legendary lore, much of 


it before unwritten. — North Amer, rev, 90:250 

Sweetser, M. F. The White Mountains; a handbook for travellers. 

Ed. 16 enl. il. map, S. Bost. 1896. Houghton $1.50. 

The best book ever made for a similar purpose. It covers the ground so com- 
pletely that as a matter of economy no visitor to tbe White mountains should be 
without it. — Magazine of AmeHcan history 

Thaxter, Mrs Celia Laighton. Among the Isles of Shoals. S. 

Bost. 1892. Houghton $1.25. 

Tbe book is not a guidebook exactly. It is something more and better — a de- 
scription of tbe islands and of life upon them, by one who has gathered her 
kiiowledj^e out of the store of a rich experience. — Boston Advertiser 

Ward, J. H. White Mountains ; a guide to their interpretation, il. 

map, D. N. Y. 1896. Houghton $1.25. 

Mr Ward's intention is to base upon a description of characteristic passages in 
tbe uiountuiu region the reflections which a contemplative mind, already en- 
lightened by tbe prophetic voice of poetry and religion, naturally makes. — At- 
lantto monthly 67: 133 

9x7. 44 Massachusetts 

Austin, Jane (Goodwin). Nantucket scraps. S. Bost. 1883. 
Houghton $1.50. 

Neitber novel, essay nor bistory but only 'scraps' and yet, we must add, very 
toothsome scraps relating to a truly quaint and charming island . . . with a 
unique bistory and people. — Lit, world 14 : 20 


Bacon, E. M. ed. Boston illustrated; a familiar guide to Boston and 
neighborhood, il. maps, D. Bost. 1893. Houghton, paper 50c. 

Contains descriptions of pablio buildings and institations, buKiness edidces, 
clubs and societies, parks and avenues, njonuiuents and statues, the harbor and 
islands, with glimpses of greater Boston. 

Bates, Mrs Arlo. Old Salem; by Eleanor Putnam. S. Bost. 1886. 
Houghton $1. 

With all its fra^mentariness it is a distinct bit of literature . . . something to 
value, not merely because wo can never have another from its creator, bui because 
it is in iti»elf a delight. — Atlaniio monthly 58: 269 

BoUes, Frank. Land of the lingering snow; chronicles of a stroller in 
New England from January to June. D. Bost. 1891. Houghton 

Walks in Arlington, Belmont, Waverly, Fitcbburg, Milton, Chocoriia and to 
Highland light. 

Drake, S: A. Old landmarks and historic personages of Boston, il. 

D. Bost. 1873. Roberts $2. 

A valuable book . . . Mr Drake has a pleasantly unpedantic way of impart- 
ing knowledge and has certainly spared neither time nor labor in accumulating 
bis materials. — Nation 

Glimpses of pilgrim Plymouth, il. ob. D. Plymouth, Mass. 

1 89 1. A. S. Burbank $1.75. 
Views in photogravure accompanied with extracts of descriptive history. 

Howells, W: D. Three villages. T. Bost. 1884. Houghton $1.25. 

In Mr Howells' most characteristic vein of photographic minuteness, touched 
up with his delicate humor. — Lit. world 15 : 193 

Lexington, Mass., Sbirley, Mass. and Gnadenbiitten, O. 

Kemble, Mrs F. A. Far away and long ago. S. N. Y. 1889. Holt 

A sketch of life 50 or 60 years ago in Berkshire county . . . very agreeably 
done. — Xation, 8 Aug. 1889 

Lothrop, Mrs H: M. anon. Old Concord, her highways and byways; 

by Margaret Sidney. New ed. enl. il. O. Bost. 1892. Lothrop $2. 

Author is a resident of Concord and is thoroughly acquainted with every nook 
and comer of the town, as well as with every legend that belongs to tbem. 

Thoreau, H: D: Week on Concord and Merrimac rivers. D. Bost. 

1893, Houghton $1.50 (New Riverside ed.) 

If any one would steal away from the region of winter skies into the regions 
of perpetual summer, let him take the proffered hand of Thoreau, nnd by the 
side of a slender New England river, walk with the sages and poets of all ages. 
— Independent 


Thoreau, H:D: Cape Cod. D. Best. 1892. Houghton $1.50 (New 
Riverside ed.) 
Atboroagbly fresh, original and interesting book. — Boston advertiser 

Underwood, F. H. Quabbin, the story of a small town, with out- 
looks upon puritan life. il. D. Bost. 1893. Lee $1.75. 
Perhaps there is no other one book which gives sach a comprehensive idea 

of a New England town. — Critic 22 : 30 
Enfield, Hampshire county. 

• 9I7-45 Rhode Island 

Higginson. T: W. Oldport days. S. Bost. j888. Lee $1.50. 

Sketches of life and manners at Newport. 
Newport illustrated by sketches with pen and camera ; with a 

dictionary of Newport, il. maps, D. Newport, R. I. 1891. C. E. 

Hammett jr, />a/>fr 25c. 

Snccinct account of fashionable Newport and its surroundings, with a chap- 
ter on it* early history. 

Toltnan, M. M. Pleasant places in Rhode Island, il. O. Provi- 
dence, R. L 1895. Providence journal co. 3sc. n^f. 
Excellent guide to places along Narragausett bay and also in the interior of 

the stale. 

9x7.46 Connecticut 

Decrow, W. E. Yale and the City of elms. New ed. il. Q. New 
Haven 1895. E: P. Judd co. boards 75c. net; cloth $1.25 net, 

9x7.47 New York 

Appleton's dictionary of New York and its vicinity, maps, S. N. Y. 
1896. Appleton,yfifjf. cloth 6oc.; paper 30c. 

Alphabetic deBcriptive index and guide to places, institutions, societies, 
amnsements, resorts, etc., in and about New York. 

Curtis, G: W: Lotus eating; a summer book. il. D. N. Y. 1852. 
Harper $1.50. 

ContehU: The Hudson and the Rhine; Catskill; Trenton; Niagara; Saratoga; 
Lake George ; Nahant ; Newport. 

HowellSy W: D. Their wedding journey. D. Bost. 1892. Houghton 


Essentially a series of travel pictures and character sketches, thrown off with 
the author's usual photographic and phonographic accuracy, and it is one of 
his crispest and cleverest works.— DiaJ, 17 : 338 

The Hudson, Niagara falls, the St Lawrence, Quebec. 


ClemenSy S: L. and others. The Niagara book; a complete souvenir 
of Niagara falls, il. D. BufFilo 1893. Underbill & Nicbols, cloth 
%\,2^\ paper lOQ. 
Sketches, stories and essays, descriptive, hrmorous, bistorioal and scientific 

relating to the great cahiract. 

Janvier, T: A. In old New York. il. maps, D. N. Y. 1894. 

Harper $1.75. 

A series of papers on eariy New York history and topography, of much local 
and fair general interest, entertainingly written, brimful of forgotton fact and 
curious reminiscence. — Dial 17: 235 

Kobbe, Gustav. New York and its environs, il. maps, S. N. Y.. 

1891. Harper $1. 

Orderly iu its an-angomcnt nnddiscriiiiinaliiig in its selection, and compresses 
a great deal of information into lesH tlian 300 pages. — "Saiion 52 : 283 

Murray, W: H: H. Lake Champlain and its shores. D. Bost. 
1890. DeWolfe, Fiske & co. $1. 

Pt 1 is devoted to the traditional and historic period ; pt 2 to the Adirondacks; 
pt3 describes Lake Champlain and the facilities it offers to yachtsmen; pt 4 
contains historical reminiscences and facts connected with the chores of Lake 
Champlain ; the game fish and fishing. 

Northnip, A. J. Camps and tramps in the Adirondacks. S. S>ra- 

cuse 1882. Bardeen $1.25. 

Truthful ]ticture8 of the actual summer vacation life in the Adirondacks 
. . . of the woods woodsy, of the camp merry, and of the streams trouty. — 

Phelps, H. P. Albany hand-book ; a stranger's guide and resident's 
manual, il. map, S. Alb. 1884. Bran do w & Barton, /a^^r 25c. 
Arranged alphabetically. 

Searing, Mrs A. E. (Pidgeon). Land of Rip Van Winkle, il. O. 
N. V. 1885. Putnam $1.25. 

Legends and descriptions of the Catskill region woven into the narrative of a 
journey throuj^h it. 

Stoddard, S. R. Lake George and Saratoga illustrated. N. Y. 1890. 
Rand, McNaliy, cloth 50c ; paper 25c. 

Wallace, E. R. The Adirondacks. il. map, D. Syracuse 1895. 
Watson Gill $3.50. 
The standard guidebook to the Adirondacks. 

Warner, C: D. In the wilderness; Adirondack essays. New cd. 

enl. S. Bost. 1878. Houghton $1. 

It is as fresh and fragrant of the woods as anything Thoroau ever wrote. — 
Extning huUetin (Philadelphia) 


9x7.48 Pennsylvania 

Hartranft, R. C. Pocket guide and handbook of the city of Phila- 
delphia. New ed. il. map, T. Phil. 1886. Hartranft, paper 25c. 
Describing the places of interest, public nnd historic buildini^, etc.; also 

shows the location of all the streets. 

Kelly, J. M., comp. Handbook of Greater Pittsburg ; first annual ed. 
il. map, D. Pittsburg, 1895, J- M. Kelly co. half cloth. 

Westcott, Thompson. Historic mansions and buildings of Phila- 
delphia, il. O. Phil. 1877. Porter $5. 

The writer^s object is to gather in every fact of interest or person of note 
related however remotely to his theme . . . and his hook should find a 
ready sale outside of Pbiladelpliia, as well as at home. — Nation j 2 May 1878 

Wharton, Anne H. Through colonial doorways, il. D. Phil. 1893. 

Lippincott $1.25. 

Foli£ lore and quaint tales of old Philadelphia society. The receptions and 
assemblies, the minuets and card parties, the dabbliu^s in philosophy and 
scieuce of the colonial and revolutionary period are faithfully described from 
original documents and shed agreeable light on higher and more complicated 
subjects.— Cri«c 23: 19 

9x7.5 South Atlantic states 

Evans^ G: G. e^l. Washington illustrated, a visitor's companion at our 

nation's capital ; a guide to Washington and its environs, il. map, D. 

Phil. 1892. Evans, r/<c?M $1.50; $2 ; half mor, $2.25; $2.50; mor, $3. 

In all respects it will prove an excellent guidebook to Washington, while its 

more extended scope and completeness in detail make it well worthy of a place 

on tlie »belf devoted to reference works. — Christian union 45:1261 

Goodwin, Mrs Maude (Wilder). The colonial cavalier; or. Southern 
life before the revolution. D. N. Y. 1894. Lovell, Coryell & co. $1. 
A delightful sketch of the colonial cayalier in his home, church, state and 

social relations. — Outlook^: 1049 

Hollander, J. H. Guide to the city of Baltimore. D. Bait. 1893. 
Murphy 75c. 

Kemble, Mrs F. A. Journal of a residence on a Georgia plantation 

in 1838-39. D. N. Y. 1863. Harper $1.50. 

The first ample, lucid, faithful, detailed account from the actual headquarters 
of a slave plantation in this conutry. — Atlantic monthly^ August 1863. 

NordhofTy Charles. Cotton states in the spring and summer of 1875. 

O. N. Y. 1876. Appleton,/a/<fr 50c. 

Describes the political and iodnstriiil conditions of Arkansas, Ijouisiana, 
Mississippi, Alabama, North Caroliua aud Georgia, the result of an exploration 
made for the Neto York herald. 


Olmsted, F: L. The cotton kingdom; a traveller's observations on 
cotton and slavery in the American slave stales, 1856-60. 2V. map, 

D. N. Y. 1861. Mason bros. o, p. 

Valuable because . . . uot eetimatps or coiijeotiircn, bat detailed facte 
. . . and because the author evideotlj undertook his Jouruejs, not in order 
to verify prcvioasly formed opinions, but to collect materials for forming his 
opiuions. — AbrlA. Amer. rev. 94:272 

Page, T: N. The old South. D. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1.25. 

Written charmingly and with knowled>{e of its colonial and ante-bellum 
aspects, clnims, civilization and contributions to society. — Critic 21 : 78 

Ralph, Julian. Dixie; or. Southern scenes and sketches, il. O. 

N. Y. 1894. Harper $2.50. 

One of the latest and best bonks describing the new south. 
Strother, D: H: Virginia illustrated, by Porte Crayon; 1 85-. il. O. 

N. Y. 187 1. Harper $3.50. 

Amusing sketches both with pen and pencil of the Virginia of ante-bellum 

Warner, C: D. On horseback; a tour in Virginia, North Carolina 
and Tennessee, with notes of travel in Mexico and California. D. 
Boston 1889. Houghton $1.25. 

Described with all of Mr Warner's well known quaint humor, full of observa- 
tion of the people and the country and rich in valuable iu formation. — Puh, 

Waterson, Henry, ^d. Oddities in southern life and character, il. 
S. Bost. 1883. Houghton $1.50. 

The most interesting chapters from the writings of southerners who have been 
most successful in depicting characteristics of southern life and habits. 

9x7.59 Florida 

Deland, Mrs Margaret. Florida days. il. O. Bost. 1889. Little $4. 

Depicts the subject in a vein of bright sentimf^nt and is full of poetic su^ges- 
tiveness. — Critic 

Holder, C: F: Along the Florida reef. il. O. N. Y. 1892. Apple- 
ton $1.50. 

The author, an enthusiastic naturalist, spent four or five years as a boy, upon 
Florida key collecting specimens ... of all this he bns wi it ten a per- 
fectly fnseiuating account hard to lay down when once begun. — Critic 19 :3 

Lanier, Sidney. Florida ; its scenery, climate and history il. D. 

Phil. 1876. Lippincott $1.75. 

Ho reports upou almost every point of interest in the state, working in a good 
deal of historical information . . . and gathers many facts us to the hygienic 
characteristics of the country. — Lit. world 6 : 116 


Norton, C: L. Hand-book of Florida, maps, S. N. Y. 1891. 
Longmans $1.25. 
An admirable specimen of what tbo guidebook sbould be. — Sun vNew York) 

Torrey, Bradford. Florida sketch-book. D. Bost. 1894. Hough- 
ton $1.25. 

As a companion before one goes to Florida, after one comes back and while 
one is not even contemplating the journey, be is most agreeable, gently insistent, 
but never tedions. — Atlantic monthly 

917.6 South central or gulf states 

Allen, J, L. Blue-grass region of Kentucky and other Kentucky 

articles, il. O. N. Y. 1892. Harper $2.50. 

Combines the distinctively literary tonoli with the most intimate knowledge 
. . . does not distort the plain truth to make an idealized picture. — Christian 
union 45 : 1261 

Boynton, H: V. National military park, Chickamauga-Chattanooga ; 

an historical guide. D. Cin. 1895. Clarke $1.50. 

Includes a description of the park, a satisfactory guide for visitors to the 
battle grounds and vicinity, a history of the movement for the creation of the 
park and an account of the Chickamanga campaign. 

Cable, G: W. Creoles of Louisiana. O. N, Y. 1889. Scribner $2.50. 
Historical and descriptive account ot* French speaking population of Louiitiana. 
Interest centers in New Orleans. — N, F. state trav, lib, finding list 7 

Corner, W: San Antonio de Bexar; a guide and history, il. O, 
San Antonio, Texas 1890. Bainbridge & Corner $2. 

Lane, Mrs L. S. (Blaney). I married a soldier ; or, Old days in the 

old army. D. Phil. 1893. Lippincott $1. 

A graphic description of the life led by army officers and their families, 
chiefly on the Mexican and Texan border, between the years 1856 and 1870. — 
Critic 22 : 45 

Zacharie, J. S. New Orleans guide ; with descriptions of the routes 
to New Orleans, sights of the city arranged alphabetically and other 
information, il. map, D. N. O. 1892. Hansell & bro. /tf/^r 

917.7 North central or lake states 

Bishop, N. H. Four months in a sneak-box. maps, D. Bost. 1879. 

Lee $1.50. 

Describes a voyage made in 1875-76, for the most part upon the Ohio and 
Mississippi rivers and with a small dack-boat or ' sneak-box ' instead of a 
canoe, as his vehicle. — Nationj 29 Jan. 1880 

City map of Detroit; with information on over 400 points of 

interest, il. Detroit 1895. Farmer, cMA 25c. 


Bishop, N. H. City of Milwaukee; guide to the 'Cream city' for 

visitors and citizens, il. maps, O. Milwaukee 1886. Caspar & 

Zahn, paper 25c.; cloth 50c. 

Gives a history of the settlement, development and present importance of 
the city, a chronology of interesting events and descriptions of the noted 
summer renorts of Wiiioonsin. 

Clemens, S: L. Life on the Jiiississippi, by Mark Twain, il. O. 

N. Y. 1896. Harper $1.75. 

Only secondarily tho work of a funny man, primaiily it is a descriptive and 
histoiical work by an ex-pilot of the old Mississippi sort, intending to bring 
before t he reader the contrast between the river as it is and ns it was in the 
days before the war and befoi*e the steamboat trade bad been interfered with 
by the building of rival railroads. — NaiUm 37 : 192 

HowellSy W: C. Recollections of life in Ohio from 1813 to 1840. 
O. Cin. 1895. Clarke $2. 

Very valuable because of the clear and simple accounts it gives of material, 
intellectual and religious conditions in central Ohio, fur the period covered. — 
Review of reviews 12 : 370 

Hudson, H. B. Hudson's dictionary of Minneapolis and vicinity, 
il. maps, S. Minneapolis 1891. Raymer's Old book store, paper 25c. 

Schick, L. Chicago and its environs ; a hand-book for the traveller, 
il. maps, S. Chic. 1891. Schick 75c. 

Shewey, A. C. Shewey's guide and directory to St Louis and hand- 
book of historical, statistical and chronological information, map, S. 
St L. n. d. Shewey, paper 45c. 

Thwaites, R. G. Historic waterways ; 600 miles of canoeing down 

the Rock, Fox and Wisconsin rivers. S. Chic. 1888. McClurg 


An aj^reeable narrative by a writer whose taste for history and knowledge of 
local events enables him to make of his book something more than a record of 
personal adventure. — Ailanixc monthly 62 : 286 

917.8 Western or mountain states 

Bishop, Mrs I.. L. (Bird). A lady's life in the Rocky mountains. 1. 

D. N. Y. 1890. Putnam $175. 

Mrs Bird is an ideal writer . . . she has regard to the essentials of a 
scene or episode and describes these with a simplicity as effective as it is art- 
less. — Spectator 


Bowles, Samuel. Across the continent; a summer^s journey to the 
Rocky mountains, the Mormons and the Pacific states ... in 
1865. il. O. N. Y. 1865. Hurd & Houghton $1^50. 
Never dull, never commonplace, very often really eloquent. His observations 

on the moral and material coudiiion of the communities tbrou;:h which be 

passes are always acute, in the majority of cases original and often profound. — 

Nation, 11 Jan. 1866 

Chittenden, H. M. Yellowstone national park, historical and descrip- 
tive. D. Cin. 1895. Clarke $1.50. 

The history of the upper Yellowstone from the days of Lewis Clark to the 
pri'sent time. . . The descriptive part contains a succinct though compre- 
hensive treatment of the various scientific and popular features of the park. 
Custer, Mrs E. . B. Boots and saddles ; or, Life in Dakota with Gen. 
Custer, map, D. N. Y. 1885. Harper $1.50. 

Incidents of march through the western country, life in barracks and camp. — 

Davis, R:H. The West from a car- window, il. D. N. Y. 1892. 
Harper $1.25. 

Not a dull lino in the book; he gives a truer view of the United States soldier 
and the American Indian than half a dozen military uovcIh. — Nation 55:359 
Dodg^e, R : I. Plains of the great West and their inhabitants, il. map, 

O. N. Y. 1877. Putnam $4. 

A practical study of the life of the plains, by an army officer ... an interesting 
book wlioBo very Mmplicity attests its truth. — Nation 

Irving, Washington. Astoria ; or. Anecdotes of an enterprise beyond 
the Rocky mountains, 18 10- 14. Various editions. 

Narrative of the efforts of John Jacob Astor to carry the fur trade across the 
Rocky mounhiius and to establish a trading post at the mouth of the Columbia. 

Adventures of Capt. Bonneville . . . 1832-35. Various editions. 

Picturings of I he Rocky mountains and their wild inhabitants and of the wild 

life that prevails there. 

Lummis, C : F. Land of the poco tiempo. il. O. N. Y. 1893. 

Scribner $2.50. 

Decidedly interesting account of New Mexico, of its motley p>Spu1aco, its curious 
survival of pre-Columbian rites and customs, its ancient walled cities, etc. — Dial 

Tramp across the continent, il. D. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1.25^ 

From Cincinnati to Los Angeles, Cal. in 1884. There is plenty of humor and on 

the whole we do not know of a better or more amusing book of its sort. — Critic 


Parkman, Francis. The Oregon trail; sketches of prairie and Rocky 

mountain life. D. Bost. 1891. Little $1.50. 
New il. ed. O. Bost. 1892. Little $4. 

Accouuts of hunting iu the west; experiences among Indians in 1847. — Sargent 


Ralph, Julian. Our great West il. O. N. Y. 1893. Harper $2.50, 

Presents many of tbe valaable features of the guidebook, toj'ether with 
an interesting picture of the people and their hopes and aspirations. — CriHc 
24 : 126 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Ranch life and the hunting trail, il. F. 

N. Y. 1888. Century $5. 

He may be said to fuirly lasso tho reader's attention at the outset and to bold 
it to the last page. The cattle country of which he writes is the northern half 
of the great belt which extends from the Canadian border to Texas. Critic 

Wallace, Susan E. Land of the Pueblos. New ed. D. N. Y. 1895. 

G : D. Hurst ysc. 

She lias an observant eye iind picturesque pen and her descriptions of this land, 
[New Mexico] its people, its civilization and its religion are deeply interest- 
ing. — Western Christian advocate 

Wing^ate, G : W. Through the Yellowstone park on horse-back. il. 

map, D. N. Y. 1886. Judd $1.50. 

Much the best practical guidebook we have yet had of that wonderful region; a 
plain, simple, just and accurate record of the average experiences of the tourist.— 
CHtic 9 : 65 

917.9 Pacific states 

Ballou M. M. The new Eldorado; a summer journey to Alaska; 

maps, S. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1. Tourists' ed. 

Among the numerous tourist books' to t^bich tho Alaska excursionists have 
given rise, decidedly tbe best we have examined. — Nation 

Barendt, A. Doxey's guide to San Francisco and the pleasure and 
health resorts of California, il. map, D. San Fran. 1895. W: 
Doxey 75c. 

Burton, R : F. City of the saints and across the Rocky mountains to 

California, il. maps, O. N. Y. 1862. Harper $3.50. 

His descriptions are very stimulating to the imagination of an excitable reader. 
— North Amer, rev. 95 : 195 

Dana, R: H:,jr. Two years before the mast. D. Bost. 1895. 

Houghton, /fl/^r 50c.; c/o/k 60c. (Riverside lit. ser. no. 84) 

An American classic ; record of a voyage round Cape Horn to California and 
return in 1835-37 ; last chapter describes the wonderful changes in California 
between 1835 and 1859. 

Finck, H : T. Pacific coast scenic tour from southern California to 

Alaska, the Canadian Pacific railway, Yellowstone park and the Grand 

canon, il. map, O. N. Y. 1890. Scribner $2.50. 

In point of readableness and interest, this narrative leaves nothing to be 
deaired.^^a^tofi, 6 Nov. 1890 


Merriam, Florence A. My summer in a Mormon village. S. Bost. 

1894. Houghton $1. 

Brightly written, with plenty of locnl color nnd character sketching and with 
some discassion of tbe doctrine and present practice of tbe ' Saints/ — Dial 17: 95 

Muir, John. The mountains of California. 11. D. N. Y. 1894. 

Century $1.50. 

Describes glaciers, forests, storms and ftinna in a style of striking charm em- 
bodying scientific accuracy, poetic imagination and loving kinship with natnre. — 
N. r. $tate trav. lib. finding list 21 

Robinson, Phil. Sinners and saints; a* tour across the states and 
around them, with three months among the Mormons. D. Bost. 1883. 
Roberts $1.50. 
A practised and agreeable traveler who extracts a great deal of sunshine from 

cucumbers and labors industriously at giving tbe Mormons a first class ticket to 

heaven. — Atlantic monthly 52:287 

Scidmore, E. . R. Alaska; its southern coast and the Sitkan archipel- 
ago, il. maps, O. Bost. 1885. Lothrop, r/<?M $1.50; paper <^oz, 

A pleasant and readable narrative of her experience ; a graphic ac<$onntof tbe 
unparalleled scenery of the archipelago, togetber with interesting historical 
incidents. — Nation^ 25 June 1885 

Stevenson, R. LI Silverado squatters. S. Bost. 1883. Roberts, 

cloih $1; paper 50c. 

Entertaining sketcbes of California scenery and life . . . showing the observing 
eye and graceful touch of an artist. — Nation^ 14 Feb. 1884 

Stoddard, C : A: Beyond the Rockies. D. N. Y. 1894. Scrib- 

ner $1.50. 

One of the best itineraries of the California tour . . . fresh, unprejudiced, relia- 
ble, and entertaining. — CriWc 25 : 350 

Taylor, Bayard. Eldorado ; or, Adventures in the path of empire, il. 

D. N. Y. 1850. Putnam $1.50. 

A voyage to California via Panama in 1849 shortly after the discovery of gold 
and returning across Mexico from Mazattan to Vera Cruz. 

Taylor, B : F. Between the gates ; or, Summer rambles in California. 

D. Ch. 1888. Griggs $1.25. 

Reeord of the only care-free, cloudless summer of my life since childhood. 

This gypsy of a book has few facts and not a word 01 fiction ; not so much as 
a dry fagot of statistics or a wing feather of a fancy. — Preface 

Van Dyke, T. S. Southern California ; its valleys, hills and streams, 
its animals, birds and fishes, its gardens, farms and climate. D. N. Y. 
1886. Fords $1.50. 
Without question the best book which has been written on the southern 

counties of California. — San Franciaoo chronicle 


Warner, C : D. Our Italy; an exposition of the climate and resources 
of southern California, il. O. N. Y. 1891. Harper $2.50. 
EntertaiDiug and readable, which eastom readers will read not only with 

pleasure but with instruction. — Christian union 43:579 

Winthrop, Theodore. The canoe and the saddle. S. N. Y. 1876. 

U. S. book CO. 75c. 

Record of the journey from Puget sound to the Dallas of the Columbia river 
made in 1853. His descriptions of scenery and out of door life have a freshness 
and an accuracy of detail which prove hitn to have been a genuine lover of 
nature. — North Amer. rev, 96 : 266 

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Period of 30 years* war. General his- 
tories 69 

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Illustrative biography 70 

Peace of Westphalia :. 70 


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James I and Charles I — 1603-49 f 7 

Biography 78 

Commonwealth, 1649-60 78 

Biography 79 

Restoration, 1660-85 80 

Social history 81 

Biography 81 

Contemporary authorities 8a 

James II, William and Mary, 1685-1702.. 89 

Biography.... 8a 

Dramas, novels and poems 83 


General histories 84 

Louis 13 and Richelieu, 1610-43 85 

Mazarin, 16^9-61 85 

Age of Louis 14, 1661-Z700 86 

Religious history 86 

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The 17th century is the period when Europe, shattered in its political 
and religious ideas by the reformation, reconstructed its political system 
upon the principle of territorialism under the rule of absolute monarchy. 
It opens with Henry 4, it closes with Peter the Great. It reaches its 
climax in Louis 14 and the Great Elector. It is therefore the century 
in which the principal European states took the form and acquired the 
position in Europe which they have held more or less to the present 
time. — Wakeman p. i 
Four main centers of interest in this century : 

1 Catholic reaction in Germany leading to the 30 years* war with 

the peace of Westphalia and its effect ; 

2 Contest in England between the Stuart kings and parliament ; 

3 Establishment of absolute monarchy in France and the struggle 

of the other powers against Louis 14 ; 

4 American colonies. 


Germany — War rages for 30 years 1618-48 and leaves the country 
in a helpless condition. 

Prussia first rises into prominence under the Great Elector, Fred- 
erick William. 

The United Provinces hold a high place at this period and are en- 
gaged in a long struggle with France. 

Sweden is at the hight of her power and possessions. 

Russia is rapidly rising and Poland is declining. 

Austria increases her power in Italy and Hungary. 

Turks press forward into Austria, from which they are driven out, 
and make some important conquests in other parts ; but their power is 
on the decline. 


England becomes one of the important states of Europe and besides 
being engaged in civil and foreign wars, is planting colonies in America 
and India. 

Union of the crowns of England and Scotland takes place in 1603. 

France under Louis 14 now becomes the leading power in Europe 
and makes great accessions of territory. 

Italy has fallen to a low condition. Savoy is slowly gaining in power, 
and Venice is engaged in wars with the Turks. 

Spain sinks to an inferior position. 

Portugal is freed from the Spanish yoke in 1640 but is of little 
account at this time. 

America. Colonization is rapidly going on, the English and Dutch 
taking the lead in planting new settlements. The Spaniards hold their 
first conquests but with a rapid decline of power. The French lay claim 
to the great territory beyond the New England possessions and are en- 
gaged in frequent wars with the English in the new as in the old world. 

Principal dates 

1603 Union of English and Scotch crowns 

1607 English colony at Jamestown founded 

1 610 Assassination of Henry 4 

1 618 Commencement of the 30 years' war 

1620 Pilgrims land at Plymouth 

1628 Petition of rights 

1632 Battle of Lutzen, death of Gustavus Adolphus 

1642 Death of Richelieu. Civil war in England 

1643 Accession of Louis 14 

1648 Treaty of Westphalia and end of 30 years* war 

1649 Execution of Charles i of England 
1658 Death of Oliver Cromwell 

1660 Restoration of the Stuarts 

1 66 1 Death of Mazarin 

1668 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle 

1678 Habeas corpus act 

1682 Accession of Peter the Great 

1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes 

1688 Revolution in England 

1697 Treaty of Ryswick 


General histories 

Dyer, Thomas Henry. Modern Europe. 5V. O. Lond. 1877. 
Bell £i 1 28. 6d. A. L. A. Bkl. Mil. 

See V. 3. 1573-1721 

Dry and anattractiye bat a anefal book of reference. — &on, p. 400 
The best we have on the subject. — AdAfM p. 233 

Raumer, Friedrich Ludwig Georg von. History of the 16th and 
17th centuries . . . tr. fr. the German. 2v. D. Lond. 1835. Murray 
21S. N. Y. e 

See 1 : 45-89, 216-38, 398-474; 2: 1-51, 190-442 

To those already somewhat familiar with the centnries of which these volumes 
treat, the presentation of Von Raumer is of much interest and value . . . The 
papers examined are original documents . . . and they abound in carious com- 
ments on the events that happened under the writer's observation. — A^tM p. 216 

• Wakeman, Henry Oflfley. Europe 1598-1715. 392 p. ma])*:, D. 

N.Y.I 894. Macmillan$i.4o (Periods of European history) N.Y. e 

Directs special attention to the growth of the monarchical power of France 

. . . the eftect of the whole is good and the workmanship scholarly. — Eitg. M.i^i. 

review, Jan. 1895, 10 : 168 
More popular than the works of Dyer or Raumer. 

Myers, Philip Vaa Ness. Outlines of mediaeval and modern 
history, a text-book . . • 740 p. maps, D. Bost. 1886. Ginn $1.65. 

N. Y. e 

See p. 469-645 

Concise, accurate and yet readable. 

Hausser, Ludwig. Period of the reformation 15 17 to 1648 ed. by 

VVilhelm Oncken, tr. by Mrs G. Sturge . . . New ed. 702P. O. 

N. Y. 1873. Amer. tract soc. N. Y. e 

See p. 402-559 

The most distinguishing merit ... is the great skill with which it shows the 
intimate and often subtle relations of political and religious affairs . . . notably 
conspicuous in tbe treatment of the 30 years' war. Hiiusser was a conservative 
protestuut. — Adams p. 213 

Praet, Jules van. Essays on the political history of the 15th, i6ih 

and 17th centuries, ed. by Sir Edmund Head. 464P. O. Lond. 

1868. Bentley i6s. N. Y. e 

See p. 286-464 

It is in the work of critical historical portraitare that thei^ essays excel. — 
Adams p. 215 


Histories of civilization 

Guizoty Francois Pierre Guillaume. History of civilization. 3V. 
D. Lond. 1889-90. Bell 3s. 6d. each (Bohn's lib.) A. L. A. N. Y. e 

It gives us the brosdest generalizations . . . bat it will be found to embody 
many wise conclnsions that rest on the solid basis of most thorough research. 
Perhsps no other historical book is capable of stirring more earnest and fhiitfnl 
thought. — Jdamt p. 46 

'Ducoudray, Gustave. History of modern civilization ; a handbook 
based upon . . . Ducoudray's Hisioire sommaire . . . adapted by J. 
Verschoyle. s87p. il. O. N. Y. 189 1. Appleton $2.25. N. Y. e 
See p. 247-301 

An admirable and very compact summary, well edited. — Son. p. 386 


Lexington, Robert Sutton, 2d baron. ( The ) Lexington papers ; 
or, Some account of the courts of London and Vienna at the conclusion 
of Che 17th century . . . ed. with notes by the Hon. H. M. Sutton. 
360 p. O. Lond. 185 1. Murray 14s. N. Y. e 

ExtrnctM from the Lexington correspondence. 

Malcolm, James Peller. Miscellaneous anecdotes illustrative of the 
manners and history of Europe during the reigns of Charles II, James 
II, William III and Queen Anne. 434 p. pi. O. Lond. 181 1. Long- 
mans o, p. N. Y. e 
Short, gohsipy sketches. 

Religious histories 

Ranke, Leopold von. History of the Popes, their church and state 
and especially of their conflicts with protestantism in the i6th and 17th 
centuries, tr. by E. Foster. 3V. por. D. Lond. 1889-91. Bell 3s. 
6d. each (Bohn*s lib.) A. L. A. N. Y. c 

See2:lik7— 3:bk8 

Prof. Uanke is a protestant, but he carries forward all liis work wifb such 
impartiality as to command the respect of his religions opponents. He pene- 
trates to the very bottom of nfifairs and brings the cuuRes and springs of action 
into the Xx^t,— Adams p. 215 




Period of the 30 years' war 1618-48 

General histories 

♦Gindely, Anton. History of the 30 years' war tr. by Andrew Ten 

Brook. 2v. il. por. maps, O. N. Y. 1892. Putnam $3.50. N. Y. e 

The best lengtbj Account of tbe war, bnsedon original documents. — Son. p. 44H 

The master spirits of the great contest have been vividly portrayed . . . 1ii4 

sympathies all throagh are with tlie German leaders. — Aead.j Ap. 1885, 27 : 251 

Gardiner, Samuel Rawson. Thirty years' war 1618-48. 237P. i 
map, S. N. Y. 1894. Scribnei $1 (Epochs of mod. hist.) N. Y. e 

Best single volume on tbe subject. — Andrew9 p. 302 

The chief merit of the book is in tbe prominence it gives to the great turning- 
points of the war. Specially noteworthy is the account of the effects and results 
of the war. — Adams p. 217 

Ward, Adolphus William. (The) counter-reformation. 203 p. D. 

Lond. 1889. Longmans 2s. 6d. (Epochs of church history) N. Y. e 

See p. 152-96 

Summary of the religious causes and events of the 30 years' war. — Eng, hist, 
rmneto, July 1889, 5: 600 

Trench, Richard Chenevix, al'/>, Gustavus Adolphus : Social aspects 
of the 30 years' war ; 2 lectures. 114 p. D. Lond. 1886. Paul 4s. 

The literary presentation is of its rapid and limited kind almost perfect. The 
Onsfavus Adolphus is a mere sketch, bold in outline, high in light and strong in 
shadow, but still without the advantage of a full background. Social aspect 
helpx to supply the deficiencies of the first lecture. — Ath.^ July 1865, p. 141 

Schiller, Friedrich von. History of the 30 years* war, tr. by A. J. W. 
Morrison, por. D. Lond. 1889. Bell 3s. 6d. (Bohn's lib.) . 

A. L. A. Lemck. N. Y. e 
Thoroughly readable but having been written at a time when government 
archives were not accessible, of no scientific value. — Son. p. 448 

Motley, John Lothrop. Life and death of John of Bameveld with a 
view of the primary causes and movements of the 30 years' war. 2 v. 
por. pi. O. N. Y. 1874. Harper $4. N. Y. e 

In the part of his work which relates to the religious struggle which ended 
with the execution of Barneveld, we have Mr Motley at bis best. — Aoad.f S. K. 
Gardiner. Feb. 1874, 5: 192 


Qustavus Adolphus and Wallenstein 

Stevens, John L. History of Gustavus Adolphus. 427 p. i por. O. 

Lond. 1885. Bentley i8s. N. Y. e 

An attractive volume which will amply repay a oarefol perusal. Though he iH 

not free from the biographer's fault of making too much of his chosen hero, he 

has thrown fresh light on Gustavns' exploiU. — Aoad,f Ap. 1885, 27: 251 

* Fletcher, Charles Robert Leslie. Gustavus Adolphus and the 
struggle of protestantism for existence. 316 p. il. por. pi. maps, D. 
N. Y. 1890. Putnam $1.50 (Heroes of the nations) N. Y. e 

His narralivois geuorally clear and ooucise, always painstaking and perfectly 
aocorato. Although his protestant sympathies are unmistakable he is never cou- 
•cionsly ntifair to the other side and does due justice to all of Gustavas* oppo- 
nents, excf'pting perhaps the greatest of them, Wallenstein. — Ath,, 24 Jan. 1891, 
p. 117 

Mackay, John. Death of Gustavus Adolphus. (see Scottish review, 
Ap. 1892, 19: 400-5) N. Y. e 

Mitchell, Gefi, John. Life of Wallenstein. Ed. 2. 41 2p. i por. D. 
Lond. 1840, Fraser/7./. N. Y. e 

The main object of Colonel Mitchell is to plead that Wallenstein was not only 
most treacherously murdered, for that is admitted, but that the treason of which 
he was accused had no existence. But the Wallenstein of German literature 
and of popular opinion must always be a mystic astrologer, ready to sell his 
army and his cause to the enemy. — Fraser^s mag., Ap. 1838, 17 : 484 

Wilson, Henry Schutz. Wallenstein. (see JVineteentA century, June 

1883, 13: 1045-63) N. Y. e 

Illustrative biography 
Cust, Sir Edward. Lives of the warriors of the 30 years' war. 2v. D. 
Lond. 1865. Murray i6s. (Lives of the warriors of the lyih cen- 
tury) B. A. Hist. r. r. 

Useful for the ^bort sketches of Tilly, Pappenheim, Bernard of Weimar and 
the less prominent generals. 

Markham, Clements Robert. (The) fighting Veres — lives of Sir 
Francis Vere and of Sir Horace Vere. 508 p. por. maps, O. Bost. 
1888. Houghton $4. N. Y. e 

See 'War in the Palatinate/ p. 394-420 

It is a scholarly piece of work, embodying ihe result of much original re- 
search. . . Mr Markham's well-known predilections for gcofcraphy are strongly 
marked throughout. — Aih.y Ap. 1888, p. 464 

Peace of Westphalia 
•Bryce, James. Holy Roman empire. D. N. Y. 1892. Macmil- 
lan $1. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

See ch. 19 which gives the religiouH and political outcomes of the peace. 



General histories 

* Menzel, Wolfgang. Histor)^ of Germany, tr. by Mrs George 
Horrocks. 3 y- por- I^« Lond. 1889. Bell 3s. 6d. each (Bohn's 
lib.) N. Y. e 
See V. 2 

Menzel is a protestant, a man of strong feelings, an earnest patriot and above 
all, a man of ideas . . . The author's style ... is epigrammatic and eminently 
readable. — Adams p. 268 

The best large work in English. — Allen p. 97 

Lewis, Charleton Thomas. History of Germany from the earliest 
times, founded on David MUller's History of the German people. 
799 p. iL I por. maps, D. N. Y. 1891. Harper $1.50 (Student's 
ser.) N. Y. e 

See p. 399-487 

The best brief history of Germany . . . Each of the periods is subdivided in 
such a way as to unite happily a narration of events with an account of civiliza- 
tion and progress. — Adams p. 267 

Malleson, George Bruce. Battlefields of Germany from the out- 
break of the 30 years* war to the battle of Blenheim (1618-1704). 360 
p. pi. maps, O. Lond. 1884. AUen i6s. Gin. Det. Mil. 

In his preface he says: ^To the political history of the 30 years' war I have 
referred as little as possible . . . My object has been rather to describe the 
battles and the events which led to those battles.' An instructive and readable 
history.— .^(^., Aug. 1884, p. 168 

Zimmern, Helen. Hansa towns. 389 p. il. pi. D. N. Y. 1891. 

Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) N. Y. e 

See p. 354-75 

Tlie story of the rise, the splendor and the gradual decay of the famous league 
towns called Hansa is told with a charm which makes an attractive subject more 
attractive.— Crituj, Nov. 1869, 15 : 213 

Social history 

* Fresrtag, Gustav. Pictures of German life in the isth, i6th and 
17th centuries, tr . . . by Mrs Malcolm . . . Ser. i, 2 v. O. Lond. 
1862. Ghapman 21s. N. Y. e 

See 2 : 1-349 

Pictures of German life in the i8th and 19th centuries, tr. 

by Mrs Malcolm. . . Ser. 2, 2 v. in i, D. Lond. 1863. Chap- 
man 21S. N. Y. e 

* See 1 : 187-267 ; 2 : 1-47 

A series of historical pictures painted by a master's hand. . . All of these essays 
arc remarkable for that delightful combiuatioo of instruction and entertaiument 
of which Freytag is so consummate a master. — Adams p. 306, 307 


Gould, Sabine Baring. Historic oddities and strange events. Ser. i, 
Ed. 3. 323 p. O. Lond. 1891. Methuen 6s. N. Y. e 

See SchweinicheD'tt Memoirs^ p. 67-82 
Depicts life in Gerinauy at the begioninf of the 17th century 

Benger, Elizabeth Og^lvy. Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, queen of 
Bohemia, daughter of King James the hrst, incl. sketches of the state 
of society in Holland and Germany in the 17th century. 2v. i por. O. 
Lond. 1825. Longmans jQi 4s. N. Y. e 

Blaze de Bury, Marie Pauline Rose (Stewart) , baronne. Memoirs 
of the Princess palatine of Bohemia; incl. her correspondence with the 
great men of her day . . . 400 p. D. Lond. 1853. Bentley los. 6d. 

N.Y. e 

Life of Elizabeth, one of the many children of Frederic of Bohemia and Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Jumes I. 

The writer over praises the princess in the early part of her life and treats her 
too sharply when in its decline, she came to favor Labadists and quakers. At 
20 she listened with pleasure to the studied and extravagant flatteiy of the calm, 
courtly, intellectual Descartes; when between 50 and 60 she was excited to rap- 
ture by the hearty appeals of such men as Labadie and Penn. — Aili,^ 24 Dec. 
1853, p. 1543 

The Great Elector and the rise of Prussia 

Ranke, Franz Leopold von. Memoirs of the House of Branden- 
burg and history of Prussia during the 17th and i8th centuries tr. fr. 
the German by Sir Alexander Gordon and Lady Duff Gordon. 3V. 
O. Lond. 1849. Murray 0, p, N. Y. e 

See 1 : 1-140 

The accounts of the Great Elector and of Frederic 1 are brief but of the high- 
est value. — Adams p. 291 

•Tuttle, Herbert. History of Prussia to the accession of Frederic 
the Great. 498 p. maps, D. Best. 1892. Houghton $2.25. N. Y. e 
Seep. 110-302 

It is the entire life of the state that is depicted. Diplomacy and war do not 
so All the field ot view as to obscure the methods of internal administration or 
the social and economic development of the people. — Nation, Jan. 1891, 52 : 987 

Carlyle, Thomas. History of Frederick the Great. 10 v. O. Lond. 

1872. Chapman ^£4 los. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

Seel: 12-20 

A work of superlative geuius which deties every canon of criticism aud sets at 
nought every rule of historical composition. — Adama p. 292 


Low countries 

Rogers, James E. Thorold. Story of Holland. 388 p. il. por. 

pi. D. N. Y. 1892. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) N. Y. e 

See p. 168-313 

Remarkably vigorous ai d spirited . . . The notices of Dntch commerce are of 
special yalne.—^cad., Feb. 1889, 35: 129 

Motley, John Lothrop. History of the United Netherlands from the 

death of William the Silent to the Twelve years' truce 1609. 4V. por. 

O. N. Y. 1867-88. Harper $8. N. Y. e 

See 4 : 1600-1609 

His capital quality is the sustained interest he takes in tb e men and the deeds 
be describes.— i^afum, Feb. 1868, 6 : 170 

With all the merits of tbe work ... it must be conceded that it is too con- 
troversial in its character to be accepted as the final jiidi^meut of mankind . . . 
These faults will not dimiuisli in the least the interest of the reader in its pages. 
— Adams p. 450 

Geddes, James. History of the administration of John De Witt, 
Grand Pensioner of Holland. 398 p. i por. O. N. Y. 1880. Harper 

$2.50. N. Y. e 

V. 1 1623-54 

In the .years from 1652-54 De Witt had begun to have important dealings with 
Cromwell, and tbe author throws new light upon the policy of England as well 
as that of Holland. His researches have been most thorough and the first vol. is 
written with considerable literary skill. — Adams p. 448 

Markham, Clements Robert. The fighting Veres. 508 p. por. 
maps, O. Host. 1888. Houghton $4. N. Y. e 

See p. 296.393 


Otte, Elize C. Scandinavian history. 399 p. maps, D. N. Y. 1894. 
Macmillan $1.25. N. Y. e 

See p. 249-56, 267-3 J 2 
The most important general history of Scandinavia in English. — Adams p. 463 

Bain, Francis William. Christina, Queen of Sweden. (1626-89) 
por. O. Lond. 1890. Allen 7s. 6d. Det. Son. 

He ban ransacked all tbat is to be learnt on the subject and has produced a 

valuable and inteiesting historical study . . . Few more interesting women have 

ever occupied a European throne. — Acad.f Feb. 1890, 37: 94 

Michell, Thomas. History of the Scottish expedition to Norway in 
i6i2. 189 p. pi. maps, D. Lond. 1886. Nelson 3s. 6d. 
Neat, well-illustrated little monograph ou the most salient event in the 17th 
century history of Norway. The story is clearly told and its true proportions 
shown. — Eng, hist, review f June 1886, 1 : 581 



Coxe, William. History of the House of Austria (1218-1848). 4 v. 

D. Lond. 1888-89. Bell 3s. 6d. each (Bohn's lib.) A.L. A. N.Y. e 

See 2: cb. 43 — 3: ch. 70 

A work of real iDtrtnsic merit . . . the aathor has dealt very fully with the 
military affairs aad his uccoants . . . are always clear and often graphic. — 
Adamn p. 283 

Specially valaable for the period sabseqaent to the peace of Westphalia 
( 1648-1700). 

* Maiden, Henry Elliot. Vienna, 1682 ; the historical consequences 

of the defeat of the Turks before Vienna Sept. 12, 1683, by John 

Sobieski, king of Poland ... 122 p. pi. maps, D. Lond. 1883. 

Paul 4s. 6d. Cin. Hist. r. r. Mil. 

An animated account of the Turkish siege and the deliverance of Vienna by 

Sobieski.— JfA., 15 Sept. 1883, p. 336 


Rambaud, Alfred. History of Russia from the earliest times to 1882 

tr. by L. B. Lang ; ed. and enl. by N. H. Dole ... 3 v. 3 por. O. 

Bost. 1879-82. Estes $6. N. Y. e 

See 1: 327-400, 2: 13-105 

By far the best history of Russia accessible to the reader of English . . . bus 
at once the merits of thoroughness and freshness, while at the same time, it is 
made up with so good judgment aud so fine a sense of proportion that the per- 
spective leaves nothing to be desired. — Adams p. 411 

♦Schuyler, Eugene. Peter the Great, emperor of Russia, a study of 
historical biography. 2 v. il. por. pi. maps, O. N.Y. 1884. Scribner 
$6. Also in Scribner' s magazine^ 1880-81 ; v. 19-22 N. Y. e 

V. 1 deals with the 17th century. 
It is a history of Peter, his reign, life, struggles, his reforms, wars and 

diplomacy.— iVaiton, May 1884, 38: 389 
This impartial and carefully written book . . . will be found both instriiciive 

and umubing. — Acad,, Feb. 1884, 25 : 123 

Motley, John Lothrop. Peter the Great . . . with notes. 70 p. S, 
N. Y. 1893. Maynard 24c. ( 121-122) N. Y. e 
Best brief Wie.Salem bul. 2 : 158 

Poems, dramas and novels 


Byron, George Gordon Noel, ioni. Werner ; a tragedy. 256 p. Tt. 
N. Y. 1887. Routledge 60 c. (Pocket lib. no. 24) N. Y. e 

Defoe, Daniel. Memoirs of a cavalier. Lond. n. d. Bell 3s. 6d. 
(Bohn's lib.) N. Y. e 


Frejftag, Gustav. Our forefathers: Ingo and Ingraben, tr. O. 
Lond. 1874. Asher 6s. Son. 

James, George Pajrne Rainsford. Heidelberg. D. Lond. n. d. 

Routledge 2S. ^ /. N. Y. ^ 

Meinhold, Johann Wilhelm. (The) amber witch, a romance tr. by 
Lady Duff Gordon, ed. with an introd. by Joseph Jacobs and il. by 
Phihp Bume Jones. 221 p. pi. D. Lond 1895. Nutt $2.50. N. Y. e 

Noeldechen, Wilhelm. Baron and squire — a story of the 30 years' 
war from the German by S. M. S. Clarke. 390 p. pi. O. Lond. 1892. 
Nisbett ss. B. P. 

Schiller^ Frederich von. Dramatic works : Wallenstein's camp tr. 
by J. Churchill, Piccolomini and Wallenstein*s death tr. by S : T. Cole- 
ridge. 420 p. por. D. Lond. 1889. Bell 3s. 6d. N. Y. e 

Topelius, Zaccharias. Times of Gustaf Adolf. D. Chic. 1886. 
McClurg $1. B. P. 

V. 5 of TKt 8urgeon*8 stories 

Weyman, Stanley John. My Lady Rotha. 384 p. pi. D. N. Y. 
1894. Longmans $1.25. N. Y. e 


Auerbach, Berthold. Spinoza. S. N. Y. 1892. Holt $1. (Leisure 
hour ser.) N. Y. e 

Dumas, Alexandre. (The) black tulip. D. N. Y. 1891. Little 
$1.50. N. Y. f 


General histories 

Ranke, Franz Leopold von. History of England principally in the 

17th century, tr. under the supt. of G. W. Kitchin and C. W. Boase. 

6v. O. Oxford 1875. Clarendon pr. 63s. N. Y. e 

Of great value . . . not so mncb for the new facts he brings to light as for the 

fairness of his jndgmeut, the scholarly nature of his deductions nud his nnrivuled 

general knowledge of this century. — Jdams p. 547 

Specially strong in England's foreign relations. — Son, 416 

• Green, John Richard. Short history of the English people, ed. by 

Mrs J. R. Green and Kate Norgate. 4V. 1906 p. il. por. pi. maps, Q. 

N. Y. 1893-95. Harper $5 each. N. Y. e 

See V. 3, 4 : 1411-1576 

Pnge after page gives the reader the very form and pressure of the age in por- 
tmits of notable personages, in serious and satirical sketches, in representation 


of manners and customs of machinery and countless other objects which once 
placed before the eyes, vivify oar Icuowledge of the past. — £ng, hist, review, Ap. 
1895, 10 : 400 

Lingard, John. History of England. lov. O. Lond. 1883. Nimmo 

;;^5 5s. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

See V. 7-10 

The great Roman catholic authority on the history of England . . . Written 
with historical learning and care. — Adams p. 471 

Covers history to 1688. 

Burton, John Hill. History of Scotland. Ed. 2. 8v. D. Edin. 1873. 

Blackwood j£^ 3s. N. Y. e 
See 5 : 31S-v. 7 

This work has superseded in value all other histories of Scotland. — Adams 
p. 466 

• Scott, 5/r Walter. Tales of a grandfather, history of Scotland . . . 6v 
in. 3 pi. D. Bost. n. d. Houghton $4.50. N. Y. c 

See 2 : 219-4 : 179 


Arnold, Thomas. Introd. lectures on modem history. Ed. 6 O. 
Lond. 1874. Longmans 7s. 6d. N. Y. e 

See Lecture 6-7 
Ripe fruit of a profound scholarship. — Adams p. 20 

*Macaulay, Thomas Babington. Critical and historical essa)s. 
O. Lond. 1889. Longmans 2s. 6d. N. Y. e 

laclndiu^ essays on Bacon, Milton^ Hampden and Sir W. Temple. 

^Mozley, James Bowling. Essays, historical and theological. 2 v. 
O. N. Y. 1878. Longmans 24s. N. Y. ^ 

Sec Strafford, Laud and Carlyle's Cromwell. 
Important papers . . . written from a royalist point of view. — Adams p. 548 

Religious history 

TuUoch, John. Rational theology and Christian philosophy in 
England in the 17th century. Ed. 2. 2 v. O. Edin. 1886. Black- 
woods 1 6s. Clev. P. Son. 
Gives the host account uf tbe Cambridge Plafonists and their forernnners. — 

Son, p. 4 
Written in a clear and attractive style. — Ath,, 9 Nov. 1872, p. 594 

Wakeman, Henry Oflfley. Church and the puritans, 15 70- 1660. 

Ed. 4. 208 p. D. Lond. 1894. Longmans 2s. 6d. (Epoch.s of 

church history) N. Y. c 
See p. 62-208 
Admirable and sympathetic. — Mutton's Laud, pref. p. 10 


Constitutional history 

Lang^tnead, Thomas Pitts Taswell — English constitutional history 

from the Teutonic conquest to the present time, 4th ed. revised . . . 

with notes . . . by. C. H. E. Carmichael. 1883 p. O. Lond. 1890. 

Stevens 21s. N. Y. e 

See p. 507-716 

Baaed on the best authorities. — ^n. p. 259 

Social history 

Traill, Henry Duff, ed.^ Social England ; a record of the progress of 
the people in religion, laws, learning, arts, industry, commerce, science, 
literature and manners from the earliest times to the present day by 
various writers, v. 1-3. O. N. Y. 1894-95. Putnam $3.50 each. 

N. Y. e 

See ▼. 4- (not yet pub.) 

It aims at giving a readable and yet original account of the progress of the 
nation.— J(^., 13 Oct. 1894, p. 489 

HewinSy William Albert Samuel. English trade and finance 

chiefly of the 17th century. 174 p. D. Lond. 1892. Methuen 

2S. 6d. (University extension ser.) N. Y. e 

A series of lectures, con taiuiog a large number of facts. It does not include 

the bank of England. 

Hill, Georgianna. History of English dress. 2 v. 11. por. O. 

N. Y. 1893. Putnam $7.50. N. Y. e 

See 1:245-322 

This is a book which supplies a clear and accurate picture of the different 
styles which have been turn by turn the fashion. — Ai}i,^ 11 Nov. 1863, p. 667 

Litchfield, Frederick. Illustrated history of furniture. Ed. 3. 11. 
pi. Q. Lond. 1893. Truslove 25s. N, Y. e 

Seep. 91-123 

Special periods 

James I and Charles 1 1603-49 

Gardiner, Samuel Rawson. History of England from the accession 
of James I to the outbreak of the civil war, 1603-1642. Ed. 3, 10 
V. 11. maps, D. Lond. 1894. Longmans 60s. N. Y. e 

History of the great civil war, 1642-49. New ed. 4 v. 11. 

maps, D. Lond. 1893. Longmans 24s. N. Y. e 

For the general hist, of £ug. iu the 17th century, there are two modern works 

which stand far above all others — Qardioer and Massoo's Lift of Milton, books 

of truly colossal erudition and written in a spirit of judicial fairness. — Fiske. 

BegimUngs of Kew England p. 280 


Gardiner, Samuel Rawson. First two Stuarts and the puritan revolu- 
tion, 1 603-1 660. 222 p. maps, S. N. Y. 1893. Scribner $1 
(Epochs of mod. hist.) N. Y. e 

Good style, general accaracy nnd due proportion. — Ath,, 3 June 1876, p. 757 
Best brief history covoring thiii period and also the commonwealth. 


£/wtf Sir John. Forster, John. Sir John Eliot, a biography. 1590- 
1642. Ed. 2. 2 V. 2 por. O. Lond. 1871. Chapman 14s. N. Y. Son. <f 

B^flt book to study the beginning of the rising against the Stuarts. — Adams 
p. 483 

Charles i. Adams, William Henry Davenport. (The) White king; 
or, Charles the first and the men and women, life and manners, litera- 
ture and art of England in the first half of the 17th century. 2 v. O. 
Lond. 1889. Redway 21s. N. Y. e 

It will be fonnd by the general reader an amusing book, but it is not intended 
for the scholiir. -Jcod., Feb. 1889, 35: 129 

Disraeli, Isaac. Commentaries on the life and reign of Charles the 

first, new ed. revised ... by Benjamin Disraeli. 2 v. O. Lond. 

185 1. Colbum los. o, p, N. Y. e 

Seel: ch. 32; 2: ch. 9-10 

High tory point of view and the most powerful plea there is on Charles' 
behalf.— -Son. p. 416 

♦ Montrose, Morris, Mowbray Walter. Montrose. 224 p. i por. 
D. N. Y. 1892. Macmillan 60c. (Eng. men of action) N. Y. ^ 

Montrose was a Scottish royalist commander . . . executed in 1650. 

Commonwealth 1649-60 

Gardiner, Samuel Rawson. History of the commonwealth and 
protectorate, 1649-1660. v. i. maps, O. Lond. 1894. Longmans 

2 IS. N. Y. e 

V. 1 1649-51 

Masson, David. Life of John Milton. New ed. 6 v. and index, 
por. fac-sim. O. Lond. 1881. Macmillan $28. N. Y. e 

Narrated in connection Avith the political, eccle>iastical and literary history 
of his time. — Title 


• Bayne, Peter. Chief actors in the puritan revolution, Ed. 2. 
512 p. O. Lond. 1879. Clarke 12s. N. Y. e 

Tbe cbapfcrs are stnclieft founded on the most recent reBearches and are 
admirable BpeciDiCDS of judicions, incisive and well-sustained criticism. — 
Adamt p. 492. 

Pablished originally in the Contemporary review, 

Forster, John. Statesmen of the commonwealth of England. O. 
N. Y. n. d. Harper $2.25. /?./. A. L. A. N. Y. ^ 

Constitutes a continnons narrative in the form of a biography ... As Car- 
lyle is Crom weirs most ablu defender, Forster is perhaps his most able prose- 
cutor. — Adams p. 490 

loci, also lives of Wentworth, Pym, Hampden, Vane, Eliot and Martin. His 
sympathies in general are with the revolution. 

Froude, James Anthony. English in Ireland in the i8th century. 
^ New ed. 3V. O. Lond. 1895. Longmans los. 6d. N. Y. e 

See V. 1, bk 1-bk 2-ch. 2 
A vivid picture, written with great force, bui 'holding a brief*. — Son. p. 435 

Milton, John. Prose works, por. D. Lond. 1895. Bell 3s. 6d. 
each (Bohn'slib.) N. Y. ^r 

There is no more snggestiv«) commentary on the spirit that generally pro- 
vailed than that afforded by the brutal ferocity of this great poet's political 
writings. — Adams p. 549 

Smith, Goldwin. Three English statesmen ; a course of lectures on 
the political history of England. New ed. 271 p. D. N. Y. 1893. 

Macmillan $1-50. N, Y. r 

Pym, Cromwell, Pitt. 

Individual biography 

B/akr, Admiral, Hannay, David. Admiral Blake. 194 p. D. N. Y. 
1886. Appleton 75c. (English worthies) N. Y. e 

He doeH not unduly glcrify his hero. The sea fights are made intelligible to 
the not I -professional leader and there is also an interesting chapter 00 the navy 
of the commonwealth. — Eng. hist, rcvitw, 18^8, 3: 187 

Cromwell, Oliver. Carlyle, Thomas. Oliver Cromwell's letters and 
speeches. 2v. D. N. Y. n. d. Harper $2.50. A. L. A. N. Y. e 
The most powerful ar;;iiment in behalf of Cromwell. — Adams p. 489 

On heroes, hero worship and the heroic in history. 286 

p. S. N. Y. 1893. Stokes $1.25. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

See Lecture 6 

Harrison, Frederic. Oliver Cromwell. 228 p. D. Lond. 1890. 

Macmillan 75c. (Twelve Eng. statesmen) A. L. A. N. Y. e 

Brilliant pa»aionate monograph on Cromwell.— ^(A., 14 Dec. 1889, p. 814 
Mr Harrison^R little volume does not add any new facts ... he has however 

arranged the old knowledge more deftly than it has ever been arranged before. 

•^Ath., 21 June 1885, p. 89 


• — Pictou, James Allanson. Oliver Cromwell, the man and his mis- 
sion. 516 p. por. O. Lond. 1889. Cassell 5s. N. Y. Son. e 
Mr Pictou has succeeded in drawing a life-like portrait of the liberal miuded 
despot and has clearly brought out the ideas religious and political that influ- 
enced him.—Ath., 3 Feb. 1883, p. 147 
The best biography of Cromwell. — Fiske. Beginnings of New England, p. 280 

•/2?jc, George, Bickley, Augustus Charles. George Fox and the 
early quakers. O. Lond. 1884. Hodder 7s. 6d. Son. 

We thiuk Mr Bickley's life of Fox the best biography in existence for popular 

reading.— ^cad., May 1884, 25: 379 

Osborne, Dorothy, Temple, Dorothy (Osborne). Letters from 
Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple 1652-54 ed. by E: A. Parry 
... Ed. 5. 316 p. por. D. N. Y. 1888. Dodd $1.75. N. Y. e 

As a record of a few years of a young womnn's life in England in the middle 
of the 17th century and of the couteujporMry social spirit, the collection ban a 
high value and it is in itself an addition of mark to the list of English biography. 
— Nation, Sep. 1388, 47: 195 

Vane, ^ir Henry, Hosmer, James Kendall. I.ife of young Sir Henry 
Vane, governor of Mass. Bay and leader of the long parliament . . . 
581 p. por. O. Bost. 1888. Houghton $4. N. Y. e 

One of the most picturesque of Englishmen ... Mr Hosmer has written an in- 
teresting book but it is not a good biography . . . about things iu general with 
which Vane was in some way connected. — Aih,, 5 Jan. 1889, p. 12 

Verney. Verney, Frances Parthenope, ed. Memoirs of the Vemey 
family during the civil war, comp. fr. the letters and il. by the por. at 
Claydon House . . . 2v. por. fac-sim. O. Lond. 1892. Longmans 42s. 

N. Y.e 

For a history of social uianners these volumes are simply invaluable. We 
gain from them clearer insight into the ways of onr forefathers of the upper 
ranks of society than from all the histories of the past . . . The Vemeys were 
protestants. — Ath., 11 June 1892, p. 751 

Period of the restoration 

Charles a, 1660-85 

• Airy, Osmund. English restoration and Louis XIV from the peace 

of Westphalia to the peace of Mimwegen. 292 p. 3 maps, S. N. Y. 

1889. Scribner $1 (Epochs of modern hist.) N. Y. e 

His descriptive powers arc seldom allowed free play and yet his narrative is 

usually most cloar and intelligihle. — Ath,, 5 Oct. 1889, p. 449 


Social history 

AdamSy William Henry Davenport. (The) merry monarch; or, 

England under Charles II, its art, literature, and society. 2V. O. 

Lond. 1885. Remington 21s. N. Y. e 

Popular aocoant — taking up the musicians, dramatic authors, actors and act- 

xesaes, writers, etc. 

Besanty Walter. London . . . 509 p. il. pi. por. O. N. Y. 1892. 
Harper $3. N. Y. e 

See p. 371-428 
Picture of London life in the time of Charles 2. 

Jusserandy Jean Adrien Antoine Jules. French ambassador at 
the court of Charles the second. 259 p. por. O. N. Y. 1892. 
Putnam $3.50. N. Y. e 

Mr Jusserand's pages form ... a pleasant and essentially readable, if not 
complete or recondite essay. — Ath,, 30 July, 1892, p. 149 

•Sjrdney, William Connor. Social life in England from the 

restoration to the revolution 1660-90. 447 p. D. N. Y. 1892. Mac- 

millan $2.50. N. Y. e 
Graphic delineation of every day life. 

Individual biography 

Claverhause, Morris, Mowbray Walter. Claverhouse. 222 p. D. 
N. Y. 1887. Appleton 75c. (Eng. worthies) N. Y. e 

A Scottish soldier and Jacobite leader, 1650-89. 

Henrietta, Ady, Mrs lyxAz. (Cartwright). Madame; a life of Hen- 
rietta, daughter of Charles i and duchess of Orleans. 406 p. por. O. 

Lond. 1894. Seeley i6s. N. Y. e 

An interestingly and well-written life of au nttrnctive fignre in the history of the 
17th century.— i?ti^. Awt. rev., Jan. 1895, 10 : 173 

Monk. Corbett, Julian. Monk. 221 p. por. D. N. Y. 1889. 
Macmillan 75c. (Eng. men of action) N. Y. e 

The chief actor in the restoration of the Stuarts. 

Sidney ^ Dorothy , Ady, i^r^ Julia (Cartwright). Sacharissa; some 

account of Dorothy Sidney, Countess of Sunderland, her family and 

friends. (1617-84) O. Lond. 1892. Seeley 12s. 6d. Det. 

A pnre and gracious figure brought out iu btrong relief against the dark ba^- 

groond with which we are familiar . . . There was scarcely a man or woman 

connected with her who Wiis not distinguished. The portraits of all these . . . 

Mrs Ady has fairly and faithfully drawn.— J e^., 11 Mar. 1893, p. 304 


Contemporary authorities 

•Pepys, Samuel. Diary ; completely transcribed by the late Rev. 
Mynors Bright from the shorthand ms. in the Pepysian library with 
Lord Baybrooks' notes ; ed. with additions by H: B. Wheatley. v. 
1-5. por. fac-sim. pi. D. Lond. 1893-95. Bell los. 6d. each (Bohn's 

hist, lib.) N. Y. e 

Tbe diary covers the interesting period from 1659 to 1669 and throws a flood of 

light on tbe character of that sinfiilar decade. It deals with social far more 

than political affairs ; but the student of politics will here find not only much 

that will enteitain but also something that will instruct. — Adams p. 495 

Covers the period 1659-69. 

Evefyfiy John. Evelyn, John. Diary and correspondence of John 
Evelyn, ed. by William Bray. 4 v. por. pi. D. Lond. 1859. Bell 
Ss. each (Bohn's hist, lib.) A^ L. A. N. Y. e 

Covers Ibe long period from 1641 to 1705. The author was a more important 
personage than his friend Peyps, yet his worth is of somewhat less interest. He 
traveled extensively in Europe . . . Those objects wbich interested Evelyn 
were tbe very objects Pepys cared least about. In this way tbe works supple- 
ment emth other and give us the most perfect view we have of manners and 
customs in England during the latter part of the 17th century. — Adams p. 495 

England 1685-1702 

James a. Revolution, z688. William and Mary 

Macaulay, Thomas Babington. History of England. 1 685-1 702. 

8 V. in. 4, D. Bost. n. d. Houghton $5. A. L. A. N. Y. f 

The most brilliant iind the most popular of all English histories, displaying 

much research and an unrivaled power of portraiture. Strongly whig. — Son. 

p. 418 

• Hale, Edward. Fall of the Stuarts and Western Europe from 1678- 

1697 . . . 248 p. maps, S. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1 (Epochs of 

mod. hist.) N. Y. e 

Brief analysis of the hist, of England, France and Holland. — Ath., 3 June 
1876, p. 758 


Dampier^ William. Russell, William Clark. William Dampier. 
192 p. por. D. N. Y. 1889. Macmillan 75c. (Eng. men of action) 

N. Y.^ 
An English navigator who made explorations in the East Indies, western coast 
of Australia and New Guinea. 


Marlborough. Wolseley, Garnet Joseph Wolseley, viscount Life 

of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, to the accession of Queen 
Anne. Ed. 3, 2V. il. por. pi. O. N. Y. 1894. Longmans $10. N. Y. e 

The subject 18 full of interest, and the life of a great general by one wbo writes 
with authority on military affairs naturally commands attention . . . The hist, 
of . . . campaigns is treated with great minuteness and care but at the same 
time with vigor and spirit. — Eng, hiat. rev.\ Jan. 1895, 10: 174 

^Afary, Queen of England, Doebner, Richard P., ed. Memoirs of 
Mary, Queen of England, 1689-93 with letters, etc. O. Lond. 
1886. Nutt 3s. Clev. 

Their importance consists . . . not in new historical information, but the con- 
trasts which they draw between the pure dignity of Mary and the times of morsil 
and political corruption in which she led a well-nigh blameless life. — Eng. hiat, 
rw., Jan. 1887, 2:178 

• William 3. Traill, Henry Duff. William the third. 204 p. D. 

Lond. 1888. Macniillan 2s. 6d. (Twelve Eng. statesmen) N. Y. e 

The pages of Mr Traiirs work which are of the nature of generalization are 

the best.— Jtft., 16 June 1888, p. 755 

Dramas, novels and poems 

Ainsworth, William Harrison. Old Saint Paul's. D. Lond. n. d. 
Routledge 3s. 6d. N. Y. e 

London plague aud fire, 16d5-6. 

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge. Lorna Doone. 3 v. D. N. Y. 
1892. Putnam $3.75 (Exmoor ed.) N. Y. e 

DeTonshire in the time of Charles 2. 

Browning, Robert. Complete works. 16 v. por. D. N. Y. 1888- 

89. Macmillan $1.50 each. N. Y. e 

See T. 2. Par<iceUu8 : Strafford. 
Time of Charles 1. 

Butler, Samuel. Hudibras. 2 v. por. pi. D. Lond. 1859. Bell 
I OS. (Bohn's illus. lib.) N. Y, e 

Satire on the puritans and the commonwealth. 

Defoe, Daniel. History of the plague in London. 1665. 205 p. D. 

Lond. 1889. Bell 3s. 6d. (Bohn's lib.) N. Y. e 

A fictions narrative but a good account of the plague. 

Doyle, Arthtir Conan. Micah Clarke. New ed. 471 p. pi. D. 

N. Y. 1894. Harper $1.75. N. Y. e 

Late 17th century. Monmonth's rebellion. 


Marshall, Mrs Emma Martin. Kensington Palace in the days ot 
Queen Mary 2. 336 p. por. pi. D. N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $1.50. 

N. Y. e 

A pleasant story of one of Qaeen Mary^s maids of honor. 

Scotty Sir Walter. Novels with notes by A. Lang and etchings. O. 
Lond. 1893-94. Nimmo 6s. a voL (Border ed.) N. Y. ^ 

See Foriune9 of IftgeU 2 v. 

Time of James I. 
Legend of Montrose 2 v. 

Scotland at the time of Montrose, 1644-45. 
Old mcrtalUy, 2 v. 

Scotch Covenanters, 1679-90. 
Woodstock. 2 y. 

Cromwell and Charles 2, 1652-60. 

Peveril of the Peak. pL O. N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $1.25 

(New Dryburgh ed.) N. Y. e 

1660-80; Bye-Hoase plot. 

Rokeby. pi. O. N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $1.25 (New Dry- 

burgh ed.) N. Y. e 

Scotland and England, just after Marston Moor, 1644. 

Shorthouse, John Henry. John Inglesant. Ed. 6. 445 p. D. 
N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $1. N. Y. e 

England in the time of Charles I. 


General histories 

Guizot, Francois Pierre Guillaume. History of France tr. by Rob- 
ert Black. 8v. O. Lond. 1872-80. Low los. 6d. each. 

A. L. A. N. Y. e 
See y. 4, 1589-1713 

Best popular history of France. — Adams p. 326 

Guizot's account of this reign (Lonis 14) is a somewhat too favorable view 
though in the main it is an admirable picture of one side of the question. — 
Adams p. 398 

•Duruy, Victor. History of France. 706 p. maps, D. N. Y. 1889. 
Crowell $2. N. Y. e 

See p. 377-479 

Readable, entertaining and instructive. — Adams p. 324 
A good outline of history of this country. 

Stephen, 5/> James. Lectures on the history of France. 710 p. O. 

N. Y. 1875. Harper $3. N. Y.e 

Chiefly on the institutioos of France; forms an admirable commentary on 

French history. — Son. p. 438 


Under Louis 13 & Richelieu 1610-43 

• PerkinSy James Brech. France under Mazarin with a review of the 
administration of Richelieu . . . Ed. 3. 2 v. por. O. N. Y. 1887. Put- 
nam $4. N. Y. 6 
About a third of the work is given to Richelieu; about a third to the Fronde 

and three chapters at the end are of a general nature, upon the adnainistration, 

society and religion . . . The style is for tbe most part excellent. — Nation, Sep. 

1886, 43 : 215 

Massotiy Gustave. Richelieu. 350 p. por. D. Lond. 1884. S. P. C. 

K. 38, 6d. (Home lib.) Cin. N. Y. Sal. e 

Carefully and accurately done . . . Mr Masson is a hearty admirer of the great 

statesman.— ^a^joit, Ap. 1885, 40: 309 

White, Andrew Dickson. Statesmanship of Richelieu, (see Atlantic 
monthly. May 1861, 9 : 611-24) N. Y. c 

Under Mazarin 1643-61 

Masson, Gustave. Mazarin. 325P. D. Lond. 1886. S. P. C. K. 
38, 6d. (Home lib.) N. Y. c 


Hooper, Georg^. Abraham Fabert; his life and times, 1 599-1662. 
270 p. por. O. Lond. 1892. Longmans los. 6d. N. Y. c 

A printer's son who heoanie a marshal . . . Mr Hooper has discharged his taiik 
with notable skill . . . bringiog in just what is necessary of coDtemporary his- 
tory to explain liis hero*s career . . . His style is clear, incisive and modest and 
he avoids the besetting vice of modern historians — dalness. — Eng, hist, rev., Jnly 
1893, 8 : 577 

Age of Louis 14 1661-1700 

Martin, Bon Louis Henri. Age of Louis XIV, tr. fr. the 4th Pans 
ed. by M. . L. Booth. 2 v. pi. O. Bost. 1865. Walker <;./. 

N. Y. c 
Beat elaborate account we have in English. — Adams p. 346 

Somewhat tod favorable view. — Adams p. 398 

Buckle, Henry Thomas. History of civilization in England. 2 v. 

O, N. Y. 1892. Appleton $4. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

See 1 : ch. 8, 10, 11 

The baleful influence of Louis 14 is nowhere so powerfully shown as in the 
first Tolnme of Buckle. — Adams p. 234 

DoUinger, Johann Joseph Ignaz. Studies in European history 
being academical addresses . . . tr. by Margaret Wane . . . 426 p. 
por. O. Lond. 1890. Murray 14s. N. Y. e 

See * Policy of Louis XI V/ p. 265-324 ; ' Most influential woman of French his- 

tory/ p. 325-415 


Hassall, Arthur. Louis XIV and the zenith of the French monarchy. 
144 p. il. por. pi. maps, D. N Y. 1895. Putnam $1.50 (Heroes of 
the nations) N. Y. e 

Laughton, John Knox. Studies in naval hist, biographies. 469P. O, 
Lond. 1887. Longmans los. 6d. N. Y. e 

Soe Colbert. The birth of a navif, p. 30-58 ; DaQaesne. The French navif in the 
nth century, p. 59-93 

ReprintB uf articles from varions mngnzines . . . Their style is lively and 
Biifflcieiitly picturesqae. — Eng, hist, rev., Jnly 1888, 3: 59 

•Perkins, James Breck. France under the regency with a review 
of the administration of Louis XIV. 603 p. O. Bost. 1892. 
Houghton $2. N. Y. e 

See p. 23-238 

The book is very readable. . . Probably professional students would find 
points to be corrected bat for the ordinary reader he is a trustworthy and in - 
telligeut guide. — Bookman, July 1893, 4 : 114 

Religious history 

•Heath, Richard. Reformation in France. 2v. por. pi. D. Lond. 
1886. Religious tract soc. 2s. 61. (Church hist, ser.) N. Y. e 

Seel: 103-192; 2: 11-67 

Lear, Henriette Louisa (Farrer). Revival of priestly life in 17th 

century in France. O. Lond. 1883. Rivington 3s. 6d. Clev. Son. 
Contains chapters on Oratory and its system, S. Vincent do Paul and the 
Lazarists, S. Sulpice and Jean Jsicques. 

Poole, Reginald Lane. History of the Huguenots of the dispersion at 
the recall of the edict of Nantes. 208 p. D. Lond. 1880. Macmil- 
lan 6s. N. Y. e 

A very learned and successful attempt to show what became of the Hugenots 
after the dispersion . . . He dhowd tbut they exerted a powerful influence in 
the society of which they became a part. — Adams p. 340 

Smiles, Samuel. Huguenots in France after the revocation of the 
edict of Nantes. New ed. 530 p. O. Lond. 1893. Routledge 
3s. 6d. N. Y. ^ 

Nobody can rend it without interest, without loving and admiring those whose 
struggles and hardships the author paints so well.~u^f^., 10 Jan. 1874, p. 50 


Social history 

•Imbcrt dc Saint- Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Women of Ver- 
sailles: The court of Louis XIV tr. by E.. G. Martin. 266 p. por. D. 
N. Y. 1893. Scribner $1.25. (Famous women of the French court) 

N. Y. e 

Fascinating biographies. Admirable side-ligbts on the history of the period. — 
N, F. traveling lib, finding Hit no. 5, p. 13 

Mason, Amelia Gere. Women of the French salons. 286 p. il. por. 

pi. Q. N. Y. 1891. Century $6. N. Y. e 

See ' Salons of the 17th century/ p 1-117 

Appeared first in the Csntury magazine. Depicts the intellectual side of 
French social life. 

Pardoe, Julia. Louis XIV and the court of France in the 17th 
century. 3 v. il. por. O. Lond. 1888. Bentley 42s. N. Y. <r 

Miss Pardee has a special gift for seeing tbo interesting features of society 
and of events. Her eye did not penetrate far beneath the surface of things. — 
Adams p. 347 

Sainte-Beuye, Charles Aug^stin. Monday chats, tr. by William 
Mathews. . . Ed. 5, 298 p. O. Chic. 1891. Griggs $1.50. N. Y. e 
Biographioal essays on Louis 14 and leading men of bis reign. 

Saint-Simony Louis de Rouvroy, (^uc de. Memoirs of the reign of 
Louis XIV and the regency tr. fr. the French by Bayle St John. 
New ed. 3 v. O. Lond. 1889. Son. 12s. (Standard authorj ser.) 

N. Y. ^ 
A panoramic picture drawn with wonderful skill, the author was himself nt 

court so often an actor in the strange scenes he describes. — AdamB p. 348 

Taine, Hippol3rte Adolphe. . . . Ancient r6gime, tr. by John Durand. 

New ed. 421 p. O. N. Y. 189 1. Holt $2.50 (Origins of contemp. 

France) N. Y. e 

See Structure of society, p. 1-85 ; Habits and character, p. 86-169 
As a revelation of society in its different phases during the 100 years before 
the reyolution, the book bus no equal. — Adams p. 386 

Madame de Maintenon 

Bowles, Emily. Madame de Maintenon. 339 p. por. O. Lond. 

1888. Paul 7s. 6d. N. Y. e 

A most interesting account of the lady whom Dr Dollioger has called the most 
influential woman in French history . . . iu the greater part of the work . . . 
told in Madame de Maintenon's own words. — Eng, Ki%U rev,, July 1889| 4: 573 


Dramas and novels 

Doyle, Arthur Conan. Refugees ... 365 p. pi. D. N. Y. 1893. 
Harper $1.75. N. Y. e 

Court life in the time of Louis XIV and the Hagenot persecntion. 

Dumas, Alexandre. Three musketeers. 2 v. per. D. Best. 1891-92. 

Little $3 (D^Artagnan romances) N. Y. e 

Louis 13. 

JameSy George Payne Rainsford. Richelieu. S. Lond. n. d. 
Routledge 2s. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

Intrigues of the French iiohles. — Adams p. 2S5 

L3rtton, Edward George Earle Bulwer, daron. Dramatic works. 
496 p. I por. D. Lond. n. d. Routledge 3s. 6d. A. L. A. N.Y. e 

Vigny, Alfred Victor, comfe de, Cinq-Mars; or, a conspiracy under 

Louis XIII, tr. by William Hazlitt. 2 v. il. pi. O. Bost. 1889. 

Little $6. N. Y. e 

Admirahle portrayal of the contest between Richelieu and the French nobles. — 
Adams p. 235 

Wejrman, Stanley John. Under the red robe. 340 p. pi. D. N. Y. 

1894. Longmans $1.25. N. Y. e 

Time of Richelieu. 


See general histories of the 17 th century. 


Maria Celeste, sister. Sanders, Alfred J. An Italian nun of the 17th 
century, (see National revieiv, June 1889, 13: 456-69) N. Y. e 

Galileo's daughter is the nun. 

Fra Paolo Sarpi, Robertson, ' Alexander. Fra Paolo Sarpi, the 
greatest of the Venetians. 196 p. por. D. N. Y. 1894. Whit- 
taker $1.50. N. Y. e 
Fra Paolo wats specially celebrated as the theological con nselor of Venice in 
her famous contest with Pope Paul 5. The facts of his life are set forth with 
enthusiasm and literary skill and form a narrative of absorbing interest. — 
Sperry. Fewicc p.- 18 , 

Novels and poems 

Browning, Robert. The ring and the book. 477 p. O. Bost. 1892. 
Houghton $1.75. N. Y. e 

Pope Innocent 12. 

Manzoni, Alessandro. I promessi sposi. (the betrothed) D. 
Lond. 1889. Bell ss. (Bohn's ed.) A. L. A. N.Y./ 

Plague at MiUn in 1628. 



See general histories of the 17th century. 


Molinos, Big^eloWy John. Molinos the quietist. 127 p. D. N. Y. 

1882. Scribner $1.25. N. Y. e 

Molinos was a Spanish theologian, foander of the sect of quietist b. Be was 

bom about 1630, sentenced to perpetual imprisonment by tbe inquisiticm and 

died in l&^,—IApp%nooiV9 Biog. diet, 


General histories 

Bancroft, Georg^e. History of the U. S. of America. 6 v. i por. O. 
N. Y. 1890-91. Appleton $15. N. Y. e 

Seel: 84—2: 191 

* Campbell, Douglas. The puritan in Holland, England and» 
America. Ed. 4 enl. 2 v. O. N. Y. 1893. Harper $5. N. Y. e 
See V. 2 

Mr Campbell has undertaken to prove that some of tbe most distinctive of 
American institutions are due to tbe influence of Holland rather than of England 
and . . . has established many of his claims. — Nation, Aug. 181^, 55: 147 

• Fisher, George Park. Colonial era . . . 248 p. maps, D. N. Y. 

1892. Scribner $1.25 (Amer. hist, ser.) N. Y. e 

Compact, suggestive and readable; neither predominantly political nor theo- 
logical. Recognizes the contributions to our national life of other colonies than 
those east of the Hudson. — NaUoUf June 1892, 54 : 472 

Canada and the West 
Parkman, Francis. Pioneers of France in the new world. 473 p. 

por. maps, D. Bost. 1894. Little $1.50 (France and England in 

North America, pt i) N. Y. e 

Seep. 229-454 (1600-1635) 

The men who laid tbe foundation for France in Canada are portrayed so that 
it seems as if the reader attended tbem in their discoveries. — Farunif Deo. 1893, 
16: 426 

The Jesuits in North America in the 17th century. Ed. 30, 

463 p. map, D. Bost. 1894. Little $1.50 (France and England in 
North America, pt 2) N. Y. e 

He does justice to the bravery and self-devotion of the Jesuits. — Contemp. rev.. 
May 1888, 53 : 659 

La Salle ; or. The discovery ol the Great West. 483 p. maps, D. 

Bost. 1894. Little $1.50 (France and England in North America, 

pt 3) N. Y. e 



• Parkman, Francis. Old r6gime in Canada. New ed. 508 p. map, 
D. Bost. 1895. Little $1.50 (France and England in North America, 

pt4) N.Y. e 

The strength and weakness of the French system in the 17th century are here 
Ket forth with great detail.— Fan<m, Dec. 1893, 16: 426 

Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV. Ed. 23, 

463 p. map, D. Bost. 1894. Little $1.50 (France and England in 
North America, pt 5) N. Y. e 

He pat feeling and color into the story and gave it the lights and shades of 
Mcturtl life.— Forum, Dec. 1893, 16 : 426 

Winsor, Justin. Cartier to Frontenac. 379 p. il. O. Bost. 1894. 
Houghton $4. N. Y. e 

Geographical discoveries in the interior of North America in its historic rela- 
tions, 1534-1700.— Iie/c 

' New England 

Palfrey, John Gorham. Compendious history of New England. 

(1497-1775) 4 V. O. Bost. 1883. Houghton $6. N. Y. e 

See 1-3 : 223 

The most satisfactory history of New England ... It shows great learning 
industrious research, comprehensive views, critical acumen and sound judgment 
... In addition it i>088rBses the charm of ... a graceful and agreeable style — 
Adam8 p. 583 

Fiske, John. Beginnings of New England. . . 296 p. map, D. 
Bost. 1895. Houghton $2. N. Y. c 

A sketch uf the New England colonies up to 1689 with special reference to the 

constitutional and ecclesiastical sides of their development. — Eng, hUt, rev,, 

June 1890, 5 : 608 

•Earle, Mrs Alice Morse. Customs and fashions of old New 

England. 387 p. D. N. Y. 1893. Scribner $1. 25. N. Y. e 

An extremely interesting book ... it collects a great deal of information 

which will be useful to students of the social and economic development of the 

colonies.— ^n<7. hist, rev,, Oct. 1894, 9 : 818 

Dutch colonies 

Roberts, Ellis Henry. New York, the planting and the growth of 
the Empire State. 2v. map, D. Bost. 1895. Houghton $2.50 
(American commonwealths) N. Y. e 

See 1 : 3-231 

That part recounting the colonial history is written with more care and clear- 
ness than the sequel . . . The portraits of royal governors are done with some 
touch of individual quality. — Nation, May 1887, 44: 456 
A most creditable piece of literary workmanship.— Critic, Ap. 1887, 10: 215 


Southern colonies 

•Doyle, John Andrew. English colonies in America — Virginia, 
Maryland and the Carolinas. 420 p. maps, O. N. Y. 1889. Holt 

$3.50- N. Y. e 

Embodies the valuable results of studies in the Record office, Loodou. — Adama 
p. 669 
Admirably fair and impartial. — Fiske. Beginninga of Netc England, p. 280 


Mather, Cotton. Wendell, Barrett. Cotton Mather, the Puritan 
priest. 321 p. por. D. N. Y. 1891. Dodd 75c. (Makers of 
America) N. Y. e 

Contains many quotations from his Journal. Conditions of the time are made 

to excuse many qnestionaUle points in Mather's career. 

Penriy William, Clarkson, Thomas. Memoirs of William Penn. 

New ed. 367 p. pi. maps, nar. D. Lond. 1849. Adams 2s. 6d. 

A. L. A. N. Y. e 

With a preface in reply to the ehnrgen against bis character made by 
Macanhiy in his history of England, by W. E. Foi-ster. 

Stuyvesant, Peter, Abbot, John Stephens Cabot. Peter Stuyvesant 

the last Dutch governor of New Amsterdam. 362 p. pi. D. N. Y. 

1873. Dodd $1.25 (American pioneers and patriots) N. Y. e 
C<Mitains a great deal on tbe history of this period, 1602-82. 

X^illiams, Roger, Straus, Oscar Solomon. Roger Williams the 
pioneer of religious liberty. 257 p. fac-sim. D. N. Y. 1894. Cen- 
tury $1.25. N. Y. e 

A sim))le and rendabhr n:irr.itive constituting n small volume of rare excel- 
lence of typography and warmly eulogistic of its subject. — Natioriy July 1894, 
59: 35 

Poems and novels 

Bynner, Edwin Lassetter. Begum's daughter. 473 p. pi. D. 
Bost. 1892. Houghton $1. 25. N. Y. e 

New York about 1689. 

Catherwood, Afrs Mary (Hartwell). Lady of Fort St John. 284 p. 
D. Bost. 1893. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. e 

Fort St John was in Now IJruuswick ami coiitrollfd bv the French. 

Romance of DoUard. 206 p. pi. I). N. Y. 1889. Cen- 
tury $1.25. N. Y. e 
Canada about 1660. 


Cooper, James Fenimore. Water -witch. D. Best. 1884. 
Houghton $1. A. L. A. N. Y. e 

Jast after the defeat of the Dutch by the English. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Scarlet letter. 3129. pi. D. Bost. 1891. 
Houghton $1.50. N. Y. ^ 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. Poetical works. 6 v. por. 
fac-sim. D. Bost. 1892. Houghton $9, A. L. A. N. Y. ^ 

See Courtship of Miles Standish, 2 : 283-348 ; John Endiooti, 5 : 301-72 
John Eudicott describes the persecutions of the quakers in Boston, 1665. 

Wilkins, Mary Elinor. Giles Corey, yeoman ; a play. io8 p. pi. 
T. N. Y. 1893. Harper 50c (Harper's black and white scr.) Also 
published in Harper's magazine ^ Dec. 1892, 86 : 20. N. Y. e 

Founded on the persecution of the Salem witches in 1692. 

Whittier, John Greenleai. Poetical works. 4 v. por. D. Bost. 
1893. Houghton $6. A. L. A. N. Y. ^ 

See Ptnnstflvania pilgrimj 1 : 316-45 

Daniel Pasturius and the early quaker settlers at Germantown. 

University of the State of New York 

Object. The object of the University as defined by law is to encour- 
age and promote education in advance of the common elementary 
branches. Its field includes not only the work of academies, colleges, 
universities, ])rofessional and technical schools, but also educational work 
connected with libraries, museums, university extension courses and 
similar agencies. 

The University is a supervisory and administrative, not a teaching 
institution. It is a state department and at the same time a federation 
of more than 800 institutions of higher and secondary education. 

Government. The University is governed and all its corporate 
powers exercised by 19 elective regents and by the governor, lieuteiiant- 
governor, secretary of state and superintendent of public instruction who 
are ex officio regents. Regents are elected in the same manner as United 
States senators ; they are unsalaried and are the only public officers in 
New York chosen for life. 

The elective officers are a chancellor and a vice-chancellor, who serve 
without salary, and a secretary. The secretary is the executive and 
financial officer, is under official bonds for $10,000, is responsible for the 
safe keeping and proper use of the University seal and of the books, 
records and other i)r(.>{)erty in charge of the regents, and for the proper 
administration and discipline of its various offices and departments. 

Powers and duties. Besides many other important powers and 
duties, the regents have power to incorporate, and to alter or revoke the 
charters of universiiies, colleges, academies, libraries, museums, or other 
educational institutions; to distribute to them funds granted by the state 
for their use ; to insi>ect their workings and require anriual reports under 
oath of their presiding officers; to establish examinations as to attain- 
ments in learning and confer on successful candidates suitable certificates, 
diplomas and degrees, and to confer honorary degrees. 

They apportion annually an academic fund of about $250,000, part for buy- 
ing bO'»ks and apparatus for academies and high schools raising an equal 
amount for the same purpose, $100 to each nonsectarian secondary school 
in good standing and the remainder on the basis of attendance and the 
results of instruction as shown by satisfactory completion of prescribed 
courses for which the regents examinations afford the official test. The 
regents also expend annually $25,000 for the benefit of free public 

Regents meeting^. I'he annual meeting is held the third Thurs- 
day in December, and other meetings are held as often as business 
requires. An executive committee of nine regents is elected at the 
annual meeting to act for the board in the intervals between its meetings, 
except that it can not grant, alter, suspend or revoke charters or grant 
honorary degrees. 

Convocation. The University convocation of the regents and the 
officers of institutions in the University, for consideration of subjects of 
mutual interest, has been held annually since 1863 in the senate chamber 
in Albany. It meets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the fourth 
Friday in June. 

Though primarily a New York meeting, nearly all questions discussed 
are of equal interest outside the state. Its reputation as the most im- 
portant higher educational meeting ot the country has in the past few 
years drawn to it many emment educators not residents of New York, 
who are most cordially welcomed and share fully in all discussions. It 
elects each year a council of five to represent it in intervals between 
meetings. Its proceedings, issued annually, are of great value in all 
educational libraries. 

University of the State oj New York 


I Administrative (Regents ofHcc) — including incorporation, supervision, inspec- 
tion, reports, lcgi>Iation, finances and all other work not assigned to another 

Duplic^ite division. This is a .state clearing house, to which any institution in the 
University may send books or apparatus which it no longer requires, and select from it 
in return an equal value suited to its locality and needs. 

a Examination — including ]^reacademic, law, medical, dental and veterinary student, 
academic, higher, law, medical, dental, veterinary, library, extensi«>n and any other 
examinations conducted by the regc^nts, and also credentials or degrees conferred on 

The examinations are conductcil as the liest lever for securing better work Irom 
teachers and more svstematic and ctrntinuoun studv fr(mi students, and as the best means 
of detecting and eliminating inefficient teachers or methods. They cover 140 sub- 
jects and recjuired la^l year 913,500 question papers (exclusive *»f bound volumes), 
and are heM the week ending the la<t Friday in January and March and the third 
Friday in June, in the 5X1) academies antl liij^h schools in the University and also at 
various central points where there are 10 or more candidates. 

3 Extension — including summer, vacation, evening and correspondence schools and 
other forms of extension teaching, lecture courses, study clubs, reading circh's und other 
agencies for the promotion .ind uider extension of ojipurtunities and facilities f<»r e<luca- 
tion, specially for those unable to attend the u<^ual teaching institutions. 

y'/i/'//V libiarit'i d:: i/:riu To iitoiiioie the general lilirary interests of the slate, which 
through it apportions ami cxpend< >25,o<»o a \ear for the benefit «if free public lilirarie.**. 
Under it.-* charge are the traveling libraries for len«ling to local libraries or to communi- 
ties not yet having ])er:iiaiient libraries. 

'1 he most important factor i»f the e\ten-»ion movement is provisi«in of the best reading 
ftir all citi/ens by itn.-anN of traveling, home and capitol libraries! and annotated li>ts 
through the pi/. 'lie liiuarii'o ili virion. 

4 State library — in«!uiling gener.1l, law, medical, and education libraries library 
school, bil-li-ir^rai -hie publications, lending books to students aniNimilar library intere^ts. 

//.'•«.'.•"• Si. ':■•■•/. The law aulhori.'e^ the st:ite lilirary to give in-»truction and a<>i>tance 
in org.uii/ing and administering Iii>raries. Stmlents receive fnirii the slate library staff, 
in ri'turn Tt servici*- reinlered to the library during their two years* course, careful 
training in library (:euni.>my, biidiogtajihy, cataloguing, cla>>it'ication and other duties of 
profes.-«i"nal librarian diiji. 

5 State museum — inchuhng all scientific sjH'cimens and collections, works of art, 
objects of historic interest an^l similar pro|n.'rty appro]>riate ti> a general museum, if 
owned by the ^^tatc and nr>t placed in «'ther cu^^tody by a specific law; also the research 
department carried on by the state ge< and paleontolngist, botanist and entomolo- 
gist, and all similar scientific interests of the University. 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


January 1898 


R t: K E R K X C K 13 C) C) K S 


Geii«TiiI cyclcipediaH nix] dictidii- 

arirs S'7 

Coiiiitri«*8 SMI 

Aiiu.>i'M*a *M 

Trnrle l»ibliogr;i pliy W 

Ik-lj^iiiin - l»Hi 

Canada Uni 

KiiKlainl ' KMJ 

France 101 

ti».Tmaiiy li»2 

Iri'Iaml' li'J 

itaiv lo:; 

NVtherlaiids U»:i 

Noi wa V 1(»3 

Portn;ial 10:{ 

Spain I0;J 

SwtMlon lOl 

S^pecial .suhjtM'tH 1('4 

A<tu>I<Mi)ii.'iaTiH and nii*nilit.T« of 

Ii'MHit'd Bociot i<'S 104 

Alp):4:lM^tB...... KM 

AntMivms :nid psendonvms I'M 

Hili!i(>i;rapliy. <;(Mieral lor» 

Botany *. lOrt 

ClusMioal names 10(> 


Special siihjm»ts i continued ^ 

Colli'jri! men lOH 

Conifnip«»rari«*.s 107 

PaU's. liifltoriral 107 

DenoUiinutions iri7 

Karlv and raio hooks 1(>8 

Fine art-* InH 

Kririnls. Society of I(i8 

(ii'Oijraphy 109 

llelnew..' IHH 

Law lol) 

Liin;irif*s 10*J 

I{iiIIi'tin^ and catalo^ne.s... 110 

Me»lu'iiie 110 

Middle a.ixes Ul 

Militarv eiasH'^ Ill 

Mnsic.l Ill 

Ollicial elaH.sej* 112 

IMiilnic-iy 112 

Ki'ii^'iun* 112 


Seiiai> 113 

Ntjiti'liv.N 114 

Women 114 





Price s cents 


Anson Judd Upson, D. 1)., LL. D., L. H. D., Chancellor 
William Croswell Doank, D. I)., LL. D., Vice-Chancellor 
Frank S. Black, H. A., Governor 

TiMO'iHY L. Woodruff, M. A., Lieutenant-Governor . _. 
John Palmer, Secretary of Slate ^ ^ 

Charles R. Skinner, M. A., LL, D., Sup'tof Pub. Inst. 

In order of election by the legislature 


1873 Martin L Townsend, M. A., LL. D. - - - Troy 

1874 Anson Judd Upson, D. 1)., LL. D., L. H. D. - Glens Falli 
1877 Chauncey M. Depew, LL. D. - - - - New York 
1877 Charles E. Fitch, LL. B., M. A., L. H. D. - Rochester 

1877 Orris H. Warren, D. D. - - - - - Syracuse 

1878 Whitelaw Reid, LL. D. _ _ - - New York 
1881 William 1L Watson, M. A., M. D, - - - Utica 
1881 Henry K. Turner ----- Lowville 
1883 St ('lair McKelway, M. A., LL. D., L.ILD., D.C.L. Brooklyn 
1885 Hamilton Harris, Ph. I)., LL. D. - - - Albany 
1885 Daniel Beach, Ph. D., LL. P. - - - - Watkins 
1888 Carroll E. Smuh, LL. D. - - - - Syracuse 
1890 Pliny T. Sex ION, LL. D. ----- Palmyra 
1890 T. (lUiLFoRD Smith, .\L A., C. E. - - - ButLilo 

1892 William Croswell Doane, D. D., LL. D. - - Albany 

1893 Levvls a. Shm.smn. B. a., M. D. - - - New York 

1894 Sylvesilr Malone ------ Brooklyn 

1895 Albert Vander Veer, M. D., Ph. D. - - Albany 
1897 Chester S. Lord, .\L A. - - - - Brooklyn 

Elected by the regents 
188S Melvil Dewey, M. A., Secretary - - - - Albany 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


January 1898 




Books marked with a * are used in the coarse in elementary catalogniug in the 
New York state library school ; those not so starred are nsed in the coarse in 
advanced catalogning. As the list is for the use of tbe Library school only books 
in the New York State Library are incladed. 

A specially valnable article on Helps for cataloguers in finding full names, by 
G: H. Hull may be found in the Library journal for 1889, v. 14, p. 7-20. 

After tbe list of most used general cyclopedias and dictionaries, bibliographies, 
biographies and other books bave been grouped together for convenience under 
conntiies and special subjects. Tbe class numbers in the margin show the 
proper classification of each. 


R031 American cyclopaedia. 16 v. and index Q. N. Y- 

qAmS 1873-76. 

Quoted as Appleton's cyclopaedia. 

R031 Appleton's annual cyclopaedia, 1361-date. v. 1-date, Q. 

qAm32 N. Y. 1863-date. 

V 1-14 have title American annual cyclopaedia. 

R031 General index embracing v. 1-15, 1861-75. 

qAm32 442 p. Q. N. Y. 1876. 

V. Oi 

R031 Index to 12 v. 1876-87. 144 p. Q. N. Y. 1888. 

V. Og 

*R920.01 Biographie universelle. 45 v. Q. Par. 1842-65. 

First edition was published by Michaud brothers; quoted as 
Michaud's Biographie. 


♦R033 Brockhaus, F; A. Brockhans' kouversations-lexikon. 
qB781 Ed. 14. 17 v. Q. Lpz. 1894-97. 

Y. 17, Sapplement. 

920.01 Chalmers, Alexander. General biographical dictionary 
C351 32 V. O. Lond. 1812-17. 

*R032 Encyclopaedia Britannica. 24 v. and index sq. Q. 
qEnl Edin. 1875-89. 

•R032 Supplement to 9th ed. 4 v. eq. Q. Phil. 1885-89. 

V. 25-28 

R034 La grande encyclopedic, v. 1-22, F. Par. 1885-97. 


R031 International cyclopaedia. 15 v. Q. N. Y. 1892. 


R031 Johnson's universal cyclopaedia. New ed. 8 v. Q. 

qJ623 N. Y. 1895. 

*R034 Larousse, Pf A. Grand dictionnaire univereel du 19* 
qL32 sieclc. v. 1-17, F. Par. 1866-90. 

Y. 16, Supplement. 

v. 17, 2d supplement for the years 1878-88. 

0016.92 Ottinger, El M. Bibliographic biographique univer- 
qOt8 selle. 2 v. Q. Bruxelles 1854. 

*C920.01 Moniteur des dates; biographisch-genealogisch- 

qOt8 historisches weltregister enthaltend die personalakten 

der menscheit von mehr als 100,000 geschichtlichen 
personlichkeiten aller zeiten und nationen von erschaf- 
fun^ der welt bis auf der heutigen tag mit zahlreich 
eingestreuten noten. 9 v. in 1, sq. F. Dresden 

C920.01 Phillips, L. B. Dictionary of biographical reference. 
P54 New ed. 1036 p. O. Phil. 1888. 

R031 Smith, B: E. Century cyclopedia of names. 1085 p. 

qSm5 sq. F. N. Y. 1894. 

•C920.01 Thomas, Joseph. Universal pronouncing dictionary 
qT36 of biography and mythology. New ed. 2550 p. Q. 

Phil. 1889. 

R423 Webster, Noah. International dictionary. 2011 p. 

qW3912 F. Springfield, Mass. 1897. 

With biographic list of 10000 uames. 

R03 1 Willsey, J. H. & Lewis, C. T: Harper's book of facts ; 

qW68 a classified history of the world, embracing 

science, literature and art. 954 p. Q. N. Y. 1895. 



Allibone, see under England, p. 100. 

Gushing^, see under Anonyms and psendonyms, p. 105. 

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qD78 1019 p. Q. Bost. 1872. 

016.97 Harrisse, Henry. Bibliotheca Americana vetustissima. 
qH24 519 p. Q. N. Y. 1866. 

016.97 Additions. 199 p. Q. Par. 1872. 

V. 2 

*C920.073 National cyclopaedia of American biography, v. 1-7, 
qN21 Q. N. Y. 1892-97. 

Consult index in last volume. 

*C016.97 Sabin, Joseph. Dictionary of books relating to America 
Sal from its discovery to the present time. v. 1-19, 

V. 20, p. 1-190, O. K Y. 1868-92. 

913.7 Thomas, Isaiah. History of printing in America. 

qAm3 Ed. 2. 2 v. Q. Alb. 1874. (in American antiqua- 

v.5-6 rian society. Archaeologica Americana. 1820-74. 


*E920.07 Wilson, J. G. & Fiske, John. Appleton's cyclopaedia 
qAp52 of American biography. New ed. 6 v. Q. N. Y. 


America Trade bibliography 

*015.73 American catalogue under the direction of F. Leypoldt, 
qAm31 of books in print and for sale, July 1, lb76 ; comp. 

by L. E. Jones. 2 v. sq. F. N. Y. 1880-81. 

*015.73 1876-84 ; comp. under the direction of R. 

qAm31 R. Bowker by A. I. Appleton. 2 v. sq. F. N. Y. 

V. 3-4 1885. 

•015.73 1884-90 ; comp. under the direction of R. R. 

qAm3l Bowker by A. I. Appleton and others, 2 v. sq. F. 

V. 5-6 N. Y. 1891. 

*015.73 1890-95. 2 v. sq. F. N. Y. 1896. 


V. 7-8 

*015.73 Annual American catalogue, 1886-date. Q. N. Y. 
qAn7 1887-date. 

C015.73 Kelly, James. American catalogue of books published 
K28 in U. S. from 1861-1871. 2 v. O. N. Y. 1866-71. 


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R67 4 V. O. N. Y. 1852-61. 


015.493 Bibliographie nationale. 2 v. and v. 3, pt 1-4, O. 
B471 Bruxelles 1886-96. 

E920.0493 Bruxelles, Academie royale des sciences, des lettres 
B83 et des beaux-arts de Belgique. Biographie nation- 

ale. V. 1-14, O. Bruxelles 1866-97. 

15.492 Haeghen, Ferdinand van der. Bibliotheca Belgica. 
Hll 24 V. and index S. Gand 1879-89. 


016.971 Gagnon, Phileas. Essai de bibliographic canadicnne, 
qG12 avec des notes bibliographiqnes. 711 p. Q. Qaebcc 


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qM82 Ottawa 1867. 

929.1 Tanguay, Cyprien. Dictionnaire g6nealogique des 

qT15 families canadiennes. 7 v. Q. Quebec 1871-90. 


*C938.2 Allibone, S: A. Critical dictionary of English litera- 
qA15 ture and British and American authors, from the 

earliest accounts to the middle of the 19th century, 
containing 30000 biographies and literary notices 
with 40 indexes of subjects. 3 v. Q. Phil. 1859-71. 

•C928.2 Supplement, containing over 37000 articles 

qA15 (authors) and enumerating over 93000 titles ; by 

V. 4-5 J: F. Kirk. 2 v. Q. Phil. 1S91. 

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B911 heraldic dictionary of the landed gentry of Great 

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929.725 Supplementary volume. 353 p. O. Lond. 

B911 1848. 

V. 4 

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929.721 Genealogical history of the dormant and extinct 

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C015.42 Collier, J: p. Bibliographical account of the .rarest 
C69 works in the English language. 4 v. O. N. T. 


*015.42 English catalogue of books published 1835-89 com- 
qEnS prising the contents of the ' London ' and the * British ' 

catalogues, and the principal works published in the 
U. S. of America and continental Europe, v. 1-4, 
O. Locd. 1864-91. 

y. 1-3 compiled by Sampson Low. 

*015.42 Index, 1856-89. v. 2-4, Q. Lond. 1876-93. 

(][£n3 y. 2-3 compiled by Sampson Low. 

V. 0. 

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Halkett & Laing see under Anonyms and pseu- 
donyms, p. 105. 

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Watt, see uiider Bibliography, general, p. 106. 

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W62 date. 

See also under Anonyms and pseudonymB, p. 104-105. 

Biogjaphie universelle, see under General cyclopedias 
and dictionaries, p. 98. 

La gjande encyclopedie, see under General cyclopedias 
and dictionaries, p. 98. 


Larousse, see v/nder General cyclopedias and diction- 
aries, p. 98. 

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Y. 11-12 contain corrections, additions, authors' pseudonyms 
and anonyms: A-Rog. 

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A13 die Historische commission bei der Konigliche 

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Brockhaus, see under General cyclopedias and diction- 
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*C015.43 Heinsius, Wilhelm. v Allgemeines biicher-lexikon ; 

qH36 oder, Vollstandiges alpl'iabetisches verzeichniss aller 

von 1700 bis zu ende 1892 erscliienenen biicher welche 
in Deutschland und in den durcli spraclie und literatur 
damit verwandten landem gedruckt worden sind. 
V. 1-19, sq. O. and sq. Q. Lpz. 1812-94. 

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• . 

*928.3 Kurschner, Joseph. Deutscher litteratur kalender, 

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Latest volume on cataloguers* shelves. 

015.43 Meusel, J; G ; Das gelehrte Teutschland. 23 v. S. 
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Melsted, Bogi Thorarensen. Living authors of Ice- 
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Gubematis, see under Contemporaries, p. 107. 

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Published annually. 

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Pcttersen, see under Anonyms and pseudonyms, p. 105, 


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Bibliographical extract from Barbosa Machado, Diogo. 
Bibliotheca lusitana. 


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015.46 Bibliotheca Hispana vetus, ad 1500. 2 v. F^ 

f An81 Matriti 1788. 

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qT43 and of the Portugese books bequeathed by Ticknor to 

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860.9 History of Spanish literature ; 3d Amer. ed. 3 v. 

T431 D. N. T.1864. 


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920.048 Biogjaiiskt lexikon ofver namnkunnige svenske man. 
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qL64 Q. Stockholm 1878-90. 

V. 3-4 

015.485 Arskatalog for svenska bokhandeln, 1886-92 

B78 V. 1-7, O. Stockholm 1887-93. 

