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;■*'■ • 





the sun is arising 
a new day is dawning 
people are changing . 

1970 bluestone 


<^ *. 


•V •- »* 

editor— cafC^K^el bufke 
assoeiate editor— kathy quesnel 
iDusiriess manager— barbara thorn psdr| 

rtanaging editor ^ 

copy editor— paulettQ bier -.■.. .■ 



■p r 

ym\ ' 1?"' 

table of ciintents 


athletics 206 

classes 236 

index 414 

cbncltision 476 




in appreciation 

n September of 1969, the senior 
class was faced with chosing 
new sponsors, it discovered 
two people who had helped 
with the class at various 
dances, and hod chaperoned 
the junior keg party, but 
beyond helping the class, our 
dean of women has been a 
guiding hond to many uncertain 
freshmen as well as upper 
class girls, she has advised the 
women's student government 
senate among her other 
activities, c. b., smoking his long 
cigars, has always been a 
favorite with the senior girls, 
in appreciation for all their' 
work for modison students, the 
1970 bluestone is dedicated 
to mr. and mrs. c. b. reubush, jr. 


soft clouds of 

early morning mists 

floating in open skies 


of a new age 

for growing, 

progressing, and maturing 

of madison 

new day's gateways 

to tomorrow's mind 

expanding, deepening, 

elevating horizons 

to here and now 

when . . . 


the sun rises 


|'«IS Ml. 


new day breaking bright 

on shadows of 

the construction of a new 

place where 

the mind may live 

with stronger lines 

for person-to-person 


perceptions of the sounds, 

the colors of change 

effect all at madison. 

quiet hours fuse into 

the time mode for living 

bursting open 

being able to watch 

ourselves grow, 

to move forward . . . 

time it was, 

and what a time it was. 
it was . . . 
a time of innocence, 
a time of confidences, 
long ago ... it must be . . . 
i have a photograph, 
preserve your memories, 
they're all that's left you. 
— poui simon 




into relationships with others 
wondering where the singular 
"my" ambitions, emotions, 
and achievements will merge 
in the turmoil 

of registration, getting to know 
one another, 
establishing ourselves. 


V ]p ^H 




% ■ ■ ^R 


an idea of what 

we want to make ourselves 

is not enough — 

from the mists of uncertainty 

we are faced with 

the midday of our lives — 

the zenith of our learning 

must be molded carefully 

for it fashions our lives. 

self-argument, the decisive 

move and what will we 


equal opportunity for men 

and women 

together we must work 

to achieve 

unity yet diversity 

as madison changes. 


from mutual contemplation 

develops affiliation, a 

big word for 

relationship with co-workers, 

understanding other people, 



ftii(W»»ii»)!f"i.'.* '• '^~«JSl 

-*l.»«;?:M 'i^^'*' 

!5 g 

i'-W' ^- «.i«M>i6yT» •. 




K-oj,/;' lij 


trading "one self" 

for "together," learning 

that to give is an expansion 

of "me." 

seasoned by love yet 

ingratiated to experience, our 


hond-in-hond we move 

in unison to 

more meaningful senses of being, 

love — a potent word, often misused 

but never forgotten. 

always needed, love is the 

bonding element to 

our dreams, challenges, 





love becomes universal 

in loyalty, in love of country 

and a rapidly changing 

concept — patriotism. 

man has always yearned 

to extend himself 

beyond the earth 


what has been accomplished 

comes from all of us 

". ^ 

for without the striving of 
all america, the moon 
would be 

only a silver globe, now 
maybe future homes for us 
the flog of america — 
peace, freedom, justice, 
from now unto all time. 

NASA photo 




ivinp*"" *■■ 





that phrase i^ ^ 

"V "love of country" — 
how do we hold it in our 
., hands so not to crush it 
in our country? 
expressing itself in 
many ways, this new 
patriotism has been 
self-elaborated by 
many marches, riots, 
an October 1 5th 
moratorium, marching 
on Washington a 
month later, it has 
been ^difficult, but we 
must remain united or 
we fall _, 

into the mist of 











1 ". •'; 

i< *^ 


»v-'/^ ^ 

^ f 


ifcrr- ^'im:^-^ '^ * » ^ 1 •* 




and to see you're really only very small 

and life flows on within you and without you. 

-george harrison 


^» l^f 

vernelle walsh— editor 


;j^V;, admin is 

M board of v 

■'. president o; 




the colleg 
)rovost's office 
business manager 

dean of student services 38 
student service off ice ( 
alumni assoc iat ion -^ _ 

board of visitors 

madison's board of visitors works in conjunction with the 
president in the formulation of major administrative policies, 
the members appoint, with the recommendation of the college 
president, administrative officers and faculty members, the 
board of visitors meets regularly four times a year, when the 
board is not in session, the executive committee, which is 
elected annually, may exercise the powers and transact the 
business for the board. 


first row: mr. b. fred switzer; mrs. emily n. spong; mrs. helen m. white, vice rector; president g. tyler miller, second row: mr. wolloce I. chondler; 
mr. burr p. Harrison; mr. chorles c. broun; dr. dobney s. lancaster; mr. russell m. weaver, rector; mr. j. leonard mauck; mr. e. guy ridgley. 


president g. tyler miller 

"but president miller, it was not a protest march! we were just 
having a little fun — guess you might call it a spring fever march ..." 
bewails a madlson student. 

"i think the linen situation on shorts second floor is deplorable! no 
clean sheets for almost two weeks and the ones i have are about ready 
to walk off the bed!" this cry echoed at one of the president's monthly 
open meetings. 

during his twenty years as madison's president, g. tyler miller has 
encountered many problems similar to the latter one, but the possibility 
of mass demonstration is relatively new. faced by a torrent of poignant, 
prodding questions about administrative policies in regard to marches, 
madison's chief administrative officer handled the situation with ease, 
besides concern for student affairs, the president and his office co- 
ordinate study programs, faculty organization, and financial plans for 
the college, madison extends its gratitude and friendship to president 
miller for his long years of service. 



executive assistant 

president g. tyler miller; miss alice e. liggett, secretory 

public relations 

mr. ray sonner; mrs. evelyn jost, secretary 

computer services 

mr. richord c, mandeville 

mr. richardson, director; mrs. layman, mochine operator; mrs. stover, programmer 


provost daniel r. hall 

the provost, the second ranking 
administrative officer of the col- 
lege, is directly responsible for 
the development and improve- 
ment of the instructional pro- 
grom. his office conducts several 
programs, including the student- 
oriented teacher evaluation sur- 
vey attempted last year, any prob- 
lem concerning existing courses 
of study and academic policies 
are cleared through the provost's 
office before being brought to 
the attention of the president. 

*/> xTV 



dr. daniel r. hall, jr., provost; 
mrs. helen s. sharpes, secretary; 
mrs. Caroline emswiles, secretary. 


dr. david e. fox; mrs. lettie lam, 


seated: mrs. charlene phillips, transcript- 
clerk; mrs. phyllis smither, secretary; mrs. 
elizabeth swecker, assistont registrar; 
sfonding: mrs. lane bennett, clerk; mrs. 
pauline c. long, registrar; miss doreen 
garlie, clerk-stenographer. 


library services 


ii»i- - 











' M'^'.JI^B^ 




,' .m 

mr. forrest c. palmer 

head librarion 

miss elizabeth downey 


mrs, yvonne wheeler 

catalog clerk 

mrs. kathryn swecker 

acquisitions clerk 

mrs. dorothy tourgee 

acquisitions clerk 

mrs. clda terenory 

chief clerk 

miss leta showolter 


mrs. patricia morris 

catalog clerk 

miss darlene newman 

library assistant 

miss anna ruth perry 

library assistant 

bureau of 
teaching materials 


miss juanita mongold, clerk; mrs. sue miller, secretary; mrs. 
zula mason, director; mrs. morgaret bird, secretory 

mr. richord d. garlick, faculty coordinator 


col adolph h. phillips 

business manager 


business office 

"tuition is going up again next semester, who needs o 
budget boost?" queried the business manager, frantic, a 
young bookkeeper rummaged through her records and cited: 
"food services, construction, maintenance, student activities, 
and salaries." 

besides handling our administration's finances, the busi- 
ness office coordinates the operation of the campus police 
force, bookstore, student bank, post office, and the newest 
addition, the intercompus switchboard. 



^ col. adolph h. phidips, business manager; mrs. nancy kite, secretory 

mrs. dorris h, mcelyea; mrs. nancy h. dove, 


mrs. ruth r. detomore, assistant treasurer; mrs. 
phyllis m. cowger, voucher clerk; mrs. evelyn w. 
lontz, accountant; mrs. Jessie i. loymon, chief 
voucher clerk; mrs. elaine k. reedy, bookkeeper; 
mr. layman g, seese, treasurer; mrs. shelba j. 
clatterbuck, cashier. 

security force 

i^Sm ^"^* '***• ^- ^- '°^' ^- ''■ 

brown; f. p. derrow; I. r. 
monger, chief, second row: 
t. a. Harmon; I. c. ondrews; 
s. a. smith; f. o. wilson 

buildings and grounds 

post office 

albert I. wotson, loundry manager; lawrence w. dove, 
power plant supt., mrs. bessie m. lenox, executive house- 
keeper; gene s. wagner, director; g. olin jorrels, supervisor. 

mrs. marguerite turner, clerk; mrs. Christina moyers, manoger; mrs. vivion payne, 


book store 


left to right, mrs. fronces ormentrout, mrs. alma glover, manager; 
mrs. natalie porter, secretory 

mrs. r. lambert, mrs. d. way, mrs. n. devier, mrs. m. ogeon, mrs. 
a. woodson, supervisor 

food services 

first row: mrs. c. rose, mrs. r. lontz, mrs. j. long, mrs. e. leeth, miss j. cooper, second row: mr. r. griffin, director, mrs. c. soger, 
mr. e. shockelford, miss r. roodcap, mr. w. mohone 


dr. James w. fox 

dean of student services 


1 w ^' I 

1 ^^^^^^I^^^^^B]Ia\«\\v\ 

1 • 


student services office 

as dean of student services, dr. James w. fox directs various pro- 
grams involving student aid. seven divisions of his office, including 
admissions, counseling, placement, and housing, grant the student assur- 
ance that his individual situation will be handled with as much easp and 
care as possible, students may find aid in the student services office for 
non-academic as well as academic adjustments. 




mr, henry c. bowers 111; mrs. 
Sandra adkins, secretary. 



mrs. edna c. richie, secretary; dr. 
fay j. reubush. 

of housing 

dean of women 

miss morion f. emslie 

admissions and student aid 

first row: bonnie s. miller, secretary; rosa lee early, secretary; dorothy v. lam, secretory; susan hupp, secretary; shirley 
obyren, secretary, second row: william j. delong, director; francis e. turner, assistant director. 

counseling and testing center 

dr. William o. hall, 
director; mr. richord 
I, chafey; mr, donaid 
I. banks; mrs. doris 
r. wichoel, secretary 

health services 

dr. waiter f. green, II, physician 

field services 
and placement 

mr. grant rush, director; miss mary luces, mrs. mildred rubin, 


mrs. ann cullison, mrs. carojyn pendleton, mrs. touise gardner, 
mrs. lois zirkle, mrs. aletha man ley, mrs. sudye ell is, mrs. mary 
rusmisetle, mrs. helen layman 


alumni association 

"i'd like a blue madison sweat shirt, no, make that green — 
that grey one looks sharp." these are familiar sounds to secre- 
taries carrying out their duties for the madison college alumni 
association, in addition to selling madison souvenirs, the alumni 
association keeps a list of names and addresses of the college's 
alumni and publishes the alumni magazine, "the madisonian." 

mr. robert o. white, director; miss patricia ihodes, secretory 




•J- . 


♦ M 


liSyevvilkersofir^ editor 

< Ji school of 

.. or humanities 
School of natural sciences 63 
school of social sciences 72 

school of education 

madison's school of edu- 
cation, includes the depart- 
ments of education, special 
education services, psychology, 
library science, and the an- 
thony seeger campus school on 
main street. 

of education 


dr, chorles caldwell, deon 

dr. chorles blaJr, chairman 

mrs. ongela reek 

one goal of the education department, headed by 
dr. blair, has been to establish a student advisory com- 
mittee, this committee would be appointed by the stu- 
dent education association. 

the department places most of its emphasis on ex- 
amples of instructional materials and is more con- 
cerned with revamping the old program rather than 
completely changing it. 

greater contact is being made with the students, 
who are encouraged to ask questions and obtain in- 
formation on major programs. 

mr. robert horn 

dr. Charles neatrour 

dr. haroid iehman 



special education services department 

another madison first, madison has been selected as 
the first institute of higher learning in Virginia to be an 
associate special education learning materials center, 
in association with george Washington university, which 
is the regional center, headed by dr. Christiansen, the 
program in the special education department has been 
completely revised, newly incorporated in the course 
of study was a field experience program in which 
students have two hours of classroom study a week 
and two hours of actual field work. 

future plans include three new programs: undergra- 
duate work in the area of special education and learning 
disabilities; training teachers on the graduate level in 
emotional disturbances; and finally, courses in guid- 
ance concentrating in vocational rehabilitation training. 

dr. ted Christiansen, chairman 

mr. henry goff 

dr. elizabeth shofer 


psychology department 

want to blow your mind? 
listen to what is coming to the 
psychology department: there 
will be field work in abnorma 
psychology, and something the 
department is really "psych 
ed" about — an experimenta 
psychology course to be offer- 
ed next year, this course is re- 
quired in many graduate 
schools, madison also has a 
new graduate program for a 
masters degree. 

communications are left 
open in the psychology depart- 
ment by regularly scheduled 
departmrent meetings, which 
both students and faculty at- 

dr. John mundy, head of the 
department, also meets regul- 
arly with students and other 
faculty members to discuss 
career opportunities and pos- 
sible problems that may arise, 
this department is also direct- 
ly subsidized by the state de- 
partment of education. 


mr. andrew jonioK 

dr. romeo otivas (psychology department) 

ibrary science department 

led by mr. forrest palmer, the library 
science department is steadily increasing, 
within the last five or six years, the num- 
ber of majors has increased by about 
300 ^^. 

faculty members are involved in many 
activities, mrs. finley serves on on active 
elementary materials commission of state 
department of education, miss riddle 
supervises the student teachers, mrs. mas- 
on is the regional director for the bureau 
of teaching materials for the state depart- 
ment of education, mr. palmer is the 
past president of the Virginia librarians as- 

miss Columbia winn (psychology deportment) 

miss telsie riddle 

mrs. bflire finlay 


anthony seeger campus school 

located across main street, the anthony seeger 
campus school puts its main emphasis on serving as 
on observation center for the teacher training pro- 
gram, headed by dr. garney darrin, it provides demon- 
strations for groups of teachers for special obser- 
vations, and offers training for participants in early 
childhood education, special education classes help 
college students prepare for that field. 

the school has a librarian and a consultant in 
music, art, foreign language, and physical education, 
psychology classes work with closed circuit etv for 
observations, grades in the school include both three 
and four year old nurseries, grades one through six, 
and special education. 


mrs. lydia meeks, mrs. marguerite wampler 


school of humanities 

the departments of art, eng- 
lish, foreign languages, music, 
and the speech and drama are 
under the supervision of dr. 
louis g. locke, dean of the 
school of humanities. 

of art 

dr. louis g. locke, dean 

mr. david diller, chairman 

miss martho coldwel! 


the department of art under the chairmanship of 
mr. david diller, is active in sponsoring art shows 
gathered from throughout the state for the duke fine 
arts gallery, all faculty members like to remain practic- 
ing artists as well as professors, so members are often 
entering their own work in shows around the country, 
madison art students this year are entering the Vir- 
ginia student art exhibition at vpi. the growing art 
department will now offer master degrees in fine arts 
for qualified majors. 

mr. James burgess 

mr. I<enneth szmagaj 

mr. kenneth beer 

dr. crystal theodore 


department of english 

change and addition have been key concepts in 
the english department this year, for example, a wos- 
sail party was held for majors on december 15 in 
alumnae in hopes that the students would become 
better acquainted, while everyone was crunching 
cookies and sipping lip-smacking good punch, mr. 
todd Zeiss, the creative writing professor, read one 
of his short stories. 

courses in mass media and the processes of biblio- 
graphy and scholarly research have been added to 
the program as electives. 

the biggest change of all, though, has been in 
the chairmanship of the department, dr. James poin- 
dexter, is going to devote his full energies to his teach- 
ing career, dr. mcmurray will assume the position 
in September 1970. 

miss rosalind trent 

mrs. ruth wilkins 

mr. richard price 

mr. david hallman 


department of foreign language 

interested in russian, german, or any other lan- 
guage? ask the people who have lived the language, 
not merely studied it; this is a description of dr. 
margaret rauch and the nine other faculty members 
in the foreign language department, each has been 
either totally or in part educated abroad and has done 
extensive travel in europe and russia. all of this ex- 
perience, besides the fact that many are native born, 
provide madison with a superior foreign languoge de- 
partment, in addition to its faculty members, madison's 
foreign language department is assisted by two foreign 
students; with the aid of these students, the depart- 
ment sponsored the international show in January. 

department of music 

this year, the music department of madison col- 
lege gained three new faculty members, headed by 
dr. gordon I. ohisson, this department offers a vast 
assortment of activities, ranging from the department- 
al major to campus-wide choral groups, in addition 
to recitals given by seniors in the music field and 
professors, the music department participated In the 
november state string workshop and concert, and 
sponsored a foreign tour during the summer under 
the guidance of dr. inninger. this year was also mark- 
ed by the introduction of phi mu alpha, the national 
men's professional music fraternity, dr. ohisson, mr. 
hicks, and mr. anderson joined such illustrious figures 
as leonard bernstein and aaron copeland as members 
of this group. 

dr. gordon ohisson, choirmon 

mr. Samuel cross 

ss tereso holiingsworth 


mr. lowell watkins 

miss carol teti 

mr. lorry tynes 

mr. dovid watkins 


department of speech and drama 

another innovation this year — rather, the actuali- 
zation of a long range plan — has come about in 
the speech and drama department, a major in com- 
munication arts has been added, including a basic core 
program of studies in the department itself, with free- 
dom for the student to choose related courses from 
any other department. 

some college activities are also under the auspices 
of dr. moulton, chairman of the department, and the 
department itself, courses in radio and television in- 
clude laboratory work on the campus facilities, wmra, 
the radio station, broadcasts every evening from 4 
until midnight on fm frequency, and is operated by 
the students, mr. burr directs the Stratford players in 
campus productions. 

dr. eugene moulton, chairman 
mr. Herbert patterson 

dr. robert patterson 

rs. moe frontz 


school of natural sciences 

dr. emmert ikenberry 

dr. j. emmert ikenberry, 
dean of the school of natur- 
al sciences, has under his 
direction the departments of 
biology, chemistry, geology, 
and mathematics, the school 
also includes the physical 
and health education de- 
partment and the depart- 
ment of physics. 

department of biology 

dr. John davis, chairman 

dr. James grtmm 

department of biology 

several of the fourteen biology staff members are 
not content with just informing the eager minds of 
madison students about the world around them, they 
ore enlightening all from ages eight entitled moon 
jelly, which is a science book for ages eight through 
ten. professor trelawny is doing research with chytrids 
(micro-organisms) and has published in the last year 
a paper in the Virginia journal of science "psysiology 
of aquatic phycomycetes and nutrition of phlyctochy- 
trium." drs. Jones and davis, and mr. garrison hove also 
had writings published. 

this constantly expanding department has had its 
introduction course 110 completely revised along with 
several changes in the graduate program., the depart- 
ment is now rennovating the greenhouse, complete with 
an outomatic watering device to maintain a greater 
number of plants for research and regular courses. 

miss jonet winstead 

mrs. margaret gordon 


mr. norman garrison 

dr. James ferry, mr. jack heading 


department of chemistry 

enthusisatic students in the chemis- 
try department can help fulfill their 
quest for knowledge by helping pro- 
fessors in research, for instance, Con- 
nie fisher is working on a special pro- 
ject with dr. Simmons. 

this year, qualitative organic chem- 
istry was added to the program, ad- 
vanced inorganic chemistry and gradu- 
ate work will be added in the next 
year, hopefully. 

dr. raymond Simmons 

dr. liberty cosoii 

of geology 

mr. Wilbur hornsberger, chairman 

dr. frank poloscoy 

new discovery in the geology department! a strange mag- 
netic force has been discovered in the department and its 
origin and composition are still undetermined, mr. horns- 
berger and the other geology professors are frantic, this 
mysterious force seems to have drawn many people to the 
field of geology, for the number of majors has doubled, if 
this force is left unexplored and uncontrolled, madison may be 
swamped with geology majors. 

mr. frank compbell 

department of physics 

alteration of the strength and properties of 
x-rays and measurement of light and sound 
are only two areas under study by the physics 
department, a vast ronge of interests and ex- 
perience is represented in the members of 
this group, which is headed by dr. John c. 
wells, in addition to providing regular classes 
designed to fill the needs of physics majors 
and other interested students, the physics de- 
partment is proud to announce the addition 
of a physics major in graduate study which 
has been well received. 

dr. John wells, chairman 

dr. jon staib 

mr, kent moore 
mr, John gordon 


department of mathematics 

have you ever heard of fibonacci numbers? this 
is only one of the ideas to be incorporated into the 
presently expanding program for graduate study in 
the field of mathematics, dr. j. emmert ikenberry's 
math department contains a progressive group of 
teachers who, besides endeavoring to improve the 
graduate program, are also in the process of further- 
ing their own education through research and ad- 
vanced studies, emphasis on small classes and on in- 
formal teacher — student relationship provides a 
relaxed atmosphere for learning. 

dr. gordon fisher 

mrs. betsy little 

miss mary hughes 
mr. Charles ziegenfus dr. wiiliom senders, chairman 
mrs. mariene showalter 


mrs. dawn fisher 
miss diane spresser 

dr. John honson 

mr. terry lepera 


physical health education department 

students whose interests lean towards athletics have 
found the physical education department, headed by 
dr. morilyn Crawford, provides welcome guidance and 
instruction, in addition to conducting regularly sched- 
uled classes, members of this department supervise 
numerous intramural sports, participate on faculty 
teams, coach our intercollegiate teams, and sponsor 
the various clubs associated with the physical education 
department, such as men's athletic association and 
mercury club. 

school of social sicence 


business administration and 
economics, business education, 
history, home economics, po- 
litical science and geography, 
and sociology — these are all 
of the departments in the 
school of social sciences, the 
school is headed by dr. elmer 
I. smith. 

department of 

dr. elmer smith, dean 

mr. roger adkins 

mr. Chester bradfield 


in the revision of the curriculum 
for the business administration- 
economics department, the em- 
phasis has been on helping the stu- 
dent with his future, plans for 
developing an advanced account- 
ing seminar are being actualized 
in an effort to provide better train- 
ing for those working toward be- 
coming certified public account- 
ants, along with the expanded use 
of moss lectures, more graduate 
level courses are being added, with 
an emphasis on making job con- 
tacts for students, dr. mace is 
chairman of the newly reorganized 
departments of business adminis- 
tration and economics. 

mrs. gloria olivas 

mr. london Sanders 

mr, Howard wilhelm 

mr. phlHip kincheloe 

mr. kevin miller 
dr. paul kipps 

dr. almon mace, chairman 

mr. John burnett 

department of business education 

the department of business education, a part of 
madison's academic program since 1936, has develop- 
ed into one of the largest departments at the college, 
caught up in the progress of american life in the past 
thirty-four years, this program has been expanded to 
offer two options in the pursuit of a bachelor of science 
degree, business education, which is option one, pro- 
vides courses that permit certification in selected areas 
of business education leading to the collegiate pro- 
fessional certificate, students may choose a major field 
of study in bookkeeping — data processing, steno- 
graphy, or general office procedures, option two, office 
administration, provides specialized training in that 
area, a choice of a secretarial sequence, or on office 
management sequence is provided in the program, a 
minor is also offered in the department. 

dr. z. s. dickerson, chairman 

mr. William walsh 

dr. Paul steagall 

miss ruth rucker 

nrs. mono coffman 


department of home economics 

for anyone who has interests ranging from cloth- 
ing design to cafeteria management, the home econo- 
mics department has all the answers, there ore three 
majors offered in this field; they include general home 
economics, education and dietetics, instruction is pro- 
vided by a newly expanded faculty group headed by 
dr. dorothy rowe. under the direction of this depart- 
ment, students learn skills which they will use in many 
ways to serve their families and the community. 

mrs. nancy burnett 

miss dorothy linehan 

dr. dorothy rowe, chairman 

liss martha sieg 

miss Carolyn driver 


department of history 

while other departments are updating their pro- 
grams, the history department is not allowing its courses 
of study to become antiquated, for the first time, area 
interest majors ore being offered, the sino-soviet and 
russian majors, a conjunctive effort of the history, 
sociology, political science, and geography depart- 
ments, require a language concentration in russian. 
next year, there will be a course in the modern middle 
east, (maybe the foreign language department will 
offer courses in Chinese and persian . . .) 

a summer workshop in americon colonial history, 
to be taught by mr. hallman, is going to be conducted 
at Williamsburg, a graduate level course, comparisons 
and contrasts of 18th century new england and 18th 
century Virginia will be the body of the study. 

professors in the history department are pursuing 
their area of study beyond the classroom, mr. campbell, 
mr. bland, and drs. wood and mcfarland have had ar- 
ticles published in the madison studies and research 

dr. roymond dingledine, chairman 

dr. mary jackson 

dr. cory Henderson 


mr. dive hallman 

mr. Sidney bland 


miss Catherine boyd 

mr. jomes Campbell 

dr. daniel mcfarland 

dr. John wood 


department of political science 

and geography 

one of the most interesting aspects of the political 
science department is the student advisory committee, 
members are elected by the majors to consult with 
the department professors on matters of general in- 
terest among the majors, representatives ore chosen 
from each class. 

several members of the department have travelled 
overseas or earned degrees in foreign studies, among 
them ore mr. brown, mr. paul, professor wall, and drs. 
hall, fox, and myers. the department also co-sponsors 
the model u.n. security council for Virginia high school 

dr. poul dine, choirmon 

dr. bette fox 

mr. John poul 


department of sociology 

do primitive societies interest you' if so, modison's 
new anthropology minor may be well worth looking 
into, it is one of the many new courses being offered 
by the sociology department this year, also, in co- 
operation with other departments, the sociology depart- 
ment is sponsoring a program of russian and sino-soviet 

the faculty members in the sociology department, 
headed by dr. elmer smith, ore continuing their work 
in their field outside of class in various ways. dr. stone 
is in mexico on an international latin omerican pro- 
ject while dr. smith is working on a regional law en- 
forcement improvement plan, a book pertaining to the 
family is being written by mr. napp. 

dr. elmer smith, choirman 

mr. forrest mccreody 

dr. barbara stone 

dr. raiph napp 

mr. Herbert whitmer 


^» */ 

|6an garyin— editor 





miss madisotfl 
• man of the 
who's who 






apple blossom princess 96 
miss glamour 97 

harvest festival princess 98 
student life tOQ 

editor elec 
miss madis 

chosen on the basis of outsti 
ice, scholarship, leadership and 
to modison college, 
as the 1970 miss 
on campus as hazel, 
since her freshman ye(? 
and class days, a mem' 
fraternity, she served as pledge 
heif junior year, honoraries include 

warren honor society and kappa 
as a senior, hazel edits the 1970 
itone and is recognized in^who's wl 
aind^as an outstanding senior, 
h\\L i^w,'jersey, she is an e. 
oaf^OT ^ajor 



sgo president recogdiz^ 
ashman of the year 

f ■ :-,. 

ffer ^rGnsfcrn'nq from franl.Iin o " ' 
lege, milk cappeto became active in 
dent government organization during ^ir, h ■. 
year- at madisorr- he continued to serve or. i 
tHe iJMgiMMS t^raMBit (his ,V^^r 
her a^^l^^ft^ike si^Kxd di^fsat^ura 
■year he headed the in- 
ico-chaired gre«kwaek 
of sigi^ phi cpsilon 
IP wqS busy tnm yedr as it's 
SeVfftir class nflmed him o'; 
[tstanding seniors, hailit 
jersey, mike is a biology major 



superlative seniors 
honored in who's who 

reporter-historian of junior doss 

who's who among students in ameri- 
con universities and colleges is printed 
each year to pay special recognition 
to outstanding seniors in approximate- 
ly 1000 schools throughout the nation, 
these students are selected for their 
qualities of scholarship, citizenship, 
and continuous participation in stu- 
dent affairs, ten members of the class 
of 1970 were picked by o selection 
committee which chose outstanding 
students from a list of nominees 
gathered from the major organizations 
on campus at the senior class day 
program, dean reubush announced 
madison's representatives in who's 

legislative vice-president of s.g.a. 

bennett keyser 

judicial vice-president of s.g.o. 


president of junior class 

president of honor council 

editor of bluestone 

viimxii^^faiiiMtKauKi^titiajMtaKainMitkiaaa^ fitm Winrr i niti'ii 

president of s.g.a 

editor of the 





Hi! ' 

. : :v. 





president of phi mu 

chairman of ponhellenic council 

senior class selects 
outstanding members i« 

every year, a group of students is chosen by 
ballot OS being outstanding in contributions to the 
class, they are nominated at meetings in the 
dorms, voted on by the class, and announced at 
the class banquet. 


editor of bluesfone 

president of phi olplia pi fraternity 






parliamentarian of senior class 
president of senior doss 

I ^ 

mcknight ' 



'ice-president of senior class 




^lO !MIN.f 

«.j ^'-^'a^B 

^ B T . ■ - ____ I 



r- 1 


president of mercury club and percy h. warren 



- " v 



honored students 
from class of 71 


jr- - 


s.g.a. senotor 

secretary of junior class 

legislative vice-president of junior class 

president of junior class 







/^^KT i 




'f ._ 







' 7 




^/7 1 















frosh and sophs voted outstanding 

Carolyn cook reigns as may queen 

during the may day festivities, miss carolyn lane cook was crown- 
ed 1970 may queen, surrounded by her maid of honor, princesses 
and attendants, she presided at all the activities in her honor. 
Carolyn was tapped along with her court at the may day tapping 
assembly on februory 24, 1970. she is active in alpha sigma alpha 
social fraternity and majors in physical education and health, her 
home is in newsoms, Virginia. 

lois e. craun tapped as maid of honor 

lois evans craun serves as the maid of honor for 1970. an 
english major and a member of zeta tau alph social fraternity, 
lois resides with her husband, william, and son on their farm 
in bridgewater. 

sophomore: sara tourgee 

photography done at the grand caverns, 
grottoes, Virginia 


senior attendant's: first row: saun- 

dra chalker, pam richardson. 
second row: nancy booker, lynda 
sutton, sue buorg, michelle flora. 

may court attendants represent all classes 

underclossmen attendonts: cece Zimmerman, noncy albertson, jonet volz, mary onne guzi, mike dentler, donna barton. 


'ffjQ--':-' . 

miss flora chosen for 
apple blossom princess 


for mony yeors, modison 
girls hove had the honor of 
representing our college at the 
annual apple blossom festival, 
one of the most picturesque 
pageants held in Virginia, last 
spring, michelle flora was 
chosen to be o festivol prin- 
cess, miss nancy harden, 
daughter of the secretary of 
agriculture, reigned over the 
event as queen. 

michelle, o senior and a 
member of alpha sigma alpha 
fraternity, is majoring in both 
elementary education and li- 
brary science. 


dres,s.6d eplt^ge 
g^rl sd! felted 

this ^i^dr.ihe title of tmss giom- 
our y/ai avyarded to suiAi angle, 
Q senidr majoring in ellmentary 
education. anb a.membpjjof zeta 
tau iil;^a, social fraterhifly, su^on 
had beerj chosen by opin ballot 
to represent rqadison irgjcoVripeti- 
tion fonthe ti,tle of one pjthe "ten 
best-dr^5^d college girreyn gmeri- 
ca." aBi jentrants in th^ at^nuol 
contest^nre judged orifqdjlities of 
sense djf style, poise Wnd posture, 
and matlculous dress. y ^| 

set mood of 

judges ended the suspense of contestants upon naming kappa delta's float "most indicative 
of theme." 

zeto tau alpha social fraternity bewitched the judges, thereby capturing the title of "prettiest" float for their entree. 

the soul sounds of "som and dove" rocked wilson hall. 

this autumn has ushered in 
something new at madison — 
homecoming, to give the week- 
end a "soulful" start, "som 
and dove" gave to perfor- 
mances friday night, festivi- 
ties were continued on Satur- 
day with the crowning of linda 
atkins as homecoming queen, 
she later represented madison 
in the harvest festival ball in 
roanoke. the queen, flanked 
by creative floats including the 
"prettiest," "most indicative 
of theme," and "worst," pa- 
raded to purcell park to watch 
the soccer game against Wash- 
ington and lee university, to 
conclude the weekend, a fash- 
ion show, "harvest reflections 
on parade," sponsored by ney's 
house of fashion and charles 
mathias, inc., was presented 
in wilson autorium. 


the band at the Christmas dance kept all on their feet. 


students celebrate the 
Christmas season. 

the Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year 
at madison college, the harrisonburg stores are jammed with 
modison students doing last minute shopping, and the post 
office staff is swamped with the millions of greeting cards 
to be sorted and stuffed into the mailboxes, each dorm Is 
equipped with a Christmas tree along with other decorations 
and is occupied by at least one group of carolers, students 
ore caught in a whirl of social activities that keeps them busy 
all through the last few days before the two-week vacation, 
they are given and enthusiastically receive "the swinging me- 
dallions" in concert, the next night they are dancing amid 
Christmas trees and glittering decorations, traditional Christ- 
mas music is provided by the music department in two con- 
certs, all this is included in every christmas weekend; what 
makes this one unique is that madison had its first open 


women students entertain men in their rooms for the first time. 


the Stratford players reach a crucial point in "the odd couple." 


provided for 
madison students 

anyway we do it, entertainment at madi- 
son is becoming better all the time, a 
more definite interest in hard rock, acid, 
and psycheledic music groups has spur- 
red the student activities committee to 
sponsor rock music shows, while the ly- 
ceum series caters to the more serious 
intellectual elements at madison. includ- 
ed in the latter is the national players' 
production of "king lear". Saturday night 
at the movies, another cultural outlet — 
sometimes serious, always enjoyable — is 
designed for the book-weary student. 

the "swinging medallions" ore heodlined at the 
the Christmas concert. 


beauty of form is created by the "olvin ciley dancers" 


. . . who needs it? . 

interest . 


involvement . 


iindy GOol baug h — ed itor 


■ !!•.., 





^' '^^ 


panhellenic takes pride in . . 

choirmon: jody sponsler. 

chairman-elect: candy silecchia. 

beginning touches for the onnual christmos dance. 



first year as panhellenic sponsor for morion f. emslie. 

greeks hong their hats on hoff man's christmos tree. 

council: first row: b. cleeg, s. nugent, j. whitson, m. murphy, d. porker, b. hogey, s. angle, second row: c silecchia, j. ornold, j. sponsler, m. 
lougborough, d. roynes, s. dugon. third row: b. Johnson, r. merritt, j. tutwiler, s. defillipo, b. shuler. fourth row: b. otkins, b. willard, b. vassor, g. 
boelz. fifth row: n. sykes, b. harroll. 

interf rater nity council co-ordinates 

advisor: dean bowers. 

president: mike way. 

■ officers: j. nirhers, 

■ r. forrester, 
I c. shomo, 

■ d. manson. 


madison frat life 

bob forrester saws a tree trunk for the Christmas dance. 


alpha gam 
notes 10th yr. 

founded 1904, Syracuse university . 
gamma mu chapter, founded 1959 
red, buff, and green . . . 
red and buff roses 

the gamma mu's celebrated their tenth anniver- 
sary this year on november 21, 1969. sisterhood was 
an essential part of the alpha gam's year as they par- 
ticipated in a full week of activities topped off by a 
banquet at gibbons hall, many old alums attended 
from as many as ten years past. 

president: besty wrilord 

"alpha gam, alpha gam, come now and sing my 

officers: first row: 1. feagans, p. eu- 
bank, b. miliikin, k. york. second row: 
I. crider, b. peters. 






Alpha ©ammai]ctta 



^ f 


^!laiii5on CoUcac 









EDWARD VATITIME Studios, Harrjltor, NY 



Alpha I3hi ©mc^a 












EDWARD VANTINE Sludios, Homillon N Y /^ . , 


AOfi services campus 

founded 1925, lafayette college . . . 
founded 1928, madison college . . . 
blue and gold . . . 
for-get-me-not . . . 

the motto of alpha phi omega is "be a leader, be a 

friend, be of service." with this foremost in their minds, 
the brothers help the admissions office by giving tours 
of madison to prospective students, they also help in 
registration by providing a booth for information, be- 
sides serving the school, opo's also work at rockingham 
memorial hospital on weekends. 



officers: b, olmstead, b. hawkes, i. stoneberger, b. pollard, b. stiles, 
j. ramsey. 

president bill hawkes. 

opo's lend a helping hand during registration. 

asa hosts 
art festival 

founded 1901, longwood college . . . 
beta epsilon chapter, founded 1939 . . . 
red and white . . . 
aster . . . 

this year alpha sigma alpha began the year by 
helping at the folk art festival, in community service 
the asa's gave holiday parties at western state, the 
sisters are ail looking forward to their national con- 
vention to be held in June at Virginia beach. 







^m tl^fl 




\ fr^ 





president: j. tutwiler 

"boom, boom, yes indeed i'm in asa." 

officers: first row: m. flora, n. bowen. second row: 
cook, I. wood, j. ornold, p. brooks, c. corse. 

f. Williams, g. love, s. nugent. third row: a. burnett, j. mckinley, c. 



oci*w ooesfiEiN 





Alplia $iama Alplia 





fflaiitsoti (Tollci^c 









f a i 






EP-VAftC WNTfNE Zf.j4-r,%. Hgm.llo^ Hf j.- , 




^ ^ 






Alpha ^igma Watt 

19 i 70 


*^ Q 1 9 f ^ i 















asters hosts 
of state day 

founded 1899, ypsilonti, michigan . . . 
psi chapter, founded 1944 . . . 
emerald on d gold . . . 
yellow rose . . . 

the true spirit of giving was seen this year by the sis- 
ters of alpha sigma tau. a halloween and Christmas 
party were given for underprivileged children and at 
thanksgiving and christmas baskets were given to 
needy families, in april of this year the asters were 
the hosts for state doy with the festivities taking 
place at madison's college camp. 

officers: b. thompson, t. mcmillan, 
b. mcknight, s. Spain, k. lehmon, 
Q. dawson. 

the a.s.t. elf brings Christmas cheer. 

president: b. shuler. 

kd's first year 
on campus 

founded 1897, longwood college . . . 
delta rho chapter, founded 1969 . . . 
olive green and pearl white . . . 
white rose . . . 

as the newest sorority on campus, kappa delta 
initiated its first pledge class februory 14, 1970. this 
year was the first full year for the kd's. as their national 
project the kappa delts visited the cripple children's 
hospital in richmond. 

president: d. porker. 

officers: ). easley, m. stickley, b. corrington, d. dicl<erson, 
second row: n. munson. 

m. qutgg. 

welcome to kd's hades. 







^appa Delta 





^adison CoUcac 
















n. MAN50N 


phi Alpha l)i 
19 ^ 70 



T Af.DEP50n 



$An sponsors halloween party 

founded 1963 . . . 
frederick college . . . 
gold and white . . . 
yellow rose . . . 

phi alpha pi contributed to the fraternity life at 
madison by sponsoring a halloween party at the belle 
meade this past year, as a social society, its function 
is to arouse school spirit and friendly competition, 
along these lines, "pineapple" won the cross country 
intramurals. besides social functions, they help to 
support a boys orphanage ranch In texas. they ore 
in the process of becoming a colony of theta chi. 


officers: j. mercer, t. sounders, h. wooiridge, t. buchannon, 
f. english. 

president: f. english. 

phi alpha pi dance circle indicates 
good time hod by all at halloween 

pkb looks toward 
kappa alpha 

founded 1961 . . . 
frederick college . . . 
block, silver, moroon . . . 

phi kappa beta spent most of the time this year work- 
ing towords their goo! of becoming a member of koppo 
alpha, along with devoting their energies to becoming 
national, they sponsored mixers on campus and gave 
a Christmas party for underprivileged children. 

officers: r. roy, h. olmarode, c. w. witt, p. corso. 

presidents: h. olmarode, c. w. witt. 

pkb discusses frot life with other greeks. 









^I]i ^appa ^Bta 



^adtsott ColUgB 









UNDA L Bullock 








^flaiiisijn d'oUeae 










__^ EOWARD WANTINE SlLid'Ol. Hom.Ho/* NY ^ -, ^ 


phi mu supports 
unit in Vietnam 

founded 1852, wesleyan college . . . 
gamma theto chapter, founded 1960 . . . 
rose and white . . . 
enchantress carnation . . . 

this year the gamma theta chapter celebrated their 
tenth anniversary on april 17, 1970. among their many 
accomplishments are contributing to the u.s.s. hope 
and the children's methodist home, the phi mu's help 
support our men in the services by sending gifts to a 
unit in Vietnam. 

president: m. loughborough 

another busy year 
for the Sigma kap's 

founded 1874, colby college . . . 
delta rho chapter, founded 1959 
lavender and maroon . . . 
violet . . . 

one of the many community projects sIgma kappa 
was involved in this year was working with the elderly 
people at sunnyside rest home, throughout the year 
the sigma kop's visit and send gifts to the elderly. 

tke and the sigma kap's held their annual party 
in december. after their fall pledge class was initiated, 
they went to Virginia to hove a party with the phi delt's. 
also Christmas party for needy children in the area 
was given. 

president: bev Johnson. 

officers: b. griffith, b. bock, c. schultz, I. smith, s. stonek. 

"you con tell a sigma koppo about a mile away.' 










"Siama ^appa 


19 W 70 

|flaiJi5oii (f oUcac 













EDWARD VANTINE SludiOf, Homillon NY ^^J^;r^ ■ 








0iqma l^hi ^psilon 







C STEVE Smith 








spe wins frat football trophy 

founded 1901, richmond college . . 
Virginia iota chapter, founded 1970 
purple and gold . . . 
violet, dark red rose . . . 

one of the strongest fraternities on campus, spe 
vvas recognized as the "fraternity of the year" at madi- 
son during greek week, from giving parties for under- 
privileged children to school officers and varsity letter- 
men, sigmo phi epsilon tries to vary their social life 
believing that strong fraternities will ploy on important 
port in creating a more co-educational college at modi- 
son in the future. 

spe's display form that led them to victory president: m. cappeto 

officers: d. Crist, d. fellono, 
b. toohey, c. shomo. 


Sigma creates 
a new colony 

founded 1898, longwood college . . . 
alpha upsilon chapter, founded 1939 
royal purple and white . . . 
purple violet . . . 

as a highlight of the sigma's year, they were invited 
to the university of north Carolina to help start a new 
chapter, they have won many awards, including first 
runner-up in the notional efficiency award and national 
honor roll, they attended state day at longwood college. 

president: nancy sykes. 

officers: b. Jordan, c. ranson, g. fitzapatrick, m. sours, I. barber, 
I. ormstrong. 

"she's tri-sigmo through and through". 






a ^^ f f (^ 






^ioma Siama Sigma 





JflatSison College 











EDWARD VANTINE Studios. Homilon U r 



^au ^appa |EpsiIon 











hENRt £ GOfF 






I V / M\ 






tke initiated as first national frat here 

founded 1899, Illinois wesleyon . . . 
mu tau, founded 1969 . . . 
cherry and groy . . . 
red carnation . . . 

initiated on nov. 8, 1969 tke became the first nation- 
al social fraternity to be installed at madison. the instal- 
lation weekend of festivities was culminated with a 
banquet at the holiday inn where 1. s. cochron, grand 
epiprytanis spoke, activities for the brothers range 
from social, open parties and mixers, to philanthropic, 
repairing a retarded children's home in bridgewater. 

president: w. heatwole. 

grand epiprytanis cochran addresses 
newly installed tke members and 

officers: first row: g. martin, 
c. lohr. second row: w. carbaugh, 
m. morris, w. heatwole, k. 
drescher, b. king, c. kropp. 


T2X gains campus recognition 

founded 1961, frederick college . . . 
gamma chapter, founded 1969 . . . 
sanguine and gold . . . 

on february 14, 1969 tau sigma chi received full 
recognition as a fraternity on the madison college cam- 
pus, since that time there has been a period of con- 
stant growth for tau sig. the brothers have sponsored a 
mixer, closed parties, and in the spirit of helping to 
build better relations between the harrisonburg com- 
munity and madison fraternities^ a Christmas party for 
the underprivileged children of the area was given, the 
brothers of tau sigma chi look upon the future as a time 
for increased growth and expansion and as an oppor- 
tunity to build upon the spirit of brotherhood already 
so strong in their fraternity. 

officers: I. helferstay, d. morion, h. pitzer 









^au ^tgma W]i 




^adtsoit College 









zeta takes float award 

founded 1898, longwood college . . . 
gamma kappa chapter, founded 1949 . . . 
turquoise and silver . . . 
white violet . . . 

this year the gamma kappa chapter of zta travelled 
to dinwiddie county to visit their last remaining found- 
er, zta serves the community and carries out it's nation- 
al project by helping at simms school, the zeta's also 
showed their madison spirit by winning the "best look- 
ing float" award in the harvest festival. 

officers: s. angle, I. porter, n. booker, s. buorg, 
I. mason, s, harkins, I. nylen, e. tillery. 

president: suson angle. 


zeta, zeto, z-t-a." 





^cta Cau Alpha 






^adison Collcqe 













EDWARD VANTINE SludiQS. Homilloo NY ^^y^y 


frats represented by campus beauties 

dick monson presents roses 
from phi alpha pi to soundra 

spe's sue buorg receives flowers 
from phil whetzel. 


'^ wm 


^ *■ 4? ?■«.,■? 


^^ ;^a ] 

pkb's sweetheart, liso ruby, is given roses by rondy roy. 

bill bozord hands 
carnations to sandy 
Sweeney, tke sweet- 

tex's president glen wotkins congratulates 
sylvia ross. 


panhell and ifc co-host Christmas 

hard work decorating pays off with successful dance 

dance and greek week 

. . . activities for first 
greek week range from 
chariot races to football 




"^ f ose ellen hbuser— editor 

jDartmental clubs 
iterest clubs 

LSUill^KiHlll •iCi 

sga offers 



girls wearing slacks to class, staying 
out 'til 2 a.m. — these are only two 
of the rule changes enacted by the 
legislative branch of sga. just as 
courses must constantly be updated, 
so must the rules that give some sem- 
blance of order at madison. additions, 
such OS the bad check committee, have 
been created in student government 
services to students, and this is the 
first year in which madison has par- 
ticipated in college-bowl program, 
sga sponsorship of freshman orienta- 
tion has continued, one effort re- 
mains to be completed — the merger 
between sgo and sga. 

parliamentarian: Carolyn ranson 


president: cheryl nicely 

treosurer: nan pettigrew 


legislative vice president: 

cindy coolbaugh 


first row: j. bailey, I. crider, n. bowen, p. 
brooks, second row: b. troinhom, n. 
dickerson, j. mosser. third row: p. zerkel 
j. barrett, d. payne. fourth row: m, 
dingledine, k. showalter, d. stoner. 


judicial branch 

judicial vice president: clyde bennett keyser 

judicial secretary: robin smith 

members: first row: c. cooper, s. nugent, j. sly, m. gasper, second row: I. hern, p. aderton, j. garnett. third row; d. farmer, n. avery, e. 


social functions of sga 
product of social committee 

presiding over teas given for faculty and alumnae has been one of the activi- 
ties of the sga social committee this year, the members also sponsored the sga 
Christmas party. 

chairman: lindo miller 

V. jorvis, p. meebon, j. white, p. short, k. koenig, k. dekemper. 




in 1915, the women students at mad- 
ison college united to form the student 
government association, that associa- 
tion flourished as the unifying factor 
for students until 1946 when men first 
appeared on the madison campus. 

in an attempt to gain equality and 
equal representation in student affairs, 
the handful of "madison men" organ- 
ized themselves into the student gov- 
ernment organization. 

striving for compatable goals, but 
working independently from one an- 
other, these two organizations govern- 
ed the student body with little diffi- 
culty until 1967 when the mass influx 
of men began at madison. 

that year, 1967, marked a turning 
point in campus politics, men had 
taken six out of seven offices in the 
freshman class elections and had laid 
the foundation for venturing into a 
predominantly female domain, in 1968 
and 1969, similar events occured in 
various campus organizations. 

it now became apparent that within 
the immediate future, the men's and 
women's student governments must 
merge or become ineffective in carry- 
ing out the operations of a dynamic 
co-educational institution. 

with the drafting of a new constitu- 
tion to govern the entire student body, 
the student government organization 
shall cease to exist at the close of this 
academic year. 

thus, the student government organi- 
zation has fulfilled its original pur- 
pose; the new student government will 
offer men the equality and equal rep- 
resentation that the s.g.o. has sought 
since its inception in 1946. 

with this in mind, and the knowledge 
that our significance as a ruling body 
shall never be forgotten, we, the stu- 
dent government organization, hereby 
declare ourselves defunct. 

president: mike cappeto 


bruce king, dean bowers, and mike cappeto discuss on 
upcoming s.g.o. meeting. 

first row: dean h. bowers, second row: m. cappeto, b. king, third row: j. romsey, 
t. miller, c. Hamilton, fourth row: b. olmsteod, d. pluchinsky. fifth row: j. hines, 
j. chrang, b. bozord. 

t. miller, parliamentarian; m. cappeto, president; j. ramsey, treasurer; dean bowers, advisor; b. king, vice president; c, Hamilton, secretary. 


men's student 
court tries 

the student court has been the men's 
organization delegated with the power 
to try men students for student govern- 
ment offenses. 

president: don phrllips 

first row: m. jones, c. lohr, w. heotwole, I. hommond. second row: d. armentrout, b. thomos, d. shone, m. fergu- 
son, b. gorber, third row: r. de notole, j. schuize, c. bollard, w. poris, j. kennickel!. 


first row: m. carr, e. rogers. second 

row: j. borrett, d. smith, s. whitlock, 

a. spitzer. third row: b. ktrkwood 

s. eisele, s. rowlond, a. ward, s 

gasper, fourth row: d. hanks, 

k. colemon, p. hedges, I. hunter, j 

wise, m. scott 

counsellors orient new students 

freshman orientation 
would never be the 
some if the student 
counselors should quit, 
jon borrett, chairman 
of the service, and the 
counselors are o part 
of a sgo voluntary pro- 
gram to help new stu- 
dents become informed 
about modi son . the 
counselors give student 
handbook briefings and 
try to help freshmen 
with minor problems. 

counselors introduce 

freshmen to a major college 

problem — long lines! 


capacity audience attracting con- 
certs were the pleasing results of many 
hours of long, tedious work by the 
student activities committee, this im- 
portant committee was initial in bring- 
ing such renowned groups as "the 
swinging medallions," "sam and 
dave," "the youngbloods," and "the 
dells" to the wilson auditorium stage. 

the student activities committee presents the swingin' medoliions 
in concert. 

chairman: lisa crider 

the student activities 
committee presents 

peggy zerkel, bill bozord, jo onne leach, lisa crider, s. nordr. 


rec council 
keeps dorms 

ping pong tables, record players, 
televisions — supplying and main- 
taining entertainment equipment 
for each dormitory is the responsi- 
bility of the sga recreational coun- 
cil, they also provide recreational 
activity for students. 

j. dodge, chairman; j. stoyko, j. impellitteri, j. kopf, m. a, schwab, d. russeil 


honor council revises constitution 

honor council, one of the more prominent elected 
groups on campus, has spent a great deal of time 
this year revising its constitution, it hopes to extend 
its scope to involve the students in more of the coun- 
cil's activities, honor emphasis week was again spon- 
sored by honor council, stressing individual honesty 
and the development of a trustworthy character. 


president: connie fisher. 

secretary: sue bennett. 


seniors: I. prilloman, f. wiliiams, b. sorgent, d. raynes. missing: 
c. carter. 

juniors: c. Holland, s. dugon, g. love, j. porker. 


sophomores: s. kite, c. Jenkins, e. husk, g. hale, missing:' c. carroll 

freshmen: k. eones, s, savage, e. Howard, f. premaza, o. wiechmonn. 


fire safety 
in surprise 

besides planning fire drills 
for the dorms on campus, fire 
chief, kay norton finds herself 
serving on the health and safe- 
ty council at madison. all dorm 
representatives to the fire safe- 
ty committee try to catch their 
dorm mates late at night so 
they will not panic in the event 
of real fire. 

bottom to top: I. liebno, b. brewster, c. cooper, k. readyhough, p. gillette, j. quaiff, r. kirk, b. burnett, 
assistant, k. norton, fire chief. 





alpha alpha chapter 
of alpha beta alpha is a 
national undergraduate 
library science fraterni- 
ty, discovering that its 
qualifications for mem- 
bership were too strict, 
president linda thacker 
has been working on 
new standards, for one 
of its projects, aba do- 
nated and decorated a 
Christmas tree for the 
library and also ar- 
ranged bulletin boards 
for it. 

first row: m. floro, I. armstrong, mrs. z. mason, miss f. riddle, s. whittle, p. merica, s. obaugh. second row: 

s. peters, c. mowyer, porliomentorion, s. sterling, secretory, b. eostep, vice president, p. stedmon, b. clegg, 

d. rodier. third row: m. f. palmer, sponsor, e. edwords, m. mc elwee, treasurer, I. thacker, president, h. turner, m. 

braun. missing: b. atkins, I. dolbow. 


junior marshals 
guide processions 

junior marshalls are a little recognized 
group of girls at madison, but at every 
convocation and commencement they 
guide students, faculty, and guests to 
their seats. 

first row: m. sperdutti, j, wheeler, d. adorns, m. cole, t. brodmon, 
s. wogner. second row: f. yeorwood, m. dendtler, m. connody. 

delta pi 

kappa delta pi is 
madisons honorary edu- 
cation fraternity, their 
purpose is to support 
high ideals of scholar- 
ship and keep its mem- 
bers informed of prog- 
ress in the field of edu- 

first row: p. mocnomora, b. while second row: I. lotts, m, Johnston, 5. hunt, I. turner, b. lusby, c. martin, 
e. howe, s. logon, third row: j. white, b. shorpe, n. lance, o. morche, b. atkins, b. roberts, e. buie, f. wheeler. 
fourth row: n. wotkins, o. marshall, p. ray, n. haitt, s. horvey, p. weber, m. leedy, f. horback, I. summers, k. 
seiter. fifth row: g. spickard, j. welch, a, murphy, b. lynch, j. woggy, m. mcoullif, j. dellinger, d. dellinger, 
a. joyner, a price. 


senior women 
honored in 
percy h. warren 

the percy h. warren senior women's 
honor society supports college loyalty 
and promotes the spirit of service and 
companionship among university wom- 
en, founded as a mortar board honor 
society colony in 1966, it sets high 
standards of scholarship, citizenship, 
and leadership. 

first row: c. fisher, k. patton, president, m. loughborough. second row: c. jarvis, c. burke, n. 
bowen, m. a. shorpes. 

kappa pi- 

in order for those students 
gifted in artistic influence and 
ability to share common inter- 
ests, kappa pi was formed, 
through this art fraternity, 
members learn from each other 
while promoting interest in art 
in the entire community. 

first row: dene tryknowski, b. bell, j. sweeker, s. gaines, d. mcconoid, k. froye. second row; b. 
shryock, dr. theodore, miss grove, mr. diller, b. pascoe, s. schassner, c. cross, p. macnamora, 
a. stein, mr. burgess, I. groften, s. layman, b. olmstead, dr. dorin, miss Caldwell. 


phi beta lambda 

first row: d. tooley, secretary; n. carter, historian; s. lambert, re- 
porter; j. lehman, vice-president, second row: miss rucker, advisor; 
g. beatty, treasurer; k. kacmarski, porliamentory referee, f. holick, 

phi beta lambda is the business stu- 
dents' honorary froternity. members 
discuss the most current developments 
in their field at meetings, they attend- 
ed the annual business club debate this 
year in roanoke, Virginia. 

the officers of phi beta lambda confer during on executive meeting. 

first row: c. midklff, k. sogl, e. xynisteri, p. grant, j. slater, m. moore . second row: b. funkhouser, j. smith, s. 
klages, h. doughty, j. murphy, r. slsler, b. barksdale. third row: g. Wilkinson, p. newman, b. sarofeen, r. todd. 
fourth row: j. walker, b. hall, k. poole. 



^ © E„*v» ^ 

first row; j. weaver, j. eoton, j. norman, I. feagons, c. palmieri, I. fletcher, c. mothias, j. burgess, s. scott, m. 
griffith. second row: j. arnold, p. ray, dr. d. rowe, adviser, mrs. nancy burnett, miss e. mccoy, miss m. seig, 
dr. m. Christiansen, miss d. linehan, j. mosser, r. garrison. 


home ec. 

phi omicron tau, 
the home econom- 
ics honorary frater- 
nity at madison, 
has as its primary 
goal the promotion 
of scholarship 
among home eco- 
nomics students, 
girls having a 3.0 
average in this ma- 
jor field of study 
a re invited for 

pi gamma mu initiates at banquet 

first row: m. bednarick, j. albert, v. hottle (v-pres.), p. swisher (pres.); second row: c. martin, b. eastep, 
oppling, j. wheeler; third row: !. mundy, m. billingsley, m. hammer, t. Johnson, m. depriest, I. grafton. 

s. cullop, c. 






phi sigma 


foreign language students who 
excel in this course of study are of- 
fered membership in phi sigma 
iota, the foreign language honor 
group at madison. 

first row: p. unsinn, m. sharpes, I. grandle. second row: mrs. e. neatrour, dr. f. 
borroso. third row: mr. j. Stewart, mrs. v. aliotti, mr. m. perlman, m. Harris, dr. 
m. rauch, m. sprinkel, dr. j. conis, mr. h. cohen. missing: j. davis, e. haught, o. 
march, s. palombo, a. repass, dr. r. lisle. 

pi omega pi prepares business 

members of pi omega 
pi, the business educa- 
tion honorary fraterni- 
ty, meet to learn about 
recent trends in their 
profession and look at 
problems they may en- 
counter there. 

first row: n. evans, (. zehrrng, mrs. d. knicely, I. sudol, mr. wolsh, advisor, I. taylor, president; 
I. tyree, vice president; ]. holloway, reporter, second row: mrs. a. anderson, j. lehmon, dr. dicker- 
son, p. browning, secretary; miss rucker. missing: w. troyer, treasurer. 


Sigma phi 
savants of 

president: amo goff. 

freshmen with a 3.25 average first se- 
mester and upperclassmen obtaining a 3.0 
are invited to join sigma phi lambda, mad- 
ison's local honor society. 

officers: m. block, vice president; m. j. Harris, secretary; a. goff, 
president; j. whitely, reporter, j. mosser, treasurer. 

first row: b. elder, j. anderson, s. Johnson, m. j. Harris, second row; j. mosser, m. black, j. wHitely, a. goff, e. gillom, I. 
hommond, j. markiewicz. third row: v. brannon, s. rymer, c. corrol!, s. bennett, j. slater, m. somerville, j calHoun, p. brown. 
fourth row: m. sperduti, b. green, b. anderson, s. Holder, c. martin, n. nicHols, e. kinser, c. peterson, m. waller, fifth row: 
I. raglond, d. bush, a. cockrell, j. thompson, k. bailey, p. leroy, b. vann, j. connelly. sixth row: j. albert, m. miles, r. gar- 
rison, n, good, b. bates, o. grohm, b. whitesell, b. pascoe, m. beverage. 


the madison college handbook Is a 
student government sponsored publica- 
tion, edited this year by kathy tullous. 
in preparing this handbook for publi- 
cation, the editor must incorporate all 
changes to constitutions and rules that 
have been passed within the last year; 
ultimately, the book serves as a public 
relation instrument to prospective and 
incoming students. 

kothy tullous, editor of the student hondbook. 




this year, criterion club, mad- 
son's literary interest organi- 
zation responsible for the pub- 
lication of the chrysalis, has 
had to collect subscriptions due 
to a lack of funding from the 
college budget, meetings have 
been held twice monthly, and 
they feature speakers on var- 
ious aspects of literature, pro- 
fessors Zeiss and conis have 
been among some of these. 

first row: m. toylor, editor, p. bier, second row: m. Humphrey, d. spisso, e. doss, d. foirfield, m. 
bolland, prose editor, third row; c. bechtel, m. steiner, poetry editor. 


a new year, a new look— 1970 bluestone 

fm. m 

carol hazel burke 

kathy quesnel 
associate editor 

paulette bier 
copy editor 


mr. richard c. mandeville 
V advisor 










'■^ ^^^^1 


^B i;-l'^ -'"' ■ *w 





Hl i^l^B^ 


barbara thompson 
business manager 

mr. jim ellis, representative, and mr. and 
mrs. c. perry of hunter publishing 
company attending the bfuestone banquet. 


pat spence rakes 
managing editor 


*-f ■ 

. 11 





lynn Johnson 
victor o'neill picture editor 



kim kasdorf 

craig mauck, dan lee, herbie wetzel 


section editors 

business staff 

first row: connie richardson, keith hope, vernelle walsh. second 
row: brenda abell, rose ellen houser, cindy coolbaugh, joan 
garvin. third row: carolyn smith, sharon kiger, sue wikerson. 

first row: myra elements, nancy warmon. second row: 

anke wiechmonn, 

pat Vermillion, gory beotty, advertising editor. 




^^^^^^m ^^K^^. Sj^F'Jj^j 



^^^^^^■^** " ^^^^^^ ^^^Hv k^ 

^^^^^A ^^^^A ^^^V>jM 






^K^^^^^^^^ r9«r ^^^1 


bluestone staff enjoying their annual Christmas banquet at thee place. 

staff members 

first row: mike logon, second row; laura weddle, 
saundra morris, doris meadows, third row: donna 
morgan, susie bond, betsy bertz, terrv whimms, 
donna spisso. 


years of experience 
has advanced the breeze 
to first place ratings 

editor-in-chief: John heerlein 

associate editor-business manager: frank Humphreys 

stoff: t. stroughon, news editor, e. manley, t. fisher, advertising manage 


it Waruine 

-VS !/■: .■l■)^■.\■■:T'^.! 

