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With the first and second volumes of 'Bentley's Miscellany' 
Dickens issued Prefaces. In the third volume he printed the 
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The Third Volume of this work stands in need of 
very few observations from the Editor, for its success 
fortunately renders any remarks from him, in intro- 
duction of it, unnecessary. 

He leaves it to make its entry without any pre- 
liminary flourish of trumpets, and hopes that the 
next ten or twenty volumes will do better still, and 
speak so well for themselves as to render it needless 
for him to say even a word in their behalf. 

June 1, 1838 

Seventy-five years later I, another but infinitely-smaller kind of 
editor, can find nothing better with which to introduce the present 
volume than the Preface then written by the great master ot fiction. 
The position of B.A.R. to-day synchronises so exactly with that of 
the Miscellany, excepting of course in degree, that if I follow the 
master's example by omitting Prefaces in future the reason will be 

I will only add that every new subscriber should read the 
Prefatory Notes to volumes 2 and 3, as they elucidate the methods 
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F. K. 

Some Literary Associations of Salisbury 


Who can forsake thy walls, and not admire 

The proud cathedral and the lofty spire ? 

What sempstress has not proved thy scissors good ? 

From hence first came th' intriguing riding-hood. 

Amid three boarding-schools well stocked with misses 

Shall three knight-errants starve for want of kisses ? 

GAY — "A Journey to Exeter." 

Salisbury Ues in a great hollow of the South Wiltshire downland, at the 
junction of the five rivers, the Avon, the Wylye, the Bourne, the Nadder and 
the Ebble, whose many waters add much to the picturesqueness of the place. 
And, in truth, it would be difficult to find anywhere a more charming example 
of an old cathedral city ; for besides its chief attraction, the cathedral, which 
stands in a large and beautiful close, and which possesses on of the finest spires 
in the world, Sahsbury probably contains as many pleasant streets and interest- 
ing old houses as any town of its size in the country. Leland, the antiquary, 
who visited the place early in the sixteenth century, writes : " There be many 
fair streates in the city Saresbyri, and especially the High Streate and Castle 
Streate — Al the streates in a maner in New Saresbyri hath Httle streamletts and 
arms derivyed out of Avon that runneth through them. The site of the very 
town of Saresbyri and much ground thereabout is playne and low and as a pan 
or receyvor of most parts of the waters of Wiltshire." 

Sahsbury has so many " Uterary associations " attaching to it that it would 
be impossible, in the space at my disposal, to refer to them all ; and I have in the 
following pages attempted to collect, in chronological order, only some of the 
more interesting of them ; though I have included the names of the principal 
authors, either born or resident for any length of time in the town, even if they 
are sometimes of not much more than local interest. With Sahsbury, or New 
Sarum, as it was formerly called, I have included Old Sarum, the great hill 
near-by on which the town original^ stood, and to which WiUiam Cobbett, who 
occasionally passed by in the course of his rides, gave the name of the " accursed 
hill." I have also extended the topographical hmits of this article in order that 
I may refer to one or two names connected with the seat of the Earls of Pembroke 
at the neighbouring town of Wilton ; besides, on three occasions, straying to 
villages only a few miles distant. 

The history of Old Sarum as a bishopric commences in the year 1075, when 
Herman, the Bishop of the united dioceses of Ramsbury and Sherborne, removed 
his see thither. There it remained until the beginning of the thirteenth century, 
when, principally on account of the lack of water and their too exposed position, 
the inhabitants of the hill betook themselves to the site of the present town in 
the valley below. Camden, himself a Wiltshire man, quotes in lus " Britannia " 
a certain Petrus Blesensis, who wrote of Old Sarum as " a place that was open 
to the winds, barraine, dry and desert," adding " Let us in God's name goe down 
to the plaine countrie where the valhes will yeeld store of wheat and other come, 
where also large fields are rich and fat in pasture." 

In connection with Old Sarum mention must be made of the famous Sarum 
Use, which was compiled by St. Osmond, Bishop Herman's successor, and which 
practically became the Liturgy of the Church of England. The Use is perhaps of 
more interest to the student of theology than to the general reader ; but described 
briefly, it was the order of church service used throughout the diocese of Sahsbury, 
and, as a matter of fact, throughout the greater part of England. The Use was 
■embodied in several books, including the Service Books, containing the Eucharistic 
and other services ; the Antiphony containing the Anthems ; the Epistolarum, 
containing the Epistles ; and so on ; and these, though of course originally in 
manuscript, were amongst some of the earUest books to be printed on the intro- 
duction of the act. Caxton sent the Sarum " Missale " to be printed at Paris. 

and, being desirous of associating himself with the production of the book, 
added his colophon and " mark " to it. In addition to these, there were the 
Books of Hours, or Prayer Books for the laity, which were often beautifully 
illuminated. In the Cathedral Library are to be seen many books of the Sarum 
Use, both in manuscript and printed, including a splendidly illuminated Breviary. 
Here too, I must refer to a certain early writer, John of Salisbury by name, who 
was born at Old Sarum, about the year 1110. He became a fellow of, and subse- 
quently secretary to, the famous Thomas a Beckett, whose fate he narrowly 
missed sharing. He was the author of a book called " On the Trifles of Courtiers 
and Tracts of Philosophers," containing an attack on the " pride and covetousness 
of the Court of Rome." 

The Cathedral at New Sarum or Salisbury was begun in 1210 by Bishop 
Poore. Seven years later a charter was granted to the place by Henry III, making 
it a city ; and when, in 1258, the cathedral was completed, the townsfolk had no^ 
doubt become comfortably settled in their new home. 

In 1483 the Duke of Buckingham was executed in the marketplace ; and 
Shakespeare, in Richard III, Act 5, Scene I, shows him being led to the block ; but 
except for this incident there is nothing that need detain me until the beginning 
of the sixteenth century, when I come to three authors of some note in their day 
who were born in the town. The first, William Horman, born in New St. about 
1450, became Provost of Eton, where he died in 1535, having written nearly 
thirty works, though only two, " Vulgaria " and " Antibossim," are known to 
have been published. The " Vulgaria " is a collection of sentences in Latin and 
English, and was printed by Pynson in 1519, and W. de Worde in 1540. The 
second, John Securis, was a physician who practised in his native town, where he 
died in 1570. He was the author of various medical books, one of which bears 
the quaint title, " A Gret Galley lately come into England out of Terra Nona 
laden with phisitions poticaries and surgions ; a dialogue on the tokens and 
qualities of foolish and misguided physicians. ' ' He also published yearly from 1 56 1 
to 1580 a " Prognostication " of the weather for each month of the year, in the 
form of a small black-letter book. Lastly, there was a certain Michael Maschiart, 
a poet born in 1544, about whom we know very little beyond the fact that Wood 
calls him " most excellent Latin poet of his time — an excellent civilian and 
excellent in all kind of human learning." 

I reach now a man of much more interest connected with the neighbouring 
town of Wilton. Wilton had been granted to William Herbert, a descendant of 
the original Earls of Pembroke, on the dissolution of its monastery, early in the 
sixteenth century, and it was his son Henry, the second Earl of the new creation 
who took for his third wife, Mary, the sister of Sir Phihp Sidney. She was herself 
a lady of some literary attainments, and it was at her suggestion and for her 
pleasure, that her brother wrote his " Arcadia " when on a visit to Wilton in 1 580. 
Aubrey, the historian of Wiltshire, tells us : "In this tract is ye Earle of Pem- 
broke's seat at Wilton, and these romancy plaines and bosages did no doubt 
conduce to the hightening of Sir Phihp Sydney's phansie. He lived much in 
these parts and the most masterly touches of his pastoralls he wrote here upon 
the spot where they were conceived. 'Twas about these purlieus that the muses 
were wont to appeare to Sir Phillip Sydney, and where he wrote down their 
dictates in his table book though on horseback." Spenser refers to Mary 
Countess of Pembroke as : — 

" The gentlest sheperdesse that lives this day 
And most resembling both in shape and sprite 
Her brother deare." 

Better known is Ben Jonson's epitaph on her : — 

" Underneath this sable hearse 
Lies the subject of all verse, 
Sidney's sister, Pembroke's mother, 
Death, ere thou has slain another. 
Learned, fair and good as she. 
Time shall throw a dart at thee ! " 


Mention of the Herbert family reminds me that Philip Massinger, who was 
bom in Salisbury in 1583, and baptized in St. Thomas' church on the 24th of 
November of that year, was the son of Arthur Massinger, a gentleman retainer of 
the before mentioned second Earl of Pembroke, and a member of an old Salisbury 
family. The dramatist is said to have been a page at Wilton in his youth ; and 
he was possibly supported at" Oxford, where he went in 1602, by his father's 
master. In spite of the fact that he is supposed to have offended his patron by his 
conversion to the Roman Catholic religion he appears to have retained his 
f riendlv relations \vith the Pembroke family until his death, which took place in 
1640 ; though from the time of his leaving Oxford and settling in London he 
probably had little further connection with the place of his birth. The third 
Earl of Pembroke, in addition to being the patron of Massinger after the death 
of the second Earl, was also the patron of Ben Jonson, William Browne and 
Shakespeare, the last of whom is said to have visited the town in company with 
Lord Pembroke's private players. 

Another name of some interest is that of Henrv- Lawes, the musician, who 
was bom at Dinton in 1595. He was the son of a Vicar Choral of the Cathedral, 
which at that period was especially famous for its music. He became private 
musician to Charles I, and subsequently to Charles II ; but his chief interest to 
us at present Ues in the tradition that it was at his suggestion that Milton wrote 
" Comus." He himself composed the music to the poem, and in addition to 
Milton was the friend of many other poets of his time, particularly Waller, many 
of whose verses he also set to music. 

I may, at this point, before leaving Salisbury- for the neighbouring viUage of 
Bemerton, and its famous rector, George Herbert, mention that Sir Walter 
Raleigh passed through the town in 1618, and is said, whilst there, to have 
written " An Apology for the Voyage to Guinea." 

George Herbert's connexion with the " more pleasant than healthful " 
parsonage of Bemerton dates from the year 1630, when, the living having become 
vacant, Herbert's kinsman PhiHp, Earl of Pembroke, requested Charles I to 
appoint him to the vacancy. To the Earl's petition the King answered : " Most 
willingly to Mr. Herbert if it be worth his acceptance." The offer of the living 
came as a complete surprise to Herbert ; nor was it until after he had " endured 
such spiritual conflicts as none can think, but only those that have endured them," 
and had sought the advice of Laud, who was then staying at Wilton, that he 
finally resolved to accept it. " And the Bishop did next day so convince Mr. 
Herbert that the refusal of it was a sin that a tailor was sent for to come speedily 
from Salisbury' to Wilton, to take measure, and make him canonical cloths 
against next day, which the tailor did, and Mr. Herbert being so habited, went 
with his presentation to the learned Dr. Davenent, who was th^n Bishop of Salis- 
bury', and he gave him institution immediately." Walton gives a weU kno'wn 
account of his induction, which took place on the same day, the 20th of April. 
We are told that when he had remained in the Church for a longer time than was 
necessary for the ceremony of ringing the bell : "his friend Mr. Woodnot looked 
in at the Church-window, and saw him lie prostrate on the ground before the 
altar ; at which time and place (as he afterwards told Mr. Woodnot) he set some 
rules to himself for the future manage of his hfe ; and then and there made 
a vow to labour and keep them." The story of how he spent the brief remainder 
of his Ufe, and of his piety and goodness of heart, is well kno\^^l to readers of 
Walton's " Lives," where it is recorded that it was Herbert's habit, twice a week. 
to visit the Cathedral at Salisbury, for the sake of the music, " of which heavenly 
art he was a most excellent master." George Herbert died in 1633. 

Sixty years after Herbert's death Joseph Norris, also a religious poet, was 
appointed to the U\'ing of Bemerton. Besides his poems, the most popular of 
which were contained in his " Miscellanies " published in 1687, Xorris also wrote 
tnany prose works. One of them " A Murnival of Knaves, or Whiggism planely 
displayed and laughed out of countenance," was a book that could hardlv have 
done him much good with Bumet, who became Bishop of the diocese shortly 
before Norris received the living of Bemerton. 

John Evelyn stayed in Salisbury for a couple of days during July 1654. Like 
his friend and fellow diarist, Samuel Pepys, he seems to have been much struck 
by the number of streams that ran through the town, and which in those in- 
sanitary days could hardly have been an unmixed blessing ; for he tells us that 
they were : " neghgently kept, when with a small charge they might be purged 
and rendered infinitely agreeable, and this made one of the sweetest towns, but 
now the common buildings are despicable and the streets dirty." There is, how- 
ever, a much more entertaining account given in Pepys' Diary of a visit which he 
paid to the town fourteen years later. Pepys set out from London on the 5th of 
June, 1668, with his wife and some friends, on a short tour which brought them, 
five days later, after passing through Hungerford, to the edge of Salisburv Plain'. 
They crossed the Plain " by the sight of the steeple," and having arrived at Old 
Sarum, Pepys cHmbed to the top alone : " and there light and to it and in it ; 
and find it prodigious, so as to fright me to be in it all alone at that time of the 
night, it being dark. "The party went on to Sahsbury, and, after a night spent in a 
" silk bed " at the George Inn, Pepys went out to explore the town which he 
found : "a very brave place. The river goes through every street ; and a most 
capacious market place. The city great, I think greater than Hereford. But the 
Minster most admirable ; as big I think and handsomer than Westminster ; 
and a most large Close about it, and houses for the Officers thereof, and a fine big 
palace for the Bishop." Having looked into the Cathedral, where he saw the 
Bishop, his friend Dr. Seth Ward, he rode out to Stonehenge, where he was again 
" frighted." Then, having returned to dinner at the " George," via. Wilton, 
and paid the bill which was : "so exorbitant .... that I was mad and 
resolved to trouble the niistress about it," he and his party once more set out 
across the Plain. They soon missed their way, however, and had to stay at a 
" little inn," w^here, after turning a pedlar out of the only available room, they 
appear to have made themselves comfortable for the night, as the entry for the 
next day begins : " up finding our beds good but lousy, which made us merry." 
Pepys reasons for being " merry " are sometimes a Uttle difficult too comprehend. 

Mention of Bishop Ward reminds me of a certain Dr. Pope, his friend and 
pensioner, who resided with him at the Palace. Dr. Pope was the author of a 
poem entitled " The Sahsbury Ballad," written principally for the purpose of 
satirising the Dutch commentators, but which contains references to many local 
celebrities, including the famous oculist, Dr. Turberville, whom Pepys went to 
consult about his eyes on his return to London, and who, according to the Diarist 
" discursed very learnedly about them." Dr. Turberville, who lies buried at the 
west end of the Cathedral, was a member of the great Dorsetshire family of that 
name, at one time famous for its feats of arms and possessions, but now remem- 
bered (so much more power has the writer of fiction to interest us than the mere 
historian) only by a certain lowly and fictitious descendant, whose tragic story 
Thomas Hardy has given us in " Tess of the D'Urbervilles." 

Bishop Ward's successor was the great Whig historian, Gilbert Burnet, 
whom I have already mentioned. He was bom in Edinburgh in 1643 and came 
of an ancient and distinguished Scottish family. Owing to his fearless character 
and continual interference in policies his early career had been a somewhat 
troubled one. On one memorable occasion he addressed a letter to Charles II 
rebuking him for his numerous sins, which that Monarch, having read through 
twice, promptly threw into the fire. During the reign of James II, Burnet 
travelled on the Continent, where he became acquainted with William of Orange, 
who shortly after the revolution appointed him to the bishopric of Salisbury, 
which he held until his death in 1715. Burnet, besides being a fairly prolific 
writer, was a man of great activity in other directions, and gave the closest 
attention to the affairs of the diocese ; but he is best remembered as the author 
of the lively, if rather inaccurate, " History of His Own Times." This book, which 
was pubhshed six years after his death, was met by the Tory Wits with a cry of 
derision, Burnet's somewhat self-important style giving considerable scope for 
the satirical powers of Swift, Arbuthnot and Pope. Burnet was made the subject 
of a good many poetical attacks, and the following lines are taken from an old 
print : — 

" A true blew Priest a Lincey Woolsey Brother 
One Legg a Pulpitt holds a Tubb the other, 
An orthodox, grave, moderate Presbyterian 
Half surphce Cloake half Priest half Puritan, 
Made up of all these halfes hee cannot pass 
For any thing intirely, but an Ass." 

The next writer of real interest with whom I shall have to deal is Henry 
Fielding, but before doing so this will perhaps be a convenient place to refer to 
a few authors who, though of much less importance than either Burnet or Field- 
ing, are perhaps worthy of mention. The first of these, Thomas Chubb, was 
bom at Hamham in 1679. He spent the greater part of his Ufe in Salisbury, 
where he successfully combined the occupations of a tallow-chandler and a 
reUgious controversiaUst. His chief work, " The Supremacy of the Father 
Asserted," brought him into contact with many persons of rank and learning, 
though he appears himself, to have continued in his humble calling until his 
death, which occurred in 1746. For the next, it is necessary to leave the town 
for a village a few miles distant. At Steepe Langford lived Arthur Collier (bom 
in 1680), a writer who attracted a good deal of attention both in this country 
and on the Continent. His " Cla\ns Universalis " is a book of considerable interest, 
as in it the author arrives at the same metaphysical conclusions as did Bishop 
Berkeley in his " Treatise concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge." 
CoUier's daughter, Jane, was the author of that quaint work, still occasionally 
turned up by the book-collector : " The Art of Ingeniously Tormenting." To 
return to Sahsburv- itself. There lived in the town in the early part of the eigh- 
teenth century-, two writers of the same surname. One of these was James 
Harris (bom in 1709), a philosophical writer of some repute, and the author of 
" Hermes." He was an acquaintance of Dr. Johnson, who seems to have enter- 
tained respect for him notwithstanding he told Boswell that he thought him a 
" coxcomb " ; and on another occasion spoke of him as " a prig, a bad prig." It 
must however be added in fairness to Harris that Boswell, in a note, says he is at 
a loss to understand what his friend meant by these words " concerning the 
amiable Philosopher of Salisbury-." Harris died in 1780 and was buried in the 
Cathedral. The other. Dr. WiUiam Harris, bom in SaUsbur\' in 1720, was a 
noncomformist minister, who wrote several histories and biographies, including 
the lives of Charles I and Cromwell. 

The exact extent of Henry Fielding's connection with the town is a matter 
of some uncertainty, though Mr. G. M. Godden, in his excellent ^lemoir of him, 
published recently, has thrown some fiesh light on the subject. It appears that 
it dates definitely from November 1721, when an Order was made in a suit, 
at that time being carried on in the court of chancery, between the novelist's 
grandmother, Lady Gould, and his father, Edmund Fielding, gi\'ing Henry, 
then aged fourteen and a boy at Eton, leave to spend his Christmas holidays 
with his grandmother at Salisburv', where she had taken a house and where three 
of his sisters were then at school. He no doubt continued whilst at Eton to spend 
his hoHdays there, and was probably an occasional visitor to the to\vn during his 
early residence in London, when he kept himself by writing plays, having had to 
choose, as he tells us, between becoming a hackne}- writer or a hackney coach- 
man. Fielding went to Leyden University in 1728, and it was presumably during 
a \-isit paid to the tovra on his return about a year later that he first fell in love 
with Miss Charlotte Cradock, who, four years later, became his first wife, and 
whom he subsequently immortahsed as Sophia Western in " Tom Jones." 
Charlotte Cradock is said to have been one of three beautiful sisters, belles of 
the town, but beyond this very Uttle is kno\%Ti about her ; nor from this time 
do we know anything with certainty regarding " the father of the English novel's" 
further connections with Sahsbur%-, though there is a tradition that he bought a 
house there about the year 1738, and that part of " Tom Jones " was written at 
Milford. In spite of Fielding's declaration that he painted " manners and not 
men " it is probable that in drawing a character he generally had some real 
person in his mind. At any rate some of the characters in " Tom Tones " have 
been identified with real Salisbury people ; for it was in the neighbourhood of 
the town that the first part of the story takes place. Thackum for instance, is 

supposed to have been one Hele, a master of the Close Grammar School, where, by 
the way, Addison had received part of his early education before being sent to 
the Charterhouse. 

One of Fielding's sisters who Lady Gould educated at Salisbury was Sarah 
Fielding, the author of " David Simple " and friend and correspondent of Jane 
Colher. She also translated Xenophon's Memoirs, to which translation James 
Harris contributed notes. 

Seventeen years after the publication of " Tom Jones," there appeared 
another great novel, Oliver Goldsmiths " Vicar of Wakefield," the first edition of 
which was actually printed at Salisbury. The book was published on the 27th 
of March, 1766, in two volumes, 12mo., and bears the imprint " Salisbury : 
Printed by B. Collins, for F. Newbery, in Pater- Noster-Row." The price was 
5/- bound, and 6/- sewed. Benjamin CoUins was a Salisbury pubhsher who had 
business relations with Newbery, the London publisher for whom Goldsmith 
worked, and, like Newbery, was a part owner of the famous Dr. James's Fever 
Powders, for the lack of which at a critical moment Uttle Margery's father in 
Goldsmith's " Goody Two shoes " (if the book was really written by him) " died 
miserably," though Goldsmith's too implicit reliance on them in his own case 
hastened, if it did not cause, his death. There is some mystery attaching to the 
original pubhcation of the " Vicar of Wakefield," for Collins was not only the 
printer of the book but also an owner of a third share in it, for which he paid 
the sum of 20 guineas in 1762. This fact at first sight appears to contradict the 
well-known story of its sale by Johnson to a London pubhsher for the purpose 
of raising some ready money for Goldsmith, who had hastily sent for the Dr. to come 
to him, on the occasion of his being arrested by his landlady for the non-payment 
of his rent. The explanation given by Mr. Austin Dobson is no doubt the correct 
one, namely, that Dr. Johnson, on that memorable occasion, sold only two-third 
shares in the book, thus leaving one third share still to be disposed of, though 
whether the sale of the remaining share took place in London or Salisbury is 
uncertain. Possibly Goldsmith, being at the latter place and finding himself, 
as was not unusual with him, suffering from " lack of pence," sought out Collins, 
whom he would probably have known through Newbery, and then and there 
obtained the money he was in need of. 

In 1770 John Tobin, the author of The Honeymoon, a play that was very 
popular at the beginning of the nineteenth century, was born in Endless Street. 

About six miles from Salisbury, in the direction of Andover, lies the small 
village of Winterslow, where Hazlitt spent a good deal of his hfe, and from which 
a volume of his essays and the collected edition of his works take their names. 
Hazlitt first became acquainted with Winterslow on his marriage with Mary 
Lamb's friend, Sarah Stoddart, in 1808, and it was there that he and his wife 
spent the first four years of their unhappy married life. Charles and Mary Lamb 
paid them a visit in October, 1809. " I used," says Hazhtt " to walk out at this 
time with Mr. and Miss Lamb of an evening, and look at the Claude Lorraine 
skies over our heads melting from purple into azure and gold, and to gather mush- 
rooms that sprang up at our feet to throw into the hashed mutton at supper." 
After living some years in London, Hazlitt again went to reside at Winterslow in 
1819, and continued to visit the place till his death in 1830 ; his usual quarters 
being an old inn, known as the " Hutt," where much of his writing was done. 

There are many strange stories connected with Salisbury Plain, and one of 
them, the facts of which were related to some members of Barham's family by 
Sir Walter Scott, appears in " The Dead Drummer " in the " Ingoldsby Legends." 

I come now to some of the great Victorian novelists who have used Salisbury 
as a background for their stories. 

The earliest scenes of Dicken's " Martin Chuzzlewit " are laid in the neigh- 
bourhood, and it will be remembered what " an exceedingly wild and dissipated 
city " Tom Pinch thought Salisbury was, on the occasion of his driving over 
from the village near by, where Mr. PecksnifiE hved, to bring back young Martin 
Chuzzlewit to the worthy architect's estabUshment, where, according to the 
latter's advertisement, his new pupil would have the opportunity of " uniting 

the advantages of the best practical architectural education with the comforts 
of home." The only piece of " practical architectural education " which it was 
in Mr. Pecksniff's power to bestow was, as we know, the opportunity he was able 
to afford his pupils of drawing elevations of the Cathedral from every point of 
the compass. George Borrow, too, makes Lavengro in the course of his wander- 
ings arrive at Stonehetige. After carrying on one of those strange conversations, 
which that inquisitive voung gentleman so delighted in, with a shepherd whom 
he met there (some of his questions no doubt causing the good man considerable 
surprise), he journied on to Old Sarum : "on the top of that mound I found 
myself at a great altitude, beneath at a distance of a mile was a fair old city, 
situated amongst verdant meadows, watered with streams, and from the heart 
of that old citv, from amidst mighty trees, I beheld towering to the sky the finest 
spire in the world." Lavengro stayed in Salisbury for two days, but without 
meeting \\nth any very surprising adventure, and on the " third day, on a fine 
sunny afternoon,' I departed from the city of the spire." 

The novelist, however, whose name is most closely associated with Salisbury 
IS Anthonv Trollope, for it is he who has given us in the six of his novels known as 
the " Barchester Series " such charming and faithful pictures of the social life 
in and about an old cathedral town during the mid-Victorian era. Barchester 
is largelv, if not entirely, drawn from Salisbury-, and it was during an official 
visit paid to the city in 1851 in connection with Post Office affairs, of which he 
was an able administrator, and whilst wandering round the purlieus of the 
Cathedral on a midsummer evening, as he tells us in his Autobiography, that he 
conceived the story of " The Warden," with which the series opened. The book 
was published four years later, and is largely concerned with the storv' of the 
mental conflicts endured by a kind and simple old clergyman, Mr. Harding, the 
Warden of Hiram's Hospital (possibly suggested to Trollope by the real St. 
Nicholas Hospital), on finding that the income he had been receiving from the 
charity was largely intended for other purposes. In it we are introduced to many 
of the characters whom we meet again in the later novels, including one of the 
most successful of them, Mr. Harding's strong minded son-in-law. Archdeacon 
Grantley. It is one of the strangest things about Trollope that at the time he 
was drawing the character of Archdeacon Grantley he had practically no 
acquaintance among clergymen, and had never even spoken to a real Archdeacon. 

In " Barchester Towers," published two years later, we first meet the 
immortal Mrs. Proudie, who so successfully contends with the objectionable 
Mr. Slope for the mastery of her husband's, the Bishop's mind, and on account 
of this lady the book is perhaps the most entertaining of the series. " Barchester 
Towers " was followed by " Dr. Thorne," " Framley Parsonage," and " The 
Small House at Allington," in all of which the novelist was as successful with his 
squires and country clergymen as he had been with his cathedral dignitaries. 
In 18S7 the series was closed with " The Last Chronicle of Barset." 

Salisbury lies in the centre of that part of England which Thomas Hardy 
has re-christened Wessex, though rather to the north of that portion of it in 
which most of the scenes of his novels are laid ; and under the name of Mel- 
chester it occurs in many of his books. It was in the market place on a busy fair 
night that Raye met Anna, and Edith Harnham in the short story " On the 
Western Circuit," and it was to the Red Lion that Betty, the first Countess of 
Wessex, in ' A Group of Noble Dames,' went with her husband on the occasion 
of one of their surreptitious meetings." " ' Twice we met by accident ' pleaded 
Betty. ' Once at Abbots Cernel, and another time at the Red Lion at Mel- 
chelster.' ' O thou deceitful girl ! ' cried Mrs. Domell. ' An accident took 
you to the Red Lion whilst I was staying at the White Hart ! I remember you 
came in at twelve o'clock at night and said you had been to see the cathedral 
by the light o' the moon.' ' My ever honoured mamma so I had, I only went to 
■the Red Lion with him afterwards.' " Readers of " Tess of the D'Urbervilles," 
too, wiU remember that Tess and Angel Clare passed hurriedly through the town 
on the night of the former's arrest at Stonehenge. Melchester receives most 
mention however in the dark but very powerful novel " Jude the Obscure," for it 
was to a college in the Close that Sue Bridehead, one of the two women with whom 


Jude's life was so tragically entangled, went to be trained as a school teacher. 
Jude himself followed her from Christminster (Oxford) and for a time found the 
town " a quiet and soothing place." Soon however, the ill fate that dogged all 
the unfortunate people in the novel asserted itself, and Sue having got into 
trouble with the authorities at the college through staying out all night on the 
Plain with Jude, owing to the couple missing the last train back when on a visit 
to Wardour Castle, eventually had to leave the College. Sue left Melchester for 
a time and when she returned to marry Phillotson at St. Thomas' Church, poor 
Jude once more found himself alone in the world. 

Many as have been the authors that I have now mentioned as connected 
with Salisbury, it would be possible to extend the list still further. I shall how- 
ever only remind my readers of one other name, that of Coventry Patmore, 
whose poem " The Angel in the House " contains many descriptions of Sarum 
and its Close. 


An Autobiography, by J. Davidson, Shakespeare Press, 
Stratford-on-Avon, 3/6 net. 

This book is a curious and valuable human document, but its value and 
curiosity belong to a region of human experience in which fortunately only a small 
minority of men and women are vitally concerned. It is in fact a sincere and 
graphic record of morbid psychology, which Mr. Davidson, with a courage only 
equalled by its naivety, has transcribed for us. Mr. Davidson informs the reader 
that he is " a man six feet in height, twelve stone in weight and forty inches 
round the chest," who was twice placed in an asylum for the insane — the first 
time perforce, the second time of his own free-will. In our opinion the Author 
has unjustly prejudiced his book by the epithet — " A Religio- Maniac," because, 
on his own showing, it was not rehgion, but the absence of it which characterized 
his earlier years ; and in the later period — since quitting the asylum, his interest 
in theological matters, although keen and somewhat over-emphasized, cannot 
fairl}' be described as that of a maniac. The reasons he puts forward for turning 
Catholic and for the promulgation of CathoHc doctrine seem to us within their 
own limits shrewd and sound and absolutely sincere. Mr. Davidson tells the most 
astonishing and perplexing stories of his hallucinations and experiences at different 
pochs of his life, and of the more aggravated episodes of mental suffering which 
befel him, but he fails to see that his brain-weakness was constitutional from the 
beginning, and that his bitter sense of degradation at school and subsequent 
over-strain as a student were a three-fold cause of the mental chaos which 

Mr. Davidson, on page 271, regarding himself in his more recent days as 
quite sane, affirms " that at the risk of being regarded as a mediaeval madman he 
is bound to deliver a great message to the world " — " That all the scattered 
Churches should unite under one system of teaching and discipline," and — " that 
such system should be built on the Roman foundation . ' ' Such delightful idealism , 
by no means to be thought of as a sign of insanity, makes us smile when we call 
to mind the upheavals in the Roman Church of to-day ! 

Mr. Davidson writes always interestingly, and sometimes with humour, 
although it is not consciously so put down. Two of his dicta are specially good^ — 
" An asylum is a good school for those who cannot learn in any other," and the 
closing sentence of the book — " We must just do the best we can, and in prayer 
leave the rest to God." 

An important note of the narrative is the valuable appreciation of the skilful 
humanity of the doctors, and the reprobation he expresses for some of the brutal 
warders in the Asylums . 


"It is your privilege, sir. as one of the r.ios: discriniinatiiig of our bibliophiles, to have the honor of subscribioR to rliis 
special exrrt edition de luxe of Ben Jonson's (ihe well-knovn EnRlish author) works. Rare Ben Jtmson he's called — 
rare— spicy, you know Each volume is signed bv the atifhor and contains « page of his original manuscript, and the 
original French illustrations colored bv hand. The edition is limited to fifty sets. A special price fo yon will be mad« 
of $200 down and $50 a tiionth for eleven years. Sign here, please." (He signs.) 


The cartoon facing this page is reproduced because it is a satire upon a craze 

of the present day in America for wealthy persons to acquire, at preposterous 

prices, rubbishy Editions de luxe, some of winch are issued by so-called " Societies " 

and " Clubs." A genuine society and a genuine club are another matter, and 

there are several such attached to bibliophiUsm, both hi America and here, but it 

is time that the farce of so terming the pubhshers of all sorts of trash was played 

out. No self-respecting publisher hesitates to printing his own name on the 

title-page of a book, and he who does not do so places himself imder su.spicion 

of being desirous of evading responsibility. Anyhow, the police in America have 

arrested a number of persons for obtaining money under false pretences in 

connexion with such editions, but as the matter is stUl sub judice no more can be 

said at present. There is, however, a risk of the authorities nmning into the 

other extreme in dealing with a subject of which they have no special knowledge, 

as they are urging, as one mdictment against the accused persons, that they 

inserted extra illustrations for which ridiculously high prices were charged. In 

this respect the authorities are hkely to go wrong, as it requires an expert to 

judge of the value of extra illustrations, and just as we do not contend that we 

understand law so they cannot imagine that they know the worth of old, and 

possiblv valuable, engravings. 

* * . * 

The following letter, signed " S. T. C." and undoubtedly written by Coleridge, 
appeared in some London newspaper in 1S26, and a cutting of it has just come 
into mj' hands. It )>iav have been reprinted, but is not hkely to have been, so 
here it is, verbatim : — 


MR. EDITOR,— Among the numerous forced sales which the cruel 
necessity of the present times has produced, the sales of books, either in Small 
parcels or whole hbraries, forms a striking and very impleasing feature ; and 
I am, I confess, desirous to draw, through the medium of your valuable paper, 
the public attention to it, because I conceive that there are none (at least 
as now conducted) which unite so much severe pain to the former possessor, 
with so httle pecuniary' advantage to him, his creditors, or the public at large. 
You will have anticipatedmy invective against the slovenly, ill-judged Boeotian 
way in which lots of books are at present made up. Mr. Editor this is no small 
evil : it prevents coimtry gentlemen and men of hteran,- habits, but small 
incomes, from purchasing volumes which they do want, because lotted with a 
host of others which they do not ; it causes the well-selected and valued stores 
of the former possessor to be sold for a very inadequate consideration, and it 
throws nearly the whole into the hands of booksellers exclusively . If a farmer 
on attending a sale of cattle were to find a bull and half a score fat sheep sold 
in the same lot, he would I suspect be apt to grumble, and 100 clamorous 
tongues would upbraid the folly of the auctioneer. Yet that fanner might 
keep the bull if he hked, and so long as good mutton is sold and consumed, he 
could be at no loss to find a ready market for the sheep which he did not want. 
But in books the case is widely different, and in proportion as the consumers 

are fewer, their value less accurately appreciated, and the market duller 

in that same proportion is this evil the greater. I attended last week not 100 
miles from London a general sale of property under an act of bankruptcy, 
where, among other things, more than 150 lots of books came to the hammer' 
The auction-room presented as usual some mere loungers, a considerable 
number of countn.- gentlemen and professional men who wished to buy, as 
Hterary men some wealthy retired tradesmen, who bought in order to appear 
so, and booksellers ! The lots were large, the country- gentlemen hung their 
despairing heads, and the booksellers bought, and bade, and bought and bade 
again. ' Lot 76. Citizen, 2 v. ; Calvar)% 2 v. ; Carey's Poems, Death of Abel, 
Little's Poems.' Mr. Editor, I fable not. Calvary-, Death of Abel, and Little's 
Poems were in the same lot, and the catalogues are ahve to testify it. I sat by 
a neighboring gentleman of Uterar\- taste, liberal mind, and good fortune, who 
would have been glad to buy a large number of volumes if sold separately, but 
neither could nor would be saddled with books which he alreadv possessed. 

This gentleman, myself, and sundry others, hujusmodi, went off dolorous and 
malcontent, while the booksellers revelled in cheap purchases. Mr. Editor, 
it is high time that the powerful voice of the public press should be raised 
against this iniquitous system. I mean not to impute fraudulent design to the 
auctioneers, who are frequently (as in this case) men of good character and 
immensely rich ; they overrate the valiie of their time, know as much of books 
as Moses in the School for Scandal, and acting on inherited maxims, think it 
saving of time to act as they do. Would they be persuaded to make their lots 
smaller, the biddings would be brisker, time would not be wasted in calculating 
the division of a bidding between the sterling works and the heavy lumber 
tagged on, like weighing meat on a prime joint, time would eventually be 
saved, and the proceeds increased v50 per cent. vS. T. C. 

There is only one possible comment to be made upon the letter, which is that 
if Coleridge had been living to-day he would not have written it in application 
to the London book-auction sales. In those it is of rare occurrence for such a 
complaint as his to be justified. 

* 4s « 

The following paragraph appeared in some of the newspapers last month ; — 
"3^250 Book Prize in '19s. lot. — A remarkable piece of good luck was 
experienced by Mrs. Holland, of the Old Dutch House, Bray, Berkshire, when 
she bought a quantity of old books for 29s. at a sale at WooUey Hall, Maiden- 
head. Looking through the package she found a hterar}^ treasure — the first 
four and only editions of " The Germ,' containing some of the early works of the 
pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, the first version of ' The Blessed Damozel,' and 
contributions by Christina and WilUam Rossetti. Mrs. Holland has now sold 
the work for ;£250. 

What one would like to know is if the facts were exactly as stated, or whether 
there w^as a misreading in some particulars. " The first four and only editions" 
refers of course to the 4 parts in which The Germ was issued, but £50 is much 
nearer the value of a set than ;£250, and if the purchaser got that amount for the 
copy she was extremely fortunate. 

* * ♦ 

Here, however, is a " find " that is quite authentic. Last autumn Mr. 
Frank Crowe, of Wrexham, bought ten ancient missals at a sale at Bala for f,\lA. 
A few^ days afterwards Mr. John BalHnger, of the National Library of Wales, 
examined the books, and thought so highly of them that he took them away for 
inspection by the Library Committee. The result was that they were purchased, 
and wall prove a valuable addition to the treasures of the National Library. 

* * * 

Current misprints {not in B.A.R.) : — " Sausages Americaines " for " Sauvages 
Americaines " ; "Monograph of the Tories" for " Monograph of the Lories." 
What a drab world this would be but for the mistakes we all of us make at times. 

* * * 

The following is a fact. A few months ago a book-buyer in a " new " book- 
seller's shop in a northern town was recommended Kingsley's ' Yeast Globe ' as 
a cookery-book ! In the same town a librarian wasted a month in hunting cata- 
logues for " Ferry's Harper," and then asked my informant to help him. The 
latter concludes by saying " I wish now that I had taken your advice of two 
years ago and put my capital into antiquarian books instead of new ones." 


Two or three copies of the Sale Catalogue of the Truman Collection of Cruik- 
shankiana, sold at Sotheby's from May 7th to 12th, 1906, inclusive. Printed 
on Large Paper, with portrait of Mr. Truman, price 5/- 

Apply to Karslake & Co., 35, Pond Street, Hampstead, London, N.W. 


X.B.—AU Booksellers should put us on their list of names, as one never knows where, 
in any part of the world, a notice of a catalogue attracts attention and leads 
to business. 


Aberystwyth. S. V. Galloway, 21 Pier Street.— Catalogue No. 22 of Second-hand 
Books in Theology- and Philosophy, 675 items, including some Old, Curious, 
and Early- Printed Books, all at very moderate prices. 

Bath.— George Gregory, 5 Argyle Street— Catalogues Xos. 214-215, of Recent 
Purchases in General Literature, etc., imder the following heads : — Wick- 
ham's Records by Spade and Terrier, Coronation of King George V.. General 
Literature, Black's Colour Books, Encyclopjedia Britannica, Early English 
Text Society, Harper's Coaching Books. Mallett's Furniture Book. English 
Dialect Society, Pamphlet Cases, Gregorian Files, Antique and other Book- 
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Catalogues, Nos. 219-220, containing some extremely rare and fine early 
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Consfitutiones of Clement V., printed by Fust and SchoifEer at Mentz, in 1460. 
Onlv 13 copies are know-n, and nine of those are in pubhc hbraries. The 
present copy is printed on vellum, and is uncut, being 1^ inches taller and 
1 inch wider than the copy in the British Museum. L'nfortimately 9 leaves 
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A History of I^ambeth, taken from Manning and Braj-'s History- of Surrey, 
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a Collection of Etchings and Engra\-ings by Gughelmo Baur (1600-1640). 
jg20 ; Sir R. Atkyns' " Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire," 
1768, £6 : a Series of Water-Colour Drawings of Preston Hall, Aylesford, 
Kent, £6 ; Doctor Syntax's Three Tours, 1819-21, £8 ; Nicolaus de Lyra. 
' Postillae super Vetus Testamentum,' circa 1500, and ' Postillae super 
Testamentum Novum,' Ulm, Zainer, circa 1473, in 1 vol., £S ; Gower's 
' De Confessione Amantis.' London, 1554. ;^14 ; a Collection of Unpublished 
Holograph Letters from H. B. Halhed to Sheridan, containing references to 
Halhed's passion for Miss Linley, whom Sheridan afterwards married, with 
Sheridan's writing on a cover to them. £20 ; ' Heures de Notre Dame a 
lusaige de Romme,' circa 1500, with many illuminated miniatures, borders, 
and initials, printed on veUum, £120 ; Magna Charta cum Statutis. a manu- 
script on vellum, by an EngHsh scribe, circa 1490-1500, £50 ; The Oxford 
Ahnanack, 1728 to ^1854, £50 ; Seelen-Wurtz-Garten, vStraszburg, 1511, not 
recorded in Brunet, large, fine copy, rough edges. £80 ; a Volume of Drawings 
of Scener^• in Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Scotland, by Capt. Latham. £30 ; 
Portrait of Master Lambton, choice mezzotint, £30. This brief mention of 
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Brighton.--J. WetcaJfe- Morton, 99a St. James' Street. Catalogue No 6 of 
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The items under the head of Freemasonry are 53 in number, and those under 
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a Complete Set of the Alpine Journal ; also Presentation Copies and other 
interesting items. Also, Catalogue No. 8 of Rare and MisceUaneous Books, 
696 items. Messrs. Bolleter have just purchased the hbrarv^ of the late Mr. 
Robert Walters, Hon. Librarian to the Garrick Club, and are preparing a 
catalogue of it. The library is one of the most extensive, comprehensive and 
most interesting collections of rare books, pamphlets and MSS., embracing 
Histories of the British and American Stages, Lives of Actors, Actresses, 
Plays, Playbills, &c., &c., dealing with ever\^ subject connected with the 
Drama from the 17th Centurv- to the present day. 

Harold Brown, 79a Tottenham Court Road, W.— Catalogue No. 8, a Short 

List of Second-hand Books, many in new condition, including a selection 
relating to Music. 

:London. — John Buchanan, 49 Gt. Queen Street, W.C. — Catalogue No. 130 of 
Second-hand Books, Ancient and Modern, inclu'ing Sets of Standard 
Authors, Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting, 1762 ; Adams's History of Japan, 
1874, etc. 

F. C. Carter, 71 Middle Lane, Hornsey.N.— Catalogue No. 36 of Books, 

Manuscripts, Prints, etc., of which the chief subjects are : — Acts of Parlia- 
ment, Angling, Alpine, Bibliography, Bees, Birds, Cromwell, Charters (Early), 
Coloured Plates, China, Curiosa, Court Rolls, Dickens, Economics, Egypt, 
Essex, Freemasonry, France, Grose, Gibbon Documents, Heraldry, Herbals, 
Herts, Hants, India, Insects, Ireland, Italy, Kent, London, Lakes, Lanca- 
shire, Manuscripts, Nash's Mansions, Novels (Old), Naval, Norfolk, Orkneys, 
Oxford, Pamphlets, Portraits, Penmanship, Pubhc Records, Peerage Claims, 
Palestine, &c., Portugal, Quakers, Roberts' Sketches, Road Acts, Maps, &c., 
Russia, Shakespeare, Scotland, Sport, Scott, Scandinavia, Suffolk, Shipping, 
Speed's Maps, Stonehenge, Swift, Thackeray, Tennyson, Turner, Wales, 
Warwick, Yorkshire ; 1,109 items. 

Walter V. Daniell, 33 King Street, St. James's, S.W. — Catalogue of an 

extensive collection of Autograph Letters and Historical Documents, Part I, 
containing those of British Sovereigns and Royalties, Foreign Sovereigns, 
Princes and Rulers, British Statesmen, Foreign Statesmen, French Revolu- 
tion and Napoleonic Era, Legal Celebrities. The Catalogue contains 1,066 
entries, and includes many extremely-interesting and valuable examples. 
It is doubtful, indeed, if any dealer in autographs in the present day could 
produce more important catalogues of autographs than Mr. Daniell. Four 
plates of facsimiles are in the catalogue, reproducing letters or documents by 
Charles I, Prince Rupert, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and Warren 
Hastings. Other parts are to follow, and will include Reformers, Bishops, 
Celebrated Clergy, Celebrated Women, Inventors, Scientists, Antiquarians, 
Heralds, Topographers, Travellers and Explorers, Topographical and 
Historical MSS., etc. 

George W. Davis, 106 Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogue No. 1 16. of Rare, 

Curious, Useful and Interesting Books, together with some Engravings and 
Old Deeds. Included is Bacon's Operum Morahum et CiviHum Tomus, 
first edition, large paper, 1638, and his " Certaine Considerations touching the 
Church of England," 1640 ; also. Bacon's Letters, 1702, and his " Essays," 
1696 ; Chaucer's Works, 1687 ; first editions of plays by Addison, Cibber, and 
others ; early works on Comets and Meteors ; Spenser's Works, 1679, etc., etc 

Day's Library Ltd., 96 Mount Street. W. — Special Autumn Sale— List of 

Surplus Library Books, and Supplement, Oct. -Nov., 1912 ; Supplementary 
Sale List, Dec. 1912, containing Miscellaneous Works of Biography, Travel, 
etc. (pubHshed uring 1910, 1911, and 1912) ; Miscellaneous Works of 
Biography, Travel, etc. (published previous to 1910) ; Novels (pubhshed 
duriag 1912) ; Books for the Yoimg ; French Works ; Addenda to Mis- 
cellaneous Works of Biography, etc. January Sale List of Surplus Library 
Books, of Works in almost every branch of Literature. 

W. & G. Foyle, 121-123 Charing Cross Road, W.C.—" Foyle's Books-Wanted 

Circular " is issued fortnightly, and is supphed to anyone on apphcation. 

— - Hughon, Bourdin & Co., 110 Shaftesbury Avenue, W.— Catalogues Nos. 
XVI and XVII of Enghsh and Foreign Literature, Autograph Letters. 
Manuscripts, Books, Caricatures, Placards, Curios relating to Napoleon and 
the French Revolution, Prints, Drawings of Enghsh and Foreign Masters, 
etc. Part I., English Books, including amongst others, works under the 
following headings : America, Binding, Children's Bo .ks, Gordon Riots, Old 
Plays, Oxford, Scotland, Shakespeare, Sport. Part II., French Books, 
including a number of Works on the French Revolution, Napoleon, The 
Second Empire, Commune of Paris, and a small collection of Passports, 
Certificates, Autographs, etc. Partie Frangaise, pages 30 a 41. 

London.— The George T. Juckes Co., 35 St. Martin's Court, W.C— Catalogue No. 227; 
Monthly Book Catalogue, conprised of New Purchases of Rare and Valuable 
Books in all Classes of I/iterature, including Heylin's "History of St. George," 
1631 ; a Collection of 189 Autograph Letters of Eminent Literary, Scientific 
and Artistic Men and Women, chiefly of Irish Origin, addressed to Lady Wilde, 
mother of Oscar Wilde ; Ludus Literarius, or the Grammar Schoole, 1612 ; 
three tracts by Isaac Ambrose, 1650, with marginal comments by John 
Bimyan, ;g96 ; Robinson's " Anatomic of the English Nunnery at Lisbon," 
1630, etc. 

J. Law, 3 Sicilian Avenue, W.C. — Catalogue of Books, a Short List of Book 

Bargains, October, 1912 ; 200 items. 

J. & J. Leighton, 40 Brewer Street, Golden Square, W.— Catalogue of Manu- 
scripts, mostly illuminated, many in Fine Bindings, price 2/6. Such a cata- 
logue as this might fairly take away the breath of a neophyte in bookselling 
from very hopelessness of being able to aspire to the production of anything 
approaching it unless he possessed infinite resources of experience, education, 
literary powers, and last but not least — capital. The catalogue is, in its way, 
a thing of beauty. A hundred and nine pages describe 335 manuscripts, any 
one of which might make a bibliophile's mouth water, prefaced by a " Note " 
and followed by an Index, after which are 1 1 1 pages of reproductions of the 
choicer and more interesting illuminations, decorations, and textual matter 
in the volumes described. It is useless to single out any one of the manu- 
scripts for description here. It is a catalogue for every bibliDphile to send 
half-a-crown for, and then to keep it. 

Maurice & Co., 23 Bedford Street, Co vent Garden, W.C. — Catalogues Nos. 

207-208, Standard Works, Books with Coloured Plates, Travel, Ceramics, 
Sport, Historical Memoirs, Alpine, Angling, finely-bound Sets, Extra- 
Illustrated Books, etc. 

A. H. May hew, 53 Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogue No. 7, of Second- 
hand Books, relating to Literature and Literary Biography, History and 
Memoirs, Art and Artistic Biography, Folk-Lore, Mythology, Mysticism, 
Theology and Church History, Miscellaneous, with a Supplement of New 
Remainders suitable for presentation, 1,745 items. 

Charles Meuel & Co., 131 Shaftesbury Aveuue, W.C. — Catalogue No. 27, of 

EngUsh and Foreign Books, in Various Classes of Literature. Also, Catalogue 
No. 28, comprised of Important Purchases from the Libraries of the late 
Dowager Lady Napier and Ettrick, Sir John Robinson, Monsieur Labouchere 
of Paris, and other Private Sources ; together 1 ,005 items, 

Myers & Co., 143 Brompton Road, S.W. — Catalogue No. 184 of Rare En- 
graved Portraits, 447 items. Also, Catalogue No. 185, of Scarce and Inter- 
esting Books in all Departments of Literature, being Recent Purchases of 
Private Libraries, and a few Original Water-Colour Drawings of Australian 
and Canadian Views, 827 items, under the heads of Alpine, AustraUa, Binding, 
Classics, Occult, etc, 

Polyglot Library (Sarberi & Bianco), 102 Charing Cross Road, W.C— 

Catalogue No. XVI of Ancient and Modern Books in all Classes of Literature, 
including Caxton's Description of Britayne and Chronicles of England, 1480 ; 
The Ashendene Press " Dante " on Vellum, Incunabula and Early Printed 
Books, also Books on the Fine Arts, Bindings, Bibliography, French and 
ItaHan Literature, The Occult Sciences, Ancient Medicine, Early Travels, 
etc. The price of the two Caxton books is 300 guineas, and it is stated that 
they are hitherto-unrecorded editions. A facsimile of the binding of the 
volume is added, together with two facsimiles of the types. 

J. P. Reuter, 139 Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C. — Catalogue No. l. New Series, of 

Books on Africa, Art, America, Classics, Early Printed Books, Finely Illus- 
trated Books, French Revolution, Napoleon, Travels and Voyages, and other 
Enghsh and Foreign Literature, 1,053 items. 

London. — Chas. J. Sawyer, Ltd., 23 New Oxford Street, W.C. — Catalogue No. 
XXXII., being An Illustrated Catalogue of Fine and Rare Books, Beautiful 
Bindings, Manuscripts, Autographs, etc. The title of the Catalogue is justified 
by the fact that it includes a copy of the Holy Bible, 1638, which was presented 
by Charles I. to the first Earl of Queensbury. It is bound by Samuel Meame, 
in morocco extra, and bears the King's armorial book-stamp in gold on. 
each cover, a facsimile accompanying the description. Other items are a 
Manuscript Book of " Hours," on vellum, with illuminated miniatures and 
borders, ^150 ; and two other illuminated manuscripts ; a 17th Century 
Transcript of Sir Philip Sidney's translation of the Psalms ; the Original 
manuscript of R. L. Stevenson's poem " To H. F. Brown," and of his poem 
" Henry James " ; a Unique copy of Tennyson's " The Princess," with the 
" Songs " added in manuscript by Lady Tennyson ; Swinburne's original 
manuscript of his poem " Dedication " (to W. B. Scott) ; Robert Bloom- 
field's copy of Wordsworth's Poems, 2 vols., 1807 ; a Relic of Byron, being 
the Poet's pipe ; Browning's copy of Wordsworth's " The Waggoner," 1819 ; 
and many other fine and rare items too numerous to mention, to the number 
of 204, with 11 reproductions of bindings, miniatures, autograph manuscripts 
and letters, etc. It is by far the finest catalogue yet issued by the firm. 
Also Catalogue No. 31, being a Selection from the Library of the late Lord 
Cranbrook and from other Collections recently dispersed, 692 items. 

Suckling & Co., 13 Garrick Street, W.C. — Catalogue of Engraved Portraits 

of Family Interest, also Portraits of Naval and Military, Musical, Dramatic, 
Scientific, Antiquarian, and other Personages, 1 ,346 items. Messrs. Suckling 
keep a very large stock of portraits in addition to those catalogued. 

W. M. Voynich, 68-70 Shaftesbury Avenue, W. — Catalogue No. 30, being 

the First Part of a Catalogue of Early Works on Pure and AppUed Science, 
A — T,, with an Index of Subjects. Like all Mr. Voynich's catalogues this is 
remarkable for the fullness of the titles and descriptions, and for the scholar- 
ship of the notes, and every book-collector should be on his Hst. Three 
facsimiles of pages in books printed in 1503, 1504, and 1519, are included. 
Other branches of the business are at the Hotel St. James, 211 Rue St 
Honore, Paris, and Palazzo Borghese, Via Ghibellina 110, Florence. 

George Winter, 52 Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogue No. 75 of a Mis- 
cellaneous Selection of Books from Various Sources, including Presentation 
and Extra-Illustrated Books, Americana, Arctics, Music, Sporting, First 
Editions, etc., 689 items. 

Maidstone. — E. Avery, 2 Canning Street. — Clearance Catalogue of Cheap and 
Interesting Books in all Branches of Literature, including Kentish Books and 
Books on Sport, also a number of Prints, Portraits, Views, Scrapbooks, etc. 
Mr. Avery allows 15% discount to the trade. 

Manchester.— Albert Sutton, 43 Bridge Street.— Catalogue No. 200, of Scarce, 
Curious and Interesting Books, including Library Editions of Standard 
Authors, Biography, Histor>^ Heraldry, Genealogy, etc., a quantity of First 
Editions of Esteemed Writers, Finely Illustrated Books, a few Autographs, 
and Special Collections of Books on the Balkan States, Wales and the Welsh, 
etc., being recent purchases from Public and Private sources ; 636 items. 
Also, Catalogue No. zOl of Early Printed Books and Antiquarian Literature, 
1483-1799 ; 1,256 items. Also, Catalogue No. 202 of Valuable and Interest- 
ing Books, Ancient and Modem, including a Philological Library just pur- 
chased, the Topography of the Isle of Man, Lincohishire, Somersetshire, Wales 
and Yorkshire, some Old Medical Books, Old-Fashioned Children's Books 
and Miniature Editions, Walter Crane's Illustrations, General Literature, 
etc. ; 689 items. The catalogues show the diversity as well as the extent of 
Mr. Sutton's stock. 

Norwich.— Henry E. Humphris, " Borrow 's Head," 77 St. Giles' Street.— Catalogue 
No. 6, being Recent Purchases of New and Old Books, Travel, Sport, etc., 
Miscellaneous, Norfolk, Addenda ; 669 items, with a view of the premises. 

Oxford.— B. H. Biackwell, 50-51 Broad Street.— Catalogue No. 145 of Books in 
Various Languages dealing with Modern Historv' (chiefly European). Part 
I., General Historv, England, Scotland, British Colonies, United States, 
France; 1,317 items. Also Catalogue No. 147 of Books of Antiquarian, 
Historical and Literary Interest, chiefly from the Library of the late Miss 
Lucv Ton 1m in Smith (Librarian of Manchester College, Oxford : and author 
of English Mysteries and Miracle Plays, York Plays, etc., also editor of 
various Works issued by the Camden and Early English Text Societies), 
many volumes having Miss Smith's signature on fly-leaf or inside cover. 
Mr. Biackwell invites inspection of his stock of 100,000 volumes, of which 
catalogues dealing with various subjects may be had on application. 

Reading.— William Smith & Sons, 37-39 London Street.— Catalogue No. 26 of 
Second-hand Books, recently purchased from the Libraries of Stephen 
Darbv, Esq., Cookham, Berks^ Geo. Dimn, Esq., Woolley Hall, Maidenhead ; 
Sir Spencer Walpole, Tunbridge Wells (all deceased), and elsewhere, and 
consisting of American Literature (recent). Antiquarian and Topographical 
(British), Essayists and Belles Lettres, Foreign Travel and Topography, 
Militar}-, Modern Authors (Early Editions), Napoleon and French Revolution, 
Occult, Psychic, Sport; 1,280' items. 

Southampton.— H. M. Gilbert & Son, 24 Above Bar.— Catalogue No. 236 of Recent 
Purchases from Various Private Libraries, 414 items, under the heads of 
Africa, America, AustraUa, Coloured Plates, India, Sporting, etc. 

T. James & Co., 34 Bernard Street.— Catalogue No. 127 of Books selected 

from Recent Purchases, comprised of French Books in handsome bindings. 
First Editions of Dickens, Thackeray, and other authors, Books with Old 
Coloured Plates, General Literature, etc., including Stephen Guazzo's " The 
Civile Conversation." fine copy, 1586, £1 7s. ; it has the printer's device, 
which is usually missing : the first edition of " Pickwick," in cloth, with 31 
plates by Onwhyn inserted ; also the first editions of Master Humphrey's 
Clock, Dombey & Son, and Bleak House, all fine copies in the original parts ; 
Real Life in London, and Art of Ingeniously Tormenting, with coloured plates 
by Rowlandson ; Adventures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy, coloured plates, 
1819 ; Cruikshank's " Comic Alphabet," coloured, 1836, etc.* 

Tunbridge Wells.— P. M. Barnard, M.A., 10 Dudley Road.— Catalogue No 60, 
Miscellaneous Books, including first editions of Byron, Gay, Landor, and 
others. Also, Catalogue No. 61, Tracts, Broadsides,' Ballads, etc., 711 items, 
in chronological order. Also Catalogue No. 64, being " An Illustrated 
Catalogue of Books chieflv remarkable for their Tvpographv or Illustrations. 
Part I., Incunabula. Part II., XVIth & XVIIth Century' Books." This is 
one of the scholarly productions which we are accustomed to associate with 
Mr. Barnard's catalogues. Part I. is arranged both under the heading of 
the country and of the printer, and there are some extremely interesting 
items, illustrated with reproductions of early wood-blocks and accompanied 
by valuable notes. An Index is appended. Justice cannot be done to such 
a catalogue in a notice. It should be written for. 

Wrexham.— Frank Crowe, 2-3 Bank Street.— Catalogues Nos. 46 and 47 of Second- 
hand Books, including purchases from the library of Sir Edmimd Bickley, 
Choicely-bound Books, Welsh Books, and a Clearance List of Books relating 
to Yorkshire ; 1,672 items. 


Albany, N.Y., U.S.A.— The Joseph McDonough Company, 73 Hudson Avenue. — 

Catalogue No. 292 of Rare and Fine Books, being a portion of the Library 
of the late Hon. John Stanton Gould, and other purchases from private 
sources, 513 items. Among them is a set of the " Balance and Columbian 
Repository,". 1802-3 ; Books on the New England ; Quaker Tracts etc. 

Berlin, Germany. — Friedlaender & Son, Karlstrasse 11.— Bucher-Verzeichnis, 
Kos. 480, 481, 482. Mathematik. Geschichte der Mattematik und altere 
Autoren bis auf Euler. Arithmetik, Algebra, Geometrie, Hohere Analysis, 
Trigonometrie, Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung, Calcul des Probabilites 
(Assurances, Erreurs, Jeux, Naissances et Mortalites, Theorie des Richesses). 

Boston, Mass., U.S.A.— Goodspeed's Book Shop, 5a Park Street.—Catalogue No. 
95, "A Magnificent Offering of Beautiful and Rare Books and Engravings ; 
an Epitome of the Whole Range of Book-Collecting." Including very rare 
Sporting Books and others, with finely coloured plates ; Handsome examples 
of bindings by Riviere, Sangorski and SutcHffe, and Zaehnsdorf ; Rarities 
in American historical literature ; Best library sets of Esteemed Authors ; 
Association Books and Presentation Copies ; Splendidly Extra-illustrated 
works ; Books notable for fine typography and illustrations ; First Editions. 
583 entries. An especially -notable item is " Papers : relating to : an act of 
the Assembly : of the : Province of New York, : for encouragement of the 
Indian trade, &c., and : for prohibiting the selling of Indian goods to the 
French, : viz. of Canada. : " with the folding map in the first state, 1718. 
The sale of only two copies is recorded during the past .'.6 years. The price 
asked is 4,000 dollars. The catalogue contains a number of reproductions of 
rare engravings. 

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.— The Morris Book Shop, 71 East Adams Street.— Cata- 
logue No. 56 of Some Interesting Books, including Five Important Lincoln 
Docum'ents, The Society of Dofobs Publications, Unique Eugene Field Items, 
Presentation Copies of Roswell Field's Books, Recent English Importations, 
Americana, etc. Also, " Impressions of Some Old Friends," in Celebration 
of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Morris Book Shop, with 
an Account of the Book Shop, and two portraits of Mr. Frank Morris. 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. — Joseph Baer & Co., Hochstrasse 6. — Katalog 570. 
Theologia Catholica, zum Teil aus den Bibliotheken von Franz Xaver Kraus, 
Friedrich Schneider, L. Dacheux und F. J. Scheuffgen. Jus Canonicum, 
Kirchenrecht u, Kirchenpolitik ; 1432 items. Also, Katalog 571, Homiletik 
und Mystik, Praktische Theologie und Pastoraltheologie ; 2,460 items. 
Also, Lagercatalog 585m, Incunabula Xylographica et Typographica, 1450- 
1500; Supplementum Secundem, 108 pages, containing many rarities, with 
numerous reproductions of maps, wood-blocks, illuminated borders from 
early-printed books, and facsimiles of type. An extremely-fine catalogue, 
beautifully printed, and with voluminous notes. The parchment cover, in 
black and red, is in perfect keeping with the character of the catalogue. 
Also, Catalogue No. 603, being a Catalogue of Books on Fine Arts, including 
Architecture — Applied Art — Decoration — Sculpture — Sepulchral Art — 
Stained Glass — Furniture — Textiles — Mosaic Work — Iron Work — Art 
Catalogues ; 3,690 items. Also, Lagerkatakog 604, Alsatica Elsass-Loth- 
ringen, zum Teil aus der Bibliothek des Archivrats Dr. Heino Pfannenschmid 
in Colmar ; 2,705 items. Also, Katalog 605-606, Theologia Cathohca, zum 
Teil aus den BibHotheken von Franz Xaver Kraus, Friedrich Schneider, 
L. Dacheux und F. J. Scheuffgen. Kirchengeschichte i, A — L; M — Z ; 5,297 
items. Also, Catalogo 608, Literatura y Lengua Espanola y Portuguesa, 
Obras Raras en Estas Lengvas, Dialectos, Impresos del Siglo XV ; 1 ,268 
items. Also, Deutsche Diteratur, Goethe, Werther, Faust, Sammlung 
Schiller, Heine, Dei Modeme, etc., Aus der BibHothek des Herm Kurt Wolff 
in Leipzig, being a Catalogue of a verj^ fine sale by auction by Messrs. Baer 
& Co., illustrated with many reproductions of rare portraits. The industry 
of this firm in the production of catalogues in various languages appears 
to be inexhaustible. 

Florence, Italy.— Otto Lange, 132 Via de' Serragli.— Catalogues Nos. 25-26, 

• Biblioteca Americana, Parts 1-2, Periodicals, General History, United 
States, Canada, Voyages, Cartography, America Central y Meridional ; 
2,689 items. Many old and rare works are included. 

Geneva, Switzerland.— Thury, Baumgartner & Cie., 4 Rue Diday. Catalogue^ 
Nos. 104-105, deLivres d'Occasion, Anciens et Modemes, Histoire, Memoires. 
Litterature (Incl. Mirabeau et Napoleon III) ; Extreme-Orient (Geographie* 

Linguistique) ; Medecine (Neurologic, Maguetisme, Phrenologie, Physio- 
gnomonie) ; Jeux. Cartes, Echecs, Billard ; Sciences (diverses) ; Livres 
pour Bibliothdques populaires ; Chasse ; Livres italiens ; Archeologie 
(Incl. Pierres gravees — Pompei) ; Theologie, Philosophic, Occultisme (Incl. 
Mahometisme) ; Philologie, Auteurs grecs ; Philologie, Auteurs latins ; 
Helvetica, Ouvrages generaux ; Helvetica, Cantons ; Societes secrdtes ; 
Livres pour BibHothdques populaires ; 2,780 items. 

Madras, India. — Higginbotham & Co., Wount Road.— List No. 28, Second-hand 
Books on India, the East, and the Far East, 14 pages, 4to., some being old 
and scarce books, such as Dr. John Fry-er's " New Account of East India and 
Persia," with maps, etc., 1698. A more comprehensive list is to be issued 
earlv in 1913. 

Munich,'Eavaria.— Ludwig Rosenthal, Hildegardstrasse 14.— Katalog 150, BibUo- 
theca Liturgica Pars I, Agendae, Antiphonaria, Bre\-iaria, Horae. Missalia,, 
Officia, etc., consisting of 719 examples of manuscripts and earh^-printed 
books as well as modem literature. Included is a " Missale Speciale," being 
Gutenberg's first printed book, produced at Mentz in 1450, and hitherto 
absolutelv unknown. An interesting note describes the history of the 
volume, and two facsimiles of the typography are given. The catalogue 
contains also other reproductions of early woodblocks. 

New York City, U.S.A. — The Anderson Auction Company, Madison Avenue. — The 

Library of Robert Hoe, Part IV, A — K, L — Z ; being the completion of the 
sale of this marvellous collection. It would be superflous to add anything 
to what has already been written and said about this Sale. It must suffice 
to state that the catalogue is equal to those of the pre\'ious Parts, and that 
there is Httle probabiUty of a sale of similar importance occurring during the 
life-time of the present generation. Also, Catalogue of Sale of Portolan 
Charts of the XVth, XVIth and XVIIth Centuries, collected by Dr. Theodore 
J. E. Hamy, to be sold Nov. 19, 1912, with a portrait and 13 facsimiles. 
Also Catalogue of Rare Books, Illuminated Manuscripts, Prints and Auto- 
graphs, the Collection of a Merchant of Old New York, Part 1, Dec. 9—10, 
1912, with facsimiles. Also, Catalogue of Sporting and Coloured Plate Books, 
the Library of the late William C. Dulles. Dec. 10-12, 1912, with a frontis- 
piece. ^ 
Paris, France. — L. F. Dorbon-Aine, 19 Boulevard Haussmann.— Le Bouquineur 
No. 91, containing 1,221 items of old and modem books, from early in the 
XVIth Century to the present day, many of curiosity and interest, and at 
very reasonable prices. 

Paul Ferdinando, " Ye Olde Paris Booke-Shoppe," 11 Rue de Chateaudun. — 

La Petite Gazette des Bibliophiles. Catalogue Mensuel de Livres d'Occasion ; 
449 items. Also, "A Remarquer : Romans en premiere edition — Li\Tes de 
luxe a grandes marges — Vie et Farces de Mayeux le Bossu — Causes criminelles 
et mondaines^ — Le Confiseur modeme — Romans de Sacher Masoch — Collection 
de beaux portraits et gravures de Modes anciennes 1823 a 1832 — Caricatures 
de Pigal — Reproduction de gravures anciennes (anglaises et fran9aises) en 
noir et en couleurs. Renseignements sur demande." 

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. — The Shepard Book Company.— Book List No. 60. 
A Clearance List of Rare Books on America, about 750 items of old ann 
modem books, dealing largely with the development of the United States id 
every part. 

Vienna, Austria. — Gilhofer & Ranschburg, 1, Bognergasse Nr. 2. — Katalog 108, des 
Buch-und Kunst-Antiquariates, Maps and Historical Prints, XVIth-XVIIIth 
centur\-, Landkarten, Historische Darstellungen in Flug-Blattem v. Orts- 
geschichtl, Blatter, des 16 and 18 Jahrhunderts. A ver\- fine catalogue of 
500 items, with a geographical Index, and Indexes of persons and artists, 
and 18 illustrations. Many of the maps and engravings are of great rarity 
and value. Also Katalog 109. Katalog einer Anzahl vorziiglicher Biicher, 
welche^m grosseren Vorraten auf Lager, und daher zu besonders billigen 
PreiseM 131 items. 

Catalogues received since going to press will be noticed in the next Part. 

What another 
Customer says 

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our Catalogue Work. 

'"Sorrow's Head," 
77 St. Giles' St., Norwich 

Messrs. Harding & Curtis, Ltd., 
Catalogue Printers, "Bath 


I am delighted With 
the catalogue and 
Wrapper. Please 
accept mi; best thanks 

Yours faithfully, 
Henry E, Humphris 

The reason is that we are fully 
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efficient production of bookwork, 
and we print every catalogue from 

To give you an approximate idea of our prices we quote 
for a demy 8vo. catalogue as under, set in Brevier type : 

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Will you kindly compare, and if you find our prices favourable, 
give us a trial P We shall be quite content to depend for 
furtlier orders upon the satisfaction given with the first order. 

Harding <S Curtis, Ltd., 

Printers of '* Book- Auction Records," 


Telephone 211. 





A Brief Survey of Its Literary History 
By ALBERT D. EUREN, Editor of the " Norwich Mercury." 

THROUGHOUT the centuries Norwich has had its share in the literary 
Hfe of the nation. That there were times, however, when the Ught of 
learning was dimmed by the pursuit of more worldly occupations, would 
appear from a remark of Bale, the historian. Writing in 1549, he exclaims : 
" Oh, Citve of England, whose glory Standeth more in belly chere than in the 
serche of wisdome goodlye." There is abundant e\4dence, however, that learning, 
if the possession of the comparatively few, had its devotees in the ranks of the 
churchmen of the diocese. Says the parson-historian. Dr. Jessopp, " Whatever 
may have been the case in other dioceses, it is certain that the bishops of Norwich, 
during the 15th century, were resident in their see, and that they were prominent 
personages as scholars and men of culture and learning .... and that 
their influence was not inconsiderable in encouraging Uterary tastes and studious 
habits among their clergy. Pitts, in his list of distinguished EngUshmen of letters 
who flourished during the latter half of the 15th century, mentions no less than 
twenty four Norfolk men who were recognised as prominent scholars, contro- 
versialists, historians, or students of science The printing press 

had begun its mighty revolution, and one of the earUest specimens of Pynson's 
art was an edition of the works of John Tonney, an Augustinian friar at Nor%vich, 
who was renowned for his devotion to Greek hterature at a time when the language 
of Hellas was kno\%Ti to ver\' few. The wills of East Anghcan clergy during this 
time make frequent mention of their books." Such names as Bishop Parker, a 
great lover and preserver of MSS., Bishop Hall, sometimes styled " the Christian 
Seneca," liis successor Bishop Reynolds, famed for his skill in the Greek language. 
Bishop J ohn of Oxford, courtier and scholar, and Bishop Walter of Suffield, who 
left behind a large and valuable Hbrary, testify to the truth of this criticism. 
Bishop Hall's Satires, and his Characterisms of Virtues and Vices yet occupy an 
imquestioned place in EngUsh Uterature, a tribute that is even more remarkable 
when one remembers that the writer was only twenty-three years old at the 
time of pubhshing the former. Pope's verdict upon the Satires was that they 
were the best poetry and the truest satire in the Enghsh language. 

The Jewish commvmity in Norwich during the 12th and 13th centuries 
seems also to have had its men of learning. Their historian, Mr. Joseph Jacobs, 
records references to " Sir MoreU of England," a Norwich Jew learned in the 
Talmud, and the possessor of a very fine hbrary. In 1191, " Josce Crispin, and 
two daughters of Morell and their pledges owe 100s. for their share of the books 
of the said Morell." 

Printing was unknown in Norwich till the Protestant Walloons, exiles from 
the Low Countries, introduced it. From this period one may really date the begin- 
nings, for Norwich folk, of hterary aspirations and a taste for knowledge. Some 
of these Walloons settled in London, others in Norwich. Among the latter was 
Anthony de Solen or Solemne, a printer by trade, who came over in 1567 from 
Brabant, with his wife and two sons. In 1570 he was admitted to the freedom 
of the city, engaging to exercise only his art of printing and the selHng of Rhenish 
wine, for which privilege he paid 40s. Books from this Norwich press are 
excessively rare. One of the rarest is to be found in the valuable collection of 
local books and MSS., begun by the late Mr. J.J. Colman, M.P. It is Solemne's 
Historic der Nederlandtscher Oorlogen (1579), a chronicle of the hardships 
endured by the Protestants of the Netherlands.. Mr. W. J. C. Moens, F.S..\. only 
succeeded in finding a copy after five years' constant advertising for it. Cotton's 
typ<^gr3^phical Gazetteer also mentions other works printed by Solemne — a 12mo. 
metrical version of the Psalms (1568), a curious calendar printed in red and black, 
entitled Kinen Calendier Historic, etc. (1570), in wliich mention is made of the 
opening of the Dutch Church at Norwich in 1565 — all these in Dutch, and one in 
EngHsh, some doggerel verse by one Thomas Brooke, from the imprint of which 
it appears that the printing-house was in St. Andrew's Parish. The catalogue 
of the Amherst Ubrary, recently dispersed, states that, in all, six books and two 
broadsides of this early Norwich press are known, and of these the Amherst 
collection could boast of five of the books while the Bodleian and Trinity College^ 
Dublin, contain other specimens. 

After Solemne's time, either the printer's art languished in Norwich, or no 
particulars are to be gleaned of it, for, until 1646, there is a big gap. In that year, 
two pamphlets are recorded as being issued in Norwich, one presumably printed 
in the city, the other printed in London for the Norwich booksellers. The nature 
of their contents was, in the one case, a re\dling of the magistrates and ministry 
of the city, styled Vox PopuU, and the other, entitled Vox Norwici, a vindication 
from the " lying and scurrilous Ubell" of the foregoing pubUcation. The printer's 
name is not given. One Edward Giles appears as a printer and bookseller in the 
city in 1698, of whom it was said " He evens yearly with those he is concerned 
with, which may be a serviceable hint to the booksellers in London. He has met 
with very good success in his way, but the booksellers in the country cannot in 
a settled way either ruin or enrich themselves so soon as those in London, in 
regard they have not the temptation, nor, indeed, the opportunity to print much." 
Giles appears to have been a frequent publisher of rehgious works. 
One we have seen, dated 1700, is printed in London "for Ed. Giles, 
bookseller in Norwich, near the Market-place," and among some half- 
dozen books therein advertised is one with the somewhat alarming title, 
" Alexipharmacon Spirituale : Being a defensive against the poyson and 
sting of death ; or the great Expedient, how to make the Bed of 
the grave so easie that we may lie down in peace and take our rest." 
But a more notable printer seems to have been Francis Burgess, or Burges, 
also a parishioner of St. Andrews, who, in 1701, styles himself " the first printer 
in Norwich," which statement seems to show that printing had become more or 
less a lost art in the city between his day and the period when Solemne practised. 
In a seventeen-paged pamphlet entitled " Some Observations on the Use and 
Origin of the Noble Art and Mystery of Printing " (said to be the first real effort 
at bookwork in the city). Burgess, whose sign was at the Red Well, a name still 
commemorated in one of the streets of the city, prints his Apologia for his trade, 
the success of which had apparently been somewhat meagre. He demonstrates 
to his readers " that the art of printing is of considerable use and a great means 
of promoting piety," and to this end rebuts various objections which had pre- 
sumably been raised against his craft. One objection was that " Printing never 
was in Norwich before, and if it were a fit place for it, there would have been one 
before now, and, besides here cannot be that despatch made as at London, where 
one book may be put to two or three or more printing houses." To this Burgess 
retorts : " Upon any occasion I'll undertake to dispatch business as soon, well 
and cheap as if sent to London." Another objection that printing was expensive 
in Norwich and the gain small, he contradicts altogether. A further objection 


that the press may do more mischief than good, by putting people at variance 
in pubhshing of Hbels " as is frequently done in London," he answers by denying 
the first part, and, with regard to libels, he says " I'll take care not to meddle 
with such." Finally when it is objected that paper is not bought so cheap as in 
London, he retorts that " paper fit for printing may be bought cheap at the 
paper mills at Tabram (Taverham), within four miles of Norwich, and the expense 
of sending books to London so cheap, as to leave a profit sufficient for any 
reasonable person." His press would seem to have been pretty actively employed 
during the succeeding years. He died in 1706 and was buried in his parish 
churchyard. Four years before, " The Norfolk Furies" (an account of Kett's 
RebeUion) had been prinred, by Robert Allen, in St. Stephen's parish. In 1704, 
the Widow CoUins was printing and bookselling in Cockey Lane (still, as London 
Street, the leading thoroughfare in the city) ; in 1707, Henry Crossgrove in 
Magdalen Street ; in 1708 the administrator of E. Burges. at the Red Well ; 
in 1712 Freeman CoUins, " near the Red Well," for Francis OUver, bookseller ; 
and in the same year, W. Chase, also in the Cockey Lane. The Market Place 
appears to have been a favoured resort of the bookseUing fraternity, from the 
earUest records, and among the signs by which their estabUshments were known, 
one " The Bible and Crown," at this day, hangs over a leading printing and 
publishing estabhshment. In 1738 appeared " An authentic History of the 
Ancient City of Norwich, from its foundation to its present date," pubHshed at 
the request of " several ingenious Gentlemen, Citizens and other curious persons," 
the author, Thomas Eldridge, who, five years later, produced an extraordinary 
quarto pamphlet, printed in London, " A book of Rarities or Cabinet of Curio- 
sities Unlocked by the Key of Experience," containing nearly 100 useful and 
diverting amusements, wnth a new method of making artificial gardens, ItaHan 
shades, moving pictures (!) use of optics, to make ornaments in imitation of 
china, to make a new invented machine, by which a common hour-glass shows 
the hour of the day, to make quiUs as hard as steel, invisible writing, to make a 
hortus siccus, to keep kidney beans green all the year, to take the true picture 
of any herb, a new treatise on making EngUsh wines, and many other rarities 
never before made pubUc." 

A yet better known name among Norwich printers is that of Luke Hansard, 
son of Thos. Hansard, a manufacturer in the city. He was bom in St. Marj^'s 
parish, in 1752, and apprenticed to Stephen White, printer, of Cockey Lane. 
Migrating to London, he acquired a reputation in his craft and from 1774 to 1828 
the Journals of the Houses of ParUament were printed by his firm. 

That the bookseller was not altogether dependent upon books for a 
liveUhood may be gathered from the fact that so many of them figure in ad- 
vertisements as patent medicine vendors, and occasionally general dealers in 
household stuffs, occupations which also accompanied for many a year the 
pubhshing of the local newspapers. Thus WiUiam Chase, the printer and pub- 
lisher of the Norwich Mercury, regularly advertised and sold such nostrums as 
pectoral drops, cordials, tinctures, and ehxirs of Ufe. And in addition to the 
books of the day and the usual stock-in-trade of a general stationer's and print- 
seller's shop, he vended such trifles as wall-papers, "very dehghtful for rooms or 
closets," spectacles, " ground on brass tools," gauging rods, bird seeds, " hke- 
wise viohns, flutes and bird cages," snuff, coftee, tea and chocolate, and last but 
not least, lottery tickets. In a kindred trade, Matthew Crotch, bookbinder, adver- 
tises in 1729 that he binds all sorts of old and new books " after the best and 
neatest manner now practised at London, Oxford or Cambridge." 

Private hbraries must have been fairly plentiful in the district by 1759, for 
Jonathan Gleed, bookseller, announces the sale of a large collection of scarce and 
valuable books, and in 1787, Robert Beatniffe, bookseller in Cockey Lane, is able 
to advertise a catalogue of some 20,000 volumes for sale, drawn from local 
hbraries. By the middle of the 18th century, booksellers had multiphed in the 
city. In addition to the rival newspaper pubhshers, Chase and Crossgrove, we 
find the names of William Frankhng, Thomas Goddard, Edw^ard Giles, Edmimd 
Casson, Edward Martin, WiUiam Ohver, Robert Goodman, M. Booth, and later 
stiU, we find the names of Simon Wilkin, F.L.S. (who edited and pubUshed the 
complete edition of Sir Thomas Browne's works, 1836, and printed and undoubtedly 


was the unnamed translator from the French, of Sisinondi's History of the 
Crusades against the Albigenses, then just pubhshed abroad, 1826), 'Fletcher 
(whose cheap productions did much to spread a soxmd knowledge among the 
rising generation), Muskett (a well-known antiquarian pubHsher), Booth and 
Wright, Kitton and Shalders, vStacy, Berry, and, in our own time, Jarrold (the 
first of the name came from Woodbridge in Suffolk and estabhshed the Norwich 
business in 1770), Goose and Son, Hunt (antiquarian), Humphris (at the sign of 
Borrow's Head), Page, Hickhng and others. Messrs. Goose and Son, who yet 
trade in the Haymarket under the .sign of the Bible and Crown, have an historic 
ancestry. Their present book.selUng estabhshment traces back through W. A. 
Nudd, Goose and Nudd, and H. Stacy, to the Muskett above mentioned, and 
their printing business (till a few years ago also a book-selUng business) through 
Agas H. Goose, Goose and Co., Miller and Co., Miller and" Leavens, Cundall, 
Miller and Leavens, to T. Priest, a span of over 100 years. Messrs. Jarrold and 
Sons, Ltd. (London and Norwich), formerly had an exten.sive second-hand and 
antiquarian book bu.siness, but with the enlargement and extension of the 
business as a hmited habihty company, in 1903, this was given up. 

The monasteries, as is well-known, had their libraries, and in Norwich both 
the Black Friars and the CarmeHtes had notable collections, the latter being 
spoken of by Bale as a " noble and ver\^ fair " hbrary, its contents, as one might 
expect, largely works of a theological character, some among them written by 
brother friars in the county. The first glimpse we get of the book possessions of 
the citizens is an allusion by the local historian Kirkpatrick to there being a 
design for forming a city Hbrary as early as 1461, in which year John Leystofte, 
then \'icar of St. Stephen's parish, bequeathed his " Repyngton " to the city, 
but Kirkpatrick could find no trace of anytliing having been done in the matter. 
It is not till 1608 that we get definite intelligence of the existence of such a 
Hbrary. In that year, three rooms, " parcel of the sword-bearer's dwelHng," were 
fitted up for its reception over the South Porch of the New Hall (now vSt. Andrews 
Hall). The rooms also were to serve the additional purpose of lodgings for the 
preachers coming from a distance to preach in the city, and we can well imagine 
the books, mo.stly theological, were a decided boon to them. The sword-bearer 
had, by direction of the City Assembly, to find " bedding, lynnynge, and other 
necessaries for lodging." The arrangement however, had evidently ceased by 
Kirkpatrick's time (1725) for he says, " Now, as for many years past, the 
preachers are entertained at a bookseller's at the charge of the city, but dine with 
the Mayor on the Sunday." The Mayor in 1608, Sir Thomas Pettus, had fittingly 
headed the list of gifts to the new Library with fifteen volumes, and other pro- 
minent citizens followed suit. In 1678, the skeleton of a man was given to the 
library, and a workman was ordered to be consulted about making a deal case 
for it, but it seems it was not made, observes Kirkpatrick, for " there is no 
skeleton in the library now." The first printed catalogue appeared in 1706, and 
contained about 1500 volumes, with their donors' names. The compiler's apology 
for the catalogue is curious and interesting : "It hath been farther considered, 
that this catalogue may be particularly useful, for those that are, or shall be 
admitted to the use of this Library, for by this they will more easily know what 
books the Library affords, and save themselves many an unnecessary journey 
to it, in hopes to find a book they may have occasion for, and is not there to be 
met with, for each person having a catalogue by him, he may in his own closet 
see what books are there." 

When the Free Library (now known as the Norwich Public Library) was 
established in 1857, the City's books were placed in charge of the librarian. Since 
then additions have been made, and, from time to time, some of these treasures are 
exhibited to the public in specially arranged cases. The collection, now number- 
ing some 2000 volumes, consists of a large number of theological works on the 
controversies which were prevalent in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, 
rare Bibles, works of history and travel, volumes of classics, many of which are of 
value or interest as specimens of early printing. There are examples from 
numerous Continental presses, and the work of printers is represented by 
specimens from the presses of William Caxton, Wynkyn de Worde, Richard 
Pynson, Thomas Berthelet, Richard Grafton, John Day, etc. 

Conspicuous among the collection may be mentioned Becke's Revision of 
Matthew's Bible (1549 — the printer John Day), Genevan Bible (1st Edition), 
Antwerp Polyglott Bible (from the Plantin Press), The Nuremberg Chronicle 
(1493), The Golden Legend (1503 — printed by Julian Notary in London), Mim- 
ster's Cosmographie Universalis (1559 — printed at Basle), Hohnshed's Chronicles 
(1577), Bacon's Advancement of Learning (1665 — 1st Edition), Drayton's Poly- 
olbion (1613), vol. 1 only, and, among Norwich-printed works, Erasmus Warren's 
*' A nile for showing mercy " (1706) and Dean Prideaux, " The Original and 
Right of Tithes " (1710). 

The transfer of the City Ubrary to the Free Library was condemned in the 
local press of the day as an act of vandahsm. " Think of WyclifiFe's Folio 
Bible — flanked by Pyn.son, and W\aikin de Worde — confronting Bohn's 
Standard Library — Why Sir, it might lead to an emeute — a second Battle of the 

The Norwich Free Library' as it was designated at the outset, was the first 
Municipal Ubrary to be estabHshed under the Act of 1850. It was begun in 
September, 1854, the building was ready in March, 1857, and its total cost, 
including the site was about /7500. In its first year of operation, it had 3354 
volumes on its shelves, and 5225 issues had been made to nearly 700 borrowers. 
It now has about 15,000 volumes in its lending department, all classified in 
accordance with the Dewey Decimal System. A recent extension of the pubhc 
usefulness of the Ubrarv- is the inauguration of a Photographic Survey and Record 
for the city and comity, modelled on the Hues which have been so successful in 
Surrey and elsewhere. For^many years the local School of Art had its quarters 
imder the same roof as the Library. 

The old Norfolk and Norwich Public Library (a subscription Hbrary) was 
estabUshed in 1784, Dr. Phihp Martineau, an eminent Norwich surgeon, being its 
chief founder. The original fees were a guinea on admission and six sliillings a year. 
At the close of the first year there were 280 members. During the first ten years 
of its existence, a habitation was found for it in a room in St. Andrew's Hall, 
known as the Old Library Room, but the accommodation ultimately being found 
too small, better quarters were sought in a disused Catholic Chapel belonging 
to the Duke of Norfolk in St. Andrews's Broad Street, afterwards the Museum 
Building. Its average annual expenditure was /200, of which about /1 80 went 
for books, /20 for the Ubrarian and £20 for sundries. Here it remained"40 years, 
the admission fees gradually rising from 21 - to /2 12s. 6d. and the subscription 
from 6 - to 21 -. By 1822'the number of subscribers had reached 600. In 1835 
the Library again moved to the site of the old city gaol, fronting the Guildhall, 
its present position, on a 99 years' lease from the Corporation. A disastrous 
fire threatened it in August 1898, but happily a goodly portion of its valuable 
collection was saved, though the building suffered severely. It is now as well 
equipped as any pro\-incial subscription library in the kingdom. Prior to this last 
removal, the hbrary had e\-idently fallen upon e\'il times, in the estimation of 
many of its supporters, for, on the score of the supply of books being insufficient, 
many subscribers seceded and estabUshed a rival society, the Norfolk and Nor- 
wich Literary Institution. For many years this served a useful purpose both as 
a valuable reference Ubrar\- and a reading room. In 1886 the Institution and the 
Library amalgamated, and under the present name of the Norfolk and Norwich 
Library a fine coUection of books, of a general as well as a scientific 
character, is at the disposal of the reading pubUc. Prior to the Libran,- Act of 1850 
a Penny Librarv- had been in existence for nearly thirty years, opening from 
eleven till 2 o'clock every day. The subscription was one shilling per quarter or 
one penny per week, and there were some 1500 volumes, mostly cheap editions 
and works of an improving kind. A Mechanics' Institution, having rooms on 
Ebn HiU, and subsequently in Bethel-street, had also a .small Ubrary, which 
ultimately was merged in the Free Librar\-. Doubtless there were other similar 
ventures, the forerunners of such present day coUections as the Y.M.C.A. and 
CE.Y.M.S. Ubraries. Mention must also be made of the ecclesiastical Ubrary 
possessed by the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral. This we learn, is shortly to 
be overhauled and moved from its present quarters in the Upper Close to better 
rooms over the South Cloister. 

The story of the newspaper press of Norwich is necessarily bound up with 
the story of i,ts books and its bookmen. Norwich may fairly claini to be the second 
provincial town (Stamford, we believe comes first) to provide a weekly news 
sheet. In the Bodleian, there is a letter, dated Norwich, 20 July, 1687, from 
Thomas Corie, Town Clerk of Norwich, to Robert, Earl of Yarmouth, Lord 
Lieutenant of the County and City, thanking him for his service to the City, and 
assuring him of the citizens' continiied fideUty to his Sacred jNIajesty, " Not- 
withstanding the false Reproaches and Calumnies throwne upon them by that 
Fowle-mouth'd Fellowe, ye Publisher of ye Scandalous Paper call'd ye True 
Protestant Mercury, R. Janway, in ys weeke's Intelligence from Norwich, wherein 
there is more Lyes than Lines." But presumably, this reference is not to a 
Norwich-printed sheet, but to one of the short-lived London ventures which 
braved the rigours of the State press-censorship. We have certainty, however, 
in the fact that E. Burges, the St. Andrew's printer, was issuing a small foUo 
sheet in 1701 or 2, which he called the Norwich Post and which was apparently 
carried on after his death by his adminivStrator. The Colman catalogue has three 
issues, two of them being numbered and the dates, May 22 and 29, 1708. On 
December 7th 1706, Henry Crossgrove first issued his Norwich Gazette, or the 
Loyal Packet, and soon after must also have begun printing The Norwich Postman, 
for Thomas Goddard, which was sold at " a penny but a halfpenny not refused." 
Mr. Colman has No. 68, dated April 10, 1708. The last-named was presumably 
a short-Uved pubHcation. Crossgrove in his earlier time is reported to have had 
the assistance of Edward Cave, better known as the founder of the Gentleman' s 
Magazine. Crossgrove's Gazette was succeeded in 1761 by the Norwich Gazette 
and Norfolk Weekly Advertiser, printed by John Crouse, apparently a fresh 
joumahstic venture. The first number was advertised "to be given away." 
In 1771 Crouse was issuing liis paper as The Norfolk Chronicle or Norwich Gazette, 
and this name has been retained by the paper to the present day. Subsequent 
proprietors were J. Crouse and Co., J. Crouse and W. Stevenson, Crouse, Steven- 
son and Matchett, W. Stevenson and J . Matchett, J . Matchett and S. W. Steven- 
son, J. Matchett, S. \V. Stevenson and W. Matchett, S. W. Stevenson and W. 
Matchett, Matchett and Stevenson, Henry Stevenson and then the Norfolk 
Chronicle Company. It is interesting to note that Wilham Stevenson^ the first 
named, married the eldest daughter of WiUiam Chase, the proprietor of the 
Mercury, and subsequently entered into partnership with J ohn Crouse and thus 
became a co-proprietor of the Mercury's rival. His w4fe was the widow of Mr. 
Matchett, a Normch surgeon, and thus came about the family connection which 
lasted through so many generations, in fact right up to the estabhshment of the 
Company proprietary in quite recent years. 

In 1708 Crossgrove had another rival in the Protestant' s Packet, which was 
apparently then being pubHshed by WilUam Chase, hi the following year the 
name appears as the Weekly Mercury or Protestant' s Packet. Mr. Colman has 
unnumbered issues of this for various weeks in 1722-3 (apparently the earlier 
issues were dated, but not numbered, till as late as Jan. 4, 1755, and then the 
number was given as 248 (?). By 1727 the title of the paper had been changed 
to the Norwich Mercury, and when, in 1744, Chase died, his obituary notice 
stated that he had printed the paper for more than thirty j^ears. As the Norwich 
Mercury, under different proprietors, it has continued to the present day, its 
present quarters (1913) curiously enough being in Redwell-street, the scene of 
the first journalistic venture in the city, two hundred years and more ago. Chase 
as we have seen was the first printer-proprietor, and its size was then a small 4- 
page quarto, printed on dutch paper, with a fine old-faced type. Its frontispiece 
was a view of the city and its principal buildings. By 1736, it had attained the 
dignity of folio size, and in 1781 Wilham Chase had become W. Chase and Co. 
In 1788, Yarington and Bacon had acquired the paper, Richard Bacon being a 
grocer, auctioneer, appraiser and brandy merchant, and Y'arington his son-in- 
law. They carried on the business of printers, booksellers and stationers at the 
" Old Medicinal Warehouse," Cockey Lane. This custom of combining the sales 
of physic for the mind with physic for the body was a general one, and so far as 
the Mercury is concerned, lasted down to the year 1870. Richard Bacon's only 
son Richard Mackenzie Bacon, entered the printing office as manager, on the 


dissolution of the partnership between his father and Yarington, and retained 
the position until 1804 when he became sole proprietor of the paper, which had 
then become one of the leading pro\dncial organs of public opinion. A paper 
Mill at Taverham (before mentioned) proved a disastrous speculation. (London 
readers will recollect that the Times of a generation ago was printed upon paper 
made at these mills, though now abandoned). But R. M. Bacon was evidently not 
daunted by one failure ; his genius found vent in many other directions. In 
1813, a patent was obtained by Messrs. Bacon and Donkin for a machine, which 
they pubhcly exhibited before the University of Cambridge, and which was after- 
wards adopted by that University for printing Bibles and Prayer Books. " It 
displayed great mechanical ingenuity," we read " and produced beautiful speci- 
mens of printing, with a rapidity unequalled by any other means." We believe 
also R. M. Bacon was the first user of composition rollers on his machine, in place 
of the old leather-stuffed pounce, but the invention was apparently not thought 
worth patenting. In 1816 Mr. Bacon went to Uve at Coste.ssey, where he died in 
1844, having during the whole period been editor and principal proprietor of the 
Norwich Mercury. He made a brilUant reputation as a musical and dramatic 
critic. It was largely due to his exertions that the Norwich Musical Festival was 
established in 1824, while he was the founder, proprietor, and from 1818, the 
editor of the Quarterly Musical Magazine and Review. He wrote a number of 
miscellaneous works including Elements of Vocal Music, and he contributed to 
the London Magazine, and the New Monthly Magazine. That he was a man of 
extraordinary industry is manifested by the fact that, although so much occupied 
between 1814 and 1844, he compiled an index of the most important events 
contained in the Mercury during that period, while, ^vithin eighteen hours of 
his death, he wrote a clever leading article for the Sussex Advertiser, of which his 
son, George P. Bacon, was proprietor. Only once during the editorship of 
Richard Mackenzie Bacon was the price of the Norwich Mercury altered, and 
that was in 1837, when it was reduced from 7d., to which figure it had been 
brought by successive Stamp Acts, to A^d. It was during his control of the paper 
that William Johnson Fox contributed to the Norwich Mercury, a series of 
" Hyderabad Letters," and it was in the same paper that Fox made famous the 
signature of " The Norwich Weaver Boy." In connection with these Stamp 
Duties it is well within the recollection of an aged compositor named Starling, 
till a few months ago in active work at the office, that one of his duties as a lad 
was to take the week's edition under his arms (!) down to the Revenue Offices 
to have the papers impressed with the 4d. revenue stamp. 

Richard Noverre Bacon, one of Mr. R. M. Bacon's sons, when about 21 years 
of age, became a.ssociated with the fortimes of the Mercury. In the year 1844 
he won a valuable prize offered by the Royal Agricultural Society of England for 
an essay on Norfolk Agriculture. The following year he succeeded his father as 
editor, a post from which he retired at the end of 1871, when the business was 
converted into a private company. The editorship then passed into the hands 
of Mr. Henry F. Euren, who fiUed the office till Xmas. 1906, when, on the company 
disposing of the concern to Messrs. T. P. Robinson and Sons, of Wakefield, his 
son (the present writer), became editor. 

Within the last two generations the Norivich Mercury has been proUfic of 
progeny, and some of its offspring have proved of as vigorous constitution as the 
parent. In January 1864, the People's Weekly Journal, the first penny paper in 
East AngUa was published, avowedly as " a family journal for the industrial 
classes." The first editor of this journal was John Ellor Taylor — afterwards Dr. 
Taylor — who came to Norwich in 1863 as Sub-Editor of the Norwich Mercury. 
Later in Hfe he became curator of Ipswich Museum. The locaHsation of various 
editions of the People's Weekly Journal instantly caught the pubUc taste, and 
one issue followed another. The first of these locaUsed editions was the Lowestoft 
Journal, which made its appearance in 1873, and in 1879 it was followed by the 
Doumham Market Gazette. The Yarmouth and Corleston Times came next in 1880, 
and almost simultaneously were pubUshed the Dereham and Fakenham Times 
and the Thetford and Watfon Times. These papers were all i.ssued at the popular 
penny, and .since 1893, the Norwich Mercury has also been pubhshed at the same 

In the course of years, as one might have expected, some notable men have 
been associated with the fortunes of the Mercury. One of its compositors (about 
1820) hved to become incumbent of one of the city churches and had three sons, 
all distinguished men. His name was Perowne, and his three sons became 
respectively Bishop of Worcester, Archdeacon of Norwich, and the third Master 
of one of the Cambridge Colleges. Shirley Brooks wrote for the Mercury about 
1840 ; W. Mc Cullagh Torrens between 1855 and 1863 (approximately) ; while 
some of the criticisms of the Norwich Musical Festival were by C. I^. Gruneisen 
and Ebenezer Prout. It may be added that in the two hundred years of the 
paper's existence, under eight different monarchs, only seven editors have presided 
over its destinies. The Chases, father and son, filled the editorial chair from 1708 
to 1788 ; the Bacons, father, son and grandson from 17^8 to 1873, and Mr. H. 
F. Euren and Mr. A. D. Euren from the the year 1873 to the present time. 

The Franco-German War of 1870 naturally stimulated pubUc interest 
greatly, and the proprietor of the Norwich Mercury endeavoured to meet the 
public demand for breakfast-table news, by estabUshing a halfpenny morning 
paper. The Eastern Daily Journal, the first provincial halfpenny newspaper, we 
imagine, to be issued. It was a 4-page demy foUo. But the time was evidently 
not ripe for such an innovation, for, after the lapse of about five months, the 
pubUsher announced that he had come to the conclusion that " neither the City 
nor the County take such an interest in the War, nor in PubUc Affairs, as to- 
warrant the idea that a Daily Journal will be sufficiently supported to meet the 
cost," and publication ceased. 

The only morning paper now pubU.shed in the district, the Eastern Daily 
Press, a penny paper, also dates from Oct., 1870, and its weekly offspring, the 
Norfolk News, from 1845. For a short time in 1902-3 there was a second morning 
paper, the Eastern Morning Gazette, but this had only an existence of a few 
months. A longer Hfe was enjoyed by the Norfolk Daily Standard, begun in 1885, 
and from the same office issued the Argus and the Weekly Standard, now merged 
in the Norfolk Chronicle. Dayliqht, a satirical paper, had a fairly long existence,, 
but is also now defunct. There have been in addition, a host of minor ventures, 
all of which have long since ended their fitful career in more or less inglorious 
fashion. Among them we may mention the Norfolk Mail (1876), the Norfolk and 
Norwich Monitor (1839), the Norwich Ha'porth (1890), the Norwich Penny Masa- 
zine (1855), the Norwich Spectator (1863), the Norwich Theatrical Observer and 
Dramatic Review (1827), the Eastern Weekly Leader (1894), the Norwich and 
Norfolk Times and General Advertiser (1841), the Norwich, Yarmouth and Lynn 
Courier (1818), the Norwich Advertiser (1860), the Searcher, or Norwich, Norfolk 
and Suffolk Humorist (1839), and others. An early satirical journal, called Robin 
Snap is said to have been issued in 1770, modelled after the Tatler, and sold 
at one penny ; about thirty issues appearing. 

Finally, we may briefly tell of some of the more illustrious authors, bom in 
or associated with the city'. The whole list, if complete, would doubtless be far 
longer than present space would permit of our mentioning. The Colman Catalogue, 
an imposing foHo volume of books and MSS., associated with the city and county, 
many of them excessively rare, rims to just upon 600 pages, and a fine local 
collection at the Public Library contains about 5,000 books, 6,000 pamphlets, 
7,000 prints and 300 maps, relating to Norwich and Norfolk. Many of the 
Bishops of Norwich have been even more famous as Uterary men than as ecclesi- 
astics. Thus we have John of Oxford, WilUam Bateman (son of a Norwich citizen 
and founder of Trinity College, Cambridge), Richard Montague, a lover of contro- 
versy, Joseph Hall, the great satirist, Edward Reynolds, a great Greek Scholar 
and preacher, George Home ; and amongst lesser clerics. Dean Prideaux, Canon 
WilUam Smyth (historical professor). Dean Goulbum, Dean Stanley, Dean Lefroy, 
etc. Amongst famous laymen one may mention. Dr. John Taylor (Hebraist and 
hymn writer), Wilhani Taylor (" Godless Billy," the German scholar), Dr. Henry 
Reeve (editor of the Edinburgh Review), Dr. James Martineau, Dr. Rigby, AmeUa 
Opie, Harriet Martineau, Sarah Austin, Sir Thomas Browne, Robert Greene (son 
of a Norwich saddler), Thomas Ashe (author of " Apologia "), Dr. Caius (second 
founder of Gonvile and Caius College), Washington Wilkes, Kirkpatrick, Dr. 

Sayers, Elizabeth Bentley, Thomas Amyot (antiquary), William Cunningham 
(of the Cosmographical Glasse), Blomefield (the coimty historian), Enfield 
( Speaker" Enfield), Dr. Kinghom. Sir John Fenn (the editor of the 
Paston Letters), George Borrow (Lavengro), Sir James Smith (first Presi- 
dent, Linnaean Society), Emma Marshall, J. J. Gumey, Prof. Sedgwick, etc. 
And one might perhaps include Defoe, who wrote briefly of the city 
in liis Tour through the Eastern Countries (1722). One may conclude this 
limited survey of the Uterary side of Norwich Ufe \\'ith an extract from the preface 
of a bookseller, E. Jeans, who in 1860, issued an elaborate catalogue of various 
literary treasures culled from well-known Ubraries of his day. " Inasmuch as I 
have had much pleasure in compiling this catalogue which I think it will be 
conceded to me is done with some care, so I trust the pubUc will partake Uberally 
of its contents, my end will then be answered. If it does, I promise that public 
— always bountiful where it sees a good object in \'iew-- that if it helps me to the 
means, I will endeavour to cull for its future contentation a more rich and more 
varied collection. My aspirations being to a hundred thousand instead of ten 
thousand volumes." History, it may be sorrowfully added, makes no mention of 
these worthy aspirations ever being gratified. 

* The plate of the " Dolphin " Inn is taken from an original painting made 
by Mr. Henry E. Humphris, bookseller, of Norwich, who has kindly allowed a 
photograph of it to be made. It was built between 1595 and 1615, as will be seen 
from the dates on the gables, and was originally the Palace of Bishop HaU, who 
wrote many of his best works there, and died there in 1656. Since the painting 
was executed some alterations have been made which detract somewhat from the 
picturesque character of the building. 

Telegrams— " Humphris, Bookseller, Norwich" 

Henry E. Humphris 

Catalogues Free 






An old album addressed to Major Calder Campbell was recently submitted 
for my opinion upon its contents, and with the permission of the owner I print 
extracts from four which are doubtless unpubHshed, The first is from I^eigh 
JIunt, when a neighbour of Carlyle at Chelsea : — 

" I know ill health too well not to be aware of the provoking prohibitions' 
it lays on us at moments when we most need the kindest interpretations of 
friends. But come, if you can, pray, & let us talk of old books, & East & West, 
& the Arabian Nights, and that great poet, J ohn Keats, whom I had the honour 
to call my friend, & whom you cannot love & honour too much, whether as 
poet or good fellow. How pleasant to be able to talk of great men with such 
"fireside familiarity ! " 

" Edgworth's Town, Oct. 23d., 1814. ' Aut Scotus aut Diabolus.' We 
have this moment finished Waverly {sic). It was read aloud to this large 
family, & I wish the author could have witnessed the impression it made, the 
strong hold it seized of the feelings both of young and old. Your obliged and 
grateful Maria Edgworth." 

" My dear Sir, Wisdom is worth much, but three pence is a high price for it. 
I will do myself the pleasure to come and see you & your friend on Monday 
evening. Very sincerely yours, William Godwin. Wednesday, Jan. 11 ; No. 
44 Gower Place." 

" Belgrave Place, 18 Dec, 1840. I have seen de Quincey's article . . . 
he errs most when he reports my sentiments regarding Wordsworth and 
Macpherson. . . It is true that, misled by the Edinr. Review when I was 
young I spoke of Wordsworth's genius as that Journal spoke, for his poetry 
had not then penetrated into the vale of Nith, but on coming to I^ondon I saw 
liis poetry and then judged for myself and admired him as one of the truest 
as well as loftiest Poets of the age. All this happened ten years and more 
before I met de Quincey, and I am astonished at what he says, for he could not 
well escape hearing that Wordsworth was then my friend, and that I had 
confessed to him my early errors in haste and been forgiven. Nor am I much 
less surprized at the sentiments which I am made to express about Ossian 
Macpherson. I have always regarded the poems of Ossian, wuth their occasional 
flightiness, as a new and original kind of poetry representing truly the character 
and sentiment of the Celtic part of our Island population, but I have said 
all that seems necessary in the letter which Carruthers has so promptly quoted, 
so I shall not repeat myself. As to what he says about our nationaUty I have 
always owned that save the EngUsh the Scots are the most rational people in 

the world, and to this I adhere I have Uttle incUnation to set myself 

right with the world in matters of taste and care not one ' Hard{}) bawbee ' 
what is said or written about my works. Yours very faithluUy, 
Allan Cunningham." ^ ^ ^^ 

In these days of mihtant suffragism the follo%ving title of a 4to. tract in a 
recent catalogue issued by Mr. Barnard of Tunbridge Wells, merits notice : — 
(Hey Hoe, for a Husband) or. The ParUament of Maides : their Desires, 
Decrees, and Determinations. The principall Members, are Mrs. Beatrice 
Blinks, Mrs. Sarah Sale Woman, Mrs. Margaret Maundring, Mrs. Priscilla 
Prick-Song, Mrs. Dorithy Doe well, Mrs. Tabitha Triptoe, 4to., 1647. Begins 
" Not able any longer to forbeare the very many inconveniences, occasioned 
by the generall backwardnesse of men, who contrary to the law of God and 
Nature, are wooed to that which instinct (were they not degenerate) would 
prompt them to proffer ; wee the Maides and Virgins of Great Britaine, have 
thought fit, to the end a speedy remedy of this eviU may bee attained, to chuse 
Members fit and able to sit in ParHament," etc. 

So, apparently, the demand for " Votes for Women " arose at least 266 years 
ago, and did not originate with Mill. Another tract is as follows : — 

A ParHament of Ladies, with their lawes newly enacted, 1647, and Mr. 
Barnard states that the title to the first edition, issued in 1640, is : — 

" The Parliament of Women. With the merry Lawes by them newly 
enacted. To Uve in more Ease, Pompe, Pride, and wantonnesse : but especially 
that they might have superiority and Domineere over their husbands," etc. 

The sting of the first satire Ues in the first part of the title, " Hey Hoe, for a 
Husband," which some sociologi.sts aver to be at the bottom of the present 
agitation. FRANK KARSLAKE 


N.B. — All Booksellers should put us on their list of names, as one never knows where, 
in any part of the world, a notice of a catalogue attracts attention and leads 
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Aberystwyth.— Sydney V. Galloway, 21 Pier Street.— Catalogue No. 23, of Second- 
hand Books, 1486 items under the heads of Agriculture, Archaeology and 
Antiquities, Art and Architecture, BibHography, Biography, Classics, 
Geography and Travels, History, Law and Politics, Literature and Language, 
Logic and Philosophy, Magazines, Miscellaneous, Natural History, Naval and 
MiUtary, Poetry and the Drama, Sports and Pastimes, Standard Authors, 
Theology, Topography, Special Sacrifice, Bohn's Library, Fiction, Addenda. 

Bath. — George Gregory, 5 Argyle Street. — Imperial Book Catalogue and Report, 
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Camden Society, Early Enghsh Text Society, English Dialect Society, Epoch 
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Brighton.— J. Metcalfe- Morton, 99a St. James's Street.— Catalogue No. 7, of 
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Bromley, Kent.— G. H. Last, 29 The Broadway.- Catalogue No. 31 of Miscellaneous 
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E. A. Fitch, Esq., J. P., Maiden ; and Books from the Libraries of the late 
t Lady Bond, J. Temple Leader, Esr;., and others. 644 items, on America, 
Essex, Kent, London, Suffolk, etc. Also Catalogue No. 32, of Miscellaneous 
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Kent (a speciahty), London, Old Plays, etc., etc. 