Published aDnaaUy. 

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qL64 2 V. Q. Stockholm 1883-84. 

Academicians and members of learned societies 
See lists of members in their publications. 


220.5 Bagster, Samuel. Bible of every land. 406 p. sq. Q. 

qB14 Lond. 1848. 

C411 Fry, Edmund. Pantographia. 320 p. O. Lond. 

F94 1799. 

C411 Ballhorn, Friedrich. Grammatography ; a manual of 

qB21 reference to the alphabets of ancient and modem 

languages. 76 p. Q. Lond. 1861. 

Anonyms and pseudonyms 

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qQ3 Ed. a. 4 v. Q. Par. 1872-79. (in Querard, J. M. 

V. 4-7 Lcs supercheries litt^raires d6voil6es. 1869-79. 

V. 4-7.) 





V. 8 





V. 4 





Brunet, P! G. Dictiounaire des onvrages anonymes 
suivi des SnpercLeries littferaires devoil^es, supplement 
k la dcmiere edition de ces 2 ouvrages (edition 
Daffis). 2 V. in 1, O. Par. 1889. 

Contenii : v. 1 Dictionnaire des oavrages anonymes, sappl^ment. 
V. 2 Les supercheries littdraires d^yoil^es, supplement. 
For preceding work seeQadrard. Les supercheries litt^raires 
d^Yoll^es. C0U.4 qQ3 

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authorship. 829 p. O. Camb. Mass. 1889. 

Initials and pseudonyms ; a dictionary of literary 

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anonymous and pseudonymous literature of Great 
Britain. 4 v. Q. Edin. 1882-88. 

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pseudonime di scrittori italiani. 3 v. nar. Q. Mil. 

in supplemento a quello di Melzi. 517 p. O. 

Ancona 1887. 

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den norske literatur, 1678-1890. 128 col. O. Kris- 
tinnia 1890. 

Querardy J. M. Les supercheries litteraires devoilees; 
2® Edition augrnentee, publi^e par Gustave Brunei 
et Pierre Jannet: suivie 1, du Dictionnaire des 
ouvrages anonymes, par A. A. Barbier, 3® ed. revue 
et augmentoe par Olivier Barbier; 2, d'une table 
g^nerale des noms r^els. 7 v. Q. Par. 1869-79. 

ContentB : v. 1-3 Les supercheries litteraires d<:?voil6e8: A-Z. 

V. 4-7 Barbier, A. A. Dictionnaire des ouvrages 

aiiunymes: A-Z. 
V. 7 Anonymes latins. 
For supplement see Brunet, Pi G. Dictionnaire des ouvrages 
anonymes, suivi des Superelieries litteraires d^yoiiees. C014.4 
qQ3 V. 8 

Thomas, Ralph. Handbook for fictitious names. 235 p. 
O. Lend. 1868. 

Bibliography, general 

American bibliopolisf, bi-monthly. 9 v. O. N. Y. 

£d. by Joseph Sabin. 


^OOll Bninety J. C: Manuel du librairie et de I'amatenr de 
B831 livres; contenant: 1, un Noaveau dictionnaire biblio- 

graphique; 2, uno table en forme de catalogue 
raisonne. Ed. 5. 6 v. O. Par. 1860-65. 

coil Supplement; par. P. Descbamps and G. 

B831 Brunet. 2 v. O. Par. 1878-80. 

V. 7-8 

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Eb3 4 V. in 2, O. Ox. 1837. 

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qG76 F. Dresde 1859-69. 

y. 7, Snpplemeut. 

010 Home, T: H. Introduction to the study of biblio- 

H78 graphy. 2 v. O. Lond. 1814. 

C016.01 Petzholdt, Julius. Bibliotheca bibliographica ; krit- 
P45 isches verzeichniss der das gesammtgebiet der 

bibliographic betreffenden litteratur des in — und 

anslandes. 939 p. O. Lpz. 1866. 

010 Power, John. Handy-book about books. 217 p. O. 

P87 Ix)nd. 1870. 

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qV24 Q. Par. 1 883-87. 

*C011 Watt, Robert. Bibliotheca Britannica; or, A general 
qWd4 index to British and foreign literature. 4 y. sq. Q. 

Edin. 1824. 


580.3 Paxton, Sir Joseph. Botanical dictionary. 628 p. 

M8 O. Lond. 1868. 

Classical names 

C016.88 Enselmann, Wilhelm. Bibliotheca scriptorum classi- 
En3 corum. 2 v. O. Lpz. 1880-82. 

Greek and Latin antbors. 

913.38 Smithy Sir William. Dictionary of Oreek and Koman 
Sm6 antiquities. Ed. 3. 2 v. O. Bost. 1890. 

R920.D38 Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and 

Sm61 mythology. 3 v. O. I^nd. 1869. 

College men 

See also catalogues of the colleges, and of the Greek letter 

378.73 College year book and athletic record for the academic 
Em3 year 1896-97. D. N. Y. 1897. 

Edited by Edwin EmersoD, jr. 


C378.42 Foster, Joseph. Alumni OxonieDses, 1500-1714. 
qOF 4 V. Q. LoDd. 1891-92. 

C378.42 1715-1886. 4 v. Q. Lond. 1887-88. 

qOF For coDtinaatioD, 1880-92, see his Oxford loen and their 

V. 5-8 colleges. 378.42 qOF2 v. 2. 

878 Minerva ; jahrbuch der universitaten der welt. v. 1- 

M66 date, T. Strassburg 1891-date. 

With valuable index giving pa^e references to uames of ofi&cers 
of universities, libraries, learned societies and government de- 
partments in different parts of the world. 


E920.01 Bitard, Ad. Dictionnaire de biographie contemporaine. 
B54 1198 p. O. Par. 1880. 

*0928 Bornmuilery Franz. Biographisches schriftsteller-lexi- 
B64 kon. 800 p. D. Lpz. 1882. 

*C920.01 Gubernatis, Angelo de. Dictionnaire international 
qG93 des ^crivains du jour. 3 v. Q. Florence 1888-91. 

*C920.01 Men and women of the time, a dictionary of contem- 
M52 poraries ; 14th ed. brought down to the present time^ 

V. 14 by V. G. Plarr. 9S6 p. O. Lond. 1895. 

Latest volume in cataloguers* collection. 

*Ry20.01 Vapereau, Lf G. Dictionnaire universel des contem- 
qV41 porains. Ed. 6. 1629 p. Q. Par. 1893. 

Ed. 5 in cataloguers' collection. 
Dates, historical 

903 Hayden, Joseph. Dictionary of dates. 1216 p. O. 

H322 N. Y. 1895. 

902 Rosse, J. W. Index of dates. 2 v. D. Lond. 1858- 

R73 59. 

902 Townsend, G: H. Manual of dates. 1082 p. O. 

T66 Lond. 1877. 

Willsey, J. H. & Lewis, C. T: see under General 
cyclopedias and dictionaries, p. 98. 

See their cyclopedias and yearbooks. 

922.^» Cathcart, William. Baptist encyclopaedia; with bio- 

qC28 graphical sketches. 2 r. Q. Phil. 1883. 

283.42 Clergy directory and parish guide ; alphabetical list of 

C59 the clergy of the Church of England, v. 5, 21, 23- 

date, D. Lond. 1875-date. 


283.42 Crockford's clerical directory for 1868, 1886. ▼. 4, 18, 
qC87 Q. Lond. 1868-86. 

922.57 Nevin, Alfred, amd others. Encyclopaedia of the 
qN41 Presbyterian church in the U. S. 1248 p. Q. Phil. 

1 884. 

922.77 Simpson, Matthew. Cyclopaedia of methodism; 
qSiS with biographical notices. £d. 5. 1081 p. Q. Phil. 


Early and rare books 

CO 15.42 British museum— Library. Catalogue of books print- 
B77 ed in En^and, Scotland and Ireland and books 

printed in English to 1640. 3 v. O. Lond. 1884. 

Brunet, J. C: see wnder Bibliography, general, p. 106. 

Ebert, see nnder Bibliography, general, p. 106. 

Grasse, see under Bibliography, general, p. 106. 

016.093 Hain, L; F; T. Repertorinm bibliographicum. 2 v. 
H12 O. Stuttgartiae 1826-38. 

016.093 Register: die drucker des 15 jahrhunderts. 

H12 428 p. O. Lpz. 1891. 


016.093 Supplement by W. A. Copinger. v. 1, O. 

H12 Lond. 1895. 

V. 3 

016.09 Panzer, G; W. F. Annates typographici ab artis 
qPl9 inventae origine ad 1600. 11 v. sq. Q. Norirabergac 


Pine arts 

750 Champlin, J: D. jr & Perkins, C: C. Cyclopedia 

qC35 of painters and paintings. 4 v. Q. N. Y. 1886-87. 

C016.7 South Kensington museum. First proofs of the 
So8 universal catalogue of books on art ; ed. by J. H. 

Pollen. 3 V. sq. O. L6nd. 1870-77. 

927 Waters, Mrs Clara (Erskine) Clement. Painters, 

W311 sculptors, architects, engravers and their works. 681 p. 

D. Bost. 1890. 

927 & Hutton, Laurence. Artists of the 19th cen- 

W31 tnry. 2v.ini, D. Bost. 1889. 

Friends, Society of 

922.864 American annual monitor for 1859-63; or, Obituary 
Am3 of the members of the society of Friends in America 

for 1858-62. v. 2-6, S. IS. Y. 1859-63. 


922.864 Annual monitor for 1 843-87 ; or, Obituary of the mem- 
An7 bcrs of the society of Friends in Gt. Br. and Ireland 

for 1842-86. New ser. v. 1-45, T. Lond. 1842-86. 

V. for 77 bas General index to 1843-76. 

016.2896 Smith, Joseph. Bibliotheca anti-quakeriana. 474 p. 
8m5 . O. Lond. 1873. 

013 Descriptive catalogue of Friends' books. 2 v. Q. 

qSm5 Lond. 1867. 

013 Supplement. 364 p. Q. Lond. 1893. 

V. 3 

See also under Cliissical names, p. 106. 

C910.3 Deschamps, Pf C: E. Dictionnaire de g^ographie 
D45 ancienne et moderne, a Tusagc du librairie et 

de Tamateur des Iivres, par un bibliophile. 1592 col. 

O. Par. 1870. 

R910.3 Lippincott's gazetteer of the world. New. ed. 1000 p. 
qL661 O. Phil. 1893. 

R911.38 Smith, Sir William. Dictionary of Greek and Roman 
Sm6 geography. 2. v. O. Bost. 1864-57. 


016.296 Fiirst, Julius. Bibliotheca Judaica. New ed. 3 v. 
F98 in 2, O. Lpz. 1863. 


Bouvier, John. Law dictionary adapted to the consti- 
tution and laws of the U. S. Ed. 15. 2 v. O. Phil. 


027.045 Italy— Statistica, Direzione generate di. Statistica 
qltl delle biblioteche. v. 1-2, Q. Roma 1893-96. 

Minerva; jahrbuehderuniversitaten der welt, see under 
College men, p. 107. 

Includes all prominent libraries with lists of their officers. 

016.01 Ottino, Giuseppe, & Fumagalli, Giuseppe. Biblio- 
Ot8 theca bibliographica Italica. v. 1-2, O. Roma 


027 Richter, P. E. Yerzeichniss der bibliotheken mit 

R41 50,000 und mehr biinden. 2 v. O. Lpz. 1890-93. 

027.043 Schwenke, Paul. Adressbucli der deutschen biblio- 
Sch9 theken. 411 p. O. Lpz. 1893. (Beihefte zum 

Centralblatt f iir bibliothekswesen, v. 3.) 

Cop. 2, 020.5 C 331 y. 3 



Libraries BulleiinB and Catalogue* 

*C018.1 Advocates, Faculty of Edinburgh. Catalogue of the 
qAd9 printed books in the library, 6 v. in 8, sq. Q. Edin. 


*C018.1 Supplementary volume. 468 p. sq. Q. Edin. 

qAd9 1879. 

V. 7 

*C018.1 Astor library. Catalogue, continuation : authors and 
qA681 books. 4 v. Q. Camb. Mass. 1886-88. 

018.1 Boston— Public library. Bulletins showing titles of 

qB65 books added to the library ; with bibliographical notes, 

Oct. 1867-date. v. 1-date, Q. Bost 1871-date. 

Oct. 1867-Jau. 1896 pub. (jiiarterly; 1896-date pub. monlbly. 

*C019.1 Boston athenaeum. Catalogue of the library, 1807- 
qB65 71 ; comp. by C: A. Cutter. 5 v. Q. Bost. 1874-82. 

*018.1 British museum-Library. Catalogue of printed books. 
qB771 369 pt. F. Lond. 1881-97. 

Bible after pt. 1, England, France, Germany, Liturgies, 
pan of S, part of T are not yet published. 

CO 1 7.2 Cornell university— Library. Bulletin, 1882-96. 
C81 3 V. O. Ithaca, N. Y. 1886-96. 

No more publisbcd. 

C017.1 Harvard university — Library. Bulletin, 1875- 
H264 date. v. 1-date, O. Canib. Mass. 1879-date. 

017.1 Milwaukee— Public library. Quarterly index of addi- 

M64 tions, 1886-date. v. 1-date, O. Milwaukee 1888- 


*C0 1 9. 1 Peabody institute of the city of Baltimore. Catalogue 
qP31 of the library. 5 v. Q. Bait. 1883-92. 

C019.1 Second catalogue of the library, including the 

qP31 additions made since 1882. v. 1-2, Q. Bait. 1896- 

V. 6-7 97. 


610.3 Dunglison, Robley. Dictionary of medical science; 2l8t 

qP5 ed. of his Medical lexicon enl. by R. J. Dunglison. 

206 p. Q. Phil. 1895. 

C926.1 Stone, R: F. Biography of eminent American 
qSt7 physicians and surgeons. 729 p. Q. Indianapolis 


016.61 U. S. — Surgeon-General's office. Index-catalogue of 
qUn3 the library. 16 v. Q. Wash. 1880-95. 


016.61 U. S.— Surgcon-Gencrars office. Ser. 2. v. 1, Q. 
qUn3 Wash. 1890. 

V. 17 

016.61 Alphabetical list of abbreviations of titles of 

qUnS medical periodicals employed in v. 1-16. 282 p. Q. 

V. Wash. 1895. 

Middle ages 

C016.9 Chevalier, C. U. J. Repertoire des sources historiques 
qC42 du raoyen Age; bio bibliographie. 2846 col. Q. rar. 


Includes snpplenient. 

CO 16.9 Repertoire des sources historiques du moyen dge; 

qC421 topo-bibliographie. pt 1-2, Q. Montbeliard 1 894-96. 

014 Franklin, A. Lt At Dictionnaire des noms, sumoms, 

Fb5 et pseudonymes latins de I'histoire litt^raire du moyen 

age. 640 col. O. Par. 1875. 

C016.94 Potthast, August. Bibliothcca historica medii aevi. 
qP85 Ed. 2. 2 v. Q. Ber. 1896. 

R922 Smith, William & Wace, Henry. Dictionary of 

Sm61 Christian biography. 4 v. O. Lond. 1880-87. 

Military classes 

923 57 Cullum, G: W. Biographical register of the U. S. 
C899 military academy, 1802-90. 3 v. O. Bost. 1891. 

923.57 Hamersly, T: H. S. Complete army and navy register, 
H174 1176-1887. v. p. O. N. Y. 1888. 

355.07 U. S.— Military academy, West Point. List of 
Un3 cadets admitted into the academy from its origin till 

1886. 72 p. D. Wash. 1887. 


927.8 Brown, J. D. Biographical dictionary of musicians. 
B81 637 p. O. Paisley, Scotland 1886. 

780.3 Champlin, J: D., jr & Apthorp, W: F. Cyclopedia 

qC35 of music and musicians. 3 v. Q. N. Y. 1888-90. 

R927.8 Fetis, F. J. Biographic universelle des musiciens et 
F43 bibliographie generale de la musique. Ed. 2. 8 v. 

O. Par. 1867-84. 

R927.8 Supplement. 2 v. O. Par. 1881. 

V. 9-10 

R780.3 Grove, George. Dictionary of music and musicians. 
G91 4 V. O. Lond. 1880-89. 


R780.3 Grove, George. Index and catalogue of articles. 188 p. 
G91 O. Lond. 1890. 

V. 5 

927.8 Paine, J: K., Thomas, Theodore & Klauser, Karl. 

qPl6 Famous coniposers and their works. 3 v. Q. Boat. 


Official classes 
Se« also legislative maDuals of the differeDt states. 

C015.73 Hickcox, J: H. United States government publica- 
H52 tions, monthly. 10 v. O. Wash. 1885-94. 

Coutinued by the Catalogue of U. S. public documeDts, issued 
monthly by the anperintendent of documents. 

923.27 Lanman, Charles. Biographical annals of the civil 
qL27 government of the U. S. 568 + 108 p. Q. N. Y. 


923.27 Poore, B: P. Political register and congressional 
qP79 directory, 17:6-1878. 716 p. Q. Bost. 1878. 

Smithsonian institution, see under Serials, p. 114. 

351.2 U. S.— Interior, Dep't of the. Official register of the 

qUn3l U. S. 18l3~date. Q. Wash. 1813-Klate. 

Published bioDiiially. Latest volnuie on reft>rence shelves 


C924 Eckstein, F; A; Nomenclator philologorum. 656 p. 

Ec5 S. Lpz 1871. 


016.22 Darling, James. Cyclopaedia bibliographica ; a library 
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V. 2, 4 






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Latest volnme on reference shelves. 

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Latest Tolume on reference sbelyes. 


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Collected by the Wednesday aftemoou club of N. Y. city. 

*C920.7 Willard, F. E.. & Livermore, Mrs M.. A. (Rice). A 
q W66 woman of the century ; 1470 biog. sketches of leading 

American women in all walks of life. 812 p. Q. 

Buffalo 1893. 

University of the State of New York 


1 Administrative (Regents otiice) — inclu<Hng incorporation, supervision, inspec- 
tion, reports, legislation, finances and all other work not assigned to another 

Dttplicate division. This is a state clearing house, to which any institution in the 
University m;».y send hooks or apparatus which it no longer requires, and select from it 
in return an ciu.U value suited to its locality and neeils. 

2 Examination — including preacademic, law, medical, dental and veterinary student, 
academic, higher, law, medical, dental, veterinary, library, extension and any other 
examinations conducted hy the regents, and also credentials or degrees conferred on 

The examinations are conducted as the best lever for securing better work from 
teachers and more systematic and continuous study from students, and as the best means 
of detecting and eliminating inefficient teachers or methods. l*hey cover 140 sub- 
jects and required last year 1,045,950 question papers (exclusive of bound volumes), 
and are held the week ending the last Friday in January and March and the third 
Friday in June, in the 611 academies and high scho<»ls in the University and also at 
various central points where there are 10 or more camlidates. 

3 Extension — including summer, vacation, evening antl correspondence schools and 
other forms of extcnsicm teaching, lecture cour>r5, study clubs, reading circles and other 
agencies for the promotion and wider extonsiim of oj)j>ortunitie.'> and facilities for educa- 
tion, spcoiall;. for those \\\\ d^le t«» attend the u^ual f-.i hing in.stilr.!i->ns. 

Public Uhniries xitvisiou. To promote the general library inteiests of the state, which 
through it apporti(ms an«l expends $25,000 a year for the l»enefit of free public libraries. 
Under it.-^ charge are the iravelirg libraric?. for lending to lr)cal libraries or to communi- 
ties not yet having permanent libraries. 

The most important factt>r of the extension movement i.> pnwision of the best reading 
for all ciii/ens by means of traveling, home and capitol libraries and annotated lists 
through the public librarie> division. 

4 State library — inclmiing general, law, nicdicd, and education libraries, library 
school, bibliographic publications, lending Ijook.^ to students ;in«! similar library interests. 

I.ihary school. The law authori/es the state library to give inNtrnction and assi.stance 
in organizing and administering libraries. Students receive from the j>tate library staff, 
in return for services rendered to the library during their two years' course, careful 
training in library economy, bibliography, cataloguing, classification and (>ther duties of 
profCdMional librarianshi]). 

5 State museum — including all scientific specimens and collections, works of art, 
objects of hi-iioric interest and similar i>roperty appn>priate to a general museum, if 
ownetl by the state and not placed in other custody by a specific law ; also the research 
department carried on by the state geologist and paleontologist, ^botanist and entomolo- 
gist, oJid all similar scientific interests of the University. 

University of the State of jVe7a York 


Universities and colleges of liberal arts 

For men 

** women 

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Professional and technical schools 

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Veterinary medicine 



Education of teachers 

** librarians 




Academies and high schools 

Academies (incorponitt'd) . . 
Senior cicademic schools. . . . 


High school 
Seniur " 
Mitldle ** 
lunior ** 


ial •• 


(irand totnl 

Jan. I 






i -^ 

3 2^Z^ 





2 217 


' 7»7 




5 050 

3 078 


1 7 

I 999 



3 790 























5 73-' 

4 249 


'3 S77 

6 030 


3 «25 

4 ZZ<^ 











1 ■ 

4 ^'?^3 

4 895 


»S S»5 

19 316 



I 149 



I 272 


2 12.S 

2 499 




|9 594_ 

24 322 


/'43 146 38 325 
Si 471 

Institutions for home education 

I nstitiites 

Lil«r.iries (incorporaed or admitte<l) 

c Rr.j.ri>lered libraries 

M iiscums 

l*!xten>i(in teaching centers 

Summer schools 

Study clubs 

3 ' 

48 . 

44 '' 
1 86 

Total ! 420 

( I rand total institutions i 136 

a Ni'w York institution Tor the blind and Nvw York state schoul for the bhiid 
6 Not in(*hiiIinK'J*i*iiii>iicatei 
c lucUitiin^r brfeiiclii'S 

Universe of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


February 1898 


7 V E N I C K 



Oflnvrol htiimy • ... 

CnTvrniumt nnd 

Fnreitu relatintu. _..., la^ 

Wui with China til 

R^Hfion. ._ __ _.. Ub 

t'e'iiriL.uon laS 

Saeotiiie 130 

' rise aiu 131 

Aril and idclmtriej 13J 

SMriei kbciDi Japan 133 

Utcrnlure - , 134 


AHTCvniUm*. 13') 

iMtft val>Dtitie»rettnBiia... 139 

Vanin [feiiilH<f,\f] n^* 

Prindiitl canlfl|piet and (n* 

dca» omtnlUKl 141 

GtitnJ hnrmlef . 141 

Ga>eni<nmiat)Jo(Rut)Ui(inB ... 143 

Ladiiii; tpiBOiJei af hlitarT 144 

lUrlj" IhiWnn' -— 144 

ijlli-iflilu cininr)' 144 

'43S->5r3 '45 

17U1-1SU naimy 146 

lUuptpluaJ rHcmwi 147 

Dncfiputc wnilu 145 

Poaiii. Dnmu. Kord* iji 

Arin om] Iwliairle* 152 

ArcMiectaieanJ tcul]inii^...... IJ3 

Piintine 114 

Out-of-door booka ijj 



University of the State of New York 














89 V 





Anson Judd Upson, D. D., LL. I)., L. H. D., 

Chancellor^ Glens Falls 
William Croswkll Doank, D. 1)., LL. 1)., 

/ 'ice- Chancellor^ A 1 hany 

Martin I. Townsknu, M. A., LL. I). - - 
CnArN( Fv M. Dkpf.w, LL. D. - - - 
CirARLi.s L. KncH, LL. B., .\L A., L. H. 1). 
Orris IL Warrf.n, 1>. L). - 
WifiiKLAw Run, LL. 1). - - - . 

William 11. Wai^on, M. .\., ^L I). 

HlNRY K. Tl'RNLR - - _ - . 

SrC'LAiR M( KiLWAY. LL.l)., L.H.I).. 1).(\L. - 

Hamii'ion Harris. Tli. I)., LI.. O - - 

Danikl lii. a< n, I'h. I)., LL. ]). - 

Carroll K. Smith, LL. !>.---■ 

Pliny T. Slxion, LL. 1). - 

T. (U1LI...KI) Smith. .\L A.. C. K. - 

Li:nvi> a. SiiMr«i.\-, !>. A., M. I). - - ■ 

I()iiN Talmkr, SccRiarY <»| State, ex tfticio 

SyLYK>ILR M M.nNi. _ - - _ _ 

Ali:lri X'an'ih r Vi.LR, M. I)., rh. I). 

ClIARI.I .-. R. Sr.INNLR, LL. I)., 

Superintcinlont of Public Inslrurtion, /a (>^fc'i> 
P'uANK S. Ula' K, IJ. A., Clovcrnor, rf-A" <f//iv/r» 
TiMoiHY L. Wo(»i»RrKK, NL A.. Liciiton,int-G()Vcrn<)r, ^-a <?/?/V/V; 
Cur.vii R S. LoRi», M.A. - - - - IJrooklyn 

- 'J roy 

- New York 

- Syracuse 
New York 

- Utica 

- Brooklyn 

- Watkins 

- Palmyra 
Xcw York 

- Brooklyn 


Mklvil Dewey, M. A. 

L)inr.<.:TOHs» of depah i ments 
I .S90 J A M KS R u ss r L L Pa rx )N s j r, >L A. , Examination department 
1888 Melvil Dkwev, M. a., State library ami Extension department 
1890 F: J. IL Merrill, Ph. \),y State museum 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


Fetu-uary 1898 



Helen Kilduff Gay 
CLASS OF 1895 



Abbreviations 121 

General history 121 

Government and constitution 1 23 

Foreign relations 123 

War with China 124 

Religion 126 


Description 126 

Scientific 130 

Fine arts 131 

Arts aud industries 132 

Stories about Japan 133 

Literature 134 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 

Bibliography no. 6 February z8g8 



Books marked e have been personally examined ; while e indicates that 
the edition examined is not the same as the one entered in the list. 

References to works in more than one volume are made in the same 
form as in Poole's Index to periodical literature^ volume and page numbers 
being separated by a colon; e. g. 3:145 means vol. 3, page 145. 

Initials following the main entry refer to the libraries in which the book 
was consulted. Authority is cited for quoted notes ; those unsigned are 
by the compiler. The list following contains the principal abbreviations 
used. Other abbreviations are self explanatory. 

A. L. A. U. S Education, Bureau of, Catalog of the A. L. A. library 

B. P. Boston public library 
Cin. Cincinnati public library 
N. Y. New York state library 
P. Peabody institute library 
S. Salem public library 

Son. Sonnenschein. Best books 

S. & W. Sargant & Whishaw. Guide book to books 


Adams, Francis Ottiwell. History of Japan. 2v. il. O. T.ond. 
1874. King 2 IS. each. B. P. e 

Mr Adams has executed his task as far as it has gone with great care ; the only 
fear is, that to those not previously interested in Japan or the far east there may 
be too mnch of detail and too many extracts from blue books and dispatches 
vrbich are not attractive to the general reader. — Academy y May 1874, 5:593 

The information it contains on most points is full and accurate and is put to- 
gether in a clear and interesting shnpe. — Atheneumf May 1874, 63:623 


GriffiSy William Elliot. The Mikado's empire; history of Japan 
from 660 B. C. to 1872 A. I), and personal experiences, observa- 
tions and studies in Japan, 1870-74; new ed. with supplementary 
chapters on Japan in 1883, 1886 and 1890. 662 p. il. O. N. Y. 
1895. Harper $4. N. Y. e 

This work brinf(s the history of Japan down to more receut times than any 
other yet published. 


Griffis, William Elliot. The constitution of Japan, (see Chautau- 
quarij Feb. 1891, 12:591-96) 

Qives a brief account of events leading up. to tbo formation of a constitution 
and an outline of its main articles. 

Political progress in Japan, (see Fonan^ Feb. 1891, 10:701-7) e 

Representative government in Japan, (see Fomm^ June 1889, 

7:404-14) e 

Shows the remarkable changes that have taken place in Japan. 

lyenaga, T. Constitutional development of Japan, 1853-81. (sec 
Johns Hopkins university studies y 1891, 9:423-78) e 

Contents: Beginning of the constitutional movement; The r^^storation ; The 
abolition of feudalism; Influences that shaped the growth of the representative 
idea of government; Progress of the constitutional movement from the abolition 
of feudalism to the proclamation of Oct. 12, 1881. 

KanekOy K. An outline of the Japanese constitution, (see Atlantic 
monthly^ Feb. 1890, 65:187-92) e 

A summing up of the constitution. 

Kurino, S. The future of Japan, (see Notth American review. 
May 1895, 160:621-31) e 

Avery hopeful view of the progressive tendency in the affairs of Japan by the 
Japanese minister at Washington. 

Hildrethy Richard. Japan as it was and is. 576 p. O. Bost. 1855. 
Phillips $1.25. N. Y. e 

From earliest times to 1854. Written in a bright, readable style. 

Lanman, Charles. Empire of Japan, (see his Leading men of 

Japan, 1883. p. 261-412) N. Y. e 

A bird's eye view of tlio history of Japan . . . together wich several ch;i])ter8 
bearing on the outlying possessions of the empire or directly connected with its 
history. — Preface p. 4 

Murray, David. Story of Japan. 431 p. il. D. N. Y. 1894. Putnam 

$1.50 (Story of the nations) N. Y. e 

It can not of course, take the place of larger and more detailed treatises, like 
those of Griffis, Adams, Kein and others; but it fills a long felt want of an inter- 


eating and accnrate connected history of Japan, of moderate size and price... 
The object of the book is ' to trace the story of Japan from its beginnings to the 
establishment of constitutional government' and that story is well told.— DtaZ, 
Mar. 1894, 16 : 181 


Dickson, Walter. Japan ; a sketch of the history, government and 
officers of the empire. 489 p. il. O. Edin. 1869. Blackwood 

He has supplied moch that was wanting to oar knowledge of Japan and has 
given ns a mass of really trustworthy information which is to be found nowhere 
else. — Saturday revietc 

Describes the character and workings of the government with an acconut of 
the imperial family and court. 

Ito, Hirobumi. Commentaries on the constitution of the empire of 
Japan; tr. by Miyoji Ito. Tokio 1889. S. 

Count Ito is one of the ablest living statesmen of Japan ... he exhibits in 
his book the conservatism of the old statesman and the liberalism of the new. — 
Nation, Mar. 1890, 50:263 

Copies may be obtained from T. Kenzo, Igirisu-Horitsu Gakko, Tokio, Japan. 

Oishi, Kuma. Extrinsic significance of constitutional government 
in Japan, (see Arena ^ Sep. 1891, 4:440-51) C 

Shows what cflfect the Japanese constitution will have on other Asiatic 

Wig^ore, John H. Parliamentary day in Japan, (see Scribner's 
magazine, Aug. 1891, 10:243-55) ^ 

The first session uf the first Japanese parliament. 

Starting a parliament in Japan, (see Scribner's magaziney July 

1891, 10:33-51) e 

An account of the first national election in Japan and the formal opening of 
parliament ; with illustrations by Robert BInm. , 


Curzon, George N. Problems of the far East. New ed. 444 p. il. 
map, O. N. Y. 1896. Longmans $2.50. N. Y. e 

Japan, p. 15-80; Evolution of modern Japan, p. 15-59; Japan and the powers, 
p. 60-79. 
Account of progress in Japan ttom 1887-94, political and commercial. 


Griflfis, William HUiot. Townsend Harris, first American envoy in 
Japan. 35 ip. por. O. Bost. 1895. Houghton $2. N. Y. c 

In the making of that new kind of Asiatic state and wan that have surprised 
Europe, Townsend Harris was a potency acknowledged by none more than the 
Japanese themselves. — Vrefact p. 6 

His diary forms an interesting and valnable document, and the editor has 
put it in excellent shape for the nse of general readers.— Z>ta2, Nov. 1895, 19:256 

Nitobe, Inazo. Intercourse between the United States and Japan. 
198 p. O. Bait. 1891. Johns Hopkins $1.25 (Johns Hopkins uni- 
versity studies, extra v. 8) N. Y. c 

It is certainly the best treatise on its special theme, and besides being a 
charming piece of literary art, conveys a large amount of information and criti- 
cal judgment from the Japanese side for which Americans may be grateful. 
The statements are in general thoroughly accurate and the temper that of a 
judge.— .Vafion, Mar. 1891, 52:225 

Norman, Henry. People and politics in the far East. 608 p. il. O. 
N. Y. 1895. Scribner $4. N. Y, e 

Japan, p. 375-404. 

His admiration for Japan borders almost on the sentimental . . . Mr Norman 
jnstifieH Japan in her course in Corea, for he shows that Japan, besides bringing 
the peninsula state into the circle of civilized nations is the creator of her trade 
and incipient industries. — Nation^ Ap. 1895, 60 : 308 


Thurston, Lorrin A. The growing greatness of the Pacific, (see 
North American review^ Ap. 1895, 160:453-54) e 

Development of Japan since 1868 by assimilation of Western attributes. 


Vladimir, comp. The China-Japan war, compiled from Japanese, 

Chinese and foreign sources. 449 p. il. O. N. Y. 1895. Scribner 

$4.50. N. Y. c 

For the reader who wants to arrive as shortly and conveniently as possible at 
a com{)rchensive view oj the Chiua-Japanebc war, we have seen no better work 
than this.— i>m?, Ap. 1896, 20:245 


Arnold, Sir Edwin. The triumph of Japan, (see Chautauquatiy 
Jan. 1895, 20:449-54) e 

Douglas, Robert K. The triumph of Japan, (sec Nineteenth 
century^ Jan. 1895, 37:156-64) C 

Causes and effect of war. 


Fremantle, Sir Edmund R. Naval aspects of the Japan-China 
war. (see ^r«»i, Jan. 1896, 20:531-46) e 

The aathor describes the condition of the two conn tries at the opening of the 
war, shows the contrast in their military preparations, and tells of various naval 

Gardener, Helen H. Japan; our little neighbor in the East, (see 
-<4r^«a, Jan. 1895, 11:176-91) e 

Hardy, Arthur S. The army of Japan, (see Cosmopolitan^ Nov., 
Dec. 1890, 10:1-9, 165-73) e 

Gives a good idea of manner of warfare and discipline in the army of Japan. 

Kurino, S. The oriental war. (see North American review, Nov. 

1894, 159:529-36) C 

Comments by the Japanese minister to this country. 

Norman, Henry. The question of Korea, (see Contemporary 
review, Sep. 1894, 66:306-17) e 

Explains many vexing questions. 

Position of Japan; by an ex-diplomatist, (see Blackwood's magazine, 

Dec. 1894, 156:878-88) e 

Questions discussed. Why did the war begin f Under what conditions is it 
likely to end f What will be its nltimate effect on the position of Japan towards 
other countries and specially toward China f 

Ralph, Julian. Voyage to Asia's war scenes, (see Harper's weekly. 
Oct. 1894,38:975) e 

War notes in China and Japan, (see Harper's weekly, Nov. 

1894,38:1076) e 

Written by the war correspondent. 

Rog^ers, Eustace B. Story of war in Asia, (see Harper's weekly, 
Nov. 1894, 38:1119) e 

Wilmot, S. Eardley. The collapse of China at sea. (see Fort- 
nightly review, Jan. 1895, 57:87-100) e 
Comparison of the two fleets and description of the battles. 

Wolseley, Garnet Joseph, viscount. China and Japan, (see Cos- 
mopolitan, Feb. 1895, 18:417-23) e 

An outline of the present eituatiou between the two countries. 



Griflfis, William Elliott. Religions of Japan; from the dawn of 
history to the era of Meiji. 457 p. D. N. Y. 1895. Scrib- 
ner $2. N. Y. c 

The Japanese looks to the Shinto for his theology (save the mark!), to Confu- 
cius for his moral instruction, and to Buddha for his salvation. In his introduc- 
tion Dr Griffis makes clear the several functions fulfilled by these religions, and 
traces their historical development and modification. . . It may he safelj said 
that it is the best general account of the religions of Japan that has appeared in 
the English language.— Critic, Mar. 1895, 23:236 

Lowell, Pcrcival. Occult Japan; or, The way of the gods, an 
esoteric study of Japanese personality and possession. 379 p. 
il. D. Bost, 1895. Houghton $1.75. N. Y. c 

The idea enforced and illustrated, Is that of the utter impersonality of the 
Japanese mind.— Critic, Mar. 1895, 23:216 

This work describes a distinct find by its brilliant author during a recent 
sojourn in Japan, namely, of an elaborate system of possession trance practised 
by one of the sects of Shinto, the ethnic faith of Japan. . . The treatise stands 
a model of keen observation, deep insight, and scientific analysis, while over all 
this rigidly scientific material and method is thrown the charm of style that 
implies the blending of scientist a4)d poet. — Nationf Jan. 1895, 60: 98 


Hearn, Lafcadio. A living god. (see his GUanings in Buddha-fields. 
1897. p. 1-28) C 

Also in Atlantic monthly, Dec. 1896, 78:833-41. 

Study of Shintoism and its connection with the daily life of the people. 

Kishimoto, Nobuta. The present religious crisis in Japan, (see 
Andm'fr review, June 1891, 15:598-613) e 

Progress ot Christianity in Japan. 


Alcock, Sir Rutherford. Capital of the Tycoon. 2v. O. Lond. 1853. 
Longmans 42s. B. P. S. 

Covering only the brief space of three years (1859-62), this book is still de- 
lightful and profitable reading . . . combines the light touch of the skilled diplo- 
mat and man of the world with the careful research of the genuine student. — 
Chamberlain, B. H. Things Japanese. 1890. p. 50 

Arnold, Sir Edwin. Japonica. il. O. N. Y. 1891. Scribner $3. 

S. e 

It is hard to decide between penman and draftsman in praising this dainty 

work of art ... Of the author we know, and know favorably, as an interpreter ot 


Japanese esthetics, but fasciDating as are his word pictures, we mnst award 
equal praise to the artist who has brought Japau before oar eyes, by his wouder- 
fally accurate and deeply sympathetic drawings, with only ink and no colors, 
such as flush in the sky and ocean ijind all surfaces in Japan, or deepen in nook 
or shadow. Mr Robert Blnm has achieved wonders. — Critic, Dec. 1891, 19:314 

Arnold, Sir Edwin. Seas and lands, il. O. Lond. 1891. Longmans 
2 IS. A. L. A. S. 

Story of a year in Japan occupies from chapter 12 to the end of the book . . . 
Every page seems to sparkle with delight at the cheery, gay little people, at 
their dainty ways and picturesque home life. — Aeademyy Nov. 1891, 40:425 

Wandering words. 372 p. il. O. Lond. 1894. Longmans i8s. 

N. Y. c 
Japan p. 121-58, 181-207. 

Articles on love and marriage in Japan, Japanese wrestlers and some Japan- 
ese pictures ; with picture by Ben Boothby. 

Bacon, Alice Mabel. Japanese girls and women. Ed. 4. 333 p. 
D. Bost. 1892. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. e 

New edition. Bost. 1897. Houghton 75c. (Riverside lib. for young people) 
A more charming life-like picture of a hitherto undescribed portiou of the 
world it would be difficult to find.— ^aUon, June 1891, 52:464 

Japanese interior. 267 p. D. Bost. 1893. Houghton $1.25. 

N. Y. e 

She writes with a knowledge of the background of history and is delightfully 
accurate.— Critic, Dec. 1893, 23:406 

The author taught Engli^^h in a school for girls under the management of the 
imperial household and in this way had unusual opportunities for observing the 
manners and customs of the higher classes. 

Bishop, Mrs Isabella L. (Bird). Unbeaten tracks in Japan. Ed. 
3. 2 V. il. D. N. Y. 1881. Putnam $5. N. Y. S. e 

This remains to our thinking the best English book of Japanese travel. The 
account of the Aiuos in the second volume is specially interesting. — Chamber- 
lain, B. H. Things Japanese. 1890. p. 51 

Bramhall, Mae St John. The wee ones of Japan. 137 p. il. S. 
N. Y, 1894. Harper $1. N. Y. S. e 

A couleur-de-rose description of the Japanese child from babyhood to its school 
days. Its quaint dress, its quaint wnys, its piny methods and study methods 
and the queer Japanese customs which surround it, are charmingly pictured by 
both pen and pencil. — Annual Atnerican catalogue. 1894. p. 24 

Chamberlain, Basil Hall. Things Japanese. Ed. 2 enl. O. 
Lond. 1892. Paul 7s. 6d. N. Y. S. <f 

A Japanese eucyclopcdia iu one volume . . . the information authoritative 
. . . the most recent available and what makes it more valua'ble still is that 
most articles have au appendix contaiuiiig a list of books to be consulted by 
those who wish to make special studies. — Nationy May 1893, 56:389 


Curtis, William Eleroy. The Yankees of the East. 2 v. il. S. 
N. Y. 1896. Stone $4. N. Y. e 

Contains much that is interesting about the commerce, trade, agriculture and 
general business conditions of Japan. It should not, however, be taken as final 

Finck, Henry T. Lotos-time in Japan. 337 p. il. O. N. Y. 1895. 
Scribner $1.75. N. Y. c 

Describes a recent tour in Japan from southern Kito to the island of Tezo, the 
abode of the convicts and aboriginal Ainos. The daily life of the people is told 
in a bright, interesting way. The chapter on the charms of the women is 
specially fine. There are aho interesting comparisons of Japanese and Ameri- 
can civilization. 


Grifiis, William Elliot. Japan in history, folk-lore and art. 230 p. 
S. Bost. 1892. Houghton 75c. (Riverside lib. for young people) 

N. Y. S.c 

A small volume treating of the stories and history of the myths and the 
delicate arts of Japan. Japan is more than chrysanthemum-land or the land of 
odd jars and fanciful pottery and strange perfumes ; it is the land of a people 
acute, delicate- witted, delicate-mannered, intelligent, a people of artists and 
inventors, of poets and ladies . . . Tbc fates and fortunes of Japan are traced 
by Dr Griffis . . . with graphic simplicity.— CH^ic, Dec. 1892, 21 : 312 

Hearn, Lafcadio. Gleanings in Buddha-fields. 296 p. D. Bost. 
1897. Houghton $1.25. e 

Wliat this most charming of writers on far eastern subjects has seen all may 
see, but only those can understand who are endowed with a like faculty of 
perception of nnobtrusivo beauty and a like power, it must be added, of patient 
prolonged study of common appearances and everyday events. — Atheneum, Nov. 
1894, 104:()34 

Glimpses of unfamiliar Japan. 2 v. il. O. Bost. 1894. Hough- 
ton $4. N. Y. c 

Kokoro; hints and echoes of Japanese inner life. 388 p. D. 

Bost. 1896. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. c 

Observations up<m Japanese life . . . being genre sketches and folk-lore 
traditions retouched, and . . . comparative studies of various fundamental 
traits of Japanese and Kuropean philosophy. — Natiotif July 1896, 03:35 

* Out of the East * ; reveries and studies in New Japan. 341 p. D. 

Bost. 1895. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. c 

Largely devoted to ])hilosophic couinitMit on the civilizution and social destiny 
of the island people who are now taking so prominent a place in the affairs of 
the orient. — lieview of revkwHf May 1895, 11:602 

The chapter entitled ' Of the eternal feminine ' gives a good idea of the won- 
derful nature of the Japanese. 


House, Edward Howard. Japanese episodes, sq. O. BosU i88i. 
Osgood $1. 

Even those who have been offended with his violence as a looker-on in trans- 
Pacific politics will be charmed with his lively fancy, playful humor and 
kaleidoscopic vocabulary.— ^a^ion, Nov. 1891, 33:'360 

Knapp, Arthur May. Feudal and modem Japan. 2v. il. T. 
Bost. 1897. Knight $3. N. Y. e 

A careful study of the Japanese, with special regard to the forces which have 
influenced the national development. Contains a bibliography. 

La Fargc, John. An artistes letters from Japan. 293 p. il. O. 
N. Y. 1897. Century $4. N. Y. c 

Series of letters with the true artistic feeling, describing the manners and cus- 
toms of the people, with illustrations by the writer. The greater part published 
at intervals in the Century magazine, 1890-91, 1893. 

Lowell, Percival. Noto; an unexplored corner of Japan. 261 p. D. 
Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.25. N. Y. c 

The author describes a journey of a few days in one of the least intereflting 
parts of that traveler's paradise, Japan, and contrives to make the most ordi- 
nary incidents delightful. — AtheneuMf July 1891, 98:37 

The soul of the far East. 226 p. D. Bost. 1890. Houghton 

$1.25. N. Y. e 

Brilliant array of metaphysical epigrams to prove that the Japanese have 
no soul or at least no individuality. — Chamberlain, B. H. Things Japanese, 
1890. p. 51 

Norman, Henry. Real Japan ; studies of contemporary Japanese 
manners, morals, administration and politics. New ed. 364 p. O. 
N, Y. 1893. Scribner $1.50. 

First American edition N. Y. 1892, Scribner o. p. ; 4th English edition Loud. 
1894, Unwiu 3s. 6d. 

Mixing description with criticism, Mr Norman gives us studies of Japanese 
manners, morals and politics. . . He discusses Japanese politics vigorously and 
clearly, and closes with a mOMt interesting chapter on the future of the little 
empire.— CYitic, Mar. 1892, 20:139 

Parsons, Alfred. Notes in Japan. 226 p. il. O. N. Y. 1896. 

Harper $3. N. Y. e 

An artist's sketching tour exquisitely portrayed in illustration and agreeably 
supplemented with text. — N. V. state traveling library finding list 27 

Tamura, Naomi. A Japanese bride. 92 p. il. T. N. Y. 1893. 
Harper 50c. (Harper's black and white series) S. 

It is probably tlie first • revelation of the social life of Japan made by a 
native, frankly and without hesitation or fear . . . He does not spare criti- 


cisni of the governmeut, which ordaius aud maintains the social laws ... He is a 
genuine realist and gives the facts as they are withont regard to mere sentiment 
. . . What Prof. Morse's book is for theoutside, this monograph of Mr Tamura's is 
for the inside, of Japanese homes. — Nation^ Ap. 1893, 56:299 


Carpenter, Frank G. The Japanese at play, (see Cosmopolitan^ 
Jan. 1889, 6:207-19) 

Good description of the Japanese games. 

Matumoto, J. Kumpei. The tea ceremony of Japan. (sttLippiU' 
coif s magazine ^ June 1895, 56:115-20) e 

Describes in detail the making aud serving of tea, aud also the manner of giv- 
ing invitations and receiving guests. 

Sannomiya, Alethea Yayeno. A Shinto funeral, (see Nineteenth 
century^ Dec. 1896, 40:974-81) e 

Well written account of the funeral of a Japanese prince, showing burial rites 
and customs. 


Batchelor, John. The Ainu of Japan; the religion, superstitions 

and general history of the hairy aborigines of Japan. 2iZ^ P- i^« ^* 

N. Y. 1892. Revell $1.50. B. P. S. 

Mr Batchelor's book besides its 80 tiust worthy illustratiouf, its careful 
editing and arrangement by some friendly hand in Loudon and its excellent 
index, is replete with information of all sorts al)out the Ainu men and women 
and children. Almost every phase of their physical and metaphysical life has 
been studied and carefully noted. Several interesting specimens of folk-lore are 
given.— .Ya/iOM, Feb. 1892, 56:88 

Conder, Josiah. Flowers of Japan and the art of floral arrangement, 
il. Q. N. Y. 1894. Scribner $12.50. B. P. 

With colored illustrations by Japanese artists. 

-: — Landscape gardening in Japan. 2v. il. Q. N. Y. 1894. 
Scribner $25. 

Treating of the history and design of Japanese «;ardens and such special topics 
as enclo»nres, lakes, bridges, lanterns aud the all important garden stones . . . 
the most complete and just account of Japanese gardening which has yet 
appeared. — Xation^ June 1894, 58:456 

Sargent, Charles Sprague. Notes on the forest flora of Japan. 

il. Q. Host. 1894. Houghton $7.50. 

The book i.s eoneerned solely with tiie trees and shrubs of the .Jai>ane8e 
forest . . . The- author has <leliiiitely accotni>lished what he undertook to tlo and 
has made it pi>ssibh^ fi»r oiw who has never visited .Japan to become fairly 
acquainted with the forest flora of the empire in all its nmrvelous richness and 
variety. — Xew York trihuney 13 Feb. 1895 



Milne, John. The stone age in Japan, (see Anthropological institute 
of Great Britain and Ireland. Journal^ 1881, 10:389-423) N. Y. c 

An iuterenting paper on recent researches in Japan, with illustrations. 
Japanese mines, (see Journal of science^ Oct. 1876, 13:433) N. Y. c 

Short account of the mineral products of Japau. 



Alcock, Sir Rutherford. Art and art industries in Japan, il. O. 
Lond. 1878. Virtue 15s. B. P. 

Sir Rutherford has undoubtedly added to the pleasant and popular means of 
understanding the virtues of the Japanese artist and apt workman, and has not 
failed to make plain some of the limitations of range in Japanese artistic thought 
and effort. . . The book is a pleasant handy book.— Jcoifewy, Sep. 1878, 14:303 

Anderson, William. Descriptive catalogue of Japanese pictures in 
the British museum, il. Q. Lond. 1886. Longmans 21s. S. & W. 

Valuable for its history of painting and legends. — S. if- W. 1891. p. 202 

The pictorial arts of Japan ; with a brief historical sketch of the 

associated arts. il. F. Bost. 1894. Houghton $50. B. P. 

80 pi. executed in chromolithography, photogravure and native engravings on 
wood and copper. Ed. limited to 1000 copies. Sold by subscription. 

Read \vith his catalogue, of which it forms a necessary complement, his maji:- 
uificent treatise, so comprehensive in design and so masterly in execution will 
teach as much as is communicable second hand and place him at such a point of 
vantage for the work of practical research as, before its appearance, could only 
have been gained at the cost of years of travel and inquiry. — Saturday revieWf 
Oct. 1886, 62:551 

Audsley, George Ashdown. Ornamental arts of Japan. 2v. if. 
Lond. 1882-86. Low ;^i5 15s. 

William James & Audsley, G: A. Outline of ornaments in all 

styles, sm. folio. Lond. 1882. Low 31s. 6d. 

In this splendid work, now brought sali'ly to conclusion, we have the most 
perfect view of Japanese art which has yet been published ... No effort has been 
spared either by author or pubrusher to produce this satisfactory result. . . The 
collections of Europe and America have been ransacked to supply the finest ex- 
amples of illustration, the most skilled lithographers of Paris and Berlin have 
been employe<l to furnish plates, and the aid of the most learned students of 
Japan and her arts has been called in to assist the cultivated connoisseurship 
of the author. — Academy^ Aug. 1886, 30:141 


Dresser, Christopher. Japan; its architecture, art and art manu- 
factures, il. O. N. Y. 1882. Scribner $10. B. P, e 

Dr Dresser is an auusnally competent obseryer; he was so keenly interested, 
particularly in architecture, that he observed everything. — Spectator, Dec. 1882, 

Huish, Marcus B. Japan and its art. Ed. 2 enl. il. O. Lond. 
1889. Simpkins los. B. P. 

Both art and history illustrate each other in its oarefally . . . written pages, 
and its well chosen and well -executed cuts. — Xatiotiy May 1889, 48:448 

Jarves, James J. A glimpse at the art of Japan, il. D. N. Y. 
1876. Houghton $2.50. B. P. P. Son. 

Illustrated in fac-simile from Japanese designs. 

Morse, Hdward S. Japanese homes and their surroundings. New 
ed. il. Q. N. Y. 1889. Harper $3. N. Y. e 

Prof. Morse has studied the Japanese dwelling ^froni turret to foundation 
stone' ... we have a unique portfolio of perfectly true and accurate reproductions 
of things seen in Japan. — CriiiCy Dec. 1885, 7 : 303 

Piggott, F. T. The music and musical instrun^ents of Japan, il. 
Q. Lond. 1893. Batsford 42s. B. P. 

With notes by T. L. Southgate. 

Studies of the subject that embrace the history, practice and theory of Japanese 
music ... Of the beauty of form of Mr Piggott's book and its charming illustra- 
tions after old prints and other sources, it must be said that the volume worthily 
honors the music of a people so eminent in artistic gift« and accomplishments. 
— Saturday review y Sep. 1893, 76:303 


Hearn, Lafcadio. About faces in Japanese art. (see his Gleanings in 
Buddha-fields, 1897. p. 97-123) e 

Also in Ai\ant\c monthly^ Aug. 1896, 78:219-26. 

Japanese representation of faces as compared with that of western nations. 


Audsley, George A. & Bowes, J. L. Keramic art of Japan. 
304 p. il. Q. Lond. 1881. Sotheran 42s. N. Y. e 

The reader will not fail to find throughout this splendid work true artistic 
appreciation of the broad outlines of Japaneso art, a comprehuusiNe account of 
the various departments of their art-labors, and a minute description of the 
several ingredients, so to speak, which give a peculiar and national character to 
the artistic productions of every class. — Dublin review, Ap. 1876, 78:374 


Bowes, James L. Japanese enamels. 1 1 1 p. il. Q. Liverpool. Pri- 
vately printed 1884. For sale by Quaritch for 21s. Cin. N. Y. e 

A history of the various wares with illustrations from examples in the Bowes 

Japanese marks and seals, il. Q. Lond. 1882. Sotheran ^£2 2s. 

B. P. 

This splendidly got-up volume will enable collectors of Japanese art-objects 
to contemplate their treasures with a new and keener zest . . . For the first 
time a complete account of the marks and characters, so strange in European 
eyes^ used by the isolated craftsmen of the extremest of eastern countries is 
submitted to a western public. — SpectaioVy July, 1882, 55 : 932 

Regamey, Felix. Japan in art and industry; tr. by M. French- 
Sheldon and E. L. Sheldon. 349 p. il. D. N. Y. 1893. Putnam 
$1.75. N. Y. e 

Bibliography of Japan, p. 325-39 

A clever little book taking up Japanese art-work, manufactures, textile fabrics 
and food production in an instructive way. 

Rein, Johannes Justus. Industries of Japan, with an account of 
its agriculture, forestry, arts and commerce. 570 p. il. O. N. Y. 
1889. Armstrong $10. B. P. 

Agriculture, cattle-raising, forestry, mines, lacquer-work, commerce, etc. — 
everything in fact has been studied with truly German patience, and is set forth 
with a truly German thoroughness. — Chamberlain, B. H. Things Japanese. 
1890. p. 48 

Strange, Edward F. Japanese illustration; a history of the art of 
wood cutting and color printing in Japan. 154 p. il. O. N. Y. 
1897. Macmillan $4. 


Griffis, William Elliot. Japan as an industrial power, (see Chautau- 
quafiy Nov. 1896, 24:201-5) e 

Discusses the present standing of Japan among manufacturing nations. 


Arnold, Sir Edwin. Adzunaa ; or the Japanese wife ; a play in 4 
acts. 170 p. D. N. Y. 1893. Scribner $1.50. 

Well worth reading as an interesting embodiment of one of those traditions of 
martyrdom of faithful love that appeals to all nations and times. — TAtsrary 
world, Feb. 1893, 24:53 




House, Edward Howard. Yone Santo ; a child of Japan. 285 p. 
D. N. Y. 1888. Belford $1 (Household library) 

A really powerful novel of Japanese life. . . He has striven to depict, and 
nobly has he succeeded, a * long-sufferiog, wbite-sonled, little pap^n saint ' and 
his study of Japanese life from the inside point of view is the best yet made in 
fiction.— CrtWc, Feb. 1889, 14:50 

Long, John Luther. Miss Cherry-Blossom of Tokyo. 364 p. D. 
Phil. 1895. Lippincott $1.25. C 

Mr John Luther Long gives ns a capital love-story, taking us into fresh fields 
and pastures new. — Literary world, Ap. 1895, 26:105 

Maclay, Arthur C. Milto Yashiki ; a tale of old Japan. 456 p. D. 
N. Y. 1890. Putnam $1.50. 
A strong story of the old feudal days of Japan. — Critic, Nov. 1889, 15:233 

Wertheimber, Louis. Muramasa blade ; a story of feudalism in old 
Japan, il. O. Bost. 1886. Ticknor $3. 

He has endeavored to portray accurately life in Japau as it was before the 
establishment of the new r<5ginie. Muramasa was the Japanese sword maker of 
the 14th century.— Literary icorld, Oct. 1886, 17:376 


Bramhall, Mae St John. Japanese jingles. Ed. 2. 62 p. il. sq. S. 
Tokyo 1893. Hosegawa. N. Y. e 

Printed on cr6pe paper with colored illustrations. 

Chamberlain, Basil Hall. Classical poetry of the Japanese. O. 
Lond. 1880. Trubner 7s. 6d. S. & W. 

Griffis, William Elliot. Japanese fairy world; stories from the 
wonder-lore of Japan. 304 p. il. sq. S. Schenectady 1880. 
Barhyte $1.50. N. Y. e 

The stories are translations of originals well known in Japan. . . The little 
book will be in a measure an interpreter of the decorative and legendary art of 
the country. — Literary worlds Sep. 1880, 11:330 

McClatchie, T. R. H. Japanese plays. New ed. O. Lond. 1890. 
Allen ss. B. P. 

Diversified with drawings and engravings by Japanese artists. 

Mitford, Algernon B. Tales of old Japan. 2v. O. Lond. 187 1. 
Macmillan $2.50. 

Macmillan issued an edition in 1890 at $L25. 

Love, revenge, ' the happy di8pat<jh,' adventure by land and sea, quaint fairy 
tales, Buddhist sermons quainter still — in a word, the whole picturesque life of 


old Japan — these are the things Mr Mitfonl gives us, and he gives them in a 
style that renders them douhly attractive.— Chamberlain, B. H. Things 
Japanese. 1890. p. 51 

Rinder, Frank. Old world Japan ; legends of the lands of the gods 
retold. 195 p. il. O. N. Y. 1896. Macmillan $2. N. Y. e 

Graceful stories founded on legends of early times. 

Riordan, Roger, & Takayanag^, Tozo. Sunrise stories ; a glance 

at the literature of Japan. 281 p. il. D. N. Y. 1896. Scribner 

$1.50. N. Y. c 

An attempt well carried out ... to re-tell Japan's ancient and medieval 
myths, legends, poetry and novels . . . also to show their environment and the 
particular quality of soil at given times of fertilization and culture, whence they 
flowered. — Literary icorldy Ap. 1896, 27:115 


Abell, Frank. Four Japanese folk-tales, (see Beigravia, Ap. 1883, 
50:193-203) e 

Translations showing resemblance between Japanese folktales and ours. 
Davy, Mrs E. M. Something about a Japanese novel, (see Belgravia, 
May 1891, 75:49-63) e 

Gives a good idea of the stylo of Japanese novel writing. 

The death-stone; a lyric drama from the Japanese, (see Cornhill 
magazine^ Oct. 1876, 34:479-88) e 

A translation with a brief account of the drama. 

De Kay, Charles A. A bouquet of Japanese verses, (see Scribner" s 
monthly, Jan. 1875, 9:329) e 

Short selections and a history of the poetry of Japan. 

The extensions of literary activity, (see Dial, Oct. 1 896, 21:1 77-79) e 
Treats of the character of current literature in Japan. 

Hearn, Lafcadio. Out of the street; Japanese folk-songs, (see his 
Gleanings in Buddha fields. 1897. p.29-42) e 

Also in Ailanixc monthly, Sep. 1896, 78:347-51. 

Japanese literature, {^^t Encyclopaedia Britannica. 1878-88, 13:586) e 

University of the State of New York 

state Library Bulletin 


Februaiy 1898 



Helen Sperry 
CLASS OF 1894 



AbbreviatioDs 139 

List of authorities referred to 139 

Principal indexes, catalogues, 

etc. consulted 141 

General histories 141 

Government and constitution 143 

Leading episodes of history 144 

Early history 144 

13th-14th century 144 

Fourth cnisade 145 


1425-1573: period of greatest 
glory 145 

17th-18th century: period of 
decline 146 

Biographical references 147 

Descriptive works on Venice 148 

Poems. Dramas. Novels 151 

Arts and industries 152 

Architecture and sculpture 153 

Paiuting..,.,,. , ,, 154 

University of the State of New York 

state Library Bulletin 

Bibliography no. 7 February i8g8 



Books marked e have been personally examined; ^ indicates that the edition 
examined is not the same as the one entered in the list. 

References to works in more than one volume are made in the same form as in 
Poole's Index to periodical literature^ volume and page numbers being separated by 
a colon; e. g. 3:145 means vol. 3. page 145. 

Initials following the main entry refer to the libraries in which the book was 
consulted. Authority is cited for quoted notes ; those unsigned are by the com- 
piler. The list following contains the principal abbreviations used. Other 
abbreviations are self explanatory. 

Adams. Adams. Manual of historical Clev. Cleveland public library 

literature Mil. Milwaukee public library 

B. A. Boston atbenacum N. Y. New York state library 

Bkl. Brooklyn library P. Peabody institute, Baltimore 

Bron. Silas Bronson library. Water- Son. Sonnenschein. Best books 

bury, Ct. Sar. Sargent. Reading for the young 
Car. Carnegie library, Braddock, Pa. 


This list includes only books to which reference has been made for special 
chapters and which are not elsewhere entered in full. 

Addison, Joseph. Works; with notes by Hurd. 6v. D. Lend. 1854. Bohn 

(Macmillan) $1 each (Bohn's lib.) 
Alison, Sir Archibald. History of Europe. Ed. 1-3. lOv. O. Edin. 1839-42. 

Blackwood £7 15s. 

Browning, Robert. Poetic and dramatic works. 6v. O. Bost. 1892. Houghton 
$1.75 each. 

Byron, George Gordon Noel Byron, 6ih haran. Poems and dramas. 855 p. 
pi. O. N. Y. 1884. Crowell $1.50. 

Castelar, Emilio. Old Rome and new Italy ; tr. by Mrs Arthur Arnold. 301 p. 
D. N. Y. 1874. Harper $1.75. 


Evelyn, John. Diary aud corrcsponrlcnce. 4y. por. pi. D. Lond. 1854. Col- 
burn (Macmillau) $1.50 each (Bohn's lib.) 

Finlay, George. History of Greece under Oiboman and Venetian domination, 
1453-1821. 367 p. O. Edin. 1856. Blackwood (Macmillan) $2.50. 

Gibbon, Edward. History of the decline aud fall of the Roman empire. 7 v. 
por. maps, D. Lond. 1853-55. Bohn (Macmillan) $1 each (Bohn's lib.) 

Gilbert, Josiah. Landscape in art before Claude and Salvator. 461 p. il. pi. O. 
Lond. 1885. Murray 308. 

Gothe, Johann Wolfgang von. Letters from Switzerland aud Italy; fr. the Ger- 
man, by A. J. W. Morrison. 360 p. O. Bost. 1882. Cassiuo $1.50. 

Great streets of tbe world. 253 p. il. 1 pi. Q. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $4. 

Hodgkin, Thomas. Italy and her invaders. £d. 1-2. 4 v. in 5, pi. maps, O. 
Ox. 1885-92. Clarendon press (Macmillan) v. 1-2, in 3 parts, ed. 2, $12.50; 
V. 3-4, $9; V. 56, $10.50. 

Larned, Josephus Nelson. History for ready reference. 5v. Q. Springfield 
1894-95. C. A. Nichols co. $25. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Poetical works. 6v. pi. D. Bost. 1892. 
Ilouj^hton $9 (Riverside ed.) 

Michaud, Joseph Francois. History of the crusades; tr. by W. Robson. 3v. 
maps, D. N. Y. 1853. Redfield $3.75. 

Moore, John. View of society and manners in Italy. 2 v. O. Edin. 1820. 

Moore, Thomas. Poetical works. 6v. S. Bost. 1856. Little $4.50. 

Nichol, John. Byron. 212 p. 1 pi. D. N. Y. n. d. Harper 75c. (Eng. men of 

Norton, Charles Eliot. Historical studies of church-building in the middle 
ages. 331 p. O. N. Y. 1880. Harper $3. 

Rogers, Samuel. Complete poetieal works ; ed. by Epes Sargent. 460 p. D. 
N. Y. 1871. Putnam $1.50. 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Complete poetical works; ed. by G: E. Woodberry. 
4v. por. D. Bo8t. 1892. Houghton $6 (Century ed.) 

Sismondi, Jean Charles Leonard Simonde de. History of the Italian 
republics. 300 p. nar. 1). lUiil. 1832. Carey (Lardner cab. eye.) 
There Ih also an edilion published by UarpiT at 75c. 

Symonds, John Addington. In the key of blue. 302 p. D. N. Y. 1893. 
Macmillan $3.50. 

Renaissance in Italy; the tine arts. o34 p. O. N. Y. 1888. Holt $2. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives of painters, sculptors and architects; tr. by Mrs J. 
Foster. 6v. 1 por. D. Lond. 1850-52. Bohn (Macmillan) $1 (Bohn's lib.) 

Wordsworth, William. Complete poetical works ; with iutrod. hy John Morley. 
928 p. 1 por. O. N. Y. 18U3. Macmillan $1.75. 



Principal catalogues, indexes, etc. consulted 

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ation. Classified list of fiction 

American library association. Catalog 
of A. L. A. library 

Adams. Manual of historical literature 

American catalogue 

Annual literary index 

Astor library. Catalogue 


Boston athenaeum. Catalogue 

Boston public library. Chronological 
index to historical fiction 

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Cleveland public library. Catalogue 

Detroit public library. Catalogue 

English catalogue 

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St Louis free public library. Refer- 
ence lists 

San Francisco free public library. 

Sargent. Reading for the youog 

Sonneuschein. Best books 

Thomas Crane public library, Quincy 
Mass. Catalogue 


Balzaniy Ugo. Italy. 340 p. D. Lond. 1883. Soc. prom. Chr. 
knowledge 4s. (Early chroniclers of Europe) N. Y. e 

See p. 144-45, 292-305. 

He has a real and scholarly knowledge of Italian history. — Aoad.f June 1883, 

Gives in interesting form, biographical sketches of the early chroniclers and 
an account of their principal works. 

Brown, Horatio Forbes. Venice; an historical sketch of the repub- 
lic. 434 p. maps, O. N. Y. 1893. Putnam $4.50. N. Y e 

Those who incline to tell the story again will need to possess not only immense 
industry, but very great judgment and literary skill, to make a volume which 
shall better meet the demands of intelligent readers than this. — Lit, world, Ap. 
1893, 24:108 

A readable and dignified narrative, covering a period of nearly 14 centuries. 
Contains a bibliography p. 19-23. 

Venetian studies. O. Lond. 1887. Kegan Paul 7s. 6d. Son. 

Essays reprinted from the magazines. The best are those on Catherine 
Cornaro and on the Spanish conspiracy ; the worst is that on Carmagnola whom 
Mr Brown altogether underrates. — Ath.f Nov. 1887, 90:673 

DarUy Pierre. Histoire de la republique de Venise. Ed. 4 enl. 9V. 
maps, O. Par. 1852. Didot 54 fr. N. Y. e 

For any other purpose than that of entertainment, quite untrustworthy. — 
Adams p. 254 


Written and published under the protection of Napoleon, but systematioally 
written with a view to discredit the (i^overnment of the republic. The scarce 
from which most school histories and guide books have been compiled. 

Freeman, Edward Augustus. Sketches from the subject and 
neighbour-lands of Venice. 395 p. pi. D. N.Y. 1881. Macmillan 
$2.50. Clev. N. Y. P. e 

Being series 2 of his historical and architectural sketches. A description of 
places associated with the history of Venice. 

Hazlitt, William Carew. History of the Venetian republic ; her 
rise, her greatness and her civilization. 4V. il. por. maps, O. 
Lond. i860. Smith o,p. N. Y. e 

A history of Venice from the origin of the city to the middle of the 15lh 
century. Founded on a careful study of authorities, and shows that many of 
the popular notious concerning Venetian history are grossly erroneous. The 
third and fourth volumes, 1309-1457, will be found of special interest and value. 
The author's style is clear and often picturesque. — Ad,ams p. 255 

Larned, Josephus Nelson. Venice. (see his History for ready 

reference, 1894-95. 5:3602-15) 

A sketch of Venice made up of extracts from standard histories. Exact 
reference is given for authorities quoted. 

Oliphanty Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Makers of Venice; 
doges, conquerors, painters and men of letters. 410 p. il. por. pi. 
D. N. Y. 1888. Macmillan $3. N. Y. e 

Extra illustrated ed. 411 \\. O. N. Y. 1892. Macmillan $6. 

The writer has selected some of the more dramatic and romantic incidentn of 
Venetian history, and combined them iu a narrative of unusual grace and charm. 
She has not attempted to solve historic problems, her characterizations are 
written from the novelist's point of view. 

Saxon, Mrs E. Lydell, anon. City in the sea; stories of the deeds 
of the old Venetians, from the chronicles ; by the author of Belt 
and spur. 330 p. il. D. N. Y. 1883. Scribner $2. 

Bron. Clev. Mil. e 

Simple but not juvenile in style. Covers the more interesting periods of Vene- 
tian history. 

Smedley, Edward, anon. Sketches from Venetian history. 2v. il. pi. 
maps, S. N. Y. 1832. Harper 90c. (Harper's family lib.) 

Bkl. Mil. N. Y. e 

Written in picturesque narrative style. Copious use has been made of the 
works of Sismondi and Dam. Includes the historic episodes of interest in Vene- 
tian history* 


Wi^, Alethea. Venice, 478 p. D. N. Y. 1894. Putnam $1.50 
(Story of the nations) Car. e 

The book is inevitably a mere sketch . . . bat . . . written with so Just a sense 
of proportion* so sure an eye for the picturesque and romantic, and ^itb such 
liveliness of style, that it leaves a clearer impression than most ponderous hist- 
ories. — Publisher*8 circular, Sep. 1894, 61:365 

Yriarte, Charles & Middleton, J. H. Venice, (see £ncy^. Brit. 
1878-88. 24:141-57) e 

pt 1, history by Yriarte ; pt 2, art by Middleton. 

For a short, but comprehensive and interesting sketch, the best. 


From 5th to 7th century ruled by tribunes, 8th-i8th by doges. By 
II 7 2, there were three councils. The great council, self-elective from the 
outset, was closed in 1297 to all but the nobility. In 13 10 a council of 10 
was associated with the doge and his six councilors for the punishment of 
crimes against the state. The inquisition of state (' the Three ') was 
organized in 1454, two members from the council of 10 and one from the 
doges* council. 

Brown, Horatio Forbes. Council of 10; Form for electing a doge, 
(see his Venice, 1893. p. 151, 177-83, 398-416) e 

Clement, Mrs Clara (Erskine). Council of 10. (see her Queen of 
the Adriatic, 1893. p. 114-20) e 

Qaotes from Hazlitt and Baschet. The best for a short article. 

History of the democratical constitution of Venice, (see Edin, rev. 
June 1827, 46:75-106) e 

Summary of tbo work at Grallicioli, 1795-96. 

Records of the Venetian inquisition, (see Comhill mag.^^zxi, 1871, 

23-4 1-54) e 

Accouut of the methods of the inquisitiou of state. 

Sismondi, Jean Charles Leonard Simonde de. The aristocracy of 

Venice, (see his History of the Italian republics. 1832. p. 108-11) e 

Smedley, Edward, anon. The inquisition of state, (see his Sketches 
from Venetian history. 1832. 2:82-94) e 

State papers at the Venetian republic, (see Quart, tev., Ap. 1886, 

162: 365-83) e 

Accoant of the political documents^ preceded by a statement of tbe maiu fea- 
tures of tbe constitution of the republic. 



Founding of the city and early history 

Flight of the Veneti to the lagoons, 452 ; foundation of the city, 810 ; 
suppression of the pirates by Orseoli ; espousal of the Adriatic, 998 ; early 
crusades, the Michieli, 1096-1171; defeat of the Barbarossa, 11 77. 

Brown, Horatio Forbes. Founding of Venice, (see his Venetian 
studies. 1887) 

Cairdy Robert. The halcyon's nest, (see Macmillan's mag.^ Feb. 
1880, 41:343-52) e 

Refers to the houses of the early lagoon dwellers. 

Clement, i^rr Clara (Erskine). Frederick Barbarossa; the feast of 
La Sensa. (see her Queen of the Adriatic. 1893. p. 3-13) e 

Hodgkin, Thomas. Atilla in Italy, (see his Italy and her invaders. 
1892. 2:162-69) e 

Ledyard, Amy. Scraps from the chronicles, (see LittelPs living age, 
Jan. 1884, 160:222-28) e 

Norton, Charles Eliot. Venice and St Mark's, (see his Historical 
studies of church building in the middle ages. 1880. p. 39-83) e 
The story of 8t Murk's is an epitome of the history of Venice. 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). The Orseoli; The 
Michieli. (stQ Yi^r Makers of Venice. 1888. p. 9-65) e 

Ruskin, John. The throne, {stthis Stones of Venice. i^*j6. 2:1-11) e 
Inllaenco of physical surroundings on the development of Venice. 

Smedley, Edward, anon. Sketches from Venetian history. 1832. 

1:1-71. e 

I3th-i4th century 

Conquest of Constantinople, 1204 ; closing of the great council, 1297 ; 
conspiracy of Tiepolo, 1310; treason of Marino Faliero, 1355 ; war of 
Chioggia, Carlo Zeno ; defeat of Genoa, 1378-81. 

Brown, Horatio Forbes. Bajamonte Tiepolo; Carmagnola. (see 
his / 'enetian studies, 1887. ch. 2; cli. 4) 

Clement, Mrs Clara (Erskine). Oradenigo, Tiepolo ; Vettore Pisani 
and Carlo Zeno. (see her Quern of the Adriatic. 1893 p. 90-114, 
145-62) e 

Hazlitt, William Carew. Story of Marino faliero. (sec his History 
of the Venetian republic, i860. 3:144 62) e 


OliphsLtitf Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Pietro Gradenigo ; 
change of the constitution ; A popular hero [Carlo Zeno]. (see her 
Makers of Venice, 1888. p. 92-119, 166-205) ^ 

Smedley, Edward, anon. War of Chiozza. (see his Sketches from 
Venetian history. 1832, 1:220-61) C 

With map of the lagoon, p. 220. 

Fourth crusade 

Clement, Mrs Clara (Erskine). Enrico Dandolo, (see her Queen of 
the Adriatic, 1893. p. 32-71) e 

Gibbon, Edward. Decline and fall of the Roman empire. 1853-55. 

6:539-73- e 

Celebrated as a brilliant yet exact narrative of the conquest of Constantinople 
by the Venetians and French. 

Michaud, Joseph Francois. History of the crusades. 1853. 2:36-184. 


Authoritative and interesting. 

Pears, Edwin. The fall of Constantinople ; story of the 4th crusade. 
16:422 p. O. N. Y. 1886. Harper $2.50. N. Y. Son. e 

Sets forth the self interested policy of the Venetians in undertaking the 
crusade. Story of the capture of Constaotinuple is well told. 

Smedley, Edward, anon. Enrico Dandolo, 4th crusade, conquest of 
Constantinople, (see his Sketches from Venetian history, 1832. 
1:71-130) e 

With map of Constantinople, p. 92. 

Villehardouin, Geoffrey de. Chronicle concerning the conquest of 
Constantinople by the French and Venetians; tr. by T. Smith. O. 
Lond. 1829. Pickering los. 6d. 

A pleasing and accurate translation. — Smedlcy. Sketches f nun Venetian history, 
1832. 1:73 

1425-1573 : period of greatest glory 

War with Milan, 1425-54; Carmagnola, the Carraresi; The two 
Foscari, 1445-57; League of Cambrai, 1508; Wars with the Turks and 
victory of Lepanto, 1573. 

Brown, Horatio Forbes. The Carraresi; Carmagnola. (sec his 
Venetian studies. 1887. ch. 3-4) e 

League of Cambray. (see his Venice, 1893. p. 326-47) 

Maps : Venetian possessions in Italy and Dalmatia; Possessions 

in the Levant, (see his Venice, 1893. p. 298, 322) e 


Clement, Mrs Clara (Erskine). The two Foscari ; Carmagnola. (see 
\i^x Queen of the Adriatic , 1893. p. 175-98) e 

Dam, Pierre. Ligue deCambray. (see his Histoire de Venise. 1821. 
3:414-507) e 

EdwardeSy Charles. Story of a free lance, (see Macmillan's mag,^ 
Nov. 1892, 67:38-49) e 

Accoant of Carmagnola, founded on the prize biograpby by Hattistella. 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Francesco and Ja- 
copo Foscari ; Carmagnola. (stt hex Makers of Venice. 1888. p. 128- 
40, 206-48) e 

Page of Venetian history, (see Sat, rev. ^ Sep. 1886, 62:361-62) e 

A defeuse of Venice in her treatment of Carmagnola. 

Smedley, Edward, anon. Sketches from Venetian history. 1832. 

2:37-232. e 

Story of Francesco Novello da Carrara, (see Bentlefs mag,^ 1859-60, 
V. 46-48) e 

One of the most romantic episodes of Venetian bistory. 

I7th-i8th century: period of decline 

Rivalry between Venice and Pope Paul 5, 1605 ; Spanish conspiracy, 
1618; loss of Candia, 1669; war with the Turks, 1684-99; ^^'^ ^^ 
Venice, conquest by Napoleon, 1797. 

Alison, Sir Archibald. Fall of Venice, (see his History of Europe, 

1^39- 3-250-329) e 

Daru, Pierre. Differend entre la republique et le pape Paul ; Dissolu- 
tion de la republique de Venise. (see his Histoire de Fenise. 1821. 
4:258-330,6:1-64) e 

Finlay, George. Venetian domination in Greece, 1684-17 18. (see 
his History of Greece under Othoman and Venetian domination, 
1856. p. 197-718) e 

Ranke, Franz Leopold von. Zur venetianer geschichte. 361 p. 
O. Lpz. 1878. Duncker M. 7. 20 pf. Mil. 

CowtenN : Veiled ig im 16 j.'ibrbnndrrt uiid im anfung den 17; Die verschworung 
gegen Venedig, 1618; Die venezianer in Morea. 

The Venetian archives are exceedingly rich and no historian has explored 
tbem 80 thoroughly as Uanke. Whatever he has found of interesting import, be 
ba8 gathered into this volume. — Adam^, p. 255 


Robertson, Alexander. The theological counsellor, (see his Fra 
Paolo Sarpu 1894. p. 68-125) e 

Spanish conspiracy against Venice, (see Blackwood's mag,y May 
1837, 41:643-55) e 

Smedley, Edward, anon. Sketches from Venetian history. 1832. 

2:297-321. e 

Biographical references 

Clement, Mrs Clara (Erskine). Caterina Cornaro. (see her Queen of 
the Adriatic. 1893. p. 226-41) e 

Goldoni, Carlo. Memoirs, written by himself; tr. from the French 

by John Black, with essay by W: D. Howells. S. Bost. 1877. 

Osgood $1.25. Mil. N. Y. e 

Goldoui was bom in Venice in 1707. His memoirs are vivacions and 
interesting giving various side-lights on tbe life and manners of the Venetians. 

Martin, Henri. Daniel Manin and Venice in 1848-49 ; tr. by Charles 
Martel, with introd. by I. Butt. 2V. O. Lond. 1862. Skect 
2 IS. Bkl. Clev. P. 

Tliose who desire to form a just apprehension of the statesman-like ability and 
exalted patriotism of Manin should read his memoirs by Henri Martin, the able 
historian of France.— ire«(?». rcr., Ap. 1860, 73:363 

Manin was the hero of the revolt against Austria, 1848-49. 

Manin and Venice in 1848-9. (see Westm, rev,^ Ap. i860, 73:363- 

400) e 

Nichol, John. Byron at Venice, (see his Byron, n. d. p. 1 19-31) e 

Oliphanty Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Aldus and the 
Aldines; Petrarch the guest of Venice; Marino Sanudo, the historian, 
(see her Makers of Venice, 1888. p. 393-410, 342-62, 373-92) e 

Robertson, Alexander. Fra Paolo Sarpi, the greatest of the 
Venetians. 196 p. por. D. N. Y. 1894. Whittaker $1.50. 

N. Y. e 

Fra Paolo was specially celehrated as the theological counselor of Venice in 
her famous contest with Pope Paul 5. The facts of his life are here set forth 
with enthusiasm and literary skill, and form a narrative of absorbing interest. 

Spencer, O. M. Marco Polo and his book, (see Harper's mag., Dec. 
1872, 46:1-19) 
18 illuitrations. 


Trollope, Thomas Adolphus. Paul the pope and Paul the friar. 
16^. Lond. 1870. Smith 2s. 6d. B. A. Clev. 

For tbe most part, an abstract of the life of Fra Paolo by Bianchi-Gioyini, 
but adds a spirited aocouut of tbe conclave of Paul 5. — Encyc. Brit. 1878-88. 

For liyes of artists, see tbe sectioo 'Arts and indastries/ p. 34-43. 


Of tbe descriptioHs of Venice, tbose contained in passages of Raskin's Stone$, as 
for instance, tbe cbapters entitled tbe 'Tbrone and torcello/ are tbe most 
brilliant, but Howells' Venetian life is probably tbe most graceful and satisfac- 
tory book on tbe subject. — Note fr. Thom<is Crane public library catalogue, 1875. 
p. 21 

Brown, Horatio Forbes. Life on the lagoons. Ed 2. 297 p. O. 
N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $1.75. 

He seeks to sbow Venice from tbe point of view of tbe boat. Tbe cbapters 
are eacb little essays on Venetian subjects, sbort, brigbt, picturesque and full of 
information. — Jcad.j June, 1884, 25: 416 

Clement, Mrs Clara (Erskine). Queen of the Adriatic; or, Venice 
medieval and modern. 380 p. 20 pi. O. Bost. 1893. Estes $3. 

N. Y. e 

Sbo bas given sketcbes of tbe bistory of Venice . . . and its most celebrated 
localities and buildings . . . nil witb a ligbtne«s of touob and a sense of pro- 
portion often sadly missing from books made for a purpose. — Christmae bookshelf. 
1893. p. 37 

Coryate, Thomas. Coryat's crudities, reprinted from the edition of 
161 1 . . . added his letters from India, etc. 3 v. pi. O. Lond. 
1776. W. Cater ^£2 2s. e 

T. 1, p. 196-304 contains * Observations on Venice,* being a quaint and lively 
description of Venice in tbe days of ber magnificence. 

Hare, Augustus John Cuthbert. Venice. 206 p. il. i map, D. N. Y. 
1884. Routledge $1. Clev. N. Y. Son. 

A guidebook idealized. Made up largely of extracts from tbe best literature. 
Selections from Ruskin, RogerH, HowelLs, Dickens, Hawtborne, George Sand, 
Mme de Stael, Taiue, Swinburne and others. 

Howells, William Dean. Venetian life. D. Bost. 1892. Hough- 
ton $1.50. A. L. A. N. Y. 

Written some 20 years ago when Venice was under Austrian rule. Hence tbe 
social and political life differs somewhat from that of tbe present. Tbe book is 
a delightful one. 


Perl, Henry. Venezia; adapted from the German by Mrs Arthur 
Bell (N. D. Anvers), with an introd. by H. D. Traill, illustrated by 
Ettore Tito, and others. 248 p. il. sq. F. Lond. 1894. Low 28s. 
Scribner $12.50. 

Piozzif Mrs Hester Lynch (Salusbury) Thrale. Glimpses of 
Italian society in the i8th century. 327 p. pi. por. O. Lond. 1892. 
Seeley (Scribner) $2. 

Description of Venice, p. 102-38, with 5 pi. 

Mrs Piozzi looked about her shrewdly and pat down in happy vein the strik- 
ing things she saw. Illustrated with reproductions of pictures contemporary 
with the journey itself (1785). — Critic, Mar. 1892, 20:139 

Rose, William Stewart. Letters from the north of Italy addressed 
to Henry Hallam. 2 v. O. Lond. 18 19. Murray i8s. N. Y. e 

Cousists chiefly of letters from Venice, descriptive of the language, literature, 
political and social institutious of the republic. Contains much curious infor- 
mation, and is written in a polished nnd agreeable style. 

Taine, Hippolyte Adolphe. Italy: Florence and Venice; from the 
French by J. Durand. O. N. Y. 1889. Holt $2.50. Bkl. Mil. P. 

ContenU: Perugia and Assisi; Florence; Florentine school of art; From 
Florence to Venice; Venetian art; Lombardy. 

Villariy Linda. On Tuscan hills and Venetian waters, il. O. N. Y. 
i886. Armstrong $1.75. 

Pleasant hketches of . . . Tuscany and of scenes in Venice which are easily 
overlooked in the mass of attractions in which that wonderful city abounds. Ex- 
ceedingly well written and shows a thorough and practical knowledge of the 
subject treated.— 5af. rcr., Dec. 1884, 58:826 

Yriarte, Charles. La vie d*un patricien de Venise au i6« siecle : les 

doges, la charte ducale les femmes a Venise, 1* Universite de Pa- 

doue, les preliminaires de Lepante . . . Ed. 2. il. pi. Q. Par. 1885. 

Rothschild 30 Ir. 

M. Yriarte has devoted himself chiefly to the study of the Italian life and arts 
. . one of the first who searched the archives of the Venetian republic. His 
Venetian patrician received a prize from the French academy. Just issued a sec- 
ond edition with fine illustrations ... A mine of facts on the Venice of Veron- 
%^e,— Nation, Feb. 1886, 42:124 


Adams, Charlotte, anon, Christmas in Venice, (see Harper's mag,, 
Jan. 1878, 56:285-88) e 

Carnival of Venice, {stt Appieton*s journai, A^. 1^*]%, 19:278- 

84) e 


Addison, Joseph. Venice, {stt his IForks. 1854,1:385-96) e 

Armenians at Venice, (see BentUfs mis., 1839, 5:257-62) e 

Account of the Arineniau couvent near Venice, where Byron spent some 
months stadying the Armenian language. 

Bent, James Theodore. Life in mediaeval Venice, (see Fraser's 
mag,, Oct. 1881, 1:437-47) e 

Brown, Horatio Forbes. Venice, (see Eng, illus. mag., Dec. 1886, 
4:133-60) e 

Castelar, Emilio. Venice, (see his Old Rome and new Italy, 1874. 

P- 132-53) e 

Cooley, F. Venetian fetes, past and present, (see Chautauquan, Sep. 
1894, 19:651) 

Six illustrations. 

Downs, Annie S. Child-life in Venice, (see Wide awake, 1885, 
20:43) Sar. 

Ecroyd, Henry. The valle lands of Venetia. (see Fortnightly rev., 
Sep. 1866, 6:341-52) e 

Contains an interesting description of Chioggia. 

Escape from the prisons of Piombi. (see Cortthill mag., June 187 1, 
23:712-25) e 

Account of Casanova and his extraordinary escape. 

Evelyn, John. Venice, (see his Diary and correspondence, 1854. 
1:196-220) e 

Entertaining description of social life in 1645. 

Gothe, Johann Wolfgang von. Venice, (see his Letters from 
Switzerland and Italy. 1882. p. 120-52) e 

His stay in Venice was during Sep.-Oct. 1786. 

Hazlitt, William Carew. Chapter on commerce and trade, social 
institutions, costume, literature, etc. (see his History of the 
Venetian republic, i860. 4:231-381) e 

Contains three plates illustrating costume. 

James, Henry. Venice, (see Century mag., Nov. 1882, 3:1-23) e 
21 illustrations, including a bird*s-eye view of the city. 

The Grand canal, (sec Great streets of the world, 1892. p. 143- 

72) e 

13 illastrations. 


Moore, John. Venice, (see his VUw of society and manners in Italy. 

1820. 2:1-108) e 

Inolndes a vivacious account of the admiuistration of the goTernnieDt in 

Pennelly Mrs Elizabeth (Robins). Venetian boats, (sec Harper's 
mag,, Mar. 1890, 80:541-59) e 

20 illustrations. 

Sala, George Augustus. Streets of the world ; Venice; Riva degli 
Schiavoni. (see 7>w//f ^^rr, Jan. 1865, 13:183-91) e 

Venice; the Grand canal. (see Temple bar, Feb. 1865, 

I3--347-53) e 

Symonds» John Addington. A Venetian medley, (see Eraser's mag., 
Sep. 1882, 106:363-80) 

Among the Euganean hills, (see his /// the key of blue. 1893. 

p. 17-42) e 

Sjrmons, Arthur. Venice in Easter; impressions and sensations, (see 
Harper's mag., Ap. 1895, 90:738-51) e 

10 illustrations. 

Venetian folk-songs, (see Cotnhillmag., Oct. 1880, 42:485-97) e 

Including an account of popular customs. 
Venice, (see BlackwooiVs mag., July 1884, 136:87-105) e 


Browning, Robert. In a gondola, (see his Poetic and dramatic 
works, 1892. 2:263-69) e 

Byron, George Gordon Noel Byron, 6th baron, Beppo, a Venetian 
story ; Marino Faliero ; The two Foscari ; Ode on Venice ; Stanzas 
from Childe Harold, {set his Poems and dramas, 1884. p. 176-90, 
323-25, 53o-"75» 622-52) e 

Cooper, James Fenimore. The bravo, a novel, il. D. Bost. 1890. 
Houghton $1 (New household ed.) e 

The author aims to give a picture of the social system of Venice, and the 
operations of Venetian policy. For the justification of his work, he refers to 
the well-known history of Darn. 

Howells, William Dean. A foregone conclusion. D. Bost. 1893. 
Houghton $1.50. Bkl. Mil. e 

The Venetian atmosphere lends additional charm to a story of unusual 
interest. The central character is a Venetian priest who falls in love with a 
beautiful American girl. 


Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. Venice, a sonnet, (see his Poet- 
ical works, 1892. 3:20) e 

Moore, Thomas. Venice, {see h'\s Poetical works, 1866. 5:286-96) e 

Rogers, Samuel. Venice, St Mark^s place; Brides of Venice; The 
Foscari. (see his Complete poetical works, 187 1. p. 293-98, 
301-21) e 

Sand, George, pseud, Consuelo ; from the French by F. H. Potter. 
4v. D. N. Y. 1889. Dodd $6. e 

Mr Potter's new traiislatioD is a thoroughly successful rfinderinj^. — Lit, 
world, Dec. 1889, 20:458 

It is only the opening chapters which are Venetian, but these describe, with 
wonderful charm, the free outdoor life of the children, Consuelo and Aiizoleto, 
ou the streets and canals of Veuice. The character of Consuelo is associated 
with Venice, as that of Rouiola is with Florence. 

Shakspere, William. Comedy of the Merchant of Venice; ed. with 
notes, by W: J. Rolfe. 173 p. il. i por. sq. S. N. Y. 1894. Harper 
56c. e 

Tragedyof Othello, the Moor of Venice; cd.byW: J. Rolfe. 2i4p. 

il. sq. S. N. Y, 1893. Harper 56c. e 

Bolfe^s editions arc the beet for school and home reading. Accurate and useful 
notes. Pleasing to the eye. 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Julian and Maddalo, a conversation, (see 
\i\^ Complete poetical works, 1892. 2:47-72) e 

Lines written among Euganean hills, (see his Complete poetical 

works, 1892. 3:209-12) e 

Stories of Italy. 208 p. il. T. N. Y. 1893. Scribner 75c. (Stories 

from Scribner) e 

p. 1-46 Smith, F. H. Espero Gorgon i, gondolier, 
p. 47-119 Sullivan, T. R. Anatomist of the heart. 

Of the two stories, that by F. H. Smith is the more picturesque and artistic, 
while at the same time it has less plot. Both are channing reading. 

Wordsworth, William. On the extinction of the Venetian republic; 

Scene in Venice [Barbarossa and the popej. (see his Complete 

poetical works. 1893. p. 179-80, 618) e 


Adams, Charlotte. Venetian tapestries, (see Harper's mag y Mar. 
1878, 56:617-20) e 

Brown, Horatio Forbes. The Venetian printing press. 463 p. fac- 
sim. sq. Q. N. Y. 1891. Putnam $10. N. Y. e 

Au historic .study of tirst-rate importance, based on original researches . . . 
Mr Browu devotes the greater part of his investigation to the subject of the 
regulation and censorship of the press. — Nation^ Oct. 1890, 51:348 


Clement, Mrs Clara (Erskine). Murano and the glass makers, (see 
her Queen of the Adriatic. 1893. p. 121-39) e 

Dunlop, Madeline Anne Wallace. Modern Venetian glass and its 
raanufacture. {^^t Mag. of art, y 1890, p. 206-11) e 

Five illustratioDS. 

Gibbins, Henry de Bettgens. Venice ; its commetce. (see his Hist- 
ory of commerce in Europe. 1891. p. 48-53) e 
With map showiog trade-roates of Venice and Genoa. 

Howells, William Dean. Commerce, (see his Venetian life. 1867. 
p. 237-57) e 

Jarves, James Jackson. Ancient and modem Venetian glass of 
Murano. (see Harper^s mag.^ Jan. 1882, 64:177-90) c 

37 illastrations of the collection in the Metropolitan mnsenm. 

Ongania, Ferdinando, ed. Early Venetian printing. 229 p. il. Q. 

N. Y. 1895. Scribner $7.50. 

A part of his Art of printing during the Italian renai$8ance. 

A scrap-hook of specimens of early Italian printing . . . Contains also, chap- 
ters on *The art of printing in Venice,* * Printer's marks/ 'Water marks/ and 
' The printing of music'—Piift. weekly, May 1895, 47 : 707 

Yriarte, Charles. Venice ; its history, art and modern life ; tr. by F. 
J. Sitwell. il. Q. N. Y. 1880. Scribner $18. Pratt inst. Son. 

Contains an account of painting, architecture and sculpture and history of 
the glass industry, also an acconnt of the lace, * point de Venise,' of wbich fine 
specimens are given. — Summary of note on the French ed. in Spectator, Jan. 1878, 

The illustrations alone, in this brilliantly compiled history would enable 
anyone to gain an excellent notion of the rich and varied material out of 
which Venice grew, bloomed and faded. The translation has been excellently 
done.— ^cod., Dec. 1879, 16:450 


Canova, Antonio. Works engraved in outline by Henry Moses; 
with descriptions from the Italian of the Countess Albrizzi and bio- 
graphical memoir by Count Cicognara. 2 v. por. pi. Q. Lond. 
1824. Septimus Prowett. B. A. N. Y. P. Son. e 

Another ed. 150 pi. Q. N. Y. n. d. Scribner $12, see American catalogue 1876. 
Beautifully executed plates accompanied by full analysis and explanations. 
Interesting biographical memoir of 40 pages. 


Ongania, Ferdinando. La basilica di San Marco in Venezia. i6v. 
il. Q. Ven. 1881-92. Ongania. $466. 

One of the most uiagnificent and costly works ever pnblished consisting of a 
large series of photographs .nnd chromo-lithographs. — Encyc, Brit. 1878-88. 24: 156 

For full account see Xation, Mar. 1883, 36:216-17. 

Norton, Charles Eliot. Venice and St Mark's, (see his Historical 
studies of church building in the middle ages, 1880. p. 39-83) e 

Ongania, Ferdinando. Calli e canali in Venezia. 2 v. 200 pi. 
F\ Ven. 1891-95. Ongania $40. N. Y. e 

Fine photogravure plates showing the streets and canals of Venice, and noted 
buildings ; with details of the sculpture of palaces and churches. 

Perkins, Charles Callahan. Historical handbook of Italian* 
sculpture. 432 p. il. i pi. O. N. Y. 1883. Scribner $4. e 

See s|>ecially preface, p. 23-26; p. 195-218 (Uth century); p. 241-44 (I5th 
century) ; p. 355-66 (16th century) 

Rossetti, William- Michael. Canova. (see Encyc. Brit. 1878-88. 
5:24-26) e 

Ruskin, John. Stones of Venice ; with preface by C : E. Norton. 
2v. il. pi. O. N. Y. 1891. Maynard $3 (Brantwood ed ) N. Y. e 

With the 53 plates and all the woodcuts and text as originally issncd. — 

The noblest monograph on any architectural subject that has ever been 
written.— AVci/c. Brit. 1878-88. 24:151 

Symonds, John Addington. Jacopo Sansovino. (see his Renaissance 
in Italy : fine arts. 1888. p. 167-71) e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Jacopo Sansovino. (see his Lives of painters^ 
sculptors and architects. 1852. 5:408-29) e 


The best guide — the graphic and delightful Vasari, but alas, he was not a 
Venetian, and. his histories of the painters of Venice are modified by the reflec- 
tion that had they had the luck to be Florentines, they might have been great. — 
Oliphant. Makers of Venice, p. 338 

Berenson, Bernhard. Venetian painters of the renaissance with an 
index to their works. 141 p. por. I). N. Y. 1894. Putnam $1.25. 

N. Y. e 

One of the very first fruits in English of the new art criticism. — Dial^ May 
1894,16: 268 

Lists appended^ of the works in and out of Italy, by the principal Venetian 


Crowe, Joseph Archer, & Cavalcaselle, G. E. Titian; his life 
and times. 2 v. il. por. O. Lond. 1881. Murray 21s. 

For English readers, the Life by Crowe «&. Cavalcaselle has superseded all pre- 
vious works, such as those of Sir Abraham Hume (1829) and Northcote (1880). — 
Encyc. Brit. 1878-88. 28:417 

Gilbert, Josiah. Landscape of the Venetian school, (see his Zantf- 
scape in art, 1885. p. 309-77) 

Traces the influence of Flemish painters on the Venetian school. With 

Heath, Richard Ford. Titian. 102 p. il. por. pi. D. Lond. 1890. 
Low 3s. 6d. (Ill as. biographies of great artists) N. Y. e 

Founded mainly on Crowe & Cavalcaselle. Forms a convenient compendium. 

Oliphant, ^r^ Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). The painters, (see her 
Makers of Venice. 1888. p. 262-341) e 

Contains an account of the Bellini, Carpaccio, Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto 
and Paul Veronese. 

Osier, Willam Roscoe. Tintoretto. 102 p. por. pi. D. Lond. 1882. 
Low 3s. 6d. (Illus. biographies of great artists) N. Y. e 

Mr Rnskin often compares Turner to Tintoretto, and l\irner in speaking of 
Tintoretto's work makes use of the expression * the stormy brush of Tintoretto ' 
. . . The first and last chapters of this little book are full of suggestive writing 
and wide, true sympathy for all real art. — SpeclataVj Aug. 1879, 52:985-86 

Rossetti, William Michael. Titian, (see JEncyc, Brit 1878-88. 
23:413-17) e 

Paul Veronese, (see Encyc. Brit 1878-88. 24: 173-74) 

Stearns, Frank Preston. Life and genius of Jacopo Robusti, called 
Tintoretto. 335 p. il. D. N. Y. 1895. Putnam $2.25. e 

Mr Stearns has in attractive, popular style, blended a biography of the artist 
based upon examination of all French, German and Italian works worthy of 
consultation, witli original criticism of his work and estimate of his true posi- 
tion.— i?<jr. ofrec.y Feb. 1895, 11:238 

Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters, engraved by Timothy 
Cole; with historical notes by Stillman. 282 p. pi. Q. N. Y. 1892. 
Century $10. N. Y. e 

Sec Giovanni Hellini, p. 128-37: Carpaccio, p. 259-63; Giorgione, p. 246-51; 
Tintoretto, p. 269-70; Titian, p. 237-45; Paul Veronese, p. 264-68. 


Of Mr Cole*8 talent or the merit of these copies, there can be no donbt. . . In 
delicacy, refinement, accuracy, subtlety of light and shade, beauty of tone, be 
has no equal. Never was an engraver so fitted by temperament aud skill for the 
close and infinitely delicate copying of a work of art. — Nation, Nov. 1802, 55:379 

SjTtnonds, John Addington. Venetian painting, (see his JRenais- 
sance in Italy: fine arts. i888. p. 347-83) e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Jacopo Bellini and his sons ; Giorgione; Titian, 
(see his Lives of painters, sculptors and architects. 1850-52. 
2: 156-72, 394-402; 5: 382-408) e 

University of the State of New York 

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Bibliography no. 8 February i8g8 



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works in more than one volume are made in the same form as in Poole's 
Index to periodical literature^ volume and page numbers being separated 
by a colon ; e. g. 3:145 means vol. 3, page 145. 

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book may be found. 

The source of a critical note is given, whether quoted exactly or given 
in substance; those unsigned are by the compiler. The list following 
contains the principal abbreviations used. Other abbreviations are self 

Acad. Academy J. City. Jersey City free public 
Ath. Athenaeum library 

Atl. Atlantic monthly Mil. Milwaukee public library 

B. A. Boston athenaeum Y. W. C. A. New York, Young 
B. P. Boston public library women's Christian association 

Clev. Cleveland public library S. Southbridge public library 

Det. Detroit public library Wor. Worcester public library 



AUibone. Dictionary of authors 

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Besant. Eulogy of Richard Jefferies 

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Salem public library. Bulletin 

Salt. Richard Jefferies 

Saturday review 

Southbridge public library. Catalogues 


Worcester public library. Catalogues 

Some publishers advertising lists of out-of-door books 

Abbott, Charles Conrad. Birds about us. 288 p. il. O. Phil. 1895. 
Lippincott $2. e 

Contents: Percbing birds; goat-suckers; woodpecker; cuckoos, etc.; birds of 
prey; game birds and pigeons; 8hore-1)irds, herons, rails, etc.; ducks, geese and 
swans; pelicans, cormorants and petrels; gnlls and terns; diving birds. 

A thorongb stndy of the birds of tlie lower Delaware river valley . . . includ- 
ing many interesting experiences and personal adventures. — Annual Jmer. cat. 

Days out of doors. 323 p. 1). N. Y. 1889. Appleton $1.50. e 

Describes New Jersey field au<i water life; arranged by months. — *V. Y. state 
traveling lib. finding list 2 

Naturalist's rambles about home. 485 p. 1). N.Y. 1887. Ap- 
pleton $1.50. e 

Countrj' walks; studies of the dwellers in woods and fields. — .Y. 1'. state trav- 
eling lib. finding list 9 


Abbott, Charles Conrad. Outings at odd times. 282 p. S. N. Y. 
1890. Appleton $1.50. e 

Close and affectionate observation of all sorts of out-of-door things. — N, F* 
state traveling lib. finding list 2 

Recent rambles; or, In touch with nature. 330 p. il. D. Phil. 

1892. Lippincott $2. B. P. 

Pleasantly written.— Jfcod., Ap. 1893, 43:283 

Travels in a tree-top. 215 p. D. Phil. 1894. Lippincott $1.25. e 

The author's observation of nature, if not profound, is intelligent and, as a 
rule, sympathetic. Throughout the whole runs a strain of very mild philoso- 
phizing. — Aead,f July 1894, 46:65 

Upland and meadow: a Poaetquissings chronicle. 397 p. D. 

N. Y. 1886. Harper $1.50. e 

New Jersey naturalist's out-door notes at all seasons ; on birds, toads, squir- 
rels, freshwater life, etc. — N. Y, state traveling lib. finding list 9 

Waste-land wanderings. 312 p. D. N, Y. 1887. Harper $1.50. e 

Pleasant studies of earth and sky and animal life in the region of the Dela- 
ware riyer. — N. Y. state traveling lib. finding list 8 

Annals of a fishing village; from the notes of 'A son of the marshes/ 

ed. by J. A. Owen. O. Lond. 1892. Blackwood 5s. Wor; 

The sty le of the book is poetic, with a melancholy refrain running through 
the chapters whieh admirably suits the bare flats, plunging seas, and misty 
horizons of the little village. The tender, sympathetic nature of the young nat- 
uralist emerges in every page, while his insight into nature is remarkable. — Ath., 
Aug. 1891, 98 : 213 

Austin, Alfred. Garden that I love. 168 p. il. O. N. Y. 1894 Mac- 

millan $2.50. e 

In spite of a good deal of annoying afiectatioD, there is evidence of a love of 
simple country joys and of flowers that redeems the interest. The poet is trans- 
parently genuine in his enjoyment of his splendid old garden and to convey that 
impression atones for many faults. — Ath., July 1894, 104: 95 

Battye, Aubyn Trevor-. Pictures in prose, of nature, wild sport 
and humble life. 246 p. D. N. Y. 1894. Longmans $1.75. e 

Pleasantly written essays by an experienced traveler and sportsman who has 
something to tell and knows how to tell it. His observations on natural history 
are correct. — Ath,, Aug. 1894, 104:158 

BolleSi Frank. At the north of Bearcamp water; chronicles of a 

stroller in New England from July to December. 297 p. D. 

Bost. 1893. Houghton $1.25. S. e 

So far as it goes it is good and it is pleasant to read, but we are aware that it 
touches nothing but the surface of things and lacks the human associations 
which give interest to any study. — Acad., Ap. 1893, 43:347 


Pleasant aud easy reading. Chocoma, its lakes and meadows, its birds, fishes, 
and animals, its trees and flowers are noted with the keen eye of a healthy- 
minded observer. — Lit, worlds Mar. 1893, 24:76 

BoUeSi Frank. From Blomidon to Smoky and other papers. 278 p. 
D. Bost. 1894. Houghton $1.25. B. P. e 

Contents: From Blomidon to Smoky; lugonish, by land and sea; Home of 
Glooscap; August birds of Cape Breton; Barred owls in captivity; Yellow- 
bellied woodpeckers and their uninvited guests ; Young sapsuckers in captivity; 
Ways of the owl; Bird traits; Individuality in birds; Birds at Yule-tide; Up 
the chimney ; Humming birds of Chocorua. 

Land of the lingering snow ; chronicles of a stroller in New 

England from January to June. 234 p. D. Bost. 189 1. Houghton 


Though he has evidently studied and written 'for publication ' he is at least a 
careful and conscientious writer, aud he notes down his observations in such a 
pleasant, unobtrusive and often graceful manner that he is really good to 
read,— Acad,, Jan. 1892, 41:12 

Boyle, Afrs Eleanor Vere (Gordon). Days and hours in a garden, 
by E. V. B. O. Lond. 1890. Stock 5s. Wor. 

Delightful little hook,— Ath,, May 1884, 83:596 

Breed, George J. & Barton, W : G. Songs and saunterings by a 

poet and naturalist, with an introd. by W: P. Andrews. 270 p. 

I por. D. Salem, Mass. 1892. Salem press $1.50. e 

As a poet Mr Breed never had an audience in mind nor the effect he was pro- 
duciug. . . The selections here included . . . were published by Mr Barton 
after Mr Breed^s death. . . Mr Bartends work . . . betrays perhaps, more of 
literary intention . . . but it is the result of original and living acquaiutance 
with nature, not of merely literary aspiration. — Introduction 

Burroughs, John. Birds and poets. 263 p. S. Bost. 1891. Hough- 
ton $1.25. e 

Contents: Birds and poets; Touches of nature ; Bird medley; April; Spring 
poems; Our rural divinity ; Before genius ; Before beauty; Emerson; Flight of 
the eagle. 

Fresh fields. 298 p. S. Bost. i8gi. Houghton $1.25. e 

Contents: Nature in England ; English woods; In Carlyle's country ; Hunt 
for the nightingale; English and American song-birds; Impressions of some 
English birds; In Wonlsworlh'H country; (Jhinec at British wild flowers; 
British fertility ; Sunday in Cheyne row ; At sea. 

Locusts and wild honey. 253 p. S. Bost. 1891. Houghton 

$1.25. e 

Contents: PaHtorai bees; Sharp eyes; Stiawborries ; Is it goinjj to rain? 
Speckled trout; Birds and birds; BimI of boughs; Uird^'-nesting ; Halcyon in 


Burroughs, John. Pcpacton. 260 p. S. Best. 1891. Houghton $1.25. e 

Contents: PepactoD, a summer voyage; Springs; Idyl pt the honey-bee; 
Nature and the poets ; Notes by the way ; Foot-paths ; Bunch of herbs; Winter 

Riverby. 319 p. S. Bost, 1894. Houghton $1.25. e 

Contents: Among the wild flowers; Heart of the southern Catskills; Birds' 
eggs ; Bird courtship ; Notes from the prairie ; Eye beams ; Young marsh hawk ; 
Chipmunk; Spring jottings ; Glimpses of wild life; Life of fear; Lovers of 
nature ; Taste of Kentucky blue grass ; In Mammoth cave ; Hasty observation ; 
Bird life in an old apple tree; Wajs of sportsmen; Talks with young observers. 

Signs and seasons. 289 p. S. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.25. e 

Contents: Sharp lookout ; Hard fare; Tragedies of the nests; Snow storm; 
Taste of Maine birch; Winter neighbors; Salt breeze; Spray of pine; Spring 
relish; River view; Bird enemies; Phases of farm life; Roof tree. 

Wake robin. 256 p. i pi. S. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1. e 

Contents: Return of the birds; In the hemlocks; Adirondac; Birds'-uests ; 
Spring at the Capital; Birch browsings ; Bluebird; Invitation. 

Winter sunshine. 255 p. S. Bost. 1S91. Houghton $1.25. e 

Contents: Winter sunshine; Exhilarations of the road; Snow walkers; The 
fox; March chronicle; The apple; An October abroad. 

Year in the fields. 220 p. D. Bost. 1896. Houghton $1.50. 

Contents : Snow storm ; Winter neighbors; Spring relish ; April ; Birch brows- 
ings; Bunch of herbs; Autumn tides; Sharp lookout. 

A selection from earlier volumes^ beautifully illustrated from photographs of 
scenes near Mr Burroughs' country home. 

Cobbetti William. Rural rides, 1821-32. 2 v. O. Lond. 1894. 