W/ifi' lyii'i'xi* 

setters to the Editor 

the breeze editors discuss controversial topics for the upcoming issue. 


under the direction of james kurtz, the madi- 
son college bond practices a variety of music for 
public entertainment, occasional concerts high- 
light the year. 

director: james kurtz 

left to right: d. starkey, pres.; d. Henderson, v. pres.; s. meeks, 
pub. chairman; I. maddox, sec; j. gaudet, stoge 
manager; s. ross, treas. 

concert band entertains 

first row: c. jarvis, d. starkey, b. riley, s. meeks, r. dolton, s. rosss, j. guy, j. ohisson. second row: p. gotti, k. krause, d. grinnan, 
j. taylor, d. glenn, c. bailey, a. burgio, d. Julio, I. moddox, s. wolker, b. slote, I. bullock, third row: h. doughty, s. hunter, 
]. strecker, h. pitzer, d. scarce, b. oronld, d. hendeson, m. dovei, d. smith, v, bernhord, j. krotzer, j, sheldrake, o. 
hall, e. doss, fourth row: d. camp, e. taylor, j. gaudet, h. howlond, n. junkins. 


n <^ <«» 


first row: sheila Jamison, vice-president, secretary; diane eckleberry, publicity chairman; carJotto parr, librarian; karen simmons, 
librarian; mary mays, treasurer, second row: faith harbeck, ramona garber, phyllis witliams, linda harlow, shororv orndorf, 
barbara adinaro, frankie tyndell. third row: kothy collins, kathy Jamison, mary Williamson, beverly bradford, lynn sebrell, sherrie gaines, 
gall lucas. fourth row: morgaret sprinkle, pom umberger, barbara hanger, cathy lockhart, pam jones, Virginia long, chorlotte holland. 
fifth row: connie doughtery, debbie nelson, joon Ifiach, debbie hanks, debbie reid, margie barclay, cecilia giuffrida, Virginia gordon. 
sixth row: jeonnie swecker, lavonia lockey, jane martin, chormaine walker, mary budelis, karen sanders, sherrie brown, sally araison, 
potty peach. 

college chorus 

madison's ever-growing college chorus, directed by 
miss sally lance, is open to all students interested in 
choral activity, whether majoring in music or not. the 
group performs for area civic organizations and 
churches, a highlight of the year for the chorus is 
the concert which is presented for madison students 
and the surrounding community. 

miss sally lance, advisor; rhonda lineburg, president. 



the largest touring choral group on campus, 
the madison college concert choir has per- 
formed for almost every musical organization 
in Virginia, the choir journies annually to the 
metropolitan center and presents the Christ- 
mas vespers. 

the annual spring concert outside of duke. 

first row: a. Stevens, s. mccrow, m. whitt, m. mays, b. whitt, I. normon, f. heflin, I. smith, m. mock, k. gilbert, d. hensley; second row: c. brown, 

b. perry, c. wood, w. boley, s. smith, e. bend, g. Cunningham, I. prillman, m. edwards, m. dovis, s. darcus, v-pres.; third row: d. burchom, f. 
hardy, a stewort, g. soutley, s. everson, I. helms, j. moore, r. reams, b. spillmon, d, meadows, b. keiser; fourth row: s. swonk, m. lumpkin, pres., 

c. parr, a. meonley (trees.), s. Johnson, d. strote, e. robertson, p. hawkins, c. weisemon, a kinkaid, j. gaudet, business monoger. 

chorale performs 



a mixed choral group, the chorale en- 
tertains madison students and area 
schools, during the Christmas season, 
the chorale performed in cooperation 
with the college orchestra and concert 

director: dovid watkins. 

first row: r. Campbell, s. eller, j. shorpe, d. hyder, j. guy, p. Warwick, k. Johnson, j. swaddly, j. kiser, m. carr, t. morshall, d. hensley, m. whitt, 
k. QTibert, m. dovis, mr. watkins; second row: I. thacker, j. coricofe, g. peace, k. mccormick, m, norton, s. guengerich, j. quaff, r. conroy, s, 
redford r. woynick, j. sheldrake, c. brown, g. Cunningham, c. wood; third row: e. cox, g. fling, s. ikenberry, j. pollard, r. arnold, s. Jamison, 
m. houff, I. dronce, k. krotzer, j. watscn, a. meanly, s. ross, d. sondridge, d. brown, j. moore; fourth row: I. bullock, m. elmore, j. ohisson, d. 
scarce, I. neff, m. shorpe, j. biyfhe, o. hall, g. hockmon, r. toven, j. Jones, m. lumpkin, j. irby, c. park, g. soufley. 


in early 1968, the madison singers 
were organized as an experience in 
the art of group choral singing, the 
group stresses variety and sings every 
style of music, including modern hit 

george peace, jean ohisson 

first tow: I. smith, s. bobman, j. ohisson, c. wood, m. edwards. second row: b. ornold, r. woynick, r. wine, t. marshall, d. 
hyder. 4hird row: g. peace, b. moyer, d. sandridge, c. cole, j. nichols, m. norton. missing: c. brown, p. neely, a. kincaid, s. 
smith, m. whitt, I. booth. 



the madison college orchestra is made up of both 
music majors and non-majors, the purpose of the 
orchestra is to read as much music as possible and 
perform concerts in order to widen our musical hori- 
zons, the highlight of their year was a late winter 
concert on february 27. 

director: mr. c. marshall 



. A 

i% iJbh. Wm^I ^ M .,i ^A- 


Kr'Rg iHiH 



>M i B =5 

first row: t. mcdonald, \. gilbert, s. gvengerich, m. street, k. munsen, k. outten, v. powers, second row: s. forbes, n. dickerson, 
s. coble, c. jarvis, k. krouse, r. dolton, j. ohisson, e. ohisson, I. grandle, k. ormentrout, d. ormon. third row: m. elmore, 
k. kroetzer, v. bernhords, d. Henderson, m. dovel, s. walker, d. camp, e. taylor, s. reford. 


jdH| ^^^I^H 

i ^m 


sitting: j. peace, dr. ohison, d. starkey, m. watkins, s. ikenberry. 
waynick, d. Henderson, c. cole, o. hall, d. smith, t. mcdonold, h, pitzer, r, 

second row: 


j. sheldrake, r. 

men join 

phi mu alpha is the largest 
men's professional music froter- 
nity and one of the largest fra- 
ternal organizations in the 
world, it was founded oct. 6, 
1 898. gamma alpha chapter re- 
ceived its charter moy 11,1 969, 
and it is now serving the com- 
munity, the music department 
and the college, the fraternity 
lists the foremost and greatest 
among musicians past and pres- 
ent in its alumni roll. 

the sound syndicate is also a 
new organization this year with 
hopes that it will be a perma- 
nent scene in the music depart- 
ment and the campus, the pep 
band was created as a student 
organization under leadership of 
dove starkey and sponsorship of 
phi mu alpha. 

sound syndicate: d. burgio, a. 
hall, d. smithy c. bailey, j. shel- 
droke, i. taylor, d. glenn, v. bern- 
hards, j. nichols, h. howland, t, 
mc donald, mr. tynes. 


pep bond: j. taylor, d. starkey, v. bernhards, c. jarvis, j. sheldrake, h. howland, t. mc donald, d. Henderson, a. hall, d. smith, h. pitzer. 

modrson students enjoy themselves at phi mu alpha mixer. 


Sigma alpha iota, the music honor 
society for women was created with 
several major goals, the members at- 
tempt to promote high standards of 
music education, to heighten the 
standards of musical work, and to 
strengthen bonds of musical under- 





officers: j. ohisson, s. meeks, c. jarvis, I. bullock, m. carr. 

2AI promotes musical ideals 

first row: I. grandle, j. guy, j. ohisson, e. taylor, s. heeks, d. camp, second row: k. ormentrout, b. riley, f. heflin, m. carr, m. elmore, s. redford, w. 
boley, I. smith, third row: m. dovis, p. umberger, g. fling, n. junkins, m. mays, s. Jamison, d. burcham. fourh row: c. brown, m. lumpkln, a. meanly, 
c. jan/is, s. guwngerJch, I. ervin, k. simmons, r. reams, c. daugherty. 


menc discuss 
music trends 

the music educator's national conterence 
is a group of music students and professors 
who meet to discuss the most current trends 
in music education, conventions in rich- 
mond and roanoke serve as workshops for 
chapters in the entire state of Virginia. 

dr. lyon, advisor; c. jorvis, president; k. outten, vice president- e. taylor secretary- 

firs* row: S- ^j'^^s. k armentrout, j. guy r. waynick, e. toylor, d. sandridge. second row: t. mcdonald, I. bullock, r. dolton, m. elmore, I. smith 
d. camp, third row: k. outten, I. sebrell, g. fling, s. smith, t. morshall, s. maccrow, m. dovel. fourth row: dr. John lyon sponsor c 
brown, j. sheldrake, d. storkey, c. jarvis, r. reames, r. lineburg. j . f- / ■ 

sitting: d. stoner, g. bare, first row: w. akers, j. eaton, m. mcdowell, j. scott. 
third row: c. Johnson, s. wheat, miss m. sieg, dr. d. rowe, miss d. linehar, s. 
harpine, miss e. mccoy, mrs. n. burnett, d. dickerson. 

home economics 
student — 

the need for a better rapport between stu- 
dents and the home ec. administration is be- 
ing partially solved by the home economics 
student-faculty relotions committee, ideas for 
the improvement of the general well-being of 
the home ec. majors are thoroughly discussed 
and brought up for approval by the committee. 

guild street emphasizes organs 

the guild street group is 
interested in promoting the 
speciality of organ music 
in this college community, 
keeping members informed 
of the "state of the art" is 
one of the group's primary 

first row: m. elmore, f, heflin, a. meanley, v. pres.; d. burcham, sec.-treas.; I. smith, pres. 
d. sandridge, s. ikenberry, r. wayhick, t. morshall, miss c. teti, sponsor. 

second row: 



the frances sale club 
is open to college home 
economics students and 
oil are welcomed and 
encouraged to join, the 
club provides for the 
educational and profes- 
sional development of 
all students through 
conventions, meetings, 
and parties, and high 
standards are stimulat- 
ed by honoring, each 
year, an outstanding 
student award to the 
clubs' most distinguish- 
ed member. 

front row: c. mathias, president; miss m. sieg, advisor, second row: s. wheat, sergeant-at-orms; g. kinsey, 
reporter; d. dickerson, program chairman; I. lewis, treasurer; w. okers, vice president, missing; m. griffith, 
secretary; j. scott, historian. 

frances sale stimulates 
interest in home economics 

first row: miss m. sieg, c. mathias, w. akers, g. kinsey, I, fletcher, s. wheat, j. scott, d. dickerson, d. lee, c. miller, m. boyle, d. crane, second 
row: I. strough, I. basile, n. gordner, p. curry, n. dark, c. holliday, b. markey, s. davidson, g. rennie, r. fulwider, s. fulton, r. long, v. twigg. 
third row: s. davis, b. king, g. webb, d. stoner, p. yohn, c. nash, j. burgess, e. chim, j holtz, j. arnold, a. germonio, p. riter, I. loudenberger, c. 
griffin, I. feogans. fourth row: p. swortzel, I. martin, r. gilliam, d. may, r. corr, s. scott, o. ireson, j. killough, s. daniels, m. ciguris, c. reiss, 
b. mckee, j. cooksey, c. hughes, c. potts, fifth row: j. mosser, b. alien, I. mcgovock, t. lutch, p. banks, r. whitacre, b. west, s. hebesi, i. earhan, 
I. mcgovoch, t. lucht, p. banks, r. whitacre, b. west, s. hebesi, I. earhart, c. Johnson, j. cummins. 


french club 

le cercle francais endeavors 
to provide its members with 
a greater understanding of the 
language, also stressed is a 
more complete knowledge of 
fronce's history and culture so 
students of french will better 
know the country and its peo- 
ple, regular meetings provide 
both a time and a place for be- 
coming aquainted with france. 

first row; m. o. sharpes, ). grandle, !. weger, p. phelp, i. cossor, m. m. perlman. second row: j. clem, 
g. Hancock, a. long, miss p. bessac, c. blcnchais, n. stone, p. mcccll, d. mulvonity, j. p. diguardo, j. 
pollard, missing: d. hill, d. garrigues, s. palombo, a. march, I. smith. 

math club adheres 
to sines of the times 

the orientation of math week was a major proj- 
ect of the math club this year, presentations and 
discussions at each meeting helped to keep the 
members up to date in the world of mathematics, 
in february they held a banquet ot the holiday inn. 

first row: j. woggy, m. lane, mars. m. lazorack, miss d. spresser, p. richordson, e. bought, m. a. sharpes, president; m. a. floyd, t. denton, g. 
hartman, !. norfleet, j. ramsey, r, alston, k. hope, second row: m. dodson, m. Cornelius, j. cooper, m. bowles, I. bowers, d. moore, a. dowson, b. 
reid, k. lehmen, j. kopf, j. reynolds, d. petrine, m. hyden, j. booz, d. dark, a. renalds. 


c. coleman, b. conroy, h. bowling, c. burdette, dr. mouiton. 

forensics club 
active in 

participating in speech activities and 
intercollegiate debates, the forensic 
society participated in the morris- 
harvey debates in west Virginia and 
observed debates at william and mary 
during the first semester, they ex- 
panded their activities second semes- 
ter to include debates at Virginia in- 
terment, american university, and 
frostburg college, the society judged 
the state-wide high school debates held 
at madison. 

carol burdette outlines an upcoming debate 
with dr. mouiton. 


the mercury club, the 
professional organization 
for physical education ma- 
jors, this year sponsored a 
square dance and creative 
movement in the elemen- 
tary school workshop, its 
members also attended a 
convention at natural 
bridge, their monthly meet- 
ings give the members a 
more professional outlook 
by having coaches and pro- 
fessional physical educa- 
tors speak on coaching sys- 
tems and education tech- 

I. loughery, treasurer; j. j. comden, vice president; b. thayer, vice president; d. farmer, 
vice president; k. patten, president, missing: s. gerhard, p. morris. 

mercury club 
professional outlook 

firsf row: m. bussey, I. liebno, g. sears, s. crmburke, k. colby. second row: I. masterson, s. burkholder, p. richardson, d. birch, m. varnhoft, I. 
pommelroy. third row: I. estes, j, hughes, p. fitzgerald, p. stuart, d. miller, fourth row: c. Stanley, j. parker, d. hileman, m. schwab, n. jose, j. 
snyder, o. mclin. fifth row: p. aderton^ t. dishoroon, j. atkinson, s. combs, a. bollinger, b. saylor. sixth row: I. hern, I, thompson, a .fronce, 
b. brewster, v. foster, c. magill, j. sly. seventh row: s. abbott, s. Strieker, m. babylon, d. mcdonough, j. sounders, h, birch, d. wotkins, c. cooper. 

first row: s. whittle, president; c. mckee, m. woody, n. smith, b. pascoe. second row: o. cordwell, b. eastep, I. grofton, m. beveroge, d. onderson, 
b. soville, j. allmon. third row: j. gallespie, j. hughes^ C toylor, s. ollbright, s. harvey, b. cullop, g. hortmon. fourth row: k. sands, b. carrington, 
n. carter, d. reynolds, e. brewer, j. pittmon. 


learns of 

the g. tyler miller chapter of the student educa- 
tion association seeks to acquaint students with 
the teaching profession, s.e.a. annually spon- 
sors a Christmas party for elementary school 
pupils at onthony-seeger campus school. 

first row: s. ross, sec.-treas.; c. potts, hist.-rept. second row: r. odams, k. brill, I. riley, d. duvall, 
c. fahnestock, mrs. behrens, advisor; I. walker, p. ferguson. third row: p. zerkel, president, mis- 
sing: h. Patterson, vice-pres. 

social science club focuses 
on international family 

4-h alumni 






the aim of the 4-h alumni 
group is to aid in the develop- 
ment of a mental, religious, 
social and physical life — 
choracterized by head, heart, 
hands, and health — of area 
4-h'ers. this service club aids 
rockingham county 4-h'ers in 
preparing demonstrations and 
speeches among other various 
service projects undertaken 
each year by both male and fe- 
male alumni. 

students interested in the 
social sciences — political 
science, history, geography 
— are given the opportuni- 
ty to meet with others hold- 
ing interests in this are via 
the social science club, 
their chief concern is dis- 
cussing issues that have 
any effect on the status of 
this field, this year, the 
club focused its attention 
on the international fam- 
ily; different aspects of the 
international family v/ere 
discussed by the foreign 
students on madison's cam- 
pus, through a panel mod- 
eroted by the club's spon- 
sor, dr. knapp. this project 
was carried on to the na- 
tional level when several of 
the club members repre- 
sented madison college in 
Washington, d. c. at the 
model united nations spon- 
sored by the council on in- 
ternational relations and 
united nations affairs of 
which madison's social sci- 
ence society is an active 

I. wood, dr. knapp, g. firek, c. Williams. 


t ■ I 

f t ■ 

« • « 


f • " 

first row: !. ball, p. craig, j. pittman, m. cossidy, m. durin, b. thompson, t. whims, mr. kidd. second row: b. wright, k. grimmer^ s. okers, ]. 
Covington, k. smith, r. brown. 

c.e.c. aids 





those madison students inter- 
ested in special education are 
given a first hand chance to 
practice their chosen profes- 
sion as members of the council 
for exceptional children, mem- 
bers of c.e.c. experience work 
in anthony-seeger campus 
school in the special education 

I. boll, secretary; m. durvin, president; b. wright, program chairman; mr. Icidd, sponsor. 


wmra broadcasts first year 

communications — a vital port of a campus in change — has 
finally expanded at madison. long-awaited, much hoped for, the 
campus radio has come into operation with gay lee Ingram as 
station manager, broadcasting fm from four p.m. until midnight, 
programs ranging from the top 10 in music to discussion of cur- 
rent events are scheduled in accordance with fee regulations and 
for informative listening. 

wmra is also used in laboratory sessions for students enrolled in 
such courses as introduction to radio and television. 

gay lee Ingram, station manager 

firsf row: bonnie hawkinson, office manager; gay lee Ingram, station manager; 
frank Humphries, head announcer; chorles rothgeb, news director; second row: 
John Stanley, program director; jIm turney, record librarian; bill hall, educational 

first row: gay lee ingrom, terri fisher, bob conway, John stonley, corl bailey, chuck rothgeb; second row: sharon everson, jockie shelton, mtke 
holmes, dove mognone, chris vuxton, jim turney; third row: les hommond, bill hall, dove mulligan. 





reorganized this year from the ger- 
man club, servitia is a social organi- 
zation open to all students, their goal 
is to be of service to the college. 

seoted: j. gaudet, pres. second row: w stone, m hordin, b brown, treas.; p. meadows, 
j. dodge, v. pres.; b. Johnson, p. montgomery, e. lindsey, n. mozzo, s. mcmohon. 
missing: b. mcbride, sec. 

annual initiation ceremony. 


Stratford players 

first row: j. irby r. buchanan, b. plummer, c. fahenstock, d. felton, d. koontz, w. beech, m. worthington, I. dronce. second row: 
pollard, d. hanks, b. thomas, I. dixon, s. steeg, d. eisele, b. rondle, b. sullivon, f. wooters. 

m. lyke, j. 

dramatic stage entertainment is never 
lacking at madison due to the great 
interest and time the Stratford players 
devote to their art. this year, superior 
productions such as "the odd couple" 
and "the madwoman of cholliot" have 
been presented to the students and the 
harrisonburg community. 

the experimental theatre group has 
also produced "the hairy falsetto" this 
year, meetings are held weekly to work 
oh improvement of dramatic technique. 

burr discuss possible improvements for the drama 


s. heatwole, j. bozzuffi, j, irby, r. roy, r. buchanan, j. flynn — mojor characters. 

presents 'the odd couple' 

s. heatwole helps soothe r. buchonan's tense nerves. 

c. hayen, m. lyke, and r. buchanan. 


stratfords rehearse for 
"the mad woman of cholliot" 


experimental theatre 
promotes creativity 

first row: c. cole, c. sibly, m. dize, b. musser. second row: I. rose, c. hayen, d. o'day, m. moore, I. rosenshine, s. heatwole, c. heat- 
wole, j. impellitteri, k. mctthews, ). mueller. 

scenes from 
the hairy falsetto 

"quit smiling, this is serious business." 

"i told him to stick with 
his own kind." 

c. martin, s. Sweeney, j. covington, d. tanner, president; k. york, j. white, d. 
tolaber, j. kereszturi. 

young republicans 
back holton 

dr. macfarlond greets gubernatorial candidate holton in 
blackwell autitorium. 

with the state guberna- 
torial election fast upon 
them, the young republi- 
cans at madison worked in 
conjunction with chapters 
from the university of Vir- 
ginia, Washington and lee 
university, many baldwin 
college and mary washing- 
ton college to help pull 
votes over to the gop side, 
during their campaign, the 
group had their successful 
candidate, governor holton, 
on campus for a question 
and answer session in 
blackwell auditorium, dur- 
ing the first week of Octo- 
ber, members attended a 
district convention at u. va. 

first row: m. logon, c. martin, j. Covington, d. tolaber, p. Warwick, second row: j. white, v. siegenfus, m. 

holton, k. hawkins, h. diamond, j. leech, a. hopkins. fhird row: I. elliot. 5. tranke, n. lasher, b. eostep, 

n. nichols, k. bowers, r. sisler, j. shackleford. fourth row: dr. macfarlond, b, botten, b. dovis, I. ookey, 
m. turner, p. Christopher. 


yd's vital 
in area 

this year, the madison young democrats 
played a major role in the gubernatorial com- 
paign in harrisonburg and rockingham coun- 
ties, in the midst of the campaign, members 
were also kept busy by rallies and conven- 
tions, and later the yearly Christmas party. 

seated: n. barberry, b. davis, g. Hancock, standing: I. kite, n. Stephenson, e. thomas, d. will, m, cassidy, s. rogers, s. berry, b. ward, I. grafton, d. 
hupp, s. hatcher, t. miller. 


y.a.f. promotes 

since the recognition of young 
americans for freedom as a cam- 
pus organization last march, more 
speakers, symposiums, and films 
stressing the importance of victory 
in viet nam have appeared at mad- 
ison. the basic concepts of the 
group are token from the sharon 
statement adopted at sharon, mas- 
sachusetts in September, 1960: 
"the individuol's use of his free 
will is the foundation for his right 
to be free from restrictions of ar- 
bitrary force." other principles 
concerning the government's abuse 
of power and absolute victory over 
international communism are built 
upon that idea. 

dr. rush, advisor; elizabeth husy, 
chairman; mary conway, recording 
secretary; suzonne hack, 
corresponding secretary; kathleen 
voughan, treasurer. 

harambee organizes 

after half a year 
of struggling for of- 
ficial recognition, 
harambee has been 
approved as a cam- 
pusorgonization. in 
swahili, harambee 
means people work- 
ing together for the 
betterment of all. 
the group directs 
its activities toward 
the furtherance of 
student rights on 
campus, unifying 
the student body 
and arresting stu- 
dent apathy in mat- 
ters which concern 

first row; j. cardy, e. bunting, j. kennickell, c. vuxton, d. layman, f. humphries, m. hoback. second row: n. cox, 
s. bennett, m. marsh, c. funk, third row: r. .lotts, b. worster, g. barbour, p. wright, p. ferguson, d. koontz, j. 
Williams, les hammond. missing: c. coolbaugh. 


sesame club 


day students 

doy students have their own club 
at madison — sesame, this organiza- 
tion serves as a unifying element 
for a dispersed group by sponsoring 
occasional banquets and holding 
meetings in an effort to find ways 
of giving day students greater oc- 
knowledgement on campus. 

bottom to top: m. sprinkel, pres.; f. horbeck, v-pres.; j. markiewicz, m. 
kennedy, d. markiewicz, f. richard, k. showalter, a. edge, c. tullous, 
g. hortman, t. marslnall, d. leaman. 

folk mass 

afteran unsuccessful attempt 
last year, members of the new- 
man club have made a prom- 
ising comeback with the folk 
masses at harrisonburg holy 
family roman catholic church, 
earlier in the year, the club 
co-sponsored a picnic with the 
university of Virginia chapters, 
and a trip to the college camp, 
there were also folk masses on 
campus on Saturdays and be- 
fore some holy days. 

first row: elaine Inought, religious vice president; peg cassidy, secretory; margo murphy, president; 
sandy gasper, madison y representative; mary lou Campbell, publicly chairman, second row: sharon 
Strieker, folk mass coordinator; Janet ostroth, social vice president: greg duggon, treasurer. 


weekly seminars 
held at b.s.c. 

through weekly seminars on varied topics, the 
baptist student union brings many thought- 
provoking discussions to modison. the baptist 
student center is often the scene of good tirines 
and fun and has become a second home for 

m. penin, president; d. harper, secretary-treasurer; d. adorns, 
devotional vice president; c. hollond, social vice-president; d. 
cox, vice-president. 

students discuss the topic "leisure and its christion use" 

first row: p. pollard, I. moore, a. turner, director; c. odams, c. hollond. 
second row; d. moore, b. burner, d. odams, m. perin, d. cox, g, pullen. 
third row: c. moore, k. shav/, b. vonn, I. Hutchinson, d. harper, m. 
dodson, k. richardson. 


^. ''•l^ 

president: gay lee ingram. 


every thursday at six p.m. in duke audi- 
torium, the christian science organization 
holds open meetings, a lecture given by 
Jules cern of scarsdale, new york was fea- 
tured at one of these meetings, in august 
of 1969, the group traveled to boston for 
an international christian science conven- 
tion, where problems effecting all people 
were discussed. 

nr. juIes cern, christian science lecturer 

front: j. snider 

back: j. dean, mrs. j. richords, advisor. 


s. bruboker, b. bell, b. gwynn, g. Wilkinson, o. reynolds, s, Stewart, c. bechtel, n. warmon, w. stone, j. snider. 

weekly singspirations, the 
big sister-little sister pro- 
gram, and the coordination 
of all religious activities on 
campus are functions of 
the madison y. the young 
women's christian associa- 
tion has grown to be a vital 
part of campus life. 

members of the madison y talent show entertoin the student body of madison college. 


dr. mace, advisor; susie bruboker, treasurer; barbara bell, president; 
mrs. mace, advisor. 

contestant in the madison y talent show. 

madison y co-ordinates functions 

students disploy their musical talents in the talent show. 


s. schoellig, m. street, m. miller, n. veit, a. thomsen, d. bush, I. whitner 







christian fellowship among college 
students is the main goal of the luth- 
eran student association and its mem- 
bers, the organization helps propo- 
gate christian fellowship by organiz- 
ing retreats, discussions, parties, and 
several interfaith activities throughout 
the school year. 

centers on 

the madison christian fellowship, na- 
tionally affiliated with the intervar- 
sity christian fellowship, is an autono- 
mous, self-sustaining society within 
the college, the purpose of this inter- 
denominational organization is to pro- 
vide a focus for fellowship with other 
christians and to offer a center of 
personal and group evangelism. 

c. via, p. mead, d. crane, c. midi<iff, r. walker, s. sporhase, e. layman, s. thornton, p. yohn, d. brown, I. thocker, m. long, s. chin, b. gould. 





an active center of student 
life is the wesiey foundation, 
this methodist organization 
is often the scene of active 
debates, slide presentations, 
and coffee hours, one of the 
most outstanding meetings 
was a lively discussion with 
mr. mccready. 

b. pollard, c. potts, s. wilkerson, s. eisele 

brethrens treat 

members of the church of the brethren at 
modison college are provided with christian fel- 
lowship by becoming members of the schwarz- 
neou club, this year the members treated area 
under-privileged children to a Christmas party, 
the students are united by monthly meetings, 
occasional Sunday meals, picnics, and parties. 

in front: g. Hancock, t. miller, e. Howard, in bock: a. martin, b. poscoe, j. everett, 
r. alston, m. dovis. 

seated: mr. miller, advisor, standing: g. flora, d. strote, I. prillaman. 


;. ^f 

•'.■>"» « 

kQith hope— editor 




.all sports 210 

winter sports 214 
spring sports 228 

'change" is by— word of w.a.a. 

"change" is the key word for the wom- 
en's athletic association as it strives once 
again to cultivate the varied interests of a 
growing student body, by concentrating on 
intramurals, recreational clubs, and other 
athletically-oriented events, the students 
are given the opportunity to forget the 
books for awhile and refresh themselves 
through physical exertion, such as the 
massanutfen hike, and social get-togethers 
like the chuck wagon party, participation 
in any of the numerous events can gain 
points for students, on accumulation of 
these points can, at the end of the year, 
merit a prized athletic award. 


first row; h. burch, secretory; d. wilson, special events chairman, s. burkholder, 
sports co-ordinator; j. hughes, vice president, second row: c. Westmoreland, president; 
b. moore, publicity chairman; I. estes, treasurer; p. wiegardt, awards chairman; 
miss pam Oliver, advisor. 

first row: p. wiegardt, s. burkholder. second row: p. argenzio, s. cimburke, k. colby. third row: j. hughes, b. ellis, t. dishoroon, d. 
bennethum, g. van vleek, miss pam oliver, c. Westmoreland, t. bogg, s. berhardt, b. hive, fourth row: b. moore, d. wilson, I. estes, 
k. Holland, a. barnes, i. bail, n. long, d. davenport, s. fitzgerel. 


advisor: dr. lipton. 

cooperation and 
coordination depict 

if we define one aspect of progress as expansion in 
facilities, interest and participation, then the men's 
athletic association may be accorded. the recognition 
of being one of the more successful groups on campus, 
organized to promote intercollegiate and intramural 
sports for men students, m. a. a. has helped with the 
formation of the intercollegiate baseball team this 
year, m.a.a. coordinates with the intramural director, 
dr. lipton, and the athletic committee in order to 
establish sports programs that will at least draw in- 
terest if not participation from the students, any 
suggestions are discussed between the concerned 
groups, and matters such as distribution of financial 
resources are under the auspices of a committee set 
up by the athletic committee, with m.a.a. being rep- 
resented by president bob toohey. 

president: bob toohey. 

bob participates in the intramurais that he helped set up. 


hockey team sends two to national tournament 

the fall season proved to be a busy and successful 
time for the girl's hockey team, besides the first team 
having a 6-1-1 record and the second team finishing 
7-1, modison was host to the blue ridge hockey tourna- 
ment, a two day tournament that saw eleven madison 
teammates chosen, from here they went to the south- 
east tournament, where chris shelton and emily har- 
per were selected to play ot the national tournament 
in michigan. madison con be proud of dr. morrison 
and the team this year. 

coach: dr. leotus morrison 


(team 1) 






varsity alumnae 





William and mary 



towson state 




















(team 2) 





var. alumnae 


William and mary 













M.iMtm tsF*%m 

a well deserved rest. 

excitement reigns at the scoring of another point. 

first row: n. jose, j. chavis, k. patton, m. bornhoft, d. mc donough, s. obbott, v. foster, I. estes, b. burnett, t. disharoon, p. morris, 1. moore, b. 
mc knight, n. Hebno. second row: b. brewster, d. raynes, manager, n. julia, m. newbern, I. mosterson, c. Stanley, p. jones, c. king, e. france, n. 
toyior, e. harper, j. stull, d. wilson, c. Westmoreland, n. burke, j. reed, n. fitzgerald, c. shelton. 


soccermen show improvement 

madison's second intercollegiate soccer team, cap- 
tained by Steve nordi and torn sounders, have slightly 
increased their first year's record with a 1-7-1 finish, 
although the change in scoring has not been drastic, 
the soccermen have shown vast improvement in play- 
ing techniques. 

Steve nardi has received honorable mention in the 
all-state soccer team, while teammates designated 
mike taylor the most valuable player, mike, a goalie, 
has had 131 saves, throughout the season, pat mc- 
iaughlin, charlie wymer, and gory whithem have 
turned in strong defensive performances. 

with the entire team returning for the 1970 
season, the future of soccer at madison is looking 





woshington and lee 








Virginia tech 




William and mary 








lynchburg jv 



our defense was gallant. 

d. seckinger, manager, j. di gucrdo, r. wolfe, s. oseth, c. lentz, m. taylor, s. grainer, g. duggan, g. withom, r. marston, j. gillette, m. mott, b. 
robinson, t. sounders, captain, r. rogers, p. mcloughlin, j. ericksen, c. wymer, g. scheid, monoger, s. nardi, captain, k. soum, j. rader, coach. 

strong supports, fleet feet are needed here. 


4 J 

coptains: torn sounders, Steve nardi 


five-man game new 
policy of basketball team 

the women's basketball team consisted of nineteen 
members; nine of these being returning players, a 
new policy was started this year where the women 
play the five-man game, miss quinn, the coach, has 
this to say about the team, "i am very proud of this 
fine team, their spirit, hard work, unity, and skill has 
led them to a very successful and rewarding season." 

cooch: miss quinn 


first row: c. corso, b. hoynes, b. burnett, p. aderton, d. mcdonough, s. obbott. second row: v. foster, I. moore, p. wergendt, d. 
Wilson, c. Joyce, I. huyn, ]. hoover, d. gray, third row: s. burkholder, b. schermehorn, d. tye, n. fitzgerel, b. moore, a. bornes, 
s. vincke, c. Westmoreland, m. hoitzer, p. vior, coach quinn. 




(team 1) 












mary Washington 









William and 




(team 2) 









mary Washington 



William and mary 





pre-gome warm-up can be hard on the neck. 

coach quinn gives piayers some advice. 

when the ball goes toward the basket, so does 
everyone else. 


first- row: b. moley, j. sparling, b. toohey, I. turner, g. tolliver. second row: e. ausberry, g. butler, b. gibbens, g. 
lipes, g. sincloir, I. nemero. 

dunk 'em dukes!! 

with three and four freshmen in the starting line-up and 
sophomore leader steve misenheimer recovering from an 
unfortunate injury, the future of madison college basketball 
looks extremely bright, the dukes' '69-'70 season against 
all four year schools has to be classified os highly success- 
ful, with fine attitude, hustling, and uncomparable improve- 
ment as major qualities, so — dunk 'em dukes!! 







d. c. teachers 






luther rice 



frostburg state 



u.n.c. «^j7jj63 





clinch valley 



george mason 






St. andrews 



luther rice 






va. wesleyan 



christopher-newport 74 


george mason 






frostburg state 




coach: rnr. cleve branscom. 

pre-game warm-up makes difference between win or loss. 

ankles are a vulnerable spot and plenty 
of tape Is time-proven preventive. 

first row: r. hollins, I. nemerow, e. ausberry, r. miller, g. peterson. second row: b. price, d. russell, r. yates, d. forren. 

j.v.'s dribble into 
a 2-7 season 

most everyone experiences ups and downs, but when 
downs show on the scoreboard more than ups, something 
is definitely out of kilter — particularly when the final 
record is 2-7. maybe inexperience has been the defeating 
element for the jv's, but strong team spirit partially made 
up for the short-ended record, the final record was not 
the best, but there is more to a season than the record 







- .- - vjashington &tee..jv 83 


brtdgewater jr *^^*^*^^^69 


e. m. c. yjv 76 

j.v. coach: phil huntsinger 



the volleyball team reaches high, to moke a score. 

volleyball and archery 
teams become 

for the first time, volleyball and archery are offi- 
cially recognized as parts of the intercollegiate sports 
program at modison. 

a group of determined, interested girls have been 
working the past two years to build up interest and 
skill in these sports for their actual inclusion in the 
athletic program, the group is looking forward to a 
very successful year. 

archery teom: mrs. horn, coach; I. bullock, r. smith, I. masterson, 
k. hollond, n. dee. 

volleyball team: first row: m. smith, m. Johnson, n. taylor, s. cimburke, k. colby, g. noyes, b. brehant. second row; a. painter, manager; a. 
bollinger, c. little, p, fitzgerald; n. avery, e. franz, I. townsend, j. hughes, mrs. horn. 


you have to start somewhere. 

swimmers place second 
in all college meet 

after a not-so-successful season in 1968-1969, our 
swim team has rectified that sore spot by knocking 
up a 7-1 record this year, the only loss being ceded 
to William and mary. placing in diving competition 
has been a major result of their efforts, with individ- 
ual records being mode by joon sounders, meg kable, 
and jane reiser, the highlight of the season — 2nd 
place in the state — has been this team's reword at 
the all college meet. 





mary baldwin 






long wood 



mary Washington 



William and mary 




















mary baldwin 




mary baldwin 








old dominion 



first row: shcron show, koren szymanski — co-captain, marlene langdale, nancy smythe — captotn, dee dee edwords, susan hunter, 
Virginia axtel, miss pot dovis — coach; second row: morion bobylon, becky Zimmerman, helen burch — mgr., jo onne hughes, joon 
sounders, ellen olin, scotty sovoge, susie freeman, jane reiser. 


first row: b. ludlum, president; I. 
m. Schwab, I. plowman, p. grosz, 
c. sappington. second row: m. 

keeler, k. hull, b. clay, c. luango, 
m. lindgren, I. pintye. 

porpoise club gives 
water show 

for those interested and proficient in water 
activities, the porpoise club provides an oppor- 
tunity to develop and perfect strokes and syn- 
chronized swimming skills, the product of 
weekly practices throughout the year was the 
spring water show, this year "peter pan" was 
performed as a poolside play, the club was 
invited to mary Washington college in fred- 
ericksburg for a symposium where instructions 
were given from professionals in the field. 

coach: mrs. jane myers 

rhythm and form ore essentiol in the art of syncronized swimming 

sometimes even the best swim- 
mers have to sit It out. 

performance group: j. marrs, c. kirk, f. prillaman, s. hodges, d. prtts, j. dean, n. stone, b. rodford, j. turner, c. birkeland, 
j. smith, j. parks, k. donohue, d. donald, d. trykowski, d. watkins, d. gehley, r. sechriest, g. sefton, e. Howard. 

students pursue dance 
as a theatre art 

the madison dance theatre is a performing 
company of men and women students who 
wish to pursue dance as a theatre art. groups 
of students within the theatre participate in 
the dance forms of modern, ballet, jazz, folk, 
and square dance, an active non-performing 
group under the leadership of the dance the- 
atre stage-manager comprises the production 
staff, those students interested in the tech- 
nical aspects of theatre production ore wel- 
comed into this group, concerts and lecture- 
demonstrations are given by the dance theatre 
and the repertory company on the madison 
campus, in the community of harrisonburg, 
and in the state of Virginia. 

d. gehley, s. showalter, d. tryowski, president; d. donald, secretary; b. 
thayer, stage manager; c. kirk, historian; j. pixley, dr. e. miller, advisor. 
second row: b. beck, s. hodges, wardrobe mistress. 

experimenting helps devise new means of expression through dance. 


some of the members performing a round dance. 

try-outs are held for anyone interested; oh, to be in shape again! 


pegasus' equatarians 
finish first on campus 


pegasus club is primarily on interest organi- 
zation at madison, in. which members receive 
more advanced training in horsemanship than 
students in regular riding classes, in open com- 
petition between pegasus and day classes, the 
club exhibited superior performance, merit- 
ing first place, also, students hove the op- 
portunity of participating in a spring clinic 
on equitation. 

o well-groomed horse makes the ride a little easier. 

it's great flight, but a hard landing! 

first row: mary ellen graham, 
mrs. lois geil, mary ellen huxter, 
diane wood, nancy wreen; second 
row: maureen woldron, morion 
babylon, mortho berry, cathy 
hoyden; third row: thereso lucht, 
nancy long, kathy vaughan, linda 






^^^^B ^MAki^^r y^^^^'^^^l^lr'^^1 

^^^^^^ ^^^1 

"Mili;^ mi 

■" ■■ ■ ' 

Wro •-< V^H 

nrjfc MP 

jf V 41 



^^ ^Bi 



^*;<^-«'fe ■ /;i| 


^^^v / 

V * 




^.1 ma / 1 


. '^ 




odvisor: miss eller; president: m. yurcak. 

first row: n, pas ley, d. hillman, p. burke, r. alston, j. waggy, m. yurchok. 
second row; j. hoines, m. lane, I. ruszcyk, j. gibbs, j. ching. 

bowling club strikes 
up fun 

anyone with o 1 10 average or a p.e. course in bowl- 
ing can join the bowling club ond hove a boll, run 
along the lines of bowling intramurals, members bowl 
two games each mondoy with trophies given each year 
for high average, high game and first and second team. 

iust a little push and concentration 

boys participate too! 

^1 4| *^ M 

first row: j. covington, d. pound, second row: j. Hawkins, s. mttchell, b. brewster, s. 
rochelie, s. Strieker, n. lee, g. spickord. 

fencing club aims to 
increase interest 

the aim of the fencing club is to give 
those students interested in fencing a 
chance to get together and further that 
interest, this year, equipped with foti 
and mask, the club gave exhibitions for 
averett college and several of the fenc- 
ing classes, they have also participated 
in interscholastic meets. 

Steve rochelle masters the ancient art of fencing. 

pat richardson nears the Olympics 

first row: d. pound, p. riciiords, p. 
I. mosterson, k. Holland, j. combs. 

richards, n. lee. 
j. covington. 

second row: d. raynes. 

the amateur fencing league of america, a state wide 
competition at williom and mary college each march, 
found pot richardson Virginia state fencing champion 
last year, she went on to the south coast regionals in 
florida, making the semi-finals, there she then had 
the opportunity to go on to los ongeles, the final step 
before the Olympics, which she was unable to take 
advantage of. 

coached by miss harris, the fencing team won their 
first meet of the year, in spite of the stiff competition, 
when possible, this year they are using the electric foil. 


captain j. j. comden illustrates a new cheer. 




at games 

vorsity cheerleader: a. m. dearani, s. donnelly, j. moore, c. horton, j. j. comden, c. Harmon, c. 

j. V. cheerleaders: k. cowne, s. 
rerd, s. creasy, p. ferguson, n. 
cotolono, ]. somers. 


tennis team has 
winning season 

combining skill, experience, and hours of prac- 
tice, the women's tennis team played their way 
to a winning season in the spring of 1969. their 
record included 4 wins, 3 losses, and one tie. two 
of the team members, sally crickard and chris 
shelton, represented madison in the middle atlon- 
tic lawn tennis association tournament which was 
held may 1-4 at mary baldwin college, the girls 
went to second round competition in both singles 
and doubles. 

doubles, but only one can hit the boll! 

first row: chris shelton; second row; 
Carolyn sue richards; jody stull; third 
row: borboro mcknight; fourth row: 
shoron strickler, morilyn bussy, debbie 
davenport, soliy crickord, kay norton; 
fifth row: lisa crider; sixth row: 
martha Johnson, maureen broe, elise 


front row: s. nardr, c. smith; second row: c. wymer, g. drummond, b. bozard, m. fergusson, m. gastley, m. orebaugh. 

madison netters post 3-5 season 

madison dukes have bounced through their second season 
of intercollegiate tennis with a smashing record of three wins 
and five losses, steve nardi has led the energetic team as 
captain and number one singles position, rounding out the 
ladder are craig smith, dave holey, mark fergusson, with 
seniors mack orebaugh and george drummond. 










eastern mennonite 


3 1/2 










eastern mennonite 





captain: steve nardi 


golfers post best 
record in men's 

with four lettermen back from the 1969 team 
which, with a 7-3 season, posted the best record 
to date in mens' athletics, prospects look good for 
a better season in 1970. seniors jim glenn, graham 
bartley, juniors chuck shomo, and dennis fellona 
will be joined by freshmen bill lam, tom pollard, 
bob failes and junior jack osborn, transfer from 
Oklahoma state to play an expanded twelve match 
schedule plus the state intercollegiate tourney at 
hot springs, rounding out the squad are bob moley, 
rick leitch, george crochett, and gory shoemaker. 

'69 schedule 




opponent ^ 




^, 21/2 



"r 61/2 




Washington and lee 








r 5/2 




Virginia commonwealth 


'70 schedule 









; april 








Washington and lee 










state tourney at hot 

springs ^^^P 











Virginia commonwealth 



george mason 

first row: g. chocklett, d. fellona. second row: j. glenn, g. bartley, j. osborn, mr. w. long, coach; t. pollard, c. shomo, b. lam. 


first row: p. oderton, c. Westmoreland, m. bornhoft, p, orgenzto, j. worren, b burnett, p. morris, b. beochum, captain, j. stoyko, m. holcomb, v. 
foster, d. ledger, b. lee, d. wilson, I. turcotte. second row: h. birch, manager, b. schermerhorn, I. loughery, j. sounders, s, bruboker, I. hern, s. 
combs, miss quinn, coach, b. moore, n. derringer, c hordin, n. julio, j. walton, s. wesner, j. hughes, manager. 

another first- 
women's lacrosse! 

hours upon hours of practicing and conditioning, 
frequently in the rain, is miss quinn's solution for an 
inexperienced lacrosse team, from a group of girls 
(some of whom had never seen the game played) came 
a team ranking in the state competition' dedication 
and enthusiasm brought the team to a 4-2 regular 
season and a 2-1 in tournament showings, represent- 
ing madison in Virginia teams 1 and 2 were barbie 
beachum and vickie foster, respectively. 






it takes practice to get that ball into that little net. 


(team 1) 









(team 2) 












h > 

none of them believe it! 




maybe it's not poncho gonzoies' form, but it accomplishes the same 

w.a.a. sponsors chuck wagon 
as well as intramurals 



ili j il ^^^^^ 

golf or hockey? 

they should hove given them something better than plostic utensils. 

■ST ., 

hit the little birdie with the racket. 

volleyball is a game for high jumpers. 

bowling is a test of skill. 

basketball can be dangerous. 


this wos always the best view! 

remember as a little kid , 

m.a.a. intramurals 
interest men 

two hotdogs but easy on the onions. 

it takes finesse to throw the ball right. 


a jump ball keeps the players poised for action. 


g^ ^ Ai ?.a 

the "crabbers" get ready for another rebound. 

it takes a lot of knowledge to figure 
out the scores. 



sharoii p; Miger — j u h ior ed itor 
caralynsmith-- sophomore editor 
brenda abeir^freshmen editor 





t^: ./ 


^. 'jj. 

seniors reflect upon the past and future in 1970 




rs: Susan spoin, secretary; barb mcknight, president; jaynine eaton, parliamentarian; noncy 
business manager; miclnelle flora, treasurer; chris shelton, vice president. 

through determination and 
cooperation with the three 
other classes via college or- 
ganizations, the class of 1970 
has been able to realize two of 
its most important goals — the 
completion of four years of 
education and the enactment 
of long needed changes, look- 
ing back to days when cutting 
campus merited a calldown, 
seniors parodied that old rule 
with the theme of their class 
doy, "barefoot on the quad." 
whitewash was employed by 
the class to leave their mark 
— one ol ready fused into the 
many rule changes. 

it has been a year of rem- 
embering for the class of '70, 
an almost owe-filled wonder 
at the old 10:30 and 1 1 p.m. 
curfews; to the new two o'clock 
lates; the fading tradition of 
class rallies in the growing 
shadow of greek and campus- 
wide oriented activities; and 
the erasure of the dating 
blacklist, once unable to cut 
classes 48 hours before vaca- 
tions, students now pull out at 
anytime, but despite changes 
that "came too late", the 
majority of the class of '70 
wil agree that they have had 
"four good years together." 

sponsers: mr. and mrs. c. b. reubush. 

president barb mcknight greets dr. and mrs. fox at the senior banquet. 



betsy j. anderson 

margaret h. ammer 


John anderson 

laurence anderson 

Janice m. armstrong 

carol j. appling 

kitty i. armentrout 

Susan e. angle 


linda c. armstrong 

betsy atkins 

bonnie k. back 

linda j. atkins 

noei tn. audley 


audrey I. ball 

nancy i. barberry 

mary v. baldwin 

Joyce a. bailey 

anne c. baxter 


Catherine m. baur 


Claudia c. bennett 

marietta beverage 

ETV _ — 
dianne k. biller 

rose m. brickhead 



linda a. booth 

bernice I. blot 

frederick a. bigden 

jane m. boaz 


iris bordanaro 

nancy a. bowen 

peggy t. boyers 

lawrence a. bowman 


page I. brooks 

patricia e. bray 

sondra I. brooks 

marie braun 


Janet I. burgess 

pamelo Q. browning 





kathleen bullard 

elaine I. bunting 

Susan I. buorg 

1^ . 

linda I. bullock 


shirley cadmus 

Connie Campbell 



ellen charnack 

phyllis carpenter 

nancy cassida 

mandy carr 


Sandra k. cimburke 

margie e. dark 


nancy c. cook 

gabrielle e. collins 


Carolyn I. cook 

Cynthia I. coolbaugh 


barbara a. cornwell 

lucinda a. corso 

Ivana a. cossar 

lois e. craun 

ffil'** «^ 

pomelo cosby 

elizobeth o. cox 


dianne c. crismond 

lisa crider 

sally I. crickard 

elizabeth a. crim 

carol a. cross 

lindo I. croy 


alma m. dovidson 


sharon a. defillipo 

martha m. depriest 

terry a. denton 

deborah I. dickerson 


keith d. dressher 

donna d. doerflein 


betty b. edwards 

barbara a. eastep 

Helena a. dudley 

joynine a. eaton 


inda b. ervin 

bonnie c. ericson 

nancy m. evans 

carol e. eynon 


Julia I. fariss 

martho I. faidly 

is V. farmer 

Constance s. fisher 

cynthia s. fisher 

mary ann floyd 

michelle e. flora 









1. flynn 


. _.i r^iMM* 

patricia a. francis 

cherie d. funkhouser 

sheri I. gaines 

cleggett s. funkhouser 

patricia e. gi! 

sharon e. gilchrist 


marilyn r. griffith 

juanita i. glaspie 

linda j. grafton 

barbara a. griffith 

theresa r. gilmore 

Janet I. groden 


lessica |. guy 

charlotte c. hall 

gilbert r. gray, jr. 

Jesse a. hammond 

leslie w. hammond 

faith a. harbeck 

emily v. hardy 

carol d. hordin 

candis m. harriman 


beverly a. harroll 

ellen c. hart 

gloria j. hartman 

diane I. hartman 

martha g. harris 

susanne b. hart 


Catharine m. heatwole 

karen r. heafner 

Susan 0. hatcher elcine haught 


inda a. higgason 

Jacqueline a. hibbs 


Susan a. hodges 

sue a. hollen 


sharon b. ickes 

carol I. holliday 

' ! 

Janet I, holloway 

Helen I. hollyfield 


elizabeth a. hutcherson 

betty 1. Hudson 


Stephanie jamorske 

nancy h. ittner 


shoron a. keller 

thelma I. Jones 

Judith I. Jones 

barbara lones 


jean a. kereszturi 

maelena j. kidd 


edwin c. kinser 

Qugusta I. kirocofe 



Jeanne h. knox 

carey kropp 

jonis d. kopf 

darlena w. knicely 


dI I. kuhns 

lovonia m. lackey 

diane c. lantor 

margaret d. Iamb 

/ i 


^ ^^^^^^^^^^H 

nancy f. lasher 

cynthia k, lassiter 


gail e. lebbon 

inda k. lewis 

mary I. ledane 

katheryn m. lehman 


nancy c. lee 

merrily e. locke 

•• >; 

|"»1 r_* '1 ' ' jjl ^K^ V^^^' '^BdHHl^^^^^^^^^^l 


^ ^ "^ ^ ^Htfi^^^^SO^P^^^^l 



. -IHH^: 

don b. lefeure 

inda s. liebno 

barbara e. ludlum 

adelle a. lynch margaret lumpkin 


Susan c. magocsi 

betty p, malone 


udith c. markiewicz 

Carolyn d. martin 

ann s. march 

gail f. markley 


sue b. mason 

Jacqueline I. martin 

William r. mason 

lynn a. masterson 


cheryl a. mothias 

Helen m. mayo 

Carolyn s. mowyer 

karen v. mcalleer 

mary I. may 


melinda m. mcelwee 

berlyn e. mcelwee 

norma mcdermott 

mary h. mcauliffe 


Judith a. mckinley 

olivia g. mcgann 

terryl c. mcmillan 

barbara a, mcknight 

phyllis j. mcerica 

Catherine 1. mckee 


john I. mercer 

sharon k. michoel 

rhonda b. miller 

John d. miller 

marrian n. miner 

linda j. miller 

Janice L mitchell 


lara g. moore 

inda e. mizell 

barbara a. moore 

linda m. moore 

joanje moore 

barbara d. moore 

Helen t. morris 

mildred a. moyers 

libby c. nackley 

anita I. nelson 


marsha d. newbern 

Susan c. nichols 

louise nylen 

ann b. norton 

Christine s. nickell jeannie h. norman 


Cheryl I. odel 

dale k. oday 


lucy e. o'hara 

katherine e. o'keefe 

susanne e. palombo 

Susan I. Patrick 


sarah r. peters 

morianne perrin 

shoron a. pflester 



laura o. pomeroy 

linda pintye 

bertie b. pond 

diana b, pound 

lee s. porter 

Janice t. quimby 

inda e. prillaman 

paul d. quel 

richard w. pusey 


Carolyn j. ranson 

diane e. raynes 


linda e. reedy 

francis m. reeve 

Joyce m. rexrode 

onn c. repass 














I <^ 





1 4, 

sharon u. reynolds 

pamela m. richardson 


Stephen b. rochelle 

frances h. robins 




mary c. rosner 

kathryn a. rosch 

ronald e. santmyers 

W'" ■ 

kathryn sands 

Helen h. savage 

brenda 1. sargent 

-. Jtm,'-~ 

barbara j. sec rest 

Helen b. schaumberg 

elaine h. schmick 

robert d. schuize 


faye m. sears 

gail sears 

elizabeth a. shuler 

§ ^ A Helen r. silvis 

rita f. sisler sharon d. skinner 

'-. -.■G*5»- 



michelle e. skliris 

linda j. smith 



donald c. smith 

nancy c. smythe 

philip Q. somers 

phyllis a. spongier 


Christopher e. snider 

Susan a. spam 


jody I. sponsler 

ann m. stein 


Susan V. staner 

margaret m. stedman 


mary e. stickley 


John j, Stevenson 

dottie j. stoneburner 

Julio stutzmon 

trudi I. stoltz 


rebecco I. starling 

judy p. Swisher 


kathleen a. taylor 

linda I. taylor 

Pamela r. taylor 

deborah s. tanner 


inda thacker 


david c. thelen 

karen a. thelen 


'. > .•V.-; 

margaret thigpen 

sarah d. thomas 



>f-^i/ '■ -I ^r ^^J'T^.r.^-i-^J''^.. 

Jeanne thomsen 

barbara m. thompson 


Julia w. thompson 

judson w. tillette 

melva a. thorne 

irginia e. tillery 


ruth e. tompkins 

William j. troyer 

larry I. trollinger 

denay I. trylowski 

Harriet I. turner 

margaret a. turner 

linda I. twyman 

patricia unsinn 


nellie e. vanvleek 

kate n. voegtiin 

jullie I. weidman 

linda k. weddle 

jerrel weaver 

loanne a. v.arren 

darlene I. wayland michael s. way 

monicQ waiters 

wayne k. white 


I IIT ■ I 

betsy a. willard 

phyllis I. Williams 

martha s. Williams 

rebecca m. williams 


joe h. wood 

margaret wood 

lynda s. wood 

nancy a. wood 


karen woodward 

sharon k. worley 



lois V. zehring 

barbara i. zimba 

poor "freshman" borb mcknight, onticipofing "the college experience" while her 
"parents" worry over her activities, (senior class skit) 


bestjleader — barbara mcknight 
mosti poised — michelle floro 
best 'dressed — susan angle 
class clown — barbara mcknight 
most *lented — pom cosb, 
iendliesr — minna lougl'b: -* -:- 
fttest-^rbarbora mcknight ^ 
athletic — Chris shelton 
spostic — :ail seors 
organized — hazel burke 
best sport — de roynes 
cutest — Carolyn cook 

St dependable — minno loughborough 
"'■ most class spirited — minna loughborough 
non pettigrew 
■ most original — pom cosby ^ 

^'.prettiest — !ois craun 

flirt cindv orr 

iritellectual — connie fisher 
most talkative — lisa crider 
most likely to succeed — the doss of 


mm^ r 




k \ 

class of 71 swirls through junior year 

enthusiastic for, yet wary of the upcoming 
months, the class of '71 has returned to madi- 
son in the third year of acquiring a college 
education, after the hustle of welcoming the 
freshmen and aiding with orientation, juniors 
have been drawn into a whirl of excitement 
with the arrival of class rings and their big- 
gest weekend, ring dance, the meaning of the 
weekend events was captured in the theme of 
the dance, "windmills of your mind" and that 
of the skit and banquet, "fantasyland." with 
the end of the year approaching, juniors are 
faced with the awesome realization that next 
year is their last. 

president: nancy west 

officers: ann bolinger, reporter-historian; suzonne iuclc, secretary; debi dovis, social vice- 
president; Judy mueller, porliomentorian; sandra Sweeney, legislative vice-president; 
becky mcl^ee, treasurer. 



r ^^Hl 





Kr ^^B 






sponsor: mr. phillip g. huntsinger. 

^i mil 

carmen adorns dorothv adams ^ii<;nn nHI<ln<; 

this silhouette, familiar to all juniors, was symbolic of the theme for the junior class weekend. 

linda oird 

sarah akers 


jonda albert 
charlotte albright 
mary glenn alien 

Judith anderson 
gale baelz 

rebecca anderson 
patricia banks 

lenore aronion 
elizabeth bartley 

linda ayres 
donna barton 


sabina bauernfeind gory beatty sue bennett 

new class rings could be seen flashing on the fingers of juniors at the ring donee. 






'^L /?' 


syble bennett 



karen benson 

nancy berdine 


elaine berryman 
paulette bier 
mary billingsley 

ann bollinger 
emma booth 
Carolyn bost 

linda bowers 
hammer bowling 
april boyerski 

cynthia bradman 

bev brown 

margoret brown 

bonny bruce 


jo bundy 

pat burford 

barbara burner 

part of the tradition of the ring dance is not wearing the class ring until it is placed on your finger while 
standing beneath the ring figure. 

onne burnham 
linda burns 
sue burton 
kathryn butcher 


donald buzzard 

linda cahoon 

j. j. Camden 

nancy west, junior class president, receives her ring as she passes through 
the ring figure. 

lois Campbell 

sheride Campbell 

martha cannoday 

koren capar 



cappy Carlson 


\ ■ — 



beth carrington 

nancy carter 

phiHip cato 


geri dark 
patricia dork 
Shirley dark 

rhondo dotterbaugh 
betty cobb 
marcia cole 

linda cook 
martha cooper 
rebecco corell 


Joanne covington 
frances cumming 

debra cox 
brenda davis 

ann creasy 
Jessie davidson 

richard crrst 
shirley davidson 

happiness is a special occasion and a special date to keep you smiling. 







■ ■■•■■■■I 


^T9 « 

^H^B 1 ^^^Vi^^^^^^^l 



Carolyn denning 

carol derryberry 

nancy dickerson 

bradley dillmon 

s . J 

brenda dodson 

marie dodson 

karen early 

jonnie easley 


becca eigin 

sherri eller 

myra elmore 

diane erikson 


cynthia fall 

nancy falls 

rose firebaugh 


so this is what they mean by a dry stote! 

gwendolyn firek 
Undo fisher 
lindo fisher 


yvonne fitzpatrick 
jean gaudet 

nanette fruwirth 
Susan gerhard 

mory gordner 
elizabeth gillam 

marsha garrette 
theda gouchenour 

annabel goff 
henry goff 
becky go in 

morcia gowdy 
brenda green 
kay grimmer 


eltzabeth grove 
Julio guill 
billie hagy 

sherry hambrick 
mory hardin 
dorothy harper 

sorah harper 
m. j. harris 
jane harvey 

bill hawkes 

elizabeth hawkins 

Judith hawthorne 

CQthline hoyden 


Virginia heame 
gayle herritt 
lindell herrman 
hazel hiatt 

what do you mean you can only take one of us? we're room-mates! 


martha hicks 
diane hillman 
phyllis hillman 

mary holton 

keith hope 

elizabeth householder 

^^^ Jm< 

rose ellen houser 
ova ire son 

mary huffer 
kathy j'anney 

iosephrne hughes 
Janice jaquet 

sharon hunsinger 
Joyce jellum 


lindy jemrgan 
lynne Johnson 
martha Johnson 

mary keeler 
morgaret ker 
shoron kiger 

1 morgaret kennedy 

with the addition of more men students each year, the quad has become a romantic meeting place for couples on campus. 


fit"*- .:'■ 

■ u 

i ' '••i-'*'^ .^-*> "^ 

« « . ^y ^^^ 

* ■ 


•Vli'-W^l^; J 

open mouth, insert boll 


Joanne klllough 

linda kite 

selmo knight 


sheila lambert 
kristie lawson 
nancy link 
robyn long 

meda lane 
eldon layman 
chip lohr 
Virginia long 

nancy long 
William layman 
linda lohr 
gail love 

karen lantz 
rae lehman 
mildred long 
teresa lucht 


but i thought students always had the right of way 

betty morkey 
mary mc comb 

deboroh morshall 
penny mc curry 

Susan mason 
lucy mc gavock 

jeanette mc dure 
brenda mc ghee 


becky mc kee 

suzzane mc mohon 

barbara meadows 

pQtricia meadows 

Janet merritt 

barb millikln 

katherlne mitchell 

suzane mitchell 

dole monday 

margaret montgomery 

barbara moran 

donna morgan 


sally motley 
donna myers 
robert olmstead 
Judith pointer 

Judith mueller 

diana musick 

deboroh mutispaugh 

evelyn neate 

nancy nixon 

laurie norfleet 

phyllis Owens 

lelgh page 

onne painter 

saroh panfels 

donna porker 

jane porker 


linda parks 

marsha paulsen 

becky peters 

this was the year of the bell bottoms at madison, in class, in the d-holl and 
even at formal dances. 

Joyce peters 

Joyce pitman 

William pollard 

joon poo ley 


potricra powell 

sallee pratt 

mary przewlocki 

bet you can't do ten toe touches without bending your knees. 


bonnie quail 

kathy quesnel 

morgaref quigg 

linda rails 


A M^ 


ginger rothburn 
frances richard 
nancy rugar 
bonnie schworting 

patricia ray 
onne roark 
brenda russell 
Susan scott 

ronda reames 
gloria rorrer 
barbara sansfeen 
dorothy schweickardt 

Sandra reamy 
corole ruddock 
deboroh soy 
linda schwitzer 


karen searfoss 

ellis walker 

patrlcia seeds 

elizabeth shackelford 

charlotte sharp 

cathy show 

maria shelton 

rebecco shirley 

onito shope 

betty shrvock 

linda smith 

mory smith 

pomela smith 

Steve smith 

teresa smith 

martha somerville 


gaye lynn sommers 

pot spence 

margo sperduti 

karen steinhauser 

quite a rarity to see a boy with a "resist" button . . . that doesn't seem to be the general trend of thought with most madison males however! 


ginger stetson 

beverly Stewart 

donna stocking 

Carole stone 




what do i do now, i can't seem to be able to get the ring over your knuckles? 





frcnces strough 
edith toylor 

ollye sturt 
jeonette taylor 

gay summers 
geraldine thompson 

sandro Sweeney 
helen thompson 


rebecca thompson 

deborah tooley 

beverly trainham 

marsha trevvett 

lynette truszkorvski 

cathy tullous 

gary fusing 

linda tyler 

janice uhland 

phyllis vann 

sue viar 

kathy vranicard 

jean waggy 

jo lynn walea 

vernelle walsh 

bonnie ward 


emrly ware 
thomas weese 
ruth whitacre 
linda whitely 

rick waynick 
melinda wellard 
barbara white 
sue wiesman 

Judith weaver 
lisa wells 
herbert white 
gloria Wilkinson 

sue weaver 
jean wheeler 
nancy white 
Joyce Williams 


mary willramson 

elizabeth witt 

beverly wood 

deedee wood 

deborah woodie 

nancy wrenn 

fran yearwood 

hope york 

with eager anticipation, juniors follow the footsteps into the future 
and their final year at madison. 


class of 72 meets success 
in second year 

caught in the whirl of social activities, 
sports, student government and academic 
achievement, linked with their second year at 
madison, the class of '72 has achieved a for- 
midable degree of success, looking to upper- 
clossmen for guidance when they were fresh- 
men, the sophomores have joined the ranks of 
helping new students through student counsel- 
ing and participation in campus activities. 

in fulfilling the goal of students — to learn 
— the class of '72 has acquired a working 
knowledge of the mechanics, politics, and 
wonder of the movement of progress in today's 
society, already dedicated to the mode of 
change in college, members of the class of 
'72 are developing with Iheir college associates 
to provide leaders in all facets of life for the 

sponsors: mr. ond mrs. forrest c. palmer and their daughters, beth 
and Janet. 

president: dennis moore 




^-e w//-/ /f/"^' cJ^t (^'^f /ir-^ y^^ ^ 



J// Jou^^j ^ ^^Ae A Aoy(:^ ^46-y y,o </f<^'^ >"'«• /* J 




f ///rr All fkt r^^f ^yco c^^ s "r os ^^y^Ay 




<0*^/f 7^ 


officers: judy quaiff, sports leader; libby wilburn, secretary; jo ann ruffa, vice presi- 
dent; suson avery, treosurer; beth ray, parliamentarian; carolyn kissinger, historian- 

who's the guy with the bfond hair? 