Burnley.— Lupton Bros., 38-40 Manchester Road.- Catalogue No. 121 of Cheap 

Books, in all Departments of Literature ; comprising a portion of a Library 
removed from Barrowford, and the remaining portion of the Library of the 
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Cambridge.— W. Heffer & Sons, Ltd., 4 Petty Cury.—Catalogue No. 103, being 
Bibliotheca AvSiatica (ii), a Catalogue of Oriental Literature, including the 
Library of Guy le Strange, Esq., author of ", The. Lands of the Eastern 
CaUphate," " Baghdad during the Abbasid Caliphate," etc., etc., an extensive 
Collection of Books on India, Egypt and the Near East. E. Fitzgerald's- 
own copy of " J ami's Salaman-u-Absal," and a number of other scarce and 
valuable books ; 2267 items. The contents include Periodicals, Learned 
Societies, Series, General BibUography, Numismatics and Chronology, Art 
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Chemistry, including Works on Soap, Oils and Perfumes ; Geology, Minera- 
logy, and Paleontology ; Physiology, Anatomy and Medicine ; Pamphlets 
formed by Mr. G. Y. Buchanan, F.R.S., oiTered en bloc ; Zoology, Biology, 
and Nature Study : (1) General Works and Supplement, (2) Conchology and 
Malacology, (3) Entomology, (4) E;volution and Heredity, (5) Ichthyology, 
(6) Microscopy, (7) Ornithology ; Addenda of Recent Purchases ; Works 
on Cambridge offered at Reduced Prices. New Scientific Works pub. at 
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Chester.— Harry Jones, 48 Watergate Street.- Catalogues Nos. 22-23. of Enghsh 
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a fine set of Kerr's Collection of Voyages and Travels, 18 vols., 1824, £4 4s. 

Edinburgh. — George P. Johnstoni 37 George Street.— Catalogue No. 96 of Curious 
Old and Rare Books. Scottish Literature, History and Antiquities, Examples 
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a collection of Acts of the Parhaments of Scotland, 1566-82, ;^16 ; early 
Austrahan items ; Metoscopia et Opthalmoscopia, by S. Fuchshsius, 1615, a. 
work not found in any of the bibliographies, etc., etc. The catalogue is 
printed in antique type, with reproductions of two old blocks, and is the 
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Alexander W. Macphail, 10 St. Giles Street.- Catalogue No. 113 of Rarities 

in Scottish and other Literature, 820 items, including a complete set of the 
Acts of, the ParUament of Scotland, 1814-75 ; Gold.smith's Essays, first 
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Also Catalogue No. 114, 800 items, including the Works of James I., with the 
ro3^al crest on the binding, 1616. 

Glasgow.— James Mackenzie, 238 Buchanan Street.— Catalogue No. 45, of Books 
in Various Branches of Literature, Second-hand, New and Remainders, 578 
items, under Art, Glasgow, Theology, etc. 


Leamington. Simmons and Waters, 10 Spencer Street. -Annual Clearance 
Catalogue, Bargains in Books, in most classes of T^iterature, under Archi- 
tecture ; Art, Books on ; Astronomy ; Biography ; Books, BibUography, 
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Leeds.- James Miles, 34 Upperhead Row.— Catalogue No. 178, of Books, including 
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•Kitchen, and recent purchases in all classes of hterature, 1260 items, of 
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Holinshed's Chronicles, 2 vols., 1586-87, and Wilson's Art of Rhetorique, 1585, 
are two of the items. Also, Catalogue No. 179, of Old and Modem Books, 
comprised of A Small Collection of Books in Fine Old and Modem Bindings, 
a Re\ne\ver's Library of MiUtary Works, an Assemblage of Old Tracts and 
Pamphlets, formerly in the possession of Sir John Goodricke, Bart. ; also a 
number of Works on Roman Antiquities and Remains, and Books in various 
departments of Literature. Among the books in fine bindings are Baskerville 
Editions of the Common Praver, Paradise Lost and Catullus ; Camden's 
Britannia, 1594 ; Du Bartas' Works, 1641 ; Duke of Newcastle's Invention 
to Dress Horses, 1667; a SaUsbury Bre\dary, 1555, etc., and all at very 
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Books and Children's Books ; Paynel's Regimen Sanitatis Salerni, 1557 ; 
Occult Works, Railway Literature, Yorkshire Topography, etc. 

Leyton, Essex. — J. Baldwin, 14 Osborne Road.— Clearance Catalogue No. 142, of 
Scarce and Interesting Books, 1094 items. Also, A Book-Buyer's Catalogue, 
No. 143 ; 982 items. ' Also Clearance Catalogue, No. 144 ; 1086 items. And 
No. 145, A Book Buyer's Catalogue of Scarce and Interesting Books in aU 
Branches of Literature, 970 items. 

London.— E. Bolleter, Ltd., 94 Charing Cross Road, W.C— Catalogue No. 9, New 

Series, of Dramatic Literature, being the Histrionic Collection formed by the 
late Mr. Robert Walters, honorary hbrarian to the Garrick Club. The 
Collection consists of Memoirs, Biographies, Play Bills, Complete Set of Old 
Dramatists, IJ^nique Copies of Rare Works, with ^LS. interpolations, Reminis- 
cences of Celebrated Actors and, Sets of Rare Dramatic Magazines 
and Periodicals, numerous Items of EngUsh, Irish, sScottish, American, and 
Continental interest, and everything appertaining to the Drama. ^Many of 
the Items in this valuable Library were apparently unknown to " Lowe " 
and other dramatic bibhographers. The catalogue is one of extraordinary 
interest to the lover of drama, as such a collection could only be the result 
of a lifetime of devotion to its formation. 

— — G. H. Brown, 113 Edgware Road, W.— Catalogue No. 56, of Important and 
Interesting Books, chiefly from the Libraries of Noblemen and Gentlemen. 
Among the 612 items may be noted Angas's South Australia, 1846, /12 10s. ; 
Lycett's Australian Views, /9 10s. ; Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum, 
large paper, 1817, /45 ; Sweet's British T-'loicer Garden, complete, 7 vols., 
/26 ; Gerarde's Herbal, 1597, /5 10s. ; Parkinson's Thentrum Botanicum, 
1640, £5 10s. ; Mrs. Bury's Liliacae, 1834, £12 10s. ; Temple of Flora, 1799. 


;^8 10s. ; Boswell's Life of Jolinson, first edition, 1791, /4 10s. ; Books on 
Military Subjects ; Orme's Life of Nelson, 1806, /8 10s. ;'s Library, 
complete set, f\2; Collections of Trials ; Series of Voyages and Travels ; 
Annals of Sporting, 11 vols., ;^18 10s. ; Sporting Magazine, from the com- 
mencement in 1792 to its termination in 1870, with the rare index of En- 
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Himalaya Mountains, £S 10s. ; Burton's edition of The Arabian Nights, 
etc., etc. In fact a comprehensive and interesting catalogue. 

London.— Alfred Bull, 35 Hart Street, W.C- Catalogue No. 369, of a Collection of 

Antiquarian Books in all Departments of Literature, English and Foreign, 
a large number being of the 16th and 17th Centuries, many editions of 
Bibles and Testaments, Confessions, Sermons, Theological Works generally, 
Scottish Parhament Acts, etc. 

Henry Davey, 4 Mlnories, E.C. — Catalogues Nos. 38-39, of Second-hand 

Books of all Classes, under Africa, America, Dialects, Drama, India, Ireland, 
London, Military, etc. 

George W. Davis, 106 Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogue No. 118, of 

Books, etc., some Rare, all Interesting, as The Prostatic Spy, or Excursions 
with an Air Balloon, 1785 ; a collection of engravings on the CrinoUne ; Early 
Juvenile Books ; Bruel's Praxis Medicinae, 1632 ; Occult Works, etc. 

Day's Library, Ltd., 96 Mount Street, Park Lane, W.— Supplementary List 

of Recent Works of Travel, Biography, Fiction, etc., February, 1913 ; also 
Special Clearance Sale List of Surplus Library Books, and others, March, 
1913 ; also. Supplementary Sale List of Recent Works of Travel, Biography, 
Fiction, etc., March, 1913 ; also. Monthly Sale List of Surplus Library Books, 
and others, April, 1913. 

Gypsy Arts and Curio Co., Ltd., 5 Hand Court, Holborn, W.C— Catalogue of 

BookS; etc., viz., Camden's Britain, first edition, America, Cruikshank, 
Christian Science, Arundel Society, Napoleon, Nelson, etc. 

Hughon, Bourdin & Co., 110 Shaftesbury Avenue, W. — Catalogue No. 

XVIII, of Second-hand English and French Books, including a number of 
Interesting Pamphlets relating to the French Revolution, Napoleon, etc., 
and a Selection of Periodicals, nearly 700 items, including documents and 
letters of Napoleon and his Generals. 

Maurice & Co., 23 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, W.C. — Catalogue No. 209, 

of Books relating to Great Britain and Ireland, 355 items, arranged under 
London and Counties. A very fine copy of Stafford's Pacata Hihernia, 1663, 
is priced H 10s. ; also. Catalogue No. 210, of Books on Anghng, Freemanry, 
Finely Bound Sets, First Editions, History, Travels, Standard Works, etc. 

Myers & Co., 143 Brompton Road, S.W. — Catalogue No. 186, of Choice and 

Scarce Engravings, comprising Portraits of Celebrated Personages, English 
and Foreign Topographical Views, A Small Selection of Fancy Subjects, and 
a few Original Proof Etchings by Modern Artists ; also, Catalogue No. 187, 
of Interesting and Rare Books in all Departments of Literature, recently 
purchased ; 841 items, including Chap Books, Coloured Plates. Napoleon, 
Sport, etc. Also No. 188, Special Clearance List of Engraved Portraits, 
suitable for Framing or Extra-Illustrating, offered at Exceptionally Low 
Prices to effect a speedy clearance. Also, Catalogue No. 189, of Standard 
Books, Old and Modem, in all Branches of Literature, recently purchased 
from private sources. Also, Catalogue, No. 190. of Engraved Portraits, 
Landscapes in Mezzotint, by S. W. Reynolds after Girtin ; Choice EngUsh 
and F'oreign Views, many in colours ; Subject Pieces in Stipple. Mezzotint 
and Line ; Original Drawings, principally of the Early English School, and 
a few exceptionally fine Hindoo- Persian Drawings in Gold and Colours, by 
Native Artists ; Arundel Chromos, etc. 

Lftndon.— Neville & George, 5 The Arcade, South Kensington Station, S. W.— Cata- 
logue No. 22. of a Selection of Second-hand and Rare Books : I. History, 
Ancient and Modem ; II. Literature, 17th and 18th Centuries ; III. 
Early Books in Latin, French, etc. ; IV. English Literature, Biography 
and Criticism, 19th Century ; 688 items. Booksellers should note that this 
firm allows 15 °o discount to the trade instead of the usual 10% 

Polyglot Library (F. Barberi), 102 Charing Cross Road, W.C— Catalogue No. 

17, Miscellaneous Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Books in all Classes of 
Literature, including Early I»rinted and Woodcut Books, also Works on the 
Fine Arts, French, Italian and Spanish Literature, Medicine, The Occult 
Sciences, Travels, etc., 634 items. Also Catalogue No. 18, of Ancient and 
Modem Books, including Aldine Press, America, Ana, Art and Architecture, 
China and Japan, Old Classics, Enghsh, Facetiae, French Literature, Napole- 
onic and Revolution, Medicine, Occult, Travels and Voyages, etc., 523 items. 

Frank Redv^ay, 9 Thornton Road, Wimbledon Common, S.W.— Catalogue 

No. 12, of Scarce and Interesting Books, with Divers Rare Items for The 
Collector. The Catalogue contains some most attractive items, as Suckling's 
Frastnenta A urea, 1646, probably the finest copy in existence, i42 ; a MS. 
by George Gissing ; Dickens's own copy of the 1867 edition of Pickivick ; 
Carlyle's copy of The Republic of Plato ; Presentation Copies by Wilde and 
George Moore ; a Collection of Books relating to Paul Jones ; J . A. ^^monds's 
copy of La Gerusalemnie Liherata ; and some Autograph Letters. Also 
Catalogue No. 13, Choice and Rare Books and Autographs, 935 items, 
including Association Books, First Editions in the original parts, Kate 
Greenawav books, a collection of Presentation Copies and Autograph Letters 
of W. B. Yeats, etc. 

George Winter, 52 Charing Cross Road, W.C— Catalogue No. 76 of Mis- 
cellaneous Books selected from the most Recent Purchases, including many 
Interesting Items relating to the following Subjects : Art, Biography, Folk- 
Lore, India, London Topography, MiUtar\- and Naval, Voyages and Travels, 
etc., etc. ; 701 items. Also Catalogue No.' 77, containing 666 items, including 
Cotman's Sepulchral Brasses, the Antiquarian Repertory-, Sets of Beacons- 
field, Lacroix and Scott, also Works on Architecture, Art, Biography, 
Flora, Topography, Travels, etc., etc. 

Manchester.- Albert Sutton, 43 Bridge Street.— Catalogue (No. 203), of Second- 
hand Books in the Various Departments of Literature, 617 items, under 
AngUng, Astronomy, Dante, Portraits, etc. Also Catalogue No. 204, of 
Second-hand Books in General Literature, vnth many relating to the English 
Lake District, including a portion of the Librarv^ of the late Rev. Canon 
Grenside, purchased privately, 723 items, among them being a fine set of 
Charles G. Harper's Road Books. 

Norwich.— H. E. Humphris, 77 St. Giles' Street.— Catalogues Nos 7-8 of Rare 
and >Iiscellaneous Books and New and Old Books. Subjects : Africa, 
America, Astronomy, Art, Arithmetic, Bees, Botanv. Chemistrv, Classics, 
Commerce, Economy, Flowers, Geology, Geography, Geometry, Histor^^ 
Hygiene, Ireland, Juvenile, Language, Literature, Mathematics, Man, Music, 
Norfolk, Birds, Physics, Physiology-, Poetry, Physiographv, Speeches, Trials, 
etc., mcluding Blomefield and Parkin's History of Norfolk, '1805-10, fine copy, 
m boards, i'12 10s. ; Warner's Walks through Wales, 1799, /6 6s. ; Books 
of the 17th and 18th Centuries ; A Miniature of Gen. Conway (Horace 
Walpole's relative), by Corbould, /25 (\Wth a reproduction), etc. 

Oxford.— B. H. Blackwell, 50-51 Broad Street.— Catalogue (No 149) of Rare and 
Interesting Books (chiefly EngUsh) of the 18th and 19th Centuries, recently 
purchased from a private collection, among which are : — Aristophanis 
Comoediae, editio princeps, 1498 ; Enquiry into the Pro\-ince of Georgia, 
1741 ; Snape's Anatomy of the Horse, 1683 ; Chenv's Horse Matches ^23 
vols. ; GuiUim's Heraldry. 1724 ; Matthew of Westminster, 1st Edn., 1567 ; 
XV. Century Medical MS. on vellum ; Moryson's Itinerary ; First Editions 

-of Restoration Plays ; Works by Stevenson. Pater, Swinburne, Stephen 
Phillips, M. Arnold and Fitzgerald ; also a selection of the beautiful pro- 
ductions of the Kelmscott, Vale, Ashendene, Daniel, and other private 
presses, etc. (1,090 items). A fine and interesting catalogue. 

Tunbridge Wells.— P. M. Barnard, M.A., 10 Dudley Road.— Catalogue No. 65. of 
Tudor and Early Stuart History and Literature, with an Index of Printers 
and Booksellers, of Books Printed in England, and Books in Bnghsh Printed 
Abroad, up to 1640. The descriptions are so interesting that they are as 
much those of a bibUophile as of a book-seller. See, notably, Gower's De 
Confessione Amantis, lv532, and Tavlton's Jests, 1613. Also Catalogue No. 67, 
Alpine Books (including books from the Library of the late Mr. Edward 
Whymper) ; John Milton; History of Writing; Scotland; London; 
Ballads ; Miscellaneous Books ; 612 items. 

Wrexham.— Frank Crowe, Bank Street.— Catalogue No 48, of Miscellaneous 
Books acquired from various sol^rces, with purchases from the Library of 
Sir Edmund Buckley, of Dinas Mawddwy. A small and choice selection of 
Welsh Books ; 615 items. Also Catalogue No. 49, of Second-hand Books, 
being a portion of a Library recently acquired from a private source, among 
them being Butler's feminine Monarchie, 1634, and Conestagio's Historie 
of the Uniting of Portngall to Casfill, 1600, ,{10 10s. ; also a volume of rare 

York.— Edward S. Pickard, 16 Stonegate.—Spring Catalogue of Second-hand 
Books, No. 1, April, 1913. Including Certaine Sermons or Homihes, 1635 ; 
Wells' New Set of Maps, circa, 1698 ; and many Yorkshire items. 

Boston, Mass, U.S.A. — Goodspeed's Book-Shop, 56a Park Street. — Goodspeed's 

Catalogue of Autograph Letters and Documents, 2,399 items, comprising a 
wide range of names, many being of infrequent appearance in the market. 
A few of the more important titles : — A series of twenty letters from Andrew 
Jackson to his Wife ; Original marriage hcense and certificate of Andrew 
Jackson and Rachel Roberts (1794) ; A long series of letters and two ms. 
poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson ; An interesting document by the early 
Quaker, Thomas Chalkley ; A memorial to the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts by Wilham Good of Salem, whose wife suffered death for alleged 
witchcraft ; Early law documents of Abraham Lincoln ; Letters and Docu- 
ments of the Seneca and Oneida Indians ; A revolutionary war letter signed 
by Israel Putnam ; MS. of Gladstone's Recollections of Arthur Hallam ; 
Letter from James Madison in the Revolution mentioning John Paul Jones ; 
a series of manuscripts concerning the battle of Gettysburg by officers 
engaged therein ; Document signed by Peter Faneuil ; Letter froni Gen. 
Nath. Greene from Valley Forge ; a Commission signed by General Warren ; 
a Letter of Stonewall Jackson's. 

Brisbane, Queensland.— G. H. Barker, 223 Albert Street.— Christmas Book List, 
being a Mirror of the many Fashions now existing in the World of Books, 
covering Books in Leather Bindings, Books whose Illustrations are Works 
of Art, Books whose Contents are Classic, Books for the Bairns, Toy Books, 
Picture Books, Envelope and other Dainty Booklets, Fiction and General 
Literature. A charmingly-printed hst, with 3 colour blocks. 

Florence, Italy.— Davis & Orloli, 3 Via Vecchietti.— Catalogue No. v.. Old and 

Rare Books, including Important Incunabula, Books with Woodcuts, 
Scarce Books in Itahan Literature, Early Medicine, Mathematics and Science, 
Art, Costume, Calhgraphy, etc., etc., together with a large collection of Works 
deahng with Florence and Tuscany ; 745 items. The descriptive notes in 
this catalogue are in Enghsh. 

Otto Lange, Via de Serragli, 132.— Catalogue No. 27, Storia D 'Italia ; 

Bibhografia — Storia Universitaria- Storia Generale — Risorgimento — Statuti 
Storia Municipale ; 1 ,060 items. 

XXX vii. 

Florence, Italy. — T. De Marinis & Co., ViaVechietti 5.— Catalogue (No. XII). de 
Manuscrits, Incunables et Uvres Rares. An exceedingly Fine Catalogue of 
309 items, illustrated with 23 plates and 71 blocks of reproductions, from 
choice Manuscripts, title-pages, woodcuts, examples of text, etc. The notes 
are in French. Where every book is a rarity it is useless to quote individual 
items, and one can only say that the catalogue should be in the hands of 
every collector of early printing. 

Frankfurt am Main, GeKmany.— Joseph Baer & Co., Hochstrasse 6.— Katalog 607. 

Theologia CathoHca zum Teil aus den BibUotheken von Franz Xaver Kraus 
& Friedrich Schneider, Siebenter Teil ; Kirchengeschichte II, Ordens-und 
Klostergeschichte, 1733 items. Also, Katalog '609. Franc-Ma9onnerie, 
Freemasonry, Freimaureri, Illuminaten — Rosenkreuzer — Templeherren — ■ 
Vehmgerichte, mit einem Anhange Emblemata ; 504 items. Also, Frank- 
furter Biicherfreund. No. 1, 1913. Containing 470 items, including many 
early printed books of great rarity and value, together with a number of 
illuminated manuscripts. There are 45 reproductions of woodblocks, text, 
illuminations, etc., including a drawing by Rowlandson for the English Dance 
of Death. For the Liber sextus decretalium of Bonafacius VIII., printed on 
vellum by Fust and Schoffer, at Mentz in 1465, the sum of /1, 000 is asked. 

Geneva, Switzerland.— Thury, Baumgartner & Cie., 4 Rue Diday.— Catalogue de 
Livres d'Occasion, Anciens et Modemes. Divisions du catalogue : — Poetes 
du 16e siecle ; Histoire, Memoires, Litterature ; Itahe (Risorgimento) ; 
Theologie, Philosopliie, Occultisme, Including Histoire (Theses, mono- 
graphies). Juifs ; Amerique ; Provinces— Bourgogne, Franche-Comte, 
Lyonnais ; Helvetica ; Alpina ; Proverbes ; 1282 items. Among the older 
books is the first edition of the Marguerites de la Marguerite des Princesses, 
1547, in red morocco by Duru, £36, 

Leyden, Holland.— Burgersdijk & Niermans, Nieuwsteeg 1 .— Philologie Classique 
et Archeologie. Catalogue de Livres Anciens et Modemes. This is a colossal 
catalogue of 548 pages, imp. 8vo., bound in cloth, and it contains no fewer 
than 16,441 items arranged under the following heads: — Auteurs Grecs. 
Supplement ; Auteurs I,atins Auteurs Neo-Latins ; L'Humanisme — Uni- 
versites — Histoire des savants — Polemique — Enseignement — Pedagogie — 
Bibhographie ; Grammaire— Lexicologie — Prononciation — Rhetorique — 
Metrique — Biographies de philologues — Histoire de la htterature et de la 
philosophic grecques et romaines ; Histoire et geographic anciennes — Topo- 
graphie — Chronologic — Moeurs et usages — My thologie — ReUgion — ^J uris- 
prudence et droit pubhc ; Archeologie (ancienne et du moyen-age) — Art-^P*? 
Architecture — Numismatique — Pierres gravees — Epigraphie — Paleographi e. 
It is probably the most comprehensive catalogue of its kind yet issued, and a 
charge of 2 Dutch florins is made for it. 

Munchen, Germany. — J. Halle, Ottostrasse 3a. — Katalog 45. Zur Geschichte des 
Humanismus, Schriften der Humanisten und Neulateinischen Dichter ; 
Unterrichtswesen, Grammatiken, Worterbiicher, etc. ; Grieschische und 
Ivateinische Schriftsteller ; 953 items, a handsome Catalogue of 206 pages, 
containing many rarities of the 15th and later centuries, and having a number 
of reproductions of early woodblocks. Also Katalog 46, Deutsche lyiteratur. 
Bis Zum Dreissigiahrigen Kriege ; 463 items, including many rare works 
from the first century of printing onwards, and illustrated with numerous 
reprodiictions of early blocks, one of which shows the invasion of Britain by 
Julius Caesar. Also, Viertes Angebot von Originalausgaben der Deutschen 

New York City, U.S.A.— American Art Association, 6 East 23rd Street. — This 
Association will, after May 1st next, conduct a Department for the exclusive 
Exhibition and Sale by Auction of Books, Prints, Manuscripts and 
Autographs. The Association sends a catalogue of a Private Library com- 
prising Grolier Club Pubhcations, Shelley's Poems finely bound by Cobden- 
Sanderson, Ben Jonson's Works (2 volumes, 1640), Fifteenth Century 
Manuscripts, first editions and Library Sets of English and American 
Authors in handsome bindings and other desirable works. Sold April 22nd. 


New York City, U.8.A. — The Anderson Auction Comoany, Madison Avenue.— 

Catalogue of French Illustrated Books of the Kighteenth and Nineteenth 
Centuries, from the Ivibrary of the late Kdwin Babcock llolden, of New York 
City ; Bibliophile Society Pubhcations, from the Library of the late James 
Howard Hanson, of Amsterdam, N.Y., and other rare and valuable books, 
sold January 9-10, 1913. Also, Catalogue of Autograph Letters, Historicai 
Documents, and Literary Manuscripts, from the collections of Professor 
T, de Vries, of the University of Chicago, and Mr. Cummins C. Helmick, of 
Washington ; with additions from other collections, sold January 20, 1913 ; 
including European Royalty— Emperor Charles V., Francis I, Charles ix' 
Henry IV, Catherine De Medicis, Frederick the Oreat, Louis XVI, Napoleon 
I., etc. ; The Founders of Dutch Independence and their Adversaries — 
William " The Silent," Maurice of Nassau, Admirals De Ruyter and Tromp, 
Philip II of Spain, Margaret of Parma, Duke of Alva, Louise de Coligny, etc. ; 
Autographs of Celebrities - Marshals Ney, Berthier and vSoult, Marquis de 
Lafayette, Cardinal Mazarin, Prince Talleyrand, Voltaire, Hegel, Kant, 
Grotius, Boerhaave, Wagner, Gosse, Ivang, etc. ; American Autographs — 
George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Col. John Laurens, Gen. Pliilip 
Sheridan on his ride from Winchester, Presidents and Cliief -J ustices of the 
United States, MS. of Bryant's " Green Mountain Boys," etc. ; and Luther's 
German Psalter, 1541, with a Page Autograph Inscriptions by the two 
Reformers, Martin Luther and Philip Melancthon, an Association Volume of 
Great Interest. Also, Catalogue of the Unequalled Collection relating to 
Napoleon and the French Revolution, of WilUam J. Latta, of Philadelphia, 
Pa., consisting of Prints, Original Drawings, Autographs, Books, Medals, 
Bronzes, Snuff Boxes and other Objects of Art ; Part I. containing the 
Library, Bronzes, and Important Selections from the Prints and Autographs, 
sold on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 1913. 

C. Gerhardt & So., Fourth National Bank Buiidin^«, 20 Nassau Street.— 

Catalogue (No. 24), of Rare Books, Ancient and Modern, including First 
Editions of EngUsh and American Authors, Association Volumes, Publications 
of Special Presses and Many Choice Items pertaining to Books and Literature, 
Art, American History, etc., 566 items. The most interesting item is Sir 
Thomas Brownie's Certaine Miscellany Tracts, 1683, the genuine first issue, 
of which only two other copies are known, and in one of those the fine 
portrait was missing which is in this copy. This issue was unknown to 
Lowndes, who records only the issue of 1684. 

Paris, France. — Librarie Dorbon-Aine, 19 Boulevard Haussmann. — Le Bouquineur; 
Catalogue Mensuel de Livres anciens et Modernes, No. 92. Littlrature 
Theatre, Histoire, Beaux- Arts, Livres illustres des XVIIe, XVIII, et XIXe 
sidcles, Philosophie, Sociologie, Sciences occultes, Histoire de Paris et des 
provinces de France, Chasse, Blason, Voyages et Explorations, Reliures 
anciennes armoriees, Livres curieux et rares, Aquarelles originales de A, 
Robida, etc., etc. ; 1265 items. 

Rome, Italy.— Loescher & Cie., Via Due Macelli, 88.— Catalogue No. 88, Incuna- 
bles, Manuscrits et Uvres imprimes, avant 1525, Quelques ouvrages impor- 
tants contenus dans ce catalogue : Aesopus graece, Aldus, 1 505 ; Augustinus, 
Venetiis, 1470 ; Boccaccio, Premiere edition ; Catalogue d'un libraire, 
impression xylographique ; S. Cyprianus, Sweynheim et Pannartz ; Datus, 
edition inconnue ; Donatus, De octo partibus orationis (fragment) ; Manu- 
crits"; Poetae christ. veteres (graece et lat.), Aldus, 1501-02 ; Pontificalis 
liber, Rome, 1497, Planck, premidre edition avec la musique notee ; Quin- 
tilianus, Sweynheim et Pannartz ; Livre d'heures imprim^ sur v61in. The 
catalogue contains a facsimile of a page of a Pontifical printed at Rome in 
1497, and also of a catalogue of a Venetian bookseller of 1501, printed from 
a woodblock on one side only, and for which /20 is asked. There is also 
an Index of places and printers. 

C. E. Rappaport, Via BOCCa di Leone.— ^Bibliofilo Romano ; Bullethi Bimen- 

suel, 7e ann6e, No. 28. Livres anciens en tout genre ; Aerostation, Alchimie, 


Aldines, Amerique, Apiculture, Arabe, Architecture, Art inilitaire. Astrono- 
mic, Beaux-Arts, Belgique, Belgrade, Bible, Boccaccio, Bodoni, Bologna, 
Bos'iiie, Buddhisnie, Byron, Cadrans solaires, Calendrier, Casanova, Ceylon, 
Chasse] Chiens, Chine, Chocolat, Coin, Coraux, Cosmographie, Cremona, 
Dalmatie. Danse, Dante, Echec, Editions de luxe, Egypte, Electricite, 
Elzevir, Emblemes, Espagne, Exploitation d. mines, Famese, Ferrara, 
Franc-Ma^ouneerie, Franklm, Galvani, Geographic, Goethe, Goya Heraldique, 
Herbiers, Homre, Hongrie, Horlogerie, Imprimerie, Indes, Italic, Jansen- 
isme, Judaisme, Jus, Ivithographie, Luther, Machines, Magnetisme, Mariage, 
Mathematiques, Medecine, Meckel, Metaux, Microscope, Musique, Navigation, 
Numismatique. Ordres de Chevalerie, Paratounerre, Peche, Physique, 
Piranesi. Pologne, Pyroteclmique, Risorgimento Itahano, Roma, Russie, 
J^iam, vSicile, Sourds-muets, Stenographic, Suisse, Theatre, etc., etc. 

Vienna, Austria.— -Gilhofer & Ranschburg, 1 Bognergasse 2. — Anzeiger No. 1033 
des Antiquarischen Biicherlagers, 712 items, under the following headings : 
Amerika, Alte Astronomic, Austriaca, Der Balkan (Bulgarien, Griechenland, 
Montenegro, Rumanien imd Serbien), Bergbau, Bibhographie u. Bibliophihe, 
Bohmeu u. Mahren, Deutsche Geschichte, Deutsche Literatur, Genealogie u. 
Heraldik, Heidelberg, Holzschnittwerke u. andere Drucke des 16. Jahrh, 
ItaUen, Kunst imd Kunstgewerbe, Alte Mathematik, Alte Medizin, Merian, 
Topograpliien, Musik, Niederosterreich, Philosophic, Reitkunst, Pferde, 
Russland, Schweiz, Spanische Drucke des 16. imd 17. J ahrhunderts, Triest, 
Dalmatien imd Kiistenland, Turcica, Ungarn, Waffen, Wien, Wiener Theater, 
Anhang seltener imd wertvoller Werke. There are 12 reproductions of early 
woodblocks, etc. Also, Katalog'No. 110. Autographen und Urkunden, 
14-19, Jahrhundert ; 451 items, one of which is a letter by that picturesque 

, Tyrolese patriot and opponent of Napoleon, Andreas Hofer, Also, Auktion 
XXX\'I. Katalog einer hervorragenden Sainmlung von Ansichten aus 
(Jesterreich und Ungarn, daruuter cine grosse Reihe von topographischen 
Darstellangen bohmischer Stadte, Wien und Umgebungmit ausserst seltenen 
Folgea und Einzelblattem ; Ausland, Deutsches Reich — England — Frank, 
reich — ItaUen — Russland, etc. ; Luftballon-Darstellungen 18. und 19- 
Jahrh, Tableaux, Ballonsysteme, Aufstiege, Flugmaschinen ; Kostiim-, 
Trachten- imd Modebilder 17. bis 19. Jahrh. ; Figuren und Szenen aus der 
Rokokozeit, etc., etc. Ziun grossen Telle aus den Bestanden der Sammlung 
des Herm Dr. August Heymann, Wien, with 31 plates of reproductions of 
rare and curious engravings. Also, Katalog Nr. Ill, Topographisch-liistor- 
ischer Bilderatlas, Ortsansichten u. liistorische Blatter, I. Abteilung A — H, 
Nr. 1—3931. 

•♦♦ Catalogues received since going to press will be noticed in the next Part. 


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Some of its Literary Associations, Printers, Booksellers 
and Authors 


Author of The Old Inns and Inn Signs of York ; York : The Story 
of its Walls, Bars and Castles ; and The History of the Castle of York. 

THE chief glories of the quaint and venerable City of York are its historic 
and literary associations ; and there is perhaps no place in England 
invested with such an air of romance. It is a city of many stories, many 
memories, and many periods. From its earliest days of occupation by the 
Romans to the present time its denizens have been permeated ^^•ith the literary 
spirit. The imperial city is a noted shrine of historic greatness and dignity. 
The annals of no other English city have been so faithfully, accurately, and fully 
chronicled as those of York, and in this respect it almost surpasses London. 

It was in 55 B.C. that the first Roman fleet appeared on the southern coast, 
at ^^hich period York, or Eurach, was the capital town of the Brigantes. About 
A.D. 50 we first meet, in Roman literature, with definite mention of the Brigantes, 
York, and the ruUng queen Cartismandua, a woman of infamous memory-. 
Julius Agricola, a great general, is reputed to have occupied and fortified 
Eburacum in the year 79, and down to about 430 the city was the Roman capital 
of the North. It was the birthplace of Constantine, the residence of many 
emperors, and the scene of the death of Severus, following his subjugation of 
the Picts and Scots. 

It has been said that the term " literature " itself is by no means easy to de- 
fine, therefore in its widest sense every thought that is converted into script, or is 
inscribed on stone, or any material, becomes literature from the moment of its con- 
version. The Romans lavishly used inscriptive tablets on their buildings ; of these, 
and monumental or sepulchral inscriptions, ver\' many have been found in the 
old city and preserved. They faithfully tell us of the Uves, the work, the customs, 
the thoughts, and the manners of the citizens who walked its streets nigh two 
thousand years ago. Almost the earliest dated Roman inscription found in 
Britain was unearthed at York. According to the reading of it we learn that 
" The Emperor Caesar Xerva Trajan, son of the deified Xerva, Augustus, Germani- 
cus, Dacius, Cliief Pontiff ; invested the twelfth time with the Tribunitian 
Powers ; Consul the fifth time ; Father of his country ; caused this to be per- 
formed by the Xinth Legion (called the Spanish)." The work performed by the 
Xinth Legion at the bidding of the Emperor Trajan was probably the erection of 
a city gate. To many, the most interesting Roman reUc at York is a pathetic 
memorial inscribed " D. M. Simplicise, Florentine Anime Innocentissime Que 
Vixit Menses Decem Felicius Simplex. Pater. Fecit L. E. G YI. Y." (To the 
Gods, the Manes. To SimpHcia Florentina, a most innocent being, who lived 
ten months, Felicius Simplex, her father, of the Yictorious Sixth Legion, dedicated 
this). Other epitaphs and inscribed altars whisper of the individualities, hearts, 
and minds of many a proud Roman who hved and died on the banks of the 
Ouse. One or two indicate that there were Christians amongst the imperial 
garrison or suburban population. To those concerned in the literature of our 
Saxon and Xorse forefathers we have a rare dedication stone in St. Mary's 
Church, Castlegate, which is an eloquent reminder that Efrard built the church 
" in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and St. :Mar\', and St. Martin, and St. Cuthbert, 
and All Saints, consecrated in the year 756." ' Archbishop Egbert, who no doubt 
officiated at the dedication of St. Mary's, is entitled to the gratitude of posterity 
for his literary labours. He also refounded the celebrated School of York, and 
the magnificent library connected with it, which was the noblest place of educa- 

xlii . 

tion at that time in England. The renown of the scholars and their master was 
mentioned with delight among the Paladins of Charlemagne. From all parts of 
Europe youths of noble birth found their way to the seat of the northern primacy 
to be taught by the bishop. It was no vslight honour to have cultivated the tastes 
and fostered the genius of Alcuin, who was born at York in 735 ; he became the 
greatest scholar of his age, and one of the brightest stars of the Anglo-Saxon 
church. Alcuin succeeded to the mastership of the school at York, a school older 
than Winchester by seven hundred years, and older than Eton by seven hundred 
and sixty-five. This great master wrote on many subjects, but nothing is perhaps 
of higher interest than his poem in Latin hexameters on the Bishops and Saints 
of the Church of York. He speaks eloquently of the various buildings in the city, 
and tells us of its celebrated library, naming the authors whose works it possessed, 
adding that there are " very many more masters, famous in study, art, and 
language, who have written very many volumes, but whose names it would be 
too long to recite in a poem." 

The school and library at York are mentioned in the ninth century, when 
Lupus, Abbot of Ferrieres, asked Altzig, Abbot of York, to lend him a MS. of 
Quintilian, another containing questions by Jerome on the Old and New Testa- 
ment, and a similar work by Bede. The library was probably injured, if not 
destroyed, when the city was captured and devastated by the Danes, in A.D. 867. 
Domesday Book was in part compiled at York. Royal commissioners were sent 
into different parts of the country to conduct the necessary enquiries in the 
county or hundred courts. The County Court of the " Shire of Broad Acres " 
w^as held in the Castle of York, at which evidence was taken and recorded. 
Domesday Book was for centuries kept at the Palace of Westminster, in the 
custod}^ of the Treasurer and Chamberlains of the Exchequer. At various times 
when the Court of Exchequer was removed to York the volume was brought 
with other records pertaining to the Court, notably in 1319. 

John Wickliffe was intimately associated with York. He was ordained a 
sub-deacon at the Friars Preachers, at Pentecost 1351, in St. Mary's Abbey, and 
priest in York Minster on the Saturday after St. Matthew's Day the same year. 
Thoresby, Archbishop at the time, encouraged miracle and pageant plays, and 
Wickliffe it is thought was responsible for the dialogue of the play performed 
by the Gild of the Lord's Prayer. Wickliife, when advocating the translation of 
the Bible, refers to " the paternoster in engUsch tunge, as men seven in the play 
at York." His translation of the Bible was completed about 1380, four years 
before his death. Wickliffe's literary productions, and his influence, did much to 
further the progress of the written vernacular tongue. Of the early dramatic 
literature of York the fifty or so Mystery Plays performed by the ancient crafts, 
from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century are still in existence. They were 
edited by Lucy Toulmin Smith, in 1885. 

In 1362 it was enacted that all trials at law should henceforth be conducted 
in English, and the conventual scriptoria were also no longer the only places 
where books were made and multiplied. At least a century and a half before 
printing was introduced into York a number of secular persons, who, under the 
denomination of scriptores, escriveners, or Text- Writers, were employed in the 
production of manuscript books. They increased in numbers, formed them- 
selves into a company or craft, and early in the reign of Richard II. adopted 
certain protective bye-laws, which were sanctioned by the civic authorities and 
duly entered in the city archives. 

In the muniment room at the Guildhall, amongst the vast collection of 
ancient records, is a volume known as the York Alemorandtim Book, which contains 
the original ordinances of the gilds or mysteries, together with subsequent 
regulations, or alterations, minutely enrolled. This important " book of diverse 
memoranda concerning the City of York," as it is tersely described in the opening 
words, has been recently in part issued by the Surtees Society, under the editor- 
ship of Miss Maud Sellers, Litt. D., an expert in gild lore and usages. 

The First Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, 1874, 
describes the Archives of the City of York, and also the records in the possession 
of the Dean and Chapter, and the Merchant Adventurers. 


A remarkable register containing a list of the persons enrolled as Freemen of 
York, from 1272 to 1835, has been published. The first volume, commencing in 
1272, extends to 1558, the second 1560 to 1759, both issued by the Surtees 
Society. A smaller work, wliicli covers the period from 1760 to 1835, was printed 
in the latter year by the Corporation, under the editorship of Robert Davies, 
town clerk. The three volumes are extremely valuable to genealogists and 
historical students. 

The first York printer we have any knowledge of is Frederick Freez, who set 
up his press here thirty-six years after Caxton was said to have introduced it 
into England. He was admitted a freeman of the city in 1497, within a twelve- 
month after Wynkyn de Worde became a naturalized subject. Gerard 
Freez, his brother, who afterwards assumed the name of Wanseford, was estab- 
lished at York as a dealer upon a large scale in printed books. He died in 1510, 
and in his -wall left to Mr. Wynkyn forty shillings which he owed him. 

Books are said to have been printed in the year 1480 at the University of 
Oxford, and the monastery of St. Albans ; but York was the first English town 
beyond the pale of the metropolis into wliich the art of typography was intro- 
duced. Other early craftsmen were Hugo Goes, or Goez, 1509 ; Ursyn Milner, 
1516 ; and John Gaschet. 1516, whose latest publication is dated 1525. Specimens 
of the early York press are to be seen in the Minster Library and in the British 

From the Reformation until well into the reign of Elizabeth, by the policy 
of the Government, and by legislation, the exercise of the Art of Printing was 
discouraged ; and it is not known that any books were printed or published in 
York from 1530 to 1640. 

The printing press was re-introduced by Charles I. when he came to York in 
1639. Robert Barker, the King's printer, set up in the King's Manor House, 
and subsequently in St. William's College. In 1642 His Majesties Declaration to 
both Houses of Parliament {ivhich he likewise recommends to the consideration of all 
his loving subjects), in answer to that presented to him at Xetvmarket the ninth of 
March 1641, was issued at York. This declaration is the earliest of the numerous 
royal manifestoes that were printed at York during the Civil War. 

We next find Stephen Bulkley estabhshed in 1642, and his press seems to 
have been employed exclusively on the side of the Royalists. In 1644, when the 
city was ruled by Parliament men, Bulkley was silenced, and he left the citv. In 
1649 York was the only place out of London, except the two universities, in 
which printing was allowed to be exercised. 

Thomas Broad became printer to the Puritan party ; Alice Broad, probably 
his widow, occupied the printing office in Coffee Yard, opposite the Star Inn, 
Stonegate, until about 1660. At the Restoration Bulkley returned, and coitinued 
in business until his death in 1680 ; he was succeeded by his son John Bulkley, 
who died in 1695. 

John White, printer, late of London, settled in York in 1680, and the old 
printing office " over against the Star " lost none of its reputation during the 
five and thirty years that he occupied it. Grace White, his widow, a woman of 
enterprise and energ\^ introduced to the people of York that " all powerful 
instrument of modem civilization," the Newspaper. The York Mercury appeared 
for the first time on Februan,- 23rd, 1718. Charles Bourne became the proprietor 
and printer of the Mercury in 1721, when he improved its form and dimensions. 
The eccentric Thomas Gent, printer, freeman 'of London and York, in 1723 
married Bourne's widow and succeeded to the business. He obtained a wider 
celebrity than any other old York typographer. Southev, in The Doctor, refers 
repeatedly to Gent, and says " If I were given to prolixity, and allowed mvself 
to be led away from the subject before me, I might here be tempted to relate 
certain particulars concerning Thomas Gent." In 'chap. CVIII Southey remarks 
" His autobiography is as characteristic as John Dunton's, and, like it, contains 
much information relating to the state of the press in his days, and the trade of 
literature." Thomas Thorpe, the London bookseller, published The Life of 


Thomas Gent, Printer, of York ; written by himself, in 1832. Gent was in turn 
author, printer, and poet. He wrote and issued the histories of York, 1730 ; of 
Ripon, 1733 ; and of Hull, 1735 ; and several smaller works. Some of hisChap 
Books were edited by Charles A. Federer in 1889. He died in 1778. 

Other important printers of the eighteenth Century were John White, who com- 
menced the York Courant in 1725 ; Alexander Staples, the son of Robert Staples, 
bookseller, of London, purchased White's business. In 1 740 the Cowyatz/ was owned 
by Messrs. Casar W^ard and Richard Chandler. Ward, who was probably the first 
newspaper proprietor to introduce reports of Parliamentary debates, in 1745, 
had to appear before the Bar of the House of Commons ; upon his knees he 
apologized, and was reprimanded by Mr. Speaker. Christopher Etherington, 
printer and publisher at the sign of Pope's Head in Coney Street, commenced a 
newspaper, The York Chronicle, in 1772. The York Herald came out in 1790, and 
William Hargrove, the proprietor, bought the rights of The Courant, which were 
merged in the Herald, which changed its title to Yorkshire Herald, and appeared 
as a daily in 1874. The Yorkshire Gazette, a weekly, estabhshed in 1819, and the 
Herald, are the two local newspapers that still serve the city and county. 

Booksellers were at first styled stationers, and the craft of bookbinders 
originally incorporated in 1476 as the " Bookeb3mders of York, otherwise called 
Stac^/oners," had their gild ordinances confirmed by the Corporation in 1554. 
The first stationer mentioned on the Register of Freemen is Adam de Hustwayt, 
who was admitted in 1335 ; and it is not till the year 1678 that we find the first 
" bookseller," Robert Clark ; although during the interval, thirty-two stationers 
are recorded, and a dozen or so bookbinders. Many booksellers set up their 
shops within the Liberty of the Cathedral, formerly an extra-parochial area, 
where they exercised their callings without being free of the city, and thus were 
exempt from municipal burdens and control. John Schofield, free in 1551 ; 
Thomas Richardson, free in 1532 ; John Gowthwaite, free in 1556 ; and Thomas 
Wraythe, free in 1556 ; as stationers of York, in 1567 were cited to appear before 
Archlishop Young and others, the Queen's Commissioners sitting at York, to 
answer if they had in stock or had sold, certain books written by " disobedient 
subjects of the Queen." Anthony Foster, carried on a bookseller's business within 
the Minster Close, between 1580 and 1607. In 1616, John Foster, probably his 
son and successor, died, and a remarkable inventory of the books in his shop is 
.printed in Robert Davies' Memoirs of the York Press, which is said to be the 
earliest catalogue printed of an English bookseller's stock. Francis Mawburne, 
free in 1644, was a bookseller at the Minster Gates, and a neighbour, Richard 
Lambert, carried on the same trade at the sign of the Crown. Thomas Wayte, 
stationer, free in 1648, had his shop in The Pavement. In 1662 an Act was passed 
to regulate all printing of books, with a proviso that works on divinity issued at 
York should be first Hcensed by the Archbishop. By this statute the Lord Mayor 
for the time was authorised to execute within the city all rules concerning 
searchers for unlicensed books. W^ayte, undaunted, issued certain Quaker tracts 
written by George Fox, Eichard Farneworth, James Nay lor, and Wilham 
ThomHnson, and was therefore reported to the State authorities in London, as a 
" Disperser of Quakers' Books." He died in 1695. Robert Wayte, " statyoner," 
free in 1667, was one of the City Chamberlains in 1696. Nathaniel Bell, book- 
seller, in The I'avemcnt, free in 1768, issued several Quaker publications ; he was 
a Chamberlain in 1757 and died in 1778. Thomas Hammond, free in 1679, and 
his son Thomas Hammond, free in 1708, were booksellers in the " Pavement 
opposite to Market Cross." Thomas the elder died in 1730, and his son, associated 
with Gent in the production of The Mercury, died in 1744. The most notable 
publisher and bookseller of this period was Francis Hildyard, who commenced 
business at the sign of the Bible, Stonegate, in 1680, and whom John Dun ton, 
describing his York acquaintances in his Life and Errors, refers to as " the topping 
man in that city, and not only a just but an ingenious man." Hildyard issued 
several historical works, and at his death in 1731 his business passed to his vSon 
John, who died in 1757. He was succeeded by John Hinxman, who carried it on 
for a few years, and then removed to London, dying at Salisbury in 1762. 

Sterne was closely associated with York ; he was a Prebendary at the 
Cathedral, in which he was married in 1741. The first edition of his Tristram 


Shandy was published by Hinxman, in Stonegate, in 1759. Its reception was 
highly flattering, and within two days 200 copies were sold, and its sale continued 
very fast. It is generally believed that Dr. John Burton, of York, author of 
Monasticon Eboracense, was the original of " Doctor Slop." " Parson Yorick," 
as Sterne was famiUarly known, issued his Sentimental Journey, on the 27th Feb., 
1768, three weeks before he died in London. Following Hinxman at the sign of 
the Bible, in Stonegate, John Todd and Henry Sotheran were in co-partnership 
until 1774, when they separated, and Todd was left in sole possession of the 
business, which he retained until his decease ia 1811. Nichols, in his Literary 
Anecdotes, observes " Few country booksellers had exerted themselves with 
greater ardour and perseverance (for nearly half a century) in the laborious 
pursuit of catalogue-making, with the respective valvie of each book attached, 
than the late Mr. Todd." His sons, John and George Todd, conducted the 
business with undiminished success. George Todd was the author of Castellum 
Hutionicum : Some account of Sheriff Hution Castle. John, who was the survivor, 
died in 1837, when Robert Suuter became the proprietor of the estabHshment ; 
and he fully maintained the traditions of the old house for nearly forty years, 
being the pubUsher of several Yorkshire books and numerous prints and engrav- 
ings. At Sunter's demise in 1873 the well-kno^vn sign of the Bible was taken 
down, and his stock was dispersed by auction, the sale extending over several 
weeks ; and thus was closed an historic bookshop with the reputation and 
memories of two centuries. Thomas Wilson founded in 1750 a printing and 
wholesale bookselling estabUshment in High Ousegate, which, under the firm of 
Wilson and Spence, 1787 ; Wilson, Spence and Mawman, 1793 ; and of Thomas 
Wilson and Son from 1810, was well-known in the book-trade throughout the 
British Isles for the greater part of a century-. This firm issued many works by 
Lindley Murray, of York, whose English Grammar, which first appeared in 1795, 
passed through about fifty editions, and achieved an annual sale of 100,000 copies. 
About 1810, Robert Spence withdrew from the firm and again opened a shop of 
his o-wn ; he subsequently took Richard Burdekin — who travelled all England 
for Wilson's — into partnership, and the business still flourishes under the 
proprietorship of Charles L. Burdekin, at 35 Parliament Street. 

In 1813, William Alexander commenced as a bookseller at 3 Castlegate, and 
was held in popular esteem. He printed and pubHshed works on general literature, 
and tracts and books of a philanthropic character. The most important work he 
issued was the History and Description of the Ancient Citv of York, by WilUam 
Hargrove, 2 volumes, in 1818. Sir Walter Scott revelled in the lore of these tomes, 
and it is stated that he negotiated with the pubHsher to print one of liis historic 
romances, but Alexander, being a Quaker, had conscientious objections to novel 
reading, therefore he dechned Scott's offer. At Alexander's death in 184 1 the book 
department was acquired by George Hope, afterwards carried on as Hope and 
Chapman, and more recently as Chapman and Wilson, and at the present time 
John C. Wilson, proprietor of the business, is estabhshed at 36, Coney Street. 
Alexander's printing branch was transferred to John L. Linney in 1839, and the 
following year he removed his press to 15, Low Ousegate, where he opened a 
book shop. James Hunton followed in possession in 1850, and he pubUshed 
York and its Vicinity, a superior handbook to the city. In 1865 the business was- 
purchased by Wilham Sessions, and he is remarkable as ha^^[ng printed for Ira D. 
Sankey his first hymn sheet, " Jesus of Nazareth passeth by," for an early 
evangeUstic meeting held at York. The hymn sheet proved a success, others were 
immediately issued ; and they rank as the forerunners of Sankey' s Hymns, 
which gained such a world-wide reputation. Henry Bellerby, bookseller, free in 
1818, for many years kept a circulating Ubrary in Stonegate. John Sampson, his 
son-in-law, a shrewd and capable man, was taken into partnership, and he 
subsequently removed to the County Library in Coney Street — the Regent Street 
of York. During the latter half of the nineteenth centurv' Sampson was the most 
noted bookseller in Yorkshire. He pubUshed many popular historical works. 
After his death in 1887 his son John B. Sampson carried on the business until 1911, 
when he disposed of it to W. H. Smith and Son. The flourishing bookselling 
business of Edward H. Pickering, 28. High Ousegate, dates back "to 1857, and 
was established by the father of Charles Pickering the present owner. Another 
important member of the book-trade is Edwin Story, Micklegate Bar, who cater 


for the literary enjoyment of " the milHon," and largely deals in scholastic and 
cheap classical literature. Stonegate, the most picturesque street in York, 
teems with those associations of history and literature which are the chief glory 
of this old-world thoroughfare. It was once the grand emporium of books, but its 
quaint old shops are now chiefly tenanted by dealers in antiques, old china, and 
rare prints ; Loadman's is an old-established business of this type. Booklovers 
in search of scarce and standard books are catered for by Edward Pickard, at the 
sign of the " Olde Booke Shoppe " in Stonegate, a typical bookshop of the old- 
style, with its galleries and shelves well stocked with a " true University," as 
Carlyle terms a good collection of books. Another second-hand dealer in books 
is Charles A. Streicher, in Church Street, where many " a Jollie Goode Booke " 
may be picked up. 

There are innumerable literary persons connected by birth or residence with 
York, and to only briefly mention them would take up more space than I am 
allotted, therefore a few particulars of the most familiar and best known are given. 
It is peculiarly interesting to note that several women noveHsts and litterateurs 
were either bom or lived in the city. Not a few have written of its fascinating 
lore, and others in a scholarly manner edited some of its rarest mediaeval records. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Justice, the wife of Henry Justice, the barrister, who in 1739 lived 
in York, 'issued by subscription a volume entitled A Voyage to Russia, describing 
the Laws, Names and Customs of that great empire as governed at this present by that 
excellent princess the Czarina," a second edition of which was pubUshed in London 
in 1746. She also wrote a novel, Amelia, or the Distressed Wife, which was 
probably a tale of her own experiences. Mrs. Justice, who died in 1752, was an 
acquaintance and correspondent of the charming Lady Mary Wortley Montague, 
who occasionally visited York. Harriet Parr, who wrote under the pen-name of 
" Holme Lee," was the daughter of William Parr, a York haberdasher, who died 
in 1832, when she was in her girlhood. In after years she wrote short stories which 
were pubhshed in Household Words and the National Magazine. Her numerous 
novels included Against Wind and Tide ; Annis Warleigh's Fortunes ; Basil 
Godfrey's Caprice ; Beautiful Miss Barrington ; Ben -Milner's Wooing ; The 
<:ontrast ; and Her Title of Honour. Miss Parr died at Shanklin, Feb. 18th, 1900. 
Ehza Tabor (born 1835), a mid- Victorian novehst, published a considerable 
number of stories between 1855 and 1888. In some of them she indicates and 
delineates scenes in York, easily recognised by those who know the city. A few 
of her novels are St. Olave's, Janita's Cross, Annette, The Blue Ribbon, Little Miss 
Primrose, and M eta's Faith. She is the daughter of the late John Tabor, author 
of An Epitome of Astronomy. From 1829 to 1868 Mr. Tabor had a school in York. 
The Tabors were a Hterary family. The elder sister, Mary C. Tabor, published 
several novels, Rachel's Secret, Nature's Nobleman, A Sylvan Queen, and others. 
In late life she devoted herself to philanthropic work. She died in Lincoln in 
1910." " John Strange Winter," was the pseudonym under which Mrs. Arthur 
Stannard wrote. Ruskin spoke of her as " the author to whom we owe the most 
finished and faithful rendering ever yet given of the character of the British 
Soldier." Mrs. Stannard, a native of York, was born in an old-fashioned, stately 
house, in Trinity Lane, J any. 13th, 1856. Her father, the Rev. H. Vaughan 
Palmer, was for many years rector of St. Margaret's, although prior to taking Holy 
Orders he was a cavalry officer. Booties Baby was her first novel. Mrs. O. F. 
Walton, author of Christie's Old Organ, and a host of popular tales pubUshed by 
the Rehgious Tract Society, some of which were written at York, resided with 
her husband for ten years, 1883-1893, at the Vicarage of St. Thomas. Miss 
Florence Bone, author of A Rose of York, is the daughter of the Rev. Henry Bone, 
a Wesleyan Minister, who was stationed in York during 1885-88. Her story is 
permeated with the glamour and quaint charm of the venerable city. Mrs. 
Ethel Henrietta Thomson, wife of Wilfrid F Home Thomson, banker, of York, 
writes under the pen-name of " Henrietta Home," and she is responsible for two, 
at least, carefully written novels. The Fledglings and Visions for Company. 

No city in England contains so many interesting specimens of mediaeval 
buildings, and the charm of these and the historic memories woven round almost 
every foot of ground have eloquently appealed to archaeologists and historians 
from generation to generation. Many authors in this sphere have achieved more 


than local fame, therefore mention of some of these literary worthies is perhaps 
allowable. Sir Thomas Widdrington, Recorder of York, 1637-58, Speaker of the 
House of Commons, 1656-8, was the first citizen that wrote an historic account 
of York. His Analecta Eboracensia : or Some Remaynes of the Ancient City of 
York, the foundation of all subsequent local histories, remained in manuscript 
until 1897, when it was edited by the Rev. Caesar Caine, who has also written the 
Martial Annals of York, The Archiepiscopal Coins of York, and other works. 
Francis Drake, M.D., city surgeon, bom at Pontefract in 1696, settled at York in 
1718 ; he was the author of Eboracum : or the History and Antiquities of the City 
of York. This monumental work of thirty years research was published in 1736. 
John Burton, M.D., F.S.A., who was bom at Colchester in 1710, came to York in 
1735. His principal work was Monasticon Eboracense. The Rev. John Kenrick, 
F.S.A., a distinguished classical scholar and historian, and one of the founders 
of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, died in 1877. He was the author of The 
History of Ancient Egypt under the Pharaohs ; Ancient Phcenicia, and many 
learned tracts of archaeological value. Robert Davies, F.S.A., Town Clerk of 
York, 1827-48, was a most accurate historian. He edited and wrote several works, 
and his Memoir of the York Press, 1868, is perhaps the most important. His 
Antiquarian Walks through the Streets of York, and Extracts from the Municipal 
Records of York, and a score or more of papers on archaeological subjects, are of 
inestimable value to present-day students. Robert Hardisty Skaife, a well- 
known antiquary, bom at York in 1830, pubUshed in 1864 A Plan of Roman, 
MedicBval, and Modern York, and he has edited for the Surtees Society Kirby's 
Inquest, Inquisitions of Knights' Fees, and the Nomina Villarum for Yorkshire ; 
and The Register of the Guild of Corpus Christi in the City of York ; he has also 
contributed to the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal a translation of Domesday 
Book, of which a reprint is published. Charles Wellbeloved, archaeologist, bom in 
London in 1769, resided in York for more than fifty years, and died in 1858. 
His principal antiquarian works are An Account of St. Mary's Abbey, York, and 
Eburacum : or York under the Romans. The Rev. James Raine, junior, D.C.L., 
Canon and Chancellor of York Cathedral, who died May 20th, 1896, made many 
valuable contributions to archaeological literature. He was secretary to the 
Surtees Society, and in that capacity edited many of the numerous volumes the 
society has issued. In 1863 he edited and arranged an edition of the Lives of the 
Archbishops of York, and thirty years later he wrote a History of York for Long- 
man's " Historic Town Series." The Dean of York, Dr. Purey-Cust, whose 
lo\4ng care of York Minster is proverbial, is the author of several books on the 
Cathedral of St. Peter. His Heraldry of York Minster ; a Key to the History of its 
Builders and Benefactors, as shown in its Stained- Glass Windows, va.a.y be considered 
the Dean's magnum opus, especially when we know that the cathedral contains 
more than half an acre of mediaeval stained-glass — a possession probably un- 
equalled by any church in Christendom. Picturesque Old York : Chapters His- 
torical and Descriptive, and The Collar of SS ; a History and a Conjecture, are two 
of the most recent works from Dr. Purey-Cust's pen. Mr. George Benson, a York 
architect, is the recognised authority on York IMinster and the Churches of York. 
His illustrated Handbook to the Cathedral Church of St. Peter is a standard pocket 
guide, which has run through several editions ; and papers by him on The Bell- 
founders of York ; The Hospital of St. Peter, and kindred subjects have appeared in 
the transactions of local societies. Vox Quaint and Historic York, illustrated by E. 
Ridsdale Tate, he supphed the letterpress. The Rev. John Salloway, D.D., Vicar 
of Selby, was for 15 years rector of the Abbey Church of Holy Trinity, York, and 
during his sojourn in the city he acted as Hon. Secretary to the Yorkshire Archi- 
tectural and York Archaeological Society. He wrote an accoimt of the Alien 
Benedictines of York, which appeared in 1910. Mr. J. L. Brockbank, B.A., Hon. 
Secretary of the York Historical Association, in collaboration with Mr. W. M. 
Holmes, a York Schoolmaster, pubhshed in 1909 a popular school book entitled 
York in English History. 

The Library and scientific collections of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, 
at the Museum, York, have long been famous ; and the first suggestion for the 
formation of the British Association was made by Sir David Brewster, in a letter 
to John PhilUps, one of the secretaries of the York society, and keeper of the 
Museum. The proposal was adopted and the British Association held its first 


meeting at York iu 1831. York has always been fertile in literary and scientific 
genius, and has produced many authors. Prof essor J ohn Phillips, F.G.S., F.R.S., 
Keeper of the Museum from 1825 to 1840, and sometime Professor of Geology of 
King's College, Dublin and Oxford, was the author of The Geology of Yorkshire, 
1826 ; The Rivers, Mountains, and Sea Coast of Yorkshire, 1853 ; The Geology of 
Oxford and the Valley of the Thames, 1871 ;"' and a large number of papers 
printed in the transactions of scientific societies ; he died in 1874. Professor 
Silvanus P. Thompson, D.Sc, F.R.S., Principal and Prof essor of Physics in the 
City and Guilds Technical College, London, since 1885, son of the late Silvanus 
Thompson, Principal of Bootham School, York, was born in the Minster City 
in 1851. His chief publications are Michael Faraday, 1898 and The Life of Lord 
Kelvin, 1910 ; and sundry valuable technical works on electricity and allied 
subjects. Tempest Anderson, M.D., President of the Yorkshire Philosophical 
Society, an authority on volcanian phenomena, is the author of Recent Volcanic 
Eruptions in the West Indies, and Volcanic Studies in Many Lands both 
published in 1903. 

York men eminent in botanical knowledge and research have enriched the 
literature of natural history, and the name of Backhouse has been famous in 
international horticultural circles for three generations. James Backhouse, bom 
in 1794, published A Narrative of a Visit to the Australian Colonies, and a similar 
work deahng with the Mauritius and South Africa. He died Jan. 20th, 1869. 
The Backhouse, born in York, Oct. 22nd, 1825, wrote many papers 
on botanical subjects, and his chief reputation will rest in his well-known Mono- 
graph of the British Hieracia (i.e. Hawkweeds), published in 1856, by William 
Simpson, bookseller. Low Ousegate, York ; another work from his pen, French 
Protestantism, was issued by William Sessions of York, in 1884. Mr. Backhouse 
materially assisted WilHam MacgiUivray, LL-L., in his Natural History of Dee 
Side and Braemar, which was printed in 1855 by command of Queen Victoria. 
The third James Backhouse, F.L.S., F.Z.S., son of the above, is the author of a 
Handbook of European Birds ; an account of Upper Teesdale, Past and Present, 
and a chapter on Lead Mining in Yorkshire, for the Victoria County History ; at 
the Royal International Horticultural Exhibition, 1912, he acted as one of the 
judges, and held a like honourable distinction at the Quinquennial Horticultural 
Exhibition in Ghent this year (1913). Henry Baines, sometime sub-curator to 
the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, who diligently prosecuted botanical re- 
searches for many years, was the author The Flora of Yorkshire, which appeared 
in 1840. Lindley Murraj^ the Grammarian, who was a native of Swetara, near 
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, came to England in 1784, he took up his residence in 
the suburbs of York, where he spent the remainder of his life ; he died Feb. 16th, 
1826. His English Grammar, formerly known to every Enghsh reader, was first 
published in 1795, by Thomas Wilson, bookseller of High Ousegate, York ; it 
passed through many editions, and was a standard work throughout England 
and America. Thomas Bywater Smithies, an early temperance advocate, bom 
at York in 1817, entered the office of the Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance 
Company. He subsequently went up to London, and in 1851 published his 
first number of the Band of Hope Review, one of the earliest pictorial monthlies for 
children. In 1855, he launched the British Workman, and afterwards gave his 
whole time to the preparation of such periodicals. He died on July 20th, 1883. 
The " literary Rown trees " of York have written chiefly on religious, social, and 
economic subjects. John Stephenson RowTitree, born in 1834, whose work as an 
author was done chiefly in connection with the Society of Friends, wrote a few 
pamphlets dealing with purely archaeological questions of local character. Of 
his books the best known are ids Quakerism : Past and Present ; an Enquiry into 
the Truthfulness of Lord Macaulay's Portraiture of George Fox ; and a small 
volume The Society of Friends : Its Faith and Practice. He died April 12th, 1907. 
Joseph Rowntree, bom in 1836, amongst other works is the author of 
Temperance Legislation ; The Temperance Problem and Social Reform ; and 
A Neglected Aspect of the Temperance Question. Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree, 
born in 1871, like his father Joseph Rowntree, devotes much time to the 
uplifting of his fellow citizens, his Poverty : a Study of Town Life ; Betting 
and Gambling, a National Evil ; Land and Labour, and How the Labourer 
Lives (1913), are works of great value to social reformers. The Rev. 


William Mason, M.A., one of the most eminent of our Yorkshire poets, was a 
Prebendary and Canon Residentiary of York Cathedral. The first edition of his 
Poems appeared in 1763. He was executor of Poet Gray, and published Memoirs 
of the Life and Writings of Gray, 1775, of which Walpole wrote — " were I to 
judge from my own feelings, I should say there never was so entert a in in g or 
interesting a work : that it is a most perfect model of biography." Anthony 
Buckle. B.A., a local poetical writer, many years principal of the School for the 
Blind, at York, and who died in 1900, published Yorkshire Etchings and Sonnets ; 
and Lyrics and Sonnets of Northern Lands. Frederick J. Gillman (a connection of 
Dr. Gillman, of Highgate, the friend of Coleridge and Lamb), a resident of York, 
is an authority on hynmal lore ; he was one of the compilers of the Fellowship 
Hvmn Book, and is the author of The Songs and Singers of Christendom, an excellent 
guide to the songs and singers of our own and other countries. The Rev. Henry 
Bett, Wesleyan Minister, whilst stationed at York, Sept. 1908 to 1911, wrote The 
Hymns of Methodism in their Literary Relations, a valuable contribution to 
hymnological research ; and he is also the author of The Watch Night, a historical 
novel, recentl}'- published, deaUng vnth the EvangeUcal Revival of the eighteenth 
century. WilUam Thomson, the " People's Archbishop," who held the See of 
York from 1863 imtil his death on Christmas Eve. 1892. was the author of 
The Land and the Book ; and several divinity and devotional works. The Rt. 
Rev. George Forest Browne, Bishop of Bristol since 1897, a native of York, 
born in 1833, has written much on Church History ; he is the author of a standard 
work on the Ice Caves of France and Smitzerland ; and from his pen we have 
A Icuin of York, and The Venerable Bede. S^^dney H. Smith, an ardent York natural- 
ist, and a voluminous w-riter on his favourite leisure pursuits, has just published an 
interesting little book Snowden Slights, Wildfowler, an account of the life and 
exploits of a typical wildfowler of Yorkshire, the last of his type. Sir Edwin 
Pears, the eminent barrister, practising in the Consular Courts at Constantinople, 
is a York man, born in 1835. As correspondent to The Daily Xews he sent letters 
in May and June, 1876, describing the Moslem atrocities in Bulgaria, two of which 
were pubhshed in Blue Books, and aroused demonstrations led by Gladstone. 
Sir Edward has also written The Fall of Constantinople, being the Story of the Fourth 
Crusade ; The Destruction of the Greek Empire ; Turkey and its People, and many 
contributions to the English Historical Review and to other periodical literature. 

Particulars of the Literary and Historical Societies and Libraries of York 
would well form the subject of a separate article, as would also its poetical writers 
and their poetry ; however, we have seen that its sons and daughters, imbued 
with a true Uterary spirit, have achieved much, and added not a little lustre to 
the fame of York, the city of their birth or adoption ; and there are kindred 
spirits who still love her, and— 

" Sing to the triumph of York, white rose of the northern lea ! 
Sing to her, years long past, and j^ears we are yet to see ! 
For the glory of age is upon her ; the glory of youth hath she ; 
But this is her crowning glory, the glory of days to be ! " 

* The plate of Stonegate has been kindly lent by Messrs. W. H. Smith &* Son, York. 


Treen R.) 34 Cecil Road, Musweli Hill, London, N. 

Arundel Society's Coloured Prints, Books, etc., particularly annual lists of 
subscribers, reports of Coimcil Meetings, descriptive notices of prints, and 
any papers, however unimportant, issued by the Society. Second-hand 
book-catalogues desired. 


Mr. Charles C. Auchincloss, 11 Pine Street, New York City, is a book- 
collector who has heard of B.A.R., and he desires it to be known that he will be 
<?lad to receive booksellers' catalogues. 

* 4e « 

I have always insisted that works of reference are invaluable to booksellers, 
and another proof of the fact has just occurred. On the opposite page is a notice 
of mine upon Mr. Jaggard's wonderful Shakespeare Bibliography. Since writing 
the notice I again took up the volume in one of my few leisure hours and opened 
it by chance, and the first item that met my eye was an entry of Ireland's 
Picturesque Views of the Warwickshire Avon, 1795, a volume which has always 
attracted me by reason of its Shakespearian interest and the beauty of its aquatint 
engravings. Mr. J aggard notes that a considerable portion of the volume concerns 
Shakespeare and Stratford, and he adds, ' Some of the plates rank among the earli- 
est views of vShakespearian spots unaltered since the poet's day. One scene (a 
woodcut, at page 154) depicts the ancient farmhouse at Fulbroke, the alleged 
temporary lock-up in the legendary poaching expedition." A quotation is then 
given from The Gentleman's Magazine, Oct., 1800, from which it appears that 
Ireland " navigated down this poetic and enchanting stream attended by a very 
modest and well-informed man, John Jordan, who is by trade a wheelwright, 
and possesses considerable knowledge in history and antiquity, and is also no mean 
poet. ... It was Jordan who gave W. H. Ireland the first information on 
which he created his visionary falsehood {i.e., the Shakespeare forgeries)." Now 
here any bookseller has the material for penning a first-rate note to the description 
of any copy of the volume which he may have for sale, enhancing its interest 
and also its commercial value. And this is only one out of thousands of items of 
information contained in the Bibliography, wliich would be cheap at twice the 
guinea-and-a-half which the pubhshers offer it for. 

* * * 

In this Part we have a record of Cocke's Kitchin-Physick, or Advice to the 
Poor, 1676. Included in the title is with Rules and Directions how to prevent 
Sickness, and Cure Diseases by Diet. It is curious that the diet-cure, so strongly 
advocated to-day, should also have been recommended 237 years ago, and that 
afterwards bleeding and cupping and drugging should have been generally 
resorted to by the Faculty. It seems so much to corroborate Mr. Dooley's 
theory that " progress " is just a merry-go-round, and that in the long rim we 
always get back to the place we started from. 

* * * 

At the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the American Booksellers' Associa- 
tion, held in New York, May 13-15, 1913, Mr. K. D. North-read a paper on " Fine 
and Rare Books as an Adjunct to the Retail Book Business," and incidentally 
mentioned that a London bookseller of the present day, who began life by selhng 
books from a barrow, at 3d. and 6d. each, now owns a stock worth ^50,000. 
This is no fiction, for I know that bookseller. The fact illustrates the possibilities 
of antiquarian bookselling when conducted with intelUgence and energy. 

* * * 

Numerous cases have occurred of booksellers recommending B.A.R. to 
collectors, and the said booksellers themselves supply B.A.R. to those chents of 
theirs. It is therefore evident from this fact that many members of the trade 
do not regard the supplying of B.A.R. to collectors as being inimical to their 
interests, and further proof of that is sho^^^l by the desire of many subscribers 
to have their catalogues noticed in B.A.R. A later development is a suggestion^ 
that a section of B.A.R. should be devoted to a " Collectors' Column," in which 
the wants of collectors might be advertised, and the bookseller be brought into 
communication with those whose wants he can supply. As an experiment, and 
in order to see what response is made, and also what the general opinion of 
subscribers is, a beginning is made in the present Part, and I shall be glad to hear 
from booksellers on the subject. 


Known Issue of the Writings of our National Poet, 
and of recorded Public Opinion thereon, in the English 
Language, by William Jaggard, Shakespeare Press, Sheep 
Street, Stratford-on-Avon, 1911. 756 pages, over 36,000 
entries and references— £1 lis. 6d. 

I do not know whether ever}'- librarian and every bookseller in this and in 
every other country of the civilized world possesses this volume, but it he does 
noi he should immediately secure a copy while it is still to be acquired at the 
absurdly-small price of £1 lis. 6d. It is a monument of labour, and a labour of 
love at that, for surely Mr. Jaggard can never have been repaid for the knowledge 
the e.Kperience, and the time necessary to the production of such a monumental 
work. The mere manual labour is only the smallest part of the imdertaking. 
What has gone to the making of the volume has been a Ufetime of devotion to 
the subject, such as few men could afford to bestow upon only one object, 
while the prdinary means of income-earning had not to be neglected.. The 
Bibliography contains ever\-tliing that the practical bookman can ever want to 
know respecting Shakespeareana. Every edition of the poet's collected works, 
from the iirst in 1623 to 1910, is duly recorded, whether pubUshed in the United 
Kingdom, in America, or in any other part of the habitable world. Every 
separate edition of every play or poem printed during the same period of time, 
whether for sale or by private presses, duly appears in the Bibliography. Also 
any versions " edited " or altered for the worse by managers of theatres and 
others who desired to " improve " the immortal plays. Does the bookman %vish 
to know which of Shakespeare's works were illustrated by any particular artist 
he has only to look imder that artist's name to find cross-references to every 
edition so illustrated, and as the Bibliography is in one alphabet there is not even 
an Index to have to refer to, as the work is its o%vn Index, and there is only one 
page in it on which one need search in order to find what is wanted. It is that 
simpUcity of arrangement which makes the volume invaluable to the busy man, 
and as I regard the Bibliography from the busy man's point of view it is especially 
that priceless quahty of the work which I \rish to impress upon all other busy 
men who care for books, meaning especially of course the subscribers to B.A.R. 
Now look at another aspect of the volume. You may happen to remember that, 
sometime or other, but you have quite forgotten when or in what circumstances, 
there was somewhere a reference to Shakespeare's aimts and the Snitterfield 
property. The matter is of importance to you because you have come across a 
book which mentions the subject. You might spend a lifetime trying to 
recover the information in question, and not succeed then, but you turn to the 
Bibliography and in the t\vinlding of an eve von learn that the matter appeared 
in The Athenaeitm, No. 4,265, pp. 95-97, and No. 4,268, pp. 181-183, July and 
August, 1909. I do not say that you are ever likely to ^^-ish to know about 
Shakespeare's aunts and the Snitterfield property, but quote it merely as an 
illustration of the thousand- and-one odd bits of information to be gleaned upon 
all kinds of unUkely subjects found in this remarkable work. Or take 
the Bacon-Shakespeare controversy ; you want to know everything that has 
been pubUshed in connexion with it. You refer to " Bacon " and there you find 
cross-references to no fewer than 119 authors who have written on this subject, 
some of their essays, etc., being in such pubUcations as The Pall Mall Magazine, 
for which othervWse you might vainly search for ever. Even the dates upon 
which Shakespeare's plays have been produced are recorded under the names of 
the theatres. A work which gives such an infinite variety of information and 
detail is simply beyond price, to say nothing of such a ridiculously-small simi as 
thirty-one-and-sixpence. I am thinking, in fact, all the time, of the Bibliography 
from the practical point of \new, that of the hbrarian and the bookseller, and it is 
for that rea.son that I urge ever\' .such worker to acquire it. The book is 
beautifully printed, and contains 30 illustrations. 

F. K. 



N.B. — All Booksellers should put us on their list of names, as one never knows where, 
in any part of the world, a notice of a catalogue attracts attention and leads 
to business. 


Aberystwyth.— Sydney V. Galloway, 21 Pier Street. — Catalogue No. 24, of Books 
in Welsh and Relating to Wales, together with a Collection of Prints of 
Welsh Views, suitable for framing or extra-illustrating, 758 items. Also 
Catalogue No. 25, of Second-hand Books in various classes of literature, 
including some Curious and Interesting Items, and an Addenda of Medical 
Books, to which is added a list of Topographical Prints and Engravings of 
Views in the British Isles, arranged under counties ; 986 items. 

Birmingham. — Edward Baker, 14-16 John Bright Street.-^Catalogue No. 319, 
the Country Gentleman's, Farmer's, Sportsman's and Naturalist's Handbook, 
comprised of Works on all Branches of Sport, Horses and Dogs, Natural 
History, Science, Farming, Horticulture, etc., etc. ; upwards of 1300 items, 
under the following heads : — AngUng ; Big Game Hunting ; Boating and 
Yachting ; Botany ; Boxing and Fencing ; Climbing ; Coacliing, Riding 
and Driving ; Cricket, Golf, and Works on Training ; CycHng, Motoring and 
Aviation ; Farming and Agriculture (including Poultry) ; Horses, Dogs and 
Cattle ; Horticulture ; Hunting ; Indoor Games ; Miscellaneous ; Natural 
History ; Ornithology ; Racing ; Science ; Shooting ; Zoology. Many of 
the editions in this catalogue are of great rarity. 

Brighton. — J. Metcalfe- IVtorton, 99a St. James's Street.^Catalogue No. 8, of 
Miscellaneous Books, Ancient and Modern, vmder the heading of Abyssinia, 
Afghanistan, Africa, Alpine, America, Angling, Archaeology, Architecture, 
Arnold, Art, Australia, Ballads, Biography, Brazil, Canada, Cervantes, Coins, 
Cookery, Court Memoirs, Curious, Drama, Egypt, England, Freemasonry, 
French, History, Humour, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lever, London, 
Medical, Military, Napoleon, Natural History, Naval, Norway, Occult, Paris, 
Phallism, Plays, Poetry, Pyramids, Ruskin, Scottish, ShakevSpeare, Spain, 
Sporting, Stevenson, Sussex, Theology, Topography, Travel, Yorkshire, W^est 
Indies, etc., and prefaced by an amusing and original " Book -Lover's Creed." 

Bristol. — William George's Sons, 89 Park Street. — Library Supply Lists, No. 336, 
consisting of Topography and Genealogy : I. General Works in Topography 
and Archaeology of Britain : Cathedrals, Lakes, Town Plans, Rivers, 
Railways, Roads, Roman Remains, etc. ; II. County Topography, etc. (also 
headings for Bristol, Ireland, Scotland, Wales); III. F'amily History, 
Heraldry, Reference Books ; 1376 items. 

Bromley, Kent. — G. H. Last, 29 The Broadway. — Catalogue No. 33, of Miscellane- 
ous Books, 486 items, under Africa, America, Art, Kent, London, Scotland, 
etc. Also, Catalogue No. 34, of Second-hand Books, in all Branches of 
Literature, 462 items, under Astronomy, Essex, Occult, Ray Society, etc. 

Burnley. — Lupton Bros., 38-40 Manchester Road. — Clearance Catalogues, Nos. 
122-123, including Collections under the heading of Brewing, and Lancashire 
Topography and Literature ; Africa, Arcliitecture, Australasia, Bibhography, 
Charles V., Cookery, India, London, Military, Napoleon, Pohtical ; 2,563 
items. Also, Bargains for Book-Lovers, 120 Selected Works by British 
Authors in \'arious Departments of Literature, Science, and Art, many in 
Fine Bindings. 

Carlisle.— Chas. Thurnam & Sons, 11 English Street. — Catalogue, May, 1913. 
Miscellaneous Second-hand Books, 723 items, under : Angling, Architecture. 
Botany, P'encing, Gardening, Heraldry, Natural History, Scotch Books, 
Shakespeare, Yorkshire Books, Zoology. Savioli's work on the Rapier and 
Dagger, 1594, is one of the rarer items, while Barriff's Military Discipline, 



1635. is another. Also, a Rough List of Interesting Books, many dealing with 
the Lake Country. Among the firm's pubhcations are Machell's Records of 
the Annual Grasmere Sports ; Wilson's Rose Castle, the Residential Seat of the 
Bishop of Carlisle : Hodgson's Flora of Cumberland, and a number of Pamph- 
lets by the late Chancellor Ferguson and others, reprinted from the Trans- 
actions of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiquarian Society. 

Chester. — Harry Jones, 48 Watergate Street. — Catalogues Xos. 24-25, of Mis- 
cellaneous Literature : Antiquities, Biography, Histor}-, Topography 
(arranged in order of counties), and Travels, with an addendum of Books 
relating to \\'ales, many purchased from the Library of Thomas Pennant, 
with Special Collections arranged under the following headings : Africa, 
Alpine, America, Australasia, India, Italy, Russia ; together 1,050 items. 

DuWin. — Hanna & Neaie, 29 Nassau Street. — Catalogue No. 17, of Second-hand 

Books vmder the head of Africa, Alpine, America, Art, Atlases, Birds, Black's 
Colour Books, Canada, Cliina, French History, Froude (J. A.), Holy Land, 
India, Military, Napoleon. Pope (Alex.), Russia, Sport, Tracts. Among the 
more important items are the following :■ — Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories 
and Tragedies, fourth edition, 1685, with the rare imprint, unknovsTi to 
bibhographers and not in the British Museum, perfect, and priced only /65 ; 
Ackermann's History of Madeira, 1821, Historical Sketch of Moscow, 1813 and 
Howitt's British Sports, 1809, all with coloured plates ; Upholsterer's and 
Cabinet Maker's Repository . 2 vols., /7 7s. ; Papworth's Select Views of 
London, 76 coloured plates, 1816, /24 ; The Old English Squire, coloured 
plates, 1821, /lO ; Markham's Husbandrv. 1675-6, £3 10s. ; Sams (W.) Tour 
of Paris, 1824, /2 2s. : First Issues of Kottobos, by Oscar Wilde ; Daniell's 
Oriental Scenerv, 1816, /5 5s.; Crisp's Visitation of Ireland, 1897-1911 ; 
Mercator's Atlas, 1628, etc., etc. 

Hove, Sussex. — T. Holmes & Co., 171a Church Road. — Catalogue of Books in all 

Departments of Literature, including Art, Drama, Antiquities, Archaeology, 
Travel, Medical, Topography, Music, Freemasonry, etc., 32 pages. 

Kingston-on-Thames. — W. C. Bryan, 49 Eden Street. — Catalogue of Second-hand 
Books, 731 items, under Architecture, Art, Medical, Natural Histor^^ Poetry, 
Quakers, Science, Sport. Theology, etc. 

Leamington Spa. — Simmons & Waters, 10 Spencer Street.— Catalogue No. 275 of 
Topographical and Antiquarian Books relating to the British Isles, including 
Numerous Engravings, Maps, etc., arranged in Counties, 1,406 items. Also, 
Catalogue No. 276 of Old and Modem Books, a very varied selection, in- 
cluding many from two Famous Warwickshire Libraries. In numerous 
cases the volumes have three bookplates of one noble family, representing 
three generations; 1,433 items. Also, Catalogue No. 277, of Autograph 
Letters, 736 items, including George Borrow, Dickens, Gladstone, T. Moore, 
Robert Bloomfield, etc. Booksellers should note that this firm allows 15°o 
discount to the trade. 

Leeds. — James Wiles, 34 Upperhead Row.— Catalogue No. 181, Old and Modem 

Books, faithfully described, 1 ,297 items, including a set of Roscoe's NoveUst's 
Library ; Chaucer's Works, 1602 ; Cruikshankiana ; First Editions ; 
Drama; Ovid, De Arte Amandi, 1526; a MS. .\ntiphonal, Saec. XV.; 
Shakespeare Society Pubhcations, Complete Set ; Sporting ; Yorkshire 
Topography, etc. Also, Catalogue No. 182, Books in various classes of Litera- 
ture, including a large collection of Books, Pamphlets, etc., relating to the 
County of York, a copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle, some bound vols, of 
Old Tracts, a collection of Shakespeariana, Scrap Books of Prints, and 
various items of interest from the fine old Library at Marchmont House, 
Berwickshire, the Home of the Humes, Campbells, and Polwarths o' that Ilk ; 
the Gledhow Wood Library-, and other good sources ; 1187 items. 

Leyton, Essex. — J. Baldwin, 14 Osborne Road. Catalogue No. 146, being a 
Clearance List of Second-hand Books, including many Scarce Items in All 
Branches of Literature, 1,052 items. 


London. — E. Bolleter, Ltd., 94 Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogue No. 10, New 
Series, being Miscellaneous Works in all Branches of Literature ; hand- 
somely bound sets of Standard Authors, Military and Naval Works, Coloured 
Plate Books, Court Memoirs, Art Books, Bound vSets of Periodicals, etc., etc., 
and including complete sets of the Alpine Journal to 1912, and of Bentley's 
Miscellany, 1837-68 ; Gentleman's Magazine, 1731-1862 ; Notes and 
Queries, complete set, to 1912 ; First Editions ; Old Bindings ; Bums' 
Poems, Edinburgh, 1787, etc., 822 items. 

Alfred Bull, 35 Hart Street, W.C— Catalogue No. 370, of Ancient and Modern 

Beoks in all Departments of Literature, EngHsh and Foreign, including many 
rare early printed Bibles and Testaments, Arber's Transcript of the Registers 
of the Company of Stationers ; a special section of English Books printed 
before 1700, etc. Also, Catalogue No. 371, Second-hand Books, English and 
Foreign, in all branches of Literature : Part I. — Miscellaneous, comprising 
History, Biography, Architecture, Antiquities, Philosophy, etc., etc. Part 
11. — Theological. Part III. — EngHsh Books printed before 1700. Also, 
Catalogue No. 372, Books Ancient and Modern, under the heads of Art and 
Architecture — Bibles — Bindings — Biography — Classics — Early English 
Books — Liturgical — Occult — Oriental — Sport, etc., including such works as 
Tyndale's Practyse of Pr dates, 1530 ; Glanville's De Proprietatihus Rerum, 
1491, complete set of the Percy Society Publications, etc., etc. 

Henry Davey, 4 Minories, E.C. — Catalogues Nos. 40-41, of Second-hand 

Books of All Classes, 2,072 items 

Day's Library, Ltd., 96 Mount Street, Park Lane, W. — Supplementary Sale 

Lists of Recent Works of Travel, Biography, Fiction, etc.. May and June, 
1913. Also, Day's July Clearance Sale of Surplus Library Books, with List 
of Contents ; pp. 128. 

W. & G. Foyle, 121-123 Charing Cross Road, W.C— Catalogue of Medical 

Books for the student and the practitioner, 36 pp., under the following 
heads : — Ambulance, Anaesthetics, Anaemia, Anatomy, Anatomy (Applied), 
Appendicitis, Bacteriology, Bargains, Biography, Blood, Botany, Brain, 
Breast, Bright's Disease, Cancer, Chemistry, Chest, Children, CHmatology, 
Constipation, Consumption, Dental, Diagnosis, Dictionaries, Dispensing, 
Domestic Medicine, Ear, Electricity, Ambryology, Epilepsy, Eye, Fevers, 
First Aid, Food, Forensic Medicine, Genito-Urinary, Gout, Gynaecology, 
Heart, Health, Herbalism, Histology, Homoeopathy, Hospitals, Hygiene, 
Hypnotism, Infectious Diseases, Insanity, Intestinal, Jurisprudence, Kidney 
Disease, Life Insurance, Liver, Massage, Materia Medica, Medical Examina- 
tion, Medicine, Mental Diseases, Microscopy, Midwifery, Nervous Systom, 
Nose, Nursing, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Paralysis, Pathology, Pharmacy, 
Pharmacology, Physics, Physiology, Prescribing, Public Health, Rabies, 
Recipes, Rectum, Refraction, Rheumatism, Rcntgen X Rays, Sanitation, 
Sexual, Skin Diseases, Stomach, Stuttering, Surgery, Syphilis, Therapeutics, 
Throat, Tongue, Toxicology, Treatment, Tropical Diseases, Tuberculosis, 
Urine, Venereal Diseases, Veterinary, Women, Water Supply, Zoology. 

Frank Hollings, 7 Great Turnstile, Holborn, W.C— Catalogue, No 93, Rare 

and Interesting Books, 1,209 items, including publications of the Kelmscott, 
Eragny, Vale, Doves, and Essex House Presses, many Association Books, 
Autograph Letters, and MSS. (E. B. Browning, Carlyle, Dickens, Landor, 
Wordsworth, Morris, Meredith, Swinburne, Symonds, Stevenson, Tennyson, 
Oscar Wilde, etc.) ; Books illustrated by Aiken, Cruikshank, Leech, Phiz., 
Rowlandson, etc. ; Bindings by Riviere and Zaehnsdorf ; Editions de Luxe ; 
a Complete Set of First Editions of Thomas Hardy's works ; Old Plays ; 
Rackham and Dulac books ; Choice Extra-Illustrated books, etc., etc. 

The George T. Juckes Co., 35 St. Martin's Court, W.C— Catalogue No. 234, 

of Valuable, Interesting and Important Books in Ancient and Modern 
Literature, recently purchased from Public and Private Sources, including 
Selections from the library of the late R. W. Barrett Browning, and formerly 
in the possession of Robert Browning and EHzabeth Barrett Browning ; 
upwards of 480 items. 


London. — Maurice & Co. — Annual Clearance Catalogue of a Large Assemblage of 
Interesting Books at extremely moderate prices, 1,008 items, covering a 
great variety of editions, from the 16tli century to the present time. 

Myers & Co., 143 Brompton Road, S.W. — Catalogue No. 191, of Recent 

Purchases of Old and Modem Books, in all Departments of Literature, 644 
items. Also, Catalogue No. 192, Engraved Portraits of Eminent Men, Naval, 
Mihtary, Social, PoUtical and Literary ; Portraits of Ladies ; Views in Great 
Britain and the Colonies, mostly in colours ; Fancy Engravings in Mezzotint, 
Stipple and Line ; Original Drawings, attributed to David Cox, Corbould, 
Edridge, Copley Fielding, Glover, Havell, Hills, Nicholson, Rowlandson, 
Sandby, Serres, Skelton, and Stothard, and a few Very Fine Hindoo- Persian 
Drawings in gold and colours, 400 items. Also, Catalogue No. 193, of Inter- 
esting and Standard Books (Old and Modem), in All Departments of Litera- 
ture ; with a small collection of " Shakespeariana," 800 items. Also, 
Catalogue No. 194, Engraved Portraits of Eminent Men, Naval, Military, 
Social, Political and Literary ; Portraits of Ladies ; Naval and Military 
Prints and Drawings ; Views in Great Britain and Abroad, mostly in colours ; 
Engravings after Turner, Girtin and Constable ; Views in Rome by Piranesi ; 
PoHtical and other Coloured Caricatures ; Fine French Engravings ; English 
Fancy Subjects, Scenes from Shakespeare's Plays, Arundel Society's Chromo- 
Hthographs, and a few Original Drawings and Oil Paintings, with Indexes 
to Painters and Engravers ; 440 items. 

Frank Redway, 9 Thornton Road, Wimbledon Common, S.W. — Catalogue 

No. 14, Choice and Rare Books, including " Association " Books, Rare 
Sporting Books, Americana, SuckUng's Fragmenta Aurea, 1646, " Waverley " 
1st edition, Bacon's Wisedome of the Ancients, 1619, Surtees's Sporting 
Novels, 1st editions, finest state, Life of Mytton, 1837, 1851, Coloured-plate 
Books, Choice 1st Editions of Stevenson, Hardy, Meredith, Jeffries, Yeats, 
etc. Books illustrated by Rowlandson, Aiken, Leech, Cruikshank, Greena- 
way, Caldecott, etc. ; 556 items. 

George Salby, 65 Great Russell Street, W.C. — Catalogue No. 1, Books 

relating to Africa ; General Works ; Egypt, The Egyptian Sudan, and the 
Barbary States ; Central Africa : West Africa, Nigeria, Sahara, West 
African Islands, Abyssinia, Somahland, East and West Equatorial Africa, 
Congo, Madagascar ; South Africa, or. Territories South of the Zambesi ; 
Addenda of Recent Purchases ; 379 items. 

Suckling & Co., 13 Garrick Street, W.C. — Catalogue of Engraved Portraits 

of Family Interest, also Portraits of Naval and Military, Musical, Dramatic, 
Scientific, Antiquarian, and other Personages ; upwards of 1,000 items. 

George Winter, 52 Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogue No? 78, of Recent 

Purchases, including Library Editions of Eugene Sue, Flaubert, Jesse, 
Napoleonic Memoirs, etc., also interesting items on Anghng, Art, Bibho- 
graphy, ^Military Subjects, etc. ; 651 items. 

Manchester. — Albert Sutton, 43 Bridge Street. — Catalogues Nos. 206, 207, Ancient 
and Modem Books, in aU Departments of Literature, including many fine 
and first editions, with a special collection on Ireland and the Irish People ; 
Derbyshire Economics, Furniture, Law, London, Scotland, etc. 1,600 items. 

Norwich.— W. Hunt, 14 Orford Hill.— Catalogue No. 169, Recent Purchases, 
including Books on Art, Africa, America, The Drama, Old Furniture, &c. 
Early Editions of Geo. Borrow, Dickens, Fielding, Smollett, &c. Also, a 
List of Norfolk and Suffolk Books, including Blomefield's Historv of Norfolk, 
11 vols., 1805-10, /8 10s. 

Reading.— William Smith & Son, 37-39 London Street.— Clearance Catalogue (No. 
27) of Second-hand Books, together with some Recent Purchases from the 
Libraries of F.-M. the Rt. Hon. Lord Grenfell, P.C, G.C.M.G.. Butler's 
Court, Beaconsfield ; the late F. J. Tibbald, Esq., Bounjemouth, and from 
other sources ; 1,350 items, vmder the following heads : — Antiquarian and 
Topographical (British) ; Biographical ; Economics ; Foreign Travels and 
Topography (Alpine, Africa, America, Arctic and Antarctic, Australasia, 


China, Japan, etc., Egypt, etc., India, etc., Norway, Sweden, etc., Persia, 
Turkey, etc., Miscellaneous) ; Military and Naval ; Napoleon and French 
Revolution ; Sport. The Theairuni Orbis Terrarum of Ortelius, 1595, is one 
of the works included. 

Southampton. — T. James & Co., 34 Bernard Street. — Catalogue No. 128 ; Books 
selected from the most recent purchases, not previously catalogued, com- 
prising : First Editions of Dickens in Original Parts ; Cruikshank ; Books 
with Old Coloured Plates ; Topography and General Literature ; and 
including Life of John Mytton, second and third editions, 1837-1851 ; 
Carey's Life in Paris, 1822, £12 12s. : Egan's Life in London, 1821, ;/;i2 12s. 
Egan's Anecdotes of the Turf, etc., 1827, /lO 10s. ; Grammont Memoirs, fine 
copv, 1811, ^5 15s.; Hampshire Books; Real Life in London, 1821-22, 
£1 iOs., etc., etc. 

Torquay. — Andrew Iredale & Son, 13 Strand. — Catalogue No. 81. vSecond-hand 
Books, for the most part purchased from the Executors of Local Gentlemen. 
Amongst other interesting and scarce items may be noted works relating to 
the English Liturgy, Maskell's rare Dissertation on English vService Books, 
Maskell's Ancient Liturgy, two copies, profusely annotated in manuscript by 
the author, Works relating to the Fine Arts, Ivory Carvings, Porcelain, 
Plate, etc.. Works in General Literature, etc., etc., etc. (in line condition). 

Wrexham. — Frank Crowe, Bank Street. — Catalogue No. 50, of Topographical 
Books, England, Ireland, Scotland, and a large collection relating to Wales. 
General Topography, English Counties (alphabetically arranged), Ireland, 
Scotland, Wales ; 1,097 items. Also, Catalogue No. 51, of Miscellaneous 
Second-hand Books, in Various Departments of Literature ; 1,366 items ; 
under America, Angling, Drama, Law, Shakespeare, Sport, etc. 


Albany, N.Y., U.S.A. — J. McDonough Company, 98 State Street. — Book Catalogue 
No. 295, of Scarce, Valuable and L'seful Books, including some Beautiful 
Sets in Handsome Bindings ; 513 items. Also, Catalogue No. 297, of an 
Unusually Interesting Collection of Books, being the first part of the fine 
private library of the late Hon. A. P. McCormick, of Dallas, Texas, recently 
purchased ; 508 items. 

Berlin, Germany. — Martin Breslauer, Kurfiirstendamm 29. — Katalog 22 ; Das 
Schone Buch im Wandel der Zeit, nebst Anhang : Autographen. In- 
haltsverzeichnis ; Kostbare Handschriften mit und ohne Miniaturen, 
Einzelne Pergamentminiaturen, Incunabeln, Buchillustration und Druck- 
kunst im 16. Jahrhundert, Die Buchillustration im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert, 
Die Buchillustration des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts, Musterdrucke beriihmter 
Druckstatten und Vorzugsdrucke derselben Zeit, Almanache, Kalender, 
Taschenbiicher, Calligraphic, Einblattdrucke, Fliegende Blatter. Verord- 
nungen, Erlasse, Bekanntmachungen, Der Notendruck, Spitzenbiicher, 
Stickmusterbiicher, A. : Originaldrucke, B. : Nachbildungen, Die Gewan- 
dung des Buches : Schone Einbande, Anhang : Autographen, Verlags- und 
Katalogankiindigungen. The Catalogue contains 692 items of book-rarities, 
and 124 reproductions of miniatures, early woodblocks, wood engravings, 
initials, text, title-pages, printer's marks, choice bindings, old music, etc. 
Also, Auktions-Katalog Nr. 24 ; Almanach de Gotha und Gothaischer 
Hofkalender, Sammlung Edward Clement-Magdeburg, Die bedeutendste 
Vereinigung vollstandiger Folgen und einzelner Jahrgange mit alien ihren 
Verschiedenheiten. Eine Sammlung von unerreichter Vollstandigkeit. The 
Catalogue contains 120 reproductions of engravings and title-pages. Also 
Katalog 25 ; Dokumente friihen deutschen Lebens, Zweite Reihe, Das 
Schau spiel in Deutschland bis 1700 vmd die inhalthch verwandte Literatur 
der Zeit, Bibhothek Rarl Biltz u. a., Erfte Abteilung : Disputation en, Streit- 
und Schmahschriften, Schelmen-, vSchwank- und Fabelbiicher. Zweite 
Abteilung : vSchauspiele und Dialoge. 

Boston, Mass., U.S.A. — Goodspeed's Book Shop, 5a Park Street. — Catalogue No. 
98, of Standard Sets and Miscellaneous Books, 628 items, with a view of 
Boston Common and the State House in 1830. 


Florence, Italy.— Davis & Orioli, 16 Lun^'Arno Acclaioli.— Catalogue No. VI. 

Old and Rare Books, 467 items, including examples of the Aldine Press, 
Elzevirs, English Books, French Literature and Illustrated Books, Greek 
Printing, ItaUan Literature, Manuscripts, Medical, Occult, Spain and 
Portugal, Volcanoes, Prints, etc., with facsimiles of two bindings with the 
arms of Clement XI and Clement XIV. The descriptions and notes are in 
English, and the prices in francs. 

Otto Lange, 132 Via Serragli.— Catalogue No. 28, Books and Maps relating 

to Asia, 1 .027 items. General Works, Cartography, Voyages in Asia, Voyages 
in the Pacific, Kamtschatka, Alaska, Behrings Street, Siberia, China, Japan, 
PhiUppines, Moluccas, Si am, Cochinchina, Ceylon, India, Central Asia, 
Turkey. Also, Catalogue No. 29, of Books and Maps relating to Spain and 
Portugal and Africa, 475 items. 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. — Joseph Baer & Co., Hochstrasse 6.— Katalog 610, 
Switzerland, 2,899 items, as follows: — I. Allgemeines. Geschi(^hte und 
Kulturgeschichte der Schweiz. Die Alpen im AUgemeinen. Zeitschriften ; 
Aarau, Appenzell, Basel. Baseler Friihdrucke, Bern, Bodensee, Calvinismus, 
Chur, Einsiedeln, Erasmus v. Rotterdam, Freiburg. Genf, Genfer See, 
Gotthard, Hannibal, Holbein d. J., Ladinisches und rhatoroman, Sprachge- 
biet, Lausanne, Luzem, Neuenburg, St. Gallen, Schaffhausen und der 
Rheinfall, Tell, Tod und Totentanze^ Ziirich, Zwingli. II. Die Literatur in 
der Schweiz ; Bodmer und Breitinger, Gessner, Goethe, Gotthelf, Haller, 
Keller, Lavater, Rousseau, Toepffer, Widmann. Also, 611 Antiquariats- 
katalog. The Balkan Peninsiala and the Archipelago, from the fall of the 
Roman Empire to the present time. I. Languages ; Albanian, Modem Greek, 
Bulgarian, Servian, Croatian, Slovenian, Turkish, partlv from the hbrary of 
Antonios Miliarakis ; 812 items. Also, Antiquariatskatalog 613. Biblio- 
theca Romanica, sprache und Literatur der Romanischen Volker, Teil V, 
enthaltend die Bibliothek des t Wilhelm Cloetta, Professor der romanischen 
Sprachen an der Universitat Strassburg (Nachtrag zu unseren Katalogen 
583, 584, 596, 608), Romanica im AUgemeinen, Franzosisch, ProvenzaUsch, 
Italienisch, Raetoromanisch, Maccaronica, Spanisch, Portugiesisch, Baskisch, 
Rumanisch ; 3.330 items. Also, Lager-Katalog 614. Rheinprovinz, West- 
falen. Waldeck-Pyrmont, Lippe ; Aus dem Inhalt : A. Allgemeines. Frie- 
densschluss, Westf aHscher. Jiilich — Cleve — Berg — • Mark — Ravensberg, 
Rheinreisen u. Rheinansichten, Varusschlacht, Vehmgerichte, B. Stadte-u. 
Ortsgeschiclite : Aachen, Diisseldorf, Koln, Miinster, Paderbom, Trier, 
Wetzlar. Lippe und Waldeck, Nachtrag. Mit * sind Separatabdrucke und 
Ausschnitte gekennzeichnet ; 2,152 items. Also, Frankfurter Biicherfreund, 
11 Jahrg., No. 2, Inhaltsverzeiclmis : Beitrage zur Incunabelkvmde IV, 
Vor hundert J ahren ; 1813 — Der Freiheitskrieg, Neue Erwerbungen, Aldinen, 
Einblattdrucke des XV. und XYl. Jahr-hunderts, Rechenbiicher, Schreib- 
biicher, Widmuugsexemplare — Biicher aus Bibliotheken Beriihmter Manner. 
The catalogue contains numerous reproductions of early engravings and 

Geneva^ Switzerland. — Thury, Baumg:artner & Co., 4 Rue Diday. — Catalogue No. 
107, Livres d'Occasion, anciens et modernes, 1,435 items : under : — Histoire, 
Memoires, Litterature, EngUsh Books (History, Literature), Theologie, 
Philosophic, Occultisme, Sciences sociales, Droit, Sciences physiques. 
Agriculture, Zootechnie, Provinces, Bretagne, Normandie, Ouvrages pour 
Bibliotheques populaires. Revues et Periodiques. Also, Catalogue No. 108, 
1236 items, under : — Histoire, Memoires, Litterature, Espagne (Histoire, 
Litterature), Beaux-Arts (Peinture, Ceramiqtie, Esthetique, etc.), Theologie, 
Philosophic, Occultisme, Helvetica (Ou^Tages divers, Autographes et 
documents, Ex-Hbris suisses anciens). Sciences (Generalites), Pro\-inces 
(Bordelais, Navarre, Pyrenees). 

Mexico City, Mexico.— W. W. Blake, Avenida 16 de Septiembre 13.— Blake's 
Bulletin ; Monthly List of Books, Nos. 1, 2, 3 ; 563 items, of Second-hand 
Books and Broad.sides, mostly on Mexican Historical Subjects. Mr. Blake 
keeps 20,000 volumes of Mexicana constantly. 


IVSunich, Bavaria.— Ludwig Rosenthal's Antiquariat, Hildegardstrasse 14.— 

Catalogue Raisonne (No. 149), de Livres Anciens Frangais ; 6,800 items, 
under the following heads : — Abeilles, Afrique, Agriculture, Alchimie, Alle- 
magne, Alpinisme, Alsace-Lorraine, Amerique, Arabes, Archeologie, Archi- 
tecture, Astronomic, Australasie, Autriche-Hongrie, Aviation. Balneologie, 
Beaux-Arts, Belgique, BibHographie, Biere, Cafe, The, Chocolat, Calli- 
graphie. Catalogues, Chasse et Peche, Chemins de fer, Chimie et Physique, 
Chine, etc., Commerce, Comptabihte, Costume, Cuisine, Curiosa, Danse[ 
Decoration, Droit, Echecs, Economic pohtique et sociale, Ecosse, Electricite 
et maghetisme, Emblemes, Equitation, Escrime, Espagne et Portugal, 
Fetes et Entrees, Franc-Ma9ons, Genealogie et Heraldique, Geographic, 
Grande Bretagne, Grece, Heraldique, Histoire de I'Europe, Histoire naturelle, 
Hollande, Hongrie, Horlogerie et Gnomonique, Horticulture, Indes Orien- 
tales, Irlande, ItaHe, Japon, Jqux, Juifs, Livres a gravures (XIX s), Manu- 
scrits, Mathematique, Medecine, Militaria, Mineralogie, Minuscules, Musique 
Navigation, Numismatique, Occultisme, Optique, Paleographie et repro- 
ductions de MSS., Paris, Pays-Bas, Peche, Pedagogic, Pharmacie, Philologie, 
Philosophic, Photographic, Physique, Pierres Precieuses, Pologne, Portugal, 
Postes, Proverbes, Provinces, ReUures, Russie, Scandinavie, Siam, Sport, 
Suisse et Alpinisme, Tabac, Technologic, Terre-Sainte, Theatre, Turquie, 
Tvpographie, Vin, Biere, Liqueurs, Supplement : nouvelles acquisitions. 
Also, Katalog 150, BibHotheca Liturgica, Pars II., Sacrificium S. Missae, S. 
Eucharistia et aha Sacramenta, Ritus et Caeremoniae, Antiquitates, Musica 
sacra, Hymni, DiscipHna, Conciha, Bullae et Litterae Indulgentiarum, 
Regulae, Vitae Sanctorum ; 3,592 items of hturgical works of all periods. 

New York City, U.S.A.— American Art Association, Madison Square South.— Not 

content with its business of disposing at pubhc sale of Hterary property 
somewhat as an incident to its art business, which this year passed the grand- 
total mark of Thirty Millions of Dollars, the American Art Association has 
just announced the opening of a special department for the sale at public 
auction of books, MSS., autographs and prints, and has associated with it, 
for the special purpose of strengthening the management of this important 
department, Mr. Arthur Swann, for many years with Mr. John Anderson, 
and one whose experience and reputation is such as to leave no doubt as to 
the great success of the Association's undertaking. 

C. Gerhardt & Co., Lexington Bookshop, 120 East 59th Street.— Catalogue 

No. 25, of Books on Art, Architecture, Ceramics, Costume, Furniture, 
Ornament, Engraving, Painting, Sculpture, Biographies of Artists 
and Craftsmen, and Examples of their Work, and some fine Japanese 
Colour Prints ; 487 items. Also, Catalogue No. 26, Rare and Choice Books, 
including Purchases from the Library of the late M. C. D. Borden, and 
other Recent Acquisitions, among them Many Association Volumes of 
Unusual Interest and an Extensive Collection of the Works of Eugene Field ; 
247 items. The Catalogue is small as to quantity, but choice as to quality. 
It includes a lovely example of binding from the Hampstead Bindery (priced 
;/^50), Extra-Illustrated Books, Old Works on New England, Fitzgerald's 
Copy of Petrarch, a Horace of 1503, a Manuscript Eiblia Sacra Latina, the 
Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493, etc., etc., and 8 plates of bindings, etc. 

Paris, France. — Maurice Boussus, 9 Rue Gueneeaud. — Catalogues Nos. 7, 8, 9 ; 
Histoire, Archeologie, Philosophic, Theologie, Litteratvre, Beavx-Arts, 
Pvblications des Societes savantes, Medecine Ancienne, Occvltisme, Ouvrages 
sur les provinces, le blason, la chasse, rescrime, la gastronomic, la franc- 
ma9onnerie, les societes secretes, etc. ; 2,180 items, from the XVIth century 
to the present day. 

Librairie Dorbon-Aine^, 19 Boulevard Haussmann.— Lc Bouquineur, Revue 

Mensuelle des Livres Anciens et Modemes, No 93, Litterature, Theatre, 
Histoire, Beaux-Arts, Livres illustres des XVIIe, XVIIIe et XIXe siecles, 
Philosophic, Sociologie, Sciences occultes, Histoire de Paris et des provinces 
de France, Chasse, Blason, Voyages et Explorations, Reliures anciennes 
armoriees, Livres curieux et rares, etc., etc. ; 1,319 items. 


Roma, Italy.— C. Lang, Libreria Antlquaria, Via Margutta 53-b & PiazzI di Spagna 

92.— Catalogo XVIII, Ritratti Italian! della Raccolta Cicoj^nara-Morbio, 
ossia Scelta di 3000 Ritratti di Regnanti. Papi, Principi, Cardinali, Membri 
di Famiglie Nobili, vScienziati, Medici, Storici, Poeti ed Artisti in genere- 
insomma di tutte quelle, Persone Italianc che sia per la loro nobile prosapia, 
sia perche si distinsero per opere, azioni, genio, virtu, scoperte, meritano di 
essere mantenuti vivi nella memoria dei posteri ; 3,043 items, with 30 
reproductions of choice engravings, and Indexes of places and subjects. 