Reeves 12s. 6d. Wor. 

In spite of some absurdities, a book which will always be worth reading for 

the genuine love of nature and power of description it shows. — Ath,, June 

1885, 85:758 

Cooper, Susan Fenimore. Rural hours. 334 p. S. Bost. 1887. 
Houghton $1.25. e 

The observer has the best of qualities needful for her work in the strong and 
vital interest she takes in the animate life of nature and in her sensibility to the 
moods of sky and forest. In every way the tone of the volume is harmonized 
with the matter.— .Ya/ion, Oct. 1887, 45:300 

Dana, Mrs Frances Theodora. According to season ; talks about 
the flowers in the order of their appearance in the woods and fields. 
159 p. T. N. Y. 1894. Scribner 75c. e 

The aim of this little volume is the stimulation of an observant love of 
nature ... by enabling the reader to start upon each tour of discovery with so 
clear a notion as to what he may expect to find and where he may expect to find 
it, as materially to increase the chances of a successful expedition. — Preface 


Davidson, John. Random itinerary. 204 p. D. Bost. 1894. Cope- 
land $1.50.^ e 

Botb delightful and disappoiDting . . . He describes London and its suburbs 
in their picturesque aspects, and the process of the seasons with sympathetic 
insight^ rendering to our delight the secrets of birds and flowers and sky-life ; 
but it is irritating to catch him with his eyes off the hedge rows, engaged in 
polemic with an imaginary disputant. — Ath,, Aug. 1894, 104:246 

Dixon, Charles. Idle hours with nature. O. Lond. 1891. 
Chapman 6s. Det. 

Careful studies in bird life . . . Very different from the ordinary trite writing 
on British rural life.— Jc«cf., Ap. 1891, 39:392 

Emerson, P. H. On English lagoons. 295 p. il. O. Lond. 1893 
Nutt 7s. 6d. Wor. 

His minnte observation extracts much that is worth recording of the ways 
of birds, beasts, and fishes, and he has the eye to see beauty in a land- 
scape.— /l(/i., Aug. 1893, 102:226 

Fish, Elbridge Eugene. Blessed birds; or, Highways and by-ways. 
253 p. D. Buffalo 1890. Ulbrich $1.25. S. e 

Contents: Spring arrival of the birds; Day's outing in search of the arbutus; 
Veutriloquial and imitative power of birds; Wrens; Trees and trees; 
Intelligence in birds ; Days in an old orchard ; Autumn Tisitors; Nesting habits 
of birds; Maple sugar making; Danger of an early extinction of song birds; 
Search for a whip-poor-will's nest ; Summer diive in the lake country ; Ornitho- 
logical uomeuclature. 

Flaggi Wilson. Birds and seasons of New England. 458 p. il. O. 

Bost. 1875. Osgood $4. e 

Flagg was in some respects inferior to both Thoreau and Burroughs, but if I 
conld own the books of only one of the three they slionld be Flagg's. — Barton, 
W: G. Sontjs and ftaunterings by a poet and naturalutt, 1892. p. 3 

Woods and by-ways of New England. 442 p. pi. D. Bost. 1872. 

Osgood $5. Wor. 

Our very door-yards and gardens put into classic literary form — Beverly and 
Danvers embalmed in choicest English, forming literature serene and dignified, 
yet graphic, exact and entertaining. — Barton, W: G. Songs and tfaunterings by a 
poet and naturalist. 1892. p. 3 

Fletcher, J. S. Wonderful Wapentake ; by * A son of the soil.' 250 p. 
il. O. Chic. 1895. McClurg $2. e 

Pleasant collection of short papers on pastoral life in Yorkshire. The sketches 
are slight enough, but the author has at times a sympathetic touch and is a close 


and loving student of nature. There are a few awkwardnesses of speech here 
and therp, but taking the Tolume as a whole, there is much less to hlame than 
to praise. — Ath., Jan. 1895, 105:48 

Forest tithes and other studies from nature ; by * A son of the marshes/ 
ed. by J. A. Owen. O. Lond. 1893. Smith, Elder 5s. 

Some of these studies are reprinted from Blackvood's, CornhiUy etc. Of all of 
Ihem we can say that they are pleasantly written and generally accurate. — Aih.y 
Jnly 1893, 102:95 

Fowler, William Warde. Summer studies of birds and books. 
288 p. D. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $1.75. e 

Not one of the 11 chapters is disappointing. What he has to tell is told in a 
fresh, cheery way that attracts us at the very outset, and our interest does not 
flag.— CH^ic, Ap. 1895, 26:308 

Year with the birds: by an Oxford tutor. 266 p. il. pi. O. N. Y. 

1889. Macmillan $1.25. 

Contents: Oxford, summer and winter; Oxford, spring and summer; Alps in 
June; Midland village; garden and meadow; Midland village; Railway and 
woodland ; Alps in September ; Birds in Virgil. 

A reading of his book should he enough to make dear old over-praised Gilbert 
White turn in his grave for very ecstacy. — Acad,f July 1886, 30:49 

From spring to fall; by * A son of the marshes,' ed. by J. A. Owen. O. 
Lond. 1894. Blackwood 3s. 6d. 

The book paints the glory of the Surrey woodlands for nine months in the 
year and lets the reader into many secrets of their inhabitants known only to 
those who have carefully watched their habits at all hours. It would be difficult 
for the most watchful naturalist to add a touch to this picture. — Acad.y Nov. 
1894, 46:373 

Gibson, William Hamilton. Happy hunting grounds; a tribute 

to the woods and fields. 2o2p. il. Q. N. Y, 1887. Harper 

$7.50. B. A. 

Series of strolls through winter landscapes and under summer skies, with birds 
and. squirrels for companions and the sunshine for inspiration. Illustrated by 
the author.— JW<. world, Dec. 1886, 17:498 

Highways and byways; or, Saunterings in New England 155 p. 

il. Q. N. Y. 1883. Harper $7.50. 

ContentM: Along the road; Squirrels highway; Across lots; Among our 

Are there many men who with one hand can draw such drawings as these, so 
pure in sentiment, so true in feeling, so faithful in detail, so exquisite in 
delicacy of light and shade, of tone and color, and with tbo other hand write so 
lovingly and accurately and aptly to the heart of the nature which they have 
been describing with the eye f — Lit. tcorldy Dec. 1882, 13:459 


Gibson, William Hamilton. Pastoral days ; or, Memories of a New 
England year, 153 p. il. Q. N. Y. 1882. Harper $7.50. S. e 

Prose poems descriptire of the oat-door life of the four seasons of the year. 
The author has been a close and patient observer along the Housatonic and in 
its region. His descriptions afford abundant text for his pencil. — Lit. wwld, 
Jan. 1881, 12:10 

Sharp eyes ; a rambler's calendar of 52 weeks among insects, birds 

and flowers; illustrated by the author. 320 p. O. N. Y. 1897. 

Harper $2.50. B. P. e 

There seems to be scarcely any limit to the sharpness of his eye, the liveliness 
of bis fancy, the aptness of his style and the marvelous beauty of his picturing 
of plant and animal life— LxL world, Nov. 1891, 22:426 

Strolls by starlight and sunshine ; illustrated by the author. 194 p. O. 

N. Y. 1 89 1. Harper $3.50. e 

Pleasant papers, beautifully illustrated, on wild gardens, birds, cradles, the 
ufter-dark habits of plants, etc. — N. Y, state traveling lib. finding list 4 

Graham, P. Anderson. All the year with nature. O. Lond, 1893. 

Smith, Elder 55. 

Goo<1 and varied scries of articles, most of which relate to the 'bonnie north 
countrie^ on the border and among the Cheviots. — Ath., Jan. 1894, 103:110 

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert. Sylvan year ; leaves from the note-book 

of Raoul Dubois. 243 p. i por. D. Bost. 1876. Roberts $2. S. e 

lie has enough scientific knowledge, but in talking of nature he adds to that 
the observation of the artist and the sentiment of the poet and the man of true 
feeling. Then he knows the literature of the woods, the flowers, and the sea- 
sons. — fTorcester spif 

Unknown river; an etcher's voyage of discovery. D. Bost. 

1876. Roberts $2. S. e 

Bound with the Sylvan year, p. 245-338. The 'nnknown river* is the Arroux 
in the eastern highlands of France. 

Hardinge, E. M. With the wild-flowers, from pussy-willow to thistle- 
down ; a rural chronicle of our flower friends and foes, describing 
them under their familiar English names. 271 p. S. Bost. 1894. 
Baker and Taylor co. $ i . e 

Describes distinguishing forms and habits of plants in non-scientific terms, 
following in general the order of the seasons. — X, Y, state traveling lib, finding list 

Hazlitt, William. On going a journey, (see his labU-taik. 182s, 
1:149-70) e 

So good that there should be a tax levied on all who have not read it. — 
Stevenson, R. L. Virginibus puerisque. 1893. p. 201 


Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. April days, p. 223-46; Life of 

birds, p. 293-3x6; My out-door study, p. 247-68 ; Procession of 

the flowers, p. 317-38; Snow, p. 339-70; Water lilies, p. 269-92. 

(see his Out-door papers, 1886) e 

Hii FTOCt%9\on of the flower$f 1896, contaius all except * Snow/ 

Hudson, W. H, Birds in a village. O. Phil. 1893. Lippincott 
$2.25. Dct. 

Collection of a^^reeable essays by a naturalist trained in wider and wilder 
fields. Both the science and the literature of the subject are at bis finger ends, 
and he has a plentiful store of facts of his own observation, and a bright and 
lively fancy.— CH«o, Nov. 1893, 23:287 

Jappy Alexander Hay. Hours in my garden and other nature 
sketches. 340 p. il. D. N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $1.75. 
Gossipy, written without mnch method but with an abundance of matter. It 
is a book to be taken up at odd moments and which need never be finished. — 
Critic, Nov. 1893, 23:340 

JefferieSi John Richard. Field and hedgerow; last essays. 331 p. 

O. N. Y. 1889. Longmans $1.25. e 

In it art found minuteness of observation, the temper of contemplation, and 
the old pagan sense of the joyousness of living. — Actid., Mar. 1889, 35:143 

Life of the fields. O. Lond. 1893. Chatto (Scribner) $1. 

Essays reprinted from tbe Times j Longman'' s magtusinej Graphic, Standard, 
Magazine of art, Gentleman^s magazine, St James gazette, National review, 
Manchester guardian and Pall Mall gazette. — Salt, II. S. Richard Jefferies, 1894. 
p. 123 

The richest and most picturesque of these essays are ' Bits of oak bark' and 
' The pageant of summer.*— ^/^., Sep. 1884, 84:337 

Nature near London. O. Lond. 1893. Chatto (Scribner) $1. 

Y. W. C. A. e 

Essays reprinted from the Standard. 

His report reads like a romance, so full of strange matter is it and so curiously 
at variance with tbe witness of eyes that have not learned to see. Reading so 
pleasant and suggestive is nowadays not often to be found. — Ath., May 1883, 

Open air. O. Lond. 1893. Chatto (Scribner) $1. Y. W. C. A. e 

Brimful of suggestion and observation and distinguished from beginning to end 
by the bealtliy tone and stimulus its title implies. — Sat. rev., Dec. 1885, 60:850 

Round about a great estate. O. Lond. 1880. Smith, Elder 

(Scribner) $2. Y. W. C. A. e 

When we accompany him in his ronnds, we feel that the lounging strolls 

become occasionally wearisome . . . yet when all has been said, we are happy 

to admit tbat we know no other writer on rural matters who could give us so 

small a volume with so many charms. — Sat, rev'., Aug. 1880, 50:277 

168 NSW yore: state libbabt 

Jefferies, John Richard. Story of my heart; my autobiography. 
I por. O. N. Y. 189 1. Longmans $1.25. Y. W. C. A. e 

The leading thoaght is the intenne and passionate yearning for what he calls 
* soul-life/ The passages in which he strives to express in words ideas only to 
be apprehended by the emotions are among the most moTing and impressive in 
recent literature. — 8alt, H. S, Bicliard Jefferies. 1894. p. 61, 94 

The book is a contribution to the ideal in life. His pages are full of beauty and 
alive with nature, the sea, the stars, and London. With him we feel the glow 
of the romance of the open air, the mystery of living things. — Acad., Nov. 
1883, 24:294 

Toilers of the field. 327 p. i por. O. N. Y. 1892. Longmans $2. 

B. P. e 

pt 1 consists of six early articles reprinted from FraBer'9 magazine and the 
TimeSy with a hitherto nnprinted essay, ^A true tale of the Wiltshire labourer* ; 
pt 2, of the five short papers that appeared in Longman^$ magasine, after JefTeries' 
death.— Salt, H. S. Richard Jefferiea. 1894. p. 124 

Wild-life in a southern county. O. Lond. 1889. Smith, Elder 

(Scribner) $2.40. Y. W. C. A. e 

In the closeness of observation that is born of the loving eye, in the power 
of giving a picture far beyond the efforU of the mere word painter, he is the equal 
of the Selborue rector, perhaps his superior. — Aih., Mar. 1879, 73:277 

Wood magic ; a fable. New ed. 379 p. pi. D. N. Y. 1893. 

Longmans $1.25. e 

Mr Je£feries has turned his knowledge of wild things and their ways to 
imaginative account and has made his animals actors in a drama which has the 
actual world of woods and meadows for its theater a n< I the facts of brute life 
for its incidents, and which is as circumstantial in mchoil and as naturalistic in 
effect as a chapter of Balzac. — Aih,, June 1881, 77:745 

Jenning^Si Louis John. Field paths and green lanes, being country 

walks chiefly in Sussex. 293 p. il. D. N. Y. 1878. Appleton 

$1.50. e 

He has walked about merely as a keen lover of nature with a passion for 

English scenery which he betrays in blithe appreciation of the simple and 

unobtrusive charms of wild flowers and singing birds. — Spec, Dec. 1877, v. 50, 

pt 2, p. 1583 

Rambles among the hills in the Peak of Derbyshire and the South 

Downs. O. Lond. 1880. Murray 12s. Det. 

He has the merit of not merely being able to use his eyes, but of telling what 
he sees in a readable and entertaining fashion. — Ath,, Jan. 1881, 77:88 

Karr, Jean Baptiste Alphonse. Tour round my garden; revised 
and ed. by J. G. Wood. O. Lond. 189 1. Routledge 3s. 6d. Wor. 

Delightful. . . The author was an ardent horticulturist and into his book he 
put his best.— Critic, Oct. 1890, 17:198 


Ke3rsery Leander S. In bird land. 269 p. D. Chic. 1894. McClurg 
$1.25. e 

Contenti : Wayside rambles ; Bird curios ; Winter frolics ; Febmary outings ; 
Arrival of the birds; Winged voyagers ; Plumage of young birds; Nest hunting ; 
Midsummer melodies ; Where birds roost ; Wood-pewee ; Pair of night hawks ; 
Birds' gala day; Rife with birds ; Various phases of bird life ; Secret of appre- 
ciation; Browsings in other fields; Bird anthology from Lowell; My bird list. 

Observations made in various haunts in and about Springfield, Ohio. — Annual 
Amer, cat 1894 

Kingsley, Charles. Prose idylls, new and old. Ed. 2. 318 p. O. 
N. Y. 1889. Macmillan $1.25. Mil. 

Contents: Charm of birds; Chalk stream studies; The fens; My winter 
garden ; From ocean to sea ; North Devon. 

Knighty Francis Arnold. By leafy ways : brief studies from the book 
of nature. 197 p. il. D. Bost. 1890. Roberts $1.50. Wor. 

In a volume of essays one would gladly find less erudition and fewer allusions, 
but it may be read with a good deal of pleasure. — Ath,j June 1889, 93:695 

He transmutes the spirit of the country into the language of the town in a way 
which appeals alike to the naturalist and to the mau of letters. — Acad,f May 
1889, 35:298 

By moorland and sea. 215 p. D. Bost. 1894. Roberts $1.50. e 

Delightful descriptions of the ways of birds and fishes, of squirrels and of 
beetles.—^*/*., Feb. 1894, 93:177 

We do not doubt his enthusiasm but we can only take it on faith ; he gives 
out none of it. The faults of the book are too few to condemn it as a whole. — 
CriHc, May 1894, 24:319 

Idylls of the field. 182 p. il. D. Bost. 1890. Roberts $1.50. 


It does not please the fancy or touch the heart, but strikes one as mechanical. 
^Ath.y Dec. 1889, 34:819 

A graceful diction and a nice appreciation of the atmospheric tone which 
makes a new picture of a familiar landscape with each varying hour, give finish 
to these brief essays. — Lit. world, Nov. 1890, 21:395 

Lang, Andrew. Angling sketches ; illustrated with etchings by W. S. 
Burn-Murdoch. 176 p. O, N. Y. 1891. Longmans $2.25. S. e 

There is no need to be a fisherman to enjoy this book. While the angler may 
note stores of piscatorial IcaruiDg, the ordinary reader finds pleasant banter and 
picturesque description. — Atli.j Jan. 1892, 99:109 

Leslie, George Dunlop. Letters to Marco. 260 p. il. D. N. Y. 1893. 
Macmillan $1.50. e 

His enthusiasm for seeing beauty in everyday life, his careful eye, his bon- 
homie, render this a charming volume. — Aoad,, Jan. 1894, 45:10 


LoomiSy Eben J. Wayside sketches. i88 p. S. Bost. 1894. Roberts 
$1. VVor. 

Mr Loomis has a fancy for wild life and wild flowers and has something to say 
of them, bat too often says it in a half-hearted way that rouses no enthusiasm. 
We read page after page without wishing we had been there at the time. — CritiCy 
May 1894, 24 : 319 

Save for a visit to the ruins of a family homestead in New England, confined 
to a comparatively small radius from Washington. The author is eminently 
successful in discovering the largeness that a large mind can always find in a 
circumscribed space. — XatioUf Feb. 1894, 59: 91 

Lowelly James Russell. Good word for winter, p. 23-53 ; My garden 
acquaintance, p. 1-22. (see his My study windows, 187 1) 
Also in bis Literary essays, 1890, v. 3. 

Moosehead journal, (see his Fireside travels, 1887) 

Also in his Literary essays, 1890, v. 3. 

LowndeSy G. R. Camping sketches, il. O. Lond. 1892. Bentley 
4s. 6d. S. 

Pleasantly told story of travels in Dorset, North Wales, Dartmoor and the 
Shetlands. Unfailing jollity is the keynote. — Acad., Jan. 1893, 43:33 

LummiSy Charles Fletcher. Tramp across the continent. 270 p. 
il. D. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1.25. e 

Experiences and impressions . . . The diary of a man who got outside the 
fences of civilization and was glad of it. It is a simple story of joy on legs. — 

Lunty Horace. Across lots. 253 p. D. Bost. 1889. Lothrop $1.25. 

B. P. e 

It takes us through the fields and swamps in the neighborhood of Boston. The 
author is a devoted ornithologist and zoologist and lie knows how to write agree- 
ably. His book, which is very attractively gotten up, would be the better if 
more carefully edited. — Critic, Ap. 1889, 14:181 

Short cuts and bypaths. 207 p. il. I). Bost. 1891. Lothrop 

$1.25. B. P. 

Reprinted in most part from the Christian union and the Independent. The 
writer is so imbueii with his own enthusiasm the r«'ader can scarcely help 
sharing it.— Li^ world, Nov. 1891, 22:402 

Mabie, Hamilton Wright. Under the trees and elsewhere. 198 p. 
D. N. Y. 1891. Dodd $1.25. e 

Ont-of-door diary of a city editor, who takes refuge in country lanes, along 
winding rivers, on hill-tops remote from men. His delightful sentences reflect 
all the benignities of green fields and reposeful nooks.— Criftc, June 1891, 18:307 


Marston, Edward. Amateur angler's days in Dove Dale. S. Lond. 
1884. Low IS. Clev. 

AmusiDg little book written with much brightuess and considerable literary 
skill. Displays a genuine love of nature and a commendable modesty. — Ath,, 
Oct. 1884, 84:495 

Days in clover; by the Amateur angler. 120 p. il. O. Lond. 1892. 

Low 2S. 6d. J. City 

His good humor, his geuuino delight in nature, are infections aud make his 
essays much more inviting than those of many more pretentious authors. — Ath., 
Nov. 1892, 100:663 

Fresh woods and pastures new. 136 p. S. Lond. 1888. Low is. 

Any one fond of country sights and sounds will find an hour pass most 
delightfully in turning over these pages, which show the author's bonhomie 
quite as much as his literary skill. — Ath.jOat. 1887, 90:436 

Merrianiy Florence A. Birds through an opera-glass. 223 p. il. S. 
Bost. 1889. Houghton 75c. e 

These delightful details of the appearance aud habits of over 70 American 
birds were gathered ... in the woods aud fields . . . either at Northampton, 
Mass. or at Locnst Grove, N. Y. Many of the articles were published in the 
Audubon magazine in 1886. — Annual Amer. cat. 1889 

Miller, Mrs Harriet (Mann). Bird lover in the West. 278 p. D. 
Bost. 1894. Houghton $1.25. e 

The author is enthusiastic and knows well whereof she speaks. She tells us 
precisely what we wish to know and skilfully avoids minor details. — Critic, May 
1894, 24:338 

Bird ways. 227 p. D. Bost. 1885. Houghton $1.25. e 

Observations of the ways and habits of a dozen or so of our common birds. — 
Sargent, J: F. Reading for the young. 1890. p. 20 

In nesting time. 275 p. D. Bost. 1888. Houghton $1.25. e 

Few, if any, of the observations are new, but they have that interest which 
attaches to all genuine studies from life. The personal peculiarities of the birds 
stand out in strong relief under the author's sympathetic pen. — Nation^ June 
1888, 46:516 

Little brothers of the air. 271 p. D. Bost. 1892. Houghton 

$1.25. e 

The home life aud family manners of birds of New England described in an 
entertaining way. The great charm of the book lies not in the facts observed, 
but in the interpretation put upon these facts. — Xationj May 1892, 54:403 

Miller, Olive Thorne, psetdd. see Miller^ Mrs Harriet (Mann). 


Milner, George. Country pleasures j the chronicle of a year chiefly 
in a garden. 347 p. D. N. Y. 1893. Longmans $1.25. e 

Records the impressions aud moods of his daily life with a chronicle of the 
weather, an account of the flowers in bloom, and incidents abont birds. Very 
pleasai;it reading.— Lif worlds Dec. 1881, 12:483 

Studies of nature on the coast of Arran. il. O, N, Y. Long- 
mans $2. VVor. 

A graceful purpose gracefully carried out. The author is eminently apprecia- 
tive of every beauty on the hillside, the tangle of wild flowers, and the quaint 
Scotch characters.— Jcad., Oct. 1894, 46:253 

Muir, John. Mountains of California. 381 p. il. D. N. Y. 1894. 
Century $1.50. e 

One of the best known of California naturalists . . . describes the wonders 
and beauties of the Sierra Nevada range with scientific accuracy and with warm 
appreciation of natural loveliness. — Annual Amer. cat. 1894 

Hit) own enthusiasm is contagious and electric. He seems to have become part 
of the hindscape itself, while yet maintaining his unique personality. Emerson 
considered Muir * more wonderful than Thoreau.' — Critic, Jan. 1895, 26:4 

On Surrey hills; by *A son of the marshes/ ed. by J. A. Owen. O. 
Lond. 1 89 1. Blackwood 6s. B. A. 

He is equally successful in observing and delineating nature; without any 
labored word-painting, a line or two of simple yet poetic description testify to 
his appreciation of rural beauty. There is throughout no striving after 
eloquence. Reprinted from Blackwood's magazine, — Ath., Nov. 1891, 98:620 

Owen, J. A. Forest, field and fell. O. Lond. 1893. Lawrence 

3s. 6d. 

Graphic descriptions of people and scenery, and excellent sketches on animal 
life. Absolutely free from a bingle jarring note. — Ath,, Jan. 1894, 103:111 

Panton, Mrs Jane Ellen. Bypaths and crossroads. O. Lond. 1889. 
Ward 6s. Det. 

These essays show a keen insight into nature, especially as seen in the snburbs 
of London. Here and there they are verbose, but the author^s appreciation and 
her powerful description of En(;lish scenery redeem the book from the charge of 
prolixity.— Jca^?., June 1890, 37:424 

Country sketches in black and white. O. Lond. 1882. Boyne 6s. 

Minute observation of natur*', close knowledge of animal habits and com- 
mand of picture8(iue and varied English. — Ath.^ Aug. 1882, 80:265 

Parkhurst, H. E. Birds' calendar. 351 p. il. D. N.Y. 1894. Scrib- 
ner $1.50. Cin. 

Describes with sympathy and enthusiasm the birds observed throughout the 
year in Central Park . . . The number and variety is surprising, and with this 
guide every bird of importance may be identified. 


Potts, William. From a New England hillside ; notes from Under- 
ledge. 305 p. T. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan 75c. e 

In a kind of rntiiiiDg diary he gives accounts of his walks, of bis meditations, 
of what be sees from bis windows and out-of-doors. The book is to be com- 
mended, among other things, becnnse of its sanity and its qniet wholesome 
spirit. Tbe style is direct, unpretentious and interesting. — OutJookf Mar. 1895, 

Prime, William C. Along New England roads. 200 p. D. N. Y. 
1892. Harper $1. 

Contents: Along New England roads; In southern Vermont; Village discus- 
sion; Uphill in fog; Sweet scented fern; Angler's August day; Views from a 
bill-top ; Highlands of western New Hanipshire ; Triumphant cliariot ; Dead 
letter ; Epitaphs and names ; Finding new country ; Boys with stand-up collars ; 
Pilgrimage end; Non-resistance; Songs of tbe ages ; Ignotus; Seeking a better 
country ; A winter night's errand ; Hints for carriage travel. 

Primeval forest. Trout stream, (see his Among the northern hills, 

1895. p. 1-23) 

Robbins, Mrs Mary Caroline. Rescue of an old place. 289 p. D. 

Bost. 1892. Houghton $1.25. Wor. 

Description of improvements mndc upon a neglected farm in Hiugliam, Mass. 
Chapters originally published in Garden and forest, — Annual Amer. cat, 1892 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Inland voyage. D. N. Y. 1896. Scrib- 

ner $1. e 

Canoe voyage through tbe canals of Belgium, on tbe Sambre and down tbe 
Oise. Tbere is little of incident and no elaborate description, but a sense of 
leisure and quiet enjoyment such as Stevenson is inimitable in suggesting. 

Travels with a donkey in the Cevennes. 209 p. pi. D. N. Y. 

1895. Scribner $1. e 

He has a pretty talent for catching tbe character of a scene and putting it 
into words, or for fixing tbe surroundings and sensations of a moment by a neat 
phrase and making them understood of others. — Atk.y June 1879, 109:818 

Walking tours, (see his Virginibus puerisque, 1893. p. 195-208) e 

Sylvester, Herbert Milton. Homestead highways. 302 p. D. Bost. 
1888. Ticknor (now Houghton) $1.50. Wor. 

Contents: Mute prophecy; Old-fashioned festival; Winter resort; Running 
water; Snug corner; Wayside watering-place ; Drop of rain. 

Prose pastorals. 292 p. D. Bost. 1887. Ticknor (now Houghton) 

$1.50. Clev. 

Contents: Outlooks; Old acquaintance ; Birds of a feather; Plain fare; After 
the cows; Lotus eater; Homely sounds; In the woods; Scare crows; Rainy 
days; Among the hills ; Mists; Blackberry vines. 


Thaxter, Mrs Celia (Laighton.) Island garden ; with pictures and 
illuminations by Childe Hassam. 126 p. O. Bost. 1894. Houghton 
$4. e 

CoDtaiDS practical iuformation as to how she made her marvelous garden iu 
the Isles of Shoals, and yet is charmingly permeated by the poetry of the flowers, 
tbe islands and good literature. — Annual Atmt, cat, 1894 

ThomaSy Edith Matilda. Round year. 296 p. D. Bost. 1886. 
Houghton $1.25. C 

Tbongl) this is a poet's rather than a naturalist's book, fuller of deft fantasy 
than of ornithology, and dropping more easily into a moral homily or a rustic 
characterization tban into forest lore, it is a studious and, in a literary way, 
a painstaking volume of observations of natural snrn»utidings and is besides a 
near and neighborly view of a new region, the southern shore of Lake Erie. — 
Nation, Oct. 1886, 43:317 

Thompson, Maurice. Byways and bird-notes. 179 p. D. N. Y. 1888. 
Alden 60c. Wor. e 

Contents: In the haunts of the mocking bird; Hed-beaded family; Tangle- 
leaf papers; Threshold of the gods; Some minor song-birds; Browsing and 
nibbling ; Out-door influence in literature ; Fortnight in a palace of reeds ; 
Cuckoo notes ; Birds of the rocks. 

ThoreaUy Henry David, Autumn ; from the journal of . . . Thoreau, 

ed. by H. G. O. Blake. 470 p. D. Bost. 1893. Houghton $1.50. 

B. P. e 

Cape Cod. D, Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.50. e 

His mental processes impress one with a certain tenacity which extracts 
nutriment from the most barren soil, and tliough his books on softer aspects of 
nature may have a mellower charm, there is none iu which the very absence of 
mellowness can so well pass for an added merit. — Atl,f Mar. 1865, 15:381 

Early spring in Massachusetts ; from the journal of . . . Thoreau. 

323 p. D. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.50. e 

Selections from notes made in February, March and A^iril, 1838-61. 

Excursions in field and forest. 319 p. D. Bost. 1891. Houghton 

$1.50. e 

Contents : Biographical sketch ; Natural bistory of Massachusetts ; Walk to 
Wachusett; The landlord ; Winter walk ; Succession of forest trees ; Walking; 
Autumnal tints; Wild apples; Night and moonligbt. 

Maine woods. 328 p. D. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.50. e 

Contains the fullest record of his studies of the American indian. — Sanborn 


ThoreaUy Henry David. Summer; from the journal of . . . Thoreau, 
ed. by H. G. O. Blake. 382 p. D. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.50. e 

He lies prouo apon the earthi so to speak, to catcb the faintest signs and motions 
of tbe life of nature. Nothing escapes his sense of sight, nothing eludes his 
sense of hearing. — Lit worldj July 1884, 15:223 

Walden; or, Life in the woods. 522 p. O. Bost. 1894. Hough- 
ton $1.50. e 

Of his books, Walden will probably be permanently reckoned as the best, as 
being the most full and deliberate exhibition of the author's mind and as 
extracting the most from the least material. — Atl,, Sep. 1864, 14:387 

Week on the Concord and Merrimac rivers. 531 p. O. Bost. 1894. 

Houghton $1.50. e 

His noblest work. — /?. W, Emenon 

Winter ; from the journal of . . . Thoreau, ed. by H. G. O. Blakei 

439 p. D. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.50. e 

Selections from notes made in December, January and February, 1851-60. 

Torrey, Bradford. Birds in the bush. 300 p. Bost. 1891. Houghton 
$1.25. e 

Studies of New England birds ; literary and untcchnical but not nnsoientific. 
— X, Y, state traveling lib. finding list 5 

Florida sketch book. 242 p. D. Bost. 1894. Houghton $1.25. 

Contents: In the flat woods; Beside the marsh; On the beach of Daytona; 
Along the Hillsborough; Morning at the old sugar mill; On the upper 
St John's ; On the St Augustine road ; Ornithology on a cotton plantation ; 
A Florida shrine; Walks about Tallahassee. 

Foot-path way. 245 p. D. Bost. 1892. Houghton $1.25. e 

Contents: June in Franconia ; December out-of-doors; Dyer^s hollow; Robin 
roosts ; Passing of the birds ; Great blue heron ; Five days on Mount Mansfield ; 
Widow and twins; Male ruby throat; Flowers and folks; In praise of the 
Weymouth piue. 

Ramblers lease. 212 p. D. Bost. 1890. Houghton $1.25. e 

Author shares with reader, generously and with charming grace, his possessions 
and friendships * in other men's woods.' — K. Y. state trareling lib. finding list 8 

Trevor-Battye, Arthur, see Battye, Arthur Trevor-. 

Tuckwell, W. Tongues in trees and sermons in stones, il. sq. D. 
N. Y. 1 89 1. Scribncr $2. 

There is nothing particularly now in the book but a good deal of interesting 
old material Is pleasantly worked up, and it will bo welcomed by all lovers of 
flowers.— J <^., Ap. 1891, 97:498 


Tuckwell, W. My summer in a garden. 194 p. S. Best. 1885. 
Houghton $1. e 

An attempt to tell the tnith about one of the most fascinating occupations In 
the world. — C: D. Warner 

WatkinSy Morgan George. In the country, essays. 229 p. D. 
Lond. 1883. Satchell 4s. 6d. e 

Reprinted from Gentteman'St Carnhill and Fra»er*8 magasinea. 

Contents : Devon lanes and their associations ; At the seaside ; Amongst the 

heather; Up Glen Roy; Sunshine at Land's end; Into ballad land; On Ottery 

East Hill ; In Assynt ; British birds and bird levers; From the heart of the wolds ; 

Amongst the sea-birds. 
The writer possesses a keen love of country sights and sounds; he is an 

enthusiastic trout fisher; he has a 00ns ider able knowledge of birds and some 

botanical lore.— ^tA., Sep. 1883, 82:303 

Walton, Izaaky & Cotton, Charles. Complete angler; with an 
introduction by J. R. Lowell. 2v. D. Bost. 1892. Little $3. e 

He leads us through English meadows, by the side of English streams, and is 
as artless, as charming, and as true to nature as are the simple pastoral scenes 
which he describes and from which he drew his inspirations ... It would 
sweeten a man's temper at any time to read it. — Open shelf, 1:264-65 

Warner, Charles Dudley. In the wilderness. 226 p. S. Bost. 1886. 
Houghton $1. e 

Contents : In the wilderness ; Lost in the woods ; Fight with a trout ; A-hunt- 
ing of the deer; How I killed a bear; A character study; Camping out ; How 
spring came in New England. 

Watson, John. Nature and woodcraft, il. O. Lond. 1890. W, 

Smith 5s. Det. 

Boundless enthusiasm for the lower animals, a happy knack of observing minor 
traits and literary skill in describing them. Contains much good work that will 
outweigh a few contested points. — Acad.j June 1890, 37:423 

White, Gilbert. Natural history and antiquities of Selbome. D. 

N. Y. 1891. Macmillan $1.75. 

The pastoral quiet and sweetness and harmony of the English landscape per* 
vades the book with just that tinge of reminiscence, that flavor of human 
sympathy and human absorption that English fields suggest. — Burroughs, John. 
Indoor studies. 1889. p. 164 

Whiting, Charles Goodrich. The saunterer. 302 p. il. S. Bost. 
1886. Ticknor (now Houghton) $1.25. 

Reprinted from the Sunday edition of the Springfield republican, 1878-81. Fol- 
lows in desultory fashion the course of the New England year. Full of keen 
observation and an ardent love of nature. — Annual Amer, oat. 1886 


Williams, Mrs Martha McCuUoch. Field farings; a vagrant 
chronicle of earth and sky. 242 p. D. N. Y. 1892. Harper $i. e 

Over 30 abort essays discoarslDg in most attractive manner of the pleasant 
features of out-door life during every day of the year. — AnnwjLl Amer. cat. 1892 

Winthropy Theodore, Life in the open air and other papers. 374 p. 
S. N. Y. 1871. Holt $1.25. Won e 

Contents: Life in the open air; Katahdin and the Penobscot; Love and 
skates ; New York 7th regiment ; Our march to Washington ; Washington as a 
camp ; Fortress Monroe ; Brigbtty's orphan ; Heart of the Andes. 

With the woodlanders and by the tide ; by ' A son of the marshes,' ed. 
by J. A. Owen. O. Lond* 1894. Blackwood 3s. 6d. 

This book is less striking than the former ones, less careful in form, and tbe 
repetitions are more numerous . . . We have nevertheless enjoyed every page, 
long-winded rostio anecdotes, anathemas against radical reformers, poaching 
adventures, bird and flower lore, and everything else. — Bookman (Eng.) Deo. 
1893, 5:90 

Within an hour of London town, among wild birds and their haunts ; 

by 'A son of the marshes; ' ed. by J. A. Owen. O. Lond. 1892. 

Blackwood 6s. B. P. 

Vivid as well as accurate descriptions of scenery and animal life . . . Tbere 
are signs that his original material is becoming exhausted. — Ath,, Aug. 1892, 

Wordsworth, Dorothy. Recollections of a tour made in Scotland in 
1803, with William Wordsworth and Samuel T. Coleridge; ed. by 
J. C. Shairp. D. N. Y. 1874. Putnam $2.50. Wor. 

Not intended for publication. Simple unadorned description of her adventures 
and observations during a six weeks ramble. The quiet grace, poetic eye, 
sbrewd humor, and wonderful good sense take expression in the writer's 
unstudied jottings. — Ath., July 1874, 64:41 

Wright, Mabel Osgood. Friendship of nature; a New England 

chronicle of birds and flowers. 238 p, i pi. T. N. Y. 1894. 

Macmillan 75c. e 

It is a really delightful study of nature, literary rather than scientific, but 
still careful in matters of fact. The book throughout is free from sentimental 
afiectntion.— ^cod., Sep. 1894, 46:210 

Yonge, Charlotte Mary. Old woman's outlook in a Hampshire 
village. O. N. V. 1892. Macmillan $1. B. P. 

Delightful comment on points of botany, natural history and folk-lore. Tbe 
largest share of her attention has been directed to the plants both of field and 
garden ; what she has to say about them is full of instruction and of charm. — 
Ath,, Mar. 1893, 101:309 

New York State Libraty 


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IiiioUm. wl,i.'li t\v in<r;ir.r will iiictiid.' in ilx nntiiial 

Lifll »rii<]i1irii>ii<i irsri'iit liiv 

Inw liil>lii.;rriiit1iyi lOnMnly 
iil|ihiibi-iii- HiiUjpi't inJi-ii 

•■ }llillfll K|M'. 
isSiKliill- iMH'.k-l./tllJi 

iho iiiiiiiy thoLisaiii] s.ibji'.t li.'ii'l> of rlii', .■l'i-si(i.i,.ii..Ti. 
^Addirioijs no. a. Siibjci-t index ..i' law additio:is, IJjui. ISftS-IU 

Dfi'. i8y:;. ai>.i|.. i»:f4. J'nr.-\\:,<-,,.i^. 

Oiivi'i's IIIHH) vi>liiiiif» mill llOU tHLiiiiililH,-*, Lii[.'tiii]i:iti 1 ..-I'uruiK'iv U, li'iiilitii: 
tin- siilijeoli whlgi. tli.-y s;M>ci:illy itlustnitv. 
•*Ad(liiioiis 11(1- :i. (ioiii'i-jl lil.r.icy. i^y^y. S,]it. 1S!4. I'i-'"-e 

S<'i. ii..!.- i.iA.|.litii>ii.sni.. I. 
*<\d<liii.iT.s 11.1. 4. Medici.1 lllirarv I'^IT.. \:'.)1\>. Sept. ISSKJ. 

•'I.Cjri--Iiili"ii. (.'(.iliijianilivo .-lEminarv arul indiw i>f Icj^islatioii liv 
state-i. ISi'.til to .late. 
A Miiunli-K- •'lii-i.-.ilii'il ;iniiu»l stn>ii>i:irv •'!' ii-w l.nv. pus.i'.l h\ :ill Ilio -UiX-t. M. 
itiwc.l liv :i r>ill iil]>lutl»;l' - ii>ilr\<if M].<'.:iMr t..i>irs.^li |>riiLlfl r-|>f'i:illy 
tr. c>i]il>)<- Now V«iU ]<-uM;iii>T» ti> M\\\7v « illi n K.iniiiiiiru i.f hil».r tin- f\\>«n. 
cm-.- i>f i.tlivr xr.-ir.'-. It Kki'.-onvm' v.i!iHllv<i«'fiil tioUl IruiHl^uursiin.) sti..lviiu 
•ir<'«iu|>:il'ntiii- IriiMatiuii i-Isr»'1>i-i<'. fn I'l.iiUIr Ilu' i'Mii.-.iih,-r l.> .ti-r^nnliit) 
wlitrh lan-H hi- iiw-ilr. tii ln«k ii|<. I'litli ■* h\u-\\y Minima. ri/.r.l iiikIi'V its s)HM'ilii; 
limcl. aiiit circiii-M.c'Ily. ii&iial].\ l-.v Klatf, cliniilir, iiiiiiiIh-v, niiil ilulr ni'ii|i{>i<>viil. 
No. 1. Rip. aiKl no. 'J. U!].. «, v-mi "hi-Ii. 
N».S.n4|i ; on. 4, l.-'^li. aiidiiii M-^li U'li-nl:! Pu.-h,':p. 3.-. viiiH. No. .'. IJ li.. \:>x:.ta3. Nii.'.i. -r^lp. H.'. l-.>iiIm, 

v' !.*}(! slat ion no. s {Spvial \. State liiiaiU'O wtatir-tivn, W.'U and 

^jfiijlation no. s {Suf-utl \. State liiiuiu-c 
iSSlS. 57|.. March IStHT. J'ri'-f Jn ,-ci,tA. 

"'J/.'flislation in». 11. Coiniiarativc i^iiiiiitiarv and index . . . 1897. 
SSJp. Fl'I.. l^StS. /V/(.v •>.:, ceiU». 

•^jliniry aOioo! no. 1. Handbook 18t>l-S)2. Ti'p. Aug. IS91, 
Out o/jtrinL 

no, 2, Library school rcffister, 1SST-U6. 40i>. Jan. 1S9S. 

Pi-ice 5 rgntg. 

p„hi:-> i;i.,-,,r:.^ „.<. i. fjutietlM of Now York librariw. BSp. 

' ■ tif print. 
Ti ' ilinii otii'ila ft>y[*m nt tfaH l>allrtiit tax emuiJriliis wia, 

< 111 ttiu latMt ■intldlra In tiuliBiiKK for Dn|iltt »t ibu llnl 

r iw. li. bmiiiiliPit of New York lil>r(iri«i for 1S9S. SOp. i 

Jddb IS94. PrUf 10 oc«t«. 
-•' no. 3. Staljetiw of Kew VorJc liljriirice Tor 189-k lOOp. 

June 189.1. /W«- lO i-mftr. 
no. 4. (Kxtuntion UuHetiii 16) Rcjiort of public litmrEes for 

Ugs and SiatuHco of Huv York Ubrarim. Oct. 1«9Q. ie4p. 

Pficf' 15 (™/«. 
Dii. S. (Extinteiiiii liuUutiii IS) iJlitarf of 500 buuks and 35 

periodiual> relucted . , . for tlie StuUi mwiuia'juii in Juiumv for 

ii.«c in tln> New Yofk itate hoipicaU. fiSp. SUrcli 1BJI7. Prit* 

6 (r^«/«, 
•^ lie. <!. (Exteiieion ImUetin :^fl) lEcport of public libturies for 

laiMl dud StutiHtira of New York Ilbniriis. 17]p. .Tunf }^^*' 

BniUoicrapliv on. 1. Qnldo to itte atiidv of J. A. &L Wlii : 
lap. itay l^BS. i'r«v ft «•«/«. " > ■ '- 

r' uu. !£'4. Ki-jidbi); linu: (.V^loiiial Nov KngUnd ; 1'nftil iu 

Nortll Alimriea ; Bii.mrj of llie 17tb ueatorjr. 7"p. Jliljf 181*7- 

v^ no. 5. l.wt of irftjnBiiw ImvjIiii for mw of cii(*lo/riww lit Now 

Yiitk «tJiU' librarv. 2ip. Jnn. tJ-BS. /*rl'<v 6 •*»;*, 

►■' iio. «-*. ReadiiiL' lisbi; Jiipiui; Vwiicc; OiK-of-door booki. 

tti[K Fl'Ii. ISft^. /V/itv- 10 m»L». 

.-, no. 0-1 1. RcndiiifrliBU: illrtorv of tb« lattw bull of thu 

Ifttb prnrnry : Iti-TmlntoUMiWr. ; The SotborUnd*. ./«/w«w^ " •' 

Ubrary catalogues. UeuL'nil librwj; muliors witb BobioctiDdw-v^-i 

lii-(-s-^HS7p. *J. All«nvdS40. /Vi* *1 ; A.i(/" jnf.r««>. 
Qctivnii libritrv; aiilliur*, with sulijc^'t iodss; mippiemeiit. llt+8-4- 
1<i.s4p. y.' AlUnj- l«61. /V*« 81; /«//" muffloew. 
^•Oouoral Ubiwy: lubjocf itidex. 17+66lp. Q. Albwiy 18?fl, 

/*rw. $I.M>; half m«ro*.>. 
-- Gouvnl Hbrni-v: Hiibje<-tiup|ite(nuut. 7-f414p. Q. ATban^tSSa, 

■^ Oouenil library; tiiap»,iiianw»cri|jt»i,ijuffr*vinH*,wJ'i«»'»tc 19-f«74(v, 
<i. Albany 1S57. ^nw $1; half m.wvweo. 
QcDonil library; bibUo^pby, tyt^if^pliy vud vngnivriij;. 148p, 

tj. AlUny 13S^. /*Ww*l; hijlf mttrftcai. 
lttW»bniry;'(i«[!ioti. ia+4fl2p. Q. An»tiy IWfl. i*nw *!;■ 

Law library; kaUior's HappIouiBUt, IBOp. (^ Aibtoy IStffi.. 

Ittwlibn-q; Bnbject index. S+S-ilii. Q. A»«i)y 1»S3. 
1^ ; Ai(//" wtwwmw. 

UoWenity of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


April 1898 



15tll CENTURY 


New York SUte Library Scfaool 

TbaNotbtrUoili .1,,: 

IlUlory 1S9 

Docriulioo Mill tniTc) lUA 

Art 198 

Flcdmi m6 

Rttwliuaec an of ibe 15U1 and 
lAtta centnrlei 
CbmmI odi)bi« ar UicrwiniMBiife. 3tt 

bitruiluadfy lM>a|u »& 

Ocnaral wwli* 318- 

CoIUvD'n bioiinpliy 




Hittofj of Istler hwit ot 15th I 
ObiIIbc ai poUllol Uitnrr,. . . u . . 
E*roL>e ,..i 



' TUdK 

Price 15 cent* 

University of the State of New York 


1874 Anson Jui»D Uison, D. J)., LL. i),, [,. Ji. D.^ 

Chancciior, (liens Falls 

1892 WjLLIAM CkOrWLLL D.-ANK, 1). IJ., 1. 1.. ]>., 

Vi^t-ChauceiLr^ All^any 

1873 Makiin I. 'ro\VN:5ENn, M. A., LL. D. - - 'IVoy 

1877 CuALNCEV :\1. l):.i'i w, IJ.. i). - _ _ - New York 

1877 CiiAi-.i.iis \L. iMivii. l.L. IJ., M. A., L. H. D. - Rochebter 

1877 Okuis H. W'AKKtN, I). !;.-_- . - Syracuse 

1878 WiiijiLAW Rr.ii.. I.J,.]). - - _ - New York 
i88i Vv'n.i.!A;.i II. Wm.^on, M. A., M. 1). _ - - I'tica 
1881 Hknry h. 1 iKNi k ----- Lowville 
1883 Si Ci.AiK .M..Ki.i.\VA\, l.L. I)., L.II.l)., D.C.L. - - i.n.oklyii 
1885 li'.AN!ii.r.»N H.\iLi.i>. Til. 1)., LL. 1). - - - All>:«ny 
iS8s Damfi. r.iAr'i. i'h. i)., l.L. I). - - - - W.tkins 
1883 C'AKKtH I. r. ^^!! I H, LL. 1). - - _ - Syracuse 
1890 i L.'N'V 'J\ Si:\ i.iN, LL. 1>. ----- l':,:niyra 
1890 r rii::!.r.»!i:' >-.ii 1 1:, M..\. ,(..'. L. - - IniiValo 
189.5 Li '.vi.-^ A. Sn.i.- N, :; A.. a1. 1). - - - - Xov York 
1 89 \ I o ; I v 1 ' A T. •„ i-. !• . ^'. •« ■xv\ \\\ • ! : Stii tc . ^ v t f/'c't'. > 

iSoj Svi.V! >ThK *NL\T.. iM. ------ ]Jn)(.kiyn 

1895 .\i.!.i Ki \ .\r\ y\\ Vm.!<, ^L I)., i'h. I;. - _ All i«ny 
1895 C'lAKirs !\. S:;;n.vm'. Li*. 1)., 

S:|..jr!pi«:h!c-5t of I'liMic Jiisliuriiou, ^a vlflcio 
i8g6 I'RANK S. Hi.Ai K. !•. A., ti«»v''inor. ^-v <»'-/.v/f» 

1S96 TfMOiiu L. \\"««(...KrKi , .\L .\., Luniiersrsiit-Govcrnor, ^.\ oifcio 

1897 *. "msri K S. L.«i::\ aL A. - - - - I'ronklyn 

I S8S 

:- l-CF<l£TA Ix'Y 

>Ji I vii DiA^ I \, M. A 

New Ycrk :itai;e Libra? y biblio;^raphy bulletins 

J>{l..l:s»j;«:,::;y II'.'. 1. (l..Mf •» iho sUi-ly <»t' J. A. M. Wliistlcr. i2p. 

no. z 4. i\c-'..ii. .: :'st< : ('•I'-nioi New Kn:;lii.«l; Travel in 

No't.i .\tju-ii I 1 o\ X'-.v." i7tli tcniury. 77P. July 1897. 

• :i". :;. ].:• : ..»! rt-i rc!i« 1 ••)(."!- v-^x imc < f ( ;iuuO'..'U'r.> in New York 
^ .il:: "il-r.i ••. •;:■. !,!:•. I'-^.j'^. /•//• \rr\U. 
\V' fi '■ . •< .1:-, Iim-. : }::; : '.'(•iji^;: ( > ;!'-f- :«M»r h«»oks. 

^ «•• i «•:•. :o .>'. ■••. ■ 10 ci''//y. 


- - I;.i. .'i I 1. I L 

• ' .1 


.'I.v:«:*;; i<or..'.i •^^•.■.l:(.•• ri <t' the 


« 1 » 

si., i ••'. '.• ':■•;' 

■•• ni«»ii-i»i.'* ••' .Hi lil,' ir\i 

;•«.! lit. ( 

•' 't :■.'. 'lis ;js .1 iJ-'-:*j:.r .•: \ : . ' .*i'r.. s :i« t nol 

#•*•.■ ■• T* i*:r* r» _ 1 'I* ••V'S! 

« ! »i..y '' • •-. 'i'r ''. ■' '' ;. . ■ . im .-.. -n. 

I'*.: 'I'lTi ■•■ r ]!:••-.. «i'- ■• ti ';!■-•.■;. .>.-, t« '' Is fi v. iiMii l'i!-'.ii.i;i.i;'l;ii-s or 

• • • • 

-e ili':.: l;sT'» .^.r-:* - c i i'\\ 1 e^c' •', -I'-d <.. ir.tii; ';;i(-:i-v » I av.i'Uir^ic nuitL-rial 
.ire invited. 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


April 1898 



Elisabeth Gertrude Thome 

CLASS or 1897 


New York State Library School 


Preface 185 

AbbreTifttions 186 

Principal bibliographic aids con- 
sulted 187 

History 189 

Outline 189 

General histories 190 

History of special periods 191 

Biography 192 

Description and travel 194 


Art 198 

neniish artists 198 

Dutch artists 199 

Painting 201 

General histories 201 

The three leading artists: van 
Dy ok, Rembrand t, Rubens . . 204 

Architecture 205 

Fiction 206 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 

Bibliography no. 9 April 1898 



The list of books submitted aims to cover the most desirable modern 
works along the popular lines of history, description and art. The list is 
intended for the reader who wishes general information on Holland, 
rather than for the student who desires to specialize. The latter will 
study his history by period rather than by country and will therefore 
largely use parts of works, which, from a preponderance of other matter 
contained in them, have no place in such a list as this. 

In the department of history much additional matter bearing on 
the subject may be found in the lives of military commanders, lives of 
sovereigns of Spain, France, Austria, of the dukes of Burgundy and in 
the history of those periods in which England either opposed or aided 
Holland. Symond's Sir Philip Sydney \ Gothe' s £gmort/ ; Kirk's Charles 
the Bold and Stirling-Maxwell's Don John of Austria are types of 
these — a class which has been omitted as bearing only indirectly on 
the subject. The historical works of Juste, the great Belgian historian, 
are excellent, though they suffer from being a little out of date and some 
of the best of them have not been translated. They will be of more 
interest to the student than to the general reader. Schiller's Revolt of the 
Neilierlands and his History of the jo years' war have been omitted as 
being of literary rather than historical value. 

Only enough has been included on the reformation to suggest that its 
history is closely interwoven with that of the land where it found such 
hospitable shelter and stimulus and the country which produced one of 
its greatest leaders, Erasmus. Bacon's Genesis of New England 
churches y Neale's History of the so called Jansenist church of Holland, 
D'Aubigne's History of the reformation and a host of others treat of the 
religious history of the country. 


Holland in proportion to her size has contributed very many of the 
world's great lights in science and useful arts, as well as in the fine arts, 
for which she is so famous. Gutenberg, the father of printing, Linnaeus, 
the botanist, Spinoza, the philosopher, are names which testify to her 
diversified alertness and progress. Bibliographic notes at the end of 
cyclopedic articles will furnish the reader references to these men. 

In the field of travel and description there are many works written at 
the beginning of this century or during the closing years of the i8th, 
which are in the form of journals or letters, stilted in style, and whose 
place has been superseded by later volumes more readable in text and 
supplied with interesting illustrations. 

On the art side it has been found impossible to treat minor artists 
individually. After one passes the greatest three, Rembrandt, Rubens 
and van Dyck, it is useless to draw the line among the others except in 
a list devoted exclusively to art. Readers wishing material on any 
special artist should consult the general histories of art. Farrar's Art 
topics and Abbott's Outlines furnish exact page references to the most 
important artists. Valuable additional matter may be found in the files 
of the Portfolio^ Magazine of art and other art periodicals. 

Except in rare cases, juveniles will not be found in this list. 


Abbreviations following the main entry refer to the libraries in which 
the book was consulted or the sources from which the entry was taken. 
Call numbers are given for all books in the New York state library, even 
though the edition differs from that described in the list. Books in the 
public libraries division have no book number. 

Books marked e have been personally examined ; while e indicates that 
the edition examined is not the same as the one entered on the list. 

Periodicals have not been indexed. Poole's Index to periodical litera- 
ture and the Cumulative index will furnish references to such material as 
the magazines may contain. 

The references following the note are intended as an index to more 
extended reviews and notices which do not necessarily agree with the 
compiler's estimates. Volume and page numbers are separated by a 
colon; e. g. 3:145 means vol. 3, p. 145. When page citations do not 
refer to the edition described, the edition to which they do refer is indi- 
cated in a note. 


The list following contains the principal abbreviations used. Other 
abbreviations are self-explanatory. 

Adams Adams. Manual of historical literature 

As. Astor library 

Buf. Buffalo library 

Col. Columbia university 

Goodyear Goodyear. Extension syllabus 

Mil. Milwaukee public library 
N. Y. cath. New York cathedral library 

Ost. Osterhout free library, Wilkes- Barre (Pa.) 

Prov. Providence public library 

S. & W. Sargant & Whishaw. Guide book to books 

Son. Sonnenschein. Best books 

Son. R. Sonnenschein. Reader's guide 

Sturgis Sturgis. Bibliography of fine art 

Vassar Vassar college library 


Abbott, J. L. Outlines for the study of art. 1891 

Acland, A. H. I). Guide to the choice of books, 1891 

Allen, W: F. History topics. 1890 

Adams, C: K. Manual of historical literature. 1891 

American catalogue 

American library association. Catalog of *A. L. A.' library. 1893 

Supplement. 1896 

Annual American catalogue. 1896-datc 

Astor Hbrary. Catalogue. 1886-88 


Boston athenaeum. Catalogue. 1874-82 

Boston public library. Chronological index to historical fiction. 1875 

Bowerman, G: F. Index of subject bibliographies. 1897 

Buffalo library. Finding list. 1885-96 

Cambridge university local lectures. Syllabuses 

Carnegie library of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Bulletin. 1896-date 

Chicago public library. Finding lists. 1890-95 

Cincinnati public library. Finding list. 1882-84 

Cleveland public library. Alphabetic catalogue. 1889 

Columbia university. Card catalogue 

Detroit public library. General catalogue. 1889 

ist supplement. 1894 

English catalogue 


Farrar, C: S: Art topics. 1890 

Gayley, C: M. & Scott, F. N. Guide to the literature of aesthetics. 

Goodyear, W: H: Extension syllabus no. 61. 1896 
Haferkorn, H: E. & Heise, P. E. A. Handy lists of technical litera- 
ture, pt 6-7. 1893 
Larned, J. N. History for ready reference. 1894-95 
Leonard, G. F. Reference list on the history of the 17th century. 

Leypoldt, Mrs A, H. & lies, George. List of books for girls and 

women and their clubs. 1895 
Matson, Henry. References for literary workers. 1892 
Milwaukee (Wis.) ladies art and science class. Catalogue. 1890 
Milwaukee public library. Systematic catalogue. 1885-86 
New Haven free public library. Finding lists 
New York state extension dep't. Syllabuses 
New York free circulating library. Class list of history, biography 

and travel. 1892 
New York state library. Subject card catalogue 
New York state public libraries division. Traveling library finding 

New York state study club division. Study club lists 
Newark (N. J.) free public library. Finding list. 1889 

ist supplement. 1893 

Omaha public library. Finding list. 1889 

Supplement. 1889-90 

Osterhout free library, Wilkes-Barre (Pa.). Class catalogue. 1889 

I St supplement. 1895 

Oxford university extension lectures. Syllabuses 

Peabody institute, Baltimore. Catalogue. 1883-92 

Pond, N. M. Reference list on the art of the 17th century. 1896 

Providence public library. Monthly reference lists. 1881-84, 1895- 

Publishers' catalogues 
Publishers' trade-list annual. 1896 
Publishers' weekly 

Reference catalogue of current literature 
Salem public library. Bulletin. 1 891 -date 
Sargant, E. B. & Whishaw, Bernhard. Guide book to books. 1897 


Sargent, J: F. Reading for the young. 1890 

Supplement. 1896 

Sonnenschcin, W: S. Best books. 1891 

Reader's guide. 1895 

Statesman's year-book. 1897 

Stiirgis, Russell, & Krehbiel, H: E: Annotated bibliography of fine 

art. 1897 
Van Dyke, J: C: Text-book of the history of painting. 1894 
Vassar college library. Card catalogue 


Caesar's invasion and occupation by the Romans, 50 B. C. 
Withdrawal of the Romans, 5th cent. A. D. 
Empire of Charles the Great, 800 
Period of the crusades, 1096-1270 
Provinces fall under control of: 

1 Dukes of Burgundy 

Philip the Bold, 1 363-1404 

John the Fearless, 1404-19 

Philip the Good, 1419-67 

Charles the Bold, 1467-77 

Mary of Burgundy, married Maximilian, archduke of Austria, 

1477, died 1482 
Philip the Handsome, married Joanna, daughter of Ferdinand of 

Aragon and Isabella of Castile, 1496, died 1506 

2 House of Spain 

Charles 5, emperor, 1506-55 
Philip 2, 1555-98 
War of liberation, 1 568-1 648 

Oppression by Spain under rule of Margaret of Parma as regent 
Duke Alva sent with Spanish forces to the Netherlands, 1567 
Execution of Egmont and Hoorn, 1568 
Confiscation of estates and spread of the insurrection 
William of Orange takes the helm, 1572 
Recall of Alva, 1573 


War of liberation, continued 
Pacification of Ghent, 1576 

Treaty between the provinces all uniting to drive out Spain. Gov- 
ernorship of Don John of Austria 
Union of Utrecht, 1579 
Seven northern provinces declare their independence from Spain, 
and William of Orange is made hereditary stadtholder, 1581 
Philip 3, 1 598-1 62 1 

12 years truce, 1609-21 
Philip 4, 1621-55 
War resumed 
Recognition of independence from Spain of the united provinces by 
the peace of Westphalia, 1 648 
Age of prosperity, 1648-1795 
French domination, 1 795-1 81 5 
Formation of the kingdom of the Netherlands, 1815 
Revolt of Belgium, 1830 


Campbell, Douglas. The puritan in England, Holland and Amer- 
ica. Ed. 4 enl. 2v. O. N. Y. 1893. Harper $5. 973.2 C15 e 

Refates the old theory that American institutioDS are chiefly traceable to 
English example. Written to prove that the political debt of America to the 
Netherlands is greater than to any other country. While this idea is by no 
means copyrighted, Mr Campbell has treated the subject in a diligent, scholarly 
and critical way, massing his facts and authorities with convincing force. 

Reviewed in CHiic, Sep. 1892, 21 : 146 

DavieSy Charles Maurice. History of Holland from the beginning 
of the loth century to the end of the i8th. New ed. 3V. O. 
Lond. 185 1. Willis i8s. 949*2 D28 e 

Treats quite fully political, social and religious affairs and as a continuoua 
history has a certain value. It remains one of the Htandard histories of Holland 
tboiigh its use has been Homewbut superseded by Motley. Footnotes give full 
references to authorities which the author has used. 

Noticed in Adams p. 447 

Grattan, Thomas CoUey. History of the Netherlands. New cd. 
300 p. nar. D. N. Y. 1830. Harper $1. o, p. 949.2 G77 / 

Valuable little book as a compendium of the history of the Netherlands from 
the time of Caesar, 50 B. C. down to the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Asa-bird's- 
eye view of the whole history of the country this is excellent and one of the 
best in English. Written in an attractive, spirited style it makes a very satis- 
factory brief history. 

Noticed in Adams p. 449 


GrifiiSy William Elliot. Brave little Holland and what she taught us. 
252 p. il. D. Bost. 1894. Houghton $1.25. Cap949.2 G87 e 

Traces the development of the Netherlands and shows its inflaence on America. 
Mr Griffis takes the point of view of Mr Campbell and tells the story in an 
enthusiastic, simple, graphic manner for yonng people. 

Reviewed in Dialy Aug. 1894, 17: 61 ; Literary world, Ap. 1894, 25 : 122 

Rogers, James Edwin Thorold. Holland. 388 p. il. D. N. Y. 
1892. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 9492 e 

Oatlines history from the earliest time to 1813 when the country threw off 
French domination. Describes the struggle for civil «nd religious liberty, com- 
mercial enterprise and internal developments. Mr Rogers is an able scholar 
along economic lines but is somewhat prejudiced. A good popular history in a 
vigorous spirited style. 

Reviewed in CHHc, Jan. 1889, 14 : 3 ; Academy, Feb. 1889, 34 : 129 

Young, Alexander. History of the Netherlands. 672 p. il. O. Bost. 
1884. Estes $2.50. 949*2 Y8 e 

Treats of the period covered by Mr Motley but in more compact form. The 
author has studied documentary sources and presents new and vahinble 
information. He takes an independent view, in some cases disagreeing with 
Motley. Without elaborating on the inquisition and tyranny of the Spanish 
government he makes more evident than Mr Motley the faults and excesses of 
the insurgents, and thus clearer the partial failure of the revolution. 

Reviewed in CriHc, Feb. 1885, 6 : 89 ; Dial, Mar. 1885, 5 : 304 


Martyn, William Carlos. History of the Dutch reformation. 
823 p. D. N. Y. 1868. Amer. tract society $1.50. Vassar e 

This work was published as y. 2 of his Great reformation. 

May, 5/> Thomas Erskine. Democracy in Europe. 2v. O. N. Y. 
1878. Armstrong $2.50. 342 M45 f 

See 2:1-87. 

Judicious and valuable, but somewhat disappointing sketch of the progress of 
democratic ideas and methods. 
Noticed in Adams p. 51 

Motley, John Lothrop. History of the United Netherlands from the 
death of William the Silent to the 12 years truce. New ed. 4V. 
il. O. N. Y. 1879. Harper $8. 949.203 M85 ^ 

Covers 1584-1609, the important period during which the Spanish project of 
conquering the Netherlands was matured. It has the same general oharacteriH- 
tics as the Rise of the Dutch republic, but is more controversial and therefore 
less final. 

Reviewed in Nation, Feb. 1868, 6 ; 170 ; Adams p. 450 


Motley, John Lothrop. Rise of the Dutch Republic. 3V. il. O. 
N. Y. 1879. Harper $6. 949-203 M851 e 

A vivid portrayal of one of the most draiuatio periods of modern European 
history. Covers the unsettled and turbulent age from the abdication of Charles 
5 in 1555 to the assassination of William of Orange in 1584. All Motley's work is 
the product of painstaking and profound research. His cbief merit lies in 908- 
tained interest in the men and deeds be describes. Possessing an enthusiastic 
love of freedom and hatred of tyranny ho has been criticized for partizansbip 
and hero worship. But his prejudices are good bonest prejudices and recent in- 
vestigations are only enhancing the value of his work. Motley remains the 
great standard for tbe period he covers. In clearness of diction, strength of 
characterization and dramatic power he has few equals. 

Noticed in AdavM p. 449; Putnam, WxXXiam the Silent, lS96f I, pref. p. 6-8 

The student's Motley. 943 p. il. O. N. Y. 1898. Harper 

$1.75. 949.2 M85 

A condensation, preserving the original words, of the Bise of the Dutch 
republic, with introduction, notes and historical sketch covering 236 pages of the 
Dutch people from 1584 to 1897, by William Elliot Grifiis. 

Nutting, Mary Olivia. Days of Prince Maurice; the Netherland war 
from the death of William the Silent to its close. 370 p. il. D. 
Bost. 1894. Congregational S. S. and pub. soc. $1.25. Bost. 

Tbe story is concise, w^ell written and illustrated. It portrays in an interest- 
ing and condensed maimer tbe last years of the war, 1584-1648. Easy readable 
style for younger students, based on Motley, Davies, Grattan and Markbam. 

Keviewed in Literary world, Dec. 1894, 25:428; Bookhuyer, Dec. 1894, p. 638 

Prescott, William Hickling. History of the reign of Philip the 
second, king of Spain. New ed. 3V. 1). Phil. 1891. Lippincoit 
$3. 946.04 P92 f 

Covers much the same ground as Motley's liise of the Dutch republic but with 
more dispassionate treatment. It is a niouunient of tborougb study and of div 
pussionate Judgment and a valuable supplement to Motley. 

Noticed in Adams p. 438 


Liefde, Jacob de. Great Dutch admirals. Ed. 5. 352 p. O. 
Lond. 1884. Son. 3s. 6d. 923.5492 L62 e 

Good brief biograpbies of the Heemskirk, llein, Marten Tromp, de Witt, 
de Riiyter, Evertson and Cornelius Tromp. Written in niniple, popular style. 

Artciidd, James b' Philip van. Ashley, William James. James 
and Philip van Artevelde ; being the Lothian prize essay for 1892. 
244 p. D. N.Y. 1883. Macmillan $2. S.&W. Mil. Ost. Son. 

Tbe object of ibis biography and the one following is to place in a tnie light 
the two Flemish heroes whom Froissart and tbe other early chroniclers bad mis- 
represented, and to show tbe real political meaning of the democratic movement 


of which the van Artevelds were the leaders and victims. James and Philip 
van Arteveldi father and son, resisted the oppression of the rich burgher class 
aud gained for the citizens of Flanders certain political freedom. Mr Ashley's 
work is closely limited to his subject and he does not at all attempt a history of 
Flanders. Within its limited scope, however, his book is more exhaustive than 
Mr Hutton^s and examines tendencies and results in a different spirit. Mr Ashley 
is a more painstaking aud scientific investigator and more cautious in his judg- 
ment. Of the two this work is the more academic in style. 
Reviewed in Nation, Aug. 1883, 37:166 ; Saturday review, Mar. 1883, 55:277 

Hutton, James. James and Philip van Artevelde; two 

episodes in the history of the 14th century. 356 p. D. Lond. 
1882. Murray los. 6d. 944.07 qHSy e 

Introduces considerable minute detail of the history of Flanders, somewhat 
detracting from the dramatic unity of the work. As the author sympathizes 
with aristocracy he is under a disadvantage in defending his subjects and there 
is lacking a hearty enthusiasm for the institutions for which the van Artevelds 
stood. In portions the author is lax in choice of material and in form of 
rx^ression. Mr Ashley's is the more satisfactory biography but both should bo 
read by anyone wishing to understand the movement thoroughly. 

Reviewed in Nation, Aug. 1883, 37:167; Saturday retHew, Mar. 1883, 55:277 

Bameveld^ John of. Motley, John Lothrop. I^ife and death 
of John of Bameveld, with a view of the 30 years war, 2v. il. O. 
N. Y. 1874. Harper $4. 923.2492 B26 e 

The author intended these volumes as a link between the histories he had 
already published and the even more important work he had in contemplation 
on the 30 years war. They are an account of the years 1609-23. a time known in 
the Netherlands as the 'Twelve years truce.' It was a period of intrigues, 
between the prolonged conflict through which Holland had just passed and the 
coming struggle which was to involve all Europe. It was not a period well 
ailapted to Motley and this work will not rank with his others. Many of the 
dcsciiptions are graphic but it is difficult for the reader to gain a clear conception 
of the course of the narrative, of the cliaracter and policy of the man with 
whom it deals or the real cause of his death. The volumes are somewhat drawn 
out and lack the finish of his earlier work. 

Reviewed in Nation, May 1874, 18:316 ; Athenaeum, J t^n, 1874, p. 149 ; Adamt p. 451 

Fe/r, Sir Francis ^ Vere of Tilbury^ Horatio Vere, baron. Mark- 
ham, Clements Robert. The fighting Veres; hve.s of Sir Francis 
Vere and of Sir Horace Vere. 508 p. il. O. Bost. 1888. 
Houghton $4. 923.542 V58 e 

Historical biography of two Englishmen who fonght in the Netherlands. The 
Veres manfully helped the States-general to maintain their independence, bnt 
Dutch historians have not done them justice. More or Icbs history is woven into 
the work, and the topographical descriptions of some of the towns of the Low 
countries are vnluable. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Ap. 1888, p. 464 


Williapt I, prince of Orange. Nutting, Mary Olivia. William the 
Silent. 480 p. il. D. Bost. 1884. Lothrop $1.50. Son. As. e 

Covers 1555-84. Rased on Motley and Prescott. Footnotes give references. A 
more concise work than Miss Putnam^s but not so valnable or interesting. 

Putnam, Ruth. William the Silent, prince of Orange ; 'the 

moderate man of the i6th century. 2V. il. O. N. Y. 1895. Put- 
nam $3.75. 923.1492 W61 e 

This work is the product of strictly original research and an attempt to stand 
on what is practically new ground. Her William of Orange is essentially iden- 
tical with Motley's but there is less color, liis shortcomings are more freely 
acknowledged, his growth and development are more distinctly emphasized. 
Portraits, facsimiles and a brief bibliography add to the value of the book. 

lie viewed in Spectator, Aug. 1895, 75:144; Literary world, June 1895, 26:195; 
Dial, Dec. 1895, 19:330; CHtie, July 1895, 27:55 

If^//, John de^ grand pensionary of Holland, Geddes, JamCS. His- 
tory of the administration of John de Witt. v. i, 398 p. il. O. 
N. Y. 1880. Harper $2.50. 949.204 G26 e 

Scholarly work based on thorough investigation and research at the Hague, 
with ranch new material. Traces the history of Holland from the death of 
Baruevtdd in 1623 to the second year of de Witt's administration, 1654. So far 
as it goes the work is vahiable but it is incomplete. Limited in scope, its chief 
value is as an introduction to the work by Lelevre-Pontalis. 

Noticed in Adams p. 448 

Lefevre-Pontalis, Germain Antonin. John de Witt, grand 

pensionary of Holland ; tr. by S. E. and A. Stephenson. 2 v. O. 
Bost. 1885. Houghton $9. 923.1492 W81 c 

The first two chapters deal with the antecedent condition.? of the country and 
deWittV early training. The rest of the book is a clear account of his 20 
years a^lministrution. Both material and style are good and the work is well 
translated. Except the incomplete work of Geddes no adequate history of John 
de Witt existed in English before the present translation. 

Reviewed in Critic, Oct. 1885, 7:206 


Amicis, Edmondo de. Holland and its people; tr. from the Italian 
by Catherine Tilton. New ed. 484P. il. O. N. Y. 1894. Putnam 
$2.25. 914.92 Am5 e 

liy an Italian traveler. Interesting, enthnsiahtic ami j)icturesque sketches. 
Exct'llcnt dfscriptioii of the country and its life with attractive illustrations. 

Reviewed in Nation, Mar. 1881, 32:170; Critic, Nov. 1890, 17:245; Dec. 1894, 


Badeker, Karl. Belgium and Holland; handbook for travelers. 
Ed. II enl. 423P. il. S. Lpz. 1894. Badeker $1.80. 

914.93 B14 e 

Conipicliensive, compact information for tbe traveler. Maps aud plans of 
towns add to its value. Standard for tbe field it covers. Can be had through 

Reviewed in Athenaeum y Au(^. 1869, p. 206 

Bird, Frederick Spencer. Land of dykes and windmills ; or, Life in 
Holland. 32op. D. Lond. 1882. Low 12s. 6d. 949*2 e 

Treats Dutch life, present and past, of the middle and lower classes. Contains 
many amusing anecdotes. Not wholly original or reliable but entertaining and 

Reviewed in Nation, Oct. 1882. 35:315; Acadetny, Jan. 1882, 21:6 

Boug^hton, George Henry. Sketching rambles in Holland. 342P. 
il. O. N. Y. 1885. Harper $5. N. Y. cath. e 

Clear bright narrative of an artist's stroll among quaint, picturesque villages 
and country folk. Many of the illustrations are by Abbey. The t«xt is amusing 
and graphic and probably based on actual experiences. Tbe reputation of 
Houghton and Abbey makes the artistic side of special interest. Came out first 
as a series of papers in Harper's monthly. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, 'Sov, 1884, p. 629; Dial Dec. 1884,5:216; CrUic, Dec. 
1884, 5:270 

Davies, G. Christopher. Cruising in the Netherlands. 2o8p. il. D. 
Lond. 1894. Jarrold 12s. 6d. Cap9 14.92 D28 e 

Maps out the most picturesque and enjoyable water voyage through the 
Netherlands that can bo made. A bandy, practical and reliable guide. The 
author has condensed here parf s of On Dutch waterways with much new material, 
all in a clear, concise and interesting form. 

Reviewed in CHtiCy Nov. 1894, 25:350 ; Literary world, Aug. 1894, 25:259 

On Dutch waterways. 379p. il. Q. Lond. 1886. Jarrold 21s. 

914.92 e 

An account of the cruise of the Atalanta on the waterways of Holland and the 
north of Belgium. 

Doughty, Henry Montague. Friesland meres and through the 
Netherlands. 359P. il. O. Lond. 1889. Low los. 6d. 914.92 e 

An interesting record describing tbe voyage of a family in a Norfolk wherry. 
Well illustrated. 
Noticed in Son. B, p. 241 


Edwards, George Wharton. Thumb nail sketches in Holland 
113 p. il. Tt. N. Y. 1893. Century $1. 051 Scr3i v. 44 e 

Five brief travel sketches with attractiTe drawiiip). First published in the 
Century magazine. Light, suggestive and humorous. 
Reviewed in IHal, Nov. 1893, 15:272 

GrafTenriedy Clare de. From home to throne in Belgium, (see Ifar- 
per^s magazine^ Ap. 1897, 94:722-40) O51 H23 e 

An extremely interesting sketch of manners and customs in Belgium closing 
with some account of the present government of the country. The illustrations 
by George Wharton Edwards are excellent. 

Hare, Augustus John Cuthbert. Sketches in Holland and Scandi- 
navia. i34p. il. D. N. Y. 1885. Routledge $1. 914-8 e 

See p. 1-57. 

Merely a few sketches with no attempt at systematic description. Not up to 
the author's other work and only a small portion on Holland. 
Reviewed in fAterary world, Ap. 1885, 16: 135 

Havard, Henry. Dead cities of the Zuyder Zee ; tr. from the French 
by Annie Wood. New ed. 328p. il. D. Lond. 1876. Bentley 
6s. 914*92 H293 e 

Descriptive of the once enterprising and prosperous but now obscure cities of 
the Zuyder Zee. 
Ko viewed in Academy, Sep. 1876, 10:233 

In the heart of Holland ; tr. by Mrs Cashel Hoey. 386p. il. O. 

Lond. 1880. Bentley 15s. 914.92 e 

Similar iu character to the two others^ but treats of the less known inland 
Reviewed in Athenaeum, June 1880, p. 723 ; Academy, Ap. 1880, 17:263 

Picturesque Holland; tr. by Annie Wood. O. Lond. 

1876. Bentley i6s. 914.92 e 

Describes out of the way towns and scenery in an attractive manner but does 
not give the reader any very distinct pictures. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Dec. 1876, p. 830 

Huet, Conrad Busken. Land of Rubens ; tr. by A. D. Vandam. 
230 p. O. Lond. 1888. Low 3s. 6d. 

Full of interesting information and admirable criticism of painting and archi- 
teetnre, ancient and modern. Pictures the social condition from the 15th to the 
17th century showing under what conditions the art was developed. Fills some- 
what the purpose of a guide book. The author has a similar book on Holland 
called the Land of Rembrandt but as yet unfortunately this latter has not been 
translated into English. 

Reviewed in Academy, Aug. 1888, 17:123; Athenaeum, Feb. 1880, p. 221 


Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, comp. Poems of places, v. 15, 
274 p. S. Bost. 1877. Houghton $1. 808.8 L86 e 

See p. 229-74. 

Collection of poems from variouH sources od Holland and Belgium. 

Lovett, Richard. Pictures from Holland drawn with pen and pencil. 
223p. il. Q. Lond. 1890. Religious tract society 8s. 914.92 e 

Unusually interesting in reading matter and illustration. Written to show 
how much the men of Holland have done to benefit the world in architecture, 
art, politics, municipal life and above all in the battle of freedom of thought 
and worship in religion. 

Reviewed in Literary newSf Deo. 1887, 8:365 

Macquoidy Afrs Katherine S. In the Ardennes. 360 p. il. sq. S. 
Lond. 1 88 1. Chatto & Windus los. 6d. Ost. 

An interesting book of fact and legend descriptive of towns in Belgium. 
Reviewed in Athenaeum, Ap. 1881, p. 457 

MahafTy, John Pentland, & Rogers, J. E. T. Sketches of a tour 
through Holland and Germany. 27 ip. il. O. N. Y. 1889. 
Macmillan $2. 914 e 

Besides the picturesque, it gives the reader a fair idea of religious and politi- 
cal parties and of every day life. The views presented are generally sound. 

Reviewed in Nation^ Mar. 1889, 48;274 ; Athenaeum, May 1889, p. 662 ; Critic, 
June 1889, 14:268 

Murray, John. Handbook for Holland and Belgium. Ed. 21. il. O. 
Lond. 1889. Murray 6s. 9^4-3 M961 ^ 

As a guide book to Holland and Belgium it ranks well. It is preferred by some 
to Biideker. 
Reviewed in Academy, Mar. 1889, 35:165; Athenaeum, Mar. 1889, p. 372 

Sala, George Augustus. Dutch pictures and sketches done with a 
quill. New ed. 396 p. il. D. Lond. 1883. Vizetelly 2s. 6d. 

Smith, Francis Hopkinson. Well worn roads of Spain, Holland and 
Italy. 121 p. D. Bost. 1886. Houghton $1.25. 914.6 e 

See p. 46-76. 

Fresh, charming, picturesque little sketches in Mr Smith's inimitable style. 

Reviewed in Nation, Nov. 1886. 43:440; CHtic, Nov. 1886, 9:267 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. An inland voyage. 26ip. S. N. Y. 
1893. Roberts $1. 914-4 e 

Interesting record of the voyage of two canoeists from Antwerp through a 
series of canals into France. Interest lies rather in the humorous, vivacious 
and picturesque style of the author than in his material. 

Reviewed in Dial, July 1883, 4:67 ; CHtic, June 1883, 3:252 


Traherne, Mrs H. Margaret A. Summer in a Dutch country 
house. 311 p. D. Lond. 1889. Paul 6s. 914*92 

Amplified diary of a young woman visitiug for a few moDths iu Holland. 
Reviewed in Aihenaeik'm.^ July 1889, p. 63 

Wood, Charles William. Through Holland. 328 p. il. O. Lond. 
1877. Bentley 12s. 914.92 c 

Record of tbe holiday of a thoroughly commonplace British toorist. Nothing 
original or new. 
Rcriewed in Academy, Nov. 1877, 12:487 ; Athenaeum, Dec. 1877, p. 813 



Early period 
Jan van Eyck, 1381?-! 440 

Father of uiodern painting iu the north of Europe. Altar pieces 

Roger van der Weyden, 1400-64 
Inventor of painting on canvas inntead of panels. 

Hans Memling, 1425-95 
Improvement in coloring, chiaro-oscuro and aerial perspective 

Ghcerardt David, i45o?-i523 

Famous for the fine broad landscapes in the back of his pictures. A splendid 

Quentin Massys, 1460- 1530 
Excels in color. Most important painter of his day. 

Pauwel Bril, 1 554-1626 


Later period 

Peter Paul Rubens, 1 577-1640 

The greatest painter of the north. 

Anton van Dyck, 1 599-1 641 
Portrait painter of great power. 

a The Illustrated text-booka of art series and the Illustrated biographies of the great 
artists series reff^rred to under names of individual artists in these lists, may be had 
throufi^h Scribner at |2 and $1.25 respectiTely. The English edition was cited as being 
cheaper to libraries buying in quantities and exempt from duty. Before procuring foreign art 
books it is advisable to consult 8cribner*s latest catalogue of publications and importatlona 
Authorities do not agree on artist's dates and these are therefore often approximate. 


Jakob JordaenSy 1 593-1678 
At bis best in mytbological subjects. 

David Teniers the younger, 1610-90 
Low life in taverns. Good color and easy handling. 

Pierre Joseph Verhagen, 1728-1811 

Talented portrait painter. 

igth century 

Fran9ois Joseph Navez, 1 787-1 869 

Revived classic art. 

Gustaaf Wappers, 1803-74 

Hendrik Leys, 1815-69 
Belgian of great talent and master of Alma-Tadema. 

Alfred Stevens, 1828- 

Oneoftbe best of tbe moderns. Painter of power in high life genre and 
colorist of first rank. 

Eug6ne Joseph Verboeckhovcn, 1799-1881 
Animal painter. 

Paul Jean Clays, 18 19- 
Excellent marine painter. 

fimile Wauters, 1846- 
Historical and portrait painter. 


Early period 

Lucas van Leyden, 1494- 1533 
Strongest of all the early Dutch painters. 

No great artists 

Gerard Dou, 1613-75 

Master of details. 
Frans von Mieris, 1635-81 

t6th century 

17th century 
Grnre painters 


Adriaan van Ostade, 1610-85 

The Rembrandt of genre painters. 
Jan Steen, 1626-79 

Master of physiognomy. 
Pieter de Hooch, i6^2?-8i? 
Jan van der Meer, 1632-75 

Landscape painters 
Jan Wynants, i6i5?-79? 

Jacob van Ruisdael, i625?-82 

Considered the greatest landscape painter of his time. 
Meyndert Hobbema, 1638?-! 709 

Ranks with Ruisdael. 

Landscape with figures 
Philips Wouvermans, 1619-68 

Cavalry, battle and landscape. 
Paul Potter, 1625-54 

Shepherd life. 
Adriaan van der Velde, i635?-72 
Aelbert Cuyp, i62o?-9i 

Portrait and historical painters 
Michiel Janszcn van Mierevelt, 1 567-1641 
Frans Hals, 1584-1666 

One of the most remarkable of portrait painters. 
Rembrandt van Ryn, 1608-69 

The greatest painter in Dutch art. 

Willem van de Velde, 1633-1707 

i8th century 

igth century 
Jozef Israels, 1824- 

Rembrandtesque in method. Deals with peasant life. 



General histories 

Buxton, Harry J. Wilmot & Poynter, E. J. German, Flemish 
and Dutch painting. 244 p. il. D. Lond. 1890. Low 5s. (Illus- 
trated text-books of art) 759'3 C 

See p. 71-240. 

A compilation rather Mian an ori^^'mal work. There is phiin, careful state- 
ment, copious illustration and well considered arraut^emeut of details, bnt as a 
work of criticism it fails. 

Reviewed in Academy, July 1881, 20:77; Critic, July 1881, 1:195 j SturgtB p. 31 

Cole, Timothy & Van Dyke, J : C: Old Dutch and Flemish 
masters engraved by Timothy Cole, with critical notes by J: C: Van 
Dyke. 192 p. il. Q. N. Y. 1895. Century $7.50. 759*8 C67 c 

Excellent engravings made from the originals. Mr Cole's reputation as stand- 
ing at the head of American engravers gives the volume special interest. The 
short essays on each artist are serious critical studies providing an admirable 
account of painting in the Netherlands. 

Reviewed in Critic, "Sov. 1895, 27:340; Spectator, Aug. 1896, 77:186; Xation, 
Nov. 1895,61:350; Sturgis p. 19 

Conway, William Martin. Early Flemish artists and their prede- 
cessors on the lower Rhine. 328 p. il. D. Lond. 1887. Seeley 
7s. 6d. 759.9 c 

More than a series of descriptions of remaining monuments, it explains them 
by reconstructing the entire society to which they belongetl. At the end of the 
book is a chapter on Flemish tapestry. 

Reviewed in Critic, Ap. 1887, 10:167; Sturgis p. 19 

Woodcutters of the Netherlands in the 15th century. 364 p. O. 

Lond. 1884. Cambridge press I OS. 6d. Son. Ost. 

Contents: pt 1 History; pt 2 Catalogue of engravings; i»t 3 List of books 
containing woodcuts. 

Crowe, Sir Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. Early Flemish 
painters, their lives and works. Ed. 2. 383 p. il. O. N. Y. 1872. 
Scribner $6. 759-9 ^^8 e 

Covers more fully the 15th century period treated in th<- first volume of Crowe's 
edition of Kugler's Handbook of painting and is perhaps the best iioolv on the 

Noticed in^Sturgis p. 20 


Cundalli Frank, Landscape and pastoral painters of Holland. 176 p. 
il. D. Lond. 1891. Low 3s. 6d. (Illustrated biographies of the 
great artists) 927.5 R94 C 

Good brief biographies with lists of paintings. 

Contents: Kuisdael p. 1-38; Hobbema p. 3d-62; Cuyp p. G3-103: Potter 
p. 103-43. 
Reviewed in Saturday review. Mar. 1891, 71:301 

Fairholty Frederick William. Homes, haunts and works of Rubens, 
van Dyke, Rembrandt and Cuyp; the Dutch genre painters; 
Michael Angelo and Raffaelle. 266 p. iU O. Lond. 187 1. Virtue 
I2S. 759*9 F16 e 

A series of artist rambles in Belgium, Holland and ttaly. Comprebeusive if 
not original or profound. 
Reviewed in Athenaeum, Nov. 1871, p. 600 

Fromentin, Eugene. Old masters of Belgium and Holland; tr. by 
Mrs M. C. Robbins. Ed. 3. 339 p. il. sq. O. Bost. 1883. 
Houghton $3. 759.9 F92 e 

An admirable book full of intollif^ont suggestions and soundest criticism by 
an artist of recognized autfaority. 
Reviewed in Critic, Feb. 1883, 3:85 ; Nation, July 1876, 23:39; Sturgia p. 22 

Gower, Ronald Charles Sutherland- Leverson, /orti. Figure 

painters of Holland. 120 p. il. D. Lond. 1881. Low 3s. 6d. 
(Illustrated biographies of the great aiti>ts) 927.5 G74 e 

An inquiry into the school of figure painting in Holland. F.icts stated with 
accuracy and care. The criticism if slight is never pretentious and is generally 

Reviewed in Academy, Ap. 1880, 17:293; Athenaeum, 1880, p. 511; SturgU p. 23 

Pocket guide to the art galleries of Belgium and Holland. 280 p. 

i8«. Lond. 1875. Low 5s. Son. 

Havard, Henry. Dutch school of painting; tr. by G. Powell. 290 p. 
il. D. N. Y. 1885. Cassell$2. e?./. (Fine art lib.) 759.9 C 

Olio of the best short histories of Dutch paintiiif]^, being a popular account com- 
pressed with judgment and skill. The notes on the styles of the Dutch painters 
lire always terse aud suggestive. The translation does not wholly do justice to 
the original. 

Reviewed in the Athenaeum, Mar. 1883, p. 285; Academy, July 1886, 30:32; 
Sturgii p. 25 


Heaton, Mrs Mary Margaret (Kesrmer). Masterpieces of Flemish 
art. il. Q. Lond. 18^8. Bell & Daldys 42s. Mil. 

Includes •xamples of early Flemish and Dutch schoolsi with memoirs of the 

Kugler, Franz Theodor. Handbook of painting ; new ed. revised 
and in part rewritten by J. A. Crowe. 2 v. il. O. Lond. 1889. 
Murray 24s. 759.5 K95 e 

This is still known as Kugler's work though mnch of it is new. For the early 
paintings of the north of Europe there is no hotter work. 
Noticed in Siurgii p. 26 

Muther, Richard. History of modem painting. 3 v. il. Q. N. Y. 
1896. Macmillan $20. Vassar e 

See 3:201-65. 

Reliahle work of reference in which the history of painting is brought down 
to the present day. 
Reviewed in Critic, Nov. 1896, 29:306 ; SturgU p. 30 

Scotty William Bell. Gems of modem Belgium art. 81 p. il. Q. 
Lond. 187 1. Routledge 21s. 

Photographs from the pictures of living artists with an essay on the schools of 
Belgium and Holland. 
Reviewed in Athenaeum, Dec. 1871, p. 799 

Stanley, George. Classified synopsis of the principal painters of the 
Dutch and Flemish schools. 4x6 p. D. Lond. 1855. Bohn 5s. 

759.9 St2 e 

Taine, Hippolyte Adolphe. Lectures on art ; tr. by John Durand. 
New ed. 2v. O. N. Y. 1876. Holt $2.50. 701 T13 e 

See p. 157-346. 

Picturesque, condensed, valuable. 

Wauters, Alphonse Jules. Flemish school of painting ; tr. by Mrs 
Henry Rossel. 423 p. il. O. Lond. 1885. Cassell 5s. o,p, 

7S9-9 C 

The author does not sufficiently emphasize the relatiouship of Dutch and 
Flemish art. Mr Wauters inclines to poetical eulogies rather than criticism. 
Reviewed in Natian, Ap. 1885, 40:368; Sturgis p. 37; Ctitic, Ap. 1885, 6:185 

Wedmore, Frederick. Masters of genre painting. 238 p. il. D 
Lond. 1880. Paul 7s. 6d. 9^7-5 W41 e 

Written in a hright interesting style hut not a work of any great intriosic 
Reviewed in Athenaeum^ Ap. 1880, p. 471 


The three leading artists : van Dyck, Rembrandt, Rubens 

Anton van Dyck^ 15 99-1 641 

Heady Pcrqr Rcndcll. Van Dyck. 112 p. il. D. Lond. 1888. Low 
3s. 6(1. (Illustrated biographies of the great artists) 927.5 D99 c 

See p. 1-85. 

Short popular account. Latter part of the volume, p. 85-112, devoted to Hals, 
locludcs short list of work of hoth. 

Swcctser, Moses Forster. Van Dyck. 157 p. il. D. (in v. 6 of his 
Artist biographies. 7V. Bost. 1896. Houghton $8.75) 927.5 e 

Rather popular in treatment, but the author has used good niateriiil. This 
volume also contains biographies of Rembrandt and Diirer. 
Noticed in SiurgU p. 36 

Rembrandt van Ryn^ 1607-69 

Bolton, Charles Knowles. Saskia, the wife of Rembrandt. 133 p. il. 
O. N. Y. 1893. Crowell $1.50. 9275 R283 e 

A compilation of the known facts of Rembrandt's private and artist life in- 
terestingly woven around Saskia's portraits. 
Reviewed in Cr'xixc, Feb. 1894, 24 :71 

Curtis, Charles Berwick. Rembrandt's etchings, with biography and 
descriptive notes, unp. il. F*^. N. Y. 1888. Dodd $25. 767 e 

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert. Etchings of Rembrandt; and Dutch 
etchers of the 17th century by Lawrence Binyon. 9 2 -|- 80 p. il. O. 
N. Y. 1896. Macmillan $3.50. 767 qHi7 e 

Came out as two monographs in the Portfolio. A usefnl niid well arranged 
work, well illustrated. The two articles to^i^ether form a good introduction to 
the subject of metal engraving in the North. 

Reviewed in Xation, Oct. 1895, 61:276 ; Stiirgis p. 24 

Michel, Emile. Rembrandt, his life, his \\orks and his time; 
from the French by Florence Simmonds, ed. by F>ederi( k Wed- 
more. 2v. il. F. N. Y. 1894. Scribncr $15. 927.5 qR28 e 

Thorough uiid valuable tn\'itisc with excrlUMit and well choson illustrations. 
Michel is probably the best livin«» authority on Reiubniiidt and this is the most 
important monograph on the subject that has >et been published. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, July 1894, p. 102; Bookman (London) D»c. 1893, 
5 : sup. p. 1 ; Son. 2:443 

Mollett, John William. Rembrandt. 112 p. il. I). Lond. 1890. 
Low 3s. 6(1. (Illustrated biographies of the great artists) 

927.5 R28 e 

Judiciously condensed from the exhaustive sympathetic work of Vosmaer 
Presented in a clear, pleasant, readable manner. 
Reviewed in Athenaeum^ Oct. 1879, p. 438; Academy, May 1879, p. 441 


Sweetser, Moses Forster. Rembrandt. 153 p. il. D. Bost. 1896. 

(in V. 5 of his Artist biographies. 7 v. Bost. 1896. Houghton 
$8.75) 927.5 e 

Feter Paul Rubens y 1577-1 640 

Ketty Charles William. Peter Paul Rubens. 118 p. il. D. Lond. 
1888. Low 3s. 6d. (Illustrated biographies of the great artists) 

927.5 R821 e 

CoDtribntes some new material and relates concisely most of the known facts 
of Rubens life. This vol nme contains less technical criticism than is usual in 
this series. Popular in treatment. 

Reviewed in Nation, Feb. 1880, 30:124 ; Aikwamm, Feb. 1880, p. 221 

Sainsbury, W. Noel, ed. Original unpublished papers illustrative of 
the life of Rubens. 391P. il. O. Lond. 1859. Bradbury 15s. 

927.5 R82 c 

Valuable as giving n fair, unprejudiced picture at first hand. 
Reviewed in Athenaeum, Jan. 1859, p. 54 

Waagen, Gustav Friedrich. Rubens; tr. from the German by 
R. R. Noel, ed. by Mrs Jamieson. O. Lond. 1840. Saunders & 
Otley 9s. 

The author is familiar with the works of Rubens and aims rather at philosophic 
criticism than bringing to light any new events in the artist's life. 
Reviewed in Athenaeum May 1840, p. 340 


Architectural masterpieces of Belgium, Holland, etc. 96 p. Q. N. Y. 
n. d. Hessling. 720.94 qAra c 

There are in the collection 43 heliotypes representing Belgian architecture 
seven Dutch and 46 German and Swiss. First issued in Paris. 

NarjouXy Felix. Notes and sketches of an architect; tr. from the 

French by John Peto. 442 p. il. O. Bost. 1877. Osgood $2.25. 

720.94 N16 e 
See p. 21-157. 

The sketches are clear, and not only does he show characteristic huildings 
with tlieir furniture and ornaments, hut occasionally also the costumes and 
beIon<;ings ut' their inhabitants. His comuieuts are for the most part good. 

Reviewed in Nation, May 1878, 26:359 

Krook, L. Architectur der Niederlande. pt 1-2, 60 pi. sq. F*. 
Lpz. 1894. Wcnzel $8 net, 720.9492 fK92 e 



Conscience, Hendrick. Lion of Flanders. New ed. S. Bait. 1 88 1. 
Murphy $1.50. Mil. S. & W. 

Ad excellent story by a Flemiab author whose works have been largely trans- 
lated into English. 

Merchant of Antwerp. New ed. 242 p. D. N. Y. 1884. 

Kenedy $1.25, Mil. 

Tales from Flemish life. New ed. 364 p. D. N. Y. 1886. 

Kenedy $1.25. Mil. 

Dodge, Mrs Mary Elizabeth Mapes. Hans Brinker; or, The silver 
skates. New ed. 377 p. il. D. N. Y. 1895. Scribner $1.50. 

W8i3w^9 D66h e 
Strictly a juvenile but almost a classic iu its line. 

Ebers, George Moritz. Burgomaster's wife. 365 p. D. Lond. 
1883. Macmillan 4s. 6d. 833.86 e 

Story of the revolt of the Netherlands in the latter part of the 16th century 
and the siege of Ley den in 1574. Not traly Dutch, but good. 

King, Anna Eichberg. Kitwyck stories. 319 p. il. D. N. Y. 1895. 
Century $1.50. Cap8i3.49 K582 c 

Not truly Dutch. Lacks local color. Affected imitation. The illustrations 
by George Wharton Edwards and Albert Sterner are the best part of the volume. 
Reviewed in Criiic^ Dec. 1895, 27:441 

Liefde, John B. de. The beggars, les gueux ; or, The founders of the 
Dutch republic. Ed. 5. 376 p. S. Lond. 1883. Hodder 3s. 6d. 

823.89 L62 e 

Maartens, Maarten, /x^^/. God's fool; a Koopstad story. Ed. 7. 
466 p. D. N. Y. 1894, Appleton $1.25. 839.3359 P79g e 

Mr Poorseu-Schwartz knows Holland subjectively and objectively for lie has 
studied it at home and abroad. Thus he succeeds so well in making clear to 
foreign readers the manners and customs of the Dutch, their social conditions 
and peculiarities and knows where to put that deft touch he possesses, which 
elucidates in a few words what would seem to re(iuire pages. 

Reviewed in Critxo, Maj 1893, 22:287 

a A aomewhAt extended list of hlstoriesl flction, plays and poems relating to the Nether, 
lands may be found In the Boston public library Chronological index to hittorical fiction^ ed. 
S, 1876, p. 1&-10. The List following includes only such material as tlie compiler has noted 
when searching for other books and is appended as susxestlTe merely of standard flction 
dealing with IXutoh life. 


MaartenSy Maarten. The greater glory; a story of high life. 
472 p. D. N.Y. 1894, Appleton $1.50. Cap839.3359 P79gr c 

Reviewed in Critic, Mar. 1894, 24:181 

My Lady Nobody. 413 p. il. D. N. Y. 1895. Harper $1.75. 

Cap839.33S9 P79m c 

Very biiman and very reaL Mr Poorsen-Scbwartz lias done in literature what 
his country men did in history. He has cnt the dikes and taken us into the 
heart of Holland. 

Reviewed in Bookman, Aug. 1895, 2:45 ; Critic, Jan. 1896, 28:21 

Noble, Annette Lucile. Ryhoves of Antwerp. 312 p. il. D. Phil. 

1889. Presbyterian bd of pub. $1.15. W244 N66r e 

Pictures the i>erseoution8 of the Christiaus in the time of William of Orange. 

Reade, Charles. Cloister and hearth. New ed. 2 v. il. D. Bost 
n. d. DeWolfe $3. 823.89 R22 e 

Story of 15th century, time of Pliilip the Good and Charles tlie Bold. Well 
studied and full of adventure. Scenes mainly iu Holland and Italy. 

Wallis, A. S. C. pseud. In troubled limes ; tr. by E. J. Irving. New 
ed. O. Lond. 1889. Son. 3s. 6d. S. & W. Son. 

Deals with Spanish tyranny and the wars of liberation. The material is well 
sifted and the fictitious plot is subordinated to historic truth. 
Reviewed in Athenaeum, Nov. 1883, p. 362 

Walshe, Elizabeth & Sargent, George. Within sea walls. S. 

Lond. 1880. Religious tract society 2s. 6d. S. & W. Ost. 

Historical narrative based on the struggle for liberty up to the siege of 
Leyden, 1574. 

Untverstty of the State of New York 

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Abbreviations 211 

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sulted 214 

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Religious art 221 

Collective biography 222 

Arcbitecture 224 

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Books marked with a * at the left are best for popular reading. 

Abbreviations following the main entry refer to the libraries in which the 
book was consulted or to the sources from which the entry was taken. Call 
nambers are given for all books in the New York State library even though 
the edition diifers from that described in the list. Books in the public libraries 
division have no book number. 

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not refer to the edition described, the edition to which tbey do refer is indicated 
in a note. 

The list following contains the principal abbreviations used. Other abbrevi- 
ations are self explanatory. 

Adams Adams. Manual of historical literature 

As. Astor library 

lies Leypoldt & lies. List of books for girls and women 

L. I. hist. Long Island historical society library 

N. Y. soc. New York society library 

Ost. Osterbout free library, Wilkes-barr6 (Pa.) 

Son. Sonnenschein. Best books 

Son. R. Sonnenschein. Reader's guide 

Sturgis Sturgis. Bibliography of fine art 

Vasari Vasari. Lives 

Watkinson Watkinson library, Hartford (Ct.) 



This list iucliides only books to which reference lias bet^n made for special 
chapters and which are not always elsewhere entered in full. 

Anderson, William J. Architecture of the renaissance in Italy ; ageneral view 
for the use of students and others. 156 p. 11. O. N. Y. 18U7. Scribner $5. 

724.145 An2 

Baxter, Mn Lucy E. (Barnes). Fra Hartolommeo and Andrea del Sarto, by 
Leader Scott. 133 p. il. D. Lond. 1881. Low 3s. 6d. 

Also published in N. T. 1881. Scribner $1.25 (Illustratod biographies of the 
^rcat artists) 927.5 Ka8 

(thihpiti imd DonateUo, with other early Italian sculptors, by Leader 

Scott. 100 p. il. D. Loud. 1890. Low 2s. 6d. 

Also publishe t in N. V. 1882. Scribner $1 (Illustrated biographies of the 
>(reat artists) 927.3 G34 

Luca dcUa Robbla, with other Italian sculptors, by Lea<ler Scott. 114 p. 

il. D. Loud. 181K). Low 2s. 6d. 

Also published in N. Y. 1883. Scribner $1 (Illustrated biographies of the 
fjreat artists) 927.3 B33 

Cartwright, Julia. Mnntcgua and Francia. 124 p. il. D. N. Y. 1881. Scribner 
$1.25 (Illustrated biographies of the great artists) 927.5 M3X 

Cheney, Mra Ednah Dow (Littlehale). Gleanings in the field of art. 345 p. D. 
Host. 1881. Lee $2.50. 704 C41 

Clement, Charles. Michelangelo, Lionardo da Vinci and Raphael; tr. by Louise 
Corkran. 374 p. il. O. Lond. 1880. Seeley 10s. 6d. 927.5 B886 

Conway, William Martin. Early Flemish painters. 326 p. il. O. K. Y. 1887. 
Macmillan $2.50. 759*9 

Crowe, Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. Early Flemish painters, their lives 
and works. Ed. 2. 383 p. il. O. Lond. 1872. Murray $1.50. 759.9 CSS 
Also published iu N. Y. Scribner $6. 

Dilke, Emilia Frances (Strong) Pattison, lady, Kenaissance of art in France. 
2 V. il. O. N. Y. 1879. Dodd $7.50. 

Eastlake, Elizabeth (Rigby), fa(2j^. Five great painters. 2 v. D. Lond. 1883. 
Longmans 7s. <)(!. 927.5 £a7 

Fairholt, Frederic William. Homes, haunts and works of Rubens, Van Dyke, 
Michatrl Au<?elo. and Raffaclle; a scries of art rambles in Belgium, Holland 
and Italy. 266 p. il. O. Lond. 1871. Virtue 12s. 759.9 

Fromentin, Eugene. Old masters of Belgium and Holland; tr. by Mrs M. C. 
Robbins. 339 p. il. stj. O. Bost. 1883. Houghton $3. 759*9 F97 

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927.5 BS8 

Heaton, Mrtf Mary Margaret (Kcymcr). Concise history of painting; new ed. 
n-visiul by Cortuio Monkhoune. 506 p. I). N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $1.50. 



Jameson, Mrs Anna Brownell (Murphy). Memoirs of early Italian painters ; 
revised and in part rewritten by £. M. Hnrll. 261 p. il. O. Bost. 1896. 
Houghton $3. 927.5 Jaax 

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tr. and ed. from the Dohme series. 569 p. 11. Q. Lond. 1880. Chatto 36s. 

927.5 qKig 

Kugler, Franz Theodor. Handbook of painting, the Italian schools; 6tli ed. 
revised and in part rewritten by A. H: Layard. 2 v. 760 p. il. O. Lond. 

1891. Mnrray 30s. 759*5 

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C. J. Ffoulkes. 2 v. il. O. Lond. 1892. Murray SOs. 759.5 M81 

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2d French ed. by Walter Armstrong. 501 p. 11. Q. Lond. 1888. Chapman 
25s. 927.5 qRza 

Norton, Charles Eliot. His^oiical studios of cburcli building in the middle 
ages ; Venice, Siena, Florence. 331 p. O. N. Y. 1880. Harper $3. 

726.6 N82 

Oliphant, Mr$ Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Makers of Florence; Dante, 
Giotto, Savonarola and their city. 422 p. 11. D. Lond 1892. Macmlllan 
$2.50. 920.0455 

Pater, Walter. Renaissance ; studies in art and poetry. 252 p. O. N. Y. 1890. 
Macmlllan $2. 824.89 P27r 

Perkins, Charles Callahan. Historical handbook of Italian sculpture. 432 p. 
il. O. N. Y. 1883. Scribner $4. 730 P41 

Raphael and Michael'Angelo ; a critical and biographical essay. 294 p. 11. 

O. Bost. 1878. Osgood $5. 937*5 R125 

Tuscan sculptors ; their lives, works and times. 2 v. 11. Q. Lond. 1864 

Longmans 63s. 734 qP4z 

Phillimore, Catherine Mary. Fra Angelico and the early Florentine painters 
of the 15th century. 123 p. S. Low 3s. 6d. 

Also published lu N. Y. 1881. Scribner $1.25 (Illustrated biographies of 
the great artists) 937-5 F46 

Scott, William Bell. The little masters. 123 p. il. D. Lond. 1881. Low 3s. 6d. 

Also published in N. Y. 1879. Scribner $1.25 (Illustrated biographies of 

the great artists) 9a7«5 Seo8 

Smith, Gerard W. Paiutlng, Spanish and French. 241 p. il. D. N. Y. 1884. 
Scribner $2 (Illustrated handbook of art history) 759 

Stearns, Frank Preston. Midsummer of Italian art. 321 p. 11. S. N. Y. 1895. 
Putnam $3.25. Cap759.5 St3 

Stillman, William James & Cole, Timothy. Old Italian masters, engraved by 
Timothy Cole ; with historical notes by W: J. Stillman. 262 p. 11. Q. N. Y, 

1892. Century $10. 927.5 q8t5 


Stothert, James. Freuch and Spanish painters; a critioal and bioKrapbical 
account of the most noted artists, 1450-1874. 270 p. il. Q. Phil. 1877. 
Coates $10. 759*4 qSty 

Sweetser, Moses Forster. Artist biographies. 7 v. il. D. liost. 1896. Hongh- 
ton $8.75. 927-5 8w3 

Symonds, John Addington. Life of Michelangelo, based on studies in the 
archives of tbe Buonarotti family in Florence. 2 v. pi. O. N. Y. 1893. 
Soribner $7.50. 927*5 B883 

Renaissance in Italy; the fine arts. 534 p. O. N. Y. 1888. Holt $2. 

709.45 8.v6 

Sketches and studies in Southern Europe. 2 v. D. N. Y. 1880. Harper $4. 

9x4.5 8y6 

Van Rensselaer, Mtb Mariana (Griswold), Six portraits. 277 p. D. Best. 
1890. Houghton $1.25. 917.5 V35 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives of 70 of the most eminent painters, sculptors and archi- 
tects; ed. by £. R. and £. W. Blashfleld and A. A. Hopkins. 4 t. il. Q. 
N. Y. 1896. 8cribner$15. o.p. 927 qy44 

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Tr. by Clara Bell. v. 1, ed. by Sidney Col v in. 