Sandra abramson 

celia adams 

margoret aderton 

star alien 

linda ammons 

cheryl anderson 

thomas anderson 

carol anthony 

paddy argenzio 

nancy armes 

wilma armstrong 

phyllis arrington 

Charles oshcroft 

ongela atkins 




marian bobylon 

karen bailey 


linda basile 

bonnie bates 

darlene bathurst 

Sharon belcher 

Patricia bell 

this isn't (?) too (?) bad! 

betsy bertz 

Cheryl biggs 



marilee block 

linda booth 

willtam boothe 

possing oranges you soy? 

mortho bowles 

sondro brodford 

, a 

lindo brooks 

esther bond 


nancy bowmon 

Valeria bronnoh 

deborah brown 

Susan brubaker 

nancy bt7ont 

woodford bumgardner 

Pamela burk 

jona bums 

jean burns 

mary burroughs 

nancy burroughs 

geri burrows 

diane bush 

jean calhoon 


margaret callis 

mary campbell 

Constance caroll 

marguerite cassidy 




Janet chavis 
frances collins 

Joan Connelly 
marcello crider 

nell dork 
vicki collins 
mary conwoy 

pom curry 

suson Clayton 

cheri colvig 

phillip d. croddock 

delores daniel 

beverly coley 

Judith comer 

John c. Crawford 

donald daniel 


bryan e. daniels 
anna dovis 
nancy dovis 

margaret demange 

juanita detwiler 

barbara dawson 
donna dawson 
patricia deons 

madison's beautiful new recreational facility . . . newmon lake? 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f, "" ^^P^^SB^ 

■ * 





debbie dietsch 
teresa disharoon 
debbie donald 

Hubert c. doughty 
doris earhort 
linda eorhart 

the second demonstration in modison's "peaceful" history. 


sherryl eckleberry 

Connie ewards 

sandra ersele 

franchon elkins 

deborah ellis 

pot ely 

pomelo eure 

bethene ervin 


shoron evons 

shoron fernandes 

erieen fisher 

beverly fior 

suson fog el 

lou fox 

ellen fronce 

barbara fronklyn 


susan ferguson 

donna frost 

barbara furr 

peggy gollagher 


vicki gardner 

judy gornette 

dovid garrigues 

Sandra gasper 

Undo george 

diana gehley 

barbara geist 

jo giles 


syndey gill 

barbara godwin 

jane gofarth 


president miller's angry again! 


mahala goodman 
debby greenfield 

anna graham 
cothy gregory 

Janet graham 
dennis gregory 

Judith grammer 
barbara hall 


Sandra hall 
michael hammer 
barbara honby 

deborah hanks 
freda hardy 
Susan harke 


i don't quite know 
how to tell you 
this but . . . 


brenda horrel 

Susan hazelwood 

marily heflin 

suson helder 

conrad a. helsley 

minnie Henderson 

rebecca hermon 

lee hicks 

mary fronces hicks 

judy higgs 

borbara Holland 

charlotte Holland 

goil Hudson 

george Humphreys 


elizobeth husk 

Sandra thornton 

beth jahnson 

elizabeth Hutchison 

sheila Jamison 

elizabeth m. Johnson 

linda ingroff 

colleen Jenkins 

Judith Johnson 

linda iser 

Sandra Johnson 

brenda jones 

nancy jones 

Patricia jones 

sherion jones 


janie kahle 

michael w. keene 

koy keliy 





^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ 


^HI^^T iS^^R^^^ 

t ^'*"*^ 




"silent majority" 

margaret kennedy 

candace kenney 

katharine kerr 


perfect specimens 

i W 

ognes king 

barbara king 

sue kinney 

elaine kirkland 

gaii kinsey 
Carolyn kissinger 

Samuel g. kirby 
susan kite 

carol kirk 
annette kretzschman 


louise kyte 

kathleen lanigan 

emily lindsey 

jane long 

becky lackey 

katherine leonard 
rhonda lineburg 
linda loughrey 

judy long 

linda lester 

kathryn little 

linda lucy 

betty langdale 

lois lilley 
elizabeth lohr 
gloria luttrell 


rebecca mabe 

mary maddox 

Susan mothias 

anita may 

jonie mcaliister 

bonita mcbridge 

kelley mcginnis 

Patrick m. mclaughlin 

david I. monon 
James I. mayes 
patrrcia mccall 
valorie mcleod 

noomi martin 

mary mays 
donna mcclure 
teresa meador 





Mr *^ 

this place is full of squares. 


donna meadows 

mortha miller 

donna minch 

Constance moffett 

3etty meyerhoffer 

dorothy moore 

Jennifer moore 

mary ellen moore 

coroi miller 

Claudia moore 


there must be an easier way 
to get some decent food. 

marilyn moriarty 

corol morris 

donna morris 

efizabeth morris 

Susan mullen 

angello mullins 

bernadette milrenin 


jane murphy 

deborah nelson 

mary niederbruening 

nancy noblette 

morian noe 

kay noel 

anne norton 

sondra offenbacker 

tilton ogburn 

anne otey 

russeline overton 

chorlotta pan 

Janet parrish 

ruth payne 

suson penn 

Christine peterson 

N^ V 

saddle peyton 

nancy pfeiffer 

deborah phaup 

mirian phrllippe 

jack m. phillips 

dione pitts 

peggy pollord 

kothy poison 

Carole pond 

Carolyn potts 

linda powers 

vicki powers 

foye prillaman 

Catherine puffenburger 

Sylvia pullen 

judy quoiff 




dione reeves 

brenda raid 

"let's take the elevator instead" 

debbie reid 

suson reid 

galen rhodes 

connle richardson 

brenda riley 

William r, ritenour 


James r. robinson 

anice rodeffer 

emily rogers 

sherry rowland 

IrsG rubie 

robert rudolph 


susan schoelling 
sharon sensabaugh 

anticipation! of what? 

morgaret seaver 
ginny shear 

kristine russel! 

koren senders 
marina sovenko 
soroh schaffner 

elizabeth sampson 
barbaro sandy 
debbie sberbli 
aren schneck 


Susan shelling 

karen simmons 

jane slater 

evelyn smith 

Jacqueline shelton 

pamelo simmons 

Sandra sledge 

linda smith 

rebecca shreckhise 

gary sipe 

kcthleen smeltzen 

penny smith 

carol sibley 
leonord skovira 
dennis p. smith 

nancy sours 


vella south 

cnn spitzer 

shoron spohase 

Sandra steeg 

moriflo Stephens 

cnn Stewart 

peggy Stinnett 

dennis stokes 

wanda stone 

ike stoneberger 

jocn stoyko 

elizobeth street 

williom sprinkle 

robert stiles 

donna stonebraker 

mary street 



shoron Strieker 

debra stole 

julje sudduth 

melanie sullenberger 

nancy summerlin 

georgia taylor 

bobbi thompson 

cary thompson 

joon thompson 

linda thompson 

george thrunou 

Juliet tisdcle 


karen trainum 

donna tucker 

i think it's stuck! 

saranna tucker 

doriana ulcigroi 

pom umberger 

bonnie von 

bonnie voughn 

willrom voughn 

pat vermiilion 

Janet voltz 

kathleen wade 

nancy wormon 

jonet walker 

feslie weger 

linda welch 

sue wiessner 

phil r. whetzel 

helen wheeler 


.4 V 


•t '> 

sue wilkerson 

diane wood 

pQtricia yohn 

mory whitmore 

shelia williams 

joe wood 

diane young 

bonnie wiggins 

Sandra witt 

lois wood 

marlene yurchak 

libby wilburn 

Janice wolf 

Carolyn wonshon 

peggy zerkle 




freshman establish themselves as "the 

a new generation of students, the class of 1973, has 
arrived at modison in a time when the move for new ideas 
and rules has never been quite so strong, setting their goals 
high in an effort to decrease apathy and eliminate the major 
problem of class unity, members of the freshman class have 
involved themselves in campus-wide functions, after orien- 
tation and settling down with the election of officers, the class 
helped their sister class with their traditional class weekend, 
windmills, telegrams, and individual class day greetings formed 
the core of this project, during the christmas season, class 
activities included a pep rally, bonfire, and carolling, the 
fun was furthered when freshmen drew names of classmates 
from o bucket and met the person in an overall attempt to 
unify the class, they also began planning their spring class 
day in december. already involved in the flux of change around 
them, the class of '73 will be instrumental in perpetuating 
the movement forward ot madison college. 

class with class" 



upper left: president, susan rogers. obove: (front to bock) 
officers, jane bliss, historion; molly mcdowell, parlimentorion; 
vicki Sullivan, secretory; cecil cobb, treasurer; nancy cooper, 
sports leader; not pictured — joe erickson, vice-president, left: 
sponsor, dean henry c. bowers. 

Susan obbott 
brenda abell 
nancy abroms 

ruth adams 

cheryl oiler 
merlyn odkins 
sheryl alcott 
mary alien 

diona anderson 
joan anderson 
patricio anderson 
marlys ormentrout 

* t4 

rhondo assio 
suson otkisson 
mory azevedo 
goyle bailey 

Joyce bailey 
suson bailey 
koren ballagh 
Christine bare 


brenda barksdale 
arva barnes 

patsy bough 
robin bourn 

onn beoble 
sondro benegas 
elizobeth beveridge 
rebeccQ bibb 

emilie brer 
jane bliss 
potricio boldridge 
jane bothwell 

morgoret bowman 
wando bowyer 
borbora bradley 
wonda breeden 

"all you hove to do is pull out the cord for the class 
you want . . ." 



denise breen 
karen brill 
William brown 

pomela browning 
mory bruce 
amy brumbock 
ruth budd 

bonnie byers 
Carolyn byrd 
sandro coldwell 
ronald carper 

roy Carroll 
mortho cossidy 
debro chernault 
shirley chin 

moija ciguzrs 
vicki ciuffredo 
lou dark 
robert dark 


Susan dark 
rebeccQ clary 
candice cobb 
patricio cogliondro 

lorry combs 
robert conroy 
purcell conwoy 
Joyce coombs 

carol cooper 
trudy covert 
phyllis crampton 
dorothy crane 

mory cronk 
carol cross 
koren crouch 
shoron crouch 

lorry culpepper 
goil Cunningham 
koren daniel 


"we're the class of '73, '73, '73 

Connie daugherty 
mark davidson 
olmo dovis 
sheila davis 

juNo dean 
iinda deem 
kalhy dekemper 
Christine de la cruz 

jean desj'ardins 
leia de vivi 
dorisann devrjes 
deborah didowick 


deborah diehl 
merritt dingledine 
ongela dinkle 
sue dize 

judy donoldson 
debbie donnell 
peggy doremus 
dorothy dove 

jerry dovel 

cheryl dowdy 

freshmen retreat with emborrossment after seeing s.g.a.'s 
interpretation of the class of '73. 


lorratne dronce 
Catherine drean 
morgaret dulaney 
pQtricia dumire 

deborah dutton 
kaye eanes 
dee dee edwords 
betty elam 

Virginia emmons 
koren enix 
carol eustace 
betty evens 

lyeil evens 
cephe fahnestock 
lindo farish 
Christy fariss 


freshmen learn to hate the s.g.a. handbook. 



sharon faulconer 
doug feagons 
patricia ferguson 
patti ferguson 

> / 

theresa frore 
nancy fitzgerald 
patricia fitzgerald 
gail flora 

nan forrest 
richard foster 
bertha fry 
Sandra fulton 


ramona fulwider 
margaret gaines 
mary gasper 
annamorie germanio 

Jeanne geuder 
Judith gibbs 
joan gilbert 
rosemary gillian 

saro grvens 
gornett good 
suson gordon 
joan gouldman 

lowrence grohm 
gwendolyn grant 
jean grant 
sollie gregory 

carol a. griffin 
carol m. griffin 
deborah griffin 
anne grimmer 




pame!a groves 
diane guthrie 
suzonne hack 
phyllis haga 

potricia hagan 
Jesse hole 
carlo hall 
joye Hamilton 

gory Hancock 
katHy Hancock 
Virginia Harkness 
Undo horlow 

brenda harper 
Shirley horper 
joon Harris 
marie Harris 

Undo Harrison 
richord hartley 
charlsea Harvey 
Janet Harvey 


beverly hoynes 
Sandra helsley 

bobby hockman 
lynn hogon 

Janice hoover 
Janice hope 
Catherine horton 
marlin houff 

edwin howard 
beth howell 
Catherine hubbard 
ginny huber 

"you think this is bod — when we leave here, we'll need 
o u-houl." 

dave hudson 
chcrlene hughes 
peggy hulvey 
Carolyn hunnphrey 


mary onn Hutchison 
david hyder 
jon irby 
estella Jackson 

pamela jockson 
onne jonkowski 
Janice joquet 
doug Jenkins 

linda Jenkins 
beverlyn Jennings 
brendo Johnson 
Carolyn Johnson 

koren Johnson 
Shirley Johnson 
michael jones 
groce jorgenson 


mary kalbflersch 
Janet kammerer 
amy kelley 


Jonathan kenwickeM 
betsey keyser 
dennis keyser 

kothryna king 
Christine kinney 
linda kirby 
anne kitchin 

and it sure was a good thing the hall monitor didn't take room-check thot night 


paulo kleczek 
sondra kline 
colleen kohut 
Susan kolbrrck 

Patricia krosnrcki 
kent krotzer 
Irnneo kwiecinski 
Carolyn lambert 

evelyn londreth 
louise loudenberger 
barbara lawhorne 
dolly lawson 

John leaman 
cothy lengyel 
bill leoncrd 
jenanne leroy 

Jennie lewis 
elizobeth (ichliter 
leigh lindjord 
kathy lockhort 



'i knew the men on campus would come in handy for something.' 

michael logon 
linda logsdon 
fronces lohr 
rebeccQ long 

shoryn long 
jo lynn lunsford 
Cynthia luongo 
sarah maddox 

brenda madlson 
coroiyn magill 
Sharon maroble 
Judith marks 




'tell us great socrates, exoctly what does a tautological equation prove." 

JO onne marr 
terry marshoU 
jane martin 
potricla martin 

regina marynchak 
barbara mastin 
Suzanne maxwell 
charlotte may 

doris may 
elizabeth mc conn 
mary mc earthy 
lynn mc cleilon 


wendy mc credie 
cathy mc fall 
deborah mc kee 

carlene mc mann 
rebecca mc nabb 
Willie mc neal 

Jacqueline mc ooksey 
martho meade 
denise medairy 
mary meehan 

Cecelia mehaffey 
margaret melick 
brenda meredith 
ondrea meyer 

wh patricio meyer 

Carolyn rhidkiff 
Constance miller 
deborah miller 


sorah miller 

suson miller 

nancy mocko k 

kothy montalbano I 

dianne moore 
jo ann moore 
karen moore 
lucy moore 

mortha moore 
moureen moore 
rebecco morton 
carol mosby 

barbara moser 
phyllis mowery 
daniel moyers 
mary murphy 

cynthia nosh 
deboroh neol 
iyndo neff 
lourence nemerow 


"look out, women, here we come!" 

pomelo newman 
goi! nrxon 
Susan ogden 
donno oja 

dixie o'neill 
sharon orndorff 
potricio orourke 
darlene outten 

kothleen parrish 
nancy posley 
mary paulmon 
ann poyne 


rebecca poyne 
betsy pearce 

rhondo penington 
patricia phelps 

vickr phillips 
amelia piland 
joel pollard 
ann pool 

kathleen pooIe 
elizabeth porter 
ellen porter 
koren poulson 

deboroh powel! 
fronces premoza 
Stanley price 
linda prillamon 

"of course this is a crip-course!" 


Judy ptomey 
nancy quorles 
letitia raines 
Judith rou 

donna ray 
gcil rennie 
patricia reter 
obbie reynolds 

Virginia reynolds 

brenda rhodes 
david richard 
koy richardson 

juliar ivera 
bonita roodford 
phyllis robertson 
sam robertson 

cheryl robinson 
morjorie rodgers 
Sharon rodgers 
dorothy rogers 

■/■* i 


susan rogers 
Sandra rolond 
susan rouse 
douglas russell 

lorraine ruszcyk 
kathy sagi 
Janice senders 
potricia sandlin 

sandra sanford 
bonnie sargent 
linda sotterfield 
donna saucier ^ 

dione savage 
deborah say 
linda schaeffer 
marjorie schafer 



I J 

"let's see^ as of June '70 ... 30 days in a month, 9 months in a 
school year . . . approximately 800 class days till graduation." 

patricia scheer 
betty schilling 
lynn sebrell 
corolyn sedlacko 

goyle sefton 
jane Shackelford 
dovid shone 
molly shannon 


"your guess is as good as mine!" 





mary shaver 
shoron shaver 
shoron show 
beverly shelton 

suson shepherd 

susan sheppard 

nancy shinoberoy \ 

poula shipp 

theresa shirley 
Catherine shorter 
Joyce shull 
kathleen singleton 

wendelin slade 

rebecca slate 

jean sly 
Christine smith 
brenda snyder 
joye somers 

Susan sparkman 
Irndo spence 
martin spenser 
rebecca spilman 

iaralee spiro 
donna spisso 
John sponougle 
sally storkey 


darlene starling 
sharon Stephenson 
lynn Stewart 
paula stone 

debra stoner 
ray stopper 
geroidine streker 
patsy strother 

£ H f! 

charlene sullivan 
kathryn sumner 
reno swain 
karen szymanski 

"i wish my eyes would ploy like a book 
and stay open!" 


deboroh taylor 
iomes toylor 
sherry toylor 
bettie temple 

sue tern II 
mory theofilos 
bonnie thomon 
carol thomos 

roselyn todd 
potricio totty 
matthew troy 
gloria turner 

deboroh tye 
poricio uhlond 
vtrginio vocco 
vicki vanfossen 

fronces voughon 
sherry vedomske 
lindc verlcnder 
chorlotte via 


Susan vincke 
deborah volz 
lynne walker 
richard walker 

kothleen warren 
nancy webster 
barbarc weller 
Herbert wetzel 

Susan wheeler 
linda whitener 
linda whitesell 
bonnie whitlow 

Undo widdicombe 
onke wiechmonn 
Christine wilk 
donna will r 

debbie willard 
craig willtoms 
lydia willioms 
lynne willioms 


carol winchell 
elizabeth wood 
margaret wood 

lynda woolwrne 

margot worth ington 
suson wright 
rosa wymer 
Joseph yoder 

kathleen york 
koren young 
volerie ziegenfus 

the welcome "warmth" of ashby after 
the traditional first snow battle on the 



^;dvertisements .editor 5i^ 
jean wag£^T'^ patrons editor 
bette brown— faculty directory editor 
susan Spain— senior directory editor 
myra elements— student directory editor 


.-Mi. .. 







,Tien,ts;.> 4 

raculty directory 441 
senior directory 446 
student directory 451 

-jp' . 



with special thanks 

the 1970 bluestone staff wishes to 
thank mr. John burnett and his advertising 
class for their help throughout the adver- 
tisement section, also we extend thanks to 
the merchants on the following pages for 
their patronage, and we hope that you will 
give them your support in the future. 

this page compliments of 

h. I. wiechmann, inc. 

bill white is telling them cosmopolitan 
has Q better way to nassau. try 
cosmopolitan's special student rates. 





on main 

comopolitan travel 
Harrisonburg, va. 


for the 


in shoes 


f. barth 
garber, inc. 

I learning the key punch 
!i is one of the many skills 
^taught at automation 

industries, inc. 

Harrisonburg, vo. 

food for both human and mechanical bodies can be found at the 
midway groceries as these modison students hove discovered. 

buy your mother candy from hostetter's. 
hostetter's drug company 

henry pitzer, fronk english, gory beotty, perry horsley, bill bozord 
ond lee kerns oil find that there is one thing they can all 
agree with and that is beer from horrisonburg fruit and candy. 

harrisonburg fruit and candy company 


*i Q- 

'A 5 


^ » 


the new maxi look and dorothy 

sheen, a sign of modern toste 

found at Joseph ney's 

Joseph ney's 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

if Winston weaver hod token his prescription to hughes pharmacy 
he would have saved himself o trip to the infirmary. 

even though trudi stoltz is a little bashful, bev harroll is 
convincing her that modison square is the ploce to go to 
buy some new clothes. 

John w. taliaferro sons 

jewelers — 54 south main street 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

expert watch and 
jewelry repairing 
pierced earrings 

engraving and diamond setting 

outhorized distributor 
perfect love diamond rings 


28 south main st. 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801 

store phone 434-6816 

here is mis3 evans stoking up the space 
conditioner in the basement of shenandoah 
dormitory — to keep the boys warm. 

Space conditioning 

division of dunham-bush, 
harrisonburg, Virginia 


I Only Creative 
Ajr-t Service 

sa.les torocli-ures 
direct ma.il_ 
"business forms 




I I I I I 


checking accounts 



a home owned bonk 

you can call your own 


Rockingham National Bank 

• Harrisonburg • weycrs cove • grottoes • mt. Sidney • berono 

it's the 
real thing 

"coca-colo" and "coke" ore registered trade-marks which 

identify only the product of the coco-cola company. 

litho in U.S. a. 

Harrisonburg coca-cola company 

robyn long ond teresa lucht hope that the combination of their 
productive efforts and their bag of wetzel seed will produce gross 
on madison's well-becten path to the post office 

wetzel seed company 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 


the rafter's 
Staunton, Virginia 

marlin hauff meets meloin carter (big daddy) and robert harper, the friendliest bartenders at the rafter's in Staunton. 


shengas corp. 

gas appliances 
tappon ranges 
180 south main 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

grand piano and 
furniture company 

198 south main st. 
harrisonburg, Virginia 

i) i[^*:it 

elizobeth hawkens scores when she shops at 

hawkin's hardware 


If you only have a little but want to give a lot — if you wont to 
give a little and hove a lot . . . 

have a lot, give a little, have a little, give a lot, have o lot, give 
Q lot — oh, it doesn't matter — whatever you wont you con 
get it at . . . 

glen's gift center 
gifts of distinction 


the first national bank 

outstanding as the massanutten 


Iloyd's steakhouse 

us 1 1 south, Harrisonburg 

charles i. fauls 
clothing company, inc. 

cos-cob peppertree 
adrian tobior 
candy jr. 
jean castle 

11-13 n. court square 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

learn more about 


new twicer-nicer mobile 





rt. 33, east-Harrisonburg, va. 


fink's jewelers, inc. 
16 south main st. 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

all checks cashed 
no purchase necessary 

TvO^AdoOUU^ ^'^^JA. of harrisonburg 
us 1 1 south, harrisonburg 

colony optical co., inc. 

registered opticians 
complete optical lab 

contact lenses 
downtown & at the medical arts 


CI>5 pride dairy 

plants located 
in Winchester, 
and martinsburg, 
west Virginia 

handcrafted furniture \^^ 

factory and show room 
u.s.rt. #11 one mile south 
harrisonburg, vo. 

Q young couple looks ot wedding photography samples at one of the latest in fashions is modeled 
gttchell's studio and camera shop by betty shuler 

harrisonburg, va. ney's hoUS© of fashiOM 


mike peele proves I 
that he can buy 
anything at 
mick or mack 

discover willowbank 

\\» --- 

4' , 

Come see the 
making of power 

Vepco's first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new 
Information Center overlooking the site, you will see an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a 
working model of the reactor. (And from the balcony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.) Open 10 AM to 
4 PM INIonday through Saturday and 1 PM to 6 PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. 


more power to you ... at less cost 



iVww«t4^*** %i^ wi^\ 

,1/111111 5""' 



when a special guest is coming to dinner use a beautiful 
place setting from 

rita sisler and bill white are determined to 

go all electric talioferro and wilson 

Harrisonburg electric 

alfred ney's 

where the latest In fashions 
can be found 

woolworth company 

visit the snack bar for a study break 

andrews vending company 


come and enjoy the game at 

valley lanes 

U.S. 1 1 south 
Harrisonburg, va. 


biffburger of Harrisonburg 

"no bull/' soys tina o'dell and Undo sudol. biffburgers uses TOO*; 
beef, and that's no bum steer! 

rita sisler enjoys noel audley's travel service at grant's. 



traditionally the finest 


daily news 


Harrisonburg, va. 

anyone con drive a truck from kenworth's. 

truck enterprises, inc. 

rt. 33 east at interstate 81 
Harrisonburg, va. 

pa la is royal 

"the house of fashion" 
105 e. beverley 
Staunton, va. 

fairmont ice creom promises all sorts of surprises 
for madison students. 


'and so i was saying, when you're 
having more than one, go to buddy's. " 

buddy craig's elbow room 
Staunton, Virginia 




patty Vermillion 
walks into the world 
of chez marie 

chez marie 
Staunton, va. 







of man 


a pizza for every type 
at the pizza hut 

whitesel music company 

valley books 

welcomes students to their large array 
of books and school supplies. 

has the latest in musical instruments and 
record equipment. 

wheatley yetzer 

US 1 1 south 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

george w. tallaferro 
real estate 

79 south main 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 



craig smith would be unable to do his homework if it wasn't for the telephone. 

from the people who care 

harrisonburg telephone company 


nielsen construction 
company— builders 
of madison's future 
since 1908 

eagle dormitory under construction. 

ever since the founding of madison 
college in 1908, nielsen construction 
company has played a major role in 
constructing of buildings for the cam- 
pus. 1970 saw the construction of 
a new student center, a new men's 
dormitory, an addition to the library 
and the reconstruction of harrison hall 
— oil done by nielsen construction 



mr. & mrs. j. I. abell 

glen elsie ackerly 

mr. & mrs. e. w. addison 

John alcott 

mr. & mrs. harry allcroft 

mr. & mrs. syd I. alien 

mr. & mrs. myron almony 

mr. & mrs. w. k. cnderson 

henry & ethlyn anderson 

mr. & mrs. carl h. anthony 

carol d. 
c. e. argenzio 

mr. & mrs. lynn aulick 

mr. & mrs. david bobyson 

mr. & mrs. John f. bock 

earl w. bailey 

mr. & mrs. william c. barclay 

mr. & mrs. c. d. bare 

mr. & mrs. John s. barnett 

mr. & mrs. r. j. bothurst 

darlene rae 
mr. & mrs. John e. bauerfeind 

Virginia lee beach 

thomas f. beddow 

mr. & mrs. Joseph a. bell 

borbaro ann 


mr. Salvador benegos 

mr. & mrs. c. a. beveridge 

mr. & mrs. william r. bonner 

shirley jean 
dr. & mrs. d. c. booker 

g. p. bronnan 

mr. & mrs. albert brewster 

leon o. brittingham 
James n. brooks 

mr. & mrs. george r. brown 

mr. & mrs. clvin breeden 


mr. & mrs. elias r. brubaker 

mr. & mrs. b. douglas bruce 

mory ellen 
ned burford 

mr. & mrs. horold e, burke 

carol hazel 
mr. & mrs. russell f.. bussey 

mr. & mrs. albert j. butcher 

mr. & mrs. John byrum, jr. 

mr. & mrs. alvin j. callis 

mrs. libby camelio 

mr. & mrs. John c. corlson 

mr. & mrs. chorles e. corr, jr. 

leslie d. carter, jr. 

maj. gen. w. a. carter 

mr. & mrs. michael j. cassidy 

mr. & mrs. ramon j. catron 

mr. & mrs. james r. dark 

shirley ann 
col. & mrs. ralph a. collins, jr. 

mr. & mrs. John s. cooksey 

mr. & mrs. joe p. cooper 

mr. & mrs. donald e. cordell 

mr. & mrs. e. I. covington 

mrs. helen crampton 

mr. & mrs. John c. crim 

w. b. crismond 

francis t. Cunningham 

mr. & mrs. raymond daugherty 

mr. & mrs. henry defillipo 


mr. & mrs. b. w. deringer, jr. 

John h. devries 

col. & mrs. donald p. doerflein 

mr. & mrs. william donald, jr. 

It. col. & mrs. h. k. donnell 

deborah kay 
e. junior dove 

james j. dunne 

mr. & mrs. m. wm. dutton, jr. 


chorles & leah duyer 

hunter e. earhart 

cdr. & mrs. melvin h. eaton 

mr. & mrs. miles r. eisele 

mr. & mrs. george elkins 

mr. & mrs. h. t. ellis, jr. 

mr. & mrs. paul ellis 

mr. & mrs. albert I. evons 

mr. & mrs. word m. fall 

mrs. Catherine v. farina 

mr. & mrs. herbert m. figg, jr. 

mr. & mrs. c. r. fisher 

mr. & mrs. otis r. fling 

major & mrs. irvin i. flor 

beverly anne 
franklin d. fong 

mr. & mrs. everett forrest 

mr. & mrs. robert f. freis 

mr. & mrs. edword fruhwirth 

mr. & mrs. roger c. fry 

marjorie & lawrence I. gaines 

mr. & mrs. wilfred j. garvin 

mr. & mrs. Joseph t. gasper 


mary ann 
mr. & mrs. lester germonio 

anno marie 
Judith b. gibbs 

mrs. h. a. giles, jr. 

jo ann 
mr. & mrs. aubrey w. gill 

mr. & mrs. edward goebel 

mr. & mrs. laban goodman 

m. gy. sgt. & mrs. lyle I. gordon 

mr. & mrs. w. poul graham 

mr. & mrs. r. p. grammer 

mrs. jean bell grandy 

mr. & mrs. lawrence grant 

mr. & mrs. j. keoth graves 

mr. & mrs. norman w. green 



mr. & mrs. e. brodie gregory 

mrs. kathleen e. griffith 

mr. & mrs. a. j. guthrie 

mr. & mrs. george hagan 

mr. & mrs. c. c. hanks 

mr. & mrs. James I. harper 

col. & mrs. w. n. harrie 

mrs. b. curry harvey 

jane abbitt 
Charles w. harvey 

mr. & mrs. r. s. haynes 

col. Winston r. hayward 

col. Winston r. hayward 

mr. & mrs. h. h. helms, jr. 

morion r. hemenway 

mr. & mrs. chorles e. hern 

mr. & mrs. richard h. mickman, jr. 

mr. & mrs. robert c. higgins 


mr. & mrs. Joseph j. holtzmon 

mr. & mrs. Joseph d. hottle 

dorothy b. hudson 

betty lou 
mr. & mrs. dorsey f. hudson 

mr. & mrs. w. a. hunter 

col. & mrs. d, n. hutchison 

mary ann 
mr. & mrs. pearce a. huxter 

mary ellen 
dr. e. n. Jackson 

mr. & mrs. wm. j. johnsen 

mr. & mrs. j. d. Johnson 

mr. & mrs. John newton Johnson 

karen marie 
mr. & mrs. b. w. Johnson 

mr. & mrs. wilson r. Johnson 

allene h. jones 

col. & hrs. w. b. kern 

mr. & mrs. donald v. keyes 

suson murphy 
mr & mrs. edward d. kiger 

mr. & mrs. dan kirby 


robert h. kirby 

mr. & mrs. lyle m. kissinger 

mr. & mrs. s. t. kite 

mrs. lucy r. kline 

mr. & mrs. John knight 

I. c. krous, jr. 

mr. & mrs. james h. laflam 

mr, & mrs. p. laroso 

mr & mrs, owen w, larrick 

mt & mrs. h. m. loudenberger 

col. & mrs. raimon lehman 


roe lean 
mr & mrs. c. w. lester, jr. 

mr. & mrs. h. lindjord 


mrs. Joseph c. long 

helen & John logsdon 

mr. & mrs. e, bruce love 

mr. & mrs. e. harold lucy 

mr. & mrs. wm. s. magill 

mrs. oilie I. may 

doris |, 
mr. & mrs, robert d. martin 

mr. & mrs. samuel o. mawyer 

mr. & mrs. charles I, mcauliffe 

mary helen 
col. & mrs. donald mcavoy 

mr. louis mccracken, jr. 

capt. & mrs, r. mcdonald 

c. c. mc dowel! 

mr. & mrs. leslie j. mcentyre 

col. & mrs. jenis c. mcmillan 

mr. & mrs. thomas j. mcmahon 

f. I. mckee 

mr. & mrs. robert mcknight 

mr. & mrs. g. e. meanley 

mr. & mrs. roymond e. michael 

nancy jean 
harvey w. miller 

mr. & mrs. Iloyd f. miller 

m. & mrs. m. harlow mitchell 

Chester c. montgomery 

margaret ann 
mr. & mrs. c. r. moore 

brenda diane 
crd. & mrs. donald I. moore 

margaret i. moore 

mr, & mrs. wm. m. morianty 

h. c. morris 

barbara e. morse 

p. d. mowery 

mr. & mrs, gordon nelson 

mr, & mrs. carl h. newbern 

lila ann norman 

h. duncon norton 

karen norton 

mr. & mrs. j. p. o'briant, jr. 

mr. & mrs. r. edward ogburn 

martha tilton 
j. m. o'hara 

mr. & mrs. james o'nei! 

mr. & mrs. j. w. o'rourke 

mrs. theresa paturzo 

Catherine a. petersen 

mrs. sarah c. porter 

mr. & mrs. roymond a, potts 

mr, & mrs. e. scott poulson 

mr. & mrs. robert powers 

mr. & mrs. robert w. puffenberger 

mr. & mrs. donald a. quimby 

ira rat I iff 

j enos ray 

mr. & mrs. carlyle b. reeves 

charles reiss 

mr. & mrs. robert d. repass 

mr. & mrs. walton k .richardson 


mr. & mrs. John m. rimel iv 



mr. & mrs. k. e. robertson 

mr. & mrs. j. a. robinson 

mr. & mrs. william h. rose, jr. 

mr. & mrs. c. w. ruffner 

mr. & mrs. edward rusaczyk 

lorroine ann 
It. cdr. & mrs. r. saucier 

w. V. savage 


mr. & mrs. j. e. schafer 

mr. & mrs. dovid scott 

mr. & mrs. robert p. sebrell 

mr. & mrs. m. j. sedlocko 

mr. & mrs. theodore a. show 

dr. & mrs. murl c. shawver 

mr. homer d. shelton 


mr. & mrs. robert m. shope, sr. 

mr. & mrs. j. w. shorter 

mr. & mrs. p. f. silecchia 

mr. & mrs. donald e. smith 

mr. donald w. smith 

garland e. smith 

mr. & mrs. guy smith 

linda jo 
mr. troy I. smith 

mrs. kathleen v. sowder 

mr. & mrs. ivan e. Spain 

mr. & mrs. buster sparkman 

mr. & mrs. n. w. spitzer 

mr. & mrs. s. Herbert starky 

mr. & mrs. e. h. steeg 

mr. & mrs. c. h. stewart, jr. 

mrs. esther stickley 

mr. & mrs. richard j. Stinnett 

mr. & mrs. woodrow w. stone 

mr. & mrs. robert street 

mr. & mrs. vincent b. sticker 

mr. & mrs. v/endell a. stuart 


mrs. thelma sturtridge 

mr. & mrs. John j. sudol 

mr. Charley v. sullivan 

mr. & mrs. sheldon w. taylor 

mr. dale e. thoman 

mr. & mrs. harveya. thomas 

mr. & mrs. John thompson 

mr. & mrs. earl a. thompson 

mr. & mrs. r. e. thomsen 


col. & mrs. g. g. tillery 

mr. leonard f. totty 

Itc & mrs. j. m. trossbach 

mr. & mrs. jack trovato 

gibson turners 

mrs. fances e. tye 

mr. & mrs. cletus j. vincke 

mr. & mrs. raymond e. vermillion 

mr. & mrs. paul h. voebel 

mr. & mrs. kenneth van wagenen 

mr. & mrs. forrest waggy 

mr. & mrs. John walker 

Icdr. & mrs. Joseph e. wall 

mrs. harvey ware 

mr. & mrs. James n. wayland 

Howard r. weaver 

mr. & mrs. earl weedon 

mr. charles e. weller 

mr. e. w. white, jr. 

mr. harry c. white 

mr. & mrs. ted j. wilk 

col. c. j. Williams 

mr. & mrs. raymond b. wilson 

mr. bernard w. wymer 

mr. r. h. yearwood, jr. 

mr. & mrs. samuel yohn 


mr. & mrs. d. a. young 

mr. & mrs. wm. t. Zimmerman 



faculty directory 

adams, francis r.; professor of english; a.b. 
Williams college; m.a., ph,d. university of 
moryland; 2015 Windsor road, harrisonburg, 
adklns, roger I.; assistant professor of eco- 
nomcs; a.b. marshal! university; m.a. Ohio 
university; 204 governor's lane, harrison- 
burg, VQ.; advisor to harambee 
oldrich, ruth m.; campus school librarian; b.s. 
state university of new york; m.s.l.s. Syra- 
cuse university; 953 mt. Clinton pike, har- 
risonburg, va. 
dliofti, Virginia b.; ossistont professor of 
french; b.a. modison college; m.a. long- 
wood college; apt. b-4, madison terrace; 
harrisonburg, va.; advisor to sesame club, 
member phi sigma iota. 
andcrson, j. edgar; professor of music; musk- 
ingum college; b.m., m.m, cincinatti con- 
servatory of music; Indiana university; 210 
Ohio avenue, harrisonburg, va. 
ondrews, a. richard; assistant professor of 
mathematics; a.a. miami-dade junior col- 
lege; b.a., m.s. the florida state university. 
otkjnson, jack; assistant professor of english; 
a.b,, m.a. western reserve university; 94 
hope street, harrisonburg, va.; advisor to 
the breeze; sponsor phi kappa beta; patron 
sigma kappa. 
Qustin, homer w.; assistant professor of math- 
ematics; b.s. madison college; m.s. univer- 
sity of Wyoming; 262 campbell street; har- 
risonburg, va. 
bogshow, marque; assistant professor of eng- 
lish; b.a. Pennsylvania state university; 
m.a. yaie university. 
banks, dona Id 1.; counselor; b.a. bridgewater 
college; m.s. madison college; route 3; box 
276, elkton, va. 
barroso, fernando j.; assistant professor of 
Spanish; m.ed. university of Virginia; 10 old 
road; harrisonburg, va. 
beer, kenneth; assistant professor of art; b.a., 
m.a. wayne state university; route 1, 
bridgewater, va. 
bessac, paule; assistant professor of french; 
university of toulouse (france) m.a. univer- 
sity of illinois; 145 fairview avenue, harri- 
sonburg, va.; sponsor of french club. 
bilsky, maxwell g.; professor of psychology; 
b.o. hillsdale college; m.s., ph.d. university 
of michigan, 901 chestnut drive, harrison- 
burg, va. 
black/ James d.; instructor of psychology; 
b.s,, m.ed. university of Virginia; I 21 8 res- 
ervoir street, harrisonburg, va, 
bloir, Charles w.; head, department of educa- 
tion; b,a. bridgewater college; m.a. madi- 
son college; ed.d. university of Virginia; 
166 maryland avenue, harrisonburg va. 
bland/ Sidney r.; assistant professor of his- 
tory; b.a. furman university; m.a. univer- 
sity of maryland; 208 dixie avenue, har- 
risonburg, va.; advisor young democrats; 
sponsor of sigma kappa sorority. 
bodkin, norlyn I.; assistant professor of biol- 
ogy; a.b., m.s. west Virginia university; 342 
monti cello avenue, harrisonburg, va.; ad- 
visor to phi alpha pi fraternity, 
bosserman/ robert t,; lecturer in business ad- 
ministration; b.s. Washington and lee uni- 
versity; route 1, forest hills, harrisonburg, 
bowers, henry c, iii; dean of men, a,b. woke 
forest; university of north Carolina; 87 
laurel street, harrisonburg, va. 
boyd, Catherine e.; assistant professor of his- 
tory; b.a, north texas university; 508 south 
dogwood street; harrisonburg, va. 
bradfteld, Chester I.; instructor in accounting; 
b.s. madison college; c.p.a. stote of Vir- 
ginia; 745 hillview drive, dayton, va. 
branscum, Cleveland e.; assistant professor of 
physical education; b.s. little rock univer- 
sity of arkansas; 208 governors lane; har- 
risonburg, va,; men's basketball coach. 
brown, earl f.; assistant professor of geog- 
raphy; b.s. Ohio state university; m.s. uni- 
versity of Chicago; 260 park plase, harri- 
sonburg, vo. 
bruce, patricia j.; professor of health and 
physical education; a.b. wheaton college; 
m.ed, boston university; p.e.d. Indiana uni- 
versity; 428 cardinal drive, harrisonburg, 
va.; advisor to zeta tau alvha sorority; 
mercury club, and campus christian fellow- 
burgess, james I.; assistant professor of art; 
b.s. east Carolina university; m,a. towson 
state college; 299 franklin street, harri- 
sonburg, va. 
burnett, John j.; assistant professor of busi- 
ness administration; b.s., m.s. southern il- 
linois university; 204 governor's lane, har- 
risonburg, va.; patron, sigma sigma sigma. 
burnett, nancy jo; instructor of home econom- 
ics; b.s., m.s. southern illinois university; 
204 governor's lane; harrisonburg, va.; 
member, phi omicron tau. 
burr, horace; director of drama; a.b. depauw 
university; m.a. university of southern Cali- 
fornia; carrsgrove, Charlottesville, va.; 
sponsor of stratford players. 

Caldwell, chorles g,; dean, school of educa- 
tion; a.b. roanoke college; m.a., ph.d. uni- 
versity of Chicago; 1356 south main street, 
harrisonburg, va.; advisor to cotillion club, 
council on exceptional children, 
Caldwell, mortha b.; assistant professor of 
rt; b.a. Cornell university; m.o. university 
of mississippi and indiana university; 2 1 6 
governor's lone, harrisonburg va.; sponsor 
of kappa pi. 
Campbell, f. howard iii; assistant professor of 
geology; b.a. berea college; m.s. university 
of Virginia; 1 80 colonial drive, harrison- 
burg, va.; advisor to alpha phi omega 
service fraternity, geological association 
of madison college; pxDtron zeta tau alpha 
Campbell, james a.; assistant professor of 
history; a.b. erskine college; m.a. univer- 
sity of south Carolina; 208 governor's lane, 
harrisonburg, va.; sponsor of student sen- 
ate, zeta tau alpha sorority. 
cosoli, liberty; associate professor of chemis- 
try; b.s. duke university; ph.d. university 
of Colorado; 722 south main street, harri- 
sonburg, va. 
cavanaugh, fronces; associate professor of 
english; a.b. webster college; m.a. st, louis 
university; ph.d. st. louis university; 149 
rest grattan street, harrisonburg, va, 
chofcy, corrine; acting director of student 
activities; b.a., m.ed, kent stote university; 
57 rockbridge circle, horrisonburg, va. 
chafey, richard I.; counselor and assistant 
professor of education; a.b. albright col- 
lege; m.ed. kent state university; 57 rock- 
bridge circle, harrisonburg, va. 
chappell, wilbert; head department of chem- 
istry and professor of chemistry; b.s. Ot- 
tawa university; a.m., ph.d. university of 
kansas, route 1, forest hills, harrisonburg, 
chrlstiiansen, marjorie m.; professor of home 
economics; b.s., m.a. university of new 
mexico; ph.d. utah state university; 600 
green street, bridgewater, vo. 
Christiansen, ted.; head, department of spe- 
cial education services; b.s., m.a. university 
of new mexico; ph.d, Utah state university; 
600 green street, bridgewater, va,; council 
for exceptional children. 
Clarke, edmund m.; instructor of mathemat- 
ics; b.a. university of Virginia; m.a. duke 
university; 1220 reservoir street, harrison- 
burg, va. 
dine, paul c; head, department of political 
science and geography; associate professor 
of political science; a.b., ll.b., m.a. west 
Virginia university; ph.d. americon univer- 
sity; 550 lee avenue, harrisonburg, va.; 
advisor, model united nations; german 
club; sga judicial council; patron, alpha 
sigma alpha sorority. 
coffman, mono 1,; ossistont professor of bus- 
iness education; a.b. nebraska state teach- 
ers college; m.a. george peobody college 
for teachers; 51-b moplehurst avenue, 
harrisonburg, va. 
cohen, howard; assistant professor of Spanish; 
b.o., m.a. university of olaboma; 503 green 
street, bridgewater, vo. 
conis, james n.; professor of foreign langu- 
ages; b.s., m.a., ph.d. university of Vir- 
ginia; 647 south mason street, harrison- 
burg, va.; sponsor of deseret club. 
cool, roymond d.; professor of chemistry; b.s, 
bridgewater college; f,s,, ph.d- university of 
Virginia; 714 south main street, harrison- 
burg, va, 
cooper, ruth e.; assistant professor of educa- 
tion, supervisor second grade; b.s. radford 
college; m.a. george peabody college for 
teachers; 473 south mason street, harrison- 
burg, va, 
copper, jean e.; dietitian; b.s. madison col- 
lege; m.s. Ohio state university; 1353 south 
main street, harrisonburg, va.; advisor, al- 
pha gomma delta sorority. 
coulter, jerry 1.; assistant professor of art; 
b.a. furman university; m.f.a, ohio univer- 
sity; 496 south mason street, harrisonburg, 
Crawford, marilyn; head, department of phy- 
sical and health education, professor of 
physical and health education; b.s. uni- 
versity of north Carolina at greensboro; 
m.a. university of north Carolina at chapel 
hill; ed.d. university of texas; route 1 , 
penn laird, va. 
cross, somuel g,; assistant professor of music; 

b.m., m,m,, university of texas. 
Curtis, jay I.; professor of english; a.b., a.m., 
ph.d. university of north Carolina; 32 ed- 
gelawn drive, harrisonburg, va. 
dorrin, gorney I.; head, anthony-seeger cam- 
pus school, professor of education; b.s., 
m.ed. wayne state university; ed.d. univer- 
sity of maryland; 272 grattan street, har- 
risonburg, vo. 
davis, j. e., jr.; head, department of biology; 
professor of biology; b.a., m.a., ph.d. uni- 
versity of Virginia; route 1, forest hills, 
harrisonburg, va, 
davis, patricia; assistant professor of physi- 
cal and health education; b.s., b.a. mary 
hardin-baylor college; m.s. smith college; 
252 west view street, harrisonburg, va.; 
coach, women's varsity swimming team. 

dclong, William j.; director, admissions and 
student aid; b.s. roanoke college; m.a. 
university of Virginia; 1427 bluestone 
street, harrisonburg, va. 
djekerson, mildred; ossistont professor of ed- 
ucation; b.s. eastern kentucky state univer- 
sity; m.s. university of kentucky; route 1, 
forest hills, harrisonburg va.; patron, zeta 
tau alpha. 
dickerson, z. s,, jr.; head, department of busi- 
ness education; b.s. eastern kentucky; f,a., 
ed.d. university of kentucky; route 1, for- 
est hills, harrisonburg, va.; patron, zeta 
tau alpha sorority and pi omegi pi. 
dillcr, j, dovid; head, department of art; 
b.f.o. university of texas; m.f.a. cranbrook 
academy of art; 484 south mason street, 
harrisonburg, va. 
dinglcdine, raymond c, jr.; head department 
of history, professor of history; b.o., m.a., 
ph.d. university of Virginia; 320 west view 
street, harrisonburg, va.; advisor to honor 
driver, carolyn c; assistant professor of home 
economics; b.s. madison college; m.s. Cor- 
nell university; 1194 Westmoreland drive, 
harrisonburg, va. 
durrctt, horold I.; lecturer in business admini- 
strotion; a.b., f.a. west Virginia university; 
ashby heights, horrisonburg, vo. 
elier, h. jeanne; assistant professor of physi- 
cal and health education; b.f.a., m.s. uni- 
versity of north Carolina at greensboro; 
1 40 ohio avenue, harrisonburg, va.; head 
of bowling club. 
cmslie, morion f.; assistant dean of women; 
b.s, boston university; ed.m, northeastern 
university; 87 pleasant hill road, harrison- 
burg, vo,; odvisor to [xjnhellenic council. 
farmer, george t,, jr.; associate professor of 
geology; b,a,, m.s. university of Virginia; 
ph.d. university of Cincinnati; route 2, box 
68, harrisonburg, va. 
forrar, gerald w.; assistant professor of eng- 
lish; a.b. marietta college; m.o. university 
of Virginia; 209 port republic rood, harri- 
sonburg, vo. 
ferry, james f.; professor of biology; b.o. 
west Virginia wesleyan college; m.s. west 
Virginia university; ph.d, ohio state univer- 
sity; 231 Campbell street, harrisonburg, va. 
finlay, billie n,; assistant professor of library 
science; b,s. mississippi state college for 
women; m.a. louisiono state university; 24 
edge lawn drive, harrisonburg, vo,; advisor 
to percy h. warren senior women's honor 
fisher, dawn s.; assistant professor of mathe- 
matics; b.a. new york university; m.s. uni- 
versity of miami; 903 south high street, 
harrisonburg, vo. 
fisher, j. edwood; associate professor of biol- 
ogy; b.s. foirmont state college; m.s. miami 
university; ph.d. virginio polytechnic insti- 
tute; 332 south dogwood drive, harrison- 
burg, va. 
foley, lowrence m.; assistant professor of 
english; b.s. auburn university; m.a., ph.d. 
university of aiabama; 650 south mason 
St., horrisonburg, va. 
fox, bette d.; professor of political science; 
b.o. mother college; f.o. brown university; 
ph.d, western reserve university; 420 east- 
over dr., horrisonbury, vo.; advisor to percy 
h. warren senior women's honor society. 
fox, james w.; dean of student services; a.b., 
m,s., ed.d. Indiana university; 420 eastover 
drive, horrisonburg, va. 
fox, dovid e.; assistant provost; professor of 
education; b.s. state university of new 
york college at geneseo; m.a., ed.d. Colum- 
bia university; 1155 Westmoreland drive, 
harrisonburg, vo.; advisor to honor council; 
board of directors, wesley foundotion. 
frontz, mae m,; instructor of speech and 
drama; a.b. mississippi state college for 
women; m.a. university of mississippi; 391 
monticello avenue, harrisonburg, vo. 
fultz, mary Catherine; ossistont professor of 
english; b.o. bridgewater college; m.a. 
duke university, m.r.e, the biblical semi- 
nary in new york; ph.d. university of Vir- 
ginia; 1210 hillcrest drive, harrisonburg, 
funkhouser, mory; supervisor of nursery 
school, assistant instructor of education; 
b.a. ognes scott college; m.s. madison col- 
lege; 1077 south main street; harrisonburg, 
gorlick, richard d.; director of instructional 
medio, ossistont professor of education; 
b.o., m.a. michigan state university; 2010 
port republic road, harrisonburg, va.; pa- 
tron, sigma sipmo sigma. 
garrison, norman e.; ossistont professor of 
biology; b.s, mars hill college; m.o. woke 
forest university; 160 colonial drive, hor- 
risonburg, va. 
geil, lois e.; instructor of physical education; 
b.s, madison college; 820 spotswood drive, 
horrisonburg, vo.; odvisor to pegosus club. 
gerome, fronk a,; assistant professor of his- 
tory; b.o. ohio stote university; m.o., ph.d. 
kent state university; route 1, timberville, 
vo.; advisor to the sesame club. 
goff, henry m. jr.; director of the reading 
center; b.o, lynchburg college; m.ed, uni- 
versity of Virginia; d.o.g.s, university of 
va,; 131 Warsaw avenue; harrisonburg, va. 


gordoR/ John r.; ossistant professor of phy- 
sics; b.s. university of Virginia; m.ed. uni- 
versity of north Carolina; m.s. louisiano 
state university; 742 ott street, harrison- 
burg, va. 
gordon, margaret a.; assistant professor of 
biology; b.s. madison college; m.o. univer- 
sity of Virginia; 742 ott street; horrison- 
burg, va. 
graham, tony; assistant professor of educa- 
tion; a.b. Pembroke state university; m.o. 
east Carolina university; ed.d. university of 
olabamo; 235 hortman drive, harrisonburg, 
graves, robert a.; assistant professor of biol- 
ogy; b.s., m.s. madison college; route 3, 
Harrisonburg, va.; advisor to phi alpha pi 
green, waiter f., iii; college physician; b.s. Vir- 
ginia polytechnic institute; b.s. m.d. med- 
ical college of Virginia; 381 paul street, 
horrisonburg, va. 
griffin, robert d.; food service monoger; b.a. 
university of new Hampshire; box 311, 
dayton, va. 
grimm, james k.; professor of biology; b.s. 
conceord college; m.s., pH.d. university of 
tennessee; route 1, forest hills, Harrison- 
burg, va. 
grove, trances, assistant professor of art; b.s. 
madison college; m.a. Columbia teachers 
college; 272 grottan street, Harrisonburg, 
hall, arthur r.; professor of geography; b.a. 
m.a. university of Oklahoma; ph.d. duke 
university; 1439 valley street, Harrisonburg, 
hall, daniel r, a.; provost; b.a. wesleyan uni- 
versity; m.a., d.ed. Columbia university. 
hall, William o. jr.; director of the counseling 
center, associate professor of education 
and psychology; b.s. ohio university; m.a., 
ed.d. university of kentucky; post doctorate 
internship university of texas; 1265 hill- 
crest drive, Harrisonburg, va,; advisor to 
Sigma phi epsilon fraternity. 
hallman, dive r.; assistant professor of his- 
tory; a.b. berry college; m.a. appalachian 
state university; 212 governor's lane, Har- 
risonburg, va.; advisor to alpha phi omega. 
hallman, dovid a.; assistant professor of eng- 
lish; b.a. vanderbilt university; m.o. mem- 
phis state university; 1 1 7 cHnto street, 
Harrisonburg, va. 
hanson, joHn r.; professor of mathematics; 
a.b- Washington end lee university; m.s., 
ph.d. Virginia polytechnic institute; 202 
college circle, staunton, va.; sponsor of 
mathematics colloquium. 

harnsbcrger, wilbur t.; head, department of 
geology; b,a., m.s, university of Virginia; 
69 perry street, Harrisonburg, va. 

harris, bette I.; assistant professor of health 
and physical education; b.s. madison col- 
lege; m.a. sam Houston university; route 1, 
mt. crowford, va. 

hort, james j.; associate professor of psychol- 
ogy; b.a. western michigon university; m.a., 
ph.d. university of missouri; 75 hope street, 
Harrisonburg, va. 

haynes, jerry o.; professor of psychology; 
b,s., m.s. auburn university; ph.d. florida 
state university; 276 franklin street, Har- 
risonburg, va. 

heading, jock m,; assistant professor of bi- 
ology; b.s. Juniata college; m.s. Pennsyl- 
vania state university; box IBS-c, route 2, 
Harrisonburg, va. 

hceb, waiter, jr.; assistant professor of edu- 
cation; b.s,, m.a. east tennessee state uni- 
versity; 430 sunrise avenue, Harrisonburg, 

hcnderson, cory $.; associote professor of his- 
tory; b.a., m.a. university of florida; ph.d. 
duke university; 1240 south main street, 
Harrisonburg, va.; advisor to alpha gamma 

hicks, george raymond; associate professor of 
music; a.b., b.m. albion college; a.m. har- 
vard university; advisor to diapason club. 

hollingsworth, thereso m.; instructor of music; 
b.m., m.m. the university of tulsa, 130 
Campbell street, Harrisonburg, va,; advisor 
to phi mu fraternity and percy h. warren 
senior women's honor society. 

Hopkins, janet c; assistant professor of edu- 
cation; b.s. madison college; m.ed. univer- 
sity of Virginia; 975 south high street, 
Harrisonburg, va. 

horn, margaret f; assistant professor of 
health and physical education; a.a. towson 
state college; b.a. bridgewater college; m.s. 
madison college; 726 roosevelt street, Har- 
risonburg, va.; advisor to alpha gamma 
delta sorority; volleyball coach; archery 

horn, robert H.; director of student teaching; 
assistant professor of education; b.a, 
bridgewater college; m.ed. university of 
virginio; 726 roosevelt street, Harrisonburg, 

huntsingcr, phi I lip g,; assistant professor of 
health and physical education; b.s. friends 
university; m.a. Colorado state college; 
101 weaver avenue, Harrisonburg, va.; ad- 
visor to the junior class and baptist stu- 
dent union; baseball coach; assistant bas- 
ketball coach. 

ikenberry, j. emcrt; dean, school of naturol 
sciences; a.b. bridgewater college; m.a. 
ph.d. Cornell university; 310 west view 
street, Harrisonburg, va. 

ikenberry. katherine m.; assistant professor 
of english; b.a. bridgewater college; m.a. 
madison college; 310 west view street, Har- 
risonburg, va. 

ininger, Helen v.; assistant professor of music; 
a.b. Wilson college; m.m. eastman school of 
music; m.f university of michigon; l.r.a.m. 
royal academy of music, london; route 1, 
box 112; mcgaheysville, va.; odvisor to 
sigmo alpha iota and kappa pi. 

{ackson, mary o.; professor of History; b.s. 
modison college; m.s., ph.d. university of 
Virginia; mcgaheysville, va. 

jayncs, betty f.; instructor of Health and phy- 
sical education; b.s. woman's college of 
georgra; m.s. university of north Carolina 
at greensboro; 208 governor's lone, Har- 
risonburg, va. 

Jenkins, marie m.; professor of biology; a.b. 
phillips university; m.s. catholic university 
of america; ph.d, university of Oklahoma; 
route 1, box 113 hinton, va. 

joncs, William f.; associate professor of bi- 
ology; b.a. da vis and el kins college; m.s. 
madison college; ed.d, university of Vir- 
ginia; 725 south moin street, Harrisonburg, 
va,; odvisor to phi alpha pi fraternity. 

joniok, ondrcw j. jr.; assistant professor of 
psychology; b.a. kent state univresity; m.a. 
miomi university; 212 governor's lane, Har- 
risonburg, va. 

Joyce, george f.; assistant professor of edu- 
cation; b.s., m.s. state university of new 
york; 201 5 woodcrest circle, Harrisonburg, 
va.; advisor to student education associa- 

kidd, james e.; assistant professor of spe- 
cial educotion services; a.b. olivet college; 
m.o. marshal I university; 765 south dog- 
wood drive, Harrisonburg, va.; advisor to 
the council for exceptional children. 

kinchcloc, phillip I.; ossistant professor of 
business alministration; b.s. bridgewater 
college; m.b.a. american university; 80 
hope street, Harrisonburg, va. 

king, mary kathryn; assistant librarian; b.o., 
th.b. eostern mcnnonite college; m.s.l.s. 
drexel institute of technology; 978 college 
avenue, Harrisonburg, vo. 

kipps, paul h.; associate professor of eco- 
nomics; b.s., m,s. Virginia polytechnic in- 
stitute; ph.d. cornel! university; aroda, va. 


kurtz, s. James; assistant professor of music; 
b.a., m.a. new york university; 1195 West- 
moreland avenue, tiorrisonburg, va. 
lance, sally m.; ossistant professor of music; 
b.m. modison college; f,m. Indiana univer- 
sity; 60 broad street, harrisonburg, va.; 
advisor to sigma alpKia ioto music frater- 
landes, c. kenneth; assistant professor of ed- 
ucation; b,a. brrdgewater college; m.ed. 
university of Virginia; mt. Sidney, va.; 
sponsor to kappa delta pi. 
lozorack, marilyn c; assistant professor of 
mathematics; b.s., m.s. madison college; 
m,a. university of illinois; 328 fronklin 
street, harrisonburg, va.; advisor to the 
moth club. 
lehman, harold d.; professor of education; 
b.s. madison college; m.ed. Pennsylvania 
state university; ed.d. university of Vir- 
ginia; 1068 college avenue; harrisonburg, 
VQ.; odvisor to the "y". 
leigh, thomas w,; associate professor of eng- 
lish; o.b. hampden-sydney college; m.a. 
university of michigan; 1420 crawford ave- 
nue, harrisonburg, va, 
lepcra, terry a.; assistant professor of mathe- 
matics; b.a. texas western college; m.s. 
university of minnesota; 204 governor's 
lane, harrisonburg, va. 
linehon, dorothy c; assistant professor of 
home economics; rn., b.s, loretto heights 
college; m.s. Colorado state university; 930 
south dogwood drive, harrisonburg, vo. 
lipton, edward d.; associate professor of phy- 
sical and health education; b.s, cortland 
college; m.ed. university of arizona; ed.d. 
new york university; 65 east grattan 
street, harrisonburg, va.; director of men's 
intramurals; advisor to m.o.o., intramural 
council, and phi kappa beta social froter- 
lisle, robert; ossociate professor of lotin; o.b. 
harvord university; ph.d. Johns hopkins 
university; route 3, harrisonburg, va. 
liftle, betsy h.; assistant professor of mathe- 
matics; b.s. rodford college; m.a. wake for- 
est college; 722 south main street, harri- 
burg, va. 
locke, louis g.; dean, school of humonities, 
professor of english; o.b. bridgewoter col- 
lege; m,a. georae washinnt^n un"-Tsitv; 
a.m., ph.d. horvard university; 474 ott 
street, harrisonburg, vo. 
long, j. ward, assistant professor of health 
and physical education; b.a. bridgewoter 
college; m. a. Columbia university; 1 442 
Crawford avenue, harrisonburg, va.; coach 
men's varsity golf team. 
long, pauline c; registrar; b.s., m.o. modison 
college; 340 dixie avenue, harrisonburg, 

lyon, John t.; associate professor of music; 
b.s. university of new hampshire; m.o, Co- 
lumbia university; ph.d. indiano university; 
620 circle drive, harrisonburg, vo.; sponsor, 
chapter of music edictor's national confer- 

lyon, hormon; professor of education; b.s. 
buffalo state teachers college; m.ed. uni- 
versity of rochester; ed.d. pennsylvanio 
itote university; 83 laurel street, harrison- 
burg, vo. 

mace, olmon t.; head, department of eco- 
nomics ond business administration; b.s., 
m.s. purdue university; ph.d. george Wash- 
ington university; 216 governor's lane, 
harrisonburg, va,; advisor to the "y". 

mahlcr, ondrew john; professor of english; 
o.b. wogner college; m.a. Columbia univer- 
sity; ph.d. university of north corolino; 26 
ridgewood drive, Staunton, vo. 

mandcvillc, richord c; director of public relo- 
tions; b.o. university of michigan; 2010 
Windsor rood, oshby heights; advisor to the 

marsh oil, Caroline t,; ossociate professor of 
history; b,a. modison college; m.o. ph.d. 
university of Virginia; box 37, singers 
glen, vo.; odvisor of student government 
association and compus christian fellow- 

marshall, Clifford t.; associate professor of 
music; b.m. eastmon college; m.m. Sher- 
wood college; 1210 hillcrest drive, horri- 
sonburg, vo.; conductor of orchestra. 

moson, zulo h.; ossistant professor of library 
science, reginol director of bureau of 
teoching materiols; b.o. blue mountain col- 
lege; m.o. oppolochoin state university; 
220 Ohio avenue, horrisonburg, va.; odvisor 
to alpha beta alpha. 

mcclung, James w. ii; ossistont professor of 
english; b.o. Washington and lee university; 
m.o. tulane university; route 1, broodwoy, 
vo.; odvisor to the criterion club; secretory- 
treosurer, modison chapter o.o.u.p. 

mccov, p'oine m.; instructor of home eco- 
nomics; b.s. university of southwestern lou- 
isiona; m.s. university of olobama; 1 17 
new york avenue, harrisonburg, vo.; phi 
omicron tau. 

mccrcady, forrest e. jr.; lecturer in sociology; 
bo, shorter college; route 3, horrisonburg, 

mcfarlond, daniel m.; professor of history; 
o.b, university of north Carolina; m.a., 
ph.d, university of pennsylvanio; 680 south 
moson street; sponsor of young republi- 
cons; odvisor to the secretory of pi gommo 
mu social science honor society. 

mcmurray, williom; professor of english; b.o. 
middlebury college; m,a. university of illi- 

nois; ph.d. university of new mexico; .641 
ott street, horrisonburg, vo. 

mcnolHc, robin; ossistont professor of eng- 
lish; b.a. St. lowrence university; m.o. 
Princeton university; route 3, box 51-d, 
harrisonburg, vo. 

mcchtcnsimcr, vernon c; ossistont prifessor 
of politicol science; o.b. wittenberg univer- 
sity; m.o. omcricon university; 478 cardinal 
drive, harrisonburg, vo.; odvisor to pi 
gommo mu ond model united nations se- 
curity council. 

mecks, lydia p.; assistant professor of educa- 
tion, supervisor of fifth grade; a.b. east 
corolino university; m.o. columbio univer- 
sity; 45 foirview avenue, horrisonburg, vo. 

mcycrs, Siegfried s.; professor of physics; 
b.s., m.o., ph.d. new york university; 730 
ott street, harrisonburg, vo. 

miller, eorlynn j.; associate professor of phy- 
sical education; b.s, illinois stote univer- 
sity; m.f.a., ed.d. the university of north 
corolino at greensboro; 85 pleasant hill 
rood, harrisonburg, vo.; odvisor to the 
modison college dance theatre. 

miller, g. tyler, president of the college; b.s. 
Virginia military institute; II. d. bridge- 
woter college "hillcrest", madison college, 
harrisonburg, vo. 

miller, kevin g., ossistant professor of busi- 
ness administrotion; b.s., m.s. modison col- 
lege; mcgoheysville, vo. 

mills, noomi louise; assistant professor of 
health ond physical education; b.o., n.s. 
orizona stote university; route 1, box 131, 
penn loird, vo.; coach, women's tennis 
teom; odvisor to the fencing club. 

moorc, helen b.; assistant professor of psy- 
chology; b.o. manchester college; m.a. 
madison college, route 2, doyton, vo. 

moore, h. kent; ossistant professor of phy- 
sics; b,s. manchester college; ed.m. har- 
vard university; m.s. the ohio state uni- 
versity; route 2, doyton, vo. 

morlcy-mowcr, geoffrey f.; assistant profes- 
sor of english; b.o. london university; 
m.o. catholic university; 25 hope street, 
horrisonburg, va.; advisor to criterion club. 

morris, robert c; ossistont professor of speech 
pathology and oudiology; b.s., m.ed. uni- 
versity of Virginia, 165 new york avenue, 
horrisonburg, vo. 

morrison, I. leotus; professor of health ond 
physical education; b.s. georgio stote col- 
lege for women; m.o. george peabody col- 
lege for teochers, p.e.d. indiono university; 
428 cardinal drive, harrisonburg, va.; ad- 
visor to olpho sigmo tou sorority; coach 
women's field hockey teom, 

moulton, eugene r.; head, department of 
speech and drama, professor of speech 
and drama; b.a., m.o., ph.d. western re- 


serve university; 550 south mason street, 
harrisonburg, va.; director of debate so- 
ciety; general manager of wmra radio sta- 
muifenex, jomes I.; associate professor of 
mathematics; b.s. madison college; m.a. 
louisiona state university; ed. d. university 
of Virginia; 923 summit avenue, harrison- 
burg, va. 
mundy, John p.; head, department of psy- 
chology; b.a. bridgewater college; m.a. 
university of Virginia; ph.d. george Wash- 
ington university; route 6, box 1 84-a, har- 
risonburg, vo.; advisor to newmon club. 
myers, henry o.; associate professor of po- 
litical science and history; b.a. swarth- 
more college; m.a. boston university; ph.d. 
brandeis university; post-doctoral studies 
at the university of Vienna; 750 south high 
street, harrisonburg, va. 

myers, jane w.; assistant professor of health 
and physical education; b.s., m.s. madison 
college; 551 ott street, harrisonburg, va.; 
sponsor of porpoise club; advisor to sigma 
sigmo sigmo sorority, 

napp/ rolph von t.; associate professor of so- 
ciology; b.a. university of alabama; m.p.h. 
(equivalent) university of munich; m.ed., 
ed.d. duke university; post doctoral work 
at the university of konstanz, 2008 Wind- 
sor road, harrisonburg, Pa. 

neatrour, chorles r.; associate professor of 
mathematics educotion; b.s. university of 
richmond; m.s. madison college; m.a. lou- 
isiana stote university; ed.d. indi ana uni- 
versity; 1440 valley street, harrisonburg, 

neatrour, etizobeth; assistant professor of 
russian and french; b.a. mary Washington 
college; m.o. madison college; 1440 valley 
street, harrisonburg, va. 

o'donnell, mortha; assistant instructor of 
health and physicol education; b.s. long- 
wood college; route I, harrisonburg, va. 

o'hare, nancy k.; assistant professor of edu- 
cation; a,b. seton hall college; m.ed. uni- 
versity of Pittsburgh; 520 robin street, 
Staunton, va.; director, speech and hearing 

ohisson, gordon I.; heod, department of 
music, b.a., b.m. bastings college; m.a., 
ed.d. Columbia university; 270 newman 
avenue, harrisonburg, vo.; sponsor, phi mu 
aipho sinfonia. 

olivas, gloria; lecturer in economics; b.s., 
b.a. university of the Philippines; m.s. uni- 
versity of Wisconsin. 

olivos, romeo a.; associate professor of psy- 
chology; b.a., m.a. Philippine christian 
college; ph.d. northwestern university. 