E. Loescher & Co., Via Due Macelli, 88.— Catalogo 90.— Folklore Italiano, 

Dialetti, Proverbi, Usi Costumi, Tradizioni, Superstizioni, Ecc, as fol- 
lows : — I. Dialetti: («) Geueralita, (6) Dialetti in ordine delle singoleiocalita. 
Appendice : Lingua Romancia o Ladina. II. Proverbi (Paremiologia). 
III. Usi, Costumi, Tradizioni popolari, Superstizioni, Amuleti, Cabala del 
Lotto, Medicina popolare, Giuoghi e Passatempi. Also, Miscellanea, Nuova 
Serie Xo. 3, Catalogo di libri antichi e modemi recentemente acquistati ; 
843 items, under the following heads : — Aerostation, Afrique, Agriculture et 
Jardinage, Amerique, Armenie, Autographes, Beaux-Arts, Bibliographie, 
Chine et Japon, Costumes, Dante, Incunables, Indes Orientales, Juifs, 
Manuscrits, Medecine-Vaccination, Memoires, Xapoleon, Palestine, Peche, 
Pologne, Rops, Russie, Sanscrit, Suede. The notes and descriptions are in. 
French. Also. Bibliografia Giuridico-Sociale, contenente le pubblicazioni 
italiane dal Maggio 1912 a tutto I'Aprile 1913, in Vendita Presso la Libreria, 
E. Loescher & Co., 22 pages, with Index of authors. 

C. E. Rappaport, Via Bocca di Leone, 13. — BibHof51o Romano, Bulletin 

Mensuel, Xos. 29. 30, under the following heads :— Aerostation, Afrique, 
Amerique. Apiculture. Archeologie, Architecture, Art Militaire, Autriche, 
Beaux- Arts, Bodoni, Cervantes, Chine, Decoration de Jardins, Droit Maritime 
Echecs, Emblemes, Equitation, Escrime, Etrurie, Exploitation des Mines, 
Fetes, Fortification, Geographic, Goethe, Hongrie, Imprimerie, Indes, Itahe, 
Java, Livres a figures, Li vres de cuisine, Maroc, Musique, Xavigation, Ome- 
ments, Papes, Perse, Peste, Piranesi, Pologne. Rome. Terre Sainte. Theatre, 
Tremblements de terre, Turquie, Venezia, Verrerie, Voyages, etc. There are 
a few reproductions of silver bindings, woodblocks and engravings. 

Vienna, Austria. — Gilhofer & Ranschburp', Bognergasse 2. — Anzeiger Xo. 104, 
containing 613 items, under the head of Afrika, Alchemic, Amerika, Alte 
Astronomic, Austrahen, Austriaca, Balkan, Bavarica, Bergwerk, Bohmen, 
Bosnien u. Herzegowina, Botanik, Dalmatien, Danemark, Schweden and 
Xorwegen, Deutsche Geschichte, Deutsche Literat, Genealogie u. Heraldik, 
Holzschnittbiicher d. 16. Jahrh, Jagd, Inkunabeln, Judaica, Kunst, Alte 
Medizin, Musik u. Tanz, X'apoleon, X'^iederosterreieh, Paris, Polonica. Russ- 
land, Salzburg, Studentica, Turcica, Ungarn, Wien, Wiener Drucke ; with 
numerous woodblocks, etc., from early-printed books. Also, Auzeiger X'o. 
105 ; Rupferstiche, Lithographien, Aquarelle, Handzeichnungen, 395 items, 
under : — Aeronautik, Alte Meister (15-17 Jahrh), Aquarelle und Handzeich- 
nungen, Seltene Exlibris, Geschaftskarten, Gnaden-und Marienbilder, Jagd, 
Sport, Pferde, Zirkusdarstellungen, Judaica (Portrats, Typen, etc.), Kupfer- 
stiche des 18. und 19. Jahrh, Lithographien, MiHtaria (Kriegskarten, Typen, 
Szenen), Portrats, AVien und Umgebung fAnsichten, Typen, Szenen), 
Polnische Portrats. Also, Katalog, Xr. 113, Aiitographen u. Urkunden, 13, 
bis 19 Jahrhundert, Briefe u. Aktenstiicke zur Geschichte des zojahrigen 
Krieges ; 444 items, with Indexes of Persons and Places. 

* Catalogues received since going to press will be noticed in the next Part. 

What another 
Customer says 

give satisfaction in 
our Catalogue Work. 

'"Borrows Head," 
'77 St. Giles' St., Norwich 

Messrs. Harding & Curtis, Ltd., 
Catalogue Printers, Bath 


I am delighted With 
the catalogue and 
Wrapper. Please 
accept my best thanks 

Yours faithfully, 
Henry E. Humphris 

The reason is that we are fully 
equipped for the prompt and 
efficient production of bookwork, 
and we print every catalogue from 

To give you an approximate idea of our prices we quote 
for a demy 8vo. catalogue as under, set in Brevier type: 


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Will you kindly compare, and if you find our prices favourable, 
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Harding & Curtis, Ltd., 

Printers of '* 'Book'Auction Records," 



Telephone 211, 


Bernard Alfred Quaritch 

BORN JANUARY 13th, 1871 
DIED AUGUST 27th, 1913 


On August 27th Mr. Bernard Alfred Quaritch died, aged 42. He was the 

•only son of his famous father, and succeeded to the business upon the death 

of the latter in December, 1899. As everybody acquainted ^vith books knows, 

the business stands at the head of the antiquarian book-trade of Great Britain. 

The f ollo^^'ing particulars are from the ' ' Obituary' ' ' of The Times of August 28th — 

' Mr. B. A. Quaritch was bom on January 13, 1871, and was educated at 

Charterhouse School, to which he presented only a few months ago a valuable 

13th century MS. deahng ^^^th the Charterhouse, which had at one time 

been in the hbrarj- of the monastery, and was until recenth- in the Huth 

Collection. Mr. Quaritch's own choice of a profession would have been the 

Army, but his father induced him to enter his business. He spent a year in 

Kohler's bookstore in Leipzig, and after U\-ing for some time in France he 

joined his father in Piccadilly, in 1889. Shortly afterwards he was sent to 

America with a large number of precious books and manuscripts, which he 

exhibited on sale at the various cities. He attended the first two portions of 

the great Hoe sale in Xew York, and bought a number of rarities. 

During the later years of his father's hfetime he took an important part 
in the conduct of the business, particularly in the buying of books. His 
father gave him a commission to bid up to /1, 200 for a cop}- of the First 
Foho Shakespeare which came up at Christie's in 1899 ; he met with an 
unexpected opposition, and bid up to /1, 700 for the volume, which provoked 
his father to describe him in a catalogue (No. 194) as a " fiery young man." 
But young Quaritch's courage was more than justified, for that copy of the 
First FoHo is now worth probably three times as much as was paid for it. 
In every way, both in pubhshing costly books which no other pubUsher ven- 
tured to undertake, as well as in deahng in rare old books and manuscripts, 
'' young Mr. Quaritch " developed largely the business which his father had 

Follo\\'ing the example of his father, he was the greatest purchaser at 
all the big book-sales of his time, notably at the Amherst of Hackney and 
the Huth sales. His purchases by private treaty, of which the pubhc knew 
nothing, were ^so on an enormous scale. His appearance at all sales, whether 
in London, Paris, or Xew York, considerably " stiffened" the bidding. Some 
six years ago Mr. Quaritch removed the business from Piccadilly to the house 
in Graf ton-street where it is now carried on. For the last two years he was 
in faihng health, and the business has been conducted by Mr. E. H. Dring, 
who, except for seven 3-ears in India, has been with the firm of Quaritch since 
1877. "We understand that Mr. Dring will continue to carr\- on the business, 
and that, for the present at least, there will be no change in the management. 
Mr. Quaritch was unmarried. He is survived by two married sisters.' 
Upon the day of Mr. Quaritch's death one of the members of the staff at 
1 1 Grafton Street remarked to me that his loss would be much felt there, as he 
" had been ver^- good to them." Upon the same day, also, a flourishing book- 
seller told me that directly after he started, in a comparatively small way, not 
many years ago, Mr. Quaritch let him have a book of the value of £400, trusting 
for payment when my friend's customer paid him. " There were not manv 
booksellers who would have done that at that date." said he, and he felt duly 
grateful to Mr. Quaritch's memor}- for his faith and hberahty. It is not every 
successful business-man of whom such gratifying recollections can be trea.sured. 
The portrait facing this page is of special interest for antiquarian booksellers. 
On Januan.- 23rd, 1908, the First Annual Dinner of the Intemarional Association 
of Anticuarian Booksellers was held at the Criterion, and in the course of the 
entertainment which followed the dinner Mr. John Rowlands made " hghtning- 
sketches " of various well-kno^^^l members. Among them was that of the late 
Mr. Quaritch, now for the first time reproduced. It has been by manv regarded 
as a marvellously-good hkeness, and the more remarkable when it is remem- 
bered that the artist drew it in pubhc in less than sixty seconds. 

F. K. 



(not necessarily bibliographical) 

My section of B.A.R.--\r/.., Colloquialisms — -always gets far more severely 
abbreviated than any other portion of the publication. For it has to come as a 
sort of " fill-up," after all the really important things have been printed, and 
often, after sending a carefully-selected series of paragraphs which, in my humble 
opinion, should be included, that autocrat the printer issues an edict that there is 
" no more space." So, like the actor suffering from stage-fright, 1 have to 
" dry up." 

* , * * 

During 1914 articles on the libraries, printers, and booksellers of Stratford- 
on-Avon (by Mr. William Jaggard), Southampton (by Miss Maude Harrison), 
and Ipswich (by Mr. T. Edwards Jones), will appear in B.A.R. ; and, also, a 
poem by Ben Jonson, entitled ' Of the Baccanall Triumphe of the nine worthies 
of New Canaan,' 1637. The poem was printed in a work by Thomas Morton, 
entitled ' New EngHsh Canaan or New Canaan, containing an Abstract of New- 
England,' and as it has never been included in any edition of Jonson's works it 
should be of interest. 

* * * 

Misprints must be part of the eternal Law of Compensation ; one of the 

elements of the joy of existence ; things to be thankful for as giving cause for 

mirth amid the humdrum of everyday toil. There is, for instance, the classic 

misprint of the cow that was cut into halves but whom the printer declared to 

have been " cut into calves." Then there was the case of the " Skittish Museum," 

which nearly got into B.A.R., and would have caused much rejoicing if it had. 

In Piart 3 this year I reproduced a paragraph from an American trade- journal 

anent a bookseller who began his business career with a barrow and whose stock 

is now " worth ;^50,000," and much wonderment arose as to the identity of the 

said bookseller. But of course there was the usual fly in the ointment. The 

story was not so wonderful as it seemed. For in the course of transposition from 

the American journal the $ of "dollars" had become the " £" of English 

" pounds," and thus the story becomes deprived of four-fifths of its marvellous- 

ness, although the remaining fifth is remarkable enough to note. Whether the 

fault was niine or the printer's I know not, for the original copy is destroyed, but 

I cheerfully take the blame on my own shoulders. The slip was worth the- 

amazement it caused. 

* * * 

Mr. T. P. Cooper, author of the article on York in Part 3, desires it to be 
stated that he was in error in attributing ' The Land and the Book ' to Arch- 
bishop Thomson, The author was W. M. Thomson. Further, the Archbishop- 
died on Dec. 25th, 1890, and not on Christmas Eve, 1892, as stated. 

« ♦ « 

Notes of humour are always exhilarating, and here are two in connexion 
with the Annual Dinner of the Association, held in J anuary last. The proceedings 
occupied an exceptionally long time, and we were unusually late. At length one 
person present, a guest of a member, enquired Have these people no homes to go to ? 
Then, again, some made comments on the length of the speeches, and next day 
one of the speakers said to me It seems to me that everybody thought everybody 
else's speeches too long, but that their own were the exceptions. Self-deception is, 
in fact, one of the least-difficult tasks in life. I have a painful feeUng that I was 
not the least among the sinners on that occasion, but as a Testimonial, accom- 
panied by a service of plate and a cheque for a himdred guineas, was sprung 
upon my unsuspecting head loquacity was condoned and I was let off without 

even a reprimand. 

* * * 

The index to B.A.R. occasionally contains entries of works by an author 
under two or even more spellings of liis name. Thus, tliis year we have John 
Lesley, or Leslie, appearing under Leslaeo and Leslie, and some years the name 
occurs in the Latin form of Leslaeus. As the name, even in its native form, is in. 


•ciispute as to the proper spellinj^ it is j,'iven in B.A.R. under whatever form it 
appears in on the title of the work recorded, as this is the form under wliich it is 
most likelv to be sought for by the enquirer. All that I want you to understand 
is that such names appear variously in B.A.R. not through oversight but from 

In many cases the initials of authors are not given in catalogues of sales 
■elsewhere than in London. Tliis is the reason that initials do not appear in 
BAR. when they are not known with certainty. 

* * * 

The following recipe for removing writing and ink-stains from printed 
matter may be useful to suV3Scribers, and e.spsoially in cases of names of un- 
important persons on the title-pages of valuable books : — 

To remove ordinary writing-ink from paper without injury to printed 
matter a Mixture, consisting of one ounce of chloride-of-Ume solution and 
two drops of acetic acid, should be kept in a small phial, and used a drop at 
a time. By dipping a pointed stick, such as a penholder, into the bottle and 
touching the blot or other ink-mark ^^-ith the solution, the ink will gradually 
disappear, and the remaining fluid may be removed by dabbing %vith 

* * * 

In Part 3 of vol. 9 there was a paragraph upon the respective advocacy of 
"" Volapuk " and " Esperanto " as world-languages, and I drew attention to the 
fact that the idea had been exploited as far back as 1657, when one named Beck 
■wrote a baok on the subject. And now another has written an article in one of 
the Uterary journals in which he states that another new world-language, styled 
"' Ido," completely ecHpses " Esperanto," while, since the foregoing was written, 
yet anolh^y has turned up \vith another brand-new world-language of his own, 
styled " Veltlang." The idealists ^^^ll reach the blessed land of Utopia some day, 
I suppose, but apparently not in our time, so far as a world-language is concerned . 


On page 460 ' Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio Secunda ' appears under the 
heading of "Wilton (J.)" It should of course be under the heading of "Milton 
(J.)" The error appeared in the sale-catalogue, a^d was not noticed when 
printed in B.A.R 


Treen (R.) 34 Cecil Road, Muswell Hiil, London, N. 

Arundel So.nety's Coloured Prints, Books, etc., particularly annual lists of 
subscribers, reports of Council Meetings, descriptive notices of prints, and 
any papers, however unimportant, issued by the vSociety. Second-hand 
book-ca,talogues desired. 


Karslake & Co., 35 Pond Street, Hampstead, London, N.W. 

Catalogue of the Browning Sale of Pictures. Drawi.igs and Engra\-ings, 
Autograph Letters and MSS., Books and Works of Art, sold at Sotheby's 
May 1-S, 1913 ; 29 plates, with prices and names, /I Is. 

* It was in this Sale that the love-letters sold for /6,5o0. 

Catalogue of the Library of Henrv W. Poor, sold'by the Anderson Auction 
Co.. New York. 1908-9 ; 5 Parts (26 days ; 5,418 lots), in 1 vol.. 8vo. with 
96 plates of title-pages, bindings, miniatures, woodblocks, etc. (5 coloured), 
hf. mor. ex., t. e. g.. £1 Is. 

* A hbrary of extraordinary interest, including mauy unique copies, such as 
Izaak Walton's own copy of the ' Compleat Angler.' 



N.B.—^All Booksellers should put us on their list of names, as one never knows where, 
in any part of the world, a notice of a catalogue attracts attention and leads 
to business. 


Aberystwyth.— Sydney V. Galloway, 21 Pier Street.— Catalogue No. 25, of Second- 
hand Books in various classes of Literature, including some Curious and 
Interesting Items and an Addenda of Medical Books, to wliich is added a list 
of Topographical Prints and Engravings of Views in the British Isles, arranged 
under Counties ; 986 items, from the XVIth century onwards. 

Bristol.— William George's Sons, 89 Park Street. — Library Supply List, No. 337, 
of ^lodern Literature, 877 items, under Africa, Alpine, America, Arctic, Folk 
Lore, India, Scandinavia, Sporting, etc. 

Leyton, Essex. — J. Baldwin, 14 Osborne Road. — Catalogue No. 149, Clearance List 
of Second-hand Books, including many Scarce Items in all branches of 
Literature, 974 entries. 

London.— E. Bolleter, Ltd., 94 Charing Cross Road, W.C. Catalogue No 11, New 
Series, of Miscellaneous Books in all classes of Literature, comprised of 
History, Biography, Travel and Fiction, Rare Illustrated Works, Books on 
India and the East, etc., etc., many being pvirchases from the Marchmont, 
Elliot, Sir Laurence Alma Tadema, and other famous Libraries recently 
dispersed ; 905 items, including First Editions, Coloured- Plate Books, a 
fine set of the Delphin Classics, 17th Century Books, Editions de Luxe, etc. 

Day's Library Ltd., 96 Mount Street, Park Lane, W. — Supplementary Sale 

List of Recent Works on Travel, Biography, Fiction, etc., August, 1913. 

W. & G. Foyle, 121-123 Charing Cross Road, W.C— Messrs. loyle have 

just added a Foreign Eook Department, stated to contain the largest stock 
of second-hand foreign hooks in this country ; books in every language, on 
every conceivable subject, arranged in strictly-classified order. 

The George T. Juckes Co., 35 St. Martin's Court, W.C. — Catalogue No. 235 

of Miscellaneous Books in all Classes of Literature, recently purchased from 
Public and Private Sources, including a Collection from the Library of the 
late Sir John Gilbert, R.A. (many of the Books contain Original Pencil 
Sketches and MSS. Annotations by him), Association Books from the libraries 
of Charles Dickens, Gibbon the historian, De Quincey, Wordsworth, and 
Andrew Lang ; Books of the vSixties ; a series of fine Baxter Prints ; a 
collection of Unpublished Occult Manuscripts, etc., 541 items. 

Polyglot Library (F. Barberi), 102 Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogue No. 

XIX, Ancient and Modern Books in all Classes of Literature, including 
Incunabula, Aeronautics, Africa, America, Art and Archaoelogy, Astronomy, 
Balkans, China and Japan, Classics (Latin, Greek and Delphins), Costumes, 
PVench, Enghsh, German, Itahan, and Spanish Literature, Facetiae, India, 
Mathematics, Medicine, Occultism, Political Economy, Typography, Voyages 
and Travels, etc., 695 items. 

Norwich.— H. E. Humphris, 77 St. Giles' Street. — Catalogue No. 8, of General 
Second-hand Books, 319 items, including a silver- wire binding, Guillim's 
' Display of Heraldry,' 1610, etc. 

Southampton. — H. M. Gilbert & Son, 24 Above Bar. — Catalogue No. 238 ; Short 
List of Interesting vSecond-hand Books in all Departments of Literature, 301 
items, including some rare American Newspapers ; Album of American 
Maps ; French's ' x\rt of Distillation,' 1653 ; Digges' ' Compleat Ambassa- 
dor,' 1655, etc. 

Wrexham. — Frank Crowe, Bank Streets — Celtic Book List. Catalogue No. 52, of 
Interesting and Rare English and Welsh Books, including purchases from 
the Library of Thomas Pennant, of Downing ; Scrap Books of Old En- 
gravings ; a Maniiscript History of Martyrs of the Church, temp. Queen 
Elizabeth, etc., etc., 731 items. 

Mexico City, Mexico.— W. W. Blake, Avenida 16 de Septiembre 13.— Blake's. 
Bulletin, a Monthly List of Books, No. 4, including many items of the 16th,. 
17th, and 18th Centuries, priced in United States currency. 


* Catalogues received since going to press will be noticed in the next Part 


in Active Preparation Ready Next Year 

1902-1 2 

Containing nearly 200,000 Entries and References, with a Key to 
Anonymous and Pseudonymous Books, Entirely in One Alphabet, 


Author of ' Shakespeare Bibliography.' 
Subscription Price, £2 2s. 





UNDER the pressure of modem business and professional life, especially 
in the book-world, where much precious lime is oft^n wasted in vain 
search, there is alv.ays a warm welcome for anv e'r.cient time-saver. 
Especiallv is this the case in America, one finds, for instsnce, the 
telephone not merely in every building and residence but in every room, 
in the case of large firms. 

The mere announcement then that a Decadal or Ten -years' Index to 
' Book- Auction Records ' is being compiled imder th; auspices of Mr. 
WilUam Jaggard is sufficient to bring a sensa of iovoiis satisfaction 
to all those whose mission brings them i'lto contact with books, especially 
the more elusive ones. Mr. Jaggard's fame as an Indexer extends 
throughout two hemispheres and his name is a sufficient guarantee of 
accuracy and skilled thoroughness. 

Such a boon as this General Index to " E.A.R." means that, instead 
of wearily working through perhaps nine or ten yearlv alphabets, a 
rapid glance at this encyclopaedic work gives one the desired " Yes " 
or " No " at once. The same hghtning-glance tells one whether a given 
book comes often or rarely into the market. It informs you immediately 
who wrote the ' Dance of Life ' and the thousand-andone other 
anonymous books wliich worry the novice. It reveals the personality 
behind such pen-names as " Nimrod " and a host of others. Instantly 
it sets forth the sequence of editions of every important work, or presents 
in alphabetical order the chief writings and issues of all authors of 
moment. In such diverse directions as these, and man^- others, a 
General Index is worth almost any price in reason to the busy bookman. 

The subscription-price was originally fixed at £3 ?s., but since that date 
the whole scheme has undergone fresh consideration. It has Veen 
found possible to make economies in first-class printing production, 
while tiie Editor also has kindly consented to a rearrangement of terms. 
Under these favourable circumstances it is possible to announce a 
substantial reduction in the price of the volume, which is now fixed at 
Two Guineas only. 

Only 500 copies will be printed, in demy 8vo., uniform \\ith " B.A.R." 
and the pubhshers reserve the right to raise the price after publication . 
Those subscribers who wish to secure a copy at £2 2s. should order 

KARSLAKE & CO., 35 Pond Street, Hampstead, London, N.W. 



This publication is now complete from the commencement in 1902 
to the present date. 

Volume 1, Part 1, contains 14,013 Recordsfor the Season 1902-3, in one alphabet 
(thus avoiding the necessity for an Index). It contains also a view 
of John Keats' house at Hampstead ; a plate of the mulberry- tree under 
which he wrote the " Ode to a Nightingale," and a plate of the memorial 
brst of Keats, subscribed for in America and placed in Hampstead 
Parish Church. 

Volume 1, Part 2, contains 14,611 Records for the Season 1903-4, and an Un- 
published Portrait of Tliackeray, drawn by the late Sir Henry Thompson 
in 1857. It is believed to be t'le only portrait of Thackeray in profile, 
and was made without bis knowledge. Sir Henry Thompson was 
Thackeray's s rgeon, and was also a skilled portrait-painter. 

Volume 2 contains 15, 751 Recordsfor the Season 1904-5, and four plates, viz. : 
Puttick & Simpson's Auction Room, t'le Bodlean Copy of the First 
Folio Shakespeare, a Sale at Sotheby's, and the house of Aldvs Manutius 
at Venice, from a drawing by Charles Martin. 

Volume 3 contains 15,r.00 Records for the Season 1905-6, and four plates, viz. : 
Hodgson's Auction Room ; a Portrait of Mr. Bdwin Parsons ; a coloured 
View of the Grand Pump Room, Bath (described in ' Pickwick ') ; and 
a Portrait of the late Dr. Richard Garnett, of the British Museum, 
wit'i Memoir and Bibliography of his Works. 

Volume 4 contains 15,131 Records for the Season 1906-7; four plates of the 
Reference Library, Birmingham, the Central Library, Bristol, St. 
John's College Library, Cambridge, and Trinity College Library, 
Dublin ; also a Coloured Portrait of Lord Beaconsfield, reproduced 
from a rare caricature of 1840 ; and four vignettes of the house where 
' Oliver Twist ' was written, the statue of Dickens at Philadelphia, 
King's College Chapel, Cambridge, and the BivSt of Goldsmith at Dublin. 

Volume 5 contains 15,019 Records for the Season 1907-8 ; four plates of the 
Signet Library, Edinburgh, the Public Library, Exeter, the Mitchell 
Library, Glasgow, and the Public Library, Hereford ; also two ad- 
ditional plates, and four vignette ill v. strations of Edinburgh Uriversity, 
the Chained Library at Hereford Cathedral, etc. 

Volume 6 contains 15,035 Records for the Season 1908-9 ; 4 plates of the Hull 
Lending Library, Old Town Hall Library. Leicester, Liverpool Public 
Library, and t'e Rylands Library, Manchester ; also portraits of John 
Day, printer, 1544, and of A. C. Swinburne ; facsimiles of poems by 
Swinburne and Tenn3-son ; and 5 other blocks of Libraries, &c. 

Volume 7 contains 15,066 Records for the Season 1909-10 ; 9 plates, portraits, 
&c. ; articles upon the libraries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lincoln, &c. 

Volume 8 contains 15,0r!2 Recordsfor the Season 1910-11 ; 12 plates, portraits, 

&c., articles upon the Libraries and Booksellers of Oxford, Leeds, 

Reading, &c., &c. 
Volume 9 contains 15,441 Records for the Season 1911-12 ; an article entitled 

' Bibliotheca Imper^'ecta,' 4 plates of the Beaufoy Shakespeare Folios, &c. 
Volume 10 contains 15,007 Records for the Season 1912-13 ; articles upon 

Salisbury, 1 orwich, and York ; 5 illustrations ; etc. 

Each volume is published at £1 Is., and any volume or the whole 
will be sent on inspection upon application. 

KARSLAKE & Co., Hamps^'terd! LONDON 


Being a compilation of 2,032 Notes from Catalogues of Book-Sales which 
have taken place in the rooms of Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson &> Hodge, 
between the years 1885-1909. Edited by Frank Karslake. Square 8vo., 
handsomely printed on thick paper, with large margins, and having a 
frontispiece of the Amherst Sale, dra'vn o)i the spot, ivith key-plate of 
names. £1 5s. net. (£1 1s. to Subscribers to B.A.R.}. 

' Notes from Sotheby's ' has been subscribed to by Booksellers and Public 
Librarians throughout the world. The wonderful amount of interesting informa- 
tion wliich it contains will make it as valuable as a work of reference fifty years 
hence as it is to-day, and it will consequently be preserved and be constantly 
referred to. The " Notes " are arranged in a single alphabet, thus avoiding 
the necessity for an Index, and allowing of instantaneous reference. In the 
course of some criticisms upon the methods of cataloguing, published in volume 3 
of ' Book- Auction Records,' there appeared the following paragraph : — 

' In some respects the work of the compilers of auction-catalogues is 
admirable. I mean in the matter of notes, the patience, industry, and research 
in the compilation of which are of invaluable service to the bibhographer, the 
bibhopliile, and the bookseller.' 

It can only be repeated that the statement is fully justified by the result 
of selection, and that the volume should be in the hands of everv' person interested 
in hterature. The following are some opinions :— 

From Purchasers : "I am dehghted with Notes from Sotheby's. I spent all 
last evening in reading, the volume, and shall not rest until I have gone quite 
through it." "It is an admirable work, and does you great credit ; of that there 
is no possible manner of doubt whatever." " I have looked through it with much 
pleasure. It contains a large amount of verv- interesting information wliich must 
have taken a great deal of getting together." " My hearty congratulations on 
your 'Notes.' It is a book which one can pick up at any moment and procure 
an immense amount of bibhographical information." " It is a remarkable pro- 
duction, and as I know by experience that any work of yours, editing or original, 
is always accurate, will you kindly let me have another copy, and the bill." ' Hope 
it wiU meet with as much success as your labours over it deserve." 

The Athenaeum, May 15, 1909, says, " Mr. Karslake's compilation is full of 
variety, covering almost ever>^ phase of book-collecting. Messrs. Sotheby's cata- 
logues are compiled with care and special knowledge, and no bibhography of rare 
books can be approximately complete without an examination of them. It is, 
however, the pecuhar fate of catalogues to disappear, and in a few years they 
become exceedingly difficult to obtain. Rooms in modem houses are not adapted 
for large hbraries, and sale-catalogues rapidly outgrow their allotted space. We 
are glad, therefore, that Mr. Karslake has rescued so much bibhographical matter 
from obUvion. We are glad that Mr. Karslake has gone to the fountain head for 
his inspiration, and not contented himself with getting it second-hand." 

The Clique, Mar. 20, 1909, says, " A very interesting compilation, and one 
which is sufficiently attractive to a tibUophile to be read from the first page to 
the last ... a work which wnll appeal to all lovers of books and bibliography, a 
work which in more senses than one will be found profitable by all our readers." 
The Bookseller, March 19th, 1909, says, " Mr. Karslake has done the editorial 
work with his usual skill and judgment." 

The Westminster Gazette, iVpril 20, 1909, says, " A book of considerable value 
to book-collectors, booksellers, and bookmen generally. Mr. Karslake, who is, 
of course, an expert in this class of work, has evidently expended considerable care 
m his task, and the result is in every way satisfactory." 

*'* The Morning Post, March 13, 1909, says, " This volume ought to be of great 
iTxice to the student of bibliography and to the connoisseur. It contains inter- 
esting information about rare editions of old books. For instance, we discover 
le title of the first book which mentions Queen Mary by name, and find many 
rolumes not mentioned in Lowndes. Mr. Frank Karslake, the compiler, is well- 
lown as the editor of Book-Auction Records and as a careful bibhographer." 

KARSLAKE & CO., 35 Pond Street, Hampstead, London. 

What another 
Customer says 

give satisfaction in 
our Catalogue Work. 

'"Borrows Head/' 
77 St. Giles' St., Norwich 

Messrs. Harding & Curtis, Ltd., 
Catalogue Printers, Bath 


I am delighted With 
the catalogue and 
Wrapper, Please 
accept my best thanks 

Yours faithfully, 
Henry E, Humphris 

The reason is that we are fully 
equipped for the prompt and 
efficient production of bookwork, 
and we print every catalogue from 

To give you an approximate idea of our prices we quote 
for a demy 8vo. catalogue as under, set in Brevier type: 

8 Pages and 
8 Pages Colored Cover 

500 46/- 500 73/6 

1000 54/- 1000 83/6 

2000 67/6 2000 1 02/6 

5000 110/- 5000 160/- 

16 Pages 

500 90/- 
1000 102/6 
2000 125/- 
5000 197/6 

Will you kindly compare, and If you find our prices favourable, 
give us a trial ? We shall be quite content to depend for 
further orders upon the satisfaction given with the first order. 

Harding & Curtis, Ltd., 

Printers of '* Book' Auction Records/' 



Telephone 211. 

Kep to Sales, Oct. to Dec, 1912 

Oct. 24 Library of Rev. D. Mulcahy 

Oct. 25 Law Libraries of W. G. Huband 
and W. G. Jefferson 

Dec. 16 Property of a Nobleman, and of T. Bartlett 


Oct. 21—23 Library of Rev. C. Gardvne, I Nov. 18—20 Library of Prof. Flint, 
etc. ' I etc. 

Dec. 16—18 Library of the P^arl of Galloway, etc. 


Nov. 13 — 15 Library of a Gentleman, 
,, 22 Valuable Law Books 

,, 27 — 29 Library of Sir A. Wills, 

Nov. 5-7 Miscellaneous Books | Dec. 5—6 Miscellaneous Books 

Dec. 18—20 Rare and Valuable Books 

Oct. 15 — 18 Valuable Books 

,, 23 — 25 Library of a Gentlemau, 

,, 31 Manuscripts, Baxter Prints, 



Oct. 3—4 Standard Works, etc. 

,, 4 Baxter Prints, etc. 

„ 18 Engravings 

,, 30 First Editions, etc. 

Nov. 15 Baxter Prints, etc. 

Nov. 21 Books and Manuscripts 

,, 28 Engravings 

Dec. 4 Standard Works, etc. 

,, 12 Baxter Prints, etc. 

17 Library of Ralph Glutton 


Oct. 16—18 Property of T. F. Dillon . Nov 20 -21 Library of R. W. Blathwayt 
Croker, etc. [ etc. 

,, 21—24 PropertyofS. R. Crockett, „ 25—27 Walsingh am Abbey Library 

,, 30— Nov. I Library of H. Shanpe, 

Nov. 6—7 Library of W H. Duigam, 

,, II — 13 Library of Lady Napier and 

,, 14 Library of a Collector, etc. 


,, 28 — 29 Engravings 

Dec. 2 — 4 Library of H. J. Adams, etc. 
56 ,, Andrew Lang 

„ 10--12 ,, , E. A. Fitch, etc. 

,, 16 Engravings 

,, 20 Library of T. Woolner, et<:. 


Kep to Sales, Januarp to marcb, 1913* 

Jan. 21 Library of Richard Burke | Feb 21 Law Library of a Barrister 


Jan. 20—23 Property of Sheriff Bell, i Feb. 17—20 Library of G. B. Anderson, 
etc. I etc. 

Mar, 17 — 20 Library of Dr. Andrew Wilson, etc. 

Jan. 23 Property of J. D. Roberton | Feb. 6 Property of Robert Marshall 
Feb. II Law Libraries, etc. 


Jan. 8—10 Property of Mrs. Grant, etc. 
,, 21 — 23 Miscellaneous Books 
.. 29 — 31 Library of a Gentleman, etc. 

Feb. 12 — 14 Library of Sir Raymond 
West, etc. 

Feb. 26—28 Miscellaneous Books 

Mar. 5—6 do, 

,, 7 Valuable Law Books 

,, 18 — 20 Library of a Gentleman, 

Jan. 16—17 Engravings | Feb. 13 Books, MSS., etc. 

„ 23—24 Library of H. Fry, etc. j Mar 12 Library of A. Longman, etc. 
31 Engravings | ,, 14 Engravings 

Mar. 27 Valuable Books 

Jan, 13—15 Property of A. C. Boyd, etc. 
Feb. 3— 5 Valuable Books and MSS. 

,, II— 14 Library of George Dunn 

,, 17 — 18 Engravings 

„ 20—21 Library of R, A, Potts 

Feb. 24—27 Collection of S. M. Milne 

Mar. 4 Property of Sir A. Cope 

5— 7 Early Printed Books, etc. 
„ 7 do. do. 

3—14 Library of Earl of Denbigh 

Mar. 18—19 Library of E. K. Bridger, etc. 

Kep to Sales, April to June, 19U< 

April 9 Property of Sir Joseph C. Dimsdale 

April 14—16 Library of Miss Dickson, j May 12—14 Library of A. S. Douglas, 
etc. I etc. 

June 9 — II Library of Dr. Kirk Duncanson, etc. 


April 22 Books | 

June 3 Library of Benj. Taylor, etc. 


April 3—4 Library of Prof. Arber.etc. 

May 21 -23 Miscellaneous Books 

,, 9— II Miscellaneous Books 

,, 30 Law Books 

June 5— 6 Valuable & Rare Books 

,. 23—25 Library of Canon Julian, 

„ 12—13 Miscellaneous Books 

,, 29— May I Library of a Gentleman, 

,, 18 Drawings by N. Pocock, etc. 


„ 19 — 20 Miscellaneous Books 

May 6— 7 Miscellaneous Books 

,, 25 Rare Tracts & Books 


April 4 Engravings 

May 20—21 Library of Sir John Gilbert, 

„ 22—23 Bodenham Library etc. 


May 2 Engravings 

., 30 Engravings 

„ 15 Baxter Prints 

June 26—27 Libre ry of J. Leete, etc. 

„ 16 Engravings 

,, 27 Engravings 




Mar. 31— April 2 Library of Sir J. W. 

May I— 8 The Browning Collections 

Ellis, etc. 

April 3—4 A Book Lover's Library 

,, 19—23 MSS. of Sir T. Phillipps 

„ 7— 8 Engravings 

„ 26 Books of G.W. Hill 

„ 9— II Library of Chas. Butler 

,, 27 Library of Sydney Hum- 

„ 16 — 17 Library of a Gentleman 

phries, etc. 

m „ 18 Book-Plates, etc. 

June 2—12 Huth Library (third portion) 

^K „ 21—22 Arundel Society, etc. 

,, 5 — 6 Engravings, etc. 

^^k,, 23 — 24 Property of a Gentle- 

,, 13 Napoleon Relics 


^H,, 28—29 Library of Tames Smith, 

„ 23—27 Various Libraries 


., 30 Choice Books and MSS. 

Kep to Sales, Julp to August, \9M. 

July 15 Property of Clarence Wilson, etc. 

July 7 — 8 Library of Rev. William Milne, etc. 


July 2— 4 Miscellaneous Books j July 23 25 Miscellaneous Books 

,, 10 — II Rare & Valuable Books I ,, 30 — Aug. i Ditto 

July 9-10 Library of Sir William Bass, Bart. 

* These Records are indicated by the initial K. 

July II Engravings I July 30 — 31 Library from Hove, etc. 

,, 24 Baxter Prints, etc. I Aug. 8 Engravings 

July 1-3 Library of Very Rev. E. Lane, I July 16 Library of Rev. J. H. Ellas, 
etc. I etc. 


Bram Stoker, etc. 

.. 17—22 Property of J. A. Richard 
son, etc. 

9— II 

H N. Pym, etc. 

„ 25 Books and MSS. 

July 31— Aug. I Property of Dr. R. H. Hughes, etc. 


These records are necessarily exact reproductions (abbreviated) of the 
catalogue-descriptions, and the editor disclaims responsibility for grammatical 
or other errors which may appear therein, unless such errors are ob\'iously typo- 
graphical misprints in the originals. Where no sizes are given the books are 8vo. 
en infra. Where no binding is stated it is understood to be the original cloth or 
paper covers, as published. The following is a key to the abbreviations : — 

a. u. n. 


absque ulla nota 




Anr. Edn. 

Another edition 







I fl 


gothic letter. 

b. I. 


Black Letter 

L. P. 


Large Paper 



circa (about) 

























N. Y. 


New York 
















P. P. 


Privately Printed 
















Pres. copy 


Presentation copy 










s. d. 


sans date 










t. e. g. 


top edges gilt 



Gothic Letter 




g. t. 


gilt tops (same as 




top edges gilt) 

V. y. 


various years 







a. f. 

with all faults 

When, for example, a binding is stated to be mor. ex., t. e. g., the term t. e. g. — 
i.e. top edges gilt — implies that the other edges are uncut. When the other edges 
are cut the fact is stated. In some exceptional cases — such, for instance, as a 
first edition of ' Waverley ' or a Keats' ' Endymion ' — when the condition of 
" original boards, uncut " exists, and accounts for an abnormal price, the des- 
cription is given without abbreviation. In some instances autographs are stated 
in the sale-catalogues to be on the titles or elsewhere in the books. When such 
autographs are not mentioned in B.A.R. it is only because they are of no known 
persons, and have no bearing whatever on the prices realized. Titles are abbre- 
viated in the case of books in Lowndes and Brunet, and when known to be not in 
those works the titles are given as fully as may be necessary. The names of the 
auctioneers, with the date of sale and the number of the lot, are given within 
brackets, immediately before the price, thus : — (S. Dec. 16 ; 516). This would 
represent Sotheby's, December 16, 1912 ; lot 516, while any month from J anuary 
to August refers of course to the year 1913. The auctioneers represented are : 

A. — Adam & Sons, Dublin H. — Hodgson & Co. 

B. — Bennett, Dublin M. — Morrison, Dick & McChlery, Glasgow 

C. — Christie, Manson & Woods P. — Puttick & Simpson 

D. — Do well, Edinburgh S. — Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge 

E. — Edmiston, Glasgow St. — Stevens 

AU magazines are sold not subject to return on any account. The term 
" w. a. f." (with all faults), is therefore not appended to such lots. Composite 
lots — i.e. lots containing two or more works — are not recorded except in very 
rare instances, when the value of one work overshadows the others, and the lot 
is bought for it alone. Composite lots mostly afford no criterion whatever of 
values. The names of binders, when of importance, are given in B.A.R. When 
not stated, although printed in the sale-catalogues, the reason is obvious. When 
the names of buyers are not given it is solely because, in those cases, they are not 
obtainable from the auctioneers. The spelling of B.A.R is always that of the 
original titles, and apparent errors are not misprints. The same apphes to some 
accents in foreign languages of which the type does not invariably permit, and 
also to old and erroneous punctuation. 


A. B. C. for Layemen, otherwise called the Lay-mans Letters, an Alphabet for 

Lay-men, 1st edn., b. I., some marginal notes cut into, calf, 1585 (S. Oct. 

30; 190) Daken, 4s. 

A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of Kngland and Rome, cold. pits, by Leech, 2 

vols., 1847-8— n.d. (1852), 1st edns., 3 vols., calf ex., g. e. (3) (P. Dec. 17 ;. 

1) Hopkins, £8 

Abela (F. G.) Malta lUustrata, continovata dal Conte G. Ciantar, 2 vol., port, and 

map, half bound, fo., Malta, 1772-80 (S. Oct. 31 ; 464) Beneditti, 5s. 
Abercromby (P.) Martial Atchievements of the Scots Nation, 2 vols., fo., calf, 

1715 (D. Nov. 20; 1295) 2s. 

Abrege de I'Histoire Romauie, orig. edn., front, and 48 pits., proofs, old calf, 

4to., Paris, 1789 (S. Nov. 1 ; 940) James, 10s. 

Abridgement of the Laws in Force and Use in H.M.'s Plantations, viz. Virignia. 

New England, New York, Maryland, Carolina, Jamaica, etc., calf, 1704 

(C. Dec. 16; 1) H. Stevens, 15s. 

Ackermann (R.) History of the Colleges, cold. pits., half mor., 4to., 1816 (S. 

Nov. 26; 561) Butt, £22 10s. 

History of Rugby School, 5 cold, pits., boards, 4to., 1816 (P. Dec. 5 ; 414) 

Martin, £3 15s. 

History of the University of Cambridge, cold, pits., including Academical 

Robes, 2 vols., half bound, 4to., 1815 (H. Nov. 28 ; 499) Reader, ;£10 5s. 

The same, with Portraits of Founders and Academical Robes, 2 vols., half 

russ. (cracked), 4to., 1815 (H. Nov. 28; 488) Vaughan, l\z> 

Microcosm of London, 3 vol., 1st edn., 104 cold, pits., cont. russ. ex., fine 

copy, 4to., 1808-11 (S. Dec. 11 ; 482) Hatchard. £\^ 5s. 

— — The same, 3 vols., 4*o., diced russ. gilt, m. e., fine copy, 1808 (H. Oct. 23 ; 
282) . Mannering, £11 

Anr. Edn., 3 vol., cold, pits., half calf, broken, 4to., 1811 (S. Oct. 16 ; 118) 

# Fitz Gerald, £\Q 5s. 

* A note by Croker states that he " bought these volumes at the sale of 

Theodore Hook's books in 1841. Mr. Hook contemplated writing an account 

of the Streets of London, and these volumes are filled with his notes in the 


History of the University of Oxford. 2 vol.. cold. pits., russ.. g. e.. 4to., 1814 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 559) Maggs, £U 10s. 

History of St. Peter's, Westminster, 2 vol., port, and cold, pits., calf, 4to., 

1812 (S. Nov. 26; 558) Reader, £2 12s. 

Acosta (J. de) Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias. veil., 4to., Madrid, 1608 
(C. Dec. 16; 53) • Dulau, £\ 6s. 

Naturall and Morall Historic of the East and West Indies, trans, by E. 

G[rimeston , sm. 4to., hf. cf., 1804 (D. Nov. 19 ; 519) £\ 

The same, calf, fine copy, 4to., 1604 (S. Oct. 21 ; 229) Sotheran, £6 5s. 

Act for an Assessment, towards the Maintenance of the Armies and Navies of this 

Commonwealth, h. I., half calf, fo.. 1657 (S. Oct. SO ; 323) Spicer, 5s. 
Acts of Parliament made for Collecting of His Majesties' Revenue arising from 

his Hearth-Money. mor., g. e., 1688 (S. Dec. 11; 440) Harker, 5s. 

Acuna (C. de) Nuevo descubrimiento del Gran Rio de la Amazonas, mor. ex., g. e. 

by Riviere, fine copy, 4to., Madrid, 1641 (S. Nov. 1 ; 810) Quaritch, £l] 
—. — Voyages and Discoveries in S. America, 3 parts in 1 vol., maps, calf, 1698 

(S. Oct. 21 ; 67) Edwards, £2 2s. 

Adair (J.) Historj' of the American Indians, map, calf, 4to., 1775 (S. Oct. 21 ;. 

230) " Kashnor, £5 

Adam (R.) Ruins of the Palace of Diocletian at Spalatro, 61 pits., calf, fo., 1764 

(S. Nov. 14; 1) Harrison, £2 10s. 

The same, old blue mor.> gilt sides, g. e., fo., 1764 (S. Nov. 1 ; 736) 

Parsons, £4 18s. 
Adam (R. and J.) Works on Architecture, vol. 1 (in 4 nos.), 32 pits., fo. (slightly 

soiled), 1773-6 (H. Nov. 28; 579) £1 16s. 

Addison (J.) Remarks on Several Parts of Italy, 1st edn., old cf., broken, 1705 

(P. Oct. 4 ; 335) Padmore, 4s. 

Works, port, and engs., 4 vol., old tree-calf (joints weak), 4to., Birmingham, 

Baskerville, 1761 (C. Dec. 16; 54) Tregaskis. £2 

1912-13 3 

Addison (T) The same, 4 vols., old calf gilt, y. e., 4to., 1761 (S. Nov. 11 ; 5) 

Rimell, ;£3 lOs. 
Adventures of Doctor Comicus, cold, pits., 1st edn., calf gilt, t. e. g. by Worsfold, 

n. d. (H. Nov. 28 ; 447) Cohn, ^3 17s. 6d. 

Advice to Sportsmen from the original notes of Marmaduke Markwell, cold, pits., 

by Rowlandson, calf ex., 1 809 (P. Dec. 17 ; 128) Hornstein, £2 12s. 6d. 

Advis Fidelle aux Veritabl'es Hollandois, pits., 4to., veil., 1673 (D. Dec. 16 ; 293) 

Aedes Barberinse Ad Quirinalem, pits., fo., mor. gt., with Cardinal's arms, Rome, 

1642 (D. Dec. 17 ; 534) i^ 4s. 

^mylius (P.) Historici Clarissimi De Rebus Gestis Francorum, etc., fo., stamped 

cf.. 1550 (D. Dec. 17 ; 700) Is. 

^sopi Fabulse Gr. et Lat., woodcuts, veil., Francof., 1610 (D. Dec. 18 ; 939) 6s. 

Fables, with Life, by 1. Philipott and R. Codrington, L. P., front., engd. 

title, and engs. by F. Barlow, old calf, fo., 1666 (S. Nov. 25 ; 74) 

Maggs, i2 8s. 

Fables, 25 ills, by Rackham, limited edn., 4to., 1909 (H. Nov. 5 ; 156) 

Williams, 18s. 

Esopi appologi siue mythologi, I. fl., woodcuts, fine tall copy, veil., fo. 

[Basileae, J. de Pfortzheim, 150,1] P. Nov. 21; 263) Quaritch, ;£40 
* A second volume, with a different set of signatures, containing additionsjby 
Sebastian Brant, sometimes accompanies this volume. 

Agassiz (L) Histoire Naturelle des Poissons d'Eau Douce de I'Europe Centrale, 

Embr>-ologie, 2 vol., pits., text in 8vo.. fo., Neuchatel, 1842 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

359) Quaritch, £2 10s. 
Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles, 5 vol. and 5 vol. oblong folio of cold. 

pits., etc., calf gilt, m. e., 4to., Neuchatel, 1833-44 (S. Nov. 26 ; 351) 

Hermann, £\\ 5s. 
Agricola (G.) De I'Art de Metalli, woodcuts, veil., fo., Basilea, 1563 (C Dec. 16 ; 

123) Neumayer, £A 

Agrippa (Cornelius H.) De Occulta Philosophia, woodcuts, oak boards, fo., 

[? Cologne 1533 (H. Nov. 6 ; 613) Selden, £2 12s. 

Of the Vanitie and Uncertaintie of Artes and Sciences, EngUshed by J a. 

San.(ford), h. I., veil., 4to., 1575 (S. Oct. 21; 232) Edwards, £l l4s. 

Ainslie and Maver. Views in Turkey in Europe and Asia, pits., half cah', fo., 1 801 
(S. Nov. 21; 471) ' Edwards, 7s. 

Views in the Ottoman Dominions, cold, pits., half russ., fo., 1810 (S. Nov. 

21 ; 470) Buchanan, £l 10s. 

Ainsworth (W. H.) Crichton, 3 vol., 1st edn., 1837 (S. Oct. 30 ; 175) Spencer, ;glO 

Old Saint Paul's, 1st edn., pits., 3 vols., half calf, 1841 (H. Nov. 28 ; 357) 

Spencer, 1 Is. 

Anr. Edn., engd. title and pits., half calf, 1847 (H. Oct. 15 ; 266) 

Spencer, lOs. 

Windsor Castle, port, and pits, by G. Cruikshank, etc., half mor., g. e., 1844 

(H. Dec. 18; 200) 16s. 

Ainsworth's Magazine, vol. I to VI, pits, by G. Cruikshank, 1842-4 (S. 

Oct. 31 ; 517) Cohn. £A Is. 

Aisse (Mile.) Lettres a Madame C. . . . [Calandrini , 1st edn., mor. ex., t. e. g., 

by Cuzin, Paris, 1787 (S. Dec. 5 ; 1) Dobell, £l 18s. 

Aitsingems (M.) De Leone Belgico, ejusque Topographica atque historica des- 

criptione hber, engd. title, map and pits., veil., the portrait omitted from 

back of title, w. a. f., fo., 1588 (P. Nov. 21 ; 233) Leighton,£l 15s. 

Akenside (Mark) Poems, 1st edn., special copy, on fine writing paper, port, in 

mezzotint, calf gilt. 4 to., 1772 (S. Oct. 30 ; 234) James, 5s. 

Alberti (L ) Vues d'Afrique Meridionale, being 4 cold, views by Howen and Smies, 

with Descriptive Text, wrapper, ob. fo., 1811 (H. Oct. 25; 958) 

Hornstein, jglO 5s. 
Albertolli (G.) Corso Elementare di Omamenti Architettonici, 28 pits., fo., 

Milano, 1805 (S. Nov. 14 ; 6) Tregaskis, 2s. 

Albertus Magnus. Compendium Theologicae Veritatis, I. jj., 97 11. (Hain, *441), 

old half sheep, sm. 4to., Venet., 1485 (S. Dec. 20; 164) Davis, £\ l4s. 


Albertus Magnus. De Phisico auditu libri octo, q. I., half calf, fo., Venetiis, 1494 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 124) " Wesley, £5 10s. 

Albohazen de Judiciis Astrorum (ed. by A. Stupa Rhsetus), stamped calf, fo., 

Basil, 1571 (H. Nov. 6; 617) Gardner, 9s. 

Alciat (A.) Emblemata, cum Commentariis per C. Minoem, engd. title, mor. ex., 

with crest of Baron James Rothschild, g. e. by I,ortic, Paris, 1602 (H. Nov. 

14 ; 446) Leighton, £l 3s. 

Alcock (Sir R.) The Capital of the Tycoon, 2 vol., pits., 1863 (S. Oct. 30 ; 2) 

Tregaskis, 12s. 
Aldrich (H.) Elements of Civil Architecture, port, and pits., Oxford, i789 (P. 

Oct. 30 ; 8) Buckmaster, 2s. 

Aldrovandi Opera Omnia, orig. edns., engs., 13 vol., veil., fo., Bonaniae, 1638-48 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 125) Wesley, i^ 

Aleman. Le Gueux ou, Vie de Guzman d'Alfarache, 2 vol. in 1, old calf gilt, 

Rouen, 1645-6 (S. Nov. 1 ; 913) James, 7s. 

The Rogue : or, Life of Guzman De Alfarache, fo., cf., 1623 (D. Dec. 17 ; 

692) £"1 Is. 

— — Anr. Edn., old calf, rebacked, fo., 1656 (P. Oct. 4; 602) Andrews, 5s. 
Alexis of Piedmont. Secretes, trans, by W. Warde, four parts, b. \., half calf, 

4to., 1580 (S. Oct. 17 ; 455) Maggs, £S 12s. 6d. 

Alfieri (V.) Tragedie, 6 vol., 1,. P., port., half mor., uncut, 4to., Italia, 1807-8 

(S. Oct. 31 ; 437) Neumayer, 5s. 

Opere, on blue paper, half calf, 4to., Italia (Pisa), 1808 (S. Nov. 27 ; 877) 

Neumayer, 5s. 

Vita di Vittorio Alfieri da Asti scritta da Esso, 2 vol. in 1, veil., g. e. by 

Wright, Firenze, 1822 (S. Nov. 27; 816) Meuel, 4s. 

Algorismus Novus Sive Ars Calculandi, Cologne, 1498-1505 (D. Oct. 2? ; 1152) 

^1 3s. 
Aline et Valcour ou Le Roman Philo.sophique, pits., 4 vols., half calf, Paris, 1795 

(P. Oct. 30 ; 185) Edwards, 15s. 

Aiken (H.) Illustrations to Popular Songs, 43 cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1823 (C. 

Dec. 16 ; 266) Hollings, £4 5s. 

Scraps from his Sketch-Book, 42 pits., half bound. 4to., 1821 (S. Dec. 4 ; 

958) Edwards, 1 Is. 

Sporting Scrap Book, 40 cold, pits., half mor. gilt, ob. fo., 1824 (S. Dec. 1 1 ; 

550) Young, £6 15s. 

Symptons of being Amused, 42 cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1822 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

658) Sawyer, £4 

Allan (A.) Views in the Mysore Country, 20 pits., some mended, half bound, ob. 

fo., 1794 (S. Nov. 14; 311) Spencer, 18s. 

Allen (Grant) The Woman who Did, 1st edn., pres. copy to Andrew Lang, 1895 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 3) Sotheran, £2 6s. 

Alphabetum Tibetanum, studio A. A. Georgii, pits., half mor., 4to., Roma, 1762 

(S. Oct. 18; 758) Hill, Is. 

[Alphonsus de Spina. I Fortalicium Fidei contra Judeos, Saracenos aHosq Chris- 

tiane Fidei inimicos, I. jj., 4to. (slightly wormed), stamped leather, Nurem- 

bergae, Koberger, 1494 (S. Nov. 20 ; 48) David, £5 

Alpine Portfolio : The Penmne Alps, 100 pits., 4to., [1889J (H. Nov. 13 ; 109) 

Smith, 15s. 
Alvarus Pelagius de Planctu Ecclesiae [Hain, *89r', first table of 7 11. missing, 

fo., Ulm, 1474 (H. Dec. 19 ; 428) Andrews, £5 

Amadis de Gaule, Famous and Renowned Historv of, trans, by F. Kirkman, 1st 

edn., title defective, old calf, 4to., 1652 (S. Oct. 31 ; 596) James, 10s. 
Ambrosius (S.) Hexameron sen de principiis rerum, 165 11., half russ., fo. [Milan, 

A. Zarotus, c. 1477] (S. Dec. 20 ; 165) Quaritch, £5 lOs. 

America. The British Empire in America, 8 folded maps by H. Moll, 2 vol., orig. 

calf, 1708 (S.Nov. 20; 22) H.Stevens, £3 7s. 6d. 

The Present State of His Majesties Isles and Territories in America, with 

New Maps of every Place, port., sheep, fine copy, 168^ (S. Oct. 21 ; 3) 

Kashnor, £4 12s. 6d. 

Histoire Et Descriptione Generale de la Nouvelle France, 3 vols., 4to.. of., 

1644 (D. Dec. 17; 653) £4 17s. 6d. 

I9I2-I3 5 

Ames (J .) Tvpographical Antiquities, enlarged by T. F. Dibdin, 4 vol., L. P-, ports., 
half veU., uncut, fo., 1820 (S. Dec. 12 ; 963) Shaw. £2 6s. 

Anacr^on, Sapho, Bion et Moschus, Traduction nouvelle en Prose, Par M. M*** 
C**, front, and vignettes by Eisen, L- P., 1st issue, red mor., gilt over marbled 
edges (Derome), choice copy, 4to., Paris, 1773 (P. Dec. 17 ; 16b) Sabin, ^QA 

Anr. Edn., traduction par Moutennet de Clairfons, front, and vignettes after 

Eisen. mor. gilt, Paris, 1780 (S. Dec. 5; 4) Dobell, £3 

Ananga-Ranga, or Hindu Art of Love, veil., uncut, 1885 (P. Oct. 4 ; 332) 

Hitchman, £1 15s. 
[Ancillon. Traite des Eunuques, old calf, P. P., 1707 (S. Oct. 30 ; 266) 

Bloomfieid, Us. 

Andersen (Hans) Stories from, cold. ills, by Dulac, Edn. de Luxe, veil., g. t., 4to., 

n. d. ' (P. Oct. 3,0; 262) Beaumont, £l 

Anderson (J .) Constitutions of Free and Accepted Masons, revised by J . Entick, 

front., red mor. ex., dentelle borders, g. e., 4to., 1756 (C. Dec. 16 ; 85) 

Edwards, £2 15s. 

(J-) Collections relating to the History of Mary Queen of Scotland, 4 vols, in 

2, calf, with arms, 4to., Edin., 1727 (H. Nov. 14 ; 485) Dunlop, 8s. ed. 

Scotland in Early Christian and Pagan Times, ills., 4 vol., Edinb., 1881-86 

(S. Nov. 11 ; 25) Hopkins, i\ 5s. 

(J. C.) Shropshire : its Early History and Antiquities, ills., 1864 (S. Dec. 

11 ; 410) Young, 5s. 

(Patrik) The Colde Spring of Kinghome Craig, with leaf at end " What wee 

should observe before wee goe to drinck of such Waters," mor., g. e. by 
Riviere, 4to., Edinb., 1618 (S. Dec. 20; 48) Maggs, £3 3s. 

(W.) Pictorial Arts of Japan, ills., half mor., g. e., 4to., 1886 (H. Oct. 23 ; 

321) Rolfe, £5 

Andrews (H.) Botanists' Repository, 8 vol. in 4, cold, pits., half russ., 4to., 1797 
(S. Dec. 12 ; 734) Brown, £2 18s. 

The same. 10 vol., 664 cold, pits., red mor. gilt, g. e., 4to., 1797, etc. (S. 

Nov. 26; 314) Soames, £13 

(John) History of the War with America, France, Spain and Holland, ports., 

etc., 4 vols., calf, 1785 (P. Nov. 21 ; 56) Lacy, £1 18s. 

The same, 4 vols., boards, 1785-86 (P. Dec. 4 ; 137) H. Stevens, £3 10s. 

Androuet du Cerceau (J .) Le9ons de Perspective, orig. edn., 60 pits., fo., Paris, 1576 

(S. Nov. 1; 963) Streeton, £1 

* At end there are added six plates of ornaments : "A Paris, chez N. 

Langlois " (1660), and seven portraits. 

Angas (G. F.) The Kafirs Illustrated, cold, pits., hah mor., t. e. g., fo., n. d. (S. 

Nov. 27; 591) Edwards, £\\ \Ss. 

New Zealanders Illustrated, 50 cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1847 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

369) Edwards, £1 5s. 

Angelica's Ladies Library, 8 pits., veil., broken, 4to., 1794 (S. Nov. 21 ; 454) 

Bunting, 6s. 

Annals of Scottish Natural History, from commencement in 1892 to 1904, part 

1-52, Edinb., 1892-1904 (S. Dec. 10; 96) Smith, 17s. 

Annals of Sporting, vol. I-IX, cold, pits., half calf, not quite uniform, 1822-6 

(S. Nov. 26; 488) Hailett, ^12 

Annals of Ulster, ed. with Translation by W. M. Hennessy, 4 vol. with Appendices 

and Index, half mor., uncut, Dublin, 1887-1901 (S. Nov. 6 ; 6) 

Mason, £1 8s. 

Aimual Register, from commencement in 1785 to 1906, with Indexes to 1792, 

152 vols., calf many vols, rebacked (H. Nov. 29 ; 691) Harding, ;^10 10s. 

Anselm. Opuscula beati Anselmi, g. I., sm. 4to. [Hain-Copinger, 1136 , wooden 

boards, pigskin back, with clasp [BaseF, n. d. (H. Dec. 19 ; 394) 

David, £1 5s. 
Anson (Lord) Voyage Round the World, engs., 4to., calf, 1748 (C Dec. 16 ; 56) 

Ellis, 15s. 
Anstey (C.) New Bath Guide, pits, by Geo. Cniikshank, 1830 (S. Oct. 31 ; 510) 

Walford, 15s. 

Anstruther (Sir Wm.) Essays,- Moral and Divine, 4to., cf., Edin., 1701 (D. Dec 

16; 191) 3s. 


Antichita di Krcolano, 6 vol., L- P., pits., veil., 4to., Roma, 1789-1807 (S. Oct. 

31 ; 435) Brown, lOs. 

Antoninus Archiep. Florentinae, Summa Tertia Pars, I. g., A 3 slightly defective, 

half roan, fo.. Venetiis, 1480 (S. Dec. 12 ; 980) David, £\ 6s. 

Antonius a Burgundia (D.) lyinguae Vitia & Remedia Emblematic^ expressa, 

engd. title and 46 pits., old black mor., g. e., ob. 12mo., Antwerpiae, 1631 

(S. Dec. 20 ; 30) Maggs, £4 

Apianus (P.) Cosmographia, woodcuts (the volvelles from another edition), sm, 

4to., veil., Antverpiae, 1574 (H. Nov. 6; 510) Polyglot, 15s. 

Anr. Bdn., woodcut map, diagrams, etc., old calf, Antv., 1584 (H. Dec. 19 ; 

392) £2 2s. 

Apophthegmata Graefca. Regum et ducum, philosophorum item graece et latine, 
calf, H. Stephanus, 1568 (P. Nov. 21 ; 24) David. Is. 

[Apperley (C. J.) ; Life of John Mytton, 12 cold. pits, by Aiken (one damaged), 1st 
edn. (loose), 1835 (P. Dec. 5; 391) Hornstein, ;gl4 

Anr. Edn., cold. pits, by Aiken and Rawlins, seed, edn., half mor., g. e., 1837 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 224) Sotheran, ;gl0 lOs. 

Anr. Edn., 18 cold. pits, by Aiken and Rawlins, third edn., 1851 (H. Oct. 

16; 526) Spencer, £5 

— — The same, clean copy. 1851 (H. Nov. 27 ; 107) Bain, £8 i5s. 

Anr. Edn., cold. ills, by Aiken and Rawlins, 1870 (S. Oct. 30 ; 179) 

Times, £1 6s. 

Life of a Sportsman, 38 cold. iUs. by H. Aiken, 1874 (S. Oct. 22 ; 506) 

Bumpus, £4 10s. 

Nimrod's Hunting Tours, 1st edn., half crimson calf, g. e. (stamp on title), 

1835 (S. Oct. 22 ; 505) Shcock, £2 

Nimrod's Hunting Tour in Scotland, half calf gilt, 1857 (S. Nov. 20 ; 160) 

Pickering, 10s. 
Apsley House and Walmer Castle, cold, pits., in a portfolio, 1853 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

686) Bain, £1 8s. 

Apuleius (Lucius) Opera (few 11. remargined), half bound, fo., Vicentia, 1488 

(S. Oct. 21 ; 280) Tregaskis, £\ 8s. 

Arabian Nights, trans, by R. F. Burton, with Supplementary Nights, orig. edn., 

17 vol., 1885 (S. Oct. 22 ; 507) B. F. Stevens, ;g29 lOs. 

Anr. Edn., and Supplemental Nights, trans, by Burton, ed. by L- C. 

Smithers, 12 vol., ills, by Letchford, 1897 (S. Oct. 30 ; 202) 

Times Book Club, £3 15s. 

Anr. Edn., by Burton, 10 vols,, and Supplemental Nights, 7 vols., port, and 

pits, by Letchford, 17 vols., " Burton Club," n. d. (H. Oct. 16 ; 452) 

Bumpus, XlO 10s. 

Supplemental Nights, 6 vols., 1886 (P. Dec. 4 ; 82) Quaritch, £4 15s. 

Anr. Edn., Trans, by E. Forster, engs. after Smirke, 5 vols., straight grain 

mor., by McNair, 1802 (P. Dec. 17 ; 4) Hopkins, £9 5s. 

Illustrations to, by Frank Brangwyn, proofs on Japan vellum, 36 pits., 1897 

(S- Oct. 22 ; 509) Sotheran, £1 Is. 

Arateni (L) Historiarum Florentinarum, fo., cf., 1610 (D. Dec. 17 ; 539) Is. 

Archseologia, vols. 1 to 56, part 1, with Index to first 50 vols, in 76 vols., half mor. 

cloth, etc. (5 sewed, some not uniform), 4to., 1770-1898 (H. Dec. 5 ; 293) 

Hiersemann, £^ 2s. 6d. 

The same, vols. 1 to 59, with Index to vols. 1-50, vols. 1 to 18 calf, 2 vols. 

half bound, 21 parts and vols, sewed, and vols. 35 to 59 and Index cloth 
together 91 vols, and parts, 4to.. 1773-1905 (H. Nov. 28 ; 517) 

Hiersemann, ;^11 

The same, vols. 1 to 59, with Index to vols. 1-50, vols. 1 to 18 calf, 2 vols. 

half bound, 21 parts and vols. sewed, and vols. 35 to 59 and Index cloth, 
together 91 vols, and parts, 4to., 1773-1905 (H. Nov. 6 ; 575) £9 

Archseologia Cantiana, L- P., vols. 1 to 23, and 26, with Index to first 19 vols. 
1858-1904 (H. Oct. 23 ; 156) Richardson, £3 3s. 

The same, vol. I-XXIX and Testamenta Cantiana, 30 vol., 1858-1911 (S. 

Oct. 16; 190) Thorp. £7 15s. 

1912-13 7 

Archaeolopical Journal, from commencement in 1844 to Sept. 1900, being vols. 1 

to 57, no 3, 41 vols, half calf (3 calf) , and 63 nos, 1844-1900 (H. Nov. 15 ; 

805) George, £2 

Aretino (P.) Les Dialogues, entierement traduits pour la premiere fois, port, and 

pits., 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 1879-80 (P. Dec. 5 ; 375) Dillon, i\ 10s. 
Argensola (B. L. de) Conquista de la Islas Malucas {sic), engd. title, veil., fc, 

Madrid, 1609 (C. Dec. 16 : 127) Edwards, i'i 

Argenville (Dezalher d') Abrege de la Vie des plus fameux Peintres, 4 vol., fine 

paper, 254 ports., orig. marbled calf, with monogram, Paris, 1762 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

911) James, 12s. 

Argyle Papers (The), half mor., m. e., sm. 4to., Edinb., 1834 (S. Nov. 11 ; 29) 

Hopkins, 17s. 
Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, ills., cf., Venice, 1558 (D. Nov. 19; 595) 7s. 

Anr. Edn., tutto ricorreto et di nuove figure adomato, woodcuts, veil., 

4to., Venetia, 1556 (S. Dec. 12; 916) Davis, 10s. 

Anr. Edn., iUs., fo., cf., Venice. 1572 (D. Dec. 17 ; 460) 2s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., engd. title and pits., calf, fo., Venetia, 1584 (S. Nov. 25 ; 76) 

Bumpus, £\ 

Anr. Edn., 8 vol., L. P., pits., half calf, fo., Venezia, 1772 (S. Oct. 31 ; 450) 

Brown, lis. 

Anr. Edn., port, and pits., 4 vol., old calf gilt, y. e., Birmingham, Basker- 

vlile, 1773 (S. Nov. 11 ; 30) " Maggs, £A 4s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by Hoole. fronts., 5 vols., old calf, 1799 (H. Nov. 6 449) 

Davey, 7s. 6d. 

Orlando Furioso, traduzido en Romance Castellano por J . de Urrea, engd. 

title, woodcut port, and 46 woodcuts, veil., fo., Lyon, 1550 (S. Oct. 31 ; 618) 

Spicer, ;£3 

Aristotle. Libri Ethicorum, Politicorum, et Economicorum, omnia Latine, inter- 

prete Averroe, g. \., mor. g. e., stained, few 11. wormed, fo., Venetiis, 1483 

(P. Nov. 21 ; 182) Davis, iS 

Armstrong's Scotch Atlas, 4to., cf., 1787 (D. Nov. 19 ; 651) 9s. 

Armstrong's Life of Peter De Wint, pits., 1888 (E. Sep. 20 ; 38) McKay, 12s. 

(R. B.) History of Lidderdale, etc.. Part I, Xllth Century to 1530, pits.. 

4to., Edinb., 1883 (S. Nov. 11 ; 32) Forrester, £l 6s. 

Arnold (Matthew) Alaric at Rome, orig. edn., 11 pp., wrappers, Rugby, 1840 (S. 
Nov. 21 ; 414) Bumpus, IA\ 

Cromwell, 15 pp., wrappers, Oxford, 1843 (S. Nov. 21; 415) 

Bumpus, ^\ 19s. 

The same, pres. copy to Mr. Lang from Mr- T. Humphrey Ward, 1843 (S. 

Dec. 5 • 10) Qnaritch, £A \Ss. 

* On the catalogue slip inserted Mr. Lang has written : " A prae-Carlylean 
appreciation ot Old Noll. 

'Empedocles on Etna, 1st edn., 1852 (S. Dec. 5; 13) Dobell, £3 

Friendship's Garland, 1st edn., 1871 (S. Dec. 5 ; 15) Quaritch, £2 18s. 

* Catalogue slip inserted, on which Mr. Lang has written : " The humour of 
Arminius, which is daring, was never appreciated by contemporaries. 

Merope, 1st edn., 1858 (S. Oct. 21 ; 9) Joseph, 3s. 

The same, 1858 (S. Dec. 5 ; 14) Quaritch, £1 14s. 

* Catalogue slip inserted, with autograph note bv A. Lang. 

The Straved Reveller, 1st edn., 1849 (S. Oct. 21 ; 8) Parsons, £1 12s. 

The same, 1849 (S. Dec. 5 ; 12) Quaritch, £4 8s. 

* Catalogue slip inserted, with autograph note by A. Lang. 

Works, port., etc., Edn. de Luxe, 15 vols., 1903-4 (P. Oct. 31 ; 553) 

Lewis, £4 1 Os. 

Amot (H.) History of Edinburgh, 4to., cf., 1779 (D. Oct. 23 ; 1029) 3s. 6d. 

Amott (J. A.) and J. Wilson. The Petit Trianon at Versailles, 97 pits., mor., fo. 

1908 (S. Nov. 14 ; 12) Batsford, £1 16s'. 

Art of Contentment, cont. red mor. ex., g. e., Oxford, 1675 (C. Dec. 16 ; 309) 

Leighton,f\ 13s. 
Articles of Peace, Entercourse and Commerce, in a Treaty at Madrid in 1 630, h I 
wrappers, 4 to., 163U (S. Oct; 30 ; 244) James, 4s! 









19 ; 




; 556) 5s. 


. 19 ; 



Articles of Peace, Union and Confederation, between Oliver Lord Protector and 
the Netherlands, h. I., half calf, fo., 1654 (S. Oct. 30; 322) Spicer, 5s. 

Artis Humanitatis Preludium (Hain 1823), g.l., 8 11. (one defective), sm. 4to., 
boards [Nuremberg, ca. 1495] (H. Nov. 28; 406) David, 17s. 


Bazzi. Christ bound to the Column, 1889 (H. Dec. 19 ; 539) 5s- 

Ghirlandaio (D.) Preaching of John the Baptist, 1867 (H. Dec. 19 ; 541) 5s- 

Memling (Hans) Altarpiece in the Cathedral at Liibeck, a Set, 9 on 5 mounts. 

1876 (H. Dec. 19 ; 542) ^1 10s- 

Forli (M. da) Pope Sixtus IV. giving Audience, 1875 (H. Dec. 19 ; 545) 3s. 

The same, 1875 (H. Dec. 19 ; 548) 5s. 6d. 

Francesca (P. della) Resurrection of Christ, 1875 (H. Dec. 19 ; 546) 4s. 6d. 

Lorenzetti (P.) Deposition from the Cross, 1875 (H. Dec. 19 ; 547) 3s. 

Carpaccio (V.) S. Jerome in his Study (mount cut down), 1882 

19 ; 549) 

— — Carpaccio (V.) The Calling of St. Matthew, 1889 (H. Dec. 19 ; 

Carpaccio (V.) St. George baptizing Princess Cleodolinda, 1888 

19 ; 551) 

Libri (G. dai) Virgin and Child between two Saints, 1 874 (H. Dec. 

Luini (B.) The Adoration of the Magi, 1866 (H. Dec. 19 ; 553) 

Ghirlandaio. Preaching of John the Baptist, 1867 (H. Dec. 19 

Titian. St. Anthony of Padua healing a Young Man, 1873 (H. 


Sanzio (G.) Virgin and Child with Saints, and the Resurrection of Christ, 

1858 (H. Dec. 19 ; 558) 2s. 6d. 

— — Memling (Hans) S. Veronica, 1865 (H. Dec. 19 ; 562) 5s. 

Ghirlandaio. Death of S. Fina (P. Dec. 12 ; 189) Rimell, 2s. 

More (Sir A.) Portrait of Queen Mary I (P. Dec. 12 ; 199) William, £1 Is. 

Ghirlandaio. The Last Supper (P. Dec. 12; 194) Rimell, 12s. 

Libri (G. Dai) The Virgin and Child (P. Dec. 12 ; 191) Maggs, 5s. 

Durer (A.) Adoration of the Holy Trinity (S. Nov. 28 ; ) Rimell, 10s. 

Bartolommeo (Fra.) Virgin and Child in the Convent of St. Mark at Florence, 

in frame, 1869 (H. Dec. 19 ; 533) Rimell, £3 5s. 

Angelico (Fra) Christ and his Disciples at Emmaus, in frame, 1891 (H. 

Dec. 19 ; 534) £1 5s. 

Vasco (Gran) St. Peter enthroned as Pope, in frame, 1892 (H. Dec. 19 ; 

535) 10s. 

Raphael. Philosophy, on original mount, 1871 (H. Dec. 19 ; 536) 10s. 

Richard II. before the Madonna, with Saints and Angels, from the Picture 

at Wilton House, 2 on 1 mount, 1882 jH. Dec. 19 ; 537) Spencer, £1 13s. 

Virgin in Glory with two Saints, after Pinturiccio (1) (S. Nov. 28 ; 63) 

Spencer, 5s. 

Queen Mary I, after Sir A. More (S. Nov. 28; 50) Spencer, £1 

The same (P. Dec. 12 ; 184) William, £1 5s. 

■ The Madonna among the Meyer Family, after H. Holbein (1) (S. Nov. 28 ; 

51) Quaritch, £2 
St. Augustine Preaching, after Benozzo Gozzoli ; and two others (3) (S. 

Nov. 28 ; 81) Rimell, £5 15s. 
• Wyatt (M. Digby) Notices of Sculpture in Ivory, ills., 4to., 1856 (S. Nov. 

26 ; 349) Rimell, Is. 

—TT— The Primavera, after Botticelli (1) (S. Nov. 28; 69) Rimell, £4 

Venus rising from the Sea, after Botticelli (1) (S. Nov. 28 ; 70) 

Maggs, £3 l5s. 
Arundel Club Publications, being Photogravure Reproductions of Pictures 

by Great Masters of all Schools, from commencement in 1904 to 1911, 150 

plates, in wrappers (8) (H. Dec. 18; 243) Rimell, £3 

Ascham (R.) Works, by Dr. Giles, 3 vols, in 4, &c., L- P., 6 vols., half mor., 1860- 

72 (H. Oct. 15; 87) Bailey, l5s. 

[Ashbee (C. R.)^ Bibliotheca Arcana seu Catalogus Librorum Penetralium, 6 parts, 

sm. 4to., 1874-5 (H. Nov. 7; 8l9) Edwards, I5s. 


1912-13 9 

Ashbee (H • S.) Index Librorum Prohibitonim, 1 877 ; Centuria Librorum Abscondi- 
torum, 1879 ; Catena Librorum Tacendorum, 1885, 3 vol.. pits., half mor., 
g. t..4to. (S. Dec. 2 ; 261) Tregaskis. £10 5s. 

Ashendene Press. Aucassin and Nicolete, done into English by Andrew Lang, 
1900 (S. Dec. 5 ; 17) Quariich. £4 

Dante, Divina Commedia, 3 vol., sm. 4to.. 1902-05 (S. Dec. 20 ; 167) 

:^10 15s. 

Dante Alighieri, tutte le opere, half Niger morocco, oak boards, clasps, by 

D. Cockerell, fo., 1909 (S. Dec. 20; 168) Hele. :£15 10s. 

Asiatic Researches, vol. I.-XL, pits., russ. ex.. 4to., 1799-1812 (C. Dec. 16 ; 57) 

Sotheran, 18s. 
Aspinall (J. P.) Reports of Cases relating to Maritime Law, New Series, from 1870 
to 1895, being vols. 1 to 7, half caH, 1873-96 (H. Nov. 22 ; 75) Davies, £8 
Assemamis (J. S.) Italicse Historise Scriptores, ex Bibliothecse Vaticanae Manu- 
script, 4 vol., veil., fo., Romse, 1751-53 (C. Dec. 16 ; 129) Baker, £3 5s. 
Assurance Magazine (The), from commencement in 1850 to 1882 (vols. I to 23, 
with General Indexes to vols. 1 to 20). 25 vols., clean set. 1851-83 (H. Oct. 
15 ; 226) Quaritck, p2 

Astius (D. F.) Lexicon Platonicum sive Vocum Platonicarum Index, 3 vols., half 
mor., t. e. g., Lipsise, 1835-38 (H. Nov. 5 ; 197) Wesley, £l Is. 

Astley (T.) Collection of Voyages, 1 vols., 4to., cf., 1745 (P. Oct. 3 ; 264) 

Edwards, £1 
Athenagoras. Delle risurrettione de' morti, tradotto in lingua italiana da G. 
Faleti, old red mor., g. e., 4to., Venetia, 1556 (S. Nov. 20 ; 190) 

Tregaskis, £l 10s. 

Atkins (J.) A Voyage to Guinea, Brazil and the West Indies, calf, 1735 (S. Oct. 

21 ; 11) Ellis, £1 2s. 

Atkinson (G. F.) The Campaign in India, 1857-8, cold, lithographs, fo., 1859 (S. 

Oct. 30 ; 96) Edwards, £\ 12s. 

— — (J.) Sketches in Afghaunistan, pits., half mor., fo., n. d. (S. Oct. 30 ; 97) 

Grant, 5s. 

Atlas Historique, par Mr. C***, avec des dissertations par Gueudeville. maps, etc., 

7 vols., old calf, fo., Amst., 1732-0 (H. Nov. 5 ; 294) £1 10s. 

[Audiguier (Vital d')' Tragi-Comicall History of our Times, under the borrowed 

names of Lisander and Calista (stained) ,'hf. cf., fo., 1635 (H. Oct. 24 ; 629) 


Audsley et Bowes. La Ceramique Japonaise, pits., 7 parts, fo., Paris, 1877-8 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 966) Hiersemann, £\ 10s. 

Audubon (J. J.) Birds of America, 4 vol., 435 cold, pits., half mor. gilt, uncut, by 

Zaehnsdorf, very fine copy, fo., 1827-38 (S. Nov. 26 ; 414) Ouaritch, £z>AO 

Ornithological Biography, 5 vol., 1831-9 (S. Nov. 14 ; 212) Quaritch, £A 5s. 

Augustine (St.) Octaua pars Librorum Diui Aurelii Augustini quos Episcopus 
Edidit, g. (.. defective (binding faulty), fo., [Basle, 1506] (P. Oct. 30 ; 316) 

Cohen, 4s. 6d. 

De Civitate Dei libri XXII, t. g.. 302 U. (Hain, *205l), slightly wormed, 

large margins, veil., fo., Venet. N. Jenson, 1475 (S. Dec. 20 ; 170) 

Maggs, ;£14 15s. 

Anr. Edn., I. g. (Hain, *2005), first leaf defective, sheep, 4to., Venet., 1486 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 913) _ David. £1 5s. 

Anr. Edn., Cum Commentariis T. de Valois et N. Triveth, I. g., initials in 

red and blue, stamped calf, rebacked, fo., Basil., 1505 (S. Dec. 12 ; 1004) 

Barnard, £1 18s. 

— - Of the Citie of God, englished by J. H. (J. Healey). old calf, fo., 1620 (S. 

Nov. 20 ; _ 94) ^ _ Barnard, 9s. 

Liber Soliloquiorum ad provocandum hominem ad amorem dei, J. g. (1 58 11.), 

text rubricated (fol. 148 defective), old blue mor. gilt, g. e., w. a. f., 16mo., 
" Explicit liber Soliloquiorz," a. u. n. [14 — ■ (S. Dec. 3 ; 548) Grant, £1 SI Os. 
* Not mentioned in Brunet, Hain or Proctor. 
— ' — Psalmorum Explanatio, I. g., 360 11. (Hain * 1973), half veil., fo., Venetiis 
1493 (S. Dec. 12 ; 968) David, £1 6s'. 

Sermones ad Heremitas, 171 11. [wanting a viii\ 26 11. (Hain, *2001), Niger 

mor. gilt, by D. Cockerell. Brixiae. 1486 (S. Dec. 20 ; 171) Leighton, £2 18s. 


Augustine (St.) Opera, studio Monachorum Ord. S. Benedicti, 15 vol., front., old 

calf, r. e., fo., Paris, 1679-1700 (S. Nov. 27 ; 670) McKinnon, 12s. 

Auscher (E. S.) French Porcelain, pits., 1905 (P. Oct. 3 ; 220) Archer, ^l Is. 

Austen (Jane) Novels, ed. by R. B. Johnson, 10 vol., ills., 1896 (S. Oct. 22 ; 512) 

Taylor, 17s. 

Works, cold. pits, by Mills, 10 vols., 1910 (H. Oct. 16 ; 448) Hughon, 18s. 

(R.) Treatise of Fruit Trees, sheep, 4to., Oxford, 1657 (S. Oct. 21 ; 234) 

Dobell, 5s. 

Ayrshire and Wigtonshire Archgeological Association Publications, 12 vol., 

4to., Edinb., 1878-91 (S. Oct. 21; 235) Reid, £3 

Aytoun and Martin. Bon Gaultier Ballads, 1st edn., ills, by Crowquill, 1845 (S. 

Dec. 11 ; 370) Dobell, £1 2s. 

The same, with a type-written Bibliography by H. S. Young, inserted, 1845 

(S. Oct. 22 ; 513) Young. £1 12s. 

Babington (G.) Works, port., orig. calf (broken), fo., 1637 (S. Nov. 20 ; M9) 

Ellis, £1 10s. 
* With papers, used as fly-leaves, of Bookselling Transactions in 1620. 
Bacon (F.) Advancement and Proficience of Learning, interpreted by G. Wats, 
port, and engd. title (torn), old calf, fo., Oxford, 1640 (S. Nov. 25 ; 77) 

Edwards, £2 18s. 

Baconiana, or Certain Genuine Remains, port., calf, 1679 (P. Oct. 30 ; 189) 

Barnard, 9s. 

Elements of the Common Lawes of England, 1st edn., sm. 4to., old calf, 1639 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 854) Dobell, £1 12s. 

Essayes (title repaired), sm. 4 to., half bound, 1629 (H. Oct. 17 ; 852) 17s. 

Essays, trans, by W. Willymott, Large and Thick Paper, 2 vols., mor. extra, 

richly tooled, g. e., 1720 (P. Nov. 21 ; 116) Quaritch, £\0 

Historic of the Raigne of Henry VII, 1st edn., port., fo., cf., 1622 (D. Dec. 

17 ; 462) £2 7s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., port., old calf, 4 to., 1641 (H. Nov. 15 ; 936) Edwards, 10s. 6d. 

Operum Moralium et Civilium, port., fo., cf., 1638 (D. Dec. 17 ; 465) £A 10s. 

Proficience and Advancement of Learning, sm. 4 to., old calf, Oxford, 1633 

(H. Nov. 14 ; 455) Barnard, 18s. 

Resuscitatio, by Wm. Rawley, port., calf, fo., 1657 (S. Nov. 25 ; 78) 

Maggs, £2 

■ Sylva Sylvarum, 1st edn., port., fo., cf., Lond., 1627 (D. Dec. 17 ; 444) 

£4 12s. 6d. 
— ^— Anr. Edn., tenth edn., engd. title, calf, fo., 1676 (C. Dec. 16 ; 132) 

Bacon, 9s. 

- Works, port., 4 vols., calf, fo., 1740 (P. Oct. 3 ; 284) Long, 9s. 

Works (with Life and Notes by Basil Montagu), port., etc., 16 vol., russ. ex., 

m. e., fine copy, 1825-34 (S. Nov. 11 ; 40) Brown, £7 

Works. 10 vols., cf., 1826 (D. Nov. 19; 512) 10s. 6d. 

Works, ed. by Spedding, EUis and Heath, with Letters and Life, 11 vol., 

port., 185 ,-6 8 (vS. Nov. 6 ; 16) Quaritch, £4 15s. 

Letters and Life, and all his Occasional Works, by J. Spedding, 7 vol., port., 

half calf gilt, 1861-74 (S. Nov. 25 ; 161) Hornstein, £3 12s. 6d. 

Baedeker (F. W. J.) Die Eier der Europaeischen Voegel, cold, pits., 4 vols, in 2, 

fo. (1855) (P. Dec. 5 ; 463) Quaritch, 8s. 

Badeslade (T.) Views of Seats in Kent, 36 pits., half mor., imcut, fo., n. d. (S. 

Oct. 17 ; 644) Elhs, £3 2s. 

Badminton Magazine, 12 vols., 1895-1901 (P. Dec. 17; 7) Coleman. 15s. 
Bagshawe (W. H. G.) The Bagshawes of Ford, pits., 4to., P. P., 188S (H. Dec. 

6 ; 522) Gray, £1 18s. 

Bailey's Pocket Almanac, map and plate of flags, unbound, 16mo., Philadelphia 

(1784) (vS. Dec. 20; 21) H. Stevens, £1 lOs. 

Baillie (W.) Engraved Works, 2 vol. in 1, 113 engs., russ. gilt, g. e., fo., n. d. (S 

Nov. 25; 79) Brail, ;^16 10s. 

Baird, Cassin and Lawrence. Birds of North America, 2 vol., 100 cold, pits., half 

calf, 4to., ib., i860 (S. Nov. 26; 340) Bickers, £4 5s. 

Baker (G.) History of Northampton, 2 vol. in 5 Parts, L. P., pits., boards, 

fo., 1822-41 (S. Dec. 20; 102) Edwards, £4 7s. 6d. 

I9I2-I3 II 

Baldus de Ubaldis de Perusio. Super Digesto Novo.g. I., half veil., wormed and 

stained, tall copy, fo., Venetiis, 1495 (P. Nov. 21 ; 243) Tregaskis, £2 12s. 6d. 
Baldwin (G.) La Prima Musa Clio, mor., 4to., P. P. (1802) (S. Oct. 31 ; 577) 

Streeton, 2s. 
(Bale (J.)^ Admonishion to the Bishoppes (stained and shaved), mor. extra, g. e. 

1553' (H. Oct. 24; 534) . Bull, 19s. 

Ballads, Collection of, corrected from the best and most Ancient Copies Extant, 

pits., 3 vols., old calf (rebacked), 1727 (P. Dec. 17 ; 116) Hopkins, £1 6s. 
• Le Livre des Ballades : soixante ballades choisies, avec '' Histoire de la 

Ballade " par C. Asselineau, mor., t. e. g., Paris, 1876 (S. Dec. 5 ; 24) 

Dobell, £2 2s. 
-" Le Livre des Cent Ballades, par le Marquis de Queux de Sainte-Hilaire, mor. 

gilt, g. e., Paris, 1868 (S. Dec. 5 ; 23) St. Cyr, £\ 12s. 

Ballet des Arts danse par sa Majeste le 8 Janvier, 1663, last leaf torn, 4to., Paris 

1663 (S. Dec. 6 ; 442) Barnard, £\ Is. 

Ballet des Saisons danse a Fontainebleau par sa Majeste le 23 Juillet, 1661, 4to., 

Paris, 1661 (S. Dec. 6 ; 441) Barnard, £\ 16s. 

Balzac (H. de) La Comedie Humaine, Caxton Edn., ills., 12 vols., 1898 (H. Nov. 

13; 271) • Meynell, \Ss. 

(M.) Lettres Familieres a M. Chapelain, mor., g. e., by Hammond, Leiden, 

1656 (S. Dec. 5 ; 22) Tregaskis, £\ Is. 

Bancroft (H. H.) Native Races of the Pacific States of N. America, pres. copy to 

to Huxley, 5 vols., 1875-6 (H. Nov. 5 ; 42) Hill, £2 7s. 6d. 

Bandello (M.) Novelle, 4 parts in 3 vol., Harding's reprint of the Lucca edition, 

1554, L. P., half bound, uncut, 4to., 1740 (S. Nov. 25; 34) 

Tregaskis, £\ 14s. 

Novelle, 7 vol., port., haH caH gilt, m. e, 1791 (S. Oct. 31 ; 329) 

Renter, £\ 5s. 
Bannatyne Club. The Bannatvne Miscellany ; 3 vol., mor. gilt, with arms, 

t. e. g., 4to., Edinb., l837-5'5 (S. Nov. 11 ; 44) Hopkins, £\ 2s. 

Barante (M. de) Histoire des Dues de Bourgoyne, pits., 13 vols., hf. mor., 1826 

(P. Oct. 3; 180) Jackson, Ss. 

Barbault (J.) Les plus beaux Edifices de Rome Modeme, 44 folding pits., halt 

bovmd, fo., Rome, 1763 (C. Dec= 16; 133) Davis, £2 15s. 

Barber (Miss M.) Some Drawings of Ancient Embroidery, 30 cold, specimens, fo., 

1880 (H. Oct. 15; 313) Polyglot, £l 5s, 

Barclay (J.) His Argenis, trans, by K. Long, engd. title, port, and engs., half calf. 

4to., 1636 (S. Oct. 21 ; 245) Bull, 3s. 

The same, sm. 4to., old calf, 1636 (H. Oct. 24; 592) Barnard, £1 2s. 

(R.) Apology for the true Christian Divinity, russ., Birm., J. Baskerville, 

1765 (S. Dec. 12 ; 905) Young, 13s. 

Bardon (D.) Costume des anciens peuples, 2 vol., pits., calf, 4to., Paris, 1772 (S. 

Oct. 30 ; 50) Rimell, 10s. 

[Barham (R. H.) Ingoldsby Legends, pits, by G. Cruikshank and Leech, 1st edn., 

3 vols., half mor. ex., g. t., 1840-42-47 (P. Dec. 17 ; 9) Cohn, £A 

The same, 3 vol., very fine copy, mor., t. e. g., 1840-2-7 (S. Oct. 22 ; 517) 

Bumpus, £\3 I5s. 

The same, 1st issue, p. 236 in vol. I blank, 3 vol., calf, g. e. by Riviere, 1840- 

2-7 (S. Nov. 14 ; 292) Quaritch, £5 

lAnr. Edn., cold. ills, by Rackham, half mor., t. e. g., 1907 (H. Nov. 5 ; 152) 

Williamson, 18s. 
Baring-Gould (S.) Book of Were-Wolves, front.. 1865 (S. Oct. 21 ; 15) 

B. F. Stevens, £\ 4s. 
Barker (M. H.) Greenwich Hospital, cold. pits, by G. Cruikshank, half mor., g. t., 

4to., 1826 (S. Oct. 17 ; 555) Cohn, £A 10s. 

Barker's Complete List of Plays to 1803, interleaved copy (1804) (P. Dec. 4 ; 

7) Dobell, 2s. 

Barlaeus (C.) Medicea Hospes, fo., veil., Amst., 1638 (D. Dec. 17 ; 520) 7s. 6d. 
— *^ — Rerum per octenium in BrasiHa et ahbi nuper gestarum sub Praefectura T. 

Mauritii Comitis Nassoviee, etc., port, and 55 maps and pits., orig. veil., fine 

large copy, fo.. Amst.. 1647 (S. Nov. 20 ; 87) Edwards. £9 10s. 


Barlandi (H.) Ducum Brabantiae Chronica, ports., orig. edn., old vellum, fo.,. 

Antv.. leOO (S. Nov. 1 ; 993) James, 5s. 

Barnard (G.) Sketches in Switzerland, 26 cold, pits., mounted, half mor., g. e., fo., 

1840 (S. Dec. 10; 326) Maggs, £1 12s. 

Baron (R.) Erotopaignion, or The Cyprian Academy, with the rare portrait (but 

no frontispiece), 1st edn., calf gilt, 1648 (H. Oct. 24; 516) Dobell, £2 
Barrett (C. G.) Lepidoptera of the British Islands, 504 cold, pits., 11 vols., 1893- 

1907 (H. Nov. 5 ; 74) Quaritch, £11 

Barrie (J. M.) Better Dead, 1st edn., 1888 (S. Oct. 22; 520) Bickers, £[ 

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, cold. pits, by Rackham, 1,. P., 4to., 1906 

(C. Dec. 16;^ 259) ^ Bumpus, £S 

Barros (G. di) I^'Asia ; de' Fatti de' Portoghesi nello Scoprimento & Conquista de' 
Mari & Terre di Oriente, tradotta da A. Ulloa, old calf, 4to., Veuet., 1562 (S. 
Nov. 20; 41) Ellis, £1 10s. 

Barrough (P.) Method of Physick, 6. 1., calf gilt, 4to., 1596 (S. Oct. 17 ; 457) 

Sawyer, £4 

Barry (G.) The Siege of Breda, engd. title and pits., half calf, fo., Lovanii, 1627 
(H. Nov. 6 ; 626) Barnard, 5s. 

(Geo.) History of the Orkney Islands, views, half calf, 4to., Edinb., 1805 

(S. Nov. 11; 48) Brown, 5s. 

Barth (H.) Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa, pits., 5 vols. 

1857-8 (H. Dec. 5 ; 2S9) Quaritch, £1 l3s. 

Barthlet (John) Pedegrewe of Heretiques, 1st edn., h. I., 4to., 1566 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

944) James, 10s. 

Bartolus (P.) Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum, notis J. P. Bellorii illus- 

trata, 83 engs., mor., ob. fo., Romse, 1693 (S. Nov. 25 ; 80) Cubitt, 19s. 
Bartsch (Adam) Le Peintre Graveur, avec Supplement, 23 vol., pits., half mor., 

t. e. g., Leipzig, 1843-76 (S. Nov. 26 ; 265) Rimell, £9 10s. 

Basile (G.) H Pentamerone, trans, by Sir R. Burton, 2 vol., 1893 (S. Oct. 22 ; 523) 

B. F. Stevens, £2 
Bateman (J.) Orchidacese of Mexico and Guatemala, cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1843 

(S. Nov. 27 ; 609) Wheldon, £9 5s. 

Bath. Views of Lansdown Tower, Bath, title and 13 cold, pits., fo., half mor., 1 844 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 957) 17s. 

Battely (J.) Antiquitates Rutupinae, seed, edn., pits., calf gilt, 4to., Oxon., 1745 

(S. Oct. 17 ; 509) Thorp, lOs. 

Baudoin (J.) Iconologie ou Explication Nouvelle de Plusieurs Images Emblemes, 

etc., cold, ills., fo., veil., Paris, 1644 (D. Nov. 19 ; 618) 13s. 


Belle of the Village (1) (P. Dec. 12; 229) Stevens, 13s. 

The First Impression, small plate (1) (P. Dec. 12; 230) Wilson, 18s. 

Return from Prayer (1) (P. Dec. 12; 231) Spencer, 8s. 

Verona, on music (1) (P. Dec. 12; 232) Curry, 9s. 

The Bride, on music (1) (P. Dec. 12; 233) ' Wilson, lis. 

King Frederick of Prussia (1) (P. Dec. 12; 234) Stephens, 8s. 

Verona (1) (P. Dec. 12; 242) Thorpe, 9s. 

Hindoo and Mahomedan Buildings (1) (P. Dec. 12; 236) Thorpe, 7s. 

Fruit, after Lance (1) (P. Dec. 12; 237) Wilson, 10s. 

Interior and Exterior of Great Exhibition, stamped mount (2) (P. Oct. 18 ; 

347) Begare, I8s. 

The First Lesson (1) (P. Oct. 18; 162) Holloway, Us. 

Pictorial Casket of Coloured Gems, printed in Oil Colours by Bradshaw 

and Blacklock Licensees, 32 pits., on white mounts with A.LS. from 
Baxter, 1847, inserted, 4to., haK calf, etc., Manchester, 1853 (H. Dec. 
5 ; 258) Hackett, £S 5s. 

Love's Letter Box, stamped mount (1) (P. Nov. 29 ; 376) Redington, £4 

The Rev. Moffatt, and The Rev. Williams (2) (P. Oct. 18 ; 349) 

Langdon, £\ 

Winter, large (1) (P. Nov. 15 ; 243) Wyn, £1 10s. 

Lord Nelson, in sepia (1) (P. Oct. 4; 77) Wyn, 8s. 

— r— The Parting Look (1) (P. Oct. 18 ; 348) Hayman, £4 10s. 




Williams' Narrative of Missionary Enterprise, front, by Baxter, cf., 1838 

(D. Dec. 16 ; 13) 

Summer, large (1) (P. Oct. 4 ; 219) 

Winter, large (1) (P. Oct. 4; 220) 

Lake Lucerne (1) (P. Oct. 4 ; 221) 

- Bridesmaid (1) (P. Oct. 4; 222) 

Hollyhocks and Gardener's Shed (2) (P. Oct. 4 ; 

_ — The Adoration, on music (1) (P. Oct. 4 ; 224) 

Belle of the Village, and Musidora (2) (P. Oct. 4 

Holy Family (2), The Crucifixion, and the Slaves, Baxterotypes (4) (P. Oct. 

4 ; 2?S) Thonger, £1 

Stolen Pleasures, and Copper, Your honour (2) (P. Oct. 4 ; 227) £l 4s. 

The Bride (1) (P. Oct. 4; 228) 8s. 

Napoleon III. and Empress Eugenie (2) (P. Oct. 4 ; 229) Spencer, i\ 2s 

3s. 6d. 

Thonger, £1 12s. 6d. 

Thonger, £\ 12s. 6d. 

Thonger, £1 17s. 6d. 

Lewis, £1 

223) Britnell, £\ 10s. 

Langdon, 16s. 

225) Britnell, 1 Os. 

Italy' (1) (P. Oct. 4 ; 232) 

Morning Call, glazed (1 ) (P. Oct. 4 ; 235) 

Prince Consort, and Napoleon III., ditto (1) 

(P. Oct. 4 

Spencer, os. 
Thonger, 14 s. 
; 236) 

Langdon, £2 
Thonger, 14 s. 
Thonger, 15s. 
Lewis, 15s. 
£\ 19s. 
Thonger, £\ 4s. 

Spencer, 16s. 

Thorpe, I8s. 


Thorpe, £\ 

Spencer, 14s. 

Maggs, £3 17s. 6d. 

Maggs, £3 3s. 

Maggs, £l 2s. 

£1 6s. 

1819-23 (H. Nov. 6 ; 

Quaritch, £2 16s. 

The Cornfield, ditto (1) (P. Oct. 4 ; 237) 

— ^ Sir R. Peel, ditto (1 ) (P. Oct. 4 ; 238) 

Verona, ditto (1) (P. Oct. 4 ; 239) 

^U_ Rev. J. Weslev, ditto (1) (P. Oct. 4 ; 240) 
Hop Gardens, glazed (1) (P. Oct. 4 ; 241) 

Winter (1) (P. Dec. 12; 212) 

The Gardener's Shed (1) (P. Dec. 12; 213) 

Love's Letter Box (1) (P. Dec. 12 ; 21 5) 

The Fruit Girl of the Alps (1) (P. Dec. 12 ; 216) 

Hollvhocks (1) (P. Dec. 12; 217) 

Dav'before Marriage (1) (P. Dec. 12; 218) 

The Bridesmaid (1) (P. Dec. 12; 219) 

Love's Letter Box (1) (P. Dec. 12 ; 220) 

Fruit Giri of the Alps (1) (P. Dec. 12 ; 225a) 

Bayeux Tapestrv (The), 17 cold, pits., ob. fo., half mor. 

" 602) 

Beardslev (A.) Book of Fiftv Drawings, Japan paper, veil., t. e. g., 4to., 1897 (S. 

Nov. 21 ; 226) ' Bumpus, £5 \2s.%d. 

Second Book of Fifty Drawings, 4to., 1899 (H. Nov. 5 ; 143) Quaritch, £\ is. 

Earlv and Later Works of Aubrev Beardsley, by H. C. Marillier, port, and 

ills., 2 vols., 4to., 1899-1901 (H. Oct. 25 ; 897) £\ 2s. 6d. 

The same, 4to., 1899 — 1901, Japan vellum, 2 vols., pits., 4to. (S. Nov. 21 ; 

227-228) Bumpus, £S lOs. 

Under the Hill, Japan, paper, pits., 4to., 1904 (S. Nov. 21 ; 229) 

Steele, £2 12s. 

Beaulieu le Dongon. Plans des Prindpales Villes des Comtes de Flandres, etc., 

337 plans, in 4 vol., old calf, ob. 4to., Paris, s. d. [16—] (S. Nov. 20 ; 58) 

Green, £\ lis. 
Beaulieu & Vander Meulen, Conquetes du Roi de France Louis XIV. 16.78-1684, 
123 views and plans, orig. calf. fo. [1638-84] (S. Nov. 20 ; 120) 

Parsons, £3 3s. 

Beaumarchais (Caron de) La Folle Jovimee, ou le Mariage de Figaro, 1 st edn., port. 

and pits, (in duplicate), calf gilt, g. e. by Kaufmann, 1785 (S. Dec. 5 ; 27) 

Tregaskis, £5 7s. 6d. 

Memoires, 2 vols., port, and fronts, by Marillier, half calf, s. 1. n. d. (S. 

Dec. 11 ; 368) Davis, 12s. 

Beaumont (Francis) Poems, 1st edn. (wanting A 3), half calf, 4to., 1640 (S. Dec. 
6 ; 446) Pickering, £\^\0s. 

and Fletcher. The Scornefull Ladie, some headlines cut into, half 

bound, 4to., 1630 (S. Nov. 20 ; 189) Pickering, £\ 10s. 

Comedies and Tragedies, port, and engd. title, slightly defective, calf, fo., 

1647 (S. Nov. 25 ; 248) Edwards, £\S Ss. 


Beaumont. The same, 2 11., slightly mended, mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere, fo. 
w. a. f., 1647 (S. Oct. 21 ; 283) Pickering, £25 10s. 

Works, 7 vol., pits., old calf gilt, 1710-11 (S. Nov. 25 ; 4) Bumpus, £2 10s. 

Dramatic Works, with Notes, ports., 10 vols., calf gilt, 1778 (P. Nov. 21 ; 

44) Brown, £2 lOs. 

Works, with Notes, by A. Dyce, port.. Best Lib. Bdn., 11 vols., calf gilt, 

m. e., 1 843-6 (H. Oct. 16 ; 438) G. H. Brown, £6 5s. 

Bechoffen (J .) Quadruplex Missalis Expositio, Literalis, AUegorica, Tropologica 
et Anagogica, maxime secmidum Ordinarium Romanum, I. g., vel., sm. 
4to., Basil, 1509 (S. Dec. 20; 225) Leighton, £1 5s. 

Beckford (P.) Thoughts on Hunting, 1st edn., pits, (front, wanting), sm. 4to., 
edges untrinimed, Sarum, 1781 (H. Nov. 28 ; 378) Hornstein, £6 5s. 

Anr. Kdn., proof engs., half bound, 1810 (H. Nov. 27 ; 277) Brown, £\ 6s. 

Anr. Edn., cold. ills, by G. D. Armour, Edn. de Luxe, calf ex., g. t., 4to., 

n. d. (P. Oct. 30; 266) Brown, lis. 

Beddome (R. H.) Ferns of British India, 345 pits., half mor., m. e., fo., Madras, 

1868 (S. Nov. 11 ; 52) B. F. Stevens, £3 

Bee (Jon) Sportman's Slang, cold, fronts, and 4 cuts (stained), half mor., 1825 

(P. Oct. 30; 61) spencer, 12s. 

Belcher (J.) and M. E. Macartney. Later Renaissance Architecture in England, 

6 parts, pits., fo., 1898-1901 (S. Nov. 14 ; 16) Rimell, £4 5s. 

Belfast News-Letter, Dec. 29, 1789, to Dec. 30, 1791, fo.. 2 vols., bds. (P. Oct. 

24 ; 412) ^1 13s. 

Belii (M.) Notitia Hungariae Novae, 2 vols., fo., cf., 1736 (D. Dec. 17 ; 736) 7s. 6d. 
Bell's British Theatre, 34 vol., pits., half calf, uncut, 1797 (S. Dec. 11 ; 477) 

Brown, £l 10 s. 

(T.) Kalogynomia, or Laws of Female Beauty, pits., 1899 (H. Oct. 16 ; 398) 

Hector, I5s. 
Bell's Travels in Asia, 2 vols., 4to., cf., 1763 (D. Dec. 17 ; 509) 2s. 6d. 

Bellay (J. du) (Euvres Fran5oises, 1 vol. in 2, mor., tooled borders, Rouen, 1597 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 28) . Dobell, £3 12s. 6d. 

Bellori (J. P.) Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum, 83 pits., half bound, uncut, 

fo., Roma, 1693 (S. Oct. 31 ; 635) Brown, Is. 

Belnos (T. T.) Views in Bengal, 24 cold, pits., half calf, no title, fo., n. d. (S. Oct. 

23 ; 914) Hornstein. £2 5s. 
Belon (P.) L'Histoire de la Nature des Oyseaux, woodcuts (slightly wormed), 

orig. edn., half calf, fo., Paris, 1555 (H. Nov. 28 ; 590) Wesley, £1 18s. 
Belzoni (G.) Discoveries in Egypt and Nubia, port, and Atlas of cold, pits., calf. 

4to., 1820 (C. Dec. 16; 238) Lewine, 5s. 

Bennett (G.) Wanderings in New South Wales, etc., 2 vol., pits., half calf gilt, g. e., 

1834 (S. Nov. 20; 172) Shepherd, 9s. 

(R.) and J. Elton. History of Corn Milling, 3 vol., ills., 1898-1900 (S.Nov. 

6 ; 24) Hitchman, 16s. 

Bentivoglio (G.) History of the Warrs of Flanders, trans, by Henry, Earl of 

Monmouth, fo., cf., 1624 (D. Dec. 17 ; 463) Is. 6d. 

Bentley (T.) Monument of Matrones, h. i., sm. 4to., defective, veil., 1582 (H. Oct. 

24 ; 556) £2 
Bentley 's Miscellany, parts 1 to 24 (vol. I to IV), pits, by G. Cruikshank, 1837-58 

(S. Oct. 31 ; 512) Wensley. 10s. 

Berain (J.) Desseins de Cheminees. etc.. 40 pits., half roan, fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 

17) Rimell, ;£10 lOs. 

Beranger (P. J. de) Chansons Nouvelles, the suppressed passages filled in, Paris, 

1825 (S. Oct. 30; 267) James, 8s. 

Bergomensis (J. P.) Supplementum Chronicarum, I. q., last leaf mounted and a 

few stained, vellum, fo., Brixise, 1485 (S. Dec. 12 ; 1022) Davis, £2 2s. 
Bernard (P. J.) (Euvres, papier- velin. 4 pits, after Prud'hon. proofs, half mor., 

uncut, 4 to., Paris, 1797 (P. Dec. 17 ; 167) Dobell, £4 4s. 

Bernard (St.) Sermones super Cantica Canticorum. fl. I. (first leaf illuminated), 

[Hain, 2860], Brescia 1500. &c. in 1 vol.. sm. 4to., stamped calf (rebacked), 

(H. Dec. 19 ; 396) David, £2 16s. 

Bernard's Thesaurus Biblicus Sen Promptuarium Sacrum, port., fo., cf., 1644 

(D. Dec. 17 ; 494) 5s. 6d. 

1912-13 15 

[Berry (Miss)] Comparative View of the Social Life of England and France, 1st 

edn., half calf, pres. copy, 1828 {S. Oct. 31 ; 527) Streeton, 5s. 

Besler (B.) Hortus Eystettensis, port., engraved title, and pits., calf, few margins- 

defective, fo., 1613 (P. Dec. 5 ; 477) Martin, £1 14s. 

Besson (J.) Theatrum Instrumentonim et Machinarum, engs. (binding broken), 

fo., Liigduni, 1582 (H. Nov. 6 ; 621) 17s. 

Bettoni (E.) Storia Naturale degli uccelli che nidificano in Lombardia, 2 vol., 

cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g.. fo., Milan, 1865-68 (S. Nov. 26 ; 390) 

^ Quaritch. £9 lOs. 

Beuter (A.) Coronica General de Espana, 2 parts in 1 vol., veil., fo., Valencia 

1604 (H. Nov. 5 ; 295) Wynne. Is. 

Bevan (S.) Sand and Canvas, pits., 4to., n. d. (S. Oct. 24 ; 1237) Edwards. £1 

* Contains " The Three Sailors," a Ballad, by W. M. Thackeray. 
Beverlev (R.) Historv- of Virginia, 1st edn., pits., table defective, calf, w. a. f., 

1705 (S. Oct. 2f ; 17) H. Stevens. £3 l6s. 

Bew4ck (T.) Fables of ^sop, 1st edn., with thumb-mark receipt, half mor., m. e., 

1818 (S. Nov. 26 ; 476) Karslake, £\ 9s. 

The same, royal paper, thumb-mark receipt, calf gilt, m. e., 1818 (S. Oct. 

22 ; 539) Maggs, £2 10s. 

History of British Birds, vol. I, 1st edn., royal paper, earUest issue, mor., 

g. e., 1797 (S. Nov. 1 ; 867) WalHs, £1 l8s. 