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ography p. 301-4 


By the term renaissance, is indicated a natural movement, not to be 
explained by this or that characteristic, but to be accepted as an effort 
of humanity for which at length the time had come, and in the onward 
progress of which we still participate. The history of the renaissance is 
not the history of aris, or of sciences, or of literature or even of nations. 
It is the history of the attainment of self-conscious freedom to the human 
spirit, manifested in the European races. It is no mere political muta- 
tion, no new fashion of art, no restorati(m of classical standards of 
taste. The arts and the inventions, the knowledge and the books, which 
suddenly became vital at the time of the renaissance, had long lain 
neglected on the shores of that Dead sea which we call the middle ages. 
It was not their discovery which caused the renaissance ; but it was the 
intellectual energy, the spontaneous outburst of intelligence, which 
enabled mankind at that moment to make use of them. The force then 
generated still continues, vital and expansive, in the spirit of the modern 
world Sxmotids 


For resume of period see : 

Burckhardt, Jacob. Civilization of the renaissance in Italy; tr. by 
S. (i. C. Middlemore. 559 p. O. Lond. 1892. Son. los. 6d. 
(Half guinea international lib.) 945. 05 B89 e 

The scope of the book is to discuss the renuissance in its vnrious aspects, more 
spcciallv literary, social, political niid moral. — Athenaeum, Aujj. 1878, p. 169 

The l>est books on the icnai»<saiice are those of Symonds and Burckhardt. — 
Adam8 p. 233 

Draper, John William. History of the intellectual development of 
Europe. New ed. 2 v. D. X. Y. 1876. Harper $3. 901 D79 


A work written with nnqnestionable a)>ility, bnt anti-Christian in its attitude. 
Thonj^h it presents only one side of a great question, that siile is presented with 
nnusnal skill. Tlie book will continue to bo much admired and very severely 
criticized. — Adams p. 44 


Ducoudray, Gustave. History of modern civilization. 587 p. O. 
N. Y. 189 1. Appleton $2.25. 901 D65 e 

Seop 194-24(). 

An ndtiiiralile uiid very compnct suniraary, well edited. — Son. p. 386 

Guizot, Francois Pierre Guillaume. History of civilization; tr. 
by VVdliam Hazlitt. 3 v. D. N. Y. 1889-90. Macmillan $3. 

940 G942 e 

Tbis is the most famous of (jJuizot's works. Perhaps no other hislorical book 
is capable of srining more earnest and fruitful thought. — Adams p. 46 

SchaiTy Philip. The renaissance* 132 p. O. N. Y. 1891. Putnam 
$1 50. 850.9 c 

The . . . brochure will serve as the best directory attainable in English fop 
mor(» comprehensive study of ihe remarkable movement which ushered in the 
moilern Afra.— Critic, Nov. 1891, ID : 262 

lis value is almost entirely in its bibliography. — Literary worlds Mar. 1892, 
23 : 95 

Symonds, John Addington. Short history of the renaissance in 
Italy ; taken from the work of Symonds by Alfred Pearson. 
354 p. O. N. Y. 1893. Scribner $3.75. 945-05 Sy6 e 

Tlie period of the Italian rena'ssance, its life, literature and art, received at 
Mr Syuionds* h:nids a treatment that is distinctively the best and most attrac- 
tive in English literature.— /^inl, May 1893. 14:266 

'I'he short history presents in one volume the principal motifs of the series. 
Naturally the original picture suffeis by condensation but we possess one more 
aduiirablo if injured work by a master. — Critic, Jan. 1894, 24:55 

For outline of subject see : 

Abbott, Josephine L. Outlines for the study of art in its 
three main divisions, architecture, sculpture, painting. 269 p. il. 
O. Bost. 1 891. Silver $1.50. 702 Ab2 e 

I'Mcf 111 niunu:il for classes. Has been carefully prepared, but can be used 
only in connection with larger histories. — Literary world, Oct. 1891, 22: 382 

Farrar, Charles S. Art to[)ics in the history of sculpture, painting 
and architecture. Ed. 3. 196 p. O. Chic. 1890. Farrar $1.25. 

016.7 F24 e 

The selection and c )nibin ition of subjects are often quite apt and the verbal 
expression is ^rner.illy skilful and neat, but every reader will quarrel with the 
iiairow range of authoiiiies. — Xation, Dec. 1881, 33:479 

PrfS. Farrar directs his iinforiun.'ite pupils over and over again to the same 
leaintd books of art. — Critir, Nov. 1881, 1:325 

Included because good for references to minute subjects. 



From the first dawn of the renaissance to the death of Raphael, the 
sister arts ruied a common territory, though in the atmosphere of the new 
time, the intimate relations of painting and sculpture were dissolving ; 
while their connection with architecture, which had likewise cast off some 
of its restraints, saved them from a one-sided pursuit of individual goals. 
Everything during that golden age seems held as by a fortunate balance 
in perfect harmony, nor does creative genius in any period of art, the 
most blooming period of Greece alone excepted, succeed in so glorifying 
the earthly in its inspired word. — Liibke 


♦Bell, Mrs Nancy, R. E. (Meugens). Elementary history of art; 
architecture, sculpture, painting, by N. D'Anvers. Ed. 4. 2 v. in i, 
il. O. N. Y. 1895. Scribner$4. 709 B41 c 

Archill ct me, 1 : 112-[i9; Sculpliiio, 1 :252-76 ; PainliDjj, 2: 5.V162. 
A useful coiupcudiuii) of inf<»rmati(HJ. — Criiiv, Aug. 1895, 27:81 
. Of coiirBc ouc doPH not look to such a book for very critical appreciutioD of nrt. 

Lubke, Wilhelm. Outlines of the history of art; a new translation 
from the 7th German ed. by Clarence Cook. 2 v. il. O. N. Y. 
1891. Dodd $7.50. 709 L96 e 

Alt of the 15th ainl 16th centuiies, 2: 119-513 

Liihke traces with clear iusight the developiLciit of the art idea . . . from 
the earliest tiiiieH to the present eni. His work is almost a philosophy of 
history, but is better as a whole ihnu in the separate parts- — F. P. iStearm 

Criticism sounder for Floreuliue than for Venetian art. 

• Goodyear, William H. Renaissance and modern art. 
I). Meadville, Pa. 1894. Flood $1. 709 e 

Piofessor Goodyear is an :irche(»lo<;iht of tiaininj; and ability and his work is 
therefore to be rttad serionsly. It is faulty in that the author confuses merely 
technical skill with aitjstit* power. — Stnrgis p. 6 

Muntz, Eugene. Histoire de Tart pendant la renaissance, v. 1-3, il. 
r. par. 1889-95. Hachette 35 fr. each. As. L. I. hist, e 

To ho eoiiipleto in 5 v. 

Ever.N pa;;e jufives evidence of the competency of the writer's knowledge and of 
th<« unHinehinjiimlnstry with which he has set himself to the task of compila- 
tion. — AthemKum^ .\}>. 1889, p. 441 



Chcaey, Mrs Ednah Dow (Littlehale). Gleanings in the fields of 
art. 345 p. D. Best. 1881. Lee $2.50. 704 C42 e 

Restoration of art ill Italy ; Michuclangelo ; Spanish art; French art; Albert 
Diirer ; Old German art. p. 89-268. 

Though an amateur's performance, this book well executes its purpose and 
applies to the question of art, sound philosophy and an uncommon common 
sense. — Literary worlds May 1881, 12:183 

Pag^et, Violet. Renaissance fancies and studies, by Vernon Lee. 
260 p. D. N. Y. 1896. Putnam $1.25. 704 P14 e 

The standpoint of Vernon Lee is that of the amiable dilettante, interested in 
art as a part of general culture. There is much charming wririug in the volume 
and some kecnsigh ted analysis. — Xation, Mar. 1896, 62:239 

Pater, Walter. Renaissance; studies in art and poetry. 252 p. O. 
N. Y. 1890. Macmillan $2. 824.89 

Sandro Botticelli; Luca della Uobbia; Poetry of Michelangelo; Leonanlo da 

Vinci ; Giorgiouc. 
Full of delicate and poetical comprehension of the renaissance. — Vaaari 4:342 
His power, individuality and charm of style are such as to make his book one 

of the best acquisitions of recent art literature. — Aa<ton, Oct. 1873, 17:243 

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Essays and studies. Ed. 3. 380 p. 
D. Lond. 1888. Chatto 12s. 820.4 e 

See essay entitled ' Notes on designs of the old masters at Florence.' 
Comments of subtle explanation and analysis. The- style is such as few Eng- 
lishmen have ever reached and the whole volume is a contribution to literature. 
— Athenaeumj May 1875, p. 681 

Taine, Hippolyte Adolphe. Lectures on art. Sen 2. O. N. Y. 
1869. Holt $2.50. 701 T13 e 

Philosophy of art in Italy, the Netherlands and Greece. 

These books have attracted nmch attention because of the literary reputation 
of their author, but if a reader is thoroughly familiar with any epoch or style of 
art, he will find Mr Taine's criticism of the epoch in question, very feeble 
indeed. — Sturgia p. 13 



• Baxter, Afrs Lucy E. (Barnes). Renaissance of art in Italy; an 
illustrated sketch by Leader Scott. New ed. 384 p. il. Q. Lond. 
1887. Chapman i8s. 709.4S qB33 e 

Eveu after Symonds and Perkins, the author's work, though not to be held 
up as an authority in critical matters is an acquisition for the general excellenee 
of its illustrations and their rauge of matter. — Xation, Dec. 1883, 37 : 493 


*01iphant, i^rj Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Makers of Florence; 
Dante, Giotto, Savonarola and their city. 422 p. il. D. Lond. 
1892. Macmillan $2.50. 92O.O4SS c 

Tliebook does not profess to be a history of Florence, bnt simply a collection 
of slight biotjjraphical sketches ; tlie studies of character are lifelike and fair and 
the narrative portions are full ol picturesque touches. — Athenaeum^ Jan. 1877, p. 14 

This is the best of Mrs 01iphant*s more serious work. 

* Makers of Venice; doges, conquerors, painters and men of letters. 

410 p. il. D. Lond. 1893. Macmillan $2.50. 945»3 C 

Mrs Oliphant, as a practibcd writer with a strong appreciation of the romantic 
and an honest deference for the varieties of history, has summoned np without 
novelty and without profound research what the world of careless readers cares 
most to know about the city of the lagunes, and told it in a way which is never 
really fatiguing, but which never rises above the commonplace. — Nation, Aug. 
1888, 47 : 119 

Scaife, Walter Bell. Florentine life during the renaissance. 248 p. 
O. Bait. 1893. Johns Hopkins press $1.50. 945*5 Sca3 c 

In a brief and readable form the author gives a number of really valuable 
chapters ou the political development and government of medieval Florence, 
on its commerce and industries, its arts, its religion, its brilliant intellectual life 
and its methods of finding amusement. — Saturday revieWy Jan. 1894, 77 : 81 

Symonds, John Addlng^on. Renaissance in Italy; the fine arts. 

534 p. O. N. Y. 1888. Holt $2. 709.45 Sy6 c 

Without showing any profound seuhc of the inner spirit of fine art, this work 
is a valuahle history of the renaissance, which showed itself in sculpture and 
painting. The treatment of architecture is brief and unsatisfactory. However 
inadequate, this remains the best history in English of the artistic renaissance in 
Italy. — Sturgis p. 13 

Taine, Hippolyte Adolphe. Italy: Florence and Venice ; tr. from 
the French by John Durand. Ed. 4. 385 p. O. N. Y. 1889. 
Holt $2.50. 914.5 T131 e 

Travel in Italy; of more value from a literary standpoint than for its artistic 

•Yriarte, Charles ^mile. Florence, its history, the Medici, the 

humanists, letters and art ; new ed. revised by M. H. Lansdalc. 

476 p. il. O. rhil. 1897. C^oates $3. 914-55 ^V8 f 

Yriarte lias u«)t written a complete history, nor do exhaustive descriptions 
enrich itH i>:igt""H, but whoevt-r cans to undor>la ul Florence, llourishin;;* or fallen, 
faithful and fal^e by lurns, can not d«» better than read diligently these pages. — 
Athenaeum, Sep. 1881, p. 345 

• Venice, its history, art, industries and modern life; tr. by F: J. 

Sitwell. 449 p. ill). Phil. 1896. Coatcs :p3. 914-53 C 

At once one of tlio most delightful and instru«-tive books of anything like its 
scope yet written on Venice. — Dial, Dec. 1896, 21: 387 



Dilke, Emilia Frances (Strong) Pattison, lady. Renaissance of 
art in France. 2 v. il. O. N. Y. 1879. Dodd $7.50. N. Y. soc. 

See V. 1. 

Of the architecture and sculpture of tbe renaissauce Mrs Pattison finds much 
to say and saysit i»le;isantly and well. Her descriptions are vivid and intelli- 
gent without being either diffuse or constrained and critical without the 
pedantry of overmuch learning.— /irt^'ourna?, May 1879, 41:99 

Liibke, Wilhelm. History of the renaissance in France, il. Lond. 
1869. Nutt. 

The author endeavors to treat the French renaissance in a comprehensive and 
historical manner; he has made due researches and possesses commendable 
industry, and doL'K not fail to point out the leading qualities of the examples 
which are here happily illustrated. — Athenaeum, A\\q. 1869, p. 215 

Robinson, A. Mary F. Profiles from the French renaissance, (sec 
Magazine of arty 1885-86, v. 8-9) 70S qM27 


Farrar, Frederick William. Life of Christ as represented in art. 
507 p. il. O. N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $6. 755 F24 e 

Seep. 115-507. 

His writing is distinguished by catholicity of judgment as to painters, and is 
freer than we expected from his well known mannerisms, so that he has produced 
a really good — in a popular sense — and useful compendium of the subject. — 
Athenaeum, Dec. 1894, p. 795 

♦Jameson, Mrs Anna Brownell (Murphy). Legends of the 
Madonna; ed. with notes by E. M. Hurll. 372 p. il, O. Bost. 
1896. Houghton $3. 755 J23I e 

This work is excellent for reference. The historical part, the record of the 
growth uf the legends and the changes in them, is very imperfect, but no better 
book is readily accessible. — Sturgis p. 26 

• Sacred and legendary art ; ed. with notes by E. M. Hurll. 2 v. 

il. O. Bost. 1896. Houghton $6. 755 J23 e 

Not so much (»n the work »>f the great religions jiainiers, as the theological or 
legendary matter which their pictures were intended to illustrate. Miss Uurll 
has consulted a long list of authorities and has brought the work up to date. — 
Critic, Oct. 1895, 27 : 340 


Lubke, Wilhelm. Ecclesiastical art in Germany, during the middle 
ages; tr. by L. A. Wheatley. Ed. 5. 299 p. il. O. Edin. 1885. 
Jack 8s. 726 L96 c 

A scholarly and careful work covering a period jilmost too early and subjects 
almost too minute, and yet invaluable for all pliaHCB of German ecclesiastical 

•Van Dyke, Henry Jackson. The Christ-child in art. 236 p. il. 
' O. N. Y. 1894. Harper $4. 755 V28 e 

A sympathetic and Huccessful attempt to express some of the legends that 
have ^fathered nbout the gospel narrative, llie l>eautiful enjjrravings are highly 
creditable to our American school of wood engravicg. — Critic, Nov. 1893, 23:338 

♦Waters, Mrs Clara Erskine (Clement). Handbook of legendary 
and mythological art. Ed. 23. 575 p. il. D. Bost. 1892. 
Houghton $3. 703 W311 c 

A really adequate treatise on this subject would take the form of a work of 
many volumes and would involve an amount of investigation whicli it is probable 
no one will undertake. In the meantime this book will not lead one far astray 
and will give the commonly received explanation which may often be all that 
is required. — Stiirgis p. 19 


Bryan, Michael. Dictionary of painters, sculptors and engravers ; ed. 
by R. E.Graves. New ed. 2 v. O. N. Y. 1884-89. Dodd $24. 

927.S qB84 t 

This new edition is greatly superior to the old one of 1849; its hulk is doubled 
and its value will be increased in still greater proportion. A large number of the 
articles have been given to contributors of authority, but the unsigned articles 
are not always truHtworthy and full fur below the level of the otheis. — Acadtmy^ 
Mar. 188^4,25:229 

* Illustrated biographies of the great artists, il. I). N. Y. 1879-91. 
Scribner $1.25 each. e 

Conienis : 

Baxter, Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes). Fra IJartolommeo. 1881. 

927.5 B28 

Ghiberti and Donatello. 1882. 927.3 O34 

Luca della Robbia. 18S3. 927.3 H33 

Bell, Mrs Nancy R. E. (Meugens). Raphael. 1891. 927.5 R122 

Cundall, Joseph. Hans Holbein. 1890. 927-5 H69 


Heath, Richard Ford. Albrecht Diirer. 1881. 927.5 D93 

Titian. 1879. 927-5 T541 

Phillimore, Catherine Mary. Fra Angelico and the early 
painters. 1881. 927-5 F46 

Richter, Jean Paul. Leonardo da Vinci. 1879. 927.5 V741 

Scott, William Bell. Little masters of Germany. 1879. 927.5 


Ainon^ the HoiiDdcst eoiitributionM to tbe modern populnrization of fine art 
are certainly the Tllusirated hiographiea of the (jreai artists. The illustrations are 
the weak point ; it is iniposHible to avoid wishing them away. — Nation^ Feb. 
1880, 30 : 124 

•Sweetser, Moses Forster. Artist biographies. 7 v. il. D. Bost. 
1896. Houghton $8.75. 927.5 Sw3 e 

Sold only in sets. 

Raphael; Leonardo; Angelo; Titian; Diirer; Angelico. 

Rather popular in trejitment. The latest information seems to have been need 
in preparing these bio-jraphies. — Sturgis p. 86 

Contains lives of some artists not included in this period, but they are so 
scattered through tbe volumes that it is necessary to buy the complete set. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives of 70 of the most eminent painters, sculptors 
and architects; ed. by E. R. and E. VV. Blashfield and A. A. 
Hopkins. 4 v. il. Q. N. Y. 1896. Scribner $15. ^. /. 927 qV44 e 

Same text without illustrations in library edition, 4v. N. Y. 1897, Scrib- 
ner $8. 

These biographies of Vasari are the ;;round w(»rk of our knowledge of the 
great Italian artists of the 15th and 16th centuries. They are extremely inter- 
esting, fnll of anecdote and pictnresijue narrative ajid give biilliaut pictures of 
life in Italy during the epoch. The author's statements of fact liave often been 
found erroneons. — Sturtjis p. 13 

The edition before us has not been edited by specialists but by compilers. 
Let us say at once that they have ac({uitted themselves of their task as n\(;1I as 
outsiders to the subject possibly conld have done. They are well informed, 
unpartizan, fair; yet tlieir commentary is a jumble of material, some valuable, 
other questionable, much worse than ns<dess. Nevertheless this is the best 
edition in English in cxistencr. — yation, Mar. 1897, 64 : 227 

* Waters, A/rs Clara (Erskine) Clement. Painters, sculptors, 
architects, engravers and their works ; a handbook. Ed. 12. 681 p. 
il. I). Bost. 1892. Houghton $3. 927 W311 e 

A handbook merely ; the artists are arranged aljihabetically, with very brief 
notices of each one, and the book is useful only for reference. 



In architecture alone, the mysticism of the middle ages, their vague 
but potent feelings of infinity, their yearning toward a deity invisible but 
localized in holy things and places found artistic outlet. Therefore arch- 
itecture was essentially a medieval art. — Symonds 

About 1500 began a second Periclean period, wherein architecture 
brought forih works of the utmost importance and beauty. Toward the 
year 1540 a cooler and more sober element began to prevail in architec- 
tural designs. This was the transition to the closing period of the 
renaissance. — Liibke 

Reference works 

Gwilt, Joseph. Encyclopaedia of architecture; new ed. revised by 
Wyatt Papworth. 1443 p. il. O. N. Y. 1891. Longmans $17.50. 

R720.3 G99 e 

Hardly auy book lias done better service with reference to its special province 
thuii GwilTs rxcelleiit encyclopedia and the publishers have done well to entrust 
it to Mr Wyatt Papworth for revision and the addition of snch matter as recent 
investigations dictated. — Athenaeum^ May 1867, p. 659 

Parker, John Henry. Concise glossary of terms used in Grecian, 
Roman, Italian and Gothic styles. Ed. 8. 335 p. il. S. Lond. 
1892. Parker 7s. 6d. 72O.3 P22 e 

A manual for constant use oilher for reference in study or to assist the student 
in examining; buildings. — Vieface to Ut ed. 

VioUet-le-Duc, Eugene Emmanuel. Dictionnaire raisonne de V 
architecture fran^aise du ii* au 16^ siecle. 10 v. il. O. Paris 
1875. Morel 200-250 fr. 720.3 V81 e 

Peihaps tli« iuo?*t V}ilu:il)le book as yet cnnipilod on the subject, but should be 
useil by tbe stmlent in the manner intended by tbe author — as a lexicon and 
after the subject has been approached by other means. — C. It. Ashbee 

Genera] works 

Corroyer, E. J. Gothic architecture; ed. by Walter Armstrong, il. 
N. Y. 1893. Mncmillan $2. 

A very ;;()od account of the orij^in and «;ro\vth of t lie jjreat sty b's of western 
Kurope t'loui 1 ir)0-150(). It is the work of a eonipetont critic and should bo studied 
with v'Aio. — Stunjis p. 39 

b'athor :ni eHsay thnii u treatise aii<! so l>otter suited for the reading of those 
who have Homo aejiuiiut.'ineo with the subject, than for a text-book. — Nation, 
Feb. 1893, 56 : 129 


Fergusson, James. History of architecture in all countries ; ed. by 
R. P. Spiers. Ed. 3. 5 v. il. O. Lond. 1893. Murray 63s. 

720.9 e 

'Modern styles/ v. 4-5. 

It is iinportuDt to procure this latest cdiiion. Many serious sliortcomiujjs and 
errors of tbo original work arc supplied and corrected in ii. It is 1 he only arch- 
itectural history of any value in English. — Sturffis p. 40 

History of the modem styles of architecture; 3d ed. revised by 

Robert Kerr. 2 v. il. O. N.Y. 1891. Dodd $10. 72O.9 F38 C 

See V. 1. 

The work of a man abundantly gifted with energy, patience and a sort of 
oonnnon sense of the eye, which sup|)Iied the place of real artistic judgment. 
He almost invariably fails to grasp the artistic motive of any design he discusses; 
on practical quoitions he often comes to the right conclusion. — jraller Armstiony 
in Portfolio, Sep. 1891, 22: 193 

♦Mathews, Charles Thompson. Story of architecture; an outline 
of the styles in all countries. 486 p. il. D. N. Y. 1896. Apple- 
ton $3. 720.9 M42 e 

* Architecture of the renaissance,^ i), 377-427. 

A good example of the pr)pular yet instructive tnsitment of a tecimical theme. 
We commend it to readers desirous of acquiring quickly and agreeably a fair 
general knowledge of architecture, — Dial, .Jan. 1897, 22: 45 

There is an Ameriiran readincvs and haste of execution in it, asnth<'ient knowl- 
edge of the main facts, hut a not very discriminating appetite for generaliz- 
ation.— JVation, Jan. 1897, 64:57 

Perry, J. Tavenor. Chronology of mediaeval and renaissance archi- 
tecture; from 306-1626. 290 p. il. O. Lond. 1893. Murray i6s. 

723 e 

A valuable and carefully compiled date book of architectural events, furnish- 
ing a comprehensive view of the synchronism and succession of the leading styks 
included in the period. Published as a companion volume to Fergusscm, — Son, R, 

The idea of the book is good, but we hope that Mr Perry will work it out again 
in better form. — Athenaeum, Nov. 1893, j), 738 

• Roseng^arten, Albert. Handbook of architectural styles; tr. from 
the German by W. Collett-Sanders. 509 p. il. (). Lond. 1893. 
Chatto 7s. 6d. 720 R72 e 

'Arihitecture of the renaissance,* p. 287-439. 

Almost everv desirable uualitv is to be found in the translation of this well 
known h.nidbook. It is at once eonrise and coiu]>rehen"<ive and every style is 
described in a w.iy that shows both iutrlligenee and erudition. Although not 
so (romplete as Mr Fergus^ou's more elaborate history, it is for that very reason 
better suited to the wants of the general public. — Nation, June 1876, 22 :355 


* Smith, Thomas Roger. Architecture, Gothic and renaissance. 
236 p. il. D. Lend. 1893. Low 5s. 724.3 C 

Also published in N. Y. 1890, Seribucr $2 (Illustrated haudl>ook8 of art 

'Renaissance arcliitocture,' p. 154-233. 

Not inaccurate or hard to understand, but vaguo, discursive ; fails to give 
clear and conuocted ideas. It fails also to insist on the most important points. 
The part devoted to renaissance is more nearly accurate than that given to the 
Gothic. — SturgU p. 4G 

Mr &!mitb*s book on Gothic and renaissance architecture seems t^ us a book 
worth writing.— .Va«on, Nov. 1890, 30:364 

Stevenson, John James. House architecture. 2 v. il. Q. Lond. 
1880. Macmillan 36s. 728 C 

'History of renaissance architecture', p. 199-290. 

The general reader will find these volumes interesting not only on account of 
the animated and picturesque way in which the subject has been treated but 
also because of the indepcudenco of the author's views, his earnestness and fine 
taste. — Aihenaeum, 1880 ; p. 574 

SturgiSy Russell. European architecture ; a historical study. 578 p. 
il. O. N. Y. 1896. Macmillan $4. 720.9 Stp c 

'Architecture ot western Europe,' 1420-1665, p- 327-473. 

Mr Sturgis has hi^ own convictions and an educated critical faculty. Among 
all its class, at least in English, this we think is most likely to be profitable and 
attractive to readers unacquainted with the Jiubject. — Xatiotiy Nov. 1896, 63 : 408 


Three periods in the development of the renaissance work may be 
roughly marked. The first extending from 142010 1500 is the age of 
experiment and of luxuriant inventiveness. The second embraces the 
first 40 years of the 1 6th century. The most perfect buildings of the 
Italian renaissance were produced within this short space of time. The 
third, from 1540 to 1580, leads onward to the reign of mannerism and 
exaggeration called barocc o. — Symonds 

General works 

Anderson, William J. Architecture ot the renaissance in Italy; a 

general view tor the use of students and others. 155 p. il. O. 

N. Y. 1897. S( ribner Jf^. 724.145 An2 C 

An ♦•nd(»:i\(n' tn finjii souk* I'oiuv'ption of reiiais-^unce ar<hittMMurv and to dis- 

tin;j:ui.sli ith (UtTj-rtMit phnsrs — /Vc/zirrp. 6 
This is not only a d«lij;hiful luit a most book. — Uoyal institute of 

Hritish ardiitrcts. Journal 0/ jfroceedituje. 


♦ Norton, Charles Eliot. Historical studies of church building in 

the middle ages; Venice, Siena, Florence. 331 p. O. N. Y. 1880. 

Harper $3. 726.6 N82 C 

Tbe author briu|r.H to the book before us a lon^ fauiliarity with the subject, 
Hcholarly and conscientious labor and above all an earnest love for his work. 
The result is a study, which in its cjcneral accuracy and clearness will ba a valu- 
able reference for btudents of art, while its *j;raceful diction will make it an 
interesting volume to the most aimless reader. — Nation, Nov. 1880, 31 : 345 

Ruskin, John. Stones of Venice. 2 v. D. N. Y. 1891. Merrill $3. 

729 R89 e 

Contains an excellent criticism of one side of Gothic architecture; viz, its 
sculpture. The structural i>ocuIi:irities of Gothic arc not treated except 
casually. Its title should bo rather, Gothic sculpture in its relations to build- 
ijig. — lies p. 89 


Filippo BrunclUschi^ 1377? -1446 

It requires a great personality like Brunellcschi, who, of the lirae and 
circumstances, yet rose superior to them, to lay the foundation of the 
revival of the arts. In the greater intensity of the individuality of the 
artist, lies one of the chief distinctions of renaissance architecture. — 

Norton, Charles Eliot. Church building in the middle ages. 1880 

p. 237-92. 726.6 N82 e 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Makers of Florence. 
1892. p. 132-63. 920.0455 C)i3 e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. i : 244-304. 927 qV44 e 

Michclozzo Michelozzi^ 1396 ?-l472 
(Michelo/.zo di Bartolommeo di Ghcrado) 

It was not long before there gathered round Brunelleschi, an able 
group of architects imbued with his spirit. Of this class must have been 
Michelozzi, the architect of the Medici palace. — Anderson 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2:1-19. 927. qV44 e' 

Lfon Batiista Albertiy 1404-72 

In connection with the resuscitation of classical architecture, no name 
is better known than that of Alberti. Of noble family, he was the first 
who devoted himself to the subject from the scholar's point of view, and 
the fact of a man of his attainments choosing an architectural career is 
an indication of the great popular importance of the art in those days. — 


Perkins, Charles Callahan. Tuscan sculptors. 1864. i : 169-73. 

734 qP4i c 

Symonds, John Addington. Sketclies and studies in southern 

Euroi)e. 2 v. il sq L). N. Y. 1880. Harper ^4. 2:92-109. 

914.S Sy6 c 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2:49-61. 927 qV44 e 

/>ratmuiie da ('rhino, 1444-15 14 

To Hramante must be assigned a foremost place among the architects 
of the golden age. Though little of his work survives, it is clear that he 
exercised the profoundest influence on both successors and contempo- 
raries. — Syffioniis 

SymondSy John Addington. Renaissance in Italy ; fine arts. 1888. 
p. 81-84. 709.4s Sy6 c 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 5:37-59. 927 qV44 c 

Mii/itiafiii^f/o, 1475-1564 
(Michel.inj^clo nuon.irroti) 

Michelangelo was not properly speaking an architect. He made 
architecture, which is (juite a ditTerent thing, and most often it was 
the architecture of a iKiinter and a sculptor, which points to color, 
breadth, imagination, but also to insufficient studies and incomplete 
education. The thought may be great and strong, but the execution of 
it is always weak and naive. — Charles (iarnier. IJoeuvre ft la vie 

For general biographies, see under Painting p. 250-52 for his work 
as an architect, see : 

Grimm, Hermann. Life of Michael Angelo. 1896. 2:353-83. 

927.5 B88 c 

Symonds, John Addington. Life of Michelangelo. 1893. 2 : 1-36. 

927.5 B883 c 
Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 4:150-202. 927 qV44. c 

/•'«7/..vp.w//v' /V/ ;•//:/, I4S1-1536 

Mi'mt/ calls BiMassare liie most elegant, refined and original of all the 
architects, wiio durini; the first third of the i6th century, sought fortune 
in Rome. l»ul concludes that l*eru//i's n itive modesty or timidity pre- 
vented his giving full scoj)e to his talent. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1S96. 3:397-416. 927 qV44 c 


Raphael, 1483-1520 
(Raftacllo Santi) 

For general biographies, see under Painting p. 252-54; for his work 
as an architect, see : 

Muntz, Eugene. Raphael. 1882. p. 441-54. 927.5 qRi2 e 

Antonio da San Galloj 1 485- 1546 
(Antonio di Bartolorameo d'Antonit) Coriolanl, called Antonio da San (yallo) 

Antonio da San Gallo, the younger, remains a true type of the architect 
of the renaissance, the very synonym for many-sided, tireless activity. — 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 4: 1-29. 927 qV44. e 

Jacopo Sansorino^ 1 486- 15 70 
(Jacopo d'Antonio di Jacopo Taiti, called Sansovino) 

Invention rather than profound comprehension was what Sansovino 
brought to his sculpture. His best Venetian statues are picturesque and 
charming, his worst fall below mediocrity, but as architect he stamped his 
individuality upon the city [Venice] and the library of San Marco by its 
beauty proves its right to exi>tence. — Vasari 4 : 331 footnote 

Anderson, William James. Architecture of renaissance in Italy. 
1897. p. 117-23. 724.145 An2 e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 4:304-32. 927 qV44 e 


These lists are not intended to be exhaustive. They give merely a few 
prominent examples of the architecture of this period. 


1421 Church of S. Lorenzo, Florence. Brunelleschi 

1420-25 Pazzi chapel, church of St Croce, Florence. Brunelleschi 

1420-62 Dome of il Duomo, Florence. Brunelleschi 

1460 ? Malatesta temple, Rimini. Alberti 

1464-93 S. Maria della (xrazie, Milan. Bramante 

1490-1510 Fa(;ade of Certosa at Pavia. Omodeo 

1506-63 Church of St Peter's, Rome, begun by Bramante, continued 

by Peruzzi and San (rallo, completed by Michelangelo 
Church of S. Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Palladio 
Church of the Redentora, Venice. Palladio 

1586 Church of S. Giovanni Laterano, Rome, rebuilt 



1419-51 Spedale degli innocenti (Loggia Foundling hospital) Flor- 
ence. Brunelleschi 

1430 Riccardi (Medici palace) Florence. Michelozzi 

H39-43 Portadelln Carta,I)oge's palace, Venice. Bartolommeo Buon 

1461 Rucellai palace, Florence. Alberti 

Later i5tli Oianl^s staircase, Doge's palace, Venice. Antonio Bregbi 


1520 Pandolfini palace, Florence. Said to be from designs ot 


1527? Pietro Massimi palace, Rome. Peruzzi 

J 530 Farnese palace Rome begun by San Gallo and completed by 

Michelangelo, who designed the famous cornice 

1536 Library of St Mark's, Venice. Sansovino 


After the beginning of the 15th century, a gorgeously rich aftergrowth 
of the (xolhic began to unfold itself, designated by the French under the 
name of the flamboyant style. The tracery of the windows is particularly 
affected by this manner, being composed of flame-like curves. The clos- 
ing epoch is marked by a richer decorative construction in secular build 
ings and private houses. — Liibke 

General works 
*Hunnewell, James Frothingham. Historical monuments of France. 
336 p. il. O. Bost. 1884. Houghton $3.50. 914.4 H89 e 

The Huhth'ty of the French spirit, its union of iL^ayety with depth and with 
gra«*o are shown in Mr Hniineweirs ])ook as perhaps they have never been 
shown befon*. Tliu domestic architecture «>f niedieval and renaissance styles 
is faithrnlly traced.— rri/zr, May 188^1, 1:232 

*Lonergan, Walter F. Historic churches of Paris ; illustrated 
with drawings by B. S. Le Fanu, and from photographs. 215 p. il. 
Q. X. Y. 1896. T: Whittaker $6. 914436 41.84 e 

SI r.tienn<* du Mont, p. 125-31 ; St Eustache, p. 1G3-G0. 

A jrood aiM'ount. of those ehurches of I'aris that have some arcliitectural and 
historic interest. An excellent guide to those who are attriicted b.v medie- 
valism. — liookman, Deo. 1896. 4:384 


/V.r;r /.••«.<'/, 1510-71 

The work of Pierre Lescot is as rare as it is exquisite and noble; the 
perished rood-loft of St (ierinain I'Auxerrois and the south-west angle 
of the Louvre are the only buildings that we dare ascribe to him. 


The Louvre still bears the trace of that gracious light-heartedness 
which distinguished the eadier ren lissance in France, and which caused 
Du Cerceau to say that no palace in the world could second this palace of 
the Louvre A. Af. F, Robinson 

Dilke, Emilia Frances (Strong) Pattison, lady. Renaissance of 
art in France. 1879. i : 143-69. 

Philihcrt <U I'OfmCy 1518-77 

If Lescot and Bullant were at least as much decorators as builders, 
Philibert de I'Orme was less an architect than an engineer; construction 
and not decoration was the important thing to him. The works he 
designed as an artist he usually executed as a builder. 

Dilke, Emilia Frances (Strong) Pattison, iady. Renaissance of 
art in France. 1879. i: 99-142. 


1480-15 10 St Wulfran of Abbeville, north-west of Amiens 
1480 Lanterne des morts of Avioth near Montmedy 

1532 Church of St Eustache, Paris, completed nearly a century 

1537 Church of St fitienne du Mont, Paris 


15th century House of Jacque Coeur, Bourges 

Palais de Justice, Rouen 

Hotel de Cluny, Paris 
1526 Chateau de Chambord, near Blois 

1 528-48 Louvre, Paris, western portion of the southern side. Lescot 

1564 Tuileries, Paris, begun by Philibert de I'Orme 


Toward the beginning of the 15th century architectural style passes 
completely into the perpendicular, adopting an element of fanciful geo- 
metric work. Somewhere about 1450 there came into use the Tudor 
arch, the arches of arcades and vaultings being covered with a profuse 
decoration of pointed and scalloped work. England was not won by the 
new style till very late, but the Gothic here experienced that exuber- 
antly rii h revival which produced its masterpiece in the chapel of Henry 7. 
In the latter half of the i6th century the clumsy but showy Elizabethan 
style developed. — Liibke 


General works 

Blomfield, Reginald Theodore. History of renaissance architecture 

in England, 1 500-1800. 2v. il. Q. N. Y. 1897. Macmillan 

$16. 724.142 qB62 e 
See 1 : 1-96. 

Bury, Thomas- Talbot. Styles of architecture of various countries. 
Ed. II. 208 p. il. D. Lond. 1893. Crosby 2s. yzo e 

Pcrpoudicular, ilorid, third orlato pointed style, p. 109-25. 
Castellated aud domestic buiU1iti<;s froiu the Norinan to the Tador period, 
p. 125-36. 
Tudor nud Elizabethan period, p. 136-51. 

An old book, but one which coutains good brief dottcriptious of the late Gothio 
architect nre it) England. Useful as an introduction to the study of English 

Gotch, J. Alfred & Brown, W. T. Architecture of the renaissance 
in England ; views and details from buildings erected between the 
years 1 560-1635 ; with text. 2 v. il. F'"'. Lond. 1891-94. Bats- 
ford V. I, 1 68s. V. 2, 147s. ne/, 724. 142 fG7l e 

See V. 1 for description aud illustration of Burleigh House, Hardwich Hall 
and Iladdon Hall. 

A collect ion of folio prints, mostly phototy|)es from nature but partly from clear 
and straighl-t'orward drawings by Mr Brown, with descriptive text. Mr GotcVs 
text in veiy good ; his introduction is admirable, .uiimated, interesting and true 
in criticism.— -LVa<»on, May 1891, 52 : 406 

Neale, John Preston. History and anii(iuities of Westminster abbey. 
112 p. il. sq. F. Lond. 1856. 726.7 qN2S e 

King Henry 7th's chapel, p.99-ll;s. 

Papworth, Wyatt. Renaissance and Italian styles of architecture in 
Great Britain; shown by a series of dated examples. 43 p. O. 
Lond. 1883. As. e 

Chronological list of important buildings in Great Britain, giving architects, 
siyh* of building and present condition. 

•Parker, John Henry. A. B. C. of Gothic architecture. Ed. 8. 
265 p. il. T. Lond. 1894. Parker 3s. 723 P22 e 

IVrpendicular style, 1377-1547, p. 186-265. 

This volume is a compen<liuni of the outlines of the subject, so arranged that 
any young person of average intelligence may h^arn to distinguish examples of 
each :iiy\e.— Athenaeum J Dec. 1881, p. 746 


♦Van Rensselaer, Mrs Mariana (Griswold). English cathedrals; 
illustrated by Joseph Pennell. 395 p. 11. Q. N. Y. 1893. Century 
$6. 726.6 qV35 e 

Mi-8 Vrti»Reiisf.el;ior has still ;i good deal to loam before she will be qualified 
to sit ill j«idj;nient on Eu^iflish catliedrals. — Athenaeuni^ Feb. 1894, p. 184 

Let techuickerH, as tlie OermaiiH would say, ciiticize or appraiue this work; 

wc revel in its beauty as a book, in its artistic and literary attractious, in its 

intelligent appreciation of England's architectural achievements. — Critic, Dec. 

1892, 21 : 307 




1434 Church of Fotheringay, Northamptonshire 

1450 Divinity school, Oxford 

1450-15 10 King's college chapel, Cambridge 

1500 St Mary Magdalene, Taunton 

1503-20 Henry yth's chapel, Westminster. Bray 



1540 Haddon Hall, Derbyshire 

1567 Longleat House, Wiltshire. Thorpe 

1577 Burleigh House, Northamptonshire. Thorpe 


In Spain the ornamentation brings the rich Gothic into combination 
with the luxuriant magnificence of Moorish work. From this combina- 
tion, structures result which may be reckoned among the chief monu- 
ments of the whole medieval period for grandeur of plan and splendor of 

execution. — Liibke 

General works 

Prentice, Andrew N. Renaissance architecture and ornament 

in Spain, 1 500-1 600. 16 p. 60 pi. F. Lond. 1893. Batsford 

jQ2 los. As. e 

A series of beautiful illustrations consisting mainly of architectural details 
frotn tne purest works ; more useful to the architect however, than the historical 
student. An architect's sketch book, mainly secular. 

Street, George Edmund. Some account of Gothic architecture in 
Spain. Ed. 2. 527 p. il. O. Lond. 1869. Murray 30s. 

724.346 e 

The arrangement is first by places and then chronologically, so that it is 
rather difficult to use it for any comprehensive view of a period of art. The 
appendix however gives dated examples of Spanish buildings from the 11th to 
the 16th centuiy and also an alphabetical table of architects, sculptors and 
painters for the same period. 




1465 Door of the lions, Toledo cathedral 

1465-90 F39ade of S. Pablo, Valladolid 

1470-90 Church and cloisters of S. Juan dc los Reyes, Toledo 


1460 Arcade Palacio del infantado, Guadalajara 

1530 Palace of Charles 5lh, Granada. Pedro Machucha 

J 563-84 Palace of the Escorial, near Madrid 

To sculpture in the renaissance, shorn of the divine right to create 
gods and heroes, was left the narrower field of decoration, portraiture and 
sepulchral monuments. — Symonds 

General works 

•Baxter, Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes). Sculpture, renai>sance and modern, 
by Leader Scott. 286 p. il D. N. Y. 1891 Scribner $2 (Art 
handbook ser.) 730 B33 e 

A good cyclopedic account ; tbc material well arranged and the book readable, 
but ratber as a compilation tliau as a book by a competent critic. — Sturgia p. 34 

The biogvapliichi elenient of the book is stroDg and the whole ground of 
sculpture for the p:i8t 600 years may be gone over profitably by its help. The 
illustrations are admirable and there is a glossaiy. — Literary tcorldj July 1886, 
17 : 251 

Lubke, Wilhelm. History of sculpture; t:. by F. E. Bunnett. Ed. 2. 

2 V. il. O. Lond. 1878. Smith 42s. 73O qL96 e 

See p. 222-414. 

A text-book or popular manual, not a volume furnishinj; exhaustive informa- 
tion. It is not free from mistakes, but it is comprebonsive and by no means 
illiberal in tone. — Athenaeum^ July 1873, p. 20 

^Marquand, Allen & Frothingham, A. L. Text book of the his- 
tory of sculpture. 293 p. il. D. N. Y. 1896. Longmans $1.50. 

730 M34 e 

This history is a mmlel of condensation; the greatest amount of historical 
matter and a bos! of artists are covere<l in the smallest possible space, and this 
is done without reducinp: the material to a set of libts of names and monuments 
with hrief descriptions.— Cn/iV, Jan. 1897, 30:38 

•Radcliffe, Alida Graveraet. Schools and masters of sculpture. 

593 p. il. O. N. Y. 1893. Appleton $3. Cap 730 Rll e 

Miss RadcliflP** conlino.s herself (•h>sely to factsand these have been carefully and 
judicionsly winnowed. The authorities have also been carefully looked up and 
her hook affor«lH a us«"ful bird'H-eye view of the subject. — Uialt Dec. 1894, 17:337 


♦Shedd, Mrs Julia Ann (Clark). Famous sculptors and sculpture. 
New ed. enl. il. D. Bost. 1896. Houghton $2. 927.3 Sh3 e 

Short sketches of the gcalptors arranged chrouologically rather than by 
schools ; it inclndes a large number of names ; a compilation, not a critical work. 

• Viardot, Louis. Wonders of sculpture. New ed. il. D. N. Y. 
1885. Scribner $1 (Wonders of art) 

This book with much in it thnt will interest and instnict, is also signalized by 
many shortcoming's. The subject of the renaissance has not had ample justice 
done it; modern Italian sculpture is represented chiefly by the works of Michel- 
angelo and Canova. — Art journal, Mar 1872, 34 : 96 


Three distinct stages were traversed in the evolutions of Italian 
sculpture. The first architectural, the second pictorial, the third neo- 
pagan. As far as the renaissance is concerned all three are moments in 
its history, though it was only during the third, that the influences of the 
classical revival made themselves overwhelmingly felt. — Symotids 

General works 

Perkins, Charles Callahan. Historical handbook of Italian sculpture. 
432 p. il. O. N. Y. 1883. Scribner $4. 730 P41 e 

Early renaissance, 1400-1500, p. 73-237 ; later renaissance, 1500-1600, p. 237. 

This book is a new version of the Tu.%can sculptois and Italian sculptors, the 
larger part having been rewritten and the whole carefully revised ; the volume 
has the advantage of new researches, the literary style is good and the arrange- 
ment clearer. The greatest fault of this valuable book is tbe badness of its 
illustrations. — Athenaeum, Sep. 1883, p. 310 

Tuscansculptors, their lives, works and times. 2 v. il. Q. Lond. 

1864. Longmans 63s. 734 Q^4I C 

Tlio profitableness of these volumes to the reader is enhanced by the fine 
appreciation for the subtle spirit of art which he displays. Tbe reader will find 
the author's (iiscrimination admirably useful in the accounts of the Robbins, 
Civitali, Leonardo, Michelangelo, the sketch of the progress of his mtu<l and 
art being well wortb reading, and Cellini. — Athtnaeum, Mar. 1865, p. 317 

Cox, Kenyon. Sculpture of the early renaissance, (see Century 
viagazine, Nov. 1884, 29 : 62-66) 051 Scrjl e 

Lorento Ghiherti^ 1381-I455 
(Lorenzo di Cione, called Ghiberti) 

Ghiberti should be called a goldsmith and a painter as well 
as a sculptor. We must look upon his bas-reliefs as pictures if we would 
estimate them fairly; and although they are, from their very nature, in- 


complete, their beauty is such as to entitle him to be judged by an 
exceptional standard. He was a dangerous innovator, who opened the 
doors to license to be tolerated only in a man of such great genius. — 

Baxter, Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes). Ghiberti and Donatello. 1890. 
p. 51-69. 

Also published iu N. Y. 1882, Scribner $1 (Illustrated biographies of the great 
artists) 927.3 G34 c 

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June 1882, 65 : 91-98) 051 H23 e 

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painters. 1896. p. 49-56. 927-5 J231 e 

Perkins, Charles Callahan. Ghiberti et son ^cole. Paris 1886. 

A carefully written monograph, containing a great deal that has heen 
unknown about Ghiberti's private life. — Academy, Ap. 1886, 29: 243 

Historical handbook of Italian sculpture. 1883. p. 73-87. 

730 P41 e 

. Tuscan sculptors. 1864. i : 122-37. 734 ^^4^ C 

Symonds, John Addington. Renaissance in Italy; fine arts. 1888. 
p. 127-35. 709.45 Sy6 e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. i : 192-221. 927 qV44 e 

Donate I loy 1 386-1466 
(Donatu di Niccolodi Hetiu liardi, called Donatello) 

Donatello was undoubtedly the greatest Tuscan sculptor before 
Michelangelo, and though by no means his equal in vigor and grandeur 
of conception, by far his superior in delicacy of handling, truth of detail, 
rendering of character and technical ability as a worker in marble and 
bronze. — Perkins 

Baxter, Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes). Ghiberti and Donatello. 1890. 
p. 71-98. 927.3 G34 e 

Muntz, Eugene. Donatello. Paris 1885. Librairie de F art. 8 fr. 
This liioj^raphy of Donatello (in Frencli) is by a very eoiiipetent writer and 
contains niuny vuluablc illustrations, some of tliem very little known. — Sturgis 
p. 30 


Perkins, Charles Callahan. Historical handbook of Italian sculp- 
ture. 1883. p. 87-107. 730 P41 e 

Tuscan sculptors. 1864. 1:137-60. 734 qP4I e 

Phillimorei Catherine Mary. Works of Donatello at Florence, (see 
LittelVs living age ^ Oct. 1887, 175: 104-9) 051 L71 e 

Symonds, John Addington. Renaissance in Italy ; fine arts. 1888. 

p. 135-41- 709.45 Sy6 e 

Vasariy Giorgio. Lives. 1896. i : 305-36. 927 qV44 e 

Luca della Robbia^ 1400 ?-82 
(Luca di Siiuone di Marco della Robbia) 

The work of Luca della Robbia possessed in an extreme degree the 
impress of a personal quality, a profound impressiveness; it is what we 
call expression carried to its highest intensity of degree. That character- 
istic is rarest of all in the abstract art of sculpture ; yet it is that char- 
acteristic which alone makes works in the imaginative and moral order 
worth having at all. — Pater 

Baxter, Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes). Luca della Robbia, with other 

Italian sculptors; by Leader Scott. 114 p. il. D. Lond. 1890. 

Low 2S. 6d. 927.3 B33 e 

Also pablished ia N. Y. 1883, Scribner $1 (IlluBtrated biographies of the great 


Delia Robbia family, p. 33-43. 

This whole book is included in Mrs Baxter's Sculpture, renaissance and 

Bianciardi, E. D. R. Luca della Robbia. (see Harper^ s magazine, Ap. 

1880, 60:692-99) 051 H23 e 

Marquandy Allan. Some unpublished monuments by Luca della 
Robbia. (see American journal of archaeology, Ap.-June 1893, 

8:153-71) 913 qAm3 e 

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1892. p. 155-63. 920.0455 OI3 e 

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Perkins, Charles Callahan. Historical handbook of Italian sculpture. 
1883. P- 139-46. 730 P41 e 

Tuscan sculptors. 1864. i : 192-202. 733 qP4I e 

Van Rensselaer Mrs Mariana (Griswold). Six portraits. 1890. 

927.5 V35 e 

Luca della Robbia, p. 5-76. 


Benveniito Cellini^ 1500-70 

Benvenuto Cellini was the first goldsmith of his time, an adequate 
sculptor, an indefatigable workman, a turbulent bravo. These qualities 
combined in a single personality render him unique as a guide through 
the labyrinth of that brilliant, but perplexmg epoch, but we must not 
expect from him the finest, highest, purest accents of the renaissance. — 

Celliniy Benvenuto. Life ; tr. by J. A. Symonds. Ed. 2. 2 v. T). 
N. Y. 1888. Scribner $2.50. 927-3 C33 e 

Contains an introdncHoo by Symonds which gives a good character sketch 
of Cellini. 

The most complete and lively source of information wc possess re^j^ardinj; tho 
manners, customs, ways of feeling and modes of acting in the 16th century. — 

As a piece of workmanship, Mr Symonds' work deserves to rank amouf; the 
best translations in the English laugnage. — Jthenaeumj Dec. 1887, p. 887 

Lowell, Hdward J. Life of Benvenuto Cellini, (see Scribrmr^s wflr^- 
/z2;;>/<r, Oct. 1889, 6:493-501; 051 Scr3 

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734 ql'41 e 

TroUope, Thomas Adolphus. Benvenuto Cellini, (see the Magazine 

of art, 1882, 5: 200-6) 705 qM27 e 

More about Benvenuto Cellini, (see the Magazine of art^ 1883, 

6: 281-86) 705 qM27 e 

Miihelangelo, 1475-1564 
(Michelangelo Huonurroii; 

In none of the manifestations of his genius does Michelangelo appear 
greater than in sculpture, for which his preference was so marked that he 
always turned to it when not actually forced by some one of his task- 
masters to build or to paint. — Perkins 

For j;cncral biographies, see nndcr Puiiitin<^ p. 250-52; for his work as a 
sculptor, 8P0 : 

Perkins, Charles Callahan. Historical handbook of I talian sculpture. 

1883. p. 251-308. 730 P41 e 

Tuscan sculptors. 1864. 2: 1-71. 734 ql*41 e 



Painting may be regarded as the supreme art of the renaissance world. 
The new attitude of man toward nature found its most visible outcome in 
the development of this art, which has for its function not merely the 
reproduction of individual objects, like the plastic arts, but the present- 
ment of visible nature at large. For fulness of spiritual meaning, 
painting alone can adequately represent emotional life in its truest mani- 
festations, — IVoltmann &* IVorniann 

General works 

•Bell, Mrs Nancy R. E. (Meugens). Masterpieces of the great 
artists, 1400-1700. 85 p. il. Q. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $7.50. 

759 qB4i e 

Mrej Bell has supplied a readable and instructive text to a large collection of 
half-tone plates. The selection has been well made, the Italian and the northern 
schools being about equally well represented. All the plates except Da Vinci's 
Last ffupper have been taken from photographs of the originals. — Critic^ Dec. 
1895, 27:423 

Champlin, John Denison & Perkins, C: C. Cyclopedia of painters 
and painting. 4 V. il. Q. N. Y. 1886-87. Scribner $25 per vol. 
Price raised to $37.50 per vol. {?./>. 75© qC35 e 

The plan of the work deserves praise and its execution is ranch more than 
merely commendable; however, the volnmesare twice as heavy, twice as hi;; sind 
twice as numerous as they ought to be. — Athenaeum, Dec. 1888, p. 886 

Included because it is the only encyclopedia devoted exclusively to painting. 
Its value lies chietly in the full description of individual paintings under their 
own uame. 

•Duff, Mary Graham, c'(?mp. Some famous paintings and their homes. 
115 p. il. O. Bost. 1887. Soule photograph co. $7.50. 

750 D871 e 

Brief running comments on about 70 of Soulo's photographs, representing 
paintings of renaissance artists and the galleries and churches where these 
paintings are to be found. 

•Heaton, Mrs Mary Margaret (Keymer). Concise history of 
painting; new ed. revised by Cosmo Monkhouse. 506 p. D. 
N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $1.50. 750 e 

See p. 49-314. 

The author has evidently Cimsulted the best authorities and has given us a 
handy volume of special ine.rit. The numerous but short footnotes by Mr 
Monkhouse will also l)e of great service to the reader. — Academy^ Oct. 1889, 

The most valuable of the older, small histories of painting. — Siurgis 


Keane, Augustus Henry, tr, anded. Early Teutonic, Italian and 
French masters; tr. and ed. from the Dohme series. 559 p. il. Q. 
Lond. 1880. Chatto 36s. 927-5 qKip e 

This comprehensive work, originally edited by Dr Dohme and carried out with 
the asMistanoe of many of the most emiDent German stadents of the history of 
art, consists of biographies of famoas artists each written by some one specially 
fitted for the task. In spite of the variety of authors and the diversity of style, 
the work is uniformly good. Mr Keane's translation is perhaps a little better 
than that to which we have been accustomed in versions from Qcrman books on 
art.— iVa«on, Feb. 1880, 30 : 124 

Ruskin, John. Modern painters. 5 v. il. D. 1894. Estes $10. 

750 R89 e 

Modern painters is that of Mr Raskin's works which will, except perhaps the 
Stones of Venice, have the greatest value for the future. It certainly is that 
which deals with the gravest matters, and the fact that it greatly fails, will not 
make it of less value to that which will become a science by having numerous 
failures and partial successes pave the way to secure conclusion. — yation, Oct. 

♦Shedd, Mrs Julia Ann (Clark). Famous painters and paintings. 
Ed. 3 enl. 328 p. il. D. Bost. 1881. Osgood $3. 

927.S Sh3 e 

Only a collection of very brief biographies with lists of paintings. Some of 
these biographies are far too meager but the majority afford such leading facts as 
will serve as a basis for future acquisition. — Literary worldy Dec. 1875, 6: 99 

♦Viardot, Louis and others. Illustrated history of painters of all 
schools. 467 p. il. Q. Lond. 1877. Low 31s. 6d. 927-5 C 

The book, within its assigned limits, is good and is calculaterl to be of service 
as a w<»rk of reiereiice where larger or more costly histories are nut at hand ; it 
contaius all that everyone, beyond the comparatively few who make the subject 
a study, cares to know about the worhl's greatest painters. — Art journal^ May 
1877, 39 : 152 

Woltmann, Alfred Fri6drich Gottfried & Wormann, Karl. 

History of painting from the German. 2 v. il. Q. Lond. 1880-87. 
Paul 70s. 750 qW83 e 

Tr. by Clara Boll. v. 1, lmI. by Sidney Colvin. 

American edition, 2 v. il. Q. N. Y. 1888. Doild $20 ; students edition, 2 v. O. 
N. Y. 1888. Dodd $7.50. 

Contents: v. 1 Ancient early and medieval painting; v. 2 Painting of the 

This history is learned, critical and popular, and yet it is neither dry nor , 
frivolous. Kach editor has worked independently yet in perfect harmony with 
the general object. 


The second volume deals with the painting of the renaissance. This is not 
only — we may safely presume — the best treatise on the subject, but as a popular 
book the most attractive that has yet appeared. — Academy^ Ap. 1887, 31 :243 

Wornum, Ralph Nicholson. Epochs of painting. 583 p. il. O. 
Lond. 1864. Chapman 20s. 75^ ^^ ^9^ 

See p. 119-323. 

To give a general view of the history of painting as concisely ns possiblo is 
what Mr Wornum desires, referring those who would go deeper into the sub- 
ject, to the sources of his own information, for details which his plan did not 
permit. — Athenaeum^ Sep. 1847, p. 987 


As in ancient Greece so also in renaissance Italy, the fine arts assumed 

the first place in the intellectual culture of the nation. But the thought 

and feeling of the modern world required an esthetic medium more 

capable of expressing emotion in its intensity, variety and subtlety, than 

sculpture. Therefore painting was the art par excellence of Italy. — 


General works 

Armstrong, Walter. On the authorship of some Italian pictures, 
(see Portfolio^ Mar. — June, 1884, 15 : 48-52, 72-77, 96-101, 1 13-18) 

705 fP83 e 

Carr, Joseph William Comyns. Papers on art. O. Lond. 1885. 
Macmillan 8s. 6d. 927-5 C23 e 

Drawings hy the old masters, p. 1-78. 

This was originally designed to serve as an introduction to the catalogue of 
an exhibition of old Italian wasters. The pages are rather a graceful accom- 
paniment to the drawings than a critical study of the masters. — PorifoUOj Dec. 
1877, 8 : 190 

Berenson, Bernhard. The central Italian painters of the renaissance. 
205 p. D. N. Y. 1897. Putnam $1. 759-5 B452 e 

This volume shows all the qualities — the ingenuity, the subtlety of reasoning, 
and the wide range and thoroughness of knowledge — which mark the author^s 
work, and make him a person to be reckoned with in all fiituio criticism. 
Besitles the analysis of central Italian painting, the volume contains an index to 
the works of the principal painters of the school, which is most valuable. — 
Nation, Dec. 1897, 65 : 462 

* Florentine painters of the renaissance; with an index to their 

works. 141 p. il. D. N. Y. 1896. Putnam $1.25. 759-5 ^45^ ^ 

This new book completes what forms a remarkable trilogy of art criticism. 
For there arc three ways in which you may study art: through the artist, through 
his work and through the euvironmeut which he expresses, or inHueuces. In his 


moiio<;raph on Lorenzo liOtto, tho author dissected the artist ; in his Venetian 
painterSj he dwelt mainly upon tho relation of the p^reat coloriHt to the pomp and 
pageantry of their environment, and now in his Florentine painters he for the finit 
time concentrates his keenest analysis upon the paintings themselves. — Cri<t<*, 
May 1896, 28 : 345 

♦ Venetian painters of the renaissance, with an index to their works. 

141 p. il. D. N. Y. 1894. Putnam $1.25. 7S9.S 1^45 « 

Mr Bcrenson has shown in his Venetian painters that he can take a compre- 
hensive view of art and its history and is as interested in the feeling and char- 
acter of artists as he is in their methods of work. His style is easy, clear and 
spirited. — Cosmo Monkhouse 

Burckhardt, Jacob. Cicerone ; art guide to painting in Italy. Ed. 
by J. A. Crowe. D. Lond. 1879. Murray 6s. As. / 

A sound and practical guide to old Italian painters. Visitors to the picture 
galleries of Italy should not fail to carry the Cicerone in their pockets. — Art 
journal. May 1873, 35: 160 

Crowe, Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. History of painting 
in north Italy. 2 v. il. O. Lond. 187 1. Murray 42s. 0. /. 

Watkinson e 

The four works by these authors devoted to Italian art are books which it is 
impossible to dispense with. The msitter is not skilfully arranged and many 
of the ascriptions have been disputed by fi;ood judges, but there is no encyclo- 
pedia of Italian art which contains the result of so hirge and personal knowledge 
of -the paintings themselves. Tho books are sometimes difficult to obtain. — 
Sturgis p. 20 

New history of painting in north Italy, from the 2d-i6th century. 

3 V. il. O. Lond. 1864-66. Murray 63s. ^. /. L. I. hist, e 

No general history of art that has been written in English is at once so clear 
in itsdotinitioiKs and descriptions, so sound in its art theories, so philosophical in 
their enunciation. — Athenaeumf May 18G6, p. 593 

* Eastlake, Elizabeth (Rigby), A///>'. Five great painters. 2 v. D. 

Lond. 1883. Longmans 7s. 6d. 927-5 ^^7 ^ 

Contents: v 1 Leonardo da Vinci; Michaelangelo ; Titian; v. 2 Titian; 

Raphael ; Diirer. 

Reprinted from the Edinhunjh and Quarterly reviews, and largely taken up with 

criticisms on the different biogruphieh of those artists 

•Jameson, Mrs Anna Brownell (Murphy). Memoirs of early 
Italian painters; revised and in part rewritten by E. M. Hurll. 281 p. 
il. O. IJost. 1896. Houghton $3. 927-5 J29 e 

Oiiginallv of little value. The changes made in this new edition are iniprove- 
nient8 in general ; the book serves a certain purpose in relating the better 
known tacts about a famous body of men. — Stunjis p. 2G 

'£arly Italian ' covers the whole period of the renaissance. 


•Karoly, Karl. Guide to the paintings of Florence ; being a complete 
historical and critical account of all the pictures and frescoes in 
Florence, il. O. N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $1.50. 

♦ Guide to the paintings of Venice ; being an historical and critical 

account of all the pictures in Venice. 278 p. il. S. N. Y. 1895. 
Macmillan $1.50. 708.S K14 e 

Historically and as works of reference tbese books have ^reat value, but are 
valnelesB as comparative criticism owing to tbe quotation of writers baving 
most diverse standards of judgment. — Sturgia p. 26 

Kugler, Franz Theodor. Handbook of painting, the Italian schools; 
6th cd. revised and in part rewritten by A. H: Layard. 2 v. 760 p. 
il. O. Lond. 1891. Murray 30s. 7S9«5 C 

See p. 125-657. 

To compreiis so large a subject as that of Italian painting into two octavo 
volumes is no easy task and one can not but admire the skill witb wbicb the 
most essential points have been selected, HO that this biHt edition has now be- 
come the best English work, which includes the whole of this wide and 
supremely interesting subject. — Saturday review^ June 1887, 63:812 

The work has been revised and entirely remodeled on the basis of the latest 
researches, Sir A. H: Layard being very largely influenced by the views of 
Morel li. 

Lanzi, Luigi Antonio. History of painting in Italy from the revival 
of the fine arts; tr. by Thomas Roscoe. New ed. 3 v. il. D. 
Lond. 1847. Bohn 3s. 6d. o. p,} 759.5 L29 e 

This celebrated writer wrote before the foundation of modern archeological 
science; his work needs to be checked by later and more severe investigators. 
Tbis book however remains a classic. — Sturgia j). 27 

Morelliy Giovanni. Italian painters, critical studies of their works; tr. 
by C. J. Ffoulkes. 2 v. il. O. Lond. 1892. Murray 30s. 

759.5 M81 e 

Contents : v. 1 Borghesi and Doria-Pamfili galleries in Rome ; v. 2 Munich and 
Dresden galleries. 

A book that made an epoch in art criticism, as it controverted in many in- 
stances the received opinions regarding tbe authorship of the pictures of the old 
Italian masters. Its author has been severely criticized, and there is still difler- 
ence of opinion as to the value of his methods of criticism, but the verdict in his 
favor is becoming more general. The Xation speaks of his work as a *model of 
art criticism* and Walter Armstrong cbaractcrized him as follows — *MorelIi*8 
real strength lay in tbo independence of his judgment. He says plenty of things 
which show bis claims to infallibility to be no better than those of many wbom 
he criticized. It is when he is confronted with time-honored descriptions that 
his strength comes out. He grasps the sense of the picture and perbaps gives a 
name to it, which as soon as pronounced is seen to be right.' 


•Scott, William Bell. Pictures by Venetian painters, with notices of 
the artists, il. F. Lond. 1875. Routledge 21s. As. e 

This book coinprises indifferent engravings of pictures and literary notes and 
criticisms by Mr Scott, who is a competent critic, — Athenaeum, Dec. 1875, p. 836 

^Stearns, Frank Preston. Midsummer of Italian art, containing an 
examination of the works of Fra Angelico, Michel Angelo, Leonardo 
da Vinci, Raphael and Correggio. 321 p. il. S. N. Y. 1895. 
Putnam $3.25. Cap759.5 St3 e 

Good general view of tlie art and spirit of the renaisHance ; the estimates o 
the artist's character are hardly to be relied on. — Spectator j June 1896, 76: 814 

Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters, engraved by 
Timothy Cole ; with historical notes by W: J. Stillman. 282 p. il. Q. 
N. Y. 1892. Century $10. 927.5 qSt5 e 

This reprint in book form of Mr Cole's wonderfal engravings, makes a most 
interesting volume. Of Mr Cole's talent or of the merit of these copies there 
can be no doubt; there have been engravers of more vigor, but never an en- 
graver so fitted for the close and infinitely delicate copying of a work of art. 
Mr Still man's notes are able and careful from the point of view of a historian ; 
as a critic his views are colored by his extreme idealistic theories. — Nation, Nov. 
1892, 55 : 379 

For a description of the different schools of painting in Italy, and a more com- 
plete account of their representative men, see Woltniann and Wormann's Hie- 
torif ofpaintingy v. 2; also the article ' Schools of paiutiug,' in the Encyclopaedia 

Florentine school 

Fra Angfiico, 1387-1455 

(Guido di Pictro, called also Fra Cjiovanni da Fiesole and il Beato) 

Fra Angelico belonged to an earlier age, a simpler and more 
believing, if a less progressive one; the technical improvement and anti- 
Christian tendency of art during his latter years in no wise affected his 
essential, imaginative spirituality ; it remained precisely what it was and 
even anticipated the result of the struggle by drawing additional vigor 
from the contact. This constitutes the essential difference between Fra 
Angelico and his contemporaries. — Lord Lindsay 

In Angelico you have the entirely spiritual mind, incapable of con- 
ceiving any wickedness whatever. He was enabled to express the 
sacred affections upon the human countenance as no one ever did before 
or since. — Ruskin 


Kugler, Franz Thcodor. Handbook of painting; the Italian 
schools. 1 89 1. I : 125-32, 759-5 C 

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1892. p. 194-221. 920.0455 0^3 c 

* Phillimore, CatherincMary. Fra Angelico and the early Florentine 
painters of the 15th century. 123 p. S. Lond. 1886. Low 3s. 6d. 

927.5 F46 e 

Also published in N Y. 1881, Scribner $1.25 (Illustrated biographies of the 
great artists) 

See p. 25-56. 

The book is an intelligeut compilation of the latest authorities. — Academy, 
Mar. 1881,19:230 

Stearns, Frank Preston. Midsummer of Italian art. 1895. p. 27-36. 

Cap759.5 St3 e 

Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p. 82-90. 

927.5 qSt5 e 

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Artist biographies, 1896. v. 5) 927-5 Sw3 e 

Vasariy Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2:31-48. 927 qV44 c 

Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gpttfried & Wormann, Karl. 

History of painting. 1887. 2:281-87. 750 qW83 e 

Masaccio, 1401-28 
(Tommaso di Gioranni di Simone Guidi, called Masaccio) 

Of the many illustrious painters who flourished in the 15th century, 
Masaccio was undoubtedly the one whose genius has had the greatest 
influence on the progress of painting and who approaches the nearest 
to that high standard of perfection, which was achieved by the great 
masters of the i6th century. This is the more extraordinary when we 
consider the early age at which he died and the small number of works 
which he appears to have left behind him. — Sir A, H: Layard 

Foremost among the pioneers of renaissance painting, towering above 
them all, by head and shoulders, like Saul among the tribes of Israel, 
stands Masaccio. Between his style in the Brancacci chapel and that of 
Raphael in the Vatican, there seems to be but a narrow gap, which 
might perchance have been passed over by this man if death had spared 
him. — Symonds 


Phillimore, Catherine Mary. Fra Angelico and the early Florentirte 

painters of the 15th century. 1886. 927«5 ^46 e 

Massiccio p. lC-24. 

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927.S qStS e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 1:228-43. 927 qV44 e 

Wormann, Karl. Masaccio. (see Keane, A: H: ed. Early Teu- 
tonic^ Italian and French masters. 1880. p. 293-315) 

927.5 qK:i9 e 

Fro J'iiippo Lippi^ l4o6?-69 

Fra Filippo Lippi's chief excellence was that which distinguished him 
as the greatest colorist and the most complete master of the technical 
difhcullies in art of his time. He may not have stoically held to the 
severely great maxims which signalized the genius of Masaccio, his 
teacher, but he gave luxurious attraction to his works by a charm of color 
in which he may claim to have been unicjue. In his effort to reproduce 
the reality, however, he did not aim at the rotundity of nature but pre- 
ferred the characteristic flatness usual in bas-relief. — Crowe ^ Cavel- 

Browning, Robert. Complete poetic and dramatic works. 1033 p. 
O. Bost. 1895 Houghton $3 (Cambridge ed.) 821.83 I e 

Fia IJppo Lippi, p. 312-45. 

Farring^on, Margaret Vere. Fra Lippo Lippi; a romance. Ed. 2. 

225 p. il. O. N. Y. 1892. Putnam $2.50. 823.89 e 

Miss Farrin^toii b. 'is seen tho poetic value of these comparatively' unwrou^ht 
(jiiarries of medieval romance, and has taken the story of Fra Lippo Lippi as the 
text of lu^r pleasant work. The lovely Lncrezia Biiti enters the life of the Fra 
and tlu'ir loves and lives (ill tliis <;lowiti<r romance into which Miss Farriugtou 
lias thrown much 8weetne>.s and refinement. — Cri<to,Jan. 1891, 18 : 13 

Phillimore, Catherine Mary. Fra Angelico and the early Florentine 
painters of the 15th century. 1886. 927-5 F46 e 

Fra Filippo Lippi, p. 58-67. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2 : 62-78. 927 qV44 e 

Bcnozzo Gozzoliy 1420-9S 

We know little of the life of Benozzo (iozzoli, but that little shows him 
to have been worthy of the jjarticular love of his master Fra Angelico, 
whose favorite pupil, companion and assistant he was. He did not 
design the figure more correctly than Angelico, nor equal him in the pro- 
found feeling and air of his heads, but he has shown more invention and 


variety in his composition and mingled with his grace, a certain gayety 
of conception, a degree of movement and dramatic feeling not found in 
the works of Angelico. Ta meson 

Phillimore, Catherine Mary. Fra Angelico and the early Florentine 
painters of the 15th century. 1886. 927*5 F46 e 

Heiiozzo Gozzoli, p. 74-80. 

Stillmati, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p.109-14. 

927.S qsts e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2:105-13. 927 qV44 e 

Andrea del I'errocchio^ 1435-88 

Verrocchio's record is mainly that of a sculptor, yet he was the master 
in painting of Leonardo, Perugino, and Lorenzo di Credi. A poem by 
Verini compares him to a fountain from which all the great painters of 
Florence drank. — Stillman 

Baxter, Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes). Andrea del Verrocchio. (see her 
Luca delta Robbia, 1890. p. 8-17) 927.3 B33 e 

Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p. 138-48. 

927.5 qsts e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2 : 237-55. 927 ^^^ e 

f.Hca Si^nort'ili, 1441-1523 
(Luca d' Ef^idio di Ventura dc' Signorelli) 

Signorelli was one of the first Tuscan artists who designed figures with 
a true knowledge of anatomy, though somewhat dryly. The cathedral of 
Orvieto evinces this, and those naked figures which even Michelangelo 
has not disdained to imitate. Although in most of his works, we do not 
discover a proper choice, nor a sufficient harmony of coloring, there are 
beauty, grace and tints approaching to modern excellence. — Lanzi 
Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p. 167-74, 

927.5 qSts e 

Symonds, John Addington. Renaissance in Italy; the fine arts. 
1888. p. 278-94. 70945 Sy6 e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2:351-66. 927 qV44 e 

Vischer, Robert. Luca Signorelli. (see Keane, A : H : ed. Early 
Teutonic^ Italian and French masters. 1880. p. 448-65) 

927.5 qKl9 e 

Woltmaan, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried & Wormann, Karl. 

History of painting. 1887. 2:342-9. 750 qW83 e 


Sandro Botticelli^ I447-1515 
(Allessandro di Mariano Filipepi, called Botticelli) 

Sandro Botticelli was the only painter of Italy who understood the 
thought of heathens and Christians equally, and could in a measure paint 
both Aphrodite and the Madonna. — Ruskin 

Ir order to achieve that complete sensation of suave and cadcnced 
movement, Botticelli must have toiled infinitely. It is not in the propi- 
tious fever of a happy moment that such works as his are created, but by 
the long effort of an imaginative and receptive mind tenacious of its ideal, 
and by the mature and untiring energy of a temperament richly and 
delicately endowed both physically and emotionally. Such was the 
mind and such the temperament of Sandro Botticelli. — Child 

Child, Theodore. Art and criticism ; monographs and studies. 

343 p. il Q. N. Y. 1892. Harper $6. 704 qC43 e 

BottieelH, \^, 1-27. 

A dozen papers about different, detached i>hascs of painting;. There is a 
Berions hick of exact comprelieuHioii of art but a good general iuipression can be 
gotten in each cane. — l\t9 p. 84 

This same art'icle was published separately in Harper's maganne^ Aug. 1888, 
77:457. 051 H23 e 

Colvin, Sidney. Botticelli. {?^tt Encyclopaedia Br ilannica, ^\ 165-67) 

R032 qEni e 

Hitchcock, George. Sandro Botticelli. ( ^ce Scribnet^s wa^azitie^ Dec. 
1888,4:711) 051 Scr3 e 

Morelli, Giovanni. Italian painters, critical studies of their works. 

1892. I : ^2-^^. 759.5 ^^181 e 

Paget, Violet. Juvenilia, by Vernon Lee. 2 v. D. Lond. 1887. 
Unwin 12s. 824.89 P14J e 

'Botticelli at the Villa Lemmi,' 1 : 77-129. 

The book is a series of essays on art. ' Botticelli at the Villa Lemmi ' is a text 
for reflections on tlic value of modern a{)preciation of art. — Academy ^ July 1887, 
32 : 63 

Pater, Walter. The renaissance ; studies in art and poetry. 1890. 

p. 52-64. 824.89 P27 e 

Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p. 155-66. 

927-5 q^ts e 

Symonds, John Adding^on. Renaissance in Italy ; the fine arts. 
1888. p. 249-55- 709.45 Sy6 C 


Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2:206-23. 927 qV44 e 

Wormann, Karl. Sandro Botticelli, (see Keane, A: H: ed. Early 
Teutonic^ Italian and French masters. 1880. p. 341-55) 

927.5 qKl9 e 

Domeuko Ghirlandtijoy 1449-94 
(IJomfiiiro ili Tomm.iso Curradi di Dosso Iligordi, called (ihirlandaju) 

'i'he portrait in the largest signification of the word is the prominent 
characteristic in the productions of Ghirlandajo. He introduced por- 
traits of contemporaries into his church historical representations, not, how- 
ever, introducing them as holy personages themselves as was the practice 
in the Netherlands and in Germany. — F, T, Kugler 

Layard, Sir Austen Henry. Domenico Ghirlandajo and his frescoes 
of the death of St Francis. 46 p. il. Q. Lond. i860 (Arundel 
society of London. Publications. No. 3) 927.5 ^[€345 ^ 

A very careful inoiiograpli. 

PhilHmore, Catherine Mary. Fra Angelico and the early Florentine 
painters of the 15th century. 1886. 927.5 F46 C 

Gliirlaiulajo, p. 95-108. 

Stiilman, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p. 194- 

204. 927.5 qSt5 e 

Vasariy Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2 : 167-91. 927 qV44 e 

Wormann, Karl. Domenico Ghirlandajo. (see Keane, A : H : ed. 
Early Teutonic ^ Italian and French masters. 1880. .p. 356-72) 

927.5 qKl9 e 

Fillppifto Lippi, I457?-I504 

Lower in the scale than Masaccio, to whom he succeeds, Filippino 
Lippi still worthily fulfils the arduous task imposed on him. If he fails to 
conceive or to dispose his subjects and groups with the massive grandeur 
of his precursor, he is nevertheless not at so great a distance behind 
Masaccio as to be eclipsed by him. — Crowe b' Cavalcasclle 

Phillimore, Catherine Mary. Fra Angelico and the early Florentine 
painters of the 15th century. 1886. 927-5 F46 e 

Filippino Lippi, p. 67-73. 

Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p. 149-54. 

9275 qsts e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2 : 277-90. 927 qV44 e 


Mariotto AlhertinelU, 1474-1515 

* Mariotto Albcrtinelli is the type of what we like to imagine as the 
painter apprentice of the renaissance, mischievous, l>waggering and pur- 
veyor of witiy speeches and practical jokes. He was admirably serious 
when once he began to paint, and his pictures sometimes attain a high 
point of excellence; his ** Visitation " would in itself suffice for his reputa- 
tion as a master.* 

Baxter, Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes). Fra Bartolommeo and Andrea 
del Sarto. 1881. p. 1-70. 927-5 B28 e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 3 : 85 -94. 927 qV44 e 

Fra Bartolommeo^ I475~I5'7 
(Fra Bartolommeo di Paolodi Jacopo del Faitorini, called Bartolommeo dclla porta) 

Fra Bartolommeo was strikingly representative of the Christian 
thoujht of his age; he was the connecting link between the early and 
th* high renaissance, showing alike the religious feeling of the Umbrians 
and the splendid technic of the Florentines. Sympathetic rather than 
great, and lofty in feeling rather than in imagination, he charmed more 

by his beauty and purity, than by force or dramatic power. h C: Van 


* Baxter, ^frs Lucy E. (Barnes). Fra Bartolommeo and Andrea 
del Sarto by Leader Scott. 133 p. il. D. Lond. 1881. Low 3s. 6d. 

927.5 B28 e 

Fr;i BartolomiiMM», p. 1-70. 

Also publinlieci in N. Y. ScriVmer $1.25 (lUn.Ntiatcd biofjraphies of the great 

MisA Scott bag written a very pleiiHaDt ami readable account niid has evidently 
per8oiial acqiinintance witb tbe woiks of wbicb sbe writes. Sbe iuspires cod- 
fiileuce by ber evident care and industry and tbc knowledge sbe bbows, and we 
•re not sure tbat sbt- will not become an autborilative writer on art. — Academy 
Mar. 1881, 19:230 

Lucke, Hermann. Fra Bartolommeo. (see Keane, A: H: e^f. Early 
Teutonic^ Italian and French masters, i88o. p. 402-21) 

927.5 qKi9 e 
Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 3:460-84. 927 qV44 

Michflattgclo^ 1474-1563 
(Michelani^elo Buonarroti) 

Of all the great men who shed a luster over Florence, no one so domi- 
neers over it and pervades it with his memory as Michelangelo. The 
imprension he left on his own age and on all subsequent ages is deeper, 
perhaps than that left by any other save Dante. — W: W, Story 


Cheney, Mrs Ednah Dow (Littlehale). Gleanings in the field of art. 
1 88 1, p. 102-34. 704 C42 e 

•Clement, Charles. Michelangelo, m p. il. D. Lond. 1891. Low 
3s. 6d. (Illustrated biographies of the great artists) 

927.5 B882 e 

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1:99-212. 927.5 Ea7 e 

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van Dyke, Michael Angelo and Raffaelle ; a series of art rambles in 
Belgium, Holland and Italy. 266 p. il. O. Lond. 187 1. Virtue 

1 2s. 759.9 e 

Michelant^elo, p. 129-43. 

Grimm, Hermann. Life of Michael Angelo. 2 v. il. O. Bost. 1896. 
Little $6. 927.5 B88 e 

Not the most sympnthetic nor the most critical of the many lives of Michel- 
angelo, but containing a great deal of research and brought down to date. — 
Sturgin p. 6 

Michelangelo Buonarotti. Original studies in the university galleries, 
Oxford; etched and engraved by J. Fisher, with introduction. New 
ed. 18 p. 56 pi. Q. Lond. 1879. Bell 15s. 

The drawings are generally those used for tlie Sistine chapel with brief descrip- 
tive text. 

Pater, Walter. Renaissance studies in art and poetry. 1890. 

824.89 P27r e 

Poetry of Michelangelo, p. 75-100. 

Perkins, Charles Callahan. Raphael and Michael Angelo ; a critical 
and biographical essay. 294 p. il. O. Bost. 1878. Osgood $5. 

927.5 R125 e 

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295 p. D. Bost. 1893. Houghton $1.25. 704 e 

Michelangelo, p. 1-38. 

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Artist biographies. 1896. v. 2) 927-5 Sw3 e 

Symonds, John Addington. Life of Michelangelo, based on studies 
in the archives of the Buonarotti family in Florence. 2 v. pi. O, 
N. Y. 1893. Scribner $7.50. 927-5 B883 e 

The addition of one more to the long array of lives of the great Florentine is 
jusMtied not only by fresh iufomiation but by the presence in the biographer of 


a more intelligeDt Ryinpatliy with his hero, than fiome of his predecessors have 
shown. TTis stronjjj point is not art criticism, Imt he never fails to comprehend 
the dramatic sides of the master^s genins. — Walter Armstrong 

Twombly, Alexander S. Masterpieces of Michel Angelo and Milton. 
172 p. il. O. Bost. 1896. Silver $1.50. 927-5 B884 

Contains 17 plates from scnlpture and frescoes, <iud an interesting comparison 
of Michelangelo with Milton, whose genius he thinks akin t.o that of the great 
master in art.— i>ial, Dec. 1896, 21 ; 388 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 4:30-250. 927 qV44 e 

Inclndes very valnahle bihliography, giving original sources as well as modern 

Wilson, Charles Heath. Life and works of Michael Angelo ; the 
life partly compiled from that of Aurelio Gotti. 567 p. il. O. Lond. 
1876. Murray 15s. 927-5 C 

Mr Wilson's Life is written without any pretension to literary skill, but with 
» practical knowledge of his subject and with painstaking accuracy. Ono chap- 
ter is devoted to the ciitical study of the Sistine chapel, which he examined most 
carefully, having scaffolding erected solely for that purpose. 

Raphaely 1483-1520 
(Raffaello Santi) 

In his life and in his work, in his ardor for knowledge, in his in- 
stinctive love for beauty and in the large serenity of his art, Raphael 
represents the best and highest aims of the renaissance. In him the 
world saw an artist whose own beautiful and gracious nature was in per- 
fect harmony with his dreams, whose creations draw the soul insensibly 
into likeness and sympathy with the beauty of reason. — Julia Cartwrighi 

♦Bell, iVrj Nancy R. E. (Meugens). Raphael, by N. D*Anvers. 
112 p il. 1). Lond. 1891. Low 3s. 6d. 927.5 Rl22 e 

Also published in N. Y. Scrihner $1.25 (Illustrated biographies of the great 

Tiiis life of Ra])hac'l though useful as an attempt to suminarizo the best known 
faclH of his life, is inadrquatc; it is based larj»ely on the life of Raphael by 
Passavunt whieh Iimh been superseded in recent tinies by the work of more care- 
ful and critic:(l investigators. 

Cartwright, Julia. Raphael. 80 + 80 j). il. Q. N. Y. 1895. Mac- 
millan $3.50. 927*5 <lRl22 e 

ContentH : pt 1 Early work of Raj)hMel ; pt 2 Rapliael in liome. 

Julia Cartwright closely follows Mureili and her text may be taken as giving 
the current eonebisions regardin*^ RaphaeTs work. The illustrations are excel- 
lent.— Aoiwn, Jan. 1895, 60:74 


•Clement, Charles. Michelangelo, Lionardo da Vinci and Raphael; 
tr. by Louise Corkran. 374 p. il. O. Lond. 1880. Seeley los. 
6d. 927.5 B886 c 

Raphael, p. 222-301. 

Crowe, Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. Raphael ; his life 
and works, with particular reference. to recently discovered records. 
2 V. O. Lond. 1882-85. Murray 33s. 927.5 Rl2I e 

This work contains a vnat ma.s8 of matter partly nnpublisbed before and the 
wboleofthis interesting subject is treated in a very wide and comprehensiye 
manner. Rapbuel's work ns an architect is not treated as fully ns might be de- 
sired and the volumes lack the important aid given by illustrations. — Academy^ 
June 1885, 27 : 443 

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O. Bost. 1888. Cupples $2. 927.5 e 

Herr Grimm groups the different compositions not so much historically and 
biographically as after the methods of historicnl development; the book is badly 
arranged and for purposes of rapid reference misses its point. Its value lies in 
the intellectual stimulus it affords to the reader. 

Karoly, Karl. Raphael's Madonnas and other great pictures repro- 
duced from the original ; with a life of Raphael. 139 p. il. F. 
N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $8. 755 qKl4 e 

Uere within the c()mIla^8 of a single portable volume we have for the first time 
a complete series of Raphaers Madonnas. From the critical point of view Mr 
Kdroly has not nuich that is new to offer; his notices are confined to a brief 
description with a few critical quotations, at times amusingly contradictory, 
from Crowe and Cavalcaselle, Morel li and oiher authorities. — Grant Allen in 
Academy, Nov. 1894, 46:427 

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revised from the 2d French ed. by Walter Armstrong. 501 p. il. Q. 
Lond. 1888. Chapman 25s. 927.5 qRl2 e 

Not a bio;jraphy of Kapliael but a comprehensive series of studies on every 
point of interest attached to Raphael's name ; wanting only an idex to make the 


vast labur and knowledge in tbem yield tlieir full fruit to bis readers. The 
illustrations arc all that tliey nhonld be. — Lady DUke 

Botb iu its literary quality and in its illuhtrativo mnterial, the book is above 
the average of biographies of artist-s. — Xaiion, Mar. 1881, 32 :208 

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Includes a very full bibliography. 

SVilliams, Mary E. Hours of Raphael in outline, il. F, Bost. 189 1. 
Little $10. Ost. 

The volume contains plates, comprising the 12 flj^ures of the Hours. The ac- 
companying text is clear and remarkably interesting ; it gives an account of sll 
the known Oicts, as well as the authors deductions therefrom. — Nation^ Dec, 
1891, 53:496 

Am/rca del SartOy 1458-1530 

(Andrea d*An(|felo di Francesco di Lucu. called Andrea del Sarto) 

The chief excellence of Andrea del Sarto is his incomparable blending 
of colors, his delicate flesh-tints and his golden chiaroscuro, the trans- 
parent clearness even of his deepest shadows and his i)erfect style of 
modeling. He docs not, like Bartolommeo, look at his subjects from the 
point of view of a deep religious feeling and a high ideal conception, but 
rather from that of worldly grace and loveliness. — Liibke 

Ah, but a man^s reach should exceed his grasp, 
Or what's a heaven fort All is silver-gray 
Placid and perfect with my art : the worse ! 

Browning. Andrta del Sarto 

Baxter, J^frs Lucy E. (Barnes). Fra Bartolommeo and Andrea del 
Sarto. 1881 (Illustrated biographies of the great artists) 

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Andrea del Sarto, p. 72-121. 


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Venetian school 
Giovanni Bellini^ 1428-1516 

All the scientific and all the theoretic knowledge, as well as all the 
power of drawing of Michelangelo would have been in vain had not 
the Venetian temperament — the sentiment of and delight in color, which 
no other school has ever developed — been implanted in Bellini. He 
found the music of color. — Stillman 

Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p. 128-37. 

927.5 qsts e 

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Giorgione, 1 477- 1 5 1 1 
(Giorgio Barbarbelli, called Giorgione) 

Giorgione is the Theocritus of Italian painting and his idyls have the 
largeness and simplicity of classic conception. Though his pictures are 
full of thoughtful and melancholy charm, they are nevertheless robust 
and healthy in their golden warmth of tone j hia coloring is Venetian in 
its most powerful and profound phase. — Vasari 

Cartwright, Julia. Art of Giorgione. (see Portfolio, 1889, p. 194-99, 
208-14) 705 fP83 e 

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1892. 2:206-25. 759.5 M81 e 

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This essay ih not iucluded iu the earlier editions, but is a particularly sympa- 
thetic and appreciative sketch. 

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927.5 qSt5 e 

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7itian, 1477-1576 
(Tiziano Vecclli) 

Titian aimed neither at strictness of expression nor at forcible 
development of form, nor even at ideal beauty, though all these qualities 
were within his grasp. The austere and glowing force of Giorgione 
resolves itself in Titian into a free and serene beauty — a pleasing and 
noble idea of nature ; it is life in its fullest power — the glorification of 
earthly existence, the liberation of art from the bonds of ecclesiastical 
dogmas. — Kiigler 

Crowe, Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. Life and times of 
Titian. Ed. 2. 2 v. il. O. Lond. 1881. Murray 21s. 

927.5 T542 e 

Ad exhaustive biography. Tlioso familiar with the earlier works of these au- 
thors will not expect brilliant literary power or acute critical perception, but it 
may be doubted whether it would have been possible to lind writers more 
admirably fitted for the preliminary* labor of setting in order the outward facts 
of the painter's career. — »/. C. Carr in Portfolio, Mar. 1877, 8 : 49 

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Longmans 31s. 6d. Vasari, Kugler 

A delightful volume, iu which the author joins background to foreground,^s country to Titian's art work. — R. F, Heath 

Heath, Richard Ford. Titian. 102 p. il. 1). Lond. 1890. Low 
3s. 6d. 927.5 T541 e 

Also published iu N. Y. 1879. Scril»ner $1 (Illustrated biographies of the great 

Sweetser, Moses Forster. Titian. i6o p. il. D. (in his Ar/isf 

biographies. 1S96. v. 2) 927-5 Sw3 e 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 4:255-303. 927 qV44 c 

Valma fecchio, i48o?-i52S 
(Giacomo Palma, callcil Palina Vcrtliio) 

* Palma Vecchio is a thorough Venetian * ; his works are pictures of 
situation with masterly dignity in the forms and delightful arrangement 
of color. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 3:303-9. 927 qV44 e 


Lorenzo Lotto^ 1480?-! 556? 

Lorenzo Lotto was the first Italian painter who was sensitive to the 
varying states of the humari soul ; this makes him preeminently a psy- 
chologist and distinguishes him from such even of his contemporaries as 
are most like him. His spirit is more like our own than is perhaps that 
of any other Italian painter and it has all the appeal to fascination of a 
kindred soul in another age. — Beraisofi 

Berenson, Bernhard. Lorenzo Lotto ; an essay in constructive art 
criticism, 362 p. il. O. N. Y. 1895. Putnam $3.50. 

927.S L91 e 

If there are reasons why Mr Berenaon's conolusions can not be absolutely 
trusted, his enthiisiitsm, his iudefatigable faculty for research, his evident sin- 
cerity, give his opinions no ordinary weight and entitle this very interesting vol- 
ume to the most careful consideration of all students of Venetian art. — Academy^ 
Julv 1895, 48:77 

Cartwright, Julia. Lorenzo Lotto, (see Portfolio^ Jan. Feb. 1889, 
20:16-19,26-30) 70s fP83 e 

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Tintoretto, 15 18-94 
(Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto) 

Tintoretto, called by the Italians the thunderbolt of painting, because 
of his vehement impulsiveness and rapidity of execution, soared above 
his brethren by the faculty of imagination, but in his work more than in 
that of his contemporaries, Venetian art ceased to be decorative and 
idyllic. — Symonds 

Osier, William Roscoe. Tintoretto. 102 p. il. D. Lond. 1892. 
Low 3s. 6d. 927.5 T49 e 

Also puhlislied in N. Y. Scrihner $1.25 (Illustrated hioi»;raphie8 of the gieat 

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Michaclan^elo and Tintoretto. 

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Tintoretto. 327 p. il. D. N. Y. 1894. Putnam $2.50. 

927.5 T491 e 
Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 3 : 382-96. 927 qV44 e 


Milanese school 
Leonardo da Vinci ^ 1452*1519 

Leonardo da Vinci stands alone in the history of art, as one who both 
conceived and realized ideals which were wholly independent from the 
antique. Leonardo was the first who ventured to base all art instruction 
exclusively and entirely upon the study of nature, and it is not too 
much to say that in his genius the aims of his numerous predecessors cul- 
minate, making art no longer dependent on tradition, but more on 
the immediate study of nature herself. — T. P, RichUr 

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nardo da Vinci and his works. O. Lond. 1874. Macmillan 31s. 

Mrs Heat.on*8 iudiistry is Hufficiently shown in ihe production of a sketch em- 
bodying almost all that recent research has brought together, and it is not to be 
expected that in the compass of this sitetch she should go deeper than she bas 
done into the causes of Leonardo's greatness. — Academy^ Mar. 1874, 5: 296 

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1891. 2:391-410. 759.5 e 

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Also pubiislied in N. Y. 1870. Scribnor $1.25 (Illusfriited blot<:r>iphii'S of the 
great artists) 

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\\v^ Artist biographies. 1896. v. i) 927-5 Sw3 e 

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Bernardino Luini^ d. 1533 ? 

In spite of faults of composition, and a conspicuous lack of dramatic 
individualization and concentration, there is so genuine a feeling for 
beauty, particularly in the youthful figures, so much that is charming in 


his idyllic way of telling a story, that we must regard Luini as the most 
successful practical exponent of Leonardo's theoretical principles. — IVoIi- 
mann &* l^ormann 

Atkinson, Joseph Beavington. Lugano, Luino and the painter 
Bernardino Luini. (.see Portfolio^ 1886, p. 105-12) 7^5 ^^83 C 

Woltman, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried & Wormann, Karl. His- 
tory of painting. 1887. 2:480-86 750 qW83 e 

// SodomOf 1477 ? — 1549 
(Giovanni Antonio de Bazzi, called il Sodoma) 

In his figures particularly of women il Sodoma resembles Leonardo ; 
they unite grace, tenderness and sweetness >^ith an earnestness and fervor 
not to be found perhaps in another artist. Had the sentimental beauty 
been more fixed in his mind and his drawing and grouping been more 
correct, he would have been one of the first artists of any time. — Kugler, 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 3:353-81. 927 qVA4 e 

Vischer, Robert. Giovanni Antonia de Bazzi. (see Keane, A : H : 
ed. Early Teutonic^ Italian afid French masters, 1880. p. 466-85) 

927.5 qKl9 e 

Paduan school 
Andrea Mantegmif 1431-1506 

Mantegna belongs to the foremost rank. There is such a depth of 
sentiment in his pictures, such a nobility in his features that we feel at 
once, he was not a man to be surpassed or imitated, but a nature whose 
animating influence must have been felt by all. Mantegna is the victim 
of a certain formality, which was only overcome by Leonardo and 
Michelangelo, through whose two-fold influence, Raphael afterwards 
obtained his happy freedom ; but this does not prevent us from ranking 
Mantegna with these three. This was the opinion in Italy also from the 
first. — Hermann Grimm 

Cartwright, Julia. Mantegna and Francia. 124 p. il. D. N. Y. 

1881. Scribner $1.25 (Illustrated biographies of the great artists) 

Mantegna. p. 1-62. 927.5 M3I e 

Such appreciative insight is as valuable in its way as scientific criticism. — 

Academy, Nov. 18, 1881, 20 : 408 

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Italian painters. 1896. p. 93-106. 927.5 J231 e 

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927.5 qsts e 


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Kcane A : H : ed. Early 2eiitonic^ Italian and French masters, 

1880. p. 373-401) 927.5 qKi9 e 

Umbrian school 

Peru gi no, 1 446- 1 524 

(Pictro di Cristoforo Vannucci. called Pcrupino) 

Perugino knew exactly how to represent a certain mood of religious 
sentiment, blending meek acquiescence with a prayerful yearning of the 
impassioned soul; a perfection of art able by color and by form to 
achieve, within a narrow range, what it desires. In his best work the 
renaissance set the seal upon pietistic art. — Symonds 

Paget, Violet. Belcaro ; being essays on sundry aesthetic questions, 
by Vernon Lee. New ed. 285 p. O. Lond. 1887. Unwin 5s. 

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'lu Umbria,' p. 156-96. 

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History of painting. 1887. 2:350-60. 750 qW83 e 

Parmese school 

Correggio, 1494-1534 
(Antonio AUegri da Corrcgsio) 

Correggio was a colorist and chiaroscurist of the highest order ; as a 
colorist he was unequaled in Italy outside of Venice; as a chiaroscurist 
he was an Italian Rembrandt. To those who think superficially 
Correggio is an arch-idealist ; to those who reason more carefully he is 
an arch-realist, but it is realism by selection applied only to the beautiful. 
— / 'asari 

Cartwright, Julia. Correggio. (sec Portfolio^ 1888, p. 30-35, 56- 

63) 705 fl'83 e 


•Heaton, M. Compton. Corrcggio. 86 p. il. D. Lond. 1891. Low 
2s. 6d. 927.5 e 

Also pnhlished in N. Y. 1882. Scribner $1 (Illustrated l>io<;raphie8 of tb#» 
groat ariists) 

Meyer, Julius. Antonio Allcgri da Correggio; from the German, ed. 
with an introduction by Mfs Heaton. 304 p. il. Q. Lond. 1876. 
Macmillan 31s. 6d. 927.5 

Ricci, C^rrado. Antonio Allegri da Correggio, his life, his friends and 

his times; from the Italian by Florence Simmonds. 408 p. il. F*. 

N. Y. 1896. Scribner $12 mt, 927.5 fC8l e 

Where the nntlior is writing of Correjrgio tlie artist we have little but praise ; 
his estimates are rarely wrou<;, in controversy almost without exception he is on 
the right side. In spite of all our reservations, Dr Ricci's Correggio is the ablest 
monograph on any sin;;U' painter that h:i8 yet been written by an Italian. — 2ia' 
Hon, Jan. 18%, 62 : 83 

Van Rensselaer, Afrs Mariana (Griswold). Six portraits. 1890. 

927.5 V35 e 

Correggio, p. 77-112. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 3:13-36. 927 qV44 e 

Bolognese school 

II Francia, 1450-1517 

(Francesco Kaibolini Francia, called it Francia) 

He is so closely allied in sentiment, expression and color to Perugino, 
that although he belongs in point of birth and education to the school of 
Bologna, he seems naturally to rank in his art with the Umbrian painter. 
Although the intimate friend of Raphael and other i6th century masters, 
he did not partake in the movement that they were making. — Mrs 

Cartwright, Julia. Mantegna and Francia. 1881. p. 63-108. 

927.5 M31 e 
Stillman, William James. Old Italian masters. 1892. p. 190-93. 

927.5 qsts e 

Vasariy Giorgio. Lives. 1896. 2:304-15. 927 qV44 e 

Chronological list of painters o, 
Date Painter School 

1 384-1447 Masclino Florentine 

1387-1455 Fra Angelico *« 

1394-1474 Squarcione Paduan 

a Not a complete list. Includes only more important names. 











I 446- I 5 24 
















I 494- I 534 




1 560-1609 


Fra Lippo Lippi 
Benozzo Gozzoli 
Gentile Bellini 
Giovanni Bellini 
Andrea Mantegna 
Andrea Verrocchio 
Melozzo da Forli 
Luca Signorelli 
Sandro Botticelli 
Francesco Francia 
Leonardo da Vinci 
Filippino Lippi 
Lorenzo di Credi 

Bernardino Luini 

Mariotto Albertinelli 

Fra Bartolommeo 



II Sodoma 


Palma Vecchio 

Lorenzo Lotto 


Sebastian del Piombo 

Andrea del Sarto 


Giulio Romano 



Paolo Veronese 

Ludovico Caracci 



































In comparing the 15th century with the i6th, we perceive that where 
the painters of the earlier period strove in vain to translate their knowl- 
edge into practice — where they frittered away their power in laborious 
details, and h\ spite of their finished realism and deep spiritual feeling, 
remained angul ir, fettered and hard — their successors found freedom 
and glow ani rose to the conception of typical beauty without being 
false to nature. The realism of the 15th century was objective; it dwelt 
on the individualization of the persons represented. That of the i6th 
was subjective ; it aimed at revealing the mind of the painter. — IVo//- 

mann &^ Wormann 

General works 

Keane, Augustus Henry, ed. Early Teutonic, Italian and French 
masters. 1880. 927-5 qKip e 

Early German masters, p. 1-208. 

Kugler, Franz Theodor. Handbook ot painting ; the German, 
Flemish and Dutch schools; based on the handbook of Kuglcr : 
new ed. revised by J. A. Crowe. 2 v. il. O. Lond. 1889. Murray 

24s. 7595 c 

Scott, William Bell. Little masters. 128 p. il. D. Lond. 1881. 

Low 3s. 6d. 927«5 Sco8 c 

Also published in N. Y. 1879. Scribner $1.25 (Illustrated biogruphios of the 
j;roat artists) 

Mr Scott writes well as he always does when art is his theme, but ackoowl- 
oiljces that in the historical portion of his narrative, * he has been mainly a trans- 
lator' nud refers to the German work of Dr Dohme. The book thou;;h small is a 
valuable addition to our biographies. — Art journal^ Feb. 1880, 42 :63 

Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried & Wormann, Karl. His- 

toiy of painting. 1887. 2:93-249. 750 qW83 e 


Martin Sihongattcr^ 1440-88 

Martin Schongaucr stood at the dividing line between medieval art and 
the fulness of the renaissance. He foreshadowed the grotesqucness and 
mystic ism of a later time, he also foreshadowed the devotion to detail 
that was at last to merge into the modern passion for genre painting. — 
Conway Macmillan 

This master is the greatest artistic genius that appeared in Germany 
during the 15th century. At one time fantastic, severe and harsh, at 
another soft and delicate; now flying in the face of all feeling for the 


beautiful and again characterized by the most unconscious fidelity to 
nature, he exercised an extraordinary influence on early German art and 
stands before us a genuine precursor of Durer. — IV, Schmidt 

Schmidt, W. Martin Schongauer. (see Keane, A : H: ed. Early 
Teutonic^ Italian and French masters. 1880. I>. 73-88) 

927.S qK^^9 e 

Albrecht Diirer, 1471-1528 

I honor daily more and more the work of a man which can 
valued in gold and silver ; of one who, when we know him thoroughly, 
has only the first Italians as his compeers, in truth, sublimity and even 
grace. — Gothe 

Cheney, Mrs Ednah Dow (Littlehalc.) Gleanings in the field of 
art. 1881. 704 C4Z e 

Albert DUrer, p 209-43. 

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lowers, (see Portfolio^ Jan.-Dec. 1877-78) 705 fP83 e 

Conway, William Martin, ed. Literary remains of Albrecht Diirer. 
il. O. N. Y. 1890. Macmillan $5. 25. 

This book was well worth writing nnd is a most tboroiigli nud conscicntions 
Rtudy. Too uiucb prnisc can not be given to the indnstry with which this mass 
of material has been studied or to the intelli^^ence with which it is setforth; 
the result is ulmost altogether admirable. — Xaliim, Feb. 1890, 50 : 136 

Cust, Lionel. Albert Diirer's engravings. SS p. il. Q. N. Y. 1894. 
Macmillan 75c. (Portfolio monograpli} Sturgis 

The reproductions of the splendid pi ints are not always as good as they should 
be, though some are very line indeed. The text is biographical. — Sturgis p. 21 

• • 

Durer, Albrecht. The little passion ; with an introduction by Austin 
Dobson. unp. il. S. N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $1.60 (Ex libris 
scr.) 246.5 D93 e 

The author ^ives a good summary of the history of the Little passion, probably 
the best known of Durer's en^raviu^s. — Son, li. 

Eastlake, Elizabeth (Rigby), la^fy. Five great painters. 1883. 
2 : 185-270. 927.5 Ea7 e 

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il. O. Lond. 1871. Virtue 12s. 704 F16 e 

'Albert Diirer; hm works, his compatriots and his times/ p. 187-259. 
A picture of life in Nuruberg in the time of Diirer ; a sketch of his life and sur- 
roundings raiher than a critical stu<ly. 


•Heath, Richard Ford. Albrccht Durer. 1 15 p. il. D. Lond. 1881. 
Low 3s. 66. 

Also published lu N. Y. 1881. Scribner $1.25 (Illnstrated biographies of the 
great artists) 

It is pleasant to find the writer of a book which partakes of the nature of a 
primer, able to grasp the large aspects of a life and ^^et neglect few of the im- 
portant particulars. The author shows justness, sobriety and appreciativeness. — 
Critic, Sep. 1881, 1 : 265 

Heaton, Mrs Mary Margaret (Keymer). Life of Albrecht Durer 

of Niirnberg; with a translation of his letters. New ed. O. Lond. 

1 88 1. Seeley los. 6d. 927-5 qD93 ^ 

The works of W. B. Scott and Mrs Heaton afi'ord useful and popular summaries 
of the rebults attained by German research, but do not pretend to examiue the 
career of the great artist from an independent point of view, or to add anything 
to the student's knowledge of the subject. — F. A. Eaton 

Schmidt, W. Albert Diirer. (sec Keane, A : Yi\ ed. Early Teutonic^ 
Italian and French masters, i88o. p. 89-131) 927.5 ^^^9 C 

* Scott, William Bell. Albert Durer ; his life and works. 324 p. il. O. 

Lond. 1869. Longmans 16s. 927*5 1^932 e 

Mr Scott's work kIiows learning, taste and a clear, concise style, and his text 

is wrought out with artistic freedom and literary power. His estimate of the 

artist is vigorous and fresh, and his opinion of the man a noble one. — Atkenatumf 

Nov. 1869, p. 6J4 

See also what is said of this book under Mrs Heaton's Life of Diirer, 

Sweetser, Moses Forster. Life of Diirer. 158 p. il. D. (in his 

Artist biographies. 1896, v. 5) 927*5 Sw3 e 

Thausing, Moritz. Albert Diirer, his life and works; tr. from the 
German by F. A. Eaton. 2 v. il. O. Lond. 1882. Murray 42s. 

927.5 D931 e 

The author has examined ' all known public and piivate collections of Diiror*s 
works aLd has collated c«*ory existing document bearing on the history of 
Durer, his family and native place.' Tlie book represents the latest results uf 
recent investigations and is the standard authoritative work on Diirer. 

Lucas Cnittdili, the elder, 1472- 1 553 
It is very difficult to estimate Lucas (!ranach justly. To class him 
with Diirer or Holbein is to rank him too highly and yet when we survey 
the sum total of his work, we are forced to regard him as little short of a 
master of the first eminence in his way — a way that was thoroughly 
original, thoroughly German and thoroughly popular. — UWtmann &* 


Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried & Wbrmann, Karl. His- 
tory of painting. 1887. 2:165-87. 750 qW83 e 

Alhrecht Altdorfn\ 1 480?- 1538 

Albrecht Altdorfer, painter, engraver and architect may be regarded as 
a rival rather than as an imitator of Diirer. In painting and etching from 
nature his peculiarly imaginative treatment led to his l)eing occasionally 
designated the *Father of landscape-painting.' His paintings with figures 
display a Dureresque character and their powerful coloring commands 
our attention. — Woltmann b* IVormann 

Colvin, Sidney. Albrecht Altdorfer. (sec Portfolio^ 1877, p. 134-40) 

705 fP83 e 

Holbein society. Fac-simile reprints. 16 v. il. sq. O. and ob. F. 

Manchester, Eng. 1869-90. Holbein soc. 761 H69 e 

V. 12 Albrecht Altdorfer, TA« fall of man, ed. hy Alfred Aapland, irith an 
inirod, hy fV: B. Scott. 

Rosenberg, Adolph. Albrecht Altdorfer. (see Keane, A : H : fJ, 
Early Teutonic^ Italian and French masters, 1880. p. 164-73) 

927.5 qKl9 e 

Scott, William Bell. Little masters. 1881. p. 24-28. 

927.5 Sco8 e 

Hans Holbein^ the younger, 1497-1543 

In Holbein the realistic tendency of the (Jerman school attained its 
highest and noblest development and he may be unreservedly pro- 
nounced to be one of the greatest masters who labored, generally speak- 
ing, in that department of art. — Dr \Vaage7i 

* Cundall, Joseph. Hans Holbein ; from Holbein und seine zeite by 
Alfred Woltmann. 116 p. il. D. Lond. 1890. Low 3s. 6d. 

927.S H69 e 

Also published iu N. Y. 8cribner $1.25 (Illustrated biographies of the ^reat 

Holbein, Hans. Dance of Death ; with introduction by Austin Dob- 
son unp. il. O. Lond. 1893. Bell 5s. net (Ex libris ser.) 

246.5 H69 e 

lioth critic and chiunpion would probably agree that there was little h*ft to be 
said il) praise or illustration ot' th»'se irn mortal designs wliieh have delightiMl the 
world for centuries. Yet tlu^rc is still room for such a scholarl.v little note as 
that which Mr Austin Do'.isod has furnished. Here we have in a handy form all 
that a student or lover of art can desire. — Academy, Mar. 1893, 43: 203 


Stephens, Frederic George. Hans Holbein, the younger, (see 
Portfolio, 1882, p. 12-17,32-37, 50-52) 705 fP83 e 

White, Richard Grant. Holbein and the Dance of Death, (see 
Atlantic monthly, 1859,3:265-82) 051 A16 e 

Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried. Holbein and his times; tr. 
by F. E. Bunnett. 468 p. il. O. Lond. 1872. Bentley 21s. 

927.S H691 e 

Tills work records witli nilmirable care all that the aathor and his conteinpor- 
aricH and predecessors huve gathered about Ilolboiu, tho painter, draftsiuan 
and architect. The illustrations are apt and excellent and the book is a model 
of its kind.— J<Aettaeti//), Feb. 1868, p. 257 (Criticism of tho German ed.) 