Oliver, pomelo s.; instructor of physical edu- 
cation; b.s. eastern kentucky university; 
m.s. the university of tennessee; 512 south 
main street; harrisonburg, vo.; advisor to 

fKilmer, forrest c; librarian and heod, de- 
partment of library science; b.a. Valpara- 
iso university; b.s., m.s. george peobody 
college; 60 east weaver avenue, harrison- 
burg, vo.; sponsor of the sophomore class 
and alpha beta alpha; president of the 
Virginia library association. 

palocsay, frank a.; assistant professor of 
chemistry; b.s. ohio university; ph.d. uni- 
versity of orizono; 1039 chestnut drive, 
harrisonburg, va.; advisor to tau kappa 
epsilon social fraternity. 

patierson, Constance b.; instructor of physi- 
cal education; b.a. flora stone mother col- 
lege; m.a. western reserve university; route 
1, box 154-b, penn laird, va. 

potterson, herbert t. iii; assistont professor 
of speech and drama; b.a. hirman college; 
m.a. western reserve university; route 1 , 
box 154-b, penn laird, va. 

Patterson, robert e.; professor of speech and 
drama; a.b. muskinghom college; b.s., m.a., 
ph.d. the ph.d. the ohio state university; 
1195 Westmoreland drive, harrisonburg, va. 

paul, John a.; ossistont professor of political 
science; a.b., 1 1 .b. Washington and lee 
university; 504 south mason street, har- 
risonburg, va.; pi gamma mu; advisor to 
young republicans, tau kappa epsilon so- 
cial fraternity and s.g.a. judiciary council. 

perkins, morion I.; professor of music; b.a., 
m.a. university of minnesota; ph.d. univer- 
sity of southern californio; 66 hope street, 
horrisonburg, va. 

pertman, milton; assistont professorof french 
and latin; b.a. st. John's college; m.a.t. 
university of Virginia; 2710 south main 
street, horrisonburg, vo.; advisor to le 
cercle froncais; phi sigmo ioto; vice-presi- 
dent, madison chapter a.a.u.p. 

petersheim, John r.; assistant professor of 
education, supervisor of sixth grade; b.s. 
eastern mennonite college; m.s. madison 
college; route 6, box 161, harrisonburg, va. 

phillips, odolph h.; business manager; b.s. 
university of maryland, 1161 Westmoreland 
drive, harrisonburg, va. 

poindexter, james e.; heod, department of 
english, professor of english; a.b. north 
Carolina university; m.a. emory university; 
ph.d. north Carolina university; box 1 9;, 
route 1 , mt. Crawford, va. 

price, richard b.; assistant professor of eng- 
lish; b.a,, m.a. the Johns hopkins univer- 

sity; m.a. the university of Virginia; ad- 
visor to criterion club. 
quinn, borbara a.; assistant professor of 
health and physical education; b.s. ur- 
sinus college; m.a. trenton state college; 
714 old furnace rood, horrisonburg, va.; 
coach of women's basketball and lacrosse 
rader, John w.; assistant professor of health 
and physical education, director of ath- 
letics; b.a. bridgewater college; m.s. uni- 
versity of illinois, m.s. university of Ore- 
gon; 1134 waterman drive, harrisonburg, 
burg, vo.; coach, soccer and tennis teams, 
advisor to the "y"- 
rauch, margarete w.; heod, department of 
foreign languages; b.a., ma., ph.d. univer- 
sity of leipzig, germany; 116 port republic 
road, harrisonburg, vo. 
raynes, dorothy c; assistant professor of 
education; supervisor of theird grade; b.s., 
m.a. madison college; route 1 , box 1606, 
mcgaheysville, vo. 
reehe, angela s.; assistant professor of educa- 
tion; b.s. paterson state teachers college; 
m.ed. university of Virginia; 25 fairview 
avenue, harrisonburg, va.; advisor to the 
canterbury club. 
reubush, fay j.; dean of women, associate 
professor of guidance; b.a. bridgewater 
college; m.ed., ed.d, university of Virginia; 
penn loird, va.; advisor to the student 
government association and the senior 
richardson, charles a.; director, computer ser- 
vices; a.o. Vermont junior college; b.s. 
boston university; 1 450 bluestone street, 
harrisonburg, pa. 
riddle, felsie k.; assistant professor of li- 
brary science; a.b. guilford college; b.a. 
university of north Carolina; 967 south 
main street, horisonburg, va.; alpha beta 
rogers, ethrich h. jr.; instructor of english; 
b.a., m.a. texas technological college, 
route 3, cedor lone, horrisonburg, vo. 
roller, lawrence w.; assistant professor of ed- 
ucotion; b.s., m.ed. Springfield college; 
route 1, box 385, dayton, va. 
rowc, dorothy m.; head, department of home 
economics, professor of home economics; 
b.s. madison college; m.s., ph.d. ohio state 
university; 113 west view street, bridge- 
water, va.; odvisor to phi omicron tau and 
the home economics student-faculty coun- 
rucker, ruth; assistant professor of business 
education; b.s., m.a. university of mis- 
souri; 967 south moin street, horrisonburg, 
va.; advisor to phi beta lambdo; a.a.u.p., 
pi omega pi. 
rush, grant; director, field services and 
placement., professor of education; b.a. 
bridgewater college; m.ed., ed.d. university 
of Virginia; 654 walnut lane, harrisonburg, 
vo.; sponsor of young republicans and 
young americans for freedom. 
sonders, william m.; heod, department of 
mathematics, professor of mothemotics; 
b.s. state college of arkansos; m.a. univer- 
sity of arkansas; ph.d. university of illinois; 
305 north high street, harrisonburg, va. 
sawhill, bcssie r.; professor of english; a.b. 
olivet college; a.m. university of Wisconsin; 
ph.d. the Johns hopkins university; 244 
monument avenue, harrisonburg, va.; ad- 
visor to sigmo phi lambda scholostic honor 
schell, mary I,; ossistont professor of health 
and physical education; b.a. catawbo col- 
lege; m.a. george peobody college; 652 
walnut lane, harrisonburg, va. 
seherwitzky, marjorie, professor of educa- 
tion; b.s. teochers college of Connecticut; 
m.a., ed.d. Columbia university; route I, 
box 33, harrisonburg, va. 
Schneider, edythe; associate professor of 
music; b.m. Chicago conservatory; grad- 
uate study with frank loforge and coen- 
rod bos at julliard school of music; 65 
compbell court, harrisonburg, va.; advisor 
to sigmo alpha iota women's music fra- 
seese, lymon g.; treasurer; b.a. bridgewater 

college; keezletown, vo. 
shafer, elizabeth g.; asso ciate professor of 
educotion; b.a., m.s., ph.d. florido stote 
university ; 183 colonial drive, harrison- 
burg, va.; advisor to honor council, modi- 
son "y", and kappa delta sorority. 
showolter, c. robert; college psychiatrist; m.d. 
university of Virginia; 560 ott street, har- 
risonburg, va. 
showolter, leta c; assistant librarion; b.a. 
bridgewoter college; b.s. Columbia univer- 
sity; 160 east mosby road, harrisonburg, 
showolter, marlene c; instructor of mathe- 
matics; b.a. eostern mennonite college; 
m.s. madison college; box 335, broodway, 
sieg, mortha d.; assistant professor of home 
economics; bo. wittenberg university; m,s, 
university of tennessee; 48 moplehurst, 
harrisonburg, va.; advisor to fronces sale 
home economics club. 
silver, beverly; assistant professor of biology; 
b.s. madison college; m.s. louisiona state 
university; 193-a coloniol Irive, harrison- 
burg, va. 

Simmons, raymond o.; professor of chemistry; 
b.s., m.s., ph.d. .purdue university; singers 
glen, vo.; odvisor to the madison "y". 

smith, etmer 1.; professor of sociology; b.s. 
florido southern college; m.o. western re- 
serve university; Syracuse university. 

smith, John e.; director of housing; b.s. mad- 
ison college; 208 governor's lone, harrison- 
burg, va. 

sonner, ray; executive assistant to the presi- 
dent; b.o. lynchburg college; m.ed. univer- 
sity of Virginia; 320 dixie avenue, harri- 
sonburg, vo.; advisor to zeto tau alpha 
social sorority; sponsor of math club. 

stoib, jon a.; ossistont professor of physics; 
b.s. university of toledo; m.s. case institute 
of technology; ph.d. cose western reserve 
university; 130 pleasant hill road, harri- 
sonburg, va. 

steaegall, poul h. jr.; associate professor of 
business education; b.s., m.ed. Virginia 
polytechnic institute; phd. ohio stote uni- 
versity; 193 colonial drive, horrisonburg, 
vo.; sfjonsor to phi beta lambda. 

stewort, John g.; associate professor of for- 
eign language; b.a. college of the [xicific; 
m.a. Columbia university; 42 fry avenue; 
horrisonburg, va.; corresponding secretary 
of phi sigma iota foreign language honor 

stone, borbara n.; associate professor of so- 
ciology; a.b. george Washington university; 
m.o. university of tennessee; ed.d. boston 

strough, mary p.; ossistont professor of 
health education; r.n. stuart circle school 
of nursing; b.s. richmond professional in- 
stitute; 1443 hillside avenue, horrisonburg, 

swccker, elizabeth h.; assistant registrar; b.s., 
m.s. madison college; 43 frye avenue, har- 
risonburg, va. 

szmogai, kenneth; instructor of art; b.f.a. 
wayne state university; m.o, university of 
iowa; route 4, harrisonburg, va. 

taylor, gerold r. jr.; associate professor of 
physics; b.s., m.s. Virginia polytechnic in- 
stitute; ph.d. university of Virginia; 1 450 
valley street, harrisonburg, vo. 

tefi, carol; assistont professor of music; b.m., 
m.m. university of michigon; 261 gratton 
street, harrisonburg, vo,; co-sponsor of 
madison chapter of americon guild of or- 

thcodorc, crystal, professor of ort; a.b. win- 
throp college; m.o., ed.d. Columbia univer- 
sity; box 327 modison college, harrison- 
burg, vo. 

trelwany, gilbert s.; professor of biology; b.s. 
delowore valley college; m.s., ph.d. lehigh 
university; 85 emery street, horrisonburg, 

trcnt, rosolind I.; ossistont professor of eng- 
lish; a.b. university of north Carolina at 
greensboro; m.a. duke university; 473 
south mason street, harrisonburg, vo.; 
president, modison chapter o.o.u.p. 

turner, franc is e.; assistont director of ad- 
missions and student aid; b.m. in ed. 
madison college; m.ed. university of Vir- 
ginia; 815 elmwood drive, harrisonburg, 

twymon, miley w.; instructor of mothemotics; 
b.s. western kentucky university; m.a.t. 
university of north corolino at chapel 
hill; 1224 reservoir street, harrisonburg, vo. 

tyncs, lorry t.; assistant professor of music; 
b.a. millsops college; m.o. george peobody 
college; 1419 bluestone street, harrison- 
burg, vo. 

wade, ben f.; ossociote professor of philos- 
ophy ond biblicol literature; b.a. bridge- 
water college; b.d. united theologicol sem- 
inary; s.t.m. boston university; m.s. Co- 
lumbia university; ph.d. hortford seminary 
foundotion; 205 dinkel avenue, bridge- 
water, vo.; member, board of directors, 
westey foundation. 

Wagner, gene s.; director of building and 
grounds; b.s virginio polytechnic institute; 
penn laird, vo. 

wahlstrom, billie Joyce; instructor of english; 
b.a., m.a. university of michigon; 91 
pleosont hill read, harrisonburg, vo. 

wall, mary June; assistant professor of po- 
liticol science; b.o., b.s. rodford college; 
m.a. Johns hopkins university; 216 gov- 
ernor's lone, harrisonburg, va. 

walsh, William o.; assistont professor of busi- 
ness education; b.s. southwest missouri 
state college; m.s. kansas state teachers 
college; route 4, harrisonburg, va.; sponsor 
of pi omega pi. 
wamplcr, morguerite I.; assistont professor of 
education, supervisor of fourth grode; b.s., 
m.s. modison college, route 3, box 27, 
broodwoy, vo.; sponsor of kapfxj delta. 
wotkins, dovid a.; assistant professor of 
music;, b.m., m.o. ohio state univer- 
sity; 1 93 colonial drive, harrisonburg, va. 
wotkins, evelyn; ossistont professor of edu- 
cation, supervisor of first grade; o,b. mis- 
sissippi state college for women; m.o. 
Columbia university, 1023 south dogwood 
drive, harrisonburg, vo. 
watkins, lowell m.; ossistont professor of 
music; b.s. west Chester stote college; 
m.o. Columbia university; 1025 toppin 
boulevard, harrisonburg, vo. 


wells/ John c; head, department of physics, 
professor of physics; a.b. Colgate univer- 
sity; m.a., ed.d. Columbia university; 125 
port road, harrisonburg, va. 
wigley/ elsie h.; assistant professor of edu- 
cation, supervisor of kindergarten; b.s. 
ithica college; m.a. Columbia university; 
1023 south dogwood drive, harrisonburg, 
whitmer, herbert b. jr.; assistant professor 
of sociology; b.a. bridgewater college; m.s. 
richmond professional institute; route 1, 
mt. Crawford, va. 

wiesener, leon d.; assistant professor of art; 
b.a., m.f.a. florida state university; 548 
east wolfe street, harrisonburg, va.; pho- 
tographer, bluestone. 

wilhelm, howard m.; assistant professor of 
economics; b.a. university of Virginia; m.a. 
madison college; 813 cherry hill drive, 
Staunton, va.; pi gamma mu. 

wilkins, ruth j.; associate professor of eng- 
lish; a.b., ed.m. college of williom and 
mary; m.a. university of richmond; lin- 
colyn-pennypacker house. 

Wilson, betty j.; assistant professor of edu- 
cotion, supervisor of special education; 
b.s. richmond professional institute; m.s. 
madison college; box 56, new market, va.; 
council for exceptionol children. 

winn, Columbia; ossociote professor of psy- 
chology; a.b. university of Colorado; m.a. 
university of Chicago; 51 maptehurst ave- 
nue, harrisonburg, va. 

winstead, janet; assistant professor of biolo- 
gy; b.s. midwestern university; m.s. ohio 
university; 242 contrell avenue, harrison- 
burg, va. 

wood, John e.; associate professor of history; 
b.a. university of Virginia; m.a., ph.d. tu- 
tane university; 52 weaver avenue, harri- 
sonburg, va. 

wszoick, Joyce s.; assistant professor of eng- 
lish; b. a. westhampton college; a.m. rad- 
cliffe college; 212 governor's lane, harri- 
sonburg, va. 

Zeiss, todd r.; assistant professor of english; 
b.a. lawrence university; m.o. university of 
Virginia; m.f.a. university of iowa; 215 
Campbell street, harrisonburg, va.; advisor 
to the chrysalis. 

ziegenfus, charles w. s.; assistant professor 
of mathematics; b.s. moravion college; 
m.a. university of- Kansas, 332 franklin 
street, harrisonburg, va.; sponsor of mad- 
ison "y"- 

zirkle, waiter m. jr.; college physician; b.s. 
randolph macon college; m.d. medical c^\- 
lege of virginio; 43 maplehurst avenue, 
harrisonburg, va. 

senior directory 

absher, linda a.; b.s. history; ywca; wesley; 
cotillion club; freshman counselor; s.e.a. 

ackerty, margaret h.; b.a. history; ywca; 

adorns, teresa d.; elementary education; 

odktns, susan I.; b.a. english; porpoise ctub. 

akers, wanda j.; b.s. home economics; wes- 
ley; trances sale, vice-president; dorm 

albright, sarah f.; b.s. elementary education; 
mixed ensemble; sigma phi lambda; s.e.a.; 
kappa delta pi. 

agner, Thomas r.; b.s. special education. 

otexonder, deborah j.; b.s. english. 

ollcroft, corole j.; b.a. psychology; dorm 
council; fencing club; phi mu. 

alien, marcia m.; b.s. library science; ywca. 

olmorode, leroy h.; b.s. mathematics; var- 
sity basketball; president phi kappa beta. 

anderson, lauren a.; b.s. biology; wesley, sec- 
retary; dorm president; s.e.a.; young re- 
publican, secretary; judicial advisor. 

angle, susan e.; b.s. business education; sga; 
ywca; may day attendant; zeta tau alpha; 
president; miss glamour. 

appling, carol j.; b.s. social science; ywca; 
newman club; bluestone; phi mu; student 
counselor; s.e.a.; young republicans; pi 
gammo mu. 

armentrout, kitty i.; b.m.ed. music educa- 
tion; sigmo alpha iota; sigma phi lambda; 
band; orchestra. 

armstrong, linda c: b.s, elementary educa- 
tion; dorm officer; bluestone; sigma sigam 
sigma; s.e.a.; alpha beta alpha. 

atkins, betsy c; b.s. elementary education; 
german club; sigma phi lambda; alpha 
beta alpha; kappa delto pi; sigma sigma 
sigma; standards committee. 

atkins, linda j.; b.s. elementary education; 
newman club; s.e.a.; ywca; young republi- 
cans; sigma kappa; student advisor; har- 
vest festival princess. 

oudley, noel m.; b.s, business; newman club, 

back, bonnie k.; b.s. history; freshmon ad- 
visor; sigma kappa, second vice-president, 

baifey, Joyce a.; b.s. english; ywca. 


boll, audrey I.; b.s. special education; sigmo 
phi lambda; council for exceptional chil- 
dren; kappa delta pi. 
bother, marilyn g.; b.a. secondary education; 
student faculty relations; elections com- 
mittee; dorm officer; judicial representa- 

barberry, nancy i.; b.s. history; young demo- 
crats; Wesley math club; ywca; social sci- 
ence club. 

borr, borbara j.; b.s. elementory education; 
dorm officer. 

bartley, milton g.; b.s. elementary education; 
sigma delta rho; basketball; sgo, president; 
maa, president; golf team. 

bour, Catherine m.; b.s. history; ywca; s.e.a.; 
alpha gamma delta. 

bouserman, charles m.; b.s. history; history 

baxfer, anne c; b.s. medical technology; 
swim team. 

bear, Judith e.; b.s. elementary education; 
kappa delta. 

bedoio, sotiria; b.s. home economics; frances 

bedndrick, margaret a.; b.s. social science. 

bell, barbara a.; b.a. english! ywca, historian- 
reporter and president; newman club; stu- 
dent counselor; sigma phi lambda. 

bell, barbara a.; b.a. english; ywca, historian- 
cotton; ywca. 

bennett, claudia c; b.s. special education; 
student counselor; alpha sigma alpha; judi- 
cial vice-president; who's who. 

beverage, marietta; b.s. biology; kappa delta 
pi; sigma phi lambda. 

biller, dianne k.; b.s. home economics; frances 

billingsley, mory s.; b.Q. history; ywca; young 
democrats; pi gamma mu; golf team. 

birch, donalyn f.; b.s. physical education; 
mercury club; student counselor; intramural 
basketball; alpha gamma delta. 

btrkhead, rose marie; b.a. elementary educa- 

bivins, margoret c; b.a. history; ywca. 

blot, bernice o. ; b.s. elementary education. 

boaz, jane m.; b.s. math; math club; ywca; 
junior counselor. 

bohning, phyllis s.; b.s. home economics; 
stone staff; frances sole; alpha sigma tau. 

boland, marie e.; b.a. english; sigma phi 
lambda; Stratford players; kappa delta pi; 
chrysalis, prose editor. 

boone, kathleen m.; b.s. geology; geological 
association, secretary. 

booker, nancy 1.; b.a. psychology; newman 
club; Spanish club; sigma phi lambda. 

booth, linda a.; b.m.ed. music educotion; al- 
pha sigma alpha, 

bordanaro, iris t.; b.s. biology. 

bornhoft, melody a.; b.s. physical education; 

elections committee; ywca; hockey team; 

basketball team; honor council; mercury 
club; lacrosse team. 
botts, leslie a.; b.s. elementory education. 
bowen, nancy a.; b.s. elementary education; 

sigma phi lambda; ywca representative; 

student counselor; social sciesce club; junior 

class historian; blucstonc; kappa delta pi; 

percy h. warren honor society; sga, senate; 

alpha sigma alpha, first vice-president; 

who's who. 
bowman, lowrence a.; b.s. psychology. 
boycrs, peggy lou; b.s. business education. 
bradlcy, bonnie beo; b.s. elementory educa- 
tion; transfer student. 
brandy, john I.; b.a. english. 
branum, john I.; b.a. english. 
broun, marie t,; b.a. library science; newman 

club; alpha beta alpha. 
bray, (xitricia e.; b.s. home economics; 

frances sole, 
britton, susan m.; b.s. elementary education. 
brooks, page I. b.a. political science; dorm 

president; judicial representative; student 

advisor; junior morsholl; sga representative; 

alpha sigma alpha, treasurer. 
brooks, Sandra I.; b.s. physical education; 

ywca; woo; mercury club; young democrats, 
brown, cheryl I.; b.m.ed. music, voice; sigma 

alpha iota; ywca; chorals; concert choir; 

phi mu; modison singers; freshmon coun- 
brown, linda v.; b.s. elementary educotion; 

Wesley; Spanish club; newmon club; zeta 

tau alpha. 
browning, pomelo a.; b.s. business education; 

ywca; pi omega pi, secretary. 
browning, pomelo a.; b.s. business education; 

ywca; pi omega pi, secretary. 
bullord, kathleen; b.s. education. 
bullock, linda I.; b.m.ed. music education; 

sigma phi lambdo; bond; sigma alpha iota; 

kappa delta pi, secretary; phi mu. 
buorq, susan I.; b.s. elementary education; 

ywca; young republicons; math club; zeta 

tau alpha. 
burgess, jonet I.; b.s. home economics; mer- 
cury club; orchesis; 4-h alumni, president; 

frances sole; student counselor; phi omi- 

cron tau; wesley; s.e.a. 
burke, carol h.; b.s. elementary education; 

ywca; bluestone, editor; percy h. warren 

honor society; who's who; phi mu; s.e.a.; 

kappa delta pi; outstanding senior. 
burktiolder, sue m.; b.s. physicol education; 

bussey, marilyn e.; b.s. physical education; 

mercury club; bowling club; basketball 

team; tennis team; dorm officer. 
codmus, Shirley e,; b.a. Spanish; Spanish 

club; bowling club. 


coppcto, mi chad a.; b.a. biology; breeze; 
Sigma phi epsilon, president; s.g.o,, presi- 
dent; outstanding senior. 
Campbell, connie r.; b.s. special education; 

corbaugh, wayne w.; business admini- 
stration; tau kappa epsilon. 
carpenter, phyllis g.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; ywca; w.o.o; s.e.a. 
corr, mondy j.; b.m.ed. music; sigma odpho 
iota; newmon club; choral ensemble; alpha 
sigma alpha. 
carter, gloria a.; b.a. french, political science; 
ywco; young democrats; kappa delta; phi 
gamma mu. 
carter, linda m,; b.a, english; sigma phi 
lambda; standards committee; blucstonc; 
koppo delta pi; zeta tou alpha, 
cose, priscilla w.; elementary education; pi 

gamma mu. 
eossado, nancy I,; b.s. elementary education; 

cholkcr, soundra I.; b.s. history; dorm officer; 
elections committee; panhellenic represen- 
tative; judicial advisor; zeta tau alpha, 
choppjc, bonnie a.; b.s. art; koppo pi; south- 
eastern college arts conference. 
charnock, ellen e.; b.s. business; newman 

christian, sue e.; b.m.ed. music; sigma alpha 

iota; modison singers; concert choir. 
cimburkc, sandro k.; b.s. physical education; 

alpha gam mo delta, 
dork, donna j.; b.s. math; sga representa- 
tive; moth club; s.e.a., secretary. 
dork, morgie e.; b.a. english. 
clegg, barbara a.; b.a. library science; pan- 
hellenic council; alpha beta alpha; student 
advisor; sigma koppKi, corresponding secre- 
elements, myra e.; b.s. chemistry; breeze; 
ywco; junior elections committee; blue- 
colby, kimberly d.; b.s. physical education, 
combs, gail s.; b.s. english. 
cook, Carolyn I.; b.s. physical education; mer- 
cury club; woo; alpha sigma alpha, second 
coolbaugh, cynthia I.; b.s. psychology; s.g.o., 
legislative vice-president; alpha sigma al- 
pha; who's who; outstanding senior. 
cooper, Judith r.; b.a. moth; wesley; ywca; 

moth club, koppo delta pt. 
Cornwall, barbara a.; b.a. english; judicial 

corso, lucindo a.; b.s. early childhood educa- 
tion; alpha sigma alpha. 
cosby, pomelo lee; b.a. art; chrysalis, edi- 
tor; dorm president; criterion club; sigma 
sigma sigma. 
cox, elizabeth a.; b.m.ed. music. 
crickard, sally I.; b.s. physical education; ten- 
nis team; mercury club; woo; porliomen- 
torion; sophomore class; honor council, 
vice-president; alpha sigma tou. 
crider, liso e.; b.s. eiementary education; ten- 
nis team; mercury club; waa; republican 
club; student activities committee, chair- 
man; student counselor; alpha gamma 
crim, elizabeth a.; b.s. home economics; 
ywca; frances sole; german club; pht mu. 
crismond, dianne c; b.s. math; math club; 

ywco; bsu. 
cross, carol a.; b.s. art; bsu; ywca; kappa pi. 
croy, linda I.; b.s. elementary education; stu- 
dent counselor. 
cullop, Shirley j.; b.s. Iiistory; sigma phi 
lambda; young democrats; s.e.a.; kappa 
delta pi; pi gamma mu. 
curry, linda I.; b.s. elementary education; 

alpha gamma delta. 
Curtis, dorothy e.; b.s. elementary education; 

chorus ywco; porpoise club; phi mu. 
dalbow, lindo j.; b.s. elementary education; 

n.e.a.; sesame club. 
darcus, sheary a.; b.a. library science; con- 
cert choir; ywco cabinet; freshman coun- 
selor; alpha beta alpha, 
davidson, alma m.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; ywco. 
davis, bettie a.; b.s. pre-med.; ywco; wesley; 

big weekend committee, 
davis, jean j.; D.a.; phi sigma iota; 
french club; sigma phi lambda; koppo 
delta pi. 
davis, lindo f.; b.s. social work. 
dawson, onn; b.s. math; social committee 

moth club; alpha sigma tau, treasurer, 
dean, deboroh a.; b.s. business. 
defillipo, Sharon a.; b.a. Spanish; Spanish 
club; ywca; phi mu; panhellenic represen- 
deisher, fronkie c; b.s. elementary education; 
ywco; sigma phi lambda; sigma alpha iota; 
concert choir. 
dentoon, terry a.; b.s. moth; recreotton coun- 
cil; math club; kappa delto pi; sigma phi 
depriest, mortha m.; b.a. history. 
dickerson, brenda s.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; sigma kappa. 
dickerson, deboroh 1.; b.s. home economics; 

frances sale; wesley; koppo delta. 
dixon, linda 1.; b.a. english. 
doerflein, donna d.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; alpha sigma alpha; s.e.a. 
dominquez, moria s.; b.a. Spanish; Spanish 
club, criterion club. 


dove, Sharon e.; b.s, m.ed.; secretary of con- 
cert choir. . 
drescher, keith d.; b.s. biology; chaplain, tou 

kappa epsilon; resident advisor. 
dudley, helen a.; b.s. biology. 
eostep, barbora a.; b.o. library science; vice- 
president, alpha beta alpha; young repub- 
licans; s.e.a.; pi gamma mu. 
caton, jaynine a.; b.s. home economics; par- 
liamentarian, senior class; zeta tou alpha; 
f ranees sales home economics club; phi 
omicron tau; senior representative, student 
faculty home economics committee; out- 
standing senior. 
edwords, betty b.; b.s. history; chaplain of 

alpha gamma delta. 
cdwards, ethel a.; library science. 
click, lauranna I.; b.a. english. 
english, frank e.; b.a. english; president, phi 

alphi pi; outstanding senior. 
ennis, dorothy s.; b.s. elementary education. 
erdman, richard c; b.s. political science. 
ericson, bonnie r.; b. s. accounting. 
erwin, linda b.; music, bassoon. 
eubonk, pomelo w.; b.s. special education; 
alpha gamma delta; council for excep- 
tional children. 
craun, lois e.; b.a. english; zeta tau alpha. 
evans, nancy m.; b.s. business administra- 
tion, kappa delta; phi omega pi honor fra- 
faidley, martha I.; b.s. home economics; pub- 
lic relations chairman for sigma sigma 
foriss, Julia I.; english. 
farmer, iris v.; b.a. political science; sigma 

sigma sigma. 
faulefte, sheryn d.; b.s. home economics. 
feagons, linda k.; b.s. home economics; phi 
omicron tau; home economics honor soci- 
ety; vice-president, alpha gamma delta. 
fisher, Constance s.; b.s. chemistry; presi- 
dent, honor council; sigma phi lambda; 
alpha sigma alpha, percy h. warren honor 
fisher, cynthio s.; b.s. elementary education. 
fitzgerald, rebecca j:; b.a. social science & 

history; wesley foundation. 
ficfcher, borbara a.; b.a. english. 
fling, gloria m.; bachelor of music education; 
modison college chorale; menc; sigma al- 
pha iota, sigma phi lambda. 
flora, michelle e.; b.s. elementary education 
& library science; alpha sigma olpha, 
corresponding secretory; senior class treas- 
urer; alpha beta alpha; student education 
floyd, mary anne; b.s. moth; phi mu, assis- 
tant social chairman; math club, treasurer. 
flynn, Catherine i.; b.s. elementary education. 
fogle, Sandra p,; b.s. elementary education. 
forbes, susan p.; b.m.ed. music education; 
orchestra; music educators national confer- 
ence; wesley director; singers; string quar- 
forlano, maria k.; b.s. elementary education. 
foy, borbara j.; b.s. math; resident assistant, 

dingledine dormitory. 
francis, patricia a.; b.s. english. 
funkhouscr, clegett s.; b.s. business; pi 

omega pi. 
gaincs, sheri I.; b.a. art; ywca, girl's chorus; 

kappa pi. 
garber, sondro g.; b.s. english; sigma phi 

garrett, nino k.; b.s. history; germon club; 

social science club. 
garrison, rose m.; b.s. home economics; sigma 

phi lambda. 
gilchrisf, shoron e.; b.s. history; ywca; new- 
man club; elections committee; parliamen- 
tarian, junior class; sga representative; al- 
pha sigma tau. 
gill, potricio e.; b.o. math; sigma kappa. 
gillcy, nino b.; b.a. french. 

gilmore, theresa r.; b.s. elementary education. 
glospie, juonito i.; b.s. math; college bond; 

math club; s.e.a.; ywca. 
glcnn, jomes f.; b.s, business; golf team. 
gochenour, lynn s.; b.a. history; sigma phi 

goebel, barboro j.; b.s. home economics; 
ywca; frances sale; Westminster fellowship. 
grofton, linda j.; b.s. history; ywca; orchesis. 
gray, gilbert r.; b.s. social science. 
griffith, borbara a.; b.s. home economics; 

dorm president; sigma kappa. 
griffith, marilyn a.; b.s. home economics; 
frances sale, reporter; phi omicron tou; 4-h 
gucngerich, susan a.; b.m.ed. music; college 

guy, jessico j.; b.m.ed. voice; koppo delta pi; 
sigma alpha iota; sigma phi lambda; col- 
lege band. 
hall, charlotte c; b.o. social work. 
hall, Stewart m.; b.s. speech. 
hammer, margaret j.: b.s. social science; 

ywca; wesley; pi gamma mu; s.e.a. 
hammond, leslie w.; b.s. history; sigma phi 

lombdo; harambee; tou kappa epsilon. 
horbeck, faith a.; b.o. english; sesame ctub; 
student advisor; newman club; standards 
hordcsty, linda r.; b.s. elementary education. 
hardin, corol d.; b.s, physical education; 
mercury club; bowling club; woo; lacrosse 
team; sga, judicial advisor; alpha sigma 

hardy, emily v.; b.s. physical educotion; woo; 
mercury club; blucstone, editor; alpha 
sigma alpha; outstanding senior. 

harkjns, sue a.; b.a. ort; tau kappa epsilon 
sweetheart; zeta tau alpha. 

harman, Christine a.; b.s. speciol education. 

horriman, condis m.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; newman club; phi mu. 

horris, joan e.; b.a. english, 

harroll, beverly a.; b.s. home economics; 
frances sole; secretory, sophomore class; 
ponhellenic council; big weekend commit- 
tee; alpha sigma tau. 

hart, ellen c; b.s. home economics; frances 

hort, Suzanne b.; b.s. early childhood edu- 
cation; concert choir. 

hartman, diane k.; b.s. sociology. 

hartman, gloria j.; b.s. math; math club; ses- 
ame club. 

hartman, jomes e.; b.s. business. 

hotchcr, suson a.; b.s. elementary education. 

bought, claine; b.a. moth. 

howkinson, bonnie e.; b.o. communication 
arts; sigmo phi lambda. 

hcaly, marcia h.; b.s. physical education. 

heotwotc, Catharine m.; b.s. speech and 
drama; canterbury club; Stratford players, 
best octress. 

heotwolc, Janice a.; b.s. social work. 

heotwolc, woyne e.; b.s. business; sgo, cor- 
responding secretary; big weekend com- 
mittee; tou kappo epsilon, president, inter- 
fraternity council, secretary. 

hcbron, jomes d.; b.m.ed. music; stratford 
players; college orchestra, president; phi 
mu olpha, vice-president. 

hcbron, sylvia k.; b.m.ed, music; sigma alpha 
iota; orchestra; modison singers. 

hecrlcin, John c; b.s. economics; big week- 
end committee, secretory; breeze, editor; 
sigmo phi epsilon, secretary; who's who. 

Herbert, robyn s.; b.s english; sigma kappa. 

hibbs, Jacqueline f.; b.o. english; german 
club; s.e.a. 

htggason, linda a.; b.s. math. 

hines, jimmy I.; bowling club; intramurols. 

hodges, bonnie b.; b.s. ort. 

hedges, pearl e.; b.o. english; ywca; bsu; stu- 
dent advisor; s.e.a. 

hodges, susan a.; b.s. home economics; 
frances sole; young republicans. 

hollcn, sue a.; b.o. history. 

holleron, michoel j.; b.s. business. 

holtiday, carol I.; b.s. home economics. 

holloway, jonet I. b.s. business; phi beta 

lombdo; freshman counselor; pi omega pi; 

student advisor. 
hollyfictd, helcn I.; b.o. Spanish; sponish club; 

sigma koppo. 
hottic, victoria I,; b.s. history; s.e.o.; young 

republicans; pi gamma mu; koppo delta pi. 
hudnall, morsho I.; b.o. english. 
hudson, betty I.; b.o. english; ywca; zeta tau 

Humphrey, mory e.: b,a. english. 
Hutchinson, elizobeth a.; b.s. history. 
ickcs, Sharon b.; b.s, moth; blucstone staff, 

staff; sigma kappa. 
Ingram, gay 1.; b.s. business; blucstone staff; 

Stratford players; christian science orgoni- 

zotion, president; phi mu vice-president. 
iomison. kothryn h.; b.o. music, 
jomorski, Stephanie j.; b.s. biology; s.e.o,; 

modison college geological association. 
jarvis, corole I,; b.m.ed. music; sigma phi 

lombdo; sigmo alpha ioto; percy h. warren 

honor society; phi mu. 
Johnston, dcrondo e.; b.s. biology; bsu. 
Johnson, bevcriee o.; b.a. history; sigmo kop- 
po, president; phi gommo mu. 
fohnson, korcn m.; b.o. english. 
Johnson, lovinio b.; b.s. home economics; 

bsu; student counselor. 
Johnson, mory c; b.o, history; ywca; dom 

b.s. clementory educotion; 


Johnson, mory v 
s.e.o.; ywco. 

Johnson, thomas w.; b.a. history. 

Jones, borbara a.; b.s. elementary education; 
sigma phi lambda; sigmo sigmo sigmo. 

joncs, margaret e.; b.s. elementary educo- 
tion; s.e.o.; student counselor; sesame 
club; bsu. 

jcncs, rebecca f,; b.s. english. 

kablc, margaret; b.s. physicol education; or- 
chesis; waa; mercury club, vice-president; 
sigmo sigmo sigmo, vice-president. 

kanzcnbach, koren m.; b.s. elementary edu- 
ction; olpho sigmo alpho. 

kcllcr, shoron o.; b.s. physics and math; 
standards committee. 

kcnncdy, rondoll d.; b.s. political science; 
s.e.o.; sigmo phi lambda; young demo- 
crats; schworzenou, treasurer; koppo delta 
pi, treosurer. 

kent, jane a.; b.s. english; sigmo sigmo 

kcrcszturi, jean o,; b.s. business; ncwmon 
club; ywco; young republicans, secretary; 
phi mu. 


kidd, maelena j,; b,s. biology. 

kinscr, edwin c; b,s. biology; sigmo phi 

kirby, susan f.; b.a. history; canterbury club, 

knicciv. darlena w.; b.s. business. 

lackey, lovonia; b.s. elementary education, 
lamb, morgaret d,; b,a, library science; rid- 
ing club, secretary-treasurer. 

lantor, dione c. ; stondards committee; riding 
c\ub elections committee, 

lasher, nancy f.; b.s. elementary education; 
sesame club; s.e.a,; wesley; republican 

lossiter, cynthia k,; b.s. business. 

icach, loanne k,; b.s. library science; newman 
club: cotillion club. 

leadinghom, barbara a.; b.a. special educa- 
tion; sigma phi lambda; freshman coun- 
selor; s.e.a, 

lebbon, gail e,; b.s, early childrood; ywca; 
young republicans; junior marsholl; zeta 
tou alpha. 

Icdonc, mory I.; b.s. special education; kappa 
delta pi; sigma phi lambda; olpha sigma 

lee, nancy c; b.s. physical education; mer- 
cury club; fencing club, secretary, 

Icfcurc, don b.; b.s. business. 

lehmon, barbara d.; b.a, english; s.e.a.; 

lehmon, kotheryn m.; b.s. sociology and 
moth; dorm president; alpha sigma tau, 

lewis, linda k,; b,s. home economics; phi 
omicron tau, secretary, 

licbno, linda s,; b.s, physical education; hoc- 
key team, captain; mercury club; ywca; 
alpha sigma tau, historian. 

lipke, Carroll r.; b.s, special education; c.e.c, 

lobasso, toni o.; b.o. elementary education. 

locke, merrily f,; b,a. psychology. 

lockhart, nancy k,; b.a, secondary education; 
honor council representative. 

lockhart, wanda c; b,s, elementary education. 

loughborough, minna f.; b.s. special educa- 
tion; secretory, freshman class; bluestone 
staff; Percy h. warren honor society; phi 
mu, president, president, junior class; out- 
standing senior. 

lumpkin, morgaret r.; b.m.ed.; music; con- 
cert choir; sigma alpha iota; phi mu, 

lynch, Joanne; b.s. biology; ywca. 

magocsi, robert m,; b.s. sociology. 

magocsi, susan c; b.s. special education; 
fronces sale; standards committee; c.e.c. 

manley, evelyn d.; b.s. english; kappa delta. 

march, ann s.; b.a. latin; sigma phi lambda; 
Stratford players; phi sigma iota, secretary; 
kappa delta pi, president, 

mawyer, corolyn s.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; ywca; bsu; alpha beta alpha, parlia- 
mentarian and reporter. 

may, mary I.; b.s, psychology. 

mayfield, ronald I.; b.s. history. 

mayo, helen m.; b,s. elementary education; 
young democrats; s.e.a,; phi mu. 

mcoleer, karen v.; b.s. elementary education, 

mccauliffe, mary h.; b.a. history; newman 
club; sigma phi lambda; ywca; french club; 
orchestra; phi gamma mu. 

mcclain, John r.; b.s. biology; phi alpha pi, 

mcdermott, normal j.; b.s. elementary educa- 

mcelwee, berlyn e,; b,s. biology; s.e.s.; wesley. 

mcelwee, melinda m.; b.s. library science; 
alpha beta alpha, treasurer. 

mckee, Catherine I,; b,s. early childhood edu- 
cation; Westminster fellowship; s.e.a,; alpha 
sigma tou, chaplin. 

mckinley, Judith a.; b.s. early childhood; sgc, 
senate; sigma phi lambda; alpha sigma 

mcknight, barbara a.; b.s. english; waa; 
ywca; historian, freshman class; hockey 
team; tennis team; dorm president; junior 
rnorshall; president, senior class; alpha 
sigma tau, editor; who's who; outstanding 

morkiewicz, Judith c; b.a. english; sesame 
club; Spanish club; sigma phi lambda; phi 
sigma iota; kappa delta pi. 

morkley, gail f.; b.s. elementary education; 
bluestone staff; freshman counselor; s.e.a, 

martin, a I ice r.; b.s. elementary education; 
wesley; ywca; cotillion club; sigma phi 
lambda; kappa delta pi; s.e.a. 

martin, carolyn d.; b.a. history; sigma phi 
lambda; young republicans; s.e.a.; kappa 
delta pi; ywca. 

martin, jacquelyn I.; b.s. home economics; 
ywca; francos sale; girl's chorus; german 

martin, frank t,; b.s. business. 

martin, mary a.; b.a, math, 

martin, pomelo k,; b.s. library science; ywca. 

mason, sue b.; b.s. elementary education. 

mason, william r.; b.s. physical education; phi 
kappa beta, vice-president. 

mosterson, lynn a.; b.s. physical education; 
mercury club; fencng team; student ad- 
visor; kappa delta; hockey team; porpoise 

mathiaS/ cheryl d.; b.s. home economics; 
fronces sale; sigma phi lambda; phi omi- 
cron tau; percy h. warren, secretary. 

mcmillan, terryl c; b.a, education; alpha 
sigma tau, executive vice-president. 

mcncil, brendo m.; b.s. business; ywca; young 
democrats; alpho gomma delta. 

mcanloy, olice s,; b.m.ed. music; concert 
choir, ywca; woo; student counselor; sigma 
alpha iota; oratorio chorus; phi mu, 

mcndoza, bianco i.; b.a, Spanish; Spanish 
club; french club. 

mcredith, John b.; b.s. social science. 

mcrica, phyllis j.; b.s. library science; sigma 
phi lambda; kappa delta pi; alpha beta 

michaci, sharon k.; b.s, elementary educa- 
tion; schwarzenau club; young republi- 
cans; ywca. 

miller, helen s,; b.s. special education; por- 
poise club, s.e.a.; ce.c. 

miller, linda j,; b,s, business; s.e.o.; ywca; 

miller, rhonda b.; b.s. elementary education; 
sigma koppa. 

minor, marrian n,; b.s. elementary education; 
sigma kappa. 

mitchcll, Janice 1.; b.s. elementary educotion; 
s.e.a, german club. 

mizcll, linda e,; b.s, elementary education; 
sigma phi lambda; woa; ywca; kappa 
delta pi. 

monroc, janet f.; b.s. elementary education; 
waa, vice-president, 

moorc, barbara d.; b.s. physical education; 
bowling club; waa; basketball, co-captain; 
hockey team; lacrosse team, 

moorc, barbara a.; b,s. early childhood edu- 
cation; kappa delta; standards committee. 

moorc, joan f.; b.o. english. 

moorc, linda m.; b.s. history, psychology, 

moorc, lara g.; b.a. english; waa. 

moycrs, pomelo r.; b.s. history. 

munscy, Jennie k.; b.s. early childhood; bond; 

murphy, morgaret a.; b.s. special education; 
newman club; ywca; koppa delta pi; koppa 

musscr, williom s.; b.o. speech & drama; 
Stratford ployers. 

nockley, elizobeth c; b.o. english; dorm 
president; cotillion club; honor council. 

nosh, mory k.; b.s. history; ywca; hockey 
team; mercury club; tennis team. 

nelson, anito I.; b.s. social science. 

ncwbcrn, marsho d.; hockey teom; woo; s.e.a. 

ncwmon, eloine k.; b.s. science; sesame club. 

neal, duone w.; b.s. history. 

nicely, cheryl d.; b.s. physical educotion; mer- 
cury club; ywca; sigm.o sigma sigma; sga, 

niarhos, jomes a. 

nichols, nancy I.; b.s. medical technology; 
sigmo phi lambda; ywca. 

nichols, nancy v.; b.a. latin; dorm officer. 

nichols, suson c; b.a. elementary education. 

nickell, christine s.; b,a, math. 

nordstrom, korl m,; b,s, business. 

norman, jean h.; b.s. home economics; 
fronces sole; sigmo phi lambda; phi omi- 
cron tou. 

norton, ann b,; b.s. elementary education; 
german club; s.e.a.; breeze; newman club; 
student odvisor. 

norton, karen m.; b.s. physical education; 
basketball team; mercury club; tennis 
team; alpho sigmo tou, 

nugent, sharon I.; b.s. special education; 
ywco; frcshmon counselor; olpho sigmo 
alpha; ponhellenic council; sgo, representa- 

nylen, louise; breeze; zeta tou alpho, treas- 

ookey, louro j.; b,a. english; ywca; young re- 

o'briont, mortho I,; b,s, elementary educotion. 

obaugh, suson b.; b.a. librory science; ses- 
ame club. 

o'dell, cheryl I.; b.s. early childhood; ywco; 
s.e.o.; wesley. 

o'hara, lucy e.; b,a. english; sigma sigma 

o'keefe, kotherine e.; b.s. sociol science; 
newmon club; young republicons. 

orr, cynthia e.; b.s. elementary education; al- 
pha sigma tou. 

outten, kotherine e.; b.f.ed.; viola; orches- 
tro; string quortet. 

overstreet, suson w,; b.s. speech therapy. 

polena, michael j.; b.s, psychology; phi koppo 

palmieri, connoe m.; b.s. home economics; phi 
omicron tou. 

palombo, susonne e.; b.a. french; student 
counselor; french club; newman club; Span- 
ish club; phi sigma iota, president, 

pascoe, bette f,; b.s. elementary education; 
s.e.o; wesley; student counselor; sigmo phi 
lambda; koppa delta pi. 

Patrick, susan I.; b.s. ort, 

Patterson, john d.; b.m.ed. music. 

patton, kotherine a.; b.s. physical education; 
waa; ywco; bluestone;' sigmo phi lombdo; 
mercury club, president; student-faculty re- 
lations committee; hockey team; percy h. 
warren honor society, president; olpho 
sigmo tau, music choirmon. 

patton, rebecco b; b.s. library science; young 
republicans; s.e.o. 

payne, linda 1.; b.o. english; bsu; breeze. 

peare, george w,; b.m.ed.; madison singers, 
president; phi mu alpha, vice-president. 

pcrrin, marionne; b,s. physical education; 
orchesis; mercury club; bsu; woo. 

perry, bctty j,; bm.ed. music; bsu; phi koppa 
beta sweetheart; zeta tou olpha. 

peters, soroh p.; olpho beta alpha. 

pcttigrcw, nancy h.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; s.e.o.; swimming teom; sgo, senate; 
phi mu, membership director. 

Phillips, donold w,; b.s, political science; stu- 
dent court, president. 

ptntyc, linda; b.s. early children education; 
porpoise club; s,e,a,. 

pomcroy, lauro r,; b.s. physical education; 
hockey team; mercury club; archery teom, 

pond, berite b.; b.s, elementary education; 
Stratford players; fronces sale; locrosse 

porter, sara I.; b.s. biology; concert choir; 
madison singers; ponhellenic representa- 
tive; zeta tou olpho, 

pound, diane b.; b.s, physical education; 
mercury club; fencing teom, 

powcll, borboro r.; b.s. history, 

powers, bonnie I.; b.s. art; dorm president. 

price, oudrey; b.o, elementary education. 

prillomon, linda e,; b.s. librory science; 
chorus; honor council representotive; s.e.o. 

puscy, horry I.; b.s, spociol education; phi 
koppo beta, vice-president. 

puscy, richard w.; b.s. special education; phi 
koppo beto, secretary. 

quel, poul d,; b.s. moth. 

quimby, jonice t,; b.s. home economics; 
fronces sale; ywco; s.e.o, 

ragland, lucy e.; b.s. elementary education; 
ywca; s.e.o.; sigmo phi lambda. 

ranson, corolyn j.; b.s, elementary education; 
may doy attendant; sigmo sigma sigmo, 
recording secretary. 

rayncs, diane e.; b.s. physical education; 
dorm president; mercury club; ywca; honor 
council; zeto tau alpha. 

rayncs, potricio I,; b,s. business; sigma 
sigmo sigmo. 

repass, ann c; b.o. sponish; ywca; german 
club; wesley; sponish club, 

rcxrodc, Joyce e,; b,s. physical education; 
hockey team; orchesis; woo; madison 
dance theatre. 

rcynolds, sharon v.; b.s. elementory educa- 

richardson, pomelo m.; b.s, physicol educa- 
tion; woo; mercury club; moth club; judi- 
cial representative; zeta tau alpha. 

richardson, patricia m.; b.s. physical educa- 
tion; judiciol representative; sigma phi 
lambda; waa; mercury club; percy h. wor- 
ren honor society; zeta tau alpha, 

rickmon, linda r.; b.s.; german club. 

rinkcr, eorl w,; b,s. moth. 

ritchie, trudy e,; b,s. elementary education, 

robins, fronces h.; b.s. elementory education; 
alpha sigma tou, 

rochcllc, Stephen b.; b.s. moth; fencing club. 

rodier, bernodine j.; b.o. library science; al- 
pha beta alpha; s.e.o. 

rogers, sue f.; b.a. history. 

rosch, kothryn o.; b.s. elementory education; 
sigma koppa. 

rosncr, mory c; b.s. elementary education. 

sands, kothryn m.; b.s. elementory education; 
s.e.a.; junior counselor. 

sours, marsho d,; b.o. Spanish; sigma sigma 

sovoge, helen h.; b.s. home economics; 
fronces sole; phi omicron tou. 

schaumburg, helen b.; b.s. special education; 
judicial representative; sigma koppa. 

schmick, elaine h,; b.s, early childhood edu- 

schutZ/ carolyn I.; b.s. elementary education; 
freshmon counselor; sigmo koppo, 

sears, gail n.; b.s. physical education; mer- 
cury club; sigmo sigmo sigma. 

secrest, borboro j.; b.s. library science; 
francos sale; s.e.o. 

shank, Catherine o.; b.s. english. 

shorpes, mory a.; b.o. moth; wesley; ywca; 
koppo delta pi; phi sigmo ioto; sigma phi 
lambda; math club, president; percy h. 
warren honor society; phi mu, 

sharretts, cristina w., b.o. Spanish. 

shelton, christine m,; b,s, physicol education; 
mercury club; sigmo sigmo sigmo; student- 
foculty relations; hockey; percy h. warren 
honor society; president, sophomore class; 
vice-president, senior class; who's who; 
outstanding senior. 

short, phyllis 0,; b,5. history. 

shuler, elizobeth a.; b.o. history; bluestone 
staff; stondards committee; alpha sigmo 
tou, program choirmon, president; pon- 
hellenic council. 

simon, suzonne; b.a. elementary education; 
sigma koppo, sociol chairman, 

Sinclair, nancy c; b.s. special education; 
ywco; wao; big weekend; class day com- 
mittee; dorm officer; senior class business 
manager; phi mu, chaplain. 

smallridge, brendo k.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; koppo pi, vice-president. 

smith, donold c; b.s. biology; tennis team; 
dorm council; jr. executive council; presi- 
dent, omega phi alpha; head resident, 
oshby hoi I, 

smith, jeonnio I.; b.s. home economics. 

smith, robin I.; b.s. physicol education; w.a.o.; 
mercury club; sigmo phi lambda; ywco; 
student education association; class treas- 


urer; porpoise club; student advisor; frosh 
counselor; chairman rec council; varsity 
volleyball; varsity archery; s.g.o. judicial 
secretary; student manager of the dining 

smifh, ronold I.; b.s. english. 

smith, susan a.; b.m.ed.; voice. 

snider, Christopher e.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; propoise club; ywca; woo; bluestonc 
staff; chairman dining hall advisory com- 
mittee; chairman ring dance committee; 
phi mu, social chairman, student advisor. 

somers, philip c.; b.s. physics; tou kappa 

spoin, susan a.; b.s. english; dorm council; 
wesley; ywca, classday committee; alpha 
Sigma tau; vice-president (social) olpha 
Sigma tau; secretary, senior class; busi- 
ness staff, bluestone. 

spickard, elizabeth g,; b.s. elementary edu- 
cotion; fencing club; ywca; bluestone 
staff; deans list; alpha gamma delta. 

sponsler, jody 1.; elementary education; sga 
representative, panhellenic representative; 
chairman, panhellenic chairman elect, pan- 

sprinkel, margcret j.; b.o. english representa- 
tive to executive council; sesame club; rep- 
resentative to judicial council; phi sigma 
iota; koppo delta pi. 

stonek, susan v.; b.s. home economics; ywca 
representative; sigma kapfxj; phi omicron 

Stanley/ John a.; b.a. communication arts; 
breeze; stratford players; fencing club; 
program director, wmra; recreation council. 

storling, rebecca s.; b.s. library science; 
breeze; ywca; alpha beta alpha, secretary. 

stcdman, margaret m.; b.s. library science; 
sigma kappa; alpha beta alpha. 

Stevenson, John j.; b.s, history. 

stickley, mary e.; b.s. business; phi sigma 
lambda, kappa delta, secretary. 

stoltz, trudi 1.; b.s. art; ywca; class-day 
decoration chairmon; historian of sopho- 
more class; alpha sigma tau; social vice- 
president, junior class; outstanding junior; 
rush chairman, alpha sigma tau; out- 
standing senior. 

stoneburner, dottie j.; b.s. elementary educa- 
tion; resident assistant hoffman dorm. 

stutzman, juiia j.; b.s. elementary education; 
sesame club. 

sudol, linda s.; b.s. business; german club; 
phi beta lambda; pi omego pi; kapfxj 

Sutton, lynda b.; b.s. elementary education; 
sea; ywca; dorm & interdorm council; 
archery team; judicial representative; sig- 
mo sigma sigma. 

awartz, Caroline m.; b.s. physicol education; 
ywca; waa; mercury club; sigmo sigma 

swecker, jerry w.; b.s. social work; intramur- 
al football & basketball. 

swimley, priscilla; b.s. home economics. 

swisher, judy p.; b.s. history & psychology; 
sigmo phi lambda; cotillion club; pi gam- 
ma mu; zeta tau alpha. 

sykes, nancy 1.; b.a. english; house council; 
sigma sigma, panhellenic representative & 

tonner, deborah s.; b.s. elementary education; 
ywca; young republicans; sigma sigma 

toylor, christa r.; b.s. elementary education; 
sea; phi mu; math club. 

taylor, gloria r.; b.s. elementary education; 
baptist student union. 

toylor, kathleen a.; b.a. english. 

taylor, linda I.; b.s. business education; pi 
beta lambda; sesame club; sigma phi 
lambda; pi omega pi; business aword. 

toylor, marc p.; b.a. english; literary club, 
president & editor. 

toylor, pomelo; b.s. business odministrotion. 

thacker, linda s.; b.o. library science; ywco; 
sigmo phi lambda; madison christian fel- 
lowship; president, alpha beta alpha. 

thoyer, barbora I.; b.s. physical education; 
fire chief; mercury clubs; fencing club; 
dance theater. 

thelen, david c; b.a. special education; vice 
president, council of exceptional children, 

thelen, koren a.; b.s. home economics; trans- 
fer student; trances sale club. 

thigpen, morgoret s.; b.s. elementary educa- 

thomas, saroh d.; b.s. elementary education; 
baptist student union; ywca. 

thompson, barbara m.; b,s. business admini- 
stration; phi beta lambda; clossdoy com- 
mittee; woo; ywco; olpho sigma tou, sec- 
retory; bluestone business manager; new- 
mon club. 

thompson, Julia w.; b.o. english; wesley 

thomsen, jconne; b.s. elementory education; 
sigma phi lambda; sea; koppo delta. 

thorne, melvo o.; b.s. elementary education; 
baptist student union. 

tisdoic, sue w.; b. s. history; transfer stu- 
dent; sgo Jul. council; sgo electoral board; 
sigma sigmo sigmo; german club. 

toothcman, koren p.; b..s. home economics 
educotion; Westminster; phi mu; sea. 

trollinger, lorry 1.; b.s. business. 

troyer, william j.; b.s. business administration; 
tennis team; bookkeeper, madison athletic 
Qssoc. madison college chorale. 

trykowski, denoy I.; b.a. art; bond; newmon 
club; circle francais; orchesis; dance the- 

turner, horriet 1.; b.s. elementory education; 
library science honor fraternity. 

tutwiler, julia a.; b.s. political science; olpho 
sigma alpho, president; pi gomma mu. 

tvrymon. Undo 1.; b.o. french; cotillion club; 
french club. 

tyree, leno p.; b.s. business; phi beta lamb- 
da, seo; ywca; phi omega pi, 

unsinn, potricio; b.o. history. 

valis, marjorie 1.; b.s. elementary education; 
mercury club, woa, ywco; classday pro- 

vonvleek, nellie e.; b.s. health & physical 

wodford, marita s.; b.s. psychology; breeze; 
baptist student union; criterion . club; 
Stratford players; french club; hockey 
teom; chrysallis; council of exceptionol 

woll, jo r.; b.a. art; classday; wesley foun- 
dation; alpha sigmo alpha; chrysallis; 
chairman ring dance; elections commit- 

walsh, morionne; b.s. physical educotion; 
porpoise club; waa; newmon club; alpha 
gomma delta. 

warren, Joanne o.; b.s. health & physical 
education; clossdoy committee; mercury 
club; cotillion club; alpha gomma delta; 
lacrosse teom. 

woy, michael s.; b.s. business odministrotion; 
men's student court; tou kappa epsiion; 
young republicans; resident advisor; shorts 
holl and shenondooh house; choirmon, in- 
terfroternity council. 

woylond, lindo d.; b.s. biology. 

weaver, ierrel e.; b.s. business odministration, 

wcidman, julio f,; b.s. english, 

welsh, nto 1.; b.s. elementary education; new- 
man club; ywco; koppo pi; seo. 

west, ronnie m.; b.s. business administration; 
phi olpho pi. 