The same, 2 vol., first state, calf gilt, g. e., 1797-1804 (S. Dec. 20 ; 9) 

Houghton. £\ 18s. 

Royal Paper, 2 vols., calf, 1797-1804 (P. Dec. 17 ; 11) Hopkins, £3 5s 

The same. Royal Paper, 2 vol., calf, m. e., 1797-1804 (S. Oct. 22 ; 538) 

Maggs, £6 10s. 

The same. Imperial Paper, 2 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1797-1804 (S. Dec. 3 ; 

641) Maggs, £6 

Anr. Edn., 2 vols., calf ex., 1837 (P. Dec. 17 ; 13) Young, £1 14s. 

Supplement to the History of British Birds, Royal Paper, 2 parts in 1 , calf 

ex., g. t., 1821 (P. Dec. 17; 12) Hopkins, 16s. 

History of " Quadrupeds, 1st edn-., soimd, clean copy, tree-calf gilt, 1790 

(S. Dec. 20; 8) Young, £l 14s. 

The same. Royal Paper, calf gilt, m. e., 1790 (S. Oct. 22 ; 534) 

Maggs, £3 7s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., seed, edn.. Royal Paper, calf gilt. y. e., 1791 (S. Oct. 22 ; 535) 

Pickering, I8s. 

Anr. Edn., Fourth Edn., Largest Paper, calf. 1800 (H.Nov. 15 ; 908)8s.6d. 

Anr. Edn.. fifth edn.. half calf. g. e., 1807 (S. Oct. 22 ; 537) Joseph, 4s. 

Anr. Edn.. seventh edn.. Royal Paper, calf gilt. m. e., 1820 (S. Oct. 22 ; 

536) Brown, 8s. 

Natural History, seven parts complete, 247 woodcuts, wrappers. Alnwick,. 

n. d. (S. Nov. 1 ; 869) Wallis, 13s. 

Select Fables, calf. m. e.. 1820 (S. Oct. 22 ; 540) Maggs, £1 Is. 

The same. Imperial Paper, ports, of T. Bewick, fine copv, mor., t. e. g., 1820 

(S. Oct. 30; 181) ' Payne, £2 6s. 

Waiting for Death, fo., 1832 (S. Dec. 11 ; 557) Young. £1 5s. 

Works, " Memorial edition," 5 vol., half mor.. t. e. g.. 1885-7 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

300) Sotheran, £1 1 2s. 

Beza (T.) Icones, id est Verae Imagines Vivorum Doctrina Simul et Pictate 
Illustrium, 33 ports., 44 emblemata. calf antique by Matthews, fo., Geneva, 
1580 (P. Oct. 30; 315) Edwards, £1 I5s. 

Poemata, mor. gt., Lutetige, 1548 (D. Dec. 16 ; 179) 13s. 6d. 

Les Vrais Pourtraits des Hommes illustres, woodcuts, old calf, sm. 4to.,^ 

Geneve, 1581 (S. Nov. 11 ; 57) B. F. Stevens, £4 4s. 

BIBLES— Dutch 
Bibles. ' De Geheele H. Schriftuur, pits., all coloured, stamped morocco, silver 
clasps (one missing), fo., Utrecht, 1717 (S. Dec. 12 ; 1000) Payne. £1 Is. 
BIBLES— English 

Bible, Genevan or Breeches Version, 6. (., with Book of Common Prayer, 

cf.. fo.. C. Barker, 1578 (P. Oct. 4 ; 587) Britnell, £2 10s. 

Bible. 4to., cf., 1599 (D. Nov. 19 ; 568) 16s, 


BIBLES— English 

Bible, tooled mor. gt., 1603 (D. Nov. 19 ; 572) 12s. 

Bible (Holy), Old and New Testaments, first authorised edition, engd. title, 

red ruled, red mor. gilt, blind tooled, g. e., fo., 1611 (S. Oct. 21 ; 284) 

Edwards, £2 4s. 

Bible, h. I , 4to., cf., 1630 (D. Nov. 19 ; 570) 12s. 

Holy Bible, red ruled, needlework binding of silver and coloured threads in 

scrolls, much worn, 1631 (S. Oct. 30 ; 5) Tregaskis, £1 2s. 

Holy Bible, b. t, 4to., cf., 1633 (D. Dec. 16 ; 107) 3s. 

Bible. Holy Bible, fo., cf., (wants clasp), according to the copy at Edin- 
burgh bv Andro Hart in 1610, Amst., 1640 (D. Oct. 21 ; 154) 5s. 6d. 

- Holy Bible, 2 vols., mor. gt., Edin., 1716 (D. Oct. 22 ; 771) I9s. 
Holy Bible, Authorised Version, " Vinegar " Bible, front, and vignettes, red 

ruled, cont. blue mor., panelled sides, g. e., fo., Oxford, J. Baskett, 1717 (S. 
Nov. 1 ; 970) Redington, £1 2s. 

Holy Bible, engd. title (slightly defective), cont. Scottish blue mor., covered 

with gilt tooling, g. e., J. Baskett, 1:^35 (S. Nov. 20 ; 182) Leighton, £2 18s. 

Holy Bible, ills., 4to., pol. mor., tooled gilt, Edin., 1746 (D. Dec. 17 ; 459) 

£2 19s. 

Holy Bible, cont. mor. ex., g. e., rubbed, but fine copy, fo., Cambridge, 

Baskerville, 1763 (P. Dec. 5 ; 465) Edwards, £\ 10s. 

Holy Bible, with Apocrypha, pits., russ., fo., Birm. J. Baskerville, 1769 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 941) Edwards, £1 Is. 

Bible, Macklin's Edition, 6 vol., engs., russ., fo., 1800 (S. Dec. 10 ; 2,99) 

Bull, 10s. 

Holy Bible, for the Use of Families, 2 vol., mor. ex., panelled sides, joints, 

etc., 1809 (S. Dec. 12 ; 872) Edwards, 9s. 

BIBLES— Frnech 

Bible (La) qui est toute la Saincte Escriture du Vieil et Nouveau Testament, 

Item Les Pseaumes & Cantiques avec les Prieres Ecclesiastiques, engd. title, 
ruled in red, old English blue mor., covered with gilt ornaments, with initials, 
g. e., fine specimen, Amst., 1635 (S. Nov. 20 ; 132) Leighton, £8 10s. 

BIBLES— Hebrew 

Biblia Hebraica et Novum Testamentum Graecum, Edidit B. Arias 

Montanus, 2 vol. in 1, half calf, fo., Antw., 1584 (S. Nov. 11 ; 58) 

Tregaskis, 4s. 

Biblia Hebraica et Novum Testamentum Graecum, fo., hf. cf., Geneva, 

1609 (D. Oct. 21 ; 155) 6s. 6d. 

• Biblia vSacra Hebrgea, cont. English black mor. gilt, g. e., 1661 (H. 

Dec. 19 ; 405) £1 10s. 

BIBLES— Irish 

The Books of the Old Testament, translated into Irish by Dr. Wm. Bedell, 

[with the New Testament translated by Wm. O'Donnell], 1st edn. of the 
whole Bible in Irish, 2 vol. in 1, calf, m. e., large, clean copy, 4to., 1685 
[N. T. 1681] (S. Nov. 20; 43) Quaritch, £\2 

BIBLES— Latin 
Biblia Sacra Latina. Genesis to Psalms, several Books of the Apocrypha, and 
Table of Hebrew Names, I. g., rubricated capitals, stamped pigskin, with 
fore-edge painting, by J. T. Beer, fo. [Basil., 1481] (S. Dec. 12 ;"l037) 

Buddicom, £2 1 2s. 

Anr. Edn., cum postillis Nic de Lyra, g. I., painted initials, 4 vol., veil., 

fo., w. a. f., Venetiis, 1481 (C. Dec. 16; 177) Pym. £2 10s. 

Anr. Edn., (. q., 2 illuminated initials, ornamental pen-letters and painted 

capitals, wants ai, half vellum, 4to., Venet., 1484 (S. Dec. 12 ; 932) 

David, £2 14s. 

Anr. Edn., (. g., old calf, a. u. n. (Paris, 1497) (S. Oct. 31 ; 478) 

Hart land, £1 16 s. 

* Contains the whole of the Old Testament and ' ' Prologus in Evangelistas" ; 

some headlines shaved. 

Anr. Edn., Cum Prologis S. Hieronymi, etc., I. q., rubricated, stamped calf, 

Lugduni, 1522 (S. Dec. 20 ; 173) Burnstein. 1 2s. 

1912-13 17 

BIBLES— Latin 

Anr. Bdn., Vetus et Novi Testamenti, (. g., stamped calf, fo., Coloniae, 1530 

(S. Dec. 12; 992) Hartland, 10s. 

Anr. Edn., Breves in eadem Annotationes, ex doctiss. interpretationibus, et 

Hebraeorum Commentariis, old russ., m. e., fo., Parisiis, 1532 (S. Oct. 31 ; 
571) Bull, 6s. 

Polyglotta (Hebraice, Chaldaice, Graece et Latine), cura et studio B.A. 

Montani, 6 vol., red ruled, engd. titles, calf, rebacked, fo., Antverp., 1569-72 
(S.Dec. 12 ; 985) LuzaciWls. 

Biblia Sacra, Vvdgatae Kditionis, fo., stamped leather, Antwerp, 1603 (D. 

Dec. 17 ; 699) 2s. 6d. 

Biblia Sacra (Vulgatae Bditionis), ills., 4to., veil., Venice, 1648 (D. Dec. 

16 ; 314) 5s. 

Bible Illustrations. Figure del Nuovo Testamento, illustrate di bellissime Stanze 
Volgari da G. Simeoni, 115 woodcuts by I<e Petit Bernard, new boards, large 
clean copy, Vineg., 1574 (S. Dec. 20; 31) Dobell. 13s. 

History of ve Old and New Testament in Cutts, engd. title and 187 pits., old 

blue mor., covered with gilt tooUng, 1671 (S. Nov. 20 ; 133) Pearson, £5 

Bibliotheca Curiosa, etc., ed. by E. Goldsmid, 65 parts, Edinb., v. d. (S. Dec. 12 ; 

873) Dobell. Us. 

BibUotheque Britannique, 23 vol., veil., La Haye, 1733-44 (C. Dec. 16 ; 4) 

• Parsons, 14 s. 

BibUotheque de Campagne, 12 vol., fronts., Brux., 1785 (S. Oct. 31 ; 390) 

Brown, 5s. 
Bickham (G.) The Musical Entertainer, 200 pits., 2 vol. in 1, half bnd., fo. [1739] 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 136) Ellis. 13s. 

Biet (A.) Voyage de la France Equinoxiale en I'lsle de Cayenne, old calf, 4to., 

Paris, 1664 (S. Nov. 20 ; 37) H. Stevens, 17s. 

Anr. Edn., old caK, 4to., ib., 1664 (S. Nov. 20 ; 38) H. Stevens, i\ 2s. 

Billings (R. W.) Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland, pits., I^. P., 

4 vols., 4to., half mor., 1845-52 (H. Dec. 18 ; 278) £1 13s. 

Bilson (T.) Full Redemption of Mankind by the Death and Bloud of Christ Jesus, 

1st edn., b.i., old vellum, fine copy, 4to., 1599 (S. Nov. 1 ; 951) Streeton, 5s. 
Binns (R. W.) Century of Potting in Worcester, seed, edn., I,. P., pits., mor. ex., 

g. e., 4to., 1877 (C. Dec. 16 ; 62) Sotheran, £6 

(W. M.) First Century of EngUsh Porcelain, pits., 4to., 1903 (H. Nov. 13 ; 

304) Hiersemann, £1 lis. 

Birch (G. H.) lyondon Churches of the 17th and 18th Centuries, 64 pits., fo., half 
mor., t. e. g., 1896 (H. Oct. 15 ; 28S) Bain, £3 15s. 

(W.) Thirty-six Views in Great Britain, half russ., 4to., 1812 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

575) Goss, 16s. 

Blacker (W.) Art of Fly Making, ills.. 1855 (S. Nov. 21 ; 370) Sawyer, 7s. 

Blackwall (J.) Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland, cold, pits., 2 parts, 1861-4 
(H. Dec. 20 ; 931) Hill, 14s. 

Blackwell (Ehz.) Herbal, 2 vol., L. P., 500 pits., coloured, half mor., fo., 1839 (S. 
Oct. 17 ; 632) Edwards, £2 12s. 

[Blackwood (A.)] Martyre de la Royne d'Ecosse, 1st edn. (defective), mor., g. e., 
Edimbourg [probably printed in Paris j, 1587 (H. Oct. 24 ; 548) 

Tregaskis. 13s. 

Opera Omnia, port., old calf gilt, r. e., 4to., Paris, 1644 (S. Nov. 11 ; 65) 

Forrester, 4s. 

Blaeu (J.) AngHa ; quae est Europae Liber XI, cold, title and maps, with coats of 

arms, veil., g. e., fo., Amst., 1662 (S. Nov. 6 ; 280) Maggs, £5 7s. 6d. 

Blagdon (F. W.) History of Ancient and Modern India, cold. port, and cold, 
pits., with appendix, 24 cold, views, half roan, fo., 1805 (S. Dec. 10 ; 324) 

Edwards, £4 17s. 6d. 
Blainville's Travels, maps, etc., 3 vols., 4to., cf., 1743-45 (D. Dec. 16 ; 348) 

3s. 6d. 

Blair (R.) The Grave, 12 etchings after W. Blake, old tree calf, 4to., 1808 (C. 

Dec. 16; 241) Daniell. £1 Us. 


Blake. Descriptive Catalogue of Pictures by William Blake in Water Colours, and 
Drawings for Public Inspection and for Sale by Private Contract, mor., 1809 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 849) Quaritch, £4 

Designs to a Series of Ballads written by W. Hayley, 1 1 pits, and vignette 

by W. Blake, half calf, 4 to., Chichester, 1802 (S. Dec. 4 ; 875) Edwards, jgSl 

Etchings from his Works, by W. B. Scott, pits., fo., 1878 (S. Dec. 4 ; 912) 

Luzac, i\ 2s. 

Illustrations of the Book of Job, engd. title and 21 pits., India proofs, 

mounted in a folio vol., veil., 4to., 1825 (C. Dec. 16 ; 240) Maggs, £1 10s. 

Anr. Edn., L. P.. India proofs, half mor., g. t., fo.. 1826 (S. Dec. 4 ; 914) 

;. Keynes, £2\ 

Illustrations of Dante, 7 pits., India proofs (reproduction), in portfoho, fo., 

n. d. (S. Dec. 4 ; 915) Leighton, £5 

Facsimile of the last Replica of the Songs of Innocence and of Experience, 

54 pits, in water-colours, half mor., 4to., 1893 (S. Dec. 4 ; 893) 

Bumpus, £7 2s. 6d. 

There is no Natural Religion, Facsimile, half calf, 1886 (S. Dec. 4 ; 848) 

Edwards, 17 s. 

Works by Wm. Blake, reproduced in facsimile, half mor., g. t., fo., 1876 

(S. Dec. 4 ; 916) Edwards, £3 

Works, with Memoir by E. J. ElHs and W. B. Yeats. 3 vol., pits.. 1893 (S. 

Dec. 4 ; 847) Buwpus, £3 17s. 

Blane (W.) Cynegetica (slightly stained), haH calf, 1788 (H. Dec. 19 ; 348) 10s. 

Blavatsky (Madame) Isis Unveiled. 2 vols., N. Y.. 1877 (P. Oct. 4 ; 506) 

Brown, £\ 2s. 

— — Secret Doctrine. 2 vols., 1888 (P. Oct. 4 ; 507) Brown, £\ 2s. 

Blaydes (F. A.) Genealogia Bedfordiensis, half veil., t. e. g., P. P., 1900 (S. Nov- 
13 ; 773) Allen, £\ 4s. 

Bligh (W.) Voyage to the South Sea, port., maps and pits., 4to., 1792 (S. Oct. 21 ; 
£51) James, 18s. 

Blome (R.) Britannia, maps, coats of arms, etc., calf gilt, one map and leaf defec- 
tive, fo., 1673 (S. Nov. 6 ; 281) Downing, £\ 6s. 

Description of Jamaica, port, and maps, orig. calf, 1678 (S. Nov. 20 ; 13) 

H. Stevens, £3 lOs. 

Blomefield (F.) History of Norfolk, port, and pits., 11 vols., cf. (rebacked), 1805 

(P. Oct. 4 ; 426) Clitherow, £6 15s. 

Blondel (J. F.) Distribution des Maisons de Plaisance et de la Decoration. 2 vols., 

4to., cf., 1737-38 (D. Dec. 17 ; 490) £10 10s. 

Blume (C. L.) Collection des Orchidees les plus remarquables de I'Archipel Indien 

et du Japon, cold, pits., half mor., g. t., fo., Amst., 1858 (S. Dec. 2 ; 295) 

Quaritch, £2 4s. 

Rumphia, cold, pits., half mor., g. t., fo., Lug. Bat., 1835-48 (S. Dec. 2 ; 

294) Diilau, £1 

Boate (G.) and others : A Natural History of Ireland, pits., calf, 4to., Dublin, 
1726 (S. Nov. 25 ; 38) Dohell, 12s. 

Boccaccio. II Decamerone. woodcuts, old calf, gilt, with arms. m. e., 4to., Venetia, 
1614 (S. Nov. 1 ; 938) James, 8s. 

Reprint of the Giunta edition of 1527, calf, 4to.. 1725 (S. Dec. 4 ; 961) 

Davis, lis. 

Anr. Edn.. 5 vol., port, and pits, by Eisen, etc., old red mor. gilt. g. e.. Large 

Copy, Londra (Paris), 1757 (S. Nov. 14 ; 295) Olschki, £20 

Le Decameron, fronts, and engs. after Eisen, etc., 5 vols., old red mor. by 

Derome. Londres (Paris), 1761-1757 (P. Dec. 17 ; 14) Quaritch, £51 

Contes de J. Bocace. pits, by Eisen. etc., 10 vols, in 5, cloth, t. e. g., Londres 

(Paris). 1779 (P. Dec. 4 ; 131) Allison, £2 

The Modell of Wit. Mirth. Eloquence, and Conuersation. Framed in Ten 

Day es— The Decameron . . . The last Fine Dayes, 2 vols, in 1 , mor. ex., 
g. e.. by Bedford, fo.. 1625-1620 (P. Dec. 17 ; 195) Pearson, £31 

* First English translation of the Decameron. An exceptionally fine and 

tall copy, other than that the outer margin of the first title is restored. 

Am. Edn.. The Decameron, done into English Prose by John Payne, 3 vol., 

parchment, t. e. g., sm. 4to., 1886 (S. Nov. 14 ; 256) Bumpus, £2 12s. 

1912.13 19 

Boccaccio. Anr. Edn., trans, by Jolin Payne, 2 vol., Japan, vellum, pits, by 
Chalon. parchment, in box, with lock and key, P. P., 1893 (S. Nov. 21 ; 230) 

Shepherd, £4 18s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by J. M. Rigg, ills, by Chalon, with the extra Plates, 3 vols., 

1906 (H. Nov. 6 ; 395) Hill, i\ 3s. 

Anr. Edn., with Introduction by E. Hutton. 4 vols., 1909 (H. Oct. 16 ; 440) 

Evans, f,\ 19s. 

La Fiammette Amoureuse de M. Jean Bocace, faicte Francoise et Italienne, 

par G. C. D. T. [Gabriel Chappuis de Tours , mor., g. e., Paris, 158vS (H. Oct. 
24 ; 584) i\ 9s. 

Genealogiae Joannis Boccatii, J. g., woodcuts, half veil., fo., Venetiis, 1511 

(S. Dec. 11 ; 540) Leighton, £1 8s. 

Bodoni (G.) Le piu insigni Pitture Parmensi indicate ogli Amatori delle Belle Arti, 
L. P., pits., half mor., g. t., 4to., Parma, 1809 (S. Oct. 31 ; 439) Brown. 2s. 

Boethius. Commentu Famihare nee bone eruditionis expers ; ab J . Badio Ascesio 
recetius in Boetiu, seu Boethu de ^solatione philosophica, I. g. (slightly 
wormed), stamped leather, clasp catches, fo., Lugdini, 1502 (S. Nov. 20 ; 
70) Leighton, £5 

De Consolatione Philosophiae, lib. V. cum Comment. S. Thomae de Aquino, 

g. I., painted capitals, half calf, fo., Venetiis, 1489 (C. Dec. 16 ; 139) 

Young, £2 

De Philosophic© Consolatum, sive de Consolatione Philosophie, 77 woodcuts, 

long inscription on title, calf gilt; fine copy, fo.. Argent., 1501 (S. Dec. 20 ; 
174) Vyt. £5 

Opera, 2 vol. in 1. 1, g., calf, cracked, fo., Venetiis, 1497 (S. Dec. 12 ; 948) 

Luhrano, £1 16s. 

(H.) Scotorum Historia, fo., cf., 1527 (D. Dec. 16 ; 361) lis. 

Anr. Edn., port., fo., cf., Paris, 1575 (D. Dec. 17 ; 475) 14s. 

Boileau (N.) CEuvres, 2 vol., port., calf, 4to., Paris, 1740 (S. Dec. 20 ; 53) 

Sabin, £e)S 
* Byron's copy, with his autograph in both vols., and in vol. II an article, 
3 pp., 4to., consisting of a comparison of the writings of BoUeau and Pope, in 
Byron's autograph. 

(Euvres, papier velin, 3 vol., straight-grained red mor. ex., g. e., with ticket 

of " Comte de Caumont, Frith St. Soho," finecopv, Paris, 1788 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 
69) • Hatchard, £3 

Bois- Robert Metel (De) Les Epistres en vers et autres CEuvres Poetiques, old veil., 
Paris, 1659 (S. Oct. 31 ; 480) Backer, £\ 8s. 

Boke of Presidentes, a. t., calf, 1550 (S. Nov. 6 ; 23) Harding, £\ 16s. 

BoUandus. Acta Sanctorum quotquot toto orbe coluntur, collegit, digessit, notis 
illustr. Joan Bollandus, etc., port, and engd. titles, 52 vol., veil., fo., Antuer- 
piae, &c., 1643-94 (C. Dec. 16 ; 140) Baker, £7 

Bolton (Edm.) Elements of Armories, orig. edn., woodcuts, old calf, sm. 4to., 1610 
(S. Nov. 11 ; 71) Hopkins, £1 lis. 

Bon Ton Magazine, Vol. 2, boards, and Vols. 3 and 4, calf, pits., 1792-4 (P. Dec. 
17 ; 15) Spencer. £6 

Bonanni (F.) Catalogo Degli Ordini Rehgiosi, pits., 3 vols., 4to., Rome, 1714 (D. 
Dec. 16; 266) £1 2s. 

Numismata Summorum Pontificum Templi Vaticani Fabricam Indicantia, 

fo., calf, 1715 (D. Dec. 17 ; 483) Is. 

Bona Ventura (S.) Egregium opus subtilitate et deuoto exercitio, secimda pars, g. (., 

3 woodcuts (both coloured), veil., with clasps, slight defects, but tall fine copy, 
fo.. Argent., 1495 (P. Nov. 21 ; 242) David, £6 10s. 

-^ Stimulus, sive Regimen conscientiae, sive Parvum bonum, C. g., 8 11., half 

mor., 4to., a. u. n., ca., 1480 (S. Nov. 1 ; 774) Barnard, £1 14s. 

Bonneville (F.) Portraits des Personages Celebres de la Revolution, 200 ports, and 

4 fronts, (but without the figures of Costimie), 4 vols, in 2, sm. 4to., mor., g. e., 
Paris, 1796-1802 (H. Oct. 23; 196) £13 10s. 

Book of Ballvmote. Collection of Pieces in the Irish Language, with Index, etc., 
by R. Atkinson, half mor., t. e. g., fo., Dublin, 1887 (S. Nov. 6 ; 282) 

Quaritch, £3 5s. 


Book of Common Prayer, " Laud's Liturgy," fo., cf., with royal arms, Kdin., 1637 
(D. Dec. 16 ; 353) ;£14 10s. 

■ The same, fo., cf., Edin., 1637 (D. Nov. 19 ; S'S) 12 15s. 

• Anr. Edn., with Psalter, 1^. t, old calf, s. e. fo., R. Barker, etc., 1639 (S. Nov. 

12 ; 535) Cioffi, £2 2s. 

Anr. Bdn., ills., cf., Cambridge, 1662 (D. Oct. 22 ; 775) Is. 

Anr. Edn., cont. binding, elaborately tooled, g. e., little worn, on the fore- 
edge a floral design is painted, date " 1686," 1684 (P. Dec. 5 ; 379) 

Martin. £2 7s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., old panelled mor., with monogram of William and Mary, fo., 1693 

(H. Oct. 18; 1297) Andrews, 5s. 

Anr. Edn., with Psalter Pointed, L. P., red mor., coverd with rich toohng, 

g. e. (C. Mearne), rich specimen, fo., Oxford, 1695 (S. Dec. 20 ; 62) 

Learnard, £\^ 

■ Anr. Edn., with Sternhold and Hopkins's Psalms, old mor., chased silver 

clasps and bosses (1 missing), silver panels in centres, Oxford, 1706 (P. Oct. 
4 ; 524) Tregaskis, £2 

Anr. Edn., old red mor., gilt, 1737 (P. Oct. 4 ; 527) Hornstein, 8s. 

Anr. Edn., with Psalter, cont. blue mor., tooled by M. Hervart, Oxford, 1752 

(S. Nov. 20 ; 159) Ellis, 12s. 

• Anr. Edn., with Psalter, French olive mor. gilt, tooled borders, Camb., 1769 

(S. Oct. 22 ; 541) Young, 12s. 

Anr. Edn., with Psalter, etc., front, and pits, after G. Stothard, red mor., 

g. e., with fore-edge painting of a country mansion, in morocco case, 1791 
(S. Oct. 23 ; 698) Maggs, £6 5s. 

■ Anr. Edn., with Psalms, blue mor., g, e., with a finely executed fore-edge 

painting of Eton College, in morocco case, 1800 (S. Oct. 23 ; 697) 

Quaritch, ;£20 

Booth. Memoirs of the Life of Barton Booth, slight defects in title, calf gilt, by 

Zaehnsdorf, w. a. f., 1733 (S. Nov. 20 ; 183) Everett, £1 4s. 

Boothby (R.) Briefe Discovery or Description of Madagascar (shaved, stained), 

sm, 4to., calf, 1646 (H. Nov. 28 ; 418) Barnard, £2 

Borlase (W. C.) The Dolmens of Ireland, 3 vol., ills., 1897 (S. Oct. 22 ; 547) 

Young, £2 
Boraminius (F.) Opus Architectionicum, pits., fo., cf., Rome, 1725 (D. Dec. 17; 
705) ' 12s. 

Borrow (Geo.) The Bible in Spain, 1st edn., 3 vol., 1843 (S. Oct. 22 ; 548) 

Bickers, £6 6s. 
Lavengro, 1st edn., 3 vol., port., 1851 (S. Oct. 22 ; 549) Bickers, £2 18s. 

Romano Lavo-Lil, 1st edn., 1874 (H. Oct. 23 ; 216) Quaritch, £3 

The same, 1874 (S. Oct. 22 ; 553) Bickers, £5 10s. 

The Romany Rye, 1st edn., 2 vol., 1857 (S. Oct. 22; 551) Bickers, £Q 

Wild Wales, 1st edn., 3 vol., 1862 (S. Oct. 22; 552) Bickers, £l 5s. 

Word-Book of the Romany, 1874 (H. Nov. 15; 899) Shepherd, £2 9s. 

— ■— The Zincali, 1st edn., 2 vol., 1841 (S. Oct. 22 ; 550) Bickers, £\2 5s. 

Bosca (Juan) Las Obras, y algunas de Garcilaso de la Vega, 2nd edn., veil., fine 

copy, sm. 4to., Medina, 1544 (S. Nov. 20 ; 45) Leighton, £8 5s. 

Bossoli (C.) Beautiful Scenery throughout the Crimea, cold, pits., mounted, half 

mor., g. e., fo., 1856 (S. Dec. 10 ; 350) Edwards, £\ 6s. 

Boswell (H.) Antiquities of England and Wales, pits., calf, fo., 1768 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

679) Last, 5s. 

Anr. Edn., pits., calf gilt, fo., 1795 (S. Oct. 17 ; 624) Ellis, 8s. 

Botta (P. E.) Monument de Ninive dessine par E. Flandin, 5 vol., pits., half mor., 

t. e. g., fo., Paris, 1849-50 (S. Nov. 26 ; 399) Quaritch, £\^ 5s. 

Botticelli (S-) Zeichnungen zu Dante's goettlicher Komoedie nach den Originalen 

im K. Kupferstichkabinet zu Berlin, her ausg. von F. Lippmann, 3 parts, and 

Supplement, pits., fo., Berhn, 1884-6 (S. Nov. 26; 431) Quaritch, £9 5s. 
Bouchot (H.) Catherine de Medicis, Japan. Paper, with duplicate set of pits., 4to., 

Paris, 1899 (H. Oct. 23; 300) Vyi, £1 12s. 

Bouillart (D. J.) Histoire de L'Abbaye Royal de Saint Germain des Prez, ills., fo., 

cf., Paris. 1724 (D. Dec. 17 ; 704) 15s. 

I912-I3 * 21 

Bourne (Wm.) Treasure for Travailers, five Bookes, first edn., 6. I., woodcuts (no 
general title and some notes shaved), old calf, 4to., 1578 (S. Nov. 1 ; 942) 

Barnard £2 

* The British Museum Library has two copies and in both the fifth book is 


Bourrienne. Memoirs of Napoleon, ports., lib. edn., 2 vols., half bound (bdg. 

defective), 1836 (H. Dec. 18 ; 24) £\ 5s. 

Bowditch (T. E.) Excursions in Madeira, cold, pits., bds., 1825 (D. Oct. 21 ; 1 45) 

3s. 6d. 

Bowes (J. L.) Japanese Pottery, pits., 1890 (S. Nov. 26 ; 299) Parsons, £l 2s. 

Boy dell (J. and J.) History of the River Thames, 2 vol., cold, pits., half calf, fo., 

1794 (S. Nov. 25 ; 83) Braun, £l 1 5s. 

Picturesque Scenery of Norway, 80 cold, pits., russ. ex., g. e., fo., 1820 (S. 

Nov. 7 ; 569) _ Soames, £6 

Bracton (H. de) De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Anglicae, old calf, 1569 (H. Nov. 

22; 127) £2 

Bradford (Wm.) Sketches in Portugal and Spain, cold, pits., half calf, fo., 1812-13 

(S. Nov. 6 ; 284) Brown, £1 l8s. 

Bradshaw's Railway Companion, 1842 (E. July 25 ; 61) f" Forrester, £1 l8s. 

The same, 1842 (E. Sep. 20; 97)^Jp^HPl?-:T^ Reed. 10s. 

Bradv (G. S.) Monograph of the Copepoda of the British Islands, pits., 3 vols., 1878 

80 (H. Dec. 18 ; 63) 19s. 

Branchalcone (J . F.) De Balneorum Utilitate, old red mor., Parisiis, 1636 (P. Oct. 

3 1 ; 461 ) Barberi, 5s. 

Brand (J.) History of Newcastle upon Tyne, 2 vol., port., maps and pits., mor. gilt, 

g. e., with arms, 4to., 1789 (S. Dec. 12 ; 889) Brown, £2 3s. 

Brandon (R. and J. A.) Analvsis of Gothick Architecture, pits., in 2 vols., half mor., 

g. e., 4to., 1847 (P. Dec. 17 ; 171) Quaritch, £\ I2s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., pits., 4to., Edinb., 1903 (S. Dec. 12 ; 806) Joseph. 9s. 

Brangwyn (Frank) The Etched Work of, a Catalogue by Frank Newbolt, 51 

reproductions (including 4 original etchings), limited to lOO copies, fo., 1908 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 269) Batsford, 3^13 

Brant (S.) Ship of Fools, trans, by A. Barclay, edited by T. H. Jamieson, 2 vol., 

4to., Edinb., 1874 (S. Nov. 25 ; 222) Wickharn, 10s. 

Brantome. (Euvres Completes, 8 vol., lib. edn., half calf, Paris, 1822-23 (S. Dec. 

11 ; 393) Soiithwood, £2 5s. 

Brathwait (R.) The English Gentleman and English Gentlewoman, front., old calf, 

fo., 1641 (S. Dec. 11 ; 542) Bull, £1 2s. 

Braun(G.) Civitates Orbis Terrarum, pits, (moimted), 6 vols, in 3, red mor. ex., g. e. 

w. a. f., fo., Coloniae, 1572-1618 (P. Nov. 21 ; 214) Quaritch, £l5 10s. 

Anr. Edn., 6 vol., engs., old calf, fo., Coloniae, 1593-1618 (S. Dec. 12 ; 761) 

Meuel, X15 10s. 
Braybrooke (Lord) History of Audley End, pits., 4to., 1836 (S. Dec. l15 ; 174) 

Walford, £\ 12s. 
Brayley (E.W.) Delineations of the Isle of Thanet, 2 vol., L. P., pits., calf ex., g. e., 

1817 (S. Oct. 17 ; 380) Maggs, £{ lis. 

Brentio (J.) Inacta Apostolica Homiliae Centum Vigentiduae, and BulUngeri's 

Inacta Apostolorum, 2 vols, in 1, 1535 (D. Nov. 18 ; 329) 4s. 

Breton (John le) Britton, cum Privilegio Regali, with Prologue in English, 6. 1., old 

calf (re-backed), R. Redman [? 1530-40] (H. Oct. 24 ; 530) Sweet, £3 iQs. 
Brettingham (M.) Plans of Holkham, pits., calf, fo., 1773 (S. Nov. l4 ; 21) 

Batsford. £2 
Breviarium Romanum (the Quignon Breviary), old calf, with shield on sides 

Lugduni, 1566 (S. Nov. 20; 181) Ellis, £3 10s! 

Breviarium Sanctae Lugdunensis Ecclesiae, primae Galliarum Sedis, 4 vol., fronts., 

cont. French red mor., gilt backs, g. e., Lugduni, 1760 (S. Oct. 30 ; 262) 

Thorold, £l 16s. 
Breydenbach (Bern, de) Innhaltend die heilige reysen gein Jherusalem zu dem 

heiligen grab imd furbasz zu der hochgelobten jungfrowen und merteryn sant 

Katheryn, g. I,, woodcuts (defective), w. a. f., red mor., g. e., fo., c. 1490 

(S. Nov. 1 ; 976) Quaritch. ^^40 


Bridges (John) Sermon preached a Paules Crosse on Monday in Whitsonweeke, 

a. t, calf, [15711 (P. Oct. 30; 58) Reader, 6s. 

— ■ — (John) History of Northamptonshire, ed. by P. Whalley, 2 vol., pits., calf, fo. 

Oxford, 1791 (S. Nov. 6 ; 286) Quaritch, -^6 lOs. 

(R.) Poems, L. P., with A.L.S. inserted, 1873 (S. Dec. 5 ; 41) Dohell, £7 15s. 

Brinkley (F.) Japan, Its History, Arts and Literature, cold, pits., 12 vols., 1903-4 

(P. Nov. 21 ; 65) Times, £8 15s. 

Bristol. The Little Red Book of Bristol, ed. by F. B. Bickley, 2 vol., pits., 4to., 

1900 (S. Nov. 25 ; 227) Walford, 8s. 

Britannia Delineata, comprising Views of Kent, pits., fo., 1823 (S. Oct. 17 ; 64 1) 

Edwards, 7 s. 
Britannia Depicta .... Actild Survey of all the Dirfect and Principal Cross 

Roads in England and Wales, engraved throughout, old calf, 4to., 1720 (S. 

Dec. n ; 486) Tregaskis, ;£l 

British Economic Association, Journal, Nos. 1 to 74, being vols. 1 to 19, part 2, 

with Index to first 1 vols, (wanting nos. 5,17, and 42 to 44 ), 7 nos. , wrappers. 

1891-1909 (H. Nov. 15; 767) Bailev, £4 12s. 6d. 

British Gallery of Engravings, by Forster, fo., half calf gilt, 1807 ' (H. Nov. 28 ; 

555) David, l6s. 

British Gallerv of Pictures, by Treshaim, Ottley and Tomkins, 25 pits., russ, gilt, 

uncut, fo., 1818 (S. Nov. 25 ; 84) Reader, l2s. 

" The same, pits, on India paper, fo., mor. ex., g. e., 1818 (H. Nov. 28 ; 554) 

Davey, £^ 8s. 
British Hunts and Huntsmen — England N. N.E. Wales, Scotland, Ireland, &c., 

photogravures, 2 vols., half mor., g. e., fo., 1910 (H. Oct. 17 ; 958) £1 5s. 
British Museum. Binyon (L.) Catalogue of Drawings by British Artists, and 

Artists of Foreign Origin working in Great Britain, 4 vol., 1898-1907 (S. Dec. 

12 ; 802) Daniell, £l t2s. 

Boulenger (G. A.) Catalogue of the Snakes in the British Museum (Natural 

History), 3 vol., pits, (uncoloured), 1893-6 (S. Dec. 12 ; 801) Edwards, £\ 15s 

Catalogue of the Birds in the British Museum, vols. 1-27, 1874-95 (D. Oct. 

22 ; 543) £3^, 

— — Catalogue of the Franks Collection of British and American Book Plates, 
pits., 3 vols., 1903-4 (H. Nov. 27 ; 216) Wynne, £\ 12s. 

Catalo^e of the Greek Coins, 10 vol., pits., 1879-89 (S. Nov. 26 ; 274) 

Quaritch, £5 5s. 
Catalogue of the Madreporarian Corals, pits., 6 vol., 4to., 1893-1906 (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 817) Quaritch, £1 12s. 
Catalogue of the Terracottas in the British Museum, by H. B. Walters, ills., 

4to., 1903 (S. Dec. 4 ; 973) Tregaskis. £1 

Egyptian Hieratic Papyrus of the Reign of Rameses III, ob. fo., 1876 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 410) Quaritch, £1 5s. 

— ^- Facsimiles of Ancient Charters, 4 vol., fo., 1873-9 (S. Nov. 6 ; 287) 

Harding, £2 4 s. 
Fisher (R.) Introduction to a Catalogue of Early Italian Prints, 1886 (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 803) Quaritch, 5s. 

BritishNumismatic Journal, 1st series, pits., 6 vols., 1904-9 (H. Dec. 5; 222)3^2 
Britton (J.) Architectural Antiquities of Gt. Britain, 4 vol., pits., half calf, uncut, 

4to., 1807-14 (S.Nov. 14; 24) Soames, £1 10s. 

The same, 5 vol., pits., russ. gilt, uncut, 4to., 1807-26 (S. Nov. 25 ; 4l) 

Joseph, £2 12s. 
— — History of Canterbury Cathedral, pits., half mor., uncut, 4to., 1821 (S. Oct. 

17 ; 515) Dobell, 7s. 

— . — History of Hereford Cathedral, L- P., India proof pits., russ. gilt, g. e. byj 

C. Lewis, fo., 1"831 (s • Nov. 25 ; 85) Joseph, 1 ' 

Brodrick (T.) Historia Sacra, old red mor. gilt, g. e., 1705 (S. Nov. 20 ; 1( 

Leighton, 5s.| 
Broe (F.) Parallela Legis et Humini, old red mor., g. e., Paris, 1633 (S. Oct. 18 ; 

748) Neiimayer, 2s. I 

Bronte (Charlotte) Jane Eyre, 1st edn., 3 vol., 1847 (C. Dec. 16 ; 9) Bumpus, ^^27 

The same, 3 vols., g. e., 1847 (H. Noy, 15 ; 896) £3 ISsJ 

The Professor, 1st edn., 2 vols, in 1, 1857 (H. Nov. 14 ; 415) 5sJ 

1912-13 23 

Bronte (Charlotte) Life, by Mrs. Gaskell, fronts., 1st edn., 2 vols., clean copy, 
1857 (H.Oct. 15; 74) Dawson, £1 2s. 

(Sisters) Poems by Currer, BUis, and Acton Bell, 1st edn., Second Issue, 1846 

(H. Nov. 15 ; 898) 16s. 

Brooke (Fulke Grevil, Lord) Life of Sir Philip Sidney, 1st edn., port, inserted, call, 

165 ; (S. Oct. 16 ; 254) Tregaskis, £\ 8s. 

Brookes (R.) Art of Angling, 1st edn., woodcuts, half mor., 1740 (S. Nov. 1 ; 663) 

Forbes, 5s. 
Brooks (Shirley) The Gordion Knot, 1st edn., front, and pits, by Tenniel, half calf, 

1860 (S. Oct. 31 ; 486) Brown, 5s. 

Brookshaw (G.) Groups of Flowers, Birds and Fruits, 3 vol., L. P., pits, in two 

states, boards, fo., 1819 (S. Nov. 1 ; 969) Spicer, 19s. 
Pomona Britannica, cold, pits., straight-grain mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1812 (H. 

Dec. 19 ; 425) ........ 3^6 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., 60 cold, pits., uncut, fo., 1817 (S. Dec. 2 ; 296) Brown. 18s. 

Brown (Cecil) The Horse in Art and Nature, ills., etc., fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 25 ; 256) 

Reader, 2s. 
- — (E.) Travels and Adventures, cf., 1739 (D. Dec. 16 ; 337) 4s. 

(Thos.) Works, Serious and Comical, 4 vol., pits., calf, 1715 (S. Oct. 16 ; 

208) Carter, 10s. 

The same, 4 vol., pits., calf, 1715 (S. Dec. 2 ; 11) Joseph, 4s. 

Anr. Edn., with Life by Drake, pits., 4 vols., calf, 1730 (P. Dec. 17 ; 18) 

Hopkins, £\ 4s. 

(T.) Conchology of Gt. Britain and Ireland, cold, pits., half russ., 4to.. 1827 

(S. Dec. 4 ; 965) Joseph, 2s. 

Fossil Conchology of Gt. Britain and Ireland, cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1849 

(P. Dec. 5 ; 460) Joseph, 8s. 

Browne (H. K. " Phiz,") The Five Senses, cold, pits., ob. fo., wrappers, 1852 (D. 
Oct. ::3 ; 1158) 9s. 6d. 

(Patrick) Ci\al and Natural History of Jamaica, 50 pits., half calf, fo., 1756 

(C. Dec. 16; 143) Weslev, £2 5s. 

(Sir Thos.) Hydriotaphia, Ume Buriall, 1st edn., cah", 4to., 1658 (S. Oct. 

17 ; 462) Maggs. £\ 18s. 

The same, half mor., 4to.. 1658 (S. Nov. 1 ; 687) Tregaskis, £\ Is. 

Works, port., fo., cf., 1683 (D. Dec. 17 ; 488) £l 10s. 

Works, ed. bv S. Wilkin, 4 vol., port., 1836 (S. Dec. 1 1 ; 569) Maggs. £2 18s. 

Browning (E. B.) Poetical Works, fronts.. L. P., 6 vols.. 1889 (H. Oct. 15 ; 72) 

Hornstein, £6 12s. 6d. 

Poetical Works, 6 vol.. ports., etc., 1889-90 (S. Nov. 26 ; 289) 

Quaritch, £9 

(R.) Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day, 1st edn., 1850 (S. Dec. 11 ; 585) 

Dobell, 10s. 

Pied Piper of Hamelin, 35 cold. ills, by Kate Greenaway, 4to., n. d. (S. Dec. 

4 ; 87:.) Davis, £1 8s. 

The Ring and the Book, 1st edn., 4 vols., 1868 (P. Oct. 4 ; o98) 

Quaritch, £\ Is. 

Poetical Works, hand-made paper, 17 vol., 1888-94 (S. Nov. 26 ; 288) 

Bumpus. ;^22 
Bruce (M. E. C.) Family Records of the Bruces and the Cumyns. sm. 4to., 870 

(H. Oct. 18; 1146) Bailey, 17s. 

Bruce (The) ; and Wallace, from two Ancient MSS., with Notes [by J. Jamieson"', 

2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 4to., Edinb., 1820 (S. Nov. 11 ; 8') Hopkins, 10s. 
BruUiot (F.) Dictionnaire des Monogrammes, etc., 2 parts and appendix, in 1 vol., 

half mor., g. e., 4to., Munich, 1832 (S. Nov. 11 ; 88) Richter, £\ Is. 

Brutum Fulmen : or. The Bull of Pope Pius V. Concerning the Damnation, 

Excommunication, and Deposition of Queen EUzabeth, 4to., cf., 1681 (D. 

Dec. 16 ; 290) 4s. 

Bxyden's Etchings of Avrshire Castles, Second Series, half calf, 1908 (E. Sep. 20 ; 

36) ' Cowie, 18s. 6d. 

Brydges. (Sir E.) Gnomica, Geneva, 1824 (S. Oct. 30 ; 12) Shorthouse, 5s. 

The Sylvan Wanderer, 2 vol. in 1, port., half mor., 1813-17 (S. Oct. 16 • 

351) Bloomfield, 5s.' 


Buchanan (F.) Journey from Madras, pits., 3 vol., half russ., m. e., 4to., 1807 (S. 
Nov. II ; 90) Green, £1 

(G.) Commentarius in Vitam Georgii Buchanan!, ab ipsomet scriptam, orig. 

edn., port., old calf, Edinb., 1702 (S. Nov. 1 ; 887) James, 3s. 

De Jure Regni Apud Scotus, 4to., veil., 1581 (D. Dec. 16 ; 253) lis 6d. 

Rerum Scoticarum Historia, 1st edn., calf, fo., Edinb., 1582 (S. Oct. 18 ; 

765) Bull, 5s. 

The same, fo., cf., 1582 (D. Dec. 17 ; 489) £2 7s. 6d. 

George Buchanan's Witty Exploits, half morocco, 1780 (E. July 25 ; 317) 

Hopkins, £l 

Opera Omnia, Curante T. Ruddimanno, 2 vols., fo., cf., Edin., 1713 (D. Dec. 

17 ; 436) 5s. 

(J .) Indigenous Grasses of New Zealand, pits., mor., g. e., fo., 1880 (H. Dec. 5 

325) 12s. 

(R.) Fleshly School of Poetry, 1872 (S. Dec. 5; 49) Shepherd, lis. 

(Wm.) Essay on Ancient Scottish Surnames, plate, 1st edn., sm. 4to., calf, 

1723 (E. July 25 ; 68) Buchanan, £3 7s. 6d. 

Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities in England and Wales, 3 vol., upwards of 500 engs., 
including 83 folding views, with the mezzotint frontispiece of the brothers 
Buck, by Houston, russ., fo., 1774 (S. Nov. 27 ; 622) Butt, ;^30 

Views of Ruins of Castles and Abbeys in England and Wales, 427 pits., in 

in 3 vol., calf, ob. fo., 1726-38 (S. Nov. 7 ; 579) Daniell, £10 

Views of EngUsh Cities, 81 pits., calf, ob. fo., 1728-48 (S. Nov. 7 ; 580) 

Daniell, ;£10 5s. 
Buckle (H. T.) Works, ed. by Helen Taylor. 3 vol., 1872 (H. Oct. 23 ; 77) 

Sotheran, 10s. 

Buckler (J. C.) Fifty Views of Endowed Grammar Schools, pits., half mor., g. t.. 

4to., 1827 (S. Oct. 17 ; 517) Rimell, 17s. 

Buckton (G. B.) Monograph of the British Aphides, 4 vol., cold, pits., 1876-83 

(S. Dec. 2 ; 13) Quariich, £3 3s. 

Monograph of the British Cicadse, 2 vol., cold, pits., 1890 (S. Dec. 2 ; 12) 

Friedlaender, 18s. 

Budge (E. A. W.) Lady Meux Manuscript No. 1 , ills., mor., 4to., 1898 (S. Dec. 20 ; 

37) Maggs, £\ As. 

Lady Meux Manuscripts Nos. 2-5, HI cold, pits., mor., 4to., 1900 (S. Dec. 

20 ; 38) Edwards, £2 12s. 

Life and Exploits of Alexander the Great, 2 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1896 (S. 

Dec. 20 ; 35) Dobell, 18s. 

Buffon (M. de) Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 10 vol., cold, pits., calf gilt, arms 
on sides, r. e., 4to., Paris, 1770-86 (S. Nov. 26 ; 317) Maggs, ;gl5 

Builder's Dictionary, or Gentleman and Artist's Companion, pits., 2 vols., calf, 
1734 (P. Oct. 30 ; 7) Buckmaster, 2s. 

Bullen [and Leake] Precedents of Pleading, Trd edn., half bound, 1868 (H. Nov. 
22 ; 95) ' Mann, £2 15s. 

(A. H.) A Christmas Garland, L. P., pits., 1885 (S. Oct. 21 ; 28) Maggs, lis. 

England's HeUcon, L. P., half calf, 1887 (S. Oct. 21 ; 29) Maggs, 17s. 

Lyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age, L. P., 1 889 (S. Oct. 2 1 ; 

33) Maggs, lis. 

Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Ehzabethan Age, 1887 (S. Dec. 5 ; 51) 

B. F. Stevens, 12s. 

The same, L. P., 1887 (S. Dec. 5 ; 50) Quariich, £1 3s. 

More Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Elizabethan Age, L. P., 1888 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 52) Quaritch, £\ 2s. 

Musa Proterva, 1889 (S. Oct. 21 ; 34) Hill, 17s. 

Speculum Amantis, half calf, 1889 (S. Dec. 5 ; 53) B. F. Stevens, 19s. 

Buller (W. L.) History of the Birds of New Zealand, cold, pits., half calf gilt, t. e. g., 

4to., 1873 (S. Nov. 26 ; 337) Wheldon, £?> 

Bimo (J.) Memoriale Justinianei, orig. edn., pits., fo., Hamburgi, 1674 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 317) Tregaskis, £1 2s. 

Bunsen (C. C. J.) Egypt's Place in Universal History, trans, by C. H. Cottrell, 5 

vol., pits., 1848-67 (S. Nov. 26 ; 268) Hallett, £3 

1912-13 25 

Bunting (E.) The Ancient Music of Ireland, 4to., Dublin, 1840 (S. Oct. 16 ; 127) 

Allen. 17s. 
Bunyan (John) Voyage d'un Chrestien vers TEtemite, traduit en Fran9ois, engd. 

title and pits., mor. ex., g. e. by Cuzin, fine copy, Amst., 1685 (S. Dec. 5 ; 

55) Ttegaskis, £\1 5s. 

Burchell (W. J.) Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa, map, 20 cold, pits., 

2 vol. in 1, half calf. 4to.. 1822-24 (C. Dec. 16; 243) Edwards, £\\ 
Biirger (G. A.) Leonora, trans, by W. R. Spencer, pits, by Lady Diana Beauclerc. 

calf, g. e., 4to., 1796 (S. Dec. 11 ; 493) Marker, 7s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by J. T. Stanley, front, and vignettes by W. Blake, 

half mor., 4to., 1796 (S. Dec. 4 ; 874) Edwards, £\ 17s. 

Burgess (H. W.) Eidodendron, pits., fo., half bound, 1827 (H. Oct. 25 ; 953) 

Quantch, i\ 10s. 
Burke (Sir B.) Vicissitudes of Families, Three Series, 1860 (H. Nov. 7 ; 830) 

Stephenson, 10s. 6d. 

(E.) Complete Works, Lib. Edn., 16 vols., calf, (rebacked), 1826-7 (H. Oct. 

16 : 442) £1 18s. 

(H. F.) Examples of Irish Book Plates, with Supplement, ills., half mor.' 

2 vols., 4to., 1894 (S. Dec. 20; 151) Thorp. £5 

(P.) Romance of the Forum, both series, 4 vol., half mor., 1852—4 (S. Oct. 

16 ; 236) Walford, 14s. 

Burlington Fine Arts Club. Exhibition of English Mezzotint Portraits, 30 pits., 
fo., 1902 (S. Oct. 30 ; 100) Bumpus, ;g3 

Exhibition of Ancient Greek Art, 112 pits., 4to., 1904 (S. Dec. 20 ; 76) 

Edwards, £,A 6s. 

Exhibition of Illuminated Manuscripts, 162 ills., fo., 1908 (H. Nov. 6 ; 604) 

Leighton, £5 15s. 
Bume-Jones (E.) The Beginning of the World, 25 woodcuts, half veil., imcut, fo., 

1902 (S. Dec. 11 ; 715) Dams, 9s. 

Burnet (G.) Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles of,the Church of England, 1st 

edn., calf, fo., 1699 (S. Nov. 20 ; 217) David, Is. 

Memoirs of the Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald, 3 ports., old calf, fo., 

1677 (S. Dec. 11 ; ,525) Streeton. 10s. 

The same, old calf, s. e. fo., 1677 (S. Nov. 11 ; 95) Hopkins, ^ 2s. 

Burnett (C. R. B.) Essex : Highways, Byways and Waterways, Both Series, 

Whatman paper, 2 vol.. iUs., 4to., 1892 (S. Dec. 10 ; 213) Edwards. 17s. 

Bumev (C.) History of Music, engs.. 4 vol.. 4to.. old tree-calf, 4to.. 1776-89 (C. 

Dec. 16 : 65) Davis, £2 15s. 

(F.) Camilla, 5 vol., 1st edn., old calf, gilt, 1796 (S. Dec. li ; 363) 

Streeton, £1 12s. 

The same. 5 vol.. calf gilt. y. e.. 1796 (S. Oct. 22 ; 569) Lewine. £2 

CeciHa. 1st edn.. 5 vol., calf. 1782 (S. Oct. 22 ; 568) Bumpus, £1 2s. 

The same. 5 vols., cont. calf, 1782 (H. Nov. 28 ; 351) ;g2 10s. 

Evelina, cold. pits, by W. Heath, half calf. 1821 (S. Nov. 21 ; 452) 

Bumpus, ;gl2 

Romance of Private Life, 1st edn., 3 vol., uncut, 1839 (S. Oct. 22 ; 573) 

Lewine, 8s. 

The Wanderer, 1st edn., 5 vol.. orig. boards, tmcut. 1814 (S. Oct. 22 ; 572) 

Lewine, £3 5s. 

The same, 5 vol., half bound, 1814 (S. Oct. 22 ; 571) Edwards, 19s. 

(J.) Chronological Histor}' of the Discoveries in the South Sea, 5 vol., maps 

and charts, calf, 4to., 1803-17 (S. Oct. 21 ; 256) Quaritch, £1 

Bums (R.) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, 1st edn., mor. ex.. g. e.. Kil- 
marnock, 1786 (P. Dec. 17 ; 19) _ Pearson, £22^ 

* A few leaves neatly repaired, and in one or two instances a letter is affected. 

Poems (few U. soiled), port., 1st Edinburgh Edn., orig. boards, imcut, 

Edinb., 1787 (P. Nov. 21 ; 113) Maggs, £\^ 10s. 

* First Issue, with the ' Boxburgh ' misprint. 

Poems attributed to Robert Bums, old calf. Glasgow. 1801 (S. Oct. 31 ; 

526) Goss, 5s. 

Poetry, ed. by Henley and Henderson, ports., etc., 4 vols., Edin., 1897 

(H. Dec. 5 ; 250) Hackett, £\ 6s. 


Burns (R.) Works, with Life by Allan Cunningham, port, and fronts. 8 vols., clean 
copy. 18S4 (H. Nov. 29 ; 699) Edwards, {,1 6s. 

Poetical Works, port., Pickering, 1839 (P. Dec. 5; 383) Rimell, i'l 

The same, 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., fine copy, Pickering, 1839 (P. Dec. 4 ; 

140) Walford, i\ 10s. 

Works, ed. by Wm. S. Douglas, fronts., etc., 6 vol., Edinb., 1877-9 (S. Nov. 

11 ; 96) Walford, i\ 2s. 

Liverpool Testimonials to the Departed Genius of Robert Burns, hf . cf ., uncut 

Liverpool, n. d. (D. Oct. 23 ; 1066) lis. 

Memorial Catalogue of Exhibition, 1896, Largest Paper, ills., fo., 1898 (E. 

July 25 ; 106) Hopkins, iA 5s. 

Burrows (M.) Familv of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court, views, etc., half 
mor., t. e. g., 1886 (S. Nov. 13 ; 778) David, 3s. 

Burton (J. H.) The Book-Hunter, L. P., 4to., 1832 (S. Dec. 6 ; 451) 

Shepherd, £1 16s. 

Anr. Edn., L. P., 4to., 1882 (D. Nov. 18 ; 237) 6s. 6d. 

History of Scotland, Lib. Edn.,^9 vols., 185v3-70 (H. Nov. 15 ; 830) 

Edwards, £\ 5s. 

(Sir R. F.) Book of the Sword, ills., imp. 8vo., 1884 (S. Oct. 22 ; 590) 

Salby, £\. 4s. 

First Footsteps in East Africa, cold, pits., 1856 (H. Oct. 24 ; 355) 

Bailey, 15s. 

Lake Regions of Central Africa, 1st edn., 2 vols., 1860 (H. Nov. 14 ; 348) 

Edwards, 19s. 

Pilgrimage to El Medinah and Meccah, orig. edn., pits., 3 vols., half mor., 

m. e., 1855 (H. Oct. WA ; 356) Alison, £1 10s. 

(Robt.) Anatomv of Melancholy, engd. title, fo., cf., 1672 (D. Dec. 16 ; 399) 

£1 7s. 

Anr. Edn., engd. title and " The Arguments of the Frontispiece," old calf, 

fo., 1676 (S. Oct. 31 ; 611) Hensley, 8s. 

Anr. Edn., 3 vol., front., half parchment, t. e. g., 1886 (S. Nov. 14 ; 233) 

Anr. Edn., front., 3 vols., 1905 (H. Oct. 23 ; 250) Bickers', I6s. 

Unparallelled Varietie, woodcuts, cf., 1685 (D. Oct. 22 ; 770) Is. 

(Wm.) Account of the Life and Writings of Herman Boerhaave, cf., 1746 

(P. Oct. 3 ; 165) Barnard. 3s. 

Commentary on Antoninus his Itinerary, port, and map, orig. calf, fo., 1658 

(S. Nov. 20 : 102) Blaythzvayt. lis. 

Description of Leicester Shire, engd. title, map and woodcuts, fo., 1622 (S. 

Nov. 13 ; 888) Ellis, £2 6s. 

* This copy is stated to have belonged to Robert Burton, the author of 

' The Anatomy of Melancholy.' 

(Wm.) English Earthenware and Stone Ware, ills., 1904 (P. Oct. 4 ; 490) 

Last, 15s. 

History of EngHsh Porcelain, ills., 1902 (P. Oct. 3 ; 216) Winter, £'.\ 15s. 

Bury (Mrs. E) Hexandrian Plants belonging to the Natural Orders Amaryllid£E 

and Liliac^, cold, pits., half mor., g. e., fo., 1834 (S. Nov. 26 ; 387) 

Wesley, £S, 

(T. T.) Coloured Views on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 7 pits., 

sewn, 4to., 1831 (P. Dec. 5 ; 413) Martin, £5 15s. 

Bijtler (A.) Lives of the Saints, 12 vols., 1854 (H. Oct. 18 ; 1242) Baker, 10s. 

(A. G.) Foreign Finches in Captivity, 60 cold, pits., hf. mor., g. t., 4to., 1899 

(P. Nov. 21 ; 128) Joseph, 8s. 

(S.) Hudibras, cf., 1694 (D. Dec. 16 ; 148) 2s. 

Anr. Edn., with Annotations by Z. Grev, port, and pits, by Hogarth. L. P., 

2 vols., red mor. ex., g. e., Cambridge, 1744 (H. Nov. 27 ; 136) Maggs, £3 9s. 

Anr. Edn., text in English and French [trans, by J. Towneley i, pits., port. 

inserted, 3 vols., mor. ex., g. e., 1757 (H. Oct. 24 ; 512) Walford, 14s. 

Anr. Edn., cold. pits, by Clark, 2 vols., mor. ex., g. e., 1819 (P. Oct. 3 

210) Quaritch, £A 

Butterfly (The), ed. by L- Raven Hill and A. Goldsworthy, 2 vol. (all publd.), 
1893-4; Second Series, 2 vol., n. d. (S. Nov. 21 ; 231) Rtmell, 17s. 

1912^13 »7 

Butterfly's Ball (The) and the Grasshopper's Feast, cold, woodcuts, wrappet, 
soiled, 1807 (S. Dec. 20 ; 69) Leighton. (l 6s. 

Byron (Rt. Hon. Lord) Voyage of " H. M.S. Blonde " to the Sandwich Islands, 
ills., 4to., bds., 18:^6 (D. Dec. 17 ; 485) Us. 

(Byron(Lord)] Age of Bronze, Istedn., half mor., g. e., J. Hunt, 1823 (H.Oct. 17 ; 
872) £1 5s. 

Enghsh Bards and Scotch Reviewers, half mor., ex. g. t., by Bedford, 

Cawthom, n. d., watermark 18' :i (P. Dec. 17 ; 23) Pickering, 18s. 

Fugitive Pieces, pres. copy, with autograph inscription (defective). " Oct. 

21st, Tuesday, 1806 — Haec poemata ex dono sunt — Georgii Gordon Byron. 

Vale," and drawing of the Byron arms, autograph corrections throughout, 

orig. paper covers, uncut, Newark, 1806 ; with a copy of the facsimile reprint, 

18^3, 4to. (2) (S. Dec. 20 ; 54) Sabin, iAA5 

* The earliest volume of Byron's poetry, the whole issue of which, with the 

exception of a very few copies, was burnt by the author on the advice of the 

Rev. Jonu Becher immediately after it was printed. Only three other copies of 

the book are known to exist. 

[and Leigh Himt.l Lara — ^JacqueUne, 1st edn., half mor. ex., g. t., by 

Bedford, 1814 (P. Dec. 17; 24) Shepherd, 10s. 

Complete Works, ed. by J. W. Lake, 7 vol., port, half boimd, Paris, 18'^5 (S. 

Nov. 1 ; 840) James, 2s. 

Byzantinse Historiae Scriptores, Gr. et Lat. in 25 vol., veil., fo., Venet., 1729-33 

(S. Nov. 27 : 671) McKinnon. £2 

Cabala, Mysteries of State, in Letters of the Great Ministers of King James and 

King Charles, 4to., cf., 1654 (D. Dec. 16 ; 72) Is. 

Cabanes (D.) Curious Bvpaths of History, 2 vols., Paris, 1897-8 (H. Oct. 16 ; 

399) ^ Beaumont, £l\%s. 

Cabinet des Fees (Le) 41 vols., pits, by MariUier, half mss. gilt, Amst., 1785-89 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 58) Edwards, £5 

The same, 41 vol., uncut, 1785-9 (S. Oct. 31 ; 325) Rimell. £1 2s. 6d. 

Cabinet Makers' London Book of Prices, etc., front, and 29 pits., calf, 4to., 1793 

(S. Nov. 14 ; 28) Quaritch, £1 

Caesar. Commentariorum de Bello GaUico Hbri, cum indice Marhani, commences 

on a ii, fo., Venet.. 148^ (S. Nov. 25 ; 87) Barnard, £2 12s. 

Commentari di C. Guilio Cesare, pits., 4to., cf., Venice, 161^ (D. Dec. 16 ; 

333) 2s. 

Commentaries, trans, by W. Duncan, pits., caK, rebacked, fo., 1753 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 102) Tregaskis, 5s. 

Opera, fo., cf., Glasgow, 1750 (D. Dec. 17 ; 456) 7s. 6d. 

Caian (The) Vols. 1 to 18, and Index to first 10 vols., ports., 19 vols., 1891-1909 

(H. Nov. 29 ; 811) 12s. 

Calcott (W.) Candid Disquisition of the Principles and Practices of the Free and 

Accepted Masons, L. P., calf, 1769 (S. Oct. 18 ; 739) Shepherd, 19s. 

Calcutta. Annals of the Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta, 12 vol. in 26, pits., 16 

vol., half mor., remainder in portfolios (vol. XI has only part I), w. a. f., 4to., 

Calcutta, 1888-1911 (S. Dec. 3 ; 602) Quaritch, £1\ 

Caldecott (Randolph) Child's Picture Books (11), 1st edns., 4to., n. d. (S. Dec. 1 1 ; 

683) Young, i\ 10s. 

Caldicott (J. W.) The Values of Old English Silver and Sheffield Plate, pits., 4to., 

1906 (S. Dec. 12 ; 807) Luard, £1 5s. 

Calendar of the Inner Temple Records, ed. by F. A. Inderwick, vol. I-III, pits., 

1896-1901 (S. Nov. 25 ; 174) Sotheran, 12s. 

Calendars of State Papers — Domestic Series, 1623-5, Addenda, 1625-49, from 

1627-.'^8 to 1675-S, and 1689-90 to 1694-95, 58 vols., 1859-1906 (H. Oct. 

15 ; 231) Harding, £Q 

Callander (John) Terra Austrahs Cognita, 3 vol., maps, titles mounted, calf gilt, 

g. e., w. a. f., Edinb., 1766-38 (S. Oct. 21 ; 38) Bedford, £3 

Callot (J.) BaUi di Sfessania, 17 Etchings and Title, mounted in a volume, calf gilt, 

n. d. (H. Oct. 24 ; 522) Polvgot, 13s. 
Fourteen Etchings of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Apostles, with 

engraved title, mounted in volume, Paris, 1631 (H. Oct. 24 ; 524) 

Polygot, 5s. 6d. 


Calvert (A. F.) Moorish Remains in Spain, ills., 4to., 1906 (S. Oct. 23 ; 872) 

Batsford, 1 9s. 

(F.) The Isle of Wight Illustrated, cold, views, 4to., 1846 (P. Oct. 3 ; 262) 

Lee, £2 10s. 

Calvin (J.) Institution of Christian Religion, trans, by T. Norton, b. \. (title 

repaired), calf gilt, 4to., 1574 (S. Dec. 12 ; 931) David, 6s. 

The same, fine port, inserted, a. I., sm. 4to., mor. ex., g. e., 1574 (H. Oct. 

24 ; 527) Bull, 18s. 

Anr. Edn., 6. t, 4to., cf.. 1654 (D. Dec. 16 ; 385) Is. 

Commentarii in Isaiam Prophetam, stamped leather, fo., Genevse, 1570 (S. 

Oct. 18 ; 773) Sawyer, Is. 

Cambridge Portfolio (The), ed. by J. J. Smith, ills., 2 vol., half mor, 4to., 1840 
(S. Nov. 11 ; 111) Edwards, 17s. 

Camden (W.) Britain, trans, by P. Holland, engd. title and maps, half calf, fo.,. 
1610 (S. Nov. 1 ; 730) Bull, 19s. 

Anr. Edn., by P. Holland, maps, old calf, fo., 1637 (S. Dec. 10 ; 152) 

Tregaskis, 7s. 

Anr. Edn., fo., cf. (loose), 1695 (D. Nov. 19 ; 604) Is. 6d. 

The same, calf, fo., 1695 (S. Nov. 25 ; 257) David. 4s. 

Anr. Edn., by Gibson, port, and maps, 2 vols., calf, fo. 1722 (P. Oct. 3 ; 

286) David, 4s. 

Anr. Edn., enlarged by R. Gough, best edn., 3 vol., port., maps and pits., 

russ., fo., 1789 (S. Oct. 23 ; 916) Leighton, 10s. 

Anr. Edn., enlarged by R. Gough, 4 vol., pits., calf, fo., 1806 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

636) Carter, 12s. 

Anr. Edn., enlarged by R. Gough, best edn., 4 vol., port., maps, pits., etc., 

half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1808 (S. Nov. 6 ; 288) Downing, £3 10s. 

Remaines concerning Britaine, sixth edn., port., mor., g. e., 4 to., 1637 (S. 

Oct. 21 ; 258) Sotheran, 13s. 

Cameron (D. Y.) Catalogue of his Etched Work, edn. de luxe, with signed etching, 
1912 (E. Sep, 20 ; 96) Wright, £19 

(P.) Monograph of the British Phytophagous Hymenoptera, 4 vol., cold. 

pits., 1882-92 (S.Dec. 2; 16) Dulau. £\ 14s. 

Camm (Dom Bede) Forgotten Shrines, ills., 1910 (S. Dec. 12 ; 796) Batsford, 5s. 
Camoens. Os Lusiadas (The l/usiads), EngUshed by R. F. Burton, with the 

Lyricks, Commentary, etc., 6 vol., pres. copy, 1880-84 (S. Oct. 22 ; 597) 

Maggs, £3 12s. 6d. 
Campaigns of the British Army in Portugal imder Wellington, 13 pits., half calf, 

fo., 1812 (S. Oct. 31 ; 627) ^ Edwards, £2 14s. 

Campan (Madame) Memoires sur la Vie Privee de Marie Antoinette, port., 2 vols., 

1823 (H.Nov. 14 ; 374) G.H. Brown, ^s.Qdi. 

Campbell (Lord Archibald) Records of Argyll, pits., 1885 (E. Sep. 20 ; 42) 

Mack ay, £1 

(J.) Treatise of Modern Faulconry, front., calf gilt, g. e., Edinb., 1773 (S. 

Nov. 21 ; 403) Edwards, 16s. 

Pleasures of Hope, pits., mor. gilt, t. e. g., by De Coverly, Edinb., 1799 (S. 

Dec. 5 ; 66) Sotheran, £4 18s. 

* Pres. copy to A. Lang from F. Locker-Lampson. 

Anr. Edn., engd. title and vignettes, with water-colour painting on the fore- 
edge, 12mo., old mor., g. e., 1821 (H. Nov. 28 ; 434) Edivards, £\5 5s. 

Campen (J. Van) Afbeelding van 't Stadt Huys van Amsterdam, in dartigh 
coopeVe Plaaten geordineert, 2 ports., 3 engd. titles and 133 pits., orig. calf, 
fo., Anist., 1665 (S. Nov. 20 ; 124) Hiersemann, £2 Is. 

Campion (T) Works, ed. by A. H. BuUen, P. P., 1889 (S. Dec. 5 ; 67) 

Qnaritch, 16s. 

Canal (Ant.) Urbis Venetiarum Prospectus Celebriores, 3 parts in 1 vol., 38 eugs., 
half russ., ob. fo., Venet., 1742 (S. Dec. 12 ; 769) Davis, £[0 15s. 

Canterbury Marriage Licences, vsix series, 1568-1750, ed. by J. M. Cowper, 6 vol., 
1892-1906 (S. Nov. 13 ; 779) Bain, £A 4s. 

Canterbury Registers of Births, Marriages and Burials from 1560 to 1800, 8 vol., 
1887-93 (S. Oct. 17 ; 409) Harding. £\ 18s. 

1912-13 29 

Canterbury and York Cathedrals, Accurate Description and Historj- of, 117 pits., 
calf, fo., 1755 (S. Oct. 17 ; 623) Green, 10s. 

Caradoc Press. Quia Amore Languea, printed on vellum, veil., 4to., 1902 (S. Nov. 
1 ; 945) Dobeli. 8s. 

Walton's Compieat Angler, port, and engs., printed on vellum, sm. 4to., 

1905 (H. Dec. 18; 230) £\ 15s. 

Sonnets from the Portugese, by E. B. B., printed on vellum, 1906 (H. Dec. 

18 ; :'31) Shepherd: 16s. 

[Cardan (H.) Introductiones in Chryromantiam, Physiognomiam, Astrologiam, 

&c., woodcuts (wormed), old calf, Argent., 1630 (H. Nov. 27 ; 274) 

Evans, 8s. 
Cards. All the principal Nations of the World presented,in their Habits, with a 

Prospect of their Capital Citys, etc., engd. title, 5.'^ playing cards on 9 sheets, 

and map, bv H. Winstanlev, orig. wrappers, fo., n. d., ca. 1670 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

132) ^ ' Tregaskis, £7 

Carew (R.) Survey of CornwaU, with Life, L. P., calf, 4to., 1723 (S. Nov. 25 ; 42) 

Joseph, 3s. 

(T.) Poems, seed, edn., slightly cut, mor. ex., g. e., 1642 (S. Dec. 5 ; 68) 

Dohell, J^4 8s. 
•Carey (D.) Life in Paris, 1st edn., 21 cold. pits, by G. Cruikshank, mor., very clean 

copy, 1822 (C. Dec. 16; 210) Spencer' £8 5s. 

Carionus (Joan) Chronicarum Libellus, orig. edn., .stamped leather, with clasp, 

Francof., 1543 (S. Oct. 30 ; 187) Spirer, 10s. 

Carleton (W.) Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, both series, 5 vol., pits., 

pres. copy, Dublin, 1830-3 (S. Oct. 16 ; 30) Maggs, £1 16s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., pits., Dublin, 1843-4 (S. Dec. 2 ; 17) Magqs. 13s. 

Carlyle (T.) Works, " Ashbiirton Edn," 17 vol., 1893-95 (S. Oct. 22 ; 602) 

Edivards, £'^ 15s. 

Complete Works, Centenary Edn., 30 vols., with Supplementary Vol., pits,, 

31 vols., 1897-1902 (H. Dec. 6; 536) Dean. £1 18s. 

Works, " Centenary Edition," 30 vol., ports., calf gilt, m. e., 1901 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 185) Hill. £8 

Carpenter's Hunting in I,ower Bengal, 8 cold. pits, and front., fo., hf. bd., 1861 

(D. Dec. 17 ; 450) £5 10s. 

Carracci (L.) II Claustro di S. Michele in Bosco de Bologna, pits., veil., fo., Bologna, 

1776 (C. Dec. 16 ; 144) Davis. 16s. 

Carraccio (A.) Diverse Fignre, 80 pits., half veil., fo , Roma, 1646 (S. Oct. 21 ; 

291) Davis. 17s. 

Carranza (J. S.) Libro que trata de la Philosophia de las Aniias, diagrams (.slightly 

defective), sm. 4to., old calf, 1582 (H. Nov. 28 ; 404) Symes, £1 3s. 

Cartari (V.) Le imagini de gli Dei de gli Antiche, engs., red mor. gilt, with Papal 

arms, 4to., Veneria, 1609 (S. Oct. 30 ; 53) Barnard. 7s. 

Carter (John) Specimens of Ancient Sculpture and Painting, 2 vol., engs., mor., 

g. e., fo., 1780 (S. Nov. 26 ; 379) Young. ;£2 .8s. 
(M.) Honor Redivivus, 1st edn., engd. title, front, and pits., half calf, 1655 

(S. Nov. 1 ; 891) Mason, lis. 

Cartwright (Juha) Christ and His Mother in Italian Art, 60 pits., half veil, gilt, 

with duplicate set of plates, in portfolio, fine paper, fo., 1897 (S. Dec. 4 ; 

918) Davis, £1 6s. 

Carver (J.) Travels through North America, pits., half calf, 1778 (S. Oct. 21 ; 42) 

H. Stevens, £1 18s. 

The same, 1779 (H. Oct. 16 ; 600) Bates, £1 Is. 

Cassandra. Famous History- of Ca.ssandra, fronts., cf., 1703 (D. Dec. 16 ; 23) 6s. 
Cassianus (J.) De Institutio Coenobiorum, i. <j., old veil., fo., Venetias, 1491 (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 1017) Tregaskis. 18s. 

Castilio (Baldessar) The Courtyer, done into Englyshe by T. Hoby, 1st edn., 6. 1., 

mor., g. e., 4to., 1561 (S. Nov. 20 ; 206) Maggs. ;gl0 15s. 

Castle (E.) Schools and Masters of Fence, ills., 4to., 1885 (S. Oct. 21 ; 259) 

Bumpus, 18s. 
Catesby (M.) Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands, 

revised by Edwards, 2 vols., 220 cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1771 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

654) Wesley, £J 


Cathcart (J . F.) Illustrations of Himalayan Plants, cold, pits., fo., 1855 (S. Nov. 

27 ; 590) Wheldon, £3 

Catlin (G ) Manners, Customs and Conditions of the North American Indians, 400 

cold. ills.. 2 vols.. 1841 (P. Oct. 3 ; 215) Ronald, £3 

North American Indian Portfolio, 31 pits., fo., half mor., n. d. (P. Dec. 5 ; 

455) Leon, £9 9s. 

[Gatrou (I.e P,)" Histoire des Anabaptistes, front, and 1 6 pits., proofs, old calf, 1699 
(S. Oct. 30 ; 265) Barnard, 7s. 

Cattan (C. de) La Geomance, diagrams, sm. 4to., unbound, unbound, Paris, 1567 
(H. Nov. 6 ; 500) Tregaskis, £\ 2s. 

(Charles) The English Peerage, 3 vol., ports, and pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 

1790 fS. Oct. 30 ; 226) Waiford, 6s. 

Catullus. The Carmina, trans, by Sir R. F. Burton and L,. C. Smithers, front., half 

veil., 1894 (S. Oct. 22; 605) Young, £\ 

Caulfield (J.) Portraits of Remarkable Persons, Second Series, ports., 4 vols., half 

bound, 1819 (H. Nov. 5; 103) Dam', 10s. 

Cavalca (Dom.) Incomecia il tracto dicto pongi lingua, 96 11., illuminated initial, 

russ. ex., large, fine copy, fo., s. 1. et a., [c. 1465 ?1 (P. Nov. 21 ; 215) 

Barheri, £\A 10s. 
Caylus (Comte de) CEuvres Badines Complettes, 12 vol., port, and 14 ptts., calf, 

1787 (S. Oct. 31 ; 476) Matthias, £2 2s. 

Cellini (Benvenuto) Life, trans, by J. A. Svmonds, 2 vol., L. P., port, and pits., 

188S (S. Nov. 21 ; 402) ' B. F. Stevens, £d> 

Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles, 2 vol., vignettes by Romain de Hooge, red mor. gilt, g. 

e., rubbed,Cologne, 1701 (S. Oct. 21 ; 214) Tregaskis, £1 10s. 

The same, 2 vols., mor. ex., g. e., bv Bedford, 1701 (P. Dec. 17 ; 103) 

Edwards, £3 lis. (yd. 
Cervantes (M. de) Don Quixote, 4 vol., port, and pits., calf gilt, g. e., 4to., Madrid, 

1780 (S. Dec. 12 ; 735) Edwards, £6 10s. 
Don Qvixote, trans, [by T. Shelton\ 1612— Second Part, 1620, 1st edn., 

2 vols., engd. and printed titles, red mor. ex., g. e. bv Bedford (P. Dec. 17 ; 

25) Pearson, ;g300 

* The engraved titles are undated, but were issued in 1620 by Blount ; that 
to the first part in the present copy being additional. The Huth copy lacked 
the rarest leaf — the printed title to volume 1. 

Anr. Edn., 4 vol., pits, by Vanderbank, russ., 4to., 1738 (S. Dec. 10 ; 282) 

fames, £\ 6s. 

The same, cold, pits., 4 vols., old calf, 4to., Londres, 1738 (H.Nov. 7 ; 880) 

Hiersemann, £3 l2s.Qd. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by T. Shelton, 4 vol., engs., after Covpel, calf gilt, y. e., 

1740 (S. Nov. 1 ; 812) Hili, lis. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by T. vSmollett, 2 vol., pits., by Hayman (spotted), half 

bound, broken, 4to., 1755 (S. Oct. 30 ; 233) Hanshaw, 3s. 

— Anr. Edn., trans, by Mary Smirke, L. P., pits, by R. Smirke, 4 vol., mor., 

g. e., 4 to., 1818 (C. Dec. 16 ; 68) Edwards, £A 

Anr. Edn., trans, by C. Jarvis, 4 vol., 24 cold, pits., by J. H. Clark, boards, 

1819 (S. Nov. 14 ; 210) Hornstein, £S 10s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by Motteux, with notes (by J. G. Lockhart), 5 vol., half 

calf gilt, t. e. g., 1822 (S. Nov. 11 ; 125) Brown, £\ 

Anr. Edn., trans, by C. Jarvis, ills., 2 vols., mor., g. e., 1842 (H. Nov. 27 ; 

134) Davis, £2 7s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by A. J. Duffield, 3 vol., 1881 (S. Dec. 10 ; 254) 

Edwards, 6s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, bv J. Ormsby, map, 4 vol., half mor., t. c. g., 1885 (C. Dec. 

16 ; 286) ' Abbey, £^ 4s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by T. Shelton. 4 vol., 1896 (S. Nov. 14 ; 248) 

Quaritch, £\ lOs. 

■ '"■" ' Anr. Edn., with Notes by Fitzmaurice-Kelly and Ormsby, P'acsimile Reprint 

of the Original Edition, 2 vols., half mor., 1898 (H. Oct. 16 ; 439) 

Hill, £\ 13s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by Motteux, 4 vol., port, and ills, by Lalauze, half calf, m.e. 

Edinb., 1906 (S. Oct. 22 ; 606) Donnithorn. £2 2s. 

Cervantes (M. de) History of Don Quixote, " continued by Alfonso Fernandez de 
Avellaneda," trans, by Mr. Baker, 2 vol., 1st edn., front, and 12 proof pits., 
half calf. 1745 (S. Oct. 30 ; 217) Tregaskis, 16s. 

Novelas Exemplares, veil., with ties, Brusselas. 1625 (S. Nov. 20 ; 4) 

Treqaskis, £1 8s. 
Chabert (M. de) Voyage dans I'Amerique Septentrionale, maps, calf, 4to., Paris, 

1753 (C. Dec. 16 ; 69) Davis, 12s. 

Chaffers (W.) Marks and Monograms on Potterv and Porcelain, Twelfth Edn., with 

Supplement, by Litchfield, 1908 fH. Nov. 13 ; 172) Joseph. £\ Is. 

Challenger Voyage. Reports of the Scientific Results of the Voyage of the 

Challenger, complete set : Zoology, 40 vol. ; Deep Sea Deposits, 1 vol. ; 

Botanv, 2 vol. ; Narrative, 3 vol. ; Physics and Chemistry', 2 vol. ; Sum- 

mar\- of Results, 2 vol. ; together 50 vol, fine set, 1882, etc. (S. Nov. 26 ; 

321)" Quariich. ;^39 

Chalmers (Alex.) History of the University of Oxford, 2 vol. in 1 . pits., half mor... 

g. e., 4to., Oxford, 1810 (S. Dec. 4 ; 989) James. 7s. 
(Geo.) Life of Mary Queen of Scots, seed, edn., ports., etc., 3 vol., calf gilt, 

m. e.. 1822 (S. Nov. 11 ; 128) Hopkins. 17s. 

Treaties between Gt. Britain and other Powers, 2 vol., half russ., 1790 (S. 

Nov. 11 ; 126) Kashnor. 7s. 

Chamber ^Anna, Countess Temple) Poems, unbound, 4to., Strawberry Hill, 1764 
(S. Dec. 20 ; 49) Randell, 10s. 

Chambers fWm.) Designs of Chinese Buildings, Furniture, Dresses, Machines and 
Utensils, pits., calf, fo., 1757 (S. Dec. 10 ; 344) Batsford, 8s. 

Plans and Views of the Gardens at Kew, pits., calf, fo.. 1763 (S. Dec. 10 ; 

346) Edwards. 17s. 

The same, half calf, fo., 1763 (S. Nov. 14 ; 32) Harrison. ^1 4s. 

Treatise on Civil Architecture, fo., cf., 1759 (D. Dec. 17 ; 706) lis. 

Anr. Edn., port, and pits., calf, fo., 1768 (S. Dec. 10 ; 343) Batsford, 10s. 

Anr. Edn., L. P.. pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1825 (S. Nov. 14 ; 31) Rimell, 18s. 

Chambers's History- of Peeblesshire, 1864 (E. Sep. 20 ; 98) Hopkins. 17s. 
Champelain (Jean) La Pucelle, ou la France deUvre. pits., calf gilt, g. e. by Bedford* 

Paris. 1656 (S. Dec. 5 ; 72) Barnard, £1 2s. 

Champlain (Sieur de) Voyages de la Nouvelle France Occidentale, dicte Canada, 

large folded map, orig. calf, large, clean copv, 4to., Paris, 1632 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

33) ' B. F. Stevens. £71 

Champolhon le Jeune. Monuments de I'Egypte et de la Nubie, 4 vol., engs., fo., 

Paris, 1835-45 (S. Nov. 26 ; 439) Quaritch, £\2 5s. 

Chancellor (F.) Ancient Sepulchral Monuments of Essex, ills., fo., 1890 (S. Dec. 

10 ; 186) Rickwood, £1 14s. 

Chants et Chansons Populaires, %'ignettes, 4 vols., half mor., Paris, 1843 (P. Dec, 

17 ; 26) Lemallier. £^ 

Chappe d'Auteroche (J.) Voyage en vSiberie, pits., 2 vol. in 3, and Atlas of 

Plates, calf, fo., Paris, 1768 (C. Dec. 16 ; 145) Stevens, £\ 8s. 
Charles I. A Just Defence of the Royal Martyr, cf ., 1699 (D. Dec. 16 ; 274) 2s. 6d. 
Eikon BasiUke, folded front, (mended), calf gilt, m. e.. Reprinted in R. M., 

1648 (S. Nov. 11 ; 135) Forrester, 18s. 

Anr. Edn. [No. 37 in Almack], fronts., 48mo.. old black calf, panelled sides, 

g. e., with cla.sps, in original leather wallet. 1649 (H. Nov. 6 ; 527) 

Edwards, £\ Is. 

ReUquiae Sacrae Carolinae, front, (title of " Eikon BasiUke " dated 1649), old 

calf, Hague, 1657 (S. Nov. 11 ; 136) Lewine, Is. 

Charlevoix (P. de) Histoire du Paraguay, 6 vols., cf., Paris, 1567 (D. Dec. 17 ; 
598) 18s. 

Chamois (Le Vacher de) Costumes et Annales des Grands Theatres de Paris, 

upwards of 150 ports., most cold., 8 vol., boards, w. a. f., 4to. [Paris, 1786-88] 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 70) Parsons. £^2 

* Contenu : — Premiere annee, parties 1-48 ; Seconde annee, parties 1-48 ; 

Troisieme annee, parties 1-48. 

Charron (Sieur de) Of Wisdom, made EngUsh by G. Stanhope. 2 vol., cont. blue 
mor. gilt, g. e., 1707 (S. Nov. 20 ; 162) Leighton. 15s. 


Chaucer (G.) Amorum Troili et Creseidse, 1 st edn., sm. 4to. (slightly wormed), 1635 
(H. Oct. 24 ; 576) Dohell, 13s. 

Facsimile Reproduction of the Manuscript called the KUesmere Chaucer, 

(by W. Griggs), in 2 vols., 1911 (H. Oct. 23 ; 167) Quaritch, ;g20 

Woorkes, compiled by J. Lidgate, h. I., woodcuts, a few repairs, old calf, 

w. a. f., fo., 1561 (S. Nov. 25 ; 93) Bumpus, £14 10s. 

Works, with Life, ed. by T. Speght, 6. (., front., calf, a few wormholes, fo., 

1687 (S. Dec. 4 ; 996) " Wynn, 10s. 

• The same, 6. t., port., tall copy, fo.. 1687 (S. Dec. 11 ; 543) Davis, £3 3s. 

Works, ed. by J. Urry, 2 ports., half russ., fo., 1721 (S. Dec. 12 ; 945) 

David, 14s. 

■ Poetical Works, port., Aldine Edn., 6 vols., 1852 (P. Oct. 4 ; 371) 

Spencer, £4 5s. 
Complete Works, with Supplement, and Cancelled Sheets of the Testament 

of Love, ed. by W. W. Skeat, 7 vols., Oxford, 1894-7 (H. Nov. 13 ; 125) 

Winter. £3 
Works, Facsimile Reprint of the First Edition of 1532, by W. W. Skeat, 

4to., 1905 (H. Oct. 23 ; 306) Dunlop, £\ 7s. 

Chauncy (Sir H.) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire, 2 vol., pits., 1826 (S. 

Oct. 16 ; L03) Winter, 14s. 

[Chaussard (J. B.)' Fetes et Courtisanes de la Grdce, fronts., 4vol., half calf, Paris, 

1801 (C. Dec. 16 ; 10) Davis, 10s. 

Chetham Society. Remains, Historical and Literary, connected with Lancashire 

and Chester, First Series, complete with two Indexes, 116 vol., 1844-93 ; New 

Series, vol. I-XXV, 1883-91 ; together l4l vol., 4to., (S. Dec. 12 ; 911) 

Show, £8 5s. 
Chifletio (J. J.) Vindicise Hispanicoe In Quibus Arcana, 4to.,vell., Antwerp, 1645 

(D. Dec. 16 ; 224) ' Is. 

Child (Sir J.) New Discourse of Trade, Plantations, &c., old calf, 1693 (H. Nov. 

14 ; 413) Dobell, 10s. 

Chippendale (T.) Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director, 1st edn., 160 pits., 

old calf, fine copy, fo., 1754 (S. Nov. 14 ; 35) Ferry, ;gl3 

Anr. Edn., third'edn., 200 pits., calf gilt, g. e., fine copy, fo., 1762 (S. Nov. 

14 ; 36) Rimell, £29 

Anr. Edn., 200 pits., half calf, fo., Reprint of 1762 edition (S. Nov. 14 ; 37) 

Quaritch, £2 6s. 
Chiromance (La) De Patrice Tricasse des Ceresars, woodcut diagrams (title defec- 
tive), half nior., Paris. 1546 (H. Nov. 6 ; 498) Leighton, 19s. 
Choderlos de Laclos. Les Liaisons dangereuses, engs. after Monnet. etc.. 2 vols., 
mor. ex., g. t., by Riviere, 1796 (P. Dec, 17 ; 27) Leighton, ;£14 

Anr. Edn., trans, by E. Dowson, pits., 2 vols., P. P., 1898 (H. Dec. 20 ; 883) 

Hill, £1 lis. 
Choiseul-Gouffier (Comte de) Voyage Pittoresque de la Grece, 1st edn., 2 vol. in 3, 
port, and pits., mor. g. e., fo., Paris, 1782-1809 (S. Nov. 27 ; 574) 

Lewine, £2 Is. 

Christmas Stories, containing John Wildgoose the Poacher, The Smuggler, or 

Parish Matters, 1st edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, clean copv, uncut, 1823 (S. 

Oct. 23 ; 634) ' ^'Inggs, £4 4s. 

Chronique Scandaleuse, ou, Histoire des estranges Faicts arrivez soubs le Regne 

de Louys XI, front., russ. ex., g. e., tall copy, 4to., 1620 (S. Nov. 1 ; 934) 

Tretit, £2 2s. 

Chronique Scandaleuse, ou Memoires pour servir k THistoire de la Generation 

presente, 5 vol. in 3, calf (broken), Paris, 1791 (S. Dec. 3 ; 343) James, 16s. 

Chrysostom (St.) Golden Book concerning the Education of Children, trans, by 

J. E[velyn], 1st edn., orig. sheep (worn), 1659 (H. Oct. 24 ; 578) 

Reader, 14s. 

Homihae, I. fl., initials painted red, stamped calf, damaged, fo., a. n. (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 1049) Tregaskis, 18s. 

Opuscula varia, Homiliae, etc., old binding, fo.. Venetiis, 1503 (S. Dec. 12 ; 

947) Leighton, 13s. 

Opera Omnia, quae extant, opera et studio B. de Montfaucon, 13 vol., front., 

old calf, vol. VI wants index, fo.. Paris, 1718-''8 (S. Nov. 27 ; 652) David, 2s. 

1912-13 33 

Churchill (J.) Collection of Voyages and Travels, 6 vol., pits., calf rebacked, io., 
1 732 (S. Oct. 23 ; 91 8) Edwards. £3 lis. 6d. 

Cibber (Colley) Apology for his Life, 1st edn., L. P., boards. 4to., 1740 (S. Oct. 31 ; 
579) Goss, 10s. 

Anr. Edn., Ed. by R. W. Lowe, 2 vol., L. P., ports., in duplicate, and 18 

etchings, 1889 (S. Nov. 21 ; 400) Dobell, 16s. 

Cicero. Officia libri III, Cato Major, Paradoxa, etc., a few 11. stained, old tree-calf » 
y. e., Wodhull copy, fo., Mediol., 1480 (S. Dec. 12 ; 1016) Davis, £\ 15s. 

De OflSciis cum commentariis P. Marsi, etc., stamped calf, fo., s. 1. et n. typ., 

1496 (S. Dec. 12 ; 997) Leighfon. £1 12s. 

Ofl&cia M. T. C. Ain Biich So Marcus Tullius Cicero der Romer zu seynem 

Sime Marco, etc., J. v. Schwartzenbergs verteutschet, etc., woodcuts, half 
mor., fo., Augsburg. 1535 (S. Nov. 1 ; 785) Barnard, £3 

Orationes, ex Recensione J. C. Graevii, 7 vols., old panelled red mor., Amst., 

1689-99 (P. Oct. 30 ; 50) Barberi, 16s. 

The Worthye Booke of Old Age, Englyshed by T. Newton, h. I., old stamped 

binding, 1569 (P. Oct. 4 ; 340) ^ Tregaskis, £1 15s. 

Opera, cum Indicibus et Variis Lectionibus, 10 vol., front., half russ., m. e., 

4to., Oxon., 1783 (S. Dec. 4 ; 955) Davis, 7s. 

City-Law (The) or Course and Practice in all manner of juridicaU Proceedings in 
the Hustings in Guild-Hall, half calf, 4 to., 1647 (S. Oct. 30 ; 239) 

Barnard, lis. 

Civil Engineers' Institution — Transactions, 3 vols., 4 to., 1842, and Minutes of 
Proceedings, from commencement u;i 1837 to March, 1912, being vols. I to 188 
with Name-Index to vols. 1 to 58, and Subject Index to vols. 1 to 170, also 
Catalogue of the Library and Index, and Charters, together 300 vols., first 
153 vols, and 3 Indexes, half roan, 7 vols., cloth, and 34 vols., sewed, 1848- 
1912 (H. Dec. 18 ; 68) £27> 

Clare (John) The Village Minstrel, 1st edn., 2 ^^o\., port., mor. ex., m. e., autograph 
of Clare inserted, 1821 (S. Nov. 1 ; 677) Barton, 14s. 

Clarendon (Earl of) History of the Rebellion, 7 vols., 83 ports., calf gilt, 1707-15 
(H. Nov. 14; 431) Daniell, 18s. 

Anr. Edn., with the Suppressed Passages and Notes of Warburton, 11 vol., 

calf gilt. m. e., Oxford, 1826-27 (S. Nov. 11 ; 142) Hopkins, £2 5s. 

Clark (J. W.) The Care of Books, pits., Camb.. 1901 (S. Nov. 1 ; 792) 

Barnard, 4s. 

Clarke (E. D.) Travels, 11 vol., pits., etc., calf gilt, m. e., 1817-24 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

703) Walford. 7s. 

(W.) Three Courses and a Dessert, 1st edn., ills, by Geo. Cruikshank, 

mor. ex., t. e. g.. by Zaehnsdorf, 1830 (S. Nov. 14 ; 236) Cohn, £1 18s. 

Classic! Itahani, con BibUografia delle Opere contenute nella CoUezione, 250 vol., 

half calf, Milano, 1804-14 (S. Oct. 31 ; 366) Sotheran, £1 5s. 

Claude d' Abbeville. Histoire de la Mission des Peres Capucins en I'lsle de Marag- 

nan, engd. title and pits., calf gilt, clean copy, Paris, 1614 (S. Nov. 20 ; 6) 

Quaritch, £5 15s. 
Claude le Lorrain. Liber Veritatis, 3 vol., ports, of Claude and Earlom (latter in 
dupHcate. and extra port, of Boydell), and 300 pits, in bistre, half mor., imcut, 
by Zaehnsdorf (vol. Ill in cont. mor.. g. e.). fo.. Boydell, n. d. and 1819 IS. 
Nov. 1; 967) Hughes. £3 \5s. 

* Original issue, the first plate having the mistake of the engraver's name 
spelt " Earlolora " instead of " Earlom," and plate 132 in vol. II erroneously 
printed 182, and vol. Ill has the Original Proofs before Letters. The British 
Museum copy has the plates in vol. Ill in the ordinary state, with the letter- 
Clavell (Robt.) General Catalogue of Books printed in England since the Dreadful 
Fire of London, 1666, to Trinity Term, 16.74, and continued in 12 nos. to 
Trinity Term, 1677 (no. 4, Trinitv, 1675, missing, but no 3 in duplicate), old 
calf. fo.. 1675-7 (H. Oct. 17 ; '960) Ellis, £\ lis. 

Clavering (H. A.) Duties of Baronial Life in England during the Middle Ages, mor. 
ex.. joints, g. e., pres. copy, 4to., P. P., Axel, 1891 (S. Nov. 11; 145) 

B. F. Stevens, £2 5s. 

The Titular Barony of Clavering, its Origin, etc., half mor. t. e. g fo P P 

1891 (S. Nov. 11 ; 146) Forrester'. £\ 5s'. 


Cleland (Wm.) Poems and Verses (shaved), mor.. g. e., 1697 (S. Oct. 21 ; 50) 

Pickering, £1 18s. 
Clemens Alexandrinus (T. Flavius) Opera omnia, graece ; ex blbliotheca Medicea, 

1st edn., veil., loose, fo., Florentiae, 1550 (S. Dec. 20 ; 176) Davis, £1 Is. 
Clerke (W.) TheTriallof Bastardie, three folding tables, sm. 4to., mor. ex., g. e., 

1594 (H. Oct. 24 ; 559) Dobell, 18s. 

Clio and Euterpe, or British Harmony, engraved throughout, with vignettes, 4 

vols., calf gilt, fine copy, J. Welcker, n. d. (H. Oct. 24 ; 511) Bain. £10 
Cloes (Nic.) One hundred French Songs set for a Voice, German Flute, Violin, 

Harpsicord and Pandola, engraved throughout, cont. red mor. ex., g. e., n. d. 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 35) Tregaskis, £4 10s. 

Clutterbuck (R.) History of Hertfordshire, L. P.. proof pits, and maps, 3 vol., 

russ. ex. (repaired), fo., 1815 (S. Dec. 20; 103) Chadwick,£l 

* The author's own copy, with his bookplates and portrait. Included is a 
portfolio of old Deeds, etc., relating to the county. 
Cluverius. Introductio Geographiam, maps, 4to., cf., Amst., 1697 (D. Dec. 16 ; 

56) ,1s. 

Coates (C.) History of Reading, with Supplement, map and pits., with folded view 

of Reading (only issued with Supplement), half mor. ex., t. e. g., fine copy, 

4to., 1802-10 (S. Dec. 20; 61) Quaritch. £1 6s. 

Cobbold (R.) Valentine Verses, port, and pits., pres. copy, half mor., uncut, 

Ipswich, 1827 (S. Oct. 16 ; 281) Bain, £1 10s. 

Cochin. Suite Chronologique de Faits relatifs a I'Histoire de France, 81 engs. on 

53 leaves, 2 vols, in 1, old half calf, 1767 (P. Oct. 31 ; 609) Rimell, £5 5s. 
Cockbum's History and Examination of Duels, cf., 1720 (D. Dec. 16 ; 166) 

6s. 6d. 
Cockle (M. J. b.) Bibliography of English Military Books, 4to.. 1900 (S. Dec. 20 ; 

60) B. F. Stevens, 12s. 

Cockton (H.) Valentine Vox, pits, by Onwhyn, calf gilt, t. e. g., 1844 (S .Oct. 21 ; 

52) Soames, £\ 7s. 

Cogan (T.) Haven of Health, ft. C, half calf, 4to., 1612 (S. Oct. 17 ; 476) 

Sawyer, £\ 8s. 
Cokavne (G. E.) Complete Baronetage, 5 vol., with Index and Appendix, 1900-9 

(S. Nov. 13 ; 783) Walford. £A 6s. 

Coke (Sir E.) Booke of Entries. 6. I. (some 11. margined), calf, fo., 1614 (H. Oct. 

24 ; 634) 7s. 

(Lady Mary) Letters and Journals, 1756-74, 4 vol., ports., Edinb., P. P.» 

1889-96 (S. Dec. 5 ; 79) Bain. ;g35 

The same, ports., 4 vol. [P. P.], Edinb., 1889-96 (S. Nov. 11 ; 149) 

Brown, £27 
Coker (N.) Survey of Dorsetshire, map and pits., calf, fo., 1732 (S. Nov. 25 ; 98) 

Harding, 16s. 
Colardeau. (Euvres, port, and pits, after Monnet, 2 vol., old French calf gilt, 

Paris. 1779 (H. Dec. 19 ; 412) Parsons, £\ 4s. 

Colebrook (R. H.) Twelve Views of Mysore, cold, pits., hf. cf., fo., 1804 (P. Oct. 

4 ; 597) Brown, £3 7s. 6d. 

Coleman (Chas.) Mythology of the Hindus, pits., half calf gilt, m. e., 4to., 1832 (S. 

Nov. 11 ; 150) Edwards, £1 14s. 

Coleridge (S. T.) Christabel, 1st edn., orig. wrappers, 1816 (S. Dec. 5 ; 81) 

* Catalogue slip with note in autograph of A. Lang inserted Quaritch, £4 1 Os. 

The Friend, Nos. 1 to 27, original issue, hf. cf., 1809-10 (P. Oct. 4 ; 350) 

Maggs. £2 15s. 

* Note on fly-leaf states " The numbers in this volume were given to me by 
my father and by me bound." F. G. Coleridge. 

Literary Remains, ed. by H. N. Coleridge, 4 vol., mor. ex., g. e., 1836 (S. Dec. 

4 ; 687) Soames, £\ 14s. 

[Collier (John)] Miscellaneous Works of Tim Bobbin, and Plebeian PoUtics, pits., 

2 vols, in 1, calf gilt, g. e., Manchester, 1818 (H. Nov. 28 ; 430) 14s. 

Colling (J. K.) Gothic Ornaments, pits.. 2 vols.. 4to.. (1848-50) (P. Dec. 17 ; 175) 

Quaritch, lis. 
Collington (J.) Authentick Memoirs of his Wicked Life and Dying W^ords, calf, 

4to.. 1750 (S. Oct. 17 ; 493) Thorp, £l 

I9I2-I3 35 

Collinot et Beaumont, Omements de la Perse, cold, pits., fo., Paris, 1883 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 441) Sotkeran. £1 Is. 

Collins (G.) Great Britain's Coasting Pilot, front, and pits., old calf, fo., 1693 

(S. Nov. 20 ; 76) Pickering. £5 5s. 

(William) Odes, 1st edn., tree-calf gilt, g. e. by Rividre, 1747 (S. Dec. 5 ; 

83) Longman. £7 15s. 

* Catalogue slip, with note in Andrew Lang's autograph, inserted. 

Collinson (John) History of Somerset, 3 vol., map and engs., 4to., Bath, 1791 
(S. Nov. 6 ; 222) ' Brown. £3 7s. 6d. 

Colpani. Sciolti del Cav. G. Colpani de Brescia, Italian red mor. ex., tooled sides, 
gauffred edges, Lucca, 1780 (C. Dec. 16; 8) Davis. £2 14s. 

Columella (L. Junius Moderatus) Of Husbandry, 1st edn., old calf, 4to., 1745 (S. 
Oct. 31 ; 582) Brown. Is. 

The same, 4to., cf., 1745 (D. Dec. 17 ; 461) 12s. 

Columna (F.) PoUphili Hypnerotomachia, 1st edn., woodcuts (Priapus un- 
mutilated) , title neatly mended, red mor. gilt, stamped borders, g. on m. e. 
by Trautz-Bauzonnet, in a case, (very fine copy ; it has the genuine leaf con- 
taining the Errata and imprint, and the four leaves beignning " Cautum est " 
a»e at the end), fo., Venet. in aedibus Aldini, 1499 (S. Nov. 20 ; 171) 

Maggs. ;glll 

Hypnerotomachie, ou Discours du Songe de Poliphile, traduict (par Jan 

Martin), woodcuts (the Priapus immutilated) , half bound, fo., Paris, 1546 
(S. Dec. 20 ; 107) Forbes, £10 

[Combe (W.)^ Dance of Life, 1st edn., cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, name on 
engraved title, half calf, 1817 (S. Nov. 20 ; 144) Spencer. £6 

Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of the Picturesque, fourth edn., cold. pits. 

by Rowlandson, uncut, 1813 (S. Nov. 25 ; 10) Hornstein. £\ Is. 

■ Anr. Edn., cold. pits, by Rowlandson, tree calf, 1817 (H. Nov. 29 ; 752) 

Bridger. £\ 

Second Tour of Doctor Svntax, 1st edn., orig. 8 parts, 24 cold. pits, by T. 

Rowlandson, 1820 (S. Nov. 25 ; 12) Sabin, £29 

Anr Edn., third edn., cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, orig. boards, uncut, 1820 

(S. Nov. 21 ; 408) Dobell. £\ 9s. 

Third Tour of Doctor Syntax, 1st edn., in 8 parts, cold. pits, by Rowland- 
son (wanting two), 1821 (S. Nov. 25 ; 13) Sabin. £A\ 

Dr. Syntax's Three Tours, cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, 3 vols., smooth calf, 

ochre edges, by F. Bedford, 1815-21 (P. Dec. 17 ; 29) Young, £\\ 10s. 

Doctor Svntax in Paris, cold. pits, bv WilUams, calf, g. t., by Rixnere, 1820 

(P. Dec. '17 ; 30a) ' Hornstein, £^ 

Doctor Syntax's Tour to the Lakes, cold. pits, by Rowlandson, boards, 1813 

(H. Nov. 7 : 837) Cooper. £\ 5s. 

Anr. Edn., cold. pits, by Rowlandson (1 leaf repaired), 1817 (H. Nov. 29 ; 

685) /. Bridger, 18s. 

Tour of Dr. Syntax through London, cold. pits, by I. R. Cruikshank, calf, 

g. t., bv Rii-iere, 1820 (P. Dec. 17 ; 30) Coleman, £3 7s. 6d. 

The same, uncut, 1820 (S. Oct. 31 ; 556) Brown. £2 

Enghsh Dance of Death, 2 vol., 1st edn., orig. 24 parts, cold, pits., fine copy, 

1815-16 (S. Nov. 25 ; 11) Quaritch, £100 

The same, 2 vol., half mor., 1815-16 (S. Nov. 20 ; 143) Maggs, £7 5s. 

The same, 2 vol., cold. ills, by T. Rowlandson, calf gilt, 1815-16 (S. Oct. 

23 ; 615) Young, £8 10s. 

The same, and Dance of Life, 3 vol., cold. pits, by Rowlandson, half calf, 

t. e. g., 1815-17 (S. Dec. 11 ; 443) Spencer. ;£10 18s. 

The same, 3 vol., calf ex., g. e., and half calf, 1815-16-17 (C. Dec. 16 ; 225) 

Spencer, ;glO 10s. 

The same, calf ex., g. t., 3 vols., 1815-17 (P. Dec. 17 ; 129) Bumpus. £26 

History of Johnny Quae Genus, 1st edn., in orig. 8 parts, cold. pits, by 

Rowlandson (wanting two), 1822 (S. Nov. 25 ; 14) Sabin. ;£52 

The same, mor. ex., g. e., 1822 (C. Dec. 16 ; 227) Maggs. £4 4s. 

The same, very choice copy, mor. ex., t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, 1822 (S. Oct. 

23 ; 617) Bickers. £IS 


[Combe (W.)] I^ife of Napoleon, 1st edn., 30 cold. ills, by Cruikshank, calf, 1815 

(S. Oct. 23 ; 614) Spencer, i\\ 10s. 

Comical Melange (The), ills., half mor. gilt, t. e. g., 1833 (S. Dec. 12 ; 838) Fish, 5s. 
Commercial Tourist : or Gentleman Traveller, cold. pits, by I. R. Cruikshank, 

calf ex., t. e. g., by Tout, 1822 (H. Nov. 28 ; 445) Cohn, £4 12s. 6d. 

Commines (P. de) Memoires, engd. title, straight-grained red mor. gilt, g. e. by 

Thouvenin, Leide, 1648 (S. Dec. 5 ; 86) James, £2 13s. 

Complete Farmer, or Dictionary of Husbandry, pits., pigskin, m. e., fo., 1793 

(S. Oct. 17 ; 651) Edwards, 16s. 

Comte (Ch.) Histoire de la Garde Nationale de Paris, 4 ports, and 1 plate, 

wrappers, uncut, Paris, 1827 (S. Oct. 30 ; 256) Bloomfield, 18s. 

Conaeus (G.) Vita Mariae Stuartae, port., mor. ex., Roma, 1624 (H. Oct. 25 ; 817) 

Conder (J.) Flowers of Japan and the Art of Floral Arrangement, cold, ills., fo., 

1892 (S. Nov. 27 ; 583) Quaritch, £\ 12s. 

Coney (J.) Ecclesiastical Edifices of the Olden Time, pits., 2 vols., fo., half mor., 

1842 (H. Oct. 15; 298) Griffith, £\ Is. 

Congreve (\V.) The Double Dealer, 1st edn., sm. 4to., mor. ex., by Masson- 

Debonnelle, 1694 (H. Oct. 17 ; 873) Selden, £\ 16s. 

Works, 3 vol., port, and pits., old calf, with arms, Birmingham, Baskerville, 

1761 (S. Nov. 20 ; 179) Tregaskis, £5 2s. 6d. 

The same, 3 vols., modern levant mor. doublure, dentelle tooling, with Fore- 
edge Paintings of the Tower, Hampton Court and Windsor Castle, solid 
gold edges, fine set, 1761 (H. Oct. 23 ; 195) j£20 

Consett (M.) Tour through Sweden, pits., uncut, 4to., 1789 (S. Dec. 11 ; 516) 

Barnard, 5s. 
Constable (John) Landscape characteristic of English Scenery, front, and 20 pits., 

half calf, ob. fo., 1830 (S. Dec. 20 ; 86) Ward, £\^ 

Conti (Prince de) Traite de la Comedie et des Spectacles, selon la tradition de 

I'Eglise, mor., g. e. by Petit, Paris, 1666 (S. Dec. 5 ; 87) Maggs,£?. 14s. 