Wornum, Ralph Nicholson. Some account of the life and works of 
Holbein. 426 p. il. Q. Lond. 1866. Chapman 31s. 6d. o, /. 

927.5 qH69 e 

Mr Wornum's object was not the production of the life of Holbein, for which 
materials are still lacking, but to give an adequate conception of tho man's 
career and labors, by relating; the known facts of his existence and examining 
his works. He ruthlessly exposes the errors of DrWaagen, whose errors on Hol- 
bein were very great and his book perfectly represents the present state (1867) 
of our knowledge. — Jthenaeumf Mar. 1867, p. 284 


The distinguishing trait which decides the position of painting in the 
Low countries, is its realism both of form and color. While the Italian 
school slowly evolved from the Byzantine, based on the antique tradition 
of the ideal, the Dutch, alien in history as in temperament to this poetic 
descent, took root and grew rapidly and vigorously from the beginning, 
in direct inspiration of nature. — Nation 

General works 

Cole, Timothy & Van Dyke, J: C: Old Dutch and Flemish masters 
engraved by Timothy Cole ; with critical notes by J: C: Van Dyke 
and by the engraver. 192 p. il. Q. N. Y. 1895. Century $7.50. 

759.8 qC67 e 

Besides the pleanant notes by the engraver, the volume has been supidied with 
short essays on each painter. These are serious and able critical studies worthy 
of publication for themselves. Engraver, writer and publisher have worthily 
collaborated to produce a beautiful book — Nation, Nov. 1895, 61 ;350 


Conway, William Martin. Early Flemish painters. 326 p. il. O. 
N. Y. 1887. Macmillan $2.50. 759.9 e 

Professor Conway has given ug a very interestin^r and exhaustive book. If he 
has, now and then, lost sight of the great standard of absolute art, we need not 
therefore diHparage hin admirable summary of that art which is his specialty. — 
Nation, Mar. 1887, 44 : 214 

The present volume is more interesting and instructive than anything yet 
written (1887) on the suhject in Etiglish. — JV. H. J. fVeale in Academy, Jan. 
1887, 31 : 16 

Crowe, Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. Early Flemish 
painters, their lives and works. Ed. 2. 383 p. il. O. Lond. 1872. 
Murray 15s. 759.8 C88 e 

Also published in N. Y. Scribner $€. 

This book treats more fully of what is contained in the first volume of Crowe's 
edition of Kngler, and is perhaps the best work on the subject. — Sturgi$ p. 20 

* Havard, Henry. Dutch school of painting ; tr. by G. Powell. 

290 D. N. Y. 1895. Cassell $2. ^. /. 759.9 C 

Mr Havard, if not a great writer is a clear one, and his personal research bns 
added a great tieal to our knowledge of the lives of Dutch painters. This vol- 
ume is admirably planned and is the best short history of Dutch art. The 
English version, though not first rate, is tolerable, and many of the illustrations 
are excellent. — Academy , July, 1886, 30 : 32 

Kugler, Franz Theodor. Handbook of painting, German, Flemish 
and Dutch schools, based on the handbook of Kugler; new ed. 
revised by J. A. Crowe. 2 v. il. O. Lond. 1889. Murray 24s. 

759 e 

There is no bettor book for the study of the earlier painting of the north of 
Europe. — Stnrgia p. 20 

* Wauters, Alphonse Jules. Flemish school of painting ; tr. by Mrs 

Henry Rossel. 423 p. il. 1). N. Y. 1885. Cassell $2. 759.9 e 

The anthor is a man ar(|uaintt»d with his snbji'ct who wriios fn>m liis own 
knowh'dge nnd floes not mort'ly compile at second h;in<l. Ilr is obliged to be 
brief for he has set hiuisflf to covor the whoh* iiislory of Flemish jiainting from 
its earl lost days, down to the present time. — Academy, Mar. 1885, 27:211 

Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried & Wormann, Karl. 

History of painting. 1887. 2:7-90. 750 (1W83 e 

Flemish puintinj; in the 15th centiiry; Miniature painting in Flanders; 
Flemish an<l Dutch schools of the early Ifith century. 


Flemish school 

Hubert van Eyck^ I366?-I426 and Jan van Eyckj 1381-1440 

The new impulse that was given to art in the Netherlands at the 
beginning of the 15th century was given by the two Flemish brothers 
Hubert and Jan van Eyck. The great success of these masters, it has 
been asserted, was wholly owing to their invention of a better medium 
for painting — to their discovery, as it has been called, of the secret of oil 
painting; but no one who has studied the work of Jan van Eyck, can 
doubt that the real secret of his admirable painting, lay not in the 

mechanical medium he used but in the genius of the man who used it 

Airs Heaton 

Conway, William Martin. Early Flemish artists. 1887. p. 125- 

59 759.9 e 

Crowe, Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. Early Flemish 

painters. 1872. 759-9 ^88 e 

Hiilurrt and John van Eyck, p. 30-78; Jolin van Eyck, p. 79-134. 

Eisenmann, Oscar. Brothers van Eyck. (see Keane, A : H : ed. 
Early Teutonic^ Italian and French masUrs, 1880. p. 209-30) 

927.5 q*^i9 c 

Fromentin, Eugene. Old masters of Belgium and Holland ; tr. by 
Mrs M.. C. Robbins. 339 p. il. stj. (). Bost. 1883. Houghton $3. 

759.9 F97 e 

The van E>ck8 ami Mcmlinj;, p. 317-39 . 

An udmirablc book full of soundest criticissm. — Sturyia p. 22 

Wauters, Alphonse Jules. Flemish school of painting. 1885. 
P- 33-51. 759.9 e 

Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried & Wormann, Karl. Plis- 
tory of painting. 1887. 2:8-18. 750 qW83 e 

AVi,Yr 7'an der Wcyden^ 1400-64 

Roger van der Weydcn is a central figure among the 15th century 
artists of the Low countries. Jan van Eyck was both a greater man and 
a greater artist than Roger, but Roger was the greater master. The 
leading painters of the second half of the century were either directly or 
indirectly pupils of his. He was the agent who took the new principles 
of Jan van Flyck and gave them currency not in the Netherlands alone, 
but throughout Germany and even Italy. — Conway 


Conway, William Martin. Early Flemish artists. 1887. p. 160-82. 

759.9 e 

Crowe, Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. Early Flemish 

painters. 1872. p.182-229. 759*9 ^^8 e 

Hans Mt'mlini^t d.1495 

Memling was more ideal than the van Eycks and more skilful 
in contrasting expression than his contemporaries. The method of color 
employed by Memling appears to have been peculiar to himself. His 
contemporaries employed much impasto, and he, though he worked in 
oil, adhered to and applied the earlier traditions of the tempera painters. — 

Conway, William Martin. Early Flemish artists. 1887. p.235-68. 

759.9 e 

Crowe, Joseph Archer & Cavalcaselle, G. B. Early Flemish 

painters. 1872. p. 2 5 1-99. 759.9 ^88 e 

Fromentin, Eugene. Old masters of Belgium and Holland. 1883. 
P.317-39- 759.9 F92 e 

Qut'Htin MassySf 1466-1530 

As a painter Matsys is the first and most important representative of 
the new era in the north. While his predecessors had employed the 
human figure as only of equal importance with landscape or architec- 
ture, he boldly made it prominent, and gave his actors, often of the size 

of life, emotional individuality and dramatic conception Woltmann &* 


Eisenmann, Oscar. Quentin Matsys. (sec Keanc, A: H: ed. Early 
Teutonic^ Italian and French masters. 1880. p* 2 53-73) 

927.S qKl9 e 
Heaton, Mrs Mary Margaret (Keymer). Concise history of 

painting. 1893. p.396-401. 750 e 

Wauters, Alphonse Jules. P'lemish school of painting. 1885. 
p.98-106. 759.9 e 


In all the early French art is apparent a marked personality of motive. 
French art of the 15th century was so overborne by here Italian and 
there Flemish influence, however, as to be well-nigh stupid. Of the i6th 
century the prominent characteristic was the assertion of the individual. 
This was the first real revelation to France of the art of Italy. — Mrs 


General works 
Smith, Gerard W. Painting, Spanish and French. 1884. 759 c 

Stotherty James. French and Spanish painters. 1877. ?• 75-^4- 

7594 qSt7 e 
* Stranahan, Mrs Clara Cornelia (Harrison). History of French 

painting, from its earliest to its latest practice. New ed. il. O. 

N. Y. 1893. Scribner $3.50. ^^'759.4 St8 e 

Considering the vast extent of the ground covered, Mrs Stranahan's success 
most be pronounced more than creditable. — Acadeintfj Aug. 1889, 36: 123 


The latter half of the 15th century was the period when Spanish art 
began to assert itself in a more or less tentative way. Painting in Spain 
after Gothic conventionalties were dropped, resolves itself into three 
schools. There was the school of Castile originating at Toledo at some 
imperfectly ascertained date in the 1 5th century. Then the school of 
Andalusia with its center at Seville. Valencia gives its name to the 
third principal school of Spain which took its rise near the close of the 
X5th century. — Shthert 

General works 

•Smith, Gerard W. Painting, Spanish and French. 241 p. il. D. 
N. Y. 1884. Scribner $2 (Illustrated handbook of art history) ' 

759 e 

The book treats of the three Spanish schools of Castile, Andalusia and Valen- 
cia. The whole series (Illustrated handbooks of art history) and this volume in 
particular can be recommended to students of art. — Critic, Nov. 1884, 5; 221 

Stothert, James. French and Spanish painters; a critical and 
biographical account of the most noted artists, 1450-1874. 270 p. 
il. Q. Phil. 1877. Coates $10. 759.4 qSty e 

Spanish art, 1450-1564, p. 1-30. 

A sketchy account ; only 30 pages devoted to the 15th and 16th centuries 
in Spain. 

• Washburn, Emelyn W. Spanish masters; an outline of the history 
of paintings in Spain. 194 p. il. O. N. Y. 1884. Putnam $2. 

759.6 e 

See p. 1-68. 

The r<5sum<5 of the chronicle of the arts in Spain in this book under notice is a 
compact well arranged history. The volume is nut to be compared with the 
authoritative workof Morelli, but takes its place as a handbook of unquestionable 
value.— iVa«on, May 1884, 38 : 391 

Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried & Wormann, Karl. 

History of painting. 1887. 2 : 253-59. 750 qW83 e 

Uniyersity of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


May 1898 





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The list following contains the principal abbreviations nsed. Other abbrevia- 
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A. L. A. American library association. Catalog of ^ A. L. A.' library 
Adams. Adams. Manual of historical literature 

Ency. Brit. Encyclopaedia Britannica 

Ues. Leypoldt Sl lies. List of books for girl and women 

L. I. hist. Long Island historical society library 
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Acland, A. H. D. Guide to the choice of books. 1891 
Adams, C: K. Manual of historical literature. 1889 
Allen, W: F. Readers guide to English history. 1888 


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AmcricED library association. Catalog of 'A. L. A.' library. 1893 

Andrews, £. B. Brief institutes of general history. 1887 

Boston athenaeum. Catalogue. 1874-^ 

Boston public library. Bibliographies of special subjects. 1890 

Chronological index to historical fiction. 1875 

Bowen, H. C. Descriptive catalogue of historical novels and tales. 1882 

Brookline public library. Catalogue ; supplenieut. 1881 

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Cleveland public library. Alphabetic catalogue. 1889 

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Fletcher, W: I: ed. A. L. A. index. 1893 

Gardiner, S: R. Student's history of England. 1890-95 

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Larned, J. N. History for ready reference. 1894-95 
Matson, Henry. References for literary workers. 1892 
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Providence public library. Monthly reference lists. 1881-84 
St Louis free public library. Reference lists, n. d. 
Salem public library. Bulletin, 1891-date 

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San Francisco free public library. Classified English prose fiction. 1891 
Sargant, E. B. & Whishaw, Bernhard. Guide book to books. 1891 
Sonnenschein, W: S. Best books. 1891 

Readers' guide. 1895 

Sperry, Helen. Reading list on Venice. 1898 

University of Chicago university -extension dep't. Syllabuses 

Wisconsin university. Extension syllabuses 


During the 15th century a change as subtle and indefinable as it was 
significant came over the spirit of European society. Without sharp 
break with the past, involving no strictly new creation, no sudden or 
unheralded revolution of ideas, gradually rose an altered mode of viewing 
man^ the world, life, far less theological than the old, less respectful to 


tradition, more confident in man's powers and future, in fine — 
human. — E. B. Andrews 

In this period monarchy, especially in France, England and Spain, 
acquires new strength and extension. The period includes the reigns of 
three kings who did much to help forward this change, Louis 1 1 of 
France, Henry 7 of England, and Ferdinand, the Catholic, of Spain. The 
Italian wars begin with the French invasion of Italy; the rivalship of 
the kingdoms and the struggles pertaining to the balance of power are 
thus initiated. In this period fall new inventions which have altered the 
character of civilization, and great geographical discoveries, of which the 
discovery of the New world is the chief. It is the epoch, moreover, of 
the renaissance, or the reawakening of learning and art. There is a new 
era in culture. All these movements and changes foretoken greater 
revolutions in the age that was to follow. — G: P. Fisher 


England. The 100 years war is just ended. The country is dis- 
tracted by the wars of the roses, which end in the accession of Henry 7 
and the Tudor dynasty. 

France. The war with England ends. Louis 11 and the nobles 
carry on a struggle which lays the foundation for absolute monarchy. 
Charles 8 and Louis 12 begin the invasion of Italy. 

Italy. The independent republics are now ruled by despots. Venice 
begins to lose her commerce and decline in importance. The quarrels 
of the states with each other lead to the long period of struggle and 
foreign interference. The decay of the papacy brings about the reform- 

Spain. The Moors are conquered in Granada, the two kingdoms of 
Aragon and Castile are united under Ferdinand and Isabella. The 
importance of Spain in Europe begins. 

Portugal. The period of discovery under Prince Henry the Nav- 
igator is at its close, resulting in the new era of commerce which gives 
a fatal blow to the commercial supremacy of Italy. 

German empire. The emperor Frederick 3 exercises no real power. 
The rule of Maximilian i begins. 

Russia. The Mongol supremacy is overthrown after a long contest, 
by Ivan 3 the Great, the founder of the united monarchy. The republic 
of Novgorod is subjugated. 

Sweden, Norway and Denmark are united. Unsuccessful at- 
tempts for freedom on the part of Norway and Sweden. 


Netherlands under the dukes of Burgundy. Through Mary's mar*' 
riage the provinces pass to Maximilian of Austria. 

Poland and Lithuania, united, are growing in importance. Western 
Prussia is annexed to Poland, and Eastern Prussia is made a dependency. 

Bohemia is in the power of the Utraquists which results in a period 
of religious struggle with Rome and Hungary. 

Hungary. The defeat of the Turks prevents their advance into 
Europe. After 1490 Hungary is united to Bohemia and the succession 
secured to Maximilian. 

Byzantine empire. Constantinople is conquered by the Turks, and 
Moslem power in Europe is established. 

America. The period of discovery ; Columbus, Cabot and Vespucius. 

Switzerland has just gained her independence and formed a powerful 
confederacy. Alliances with many European states are formed, and the 
fierce struggle with Burgundy ends at Nancy. 

Principal dates 

1453 Conquest of Constantinople by Mohammed 2, death of 
Constantine 13, and end of Eastern empire 
End of 100 years war between France and England 

1455 Beginning of the wars of the roses 

1456 Victory of Hunyady over the Turks at Belgrade 
Conquest of Athens by the Turks 

1468 Conference of Louis 1 1 and Charles the Bold at Peronne 
1477 Charles the Bold defeated and killed by the Swiss at Nancy 
Burgundy united with France 
Marriage of Mary of Burgundy with Maximilian of Austria 

1479 Union of Castile and Aragon 

1480 Establishment of the inquisition in Spain 
Emancipation of Russia from the Mongols 

1485 Richard 3 killed on Boswonh field, the end of the wars of 

the roses, with the accession of the Tudor king, Henry 7 
i486 Cape of Good Hope discovered by Dias 
1492 Conquest of Granada, end of Moorish dominion in Spain 
1492 Expulsion of the Jews from Spain 
America discovered by Columbus 
1494 Italy invaded by Charles 8 
1498 Vasco da Gama lands in India 
1 508 League of Cambrai against Venice 





Henry 6, 1422-61 
Edward 4, 1461-83 
Richard 3, 1483-85 
Henry 7, 1485-1509 

James 2, 1439-60 
James 3, 1460-88 
James 4, 1488-15 13 

Charles 7, 1422-61 
Louis II, 1461-83 
Charles 8, 1483-98 
Louis 12, 1 498-151 5 


Philip 3, 1419-67 
Charles the Bold, 1467-77 


The Medici 
Lorenzo, 1469-92 

The Sporza 
Francesco, 1450-65 
Ludovico, i48o?-99 


Ferdinand and Isabella, 

Nicholas 5, 1447-55 
Calixtus 3, 1455-5S 
Pius 2, 1458-64 
Paul 2, 1464-71 
Sixtus 4, i47i->84 


Alfonso 5, 1438-81 
John 2, 1481-95 
Emanuel, 1 495-1 521 

German empire 
Frederick 3, 1440-93 
Maximilian i, 1493-15 19 


Basil 3, 1425-62 
Ivan 3, 1462-1505 

Sweden, Norway and Denmark 
Christian i, 1448-81 
John, 1481-1513 

Under Burgundy to 1482 


Casimir 4, 1447-92 
John Albert, 7492-1 501 
Alexander, 1 501-1506 

George Podiebrad, 1458-71 


Matthias Corvinus, 1458-90 

Byzantine empire 
1479- Mohammed 2, 1451-81 
Bajazet 2, 1481-1512 


Innocent 8, 1484-91 
Alexander 6, 1492-1503 
Pius 3, 1503 
Julius 2, 1503-13 



General histories 

Duruy, Victor. History of modem times ; tr . . . by E. A. Grosvcnor. 
540 p. maps, O. N. Y. 1894. Holt $1.60. 940.5 D93 C 

Soe p. 1-81. 

This book is by one of the most euilDent and skilfal of modern French historical 
writers ... It is compact, accurate, and interesting . . . and it is donbtfal 
whether any other single volume on the period of which it treats can be of so 
mnch valae. — AdatM p. 204 

Draper, John William. History of the intellectual development of 

Europe. New ed. 2 v. D. N. Y. 1876. Harper $3. 

901 D79 e 
See p. 105-205. 

Written with unquestionable ability, but anti-Christian in attitude. Though it 

presents but one side of the question, that side is presented with unusual skill. 

The book has been, and will continue to be, much admired and very severely 

criticized. — Adams p. 44 

Dyer, Thomas Hemy. Modern Europe from the fall of Constan- 
tinople to the establishment of the German empire, 1453-187 1. 
New ed. 5 v. O. Lond. 1877. Bell j£2 12s. 6d. 940.5 e 

Seel: 79-278,312-31. 

The value of this work is in the fact that it is compactly written and is . . . 
easy of consultation . . . generally accurate, but its style is heavy. Of 
great value as a work of reference. — Adams p. 204 

Bryce, James. Holy Roman empire. Ed. 8. 465 p. D. Lond. 
1892. Macmillan $1. 940 B84 e 

Sec p. 333-53. 

A book that has steadily grown into the highest favor with scholars. It is 
a portrayal of the mutual relations of Rome and Qermany during the middle 
ages. — Adams p. 266 

Praet, Jules von. Essays on the political history of the 15th, i6th 
and 17th centuries; ed. by Sir E. Head. 464 p. O. Lond. 1868. 

Bentley i6s. 940.5 P88 e 

See p. 60-97. 

His essays . . . aim to present ... an interior view of the men and the periods 
of which they treat ... It is in the work of critical historical portraiture that 
these essays excel. — Adams p. 214 

Freeman, Edward Augustus. Historical geography of Europe, 

2 v. O. Lond. 1882. Longmans $10.50. 911*4 E87 e 

V. 1, text ; V. 2, maps. 

Maps 34-.35, 55 show Europe in 1444 and 1464 ; Baltic lands iu 1478. 
The series of maps !» . . . a treasure to anyone who wishes to understand the 
histories wliich ho reads.— ^aiton, Feb. 1881, 58:91 


Histories of civilization 

Guizot, Francois P. G. History of civilization from the fall of the 
Roman empire to the French revolution. 3 v. D. N. Y, 1889-90. 
Macmillan $3. 940 G942 e 

See 1 : 195-213. 

The most famous of Guizot's works . . . It gives us the broadest geueraliza- 
tions . . . but embodies many wise conclusions that rest on the solid basis of most 
thorough research. — Adam$ p. 46 

Ducoudray, Gustav. History of modem civilization ; tr. and ed. by 

Rev. J, Verschoyle. 587 p. il. O. N. Y. 1891. Appleton $2.25. 

90 c D85 e 
. See p. 181-237. 

An admirable and very compact summary, well edited. — Son, p. 886 

Adams, George Burton. Civilization during the middle ages. 463 p. 
O. N. Y. 1894. Scribner $2.50. 901 Adi e 

See * Growth of commerce,' p. 279-310. 

Only wide learning and considerable thought could have made this book 
possible; a fairly accurate though uneven account of the institutions of 
medieval Europe. —Nation, Feb. 1894, 58 : 91 

Church histories 

French, Richard Chenevix. Lectures on mediaeval church history, 
439 p. O. N. Y. 1878. Scribner $3. 270 T72 e 

See p. 382-439. 

A book for those who desire to know something of the history of the church in 
order better to understand the contemporary events of secular history . . • 
Accurate, compendious and interesting. — Nationy Nov. 1878, 27 : 323 

Moller, Wilhelm. History of the Christian church ; tr. by Andrew 

Rutherfurd. 2 v. O. Lond. 1892-93. Sonnenschein 30s. 

270 M73 e 
See 2: 523-50. 

There is no other book equally useful to students in giving a view of the de- 
velopment of church history as a part of the general course of human knowledge. 
—Nation, Oct. 1892, 55 : 283 

Sheldon, Henry Clay. History of the Christian church. 5 v. O. 
N, Y. 1894. Crowell $10. 270 Sh4 e 

See 2 : 319-79, 473-80. 

The tone and spirit of this work are admirable; it seems eminently judicial, 
giving both sides of the question. The author's position is that of a believer in 
evangelical and reformed Christianity. He shows clear evidence of acquaintance 
with original resources. — Critic^ Oct. 1894, 25; 268 

A work of industrious scholarship but somewhat narrow in its views; also 
superficial and hasty. — Littrary world, Dec. 1894, 25 : 471 


Alzog^, John. Manual of universal church history; tr. from the 9th 
German ed. by F, J. Pabisch and T: S. Byrne. 3 v. O. Cin. 1874- 
78. Clarke $10.50. 270 AI9 e 

See 2 : 897-946. 

The most important of Roman catholic anthoritios on the geaeral history of the 
church, and put forth with official imprimature. I)r Alzog made use of protestant 
and int)de], as well as Roman catholic authorities, hut he is not entirely free from 
dogmatism. In point of literary workmanship the volumes leave little to 
be desired. — Adama p. 169 

Creightoiiy Mandell. History of the papacy during the period of the 

reformation, v. 1-6, O. N. Y. 1897. Longmans $12. 

282 C86 e 
Not jet complete. 

See 2 : 289-4 : 115 

A hook of great learning, sobriety and good judgment. — Adams p. 563 

Milman, Henry Hart. History of Latin Christianity. 8 v. in 4, 
D. N. Y. 1889-92. Armstrong $6. 282 M631 e 

See Murray ed. 1867, 9 : 449-79. 

Milman was a distinguished divine of the Church of England, yet his treat- 
ment of the popes and of their policy is so liheral that his work received the 
heartiest commendation of so prominent a catholic as Cardinal Newman . . . 
Of the numerous works on the history of the church iu the middle ages this will 
generally he found . . . the most readable, the most impartial and the most 
satisfactory. — Adams p. 183 

Thompson, R. W. The papacy and the civil power. 750 p. O. 
N. Y. 1876. Harper $3. 282 T37 e 

Not an ultimate authority, but the best easily accessible sketch of the subjeot 
of which it irents. It is hardly judicial in character, but is rather a powerful 
indictment of the temporal policy of the catholic church. — Adam$ p. 191 


DeVinne, Theodore Low. Invention of printing. Ed. 2. 557 p. 
il. O. N.Y. 1878. Hart $8. 655.1 N6 e 

In the main a candid compilation from the best authorities, but his conclusions 
are determined by his practical knowledge of the art. The work is thoroughly 
popular in conception and literary execution. — Xatiotif Juno 1878, 26 : 408 

Humphreys, Henry Noel. History of the art of printing. 212 p. 
il. F*. Lond. 1868. Quaritch 313s. 655.1 f M7 e 

See p. 68-208. 


Manners and customs 

CuttSy Edward Lewes. Scenes and characters of the middle ages. 
546 p. il. O. Lond. 1872. Virtue 15s. 940.1 e 

LacroiXy Paul. Manners, customs and dress in the middle ages. O. 
N. Y. 1876? Appleton $12. o, p. 

The importance of the material brought together, the skill of the description, 
and the artistic execution of the illlustratisns have given this book a recognized 
and permanent value. — Adams p. 181 

Shaw, Henry. Dresses and decorations of the middle ages. 2 v.^ 
pi. Q. Lond. 1858. Bell;^5. 15s. 6d. 391 qShi e 

See preface and v. 2, pi. 39-71. 

Litchfield, Frederick. Illustrated history of furniture. Ed. 3. il. 
pi. Q. Lond. 1893. Truslove 258. 749 qL67 e 

See ed. 2, p. 41-54. 


General histories 

Bright, James Franck. History of England. 4 v. maps, D. Lond. 
1887-94. Longmans $6.75. 942 B76 e 

See 1 : 319-54 ; 2 : 355-65. 

Clear, careful and accurate, with excellent tables and maps; a magazine of 
information and in matters of opinion is fally abreast of the latest conclusions 
and criticisms. — Adams p. 465 

Green, John Richard. Short history of the English people. 4 v. 
il. Q. N. Y. 1893-95. Harper $20. 942 qG82i e 

Also published in Iv. O, N. Y. 1893, Harper $1.20. 

See 2 : 546-93. 

Rather a commentary on the history of England than history itself. The 
qualities which have given to the work its great popularity are the brilliancy of 
its style, the breadth of its generalizations, the vividness with which it portrays 
the general drift of events, the clearness with which it shows the relation of 
cause and effect, the prominence which it gives to the literary and social progress 
of the people. — AdavM p. 467 

Knight, Charles. Popular history of England with continuation to 
1887 by P. Smith. 9 v. il. O. N. Y. 1893. Warne $20. 

942 K74 e 

See 2 : 64-244. 

This history aims to be light and readable without being superficial ... It is 
not profouud, but with the exception of Green, for the general reader, it is pro- 
bably the best history of England. — Adams p. 470 


Lingardy John. History of England. lo v. O. Lond. 1883. 
Nimmo j£$ 5s. 942 L643 e 

See 5 : 150-382. 

The great Roraau catholic authority on the history of Eugland. No history 
was ever more violently assailed, aud yet the author succeeded in vindicatiog 
himself from the most serious charges hrought against him. The work is per- 
Taded hy a strong bias, but aside from this drawback it is the best general 
history before 1688. — Adams p. 471 

Special histories 

Foster, John. Historical and biographical sketches. 3 v. O. 
Lond. i860. Murray 12s. 942 F77 e 

See ' Plantagenets and the Tudors/ 1 : 209-20. 

Gairdner, James. The houses of Lancaster and York. 26ip. maps, D. 
N. Y. 1891. Scribner $1 (Epochs of modern history) 

942.04 G12 e 
See p. 155-253. 

The defect of Mr Gairdner's sucoinot and elear narrative is that it does not 
bring into sufficient relief the points which make the wars of the roses note- 
worthy.— 2Va«on, Ap. 1875, 20 : 226 

Ramsay, Sir James H. Lancaster and York. 2 v. por. maps, O* 
Oxford 1892. Clarendon press 36s. 942.04 R14 e 

See 2 : 125-558. 

The work is well done, sober and conscientious. The materials are not copious 
nor of the best kind, but the author has not tried to get out of them more than 
was really there.— Nation, July 1892, 55 : 71 

Moberly, Charles Edward. The early Tudors. 249 p. il. map, S. 
N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1 (Epochs of modem history) 

942.05 M71 e 
See p. 1-78. 

A work which by its thoroughness of preparation, soberness of judgment, and 

interesting style is well worthy of a place in its series. — Nation, Aug. 1887, 45 : 141 

Buschy Wilhelm. England under the Tudors ; tr. by A. M. Todd. 
V. I, O. Lond. 1895. Innes i6s. mf. 

By an eminent German authority. The period of Henry 7 is one which now 
almost for the first time has received the detailed treatment which its importance 
merits. — Academy ^ Aug. 1895, 48: 156 


Constitutional histories 

Langmeady Thomas Pitts Taswell-. English constitutional history ; 
4th cd. revised . . . with notes . . . by C. H. E. Carmichael. 
883 p. O. Lond. 1890. Stevens 21s. 342.429 L26 e 

See p. 336-91. 

Brief and complete^ covering the entire groand and containing the results of 
the latest scbolarsbip. The arrangement is original and very excellent. — 
Nation, Ap. 1876, 22 : 284 

Gneist, Rudolf. Student's history of the English parliament. 462 p. O. 
N. Y. 1887. Putnam $3. 328.429 053 e 

See p. 196-211. 

StubbSy William. Constitutional history of England. 3 v. D. N. Y. 
1878. Macmillan $7.80. 342.429 St9 e 

See 3 : 158-286. 

This is incomparably superior to all other general authorities on the period of 
which it treats. With a spirit of sober earnestness the author has brought to his 
work unrivaled familiarity with the original sources of information, untiring 
industry, coolness of judgment and keenness of discrimination. — AdatM p. 509 

Social bistories, manners, etc. 

Traill, Henry Duff. Social England, a record of the progress of the 
people in religion, laws, learning, arts, industry, commerce, science, 
literature and manners ... by various authors. 6 v. O. N. Y. 
1894-97. Putnam $3.50 each. 942 T68 e 

See 2 : 305-573. 

There is too great a multiplicity of interests and disproportion in treatment of 
topics, but the volumes contain a great deal of good work, and are exceedingly 
valaable.— JVaiion, May 1894, 58 : 372 

Cunningham, William. Growth of English industry and commerce. 
2 V. O. Camb. (Eng.) 1890-92. University press 34 s. 

330.9 C91 e 

See 1 ; 366-89, 418-28. 

The author undertakes to produce ... a succinct, comprehensive and judicious 
summary of the development of Euglish commerce and industry . . . aod in 
many respects he is successful. The work is disappointing when it comes to the 
critical observation of the forces at work in the history which it represents.--* 
Nation, Feb. 1893, 56 : 112 


Denton, William. England in the 15th century. 337 p. O. Lend. 
1888. Bell I2S. 914.2 1)43 e 

See p. 127-S08. 

This work shows wide erudition, sober good sense, vigor and picturesqaeness ; 
its obrioiiB defects are dne to the premature death of the author. He magnifies 
the unpleasant and difficult side of life in the middle ages, but his book is a 
storehouse of valuable material. — Athen<ieumy Sep. 1888, p. 279 

Greene, Mrs Alice (Stopford). Town life in the 1 5th century. 2 v. O. 
N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $5. 352.042 G82 e 

This is a remarkable and most interesting work ; it shows some mistakes in 
judgment and theories, but is suggestive, original and earnest. — Athenaeum 
June 1894, p. 765 

Wright, Thomas, ^^. Political poems and songs relating to English 
history. Composed during the period from the accession of Edward 
III to that of Richard III. 2 v. O. Lond. 1861. Longmans 20s. 
An invaluable collection. In no way can we learn more of (the ideas and feel- 
ings of the people of this period than by an inspection of their crude lyric 
poetry. — Adams p. 508 

Songs and carols . . . printed from a ms. of the 15th century. 

107 p. D. (in Percy society. Publications. 1840-52. v. 23, 
art. i) 820.6 P41 e 

Fasten letters, 1422-1509; new edition . . . ed. by James Gairdner. 
3 V. O. Westminster 1896. Constable 15s. 942.04 G121 e 

These letters, passing between the members of a family of some note, are pro- 
bably the best account now extant of social life in England during the latter 
half of the loth century . . . The prefaces in Gairdner's edition are of great value 
to the reader, as they show with much clearness the social animosities that 
found vent in the wars of the roses. — Adams p. 480 

Hill, Georgiana. History of English dress. 2 v. il. O. N. Y. 1893. 
Putnam $7.50. 391 H55 e 

See 1:5-9,115-81. 

In spite of some defects of arrangement the book supplies a clear and accurate 
picture of styles. — Athen<ieum, Nov. 1893, p. 667 


Ward, Thomas Humphrey. English poets. 4 v. D. N. Y. 1891-93. 
Macmillan $4. 821.08 W21 e 

See 1 : 147-58. 

▲ delightful collection of the gems of English poetry. — Adams p. 534 


Morley, Henry. English writers, v. i-ii, D. Lend. 1887-95, 
Cassell 5s. ^ach. 820.9 e 

See 6.244-339. 


Strickland, Agnes. Lives of the queens of England. 6 v. D. N. Y. 
1888-91. Macmillan $9 (Bohn's lib.) 923.142 St8 

A spirited and interesting series of biographioal sketches, not, however, of 
great historical value. The author was moved bj strong partialities. — 
AdafM p. 473 

Richard J, Gairdner, James. History of the life and reign of 
Richard III. Ed. 2. O. Lond. 1879. Longmans ids. 6d. 

923.142 e 

Probably no scholar in England is more thoroughly acquainted with the 
period of Richard 3 than is Mr Gairdner; and since the publication of this 
volume all doubt in regard to the character of that monarch may be set aside. — 
Adam$ p. 480 

Henry 7. Stubbs, William. Seventeen lectures on the study of 
mediaeval and modem history. Ed. 2. O. Oxford 1896. 
Clarendon press 8s. 6d. 942 St6 e 

See p. 382-424. 

Gairdner, James. Henry the seventh. 219 p. D. N. Y. 

1889. Macmillan 60c. (Twelve English statesmen) 

923.142 H37g e 

Warwick, Robert Dudley, earl of. Oman, Charles William Chad- 
wick. Warwick, the Kingmaker. 243 p. D. N. Y. 1891. Mac- 
millan 60C. (English men of action) E92.3.242 W26 e 

This work is not a biography in the modem sense ; the material for a personal 
portrait is exceedingly scant ; but the book is a vigorous coherent study of the 
men and forces that shaped England in the 15th century. — Literary world, 
▲p. 1891, 22 : 146 


CcLxton, William, Blades, William. The biography and typography 
of William Caxton. Ed. 2. 387 p. il. fac-sim. O. N. Y. 1882. 

Scribner $2. 926.55 C31 e 

Novels, stories and dramas 


Shakspere, William. History of King Henry the sixth; ed. with 
notes by W: J. Rolfe. 3 v. il. D. N. Y. 1892. Harper $1.68. 

822.33 ^^5 e 

Tragedy of King Richard the third ; ed. with notes by W: J. Rolfe. 

256JP. il. D. N. Y. 1892. Harper 56c. 822.33 X5 e 


Ljrtton, Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, ist baron. 
The last of the Barons. D. N.Y. 1895. Crowell$i (Standard ed.) 

82384 Ss e 

Churchy Alfred John. Chantry priest of Bamet. 678 p. il. D. Lond. 
1896. Seeley 5s. 823.89 C47 e 

Wars of tbe roses. 

Steyenson, Robert Louis. The black arrow. N. Y. 1895. Scrib- 
ner $1.25. 
Wars of the roses. 


Burtx>n, John Hill. History of Scotland. Ed. 2. 8 v. and index D. 
Edin. 1873-74. Blackwood jQ^ 3s. 941 B95 e 

See 2 : 424-35 ; 3 : 1-82. 

This work has supenedediu ralne all other histories of Scotland ; it is elear in 
style and arranged with an admirable regard for historical perspective. — 
AdatM p. 466 

Oliphant, Ji£rs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Royal Edinburgh. 
520 p. il. D. Lond. 1890. Macmillan $2.50. 941.44 O13 e 

See p. 80-199. 

This is a thoroughly popular and interesting hook, but it shows carelessness 
in detail, and an over striving for the picturesqae. The illustrations are admira- 
ble. — Athenaeum, Dec. 1890, p. 881 

Ross, John Merry. Scottish history and literature to the period of the 
reformation; ed. by James Brown. 420 p. O. Glasgow 1884. 
Hamilton 14s. 941 R73 e 

A thorough and honest work, engaging in style; a masterly and complete 
sarvey of the period and subjects of which it treats. — AthenaeuMf June 
1884, p. 818 


Walpole, Charles George. Kingdom of Ireland. 423 p. maps, D. 
N. Y. 1882. Harper $1.75. 941.5 W16 e 

See p. 49-58. 

Tbe best short history of Ireland that has yet appeared.~^a<«on, Sep. 1882, 
35 : 267 

Bagwell, Richard. Ireland under the Tudors. 3 v. O. N. Y. 1885-90. 
Longmans $ .6.50. 94i*5S e 

See 1 : 90-93, 102-23. 

Shows groat learning and \h written with such impartiality that it is difficult tQ 
detect the author^s syujpathios. — Adams p. 564 



General works 

White, James. History of France. 639 p. O. Edin. 1859. Black- 
wood 6s. 944 W58 e 

See p. 187-228. 

Que of tbe most reailable of th*) single volumes on France. The author had 
the power of seizing upon the salient points and presenting them in an interest- 
ing manner. — Adams p. 330 

Stephens, Sir James. Lectures on the history of France. 2 v. O. 
Lond. 1857. Longmans 12s. 944 St4 e 

See p. 300-19. 

These leotares deal largely with the relation of cause and effect, and therefore 
throw light on the deyelopment of French nationality. — Adams p. 383 

Duniy, Victor. History of France ; abridged and tr. by J. F. Jame- 
son. 706 p. maps, D. N. Y. 1889. Crowell $2. 944 D931 e 

See p. 2i7-91. 

The best one volume history; eminently useful to students, but lacks color. — 
Ilss p. 53 

Guizot, Frangois P. G. History of France; tr. by Robert Black. 
8 V. Q. Lond. 1884-94. Low los. 6d. each. 944 e 

See 2: 411-632. 

A popular history, especially full in the delineations of character, and the 
desoriplions of events. — Adams p. 326 

Michelet, Jules. History of France ; tr. by G. H. Smith. 2 v. O 
N. Y. 1875. Appleton $4. 944 M58 e 

The author was endowed with a subtle :iud powerful imagination and with an 
extraordinary gift in tbe art of historical delineation. He is one of the most 
graphic and spirited of all modem historians. — Adams p. 328 

Masson, Gustave. Story of mediaeval France. 454 p. maps, D 
N. Y. 1888. Putnam $1.50. (Story of the nations) 944.02 e 

Not graphic in style, but scholarly, accurate, and lull of valuable items of in- 
formation. The illustrations and maps are excellent. — Nation, Jan. 1889, 48 : 60 

Willert, Paul Frederick. Reign of Louis the eleventh. 300 p. 
map, D. N. Y. 1877. Putnam $1.25 (History hand-books) 

944.027 W66 e 

To be especially commended because of the dearth of books on this important 
period. Too brief to represent tbe significance of events adequately, it is of value 
as an outline. Tbe author's estimation of the chnracter of Louis 11 is more 
favorable than that generally held. — Adams p. 339 


Kirky John Foster. History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. 
3 V. il. maps, O. Phil. 1864-89. Lippincott $6. 944.4 K63 c 

A book of very considerable iiuportanoe. The author had access to a large 
quantity of original soarces, and be has made judicious u.S!> of them. In no 
other work have wo so good a picture of the desperate struggle for the estabiish- 
mentofan indepcndeut monarchy along the Rhiue. — Adams p. 838 

ComineSy Phillippc de. Memoirs, containing the history of Louis XI 
and Charles XII, and of Charles the Bold ; ed. by A. R. Scoble. 
2 V. D. Lond. 1855? Macmillan $1 each (Bohn*s lib.) 

944.027 C731 e 

The author has been called the father of modem history. He had every 
opportunity if not every qualification for writing the history which he attempted, 
having been chamberlain and councilor of both Louis 11 and Charles the 
Bold.—AdafM p. 337 

Challamel, Augustin. History of fashions in France ; from the French 
by Mrs Cashel Hoey and John Liliie. 293 p. pi. Q. N. Y. 1882. 
Scribner $10. 391-2 qC3S e 

See p. 61-70. 

The book shows great research and minute detail. — Literary worldf Deo. 
1882, 13 : 427 

Van Lauiiy Henri. History of French literature. 3 v. O. Lond. 
1883. Chatto 22s. 6d. 840.9 V32 e 

See 1 : 215-19, 245-57. 

A convenient summary, appareutiy founded as much on standard histories of 
French literature as on original stady. It has numerous faults, and shows 
evidence of haste in preparation, but is spirited and enthusiastic in style. — 
Adams p. 396 

Saintsbury, George Edward Bateman. Short history of French 
literature. Ed. 3. 608 p. D. Oxford 1889. Clarendon press 
I OS. 6d. £840.9 Sa2i e 

See p. 155-67. 


Hugo, Victor Marie. Notre- Dame de Paris; tr. from the French by 
I. F. Hapgood. D. N. Y. 1895. Crowell $1 (Standard ed.) 

W843.78 R e 

Scott, Sir Walter. Quentin Durward. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan 
$1.25 (Dryburgh ed.) 823.73 U7 e 

A story of Louis 11. 


Scott, Sir Walter. Anne of Geicrstein. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan 
$1.25 ( Dry burgh cd.) 823.73 I C 

Describes the uni.oD of the Swiss with Louis 11 ap^ainst Cbarles the Bold, aud 
the battle of Nancy. 

Reade, Charles. The cloister and the hearth. New ed. 4 v. D. 
Lond. 1893. Chatto 14s. 823.89 R22 e 

A very good historical novel of the time of Charles the Bold. The hero is 
supposed to be the father of Erasmus. 

Stevensony Robert Louis. A lodging for the night; a story of 

Francis Villon, (see his New Arabian nights, 1882. p. 245-93) 

823.89 St4n e 
Villon, one of the earliest French poets, lived 1431-84 f 


General hiatoriea 

Hunt, William. History of Italy. 273 p. D. N. Y. 1884. Holt 80c. 

E945 H91 e 

See p. 100-38. 

As a bird's-eye view of the continuous history of Italy this volume has no 
superior. — Adama p. 238 

Spaldingy William. Italy and the Italian islands. £d. 4. 3 v. D. 
N. Y. 1842. Harper $2.25. 908 Ed 4V. 29-31 e 

A work which has the rare merits of general accuracy, of literary finish and of 
judicial impartiality. Intended for the general reader, it claims no special merit 
for oriipnal research. — Adama p. 240 

Sismondiy Jean Charles Leonard Simonde de. History of the 

Italian republics. S. N. Y. n. d. Harper 75c. 945 Si8 e 

See p. 196-248. 

Sismondi has been con8i<lered an authority ever since his work was published. 
His judgment is discriminating and impartial, bis investigations tborongh. 
But more recent investigations have thrown new light on Italian affairs of the 
middle ages, so that the author's conclusions can not now be considered final. — 
AdavM p. 240 

Burckhardty Jacob. Civilization of the renaissance in Italy ; tr. by 
S. G. C. Middlemore. Ed. 2. 559 p. O. Lond. 1892. Sonnen- 
schein IDS. 6d. (Half guinea international lib.) 945*05 B89 e 

Covers the period from 14th-16th century. 

Its chief value is as a work of reference. It discusses the renaissance in its 
literary, social, political and moral aspects. The translator has not made th^ 
involved Qerman style any easier reading. — Athenaeumj Aug. 1878, p. 16^ 


SsrmondSy John Addington. Renaissance in Italy ; age of the 
despots. Ed. 2. 574 p. O. Lond. 1880. Smith, Elder 16s. 

94505 Sy6 e 
See p. 225-536, 548-49. 

The author's method is diguifietl and even severe, but his stylo is graceful 
aud at times brilliant. For the student of political history the 'Age of the des- 
pots ' is especially valuable aud interesting. — Adams p. 244 

Browning, Oscar. Age of the Condottieri, Italy 1409-1530. 275 p. 
D. Lond. 1895. Methuen 5s. 945-05 B821 e 

See p. 56-168. 

The Borg^as and their latest historian, (see North British review^ 
1870-71,53:351-67) 052 N81 e 

A review of Gregorovius, Bom in mittelalterf v. 7 

By far the ablest English contribution to the history of Alexander. — Ency, 

The republics 

Perrens, F. T. History of Florence, 1434- 1 531 ; tr. by Hannah 
Lynch, v. i, O. Lond. 1892. Methuen 12s. 6d. 

A work of the first importance. The author has long been recognized as one of 
the most learned aud judicious students of the middle ages, and this work has 
added to his reputation. His style is vivacious and interesting. — Adams p. 258 

Scaife, Walter B. Florentine life during the renaissance. 248 p. O. 
Baltimore 1893. Johns Hopkins university press $1.50 (Johns 
Hopkins university studies, extra v. 14) 945-5 Sca3 e 

A scries of essays, the result of research, but brief and readable. The chapters 
on the political development, government, commerce, religion, etc. are very 
valuable. — Saturday rcrific, Jan. 1894, 77 : 78 

Trollope, Thomas Adolphus. History of the commonwealth of 
Florence. 4 v. O. Lond. 1865. Macmillan j£i is. 

945-5 T74 e 
See 3 : 175-471. 

The most satisfactory history of Florence in English though in some respects 

inferior to Perrens'. Correct but rather dull and lacks perspective. — Adams 

p. 259 

Machiavelliy Niccolo. History of Florence; The prince. D. N. Y. 
1891. Macmillan $ I (Bohn*s lib.) 945*5 M132 e 

This history of Florence was written at the command of the pope, who, as the 
head of the fuuiiiy of Medici was also ruler of Florence; but it treats the char- 
acters of this house with fairness and impartiality. It is not the result of much 
research, but is the most spirited and picturesque history of Italy. — Adams p. 255 


Machiavelliy Nicolo. Complete works ; tr, by C. E. Detmold. 4 v. 

Houghton $15, 

854.31 I e 
See 1 : 54-56, 297-420. 


Medici^ Lorenzo de^ prince of Florence, Armstrong, Edward. 
Lorenzo de Medici and Florence in the 15th century, 449 p. il. D. 
N. Y. 1896. Putnam $1.50 (Heroes of the nations) 

923.245 M46 e 

A graphic and deligbtfnl volume, in whicli the brilliant picture of the person 
and the age are brought vividly before ns. — Critic, Aug. 1896, 29: 114 

Roscoe, William. Life of Lorenzo de Medici. D. N. Y. 1889. 

Macmillan $1 (Bohn*s lib.) 923.1455 M4 c 

Not a good authority; attractive in slyle but inaccurate. — Adams p. 259 

Carpenter, Edith. Lorenzo de Medici. 2i6p. D. N. Y. 1893. 

Putnam $1. 923.1455 M4C e 

An admirable short study, discriminating between the over-zealous admira- 
tion of Roscoe, and tbe undue severity of von Reumont. The author pictures 
Lorenzo as the typical figure of that many sided, and brilliant age. — Literary 
warldy Oct. 1893, 24 : 353 

Reumont, Alfred von. Lorenzo de Medici, the magnificent; 

tr. by Robert Harrison. 2 v. O. Lond. 1876. Smith, Elder 30s. 

923-1455 e 

Not so much a biography of Lorenzo as a history of Italy at the time Lorenzo 
was its most important figure. The work of an able scholar and historian. The 
translation has numerous errors. — Adams p. 259 

Machiavelli, Niccolo, ViUari, Pasquale. Life and times of Machi- 
avelli; tr. by Linda ViUari. 2 v. O. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $10. 

923.245 M13 e 

The most satisfactory work on the life of the great political philosopher and 
writer. The author has had access to much original material, and hat used it 
with unusual success. The literary workmanship is admirable and the trans- 
lation for the most part excellent. — Adams p. 247 

Savonarola^ Girolamo, ViUari, Pasquale. Life and times of 
Oirolamo Savonarola ; tr. by Linda Villari. New ed. 792 p. il. O. 
N. Y. 1896. Scribner $2.50. 923.245 Sa9 e 

Founded on much original research; the work may be considered the only one 
which does full justice to the life and public services of one of the most remark- 
able men of his time. — Adams p. 248 


Milman, Henry Hart. Savonarola, Erasmus and other essays. 

Lond. 1870. Murray 15s. 204 M63 e 

The picture of Savonarola is drawn by a master hand, and shows the aaihor's 
extensive learning, vigorous style and pietorial brilliancy. — AthenaeuMf Nov. 
1870, p. 684 

Clarke, James Freeman. Events and epochs of religious history. 

Bost. 1881. Houghton $2. 270 C55 e 

Savonarola, p. 213-40. 

Oliphanty Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Makers of 

Florence. 422 p. il. D. N. Y. 1892. Macmillan $2.50, 

920.0455 OI3 e 
Savonarola, p. 238^9. 


Brown, Horatio Robert Forbes. Venice; an historical sketch of the 
republic. 434 p. maps, O. N. Y. 1893. Putnam $4.50. 

945.3 B81 e 

See p. 298-337. 

Those who incline to tell the story again will need to possess not only immense 
industry but very great judgment and liteiary 8kill to make a volume which will 
better meet the demands of intelligent readers than this. — Literary world, Ap. 
1893, 24 : 108 

Hazlitt, William Carew. History of the Venetian republic. 4 v. il. 
map, O. Lond. i860. Smith, Elder ^£2 8s. o,p, 

945-3 H33 e 
See 4 : 18C-381. 

A full, and in the main a satisfactory, history of Venice from the origin of the 

city to the middle of the 15th century. It is founded on a careful study of the 

aathoritios, the style is clear and often picturesque.— Jdatiitf p. 255 

Wiel, Althea. Story of Venice. 478 p. il. maps, D. N. Y. 1894. 
Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 945'3 W63 e 

See p. 271-333. 

One of the best of the series. It is in the main well told, bringing out 
important historical events, art, literature, etc. — Xation, Nov. 1894, 59:326 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Makers of Venice. 
4iip. il. D. N. Y. 1891. Macmillan $2.50. 945*3 OI3 e. 

See p. 374-90. 

A selection of the more drunuitic and romantic incidents of Veuetian history, 
told with unusual charm ; tbe author's characterizations are written from the 
novelist's |u)iut vt view. — Sperry. Heading lint on Venice 



Benty James Theodore. Genoa ; how the republic rose and fell. 
420 p. il. O. Lond. 188 r. Paul 18s, 945 i e 

See p. 185-98, 209-17. 

Johnson^ Virginia W. Genoa the superb, the city of Columbus. 
298 p. pi. D. Bost. 1892. Estes $3. 914*51 e 

Au uccoiiDt of the people who have lived in Genoa in the past, and a descrip- 
tion of irs life at the present time. The book is, however, largely made np of 
the author's own highly colored impressions, interspersed with many interesting 
facts. There is much picturesque description, but the author has noseuseof the 
relative importance of things. — Nation^ Jan. 1893, 56:71 

Duffy, Bella. Tuscan republics. 456 p. il. map, D. N. Y. 1892. 
Putnam $1.50 (Stoiy of the nations) 945-5 ^^^7 e 

See p. 253-391. 

Shows careful reading, comparison and Judgment; very readable. — Literary 
world, 1893 

Lacks insight and power of historical perspective; a careful compilation. — 
Nation, Ap. 1898, 56:261 


Waters, Mrs Clara Erskine (Clement.) Naples, 1 188-1894. 340 p. 
il. O. Bost. 1894. Estes $3. Gap945.7 W29 e 


Elioty George, pseud. Romola. N. Y. 1895. Crowell $1 (Stand- 
ard ed.) 823.88 I 
The scene is in Florence under the rule of Lorenzo di Medici ; the revival of 
taBt<> for Greek ideals in letters and art is splendidly contrasted with the austere 
piety of Savonarola. — Ilea p. 13 

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Agnes of Sorrento. Bost. 1896. Hough- 
ton $1.50 (Riverside ed.) 

A story of Savonarola. 


Qeneral works 

Burke, Ulick Ralph. History of Spain. 2 v. O. Lond. 1895. 
Long 32s. 946 B91 e 

See 2 : 31-33, 39-61, 70-293. 

The material of this book is not new, but it is taken from a wide range of 
reading, and presents the results of recent research. The author has a keen eye 
for the picturesque; his conclusions are in the main just. — Nation^ May 1895, 


Prescott, William Hickling. History of the reign of Ferdinand and 
Isabella. 3 v. D. Phil. 1872. Lippincott $3. 946.03 P92 e 

Prescnti^s writicgs are conspicuous for thoioughucss oi' research, keeuness of 
iusigbt, impartiality of jiulgiuent, picturesqueneBS of uarratiou aud elegance of 
style. As a description of the important period of the couHolidation of Spain 
from a number of petty governments into what was practically one kingdom 
this work has no rival. — Adams p. 438 

Coppee, Henry. History of the conquest of Spain by the Arab-Moors. 
2 V. D. Bost. 1892. Little $5. 946.02 C79 e 

See 2 : 259-74. 

This volume will be read with pleasure from beginning to end, though it is 
somewhat defective as n history. — Nation, Ap. 1881, 32 : 82 

Watts, Henry Edward. Christian recovery of Spain ; the story of 

Spain from the Moorish conquest to the fall of Granada. 315 p. il. 

maps, D. N. Y. 1894. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 

946.02 W34 e 
See p. 257-301. 

Commendable in many ways. The author is in full sympathy with liis subject. 

Shows some independent thought and writes in a vigorous style. — Naiionf June 

1894, 58 : 469 

Irving, Washington. The Alhambra. N. Y. 1896. Putnam $1.50. 
(Hudson ed.) 914.6 Ir82 c 

Conquest of Granada. N. Y. 1896. Pi^tnam$i.5o (Hudson ed.) 

817.24 I e 

Ticknor, George. History of Spanish literature. New ed. 3 v. O. 
Bost. 1891. Houghton $10. 860.9 ^43 ^ 

See 1 : 1-46. 

I^ounded on the most extensive and critical studies, it is written in a style 
that is a happy combination of force aud grace. The author's method of treat- 
ment combines the chronological and the philosophical. — Adams p. 439 

Novels and poems 

Cooper, James Fenimore. Mercedes of Castile. O. N. Y. 1896. 
Putnam $1.25 (Mohawk ed.) 813.24 I e 

Aguilar,Grace. Tale of Cedars. X. Y. 1891. Appleton $1. 

823.89 Ag9 e 

CamoenSy Luis de. Os Lusiadas, the Lusiads; Englished by R: 
F. Burton, ed. by Isabel Burton. 2 v. S. Lond. 1880. Quaritch 12s. 

869.1 C14IU e 



Crawford, Oswald John Frederick. Portugal old and new. New 
ed. Lond. 1881. Trubner 6s. 

A most important addition to onr scanty knowledge of Portugal. It may be 
called a series of studies of Portuguese history, literature, and social life, and it is 
by far the most accurate and discriminating account of this people in English. — 
Adams p. 432 

Stephens, Henry Morse. Story of Portugal. 448 p. il. map, D. 
N. Y. 1893. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 946.9 e 

See p. 153-74. 

A short, comprehensive chroooloj^ical history. lu it Mr Stephens is at his 
best. It is well and clearly written, though it suffers somewhat from the limited 
space into which it is compressed. — Literary world, Aug. 1891, 22: 268 

Major, Richard Henry. Discoveries of Prince Henry the Navigator 

and their results. 3 v. il. O. Lond. 1877. Low 15s. o.p, 

910.9 M281 e 
See p. 130-268. 

A popular form of Mr Major's learned work ; his lucid narrative sheds li^ht on 

many doubtful poiuts. — Athenaeum, Mar. 1877, p. 414 


Gould, Sabine Baring- & Gihnan, Arthur. Story of Germany. 
437 p. il. maps, D. N. Y. 1892. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the 
nations) 943 e 

See p. 164-81. 

It would be hard to find a more entertaining book; it is picturesque and 
persoual. The thread of connection is, however, not always plain. — Nation, Sep. 
1886, 43 : 202 

Dunham, Samuel Astley. History of the Germanic empire. 3 v. O. 
Lond. 1847. Longmans los. 6d. ^./. L. L hist e 

See 2 : 268-96. 

The mediaeval portion of this history is a clear and judicious narrative of a 
period which is often confusing. — Adam» p. 266 

Lewis, Charlton Thomas. History of Germany. 799 p. il. maps, O. 
N. Y. 1892. Harper $1.50. 943 L58 e 

See p. 291-305. 

The best brief history we have. The narration of events and the account of 
civilization are well combined. — Adams p. 267 


Zimmern, Helen. Hansa towns. 389 p. il. map, O. N. Y. 1891. 
Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 943*5 ^^ C 

See p. 137-201. 

The story of tbe rise, Bplcndor and gradual decay of the famous league of the 
towns called Hansa, is told with a charm which makes an attractive subject 
more attractive. — Critic, Nov. 1889, 15 : 213 

Fresrtag, Gustav. Pictures of German life in the 15th, i6th and 17th 
centuries; tr. by Mrs Malcolm. Ser. i. 2 v. O. Lond. 1862. 
Chapman 21s. 943 F89 e 

See p. 36-n56. 

The noteworthy characteristic of the these sketches is their delightful literary 
flavor ; they are historical pictures painted by a master's hand. — Adatns p. 306 

Hosmer, James Kendall. Short history of German literature. New 
ed. 605 p. O, N. Y, 1892. Scribner $2. 830.9 H79 e 

See p. 142-50. 

A very readable and valuable work. The style is clear and animated but 
sometimes pitched in a higher key than the subject warrants. It aims to bring 
out only the main figures.— iVd«on, Feb. 1879,28: 124 

Wolff, Julius. Salt master of Luneberg; from the 21st German ed. by 
W: H: and E. R. Winslow. 395 p. D. N. Y. 1890. Crowell 

A graphic picture of life in Luneberg, one of the important Hansa towns. 


Leger, Louis. History of Austro-Hungary ; tr. by Mrs Birkbeck Hill. 
672 p. maps, D. N. Y. 1889. Putnam $2.25. 943-6 L52 e 

Fi^derick 5, p. 152-54; Bohemia, p. 206-15; Hungary, p. 232-50. 
80 much good material conceniing the history of the Austrian state can not 
be found in any other popular work. — Nation, Jan. 1890, 50:96 

Coxe, William. History of the House of Austria, 1218-1848. 4 v. D. 
N. Y. 1888-89. Macmillan $4 (Bohn*s lib.) 943.9 C83 e 

See p. 232-333. 

A work of real intrinsic merit ; it deals very fully with military affairs, and 
his accounts are clear and often graphic. — Adams p. 283 

Vehse, Karl Edward. Memoirs of the court, aristocracy and diplo- 
macy of Austria; tr. from the German by F, Demmler, 1493-1835^ 
2 V. O. Lond. 1896. Nichols 21s. (Collection of court memoirs) 

943-6 V53 e 
See 1 : 1-29. 

A picture of society and of public characters. His material is chiefly derived 

from what others have written. — Adams p. 286 



Morfilly William Richard. Story of Russia. 394 p. il. map, D. 
N. Y. 1893. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 947 M81 e 

See p. 50-61. 

One of the best of the series ; impartial aud accurate. — XatioHf June 1890, 

Rambaudy Alfred Nicolas. History of Russia. 3 v. il. O. Bost. 
1879-82. Estes $6. 947 K14 e 

See p. 213-37. 

By far the best history of Rassia accessible in English. Based on original 
materials. It has the merits of thoroughness, while it is made up with so good 
judgment and so fine a sense of proportion that the perspective leaves nothing 
to be desired. The translation by N. H. Dole is excellent. — Adams p. 411 


Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth. Story of Norway. 556 p. il. map, D. 
N.Y.I 892. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 948.1 B69 e 

See p. 478-81. 

A valuable and interesting book. Its style is entertaining, but it suffers from 
much crowdiug.—iVaHon, Sep. 1886, 43 : 276 

Otte, Elizabeth C, Scandinavian history, 399 p. maps, S. N. Y. 
1874. Macmillan $1.25. 948 Ot8 e 

See p. 198-211. 

The best general bistory in our language of all the Scandinavian countries. 
The style is smooth and the interest well sustained. — lies p. 51 

Dunham, Samuel Astley. History of Denmark, Sweden and Nor- 
way. New ed. 3 v. D. Lond. 1847. Longmans i6s. 6d. 

See 3 : 30-51. 

As a brief bistory of Scandinavia these volumes still have no superior in Eng- 
lish. — Adams p. 453 


Morfill, William Richard. Story of Poland. 389 p. il. map, D. 
N. Y. 1893. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 943.8 M81 e 

See p. 55-63. 

Dunham, Samuel Astley. History of Poland. O. Lond. 1847. 
Longmans 4s. 6d. (?,/>. 

Tbis excellent volniuc is not a mere compilation, but is founded on original 
research and the material is wrought into admirable form. — Adams p. 414 



Maurice, Charles Edmund. Story of Bohemia. 533 p. il. map, D. 

N. Y. 1896. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 

943.71 M44 e 
See p. 321-57. 

A clear, sncciiict narrative. — Athenaeum j July 1896, p. 119 


Vamerby, Arminius. Siory of Hungary. 440 p. il. map, D. N. Y. 
1866, Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 943-9 C 

See i>. 194-266. 

An accurate and full account, but rather heavy. — Critic, Oct. 1886, 9:206 

Style pleasing but not altogether clear. — Literary world, Feb. 1887, 18:58 


Hug, Lina & Stead, Richard. Story of Switzerland. 430 p. il. D 
N. Y. 1890. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 949 e 

An excellent volume. The flowing and picturesque narrative does justice to 
all sides of Swiss life. — Literary world, Jan. 1891, 22: 11 

Baker, F. Grenfell. Model republic; a history of the Swiss people. 
550 p. maps, O. Lond, 1895. Nichols los. 6d. 949*4 B17 e 

See p. 193-2U. 

A plain, straightforward narrative, written with vigor and keen interest, its 
critioism is alert but sympathetic. The book does not claim originality, but is 
a careful digest of existing authorities.— .-i^A^noeum, Oct. 1895, p. 489 


Poole, Stanley Lane-. Story of Turkey. 373 p. il. maps, D. N. Y. 
1893. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 949.6 P78 e 

See p. 101-51. 

Grosvenor, Edwin Augustus. Constantinople. 2 v. il. maps, Q. 
Bost. 1895. Roberts $10. 914.961 G91 e 

See 1:40-68. 

These volumes are chietly of interest from tbo archeological standpoint, but 
the historica) portion is clear, concise and useful. — Spectator, Jan. 1896, 76:19 

Freeman, Edward Augustus. Ottoman power in Europe. 315 p. 
maps, D. Lond. 1877, Macmillan 7s. 6d. t?./. 949.6 F871 e 

See p. 114-27. 

The conspicuous characteristic as well as the great merit of the book is the 
fact tliat it dealri with eastcru and Mohammedan aflairs from a western and 
European point of view. — Adams p. 445 


Creasy, Sir Edward Shepherd. History of the Ottoman Turks. O. 
Lond. 1877. Bentley 6s. 

One of tbo most satisfactory histories of the Ottoman Turks in our language. 
It is more historical and less descriptive and critical than Freeman. — Adams 
p. 445 

Gibbon, Edward. Fall of Constantinople, (see his Decline and fall 
of the Roman empire. 1820. 12 : 175-255) 937.06 G353 e 

Wallace, Lew. Prince of India; or, Why Constantinople fell. 2 v. D. 
N. Y. 1893. Harper $2.50. Cap 813.49 W154P e 


Finlay, George. History of Greece from B. C. 146 to A. D. 1864; 

new ed. revised by H. T. Tozer. 7 v. O. N. Y. 1878. Macmil- 
lan $17.50. 

V. 4, 1 204-1461 949.504 F49 e 

V. 5» 1453-1^21 949-505 F49 e 

See 4: 464-98; 5:1-196. 

These volumes form a part of the author's history of Greece from the conquest 
by the Romans to the present time. As a whole the work may be compared to 
Gibbon's work. It has been subjected to such careful revision as the criticism 
of recent scholarship has made necessary. The most prominent cliaracteristics 
of the work are learning, accuracy and fidelity. — Adams p. 108 

Qeneral histories 

Bryant, William CuUen, & Gay S. H. Popular illustrated history 
of the United States. 4 v. il. maps, Q. N. Y. 1878-81. Scribner 
$24 o. p. 973 qB84 e 

See 1:35-138. 

These volumes are very attractive, and arc not without numerous merits. The 
style is good. — Adams p. 567 

Now published with a supplementary volume under title Soribners* papular 
history of th4 United States, 5 v. 1896, Scribner $20 net. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Larger history of the United 
States. 470 p. il. maps, O. N. Y. 1886. Harper $3.50. 

973 H531 e 
Seep. 62-60; 75-84. 

Helps, Sir Arthur. Spanish conquest in America. 4 v. O. Lond. 
1855-61. Parker 58s. 972.02 H36 e 

See 1 : 3-174. 

The style is agreeable and correct, and the book shows originality and 
research. — Athenaeumf July 1855, p. 835 


Lummis, Charles Fletcher. Spanish pioneers. 292 p. il. D. Chic. 
1893. McClurg $1.50. ^73-1 L97 e 

See p. 17-55. 

Mr Lnm mis* ardor, positiv^e mauner and command of his subject are compel- 
ling if not always conviucinj;. Written after the new historic methods. — Liters 
ary world, Feb. 1894, 25 : 42 

Fiske, John. Discovery of America. 2 v. maps, O. Bost. 1892-93. 
Houghton $4. 973.1 Fs4 e 

See 1 : 295-516. 

Mr Fiske shows comprehension of the subject, and a strong and preeise 
imagination ; the book is not a compilation solely, but a work of independent 
judgment. It gi ves a more favorable view of Colnm bus than Mr Winsor. — Nation, 
June 1892, 54 : 449 

Windsor, Justin. Narrative and critical history of America. 8 v. il. 
fac-sim. Q. Bost. 1884-89. Houghton $44. 973 qW73 e 

Pre-Columbinn discoveries, 1:59-132; Columbus, 2:1-128; VcHpucins, v. 2: 
129-86; Otlier explorers, C2 : 189-230; Cabots, 3: 1-58. 

This is the greatest contribution that has been made to the literature of oar 
history. It is first and foremost a scientific work. — JVatton, Ap. 1886, 42 : 302 


Columbus, Christopher, Columbus, Christopher. Writings descrip- 
tive of the discovery of the New world; ed. by P. L. Ford. 255P. 
D. N. Y. 1892. Webster 75c. (Fiction, fact and fancy ser) 

923.9 C71C11 e 

Irving, Washington. Columbus, his life voyages. 412 p. il. O. 

N. Y. 1896. Putnam $1.50 (Heroes of the nation) 

923.9 C7ii4 e 

Perhaps the best biography in the lan^uace ; infused with generous and 
elevating soutimont. It needs, however, to be revised in the light of the 
researches since Irving's day. — Critic, Nov. 1896, 29 : 325 

Markham, Clements Robert. Life of Christopher Columbus. 

375 P» ^^' ^' Lond. 1892. Philip 4s. 6d. (World's explorers and 
explorations) 923.9 Cyimi e 

Mr Markham is a ripe student of history but he is biased in his estimate of 
Columbus by his admiration for the seamanship. He is trustworthy except in 
regard to the personal character of Columbus. — Nation, Nov. 1892, 55 :35q 


Christopher Columbus, Winsor, Justin. Christopher Columbus and 
how he received and imparted the spirit of discovery. 674 p. il. O. 
Bost. 1 89 1. Houghton $4. 923.9 C71W e 

It would bo hard to find a work which would rival this iu thoroughness, 
scientific method, accuracy and impartiality. It is for those who wish to know 
the truth abont Columbus. — Nation, Jan. 1892, 54 : 13 

Mr Winsor has made »n invaluable contribution to the critical literature of 
the discovery of America, but ho lacks the power of sympathy and historic 
imagination which Irving possessed iu so strong a degree. — Literary worldy 
Nov. 1891, 22 : 398 

Ponce de Leon, Nestor. Columbus gallery ; the * Discoverer 

of the New world' as represented in portraits, monuments, statues, 
medals and paintings. 178 p. Q. N. Y. 1893. N. Ponce de 
Leon $3. 923.9 qC7ip e 

Lamb, Mrs Martha. Columbus, (see Magazitie of American 

history, Oct. iSg J, 26: 241-60) 973 M27 e 

An interesting article on the portraits of Columbus. 

Lowell, James Russell. Columbus, (see his Complete poetical 

works, 1896. p. 55-59) ^11 37 I ^ 

Cambridge ed. 

Caboty John &* Sebastian. Hayward, Charles. Life of Sebastian 
Cabot, (see Sparks, Jared. American biographies, 1834-48. 
9 : 89-162. 920.07 Sp2 e 

Tarducd, Francesco. John and Sebastian Cabot; tr. from the 

Italian by H: F. Brownson. 409 p. por. O. Detroit 1893. Brown- 
son $2.50. 923.9 C112 e 

Prof. Tarducci is not only very learned, but very acute, and his keenness in 
historical criticism has established several important facts. The greater part of 
the book is taken up in the minutest delineation of Sebastian Cabot's life. — Liter- 
ary world, Sep. 1893, 24 : 285 

The translator does not show a sufficient knowledge of the subject to correct 
the author's slips duo tx) his ignorance of the latest English authorities. — Nation, 
Dec. 1893, 57 : 433 





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/ V. V :,-. C.x' ..1:-. 1:1 . ./ ', .. = .•...'-.. - .. 

. ri:r.'. ' i:i '. ■•: .' i-: '. .-..•' . . M'.. ••: • ^ r'.ir.'.'.t' !\ , 2 c. 

•' To :»t •; I' f: ''.•••.»• *'•:•.: ,•. « l:!r.\ ■.*••■. .■•■.■■;•• ••if, '•.:■»•». •< 

••Piinl-.vl •« N-w V Tu •:•... •:'«r i}-. ••t.'t'n. . "•"..■•ii •/. '•••• -i 
/"Prints. ! In N\ w Y.-rk .••;.'.' f I-^r.'iV. /•' i..::/f . :,,:.'•■• . ..•/ ;•. no. • ■ 





Bibliographies and readtog lists (.wfimtJ) 

Greek aiKl Luiid pluyi [>rcKluc:p'J I)jr •cllDOis, CoIleDCJK 

univtrstite* ill the Uniied SiafcB. O: G, Chamjilin,^ 
Cycling. Touisc Ijnywotlhy, "97 
jVnyiling, *up|>lcmcntiD(! VVestTvr>o(J imA SaicbdI'a J9U 

iheta pifial^ria Hniriclu Chuich. '93 
Minor American pocl?, froiii t86a-dalfc. (SelMl}^l 

Smith, '^7 .• ■»_' 

English literatm^ of Utcr i^ih ccniury. {Sel«ct) •vifS 

Swayie, '89 ~ 

Fitiion for girls, (Select) A. B. Kioegcr, '91 
Study and leaching of hi«t>ry. ]. I. Wycr ir, "gfl 

Graded list of hiktory and irnrel [Tcparcd in toe L 

(Ncb.) puMic til>rary for the use of ihe LiDOoln .1 

school*. E,.l>. Baflock, '94 
Itoola to Tend befurc going 10 Eumpc. (ReidiDgJJ 

S. W. Cultell. "90 
English nml Ainrricnn evploration* in Afrii:* si 

(Kcttdinglist) 11. W. Rice. '93 
TntvL-l in Afnrri<:a ( Keiding Li«) C: W, Plvmplun, \ 
Lite»liiren1iiling luilirHudEQDrivcr Jd-T.\Vbeelcf,'j 
'oifi.9174733 Thi: Adifondaiit 1 nooniiiins C A. Sberfill, 'jjS 
016.9178 Tnivi'ls mcbt Eir the MiasUsiiipi luior 01 1855; a 

biblio^d[iliy of primed pcrs'xial narratives. 

Sharji, '9! 
Jiiwiihine and the women uflicf timi;. Mjw^ EUbi^J 
loo tio'ik^ ou b{o^a]ihy for a pogtulAr libnu)'. {Sr 

Mabi:! Temple, "go 
BioiirAjihy ol'miistciaiw ; in Englith. A. L. BAJtejr, ' 
Ilistnry of the Utter half of ihe tjlb ceniUT)'. (Rei 

list) Ktheldrfd AWvjt. '9; 
Ht&tory of the )}U) century. (Reading list) G. 

Leonard. '95 
EdinbuTKb. (Reading list) W. 0. Fotsyih, '93 
Venice. (Readme list) Heien Spcny, '94 
Russia. (Heading list J A. L. Motse. '97' 
The NelbcrUnai. (Reading list) E. G. '" 
Japan. (Readlns U«l) H, K, iJay, '9 
Colonial New EnijbuKl. (Rca.1ing list) M. C. XViUon,*), 
MarrUml; colonial and revolutiunary hUlory. W. ' 

ThillocV, '93 
CiiniulitlnleJ da»t6ed iitdta to the Lihraryjeuntal,v. 

n, R. Marty, 'oa; J. L. Chrijrtninii, '93; C. S. Hawet,'dj 

J. G. Cone, '•95 ^ 

Cafi and gonn i mmecullrfie vene. ). 1.. HsmMn/l 




' 016.9406 


< 016.9453 

* 016,9493 
■ 016.9,1; 3 
J 016 774 


. 'Jliorue, '97 


<t> ««!«([ a< U 

• tte*Vurk«u»llanr]r. Mmihtti. 

UaiTcrsity of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletii 


June iSfrtt 


Public Libraries Division 

VftStioiyaoie jii 

Rcfctnce boolct jis 

FUloMiplif andtihiu '— its 

KcJlclfxi 113 

Soeiil (cimict 3U 

EducMicm..... 3ii 

L«£ifidl 316 

NamnlicicBw ^id 

Uiefnl utt J17 

FIse uU ,r- 3'8 

Muiif 3I» 

^suuFcnmliwO ifoft*.... 319 

PdUry, euaT«,«tn. 


HUiory nf fnni|^ 

H'Marj of Ani*rki 


[DilifiiiiuJ ...... 

Kldian. ............ 

Hiai;ni(i1iy ....... 





University of the State of New York 



1874 Anson Judd Upson, D. D., LL. D., L. H. D., 

Chancellory Glens Falls 

1892 William Croswell Doaxe, D. D., LL. D., 

Vict'ChaNcellor, Albany 
1873 Martin L Townsend, M. A., LL. D. - - Troy 
1877 Chauncey M. Depew, LL. D. - - - - New York 
1877 Charles K. Fmch, LL. B., M. A., L. H. D. - Rochester 

1877 Orris H. Warren, D. I). - 

1878 Whitelaw Reid, LL. D. - - - - 
1881 William H. Watson, M. A., M. 1). - 
1881 Henry E. Turner - - - - - 

1883 St Clair McKel\vay,LL.1)., L.H.I)., D.C.L. - 
1885 Hamilton Harris, IMi. 1)., LL. D. - - 
1885 Daniel Beach, Ph. J)., LL. 1). - 
1888 Carroll E. Smith, LL. D. - - - - 
1890 Pliny T. Sexton, LL. D. - - - - 
1890 T. (iuiLFORU Smi rn, M. A., C. K. - - _ 

1893 Lewis A. Stimson, B. A., M. I). - - 

1894 John Palmer, Secretary <'t State, ex ofpcio 

1894 Sylvester Malone - - - - - 

1895 Albert Vander Veer, ^L 1)., Ph. D. 

1895 Charles R. Skinner, LL. 1)., 

Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio 

1896 Frank S. Black, B. A., (lovernor, ^-.v <?///V/V7 

1896 Timothy L. Woodrcff, M. A., Lieutenant-Governor, ^.v <'/7'V/V? 

1897 Chester S. Lord, ^L A. - - - - Brooklyn 

- Syracuse 
New York 

- Utica 

- Brooklyn 

- Watkins 

- Palmyra 

- New York 

- Brooklyn 





Mklvil Dewey, M. A. 

New York State Library bibliography bulletins 

Bibliography no. i. Guide to the study of J. A. M. Whistler. i2p. 

May 1895. Pfice 5 cents, 
no. 2-4. Reading lists: Colonial New England; Travel in 

North America; History of the 17th century. 77p. July 1897. 

Price 10 cents, 

no. 5. List of reference books for use of cataloguers in New York 

state library. 2 2 p. Jan. 1898. Price 5 cents, 

no. d'Z, Reading lists; Japan; Venice; Out-of-door books. 

64P. Feb. 1898. Price 10 cents, 
— no. 9-1 1. Reading lists: Netherlands; Renaissance art of the 
iSth and 16th centuries; History of the latter half of the 15 th century, 
X28p. April 1898. lb ice 15 cents, 

no. 12. Best books of 1897. In press. 

This series is mostly selected from original bibliographies presented by 
the Library school students as a condition of graduation. Those not 
printed (see cover page 3-4) are available in manuscript at the library 
or may be borrowed by |)ermission. 

The school is glad to receive suggestions from librarians, teachers, 
leaders of clubs, or specialists, as to subjects for which bibliographies or 
reading lists are specially needed, and contributions of available material 
are invited. 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 

Bibliography No. 12. June 1898 



Public Libraries Division 


This is an annotated list of 212 books published in the United States 
in 1897, selected by the Book board of the New York state libwry and 
recommended to the public libraries of the state. To aid in the choice 
of small collections of new books three classes are marked. Books 
marked a^ of which there are 20, are suggested to libraries which must 
confine their additions within narrow limits. 30 others marked b are also 
proposed to libraries prepared to buy 50 books, and 50 more marked c 
may be added to a and b to make up 100 books. 

The remaining 112, including reference books and a few more costly 
publications, are worthy of careful consideration by libraries prepared to 
buy more than 100 books and by those wishing to enlarge their resources 
in special subjects. Many of the unmarked books are of the highest merit. 
Decimal classification numbers are prefixed as a guide to libraries using 
this system. 

Copies of this list may be obtained from the Public libraries 
division, Albany, N. Y. 

Albany^ May 30, 1898 Melvil Dewey 




016.37 Monroe, W. S. Bibliography of education (International 
educ. ser.) Appleton $2. 

Clnssified, with alphabetic index. laclndes 3200 books and pamphlets, 
ill EDglish language only except in case of cyclopedias and bibliographies. 
Gives pages, date, publisher and infrequent notes. 

By no means perfect, but . . . faithful and painstaking ... A book that 
every stirdent of education and every library ought to have in constant 
use. — Xicholaa Murray Butler 

016 7 Sturgis, Russell & Krehbiel, H: E: Annotated bibliogra- 
phy of fine art (Am. lib. ass*n annot. lists) Lib. bur. $1. 

Descriptive, critical and comparative notes on 1000 works on painting, 
sculpture, architecture, decorative arts, illustration and music. Classi- 
fied, with author and subject index. Of high value. 

016.9401 Getchell, M. S. Study of mediaeval history by the library 
method for high schools. Ginn 55c. 

Intended for practical class room work, not as au exhaustive study. 
Gives list of works cited, with publisher and date of publication. 

027.8 Foote, E.. L. Librarian of the Sunday school. Eaton 35c. 

Practical manual on organization, care of books, cataloguing, charging 
system, repairs, reports^ with chapter on the library^s province and 

050 Cleveland public library. Cumulative index to a selected 
list of periodicals. Cleveland pub. lib. $5. 

Authors, subjects, titles, reviews, portraits. Indexes 70 well known 
perioilicals. Of high value where popular serials are taken and preserved. 
Now issued monthly, each number combining entries of previous months 
till June ; a similar series from July-Nov. follows ; the December number 
is the annual volume. Subscription price covers entire series. 100 peri- 
odicals are now indexed. Present publishers, The Uelman-Taylor co., 

303 Bliss, W: D. P. Encyclopedia of social reform. Funk $7.50. 

A1pha1»ctic. A few signed articles. Advocates of reforms state the 

case, but divergent views are given hearing. £ditx)r a Christian socialist. 

Hiief and clear statement of nearly every important reform movement 

of our age, — C, J?. Henderson in IHaJ 

378.73 Emerson, Edwin, jr, eif. College year-book and athletic 
record for the academic year 1896-97. Stone, net $2. 

FirKt annual issut*. Alphabetic catalogue and description of American 
colleges, lists of degrees, fraternities, cheers, college publications, etc., 
athletic records and index of names of faculties. 

BEST BOOKS OF 1897 313 

920.042 Sladen, D. B. W., ed. Who's who, for 1897. Macmillah 

Compact annual biographic dictionary of prominent English men and 
women. Inoludes a few Americans. Also lists of royal officials, officers 
of state, members of parliament, academicians, head masters, clubs, 
pseudonyms, army and navy tables, etc. First year of new and greatly 
enlarged issne. 

928.1 Adams, O. F. Dictionary of American authors. Houghton $3. 
Greatly enlarged edition of hiH ffantlbook of American auihon* Gives 
(KX)0 numoH with dates, titles of book^ and exceedingly compact biographic 
and critical notes. 


See also Juvenile p. 332 

100 rHyde, W: Dc W. Practical idealism. Macmillan $1.50. 

Attempts to interpret the spiritual significance of everyday life. Of 
singular lucidity and power, of ethical vigor and utterly free from 
theological bias. — Outlook 

178.4 r Wines, F: H. & Keren, John. The liquor problem in its 
legislative aspects. Houghton $1.25. 
Results of Investigations in eight states having different types of legis- 
lation, made by experts authorized by Committee of 50 prominent men. 
Presents facts without recommendations. 


201 Barrows, J: H: Christianity the world religion (Barrows 
lectures 1896-97) McClurg $1.50. 

Seven lectures delivered in Calcutta. Admits freely the good in 
ethnic religions, but holds that Christianity has qualifications destined 
to win the world, 

213 ^Abbott, Lyman. Theology of an evolutionist. Hough- 
ton $1.25. 

Aims to show that the scientific theory of evolution is in harmony with 
belief in God, the Bible, Christ and sacrifice. First published in Outlook. 

232.9 ^Phelps, E.S. Story of Jesus Christ. Houghton $2. 

Faithful to fact, but reverently embroidered with imaginative details 
and historical coloring. 

260 ^Mead, G: W. Modern methods in church work. Dodd 
$1. so- 
Practical manual, treating of institutional churches, methods with 
church members, strangers, evening services, choir, clubs, young people's 
societies, Sunday schools, kindergartens, plural pastorates, finaooes, etc. 


277 Bacon, L. W. History of American Christianity. Chr. lit. 
CO. $2. 

As a concise summary of ecclesiastical history in America, this volume 
v:\Uf for many libraries, take the place of the series of American church 
hiHtories, of which it is the concluding volume. — Bowdoin college library 
bibliographical contribuiiom 


See also Reference books, p. 312 

301 c Harris, George. Inequality and progress. Houghton $1.25. 

Maintains that though civil and political equality have contributed 
to mankind's betterment, inequality in material, educational and esthetic 
values is the necessary condition of progress. 

304 r Gladden, Washington. Social facts and forces. Putnam 

The factory, labor unions, corporations, railways, the city, the church. 
Attempts to seize only salient points and emphasizes tendencies affecting 
conduct and character. 

304 ^Henderson, C. R. Social spirit in America (Chautauqua 
reading circle literature) Flood & Vincent $1. 

Popular treatise ou home ethics, public health, political reforms, 
charities, correctious, mutual benefit associations, educational organiza- 
tions, employers and employees, etc. 

304 ^Roosevelt, Theodore. American ideals. Putnam $1.50. 

On manly virtues and practical politics, state legislation, civil service 
reform, adiiiiiiisteriug the New York police force, Monroe doctrine, etc. 

327.73 a Mahan, A. T. Interest of America in sea power, present and 
future. Little $2. 

Eight essays reprinted from magazines. Strong plea for naval defense, 
in the interests of a righteous peace. 

330.9 Madeod, H: D. History of economics. Putnam $4.50. 

Book 1, p. 1-168, on the nature aud history of economics; hook 2, p. 
169-690, The fundamental concepts and axioms of economics. Contains 
much in formal iou and sensible criticism of other writers, but the author's 
peculiair theories and extraordinary claims for them are sharply criticized. 

331 8 rz Wyckoff, W. A: The workers; the East. Scribner $1.25. 

Two months' exuerience as a day laborer, dex)endent on earnings as 
builder's helper at West Point, summer-hotel porter, hired man at Mid- 
dletown asylum, farm hand in a Pennsylvania logging camp, and while 
tramping between places. Author now lecturer on sociology in Princeton 
university. First published in Scribner^s magazine. 

BEST BOOKS OF 1897 315 

342.739 Fisher, S. G: Evolution of the constitution of the United 
States. Lippincott $1.50. 

Traces dcveloprnont from colonial charters, early plans of union and 
first state constitutions. Rejects theories of foreign origin or sudden 

352 Goodnow, F. J. Municipal problems. Macmillan $1.50. 

Recommends that local affairs be controlled by city council rather than 
mayor, matters of general concern by a permanent state boanl of super- 

353 a Harrison, Benjamin. This country of ours. Scribner $1.50. 

Explains constitution and practical workings of congress, the presi- 
dency, executive department, judiciary, Smithsonian institution, civil 
service and other commissions. Excellent, but not a first choice for libra- 
ries which have Macy's Our government, Dawes' Hou> tee are governedf and 
similar works. First pnblished in Ladiee home journal. 

353-7 Spears, J: R. History of our navy, 1775-1897. 4 V. Scrib- 
ner $8. 

Dwells chiefiy on romantic and picturesque aspects, treating briefly 
and incidentally of naval administration and development. Profusely 
illustrated. — IHal 

353.9747 Ficldc, A. M. Political primer of New York state and city 
Macmillan 75c. 

Excellent handbook explaining through questions and answers the leg- 
islative, executive and judicial systems, political methods, rights and 
duties of citizens, etc, 

364 Morrison, W: D. Juvenile offenders (Criminology ser.) 
Appleton $1.50. 

Valuable study of conditions which produce juvenile delinquency and 
of improvement of methods of dealing with young ofiunders. 

By far the best and most suggestive work on juvenile crime in our 
language. — Saturday review 

See also Hoference books p. 312 

370.1 Vincent, G: E. Social mind and education. Macmillan 


Studies relation between the different branches of knowledge and finds 
their unity and meaning in sociology. Outlines scheme for a four years 
college course on this basis. 

371 /^ Baldwin, Joseph. School management and school methods 
(International educ. ser. no. 40) Appleton $1.50. 

Outline manual, specially intended for classes of teachers. Discusses 
conditions, facilities, government, organization, methods. 


371.46 Hughes, J. L. Probers educational laws for all teachers 
(International educ. ser. no. 41) Appleton $1.50. 

QuotiitioDS from and r68um^8 of Frobel's ideas, with running comment 
partly original and partly selected. Main object to show that Probers* 
ideas and metbods are significant for tbe whole scheme of education from 
kindergarten to university. 

372.3 Wilson, Mrs L. L. W. Nature study in elementary schools 
Macmillan 90c. 

Practical observation lessons for each mouth in meteorology, botany, 
zoology and mineralogy. References to mytbs, illustrative poems, help- 
ful books, etc. Of unusual value to teachers. 

See also Juvenile p. 332 

398.2 Newell, W: W. King Arthur and the Table round; tales 
chiefly after the old French of Crestien of Troyes. 2v. 
Houghton $4. 

He has turned the French poet's short couplets into prose a hazardous 
experiment, but it has succeeded to admiration. — Nation 

Sec also Juvenile p. 333 

5 23* 59 Angot, Alfred. The aurora borealis (International sci. ser. 
no. 77) Appleton $i.75. 

Discusses picturesque features, color, sound, extent, frequency, perio- 
dicity, relation to other electric manifestations and various explanatory 
theories. Clear and authoritative. 

551.21 Russell, I. C. Volcanoes of North America; a reading lesson 
for students of geography and geology. Macmillan $4. 

Not too technically scientific, but full of useful information. — Aihtna9um 

551. 31 Glaciers of North America. Ginn $1.90. 

Describes beginnings, development, effects and decay of glaciers, and 
the situation and condition of those existing on tbis continent. 

581 ^Creevey, C. A. Flowers of field, hill and swamp. Harper 

Flowers of Atlantic states, classed according to tbeir habitat. Has 
merit and charm as a popular guide, though somewhat weak as science. 

581.97 Newhall, C: S. Vines of Northeastern America. Putnam 


For reference. Identifier nearly 100 vines by means of three guides 
based on flower, leaf and fruit. Unteohnical descriptions. 

BEST BOOKS OF 1897 317 

590 b Gibson, W. H. My studio neighbors. Harper $2.50. 

Eight papers on behavior of diggerwasps, horaets, oioadas, caokoos, 
orchidg; milkweed, etc. Beautifally illustrated by author. 

590 r Ingersoll, Ernest. Wild neighbors. Macmillan $1.50. 

On squirrels, the American panther, coyote, badger, porcupine, skunk, 
woodchnck, racoon, the service of tails, animal training. 

590 b Matthews, F. S. Familiar features of the roadside. Apple- 
ton $1.75. 

Beginning with early spring, describes flowers, shrubs, birds and insects 
found commonly along highways and by-ways. Well illustrated. 

595.7 ^Comstock, J: H: Insect life, Appleton $2.50. 

Guide to a knowledge of insects through study of insects themselves. 
Clear, scientific, admirably illustrated. Directions for collecting and pre- 
serving specimens. 

595-7 Gibson, W: H. Eye spy. Harper $2.50. 

On beetles, grasshoppers, snakes, cocoons, mushrooms, tendrils, barber- 
ries, etc. Primarily intended to induce young people to observe nature. 
Author's illustrations. 

598.2 r Blanchan, Neltje. Bird neighbors. Doubleday $2. 

Excellent description of appearance and habits of 150 common birds, 
arranged in color-groups. Latin and English names; 51 colored photo- 
graplis of staffed birds, taken from the periodical Bir^, 

598.2 b Chapman, F. M. Bird-life j a guide to the study of our com- 
mon birds. Appleton $1.75. 

For amateurs. Offers information ratbcr than entertainment, but is less 
comprehensive and less like a scientific manual in form than his Hand- 
hook of birds of Northeastern America. Exact, clear, excellent illustra- 
tions. All edition with carefuly colored plates, $5. 

598.2 Miller, Mrs H. M. Upon the tree-tops. Houghton $1.25. 

13 gossiping sketches of bird life. 

598.95 <: Conn, H. W: Story of germ life (Lib. of useful stories) 
Appleton 40c. 

Hriefiy outlines what is known about bacteria both as beneficent and 
harmful agents. 


614.84 b Hill, C: T. Fighting a fire. Century $1.50. 

Describes the workings of the New York city fire department. First 
published in St Nicholas, 


634 Bailey ) L. H. Principles of fruit-growing. Macmillan $1.25. 

Practical advice on location and climate, methods of cultivation, pests 
and diseases, picking, packing and marketing. 

Readable, simple, clear-cut, practical, up-to-date and thoroughly 
scientific and reliable. — Science 

640 ^Campbell, Mrs Helen. Household economics. Putnam 

Chapters on house-building, furnishing, household management, food, 
cleaning, sanitation, service, modem life, etc. Useful bibliographies. 

647 a Salmon, L. M. Domestic service. Macmillan $2. 

Scientific treatment from economic standpoint, based on statistics 
gathered from employers, employees and census returns. Sketches 
history and suggests possible remedies. 


733 Gardner, E. A. Handbook of Greek sculpture. Macmillan 
V. 2, $1.25; 2 V. in I $2.50. 

Best introductory manual of Greek sculpture at present obtainable in 
any language. — Critic 

755 Hurll, E. M. Madonna in art. Page $2. 

Familiar description rather than critical study. Many reproductions 
of paintings. 

770 ^ Adams, W. I. L. Sunlight and shadow: a book for photo- 
graphers, amateur and professional. Baker & Taylor $2.50. 

For those who have mastered the technicalities, and wish to make 
more artistic pictures. Culled from Photographic times and American 
annual of photography. Beautifully illustrated. 

See also Juvenile p. 333 
782.1 ^ Guerber, H. A. Stories of famous operas. Dodd $1.50. 

15 principal French, German and Italian operas. Many full-page por- 
traits, scenes f roui operas and opera houses. 

784 Fitz-Gerald, S. J. A. Stories ot famous songs. Lippincott 
Somewhat hetero^ieneous collection of anecdotes and information about 
some 700 songs aud ballads. Useful for reference though carelessly 
written and sometimes inaccurate. 

785.1 Goepp, P. H. Symphonies and their meaning. Lippincott 

Uu technical, but for persons with some knowledge of music. Takes 
up in detail certain symphonies by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, SchuberC| 
Schumann, Mendelssohn and Brahma. 

BEST BOOKS OF 1 897 319 

Amusements and sports 

791 Hopkins, A. A., ed. Magic stage illusions. Munn $2.50. 

Explains coDJurors' tricks, moderD stage effects, automata, magic 
mirrors, photographic diversiotiS; etc. and outlines history of magic. 

796 Frazer, P. D. Canoe cruising and camping. Forest and 
stream $1. 

Serviceable directory and hand book. — Literary world 
Chapter on photography. 


804 a Bates. Arlo. Talks on the study of literature. Houghton 

Lowell lectures ; not limited to discussion of abstract theories, but 
made practical by concrete examples from classic and current books. 

809.3 Saintsbury, G: E: B. The flourishing of romance and the 

rise of allegory (Periods of European literature: no. 2) 
Scribner $1.50. 

12th and 13th centuries. His style in spite of its mannerisms is always 
sprightly and attractive. — W. Af. Payne in Dial 

810.9 ^Mitchell, D. G. American lands and letters." Scribner $2.50. 

GracefuKand kindly biographic sketches, including much personal 
reminiscence, of authors born before the 19th century. Admirable illus- 
trations and typography. 

810.9 Tyler, M. C. Literary history of the American revolution, 
1 763-1 783. 2v. Putnam $3. 

Sets forth the inward history of the revolution, its ideas, spiritual moods, 
passions, caprices and whims. — Preface 

Fully represents both whigs and'tories. Follows his Hietory of Ameri- 
can literature during colonial times. 

8 1 1 .04 ^ Knowles, F: L. com/> Golden treasury of American songs and 

lyrics. Page $1.25. 

147 poems by 61 writers from Frcneau to Lloyd Miffliu. Roughly chron- 
ologic arrangement. Of much interest and charm. 

81 1.43 Stedman, E. C. Poems now first collected. Houghton $1.50. 
S<mgs, ballads, commemorations and other poems of the last 20 years. 

811.49 Gilder, R: W. For the country. Century $1. 

Written for patriotic occasions and in memory of great soldiers. 


814.37 ^ Curtis, G; W: Are recti vivendi. Harper $1.25. 

' Easy cbair ' essays ou Extravagance at college, Hazing, Woman's dress, 
Tobacco and manners, Newspaper ethics, etc. 

814.49 Clarke, J. F. Nineteenth century questions. Houghton $1.50. 

15 papers grouped as Literary studies, Religious and philosophical, His- 
torical and biographical. 

814.49 ^ Eliot, C: W: American contributions to civilization. Cen- 
tury $2. 

19 essays and addresses, maiuly social and political. Clear in diction 
and stimulating in thought. 

814.49 c Peck, H: T. The personal equation. Harper $1.50. 

Essays on Howells, George Moore, Nordau, Pres. Cleveland, The new 
child and its books, American feeling toward England, etc. 

814.49 € Potter, H: C. The scholar and the state. Century $2. 

Addresses on the Christian citizen's relation to the state, to service, 
statesmanship, the criminal, practical American life, etc. by the Bishop 
of New York. 

814.49 b Repplier, Agnes. Varia. Houghton $1.25. 

Entertaining essays on modern women and their grandmothers, the 
deathless diary, tbe objectional foreign guide, a French f&te, little 
pbariseeH in fiction, etc. 

820.4 Dowden, Edward. French revolution and English litera- 
ture. Scribner, «<f/$i 25. 

Princeton lectures. Attempts to trace the influence of revolutionary 
philosophy on tbe chief figures in English literature from about 1770-1820. 

821.04 ^ Palgjave, F. T., ^^/«/. Golden treasury. 2d. ser. Modern 
poetry (Golden treasury ser.) Macmillan $1. 

Selected songs and lyrics written iu tbe English language since 1850. 

824.89 Romanes, G: J: Essays. Longmans $1.75. 

10 popular essays on recreation, tbe object of life, and various topics 
in natural science and psyebology. 

824.89 Traill, H. D. The new fiction. New Amsterdam $2. 

The new fiction ; Tbe political novel; The novel of manners; News- 
papers and English ; Mattbew Arnold ; Samuel Richardson; Tbe future 
of humor, etc. 

840.9 Dowden, Edward. History of French literature. Apple- 
ton $1.50. 

Critical survey from middle ages to 1850. General soundness of opinion 
is rendered doubly attractive by uniform excellence of style. — Naii(t% 

BEST BOOKS OF 1 897 32 1 

840.6 Pellissier, George. Literary movement in France during 

19th century. Putnam $3.50. 

The best meaos available for gainiDg an insigbt into the nature and re- 
lations of the priocipal corrents of modern French literature. — Natjan 

891.7 Wolkonsky, /W«/r<f Serge. Pictures of Russian history and 

Russian literature (Lowell lectures) Lamson, n^t $2. 

Panoramic view of historical and literary development of Russia from 
862 to present day. 


Description and travel 
See also Juvenile p. 333 

910.4 AmidSy Edmondo de. On blue water. Putnam $2.25. 

Voyage from Genoa to Buenos Ayres. Chiefly a study of human nature 
in cabin and steerage. 

910.4 d ClemenSi S: L. Following the equator. Am. pub. co. $3.50. 

A first-rate specimen of that eminently sngacious mixture of sense and 
nonsense which is so characteristic of MarH Twain. — Dial 

9'3'3S4 Peters, J: P. Nippur; or, Explorations and adventures on 
the Euphrates. 2 v. Putnam $5. 

Skilfully combines personal experiences and scientific facts. The book 
has marked individuality, is pleasant to read and well worth the read- 
ing. — Nation 

9^3-37 Landani, R. A. Ruins and excavations of ancient Rome. 
Houghton $4. 

Companion book for students and travelers. Excellent maps, plans 
and illustrations. By far the best in English on this subject. — Nation 

913.388 Tsountas, Chrestos & Manatt, J. I. Mycenaean age. 
Houghton $6. 

Study of the monuments and culture of pre-Homeric Greece. Of inte- 
rest to general reader and archeologist. 

914.2 c Warner, C: D. People for whom Shakespeare wrote. Har- 
per $1.25. 

Describes manners, dress, household belongings, food, amusements, 
accomplishments, etc. of Tudor and Stuart ageH, recasting contemporary 
records in lively form. 

914-395 Thomson, H. C. Outgoing Turk. Appleton $4. 

Describes excellent results of 20 years of Austrian {government in Bos- 
nia and Herzegovina. Briefly reviews Eastern question and arraigns 
English policy. 


914.5 ^ Bazin, Rene. Italians of to-day. Holt $1.25. 

Travel notes by a French observer wbo shows uuusual 8ymi)athy, 
judf^ment in choice of subjects and freedom from prejudice. 

914-53 ^ Smith, F.H. Gondola days. Houghton $1.50. 

Reminiscences of an artist whose eye is sensitive to form, color and pic- 
turesque effects. Published also, with more sumptuous illnstrations, 
under title Venice of to-day ^ by H: T. Thomas co. and sold by subscriptiou. 

914.96 ^ Ramsay, W. M. Impressions of Turkey, during 12 years' 
wanderings. Putnam $1.73. 

On the whole the best work on the Eastern question. — Nation 
Treats of people, life and conditions, political situation, missionary 
influences, etc. 

915.19 c SistiOPf Mrs I, 3. Korea and her neighbors. Revell $2. 

Best book on Korea. Observations before, during and after the China- 
Japanese war. Particularly full on political and industrial aspects. 
Excellent maps. 

915.2 ^ Hearn, Lafcadio. Gleanings in Buddha-fields. Houghton 

A living Qod, About faces in Japanese art, Buddhist allusions in Jap- 
anese folk lore. Nirvana, and other essays. 

915.2 La Farge, John. An artist's letters from Japan. Century $4. 

First published iu Century^ 1890-91. Interesting for artist's discrimin- 
ating appreciations rather than in mere traveler's information. 

916.8 c Bigelow, Poultney. White man's Africa. Harper $2 50. 

Describes conditions in the colonized region extending from the Cape 
of Good Hope 1000 miles northeastward. Readable and fairly compre- 
hensive and impartial. 

916.8 a Bryce, James. Impressions of South Africa. Century $3.50. 

The most satisfactory and authoritative account of physical features, 
climate, conditions, history and race problems. Clear st.vle and sane 
estimates. Partly published in Century, Valuable maps. 

917.3 r Fisher, S. G: Men, women and manners in colonial times. 

2 V. Lippincott $3. 

Portrays social affairs in the 13 colonies in light vein somewhat like 
that of Mrs Alice Morse Earle. Excellent photogravures. 

917.44 Garrett, E. H. Romance and reality of the puritan coast. 
Little $2. 
A cyclist's description of the Massachusetts shore from Nahaut to An- 
nisquam, with charming pen-and-ink drawings. 

BEST BOOKS OF 1 897 323 

9i7.4727Bacon, E. M. Chronicles of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. 
Putnam $1.25. 

Early life, interesting houses, legends, and bits of local history chiefly 
relating to revolutionary period. 

917.8 r Hough, E. Story of the cowboy. (Story of the West ser.) 
Appleton $1.50. 

An uncommon study Of a typo . . . not all good, not half bad— juat a 
a man shaped by the frontier; rude but fairly heroic. — Nation 

919.8 a Nansen, Fridtjof. Farthest north. 2 v. Harper $10. 

Experiences of the Norwegian polar expedition, 1893-96. Of interest 
io lovers of science, fascinating as adventure, inspiring as revelation of 

Also published in 1 V. Popular ed. 679 p. N.Y. 1898. Harper$3. Omits 
some illustrations and all maps. 

History of foreign countries 

940.7 Johnson, A. H. Periods of European history, ed. by Arthur 

Hassall. Period 4, 1 494-1 598. Macniillan, /i^/ $1.75. 

He has done his best to explain the position of each individual or party 
without letting loose his moral indignation. — Saturday review 

942.08 a McCarthy, Justin. History of our own times, v. 3. Harper 


Continues his well-known work and covers English history from 1880 
to the Diamond jubilee. June 1897. 

944.034 r Perkins. J. B. France under Louis 15. 2v. Houghton $4. 

1723-74. He has produced a piece of sound scholarsbi]) without slight- 
ing either arrangement or style. — Nation 

944.04 McCarthy, J. H. French revolution, v. 2. Harper $1.50. 

Concluding volume. From event>8 immediately following fall of Bastile 
to close of constituent assembly, 1791. v. 1 published in 1890. 

944.08 ^Coubertin, Pierre de, ^arort. Evolution of France under the 
Third republic. Crowell $3. 

Political history from Sep. 4, 1871 to death of President Camot, with 
chapters on the church, education, the army and social matters. 

Strikingly impartial. The most complete and best composed contem- 
porary history of France thus far published in French or English. — 
Political science quarterly 

946.07 d Latimer, Mrs M. E. W. Spain in the 19th century. McClurg 

Outline of recent Spanish history with chapter on Cuban affairs. Read- 
able and excellent for popular use. 


949.4 Colton, J. M. Annals of Switzerland. Barnes $1.25. 

Clear and gimple history of tbe f[:rowth of the Swiss coufederatiou since 
the tint Roman invasion — Literary world 
Many interesting illustrations. 

History of America 
See also Juvenile p. 333 
971 Roberts, C: G: D. History of Canada. Lamson $2. 

Popular, comp:\ct, well-proportioned and of hifjh literary quality. 

972.91 ^ Davis, R: H. Cuba in war time. Russell $.25. 

Press letters, wanting continuity, but throwing vi^id light on proceed- 
ings which have ruined one of the finest islands in the world. 

973 Winsor, Justin. Westward movement, 1763-98. Houghton 

Scholarly acconnt of events concerning the territory west of the Alle- 
ghanics, 1763-98, with full cartogra])hic illustrations from contempo- 
rary sources. Conclndes story begun in Cartier to Frontenao and con- 
tinued in The MisaUiippi basin, 

973.2 <7 Fiske, John. Old Virginia and her neighbors. 2 v. Hough- 
ton $4. 

Virginia, Maryland, Carolina and Greorj;ia from first settlements to 
1753. Conies between big JHscovery of America and Beginnings of New 

973.2 Terhune, Mrs M. V. H. Some colonial homesteads and their 
stories. Putnam $3. 

Tbe Livingston, Philipse and Van Cortlandt manors, the Jumel man- 
sion, the Virginia home of Pocahontas, the Schuyler and Colfax houses, 
and otbers. Interesting illustrations. 

973.7 8^ Porter, Horace. Campaigning with Grant. Century $3.50. 

Recounts Gen. Grant's daily acts, personal traits, expressions of opinion, 
etc., dnring the last 18 months of the civil war. 

974.4 Brown, A. E. Beside old hearthstones. Lee $1.50. 

Historical lore, tradition and personal recollections gathered in Mid- 
dlesex CO. Mass. Many interesting illustrations. 

974.48 Arber, Edward, ^//. Story of the pilgrim fathers, 1 602-1624 
A. D. as told by themselves, their friends and their enemies. 
Houghton $2. 

Extracts from original documents interspersed with valuable comment. 
Treats of tbe ecclesiastical conflict in England and Holland and of New 
England colonization. For student rather than casual reader. 

BEST BOOKS OF 1897 325 

974.2 Cobb. S. H. Story of the Palatines. Putnam $2. 

Experiences of the German Latherans wbo emigrated from the 
Hlieuisli Palatiuate to the Hudson and Mohawk valleys in the early 
18th century. 

974.71 ^Goodwin, Mrs M. W., Royce, A. C, Putnam, Ruth, eds. 
Historic New York; being the first series of the Half-moon 
papers. Putnam $2.50. 

Monographs on localities and life of early New York city. Excellent 
maps and illustrations and a general index. 

974.727 Pryer, Charles. Reminiscences of an old Westchester home- 
stead. Putnam $1.25. 

Legends, traditions and superstitions of Westchester county. 


Collective biography 

8e6 aUo Reference books p. 313 

920.02 ^Farrar, F: W: Men I have known. Crowell $1.75. 

Tennyson, Browning, Emerson, Longfellow, Lowell, Kingsley, Maurice, 
Newman, Pusey, Phillips Brooks, Carlyle, Thackeray, Dickens, Hughes, 
Disraeli, Tyudall, Cruikshank, Du Mauricr and many others. 

920.4 Oliphant, Mrs M. O. W. Annals of a publishing house. 
2 V. Scribner $10.50. 

William Blackwood and his sons, their magazine and friends. The 
most interesting literary memoirs which have been published tor many 
a day. — Spectator 

923.27 r Trent, W: P. Southern statesipen of the old regime (Lib. 
of economics and politics, no. 13) Crowell $2. 

Political biographies of Washington, Jefferson, Randolph, Calhoun, 
Stephens, Toombs and Jefferson Davis. 

928.48 Fisher, Mary. Group of French critics. McClurg $1.25. 

Edmond Schcrer, Ernest Bersot, Saint-Marc Girardin, Ximdues, Dou- 
dan, Gustav Plauche. 

Individual biography 

See also Juvenile p. 333 

if Arnold, Fitch, Sir J. G. Thomas and Matthew Arnold, and 
their influence on English education. Scribner, net $1. 

Amply appreciative and impartially critical. — Academy 



Audubon, Audubon, J: J. Audubon and his journals, by 
Maria R. Audubon; with zoological and other notes by 
Elliott Coues. Scribner $7.50. 

Cod tains a biographic preface by Miss Au<lubon, bis own sketch of his 
early life, his European, Labrador and Missouri river journals, and 
' Episodes,' a series of short sketches which appeared in his Ornithological 

c Browning. Browning, Mrs E. B. Letters ; ed. with bio- 
graphic additions by Frederic G. Kenyon. 2 v. Macmil- 
lan $4. 

It is not easy to find an autobiography which matches this collection 
of intimate outpourings of thought and sentiment. — Dial 

c Charlemagne, Hodgkin, Thomas. Charles the Great 
(Foreign statesmen) Macmillan 75c. 

The picture, though 00 a small scale, is complete, the treatment broad 
and elective and the narrative not lacking in picturesque detail. — 

If read with a good historical atlas the best introduction for a beginner 
to the story of medieval Europe. — Spectator 

Cicero, Boissier, Gaston. Cicero and his friends. Putnam 

Study of Roman society through Cicero's letters. Of value to student 
of history and sociology and interesting to general reader. 

Cromwell, Gardiner, S: R. Cromwell's place in history. 
Longmans $1. 

Baned on six Oxford lectures. Considers Cromwell the most typical 
Englishman of all times — an embodiment of English strength and weak- 

The most reasonable estimate of his genius which has yet been given. — 
Fall mall gazette 

c Dickens, Dickens, M. A. My father as I recall him. 
Dutton $1.25. 