Westmoreland, cynthio rose; b.s. health & 
physicol education; hockey teom; basket- 
ball team, mercury club; woo vice-presi- 
dent & president; koppo delta pi; lacrosse 

wheat, betty s.; b.s. home economics & 

dietetics; ywco; trances sole club; cotillion 

club; wesley foundation; sea. 
white, michele t.; b.s, english; ywco criterion 

club; porpoise club. 
white, woyne k.; b.s. chemistry; tou koppo 

whitesell, joan w.; b.o. home economics. 
whittle, shoron d.; b.o. library science; s.e.o.; 

ywca; alpha beta alpha, 
willard, betsy o.; b.s. biology; alpha gamma 

delta, president. 
Williams, barbara a.; b.s. home economics; 

trances sole; german club; ywco; koppa 

Williams, trances b.; b.o. early childhood edu- 
cation; recreation council; honor council; 

alpha sigma alpha, editor. 
Williams, linda c; b.s. elementory education; 

recreation ouncil; sigma kappa. 
Williams, mortho s.; b.o. english; olpho sigma 

alpha; bluestone. 
Williams, phyllis 1.; b.s. special education; 

ywca; sesame club; c.c.c. 
willioms, rebecco m.; bo. early childhood 

education, alpha sigma alpha. 
witherow, aon 1.: b.s. art. 
witt, Cephas w.; b.a. special education; phi 

kappa beta, social choirmon, 
wood, lindo s.; b.s. business; phi beta lamb- 
da; bluestone staff; olpho sigmo alpha, 

recording secretory. 
wood, morgoret e.; b.s. social work. 
wood, nancy o.; b.s. elementary education; 

4-h olumni; olpho sigma tau, custodian, 
worlcy, shoron k.; b.o, english; ywca; student 

counselor; koppo delta pi; sigmo sigmo 

Wright, charlene e.; b.s. business; s.e.o.; ju- 
dicial representative; pi omega pi; ywco 

phi beto lambdo. 
Wright, robert b.; b.o. special education. 
york, kothleen i.; b.s. elementary education; 

ywco; newmon club; standards committee; 

young republicans, treasurer; alpho gammo 

delta, corresponding secretory. 
vanity, susan m,; b.s. elementory education; 

fjorpoise club; phi mu. 
zoz0n-«, ca'^-erine: b.s, physicol educotion; 

mercury club; concert choir; porpoise club; 

fencing club. 
zimbo, barbara i.; b.s. education; ywco; s.e.o. 


student directory 

abboH, suson eileen, 312 porkwood place, 

Charlottesville, va. 
obbott, Susan rochelle, 104 norman dr., 

richmond, va. 
obeli, brenda lou, 2000 great falls St., 

mclean, va. 
abell, gail marie, 157 grecnacre dr., 

woodbridge, va. 
adams, nancy ellen, 9113 Oakland dr., 

lynchburg, va. 
abramson, sandra rose, 1106 villa rd., 

lynchburg, va. 
absher, linda anne, pearisburg, vo, 
acker, william hampton, 134 ohio ave,, 

harrisonburg, va. 
ackerly, margaret helen, 423 n. 5th st., 

stroudsburg, pa. 
adams, onita Josephine, 1900 hopkir^s rd., 

apt. 5, richmond, va. 
adorns, carmen maria, 7402 Sturm St., 

falls church, va. 
adams, celia ann, 2408 castle place, 

lynchburg, va. 
adams, dorothy elizabeth, 2444 no. po- 

comoke st., arlington, va. 
adams, John dunning, deerfield, va. 
adams, lois lynn, bel air, md. 
adoms, ruth marie, rt. 2, box 217, 

Winchester, va. 
odoms, teresa diane, 9012 wriowbrook dr., 

richmond, va. 
odams, william norman, rt. 6, box 435, 

roanoke, va. 
adcock, Sharon ann, 5208 huntington ave., 

newport news, va. 
addison, mary eva, 3056 monticello dr., 

falls church, va. 
aderton, margaret lockwood, 8 clifton st., 

lynchburg, va. 
adinoro, barbarc jean, 8511 wagonwheel, 

alexandria, va. 
odkins, angela renay, rt. 2, stuort, va. 
odkins, merlyn elizabeth, 1309 shore rd., 

baltimore, md. 
adkins, susan leigh, rt. 3, bassett, va. 
agner, thomas richard, 1100 hillcrest, 

harrisonburg, va. 
agresto, patricia ann, 6713 beddoo St., 

alexandria, va. 
oiler, Cheryl shanks, rt. 1, staunton, va. 
aird, linda jo, 6422 tuliau st., Springfield, va. 
akers, sarah Wallace, 105 e. hawthorne, 

Covington, vo. 
okers, wonda jean, ashland, va. 
albert, jonda marie, pulaski, va. 
olbertoili, monica Irene, 7215 giles place, 

Springfield, va. 
olbcrtson, nancy carter, 7372 iee hwy., 

no. 102, falls church, va. 
albrighf, barbarc faye, 1 305 madison St., 

rodford, vo. 

albright, charlotte ann, 4601 n. 20th st., 

arlington, va. 
albright, sarah trances, 321 n. pa. ave., 

falls church, va. 
alcott, sheryl ann, 1314 stoneycreek dr., 

richmond, va. 
olderman, brenda kay, harris grove, 

yorktown, va. 
olexonder, deborah jane, strasburg, va. 
allard, carol, 7954 boiling dr., alexandria, va. 
ollord, Sharon ann, fairmount ave., 

Chatham, n.j. 
allcroft, Carole June, 373 kingston st., 

wyckoff, n.j. 
ollen, donna jean, 1013 s. ironwood rd., 

sterling, va. 
alien, marcia marie, box 325, rt. #1, 

danville, va. 
alien, mary elizabeth, 32 frailey place, 

Portsmouth, va. 
alien, mary gienn, pearisburg, va. 
alien, pratricia beth, 6333 paddington la., 

box 127, centreville, va. 
alien, robin diane, 1013 s. ironwood rd., 

sterling, va. 
alien, starr laverne, 549 franklin ave., 

wyckoff, n.j. 
almorode, eldon forbes, stuarts draft, vo. 
olmorode, leroy harvey, stuarts draft, va. 
olmony, sharon lee, finksburg, md. 
alston, robin lynn, 757 knotts circle lane, 

Suffolk, va. 
ammons, linda susan, 2404 marlyn rd., 

richmond, va. 
onderson, alease d., box 37, afton, va. 
onderson, betsy jane, 6995 richland dr., 

lynchburg, va. 
anderson, brenda diane, 2929 putney rd., 

richmond, va. 
anderson, cheryl Christine, 711 s. 26th place, 

arlington, va. 
onderson, dtana lynn, 2937 irvington rd., 

falls church, va. 
anderson, joan marie, 6217 abilene St., 

Springfield, va. 
anderson, john hamilfon, 207 bellview ave., 

Winchester, va. 
anderson, Judith marie, 9117 pall st., 

alexandria, va. 
onderson, katherine touise, 225 grayson, 

Portsmouth, va, 
anderson, lauren ann, 113 south st., 

clifton forge, va. 
anderson, loretta dena, 2117 Cunningham, 

hampton, va. 
onderson, patricia mary, columbus, n.j. 
anderson, rebecca sue, dolly ann drive, 

covington, va. 
onderson, thomas dale, 6217 abilene st., 

Springfield, va. 
andcrton, carolyn moore, saluda, va. 

andes, noncy jean, rt. 1, grottoes, vo. 
ondrew, mori vladimer, 995 south main, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
andrews, alice ann, box 229, rt. J^}, 

gretna, va. 
andros, thomas lee, 1708 george mason dr., 

arlington, va. 
ongle, susan eugenia, 2518 avalon ave., 

n.w., roanoke, va. 
anniw, nibols, 1614 locust ave., 

Charlottesville, va. 
anthony, carol doris, 62 shady lane, 

trenton, n.j. 
applcgatc, joel, 29 morgan st., 

bergenfield, n.j. 
oppling, carol jean, 219 s. Jenkins St., 

alexandria, va. 
orason, sara Christine, 64 sullivan Ottawa, 

Ontario, Canada 
orchibold, adair louise, 1425 indion river rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
archibald, claire gladys, 1425 indian river 

rd., Virginia beach, va. 
orchibold, pauline emma, 1425 indian river 

rd., Virginia beach, va. 
argenzio, mary patricia, 7108 wheeler rd., 

richmond, va. 
armentrout, dana I., 32 inglewood dr., 

hampton, va. 
ormentrout, janice miller, keezletown, va. 
ormentrout, kitty irene, 340 franklin st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
ormentrout, marlys rebecca, keezletown, va. 
ormentrout, suson Catherine, keezletown, va. 
armes, nancy eleanor, 11 06 e. second st., 

richlands, va. 
ormstrong, iinda constance, 916 neptune 

ave., Virginia beach, va. 
ormstrong, nancy ellen, 2650 valley ave., 

Winchester, va. 
ormstrong, richard lee, west augusta, va. 
ormstrong, wilma louise, 102 joan circle, 

Staunton, va. 
ornold, julie elaine, amelia, va. 
ornold, robert daniel, marshall, va. 
oronion, lenore dennison, 901 register pkwy., 

richmond, va. 
orrrngton, phyllis anne, vinton, va. 
ortz, deborah ann, rt. 1, strasburg, va. 
oshby, harvey Wallace, 1420 s, main, 

harrisonburg, va. 
oshcroft, Charles edgar, rt. 2, Strasbourg, va. 
ossid, rhonda jo, 51 link road, 

Waynesboro, va. 
ostroth, Janet e., chalfont, pa. 
osttn, peggy diane, 335 terry ave., 

danville, va. 
oszmon, lois marjorie, 8509 stable dr., 

alexandria, va. 
otchlet, linda jot, lawvertville, va. 
otkins, betsy carol, box 375, waveriy, va. 


atkins, linda jeanne, 426 somford ave., 

westfield, n.j. 
atkinson, Janice lynn, 21 1 oak forest rd., 

catonsville, md. 
atkinson, mary lynne, 618 upham p[. n.w,, 

Vienna, va. 
atkisson, susan wayne, elkton, va. 
oudley, noel marguerite, 1028 s. 20th st., 

orlington, va. 
augsburger, esther kniss, Harrisonburg, va. 
oulick, Cheryl lynne, 420 peabody St., 

manassas, va. 
ausburry, edgar browning, 315 broad St., 

strasburg, vo. 
ausfin, c. robert, 555 e. woife, 

harrisonburg, va. 
oustin, faye elaine, check, va. 
oustin, marilyn sue, 823 melvin dr., 

Portsmouth, va. 
oustin, norma ruth, glodys, va. 
avery, noncy lee, 2604 key blvd., 

arlington, va. 
avery, susan jean, 2604 key blvd., 

arlington, va. 
oxtell, Virginia katherine, 718 yanley rd., 

silver springs, md. 
ayoub, helen Joseph, 1500 brookhaven dr., 

mclean, va. 
ayres, Undo lee, 1524 Jamestown rd., 

Williamsburg, va. 
azevedo, mary lou, 3025 n. quincy St., 

arlington, va. 
babylon, marian, 131 willis, Westminster, md. 
back, bonnie kay, 8013 russell rd., 

alexandria, va, 
bacon, francis eugene, 5405 yorkshire St., 

Springfield, va. 
bacon, Jill ann, 57 spring st., bridgetown, n.j. 
baden, Joanne, 613 tennyson ove., 

Winchester, va. 
baelz, gale jean, 121 lafoyette ave., 

magnolia, n.j. 
bailey, carl alien, 510 grandview ave., 

woodbridge, va. 
boiley, carolyn louise, 3809 haynesworth, 

fairfcx, va. 
boiley, clyde temple, box 33, crozet, va. 
boiley, franklin eugene, box 14, phenix, va. 
bailey, glenda gayle, barboursville, va. 
bailey, Joyce ann, 1524 e. ocean view ave., 

norfolk, va. 
bailey, karen sue, strasburg, va. 
boiley, susan ann, 871 Jackson st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
baird, oscar woodrow, 2804 woodlawn ave., 

falls church, va. 
baker, david william, 1210 reservoir st., 

harrisonburg, va 
baker, deborah colleen, rt. 6, box 349b, 

Westminster, md. 
baker, joan helen, 169 van houton ave., 

wyckoff, n.j. 
boldwin, mary Virginia, 317 idlewood ave., 

Portsmouth, va. 
boll, audrey lynn, laban p.o., mathews, va. 
boll, peggy lynn, west point, va. 
bollagh, karen anne, 2288 sabine ave., 

lynchburg, va. 
ballord, charles cameron, box 63, Stanley, va. 
bollenger, sandra jean, 198 garland dr., 

Staunton, va, 
bollew, patricia ann, rt. 2, staunton, va. 
bone, becky bee, box 179, rt. ^2, 

pearisburg, va. 
bonks, patricia gayle, 505 brawicf court, 

Charlottesville, vo. 
barber, brownie beahm, box 432, 

mt. jackson, va, 
borbcr, marilyn gaye, 2003 paul spring 

pkwy., alexandria, va. 
barberry, nancy iris, darlington, md. 
borclay, florence marjorie, 1430 dogwood dr., 

alexandria, va. 
bore, Christine, louise, 1115 Hamilton blvd., 

hagerstown, md. 
bore, gretchen jane, 2389 cedar lane, 

Vienna, va. 
bore, nancy anne, 605 s. main st,, 

lexington, va. 
barkkume, linda marion, 306 may ave., 

south plainfield, n.j. 
barksdole, brenda dale, rt, 3, south 

boston, va. 
borleft, mary jane, victoria, va. 
bornes, arva louise, 2004 kaye dr., 

mechanisville, va, 
barnett, jan elizobeth, 4847 princess onn rd., 

Virginia beach, vc. 
barney, Joyce marie, 3439 scottview dr., 

richmond, va. 
barr, barbara jean, 324 w. whitlock ove., 

Winchester, va. 
borrett, barbara anne, 8218 overbury rd., 

richmond, va. 
borrett, janet sue, 5943 atnt rd., 

Springfield, va. 
bartclme, william thomas, rd. 2, box 336, 

whitehorse sto., n.j. 
bortley, onne marts, 399 linden dr., 

Staunton, va. 
bartlcy, elizabeth alien, 25 magnolia place, 

hampton, va. 
bortley, milton graham, 339 linden ave., 

Staunton, va. 

barton, kathleen donna, 2627 edgewood St., 

roanoke, va. 
bosile, linda maric, 2208 grant st., 

hopewetl, va. 
bossier, david paul, 3238 Jeffrey dr., 

mckeesfxjrt, pa. 
bassols, arturo I., Ill weaver ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
bates, bonnie jean, 1 24 hilton st., 

alexandria, va. 
botes, eugene buchanan, rt. ^2, 

Staunton, va. 
bathurst, dorlene rae, 8812 fort hunt rd., 

alexandria, va, 
bauer, lynn louise, martinsburg, w. va. 
bouernfiend, sabina Joyce, 2768 plainfield 

rd., baltimorc, md. 
bough, patsy elaine, pulaski, va. 
bourn, antoinette pugh, rt. ^^4, box 4216, 

Virginia beach, va. 
bourn, robin lynn, 1700 south dr., york, pa. 
bour, Catherine mae, 3802 stuart ave., 

richmond, va. 
bousermon, charles micheal, rt. ^I^- 1 , 

luray, va. 
bousermon, robert dunlap, n. main St., 

edinburg, va. 
boxter, anne carolyn, 2510 buckelew dr., 

falls church, va, 
baxter, thomas william, 2510 buckelew dr., 

falls church, vo. 
beobic, ann paula, 125 wood ave., 

Winchester, va. 
beach, wanda, warrenton, va. 
beohm, benjamin jason, 242'/2 st., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
beol, bonita louise, 803 orme st., 

arlington, va, 
beor, Judith ellen, nokesville, va. 
beor, Sydney jane, college terrace opts., 

bridgewQter, va. 
beosley, eva jean, box 330, rt. ^2, 

edinburg, va. 
bcotty, gary lee, front royal, va. 
beazlic, margaret ann, 1205 mallicott lane, 

newport news, va. 
bechtel, candace eileen, 14 edgehill road, 

gibbsboro, n, j. 
beck, Christina margarite, 9208 shelton st., 

bethlehem, md. 

bcckc, barbara jane, 6006 napoli rd., 

camp springs, md. 

beddow, kathleen marie, 2301 tarleton dr., 

Charlottesville, va. 
bedgio, sotiria, 614 somerset st., new 

brunswick, n. j. 
bcdnarick, margaret ann, west point, va. 
behrend, Virginia ann, 4128 locust lane, 

fairfax, va. 
belcher, sharon lou, harrisonburg, va. 
bell, barbara ann, staunton, va. 
bell, barbara ruth, 2321 dodd dr., 

Virginia beach, va. 
bell, barbara ruth, 206 university blvd., 

glassboro, n. j. 
bell, patricia mary, 716 aintrce place, 

staunton, va. 
bell, Judith mercedes, 716 aintree place, 

staunton, va. 
bell, dona lynn, box 39c, watts ave., 

gambrills, md. 
belvin, brenda beth, 4537 peacock ave., 

alexandria, va. 
bcnegas, sandra lynne, 3701 s. 5th st., 

arlington, va. 
bcnner, louise longacre, 847 grant st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
benncthum, dara ann, 335 w. main St., 

newmanstown, pa. 
bcnnett, amy elizabeth, 9810 old colchester 

rd., lorton, va. 
bennett, claudia Catherine, 6901 kingwood 

dr., falls church, va. 
bennett, judy coffelt, box 272, dayton, va. 
bennett, martha davis, 217 ridge ave., 

buena vista, va. 
bennett, susan m., 1243 triests dr., 

son diego, calif. 
bennett, syble kay, capron, va. 
bcnnington, jo ann, 404 Sussex St., 

lynchburg, va. 
benson, karen fay, 4118 Wilson dr., 

Chesapeake, va. 
bcnz, Jeffrey lee, 915 esplanade manor, 

pelhan, n. y. 
bcrdine, nancy jane, 6947 willow, falls 

church, va. 
*bcrgmon, juris george, ft. defiance, va. 
bcrnhords, victor frederick, 3208 fox mill 

rd., oakton, va. 


*berry, bonnie, rt. ^i^l, hinton, va. 
berry, douglas leon, elkton, va. 
berry, martha lynn, 2300 gtnter St., 

richmond, va. 
berry, suson Jacqueline, rt. jj], 

lexington, vo. 
berryman, elaine jcyner, surry, vo. 
bertr, betsy jane, 5428 susquehanna dr., 

Virginia beach, vo. 
beverage, marietta, monterey, va. 
beveridge, eiizobeth hunter, 106 ringfinger, 

Williamsburg, vo. 
beydler, dorothy lee rosen, 116 s. main st., 

bridgewater, va, 
bibb, deborah leigh, 5600 white oak dr., 

lynchburg, vo, 
bibb, linda louise, 318 s. dogwood dr., 

weyers cove, va, 
bibb, rebecca lee, 7610 timberlake rd,, 

lynchburg, va. 
bier, emilie marie, welcome oaks, bent 

mountain, vo. 
bier, paulette, 8706 parliament dr., 

Springfield, va. 
bigdcn, frederick ougustus, 214 maple St., 

Winchester, vo, 
biggs, Cheryl |o, 8 birch knoll rd., 

Wilmington, del. 
biller, dionne kay, timbervilte, vo. 
billhjmer, thomas leroy, rt. ^2, 

broodwoy, va. 
billingsley, mary suson, 300 greenwood dr., 

fredicksburg, vo. 
billingsley, linda sue, 3 meode court, 

fredericksburg, vo. 
bilott), noldeen eleno, 4717 brookside dr., 

olexondrio, va. 
binghom, potricia goil, 9305 university 

blvd., richmond, va. 
birch, donolyn kaye, 13 modelaine ave., 

old bridge, n. j. 
brrckhcod, rose marie, 624 watson ove., 

Charlottesville, vo. 
birkcland, corla onnette, 3509 queen onne 

dr,, fairfox, vo. 
bishop, ruth Christine, 1415 brookville lane, 

lynchburg, vo. 
bivins, morgoret clifton, 218 Crittenden 

lone, newport news, vo. 
bivens, shoron gayle, norrows, vo. 
black, morille onn, broadway, va. 
blair, gory ronold, 109 n, edison St., 

orlington, vo. 
blair, judy lynn. box 612, gretna, va. 
blonchais, chnstiane autionette, 35 rue 

gobrielle josseiangd, 93 pantin, france 
bland, onn french, 208 dixie ave., 

harrisonburg, vo, 
blinkovitch, nonette mory, 942 Caroline st., 

woodbridge, va. 
bliss, jane frances, st. James school, 

St. jomes, md. 
blose, nancy I., 212 governors la., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
blot, bernice olive, 9015 michaux la., 

richmond, vo. 
biythe, jomes normon, 30 lindo dr., 

nawport news, vo, 
boord, terry woyne, vinton, va. 
boaz, jone marie, clifton forge, va. 
boesch, carol onn, 613 stonewall St., 

lexington, va. 
bohning, phyllis spongier, 7014 calamo St., 

Springfield, vo. 
bolond, marie eiizobeth, 2412 corendish dr., 

olexondrio, va. 
boldridge, potricia lee, rfd #1, 

rixeyville, vo. 
boley, corol ann, 2003 beltfield rd., 

olexondrio, vo. 
boley, wondalyn goye, box 43, 

Ivnch stotion, vo. 
bollinger, onn morio, 16 molcom dr., 

Westminster, md. 
bond, esther foye, pulaski, vo. 
bond, susie onn, box 14, orange, vo. 
bonner, shirley jean, apt. #304, 5420 

n. morgan st., olexondrio, vo. 
booker, morgoret jone, 401 delton ave., 

hopewell, vo. 
booker, nancy lee, 401 delton ove., 

hopewell, vo. 
boone, kothleen mora, 3114 fortune rd., 

richmond, vo. 
booth, ellen corinne, 2913 irvington rd., 

foils church, va. 
booth, emmo frances, concord, va. 
booth, linda ashley, 1230 stenhope ave., 

richmond, vo. 
booth, lindo gail, 2312 s. rondolph st., 

orlington, vo. 
boothe, William joy, 1702 poige St., 

Staunton, vo. 
bordanaro, iris thcresa, 241 congomond 

rd., west suffield, conn. 
bornhoft, melody onne, 7701 killebrew dr., 

onnandole, vo. 
bost, corolyn eiizobeth, 2901 borrington rd., 

richmond, va. 
bot+s, leslie onn, nokesville, vo. 
bothwell, jone paulin, 31 1 Virginia ove., 

olexondrio, va. 
boueher, michele onn, 2835 boiling rd., 
falls church, va. 

bouchcy, laurie lee, 691 1 rosemont dr., 

mcleon, vo. 
boutcillcr, noncy ellen, 6016 woodland 

terrace, mcleon, vo. 
bowen, noncy onn, 7673 newcostle dr., 

onnandole, vo, 
bowers, lindo foye, 6121 meodowview la., 

mechonicsville, vo. 
bowling, warren g,, 2015 12th st., 

lynchburg, va. 
bowlcs, mortho onn, worsow, vo. 
bowling, cloro moe, tozewell, vo, 
bowmon, kotherine korol, 575 second St., 

hornsonburg, vo, 
bowmon, lowrcnce alien, 1165 oshby 

heights, harrisonburg, vo, 
bowman, morgoret onne, rt. #7, 

harrisonburg, vo, 
bowman, noncy jone, 1165 Westmoreland dr., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
bowman, shoron rebecca, mt. jackson, vo. 
bowycr, wonda ann, rt. #3, box 226, 

blocksburg, vo. 
boycrs, peggy lou, keezletown, va, 
boycrski, april louise, 5006 regency pi., 

alexandria, vo, 
boyle, moureen eiizobeth, 13 book lone, 

levittoun, long islofid, n.y. 
boyle, melisso jeon, 1010 foirwoy dr., 

Vienna, vo, 
bozard, williom louis, 2550 traymore rd., 

richmond, vo. 
bozzuffi, John fronk, 124 Washington St., 

hockettstown, n. j. 
brodford, beverly joon, nework, md. 
bradford, sandro lee, 26 wolfe st., 

Winchester, vo 
brodlcy, borboro odele, 209 weslcy dr., 

hogerstown, md. 
brodlcy, bonnie beo, 2637 w. main st., 

Waynesboro, vo. 
bradmon, cynthio b., 43 pork St., 

bordcntown, n. j. 
brodshaw, christine thompson, rt. jSt6, 

box 53-s, horrisonburg, vo. 
brodshaw, jeonne morie, 968 lebonon dr., 

orlington, VQ. 
braithwaitc, rodney lynn, 1 64 1 s. main, 

hornsonburg, vo, 
brandt, vicki marie, rt. #1, rustsburg, va. 
bronnon, volerio morvis, rt. #1, box 356, 

oppomottox, vo. 
branum, John longdon, 2309 cortlond st., 

Waynesboro, vo, 
braun, cotherine onn, 543 duncan ove,, 

olexondrio, vo. 
braun, morie terese, 543 e. duncan st., 

olexondrio, va, 
braxton, lueresio carol, rt. #1, 

fishersville, va. 
broy, morgoret eiizobeth, 291 grotton st,, 

Winchester, vo, 
bray, potricia eddo, 326 bloke circle, 

hompton, va. 
brceden, wonda June, revo, vo, 
breen, denise onne, 3531 devon dr., 

falls church, vo, 
brehont, bonnie lou, 10 elijoh st,, 

norwich, conn, 
breneman, deborah may, box 62, 

timberville, vo, 
brewstwer, beverly ann, hwy, 77, 

deerfield, n, j. 
brill, jone eiizobeth, 5208 rovens worth rd., 

Springfield, va. 
brili, koren eileen, Woodstock, va. 
bristow, brendo storr, rt. #1, box 76, 

manassas, vo. 
britfingham, dolores onn, laurel hwy., 

millsboro, del. 
britton, suson munn, 313 vine st., 

stounton, vo, 
broe, maureen louise, 11776 e. outer dr,, 

detroit, mich. 
brooks, lindo carol, 1 1 1 locust lane, 

donville, va. 
brooks, page leslie, 5107 dorchester rd., 

richmond, va. 
brooks, sandro lee, gordonsville, va. 
brown, beverly mory, 431 moss ave. 

norfolk, va, 
brown, cheryl lee, 8814 p, three 

chopt rd., richmond, va. 
brown, deborah koy, 721 1 calamo St., 

Springfield, va. 
brown, diane kothleen, 6420 woodville 

dr., foils church, vo. 
brown, florence eiizobeth, 3954 persim- 

mod St., fairfox, va. 
brown, linda Virginia, 2408 n. roosevelt, 

orlington, vo. 
brown, morgoret adoire, 123 Wyoming 

ove., Portsmouth, va. 
brown, peggie louise, 4347 tellico rd,, 

n, w,, roanoke, va, 
brown, shoron lynn, 5113 bradford dr., 

onnandole, vo. 
brown, sheridon lynn, 1418 locust 

ove., biockburg, va. 
brown, suson elaine, solem, va. 

Winchester vo. 
brown, williom dean, 4508 peacock ove., 
alexandria, vo. 

brownetl, loura stuort, 1730 tomerisk 

court, Vienna, va. 
brownoll, susan morie, bluemont, vo. 
browning, pomelo onn, shipman, vo. 
brubaker, suson onn, 6413 ouli land 

dr., alGxondrio, vo, 
brucc, bonny eloise, box 331, rt. jjfl, 

oppomottox, va, 
bruce, morgoret foye, 8205 chipple- 

gote st,, richmond, vo. 
bruce, mory ellen, 8203 brookfield rd., 

richmond, vo. 
bruce, robert dorrough, 3612 seminary ove., 

richmond, va. 
bruen, lindo )o, 3716 donno lone, 

onnondole, vo. 
brumback, omy ellen, rt. #4, box 476, 

Winchester, vo. 
brumback, julie b,, 1187 nelson dr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
brunk, judy carol, rt. #1, box 123, 

mt. solon, vo, 
brust, lois lynn, 781 1 jonsen dr., 

Springfield, vo. 
bryan, williom e., doyton, vo. 
bryant, drucillo. 168 yeordley dr., 

newport news, vo. 
bryant, goyle onn, 7701 morileo rd., 

richmond, vo. 
bryant, nancy orlene, surry, vo. 
bryant, rebecca lee, roselond, vo, 
buchonan, roger dole, scholk rd. 1, 

monchester, md, 
buchonan, ronald thomas, 1008 ardmore dr., 

lynchburg, vo. 
budd, ruth lorroine, hocks neck, vo. 
budcJis, mary kothleen, 4203 wilkensour dr., 

boltimore, md. 
buhl, borboro zirkle, box 21 1, 

new morket, vo. 
bullard, kothleen, det, I, 374th tow, 

opo. son froncisco, colif. 
bullock, lindo lou, 507 s. main st., 

Suffolk, vo. 
bumbaugh, edwin chorles, 1360 mt. Clinton 

pike, horrisonburg, vo. 
bumgardncr, woodford glen, horrison st,, 

orlington, va. 
bundy, jo corter, 508 ridgetop rd., 

richmond, vo. 
bunting, eloin, golf course rd., 

oceon city, md, 
bunting, gerold lee, laurel highwoy, 

millsboro, del. 
buorg, suson lyn, 219 oak lone, cranford, n.j, 
burch, helen ruth, 5119 n. 25th rd,, 

orlington, va. 


burcham, donna kaye, 1921 n. talbott pL, 

Waynesboro, va. 
burdefte, carol ellis, 7925 Washington ave., 

alexondria, va. 
burford, patricia ann, 7120 kerr dr., 

Springfield, vo. 
burgess, darlene onn, 1720 susquehannock 

dr., mclean, va. 
burgess, janet leigh, 1504 gatewood rd., 

newport news, va. 
burian, brenda gail, 1302 high ave., 

hopewell, va. 
burke, carol hazel, 1508 longfellow dr., 

cherry hill, n.j. 
burke, nancy cloire, 7001 tyndole St., 

mcleon, va. 
burke, pameia kay, 4015 buckner rd., 

alexandria, va. 
burkholder, sue marion, rt. #6, 

harrisonburg, va. 
burner, barbara rebecca, luray, va. 
burner, nanette withers, mcgaheyville, va. 
burnette, alido denlse, 6701 cimerron St., 

Springfield, vo. 
burnette, beverly jane, 20 pleasant hill rd., 

owings mills, md. 
burnett, corolinda phillips, earlysvtile, va. 
burnham, mary anne, 104 chestnut hill lane, 

reisterstown, md. 
burns, jana Christine, box 386, dahlgren, va. 
burns, jean frances, box 386, dahlgren, va. 
burns. Undo eloine, 4801 stornoway dr., 

richmond, va. 
burns, martha anne, dahlgren, va. 
burrell, wjlliam rodney, king george, va. 
burroughs, mary rosalind, aylett, va. 
burroughs, nancy lee, hilltop circle, 

brookside, n.j. 
burroughs, sally ann, moq 2317 marine corps 

base, camp lejeume, n.c. 
burrows, geroldine leigh, 334 sherwood ave., 

Staunton, va. 
burton, susan carol, rt. #2, box 2213, 

Virginia beach, va. 
bury, richard k., leesburg, va. 
bush, Cheryl diane, box 300, Winchester, va. 
bushong, emery goodloe, Woodstock, va. 
bussey, marilyn elizabeth, 3915 Oliver rd., 

n.e., roanoke, vo. 
'butcher, karen, 23 loily la., 

centereach, n.y. 
butcher, kothryn marie, box 514, 

danielson, conn. 
butler, gary burnside, rt. #2, box 684, 

fredicksburg, va. 
butler, gloria fay, stofford, va. 
buzzard, donold dean, clifton forge, va. 
byers, bonnie lou, millerstown, pa. 
byrd, barbara ann, p.o. 551, bridgewater, va. 
byrd, Carolyn faye, rt, #4, box 433, 

Suffolk, va. 
byrne, Catherine patricia, 11 mckinley ave., 

w. caldwell, n.j. 
byrum, Joan morris, 2300 river oaks dr., 

Chesapeake, va. 
cadden, Virginia hinkins, strasburg, va. 
cadmus, shirley e,, rt. #9, box 468, 

bayville, n.j, 
cahoon, linda alice, 212 bath st., 

cliftan forge, va. 
colder, patricia louise, rt. #2, box 68, 

manassas, va. 
caldwell, sandra lynn, oppomattox, vo. 
calhoun, jean kathryn, 413 auburn ave., 

radford, va. 
callts, margaret anne, 406 caltis rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
*caniden, Joyce, box 125, elkton, va. 
comelio, cherly denise, 401 granite ave,, 

richmond, va. 
camp, daria lynn, 8305 little river tpk., 

annandale, vo. 
Campbell, connie rae, rt. #1, box 90, 

sterling, va. 
Campbell, harofd dennis, rustsburg, vo. 
Campbell, jacquelyn fay, 9019 michaux lane, 

richmond, va. 
Campbell, Janice moubray, 159 w. 

rockingham st., elkton, va. 
compbell, Judith anne, rt. #1, box 104, 

sterling, va. 
Campbell, kathryn robinettc, 308 n. bank st., 

luray, va. 
Campbell, lois elizabeth, 7 anita dr., 

Westminster, md. 
Campbell, mary louise, 2412 crest, 

alexandria, va. 
Campbell, sharon lynn, 36 cave rd., 

luray, va. 
Campbell, sherida kay, roseland, va. 
camper, judith anne, unionville, va. 
candeo, bonnie jane, box 44-g, rt. #3, 

luroy, va. 
cannadoy, martha wingfield, 9107 Oakland 

circle, lynchburg, va. 
cantrell, lucy sanford, 15 penarth, 

cynwyd, pa. 
capar, karen evelyn, 7156 floyd ave., 

Springfield, vo. 
cappeto, micheal a., 1212 stuyvesant ave., 

union, n.j. 
carbaugh, wayne winter, rt. #3, 

Winchester, vo, 
corey, shoron j., 721 stonwick rd., 

moorestown, n.j. 

earicofe, jerry dine, rt. #1, bridgewater, va. 
caricofe, marilyn, rt. #1, bridgewater, va. 
carlock, pomelo jean, 1345 conneticut ave., 

n.w., Washington, d.c. 
Carlson, cappie doyle, 21 1 51st St., 

Virginia beach, va. 
carmicheal, anna blanche, rt. #1, 

penn loird, va. 
carpenter, Jeffrey lynn, 91 1 s. west St., 

culpepper, va. 
corpenter, karen sue, 394 Jackson St., 

apt. 107, warrenton, va. 
carpenter, phyllis gouldman, port royal, vo. 
carper, ronald woyne, miller heights, va. 
carr, mandy jane, 715 spring valley dr., 

fredericksburg, va. 
carr, rita lou, corrsville, va. 
carrier, lowrence olen, box 841, 49 broad st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
carrier, Itoyd ray, penn laird, va. 
carrington, eleonor elizabeth, 331 king 

george ave., s.w., roanoke, va. 
Carroll, Constance elizabeth, 3640 somme 

ave., norfolk, vo. 
Carroll, roy I., 549 Winchester ave., 

Waynesboro, va. 
carson, juanita diane, 102 vaiden dr., 

Williamsburg, va. 
carter, elizabeth anne, 6701 bellamy, 

Springfield, va. 
carter, gloria ann, 601 changler horfier dr., 

Portsmouth, va. 
carter, linda mae, 646 woddel St., 

lexington, vo. 
carter, nancy alice, 7714 harwood place, 

Springfield, va. 
carver, susan paige, 1436 s. midland heights, 

Covington, va. 
case, linda lou, 7070 idylwood rd., 

falls church, va. 
case, priscilla Wallace, 285 newman st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
cason, Joyce jane, 310 onn st., staunton, va. 
cason, Steven lynn, 120 bookerdole rd., 

Waynesboro, va. 
cossada, nancy lee, 1403 south ave., 

south boston, va. 
cossell, Wynne etta, 3804 tall oak ct., 

annandale, va, 
cassidy, onne louise, 4700 s. 8th st., 

arlington, va. 
cassidy, howard russell, 219 fraser la., 

Staunton, vo, 
cassidy, marguerite maria, 1756 harte st,, 

baldwin, n.y. 
cassidy, martha jean, 219 fraser la., 

Staunton, va. 
castle, bern howlond, grottoes, vo. 
catalano, nadine marie, 202 occoquan rd., 

woodbridge, va. 
catlett, susan darlene, 1757 magnolia ave., 

buena vista, va. 
catron, kathie m., 6830 greenway dr., 

roanoke, va. 
cave, rosemary eileen, box 183, Stanley, va. 
covcdo, morsha gail, 260 losalle ave., 

hampton, va. 
Cecil, susan ethel, centreville, md. 
cerny, jean fronces, rt. #1, box 185-cl-, 

Petersburg, va. 
cato, philip robert, 3509 birchwood rd., 

roanoke, va. 
chace, evelyn m., 117 country club dr., 

Warwick, r.i. 
chalker, saundro lee, 8117 branchwood ct., 

norfolk, va. 
chapman, ellen marie, 2749 e. meadow dr., 

Chesapeake, va. 
chapman, lydio j., 1818 n. monroe, 

arlington, vo. 
chappie, bonnie abbott, 8807 anne tucker 

lo,, alexandria, va. 
chappell, mory gray, rt. #1, box 485, 

dinwiddie, va. 
Charlton, kathy sue, 483 va. ave., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
chornock, ellen elizabeth, 723 essex st,, 

tappohannock, va. 
charouhis, gregory wayne, 812 s. oak St., 

arlington, vo. 
chavis, janet leigh, 212 prince george ave., 

hopewell, va. 
chernault, debra joan, box 109, rt. #1, 

oppomattox, vo. 
chew, richard lee, 46 contrell ove., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Chiang, Joseph, 100 woodridge ave., 

silver spring, md. 
chin, Shirley mae, 3551 waverly blvd., 

richmond, vo. 
chiriboga, frederick, cosilla 383, 

guotomolo, central americQ 
chittum, cheryl leigh, 664 highland ave., s,e., 

roanoke, vo. 
chittum, wayne edword, 910 cellicello st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
chitwood, sandra leigh, 7428 barrens rd., 

roanoke, va. 
cho, chang hwon, 201 pine st., 

Winchester, vo. 
chockleft, george Oliver, 121 houston St., 

lexington, va. 
Christ, linda anne, 6737 wakefield dr., 
olexondrio, va. 

christian, dorothy jean, 2013 pelden rd., 

adelphi, md. 
christian, sue ellen, 2316 Cortland, 

Waynesboro, vo. 
Christiana, Virginia mary, 2301 n. roosevelt 

St., arlington, va. 
Christopher, roger I., 1757 central ave., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
ciguzis, maija guna, 3511 davenport St., 

Washington, d.c. 
cimburke, sandra kay, rt. ^5, box 493, 

Petersburg, va. 
ciuffreda, vicki lynn, 6709 coachman dr., 

Springfield, vo. 
Clancy, maureen, 48 riverview st., 

walden, n.y. 
dark, cynthio kay, 403 devon rd., 

Staunton, vo. 
c!ark, dano marie, rt. :^2, lexington, va. 
dark, donna jean, 302 newberne St., 

lynchburg, va, 
dark, elizabeth nell, clifton forge, va. 
dark, frances lou, goode, vo. 
dark, geri lynn, 402 s. Washington st., 

molford, del. 
dork, james donald, 462 green st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
dark, margie ellen, 720 s. alleghony ave., 

Covington, va. 
dark, patricia anne, rt. #6, box 358, 

richmond, va. 
dark, rebecca onn, 3234 valley dr., 

alexandria, va. 
dark, robert wayne, 157 cardinal dr., 

woodbridge, va. 
dork, Sharon jane, 7418 Chatham St., 

sprmgfield, vo. 
dork, Shirley onn, 1012 sheridon ave., 

Charlottesville, va. 
dark, susan lyn, 7807 rebel dr., 

annandale, va. 
Clarke, martha wilson, 1220 reservoir st., 

harrisonburg, va, 
dorkc, susan gayle, 107 n. baker St., 

Charlottesville, va. 
clary, rebecca diane, gasburg, va. 
dattcrbaugh, rhondo louise, 325 grubert 

ave,, Staunton, va. 
clattcrbuck, kcnneth wayne, 227 creek ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
clay, betty I., rt. #5, box 90-b, richmond, va. 
Clayton, susan milward, 613 grayson ave,, 

richmond, va. 
cloytor, judy ann, 3312 groveton St., 

alexandria, va. 
doyton, sandra joan, rt. #1, box 258, 

tazewell, va. 
clegg, barbara onn, wicomico church, va. 
clem, John graydon, rt. #3, box 5, 

edinburg, va, 
dements, myra elizabeth, soludo, va. 
cicmmer, joan marie, star route b, 

Staunton, va. 
dine, diane carol, 444 dixie ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
dine, William sessions, 595 moin st,, 

trappc-collegevllle, pa. 
clincdrnst, judy anne, mt. solon, va. 
cruse, emmett eugene, box 756, 

Waynesboro, va, 
dincdinst, Virginia louise, p.o, box 632, 

mt, solon, va. 
coaklcy, robert leroy, 1036 toppin blvd,, 

harrisonburg, va, 
cobb, betty arehort, fairfield, va. 
cobb, candice celeste, rt. #2, franklin, va, 
cobb, helen marie, rfd 1, box 229-a, 

esmont, va. 
cobb, sora brett, 1419 robin hood rd., 

lynchburg, va. 
cochran, yvonne marie, 100 melrose place, 

mortinsville, vo. 
cockrcll, anne carol, rt. #2, box 413, 

heothsvillc, va. 
coffcit, leslie jone, 433 n, manchester st., 

arlington, vo. 
coffey, andrca barlow, box 685, 

Staunton, va. 
cogliondro, patricia carol, 1029 kempoville 

rd., Chesapeake, va. 
cohen, esther josefa, box 387, 

bridgewater, va. 
colow, sandra louise, 6401 old dominion dr., 

mcleon, va. 
Colbert, Christine willo, box 706, 

purcellville, vo. 
Colby, kimberly d., 1507 ramblewood way, 

pleasanton, calif. 
cole, onn meredith, 3214 maryland ave., 

richmond, va. 
cole, anne brooke, 7402 chattam St., 

Springfield, va. 
cole, carl e., 107 beverly st., hampton, va. 
cole, david charles, 4614 muggleton rd., 

Wilmington, del. 
cole, jack lewis, 129 hubbard lane, 

Williamsburg, vo. 
cote, morcio lea, 1708 boltic ave., 

virginio beoch, va. 
colebank, susan gail, 205 beasiey dr., 

Portsmouth, va. 
colcmon, constonce lee, 1176 Sheffield dr., 

lynchburg, va. 
colemon, martha roe, box 54, boydton, va. 


coleman, Virginia koy, 805 n. mecklenburg 

ave., south hill, va. 
colcmon, williom mark, 614 thomas rd., 

iynchburg, va. 
eoley, beverly gail, 2409 fairview dr., 

alexandrrc, va. 
Collins, guy fletcher, 3100 baotersea la., 

otexandria. va. 
Collins, frances Catherine, 399 florida ave., 

herndon, va. 
Collins, kathryn leonore, 1317 knox pi., 

alexandria, vo. 
Collins, mory Harmon, 117 Washington ave., 

Charlottesville, va. 
Collins, vicki rose, 2356 leeward shore dr., 

Virginia beach, va. 
Collins, Virginia bedford, 6821 norsmont dr., 

mclean, va. 
colver, Vickie lynn, 1204 edgewood ave., 

Chesapeake, va. 
colvig, cheri lynn, 7613 ontionette dr., 

richmond, va. 
combs, gcil sharon, peorisburg, vo. 
combs, lorry david, rt. #1, broadwoy, va. 
combs, sondro chorlene, rt. #2, 

Woodstock, vo. 
comer, Judith foye, shenondooh, vo. 
comer, Virginia frances, rt. jjfl, box 330, 

Stanley, va. 
compton, carl steven, 7815 roswell dr., 

foils church, vo. 
Condon, chorlene donell, 13205 kara lane, 

silver springs, md. 
conis, james normon, 647 s. mason St., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
conlon, Virginia lee, 2712 mosby St., 

alexandria, vo. 
Connelly, joon morie, gladys, va. 
Conner, donold ray, 1 105 second st., 

south boston, vo. 
conniff, brion thomas, 6604 byrnes dr., 

mclean, va. 
Conner, martho ellen, box 681, doyton, va. 
conroy, robert dennis, 10902 pohick rd., 

foirfox stotion, vo. 
conti, lourence george, 404 commonwealth 

ave., trenton, n.j. 
eonwoy, mory leilo, kilmornock, vo. 
conway, purcell george, rt. #4, box 344, 

fredicksburg, vo. 
conyers, ado b., rt. #3, staunton, vo. 
cook, Carolyn lone, box 32, newsoms, va. 
cook, charlotte nancy, 7603 hampshire rd., 

richmond, va. 
cook, linda mae, 1107 preston dr., 

Staunton, vo. 
cooksey, Jacqueline marie, newburg, md. 
coolbough, cynthia lee, 8704 cromwell dr., 

Springfield, va. 
coombs, Joyce ann, 5031 swinton dr., 

fairfox, vo. 
cooper, carol lee, rfd 3, box 1 17, 

reisterstown, md. 
cooper, donold glen, purcellville, va. 
cooper, janie wanono, rt. #2, doyton, vo. 
cooper, Judith rhea, rt. #3, saltsvitle, va. 
cooper, linda sue, route 2, horrisonburg, vo. 
cooper, martha lee, 2 plazo dr., 

hompton, vo. 
cooper, noncy dale, cotlett, vo. 
cooper, sherry lou, 1200 ocean rd., 

spring lake heights, n.j. 
corbin, norma p., box 55a, bridgewater, vo. 
cordell, donna christino, 3809 stonybrook dr., 

york, pa. 
eorell, rebecca jane, pearisburg, va. 
Cornelius, many cotherine, areola, vo. 
corneliussen, nancy jone, 4412 delroy dr., 

Virginia beach, va, 
cornwell, borbora ann, rt. #2, monossos, va. 
corso, lucindo onn, 9213 glenbrook rd., 

foirfax, va. 
corso, peter michoel, 198 frederick ove., 

bobylon, n.y. 
cosby, pomelo lee, box 3262, bon oir, va. 
cossar, ivono lucia, v. teodoro, 5, 

oquileia-udine, italy 
cougill, nancy jean, penn loird, vo. 
covert, trudy faye, 119 riverpoint cres., 

Portsmouth, va, 
Covington, joonne Christine, 4500 new kent 

ove., richmond, va, 
Covington, Virginia lee, rt. #1, milford, vo. 
cowles, mortha jone, 5381 songer ove., 

#250, alexandria, va. 
cowne, katherine may, rt. #4, leesburg, vo. 
coy, elizobeth onn, st. poul, vo. 
cox, jone ellen, 2703 clear springs blvd., 

york, po. 
cox, deboroh dare, 1008 lake court ove., 

Iynchburg, vo. 
cox, nancy lynn, 6228 yellowstone dr., 

olexondrio, vo. 
croy, linda lee, 1906 kenwood blvd., s.e., 

roanoke, va. 
Curtis, dorothy elaine, h-27 cortlidge dr., 

wallops stotion, vo. 
culbertson, morgoret onn, 423 roberts way, 

aberdeen, md. 
culler, howard doniel, 2103 hoycock rd., 

foils church, vo. 
cullop, Shirley jean, 1 10 thurston ave., n.c, 

roanoke, vo. 
Culpepper, lorry gene, 912 Jewell ove., 

Portsmouth, vo. 

cummings, fronces Sinclair, 213 Cherokee rd., 

hampton, vo. 
cummins, joonne touise, 524 boer ove., 

honover, pa. 
cunncen, potricio o., 191 atlontic ave., 

hampton, vo. 
Cunningham, gail blair, rt. ^S, 

horrisonburg, vo. 
curron, sally, 609 dole dr., 

virginio bcoch, vo. 
curry, lindo Ice, rt. #2, lovettsville, vo. 
curry, pomelo anne, rt. if 2, 

lovettsville, vo. 
Curtis, mory leslie, 9976 vole rd., Vienna, va. 
cushing, thomas richard, 121 second St., 

dancllen, n.j. 
cutchin, nancy onn, 125 s. budding ove., 

virginiO beach, vo. 
cutright, Judy koy, rt. #1, Woodstock, vo. 
croddock, phillip douglas, 4845 n. 13th st., 

arhngton, vo. 
croft, robert preston, rt. #5, lexington, vo. 
croghcod, sylvio jone, altomont, 

Covington, vo. 
croig, kenny clemmer, rt, ^}, 

middiebrook, vo. 
croig, priscillo dietrich, 3707 merlin woy, 

onnandole, vo. 
crompton, phyllis ruth, 1107 inglewood, 

arlington, va. 
crone, dorothy suson, 6614 granby St., 

norfolk, vo. 
croun, lois evans, rt, #2, bridgewater, vo. 
Crawford, John colemon, 144 e. gilliom st,, 

langhorne, po. 
Crawford, rodney goreth, 114 north st., 

elkton, vo. 
Crawford, suson shreve, 8322 blowing 

rock rd., alexandria, vo. 
creasy, addie suson, 928 norbourne ave., 

vinton, vo, 
creasy, onne teresa, golox, va, 
cregar, elizobeth ann, box 373, urbonno, vo. 
crews, Clayton derek, modison heights, vo. 
crickard, sally lee, 322 morr St., 

stounton, vo. 
crickcnberger, donno r., box 68, ivy, vo. 
crider, liso e., 1111 mople St., lancoster, pa. 
crider, morcella louise, broadwoy, vo. 
crim, elizobeth anne, box 741, 

new market, vo. 
criser, linda carol, worm springs, vo, 
crismond, dianne corol, vinton, vo. 
crist, richard alien, 841 s. dogwood, 

horrisonburg, vo. 
cromcr. gloria jone, oronge, vo. 
cromwell, shelia Jennifer, 328 n. mechanic 

st,, Cumberland, md. 
cronk, mory jane, goshen, vo. 
crosby, sondro goy, box 25, staunton, va. 
cross, carol onne, 4226 Winchester dr., 

Portsmouth, va. 
crossom, lee beth, 4131 locust lo., 

foirfax, vo. 
crouch, koren eloine, 2833 boiling rd., 

falls church, va. 
crouch, sharon virginio, 2833 boiling rd., 

falls church, vo. 
crouse, shoron elizobeth, rt. ^2, box 40b, 

morion, va. 
dailey, lindo ellen, 604 yeonas, Vienna, va. 
daibow, linda grogg, box 1213, 

horrisonburg, vo, 
dole, abbie, 4913 dodson dr., onnondoie, va. 
dole, moriom, 4913 dodson dr., 

onnandole, vo. 
dollis, deboroh ruth, 657 pine ove., 

woynesboro, vo. 
dolton, robert lee, jr., rt. #4, box 86, 

gretna, va, 
dalton, ross arthur, sr., 62 oaklyn ave., 

norristown, pa. 
domeron, onne leigh, white stone, vo. 
daman, micheol alien, rt. #2, 457 barter- 
brook rd,, stounton, va. 
doniel, delores, dionne, olberto, vo. 
doniel, donold lee, rfd 1, box 94, 

modison, vo. 
doniel, karen sue, 5913 n. 35th st., 

arlington, vo. 
daniels, bryon eugene, 313 spotsylvonnio st,, 

monossos, va. 
daniels, soroh jane, 748 moyfield ove., 

norfolk, vo. 
darby, mortha brown, valley trailer pork, 

purcellville, va. 
dorcey, shelio ann, 431 creek crossing, 

Vienna, va, 
dorcus, sheary onn, 1907 w. beverly St., 

stounton, va. 
dorr, deboroh lynn, 4932 n. 14th st., 

arlington, vo. 
dorr, lloyd douglos, 1302 n. nelson, 

orlington, vo. 
darrin, gorney lewis, 272 e. grotten st,, 

horrisonburg, va. 
dart, corolyn jeonne, 1613 dublin rd., 

Charlottesville, va. 
dougherty, connie sue, mathios, w. vo. 
davenport, deboroh c, 410 beouregord ave., 

manassas, va. 
davidson, oimo maria, box 104, ashburn, vo- 
dovidson, Jessie christino, box 104, 

ashburn, va, 
dovidson, mark glauss, rt. #2, holland, va. 

davidson, shirley anne, 9 woodside dr., 

milford, del. 
davies, vera ghelson, 4131 chain bridge rd., 

foirfox, vo. 
davis, onno diehl, rt, #3, box 135, 

blockstone, vo. 
davis, o!mo morie, 1 16 beauregard st., 

fredicksburg, va. 
davis, bettie anne, box 216, rt. :f^^ , 

bloirs, vo. 
davis, brendo lee, sunset dr., doyton, vo. 
davis, corolyn sue, 424 s. linden ave., 

Waynesboro, va. 
davis, dovid edward, iii, 1811 wokefield 

rd., s.w,, roanoke, va. 
davis, deboroh key, 323 riverside dr., 

seoford, del. 
davis, helen bernice, 493 whealton rd., 

hampton, vo, 
davis, irma kay, box 128, a3hland, vo. 
davis, jean jester, 5013 s. 23th st,, 

arlington, vo, 
dovis, John bowman, 503 oak, lone, 

Waynesboro, vo. 
davis, linda faye, rt. ^2, mortinsvitle, va. 
dovis, morilyn, 187 cloverdole st,, 

Salisbury, md. 
davis, mary potricio, 2009 foil hill, 

fredicksburg, vo. 
davis, nancy lee, box 754, toppohannock, va. 
davis, norma olene, rt, #2, mortinsville, vo. 
dovis, shelio marie, 6704 n. 31st St., 

arlington, vo. 
dovis, Stephen paul, rt. #1, box 110, 

montross, vo. 
davis, susan kiernan, 7100 enterprise ave., 

mclean, vo. 
dawson, onn, defense general supply center, 

richmond, vo. 
davison, onn rutledge, 2612 northfields rd., 

chorlottesville, va. 
dawson, Jackie morie, rt, #3, box 205, 

natholie, va. 
dawson, barbara jeon, box 214, 

bluemont, vo. 
dawson, donna louise, 221 cypress rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
dawson, Judy, defense general supply center, 

richmond, va. 


dowson, kathryn louise, 5110 echols ave., 

alexandria, va. 
deodrick, mary louise, 465 cardinal dr., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
deon, betsy suzanne, rt. #1, box 12, 

keezletown, va. 
deen, bonnie eilen, 815 deioware st., 

Virginia beoch, vo. 
dean, brenda iou, rt. ^^3, box 286 

eikton, va. 
dean, deborah ann, box 815, eikton, va. 
dean, dotty Iou, warm springs, va. 
dean, Jennifer ann, rt. ^2, Harrisonburg, va. 
deon, Julio aldrich, 60 white St., 

littleton, mass. 
dean, karen irene, 401 hompton ct., 

falls church, vo. 
deon, patricio, church hill, md. 
dean, shoron kay, 300 s. stuart, eikton, va. 
dearain, anna morie, 371 newtown rd., 

wyckoff, n. j. 
dcarmon, ira alexonder, 219 broadway, 

bel air, md. 
deavers, brenda corolyn, 1416 franklin 

ave., covington, va. 
dedrick, katherine anne, comsub ron-I6 

fpo new york, n. y. 
dee, nancy ollen, holly hill, oxford, md. 
deem, lindo kathryn, 5028 n. 38th St., 

arlington, va. 
defibough, phillip wayne, 1129 bedford St., 

Cumberland, md. 
defillipo, Sharon anne, 128 joon st., 

south plainficid, n. j. 
defillipo, Valerie jean, 128 joan St., 

south plainfieid, n. j. 
dehaven, potricia ann, while post, va. 
deisher, frankie carroile, eagle rock, va. 
dekemper, kothryn ann, 1002 spring hill 

rd., Staunton, va. 
delacruz, christine ann, 333 dorset ave., 

virginio beach, va. 
dalaney, roberto ann, 216 chambers st., 

south plainfieid, n. j. 
dellingcr, douglas dean, 412-a, n. w. view 

St., bridgewater, va. 
detlinger, Josephine elizabeth, 48 alle- 

ghony St., clifton forge, va. 
dellingcr, pouline r., 217 ovahead st,, 

strosburg, va. 
demangc, margoret ann, 45 millford la., 

centereoch, n. y. 
denatale, raymond John, 80 dewey pi., 

bay shore, n. y. 
demory, david lee, 10500 Henderson rd., 

foirfax station, va. 
dendtler, michele suzanne, 1521 w. labur- 
num ave., richmond, va. 
denning, carolyn June, 3107 linden eve., 

fredericksburg, va, 
dennis, jean caton, 7815 sycamore dr., 

falls church, va. 
dennison, elise onne, 2140 orchard dr., 

south piainfield, n. j. 
denton, terry onn, 4351 carmelo dr., 

onnandale, va. 
deprlest, mortha mowry, 811 oae St., 

Staunton, va. 
deputy, noncy elliott, rt. #5, 

Harrisonburg, va. 
deringer, nancy bronaugh, gibson island, md. 
derryberry, carol ann, 7925 greeley blvd., 

Springfield, va. 
desjardins, jean ann, 1347 bill St., 

norfolk, va. 
detweiler, juanita raydene, stuarts droft, va. 
devivi lela morilyn, 320 Caroline St., 

oronge, va, 
devries, dorisann juditH, 59 lyall rd., 

clifton, n. j. 
diomond, herdi ann, 1520 mulberry St., 

Waynesboro, va. 
dickerson, larry aubrey, 428 lee ove., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
dickerson, brenda suMivan, 28 lee St., 

front royal, va. 
dickerson, deborah tynne, rt. #2, 

snow hill, md. 
dickerson, nancy ellen, 2056 westover 

ave., s. w., rconoke, va, 
dickey, noncy eileen, 705 w. nittony ave., 

state college, pa. 
dickman, fern ellen, 5806 bottwood rd., 

baltimore, md. 
didawick, deborah leigh, 1121 glorio la., 

yardly, pa. 
dtehl, deborah louise, rt. #3, box 104, 

Staunton, vo, 
dietsch, deborah, 7307 tyler ave., 

falls church, vo. 
diguardo, john-piero, 1433 oiken St., 

stouton, va. 
dillard, James smith, 47 west st., 

Warwick, r. i. 
dillard, mary b., millwood, va, 
drilman, brodley thomas, box 16, verona, va. 
dingledine, emily merritt, 320 w. view st., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
dinicola, paul louis, 1728 bellemeode 

dr., altoono, po. 
dinkle, angelo phillips, 2616 n. military rd., 

arlington, vo. 
disharoon, teresa madelyn, 10 spruce st., 
delmar, md. 


dittrlch, nancy fronklin, 7619 highland st,, 

Springfield, va. 
divers, alice faye, montvale, va. 
dixon, eloine gray, west point, va. 
dixon, linda lee, 6216 thornwood dr., 

alexandria, vo. 
dizc, marilyn onne, 4045 heutte dr., 

norfolk, va, 
dize, sue anne, box 26, tangier, vo. 
dizcr, Jeanne louise, 4 ridgewood rd., 

Williamsburg, vo. 
dodge, corol jane, 7 prince george dr., 

Hampton, vo. 
dodson, brenda faye, 207 dover rd., 

Hampton, vo. 
dodson, morie irene, 5515 selby lane, 

oxon Hill, md. 
docrflcin, donna dionne, 6202 cloud dr., 

Springfield, va, 
dominqucz, m. susona, 70 pershing ove., 

carteret, n. j. 
donald, deborah claire, 3 bustleton rd., 

burlington, n. j, 
donahuc, Catherine louise, 1727 e. blvd., 

Petersburg, vo. 
donoldson, judy ann, 204 leonard rd,, 

Portsmouth, va. 
donnell, deborah kay, 1929 cumberlond ove., 

Petersburg, vo. 
donnclly, shelia morie, 531 woodlawn rd., 

Hampton, vo. 
donahue, mary camp, 2111 n. irving st., 

arlington, va. 
doremus, peggy Iou, keller, va. 
dorscy, sue ellen, 336 fox dr., 

Winchester, va, 
doss, elizabeth onn, box 274, hurt, va. 
dotson, isabeile sprinkle, 767 s. moson st., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
doughty, Hubert Charles, exmore, va. 
doughty, joon nottinghom, cheriton, vo. 
douthat, cynthia morlene, 18 graham ove., 

bluefield, vo. 
dove, dorothy June, broodwoy, va, 
dove, george dole, rt. #4, 

Harrisonburg, va. 
dove, shoron elizobeth, linville, vo. 
dovel, jerry obeli, Stanley, vo. 
dovel, mirion louise, rt, #2, doyton, vo. 
dowdy, Cheryl lynn, rt. j^b, box 395, 

richmond, vo. 
dowdy, lois joonne, rt, ^t, box 395, 

richmond, vo, 
doyle, robert edwin, 98 emery St., 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
drake, katherine coldwell, 1833 dolmotion 

St., mclean, va. 
drance, lorraine kothleen, 5419 n. 20th st., 

arlington, vo, 
drean, cotherine powell, 313 olphin ove., 

Waynesboro, vo. 

drescher, keith douglas, 3652 truotland, 

roanoke, va. 
driver, katherine e., 1275 hillcrest dr., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
driver, rebccco virgmia, rt, it 1 . 

timberville, va. 
driword, carol burgess, 822-e cobell ave., 

Charlottesville, vo. 
dudley, Helen anito, 1506 n. edison st., 

orlington, vo, 
dudley, noncy hardy, rt. glf-S, box 282, 

Staunton, va. 
dugan, shoron onn, 6218 driftwood dr., 

alexandria, va. 
duggan, gregory Joseph, 418 woodlown ove., 

collinswood, n. j. 
dutton, deborah sue, 2210 Hickory hill rd., 

hogerstown, md. 
dulok, victorio onne, 705 Henry st., 

mechonicsburg, po. 
dulaney, margoret louise, 6719 Jefferson 

ove., falls church, vo. 
dumire, potricia onn, 35 woodlawn st., 

Portsmouth, vo. 
dunford, lourie ellen, 964 oshlond ave., 

bedford, vo. 
dunn, deborah onn, 2447 shenandooh, 

Vienna, vo. 
dunne, moureen bernadette, 8209 colebrook 

rd,, richmond, va. 
dunson, russell olan, 4632 willett dr., 

annandole, vo. 
durrctt, beverly sue, 1016 Warwick dr., 

Staunton, vo. 
durvin, morilyn faye, 106 norman dr., 

richmond, va. 
dusterhoft, slgurbjorg, 2709 fleming St., 

olexondrio, va. 
duvall, doris ellen, rt. i£ 1 , 

berryville, va. 
dwycf, Sandra lee, 121 woodbridge dr., 

woodbridge, va. 
canes, rcgino koye, 204 pork circle, 

donville, vo. 
carhort, doris onn, 1819 n, tolbott pi., 

Waynesboro, va, 
earhart, george ronold, spottswood, vo. 
eorhart, lindo darlene, rt. j^l, 

middlebrook, va. 
early, brendo jane, 83 pleosont hill rd., 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
early, koren lynn, rt. Jf 1 , horrisonburg, vo. 
coslcy, jonnie brooks, 403 cardinal St., 

stounton, vo. 
coson, elizabeth richordson, 2211 forest ove., 

buena visto, va. 
castep, borboro onne, 355 miller st., 

Winchester, vo. 
caster, elizabeth onn, 920 rose ove., 

clifton forge, vo. 
caton, joynine ontionefte, 1124 rittmon rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
cckcnrode, barboro mory, 665 walnut ove,, 

woynesboro, va. 
ecklcberry, sherryl dione, 721 blockwoter rd., 

Chesapeake, vo, 
edge, alice morie, 102 n. 3rd St., 

shennandoah, vo. 
cdwards, betty b., smithfield, vo. 
cdwords, connie marie, rt. j^ 1 , jorrott, va. 
cdwards, ethel odams, modison terrace opt. 

a-2, horrisonburg, va. 
cdwards, jeonnc Clayton, 4111 pawnee rd,, 

richmond, va. 
cdwards, morsho corol, 215 porter rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
cdwards, ricHard allon, 205 south willow st., 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
cggleston, nancy elizabeth, 1025 wilson ove., 

chambersburg, po. 
cickcr, diane palmyra, bethel academy, 

warrenton, va. 
eiscic, sondro louise, 531 kittredge dr., 

Orlando, fla. 
ciscnhart, shoron joon, 3716 noils rd., 

alexandria, vo. 
clam, betty iou, box 205, louiso, vo. 
elder, elizabeth koy, rt. it 1 , charlotte 

courthouse, va. 
cldridge, pot fronces, 44 nevell ove., 

new brunswick, n. j. 
elain, rebecco jane, the plains, vo. 
click, louranna lee, lyndhurst, vo. 
clkins, fronchon dano, 2006 dell lone, 

Wilmington, del. 
ciko, mory onn, rt. if 5, Petersburg, va, 
cller, sherrie jean, 210 mcdoniel dr., 

solem, va. 
cllicott, Christine rose, 54 ellicon lone, 

woyne, n, j. 
cllington, gwen donie, 2618 home place, 

deorborn, micH. 
elliott, morcio lynne, ardcn dr., rt. ii6, 

solisburg, md, 
elliott, rebecco louise, rt. if 1 , box 73e, 

toppahonnock, va, 
cilis, bonnie lea, 1215 barnette ave., 

mechanicsville, vo. 
cimorc, ann fleming, 7614 erie st., 

annandole, va. 
cimorc, mvra jone, 328 hunts neck rd,, 

poquoson, va. 
ellis, deborah jo, 193 odd rd., 
poquoson, va. 


ely, potricia kay, 4332 knob rd., 

richmond, va. 
emmons, frederick evert, 3209 troy ave., 

n. w., roanoke, va. 
emmons, Virginia kaomeo, 242 Cleveland 

eve., iynchburg, vo. 
emory, peggy leigh, box 413, jarrott, va. 
emswiler, meredith warren, box 201, 

broadwQv, va. 
english, frank edward, kinsale, va. 
enis, maradee ann, 7402 oriole ave., 

Springfield, va. 
enix, karen Jennifer, 89 huber rd., 

newport news, va. 
ennis, dorothy scott, 549 roosevelt st., 

harnsonburg, va. 
ensley, barbara s., mt. Crawford, va, 
erdman, richard c, 111 weaver st., 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
ericson, bonnie ruth, lakewood estates, 

Petersburg, va. 
erickson, deborah anne, 8613 cushman pi., 

alexandrio, va. 
crickson, Joseph micheol, 440 willow St., 

bordentown, n. j. 
erikson, diane ellis, 1932 relda ct., 

falls church, va. 
ervin, linda burton, 800 greenbrier St., 

covington, va. 
ervin, rebecca bethene, 5601 yorkshire st., 

Springfield, va. 
estes, lydia onn, 3306 groveton st,, 

alexandria, va. 
cubank, Joyce elizabeth, 1506 clearview rd., 

bedford, va. 
cubonk, Pamela wade, 50 hitchens lone, 

newport news, vo. 
eubank, sandra koy, 4512 colt park dr., 

Iynchburg, vo. 
cure, Pamela lynn, 4121 Caroline ave., 

Portsmouth vo. 
custace, carol lynn, rt. 3!^ 1 , box 480, 

fredicksburg, va. 
cvonchick, metro j., box 55, colver, po. 
evans, anne lee, 4604 fitzhugh ave,, 

richmond, vo. 
cvans, onza louise, 7919 spring way rd., 

baltimore, md. 
evans, betty potricia, 668 orogona blvd., 

Virginia beach, va, 
evons, david morsholl, seven fountains, va. 
evans, trances elizabeth, 243 e. queens dr., 

Williamsburg, va. 
evans, lyell mckenney, 4604 fitzhugh ove., 

richmond, vo. 
cvons, nancy marie, 8615 Stockton pkwy., 

alexandria, va. 
evans, potricia lynn, 612 lynn shores dr., 

Virginia beach, vo. 
evens, robert frank, 6202 lorkspcr dr., 

alexandria, va. 
evans, shoron elizabeth, 2107 n. armstead 

ave., hampton, va. 
evcrett, Joyce moe, 435 w. 34th St., 

norfolk, va. 
everett, saroh lucille, 223 woodsrde dr., 

woodbridge, va. 
evcrson, shoron kothleen, box 185, 

delmor, n. y. 
eynon, corol e., 81 1 1 touchstone terr., 

mclean, vo. 
fober, linda mortha, 5009 regench pi., 

olexondria, va. 
fahnestock, cephe irene, sunnyside sto., 

Winchester, va. 
faidley, mortha louise, 1227 Jefferson st., 

Clifton forge, va. 
foiles, jomes robert, jr., 312 jackson ave., 

elkton, vo. 
fairchild, polly o., 127 harvard ove., 
mansfield, Ohio 

fairficid, deborah melanie, rt. jjf*. 

harrisonburg, va. 
falkoski, patricio lean, 7 modison ave., 

old bridge, n. |. 
foil, Cynthia elizabeth, 6089 9th pi., n. 

arlington, vo. 
falls, nancy Stanley, box 314, bedford, va. 
famllant, david neil, 169 hubbard la., 

yorktown, va. 
farina, concetto potricia, 124 Joan St., 

so, ploinfield, n. j. 
farish, linda dianne, rt. jt 1 , box 683, 

crozet, vo. 
fariss, alice Christine, 315 hummingbird rd., 

richmond, vo, 
fariss, julio lee, 2216 Cambridge st., 

Iynchburg, va, 
farlcy, elizabeth olice, 300 brightwell dr., 

donvllle, vo, 
former, donno gene, 316 mossside, 

richmond, va. 
farmer, iris Virginia, hurt, va. 
former, lynn keed, 1913 woreham rd., 

baltimore, md. 
farrcll, lynne dorothy, 137 forest glen rd., 

foirfax, vo, 
farrcll, Virginia onne, 4926 beourcgard St., 

olexondria, va. 
fotale, olfred louis, 3166 Colorado rd., 

comden. n. j. 
faulconer, shoron scott, 720 chinook pi., 

Iynchburg, vo. 
fouccttc, sheryn davis, box 54, 

madison, va. 
fauvcr, potrice onn, 7609 rudderow ave., 

pennsouken, n. j. 
fauecH, henry jomes, 2701 s. 13th St., 

arlington, vo. 
fcagcns, douglas edwin, 4509 elmwood dr., 

alexandria, va. 
fcagans, linda kaye, rt. ^^3. 