Les Devoirs des Grands, avec son Testament, mor. ex., g. e., Paris, 1667 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 88) Barnard, £1 6s. 

Cook (J as.) Three Voyages Round the World, etc., 9 vol., charts, etc., and a folio 
vol. of maps and pits., calf and half calf, 4to., 1773-84 (S. Oct. 23 ; 879) 

Rimell, £5 7s. 6d. 

The same, 8 vol., 4to., calf, ex., by Kalthoeber, with the atlases in 2 vol., fo., 

half russ., 1773-84 (S. Nov. 7 ; 559) Ellis, £7 

Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, by King, maps, 3 vols., 4to., calf, with folio 

atlas, half bound, i;85 (H. Nov. 28 ; 513) Edwards, £2 Is. 

(John) Observations on Fox-Hunting, pits, (front, cold.), first edn., 2 11. torn, 

boards, 1826 (P. Dec. b ; 378) Martin, £A 7s. 6d. 

Cooke (M. C.) Illustrations of British Fungi, 8 vol., nearly 2000 cold, pits., 1881-91 
(S. Dec. 2 ; 20) Bumpus, £\ 1 5s. 

Cooper (T.) Cooper's Chronicle (Lanquet), 6. (., half bound, 4to., 1565 (S. Nov. 
25 ; 44) Betts, 8s. 

Copernici (Nic) De Re\ olutionibus Orbium Coelestium, 1st edn., cuts, veil., fo., 
Norimbergae, 1543 (C. Dec. 16 ; 147) Quaritch, ;£22 

Copinger (W. A.) History of Buxhall, pits., 4to., 1902 (S. Oct. 23 ; 881 ) Carter, 7s. 

The Manors of Suffolk, 7 vol., ills., fo., 1905-11 (S. Nov. 6 ; 291) 

Hitchman, £'i 15s. 
Copper Plate Magazine, engs., first 3 vols., old tree calf, ob. fo. [1792-8' (H. Dec. 

19; 418) • £^ 15s. 

Cora (Ambrosius de) Defensorium Ordinis S. Augustini, illuminated initial and 

coat of arms [Hain-Copinger 5,684], bdg. defective, fo. [Rome, ca. 1480] 

(H. Dec. 19 ; 429) Selden, £2 

Cordi (V.) Annotationes in Pedacii Dioscoridis Anazarbeide medica Materia, &c., 

cuts, veil., fo., 1561 (C. Dec. 16 ; 148) Wesley, £\ 18s. 

Comazano (A.) Sonetti e Canzone, mor. ex., g. e. by Petit, Vinetia, 1503 (H. Nov. 

27 ; 174) Selden, £\ 15s. 

Comeill'e (P.) Le Theatre, 2 vol., port, and front., old calf gilt, g. e., fo., 1664 (S. 

Oct. 31 ; 617) Kinton, £2 

Poemes Dramatiques, 5 vols., cf., Paris, 1738 (D. Dec. 16 ; 60) 5s. 

19 1 2-13 '!il 

Comellii Opera, fo., veil., Plantin Press, 1648 (D. Dec. 17 ; 424) Is. 

Comwallis (Sir W.) Essayes. engd. title (sUghtly wormed), calf, 1632 [-31] (H. 

Oct. 24 ; 564) Dohell, 10s. 

Cortez (F.) Histoire de la Conqugte du Mexique. ills., 2 vols., of., 1692 (D. Dec.l7 ; 

595) 8s. 

Cory (C. B.) Birds of Haiti and San Domingo, cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g , 4to., 

"Boston, 1885 (S. Nov. 26; 341) Bickers. £2 6s. 

Cosmo the Third. Travels through England, with Life, port, and views, half mor., 

t. e. g., 4to., 1821 (S. Nov. 6 ; 224) Braun, £1 4s. 

Costa (G.) Delle DeUcie del Fiume Brenta nei Palazzi e Casini, &c., nella Laguna di 

Venezia fino alia Citta di Padova, 140 pits., 2 vol. in 1, half veil., fo., Venezia, 

1750 (C. Dec. 16 ; 149) Leighton. £5 5s. 

Coste (P.) Monuments modemes de la Perse, pits., half mor., fo., 1867 (S. Nov. 

14 ; 44) Quaritch, £1 

Costume. Dresses of the Representatives of the People, Members of the Two 

Councils and of the Executive Directory, cold, pits., mor., 1796 (S. Dec. 5 ; 

91) Hornstein, £L 

Costume in Sachsen : Forty-five Coloured plates of MiUtary and other Costumes, 

after Hartmann and others, half mor., 4to., Dresden, s. d. (C. Dec. 16 ; 74) 

Parsons, £9 
Costumes Civils et MiHtaires de la Monarchie Franjais, 2 vol., 380 cold, pits., half 

calf, fo., 1820 (S. Dec. 12 ; 759) Hornstein, £7 

Costumes. Remarkable Costumes of Spain, Military Uniforms, Bull Fights, 

National Dances, etc., 1st edn., L. P., 42 cold, pits., etc., half calf, 4to., 1822 

(S. Nov. 1 ; 915) Spencer, £7 5s. 

Costumi di Napoh, 26 cold, pits., Roma [1830] (H. Nov. 28 ; 326) Cohn, 13s. 
Cotes (E. C.) and C. Swinhoe. Catalogue of the Moths of India, half mor., Cal- 
cutta, 1887-9 (S. Dec. 2 ; 21) Brown, 5s. 
Cotgrave (J.) Enghsh Treasury of Wit and Language, 1st edn., mor. ex., g. e., 1655 

(H. Oct. 24 ; 577) Heffer, £& 

(R.) Dictionarie of the French and EngHsh Tongues, 2 vol. in 1, calf, fo., 

1632 (S. Nov. 20 ; 99) David, 7s. 

The same, 2 vols, in 1, fo., calf (broken), 1632 (H. Oct. 15 ; 305) 

Hodgkin, £\ 5s. 

Anr. Edn., with Supplement, etc., by J. Howell, calf, fo., 1660 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

100) David, lis. 

Cotman (J. S.) Architectural Antiquities of Norfolk, pits., russ. gilt, joints, uncut, 
fo., 1818 (S. Nov. 25 ; 100) Cuhitt, £2 2s. 

The same, half calf, fo., 1818 (S. Oct. 30 ; 108) Thatcher, 3s. 

Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, 2 vol. in 1, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 

fo., 1822 (S. Dec. 12 ; 819) James, 10s. 

Specimens of Architectural Remains, 2 vol., pits., half mor., fo., 1838 (S. 

Oct. 30 ; 110) Thatcher, 18s. 

Coton (P.) Interieure Occupation d'une ame devote, old red mor., elaborately 

tooled, g. e. [S. Meame], 1609 (S. Dec. 12 ; 847) Ellis. £5 

Council of Trent — A godly and necessarye admonition of the Decrees and Canons 

of the Counsel of Trent, b. J., sm. 4to., calf gilt, g. e., 1564 (H. Nov. 14 ; 448) 

Bull, £1 es. 
Cousin (Jean) Figures des Histoires de la Sainte Bible, engs., calf gilt, fo.. Paris, 

164;:} (S. Nov. 1 ; 994) Streeton. 5s. 

[Coventry- (F.) History of Pompey the Little, 1st edn., mor. ex., uncut. 1751 (S. 

Oct. 23 ; 621) Tregaskis. 14s. 

Cowley (A.) Poems, 1st edn., fo., hf. cf., 1656 (D. Dec. 17 ; 535) £1 l4s. 

Works, seventh edn.. port., calf gilt, m. e., fo., 1681 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 160) 

Dobell, 5s. 

Works, port, and cuts, 2 vols, in 3, cf., rebacked, 1710-1 1 (P. Oct. 4 ; 375) 

Hill. 10s. 
Cowper (W.) Mytomia Reformata, L. P.. front, and engs., old calf, fo., 1724 (S 

Oct. 31 ; 649) Cole. £1 2s.* 

Cox (J. C.) Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire, 4 vol.. pits., half mor teg 

1875 (S. Nov. 13 ; 785) Green. £1 ios'. 



Cox (R.) Hibemia Anglicana, 2 vol., fronts and map, old calf, fo., 1689-90 
(S. Nov. 25; 101) Greener, £1 12s. 

The same, 2 vol., calf, fo., 1689-90 (S. Nov. 20 ; 95) Barnard, 15s. 

(R.) L'Art de decorer les Tissue d'apres les collections du Musee historique 

de la chambre de Commerce de Lyon, pits., half red mor., fo., Pars, 1900 
(S. Nov. 14 ; 45) Batsford, i\0 10s. 

Coxe (W.) Tour in Monmouthshire, pits, (stained), 2 vols, in 1, half calf, 4to., 1801 

(H. Nov. 28; 532) Wynne, 14s. 

Coxheath-Camp (Maidstone), a Novel, in a Series of I^etters, by a Lady, 2 vol., 

view and plan, half bound, uncut, 1779 (S. Oct. 16 ; 332) Thorp, £1 3s. 
Cozens (Z.) Tour through the Isle of Thanet, pits., some drawings inserted, calf 

ex., m. e., 4to., 1793 (S. Oct. 17; 541) Thorp, i% 

Craig-Brown (T.) History of Selkirkshire, ills., 2 vol., 4to., Edinb., 1886 (S. Nov. 

11 ; 161) Brown, £3 3s. 

Craik (Mrs.) John Halifax, Gentleman, 1st edn., 3 vol., clean copy, 1856 (S. Oct. 

23 ; 622) Young, £2 

Crane (Walter) The First of May, signed copy. First Proofs of the 57 pits., fo., 

1881 (P. Nov. 21 ; 251) Shepherd, 15s. 

Crashaw (R.) Steps to the Temple, front., calf, broken, 1648 (S. Dec. 5 ; 93) 

Barnard, {fi 
Crawford (T.) Notes on Buchanan's History of Scotland, mor., 1708 (E. July 25 ; 

205) Butler, 10s. 

Crawfurd (G.) and Semple's Renfrewshire, calf, 1782 (E. Sep. 20 ; 107) 

Hopkins, lis. 
Crebillon. (Euvres, 7 vols., cf., Lond., 1777 (D. Dec. 16 ; 143) 6s. 6d. 

Creevey Papers (The), ed. by Sir H. Maxwell, 1st edn., 2 vol., ports., uncut, 1903 

(S. Nov. 13 ; 787) Hill, 6s. 

Creighton (M.) Queen Elizabeth, Japan paper, pits., in duplicate, 4to., 1896 (P. 

Nov. 21 ; 158) Lundy, £1 5s. 

The same, mor. ex., silk linings, g. e. by Riviere, 4to., 1896 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

264) Soames, £10 

Crisp (F. A.) Calendar of Wills at Ipswich, 1444-1600, half veil., uncut, 4to., 1895 
(S. Nov. 13 ; 855) Walford, 5s. 

Index to the Monumental Inscriptions in the " Registrum Roffense," half 

veil., 4to., 1885 (S. Oct. 17 ; 502) Allen, 8s. 

Cristiano (F.) Forestiere lUuminato Delia Citta Di Vinezia, pits., 1740 (D. Dec. 

16 ; 35) Is. 

Crockett (S. R.) Dulce Cor, being the Poems of Ford Brereton, 1st edn., front., 

pres. copy, 1886 (S. Oct. 23 ; 625) Shepherd, 7s. 

Love Idylls, 1st edn., 1901 (S. Oct. 23 ; 626) Dohell, 2s. 

The Stickit Minister, Japan, paper, ills., veil., t. e. g., 1894 (S. Oct. 21 ; 61) 

Maggs, £\ 15s. 

Croker (J. W.) Correspondence and Diaries, ed. by L. J. Jennings, 3 vol., port., 

1884 (S. Oct. 16 ; 6) Bain, 10s. 

(T. Crofton) Memoirs of Joseph Holt, 2 vol., port., 1838 (S. Dec. 11 ; 416) 

Streeton, 12s. 
Croker Papers (The), ed. by L. J. Jennings, 3 vol., port., tree-calf gilt, m. e., 1884 

(S. Oct. 23 ; 627) Quaritch, £\ 2s. 

Cross (T.) Autobiography of a Stage Coachman, 2 vol., cold, pits., 1904 (S. Oct. 

23 ; 628) Bain, £\ 

The same. 2 vol., pits., in 2 states, 4to., 1904 (S. Nov. 6 ; 227) 

Hitchman, £\ 7s. 
[Crouch (N.)1 Remarks on the Cities of London and Westminster, by R. Burton, 

woodcut ports., sm. 4to., calf gilt, 1810 (H. Nov. 28 ; 422) 12s. 

Cruikshank (G.) Comic Almanack, Complete Set, 19 vol., calf gilt, t. e. g., with 

covers bound in, 1835-53 (S. Oct. 23 ; 630) Young, £\^ 

Fairy Library — Cinderella, 1st edn., 6 pits., wrapper, Bogue [1854] (H. 

Dec. 18; 128) Rimell, £2 lis. 

Hop-'O-My-Thumb, 1st edn.. First Issue, 6 pits., wrapper, Bogue, 

n. d. [1853] (H. Dec. 18; 126) Cohn, £2 18s. 

Jack and the Bean Stalk, 1st edn., first issue, 6 pits., wrapper, Bogue 

[1854] (H. Dec. 18; 127) Spencer, £2 4s. 

1912-13 39 

Cruikshank (G.) The same, 1st edn., 6 pits, (cold.) with inscription "To the 
Editor of the Morning Advertiser, with the compliments of Geo. Cruik- 
shank," n. d. (S. Dec. 11 ; 426) Spencer, £5 7s. 

Illustrations of Time, engd. title and 6 cold, pits., 1st edn., ob. 4to., orig. 

wrapper. 1827 (H. Oct. 16 ; 534) Cohn, £\ 6s. 

Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman, ills., name on title, 1839 (S. Dec. 5 ; 94) 

St. Cyr. £6 

The same, cover preserved, calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1839 (P. Dec. 17 ; 42) 

Quaritch, £8 5s. 
* First issue, with pagination in centre of the page, and stanza V., line 2 
" Wine." 

- Omnibus, 1st edn., ills., 1842 (S. Oct. 16 ; 32) Spencer, £3 5s. 
— ^ — Points of Humour, 2 parts in 1, ills, by G. Cruikshank, Robins, n. d. (S. 

Dec. 1 1 ; 425) Karslake, £\ 4s. 

— — Progress of a Midshipman, 8 cold, pits., calf gilt, g. e. by Riviere, fo., ob. 

1835 (S. Oct. 23; 919) Rimell, £\^ 15s. 

Table Book, 1st edn., pits., 1845 (S. Oct. 16 ; 33) Spencer. £3 3s. 

Crunden (J.) Jovner and Cabinet Maker's Darling, or Pocket Director, 26 pits., 

half calf, sm. 4to., 1770 (S. Nov. 14 ; 46) Batsford, £\ 10s. 

Cubero Sebastian (P.) Peregrinacion del Mimdo, engd. title and port., veil., 4to., 

Napoles, 1682 (C. Dec. 16 ; 76) Stevens, £\ 10s. 

Cuckolds' Chronicle, being Select Trials for Adulterv, Imbecility, etc., pits., 2 vols., 

calf ex., by Riviere, 1793 (P. Dec. 17 ; 31) Hornstein, £\Q 

Culpeper's English Physician and Complete Herbal, 2 vol. in 1, port, and cold. 

pits., half mor., uncut, 4to., 1817 ((S. Oct. 17 ; 497) Young, lis. 

Cumberland. Full and Complete History of his R — 1 H — the D — of C — d and 

Lady G— r, 2 vol., half calf, 1720 (S. Dec. 11 ; 364) Shepherd, 19s. 

(G.) Thoughts on Outline Sculpture, L. P., 24 pits, by W. Blake and G. 

Cumberland, 4to., 1796 (S. Oct. 31 ; 595) Robson, 15s. 

Curio (C. S.) Pasquine in a Trannce, turned out of the Italian by W. P[histon\ 

b. I. (cut into), calf [15661 (H. Oct. 24 ; 543) Bull, £1 14s. 

Curtis (C. H.) Orchids for Everyone, pits., 1910 (S. Dec. 2 ; 25) Brown, lis. 

Q.) British Entomology, 8 vol., cold, pits., half calf, 1824-40 (S. Dec. 2 ; 

22) Bumpus, £\0 5s. 

The same, 16 vol. in 8, systematically arranged copy, cold, figures, half mor., 

t. e. g., 1823-40 (S. Oct. 30 ; 183) Payne, £15 5s. 

(Wm.) Botanical Magazine, vol. I to VII, vol. I to IV, calf, vol. V to VII, 

half bound, 1787-94 ; Third Series, vol. I toLX, 60 vol., 1845-1904 ; Fourth 
Series, vol. I to VI, 6 vol., 1905-10 ; General Index, 1906 ; together 74 vol., 
and various parts, 1787-1912 (S. Dec. 2 ; 24) Wesley, £^ 

The same, vols. 1 to 49, in 28 vols., with General Index to the first 42 vols., 

and continued in MS. to vol. 49, together 29 vols., half mor. (binding of vols. 
3 and 4 not uniform, and stained), 1793-1822 (H. Oct. 25 ; 866) 

G. H. Brown, £A 

Flora Londinensis, 2 vol., cold, pits., russ. g. e., fo., 1777-98 (S. Dec. 12 ; 

763) Brown, £A 12s. 6d. 

Cust (L.) Anthony Van Dvck, A further Study, 25 cold, ills., edn. de luxe, veil., 
ex., g. t., 4to., n. d. ' (P. Oct. 30 ; 263) Beaumont, lis. 

Cuthbert (St.) Life of, ed. bv W. Forbes-Leith, half veil., uncut, pres. copv. 4to., 
Edinb., P. P., 1888 \S. Nov. 11 ; 169) Quaritch, £3 

Cutler (J.) Reports of Patent, Design, Trade Mark, and other Cases, from com- 
mencement in 1884 to Nov. 22, 1905 (vols. 1 to 21 , and first 24 nos. of vol. 22, 
with Digest to the first 16 vols.), 22 vols., calf, fine set, ^vrappers, and 24 nos. 
(H. Nov. 22 ; 119) Broad. £2Q 

Cuvier (F.) Histoire Naturelle des Mammiferes, 3 vol., cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., 
fo., Paris. 1824 (S. Dec. 10 ; 342) Quaritch, £5 17s. 6d. 

Animal Kingdom. 800 pits.. 16 vols., half mor., bright set, 1827-35 (P. Dec. 

17 ; 32) Quaritch. £\ 16s. 

Cyprianus (S.) Epistolae et Opuscula (ex recens. Joan Andreae, Epis. Aleriensis), 
half Niger mor., clasps, by D. Cockerell, fine copy, fo., Romae, 1471 (S. Dec! 
20 ; 177) ' Murray, £29 


Dalechamps (J.) Histoire Generale des Plantes, traduits par J. des Moulins^ 
woodcuts, 2 vol., calf, fo., Lyon, 1615 (C. Dec. 16 ; 153) Meuel, £1 18s. 
Dalrymple (Hon. Hew. D.) Short Account of the Hamiltons of Bargany, pits., only 
25 printed (pres. copy), 4to., Edinb., P. P., 1897 (S. Nov. 11 ; 171) 

Hopkins, £\ 5s. 

Dalyell (Sir J. G.) Musical Memoirs of Scotland, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1849 

(S. Nov. 11 ; 172) Allen, 10s. 

Daniel (G.) Histoire de la Milice Francoise, 2 vols., 4to., cf., Paris, 1721 (D. Dec, 

17 ; 657) 6s. 

Daniel Press. Binyon (L.) Poems, 4to., Oxford, 1895 (S. Dec. 12 ; 884) 

Shepherd, lis. 

; Bridges (R.) Feast of Bacchus, 4to., 1889 (S. Dec. 6 ; 464) 

Bloomfield, 16s. 

Bridges (R.) Growth of Love, pres. copy, " A. Lang from R. B. Yattendon, 

June, 1889," 4to., 1889 (S. Dec. 6 ; 463) Shepherd, £1 10s. 

Bridges (R.) Poems, 4to., Oxford, 1884 (S. Dec. 6 ; 461) Shepherd, £1 5s, 

Brydges (R.) Prometheus the Firegiver, 4to., Oxford, 1883 (S. Dec. 6 ; 

459) Shepherd, 13 s. 

Christmas, 1897, Oxford, 1897 (S. Dec. 12 ; 837) Dobell, 6s. 

Desiderii Erasmi Colloquia Duo accedit Vita, Oxonii, n. d. (S. Dec. 5 ; 96) 

Dobell, 12s. 

Theocritus : Sixe IdiUia, veil., 4 to., Oxford, 1883 (S. Dec. 6 ; 460) 

Shepherd, 12 s. 

Webster (J.) Love's Graduate, with inscription : " Andrew Lang from 

Stephen E. Spring Rice, June 7, 1885." 4to., Oxford, 1885 (S. Dec. 6 ; 462) 

Sotheran, £2 2s. 

Daniell (S.) African Scenery and Animals, 2 vol., titles, descriptions and 30 cold. 

pits., russ., fo., 1804-5 (S. Oct. 31 ; 629) Spencer, £^S 

Native Tribes, Animals and Scenery of Southern Africa, engs., half bound, 

ob. fo., 1820 (S. Nov. 26 ; 355) Edwards, £3 Ss. 

Picturesque Illustration of Ceylon, 12 cold, pits., half bound, fo. (ab.), 1808 

(P. Nov. 21 ; 196) Quariich, £l ICs. 

(T.) Oriental Scenery, 24 cold. pits, and title, half bound, fo., 1797 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 111) Spencer, £2 10s. 

(T. and W.) Antiquities of India, 24 cold, views, old half calf, fo., 1799-1808 

(P. Nov. 21 ; 200) Maggs, ;£10 10s. 

Hindoo Excavation, 23 (should be 24, wants plate 6), cold, views, old half 

calf, fo., 1803 (P. Nov. 21 ; 201) Alec, £6 5s. 

Oriental Scenery, second series, 24 cold, views in Hindoostan, also plate 15 

of the first series inserted, old half calf, fo., 1797 (P. Nov. 21 ; 197) 

Alec, ;£10 10s. 

The same, third series, 24 cold, views, old half calf, fo., 1801 (P. Nov. 21 ; 

198) Maggs, £11 10s. 
— — The same, fourth series, 24 cold, views, old half calf, fo., 1807 (P. Nov. 21 ; 

199) Alec, £6 15s. 

(W.) Illustrations of the Island cf Stafia, 9 cold, pits., ob. fo., 1818 (H. Dec. 

5 ; 327) £1 IDs. 

(W. B.) Rural Sports, 2 vol., engs., mor., g. e., 4to., 1801-2 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

201) * Payne, 15s. 

Anr. Edn., with Supplement, L. P., 4 vol., pits., half russ., uncut, fo., 1805- 

13 (S. Dec. 12 ; 748) Rimell, £2 18s. 

Dante. La Commedia, col commento di C. Landino, 3 pits., calf ex., very tall fine 
copy, fo., Firenze, 1481 (C. Dec. 16 ; 154) Quaritch. £36 

• Dante col Sito, et Forma dell' Inferno tratta dalla istessa descrittione del 

Poeta, 4 pages of map, old red mor., g. e., Vinegia, Aldo, 1515 (S. Oct. 18 ; 
741) Isaacs, £2 2s. 

Divina Commedia, con I'espositioni di C. Landino et d' A. Vellutello, con 

tavole, etc., per F. Sansovino, woodcuts, veil., fo., Venetia, 1578 (S. Nov. 
25 ; 102) Tregashis, £3 5s. 

- Divina Commedia, con 1' espositione di C. Landino et d' A. Vellutello, per 
F. Sansovino, woodcuts, half Niger mor., fo., Venetia, 1 596 (S. Dec. 20 ; 1 80) 

Tregaskis, £2 

I9I2-I3 41 

Dante. La Divina Commedia, 3 vol., russ., fo., Parma, 1795 (S. Nov. 27 ; 895) 

Robh. £\ 

La Divina Commedia, accresciuta di varie lezioni, tratte da un Antichissimo 

Codice, 4 vol., L. P.. port., half mor., Livomo. 1807 (S. Oct. 31 ; 331) 

Barnard, 13s. 

Le Prime Quattro Edizione della Divina Commedia letteralmente ristampata 

per cura di G. G. Warren, Lord Vernon, fo., 1858 (S. Nov. 11 ; 173) 

Cioffi, £2 15s. 

L'Enfer, avec les Dessins de Gustave Dore ; Traduction Frangaise de Pier- 

Angelo Fiorentino, L. P., pits, on plate paper, red mor., covered with semis in 
gold, double, joints, vellum end leaves, g. e. (presented to Lord and Lady- 
Napier), fo., Paris, 1862 (S. Nov. 11 ; 174) Napier. £S 15s. 

L'Infemo, pubblicato da G. G. Warren, Lord Vernon, pits., pres. copy, 3 

vols., fo., Londra, 1858-65 (H. Nov. 14 ; 497) £3 3s. 

Opere con suoi commenti (di C. Landino), woodcuts, veil., few 11. stained, 

4to., Venetiis, 1512 (P. Nov. 21 ; 137) Quaritch, £8 5s. 

Danubius Pannonico Mysicus, 6 vols., fo., cf., 1726 (D. Dec. 17 ; 721) £1 5s. 
Danvers (F. C.) The Portuguese in India, 2 vol., ills., 1894 (S. Oct. 23 ; 637) 

Brown, 15s. 

D'Arblav (Mme.) Diary and Letters, ed. by her Niece, 7 vol., ports., 1843-^ (S. 

Nov. 7 ; 537) Maggs, £2 18s. 

Anr. Edn., ed. by her Niece, 7 vol., ports., etc., 1854 (S. Nov. 13 ; 789) 

Edwards, 17s. 

Darien. A Just and Modest Vindication of the Scots Design for the Having 

Established a Colony at Darien, cf., 1699 (D. Dec. 17 ; 602) 12s. 

Letter from the General Assembly to the Inhabitants of the Scots Colony of 

Caledonia in America, 4to., imbound, Edin., 1699 (D. Oct. 23 ; 1101) £1 19s. 

Dariott (C.) Dariotus Redivivus, enlarged by N. S., woodcut front., diagrams with 
volvelles (defective), sm. 4to., 1653 (H. Dec. 20; 805) Wesley, £1 lis. 

Darwin (C.) Descent of Man, 2 vol., 1st edn., ills., half calf gilt, m. e., 1871 (S. 
Oct. 30; 209) Soames, Us, 

Variation of Ajiimals and Plants under Domestication, 2 vol., 1st edn., ills., 

1868 (S. Nov. 25; 171) Dulau, 10s. 

(Erasmus) The Botanic Garden, pits., 2 vol. in 1, calf gilt, m. e., 4to., 1791-4 

(S. Nov. 11 ; 177) Dohell, 6s. 

Dasent (G. W.) Story of Burnt Njal, 2 vol., 1st edn., Edinb., 1861 (S. Dec. 5 ; 98) 

Barnard, £\ 12s. 

Dassie. Description Generale des Costes de I'Amerique, calf, Rouen, 1676 (S. 

Nov. 20 ; 15) H. Stevens. £Q 

Anr. Edn., veil., Rouen, 1677 (S. Nov. 20 ; 16) Kashnor, £5 

Dassoucy. L'Ovide en Belle Humeur, orig. edn., front, and engs., old calf, 4to., ■ 

Paris, 1650 (S. Nov. 1 ; 926) Streeton, 10s. 

Daudet (A.) Sapho, Parisian Customs, trans, by T. F. Rogerson, Japan vellum, 

10 pits, in 2 states, 1899 (S. Dec. 2 ; 28) Shepherd. 18s. 

D'Avenant (Sir Wm.) Gondibert, 1st edn., calf, slightly wormed, 4to., 1651 (S. 

Dec. 11 ; 511) Dobell. 5s. 

Works (slightly defective) calf gilt, g. e., fo., 1673 (S. Oct. 21 ; 294) 

Ellis, £2 r2s. 

The same, port., calf, fo., 1673 (S. Dec. 12 ; 751) Barnard. £3 3s. 

Davenport (J.) Aphrodisiacs and Anti-aphrodisiacs, 1869 (P. Oct. 3 ; 267) 

Beaumont, £\ 10s. 

Curiositates Eroticae Physiologiae, 4to., 1875 (P. Oct. 3 ; 268) 

Beaumont, £1 Is. 

Davies (J.) Antiquae Linguae Britannise Dictionnarium Duplex, nimc vulgo dicta& 

Cambro-Britannicae, 1st edn., with leaf '' Encomiastica " after **4, calf, fo., 

1632 (H. Oct. 24 ; 627) £2 2s. 

Civill Warres of Great Britain and Ireland, calf, 4to., Glasgow, 1664 (S. 

Nov. 25 ; 46) Bumpus, £1 12s. 

Davison (F. and W.) Poetical Rhapsody, ed. by Sir E. Brydges, L. P., half mor., 

t. e. g., 1814 (S. Nov. 25 ; 178) Jackson. 8s. 

Dawson (C.) History of Hastings Castle, pits., 2 vols., 1909 (H. Oct. 17 ; 723) 

Harding, 8s. 


Day (Francis) The Fishes of India. 195 pits., 2 vol., 4to., 1876-8 (S. Nov. 11 ; 
181) Quantch. i\ 15s. 

Deakin (R.) Florigraphia Britannica, 3 vol., cold, pljts., half mor., g. e., 1857 (S. 
Dec. 2 ; 29) Brown, 17s. 

De Bausset (L. F. J.) Memoires Anecdotiques sur I'lnterieur du Palais de Napoleon 
4 vol., ports., half mor., Paris, 1829 (S. Dec. 3 ; 440) Rolandi, 14s. 

De Bry (T.) Americae Partes I-V (Grandes Voyages), engd. titles and maps and 
pits., 5 parts in 1 vol., 1st edn., old calf, with arms (rebacked), fo., Franckf., 
1590-95 (S. Nov. 20; 85) H. Stevens, ;gl3 

Decker (P.) Furstlicher Baumeister, oder : Architectura Civilis, Part I, 59 pits., 
Aiigspurg, 1711 ; Anhang zum Ersten Theil, 40 pits., ib., 1713 ; Anderer 
Theil, 39 pits., ib., 1716 ; in 1 vol., half mor., ob. fo. {S. Nov. 14 ; 49) 

Batsford, ;£10 5s. 

Declaration of Henry Karle of Cumberland, and of the Nobility, Gentry, etc., now 
assembled at Yorke for his Majesties Service and the Defence of this City and 
Country, 4to., 1642 (S. Oct. 30 ; 246) James, 3s. 

Decorative Art at South Kensington, 72 pits, (no text), mor., fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 
14 ; 50) Hartland, i\ 10s. 

De Crousaz (M.) Examen du Pyrrhonisme Ancien et Modeme, old red mor., g. e., 
fo., La Haye, 1733 (S. Dec. 3 ; 377) Barnard, 2s. 

Dedaux. Chambre de Marie de Medicis au Palais du Luxembourg, 34 pits., half 
russ., fo., Paris. 1838 (S. Nov. 14 ; 51) Mount, 7s. 

Deedes and Walters. The Church Bells of Essex, 36 pits., 4to., 1909 (S. Dec. 10 ; 
181) Walford, 10s. 

Deffand (Marquise du) Letters to Horace Walpole, 4 vol., port,, etc., half calf , 1810 
(S. Nov. 11 ; 183) Napier, 12s. 

Defoe (D.) Robinson Crusoe, 1719 — Farther Adventures, 1719 — Serious Reflec- 
tions, 1720, fronts, and map, 1st edn., 3 vols., mor. ex., g. e., bv Bedford, 
1719-20 (P. Dec. 17 ; 33) Quaritch, £110 

-. Anr. Edn., 2 vol., pits., after Stothard, calf gilt, 1790 (S. Dec. 10 ; 240) 

Rimell, £\ Is. 

The same, 2 vol., red mor., g. e., 1790 (S. Nov. 1 ; 661) Soames, £2 2s. 

Anr. Edn., pits, by Lodge, 2 vols., half mor., g. e., 1791 (H. Nov. 28 ; 424) 

Young, £\ 5s. 
Serious Reflections during the Life of Robinson Crusoe, 1st edn., pit., calf, 

1720 (S. Nov. 20 ; 146) Pickering, £% 5s. 
Works, with Memoir by W. Hazlitt, 3 vol., port., half mor., 1840 (S. Dec. 

2 ; 30) Maggs, £1 

. Degen (L.) Motifs de Decoration et d'Omement des Constructions en bois,2vol., 

58 pits, in 14 parts, fo., Paris, 1859-62 (S. Oct. 30 ; 314) Streeton, 8s. 
Delany. Autobiography and Correspondence of Mary Granville, Mrs. Delany, 

ed. by Lady Llanover, both series, 1st edn., 6 vol., ports., 1861-2 (S. Nov. 13 

790) Maggs, £3 7s. 6d. 

Delectable Demaundes, and pleasant Questions, with their severall Answers ia 

matters of Love : naturall causes, with morall and politicke devises. Trans, 

out of French (defective), mor. ex., w. a. f., 4to., 1596 (S. Oct. 17 ; 473) 

Dobe//, £2 10s. 
Delicado (Fr.) La Lozana Andaluza (La Gentille Andalouse), trad, (texte Espagnol 

en regard), 2 vol. in 1, half mor., t. e. g. '' papier de HoUande," Paris, 1888 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 197) Vyt, 12s. 

Delille (Abbe) Les Jardins, papier velin, proof plate, marbled calf gilt, g. e. 

(Derome), Paris, 1782 (S. Dec. 11 ; 367) Jatnes, 10s. 

OBuvres, pits, by Moreau, etc., L. P., 15 vols., half mor.. uncut, fo., Paris, 

1802-12 (H. Nov. 5 ; 321) Tavernier, 14s. 

Dehtiae Poetarum Scotorum, 2 vols., cf.. Amst., 1637 (D. Dec. 17 ; 680) 5s. 
Delia Casa (J .) Galateo, done into English by R. Peterson, h. I., sm. 4to. (defective), 

calf, g. e., 1576 (H. Oct. 24 ; 544) Dobell, £\ 5s. 

Delia Valle (P.) Fameaux Voyages, 2 vols., 4to., veil., Paris, 1662 (D. Dec. 17 ; 

474) 3s. 6d. 

Delpech (Mdme.) Iconographie Fran9ais, 200 ports., 2 vols., hf. mor., fo., 1840 

(P. Oct. 31 ; 645) 9s. 

1912.13 43 

Delrlo (M.) Disquisitionum Magicarum, engd. title, stamped pigskin, fo., Mogun- 
tise, 1603 (H. Nov. 6 ; 614) Meuel, 18s. 

Anr. Edn., 4to., veil., 1657 (D. Dec. 16 ; 267) 2s. 

D'Emery's Nouveau Recueil de Secrets et Curiositez, 2 vols., cf., Amst., 1697 

(D. Dec. 16 : 127) 2s. 

1 >emosthenis Orationes, Graecd, editae cum variis lectionibus comment. Ulpiani 

. . cura et stud. Gvill. Morelii et Dion Lambini, L. P., old mor., covered 

with tooling, and arms, g. e., fo., Lut. Par., 1570 (S. Oct. 31 ; 620) Goss, 10s. 

Orationes tres et Philippicae quatuor, e Greco in Latinum conversae a N. 

Carro, 1st edn., sm. 4to., calf, g. e., 1571 (H. Oct. 24 ; 545) Payne, 12s. 

Denne (S.) Historical Particulars of Lambeth, pits., some added, half mor., uncut, 
4to., 1795 -(S. Oct. 17; 573) Goss, 16s. 

Den on (V.) Monuments des Arts du Dessin chez les Peuples tant Anciens que 
Modemes, 4 vol.. pits., half mor., fo., Paris, 1829 (S. Nov. 27 ; 599) 

McKinnon, £\ 6s. 

The same, 313 pits., 4 vols., hf. mor., uncut, fo., Paris, 1829 (D. Dec. 18 ; 

1040) 15s. 6d. 

Dent (C.) Above the Snow Line, 1st edn., 1885 (H. Nov. 13 ; 85) Smith, £1 6s. 

(E.) Annals of Winchcombe and Sudeley, pits., 4to., 1877 (H. Dec. 6 ; 521) 

Edwards, IBs. 
(De Quincey (T.)] Klosterheim, 1st edn., boards, 1832 (H. Oct. 23 ; 212) 

Tregaskis, 1 7s. 

Walladmor, 1st edn., 2 vols., calf gilt, 1825 (H. Nov. 28 ; 435) Us. 

Works, revised by the Author, port., 16 vols., half calf gilt, m. e., Edin., 

1864-71 (H. Oct. 23; 211) Hill, £\ 15s. 

Derome (L.) La Rehure deLuxe, ills., Paris, 1888 (S. Dec. 12 ; 869) Brown, £\ lis. 
Deshairs (L.) Le Petit Trianon. Architecture, Decoration, Ameublement, pits., 

fo., Paris, n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 52) Ferry, £\ 7s. 

Detaille (E.) L'Armee Fran9aise, 2 vol. in 1, ills., fo., Paris, 1885-89 (S. Oct. 21 ; 

295) Lewine, £\ 16s. 

Deuchar (D.) Etchings after Masters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, 3 vol., 

about 300 pits., red mor. gilt, g. e., with book-plate of Deuchar, fo., 1803 

{S. Nov. 1 ; 966) Rolandi. £3 17s. 6d. 

Devonshire Library. Catalogue of the Library at Chatsworth, by J. D. Lacaita, 

ills., 4 vol., P. P., 1879 (S. Nov. 11 ; 189) Maggs, £1 

De Wit (F.) Theatre des Plans de Toutes les Villes dans les Pays Bas, 128 pits, and 

plans, veil., fo., Amst., n. d. (H. Dec. 5 ; 323) £^1 

D'Herbelot (B.) Bibliotheque Orientale, 4 vol., port., calf gilt, m. e., 4to., La Haye, 

1777-9 (S. Oct. 31 ; 432) Quaritch, £\ 12s. 

Dialogues in Enghshe betwene a Doctor of Divinitie and a Student in the Lawes 

of Englande, b. I., mor., 1580 (S. Oct. 16 ; 261) Bloomfield. £2 

Dibdin (T. F.) ^des Althorpianse, 2 vol., L. P., pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1822 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 740) Brown, £1 7s. 

Bibliotheca Spenceriana, 4 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1814-15 (S. Dec. 12 ; 

724) ^ Rimell, £2 14s. 

Diccionario Castellano, compuesto por la Real Acadamia Espanola, front., 6 vols., 
old calf gilt, fo., Madrid, 1726-39 (H. Nov. 14 ; 507) Quaritch, £4 15s. 

Dickens. American Notes, 1st edn., 2 vols., calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1843 (P. Dec. 
17 ; 46) Quaritch, £2 4s. 

* First issue, with preliminary in vol. I. erroneously numbered to XVI. 

Bleak House, ills, by Browne, 1st edn., calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1853 (P. Dec. 

17 ; 53) Quaritch. £2 15s. 

Child's History of England, 1st edn., 3 vols., calf, g. e., by Bedford, 1852-4 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 52) Hopkins, £2 12s. 6d. 

Christmas Books, 1st edn., 5 vols., calf, g. e., by Bedford, 1843-48 (P. Dec. 

17 ; 47) Quaritch, £7 10s. 

Christmas Carol, 1st edn., first issue, cold, pits., by Leech, 1843 (H Oct 

24 ; 489) Maggs, £5 17s. 6d; 

Curious Dance roimd a Curious Tree, 1st edn., calf, g. t., bv Bedford n d 

(1860) (P. Dec. 17 ; 58) Edwards, £1 10s! 

David Copperfield, pits, by Phiz, 1st edn,. 1850 (H. Oct. 16 ; 545) £1 19s 


Dickens. The same, specimen wrapper preserved, calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1850 
(P. Dec. 17 ; 51) Quaritch, £A 10s. 

Dombey and Son, ills, by Browne, 1st edn., specimen wrapper preserved, 

calf. g. t., by Bedford, 1848 (P. Dec. 17 ; 50) Quaritch, £3 5s. 

Great Expectations, 1st edn., 3 vols., calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1861 (P. Dec. 

17 ; 60) Spencer, £7 10s. 

Memoirs of Grimaldi, ills, by G. Cruikshank, " The Last Song " without 

border, 1st edn., 2 vols., calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1838 (P. Dec. 17 ; 40) 

Rimell, £Q 10s. 

Hunted Down, 1st edn., calf, g. t., by Bedford, n. d. (P. Dec. 17 ; 63) 

Edwards, 18s. 

Library of Fiction, ills., 2 vols., half calf gilt, m. e., 1837 (H. Nov. 14 ; 381 ) 

Eyres, 15s. 

Little Dorrit, ills, by Browne, 1st edn., specimen wrapper preserved, calf, 

g. t., by Bedford, 1857 (P. Dec. 17 ; 55) Quaritch, £2 10s. 

Martin Chuzzlewit, ills, by Phiz, 1st edn., specimen wrapper preserved, calf, 

g. t., by Bedford, 1844 (P. Dec. 17 ; 48) Quaritch, £4 5s. 

Master Humphrey's Clock, ills., 1 st edn., 3 vols., specimen wrapper preserved 

including that to Part 19 with Address of September, 1841, calf, g. t., by 
Bedford, 1840-1 (P. Dec. 17 ; 44) Quaritch, £4 

Ohver Twist, 3 vol., 1st edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, including " Fireside " 

plate, 1838 (S. Nov. 21; 419) Spencer, £6 

The same, with cancelled fireside plate, 3 vols, (plates in vol. 3 spotted) , 1 838 

(H. Oct. 24 ; 488) £4 12s. 6d. 

The same, 3 vols., calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1838 (P. Dec. 17 ; 39) 

Quaritch, £9 

Pickwick Papers, pits., also the two Buss plates, 1st edn., calf, g. t., by Bed- 
ford, wrapper preserved, 1837 (P. Dec. 17 ; 38) Hornstein, £1 10s. 

Pic Nic Papers, ills, by Phiz etc., 1st edn., 3 vols., calf, g. e., by Bedford, 1841 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 45) Quaritch, £4 15s. 

Plays and Poems, ed. by R. H. Shepherd, 2 vol., 1882 (S. Oct. 16 ; 51) 

Hornstein, £^ 5s. 

Anr. Edn.. 2 vols., 1885 (H. Oct. 23 ; 85) Spencer. 13s. 

Sketches by Boz, 40 ills, by G. Cruikshank, 1st octavo edn., 1839 (P. 

Oct. 31 ; 557) Spencer, £3 10s. 

The same, calf, g. t,, by Bedford, 1839 (P. Dec. 17 ; 41) Bumpus, £4 7s. 6d. 

Sketches of Young Ladies, 1837 — Sketches of Young Gentlemen, 1838 — 

Sketches of Young Couples, 1840. 1st edns.. calf, g. e., by Bedford (P. Dec. 
17 ; 37) Quaritch, £9 

Story of Little Dombey, wrappers, 1858 (D. Nov. 19 ; 726) 4s. 

The Strange Gentleman, no frontispiece as usual, calf, g. t., by Bedford, 

1837 (P. Dec. 17 ; 35) Spencer, £5 

Sunday under Three Heads, ills, by Phiz, front, wrapper preserved. 1st edn., 

calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1836 (P. Dec. 17 ; 36) Quaritch, £1 1 5s. 

Tale of Two Cities, 1st edn., ills, by Browne. 1859 (S. Nov. 14 ; 226) 

Borough, £4 

The same, calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1859 (P. Dec. 17 ; 57) Hopkins, £5 15s. 

The Village Coquettes, 1st edn., calf, g. t., by Bedford, 1836 (P. Dec. 17 ; 

34) Spencer, £5 

Works, pits., by Phiz, 24 vols., half mor., 1861-2 (P. Dec. 17 ; 3Sa) 

Shepherd, £6 5s. 

Works, Illustrated Library Edition, pits., 30 vols., half mor. gilt, g. e., 

1874-6 (H. Nov. 29 ; €55) Brown, £11 lOs. 

Works, edn. de luxe, fine copy, half mor., g. e., SO vols., 1881 (B. Oct. 24 ; 

433) Brown, jgU 10s. 

Works, Gads Hill edition, by Andrew Lang. 34 vol., iUs., 1897-99 (S. Oct. 

23 ; 645) Young. £7 15s. 

Works, pits.. Imperial Edition. 14 vols., 1902 (H. Dec. 5 ; 167) |k.< 

Carter, 13s. 

Dickenson (J.) God's Protecting Providence. Man's surest Help and Defence, calf 

gilt. g. e.', 1720 (S. Oct. 21 ; 82) Allen. 15s. 


1912-13 45 

Dictionary of National Biography, 63 vols., Supplement, 3 vols., Index and 
Epitome, and Errata, 68 vols.', half mor.. m. e., 1885-1904 (H. Nov. 27 ; 67) 

Thin, £25 

Dictys Cretensis et Dares Phrygius, Interpretatione et notis illustravit Anna 
Tanaquilh Fabri fihi (Mme. Dacier). ad usum Delphini. engd. title, old red 
morocco gilt, with arms of M. Colbert, g. e., Hamilton Palace copy, 4to., 
Lutet., Paris, 1680 (S. Dec. 6 ; 467) Maggs. £5 15s. 

Diderot. Pensees sur I'lnterpretation de la Nature, 1 st edn., old calf (P. P.), 1754 
{S. Nov. 27 ; 851) Neumayer, 6s. 

Digges (Thos.) Pantometria, woodcuts, old russ., m. e., fine copy, fo., 1591 (S. 
Nov. 11 ; 195) Court, £4 7s. 6d. 

(Sir L.) The Unla\\-fulness of Subjects Taking up Arms Against Their 

Soveraigne, 4to., cf., 1647 (D. Dec. 16 ; 177) Is. 

Dighton (R.) Citv Characters, 40 cold, ports., loose in portfoho, fo., 1824 (S. Dec. 

12 ; 787) ' Diver, £3 3s. 

Dillenius (J. J.) Hortus Elthamensis, 324 pits., 2 vols., red mor., fine copy, fo., 

Londini, 1732 (P. Nov. 21 ; 210) Parsons. £3 

The same, 2 vol., L. P., pits., calf gilt, fo., 1732 (S. Oct. 17 ; 634) 

Quaritch, £\ 8s. 

Diogenis Laertii de loitis, decretis et reponsis celebrium philosophorum libri decern, 

nunc pridum excusi (Graece), 1st edn., russ., Basileae, 1533 (C. Dec. 16 ; 14) 

Maggs, £1 2s. 

Dioscorides (P.) Acerca de la Materia Medica, traduzido por Andres de Laguna, 

woodcuts, fo., veil., Salamanca, 1566 (H. Dec. 19 ; 389) Leighton, 15s. 

Diosdado Caballero (Ramon) Observaciones sobre la Patria del Pintor Josef de 

Ribera llamado el Espanoleto, traducidas de la lengua Italiana, red mor., with 

arms of Sir Wm. Stirling-Maxwell, g. e., sm. 4to., Valencia, 1828 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 

196) Forrester, £2 2s. 

Discoveries of John Poulter, ahas Baxter, apprehended for robbing Dr. Hancock, 

1779 (S. Oct. 23 ; 646) Dobell. Is. 

Distant (W. L.) Rhopalocera Malayana. 46 cold, pits., half mor. gilt, t. e. g., 4to., 

1882-86 (S. Nov. 26 ; 329) Quaritch, £5 7s. 6d. 

Dobson (A.) At the Sign of the Lyre, L. P., front., pres. copy, mor., t. e. g., by 

Riviere, 1885 (S. Dec. 5 ; 107) ' Sotheran, £^ 7s. 6d. 

Proverbs in Porcelain, 1st edn., pres- " To the Author of Lays and Ballads 

of Old France from Austin Dobson, 19/5/77," 1877 (S. Dec. 5 ; 106) 

Sotheran, £5 15s. 

WiUiam Hogarth, pits., with dupHcate set on india paper, 2 vol., 4to., 1902 

(S. Nov. 14 ; 84) Anderson, £2 4s. 

Dodgson (C. L.) Ahce's Adventures in Wonderland, 1st edn., 42 ills, by Tenniel, 

ver^' fine copv. 1836 (S. Oct. 23; 651) Maggs, £?5 

Anr. Edn., pits, by A. Rackham, L. P., 4to., 1907 (C. Dec. 16 ; 260) 

Harold, £3 5s. 

Anr. Edn., ills, by Rackham, 4to., n. d. (S. Oct. 23 ; 886) B. F. Stevens. £\ 

Aventures d'Ahce au Pavs des Merveilles, traduit par H. Bue, 42 ills, by 

Tenniel, 1869 (S. Oct. 23 ; 654) Lewine, 12s. 

Hunting of the Snark, 1st edn., 7 ills., 1876 (S. Dec. 11 ; 624) Bickers, 16s. 

The same, fine copy, 1876 (S. Oct. 23 ; 656) Gardner, £\ 6s. 

Phantasmagoria and other Poems, 1st edn., 1869 (S. Oct. 23 ; 653) 

Bickers, £3 17s. 6d. 

Syh-ie and Bruno, ills, bv Fumiss, 1st edns., 2 vols., pres. copies, with 

Inscriptions by Author, 2 vols., 1889-93 (H. Dec. 18 ; 192) Spencer, £15 

Symbohc Logic, part I, Elementarv, 1st edn., pres. copy, 1896 (S. Oct. 23 ; 

648) ' Zaehnsdorf, £A 18s. 

Through the Looking-Glass, 1st edn., 50 ills, by Tenniel, autograph post- 
card of author inserted, 1872 (S. Oct. 23 ; 655) Bumpits, £2 8s. 

Dodridge's The Lawj-er's Light, sm. 4to., 1609 (D. Nov. 19 ; 472) Is. 6d. 

Dodsley (R.) Select Collection of Old Plays, with Supplement, 13 vol., 18'?5-33 

(S. Nov. 25; 183) Hill, £\ 2s. 

Anr. Edn., ed. by W. C. HazUtt, 15 vol., 1874-6 (S. Oct. 21 ; 84) 

Bumpus. £6 


Dodsley (R.) The same, L. P., 14 vols., calf ex., g. t., by Bedford, 1874 (P. 

Dec. 17 ; 64) Quaritch, ;£12 5s. 

D'Olmson (M.) Tableau General de I'Empire Othoman, 3 vol., 233 pits., mor. 

g. e. (vol. Ill in boards), fo., Paris, 1787-1820 (S. Dec. 10 ; 330) 

Quaritch, £3 3s. 
Domesday Book seu Liber Censualis Willelmi primi Regis Anglise inter Archives 

Regni in Domo Capitulari Westmonasterii asservatus, 4 vol. in 3, russ. and 

half roan, fo., 1783-1816 (S. Nov. 6 ; 296) Mason, £4 18s. 

Donne (J.) Paradoxes, Problems, Essayes, Characters, cont. mor. ex., richly 

tooled, g. e., fine condition, 1652 (P. Dec. 5 ; 381) Edwards, £5 

Pseudo-Martyr, 1st edn., old calf, 4to., 1610 (S. Dec. 11 ; 479) 

Dobell, £1 12s. 

— — The same, sm. 4to., unbound, 1610 (H. Oct. 24 ; 566) Pickering, £1 2s. 

Donovan (E.) Natural History of British Insects, 16 vol. in 8, cold, pits., calf, 

1802^13 (S. Dec. 2 ; 38) Wheldon, £2 12s. 

Natural History of the Insects of China, cold, pits., half mor., 4to., t. e. g., 

1842 (vS. Nov. 26 ; 335) Bickers, £2 12s. 

— — Natural History of the Insects of India, cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 
1842 (S. Nov. 26 ; 336) Bickers, £2 12s. 

Dorat. Fables Nouvelles, engd. title, front, and vignettes by Marillier, mor. ex. 
g. e. by ChamboUe-Duru, uncut, fine copy, La Haye, 1773 (S. Oct. 18 ; 717). 

Rimell, ;£16 15s. 

The same, 2 vols, in 1, mor. ex., dentelle borders, by Lortic, La Haye, 1773 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 66) Lemallier, £\5 

Les Baisers, front., head and tail pieces after Eisen and Marillier, Early 

Issue, with the faulty pagination, mor. ex., by Bedford, La Haye, 1770 (P. 
Dec. 17 ; 65) Bumpus, £3S 

Anr. Edn., China paper, pits, in 3 states, half calf, t. e. g., Rouen, 1880 (S. 

Dec. 10 ; 271) James, 14s. 

Recueil de ses (Euvres, port, and pits., 18 vol., French calf, Paris, 1767-78 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 16) Rimell, £3 5s. 

Doubleday (E.) and Westwood (J. O.) Genera of Diurnal Lepidoptera, 2 vol., 86 
cold, pits., half mor., g. t., fo., 1846-52 (S. Dec. 2 ; 298) Wesley, ;gl6 

Douglas (Gavin) Poetical Works, L. P., 4vols., 1874 (D. Oct. 23 ; 1112) 13s. 

(J as.) Nenia Britannica, pits., half russ., uncut, fo., 1793 (S. Oct. 17 ; 652) 

Goss, 5s. 

(Sir John) Peerage of Scotland, corrected by J. Ph. Wood, engs., 2 vol., old. 

russ. gilt, m. e., fo., Edinb., 1813 (S. Nov. U ; 200) Edwards, £\ 10s. 

Doves Press. Paper read to the Art Workers Guild by T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, 
1891 (H. Oct. 23 ; 171) Meuel, 16s. 

Comelii Taciti de Vita et Moribus Julii Agricolae liber, sm. 4to., 1900 (S. 

Dec. 20 ; 182) Burrell, £2 6s. 

Mackail (J. W.) William Morris, an Address, sm. 4to., 1901 (S. Dec. 20 ; 

183) Edwards, 13 s. 

Seven Poems and Two Translations, by Tennyson, 1902 (H. Nov. 13 ; 133> 

Bumpus, £\ 2s. 

Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, Printed on Vellum, 1902 

Paradise Regained, Printed on Vellum. 1905 (H. Nov. 13 ; 131-132) 

Bumpus, £3Q 

The English Bible, 5 vols., fo., 1904-5 (H. Dec. 18; 229) 

Edwards, £S 12s. 6d. 

Faust : Eine Tragoedie von Goethe, 1906 (H. Oct. 23 ; 170) Meuel, £% 5s. 

Carlyle (T.) Sartor Resartus, 1907 (H. Oct. 23 ; 169) Winter, £2 5s. 

Ruskin (J.) Unto this Last. 1907 (H. Oct. 23 ; 172) Shepherd, £1 6s. 

Browning (R.) Men and Women, 2 vols., 1908 (H. Oct. 23 ; 168) 

Shepherd, £2 6s. 

Dow (A.) History of Hindostan, 2 vols., 4to., 1768 (D. Dec. 17 ; 415) 10s. 

Downes (A.) Eratosthenes, hoc est Brevis et Luculentia defensio Lysiae pro Caede 

Eratosthenis, half calf, Cantab., 1593 (P. Nov. 21 ; 19) Barnard. £\ 6s. 

Doyle (R.) In Fairy Land, 1st edn., 16 cold. pits., fo., 1870 (S. Oct. 30 ; 315) 

Edwards, 9s.^ 

1912-13 47 

D'Oyly (Sir C.) Tom Raw. the Griffin, 1st edn., 25 cold, ills., mor., gilt, t. e. g., by 
Morrell, fine copy, 1828 (S. Oct. 23 ; 664) Young. £9 5s. 

Views in Calcutta, lithographs, half roan, fo., 1848 (S. Dec. 10 ; 355) 

Spencer, £4 5s. 

Drake (F. S ) Indian Tribes of the United States, 2 vol., 100 pits., 4to., 1885 (S. 

Dec. 6 ; 468) H. Stevens, £2 17s. 

(S. G.) Indian Captivities, woodcuts, slightly stained, half mor., t. e. g., 

Boston, 1839 (S. Dec. 5 ; 109) Warren. £2 4s. 

Dramatists of the Restoration. D'Avenant, 5 vol., Cokain, Marmion, Wilson, 
Lacv, and Tatham, one of 3 copies printed on vellum, 10 vol., 1874-9 (C. 
Dec. 16 ; 17) Rimell, £S 5s. 

Drayton (M.) Battaile of Agincourt, cf., 1631 (D. Dec. 16 ; 125) £2 7s. 6d. 

Poly-Olbion, part I, engd. title, port, and maps, calf, fo., 1613 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

103) Bumpus, £3 15s. 

Poems, shghtly cut, mor., g. e., 1613 (S. Nov. 11 ; 202) Maggs, £5 

* A-Ii in eights, wanting blanks for A 8 and li 7-8. It differs from the copy 

in Huth's library, being printed upon the same paper throughout. 

Works, 4 vols., cf., 1753 (P. Oct. 4 ; 374) Quaritch, £\ 18s. 

Dreux du Radier. L'Europe lUustre, 6 vol., front, and ports., old red mor. ex., 

g. e., Paris, 1777 (S. Oct. 18 ; 703) Maggs, £\2 5s. 

Drummond (WiUiam, of Hawthomden), Works, port., fo., cf.. Edin.. 1711 (D. 

Dec. 17 ; 507) 10s. 6d. 

Drur>' (D.) Illustrations of Natural History : Exotic Insects, 3 vol. in 2, 150 cold. 

pits., calf, 4to., 1770 (S. Nov. 26 ; 535) Quaritch. £\ Is. 

— — The same, 3 vol. in 4, calf, 4to., 1770-82 (S. Dec. 2 ; 200) Dulau, £2 6s. 
Dryden (John) All for Love. 1st edn. (shaved), half mor., g. e., 4to., 1678 (S. 

Nov. 20 ; 196) Ellis. 19s. 

Comedies, Tragedies and Operas, 2 vol., L. P., calf, fo.. 1701 (S. Oct. 18 ; 

1039) Jackson, 4s. 

Works, with Notes by Scott, 18 vols., hf. cf., 1808 (P. Oct. 4 ; 348) 

Brown. £2 2s. 
Duarenus (Fr.) De Sacris Ecclesiae Ministeriis ac Beneficiis libri VIII, 2 vol. in 1, 

calf, stamped with a shield, 1585 (S. Dec. 20 ; 55) Ellis, £5 15s. 

Dublin Chronicle, Vols. 1 and 2, 1787-1789, not complete, fo., hf. mor. (B. Oct. 

24 ; 413) ^1 4s. 

Ducarel (A. C.) Histor}^ of Lambeth Palace, pits., several added, half mor., 4to., 

1785 (S. Oct. 17 ; 519) Carter. 7s. 

Du Chaillu (P. B.) The Viking Age, 2 vol.. ills., 1889 (S. Dec. 10 ; 3) 

Tregaskis, 16s. 
Du Chesne (A.) Histoire D'Angleterre, D'Escosse et DTrlande, fo., cf., Paris, 1754 

(D. Dec. 16 ; 363) Is. 

Du Choul (S. G.) Discours de la Religion des Ancien Romains, woodcuts, old veil., 

4to., Lyon. 1567 (S. Nov. 1 ; 924) James. 4s. 

Duff (J. G.) History of the Mahrattas, 3 vol., pits., half russ. gilt, 1826 (S. Nov 

11 ; 205) Hill, £2 12s. 

Duflos (Abbe) L'Education de Henry IV, 2 vol. in 1 , 6 pits, by Marilher, red mor 

ex., g. e., Paris, 1790 (S. Oct. 18; 719) Isaacs. £1 12s. 

Dugdale (Sir Wm.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, seed, edn., revised by W 

Thomas. 2 vol., L. P., pits., calf, fine copy. fo.. 1730 (S. Nov. 25 ; 106) 

Edwards. £15 5s. 

Anr. Edn., engs., calf, fo.. Coventry, 1765 (S. Nov. 6 ; 299) 

Bumpus. £3 12s. 6d. 

Baronage of England, 2 vol. in 1. russ. (rebacked). fo.. 1675 (S. Nov. 6 ; 

298) Downing, £1 10s. 

Historical Memorials, fo., russ. gt. (loose), 1680 (D. Nov. 19 ; 602) Is. 6d. 

History of Imbanking, 1st edn., maps, calf, fo., 1662 (S. Nov. 25 ; 105) 

Harding, £2 

History- of St. Paul's Cathedral, with Additions by Sir H. EUis, port, and 

pits., half mor., uncut, fo., 1818 (S. Oct. 17 ; 639) Edwards, £1 5s. 

Monasticon AngUcanum. by Caley, EUis and Bandinel, 8 vols' pits 

half mor.. uncut, fo., 1817-30 (S. Oct. 17 ; 638) Goss £V7 


Dugdale (Sir Wm.) The same, ly. P., 6 vol. in 8, mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1817-30 (C. 
Dec. 16 ; 272) Brown, 3^28 

Originales Juridiciales, ports., russ. ex., g. e., fo., 1680 (S. Oct. 17 ; 595) 

Harding, £1 Is. 

The same, old calf, fo., 1680 (H. Nov. 27 ; 77) Walford. £2 

Duhalde (J. B.) Description de La Chine et de La Tartarie Chinoise, 4 vols., fo., 

cf., Paris, 1735 (D. Dec. 17 ; 720) £1 3s. 

Anr. Edn., pits., 4 vol., old calf gilt, r. e., 4to., La Haye, 1736 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 

207) Quaritch, £\ 6s. 

Duhammel du Monceau (H. L.) Treatise of Husbandry, 4to., cf., 1759 (D. Dec. 

16; 381) 5s. 6d. 

Dulwich Gallery — 50 aquatints, mounted on cardboard, fo. [1830] (H. Dec. 18 ; 

296) David, 7s. 

Dumas (A.) The Three Musketeers, trans, by W. Robson, 2 vol., 250 ills, by Leloir, 

1894 (S. Oct. 21 ; 87) Leon, lis. 

The same, edn. de luxe, 2 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1894 (S. Oct. 23 ; 

889) Quaritch, £2 

(Comte M.) Precis des Evenemens Militaires, 1799-1807, 19 vol., half calf 

gilt, m. e., Paris, 1817-26 (S. Dec. 3; 483) Brown, 19s. 

Dumont (J.) Batailles Gagnees par le Prince Fr. Eugene de Savoye, engs., old 
calf, La Haye, 1720 (S. Dec. 12 ; 770) Parsons, £1 7s. 

Dumont- D'Urville. Voyage autour du Monde de la Corvette 1' Astrolabe, com- 
plete set, 12 vol., roy. 8vo., 1 vol., 4to., and 6 vol., folio, cold, pits., half mor., 
uncut, Paris, 1830-5 (S. Nov. 26 ; 294) Maggs, ;^43 

The same, Zoologie, text in 5 vol., 8vo., and atlas of engs., fo., Paris, 1846 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 437) Quaritch, ^£10 

Dunbar (Wm.) Poems, ed. by D. Laing (with supplement), half mor., g. t., 2 vols., 
1834-65 (E. July 25 ; 270) Forrester, £\ 12s, 6d. 

Duncombe (J.) History of Reculver and Heme, pits., 4to., 1784 (S. Oct. 17 ; 484) 

Edwards, 10s. 

Duplessis et Chevignard. Costumes Historiques des XVIe-XVIIe et XVIIIe 
Siecles, cold, pits., 2 vols., 4to., half mor., t. e. g., Paris, 1867 (H. Oct. 16 '> 
630) Hatchard, £'i 10s. 

Duplessis- Bertaux. Histoire de I'Enfant Prodigue, 12 etchings bv Duplessis- 
Bertaux, 4to., Paris, 1816 (S. Nov. 1 ; 921) ' James, 9s. 

Dupont Auberville (M.) Ornamental Textile Fabrics of all Ages and Nations, 50 
pits., mor., fo., 1877 (S. Nov. 14 ; 54) Mount, £2 2s. 

Du Pratz. Histoire de La Louisiane, maps, etc., 3 vols., cf., 1758 (D. Dec. 17 ; 
582) ^1 4s. 

History of Louisiana, trans., 2 vols., cf., 1763 (D. Dec. 17 ; 583) £3 

Dura (G.) Costumi del Regno di Napoli, 100 cold. pits, (no title), half mor., n. d. 

(S. Oct. 21 ; 88) Maggs, £2 2s. 

Durandus (Guil.) Rationale Divinorum Officiorum, I. fi., 267 11., incorrectly 
numbered, and 2 11. of rubrics, capitals painted, stamped pigskin (XVIIth 
century), with clasps, fine copy, from the library of Wm. Morris, fo., Ulmae, 
1473 (S. Dec. 20 ; 186) Leighion, £15 10s. 

Anr. Edn., i. fl., 198 11. (Hain *6483), first capital illuminated, old stamped 

russia, fo., Nuremberg, 1480 (S. Dec. 12 ; 993) Young, £3 8s. 

Diirer. Apocalipsis cum Figuris, Latin text, and 1 6 large folio woodcuts, neatly 
inlaid, half mor., fo., Numberge, 1511 (S. Dec. 4 ; 947) Maggs, ;g37 

Designs of the Prayer Book, port, and 43 pits., mor. (loose), fo., 1817 (S. 

Dec. 4 ; 952) Bull, 10s. 

Dessins d'Albert Diirer en Fac-simile publics par F. Lippmann, 99 pits., fo., 

Berlin, 1883 (S. Dec. 4 ; 951) Rimell, £1 19s. 

The same, 5 vol., fo., BerHn, 1883-1905 (S. Nov. 26 ; 373) Quaritch, ;^40 

Epitome in divse parthenices Marise Historiam ab Alberto Durero Norico 

per Figuras digestam cum versibus annexis Chelidonii, 20 large woodcuts, 
with text on the backs (except the last), half mor., fo., Nurnberge, 1511 (S. 
Dec. 4 ; 948) Maggs, :^41 

Figurse Passionis Dominis nostri Jesu Christi, title and 36 woodcuts, text 

at back of each, guarded, on thick paper, half mor., 4to., s. 1. et a. (1511) 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 867) Ellis, £\\ 10s. 

1912-13 49 

Diirer. Passio domini nostri J esu, ex hieronymo Paduano ; Dominico Mancino- 
Sedalio, et Baptista Mantuano, per fratrem Chelidonium collecta, 12 en- 
gravings on wood, with Latin text on back, in a folio vol., half mor., fo., 
Numberge, 1511 (S. Dec. 4; 946) Maggs, £34 

La Passione di N. S. Giesu Christo, d' Alberto Diirero di Norimberga sposta 

in ottava rima da M. Moro, 37 woodcuts from the original blocks, calf ex., 
4to., Venet, 1612 (S. Dec. 4 ; 868) Colnaghi, i5 5s. 

The Passion of our Lord (Little Passion), ed. by H. Cole, 38 woodcuts, calf, 

g. e., sm. 4to., 1844 (S. Dec. 4 ; 869) Davis, 12s. 

Durer Society's Publications, from commencement, with Index, 12 vol., pits., fo., 

1898-1911 (S. Dec. 4 ; 953) Rimell, £\S 10s. 

D'Urfey (T.) Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy, 6 vol., russ., m. e., 

1719-20 (S. Dec. 12 ; 723) Ford, iA 

Dzialjmski (T. Comes) Liber Geneseos lUustris Familie Schidlovicie, I. jj., india 

proof ports., fo., 1848 (S. Nov. 1 ; 995) Spicer, 8s. 

Earl (Maud) Power of the Dog, cold, ills., edn. de luxe, calf ex., g. t., 4to., n. d. 

(P. Oct. 30 ; 267) Leader, 8s. 

Earwaker (J. P.) East Cheshire, Past and Present. 2 vol., pits., 4to., 1877 (S. 

Nov. 6 ; 232) Hitchman, 18s, 

Eaton (D. C.) Ferns of North America, 2 vol., cold, ills., 4to., Salem, 1879 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 310) Quaritch, ^3 

Ebers (G.) Egypt : Descriptive, Historical, and Picturesque, trans, by Clara Bell, 

2 vol., ills., 4to., 1884 (S. Dec. 11 ; 487) Southwood, 14s. 

Eccentric Biography, ports., 1803 (S. Nov. 21 ; 455) Rimell, 5s. 

Eccentric Traveller (The), 4 vol., 44 ills., half calf gilt, t. e. g., 1826 (S. Oct. 23 ; 

670) Rimell, £1 16s. 

Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England — Reports, with Appendix, 1 to 35, 

with Index to 1854, &c., 37 vols., half calf, 1836-83 (H. Oct. 15 ; 230) 

Bailey, 10s. 
Ecclesiologist (The) Complete Set, pits., 1842-58, in cloth, 1859-38, half calf, 27 

vols. (B. Oct. 24 ; 431) 15s. 

Eckhel (J.) Doctrina Numorum Veterum, with Addenda, port., 9 vols., sm. 4to., 

half mor., Vindobonse, 1792-1826 (H. Oct. 24 ; 402) £2 

Eden (Sir F. M.) State of the Poor, 3 vols., calf (rebacked), y. e., 4to., 1797 (P. 

Nov. 21 ; 133) Harding, £6 15s. 
■ (Richd.) History of Travayle in the West and East Indies, augmented by 

R. Willes, b. t, sm. 4to., 1577 (S. Nov. 20 ; 32) Maggs, ;£15 

Edgeworth (M.) Tales and Novels, best edn., fronts., 18 vols., 1832-3 (H. Oct. 16 ; 

450) G. H. Brown, £1 16s. 

Edmondson (J.) Baronagium Genealogicum, 6 vol., coats-of-arms, etc., old calf, 

fo., 1764 (S. Nov. 27 ; 668) Walford, £2 10s. 

Complete Body of Heraldry, pits., 2 vols., half russ., fo., 1780 (P. Dec. 5 ; 

466) Jeffery, 2s. 

Edwards and Darby, New Book of Chinese Designs, 120 pits., mor. ex., g. e. by 
Zaehnsdorf, ob. 4to., 1754 (S. Nov. 14 ; 56) Quaritch, £\5 

(B.) History of the British Colonies in the West Indies, 3 vol., port., maps 

and pits., half russ., 1807 (S. Oct. 30 ; 17) Salby, 2s. 

(Ed%vin) Old Inns, in Three Parts, 130 proof pits., fo., 1873-81 (S. Nov. 6 ; 

302) Walford. £2 15s. 

(Geo.) Omithologia Nova, cold, pits., half roan, 4to., n. d. (S. Dec. 10; 121) 

Carter, 10s. 

(J.) Hemiptera — Homoptera of the British Islands, cold, pits., half mor., 

m. e., 1896 (S. Dec. 2 ; 42) Wesley, £\ 6s. 

(S.) Botanical Register, cold, pits.. New Series, 10 vols., 1838-47 (H. Oct. 

25 ; 867) G. H. Brown, £1 5s. 

(W. H.) Butterflies of North America, 3 vol., cold, pits., half mor., g. t., 

4to., Phil., 1868-97 (S. Dec. 2 ; 202) Bumpus, £\3 10s. 

The same, 3 vol., vol. I, half mor,, t. e. g., vol. II-III, in parts, 4to., Phil., 

1868-97 (S. Nov. 26 ; 339) Bickers, £\1 10s. 

Egan (Pierce) Life of an Actor, cold. pits, by T. Lane, 1st edn., cloth (not original), 
uncut. 1825 (H. Oct. 24 ; 482) Cohn, £Q 10s. 


Egan (Pierce) Life in London, 36 cold, pits., by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, mor. ex., 
g. t., by Bedford, with all the wrappers (front and back), and advertise- 
ments preserved, 1821 (P. Dec. 17 ; 72) Hornstein, £2A 

The same, levant mor., t. e. g., fine tall copy, 1821 (S. Oct. 23 ; 673) 

Young, i\^ 

The sam« (the Music margined), half mor., t. e. g., 1821 (H. Nov. 28: 

446) Cohn, £5 12s. 6d. 

The same, half mor., 1821 (C. Dec. 16 ; 218) Rimell, £4 4s. 

Egesippi historia de bello judaico Scaeptri Sublationi, etc., half russ., fo., Brixiae, 

1511 (S. Dec. 20; 192) Davis, 16s. 

Egypt. Description de I'Egypte ou Recueil des Observations et des Recherches 
qui ont ete faites en Egypte pendant I'Expedition de I'Armee Frangaise, 9 
vol. of text, and 14 atlas folio vol. of pits., half mor., fo., Paris, 1809-22 (S. 
Nov. 26 ; 438) Quaritch, ;e28 10s. 

The same, 9 vol. of text and 14 folio vol. of plates, half cloth, fo., Paris, 

1809-22 (S. Nov. 27 ; 620) Fraser, ;gl6 

Eisenberg. Description du Manege Modeme, orig. edn., L. P., 60 pits, by Picart, 
old calf, fo., 1727 (S. Oct. 30 ; 320) Bloomfield, £1 4s. 

Eliot (George) Mill on the Floss, 3 vol., 1st edn., 1860 (S. Dec. 11 ; 438) 

Edwards, £\ Is. 

Romola, edn. de luxe, 2 vol., pits., by Leighton, 1880 (S. Dec. 12 ; 833) 

Davis, 8s. 

Scenes of Clerical Life, 1st edn., 2 vol., 1858 (S. Dec. 4 ; 832) 

Spencer, £\Q 10s. 

Works, Ub. edn., pits.. 10 vol., 1901 (C. Dec. 16 ; 295) Brovon. £\ 14s. 

Elizabeth. Le Noble My Lord Courtenay, ou Histoire Secrete des Premieres 

Amours d'Ehzabeth d'Angleterre, calf gilt, Lyon, 1697 (S. Nov. 1 ; 847) 

Tregaskis, 17 s. 

ElUot (D. G.) Monograph of the Bucerotidse, cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1882 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 378) Edwards, £A 6s. 

Monograph of the Pittidae, in 5 parts, cold, pits., fo., 1893-5 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

427) Porter, £7 5s. 

New and hitherto unfigured Species of the Birds of N. America, 2 vol. in 1 5 

parts, 72 cold, pits., fo., N. Y., 1866-69 (S. Nov. 26 ; 419) Quaritch, £9 15s. 

(Hon. G. F. S.) The Border Elliots and the Family of Minto, front, and ports., 

4to., Edinb., 1897 (S. Nov. 11 ; 213) Hopkins, £3 5s. 

Ellis (H.) History of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, pits., uncut, 4to., 1798 (S. Oct. 17 ; 
482) Walford, 12s. 

(H.) Voyage to Hudson's Bay, pits., calf gilt, g. e., 1748 (S. Oct. 21 ; 91) 

H. Stevens, £1 14s. 

(J.) Essai sur I'Histoire Naturelle des Corallines, pits., calf, 4to., LaHaye, 

1756 (C. Dec. 16 ; 82) Thorp. 3s. 

Elphinstone (Hon. M.) Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, cold, pits., half calf, 
4to., 1815 (S. Nov. 11 ; 215) Cohn, £1 3s. 

Elwes (H. J.) Monograph of the Genus Lilium, cold, ills., half mor,, t. e. g., fo., 
1880 (S. Nov. 26 ; 372) Dulau. £8 10s. 

Elyot (Sir I.) The Boke, named the Governour, ft. I., calf gilt, g. e., slightly wormed 
1580 (S. Oct. 23 ; €80) Young, £3 12s. 6d. 

Castell of Helth, 6. (., calf, T. Barthlet [15411 (C. Dec. 16 ; 311) 

Maggs, £3 5s. 
Etnerson (R. W.) Complete Works, " Riverside Edition," 11 vols., port., 1886 

(S. Nov. 27 ; 765) Quaritch, 14s. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Tenth Edn., 35 vols., 4to., 1875-1903 (H. Dec. 5 ; 

317) Brown, £4 5s. 

Encyclopgedia of Forms and Precedents, 17 vols., 1902 (H. Nov. 22 ; 76) ;£17 
Encyclopaedia of the Laws of England, seed, edn., 15 vols., 1906-9 (H. Nov. 22 ; 

23 ; Meyler, £5 

Eneas Silvius. Epistole Peramene, stamped vellum, fo., Joane de Westfalia, 1483 

(S. Oct. 18 ; 1065) Tregaskis, £S 7s. 6d. 

Enfield (W.) Essay towards the History of Leverpool, maps and pits., old calf, 

rebacked, fo., 1773 (S. Dec. 12 ; 949) Brown, 17s. 


1912-13 51 

England Displayed, a New Survey of England and Wales, 2 vol., pits., calf, fo., 
1769 (S. Oct. 17 ; 650) Edwards, 7s. 

English Catalogue of Books, from commencement in 1835 to 1910, in 15 vols., 6 
6 vol., half mor., 1835-1910 (S. Oct. 23 ; 681) Halewood, iA 

The same, from 1835 to 1905, in 7 vol., with Index of Subjects for 1856-89 

in 3 vol., together 10 vol., half mor. (S. Oct. 21 ; 93) Quaritch, £5 

English Dialect Dictionary, ed. by J. Wright, 6 vol., half mor., m. e., 4to., 1898- 
1905 (S. Oct. 30 ; 224) Hitchman, £A 10s. 

The same. 6 vols., half mor., t. e. g.. 4 to.. 1898-1905 (H. Nov. 6 ; 574) 

Wesley, £,Q 
EngUsh Dialect Society's Publications, Nos. 1 to 80 {all pubd.), 1873-96 (H. Nov. 

6 ; 404) Quaritch, £5 5s. 

Entick (J.) History of the late War in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, ports., 

etc., 5 vols., calf, 1779 (P. Dec. 4 ; 138) Nield, £1 

Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, 27 vol. in 24, ills., half calf, 1864-91 (S. Dec. 

10 ; 98) Wesley, lis. 

Epictetus. Enchiridion, Graece et Latine, cum scholiis Graecis nimc primum e 

BibUotheca Regia Dresdensi vulgatis et novis animadversionibus, mor., 

g. e.. Dresdae, 1756 (S. Dec. 5; 117) Tregaskis, £\ 

Epigrams, Ludicrous Epitaphs, Anecdotes, etc., half calf ex.. g. t., 1807 (P. Dec. 

17 ; 3) Pickering, 16s. 

Eragny Press. Flaubert (G.) La Legende de Saint Julien I'Hospitalier, 1900 (P. 

Nov. 21 ; 96) Neumayer, 8s. 

Perrault (C.) Histoire de Peau d'Ane. 1902 (P. Nov. 21 ; 97) Shepherd, 7s. 

Ronsard (P. de) ChoLx de Sonnets, 1902 (P. Nov. 21 ; 93) Shepherd, 6s. 

Erasmus (D.) CoUoquiorum Familiarium opus, inscribed ' Sum Abraha Ortels,' 

etc., stamped bnd. (broken), Basileae, 1543 (P. Oct. 30 ; 103) Barnard, 3s. 

Paraphrases in Evangeha IV et in Epistolas et Acta Apostolorum, 2 vol.. 

stamped calf (repaired), fo., Basel., 1524-26 (S. Dec. 20 ; 188) Davis, £\ Is. 

Paraphase upon the Newe Testament (sound copy, but a few 11. defective), 

2 vols., old calf, w. a. f., fo., 1548-9 (H. Dec. 19 ; 439) £2 

M12PIA2 EIKfiMION. Stultitise Laus cum Comment. Ger. Listrii et Figuris 

Jo. Holbenii, engd. title, 3 ports, and engs. by Holbein, half cah, g. e., 
Basileae, 1676 (S. Oct. 31 ; 468) Streeton, 5s. 

Eloge de la FoHe, traduit par De la Veaux, L. P., port, and woodcuts, mor. 

ex., g. e., Basle, 1780 (S. Oct. 18 ; 740) Nicolson, 13s. 

Esper (E. J. C.) Die Auslandischen Schmetterlinge, cold, pits., half mor., uncut, 
4to., Leipzig (1785) (S. Dec. 2 ; 204) £\ 19s. 

SchmetterJ^ge, heraus. T. von Charpentier, 5 vol. in 7, cold, pits., half calf, 

g. t., 4to., ib., n. d. (S. Dec. 2 ; 205) Wesley, £5 15s. 

Esquemeling (J.) Bucaniers of America, parts I-III, pits., orig. calf, large copy, 
4to., 1684 (S. Nov. 20 ; 31) Edwards, £3 5s. 

Histoire des Avanturiers qui se sont signalez dans les Indes, 2 vol. in 1 , maps 

and ills., old calf, Paris, 1688 (S. Dec. 5 ; 118) Longman, £1 6s. 

Essay on Hunting, by a Countr>^ Squire, L. P., 4to., imcut, 1733 (S. Dec. 12 ; 

743) Dobell, iOs. 

Essex. Robert Earle of Essex, his Ghost, sent from Ehzian, sm. 4to., calf, 1624 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 869) £1 4s. 

Essex Archaeological Society Transactions, 5 vol. ; New Series, vol. I-VI ; 

together 11 vol., half mor.. 1858-98 (S. Dec. 10 ; 227) Walford, £5 5s. 
Essex House Press — Chaucers' Flower and the Leaf, Printed on Vellum, 1902 

(H. Nov. 13 ; 134) Tickell, £1 Is. 

Coleridge's Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, Printed on Vellum, 1903 

(H. Nov. 13 ; 135) Baggulev, 15s. 

J. Dryden's Alexander's Feast, Printed on Vellum, 1904 (H. Nov. 13"; 136) 

Fish, lis.' 

Prayer Book of Edward the Seventh, fo., 1901 (H. Nov. 13 ; 137) 

Tickell, £1 5s. 
Essex Review (The), vol. I-XX, 20 vol., ills., 1892-1911 (S. Dec. 10 ; 203) 

Rick word, £1 8s. 

Estouteville (Due d') Adonis, front., engd. title and vignette bv Eisen, half mor., 

by Riviere, 1775 (H. Oct. 25 ; 816) ' Neumayer, £1 3s. 


Etched Thoughts, by the Etching Club, etchings, fo., 1844 (P. Nov. 21 ; 261) 8s. 
Etchings for the Art Union of London, etchings, on India paper, fo., 1872 (P. 

Nov. 21 ; 262) Spencer, £4 

Eusebius. Historia Ecclesiastica, per Rufinum in Latinum traducta, 171 11. (Hain, 

*671 1 ; Proctor, 6908), capitals in red, Niger mor., bv D. Cockerell, fine copy, 

fo., Mantua, 1479 (S. Dec. 20 ; 185) ' Murray. £5 7s. 6d. 

• Ancient Ecclesiastical Histories, trans, by M. Hanmer, old calf, fo., 1607 

S. Oct. 30; 115) Tregaskis, lis. 
Ecclesiastical History, by S. Parker, fronts., cont. red mor., gilt, g. e., 1703 

(H. Dec. 19 ; 407) £\ 2s. 

Evangeliarium Quadruplex Lat. Versionis Antiquse sen veteris Italicse, e codd. 

mss. editum a Jos. Blanchino, 2 vol., vellum, fo., Romae, 1749 (C. Dec. 16 ; 

161) Quaritch, 14s. 

Evans (Lewys) The Castle of Christianite, h. I. (shaved), calf gilt, g. e., 1568 (H. 

Nov. 14 ; 449) Barnard, £\ Is. 

Evelyn (J.) Sylva, port., fo., cf., 1706 (D. Dec. 17 ; 538) 3s. 6d. 

Eyton (R. W.) Antiquities of Shropshire, 12 vol., with Index to Persons and 

Places, and Glossary, pits., half calf, 1854-60 (S. Nov. 6 ; 76) 

Bumpiis, £\Q 10s. 
Facultades concedidas por Clemente VII., al Cardinal de Salviatis, fl. (., 4 11., 

calf gilt, Toledo, 1525 (H. Nov. 28 ; 405) Sotheran, £\ 2s. 

Fairbairn (Wm.) Useful Information for Engineers, 1st edn., pits., pres. copy, 

1856 (S. Oct. 30 ; 211) James, 4s. 

Farmer (J. S.) Musa Pedestris, 1896 (S. Dec. 2 ; 49) Stephenson, 10s. 

Farmer and Henley. Slang and its Analogues, 7 vols., sm. 4to., half calf, 1890- 

1904 (H. Nov. 27 ; 59) Maggs, £2 16s. 

Faujas de Saint-Fond (B.) Recherches sur les Volcans, pits., calf, fo., Grenoble, 

1778 (H. Nov. 6 ; 623) 6s. 

Featherstonhaugh (G. W.) Canoe Voyage up the Minn ay vSotor, 2 vol., fronts, and 

map, half calf, t. e. g., 1847 (S. Oct. 21 ; 95) H. Stevens, 18s. 

Featley (D.) The Dippers Dipt, seventh edn., port, and front., calf, 4to., 1660 

(S. Nov. 20 ; 46) Tregaskis, £1 15s. 

P'eeries Nouvelles, 2 vol., red mor, gilt, g. e. (Padeloup), La Haye, 1741 (S. Dec. 

5 ; 120) Edwards, £4 6s. 

Feithii Antiquitatum Homericarum libri iv, pits., red mor. ex., g. e., with arms 

of Ferdinand I, of the two Sicilies, Neapoli, 1774 (C. Dec. 16 ; 5) 

Davis, £5 10s. 
Felix on the Bat, cold, pits., 4to., 1845 (S. Dec. 6 ; 469) Bloomfield, 18s. 

Fellowes (W. D.) Visit to the Monastery of La Trappe, cold, pits., half calf, 1818 

(H. Nov. 28 ; 386) 14s. 

' Anr. Edn., cold, pits., L. P., mor., g. e., 1823 (H. Dec. 18 ; 137) £\ Is. 

Fenelon. Avantures de Telemaque, port, and pits., old red mor. ex., borders on 

sides, 4to., Amst., 1734 (S. Nov. 7; 563) Vyt, £2 4s. 

• Dialogues des morts, anciens et modemes, 2 vol., red mor. gilt, g. e., by 

Dupre, Paris, 1718 (S. Dec. 5; 121) Kemhle, £2 13s. 

Fenton (R.) Historical Tour through Pembrokeshire, port., map and pits., half 

calf, 4to., 1811 (H. Nov. 29; 870) - Last, 18s. 

Ferguson (R.) Poetical Works, pits., mor. gilt, g. e., Alnwick [1814] (S. Dec. 5 ; 

122) Maggs, £\ 7s. 

(Sir Saml.) The Cromlech on Howth, pits., fo., 1861 (S. Oct. 23 ; 920) 

Young, 13s. 

Fergusson (J as.) History of Architecture, iUs., 3 vol., half bound, t. e. g., 1865-67- 

62 (S. Nov. 11 ; 221) Craig, 10s. 

Tree and Serpent Worship, half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1868 (S. Nov. 11 ; 222) 

Edwards, £4 

♦ Anr. Edn., pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1873 (S. Nov. 26 ; 332) 

Edwards, £% 

Fernandez (D.) Primera y Segunda Parte de la Historia del Peru, old Enghsh calf, 

sound, clean copy, with autograph of the author, fo., Sevilla, 1571 (S. Nov. 

20 ; 83) Quaritch, £30 

Ferraro (P. A.) Cavallo Frenato, pits., calf, rebacked, fo., Napoh, 1602 (S. Dec. 

12 ; 973) Carter, 3s. 

I9I2-I3 53 

Ferrier (Miss) Destiny. 1st edn., 3 vol.. boards. 1831 (S. Oct. 23 ; 691) 

Bumpus, £1 Is. 

The Inheritance, 1st edn., 3 vol., boards, uncut. 1824 (S. Oct. 23 ; 690) 

Bumpus, 5s. 

The same, 3 vols., bds., uncut, 1824 (D. Dec. 16 ; 317) 18s. 

Marriage. 1st edn., 3 vol., boards, Edinb., 1818 (S. Oct. 23 ; 689) 

Bumpus, £4 4 s. 

Fielding (H.) Joseph Andrews, 2 vol.. 1st edn., cont. calf, name on titles, with 

advertisement 11.. 1742 (P. Dec. 5 ; 389) Maggs, £19 10s. 

Anr. Edn., 8 pits., by Rowlandson, old calf, 1792 (S. Nov. 1 ; 884) 

Quaritch, 17s. 
Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon. 1st edn., caH, 1755 (D. Oct. 21 ; 202) 14s. 

The same, calf, name on title, 1755 (P. Dec. 5 ; 390) Martin, £\ 7s. 

The same, calf gilt, t. e. g., 1755 (H. Nov. 28 ; 428) Spencer, £A 4s. 

Love in several Masques, 1st edn., half calf, 1728 (H. Nov. 28 ; 398) 9s. 

Miscellanies, 3 vols., cf., 1st edn., 1743 (D. Dec. 16 ; 189) £Q 10s. 

Tom Jones, 6 vol.. 1st edn., calf gilt, g. e., 1749 (S. Dec. 5 ; 126) 

Young, £5 15s. 

Anr. Edn., 4 vol., half caH, amcut, 1750 (S. Dec. 12 ; 722) Dobell, £1 18s. 

Tom Thumb, a Tragedy, 1st edn., 1730 (S. Dec. 11 ; 455) Quaritch, £1 

Works, with Life by Murphy, 14 vols., calf (rebacked), 1808 (P. Dec. 17 ; 

78) Bourdin, £1 2s. 

Works, ed. by Leslie Stephen, edn. de luxe, 10 vols., 1882 (H. Dec. 20 ; 

673) Bailey, £\ 5s. 

Complete Works, with Essay, etc.. by W. E. Henley, ills., 16 vols.. 1903 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 81) Freund, £2 6s. 

(T. H.) British Castles, 25 cold, pits., half roan. 4to.. 1825 (P. Dec. 4 ; 166) 

Cohn, p 

Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes, 48 cold, pits., half calf, t. e. g., 4to., 

1821 (P. Dec. 4 ; 164) Cohn. £3 

Filmer (Sir R.) Patriarcha, or the Natural Power of Kings, port., cf., 1680 (D. 

Dec. 16 ; 186) Is. 

Finlayson's Origin and History of Certain Family Names, 4to., n. d. (D. Nov. 

19 ; 637) 3s. 
Fischer (J. B.) Plan of Civil and Historical Architecture, trans, by T. Lediard, 

pits., 4to., 1730 (S. Nov. 14 ; 59) Mount, £1 5s. 

Fisher (J.) Assertionis Lutheranae confutatio juxta vefum ac originalem archety- 
pum, Niger mor., clasp, by D. Cockerell, sm. 4to-, Coloniae, 1524 (S. Dec. 

20 ; 189) Young, £1 12s. 
Fitzgerald (E.) Euphranor. 1st edn., 1851 (S. Dec. 11 ; 621) Quaritch, £2 

Letters and Literary Remains, ed. by W. Aldis Wright, port., 3 vols., 1889 

(H. Nov. 27 ; 55) Bain, £1 19s. 

Anr. Edn., fronts., edn. de luxe, 7 vols., 1902-3 (H. Oct. 15 ; 77) 

Mayhem, £2 8s. 

Polonius. 1st edn.. 1852 (S. Dec. 11 ; 622) Quaritch. £2 

Fitzherbert (Sir A.) Booke of Husbandrie, 6. 1., half calf, 4to., 1598 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

465) Dobell, £1 18s. 

Flaminius (M. Ant.) In Librum Psalmorum brevis explanatio, &c., ruled in red, 

Aldine anchor on blank leaf, calf ex., gauffered edges, Beckford copy, Venetiis 

Aldus. 1564 (C. Dec. 16 ; 306) Rimell. 10s. 

Flaubert. A Simple Heart, L. P., pits., in three states, 4to., 1898 (S. Dec. 2 ; 

207) Dobell. 7s. 

Fletcher (J.) Rule a Wife and have a Wife, 1st edn., stained, haH bound, 4 to., 

1640 (S. Dec. 6 ; 470) Pickering, £7 10s. 

* With note " Frederick Locker, transferred to Andrew Lang, this 12 April 
1886. F. L. L. Rowfant." 

(P.) The Purple Island, 1st edn., slightly stained, calf, r. e., 4to., Camb 

1633 (S. Dec. 6 ; 471) Dobell. £3 5s. 

The same (leaf at end, as usual, missing), sm. 4 to., calf, Cambridge, 1633 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 870) £5 10s. 


Florae Danicae : Icones Plantarum sponte nascentium in regnis Danise et Nor- 
vegiae, in ducatibus Slesvici et Holsatise, etc., edit. G. C. Oeder, cum Supple- 
mentum, 15 vol., cold, pits., half calf, uncut, fo., Hafniae, 1766-1852 (S. 
Nov. 26 ; 383) Wesley, ;gl6 

Floral World and Garden Guide, cold, pits., 21 vols., 1858-1878 (P. Oct. 3 ; 84) 

Wesley, 12s. 

Florence of Worcester — Chronicon ad annum Domini 1118, auctore Florentio 
Wigomiensi, 1st edn., sm. 4to., calf, 1592 (H. Oct. 24; 558) Fry, 10s. 

Florence Miscellany, wrappers, uncut, 1785 (P. Oct. 3 ; 201) Barnard, 2s. 

Florio (Giov.) Giardino di Recreatione, Proverbi e place voli riboboli Italiani, 
half calf, 4to., Lond., 1591 (S. Dec. 4 ; 960) Davis, 8s. 

(John) Queen Anna's New World of Words, calf, fo., 1611 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

97) Davis, £2 

* With autograph " Henry Elsynge, April 25, 1646." 

Folk-Lore Society's Publications, from commencement in 1878 to March, 1911, 
being vols. 1 to 68, pt. 1 (wanting vols. 15, 22, and 57), with Callaway's 
Nursery Tales of the Zulus, 1868, and Second International Folk-Lore 
Congress Papers and Transactions, 1892 ; 65 vols., and 5 nos. (H. Oct. 25 ; 
853) Sotheran, £2 A 

Fontenelle (B. Le Bouvier de) CEuvres Diverses, 3 vol., pits., half roan, g. e., Amst., 
1743 (S. Nov. 14 ; 60) Mount, £1 

Foote (S.) Dramatic Works, 4 vols., cf. gilt, 1781 (P. Oct. 4 ; 505) Brown, £1 

Forbes (J.) Illustrations to Oriental Memoirs, pits., 4to., 1835 (S. Oct. 30 ; 59) 

Combe, 16s. 

Oriental Memoirs, port, and pits., 4 vol., half calf gilt, g. e., 4to., 1813 (S. 

Nov. 11 ; 228) Edwards, £3 Is. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., and 4to atlas of pits., 1834 (S. Oct. 23 ; 696) 

Joseph, £1 Is. 

(J as. D.) Travels through the Alps of Savoy, seed, edn., ills., Edinb., 1845 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 182) Barnard, 5s. 

(Patrik) Learned Commentarie upon the Revelation of Saint John, old tree- 
calf gilt. m. e., sm. 4to., Middelburg, 1614 (S. Nov. 11 ; 229) Leighton, 7s. 

Forbes-Leith (Wm.) The Scots Men-at-Arms and Life-Guards in France, pits., 
2 vol., 4to., Edinb., 1882 (S. Nov. 11 ; 230) Edwards, £2 2s. 

Ford (E.) Famous History of Montelion, 6. 1., title mounted, some leaves wormed, 
half calf, 4to., 1671 (S. Oct. 30; 238) Barnard, lis. 

(John) Dramatic Works, with Notes by Giiford, 2 vols., calf ex., g. t. by 

Bedford, 1827 (P. Dec. 17 ; 79) Edwards, £2 17s. 6d. 

Works, with Notes by Gifford, ed. by Dyce, 3 vol.. 1869 (S. Nov. 25 ; 170) 

Quaritch, £1 2s. 

(R.) Hand-Book for Travellers in Spain, 2 vol., 1st edn., with maps, 1845 

(S. Nov. 14 ; 247) Edwards, 13s. 

Forde (Thos.) Panegyrick on our late King Charles the I, calf, 1661 (S. Oct. 18 ; 

742) Dobell, £\ 4s. 

Fordun (J. de) Scotichronicon, 5 vols., cf., Oxford, 1722 (D. Dec. 16 ; 223) 5s. 

Anr. Edn., cum Supplementis et Continuatione W. Boweri, etc., 2 vol., old 

tree-calf, y. e., fo., Edinb.. 1759 (S Nov. 11 ; 232) Hopkins, Is. 

Forlong (J. G. R.) Faiths of Man, port., 3 vols., 1906 (H. Oct. 17 ; 837) 

Mannering, £1 2s. 

Short Studies in the Science of Comparative Religions, ills., 1897 (S. Oct. 

23 ; 701) Quaritch, 18s. 

Forrest (T.) Picturesque Tour along the Ganges and Jumna, 24 cold, views, half 
mor. gilt, 4to., 1824 (S. Nov. 14 ; 276) Cohn, £4 4s. 

Voyage to the Mergui Archipelago, port, and pits., calf, 4to., 1792 (S. Oct. 

21 ; 272) Hill, 14s. 

Voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas, port, and pits., half russ., 4to., 

1779 (S. Oct. 21 ; 271) Hill, 18s. 

Forrester (A. H. ) Strange Surprising Adventures of Gooroo Simple, 1st edn., ills, by 
" Crowquill," calf gilt, g. e., by Riviere, cloth covers bound in, 1868 (S. Oct. 
23 ; 699) Bickers, 17s. 

Fortesque (J. W.) History of the British Army, 3 vols., 1899-1902 (H. Nov. 13 ; 
66) Evans, £1 98., 

I9«2-I3 55 

Fortivese. Raccolta di Carte Geografiche idsegnate a penna d'Francesco Pado- 
vani Parrizio Fortivese, 27 maps, mounted, fo., 1540 (S. Dec. 12 ; 766) 

Quaritch, ^\5 

Foss (Edw.) Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England, tree-calf gilt, 
m. e., 1870 (S. Oct. 17 ; 430) Edwards. 7s. 

Foster (J.) Alumni Oxonienses, 8 vol., half bound, t. e. g., 1891 (S. Nov. 13 ; 
795) Walford, i^ 6s. 

Descendants of John Backhouse, Yeoman, of Moss Side, ports., 4to., 1894 

(H. Dec. 18; 268) 9s. 

Gray's Inn, Register of Admissions, 1521-1889, with Marriages, 1695-1754 

haH mor., 4to., P. P., 1889 (S. Oct. 17 ; 543) Allen, 18s. 

Oxford Men and their Colleges, 2 vol., pits., 4to., 1893 (S. Nov. 13 ; 859) 

Rimell, 2s. 
Pedigrees of the County Families of Yorkshire — West Riding, 2 vols., 4to., 

1874 (H. Nov. 28 ; 522) Quaritch, £3 10s. 
(J.J.) Miniature Painters, i^ritish and Foreign, ills.. Author's Edn., 2 vols., 

4to., 1903 (H. Oct. 23 ; 310) Edwards, £2 10s. 

Fpuque (De la Motte) Undine, from the German by W. L. Courtney, ills, by 

Rackham, veil., t. e. g., 4to., 1909 (S. Dec. 4 ; 988) Jackson, 14s. 

Fowler (Wm.) Illustrations of Roman Pavements, etc., discovered in Gt. Britain, 

cold, engs., port, and autograph of the author, etc., moxmted on drawing 

boards, in 4 vol., half mor., fo., 1796-1829 (S. Nov. 26 ; 398) Maggs, £22 

* Contains the prospectuses of the plates which were issued. 
Fox (C. J.) Memorials and Correspondence, by Lord John Russell, 4 vols., 1853- 

57 (H. Nov. 29 ; 778) Hill, £1 6s. 

(J.) A Sermon of Christ Crucified, preached at Paules Crosse, 1st edn., b. I., 

sm. 4to., mor., g. e., 1570 (H. Oct. 24 ; 537) Tregaskis, £\ 14s. 

Fox-Davies (A. C.) Armorial Families, fifth edn., cold, pits., mor., g. e., 1905 

(H. Oct. 15 ; 35) Hector, £1 7s. 

Foxhounds (The) of Great Britain and Ireland, ills., 4to., 1906 (S. Oct. 30 ; 227) 

Parsons, 5s. 
Franchville (Du Fresne de) Histoire de la Compagnie des Indes, calf, 4to., Paris, 

1746 (C. Dec. 16 ; 84) Stevens, 5s. 

Francis (F.) Newton Dogvane, 1st edn., 3 vol., ills, by Leech, 1859 (S. Oct. 23 ; 

703) Hitchman, 18s. 

Franck (R.) Admirable and Indefatigable Adventures of the Nine Pious Pilgrims, 

front., calf gilt, g. e., 1708 (S. Dec. 5 ; 130) Dobell, 17s. 

Frankau (Julia) The Story of Emma, Lady Hamilton, ills.,2 vols., veil, ex., t. e. g., 

fo., 1911 (H. Nov. 7; 897) Edwards, £7 

Frankhn (Benj.) Works, with Notes by Jared Sparks, port., front, and facsimiles, 

10 vol., Boston, 1840-44 (S. Nov. 11 ; 233) Joseph, 2s. 

Fraser (Sir Wm.) Annandale Family Book of the Johnstones, Earls and Marquises 

of Annandale, ills., 2 vol., 4to., 1894 (S. Nov. 11 ; 235) B. F. Stevens, ;gl6 

The Scotts of Buccleuch, ills., 2 vol., 4to., Edinb., 1878 (S. Nov. 11 ; 234) 

B. F. Stevens, ^10 
The Stirhngs of Keir, sm. 4to., hf . mor., g. t., 1858 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1 135) JlO 

Red Book of Menteith, 2 vols., 4to., 1880 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1136) ;^6 5s. 

The Chiefs of Colquhoun, 2 vols.. 4to., 1869 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1137) £6 

The Lennox, 2 vols., 4to., 1874 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1138) £6 

- — - Cartularv of Cambuskenneth, 4to., 1872 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1139) 13s. 

Introduction to the Douglas Book, 4to., 1886 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1140) 18s. 

Fraunce (A.) Lawiers Logike exempHfying the praecepts of Logike by the practice 

of the Common Lawe, b. I., title mounted, head-lines cut, mor. gilt, t. e. g., 

4to., 1588 (S. Nov. 25 ; 228) Reader, £1 9s. 

Frazer (J. G.) The Golden Bough, front., seed, edn., 3 vols., 1900 (H. Dec. 5 ; 87) 

Joseph, £2 12s. 

■ Anr. Edn., 3 vol., third edn.. front.. 1911 (S. Dec. 5 ; 132) 

B. F. Stevens, £1 14s. 

Totemism and Exogamy, 4 vol.. 1910 (S. Nov. 1 ; 820) Shepherd, £1 15s. 

Freeman (E. A.) Historical Essays, 1st edn., 1871 (S. Oct. 31 ; 564) 

Quaritch, 10s. 


Freeman (B. A.) Reign of WiUiam Rufus, 2 vols., half calf, Oxford, 1882 (H. 

Oct. 16 ; 456) Quaritch, £\ Is. 

(R.) Kentish Poets, 2 vol., calf gilt, uncut, Canterbury, 1821 (S. Oct. 16 ; 

290) Bain, £\ 

Freemasonry. History of Masonry, or the Freemason's Pocket-Companion, calf, 
8vo., Edinb., 1772 (S. Nov. 11 ; 236) Tregaskis, 16s. 

Freer (M. W.) Life of Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre, front., 1st edn., 2 vols., 
1855 (H. Oct. 24 ; 479) Hornstein, £1 10s. 

Married Life of Anne of Austria, port., 1st edn., 2 vols., 1864 (P. Oct. 31 ; 

337) Rimell, £1 16s. 

Frere (J. H.) Works in Verse and Prose, with Memoir, port., 3 vols., calf, m. e., 
1874 (H. Nov. 28; 345) Maggs, 17s. 

Freshfield (D. W.) Exploration of the Caucasus, pits., 2 vols., 1896 (H. Nov. 13 ; 
89) Tickell, 14s. 

Frith (J.) A Boke made by Johan Fryth, prysoner in the Towr of London answer- 
ing unto M. Mores letter, h. t. (stained), veil., 1548 (H. Oct. 24 ; 535) 

Bull, £1 17s. 

Froggatt (W. W.) AustraUan Insects, pits., Sydney, n. d. (S. Dec. 2 ; 52) 

Wesley, lis. 

Froissart (Sir J.) Chronicles, trans, by Lord Bemers, 2 vols., 4to., 1812 (H. Dec. 
5 ; 302) Bull, £1 16s. 

Froude (J. A.) The English in Ireland, orig. Hb. edn., 3 vol., 1872-4 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 
238) Forrester, 18s. 

History of England, Ub. edn., 12 vol., tree-calf extra, 1867-70 (C. Dec. 

16 ; 283) Bumpus, £3 10s. 

Fryer (John) New Account of East India and Persia, with the Index (often want- 
ing), port., maps and pits., calf, fo., 1698 (S. Oct. 23 ; 922) Edwards, £1 2s. 

Fuchshr. Costumes Suisses, 22 cold, pits., fo., Zurich, 1857 (P. Oct. 3 ; 315) 

Spencer, £1 7s. 6d. 

Fuessby (J. E.) Archives de I'Histoire des Insectes, cold, pits., half calf, 4to., 
Winterthour, 1794 (S. Dec. 2 ; 209) Wheldon, 4s. 

Fumee (M.) Historic of the Troubles of Hungarie, fo., cf., 1600 (D. Dec. 17 ; 515) 

£1 Is. 

Funnell (W.) A Voyage round the World, pits., calf, 1707 (S. Oct. 21 ; 105) 

Ellis, £1 12s. 

Fiirtwangler's Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture, 1895 (E. Sep. 20 ; 47) 

Thin, £1 Is. 6d. 

Enters (T. C.) Mechanical Engineering of Collieries, 2 vol., pits., 1909-10 (S. Dec. 
12 ; 800) Joseph, 12s. 

Gagarine (Prince G.) Le Caucase Pittoresque, engs., russ. fo., Paris, 1847 (S. Nov. 
11 ; 240) Quaritch. £3 5s. 

Gage (Thos.) New Survey of the West-Indies, third edn., map, calf, 1677 (S. 
Nov. 20 ; 9) . Maggs, £1 17s. 

Gainsborough (T.) EngUsh Scenery, 1st edn., 60 pits., plain, in bistre, and in colour 
half calf, fo., 1819 (S. Oct. 31 ; 642) Parsons, £1 Is. 

Studies of Figures, 24 pits., veil., fo., 1825 (S. Oct. 30 ; 119) 

Quaritch, £3 15s. 
Galerie (La) Agreable du Monde, bound in 24 vols., pits., orig. half bnd., fo., Leide, 

s. d. (C. Dec. 16 ; 162) Parsons, ;g21 

Galerie du Florence et du Palais Pitti, pits., 4 vol., half russ., fo., Paris, 1789- 

1807 (C. Dec. 16 ; 163) Edwards. £3 15s. 

Galerie du Musee Napoleon, 10 vol., port, and engs., mor. gilt, g. e., 1804-15 (S. 

Nov. 21 ; 466) Maggs, £2 12s. 

Galerie du Palais du Luxembourg, peinte par Rubens, port, and 28 engs., old 

red mor., gilt, fo., Paris, 1710 (S. Dec. 12 ; 774) Edwards, ;£19 

The same, port, and 24 engs., old red mor., fo., Paris, 1710 (S. Dec. 10 ; 

351) Scotti, £2 9s. 

Galerie du Palais Pitti, 4 vol., engs., half mor. gilt, g. e., fo., Florence, 1842 (S. 

Dec. 10 ; 312) Rimell, £2 2s. 

Galluzzi (R.) Istoria del Granducato di Toscana sotto il govemo della Casa Medici, 

5 vol., half veil., 4to., Firenze, 1781 (S. Oct. 31 ; 436) Baker, 5s. 

1912-13 57 

Gaming. Art and Mystery of Modem Gaming fully Exposed and Detected, calf, 
4to., 1726 (C. Dec. 16; 86) Edwards, 12s. 

Gardening;. Observations on Modem Gardening, with Notes by H. Walpole, 
cold.^plts., half mor., 4to., 1801 (C. Dec. 16 ; 87) Sotheran, £3 10s. 

Gardiner (S.) Declaration of suche true articles as George Joye hath gone about 
to confute as false, b. I. (stained), half calf, 1546 (H. Oct. 24 ; 533) 

Payne, £1 17s. 

Detection of the Devils Sophistrie, wherwith he robbeth the unlearned 

people of the true byleef in the most blessed Sacrament of the aulter, b. I., 
calf, 1546 (H. Oct. 24 ; 532) Tregaskis, £2 5s. 

(S. R.) History- of England, 2 vol., 1st edn., 1863 (S. Oct. 21 ; 107) 

Quaritch, £\^ 10s. 

The same to 1660 (with Supplementar}^ Chapter), complete set, hb. edn., 

17 vols., with inscription, " From the Author," 1863-1903 (P. Oct. 31 ; 552) 

Maggs, £11 

Anr. Edn., from 1603 to 1642, 10 vol., 1883-84 (S. Nov. 6 ; 89) Hill, £\ 8s. 

Oliver Cromwell, Japanese paper, ills., with duphcate set, fo., 1899 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 313) ThoYold, £\ 12s. 

Garrick (David) The Chances, a Comedy, 1st edn., front, (on back Garrick's old 

ex-hbris), 1777 (S. Dec. 11 ; 456) James, 6s. 

Gautier (T.) Emaux et Camees, 1st edn., half mor., Paris, 1852 (S. Dec. 5 ; 142) 

Quaritch, £A 12s 6d. 

* Catalogue slip inserted, with note in the autograph of Mr. Lang. 

King Candaules, with Preface by Anatole France, L. P., pits, in 3 states, 

4to., 1898 (S. Dec. 2 ; 210) Hitchman, 10s. 

Les jeunes France : Romans Goguenards, 1st edn., port, and fronts., half 

mor., t. e. g., Paris, 1833 (S. Dec. 5 ; 141) Blaizot, £1 5s. 

* Catalogue slip inserted, with autograph note by A. Lang. 

Le Tombeau de Theophile Gautier (verses by Swinburne, etc.), port., 

wrappers, 4to., Paris, 1873 (S. Dec. 6 ; 473) Dohell, £\ 8s. 

Gay (J.) The Beggar's Opera, with Music, front., half mor., t. e. g., 1771 (H. Nov. 
28 ; 425) 7s. 