Informal portrayal of the great novelist's lovable qualities and cheerful 
perMonality in his own home. 

b Gladstone. McCarthy, Justin. Story of Gladstone's life 
(English classics) Macmillan $6. 

For the most part a high eulogy. Its value lies in the author's p«)rsonal 
recollections and impressions. — Spectator 
First published in Outlook. Many portraits. 

BIST BOOKS OF 1897 327 

Grant, Church, W: C. Ulysses S. Grant (Heroes of the 
nations) Putnam $1.50. 

Relates simple facts without commeot, but conveys a highly favorable 
impression. Gives due consideration to his civil career. 

Wilson, J. G. General Grant (Great commanders 

ser.) Apple ton $1.50. 

Deals chiefly with his military career. Letters to E. B. Washburnc, 
first published here, are of special interest. 

Lee, White, H; A. Robert E. Lee and the southern confed- 
eracy. 1807-70 (Heroes of the nations) Putnam $1.50. 

He has advantages over earlier i>iographers, but the ideal liTe, just, 
appreciative, and unprejudiced, is yet to be written. 

c Marie Antoinette ^ queen of France, Bicknell, A. L. Story of 
Marie-Antoinette. Century $3. 

Faithful yet sympathetic popular account. Pictures clearly the dis- 
ordered conditions at court. Beautifully printed and illustrated. 

b Nelson, Mahan, A. T. Life of Nelson, the embodiment of 
tKe sea power of Great Britain. 2 v. Little $8. 

Treats with fnll competence the three aspects involved — personal, pro- 
fessional and political. — Nation 

Renan, Darmesteter, Mrs A. M. F. Life of Ernest Renan. 
Houghton $1.50. 

There is much learning in this little book, much poetic feeling and ex- 
pression, and bright bits of characterization. — Literature 

Schofield, Schofield, J: M. Forty-six years in the army. 
Century $3. 

Notes and comments on events he had part in rather than connected 
biography. Throws light on some important points. 

c Schuyler. Humphreys, M. G. Catherine Schuyler (Women 
of colonial and revolutionary times) Scribner $1.25. 

Catherine Van Rensselaer, wife of Gen. Philip Schuyler. Describes 
Dutch colonial life, and society of revolutionary period in Albany. 

a Stowe, Stowe, Mrs H. B. Life and letters; ed, by A. 
Fields. Houghton $2. 

Delightful and inspiring, rich in biographical essentials . . . Compact 
and workmanlike, full of pith and guiltless of padding. — "Dial 


Stuarty Charles Edward , the Young Pretender. Lang, Andrew. 
Pickle the Spy. Longmans $5. 

Actual history of romantic qaality. Couceras the Young Pretends 
nud Macdonell of Glen^rarry, a Hanoverian agent in Jacobite mask. 

b Tennyson, Tennjrson, Hallam. Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 
2 V. Macmillan, net $10. 

Authoritative, replete with interestini:: matter, it greatly enlarges public 
knowledge of the poet's spiritual life, literary judgments and artistic 

c Washington, Wharton, A. H. Martha Washington (Women 
of colonial and revolutionary times, no. 5) Scribner $1.25. 

Painstaking and truthful portrait, not a fancy sketch of the conven- 
tional ' Lady Washington.' — Dinl 

See also Juvenile fiction p. 333 

a Allen, J. L. The choir invisible. Macmillan $1.50. 

Idyllic story of life and character on the Kentucky frontier, 1795. Re- 
casts to great advantage material used in John Gray, 

Barnes, James. A loyal traitor. Harper $1.50. 

War of 1812. Told by the sailor hero. 

Barr, Mrs A. E. Prisoners of conscience. Century $1.50. 

Story of fisherfolk iu the Shetland isles. Somber but not gloomy in 

Briscoe, M. S. Jimty and others. Harper $1.50. 

The tales are of widely differing genreSf yet each is equally finished and 
there is not a trace of monotony. — Critic 

r Catherwood, Mrs M. H. Days of Jeanne D'Arc. Century 


Careful study of period, impressing reader with tho moral beauty and 
valor of tho inspired peasant maid. First published in Century, 

The spirit of an Illinois town. Houghton $1.25. 

Contemporary life in a bustling town. Contains, also, 'The little Rey- 
naiiU,' a pathetic story of Illinois life in 1680. 

Converse, Florence. Diana Victrix. Houghton $1.25. 

Interesting character study, introducing two Now England college 
wouien and several Creoles. Scenes, New Orleans and White mountains. 

BEST BOOKS OF I 897 329 

c Crawford, F. M. Corleone. 2v. Macmillan $2. 

Scene, Sicily. Portrays a quarrel between the Roman Saracinesca and 
the Sicilian Pagliuca. 

Crocketti S: R. Lochinvar. Harper $1.50. 

Love, daring and adventure. Scenes, Scotland and Holland in 1688. 
Introduces William of Orange. 

aDaviSi R. H. Soldiers of fortune. Scribner $1.50. 

Introductory picture of New York society followed by love and adven- 
ture in South America. First published in Scrihnet^i magasine, 

Dawson, W. J. Thro' lattice-windows. Doublcday $1.25. 

Stories clustericg about the life of an English village. Sprinkled with 
pleasing humor, though somber in general effect. 

Deland, Mrs M. W. C. Wisdom of fools. Houghton $1.25. 

Four short stories each of which deals with some problem of life and 

Du Maurier, George. The Martian. Harper $1.75. 

The hero has a familiar spirit native to the plnnot Mars, who influences 
and assists him. First vublished in Harper's magaziiie. 

The opening chapters are sheer delight . . . The end is abrupt and un- 
convincing, but en route there is much entertainment. — Academy 

rFord, P. L. Story of an untold love. Hougton $1.25. 

Love story, involving a question of business ethics, told in form of a 
diary kept by the hero. First published in Atlantic monthly. 

c Fox, John, jr. Ken tuck ians. Harper $1.25. 

Love, rivalry and feud between mountain and blue grass country folk. 
Entertaining and well studied. 

French, Alice. Book of true lovers. Way $1.25. 

Seven love stories in which humor and pathos are blended. All pre- 
viously' published in magazines. 

b Missionary sheriff. Harper $1.25. 

Six stories in each of which a certain *■ plain man who tried to do his 
duty ^ figures. 

Hale, E: E. Susan's escort and others. Harper $1.50. 

18 bright and wholesome stories, displaying some characteristic whim- 
sicalities and told In matter-of-fact style. 


Hamblin, H. E. On many seas. Macmillan $1.50. 

Though his yarns have no pretensioDS to literary yalne, they come very 
near possessing it by the terseness, vigor and naive sincerity of his 
phraseology. — Saturday review 

Harrison, Mrs C. C. Son of the Old Dominion. Lamson 

Semi -historical romance and adventure in Virginia, 1774. Washing- 
ton, Lord Fairfax and others known to history participate. 

Hawkins, A. H. Phroso. Stokes $1.75. 

Scene, a Grecian island. One adventure rushes upon the heels of an- 
other in breathless succession from cover to cover. — Bookman 

Howells, W: D. An open-eyed conspiracy. Harper $1. 

Saratoga experiences of a young girl chaperoned by Mr and Mrs Basil 

^ Landlord at Lion's Head. Harper $1.75. 

Evolution of a New Hampshire farm house into a summer hotel and 
corresponding character development in the son of the house. 

^ James, Henry. The spoils of Poynton. Houghton $1.50. 

Delicate character study in vein of his earlier stories. Scene, in 
England; theme, the collector's passion. First published in AtUintio 
monthly under the title The old things, 

Johnston, R. M. Old times in Middle Georgia. Macmillan 

$ I. so- 
Reminiscent tales and sketches, chiefly of humble country folk. 

/I Kipling, Rudyard. Captains courageous. Century $1.50. 

Fishing schooner life on the Newfoundland banks as seen by a boy 
washed overboard from an Atlantic liner. First published in 
McClure*8 magazine, 

^ Mitchell, S. W. Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker. 2 v. Cen- 
tury $2. 

Autobiographic story of the revolution. Introduces Washington, Andr6, 
Dr Bush and others. Of compelling interest, and excellent in portrayal 
of times and character. First ])ubli8hed in Century. 

^Montresor, F. F. At the cross-roads. Appleton $1.50. 

Somewhat improbable plot, developed with engrossing interest. Very 
well w^ritten and especially strong in character portrayal. 

BEST BOOKS OF 1 897 33 1 

c Murfree, M. . N. The juggler. Houghton $1.25. 

Under peculiar circnmstances, a young man reported dead and 
buried lives under an assumed name in the TeuDessee mountains. First 
published in AUaniic monthly. 

Noble, A. L. Professor's dilemma. Putnam $1. 

Travel and somewhat complicated love affairs of Americans in Egypt. 
Light and entertaining. 

Prince, Mrs H. C. A transatlantic chatelaine. Houghton 

An American girVs married life in a French chateau. Story culwinntes 
dunni; Franco -Prussian war. 

Rayner, E. Free to serve. Copeland $1.50. 

Colonial New York in the early 18th century. Romantic adventures 
of a well-born English girl as a bond-servant. 

Roberts, C: G: D. Forge in the forest. Lamson $1.50. 
Historical romance of Acadia, 1746-47. 

^ Scott, H. S. In Kedar's tents. Dodd $1.25. 

Love and thrilling adventures. Scene, Spain in 1838, where the Irish 
hero is under suspicion as a Carlist spy. 

Sea well, M. E. Historyof Lady Betty Stair. Scribner $1.25. 

Scene at the court of the French exiles at Holyrood palace, Edinburgh, 
1798, and later in Fiance and Algiers. 

a Steel, Mrs F. A. On the face of the waters. Macmillan 

Indian mutiny 1857-58. Of extraordinary value and vitality as history 
and of much power as fiction. 

^Stevenson, R. L: St Ives. Scribner $1.50. 

Exciting adventures of a French prisoner escaped from Edinburgh 
castle. Concludinjj chapters by A. Quiller-Couch. First published in 
McClure's magazine. 

Stimson, F. J. Mrs Knollys, and other stories. Scribner 

Commended to those who like stories that will bear to be read slowly, 
with pauses to t«ste and appreciate the quality. — Critic 

Stockton, F. R: A story teller's pack. Scribner $1.50. 

When Mr Stockton returns to his short sto^ie^i he comes again into his 
own, and we into ours. — I^ation 


Stuart, Mrs R. McE. In Simpkinsville. Harper $1.25. 

Possesses an abandance of that playful yet reverent appreciation of the 
humors of haman life which warms the reader's heart and lightens his 
spirits. — Criiic 

c Van Rensselaer, Mrs M. G. One man who was content. 
Century $1. 

Contains also ' Mary ' ; ' The Lnstigs ' ; ' Corinna's Fiauimetta.' 

Waterloo, Stanley. Story of Ab ; a tale of the time of the 
cave men. Way $1.50. 

He has made a good novel ont of unpromising materials. — Liiwaiwrt 

^ White, E. O. A Browning courtship. Houghton $1.25. 

These stories are pleasant and bright, with some whimsical and some 
pathetic touches ; nowhere rising to a high plane yet never wearisome. — 
JV. y. Timet 

^ Wilkins, M.. E. Jerome, a poor man. Harper $1.50. 

New England village life. Study of character as developed in a boy 
struggling to make his way in the world. First published in Hii,rptT*% 

Wister, Owen. Lin McLean. Harper $1.50. 

Short stories forming a continuous narrative, a cowboy being the cen- 
tral figure. 



170.4 Garrison, W. P. Parables for school and home. Long- 
mans $2. 

Lessons in applied morals — kindness to animals, property rights, self- 
control, patriotism, etc. — in form of sketches to be read to and rewritten 
by pupils. Well done, without patronizing tone. 


398.2 Asbjornsen, P: C. Fairy tales from the far north. Arm- 
strong $2. 

Translated from the Norwegian. 

They invest the animal kingdom with the power of speech and bring 
princesses, trolls, beasts and fowls together in happy relations— Z<i/0rarj^ 

398.2 b Frost, W: H: Knights of the Round table. Scribner $2.50. 

Stories of King Arthur and the Holy grail charmingly retold to a 
young girl traveling in England. Second Heries, following his Couriof 
King Arthur. 

398.2 a Lang, Andrew. Pink fairy book. Longmans $2. 
Tales from Japan, Sicily, Sweden, Africa and other lands. 

BEST BOOKS OF 1897 333 

59T.52 Beardy J. C. Curious homes and their tenants (Appleton's 
home reading books) Appleton 65c. 

About crabs, Hpider^, moles, bees, ants, kangaroos, kinkajous, human 
cliit' dwellers, Eskimos, etc. and their habitations. Interesting, with ad- 
niirnble drawings. 

598.2 a Wright, M. O. Coues, Elliott. Citizen bird. Mac- 
millan $1.50. 

Conveys in story form much information about birds to a party of 
children who are taught to observe for themtyclves. 

782.2 Chapin, A. A. Story of the Rhinegold. Harper $1.25. 

Follows Waguer's versions. Covers four Nibelungen operas, and gives 
chief rausicul 7/to<t/«. 
The best of its kind yet issued. — Nation 

914.8 Nichols, L. D. Norway summer. Roberts $1.25. 

Three American girls travel in Norway and visit in a Norwegian hoiuie- 

973.2 Drake, S: A. Border wars of New England. Scribner $1.50. 

True stones of the struggle with French and indians in end of 17ch 
and beginning of 18th centuries. 

973-3 ^ Brooks, E. S. Century book of the American revolution. 
Century $1.50. 

Story of a young people*8 pilgrimage to revolutionary battle fields. 
Many illustrations. 

Juvenile biography 

Bainbrid^e, Barnes, James. Commodore Bainbridge. 
Appleton $1. 

Story-biography of a hero of the Algerinc war and the war of 1812, 
Relates much exciting adventure and follows facts closely. 

c Grant, Brooks, E, S. True story of U. S. Grant (Children's 
lives of great men no. 4) Lothrop $1.50. 

Entertainingly told for children. Many illustrations. 

Juvenile fiction 

Austin, O. p. Uncle Sam's secrets (Appleton's home read- 
ing books.) Appleton 75c. 

Much interesting information about currency, the mint, railway postal 
service, foreign mail, banking and revenue systems, etc. conveyed in a. 
stiff and unreal story. 


b Barnes, James. Yankee ships and Yankee sailors. Macm^» 

Ian $1.50. • 
Stiiriiig^ narrntives of valiant clecMln, takon from history and f radiMoii. 

^ Bennett, John. Master Skylark. Century $1.50. 

The boy hero meets Sb(j,k«pere, Ben Jonson, (jucen Eliza1>eth and other 
famous people. Seenes, Stratford, Coventry and London. First pub- 
lished in St Nioholan. 

Clark, Imogen. Will Shakespeare's little lad. Scribner 

About ShaUnpere^s little son Hanmrt. Shows careful study and has 
much clinrm, but is almost too painful for children. 

c Harris, J. C. Aaron in the wild woods. Houghton $2. 

About Aaron the runaway slave and Little Crotchet the cripple boy. 

c Henty, G: A. March on London. Scribner $1.50. 
Wat Tyler's insurrection, 138L Scenes, England and Flanders. 

With Frederick the Great. Scribner $1.50. 

Scotch boy's adventures in the seven years' war. 

Munroe, Kirk. With Crockett and Bowie. Scribner $1.25. 
Events in Texa.s, leadinj^to the Mexican war. 

^Murfree, M.. N. The young mountaineers. Houghton $1.25 
Stories of boy-life and adventure in the Tennessee mountains. 

i'Scawell, M. E. Rock of the lion. Harper $1.50. 

An Ameiioan boy's adventures as paroled ]>risoner of war during the 
revolution. Portrays Spanish siege of Gibraltar. Introduces historical 

^Shelton, W: H: The last three soldiers. Century $1.50. 

Adventures of three union soldiers in the monntains of Georgia imme- 
diately after the civil war. First pnblished in St fiticholat. 

Smith, M. P. W. Young puritans of Old Hadley. Roberts 

Entertainin<; story of chihlren-s life in colonial Massachusetts. Based 
on historical facts. 

Tomlinson, E. T. Guarding the border (War of 1812 ser.) 

Lee $1.50. 
Story of the war of 1S12 on the Great lakes. 

rWesselhoeft, L. F. Torpeanuts, the tomboy. Roberts $1.25. 

About the children and animals belonging in and near a pleasant farm. 

Bibliographies and reading lists 

Reading lists ami select bililiojj^raphied are iiifUcntcd in curves in the foUowing 
list, all ntliers, not so ilfjii;»natecl, aim at completeness. 

012 Phillips G: VV. ('. Stockwell, '95 

012 Hawthorne. N. K. Browne, '89 

012 Ben Jonson. Mrs Mary (Wellnian ?) I.oomis, '90 

f.i2 Charles Kipi^hlcy. K. K. Hurdick, '90 

012 PcH'ms on L.iiroln, Grant, Sherman and Sheridan. M. L. 

Sutliff, '93 

012 John Lotlir^ip Motley. M. E. Ri^bbins, '92 

012 Robert Louis Stev<.'nson. K. S. Wilson, '98 

C12 Ch irlt .s Sumner. II. W. f)eni(i, '94 

012 l»ayar(l Taylor. W: S. Hums, '91 

012 John \V(.>lv». E. J,. Foote, '92 

013 Meml>ers of the A. L. A. II. G. Sillinian, '95 

« 016.01 Index t«) subject biblio.raphies in library bulletins. Alice 

Newman. '97 
016.02773 College libraries in the I'niietl States. I high Williams, '98 
016.0285 Lists of b M)ks r'or childnrn. J. Y. Middleton, '91 
016.2217 Higher 1 rttitism of the Old testament. (Select) Rev. 

W: R. K.'Ksiman, '92 
016.246 ChristKin an. (Select) M. L. Davis, '92 

016.27 Church history. ( list) Klizabeth Harvey, '90 

^016.28 ReligioK.N denoniiitations of the l". S. (Select) G: F, 

liowerniiin, '^5 
016.33185 Clubs for l)0\s iin«l W(.rking girls. J. I). Fellows, '97 
016.33622 The singl" tax. Kil.el (iarvin, '98 
^^^•339 Tramps and va^5aiU>. L. i). Waterman, '97 

016.352073 Municipal government in the C S. M. L. Jones, '92; 

J. A. Rathbone, -93 ; K. I), llisctjc, '96 
''016.36 Practical philan!hr«)j»y through scientific study; outlines 

and relerences for a two years' course. 1. K. Lord, '97 
016.361 New philanthropy. (Reading hsi) H.G. Sheldon, '93 

016.3691 HereditarY patiioiic societies of the United States. 

W: B. Cook jr, '98 
016.3723 Illustrative material for nature studv in primary schools. 

(Select) C. W. Hunr, '98 
Education of women. M. E. Hawley, '93 
Con.solidated index to university extension periodicals. 

Myrtilla Avery, '95 
Fairy-tales for children. (Reading list) F. J Olcott, '96 
English works on King Arthur and the round table. 

F. K. Curtis, '96 
Out-of-door books. (Select) H. H. Stanley, '95 
Renaissance art. (Reading list) A. S. Ames and E. P. 

Andrews, '97 
Art of the 17th century. (Reading list) N. M. Pond, '96 
Some famous cathedrals. (Reading list) L. M. Suter- 

meister, '90 
Ten great paintings. (Reading Ada Bunnell, '91 
Photography, 1880-98. E, A. Brown, '98 

a To be printed in Nc\V York stuic library. //«//»•//« ,• bibiioi^rapkyy no. u 
b N. Y. i8<j6. Cathedral library nssiiciation. 7^c. 








Bibliographies and readiag lists u-^AtWi/) ^^^| 


Creek iind l.ntin itUy» protluccd bjr ftcliooU, colkgia and ^^^^| 

univcmilits^in the United Stares. O: 0. Cbamplrn, '95 ^^^| 


Cyding. I-oui^^ LjnBwonWjr, '97 ' ^^H 


Anglini;, supplemfntini; Wolivooil and Salcliell's SitStf' ^^^H 
thua J^itataritt Htmnrlla Cltiircli, '93 ^^^^H 


)lliaor Ameiican |n)ct», from 1860-dale. (SclnclJ B^ 5. "^^^1 

Smith, ^^H 


EnRlbh liletaluie ni Inter i8lh croiurr. <ScLect) H. C, ^^H 

Snar'v. '89 ^^H 


Ficllor. fill tiirlit (Sctccl) A. B, KJOrgcr, '41 ^^^H 
Sttitly nnd Inching ni history. }. 1. Viyvr it, 'q8 ^^^H 
Crndcd IlM of liit^lnry and tnivcl ptqiaied in itic Lincola ^^^H 



(Nct<.) pulilic iitiiuiy r»r ilic use uT the tincohi public ^^H 

«c)ionl&. E. P. fiullQcb. '94 ^^H 


Moats III read tiefme |{"in^ t» Euroije. (KeadfaK ]tot) ^^^1 

& M'. CaiicU. '90 . V « f ^^g 


1 KeadiDif list) H. \V. Kice. '93 ^^H 


Travel in iViucticu <Ruding \.va) D W. Piympton. '91 ^^^| 


l4UuaiiircreIatii)ittrtiheHo(lvmriver. M.T. WheclCT/oi ^^^| 

''oi6.9i7<753 Hie AiJinmiJack nwomair.s C A. ShwrilJ. '9S ■ 


'1'niv.^^U W4:si of the MisElfeippl prior to iSjj ; b partial ■ 

l)iblii»];nipliV of printed pcnonil namiivcK. K. L. 1 

Sharp, 'gj ^^B 

/osephmc- and the vrocneii ofher lime. Mary Kllcs., 'aa ^^^H 

200 hfjcAii oD biography lor a popular library. (ficlMt) ^^^^| 



Mabel Tempk'. '90 ^^^H 

01 6.1,3 j8 

Iliogmpby of ma^idunh ; m Eniili*li. A. 1.. B^ltey, 'ofi ^^H 

HUory of ihe UUcr hull i<f (he ijlh raitury. ^raditiR ^^^H 

liitt) F.lheMrihl AM/ut, '97 ^^^H 

r 016.9406 


HiKiary of the t7tli cenlury. (Keading liit) G. P. ^^^^| 



Eilintnirt;1i. (RmlinK li«t) W. G. Forsyth, '9J ^^^^H 


Venice. (Reading lltl^ Hrlcn Sperry, '94 ^^^^1 


Ktueut: ( Rnding lul ) A. L. MopK, '97 ^^^^| 


The XeUicrLiDiU. (Reading list) E. O. Thorac, '97 ^^^^| 


Japan. (Rndit)g tkt) 11. K. Ciay, '95 ^^^^^| 
Colouiat New EiigUiid. (Rcadin']; liM) M. C. lAlboD, '95 ^^^^H 



MaryUod; i»louiitl mid rcvuluIJuoitr)' bbiory. W. L ^^^^^H 

BuIlo<J^ '93 ^^^^H 


CouxiUtluied closulied index tu the Library journal, v. 1~IJ ^^^^H 

B, R. Maay, 'o>; 1. L. ChriMnum, '93; C. S. Haws, '94: ^^^H 
J. G. Cone.\5 ^^H 


Cap aarl p.>wn ; soitii! college ve»i:. }. L, HinisoD, '9J 1^^^^| 

fcWjT. >■' (.L-n, 




■ ■ ■■ ■ ^ I'liiii^^^^^^^^^B 

University of the State of New York 

state Library Bulletin 



June 1898 



Frances Jenkins Olcott 

suiiMrni:i» for <;RAi»iAiroN 

New York State Library School 


Dedicate*] from Andrew lung's 

y\-//i*w f'isry f\\ k 340 

Abbreviation- 34* 

Principal biMiojjraphic aid-* auisultcd 341 

Mythology folk-lore and fairy talcs.. 343 

General 343 

< A(.I. 

>:c.i:d 345 

Wonder talc-. |-iitiir«'sque and 
gp »ti ->' I uc ....... ...... ...... ... 35* ^ 

Slum sirnjcs 350 

Sinjjlc .-.t«»ri«'> -- 354 

Index (author and tiih) 359 





Price 5 cents 

University of the State of New York 



1874 Anson Judd Upson, D. D., LL. D., L. H. D., 

Chancellor^ Glens Falls 

1892 William Croswell Doane, D. D., LL. 1)., 

Vice- Chancellor^ Al bany 

1873 Martin L Townsend, M. A., LL. D. - - Troy 

1877 Chauncey M. Depew, LL. D. - - - - New York 

1877 Charles E. Fitch, LL. B., M. A., L. H. D. - Rochester 

1877 Orris H. Warren, D. D. - - - - - Syracuse 

1878 Whitelaw Reii), LL. I). - _ _ - New York 
1881 William H. Watson, M. A., M. I). _ _ _ Utica 

1 88 1 Henry E. Turner ----- Lowville 

1883 St Clair McKelway, LL.D., L.H.I)., D.C.L. - - Brooklyn 

1885 Hamilton Harris, Ph. I)., LL. D. - - - Albany 

1885 Daniel Beach, Th. I)., LL. 1). - - - - Watkins 

1888 Carroll E. Smith, LL. J). - - - - Syracuse 

1890 Pliny T. Sexton, LL. 1). - - - - - Palmyra 

1890 T. Guilford Smith, M. A., C. E. - - - Buffalo 

1893 Lew^is a. Stimson, B. A., M. I). - - - - New York 

1894 John Palmer, Secretary of State, ex officio 

1894 Sylvester Malone ------ Brooklyn 

1895 Albert Vander Veer, M. I)., Ph. I). - - Albany 

1895 Charles R. Skinner, LL. D., 

Suj)crintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio 

1896 Frank S. Black, B. A., Governor, ex officio 

1896 Timothy L. Woodruff, M. A., Lieutenant-Governor, ^.v officio 

1897 Chester S. Lord, M. A. - - - - Brooklyn 


1888 Melvil Dewey, M. A. 

New York State Library bibliography bulletins 

Bibliography no. i. Guide to the study of J. A. M. Whistler. i2p. 

May 1895. Price 5 cents, 
no. 2-4. Reading lists : Colonial New England ; Travel in 

North America: History of the 17th century. 77p. July 1897. 

Price 10 cents, 

no. 5. List of reference books for use of cataloguers in New York 

state library. 22p. Jan. 1898. I^ice 5 cents, 

no. (i-i>, Reading lists: Japan; Venice; Out-of-door books. 

64p. Feb. 1898. Price 10 cents, 

— no. 9-11. Reading lists: Netherlands; Renaissance art of the 
15th and i6th centuries ; History of the latter half of the i5lh century, 
I28p. April 1898. hice 15 cents, 

— no. 12. Best books of 1897. 28p. June 1898. Price 5 cents, 

— no. 13. Fairy tales for children. 28p. June 1898. Price 5 cents, 
no. 14. Index to subject bibliographies in library bulletins. — p. 

July 1898. /// press. 

This series is mostly selected from original bibliographies presented by 
the Library school students as a condition of graduation. Those not 
printed (see cover page 3 4) are available in manuscript at the library 
or may be borrowed by ])ermission. 

The school is glad to receive suggestions from librarians, teachers, 
leaders of clubs, or specialists, as to subjects for which bibliographies or 
reading lists are specially needed, and contributions of available material 
are invited. 

University of the State of New York 

state Library Bulletin 


June 1898 


Frances Jenkins Olcott 
CLASS OF 1896 


New York State Library School 


Dedication from Andrew Lang's 

Yellow fairy hook 340 

Abbreviations , 341 

Principal bibliographic aids consulted. 341 

Mythology, folk-lore and fairy tales.. 343 

General 343 


Special 345 

Wonder tales, picturesque and gro- 
tesque 350 

Short stories 350 

Single stories 354 

Index (author and title) 359 

Dedication to Joan, Toddle and Tiny 

Hani is the path from A to Z, 
And puzzling to a curly head ; 
Yet leads to books green, blue and red. 

For every child should understand 
That letters from the first were planned 
To guide us into Fairy land. 

So labor at your alphabet. 

For by that learning shall you get 

To lands where fairies may be met. 

And going, where this pathway goes, 
You too, at last, may find, who knows ? 
The garden of the singing rose. 

And rew L a \ ( ;, ) 'ellonv fairy book 


This list is intended asan aid in the nelection of children's books. Fairy tales in 
rhyme have been omitted as they form a group by themselves which the compiler 
hopes to undertake later. 

Call numbers are given for all books in the New York State library even though 
the edition differs fiom that described in the list. The class number only is 
given for books iu the extension libraries, while books in the traveling libraries 
are marked 'Tniv. lib.' followed by the number of the library and the book. 

Books marked e have been personally examined, while € indicates that the 
edition examined is not the same as the one entered in the list. 

Tbe source of critical notes is given, whether quoted exactly or given in sub- 
stance; unsigned notes are by tbe compiler. Volume and page numbers are 
8eparate<l by a colon; e. g. 3:145 means vol. 3, p. 145. When page citations do 
not refer to the edition described, the edition to which they do refer is indicated 
in a note. 

The following list contains the principal abbreviations used. Other abbrevi- 
ations are self-explanatory. 

Field Field. The child and his book 

Hardy Hardy. 500 books for the young 

Sargent Sargent. Reading for the young 


Albany, Emmanuel baptist church, Catalogue of the Sunday school library. 1896 

American catalogue. 

Cleveland public library. Open shelf, 1894 

Field, Mr% E. M. The child and his book. 1891 

Hardy, G: E. 500 books for the young. 1892 

Hartford public library. Boys' and girls' books. 1895 

Helena public library. Bulletin, 1894-96 

Milwaukee public library. Picture books for little folk. 1895 

New York state library. Subject card catalogue 

New York state capitol library. Finding list. 1893 

New York state traveling library. Finding list. 1893-97 

Osterhout free library, Wilkes-Barr6, (Pa.) Teachers' catalogue. 1893 

Publishers' trade list annual 

Publishers' weekly 

Reference catalogue of current literature 

Salem public library. Bulletin, 1893-date 

Sargent, J: F. Reading for the young. 1890 

Scribner's, Charles, sons. Collection of books for youug people. 1896 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 

Bibliography no. 13 June 1898 




Andersen, H. C. Stories and fairy tales; translated by H. O. Som- 
mer, with 100 pictures by A.' J. Gaskin. 2 v. illus. O. N. Y. 1895. 
Dodd $3.50. e 

Complete and revised in a new trauBlaiion, illustrated after the deoorative 
manner of the Birmingham art school. — Fuhliahera' weekly 

It is out of the question to criticize Hans Christian Andersen — is he not the 
personal friend of tlie children of the world f 

Audubon, H. B. Famous fairy tales, told in words of one syllable. 
8 V. illus. Q. Phil. 1879. Lippincott 40c. each. 

Contains among other tales, Gulliver in Lillipiitland, Puss in boots, Goody Two- 
Shoes, Jack and the beanstallc. 

Aulnoy, M. C. comtesse d*. Fairytales; newly translated into Eng- 
lish with an introduction by Anne Thackeray Ritchie; illustrated by 
Clinton Peters. New ed. 535 p. illus. sq. D. N. Y. 1895. Scrib- 
ner $2. 50. Cap.843.49 Au 9 

The spirit of the stories is essentially characteristic ; as we read them we seem 
to move und live inside a Watteau picture. — FUXd 

BrentanOy Clemens. New fairy tales, told in English by K. P. 
Kroeker. illus. Q. Lond. 1887. Unwin 6s. 

A choice selection of the best of these famous talcs. — Hardy 

Collier, Margaret. Prince Peerless; a fairy book, illus. O. Lond. 
1 886. Unwin 5s. 

Old-fashioned marvelous fairy stories with illustrations by author's brother, 
the famous English painter. — Sargent 


Gould, Sabine Baring- Book of fairy tales ; with pictures by A. J. Gas- 
kin. 244 p. illus. D. N.Y. 1894. Dodd$2. Cap. 398.4 G73 e 

Mr Baring-Gould has attempted sometbiD^ of a revival in the telling of fairy 
tales and has done a good deal that is deserving of gratitude. — Saturday review 

With the exception of perhaps two tales everything that it contains is to be 
found already iu the children's library and assuredly in a better form. — Athenaeum 

Lang, Andrew, ed. Blue fairy book. £d. 6. 390 p. illus. D. 
Lond. 1893. Longmans $2. 39S.4 L25 e 

Mr Lang's sympathetic nature makes all children congenial to him and he haa 
remained child enongh to pick ont with infallible taste just what they like.— Ort^ 

Green fairy book; illustrated by H. J. Ford. 366 p. illus. D. 

N. Y. 1892. Longmans $2. Trav. lib. 10, bk 6 

Compiled principally from the Qrimm brothers and Madame d 'Auluoy, but draw- 
ing also from sources as remote as China. — N. Y, state trav, lib, finding liet 10 


Red fairy book ; illustrated by H. J. Ford, and Launcelot Speed. 

£d«4. 367 p. illus. D. Lond. 1893. Longmans $2. 398.4 L251 e 

Collection of fairy stories from various languages. — N. Y, state trav. lib, 
finding list 26 

Yellow fairy book; illustrated by H.J. Ford. 321 p. illus. D. 

N. Y. 1894. Longmans $2. Cap. 398.4 L252 e 

Collected from Russian, German, French, Icelandic and iudian folk lore. 
The iilnstratious are excellent and add much to the interest of the book. — 

Mulock, D. M. Fairy book, illus. D. N. Y. 1890. Harper 90c. c 
Standard fairy tales retold in the attractive style of their editor. — Hardy 

Queen Titania's book of fairy tales. 314 p. illus. sq. O. N. Y. 1887. 
American news co. $1. e 

A very attractive collection, much enjoyed by the children. 

Rhys, Grace, ^d. Banbury cross series. 1 2 v. illus. T. N. Y. 1894-95. 
Macmillan 50c. each, $5 per set. 

Wellingtou and his cat. Jack the Giant killer, and other old familiar stones. 
Written iu excellent English and illustrated by artists. — Dial 



Stanley, H : M. My dark companions and their strange stories. 
319 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1893. Scribncr $2. Cap. 398.2 St2 c 

Weird folktales told by uatives aroand campfires in tbe wilds of Africa. — 
Helena public library. BuXUiin 

The explorer of the heart of the *Dark continent' and the companion of savages 
and cannibals should surely have a store of tales and legends for every reader. 

American indians 

Compton, Margaret. The snowbird and the water tiger. 201 p. illus 
D. N. Y. 1895. Dodd $1.50. Cap. 398.2 C73 e 

It was a happy idea for Miss Compton to present a certain number of American 
indian tales for the amusement of the yonug, and she has executed her task so 
as to produce a pleasant and entertaining volume. — Nation 

LummiSi C : F. The men who married the moon and other Pueblo 
indian folk-stories. 23 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1894. Century $1.50. 

Cap. 398.2 L97 e 

The author lived for five years among the Pueblo indians of Mexico, and has 
written out these stories for boys and girls. — Vubiifihern^ weekly 

Mathews, Cornelius. The enchanted moccasins, and bther legends 
of the American indians. 11 1 p. sq. O. N. Y. 1877. Putnam 

$1.50. 398.2 M42 e 

The collection deserves a place beside the stories of the Grimm brothers. Full 
of the freshest poetry of the race. — New York tribune 

Published also under tbe titles: Indian fairy hookf Hiawatha and other 
legends of the wigwam. 


'Ejwiti^^ Mrs J. H. Lob-lie-by-the-fire ; The brownies and other tales, 
il. sq. O. N. Y. 1893. Crowell $1.25 (Children's classics) 

823.89 Ews e 

The adventures and pranks of a * North countrie' brownie, told by Mrs Ewiug 
for quite little folk. 

Farrington, M. V. Talcs of King Arthur. 276 p. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1888. Putnam $2. Trav. lib. 6, bk 7 e 

Stories of the old chronicles brought within the range of quite young readers. 
— Sargent 


Frost, W: H. Court of King Arthur; stories from the land of the 
Round table. 302 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1896. Scribner $1.50. 

Cap.398.2 F92 

Not so Bcholarly as Sidney Lanier's Bwfs King Arthur, but a charming version 
of the Arthnrian legends for quite young people. These stories are told to the 
sa^e little girl for whom the Wagnw aUnry hook was related. 

Jacobs, Joseph, ed. English fairytales; pictured by J. D. Batten. 
253 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1890. Putnam $1.75. Trav. lib. 28, bk 2 

Little people who want 'real' fairytales told simply and graphically will 
enjoy this volume. — Hardy 

More English fairy tales; illustrated by J. D. Batten. 243 p. illus. 

sq. O. N. Y. 1894. Putnam $1.75. Cap.398.2 J15 e 

Folk-stories from various sources, delightfully retold for children. — N, Y, state 
trav, lib, finding list 15 


Jacobs, Joseph, ^^. Celtic fairy tales; illustrated by J. D. Batten. 
267 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1892. Putnam $1.75. Trav. lib. 6, no. 8 e 

Interesting selections with bright suggestive notes by the editor, a former 
president of the English folk-lore society. — N. F. state trav. lib. finding list 6 e 

More Celtic fairytales; illustrated by J. D. Batten. O. N. Y. 

1894. Putnam $1.75. Cap.398.2 J151 e 

Very artistic in binding and illustration. — Dial 


Fielde, A. M. Chinese nights entertainment ; forty stories ... in the 
romance of the Strayed arrow; illustrated by Chinese artists. 194 p. 
illus. O. N. Y. 1893. Putnam $1.75. 398.2 F45 e 

Illustrations odd and attractive. 

Ramaswami-Raju, P. V. Tales of the 60 mandarins ; introduction 
by Henry Morley ; illustrated by Gordon Browne. 280 p. illus. D . 
N. Y. 1886. Cassell $1.50. 

Chinese and East Indian legends. — Sargent 


Baldwin, James. Story of Roland. N. Y. 1883. Scribner $2. 

Trav. Ub. 3, bk 8 c 

The legends of Charlemagne become under Mr Baldwin's mRgic touch a fairy 
tale of romance and chivalry. 
Illustrated by R. 6. Birch. 



Carey, Mrs M. tr. Fairy legends of the French provinces ; introduc- 
tion by J. F. Jamison. 300 p. D. N. Y. 1887. Crowell $1.25. e 

Introduction by an associate member of Johns Hopkins university. Children 
will enjoy these smoothly told wonder stories. — Fu,hli%htTff weekly 


Baldwin, James. Story of Siegfried. 306 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1892. 
Scribner $2. Trav. lib. 3, bk 9 c 

Mr Baldwin has given to the Siegfried and other myths the attractive weird - 
ness of the northern light. He has thoroughly preserved the spirit of the North. 
Illustrated by Howard Pyle. 

Grimm, J. L; & W; K: Fairy tales; Introduction by S. Baring- 
Gould and drawings by Gordon Browne. 339 p. illus. O. N. Y. 
1895. Young $2.50. 398.2 G883 e 

The brothers Grimm, the famous folk-lorists and philologists have given to two 
generations of children an endless variety of German fireside talcs. 

A new and prettily illustrated edition of these popular talcs. — FuhW^here^ 

Household stories; translated from the German by Lucy Crane; 

illustrated by Walter Crane. 269 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1894. Mac- 
millan $2. 3Q8.2 G884 e 

Full Qf bewitching little illustrations. A very attractive edition. 

Horwitz, C. N. Fairyliire. 345 p. illus. D. Bost. 1891. Lothrop 
$1.50. Trav. lib. 9, bk 8 c 

Wonder tales and fairy stories from the Swedish and German. — Sargent 

Swanhilde. 308 p. illus. D. Bost. 1889. Lothrop $1.50. 

Trav. lib. 7, bk lo c 

Adaptation of the Swan maiden, with other German stories. Fully illustrated 
in sepia. — N. F. state trav. lib. finding list 7 

Aesop's fables, containing also fables from La Fontaine and Kriof. 
204 p. illus. N. Y. 1894. Ginn 35c. (Classics for children) 

888.6 Wi e 

A siiuple version of these world-famous tales. — Hardy 

Baldwin, James. Fairy stories and fables; second reader grade. 
176 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1895. American book co. 35c. e 

Some of the old familiar fairy tales and fables ascribed to Aesop. — PubliskerB* 


in, James. A story of the golden age ; illustrated by Howard 
Pyle. 286 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1887. Scribner $2. e 

Grecian myths and legends charmingly remolded and woveu into a continu- 
ous story with the life of Ulysses for the main thread. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Tanglewood tales for girls and boys; being 
a second Wonder-book. 243 p. S Bost. 1883. Houghton $1 
(Little classics) 813.33 W3 e 

Also published by Houghton in a Holiday ed. with illustrations by George 
Wharton Edwards, 190 p. Q, $2.50. 

Wonderbook for girls and boys. 224 p. S. Bost. 1893. Hough- 
ton $1 (Little classics) 8x3.33 I e 

Houghton also publishes the Holiday ed. with illustrations by F. 8. Church, 
150 p. Q, $2.50, and auother beautiful edition with 20 full-page illustrations in 
colors and many head pieces and ornamental initials by Walter Crane, 210 p. 
O, $3. 

^o praise can be too high for the purely classical, and simple joyous style in 
which these old Greek myths are retold. 

King^sley, Charles. Heroes ; or, Greek fairy tales. 167 p. illus. D. 
Bost. 1885. Ginn 40c. (Classics for children) 292 K61 e 

Classical myths retold for children in Canon Kingsley's charming English. — 


GriffiSy W: E. Japanese fairy world; stories from the wonder-lore of 
Japan. 304 p. illus. sq. S. Schenectady, N. Y. 1880. Barhyte 

$1.50. 398.2 G87 e 

Mr Griffis by years of residence in Japan is exceptionally qualified to write 
of that country . These storieH are told in a simple manner fit for children. — 
Ame^'ican catalogue 


{See al»o Chinese, p. 345, Japanese, p. S47) 

Arabian nights entertainments. Stories from the Arabian nights. 
3V. illus. T. N. Y. 1 89 1. Putnam $3 (Knickerbocker nuggets) 
(?,p. e 

Reprinted from plat«s of Knickerbocker nuggets in World's classics, Putnam, 
50c. each. 
Selected from Lane's version by Stanley Lane-Poole. — American catalogue 


Arabian nights entertainments. Arabian nights entertainments; ed. 
by W: E. Griffis. 4 v. illus. D. Bost. 1891. Lothrop $6. 

892.73 Ari3 e 

A fit tenant for the familj shelves, well udapted to foster a taste for reading 
in the young. Mr Griffis is a skilled orientalist. — Dial 

Fairy tales from the Arabian nights ; edited and abridged for the 

young by E. Dixon; illustrated by J. D. Batten. 287 p. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1894. Putnam $2. e 

More fairy tales from the Arabian nights, edited and abridged for 

the young by E. Dixon, illustrated by J. D. Batten. 256 p. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1895. Putnam $2. C 

A sumptaous volnuie well printed and bound; illustrated by J. D. Batteu's 
beautiful decorative drawings. — Dial 

The work of Mr Batten as an illustrator is attracting increased attention from 
year to year. — PublUherB* trade Hat annual 

Ha Sheen Kaf, pseud? comp. Winged wolf and other fairy tales, 
with 50 illustrations by Arthur Layard. 255 p. illus. D. Lond. 
1893. Stanford 6s. Cap.398.4 Hll e 

Delightful store of eastern tales. — Academy 

Herder, J. C. V. & others. Oriental fairy tales ; from the German. 
300 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1886. Knox $1.25. 

Tales from the German of Herder, Liebeskind and Krummacher. — Sargent 

JacobSi Joseph, ed, Indian fairy tales. D. N. Y. 1893. Putnam 

$1.75- e 

Drawn from the Jatakas, or birth-stories of Buddha, the fables of Bispai, and 
other Sanskrit folk tales. Illustrated by J. D. Batten. 

Ramaswami-Raju, P. V. Tales of the 60 mandarins; introduction 
by Henry Morley, illustrated by Gordon Browne. 280 p. illus. D» 
N. Y. 1886 Cassell $1.50. 

Chinese and East Indian legends. — Sargent 


Bain, R. N., comp, Cossack fairy tales and folktales; illustrated by 
E. W. Mitchell. 290 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1895. Scribner $2.40. 

398.2 B16 e 

The translation is spirited and good, the book is entertaining and valnable. 
nevertheless it is surprisingly lacking in the poetry which one would expect 
rom a race as rich in poetical ballads. — Nation 


Bain, R. N., camp. Russian fairy tales; from the < Skazki' of Polevoi; 
illustrated by C. M. Gere. 264 p. illus. O. Chic. 1895. Way & 
Williams $1.50. 398.2 Bx6x e 

Russian folk tales worked over Into fairy tales by tbe historian and aroheolo- 
gist Polevoi, who has admirably adapted their quaint wisdom aud unique 
humor to nursery purposes. — Ptt&2if^0r«' weekly 


Asbjornsen, P. C. Round the yule log; Christmas in Norway; 
translated by H. L. Broekstad, illustrated by L. J. Bridgman. 
32 p. illus. D. Bost. 1895. Sstes 50c. (Christmas in many lands 
ser.) 398.2 Asi2 e 

In Asbjornen's tales the English reader will fiud in its quintessence the genius 
and temper of the Norwegian peasant. — Gosee 

Tales from the f jeld ; a series of popular tales from the Norse, by 

G. W. Dasent, illustrated by Moyr Smith. New ed. 403 p. illus. D. 
N. Y. 1896. Putnam $1.75. 398.2 Asix e 

& MoC| J. E. Norwegian fairy talcs; translated by Abel Hey- 

wood, illustrated by Bessie Du Val. illus. O. Lond. 1895. 
Routledge 5s, Cap.398.2 Asi e 


Caballers, Fernan, pseud. Spanish fairy-tales ; translated by J. H 
Ingram. D. Phil. 1890. Lippincott $1.25. 398.2 Ar6 e 

Charming Spanish fairy tales translated for young Euglish readers. 


Short stories 

Alcotty L. . M. Lulu's library, v. i, 269 p. illus. S. Bost. 1889. 
Roberts $1. C 

Contains 12 pretty little stories for the youngest readers. — Puhliehen* weekly 
V. 2, 275 p, S. Bost. 1887. Roberts $1. e 

Contains among other stories, The frost king and how the fairies conquered 
him, Lilyhell and TbiHtledown, Ripple the waterHprite, Eva's visit to fairyland. 
Miss Alcott has a most wholesome aud fascinating power over children and her 
fairy tales are to he highly commended. 


Brabourne, E. H. KnatchbuU-Hugessen, baron. The magic oak 

tree and Prince Filderkin. 173 p. illus. S. N. Y. 1894. Mac- 
millan 75c Cap.823.89 B721 e 

These fairy tales are qnite as delightfal as auything the author's vivacioas 
fancy ever conceived. — Criiic 

Francis, Beata. Gentlemanly giant and other denizens of the Never 
Never forest. 40 Lond. 1897. Hodder 3s. 6d. c 

Contefito; GcDtlemanly giant ; Lotis and the lily; The pink cat; News of the 
pink oat; The carrier pigeon ; The silver bird. 

Golden fairy book; illustrated by H. R. Millar. 312 p. iHus. sq. O. 
N. Y. 1894. Appleton $2. Cap.398.4 G56 C 

Comprising stories by famous authors — Jokai, George Sand, Laboulaye, Sou- 
Testre, Dumas, Voltaire, and others. 

The Oolden fairy book though not golden to the outward view is not wanting 
in golden stuff within. Mr Mi liar's drawings, though a trifle sketchy at times 
and indeterminate are not without spirit and humor. — Saturday review 

HaufT, William. Fairy tales ; from the German by P. E. Pinkcrton. 
303 p. illus. D. Phil. 1895. McKay 75c. C 

An exuberance of childlike fancy, half dream and half grave truth, delights 
ns in Hanff. — Eclectic magazine 

Housman, Laurence. A farm in fairyland. 160 p. illus. D. N. Y. 
1894. Dodd $2. 

Contente : Rookinghorse land ; Japonel ; Gammelyn the dressmaker ; The 
wooing of the maze ; The rooted lover ; The horse with the hump ; Hidden ends ; 
The parlous tree ; McMoonie in the sleeping palace ; The green bird ; The man 
who killed the cuckoo ; The shadow weavers. 

HowellSy W: D. Christmas every day and other stones. 150 p. illus. 
D. N. Y. 1893. Harper $1.25. Trav. lib. 11, bk 27 

Mr Howells shows in these tales an unexpected tenderness lurking in a corner 
of his capacious heart — a teudemess for children under a veil of humor that is 
particularly attractive and also a grotesque yet merry faucy which can not fail 
to delight them. — Critic 

JenkSy Tudor. Imaginotions; truthless tales. 230 p. O. N. Y. 1894. 
Century $1.50. e 

Uncommon and alluring stories, unequal in merit, but all good enough and 
some very good. — Literary world 

The readers of St Nicholas will recognize man^^ of the stories. — PubUehere* 


Kipling, Rudyard. Jungle book. 303 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1894, 

Century $1.50. Cap.823.89 K624J c 

Rousseau's writing8 ^ave Voltaire a yearning to go clown on all fours and & 
perusal of Mr Kipling's book has left me merely undecided as to which I should 
rather be, a seal or a mongoose. — Zangwill 

The second jungle book; decorated by J. L. Kipling. 324 p. 

illus. D. N. Y. 1895. Century $150. Cap.823.89 K624S c 

Nothing could be of more absorbing intviest to children; yet 90 artistic a 
book should not be confined to them alone. When one encounters work as orig- 
inal, ns imaginative, as masterly as this no words can convey the idea of the 
thing itself. — Dial 

Lang, Andrew. My own fairy book ; namely certain chronicles of 

Pantouflia, as notably the adventures of Prigio and of his son Ricardo. 

312 p. illus. D. N. Y, 1895. Longmans $2. 82389 L25m c 

The editor of the B/im, Redf Green and Yellow fairy booke in this volume trusts 
to his own imagination. Bound in light blue covers, ornamented with a orescent 
moon and stars on silver. — Pahliehere* weekly 

MacDonald, George. The light princess and other fairy tales, illus- 
trated by Maud Humphrey. 305 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1893. 
Putnam $2. Cap.823.89 M14 e 

These writings for children are remarkable for spirituality, grace, and deli- 
cacy of touch; and the charms of the illustrations add much to the whole. — 

Munkittrick, R: K. Moon prince and other nabobs. 304 p. illus. D. 
N. Y. 1893. Harper $1.25 (Harper's young people ser.) e 

One of the most delightfully original books of fairy tales which wc have seen 
in along time, the volume should give the author high rank among the writers 
of fairy talcs. — Literary world 

O'Neill, Moira. Elf-errant; illustrated by W. E. F. Britten. 109 p. 
illus. D. N. Y. 1895. Dodd $1.50. 

The style is as light as thistledown, exquisite as a hare-bell and Miss O'Neill 
has the poetic instinct which alono can make fairyland. — 7>ta2 

Ortoli, Frederic. Evening tales ; done into English from the French 
by J. C. Harris. 280 p. D. N. Y. 1893. Scribner $1. 

398.2 Or8 e 

Wonder stories of animals and fairy tales. — N. F. state trav. lib. finding liet 14 

Pyle, Howard. Pepper and salt ; or, Seasoning for young folks. Q. 
N. Y. 1895. Harper $2. e 

Eight clever fairy tales. — Helena public library. Bulletin 


Pyle, Howard. Twilight land. 438 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1895. Har- 
per $2.50. Cap.8i3.49 P99t e 

There are 16 stories, each introduced with a little prelade. Mr Pyle has 
illabtrated as well as written the book. — Puhlishers* weekly 

The wonder clock . . . embellished with verses by Katharine Pyle. 

318 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1888. Harper $3. Trav. lib. 16, bk 47 e 

24 wonderful talcs, one for each hour of the day ; quaintly told by the author 
who ba.H stepped into Wond<;rlnnd for his stories. — Hardy 

Silver fairybook ; illustrated by H. R. Millar. 312 p. illus. D. N. Y. 
1895. Putnam $2. Cap.8o8.8 Si3 e 

Collection of talcs by well known people, Bernhardt, Moreau, Voltaire, Hnaff, 
Marmier, and others. 

TUe ChrUtmae story by Mrao Sarah Bernhardt is horrible and should never have 
been included in a book for children. The other selections are fairy stories that 
will delight the many children who receive this book on Christmas. — Outlook 

Stockton, F. R: Fanciful tales; edited with notes for use in the 
schools by J. E. Langworthy. 135 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1894. 
Scribner 50c. 813.49 St6fa e 

Contents : Old Pipes and the dryad ; Clocks of Rondaine ; The beeman of 
Orn ; The griffin and the minor canon ; Tbe Christmas truants. 

Our author has the gift of mixing the wonderful with the commonplace in so a manner that we should not be stai-tled at meeting dryads, griffins and 
hobgoblins in our daily walks abroad. 

Floating prince and other fairy tales. 199 p. illus. sq. Q. N. Y. 

1894. Scribner $1.50. 813.49 St6f e 

Containing among other tales, The floating prince ; The reformed pirate; The 
Gudra's daughter; Derido, or. The giant^s quilt; The castle of Bim. 

Mont, if not all, of the stories in the two volumes above have appeared in ^St 
I^holas and Harper's young people 

Ting-a-ling tales. 187 p. illus. N. Y. 1895. Scribner $1. c 

A selection of fanciful and humorous tales dealing with things magical as well 
as with those always interesting people, the dwarfs and giants. — Hardy 

Wrig^ht, H. C. Princess Liliwinkins, and other tales. 220 p. illus. D. 
N. Y. 1889. Harper $1.25. W813.49 W93 e 

The bright touches of wit and wisdom, the quaint fancies, the picturesque 
descriptions of Liliwinkins' wanderings in search of the evening star and the 
unique conception of ibe * giant with the baby-heart' are well worth the reading 
by people of any age. — Dial 


Single stories 

Baldwin, James. The horse fair. 412 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1895. 
Century $1.50. Cap.8i3.49 B193 c 

A little American boy is taken by Cbeiron the centaur to a borse fair held in 
tbe land of Morgan the Fay, at which every borse noted in legend or history is 
present and goes through his paces. — Puhlishera* weekly 

Branch, M. L. B. The Kanter girls; with pictures by H. M. Arm- 
strong. 219 p. illus. sq. O. N. Y. 1895. Scribner $1.50. 

Cap.813.49 B73 C 

Tbe story is a lovely one, sweet and fresh ; tbe pictures are nncommonly good 
and tbo book very prettily made. — Literary world 

Carroll, Lewis, pseud, Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; new ed. 
with all the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. illus. 
12 mo. N. Y. 1898. Macmilian $1. 823.89 D66 e 

The most deli;s:btful of all nonsense books and one that has already become 
a classic. Every child should know it by heart. — Hardy 

Through the looking glass and what Alice found there ; new ed 

with all the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. illus. 12 mo. 
N. Y. 1898. Macmilian $1. 823.89 D66t c 

The nursery Alice ; containing 20 colored enlargements from 
Tenniel's illustrations to Aiice^s adventures in Wonderland^ with text 
adapted to nursery readers, illus. Q, N. Y. 1890. Macmilian 
$1.50. e 

Carryl, C: E. Admiral's caravan; with illustrations by Reginald 
Birch. 104 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1892. Century $1.50. 

Trav. lib. 19, bk 7 c 

Fantastic stories of wooden images and Noah's ark animals come to life in 
Wonderland. — A\ F. siatt trav. lib. finding list 19 

- Davy and the goblin ; or, What followed reading A/ice's advent- 
ures in Wonderland. 161 p. illus. O. Bost. 1894. Houghton 
$1. 50. Trav. lib. 31, bk 6 e 

Also in St Nicholas. 

ly^iyy goes on a 'believing voyage* with the goblin aud tboir a<lventures with 
tbe candy folk, fairies and hobgoblins are fascinating and thrilling. 


Champney, Mrs Elizabeth (Williams). • Bubbling teapot, a wonder 
story; illustrated by Walter Satterlce. 266 p. illus. D. Bost. 1886. 
Lothrop $1.25. W813.49 C355b c 

A little AmericaD girl becomes id turn a Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, 
Hindu, Turkish, Brazilian, and Lapland girl. Her experiences give descriptions 
of life in the different countries. — Sargent 

Dickens, Charles. Christmas carol, illus. 8^ Bost. 1895. Hough- 
ton $2. 823.83 L e 

Old Scrooge, the miser, is visited by the three spirits of Christmas who, in 
visions, touch his heart with Christmas sympathy and love. 

Giberne, Agones. Modern Puck; with 50 illustrations by ¥. M. 
Cooper. Ed. 2. O. Lond. 1898. Jarrold 5s. e 

Puck, an elf banished from Fairy-land, introduces a little girl mortal to the 
homes and habits of bees, spiders and ants. 

Harris, J. C. Little Mr Thimblefinger and his queer country; illus- 
trated by Oliver Herford. 230 p. illus. O. Bost. 1895. Hough- 
ton $2. 813.49 H24I e 

Snrprisiug experiences of some children in a queer country under a spring, 
where Brother Rabbit relates wonderful stories. — X. Y. state trav. lib. finding liat2Z 

Mr. Rabbit at home; a sequel to 'Little Mr Thimblefinger,' 

illustrated by Oliver Herford. 304 p. illus. O. Bost. 1895. 
Houghton $2. Cap8l3.49 H24mi e 

Tbe illustrations by Mr Oliver Herford are almost as charming as the stories 
themselves, and that is saying much — Dial 

Ing^elow, Jean. Mopsa the fairy. 244 p. illus. S. Bost. 1893. 
Roberts $1.25. 823.89 In4mo e 

A little boy goes on the back of an albatross into fairy-land, through the land 
where horses and other animals that have been abused in the world are made 
happy. — Sargent 

King^ley, Charles. Water babies ; a fairy tale for a land baby. 
Newed. 330P. illus. D. Lond. 1894. Macmillan 5s. 823.85 Xi e 

An instructive, scientific and moral story written in the guise of a fairy talc 
for twelve-year-old land babies. — Hardy 

All the beauty, strangeness and naivete of the title will be found realized in 
its contents. One can scarcely fail to be amused by the pranks of these little 


Lang^, Andrew. Princess Nobody. 56 p. illus. sq. O. Lond. 1884. 

Longmans 5s. 823.89 L25p C 

A quaint ami charming little tale, with colored illustrations after drawings by 
Ricbard Doylo. 

Lee, Albert. Tommy Toddles; illustrated by P. S. Newell. 192 p. 

illus. D. N. Y. 1896. Harper $1.25. 

Tommy Toildlcs follows and overtakes the animals of bis N'oab's ark, and 
to;:trtber with his companioiiH, u coinplaisaut sheep and a poetical ex-pirate, has 
most wonderful ndvcntuieH which form au amusing story for young readers. — 
ruhlisherii* weeklif 

McCook, H: C. Old farm fairies; a summer campaigne in Brownie 

land against King Cobweaver's pixies. 392 p. illus. D. Phil. 1895. 

Jacobs $1.50. Cap 813.49 M131 c 

An appendix explains such allusions to insects*' habits as may not be perfectly 
plain. Clever illustrations by Dan Beard and other artists.— Critic 

Mulock, D. M. Adventures of a brownie as told to my child, 
illus. sq. O. N. Y. 1893. Crowell $1.25 (Children's favorite 
classics) 823.89 C84a e 

Tricks a fairy plays upon some children. — Sargent 

Potter, F. S. Princess Myra and her adventures among the fairyfolk. 
sq. S. Lond. 1880. S P. C. K. 4s e 

The Princess Myra is carried off by the fairyfolk who cure he: of a hasty tem- 
per iind return her to her parents. 

Putnam, Eleanor, /x^//^/. & Bates, Arlo. Prince Vaiice, story of a 

prince with a court iu his box; illustrated by Frank Myrick. 

153 p. illus. D. Bost. 1888. Roberts $1.50. C 

S<»me wonderful pertbrniantes of wizards, giants and other fairyfolk. — Sargent 

Pyle, Howard. The garden behind the moon ; a real story of the 
Moon angel, written and illustrated by Howard Pyle. 192 p. illus. 
Q. N. Y. 1895. Scribner $2. Cap 813.49 P99g C 

The adventnres of litth' l):i\ V, who goes alou^ the moonpath to the moon. 
Beaniifnlly illustrat«-d and well written. Thi' fancy is a delicate and pretty one 
and in worked out with skill and deli-:htful liunior. — Outlook 

Raspe, R. E. a//o^t. Adventures of Baron Munchausen, from the best 
Knglish and German editions. 241 p. illus, T. N. Y. 1888. Put- 
nam $1.25 (Knickerbocker nuggets) <k />. 823.69 RlSc 

Rrprinted from plates of Knickerbocker nnggots in World's classioft, 
Putnam 50c. 

A collection of float iu{^ lef^euds often attributed to tbe veritable Baron 


RuskiOi John. King of the Golden river; or, The black brothers. 
201 p. illus. D. Bost. 1895. Knight 50c. (Cosy corner ser.) 

823.89 R39l^ e 

A Stjrian legend setting forth in classic English prose the world old story 
that happiness lost by avarice is to be won by virtue only. — Hardy 

Scudder, H. E. Seven little people and their friends, illus. D. Bost. 
1896. Houghton $1. Trav. lib. 31, bk 15 e 

Content*: The three wishes ; A Chiistmaji slocking with a hole in it ; Little 
castaways ; The old brown coat ; A faery surprise party ; The rock elephant ; 
New Year*s day in the garden. 

Shattuck, William. The keeper of the salamander*s order; a tale of 
strange adventures in unknown climes, illustrated by Walter and 
Isabel Shattuck. 326 p. illus. O. Bost. 1895. Roberts, Trav. lib. 

A fairy tale with many amusing episodes. 

Squance, H. S. Miss Mackerell Skye ; *a fairy tale for young and old, 
illustrated by A. D. McCormick. 150 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1894. 
Button $1.25. 

Two little girls accompany a tiny snowflake maiden to cloudland. The results 
of this aerial joamey are seen in a story of wonderful fact and fancy. — Puh- 
lUher's weekly 

Stearns, Albert. Chris and the wonderful lamp. 253 p. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1895. Century co $1.50. e 

Chris, a practical young American, finds the wonderful lamp and like Aladdin 
of old evokes royal palaces and performs marvellous feats through the aid of a 
genie. Illustrated by Reginold Birch and £. B. Benscll. 

Sinbad, Smith & co. ; illustrated by Reginald Birch. 271 p. illus. D. 

N. Y. 1896. Century $1.50. e 

Also in St Xieholae 1896 

In this * New Arabian ' entertainment Sinbad the sailor loads Tom Smith, his 
partner, through many thrilling adventures and escapes, scarcely less magical 
and daring than those of his own famous seven voyages. 

Swift, Jonathan. Travels into several remote regions of the world by 
Lemuel Gulliver; with a preface by H. Craik, illustrated by C. E. 
Brook. 381 p. illus. D. N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $2.60. 

827.52 Oi e 


Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's travels ; ed. for young readers by £. O. 
Chapman. New ed. 175 p. illus. O. N. Y. 1888. Worthing- 
ton $2. 827.52 O17 C 

As a deligLtful Btorybook this also has been appropriated by the childreD. — 

Thackeray, W: M. The rose and the ring ; or, The history of Prince 
Bulbo. illus. T. N. Y. 1888. Putnam $1.25 (Knickerbocker 
nuggets) ^./. 823.82 L e 

Reprinted from plates of Knickerbucker nuggets in World's classics, 
Patuam 50c. 
A story rich in buinoar and delightfully grotesque situations. 

Upton, F. K. The adventures of two Dutch dolls and a golliwog. 
64 p. illus. ob. D. N. Y. 1895. Longmans $2. 

The colored cartoons by F. K. Uptou, the story by Bertha UptoD. The pic- 
tures are clever. — Dial 

Wesselhoeft, L. F. The fairy folk of the Blue Hill. 240 p. illus. D. 
Bost. 1894. Knight $1.25. e 

Wassar and the fairy prince, Cloudcatcher, Rockroller, Twigtwister and the 
gray man, are a few of the funny folk in this pretty fairy tale. — Cleveland public 
library. Open shelf 

riipwing the spy; a fable for children, illus. S. Bost. 1889. 

Roberts $1.25. Trav. lib. 12, bk 28 e 

Miss We^selhoeft proves her fitness by the bright entertaiuiug waiy in which 
she gives to despised creeping things the feelings and thoughts of human 
beings. — Dial 

Wrig^ht, M. O. Tommy-Anne and the three hearts. D. N. Y. 1896. 
Macmillan $1. 50. Cap8l3.49 W931 c 

BobolinkHf creeping grass, tadpoles and rabbits tell a little girl the story of 
their homes and lives. A charming nature-book for children. 


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Hauff, William. Fairy tales 351 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Tanglewood tales * 348 

Wonder book 348 

Herder, J. C. V. Oriental fairy talcs 349 

Heroes. Kingsley, Charles 348 

Horsefair. Baldwin, James 354 

Horwitz, C. N. Fairyliire 347 

Swanhilde 347 

Household stories. Grimm, J. L. & W. C 347 

Housman, Laurence. Farm in fairyland 351 

Howells, W: D. Christmas every day 35 1 

Imaginotions. Jenks, Tudor 351 

Indian fairy tales. Jacobs, Joseph 349 

Ingelow, Jean. Mopsa the fairy 355 

Jacobs, Joseph. Celtic fairy tales 346 

English fairy tales 346 

Indian fairy tales 349 

More Celtic fairy tales 346 

More English fairy tales 346 

Japanese fairy world. Griffis, W: E 348 

Jenks, Tudor. Imaginotions .... 351 

Jungle book. Kipling, Rudyard 352 

Kanter girls. Branch, M.. L. B 354 

Kaf, Ha Sheen, sec Ha Sheen Y^dS^ pseud ? . 

Keeper of the Salamander's order. Shattuck, William 357 

King of the Golden river. Ruskin, John 357 



Kingsley, Charles. Heroes 348 

Water babies 355 

Kipling, Rudyard. Jungle book 352 

Second jungle book 352 

Knatchbull-Hugessen, set: Brabourne, E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen, 

Lang, Andrew. Blue fair}- book 344 

Green fairy book 344 

My own fairy book 352 

Princess Nobody 356 

Red fairy book 344 

Yellow fairy book 344 

Lee, Albert. Tommy Toddles 356 

Light princess. MacDonald, George 352 

Little Mr Thimblcfinger. Harris, J. C 355 

Lob-lie-by-thc-fire. Ewing, J. H 345 

Lulu's library. Alcott, L: M 350 

Lummis, C; F. Man who married the moon 345 

McCook, H. C. Old farm fairies 356 

MacDonald, George. Light princess 352 

Magic oak tree. Brabourne, E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen, baton. . 351 

Man who married the moon. Lummis, C: F 345 

Matthews, Cornelius. Enchanted moccasins 345 

Miss Mackerell Skye. Squance, H. S 357 

Mr. Rabbit at home. Harris, J. C 355 

Modern Puck. Giberne, Agnes 355 

Moe, J. E. & Asbjornsen, P. C. Norwegian fairy tales 350 

Moon prince. Munkittrick, R: K 352 

Mopsa the fairy. Ingelow, Jean 355 

More Celtic fairy tales. Jacobs, Joseph . 346 

More English fairy tales. Jacobs, Joseph 346 

More fairy tales from the Arabian nights. Dixon, E 349 

Mulock, D. M. Adventures of a brownie 356 

Fairy book 344 

Munchausen, Baron, see Raspe, R. E. 

Munkittrick, R. K. Moon prince 352 

My dark companions. Stanley, H: M 345 

My own fairy book. Lang, Andrew 352 

New fairy tales. Brentano, Clemens 343 

Norwegian fairy tales. Asbjornsen, P. C. & Moe, J. E 350 

Nursery Alice. Carroll, Lewis, pseud 354 



Old farm fairies. McCook, H. C 356 

O'Neill, Moira. Elf-errant 352 

Oriental fairy tales. Herder, J. C. V 349 

Ortoli, Frederic. Evening tales 352 

Pepper and salt. Pyle, Howard 352 

Poole, S. L. ed, Arabian nights entertainments 348 

Potter, F. S. Princess Myra 356 

Prince Peerless. Collier, Margaret 343 

Prince Vance. Putnam, Eleanor, pseud, & Bates, Arlo 356 

Princess Liliwinkins. Wright, H. C 353 

Princess Myra. Potter, F. S 356 

Princess Nobody. Lang, Andrew 356 

Putnam, Eleanor, pseud. & Bates, Arlo. Prince Vance 356 

Pyle, Howard. Garden behind the moon 356 

Pepper and salt 352 

Twilight 353 

Wonder clock 353 

Queen Titania's fairy book 344 

Ramaswami-Raju, P. V. Tales of the 60 mandarins 345, 349 

Raspe, R. E. Adventures of Baron Munchausen 356 

Red fairy book. Lang, Andrew 344 

Rhys, Grace. Banbury cross series 344 

Round the yule log. Asbjornsen, P. C 350 

Ruskin, John. King of the Golden river 357 

Russian fairy tales. Bain, R. N. ^</ 350 

Scudder, H. E. Seven little people 357 

Second jungle book. Kipling, Rudyard 352 

Seven little people. Scudder, H. E 357 

Shattuck, William. Keeper of the salamander's order 357 

Silver fairy book 353 

Sinbad, Smith & co. Steams, Albert 357 

Snowbird and the watertiger. Compton, Margaret 345 

Spanish fairy tales. Caballero, Feman, pseud 350 

Squance, H. S. Miss Mackerell Skye 357 

Stanley, H: M. My dark companions 345 

Steams, Albert. Chris and the wonderful lamp 357 

- Sinbad, Smith & co 357 

Stockton, F. R: 353 

Fanciful tales 353 

Floating prince 353 

Ting-a-ling tales 353 



Stories and fairy tales. Anderson, H. C 343 

Story of Roland. Baldwin, James 346 

Story of Siegfried. Baldwin, James 347 

Story of the golden age. Baldwin, James 348 

Swanhilde. Horwitz, C. N 347 

Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's travels 358 

Travels by Gulliver .* 357 

Tales from the fjeld. Asbjornsen, P. C 350 

Tales of King Arthur. Farrington, M. V 345 

Tales of the 60 mandarins. Ramaswami-Raju, P. V 346, 349 

Thackeray, W: M. Rose and the ring 358 

Through the looking glass. Carroll, Lewis, /x^i///. 354 

Ting-a-ling tales. Stockton, F. R; . . 353 

Tommy- Anne. Wright, M. 358 

Tommy Toddles. Lee, Albert 356 

Travels by Gulliver. Swift, Jonathan 357 

Twilight land. Pyle, Howard 353 

Upton, F. R. Adventures of two Dutch dolls 358 

VVaterbabies. Kingsley, Charles 355 

Wesselhoeft, L. F. Fairy folk of the Blue Hill 358 

Flipwing the spy 358 

Winged wolf. Ha Sheen Kaf, pseud f 349 

Wonder clock. Pyle, Howard 353 

Wright, H. C. Princess Liliwinkins 353 

Wright, M. O. Tommy-Anne 358 

Yellow fairy book. Lang, Andrew 344 

Bibliographies and reading lists 

Reading lists aud select biblion^niphies are indicated in curves in the following 
list, all others, not so desi^inited, aim at cunjideteness. 

OI2 Phillips Brooks. G: \V. C. Stockwdl, '95 

012 Hawthorne. N. K. Browne, '89 

012 Ben Jonson. Mrs Mary (Wellman ?) l.oomis, 90 

012 Charles Kingsley. K. E. Biirdick, '90 

012 Poems on Lincoln,(Jrant, Sherman and Sheridan. M. L. 

Sutliff, *93 

012 John Lothrop Motley. M. K. Robbms, '92 

012 Robert l.ouis Stevenson. K. S. Wilson, '98 

012 Charles Sumner. H. W. Oenio, '94 

012 Bayard Taylor. W: S. Burns, '91 

012 John Wesley. K. 1^. Fooie, '92 

013 Members of the A. L. A. H. C. Silliman, '95 
•'016.01 Index to subject billio-raphies in library bulletins. Alice 

Newman, '97 
016.02773 College libraries in the United States. Hugh Williams, '98 
016.0285 Lists of l)r)oks for children. J. Y. Middleton, '91 
016.2217 Higher criticism of the Old testament. (Select) Rev. 

W: R. Kastman, '92 
016.246 Christiiin art. (Sele<'t) M. L. Davis, '92 

C16.27 Church history. (Reading list) Klizabeth Harvey, '90 

^016.28 Religious denominations of the U. S. (Select) G: V. 

Bovver man, '95 
016.33185 Clubs for boys and working girls. J. D. Fellows, '97 
o' 6.3362 2 The single tax. Ethel Gatvin, '98 
016.339 Tramps and vagrants. L. 1). Waterman, '97 

016.352073 Municijiid government in the U, S. M. L.Jones, '92; 

J. A. Rathbone, '93 : E. D. Biscoe, '96 
' 016.36 Practical i)hilanihropy through srientific study; outlines 

and references for a two yeans' < ourse. L E. Lord, '97 
016.361 New philanthropy. (Reading li^t) H. (J. Sheldon, '93 

016.^691 Hereditary patriotic societies of the United States. 

W: B. C.:ook jr, ^98 
•016.3723 Illustrative inat»*rial for nature stutlv in primarv schools. 

(Select) C.W.Hunt, '98 
016.376 Education «)f women. M. E. Hawley, '93 

016.37813 Consoh<lated index to university extension i>eriodicals. 

Myrtilla Avery, '95 
«'oi 6.398 Eairy tales for c'hiklren. (Reading list) F. J. Olcott, '96 

016.3982 English works on King Arthur and the round table. 

F. R. Curtis, '96 
'016.508 Out-of-door books. (Select) H. H. Stanley, '95 
/016 7 Renaissance art. (Reading list) A. S. Ames and E. P. 

Andrews, '97 
016.7 *^rt of the 17th century. (Reading list) N. M. Pond, '96 

016.7266 Some famous cathedrals. (Reading list) L. M. Suter- 

meister, '90 
016.75 "^^^ great paintings. (Reading Ada Bunnell, '91 

016.77 Photography, 1880-98. E. A. Brown, '98 

a Printed in New York staic library. HuiU'tin : bii'iwgraphyy no. 14 

^ N. Y 1876. CaUiedrul library associatiitn. 7^c. 

c Printed in Aweriran Joumnl ot s-nioio^Vs Ian. i3i8. S«^i»arate reprint 2sc. 

^Printed in New Yoric state library. BtJlftin : bihiiograf>hy\ no. 13 

/Printed in New York state library. Bultt'tin : bihlioicraphw n >. 3 

/■l*rinied in New York slate library. liHlUtin : Hf>iiogra/>h}\ no. 10 

•To be printed in New York state library. BuUftin : dii/'w^raf!'} 

Bibliographies and reading lists (cofitifiued) 


016 796 

016.81 1 


•'01 0.907 



016 917 

(ireck and Latin plays produced by schools, colleges and 

universities in the United Stales. (1: G. Champlin, '95 
(.'yclini;. Louise Langwoithy, '97 
.\nglinL;, suj)plenientin^ Westwood an<l Satchell's Biblio- 

thna piscatona Henrietta Church, '93 
Mi»Jor Anjeii(an poets, Irom 1860-date. (Select) B. S. 

Smith, '97 
Knghsh liit-rature of later iSih century. (Select) M. C. 

S\\ayze, '89 
Ficii(»n lor ,i;irls. (Sdeci) A. IJ. Kroeger, '91 
Study and teaching ol history. J. I. Wyer jr, '98 
Gr:ido(l list of history and tra\ei i>repare«l in the Lincoln 

(Neb.) j»u!'lic hbniry lor the use of the Lincoln public 

s(ho.»ls. K. I) IJulhick, '94 
IJooks to read before going to iMU-ojie. (Reading list) 

S. W. Caiiell, '90 
Knglisli and American explorati(»ns in .\frica since 1824. 

(Reading li-.i) H. W. kiie, '93 
Travel in America (Reiuling List) (': \V. Plympton, '91 
Liieratuierciatirig to the Hudson river. M. T. \Vhceler,*9i 
''016 9174753 The Adiio!;da(k mouiitaii»s C. A. Sherrill, '98 
016.9178 Travi-ls west of the Missis>ipi)i prior to 1855; a partial 

bii)liography of printeil personal narratives. K. L. 

Sharp, "92 
Josepinne ami the women <»f her time. Mary Kllis, '92 
200 hooks on biography for a popular library. (Select) 

iNLib; 1 Temple, '90 
Biography of musicians ; in Knglish. .\. L. Bailey, '98 
History of the latter h:df of the i5lh century. (Reading 

list) Ktheldretl Abbot, '97 
History of the 17th century. (Reading list) O. F. 

Leonard, \)^ 
Kdinburnh. (Reading list) \V. G. Forsyth, '93 
Venire. (Reading' list) Helen Sj)erry, '94 
Russia. (Reading li.^t) .\, L. Morse, '97 
'i'he Netherlinds. (Reading li>t) K. Ci. I'horne, '97 
Japan. (Rea<ling list) H. K. Gay. '95 
G«lonial New Knglaml. ( Reading list) AL G. Wilson, '95 
NLir\land; colonial and revolutionary history. \V. L 

Bull(»ck, '92 
Gunsolidated classilied index to the Library journal ^\\ 1-12 

B. R. Marky, '92: J. L. Christman, *93; G. S. Hawes, '94; 
L G. Clone, '95 
G;ip and gown; some college verse. J. L. Harrison, '93 


' 016.9406 


•' 016.9492 
'016 974 


* 811.49 

(< T'l be priiir« «! I»', ::i«- .\:v.« rii-..n l.i« .i-NM-iaiitm, in Kc}'.»rt uf Ui'* nnnmitlce r»i seven on 

.'iPririU -l 1:1 .'■' •.••■*••.•• . •.. lu'iV i:. «.?■.: ;y • ^ 

I I'riiir*'! •.;i Nr-.v V'-rk s'.i'. l;l«r.'.iv. !-ii,'i.'h .- /•/••".'.•'.•.,»..•/•; v, n«'. 3 

ii'To Im {Tiiiti'l l»y ilu- Ni.-.v V'liii •••.iU' :-.rr.,;rv c'»;nnu-.'.Mri 

t T«' ■■"• prin:«'il iii "^i \v \ -r* *•:.•;«• !i!»r.irv /•■••./«•.•.•'; .'•: ti :*ti/'\rt no. n 

/ l'i'ii>t»".i i!i \fW V'.-rl: s-.»*. !i:ir.iiv. li'ii','- ::'k ; /•'>'••. -.••.Mv:-, no. 4 

jf l'ri:j!«-il 111 N»w V<»rk vl \\r li:>i.iry. .'•"./.. e.'.'« .• ■':/>*/.:■ '•ip-ij* no. 7 

Priiitii! in .'.'•'».:»•■ > ., .. r'. j. yv'- 7* 

I'l'xjti'il III Ntv\ V'lk *«; m- ii:ii\ri>%.:y. /• 1 .*'/; «•/.' « .'u^/tf.'K^ no. 4 

I'liiiltil j.'i /./••» t* r #•. '•.. Imiv I'-i.-, .:i''.---< 
>b l*ti!ii'-il in Nr\% V'Jik s:.iif lihr.irv, /•'.•/.''.'..'/«. f""//t'.:*.t/':y,n'K u 
i I'rintc.l in N«'vv V«'ik SJati* hhr.irv. it'n.'rtin ; .' , '.■..''•.i..*->V. nt». o 
./ Print el in N't w Yi»rk s'.itc: hln.iry. !> t.\'-i:': . /•;.•.•'/. <;».i/;v, no. j 

• To l>c pnnlorl in N«'\\ \ '»rk st*ito lilirary. i^u.WtJn . //V//i.:»-.i/*<'j* 

Uniyenttr of tlie State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 

Aognist 1898 



i.iiiB.iaT iiut.LETir 

to December 31, 1897 

Alfc« Hemnaa 

CLA5B ur 1B97 


New York State Ubrary School 

UNtvKasm OF the state of hew roRjc 

University of the State of New York 


1S74 Anson JuDi) UrsoN, I). I)., LL. I)., L. H. I)., 

Chancellor, Glens Falls 

1892 William Croswlll Doank, D. 1)., LL. 1)., 

/ "ice- Chancellor^ Al bany 
1873 Martin 1., M. A., LL. D. - - Troy 
1877 Chal'nci.v M. Df.flw, LL. !).--_- New York 
1877 Charles E. Fitch, LI.. \j,, M. A., L. H. D. - Rochester 

1877 Orris H. Warren, 1). I). - 

1878 Whitelaw Reid, LL. 1). - 
1881 WiLLLVM IL Watson, M. A., ^L D. - 
1881 Henry K. Titrnkr _ _ - _ . 
1883 St Clair McKklway, LL. 1)., L.H.I).. D.C.L. - 
1885 Hamilton Harris, Ph. I)., LL. 1). - - 
1885 Daniel HEArn, Ph. 1)., LL. D. - 
i883 Carroll E. .Smith, LL. I). - - - 
1890 Pliny T. Si.xton, LL. 1). - 
1890 T. GuiLi'dRU Smith, NL A., C. K. - - 

1893 Lewis A. Silmson, B. A., M. 1). - 

1894 John Palmer. Secretary of Slate, ^.v ofjkio 

1894 Sylvester Ma lone - - - - - 

1895 Albert Vander Veer, M. 1)., Ph. I). 

1895 Charles R. Sklvner, LL. i)., 

SuperiiUondetit ot' Public Instruction, ex officio 

1896 Frank S. Black, IJ. A., LL. 1)., (Governor, <-a' <?//?V/V> 

1896 TiMoiHY L. Wooi)ri:ff, M. A., Lieutenant-Governor, ^a r#<7V> 

1897 Chester S. Lord, M. A. - - - - Brooklyn 

- Syracuse 
New York 

- Ctica 
Low\ ille 

- Brooklyn 

- Walk ins 

- Palmyra 

- New York 

- Brooklyn 



Melvil Dewey, M. A. 


Bibli(»graphy no. 1. Guide to the stuily of J. A. M. Whistler. i2p. 

May 1895. J^ice 5 cents, 
no, 2-4. R«.a«li 'j4 list*^ : Colonial New England; Travel in 

North America: Hihioiy ol the 17th century. 77p. July 1897. 

Price 10 cent^. 

Li>t of reference bt^oks for use of cataloiruers in New York 



state library. 22^. Jan. iiS9S. J*rice 5 cents, 

no. 6-8. Reading li.sts: Japan; Venice; Out-of-door books. 

64i>. Feb. 1898. fhice 10 cents. 

— no. 9 -I I. Reading lists: Ncdierlands; Renaissance ait of the 
15th and i6th ceiituries; History of the latter half nf the i5lh century. 
I2S|). A] -HI 1898. Price iz, cents, 

— no. 12. Be.^t bonks of 1897. 28p. Jutie 1898. Pice 5 cents, 

— no. 13. Fairy tales for children. 28p. June 1898. Pricey cents, 
no. 14. Index t«) subject bibliographies in library bulletins. 58p. 

August 189S. Price 10 cents. 

This serir- i> nu»>ily vdi-ctcil from orij;innI liibliojjniphics presented by the 
Library sclmol stU'lciits as a lon-litinn 'jf grailuatinn. not printetl (see cover 
P'^SC 3-4) are av.-iilalilo in manuscript at the library or may be borrowed by 
]»•■: ir.i-sirn. 

'I'lie -.cli'>nl is Ljlad to recri\«' sii|^j^cstif»ns from librarians, teachei^, leaders of 
clubs, or spei:i.ili-«t^. as to -Nubjt'rt'' I'T which biblioj^niphics or reading lists are 
specially needed, and contributions of available material are invited. 

University of the State of New York 

state Library Bulletin 

Bibliography No. 14 August i8g8 




This index duplicates a few entries in Whitney's Cataiogtie of the bibliog- 
raphies of special subjects in the Boston public library^ but these entries 
were included to make a complete index to the library bulletins examined. 
In general, titles of the bibliographies have been given only when they 
differ from the headings under which they are entered. Bulletins on 
special subjects are not included. 

The list of abbreviations which follows gives the titles, volumes and 
dates of the 48 bulletins indexed. All these bulletins have been per- 
sonally examined, and for convenience the New York state library call 
numbers have been added. Omission of book number indicates that 
the set is not yet bound. 

Entries are chronologic under each subject. Volume and page num- 
bers are separated by a colon; e. g. 3 : 145 means vol. 3, p. 145. When 
each bulletin is paged separately reference is made to volume, number 
and page; e. g. 11, no. 4: 2 means vol. 11, no. 4, p. 2. 

A manuscript supplement brings this index to date and any criticisms 
or suggestions for making the index more useful are invited and will be 
carefully considered before printing another edition, if sent to Melvil 
Dewey, State Library, Albany, N. Y. 


Boat. Boston— Public library. BullstiDs, 1867-Jan. 1896. 14 v. Q. 

018.Z qB65 
Oct. 1867-JaD. 1896 published quarterly. ▼. 1-14 

BoBt. mo, Monthly bulletin, 1896-97. ▼. 1-2, Q. 018.1 qB65 

V. 15-16 


Brookline Brookline (Mass.) — Public library. Library bulletin, biniontbly, 

1894-97. V. 1-4, no. 2, O. 017.x 

Camb. Cambridge (Mass.)— Public library. Balletin, 1896-97. y. 1-2, D. 

Carnegie library of Pittsburgb. See Pittsburgh. 

Cin. Cincinnati— Public library. Quarterly bulletin, 1889-97. 

no. 100-34, Q. C017.Z qC49 

Clerkenwell Clerkenwell C London) — Public library. Quarterly guide for 

readers, 1894-97. v. 1-4, no. 14, D. 017. i 

Cleveland Cleveland (O.) — Public library. Cumulative index, Jane 1896-97. 

V. 1-2, Q. R050 qCgi 

Cleveland op. The open shelf, 1894-95. 2 y. nar. S. 0x7. z 

▼. 1 Umaed monthly; ▼. 8 iamed quarterly. 
No more published. 

Cornell Cornell university library. Bulletin, 1882-Ap. 1896. 3 v. O. 

C017.1 C8z 
No more publiflbcd. 

Denver Denver (Col.)— Public library. Balletin, Oct. 1890-Aug. 1896. 

V. 1-6, Q. ozy.x 

Issued with titles: Books; Bock leaf. 

Denver jour. Colorado school journal ; with the Book leaf, Sep. 1896-97. y. IS- 
IS, no. 4, Q. 370.5 qC7x 

Des Moines Des Moines (Iowa) — Public library. Bulletin, June 1895-Juzie 

1897. no. 1-20, Q. 0x7.x 

No more published. 

Enoch Pratt Enoch Pratt free library, Baltimore. Bulletin, quarterly, 1894-97. 

V. 1-3, no. 3, O. 0x7.x 

Fitchbiirg Fitchburg (Mass.) — Public library. Library bulletin, bimonthly 

May 1892, Ap. 1894, 1896-97. v. 1-2, Q. 0x7.x 

Hartford Hartford (Ct.)— Public library. Bulletin, quarterly, 1878-97. 

V. 1-19, O. 0x7.x Hasx 

Harvard Harvard university — Library. Bulletin, quarterly, Jan. 1880-May 

1894. V. 2-7, O. C0X7.X Ha64 

Helena Helena (Mont.)— Public library. Bulletin, Sep. 1893-July 1896. 

18 no. nar. D. 0x7.x 

No more published. 

Jersey City Jersey City (N. J.)— Free public library. Library record, 1892-OT. 

V. 1-6, F. 0x7.x qJ48 

Lawrence Lawrence (Mass.) — Public library. Bulletin, 1890-97. no. 1-SO, O. 


Lowell Lowell (Mass.)— City library. Bulletin, monthly, Oct. 1896-87* 

V. 1, no. 1-10, Q. 0x7.x 


MiDoeapolis Minneapolis-Public library. Qaarterly balletin, Jan. 1893-Ap. 1897. 

V. 1-2, no. 6, Q. 017. 1 

New Bedford New Bedford (Mass.) — Free public library. Monthly bulletin, 

1896-97. V. 1-2, O. 018.1 

New Haven New Haven (Ct.) — Free public library. Monthly bulletin, 1896- 

97. O. 017. 1 

N. Y. New York public library, fiulletiu, 1897. v. 1, Q. 027.4747 

N. Y. mech New York, General society of mechanics and tradesmen — Library. 

Mouthly bulletin, 1897. no. 1-9, Q. 017.1 

Newark Newark (N. J.) — Free public library. Library news, 1890-97. 

V. 1-8, O. 017.1 

Nottingliaiii Nottingham (Eng.) — Free public libraries. Buretio, quarterly, 

July 1896-97. no. 1-6, O. 018. i 

Oberlin Oberlin college— Library. BuUotiu, 1892-96. v. 1, no. 1-3, D. 

Oniuha Omaha (Neb.)— Public library. Bulletin, Ma.y-Dec. 1897. Q. 017.1 

Osterhout Osterhout free library, Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) Library new«-letter, 

1891-97. V. 1-7, no. 9, Q. 017.1 qL6i 

Otis Otis library, Norwich (Ct.) Bulletin, 1893-97. v. 1-4, no. 8, Q. 


Paterson Paterson (N. J.)— Free public library. Monthly bnlletin, Nov. 

1896-97. v. 1, no. 1-8, sq. D. 017.1 

Phil. lib. Philadelphia, Library company. Bulletin, semiannually, Sep. 

1859-97. O. 017.1 

Wanting: New aeries, no. 16, 10-28. 

Phil. mere. Philadelphia, Mercantile library. Bulletin, quarterly, Oct. 1882-97. 

V. 1-2, no. 32, Q. 017.1 

Pittabnrgh Carnegie library of Pittsburgh. Bulletin, monthly, 1896-97. 

V. 1-2,0. 017. 1 Caia 

Portland Portland (Or.) library association. Our library, 1894-May 1896. 

V. 1-2, no. 5, Q. 017.1 

No more published. 

Providence Providence (R. I.)— Public library. Monthly bulletin, 1895-97. 

V. 1-3, Q. 016 qP94i 

Quincy Quincy (111.)— Public library. Bulletin, 1895-97. v. 1, no. 1-9, O. 


8t L. bul. St Louis— Free public library. Bulletin, 1879-83. no. 1-28, Q. 


St L. mag. Magazine, Ap.-Dec. 1897. v. 4, Q. 017.1 

Salem Salem (Mass.)— Public library. Bulletin, 1891-97. v. 1-4, no. 6, O. 

017.1 Saaz 

San P*ran. San Francisco (Cal.) — Free public library. Monthly bulletin, 

1895-97. V. 1-3, Q. 018.1 


Somerville Somerville (Mass)— Public library. Library balletin, 1896-97. 

V. 1, O. 017. 1 

Soriuirfield Springfield (Mass.)) City library association. Library bolletin, 

monthly, 1887-97. v. 1-17, no. 2, P. 017.1 qSpS 

U. S. Agr. U. S. Agriculture, Dep't of— Library. Library bulletin, Ap. 1894- 

97. no. 1-19, Q. 016.63 

Waltbam Waltham (Mass.)— Public library. Bulletin, 1895-97. v. 1-3, O. 


Warren Warren county library, Monmouth (111.) Bulletin, quarterly, 

Ap. 1889-Ap. 1897. v. 1-9, O. 018. i 

Wan ting : ▼. 1, no. 1,8 t. 5, no. 1, 4 

▼. 8, no. 1, 4 T. 8, no. 8 

▼. 4, no, 4 y. 9, no. 8, 4 

Westerly Westerly (R. I.)— Public library. Monthly bulletin, 1895-97. ▼. 1- 

3, no. 2, Q. 018.X 


Abyssinia. Salem, May 1896, 3:102 

Addison, Joseph. San Fran., Oct. 1896, 2:79-80. Addison and his 

Adventure. Salem, July 1892, 1:120 

See also Voyages and travels 

Aerial navigation. Salem, May 1897, 4:3-5 

Afghanistan. Bost., Jan. 1879, 4134-3S 

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Bost., Jan. 1894, 12:260-304 

Reprinted in Boston public library Subject catalogue no. 6 
See also Abyssinia; Egypt 

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See also Beet sugar; Botany; Domestic economy ; Forestry; Gar- 
dening; Horse; Landscape gardening; Poultry 

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with works on Alaska 

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Yukon gold fields 

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west territories 

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the Klondike 

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Nov. 1897, 17:5-6 " 

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See also Yukon gold fields 

Albany congress of 1754. N. Y., Mar. 1897, 1:76-81 

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nautical almanacs 

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Reprinted in Boston public library Subject catalogue no. 3 
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Dec. 1896, 1:87-88 " 

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early American pamphlets 

Alphabetic list of 11 volumes of pamphlets for the most part published 
1800-20. First part of list covers A— Eaton 


fiXtitrioB., Discovery. Bost., July ^876, 3:103-6. Early explorations 

in America 
Bost.y Oct. 1876, 3:136-41. America in the i6th century 

Ap. 1877, 3:205-9. Notes of Americana 

July 1877, 3:241-44. Early English explorations 

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Phil, mere, Oct. 1892, 2:189-96. Columbus and the discovery 

of America 
Salem, Oct. 1892, 1:141-43. English exploration in America to 

See also Columbus, Christopher 

America. History. Ear iy periods. 

Salem, Sep. 1892, 1:133-35. Spanish conquest of America 
Bost., Oct. 1894, 13:250-63. Titles relating to America in the 
Coleccicn de docvmentos ineditos para la historia de Espana 

America. Local history . Bost., Jan. 1876-Jan. 1879, v. 3-4 

Reprinted xvith title Check \{%i for American local hUiory, compiled by F- 
B. Perkine, 198 p. O. Bost. 1876 

Bost., Ap. 1883-June 1889, V. 5-8. Index of articles upon American 

local history in historical collections in the Boston public library 

Couipileil by A. P. C. Qriffin. Reprinted with same title, 225 p. Q, Bost. 

1889. Supplemout, not included in the Boston public library Bulletin^ bas 

title Index of the literature of American local hietory, in collections publiehed 

in iS^o-gj, with some othertf 151 p. O, Bost. 1896 

America. Periodicals. Bost., July 1879, 4:106-8 

Alphabetic list of American nciivspapers before 1800, in tlie Boston 
public library 

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Salem, Sep. 1893, 2:35-40. American literature 

Oct. 1893, 2:44-48. More American authors 

Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:24-25 
See also English literature 

American revolution. See United States. History. Revolution 

Americana. See America 

Amusements. Hartford, Oct. 1889, 11, no. 4:2. Indoor amusements 
Hartford, 1894, 16, no. 1-4. Fine arts and amusements 
Salem, Jan. 1892, 1:71-72 


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Harvard, Oct. 1878-Jan. 1879, 1:246-50 
Feb.- Mar. 1879, 1:289-90 

Anatomy. Hartford, Jan. 1885, 7, no. 1:2-3. Anatomy, physiology 
and hygiene 

Amiuals. Bost., Oct. 1893, 12:157-68. 

Reprinted in Boston pnblic library Subject catalogue no. 1 
Inclndes year-books, annuaires, jabrbiicber, registers and other annaal 

Stf also Almanacs 

Antarctic regions. Bost., Ap. 1894, 13:21-49. Arctic and antarctic 
Providence, Dec. 1895, 1:211-16. Polar exploration 
Minneapolis, Ap. 1897, 2:279-82. Arctic and antarctic discovery 

Antinomianism. Harvard, Feb.-Mar. 1879, 1:287-88. Antinomian 
controversy in New England, 1636, etc. 

Anti-slavery. See Slavery 
Arbitration. St L. mag., June 1897, 4:169 

Arblay, Mme Frances (Bumey) d'. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, 

no. 3:2 
Arbor day. Newark, Ap. 1895, 6, no. 4:7-8 

Minneapolis, Ap. 1895, 1:144-46 

Somerville, Ap. 1896, 1:32 

Westerly, Ap. 1896, i, no. 6:4 

Archeology. Salem, Dec. 1895, 3:61-64. Primitive ways of man 
N. Y., Aug. 1897, 1:212-26. Periodicals relating to archeology 

in the New York public library and Columbia university library 
See also Architecture; Catacombs; Coins and metals; Costume; 

Fine arts; Folk-lore; Glass; Heraldry; History; Indians of 

America; Mythology; Sculpture 

Architecture. Bost., Oct. 1875, 2:429-32 
Cornell, Jan. 1882, 1:24-41 
Hartford, Oct. 1884, 6, no. 4:2-3 

Lawrence, Jan.-Ap. 1893, no. 12:6-8. Carpentry and building 
Salem, Aug. 1893, 2:28-31 
Fitchburg, Jan, 1896, i, no. 3:2-3 
Lawrence, Jan.-Ap. 1896, no. 23, 7-12 
Lowell, May 1897, i, no. 6, 28 p. 

See also Qzx^twXxy \ Decoration and ornament; Fine arts; Library 


Architecture, Domestic. Hartford, Jan. 1884, 6, no. 1:2-3. House build- 
ing and house furnishing 
Bosty Ap. 1891, 10:57-58. Modem American domestic architecture 

Arctic reg^ions. Bost., Ap. 1894, 13:21^49. Arctic and antarctic 
Reprinted in BostoD public library Subject oatalogue no. 7 

Salem, July 1895, 3:21-24 

Providence, Dec. 1895, 1:211-16. Polar exploration 

Clcrkenwell, Ap. 1896, 2^56-64. Polar vogages 

Minneapolis, Ap. 1897, 2:279-82. Arctic and antarctic discovery 

Waltham, Dec. 1897, 3, no. 11. Arctic regions and explorers 

Armenia. Providence, Ap. 1895, 1:64-67 

Waltham, Dec. 1895, i, no. 11:7-8. Turkey and the Armenian 

Jan. 1896, 2, no. 1:6 " 

Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:3-4. Armenia and the Armenians 
Salem, Jan. 1896, 3:69-70 

Somerville, Jan. 1896, 1:8 

Mar. 1896, 1:24 

New Bedford, Feb. 1896, 1:16-18 
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Fitchburg, Sep. 1897, 2, no. 4:28-30 

Art. Cleveland op., Oct. 1894, 1:306-7 
Waltham, May 1895, i, no. 5:3-8 

June 1895, I, no. 6:3-5 

Osterhout, Nov. 1896, 6:63-64 
Srfy also Fine arts ; Useful arts 

Arthur, King, Phil, mere, Oct. 1896, 2:426-29. King Arthur and 
the Arthurian legends 

Artists. See Bonheur; Hamerton; Michelangelo; Rossetti; Sarto; 
Tintoretto; Titian 

Arts, Fine. See Fine arts 

Arts, Useful, See Useful arts 

Aryans. Bost., Ap. 1890, 9:130-34. European origin of the Aryans 

Asia. Fitchburg, Sep. 1896, 1:8 

See aiso Arm^n\2L'y China; India; Korea 


Assjrriologfy. Salem, Oct, 1891, 1:45-46. Assyriology and the Bible 
Salem, Nov. 1891, 1:56 " 

Astronomy. Salem, Jan. 1894, 2:69^72 
Providence, Aug. 1896, 2:195-98 

N. Y., Ap. 1897, 1:97-100. Periodicals on astronomy in New 
York public library and Columbia university library 

May 1897, 1:121-24 ** 

Lowell, June 1897, i, no.. 7:3-8 

See also Almanacs ; Eclipses ; Mercury 

Austin, Alfred. Phil, mere, Jan. 1896, 2:386 

Bach, Johann Sebastian. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:4-5 

Bacon, Francis, viscount St Albans, See Shakspere-Bacon con- 

Bahamas. See Handkerchief shoal 

Balkans. Omaha, May 1897. Greece, Turkey and the Balkans 

Banks and banking. 

Portland, Oct. 1894, 1:38 

Providence, Oct. 1896, 2:241-42 

Waltham, Oct. 1896, 2, no. 9:6-8. Bimetallism, free coinage, paper 

money and banking 
See also Finance; Money 

Barnard Henry. Providence, May 1897, 3:17-18 

Beaumont, Francis. Harvard, May 1890, 6:95-104. Bibliography 
of Beaumont and Fletcher 
Harvard, Oct. 1890, 6:151-58 " 

Reprinted in Harvard university library Bibliographical contributions 
no. 39 

Beet sugar. U. S. Agr., June 1897, no. 16:1-^. References to the 
literature of the sugar beet, exclusive of works in foreign languages 

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Best books of 1896. Salem, Feb. 1897, 3:176. Literature and 
literary biography 
Somerville, June 1897, 1:150 

Best books of 19th century. Brookline, Oct. 1897, 4:1. Greatest 
ten books of this century 


Bible. Bibliography, Bost., Oct. 1878, 3:434-37 

Titles of rare Enf^lish Bibles from the collection of W: O. Medlicott, 
Longmeftdow, Mass. 