Iynchburg, vo. 
fcbrcy, shorlene rita, 5400 n. 10th st., 

arlington, va. 
feldmon, mark edward, 5721 temple hills rd., 

temple hills, md, 
fellinghom, benida Joyce, 411 hampton ct., 

falls church, va. 
fellono, dennis james, 313 e. atlontic ave., 

hoddon heights, n. j. 
fclton, margaret lee, 1329 pimmit dr., 

falls church, va. 
fcrguson, cothy ann, 4019 Justine dr., 

annondole, vo. 
ferguson, potricia onn, 9 brandon rd., 

trenton, n. j. 
fcrguson, patti verne, rt, j^], box 361, 

goodview, vo. 
ferguson, roy mccloine, rt. i^2, box 504, 

Winchester, vo. 
fcrguson, susan marie, 3309 hanover ove., 

richmond, va. 
fcrnandes, susan regino, 1740 brandon dr., 

Winchester, vo. 
ferrcll, susan, 77 Wyoming ave., 

Portsmouth, va. 
fey, floyd onthony, 3365 chomblee tucker 

rd., chomblee, go. 
fey, rosemary lynn, 77 pennington ove., 

possoic, n. |. 
fields, Constance ann, box 83, 

lovingston, va. 
figg, delores lynne, 909 sonhill dr., 

Iynchburg, vo. 
fike, ronald jomes, 1057 george Washington 

Chesapeake, vo. 
fink, mory louise, 6718 fernhonce, 

annondole, va, 
finnegon, anne kothleen, 1 1 1 p>epper ove., 

richmond, vo. 

fiorc, thereso rose, 2612 oceon shore dr., 

Virginia beach, va. 
fircbaugh, leonnc koren, rt. j^], 

troutvillc, va, 
fircbaugh, rose anne, troutvillc, va. 
firck, gwendolyn jean, 34 Jefferson st., 

fredcricksburg, vo, 
fischer, linda onne, 144 orange pi., 

wayne, n, j. 
fischer, mory ann m,, new center rd,, 

somerville, n. j. 
fisher, eileen marie, 3810 Jefferson dovis 

hwy., fredicksburg, va. 
fisher, cynthio sue, 910 ivey st., s.e., 

roonoke, va. 
fisher, linda lee, dinwiddie, vo. 
fisher, therese a., 505 bolderston dr., 

exton, pa. 
fisher, Constance sue, 16 grandview dr., 

rodford, vo. 
fitr, susan ollen, 1107 mcdowell rd., 

richmond, va. 
fifzgcrald, potricia anne, 7640 long pine dr., 

Springfield, vo, 
fifzgcrald, rebecco jean, 521 linden ove., 

woyncsboro, vo. 
fitzgcrcl, nancy jean, 8311 boundbrook 

lane, alexandria, vo. 
fifzpotrick, gerry lyn, 2530 kirklyn St., 

foils church, vo. 
fitzpofrick, yvonne morlyse, 7704 bryn 

mawr rd., richmond, va. 
fitzwotcr, dianna koy, rt. ^2, swonton, md. 
flohcrty, nancy lynne, 5218 landgrave lo., 

Springfield, va. 
flakowicz, jan, 1807 stirrup lo., 

olexondria, vo. 
ficming, mory elizabeth, 7717 dobbin rd., 

nchmond, va. 
ficming, peggy jo, 2626 edinburgh dr., n. w,, 

roanoke, vo. 
fictcher, barboro onn, ashburn, vo, 
ficfcher, cotherine ruth, 4412 ben franklin 

lane, Virginia beach, vo. 
ficfcher, deborah elizabeth, 8608 woterford 

rd,, olexondria, vo. 
ficfcher, sylvio jeon, belmont rurol sto., 

Spotsylvania, va. 
fling, gloria monte, rt. ^3, box 208, 

worrenton, vo, 
fliffer, toni, 270 ellis, hovertown, pa. 
flor, beverly onn, 3785 silino dr., 

virginio beach, vo. 
flora, gail, rt. ^If 1 , boones mill, va. 
flora, michelle eloine, 2720 rodgers st., 

Chesapeake, vo. 
floyd, linda leigh, morionvillo, vo. 
floyd, mory onne, machipongo, vo. 
flynn, Catherine lee, 844 mothews dr., 

woodbridge, va, 
flynn, John potrick, jr., 7521 magority rd., 

foils church, vo, 
fogle, sondro pierre, 1824 vaughn st., 

south boston, va. 
fogel, susan wilt, 114 hall dr., 

Salisbury, md. 
folfz, richard lee, rt. #1, edinburg, vo. 
fong, Shirley onn, 8502 doyle dr., 

alexandria, vo. 
forbes, susan porter, 5401 susquehonno dr., 

virginio beach, va. 
ford, Sharon elaine, 7425 estes St., 

roonoke, vo, 
forlono, mario kotherine, 1716 willewood dr., 

norfolk, vo. 
forren, dennis lone, 41 s. brook ave., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
forrest, lorry kyle, 6119 the parkway, 

alexandria, va. 
forrest, nannie moore, 137 church st., 

poquoson, va. 


forrest'crr robert Stevens, lively, va. 
forfe, John vincent, 519 roncocos ave., 

riverside, n. j. 
forvour, kathleen bonnie, rd. if:5, braddock, 

hammontow, n. j, 
foster, richard warren, 104 w. college, 

bridgewoter, va. 
foster, Vickie !ynn, rt. 3!^ 1 , box 269, 

lutherville, md. 
fowler, pom holden, 2648 hill side la., 

evanston, ill. 
fox, linda anne, 107 w. myrtle, 

alexandria, va. 
fox, lou ann, box 346, luray , va 
fox, morion leslie, 4309 Columbia pike, 

arlington, va. 
foy, barbara jeonne, 629 jocquline ove., 

Virginia beach, va. 
francis, patricia onn, 5513 aurono dr., 

Virginia beach, va. 
fronce, ellen norma, 6805 linden ave., 

baltimore, md. 
frank, jo eilen, rt, ^2, 

horrisonburg, vo. 
frankel, kevin Stanley, 407 n. river rd., 

bridgewoter, vo. 
fronkel, neal ashley, 407 n. river rd., 

bridgewoter, va. 
fronklin, barbara corol, box 153, 

oakton, va. 
franklin, cynthio elizabeth, 3620 bevon dr., 

foirfax, vo. 
fronrone, dina bernadine, 469 riverside 

terr., rutherford, n. j. 
fronzyshen, henry david, 134 piedmont ave., 

hampton, va. 
fronzyshen, ronald leon, 134 piedmont ave., 

hampton, va. 
frederick, suson jean, strasburg, va. 
freeman, suson Catherine, 65 arthur ave., 

corteret, n. j. 
freis, katherine louise, 2514 memoriol ave., 

s. w., roanoke, va. 
frifchie, ruth knowles, 1608 edgehill rd., 

Waynesboro, va. 
frome. Undo jane, 38 hunter rd., 

liviltown, pa. 
frosf, donna lynn, rt. #4, box 4229, 

Virginia beach, va. 
fry, bertha mary, rt. #4, box 83, 

leesburg, va. 
frye, mary kathryn, 31 1 dixie ave., 

horrisonburg, va. 
frye, mory Virginia, 139 n. grayson St., 

alexandria, va. 
frye, michoel jomes, 2104 n. madison 

St., arlington, va. 
frye, theresa ann, pearisburg, va. 
fruhwirth, nonatte margaret, 907y2 n. 20th 

St., allentown, pa. 
fullen, Sharon laverne, 3508 willow lawn dr., 

lynchburg, va. 
fuller, brenda kay, rt. #1, box 226, 

fincastle, va. 
fulton, mary lynne, qtrs v. nsd 

mechonicsburg, po. 
fulton, sondra belle, 221 locust st., 

oxford, pa. 
fultz, myrtle david, 328 franklin St., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
fulwider, ramona eudora, beaverdam, vo. 
funkhouser, barbara ann, 531 w. gay St., 

hcrisi^nburg, va. 
funkhouser, cleggett samuel, mt. 

jackson, vo. 
funkhouser, jock ornold, woodstock, va. 
funkhouser, phyllis bowen, 1745 central ave., 
furr, barbara lee, monassas ave., front 

royal, vo. 
futch, j. thomas, 6022 valley view dr., 

alexandria, vo. 
fyffc, esther foy, p.o. box 147, 

west liberty, ky, 
gaines, margaret jeonette, weems, va. 
gotnes, sheri lee, 324 ridge ave., 

Winchester, va. 
gale, mary jo, 1902 greenwood rd., s.w, 

roanoke, vo. 
golie, doreen joan, 450 north st., 

new kensington, pa. 
gallagher, kevin micheol, box 260, rd-2, 

titusvtlle, n. j. 
gallagher, margoret lee, 4600 willow 

run dr., annandole, va. 
gallohan, Judith hurley, 1909 jomestown rd., 

olexandrio, va. 
gallahcr, thomas nathaniel, rt. #2, 

forest, vo. 
gallo, gail r., 3316 dauphine, dr. 

falls church, va. 
gamoche, millicent dona, 608 blunt point rd., 

newport news, vo. 
gamp, charlotte mary, 15 millburn ove., 

grenlock, n. j. 
gorber, david franklin, 617 wayne ove., 

woynesboro, vo. 
garber, frederick cline, weyers cave, va. 
gorber, nancy I. 562 s. high st., 

horrinsonburg, va. 
gorber, ramona gay, 8529 Washington ove., 

arlington, vo. 
gorber, robert Joseph, 8424 skyview dr., 

alexandria, va. 
garber, sandro grove, box 3, 

mt. Sidney, vo. 
gorber, tamoro June, 116 pleasant hill rd., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
gard, sylvio elaine, 849 wedgefield ct., 

norfolk, vo. 
gordner, danny edwin, 6912 barrett rd., 

falls church, va. 
gordner, mary jane, 1720 reaves st., 

Winchester, vo. 
gordner, nell ollen, rt, #4, box 572, 

Suffolk, va. 
gordner, sue ellen, 1720 reaves st., 

Winchester, vo. 
gordner, v icki lee, box 811, 

orange, va. 
gorlond, onn marie, 4230 red fern lane, 

Chesapeake, va. 
gorletts, Jennie hannoh, eorlysville, vo. 
gornettc, judy marie, rt. ^1, box 284, 

oshland, vo. 
gorrett, lynne porker, 8600 cherry valley lo., 

alexandria, vo, 
gorrett, nina k,, 3011 king st., 

olexandrio, va. 
gorrette, Judith corsonette, rt. #2, 

concord, va. 
garrefte, morsho lynn, 6535 deepford dr., 

Springfield, vo. 
gorriques, david lee, bumposs, vo. 
gorrison, regino white, eorlysville, va. 
garrison, rose mory, 160a coloniol dr., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
gorvey, deirdre noel, 8610 Washington ove., 

olexandrio, vo, 
garvin, joan trances, 3409 badnor pi., 

falls church, vo. 
gosktns, jomes edward, rt. #1, box 117, 

bristow, vo. 
gasper, mory nnn, 1301 w. roce St., 

martmsburg, w. va. 
gosper, sandra lynne 1301 w. race st. 

mortinsburg, w. vo. 
gostlcy, michael Joseph, 335 c. third St., 

fredrick, md. 
gates, pomelo lee, 2501 brood St., n.w., 

roanoke, vo. 
gaudct, jean onn, box 132 

quontico, va. 
gault, iee forror, basking ridge, 

new jersey 
gccr, linda shirleen 1204 e. Jefferson 

Charlottesville, vo. 
gchlcy, diono lynn, 6467 no. rochester st., 

foils church, vo. 
gclgcr, eric poul, 1529 w. wingohocking rd., 

philodephio, pa. 
gcist, borboro kay, 234 henrico st., 

monassas, va. 
gcorgc, linda sue, rt. #5, 

frederick, md, 
gcrbcr, jonet lynn, 2727 s. inge st., 

orlington, va. 
gcrhord, suson lynn, 1704 old stoge rd,, 

alexandria, va. 
gcrmonio, onnomarie, belleploin, box 146, 

woodbine, n. j. 
gtcrmano, patricia kothleen, u,s.a. engrs., 

med-, opo new york, n. y. 
gtessert, lynn carol, 5914 jone way, 

olexondria, va. 
gcuder, jeonne onn, 7332 more dr., 

foils church, va. 
gibb, harry eugene, 4713 mosor ct., 

hompton, vo, 
gibbens, bruce gormon, 1606 westbury dr., 

richmond, vo. 
gibbs, Judith belindo, 4905 beaver to., 

richmond, va. 
gibson, morjorie onne, 5804 Chester hill 

cite, richmond, vo. 
gibson, patricio onn, rt. #2, box 109, 

leesburg, vo. 
gilbert, barbara rose, 79 brook St., 

geneva, n. y, 
gilbert, jerry tomonte, 4503 exeter, 

annondale, vo. 
gilbert, joan lucille, 622 n. ooklond St., 

arlington, va. 
gilbert, koren elaine, rt. 3 box 314 

Staunton, vo. 
gilchrist, shoron elizobeth, 7, overbrook 

e. greenwich, r. i. 
gillettc, William John, 715 homer rd., 

woodbridge, va. 
gridow, nanci lee, 10207 rancer rd. 

foirfax, vo. 
gilcs, jo ann, 5607 poplar hall dr., 

norfolk, vo. 
gilmorc, bruce omon, Virginia ove., 

timberville, vo. 
gilmore, theresa roe rt. I bx. 7, 

roanoke, vo. 
gill, patricia elaine, box 195, rt. #2, 

chesterfield, vo. 
gill, Sydney onn, 3816 bolcon courts n,, 

mcguire ofb, n. j. 
gillom, elizabeth o'horo, box 127 

concord, vo. 
gillette, margoret sue, 

copron, vo. 
gilley, nino bronted, 1604 gtuckohse 

Petersburg, vo. 
gilliom, rosemory elaine, rt. #1, box 382, 
hollins, vo. 

gioffrids, cecilio ann, 6632 the pkwy., 

olexondria, vo. 
gittleson, allyn cushing, 45 north st. 

monchester, n. h, 
givens, soro jeon, 121 linden dr. 

Winchester, vo. 
gloser, holly joy, 17318 compillo dr., 

son diego, calif. 
glospic, juonita iris, 6303 ironbridge rd., 

richmond, vo. 
glenn, jomes fronklin, madison terrace 

apt g-6, horrisonburg, va. 
glenns, david franklin, rt. #1, box 97, 

oshlond, va. 
glick, randy blake, rt, 1 

doyton, va, 
glocckler, denise lynn, 5412 woinwrisot dr. 

richmond, vo. 
goad, ronald dale, 914 braxton rd., 

front royal, va. 
gochsnour, lynn suzonne, 5615 woodburn rd. 

richmond, vo. 
gochenour, theda ann, 8th ave. 

lurroy, va. 
godsey, patricia onn, 312 lokewood 

lynchburg, vo. 
goebcl, borboro jean, 520 marks rd. 

orelond, pa. 
goeser, Catherine Josephine, 8603 comden st., 

alexandria, vo. 
goff, annabel mowyer, 131 wousau st. 

horrisonburg, va. 
goff, henry edward, 131 wousau st. 

horrisonburg, va, 
goff, shorman elizabeth, 901 n. coolter, 

Staunton, vo. 
goff, pomelo down, 612 tholie rd. 

va. beach, vo. 
goforfh, jone simpson, 1208 freeman ave., 

Chesapeake, vo. 
goin, beckie lynn, 2312 foiand dr., 

richmond, vo. 
gould, barbara jo, 6601 quinten st. 

foils church, va. 
gouldman, joon orlene, box 96, 

port royal, vo. 
good, carol jeon, box 178, tulty, n. y. 
good, carnett rodeffer, port republic, vo. 
good, honoro morie, 601 n. highland st., 

arlington, va, 
good, shoron kay, rt. #2, box 49, 

Stanley, va, 
gooding, deboroh celeste, 3115 groydon st., 

falls church, vo. 
goodman, mahola sue, 5800 n. 23rd st., 

arlington, va, 
goodman, sondro morlene, rt. #8, box 225, 

roanoke, vo. 
goodwin, david ollen, 210 n. high ave., 

Covington, vo. 
gordon, borboro ann, mt, jackson, vo. 
gordon, suson lee, 1314 trap rd., 

Vienna, vo. 
gordcn, virginio morgoret, 1408 s. 

columbus St., orlington, vo. 
gowdy, morcio lynn, 3 cotton pi., 

Portsmouth, vo. 
grofton, linda jane, 2218 cosemont dr., 

falls church, vo. 
grohom, francos sharleen, 2339 n. 11th st., 

if 102, arlington, vo. 
graham, blende onn 3221 sherry ct, 

foils church, va. 
grohom, Janet iris, bacon st,, 

mardelo springs, md. 
grohom, lawrence edgar, 1926 n, woodrow 

arlington, vo. 
grohom, mory ellen, rt. 5, box 165a, 

onnopolis, md. 
grohom, patricia onne, 3053 perncliff ave. 

roanoke, va. 
groincr, Stephen emil, 3441 charleson st. 

annondale, vo. 
grommcr, judith diane, rt. #1, box 268, 

Petersburg, vo. 
groncc, lauro moe, box l68b, 

bergton, vo. 
grondy, margaret Ice, 6507 monroe pi., 

norfolk, va. 
granger, poula francos, 9510 old creek dr., 

foirfax, va. 
grant, gwendolyn onn, rt. #2, box 114, 

morsholl, va. 
gront, jean elizobeth, 5402 linyerchopel rd., 

sprmgfield, vo. 
grant, michail wood, v. s. ormy med. div. 

apo new york 
grant, patricio lucille, box 647, 

worrenton, va. 
grant, wayne poxton, box 1171 skymont 

Staunton, va. 
groves, pomelo koy, 1649 wilton rd., 

Petersburg, va. 
groy, diane suzette, box a, 

Stanley, va. 
groy, dianno poole, 5634 7th st,, 

arlington, va. 
gray, gilbert r. jr., rt, 3 box 336a 

horrisonburg, vo. 
groybcol, jonet moxine, rt. 2 box 540 

christionsburg, vo. 
green, brenda louise, 77 bond st., 

Westminster, md. 
green, jerry woyne, box 615, 


buena vista, va. 
green, lorry eugene, 2044 arch dr. 

falls church, vo. 
green, margaret ann, 7507 namcemond st. 

Springfield, va. 
greene, linda carol, 16 cameo dr. 

claymont, del. 
greenes, susan katherine, 12935 eriene dr., 

Chester, va. 
grccnfield, debby cheryl, 3227 olice ct. 

falls church, va, 
greer, martha ferris, 574 s. main st., 

horrisonburg, va. 
grcgg, kothy noel, 1 1 33 lakewood rd., 

manasquan, n. j. 
grcgory, Catherine ann, rt. #2, box 209-a, 

purcellville, va. 
grcgory, dennis edward, 401 dupontaur 

Staunton vo. 
grcgory, sallie gale, rt. 1 

crewe vo. 
gribble, judith ann, quarters 3, ft. 

belvoir, va. 
griffin, carol onn, 44J0 n. cortyn spring rd., 

orlington, vo. 
griffin, carol marie, 7217 golden ring rd., 

boltimore, md. 
griffin, deborah sue, 734 donoghe St., 

Staunton, va. 
griffin, motalie elliott, 1946 thomson rd., 

Charlottesville, va. 
griffith, barbara ann, e. main st., 

luroy, vo. 
griffith, borbara jean, 6010 olney-loytonville 

rd. caithersburg, md. 
griffith, brendQ sue, rt. 2 

luray, va. 
griffith, morilyn ann, rt. 2 

goithersburg, md. 
grimes, jean werner, rt. 2, box 36 

horrisonburg, va. 
grimmer, onne sterling, rt. 7, 152 

Petersburg, vo. 
grimmer, kathern I., rt, 7 box 152 

Petersburg, vo. 
grochmal, pauline anne, 1214 hollens rd. 

woynesboro, vo. 
grove, elizabeth fronces rt. 1 

grotoes, va. 
grove, mary ann, 132 sierra st. 

aiexondrio, va. 
gubbins, audrey onne, 2319 n. roosevelt st., 

arlington, va. 
gudwin, borbara, jean, 418 park ave., 

medino, new york 
guengerieh, susan hess, emc 

horrisonburg, va. 
guill, juiio onne, rt. 4 

oppomottox, vo- 
gulich, kathryn onn, r. d. 2 

meshoppen, pa. 
guthrie, diono lee, 1 olcott dr., 

Wilmington, del. 
gufshall, george hunter, 118s. lynnhaven 

dr., Staunton, vo. 
guy, Jessica joanne, 4400 lee highway, 

arlington, va. 
guyat, kothleen, 36 guyer rd., 

westport, conn. 
guze, mory anne, 1816 westover ave. 

roanoke, va. 
gauze, thomas francis, 1816 westover ove., 

roonoke, va. 
hack, suzonne marie, 1806 nortonia 

richmond, vo. 
hackman, gail, 1600 central ave., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
hackman, lynn, 1600 central ove,, 

horrisonburg, va, 
haddon, potricio onne, 1820 e. elvd. 

Petersburg, vo. 
hodley, george parker, madisoh terr. 

opts Q-1, wolnut lo., horrisonburg, va, 
haga, edward morrison, 308 solem ave,, 

front royal, vo. 

hagan, potricio joon, 2814 cotoniol ave. 

pennsouken, n, j. 
haga, phyllis koye, 3038 lofton rd., 

roanoke, vo. 
hagcr, donno lynn, rfd, 1 

rophine va, 
hagy, biHie jeon, rt. #2, box 612, 

bluefield, va. 
hahn, mory b., 83 shoron St., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
height, victorio jone, 1326 poquoson ove. 

poquoson, vo. 
hole, olon duonc, speedwell, vo, 
hate, gory richard, rt, 4, box 131, 

glen ollen, vo, 
hole, Jesse woyne, 1033 ridgezust dr., 

hollins, va. 
holey, dovid t,, 10237 raider rd„ 

fairfox, vo. 
hall, borbara elaine, rt, j^l, box 255, 

lexington, va. 
holl, barbaro koy, 114 wilton dr., 

donville, vo. 
hoH, charlotte cherry, 31 1 n. underwood St., 

falls church, va, 
hall, Cheryl onne, 5209 n. 25th St., 

orlington, va. 
hall, eorlo kay, front royal, va. 
hull, Jeanne morie, 1217 woodrow ove., 

woynesboro, vo. 
hall, sr,, Jennings ondy, 4351 cormelo dr., 

opt. 304, onnondale, vo. 
holl, pauline, 737 26 th st., 

arlington, vo. 
hall, marilyn ann, 52 snotford rd., 

newport news, va. 
holl, sondro koy, 5824 n. Washington blvd., 

arlington, va. 
hall, Stewart mocintyre, 7043 lyndhure rd., 

woynesboro, vo. 
holl, William thomas, 71 I glendale dr., 

richmond, vo. 
holterman, daisy morie, monterey, vo. 
hombrick, sherry I., fincostle, vo. 
hamilton, clifton lee, rt. ^] , 

fishersville, va. 
hamilton, joy estelle, 2702 bollentine blvd. 

norfolk, vo. 
hamilton, randell roy, 8726 folkstone la., 

aiexondrio, vo. 
hamilton, sondro irene, rt. #2, box 448, 

woynesboro, vo. 
hammel, kothleen morie, 508 4th st., 

elkton, vo. 
hommer, micheol alien, morylond ave., 

Shenandoah, va. 
hammer, margaret jo, Shenandoah, va, 
hammond, lesiie wJlltam, 70b elizobeth rd., 

hompton, va. 
hanon, pomelo anne, 27 huguenot rd., 

newport news, vo. 
hanbin, preston, thomas, jr., 1823 clachan 

rd., Vienna, vo. 
honby, borbara ann, box 223, rd 1, 

lewes, del. 
Hancock, gory clay, hillsville, vo. 
Hancock, kathy virginlo, 3800 westcott rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
hand, potricio irene, 2919 n. fronklJn rd., 

arlington, vo. 
Hanger, borboro lynn, rt. #6, 

horrisonburg, vo. 
hanks, deborah onn, 523 n. longfellow st., 

arlington, vo, 
honsberger, brenda kothleen, star route, 

mt. Jackson, va. 
Hanson, shirley teresa, 8421 narristown dr., 

norfolk, va. 
Horbeck, faith ann, 109 n. main st., 

bridgewoter, vo. 
harcum, ognes ellen, mordelo springs, md. 
hardesty, linda russell, clearbrook, vo. 
Hardin, carol dale, 148 w. leicester ave., 

norfolk, va. 

hardin, mory elizabeth, 1909 rollins dr., 

olexandrio, vo. 
Harding, lynwood french, box 456, wotkins, 

dr., emporio, va. 
Hardy, margaret anne, 304 monument ove., 

horrisonburg, va, 
hardy, emily Virginia, amelio, va. 
Hordy, fredo chapman, dinwiddie, va. 
Hargrove, sondro kay, 15 roberta dr., 

hompton, vo. 
Harke, suson corol, 199 red stone hill, 

ploinvrlle, conn. 
horkrns, sue ann, 104 s, chorles ave., 

neperville, ill. 
harkness, virginio ruthmarie, rt. #1, box 

248-c, leesburg, va. 
harlond, cherry ann, nore, vo. 
Harlow, fronces irene, 616 collicello St., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
Harlow, linda sue, mt. solon, va. 
Harmon, Christine ann, 838-a, ft. 

belvoir, vo. 
Harmon, katherine elizobeth, 60 jomcs 

St., christionsburg, va. 
Harmon, benton owen, 1508 troilridge rd., 

Charlottesville, va. 
hormon, suson ellen, 10 sherwood ove., 

pikesville, md. 
harner, teresa, 909 grove lone, 

Staunton, vo, 
harnsbcrgcr, nancy onn, 69 perry St., 

horrisonburg, va. 
Harold, lowell daughn, deerfield, va, 
harp, ruth ann, 733 n. emerson, 

arlington, vo. 
harper, brenda gale, loretto, vo. 
Harper, dorothy sue, 102 prince george st., 

hopewell, va. 
harper, emily o., box 505, bridgeton, n. j. 
harper, saroh jean, hamilton, va. 
Harper, shirley lynn, rt. #2, box 28d, 

prince george, vo, 
harper, suson reeves, rfd #1, box 52, 

child's rd., bashing ridge, n. j. 
harpine, sue ellen, 79 emery st., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
Harrell, brenda jean, 2456 smith ave., 

Chesapeake, va. 
harrimon, candis marie, 252 babb's rd., 

west Springfield, conn. 
Harris, aido veronica fishersville, vo. 
Horris, joon elizobeth, box 432, 

jarrett, va. 
Harris, marilyn holloday, 509 roleigh ove., 

south hill, vo. 
Harris, martha gregory, belle haven vo. 
Harris, mary jone, tozewell, vo. 
Horns, mary jone, woynesboro, vo. 
Harris, pauline marie, rt, ^\, box 131, 

minerol, vo. 
horris, shoron e!oine, churchville, va. 
Harrison, linda sue, box 1344, port 

republic, va. 
horroll, beverly ann, 1502 ivon ove., 

boltimore, md. 
harry, daisy d., 1084 Jefferson ave,, 

woynesboro, va. 
hartless, John alien, 2002 orange St., 

stounton, va. 
hartzler, mory m., rt. #2, wellmon, iowa 
Hastings, margaret elizabeth, 7705 dart- 
moor rd., richmond, va. 
hart, ellen cosley, 32 beech dr., 

ft. mitchell, ky. 
Hart, mary celeste, 3108 woterside lane, 

aiexondrio, vo. 
Hort, Suzanne belle, box 12, mt. Sidney, vo. 
horte, shelio ann, 4009 javins dr., 

aiexondrio, va. 
hartley, richard woyne, rocky mount, va. 
hartman, dione kennel, 37 weaver ave., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
hartman, glorio jeon, rt. ^] , 
horrisonburg, vo. 


hartman, james edward, 1309 htllcrest, 

Harrisonburg, va. 
harvey, charlsea onn, 2109 haycock rd., 

falls church, va. 
harvey, jane abbitt, box 233, 

appomattox, va. 
horvey, janet carletta, rt. #1, 

lovingston, va. 
harvey, sue ellen, rt. ^1, harrisonburg, va, 
Hawthorne, Judith adele, 506 Washington 

ave., la plata, md. 
howkins, patricia onne, 7016 shathmore st., 

falls church, va. 
howkinson, bonnre elizobeth, 2217 n. Oliver 

dr., Virginia beach, va. 
houschner, peter george, 902 s. ode st., 

arlington, va. 
Hawkins, james alien, 6727 quander dr., 

alexandria, va. 
Hawkins, elizobeth gatewood, 281 combell 

St., harrisonburg, va. 
Hawkes, wiiliam sydnor, 621 morris dr., 

newport news, va. 
haught, mary jo, stuarts draft, va. 
haught, elaine, elkwood, va. 
hartoway, alan orville, 243 n. ougusta St., 

Waynesboro, va. 
Hatfield, patricia marie, rt. #6, 

harrisonburg, va. 
hatcher, susan anne, Stanford dr., 

alexandria, va. 
hayden, John Joseph, 103 ivy court, 

woodbridge, va. 
hayden, cathleen elizobeth, 730 smith ridge 

rd., new conaan, conn. 
Haynes, philip gordon, rt. #2, box 409, 

martinsville, va. 
Hayen, charia ann, box 151, middletown, vo. 
Haynes, beverly lynn, 3325 woodys la., 

richmond, va. 
Hayward, teresa ann, 1076 lynn ave., 

alexandria, va. 
Hazelwood, susan lea, rt. #1, stuart, va. 
Hazen, richard james, 210 w, 25th st., 

lorain, ohio 
Heafner, karen ruth, 2905 elbyrne dr., 

Chesapeake, va. 
Healy, marcia hicks, 5021 townsend way, 

bladensburg, md. 
Heorn, nancy joan, rt. #6, box 259, 

Salisbury, md. 
hearn, Virginia sue, 3456-f moury St., 

richmond, vo. 
heotwole, Catherine meredith, 

timberville, va. 
hcatwolc, Janice ann, mt. crawford, va. 
heatwole, jerry alien, hinton, vo. 
Heotwole, lucindo iee, rfd #1, 

bridgewater, vo. 
Heatwole, milton w., rt. #6, 

harrisonburg, va. 
heatwole, sam robert, jr., rt. #1, 

keezletown, va. 
heatwole, wayne eugene, 276 cantrell ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Hebron, james dean, 116 pleasont hill rd., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Hebron, sylvia kessel, 116 pleasant hill rd., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Heerlein, John crawford, 7254 bev. manor 

dr., onnandale, va. 
heflin, morilyn faith, catlett, va. 
hegesi, sharon marie, rt. #1, morydel, md. 
heilman, onn clifton, aldie, va. 
Heisey, soroh onn, 522 stuart eve., 

manassas, vo. 
helder, susan roe, 41 1 Jefferson ove., 

hnpewell, vo. 
Helferstay, clarence leroy, jr., 100 

irvington st., lynchburg, va. 
Helms, linda jeon, 1111 brantford ave., 

silver spring, md. 
helsley, cindy lee, edinburg, va. 
Helslcy, conrad alien, maurertown, vo. 
Helsley, sandro fay, 51 1 w. reservoir rd., 

Woodstock, va. 
Hemenway, susan long, 2345 oakdole ove., 

glenside, pa. 
hemp, houston douglas, 1234 crawford ove., 

Covington, va. 
Henderson, morsho ann, 133 murphy circle, 

donville, va. 
Henderson, minnre claro, buchanan, va. 
Henderson, preston donald, rt. #4, 

amherst, va. 
hennigan, edword thomas, jr., 2123 n. 

harrison st., arlington, vo. 
henshaw, bellene oliso, 1501 Illinois rd., 

woodbridge, va. 
hensley, carson lee, rt. #2, box 147, 

etkton, va. 
hensley, diana sue, elkton, va. 
hensley, juanita lucille, mcgaheysville, va. 
hensley, lowrence ashby, elkton, va. 
hensley, potricia lee, rt. #1, box 387, 

elkton, va. 
Hensley, susan lyn, round hill, va. 
Herbert, robyn sue, 9615 clork cr. rd., 

Vienna, vo. 
Herman, rebecco susanne, 101 gundry dr., 

falls church, vo. 
Hern, tindo jane, 313 valley view dr., 

stounton, va. 
herr, jeanne morie, box 25, gap, pa. 

herring, david wistor, 220 ohio ave., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
Herriott, margaret blue, rt. j^b, box 84, 

romney, w. va. 
herritt, gayle onn, 5105 richenbocher ave., 

alexandria, va. 
herrman, lindell gay, 7701 surow ct., 

onnandale, vo. 
Hershbergcr, james david, stuarts draft, va. 
hershey, noncianne scott, 1400 s. Joyce St., 

arlington, va. 
hevser, willord elton, 1744 jock frost rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
Hiatt, hazel jean, hiUsville, va. 
Hibbs, Jacqueline forrell, 98389 fairfax sq. 

#273, fairfax, vo. 
Hibler, wiiliam robert, 514 n. main, 

bridgewater, vo. 
hickey, diane kothleen, 2873 s. obingdon St., 

arlington, vo. 
hickman, marilyn sue, lovettsville, vo. 
Hicks, jerry wayne, 2302 golden rd., 

richmond, va. 
Hicks, kothryn lee, 3520 bastings dr., 

richmond, vo. 
hicks, martha eve, oakview ove., laurel, vo. 
hicks, mary trances, 1710 n. rondolph st., 

arlington, vo. 
Higdon, daniel lynn, 71 1 n. Jefferson st., 

arlington, vo. 
higgason, linda onn, 8115 yorktown dr., 

alexandria, vo. 
higgins, fronk devinney, rt. #5, box 23, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
Higgins, horoce rogers, jr., box 32, 

woverly, va. 
Higgins, koren ellen, 10220 onttetom ove., 

fairfox, va. 
higgins, shoron ann, 10220 ontietom ove., 

fairfax, vo. 
Higgs, judy ann, rt. #1, box 355, 

new market, vo. 
hilbig, nancy lynn, 912 elm ove., 

river edge, n.j. 
Hill, daniel ashby ii, linville, vo. 
Hill, Judith delight, 134 houston, 

lexington, vo. 
hill, kathorine lonier, 207 lokewood dr., 

richmond, va. 
hillman, dione elizobeth, 1701 frederick 

St., S.W., vienno, vo. 
hillman, phyllis lynne, 5902 loch haven 

dr., n.w., roonoke, va. 
Hilton, thereso onne, box 447, 

toppohonnock, vo. 
Hiner, onne garrett, 1254 s. taylor st., 

arlington, vo. 
hines, jim lee, bonk st., mt. jockson, vo. 
hinkic, morionne d., box 203, 

mcgaheysville, vo. 
hitc, patsy jeon, 1 1 1 george st., 

Staunton, va. 
Hoback, mark fisher, 1109 piedmont ave., 

bristol, vo. 
Hobson, Suzanne miriam, 2210 volentine rd., 

richmond, va. 
hockmon, bobby lou, 902 junior ove., 

shenondooh, vo. 
hockmon, pearl huff, rt. #1, mt. Sidney, vo. 
Hodge, kotheryn louise, 101 harper ct., 

stounton, vo. 
Hodges, bonnie bashom, rt. #1, box 282, 

Covington, va. 
hedges, pearl elizobeth, redort, vo. 
hodges, sharon lee, 175 w. leicester ave., 

norfoik, vo. 
hodges, suson onne, 3116 oconford rd., 

richmond, va. 
Hoffman, diane elizobeth, 6304 fort 

hunt rd., alexandria, va. 
hogan, lynn morie, 437 edgehili dr., 

lake of the woods, locust grove, vo. 
holeomb, mary corolyn, 1009 groyson rd., 

woodbridge, vo. 
holick, frank edword, rt. #6, orrington, vo. 
hollond, borbaro onito, 1 13 ellen dr., 

solem, vo. 
Holland, charlotte onn, 2407 ridge blvd., 

cownellsville, po. 
Holland, kothryn gail, hollond, vo. 
Holliday, corol lee, 2976 fifth st., 

norristown, pa. 
hollen, sue ann, 115 osborne rd., 

norfoik, va. 
holieran, michoel jomes, box 1391, 

modison college, harrisonburg, vo. 
hollins, robert wayne, rt. #1, box 444, 

goodview, vo. 
Hollon, donny, 320 s. veitch st., arlington, vo. 
Holloway, janet lee, 656 poquoson ove., 

poquoson, vo. 
Hollyfield, helen lynn, 4877 noyes St., 

son diego, col. 
holmes, michael kelier, 5532 bclfast pi., 

Springfield, vo. 
holsinger, mortho fuller, 1040 n. moin st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Holton, mory beth, 415 wildwood dr., 

pearisburg, vo. 
honger, emmett wilson, jr., box 294, 

mt. Sidney, vo. 
hoover, jocquelin page, rt. #4, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
hoover, Janice lynne, 125 tide milt lone, 
opt. 31-a, hampton, va. 

hoover, olin louis, 933 pork lone, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
hover, rebecco susan, 1513 n. college, 

harrisonburg, va. 
Hope, jonice archer, 1531 mt. pleasant dr., 

colonial heights, va. 
Hope, keith ondrew, 5 crotg place, 

pennsville, n.j. 
Hopkins, angelo morie, 224 e. ontietom st., 

hagcrstown, md. 
Hopkins, borrett Stephen, rt. #2, box IMd, 

ashlond, va. 
Hopkins, gall jeon, 7216 quincy ove., 

falls church, vo. 
Horn, Jennifer onn, 4161 elizobeth lane, 

onnandale, va. 
Home, morgoret onne, golox, vo. 
Horsley, wiiliam perry, jr., box 27, rt. 2, 

gloucester, va. 
Horton, Catherine onne, 1416 n. lincoln St., 

arlington, va. 
hottle. phyllis onn, 654 s. water St., 

Woodstock, vo. 
hottle, victoria lynn, rt. #1, box 37m, 

timberville, vo. 
houff, morlin dean, 276 w. morket st., 

horrisonburg, va. 
houff, nancy gale, 312 lou doun, 

Waynesboro, vo. 
house, grant richard, 1710 fronklin blvd., 

Imwood, n. j. 
householder, elizobeth Wallace, 101 pine- 
crest St., front royol, vo. 
Houser, )udy hyde, 690 south mason st., 

woynesboro, vo. 
Houser, rose ellen, box 7, benedict, md. 
Howard, edwin wilson, rt. #4, box 97, 

fredericksburg, vo. 
howord, nonnette, 3500 royal palm arch, 

Virginia beach, vo. 
HowdysHell, corolyn Virginia, 235 east view 

St., doyton, vo. 
Howell, beth, 5 roberts ove., 

haddonfield, n.j. 
howlond, harold edword, omericon consulate 

general, a.p.o., new york 
Howell, mary louise, 2903 coklond ove., 

richmond, va. 
Hoy, sandro burkholder, 333 monument ove., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Hubbard, Catherine lynn, 809 forest view dr., 

colonial heights, va. 
huber, Virginia onn, 58 horrison ave., 

weldwick, n.j. 
hudnall, morsho lynn, 1716 sugar creek dr., 

Charleston, w. vo. 
Hudson, betty lou, 403 lake ove., salem, va. 
Hudson, david stewart, rt. #1, 

modison heights, vo. 
Hudson, goil anne, 118 hayden ove., 

Wilmington, del. 
Hudson, mary Josephine, box 217, 

Warsaw, vo. 
huffer, mary morgoret, box 64, 

mt. Sidney, vo. 
Huffman, pomela jean, 8104 oshboro dr., 

alexandria, vo. 
Hughes, borbaro jean, 105 n. birch ct., 

sterling, vo. 
Hughes, cotherine joy, 140 roymond dr., 

hampton, vo. 
Hughes, chorlene mary, 509 foyette ove., 

richmond, va. 
hughes, Josephine onne, 2402 mt. vernon 

rd., s w,, roonoke, va. 
hughes, karen louise, 246 4th st., 

duncllen, n.j. 
hughes, rhonda coleen, 114 prarker ove., 

newport news, vo. 
Hughes, shorron onn, 508 kingston dr., 

virgmia beach, va. 
Hull, mary kothryn, 7409 biscoyne rd., 

richmond, vo. 
Hulvey. peggy lee, broodwoy, vo. 
hummel, carol sue, 1135 waterman dr., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
Humphrey, betty leon, dewitt, vo. 
Humphrey, corolyn trances, 712 powell St., 

Williamsburg, vo. 
Humphrey, mory elizobeth, rt. #1, box 79, 

middleburg, va. 
Humphreys, george franklin, ii, 183 potterson 

St., horrisonburg, vo. 
Humphreys, judith morie, Vesuvius, va. 
Hunicutt, morcio o., 2215 lido ct., 

oiexondrio, va. 
Hunnicutt, brendo kay, 224 Winchester dr., 

hampton, vo. 
Hunsingcr, sharon diane, 60 bedford pi., 

yardley, po. 
Hunter, corolyn fay, rt. #1, glosgow, vo. 
Hunter, gail lorroine, 44 e. modison st., 

east islip, n.y. 
Hunter, susan Julia, 2533 nottinghom rd., 

bethelem, pa. 
hupp, cliff richard, box 15, strasburg, vo. 
hupp, dennis lee, strasburg, va. 
Hurd, karen gail, 204 niblfok dr., 

Vienna, vo. 
Husk, elizobeth onn, 217 roslyn hills, 

richmond, vo. 
HutcHerson, elizobeth onn, 2514 bclleview 

ove., alexandria, vo, 
Hutchison, elizobeth ann, rt. #1, box 141, 
waterford, va. 


hufchison, mary ann, 9519 narragansett ave., 

Vienna, va. 
hutton, noncy Virginia, 511 wJliey St., 

seaford, del. 
huxfcr, mary ellen, rt. #14, box 328, 

richmond, va. 
huyctt, evelyn morie, r.d. #1, 

gordonville, pa. 
hydcn, myrno milliser, 129 ohio ove., 

harrisonburg, va. 
hydcr, dovid emerson, 2812 kenmore rd., 

richmond, va. 
hyland, elizabeth ann, 640 dover St., 

marion, va. 
ieke, poul williom, jr., 2335 dale dr., 

foils church, va. 
ickes, Sharon bryant, 5305 garthdale rd., 

richmond, vo. 
ittncr, nancye hodnett, 9109-a dorbyshire 

rd., richmond, va. 
ikcnbcrry, Stephen lynn, 241 pt. republic rd., 

lexington, va. 
impelliftcri, jeanne marie, 5305 s. I 2th st., 

arlington, va. 
ingram, gay lee, 109 hamiitonian rd., 

red bank, n.j. 
ingroff, lindo Christina, rt. #6, box 392, 

richmond, va. 
irby, jon wade, 2108 haywood ave., 

chesapeoke, va. 
ireson, ava morie, 4050 riverside dr., 

danville, va. 
iser, lindo sue, rt. #, box 104, 

Winchester, va. 
itschncr, lois jean, 2707 babbitt la., 

bowie, md. 
iwanowski, borry f., oak court, hickleton, n.j, 
Jackson, olice lorraine, 2926 fairhitt rd,, 

fairfax, vo. 
Jackson, Catherine elizabeth, rt. #6, 

ovalon park, saiisburg, md. 
Jackson, estella moye, box 197, 

Charlottesville, vo. 
Jackson, mary joon, 2802 mosby St., 

alexandria, va. 
Jackson, pamela iynn, 119 Virginia ave., 

berryviile, va. 
Jackson, robert dean, box 32, Stafford, va. 
Jamison, kathryn houff, cabin hill, 

greensburg, pa. 
Jamison, shelia vincen, martinsville, va. 
jamoiski, Stephanie joan, 1314 aloboma ave,, 

woodridge, va. 
jankowski, anne marie, 7415 odd dr., 

fails church, va. 
janncy, kathryn merritt, 321 1 ledgewood dr., 

roanoke, va, 
jaquet, Janice lynn, 35 wheatland dr., 

hompton, va. 
jarrels, kothy joan, rt. #1, harrisonburg, va. 
jarvis, ccrole leigh, 1131 country club rd., 

newport news, vo. 
jorvis, helen victoria, 801 bunven ave., 

Staunton, vo. 
jeilum, Joyce shank, rt. #4, harrisonburg, va. 
Jenkins, colleen ann. rt, #3, box 236, 

Charlottesville, va. 
Jenkins, douglas lee, Stanley, va. 
Jenkins, james waiter, rt. #1, luray, va, 
Jenkins, kathleen odeie, 638 n. greenbrier st., 

arlington, va. 
Jenkins, lindo ann, 7425 tillman dr., 

falls church, va. 
iennings, beverlyn teresa, 103 w. luray ave., 

olexandria, va. 
jernigon, linda faye, 642 effinghom, 

richmond, va. 
Johns, chrystol lee, 177 straith St., 

Staunton, va. 
johnsen, lynn astrid, 1027 colonial, 

andalusia, pa. 
Johnson, beverlee alice, 5533 barnhollow rd., 

norfoik, va, 
Johnson, brenda Joyce, sherwood dr., 

morion, va. 
Johnson, caroiyn lois, rt, ^3, glen alien, va. 
Johnson, dorian micheal, 2005 roundelay rd., 

lynchburg, va. 
Johnson, dorothy diane, 2143 woodcrest dr., 

lynchburg, va. 
Johnson, dorothy sharon, chase city, va. 
Johnson, edward devine, jr., 6714 walnut st., 

falls church, va. 
Johnson, elizabeth jeanne, 5008 kingston st,, 

annandale, vo. 
Johnson, elizabeth louise, 106 seacord rd., 

new rochelle, n.y, 
Johnson, elizabeth marie, 11 woodvale ct., 

woodbridge, va. 
Johnson, helen stuart, 2649 robert walker 

pi., arlington, va. 
johnson, judith marie, 215 n. marion ave., 

Covington, va. 
Johnson, karen elizabeth, 56 kenwood St., 

pittsfieid, moss. 
iohnson, koren marie, 7053 floyd ave., 

Springfield, va. 
Johnson, kimbrough epes, 1121 northampton 

rd., Petersburg, va. 
Johnson, lavinia brrdgman, victoria, va. 
Johnson, lynne morie, 10221 hobby hill rd., 

richmond, va. 
Johnson, martha epes, 1917 powhatan ave., 
Petersburg, va. 

Johnson, martha louise, 5138 craun la., 

roanoke, va. 
Johnson, mary charles, 305 second ave., 

formville, va. 
Johnson, mary Virginia, 336 clatrmont ave., 

worner robins, ga. 
Johnson, patricia ann, box 109, 

saltsville, va. 
Johnson, penny carol, 105 huxley pl,, 

newport news, va, 
Johnson, sandra paige, 308 e. ladies mile rd., 

richmond, va. 
Johnson, shirley mae, 207 robin rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
Johnson, thomas watson, 232 cantrell ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Johnston, deronda eloine, narrows, va. 
Johnston, elizabeth niehous, box 79b, 

rt Jf2, Woodstock, va. 
Johnston, stella loyd, stage junction, vo. 
jolly, thesa lorna, 3612 colony rd,, 

fairfax, va, 
joncs, barbara ann, 9202 sontaz ave., 

fairfax, va. 
joncs, brenda susan, 1816 ashley dr., 

Virginia beach, va. 
joncs, Judith lorrayne, 201 central pkwy,, 

newport news, va. 
joncs, linda Joyce, 4113 n. lakefront dr., 

richmond, va, 
joncs, margoret elizabeth, box 353, 

dayton, va. 
joncs, margaret louise, 1603 Wilmington ave., 

richmond, va. 
joncs, micheal earl, 234 congress ave., 

tansdowne, pa. 
joncs, nancy robertson, 493 n, pickett st., 

olexandria, va. 
joncs, nancy b. worthington, rt. #1, box 130, 

hinton, va. 
joncs, pamela ann, 115 maxwell ave., 

Portsmouth, va. 
joncs, potricio gail, north tazewell, va. 
Jones, potricio lynn, 1212 kenmore ave., 

fredicksburg, vo, 
joncs, patricia nan, 7664 martone rd., 

norfoik, va. 
Jones, rebecca fritts, 261 park pl., 

boycc, va. 
joncs, robin sue, 135 birch st., 

manassas, va. 
joncs, shoron marie, 621 e. tenn. ave., 

crewe, va. 
joncs, sherian lee, 713 penniman rd., 

Williamsburg, va, 
joncs, thelma leech, 1954 walnut ave., 

buena vista, va. 
joncs, vernette lolita, box 131, driver, va. 
jordon, bennie fronces, 6149 merrificld dr., 

richmond, va. 
Jordan, emma wtlson, 161 1 n. belnore ave., 

Staunton, va. 
jorgcnson, grace lorrcine, 3205 russell rd., 

olexandria, vo. 
josc, nancy lee, 8344 corrleigh pkwy., 

Springfield, va. 
jost, helen diane, rt, #1, harrisonburg, vo. 
Joyce, Christine marie, 3712 white ash ct., 

Portsmouth, va. 
julia, nancy alice, waterville, va. 
junkins, nancy lee, 5801 allentown dr., 

charlotte, n.c. 
koble, morgoret, 38V2 w. green St., 

Westminster, md. 
kocmarski, kenneth wayne, west point, va. 
kackfey, charlotte anne, rt. #2, 

berryviile, va. 
kohlc, janie sue, 122 Johnson dr., 

obingdon, va. 
koibleisch, mary judith, rt. #1, 

worrenton, va. 
kommerer, jonet lee, 6400 n. 28th St., 

arlington, va. 
konc, bonnie sue, 104 cliffside dr., luray, va. 
konzenbach, karen morie, 2337 n. wolfsnare 

dr,, Virginia beach, va. 
kaplon, sorah, 3816 mode St., fairfox, va. 

falls church, va. 
kasdorf, cary storm, 1839 olmstead dr., 
kosdorf, jay kim, 1839 olmstead dr., 

falls church, va. 
katsotis, rito georgio, 506 dolores ave., 

so. plainfield. n.j. 
keeler, mary ellen, 864 hillside ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
keeler, patricia ann, 7107 Westmoreland rd., 

falls church, va. 
keene, w. micheal, 4408 so. 1st St., 

arlington, va. 
keller, shoron ann, rt, #3, hagerstown, md. 
kelley, amy tee, 3104 garden city blvd., 

roanoke, va, 
kelley, patricia mae, 3839 longstrcet ct., 

annandale, va. 
kelly, barbara lynn, 5566 n. 15th st., 

arlington, va. 
kelly, lenore mary, 10 brandon rd., 

trenton, n.j. 
Kennedy, randall douglas, grottoes, va. 
kelly, m. koy, rt, #1, gretna, va. 
kennedy, margaret mary, 150 colonial dr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
kennickell, jonathon orthur, 6914 monument 
ave., richmond, va. 

kcnny, candace elizabeth, 1429 Howard ave., 

covmgton, va. 
kent, ione atwood, 21 16 reynolds st., 

falls church, va. 
kercszturi, jean onn, 216 joan st., 

so. ploinfield, n.j. 
kern, kotherine nichol, 7624 midday la., 

olexandria, va. 
kerns, bobby gene, rt. ^4, box 198, 

Winchester, va. 
kerns, william lee, jr., 1409 gates st., 

lynchburg, va. 
kerr, barbara gail, ameiia, va. 
kerr, nancy joan, 91 adoms dr., 

pittsburg, pa. 
kerr, pamela anne, 1711 galloway dr., 

Vienna, vo. 
kcyscr, dennis murray, 1407 armstrong ave., 

Staunton, va. 
kcyser, elizabeth ann, 915 kenly ave., 

hogersfown, md. 
ktblinger, patricia morie, 137 wayneridge 

rd., Waynesboro, va. 
kidd, maelena jean, nokesville, vo. 
kidd, patricia h, 765 s. dogwood dr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
kidwcll, thomas kent, 2416 shafer St., 

norfoik, va. 
kiger, sharon anne, 621 w. princess anne 

rd., norfoik, va. 
kilgore, marilyn louise, 30147 avenida de 

calma, polos verdes peninsula, calif. 
killJngworth, marcio anne, 208 Pennsylvania, 

lynchburg, va. 
killough, joonne, rt. ^} , box 130, 

berryviile, va. 
kimmel, beverly lynn, 1500 rose Virginia rd., 

wyomissing, pa. 
kincoid, anne begbie, 30 mammoth oak, 

newport news, va. 
king, agnes patrice, concord, va. 
king, bruce donald, 8108 kane St., 

alexandria, va. 
king, barbaro collins, 618 peachtree st., 

emporia, vo, 
king, Cheryl anne, 9209 lancelot rd., 

oxon hill, md. 
king, kathryn ann, 2312 so. nash st., 

orlington, va. 
kinncy, Christine ruth, rt. #518, 

hopewell, n.j. 
kinscr, edwin carroll, tazewell, va. 
kinscy, goil, 1921 olberti dr., 

silver spring, md. 
kintcr, dorothy jean, 167 lafayette ave., 

titusville, n.j. 
kiracofe, augusta lee, 1831 mt, vernon rd., 

S.W., roanoke, va. 
kiracofe, judith dawn, 900 park view, 

Staunton, va. 
kirby, kotherine dianne, rt. #4, 

bassett, va. 
kirby, linda caroiyn, 120 park rd., 

chorlottesville, va. 
kirby, linda Stanford, 9 riverdale dr., 

hompton, va. 
kirby, samuel gaylin, 306 pleasant terr., 

Staunton, va. 
kirby, susan forrest, 4015 bort st., 

Portsmouth, va. 
kirk, brenda lee, 211 sunrise ave., 

villo hts., martinsville, va. 
kirk, carol louise, 541 kedron st., 

Springfield, va. 
kirk, eleanor rondolph, 301 sherwood dr., 

hopewell, vo. 
kirkland, dottie elaine, box 587, 

south boston, va. 
kirkpatrick, james taylor, rt. #1, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
kirkwood, bonnie morie, 306 n. willard dr., 

hompton, va. 
kiser, james glenn, 10806 ann st., 

fairfox, va. 
kissinger, caroiyn kay, 7300 beverly manor 

dr., annandale, va. 
kitchin, anne hart, rt. #1, box 488, 

churchviile, md. 
kitchen, potti page, rt. #2, box 24, 

franklin, va. 
kite, jerry preston, rt. #1, box 317, 

Waynesboro, va. 
kite, linda rebecca, rt. #1, box 50, 

Stuarts draft, va. 
kite, susan hershberger, luray, va. 
klages, sherrill denise, 1524 wilkins dr., 

Suffolk, va. 
k^echa, james alexander, 117 rutherford 

blvd-, Clifton, n.j. 
kleczek, paulo Virginia, 600 s. toylor St., 

arlington, vo. 
kline, sondra jeon, broadway, vo. 
knicely, dorlena walsh, 151 w. gratten st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
knight, carol linda, 417 beechcroft rd., 

Winchester, va, 
knight, selma lynn, 206 ferndale rd., 

glen burne, md. 
knotts, Charles eric, 6714 fair oaks rd., 

roanoke, va. 
knox, jeanne marie, 3931 tedrick blvd., 

fairfax, va. 
knuff, gregory gerald, timberville, va. 


knupp, John wayne, rt. #2, 

Harrisonburg, va. 
koenig, kathleen mary, 940 quantico St., 

arlington, va. 
koepsell, Judith ann, 7234 pinewood St., 

falls church, va. 
kohler, cynthia ann, 17 plymouth ave., 

lancaster, pa. 
kohler, micheal John, 932 princeton, 

glen burnie, md. 
kohut, colleen kay, 7433 mcwhorter pi., 

annandale, va. 
kolbrick, susan lynn, 27 5th st., n.w., 

pulaski, va. 
kooshian, diane jones, 1401 pleasant 

view St., Staunton, va. 
koowtz, dianne rena, rt. #1, box 97, 

elkton, va. 
kopf, janis diane, 359 retford ave., 

cranford, n.j. 
korman, charles, 149 bailey ave., 

hillside, n.j. 
kovacs, agnes hileman, 958 college ave., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
kovalevsky, katherine, qts. 31 

aberdeen proving ground, md. 
kovsovris, m. Christina, 5315 brindon ave., 

baltimore, md. 
kromer, lawrence arthur, 212 grattan St., 

harrisonburg, va. 
krasnick, patricia jean, 6 canterbury sq., 

alexandria, va, 
kravs, barbara jean, 2866 woodland rd., 

roslyn, pa. 
krause, kerry james, rt. #1, chantilly, va. 
kreger, allien, 326 kellamrd rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
kretzscamor, anette marianne, 2508 

pegasus la., reston, va. 
kropp, carey louis, 3821 egan dr., 

fairfax, va. 
krotzer, kent powell, 917 n. barton St., 

arlington, va. 
kuhns, carol louise, 8704 lea lane, 

alexandria, va. 
kuhn, rebecca louise, box 2811, rt. #1, 

madison heights, vo. 
kurbjun, kathleen barron, 4429 ben st., 

roanoke, va. 
kwiecinski, linnea adrienne, 6216 thomas dr., 

Springfield, va, 
kyle, miion m., 7428 brad St., 

falls church, va. 
kyte, louise bradford, 1202 graydon ave., 

norfolk, va. 
labrador, norma I., 119 longfellow dr., 

newport news, va. 
lockey, m. lavonia, 186 s. Winchester ave., 

Waynesboro, va. 
lackey, mary rebecca, 186 s, Winchester ave., 

Waynesboro, va, 
lacks, sandro kaye, r.f.d. 1, 

scottsburg, va. 
ladd, jeny kate, toms brook, va. 
laebeek, robert victor, 1207 86th st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
laflam, denise jane, 1733 prospect ridge, 

haddon hts., n. j. 
lake, glen robert, 3031 s. bucanan dr., 

arlington, va. 
lam, William Oliver, iii, rt. 1, 

port republic, va. 
lamb, margaret donnan, 2017 motoax rd., 

Petersburg, va. 
lambath, janice lambath, 4625 southland 

ove.', alexandria, va, 
lombert, jimmie, jr., box 2136, rt. 1, 

harrisonburg, va. 
lombert, launie lavonne, rt. 4, box 334, 

harrisonburg, va. 
lombert, sheila may, 

blue grass, va. 
lampe, cinda kay, rt. 1, 

harrisonburg, va. 
land, barbara ellen, 3050 old centreville rd., 

manassas, va, 
landreth, evelyn arline, rt. 1, box 54, 

day ton, va. 
lane, linda shirley, 1006 north terrill st., 

alexandria, vo. 
lone, meda sandra, 2811 Stratford rd., 

richmond, va, 
lang, judy kathleen, 24 murray ave,, 

annapolis, maryland 
lang, nancy Stirling, 3420 blair rd., 

falls church, va. 
longdate, betty marlene, 3421 cedar grove. 

rd., richmond, va. 
lanigon, kathleen marie, 3860 Columbia pike, 

arlington, va. 
lantor, diane collins, 1100 main st., 

south boston, va. 
lantz, hugh james, star route, 

criters, va. 
lontz, karen stultz, 14 moplehurst ave., 

horrisonburg, va, 
lorosa, deborah ann, 5906 frederick st,, 

Springfield, va. 
larrick, doris jane, mt, jackson, va. 
lash, kathryn marie, 6608 barrett rd., 

falls church, va. 
tosher, nancy faye, box 96, 

craigsviile, va. 
lossiter, cynthia kay, 9904 indian queen 
point rd,, oxon hill, maryland 

loter, colleen, rt. 1, 

keezletown, va, 
laudenberger, louise ann, 1523 Inzer st., 

Springfield, va, 
laufer, terri lindel, 7103 lanier st., 

annandale, va. 
towhorn, theodore w., jr., box 587, 

Stuarts draft, va. 
lowhorne, barbara susan, rt. 2, 

forest, va, 
lowson, dolly ann, 

mcgaheysville, va. 
towson, kristie anne, 9110 Oakland circle 

iynchburg, va. 
lowson, Sharon ann, rt. 5, box 43a 

harrisonburg, va, 
layman, sara rebekah, box 306 

hot springs, va. 
laymon, wm, daniel, 185 west view rd. 

dayton, va. 
lozzarjno, patricia alice, 6063 brook dr, 

falls church, va. 
loymon, eldon franklin, rt. 5, 

harrisonburg, va. 
leach, Joanne katherine, rt. 2, box 157 

lancoster, va, 
leodinghom, barbara ann, 217 franklin st. 

harrisonburg, va. 
teaman, John, david, 917 mt, clinton pike 

harrisonburg, va. 
leap, henry wm,, elkton, va, 
lebbon, goil elizabeth, 7204 normandy 

la., falls church, va. 
lebherz, marian louise, 121 beechwood ave., 

baltimore, maryland 
ledone, mary louise, 2831 mankin walk., 

falls church, va, 
ledger, diane p., r.d. 1, 

frenchtown, new jersey 
lee, byron, daniel, 7714 rowen ct., 

annandale, va. 
lee, calvin, eugene, 314 driscoll st. 

Staunton, va. 
lee, deborah ann, 1438 villa ave,, 

birminghom, michigan 
lee, elizabeth ann, 6012 brookland rd., 

alexandria, va. 
lee, glendo rose, 7500 parkwood ct, 

falls church, va, 
lee, nancy carol, 6012 brookland rd., 

alexandria, va, 
lefcvre, don bilyen, 4649 cedar ridge 

dr,, oxon hill, maryland 
leffel, linda thiele, box 54, 

hinton, va. 
leffel, sherry monette, rt. 3, 

harrisonburg, va. 
legord, patti anne, rt. 1, box 51-d 

purcellville, va. 
lehmon, barbara diann, 2323 n. burlington 

arlington, va, 
lehmon, bertha alice, route 5, 

solem, ohio 
lch»"nn. kotheryn marte, 9910 colony rd,, 

fairfax, va. 
Ichn.oM, .ae jeon, 9910 colony rd., 

fairfax, va. 
Icitch, richard b., iii, 121 laurel ove. 

fredericksburg, va. 
lemleg, richard lee, 108 laurel cr. 