Fables, 2 vol., port, and vignettes, cont. red mor., covered with tooling, 

g. e., 1746-51 (S. Dec. 5 ; 143) Maggs, £8 5s. 

Anr. Edn., with Life, engs. by W. Blake, etc., 2 vols, in 1, old calf, 1793 

(H. Nov. 28 ; 468) Hornstein, £2 

The Petticoat, an Heroi-Comical Poem, 1st edn., wrappers, uncut, 1716 

(P. Oct. 30 ; 200) Maggs, £9 

Trivia, or Art of Walking the Streets of London, 1st edn., large and thick 

paper, old red mor., g. e. (from Col. Grant's Ubrary), B. Lintott, n. d. (P. 
Dec. 17 ; 80) Hatchard, £8 5s. 

Geddes (W.) The Saint's Recreation, 4to., cf., Edin., 1683 (D. Dec. 16 ; 260) Is. 

Gee Q.) Trade and Navigation of Great Britain Considered, 1767 (D. Dec. 16 ; 
128) 6s. 6d. 

GeU (Sir W.) Pompeiana : The Typography, Edifices and Ornaments of Pompeii, 
L. P., proof pits., russ. ex., joints, g. e., by Dawson & Lewis, with ticket, 4to., 
1817-19 (S. Nov. 11 ; 242) Hopkins, 18s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., L. P., pits., proofs, mor., g. e., by Hering (from the Ubrary 

of the Duke of Cambridge), 4to., 1832 (S. Oct. 23 ; 893) Young, £\ 3s. 

Topography of Troy, cold. pits., mss.. fo., 1804 (S. Dec. 12 ; 752) 

David, 1 3 s. 

Genest (J.) Account of the EngUsh Stage, 10 vol., uncut, Bath, 1832 (S. Oct. 16 : 

1) Bain, £8 

The same, 10 vol., half bound, 1832 (S. Nov. 7 ; 521) Dobell, £5 5s. 

Gentleman in Black, 1st edn., pits, by G. Cmikshank, 1831 (S. Oct. 31 ; 508) 

Cohn, 15s. 
Gentleman's Journal, from Jan. to Dec, 12 nos. in 1 vol. (wanting No. for 
March), with 44 leaves of music, half calf, 4to., 1692 (S. Dec. 11 ; 484) 

Pickering, £\ 17s. 

Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire (I.) et F. Cuvier. Histoire Naturelle des Mammifcres, 

4 vol., cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., by Clarke and Bedford, fine copy, fo., Paris, 

1824 (S. Nov. 26; 406) Quaritch. £10 


Geographia Magnse Britanniae, or, Correct Maps of all the Counties in England, 

Scotland and Wales, engd. title and 60 maps, old calf, 1748 {S. Dec. 11 ; 

433) Tre^askis, 19s. 

George IV. Brief Account of the Coronation of George IV, port, and 6 cold, pits., 

half roan, uncut, 1821 (H. Oct. 16 ; 533) Cohn, £1 17s. 

Gerarde (John) The Herball, enlarged by T. Johnson, engd. title and woodcuts, 

sound copy, mor., r. e., by Riviere, fo., 1633 (S. Nov. 14 ; 266) 

Hornstein, £7 5s. 

The same, old bdg., fo., 1633 (P. Oct. 4 ; 605) Clayton, £1 17s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., by T. Johnson, engd. title (slightly defective), and woodcuts, fo., 

1636 (S. Dec. 11 ; 544) Wesley, £2 10s. 

The same, calf, fo., 1636 (S. Oct. 17 ; 629) Edwards, £3 Is. 

The same, calf, fo., 1636 (S. Oct. 22 ; 457) Dulau, £6 

Geming (J.J. von) Picturesque Tour of the Rhine, 24 cold, pits., half mor., g. e., 

4to., 1820 (H. Oct. 16; 642) Meuel, £4 

Gessner (S.) CEuvres, 3 voj., engs., after Le Barbier, etc., mor. ex., g. e., by Cham- 

bolle-Duru, fine copy, 4to., Paris, 1779 (1786-93) (S. Nov. 14 ; 301) 

Edwards, £1 5 15s. 
Gesta Romanorum, cum Applicationibus Morahsatis et Mysticis, I. jj., rubricated 

capitals, half vellum, fo., a. u. n. (c. 1500) (S. Dec. 11 ; 517) Barnard, 5s. 
Geyler von Keiserspurg (J.) Welt-Spiegel, oder Narren-Schiff, I. fl., woodcuts, 

Basel, 1574 (S. Nov. 11 ; 244) Schappi, £1 13s. 

Ghosts' Wives, a String of Strange Stories, ills, by H. K. Browne, etc., calf ex., 

t. e. g., by Riviere, 1867 (S. Oct. 23 ; 709) Shepherd, £1 Is. 

Giannone (P.) Istoria Civile del regno di Napoli, 6 vol., port., veil., 4to., Palmyra, 

1762-6 (S. Oct. 31 ; 433) Baker, 2s. 

Gibbon (E.) History of Rome, ed. by J. B. Bury, 7 vols., 1900 (H. Oct. 23 ; 204) 

Quaritch, £1 5s. 
Gibbons (N.) Ely Episcopal Records, Lincoln, 1891 (S. Nov. 13 ; 800) 

Quaritch, 17s. 
Gibbs (J.) A Book of Architecture, 150 pits., half calf, fo., 1728 (S. Nov. 14 ; 67) 

Mount, £3 

Anr. Edn., fo., cf., 1739 (D. Dec. 17 ; 702) 16s. 

Rules for Drawing the several Parts of Architecture, 64 pits., half mor., fo., 

1738 (S. Nov. 14 ; 68) Mount, £2 

Gibson (C. B.) History of Cork, 2 vol., 1st edn., map, 1891 (S. Dec. 11 ; 417) 

Walton, 1 2s. 
Gilbert (J.) Cadore, or Titian's Country, pits., 8vo., 1869 (H. Nov. 7 ; 796) 

Dunlop, 8s. 6d. 
(W.) Method of Fishing in Hackney River, mor. ex., t. e. g., by W. Pratt, 

1676 (S. Dec. 5 ; 144) Pickering, £2 14s. 

* The second part of the work entitled " The Angler's Dehght." 
- — - (W. S.) More Bab Ballads, cuts, 1st edn., n. d. (H. Nov. 27 ; 96) 

Hornstein, £1 13s. 
Gildse (cui cognomentum 6st Sapientis) de Excidio et Conquesta Britanniae, calf, 

Londini, 1568 (S. Oct. 30 ; 189) Streeton, £\ 

Gillray (J.) HoUandia Regenerata, 20 caricatures in red, half calf, uncut, 4to., 

1795 (P. Dec. 17 ; 178) Hornstein, £3 15s. 

Girava (S. Hieronymus) La Cosmographia y Geographia, woodcut map by Caspar i 

Vopel, sm. 4to., old calf (stamp erased from title), Venetia, 1570 (H. Oct. 

24 ; 550) Stephens, £5 10s. 

Girtm (T.) Picturesque Views in Paris, 20 pits., half bound, ob. fo., 1803 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 120) Vaz Bias, £\9 

Giuseppe di S.S. Teresa. Istoria delle guerre del Regno del Brasile accadute tra 

la corona di Portogallo e la republica di Olanda, engd. titles and pits., 2 vol. 

in 1, veil., fo., Roma, 1698 (C. Dec. 16 ; 165) Edwards, £\ 12s. 

Gladsmuir. Account of the late Battle at Gladsmuir, betwixt the Army under 

Prince Charles and that commanded by Lt. Gen. Cope, Sept. 21 , 1745 (1745) 

(S. Dec. 11 ; 383) Dunlop, £\ 10s. 

Glanvil (J.) Saducismus Triumphatus, 2 vol. in 1, engd. title and fronts., calf, 1682 

(S. Nov. 20; 163) David, 17s. j 

Glasgow, Past and Present, 3 vols., 1884 (E. Sep. 20 ; 55) Wright, £\ 3s. 

1912-13 59 

•Godwin (F.) Catalogue of the Bishops of England, b. I., calf, 4to., 1615 (S. Nov. 

25 ; 50). Barnard, 2s. 

Goethe Herman and Dorothea, trans, (by Prof. Whewell), mor., g. e.. ob. 4to., 

P. P.. n. d. n. or p. [18—] (S. Nov. 11 ; 249) Meuel, 12s. 

Goldsmith (Oliver) Essays, 1st edn., old cf. (name on title), 1765 (P. Oct. 4 ; 

459) Barnard, 10s. 

The Good-Natur'd Man, 1st edn., mor. ex., 1768 (S. Nov. 14 ; 296) 

Isaacs, £A 15s. 

The Grecian History, 2 vol., 1st edn., L. P., calf gilt, 1774 (S. Dec. 1 1 ; 435) 

James, 5s. 

Life of Richard Nash, seed, edn., port., calf, broken, 1762 (S. Nov. 14 ; 213) 

Lewine, 12s. 

Vicar of Wakefield, seed, edn., 2 vol., calf, 1766 (S. Nov. 7 ; 544) Maggs, 17s 

Anr. Edn., pits, by Stothard, 2 vols, in 1 , calf gilt. 1792 (H. Nov. 28 ; 429) 

Shepherd, 16s, 

Anr. Edn., 24 cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, half calf, 1817 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

145) Bumpus, £\5 10s. 

The same, mor., g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, fine copy, 1817 (S. Oct. 23 ; 715) 

Bickers, i2A 10s. 

Anr. Edn., cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, calf, g. t., by Riviere, 1823 (P. 

Dec. 17 ; 81) Cohn, £20 

Anr. Edn., ills, by Mulready, calf ex.. 1843 (P. Dec. 17 ; 82) Dobell, £1 Is. 

Poetical Works, ed. by Bolton Comey, ills, by Creswick, mor., g. e., by 

Hayday. 1846 (P. Dec. 17 ; 83) Blythe, 17s. 6d. 

Goldsmith and Pamell's Poems, 1st edn., ly. P., woodcuts by Bewick, calf gilt, 

4to., 1795 (S. Oct. 30 ; 236) Karslake, 19s. 

Gomara (Fr. Lopez de) Primera y segimda Parte de la historia General de las Indias 

I. g. (defective), veil., w. a. f., fo., Medina, 1553 (S. Nov. 20 ; 82) 

H. Stevens, il 10s. 
Gongales de Mendoza. Histoire du Grand Royaume de la Chine, mise en fran9ois 

par Luc de la Porte, orig. veil., Paris, 1588 (S. Nov. 20 ; 17) Kashnor, j£8 
Gonse (L.) L'Art Japonais. 2 vol.. pits., fo., Paris, 1883 (S. Oct. 30 ; 121) 

Bain, £1 
Gordon (Alex.) Itinerarium Septentrionale, pits., L. P., old calf, gilt, fo., 1726 (H. 

Nov. 6 ; 624) Johnson, 15s. 

Gordon's Geography Anatomized, maps, cf., 1704 (D. Dec. 16 ; 320) Is. 

Gorges (F.) America Painted to the life, 4 parts complete (wants front, and map), 

caH, sm. 4to., 1659 (1658) (S. Nov. 20 ; 26) H. Stevens, £5 10s. 

Gospel Book of Saint Margaret, ed. by W. Forbes-Leith, veil., sm. 4to., Edinb.. 

1896 (S. Nov. 11 ; 255) Young, £2 5s. 

Gotch (J. A.) Architecture of the Renaissance in England, pits., in 2 portfolios, fo., 

1894 (H. Oct. 15 ; 284) Hill, i\ 4s. 

[Gough (R.)l History of Pleshy, port, and pits., half russ., 4to., 1803 (S. Dec. 10 ; 

172) ' Walford, £2 

Gould (F. C.) Pohtical Caricatures, 1903, special copy, signed, half parchment, 

t. e. g., 4to., 1903 (S. Nov. 21 ; 240) Dobell, 5s. 

(John) Birds of Asia, cold, pits., in 35 parts, fo., 1850-83 (S. Nov. 27 ; 674) 

Cartwright, £30 

The same, 7 vol., 530 cold, pits., half mor., amcut (vol. VII in parts), fo., 

1850-83 (S. Nov. 26 ; 450) Bumpus, iA5 

Birds of Austraha, cold, pits., 36 parts., parts 1 to 24 in 5 vols., half leather, 

remainder as issued, fo., 1848 (P. Nov. 21 ; 189) Quaritch, ;g88 

The same, with Supplement, 8 vol., half mor. (Supplement in parts), 1848 

(S. Nov. 27 ; 673) Cartwright, £125 

The same, with Sup{)lement, 8 vol., mor. ex., gilt borders, g. e. (Supplement 

in parts), fine copy, 1848-69 (S. Nov. 26 ; 449) Bumpus, ;gl80 

The same. Supplement, cold, pits., mor., fo., 1869 (P. Oct. 4 ; 582) 

Edwards, ;^40 

Birds of Europe, 5 vol., cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1837 (S. Nov. 27 ; 672) 

Gibbs, ;£44 

Birds of Great Britain, 5 vol., cold, pits., in 25 parts, fo., 1862-73 (S. Nov. 

27 ; 675) Thelusson, £22 


Gould Qohn) Anr, Edn., 5 vols., half mor., t. e. g., fo.. 1873 (P. Dec. 17 ; 201) 

Archer, £36 

Birds of New Guinea, in 25 parts, 232 cold, pits., fo., 1875-88 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

454) Bumpus, ^2 10s. 

Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains, 80 cold, pits., mor., g. e., 

fo., 1831 (P. Nov. 21 ; 184) Quaritch, £6 5s. 

Icones Avium, 2 parts, cold, pits., pres. copy, fo., 1837-8 (S. Nov. 26 ; 455) 

Quaritch, £7 15s. 

Mammals of AustraHa, 3 vol., cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1863 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

678) Maggs, £18 10s. 

Monograph of the Macropodidae, cold, pits.. Parts 1 and 2 (all pubd.), fo., 

1841-2 (P. Nov. 21 ; 188) Edwards, £5 17 s. 6d. 

Monograph of the Ramphastidse, cold, pits., mor., g. e., fo., 1834 (P. Nov. 

21 ; 185) Brown, £4 10s. 

Anr. Edn., 51 cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1854 (S. Nov. 26 ; 452) 

Quaritch, £\ 1 

Monograph of the Trochihdse, 6 vol., including Supplement, cold, pits., mor. 

ex., jomts, g. e., fo., 1861-87 (S. Dec. 2 ; 303) Edwards, ;^43 

The same, 6 vol., half mor. (Supplement in parts), fo., 1861-87 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

676) Quaritch, ^2 10s. 

Monograph of the Trogonidae, cold, pits., mor., g. e., fo., 1838 (P. Nov. 21 ; 

187) Thurgate, £A 

Anr. Edn., 46 cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1875 (S. Nov. 26 ; 453) 

Wheldon, £S 

The Odontophorinse, 32 cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1850 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

451) Edwards, £8 5s. 

(R. F.) History of Freemasonry, 3 vol., ports., half mor., 4to., 1886 (S. Nov. 

25 ; 226) Philips, £\ Is. 

Gower (J.) De Confessione Amantis, 16. 1., title ntended and small portion of border 
lines in facsimile, mor., g. e., by Riviere, fo., 1554 (S. Nov. 20 ; 224) 

Clarkson, £A 5s. 

(lyord Ronald) Sir Thomas Lawrence, L. P., with duplicate ills., fo., 1900 

(P. Nov. 21 ; 257) Parsons, £4 

Goya (F.) Arte de lidiar los toros, inventadas y grabadas al agua fuerte en Madrid, 
33 pits., calf gilt, g. e., ob. fo., Madrid, 1855 (S. Oct. 30 ; 123) 

Rimell, £\0 15s. 

Caprichos, port, and 79 pits., calf, g. e., fo., Madrid, n. d. ca., 1799 (S. 

Oct. 30 ; 122) Meuleneere, £2^ 

lyos Desastres de la Guerra, 80 pits., half mor., ob. fo., ib., 1863 (S. Oct. 30 ; 

124) Rimell, £\2 5s. 

Los Proverbios, 18 pits., half mor., ob. fo., ib., 1864 (S. Oct. 30 ; 125) 

Maggs, £\2 
Gozzi (Count Carlo) Memoirs, trans, by J. A. Symonds, 2 vol., L. P., port, and 6 
etchings, in duplicate, and 1 1 cold, pits., 1890 (S. Nov. 21 ; 427) 

Sotheran, £2 15s. 

Grace (Sheffield) Memoirs of the Family of Grace, thick paper, views, etc., mor. 

ex., g. e., P. P., 1823 (S. Dec. 4 ; 719) Brazell, £\ 10s. 

Graesse (J. G. T.) Tresor de Livres Rares et Precieux, 7 vols, in 4, half calf, 4to., 

Dresde, 1859-69 (H. Nov. 6 ; 573) £7 15s. 

Graham (H. D.) Birds of lona and Mull, ills., 4to., Edinb., 1890 (S. Oct. 21 ; 275) 

Pickering, 12s. 

(R. G.) Carved Stones of Islay, pits., sm. 4to., 1895 (H. Oct. 15 ; 184) 

Winter, 10s. 6d. 

(Maria) Journal of a Residence in India, pits., 4to., cf., 1813 (D. Oct. 23 ; 

969) ■ 2s. 

Grampian Club Publications, 26 vol., 1870, etc. (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 257) Allen, £2 15s. 
Grand Cabinet Romain ou Recueil d' Antiquitez Romaines, fo., cf., 1706 (D. 

Dec. 17 ; 719) 2s. 

Grand Master (The), or Adventures of Qui Hi in Hindostan, 1st edn., cold. ills, by 

Rowlandson, half calf (pp. 31-32 were cancelled), 1816 (S. Oct. 23 ; 721) 

Borough, £3 5s. 

The same, half mor. ex., 1816 (C. Dec. 16 ; 229) Hornstein, £3 15s. 

1912-13 6i 

Crande Theatre Historique, 5 vols, in 3, fo., cf., 1703 (D. Dec. 17 ; 435) 68. 

Grant (James) Sketches in London, 24 ills, by " Phiz," 1838 (P. Oct. 3 ; 213) 

Maggs. 16s. 
Grantley (Lord) Pinocchi (Poems), Niger morocco, g. e., 1856 (S. Nov. 11 ; 258) 

Maggs. 5s. 
Gratianus. Decretum cum multis noviter additis, I. g., half russ., fine copy, fo., 

Lugduni, 1510 (S. Dec. 12 ; 984) Leighton, £1 Is. 

Gravenhorst (I. L. C.) Ichneumonologia Europaea, 3 vol., half calf, Vratislaviae, 

1829 (S. Dec. 10 ; 93) Wesley. 2s. 

Gravina (D. B.) II Deromo di Monreale, 2 vol., 90 pits., in chromo-lithography, 

half mor. ex., g. e.. fo., Palermo, 1859 (S. Nov. 26 ; 435) Quaritch. £13 
Gray (G. R.) Genera of Birds, pits., 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., fo.. 1849 (P. Dec. 

17 ; 202) Quaritch. ;gl2 15s. 

(T.) Designs by Mr. Bentley for Six Poems, hf . cf ., fo., 1775 (P. Oct. 4 ; 601 ) 

Last, 5s. 

Odes, 1st edn., half calf. 4to.. Strawberry Hill. 1757 (S. Nov. 14 ; 302) 

Dobell. ;g3 7s. 6d. 

Poems, 1st edn., old tree-calf, with old ex-Ubris of Lord Napier, 4to., Edinb., 

1768 (S. Nov. 11 ; 260) Forrester, 16s. 

Great Masters reproduced in Photogravure, with text by Sir M. Conway, 25 parts, 
fo., 1903-1904 (P. Nov. 21 ; 247) Fish. i\ 10s. 

Greenaway (Kate) Almanacks, 1883 to 1895, 13 vols., complete set, as new (P. 
Nov. 21 ; 119) Bumpus. i\0 

* An Original Drawing, signed K. G., is loosely inserted. 

- The same, for 1883 to 1886, and 1890 to 1895 (10) (S. Dec. 4 ; 715) 

Steele, £5 

The same, from 1883 to 1897, wanting 1889 and 1896, 13 vol., 1883-97 (S. 

Dec. 11 ; 651) Hornstein, iA 15s. 

The same, for 1890, 1891 and 1894, 3 vol. (H. Oct. 18 ; 1028) Selden, 19s. 

April Baby's Book of Tunes, 1900 (S. Dec. 11 ; 665) Maggs, 16s. 

Birthdav Book for Children, n. d. (S. Oct. 18 ; 712) Shepherd. 8s. 

Mother Goose, 1st edn., n. d. (S. Oct. 30; 272) Streeton. 10s. 

Under the Window, 1st edn., n. d. (S. Oct. 30 ; 273) Streeton. 10s. 

Greene (R.) Pleasant Historic of Dorastus and Fawnia, b. I., some headlines cut, 

mor., g. e. by Riviere, 4to., 1636 (S. Dec. 20 ; 47) Forbes, £S 15s. 

Dramatic Works and Poems, with Notes by A. Dyce, 2 vols., 1831 (H. Dec. 

5 ; 205) Bumpus, £1 15s. 

Greenwood (J as.) True History of a Little Ragamufl&n, 1st edn., pits, by " Phiz," 
half mor., g. t., wrappers bovmd up, n. d. (S. Dec. 2 ; 59) Spencer, 19s. 

Gregorius Magnus, Papa. Dialogorum, hbri IV, I. g.. 79 11. (Hain *7963) , modem 
boards, Venet, 1492 (S. Dec. 20 ; 191) Davis, £1 7s. 

Moralia S. expositio in Jobum, I. q. (Hain *7930), old veil., fo., Venet., 1480 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 1031) Tregaskis, £1 Is. 

Gregorius Nonus Papa. Decretales accurata dihgentia nuper emendatae, C. g. 

(colophon defective), oak boards and stamped leather, 4to., Paris, T. Kerver 

[15—] (S. Dec. 20 ; 59) Leighton, £3 17s. 6d. 

Grettis Saga. Story of Grettir the Strong, trans, by E. Magnusson and W. 

Morris, 1st edn^, L. P., imopened, 1869 (S. Nov.'21 ; 392) Maggs, £3 

Greville. Leaves from the Diary of Henry Greville, 1st edn., 1905 (S. Oct. 30 ; 

205) James, 4s. 

Grieve's Dissertatio Modica, 4to., mor. gt., Edin., 1773 (D. Dec. 17 ; 647) £1 17s. 
Grimble (A.) Deer Forests of Scotland, ills., half parchment, uncut, 4to., 1896 (S. 

Nov. 6 ; 249) Quaritch, 19s. 

Grimeston (E.) Historic of Spaine, fo., cf., 1612 (D. Dec. 17 ; 579) Is. 

Grimm. The Fairy Ring, trans, by J. E. Taylor, 12 ills, by R. Doyle, pres. copy, 

1846 (S. Oct. 16 ; 29) Tregaskis, £1 17s. 

Fairv Tales, by Mrs. Lucas, cold. ills, by Rackham, sm. 4to., 1909 (H. Nov. 

29 ; 702) Billingham, 14s. 

The same, edn. de luxe, 4to., veil., t. e. g., 1909 (H. Nov. 5 ; 153) £\ 12s. 

The same, 4to., 1909 (C. Dec. 16; 261) Maggs, £3 

German Popular Stories, 2 vol., pits, by G. Cruikshank, foxed, half calf, 1834 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 147) Spencer, £\ 16s. 


Grimsby. Register Book of the Parish Church of Saint James, Great Grimsby. 

1538-1812. ed. by G. S. Stephenson, 1889 (S. Nov. 13 ; 801) Walford. 17s. 
Grindlay (R. M.) Scenery, etc., on the Western Side of India, cold, pits., half mor., 

g. e., fo., 1830 (S. Dec. 10 ; 303) Maggs, £2 8s. 

Grinnell (G. B.) North American Indians of To-day, ports., 4to., 1900 (S. Nov. 

6 ; 247) Hill, 9s. 

Griswold (R. W.) The Republican Court, or Society in the Days of Washington, 

21 ports., mor., g. e., 4to., N. Y., 1856 (S. Nov. 11 ; 263) Forrester, 7s. 
Gritsch (Jo.) Quadragesimale tripartitum, I. fl. (3 11. slightly defective), oaken 

boards, stamped pig-skin, metal clasps, fo., from the Library of William 

Morris, J. Zeiner de Rutlingen, 1475 (S. Dec. 12 ; 962) Leighfon, ill 10s. 
Grolier Club — Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of English Writers — 

Langland to Prior, 4 vols., half roan, N. Y., 1893-1905 (H. Nov. 28 ; 392) 

Dohell, i<o 15s. 

De Vinne (T. ly.) Historic Printing Types, pres. copy to A. Lang, 4to., N. Y., 

1886 (S. Dec. 6 ; 474) Sotheran, £3 8s. 

Gronovius et Graevius : Thesaurus Graecarum Antiquitatum, et Romanorum 
Antiquitatum. 24 vol., pits., veil., fo., Venet.. 1732-7 (S. Nov. 27 ; 669) 

Nijhoff, i<d 

Gronow (Capt.) Reminiscences, ills, by J. Grego, in duplicate, one set coloured, 2 
vols., 1889 (H. Nov. 15 ; 859) Hitchman, £1 8s. 

The same, 2 vol., 1889 (S. Oct. 23 ; 724) Hitchman, £2 

Grose (F.) Dictionary of Buckish Slang, boards, 1811 (P. Dec. 17 ; 84) 

Thorpe, 8s. 

Antiquities of England and Wales, 8 vol., pits., russ., 1783-87 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

420) Last, 12s. 

Antiquities of Scotland, L. P., proof pits., 2 vol., old russ. ex., m. e., 4to.^ 

1789 (S. Nov. 11 ; 264) Hopkins. 10s.. 

Antiquities of Ireland, L. P., 2 vol., engs., russ., fo., n. d. (S. Oct. 23 ; 924) 

Joseph, 8s. 

Gruner (L.) Fresco Decorations and Stuccoes of Churches and Palaces in Italy, ^ 

pits., half mor., fo., 1844 (S. Nov. 14 ; 72) Batsford, £Q 5s^ 

Specimens of Ornamental Art, 80 pits., fo., with Text and Additions 

Plates in 4to., half mor. (2) (S. Nov. 14 ; 74) Batsford, £3 15sJ 

Terra-Cotta Architecture of North Italy, pits., half roan, 4to., 1867 (SJ 

Nov. 14 ; 73) Batsford, 

Gruz (H.) Motifs de Peinture decorative pour appartements modemes, pits., hal 
mor., fo., Paris, n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 75) Rimell, 13sJ 

Guarini (B.) II Pastor Fido, 4to., cf., 1646 (D. Dec. 16; 299) 3sj 

Guarinus Veronensis. Vocabularius breuiloquus cu arte dipthongandi, punctanc 
et accentuandi, g. (. (wormed), with blank A8, calf, Argentinse, 1496 (P. Oct 
30 ; 154) Barberi, £\ 

Guercino. Raccolta di Alcuni Disegni del Barberini da Cento, engs. with folding 
plate of the Procession to Calvary, fo., Rome, 1746 (H. Nov. 14 ; 578]j 

Barnard, £2 

Guevara (Anthony of) Familiar Epistles, trans, by Edw. Hellowes, 6. (., veil., 4to,J 
n. d. (S. Nov. 25 ; 51) Ellis, £\ 18sJ 

The Mount of Calvarie, 1618 ; The Second Part, 1st edn., 1597 ; in 1 vol., 

calf, 4to. (S. Nov. 1 ; 952) Dobell, 9s. 

Guicciardini. Aphorismes, fo., cf., 1613 (D. Dec. 17 ; 512) 4s. 6d. 

Guicciardin, Historic of, trans, by G. Fenton, fo., cf., 1618 (D. Nov. 18 p 

313) 6s. 

Guiffrey (J.) Histoire de la Tapisserie, pits., calf. Tours, 1886 (S. Nov. 14 ; 76) 

Ferry, 19s. 

Guillim (J.) Display of Heraldrie, coats-of-arms, coloured, calf, fo., 1638 (S. Dec. 

4 ; 995) Jackson, 10s. 

Anr. Edn., cuts. calf, rebacked, fo., 1660 (S. Oct. 17 ; 601) David, 14s. 

Anr. Edn., half calf, fo., 1679 (C. Dec. 16 ; 275) Hollings, £\ 12s. 

Anr. Edn., sixth edn.. front, and pits., old calf. fo.. 1724 (S. Nov. 1 ; 964) 

Hughes, £\ 10s. 

Anr. Edn., engs. (cold.), fo., cf., 1762 (D. Dec. 16 ; 396) £\ Is. 

Gumilla. Histoire de L'Orenoque, 3 vols., cf., 1758 (D. Dec. 17 ; 607) £\ 2s. 


1912-13 6j 

Gunton (S.) Histoty of Peterborough Cathedral, pits., calf, fo., 1686 (S. Nov. 7 ; 

574) Murray, 3s. 

Gwinne (Matt.) Nero. Tragaedia Nova, veil. pres. copy, 4to., 1603 (S. Nov. 23 ; 

233) Ellis, £1 16s. 

Habershon (W. G.) Records of Old London, 36 cold, pits., half mor., 4to., 1893 

(H. Nov. 13 ; 317) Fish, 13s. 

Hacket (J.) Scrinia Reserata (Life of J. Williams, Keeper of the Great Seal), port., 

old calf, fo., 1693 (H. Oct. 24 ; 633) 5s. 

Haden (Seymour) About Etching, orig. etching and 15 facsimiles, half bound, 4to., 

1879 (S. Oct. 30 ; 61) Combe, £4 12s. 

Hadfield (J.) Ecclesiastical Architecture of Essex, pits., half roan, fo., n. d. (S. 

Dec. 10 ; 180) Avery. £1 Is. 

Hafiz of Shiraz : Selections from his Poems, trans, by H. Bicknell, 4 to., 1875 

(S. Oct. 23 ; 896) Hill. 15s. 

Hakluyt (R.) Principal Navigations, Voyages, TraflSques and Discoveries of the 

Enghsh Nation, 5 vol., calf, m. e., 4to., 1809 (S. Dec. 12 ; 739) 

H. Stevens, £4 17s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., 12 vol., ills., Glasgow, 1903-5 (S. Nov. 27 ; 690) 

Edwards, £4 2s. 6d. 
Hakluyt Society's Pubhcations — Ralegh's Discovery of Guiana ; Strachey's His- 
toric of Travaile into Virginia ; Rundall's Voyages ; Hakluyt's Divers 
Voyages and Discovery of Florida ; De Veer's Three Voyages ; Early 
Voyages to Australia ; Henry Hudson the Navigator, &c., 29 vols., 1847-63 
(H. Oct. 15; 250) Quaritch, £34 

The same, from commencement in 1847 to 1905 (a few missing), 114 vol. 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 502) Quaritch, £97 

Halford (F. M.) Dry-Fly Fishing in Theory and Practice, 1st edn., pits., 1889 (S. 
Dec. 5 ; 153) B. F. Stevens, 16s. 

The same, edn. de luxe, pits., mor. ex., t. e. g., 1889 (S. Oct. 30 ; 180) 

Bumpus. £2 12s. 

Anr. Edn., pits., 1899 (S. Dec. 5 ; 154) Quaritch. 13s. 

Halfpenny (W.) A New and Compleat System of Architecture, 47 pits., calf, ob, 

fo., 1749 (S. Nov. 14 ; 77) Hiersemann, 5s. 

Hall (Rob.) History of Galashiels, front., map and ports., 4to., Galashiels, 1898 

(S. Nov. 11 ; 271) Hopkins, 7s. 

Hallen (A. W. C.) London City Church Registers : St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, 

London, 3 vol., 1889-95 (S. Nov. 13 ; 802) Marcham, 10s. 

Halley (E.) Atlas Maritimus et Commercialis. fo., cf., 1728 (D. Dec. 17 ; 716) 

£4 4s. 
HaUiwell (J. G.) Account of Antiquities etc., illustrative of Shakespeare, 4to., 1852 

(S. Oct. 16; 128) Maggs, 16s. 

Historical Account of New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, woodcuts, fo., 1864 

(S. Oct. 16 ; 144) Thorp, 8s. 

Illustrations of the Life of Shakespeare, part I, all published, woodcuts, fo.,. 

1874 (S. Oct. 16 ; 143) Carter, 2s. 

Hals (Franz) Etchings after, bv Wm. Unger,2 parts, artist's proofs, fo., Leiden, 
1873-4 (S. Oct. 30 ; 126) Winter, 4s. 

Hamasae Carmina cum tebrisei scholiis integris primum edidit, Indicibus instruxit 
versione Latina et Commentario illustravit G. G. Freytag, 2 vol., half mor.. 
g. e., 4to., Bonn, 1828-47 (S. Dec. 10 ; 276) Quaritch. £3 3s. 

Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers, 1st edn., 1868 (C. Dec. 16 ; 219) 

Neumayer, £6 

Anr. Edn., third edn., pits., half roan, uncut, fo., 1880 (S. Dec. 4 ; 897) 

Parsons, £5 10s. 

The Graphic Arts, pits., half mor., imcut, fo., 1882 (S. Dec. 4 ; 898) 

Hopkins, £1 6s. 

Landscape, pits., half mor., uncut, fo., 1885 (S. Dec. 4 ; 899) Bull, £\ 2s. 

The same, L. P., ills., fo., 1885 (S. Oct. 30 ; 311) Hitchman. £\ 4s. 

Man in Art. 46 pits., fo., 1892 (S. Dec. 4 ; 900) Dobell, 12s. 

The Saone. a Summer Voyage, L. P., 148 ills., half mor., t. e. g., 4to. 1887 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 537) Latimer, 9s. 


Hamilton (Count) Memoires du Comte de Grammont, augmentee de Notes, etc., 
par Horace Walpote, ports., some extra interted, mor., g. e., 4to., Strawberry 
Hill, 1772 (S. Dec, 12 ; 745) Maggs, £16 

Anr. Bdn., port, and 33 pits, by Delort, papier velin, 4to., Paris, 1888 (P 

Dec. 17 ; 179) Rolandi, £2 6s 

Grammont Memoirs, a New Translation, 70 stipple ports., cont. old mor. 

gilt., g. e. (in fine state but slightly rubbed), 4to. [1792-3] (H. Nov. 6 
572) Bumpus, £5 12s. 6d 

(E.) Recollections of Fly Fishing, ills., mor. ex., t. e. g., 1884 (S. Nov. 21 

359) Soames, 6s. 

(G.) Schola Italicae Picturse, engs., fo., boards, Rome, 1773 (H. Nov. 14 

577) Davis &> Orioli, £1 10s, 

- (Lady) Attitudes, L. P., 24 pits., 4to., 1794 (S. Oct. 31 ; 581) Rimell. Is 

(Sir Wm.) Campi Phlegraei. 54 pits., cold., mor. ex., g. e., fo., Naples, 1776 

(S. Nov. 27 ; 581) Davis, £3 

Hampson (Sir G. F.) Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the British Museum 
vol. I to X, cold, pits., 1898-191 1 (S. Dec. 2 ; 61) Quaritch, £6 8s. 

[Hancarville (H. de) > Monumens de la Vie Privee des Douze Cesars — Monumens 
du Culte Secret des Dames Romaines, front, and 100 pits., 2 vols., calf, 
bookplates of Comte D'Orsay, 4to., 1780-4 (P. Dec. 17 ; 180) 

Edwards, £A 12s. 6d. 

Hanway (J .) Historical Account of the British Trade Over the Caspian Sea, 4 vols., 
4to., bds., 1753 (D. Dec. 17 ; 413) 8s. 6d. 

Hardy (J.) Tour in the High Pyrenees, 24 cold, views, half bound, 1825 (S. Oct. 
21 ; 124) Cohn, £\ 16s. 

(T.) Far from the Madding Crowd, 1st edn., 2 vol., 12 ills., fine copy, in cases, 

1874 (S. Oct. 23 ; 738) Spencer, £^ 10s. 

Harenthalis (P. de) Bxpositio Psalterii, \. g. (Hain 8364), stamped calf, rebacked, 
fo., Colon., 1480 (S. Dec. 12 ; 1003) Barnard, £3 7s. 6d. 

Hargrave's Complete Collection of State Trials, 11 vols., fo., cf., 1776-81 (D. 
Nov. 19 ; 461) £1 

Harleian Society Publications : Visitations, complete set, from commencement in 
1869 to 191 1 inclusive, 61 vol. ; Register Section, complete set, from 1877 to 
1911, 40 vol. ; together 101 vol., fine copy, 1869-1911 (S. Nov. 13 ; 804) 

Sotheran, ;^25 

Harmony of the Confessions of Faith of the Christian and Reformed Churches, 
old calf, Cambridge, 1586 (P. Nov. 21 ; 20) Barnard, £1 10s. 

Harper (C. G.) The Brighton Road, ills., 1st edn., 1906 (P. Nov. 21 ; 107) 

Redington, 16s. 

Half Hours with the Highwaymen, ills., 2 vols., 1st edn., 1908 (P. Nov. 

21 ; 105) Redington, 17s. 

Haunted Houses, Tales of the Supernatural, ills., 1st edn., 1907 (P. Nov. 

21 ; 104) Davey, 19s. 

Manchester and Glasgow Road, ills., 2 vols., 1st edn., 1907 (P. Nov. 21 ; 

108) Times, 9s. 

Old Inns of Old England, ills., 2 vols., 1st edn., 1906 (P. Nov. 21 ; 103) 17s. 

The Smugglers, ills., 1st edn., 1909 (P. Nov. 21 ; 102) Times, 13s. 

Stage-Coach and Mail in Days of Yore, ills., 2 vols., 1st ed., 1903 (P. 

Nov. 21 ; 106) Donnithorne, I5s. 

Harrington (J.) Works, fo., cf., 1727 (D. Dec. 17 ; 487) 5s. 

Harris (J.) Compleat Collection of Voyages and Travels, 2 vols., cf., 1705 (D. Oct." 

22 ; 751) £1 18s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., pits., calf, fo., 1744 (S. Oct. 23 ; 925) Salby, 16s. 

History of Kent, vol. I (all pubd.)l port., map and pits., some added, calf, 

fo., 1719 (S. Oct. 17 ; 604) Edwards, £2 10s. 

(Moses) The Aurelian, cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1766 (P. Dec. 4 ; 220) 

David, £1 

Exposition of English Insects, 51 cold, pits., calf, 4to., 1782 (S. Dec. 2 ; 

217) Wesley, Us. 

• (W. C.) Portraits of the Game and Wild Animals of Southern Africa, cold. 

pits., half calf, fo., 1840 (S. Nov. 27 ; 592) Carter, £8 10s. 

1912-13 65 

Harrison (F.) Annals of an Old Manor House. 4to.. 1893 (P. Oct. 3 ; 263) 

Bumpus, £1 

(W. H.) The Humourist, 2 vol., engs. by Rowlandson and Brooke, mor., g. e., 

1831-2 (S. Nov. 14 ; 219) Hornstein, 7s. 

Harting (J. E.) Bibliotheca Accipitraria, front, and pits., 1891 (S. Nov. 21 ; 406) 

Sotheran, 9s. 
Hartshome (A.) Old English Glasses, pits., fo.. 1897 (C. Dec. 16 ; 276) 

Hollings. £1 8s. 
Harvey (G.) The Conclave of Physicians, stamped cf., 1683 (D. Nov. 19 ; 471) 2s. 
Harwood (T.) History of Lichfield, pits., L,. P., 4to., calf, 1806 (H. Oct. 24 ; 504) 

Tregaskis, 153. 

Hassell (J.) Picturesque Rides and Walks roimd the Metropolis, cold, pits., 2 vols., 

half calf, 1818 (H. Oct. 24 ; 483) Romain, £3 17s. 6d 

Tour of the Grand Junction, cold, engs., half calf, m. e., 1819 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

686) Walford, £\ 2s. 

The same, mor. ex., g. e., 1819 (P. Dec. 4 ; 154) Maggs, £\ 10s. 

Hasted (E.) History of Canterbury, 2 vol., pits., half calf, 1801 (S. Oct. 16 ; 300) 

ThoYp, 10s. 

History of Kent, 4 vol., pits, including the " Hundred of Worth," in vol. 

IV, uncut, fo., 1778-99 (S. Nov. 25; 111) Daniell. £\5 

Anr. Edn., 12 vol., pits., calf gilt, m. e., fine copy, 1797-1801 (S. Oct. 16 ; 

299) Sotheran, £7 

Hatton (E.) The Merchant's Magazine, or Trades-Man's Treasury, port, and pits., 

calf, 4to., 1697 (S. Nov. 25 ; 52) Ellis, £1 4s. 

Haudricourt (T. de) Pastes de la Nation Fran9aise, 2 vol., pits., mor. ex., g. e., 

Paris, 1807 (S. Dec. 3 ; 515) Hornstein. £3 3s. 

Haughton (G. C.) Manava-Dherma-Sastra, 2 vol., half russ., m. e., 4to., 1825 (S. 

Nov. 11 ; 276) Hill. 5s. 

Havard (H.) Dictionnaire de I^'Ameublement, 4 vols., Paris, n. d. (D. Oct. 23 ; 

966) £3 3s. 

The same, 4 vol., pits., mor., 4to.. Paris, n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 80) Mount, £6 

Haward (N.) The I,ine of I^iberalitie, b. (., 12mo. (shaved), veil., 1569 (H. Oct. 24 : 

539) Us. 

Hawker (P.) Instructions to Young Sportsmen, cold, front, and pits., boards, 1824 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 24) Cohn, £3 5s. 

Hawkins (Sir John) History of Music, engs., 5 vol., old calf, 4to., 1776 (C. Dec. 

16 ; 89) Symes, £1 15s. 

Hawkins's Picture of Quebec, map, front, and 11 views, calf, Quebec, 1834 (S. 

Nov. 1 ; 837) Mason, 18s. 

Hawtrey (F. M.) History of the Hawtrey Family, ports., 2 vols., 1903 (P. Oct. 

4 ; 431) Barnard, 5s. 

Hay's Genealogy of the Hayes of Tweeddale, 4to., 1835 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1 104) 18s. 
Hayley (W.) Ballads, 5 pits, by Blake, calf, 1805 (S. Oct. 31 ; 470) 

Robson, £1 18s. 

Triumphs of Temper, pits, by Maria Flaxman, engraved by W. Blake, mor. 

ex., g. e.. 1803 (S. Dec. 4 ; 850) Parsons, £1 17s. 

Hay ward (Edw.) The Sizes and Lengths of Riggings for all the States Ships and 
Frigats, orig. calf, fo., 1655 (S. Nov. 20 ; 111) Pickering, £4 14s. 

(Sir J.) Life and Raigne of Edward the sixt, front, and port., 1st edn., sm. 

4to., calf, g. e., 1630 (H. Nov. 28; 417) £l 2s. 

Eromena, fo., cf., 1632 (D. Dec. 16 ; 400) Is. 

Hazlitt (W.) Collected W^orks, ed. by A. R. Waller and A. Glover, 12 vol., ports., 

1902-4 (S. Nov. 1 ; 786) Bain, £3 7s. 6d. 

(W. C.) Livery Companies of the City of London, L. P., ills.. 4to., 1892 (S. 

Dec. 2 ; 218) Stephenson, 16s. 

Heame (S.) Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson Bay to the Northern 
Ocean, pits., half calf, 4to.. 1795 (S. Oct. 22 ; 399) H. Stevens, £6 

(T.) Textus Roffensis, L. P., pits., portrait added, mor. ex., g. e., Oxon, 

1720 (S. Oct. 16; 294) Bloomfield, £\ lis. 

Heath (C.) Beauty's Costume, 12 cold, pits., sm. 4to., 1838 (H. Dec. 18 ; 269) 

Bumpus, £\ 18s. 


Heath (W.) Sketches in and about Dover, a Panoramic View, 5ft. x 8 in., 1836 
(H. Nov. 28 ; 453) Hovnstein, £1 

Hedges (Wm.) Diary during his Agency in Bengal, ed. by H. Yule, 3 vol., pits., 
1887-9 (S. Dec. 20 ; 66) Quaritch. i\ 10s. 

Hefner (J . de) Costume du Moyen Age Chretien, special copy, title and pits., in two 
states, plain and illuminated, fo., Mannheim, 1880 (S. Nov. 1 ; 981) James, 6s. 

Helps (A.) Spanish Conquest in America, Hb. edn., 4 vols., 1855-61 (H. Oct. 15 ; 

122) Edwards, £1 4s. 

Hemmerlin (F.) De Nobilitate et Rusticitate Dialogus [Hain 8,426], diagrams, 

g. I. (wormed), wooden boards, fo., [? Strassburg, J. Pruss, 149-] (H. Dec. 

19 ; 431) £1 Is. 

Hendley (Thos. M.) Memorials of the Jeypore Exhibition, 4 vol., ills., fo., 1884 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 405) Hiersemann, ;£18 

Henley (W. E.) and R. Iv. Stevenson : Beau Austin, a Play in Four Acts, 1st edn., 

wrappers, with Mr, Henley's address in his autograph.. P. P., 1884 (S. Dec. 

5 ; 157) Spencer, £\S 

* With autograph letter of Alfred Austin inserted 

Hennepin (L.) Nouvelle Decouverte d'un tres grand Pays Situe dans 1' Amerique, 
engd. title (defective), 4 maps and pits., calf, Amst., 1698 (P. Nov. 21 ; 
110) Leon, £5 10s. 

Hennessy (G.) Novum Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense, 4to., 
1898 (S. Nov. 13 ; 861) Alington, 9s. 

Henry VIII — Schutz und handthabung der siben Sacrament wider Martinum 
Luther, First German Edition of the " Assertio," sm. 4to., boards [PLeipzig] 
1522 (H. Oct. 24 ; 529) 13s. 

Hepplewhite (A.) Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide, 126 pits., calf, rebacked, 
fo., 1788 (S. Nov. 14 ; 81) Quaritch, £21 

Anr. Edn., 128 pits., fo., 1897 (S. Nov. 14 ; 82) Mount, £2 7s. 6d. 

Herbert of Cherbury (Edward Lord) Life, by himself, port., calf, 4to., Strawberry 
Hill, 1764 (S. Nov. 21 ; 438) Dobell. £\ 

Herbert (G.) The Temple, Fifth Edn., cont. mor., covered with gilt stamps, 
Cambridge, 1638 (H. Oct. 17 ; 842) Quaritch, £7 5s. 

(W.) Antiquities of the Inns of Court, L- P., pits., russ. ex., g. e., 4to., 1804 

(S. Oct. 17 ; 542) Maggs, 12s. 

Herculaneum. Le Pitture Antiche d'Ercolano, De Bronzi di Ercolano, Le Lucerne 
ed i Candelabri di Ercolano, etc., 9 vols., pits., calf, 1 vol. broken, fo., Napoli, 
1757, etc. (S. Nov. 27 ; 667) Mckinnon, 14s. 

Herculaneum et Pompei, par H. Roux Aine, 7 vol., pits., Paris, 1870 (S. Dec. 2 ; 
67) Brown, £1 12s. 

The same, with the Musee Secret, pits., 8 vols., Paris, 1870-72 (P. Dec. 5 ; 

371) Redway, £A 4s. 

Heresbachius (C.) Foure Bookes of Husbandry, Englished by B. Googe, 6. I. 
(shaved), veil., 4to., 1578 (S. Oct. 22 ; 400) Quaritch, £^ 5s. 

Hering (Fr.) Pietas Pontificia, orig. edn., 4to., 1606 (S. Nov. 1 ; 957) Streeton, 5s. 

* Lowndes quotes the 1609, 8vo., as first edition. 

(G. E.) Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland, etc., cold, pits., half mor., g. e., 

fo., 1847 (P. Dec. 5 ; 481) Hornstein, 17s. 

Heriot (G.) Travels through the Canadas, map and pits., calf, 4to., 1807 (S. Oct. 

22 ; 401) White, £A 

Herodotus. The Famous Hystory of Herodotus, h. (., old calf, good copy, 4to., 

1584 (S. Dec. 6 ; 475) Barnard, £5 5s. 

Herolt (J.) Sermones de tempore et Sanctis cum Promptuario exemplorum et de 

B. Virgine, (. fl., commences on A2, stamped calf, fo., 1482 (S. Nov. 14 ; 307) 

Lewine, 1 1 s. 

Sermones Discipuli de tempore et de Sanctis per circulum anni, T g. (Hain» 

Copinger, no. 8494), capitals painted in red (a few 11. slightly wormed), oak 
boards, leather (rebacked), fo., s. 1. et n.[Lugduni. N. PliiUppi , 1487 (S. 
Dec. 12 ; 1012) Leighton, £A 4s. 

Heronis. Gli Artificiosi e curiosi moti spiritali di Herone, tradotti da G. B. 
Arleotti, woodcuts, veil., 4to., Bologna, 1647 (C. Dec. 16 ; 91) Davis, £\ 18s. 

1912-13 67 

Herrara (Ant. de) Description des Indes Occidentales, translatee d'Espagnol, 
engd. title, maps and pits., veil., fo., Amst., 1622 (S. Nov. 20 ; 81) 

Ellis. £3 3s. 

Anr. Edn., traduite par N. de la Coste, complete in v3 vol., old calf, m. e., 4to,, 

Paris. 1660-71 (S. Nov. 20 ; 39) Quaritch. £3 15s. 

Herrick (R.) Hesperides, 1st edn., vnXh " Errata " leaf, front, (in facsimile), calf 
gilt, g. e.. 1648 (S. Dec. 5 ; 159) B. F. Stevens, £2^ 

Anr. Edn.. ed. by A. Pollard. 2 vol., L. P.. port.. 1891 (S. Oct. 21 ; 134) 

Quaritch, 15s. 

Herts. Map of the County, by Dury and Andrews, on 10 sheets, cold. orig. edn., 

half calf, fo. (1765-75) (S. Oct. 17 ; 688) Daniell, £2 7s. 

Heydon (Sir C.) Defence of Judiciall Astrologie, half calf, 4to., Camb., 1603 (P. 

Nov. 21 ; 150) David. £2 4s. 

Heylyn (P.) Cosmographie, 1st edn., maps, old calf, fo., 1652 (S. Nov. 25 ; 113) 

Dobell. £1 14s. 
* Pres. copy to the Bishop of Rochester, with inscription by author. 

Anr. Edn., maps, calf, fo.. 1682 (S. Nov. 25 ; 114) Cubitt, 7s. 

Heywood (T.) Exemplary Lives of the Most Worthy Women of the World, 10 
ports, (slightly shaved), sm. 4to., mor., g. e., 1640 (H. Oct. 24 ; 575) 

Reader. £2 14s. 

Hieronymus (S.) Epistolae Omnes (ex recensione T. LeUi), 2 vol., initials painted 
red. russ. sides, morocco back, good copy, fo.. Parmae [Andrea PortiUal, 1480 
(S. Dec. 12 ; 994) Leighton, £6 

Vitae Sanctorum Patrum, g. I. (lacks a 1, a blank ?). russ. ex., g. e., fo., 1485 

(P. Nov. 21 ; 206) Barberi, £d 

Higden (Ran.) Polycronycon, 6. 1., woodcuts, shghtly stained, but fin& large copy, 
old calf, fo., 1527 (S. Nov. 25 ; 115) Sotheran, £2S 

Higgins (Godfrey) The Celitc Druids, pits., 4to., 1829 (P. Oct. 4 ; 549) 

Hill, £\ 10s 

Hildreth (R.) History of the United States of America, 6 vol.. N. Y., 1856 (S 
Nov. 11 ; 281) Napier, 3s 

Hill (G. B.) Footsteps of Dr. Johnson, edn. de luxe. ills., half mor., t. e. g., 4to. 
1890 (S. Nov. 6 ; 253) Hitchman, 5s 

(John) Exotic Botany, 35 pits., veil., fo., 1759 (C. Dec. 16 ; 167) Wesley. 7s 

(Thos.) Profitable Arte of Gardenmg, 6. 1, (repaired), 4to., 1593 (S. Oct. 17 

445) Body, £2 

Hilton (J.) Catch that Catch Can or a Choice Collection of Catches, Rounds and 
Canons for Three or Four Voices, engd. title, boards, ob., 1652 (P. Dec. 4 ; 
134) Ellis, £7 5s. 

ipkins (A. J.) Musical Instruments, Historic, Rare and Unique, 50 cold, pits., 
half mor., g. e., fo.. 1888 (S. Dec. 4 ; 921) Brown, £3 8s. 

[Hippocrates (Graece) Hbri omes ad vetustos Codices summo studio coUati, fo., old 
mor., g. e., Basileae, 1538 (H. Oct. 17 ; 937) 16s. 

[Hirst and Piersol. Human Monstrosities, pits., 4 vols., fo., 1892 (H. Nov. 28 ; 
562) Hill, £1 3s. 

iy (J . J .) Across England in a Dog-Cart, 1st edn.. ills.. 1891 (H. Oct. 24 ; 485) 

Spencer, 1 5s. 
A Hohday on the Road, 1st edn.. ills., 1887 (H. Oct. 24 ; 484) 

Quaritch, 10s. 

Tour in a Phaeton, 1st edn., ills., 1889 (H, Oct. 18 ; 1057) Edwards, 13s. 

[Histoire de I'lmprimerie et de la lyibrairie, old French red mor. gilt, arms in gold, 

g. e., fo., Paris, 1689 (S. Oct. 31 ; 619) Streeton. 5s. 

Histoire du Clerge SecuUer et ReguUer des Congregations de Chanoins et de Clercs 
et des Ordres Rehgieux, 4 vol., front, and pits., calf, Amst., 1716 (S. Dec. 4 ; 
831) Barnard. Us. 

Historia de Donne Famose, or the Romaine Jubile which happened in the yeare 
855 Disputed lately that there was a Woman Pope named J one the eight, 
calf, 4to., 1599 (S. Dec. 12 ; 744) Purchase. £1 12s. 

Historian's History of the World, ills.. 25 vols., half mor. gilt, t. e. g., in an oak 
bookcase. 1907 (H. Dec. 5 ; 254) £5 15s. 


Historical Records of the British Army, by R. Cannon and E. Packe, Horse 
Guards, Dragoon Guards (5), Light Dragoons (5), Hussars (1), Lancers (3), 
and Infantry Regiments (37), cold, pits., 52 vols., clean state, mostly un- 
opened, 1838-47 (H. Dec. 18 ; 227) Rimell, £12 15s. 

History of Noureddin and the Beautiful Persian Slave, cold, fronts, by Rowland- 
son, 2 parts in 1 vol., calf ex., g. t., covers bound in, n. d. (P. Dec. 17 ; 131) 

Hornsiein, £3 15s. 

Hobbes (T.) Leviathan, engd. title, 1st edn., fo., calf, 1651 (H. Dec. 19 ; 378) 17s. 

Hodson (G. H.) and E. Ford. History of Enfield, pits., interleaved, half mor., 
m. e., 1873 (S. Dec. 2 ; 69) Parsons, 17s. 

Hoentschel. Collections Georges Hoentschel, Notices de A. Perate et G. Briere, 
4 vol., pits., mor. fo., Paris, 1908 (S. Nov. 14 ; 41) Batsford. £7 5s. 

Plogarth (Wm.) Hogarth Restored : by T. Cook, half binding, fo., 1802 (C. Dec. 
16 ; 169) Brown, £5 

Works, restored by J. Heath, with Essay, etc., by J. Nichols, engs., half russ., 

uncut, fo., 1822 (S. Nov. 26 ; 408) Rimell, £3 15s. 

Works, port, and 97 pits., india proofs, half mor., g. e., fo., c. 1830 (S. Oct. 

23 ; 926) Jackson, lis. 

Hogg (J as.) Jacobite Relics of Scotland, orig. edn., 2 vol., half calf t. e. g., Edinb., 
1819-21 (S. Nov. 11 ; 285) Allen, 16s. 

Holbein. Dance of Death, 46 pits., etched by Deuchar, boards, 4to., 1803 (S. 
Oct. 30 ; 242) Spicer, 15s. 

* Contains an extra engd. title in French, a frontispiece and a plate at end. 
• Anr. Edn., ed. by Austin Dobson, Japan, vellum, woodcuts, 1892 (S. Oct. 

31 ; 532) Hill, 8s. 

Portraits of Illustrious Persons, complete series of 84 portraits (some 

mounted), including Holbein and his wife and miniature portraits, half mor. 
gilt, t. e. g., fo., 1792 (S. Nov. 26 ; 404) Cole, £21 

The same, ports, on pink paper, with those of Holbein and his wife, and the 

two miniatures, russ., g. e., by Staggemeier, fo., 1792 (S. Nov. 25 ; 116) 

Parsons, ^^36 10s. 

Anr. Edn., ports., including the Artist and his wife, and the Dukes of Suffolk, 

cloth, 4to., 1812 (H. Oct. 17 ; 912) Lehlond, £\^ 5s. 

[Hole (S.R.) A Little Tour in Ireland. 1st edn., cold, front, and ills, by Leech, 1859 
(S. Nov. 7 ; 607) Maggs, £\ 9s. 

Holinshed's Chronicles, seed, edn., continued, by J. Hooker and others, 0. I., 
3 vols, in :: (a few 11. stained), calf, fo., 1586-7 (H. Oct. 17 ; 952) £A as. 

Historie of Scotlande, 1&. I. (cut), woodcuts, calf gilt, w. a. f., fo., 1577 (S. 

Oct. 22 ; 462) Young, 18s. 

Holland's Cyrupsedia, fo., cf., 1632 (D. Dec. 17 ; 432) 17_s. 

Hollar (W.) Muscarum Scarabeorum Vermiumque, title and 11 pits., mounted in 

1 vol., red mor., g. e., by Riviere, Antv., 1646 (S. Nov. 20 ; 164) 

Pickering, £A 15s. 
Hobne (C.) Representative Art of Our Time, cold, pits., etc., 8 parts, 1903 (H. 

Nov. 29 ; 675) Fish, £\ 

Holmes (O. W.) Professor at the Breakfast Table, 1 st edn., Boston. 1860 (S. Nov. 

1 ; 842) Thring, lis. 

* On fly-leaf autograph of "B. Dockray, July 27, 1860." author of " Egeria," 
who has added some MS. notes in pencil. 

Holtzapffel (C.) Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, 5 vols., 1846-1884 (P. 

Oct. 3 ; 207) Meuel, £\ 14s. 

Holyband (C.) The French Littelton. calf, broken, 1583 (S. Dec. 5 ; 160) 

Quaritch, £5 17s. 6d. 
Home (Mr.) Select Views in Mysore, cold, pits., mor.. g. e.. 4to., 1794 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 66) Cohn, £2 8s. 

Homeri Ilias, 2 vols., 4to.. cf., Foulis, Glasgow, 1747 (D. Dec. 16 ; 194) 5s. 

■ — — The Iliads, trans, by Geo. Chapman, engd. title, N. Butter, n. d. ; Homer's 

Odysses, translated according to ye Greeke [Books I-XII], engd. title, 

R. Field, n. d. ; 1st edns., in 1 vol., orig. calf, fo. [c. 161 1-14 ? (S. Nov. 20 ; 

101) Dobell, ;gll 5s. 

• Iliad and Odyssey, trans, by A. Pope, 11 vol., port., old calf, 4to., 1715-6 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 909) David, 6s. 

1912-13 69 

Homer. L'Odyssee d'Homere, avec des remarques, par M. Bitaube, 6 vol., 
port., red mor. gilt g. e., Paris, 1788 (S. Dec. 5 ; 164) Maggs, £2 4s. 

Quinti Calabri derelictorum ab Hotnero libri quatuordecim, old French red 

mor. gilt, g. e., fine copy, Venet. Aldus, s. d. (S. Dec. 5 ; lQ6)Quaritch, £3 10s. 
* Catalogue slip with Note by A. Lang inserted. 

Opera (Ilias, Odyssea, Batrachomyomachia et Hymni), Graced, 2 vol., 

mor. ex., g. e., by Zaehnsdorf (vol. I sUghtly stained), Venet. Aldus et A. 
Asulanus. 1524 (S. Dec. 5 ; 161) Maggs. £4 

Homihes appointed to be read in Churches at the time of Q. Elizabeth, 6. I., old 
calf, \vith arms, fo., 1683 (S. Dec. 11 ; 526) Leighton. £\ Is. 

Hood (T.) Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, 1st edn., boards, 1827 (S. Nov. 20 ; 
174) Dohell, 4s. 

Works, 10 vols., half calf, 1873 (P. Dec. 17 ; 88) Bourdin. 16s. 

Hook (T.) Peter Priggins, 3 vol., 1st edn., pits, by " Phiz," 1841 (S. Nov. 21 ; 

389) Lewine, 5s. 

Hooker (J. D.) Rhododendrons of Sikkim-Himalaya, ed. by Sir W. J. Hooker, 

cold, pits., half calf, fo., 1849 (S. Nov. 27 ; 586) Wheldon, £2 14s. 

(Sir W. J.) British and Garden Ferns, cold, pits., 2 vols., 1861-62 (H. Oct. 

15 ; 43) Quaritch. £\ 

Centurj^ of Orchidaceous Plants, cold, pits., 4to., 1849 (S. Nov. 26 ; 521) 

Quaritch, £5 5s. 

[and R. K. Greville Icones Filicum, 2 vol., 240 cold, pits., half mor. gilt, 

g. e., fo., 1831 (S. Nov. 26 ; 360) Wheldon. £5 5s. 

Hope (T.) Household Furniture and Interior Decoration, 60 pits., half calf, fo., 
1807 (S. Nov. 14 ; 86) Mathias. £\ 8s. 

■ The same, L. P., half russ., fo., 1807 (S. Nov. 14 ; 85) Batsford. £\ Is. 

Hopil (Claude) CEuvres Chrestiennes, port., calf ex., g. e., by Bauzonnet-Trautz, 
Lyon, 1604 (S. Oct. 31 ; 482) Streeton, 10s. 

Hopkins. Humourous Works of the late Gifted Hopkins, 8 ills, by Phiz, calf ex., 
t. e. g., by Riviere, n. d. (S. Oct. 23 ; 752) Shepherd. 16s. 

Hore Beate Marie Virginis, cum Calendaris, (. g., on 102 leaves of vellum, illum- 
minated capitals, 15 full-page illuminated woodcuts and 13 smaller sm. 
4to., old veil., Paris, Germam Hardouyn, n. d. (1521) (P. Oct. 4 ; 523) 

Barberi, j^l2 

Horse Di\-ine Virginis Marie, secimdum usum Romanum, printed on vellum 
(A — L in 8's, with Hore ad Laudem divi Hieronymi, a. 8 11. at end), 20 large 
woodcuts, and 12 woodcuts of Saints, illuminated, also Hardouyn's de\4ce 
on title, borders illuminated (a few leaves stained), sm. 8vo, old calf, Paris, 
German Hardouyn, 1533 (H. Oct. 24; 549) Barberi. ;gl5 

Horatius. De Arte Poetica Aldi Manutii commentarius, mor, g. e., 4 to., Venetiis, 
Aldus, 1576 (S. Oct. 22 ; 405) Maggs. Is. 

Satyrarum Ubri I, Satyra V, 18 views, two designed by the Duchess of 

Devonshire, half mor., g. e., fo., pres. copy, 1816 (S. Nov. 1 ; 979) 

Soames, £3 10s. 

Opera, cum notis Christ. Landini, capitals, rubricated, veil., fo., Venet., 1486 

(S.Oct. 18; 1066) Maggs. £6 2s. 6d. 

Opera, fo., cf., Paris, 1642 (D. Dec. 16 ; 362) Is. 

Opera, cura J. Pine, engraved throughout, 2 vols., " potest " edition, mor., 

g. e.. by Padeloup, 1733-37 (P. Dec. 17 ; 91) Leighton. £\2 10s. 

Hordal (Joan.) Heroinae nobihssimae Joannae Dare Lotharingae, engd. title and 
3 ports., mor. ex., covered with fleurs-de-lys, g. e., fine copy, 4to., Ponti 
Mussi, 1612 (S. Dec. 6 ; 483) Warren. £U 5s. 

Horn-Book, 18th Cent. {?). 20 lines, containing the alphabet in small and large 
capitals, vowels and combinations of them, the Invocation and the Lord's 
Praver, on paper, covered with horn, metal rim, mounted on wood, with 
handle (P. Nov. 21 ; 168) Quariich. ;gl5 

Horse-Racing. Anecdotes of the Origin and Antiquity of Horse-Racing, proof 
front., calf ex. by T. Gosden, 1825 (H. Nov. 28 ; 388) Dobell, £2 12s. 

Horsfield (T.) Plantae Javanic« Rariores, 50 cold, pits., half mor., g. t., fo., 1838- 
52 (S. Dec. 2; 308) Wesley. £1 lis. 

Horsley (J.) Britannia Romana, pits., Stourhead copy, calf, rebacked, fo. 1732 
(S. Oct. 17 ; 620) Harding. £1 18s. 


Horsley (J.) The same, fo., cf., 1732 (D. Dec. 16 ; 360) 5s. 6d. 

Hortense. Album Artistique de la Reine Hortense, orig. edn., printed in blue, 

within borders of gold, titles illuminated, port., pits., facsimile and music, 

velvet, with Hortense arms, and Napoleon III arms on back, gilt clasp, g, e., 

in a case, ob. fo., Paris (S. Nov. 1 ; 980) Rolandi, £A 2s. 

[Hlortus Sanitatis. De Herbis et Plantis, etc., woodcuts, title mounted, calf, fo., 

^ (n. d. circa 1500) (S. Nov. 20 ; 152) Maggs, ;£10 5s. 

— ■ — Gart der gesuntheit zu latein Hortus Sanitatis, cuts, stamped pigskin back, 

with 2 clasps, fo., Strassburg, 1536 (H. Nov. 28 ; 594) Wesley, ;gl0 

Horwood (R.) Plan of London, plan (inserted, dated 1781), and 32 sections, 

mounted in half russia vol., fo., 1799 (P. Dec. 17 ; 203) Darnell, £\ 10s. 
[Hoskyns (C. W.)] Talpa, or Chronicles of a Clay Farm, 24 woodcuts by G. Cruik- 

shank, with suppressed woodcut at p. 81, 1852 (S. Oct. 23; 753) 

Young, •12s. 
Houbraken and Vertue. Heads of Illustrious Persons, 108 ports., russ. (broken), 

m. e., fo., 1747 (S. Dec. 11 ; 530) Brown, iA 12s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., 108 ports., old calf. fo.. 1756 (S. Nov. 27 ; 572) Butt, £Q 

Thesame,L. P., half bound, fo., 1756 (P.Nov.21 ; 221) Parsons, i% lis. Qd 

Household Furniture in Genteel Taste, 60 pits., half calf, 1760 (S. Nov. 14 ; 87) 

Ferry, £A 4s. 

Anr. Edn., seed, edn., 120 pits., calf, n. d (S. Nov. 14 ; 64) 

Parsons, £% 5s. 

Howard (J.J.) and F. A. Crisp. Visitation of England and Wales, 17 vol., 1893- 

1911 ; Notes, vol. II-IX, 1897-1911 ; together 25 vol., half veil., t. e. g., 

4to., 1893-1911 (S. Nov. 13 ; 863)— Visitation of Ireland, 5 vol., half veil., 

t. e. g., 4to., 1897-1911 (S. Nov. 13; 863-864) Quaritch, il 

Wardour Press Series of Armorial Book Plates, Baronets, ills., 4to., 1895 

(S. Dec. 20 ; 150) B. F. Stevens, 8s. 

Howell (J as.) Dendrologie ou la Forest de Dodonne, 4 pits., I/. P., old calf, 4to., 
Paris, 1641 (S. Nov. 20 ; 54) Maggs, £5 5s. 

* Pres. copy " to Lord George Digbye, 1641." 

Epistolae Ho-Elianae, 1st edn.. engd. title, calf. 4to.. 1645 (S. Dec. 6 ; 480) 

Dobell, £8 5s. 

nAPOIMIOFPA*IA. Proverbes, or old Sayed Sawes and Adages in 

EngUsh, etc., L. P., front., port, inserted, old calf, fo., 1659 (S. Nov. 25 ; 
118) Barnard, £2 17s. 6d. 

Lexicon Tetraglotton (five separate titles, two dated 1659). 1st edn.. front., 

fo.. 1660 (S. Nov. 1 ; 984) Hughes, £1 Is. 

Survey of the Signorie of Venice, engd. title, old calf, fo., 1651 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

117) Davis, £\ 

(T. B.) and Cobbett's Collection of State Trials, a set. 34 vol.. half calf. 1809-^ 

28 fS. Oct. 18; 914) Bain, £10 

■ Anr! Edn.. vols. 1-33. with Jardine's Index, cf., 1816-26 (D. Nov. 19 ; 460) 

£7 15s. 

Howitt (S.) British Field Sports, cold, title and 20 pits., half calf, fine copy, fo., 

Orme, 1808 (C. Dec. 16 ; 170) Quaritch, ;g95 

British Sportsman, engs., hf. cf. (broken), 4to. (1798) (P. Oct. 4 ; 552) 

Brown, £2 12s. 6d. 
Huarte (J.) Examination of Men's Wits, Englished by R. C[arewi, sm. 4to., veil. 

(defective), 1596 (H. Oct. 24 ; 560) Reader, 15s. 

Hudson River Portfolio, 20 cold. pits, by W. G. Wall, half mor., fo., New York, 

n. d. (S. Dec. 3 ; 381) Spencer, ;g58 

Hughes (G. M.) History of Windsor Forest, Sunninghill and the Great Park, ports. 

and views, 4to., 1890 (S. Nov. 11 ; 293) Edwards. 6s. 

(T.) Tom Brown at Oxford, Lst. edn.. 3 vols., 1861 (H. Nov. 27 ; 95) 

Maggs, £3 6s. 

Hugo de S. Caro. Rostilla in Vetus Testamentum. fl. I., old vellum (wanting blank 

1.). fo., [Basle. 15031 (P. Oct. 30 ; 317) Bull. 8s. 

Hulbert (C.) Historv of Shrewsburv. with Appendix, 2 vol. in 1, pits., half calf. 

4to., 1837 (S.' Nov. 6 ; 255) Brown, 8s. 

Huloet's Dictionarie. enlarged by J. Higgins, calf, fo., 1572 (S. Oct. 22 ; 463) 

Maggs, £6 10s. 

I9I2-I3 11 

Humble Petition and Advice presented unto the Lord Protector by the Knights, 
Citizens and Burgesses at the Parhament at Westminster, 17th Sep., 1656, 
h. I., half calf, fo., 1657 (S. Oct. 30; 3rn) Spicer, 14s. 

Humboldt (Alex, de) Researches concerning the Ancient Inhabitants of America, 
trans, by H. M. WiUiams, 2 vol.. ills., half calf gilt, g. e., 1814 (S. Oct. 23 ; 
758) Young, 18s. 

[and A. Bonpland ' Travels in the Equinoctial Regions of the New Con- 
tinent, trans, by H. M. Williams, 7 vol. in 8, half calf. 1822-29 (S. Oct. 21 ; 
139) KashnoY, £\ 5s. 

Voyage, Atlas Pittoresque, pits., half mor., fo,, Paris, 1810 (S. Nov. 27; 

656) Quaritch, £5 

Hume and Marshall. Game Birds of India, Burmah and Ceylon, cold, pits., 3 
vols.. Calcutta, 1878-81 (H. Nov. 5 ; 73) Quaritch. £9 10s. 

Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, seed, edn., ports., 3 vols., 1889-90 (H. Dec. 

18 ; 56) 16s. 

Humphrevs (H. N.) Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages, pits., half mor., gilt, 
g. e.' fo., 1849 (S. Dec. 11 ; 522) Maggs, £7 

Humpty Dumpty — A Coloured Panoramic Caricature, being a Skit on " Humpty 
Dumpty sat on a Wall," 5 feet 3 inches long, with verse in Hebrew, Greek, 
Latin, and Gernlan, wrapper, ob., 1843 (H. Oct. 31 ; 159) Hornstein, £1 10s. 

Himt (Geo.) Here and there over the Water, being Cullings in a Trip to the 
Netherlands, by Omnium Gatherum, 28 cold, and other pits., half bound, 4to., 
1825 (P. Nov. 21 ; 126) Cohn, ;glO 

(Leigh) Autobiography, port., 1st edn., 3 vols., 1850 (H. Oct. 16 ; 564) 

Mayhew, £2 8s. 

A Jar of Honey from Moimt Hybla. 1st edn., ills, by Doyle, fine copy, boards, 

g. e., 1848 (S. Dec. 11 ; 423) Maggs, £1 2s. 

Legend of Florence, 1st edn., fine copy, in orig. wrappers, 1840 (S. Oct. 23 ; 

761) Maggs, 10s. 

The Palfrey, 1st edn., ills., 1842 (S. Dec. 11 ; 375) Hill, 8s. 

Hurrell (J. W.) Measured Drawings of Old Oak EngUsh Furniture, 1 10 pits., 4to., 

1902 (S. Dec. 12; 808) Joseph, lis. 

Husbands (Edw.) Collection of all Remonstrances, Declarations, Votes, etc., 

between the King and Parhament, L. P., proof front., orig. calf, gilt, with 

initials, green edges, fine copy, 4to., 1643 (S. Nov. 20 ; 47) Morton. £3 12s. 

* With autograph of Henry Elsynge, Clerk of the House of Commons. 

Collection of all the Pubhcke Orders, Ordinances and Declarations of both 

Houses of Parhament, front., calf, blue edges, fo., 1646 (S. Nov. 20 ; 115) 

David, 1 8s. 
Husenbeth (F. C.) Emblems of Saints, third edn., emblazoned coats-of-arms, 

Norwich, 1882 (S. Nov. 14 ; 287) Edwards, £1 17s. 

Hutchins (John) History of Dorset, third edn., improved by Shipp and Hodson, 

4 vol., pits., half calf, fo., 1861-70 (S. Nov. 6 ; 312) Quaritch. £7 

Hutton (A. W.) Some Account of the Family of Hutton. ports., etc., 4to., 1898- 

1902 (S. Nov. 13 ; 865) Harding, 7s. 
(C.) Treatise on Mensuration, 1st edn.. diagrams by Bewick, old calf, 4 to., 

1770 (S. Oct. 31 ; 589) Streeton, 2s. 

Hymn to Confinement, written by the Author of the Case of the Church of 

England's Memorial fairly stated, etc., 4to.. 1705 (S. Oct. 30 ; 245) 

Spicer. 18s. 
Iconographia Scotica, half mor., t. e. g., 1798 (S. Oct. 21 ; 143) Tregaskis. 5s. 
Ides (E. Y.) Three Years Travels from Moscow Overland to China, ills., 4to., cf., 

1706 (D. Dec. 17 ; 446) 17s. 

Illustrated Record of Important Events, cold, pits., half mor. gilt, t, e. g.. fo.. 1816 

(S. Oct. 22 ; 464) Edwards. £A 15s. 

Ince (W.) and Mayhew. Universal System of Household Furniture, pits., calf, 

fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 88) Rimell. £25 10s. 

Indian Law Reports — Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras Series, from commencement 

in 1876 to 1886 inclusive, in 40 vols., half calf (H. Nov. 22 ; 43) 

Sweet, £\ Is. 
Inghirami (F.) Monumenti Etruschi o di Etrusco Nome, 7 vol. in 10, pits., half 

mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1821-6 (S. Dec. 12 ; 732) Barnard, £2 4s 


Inner Temple. Calendar of the Inner Temple Records, ed. by F. A. Inderwick, 
3 vols., half roan, t. e. g., 1896-1901 (H. Nov. 27 ; 221) Stevens. £\ 6s. 

Innes (T.) Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of Scotland, 2 vols., cf., 1729 
(D. Dec. 16 ; 67) 2s. 

The same, L. P., 2 vols.. 4to., cf., 1729 (D. Dec. 16 ; 225) 9s. 6d. 

Ireland (S.) Picturesque Views on the Medway, L. P., pits., mor. ex., g. e., 

Stourhead copy, 4to., 1793 (S. Oct. 17 ; 486) Thorp. £1 18s. 

Picturesque Views on the Thames, 2 vol., 1792 ; River Medway, 1793 ; 

Upper or Warwickshire Avon, 1795 ; Holland and Brabant, 2 vol., 1796 ; 
River Wye, 1797 ; Inns of Court, 1800 ; together 8 vol., cold, pits., mor. ex., 
g. e., by Bayntun (S. Dec. 20 ; 32) Fullerton, ;£23 

(W. H.) History of Kent, 4 vol., pits., half calf, 1828-30 (S. Oct. 16 ; 293> 

Gordon, £1 8s. 

Iris. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift " Iris," heraus. vom Kntomologischen 
Verein " Iris " zu Dresden, vol. I to XXII, in 21 vol., cold, pits., ha2 mor., 
and various parts, Dresden, 1884-1912 (S. Dec. 2; 78) Wesley. £6 10s. 

Irish Chancery Reports, 13 vols., hf. cf., 1850-63 (B. Oct. 25 ; 55) 5s. 6d. 

Irish Reports, Current Series, 1894 to 1910, 34 vols., hf. cf., 1911-12, unbound- 
Digest of Cases, 1894-98, hf. cf., fine set, 37 vols. (B. Oct. 25 ; 58) £3 17s. 6d. 

Irving (Washington) Rip Van Winkle, cold. pits, by A. Rackham, I,. P., 4to., 1905 
(C. Dec. 16 ; 262) Bumpus, £Q 

Works, port, and fronts., 10 vols., 1866 (H. Dec. 18 ; 100) 8s. 

Irwin (C.) Historise Scoticae Nomenclatura Latino Vemacula, orig. edn., old calf, 
Edinb., 1582 (S. Nov. 1 ; 886) Streeton, 5s. 

Isocrates Orationes, stamped cf., Basilse, 1553 (D. Dec. 16 ; 149) 4s. 

Jackson (C. J.) English Goldsmiths and their Marks, 4to., 1905 (C. Dec. 16 ; 252) 

Derby. £2 5s. 

Illustrated History of English Plate, pits., 2 vols., hf. mor., g. t., 4to., 1911 

(P. Oct. 4 ; 550) Batsford. £5 10s. 

(Sir K. A.) Views in AfFghaunistaun, cold, pits., half mor., g. e., fo., n. d., 

(S. Oct. 24 ; 1249) Maggs, £2 4s. 

(Thos.) David's Pastorall Poem or Sheepeheard's Song, Seven Sermons, half 

mor., 1603 (S. Oct. 16 ; 312) Ellis. 14s. 

— (W.) Constitutions of the Independent States of America, port., calf, 1783 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 864) Pearson, £1 10s. 

Jacquemin (R.) Iconographie du Costume du IV. au XIX Siecle, 200 cold, pits., 

half mor., 4to., Paris, 1869 (H. Oct. 23 ; 325) Hiersemann. £3 5s. 

Jamaica. The Laws of Jamaica passed by the Assembly, with Account of the 

Island, L. P., folded map, calf, 1683 (S. Nov. 20 ; 21) H. Stevens, £3 10s. 

Anr. Edn., folded map, old calf gilt, fo., 1684 (S. Nov. 20 ; 73) 

H. Stevens, £4 10s. 
James I. Basilikon Doron, cf., Lyon, 1603 (P. Oct. 3 ; 198) Tregaskis, 13s. 
Workes, port, and engd- title, slightly defective, half mor., fo., 1616 (S. 

Nov. 25 ; 247) Maggs, £\ 

James (Sir H.) Facsimiles of National Manuscripts of Scotland, 3 vols., fo., half 

bound, 1867-71 (H. Nov. 6 ; 607) 17s. 

Jamieson (John) Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees of lona, front., old 

calf, 4to., Edinb., 1811 (S. Nov. 12 ; 311) Forrester, 19s. 

(Rob.) Popular Ballads and Songs, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., Edinb., 1806 (S. 

Nov. 12 ; 310) Hopkins, 7s. 

Jansson (J.) Nouvel Atlas ou Theatre du Monde, illuminated titles and cold, maps, 

5 vol., veil., w. a. f., fo., Amst., 1647-57 (C. Dec. 16 ; 173) Daniell, £7 
■ Theatrum Urbium, cold, maps and plans, 7 vol., veil., w. a. f., fo., Amst., 1657 

(C. Dec. 16; 172) Lemallier, ;g21 

Java. Boro-Boudour dans ITle de Java, 8 parts, engs., fo., Leiden, n. d. (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 457) Edwards, £\3 10s. 

Jeake (Sam.) Charters of the Cinque Ports, L. P., boards, imcut, fine copy, fo., 

1728 (S. Dec. 20 ; 63) Ellis, £\ 10s. 

Anr. Edn., calf gilt, rebacked, fo., 1737 (S. Oct. 17 ; 596) Thorp, £\ Is. 

J ebb (Sam.) De Vita & Rebus Gestis Mariae Scotorum Reginae, port, and 

genealogy, 2 vol., old calf gilt, m. e., fo., 1725 (S. Nov. 12 ; 313) « 

Tregaskis, 8s. 

I9I2-I3 75 

Jefferies (R.) After London, 1st edn.. 1886 (S. Oct. 31 ; 562) Streeton. 7s. 

Wood Magic, 1st edn., 2 vols., clean copy. 1881 (H. Nov. 13 ; 14) Wye, 17s. 

Jefferson (T.) Memoirs, Correspondence, and Private Papers, ed. by T. J. Ran- 
dolph, port., etc., 1st edn., 4 vols., boards, 1829, etc. (9) (P. Nov. 21 ; 98) 

Nield, £1 2s. 

Writings, ed. by H. A. Washington, port., 9 vol., Washington, 1853-4 (S. 

Nov. 12 ; 314) Lewine, 2s. 

Jefferson's Map of the Most Inhabited Parts of Virginia, mounted on linen, 1775 
(D. Dec. 17 ; 616) fjl 15s. 

Jeffervs (T.) Complete Pilot for the West Indies, maps, half bound, fo., n. d. (S. 
Oct. 22 : 466) Young. £\ 4s. 

Description of the Spanish Islands and Settlements on the Coast of the West 

Indies, 4to., cf., 1762 (D. Dec. 17 ; 654) £1 15s. 

Anr. Edn., 32 maps and plans, half calf, m. e., 4to.. 1774 (S. Nov. 12 ; 315) 

Edwards, £\ 14s. 

Jerrold (Douglas) A Man made of Money, 1st edn., pits, by Leech, orig. parts, in 

case, 1849 (S. Oct. 23 ; 771) Sotheran, £3 12s. 6d. 

Story of a Feather, 1st edn., front, by Leech, calf extra, t. e. g., by Rividre, 

covers bound in, 1844 (S. Oct. 23 ; 772) Young, 15s. 

Writings, Collected Edn., 8 vols., 1853 (H. Nov. 7 ; 842) Dunlop. 14s. 

Jervise's Memorials of Angus and the Meams, L. P.. 4to.. 1861 (D. Oct. 21 ; 210) 


Jesse (J. H.) George Selwyn and his Contemporaries, ports., 1st edn., 4 vols., clean 

copy, 1843-4 (H. Dec. 19 ; 353) Quaritch, £5 10s. 

Literary and Historical Memorials of London, map and pits., 1st edn., 2 vols., 

1847 (H. Oct. 16 ; 478) Alison, £1 

Jewell (J.) Defense of the Apologie of the Church of Englande, stamped leather, 
fo., 1571 (S.Nov. 20; 118) Tregaskis, £\ Is. 

Replie unto M. Hardinges Answeare [Showing the weake and unstable 

grounds of the Romaine Religion, stamped leather, clasp catches (rubbed), 
with signature of Henry Elsynge (Clerk of Parliaments, temp. Charles I), 
1563 (S. Nov. 20 ; 117) Leighton, £1 Is. 

J elvish Historical Society — Calendar of the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the 

Jews, 2 vols., sm. 4to., 1905-10 (H. Nov. 22 ; 108) 14s. 

Jewitt (J. R.) Adventures during a Captivity among the Savages of Nootka 

Sound, Edinb., 1824 (S. Dec. 5 ; 189) Stephenson. £\ Is. 

Jewitt and Hope. Corporation Plate and Insignia of Office of England and Wales, 

ills., 2 vols., 4to., t. e.g., 1895 (H. Oct. 23 ; 297) Hiersemann, £1 

Johannes de Colonia. Questiones Magistrales in divina subtiUssimi Scoti volumina 

I. fl., stamped calf (broken), sm. 4to., BasH., 1510 (S. Dec. 20 ; 195) Davis,l2s, 
Johnson (Ch.) Historv- of Famous Highwaymen, etc., pits., calf, g. e., fo., 1734 

(S. Oct. 22 ; 467) Bunipus, £10 

Anr. Edn., best edn., 26 pits., tree calf gilt, y. e., fine copy, fo., 1736 (S. 

Oct. 24 ; 1250) Hatchard, £13 15s. 

(C.) Chrysal : or. Adventures of a Guinea, 4 vols., 1775 (D. Nov. 18 ; 239) 


(S.) Irene : a Tragedy. 1st edn., half calf. t. e. g., 1749 (H. Nov. 28 ; 427) 


Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. 1st edn., sewed, 1775 (D. Dec. 

16 ; 209) 6s. 6d. 

Lives of the Poets, port., 4 vols., calf. 1781 (H. Nov. 6 ; 346) 

Evans, 9s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., ed. by G. B. Hill, 3 vol., half mor., t. e. g., Oxford, 1905 (S. Nov. 

1 ; 656) Hill, £\ 3s. 

Marmor Norfolciense, port, inserted, 1st edn., half calf, 1739 (H. Nov. 13 ; 

35) Tregaskis. £2 

The Rambler, 208 nos. complete, 2 vol., calf (one side broken), fo., 1751 (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 750) Young, £1 1 5s. 

Works, with Essay by Murphy, port., 12 vols., old tree calf, 1792 (H. Nov. 

6 ; 486) £1 10s. 

Works, ed. by Murphy, 12 vols., cf., 1823 (D. Dec. 16 ; 14) £2 7s. 6d. 


Johnson (S.) Works, including Debates in Parliament, port., 11 vols., polished 
calf gilt, m. e., 1825 (H. Nov. 13; 31) HUl, £2 4s. 

Boswell (J as.) Life of Samuel Johnson, 1st edn., port., 2 vol., old calf (broken) 

4to., 1791 (S. Nov. 11 ; 74) Brown, £3 5s. 

The same, 2 vol., old calf, 4to., 1791 (S. Nov. 1 ; 949) Trent. £2 6s. 

Anr. Edn., seed, edn., 3 vol., port, and facsimiles, calf, y. e., 1793 (S. Nov. 

21 ; 457) Shepherd, 6s. 

Anr. Bdn., including J ohnsouiana, pits., 10 vols., mor. ex., uncut, clean set, 

1835 (H. Nov. 13 ; 33) Boney, £3 

Anr. Edn., and Johnsoniana, ed. by Napier, pits., 5 vol., 1884 (H. Oct. 23 ; 

113) Young. £\ 4s. 

Anr. Edn , ed. by G. B. Hill, port., lib. edn., 6 vols., half mor., t. e. g., Oxford 

1887 (H. Oct. 15 ; 90) Blackburn, £1 18s. 

Life, by Sir John Hawkins, 1st edn., Horace Walpole's copy, with MS. 

notes, several passages scored, and marks of exclamation throughout, boards, 
1787 (H. Dec. 20 ; 892) Sabin, £21 

Johnston (Sir H.) The Uganda Protectorate, pits., 2 vols., 1902 (H. Nov. 28 ; 

390) Hill, 7s. 6d. 

Johnstone (Robt.) Historiarum Rerum Britannicarum, fo., bds., 1655 (D, Dec. 

17 ; 693) 5s. 

Joly (H. L.) Legend in Japanese Art, ills., sm. 4to., 1908 (H. Oct. 17 ; 744) 

Batsford, £\ 
Jones (Inigo) Designs for Publick and Private Buildings, publish'd by W. Kent, 

2 vol. in 1, 136 pits., calf, fo., 1727 (S. Nov. 14; 92) Mount, £A 

Anr. Edn., 53 pits., calf, rebacked, fo., 1744 (S. Nov. 14 ; 93) Mount, £3 10s. 

Anr. Edn., pits., 2 vols, in 1, half roan, uncut, fo., 1835 (P. Dec. 17 ; 204) 

Rimell, 18s. 

(Owen) Alhambra, Plans, Elevations, etc., 2 vols,, pits., half mor. ex., g. e., 

fo., 1842 (S. Nov. 26 ; 384) Edwards, £S 15s. 

Examples of Chinese Ornament, 100 cold, pits., fo., 1867 (S. Nov. 14 ; 97) 

Batsford, £A 7s. 6d. 

Grammar of Ornament, 100 pits., orig. edn., fo., half mor., g. e., 1856 (H. 

Oct. 17 ; 940) Quaritch, £3 

(Paul) Memoirs, 1st edn., 2 vol., calf, 1830 (S. Nov. 12 ; 321) 

Parsons, £2 12s. 
Jong (Dirk de) Atlas van alle de Zee-Havens der Bataafsche Republick, 27 pits. 

(sHghtly stained), half bound, 4to., Amst., 1802 (S. Oct. 30 ; 67) Joseph, £\ 
Jonson (Ben.) Timber, or Discoveries made upon Men and Matter, half mor., fo., 

1641 (S. Oct. 16 ; 146) Thorp, 10s. 

Works, calf, fo., 1692 (S. Nov. 25; 251) Aitken, 17s. 

Works, with Notes by P. Whalley, port, and pits., 7 vols., calf gilt (re-backed) 

1756 (H. Oct. 16 ; 383) Hill, £\ 2s. 

Works, with Notes by Gifford, port., 9 vols., calf ex., g. t. by Bedford, 1816 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 94) Edwards, £d 5s. 

Works, with Notes by Gifford and Cuningham, port., lib. edn., 9 vols., calf 

gilt, g. e., 1875 (H. Oct. 16 ; 437) G. H. Brown, £3 9s. 

Jonston (Jo.) Inscriptiones Historicae Regum Scotorum, 9 ports, (should have 10, 
but Robert III has only the superscription and no print), half calf, 4to., 
Amst., 1602 (S. Nov. 25 ; 54) Barnard, £4 

Jonstonus (J.) Historiae Naturalis de Quadrupedibus, etc., pits., old calf gilt,j 
painted edges, with metal clasps and bosses, fo., Amst., 1657 (S. Dec. 12 
944) Carter, £2 4s. 

Josephus. Antiquitez Judaiques, L. P., engd. title and complete series of 230 
engs. in " Tirage a part," artist's proofs, without text, old calf, 4to., 1701 
(S. Nov. 1 ; 936) Streeton, £\ 

Josephi des Hochberiihmpten Judischen Geschichtschreibers Historien, 

woodcuts (title backed and soiled), fo., pigskin, 1569 (H. Nov. 14 ; 479) 

Ffiedlaender, 19s.j 
Historico delle Antichita, e Guerre Giudaiche, woodcuts, veil., 4to., Venetia,] 

1702 (P. Nov. 21 ; 149) Ellis, £\ 

■ ' Opera, Graece, mor. by D. Cockerell, fine copy, Basil., 1544 (S. Dec. 20 ;j 

196) Maggs, £2 

1912-13 75 

Journal de Commerce et d' Agriculture (par Le Camus et I'Abbe Rouband). 16 vol., 

calf, Brux., 1759-62 (C. Dec. 16 ; 24) Quaritch, £1 Is. 

Jovio (Paulo) Dialogo de os Empresas Militares y Amorosas, woodcuts (title 

stained), sm. 4to.. veil., Leon. 1562 (H. Nov. 14 ; 436) Tickell. 6s. 

Juan et Ulloa. Relacion Historic© del viage a la America Meridional, L. P., 

pits., &c., 4 vol. veil., fo.. Madrid 1748 (C. Dec. 16; 206) Goetze, £1 15s. 
Voyage historique de I'Amerique Meridionale, 2 vol., fronts., maps, 

plan's and views, calf gilt, 4to., 1752 (S. Nov. 1 ; 922) James, 5s. 

Jube (Baron de la Perelle) Le Temple de la Gloire, 2 vol., pits., half mor., fo., 

Paris, 1819-20 (S. Dec. 3 ; 525) Spencer. £\ 10s. 

Jimghaus (P. C.) Icones Plantarum Rariorum ad Vitam Impressae, 68 cold. 

pits., fo., Halae, 1792 (S. Nov. 27 ; 885) Quaritch, £\ 16s. 

Jimio (S.) Vindiciae contra Tyrannos. veil., Edin., 1579 (D. Dec. 16 ; 19) 5s. 6d. 
Junot (Mdme.) Memoirs of Celebrated Women of all Coimtries, 16 ports., 1834 (S. 

Dec. 16 ; 51) Spencer, 15s. 

Justinianus. Corpus Juris Civilis, 5 vol., mor. gilt, fo., Lugduni, 1551 (S. Dec. 

12 ; 966) David. £\ 2s. 

Justinus. Trogi Pompei extemae in compendium ab Justino redactae ; exter- 

norum imperatorum vitae authore ^Emylio Probo, straight-grained red mor. 

gilt, joints, silk linings, by P. Bozerian.Venet. Aldus, 1522 (S. Dec. 5 ; 193) 

Edwards. £3 10s. 
Juvenal's Sixteen Satyrs, trans, by Sir R. Stapylton, port, and front., calf, fine 

copy, 1647 (S. Nov. 20 ; 1) Maggs, £2 10s. 

Ksempfer (E.) History of Japan, trans, by Scheuchzer, pits., 2 vols, (binding 

broken), fo. 1727 (H. Oct. 17 ; 947) Bailey, £\ 15s. 

The same,2 vol., L. P., calf, fo.. 1727 (S. Oct. 18; 1038) Bain, £i 

Karamsin. Histoire de I'Empire de Russie, traduite par MM. St. Thomas et 

Jauffret. 11 vol.. half calf, Paris, 1819-26 (S. Dec. 5; 195) Dobell. 5s. 
Kaye and Simpson. India. Ancient and Modem, 2 vol.. cold, pits., half mor., 

fo., 1867 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1251) Carter. £2 16s. 

Keate (G.) Account of the Pelew Islands, 4to., cf., 1727 (D. Dec. 17 ; 449) 5s. 
Keating (J.) General History of Ireland, trans, by O'Connor, L. P., 2 maps, pits., 

etc., old red mor. ex., g.e. (rebacked), fo., 1738 (S. Nov. 6 ; 313) Mason, £3 3s. 
Keats (John) Endymion, 1st edn., with five-hne Errata, fine copy, half calf, 1818 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 194) Spencer, ;£12 5s. 

The same. orig. boards, uncut. 1818 (P. Oct. 30 ; 208) Shepherd, ;gl9 10s. 

The same, with 5-line " Errata," mor. gilt, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, 1818 (S. 

Nov. 21 ; 417) Sawyer, £\3 10s. 

The same, with 5-line Errata, mor. ex., by Tout, uncut, 1818 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

149) Maggs. ;£15 

Lamia, 1st edn., orig. boards, imcut, with 3 advertisement leaves. 1820 (P. 

Oct. 30 ; 206) Bumpus. £39 

The same, orig. boards, imcut, label not quite perfect, 1820 (S. Dec. 5 ; 196) 

Ellis. £A\ 

* With catalogue sUp inserted, on which Mr. Lang has written : " The 
generous gift of a lady unknown to the beneficiary." 

Letters to Fanny Brawne, ed. by H. B. Forman, printed on pink paper (the 

only one so done), 2 ports., boards, P. P., 1878 (S. Dec. 5 ; 198) Maggs. £\0 

* Catalogue sHp inserted, with autograph note by A. Lang. 

Poetical Works, and other Writings, ed. by H. B. Forman, 4 vol., ports., 1889 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 271) Bain, £9 

Letters and Poems, ed. by J. G. Speed, port., 3 vols., N. Y., 1883 (P. Oct. 

31 ; 448) Dobell, 6s. 

Life, Letters, and Literary Remains, ed. by Monckton Milnes, 2 vol., port., 

with inscription " Sir James Clark, with the editor's best regards," and a 
verse in Andrew Lang's autograph. 1848 (S. Dec. 5 ; 197) Barnard, £9 5s. 

Keene (Charles S.) Twenty -one Etchings, ed. by M. H. Spielman, pits, on Japan 
paper, mor. ex.. g. e., fo., 1883 (S. Nov. 21 ; 243) Rimell. £2 10s. 

Keith (Sir Wm.) History of the British Plantations in America, part I (all pubd.), 
2 maps, calf, fine copy, 4to., 1738 (S. Nov. 25 ; 56) Kashnor. £6 1 5s. 

Keller (H.) Cinquante Vues Suisses, aquatint pits., oblong, Ziirich, 1821 (H. Oct. 
25 ; 896) Spencer, £\ 18s. 


KELMSCOTT PRESS. — Arranged chronologically: — 

Kelmscott Press. Poems by the Way, by W. Morris, 1891 (S. Nov. 14 ; 241) 

Quaritch, £2 

The Golden Legend, 3 vol., fo., 1892 (S. Dec. 11 ; 716) Winter, £6 10s. 

The Defence of Guenevere, by W. Morris, 1 892 (S. Nov. 1 4 ; 243) Quaritch, £4 

A Dreamof John Ball, by W.Morris, 1892 (S.Nov. 14 ; 242)Quaritch,£3 6s. 

Caxton (W.) History of Godefrey of Boloyne, fo., 1893 (S. Dec. 20 ; 118> 

Shepherd, ;£10 15s. 

* Pres. copy " Given by Mrs. William Morris in Memory of her Husband, 
1897, to C. E. Keates, Esq. who engraved many of the ornaments in this book, 
Oct. 25th, 1897 " ; with autograph letter and postcard of Morris inserted. 

More (Sir T.) Utopia, sm. 4to., 1893 (S. Dec. 20 ; 198) Bumpus, £4 12s. 6d. 

Cavendish (G.) Life of Wolsey, sm. 4to., 1893 (S. Dec. 20 ; 197) 

Maggs, £3 7s. 6d. 

Tennyson (Lord) Maud, 4to., 1893 (S. Dec. 11 ; 680) Quaritch, £1 19s. 

Morris (Wm.) Wood beyond the W^orld. 1st edn., 4to., 1894 (S. Dec. 11 ; 

669) Edwards, £3 5s. 

Psalmi Penitentiales, sm. 4to., 1894 (S. Dec. 20 ; 199) Young, £1 18s. 

The same, printed on vellum, 1894 (S. Nov. 21 ; 428) Shepherd, £S 17s. 6d. 

The Book of Wisdom and Lies, sm. 4 to., 1894 (S. Dec. 20 ; 200) 

Maggs, £4 15s. 

The Friendship of Amis and Amile, by Wm. Morris, 1894 (S. Dec. 5 ; 200) 

Quaritch, £1 lis. 

Romance of Syr Percevelle de Gales, sm. 4to., 1895 (S. Dec. 20 ; 201) 

Galloway, £2 6s. 

Chaucer (G.) Works, fine copy, fo., 1896 (S. Nov. 26 ; 401) Bain, £61 

The same, fo., 1896 (S. Dec. 12 ; 950) Shepherd, £64 

Laudes Beatae Mariae Virginis, 4to., 1896 (S. Dec. 20 ; 202) 

Bumpus, £3 12s. 6d. 

Morris (W.) The Earthly Paradise, 8 vol., 4to., 1896-97 (S. Nov. 21 ; 440) 

Shepherd, £8 5s. 

Morris (W.) Story of the Sundering Flood, sm. 4to., 1897 (S. Dec. 20 ; 203) 

Young, £3 5s. 

Morris (W.) Water of the Wondrous Isles, fo., 1897 (H. Nov. 13 ; 129) 

Bumpus, £4 17s. 6d. 

Morris (W.) Story of Sigurd the Volsung, fo., 1898 (S. Dec. 11 ; 714) 

Bumpus, £9 5s. 

Morris (W.) Note on his Aims in Founding the Kelmscott Press, sm. 4to.,,^ 

1898 (S. Dec. 20 ; 204) Bumpus, £3 7s. 6d.. 

Kemble (J. M.) Codex Diplomaticus .Evi Saxonici, L. P., 6 vol., half calf gilt, 
t. e. g., 1839 (S. Nov. 6 ; 131) Downing, £6 10s. 

Kempis. De Imitatione Christi, engd. title, mor. gilt, g. e. bv F. Bedford, Lugduni, 
Else virios, 1630 (S. Dec. 6 ; 410) ' Pickering. £3 I Ss. 

Kent. Poll Book for the County of Kent (the first Poll Book for the County), 
with the rare plate, calf, 1734 (S. Oct. 17 ; 359) Ellts, £2 16s.: 

Topographical Map of the County, by Andrews, Dury and Herbert, 24 sheets, 

cold., half calf, fo., 1769 (S. Oct. 17 ; 691) Herbert, £1 3s. 

Kentish Angler, or Young Fisherman's Instructor, front., half mor., Canterbury, 

1804 (S. Oct. 16 ; 308) Bain, £5 5s.; 

Kentish Garland, 2 vol., 1881 (S. Oct. 16 ; 184) Walford, 16s. 

Kentish Register, from Aug. 1793 to Dec. 1795, 3 vol., a Set, pits., half calf, 

Canterbury, 1793-5 (S. Oct. 16 ; 330) B. F. Stevens, £^2 10s. 

Kentish Songster, or Ladies' and Gentlemen's Miscellany, pits, inserted, half mor., 

g. e., Canterbury (1775) (S. Oct. 16 ; 311) Thorp, £2 4s. 

Kepple (J.) The Maiden-head lost by Moonlight, sm. 4to., unbound, 1672 (H. 

Oct. 24 ; 580) Dobell, 9s. 

Keppler (Jo.) ChiUas Logarithmorum ad totidem numeros rotimdos, etc., 1st edn., 

calf, sm. 4to., Marpurgi, 1624 (S. Nov. 12 ; 330) Quaritch, £1 14s. 

Ephemerides Novae Motuum Coelestium, ab anno vulgaris aerae 1617-20, 

1st edn., woodcuts, orig. vellum, with ties, large copy, 4to., Lincii Austriae 
(1621) (S. Nov. 12 ; 329) Quaritch, £5 7s. 6d. 

* Pres. copy from Sophia, Queen of the Netherlands, with inscription, 

1912-13 77 

Ker (R.) A Glass wherein Nobles Priests and People may see the Lord's Contro- 
versies against Britain, half calf, 1719 (S. Nov. 12 ; 331) Forrester, lis. 

Kersey (J.) Elements of Algebra, port., fo., cf., 1715 (D. Dec. 17 ; 506) 4s. 

Kilboume and Goode. Game Fishes of the United States, in 10 parts, cold, pits., 
fo.. 18 8 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1252) Joseph. £3 15s. 

Kilbume (R.) Topographic of Kent, port., calf, 4to., 1659 (S. Oct. 17 ; 466) 

Goss, i\ 28. 

Kilian (W.) Serenissimorum Austriae Ducum, Archiducum, Regum, Imperatorum. 
Genealogia a Rudopho I. ad Ferdinandum II, engd. title, map, genealogies, 
coats-of ■ arms, 47 ports, and circular engraving of Kilian's atelier, half calf, 
fo., Aug. Vind., 1623 (S. Nov. 12 ; 332) Dobell, 16s. 

Kilkenny Archaeological Society. Transactions and Journal, complete set to 1909, 
with Index, vol. I-XIX together 08 vol. (wanting vol. I), 1852-1909 (S. Nov. 
6 ; 132) Sotheran, {fi 10s. 

King (C. W.) The Gnostics and their Remains, pits., 1864 (P. Oct. 4 ; 512) 

Buckmaster, 7s. 

(Edw.) Munimenta Antiqua, 4 vol. in 2, pits., russ., m. e., fine copy, fo., 

1799-1805 (S. Oct. 17 ; 619) Goss. £2 8s. 

(Richard) New Cheats of London Exposed, 1st edn., front, and pits., half 

calf, n. d. (circa 1780) (S. Oct. 30 ; 216) Sptcer. 13s. 

Kinglake (A. W.) Invasion of the Crimea, lib. edn., 8 vol., 1863-87 (S. Nov. 12 ; 

333) Forrester. £1 8s. 

Kingsborough (Lord) Antiquities of Mexico, 9 vol., pits., half mor., t. e. g.. fo., 

1831-48 (S. Nov. 27 ; 651) Quaritch, ;g55 

Kingsley (Charles) Westward Ho, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1855 (P. Dec. 4 ; 143) 

Sotheran, £3 15s. 
Kipling (R.) Departmental Ditties, 1st edn., orig. wrappers, Lahore, 1886 (S. Nov. 

21 ; 247) B. F. Stevens. £S 5s. 

Echoes, by Two Writers, mor. gilt, wrappers bound in, P. P., Lahore [1884] 

(S. Nov. 21 ; 245) Spencer, £2b 

Letters of Marque, 1st edn., Allahabad, 1891 (S. Oct. 21 ; 151) 

B. F. Stevens, £3 5s. 

The same, 1891 (S. Nov 21 ; 250) Freeman. £4 

Plain Tales from the Hills, 1st edn., Calcutta, 1888 (S. Nov. 21 ; 248) 

B. F. Stevens, £5 2s. 6d. 

Quartette, The Christmas Annual of the Civil and Military Gazette, by Four 

Anglo-Indian Writers, mor., Lahore, 1885 (S. Nov. 21 ; 246) 

Shepherd, £3 3s. 

Schoolboy Lyrics, mor. gilt, sm. 4to., Lahore, 1881 (S. Nov. 21 ; 244) 

Edwards, £2A 10s. 

Sixteen Illustrations of Subjects from Kipling's " Jungle Book." bv M. and 

E. Detmold, 16 cold, pits., mor. gilt, g. e., fo., 1903 (S. Nov. 21 ; 257) 

Edwards, £2 2s. 

Kirby (W. F.) European Butterflies and Moths, 61 cold, pits., half mor., g. e., 4to., 

188:. (S. Dec. 10 ; 108) Snnth, 8s. 

Kircher (Ath.) Musurgia Universalis, port., etc., 2 vol., veil., fo., Romae, 1650 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 185) Sotheran, £\ 2s. 

Kirk (R.) Secret Commonwealth [ed. by Sir W. Scott, half calf. 4to., Edinb., 

1815 (S. Dec. 6; 485) Barnard, ^4 

* With inscription " Alexander BoswellEsq. of Auchinleck, from his sincere 

and obhged friend Walter Scott, Edin. 20 February." 

Kirkman (F.) The Unlucky Citizen, port., cut into, calf gilt, g. e., w. a. f., 1673 (S. 

Oct. 21 ; 152) Tregaskis.£\ 19s. 

Kirkpatrick (J.) Streets and Lanes of Norwich, fo.. 1809 (P. Oct. 4 ; 586) 

Tregaskis. 6s. 
Kirkton (J as.) Secret and true history of the Church of Scotland from the Restora- 
tion to 1678, front., half mor., m. e., 4to., Edinb., 1817 (S. Nov. 12 ; 336) 

Hopkins, 7s. 

Kit-Cat Club. Portraits of the Members, engd. title and 48 ports., half russ., fo., 

1735 (S. Dec. 12 ; 773) Hornstetn, ;£30 

The same, ritle, dedication and 48 ports., those of Pelham and Clinton on 

one sheet (no text), half mor., fo., 1735 (S. Nov. 14 ; 309) Isaacs. j£29 



Knight (R. P.) Le Culte de Priape, hf. cf., gilt top, 4to., Brux., 1883 (P. Oct. 3 ; 

269) Beaumont, £1 

Knip (Madame) Les Pigeons, avec le Texte par C. J. Temminck, cold, pits., half 

mor., t. e. g., fo., Paris, 1811 (S. Nov. 26 ; 368) Bickers, ;£19 10s. 

Knolles (Rich.) Generall Historic of the Turkes, engd. title, orig. calf, fo., 1803 

(S. Nov. 12 ; 337) Leighton, 10s. 

Anr. Edn., ports., calf, fo., 1638 (S. Oct. 18 ; 767) Bull, 5s. 

Knox (J.) Answere to Blasphemous Cavillations, written by an Anabaptist, veil., 

1591 (H. Oct. 24 ; 557) 7s. 6d. 

Koddige en Emstige Opschriften op Luyfifins wagens grazeninthangburden, ills., 

Amst., 1709 (D. Dec. 16 ; 129) 5s. 

Kolben (P.) Present State of the Cape of Good Hope, trans, by Mr. Medley, 2 vol., 

pits, and ports., calf, 1731 (S. Nov. 25 ; 19) Rimell, p 5s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., port., maps and pits., calf, broken, 1738 (S. Dec. 5 ; 202) 

Edwards, £\ 2s. 
Koops (M.) Map of the Rivers Rhine, Maese, and Scheldt, 10 folding plans, half 

mor., fo., 1796 (C. Dec. 16 ; 174) Neumayer, 16s. 

Kopp (U. F.) Palaeographia Critica, 4 vol., pits., uncut, stained, 4to., 1817-29 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 529) Quaritch, 15s. 

Krafft (J. Ch.) Plans of Gardens in France, England, and Germany, pits., boards 

(broken), ob. fo., Paris, 1809-10 (P. Nov. 21 ; 209) Leighton. £4 

Krusenstem (A. J, von) Voyage Round the World, trans, by R. B. Hoppner, 2 

vol. in 1, cold, front, and map, russ., 4to., 1813 (S. Oct. 22 ; 412) 

Kashnor, £3 15s. 
Labat (J. B.) Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de I'Amerique, ills., 6 vol., veil., La Haye, 

1724 (C. Dec. 16 ; 26) Stevens, 4s. 

Anr. Edn., 8 vols., maps, cf., 1742 (D. Dec. 17 ; 584) £\ 16s. 

La Borde. Choix de Chansons mises en musique, engraved throughout, music 

and 100 engs. after Moreau, etc., 4 vols, in 2, old French calf, g. e., 1773 (P. 
Dec. 17 ; 95) Quaritch, £Q2 

(Alex, de) Les Monumens de la France, 2 vol., 260 pits., half mor., uncut, fo.^ 

Paris, 1816 (S. Nov. 27 ; 576) Vyt, £\ 12s. 