Minneapolis, Jan. 1893, i:i6~i8. Bibliography of Bibles in Minne- 
apolis public library 

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Salem, Nov. 1891, 1:56. Assyriology and the Bible 

Bible. Old testament. Providence, Nov. 1895, 1:191-98. Old testa- 
ment study. 
See also Church history 

Bibliography. Bost., Sep. 1883, 5:444-50. Index to the notes 
about books and reading, and to the special book lists found in 
the catalogues at the Boston public library and other libraries 

and also in periodicals 

Also priDted in Boston public library Handbook, 1883, p. 31-5S. 
Harvard, Oct. 1885, Jan. 1887, Jan. 1888, Jan. 1891, v. 4-6. Index 

of reference lists and special bibliographies published in periodi- 
cals and other publications of recent date 

Reprinted ^in Harvanl university library BiyAiograpkieal oontrifrittioiit 
no. 20, 24, 29, 40 
Bost, Ap. 1890, 9:135-203. Catalogue of the bibliographies 01 

special subjects in the Boston public library 

Also printed in Boston public library HafMook, 1890, p. 28-282, and 
separately in Boston public library B\}i\\ografhM% of 9ij^tt!M $uhi§et$ 
no. 5 
Bost. mo., Aug. 1896, 1:89-91. Index to lists of books on various 

topics to be found in the Boston public library Bulletin, v. 1-14, 


Bicycling. See Cycling 

Bimetallism. See Banks and banking ; Finance ; Money 

Biography. Salem, Aug. 1895, 3:32 

See also Genealogy ; Pilgrim fathers; Woman 

Birds. Bost., Jan. 1880, 4:173-78 
Otis, Ap. 1894, I, no. 6:2 
Salem, May 1894, 2:102-4 
Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:5-8 
Otis, May 1896, 3:2. Birds and flowers 
Waltham, May 1897, 3, no. 5:5-8 
June 1897, 3, no. 6:5-8 


Birds. Waltham, July 1897, 3, no. 7:5-6 
Springfield, July 1897, 16:26 
Paterson^ June-July 1897, 1:201-2 

Bismarck, Karl Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schbn- 

hsLUStn^ /iirs/ von. Providence, May 1895, 1:86-88. Bismarck 
and the German empire 
Black art. S^e Witchcraft 

Blake, William. Bost., Ap. 1881, 4:335 

Blind. Bost., Jan. 1894, 12:257-59. Works in the Boston public library 
relating to the blind 
Reprinted in Boston pablic library Subject catalogue uo. 5 

Jersey City, Ap. 1897, 6, no. 4:1-3. Books for the blind 

Boating. S^^ Yachting 

Boers. Bost. mo., Jan.-Ap. 1896, 1:31. Transvaal and the Boers 

Bonheur, Rosa. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:8 

Bookmaking. Salem, June 1895, 3:12-15. Bookmaking and distri- 

Books and reading. Bost., Ap. 1890, 9:204-5 

Also printed in Boston public library Handhookf 18U0, p. 22-27 
Salem, Sep. 1895, 3:39-40. Reading and the choice of books 
S^e also Best books ; Bibliography ; Copyright 

Boston. Bost., July 1875, 2:382-89 

Botany. Haivard, June 1878, 1:155-56 

Notes prepared for ttie assistance of advanced students in phanerogamic 

Harvard, Oct. 1878-Jan. 1879, 1:251-52. The flora of different 

Feb. 1879, 1:291-92 

June 1879, 1:344-49 

Repiiiited in Harvard university library Bibliographical contribuiione 
no. 9 

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Lowell, Oct. 1896, I, no. 1:9-17 
Springfield, Ap. 1897, 15:61-62 

May 1897, 16:6-7 

Paterson, June-July 1897, 1:202-3 
See also Agriculture ; Forestry 

Boys' books. Somerville, M$ir. 1896, 1:23-24 
New Haven, Jan. 1897, 2 p. 
See also Children's literature 

Bradford, William. Providence, May 1897, 3:103-5. William 
Bradford and the Plymouth colony 

Brittany. Osterhout, Nov. 1896, 6:61-64 
Brown, John. Osterhout, Mar. 1896, 5:94 

Browning, Mrs Elizabeth (Barrett). Waltham, Nov. 1896, 2, 
no. 10:6-8.' Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning 
Salem, Jan. 1897, 3:166-67 
Somerville, Jan. 1897, 1:105 

Brownings, Robert. Waltham, Nov. 1896, 2, no. 10:6-8. Robert 
and Elizabeth Barrett Browning 
Fitchburg, Sep. 1896, 1:5-7 
Salem, Jan. 1897, 3:164-66 
Somerville, Jan. 1897, 1:105 

Bryant, William Cullen. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:8-9 
Lowell, Nov. 1897, I, no. 9:3-4 

Buddhism. Providence, Jan. 1895, 1:7-8 

Building. See Architecture 

Bunker hill. Bost., Ap. 1875, 2:350. Lexington, Concord and Bunker 

hill, 1775-1S75 
Salem, June 1897, 4: 11-13 

Bunner, Henry Cuylcr. Springfield, June 1896, 14:85-86 

Burgoyne*s campaign. Otis, Nov. 1895, 2, no. 7:1-2 
Otis, Dec. 1895,2, no. 8:2 
Somerville, Oct. 1896, 1:70-71 

Burial. See Catacombs ; Cremation 

Burke, Edmund. San Fran., Jan. 1897, 3:6-7. Edmund Burke; the 
Bristol speech 


Bums, Robert Providence, July 1896, 2:177-81 
Salem, July 1896, 3:117-19 

Business. Denver, Ap. 1893, 3:67-71. Business man's library 
Salem, Oct. 1895, 3:44-46. Business man's list 
S^e also Finance ; Money 

Cable, George Washington. Springfield, June 1897, 16:14 

Cabot, John and Sebastian. Salem, May 1897, 4:5. John and 
Sebastian Cabot 
Providence, June 1897, 3:137-57. 'Cabot bibliography 
Calendars. S^e Almanacs 

California. San Fran., Aug. 1897, 3:92-94. California county maps 
S^e also San Francisco 

Canada. Providence, Oct. 1895, 1:176-80 
See also Louisburg 

Capital. Osterhout, Oct. 1894, 4:54-55 

Carlyle, Thomas. Bost, Ap. 1881, 4^334-35 

Carpentry. Salem, Oct. 1892, 1:143-44. Carpentry and woodwork 
Lawrence, Jan,-Ap. 1893, no. 12:6-8. Carpeniry and building 
See also Architecture 

Cary, Alice & Phoebe. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:9-10 

Catacombs. Phil, mere, Jan. 1884, 1:113-14 

Catalogues. See Trade catalogues 

Cataloguing. Harvard, Ap. 1882, 2:341-43. Reference books useful 
for cataloguers 

Charities. Salem, Feb. 1892, 1:77-79. Charities and prison reform 
See also Poor; Social settlements 

Chemical technology. Lawrence, Ap.-July 1893, no. 13:7-9 

Lowell, Nov. 1896, I, no. 2, 20 p. Chemistry, chemical technology 
and manufactures 

Chemistry. Cleveland op., Ap.-June 1895, 2:60 

Lowell, Nov. 1896, I, no. 2, 20 p. Chemistry, chemical technology 

and manufactures 
N. Y., June 1897, 1:152-58. Periodicals relating to chemistry and 

physics in the New York public library and Columbia university 

See also Metals ; Physics 


Chicago, World's Columbian exposition, 1893. Minneapolis, Ap. 

i«93» 1:33-37 
Warren, July 1893, 5:261 

Chickens. See Poultry 

Children. Osterhout. Oct. 1894, 4:51 
See also Education ; Kindergarten 

Children's literature. Hartford, July 1880, 2, no. 3:2-3 
St L. bul., July-Sep. 1883, no. 27, p. 416 
Three listo of best 20 boolu 

Oct.-Dec. 1883, no. 28, 2d apx. p. i-io. Books for the young ; 

English and German 
Newark, Aug. 1890, 1:2 
Denver, Oct. 1890, 1:1-4 

Oct 1891, 1:68-71 

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Mar. 1893, 3:49-55 

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and girls 
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Des Moines, Nov. 1895, no, 6:3-6 

Dec. 1895, no. 7:38 

Helena, Dec. 1895, p. 244-60 

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in the library, Ab-Ad 

Ap. 1896, 13:64-66 Ae-Blak 

May 1896, 14:75-78 Blan-C 

June 1896, 14:88-90 D-E 

July 1896, 14:100-1 F-G 

Aug. 1896, 14:113-15 H-Kingst 

Sep. 1896, 14-126 Kingst-Kroeker 

Oct. 1896, 14:136-38 L-N 

Nov. 1896, 15:6-8 N-R 

Dec. 1896, 13:18-19 S-Shi 

Jan. 1897, 15:30-31 Sho-Sw 

Feb. 1897, 15:41-42 T 

Ap. 1897, 15:60 V-Wh 


Children's literature. Springfielcl, May 1897, 16:5 Wi-Wu 
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Sep. 1897, 16:52-53 Anonymous books, T-Y 

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Oct. 1896, p. 7-n 

Nov. 1896, p. 8-10 

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the library 


Ap. 1897, 1:135-36 
May 1897, 1:143-44 
June 1897, 1:151-52 
July 1897, 1:159-60 
Aug. 1897, 1:165-68 
Oct. 1897, 1:188-92 
Nov. 1897, 1:198-204 




St L. mag., Oct. 1897, 4:319-21. Reading list on American history 

Dec. 1897, 4:435-38 

S^e also Boys' books ; Fairy tales 

Chile. Denver, Feb. 1892, 2:14-15. Chile, navies and war 

China. Osterhout, Nov. 1894, 4:62-63. China, Japan and Korea 
Salem, Aug. 1894, 2:125-28. China, Corea and Japan 

Bost., Jan. 1895, 13:283-325. Korea, Japan and China 

Reprinted in Boston public library Subject catalogue uo. 12 
Waltham, Ap. 1895, i, no. 4:5-8. China, Corea and Japan 

Chinese. Bost, Oct 1879, 4:143. The Chinese in America 

Chivalry. Salem, July 1895, 3:19-21. Heraldry, chivalry, free- 
S^ealso Heraldry 

Cholera. Bost, Oct 1892, 11:251-54 

Chopin, Frederic Francois. Paterson, Feb.-Mar. 1897, 1:50-51 

Christmas. Hartford, Jan. 1881, 3, no. 1:2-3 
Salem, Dec. 1892, 1:160 
Denver, Dec. 1894, 4:174-76 

Cleveland, June-No v. 1896, i, no. 6:170-76 

AIbo printed as Cleveland public library Special reading list no. 2 
Fitchburg, Nov. 1896, 1:7-8 
New Bedford, Dec. 1896, 1:177-86 
Osterhout, Dec. 1896, 6:69-70. Stories and poems 
Paterson, Dec. 1896, 1:71-83 


Christmas. Somerville, Dec. 1896, 1:84-^7 
Springfield, Dec. 1896, 15:19-20 
Omaha, Dec. 1897 
Otis, Dec. 1897, 4:25-26 
Salem, Dec. 1897, 4:42-48 
St L. mag., Dec. 1897, 4:443-46 

Church history. Otis, Jan. 1897, 3:63-65. Early history of the 
Christian church 
S€e also Antinomianism ; Bible ; Catacombs ; Witchcraft 

Church music. See Music 

City government. See Municipal government 

Civil engineering. Lawrence, Jan.-Ap. 1894, no. 16:8-11 
See alio Surveying 

Civil service. Bost, Ap. 1882, 5:120-22 

Civil war. See United States. History^ Civil war; also names of 
other countries in which civil wars have taken place 

Clock-making. Waltham, Mar. 1895, i, no. 3:3. Books upon clock 
and watchmaking 

Coffin, Charles Carleton. Fitchburg, Mar. 1896, 1:6-7 
Salem, Mar. 1896, 3:87-89 
Somerville, Ap. 1896, 1:29-30 

Coins and medals. Bost., Oct. 1878, 3:429-33 

College life. Springfield, Jan. 1897, 15:31. Tales of school and 
college life 

College settlements. See Social settlements 

Columbus, Christopher. Warren, Ap. 1892, 4:196 
Fitchburg, May 1892, p. 2 
Salem, Aug. 1892, 1:127-28 
Bost., Oct. 1892, 11:221-33 
Phil, mere, Oct. 1892, 2:189-96 

Minneapolis, Ap. 1893, 1:33-34. Columbus and the discovery of 

Colorado. Denver, June 1891, 1:5 

Columbian exposition. See Chicago, World's Columbian exposi- 
tion, 1893 

Concord. Best., Ap. 1875, 2:350. Lexington, Concord and Bunker 
hill, 1775-1S75 



Congregationalism. .Sf^ Antinomianism ; Puritans 

Connecticut. Hartford, Jan. 1889, 11, no. 1:2-3 
Otis, July 1896, 3:17-21 
Otis, Aug. 1896, 3:25-26 
Westerly, July 1897, 2, no. 9:5-6. Bombardment of Stonington 

Constitutions. S/a/^, Providence, Ap. 1897, 3:72-74, State con- 
stitutions and their revisions 

Continental congress. Otis, Dec. 1895, 2, no. 8:1-2 

N. Y., May 1897, 1:125-36. Members of the continental congress, 

June 1897, 1:159-72 

July 1897, 1:191-200 

Aug. 1897, 1:227-36 

Sep. 1897, 1:257-67 

Oct. 1897, 1:289-99 

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materials for a bibliography of the official publications of the con- 
tinental congress, 1774-89, by Paul Leicester Ford 

Bost., July 1890, 9:299-304 

Jan. 1891, 9:487-91 

Ap. 1891, 10:87-92 

July 1 89 1, 10:156-66 

Reprinted with same title, 57 p. Q, Brooklyn, 1888 

Cookery. See Domestic economy 

Cooperation. Osterhout, Oct. 1894, 4:54 
See also Trade-unions 

Copyright. Bost., Jan. 1882, 5:59-60 
Bost., Ap. 1882, 5:111-16 
Salem, Sep. 1891, 1:40. Patents, inventions and copyright 

Corea. See Korea 

Cornell university. Officers. Cornell, Ap. 1884, 1:245-46. Recent 
publications by officers of Cornell university 
Cornell, Sep. 1884, 1:261-62 

Jan. 1885, 1:281-82 

Mar. 1886, 2:1-2 

Ap. 1887, 2:78-80 

June 1888, 2:119-22 




Cornell university. Officers. Cornell, May 1889, 2:191-96. Recent 
publications by officers of Cornell university 

May 1890, 2:267-72 

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June 1892, 3:1-6 

June 1893, 3:97-104 

June 1894, 3:207-16 *' 

June 1895, 3:289-96 " 

Costume. Bost., Ap. 1875, 2:348-50 
Bost.y Jan. 189 1, 9:481-87 

Crawford, Francis Marion. Spnngfield, Dec. 1897, 17:14 

Cremation. Bost., July 1874, 2:268 

Crete. Osterhout, Mar. 1897-, 6:92. Cretan rebellion 
Osterhout, Ap. 1897, 7:4-5 

July 1897, 7:31 

Salem, Mar. 1897,3:183 

New Bedford, Mar. 1897, 2:26-27 

Providence, Mar. 1897, 3:49-53. Crete and modem Greece 

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Currency. See Banks and banking ; Finance ; Money 


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wheel and water 
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Bost., Ap. 1878, 3:348 
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See also Furniture ; Pottery ; Sculpture ; Wood-carving 

Decoration day. See Memorial day 

Demonolog^. See Witchcraft 

Description and travel. See Voyages and travels 

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See also Furniture; Gardening; House decoration; Useful arts 

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Drama. See Miracle plays; Ober-Ammergau passion play 


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Dutch language 

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the Eastern question 
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See also Banks and banking; Charities; Cooperation; Finance; 

Labor and laboring classes; Land titles; Manufacturers; Money; 

Poor; State ownership ; Tariff; Trade-unions 

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See also Blind; Children; Industrial education; Kindergarten; 
Manual training; Nature study; Psychology; Woman. Education 

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See also Telegraph ; X rays 

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Encyclopedias. See Cyclopedias 


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Sec also Machinery ; Mechanics ; Steam-engine 

Engines. Sec Steam-engine 

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no. 3:15-16. English lake region and the lake poets 

England. History, See Great Britain. History 

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English language 

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English literature, 1700-50 
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Pittsburgh, Oct. 1897, 2:267-74. Literature of the Georgian era 
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See also American literature; Lake poets; Poets laureate 

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tions for reading and speaking 
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Bost., Oct. 1870, 1:270-75 " 

July 1871, 1:347 

Unidentified portraits 
Ap. 1872, 2:47-50 " 

Entomology. See Insects 

Epheremerides. See Nautical almanacs 

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3, no. 9:3-4 
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Europe. History, San Fran., May 1895, 1:39-40 

San Fran., June 1895, 1:45-48. Mediaeval history of Europe 

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See also Alps; Balkans; Crete; England; France; Germany; 

Granada; Great Britain; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Russia; 

Scandinavia; Scotland; Spain; Switzerland; Turkey 

Evans, Mary Ann. See Cross, Mrs Mary Ann (Evans) Lewes 
Evolution. Salem, Dec. 1896, 3:157-60 

Includes bibliography of Darwin 
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Includes bibliographies of Darwin, Huxley and Speucor 

Expositions. See Chicago ; Philadelphia 

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Somerville, Jan. 1896, i: 106-8 

Springfield, June 1897, 16: 16-17. Fairy tales, stories from mythol- 
ogy, the classics, etc. for children 
See also Folk-lore ; Mythology 

Farming. 61?^ Agriculture 

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fiction list 

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Aug. 1896, 14:115 
Sep. 1896, 14:126 




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select fiction list 
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Jan. 1896, I, no. 3:32-33. The novel and its development 

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ences upon fiction 
San Fran., Sep. 1897, 3:104-7. References on the development of 
the novel 

Oct. 1897, 3:118-20 " 

See also College life; Fairytales; Historical fiction; Sea stories; 
Summer reading 

Fiction. French. Lowell, Mar. 1897, i, no. 4:3-11 

Field, Eugene. Springfield, Dec. 1895, 13:14 

List of works 

Fields, Mrs Annie (Adams). Springfield, Mar. 1897, 15:46 
Fields, James Thomas. Springfield, Mar. 1897, 15:46 
Finance. Salem, Aug. 1893, 2:32. Financial situation 

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See also Banks and banking ; Money 

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Minneapolis, July 1893, 1:58-70. Special collection of works of 

fine arts 
Hartford, 1894, 16, no. 1-4 
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Denver, July 1896, 6:133-38 
5^^ <i/j^ Archeology ; Architecture; Coins and medals; Costume; 

Decoration and ornament; Drawing; Engravings; Furniture; 

Glass; Landscape gardening; Music; Painting; Photography; 

Portrait painting; Pottery; Renaissance; Sculpture 


Fishing. Salem, May 1893, 2:6-9 
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sporting and fishing 

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Harvard, Oct. 1890, 6:151-58 " 

Reprintod in Harvard university library BXhliogra'j^hUial contribuWon^ 
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Flowers. See Botany 

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Cornell, May 1885, 1:301-5. Schuyler collection 
Salem, Dec. 1893, 2:61-64 
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See also Fairy tales ; Mythology 

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Reprinted with additions in B%\Ut\n for Jan. 1879, 4:31-34 
Lawrence, Ap.-July 1894, no. 17:7-9. Gardening and forestry 
Newark, Ap. 1895, 6, no. 4:7-8 
See also Arbor day ; Landscape gardening 

Fossils. See Paleontology 

Fowl. See Poultry 

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Salem, Mar. 1893, 1:181-84. 1799-1893 

Ap. 1893, 1:188-90. 1 799-1 893 

Nov. 1893, 2:53-56. 1515-1774 

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See also Waterloo 

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Reprinted in Harvard university library B^lio^apMoal caii(rifr«Hoii« 
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Free coinage. J5ir^ Finance; Money 

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See also Tariff 

Freemasonry. Salem, July, 1895, 3:19-21. Heraldry, chivalry, free- 

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man books 
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French revolution. See France. History, Revolution 

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Froude, James Anthony. Phil, mere, Oct. 1894, 2:329-30 

Fung^i. Harvard, May 1887, 4:444-58. List of works on North 
- American fungi 
Harvard, Oct. 1887, 5:50-65 *< 

Reprinted in Harvard universtty library Bibliographical eontrihuiionM 
uo. 31 

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and furniture 
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Future punishment. Harvard, March, 1878, 1:114. Theological 

Gardening. Warren, Ap. 1889, 1:28 

Salem, May 1891, 1:7-8. Agriculture and gardening 

Ap. 1892, 1:96 " 

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Genealogy. Bost., Ap. 1879, 4:62-68. Genealogy 

Individoal geoealogies 

July 1879, 4:96-97 

Local historios with genealogical matter 
Oct. 1879, 4:141-42 

loclndes list of nami'S, Englisb local history, visitatioDs, collectious, 
heraldry, epitaphs, registers, etc. 

Oct. 1891, 10:225-38 

Biblioj^rapbies, diotionarios, etc; serials'; places 
Springfield, Ap. 1894, 9:56-57. Family histories and town histories 

containing genealogical lists 
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N. Y., Sep. 1897, 1:247-56. American genealogies, A-D 

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Nov. 1897, 1:316-22 M-R 

Dec. 1897, 1:343-50 S-Z 

Springfield, Dec. 1897, 17:17-18. List of genealogies and genea- 
logical histories in the city library, A-E 
Sr^ a /so Biogra.phy ; Heraldry 

Geography. Hartford, July 1889, 11, no. 3:2-6 

5<f^ a/s0 Physical geography ; Ptolemy's Geography 

Geology. Harvard, Oct. 1882, 2:426-29. List of American authors in 
geology and paleontology 

Reprinted in Harvard Unirersity library BihlwgfajgihxcaX cwiiTihuiion% 
no. 15 

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N. Y., Oct. 1897, 1:300-3. Periodicals relating to geology and 

mineralogy in the New York public Hbrary and Columbia 

university library 

Geometry. See Analytic geometry 

George, Henry. San Fran., Nov. 1897, 3:128 





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St L. bul.y Sep.-Oct. 1880, no. ii:i~2i. Klassificirter katalog, 

nebst alphabetischem register der deutschen werke in der biblio- 

thek offentlichen schulen von St Louis 

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with lists of English translations 
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Mrs Wister 
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man empire 

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and the papacy, 1 056-1 122 

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Glass. Salem, May 1895, 3:5-6. Pottery and glass 




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Reprinted in Boston pnblic library Subject catalogue no, 13 
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for children 

Ap. 1883, 5, no^ 2:2. England and English literature, 1700-50 

Oct. 1896, 8, no. 3-4:2-4. English history, 1600- 1800 

Harvard, Oct. 189 1, 6: 325-40. British municipal history 

Reprinted in Ilar^nrd university library Bibliographical contributiona 
no. 43 

Bost., Oct. 1894, 13:212-49. English tracts of the period covered 

by reign of Charles i, civil war and the commonwealth 
Reprinted in Boston public library Subject catalogue no. 9 

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Jan. 1897, 6:74-76 " 

Feb. 1897, 6:85-87 
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May 1897, 7:12-14 
June 1897, 7:18-20 

Oct. 1897, 7.-53-55 
Nov. 1897, 7:61-63 
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Somerville, Oct. 1897, 1:185-88 

San Fran., Nov. 1897, 3:128-32. English history and literature, 

Dec. 1897, 3:140-44. English history and literature, 1200- 



Greece. Drama, Bost., Ap. i88i, 4:336. The theatre of the Greeks 

Greece. Histoiy. Ancient. Hartford, Jan. 1886, 8, no. 1:2. History 

of Greece and Rome for boys and girls 
Salem, Jan. 1895, 2:161-68 

Mar. 1895, 2:184 

San Fran., Oct. 1895, 1:78-82 

To the Persian wait* 
Nov. 1895, 1:87-90 

From the PersiaD wars to the subjection of Qreece by Rome 
Waltham, Oct. 1897, 3, no. 9:5-8 

Nov. 1897, 3, no. 10:4-8 

See also Olympic games 

Greece. History, Modern, New Bedford, Mar. 1897, 2:26-27 
Providence, Mar. 1897, 3:49-53. Crete and modern Greece 
Salem, Mar. 1897, 3:184 
Jersey City, Ap. 1897, 6, no. 4:5-8. Special list on Turkey, Greece 

and Crete 
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Omaha, May 1897. Current magazine articles on Crete and Greece 
Omaha, May 1897. Greece, Turkey and the Balkans 
St L. mag.. May 1897, 4:119-20 
Waltham, Ap. 1897, 3, no. 4:7-8 

May 1897, 3, no. 5:4-5 

See also Crete 

Guiana. Salem, Jan. 1896, 3:72. Venezuela and Guiana 
H. H. See Jackson, Mrs Helen Maria (Fiske) Hunt 
Hale, Edward Everett. Springfield, May 1897, 16:2 

Halli well-Phillips, James Orchard. Harvard, June 1879-Junc 
1881, V. 1-2. Halliwelliana 

Keprinted in Harvard university library Bibliographical oontrihuUon^ 
no. 10 

Hallowe'en. Somerville, Oct. 1896, 1:71 

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Hamilton, Alexander. Osterhout, Feb. 1896, 5:86 

Handkerchief shoal, Bahamas. Harvard, Oct. 1881, 2: 258-63. 
Notes on the historical hydrography of the Handkerchief shoal in 

the Bahamas 

Reprinted in Harvard nnivcTsity library Bibliographical contrihutU>n9 
no. 14 


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Springfield, Feb. 1804, 9:40-41 
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annexation to the United States 

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Heat. Harvard, Oct. 1878, 1:197. Thermodynamics 

Henry, Patrick. Osterhout, Feb. 1896, 5:86 

Heraldry. Bost., Jan. 1879, 4:29-31 

Salem, July 1895, 3:^9-2i« Heraldry, chivalry, freemasonry 
S^e also Genealogy 

Hieroglyphics. Cornell, July 1892, 1:45-46. Apparatus for the study 
of Egyptian hieroglyphics 

Historical fiction. Hartford, Jan. 1880, 2, no. 1:2-3. How to read a 
historical novel 
Phil, mere, Oct. 1885-Oct. 1889, i, no. 13-29. Historical novels 
Bost., Jan. 1892, 10:298-308. America: Discovery, Spanish 
America, etc. ; North American colonies 

Ap. 1892, 11:42-47. America: American revolution 

July 1892, 11:131-38. America: United States 

Oct. 1892, 11:234-50 

Jan. 1893, 11:313-32. England 

(( « 


Tu James 1 

— Ap. 1893, 12:4.-18 
James 1 to Victoria 

— July 1893, 12:91-111. England: Victoria. Scotland 

— Oct. 1893, 12:149-56. Ireland 
, — Jan. 1894, 12:223-38. France 

— Ap. 1894, 13:3-20 " 

— July 1894, 13:167-85. Germany 

— Oct. 1894, 13:195-211 " Austria; Hungary • Bohemia 

— Jan. 1895, 13:271-78. Switzerland; Netherlands 

— Ap, 1895, 14:3-18. Scandinavia 


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See also the names of the various countries 

Holidays. See Arbor day ; Christmas ; Hallowe'en ; Memorial day ; 
New Year; Thanksgiving day; Valentine's day 

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ing and house furnishing 
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Housekeeping. See Domestic economy 

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sporting and fishing 

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i. Bost., July 1894, 13:55-166. Hygiene; personal and public 
Reprinted in Boston public library Subject catalogue no. 8 
Se^ also Medicine ; Nursing 

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famine and plague in India 
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Indoor amusements. See Amusements 

Industrial arts. See Useful arts 

Industrial education. See Manual training 

IngeloWy Jean. Springfield, Sep. 1897, 16:54 

Insects. Salem, June 1894, 2:108-9 

International law. See Monroe doctrine 

Inventions. Salem, Sep. 1891, 1:40. Patents, inventions and copy- 

Ireland. Bost., Ap. 1882, 5:116-20. Ireland and the land question 

Irving, Washington. Somerville, Ap. 1897, 1:133 

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Italy. Hartford, Oct. 1887, 9, no. 4:2-4 

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^^^ a/f<7 Florence; Renaissance; Rome; Venice 

Jackson, Andrew, 7/^ president of U. S. Osterhout, Mar. 1896, 5:94 

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I, no. 3:24-25 
Salem,^June 1896, 3:112 



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Keprinted in boston pnblic library Subject eatalogme no. 12 
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S^^ also Newspapers ; Periodicals 

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Juvenile literature. See Children's literature 

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Minneapolis, Oct. 1894, 1:113-16. Suggestive list for kindergart- 

ners and primary teachers 
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Salem, Feb. 1896, 3:79-80 
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See also Children; Nature study 

Klondike. See Alaska ; Yukon gold fields 

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Reprinted in Boston public library Subject catalogue no. 12 
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Salem, Aug. 1896, 3:128. Labor and socialism 


Labor and laboring classes. Providence, Aug. 1896, 2:198-202. 
Labor and allied subjects 
Sfe also Cooperation; Economics; Poor; Slavery; Trade-unions; 
Wapes; Woman 

Lake poets. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:15-16. English lake 
region and the lake poets 

Lamb, Charles. Newark, Jan. 1892, 3, no. 1:5 

Land titles. Providence, Mar. 1896, 2:82-84. Torrens system of 
land registration 

Landscape gardening. Bost., Oct. 1880, 4:268-71. Parks and 
landscape gardening 
See also Forestry ; Gardening 

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N. Y., Feb. 1897, 1:51-56. Periodicals relating to language and 

philology in the New York public library and Columbia 

university library 

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endar of the Lee manuscripts in Harvard university library 

Reprinted in Harvard university library Bihliographical contribution a 
no. 8 

Legends. See Folk-lore ; Mythology 
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Lewes, Mrs Mary Ann (Evans). See Cross, Mrs Mairy Ann (Evans) 

Lexington. Bost., Ap.1875, 2:350. Lexington, Concord and Bunker 

hill, 1 775-1875 
Brookline, Ap. 1896, 2, no. 4:3-4. Lexington and Concord 
See also Patriot's day 

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Harvard, Oct. 1892, 7:72-88 

List of extensive and valuable collections of works on one or more special 
subjects in the principal American libraries 

Reprinted in Harvard university library Bihliographical oontrihutiona 

no. 45 

See also Bibliography; Books and reading; Cataloguing; Literature; 
Reference books 


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Library architecture. Bost., Jan. 1886, 7:84-90. Pictures and plans 
of library buildings to be found in the Boston public library 
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Also printed as Cleveland public library Speoi^tl reading li$t no. 3 
Paterson, Jan. 1897, 1:118-22 

Literature. aS>^ Books and reading ; Copyright; Fairytales; Fiction; 
Historical fiction; Language; Miracle plays; Sermpns; Summer 
reading; a/so American, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, 
Portuguese, Romance, Russian, Spanish, Swedish literatures 

Local history. Springfield, May 1894, 10:4-5 
Springfield, June 1894, 10:16-18 
See also Genealogy and names of special places 

Locomotion. See Aerial navigation; Cycling; Horseless carriages; 
Railroads ; Roads ; Yachting 

London. Salem, Feb. 1897, 3:172-75 

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Periodical references only 
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See also Mechanics ; Steam-engine 


Madaren, Itin, pseud. See Watson, John Maclaren, D. D. 

Magnetism. See Electricity 

Mahommedanism. See Mohammedanism 

Mann, Horace. Providence, May 1896, 2:113-14 
Westerly, June 1896, i, no. 8:4 

lAanners. See Etiquette 

Manual training. Osterhout^ Oct. 1894, 4^54-55 


Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:23-24 
See also Machinery; Mechanics 

Manufactures. Lawrence, July-Oct. 1893, no. 14:8-10 

Lowell, Nov. 1896, I, no. 2, 20 p. Chemistry, chemical technology 
and manufactures 

See also Glass; Labor; Leather; Machinery; Metals; Patents; 
Pottery; Textile fabrics; Trade catalogues; Useful arts; 

Manuscripts. Cornell, Mar. 1890, 2:247-48. Oriental manuscripts 

Maps. Harvard, Oct. 1881, 2:258-63. Notes on the historical 
hydrography of the Handkerchief shoal in the Bahamas 

RepriDted in Harvard university librAry Bihliograpkical conirilmtians 
no. 14 
Harvard, Ap. 1882-May 1884, v. 2-3. Classified index to the 

maps in Petermann's Geographische miitheilungen 

Reprinted in Harvard university library BVbXiogra'pkUial oontrib%t\Mi% 
no. 16 
Oct. 1883-Oct. 1886, v. 3-4. The Kohl collection of early 


Reprinted in Harvard university library BihlxographiwxX conirihuiiwM 
no. 19 

Jan. 1885-May 1886, v. 4. Classified index to the maps 

contained in the publications of the Royal geographical society 
and in associated serials 

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no. 17 

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lications of the Geological society of London, 1811-85 

Sep. 1886, 7:196-200 " 

Feb. 1887, 7:287-92 " 

Sep. 1887, 7:410-15 " 

See also California 


Marine zoology. See Zoology, Marine. 

Massachusetts. History. Brookline, Dec. 1895, 2:6-8. Town his- 
tories of Massachusetts 

Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:21-22. Historical works on Massa- 
chusetts and New Hampshire 

See also Boston; Bunker hill; Concord; Fitchburg; Lexington; 
Massachusetts bay ; Pilgrim fathers; Plymouth colony; Puritans; 
Salem; Sermons 

Massachusetts bay. Harvard, Oct. 1878, 1:195-96. Massachusetts 
bay, 1620-30 

Mathematics. Bost., Ap. 1878, 3:330-34 

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Oct. 1882, 1:95-108 

Jan. 1883, 1:127-40 

Ap. 1883,1:155-80 

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Ap. 1884 

N. Y., Ma;r. 1897, 1:73-75. Periodicals contained in the New 
York public library and Columbia university library relating to 

See also Analytic geometry ; Astronomy ; Civil engineering ; Engi- 
neering; Mechanics; Surveying 

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Mechanics. Salem, Mar. 1892, 1:85-87. Machinery and mechanics 
Waltham, Nov. 1895, i, no. 10:5-7. Special list for mechanics 
See also Engineering ; Physics 

Medals. See Coins and medals 

Medicine. Newark, Oct. 1891, 2, no. 10:7 
Denver, Oct. 1891, 1:67-68 

Jan. 1894,4:13-15 

Feb. 1894, 4:26-32 

See also KxidXortiy \ Hygiene; Nursing 

Memorial day. Minneapolis, Ap. 1895, 1:147.^9 
Salem, May 1895, 3:7-8 
San Fran., May 1895, 1:38-39 
Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:28-29 
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Memorial day. Somerville, May 1896, 1:39 
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Westerly, May 1896, i, no. 7:4 

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Also printed as Cleveland public librarj Special reading liet no. 5 
Omaha, May 1897 
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1897, 3:31-32. Mendelssohn and the oratorio of Elijah 
Paterson, Feb.-Mar. 1897, 1:149-50 

Mental philosophy. S^^ Philosophy ; Psychology 

Mercury. Harvard, Oct. 1878, 9:209-12. Index-catalogue of books 
and memoirs on the transits of Mercury 

Meredith, George. Salem, May 1897, 4:8 

Metals. Lawrence, Oct. 1893-Jan. 1894, no. 15:5-7. Metals, metal- 
lurgy and mining 
S^f also Mineralogy 

Meteorology. Salem, Mar. 1894, 2:87-88 

Michelangelo. Harvard, Mar. 1878, 1:123-24 
Harvard, June 1878, 1:159-60 

Oct. 1878, 1:198-99 

Oct. 1878-Jan. 1879, 1:253-54 

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Reprinted in Harvard uDiversity library Bibliographical eontrihutions 
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Middle ages. See Chivalry ; Renaissance 

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N. Y., Oct. 1897, 1:300-3. Periodicals relating to geology 
and mineralogy in the New York public library and Columbia 
university library 

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lurgy and mining 
See also Mineralogy 

Miracle plays. Bost., Oct. 1879, 4:131-35. Mysteries, miracle plays, 
moralities and religious dramas 
See also Ober-Ammergau passion play 

Mohammedanism. Salem, Jan. 1896, 3:71-72 


Money. Harvard, Mar. 1878, 1:112-13. Gold and silver 
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Denver, Sep. 1892, 2:186. Books on mutual banking, free money 

and the money question 
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Oct. 1896, 5, no. 10:1-3 «' 

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Waltham, Oct. 1896, 2, no. 9, p. 6-8. Bimetallism 

Denver jour., Mar. 1897, 7 no. 3. Money,banking, bimetallism 

See also Coins and medals; Banks and banking; Finance 

Monroe doctrine. Providence, June 1895, 1:99-100. Nicaraugua and 
the Monroe doctrine 

Phil, mere, Oct. 1895, 2:373-74 

Jersey City, Jan. 1896, 5:6-7. Venezuela and the Monroe doctrine 

New Bedford, Jan. 1896, 1:2-5 

San Fran., Jan. 1896, 2:6. Venezuela and the Monroe doctrine 

Otis, Feb. 1896, 2, no. 10:2. Nicaraugua, Venezuela and the Mon- 
roe doctrine 

Somerville, Feb. 1896, 1:15-16 

Moralities. See Miracle plays 

Mormonism. Cornell, Nov. 1892, 3:46-48 
Cornell, Mar. 1893, 3:79 


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Salem, Nov. 1896, 3:152 
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Providence, Nov. 1896, 2:254-61 
Somerville, Nov. 1896, 1:77-79 

New Bedford, June 1897, 2:50-51. State and municipal ownership 
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New Bedford, June 1897, 2:50-51 

Music. Bost., Jan. 1876, 3:34-37 
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Newark, July 1891,2:1 

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Enoch Pratt, July 1897, 3:50 

Paterson, Feb. -Mar. 1897, 1:147-54 

5:ce also Opera 

Musicians. 6>^Bach; Chopin; Mendelssohn-Bartholdy; Palestrina; 
Schubert; Schumann; Wagner 

Mysteries. Sec Miracle plays 


Mjrthology. Hartford, Ap. 1885, 7, no. 2:2-4. Mythology and folk- 
Salem, Sep. 1891, 1:38-39 

San Fran., Jan. 1896, 2:6-7. Myths and legends for the young 
Salem, Mar. 1896, 3:83-87. Fairy tales mythology 
Otis, June 1896, 3:10-12 
St L. mag., Dec. 1897, 4:447-53 

See also Archeology; Aryans; Fairy tales; Folk-lore; Indians of 

Napoleon I, emperor of France , Minneapolis, Jan. 1895, 1:130-32 
Warren, Jan. 1895, 7^337 
Providence, Ap. 1895, 1:61-64 

Natural history. Denver, May, 1894, 4:79-84 
Cleveland op., June 1894, 1:179-80 
Springfield, Sep. 1894, 10:49-50 
Denver, Oct. 1894, 4:126-28 
Waltham, July 1895, i, no. 7:4-6 
New Bedford, Mar. 1897, 2:20-26. Natural science 
See also Botany ; Chemistry ; Evolution ; Geology ; Hunting ; 
Mineralogy; Physical geography; Physics; Science; Zoology 

Nature study. Hartford, June 1879, i, no. 3:2-3 
Warren, July 1889, 1:38 

July 1891, 3:162 

Portland, Aug. 1894, 1:30-31 
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Waltham, July 1895, i, no. 7:4-6 
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Fitchburg, May 1896, 1:7 

May 1897, 2, no. 3:21-24 

Pittsburgh, May 1896, 1:179-82 

Nautical almanacs. Bost., July 1893, 12:112-27. Calendars, ephc- 
merides and nautical almanacs 

Navy in the United States. See United States. History 

New Engfland. Harvard, Oct. 1878, 1:195. ^^^ great council for 

New England, 1620-35 
Springfield, July 1894, 10:29-30. New England life 
Salem, Aug. 1895, 3:27-29. Early New England Hfe 
See also Bunker hill; Concord; Connecticut; Fitchburg, Mass.; 

Lexington; Massachusetts; Plymouth colony ; Rhode Island; 

Salem^ Mass.; Stonington, Ct. ; White Mountains 


New Hampshire. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:21-22. . 
Historical works on Massachusetts and New Hampshire 
Sff also White Mountains 

New Year. Patcrson, Dec. 1896, 1:83-84 

New York. Cornell, July 1883, 1:181-82. References for the history 
of the settlement of western New York 

New York city. Salem, Oct. 1897, 4:28-31 

New Zealand. Fitchburji;, Jan. 1896, I, no. 3:29-30 

Newspapers. Bost., Oct. 1875, 2:427-28 
Bost., July 1879, 4:106-8 

Alphabetic list of American Dewspapers before 1800, iu the Boston public 
See also Journalism ; Periodicals 

Nicaraug^a. Providence, June 1895, 1:99-100. Nicaraugua and the 
Monroe doctrine 

Otis, Feb. 1896, 2, no. 10:2. Nicaraugua, Venezuela and the Mon- 
roe doctrine 

Somerville, Feb. 1896. 1:15-16 

New Bedford, June 1896, 1:73-76 

Normandy. Osterhout, Nov. 1896, 6:61-64. Normandy and 

North Carolina. Harvard, May 1893, 7:189-202. Historical litera- 
ture of North Carolina 

Harvard, Oct. 1893, 7:257-74 

Jan. 1894, 7:325-38 

May 1894, 7:347-58 

Novels. See Fiction 
Numismatics. See Coins and medals 
Nursing. Waltham, Oct. 1895, i, no. 9:7 

Ober-Ammergau passion play. Bost., July 1880, 4:244 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Phil, mere, July 
1897, 2:470-72 
Osterhout, Aug. 1897, 7:37-39 
Springfield, Aug. 1897, 14:37-38 
Salem, Sep. 1897, 4:24 

Olympic games. Providence, Ap. 1896, 2:97-99 

Opera. Fitchburg, Sep. 1897, 2, no. 4:32 


Oregon. Portland, Aug. 1895, 1:78-84 
Portland, Oct. 1895, 1:94-100 
Dec. 1895, 1:110-16 

Ornament. Sie Decoration 

Ornithology. See Birds 

Padiic coast. San Fran., June 1897, 3:70-72 

Painting. Salem, July 1893, 2:19-24 
Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i,no. 3:14-15 
Lawrence, Oct. 1896-Jan. 1897, no. 26:5-10 

Painting. Italian. Paterson, Jan. 1897, 1:123-27 

Paleontology. Harvard, Ap. i88o-Oct. 1882, v. 2. Bibliography of 

fossil insects 

Reprinted in Harvard a Diversity library BihlioqrajIkxoaX oontrtfruHoiM 
no. 13 
Harvard, Oct. 1882, 2:426-29. List of American authors in 

geology and paleontology 

Reprinted in Harvard university library Bihliograjihioal ctm,iT\hykiio%% 
no. 15 

Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, 
no. 3:3 ) 

Parks. Bost., Oct. 1880, 4:268-71. Parks and landscape gardening 

Passion play. See Ober-Ammergau passion play 

Patents. Bost., Ap. 1873, 2: 138-39. List of works relating to patents, 
patent law, etc. 
Salem, Sep. 1891, 1:40. Patents, inventions and copyright 

Patriotism. Denver, Feb. 1896,6:31-34 

Patriot's day. Somerville, Ap. 1896, 1:29. Patriot's day, April 19 

Pavements. Salem, July 1892, 1:118-19. Roads, streets and pave- 
Providence, July 1895, 1:112-15. Roads, pavements and street- 

Periodicals. Salem, Feb. 1894, 2:77-80 

With descriptive notes 

Providence, July 1896, 2:148-77. Classed list of periodicals taken 
in Providence 

See also America, Periodicals; Archeology; Astronomy; Chem- 
istry; Geology; Indexes; Journalism; Language; Mathematics; 
Mineralogy; Newspapers; Physics; Slavery 


Periodicals. Indexes. Bost., Jan. 1882, 5:52-58 

Perry, Nora. Springfield, July 1896, 14:97 

Petrarca, Francesco. Cornell, Jan. 1882, 1:42-43 

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Sfe Ward, Ms Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps) 

Philadelphia, Centennial exhibition, 1876. Bost., Jan. 1877, 

PbiUipps, James Orchard HalliweU. See Halliwell-Phillipps, 
James Orchard 

Philology. See Language 

Philosophy. Best., Oct. 1876-Jan. 1880, v. 3-4. Mental philosophy 
Denver, Oct. 1895, 5=339-41 

Photography. Salem, June 1893, 2:15-16 
Lawrence, Jan.-Ap. 1895, no. 20:8 
Fitchburg, Nov. 1896, 1:5-6 
See also X rays 

PbjTSical geography. Salem, Mar. 1894, 2:83-87 

Physics. Otis, Mar. 1896, 2, no. 11:1-2 
Otis, Ap. 1896, 2, no. 12:1-2 

N. Y., June 1897, 1:152-58. Periodicals relating to chemistry and 
physics in the New York public library and Columbia university 
\ library 

See also Heat 

Physiology. Hartford, Jan. 1885,7, no. 1:2-3. Anatomy, physiology 

and hygiene 
Pilgrim fathers. Harvard, June 1878, 1:153-55. The pilgrims at 

Osterhout, Nov. 1896, 6:61. Pilgrims and puritans 

Planets. See Meicury 

Pljrmouth colony. Harvard, June 1878, i : 153-55. The pilgrims 
at Plymouth 
Providence, May 1897, 3:103-5. William Bradford and the 
Plymouth colony 

Poe, Edgar Allen. Lowell, Nov. 1897, i, no. 9:15-16 

Poetry. Salem, June 1893, 2:16. American poetry 

Poets laureate. Phil, mere, Jan. 1896, 2:386 

Polar regions. See Arctic regions 


Political economy. See Economics 

Political science. Waltham, Jan. 1896, 2, no. 1:7-8 
Waltham, Feb. 1896, 2, no. 2:3-8 
5^^ ^/j^ Economics; Finance; Municipal government; Patriotism; 

Prison reform; Proportional representation; Slavery; Socialism; 


Poor. Osterhout, Oct. 1894, 4:54. Condition of the poor 

See also Charities ; Labor and laboring classes ; Social settlements 

Porcelain. See Pottery^ 

Portrait painting. Providence, Ap. 1895, 1:67-70. Portraits and 

Portraits. Bost., July 1892, 11:139-49. Franklin portraits 
Providence, Ap. 1895, 1:67-70. Portraits and portraiture 

Portuguese literature. Bost., Ap. 1891, 10:58-80. Spanish and 
Portuguese books 

Post office. Salem, June, 1897, 4:13-15 

Potteiy. Salem, May 1895, 3:5-6. Pottery and glass 
Bost , Ap. 1877, 3:210-11. Pottery and porcelain 

Poultry. U. S. Agr., Oct. 1897, no. 18:1-32 

Prehistoric discoveries of America. See America. Discovery 

Prescott, William Hickling. Salem, June 1896, 3:1 1 1-12 

Prison reform. Salem, Feb. 1892, 1:77-79. Charities and prison 

Proportional representation. Providence, Dec. 1896, 2:275-78 

Protection. Salem, Aug. 1892, 1:124-26. Protection and free trade 
See also Tariif. 

Psychology. Hartford, Jan. 1894, 16, no. 1:23-32. Psychology and 
See also Education ; Philosophy 

Ptolemy's Geography, Harvard, Jan. 1883-Oct. 1884, v. 3. A 
bibliography of Ptolemy's Geography 
Kepriiited in Harvard uinvcrsity library Bibliographical contnbutianB 
no. 18. 

Punishment. See Future punishment 

Puritans. Harvard, Mar. 1878, i;iii-i2. Puritans and separatists 
Osterhout, Nov. 1896,6:61. Pilgrims and puritans 


Railroads. Best., Ap. 1879, 4*7o-7i. Mountain railroads 
Salem, Nov. 1892, 1:150-52 
See also Civil engineering; Steam engines; Surveying 

Reference books. Harvard, Ap. 1882, 2:341-43. Reference books 

useful for cataloguers 
Denver jour., Dec. 1896, 12:145-47. General works 
Springfield, Sep. 1897. 16:55-57. List of 50 reference books for a 

small popular library 
Springfield, Oct. 1897, 16:66-69 
Nov. 1897, 17:7-9 

Regimental histories. Fiichburg, Jan. 1897, 2, no. 1:8 
Phil, lib., Jan. 1886, 

Religion. Denver, Mar. 1892, 2:37-39 
Denver, Nov. 1895, 5:363-66 

Religions. ^S^^ Aryans; Buddhism; Indians of America ; Mohamme- 
danism; Mormonism; Mythology 

Renaissance. Bost., July 1879- Jan. 1882, v. 4-5. The renaissance 
in France and Italy 

Repplier, Agnes. Springfield, Oct. 1895, 12:46 

Rhode Island. Westerly, Ap. 1897, 2, no. 6:5. Great swamp fight 
Westerly, May 1897, 2, no. 7:6. Rhode Island tax book 

Roads. Salem, July 1892, 1:118-19. Roads, streets and pavements 

Bost., Jan. 1895, 13:279-82 

Reprinted in Boston public library Subject catalogue no. 11 
Providence, July 1895, 1:112-15. Roads, pavements and street 

Se^ also Pavements ; Railroads 

Romance literature. Cornell, Mar. 1895, 3:280-84 

Rome. History, Hartford, Jan. 1886, 8, no. 1:2. History of Greece 

and Rome 
Salem, Mar. 1895, 2:178-84 
San Fran., Feb. 1896, 2:13-16. References for the study of Roman 


Mar. 1896, 2:22-23 " 

Ap. 1896, 2:31-32 ^* 

May 1896, 2:39-40 ** 

Rbntgen*s X rays. S^e X rays 


Rossetti Christina Georgina & Gabriel Charles Dante. Fitch- 
burg, Jan. 1896, I, no. 3:33. The Rossettis 
Salem, Nov. 1896, 3:151-52. The Rossettis 
Springfield, Dec. 1896, 15:14. " 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. Bost., Ap. 1891, 10:81-87 

Russia. Bost., July 1877, .^:244-48. Russia, Turkey and the Eastern 
Bost., July 1878, 3:379-81 

Ap. 188 1, 4:332-34. Russia and nihilism 

Hartford, Jan. 1888, 10, no. 1:2-3 
Salem, Dec. 1894, 2:156-60 
Providence, June 1896, 2:124-27 
Waltham, July 1896, 2, no. 7:4-8 

Russia. History, Cornell, May 1885, 1:305-10. Russian history and 
literature ; Schuyler collection 

Russian literature. Cornell, May 1885, 1:305-10. Russian history 
and literature ; Schuyler collection 
Bost, July-Oct. 1895, 14:116-28. Works in Russian language 

Sailing. See Yachting 

Salem, Mass. Salem, July 1891, 1:18-24 
Salem, June 1895, 3:16 
See also Witchcraft 

San Francisco. San Fran., May 1897, 3:58-60 

Sandwich Islands. See Hawaii 

Sanitary engineering. See Sewerage; Street cleaning; Water- 

Sarto, Andrea del. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:2 

Scandinavia. Providence, Dec. 1897, 3:347-53. The Scandinavian 

Schubert, Franz Peter. Providence, Feb. 1897, 3:32 
Paterson, Feb.-Mar. 1897, 1:148 

Schumann, Robert Alexander. Paterson, Feb.-Mar. 1897, 1:148^^9 
Fitchburg, Sep. 1897, i, no. 4:31-32 


Widif, John. &* WycHffc, John 

Wilson, Thomas Woodrow. Springfield, Feb. 1897, 15:38 

Winter. Salem, Jan. 1897, 3:167-68 

Wister, Mrs Annis Lee (Furness). Newark, May- June 1895, 6:8. 

Translations from the German 
Witchcraft. Salem, Feb. 1892, 1:80 

Woman. Osterhout, Oct. 1894, 4:51 

Denver, July 1895, 5:278-81. Sociology, political economy, woman 

Salem, Aug. 1895, 3:29-31. Useful books for women 

Sep. 1895, 3:35-39 

Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:20 

San Fran., May 1896, 2:38 

Denver jour.. Mar. 1897, 12:259-63. List of books about woman, 

her position and treatment ; and lives of women 
N. Y., May 1897, 1:137-40 

Woman. Education, Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:20 
N. Y., May 1897, 1:137-40 

Wood. Providence, May 1895, 1:88-89. Wood, wood-carving and 

Woodwork. Salem, Oct. 1892,1:143-44. Carpentry and woodwork 

Wordsworth, William. Providence, Jan. 1897, 3:3-7 

World's Columbian exposition. See Chicago, World's Columbian 
exposition, 1893 

Wydiffe, John. Phil, mere, Ap. 1884, 1:127-29 

X rays. Salem, May 1896, 3:103-4 

Yachting. Salem, June 1892, 1:111-12. Yachts and yachting 
Providence, Sep. 1895, 1:149-52. Yachts and yachting 
Enoch Pratt, July 1896, 2:67-68. Books for summer on wheel and 

Yukon gold fields. Salem, Sep. 1897, 4:23-24 

Bost. mo., Sep. 1897, 2:153-56. Yukon gold fields together with 

works on Alaska 
N. Y. mech., Sep. 1897, no. 8:4. Alaska, the Klondike and the 

Yukon gold fields 
Osterhout, Sep. 1897, 7:47. Special list on Alaska and the gold 



Yukon gold fields. Fitchburg, Nov. 1897, 2, no. 5:38-40 
See also Alaska 

Zoology. Salem, July 1894, 9:1 15-19 
Springfield, Sep. 1894, 10:49-50 

See also Anatomy; Biology; Birds; Dog; Evolution; Horse; 
Insects ; Natural history ; Physiology 

Zoology. Marine. Salem, June 1894, 2:109-11 
Providence, Aug. 1895, 1:131-33 


Science. Denver jour., Nov. 1896, 12: 103-109. Books on certain 
branches of science in the public library 
See also Astronomy; Birds; Botany; Chemistry; Economics; 
Evolution; Geography; Geology; History; Inventions;.' Lan- 
guage ; Mathematics ; Medicine ; Meteorology ; Mineralogy ; 
Natural history ; Nature study ; Physical geography ; Physics ; 
Psychology; Sociology; Useful arts; Zoology 

Scotland. Springfield, Mar. 1897, 15:46. Scotland and Scott*s writ- 
ings; illustrative books 

Scott, Sir Walter. Newark, Dec. 1 891, 2, no. 12 
Salem, Aug. 1896, 3:125-27 
Springfield, Mar. 1897, 15:48-49. Scotland, and Scott's writings; 

illustrative books 
Providence, Aug. 1897, 3:221-29 

Sculpture. Lawrence, Jan.-Ap. 1897, no. 27:9-10 

Sea stories. Otis, May 1896, 3:2-4 
Salem, June 1896, 3:108-9 
July 1896, 3:119-20 

Seasons. See Spring ; Winter 

Separatists. See Puritans 

Sermons. Bost., Jan. 1881, 4:304. Massachusetts election sermons 

Sewage. Newark, June-July 1896, 7, no. 3:11-12. Sewerage and 
sewage disposal 

Sewerage. Salem, July 1892, 1:119-20. Water supply and sewerage 
Newark, June-July 1896, 7, no. 3:11-12. Sewerage and sewage 

Shakspere, William. Harvard, Oct. 1878, 1:207-208. Shakespeare's 
poems ; a bibliography of the earlier editions 

Harvard, Oct. 1878-Jan. 1879, i: 264-265 

San Fran., Sep. 1896, 2:70-72. English drama and Shakespeare 

New Bedford, Oct. 1896, 1:142-48 " 

Otis, Oct. 1896, 3:41-43 

Nov. 1896, 3:49-51 

Shakspere-Bacon controversy. Bost., Ap. 1883, 5:341-42 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Salem, July 1892, 1:117-18 

Silver question. 6><r Finance; Money 

Slavery. Cornell, Jan. i884,'i:229-32. Anti-slavery periodicals 


Sodal conditions. Osterhout, Oct. 1894, 4:53-55 

Social science. See Sociology 

Social settiements. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:12. College or 
university settlements 

Socialism. Salem, Aug. 1894, 2:122-25 

Salem, Aug. 1896, 3:128. Labor and socialism 
See also Cooperation ; Economics 

Society publications. Bost, Ap. 1893, 12:37-85 
Bost., July 1893, 12:128-36 

Sociology. Denver, May 1892, 2:77-79. Books on social science 
Denver, June 1892, 2:97-99 " 

July 1895, 5:278-81. Sociology, political economy, woman 

Oberlin, Jan. 1892, i, no. i, 15 p. A popular bibliography of 

sociology, by J: R. Commons 
See also Charities; Children; Cooperation; Economics; Education ; 

Etiquette; Labor and laboring classes; Political science ; Prison 

reform; Religion; Slavery; Woman 

Spain. Hartford, July, 1888, 10, no. 3:2-4 
See also Granada 

Spanish language. Bost., Oct. 1884, 6:240-47. Spanish grammars 
and dictionaries, 1490-1780 

Spanish literature. Bost., Ap. 1891, 9:58-80. Spanish and Portu- 
guese books 
Springfield, Sep. 1893, 8, no. 5:5 

Sparks, Jared. Harvard, Jan. 1887-Jan. 1889, v. 4-5. Calendar 
of the Sparks manuscripts in Harvard college library 
On United States history 

Spencer, Herbert. Phil, mere, Jan. 1883, 1:31-32 

Spoils system. See Civil service 

Sports. Salem, Ap. 1893, 1:190-92. Summer sports 
Waltham, July 1895, i, no. 7:6-7. Recreation 
Somerville, June 1896, 1:49-51. Summer sports 
Paterson, June-July 1897, 1:194-200 
See also Amusements; Cycling; Fishing; Hunting; Yachting 

Spring. Salem, Ap. 1897, 3:191-92 


Stamp act congress, 1765. N. Y., Ap. 1897, 1:101-8 

State ownership. Nevir Bedford, June 1897, 2:50-5 1« State and 
municipal ownership 
Lighting, railways, telegraph and telephone 

Steam-engine. Salem, Feb. 1892, 1:79-80 
Lawrence, Oct. 1892-Jan. 1893, no. 11:6-7 
Bost., Jan. 1894, 12:246-56 

Reprinted in Boston public library Sutject oaUUogue no. i 
Salem, Aug. 1895, 3:31-32 

Stephen, Leslie. Springfield, Feb. 1896, 13:38 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Springfield, Jan. 1895, 11:25-26 
Providence, Feb. 1895, 1:12-14 
San Fran., Feb. 1895, 1:13 
Otis, May 1897, 4:2 
Salem, June 1897, 4:15-16 

Stonington, Cf, Westerly, July 1897, 2, no. 9:5-6. Bombardment 
of Stonington 

Stowe, MrsHarriet Elizabeth (Beecher). Osterhout, July 1896,6:29 
New Bedford, July 1896, 1:94-97 
San Fran., July, 1896, 2:51 

Street cleaning. Providence, July 1895, 1:112-15. Roads, pave- 
ments and street cleaning 

Streets. S^e Roads 

Stuttgart litterarischer verein. Cornell, Nov 1892, 3:71-72. 

Sugar. Sf^ Beet sugar 

Summer reading. Salem, Aug. 1891, 1:32 
Salem, July 1894, 2:119-20 
Quincy, May-June 1895, 1:8 
Brookline, June 1895, 1:3-4. Recent books for the summer vacation 

June 1896, 2:4 

June 1897, 3, no. 5:4 

Des Moines, June 1895, 1:2-4 
Somerville, June 1896, 1:52 

Summer resorts. Salem, June 1894, 2:111-12 
New Bedford, July 1896, 1:87-94 
Otis, Aug. 1897, 4:17-19 


SumneTy Charles. Harvard, Mar. 1878-June 1879;. no. 7-1 j, 
Collection of books and autographs bequeathed to Harvard college 
library fcy Charles Sumner 
Reprinted in Harvard aniversity library Bibliographical contrilmtion$ no. 6 

Superstition. S^e Folk-lore ; Mythology ; Witchcraft 

Surveying. Lawrence, Jan.-Ap. 1894, no. 16:8-11 
S^^ a/so Ci\i\ engineering; Railroads 

Swamp fight. Sf^ Rhode Island 

Swedish literature. Springfield, Ap. 1893, 6:5 

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Fitchburg, Sep. 1897, 2, no. 4:30-31 

Switzerland. Hartford, July 1897, 19, no. 3:35 

Tariff. Newark, Sep. 1892, 3, no. 9:3 
S^^ also Free trade ; Protection 

TassOy Torquato. Providence, Dec. 1895, i:2i6-.i8 

Telegraph. Bost., Ap. 1893, i2;i9-36 

Telephone. Bost., Ap. 1893, 12:19-36 

Tennjrson, Alfred Tennjrson, I J/ ^tfr(t7«. Salem, Jan. 1893,1:165-67 
Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:30-31 
Providence, Oct. 1897, 3:280-83 
New Bedford, Nov. 1897, 2:81-84 
New Haven, Dec. 1897, p. 19 

Textile fabrics. Lawrence, J uly-Oct. 1891, no. 7:4-5 
Salem, Jan. 1892, 1:69-71 

Thackeray, William Makepeace. Otis, Jan. 1 896, 2:1-2. Thacke- 
ray's Virginians 
Salem, Aug. 1895, 3:127-28 

Thanksgiving day. Denver jour., Nov. 1896, p. 103 
Fitchburg, Nov. 1896, 1:6-7 
Osterhout, Nov. 1896, 6:60-61 
Patcrson, Dec. 1896, 1:71-83 
Somerville, Dec. 1896, 1:84-87 
Salem, Nov. 1897, 4:39-40 
St L. mag., Nov. 1897, 4:377-79 

Theology. See Future punishment ; Religion 

Thermodynamics. See Heat 

Thomas a Becket, St. abp. Harvard, June 1878, 1:156 

Thoreau, Henry David. Lowell, Nov. 1897, no. 9:16-17 



TintorettOy Jacopo Robustly called, Fitchburg, Jaq. 1896, 1, no. 3: 

Titian. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:34 

Tobacco. Pittsburgh, Ap.-May 1897, 2:138 

Tommaso da Celano. See Dies irae 

Torrens system. Providence, Mar. 1896, 2:82-84. Torrens system 
of'land registration 

Trade catalogues. Providence, Jan. 1897, 3:8-12 
Providence, June 1897, 3:157 
MannfaotureiV oaialognes and price lists 

Trade-unions. Springfield, Mar. 1894, 9:48 
Osterhout, Oct. 1894, 4:54 

Transit. See Mercury 

Transvaal. Bost. mo., Jan.-Ap. 1896, 1:31. Transvaal and the 

Travels. See Voyages and travels 

Trees. See Forestry 

Trenton campaign. Otis, Dec. 1896, 3:58 

Trilby. Providence, Mar. 1895, 1:34-35. Du Maurier and Trilby 

Turkey. Bost., July 1877, 3:244-48. Russia, Turkey and the Eastern 
Bost., July 1878, 3:379-81 
Waltham, Dec. 1895, i, no. 11:7-8 

Jan. 1896, 2, no. 1:6-7 

Omaha, May 1897, Greece, Turkey and the Balkans 
See also Armenia ; Crete 

United States. Constitution. Phil, lib., July-Scp. 1887, apx. p. 1-5 
Salem, Nov. 1894, 2:151-52 

United States. History, Hartford, Oct. 1880, 2, no. 4:3 . 
Hartford, Oct. 1882, 4, no. 4:2-3 

Jan. 1883, 5, no. 1:2-10. English and American history for 

July 1891, 13, no. 3:2-4 

Salem, June 1896, 3:109-11. Old Northwest 
San Fran., Nov. 1896, 2:87. References for the study of United 
States history 


United States. History. San Fran., Dec. 1896, 2:95-96 
San Fran. Jan. 1897, 3:8-12 

Feb. 1897, 3:20-24 

Mar. 1897, 3:33-36 

Ap. 1897, 3:46-48 

May 1897, 3:58-60 

July 1897, 3:82-84. Colonial and state archives and publi- 
cations of historical societies 
Salem, Oct. 1897, 4:31-32. Navy of the United States 

United States. History. Colonial. Harvard, Dec. 1877, 1:90-92 
Harvard, Mar. 1878, 1:110-12 

Jan. 1887-Jan. 1889. V. 4-5. Calendar of the Sparks manu- 
scripts in Harvard college library 
See also Albany congress of 1754; Louisburg; Plymouth colony 

United States. History. Revolution. Bost., July 1875, 2:382-89 
Bost., Jan. 1876, 3:31-34. Literature of 1776 

Jan. 1877,3:172-77 

Springfield, Jan. 1895, 11:28-30 

Somerville, Ap, 1896, 1:29. Patriot's day, April 19 

Salem, Oct. 1897, 4:31-32 

See also Boston ; Bunker hill ; Burgoy ne*s campaign ; Concord ; 

Continental congress; Declaration of independence ; Lexington ; 

Stamp act congress, 1765; Trenton campaign 

United States. History. Civilwar. Phil, lib., Jan. 1886, Regimental 
Salem, June 1891, 1:14-16 
Springfield, Dec. 1894, 11:16-18 

United States. Political history and aj^airs. Hartford, Oct. 1880, 2, 

no. 4:3. Governmental and political histor); of the United States 

Providence, Ap. 1897, 3:72-74. State constitutions and their 

See also Hawaii; New England; Pacific coast; also Names of 
places and states in the United States 

University settlements. See Social settlements 

Useiul arts. Denver, July 1891, 1:19-21 
Denver, Mar. 1894, 4:43-48 

Ap. 1894, 4:60-63 

Denver jour., Oct. 1896, p. 63-71 


Useful arts. St L. mag., Ap. 1897, 4:37-52. Mechanic arts and trades 

St L. mag., May 1897, 4:124-27 

June 1897, 4:170-77 

Aug. 1897, 4:251-53 

See also Agriculture; Architecture; Book-making; Carpentry; 
Chemistry; Clock-making; Decoration and ornament ; Domestic 
economy; Engineering; Gardening; Glass; Horseless carriages ; 
Inventions; Leather; Library architecture ; Machinery ; Manual 
training; Manufactures; Mechanics; Medicine; Patents; Pho- 
tography; Pottery; Surveying; Telegraph; Textile fabrics; 
Watch-making; Wood-carving; Woodwork 

Valentine's day. Somerville, Feb. 1896, 1:15 

Venezuela. Jersey City, Jan. 1896, 5:6-7. Venezuela and the Monroe 

Phil, mere, Jan. 1896, 2:386 
Providence, Jan. 1896, 2:12-21 
Salem, Jan. 1896, 3:72. Venezuela and Guiana 
San Fran., Jan. 1896, 2:6. Venezuela and the Monroe doctrine 
Somerville, Feb. 1896, 1:15-16. Nicaraugua, Venezuela and the 

Monroe doctrine 
New Bedford, May 1896, 1:57-59 

Venice. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:20-21. Historical Venice 

Victoria, gtieen of Great Britain, Salem, May 1897, 4:5-8 
Omaha, June 1897 
Osterhout, July 1897, 7:30 
Waltham, July 1897, 3, no. 7:6-8 
Sep. 1897, 3, no. 8:4-8 

Village improvement. Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:34. Town and 
village improvement 

Virginia. Bost., Oct. 1877, 3:269-73. Early history of Virginia 

Voyages and travels. Hartford, Jan. 1882, 4, no. 1:2. Books to read 
before going abroad 
Denver, June 1891, p. 5 
Portland, July 1894, 1:26 

Salem, Nov. 1895, 3:54-56. Readable books of travel 
Hartford, Ap. 1896, 18, no. 2:30-42. Books of travel, new and old 

Oct. 1896, 18, no. 4:34 

Jan.-Ap. 1897, 19, no. 1-2:34-42 

July 1897, 19, no. 3:32-38 



Voyages and travels. Waltham, Ap. 1896, 2, no. 4:5-8. Geographical' 
Waltham, May 1896, 2, no. 5:2-5 
San Fran., June 1896, 2:46-48 

July 1896, 2:54-56 

June 1897, 3:70-72 

Se^ also Names of countries 

Wages. Osterhout, Oct. 1894, 4:54-56. Labor and wages 
See also Labor and laboring classes 

Wagner, Wilhelm Richard. Providence, Mar. 1895, 1:32-34 
Pittsburgh, Feb. 1897, 2:73-75 
Paterson, Feb.-Mar. 1897, 1:151-54 

Ward, Mrs Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps). Springfield, Jan. 1897, 15:26 

Washington, George, ist president of U. S, Denver, 1896, 6:31-34 
Minneapolis, Jan. 1896, 2:197-99 
Somerville, Feb. 1896, 1:14 

Cleveland, Jan. 1897, 2, no. 1:29-31 

Also printed a» Cleveland public library Special reading list no. 4 
Fitchburg, Jan. 1897, 2, no. 1:5-8 

Paterson, Jan. 1897, 1:112-18 
Watch-making. Waltham, Mar. 1895, i, no. 3:3. Clock and watch- 
Water-supply. Salem, July 1892, 1:119-20 

Newark, June-July 1896, 7, no. 3:10-11 

Waterloo. Bost., Oct. 1875, 2:424-26 

Watson, John Maclaren, D. D. Springfield, Aug. 1896, 14:109 

Waverley novels. Providence, Aug. 1897, 3:226-29 

Webster, Daniel. Phil, mere, July 1883, 1:79-82. Publicationi 
occasioned by the death of Daniel Webster 

Wesley, John. Bost., Oct. 1875, 2:428-29 

West Indies. Enoch Pratt, Jan. 1897, 2:112 
See also Cuba 

White Mountains. Providence, Sep. 1895, 1:152-67 
Providence, Oct. 1895, 1:172 

Whi t tier, John Greenleaf. Salem, Sep. 1892, 1:136 
Fitchburg, Jan. 1896, i, no. 3:35-36 
New Bedford, June 1896, 1:76-78 
Lowell, Nov. 1897, I, no. 9:17-19 

Bibliographies and reading lists 



In tl)«! follnwintj list, all l)il»lioj;rapliieN ni»t tlcsi^rnatt-d a^* select «)r a-; rcadiiip^ lists 
aim at i:c)iiiplclcne>»H. 'l'lii>>e printed a-* liiMiojjra]»hy Imllttiiis (»f the \c\v York .^tate 
lil)rary arc •icNijjuatrd ]»y tlie nanic nf the .%crics arnl nuniluT. I he sulijecl niunbcr 
acconliny to the />/v/w«.'/</«/»v;//, «//»»// precciles rach title. 

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Sutiili; 93 

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012 K*)l)eri Loin's Steven>r)n. K. S. Wilson, '98 

CI 2 C!h irles Siniuur. II. U . Denio, '94 

012 Havard Tavlor. W: S. lUirn*', '<ii 

012 John We>le). K. \j. l''ouie, '92 

013 Members of the A. L. A. II. (.'. Sillirnan, '95 

016.01 Index to SLihjeci l)il»lio.:r:ipliie*% in library bulletins. Alice 

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016.2217 Iliiiher crsticism of the Old testament. (Select) Rev. 

W: 1\. Kastman, '92 
oi6..>46 Christian art. (Select) M. L. Davis, '92 

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016.28 Religion^ denominations of the Cnitcd Slates. (Select) 

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and referenres for a two years' I. K. Lorrl, '97 

I'rin'r I In •.' .",-> /. -in/ 'i, » ►•.«/.'*/ ' •. .•■.•,'.■•.•!•. I;;n. : •.•'. S«*p.»ra!r reprint -jjc. 

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016.3723 Illustrative material for nature study in primary schools. 

(Select) C. W. Hunt, '98 

Tn !»i; piii.if.J .1-. Nc'.v V..-rU -.utr lj|ir;try bil»li'«j:r.ii»liy bulletin. 

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016.7 Art of the 17th century. (Reading list) N. M. Pond, '96 

016.7266 Some famous cathedrals. (Reading list) L. M. Suter- 

mr-ister, '90 






01 0.907 


Bibliographies and reading lists (co/itinueii) 

IVn great pairuiii^^. (Reading list) Ada Hunnell, '91 

IMioiogiaphv, iSSo mS. K A Hrown, '98 

iJrtrck and Latin ; lays produced b\ sch ols, collegfS and 

iinivcrsitiir.-in th. r:iittd Siaics. (1: (i. Cluimplii', '95 
Cyclni;. Loiiiic Laiijiworthy, '97 
Ani^iini;, suj«])liintntinL; V\ c^tv^ood an»l Satciiell's Biblio- 

tht \ \ I /"ist (I tor hi. 1 1 e n I i c 1 1 a C I m r( h , '93 
Minor A' p()«.*ls, lioni 1S60 date. (Stlcc't) JJ. S. 

Smitli. '97 
I'jii;lish liiiiatiire of" later i8tli century. (Select) M. C. 

S.\av/e. Si) 
Ficiion tnr i^nls. (Selcci) A. IJ. Kioeger. '91 
Sliidv and ?eaeiiintr (»l history. |. I. W'ver ir, '08 

».' / ■ .'•.*. •• '.'. 

01 '.916 

ot6 917 

Graded list of liiM(»rv travel prepaicd in the Linoi^ln 
f Nro.) pul)li<' lihn ry Inr tiie u>e <»f the Linc«>ln piil»lic 
s< honls. K I) llulh'ck, '94 

Ilook.s ic» read hetore i;'>ir»iA to lUimpc, (Readiiii: list) 
S. W. (.'a! '.ell. \jo 

I'll .:• .! :i. .■■ • *. • •, J'.iiv • ••• •. r. • 1 • :. 

Mnj;li>'i a I id American exi)lor.itions in Afriea sin<;e 1S24. 

^ Reading li>i) H. \V. Rice, '93 
'rra\el HI Arueiica (ReadiiiL,' li^l) C: \V. PlymptrMi, '91 
(/ i.'/;,\rii/'/n ;■) 

016.91747 Liieiaiure rtla'i .; t-) ihe niids«»n rivci. M.T. \Vheeler/9i 
016.9174753 Adiioi.da* k momitair s (! A. Shernll. '9S 

'I'rav; !s west of tlie \rissi>-ippi jiiior to 1S55 ; a }>artial 

l>iblit).utap'^v **' printed i»ersoiial narratives. K. I.. 

Sharp, \j2 
|»)sej»hinc uimI tlu' women of her time. Maiy Kllis, '92 
200 l)o«.ks on l>i«»L:ra;.hy for a ]»opidar lihraiy. (Select) 

Mal);i remph\ *<)0 
IJiogiaphy <»f mu-ieians ; in Kn^lish. .\. L. liailey, '98 

rii^fory of the latter li.-lf of the 15111 century. (Reading 
list) luh/l'lred Ahbot, '97 {^BiOiioi^nt/'/ty 11) 

History of ihe 17th century. (Readin.: list) (J. F. 
1 .eona r( ! , '95 ( />/7'/.^ .s ' ''/"A^' 4) 
016.94144 Ktnnhmvh. t Riadin^' hsl) W. (1. Ki>rsyth, '93 

Venice. (Reading list) Helen Spcrry, '94 (BibliO' 
puif^hy 7 I 

Ru.'->ia. (Reading list) .\, L. Morse. '97 

Tlie .\eth«.*rl.»nd>. { Rea(hn^ list) K. (i. 'Jhorne, '97 

(/»V/'.-7''.;".^//h- 9) 
Japan. (Reading list) H. K. (lay, '95 (Bihlioy^raphy (>) 
C'ol«»niil New Kngland. (Re.uling lisi) M. ('. Wilst'n/95 

{ HihlU • ;,' i 'il/'/i V 2) 
Marvland; <:«/ionial ard revolutionarv history, \V. I. 

FJulloc. k, '92 
C'tJiihtilid.itetl classified index to the Lihtary jouifhjL v. i- 1 2. 

1». R. Ma( kv, '92; J. L. Christ man. '93; C*. S. Ha\ves/94; 
J. (i. (.'"iM*. '95 
811.49 Cipandg'swn; s«»iin- rulK-ge ^er^e. J. I.. Harris' »n, '93 








016 974 



i\ I" ••''•* • • 

Unirensltr of Die State of Nnr Vork 

State Library Bulletin 


January 1899 

15 R U S S 1 .\ 



New York State Library School 

MiMBty 436 

Ueichi'tlaa uit irKfcl mB 

Rcllcion 4V 

Utnatue 453 

tlluiUatlve tnaieflal hir naloK ^ 
■ludy In jitlRtMy schoulB .... ^6^ \ 
A ftwrefi'irnn ImiAi TiH- tin loiJier fli" "" 
IttiiilrAilv* n'.urruil iiTa I 

Blugiapliy of mnsiciaiis 473 1 

Wufti »iulyici3 470 

lD\IiTli!lial LiiDfnplij jra < 




Price IS cents 



1 88 1 
1 890 



1 89 5 




1 8S.S 

University of the State of New York 


Ans«xn Judi) Ui'.-^«'N. 1). I)., LL. 1)., L. H. I). 

Chance! lot\, (ilens Falls 
William Ckn.s\vi-ij, Dlam., I). 1)., LL. b. 

I'lcr-C/iaficc/hr, All>any 

Martin 1. 1V)nvn.>kni», M. A., J.L. 1). - - Troy 

CiiALNi I.Y M. l.)i:iii\v, LI,. 1). - - - - New York 

CiiAki.i.^ !•:. Fmii, 1. 1., r... M. A., L. II. D. - Rochester 

Okkis H. W.viiUKN, I). I). - - - - - Svracuse 

Willi KLAW Rmi>, \A.. I>. - » - - New Vork 

W ii.i.iAM H. Waismn, M. a., M. i). - - - rii<:a 

lIiNin- I- . 'rrisr.i: _ _ - - _ Low\ille 

SrC'i.xiK Mt Ki.i WW, I.I.. I)., L.11.1)., D.C.I.. - - l>rnokiyn 

II \Mii.n».\ IIakkix. I'll. 1)., LI.. I). - - - Albany 

I)\MM. 1.5i.\<ri. rii. \)., LL. I). - - - - W;iikins 

('akkmi.i. i'!. Sm'tn, LL. I). - - - - Syracuse 

ri.iN\ r. Six (JN. LL. I). ----- rjilmyra 

J'. (itii.i'.'.i' ^..11 11, M. .\., C L. - - - lUitlVilo 

Li.wi.^ A. SiiM''\. H. \.. -\L 1). _ - - Xtw V«rk 

SmvisiM': M \i.o\r _-_--_ lirooklvn 

Ai.!s!:r.i Van^ : : Vi i-. \L !)., Pli. 0. - - All-anv 
Cham I ^ K. Skinvf.k. LL. 1).. 

Sup r ii'oi»«l.'i:l ^:f jmbiir instruction. 1 \ (ti'licio 

('irr-n:r. S. I !•:»:». M. A. . - « . - DrotkUn 

TiM'Mir" L. ^Vl•<.i■u^■K^. \L A., !.:•. uttKint (loverP'T, l\ nMuio 

'I'll !••• 'I :••»]:!. i\«'"Nf\ II.I. I J. \ . ii.'Vkir."r. i-\ C»}{;riu 

|:»:\ '1'. '^!t!).«\' •!• ;:•, I.! !*., Sc'tci.iiv »»I Staa*. ox »»ih io 


M'ri.vM !):v. I \ . M. A. 


jM"M;-.,^'.|»hy \\k i. (J'.ji-lv* 10 ilu; ^tu-ly (»i' J. .^. M. Whisilv-i. up. 
.\ r a y 1 S ^ . (' >/.' / • / /•.■ . ••/ /. 

— - n«i, 1 |. Ri'.j.iiir;'. lls> : (.' •i'»in*;jl N«'w ri'.L'l.iiiil : 'rr..vv.*l in 

Xort'i .\!!ii.!iit ! : Illsiury of tlu- 17th ixntury. 7711. Jjiiy i«^97. 
/ )..// ,.t '-. /•• ' 

n.) 5. Li't n« r..-r"Ts'?ui :>'">ks i".r usf 'it'jatal ):;uors in N\-w Vnrk 
si ;} t c 1 i '. 'IM TV. -• -• I ». .1 m . I "i. iS. ( ? // ,]/' f'rlfif. 

110. (1 s. l\'-.:<li' 1', li-:-;: j.iirir:;; Oai ».>J'-'l«):)r 1) Mjks. 

C»|.|». {'••I'. i>'9S. /!'/,•.• \o,, ••//<. 

- - n«). 9 II. R'.- niJ! :r \-^\,: NriiuMianiN; Rcnaissjncc a*i of the 
i^:Ii nn«l iMli •riiMiic-, : 1 li .tnrv ot I'u* Intlor halfi^riln' 1 ^th ccniurv. 

I2.M!\ A; rii iS«.8. .//•//•■ I z, ,%'/'■ /.s\ 
* . 

n<\ TJ. l!!'>t h'.w-ks of I>''>7. 2S[). lu-'C 1S98. /*'/>/• 5 iY'',-/\\ 

]i«». IV l';ii'v t.iK'-i rs>r • IiiMr;'!'. 281). Lino i8qS. /V/V' ^ crnfs, 

n-.». I J. ln<K\ tosnl-jfit hihiioiiraphicN in library lui'.lotins. 58p, 

AuiiUsl i8c;S. /)■/.■.• 10 ir;:t^. 
-no. 15 17. Ku.sia: Njturo siu<l\ isi primary schonls : liiuizraphy 
ofmuMiians. i-^op. Jat«uary 1S99. /yitv \z^ lY.'/fs. 

"I")'- >*.r\i'^ i-- ii!"-f'v *i-Kii«'i !V"!«i niiijinil liil»Ii«ii'f.\ii!iie'; iirO'-'T.?*'-' !iv the 
I.ilr;-.rv -•li..n»l -tii'ls-nl- ci- :i •.•«iij'iir"n «»r L'rrf.ii::ill«Mi. 'I li«»^t* not ^irinti-:'. •«« o c«)vcr 
|M'.;c \\ \: ;t;o ;iv.':l.i!>lr in n;.iiii;'*« ripf at tlu* iil»r:iry or may W- ]»f»rro\vc«l by 
pi!" •:"-•• !"•!). 

!'!i«* -I ! I' •111 i< ;^!iil to n't'civi- ♦•«.v^'"*'»t:<>ns from lil-raiicin-*, 1*m«*Ium«;. Iratler-N of 
cliili', '-r N]".vi.ili'»ti, -i-i to 'nS;fit« f"«ir wliivih iii!»!i«»u;»"aj»liir'» «»r rcailin-jj list.-; arc 
.^jiccially ncrilc'-l, :iii<i < >iiitri!iutii):is ot' available iii.iteruil nu* iiivito«l. 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


January 1899 



Anna Louise Morse 


New York State Library School 


Preface 433 

AbbreviatioDs 434 

Principal bibliographic aids con- 
sulted 435 

History 436 

Outline 436 

General histories. , 438 

History of special periods and 

biography 439 

Early history 439 

18th century history 439 

19th century history 441 

General history 441 

Crimean war 442 

Central A^ian question .... 443 

19th century history (oontin^d) paoi 

Turkish wars 443 

Political and social history 444 

Descri ption and travel 448 

Religion 452 

Russian church 452 

Jews 452 

Literature 453 

Reference books 453 

Folk-lore 455 

Individual works 455 

Art '., 461 

Useful arts 461 

Fine arts 461 

University of the State of New York 


State Library Bulletin 

Bibliography no. 15 January 1899 



The list of books submitted aims to cover the most desirable modern 
works in English on the history, description, religion, literature and art 
of that part of the empire of Russia known as Russia of all the Russias. 
Other Russias are treated only in their relation to the empire ; Siberia 
is excepted. 

Much additional matter may bejbund in works written- during the first 
half and middle of the century. The student will find valuable Hax- 
thausen's Russian empire, which was the first book to reveal to the outer 
world the social condition of the country. It shows thorough and wise 
observation. Schnitzler's Secret history of the court and government of 
Russia under the emperors Alexander and Nicholas portrays the diffi- 
culties in Russia that led to the revolts of 1825, the * Dekabrist riot ' and 
the consequent policy of Nicholas. It is the best authority on Russian 
affairs during the present century. Baron von Herberstein's Notes on 
Russia is a translation of Rerum Muscoviticarum commentari, a valu- 
able account of early Russia. The Memoirs of Catherine 2 expose 
the barbarity and brutality of the court of Peter 3, nowhere more 
graphically portrayed. 

Segur's History of Russia and leter the Great is valuable as a summary 
of that dreary portion of the early annals of Russia. It is written in a 
faulty and indirect style. Labbaurae's Circumstantial narrative of the 
campaign in Russia is one of the best descriptions of that period. 
Voltaire's Russia is a graceful summary of knowledge possessed a 
century ago. Kelly's History of Russia is a meritorious compilation of 
Karamzin and Tooke. 

Further material bearing on foreign relations may be found in general 
histories of Europe and of European countries and their rulers — specially 
of Great Britain in relation to the Crimea, the Eastern question and 
Central Asia, and of France under Napoleon i. 


The literature must attract our attention because of its intimate con- 
nection with the social, political and historical problems which are 
occupying the mind of Europe to-day. In no other country have so 
many prominent writers devoted themselves to bringing to light the 
conditions, needs and hopes of the toiling masses. At the bottom of 
the Russian revolution the fiction is exerting a powerful influence. 
With Herzen*s novel the tendencies of nihilism were first revealed, with 
Tchemichewsky's they became fixed. The novels of Gogol and 
Turgenev overthrew serfdom while those of Dostoyefsky, TolstoY, 
Gontchrof and Tcherdrine are the documents historians will consult 
when the great works concerning the revolution and old society shall be 
written. Some of these are not available in English and are therefore 
omitted in the list of books. 

A guide to novels and folk tales relating to life in Russia easily acces- 
sible to the general reader may be found in Griswold's Descriptive list of 
novels and tales dealing with life in Russia, In poetry no translation 
can be adequate, for the charm vanishes with the translator's touch. 
Warner's Library of the world^s best literature contains valuable critical 
and biographical sketches and selections. 

In the field of art the scarcity of books available to the English reader 
renders valuable the analytics in general works of art. Unfortunately 
Viollet-le- Due's Z*a/-/^f/xi<f is not translated into English; the student 
will find it a thorough and critical analysis of Russian decorative art. 
Schwarz' Uart Russe contains pictures with descriptive text. 

Periodicals have not been indexed ; Poole's Index to periodical literature 
and the Cumulative index will furnish references. In general no attempt 
has been made to give other forms of names under which a translated 
work is published. 


Abbreviations following tbe main entry refer to the libraries in which the 
book was consulted or sources from which the entry was taken. Call numbers 
are given for all books in the New York state library, even though the edition 
differs from that described in the list. Books in the public libraries division 
have no book number. Books marked C have been personally examined, while 6 
indicates that the edition examined is not the same as that entered in the list. 

Unsigned notes are by the compiler ; where the source of a note is given it is 
not necessarily quoted exactly, but is sometimes given only in substance. The 
references following the notes are guides to more extended reviews and notices. 
Volume and page numbers are separated by a colon ; e. g. 6 : 170 means vol. 
6, p. 170. 

The following are the principal abbreviations used. Others are self- 


Adams Adams. Manual of historical literatare 

Astor Astor library. Card catalof^ae 

Boat. Boston pnblic library. Card catalogue 

Son. SoDneiischeiD. Best books. 1891 

yo£U6 Yogu^. Rnssian novelists. 1887 

Woikonsky Wolkonksy. Pictures from Russian history and literature. 1897 


Abbot, Etheldred. History of the latter half of the 15th century. 1898 (New 

York state library. Bulletin ; bibliography no. 11) 
Acland, A. H. D. Guide to the choice of books. 1891 
Adams, C: K. Manual of historical literature. 1891 
Allen, W: F. History topics. 1890 
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Supplement. 1896 

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Card catalogue 

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Boston public library. Russia, Turkey and the Eastern question. (Bulletin, 

July 1877, 3 : 244-48 ; July 1878, 3 : 379-81) 

Card catalogue 

Chronological index to historical fiction. 1875 

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literature. (Bulletin, May 1885, 1 : 305-10) 
Detroit public library. General catalogue. 1889 

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English catalogue. 1864-98 

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Russia. 1892 

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pt 5-6. 1893 
Hartford public library. Russia. (Bulletin, Jan. 1888, 10:2-3) 

Books of travel new and old: Russia. (Bulletin, July 1897, 19:32) 

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Kennan, George. Siberia. 1891 

Lamed, J. N. History or ready reference. 1894-95 

Leonard, G. F. Reference list of the history of 17th century. 1897 (New 

York state library. Bulletin; bibliography uo. 4) 
Leypoldt, Mrs A. H. <& lies, George. List of books for girls and women and 

their clubs. 1895 
Macky, B. R. <& Watkins, E. M. Turgenief. 1893 {ms) 
Matson, Henry. References for literary workers. 1892 ' 


Milwaakee public library. Systematic catalogue. 1885-86 

Morfill, W: R. Russia. 1893 

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New York state library. Subject card catalogue 

New York state public libraries division. Traveling library finding lists. 

New York state study club division. Study club lists 
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(New York state library. Bulletin ; bibliography no. 14) 
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1st supplement. 1895 

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Supplement. 1896 

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Yale university library. Catalogue 

Walth am (Mass.) public library. Russia. (Bnlletin, July 1896, 2, no. 7:4-8) 

Also the catalogues of various publishers. 



Primitive Russia, 862 A. D. 

400 B. C. Greek, colonies on the Black sea 

Scythians of Herodotus 
400 A. D. Invasions : Huns, Goths, Avars, Bulgarians, Magyars 

and Khazars 

600 " 


862 " 

Varangians (called Rus) 

House of Rurik, 




Founder of the Russian empire 







Introduced Christianity 


972-1015 Vladimir the Great 

1016-54 laroslaf the Great 

1054-X169 Supremacy and fall of Kief 

1x69-1224 Supremacy and fall of Gallicia and Rouzdal 

1224 Mongol invasion 

1 240 Lithuanians 

1462-1505 Ivan 3, called the Great 

Virtual founder of modem Rnssia 

1505-33 Vassoli Ivanovich 
1533-84 Ivan 4, called the Terrible 

Kazan, Astrokan, Don Cossacks and Siberia 
annexed. Ivan formally takes title of czar. 
1584-98 Feodor i 
Boris Godounof, 1598-1605 
House of Romanoffs, 16 13-1762 

1613-45 Michael Feodorovich 
1645-76 Alexis Mikhailovich 
1676-82 I'eodor Alexievich 
1682-1725 Peter i, called the Great 

Regency of Sophia; struggle with Charles 12; treaty 
of Nystad 
1725-27 Catherine i 
1727-30 Peter 2 
1730-41 Anna Inanova and regency of Anna Leopoldovara ; 

Ivan 6 
1741-62 Elizabeth Petrovna 
1762 Peter 3 

1762-96 Catherine 2 

Crimea annexed to Russia, 1783 
1 796-1 801 Paul I 
1801-25 Alexander i 

Annexation of Finland and Poland; war with 
Napoleon ; treaties of Vienna and Paris 
1825-55 Nicholas i 

War with Persia and Turkey ; peace of Adrianople ; 
Crimean war, 1854; Sebastopol, 1854 
1855-61 Alexander 2, called the Liberator 

Treaty of Paris, 1856; advance into Asia; Khiva 
expedition, 1873 ; Russo-Turkish war, 1877 
1881-94 Alexander 3 
1894- Nicholas 2 



Dole, Nathan Haskell. Young folk's history of Russia. 52op. 
illus. D. Bost. 1887. Estes $1.50. 947 e 

From earliest times to 1881. Shows good Judgment and sense of proportion. 
Reviewed in Critic, Jan. 1882, 2:7 

Edwards, Henry Sutherland. The Romanoffs; tsars of Moscow 
and emperors of Russia. 376p. D. Lond, 1890. Allen 6s. 

923.147 Ed 9. e 

Historical sketches abounding in common sense and honest expression. Dis- 
cusses at considerable length the doctrine of panslavism. 
Reviewed in Athenaeum j June 1890, p. 826 

Howorth, Henry Hoyle. History of the Mongols; 9th to 19th 
century. 3 v. O. N. Y. 1886. Longmans $33.50. Bost e 

Traces with great industry and judicial impartiality the origin and consolida- 
tion of the empire. Combines all the fragments of Sdongol history accessible to 
Europeans. Useful work of reference. 

Reviewed in Academy, Oct. 1876, 10:397, A p. 1880, 17:281; Jdam«, p. 408; 
Athenaeum, Nov. 1876, p. 654, Oct. 1880, p. 425 ; Saturday review, Oct. 1876, 
42 : 512 ; May 1880, 49 : 665 

Morfill, William Richard. Story of Russia. 394P. illus. maps, D. 
N. Y. 1893. Putnam $1.50 (Story of the nations) 947 M81 e 

Systematic and judicious outline of history of Russia from 15tb century to 
present time. An impartial and living picture. Popular in style. Contains a 
chapter on Russian literature. 

Reviewed iu Academy, July 1890, 38 : 44; Athenaeum^ Mar. 1890, p. 338; Nation 
June 1890, 50: 511; iVolkonsky, p. 78 

Rambaud, Alfred Nicolas. History of Russia from the earliest 
times to 1882 ; tr. by L. B. Lang, ed. and enl. by N. H. Dole; incl. 
a history of the Turko-Russian war of 1877-78. 3 v. O. Bost. 
1879. Estes $6. 947 R14 e 

Trustworthy account by a sound authority on all subjects connected with 
Russia. S]^ows great skill iu tracing the development of the communities of 
the empire and in defining and makingprominent the main current of events. By 
far the best history of Russia. The translation contains several chapters spe- 
cially prepared for it. 

Reviewed iu Academy, Oct. 1878, 14 : 332; Adame, p. 41; Athenaeum, May 1878, 
p. 631, Feb. 1879, p. 182; Nation, May 1879, 28: 306 



Early history 

Ralston, William Ralston Shedden. Early Russian history. O. 
Lond. 1874. Low 5 s. Astor e 

Lively and vigorous sketches of the various stages of Russian history, of 
Russia as represented in old legends and chronicles, of the introduction of 
Christianity, the tales of Rurik and Oleg aud the tioie when Russia was divided 
into separate states. — Ai}ieAae\kmi June 1874, p. 824 

Reviewed in Aoademyf June 1884, 5 : 712 

Ivan 4y the Terrible ^ czar of Russia ^ 1529-84 

Pcmber, Austen. Ivan the Terrible; his life and times. 262P. D. 
Lond. 1895. Marsden3s6d. 923.147 e 

Excellent sketch of Russia in 16th century. Shows careful study of con- 
temporary English testimony and history. 
Reviewed in AihtnaevLm^ Sep. 1895, p. 348; Saturday revieWj Ap. 1895, 79:489 

Fefer i, the Great ^ czar of Russia ^ 1 672-1 725 
He civilized his subjects, yet remained himself a barbarian. 

Motley, John Lothrop. Peter the Great. 7op. S. N. Y. 1893. 
Maynard 24c. (English classic series) 923.147 P4m e 

Best brief life. Reprint from the North American review, 

Schuyler, Eugene. Peter the Great, emperor of Russia. 2v. 
illus. maps, O. N. Y. 1890. Scribner $6. 9f3.i47 P4S e 

Impartial aud conscientious history of his reign, life, struggles, reforms, wars 
and diplomacy. The result of careful research, the work is valuable as a picture 
of Russia, pious, superstitious and barbarous. Style clear and lucid. 

Reviewed in Academy, Fob. 1884, 25: 123; Athenaeum, Feb. 1884, p. 209; Nation, 
May 1884, 38 : 389 

Waliszewski, Kazimierz. Peter the Great; from the French by 
Mary Loyd. s62p. O. N. Y. 1897. Appleton $2. 

923.147 P4W e 

Striking and impressive historical portrait of Russian life in 18th century; 
abounds iu anecdote. Decided, and as a whole eminently fair. Gives detailed 
aud exact references to sources of information. 

Reviewed in Academy, July 1897, 52 : 67 ; Athenaeum, July 1897, p. 58 ; Bookman, 
Oct. 1897, 6:158; Critic, Sep. 1897, 31:224; Nation, Sep. 1897, 65:242 

x8th century history 

Hassall, Arthur. The balance of power, 1 715-1789. 433p. maps, 
D. N. Y. 1896. Macmillan $1.60 ^Periods of European history) 

940.7 H27 e 


Conaoientioas, well-arranged summary of the relations of the states of the 
ooDtinent of £urope with one another from the peace of Utrecht to the calling of 
the states-general. Endeavors specially to show the decline of French influ- 
ences, the dtfcay of Sweden, the partitions of Poland, the ever increasing power 
of Rassia and Prnssia and the beginnings of the Eastern question. The book is 
based on a careful, well-digested study of the work of specialists. The style is 
good and us a rule clear. — CritiCj May 1897, 30:299 

Reviewed iu Amerioan hUtorical review, J 9.xi. 1898, 3:349; EnglUh hUtorical 
review, Ap. 1897, p. 373; Literature, Jan. 1898, 2:74; Yale review , Aug. 1897, 
p. 223 

Secret memoirs of the court of St Petersburg, particularly toward the 

end of the reign of Catherine 2 and the commencement of that of 

Paul i; tr. from the French. 39op. illus. O. N. Y. 1895. Scrib- 

i^er $5 (Collection of court memoirs, v. 8) Cap. 947.06 Se2 e 

Throws much light on the manners and customs at the conrt of Russia dar> 

ing the latter half of the 18th century ; contains numerous anecdotes relating to 

Catherine 2 and her favorites and the court intrigues. — Preface 

Alexander /, czar of Russia, 1 777-1825 

Ford, Clarence. Life and letters of Madam de Krudener. 32 2p. 
illus. O. N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $4.50. 922.1 K93 e 

Careful and dispassionate summary of historical data. Of value as a sympa- 
thetic and eminently judicial hiography of the spiritual Egeria of Alexander. 
Of no literary value. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Ap. 1893, p. 535 ; Nation, June 1893, 56 : 441 ; Spectator, 
Nov. 1893, 71 : 691 

Catherine 2, czarina of Russia, 1729-96 

Waliszewski, Kazimierz.. Romance of an empress; Catherine 2. 
458p. illus. O. N. Y. 1894. Appleton $2. 923.147 C2W e 

Character sketch, hased on the confessions of the empress and other authentic 
material puhlished hy the Russian imperial historical society. Of much interest 
and value in depicting the condition of Russia at that time. 

Reviewed in Academy, Feb. 1894, 45:120; Critic, Jan. 1894, 24:52; Dial, 
May 1894, 16:151; Literary world, Jan. 1894, 25:21 

Prince Alexsandr Mikhailovich Gortchakov^ 1 798-1883 

Klaczko, Julian. Two chancellors, Bismarck and GortschakofF; tr. 
by F. P. Ward. 332P. D. Bost. 1876. Houghton $2. 

923.243 BS43 e 

Clear and pleasant exposition of certain phases of Russian international policy. 
Style, hrilliant. 
Reviewed iu Academy, Sep. 1879, 10:256; Athenaeum, Ap. 1876, p. 462 


xgth century history 

Arnaudy Charles A. de. New era in Russia. i66p. D. N. Y. 1891. 

Ogilvie 25c. 947-07 c 

Tratbful picture of Rassian government, laws and progress from the accession 
of Alexander 1 to 1890. Endeavors to throw some light on internal economy. 

BrandeSt George Moritz Cohen. Impressions of Russia; tr. from 
the Danish by S. C. Eastman. 353P. illus. D. N. Y. 1889. 

947 B73 e 

Keen bat kindly criticism of nihilism, art, the press, official world, aristocracy, 
peasant life and literature together with a full description of the modern novel- 
ists. Shows great breadth of view and calmness of judgment. An important 
work on Russia ; specially valuable for complete analysis of works of modern 
novelists. Well translated. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Mar. 1890, p. 338; CritiOf Aug. 1889, 15:61; Nation, 
Sep. 1889, 49 : 198 

Samson-Himmelstjerna, Hermann von. Russia under Alexander 
3 and in the preceding period; tr. from the German by J. Morrison, 
ed. by Felix Volkovsky. 3o6p. illus. O. N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $3. 

947.08 Sa4 e 

Traces the origin of panslavism and shows its threatened dangers to western 
civilization. The author's point of view is that of an 'Ostsee juncker'; the 
editor's, an advanced radical. Valuable for all who concern themselves with 
Russia's place in Europe. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Ap. 1893, p. 438; Critic, May 1893, 22:325; Nation, 

Mar. 1893, 56 : 222 

Alexander J, czar of Russia^ 1845-94 

Lowe, Charles. Alexander 3 of Russia. 37op. illus. D. N. Y. 1895. 
Macmillan $1.75. Cap. 923.147 A53I e 

Interesting narrative written with care and impartiality. Through close associ- 
ation with contemporary Russia, the author is able to trace fairly the threads of 
Russian relations with the rest of Europe. 

Reviewed in Academy, Jan. 1895, 47 : 32 ; Atlantic, Mar. 1895, 75 : 417 : Critic, 
Ap. 1895, 26 : 306 

Alexander Vasilyevich Verestchagin, 1853? — 

Verestchagin, Alexander Vasilyevich. Vassili Verestchagin, painter 
soldier and traveller ; tr. from the German and French by F. H. 
Peters. 2 v. illus. O. Lond. 1887. Bentley 24s. 923.547 e 

Straightforward account, full of observation, experience and adventure. 
Reviewed in Academy, Oct. 1888, 34:234; Athenaeum, July 1888, p. 90; Nation, 
Deo. 1888, 47:504 


CRIMEAN WAR, 1854-56 

Cobden, Richard. Political writings. 704P. D. N. Y. 1886. 
Cassell 6s. , 940.9 C63 e 

Reviews the domestic policy of Russia in 1836. Contains also What next — 
and nextf 

Hamley, Sir Edward Bruce. War in the Crimea. 312P. illus. 
ina{)s, O. N. Y. 1891, Scribner $1.75 (Events of our own time) 

947.07 e 

Lnoid, adequate aud in places extremely vivid account by an eye witness of the 
most picturesque military episode of the present century. The best brief 
history of the campaign, valuable from the military and literary point of view. 

Reviewed in Academy, Mar. 1891, 39:249; Athenaeumy Nov. 1890, p. 730; 
Nation, Dec. 1890, 51:466; Spectator, Dec. 1890, 65:867 

Kinglake, Alexander William. Invasion of the Crimea. 6v. illus. 
map, D. N. Y. 1863-88. Harper $12. 947-07 K59 e 

Painstaking and accurate description of the campaign. The most important 
history of the Crimea. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Sep. 1863, p. 365; Spectator, Jan. 1863, 36:1557, 1584, 
Oct. 1863, p. 36:2577 

Russell, William Howard. Great war with Russia ; invasion of the 
Crimea. 324P. D. N. Y. 1895. Routledge $2. 947.07 R912 e 

Account of the author's private life as a camp follower, describing the 
military operations at which he assisted. Valuable as historical evidence in its 
statement without comment of his experiences as war correspondent to the 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Mar. 1895, p. 404 ; Dial, July 1895, 19 : 24; Saturday 
review, Mar. 1895, 79 : 420 

Russia before and after the war, by the author of 'Society in St 

Petersburg' ; tr. from the German by E. F. Taylor. Ed. 5. 62p. 

sq. Q. N. Y. 1880. Harper 15c. 947*07 C 

Able aud conuected account of contemporaneous Russian events with 
masterly sketches of some of the most important personages about the 
government. . . Precise and exhaustive information of the utmost importance in 
interpreting recent difficulties. Entirely fair-minded, the tone is severe and the 
conclusions far from cheering. Julius Eckhardt is supposed to be the author.— 
Adams, p. 421 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Jan. 1880, p. 115; Nation, June 1880, 30 : 457 



Curzon, George Nathaniel. Russia in central Asia in 1889 and 
the Anglo- Russian question. Ed. 2. 47 7p. illus. map, O. N. Y. 
1889. Longmans $6. 947.08 e 

Qeneral introdnction to the stady of the Central Asian queHtioDS. Accurate 
and full of valuable guggestions. Standard work of reference. 
Reviewed in Academy, Nov. 1889, 36: 332; Athenaeum, Oct. 1889, p. 518 

Lansdell, Henry. Russian Central Asia. 2v. illus. maps, O. Bost. 
1885. Houghton $To. 958 L29 e 

Contente : v. 1 Russian southern Asia ; v. 2 Through Siberia. 

Narrative of the author's observations of the aotual condition of Russian 
prisons and of the treatment of prisoners. Joins issue with such writers as 
Stepniak and Prince Eropotkin. 

Reviewed in Academy , June 1885, 27 : 431 ; Athenaeum , July 1885, p. 44 ; Nation, 
Jaly 1885, 41 : 74 

Rawlinson, Sir Henry Creswicke. England and Russia in the 
East. Ed. 2. 41 2p. map, O. Lond. 1875. Murray 12s. 

958 R19 e 

Outspoken and vigorous sketches on the political and geographical condition 
of Central Asia. Of value as an accumulation of proofs of the advance of Russia 
in Asia. Impartial and sympathetic. 

Reviewed in Academy , Ap. 1875, 7 : 366; Athenaeum^ Ap. 1875, p. 450 


DoUinger, Johann Joseph Ignaz von. Studies in European history ; 

tr. by Margaret Warre. 426p. illus. O. Lond. 1890. Murray 14s. 

940 D69 e 

Contains an essay on the origin of the Eastern question. Temperate and 
accurate in details. 
Reviewed in Academy, Nov. 1890, 38 : 467 

Greene, Francis Vinton. Sketches of army life in Russia. 326p. D. 
N. Y. 1885. Scribner $1.25. 947 e 

Accurate, impartial and trustworthy account from the military point of view 
by a late attach^ to the U. 8. legation in St Petersburg. Well written. 

Reviewed in Academy, Nov. 1880, 18:358; Athenaeum, Nov. 1880, p. 669; 
Nation, Nov. 1880,_31:383 

Herbert, William V. Defense of Plevna, 1877. 488p. illus. map, 
O. N. Y. 1895. Longmans $5. 949.6 H4i e 


Stirring account of the varioas battles for the posaession of Plevna and its 
final investment and surrender. The military operations are sketched in outline 
but with clearness sufficient to render intelligent the particular movement! 
described. As a military history the work will be useful in supplementing its 
predecessors. Its chief value lies in its portrayal of the personal experiences of 
the author.— ^a<ion, Sep. 1895, 61:172 

Reviewed in Academy, Ap. 1895, 47:292; Athenaeumf Jvaxe 1895, p. 700; 8pe<h 
taior, Aug. 1895, 75:279 

Latimer, Mrs Mary Elizabeth (Wormeley). Russia and Turkey 
in the 19th century. 413P. iUus. 0. Chic. 1895. McClurg 
$2.50. Cap. 947.07 L34 e 

Readable and popular compilation of facts relating to the rulers of Russia and 
Turkey and to all the wars connected with them during the present century ; 
specially full from 1850. Impartial and moderately accurate. 

Reviewed in CHtio, Feb. 1894, 24:107; Literary world, Mar. 1894, 25:74 

Russell, Francis Shirley. Russian wars with Turkey, past and 
present. 32op. maps, D. Lond. 1877. King 6s. 947 e 

Describes the Russo-Turkish wars with great breadth of judgment and power 
of logical induction. Shows keen analysis in portraying the late war of 1877. 
Reviewed in Academy, Mar. 1877, 11:177; At\enasu,m, Ap. 1877, p. 511 


Armies of to-day ; a description of the armies of the leading nations at 
the present time. 438p. O. N. Y. 1893. Harper $3.50. 

355 Ars e 
'Russian army/ p. 219-59. 

The paper on the Russian army is most reticent in its discussion of the future 
and moHt cautious in its disclosures. It strives to present an intelligent idea of 
a Russian soldier rather than to give information as to the military system. — 
Naiiouy Dec. 1892, 55 : 438 

Reviewed in CHHc, Mar. 1893, 22 : 124 ; Spectator, Ap. 1894, 72 : 561 

DeWindt, Harry. Siberia as it is. 504P. illus. O. Lond. 1892. 
Chapman i8s. Q'S*? ^ 

Futile attempt to counteract the effects of Kennan's Siberia. 

Reviewed in Academy, Mar. 1892, 41:221 ; Athenaeum, Mar. 1892, p. 306 

Hourwich, Isaac A. Economics of a Russian village. i82p. O. 
N. Y. 1892. Macmillan $1. o,p, (Columbia college studies in his- 
tory, economics and public law. v. 2) 305 Stg v.2 e 

Result of careful study of a series of official censures of the industrial condi- 
tions of two typical districts of Russia. Traces the development of the Mir. 
Reviewed in Dial, Nov. 189.3, 15:261 


Kennan, George. Siberia and the exile system. 2v. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1891. Century $6. 9i5-7 K36 e 

Specific and formidable nrraignment of the Russian penal system by one who 
went to Russia an avowed defender of tbe government. First published in the 
Century magazine and here revised and indexed. Well illustrated. Contains a 

Reviewed in Academy, Mar. 1892, 41 : 221 ; Athenaeumf Dec. 1891, p. 862 ; 
Critic, Dec. 1891, 19 : 365 ; Literary world, Dec. 1891, 22 : 462 

Kovalevsky, Maxime. Modem customs and ancient laws of Russia. 
26op. O. Lond. 1891. Nutt 7s 6d. 9i4-7 K.845 e 

Iloheater lectures on Russian polity and usage by an ex-professor of jurispru- 
dence in the Universifcy of Moscow. Purpose to show how far tbe laws of Russia 
have beeu preserved by living customs of the people and to what extent tbe 
modern political aspirations of the socialists and Slavophils are rooted in its 
historical past. The chapters on old Russian folkmotes and parliaments are of 
special interest. The author supports his views with an unusually wide range 
of authorities. 

Reviewed in Academy, Ap. 1891, 39 : 318; Critic, Sep. 1891, 19 : 137; Nation, 
Mar. 1891, 52 : 226 

Kropotkin, Peter Alexeievich, priNcf. In Russian and French 
prisons. O. Lond. 1887. Ward 7s 6d. Son. 

Reprint from the Nineteenth century of the Lansdell-Kropotkin controversy, 
with some additional matter 00 French prisons. Vivid picture. 
Reviewed in Academy, Oct. 1887, 32 : 214 ; Athenaeum, May 1887, p. 606 

Noble, Edmund. Russian revolt; cause, conditions and prospects. 
D. Bost. 1885. Houghton $1. A. L. A. catalog 

Historical, descriptive and biographic account of tbe struggle of the Russian 
people against absolute power. Shows insight and mastery of detail. 

Reviewed in Critic, June 1885, 6:290; Dial, June 1885, 6:47; Literary world, 
June, 1885, 16 : 228 

Rae, John. Contemporary socialism. 4SSp. O. N. Y. 1894. Scrib- 
ner $2.50. 335 R12 e 

Contains a concise account of the causes and influences of Rnssiau nihilism. 

Stadling, Jonas & Reason, Will. In the land of Tolstoi; ex- 
periences of famine and misrule. 286p. illus. O. N. Y. 1897. 
Whittaker $2. 914-7 St2 e 

Account of the Russian famine in 1892. Deals with the practical side of 
Tolstoi's life, revealing him as a philanthropist rather than a student. Invalu- 
able as a record of research into social and religious problems ; appeals to the 
humanitarian, phil<>sopher, sociologist and traveler. Much of the work is a 
translation from the Swedish * Frau det Hungraude Byseland,' Well illustrated. 


Reviewed in Bookman, May 1897, 5:265; Critic, May 1897, 30:369; 2>lal, May 
1897, 22 : 281 ; Literary world, May 1897, 28 : 84 ; Nation, Mar. 1897, 64 : 210 ; 
Spectator, May 1897, 78 : 739 

Stead, William Thomas. Truth about Russia. 464P. O. N. Y. 
1888. Cassell $2.50. £?././ 914.76 

Russia's movemeDts in Central Asia presented to the English public from the 
Russian side. Bright and forcible in style, it is a valuable contribution to Rus- 
sian sociology. Partly a repriut from the Pall Mall gazette. 

Reviewed in Academy, Jan. 1889, 35:35; Athenaeum, Feb. 1889, p. 146; Critic, 
Mar. 1889. 14 : 113; Nation, Mar. 1889, 48: 273 

Stepniak, /fs(rud. of Dragomanof, Sergius Michael. Career of a 
nihilist. 3 2 op. D. N. Y. 1889, Harper 75c. Astor e 

Powerful and thrilling novel. Depicts with passionate earnestness and dra- 
matic skill the hopes, fears, dangers and aspirations of the nihilists. 

Reviewed in Literary world, Dec. 1889, 20:477; Nation, June 1890, 50:491 

King Log and King Stork ; a study of modern Russia. 2 v. D. 

N. Y. 1895. Scribner $5. 947.08 St4i e 

Suggestive and valuable treatment of the so-called nihilistic movement, sketch- 
ing in their salient outlines the chief events of the reign of Alexander 3. Id 
its later chapters the work throws considerable light on the prospects of reform 
in Russia. His last work. 

Reviewed in Academy, Feb. 1896, 49 : 91 ; Athenaeum, Dec. 1895, p. 870; Critic, 
Feb. 1896, 28 : 109 ; Nation, Jan. 1896, 62 : 104 ; Spectator, June 1896, 76 : 874 

Nihilism as it is; tr. by E. L. Voynich. i22p, O. N. Y. 1895. 

Putnam $1.40. 335 St4i f 

Contains Yolkhovsky's Claims of the JRuaeian liberals with an introduction by 
R. Q. Watson. 

Authoritative information upon the true position of different sections of the 
party of reform iu Russia toward each other and toward the government. 
Introduces the reader to the inner life of the nihilists, showing us the Russian 
revolutionists at home and their struggle for freedom, national and personal. 

Reviewed iu Academy, Jan. 1895, 47:32; Critic, Ap. 1895, 26:303; Nation, 
Mar. 1895, 60: 244 ; Saturday revieto, Feb. 1895, 79: 193 

Russia under the tsars; tr. by William Westall. Ed. 3. S7op. D. 

N. Y. 1886. Scribner $1.50. 947.08 St4 e 

Unim passioned dissc^ction of iastitutions of people and government. Valuable 
for freshness and fullness of information, exact and vivid portraiture and 
thoughtful interpretations. 

Reviewed in Academy, Aug. 1865, 28: 128; Athenaeum, May 1885, p. 561; Dial, 
June 1885, 6: 45 ; Weeiminster review, July 1885, 124 : 135 


Stepniak, pesud. of Dragomanof, Sergius Michael. Russian 
peasantry, their agrarian condition, social life and religion; tr. by 
William Westall. 4oip. S. N. Y. 1888. Harper $1.25. 

914.7 St4 e 

Vivid and dramatic picture of Russian life, throwiug much li;;ht into 
economic and domestic conditions of the peasantry. Expressed with calmness 
and freedom from exaggeration, which enhances the value of the argnments. 
Best and fullest general description. 

Reviewed in Academy, July 1888, 34:31; Athenaeum, May 1888, p. 623; 
Xation, Oct. 1888, 47:321 

Russian storm cloud; or, Russia in her relation to neighboring 

countries. 273P. O. Lond. 1886. Sonnenschein 7s 6d. 

914.7 St4i e 

Shows the influence liberty and despotism are likely to exercise on neigh- 
boring European countries. Essentially a political book; it aims to describe 
the country rather than to advocate any opinion, exposing facts rather than 
forcing conclusions. 

Reviewed ia Academy, Oct. 1886, 30:217 

Underground Russia; revolutionary profiles and sketches from 

life; tr. from the Italian. 32op. D. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1.25. 

335 St4 e 
Candid, intelligent and trustworthy account of the motives and operations of 

nihilism. Sketches not only .some of the leaders but the system and practical 

working of the organization. 
Revit'wed in Athenaeum, Sep. 1882, p. 396; Dial, Aug. 1883, p. 91 ; New 

Enylander, Sep. 1884, 43:718 

Thompson, Herbert M. Russian politics. 289P. map, O. N, Y. 
1896. Holt $2. 947 T37 e 

Useful and interesting account, the result of serious study and thorough 
research, of the conditions of life and of existing problems in the Slav empire. 
Written without pretense and in a strong, sober fashion. Valuable both in the 
timeliness of topics and the freshness with which they are discussed. 

Reviewed in Academy, Feb. 1896, 49:114; Athenaeum, Dec. 1895, p. 900; Critic, 
June 1896, 28:458; Xation, Mar. 189G, 62:401; Saturday review, Feb. 1896, 81:130 

TikhomiroVy Leo. Russia, political and social ; tr. from the French 
by E: B. Aveling. Ed. 2. 2 v. O. Lond. 1892. Sonnenschein 21s. 

914.7 T44 e 

Clear, comprehensive, though rather radical and passionate work, dealing 
with the social and industrial classes, the intellectual movement and the present 
political situation of the country, b}' a well-known nihilist. Valuable as a com- 
plete description of Russia as a social organism, and as an analysis of govern- 


ment relations with various social factors. Not so thorough as Leroy-Beaulien's 
Empire of the Uar$ and Buseians it deals in generalities rather than facts and 

Reviewed in Academy, Nov. 1887, 32:314; Athenaeum, Nov. 1887; p. 638 

Sony a {Krukavsky) Kolalevskyy 1850-91 

Kovalevsky, Sonya (Krukovsky). Her recollections of childhood, 
tr. from the Russian by I. F. Hapgood; with a biography by A. C. 
Leffer, tr. from the Swedish by A. M. C. Bayley. 3i8p. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1895. Century $1.50. Cap. 925.1 K84 e 

Deals with the more important period of her life, giving a vivid insight into 
the social condition of Russia. Wonderful analysis of character. 

Another edition tr. by Louise von Cassell and puh. hy Macmillan shows judicious 

Reviewed in Athmaeum^ July 1895, p. 91 ; Bookman, Aug. 1895, 2 : 43 ; Critic, 
June 1895, 26 : 473 ; Nation, Sep. 1895, 61 : 171 ; Saturday review, July 1895, 


Burnaby, Frederick. Ride to Khiva; travels and adventures in Cen- 
tral Asia. New ed. 334P. illus. maps, D. London 1895. Cas- 
sell 6s. 915-7 B93 ^ 

Interesting account in an easy, natural style. Ahounds in numerous and 
eharacteristic conversations. Excellent maps. 
Reviewed in Academy, Deo. 1876, 10:578; Athenaeum, Nov. 1876, p. 649 

Dixon, William Hepworth. Free Russia, illus. O. N. Y, 1870, 
Harper $2. 9147 ^^A^ C 

Desorihes Russia and the Russian people, aiming to picture the human forces 
which underlie and shape the external politics of our time. Well written, sym- 
pathetic and accurate. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Ap. 1870, p. 507 

Eckardt, Julius. Modern Russia; Russia under Alexander 2, Rus- 
sian communism, Greek orthodox church and its sects and the Baltic 
provinces. 388p. O. Lond. 1870. Smith, Elder ids 6d. 