Charlottesville, va. 
lemon, linda lynn, rt. 2, box 247, 

hot springs, va. 
lentz, carl michael, siler rt., box 146, 

Winchester, va, 
Icnzyel, cathy ann, 6529 dryden dr., 

mclean, va. 
Iconord, katherine lola, 6529 hopkins rd., 

richmond, va. 
leonord, william tester, 141 ann st,, 

middletown, pa. 
leroy, jenanne, 4804 chamberlayne ave., 

richmond, va. 
leroy, patricia louise, rt, 2, 

oshland, va. 
tessmonn, susan lynn, nb3 coddington 

cove, usnb, newport, rhode island 
tester, linda diane, rt. 2, box 4a, 

chesterfield, va, 
Icviner, betty c, box 45, 

new market, va, 
lewis, candace alicia, 1725 jack frost rd., 

va. beach, vo. 
lewis, carole anne, 155 w, fairfietd dr,, 

Salisbury, maryland 
lewis, geraldine, 901 center ave. nw, 

roanoke, va. 
lewis, Jennie lynn, 2844 bicknell rd., 

richmond, va. 
lombert, carolyn ann, mt. Crawford, va. 
lewis, John michael, 2838 cherry St., 

falls church, va. 
lewis, linda koy, rockville, Virginia 
lichliter, elizabeth jane, 658 n.w. 1st, st., 

miami, fla. 
licbno, linda susan, 722 howard rd., 

baltimore, md. 
light, terry robert, 9108 sauthwick st., 

fairfax, va. 
tikins, addison newton, box 236, 

Woodford, va. 
tillord, betty custis, madison, va. 
lilley, lois anne, 4817 sullivan blvd., 
va. beach, va. 

lindgren, katherine elinor, 3732 chain br. rd., 

fairfax, va. 
lindgren, margaret mary, 3732 chain br. rd,, 

fairfax, va. 
lindjord, bonnie Williams, 1643 wrightson dr., 

mclean, va. 
lindjord, ieigh jorgine, 1643 wrightson dr,, 

mclean, va. 
lindsey, emily ann, 801 mathews rd., 

woodbridge, va. 
iineburg, rhondo jean, 120 lambden ave., 

Winchester, va. 
link, nancy lee, 1591 s. sycamore, 

Petersburg, va. 
lipes, gregory allan, 6014 mann ave., 

richmond, va. 
lipke, Carroll regina, 101 treetop ct., 

woodbridge, va. 
lipps, beatrice elizabeth, 127 colfax dr., 

manassas, va, 
liskey, rebecca susan, rt. 5, 

harrisonburg, va. 
little, kathryn rebekah, 1 8 1 s. ardmore rd,, 

cols., ohio 
little, waiter earl, jr., 407 linwood ave., 

grenloch, n. j, 
livengood, jockie raye, 408 treadwell st., 

berryville, va. 
livengood, pamela Joyce, 408 treadwell St., 

berryville, va. 
lobasso, toni ann, 9 birch dr. huntington 

station, n, y, 
tockc, m. fay, 2013 rollins dr., 

alexandria, va. 
lockhort, kathryn gray, rt. 2, box 162, 

Covington, va. 
lockhort, nancy kelly 2421 inglewood ct., 

falls church, va. 
lockhort, wanda carol, 1 lOViy main St., 

brtdgewater, va, 
lofton, margaret estelle, rt, #1, 

white post, va, 
logon, michoel william, 2200 banburg st,, 

Charlottesville, va, 
logsdon, linda Irene, 1621 moffet rd., 

silver spring, md. 
lohr, elizabeth mary, rfd 1, box 180, 

timberville, va. 
lohr, trances Virginia, 1904 brant rd,, 

wilm., del. 
lohr, Howard franklin, 420 ware St., 

Charlottesville, va. 
lohr, linda faye, box 72, rt. 1, 

orange, va, 
loker, angela lenore, rt. #1, box 55, 

hinton, va, 
toman, denise roe, 1 108 Cherokee dr., 

mortinsville, va. 
tombardi, ann Vincent, 1879 mt, royal dr,, 

n.e., atlanta, go. 
long, edith ryan, rt, #2, box 63, 

lovettsville, va. 
long, emily a., box 128, 

port republic, va, 
long, emily heatwole, rt. 1, 

hinton, va, 
long, jone estelle, rt. #1, box 76, 

providence forge, va. 
long, karen jean, 1713 margie dr., 

mclean, va. 
long, mildred roe, 814 n. taylor st,, 

arlington, va. 
long, rebecca Joanne, 736 e, greystone ove., 

monrovia, calif, 
long, robert harold, box 37-c, 

timberville, va. 
long, robyn evelyn, 7721 rowan ct., 

annandale, va. 
long, sharyn kay, rt. #3, box 20, 

edinburg, va. 
long, Virginia susan, luray, va. 
losh, jane Irene, rt. 1, 

dayton, va. 
lough, )oan powcU, box 201, 

elkton, va. 
loughborough, minna f., box 453, 

fairfax, vo. 
loughrey, linda jane, 614 gun rd., 

boltimore, md. 
lourim, lynette Johanna, 91 1 woodcrest dr., 

springlake, heights, n, j, 
love, rosalynn gale, 124 westhampton ave., 

danville, va. 
lowe, micheal thomas, 1195 sHelley la., 

bayville, n. j. 
lucodo, joan marie, rt. #3, 

appomoltox, va. 
lucey, lorraine mare, 337 woodside dr., 

Hampton, va, 
tucht, teresa ann, 2827 n, Harrison st., 

arlington, va. 
luck, Suzanne eloine, 514 langhorne ave., 

richmond, va, 
lucy, linda diane, dolphin, va. 
tudlow, John terrence, 21 1 edgewood dr., 

Wilmington, del. 
ludlow, barbara ellen, 133 mohawk dr., 

cranford, n. j. 
tuebben, gerold alexander, rt. #^' 

bridgewoter, va. , , j 

lumpkin, margaret ruth, 414 yolanda 

rd-, richmond, va. 
lunglhofer, vicki ann, 5821 lavista dr., 
alexandria, va. 


lunsford, harry clement, monterey, va. 
tunsford, jo lynn, 7421 brad St., 

falls church, va. 
lunsford, linda lotts, raphrne, va. 
luongo, Cynthia hardy, omelia, va. 
luttroll, gloria louise, rt. #3, 

Winchester, va. 
luttrcll, roger lee, bloomery rt., box 45, 

Winchester, va. 
lutz, Catherine mory, 2436 n. rockingham 

St., arlington, va. 
lutz, helen margaret, 2436 n. rockingham St., 

arlington, vo. 
lyke, michele jeannette, 8624 buckboard, 

alexandria, va. 
lyle, Virginia ruth, rt. #1, 

churchvilte, va. 
lynch, adele anne, miilsboro, del. 
lynch, Connie diane, 355 turlington rd., 

Suffolk, va. 
lynch, helen burke, 704 cherry eve., 

Waynesboro, va. 
lynch, Jeanne, 27 wheatlond dr., 

hompton, va. 
mealccr, karen Virginia, luray, va. 
mcallist'cr, jane elizabeth, rd #2, 

bridgeton, n. j. 
mcovoy, marilyn kay, 6423 bordu ave., 

Springfield, va. 
mcauliffe, mary helen, J73I no. wayne St., 

arlmgton, vo. 
mcbride, bonita onn. 2701 davis ave., 

alexandria, va. 
mccall, patrrcia lynn, 604 chestnut hill ave., 

baltimore, md. 
mccall, Samuel leonard, 301 pine St., 

Winchester, va. 
mccann, elizabeth florence, 123 king ave., 

millville, n. j. 
mccarthy, mory ellen, 801 leewood dr., 

monroe, n. c. 
mcchesney, John mcbride, iii, 304 n. 

magnolia ave. 
mcclain, john robert, jr., 2514 arrington rd., 

richmond, va. 
mcclellon, lynn frances, 8702 basswood rd., 

richmond, va. 
mcclclland, r. kinter, jr., box 453, 

Woodstock, va. 
mcclure, donna marie, rt, #2, 

Woodstock, va. 
mcclure, jeanette Catherine, rt. ^2, 

Woodstock, va. 
mccomb, mary-margoret, 3404 n. Utah, 

arlington, va. 
mcconnell, dreama ann, 7460 plantation rd,, 

hoilins, va. 
mccook, Constance ellen, 4108 sprenkle la., 

richmond, va. 
mccormick, karol hope, 315 s. highland, 

arlington, va, 
mccracken, kathleen patricia, 11919 random 

hills rd., fairfax, va. 
mccraw, sylvia jean, rt. #4, spring St., 

madison heights, va. 
mccready, lillian carol, rt. #3, 

harrisonburg, va. 
mccredie, wendy alice, 72 n. greenwood ave., 

hopewell, va. 
mccune, freda gay, rt. #3, 

Staunton, va. 
mccurry, penelopey margaret, 4324 ferry 

landing rd., alexandrio, va. 
mcdade, laura ann, 2808 n. rockingham st., 

arlington, va. 
mcdearman, linda leigh, 34 college er., 

Staunton, va. 
mcdermott, norma jean, 2200 so. columbus 

St., arlington, va. 
mcdevitt, elizabeth Josephine, 7501 

campalger ave., falls church, va. 
mcdonald, frances kathleen, box 216, 

island heights, n. j. 
mcdonold, patrick taylor, 4430 florish rd., 

n.w., roanoke, va. 
mcdonold, thomas alien, 2516 sweetbriar 

ave., 5. w., roanoke, va. 
mcdonough, denise Irene, 5742 backlick rd., 

Springfield, va. 
mcdowell, malai dole, 10 s. sunset rd., 

willingboro, n. j. 
mckay, dennis aloysius, 42 tower hill dr., 

port Chester, n. y. 
mcdorman, jimmy steven, rt. #6, 

harrisonburg, va. 
mceachern, william ross, 39 cedarbank 

cres., don mills, ont. 
meelwee, berlyn edgar, jr., rt. j^l, box 99, 

hot springs, va. 
meelwee, melinda moore, churchville, va. 
mcenoney, carolyn j., box 104, so. 

salem, n. y. 
mcentyre, marianne theresa, 2931 lockport 

dr., falls church, va. 
mcfall, cGthy taliferro, 100 s. hood st., 

lynchburg, va. 
mcgann, olivia gayle, roseland, va. 
mcgary, patricia suson, 4417 starr Jordan 

dr., burke, vo. 
mcgovock, lucy howe, 340 withers rd., 

v/ytheville, va. 
mcghee, brenda lee, box 214, hurt, vo. 
mcghee, nancy patricia, 5105 tolbot pi,, 
alexandria, va. 

mcginnis, kelley rae, pine crest dr., 

madison heights, va. 
mcglnty, laura theresa, 7608 mendota, 

Springfield, va. 
mcgrow, thomos douglos, jr., 7812 ridgewood 

dr., annandole, va. 
mchonc, james clayton, 718 s, high st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
mckcc, Catherine loraine, 4202 chamberlayne 

ave., richmond, va. 
mckcc, deborah onn, 4202 chamberlayne 

ave., richmond, va. 
mckcc, rebecca lee, 415 w. college ave., 

Salisbury, md. 
mckinlcy, Judith anno, 2 plaza dr., 

hampton, va. 
mcknighf, barbara ann, 608 ocean rd., 

spring lake hts,, n, j. 
mdanc, dianc marie, 201 20 s.w. 1 1 1 th ave., 

miami, fla. 
mcloughlin, barbara ann, 153 blvd., new 

milford, n. j. 
mcloughlin, patrick michecl, 301 n. becure- 

gard st,, alexandria, va. 
mclcllon, Virginia ruth, 6906 rosemont dr., 

mclean, va. 
mclcod, susan elizabeth, rt. ^2, box 115, 

ashland, va. 
mclcod, valorie kaye, box 125, 

Spotsylvania, vo. 
mclin, ann marie, 4554 hompshire ave., 

norfolk, va. 
mcmohon, suzzanne marie, 1167 harness dr., 

Warminster, pa. 
mcmohon, thomas francis, iii, 3016 rosemary 

la., falls church, vo. 
mcmonn, carlene russell, tangier, va. 
mcmillan, terryl Christine, hhc tascom eur, 

new york, n. y. 
mcnobb, rebecca jane, roseland, vo. 
mcnomoro, patricia elizabeth, 8636 arlington 

bivd., fairfax, va. 
mcncot, willia franklin, rt. #3, box 247, 

Staunton, va. 
mcneil, brenda morje, 144 pulaski ove., 

radford, va, 
mcneil kay elizabeth, 6226 kellogg dr., 

mcteon, vo. 
mcneh, libby eloine, box 286, rt. #1, 

bridgewater, va. 
mcl-yre, John robert, 92 s. main st., 

mullica hill, n, j. 
mcvickcr, mory kristine, 1654 strine dr., 

mclean, va. 
mcwhorter, Jeanne lynn, 2445 westmont st., 

nw., roanoke, va. 
mobe, rebecca Joyce, 835 12th St., 

newport news, vo. 
mobocsi, roburt micheol, box 66, york, me. 
mocdonold, robert upton, 989 n. patrick 

henry dr., arlington, va. 
mock, margaret onn, 1926 foxhall rd., 

mclean, va. 
mockert, phyllis carol, 516 w. nettle tree rd., 

sterling, va. 
mockey, cory scott, iii, 620 santanna dr., 

apt. 201, harrisburg, pa. 
mockey, Joanne lenorr, 3428 stoneybroe dr., 

falls church, va. 
mackintosh, sandra lynn, 303 patrick st., 

Vienna, va. 

maddox, mary louise, 313 maxwell lane, 

newport news, va. 
maddox, saroh elizabeth, long pine dr., 

madison heights, vo. 
madison, brenda fay, rt. #2, box 65-a, 

fredericksburg, va. 
madison, sandra kay, box 315, crozet, va. 
magill, carolyn h,, cedar ave., 

pennsavrel, n. j. 
mognonc, david broce, 60 old stone church 

rd., upper saddle river, n. j. 
magocsi, susan cissel, 8716 woterford rd., 

alexandria, va. 
moley, robert c, 8323 lilac lane, 

alexandria, va. 
mollory, Julie onn, rt. #2, box 176, 

orange, va. 
molonc, betty patricia, 108 s. reed st,, 

bel air, md. 
manley, evelyn dee, 3239 valley lone, 

falls church, va. 
monson, richord milton, 216 valirey dr., 

hampton, va, 
maroblc, sharon louise, 2934 maple dr., 

fairfax, vo. 
morch, ann sullivon, 803 notil ove., 

Winchester, va. 
morion, dovid louis, 131 tregarone rd., 

timonium, md. 
marklcy, betty kay, rt. #2, box 243, 

beaverdam, vo. 
morkicwicz, dione morie, 584 long ove., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
morkicwicz, Judith cecilia, 584 long ave,, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
marklcy, gail fitzgerold, box 3c, rt. j^6, 

harrisonburg, va. 
marks, jud'th onn, 208 brentwood rd., 

Charlottesville, va, 
marks, sandra, box 1782, capron, va. 
marr, jo anne, 316 woodbine St., 

hopewell, va. 
morrlott, mary alice, 44 circle dr., 

york, pa. 
marsh, micheol woyne, rt. #4, 

madison heights, va. 
morshall, corl c, 1053 fairlawn ave., 

Virginia beach, va. 
morshoH, deborah ann, 3903 richland ave., 

n.w., roanoke, va. 
marshall, peggy lee, 304 spruce St., 

Charlottesville, vo. 
morshall, sandra gail, 800 sunset dr., 

lexington, vo. 
marsholl, terry groy, rt. #3, 

broadway, va. 
morsholl, thomas milton, 704 york-worwick 

dr., yorktown, va. 
morshmon, fronk robert, rt. ^6. box 174, 

harrisonburg, va. 
morshmon, helen, rfd 6, harrisonburg, vo, 
morston, olton greenberry, jr., rt, #7, box 

75, mourertown, va. 
morston, ripley elwood, jr., rt. #2, box 138, 

mt. jockson, va. 
morterrc, susan renee, 704 gory st., 

Springfield, vo. 
mortin, alice rae, rt. jli:3. Ivnchburg. va. 
martin, carolyn duvol, 3423 summervrlle St., 

lynchburg, vo. 
martin, franklin theodore, 317 king st., 

Waynesboro, va. 

martin, gary robert, n. star ave., 

hopewell, va. 
martin, geraldine, 6001 brookiand rd., 

alexandria, va. 
martin, jacquelyn lee, 748 lexington ave., 

Charlottesville, va. 
martin, jane elizabeth, 118 northbrooke ave., 

Suffolk, va. 
mortin, janet mary, 104 n. lynnbrook rd., 

bel air, md. 
martin, janet sue, route 3, Harrisonburg, vo. 
martin, jean covin, 502 rainbow st., 

Staunton, va. 
martin, lydia fehl, box 1796, rt. ^2, 

eraleville, pa. 
martin, mary onn, n. star ave,, 

hopewell, n. j. 
martin, naoni Virginia, 244 w. rugby rd., 

manossas, va. 
martin, pamela kaye, 8107 enon dr., n. w., 

roanoke, vo. 
martin, potricia joanne, 1025 st. clair St., 

hogerstown, md. 
mortin, robert michea!, rt. jii2, 

martinsville, va. 
manynchok, regina elizabeth, 3961 lyndhurst 

dr., apt. 203, fairfax, va. 
masini, anita marie, 2104 volentine rd., 

richmond, va. 
mason, haze! renee, 106 shasta ct,, 

Charlottesville, va. 
mason, sue bowdoin, 195 lake ave., 

riverhead, n. y. 
mason, susan gray, 643 Jefferson ave., 

clifton forge, va. 
moson, William roy, iii, exmore, va. 
mossey, rebecco lynn, 21 paddock dr., 

newport news, va. 
masterson, lynn onn, 4317 woodway st., 

alexandria, va. 
mastin, barbara ann, rt. j^3, box 87-b, 

spotsylvonia, va. 
mathews, cathy ann, 1306 fordson rd., 

alexandria, va. 
mathews, linda mae, rt. 3^3- box 795, 

Suffolk, va. 
mathias, cheryl diane, rt. i^l- new market, 

mathias, susan elizabeth, rt. #1, new 

morket, va. 
mafthes, linda leigh, 409 w. rosemory 

lone, falls church, va. 
matthcws, bruce habel, jr., powhatan, vo. 
matthcws, karen marie, 8404 zell lane, 

richmond, va. 
mauck, Joyce ann, 16 stover st,, 

luray, va. 
mauck, louis craig, ii. 10 deford ave,, 

luray, va. 
maupin, angelia, 2619 Jefferson park cl., 

Charlottesville, va. 
mowyer, carolyn sue, faber, va. 
maxwell, marguerite staley, cobbs creek, 

mathews co., va. 
maxwell, suzanne lasche, 4278 cheyenne rd., 

richmond, va. 
may, anita trances, singers glen, vo. 
may, charlotte gwendolyn, hot springs, va. 
may, doris juanita, 7500 dovian dr., 

annondale, va. 
may, mary lescure, apt. d-1 parkwood, 

Staunton, va. 
mayes, james leonard, 715 west ct., 

Johnstown, pa. 
mayfield, Christine myrna, 1517 Jamestown 

rd., Williamsburg, va. 
moyfield, linda gay, rt. #3, 

harrisonburg, va. 
mayfield, ronald lee, jr., rt. #3, 

harrisonburg, va. 
mayo, heien mary, 825 sunbury ave., 

Cumberland, md. 
mays, mary moon, rt. #4, Chatham, va. 
mazza, nancy maria, 704 botts ave., 

woodbridge, va. 
meade, martho pendleton, 3500 n, abingden 

St., arlington, va. 
meador, teresa day, rt. #8, box 142, 

roanoke, va. 
meadows, anthony lee, 520 so. federal st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
meadows, borbora eliiott, 4908 bark lane, 

Virginia beach, va. 
meadows, charlotte darlene, rio rd., rt. #8, 

Charlottesville, va. 
meadows, donna lee, rt. jt5, box 36, 

harrisonburg, va, 
meodows, doris jane, rt. #1, elkton, vo. 
meadows, potricia fay, rt. itl- box 210, 

elkton, vo. 
meadows, victor lyle, pomplin, vo. 
meanley, olice susan, 29 cedar lane, 

newport news, va. 
meanley, elizabeth ann, 29 cedar lone, 

newport news, vo. 
mediary, denise amelio, 9320 gue rd., 

domascus, md. 
medley, shoron kay, 6225 n. 31st St., 

orlington, va. 
mcdiock, elizabeth baskerville, mckinny, vo. 
mcehan, mary ellen thereso 
meehon, potricia onn, 954 duncan rd., so. 

dotona, flo. 
meek, barboro ann, stuarts draft, va. 

mccks, harry lincoln, jr., 712 cherry hill dr., 

Staunton, vo. 
meeks, John edword, 304 south ave., 

newport news, vo. 
meeks, wonda susan, 413 w. riverside dr., 

Covington, va. 
mchaffcy, cccelio Josephine, rt. ^2, 

lav/yers rd., lynchburg, va. 
mclchior, onn fox, 120 s. hudson st., 

arlington, va. 
mclhorne, susan dawn, 1432 hillside ave,, 

harrisonburg, va. 
melick, morgoret lee, 2842 dovor lane, 

falls church, vo. 
mendoza, blonea isabel, aquirre 719, 

guayoguil, ecuodor 
mercer, John lowrence, 103 cypress rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
mcrcier, dovid george, 4014 thornton st., 

annandole, vo. 
meredith, brenda sue, rt. Jt 1 , 

draper, vo. 
meredith, john berkley, 134 oakenwoid 

terrace, staunton, va, 
merico, phyllis June, rt. j^ 1 , shenondooh, va. 
merritt, janet lee, 227 cypress rd., 

Portsmouth, vo, 
merritt, rose marie, 3222 southall ave,, 

richmond, vo. 
meyer, andrea karen, 1004 mulberry rd., 

martrnsville, vo. 
meyer, mary agnes, 509 camden ave,, 

Salisbury, md. 
meyer, potricia onn, shusowock tr., 

medford lakes, n. j. 
mcyerhocffer, betty lynn, mt. Crawford, va. 
mcrrymon, carol onn, 7024 broddock rd., 

annondale, vo. 
micheal, nancy jean, 2300 so, arlington 

ridge rd,, arlington, va. 
micheal, ronnie bruce, 525 s. high st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
micheol, sharon koye, box 212, dayton, vo. 
micheal, shelio June, 424 e. rock St., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
midkiff, carolyn Joyce, 609 kenneth rd., 

Virginia beach, va, 
miles, morion ordine, 1808 rivermont ave., 

lynchburg, va. 
miller, anthony dewayne. 111 so. funk st., 

strosburg, vo. 
miller, corol ann, 1330 pittston ave., 

scronton, pa. 
miller, Constance lee, 194 apollo dr., 

rochester, n. y. 
miller, dedorah onn, 2344 e. bugle dr., 

Chesapeake, vo, 
miller, elizabeth ann, route 6, staunton, va. 
miller, frances b., pleasant valley, vo. 
miller, gerold wayne, 708 s. george mason 

dr., arlington, va. 
miller, helen silvis, madison terrace opt 

1 1 g-3, harrisonburg, vo. 
miller, joanne, 101 lafayette pi., 

cranford, n. j. 

miller, John dovid, 1312 college ave., 

horrisonburg, va. 
miller, lelio carol, rt, ^4, harrisonburg, va. 
miller, linda jeon, 109 e. college st., 

bridgewoter, vo. 
miller, linda 1., 1533 longfcllow st., 

mclcan, vo. 
miller, morilyn June, foils rd, box 1944, 

cockeysvillc, md. 
miller, miller omy, 418 wentworth dr., 

Winchester, va. 
miller, minervo kay, broad run forms, 

sterling, vo. 
miller, potricia onn, rfd. 1, box 245, 

horrisonburg, vo. 
miller, peggy goyle, 10020 morningside ct., 

foirfox, vo. 
miller, richord lewis, jr., rt. ^5. 

horrisonburg, vo. 
miller, rhondo bilotti, 3303 coshongote, 

foirfox, va. 
miller, sorah olice, 109 e. college St., 

bridgewoter, vo, 
miller, susan elisobeth, remington, va. 
miller, teresa lorain, box 368, rt. ^2, 

staunton, vo. 
millhiser, janet carol, rt. ^3, box p-1 1 3, 

south boston, vo. 
millikin, borbora louise, box 89, 

hamlet, n. c. 
minch, donna lucindo, 160 atlantic st., 

bridgeton, n. j, 
miner, morrion nolo, 304 cedar lane, 

seoford, del. 
minick, mory teresa, middletown, va. 
minor, morgoret onne, 7907 carr leigh, 

Springfield, vo. 
miscnheimcr, Stephen, 1 227 

morningside la., olexondrio, va. 
mitchell, dennis ondrew, 1627 foirhope rd., 

n, w,, roanoke, vo. 
mitchell, jonice lee, stote farm, va. 
mitchell, katherine ruth, waverly, va. 
mitchell, susan bailey, box 965, 

harrisonburg, va. 
mitchell, suzanne, 8201 cakleight rd,, 

boltimore, md. 
mitchell, vernono hope, mckinny, vo. 
mizell. Undo elizabeth, 314 meode ave., 

Charlottesville, vo, 
mocko, nancy down, fern ove,, md #15, 

newburgh, n. y. 
mcc.i.c.i, s.ephan roymond, 10424 gothorr 

rd., richmond, va. 
moffett, Constance sue, 47 worrenton blvd., 

warrenton, vo. 
molloy, susan Catherine, 3709 wynfield dr., 

virginio beoch, va. 
moncure, onne byrd, rfd 4, box 13, 

fredicksburg, va. 
moncure, mildred, 206 Caroline st,, 

fredicksburg, vo. 
monday, dole karen, 42 schoenfield la., 

hunt station, n. y. 
monger, karen francos, rfd 1, box 68-b, 

mcgaheysville, vo. 


monger, roger lee, rt. jt3, box 24, 

elkton, va. 
monroc, jonet fodely, edinburg, va. 
monroc, shoron kaye, rt. i ' . 

fishersvitle, va. 
monfolbono, katherine annette, 231 padonia 

rd., timonium, md. 
montgomcry, iames bcrkley, 210 walnut St., 

Covington, vo. 
montgomcry, margaret ann, 5618 Williams- 
burg blvd., arlington, va. 
moore, barbara ann, 2925 dunkirk ave., 

norfolk, va. 
moorc, barbara dionne, 1710 king mt. rd., 

Charlottesville, va, 
moorc, brenda diane, 1427 hazel st., 

Charlottesville, va. 
moorc, corolyn anne, 617 tennesses ave., 

olexandria, va, 
moorc, Claudia j., 6457 oakwood dr., 

falls church, va. 
moorc, dennis c, 3302 nevius st,, 

falls church, va. 
moorc, dorothy jayne, 4614 leonard pkwy., 

richmond, va. 
moorc, lennifer lee, 104 s, lynnhaven rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
moorc, joante f ranees, 1205 tulond dr., 

alexandria, va. 
moorc, Joanne elizabcth, 204 archer, 

Staunton, va. 
moorc, karen sue, 3409 Indian spring rd., 

Charlottesville, vo. 
moore, laro gail, 3825 fairfax pkwy., 

alexandria, va. 
moorc, laura Catherine, 4232 fairglen dr., 

alexandria, va. 
moorc, Irnda mae, 2860 s, abingdon st., 

arlington, va. 
moorc, lucy lawrence, 407 royal pMalms 

blvd., Charleston, s. c. 
moorc, martha jean, 1421 n. main St., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
moorc, martha lee, lovettsville, va. 
moore, mary ekien, lovettsville, va. 
moore, maureen ann, 1406 lester dr., 

Charlottesville, va. 
moore, micheal bradford, 2211 springfield 

ave., norfolk, va. 
moore, sandra dole, 202 nine mile rd., 

sandston, va. 
moore, victoria elizabeth, 8407 felton la., 

alexandria, vo. 
moron, barbara b., 6733 kennedy la., 

falls church, va. 
moron, marilyn, 6733 kennedy la., 

falls church, va. 
moron, mary Virginia, 5957 10th st,, 

arlington, va, 
moreland, shoron crider, broodwoy, vo. 
moretti, joonn, 27 showmont la., 

willingboro, n. j. 
morgon, cynthio louise, 7522 havelock st., 

springfield, va. 
morgon, donna jean, 2504 dominion ove., 

norfolk, va. 
moriorty, marilyn hugh, 1902 hackamore 

lo., alexandria, va. 
morris, calvin joy, box 54, 

standardsville, vo. 
morris, carol anne, rt. j^2, elkton, vo. 
morris, donna jean, 5911 5th rd. s, 

arlington, vo. 
morris, elizabeth poige, rt. ^], 

north garden, vo. 
morris, Helen theodoro, 1108 ferebee ave., 

chespeake, va. 
morris, jomes henry, box 184, grottoes, va. 
morris, linda lee, port republic, vo. 
morris, micheal wayne, 453 collicello st., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
morris, minnie lucinda, 21 bay St., 

woodbridge, vo. 
morris, potricio ann, 900 gen. jockson dr., 

Virginia beach, vo. 
morris, saundra kay, sHenandoah, va. 
morris, sora vanamon, 84 emery st,, 

Harrisonburg, va. 
morrison, thomas conrad, jr., rileyville, vo. 
morrissey, morcia ann, 6906 andover dr., 

alexandria, vo. 
morton, rebecca anne, rt. if 1 , box 62, 

germontown, md. 
mosby, corol ann, 7859 porott pi., 

olexondria, va. 
moser, barbara dare, 2014 n. sycamore st., 

arlington, vo. 
mosko, morion, 333 cedar st., 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
mosser, jeanne louise, 7721 rowan ct., 

anandale, va. 
motley, sally elisobeth, 5725 Oakland blvd., 

n.e., roanoke, vo, 
mott, ellen Hunter, bellamy, vo. 
mott, micheal ralph, 11300 dewey rd., 

silver springs, md. 
mountjoy, beverly goyle, 6814 Jefferson ove., 

foils church, va. 
mowery, pHyllis marie, strosburg, vo, 
moyers, barbara b., rt. ^6, box 945, 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
moyer, bruce allon, broodway, va, 
moyer, micheal Joseph, 8728 old courthouse 

rd., vienno, vo. 

moyor, pomelo gwen, luray, vo. 
moyers, daniel Harold, ii, 3056 green st., 

bridgcwater, va. 
moyers, Harold jomes, rt. ^2, 

Harrisonburg, va. 
moyers, mildred hinkle, new market, va. 
moyers, pomelo rhodes, 953 mt. clinton 

pike, Harrisonburg, vo. 
mucllcr, john poul, 1 16 waiter dr., 

medio, pa, 
mucllcr, Judith carol, 871 n. groenbrier St., 

arlington, va, 
mullcn, susan mary, 661 1 forgo st., 

springfield, va, 
mullcn, thomas Joseph, 519 17th St., w. 

babylon, n. y. 
mulligan, dovid micheal, 8419 kennedy dr., 

Hampton, vo. 
mullins, angelio faye, 424 murphy rd., 

collinsviile, vo, 
mullins, lindo onn, box 361, 

yorktown, va. 
mulrcnin, bernadette morie, 42 Hawkins 

way, waretown, n. j, 
mulvanity, doris r., rt. ^^4, box 270, 

Winchester, vo. 
mumaw, fay elizobeth, 1130 sHenandoah st., 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
mundy, lindo foye, 920 bridge St., 

Waynesboro, vo. 
munscy, jennie koren, peorisburg, vo. 
munson, katherine elizabeth, 1109 n. ever- 
green St., arlington, va. 
munson, noncy Christine, 231 erich rd., 

richmond, va, 
murphy, (one stewort, ridgewoy, va. 
murphy, margaret anne, 542 e. boyview 

blvd-, norfolk, vo, 
murphy, mary virginio, II liberty st., 

onancock, va. 
murphy, susan jean, 328 no, piedmont st., 

orlington, va, 
murray, deboroh ann, 10 meadowlork la., 

c. brunswick, n. j. 
murray, dione lynn, 303 virginio ove., 

olexondria, vo. 
muse, sora olice, foirfield, vo. 
musick, craig edward, 5901 brunswick st., 

springfield, vo. 
musick, diana carol, 1933 toz. ave., 

bluefield, vo. 
musser, william s. jr., 159 w. grotten st., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
muterspaugh, micheol eugene, 2320 so, moin 

St., Harrisonburg, vo. 
mutispaugh, deboroh kay, 2337 sycamore 

ave., buena vista, va. 
mufschellcr, denise, 8221 higham rd., 

newington, va. 
myers, borbora lynn, glosgow, vo, 
myers, donna louren, 6 heather la,, 

newport news, vo. 
myers, modeline anderson, 439 hondley 

ave., Winchester, va. 
myers, mary jone, 301 clover la., 

danville, vo. 
myers, nancy swindler, 750 s. High St., 

hornsonburg, va. 
myers, Stephen christian, 418 e. college st., 

bridgewater, va. 
nackley, elizabeth cecilio, 1623 sherwood 

ove., s.w., roanoke, vo. 
nardi, Stephen francis, 310 new york ave., 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
narolesky, joan mory, 1246 beverly ove., 

betHlehem, pa. 
nosh, cynthio jeon, 6464 oakwood dr., 

falls church, vo. 
nash, lorry gene, hoynesville, vo. 
nash, mory katherine, 214 robin dr., 

Staunton, va. 
nafrto, sherry anne, opt. 264, 14810 bothell 

way, n.e,, Seattle, wash, 
neol, deboroh marie, 738 medway rd., 

Hagerstown, md. 
neal, duane wilson, ripley dr., rt. :^2, 

box 89, danville, va, 
neol, Helen elizabeth, luroy, vo. 
neate, evelyn minor, 2794 hill rd., 

Vienna, vo. 
neely, pomelo suzanne, 354 worrington 

circle, Hampton, va, 
neff, lynda lea, hot springs, va. 
neff, melinda, 17 woodHalaw rd., 

great river, n. y. 
nelson, onito louise, Stephenson, vo. 
nelson, deboroh claire, 60 lovale blvd., 

lavole, md. 
nemerow, laurence glen, 66 putnam cir., 

woodbridge, vo. 
nemeyer, roberto anne, 1424 sunset lo., 

Waynesboro, vo, 
nester, alice faye, martinsville, vo. 
neuman, ellen louise, 8605 cromwell dr., 

springfield, va. 
newbern, marsHo deon, 220 west lane, 

Virginia beocH, vo. 
neweomb, kathleen allyn, alberta ove., 

Salisbury, md. 
newman, donna louise, 5 iris ct., 

milltown, n. j. 
newmob, eloine kathryn, rt. if 1 , 

dayton, va. 

ncwmon, pomelo sue, rt, #1, box 140, 

vtnton, va. 
newton, dark lewis, 735 dogwood dr., 

Harrisonburg, va, 
ncy, Julian Joseph, 1250 moffett terr., 

Harrisonburg, vo, 
niarhos, james onthony, 347 1st ave., 

phoenixville, pa. 
nicely, cheryl dorlene, rt. ifl, 

Clifton forge, vo. 
nichols, jomes Howard, rt. ^^2, box 20, 

bedford, va. 
nicholas, Joseph alon, rt. jf^, box 363, 

Harrisonburg, vo, 
nichols, nancy lee, rt. ^3, wolton, n. y. 
nichols, nancy vivion, 2900 isisdole st,, 

richmond, va, 
nichols, suson claire, 31 1 e, fudge st., 

Covington, vo. 
nickcll, Christine suzanne, 7015 cHondlier dr., 

richmond, vo, 
nicdcrbrucning, mary anne, von dyke rd., 

Hopewell, n, j, 
nichaus, daniel david, 3062 lowell, 

wontogh, n. y, 
nixon, ellen gaynell, 1812 n. patrick 

henry dr., arlington, vo. 
nixon, goil marie, 28 lynwood dr., 

Hampton, va, 
nixon, jo onn, 1622 ronald dr., 

Suffolk, va, 
nixon, katherine claire, 304 pcniey ave., 

sondston, vo, 
nixon, noncy jean, 1308 lafayette blvd., 

norfolk, vo. 
noble, adrian eorl, jr., 2404 satves st,, 

arlington, vo, 
noblette, noncy renee, 1 1 south court 

St., luroy, vo. 
noe, morion Joyce, 3300 somme ave., 

norfolk, va, 
nod, kathryn jane, 8803 wotlington rd., 

richmond, vo. 
nordberg, jone lynn, 5408 sir barton dr., 

virginio beach, vo. 
nordstrom, korl miles, box 2063, 

grofton, va, 
norfleef, jewell lourie, rt. ^4, 

Suffolk, va, 
norman, jean h,, rt. jft, box 219, 

west grove, pa. 
normon, lilio onn, 1211 eastern ave. 

boltimore, md. 
norman, lucille morie, 544 Williamsburg 

lane, odenton, md. 
norton, onn b., 502 n. Hudson st,, 

arlington, vo, 
norton, onne turner, 221 luray ave,, 

front royal, vo. 
norton, dorcy onn, 2322 sondburg st,, 

dunn loring, vo, 
norton, karen may, deltoville, vo. 
norton, micheal lee, 8301 colby st., 

Vienna, vo, 
norton, nancy onn, 9933 lindel to., 

Vienna, va. 
noyes, goil elizabeth, rd. if 2, 

norwich, conn. 
nuckolls, Stella juonita, pulaski, va. 
nugent, jomie louise, 218 forest dr., 

linwood, n. j. 
nugent, shoron louise, 1731 borbee st., 

mclean, va. 
null, robert micheal, 1529 chestnut ove., 

haddon heights, n. j. 
nunnally, sondra kay, 1106 florol ove., 

richmond, va. 
nylen, louise, 8500 conover pL, 

olexondria, vo, 
oakey, lauro j., 3111 s, high st., 

arlington, va. 
obaugh, suson bougher, rt. ifS, 

Staunton, vo. 
o'briont, martho lorraine, 6116 grayson 

ove., newport news, vo. 
o'day, dole kothleen, 629 stuart ove., 

essex, md. 
o'dell, cheryl lynn, 6420 rotunda ct., 

springfield, vo. 
o'dell, margaret Christine, 3110 mt. vernon 

ove., olexondria, va. 
odom, susan Christine, 7925 e. rockglen ct., 

springfield, vo. 
o'donnell, micheol hugh, 24 buchomon ave., 

lovole, md. 
offenbacker, sandro faye, rt. if 1 , box 219, 

elkton, vo. 
ogburn, mortha tilton, 625 peachtree st., 

emporio, vo. 
ogden, susan groves, 3425 ellwood ove., 

richmond, va. 
ogiba, james henry, 6 bramston dr., 

hompton, vo. 
oglesby, rose onna, 157 bon ton rd., 

lynchburg, va. 
o'haro, lucy everett, 918 wormley cir., 

yorktown, vo. 
o'hara, suson Harper, 720 Woodstock la., 

Winchester, va. 
ohisson, jeon mory, 270 newman ave., 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
ojo, donna morie, 8409 w. boulevord dr., 

alexandria, va. 


o'keefc/ katherine ellen, 7118 galesville pi., 

annandale, va. 
olin, ellen mortha, 8545 wayland st., 

norfolk, va. 
Oliver, hunton g, jr., 3504 courtland dr., 

falls church, vo. 
olmsteod, robert emmett, 4863 old 

dominion dr., arlington, vo. 
Olson, Judith ann, 10832 chores dr., 

fairfax, va. 
o'neil, dixie lynne, 6641 wakefield dr., 

alexandriQ, va. 
orndorf, Sharon lea, 883 n. Jefferson St., 

arlington, va. 
o'rouke, patricia ann, 3815 n. obingdon st., 

arlington, va. 
orr, cynthia elaine, 7106 frazier pi., 

falls church, va. 
orrison, barbara kay, 1711 irvin st., 

Vienna, va. 
osborn, jack edward, 4041 s. richmond st., 

tulsa, okla. 
osecky, eloine carol, 7310 auburn st., 

annandale, va. 
oseth, Stephen andrew, 8404 ashwood dr., 

alexandria, va. 
otey, anne rebecca. 648 pyrtle dr., 

salem, va. 
outten, katherine elizabeth, 8059 lynnbrook 

ct,, norfolk, va. 
outten, myra darlene, 210 n. Washington st., 

alexandria, vo. 
overstreet, susan w., 5224 carriage dr., s.w., 

roanoke, va. 
overton, russeline, 2919 scotia dr., 

Chesapeake, va. 
owens, phyllis marie, 118 weyford terr., 

garden city, n. y. 
owens, teddy ray, 2225 cortland st., 

Waynesboro, va. 
pacher, austin fisher, jr., 8225 colby ct., 

Vienna, va. 
pock, linda jean, 736 park St., 

Charlottesville, va. 
page, jimmy leigh, rt. jit5, box 339, 

roanoke, va. 
page, waiter raymond, 5009 loughboro rd., 

Washington, d. c. 
painter, ann stuart, 348 george st., 

Winchester, va. 
painter, deborah kaye, box 3, 

Stanley, va. 
pointer, Judith, 1905 great falls st., 

mclean, va. 
polema, micheai Joseph, 1000 wayne rd., 

haddonfield, n. j. 
palmer, edward williom, rt. j!^3, box 511, 

broadway, va. 
polmieri, connie marie, 3201 archdale rd., 

richmond, va. 
polombo, susan elaine, 1913 jack frost rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
pongle, louelia anis, rt. ^2, 

strasburg, va. 
paris, henry whitworth, rt. ^], box 203-a, 

colonial heights, va. 
parish, andrea charlene, gore, va. 
pork, nancy ruthm, 2637 grendon dr., 

Wilmington, del, 
porker, chorles wallace, 204 governor la., 

harrisonburg, va. 
porker, donna lynn, 5524 briarwood la., 

Portsmouth, va. 
porker, jane elliott, Ivor rd., 

courtland, va. 
parker, jeanne marie, 4028 maple St., 

fairfax, va. 
porker, ronald dennis, 3527 seabrook, 

Columbus, Ohio 
porks, linda carol, rfd., box 51a, 

parkley, va. 
parr, nancy carlotta, 632 n. lincoln st., 

arlington, va. 
porrish, lanet lounell, rt. ^^2, box 75, 

scottsville, va. 
porrish, kathleen lorrayne, palmyra, va. 
partlow, robert alien, 4514 cutshaw ave., 

richmond, va. 
poscoe, bette faye, 4841 1st st., so. 

arlington, va. 
polley, nancy dru, boones mill, va. 
pass, torn pass, 6 yorkview dr., 

timonium, md. 
Patrick, susan lynn, 1201 s. scott st., 

arlington, va. 
Patterson, John daniel, 520 lexington dr., 

Charlottesville, va. 
potterson, )ulia hope, 76 w. shirley ave., 

warrenton, va. 
Patterson, karen faye, box 125, 

herlock, md. 
Patterson, mary tate, raphine, va. 
potterson, maureen ann, 4744 broad St., 

Virginia beach, va. 
patten, katherine arnold, 405 n. alder ave., 

sterling, va. 
patton, rebecca beverly, box 63, 

creighton rd., richmond, va. 
paturzo, delilah theresa, 136 Christopher, 

montclair, n. j. 
pautmon, mary sue, r\. j^}, box 66, 

lavale, md. 
poulsen, marsha lynn, 122 s. highland st., 
arlington, va. 

powson, bruce a., qtrs. IlOb, ft. 

wadsworth, n. y. 
poync, ann sterling, gladstone, va. 
poync, linda lee, rt. ^2, box 208, 

purcellville, vo. 
poyne, rebecca dale, 416 neyland dr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
poync, ruth dale, 207 henry clay rd., 

ashland, va. 
poynter, micheai eugenc, 503 niwick dr., 

Vienna, va. 
peoce, george winston, 2610 n. augusta st., 

Staunton, va. 
peach, patricia ann, 1006 tadcaster rd., 

catonsville, md. 
peorcc, betsy kay, 1901 n. quebee St., 

arlington, va. 
peorce, karen kay, 50 glendale rd., 

ncwport news, va. 
peel, micheai alien, 21 calumet ave., 

rockaway, n. j. 
peer, thomas adair, toms brook, va. 
pendleton, trances elizabeth, 225 

Westmoreland ave., Wilmington, del. 
pendrcll, douglas James, 201 bedell St., w. 

bobylon, n. y. 
penn, susan elaine, 4702 split rock rd., 

alexandria, va. 
pennington, jay everett, 1 16 bcllview ave., 

Winchester, va. 
pennington, rhonda jean, 1313 w. tenn. 

ave., crewe, va. 
pennington, rosemary hilde, 1442 bluestone 

St., harrisonburg, va. 
peters, loyce marie, 5024 wayne rd., 

falls church, va. 
pcterson, gene merrick, 1242 Seabreeze 

blvd., ft. lauderdale, fla. 
pcrmcnteo, beverly ann, 136 convenyion dr., 

Virginia beach, va. 
perrin, marianne, 2256 providence St., 

falls church, va. 
perry, betty jean, 30 timberline cres,, 

newport news, va. 
peters, rebecca louise, Cumberland, va. 
peters, sarah patricia, nimrock htll, vo. 
Petersen, Christina, 307 high st., 

hockettstown, n. j. 
pcterson, Christine may, 3447 annandale rd., 

falls church, va. 
pcterson, karen lee, reva, va. 
pcterson, lynne adair, 709 nottingham rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
peterson, mary elizabeth, 1714 Vinson st., 

Staunton, va. 
pctrinc, diane marie, 321 s. willard ave., 

hompton, va. 
pettigrew, nancy hamilton, 2026 montaigne 

dr., bon air, va. 
peyton, lucy jane, rt, j^I, box 72, 

haymarket, va. 
peyton, saddie reid, round hill, va. 
pfiester, sharon one, 7426 Venice st., 

falls church, va. 
pteitfcr, nancy anne, 6233 debora dr., 

richmond, va. 
phoup, deborah ruth, 2616 greenway ave., 

richmond, va. 
phclps, patricia zell, 8302 bronwood rd., 

richmond, va. 
phillippc, miriam marie, 752 hillcrest dr., 

Staunton, va. 
Phillips, donald wayne, rt. j^l, new 

market, va. 

philllps, jack marcellous, jr., 344 miller 

St., Winchester, va. 
phillips, victoria lee, 2500 dovershire, 

bon air, va. 
phipps, david lee, rfd. jfl, quarryville, va. 
piccolo, elizabeth udine, rt. ij^l, 

dauphin, pa, 
pickford, margaret adeline, 845 woodrow 

ave., Waynesboro, va. 
pierce, janice winslow, doswell, va. 
pierce, margaret lee, 12701/2 old buckroe rd., 

hampton, va. 
pierce, thomas vinton, jr., rt. ^2, box 

1861/2, elkton, va. 
pietruszok, carol jane, 8507 48th ave., 

college park, md. 
pilond, amelia rose, rt. jf-3, box 44, 

Suffolk, va. 
pintye, linda, 5 lufberry ave., 

new brunswick, n. j. 
pippin, gail baxter, Corsica neck rd., 

centreville, md. 
pippin, martha greenwalt, Corsica neck rd., 

centreville, md. 
piriok, francine, 123 second st., 

woodbridge, va, 
pittman, Joyce lorraine, 6158 powhatan ave., 

norfolk, va. 
pitts, diane marshall, alps, vo. 
pitzer, henry bowers, iii, 1910 mcguffey la., 

lynchburg, va. 
pixley, John sherman, 6814 maplecrest dr., 

annandale, va. 
plcosonts, rebecca jean, rt. ^2, 

montpelier, va, 
plowmon, lynda gabrielle, 3810 delmar dr., 

woodbridge, va. 
pluchinsky, dennis andrew, 9 meeker ave., 

cronford, n. j. 
plummcr, robert david, rt. 234, 

catharpin, va. 
polk, Carolyn trances, 6 e. alexandria ave., 

alexandria, va. 
pollard, joel bastings strasburg, va, 
pollord, peggy Virginia, 5604 crenshaw rd., 

richmond, va. 
pollard, thomas franklin, rt. ^2, 

montpelier, va. 
pollard, William madison, jr., 113 dahlgren 

ave,, Portsmouth, va. 
pollock, frcderick frantz, 3979 lowrence ave., 

ollison park, pa. 
poison, kathryn eulila, 335 hamilton ave., 

Portsmouth, va. 
pomcroy, loura ray, 821 five point rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
pomcroy, naomi raye, arco route, 

front royal, va. 
pond, bertie barrett, 299 ridge rd., 

Westminster, md. 
pond, corole trevilian, box 276, 

kilmarnock, va. 
pool, ann cato, 1609 hardwood ave., 

Charlottesville, va. 
pool, kathleen marie, 5831 quantrell, 

alexandria, va. 
poole, marc franklin, 7036 jansen dr., 

Springfield, va. 
poole, susan kay, rt. ^2, box 547, 

point of rocks rd., Chester, va. 
pooley, joan m., 8703 greystone pi., 

alexandria, va. 
pope, barbora lynn, 108 morningside dr., 

Winchester, va. 
popck, nancy jean, hurt, va. 
porter, elizabeth, 5121 lipsner ct., 

annandale, va. 
porter, ellen lee, 201 white st., 

Salisbury, md. 
porter, sara lee, rt. ^^, box 161 -a, 

Portsmouth, va. 
potts, Carolyn kay, rt. ji^l, box 108, 

purcellville, va. 
potts, donna lee, 1436 boxwood dr., 

Chesapeake, va, 
poulson, carl r., rt. j^}, box 262, 

mt. Crawford, va, 
poulson, karen lee, 360 valley view rd., 

Springfield, pa. 
pound, diana baber, 10101 ivy la., 

Vienna, va. 
powell, barbara russic, qtrs. "c" bns, 

boston, mass. 
powell, carol ann, 1 02-b fuller st., 

ft. huachuca, arizona 
powell, deborah lee, 317 park ave., 

emporia, va. 
powell, jacalyn, rt. it6, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
powell, nancy gwinn, 3632 pinevale rd., 

roanoke, va. 
powell, patricia marie, newark, md. 
powers, bonnie lucille, 7006 Cornwall rd., 

richmond, va. 
powers, linda diane, rt. Jfl. boston, va. 
powers, theresa, 605 finchler rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
powers, vicki lynn, 1 1 1 opoche, 

pork forest, ill. 
prott, sora elizabeth, 2755 ndgepark dr., 

fucker, go. 
prcgcont, michele rene, 1302 lake ave., 

richmond, va. 


prclip, patricio anne, 205 myrtle ave., 

Winchester, va. 
prcmaza, trances eleanor, box 26, 

boykins, vo. 
pribblc, 10 ann, 233 dunscombe ct., 

phoenix, md. 
price, oudrey, 410 eastover dr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
price, edmund pleasants, rt. I, forest hills, 

harrisonburg, va. 
price, judy mane, weyers cave, vo. 
price, Stanley warren, rt. jj^I, 

shenandooh, vo. 
price, williom gilbert, rt. ^3, box 9, 

chesterfield, va. 
prillaman, faye Irene, rt. 1, 

rocky mount, va, 
prillomon, linda elaine, boones mill, va. 
proffitt, marjorie ellen, 101 Vermont ave., 

lynchburg, va. 
propst, marilynn ann, 29 shenandcah ove., 

harrisonburg, va. 
pruett, sandee lynn, 39 forest dr., 

hillsdale, n. j. 
przcwlocki, mary lucille, 1932 powhotan dr., 

falls church, va. 
ptomcy, judy anne, 2521 lyons st.^ 

hillcrest hgts,, md, 
puffenbarger, douglas lowell, rt, i^l, box 

31 , bergton, vo, 
puglis^ sherry Catherine, 6059 n. 1st St., 

orlington, va. 
pulchine, saroh kathryn, box 224, 

warrenton, va. 
pullen, frances hope, 830 mople ave., 

woynesboro, va. 
pullen, Sylvia Jeanne, 7937 enon dr., n.w, 

rcanoke, va. 
pulley, donna faye, 4320 westwell la., 

Virginia beach, va, 
purvis, joyce king, 110 nover dr., 

bridgewater, va. 
puscy, harry lee, 236 franklin St., 

harrisonburg, va. 
pusey, richard wayne, rt, 1, middeford rd., 

seaford, del. 
puttenberger, Catherine elizabeth, 105 gray 

ave,, stounton, va. 
pyles, roxanna marie, deerfield, va. 
quoiff, Judith winfree, 4021 beulah rd., 

nchmond, va. 
quoil, bonnie may, 3207 mayfield ave., 

baltimore, md. 
quarles, nancy kingsley, 7707 biscayne rd., 

richmond, va. 
quel, poul david, 317 treva rd., 

sandston, va. 
quesnel, kathy elizabeth, 25 georgetown rd., 

bordentown, n. j, 
quesnel, marlene jo. 25 georgetown rd., 

bordentown, n. j. 
quigg, margaret ann, 15 crabtree rd., 

matowan, n. j. 
quillen, lenae annefte, rt. 4, 

harrisonburg, va. 
quimby, Janice toylor, 22 w. main St., 

mendham, n. j, 
quimby, linda fearnow, 230 n. madison st., 

Staunton, va. 
radford, bonita gayle, box 233, 

Stuarts draft, va. 
roes, kathryn elaine, 140 park st., 

canandaigua, n. y. 
rogland, lucy eggleston, 1005 Jefferson cr., 

mortinsville, va. 
raines, letitia agnes, rt. ii 1 , box 180, 

keezletown, va. 
rainey, jan garland, 1122 priscilla la., 

alexandria, va. 
roirigh, helen susan, 1900 marsh rd., 

Wilmington, del. 
rakes, sandra irene, rt. j^A, 

rocky mount, va. 
rails, linda helen, 1600 s. Joyce st., 

ariingTon, vo. 
ralston, donna grey, 6411 bushey dr,, 

camp springs, md. 
romey, wonda lee, 505 5th, shenandooh, va. 
ramsey, gerald vernon, 811 berryville ave.. 

Winchester, va. 
ramsey, joy lee, waterlick, va, 
randall, robert James, jr., 1408 central ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
randcll, martha rebecca, 529 bellefonte ave., 

alexandria, va. 
ronkin, lomes david, jr., 2244, 

new market, va, 
ranson, carolyn jean, 201 1 kingston rd., 

lynchburg, va. 
rothburn, ginger ruth, rt. 5, box 403, 

Staunton, va. 
ratliff, linda sue, 407 chapman St., 

ashland, vo. 
ray, donna katherine, rt. 3, 

Stuart, va. 
roy, Judith eileen, pennington titus rd., 

titusville, n. j. 
roy, mary elizabeth, ashland, va. 
roy, patricia ann, 1509 paul spring pkwy., 

alexandria, va. 
raynes, diane elizabeth, r^. ji^, box 160, 

mcgaheysville, va. 
raynes, patncia lynn, rt, 1, 

mcgaheysville, va. 
reo, rose mary, 8446 dwaync la,, 

bon air, va. 
reodyhough, Catherine alicc, 8002 scott rd., 

alexandria, va, 
reames, rondo meade, rt. 1, 

stounton, va. 
reomy, sandra lynn, rt. jt 1 , box 322, 

colonial beach, va. 
redford, shirley onn, 143 deerfield rd., 

porlin, n. j. 
rcdifcr, dons foye, rt. j^l, box 302 

bridgewater, va. 
redmon, norma June, 126 west 1 2th st., 

front royal, va. 
reed, judith ellen, 7315 falmouth St., 

Springfield, va. 
reeves, dianne, 8508 culver place, 

alexandria, va. 
reeves, judy bea, 81 1 hillcrest, 

Staunton, va. 
reid, brendo sue, 1929 monticello st., 

Waynesboro, vo. 
reid, cynthia louise, 208 e. 30th St., 

buena vista, va. 
reid, debbie jean, rt. ^2. 

Charlottesville, vo. 
reid, jo ann, rt. #4, box 1 14, 

broadway, va. 
reid, susan carol, 918 Claiborne ave., 

vinton, va. 
reid, theodore staples, lincoln, va, 
reid, wonda sutpkin, lincoln, va. 
reilly, rita gordon, apt. e-5, madison terr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
reimer, donna lynn, 128 valley brook cir., 

hixson, tenn. 
reiser, jane c, 5339 n. 5th st., 

arlington, va. 
reiss, corolyn anne, 95 miller blvd., 

syosset, n. y. 
renolds, anita daphne, box 151, 

quinton, va. 
renalds, lanet lorraine, box 151, 

quinton, va. 
rennie, gail Cunningham, 7520 prarkline dr., 

richmond, va. 
rennie, mary gordon, 9500 skyview dr., 

norfolk, va. 
repass, ann cloiborne, 1733 fontainebleau 

richmond, va. 
refer, potricia fronces, greenspring ave., 

owings mills, md. 
revoir, roseann adele, 8215 blairton rd., 

Springfield, va. 
rexrode, francine gale, 241 york dr., 

woynesboro, vo. 
rexrode, Joyce morrison, rt. ^5, box 131, 

harrisonburg, va. 
rexrode, linda margaret, doe hill, va. 
rexrode, wanda jane, 214 wythe creek rd., 

poquoson, va. 
reynolds, abbie rae, oyster, va. 
reynolds, judy fay, rt. #1, maurertown, va. 

reynolds, kathryn hamlett, 2474 maple ave. 

buena vista, va, 
reynolds, shoron Virginia, buena vista, va, 
reynolds, virgmio burr, urbanna, va. 
rhodes, brenda lee, big island, va. 
rhodcs, g. leon, 1034 college St., 

harrisonburg, va. 
rhodcs, kathryn t., box 4, 

timberville, va. 
rhodes, robin ann, 346 stuyvesant st,, 

warrenton, va. 
rhodcs, Stephen michael, rt. 3, box 13, 

broadway, va. 
ribbic, John wade, 2804 hollins rd,, 

roanoke, va. 
rice, donna lorroine, 6320 s. kings hwy,, 

olexandria, vo. 
rich, arthur hundley, 232 s. muhlenbur, st., 

Woodstock, va. 
richard, david eugene, box 2275, 

port republic, va. 
richard, frances eileen, box 2245, 

port republic, va. 
richardson, connie jo, box 468, 

mortinsville, va. 
richardson, kay kent, 2125 westover dr., 

donville, vo. 
richardson, patricia mildred, 5c adams dr., 

ncwport, r. i. 
richardson, pomelo mary, 5c adorns dr., 

brenton villoge, newport, r. i. 
richardson, patricia roberts, 1580 s, main St., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
rickard, cynthia sue, 1113 e. main st., 

luroy, va. 
rickman, linda ruth, 3408 memorial st,, 

alexandria, vo. 
riffle, shelio joy, 7132 Oakland ave,, 

falls church, vo. 
rilcy, brendo ann, 9306 convento terrace, 

fairfax, va. 
rilcy, kathleen patricia, 9706 brixton la., 

bethesda, md. 
riley, linda ann, rt. 1, box 50, 

stounton, va. 
rimel, rebecca webster, 1651 oxford rd., 

Charlottesville, va. 
ring, elizabeth one, 351 franklin st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
rjnkcr, earl wesley, 100 richards ave., 

apt. 2, Winchester, va. 
ritchie, michael alien, 741 allegchay rd., 

harrisonburg, va, 
ritchie, trudy ellen, 751 1 lisle ave., 

falls church, va. 
roab, robert michael, 114 w. oceon ave., 

norfolk, vo. 
ritenour, william roymond, maurertown, va. 
rivera, Julia morio, 13 quinn St., 

hompton, va. 
rivers, largo, 28 marina dr., 

newport news, va. 
roach, gerald lee, rt. 3, box 7, 

elkton, vo. 
roork, anne marie, rt. #3, 

nathalie, va. 
roberts, dete, rt. 2, box 72, 

cvington, va. 
roberts, patricia anne, 1022 rockingham rd., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
roberts, patricia lynn, 6 springcrest dr., 

luroy, va. 
robertson, elaine sue, 7207 arthur dr., 

falls church, va. 
robertson, phyllis lynn, 122 park rd., 

chorlottesville, vo. 
robertson, som kolodny 

oxton, va. 
robins, frances hall, deltaville, va, 
robinson, betsy fenton, 15 west dr., 

margate, n. j. 
robinson, cheryl leigh, rt. #2, box 460, 

Spotsylvania, va. 
robinson, howell allison, 604 green St., 

bridgewater, va. 
robinson, James boyd, 1208 collingwood rd., 

alexandria, vo. 
robinson, james robert, rfd #3, box 183, 

demvon, md. 

robinson, jan bowers, 5004 franklin st., 

richmond, va. 
robinson, karen alane, 5201 ferndole dr., 

Springfield, va. 
robinson, katherine joy, 1701 meca ct., 

mclean, va. 
robertson, lindo wood, rt. 2, box 258, 

pearisburg, va. 
robinson, terry anne, 106 wingfield rd., 

woodbridge, va. 
rochelle, fendeil paschal!, rt. #2, box 123, 

blackstone, va. 
rochelle, Stephen b., rt. #1, box 123, 

blackstone, va. 
rodda, delois eileen, 2524 midway St., 

falls church, va, 
rodeffer, janice elaine, box 202, 

mcgoheyville, va. 
rodgers, douglas everette, box 26, rfd #1, 

mcgoheyville, va. 
rodgers, marjorie frances, rt. #1, box 119, 

shipmon, va. 
rodgers, nancy lynn, 1 frost ave., 

e. brunswick, n. j. 
rodgers, sharon blain, 501 alphin ave., 

Waynesboro, va. 
rodier, bernodine jo, 3944 port rd., 

Chesapeake, va. 
roell, Sandra diane, 6633 haycock rd., 

falls church, va. 
rodgers, dorothy marie, 6002 n. 26th. St., 

arlington, va. 
rodgers, richard bruce, 5428 brookland rd., 

alexandria, va. 
rodgers, emily louise, box 5, charlotte court 

house, va. 
rogers, sue frances, blairs, va. 
rogers, susan alice, 2329 glendole ave., 

durham, n. c. 
rohrer, Jennifer June, rt, :i^2, 

timberville, va. 
rorrer, gloria penn, stuart, va. 
roseh, kathryn ann, 5927 ioch ct., 

oxon hill, md. 
rose, lee patton, 1707 ookrest dr., 

alexandria, va. 
rose, thomas edword, 306 w. view st., 

bridgewoter, va. 
rosenshinc, lyndo sue, 7306 fairchild dr., 

alexandria, va. 
rosner, mary crimmins, 3305-6 w, grace St., 

richmond, va. 
ross, Sylvia louise, 46 n. modison la., 

newport news, va. 
roth, paula lee, dayton, va. 
rothgeb, charles graves, jr., luray, va. 
rouse, susan diane, rt. jj^l, box 103, 

fredericksburg, va. 
rowe, helen louise, route 1, stounton, va. 
rowland, sandra ann, 2806 Portsmouth st., 

hopewelt, va. 
rowland, sherry leigh, box 407 

marion, va, 
roy, randel Joseph, jewel! St., 

chisholm, me. 
rubino, Julio anne, 8621 regency ct., 

annandole, va. 
ruby, alice chandler, 7309 geneva la., 

camp springs, md. 
ruddock, carole sue, 1411 pathfinder !a., 

mclean, va. 
rudolph, randall william, rt. ii 1 , 

Woodstock, va. 
rudolph, robert leonord, 3103 valley 

ave., Winchester, va. 
rue, shirley alden, exmore, va. 
rueblinger, carl robert, 21 s. lenola rd., 

moorestown, n. j. 
Tuffa, nora joanne, 1734 powhatan ave., 

Petersburg, va. 
ruffner, karen joan, rt, ^1, 

bentonville, va. 
rugor, nancy ann, 1212 spaulding st., 

Staunton, va. 
russell, brenda fay, 9009 weldon dr., 

richmond, va. 
russell, david evan, rt. ^2, box 771, 

fredericksburg, va. 
russell, douglas edward, 1920 n. wayne St., 

arlington, va. 
russell, elizabeth ann, box 12, 

cotlett, va. 
russell, kristine louise, 1808 stirrup la., 

alexandria, va. 
ruszcyk, lorraine ann, 198 broad st. 

Washington, n. j. 
ryder, robert william, 409 bruce st., 

bridgewater, va. 
ryman, sharon marie, rt. ^^2, 

mt. Jackson, va. 
sacra, sandro ray, 1304 w. broodway, 

hopewell, va. 
sogi, kothy jean, 32 hampton rd., 

e. williomsport, md. 
saker, jan oileen, rt. ^1, 

forest hills, harrisonburg, va. 
salyers, lindo jean, box 424, 

dante, va. 
samanchik, jane elizabeth, 19 brookwood 

dr., wayne, n. j. 
sompson, elizabeth wade, 396 e, main st., 

orange, va. 
senders, agnes karen, rt. g^l, box 592, 

Gshland, va. 

Sanders, janice orgene, rt. j£7, box 405, 

fredicksburg, va. 
Sanderson, nancy marie, rt. j^ 1 , box 124, 

fairfield, va. 
sandridge, sandra gaye, 808 orchard st., 

buena vista, va, 
sandifer, mary juanita, 39 old squan rd., 

manasquan, n. j, 
sandlin, potricia ann, 2301 s. inge st,, 

arlington, va. 
sondmyers, ronold edward, box 1474, 

front royal, va. 
sandridge, donald otis, grottoes, va. 
sands, kothryn margaret, 611 somerset ave,, 

richmond, va. 
sandy, barbara ann, rt. i^S, box 358, 

Winchester, va. 
sonford, sandra mary, 710 n. Vermont st,, 

arlington, va. 
sappington, cindy, 201 w. poplar rd., 

sterling, va. 
sargent, bonnie eileen, 208 manassas ove., 

front royal, va. 
sargent, brenda lee 8719 falkstone lo., 

alexandria, va. 
sorofecn, borbara evelyn, 107 hanover ove., 

colonial heights, va. 
sotterficld, linda carol, 615 berkshire rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
saucier, donna ann, 513 gold cup rd., 

hampton, va. 
soufley, gail marie, weyers cave, va. 
saum, keith douglas, 2007 edgewood rd., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
sounders, dinah jo, 1378 e. oceon view 

ove., norfolk, va. 
sounders, joan alice, gen. delivery, 

arnold, calif. 
sounders, thomas scott, 420 westover blvd., 

lynchburg, va. 
sours, marsha dean, 1900 parma rd., 

richmond, va. 
sovagc, diane scott, 10124 keoka rd., 

richmond, vo. 
sovogc, helen hopes, 8620 gibbs st., 

alexandria, va. 
savage, lynn carol, 10124 keuka rd., 

richmond, va. 
sovcnko, marina elena, 8206 dabney ave., 

Springfield, va. 
soy, deborah jayne, 8005 ashboro dr., 

alexandria, va. 
soylor, patricio lee, 107 putnam cir., 

woodbridge, va. 
soylor, susan alice, box 36, nottingham, pa. 
sbertoli, deborah ann, 5231 chicora dr., 

richmond, va. 
schafer, marjorie lorraine, 7133 quincey ave., 

falls church, va. 
schaffncr, sarah elaine, shen, nat'l. pork, 

luray, va. 
sehaffer, linda sue, rfd it2, box 68, 

culpeper, vo. 
scarce, jomes dovid, 7912 martho wash, st., 

olexondria, va. 
schatz, leslie onn, 506 brockridge-hunt st., 

hompton, va. 
schaumburg, helen bernadette, 3411 

hawthorne ave., richmond, va. 
schecr, potricia margaret, 315 brookline 

ave,, cherry hill, n. j. 
scheid, glenn robert, 408 joon St., 

s. plainfield, n, j. 
schell, anno marie, 267 preston ave., 

roanoke, vo, 
schcrmcrhorn, beth one, 27 camelot cr., 

richmond, va. 
scheulcn, florence bertha, Stephens city, va. 
schilling, betty jane, rt. 3^1, box 241, 

jorrettsville, md. 
schmick, elame hunter, 431 locust ave., 

Waynesboro, va, 
Schmidt, Charles poul, 2004 port republic 

rd,, harrisonburg, va. 
schmicrcr, philip voughon, 410 henry clay 

rd., oshlond, va. 
schmitz, elizabeth anne, box m, apo son 

froncisco, calif. 
schneck, karen leslie, 515 courtlond pi., 

bel air, md. 
Schneider, katherine gayle, 4109 forest 

hills ave., richmond, vo. 
schocllig, susan, 7212 carol lone, 

foils church, vo, 
schuiz, paulo ann, 875 sheridan ave., 

columbus, Ohio. 
schulzc, John frank, 3539 devon dr., 

falls church, vo. 
schuize, robert donold, jr., 3539 devon 

dr., foils church, va. 
schwob, moryonn, 5907 2nd. st., so. 

arlington, va. 
schutz, Carolyn locy, 6729 kennedy lone, 

falls church, vo. 
schultz, Joseph carl, montpelier, va. 
schwarting, bonnie mothershead, 

montross, va. 
schwartznton, Janet angela, 330 alcove dr., 

hampton, va. 
schwcickordt, dorothy jean, 494 catesby to., 

Williamsburg, va, 
schwitzer, lindo Joyce, 906 greenway la,, 

richmond, vo. 
scott, dione June, 19 peartree lo., 

huntington sto., n. y. 
scotr, jUiiO elizabeth, 257 w, moin st,, 

Westminster, md, 
scott, linda irene, marsha II, vo. 
scott, morgoret evelyn, 5250 valley forge 

dr., alexandria, va. 
scott, suson elaine, 126 wassona dr., 

morion, vo, 
sealey, robin marie, 30 kenwood dr., 

hampton, vo, 
seorfoss, karen leigh, 3114 hatcher st., 

olexondria, va, 
sears, faye marsha, 142 hylton ove., 

woodbridge, va. 
scars, gail norwood, 118 ferncliff dr., 

Williamsburg, va. 
seaver, margaret elizabeth, 235 colonial 

ave,, charlotte, n. c. 
sebrell, wilma lynn, 3204 comelio dr., 

Portsmouth, vo. 
seckinger, david henry, 6914 ruskin St., 

Springfield, vo. 
sccord, mortha elizabeth, 637 sudley rd., 

manassas, va. 
sccrest, borbaro joon, 305 6th st., 

vinton, vo. 
secrist, potricia onn, shennondooh, vo. 
scdlocko, Carolyn michele, 904 Stanley rd., 

Portsmouth, vo. 
seeds, potricia gorrell, 380 e. piccadilly st., 

Winchester, va. 
scfton, gayle evelyn, 2507 n. 11th St., 

arlington, va. 
scgroves, lindo, madison St., 

hamilton, va. 
selbel, koren louise, rt. 3!^ 1 , box 65, 

berryville, vo. 
scitcr, kathryn florence, rt. j!il, 

fairview acres, culpeper, vo. 
sclcuk, sevil, 4519 n. henderson rd., 

arlington, vo. 
sellers, cletus miller, jr., rt. ji], 

harrisonburg, va. 
scnsobough, sharon koy, 1042 selma blvd., 

Staunton, va. 
screno, shirley c, 815 grant st., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
scroka, gayle onn, 4009 english dr., 

annandole, vo, 
scrvois, Cheryl one, ruther glen, vo. 
Seymour, Virginia melanie, 604 orchard st., 

cronford, n. j. 
Shackelford, elizabeth Sinclair, 311 crompton 

rd., Williamsburg, vo, 
Shackelford, jomes norwood, 4313 birchlake 

ct,, alexondrio, vo. 
shockclford, jane rue, belle haven, vo. 
shonk, Catherine andes, 117 ohio ave., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
shone, david peter, 105 valley dr., 

woodbridge, va. 
shank, evelyn yvonne, broodway, vo. 
shannon, molly louise, 9130 leghorn pi., 

foirfox, vo. 
sharp, charlotte ellen, 6621 pine rd., 

alexondrio, va. 
sharpc, corolyn louise, 6 linwood dr., 

n, wilbrohom, moss. 
sharpc, monte dole, rt. ^2, hiddenite, n. c. 
shorpcs, mary onn, box 72, dayton, vo. 
shorretts, christino w,, 224 lee dr., 

Waynesboro, vo. 
shattuck, nancy odele, 4815 16th st., 

n. arlington, vo. 
shaver, mary alice, rt. #11, box 142, 

roanoke, vo. 
shaver, sharon lynn, rt. #1, 

copper hill, va. 
show, sharon jeon, riverton rd., 

morrestown, n. j. 
show, cothy juonito, 11441 maple view dr., 

silver springs, md. 
show, pot derwood, 434 high St., 

,mt. holly, n.j. 
showvcr, m. chorlene, 1205 Stafford rd., 

glassboro, n. j. 
shcon, dorothy marie, 1700 n. quebec St., 

arlington, vo. 
shear, Virginia, 188 nontucket rd., 

rochester, n.y. 
shcdwell, sondro ruth, 1846 oxford ove., 

roanoke, vo. 
sheffer, jomes melvin, jr., 1210 william St., 

baltimore, md. 
sheffey, roger dole, may meadows, vo. 
sheldrake, jomes dovis, 33 horrison ove., 

Chester, po. 
shelton, beverly onne, dry fork, vo. 
shelton, Christine marie, 535 forest lane, 

catonsville, md. 
shelton, Jacqueline gray, 535 forest lone, 

catonsville, md. 
shelton, morlo June, 200 e, Chatham st., 

fredicksburg, va. 
shepherd, carlo lee, 2110 moywood st., 

richmond, vo, 
shepherd, linda lou, rt. #1, box 96, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
sheppord, robert corleton, 1110 ruppert rd., 

silver springs, md. 
shepherd, suson marie, 1914 mcauffey lo., 

lynchburg, va. 
shcppard, suson elizobeth, 16 corolyn dr., 
newport news, vo. 


shields, margoret gordon, s, pemberton rd., 

pemberton, n.j. 
shiffleft, Connie faye, dayton, va, 
shifflctt, david lee, elkton, va. 
shifflctt, donald virgil, rt. #1, box 285, 

churchville, va. 
shifflctt, gory jomes, rt. #1, 

mcgaheysville, va. 
shifflctt, mory stuQrt, rt. #4, box 110, 

Charlottesville, va. 
shilling, clinton eugene, 1520 dennison ave., 

Staunton, va. 
shinaberry, nancy yvonne, deerfield, va. 
shipc, Stewart lee, 93 moser rd., 

warrenton, va. 
shipp, paula nancy, rt. #3, box 244, 

harrisonburg, va, 
Shirley, velva ann, mt. jackson, va. 
Shirley, rebecca jane, 84 Johnson pi., 

oceonside, n.y. 
Shirley, theresa mae, rt. #2, box 55, 

oronge, va. 
shobc, Judith ann, rt. )jf4, Winchester, va. 
shoemaker, Catherine Virginia, route 1, 

bndgewater, vo. 
shoemaker, dennis ray, box 65, springs, pa. 
shoemaker, robert lynn, linville, va. 
shomo, Charles glen, 407 ft. branch rd., 

pearisburg, va. 
shopc, anita eloine, rt. #3, box 515, 

Waynesboro, va. 
short, phyllis ansley, box 157, 

bethany beach, del. 
shorter, Catherine eva, 6409 w. grace st., 

richmond, va. 
showolter, karla may, broodway, va. 
showalter, richard loyd, rt. #1, box 137, 

bridgewater, va. 
showolter, susan krouse, rt. ^} , box 137, 

bridgewater, va. 
showcll, robert banks, white house farm, 

millsboro, del. 
shrcckhise, jerald chapmen, weyers cave, va. 
shrcckihise, rebecca )one, weyers cave, va. 
shryock, betty ann, Stephens city, va. 
shuda, John carl, rileyville, va. 
shumake, jeanette marguerette, rt. #5, 

Staunton, va. 
shugars, alice Virginia, boyce, va, 
shull, James daniel, rt. #2, box 63, 

bridgewater, vo. 
shuler, elizabeth anne, 39 early dr., 

Portsmouth, va. 
shull, Joyce ann, fairfield, va. 
schultz, ann patterson, star rt. b, 

Staunton, va. 
shupe, raven delania, 226 staley St., 

morion, vo. 
sibfey, carol lynn, 2226 william and mory dr., 

alexandria, vo. 
Siegfried, Virginia mae, 344 ft. evans dr. 4, 

leesburg, va. 
silecchia, condice lee, 378 w. shore dr., 

wyckoff, n.j. 
Sims, nona fay, 465 s. mason St., 

harrisonburg, va. 
simmers, Icretto wilfong, box 6, 

mt. Crawford, va. 
Simmons, edwina rose, 196 hampton rd., 

manasscs, va. 
Simmons, karen elaine, 7803 thornrose ave., 

richmond, va. 
Simmons, lindo kay, 530 n. dogwood st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Simmons, morilyn jean, 502 wentworth dr., 

Winchester, va. 
Simmons, pamela ann, eagle rock, va. 
Simmons, wanda sue, 424 e. wolfe st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
simon, suzanne, 4013 thornton st., 

annandale, vo. 
simon, toni elizobeth, 867 coleman rd., 

Cheshire, conn. 
Simpson, laura frances, 307 w. myrtle st,, 

alexandria, va. 
Sinclair, george edward, rfd ^^ , box 86, 

Shenandoah, va. 
Sinclair, nancy dark, 33 Sinclair rd., 

hampton, va. 
singleton, kathleen I., rt. #1, box 201, 

oxford, pa. 
sipe, gary wayne, rt. #6, harrisonburg, va. 
sisler, rita faye, 2350 conifer la., 

falls church, va. 
skeat, William robert, rt. #1, bufflick hts., 

Winchester, va. 
Skene, lillian bruce, 2461 mt. vernon st., 

Waynesboro, va. 
skofield, mark, 1108 shamrock rd., 

Charleston, w. va. 
skovira, leonard dennis, 8728 avondale rd., 

baltimore, md. 
slade, wendelin zoe, 134 gillis rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
slote, rebecca irby, 1740 randolph St., 

Petersburg, va. 
slater, jane nicholson, hanover, va. 
slavin, marie a., 125 rossell ave., 

Winchester, va. 
sledge, sandra elaine, 437 e. farmington rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
sloop, thomas douglas, 1 14 s, hampton dr., 

horrisonburg, va. 
slough, borbara lee, 7454 middletown- 
germantown rd., middletown, ohio 

sly, margoret jean, 4833 Portsmouth blvd,, 

Chesapeake, va. 
smollridgc, brenda kay, 413 briormont dr., 

Winchester, va. 
smollwood, rita elaine, rt. #1, box 163, 

crimora, va. 
smcltzer, kathleen mory, 7439 grace st., 

Springfield, va, 
smiley, susan Catherine, 112 college cir., 

Staunton, vo. 
smith, betty ann, box 406, porksley, va. 
smith, carolyn sue, 6309 n. 28th St., 

arlington, vo. 
smith, Catherine susan, 1504 david lo., 

Portsmouth, va. 
smith, Charles Steven, 2001 arvin dr., 

richmond, vo. 
smith, Christine ann, 7513 June St., 

Springfield, va. 
smith, Christopher leslie, 104 modison la., 

newport news, va. 
smith, david roymond, 76 e. gratten st., 

harrisonburg, vo, 
smith, dinah Ice, 7040 Coventry rd., 

alexandria, va. 
smith, dennis palmer, 19 s. edison St., 

arlington, vo. 
smith, donald croig, 52 club dr., 

Portsmouth, va. 
smith, ellis walker, 31 13 franklin st., 

alexandria, va. 
smith, janis onita, 1128 middlebrook ave., 

Staunton, va. 
smith, leannia lynn, 22 woodland rd., 

poquoson, va, 
smith, jerald anne, 1521 selden st., 

virginio beach, va. 
smith, lanna cheryl, rt. #1, box 42, 

summit point, w. va, 
smith, lorry eugene, dayton, va. 
smith, lindo jo, 2626 n. John morsholl dr., 

arlington, va, 
smith, lindo koy, rt. #1, clear spring, md. 
smith, lindo karen, 1206 long st., 

Charlottesville, vo. 
smith, linda roberts, rt. #1, box 53, 

north garden, vo. 
smith, margoret evelyn, 5433 berry hill rd., 

norfolk, va. 
smith, mory elozobeth, 801 n, main st., 

horrisonburg, va. 
smith, mory jane, copper hill, va. 
smith, pomelo Catherine, 331 sunrise ave,, 

harrisonburg, va. 
smith, peggy lee, 615 w. poplar st., 

seaford, del. 
smith, penelope anne, 1141 welsh rd., s.w., 

roanoke, va. 
smith, ray corlton, jr., elkton, vo. 
smith, robin leslie, 6 hill st., box 1408, 

rt. #7, ledyord, conn. 
smith, ronald lee, rt, #2, harrisonburg, va. 
smith, roy frederick, rt. #2, gretno, va. 
smith, sondro jean, 1700 ookridge dr., 

hogerstown, md. 
smith, susan olden, 1616 overlook dr., 

silver springs, md. 
smith, susan elaine, 1 1 1 girard ave., 

concord, n,h. 
smith, teresa ann, mayo ct., Springfield, va. 
smith, valli irene, goinsville, va. 
smither, melonie lee, 61 1 circle dr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Smyth, deborah Joan, 1216 s. buchanan st., 

arlington, va. 
smythe, nancy Chester, 145 porker ave., 

easton, pa. 
snapp, borbara lee, 600 horsepen rd., 

richmond, va. 
snclson, brenda marshall, rt. #1, box 236, 

grottoes, vo. 
snider, Christopher ellen, 3606 persimmon dr., 

fairfax, va. 
snider, judith anne, 1911 coggrn st., 

Petersburg, va. 
snow, randell I., rt, #1 . box 301a, 

elkton, vo, 
snyder, brenda Joyce, 3 hill circle, 

lexington, va. 
snyder, david howord, 703 grubert ave., 

Staunton, va. 
snyder, duey jonette, 67 Washington st., 

frostburg, md. 
snyder, frangie spongier, rt. #4, box 264, 

harrisonburg, va. 
somers, Joyce gladys, 215 woodlawn ave., 

merchantville, n.j. 
somers, philip olon, 31 13 valley la., 

falls church, va. 
sorreli, richard harlow, rt. #3, box 65, 

spotysvonia, vo. 
somerville, martha clore, rt. #4, box 45, 

culpeper, va. 
sours, nancy fee, 147 bull run rd., 

manassos, va. 
sours, Shirley jean, rt. #4. Charlottesville, va. 
south, vella annette, 5421 Oakland blvd., 

roanoke, va. 
southworth, corroll elwood, jr., doswell, va. 
Spain, susan avis, 210 mistletoe dr., 

newport news, va, 
spall, kathleen mory, 3 renee rd., 

syosset, n.y. 
sparkman, susan kathleen, aylor, va, 
sparks, linda kay, white post, va. 

sparling, James m., iri, 6104 sherborn la., 

Springfield, vo. 
spcnce, joan evelyn, box 133, 

flint hill, va. 
spcnce, lindo mae, rt. #1, willis, vo. 
spencc, potricia borbara, rt. #1, willis, va. 
spencer, martin lynn, box 85, Windsor, va. 
spencer, mory ann, arrington, va. 
sperduti, morito anne, 119 tide milt la., 

hampton, va, 
sperduti, morgo odele, 1 19 tide mill la., 

hampton, va. 
spickard, elizobeth goyle, 152 dronesville rd,, 

herndon, va. 
spilmon, rebecca elaine, 1837 cherokee rd., 

Waynesboro, va. 
spiro, lorolee sue, 109 putnom circle, 

woodbridge, va, 
spisso, donna morio, 1325 dey st., 

south ptoinfield, n.j. 
spitzer, elizobeth anne, rt. #1, box 58, 

linville, vo. 
spitzer, gory lee, 1060 s. high st., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
sponaugic, John hosper, dee hill, vo. 
sponslcr, |ody lee, 1216 elmwood dr., 

colonial heights, va. 
sporhase, shoron sue, 1320 corlton ct,, 

norfolk, va. 
sprinkel, morgaret jean, rt. #2, dayton, vo, 
sprinkcl, william francis, rt, #2, dayton, va. 
Stacy, Catherine lynn, 1409 bedford rd., 

Charleston, w. va. 
Stalin, syed obeidulloh, 12/939 

vozhuthaeaud, trivondrum, India 
stulf, jane toylor, M002 stull rd,, 

centreville, va. 
stanek, suson Virginia, 8127 heatherton lo., 

Vienna, va. 
Stanley, carolyn faye, 6128 leesburg pike, 

falls church, vo. 
Stanley, John ondrew, 1817 s. central ove., 

south ploinfield, n.j. 
stann, peggy leilani, 6655 kennedy lo., 

foils church, vo. 
stanziani, louise victoria, 302 hurley dr., 

hockettstown, n.j. 
starkey, david lee, 109 n. main st., 

bridgewater, va. 
starkey, sally jane, 1 hampton rd., 

trenton, n.j. 
starling, darlene Virginia, 805 highland ridge, 

mortinsville, va. 
starling, rebecca luck, montvole, va. 
staten, clora brodford, rt. #A, 

appomattox, vo. 
stcdmon, margoret mory, 8345 wagon 

wheel rd., alexandria, vo. 
steeg, sondra elaine, 456 kirkwood la., 

Virginia beach, vo. 
stcgmoier, borbara lynn, 134 n. french st., 

alexandria, va, 
stein, onn marie, 7506 solem rd,, 

falls church, vo. 
steinhauser, karen elizobeth, 5318 south 

8th rd,, no. 3, arlington, vo. 
stennett, carol elizobeth, 4720 lofitte ct., 

alexandria, va. 
Stephenson, sharon rose, 265 loudoun ave., 

manassos, vo. 
stcphews, mariflo sanders, rt. #1, 

wytheville, va. 
stetson, vinger lurline, 203 money dr., 

newport news, va. 
stettner, onn rogers, 303 e. detroit St., 

Covington, va. 
Stevens, alice omelia, 6801 30th rd., 

n. arlington, vo. 
Stevens, jone marie, 6925 terrace pi., 

annandale, va. 
Stevens, mary elaine, rt, #3, box 41, 

elkton, va, 
Stevenson, john james, jr., 531 romsey rd., 

orelond, pa. 
stevers, tommie r., rt. #1, linville, va. 
stewort, ann marie, 1040 ieckie st,, 

Portsmouth, va. 
Stewart, beverly jean, 104 old whaling rd,, 

box 185, beach haven, n.j. 
Stewart, potricia onn, 1427 ivonhoe rd., 

arlington, va. 
Stewart, rebecca ann, rt. #5, box 609, 

Winchester, vo, 
stickley, mary ellen, 2920 rogers dr., 

falls church, va. 
stiles, robert whitney, 1 16 janet rd,, 

marietta, ohio 
stine, Virginia, 317 fairmont ave., 

Winchester, va. 
Stinnett, peggy onn, 1915 walnut ave., 

buena vista, vo, 
Stinnett, potricia marie, 1710 greenwood 

rd., S.W., roanoke, va. 
sfockmar, suzanne, 5513 willis lo., 

richmond, vo, 
stokes, dennis monroe, 706 mcintire rd., 

Charlottesville, va. 
stokes, potricia elaine, 39 w. front st,, 

Wyoming, del. 
stocking, donna lee, 1 1 06 n. quontico st., 

arlington, vo. 
stoltz, trudi lydio, 2329 cherry st., 

manosquan, n.j. 
stone, corole marie, 533 james ave., 
Waynesboro, va. 


stone, harry lee, rt. 4fA. harrisonburg, va. 
stone, paula, 12 bramston, hampton, va. 
stone, wanda jean, 8108 blairton rd., 

Springfield, vo. 
stonebraker, donna jean, 1246 buchanan st., 

hollywood, fla. 
stoneberger, ikey ray, luray, va. 
stoneburner, dottie jo, 430 Washington ave., 

front royal, va. 
stoner, debra jho, catharpin, va. 
stopper, raymond Joseph, 8907 camden St., 

alexandria, va. 
stovall, aubrey david, keezletown, va. 
stowe, nora beverly, 3147 n. 21st St., 

arlington, va. 
stoyko, joan pauline, rt. #4, box 318-b, 

Jewell, n.j. 
strote, dorothy lynn, hinton, va. 
straughan, patricia dobyns, rt. #1, box 3, 

hague, va. 
strecker, John robert, 89 gatelot ave., 

lake ronkonkoma, n.y. 
street, elizabeth Icone, 849 weymouth ter., 

hampton, va. 
street, mary anna, 5961 edsoll rd., 

alexandria, va. 
streker, geraldine margaret, 818 roberto dr., 

newport news, va. 
strick, ronald eugene, 908 oberlin ave., 

delran, n.j. 
Strieker, sharon lynn, 1103 bernadette dr., 

forest hill, md. 
strole, debra lee, rt. #1, crimora, va. 
strother, John coleman, jr., broadway, va. 
strother, patsy gail, gainsboro, vo. 
strough, frances llewellyn, 1443 hillside ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Stuart, mary lynn, 707 penniman rd., 

Williamsburg, va. 
sturt, allye victoria, mckinney, va. 
sturtridge, patricia marie, box 612, 

warrenton, va. 
stutzman, julia janes, rt. #2, 

harrisonburg, va. 
sudol, linda susan, 6718 lenclair st., 

a'exondria, va. 
sudduth, )ulie gaye, barboursville, va. 
sulienberger, melanie claire, box 175, 

monterey, va. 
sullfvan, brenda lynn, 1813 lyndover rd., 

rtchmond, vo. 
suilivon, Catherine theresa, rt. #1, box 165, 

Winchester, va. 
Sullivan, chorlene vicki, rt. #2, box 839, 

mortinsburg, w. va. 
Sullivan, colleen stuart, 3752 keller ave, 

alexandria, va. 
Sullivan, judy ann, 126-d pleasant hill rd., 

harrisonburg, va. 
suilivon, linda kay, 717 5th st., 

Shenandoah, va. 
suilivon, rebecca ann, rileyville, va. 
summerlin, nancy lee, 6036 old telegraph rd., 

alexandrio, va. 
summers, gay lynn, rt. #1, box 107, 

fulks run, va. 
sumner, kathryn anne, 302 park rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 

suter, david ralph, 279y2 newman ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
Sutton, ann byrd, 2817 pine ridge lo., 

virginio beach, va. 
Sutton, lynda bryont, 1205 hillcrest dr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
swodley, Joseph edward, box 85, 

hot springs, va. 
swain, rena anne, 37 hylton ave., 

danville, va. 
swank, dorothy myers, broadway, va. 
swank, mary etta, rt. #5, harrisonburg, va. 
swank, sarah elizabeth, rt. #5, 

harrisonburg, va. 
swankowski, karen arlene, t-22903 

wickersham way, falls church, va. 
swortz, Caroline mccord, 717 w. north st., 

Woodstock, va, 
swartz, emma jane, 717 w. north st., 

Woodstock, vo. 
swecker, jean geiser, madison terr. opts, b-6, 

harrisonburg, va. 
Sweeney, sandra ann, 2313 raymond ave., 

nchmond, vq. 
swecker, jerry wayne, madison terr. apfs. b-6, 

harrisonburg, vo. 
swimley, priscilla anne, brucetown, vo. 
Swisher, judy poulette, 15 e. hampton st., 

Staunton, va. 
swinson, charlotte ann, 7001 poppy dr., 

mclean, va. 
swinson, clyde jesse, 7001 r>oppy dr., 

mclean, va. 
sword, lewis hozen, 254 newman ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
sword, mary e. witt, 254 newman ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
swortzcl, patricio marie, rt. #1, box 310, 

greenville, va. 
sykes, nancy louise, 605 chandler harper dr., 

Portsmouth, vo. 
slyvestcr, frances ann, 404 f st., 

woodbridge, va. 
szymonski, karen Jeanne, 8479 portal rd., 

norfolk, va. 
taber, david Joseph, 1612 elliott ove,, 

bethiehom, pa. 
talman, Catherine hughes, 203 meroyn dr., 

sondston, va. 
tanner, deborah sharon, 2301 dellmead la., 

Charlottesville, va. 
tappy, ronnie elvin, 506 8th st., 

Shenandoah, va. 
tarossoff, nonna, 6705 lumsden st., 

mclean, va. 
tate, donna louise, 1904 nortonia rd., 

richmond, va. 
tote, John ray, shenandooh, va. 
taylor, barbara bradford, 8412 cherry 

valley la., alexandria, va. 
taylor, christa regina, 3416 glen arden rd., 

Virginia beach, va. 
toylor, deborah ann, 107 wood St., 

martinsville, va. 
toyJor, edith amelia, 130 cherry St., 

mt. holly, n.j. 
taylor, ellen kareno, c/o chief of staff, 

usareur, a.p.o. new york, n.y. 
toylor, georgio hartman, deltaville, va. 

taylor, gloria ruth, coleman falls, va. 
toylor, James albert, jr., rt. #2, box 178, 

ridgeway, va. 
taylor, leanette anito, clinchport, va. 
toylor, kathleen ann, rt. jjfl, covington, va. 
taylor, linda lou, dayton, va. 
toylor, micheal andrew, 8711 (xirliament dr., 

spnngfield, va. 
taylor, marc parcell, 156 w. marker st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
toylor, nancy byrne, rt. #2, box 34, 

lovettsville, va. 
toylor, pomelo rae, 3465 n. edison st., 

arlington, vo. 
toylor, patricia lee, 310 cook !a., 

front royal, va. 
toylor, sherry lee, rt #1, fleetwood, fxi. 
temme, adnenne anne, 2814 n. underwood 

sT , arlington. va. 
temple, bettie jane, brodnax, vo. 
tcrrill, sue paige, 321 treva rd., 

sondston, vo. 
thockcr, linda sue, 2467 livingston rd., 

roonoke, vo. 
thoyer, barbara lee, worrenton lokes, 

rfd #3, warrenton, va. 
thoyer, sheryl lee, 405 Jacksonville rd., 

mt. holly, n.j. 
thclen, david Charles, 218 franklin St., 

harrisonburg, va. 
thclen, karen ann, 218 franklin st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
theofilos, mary george, 2619 n, 10th st., 

arlington, va. 
thigpcn, margaret smith, 203 trehum rd,, 

limonium, md. 
thibcoult, mary tereso, 2844 brook dr., 

foils church, va. 
thomon, bonito lessie, 4412 pilot rd., 

alexandria, vo, 
thomas, carol onn, 31 1 1 fober dr., 

falls church, vo. 
thomos, curtis, may meadows, va, 
thomas, gary burton, gravel hill rd., 

hampton boys, n.y. 
thomas, ludith annette, 5940 n, 2nd st., 

arlington, vo, 
thomos, sarah debrelle, spout spring, vo. 
thomos, William james, rt. #5, box 134, 

Charlottesville, vo. 
thomos, William leigh, 1641 loncoster dr., 

n.w., roonoke, vo. 
thompson, borbara morie, 1617 n. patrick 

henry dr., arlington, vo, 
thompson, elizabeth onn, 213 s. lee St., 

falls church, vo. 
thompson, gory edward, 4208 duncon dr., 

annondole, va. 
thompson, geraldine elree, rt. 0\ , box 157, 

tozcwell, vo. 
thompson, helen Joanne, 113 commonweolth 

cL, Charlottesville, vo, 
thompson, jonet o,, 351 1 Plymouth pi., 

lynchburg, vo. 
thompson, joon elizobeth, 1 1 beachwood dr., 

yorktown, vo. 
thompson, joel brodley, 3109 kenet rd., 

opt. 102, Chesapeake, va. 


thompson, julia ward, 617 fairground rd,, 

tozewel!, vo, 
thompson, linda sue, 100 elinor gvg-, 

boltimore, md, 
thompson, mary ellen, rt. #2, box 83-h, 

powhatan, va. 
thompson, rebecca mac, rt. ^\ , 

max meadows, va. 
thompson, roberta icon, 6231 nottingham 

dr , temple hills, md. 
thompson, terry ann, 7813 evening la., 

alexandna, va. 
thomsen, aiice gayle, 223 main st., 

new milford, n.j. 
thomsen, jeanne, 223 mam st,, 

new milford, n j. 
thorne, melvo ann, 91 perry St., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
thornton, sandra lee, rt. #4, box 122a, 

glen alien, va. 
thorpc, barbara ann, 6018 munson hill rd., 

falls church, va. 
threewitts, lames berry, rt. ^] , dendron, va. 
thurnau, george anna, ofton, va. 
tillery, Virginia ellen, 17 s. Catherine dr., 

dalesville, ala. 
tillctte, judson winston, weyers cove, va. 
tisdale, luliet love, rt. #2, box 103, 

lunenburg, va. 
tisdole, sue wise, box 444, chase city, va. 
todd, roselyn faye, 1620 todds la., 

Hampton, va, 
tolbert, frances reeve, gladys, va. 
tolivcr, george thomas, king george, va. 
toi.e<', coroiyn jean, 911 trout st., 

Staunton, va. 
toloso, felix pedro, 109 e. nelson ave., 

alexandrio, va. 
tolson, forrester lou, 140 s. main St., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
toohey, robert edwin, 354 monticello ave., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
tooley, deborah a., 3032 n, military rd., 

arlington, va. 
toothman, karen p , rt. ifA, lexington, va. 
torpv, micHeol allan, 3030 wayne rd., 

falls church, va. 
totty, patricia ruth. 1628 ferndale ave., 

Petersburg, va. 
tourgee, soro Hathaway, 441 maryland ave., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
toven, robert wayne, 6020 park pi., 

alexondria, va, 
trainhom, beverly moria, rt. #2, box 1 13a. 

minerol, va. 
trainum, karon Helen, 205 soturn dr., 

nework, del. 
trenary, mary ann, middleburg, va. 
tressel, rebekah Virginia, 205 maple ove., 

Waynesboro, va. 
trollinger, lorry lee, 8308 oxon Hill rd., 

oxon Hill, md. 
trewett, marsho rhodes, 1104 dinwiddie 

ave., richmond, va. 
trossback, susan glodys, 941 n. potomac St., 

arlington, va, 
troutmon, robert williom, 339 e, wolfe St., 

Harrisonburg, va. 
trovato, Jacqueline mane, 1532 woodacre 

dr., mclean, vo. 
troy, mathew williom, 17 s. main st., 

guilford, me. 
troyer, williom jay, rt. #6, Harrisonburg, vo. 
truszkowski, lynette fronces, 1120 

gospor ave., bethlehom, pa. 
trykowski, denay louise, greenville, vo. 
tucker, douglas dionne, 1021 Harrison st., 

lynchburg, vo. 
tucker, morcia louise, 3941 rebecca rd-, 

richmond, vo, 
tucker, mary anne, 3323 parkwood ave., 

richmond, va. 
tucker, soronna jeon, 382 hobson ave., 

Hampton, vo. 
tucker, sherry ann, Chester, va. 
tullous, joy cotherine, rt. #2, box 245, 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
tucker, beverly ann, clifton forge, vo. 
turcotte, lucille roe, 1158 monfeld dr., 

columbus, Ohio 
turner, brenda ellen, glosgow, vo. 
turner, carol suter, rt. #1, box 100, 

bridgewater, va. 
turner, gloria marie, timberviile, va. 
turner, Harriet lane, fober, vo. 
turner, judith elizabeth, 603 kingsley rd., 

vienno, vo. 
turner, loweil alien, n. main St., 

timberviile, va. 
turner, sharon lea, 10913 georgetown pk., 

great falls, vo. 
turney, james bruce, 25 prince george dr., 

Hampton, va. 
tustng, ellis mackell, timberviile, va. 
fusing, gory lee, rt. #3, broodwoy, va. 
tutwiler, julia ann, rt. #1, mt. crawford, va. 
twymon, joHn toylor, iii, 1223 pork St., 

Charlottesville, va. 
tye, deborah anne, urbanno, vo. 
tweedy, barbaro goil, 1012 cHowan ave., 

lynchburg, vo. 
twigg, victoria alien, 542 olleghony ove., 

towson, md. 
twyman, linda carol, 1224 reservoir st.. 

Harrisonburg, va. 
twyman, Imda long, rt #6, box 12-s, 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
tylcr, lindo ann, rt. #2, box 197, 

elkton, vo, 
tyndoll, fronces lynnetfe, box 73, 

oniey, va, 
tyrce, lena pearl, rt, ^3, covington, vo. 
tyson, karen elizabeth, 1432 reynord dr., 

Virginia beach, va. 
uhland, lonice Hazel, box 12, deerfield, n.j, 
uhland, potncio mae, box 12, deerfield, n.j. 
umbcrgcr, pomelo lynne, rt. ^1, box 183, 

wytHeville, va, 
underwood, suzonne lee, 600 roosevelt blvd., 

foils church, va. 
ungcr, [jomelo cord, rt. #2, Winchester, vo. 
unsinn, potty, 214 s, benton, 

cHeboygon, micH, 
updike, phillip wayne, 356 s. main St., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
vacca, virginio goyle, 402 hording st., 

empona, vo. 
vadersen, julia lee, 717 n, plaza trail, 

Virginia beach, vo. 
yolis, morjorie lynn, 1501 n. rolfe St., 

orlmgton, vo, 
volley, patricia ann, 6503 divine St., 

mclean, vo. 
vance, kothryn Virginia, box 387, 

urbanno, va. 
vander, does karen, 7221 richlond dr., 

lynchburg, va, 
yandewater, mary elizabeth, 23 

schunnemunk rd., monroe, n.y. 
vanfossen, vicki diane, 919 grove lane, 

Staunton, va. 
vangilst, zeeann, 6714 reynard dr., 

Springfield, vo. 
von huiss, linda June, 415 n. river rd., 

bridgewoter, va. 
yann, bonnie sue, 349 glover st., 

Woodbury, n,j. 
vann, phyllis jean, 7408 stinson rd., 

alexondria, vo. 
van pett, olin wright, jr., rt. ^3, 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
van vicck, nellie eugenia, 112 ridgewood rd., 

Chesapeake, vo. 
von wagcncn, judith lynn, 4 oiney rd., 

mohwoH, n.j. 
vomer, susan Harmon, luray, vo, 
vassar, bonnie sue, 431 tillor St., 

cmporia, vo. 
vaughan, bonnie montague, 1248 river oaks, 

norfolk, vo. 
voughen, Christina mane, 8502 comden St., 

alexandrio, vo. 
vaughan, donna mane, 216 lynn Haven cir,, 

vinton, va. 
voughan, fronces onderson, dolphin, va. 
vaughan, jocquelin koy, 173 seaboard st., 

Petersburg, vo. 
voughan, kathleen newcombe, 1 mill creek 

terr . Hampton, vo. 
vaughon, williom noble, jr., louiso, vo. 
vedomske, sherry lynn, 854 spolding dr., 

richmond, vo. 
veit, nancy louise, 8 stillmon la., 

pleasantville, n.y. 
vcltre, diane marie, deerfield ave., 

yorktown Heights, n.y. 
verlonder, linda carol, woterview, vo. 
Vermillion, jxitricia diane, 537 bel air ave., 

front royal, vo. 
via, charlotte louise, 1313 poplor st., 

chorlottesville, vo. 
vior, pomelo sue, 13101 greg-roy la., 

herndon, va. 
vickery, Jennifer, 8563 richmond Hwy., 

opt. 301, alexondria, va. 

vignoli, joanne mary, 6176 Hardy dr., 

mclean, vo. 
vinckc, susan elizobeth, 735 maryland dr., 

newport news, vo. 
vining, Harrison foster, 5055 seminary rd., 

alexondrio, vo. 
vining, Josephine primrose, 5055 seminary 

rd., olexondrio, vo. 
virct, arthur olon, 2313 n. olbemarle St., 

arlington, vo. 
voclbel, barbara suson, 129 crusher rd., 

hopewell, n.j. 
vollmcr, james edward, 8512 highland lo., 

alexondria, va. 
voir, deborah susan, 8453 main ove., 

riverio beach, md- 
volz, janet dorothy, 2610 montgomery ove., 

S.W., roonoke, vo, 
voneiff, elto cloro, 908 lomberton dr., 

silver springs, md, 
voorhccs, Catherine lois, "Howord's neck", 

pemberton, vo. 
vranicar, kathy renee, 630 s. 61st St., 

horrisburg, po. 
vuxton, Christopher george, 1008 franklin 

st,, woodbridge, vo. 
wade, kathleen fronces, 16 college woods 

dr., bridgewoter, va. 
wodford, morito suzonne, rt. #2, doyton, vo. 
wogamon, jomes oshby, 309 federal st., 

milton, del. 
^o99Yi chorles e,, rt. #3, box 118, 

Harrisonburg, vo. 
woggy, jean louise, n. gospel st., 

mt. lackson, va. 
wagncr, pomelo koy, 1709 [sebble beach dr., 

vicnno, vo. 
wagncr, sondro lee, 6 sunset lo., 

Portsmouth, vo. 
wagoner, mary ognes, 3206 wolmsley blvd., 

richmond, vo. 
wahl, shoron elizabeth, 6601 placid St., 

foils church, va. 
Waldo, nino potricio, 2125 Hilltop pi., 

foils church, va. 
woldron, moureen r., 231 grove ave., 

verono, n.j. 
walea, jo lynn, 1506 springhilt rd., 

Staunton, va. 
wolker, cHormoine Virginia, linden, vo. 
wolkcr, dionn adele, 8108 johnke rd., 

bon air, vo. 
walker, jonet irene, 3205 piper lo., 

alexandrio, vo. 
walker, lindo moe, sealston, va. 
walker, lynne delphino, calverton, va. 
walker, richord alan, 1 126 revolution St., 

Havre de grace, md. 
walker, susan corol, rt. #1, box 133, 

chontilly, vo. 
woll, jo ruth, 7210 glendoro dr., 

district heights, md. 
waller, Joyce morie, rt. #1, gladys, vo. 
walls, eileen carol, mt. Holly rd., 

medford, n.j. 
wolsh, cynthio onn, the plains, vo. 
walsh, marianne, 1301 n. roosevelt st., 

arlington, vo. 
wolsh, vernelle morie, rfd #1, box 501, 

fredericksburg, vo. 
waiter, mary ellen, 5958 domes dr., 

alexondria, va. 
Walton, delores onn, 1903 porham rd., 

richmond, vo. 
wolton, evelyn eorleene, 1900 s. courthouse 

rd., midlotHian, vo. 
wompler, dovid John, 8403 bereo dr., 

vienno, vo. 
ward, anno gay, rt. #1, volga, w. va. 
word, bonnie goyle, 107 summit st., 

Charlottesville, vo. 


wore, emily onderson, 815 graham st., 

lynchburg, vo. 
wore, Sandra kaye, lovingston, vo. 
worfel^ ruth marie, 867 s. college St., 

harrisonburg, va. 
worman, nancy lancaster, 6733 moniter rd., 

richmond, va. 
warren, candice patricio, 38 tonler dr., 

hompton, va. 
warren, helen heath, 8532 waxford rd., 

richmond, va. 
worren, Joanne alice, 2134 n. potrick 

henry dr., arlington, va. 
warren, kathleen ann, 3311 Stafford st., 

arlington, va. 
Warwick, poul edword, dolly onn dr., 

Covington, va. 
woters, gwendolyn connie, new market, va. 
waters, susan campbell, lacrosse, va. 
wotkins, deborah lee, 308 n. greenbrier St., 

arlington, va. 
wotkins, ronald glen, 3510 morlton ove., 

pennsauken, n.j. 
Watson, clork Jeffrey, 349 wesmond dr., 

alexandria, va. 
wotson, gory ellsworth, 6331 telegraph rd., 

olexandria, vo. 
way, micheal Stephen, mt. solon, va. 
waybright, noncy elaine, weyers cove, va. 

woybright. patricio ann, weyers cove, va. 
wayland, I. dorlene, Stanley, va. 
woyland, pomelo jo, 107 camellia dr., 

Charlottesville, va. 
wayniek, arthur frederick, jr., piney pt. est., 

lakeview dr., box 142, yorktown, va. 
wease, karen hash, 231 paul St., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
weatherford, deborah jean, rt. #1, 

danville, vo. 
weaver, bobby woyne, rt. j^2, broodway, va, 
weaver, cheryl, 64 north forest, 

williamsville, n.y. 
weover, clyde william, jr., rt. #2, 

Stuarts draft, vo. 
weaver, jerrel elwood, 953 mt. Clinton pike, 

harrisonburg, va. 
weaver, judith ann, 2029 lynn ave., 

roonoke, vo. 
weaver, sue ann, penn laird, va. 
weaver, winston, jr., 136 pleasont hills rd., 

horrisonburg, va. 
Webb, glenda paige, 161 center st., 

emporia, va. 
weber, lucille marie, 927 park la., 

harrisonburg, va. 
webner, John theodore, bumfxjss, va. 
Webster, noncy down, 483 w. water st., 

horrisonburg, va. 
wcddle, laura marie, 7604 leonard dr., 

foils church, va. 
weddle, linda kay, 7604 leonard dr., 

falls church, vo. 
wedow, diane lynn, 10302 anttetam ave., 

fairfox, va. 
weedon, pomelo ann, 6902 kingwood dr., 

falls church, va. 
weekly, edna elizabeth, 434 w. water st., 

horrisonburg, va. 
weesc, thomas harper, 282 gratten ave., 

harrisonburg, va. 
wcger, leslie carol, 218 elinor ove., 

boltimore, md, 
wchry, deborah jane, 513 locust ave., 

Waynesboro, va. 
weiderman, julia I., 28 surrywood dr., 

westfield, n.j. 
weir, patricio ann, 176 madison ave., 

riveredge, n.j. 
wciseman, sheryl lynn, 2408 deerfield cres,, 

Chesapeake, va. 
welch, cheryl sue, rt. #4, sherwood forest, 

Winchester, va. 
welch, elinor ann, 1020 toppin blvd., 

harrisonburg, va. 
welch, elizobeth rae, 1020 toppin blvd., 

harrisonburg, va. 
welch, linda marie, rt. #6, box 520, 

roanoke, va. 
welch, patricio koy, 3021 fredsen pi., 

falls church, vo. 
wellord, molina ann, rt. #1, 

quicksburg, va. 
wetlbroek, russell alien, 113 court rd., 

Waynesboro, va. 
wcllcr, borbara marie, 8102 Portsmouth rd., 

fairfox, vo. 
wells, effie jeanne, 826 sudley rd., 

manassos, vo. 
wells, liso diane, 9109 southwick st., 

fairfox, vo. 
wells, terry jean, 3700 nicholas St., 

lynchburg, va. 
welsh, rito lourse, 1213 whitby rd,, 

richmond, va. 
welter, monico moria, 704 s. senders rd., 

birmingham, olo. 
wengcr, erma elaine, rt. #1, dayton, vo. 
wengcr, george logon, ii, linville, va. 
wenger, jonet eloine, 1246 upland dr., 

harrisonburg, va. 
wengcr, margaret faith, 358 monticello ave., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
wengcr, ray mork, rt. #1, dayton, va. 
wessel, wendy marie, 2129 torleton rd., 

Charlottesville, va. 
wessncr, suson louise, 17 w. mt. kirk ave., 

norristown, pa. 
west, elizabeth jane, 213 n. hill rd., 

colonio, n.j. 
west, nancy elizabeth, 2515 avenham ave., 

roonoke, va. 
west, ronald melvin, stein hwy., rt. #1, 

seaford, del. 
west, wayne alan, 204 governor st., 

opt. #2, horrisonburg, va. 
west, Whitney dole, 1707 paige St., 

Staunton, va. 
westfall, diane beatrice, 9521 edgeley rd., 

bethesdo, md. 
westmorelond, cynthia rose, rt. ^A, box 1 3-a, 

chorlottesville, vo. 
wetzel, herbert morrison, 54 oak lane, 

Staunton, va., 
wheat, betty sue, 3650 lockshire dr., 

richmond, vo. 
wheeler, faye Irene, box 2, cobham, vo. 
wheeler, helen louise, rt. #2, 

appomattox, va. 
wheeler, jean Jordan, 620 peochtree St., 

emporia, va. 
wheeler, susan-marie bertolet, 3908 

ellwood ave., richmond, va. 
whetzel, lea vincre, box 37, hinton, va. 

whetzel, philip r, 2251/2 w. market st., 

harrisonburg, va. 
whims, thereso onn, 3501 leesburg ct., 

olexondria, va. 
whistleman, gary lee, 116 pleosont hill, 

greenville, vo. 
whistler, barbara onn, quicksburg, vo. 
whitacre, ruth onno, rt. #2, Winchester, va. 
white, omy woybright, 650 walnut la., 

harrisonburg, va. 
white, barbara jeonne, 72 rumson rd., 

little silver, n.j. 
white, corol faye, rt. #2, box 47-a, 

ashland, vo. 
white, herbert franklin, 1006 delawore ave., 

Suffolk, vo. 
white, Judith carol, 5008 yacht club rd., 

Jacksonville, fla. 
white, lydio ann, 190-c colonial dr., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
white, michele Thereso, 4024 n. 26th st., 

orlington, vo. 
white, nancy lynn, 12 mt. vernon ave., 

fredicksburg, vo. 
white, woyne kenneth, rt. #1, 

colonial beoch, va. 
white, williom thomos, 190-c colonial dr., 

harrisonbnrg, vo. 
whiteheod, judith elaine, 536 edwin dr., 

Virginia beach, va. 
whitcly, linda jane, 6904 three chopt rd., 

richmond, vo. 
whitcncr, leslie ann, 1728 susquehannock 

dr., mclean, vo. 
whitener, linda goil, 5909 olelio st., 

Springfield, va. 
whiteselt, betty carol, rt. #2, glodys, va. 
whitescll, joan woody, brownsburg, vo. 
whitescll, lorry stuort, 227 hendren ave., 

Staunton, va. 
whitescll, linda onne, 227 hendren ave., 

Staunton, va. 
Whiteside, fobian lee, rt. #57, 

lexington, vo. 
whitham, gory Joseph, 5 roymond dr., 

hompton, va. 
whitlock, Suzanne alice, rt. #1, 

troutsville, va. 
whitlow, bonnie goyle, rt. #2, 

south boston^ va. 
whitmcr, susan gladwell, broodway, va. 
whitmorc, mory goode, 122 n. sheffey St., 

morion, vo. 
whitson, jonet marie, 3508 57th ave., 

hyottsville, md. 
whitt, brenda sue, 29 rodgers pi., 

Portsmouth, va. 
whitt, mitzi ann, 29 rodgers pi., 

Portsmouth, vo. 
whittle, cynthia lynn, 4857-b s. 28th St., 

arlington, vo. 
whytc, kothleen marie, 1941 rhode island 

ave., mclean, va. 
wible, nancy ware, 201 66th St., 

Virginia beach, va. 
wichaci, desmon corline, 209 ohio ave., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
wichmann, barry alan, rt. #1, 

Winchester, vo. 
widdicombe, linda elaine, 7546 denver st., 

onnondale, va. 
wiechmonn, onke, rt, #2, box 261, 

nokesville, va. 
wiegardt, pomelo ann, 1 127 montford dr., 

chorlotte, n.c. 
wigticid, thomas alien, 9427 mauck ct., 

fairfox, va. 
Wiggins, bonney lee, 1330 brunswick, 

norfolk, va. 
wilbern, elizobeth anne, box 542, 

Williamsburg, vo. 
wilfert, su ellen, 9296 6th ave., 

bethleham, pa. 
wilk, Christine anne, 304 n. edison st., 

arlington, vo. 
wilk, juliono moria, 409 w. lincoln ave., 

ookhurst, n.j. 
wilkens, linda kathryn, 3032 graham ct., 

falls church, vo. 
wilkerson, carolyn sue, 912 lourel st., 

bedford, va. 
Wilkinson, gloria elaine, grottoes, va. 
Wilkinson, koren anito, grottoes, va. 
will, gcrald linden, rt. #2, dayton, va. 
willard, betsy onne, 2228 lincoln ove., 

roanoke, va. 
willard, deborah leighton, 726 prospect 

hill dr., mortinsville, va. 
Williams, barbara onne, 6036 corlond ct,, 

mclean, va. 
Williams, chris onne, 1104 glenwood ove., 

hagerstown, md. 
Williams, craig harry, 4 hallmark pi,, 

hompton, vo. 
willioms, fronces byrd, 204 copt. 

newport cir., Williamsburg, va. 
Williams, jane coil, 7918 modron la., 

Vienna, vo. 
Williams, Joyce onn, 90 pleasant hill rd., 

harrisonburg, vo. 
willioms, kathy denise, 2501 forrond st., 

richmond, vo. 
Williams, linda Chester, 1004 beveridge rd., 
richmond, va. 


Williams, Undo karen, rd #), 

thomasville, pa. 
Williams, lydio sharron, chithowie, vo. 
Williams, lynne, 9 grove St., 

tully, n.y. 
willioms, martha suson, 204 copt. newport 

cir., Williamsburg, vo. 
Williams, phyllis I., rt. #1, elkt-on, va. 
Williams, rebecca moore, 213 sycamore rd., 

franklin, vo. 
willioms, shelia onn, timberville, va. 
Williams, suzanne, 906 woodnor dr., 

Vienna, va. 
williomson, david croig, 4621 winston rd., 

Portsmouth, va. 
williomson, koren h., box 28, star route, 

star tannery, va. 
williomson, mary pace, 460 s. mason St., 

horrisonburg, va. 
Willis, Virginia Sheldon, rd. #2, dutch rd., 

fairview, po. 
Wilson, Charles gaines, box 2474, 

cnmora, va. 
Wilson, craig paul, 124 spout spring, 

mt. holly, n.j. 
Wilson, deborah jane, 409 john marshall dr., 

n,e,, Vienna, vo. 
Wilson, donold edward, 184 oaklawn ove., 

n.e., roonoke, vo, 
Wilson, phyllis onn, mortinsville, vo. 
Wilson, sondra lee, 4509 patterson ove., 

richmond, vo. 
Wilson, Sharon onn, 1 10 hermitoge rd., 

Williamsburg, va. • 
winchell, carol sue, 1852 faber st., 

fayetteville, n.c. 
wine, opnl down, rt. ^] , bridgewoter, vo. 
wine, rondolph lynn, rt. ^] , waynesboro, va. 
winsboro, betsy louise, 7215 normandy la., 

foils church, va. 
wintermyre, jane alice, rt. #6, 

horrisonburg, va. 
wirth, deborah eve, 6 brearly cres., 

fair lawn, n.j, 
wisemon, cherry sue, 906 nelson st., 

Staunton, va. 
wlthcrow, olona leona, 1803 ingemar ct., 

olexandria, va. 
Witt, Cephas whitehead, jr., 307 highland 

ove., colonial heights, vo. 
win, eiizcbeth dark, rt. #1, box a4-c, 

north gorden, va. 
Witt, sondro gail, rt. #5, box 241, 

glen alien, va. 
wolf, jonice marie, 8504 culfor cres., 

norfolk, va. 
wolfe, gory eugene, 62 frye Qve., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
wolfe, roger dole, 188 suter st., 

horrisonburg, va. 
wood, odelio joynette, 3216 seminary ave., 

richmond, vo. 
wood, beverly hughes, rt. #3, box 333, 

woynesboro, vo. 
wood, Constance anne, 8512 roundbrook \a., 

olexandria, vo. 
wood, cynthio b., 412 treodwel! st., 

berryville, va. 
wood, dione key, box 68, ivy, va. 
wood, elizobeth west, ridgewoy, va. 
wood, joe onderson, jr., 256 fillmore st., 

Staunton, va. 
wood, lindo sue, box 35, ridgewoy, vo. 
wood, lois marie, troutville, va. 
wood, morgoret elizobeth, 21 13 mckoy st., 

foils church, vo. 
wood, morgoret jeon, 9201 lydell dr., 

richmond, va. 
wood, nancy olice, 39 longley ove., 

newport news, va. 
wood, suson ellen, 7246 deborah dr., 

foils church, vo. 
woodie, deboroh roe, troutville, vo. 
woods, victoria leigh, 20 rodford village, 

rodford, vo. 
woodside, martho sue, front royal, va. 
woodward, dione fletcher, 1 15 n. van buren 

St., rockville, md. 
woodward, ino claro, 219 8th st., luroy, vo. 
woodward, koren, 5719 9th rd., 

n. orlington, vo. 
woody, morjorie lois, 3430 glen corlyn dr., 

falls church, va. 
woolridge, horoce william, 3211 decatur St., 

richmond, vo. 
woolwine, lynda sue, puloski, va. 
wooters, foye ellen, 4119 pawnee rd., 

richmond, va. 
worley, bonnie jean, 1000 pine dr., 

coronodo, calif, 
worley, shoron kothleen, 10449 Cherokee 

rd., richmond, vo. 
woroniak, michael woyne, box 160, 

kenbridge, vo. 
worshom, corolyn Virginia, 4511 stanbrook 

dr., richmond, vo. 
worthington, morgot yorrrall, 3152 colony Jo., 

Plymouth meeting, pa. 
wrenn, nancy rebecca, 1 1 corroway terr., 

yorktown, vo. 
Wright, charlene edna, 527 central ove., 

Charleston, w. vo. 
Wright, linwood ollen, beoverdom, vo. 
Wright, peggy dione, rt. #2, box 218a, 
toppohonnock, va. 

Wright, robert boldwin, 1001 skymont rd., 

stounton, vo. 
Wright, shoron onn, eaglewood rd,, 

glen alien, vo. 
Wright, suson onne, 6711 high st., 

foils church, va. 
Wright, Virginia lee, rt. #1, box 372, 

oshlond, vo. 
wurtzbacher, debra lea, 6929 orlington 

blvd., foils church, va. 
wymcr, charles croig, 1318 aiken St., 

stounton, vo, 
wymer, roso linda, strosburg, vo. 
xynistcri, elena stylionou, 3306 Washington 

ove., newport news, vo. 
yogcr, betsy robin, 2010 woodcrest, 

horrisonburg, vo. 
yanity, suson michele, 58 e. church St., 

homer city, po. 
yarbrough, brendo koy, 1805 terrace ove., 

richmond, vo. 
yatcs, corolyn sue, 147 compbell st., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
yatcs, ronnie vernon, coeburn, vo. 
yottow, iQurie onne, 5900 sherborn la., 

Springfield, vo. 
ycogcr, borboro jeon, rt. #1, box lOI-y, 

horrisonburg, vo. 
ycago, ellen lucretio, 4260 willow run dr., 

onnondole, vo. 
yearwood, fronces joon, 2208 porkside ove., 

richmond, vo. 
yoder, irene, stuorts draft, vo. 
yoder, Joseph, glodys, vo. 
yohn, pofricio onn, 602 n. bridge St., 

somerville, n. j. 
york, hope dohle. rt. #3, box 310, 

woynesboro, vo. 
york, kothleen irene, 1232 c. sunset la., 

mortinsville, n. j. 
york, lorry Stephen, hgs. motoon-moin, 

opo new york, n. y. 

york, suson rebecca, rt. #14, box 129-<j, 

richmond, vo. 
young, betty fronces, 1126 wilkins dr., 

williomsburg, vo. 
young, carol jeonne, 1 107 colfox ave., 

pompton lakes, n. j. 
young, diono morgoret. 702 Johnson mill rd., 

berkeley springs, w. va. 
young, donno ruth, 5004 ravensworth rd., 

onnondole, vo. 
young, george lester, 905 chestnut dr., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
young, koren sue, 50 lovale ct., 

lovole, md. 
yurchak, morlene, 1453 n. loncoster st., 

orlington, vo. 
zogorski, jonice, 8064 driftwood dr., 

norfolk, vo. 
zozanis, Catherine, 5987 9th rd., 

n. orlington, vo. 
zehrtng, lois Virginia, 290 newman ove., 

horrisonburg, vo. 
zcrkel, peggy sue, rt. #1, mt. jockson, vo. 
ziegenfus, volerie onne, montogomery ove., 

oaks, po. 
zillotti, teresa jcon, 6806 dean dr., 

mcleon, vo. 
zimbo, barboro iris, 7417 bastings St., 

Springfield, vo. 
Zimmerman, becky tynn, rt. Jj'- t)ox 69-h, 

leesburg, vo. 
zimmcrmah, cheryl lynne, 6419 woodbridge 

rd., olexondrio, vo. 
Zimmerman, doro lynn, 144 fairvrew ove., 

somerville, n. j. 
Zimmerman, lindo dorlene, 136 fourth St., 

woodbridge, vo. 
zimmermann, cecelio kotherine, 6420 

waiters woods dr., falls church, va. 
zirkle, lindo suson, 1329 st. jude St., 

solem, va. 


index of pages 

administration section 


alpha beta alpha 

alpha gamma delta 

alpha phi omega 

alpha Sigma alpha 

alpha Sigma tau 

alumni association 

anthony seeger campus school 

apple blossom princess 



baptist student union 
basketball, men's 
basketball, women's 
board of visitors 
bowling club 
breeze, the 
business manager 
business office 




christian science organization 

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concert choir 


council for exceptional children 

criterion club 

dance theatre 

dean of student services 

department of art 

department of biology 

department of business administration & econ. 

department of business education 

department of chemistry 

department of education 

department of english 

department of foreign longuages 

department of geology 

department of history 

department of home economics 

department of library science 

department of mathematics 

department of music 

department of physical education and health 

department of physics 

department of political science and geography 

department of psychology 

department of special education services 

department of speech and drama 

department of sociology 

faculty directory 
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harvest festival princess 

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honor council 

in appreciation 
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intramurals, men's 
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junior class 
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madison christian fellowship 

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madison y 

maid of honor 

man of the year 

moth club 

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may queen 

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miss madison 

music educator's notional conference 

newmon club 


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provost's office 

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sesame club 

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Sigma kappa 

Sigma phi lambda 

sigma sigmo sigmo 

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student government organization 

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title page 

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who's who 

women's athletic associotion 

young omericans for freedom 
young democrats 
young republicans 

zetQ tau alpha 











































































one last word before the 10:45 

at 10:45 tonight the last bus is due by the harrisonburg bus station heading towards winston-salem and our 
publishing plant, it will mean another rush to get our last deadline ready by that time, but that's what year- 
books are made of; rushing, deadlines, tears, mistakes and a lot of hard work, how much the book is ap- 
preciated depends on the reader, we can only try our best to please a varied school. 

for me the year hardly seems over, i feel all i've done is answer the phone and worried a lot. others have seen 
a few benefits that i hove received as editor, from dinners to trips, but somehow they cannot compensate for 
all the problems, someone once asked me if the headaches ever end; i hope i can find the answer. 

i must admit i've hod o great group of people working for me. my efficient associate editor, kothy, who 
despite sickness and elwood managed to help me in every way possible, also paulette, my mass-producing 
copy-cat, and barbara, who had to suffer through the finances and advertisements, contributed their share. 
of course, each and every section editor and staff member deserves a special note of thanks since they some 
how finished their sections without quitting, though we had more than the usual problems with photography 
this year, my photographers, craig, kim, dan and herbie attempted to do this impossible job. moral support 
and extra help came from friends, esp. cheryl, my sisters, my roommates and answering service, carol, and nubbie; 
and my own family who offered advice from the cover to the copy and photography. 

hunter publishing company deserves recognition for doing the best with what we sent them, and special 
thoughts go to jim ellis, our representative and my crying shoulder for personal and yearbook problems, and 
to his boss, chorles perry who i made sweat for our contract, victor o'neill studios enabled us to meet our 
first two deadlines thanks to tom young, their representative, and doug werbeck, their manager in new york. 
finally, i must thank mr. wiesener for photogrophing the color and faculty sections, his albatross, and mr. 
mandeville, our advisor who pulled the right strings for us. 

now the book is finished, and the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders, it's a relief, but 
every minute has been worthwhile, finally, i con rest in peace. 

editor, 1970 bluestone 


i came into the 

Shenandoah valley 

four years ago — 

and now those years hove 

melted into a part 

of me. 

i walked the streets of 

harrisonburg in attempts to 

discover what a different 

sort of life exists here. 

today i look 

around me, the sun 

glows like fire coals in 

my eyes, giving me hope for 

tomorrow when i 

wont so to cling just a little 

longer to yesterday 

when i was meeting my 

friends, learning the 

ways of madison. i have 

learned, i hope — 

enough to carry me 

through the next few years, 

at least 

until i can build 

more on this foundation 

i hove laid 

within myself. 


with others i hove learned 

to create with a sense of 

competitiveness that 

drove me on to 

produce more imaginatively 

in an effort to 

improve — to give to the 

change that is 

molding this day, and the 


graduation — here, now, i 

freeze in my footsteps that 

i stole from others before 

me as i try to look 

at myself. 

beyond these endless mountains i 

will go now — 

and the sun that sets 

will cede its place to 

the moon. 

tomorrow — 

a new sun is rising. 



but now old friends are acting strange 

they shake their heads 

they soy i've changed 

but something's lost 

end something's gained 

from living every day. 

i've looked at life from both sides now 

from win and lose 

but still some how 

its life's illusions i recall 

i really don't know life at all. 

— joni mitchell 




,>'ti: ;■.-;, ■ I'