914.7 Ecs e 

Keen, ahle and conipreheusive account hy a German puhlioist, formerly a 
resident of Russia. Written in a clear, forcible style, the author shows familiar- 
ity with the institutions and sentiment of every hranch of government and 
society. Less descriptive and more analytic than Wallace's Busaia, it excels in its 
insight into the views and motives of the intelligent classes. 

Reviewed in Adame, p. 420; Athenaeum, Jan. 1870, p. 151 


Gautier, Theophile. Winter in Russia; tr. from the French by M. 
M.Ripley. Ed. 2. 356P. D. N. Y. 1887. Holt $1.75. 914.7 e 

Charming aud truthful picture of the outward face of things in Rasski ; writ- 
ten with singular unity of purpose. Well translated. 
Reviewed in Nation, Nov. 1874, 19 : 321 

Hapgood, Isabel Florence. Russian rambles. 369P. O. Bost. 1896. 
Houghton $1.50. Cap. 914.7 H21 e 

Collectiou of vivacious and truthful pictnres reprinted from various period- 
icals. Familiar with Russia throngh Ion>r resilience aud study of its literature, 
the nnthor presents to us ju(l;;ments b.ised on ke(:u observation of its social and 
politiciil conditions. Best ^bort book on Russia. 

Reviewed in Acudemy^ June I^95, 47:503; Athenaeum^ July 1895, p. 127; Book- 
mauj May 1895, 1:259; CriHo, June 1895, 26:415; Literary world, June 1895, 
26:179; Nation, May 1895, 60:361; Spectator, Ap. 1896, 76:605. 

Hare, Augustus John Cuthbert. Studies in Russia. 504P. illus. 
D. N. Y. 1896. Routledge $2. 9i4-7 H22 e 

Disconnected but interesting records of travel and description. Contains 
many citations from the best literature abont Russia. For the general reader 
and tourist. 

Reviewed in Academy, May 1885, 27:358; Athenaeum, Ap. 1885, p. 530; Critic, 
July 1885, 7 : 27 

Jackson, Frederick George Great frozen land. 297P. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $4.50. Cap. 914.72 J12 e 

Personal experiences in Arctic Hnssia, describing the manners, customs and 
folk tales of the people. Well illustrated. 

Kennan, George. Tent life in Siberia. Ed. 14. 425P. map, D. 
N. Y. 1893. Putnam $1.50. 9^5-7 ^361 e 

Narrative of two years life in Siberia and Kamschutka. Presents a clear and 
accurate picture of the inhabitants, customs and general external features of 
the country in which the Russo-Anierican telegraph was built. 

Knox, Thomas Wallace. Boy travellers in the Russian empire. 
505P. illus. O. N. Y. 1887. Harper $3. 9i4«7 C 

Well-told narrative describing the topography, resources, inhabitants, govern- 
ment and development of European and Asiatic Rassia. Book of adventure for 
young people. 

Reviewed in Critic, Dec. 1886, 9 : 278 

Lankenau, H. von. & Olnitz, L. von der. Russia, past and pres- 
ent; adapted from the German by H. M. Chester. 434P. illus. O. 
\. Y. 188 1, Young $i«5o. 9i4«7 e 


Describes the physical featiirt'.s of the empire and grives an impartial and 
usually accurate account of the inhabitants. Concise and clear in style. 
Reviewed in Academy, Oct. 1881, 20:305; Athenaeum, Dec. 1881, p. 812 

Leroy-Beaulieu, Anatole. Empire of the tsars and the Russians ; 
tr. from the 3d French ed. by Z. A. Ragozin. 3V. maps, O. N. Y. 
1893-96. Putnam $3 each. 91 4- 7 L56 e 

Contents: v. 1 Country and its inhabitants; v. 2 Institutions; v. 3 Religion. 

The most extended ami at the same time the most satisfactory of all the serious 
efforts to explain the phenomena of Russian life, politics and character. Shows 
throughout not only u mastery of political science but also a comprehensive 
knowledge of nations, together with a deep insight into and sjmpathy with 
their salient ethnic traits. Rich in the results of the comparative method, the 
generalizations are brilliant, the style clear and the material carefully chosen. 
In many respects superior to Wallace's Russia without superseding it ; each com- 
plements the other. 

Reviewed in CHtic, Jan. 1895, 26:60, Aug. 1896, 29:85; Nation, Sep. 1893, 
57; 216, Feb. 1895, 60:131 

Logan, John A., jr. In joyful Russia. 275P. illus. O. N. Y. 1897 
Appleton $3.50. 9^4-7 L82 e 

Bright sketches of Russia in holiday attire. Attractiveness lies in the variety 
of the sides of Russian life with which it deals. For the general reader. 

Reviewed in Academy, OqL IS97, p. 3il ; Athenaeum, Sep. 1897, p. 418; Critic, 
June 1897, 30 : 404 ; Literary world, June 1897, 8 : 188; Nation, Sep. 1897, 65 : 209 

MacGahan, Januarius Aloysius. Campaigning on the Oxus and 

the fall of Khiva. Ed. 4. 438p. illus. map, D. N. Y. 1876, 
Harper $3.50. 91584 e 

Full and graphic account of the Khiva expedition, describing the desert 
tribes through which it passed and military operations against the city. Clever, 
well written and full of humor. 

Reviewed in Academy, July 1874, 6:4; Athenaeum, Juno 1874, p. 819 

Michell, Thomas. Russian pictures. 223P. illus. Q. N. Y. 1889. 
Nelson $3.50. 9i4«7 C 

Genial and sympathetic sketches with pen and pencil of the chief cities of the 
empire. An admirable hnof summary. 

Reviewed in Academy, Nov. 1889, 36:282 ; Athenaeum, Nov. 1889, p. 594 

Morfilly William Richard. Russia. 226p. D. Lond. 1882. Low 
3s 6d (Foreign countries and British colonies) 

Sketches the physical ^eoi^raphy, ethnology, language and literature, political 
and social life of the empire. lujpartial in treatment. 
Reviewed iu Athenaeumy Feb. 1881, p. 228 


Murray, John. Handbook for travellers: Russia, Poland and Fin- 
land. Ed. 5. 4oop. maps, O. N. Y. 1895. Scribner $1.20. 

914.7 M96 e 

locludiug Crimea, Caucasus, Siboria mid Central Asia. Compilation of facts 
for tbe tourist. 

Proctor, Edna Dean. A Russian journey. New ed. 32op. illus. 
D. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.25. 9i4*7 ^94 6 

Truthful, yi«;orou8 aud sympatbetic description. Interesting as a record of 
the i^eneral outward features of town aud country and the peculiarities of the 
different districts of 20 years ago. 

Reviewed in Critic, Nov. 1890, 17:260; Dial, Nov. 1890, 11:186; Nation, Dee. 
1890, 51:446 

Stevens, Thomas. Through Russia on a mustang. 344P. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1891. Cassell $2. 9i4-7 St45 c 

Fresh and entertaining letters to the World (New York) describing tbe condi- 
tions, economic and political, mnnners and customs of tbe people of European 

Reviewed in AiKvMievLm, Oct. 1891, p. 510; Critic, Aug. 1891, 19:54; Nation, 
June 1891, 52-485 

The tsar and his people; or. Social life in Russia. 43sp. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1891. Harper $3 914.7 T78 e 

Articles by E. M. de Vogti6, Tbeodore Child, C. C. Cook and Vassili Verest- 
chagin on tbe people and art of Russia. Reprint from Harpar'a mo^Arine. Well 

Reviewed in Criiio, Dee. 1890, 17:293; Nation, Dec. 1890, 51:446 

Wallace, Donald Mackenzie. Russia. 62op. O. N. Y. 1881. 
Holt $2. 914.7 W15 e 

Clear and interesting description, abounding in practical insight and appre- 
ciation, of tbe government and tbe religious and social life of the people ; 
specially full in explaining the Mir. Shows familiarity, derived tbrongb long 
residence iu Russia, with tbe people and institutions. Of value to tbe social 
student. More useful than Eckbardt iu imparting a knowledge of the organiza- 
tion of tbe governmeut and people. Now superseded by tbe writings of Stepniak 
and Tikhomirov jointly. 

Reviewed in Academy, Jan. 1877, 11:43; Jdama, p. 427; Athenaeum, Jan. 1877, 
p. 75; Ifation, Mar. 1877, 24:165 

Whishaw, Fred J. Out of doors in Tsarland. 33op. illus. D. 
Lond. 1893. Longmans $2. 9i4«7 C 


Entertaining and spirited description of the oommonest types of humanity 
and of tbe manners and customs of the middle and lower classes, together with 
some account of angling and bear hunting. Well written. 

Reviewed in Academy, July 1893, 44:89; Nation, J nne 1893, 56:425; Saturday 
revieto, Aug. 1893, 76:248; Spectator, Aug. 1893, 71:217 

Vogiie, Eugene Marie Melchior, vicomtc de. Russian portraits ; tr. 
by E. L. Gary. i43p. nar. D. N. Y. 1895. Putnam 50c. (Au- 
tonym lib, no. 6) Cap. 843.89 NZ(i e 

Stories which, though united by literary artifice, stand quite apart and illus- 
trate somewhat diverse aspects of Russian life. The author leveals the capacity 
for ethnologic sympathy by which the great moral qualities of a people find 
scientific appreciation, and the artistic skill that seizing on the picturesque ele- 
ments of its every day life gives them an attractive literary form. — CriiAc, Ap. 
1896, 28:267 

Reviewed in Academy, July 1896, 50:31 ; Literary world, July 1896, 27:219 



Dalton, Hermann. On religious liberty in Russia. Sip. O. Lond. 
1890. Asher 2s 6d. 274.7 e 

Impartial pictn re of the present attitude of the Russian church toward the 
Lutheran. An open letter to the Russian synod. 

Heard, Albert F. Russian church and Russian dis.sent. 3iop. O. 
N. Y. 1887. Harper $1.75. 281.9 ^35 e 

Aeconut of the conversion of Rushia to Christianity and the principal events 
in the history of the national church. Valuable for reading and reference. — 
Critic, .Jan. 1887, 10:280 

Reviewed in Xation, Sep. 1887, 45 : 238 

South Place institute, London. Religious systems of the world. 
Ed. 2. 824P. O. N. Y. 1892. Macmillan $4.50. 2qo S08 e 

Contains an essay on the Russian church by N. Orloff. Valuable contribution 
to the study of comparative religions. 

Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn. Lectures on the history of the Eastern 
church. 422p. maps, D. N. Y. 1884. Scribner $2. 281.9 St2 ^ 

Contains three lo<'tures on the history of the Russian chureli. traciui» its growth 
and projjress in the various periods of national history. Clear and ('oneise. In- 
eludes a list of authorities consulted. 

See also Loroy-Beauliou, Empire of the tsars and the Rvssians, v. '.\, 


Errera, Leo. Russian Jews : extermination or emanci[)ation ? tr. 
from the French by Bella Lowy. 2o6p. map, (). N. Y. 1894. 
Macmillan $1.50. 296 Ery^e 


Fall and exact sketch of the origin of the Rassiau Jews and a record of their 
treatment. Stated with great fairness, the work is an earnest and able plea for 
emancipation. Not so dramatic as Frederic's The new exodus, it should be used 
as its complem^^nt. Well translated. 

Reviewed in Academy, Nov. 1894,46:374; CHfic, Feb. 1895, 26:140; Li/crary 
world, Feb. 1895, 26 : 52 ; Saturday review, Nov. 1894, 78 : 568 

Frederic, Harold. The new exodus; a study of Israel in Russia. 
3oop. illus. O. N. Y. 1892. Putnam $2.50. 296 F87 e 

Study of the persecution and expulsion of the Russian Jews and the causes 
which led to it. Based upon recent persoual observations, it is a valuable 
addition to historical and political literature. 

Reviewed in Academy, Nov. 1892, 42:478; Athenaeum, Nov. 1892, p. 627; CHtiOy 
Jan. 1893, 22 : 27 

Pennell, Joseph. The Jew at home; impressions of a summer and 
autumn. io5p. illus. D. N. Y. 1892. Appleton $1. 296 e 

Honest delineation of what the author saw. Reprint from the Uluatrated 

London news. 

Reviewed in Critic, June 1892, 20 : 350; Dial, Aug. 1892, 13:109; Nation, July 

1892, 55:7 

Jaakoff Pre looker, i860 - 

Prelooker, JaakofT. Under the czar and Queen Victoria. 24op. 
illus. O. Lond. 1895. Nisbet 7s 6d. 922.96 e 

Autobiography of a Russian reformer, the founder of the New Israelites. 
Describes Russian institutions and the present condition of unorthodox religious 

Reviewed in Academy, Jan. 1896, 49 : 31 ; Saturday review, July 1896, 82 : 74 



Bazan, Mme Emilia Pardo. Russia, its people and its literature ; tr. 
from the Spanish by F. H. Gardiner. 293P. D. Chic. 1890. 
McClurg $1.25. 891*73 B34 e 

Sketches of the Russian country , race and history ; nihilism, psychologic and 
literary ; the Russian novel. Shows profound thought and judgment in the 
characterization of Russian authors and their works. 

Reviewed in Diah Sep. 1890, 11:116; Literary world, June 1890, 21:200; 
Nation, June 1890, 50 : 512 

Dupuy, Ernest. Great masters of 'Russian literature in the 19th 
century; tr. by N. H. Dole. 445P. illus. D. N.Y. 1886. Crowell 
$1-25. 928.9173 D92 e 

Biographical, critical and analytic characterizations of Gogol, Turgenev and 
Tolstoi. An admirable introduction to the study of their chief productionB. 


Panin, Ivan. Lectures on Russian literature; Pushkin, Gogol, Tur- 
genef and Tolstoi. 22op. D. N. Y. 1889. Putnam $1.50. 

891.7 P19 e 

Critical analysis snmmariziiiji^ character and aims and comparing the writers 
considered with authors most familiar to the En<<:li8h reading public. Peculiar- 
ities of speech incident to writiug in a foreigu tongue mar the literary value. 

Reviewed in Critic, May 1890, 16:219; Vial, Jan. 1890, 10:263; Nation^ Feb. 
1890, 50 : 164 

Turner, Charles Edward. Modern novelists of Russia. 209P. O. 
Lond. 1889. Trubner 3s 6d. Son. 

Lectures delivered at Taylorian institute on Dostoyefsky, Gontcharov, 
Tolstoi and Tnrgenev. Shows appreciation and insight. 
Reviewed in Academy, May 1890, 37 : 348 

Studies in Russian literature. 389P. O. Lond. 1882. Low 8s 6d« 

Astor e 

Keen and syiupathetic studies of Lomonsoff, Kiiloff, Gogol and Pushkin with 
some biographic aecouMts and seh.'ctious. Valuable as a handbook preparatory 
to study of RuHHian literature. 

Reviewed in Academy, Jan. 1883, 23 : 37 ; Athenaeum, Jan. 1883, p. 120 

Vogiie, Eugene Marie Melchior, vicomte de. Russian novelists ; tr. 
by J.. L. Edmands. 275P. D. Bost. 1887. Lothrop $1.25. 

891.73 V86 e 

Series of studies of incomparable delicacy of the four distinguished contem- 
porary writers Gogol, Tnrgfiiev, Dostoyrfskv and ToNtoK Aims to trace the 
development of Russian literature and to show its subjection to forei;;u intlu- 
euces in its earliest periods and its eniaucipatiou in the present century. Por- 
trays each man and his works as illustrating Mie Russian national character. 
Contains a list of English translations from the Russian. 

Voynich, E. L. tr. The humour of Russia ; with an introd. by 
Stepniak. 349P. illus. D. N. Y. 1895. Scribner $1.25 (Inter- 
national humour series) Cap. 891.77 V94 e 

Contains selections, without comment, from Goijol, Gorbonuov, Ostrovsky, 
Stepniak, Uspensky and Shehedrin. Translation remarkable for accuracy and 

Reviewed in Academy, May 189.), 47 : 4U ; Critic, Mar. 1896, 28 : 213; Saturday 
review, Ap. 1895, 79 : 489 

Wolkonsky, Serge, prince. Pictures of Russian history and Rus- 
sian literature. 283P. illus. O. Bost. 1897. Lanison $2 (Lowell 
lectures) ^9^-7 ^^3 C 


Clear and well-proportioned lectures showing scholarship and literary ability, 
CD the history of the civilization of Russia. A valuable, condensed and thorongh 
work. Fall list of aiitliorities consulted. 

Reviewed in Critic, Oct. 1897, 31:230; Literary world, June 1897, 28; 204; 
Natiouy July 1897, 65 : 94 


Curtin^ Jeremiah. Myths and folk tales of the Russians, western 
Slavs and Magyars. 55 5p. O. Bost. 1890. Little $2. 398.3 e 

Natural rendering of the tales frotn the Slav and Magyar languages. Of sci- 
entific value as folk-lore. FIxcels in literary charm of translation. 
Reviewed \u Athenaeumj May 1891, p. 694; CritiOj Feb. 1891, 18:93 

Hapg^oody Isabel Florence, comp. and tr. Epic songs of Russia- 
358 p. O. N. Y. 1886. Scribner $2.50. W398.2 H21 e 

Spirited and sympathetic version of the more important of the semi-epic pop- 
ular poetry of the 10th, 11 th and 12th centuries. Conveys an adequate idea of 
the Russian bylinas. Well translated. 

Reviewed in ^carfemy, July 1886,80:37; Athenaeum ^ J \x\y 1886, p. 108; Critio, 
May 1886,8:240; Literary troW({, June 1886,17:212; JVatton, June 1886,42:494 

Ralston, William Ralston Shedden. Songs of the Russian people, 
as illustrative of Slavonic mythology and Russian social life. Ed. 2. 
447p. O. Lond. 1872. Ellis i2S. 398 e 

Account of the Kussian lyric poemn which oral tradition has preserved among 
the peasantry. Reveals the manners of the people by and among whom they 
are sung. 

Reviewed in Athenaeumj Mar. 1872, p. 329 

Russian folk tales. 332P. O. N. Y. 1877. Lovell $1.50. 

Bost e 

Stories of a high type, based on A-sauief. Shows great industry in the com- 
parative study of folk-lore. Of positive value to the student. Well translated. 
Reviewed in Athenaeam, June 1893, p. 815 


Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoyefsky^ 1822-81 

In literature an active and untiring worker for the establishment of 
the Christian principles of love, humility, self-abnegation. His system of 
ethics is contained in this sentence : * Every man is a sinner against every 
man.' — Wolkonsky^ p. 260 


Dostoyefsky, Feodor Mikailovich. Crime and punishment, illus. 
D. N. Y. 1886. Crowell $1.50. S91.73 D74 e 

Profoand study dealiug with prison life and aiming to show the divine spark 
always existing in tlie most degraded. • His masterpiece of psychologic analysis 
reaching the bight of realism. 

BeYiewed in Vogue, p. 176 

Poor folk ; tr. from the Russian by Lena Milman, with introd. by 

George Moore. i87p. D. Bost. 1894. Roberts $1. 

891.73 D74P e 

Simple, intensely pathetic story told indirectly bat with transparent lucidity 
iu the letters of Makar and Varvara . . . The translation is delightful read- 
ing.— iVation, Sep. 1894, 59 : 181 

Reviewed in Dial, Sep. 1894, 17:124; Critic, Dec. 1894, 25:428; SpeotaUn-, 
July 1894, 73 : 83; FogU^, p. 149 

Prison life in Siberia ; tr. by H. S. Edwards. 368p. D. Lond. 

1886. Maxwell 6s. 915*7 C 

Plain tale, devoid of artifice and rhetorical pretensions, of the snfiferings of a 
few prisoners in a Siberian fort. Most profound study of the penitentiary 
system and criminal physiology. Original is House of the dead ; also translated 
under the title Buried alive. 

Reviewed in Vogii^y p. 102 

Nikolai Vasilivich Gogol, 1810-52 

Father and master of Russian literature and realism. Contemporary 
of Dickens and Balzac. 

* I have studied life as it really is — not in the dreams of the imagina- 

Gogol, Nikolai Vasilivich. St John's eve and other stories; tr. 
from the Russian by I. F. Hapgood. 380P. D. N. Y. 1886, 
Crowell $1.25. W891.73 G55S e 

Contains also Old fashioned farmers ; Tale of Ivan Ivanovitch and Ivan 
Nikiforovitch ; The portrait and Tlie cloak. 
Reviewed iu Critxo, Nov. 1886, 9: 247 ; Literary world, Oct. 1886, 17 ; 350 

Taras Bulba ; tr. from the Russian by I. F. Hapgood. 295 p. D. 

N. Y. 1886. Crowell $1. W891.73 655 e 

Prose epic of Cossack life of the middle apes. Full of picturesque description. 
Reviewed in Critic, Aug. 1886, 9: 62; Nation, Aug. 1886, 43 : 120; VogiU, p. 66 

Tchitchokoft's journeys, or, Dead souls ; tr. from the Russian by 

I. F. Hapgood. 2v. in i, D. N. Y. 1886. Crowell $1.25. 

W891.73 Gsst e 


Humorons and toaohin^ incidents and sitaations in social ^ronpsof all classes^ 
breathing; through the mask of raillery and sarcasm the sentiment of fraternity. 
Reviewed mVogiUf p. 74 

Sony a (Krukovsky) Kavalevsky, 1850-91 

Kovalevsky, Sonya (Krukovsky). Vera VorontzofF; rendered 
into English by Anna von Rydingsvard, baroness von Proschwitz. 
i97p. D. Bost 1895. Lamson $1.25. 891*73 ^84 e 

Straightforward, intense narrative of the revolntionary propaganda in Rnssia. 
Shows keen insight into the springs of human action, and power in depicting a 
large and moving portion of life with a few swift, masterly strokes. Also pub- 
lished under the title Vera Barantzova, 

Reviewed in Bookman, Aug. 1893, 3:556; Dial, Xug, 1896, 21:196; Literary 
world, June 1896, 27:187 

Aleksandr Sergyevich Pushkin, 1 799-1837 

Peter the Great of Russian literature ; contemporaries, Griboyedof and 

Much influenced by the writers in Germany, England and France, he 
expresses universal sentiments and applies them to Russian themes ; he 
looks from outside upon the national life, artistically free from any influ- 
ence of his own race. He stirred its intellectual life more effectually 
than any other writer. — VoguS, p. 49 

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergyevich. Poems ; tr. from the Russian with 
introd. and notes by Ivan Panin. Ed. 2. 179P. D. Bost. 1888. 
De Wolfe $2. 891.71 P97 e 

Series of short lyric poems of life, in its breadth of universality and depth 
of individuality. Perfect in form. Literally translated. 
Noticed in Nation, Dec. 1888, 47 : 501 

Prose tales; tr. from the Russian by T. Keane. 402p. D. 

N. Y. 1896. Macmillan $1.75. Cap. 891.73 P97 e 

Collection of fresh and interesting stories, trne to modern life and national 
feeling. His touch is sure, his observation fairly acute, his language melodious 
and beautiful in the extreme. For the lovers of the delicately humorous and of 
the typically Russian. Well translated. 

Reviewed in Literary world, June 1894, 25;183, July 1896, 27:219 ; Nation, J\ine 
1894, 58:473 

Count Lyof Nikolaievich Tolstoi, 1828- 

As a novelist he takes rank with the greatest ; as a historian he chal- 
lenges attention by the boldness and originality of his views; as a 
theologian he shows by the very bitterness of those who dissent from him 


how deep the arrow of his truth enters their souls. . . as a political economist 
he has found the philosopher's stone which if used would revolutionize 
the world N. H. Dole in Tolstoi, Long exile ^ 1888, preface p. 3 

Behrs, C. A. Recollections of Tolstoy, with a letter to women of 
France on * Kreutzer sonata' j tr. from the Russian by C : E : Turner. 
235p. por. O. Lond, 1893. Heinemann 10s 6d. 928.9173 e 

Simple and truthful sketch of Tolstoi's domestic life by his brother-in-law. 
Adds little iu formation for those acquainted with Tolstoi's Autobiography, 
Interestiuj;; and delightful reading. 

Reviewed in Academy, Mar. 1893, 43:260; Athenaeum, Ap. 1893, p. 40; Spec- 
tator, May 1893, 70:643 

Tolstoi, Lyof Nikolaievich, counf. Anna Karenina ; tr. by N. H. 
Dole. 773p. D. N. Y. 1886. Crowell $1.25. 891.73 T58 e 

Strange, pathetic story of Russian life in the 19ih century. Its charm lies in 
the profound analysis of character, the power of dealing ;with pathetic and 
humorous incidents and the grace and fitness of the language. The teaching of 
the story is in the highest degree moral and stimulating. First appeared in 
BuBsian meesenger. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, Feb. 1887, p. 281; Critic^ Ap. 1886, 8:179; Nation, 
May 1886, 42 : 388 ; Nineteenth century, Ap. 1879, 5 : 65 ; VogU^, p. 246 

Childhood, boyhood and youth ; tr. from the Russian by I. F. Hap- 
good. 2v. in I, D. N. Y. 1886. Crowell $1.50. W891.73 T58C e 

Includes What to do. 

Interestinj: record of family life. Rich in poetic descriptions of nature and 
full of remarkable studies of the first movements and gradual development of 
thought and feeling in yoiithfiil minds. — Nineteenth century, Ap. 1879, 5: 650 

Reviewed in Critic, Aug. 1886, 9: 62 ; Nation, Mar. 1884, 6: 203 

The Gospel in brief. 226p. D. N. Y. 1896. Crowell $1.25. 

226 T58 e 

Fusion of the four New testament gospels into what the author conceives to be 
the true one. Direct, simple and straighltorwaid. 
Reviewed in Dial, July 1897, 23:52; Saturday review, Ap. 1897, 83 ; 448 

The invaders and other stories; tr. from the Russian by N. H. 

Dole. 2 V. in i, D. N. Y. 1887. Crowell $1.50. 

Cap. 891.73 T58in e 

Contains also A Russian projiriotor ; Wood cutting expedition ; Old acquaint* 
ance ; Lost on the steppe ; Polikushka ; Kliolstomir, a story of a horse. 

Ivan Ilyitch and other stories : tr. from the Russian by N. H. 

Dole. 2v. in i, D. N. Y. 1887-88. Crowell $1.25. 

Cap. 891.73 T58i e 


Contains also Fiiinily happiness; If yon neglect the fire you don't put it out; 
Where love is, there Gotl is also; A caudle; Two pilgrims; Three mendicants ; 
Popnhir legends; The godson ; Sbazha; Ivan the fool. 

Short stories showing inielleehial power, moral majesty and thoroughly 
Christian feeling. Nearly the same collection is pnhlished under the title Gospel 

Reviewed in Literary world, July 1887, 18: 229 

Tolstoi', Lyof Nikolaievich, count. My confession and The spirit of 
Christ's teaching; tr. from the Russian by I. F. Hapgood. 3V. 
in I, D. N. Y. 1885-88. Crowell $1.50. W241 T581 e 

Antohiographic sketches ; contains also My religion^ tr. from the French 
by Huntington Smith, and Life. 

Physiology of war; Napoleon and the Russian campaign : tr. from 

the French by Huntington Smith. 3V. in i, illus. D. N. Y. 1888. 
Crowell $1. 947-07 T582 e 

Inclndos Power and liberty , tr. by Huntington Smith ; The long exile and other 
atorieSf tr. by N. H. Dole. 
Reviewed in Literary world, Mar. 1888, 19: 67; Nation, Ap. 1888, 46:345 

Sevastopol; tr. from the Russian by I. F. Hapgood. 2v. in i, D. 

N. Y. 1888. Crowell $1.50. W947.07 Ts8i e 

Includes The Cossacks. 

Cool, calm and nnimpassioned delineations of the terrible romance of war, 
forming a series of vivid pictures of the iuvasion of the Crimea. The tenacity 
of his recollections of details is only equaled by the minuteness of touch and 
wonderful analysis of the human soul. 

Reviewed in Litwary world, July 1887, 18 : 234 

War and peace ; tr. from the Russian by N. H. Dole. 4V. in 2, O. 

N. Y. 1889. Crowell $3. 891.73 T58W ^ 

Panoramic novel, sketched in broad and sure outline, dealing with Russia, 
military and domestic, during the Napoleonic wars. The episodes, portraits and 
reflections are introduced through a few fictitious characters, while the real 
heroine is Russia herself, passing through a desperate struggle against the foreign 

Reviewed m Jthenneum, No^'. 1886; p. 597; Critic, July 1886, 9:51; Nation, 
Mar. 1890, 50:259; Nineteenth century, Ap. 1879, 5:650; Spectator, 60:202; 
VogU^, p. 223, 228 

/van Sergy'fevich TurgeneVy 1818-83 

He was born essentially impersonaU His conscience was not that of 
an individual ... it was in some sort the conscience of the people. Before 
he was born he had lived for thousands of years ; infinite successions of 


reveries had amused themselves in the bottom of his heart. No man has 
been so much as he the incarnation of the whole race ; generations of 
ancestors, lost in the sleep of centuries, came through him to life and 
utterance. — Renan 

Turgenev, Ivan Sergyeevich. Tourgueneff and his French circle ; 
ed. by E. H. Kraminsky ; tr. by E. M. Arnold. 302 p. illus. D. 
N. Y. 1898. Holt $2.50. 928.913 T84 e 

Letters to Mme Viardot, Gastave Flambcrt, George Sand, £mile Zola ond 

Dream tales and prose poems ; tr. from the Russian by Constance 

Gamett. 324P. D. N. Y. 1897. Macmillan $1.25. 

891.78 T841 e 

Sympathetic and imag'iDative sketches bearing deep iinpreRsion of his wonder- 
ful genius. Well translated. 
Reviewed in Aoademyf June 1897, v. 51, sup. p. 21 ; Athenaeum, Oct. 1897, p. 453 

Fathers and children ; tr. from the Russian by Constance Gar- 

nett. 3S8p. D. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $1.25. 

Cap. 891.73 T84f ^ 

Romance of the nihilists of 1860. Abounds in typical yet individualistic 
characters awakened from ceutnry-old superstitions and the long, oppressive 
dream of tndition. The creative power and miunte observatiou of details have 
never been excelled at auy period of his literary career. 

Reviewed in CH«o, Dec. 1895. 27:441; Literary world, Feb. 1896, 27:46; 
Saturday review, Jan. 1896, 81 : 23 ; Vogue, p. 115 

House of gentlefolk; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 

31 ip. D. N. Y. 1894. Macmillan $1.25. Cap. 891.73 T84h e 

Sequel of Rudin, showing keen observation of the natioual temperament. 
Original is Xett of nobles ; also published under the title Lisa, 
Reviewed iu Critic, Mar. 1895, 26 : 155 ; VogiU, p. 109 

On the eve ; tr. from the Russian by Constance Gamett. 290P. 

D. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $1.25. 891.73 T840 e 

Novel of the Russian iuteltectual life of 1854. Reveals the author*8 marvelous 
analytic power that hints at tendencies and causes when describing results. 
Reviewed in Critic, June 1895, 26:456; Saturday reiHew, May 1895, 79 : 676 

— Rudin ; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. N. Y. 1894. 
Macmillan. Cap. 891.73 T84d ^ 

Moral aud philosophical study, inciting to thought and interesting to the 
thinking mind. The center of tiction is iu that section of the nobility which has 
been haidly touched by European civilization. The earliest of his social novels. 

Reviewed in Critic, Dec. 1889, 25 : 387 ; NaUon, Aug. 1894, 59 : 107 ; VogU^, p. 109 


Turgenev, Ivan Sergyeevich. Smoke; tr. from the Russian by 
Constance Garnett. D. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $1.25. 

Cap. 891.73 T84sm e 

Deacribes a class of Russian society liviDg abroad. Somewbat exaggerated 
represeDtatioD yet coDtainiDg many passages overflowing with vivid fancy and 
strong common sense. 

Reviewed in Ctiiic, May 1896, 28:384; Vogui, p. 122 

Sportsman's sketches ; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 

2v. D. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $2.50, 891.73 T84SP e 

Genre studies of provincial Russian society. Sbowa wonderful analysis of 
charnoter, wide observation and hiilf-veiled sympathy. 

Eteviewed in Crii^c, Dec. 1895, 27 : 441 ; Literary worldy Nov. 1895, 26 : 392 ; 
VogU^, p. 101 

Torrents of spring ; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 

40SP. D. N. Y. 1897. Macmillan $1.25. 891.73 T84S e 

Simple tale of people living under the fall stress of a great social force. Well 
Reviewed in Saturday review, Jan. 1896, 81 : 23 

Virgin soil; tr, from the French by Constance Garnett. 2V. D. 

N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $2.50. Cap. 891.73 T84V ^ 

Artistic treatment of nihilism of the active rather than tbe speculative sort; 
remarkable for the truthfulness of its representative and symbolic qualities. 
Reviewed in Cntic, Nov. 1896, 29: 295; Votiu^, p. 126 



Russia — Trade and manufactures, Dep't of. Industries of Russia; 
tr. by J. M.Crawford, sv. maps, Q. St Petersburg 1893. 314.7 e 

Contents : v. 1-2 Manufactures and trade; v. 3 Agricultnre and forestry; 
V. 4 Mining and metallurgy; v. 5 Siberia and the Siberian railway. 

Comprehensive work on the industrial condition of the empire; compiled by 
the Russian government for the World's Columbian exposition. Translated by 
the U. S. consul-general. 


Maskelly Alfred. Russian art and art objects in Russia. 278P. illus. D^ 
Lond. 1884. Chapman 4s (South Kensington museum art hand- 
books) 709.47 e 

Guide to the reproductions of works of art in Rnssia, now belonging to the South 
Kensington museum, together with a general consideration of Russian art. Con- 
cise and minute in detail. Well illustrated. 


Muther, Richard. History of modern painting. v. 3, illus. Q. 
N. Y. 1896. Macmillan $20 a set of 3V. 750 qMqS v. 3 e 

Biographic, descriptive and critical account of Russian art from the begin- 
ning to the 18th century. Classified by subjects. Well illustrated. 

Newton, Charles Thomas. Essays on art and archaeology. 472P. 
illus. O. N. Y. 1880. Macmillan $4. 913-38 N48 e 

Excellent mnnunl of iufornnntion concerniug the recent remarkable progress of 
knowledge in the field of classical archeology by a competent and trustworthy 
guide. To wide and accurate acqnaintance with the sources of information, 
derived from the study of ancient authors and the existing monuments of 
. ancient art, he unites a sound judgment and unusual practical escperieuce as an 
original investigator. — NaHon, Dec. 1880, 31:449 

See also under Description, travel, etc. p. 451 7Ae Tsar and his people. 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 


January 1899 





Clara Whitehill Hunt 
CLASS OF 1898 


New York State Library School 


Abbreviations 466 

Books oired 486 

A few reference books for the teacher 468 

Illustrative material 470 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 

Bibliography no. i6 January 1899 





Poems are marked with a * at the left. 

Abbreviationa following main entries in the lists of ' Books cited ' and 'A few 
reference books for the teacher' refer to the libraries in which the books were 

Call numbers are given for all books in the New York state library even thongh 
the edition differs from that descril>ed in the list. Books in the traveling libra- 
ries are marked ^ Trav. lib.' followed by the number of the library and the book. 
Volume and page numbers are separated by a colon; e. g. 3:145 means vol. 3, 
p. 145. The following are the principal abbreviations used. Other abbreviations 
are self-explanatory. 
Bost. Boston public library 
Utica Utica public library 


This list includes only books to which reference has been made for special 
chapters and which are not elsewhere entered in full. 

Alcott, Louisa May. Lulu's library, v. 1, 8. Bost. 1893. Roberts $1. Utica 

Andersen, Hans Christian. Stories and tales. 532p. illus. D. Bost. 1870. 
Houghton $1. 839.8364 Ul 

Wonder stories told for children. 555p. illns. D. Bost. Houghton $1. 

839.8364 U 

Barnes' new national second reader. 175p. illus. D. N. Y. 1883. Barnes 85c, 

Barnes' new national third reader. 240p. illus. D. N. Y. 1884. Barnes 6(ks. 


Bellamy, Blanche Wilder ft Goodwin, M. W. comp. Open sesame ; poetry 
for school days. v. 1, iilus. O. Bost. 1891. Ginn 75c. W828 B41 

Boston collection of kindergarten stories. 116p. D. Bost. 1893. Haramett 60c. 


Brackett, Anna C. ft Eliot, I. M. eomp. Poetry for home and school. 320p. 
S. N. Y. 1891. Putnam $1.25. ^ W821.08 B72 

Brodie, Emily. Roagh, the terrier. 95p. illos. D. Lond. Shaw 2s 6d. Bost. 

Bryant, William Cullen, wmip. New lihrary of poetry and song. llOOp. illos. 
O. N. Y. 1895. Fords $5. R821,08 B841 

Burnett, Mrs Frances (Hodgson). GiovanDi a d the other children who have 
' made stories. 193 p. illas. O. N. Y. 1893. Scribner $1.50, Utica 

Little Saint Elizabeth and other stories. 146p. illus. sq. O. N. Y. 1895. 

Scribner $1.50. Utioa 

Child garden of story, song and play, Dec. 1892-Noy. 1895. v. 1-3, illns. O. 
Chic. 1892-95. Kindergarten literatare co. $1 a year. 372.2 C43 


Cyr, Ellen M. oomp. The children's third reader. 260p. illus. D. Bost. 1896. 
Ginn 50c. 

De la Rame, Louisa. Bimbi ; stories for children. 303p. illns. O. Phil. 1893. 
Lippincott $1.60. Trav, lib. 19, bk 17 

Dickinson, Emily. Poems; ed. by M.L.Todd. 200p. S. Bost. 1896. Roberts 
$1.25. 811.49 D564 

Dodge, Mrs Mary (Mapes). AJoog the way. 135p. D. N. Y. 1879. Scribner 
$1. W811.49 D66 

Harper's third reader. 316p. illus. D. N. Y. 1888. Harper 48c. 

Jackson, Mrs Helen (Hunt). Bits of talk in verse and prose for young folks. 
244p. illus. 8. Bost. 1875. Roberts $1. 

Cat stories : Letters from a cat ; Mammy Tittleback and her family ; 

The hunter cats of Connorloa. 89+101+156p. illus. D. Bost. 1889. 
Roberts $2. Trav. lib. 20, bk 13 

Poems. 266p. illns. D. Bost. 1892. Roberts $1.50. 811.49 J12 

Johnson, Helen Kendrick, oomp. Illustrated poems and songs for young peo- 
ple. 307p. illus. O. N. Y. 1884. Rontledge $2. W821.08 J62 

Kipling, Rudyard. Jungle book. 303p. illus. D. N. Y. 1894. Century $1.50. 

Cap. 823.89 K624J 

Kitchen garden, July 1896. v. 1, Q. Utica, N. Y. 1896. Kitchen garden $1 a 

Lang, Andrew, oomp. Animal story book. 400p. illus. D. N. Y. 1896. Long- 
maus $2. Cap. 823.89 L25an 

Larcom, Lucy. Poetical works. 325p. illus. O. Bost. 1868-84. Houghton 
$L50 (Household ed.) 811.49 L32 


Lovejoy, Mary I. comp. Nature iu verse; a poetry reader for children. 305p. 
D. N. T. 1896. Silver $1. 811.08 L94 

Miller, Mrs Harriet (Mann). Id nesting time; by Olive Thorne Miller. 
275p. D. Best. 1893. Houghton $1.25. Cap. 598.2 08b 

Monroe's new second reader. 160p. illus, D. Phil. 1882. Cowperthwait, 

Monroe's new third reader. 224p. illns. D. Phil. 1883. Cowperthwait. 

Morley, Margaret Warner. Seed babies. 75p. illus. D. Bost. 1897. Ginn 
25c. 372.3 M82 

Morrison, Mrs Mary (Whitney), oomp. Songs and rhymes for the little ones. 
Newed. 244p. D. Bost. 1884>95. Knight $1.50. W811.08 M83 

Noel, Maurice. Buz ; or, The life and adventures of a honey bee. 134p. illus. D. 
N. Y. 1892. Holt $1. Trav. lib.- 19, bk 3 

Our children's songs. 207p. illns. O. N. Y. 1877. Harper $1. 

Outlook; a family paper, Feb.-Aug. 1897. v. 55-56, illus. O. N. Y. 1897. OuU 

look publisbiug co. $3 a year. 205 C4622 


Poulsson, Emilie, oomp. In the child's world. 443p. illus. O. Springfield, 
Mass. 1894. Milton Bradley Co. $2. 372.2 P86 

Pratt, Mara L. Little flower folks; or, Stories from flowerland for the home 
and school. 2v. illus. D. Bost. 1891. Educational publishing co. 60c. 30c. 
each. 580.4 PO 

Richards, Mrs Laura E. oomp. Four feet, two feet and no feet, 282p. illus. O. 
Bost. 1886. Estes $2.50. Utica 

Riley, James Whitcomb. Old fashioned roses. £d. 15. 145p. nar. S. Loud. 
1896. Longmans $1.75. 811.49 R45o 

St Nicholas; an illustrated magaziue for young folks. Mar. 1886-May 1887. 

V. 13-14. illus. O. N. Y. 1886-87. Century co. $3 a year. 051 Sa2 


Saunders, Marshall. Beautiful Joe. 304p. illns. D. Phil. 1894. American 
baptist publishing co. 60c. Cap. 813.49 Sa83 

Sewell, Anna. Black Beauty. 245p. illus. D. Bost. 1890. Lothrop$l. 

179.3 Se8 

Sherman, Frank Dempster. Little folk lyrics. 140p. illus. O. Bost. 1897. 
Houghton $1.50. 811.49 Sh51 

Skinner, Charles Rufus, oomp. Arbor day manual. 456p. illus. O. Alb. 1890. 
Weed, Parsons & Co. $2.50. 371.89 8k3 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Child's garden of verses. lOlp. D. N. Y. 1893. 
Scriboer $1.50. Cap. 821.89 St4 

Stowe, Mrs Harriet (Beecher). Queer little people. 191p. illus. D. Bost. 
1867-95. Houghton $1.25. Trav. lib. 28, bk 4 

Strong, Frances L. oomp. All the year round ; a nature reader : pt 3, Spring. 
I 99p. illus. D. Bost. 1896. Ginn 35c. 



Thazter, Mrs Celia (Laighton). Stories and ^oerna for children. 257p. illng. D. 
Boat. 1895. Houghton $1.50. Cap. 813.49 T33 

Thomas, Edith Matilda. In the young world. 109p. D. Boat. 1896. Hough- 
ton $1.50. Cap. 811.49 T36in 

Wesselhoeft, Lily F. Frowzle, the runaway. 312p. illua. D. Boat. 1885. 
Roberta $1.25. Trav. lib. 28, bk 18 

Torpeanuta, the tomboy. 296p. illua. D. Boat. 1897. Roberta $1.25. 

Cap. 813.49 W513 

Whittier, John Greenleaf, camp. Child life; a collection of poema. 263p. 
illua. D. Boat. 1871. Houghton $2. Trav. lib. 20, bk 21 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate (Douglas) & Smith, N. A. Story hour. 185p. illna. D. 
Boat. 1890. Houghton $1. W813.49 W63st 

Wiltse, Sara E. Kindergarten atoriea and morning talka. 212p. D. Boat. 1890. 
Ginn85c. 372.2 W711 

Youth's companion, 1885-96. v. 58-70, illua. PS. Boat. 1885-06. Perry Mason 
& Co. $1.75 a year. 



Buckley, Arabella Burton. Fairyland of aoience. 244p. illna. D. N. Y. 1892. 
Appleton $1.50. Cap. 504 P2a 

Gibson, William Hamilton. Sharp eyea; a rambler'a calendar of 52 weeks 
among inaecta, birda and flowera. 322p. illua. O. N. Y. 1896. Harper 
$2.50. 504 Pla 

Howe, Edward Gardnier. Syatematic aoience teaching ; a manual of induc- 
tive elementary work for inatructura. 326p. illua. D. N. Y. 1894. Appleton 
$1.50 (International education aer.) 507 P4 

Jackman, Wilbur S. Field work in nature atudy. 55p. illua. Chlo. 1894. 
Flanagan 50c. 

Nature atudy and related aubjecta for the common achoola; in two 

parta. 23-fl67p. Chic. 1895. Bartaoh, Normal achool publiahinghouao85o. 

Nature atudy for the common achoola. 438p. D. N. Y. 1892. Holt $1 20. 

Nature studies ; Mother Naturo'a children. Mother Natnre'a helpera, etc. v. 1- 
date, illua. O. Chic. 1895-date. Weatern unitarian Sunday achool aoc. 75o. 

a year. 

Payne, Frank Owen. One hundred lesaona in nature atudy around my school. 
201p. illua. D. N. Y. 1895. Kellogg $1. E372.3 P29 

Wilson, Mrs Lucy Langdon (Williams^. Nature atudy in elementary achools; 
a manual for teachera. 272p. illua. D. N. Y. 1898. Macmillan 90o. 

372.3 We91 



Morley, Margaret Warner. SoDg of life. 155p. illas. D. Chic. 1891. MoClnrg 
$1.26. W570 PI 


Bailey, Liberty Hyde. Lessons with plants. 49l'p. illos. D. N. T. 1898. 
Macmillan $1.10. E581 P7b 

Hale, Gertrude Elisabeth. Little flower people. 85p. illus. D. Bost. 1887. 
GiuniOc. W580 07 

Mathews, Ferdinand Schuyler. Familiar trees and their leaves. 320p. illos. 
D. N. Y. 1896. Appleton $1.75. 581.973 P6 

Newell, Jane H. Outliues of lessons in botany. 2 y. D. Bost. Ginn. 
pt 1, From seed to leaf, 50c.; pt 2, Flower and frait, 8O0. 

Parsons, Mrs Frances Theodora. How to know tbe wild flowers; by Mrs 
William Starr Dana. New ed. enl. 373p. illus. O. N. Y. 1895. Scribuer 
$1.75. Cap. 580 P3a 

Plants and their children. 272p. illas. D.] K. T. 1896. American 

book CO. 65c. 581 P6 


Clapp, Henry Lincoln. Thirty-six observation lessons on common minerals. 
83p. 8. Bost. 1890. Heath 30o. (Guides for science teaching, no. 15) 

E549.07 09 

Kingsley, Charles. Madam How and Lady Why. 321p. illas. D. N. T. 1893. 
Macmillau$l. 551 P3 

Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate. Directions for the teaching of geology. 73p. D. 
Bost. 1888. Heath 25c. £550.7 04 

First book in geology. 255p. illus. D. Bost. 1887. Heath, hoards 60c.; 

oloth$l. E550.2 04 


Buckley, Arabella Burton. Life and her children ; glimpses of animal life from 
the amoeba to the insects. 312p. illas. D. N. Y. 1893. Appleton $1.50. 

592 P3 

Winners in life's race ; or, The great backboned family. 367p. illus. D. 

N. Y. 1894. Appleton $1.50. 596 P4 

Cooper, Sarah. Animal life in the sea and on the land. 413p. illus. D. N. Y. 
1887. Harper $1.25. E590.2 07 

Morse, Edward Sylvester. First lessons in zoology. N. Y. American book 
CO. 87c. 


Blanchan, Neltje. Bird neighbors. 23ip. illus. Q. N. Y. 1897. Doubleday 

Chapman, Frank Mickler. Bird life. 195p. illus. D. N. Y. 1898. Appleton 
$1.75. 598.2 P7d 


Grant, John B. Our common birds and how to know tbem. Ed. 4» 224p. 
illus. ob. T. N. T. 1893. Scribner $1.50. 598.2 PI 

Wright, Mabel Odgood ft Coues, Elliott. Citizen bird ; soenes from bird life 
in plain Euglish for beginners. 430p. illus. D. N. T. 1897. Macmillan 
$1.50. Cap. 598.2 P7c 


Ballard, Mrs Julia P. Among the motbs and butterflies. 237p. illas. O. 
N. Y. 1894. Putnam $1.50. 505.78 PO 

Packard, Alpheus Spring. Our common insects. 225p. illus. D. Bost. 1873. 
' Estes$1.50. 595.7 N3 


Acorn, se^ Seed ; Trees, Oak. 


Kipling. Her Majesty's servants, (see his Jungle book, p. 263-303) 

♦ Thaxter. Little Gustava. (see her Stories and poems for children. 

p. 119-20) 

(see Poulsson. In the child's world, p. 329-50) 

Wesselhoeft. Torpeanuts, the tomboy. 
See also names of animals. 

♦ A tragedy, (see Youth's companion^ July 1893, 66 : 347) 

Apple, see Flowers, Apple blossom; Trees, Apple, 


Daisy's calendar, (see Youths companion^ Ap. 1891, 64 : 199) 

♦ Jackson. April, (see her Poems, p. 135) 

Arbutus, see Flowers, Arbutus. 


♦ About the fairies, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 190-91) 

♦ Alden. Lost: the summer. (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse. 

p. 188-89) 

♦ Allingham. Robin Redbreast, (see Our children's songs, p. 60) 

♦ Kimball. The flight of the birds, (see Morrison. Songs and 

rhymes for tlie little ones. p. 175-76) 

See also Birds; Buds; Leaves, Autumn \ November; Octo- 
ber; Seasons; September; Trees; Wind. 


How the bears helped one another, (see Richards. Four feei^ 
two feet and no feet. p. 55-56) 



Noel. Buz. 

• Pendleton. Song of the bee. (see St Nicholas^ Sep. 1887, 14 : 845) 


Beecher. Coming and going, (see Wiltse. Kindergarten stories 

and morning talks, p. 8-10) 
Crane express, (see Poulsson. In the child* s world, p. 14-16) 
Miller. In nesting time. 
One hundred happy birds, (see Youth^s companion^ June 1895, 

69 • 305) 
The saucy bird, (see Richards. Four feet^ two feet and no feet, 

p. 7-8) 

• Spring meeting, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 7-8) 
Surgeon bird, (see Boston collection of kindergarten stories, p. 99- 


• Bryant Robert of Lincoln, (see his Library of poetry and song, 

p. 47^7) 
(see Brackett & Eliot. Poetry for home and school. 

P- "3-1 S) 
(see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs for young 

people, p. 95-96) 

(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 86-88) 

(see Whittier. Child life, p. 73-76) 

The saucy bird, (see Richards. Four feet, two feet and no feet, 
p. 7-8) 
Aesop. The crow and the pitcher. (see Wiltse. Kindergarten 
stories and morning talks, p. 197-98) 

Mrs Humming-bird, (see Richards. Four feet, two feet and no feet, 

p. 104-S) 
Stowe. Hum, the son of Buz. (see her Queer little people, p. 67-79) 

A queer conductor, (see Richards. Four feet, two feet and no feet, 

p. 47-48) 

Dendy. The fantail pigeon, (see Poulsson. In the child's world, 
p. 76-79) 


• Thaxter. The constant dove, (see her Stories and poems for chil- 

dren, p. 125-26) 

(see Poulsson. In the child's world, p. 80) 


• Larcoro. Sir Robin, {st^h^t Poetical works, p. 126-27) 
Richards. The lazy robin, (see YoutJCs companion^ July 1892, 

65 : 301) 
Spring in the apple tree, (see Strong. All the year round : Spring. 

p. 63-66) 
Stowe. History of Tip-Top. {sqq Yiti Queer little people, p. 26-38) 

• Thaxter. In the lilac bush, (see her Stories and poems for children. 

P- 237-38) 

• Robin, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 82-83) 

• ■ The scarecrow, (see her Stories and poems for children. 

P- 15^-52) 

• Thaxter. The sandpiper, (see her Stories and poems for children. 

p. I 13-14) 
(see Bellamy & Goodwin. Open sesame, i : 107-8) 

(see Cyr. Children's third reader, p. 242-43) 

(see Our children's songs, p. 117) 

(see Whittier. Child life, p. 67-68) 


The story of the storks, (see Monroe's second reader, p. 142-46) 

• Larcom. The brown thrush, (see Skinner. Arbor day manual. 

p. 60) 
(see Whittier. Child life, p. 70) 

Birds' nests 

Bramble bush and the lambs, (see Boston collection of kindergarten 

stories, p. 40-41) 
(see Wiltse. Kindergarten stories and morning talks. 

p. 4-5) 
Nest in the mail box. (see Richards. Four feet, two feet and no 

feet. p. 39-41) 

The new nest, (see Richards. Four feet, two feet and no feet. 

p. 169-71) 

• Thaxter. The scarecrow, (see her Stories and poems for children. 

P* 151-52) 
(see Poulsson. In the child's world, p. 296-97) 



Thaxter. The blackberry bush, (see her Stories and poems for 
children, p. 44-47) 

Bobolinky see Birds, Bobolink, 

Bramble bush 

Bramble bush and the lambs, (see Boston collection of kindergarten 
stories, p. 40-41) 


Congdon. Merry Brook, (see Child garden^ May 1894, 2 : 182-84) 

• Larcom. The rivulet. {st^Yiti I\fetical works, p. 134) 

• Riley. The brook song, (see his Old fashioned roses, p. 78-79) 


Jarvis. The baby bud*s winter clothes, (see Poulsson. In the child* s 

world, p. 47) 
Little old woman who lived in a tree, (see Child garden^ Sep. 1893, 

I : 290-92) 


Greene. The burdock, (see Kitchen garden^ July 1896, p. 4-6) 

• What the burdock was good for. (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse. 

p. 122-24) 

Buttercup, see Flowers, Buttercup, 


Bumstead. Tommy's cabbage, (see Youth^s companion^ May 
1889, 62:247) 

Calla, see Flowers, Calla, 

Canterbury bell, see Flowers, Canterbury bell. 


Brent. A fair exchange. (see Youth^s companion^ June 1895, 

69 : 293) 
Carleton. In the willow tree. {^t^^Youth's companion, June 1888, 

61 : 307) 
Cat learns to dance, (see Richards. Four feet, tivo feet and no feet, 

P- 13-14) 
Champney. Cooperative kitten raising, (see Outlook, Feb. 1897, 



Jackson. Cat stories. 

Christmas tree for cats, (see her Bits of talk for young folks. 

P- 18-37) 
Lockwood. Sport and the kittens, (see Harper^ s third reader. 

p. 16-19) 
Prince. The pussy that slept in the hay. (see Youths companion^ 

Aug. 1 89 1, 64:433) 
Wiggin. Mrs Chinchilla, (see Wiggin & Smith. Story hour. 

P- ^39-45) 


Fleming. The life of a silkworm, (see Poulsson. In the child^s 
world, p. 434-38) 

Gatty. A lesson of faith ; adapted (see Boston collection of kin- 
dergarten stories, p. 107-10) 

Chestnuty see Trees, Chestnut, 


• Shelley. The cloud, (sec Bryant. Library of poetry and song. 

p. 822) 

• Sherman. Clouds, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 79-80) 

Clover, see Flowers, Clover, 

Phillips. Three little sisters, (see Child garden^ Sep. 1893, 

I : 316-18) 

See also Popcorn. 

Pearce. Teddy's lesson, (see YoutlCs companion^ Mar. 1895, 

69 : 145) 
Poulsson. Rhyme of the bowl of milk, (see Outlook^ May 1897, 

56 : 186) 

Cowbird, see Birds, Cowbird. 
Cowslip, see Flowers, Cowslip, 
Crocus, see Flowers, Crocus, 
Crow, see Birds, Crow, 
Daffodil, see Flowers, Daffodil, 
Daisy, see Flowers, Daisy, 


Dandelioili see Flowers, Dandelion, 


• The beginning, (see Youth* s companion, Dec. 1896, 70 : 677) 


Alley ne. Story of Fido. (see Lang. Animal story book. p. 200-4) 
Story of the dog Oscar, (see Lang. Animal story book. 

p. 264-73) 
Brodie. Rough, the terrier. 

De la Rain6. Moufflon, (see her Bimbi. p. 93-123) 
Dog who rang for his dinner, (see Monroe* s second reader, 

p. 123-26) 
Swing. Benjy in Beastland; adapted, (see Wiggin & Smith. 

Story hour, p. 72-82) 
Freer. Two highland dogs, (see Lang. Animal story book, 

p. 174-90) 
Lippincott. The dog-boy and the boy-dog. (see Barnes* third 

reader, p. 49-58) 
Lockwood. Sport and the kittens, (see Harpet^s third reader, 

p. 16-19) 

adapted, (see Wiggin & Smith. Story hour. p. 59-7') 

St Bernard dogs, (see Child garden^ Feb. 1895, 3 : 66-69) 

St Nicholas dog stories, (see St Nicholas^ Mar. 1886-May 1887, 

13 • 358-65, 526-32, 624-29; 14 : 59-66, 377-81, 543-48) 
Saunders. Beautiful Joe. 

Stowe. Our dogs, (see her Queer little people, p. 91-140) 
Tiddledywinks. (see Youth's companion^ Oct. 1895, 69 : 519) 
Tip and Rollo. (see Youth's companion^ Ap. 1886, 59 : 135) 
Wesselhoeft. Frowzle the runaway. 
Wiggin. Dickey Smiley 's birthday, (see Wiggin & Smith. Story 

hour, p. 38-51) 


Andersen. The ugly duckling. {^^t\iS& Wonder stories, p. 30-41) 
Richards. How two looked at a shower, (see Youth's companion^ 
Aug. 1887, 60 : 339) 

Easter lily, see Flowers, Easter lily. 


Saulsbury. Squirmy, the earthworm, (see Child garden ^ July 1895, 
3 : 242-45) 



Frenzeney. Old Soup, the elephant, (see Earned third reader. 

P- 73-78) 
Kipling. Toomai of the elephants, (see his Jungle book, p. 217-61) 

Fir, see Trees, Fir, 


Discontented fishers, {stt Harper* s third reader, p. 225-28) 

La Fontaine. The three gold fishers, (see Boston collection of 

kindergarten stories, p. 20-22) 
Poulsson. The minnow's adventure, (see her In the child* s world. 

p. 242-47) 

Andersen. The flax (see his bonder stories, p. 488-92) 
(see Poulsson. In the child* s world, p. 426-32) 


Apple blossom 

Andersen. There's a difference, {see his Stories and tales, p. 225— 

Boyle. How the apple blossom came back, (see Outlook, May 

1897, 56:277) 
Brush. Lady Pinkblow's slippers, (see Youths companion, May 
1892, 65 : 261) 
* Bryant. The planting of the apple tree, (see his Library of poetry 
and song. p. 457-5^) 

(see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs for young 

people, p. 126-27) 
(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 19-20) 

* Dayre. Apple blossoms, (see Youth^s companion. May 1890, 63 : 


* Dodge. Blossom snow, (see her Along the way, p. 100) 

* When the apple blossoms stir, (see Pratt. Little flower folks. 

I • 94-95) 
See also Trees, Apple, 


Belknap. 'Indian legend of the arbutus, (see Poulsson. In the 

chiWs world, p. 375-77) 

Perkins. Indian legend of the arbutus, (see Child garden, Ap, 




* Jewett. Discontent, (see Johnson. IllusttcUed poems and songs for 

young people, p. loo-i) 

(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 128-29) 

(see Pratt. Little flower folks, i : 114-15) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 141) 

Baby Calla. (see Wiltse. Kindergarten stories and morning talks, 

P- IS3-5S) 
Canterbury bell 

Branch. Canterbury bells, (see Youth^s companion^ July 1887, 60 : 

327) '' 

* Larcom. Pussy Clover, (see her Poetical works, p. 136-37) 

* Rice. Under the snow, (see St Nicholas^ Sep. 1886, 13 : 815) 


* Swett. Cowslips, (see ^/iV/VA^^^f, Ap. 1887, 14:417) 

Wiltse. Story of a cowslip, (see Boston collection of kindergarten 
stories, p. 45-47) 

* Thaxter. Crocus. {sttYiei Stories and poems for children, p. 123- 


* Pratt. Daffy-down- dilly. (see Youth^s companion^ Mar. 1890,63: 


* Warner. Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold, (see Brackett & 

Eliot. Poetry for home and school, p. 26-27) 
(see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs for young 

people, p. 90-91) 

(see Our children's songs, p. 70-71) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 146) 

Andersen. The daisy, (see his Wonder stories, p. 393-97) 
Branch. What are daisies good for ? (see Youth's companion^ June 

* Penniman. The wild flowers, (see St Nicholas, June 1886, 13 : 603) 

* Sherman. Daisies, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 19) 

Stowe, Daisy's first winter, (see Cyr. Children's third reader, 
p. 218-27) 

* Thomas. The day's eye. (see her In the young world, p. 36) 



Andersen. There's a difference, (see his Stories and tales 
p- 225-28) 

* Brown. Dandelion, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. ^€) 

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Legend of the dandelion, (see Strong. All the year round: Spring. 

P- 52-53) 
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1893, I : 162-64) 

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child's world, p. 65-69) 

Easter lily 

Chapin. The Easter lily, (see Child garden, Mar. 1894, 2 : 121-23) 

Four o'clock 

* Dayre. The reason, (see YoutlCs companion^ June 1886, 59 : 243) 


* Sherman. Goldenrod. (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 22) 


* Pratt. Hepatica. (see Strong. All the year round: Spring. 

p. 42) 
The morning-glories and what happened to them, (see Child garden^ 
July 1894, 2 : 251-54) 


* Dowd. A queer little woman, (see Youth's companion, June 

1888, 61 : 283) 
Fea- blossom 

Andersen. Five out of one shell. (see his Stories and tales. 

P- 52-55) 
(see Poulsson. In the child's world, p. 53-57) 

(see Strong. All the year round : Spring, p. 22-26) 

(see Wiltse. Kindergarten stories and morning talks. 

p. 146-49) 
Fussy willow 

* Pussywillow, (see Pratt. Little flower folks, 1:110) 

Andersen. Which was the happiest ? (see his Stories and tales. 

p. 466-70) 
The Christmas rose, (see Pratt. Little flower folks, 2 : 44H^6) 
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Sweet pea 
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Smith. The maple leaf and the violet, (see Wiggin & Smith. 

Story hour. p. 133-38) 


• Larcom. The windflower. (see her Poetical works, p. 124) 
See also Garden. 


• The fly. (see Our children's songs, p. 27) 

Four o'clock, see Flowers, Four o'clock. 


Mr Reynard and Mrs Goose, (see Youth's companion^ Ap. 1890, 


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(see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs for young 

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Story for Willie Winkle, (see Willse. Kindergarten stories and 
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Mr Reynard and Mrs Goose, (see Youth^s companion^ Ap. 1890, 

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Old Prob. (see Youth^s companion^ Sep. 1889, 62 : 439) 


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song. p. 465) 

(see Lovejoy. Nature inverse, p. 22-23) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 38) 


* Grasshopper, (see l^wMV re7/«/^///^/i, July 1893, 66 : 347) 

Wiggin: Hare and the tortoise, (see Child garden^ Mar, 1895 
3 • 107-9) 
Hawthorn, see Trees, Hawthorn. 



Alcott. Cockyloo. (see her Lulu's library, i : 95-108) 

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June 1893, I : 194-97) 
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P- 337-43) 
Richards. How two looked at a shower, (see Youths companion^ 

Aug. 1887, 60 : 339) 
Sou they. The little rooster, (see Boston collection of kindergarten 

stories, p. 15-18) 
Underwood. Bobby's chickens, (see Youths companion y Ap. iSS^y 


Hepatica, see Flowers, Hepatica, 


Bumstead. How Jet started west, (see Youths companion^ Sep. 

1891, 64 : 501) 
Carter. A wise old horse, (see Poulsson. /// the child's world, 

P- 151-54) 
Sewell. Black Beauty. 

Wise old Dobbin, (see Boston collection of kindergarten stories. 

p. 77-80) 

Humming-bird, see Birds, Humming-bird, 

Insects, see names of insects. 


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• June, (see Youths companion^ June 1888, 61 : 295) 

• June. (see Youths companion, June 1895, 69: 305) 


Smith. The maple-leaf and the violet. (see Wiggin & Smith 
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• Autumn leaves, {see Harper's third reader, p. 20-21) 
(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 203-4) 


Beecher. The anxious leaf, (see Skinner. Arbor day manuaL p. 52) 
(see Wiltse. Kindergarten stories and morning talks. 

P- 34-35) 

* Coolidge. How the leaves came down, (see Lovejoy. Nature in 

verse, p. 205-6) 

(see Pratt. Little flower folks, i : 16-17) 

— (see Skinner. Arbor day manuaL p. 198) 

* Sherman. Leaves at play, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 81) 

• Warner. Friends, (see Brackett & Eliot. Poetry for home and 

school, p. 94) 


Aesop. The lion and the mouse, (see Wiltse. Kindergarten 
stories a fid morning talks, p. 43-45) 

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book, p. 91-97) 

Maple, see Trees, Maple, 


• Daisy's calendar, (see Youth^s companion^ Mdj. 1891, 64:141) 

* Dickinson. To March, (see her /^^;//j. p. 106-7) 

• Larcom. March, (see her Poetical 7aorks, p. 124) 

• Thaxter. March, (see her Sto/ies and poems for children, p. 155) 


• Dowd. Party gowns, (see Youth^s companion^ May 1893, 66: 231 ) 
Seeing May. (see \outlCs companion^ May 1894, 68: 209) 

* Lippman. May. (see Youth's companion^ May 1885, 58 : 187) 

* May. (see Strong. All the year round : Spring, p. 34) 
May's greeting, (see Youth's companion^ Ap. 1896, 70 : 233) 

• Pratt. A May song, (see Skinner. Arbor day mual. p. 368) 

* Richards. Blossom time, (see St Nicholas, M^y i^^6^ 13:518) 

* May song, (see St Nicholas, May 1886, 13 : 492-93) 


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for home and school, p. 3-6) 
(see Morrison. Songs and rhymes for the little ones. 

P- 93-96) 

(see Whittier. Child life. p. 51-54) 

(see Youth^s companion, ]\i\y 1892, 65:371) 



The oak and the mistletoe seed, (see Pratt. LittU flower folks. 
2 : 82-84) 


• MacDonald. The wind and the moon, (see Brackett & Eliot. 

Poetry for Jwme and schooL p. 30-31) 

♦ The moon's lullaby, (see Harper's third reader, p. 39-40) 


* Longfellow. Daybreak, (see Bryant. Library of poetry and song. 

p. 408) 

• Stevenson. Night and day. (see his Chiid*s garden of verses. 

P- 75-77) 
Morning-glory, see Flowers, Morning-glory, 


Aesop. The lion and the mouse, (see Wiltse. Kindergarten stories 

and morning talks, p. 43-45) 
The wise old mouse, (see Richards. Four feet, two feet and no feet. 

p. 36-37) 


• Field. Dutch lullaby, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 303-4) 

* Stevenson. Night and day. (see his Child's garden of verses. 

P- 75-77) 


♦ Gary. November, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 235-36) 

* Dowd. November, (see Youth^s companion, ^ov. 1887, 60:515) 
Nut, see Seed ; Trees. 

Oak, see Trees, Oak. 


♦ Daisy*s calendar. (see Youth's companion, Oct. 1891, 64: 537) 

♦ Hartley. October, (see St Nicholas, Oct. 1886, 13:890) 

♦ Jackson. October^s bright blue weather, (see her /J^^wi". p. 254-55) 
(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 206-7) 

* Our visitor, (see Youth^s companion, Oct. 1893, 66 : 497) 


Price. Benno's orange rolling, (see Youth^s companion, Jan. 1895, 


Pansy, see Flowers, Bansy, 
Pea-blossom, see Flowers, Pea-blossom. 


The story Hazel .likes. (seeK7i/MV companion^ Mar. 1890, 63 : 167) 

Parrot, see Birds, Barrot, 
Pigeon, see Birds, Pigeon. 


* Pop-corn, (see YoutfCs companion^ Jan. 1895, 69 : 45) 


The two pumpkins, (see YouWs companion^ Nov. 1893, 66: 617) 

Pussy willow, ^e "Flowers, Pussy willow. 


Thomas. In a snowdrift, (see Ybulk*s companion, J sltx. i895> ^9' 57) 


• April showers, (see Youth^s companion, Ap. 1895, 69 : 197) 

• Butts. Summer rain, (see Outlook, Aug. 1897, 56 : 1060) 

♦ Larcom. Shower and flower, (see her Poetical works, p. 1 29-30) 

* Longfellow. Rain in summer, (see Bryant. Library of poetry 

and song, p. 428-29) 

• Mischief, (see l^i/MV r^/«/df«/V7«, Ap. 1891, 64 : 233) 

• Sherman. The rain harp, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 104-5) 

* Wells. The rain, (see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs for 

young people, p. 104-5) 
See also Water. 


Beard. The lazy rat. (see Barnes* second reader, p. 130-38) 
Grieve. A rat tale, (see Lang. Animal story book, p. 34-42) 

Robin, see Birds, Robin, 

Rose, see Flowers, Rose, 

Sandpiper, see Birds, Sandpiper, 


Kipling. The white seal, (see his Jungle book, p. 137-71) 



* Aldrich. Maijorie's almanac, (see Johnson. Illustrated poems and 

songs for young people, p. 134-35) 

(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 89-90) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 33-34) 

Andersen. Story of the year, (see his Stories and tales, p. 126-34) 
See also AwXMmvi'y Spring; Summer; Winter. 


* Benham. Little brown seed in the furrow, (see Pratt. Little 

flower folks, i : 50) 
(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 67) 

* Gould. The pebble and the acorn, (see Skinner. Arbor day 

manual, p. 15-16) 
Morley. Seed babies. 
Only an acorn after all. (see Harper's third reader, p. 63-66) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 207) 

Poulsson. How West Wind helped Dandelion, (see her /// the 

chiWs world, p. 65-69) 

* The story of a seed, (see Youth's companion^ June 189 1, 64:339) 

* Thaxter. Poppy seed, (see her Stories and poems for children^ 

p. 239-41) 


* Jackson. September, (see her Poems, p. 206-7) 

(see Bellamy & Goodwin. Open sesame, i : 100) 

(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 193) 


The black sheep, (see Richards. Four feet^ two feet and no feet. 

p. 142-43) 

The bramble bush and the lambs, (see Boston collection of kinder- 
garten stories, p. 40-41) 

. ' ■■ - (see Wiltse. Kindergarten s to ties and morning talks. 

P- 4-5) 
Coryell. The sheep and the sea gull, (see Youth's companion, 

July 1889, 62 : 367) 

Smut, (see Youths companion^ Nov. 1888, 61 : 555) 

* Thaxter. The blind lamb, (see her Stories and poems for children, 

p. 144-48) 


* Benjamin. Snowflakes. (see Oi///^7e7>6, Feb. 1897, 55 1573) 


Flynn. While the earth slept, (see Child garden^ Jan. 1893, i : 57— 

• The shearers, (see Youth's companion^ Jan. 1893, 66 : 37) 

• Sherman. Snow song, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 100-3) 

• The snow weaver, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 124-25) 

• A snow frolic (see Youths companion^ Nov. 1895, 69: 601) 

Snowdrop, see Flowers, Snowdrop, 


• Cobweb made to order, (see Our children's songs, p. 34-35) 
How a foolish prince learned a lesson, (see Harpet^s third reader, 

P- T49-5O 

• Almost time, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 62) 

Crowell. Spring out at grandpa's, (see Child garden, Ap. 1894, 
2: 134-36) 

• Dowd. Party gowns. {see Youth's companion y Msiy i^g^^ 66:2^1) 

Seeing May. (see Youths companion. May 1894, 68 : 209) 

• Ingelow. Seven times four, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse. 

p. 60-61) 

• Johnson. Heralds of spring, (see Outlook, Ap. 1897, 55 : 1098) 

• Larcom. Gowns of gossamer, {see hex Poetical works, p. 127-28) 

• Laughing chorus, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 36-37) 

(see Strong. All the year round : Spring, p. 27-28) 

I • Ledyard. Coming, (see Morrison. Songs and rhymes for the 

little ones, p. 73*-74) 

• Pratt. Jack Frost's defeat. (see Youths companion, Ap. 1893, 

66 : 205) 

• Nature's feast, (see 1^//M*^ r^^w/df«/V^«, Aug. 1890, 63 : 435) 

Richards. What was her name? (see Youths companion. May, 

1889, 62 : 259) 

• Thaxter. April and May. (see her Stories and poems for children 

p. 168-70) 

• March. (see her Stories and poems for children, p. 155) 

• A song of spring. (see St Nicholas, Ap. 1887, 14: 445) 

• Spring. (^e<t hex Stones and poems for children, p. 1 14-15) 

(see Brackett & Eliot. Poetry for home and schooL 

p. 23-24) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 177) 

See also A[>ril; Buds; Flowers; March; May; Rain; Seasons; 
Seeds ; Wind. 



Dendy. The thrifty squirrels, (see Poulsson. In the child^s world. 

p. 101-4) 
A squirrel story, (see Child garden ^ Nov. 1895, 3: 371-73) 
Stowe. The squirrels that live in a house, (see her Queer little 

people, p, 57-66) 
(see Cyr. Children's third reader, p. 232-40) 

Stork| see Birds, Stork. 


Little Strawberry blossom, (see Cyr. Children's third reader. 

P- 5-10) 

♦ Trowbridge. Strawberries, (see Johnson. Illustrated poems and 

songs for young people, p. 107-8) 


♦ Bryant. Gladness of nature, (see Skinner. Arbor day manual. 

p, 147-240) 
(see Whittier. Child life, p 103-5) 

♦ Bumstead. In the swing, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 153-54) 
(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 10 1) 

♦ Summer lullaby, (see Lovejoy. Nature inverse, p. 177-78) 

♦ Dowd. Daisy town gossip. (see Youth's companion^ June 1887, 

60: 271) 

♦ A song of summer, (see St Nicholas^ July 1886, 13 : 671) 

♦ Ingelow. Seven times one. (see Bellamy & Goodwin. Open 

sesame, i : 64-65) 
(see Brackett & Eliot. Poetry for home and school. 

p. 7-8) 

(see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs for young 

people, p. 59-60) 

— (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 68-69) 

(see Our children's songs, p. 70) 

(see Whittier. Child life. p. 43-44) 

♦ Larcom. Red-top and timothy, {see her Poetical works, p. 125) 

♦ Led yard. Coming, (see Morrison. Songs and rhymes for the little 

ones. p. 73-74) 

♦ Riley. South wind and the sun. (see his Old fashioned roses. 

P- 37-43) 

♦ Sherman. In the meadow, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 42-43) 


♦ Summer day. (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 1 12-13) 

See also Brook; Flowers; Grain; Grass; Grasshopper; June; 
Meadow; Seasons, Wind, etc. 


Aesop. North wind and the sun. (see Boston collection oj kinder- 
garten stories, p. 56-57) 

(see Poulsson. In the child'* s world, p. 396-98) 

(see Wiltse. Kindergarten stories and morning talks, 

P- ^56-57) 

♦ Larcom. If I were a sunbeam, (see her /i?^wj. p. 156) 

(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 11-12) 

♦ Riley. South wind and the sun. (see his Old fashioned roses, 

P- 37-43) 

♦ Stevenson.* Summer sun. (see his Child ^s garden of verses, p. 81-82) 

Sunflower I see Flowers, Sunflowet, 


Andersen. The ugly duckling, (see his Wonder stories, p. 30-41) 
Sweet pea, see Flowers, Sweet pea, 
Thrushi see Birds, Thrush, 

♦ Two little toads, (see Youth's companion^ June 1890, 63 : 351) 



Brent. A tomato story, (see Vouth^s companion, June 1894, 
68 : 269) 


Wiggin. The hare and the tortoise, (see Child garden, Mar. 1897, 


♦ Bjornson. The tree, (see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs 

for young people, p. 127) 

(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 26-27) 

(see Our children's songs, p. 68) 

(see Poulsson. In the child's world, p. 259) 

(see Pratt. Little flower folks, 2:67) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 176) 

(see Whittier. Child life. p. 61) 

!IATVli« 8'nj:DY IN PRXMAHY iCK00L8 489 


Boyle. How the apple<blossom came back, (see Oi4tlookj May 

♦ Bryant. The planting of the apple tree, (see his Library of poetry 

and song. p. 457-5^) 
(see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs for young 

people, p. 126-27) 
(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 19-20) 

Little old woman who lived in a tree, (see Child garden^ Sep. 1893, 
I : 290-92) 

See also Flowers, Apple blossom. 
Chestnut and acorn, (see Harper^ s third reader, p. 63-66) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 207 ) 

Towne. The chestnut boys, (see Poulsson. In the child^s world. 

P- 49-50) 

Andersen. The fir tree, (see his Wonder stories, p. 46-54) 
Smith. Story of the forest, (see Wiggin & Smith. Story hour. 
P- H6-55) 

Burnett. The quite true story of an old hawthorn tree, (see her 
Giovanni and the other children, p. 176-93) 

Peck. Nat's maple sugar cure, (see YoutKs companion^ May 
1888, 61 ; 247) 
Andersen. The old oak tree*s last dream, (see his Stories and 
tales, p. 334-39) 

(see Pratt. Little flower folks, 2:68-71) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 131-34) 

Oak and the mistletoe seed, (see Pratt. Little flower folks, 

2 : 82-84) 
Only an acorn after all. (see Harper* s third reader, p. 63-66) 
(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 207) 


Cameron. All about a goose that wanted to be a turkey, (see 

Youth^s companion^ Mar. 1889, 62 : 123) 
Marguerite's turkeys, (see Child garden, Nov. 1895, 3: 354-55) 



Dayre. The proud vine, (see Youth's companion^ July 1888, 
Violet, see Flowers, Violet, , 


Alcott. The fairy spring. (see Cyr. Children's third reader, 

p. 184-202) 
Chapin. What the water did. (see Child garden^ Sep. 1893, 

I • 304-7) 
The impatient water, (see Monroe's new third reader, p. 135-38) 

Wheelock. How the mill-wheel was turned, (see Harper's third 

reader, p. 21-26) 
Wiggin. Aqua ; or, The water baby, (see Wiggin & Smith. Story 

hour, p. 52-58) 


Burnett. The proud little grain of wheat, (see her Little Saint 
Elizabeth, p. 101-22) 


Aesop. North wind and the sun. (see Boston collection of kinder- 
garten stories, p. 56-57) 

(see Poulsson. In the child's world, p. 396-98) 

(see Wiltse. Kindergarten stories and morning talks, 

p. 156-57) 

♦ A busy day. (see Youth's companion^ Mar. 1895, ^9- ^^i) 

♦ Butts. Winter night, (see 6>///^<^^', Feb. 1897, 55 : 623) 

• Finding fault, (see K>>//M'j r^^/«/tf///6»//, Oct. 1894, 68 1465) 

* How the wind blows, (see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 17-18) 

* Howitt. The wind in a frolic, (see Brackett & Eliot. Poetry for 

home and school, p. 60-61) 

* Lesson in politeness, (see Youth's companion^ Mar. 1891, 64: 141) 

* MacDonaUl. The wind and the moon, (see Brackett & Eliot. 

Poetry for home and school, p. 30-31) 
McRoy. The story of a breeze, (see Poulsson. /// the child's 

world, p. 390-92) 
North wind and the ship, (see Cyr. Children's third reader, 

p. 20-24) 

• Pratt. The weaver wind, (see Youth's companion^ Jan. 1895, 

69 • 57) 


• Riley. South wind and the sun. (see his Old fashioned roses. 

P- 37-43) 

• Sherman. The four winds, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 45) 

• Stevenson. Wind, (see his Child* s garden of verses, p. 29) 
Story of Mr Wind, (see Youth^s companion^ Aug. 1893,66:385) 


• Bedtime, (see Youth's companion^] din, 1895,69:25) 

• Butts. Winter night, (see Outlook^ Feb. 1897, 55 : 623) 

• Sherman. Hide-and-seek, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 69) 

• The snow weaver, (see his Little folk lyrics, p. 124-25) 

• Thomas. Talking in their sleep, (see Harper's third reader. 

p. 28-29) 

(see St Nicholas^ Nov. 1886, 14 : 40) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 34) 

• Winter woods. (see Youths companion^ Dec. 1895, 69:641) 

Waiting to grow, (see Harper's third reculer, p. 47-48) 

(see Lovejoy. Nature in verse, p. 274-75) 

(see Skinner. Arbor day manual, p. 130) 

Winter, (see Johnson. Illustrated poems and songs for young peo- 
ple, p. 138-41) 

(see Our children'' s songs, p. 62) 

(see Whittier. Child life, p. 98-99) 

See also I>tctm\}tx ) Frost; Seasons; Snow; Wind. 

University of the State of New York 

state Library Bulletin 


January 1899 




Arthur Low Bailey 
CLASS OF 1896 


New York State Library School 


Preface 496 

Abbreviations 495 

Priooipul bibliographic aids consulted 496 

Works analyzed 496 

Individual biography 502 

University of the State of New York 

State Library Bulletin 

Bibliography no. 17 January 1899 




This bibliography is intended to include only books and articles which 
are mainly biographic. Critical articles have, however, been retained 
when they contained sufficient biographic material to be of interest from 
that point of view. Very short articles of two or three pages have been 
omitted unless they contained information not found in the ordinary 
biographic dictionaries. 

In addition to the works here cited much valuable and interesting 
material can be found in Dwight's Journal of music ^ a complete file of 
which is in the Ijbrary of the Harvard musical association in Boston. 


Foil namea in tbe following lists have been taken from Grove's Dieixonary of 
music and musicians , or from Brown's Biographical dictionary of musicians. 

Abbreviations following main entries refer to the libraries in which the books 
were consulted. Call 11 ambers are given for all books in the New York state 
library even thoagh the edition differs from that described in the list. Phe class 
number only is given for books in tbe extension libraries, while ^ooks in the 
traveling libraries are marked *Trav lib.' followed by the number of the library 
and the book. Books marked C have been personally examined. Volume and 
page numbers are separated by a colon; e. g. 3:145 means vol. 3, p. 145. 

The following are the principal abbreviations used. Other abbreviations are 

Bost. Boston public library 

Harv. Harvard university library 

Harv. music Harvard musical association 

Nevins Nevins memorial library, Methuen, Mass. 

Tufts Tufts college library 



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Annual American catalotrue. 1895-97 

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Sturgis, Russell Sl Krehbiel, H: E: Annotated bibliography of fine art. 1897 


The following works have been cither wholly or partially analyzed and are 
not elsewhere entered in full : 

Apthorp, William Foster. Musicians and music lovers. 346p. D. 

N. Y. 1894. Scribner $1.50. 7804 Ap8 c 

Bach, Alberto B. Art ballad ; Loewe and Schubert. Ed. 3. 

2i5p, illus. sq. O. Edin. 1891. Blackwoods 5s. 

784.3 B12 c 
Sold by Scribner $2 


Ball, Thomas H. Sketch of Handel and Beethoven ; two lectures. 
89P. 8^. Lond. 1864. Skeet. Bost. e 

Barnard Charles. The tone masters. 3V. in i, illus. D. 

Bost. 1889. New Eng. conservatory of music $1.50. 

927.8 B25 e 
Barrett, William Alexander. English glee and pan songs. 

358p. D. Lond. 1886. Longmans 7s 6d. 784.1 B27 e 

Sold by Soribner $3 net. 

Bellaigue, Camille. Portraits and silhouettes of musicians. 3o2p. 

illus. D. N. Y. 1897. Dodd $1.50. 927.8 B41 e 

Bingley, William. Musical biography; or, Memoirs of the lives and 
writings of the most eminent musical composers. 2v. 8°. 

Lond. 1 814. Colburn. Bost. e 

Bolton, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). Lives of poor boys who became 
famous. 367P. por. D. N. Y. 1885. Crowell $1.50. 

920.02 B63 e 

Famous types of womanhood. 3Sop- por. D. N. Y. 1892. 

Crowell $1.50. 920.7 B6351 

Bourne, C. E. Great composers. Ed. 2. 3S2p. illus. D. 

Lond. 1884. Sonnenschein 3s 6d. 927.8 B66 e 

Sold by Soribner $1.50. 

Bremont, Anna (Dunphy), comtessedt. World of music. 3v. D. 
N. Y. i8g2. Brentano $3.75. 927.8 B78 c 

Contents : y. 1 Great composers; t. 2 Great virtuosi ; v. 3 Great singers. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Great composers. i79P* illus. D. 

Bost. 1884. Lothrop$i. 927.8 B98 e 

Celebrities at home. 3V. O. Lond. 1877-79. World o^ct los 6d. 

920.02 Y2 e 

Edited by Edmnnd Hodgson Yates. 

Clarke, A. Mason. Biographical dictionary of fiddlers. 360P. 

por. D. Lond. 1895. Reeves 5s. 927.8 €55 e 

Sold by Scribner $2. 

Clayton, Ellen Creathorne see Needham, Mrs Eleanor Creathorne 

Crawford, Alethea B. & Chapin, A. A. Letters from great musicians 
to young people. 169P. D. N. Y. 1892. Schirmer. 

$1.25. W927.8 C85 e 


Crowest, Frederick James. Great tone poets. 373P. D- 

Lond. 1885. Bentley 3s 6d. 927.8 C88 e 

Sold by Scribiier $1 50. 

Diehl, Mrs Alice (Mangold). Musical memories. 3^9?- I^- 

Lond. 1897. Bentley 6s. C 

Sold by Scribuer $2.40. 

Dolei Nathan Haskell. Score of famous composers. N. Y. n. d. 

Crowell $1.50. Bost. c 

Dubourg, George. The violin ; some account of that leading instru- 
ment and its most eminent professors. Ed. 5. Lond. 1878. 
Cocks & Co. 7s 6d. C 
Sold by Scribner $2.25. 

Eaton, Thomas Damaut. Musical criticism and biography. O. 

Lond. 1872. Longmans 7s 6d. Bost. c 

Sold bj Scribner $1.25 net. 

Edgar, John George. Boyhood of great men. 385P. illus. S. 

N. Y. n. d. Harper $1.20. 920.02 Ed3 e 

Edwards, Henry Sutherland. Idols of the French stage. 2v. O. 

Lond. 1889. Remington 16s. Tufts c 

Prima donna. 2 v. O. Lond. 1888. Remington 24s. 

927.92 Ed9 6 
Sold by Scribner $6 net. * 

Ehlert, Louis. From the tone world. D. N. Y. 1885. Tret- 
bar $1.50. Bost c 

Ehrlich, A. Celebrated pianists of the past and present time. 
8°. Lond. 1894. Grevel 7s 6d. Bost. c 

Sold by Scribuer $3. 

Celebrated violinists past and present. 281 p. por. D. Lond. 

1897. Strad office (Strad library, no. 4) C 

Sold by Scribner $2. 

Elson, Louis Charles. History of German song. 288 p. D. 

Bost. 1888. New Eng. conservatory of music $1.25. 784 EI7 e 

Engel, Louis. From Handel to Hall6. 25 ip. O. Lond. 1890. 

Sonnenschein i6s. 927.8 Enj e 

Sold by Scribner $1.50. 

From Mozart to Mario. 2 v. O. Lond. 1886. Bentley 2 is. 

927.8 En3i e 



Ferris, George Titus. Great musical composers. 2 v. in i, D. 

Lond. 1887. Scott IS 6d. 927.8 F41 e 

Great singers. 2v. S. N. Y. 1893. Appleton $1.20. 

927.8 F412 e 

Great violinists and pianists. 326p. S. N. Y. 1894. Apple- 
ton 60c. 927.8 F411 e 

Fillmore, John Comfort. History of piano forte music. 8°. 

Lond. 1885. Sonnenschein 3s 6d. Bost. c 

Sold by Scribner $1.50. 

Finck, Henry Theophilus. Chopin and other musical essays. 273P. 
D. Lond. 1889. Unwin 6s. 780.4 F49 e 

Sold by Scribner $1.50. 

Fuller, Margaret. Papers on literature and art. 2 v. in i, D. 

N. Y. 1846. Wiley & Putnam $1. 820.4 OS7 e 

Gosse, Edmund William. Critical kit-kats. 302P.D. N. Y. 

1896. Dodd $1.50. 804 G69C e 

Griffiths, J. R. Musicians and their compositions. i6op. illus. D. 

N. Y. n. d. Revell 75c. e 

Hadow, Walter Henry. Studies in modern music. 2 v. por. O. 

N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $5. Cap. 927.8 Hii c 

Haweis, Hugh Reginald. Music and morals. 576P. O. Lond. 
1 87 1. Strahan 7s 6d. 780 H31 e 

Sold by Scribner $2.50. 

Henry, Stuart. Hours with famous Parisians. 227P. S. Chic. 

1897. Way & Williams $1.25. 920044 H39 c 

Hervey, Arthur. Masters of French music. 289P. illus. D. 

N. Y. 1894. Scribner $1.75 (Masters of contemporary 

music) Cap. 927.8 H44 e 

Hogarth, George. Musical history, biography and criticism. av' 

12°. Lond. 1835. Parker I OS 6d. ^.^ Bost. e 

Sold by Scriboer $2.25 net. 

Memoirs of the opera. 2v. D. Lond. 1851. Bentley 

14s. Bost. c 

Houssaye, Arsene. Men and women of the i8th century. 2v. 

por. D. N. Y. 1852. Redfield $2.50. 920.044 H81 

Hueffer, Francis. Half a century of music in England. 8°. 

Lond. 1889. Chapman 8s. 780.942 H87 e 

Sold by Scribner $3.20. 


Hueffer, Francis. Musical studies. 8°. Lond. 1880. Long- 
mans 6s. 780.4 H87 1 e 

Sold hy Scribner $2. 

Richard Wagner and the music of the future. 333p. O. Lond 

1874. Chapman 14s. o, p, 927.8 H87 c 

Sold by Scribner $5.50 net. 

Keddie, Henrietta, see Tytler, Sarah, pseud, 

Kingston, William Beattie-. Music and manners. 2v. 8^. 

Lond. 1887. Chapman 30s. Bost. e 

Macy, James C. Young people's history of music; with biographies 
of famous musicians. 135 p. por. D. Bost. 1886. Dit- 

son $1. e 

Maitland, J. A. Fuller-. Masters of German music. 289P. illus. O. 
N. Y. 1894. Scribner $1.75 (Masters of contemporary 

music) 927.8 M28 

Mathews, William Smith Babcock. One hundred years of music 
in America. 8°. Chic. 1889. Howe $5.50. Bost. e 

Morris, Lydia T. Famous musical composers. Ed. 2. 8°. 

Lond. 1891. Unwin3s6d. Bost. e 

Sold by Scribner $2 net. 

Needham, Mrs Eleanor Creathorne (Clayton). Queens of song. 
543p. illus. O. N. Y. 1865. Harper $3. 927.8 N28 e 

Ossoli, Sarah Margaret (Fuller), manhesa d', see Fuller, Margaret. 

Paine, John Knowles, Thomas, Theodore & Klauser, Karl, ed. 

Famous composers and their works. 6v. illus. Q. Bost. 1891 

Millet $24. 927.8 qPi6 e 

Issned ns a subscription book in serial form. 

Parker, John R. A musical biography; or, Sketches of the lives and 
writings of eminent musical characters. 250P. 8"^. Bost* 

1824. Stone. Bost. e 

Sold by Scribner $1.50 net. 

Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings. Studies of great composers. 
8*^. Lond. 1887. Routledge 5s. Bost. e 

Sola by Scribner $1.25. 

Phipson, Thomas Lamb. Biographical sketches and anecdotes of 
celebrated violinists. 8°. Lond. 1877. Bentley 6s. 

Bost. e 

Famous violinists and fine violins. 270P. 8°. Lond. 1896. 

Chatto 5s. Haiv. music e 

Sold by ScribDer $1.75. 


Polko, Frau Elise (Vogel). Musical tales, phantasms and sketches ; 
tr. by M.. P. Maudslay. 8°. Lond. 1877. Tinsley 

7s 6d. Bost. e 

Sold by Scribuor $1.25. 

Richards, Mrs Laura E. (Howe.) Glimpses of the French court. 
203p. por. D. Bost. 1893. Estes $1.50. 

Cap. 920.044 R39 e 

Rowbotham, John Frederick. Private life of the great composers. 
34op. O. Lond. 1893. Isbister 7s 6d. 927.8 R781 e 

Smith, George Barnett. Women of renown. 478p. illus. D. 

Lond. 1893. Allen 7s 6d. 920.7 Sm5 e 

Statham, H. H. My thoughts en music and musicians. O. 

Lond. 1892. Chapman i8s. Bost. e 

Sold by Scribner $7.20. 

Stieler, John. Great German composers. 2i6p. illus. Q. 

Lond. 1879. Augener 6s. 927.8 qSt5 e 

Sold by Scribner $2.50. 
For young people. 

Stoddard, R: H: ed. Personal reminiscences of O'Keefe, Kelly and 
Taylor. N. Y. 1876. Scribner $1.50 (Bric-a-brac 

series, v. 8) Nevins e 

Streatfeild, R. A. Masters of Italian music. 230P. illus. D. 

N.Y. 1895. Scribner $1.75 (Masters of contemporary music) 

927.8 St8 e 

Thayer, William Makepeace. Women who win. 42op. D. 
N. Y. 1896. Nelson $1.25. 920.7 T33 e 

Thorne, William Henry. Modern idols. 179P. D, Phil. 

1887. Lippincott $1. 928 T39 e 

Tuckerman, Henry Theodore. Essays, biographical and critical. 
475p. O. Bost. 1857. Phillips $1.50 ^./. 920.02 T79 e 

Tytler, Sarah,/^^////. Musical composers and their works. 426p. D. 
Bost. 1887. Roberts $1.50. 927.8 K23 e 

Upton, George Putnam. Woman in music. Ed. 2 enl. 22 ip. S. 
Chic. 1889. McClurg $1. 927.8 Up8 e 

Urbino, Mrs Levina Buoncuore. Biographical sketches of eminent 
composers. 379P- E). Bost. 1876. Ditson. 

Sold by Scribner $1.50. 

Viard, Mme Jenny (Martin) Louis. Music and the piano. 239P. 
D. Lond. 1884. Griffith $1.50. 780.9 V65 e 


Walker, Bettina. My musical experiences. 324 p. D. Lond. 

1890. Bentley 6s. Tufts e 

Sold by Schbner $1.25. 

Wallace, Grace (Stein), lady^ ed. Letters of distinguished musicians, 
Gluck, Haydn, etc. ; tr. by Lady Wallace. 8°. Lond. 1867. 

Longmans 14s. Bost. e 

Sold by Scribner $i.20. 

Willeby, Charles. Masters of English music. 302P. O. N. Y. 

1893. Scribner $1.75 (Masters of contemporary music) 

927.8 W66 e 


Arranged alphabetically, 1) by nnmes of musicianH, 2) by names of anthors, 
3) when there are many lives of one person, a) books, h) analytics. 

Abbott, Emma J 1850-91 

Martin, S. E. Life and professional career of Emma Abbott. 
192P. O. Minneapolis 1891. Abbott book co. $2. Bost. e 

Abel, Carl Friedrich, 1725-87 ? 

Polko, Frau Elise (Vogel). Last viol di gamba player, (see her 
Musical tales, phantasms and sketches. 1877. p. 51-73) Bost. e 

Albani, Marie Emma Lajeunesse, 1851- 
Edwards, H:S. Prima donna. 1888. 2:162-80. 927.92 Ed9 e 

Engel, Louis. From Handel to Hall6. 1890. p. 113-19. 

927.8 En3 e 
Alboni, Marietta, 1824- 

Ferris, G: T. Great singers. 1893. 2:159-81. 927.8 F412 e 

Needham, Mrs E. C. (Clayton). Queens of song. 1865. p 439-50. 

927.8 N28 e 

Allan, James, 1 734-1810 

History of James Allan the celebrated Northumberland piper. 12^. 
Newcastle 1840. 

Life of James Allan the celebrated piper. 8°. 
Newcastle 181 7. Blyth o, /. 

Thompson, James. New, improved and authentic life of James 
Allan, the celebrated Northumberland piper. 479P- 8°- 

Newcastle 1828. Mackenzie & Dent. 

Wight, Andrew. Life of James Allan, the celebrated Northumber- 
land piper. 656P. Newcastle 1818. Mackenzie & 
Dent. Bost. e 


Arditi^ Luigi, 1822- 

Arditiy Luig^. My reminiscences ; ed. with introduction and notes 
by Baroness von Zedlitz. 3i4P« illus. O. N. Y. 1896, 

Dodd $3.50. 927.8 Ar2 e 

Ante, Thomas Augustine ^ 1710-78 

Barrett, W: A. English glee and part songs. 1886. p. 196- 
208. 784.1 B27 e 

Needham, Mrs E. C (Clayton). A certain Eton boy. (see London 
society, Mar. 1885, 47:305-12) 052 L841 e 

A mould J Madeleine Sophie, 1 744-1 803 
Edwards, H: S. Prima donna 1888. 1:66-111. 927.92 Ed9 e 

Idols of the French stage. 1889. 2: 150-256. Tufts e 

Ferris, G: T. Great singers. 1893. i : 55-85. 927.8 F412 e 

Houssaye, Arsene. Men and women of the i8th century. 1852. 
1:420-36. 920.044 H81 e 

Needham, Mrs E. C. (Clayton). Queens of song. 1865. 

p. 80-90. 927.8 N28 e 

Ascher, Joseph^ 1831-69 

Bremont, Anna (Dunphy), comtesse de. World of music; great 
viiiuosi. 1892. p. 1-9. 927.8 B78 V.2 e 

Auber, Daniel Francois Esprit, 1784- 1871 

Bellaigue, Camille. Portraits and silhouettes of musicians. 1897. 
p. 281-85. 927.8 B41 e 

Bremont, Anna {Y^yxn^y)^ comtesse At. World of music ; great 
composers. 1892. p.i-ii. 927.8 B78 v.i e 

Comettant, Oscar. Daniel Frangois Esprit Auber. (sec Paine, J. K., 
Thomas, Theodore & Klauser, Karl. Famous composers and 
their works, 1891. 2:653-60) 927.8 qPi6 e 

Engel, Louis. From Mozart to Mario. 1886. 1:3-52. 

927.8 En3i e 

Auber. (see Temple bar, Dec. 1885, 75 : 464-83) 052 T24 e 

(sec Eclectic, Feb. 1886, 106 : 207-19) 051 Ec6 e 

{^t^ Littell,]2iV{, 1886, 168:41-52) 051 L71 e 

Ferris, G: T. Great musical composers. '887. p. 273-80. 

927.8 F41 e 


£achy Carl Philipp Emanuel^ 1714-88 

Bach, C. P. E. Autobiography and letters. (see Wallace, Grace 
(Stein), lady^ ed. Letters of distinguished musicians, 1867. 
p. 49-67) Bost. e 

Bach, Johann Christian^ 1 735-82 

Polko, Frau Elise (Vogel). Musical tales, phantasms and sketches. 
1877. p. 200-20. Bost. e 

B(uh^ Johann Chris toph Friedrich, 1732-95 

Polko, Frau Elise (Vogel). Musical tales, phantasms and sketches. 
1877. p. 179-200. Bost. e 

Bach^ Johann Sebastian, 1 685-1 750 

Bitter, C. H. Life of J. S. Bach; an abridged translation by J. 

E. Kay-Shuttleworth. i53P» D. Lond. 1873. Houl- 

ston 3s. Tufts e 
Sold by Sctibuer $2.50 net. 

Forkel, J. N. Life of John Sebastian Bach, with a critical review 
of his compositions; tr. from the German. ii6p. O. Lond. 
1820. Bost. e 

Poole, R. L. Sebastian Bach. 8°. Lond. 1882. Low 

Also issued by Scribner &, Welfurd $1. 

Ed. 2. 138?' I^« Lond. 1890. Low 3s 

(Great musicians) 927.8 B12 e 

Sold by Scribner $1. 
A vast amount of information well brought out and well stated — Sturgis 

& Krebbiel. Bibliography of fine art. 1897. p. 66 

Spitta, J. A! P. Johann Sebastian Bach, his work and influence on 
the music of Germany ; tr. from the German by Clara Bell and J. 
A. Fuller-Maitland. 3V. illus. O. Lond. 1884. Novello 

jQ2 los. 927.8 B121 e 

Sold by Scribner $16 net. 

Best and most anthoritative life. 


Barnard, Charles. Tone masters. 1889. 3 : 5-138. 

927.8 B25 e 

Bourne, C. E. Great composers. 1884. p. 33-54. 

927.8 B66 e 

Bremont, Anna (Dunphy), comtesse de. World of music; great 
composers. 1892. p. 12-41. 927.8 B78 v. i e 


Bachy Johann Sebastian^ 1 685-1 750 

Crowesty F: J. Great tone poets. 1885. p. 1-31. 

927.8 C88 e 
Dole, N. H. Score of famous composers. n. d. p. 49-80. 

Bost. e 
Elson, L! C: History of German song. 1888. p. 97-106. 

784 EI7 e 
Ferris, G: T. Great musical composers. 1887. p. 1-6. 

927.8 F41 e 

Fuller, Margaret. Papers on literature and art. 1846. 

2 : 74-86. 820.4 Os7 e 

Griffiths, J. R. Musicians and their compositions. n. d. 

P- 35-57- e 

Johann Sebastian Bach, (see Bentley^ July-Sep. 1867, 62 : 74-82, 

177-88, 317-30) 052 B44 e 

Johann Sebastian Bach, (see Fraser, July 1846, 34: 28-41) 

052 F86 e 
Morris, L. T. Famous musical composers. 1891. p. 27-40. 

Bost. e 

Parry, C: H. H. Studies of great composers. 1887. p. 60- 

90. Bost. e 

Ramann, Lina. Bach and Handel, (see British guar. July 1882, 

76 : 78-108) 052 B77 e 


Rowbotham, J: F: Private life of great composers. 1893. 

P* 7^-95* 927.8 R781 e 

Spitta, J. AJ P. Johann Sebastian Bach, (see Paine, J. K., Thomas, 
Theodore & Klauser, Karl. Famous composers and their 

works, 1891. 1 : 163-92) 927.8 qPi6 e 

Statham, H. H. My thoughts on music and musicians. 1892. 

p. 154-216. Bost. e 

Stieler, John. Great German composers. n. d. p. 23-45. 

927.8 qSt5 e 
For the yonng. 

Thompson, M. L. Johann Sebastian Bach. (see Galaxy^ Mar. 

1874, 17-375-88) 051 G^3 e 

Tytler, Sarah, pseud. Musical composers and their works. 1887. 
p. 14-25. 9278. K23 e 

Upton, G: P. Woman in music. 1889. p. 35-47. 

927.8 Up8 e 


Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685- 17 50 

Urbino, Mrs L. B. Biographical sketches of eminent musical 
composers. 1876. p. 40-48. e 

Balfe, Michael WiUiam, 1808-70 

Barrett, W: A. Balfe; his life and work. 313P. illus. O. 

Lond. 1882. Remington 7s 6d. Harv. e 

Sold l»y Scribner $1.05 net.. 

Kenney, C: L. Memoir of Michael William Balfe. 309P- O. 

Lond. 1875. Tinsley 15s. Bost. e 

Also issued by Roiuledge $3 

Michael W. Balfe. (see Dublin univ, July 185 1, 38:66-76) 

052 D851 e 
St Leger, John. Reminiscences of Balfe. 63P. O. Lond. 

1870. Nimmo. Bost. e 


Woolfe, B. E. Michael William Balfe. (see Paine, J. K., Thomas, 
Theodore & Klauser, Karl. Famous composers and their works. 
1891. 2:885-87) 928.8 qPi6 e 

Bargiel, Woldemar, 1828- 

Maitland, J. A. Fuller-. Masters of German music. 1894. 

p. 209-14. 927.8 M28 e 

Barn by, Joseph^ 1838-96 

Engel, Louis. From Handel to Hall6. 1890. p.105-12. 

927.8 En3 e 
Bazzini, Antonio, 1818- 

Streatfeild, R. A. Masters of Italian music. 1895. P.2S7-62, 

927.8 St8 e 
Becker, Jean, 1836- 

Ehrlich, A. Celebrated violinists. 1897. p.75-78. e 

Beetho7fen, Ludwig van, 1 7 7 o- 1 8 2 7 

Beethoven, Ludwlg van. Letters 1 790-1 826, from the collection 
of Dr Ludwig Nohl ; also his letters to the Archduke Rudolph ; 
tr. by Lady Wallace. 2 v. 8^. Lond. 1866. Longmans i8s. 

2v. in I, D. Bost. n. d. Ditson $2. 

2v. illus. D. N. Y. 1867. Hurd & Houghton 

$3.50. 927.8 B39 e 


Beethoven^ Ludwig van, 1770-1827 

Francis, Edward. Beethoven. 64°. N. Y. 1893. Bren- 
tano 50c. (Biographies of the great composers) 

Furiosa; or, Passages from the life of Ludwig van Beethoven. 
2i4p. D. Lond. 1865. Bell 6s. Bost. e 

Graeme, Elliott. Beethoven; a memoir. 184P. D. Lond. 

^ 1870. Griffin 3s 6d. Bost. e 

— ' 8^. Lond. 1876. Griffin 5s. 

Sol 1 by Scribner $2. 

Hojirth, George. Lives of celebrated musicians; Beethoven. 
32p. D. Lond. n. d. Cocks & Co. Bost. e 


Nohl, K ; F ; L ; Life of Beethoven ; tr. from the German by J : 
J. Lalor. D. Chic. 1885. McClurg $1. 

20ip. por. D. Chic. 1892. McClurg 75c. (Biog- 
raphies of musicians) 927.8 B394 e 
A good short life of Beethoven. 

Beethoven depicted by his contemporaries; tr. by Emily Hill. 

8°. Lond. 1880. Reeves 7s 6d. 

Sold by Scribner $3. 

Rail, Heribert. Beethoven, a biographical romance; tr. from the 
German. 332p. D. Bost. 1880. Ditson $1.50. 

927.8 B39S e 

Rio, Fanny del. An unrequited love, an episode in the life of 
Beethoven; tr. by Annie Wood. 8°. Lond. 1876. 

Rudall, H. A. Beethoven. 165P. D. N. Y. 1890. Scrib- 
ner & Welford $1 (Great musicians) 927.8 B391 e 
OriginJiUy issued in I^ondon, 1890, Low Ss, no'w imported by Scribuer $1. 

Schindler, A. F. Life of Beethoven; including correspondence 
and remarks on his musical works ; ed. by Moscheles. 2v. 

12^. Lond. 1 84 1. Colbum<7. /. 

Sold by Scribner $1.50. 

to which is added the life and characteristics of Beethoven ; 

from the German of Heinrich Doring. 39op* 1^« Bost. 

n. d. Ditson $1.50. 927. 8 B393 e 

Of ^reat value as an original source of information. 

Wagner, W; R: Beethoven, with a supplement from the philo- 
sophical works of Arthur Schopenhauer; tr. by Edward Dann- 
reuther. N. Y. 1880. Scribner & Welford $2.40. 


Beethoven^ Ludwig van, 1 770-1827 

Wagner, W; R: Ed. 2. 177P. D. Lond. 1893. Reeves 6s. 

927.8 B392 e 

Beethoven ; tr. by A. R. Parsons. i^sp. D. Host. 

1872. Benham $1.50. Tufts e 


Ball, T: H. Sketch of Handel and Beethoven. 1864. p. «6-^9* 

Barnard, Charles. Tone masters. 1889. 3: 139-243. 

927.8 B2S e 

Beethoven, (see Argosy, June 1872, 13 : 431-40) 052 Ar3 e 

Beethoven, (see British guar. Jan. 1872, 55 : 27-55) ^S^ ^77 © 

Beethoven, (see Catholic world, July-Sep. 1869, 9 : 523-28, 607-11, 

783-89) 205 C28 e 

Beethoven, (see Foreign guar. Oct. 1831 , 8 : 439-61) 052 F761 e 

Beethoven, (see North American, Oct. 1841, 53:289-320) 

051 N81 e 

Beethoven; his childhood and youth, (see Atlantic, May 1858, 
I : 847-61) 051 At6 e 

Bellaigue, Camille. Portraits and silhouettes of musicians. 

1897. p. 253-57. 927.8 B41 e 

Biographical sketch of Ludwig van Beethoven, (see Tait, Jan. 1841, 
new ser. 8 : 34-45) 052 qTi3 v. 12 c 

Bourne, C. E. Great composers. 1884. p. 133-62. 927.8 B66 e 

Bremont, Anna (Dunphy), comtesse de. World of music; great 
composers. 1892. p. 42-66. 927.8 B78 v. i e 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Great composers. 1884. p. 62-75. 

927.8 B98 e 

Crawford, A. B. & Chapin, A. A. Letters from great musicians 

to young people. 1892. p. 104-19. W927.8 C85 e 

Crowest, F: J. Great tone poets. 1885. p. 168-89. 

927.8 C88 e 
Dole, N. H. Score of famous composers. n. d. p. 207-36. 

Bost e 

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Probably best work. 

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Best Hie of Cbopin from a popular Bt«indpoint. 


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