La Bruyere. Les Caracteres de Theophraste, traduit du Grec, red mor. ex., g. e., 
by Cape, Paris, 1688 (S. Oct. 31 ; 477) Kinton, £2 12s. 

Anr. Edn., avec des notes par M. Coste, L. P., port., calf, 4to., Paris, 1765 

(S. Nov. 1 ; 923) Streeton, 5s. 

Lacepede (Comte de) (Euvres, dirigee par Desmarest, 1 1 vol., port, and cold, pits., 
half calf gilt, Paris, 1826-33 (S. Oct. 31 ; 392) Brown, 18s. 

Lactantius. Opera, commencing on a 2, capitals in red and blue, two leaves cut, 
calf, rebacked, with arms, fo., Venetiis, 1478 (S. Oct. 30 ; 132) 

Barnard, £\ 3s. 

(Ladies' Pocket Note Book, c. 1780), containing two pockets, a needle holder, a 
pin holder, looking glass, etc., cont. red mor., elaborately tooled and inlaid, 
with folding flap, size 3^ by 2^ in. (1780) (S. Dec. 20 ; 20) 

Leighton, £3 17s. 6d. 

Laet (J.) Americas utriusque descriptio. Novus Orbis, sen Descriptionis Indise 
Occidentalis, engd. title, maps and woodcuts, orig. veil., large, clean copy, 
fo., Lugd. Bat., 1633 (S. Nov. 20 ; 84) Wieder, £9 

* With inscription " johannis Mauriti ex Dono Auctoris MDCXXXVIII." 

La Fontaine. Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon, cold. pits, by Schall, cf. gilt, 4 to., 
Paris, 1791 (P. Oct. 3 ; 252) Bescombes, ;£10 

Contes et Nouvelles, vignettes after Romain de Hooge, 2 vols, in 1, mor. 

ex., g. e., Amst., 1685 (P. Dec. 17 ; 96) Lemallier, £A 

Anr. Edn., iUs., 2 vols., cf., Amst., 1709 (D. Dec. 16 ; HI) Us. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., ports, of Lafontaine and Eisen, and pits, after Eisen and 

Choffard, the " Cas de Conscience," " Le Diable de Papefiguiere " and " Le 
Bat" decouvertes, old French calf gilt, g. e., Amst. (Paris), 1762(S.Oct. 
18 ; 718) Rolandi, £23 

Anr. Edn., port., pits, and vignettes, L. P., 2 vol., half mor. ex., t. e. g., 

Amst., 1764 (C. Dec. 16 ; 223) Hollings, £4 lO^s. 

Anr. Edn., port, and vignettes, 4 vols., 12mo., mor., uncut, Londres, 1778 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 97) Lemallier, £Q 10s. 

1912-13 79* 

La Fontaine. Anr. Edn., port, and 24 unlettered plates on vellum paper, after 
Desrais, 2 vols., 12mo., mor. ex., by Duru. 1780 (P. Dec. 17 ; 98) 

Lemallier, £9 

Anr. Edn., pits, after Fragonard, also the 60 pits, re-engraved by R. Martial, 

after Fragonard, inserted, 2 vols., uncut copy, unbound, in morocco boxes, 
4to., Paris, 1795 (P. Dec. 17 ; 182) Quaritch, i\5^ 

* Very fine copy, manj^ of the plates before nos., and in duplicate. There 

are in all 36 of the original plates instead of 20. 

Tales imitated in Enghsh Verse, port, and pits, by Fragonard, 2 vols., calf 

ex.,g. e., 1814 (P. Dec. 17 ; 100) Bumpus. £3 \7s.ed. 

Fables Choisies, vignettes by H. Cause, 5 parts in 2 vols., old French mor., 

g. e.. La Haye, 1700 (P. Dec. 4 ; 73) Maggs. £\ 12s. 

Anr. Edn., port, and engs. after Oudry, 4 vols., French cf., g. e., fo., PariS' 

1755 (P. Oct. 3 ; 304) Bescombes. £14 10s- 

The same, 4 vol., calf ex., fo., Paris, 1755-9 (C. Dec. 16 ; 175) 

Lewine, £1 15s. 

Anr. Edn., half roan, uncut. 4to., Paris, 1788 (S. Dec. 12 ; 882) 

Lewine, 10s. 

CEuvres, 3 vol., port., etc., old calf, r. e., 4to., Anvers. 1726 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

872) Rohb, 10s. 

La Fosse (D. D.) Cours d'Hippiatrique, port, and pits, (cold.) half mor.. fo., Paris, 

1772 (C. Dec. 16 ; 176) Brown, £1 

La Harpe. Tangu et Felime, 1st edn., L. P., engd. title and 4 pits, by Marillier, 

mor., t. e. g., by Kieffer, fine copy, Paris, 1780 (S. Nov. 14 ; 294) 

Edwards, £\ 19s. 
Lahontan (Baron) New Voyage to North-America, 2 vol., pits., 1703 (S. Nov. 

25 ; 20) Quantch, £1 15s. 

Laing (D.) Fugitive Scotish Poetry, Both Series, mor. g. e., 2 vols., 1825-53 (E. 

July 25 ; 680) Reid, £6 15s. 

La Marche (O. de) El Cavallero Determinado, traduzido por Hernando de A9una, 

woodcuts, mor. ex., g. e., by Townsend, 4to., Salamanca, 1573 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

807) White, £4 15s. 

Lamb (Charles) Tales from Shakespeare, third edn., 2 vol., pits, by W. Blake, calf 

gilt, m. e., 1816 (S. Dec. 11 ; 380) Rimell, £1 14s. 

Anr. Edn., ills., by Rackham, edn. de luxe, fo.. 1909 (H. Nov. 5 ; 154) 

Williams. £1 Is. 

Prose and Poetical Works ; and Letters, with Life by Talfourd, port., etc.* 

6 vol., half russ. gilt, m. e., 1835-8 (S. Nov. 12 ; 348) Maggs, £1 Us. 

Works, ed. by Lucas, ills., 7 vols., and Life of Lamb, by same, pits. 2 vols.. 

1903-5 (H. Oct. 15 ; 78) Times, B. C, £2 4s. 

Lambarde (W.) Archaionomia, 1st edn., map, calf, 4to., 1568 (S. Oct. 17 ; 447) 

Thorp, £1 6s. 

Eirenarcha, ft. I., orig. calf, 1594 (S. Oct. 16 ; 305) Bam, £2 8s. 

Perambulation of Kent, 1st edn., h. I., map, mor., g. e., 4to., 1576 (S. Nov. 

1 ; 941) Trent, £1 18s. 

The same, map, sm. 4to., calf, g. e., 1576 (H. Nov. 28 ; 415) Young, £4 10s. 

The same, b. I., old caU, 4to., 1576 (S. Dec. 11 : 501) Richford, £'^ 

*The Osterley Park copy, with both maps, viz. " Saxones Angliae Heptarchia " 

and " The Shyre of Kent" earUest issue, having the EUzabethan arms (omitted 
subsequently), and both in immaculate condition. Extra inserted are a few 
Portraits, etc. 

The same, 2 maps, 4to., 1576 (S. Oct. 17 ; 584) Lewine, £5 10s. 

Anr. Edn., h.l., map, fine copy, Symonson's map, 1596, Speed's map, etc. 

inserted, mor. ex., 4to., 1596 (S. Oct. 17 ; 453) Rimell, £8 

Anr. Edn., fifth edn., calf, 1656 (S. Oct. 16 ; 296) Belts, £\ 6s. 

Lambert (A. B.) Description of the Genius Pinus, cold, pits., half bound, uncut, 

fo., 1803 (S. Nov. 26 ; 440) Wesley, £\ 16s. 

[Lander (W. S.) Coimt Julian, 1st edn., boards, uncut (back missing), 1812 (H. 

Nov. 28 ; 478) Dobell. £2 10s. 

Imaginary Conversations, 5 vols., hf. mor., 1826 (P. Oct. 4 ; 345) 

Soames, £\ 4s. 


Lang (A.) Angling Sketches, 1st edn., ills., 1>. P., 1891 (S. Nov. 12 ; 353) 

Craig, 14s. 
Aucassin and Nicolete, 1st edn., front., wrapper, pres. copy, 1887 (S. Nov. 

12 ; 350) Spencer, £5 
The same, Japan vellum, mor. ex., t. e. g., by Tout, 1887 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

230) Dobell. £2 4s. 

XXII Ballades in Blue China, 1st edn., 1880 (S. Dec. 5 ; 209) 

Quaritch, £1 10s. 

XXXII Ballades in Blue China, 1st edn., front., mor. ex., t. e. g., by Tout, 

1881 (S. Nov. 14 ; 229) Tregaskis, £1 2s. 

Ballads of Books, ly. P., roxburghe, 1888 (S. Dec. 5 ; 215) Quaritch, 10s. 

Ballads and Lyrics of Old France, 1st edn., 1872 (S. Dec. 5 ; 208) 

Quaritch, £5 15s. 

* With catalogue slip, on which Mr. Lang has written " Peches de jeunesse." 

Ban and Arriere Ban, L. P., front., 1894 (S. Dec. 5; 221) Ellis, £1 14s. 

The Black Thief, mor. ex., g. e., with wrappers, P. P., 1882 (S. Dec. 5 ; 

211) _ Quaritch, £S 

* With catalogue slip, on which Mr. Lang has written " Very rare indeed, 
the author's only dramatic work." 

Blue Fairy Book, L. P.. ills., 1889 (S. Oct. 21 ; 160) Maggs, £1 16s. 

Blue Poetry Book, L. P., 1891 (S. Oct. 21 ; 162) Leon, 6s. 

Books and Bookmen, L. P., 1st edn., ills., Autograph Letter of Author and 

portrait with his signature inserted, mor. ex., t. e. g., by Tout, 1883 (S. Nov. 

14 ; 232) Edwards, £2 2s. 

Cock Lane and Common Sense, L. P., 1894 (S. Dec. 5 ; 222) Quaritch, £1 14s. 

— — Custom and Myth, with a few pencil notes by the author, mor., t. e. g., 1884 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 212) Quaritch, £2 14s. 
The Gold of Fairnilee, 1st edn., front., half veil., uncut, pres. copy, 4to., 

Bristol, n. d. (S. Nov. 12 ; 349) Spencer, £2 8s. 

Green Fairy Book, L. P., ills., 1892 (S. Oct. 21 ; 163) Maggs, 9s. 

He, by the authors of " It " " King Solomon's Wives " and "Bess," L.P., 

wrappers, 1887 (S. Dec. 5 ; 213) Maggs, £1 4s. 

The same, L. P., wrapper, 1887 (S. Dec. 5 ; 214) Maggs. £2 

Helen of Troy, 1st edn., mor., double, joints, silk fly-leaves, t. e. g., byj 

Zaehnsdorf, 1882 (S. Dec. 5 ; ^10) Ellis, £5 5s., 

History of Scotland, 4 vol., fronts., 1900-7 (S. Dec. 5 ; ''1 6) Heffer, £1 18s.i 

Homer and the Bpic, L. P., 1893 (S. Dec. 5 ; -^IS) Barnard, £1 3{ 

Johnny Nnt and the Golden Goose, 1st edn., ills., 4to., 1887 (S. Nov. \'> 

351) Dobell, 4sJ 
■ The Library, ills., 1881 (S. Nov. 14 ; ?31) Soames, ls\ 

Prince Charles Edward, Japan vellum, 4to., 1900 (S. Nov. 14 ; 265) 

Hitchman, 15sJ 

Red Fairy Book, L. P., ills., 1890 (S. Oct. 21 ; 161) Maggs, 5s. 

St. Andrews, 1st edn., ills., L. P., 1893 (S. Nov. 12 ; 354) Spencer, £3 15s 

* Pres. copy, with a Stanza of four lines in Scotch, in the author's autograph. 
True Story Book, L. P., 150 ills., 1893 (S. Oct. 21 ; 164) Leon, 10s. 

The same, L. P.. imp. 8vo., 1893 (S. Dec. 5 ; 220) Barnard, £1 2s. 

Yellow Fairy Book, L. P.. 140 ills., 1894 (S. Oct. 21 ; 165) Maggs, lis. 

Langbaine (G.) Account of the English Dramatick Poets, 1st edn., R. Farmer's 
copy with MS. notes, tree-calf, Oxford, 1691 (S. Nov. 20 ; 175) 

Quaritch, £5 5s. 

Langham (W.) Garden of Health, h. I., sm. 4to., old calf, 1633 (H. Oct. 18 ; 
1246) Dobell, £1 4s. 

Langley (B.) City and Country Builder's and Workman's Treasury of Designs, 
200 pits., half calf, 4to., 1750 (S. Nov. 14 ; 102) Batsford, £1 6s. 

Pomona, fo., bds., 1729 (D. Dec. 17 ; 486) 7s. 6d. 

Practical Geometry applied to Building, etc., pits., calf, fo., 1726 (S. Nov 

14 ; 101) Rimell, £1 Is. 

Lanquet (T.) Coopers Chronicle, b. (., 4to., 1565 (S. Oct. 31 ; 583) Wensley, 5s. 

La Quintinye (J. de) Compleat Gard'ner, by John Evelyn, port., folding plan and 
pits., fo., old calf, 1693 (H. Nov. 14 ; 426) Dobell, £1 16s. 

1912-13 8i 

[Larochefoucauld (Due de) Reflexions, ou Sentences et Maximes Morales, 1st 

edn., second issue, front., mor. gilt, g. e., by Riviere, Paris, 1665 (S. Dec. 5 

226) Tregaskis, £3 10s 

Lascelles (R.) Angling, Shooting, and Coursing, pits., 1st edn., 3 parts (1813) (P 

Dec. 5 ; 377) Bumpus. £2 16s 

Lasinio (C.) Omati e Grafiti di varie facciate, e sfondi che si ritrovano in antichi 

Palazzi e Chiese, engd. title and 40 pits., veil., fo., Firenze, n. d. (S. Nov. 14 

104) Quaritch, i<d 

Lassere (ly.) 1,'Art de Proceder en Justice, veil., 4to., Paris, 1676 (S. Oct. 18 ; 757) 

Sweet, 8s. 
Latham (J.) General History of Birds, cold, pits., 10 vols., old calf (broken), fo., 

1821-4 (P. Dec. 5 ; 470) David, £1 5s. 
(S.) Falconry ; or the Faulcons Lure, and Cure, cut into, woodcuts, 2 vol. in 

1, old calf. 4to., 1633 (S. Nov. 20 ; 199) Pickering, £% 

Latimer (Hugh) FruitfuU Sermons, h. I., slightly cut, calf, rebacked, 1584 (S. Dec. 

12 ; 904) Tregaskis, 9s. 

La Torre (J. M. de) Histoire et Phenomenes du Vesuve, pits., red mor. ex., g. e., 

with arms of the Marquis de Salsa (to whom the work is dedicated), Naples, 

1771 (C. Dec. 16 ; 7) Maggs, iA 10s. 

Laud. The Bishops Potion, or a Dialogue betweene the Bishop of Canterbury 

and his Phisitian, half mor., 4to., 1641 (S. Oct. 17 ; 459) Thorp, £1 3s. 
Lauri (J.) Antiquae Urbis Splendor, pits., veil., ob. fo., Romae, 1612 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

121) Cubitt, £1 6s. 

Laval's Voyage de la Louisiane, maps, 4to., cf., 1728 (D. Dec. 17 ; 655) £\ 6s. 
Lavardin (J. de) Historic of George Castriot, sumamed Scanderbeg, trans, by 

Z. I., orig. calf, with crest, metal clasps, fo., 1596 (S. Nov. 20 ; 109) Ellis, iQ 
Lavater (J. C.) Essays on Physignomy, trans, by H. Hunter, 3 vol., engs., half russ. 

uncut, 4to., 1789-98 (S. Nov. 25; 59) Lewine, £1 8s. 

Anr. Edn., ports., 5 vols., L. P., calf ex., g. e., 4to., 1792 (P. Oct. 30 ; 231) 

Hill, £3 

(L.) Of Ghostes and spirites walking by nyght, trans, by R. H., calf, 4to., 

1572 (S. Dec. 6; 487) Quaritch, £5 

Law Journal Reports with Statutes from 1856 to 1865 inclusive complete, in 120 
parts (H. Nov. 22 ; 31) Fawell, 3s. 

Law Reports in all the Courts, with Statutes and Digest, from commencement in 
1865-6 to 1912 inclusive, with Thirteenth Table of Statutes and five numbers 
of Statutory Rules and Orders, in 241 vols., calf, 130 vols., half mor., m. e., 
7 vols., cloth, and 29 parts, together 378 vols, and 29 parts (H. Nov. 22 ; 
120) Blackwell, £\02 

The same. New Series, from commencement in 1875-6 to 1912 inclusive, 

with Digest, 1865-1910, and Current Index for 1911, in 273 vols., half calf, 
1 vol., cloth, and 64 parts (H. Nov. 22 ; 40) Stiehell &> Farwell, £AS 

The same, with Statutes, from 1875-6 to 1882, with the Weekly Notes, in 

71 vols., half caH, and 26 parts for 1883 (H. Nov. 22 ; 34) Compton, ;gl6 10s. 

The same, with Statutes complete for 1876, in 39 parts (H. Nov. 22 ; 32) 

Dorkings, £1 10s. 

Law Reports (Ireland), 1878-93, 32 vols., hf. cf.— Digest of Cases, vols. 1 to 20 
(sewed), fine set, 33 vols. (B. Oct. 25 ; 57) 7s. 6d. 

Law Times Reports, New Series, from commencement in Nov. 1859, to Aug., 1904, 
being vols. 1 to 90, in 65 vols., half bound, remainder in parts (bindings faulty 
and vols. 66-7 and 8 parts wanting), 1859-1904 (H. Nov. 22 ; 36) 

Sweet, ;gl2 

Lawson (P.) Pinetum Britannicum, 3 vol., cold, pits,, half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1884 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 418) Dulau, £9 10s. 

Leabhar na Feinne, Vol. I (E. Sep. 20 ; 127) McLaren, 9s. 

Lear (E.) Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, cold, pits., half calf, fo., 1832 
(P. Dec. 5 ; 454) Quaritch, £3 12s. 6d. 

Views in Rome, 25 pits., half mor., fo., 1841 (S. Oct. 30 ; 133) 

Neumayer, 8s. 

Le Beau (C.) Avantures ou Voyage parmi les Sauvages de I'Amerique Septent- 
rionale, 2 vol., map and pits., calf gilt, g. e., Amst., 1738 (S. Oct. 31 ; 166) 

Kashnor, £2 8s. 


Le Blond. Theory and Practice of Gardening, trans, by G. James, pits., cf., 4to.^ 
1728 (P. Oct. 3 ; 261) Quantch, il 16s. 

Le Brun (Ch.) La Grande Galerie de Versailles, dessinee par J. B. Masse, port, and 
52 pits, (some damaged), half mor. (w. a. f.), fo., Paris, 1752 (vS. Nov. 14 ; 
106) Mount, i\ 10s. 

(C.) Voyages, pits., 2 vols., fo., cf., 1718 (D. Dec. 16 ; 369) 9s. 6d. 

The same, 2 vol., fo., calf, 1718 (S. Oct. 31 ; 644) Streeton, 15s. 

Anr. Bdn., port., map and pits., 5 vol., veil., 4to., Paris, 1725 (C. Dec. 16 ; 

93) Luzac, 5s. 

Lecky (W. E. H.) History of European Morals, 1st edn., 2 vols., 1869 (H. Dec. 18 ; 
215) Auvache, £\ Is. 

The same, 2 vol., 1869 (S. Dec. 11 ; 451) Askew, £3 5s-. 

Leconte de Lisle. Poemes Tragiques, with inscription to " The Poet of the 

Sphinx " (Wilde), from Edgar Saltus, half mor., Paris, 1886 (H. Oct. 23 ; 177), 

Shepherd, £2 4s. 
Le Cordier (H.) L'Ulustre Souffrant, ou Job, Poeme, old veil., Paris, 1667 (S. Oct, 

•31 ; 481) Spicer, 14s. 

Lee (O. A. J.) Among British Birds in their Nesting Haunts, 4 vol., in 16 parts, pits. 

fo., Edinb., 1897-99 (S. Oct. 22 ; 468) Brown, £2 lOs. 

(S. L.) Stratford-on-Avon from the Earhest Times to the Death of Shakes- 
peare, etchings, L. P., 4to., 1885 (H. Oct. 23 ; 313) 8s. 

Leers (A.) Relation du Voyage de sa Majeste Britannique en Hollande, port, and 

engs. (some mounted), half bound, fo.. La Haye, 1692 (S. Oct. 22 ; 469) 

Reader, 6s. 
Lees (J.C.) St. Giles' Edinburgh, Church, College and Cathedral, ills., 4to., 1889 

(S. Nov. 12 ; 367) Napier, 9s. 

Le Fevre (Raoul) Destruction of Troy (slightly defective), old calf, 4to., 1663 (S. 

Nov. 1 ; 954) Streeton, 5s. 

Le Gallienne (R.) George Meredith : Some Characteristics, with inscription 

" Oscar Wilde from Richard Le Gallienne, 24 xi. 90," 1890 (H. Oct. 23 ; 176) 

Brisset, £A 12s. 6d. 

My Ladies' Sonnets and other " Vain and Amatorious Verses," L. P., pres, 

copy to Andrew Lang, with original poem in 3 verses, in autograph of author, 
4to., P. P., 1887 (S. Dec. 6 ; 489) Sotheran, £Q 

Le Gallois (J. L., Sieur de Grimarest) Vie de M. Moliere, port., mor., g. e., Paris, 
1705 (S. Dec. 5 ; 227) Ellis, ;£3 3s. 

Leguat (F.) Voyage et Avantures, fronts., maps and pits., 2 vol. in 1 vol., uncut, 
Lond., 1708 (S. Nov. 20; 10) Dobell, lis. 

The same, 2 vol., orig. paper covers, uncut, 1708 (S. Nov. 20 ; 11) 

David, 16s. 
[Leighton (Alex.) ' Appeal to the ParUament, or Sions Plea against the Prelacie, 

1st edn., MS. notes and under-linings, red mor. gih, g.e., with crest, 4to. [1628] 

(S. Oct. 22 ; 416) Barnard, £\ Is. 

Leland (John) Itinerary, seed, edn., 9 vol., port., calf, Oxford, 1745 (S. Oct. 16 ; 

249) Bloomfield, £\ 18s. 

Life of Philip of Macedon, 2 vols., 4to., cf., 1748 (D. Dec. 17 ; 491) Is. 

Le Maire de Beiges (J.) La pompe funeralle des Obseques du fey Roy dom Phe- 

hppes, I. ft., printed on vellum, ills., 4to., 1868 (P. Nov! 21 ; 144) 

Leighton, 15s. 
Le Mercier (A.) Church History of Geneva, orig. sheep, Boston, N. E., 1732 (S. 

Dec. 20 ; 2) Gardy, £\ 

Le Moyne (P.) CEuvres Poetiques, fo., veil., Paris, 1671 (D. Dec. 17 ; 556) 8s. 6d. 
Lenas (C. de) Origines de I'Orfevrerie Cloisonnee, 3 vol., ills., Paris, 1877 (S. Nov. 

26 ; 301) Rimell, £A 6s. 

LeNeve (J.) Monumenta Anglicana, 5 vol., calf,1719 (S. Oct. 16; 170) Harding,l2s. 
Lenglet Dufresnoy. Dissertations sur les Apparitions, 2 vols., cf., 1752 (D. 

Dec. 16 ; 175) 2s. 

Leo (John), Geographical Historie of Africa, fo., veil., 1600 (D. Dec. 17 ; 554) 

£3 15s. 
Leo Magnus, Papa. Sermones et Epistolae (Hain *10012), 126 11., first large 

capital illuminated, with arms, sheep, fo., Venet., 1482 (S. Dec. 20 ; 205) 

Young, £5 5s.. 


I9I2-I3 83 

Leon (A. de) Epitome de la Biblioteca Oriental i Occidental, Nautica i Geografica, 
engd. title, veil., sm. 4to., Madrid, 1629 (S. Nov. 20 ; 36) H. Stevens, £2 12s. 

Leonicenus (O.) De Octo Partibus Orationis (Grammatica) , 100 11., boards, tall 
copy. 4to.. Patavii, 1474 (P. Nov. 21 ; 135) Davis, £5 10s. 

Leonicus Thomaeus (N.) De varia Historia, stamped calf, with arms of Henry 
VIII under cover, binder's mark and monogram H.I. (Henry Jacobi). slightly 
damaged, 4to., Venet., 1531 (S. Nov. 25; 60) Leighton. ^4 

Le Page du Pratz. History of lyouisiana, 2 maps, 2 vol., orig. calf, 1763 (S. Nov. 
20 ; 8) Quaritch, £A 5s. 

Le Pautre (A.) Description Generale de I'Hostel Royale des Invahdes, 13 pits., 
orig. calf. fo.. Paris, 1683 (S. Nov. 20 ; 123) Blathwavt, £\ 2s. 

(J.) Collection des plus belles Compositions, 100 pits., half mor., fo., Paris, 

n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 109) Rimell, 7s. 

Lepsius (C. R.) Denkmaeler aus Aegypten und Aethiopien, 12 vol. in 7, pits., half 

russ. (text in 1 vol., 4to.), fo., Berlin, n. d. (S. Nov 26 ; 412) Quaritch, £A\ 
Le Rouille (G.) Le Grand Coustumier de Normandie, t. j?., engd. title, old calf, fo., 

1539 (S. Nov. 1 ; 986) Streeton, £\ 4s. 

Le Sage. Aventuras de Gil Bias de Santillana, restituidas a su patria y a su 

Lengua Nativa por un Espanol Zeloso, 4 vol., calf. Valencia. 1788-89 (C. 

Dec^ 16 ; 27) Tregaskis, £\ 8s. 

Histoire de Gil Bias de SantiUane, engs., 4 vol.. half mor. gilt. m. e., Paris 

(1795) (S. Nov. 12 ; 370) Parsons, £3 3s. 

The same, 4 vol., 100 pits, after Duplessis-Bertaux, etc., old half mor., m. e., 

Paris. I'an III (1795^ (S. Nov. 1 ; 903) Edwards, £\ 18s. 

Gil Bias, trans, by Smollett, 1 5 cold. pits, by Clark, 3 vols., boards. 1819 (P. 

Oct. 3 ; 209) Cohn, £\ 17s. 6d. 

[Lescarbot. Nova Francia ; or Description of that Part of New France which is 
one continent with Virginia, trans, by P. E.(rondelle), 1st edn., orig. calf, 
sm. 4to.. 1609 (S. Nov. 20 ; 30) Quaritch, ;£50 

Leslaeo (J.) De Origine Moribus and Rebus Gestis Scotorum, 4to., cf., 1678 (D. 
Dec 16 ; 335) 5s. 

The same, 4to., cf., 1678 (D. Nov. 20 ; 952) Us. 

Leth (H. de) Het Zegepralend Kennemerland, 100 engs., 2 vols, in 1, fo., Amst., 

n. d. (H. Nov. 14 ; 500) Scotti, £2 6s. 

Letters addressed to the Right Hon. Lord M on the late Expedition to the 

Spanish Main, etc., wrappers, uncut, 180"^ (S. Nov. 1 ; 835) Kashnor, 19s. 
Leunclavius (J.) Historiae Musulmanae, fo., veil., 1591 (D. Dec. 17 ; 425) Us. 
Lever (C.) Charles O'Malley, 1st edn., 2 vol., pits, by " Phiz," DubUn, 1841 (S. 

Burge, £\ 
Orr, n. d. (H. Dec. 5 ; 74) 
Hornstein, £\ 19s. 
1839 (S. Nov. 1 ; 849) 

Maggs, 14 s. 
' 1865 (S. Nov. 1 ; 850) 

Wallis, 10s. 
1868 (H. Oct. 18 ; 1157) 
Cohn, 16s. 
1845 (S. Oct. 16 ; 63) 

Sotheran, 5s. 

(T.) A fruitful! Sermon made in Paules churche in London in the Shroudes, 

woodcut title (repaired), a. I., mor.. n. d. [1550; (H. Oct. 24 ; 536) 

Tregaskis, 17s. 

Lewin (J. W.) Lepidopterous Insects of New South Wales, 19 cold, pits., half calf. 

4to., 1822 (S. Dec. 2 ; 240) Brown, 16s. 

Lewis (G. C.) On Local Disturbances in Ireland, 1836 (S. Dec. 3 ; 646) Barnard, 2s. 

(J.) History of Faversham Abbey, plates, some inserted, calf gilt, 1727 (S. 

Oct: 17 ; 480) Allen, 19s. 

(J.) History of the Isle of Tenet, 1st edn., pits., calf gilt, 4to., 1723 (S. Oct. 

17 ; 461) Quaritch, £2 4s. 

The same, calf, 4to., 1723 (H. Nov. 28 ; 525) ^1 lOs. 

The same, L. P., calf, 4to., 1723 (S. Nov. 25 ; 61) Daniell. 10s. 

- Con 

26 ; 484) 
Cregan, pits. 

by Phiz. 

1st edn.. 

2 vols. 

- Harry Lorrequer, 

1st edn., 

pits, by ' 


- Luttrell of Arran. 

1st edn. 

, pits, by 

" Phiz. 

- Pau 

I Gosslett's Confessions 

, front.. 

1st edn. 

- St. 

Patrick's Eve 

1st edn.. 

pits, by 

" Phiz.' 


Lewis Q) Anr. Bdn., seed, edn., L. P., port, and pits., some added, calf gilt, 4to., 
1736 (S. Oct. 17 ; 540) Dohell, iQ 12s. 6d. 

(J. F.) Illustrations of Constantiople, 26 cold, engs., mounted on card, fc, 

1838 (S. Dec. 12 ; 785) Edwards, £2 2s. 

(M. G.) The Monk, first (I^ondon) edition (uncastrated) , 3 vol., half mor., 

y. e., 1796 (S. Oct. 23 ; 845) Young, £1 16s. 

Anr. Edn., Unabridged Reprint of the P'irst Edition, 2 vol., port., 4to., (1880) 

(S. Oct. 23 ; 905) Young, £1 Is. 

. Tales of Wonder, 1st edn., 2 vol., half calf, 1801 ^S. Oct. 23 ; 846) 

Tregaskis, 12s. 

The same, 2 vol., half calf, 1801 (S. Nov. 27 ; 692) Meuel, 6s. 

[Lewknor (J.) Metellus, his Dialogues, containing a Relation of a Journey to. 

Tunbridge Wells, calf, 1693 (S. Oct. 16; 310) Dohell, lis. 

Leyes de las Indias. Recopilacion de Leyes de los Reynos de las Indias, mandadas 

imprimir por Don Carlos II., 4 vols., veil., fo., Madrid, 1681 (P. Nov. 21 ; 

232) Lane, i^ 

[L'Heretier de Villaudon (Mile.)] Bigarures Ingenieuses, mor. gilt, g. e., by- 
Mackenzie (a la sphere, 1696) (S. Dec. 5 ; 229) Barnard, 15s. 
lyiber Sohar, sive Collectanea de Dictis et Gestis R. Schimeon filii Jochai, Heb- 

raice, engd. title, stamped leather (broken), fo., Sultzbaci, 1684 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

988) Hill, 7s. 

Liber Vagatorum, le Livre des Gueux, mor. gilt, g. e., Strasbourg, 1862 (S. Dec. 

5 ; 230) Barnard, 5s. 

lyibri. Monuments inedits on peu connus, faisant partie du Cabinet de G. Libri, 

60 cold. pits,, half mor., fo,, 1862 (P. Dec. 5 ; 459) Pearson, p 15s. 

Licio (Roberti de) Pdicationes a prima dnica de adetu quottidie inclusive usq 

ad quarta, t. fl., wants first " tabula " a i, old calf, 4to., Venetiaru, 1479 (S. 

Nov. 1 ; 955) Mason, 15s. 

Liechtenstein (Princess M.) Holland House, ills., 1st edn., 2 vols., 1874 (H. Dec. 

18 ; 183) Last, 13s. 

Liger (Louis) La Nouvelle Maison rustique, pits., 2 vol., calf (rebacked), 4to., 

Paris, 1755 (C. Dec. 16 ; 94) Parsons, 5s. 

Lilford (Lord) Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Islands, port, and cold. 

pits., mounted on guards, in 7 vols., half mor., ex., g. t., by Riviere, 1885-97 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 102) Austin, i^A 
Anr. Edn., 7 vol., seed, edn., pits, mounted on guards, half mor. gilt, t. e. g., 

1891-97 (S. Oct. 21 ; 170) Young, iAA 

Lilly (John) Euphues, the Anatomie of Wit, i). \., half mor., sHghtly defective, 

4to., 1631 (S. Nov. 26 ; 550) Davis, £2 2s. 

Sixe Court Comedies, a few lines cut, calf, g. e., 1632 (S. Dec. 5 ; 231) 

Ellis, £3 15s. 

• (Wm.) Historv of his Life and Times, ports., 1822 (S. Oct. 30 ; 196) 

Dohell, 5s. 
Lincoln Cathedral, Statutes of, arranged by Henry Bradshaw, 3 vol., uncut, 

Cambridge, 1892-7 (S. Nov. 13; 811) Harding, 9s. 

Lincohishire Parish Registers : Marriages, ed. by W. P. W. PhilUmore and A. K. 

Maples, 5 vol., 1905 (S. Nov. 13 ; 813) Ellis, £1 9s. 

Linden (J.) Iconographie des Orchides, vol. I, 48 cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., fo., 

Brux., 1830 (S. Dec. 2 ; 311) Quaritch, £3 10s. 

■ Iconography of Orchids, vol. I to XI, cold, pits., in 6 vol., half mor., g. e., 

fo., Ghent, 1891-96 (S. Dec. 2 ; 312) Wesley, £8 5s. 

Lindlev (J.) Sertum Orehidaceum, front, and 49 cold. pits, half mor., g. t., fo., 

1838 (S. Dec. 2 ; 313) Wesley. £4 

Lindsay (R.) History of Scotland, fo., cf., 1625 (D. Dec. 17 ; 469) 13s. 

(Lord) Lives of the Lindsays, 3 vols., 1849 (P. Oct. 3 ; 208) Meuel, 18s. 

Linschoten (J. H. de) Histoire de la Navigation, engs., veil., fo., Amst., 1610 (S. 

Oct. 30 ; 137) H. Stevens, £2 

Liturgy of the Ancients, represented as near as well may be in EngHsh Forms, 

ist edn., b. I., half calf, 4to., P. P., 1696 (S. Nov. 1 ; 950) Streeton, 2s. 
Livelv (E.) True Chronologic of the Times of the Persian Monarchic, veil., 1597 

(P No.v. 21 ; 22) Barnard, 15s. 

I9I2-I3 85 

Lively (E.) The same, veil., 1597 (H. Nov. 14 ; 435) £1 5s. 

Liverpool (Earl of) and C. Reade. The House of Comewall, ports., etc., 4 to.. 1908 
(S. Nov. 13; 869) Maycham. lis. 

Liverpool and Manchester Railway. 7 cold, views, with description and title in 
Spanish, 4to., Londres, 1831 (P. Oct. 4 ; 565) Hornstein. £2 17s. 6d. 

Lives and Amours of the Roman Empresses, trans, by G. James, cf., 1723 (D. 
Nov. 18 ; 99) 5s. 

Livius. Titi Livii desz aller hochberumpsten Geschichtschreibers Romische 
Historien . . . (verteutschet durch J. Micyllum tmd M. Carbachium), 
4 parts, with engraved titles, in 1 vol.. t. fl., woodcuts, old veil., tall copy, 
fo., Meyntz. Schoffer, 1511 or 1551 (S. Oct. 31 ; 614) Goss, £1 

Livius (The " Immaculate "), 4 vols., fine paper, cf.. 1751 (D. Dec. 18 ; 938) 2s. 

Lobel (M.) Plantarum sen Stirpium Historia. woodcuts, veil., fo.. Antv., 1576 (H. 

Nov. 6 ; 619) Mene/. £1 3s. 

Lobo (J.) Vovage to Abyssinia, trans, by S. Johnson. 1st edn.. calf, 1735 (S. Oct. 

23 ; 851) Young. 5 s. 
Lobscheid (W.) English and Chinese Dictionary, 2 vol.. half mor., fo.. Hong Kong, 

1866 (S. Dec. 10 ; S05) Luzac. 16s. 

Locke (J.) Essay concerning Humane Understanding, 1st edn., old calf (bnd. 

defective), fo., 1690 (H. Oct. 24 ; 632) £1 

Anr. Edn., port., A.L.S. of A. Lang inserted, 1828 (S. Dec. 5 ; 234) 

Sotheran, £1 9s. 

Works, port., 9 vols., calf gilt. m. e. (vol. 1 cracked). 1824 (H. Nov. 28 ; 

470) Brown, 15s. 

Locker (E. H.) Naval Gallery of Greenwich Hospital, ports., L. P.. half mor., gilt, 
fo., 1831 (H. Nov. 6 ; 631) Davey. 18s. 

(F.) London Lyrics, roxburghe, 1868 (S. Dec. 5 ; 236) B. F. Stevens, £1 Is. 

Anr. Edn., pres. copy with eight-line verse in autograph of author, P. P., 

1881 (S. Dec. 5 ; 237) Barnard. £7 

London Rhymes, pres. copy to " A. Lang From F. Locker," P. P., 1882 (S. 

Dec. 5 ; 238) Sotheran, £2 8s. 

Lyra Elegantiarum, 1st edn.. 1867 (S. Nov. 14 ; 228) Hornstein, 6s. 

The same, with inscription " Andrew Lang from F.LL." 1867 (S. Dec. 5 ; 

235) Sotheran, £4 2s. 6d. 

Patchwork, 1st edn., half veil., t. e. g., pres. copy, 1879 (P. Oct. 30 ; 207) 

Shepherd, 19s. 

The Rowfant Library : A Catalogue, 2 vol., fronts, and pits., 1886-1900 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 239) Heffer, £6 6s. 

Lockman (J.) Travels of the Jesuits into various Parts of the World, 2 vol., maps. 

calf. 1762 (S. Oct. 21 ; 175) Soames, £1 2s. 

Loddiges' Botanical Cabinet, cold. pits., vols, to 1-9, sm. 4to.. half boimd, 1818- 

24 (H. Oct. 25 ; 876) G. H. Brown, £3 10s. 

The same. 20 vol., L. P., 2000 cold. pits., half calf, sm. 4to., 1818^3 (S. 

Dec. 2 ; 241) Btimpus, pi 

Logan (J.) Clans of the Scottish Highlanders, cold, pits., 2 vols., mor., g. e., fo., 
1857 (P. Oct. 4 ; 596) Parsons, £5 15s. 

The Scottish Gael, 2 vol., cold, pits., half calf, m. e., 1831 (S. Dec. 3 ; 638) 

Straihallan , 1 5s. 

Loggan (D.) Cantabrigia lUustrata. engd. title, map and pits., calf, fo.. Cantab., 

1688 (S. Dec. 12 ; 755) Bain, £9 15s. 

Lollius (Ant.) Oratio in fimere Philippi CardinaHs Matisconensis, I. fl., 6 11. (Hain 

*10179), unboimd, sm. 4to. [Romae, Steph. Plannck, 1484 (S. Dec. 20 ; 

206) Davis, £\ 10s. 

Lombardus (P.) Textus Sententiarum cum commentar. B. Thomae de Aquino, I. g. 

(Ham 10200), half pigskin, fo., Venet., 1489 (S. Dec. 12 ; 1007) 

David. £\ 18s. 

Sententiarum libb. IV cum conclusionibus H. Gorichen, I. fl. (Hain *10193), 

initials painted red, stamped calf, rebacked, fo., a. n. [Basle, N. Kesler, 1490] 
(S. Dec. 12 ; 1015) Davids £\ 10s. 

London Fishery ; or, Arts of the Fishermen and Fishmongers set in a True Light, 
4to. (68 pp.), wrapper, 1759 (H. Oct. 17 ; 791) Richardson, £\ 2s. 


London Magazine, vol, 30, containing folding views of New York and Phila- 
delphia, and maps of Virginia, &c., half bound, 1761 (H. Oct. 24 ; 605) 

Sabin, £4 12s. 6d. 

London. Modern London, pits., including the coloured plates of Traders, russ. 
(broken). 4to., 1804 (P. Oct. 4 ; 554) Cohn, £2 5s. 

London. Views of London and its Environs, 56 pits., oblong, half bound, fo., 
F. West. n. d. (H. Oct. 17 ; 959) Vaughan. £1 2s. 

London. Views of the Pleasure Gardens of London, Japan Paper, cold, pits., fo., 
1896 (H. Nov. 28 ; 564) Evans, 7s. 6d. 

Longfellow (H. W.) Courtship of Miles Standish, etc., 1st edn., Boston. 1858 
(S. Nov. 12 ; 382) Tregaskis, 10s. 

■ Song of Hiawatha, 1st edn., half mor., Boston, 1856 (S. Nov. 12 ; 381) 

Lewine, 8s. 

Longus. Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et de Chloe, engd. title, 28 pits, and 
proof of the " Petits Pieds " plate, red mor., marbled under gilt edges 
(Derome), fine state, s. 1. [Paris, Quillan], 1718 (P. Oct. 30 ; 199) 

Bumpus, ;^18 10s. 

Anr. Edn., engd. title, 28 pits, after Philippe d'Orleans. and Proof of the 

" Petits Pieds " plate (no printed title), red mor., g. e. (Derome), fine copy. 
s. 1. [Paris, 1745 J (P. Dec. 4 ; 136) Maggs, £5 5s. 

Anr. End., by J. Amyot, 30 proof engs., 12mo., half mor., Londres, 1779 (H. 

Nov. 28 ; 399) Hogan, £\ 6s. 

Daphnis and CHloe, L. P., pits, in 3 states, 4to., 1896 (S. Dec. 2 ; 242) 

Brown, 19s. 

Lopez de Zarate (Fr.) Poema Heroico de la Invencion de la Cruz, por el Emperador 

Constantino Magno, veil., 4to., Madrid. 1648 (C. Dec. 16 ; 95) Davis, £2 15s. 

Lord (J. K.) Naturalist in Vancouver Island and British Columbia, 2 vol., 1st edn., 
pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1866 (S. Oct. 21 ; 176) Kashnor, £\ 6s. 

Lorisino (M. A. U.) Expositione dell' XI et XII Cap. del' IIII Lib. d'Esdra, wood- 
cuts, title cut veil., 4to., Venetia, 1571 (S. Oct. 31 ; 584) James, 5s. 

Lorris (G.) et J. de Meung. Le rommant de la rose, g. I., facsimile reproduction, 
parchment, uncut, fo., Paris, 1878 (S. Oct. 30 ; 254) Bloomfield, 17s. 

Loskiel (G. H.) History of the Mission of the United Brethren among the Indians 
in N. America, trans, by C. J. La Trobe, map, port. invSerted, calf, ! 794 (S. 
Oct. 21 ; 177) Kashnor, £\ 2s. 

Lossing (B. J.) Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, ills., 2 vol., half calf, m. e., 
N. Y., 1855 (S. Nov. 12 ; 385) Napier, 3s. 

Lothian (Marquis of) The Genus Masdevallia. 87 cold, pits., half mor., g. t., fo., 
1896 (S. Dec. 2 ; 314) Wesley, £A 

Loti (Pierre) Les Desenchantees, orig. edn., port., Paris, s. d. (S. Oct. 30 ; 208) 

Groom, 12s. 

Louis XVI. Le Sacre et Couronnement de Louis XVI, pits., hf. mor., 1775 (P. 
Oct. 3 ; 172) Neumayer, 14s. 

Love (H. D.) Descriptive List of Pictures in Government House and the Banquet- 
ing Hall, Madras, mor. ex., t. e. g., 4to., Madras, 1903 (S. Nov. 12 ; 387) 

Forrester, 6s. 

Lovelace (R.) Lucasta : Epodes, Odes, Sonnets, Songs, etc., 1st edn., wanting 
front., some leaves mended, mor. ex., g. e., by Riviere,w. a. f., 1649 (S. Dec. 
5 ; 243) * Catalogue slip inserted, with note by A. Lang. Maggs, £^ 5s. 

Lucasta. Posthume Poems, 1st edn., port, by Hollar, plate of Lucasta by 

Faithome, p. 1, and front, to the " Elegies " at p. 108, orig. calf gilt, very 
fine copy, 1659-60 (S. Dec. 20 ; 33) Quaritch, ;g98 

Lover (Samuel) Handy Andy. 1st edn., 24 ills., red calf, g. e., 1842 (S. Oct. 23 
853) Hornstein, £1 2s 

Low (D.) Breeds of the Domestic Animals of the British Isles, 2 vol. in 1 , cold. pits, 
half mor. gilt, g. e., fo., 1842 (S. Dec. 10 ; 335) Quaritch, £2 3s 

Lowe (Peter) Discourse of the Whole Art of Chvrurgerie, h, I., woodcuts, calf, 4to. 
1634 (S. Nov. 20 ; 193) ' Barnard, £A 17s. 6d, 

Lowndes. Guide to the Stage Coaches, Mails, Dihgences, Waggons, Caravans, 
Carts, Coasting Vessels, Barges and Boats from London, half calf (1796) 
(S. Dec. 11 ; 434) Bumpus, £\ 12s. 

1912-13 ' 87 

Lucan's Pharsalia, trans, into English Verse, by N. Rowe, fo., bds., 1718 (D- 
Dec. 17 ; 503) 6s. 

Lucas (H.) Histoire Naturelle des Lepidopt^res d'Europe, cold, pits., Paris, 1834 
(S. Dec. 2 ; 92) Diilau. 8s. 

Histoire Naturelle des Lepidopteres Exotiques, cold, pits., 1835 (S.Dec. 

2 ; 93) Wesley. 1 6s. 

(Paul) Troisieme Voyage, 2 vols., cf., 1719 (D. Dec. 16; 162) ' Is. 

(W. J.) British Dragon Flies (Odonata), cold, pits., 1900 (S. Dec. 2 ; 94) 

Dulau, 13s. 
Lucemae Fictiles Musei Passerii, 3 vol., pits., old red mor. ex., g. e., fo., Pisauri, 

1739-51 (S. Oct. 18 ; 769) Neumayer, £1 10s. 

Lucretius. De rerum natura, boards, little stained, 4to., Venetiis, 1495 (P. Nov. 

21 ; 139) Osier. iA 7s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn. (ex. recens. A. Naugerii), library stamps on title and preface, 

Duke of Grafton's autograph on title, old red mor., g. e., Venet. Aldus, 1515 
(S. Dec. 5 ; 245) Dobell, £1 10s. 

Delia Natura delle Cose, tradotti de A. Marchetti, 2 vol., pits., red mor. ex., 

g. e., Amst. (Paris), 1754 (S. Oct. 31 ; 358) Edwards, £2 12s. 

The same, 2 vol. in 1, calf gilt, 1754 (C. Dec. 16 ; .?8) Tregaskis, £1 

Ltidolphus (Job.) New History of Ethiopia, made English by J. P., 1st edn., table 

and pits., old calf, fo., 1682 (S. Oct. 31 ; 648) Streeton, 2s. 

Lust-und Artzeney-Garten des Konglichen Propheten Davids, engs. and music 

(stained rebacked), mor., with clasps, Regenspurg, 1675 (H. Nov. 14 ; 443) 

;£1 7s. 
Xyndsav (Sir David) Facsimile of an Ancient Heraldic Manuscript, ed. by D. 

Laing, cold, coats-of-arms, fo., 1878 (S. Nov. 12 ; 392) Forrester, £\ Is. 

- — Poetical Works, with Life and Glossary, by Geo. Chalmers, 3 vol., tree-calf 

gilt, y. e., 1806 (S. Nov. 12; 391) Quaritch. 10s. 

Lvon (J.) History of Dover, 2 vol., pits., some inserted, half russ., 4to., 1813 (S. 

Oct. 17 ; 477) Wilkinson. 10s. 

Lvra (Nicolaus de) Comment, super Psalterium, I. ft., old veil., to., a. n. [148-1 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 1006) David, 15s. 

Moralia super totam Bibliam, (. ft. (Hain * 10375), capitals painted, slightly 

stained, half calf, fo., Mantuae, 1481 (S. Dec. 12 ; 974) Lubrano, iA 

Lvsons (D.) En\4rons of London, pits., seed, edn., 4 vols., half roan, imcut, fo., 
1810-11 (P. Dec. 17 ; 208) Brown, £1 2s. 

Lvtton (Lord) Ismael : an Oriental Tale, 1st edn., boards, 1820 (H. Oct. 16 ; 
460) ' Maggs, 15s. 

Pilgrims of the Rhine, port, and pits., India Proofs, 1st edn., calf, m. e., 

4to., 1834 (P. Dec. 17 ; 183) Joseph. 5s. 

; The same, L. P., India proofs, mor. ex., g. e., 1834 (C. Dec. 16 ; 30) 

Rimell, 10s. 

The same, L. P.. red mor. ex., dentelle sides, 1834 (S. Dec. 4 ; 839) 

Rimell, £A 

Works, Knebworth Edn., fronts.. 33 vols., 1875-7 (H. Oct. 16 ; 393) 

Blackburn, 17s. 

Maaskamp (E.) Tableaux des habillemens. des Pays-Bas, 23 cold. pits. (10 

additional pits, at end), 4to., Amst., 1823 (S. Oct. 22 ; 418) Rimell. £5 

JMacaulay (K.) History of St. Kilda, lib. copy, half calf, 1764 (E. Sep. 20 ; 301) 

Morrison, 6s. 

(Lord) Works, 12 vol. " Albany Edition," L. P.. ports., 1898 (S. Dec. 5 ; 

248) Hitchman, £2 3s. 

.^lacculloch (J .) Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, 2 vol. and 4to. 
vol. of pits, and maps, half mor., 1819 (S. Dec. 3 ; 658) Barnard, 5s. 

fJMacedonio (M.) Le Nove Muse, raccolte e date alia stampa da Pietro Macedonio 
suo fratello, engd. title and pits., veil., 4to., Napoli, 1614 (C. Dec. 16 ; 96) 

Tregaskis, £\ 12s. 
\Macgeorge's Armorial Insignia of Glasgow, 1866 (E. Sep. 20 ; 289) 

Hopkins, 18s. 

^-Macgibbon and Ross' Castellated and Domestic Architecture of Scotland, 5 vols. 
4to., 1887-92 (D. Oct. 22 ; 617) ^^6 


Macgillivray (J.) Voyage of the Rattlesnake, pits., 2 vols., 1852 (H. Oct. 16 r 
588) Hill, £\ 12s. 

(W.) Memorial Tribute to, pits., 4to., Edinb., 1901 (S. Dec. 2 ; 245) 

Dobell, Is. 

Mclan (R. R.) Clans of the Scottish Highlands, 72 cold, figures, 2 vol., half mor., 

fo., 1857 (C. Dec. 16 ; 178) Hollings, £3 10s. 

McKenny (T. L.) and J. Hall : History of the Indian Tribes of N. America, 3 vol., 

120 cold, ports., mor., g. e., fo., Phil., 1838 (S. Dec. 10 ; 302) 

Edwards, ^£33 

The same, 2 vol., half mor. gilt, t. e. g., fo., 1838 (S. Nov. 26 ; 386) 

Quaritch, iA2 10s. 

Mackenzie (A.) Voyages from Montreal, port., half calf, 4to., 1801 (S. Oct. 22 ; 

420) H. Stevens, 17s. 

(Sir G.I Laws and Customs of Scotland, 4to., cf., Edin., 1678 (D. Dec. 16 ; 

236) ' Is. 

Observations on the Acts of Parliament, fo., cf., Edin., 1686 (D. Dec. 17 ; 

440) 2s. 

Lives of Eminent Writers of the Scots Nation, 3 vols., fo., cf., 1708-22 (D. 

Dec. 17 ; 500) 7s. 6d. 

Mackenzie's History of the Frasers of Lovat, 1896 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1116) 8s. 

Historv of the Macdonalds, 1881 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1117) 19s. 

History of the Munros of FowUs, 1898 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1118) 5s. 6d. 

History of the Camerons, 1884 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1119) 9s. 6d. 

History of the Chisholms, 1901 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1120) 4s. 6d. 

McKerlie (P. H.) History of the Lands and their Owners in Galloway, 5 vol., 

roxburghe, Edinb., 1870-9 (S. Nov. 12 ; 406) Brown, £?> 3s. 

M'Kie's D'Officio Juridica, 4to., mor. gt., Edin., 1730 (D. Dec. 17 ; 648) £1 lis. 
MacKinnon (Col.) Origin of the Coldstream Guards, 2 vol., 1833 (S. Nov. 21 ; 

262) Payne, 13s. 

Macpherson (J.) The Land of Shakespeare, 31 etchings, fo., 1889 (P. Oct. 3 ; 273) 

Brighton, £\ 5s. 

The same, fo., 1889 (P. Nov. 21 ; 241) Quaritch, 9s. 

Macquoid (Percy) Historv of EngHsh Furniture, 4 vol., pits., fo., 1904-8 (S. Dec. 

3 ; 673) ' Quaritch, £5 11 s.Qd. 

Macrobius; in SomniumScipionis, veil., Venet. Aldus, 1528 (D. Oct. 21 ; 31) 

lOs. 6d. 
M'Ure (J.) View of the City of Glasgow, Complete Copy, with genuine plates and 

Dedication, mor., g. e., by Ramage, Glasgow, 1736 (E. July 25 ; 395) 

Forrester, ;£22 
Madan (M.) Thelyphthora, a Treatise on Female Ruin, 3 vol., calf, 1781 (S. Nov>| 

7 ; 527) Hill, 4s., 

Maddox (W.) Views of Lansdown Tower, 14 cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1844 (S>j 

Oct. 31 ; 622) Brown, 12s. 

Mafieius (P.) Historiarum Indicarum Hb. XVI, acces. Ignatii Loiolae Vita, veil.,] 

Col. Agr., 1590 (S. Nov. 20 ; 14) Tregaskis, 18s. 

Magna Charta, cum Statutis quae Antiqua vocantur, h. (., calf, 1556 (S. Nov. 25 ;j 

210) * Bull, £1 8s. 

The same, calf, 1556 (H. Oct. 24 ; 540) Dohell, £2 2s.j 

Mahabharata (The) of Khrisna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, published by Prolap Chundn 

Rog, 4 vol., half roan, Calcutta, 1883 (S. Dec. 10 ; 241) Edwards, £] 13s^ 

Mahony (F.) ReUques of Father Prout, 1st edn., 2 vol., ills, by Machse, 1836 (S; 
Dec. 4 ; 804) Shepherd, £2^ 

The same, 2 vol., with duplicate set of ills,, proofs, mor. gilt, t. e. g., by] 

Riviere, fine copy, 1836 (S. Oct. 24 ; 933) Young, £5 5i 

(Maidment {] .)] Analecta Scotica, 2 vol., calf. Edinb., 1834-37 

Maitland's De Sepulchro Violate, 4to., mor., gt., Edin., 1788 

(W.) History of Edinburgh, fo., cf., 1753 (D. Nov. 19 ; 

History of London, 2 vol., pits., calf, rebacked, fo., 1760 


.Oct. 21 ; 





Dec. 17 ; 







Nov. 25 ; 


Rimell, £\ 6sJ 

1912-13 89 

Maitland Club. Maitland (Sir R.) Poems, mor., joints, double, russia fly-leaves» 
uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 4to., 1830 (S. Dec. 12 ; 895) Hopkins, i\ 4s. 

Registrum Metellanum I, 1831, calf gilt, joints, double, russia fly-leaves, 

uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 4to., 1831 (S. Dec. 12 ; 898) Dunlop. £1 Is. 

Dalgamo of Aberdeen (G.) Works, mor., joints, double, russia fly-leaves, 

uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 4to., 1834 (S. Dec. 12 ; 899) Hopkins. £] 4s. 

Reports on the State of Certain Parishes in Scotland, mor., joints, double. 

russia fly-leaves, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 4to., 1835 (S. Dec. 12 ; 896) 

Dunlop, 17s, 

Cochrane Correspondence regarding the Affairs of Glasgow, mor., joints 

double, russia fly leaves, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 4 to., 1836 (S. Dec. 12 ; 900) 

Hopkins, £\ 4s. 

Index to a Private Collection of Notices entituled Memorabilia of Glasgow, 

mor., joints, double, russia fly-leaves, imcut, by Zaehnsdorf, 4 to., 1836 (S. 
Dec. 12 ; 897) Dunlop, £1 Is. 

Wodrow (R.) Analecta, 4 vol., 4to., 1842-43 (S. Dec. 6 ; 498) 

Thin, £2 12s. 
Maittaire (M.) Annales Typographici, 3 vol., veil., 4to., Hagae-Comit., 1733-35 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 97) Tregaskis, £\ 2s. 

Malet (Capt.) Annals of the Road, 1st edn., cold, pits., half mor., g. e., 1876 (S. 

Oct. 24 ; 934) Slocock, £\ 15s. 

The same, half mor.. t. e. g., 1876 (S. Nov. 6 ; 153) Mason, £3 3s. 

Malfilatre. Narcisse dans I'lsle de Venus, engd. title and 4 pits., proofs, in two 

states, orig. wrappers, imcut, Paris, s. d. et 1797 (S. Nov. 1 ; 902) 

Trent, £2 7s. 6d. 
^Malherbe (A.) Histoire Naturelle des Picides, Picumines, Yunccures, ou Torcols, 

4 vol., 123 cold, pits., half mor. gilt, g. e., fo., Metz, 1861-2 (S. Nov. 26 ; 
358) Quarifch, ;g20 10s. 

Malory (Sir T.) Le Morte D'Arthur, ed. by H. O. Sommer, 3 vols, in 5, half mor., 
t. e. g., 1889-91 (H. Oct. 23 ; 166) Htll. £1 7s. 

Anr. Edn., ills, by Beardsley, 2 vols, in 12 nos., sm. 4to., 1893-4 (H. Dec. 

5 ; 265) Redway, £3 5s. 
^lalta. Monumenti e Lapidi Sepolcrali dei Mihtis GerosoUmitani nella Chiesa di 

San Giovanni in Malta, 3 vol., pits., half mor., fo., Malta, 1838-40 (S. Oct. 

31 ; 449) Parsons, £1 Is. 

^lalynes (G.) Consuetudo vel Lex Mercatoria, or. The Antient Law-Merchant, 

calf, fo., 1636 (S. Nov. 20; 113) Quaritch, £2 

Mameranum (N.) etc. Catalogus Familiae Totius Aulae Caesarese. 3 vols, in 1, 

cont. calf, cameos in gilt on both sides, g. e., Coloniae, 1550 (H. Nov. 6 ; 

525) Selden, £p, 5s. 

Mandeville (Sir John) Voyages and Travels, woodcuts, half calf, sm. 4to., 1722 

(S. Nov. 12 ; 410) Whm. £2 Ifs. 

Manning and Bray. History of Surrey, pits., etc., 3 vols., half russ., uncut, 

(joints tender), fo., 1804-14 (P. Dec. 17 ; 209) Brown, £S 

Mante (T.) History of the Late War in North America, with Errata, 14 plans and 

maps (should be 18, according to Sabin), old calf, 4to., 1772 (H. Oct. 17 ; 

923) Stevens, ;gl2 

Manutii in Epistolas Commentarius, mor. ex., g. e., Venet., 1547 (H. Nov. 14 ; 

463) 13s. 

Manwaring (R ) The Chair-Maker's Guide, 75 pits., calf, 1766 (S. Nov. 14 ; HI) 

Parsons, £9 15s. 
Manwood fj.) Treatise and Discourse of the Lawes of the Forrest, 1st edn., 6. I., 

veil., 4to., 1598 (S. Dec. 10 ; 127) Young, £4 4s. 

Anr. Edn., b. (., mor., g. e., 4to., 1615 (S. Nov. 6 ; 268) Harding, £1 8s. 

Anr. Edn., h. I., sheep, 4to., 1665 (S. Oct. 22 ; 425) Harding. 13s. 

Marbecke (John) The Booke of Common Praier Noted, ft. I., slightly stained, 

orig. stamped sheep and monogram, 4to., 1550 (S. Nov. 25 ; 65) 

Pearson, jfHO 

Marcus Aurelius, Golden Boke, trans, by John Bourchier, ft. I., old calf, 1559 (S. 

Nov. 25 ; 211) Maggs, £2 12s. 6d. 

Meditations, 2 vols., mor., Glasgow, 1749 (D. Dec. 16 ; 173) 8s. 


Mardon. Vie de Napoleon, 2 vol., 128 pits., half mor., ob. 4to., Brux., 1827 (S. 

Dec. 3 ; 513) Hornstein, ^A 15s. 

Marengo. Relation de la Bataille de Marengo, par Marechal Berthier, maps and 

pits., calf ex., 4to., Paris, 1816 (S. Dec. 3 ; 521) Sabin, £2 8s. 

Margarita Decreti sen tabula Martiniana Decrita [edita per Fratrem Martinuml, 

t. 0., (Hain *10835), calf gilt, broken, fo., a. u. n. [1500] (S. Dec. 12 ; 995) 

Barnard, 14 s. 
Margate. A Trip to Margate, by Paul Prv, 6 pits., half calf, ob. fo., n. d. (S. Oct. 

17 ; 646) Thorp, £2 16s. 

Marguerite de Navarre. Les Nouvelles de (Heptameron Fran9ais), fronts., 73 

engs. after Freudeberg, and 144 vignettes, 3 vols., mor. ex., g. e., by Bedford, 

Berne, 1781 (P. Dec. 17 ; 105) ' Sotheran, £2Q 
Heptameron, made English by R. Codrington, last leaf of Table wanting, 

1654 (S. Oct. 21 ; 189) ' Tregaskis, 15s. 

iMarivauxj. I,a Voiture Embourbee, orig. edn., calf, Paris, 1714 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

914) fames, 5s. 

Markham (G.) Maison Rustique, trans, by R. Surflet, woodcuts, calf, fo., 1616 

(S. Oct. 17 ; 602) Pickering, £3 7s. 6d. 

Marlowe (Chr.) Works (with L,ife, ed. by G. Robinson), 3 vol., half russ., m. e., 

18'^6 (S. Nov. 12 ; 414) Tregaskis, £2 10s. 

Works, with Notes, by A. Dyce, 3 vol., 1850 (S. Dec. 4 ; 829) 

Bumpus, £3 3s. 
Marmion (Shackerly) Holland's lycaguer, sm. 4to. (title cleaned), polished calf, 

panelled sides, g. e., 1632 (H. Nov. 14 ; 452) Doheli, £3 6s. 

Marmontel (J. F.) Poetique Francaise, 2 vol., old red mor. ex., g. e., fine copy, 

Paris, 1763 (S. Oct. 18 ; 729) Hatchard, £A 6s. 

Contes Moraux, port, and engs., 3 vols., calf,,, 1773 (H. Nov. 28 ; 

401) 15s. 

Marot (C.) (Euvres, fine copv, old French red mor. ex., crest on sides, g. e., Paris, 
1547 (S. Nov. 20; 178) Maggs, £\\ 5s. 

Marriage (W.) Borough of Colchester and Neighbourhood, ills., mor., g. e., ob. 4to., 
Colchester, 1892 (S. Dec. 10 ; 177) Avery, £,\ 

Marryat (C.F.) The Mission, or Scenes in Africa, 2 vol., 1st edn., fronts, and map, 
1845 (S. Oct. 31 ; 475) James, 5s. 

Pirate and the Three Cutters, engs. after Stanfield, 1854 (P. Dec. 17 ; 106) 

Blvthe, 10s. 

Poor Jack, ills, by Stanfield, 1st edn., in nos., 1840 (S. Dec. 4 ;'712) 

Shepherd, £2 17s. 
Marshall (J.) lyife of George Washington, port, and pits., 1st edn., 5 vols., boards, 

1804-7 (P. Nov. 21 ; 101) Maggs, £\ 

Marshy and Niceville : Butterflies of India, Burmah and Ceylon, 3 vol. in 4, 

col?, pits., Calcutta, 1882-90 (S. Nov. 26 ; 267) Bickers, £A 

Marsigli (ly. F. de) Description du Danube, 6 vol., pits., half sheep, fo., La Haye, 

1744 (S. Nov. 27 ; 587) Weslev, £3 3s. 

L'Etat Militaire de L'Empire Ottoman, ills., fo., cf., 1732 (D. Dec. 17 ; 532) 

Martial. Epigrammata in Caesaris Amphitheatrum et Venationes, multis locis 

emendata illustrataque commentario recentato et aucto T. Marcilii, boards, 

stamped vellum, 4to., Parisiis, 1601 (S. Nov. 20; 197) Leighton, 10s. 
Martial Achievements of Great Britain and her Allies, 51 cold, pits., half mor., 

uncut, 4to., [1815] (H. Oct. 23 ; 294) Berthel, £t> 

Martin (M.) Description of the Western Islands of vScotland, cf., 1703 (D. Dec. 

16 ; 247) 17s. 6d. 

~ (Lady) On Some of Shakespeare's Women, 6 parts, P. P., 1885 (S. Oct. 16 ; 

75) Maggs, £\ 2s. 

Martin et Cahier. Monographic de la Cathedrale de Bourges, 2 vol., 75 pits., 

first issue, mor., g. e., fo., Paris, 1841-44 (S. Nov. 26 ; 409) Quaritch, £\2 
Martinique. Voyage a la Martinique, map, ^lls., 4to., cf., Paris, 1763 (D. Dec. 

16 ; 346) 8s. 6d. 

Martvn (T.) Psyche, Figures of Nondescript Lepidopterous Insects, or Rare 

Moths and Butterflies, cold, pits., fo., 1797 (S. Dec. 2 : 315) Quantch, £40 

1912-13 9* 

Martyr (Peter) Loci Communes, ex variis ipsius Aucthoris in unum voliimen 

collecti, & quatuor classes distributi, ruled red, small hole on title, cont. 

English binding, stamped and tooled, g. e., fo., J. Kvngstoni, 157(> (S. Nov. 

20 ; 223) ' Ellis, £1 18s. 
Common Places of, port, inserted, b. I., with a painting on the fore-edge 

(bnd. broken), fo., 1583 (H. Dec. 19; 445) £2 10s. 

Marty rologium, quod et Viola Sanctorum, I. (\. (Hain *10870), wormed, stamped 

vellum, 4to., Argent., 1487 (S. Dec. 12 ; 912) Lubrano, £2 8s. 

Marulli (G.) Vite de' Gran Maestri di Giovanni Gierosolimitano, a few margins 

wormed, calf, fo., Napoli, 1636 (S. Oct. 31 ; 462) David, Is. 

Marvell (Andrew), Works, with Life by Thompson, port., 3 vols., hf. cf., 4to., 1776 

(P. Oct. 4 ; 536) Hill, 16s. 

Marvy (L) Sketches after English Landscape Painters, pits., 4to., n. d. (S. Nov. 

14 ; 257) Spencer, £\ 7s. 

Mary, Queen of Scots : History of the Life and Reign, ports., cf., 1725 (D. Dec. 

16 ; 190) Us. 

Mason (R. H.) History of Norfolk, ills., f o , 1884 (S. Dec. 12 ; 942) Carter. 7s. 
Maspero ,'G.) The Dawn of Civilization, trans, by M. L. McClure, ills.. 1910 (S. 

Dec' 12 ; 795) Joseph. 9s. 

Masse (J.) Voyages et Avantures, red mor., g. e., Bourdeaux, 1710 (S. Oct. 21 ; 

191) Tregaskis, 7s. 

Massey (Gerald) A Book of the Beginnings, 1st edn., 2 vol.. 1881 (S. Oct. 24 ; 

942) Shepherd, 8s. 

Massinger's Plays, with Notes by Gifford, port., 4 vols., half calf ex., club stamp 

on binding' 1805 (P. Dec. 17 ; 107) Brown, £\ 4s. 

Masson (F.) L'Imperatrice Marie-Louise, Japan, vellum, duplicate set of plates, 

4to., Paris, 1902 (S. Oct. 31 ; 540) Maggs, £3 5s. 
Livre du Sacre de I'Empereur Napoleon, Japan, paper, pits., Paris, 1908 

(S. Nov. 21 ; 424) Sotheran. £9 

Master (G. S.) Notices of the Family of Master, pits, (two added), half mor., 

P. P., 1874 (S. Oct. 17 ; 398) Walford, £\ 6s. 

Mather (Increase) Practical Truths, Plainly Dehvered, first edition, orig. calf, 

fine copy, Boston, N. E., 1718 (P. Nov. 21 ; 99) Nield. £2 7s. 6d. 

Mathieu (P.) Heroyk Life and deplorable Death of Henry the Fourth, trans, by 

Ed. Grimeston, 1st edn., woodcut port., title cut, old calf, 4to., 1612 (8. 

Nov. 1 ; 953) Thring, £\ 

* At end : " The Tropheis of the Life of Prince Henry the Great, of France 
and Navarre, trans, by Jos. Syl " ; 15 leaves of verse. 
Matthews (B.) Bookbindings Old and New, pits.. Japan Paper, 1896 (H. Nov. 

13 ; 170) Butier, £\ 2s. 

Matthiolus (P. A.) Discorsi nelli sei libri di Pedacio Disscoride della Materia 

Medicinale, woodcuts, 2 vol., veil., fo., Venetia, 1585 (C. Dec. 16 ; 179) 

Tregaskis, £1 10s. 
Maule (Hon. H.) Registrum de Panmure, ed. by John Stuart. 2 vol., port, and 

pits., 4to., 1874 (S. Dec. 3 ; 672) Hopkins, £2 10s. 

Maund (B.) The Botanic Garden, 13 vol., cold. pits. (engd. titles stained), half 

calf gilt, m. e., 4to., 1825, etc. (S. Nov. 21 ; 460) Burnpus. £4 

— Anr. Edn., ed. by J. C. Niven, 6 vol., cold, pits., half mor.. g. e.. 1878 (S. 
Dec. 2 ; 97) Brown, £1 12s. 

The Botanist, vol. I-V, cold, pits., mor., g. e., 4to., n. d. (S. Dec. 12 ; 907) 

Brown, £\ 4s. 
TMaunerv L'Homme Detrompe, traduit de I'Espagnol, orig. edn., French calf, 

Paris, 1696 (S. Oct. 30 ; 207) Shicer. 9s. 

Maurile de S. Michel (Fr.)Voyage des Isles Camercanes en I'Amerique, calf, Mans, 

1652 (S. Nov. 20 ; 12) H. Stevens, £4 10s. 

Maw (G.) Monograph of the Genus Crocus, 66 cold, pits., 4to., 1883 (S. Dec. 2 ; 

246) Johnson, £5 7s. 6d.* 

^Maxwell's Digest of Irish Reports, 1904-11 (B. Oct. 25 ; 78) 5s 6d 

(Sir H.) Field Book, ills.. 1833 (S. Dec. 4 ; 830) Barnard. 2s. 

History of the House of Douglas, ills., L. P., 2 vols., veil., t. e. g.. 1902 (H 

Nov. 27 ; 230) Wynne, 10s'. 


Maxwell (Sir P. B.) On the Interpretation of Statutes, half mor., ra. e., 1883 
(S. Nov. 12 ; 419) David, Is. 

May (Phil) The Phil May Folio of Caricature Drawings and Sketches, hand-made 
paper, fo., n. d., (S. Nov. 21 ; 269) Rimell, £\ 

Sketch Book : Fifty Cartoons, fo.. 1895 (S. Nov. 21 ; 266) Layard, 5s. 

Songs and their Singers, from " Punch," 15 pits., proofs, mor. ex., g. e., 4to. 

1898 (S. Nov. 21 ; 267) Maggs. £3 

Mayhew (H.) Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sandboys, 1st edn., ills, by G. Cruik- 
shank, parts, 1851 (S. Oct. 24 ; 949) Shepherd, £3 3s. 

1st edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, half mor,. t. e. g., by Riviere , n. d. (S. 

Oct. 24 ; 948) Shepherd, 17s. 

Whom to Mdrry, 1st edn., 12 ills, by G. Cruikshank, n. d. (S. Oct. 24 ; 

947) B, F. Stevens, £1 2s. 

Mayne Reid (Capt.) The Headless Horseman, cuts, 1st edn., in 20 parts [1865] 

(H. Nov. 7 ; 794) i^faggs, £\ 

Mazois (F.) Les Ruines de Pompeii, engs., half russ., fo., Paris, 1824 (S. Dec. 12 ; 

781) Davis, 15s. 

Mazot (F.) Tableaux de la Croix, pits., engraved throughout, sm. 4to., old calf, 

Paris, 1651 (H. Oct. 25 ; 815) Edwards, £1 Is. 

Medita9am da inocentissima morte y payxam de nosso senor : em estilo metri- 

ficado. Composta per hu pobre frade de sam Francisco, slightly wormed, 

veil., 4to., Coymbra, 1547 (S. Nov. 1 ; 808) Tregaskts, 10s. 

Mee (Anne) Portraits of I^adies in the Court of George III., 6 pits, on India paper, 

signed in ink by Mee, half mor., fo., 1812 (C. Dec. 16 ; 181) Harold, ;£10 10s. 
Melancthon (P.) Secunda Pars Chronici Carionis, stamped pigskin, with cameo 

on lower cover, Witebergse, 1577 (H. Nov. 6 ; 526) Edwards, £\ 

Melville (G. J. Whyte) The Interpreter, 1st edn., 1858 (S. Oct. 24 ; 952) 

Hornstein, 5s. 
Memoires et Instructions pour servir dans les Negociations et Affaires Concemant 

les Droits du Roy du France, old calf, fo., Paris, 1665 (S. Nov. 20 ; 88) 

Blathwayt, 7s. 
Memoires tires des Papiers d'un Homme d'Etat depuis 1792 jusqu'en 1815, 13 vol.,. 

half roan, Paris, ib., 1828-38 (S. Dec. 3 ; 413) Hall, 9s. 

Memoires touchant I'Etablissement d'une Mission Chrestienne dans le troisidme 

Monde autrement appelle I^a Terre Australe, Meridionale, Antartique [sic i 

& Inconnue, veil., Paris, 1663 (S. Nov. 20 ; 7) Maggs, £5 10s. 

Menken (Adah Isaacs) Infelicia, 1st edn., port., 1868 (S. Dec. II ; 371) Maggs,es. 

Mennis (Sir John) Musarum Deliciae, Wit Restored, 2 vols., calf, g. t., by Bedford. 
1817 (P. Dec. 17 ; 108) Bodoy, £2 4s. 

Menpes (M.) Whistler as I knew him, pits., 4to., 1904 (S. Nov. 25 ; 223) 

Spencer, 16s. 
Mercator (G.) Atlas sive Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mimdi et 
fabricati figura, cold, maps, veil., fo., Amst., 1607 (S. Oct. 30 ; 140) 

H. Stevens, £5 

Atlas Minor a I Hondio plurimis aeneis TabuHs auctus et illustratus, cold. 

maps, russ., ob. 4to., Amst., 1634 (S. Oct. 30 ; 76) H. Stevens, 10s. 

Mercier. Lettre de Dulis a son. Ami, orig. edn., plate, vignette and tail-piece, 
printed in red, old calf, 1767 (S. Nov. 1 ; 906) Streeton, 5s. 

Meredith (George) Beauchamp's Career, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1876 (P. Oct. 3 ; 211) 

Lee, £2 12s. 6d. 

Farina, 1st edn. (title stamped), 1857 (H. Dec. 5 ; 266) Bumpus. £2 

Modem lyove, 1st edn., 1862 (S. Dec. 11 ; 579) Bumpus, £2 5s. 

The same, with signature A. Lang on title, 1862 (S. Dec. 5 ; 265) 

Barnard, £^ 

The same, mor. gilt, g. e., 1862 (S. Nov. 21 ; 411) Sabin, £2\ 10s. 

* Pres. copy with author's inscription. 

One of Our Conquerors, 3 vol., 1st edn., 1891 (S. Nov. 1 ; 771) Dobell, 14s. 

Ordeal of Richard Feverel, 3 vol., 1st edn., autograph of A. Lang on title. 

1859 (S. Dec. 5 ; 264) Barnard, £9 

Rhoda Fleming, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1857 (P. Dec. 4 ; U) Spencer, £2 10s. 

1912-13 93 

Meredith (George) Poems. 1st edn. (wanting Errata slip), mor., g. e. (18f>l) (S. 
Nov. 21 ; 412) Dohell, i'i 10s. 

* With inscription " Mary Ann M. Jessopp, From her dearest Friend, April, 

Merian (C.) TopoQ^raphia Galliae, views, maps and plans, 3 vols., half calf, fo., 
Amst., 1660-2 (H. Nov. 14 ; 499) Scotti, £1 4s. 

(M. S.) Dissertation sur la Generation des Insectes de Surinam, cold, pits., 

inlaid, bdn. broken, fo., La Have, 1726 (8. Nov. 27 ; 632) Wesley, i\ 10s. 

{Mesenne (M)' Traite de I'Harmonie Universelle, 1st edn., diagrams and two 

cancelled leaves, veil., Paris, 1627 (S. Nov. 20 ; 177) Ellis, £3 3s. 

Messia (P.) Delia Selva Rinavota, woodcuts, 4to., veil., 1616 (D. Dec. 16 ; 142) 

Meteyard (E.) Wedgwood and his Works, ills., 3 vol., fo., 1873-79 (C. Dec. 16 ; 

282) Rimell. £3 10s. 

Methven (Robt.) Log of a Merchant Officer, ills., half calf, fo., 1854 (vS. Nov. 27 ; 

630) Stephenson, 5s. 

Metz (C. M.) Imitations of Ancient and Modem Drawings, pits., half russ., fo., 

1798 (vS. Dec. 12 ; 789) Rimell, £1 

Mews' Digest of English Case Law, to end of 1897, 16 vols., (B. Oct. 25 ; 93) 18s. 
Mexia (Pedro) Coloquios o Dialogos. veil, (stained), vSeville, 1547 (C. Dec. 16 ; 32) 

Nenmayer, £2 15s. 
Imperial History of the Lives of the Emperors, trans, bv Ed. Grimstone, fo. 

cf., 1623 (D. Dec. 17 : 427) " 6s. 

Mever (C.) Niiovi Ritrovamenti, pits., 2 vols, in 1, veU., one leaf cropped and one 

" torn, fo., Roma, 1696 ^P. Nov. 21 ; 207) Barben, £\ 2s. 

(H. L.) Illustrations of British Birds and their Eggs, 7 vol., cold, pits., half 

mor. gilt., t. e. g., 4to., 1842-50 (S. Nov. 21 ; 459) Royds, £Q 10s. 

Anr. Edn., 422 cold, pits., 7 vols., calf ex., g. t., 1857 (P. Dec.'l7 ; 109) 

Young, £^ 15s. 

(J- J-) Voyage Pittoresque dans le Canton des Grisons en Suisse, map and 

cold, pits., ob! 4to., Zurich, 1827 (P. Dec. 4 ; 168) Hornslein, ^9 5s. 

Mevrick (S. R.) Critical Inquirj^ into Antient Armour, cold, pits., orig. edn., 3 vols., 
' half roan, uncut, fo., 1824 (H. Nov. 5 ; 301) £5 

Anr. Edn., cold, pits., secnd. edn., 3 vols., half mor., g. e., 4to., 1842 (H. Dec. 

18 ; 279) Young, £<6 6s. 

History of Cardigan, pits, (one defective), half calf, 4to., 1808 (S. Nov. 21 ; 

447) Edivards, lis. 

[and Smith] Costume of the Original Inhabitants of the British Isles, &c., 

front, and 24 cold, pits., half calf, fo., 1815 (H. Oct. 17 ; 971) Wynne, 18s. 
Mezeray (F.E. de) Memoires Historiques et Critiques sur divers points de I'Histoire 

de France, 2 vol. in 1 , cont. French red mor. ex., g. e., 1753 (S. Oct. 30 ; 263) 

SM'cer, 12s. 
Michael Angelo, Sonnets of, trans, by J. A. Symonds, 1st edn., pres. copy, 1878 

(H. Dec. 18 ; 193) - ' £2 2s. 

Michaelis (A.) Ancient Marbles in Great Britain, trans, by C. A. M. Fennell, pits., 

half mor., t. e. g., 1882 (S. Nov. 26 ; 298) Hitchman, £\ Is. 

Michel (E.) Rembrandt, his Life, his Work and his Time, 2 vol., Japan, paper, 

pits., with the extra .set of 33 plates for this edition, 4to., 1894 (S. Dec. 4 ; 

879) Broxvn.. £3 3s. 

Microscopical Society's Journal, from commencement in 1878 to 1903 inclusive, 

in 34 vols., half calf, m. e. (H. Nov. 5 ; 72) £2 5s. 

Middleton (Thos.) The Mavor of Quinborough, 1st edn., interleaved, half calf, 

Roxburghe copy, 4to., 1661 (S. Oct. 17 ; 495) B. F. Stevens, £A 10s. 

■ Works, ed. by Dyce, 5 vol., port., calf, m. e., 1840 (S. Oct. 16 ; 14) 

Maggs, 16s. 
Miers (J.) Travels in Chile and La Plata, pits., 2 vols., calf, 1826 (H. Nov. 29 ; 

735) Spencer, 9s. 

Miles (IL D.) Pugilistica, 3 vol.. pits., n. d. (S. Nov. 21 ; 422) Dobell, 18s. 
Military Panorama, or Officer's Companion, ports., etc., 4 vols., half calf, 1812-14 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 763) £\ 10s. 

Millais (J. G-) A Breath from the Veldt, ills., 4to., 1895 (H. Dec. 18 ; 274) 

Sotheran, £3 10s. 


Millais (J. G.) British Deer and their Horns, ills., 4to., 1897 (H. Nov. 6 ; 581 > 

Forresfer,£2 12s. 6d. 

Miller (Joe) Jests, or the Wit's Vade-Mecum, port., russ. ex., g. e., n. d. IS. Oct. 

16 ; 226) ^ Maggs,^ £\ 8s. 

(P.) Figures of Beautiful, Useful and Uncommon Plants, 3 vol., 300 cold. 

pits., russ., g. e., fo., 1760 (S. Nov. 25 ; 124) Johnston, £A 10s. 

Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionarv, 4 vol., pits., russ. ex., m. e., fine copy, 

fo., 1807 (S. Oct. 17 ; 631) ' Quaritch, i\ 9s. 

Milles (Tho.) Catalogue of Honor, engd. title and coats-of-arms, " Blount " 

pedigree cut out, old calf, fo., 1610 (S. Nov. 25 ; 125) Cribitt, £2 4s. 

Millengen (J.) Painted Greek Vases, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1822 (S. Dec. 20 ; 

80) Leunne, 6s. 

Milner (John) History of Winchester, with Notes by J. C. Hu.senbeth, 21 engs., 

2 vol., calf ex., m. e., n. d. (S. Nov. 12 ; 428) Solheran, Us. 

Mills (John) Flyers of the Hunt, ills, by Leech, 1859 (P. Oct. 3 ; 212) Slocock, 19s. 
Milton (J.) History of Britain, port., 1st edn., sm. 4to., old calf, m. e., 1670 (H. 

Oct. 24 ; 582) Maggs, £3 12s. 6d. 

Letters of State, 1st edn., slightly wormed, veil., uncut, 1694 (S. Oct. 31 ; 

474) Streston, 10s. 

Paradise Lost, fourth edn. L. P., port., (mended), and 12 pits., old calf gilt, 

fo., 1688 (S. Nov. 20 ; 104) Barnard, £1 4s. 

Anr. Edn., 24 engs. bv J. Martin, India proofs, 2 vol., mor. ex., ?■ e., 4to., 

1827 (C.Dec. 16; 2d8) Sawyer, £2 5s. 

Paradise Regain'd, 1st edn. (cut into), with license and errata, old calf gilt 

[16711 (P. Nov. 21 ; 25) Career, £\ 2s. 

* The earUer issue with the misprint " loah " in the second line of page 67, 
afterwards corrected to " loth." 

Poetical Works, from the Text of T. Newton, 2 vol., calf gilt, Birm., J. 

Baskerville, 1758 (S. Dec. 20; 4) Dobell, 18s. 

Anr. Edn., by Newton, etc. (with Life), port., 2 vol., old russ. gilt, m. e., 

4to., Birm., Baskerville, 1759 (S. Nov. 12 ; 430) Hopkins, £2 5s. 

Anr. Edn., with Notes by Todd, 7 vols.,, 1809 (P. Oct. 4 ; 357) 

Hiighon, 9s. 

Anr. Edn., Works, ed. bv D. Masson, ports., 3 vols., 1874 (H. Oct. 15 ; 

207) " Times, £\ 17s. 

Prose Works, with Life by Symmons, L. P., 7 vols., russ. gilt, 1806 (P. 

Nov. 21 ; 41) Brown, 14s. 

Peck's New Memoirs of the Life and Poetical Works of, port., 4to., cf., 1740 

(D. Nov. 19 ; 634) 3s. 

Minerve Fran9ais par Aignan, Constant, Dumoulin, Etienne, Jav, et autres, 9 vol.,. 
half calf gilt, m. e.," Paris, 1818-20 (S. Dec. 3 ; 438) " Bunipus, £\ Is. 

Minsheu (J.) Guide to the Tongues, old cf.. fo., 1627 (P. Oct. 4 ; 589) Suliv, 7s. 

Mirrour of PoUcie, 2 folding tables, half mor., 4to , 1599 (vS. Oct. 17 ; 449) 

Thorp, £\ 7s. 

Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. Complete Set, 19 vol., pits., half mor., 
1868-1910 (S. 'Nov. 13; 820) Quartfch, £7 \0s. 

Mischna sive totius Hebrstorum Juris, Rituum, Antiquitatum, ac Legum Oralium„ 
Svstema, ed. G. Surenhusius. engd. titles, best edn., 6 vols., old calf, 4to., 
Amst., 1698-1703 (H. Nov. 15 ; 934) Baker, £3 12s. 6d. 

Missale Romanum, cum Calendario, I. fl., 225 11., first leaf with illuminated three- 
quarter border, stamped calf (repaired), Venetiis, 1482 (S. Dec. 20 ; 209) 

Murray, £S 5s. 

Missale Romanum, (. fl., 235 11.. large capitals painted blue, full page woodcut 
(cold.), and two small criblee prints, sign, r viii wanting, supplied with a 
blank, Niger mor., by D. Cockerell, fo., a. u. n. (S. Dec. 20 ; 211) 

Quaritch, £41 

* In the owner's catalogue the following note occurs : " Printed at Naples 
by Matthias Moravus. 1489 or 1490 (I have this from Robert Proctor, who 
believed the book to be an unicum.") 

Missale secundum ordinem sancte Romane ecclesie magna cum diligentia re- 
visum, per P. de Rotingo, I. fl., 296 11. (wanting 12 prel. 11.), stamped calf 
(rebacked), Venet., 1485 (S. Dec. 20 ; 210) Leighton, £A 10s. 

1912-13 95 

Mitchell (J. O.) Old Glasgow Essays. 1905 (E. Sep. 20 ; 324) Wright. £1 I2s. 

2»litford (J .) Adventures of Johnny Xewcome in the Navy, cold. pits, by Rowland- 
son, calf. g. t.. bv Rividre. 'l818 (P. Dec. 17 ; 130) Hornstein. £9 

Anr. Edn., cold. ills., by Williams, calf gilt, t. e. g.. by Morrell. 1819 (S. 

Oct. 24 ; 961) Yoim^. £G 

Anr. Edn.. cold. pits., calf. g. t.. by Rivi6re. 1823 (P. Dec. 17 ; 110) 

Cohn, £5 15s. 

Mivart (St. George) Monograph of the Lories, 61 cold, pits., 4to.. 1896 (H. Dec. 

18 ; 276) £3 

Modes et Costumes Historiques (493 A.D.-1868 A.D.), par Pauquet Frcres, 192 

cold, pits., 2 vols., half mor.. 4to., Paris, n. d. (H. Nov. 28 ; 494) 

Rimell. £6 7s. 6d. 
Moggridge (J. T.) Flora of Mentone. 97 cold, pits., 1874 (S. Dec. 2 ; 100) 

Weslev, £1 8s. 
Moliere. L'Estourdy, 1st edn., red mor. gilt, g e.. Paris, 1663 (S. Dec. 5 ; 268) 

Ellis, £^ 15s. 

CEuvres, 5 vol., each play with separate title, front., red mor. gilt. g. e.. by 

Masson-Debonnelle, Amst.. 1675 (S. Dec. 5 ; 270) Ellis, £8 15s. 

CEuvres, port, and pits.. 8 vols., calf, with arms of Madame de Pompadour 

(backs damaged), Paris, 1739 (H. Nov. 29 ; 743) Edwards. £A 1 3s. 

CEuvres, revue, 4 vol., port, and 33 pits, by Punt, old calf. 1741 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

912) Streefon, 5s. 

CEuvres, augmente de la vie de I'auteur et des remarques par M. de Voltaire, 

6 vol., pits., calf gilt, by J. Clarke (some broken), Amst.. 1765 (S. Dec. 5 ; 
272) Jaschke, £2 

— CEuvres. avec des Remarques, par M. Bret. 6 vol., port, and pits, after 

Moreau, old French calf gilt, Paris, 1773 (S. Dec. 3 ; 608) Bumpus, £21 15s. 

CEuvres, avec des remarques, par M. Bret, 6 vol., port, and pits., by Moreau, 

uncut. Paris, 1804 (S. Oct. 30 ; 31) Baiyi, £2 18s. 

The same, 6 vol., half mor., uncut, 1804 (S. Dec. 12 ; 718) Bain, £2 2s. 

CEuvres completes, par M. J. Taschereau, 6 vol., port, and pits., on India 

paper, vol. I interleaved, with notes by A. Lang, roxburghe, Paris, 1863 (S. 
Dec. 5 : 274) Dobell, £\ 4s. 

Dramatic Works, trans, by Van Laun, port, and etchings by Lalauze, 6 vols.. 

Edin., 1885 (H. Nov. 5 ; 203) ' DuU. £\ Is. 

Plavs in French, \\ith English Translation bv A. R. Waller. 8 vol., port, and 

31 etchings, Edinb., 1907 (S. Oct. 24 ; 963) Bumpus, 19s. 

Molinier (E.) Le MobiUer Royal Frangais Aux XVII. et XVIII. Siecles, 500 pits., 

2 vols, in 10 parts, Paris. 1902 (P. Nov. 21 ; 260) Quaritch, £\3 10s. 

Moll (H.) Atlas Geographicus, 100 maps. 2 vols., cf.. 1711 (D. Dec. 18 ; 1 187) 6s. 

Svstem of Geographv, maps, etc.. fo.. cf.. 1701 (D. Dec. 17 ; 523) 15s. 

Thirty-SLx New Maps of Scotland, mor., circa 1700 (E. July 25 ; 792) 

Forrester, £^ 
Molmenti (P.) Streets and Canals in Venice, engs., fo., Venezia, 1893 (H. Oct. 

23 ; 312) Edwards, £\ 8s. 

Monfode of That Ilk. half mor., g. t.. n. d. (E. July 25 ; 794) Hopkins. £\ 
Moniteur (le) Gazette Nationale, from commencement in May 1789 to Dec. 1823, 

with Tables, Analysis, etc.— together 72 vol., half bnd., fo., Paris, 1789-1823 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 183) Luzac. £\{i 10s. 

Monk (G. Duke of Albemarle) Observations upon Militarj'^ and PoUtical Affairs, 

port, inserted, old calf. fo.. 1671 (S. Nov. 12 ; 433) Tregaskis, 17s. 

Monkhouse (Cosmo) Historj^- and Description of Chinese Porcelain. 24 pits., 

1901 (S. Nov. 14 ; 246) Steedman. £1 10s. 

Anr. Edn.. pits.. 1902 (P. Oct. 3 ; 218) Quaritch, £% 10s. 

Montaigne (M. de) Essais, slightly wormed, last leaf wanting, mor. gilt, g. e., 

Lyon, 1595 (S. Dec. 5 ; 282) Barnard, £\2 10s. 

* With autograph of WiUiam Drummond of Hawthomden. 

Essais, 3 vol., front., red mor. ex., g. e., by David, fine copy, Brux., 1659 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 283) Sotheran. £7 

Essais, 3 vols., cf., Paris, 1669 (D. Dec. 16 ; 109) 6s. 

Essais. avec de Courtes Remarques, etc., par P. Coste, 3 vol., port., calf, 4to., 

1724 (S. Nov. 12 ; 435) David. 12s. 


Montaigne (M. de) Essay es done into English by John Florio, 1st edn., orig. 
calf, fo., 1603 (P. Nov. 21 ; 224) Quaritch, :^50 

* Including the two leaves (111 and 2) in the preliminary with Daniel's poem 
and ' Errors and omissions.' Also the additional two leaves of ' Errors and 
omissions ' at end. 

Anr. Edn., by J. Florio. engd. title, fo., calf, g. e., 1632 (H. Oct. 24 ; 587) 

Davey, £2 10s. 

The same (defective), cont. calf (rebacked), from Library of Sir Ken elm 

Digby, fo., 1632 (H. Dec. 19 ; 436) £1 3s. 

Essays, with Life, etc., by C. Cotton, port. 3 vol., calf, 1685 (C. Dec. 16 ; 

33) Sotheran, 18s. 

Montanus (A.) Beroerde Oceaan, ills., veil.. 1656 (D. Nov. 19 ; 470) 6s. 
(G.) A Discovery and playne Declaration of sundry subtill practises of the 

Holy Inquisition of Spayne. . . . Trans, [by V, Skinner], folding 

woodcut, b.l., sm. 4to., calf, 1569 (H. Oct. 24 ; 542) £2 4s. 

Montesquieu. De I'Esprit des Loix, 2 vol., orig. edn., old calf, 4to., Geneve, s. d. 

(1748) (S. Nov. 1 ; 935) Streeton, 5s. 
Le Temple de Guide, engraved throughout, engs. after Eisen, mor. ex., g. e., 

by Bedford, fine large copy. 1772 (P. Dec. 17 ; 111) Edwards, £2S 10s. 
Anr. Edn., engs. after Regnault and Lebarbier, unlettered proofs, on vellum 

paper, straight grained red mor., g. e., Paris. 1796 (P. Dec. 17 ; 112) 

Edwards, £1 15s. 

Persian Letters, trans, by J. Davidson. 2 vol.. port, and 8 pits., P. P., 1892 

(S. Dec. 2 ; 101) Edwards, 17s. 

Monteth (Rob.) History of the Troubles of Great Britain, trans, by J as. Ogilvie, 
L. P., half calf gilt. m. e., fo., 1735 (S. Nov. 12 ; 437) Craig, 7s. 

Montfaucon (B. de) L'Antiquite Expliquee, with Supplement, engs., 15 vols., old 
calf, fo., Paris, 1719-24 (H. Nov. 28; 568) Bull, £2 2s. 

Antiquity Explained, trans, by D. Humphrevs, with Supplement, 10 vol. in 

7, pits., calf, fo., 1721-5 (S. Nov. 27 ; 666) Baker, 15sj 

Moore (F.) Lepidoptera of Ceylon, 215 cold, pits., 4to., 1880-87 (S. Nov. 26 ; 312) 

Wesley, £6 10s. 

(J.) Eighteen Views at Rangoon, cold, pits., proofs, hf. mor., fo., 1825 (P. 

Oct. 4 ; 598) Hornstein, £3 15s. 

(T.) Ploral Magazine, 10 vol. in 9, cold, pits., half mor. gilt, g. e., 1861-71 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 291) Ouariich, £4 

Illustrations of Orchidaceous Plants, 100 cold, pits., roy. 8vo.. 1857 (SJ 

Dec. 2 ; 102) Hermann, £2 4s 

Morant (P.) History of Chester, pits., fo., 1748 (P. Oct. 3 ; 296) Long, 10s 

History of Colchester, L. P., pits., old russ., stained, fo., 1748 (S. Dec. 10 

165) Edwards, lis.] 

History of Essex, pits., calf, fo., 1763 (S. Dec. 10 ; 167) ^ Robson, £\ 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., pits., including Audley End, panelled calf gilt, one maj 

defective, w. a. f., fo., 1768 (S. Dec. 10 ; 168) Rimell, £U 

The same, 2 vol., calf, fo., 1768 (S. Dec. 10 ; 169) Ratchff, £9 15Sj 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., map, half calf, fo., 1816 (S. Dec. 10 ; 170) Broivn, 

More (vSir T.) Epigrammata, sm. 4to., boards, Basileae, 1520 (H. Oct. 24 ; 528) 

Tregaskis, 15s^ 

- Utopia, trans, by R. Robynson, port., fo., 1903 (S. Dec. 20 ; 213) 

Leighlon, 12« 

Opera omnia Latina, old calf, fo., Lovanii, 1566 (S. Dec. 20 ; 212) 

Davis, 99.1 
Moreau (J . M.) Suite d'Estampes pour servir a I'Histoire des Moeurs et du Costume 
des Fran9ois dans le dix huitieme siecle, fo., Paris, 1784 — Second suite 
d'Estampes, Paris, 1777 — Troisieme suite d'Estampes, Paris, 1783 — To- 
gether 36 engs. after Freudeberg (12) and Moreau (24). DupUcates in proof 
state of the first two plates, loosely inserted, one with 1771 etched in after the 
Artist's name, and the 24 plates by Moreau without letters (titles in pencil 
on margins), in 1 vol., with letterpress, etc., cont. French calf (P. Oct. 3 " 
306) Quaritch, £9()i 

* Full hst of the plates appended. The plates to the second and thirc 
series are in unlettered state. 

191 2-13 97 

Moreau (P.) Les Saintes Prieres de I'ame Chrdtienne, engraved throughout, mor. 

g. e.. Paris, 1649 (C. Dec. 16 ; 34) Leighlon. £1 2s. 

Morel de Vinde. Zelomie, orig. edn., L- P., pits, after Lefevre, in two states, six 

proofs before letters, and four with letters, half mor. gilt, g. e., uncut, by 

Cuzin, Paris, 1801 (S. Nov. 1 ; 908) Mathias, £':'. Ids. 

Morelh (G.) Itahan Painters, pits., 2 vols., 1892-3 (H. Nov. 28 ; 321) Hill, 14s. 
Morgan (S.) Sphere of Gentry, engs., russ. gilt, fo., arms on sides, 1661 (S. Oct. 

22 ; 477) Young, £2 14s. 

Morin (J.) Armes et Blasons des Chevaliers de I'Ordre du Sainct Esprit, creez par 

Lonys XIII, 77 arms engraved on one side onlv of the leaves, half calf, fo., 

Paris (1623) (P. Nov. 21 ; 223) ' Barnard, £2 

Morisotus (C. B.) Orbis Maritimi, sive Rerum in Mari et Littoribus Gestarum 

Generahs Historia, maps and pits., old veil., fo., 1643 (S. Nov. 20 ; 80) 

Kashnor. £,\ 3s. 
Morland (George), Ufe, 1763-1804, by G. Dawe, 56 pits. 4to., n. d. (H. Nov. 13 ; 

305) Hilchrtmn, 15s. 
Memoirs, by J. Hassell, port, and pits., boards, 4to., 1806 (P. Dec. 5 ; 

409) Dobell, 19s. 

Life and Works, by G. C. Williamson, pits., 1904 (H. Nov. 6 ; 548) 

Joseph, 10s. 
Morley (C.) Ichneumons of Great Britain, 2 vol., front., Plymouth, 1903-7 (S. 

Dec. 2 ; 103) Dulau, £\ 6s. 

The same, 4 vol., ills., 1903-11 (S. Dec. 10; 14) Wesley, £1 

Morhere (De la) Angola, Histoire Indienne, 2 vol., 5 pits., calf gilt, Agra (Paris), 

1751 (S. Nov. 1 ; 909) Streeton. 4s. 

Morris (F. O.) History of British Birds, cold, pits., orig. edn., 6 vols., 1851-7 (H. 

Dec. 18; 80) l\ lis. 

(W.) Defence of Guenevere, L. P., 1875 (S. Nov. 21 ; 394) Dobell, 3s. 

The Earthly Paradise, 6 vol., 1st edn., L. P., 1868-70 (S. Nov. 21 ; 390) 

Dobell, £1 

The Hollow Land, sm. 4 to., 1903 (S. Dec. 20 ; 216) Young, 8s. 

• Life and Death of Jason, L. P.. imopened, n. d. (S. Nov. 21 ; 391) 

Maggs, £2 4s. 

Love is Enough, 1st edn., 1873 (S. Dec. 11 ; 634) Bumfjus, 10s. 

The same, L. P., 1873 (S. Nov. 21 ; 396) Maggs, £3 3s. 

Story of Sigurd the Volsung, Lst edn., mor. ex., t. e. g., 4to., 1877 (S. Oct. 

24 ; 1210) Winter, 17s. 

The same, L. P., unopened, 1877 (S. Nov. 21 ; 393) Neumaver, ;g3 

• Tale of the House of the Wolfings, 1st edn., L. P., 4to., 1889 (S. Nov. 21 ; 

436) Dobell, 6s. 

[and E. Magnussson] Three Northern Love Stories, 1 st edn., L. P., imopened, 

1875 (S. Nov. 21 ; 395) Maggs, £3 8s. 

Works, in Golden Type, 8 vols., fine set, fo., 1901-2 (P. Nov. 21 ; 244) 

Shepherd, £3 7s. 6d. 

Morrison (Alfred) Catalogue of the Collection of Autograph Letters and Historical 
Documents, 6 vol., 4to., 1883-92 ; Second Series, vol. I-III (A-D), 1893-6— 
The Hamilton and Nelson Papers, 2 vol., 1893-4 — The Blessington Papers, 
1895, P. P., 1883-97 (S. Nov. 7 ; 628) Quaritch, £SQ 

Morton (John) Natural Historv of Northamptonshire, pits, and map, calf, fo., 
1712 (S. Nov. 7 ; 446)' Dulau, 15s. 

(N.) New Englands Memoriall, 1st edn., orig. calf, fine clean copy, with 4 

original blanks, sm. 4to., Cambridge (Mass.), 1669 (S. Nov. 20 ; 28) 

Quaritch, £\20 

Moryson (Fynes) An Itinerary, containing his ten Yeeres Travel through Germany, 

France, England, etc., with leaf opposite title, often wanting (mended), calf, 

r. e., fo., 1617 (S. Nov. 7 ; 447) Neale. £3 5s. 

Mouillefert (P.) Traite des Arbres et Arbrisseaux Forestiers, 2 vol.. Text, and 1 

vol., pits., 3 vol., half mor., t. e. g., Paris, 1892-98 (S. Oct. 21 ; 204) 

Soames, £2 2s. 

Moxon (J.) Tutor to Astronomy and Geography, port., 4to., cf., 1686 (D. Dec. 

^6 ; 254) 10s. 


Miickenkrieg : darin zu befinden, welcher gestalt die Miicken, neben ihren Mitver- 

wanthen und Bundsgenossensich wider die Ameissen und derselben Beistand 

in mercklicher anzal un iibergrossen Heer zvi feld gelagert, etc. (in verse), 

I. n-, veil., Miickenthal, 1600 (S. Nov. 12 ; 450) Lewine, 19s. 

Mnffett (T.) Health's Improvement, half mor., 4to., 1655 (S. Oct. 17 ; 450) 

Gladstone, £,1 
Miiller (F. Max) Chips from a German Workshop, 4 vol., pres. copy, 1 880 (S. Nov, 

1 ; 652) Shepherd, il 5s. 

Mullinger (J. Bass) Schools of Charles the Great, 1877 (H. Oct. 15 ; 162) 

Auvache, £2 7s,. 
Mummery (A. F.) My Climbs in the Alps and the Caucasus, pits., 1st edn., 1895 

(H. Nov. 13 ; 88) Smith, 17s. 

Mimchausen. Travels and Surprising Adventures, pits, by G. Cruikshank, mor. 

ex., t. e. g., 1869 (S Oct 31 ; 515) Cohn, £1 ICs. 

[Munday" (A.) A Discouverie of Edmund Campion and his Confederates, calf gilt, 

g. e.,'l582 (H. Nov. 14 ; 451) Dohell, £1 lis. 

Mundinus. De omnibus humani corporis interioribus men [sic i-bris Anathomia, 

fl. X., sm. 4to., old calf, Argentine. 1513 (H. Dec. 19 ; 381) i<o 15s. 

Munn. Life of Thos. Munn, alias the Gentleman Brick-maker, alias Tom the 

Smuggler, executed at Chelmsford, calf, 1750 (S. Oct. 16 ; 273) Thorp, p 5s. 
Muratori (L, A.) Raccolta delle Opere Minori, 22 vol., old veil., 4to., Napoli, 1757- 

64 (C. Dec. 16 ; 100) Davis, £2 5s. 

(L. A.) Rerum Italicarum Scriptores, 25 vol. in 36 — Ad Scriptores rerum 

Italicarum Muratorii accessiones historicge faventinae, opera et Studio D. J. 
B. Mitarelli— together 37 vol., veil., fo., Mediolani, 1723-51— Venetiis, 1711 
(C. Dec. 16 ; 184) Baker, £15 

Murchison, &c. Geology of Russia in Europe, pits., 2 vols., russ. ex., m. e., with 
Atlas of Plates, half russ., 3 vols., 4to., 1845 (H. Nov. 28 ; 553) 

Wes/ey, £1 14 s. 

Mumer (T.) Die Schelmen ZunfFt, t. fl., woodcuts, calf, Franckfurt, 1567 (S. Nov. 
12 ; 453) James, £4 17s. 6d. 

Murphy (J.) Plans, Elevations, Sections and Views of the Church of Batalha, 27 
engs., russ. (broken), m. e., fo., 1795 (S. Dec. 11 ; 529) Parsons. 9s. 

(J. C.) Arabian Antiquities of Spain, engs., half mor., fo., 1815 (S. Dec. 10 ; 

319) ' Edwards, £2 18s. 

The same, half mor., g. e., fo., 1815 (S. Nov. 27 ; 607) Quarttch,£\ 12s. 

Murray (C. Fairfax) Catalogue of Pictures belonging to the Duke of Portland, port, 

4to., 1894 (S. Dec. 6; 501) Qitoritch, £3 5s. 

Murrav of Glendook's Laws and Acts of Parliament, fo., cf., 1681 (D. Nov. 19 ; 

603) 2s. 

Murray's New English Dictionary, 5 vols., hf. bound, 7 parts loose, 1888-1904 

(D. Oct. 22 ; 482) £A 17s. 6d. 

Musee de Naples. Cabinet Secret, 60 pits., 4to., 1 836 (P. Oct. 3 ; 271 ) 

Andrews, 15s. 
Musee Fran9ais et Musee Royal, 6 vol., engs., mor. ex., g. e., fo., Paris, n. d. and 

1816-17 (S. Dec. 10 ; 353) Bull, £1 5s. 

Museum Florentinum, studio Gorii, 12 vol., pits., extra, fo., Florent., 1731- 

66 (S. Nov. 7 ; 577) Ovantch, £1 

Musical Miscellany (The), 5 vol., fronts., fine copy, calf gilt, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, 

1729-31 (S. Nov. 20 ; 176) Bain, £5 

Myers (F. W. H.) Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, 2 vol., 1903 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 293) Edwards, £\ 7s. 

N. (I.) Surveyors Dialogue (shaved), half calf, 4to., 1607 (S. Oct. 22 ; 443) 

Barnard, 5s. 
Nalson (J.) Impartial Collection of the Great Affairs of State, 2 vol., fronts., old 

calf, fo., 1682 (S. Nov. 25 ; 127) Cuhitt, 7s. 

Nansen's Farthest North, pits., 2 vols., 1897 (P. Oct. 4 ; 390) Jackson, 6s. 
Napier (G. G.) Homes and Haunts of Tennyson, Japan, paper, port, and ills., 

Glasgow, 1892 (S. Nov. 12 ; 455) Hopkins, £2 As. 

(H. E.) Florentine History, 6 vols., 1846-7 (H. Nov. 27 ; 169) Dimlop, 6s. 

(J.) Arithmetica Logarithmica, old calf (rebacked), fo., G. Jones, 1624 (S. 

Nov. 12 ; 471) Quaritch, £3 12s. 

191 2-13 99 

Napier (J .) Art of Numbring by Speaking-Rods, vulgarly termed Napeirs Bones, 
plate (title backed), calf, r. e., 1667 (S. Nov. 12 ; 485) Wesley. £\l 5s. 

Auszlegung der OfTenbarung Johannis (aus dem Englischen verteutscht 

durch WolfTgang Mayer von Basle), I. g., veil., Franckfort, 1615 (S. Nov. 12 ; 
466) Sotheran, 5s. 

Description of the Admirable Table of Logarithmes, trans, by E. Wright 

(shaved), calf, 1616 (S. Nov. 12; 474) Wesley, ill 

The same, pits, (cut into), old red mor., g. e., 1616 (S. Nov. 12 ; 473) 

Quatitch, j^l3 5s. 

Anr. Edn., calf, r. e., N. Okes, 1618 (S. Nov. 12 ; 476) Quaritch. ;gl3 

Anr. Edn., (a leaf is apparently wanting in sheet A), old calf gilt. g. e., 

S. Waterson, 1618 (S. Nov. 12 ; 475) Nichols, £13 10s. 

* With note by Sir Wm. Stirling-Maxwell, and his ex-libris. He supposes 
that the mended leaf in A is a cancel, as it has a catch-word " and," the reverse 
being blank ; this leaf is not in other editions. 

Erste Deel Vande Nieuwe Telkonst inhoudende verscheyde Manieren van 

Rekenen, etc. uyt het Latijn overgheset door Adrianum Vlacke, veil., 4to., 
Goude, 1626 (S. Nov. 12 ; 484) Wesley, £3 3s. 

Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio ; et Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis 

Constructio cum annott. H. Briggii, 2 vol. in 1, old russ., g. e., sm. 4to., 
Edinb., 1619-20 (S. Nov. 12 ; 468) Sotheran, £5 2s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., veil., large copy, sm. 4to., Lugduni, 1620 (S. Nov. 12 ; 469) 

Sotheran, £3 3s. 

Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio ; et Mirifici Logarithmorum 

Canonis Constructio ; accesserunt Opera Posthuma, veil., sm. 4to., Edin- 
burgi, 1619 (S. Nov. 12 ; 467) Quaritch, £18 10s. 

* First Edition of the First Book on Logarithms, with a new title and the 
Posthumous Papers. It was presented by Patrick Sandys, one of the con- 
tributors to the Latin Eulogies on the Author, to Jacob Fetzer of Nuremberg, 
and has inscriptions by him in Greek and Latin on the fly-leaf. 

Napier's Narration, or an Epitome of his Booke on the Revelation (11 11. 

cut into), half bound, sm. 4to., 1641 (S. Nov. 12 ; 460) Sotheran, Us. 

New Logarithmes, old russ., sm. 4to., 1620 (S. Nov. 12 ; 472) 

Quaritch, £8 15s. 

Ouverture de tons les Secrets de I'Apocalypse de S. Jean, mise en fran^ois 

par G. Thomson Escossois (mended), old calf, sm. 4to., La Rochelle, 1602 
(S. Nov. 12 ; 462) Sotheran, 17s. 

Anr. Edn., folded tables, veil., g. e.. La Rochelle, 1607 (S. Nov. 12 ; 463) 

Sotheran, 16s. 

Plaine Discovery- of the Whole Revelation of Saint John, 1st edn., old red 

mor. ex., joints, g. e., fine copy, with original blank marked A, sm. 4to., 
Edinb., 1593 (S. Nov. 12 ; 456) • Napier, £4 7s. 6d. 

— — The same (margins slightly mended), new russ., g. e., sm. 4to., 1593 (S. 
Nov. 12 ; 457) Tregaskis, £2 2s« 

Am. Edn., tree-calf gilt, m. e., sm. 4to., Edinb., 1611 (S. Nov. 12 ; 459) 

Brown, £\ 4s. 

Anr. Edn., fifth edn (mended), old calf, sm. 4to., Edinb., 1645 (S. Nov. 

12 ; 461) Napier, 8s. 

Verclaringhe vande gantse Openbarunghe Joannis des Apostels, overgheset 

in onst nederlandtsche Sprake door M. Panneel, etc., (. g., veil., Middelburch 
1607 (S. Nov. 12 ; 465) Sotheran, 5s. 

Rabdologiae, 1st edn., folded pits., old red mor., g. e., large, fine copy 

Edinb., 1617 (S. Nov. 12 ; 479) Napier, £1 '^s. 6d! 

The same, folded pits., orig. vellum, large and clean, with ex-Ubris of P. D. 

Huet, Bp. of Avranches, ib., 1617 (S. Nov. 12 ; 480) Baxendine, £4 5s. 

Anr. Edn., Tradottore dalla Latina nella Toscana lingua II Cav. Marco 

Locatello e accresciute, folded and other tables, half call, with arms of Sir 
W. StirHng-Maxwell. Verona, 1623 (S. Nov. 12 ; 482) Nichols, £3 3s. 

Anr. Edn., Seu Numerationis per Virgulas libri duo (editio altera) pits 

veil., g. e., Lugduni, 1626 (S. Nov. 12 ; 483) Sotheran, £1 Us! 


Napier (J.) The Original Wooden and Metal Numbering Rods, called " Napier's 
Bones," the wooden ones explaining Enumeration in small MS. figured rolls 
on paper with wooden twisters ; and Multiplication and Division by the 
Metal Plates (30), the paper rods in a wooden box, the metal ones in a metal 
box (S. Nov. 12 ; 478) Quaritch. ^^121 

* Used by the Inventor of Logarithms in his " Radologiae, seu Numerationis 
Per Virgulas libri duo 1615," and forming the earliest attempt at the invention 
of a Calculating Machine. Inside the wooden box is the following inscrip- 
tion : " This box was the identical Property of the Author of Ye Logs, Napier, 

(Lord) Memoirs, by himself, old red mor. ex, g. e., sm. 4to., Edinb., P. P., 

1793 (S. Nov. 12 ; 454) Hubbard, £1 15s. 

Naples and the Campagna Felice, cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, half calf gilt, 1815 

(S. Oct. 21 ; 210) Bumpus, £2 14s. 

The same, half mor., t. e. g., 1815 (C. Dec. 16 ; 230) Hornstein, ^3 15s. 

The same, very fine copy, mor., gilt, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, 18^5 (S. Oct. 

24 ; 976) Young, £S 

Napoleon. Lettres a Josephine, et Lettres de Josephine a Napoleon et a sa Fille, 

2 vol., mor. ex., g. e., ib., 1833 (S. Dec. 3 ; 428) Tregaskis, lis. 

Le Sacre de S.M. U'Empereur Napoleon, engs., hf. mor., fo. (1804) (P. Oct. 

3 ; 308) Rolandi, £S 5s. 

Second Funeral of Napoleon, 12 pits., half mor., fo., 1840 (S. Dec. 3 ; 527) 

Hornstein, £2 
Narborough (Sir J.) Tasman, Wood, and Marten, Voyages and Discoveries to the 

South and North, towards the Streights of Magellan, 1st edn., maps, calf gilt, 

1694 (S. Oct. 21 ; 211) Tregaskis, £2 4s. 

Nardini (L.) Favole Scelte degli Autori piu celebri, mor. ex., g. e., with painting 

on the fore-edge, 1800 (P. Nov. 21 ; 121) Quaritch, £A 8s. 

Nash (J.) Mansions of England, orig. edn., the Four Series, fo., half mor., 1839-49 

(H. Oct. 15 ; 310) Batsford, £4 v5s. 
Views of Windsor Castle, 25 cold, pits., on cardboard, half mor., back 

injured, fo., 1848 (S. Dec. 10 ; 316) Bumpus, £1 5s. 

(T.) Works, ed. by R. B. McKerrow, 5 vols., 1904-8 (H. Oct. 16 ; 436) 

Quaritch, £\ 14s. 

(T.) History of Worcestershire, with Supplement, in 2 vol., pits., russ. gilt, 

fine copy, fo., 1781-99 (S. Dec. f.O ; 104) Quaritch, £W 5s. 

Anr. Edn., with Supplement, seed, edn., pits., 2 vol., russ. (broken), fo., 1799 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 190) Edwards, £6 15s. 

The same, with Appendix and Supplement, 2 vol., map and pits., russ., 

rebacked, fo., 1799 (S. Nov. 7 ; 448) Hallett, £8 

National Gallery, ed. by Sir E.J. Poynter, ills., 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 1899- 

1900 (H. Oct. 16 ; 6^8) Quanich, £6 15s. 

National Manuscripts of Scotland, photozincographed by Sir H. James, 3 vol., 

half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1867-71 (S. Nov. 12 ; 492) Sotheran, £\ 8s. 

Nattes (J. C.) Versailles, Paris, and Saint Denis, 40 large cold, views, half russ., 

fo., W. Miller, n. d. (S. Nov. 21 ; 472) Bumpus, £AA 

Naval Achievements from 1793 to 1817, cold, front, and 54 cold, pits., half mor., 

uncut, 4to. [1817] (H. Oct. 23 ; 293) Quaritch, £8 

Naval Chronicle, complete from commencement in 1799 to 1818, 40 vol., engs. 

and charts (one missing), half bound, binding damaged, w. a. f., 1799-1818 

CS. Dec. 3 ; 529) Edwards, £7 

Nayler (Sir G.) Coronation of George IV, 42 cold, pits., and 3 plain plates, half 

mor., g. e. (rubbed), with lock, fo., 1837 (H. Nov. 14 ; 511) Rimell, £5 10s. 

■ Anr. Edn., cold, pits., half mor. gilt, g. e., fo., 1839 (S. Dec. 10 ; 313) 

Edwards, £6 5s. 
Neale (J. P.) Views of seats, both series, 11 vol., L. P., engs., India proofs, uncut, 

4 to.. 1822-9 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1211) Brown, £6 

(W.J.) Paul Periwinkle, 1st edn., 40 ills, by " Phiz," half mor., t. e. g. (841) 

(S. Oct. 24 ; 996) Brown, 6s. 

Necker (M.) ^'Administration des Finances de la France, 3 vol., old blue mor., 
ex., g. e., s. 1. 1784 (S. Oct. 18 ; 716) Hatchard, 18s. 

1912-13 lOI 

Nefzaoui (Cheikh) Le Jardin parfume, hf. mor., g. t., Paris, 1883 (P. Oct. 4 ; 331 ) 

Beaumont, 12s. 
Nelson (R.) Companion for the Festivals and Fasts, cont. red mor. ex., richly- 
tooled, g. e., fine condition, 1712 (P. Dec. 5 ; 380) Edwards. £3 

(lyord) Letters to Lady Hamilton, 2 vol. in 1, half calf, 1814 (S. Dec. 10 ; 

251) Maggs, 13s. 

Neon Anthologion [sive Breviarium Graecum, cum Calendario, interprete Ant. 

Arcudio], old French red mor. gilt, g. e., Romse, typis Vaticanis (Aldinis), 

1598 (S. Nov. 20 ; 158) Pearson. ;£10 

* This Service Book for the use of the Greek Uniato of Calabria was issued 

under the auspices of Clement VIII. It is entirely in Greek, with the exception 

of the Dedication and Privilege, which are in Latin. 

New EngUsh Theatre, 12 vol.. ports., calf, 1776-7 (S. Oct. 16 ; 22) Rimell, Us. 

New Palaeographical Society, parts I-IX, fo., 1903-11 (S. Dec. 12 ; 1011) 

Edwards, ;g9 5s. 

New Testament, newly and dylvgently translated into EngUshe, with Annotacions 

(by Tyndale), h. I . calf, fo., 1549 (S. Oct. 18 ; 770) Sawyer. £3 5s. 

Testamento Barou, derri Bassa Grecco, Latino daen Hollanda Bersalin fetul 

adil, daen benar dallam Bassa Maleyo derri Pada Daniel Brouwerius, front., 
orig. veil., Amst., 1668 (S. Nov. 20 ; 18) Blathwayt, £2 2s. 

Newbury (N.) The Yeoman's Prerogative, half calf. 4to., 1652 (S. Oct. 17 ; 471) 

Bache, 5s. 
Newcastle (Duke of) General System of Horsemanship. 2 vol. in 1. pits., half mor.. 

t. e. gr, fo., 1743 (S. Dec. 20 ; 109) Burton, £2 15s. 

Newgate Calendar, pits., 5 vols., half calf (one cover missing). (1819) (P. Oct. 31 ; 

495) Edwards. £2 

Anr. Edn.. 4 vol., caH gilt, 1824 (S. Oct. 21 ; 212) Garth. £2 les. 

Newhouse (C. B.) The Roadsters' Album, title and 16 loose cold, prints in port- 

foUo, fo., 1845 (P. Oct. 4 ; 603) Davis. £3Q 

News from Germanic, 4to., 1643 (S. Oct. 30 ; 247) Barnard, 4s. 

Nicephoras Gregoras, Historiae hbri XI, Gr. et Lat. 4 ports., stamped calf, fo., 

Basel, 1562 (S. Dec. 20 ; 217) . Davis, £\ 12s. 

Nicholas (T.) Annals of the Covmties and County FamiHes of Wales, 2 vol., ills., 

autograph letters of author inserted, 1872 (S. Dec. 11 ; 418) 

Quaritch, £\ lis. 
Nichols. The Recantation of John Nichols lately the Popes Scholer, 6. (., calf 

gilt, g. e., 1581 (H. Nov. 14 ; 450) Edwards, £\ 7s. 

(John) Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century. 9 vols. — Illustrations 

of the Literary- Histor\- of the Eighteenth Centur}-. 8 vols., fine set, calf ex., 
g. t., by Bedford, 1812-1858 (P. Dec. 17 ; 115) Young, £\1 5s. 

Progresses of Q. EHzabeth. 2 vol., pits., half mor., 4to.. 1788 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

224) Maggs, £\ 2s. 

Progresses of James the First, etc., 4 vol., pits., half russ., 4to., 1828 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 533) Walford, £1 18s. 

Nicholson (Wm.) English. Scotch and Irish Libraries, old red mor., gilt, y. e., Gos- 
ford copv, 4to.. 1776 (S. Nov. 12 ; 496) Hatchard, £\ 10s. 

(W.) History of the Wars, cold, pits., calf, fo.. 1817 (S. Oct. 18 ; 772) 

Lewine, £\ 

(Wm.) An Alphabet, cold, pits., 4to., 1898 (S. Nov. 21 ; 270) Maggs, 12s. 

Characters of Romance, 16 pits., mor. ex., g. e.. 4to.. 1900 (S. Nov. 21 ; 

273) Dobell, £\ 5s. 

Twelve Portraits, Both Series. 24 ports., in 1 vol., mor. ex., g. e., 4to. 1899- 

1902 (S. Nov. 21 ; 272) Dohell, £\ 3s. 

Nicolas (Sir N. H.) Earldoms of Stratheam, Monteith. and Airth. cf.. 1842 (D 
Nov. 20 ; 1103) 8s. 6d. 

History of the Orders of Knighthood of the British Empire, cold. iUs.. 4 vol., 

roxburghe, t. e. g. (cracked), fo., 1842 (S. Nov. 12 ; 494) Spencer, £3 5s. 

Nicolay (N. de) Navigations, Peregrinations et Voyages faicts en la Turquie, 60 
woodcuts, including " Calender ReUgieux Turc " (usually suppressed), veil., 
few 11. stained. 4to.. Anvers, 1576 (P. Nov. 21 ; 141) Edwards, £4: 12s. 6d. 

Nield (W. A.) Juvenile Musical Library, 60 ills, by Cruikshank. ob.. 1834 (S. Nov. 
1 J 714) Edwards. 5s. 


Nihon Chorui Zusetsu, " The Butterflies of Japan Illustrated and Described," by 
Miyajima Kannosuke, Tokyo, 1908 (S. Dec. 2 ; 115) Wesley, 7s. 

Nisbet (A.) Essay on Additional Figures and Marks of Cadency, pits., Edin., 1702 
(D. Oct. 23 ; 1075) 8s. 6d. 

Essay on the Ancient and Modem Use of Armories, engs., half calf, 4 to., 

Edinb., 1718 (S. Nov. 12 ; 498) Hopkins, 15s. 

Heraldic Plates originally intended for his " System of Heraldry," pits., fo., 

1892 (S. Nov. 12 ; 499) Forrester. £1 6s. 

System of Heraldry, 2 vol., pits., half calf, foUo, 1816 (S. Nov. 12 ; 500) 

Hopkins, £4 15s. 
Niven (W.) Illustrations of Old Staffordshire Houses, 21 etchings, fo., 1882 (S. 

Nov. 7 ; 451) ' Murray, £1 

Noel (Amelia) Twelve Coloured Plates of Views in Thanet and other parts of Kent, 

ob. 4to., 1797 (S. Oct. 17 ; 548) Thorp, £6 5s. 
Six Coloured Views of Richborough, Broadstairs, Dover, Pegwell Bay, &c., 

with engraved Dedication, 1797 (H. Nov. 28 ; 385) Dobell, £4 4s. 

Nolhac (P. de) La Dauphine Marie-Antoinette, Japan vellum, pits., in two states, 

mor. ex., g. t., 4to., Paris, s. a. (S. Oct. 18 ; 753) Isaacs, ;gl2 

Norden (F. L.) Travels in Egypt and Nubia, 2 vols., cf., 1755 (D. Dec. 16 ; 193) 

Norfolk. Visitation of Norfolk in the Year 1563, by Harvey, 2 vols., 1878-95 

(H. Nov. 29 ; 815) Harding, £\ 10s. 

Nort d'Utrecht (Sr. Olivier du) Description du Penible Voyage fait entour de 

rUnivers ou Globe terrestre, translate du Flamand en Francois, maps and 

engs. in text, orig. vellum, fine, large copy, fo., Amst., 1610 (.S. Nov. 20 ; 

86) Quaritch, 5s. 

North (Francis Dudley, Lord), A Forest of Varieties, 1st edn., calf, fo., 1645 (S. 

Oct. 17 ; 603) Ellis. 7s. 

North. History of Lord North's Administration to the Dissolution of the Thir- 
teenth Parliament of Gt. Britain, 2 vol. in 1, half calf, 1781-2 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

833) Athill, 16s. 

Northumberland. History of, vol. I-IX, pits., 4to., 1893-1909 (S. Oct. 22 ; 430) 

Allen, £5 5s. 

(J., Duke of) I Successi d' Inghilterra dopo la Morte di Odoardo VI, sm. 

4to., veil., (title wormed), Ferrara, 1560 (H. Oct. 24 ; 546) Tregaskis, 10s. 

(Robert Dudley, Duke of) Arcano del Mare, impressione seconda, pits., 2 

vol., veil., fo., Fiorenza, 1661 (C. Dec. 16; 191) Quaritch, £23 

Norvins (M. de) Histoire de Napoleon, pits., 4 vols., half roan, uncut, Paris, 1836 

(H. Nov. 5; 108) Arthur, Us. 

Nostradamus (M.) True Prophecies or Prognostications, fo., cf., 1672 (D. Dec. 

17 ; 555) 8s. 6d. 

Nottingham Parish Registers : Marriages, 20 vol., 1898-1912 (S. Nov. 13 ; 824) 

Allen, £3 7s. 6d. 

Nova Statuta (ab. Anno I. Edwardi III. ad annum XII. Henrici VII.), cum 

Tabula, h. \., oaken boards and leather, fo., R. Pynson, n. d. (c. 1497) (S. Nov. 

20 ; 110) Ellis, £4Q 

* Commences with a Table on « ii (a j blank) and proceeds to b 6 (29 11.), 

followed by 1 1 blanks ; text begins on tt i, and proceeds to ^ and ^-® 3, in 8's ; 

§ having 9 11. and wanting a blank for ^ 10 ; ^- J 6 11. 1 4 11. followed by 3 

blanks ; then ^ 8 11. @-^ 6 11. and Ci 3 11. Pynson's large device on reverse of 

jiff 6, the recto of which is blank. The device is repeated on the reverse of the 

last leaf, which contains the imprint on recto. 

Novas Orbis Regionum Ac Insularum, etc., fo., cf., 1555 (D. Dec. 17 ; 481) 6s. 

Novitates Zoologicse, cold, pits., vols. 1 to 16, part 2, 1? vols., half calf, remainder 

in parts, 1894-1909 (H. Dec. 18 ; 66) £8 15s. 

The same, vol. I including supplement to vol. IX, 19 vol., pits., half mor., 

g. t., vol. 17-19, in parts, 4to., 1894-1912 (S. Dec. 2 ; 253) Quaritch, ;£15 

Nunez (Alvar.) La relacion y comentarios del governador Alvar Nunez Cabe9a de 
Vaca, de lo acaescido en las dos jornadas que hizo a las Indias, mor. ex., 
joints, g. e., by V. Arias, 4to., Valladolid, 1555 (S. Nov. 1 ; 811) 

Quaritch, £30 

1912-13 I03 

Nunez (K.) Refranes, o Proverb ios en Romance, red mor., g. e., by Chambolle- 

Duru, Salamanca, 1578 (S. Oct. 21 ; 213) Maggs, £4 15s. 

Ochini (B.) Dialog! XXX., stamped cf.. 1563 (D. Dec. 16 ; 110) 6s. 

Office de la Semaine Sainte, old red mor., g. e., with arms of lK)uis XIV and cipher, 

Paris, n. d. (S. Dec. 12 ; 845) Ellis, £3 12s. 

Ogilbv (John) America, front, and engs. and maps, old calf, fo., 1671 (S. Nov. 

20 ; 77) White, £4 15s. 

Britannia, 100 maps, russ., g. e., fo., 1698 {S. Nov. 7 ; 455) Ellis, £2 8s. 

Surv-ey of the Principal Roads of England and Wales, corrected byj. Senex, 

? vol. in 1, 100 maps, calf, 4to., 1779 (S. Nov. 7 ; 408) Edwards, 19s. 

Oldmixon (J.) The British Empire in America, ? vol., maps, calf, 1741 (S. Oct. 21 ; 

215) Kashttor, £2 8s. 

Olearius (A.) and Mandelslo^s Travels, front, and maps, cf. (loose), 1662 (D. Dec. 

18; 1205) 3s. 

Voyages of the Ambassadors to the Great Duke of Muscovy, etc., trans, by 

J. Davies, pits., half calf, fo., g. e., 1669 (S. Oct. 2"? ; 478) Young, £1 13s. 

Oliphant (Mrs.) The Makers of Modern Rome, ills., mor. ex., g. e., by Riviere, 1895 
(S. Nov. 21 ; 277) Soames, £\ 10s. 

Royal Edinburgh, ills., mor. ex., g. e., 1890 (S. Nov. 21 ; 275) James, £1 6s. 

Olivier (J.) Fencing Pamiharized, pits., old calf, 1780 (H. Nov. 28 ; 480) 

Davey, 12s. 
Olmo (J. V. del) Nueva Descripcion del Orbe de la Tierra, engd. title, veil., fo., 

Valencia, 1681 (C. Dec. 16 ; 192) Stevens. 12s. 

Omar Khayyam. Rubaiyat, rendered into English Verse [by Ed. Fitzgerald], 

seed, edn., wrappers, 4to., 1838 (S. Dec. 6 ; 503) Quaritch, ;g22 

* With two original quatrains by A. Lang written inside upper cover. 
Oppenord (G. M.) (Euvres, pits., 4to., Amst., n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 127) Parsons, 5s. 
Ordonnances Ecclesiastiques de I^'EgHse de Geneve, Geneve, 1577 (P. Oct. 3 ; 

204) Tregaskis, 5s. 

Orkney. General Grievances and Impressions of the Isles of Orkney and Shetland, 

cf., Edin., 1750 (D. Dec. 17 ; 645) 14s. 

Ormonde (Duke of) Life, by T. Carte, 3 vol., calf gilt, fo., 1735-6 (H. Nov. 28 ; 

571) Massey, Us. 

Ornaments Displayed on a Full-size for working proper for all Carvers, Painters, 

etc., 33 pits., wrappers, fo. (1798) (S. Oct. 31 ; 641) Spencer, £2 7s. 6d. 

Ornithological Miscellany, ills., 3 vols., 4to., 1876 (H. Nov. 6 ; 58?) 

Hitchman, £\ 4s. 
Orosius (J.) Histoire du Portugal, 12mo., calf gilt, Paris, 1587 (H. Nov. 6 ; 530) 

Edwards, 16s. 
OrteUus (A.) Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, title, port, and map, all coloured, old 

calf, fo., Antv., 1584 (S. Nov. 25 ; 129) H. Stevens, £3 17s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., 2 engd. titles (illuminated) and 147 maps (coloured), orig. calf, 

fo., Antw., 1595 (S. Nov. 20 ; 122) Quaritch, £A 

Osbaldiston (W. A.) The British Sportsman, pits., hah' bound (broken), 4to., n. d. 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 232) Fisher, 4s. 

Osborne (Lloyd) A Letter to Mr. Stevenson's Friends, 1894 (S. Oct. 22 ; 353) 

Spencer, £2 18s. 
Ossian's Poems in Gaelic, with Latin Translation by Macfarlan, port., best edn., 

L. P., 3 vols., half cah', imcut, 1807 (H. Nov. 14 ; 403) Hill, 10s. 

Other Side of the Question (The) or An Attempt to rescue the Characters of 

Q. Mary and Q. Anne out of the hands of the D — s of D — , old calf, 1712 

(S. Nov. I ; 885) Thring, 6s. 

* Autograph of the Duchess of Marlborough signing in full a State Receipt, 
dated 1710, inserted. 

Otho and Ottobone. Incipiunt Opera super Costitutiones Provinciales & Othonis, 
6. 1., red mor., g. e. (collation A to M in eights), London per me Wvanduni de 
Worde, 15 7 (S. Dec. 20; 27) Young, £A(i 

Ottley (W. Y.) Itahan School of Design, fo., 1823 (H. Nov. 5 ; 319) 14s. 

Outram (G.) Legal and other Lyrics, fine paper, vignettes, half mor. gilt, t. e. g., 
4to., 188" (S. Oct. 22 ; 431) Blackburn, 1 8s. 

Ovalle (Alonso de) Hi.storica Relatione del Regno di C[h ile. woodcuts, veil., fo., 
Roma, 1646 (C. Dec. 16 ; 193) Edwards, £5 


Overbeke (B. et M.) Les Restes de I'Ancienne Rome, pits., 3 vols., calf, fo., Amst., 
1709 (H. Nov. 5; 291) Vyt, 10s. 

Overstone (Lord) Tracts and other Publications on Metallic and Paper Currency, 
P. P., 1857 (S. Dec. 3 ; 346) Maggs, £1 4s. 

Tracts on Paper Currency and Banking, National Debt and the Sinking 

Fund, and on Commerce, 3 vol., P. P., 1857-9 (S. Dec. 3 ; 347) 

Quaritch, £7 5s. 

Ovid. Metamorphoses, emend, a Bam. Celsano, calf (lacks first leaf, a blank), fo., 

Vicentise, 1480 (P. Nov. 21 ; 226) Tregaskis. £4 4s. 

Metamorphoses libri XV, red ruled, fine copy, Lyonnese calf gilt, g. g. e., 

Lugdimi. 1559 (S. Dec. 5; 301) Maggs, £14 

Metamorphoses (Latin et en Nederduitsch) , 2 vol. in 1 , L.P., front., 124 engs. 

in text and 3 pits., proofs, fo., Amst., 1732 (S. Oct. 30 ; 319) Spicer, £1 5s. 

Metamorphoses, in Latin and English, by Banier, 2 vol., pits, by Picart, etc. 

russ., fo., Amst., 1732 (S. Dec. 12 ; 760) Edwards, £1 14s. 

Les Metamorphoses, traduits par Banier, pits., 2 vol., veil., 4to., Paris, 

1738 (C. Dec. 16 ; 105) Hil'. 18s. 

Les Metamorphoses en Latin et en Fran9ois, de la Traduction de Banier, 

pits, after Eisen, etc., 4 vols., cont. French red mor., g. e., 4to., Paris, 1767- 
70 (P. Dec. 17 ; 185) Humphris, ^£210 

* The plates in Vols. 1 , 2 and 4 are proofs before letters, and plates Nos. 1 
to 37 are before the numbers, with 5 exceptions. The frontispiece is before 
letters, and the first engraved dedication page is shown with and without 
letterpress, the latter state (loosely inserted) being before the crown was placed 
out side the circle. 

Opera Omnia a Bamaba Celsano accuratissime emendata, ruled in red, 

illuminated initials and decorative pen-letters (foUo 71 defective), 3 vol. in 1, 
old calf, short but clean copy, not in Hain or Proctor, w. a. f., fo., Venetiis, 
1484 (S. Dec. 3 ; 563) Pay^ie, £6 

Owen's Britannia Depicta : or, Ogilby Improved, maps, cf., 1736 (D. Nov. 18 ; 
324) 5s. 

(Sir R.) History of British Fossil Reptiles, 4 vol., pits., 4to., 1849-84 (S. 

Oct. 24 ; 1215) Hill, 10s. 

Odontography, 2 vol., pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1840-5 (S. Nov. 26 ; 489) 

Quaritch, £1 16s. 
Oxford Almanacs. A Century and a Half of Designs Engraved for the Oxford 
Almanac for 1716-1865, in 2 vols., half mor., fo. (P. Dec. 5 ; 456) 

Hornstein, £\ 8s. 
Oxford and Cambridge Magazine for 1856, mor., g. e., 1856 (S. Dec. 11 ; 571) 

Shepherd, £2 6s. 
Oxford EngUsh Dictionary, vols. 1 to 9 (A-Thyzle), first 7 vols, in 9, half mor., 
t. e. g., remainder in 20 parts. 4to., 1888-1912 (H. Nov. 27 ; 68) 

* The remaining parts will be delivered as issued. Oliver, £16 
Oxford Historical Society's PubHcations, first 43 vols., cloth, 1884-1902 (H. Nov. 

5 ; 169) £2 10s. 

Pagan (de) Relation deLa Riviere des Amazones, sewed, 1566 (D. Dec. 17 ; 581) 

Pages (M. de) Travels round the World, 3 vol., calf, t. e. g., 1793 (S. Oct. 21 ; 218} 

Kashnor, £\ Is. 
Pagett (E.) Christianographie, seed, edn., 6 maps, sm. 4to. (slightly wormed), calf, 

1636 (H. Oct. 24 ; 569) Bates, 7s. 

Painters. True Effigies of the most Eminent Painters, 125 ports., fo., old calf, 

1694 (H. Dec. 18 ; 123) Barberi, £\ 13s. 

The same, fo., cf., 1694 (D. Dec. 17 ; 482) £\ 

Paisley Directory for 1812 (E. Sep. 20 ; 174) McKean, £\ Is. 

Palatino. Libro, nelquel s'insegnaaScriuer ogni sorte lettera, Antica et Modema, 

con un Discorso de le Cifre, woodcuts, calf, Roma, 1561 (P. Nov. 21 ; 112) 

Davis, £3 7s. 6d. 

Palladio (A.) Architecture, revis'd by G. Leoni, 2 vol., pits., calf, fo., 1721 (S. 

Nov. 14 ; 130) Mount, £1 10s. 

Four Books of Architecture, ed. by J. Ware, pits., half roan, fo., 1738 (S. 

Nov. 14; 131) Mount, £\ 15s. 

1912.13 I05 

Palladio (A.) Architecture, revis'd by G. Leoni, trans, by I. Jones, port, and 

pits., russ., fo., 1742 (S. Nov. 14 ; 132) Mount, £1 15s. 

Palmerston. The Foreign Affairs of Great Britain administered by Viscount 

Palmerston, port., 1841 (S. Oct. 30 ; 258) James, 4s. 

Pancratia, or a History of Pugilism, port., tmcut. 1812 (S. Nov. 21 ; 405) 

Hornstein, 10s. 

Panegirici Sacri di pin Santi, e Festivita occorrenti nel Mese di Gennajo del P. 

Domenico Bandi, engd. title, cont. red mor., arms of Card. Albani on side, 

g. e., 4to., Napoli. 1722 (S. Nov. 20 ; 192) Parsons, £2 4s. 

Panzer (G. W.) Annales Typographici, 11 vol., old half binding, 4to., Norimb., 

1793-1803 (S. Nov. 26 ; 530) Quaritch, ill \5s.. 

Papworth (J. W.) Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms belonging to Families 

in Gt. Britain and Ireland, half mor., t. e. g., 1874 (H. Nov. 27 ; 219) 

Griffin, £1 12s. 6d. 

Paradin (Claude) Devises Heroiques, 1st edn., 180 woodcuts, calf, g. e., Lion, 1557 

(S. Nov. 20 ; 3) Leighton, £5 

Pardoe (Julia) Court and Reign of Francis I, ports., 1st edn., 3 vols., 1887 (P. 

Oct. 4 ; 324) Sotheran, £\ 8s. 

Paris. Les Curiositez de Paris, plate, cf., 1716 (D. Dec. 16 ; 93) 4s. 6d. 

Picturesque Views of Public Edifices in Paris, by Segard and Testard, 20 

circular cold. pits, after Rosenberg (few leaves stained), half mor., 4 to., 1814 
(H. Nov. 28 ; 497) Hornstein. £3 10s. 

Paris and Dover, or To and Fro, a Picturesque Excursion, by Roger Book'em, 
front, and 48 cold, pits., boards (ob. sm. 4to.), 1821 (P. Dec. 5 ; 416) 

Bumpus, £\A 5s. 

Parker (Matt.) De Antiquitate et Pri\'ilegiis Ecclesiae Cantuariensis, ed. L. Drake,. 

port, and pits., calf, fo., 1729 (S. Oct. 17 ; 633) Carter. 2s. 

[Parkinson (A.) Collectanea Anglo Minoritica, %vith the errata 11. and 4 pits. 

(usually missing), calf, 4to., 1726 (S. Nov. 25 ; 66) Lewine, 2s. 

(J.) Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris, 1st edn., woodcuts, last leaf loose, 

old calf, fo., 1629 (S. Dec. 20 ; 84) Forbes, £\{) 10s. 

(S.) Journal of a Vovage to the South Seas, port, and pits., half calf gilt, 4to., 

1773 (S. Oct. 22 ; 432) Young. £\ lis. 

Parlatore (F.) Flora ItaUana ossia Descrizione delle Plante in Italia, etc., 10 vol., 

half calf, Firenze, 1848-93 (S. Dec. 3 ; 591) Quaritch, £2 2s. 

Pamaso Italian©, ovvero Raccolta de' Poeti Classici Itahani, vignettes, 56 vols., 

fcap., in cont. orange mor., with emblematic stamps, g. e., Venezia, 1784-91 

(H. Nov. 27 ; 172) Edwards, £6 10s. 

Parsons (P.) Monuments and Painted Glass of upwards of one hundred Churches, 

chieflv in East Kent, MS. matter and pits, inserted, calf ex., 4to., 1794 (S. 

Oct. '17 ; 479) Quaritch, £7 

(R.) EHzabethae Anghae Reginae Haeresim Calvinianam propugnatis 

saevissimum in Cathohcos sui Regni edictum, quod in alios quoque Reipub- 
Ucae Christianae Principes contumehas continent indignissimas, veil.. Romge. 
1593 (S. Nov. 20 ; 2) Davis. 18s. 

Parsons' Remains of Japhet, 4to., cf., 1767 (D.Nov. 19; 611) lis. 

Paruta (P.) PoUtick Discourses, trans, by Henry, Earl of Monmouth, port., cf. 
1657 (D. Dec. 17 ; 439) 3s! 

Pasquin ou Coq-a-L'Asne de Cour, s. 1. 1616 (S. Oct. 18 ; 749) Dobell, Is. 
Paston Letters (The), ed. bv J. Gairdner, Ub. edn., 6 vols., 1904 (H. Oct. 16 ; 435) 

Heffer, £1 14s. 
Pater (W.) Imaginary Portraits, 1st edn., 1887 (S. Dec. 6 ; 303) Quaritch, £3 5s. 

Marius the Epicurean, 2 vol. in 1, 1st edn., half mor., 1885 (S. Oct. 21 ; 

220) Parsons, 18s'. 

Miscellaneous Studies, 1st edn., 1895 (D. Dec. 18 ; 1060) 8s. 6d. 

Studies in the Histor^^ of the Renaissance, 1st edn., \\*ith inscription " A 

Lang, from W. H. Pater, 1873," 1873 (S. Dec. 6 ; 302) Quaritch, £10 10s. 
Paterson (J.) History of Ayr and Wigton, 3 vols, in 5, 1863-6 (H. Nov. 5 ; 95) 

Thin. £2 5s. 
Pauly (T. de) Description Ethnographique des Peuples de la Russie, cold, pits., 

mor., g. e., fo., St. Petersbourg, 1862 (S. Nov. 12 ; 514) Parsons, £1 10s! 


Paxton's Magazine of Botany, cold, pits., vols. 1 to 8, half calf, 1834-41 (H. Oct. 
25 ; 875) Bull. 10s. 

The same, 16 vol., half mor., g. e., 1841-9 (S. Dec. 2 ; 117) Quaritch, iA 

Payne-Gallwey (Sir R.) Book of Duck Decoys, ills., 4to., 1883 (S. Oct. 30 ; 78) 

Stout, 7s. 

Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, 1859 ; Second series, 2 vol., 1st edns., half calf, 1862 

(3) (S. Dec. 11 ; 430) Harker, £1 14s. 

Peele (George) Works, ed. by A. H. Bullen, 2 vol., h. P., 1888 (S. Nov. 25 ; 173) 

Quaritch, £\ 8s. 

Penley (A.) BngHsh School of Painting in Water-colours, cold, pits., half mor., 

t.e g., fo., 1868 (S. Nov. 27 ; 659) Broughton, 14s. 

Penn (W.) Address to Protestants upon the Present Conjuncture (defective), sm. 

4to., half calf, 1679 (H. Oct. 17 ; 845) 3s. 6d. 

[and Geo. Whitehead Christian Quaker and his divine Testimony Vindi- 
cated (wormed), calf, fo., 1674 (S. Nov. 20 ; 107) Lewine, 4s. 

Pennant (T.) Account of I^ondon, Westminster and Southwark, views, etc.. Index, 

one of twelve copies in folio, for illustrating, with specially printed titles, 2 

vols., russ., g. e., fo., n. d. (P. Dec. 17 ; 214) Brown, £5 5s. 

Pennecuik (Alex.) Description of Tweeddale, 1st edn., calf, m. e., sm. 4to., E)dinb., 

1715 (S. Nov. 12 ; 515) Hopkins, £1 lis. 

Pennell (J. and B- R.) lyithography and I^ithographers, port, and ills., 4to., 1898 

(H. Oct. 24 ; 622) Joseph, £1 7s. 

Pennsylvania. Map of Pennsylvania from Actual Surveys and Chiefly from the 

Ivate Map ofW. Scull, mounted on linen, 1775 (D. Dec. 17 ; 615) £1 16s. 
Pepys (S.) Diary and Correspondence, with Notes by Braybrooke, ed. by H. B. 

Wheatley, with Pepysiana and Index, 10 vol., ills., 1893-99 (S. Oct. 24 ; 

997) Young, £1 10s. 

Pequenot (C. A.) Recueil de meubles de tons les styles, 2 vol., 260 pits., half roan, 

4to., Paris, n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 139) Parsons, 15s. 
Vieilles Decorations depuis I'epoque de la renaissance jusqu'a Louis XVI, 

140 pits., half mor., t. e.g, fo.. Paris, 1875 (S. Nov. 14 ; 137) 

Parsons, £\ lis. 
Percy Society Publications, 31 vol., half mor., 1840-41 (S. Oct. 21 ; 225) 

Quaritch, £\5 

* p'ormerly in the library of W. J. Thomas, with autograph letter of J. 
Collier, and a Broadside Sheet inserted. 

Perez de Vargas (B.) Fabrica (la segunda parte de la) del uni verso Flamada 
Reporteria, (. g., woodcuts, veil., fo., Toledo, 1563 (S. Oct. 31 ; 645) 

Barnard, £\ 12s. 
Periods of European History, from 476 to 1899, 8 vols., 1908 (H. Dec. 5 ; 86) 

Thin, 15s. 

Pernetty (A. Jos.) Histoire d'un Voyage aux Isles Malouines, pits., 2 vol., caH, 

Paris, 1770 (C. Dec. 16 ; 37) ' Edwards, 5s. 

Perrault (C.) Contes des Fees, L. P., proof port, and vignettes, calf gilt, m. e., 

Lyon, 1865 (S. Dec. 11 ; 379) James, 14s. 

Histoires on Contes du Temps passe, avec des Moralitez, vignettes, red mor., 

double, joints, g. e., by Trautz-Bauzonnet, Paris, 1697 (S. Nov. 20 ; 169) 

Parkinson, £2] 

* Probably an earlier issue of the first edition as mentioned by Brunet. 
This edition has no frontispiece and has only 230 pp. and Privilege, against 
frontispiece and 270 pp. cited by Brunet. Included is an autograph letter of 
A. Lang. 

Histories of Passed Times, or the Tales of Mother Goose, 2 vol., pits., mor., 

joints, g. e., 1785 (S. Dec. 6 ; 309) Warren, £A 16s. 

Les Hommes lUustres, ports., russ., fo., Paris, 1696 (S. Dec. 12 ; 753) 

Barnard, £'i 10s. 
Ordonnance des Cinq Especes de Colonnes Selon La Method des Anciens, fo.,i 

cf., Paris, 1683 (D. Dec. 17 ; 527) 8s. 

Perrot (M.) Collection des Ordres de Chevalerie, cold, pits., 4to., Paris, 1820 (H. 

Dec. 18 ; 280) £\ 7s. 

Perry (Fr.) Eighteen Views of Antiquities of Kent, half russ., 4to., 1766 (S. Oct.! 

17 ; 530) Thorp. £\ 12s. 

1912-13 '07 

Persius. Satirae, cum glosis Scipionis Ferrarii Georgii filii de monte ferrato, 102 
11., veil., 4to.. s. 1. et a. [1500] (C. Dec. 16 ; 106) Maggs, £1 15s. 

Peter (J.) Treatise of Lewisham, but Vulgarly called Dulwich Wells, in Kent,calf, 
1681 (S. Oct. 17 ; 376) ' Thorp, £2 

Peterkin (Joshua) A Treatise of Planting, front., 4to. (title slightly defective), 
St. Christopher's, 1790 (H. Nov. 7 ; 867) Stephens, £1 10s. 

Petitot. Les Emaux de Petitot du Musee Imperial du Louvre, 2 vol., L. P., 50 
ports., india proofs, half mor. ex., t. e. g., by Brany, 4to., Paris, 1862—4 
(S. Nov. 1 ; 917) Quaritch, £2 18s. 

Petrarca (F.) De Vita Solitaria, rubricated, russ., bookplate ' Ex Bibliotheca 
Loeniana.' w. a. f., fo., a. n. [R. printer, 1472 ?] (P. Nov. 21 ; 216) Davis, £1 

Triomphi, con la loro optima spositione, veil., Venesia, 1519 (C. Dec. 16 ; 

38) Davis. 13s. 

Opera Latina, 388 11., (Hain 12749), slightly wormed, russ. gilt, g. e., with 

Wodhall Arms, fo., Basil, 1496 (S. Dec. 12 ; 986) Maggs, £3 5s. 

Petrie (Geo.) Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland, ills., 1845 (S. Oct. 24 ; 999) 

Desmond, £1 5s. 

Tunis, Kairouan, and Carthage, cold. iUs., luxe,4to., veil., extra,1908 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 157) Williams, £1 Is. 

Petronius Arbiter. Satyricon, cum notis doctorum virorum, mor. gilt, g. e., 
Lutetiae, 1587 (S. Dec. 6; 310) Bain, £2 18s. 

La Satyre de Petrone, iUs., cf., 1694 (D. Dec. 16 ; 244) 4s. 

Satyrical Works made English by Wilson, Blount, T. Brown, etc., cuts, old 

caH,'l708 (P. Dec. 17 ; 119) Tregaskis, £2 7s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., ills., cf., 1713 (D. Dec. 16 ; 218) lis. 

Anr. Edn., ills., cf., 1798 (D. Dec. 16 ; 217) lis. 

Pfinzing (M.) Gedenckwiirdige Historia : des Edlen Streytbaren Heldens imd 

sieghafften Ritters Theuwrdanncks mannliche Thaten, J. g., woodcuts, 

stamped leather, metal clasps, fo., Franckfort, 1589 (S. Nov. 20 ; 222) 

Clarkson, £5 15s. 
Pfnor (R.) Architecture, Decoration et Ameublement Epoque Louis XVI, 50 

pits., half mor., fo., Paris, 1865 (S. Nov. 14 ; 142) Rimell, 10s. 

Phaedrus. Fabulae .Esopiae, notis illustravit in Usum Principis Nassavii, front. 

and 18 pits., proofs, half russ., m. e., 4to., Amst., 1701 (S. Nov. 12 ; 521) 

Edwards, 7s. 
Philelphus. Orationes Fr. Plulelphi, cum quibusdem aliis ejudsem operibus, veil., 

4to., Venetiis, 1491 (C. Dec. 16 ; 107) Davis, £1 15s. 

Philipott (T.) Villare Cantianum, 1st edn., map, calf gilt, fo.. 1659 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

593) Thorp, £\ 15s. 

PhiHps (John) Authentic Journal of the late Expedition under the Command of 

Commodore Anson, half calf, m. e., 1744 (S. Nov. 12 ; 522) 

Maggs, £1 2s. 
PhiUimore and Carter. Some Account of the Family of Middlemore, ills., half 

veil., uncut, 4to., 1901-4 (S. Nov. 13 ; 872) Hitchman, 17s. 

Phillip (A.) Voyage to Botany Bay, port, and pits., cf., 4to., 1789 (P. Oct. 4 ; 

551) Tregaskis, £1 2s. 

(B.) The Counseiler, EngUshed by J. T. (John Torius), b. I., slightly wormed, 

veil., 4to., 1589 (S. Nov. 25 ; 68) Barnard, £2 2s. 

Phillips (Ambrose) and others. The Free-Thinker, 3 vol., 1st collected edn., L. P., 
fine copy, cont. red mor., gilt, g. e., 1722-3 (S. Nov. 20 ; l65)Baker, £1 Is. 

Philomathi Musae Juvenales, fo., mor. gt., Paris, 1656 (D. Dec. 17 ; 471) £1 14s. 

Philothei Symbola Christiana quibus Idea Hominis Christiani Exprimitur, 100 
engs., 4to., Francof.. 1677 (S. Dec. 10 ; 126) Smith, 4s. 

Picart (B.) Ceremonies et Coutumes Religieuses de tous les Peuples du Monde, 
pits., L. P.. 9 vols., old calf, rebacked, fo., Amst., 1723-8 (H. Nov. 28 ; 569) 

Bull. £1 17s. 

Recueil de Lions, 36 etchings, hf. cf., 4to.. 1729 (P. Oct. 3 ; 248) 

Buckmaster, 5s. 

Picus Mirandula (J.) Opera omnia (Hain *12993), 262 11., stamped vellum, with 

initials, fo., Venet., 1498 (S. Dec. 20 ; 219) Davis. £2 12s. 


Piepers (M. C.) and P. C. T. Snellen, the Rhopalocera of Java, Pieridae, Hesperidae^ 
': parts, cold, pits., 4to., The Hague, 1909-10 (S. Dec. 2 ; 260) 

Quarilch, £\ 12s. 

Pindarus. Opera Omnia, reddita per Nic. Sudorium, old green mor., g. e., by 
Derome, with his ticket, I,utet., i582 (S. Nov. i3 ; 667) Spicer, i\ 10s. 

The same, rubricated, mor. ex., g. e., by Derome, with his ticket (unknown 

to Brunet), 158'^: (S. Dec. 11 ; 366) Davis. £5 5s. 

Pine (J.) Installation of the Order of the Bath, pits., fo. (bdg. broken), 1730 (H. 

Nov. 29 ; 915) Walfovd, £\ 

Pinkerton (J.) Iconographia Scotica, ports., mor., silk linings, g. e., 1797 (S. 

Dec. 3 ; 653) Barnard, i\ 2s. 

Piozzi (H. Ir.) Journey through France, Italy and Germany, 2 vol., 1st edn., 

boards, 178 > (S. Oct. 30; 213) Dohelt, 5s. 

Pipe Roll Society PubHcations, complete Set, 32 vol., 1884-191 1 (S. Nov. 6 ; 194) 

Harding, £\1 15s. 
Piranesi (G. B.) De Romanorum Magnificentia et Architectura, front., engd. title, 

port, and 42 pits., half calf, fo., Roma, 1761 (S. Nov. 14 ; 144) 

Green, £,A 10s. 

The same, with Index and Supplement, 50 engs., including port, of Clement 

XIII, fo. (broken), Roma, 1761-5 (H. Nov. 14 ; 519) Davis, £1 12s. 

Vasi, Candelabri, Sarcofagi, Cippi, Tripodi, Lucerne ed Omamenti Antichi, 

2 vol., 104 pits., w. a. f., ob. fo., ib., n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; \A5) Rimell, £3 5s. 

Vedute di Roma, 2 vol., engs., half mor., fo., Roma, c. 1779 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

589) Quaritch, ;£42 

The same, 2 vol., engd. title and 136 pits., half russ., ob. fo., Roma, n. d. (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 778) Parsons, ;£62 

Pirrie (G.) Short Treatise of the General Laws of Motion, pits., cont. red mor., 

covered with gilt tooling, g. e., pres. copy, Edinb., 1720 (S. Nov. 12 ; 525) 

Sotheran, £7 
Pison (Guil.) De Indise utriusque re Naturali et Medica, engd. title and cuts, veil., 

fo., Lugd. Bat., 1658 (C. Dec. 16 ; 197) Edwards, £1 Is. 

Pistolesi (B.) H Vaticano, Descritto ed Illustrato, 8 vol., pits., half mor. gilt, g. e., 

fo., Roma, 1829-38 (S. Nov. 27 ; 623) Broughton, £2 8s. 

Pitcairn (R.) Collections Relative to the Funeral of Mary Queen of Scots, 1822 

(E. Sep. 20 ; 100) Corri, 10s. 

Criminal Trials, 1488 to 1624, 3 vols., 4to., hf. bound, 1833 (D. Oct. 23 ; 

967) £3 3s. 

Pitt's Enghsh Atlas, 4 vols., fo., cf., Oxford, 1680-82 (D. Dec. 17 ; 715) £\ 

Place (Victor) Ninive et Assyrie, avec des Essais de Restauration par Felix Thomas 

3 vol., 87 pits., half mor.. t. e . g., fo., Paris, 1867-70 (S. Nov. 26 ; 429) 

Edwards, £5 2s. 6d. 
Planche (J. R) Cyclopaedia of Costume, 24 cold, pits., 2 vols., 4to., half mor., g. e., 

1876-9 (H. Oct. 23 ; 281) Mannering, £5 10s. 

Plat (Sir H.) Delightes for Ladies, to adome their Persons, Tables, Closets and 

Distillatories, &c., 24mo., half mor., g. e., 1609 (H. Nov. 28 ; 416) 

Barnard, £4 10s. 
Plato. Omnia Opera (Gr.), 1st edn., 2 vols., calf gilt, with blank leaf before p. 1 , 

vol. I, fine copy, fo., Venetiis in aedib. Aldi, et Andreae Soceri, 1 513 (P. Nov. 

21 ; 217) Maggs, ;£12 10s. 

Plautini. Vite de Pontifici, ports., cf., 1592 (D. Dec. 16 ; 280) 4s. 

Playford (H.) Harmonia Sacra, 2 vol. in 1, front., calf ex., g. e., fo., 1714 (S. Nov. 

20 ; 221) Clarkson, £2 5s. 

Pleasures of Human Life, front, and 5 cold. pits, by Rowlandson, calf gilt, 1807 

(S. Nov. 1 ; 894) Hughes, £1 4s. 

Pliny. Historie of the World, trans, by P. Holland, 2 vol. in 1 , calf gilt, fo., 1601 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 749) Ellis, £2 14s. 

The same, 2 vols, in 1, old calf, with Roval Arms, fo., 1601 (H. Oct. 17 ; 

949) G. P. Johnston, £1 19s. 

Anr. Edn., by P. Holland, 2 vol. in 1, calf, fo., A. Islip, 1634 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

133) Wesley, £2 2s. 

Letters, front., 24mo., red mor., g. e., with view of Rome painted on fore- 
edge (modem), 1810 (H. Dec. 20 ; 807) £1 

1912-13 I09 

PUny. Opera, 4to., cf., Glasgow, 1751 (D. Dec. 16 ; 289) 3s. 6d. 

Plot (R.) Natural History of Oxfordshire, pits., calf, rebacked, fo., 1677 (S. Oct. 

17 ; 599) Edwards, 5s. 
Natural History of Staffordshire, map (on linen) and pits., calf gilt, g. e., fo., 

Oxford, 1686 (S. Nov. 7 ; 461) Edwards. £3 7s. 

Plowden (E) Les Commentaries, ou Reportes de divers cases esteants matters en 

lev, etc., b. t, calf, fo., 1578 (S. Nov. 1 ; 777) Sweet. 10s. 

the same, b. I., calf, fo.. 1578 (S. Nov. 25 ; 134) Ellis. £1 7s. 

Plutarch's I^ives, with Notes and Life by J. and W. Langhome, port., 6 vol., calf 

ex., 1826 (C. Dec. 16 ; 39) Sawyer, £3 10s. 
Vies des Hommes lUustres, traduites par M. Dacier, 9 vol., calf gilt, 4to., 

Paris, 1721-34 (S. Oct. 31 ; 429) Baker. 2s. 

Poetical Sketches of Scarborough, seed, edn., 21 cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, 

boards, uncut, 1813 (C. Dec. 16; 231) Bumpus, £3 

The same, calf, g. t., by Riviere, 1813 (P. Dec. 17 ; 28) Hornstem, £5 10s. 

Poets. Cooke's Pocket Edition of the Poets, ports., 50 vols., 24mo., calf, 1796 

(H. Oct. 23 ; 109) 15s. 
Works of the English Poets, by Chalmers. 21 vols., half bound (rubbed), 1810 

(H. Oct. 18; 1159) Wynne, 7s. 
Works of the Enghsh Poets, complete set, 53 vols., ports., very fine set, 

Pickering, 1839, etc. (P. Oct. 30 ; 212) Parsons. £3Q 

Political Economy Club. Reprints of Early English Tracts on Commerce and 

Money, 2 vol., 1856 (S. Dec. 3 ; 344) Quaritch, £A 10s. 

Pollard (A. W.) Shakespeare Folios and Quartos, a Study in the BibUography of 

Shakespeare's Plavs, 1594-1685, 37 ills., fo., 1909 (S. Dec. 6 ; b5A) Sabin, 19s. 
PolHck and Maitland. ' History of English Law, 2 vols., 1895 (H. Nov. 22 ; 104) 

Megler, 18s. 
Pomey's Pantheum Mythicum, ills., cf., 1701 (D. Dec. 16 ; 78) 2s. 

Pompeii. Gh Ornati, delle Pareti ed i Pavimenti delle stanze dell' antica Pompei 

incisi in rame, 2 parts in 1, pits., half mor., fo., Napoli, 1795 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

147) Mount. 5s. 

Pontano's Rerum et Urbis Amstelodamensium Historia, ills., fo., veil., 1611 (D. 

Dec. 17 ; 522) ^1 10s. 

Pontatius. Opera Omnia soluta Oratione composita, 3 vol., stamped pig-skin, 

with clasps, fine copy, Basileae, 1538 (C. Dec. 16 ; 40) Davis. £2 14s. 
Poole (J.) EngUsh Parnassus, front., calf, 1677 (S. Nov. 1 ; 665) Barton, £1 2s. 
Pope (A.) Essay on Man. engs., 4to., 1734 (S. Oct. 30 ; 240) Spicer, £1 Is. 

Letters to a Lady. 1st edn.. calf gilt, tmcut. 1769 (H. Oct. 24 ; 581) 

Maggs, 9s. 

One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight, a Dialogue, n. d. ; 

Dialogue II, 1738, 1st edns., fo. (2) (S. Dec. 11 ; 523) Streeton, 10s. 

Works, ed. by Warburton, 9 vols., cf., 1751 (D. Dec. 16 ; 53) 9s. 6d. 

Work, pits., nice copy, 5 vols., calf, 1770 (B. Oct. 24 ; 275) Is. 6d. 

Additions to the Works of Alexander Pope, 2 vol; calf gilt, 1776 (S. Dec, 1 1 ; 

365) James, 5s. 

Works, ^vith Letters, and Life by Bowles, port., 10 vols., cf.. 1806 (P. Oct. 

4 ; 337) Hughon, 13.s. 

Works, with Life by S. Johnson, port, and engs., proofs, with two beautiftd 

Fore-Edge Paintings of Pope's Villa and Windsor Castle, cont. straight- 
grain orange mor. gilt, g. e., 1811 (H. Oct. 24 ; 507) Quaritch, £36 

Works, ed. by Ehvin and Courthorpe, 10 vol.. ports., 1871-86 (S. Oct. 24 ; 

1001) Brown, £\ 15s. 

Porcacchi da Castiglione (T.) L'Isole Piu Famose del Mondo, engd. title and maps, 

fo.. mor., g. e., Venetia, 1576 (H. Oct. 17 ; 849) Selden, £1 

Portraictz, avec les Armories et Blasons des Plenipotentiaries assemblez a Mvmster 

et Osnaburg pour faire le paix generale, ports., cf., 4to., Paris, 1648 (P. Oct. 

3 ; 244) Wesley. £1 3s. 

Postillae Majores totius anni super Evangehis et Epistohs ex diversis sacre pagine 

authoribus excerptis, etc., I. g., old calf, fo., Lugduni, 1518 (S. Nov. 20 ; 68) 

Ellis, £1 10s. 
Pothier (R. J.) GEuvres, par Bugnet, avec Table des Matieres par Sirev, 11 vols., 

half calf, Paris, 1861-2 (H. Nov. 22 ; 83) ' Kelly, £1 


Potter (F ) Interpretation of the Number 666, engd. title, veil, gilt, silk ties, large, 

fine copy, sm. 4to., Oxford, 1642 (S. Nov. 20 ; 44) Leighton, £2 4s. 

Pouqueville (F. C. H. L.) Voyage de la Grece. 6 vol., pits., half morocco, g. e., 

1826-27 (S. Oct. 31 ; 343) Brown, 3s. 

Povah (A.) Annals of the Parishes of St. Olave, Hart Street, and Allhallows. 

Staining, ills., 4to., 1894 (S. Nov. 13 ; 874) Allington, 2s. 

Powell (N.) Remonstrance of some Decrees of the Commissioners of Sewers for 

the Upper Levels in Kent and Sussex, touching the porportioning of Water 

Scots, half mor., 4to., 1659 (S. Oct. 17 ; 469) Ellis, £2 16s. 

Pratt (J. B.) Buchan, revised by R. Anderson, L. P., 4to., 1901 (D. Oct. 23 ; 

1032) 8s. 

Present for an Apprentice, by the Lord Mayor of London, cf., 1742 (D. Dec. 16 ; 

214) Is. 

Preziosi. Stamboul : Recollections of Eastern Life, title and 29 cold, pits., ob. fo., 

1858 (S. Dec. 11 ; 534) Hiersemann, £1 Is. 

Priapeia or Epigrams of divers Poets on Priapus, 4to., 1890 (P. Oct. 3 ; 270) 

Hector, £1 10s. 
Prideaux (Col. W. F.) Bibliography of the Works of R. L. Stevenson, port., 1903 

(S. Oct. 24 ; 1009) Thin, £1 

[Prior (M.)l Poems on Several Occasions, front., orig. calf gilt, clean copy, 1709 

(S. Nov. 20 ; 5) Maggs, £1 8s. 

Poems, front., fo., cf., 1718 (D. Dec. 17 ; 709) Is. 

The same, front., calf gilt, fo., 1718 (S. Nov. 7 ; 575) Ellis, 2s. 

The same, L. P., front., old black mor. gilt (damaged), g. e., fo., 1718 (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 954) Parsons, 15s. 

Proces Contre Georges, Pichegru et Autres Prevenus de Comperation contre la 

Personne du Premier Consul, 8 vol., ports., half mor., m. e., Paris, 1804 (S. 

Dec. 3 ; 411) Hall, £1 2s. 

Proclamation for the observations of certeine Statutes, with a fourme how the 

same shal be executed, 0. (., mor. ex., g. e., by Riviere, 4to., 1582 (S. Nov. 

20 ; 200) Leighton, £2 

Proclamations. Facsimiles of 128 Proclamations of Henry VII, Henry VIII, 

Edward VI, and PhiUp & Mary, in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries, 

h t, Oxford, 1897 (H. Nov. 27 ; 226) Quaritch. £A 2s. 6d. 

Prudhomme : Revolutions de Paris, the series of 225 numbers in 17 vol., maps 

and pits., half mor. gilt, Paris, 1789-93 (S. Oct. 31 ; 485) Bowden, £\ 16s. 

* With frontispiece and 72 pages of the Introduction, frequently missing- 
Pryce (W.) Archseologia Comu-Britannica, calf gilt, y. e,, by Bedford, 4to., 1790 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 890) Shaw, 10s. 

Prynne (W.) Canterburies Doome, 1st edn., front, and 2 ports., old calf, fo., 1646 

(S. Oct. 31 ; 612) Spicer, 10s. 

— — Histrio-Mastix, title defective, old calf, 4to., 1633 (S. Nov. 25 ; 236) 

Reader, £A 

(W.) Soveraigne Power of Parliaments and Kingdoms, 4to., cf., 1643 (D. 

Dec. 16 ; 377) 4s. 

Psalms. A New Version of the Psalms of David fitted to the Tunes used in the 

. Churches by N. Tate and N. Brady, black mor., finely tooled, g. e., 1698 (S. 

Dec. 6; 315) Edwards, £\ \Qs. 

Psalms of David, old mor., gold tooled, motto in centre, 1733 (P. Oct. 4 ; 526) 

Dobell, £\ Is. 
Psalmorum Liber, Greece, old calf, Antwerpiae, C. Plantin, 1584 (S. Dec. 20 ; 28) 

Tregaskis, 5s. 

Psalterium Romanum dispositum per hebdomadam, ad norman Breviarii, ex 

decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restituti, etc., I. g., magna, mor., g. e., 

fo., Venetiis, 1615 (S. Dec. 20 ; 224) Maggs. 14s. 

Public Record Office Publications. Calendars of State Papers, Letters and 

Papers Foreign and Domestic, Calendar of Patent Rolls, etc. ; together 204 

vol., 1876, etc. (S. Nov. 26 ; 510) Harding. £43 

Pugh (E.) Cambria Depicta, cold, pits., boards, 4to., 1816 (P. Dec. 4 ; 167) 

Cohn, £3 10s. 

Puigblanch (A.) The Inquisition Unmasked, 2 vol., pits., half calf, 18^6 (S. Dec. 

2 ; 120) Dobell, 2s. 

1 912- 1 3 I'll 

Punch, or the London Charivari, from Commencement in 1841 to 1904, also 1906 
and 1907, 64 vols., half mor.. m. e., 4to., (H. Nov. 27 ; 299) £13 

The same, from Commencement in 1841 to July, 1912, 136 vols., cloth, 

remainder in parts, 4to. (P. Dec. 17 ; 188) Joseph. £9 10s. 

Purbachius (G.) Theorice nove planetarum cum commento cum commentario F. 

Capuani de Manfredonia, I. fl., diagrams, shghtly stained, Venet., 1495, 4to. 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 914) Lubrano. £2 10s. 

Purcell (H.) A Musical Entertainment perform'd on November xxii 1683, it being 

the Festival of St. CeciUa, 1st edn., with the leaf of Dedication, half botmd, 

4to., 1684 (S. Nov. 20 ; 209) Ellis, £11 lOs. 

Orpheus Britannicus, both parts, 1st edns., 2 vol., port, in each vol., orig. 

calf, fo., 1698-1702 (S. Nov. 20 ; 103) Morton, £4 6s. 

Purchas his Pilgrims, 4 vol., 1625 ; Purchas his Pilgrimage, fourth edn., 1626 ; 
together 5 vol., engd. title and maps, including the one of Virginia, by Capt. 
John Smith, pits., etc., old calf gilt, fo., 1625-6 (S. Nov. 26 ; 458) Sabin, £48 

Theatre of Politicall Flying- Insects, headlines cut, calf, 4to., 1€57 (S. Oct. 

22 ; 434) Dobell, lis. 

Puysegur. Art de la Guerre, port, and ills., 2 vols., fo., cf., Paris, 1748 (D. Dec. 

17 ; 530) 6s. 

Pyne (W. H.) History of the Royal Residences, 3 vol., 100 cold, pits., half russ.» 

fine copy, 4to., 1819 (S. Dec. 20 ; 50) Rimell, £10 

Quarles (F.) Emblems, Di\'ine and Moral, engs., calf, 1777 (S. Nov. 12 ; 542) 

Edwards, 3s. 

Feast for Wormes and Zion's Sonets, in 1 vol., cf., 1630 (D. Dec. 16 ; 229) 

Quartette. The Christmas Annual of the Civil and Military Gazette, by Four 

Anglo-Indian Writers, wrappers, Lahore, 1885 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1011) 

B. F.Stevens, £4 15s. 

* Contains the first appearance of KipUng's " The Phantom Rickshaw," etc. 
Quellinus (H.) Plusieurs Figures et Omements de la Maison de Ville d'Amsterdam, 

pits., veil., fo., Amst., 1655 (S. Nov. 14 ; 154) Mount, £6 10s.- 

Quevedo. Obras, 2 vols., veil., Barcelona, 1702 (D. Dec. 17 ; 408) 3s. 6d. 
Rabelais (F.) CEuvres, port., engd. title, and map, 6 vols, in 5, mor. gilt, g. e., 

Amst., 1711 (H. Dec. 19 ; 411) Edwards, £1 4s. 

QEuvres avec de Remarques de Le Duchat, engs., 3 vol., calf (rebacked), 4to., 

Amst., 1741 (C. Dec. 16 ; 109) Bumpus, £4 8s. 

Works, trans, with Notes by Du Chat, Motteux, Ozell, etc., 4 vol., L. P., 

port., mor., g. e., by Ramage, 1807 (S. Dec. 20 ; 16) Maggs, £2 2s. 

Works, trans, by L'^rquhart and Motteux, ed. by A. de Montaiglon, 2 vol., 

Japan vellum, pits, by Chalon, 1892 (S. Nov. 2*1 ; 279) James, £1 19s. 

Recreations of the Rabelais Club, 1880-81, 4 to., 1881 (S. Dec. 6 ; 509) 

Jacobs, 19s. 

The same, 3 vol., sm. 4to., 1880-88 (S. Dec. 20 ; 74) Dobell, 13s. 

Racine (J.) Britanico [Spanish Translation by J. Trigueras], calf, Madrid, 1752 
(H. Nov. 28 ; 409) Dobell, 5s. 

(Euvres, 3 vol., port, and pits, by De Sere, cont. French red mor, gilt, g. e., 

4to., Paris, 1760 (S. Dec. 6 ; 510) Rolandi, £39 

CEuvres, avec des Commentaires par L. de Boisjermain, port, and pits., 

6 vol., calf, ib., 1768 (C. Dec. 16 ; 41) Parsons, £2 2s. 

(Euvres avec des Commentaires yar J. L. Geoffroy, 7 vol., pits., half calf, 

ib., 1808 (S. Dec. 3; 621) ' Barnard, 10s. 

QEuvres, avec les Variantes, par M. Petitot, 5 vol., papier de rose, pits, by 

Moreau, proofs (only 6 copies issued), half mor., uncut, ib., 1819 (S. Oct. 18 ; 
702) Maggs, £3 12s. 6d. 

Racinet (A.) Le Costume Historique, 6 vol., 500 pits., half mor., t. e. g., by H. 
Wood, 4to., Paris, 1888 (S. Oct. 22 ; 435) Brown, £12 10s. 

Anr. Edn., 6 vols, in 20, 4to., Paris, s. d. (P. Oct. 4 ; 560) Quaritch, £13 

■ L'Omement Polychrome, 100 pits., 4to., Paris, n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 155) 

Batsford, £2 3s. 

Radcliffe (Anne) Gaston de Blondeville, 1st edn., 4 vol., uncut, 1826 (S. Oct. 24 • 

1013) Max. Us. 


Radcliffe (E. P. D.) The Noble Science of Fox-Hunting, pits., 1st edn., half calf, 

1839 (H. Oct. 16 ; 527) Hornstein. 13s. 

Rae's History of the Late Rebellion, 4to., cf., Dumfries, 1718 (D. Dec. 16 ; 249) 


Raikes (G. A.) History of the Hon. Artillery Company, 2 vol., pits., 1878 (S. Nov. 

21 ; 292) Edwards, 6s. 

Raleigh. Declaration of the Demeanor and Cariage of Sir Walter Raleigh, as well 

in his Voyage as in, and sithence his Returne, 1st edn., port, (shaved), half calf, 

4to., 1618 (S. Nov. 1 ; 959) James, £1 6s. 

History of the World, engd. title and maps, calf, rebacked, fo., 1621 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 149) Combe. £1 6s. 

Rambler's Magazine, vols. 1 to 5, 1783-88, etc. (7) (P. Dec. 17 ; 122) 

Spencer, £8 15s. 

The same, vol. 1 to 7 in 9 vols., half calf, 1783-90 (P. Dec. 17 ; 121) 

Pickering, ;g8 5s. 

Ramsay (Allan) The Gentle Shepherd, port, and pits., old tree-calf gilt, y. e., 4to., 

Glasgow, Foulis, 1788 (S. Nov. 12 ; 547) Hopkins, £1 4s. 

Poems, 1st edn., port., veil., 4to., Bdinb., 1721 (S. Dec. 4 ; 957) Dobell, 16s. 

The same, 4to., cf., 1721 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1127) 8s. 6d. 

Ramusio (G. B.) Raccolta delle Navigationi et Viaggi, woodcuts, 3 vol., ori?. veil., 

some margins stained, large copy, fo., Venetia, 1583-83-65 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

72) Quaritch, £3 5s. 

Randolph (T.) Poems, 1st edn., slightly stained, calf, 4to., Oxford, 1638 (S. Dec. 

6 ; 511) Ellis, £1 10s. 

Poems, old calf, ib., 1668 (S. Nov. 1 ; 888) Dobell, lis. 

Works, ed. by W. C. Hazlitt, 2 vols., calf ex., g. t., by Bedford, 1875 (P. 

Dec. 17 ; 123) Quaritch, £\ 15s. 

Raphael. Loggi di Rafaello nel Vaticano : a set of the 13 large plates of the 
Ceilings in the Vatican (coloured), [Rome, ca. 1772-80] (H. Nov. 14 ; 558) 


Works of Raffaelle, Domenichino, Poussin, and Albano, 445 engs., 5 vol., 

L. P., half binding, fo., 1819 (S. Nov. 21 ; 468) Payne, 3s. 

Ripin, of Gardens, BngHshed by Mr. Gardiner, 1st edn., front, and 4 pits., old 

calf, n. d. (1706) (S. Nov. 1 ; 848) Spicer, 18s. 

Ratzeburg (J. T. C.) Die Ichneumonen der Forstinsecten, 3 vol., pits., 4to., Berlin, 

1844-52 (S. Dec. 10; 118) Wesley, lis. 

Rawlinson (G.) Seventh Oriental Monarchy, pits., 1876 (H. Nov. 29 ; 777) 

Davey, 7s. 6d. 
Ray Society Publications, 58 vol., 8vo. and fo., pits., 1845-1904 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

509) Wesley, £\1 

Raymond (G.) Memoirs of R. W. EUiston, Two Series, 1st edn., pits, by G. Cruik- 

shank, 2 vols., 1844 (H. Nov. 28 ; 353) Hornstein, £2 18s. 

Raynal (W. T.) History of the Settlements in the East and West Indies, trans, by 

J. Justamond, 5 vol., port, and maps, old calf, 1777 (S. Nov. 1 ; 836) 

James, 4s. 
Raynalde (T.) Birth of Mankinde, woodcuts, b. I., sm. 4to.-, calf (broken), 1604 

(H. Oct. 24 ; 526) Green, £2 2s. 

Anr. Edn., woodcuts, b. I., sm. 4to., veil., 1634 (H. Nov. 27 ; 270) 

Selden, £2 
Rea (John) Flora, cf., 1676 (D. Dec. 17 ; 467) 6s. 6d. 

Reach (A. B.) Clement Lorimer, 1st edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, half calf gilt, 

m. e., 1849 (S. Oct. 16 ; 34) Dobell, 8s. 

Reade (Chas.) Cloister and the Hearth, 1st edn., 4 vol., 1861 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1015) 

B. F. Stevens, £6 5s. 
Real Life in London, 2 vol., cold, ills., half mor., t. e. g., 1822 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1017) 

Soanies, £A 10s. 
Records of the Roya' Military Academy, cold, costumes, fo., 1851 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

977) Lamplough, £3 3s. 

Records Publications — Reports from the Commissioners respecting the Public 

Records (1800-1819), 2 vols., half mor., 1819 (H. Nov. 22 ; 123) 

Harding, 10s. 

1912-13 113 

Records Publications — Rotuli Parliamentorum temp. Edward I. — Henrv' VII, 6 

vols., n. d., with Index by Strachey, Pridden and Upham, ISS*^, 7 vols., 

(H. Nov. 22 ; 121) Harding, £7 10s. 

Recreation for Ingenious Head Pieces, mor. ex., g. e., by Pratt, 1650 (P. Dec. 

17 ; 124) ^ Dobell, £1 

Recreations Fran9oise5, ou Recueil de Contes a Rire, 2 vol., engd. title, mor. ex., 

g. e., by Trautz-Bauzonnet, 1681 (S. Oct. 22 ; 308) Rolandi, £\ 12s. 
Recueil des divers Voyages faits en. Afrique et en TAmerique qui n'ont point este 

encore pubUez, pits., old calf, m. e., 4to., Paris. 1674 (S. Nov. 20 ; 40) 

Edwards, £2 
Recueil Precieux pour les Historiens de ce temps, 4 vol., half calf gilt, Paris, 1815 

(S. Dec. 3 ; 437) Barnard. 9s. 

Reioute (P. J.) Histoire Naturelle des Plantes Grasses, 141 pits., printed in 

colours, mor. (rubbei), g. e.. fo.. Paris, 1799 (H. Dec. 19 ; 426) Brown, £5 
Reeve (L. A.) and G. B. Sowerby. Conchologia Iconica, 20 vol., cold, pits., half 

mor., m. e., 4to., 1843-78 (S. Oct. 31 ; 428) ' Quaritch, £Q2 

Regality Club (The) Complete Set, iUs., 4to., 1886-1906 (E. July 25 ; 450) 

Forrester, £\2 10s. 
Register Book of the Parish Church of St. Mary, Homcastle, ed. by J. C. Hudson, 

4 vol., 4to., 1892-1908 (S. Nov. 13 ; 876) Ellis. £\ lis. 

Reichenbach (H. G.) Xenia Orchidacea, beitrage zur Keniitiiss der Orchideen, 

2 vol., pits., half calf, 4to., Leipzig, 1858-74 (S. Dec. 2 ; 265) Wesley, ;£2 1 Is. 
Reid (J. E.) History of the County of Bute, half mor., m. e., 4to., Glasgow, 1864 

(S. Nov. 12 ; 554) Forrester. 13s. 

Reid's The Scots Gard'ner, cf.. 1701 (D. Dec. 17 ; 651) Us. 6d. 

Reinesii (T.) Syntagma Inscriptionum Antiquarum, fo., veil., 1682 (D. Dec. 17 ; 

573) Is. 6d. 

Reiss (W.) and Subel. Peruvian Antiquities, trans, by Prof. Keane, 3 vol. in 15 

parts, cold, ills., fo., 1880-87 (S. Nov. 27 ; 580) Quaritch, £^ 5s. 

Relation de TEstablissement de la Compagnie Fran9Dise pour le Commerce des 

Indes Orientales, calf, m. e., 4to., Paris, 1636 (S. Nov. 20 ; 67) Ellis, 8s. 
Relations des Peres Jesuites de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle France es annees 

1634, 1636, 1638-9, 1647-58, 1662-3, 1666-72, envoyees au Pere Provincial 

de la Compagaie de Jesus en la Province de France, in 9 vol. (folded map of 

Lake Superior in last vol.), old calf gilt, w. a. f., Paris, 1635-73 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

25) Quaritch, £\3Q 

Anr. Edn., 1611-72, 3 vol., half mor., y. e., Quebec, 1858 (S. Nov. 12 ; 317) 

White, £2 18s. 
Relton (H. E.) Sketches of Churches, 42 pits., half mor., m. e., 1843 (S. Nov. 12 ; 

556) Edwards, 7s. 

Rembrandt. Original Drawings by Rembrandt, reproduced in Phototvpe, 200 

pits, in 4 portfoUos, fo., Berlin, 1888-92 (S. Oct. 31 ; 544) Quaritch, £72 
Reports and Papers on the Navigation and Trade of Great Britain, Ireland and 

the British Colonies in the West Indies and America, etc., russ., 1807 (S. 

Nov. 1 ; 834) H. Stevens, £\ 6s. 

Repton (H.) Designs for the Pavilion at Brighton, front, and 12 cold, pits,, fo., 

half bound, 1806 (H. Oct. 23 ; 320) Davey, 19s. 

Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, port, and 50 plates, with 

moveable sUps, old half russ., 4to., 1805 (S. Nov. 26 ; 554) Spencer, £3 5s. 

Retrospective Review, 18 vols., calf ex., by Bedford, 1820-1854 (P. Dec. 17 ; 

125) Hopkins, £5 5s. 

Revised Reports, vols. 1 to 62, 1818-44, and Index, 63 vols. (B. Oct. 25 ; 98) 16s. 

The same, 1785-1858, 110 vols, and 5 Indices, imiformly bound, 1891-1909 

(D. Dec. 18 ; 876) £10 10s. 

The same, vols. 1 to 130, with Index to first 90 vols., 131 vols., half calf, 

1891-1912 (H. Nov. 22 ; 60) Young, £21 

Reynardson (Birch) Down the Road, cold. pits, by Aiken, 1st edn., 1875 (P. Oct. 

4 ; 433) Sotheran, £2 10s. 

Reynolds (G. W. M.) Mysteries of the Court of London, ills., 8 vols., n. d. (H. Oct. 

16 ; 401) Times B.C., £\ 10s. 
Robert Macaire in England, 1st edn., 3 vol., ills, by " Phiz," boards, 1840 

(S. Oct. 24 ; 1021) Maggs, 12s. 


Reynolds (Sir J.) Works, by Sir W. Armstrong, edn. de luxe, with duplicate set of 

the pits., 2 vols., 4to., 1910 (H. Oct. 23 ; 307) Rimell, £'i 

Rich (Bamabe) My Ladies Looking Glasse, 1st edn. (defective), sm. 4to., unbound, 

1616 (H. Oct. 24 ; 567) Pickering, £3 15s. 

Richardson (G.) Book of Ceilings in the Stile of Antique Grotesqi:e, 48 pits., mor., 

fo., 1774 (S. Nov. 14 ; 161) Quaritch, £5 15s. 
New Collection of Chimney Pieces, 36 pits., half roan, fo., 1781 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

160) • Quaritch, £4 
Treatise on the Five Orders of Architecture, 22 pits., half calf, fo., 1787 (S. 

Nov. 14 ; 162) Mount, £\ lis. 

(J.) Fumess, Past and Present, 2 vol., pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4 to., 1880 (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 885) Thurnam, 17s. 

(S.) Clarissa, 1st edn., 7 vols., calf, 1748 (H. Dec. 19 ; 365) Young, £2 6s. 

The same, 7 vol., caU, 1748 (S. Nov. 7 ; 545) Quaritch, £6 15s. 

The same, 7 vol., new brown calf, 1748 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1026) Quaritch, £6 

* Contains, in vol. II, the sheet of music, often wanting. 

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, 1st edn., 4 vol., calf gilt, rebacked, 1741-42 

(S. Oct. 24 ; 1024) Quaritch, £1\ 

Sir Charles Grandison, 1st edn., 7 vol., original calf, 1754 (S. Oct. 24 ; 

1025) Quaritch, £4 6s. 
The same, 7 vol., calf, 1754 (S. Nov. 7 ; 546) Quaritch, £5 2s. 6d. 

Works, with Life by E. Mangin, 19 vol., port., half russia, 1811 (S. Nov. 

27 ; 725) Young, £2 16s. 

Works, ed. by L. Stephen, 12 vol., ports., 1883 (S. Oct. 22 ; 309) Young, £5 

Novels, port, and pits., 20 vols., 1902 (H. Oct. 23 ; 49) Mayhem, £1 12s. 

(Wm.) Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire, 2 vol., pits., half mor., g. e., fo., 1843 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 971) Carter, 10s. 

Richeheu. L'Historie du Cardinal de Richelieu, port., fo., cf., Paris, 1660 (D. 

Dec. 17 ; 741) Is. 6d. 

Richter (J. P.) The Mond Collection, 2 vol., 4to., pits., with atlas of plates, 4to., 

1910 (S. Nov. 21 ; 442) Clegg, £6 2s. 6d. 

Ricius (P.) de Sexcentum et Tredicim Mosaice Sanctionis Edictis, &c., sm. 4to.,. 

boards, Augustse, 1515 (H.Nov. 6 ; 505) , Selden, £2 

Ridolfi (C.) Le Maraviglie dell' Arte, overo le vite de gl' illustri pittori Veneti, e 

dello stato, 2 vol., ports., veil., sm. 4to., Venetia, 1648 (S. Nov. 14 ; 168) 

Olschki, 18s. 
Riebeck (Emil) The Chittagong Hill-Tribes, trans, by A. H. Keane, pits., fo., 1885 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 434) Strangways, 10s. 

Riemer (J. de) Beschryving van's Graven-Hage, views, 3 vol., old Dutch calf gilt, 

with arms of Graavenhage, g. e., fo., DeHt, 1730-9 (S. Nov. 12 ; 560) 

Parsons, £2 16s. 
Rig-Veda Sanhita, trans, by H. H. Wilson, 6 vols., 1866-88 (H. Oct. 16 ; 454) 

Quaritch, £\ lis. 
Ripley (T.) Plans of Houghton in Norfolk, 35 pits., half calf, broken, fo., 1760 

(S. Nov. 14 ; 169) Ferry, £2 5s. 

Rippon (H. T.) Icones Omithopterum, cold, pits., various parts, fo., 1894, etc. 

(S. Dec. 2 ; 321) Wesley, £5 5s. 

Roberts (S.) The State Lottery, a Dream, cold, folding front., boards, 1817 (H. 

Nov. 28 ; 449) Cohn £\ Is. 

(Wm.) Discovery and Natural History of Florida, map and plans, half calf, 

m. e., 4to., 1763 (S. Nov. 12 ; 563) Quaritch. £5 17s. 6d. 

Robertson (W.) Index of Records of Charters, 4to., 1798 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1172) 

2s. ed. 

Robinson and Rispin. Journey through Nova Scotia (title soiled), York, 1774 

(H. Dec. 19 ; 349) £2 12s. 

(H. Crabb) Diary, Reminiscences and Correspondence, and ed. by T. Sadler, 

3 vol., 1st edn., port., 1869 (S. Dec. 20 ; 67) Sotheran, £1 16s. 

(W.) History of Edmonton, pits., half calf gilt, m. e., 1819 (S. Dec. 2 ; 130) 

Brown, 16s. 

History of Enfield, 2 vol., pits., yoards, 1823 (S. Dec. 2 ; 125) 

Walford, £\ 16s. 

The same, 2 vol., half mor., g. t., 1823 (S. Dec. 2 ; 127) Thomas, £\ 19s. 

1912.13 115 

Robinson (W.) History of Tottenham High Cross, pits., half calf gilt. m. e., 1818 
(S. Dec. 2 ; 128) Brown. 14s. 

Robson (G. F.) Scenery of the Grampian Mountains, 41 cold, pits., fo., half mor., 
(rubbed), 1819 (H. Nov. 6 ; 609) Napier, £2 2s. 

(Simon) The Choise of Change, h. I., (cut into), calf, 4to., 1585 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

458) Ellis, £1 6s. 

Roby (J.) Traditions of I,ancashire, both series, 4 vol., L. P., plates in duplicate, 

russ., g. e., 18r.9-31 (S Dec. 12 ; 825) Brown. £2 

Rochester, Roscommon and Dorset (Earls of) Works, port, and pits., 2 vols, in 1, 

1739 (P. Dec. 17 ; 126) Quaritch, £2 15s. 

Rocque (J.) Survey of London, Westminster, Southwark, motmted on canvas, in 

box, fo., 1748 (P. Dec. 17 ; 215) Edwards, £2 

Rodd ( [Sir J . ] Rennell) Rose Leaf and Apple Leaf, with Introduction by Oscar 

Wilde, 1st end., Phil., 188.? (H. Oct. 23 ; 175) £3 

Rogers (H. D.) Geology of Pennsylvania, pits., the maps separate. 4 vols., 4to.. 

1858 (H. Nov. 6; 583) Wesley, lis. 

(J. £. Thorold) History of Agriculture and Prices, 7 vol. in 8, 1866-1902 

(S. Nov. 7 ; 329) Hill. £4 15s. 

(S.) Italy, 1st edn., vignettes by Turner and Stothard, orig. boards, 1830 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 684) David. 15s. 

(Woodes) Cruising Voyage roimd the World, maps, calf, 1712 (S. Oct. 22 ; 

313) Bain, £2 5s. 

Rolewinck (W.) Fasciculus Temporum, 1. g., red ruled and rubricated, calf antique, 
g. g. e., wdth arms, fo., Venetiis, 1479 (S. Oct. 30 ; 151) Shorthouse. £2 16s. 

Anr. Edn.. I. g., woodcuts, modem boards, fo., Venet., 1484 (S. Dec. 20 ; 

226) Durnstein, £2 2s. 

Rolt. Lives of the Principal Reformers, 1st edn., 21 ports., russ.. fo., 1759 (S. Oct. 
31 ; 638) Hallett, £1 10s. 

The same, tree calf, fo., 1759 (H. Dec. 5 ; 322) Bull, £2 4s. 

Roman Breviarv, trans, bv the Marquis of Bute, 2 vols., calf antique, 1879 (H. 

Oct. 23 ; 2'57) ' Ellis <&- Keene, £2 

Rome. Nuova Raccolta delle Principali Vedute dell' alma Citta di Roma, pits., 

ob. fo., bds., Rome, 1829 (B. Oct. 24 ; 260A) 9s. 

Romei (H.) The Courtiers Academic, cut and slightly stained, sheep, 4to. (1598) 

(S. Oct. 22 ; 437) _ Dobell. £2 16s. 

Romein de Hoogue. L' Academic de 1' Admirable Art de la Lutte. 71 cngs., hf, 

mor., 4to., Leide, n. d. (161—) (P. Nov. 21 ; 163) Leighton, £2 

Romney. Memoirs of the Life and Works of George Romnev, port., uncut. 

4to., 1830 (H. Nov. 5; 253) ' Davev, 10s. 

Romnev Marsh, The Charter of, mor. ex., g. c, 1597 (S. Oct. 16 ; 220) 

Thorp, £A 12s. 
Romoh (Dom.) La Singolare Dottrina sopra nominate Pan unto, dello Scalo. di 

tutte la Viandi, &c., half calf, Venetia, 1587 (H. Nov. 6 ; 518) 

Polyglot, 10s. 6d. 
Room for the Cobler of Gloucester, title cut, 4to., 1668 (S. Dec. 10 ; 1?8) 

Tregaskis, 16s. 
Roquelaure (Due de) Secret Memoirs, trans, into EngUsh, 4 vols, (rebovmd), 1896- 

7 (H. Oct. 16 ; 397) Hill, £2 4s. 

Roscoe (W.) Monandrian Plants of the Order Scitamineae in the Botanic Garden 

at Liverpool, 112 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1828 (S. Nov. 26 ; 417) 

Young, £S 
Rosel (A. J.) Insecten Belustigung, 3 vol., cold, pits., calf, 4to., Numberg, 1746- 

55 (S. Dec. 2 ; 268) Wesley, £2 14s. 

Rosellini (I.) Monumenti dell' Egitto e de la Nubia, 3 vol., pits, (text "in 9 vol.. 

8vo.)haH red mor., t. e. g., fo., Pisa, 1832^4 (S. Nov. 26 ; 391) 

Quaritch, £\5 10s. 
Ross (F.) Ruined Abbeys of Britain, 2 vol., cold, pits., mor., g. e., fo., n. d. (S. 

Nov. 1 ; 756) Soames, 14s. 

Rossetti (Christina G.) The Prince's Progress, 1st edn., 1866 (S. Dec. 11 ; 591) 

Davis, £\ lis. 

Verses, Dedicated to Her Mother, 1st edn.. with cancelled leaf, pp. 55-6, 

mor., t. c. g., by Riviere, 1847 (S. Nov. 20; 161) Hare. £7 


Rossetti (D. G.) Ballads and Sonnets, 1st edn.. 1881 (S. Dec. 11 ; 589) 

Davis, £\ 8s. 

Early Italian Poets. 1st edn., 1861 (S. Dec. 11 ; 590) Meynel, £1 lis. 

Poems, 1st edn., 1870 (S. Dec. 11 ; 588) Quaritch, £2 12s. 

The same, 1870 (S. Dec. 6 ; 336) Dobell, £4 4s. 

Collected Works, ed. by W. M. Rossetti, 2 vol., 1886 (S. Dec. 11 ; 587) 

Davis, £1 7s. 

The same, 2 vol. in 4, L. P., 1886 (S. Nov. 21 ; 421) Dobell. £1 IBs. 

(M. F.) A Shadow of Dante, front., 1st edn., 1871 (H. Nov. 29 ; 755) 

Shepherd, 15s. 

Rossini (L.) Antichita di Roma, 85 engs., half mor., fo., Roma, 1819-22 (S. Nov. 

27 ; 884) Edwards, £5 12s. 6d. 

The same, engs., ob. fo., Roma, 1820-5 (S. Nov. 27 ; 639) Reader, £5 10s. 

Antichita Romane, 100 engs., half veil., ob. fo., Rome, 1823 (S. Dec. 12 ; 

779) Gutekunst, £1 5s. 

Anr. Edn., 101 pits., haH calf, fo., 1829 (P. Dec. 17 ; 216) Davis, £Q 

Roth (H. L.) Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo, ills., 2 vols., 1896 (H. 

Oct. 16 ; 591) Salhy, 13s. 

Rothschild (Hon. W.) Avifauna of Laysan, cold, pits., in 3 parts, fo., 1893-1900 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 385) Bickers, £9 

Rousseau (J.J.) CEuvres, 11 vol., pits, and music, old calf, 1762-9 (S. Dec. 11 ; 

390) South wood, £2 5s. 

* Contains for " Emile " and "La Nouvelle Heloise " 22 plates, five more 
than usual, being proofs. 

CEuvres Completes, pits., 38 vols., old calf, 1788-93 (H. Dec. 5 ; 203) 

Polyglot, £1 10s. 
• CEuvres Completes, pits., 40 vols., cont. tree calf, Paris, 1788-1803 (H. Oct. 

16; 443) Polyglot, £3 8s. 

Rouyer (E.) La Renaissance de Frangois le a Louis XIII. Decorations Interieurs, 

etc., 100 pits., calf, fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 14 ; 174) Batsford, £1 3s. 

Rowlandson (T.) Loyal Volunteers of London and Environs, cold, title and 87 

cold, pits., heightened with gold, calf gilt, g. e., by Riviere, 4to., 1799 (S. 

Nov. 21 ; 293) Hornstein, £2A 10s. 

Rowzee (L.) The Queen's Welles, that is, a Treatise of the Nature and Vertues of 

Tunbridge Water, 1st edn., calf gilt, 1656 (S. Oct. 17 ; 379) Thorp, £3 Us. 
Roxburgh (W.) Plants of the Coasts of Coromandel, 11 parts, cold, pits., atlas 

folio, 1795 (S. Dec. 2 ; 322) Quaritch, £1 8s. 

Roxburghe Club. .James I. His Majesty's Instructions to his dearest Sonne, 

Henry the Prince, calf, 4to., 1887 (H. Nov. 28; 501) Quaritch, £\ Is. 

Petrarch, Triumphs, trans, by Henry Parker Lord Morley, 4to., 1887 

(S. Dec. 6; 513) Quaritch, 16s. 

Ailesbury (Thomas Earl of) Memoirs, 2 vol., 4to., 1890 (S. Dec. 6 ; 514) 

Quaritch, £3 3s. 

Photographs of the Roxburghe Club, 1892 ; Chronological List of Members ; 

Catalogue of Books ; Rules and Regulations, 1891, 4to. (2) (S. Dec. 6 ; 515) 

Quaritch, £\(i 

Le Pelerinage de Vie Humaine de Guillaume de Deguileville, ed. by J. J. 

Stiirzinger, 4to., 1893 (S. Nov. 12 568) Quaritch, £8 15s. 

Spelman (W.) Dialogue between two Travellers, 4to., 1896 (H. Nov. 27 ; 

43) ^1 14s. 

The same, 1896 (H. Nov. 27 ; 223) £A 15s. 

Notes which passed at Meetings of the Privy Council between Charles II. 

and the Earl of Clarendon, 4to., 1896 (S. Dec. 6 ; 516) Quaritch, £2 2s. 

• Guillaume de Deguileville, Le Pelerinage Jhesuchrist, pits., 4to., 1897 (S. 

Dec. 6 ; 517) Maggs, £1 5s. 

Cockaine (Sir T.) A Short Treatise of Hunting, 4to., 1897 (S. Dec. 6 ; 520) 

Maggs, £% 

Copley (Sir T.) Letters to Q. Elizabeth and her Ministers, 4to.. 1897 (S. 

Dec. 6 ; 519) Quaritch, £\ 6s. 

The Parlement of the Thre Ages, 4to., 1897 (S. Dec. 6 ; 518) 

Quaritch, £2 10s. 

1912-13 117 

Roxburghe Oub. History of Oliver of Castile, ed. by R. E. Graves, 4to.. 1898 
(S. Dec6 ; 521) Quaritch. £3 10s. 

Thirtv-two Miniatures from the Book of Hours of Joan II, 2 vol., 4to., 1899 

(S. Dec. 6 ; 522) Quaritch. £7 10s. 

Aldenham (Lord) Game of Ombre, third edn., pits., 4to., 1902 (S. Dec. 6 ; 

523) Quaritch, £3 10s. 

The Go-xvrie Conspiracy, pits.. 4to., 1902 (S. Dec. 6 ; 524) Quaritch. £4 5s. 

Epistle of Othea to Hector, trans, by S. Scrope, front, and facsimile, 4to., 

1904 (S. Dec. 6 ; 525) Quaritch, £3 10s. 

Holme (R.) Academy of Armoury, " the second volume," fo., 1905 (S. Dec. 

5 ; ) Quaritch. £3 

Bond (R. Warwick) Addenda to Bercher's Nobility of Women, front., 4to., 

1905 (S. Dec. 6 ; 527) Quaritch, £1 14s. 

Lord Bvron and his Detractors, bv John Murray. 4to.. 1906 (S. Dec. 6 ; 

528) ' ' Maggs, £6 

The Pageant of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, 4to., 1908 (S. Dec. 

6 ; 529) Quaritch, £7 

Letters written by Charles Lamb's " Princely Woman the Thrice Noble 

Margaret Newcastle " to her husband, pits., 4to., 1909 (S. Dec. 6 ; 531) 

Quaritch, £7 5s. 

Survev of the Lands of William First Earl of Pembroke, 2 vol., ports., 4to., 

1909 ^(S. Dec. 6 ; 530) Quaritch, £5 

Epistole et Evangelii et Lectioni Volgari in Lingua Toscana, 4to., 1910 (S. 

Dec. 6 ; 532) Quaritch, £8 10s. 

Ballads and Broadsides, chiefly of the EHzabethan Period, ed. by H. L. 

Ccllmaun, half mor., fo., 1912 (S. Dec. 6 ; 534) Quaritch. ;£11 

Le Pelerinage de Vie Humaine, with Note by A. W. Pollird, 4to., 1912 (S. 

Dec. 6 ; 533) Quaritch, jglO 

Roxburghe Revels and other Relative Papers, 4to., Edinb., P. P., 1837 (S. Dec. 

6 ; 512) Dobell. 16s. 

Roy (Wm.) Mihtary Antiquities of the Romans in Britain, pits., russ., g. e., fo., 

1793 (S. Oct. 31 ; 632) David, Is. 

Royal Gallery of British Art, engs., half mor., g,lt, g. e., fo.. Hogarth, n. d. (S. 

Dec. lO"; 333) Fitzgerald, 8s. 

Royal Geographical Society's Journal, vol. I to L, 45 vol., half russ.. m. e., remain- 

^^ der in cloth. 1831-80 ; Jan. 1893 to June, 1895, in parts ; Proceedings, vol. I 

ML to XXII, 22 vol., half russ., 1855-78 ; Proceedings, New Monthly series, vol. 

^K;. I to XIV, half mor., 1879-92 ; Supplementary Papers, 2 vol., 1886-9 (S. 

^K Oct. 31 ; 384) Quaritch, ;gl3 

^^HRueff (J.) De Conceptu et Generatione Hominis, woodcuts, half calf, 4to., Tiguri, 

1554 (S. Dec. 00 ; 269) Edwards, 13s. 

' Ruling Cases, ed. bv R. Campbell, with American Notes, Index and Supplement, 

28 vols., half vellum, t. e.g., 1894-1908 (H. Nov. 22 ; 61) Ketley, £3 

Rusden (G. W.) History of New Zealand, 3 vols., 1883 (H. Oct. 24 ; 476) 

Kashnor, £1 Is. 

Ruskin. Exposition of the Work of Turner, from the Writings of Ruskin, with 

Note by F. Wedmore, 3 vol., 91 pits., edn. de luxe, 2 sets of pits., fo., 1900 

(S. Dec. 4 ; 937) Brown, £2 18s. 

Modem Painters, L. P., with Index, 6 vols., 4to., 1888 (P. Oct. 3 ; 259) 

Lee, £1 8s. 

Stones of Venice, ills, on L. P.. 3 vols., 1886 (H. Nov. 13 ; 165) Tickell, 18s. 

BibHography of the Writings of John Ruskin, by Wise and Smart, port., 

2 vols., P. P., 1893 (H. Nov. 6 ; 408) Tregaskis, £\ 

Russell (P.) Accoimt of Indian Serpents collected on the Coast of Coromandel, with 

Continuation, in 1 vol., cold, pits., half russ., fo., 1796 (S. Nov. 27 ; 579) 

Wesley, £3 10s. 
Ruvigny (Marquis De) Plantagenet Roll of Blood Royal — Exeter Volume, pits. 

1907 (H. Nov. 27 ; 141) Joseph, £\ 6s. 

Ryder (G. M.) GiUian and other Poems, 1st edn., port., Phil., 1858 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

844) James, 5s. 

Rymer (Thos.) Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, France, Ireland and 

Denmark, etc., ft. J., half russ., Edinb., 1718 (S. Nov. 12 ; 573) Forrester, 6s. 


Rymer (T.) Foedera, 19 vols., fo., cf., 1727-32 (D. Dec. 16 ; 393) i^ 

Ryves (Bruno) Mercurious Rusticus, front., russ. ex., m. e., fine copy, 1685 (S. 

Oct. 16 ; 252) Tregaskis, 19s. 

Sagra (Ramon de la) Histoire Physique, Politique et Naturelle de Cuba, 9 vol., 

fo. and 2 folio of cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., Paris, 1839-57 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

307) Quantch, £\2 5s. 

[Saint-Germain (C.)] Treatise concernynge the division betweene the spiritualitie 

and temporalitie, 1st edn., h. t, calf, [ca. 1531-3] (H. Oct. 24 ; 531) 

Dobell, £2 2s. 
St. John (C.) Natural History and Sport in Moray, ills., Kdinb., 1882 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

483) Watkins, £\ 12s. 

(J. H.) Letters from an American Farmer, cf., 1783 (D. Dec. 17 ; 600) 15s. 

St. Mark's, Venice. Dettagli del Pavimento ed Ornamenti in Mosaico, Altari, 

&c., pits., 2 pts., 4to. and 11 large pits,, in 3 portfolios, Venezia, 1881 (H. 

Nov. 6 ; 605) Napier, £\ 4s. 

St. Petersburg. Nouvelle Collection de Quarante-deux Vues de Saint Petersbourg 

pits., fo., St. Petersbourg, 1826 (S. Oct. 31 ; 626) Hornstein, £\ Is. 

Sainte-Palaye (Carue de) Dictionnaire Historique de I'Ancien Langage Fran9ois» 

10 vol., half mor., 4to., Niort, 1875-82 (S. Nov. 7 ; 420) Quaritch, £3 3s. 
Sala (G. A.) The Great Exhibition " Wot is to be," folding panorama, half mor., 

ob. 4to., 1850 (S. Oct. 22 ; 438) Maggs, 2s. 

My Diary in America in the Midst of War, 2 vol., 1st edn., pres. copy, 1865 

(S. Oct. 31 ; 471) Shepherd, £1 3s. 

Salmon (N.) History of Essex, half bound, uncut, title in MS., 1750 (S. Dec. 10 ; 
164) Robson, £4 4s. 

* This copy belonged to Morant, the Essex topographer, and has extensive 
annotations, drawings, etc. 

History of Hertfordshire, map, fo., 1728 (S. Dec. 10 ; 155) Rick wood, 8s. 

The same, calf, fo., 1728 (S. Oct. 17 ; 348) Edwards, £1 2s. 

Salt (H.) Twenty-four Coloured Views in St. Helena, etc., old half calf, without 

the Description, fo., 1809 (P. Nov. 21 ; 202) Thurgate, £5 

Voyage to Abyssinia, engs., mor. ex., 4to., 1814 (P. Oct. 4 ; 546) 

Soames, 18s. 
Salt Archaeological Society. Collections for a History of Staffordshire, 18 vol. 

1880-97 ; New Series, 15 vol., 1898-1912 ; together 33 vol. in 37, ills., 1880- 

1912 (S. Nov. 7 ; 340) IVenlock, ;£18 

Salvin (F. H.) and W. Brodrick, Falconry in the British Isles, 1st edn., cold, pits., 

1855 (S. Nov. 21 ; 425) Quaritch, £6 10s. 

Anr. Edn., seed, edn., cold, pits., 1873 (S. Nov. 21 ; 426) Bumpus, £1 10s. 

Samuel (R.) Rationes breves magni rabi Samuelis in dei nati sed de judaismo ad 

fidem Catholicum conversi, (. g., 24 11. (Hain 14266), Niger mor., by D. 

Cockerell, sm. 4to., Colonie, s. a. [c. 14651 (S. Dec. 20 ; 228) Young, £5 
Sand (George) Maitre Favila, orig. edn., Paris, 1855 (S. Oct. 30 ; 274) Spicer, 5s. ^ 
Sandby (Paul) Select Views in England, Scotland and Ireland, 2 vol. in 1 , russ. 

150 pits., ob. 4to.. 1781 (S. Oct. 17 ; 550) Quaritch, £\ 8s.' 

Sander (A.) Flandria lUustrata. 2 vol.. pits., etc., veil., g. e.. fo., Coloniae, 164IJ 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 762) Rolandi, £7 5s.l 
(p.) Reichenbachia. both series, " Imperial edition." 4 vol., 192 cold, pits./ 

in parts, fo., 1886-94 (S. Nov. 26 ; 426) Wesley, ;£10 5s.j 

Sandford (F.) History of the Coronation of James II, h, P., pits., broken, w. a. f.J 

fo., 1687 (S. Oct. 22 ; 486) Reader, 5s.| 

Sanson (N.) Atlas de la Geographie ancienne. sacree, ecclesiastique et profane, 

corrige par M. Le Clerc. engd. title and cold, pits., uncut, fo.. Amst., n. d. (S. j 

Nov. 25 ; 141) Rimell, £2 2s. 
Atlas Novum ad Usum Serenissimi Burgundiae Ducis. engd. title and cold. 

maps, calf, fo., ib., n. d. (S. Nov. 25 ; 142) H. Stevens, £2 8s. 

Sargent. The Work of John S. Sargent, R.A.. with Note by Mrs. Meynell. 62 pits., 

fo.. with duplicate set on Japanese Vellum, in portfolio, 1903 (H. Oct. 23 ; 

311) Edwards, £2 1 4s. 

Sarmiento da Gamboa (P.) Viage al estrecho de Megallanes, veil., 4to. , Madrid. 1 768 1 

(C. Dec. 16; 110) Davis, £1 15.s.( 

1912-13 119 

Sarpi (T. Paolo) Opere, 8 vol., L- P., port., half calf. 4to., Helmstat. etc., 1761-8 

(S. Oct. 31 ; 434) Bull. 2s. 

Sartet (O. du) Le Porcelaine de Chine, Origines, Fabrication, Decors, et Marques, 

etc., cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to.. Paris, 1881 (S. Nov. 26 ; 309) 

Quaritch, £A 6s. 
Satyre Menippee de la Vertue du Catholicon d'Espagne, stamped leather, s. 1., 1 593 

(S. Oct. 31 ; 479) Backer, ;^3 3s. 

Saunders (E.) Hymenoptera Aculeata of the British Islands, cold, pits., half mor., 

m. e., 1896 (S. Dec. 2 ; 135) Wheldon, £2 4s. 

Hemiptera Heteroptera of the British Islands, cold, pits., half mor., m. e., 

189? (S. Dec. 2 ; 134) Brown, £\ 9s. 

Savigny (F. C.) Traite de Droit Romain, par C. Guenoux, 8 vols., half calf, m. e., 
Paris, 1840-51 (H. Nov. 22 ; 84) Wildy, 15s. 

Saville-Kent (W.) Great Barrier Reef of Australia, ills., 4to., 1893 (H. Nov. 5 ; 
257) . 19s. 

Anr. Edn., pits., fo.. 1900 (S. Dec. 12 ; 987) Hill, 13s. 

Savoy (The) an Illustrated Quarterly, 3 vol., ills, by Beardsley, etc., 4to., 1896 

(S. Nov. 21 ; 281) Rimell, £2 19s. 

Saxe (Maurice Comte de) Les Reveries, 40 pits., half calf, m. e., fo., La Haye, 

1756 (S. Nov. 12 ; 576) Napier, 4s. 

Saxton (C.) Maps of England and Wales, orig, edn., front., folding plate, and 33 

maps, all coloured, old calf, w. a. f., fo. [1573-79] (S. Nov. 20 ; 90) 

Maggs, ^5 
* Lowndes says 35 is the complete number of maps ; this copy has only 33 
of England ; but at the end are two coloured map views of " Daphne " and 
Tempe, 1590. 

The same, 84 Coats-of-Arms, Catologus Urbium and 36 maps, wants port. 

of Q. Elizabeth, calf, fo., w. a. f., 1579 (S. Dec. 11 ; 552) Marker, ^10 

— — The same, 35 maps (complete), all coloured, frontispiece of Q. Elizabeth 
coloured, list of maps, mounted, half calf, fo., 1579 (S. Dec. 12 ; 772) 

Leigh ton, ^£32 

"Sav (T.) American Entomolgy, three parts, cold, pits., Phil,. 1824-8 (S. Dec. 2 ; 

'136) ' Dulau, £3 

Scarron (Paul) Le Romant Comique, 2 parts in 1 vol., front., calf gilt, r. e., 1662 

(S. Dec. 6 ; 349) Sotheran, £3 10s. 

The Comic Romance, trans, bv Oliver Goldsmith, 1st edn., 2 vol., calf, 

DubUn, n. d. (S. Dec. 4 ; 818)' Dobell, 16s. 

Les QBuvres(avec "Les Dernieres CEuvres"), 8 vols, in 5, port., front, and pits., 

old vellum, 1695 (S. Nov. 1 ; 905) Streeton, £\ 5s. 

Schedel (H.) Chronicon Nurembergensis : Libri Cronicarum, I. g., map (mended), 
woodcuts, with the Sarmacia, and 2 blank leaves, stamped vellum, clasps, 
fo., Nurembergae, 1493 (S. Nov. 27 ; 573) Tregaskis, £\^ 5s. 

Schenk (P.) Hecatompolis sive totius orbis terrarum Oppida nobihora Centum, 
port, and :00 views, half bound, ob. 4to., Amst., 1702 (S. Nov. 25 ; 69) 

H. Stevens, £\3 

SchnebbeUe (J.) Antiquaries Museum, pits., calf gilt, 4to., 1792 (S. Oct. 17 ; 545) 

Dan i ell, 4s. 

Schoolcraft (H. B.) Indian Tribes of the United States, 5 vol., 287 pits., 4 to., 
Phil., 1853-57 (S. Nov. 26 ; 511) Edwards, £2 15s. 

Schott (P. G.) Technica Curiosa sive Mirabilia Artis, engd. title and pits., veil., 
4to., Norimbergae, 1664 (P. Nov. 21 ; 152) Ellis, 19s. 

Schiitz (A.) Die Renaissance in Italien, pits., 4to., Hamburg, 1888 (S. Nov. 14 • 
176) Ferry, £1 Is. 

Sclater (P. L.) Argentine Omitholog>% 2 vol., cold, pits., 188S-9 (S. Nov. 26 ; 293) 

Bickers, ;£7, 10s. 

Book of Antelopes, 100 cold, pits., 4 vols., 4to., 1894-1900 (H. Dec. 18- 

275) £S 17s. 6d. 

Exotic Ornithology-, 100 cold, pits., half mor., g. e., 4to., 1869 (S. Nov. 26; 

325) Bickers, ;gl3 10s. 

Monograph of the Jacamars and Puff-Birds, cold, pits., half mor. teg 

4to., n. d. (S. Nov. 26 ; 338) Porter £2 18s 


Scobell's Collection of Acts of Parliament, from 1640 to 1656, 0. L, old calf 

(rebacked), 1658-1657 (H. Nov. 22 ; 124) Wilding, £1 18s. 

Scoloker (Ant.) The just reckenyng or accompt of the whole nomber of the 

yeares, from the beginnyng of the world unto this presente yere of 1547, h. I. 

(no colophon), mor., g. e., w. a. f. (Ipswich, 1547) (S. Oct. 16 ; 255) ^| 

Bloomfield, £2 12s. 
Scoresby (W.) Account of the Arctic Regions, 2 vol., pits., calf, 1820 (S. Oct. 22 ; 

321) Young, £l|.4s. 

Scot (R.) Discovery of Witchcraft, diagrams (shaved), modem mor., 4to., 1651 

(S. Nov. 20 ; 194) Everett, £2 2s. 

(Tho.) Philomythie or Philomythologie, woodcuts (repaired), mor. ex., g. e., 

1622 (S. Oct. 16; 251) Ellis, £2 8s. 

Scotland. Acts of the ParUaments of Scotland, 1524-1707, 11 vol. in 12, haH 
roan, uncut, fo., 1824-44 (S. Oct. 22 ; 487) Harding, Js. 

Regiam Majestatem : the Auld Lawes and Constitutions of Scotland 

faithfully collected, calf, fo., Edinb., 1609 (S. Oct. 22 ; 488) Harding, £1 

Statistical Account of Scotland, 15 vol., half calf, 1845 (S. Dec. 3 ; 617) 

Forrester, £\ 10s. 
Scotorum Poetarum DeHciae, hujus aevi illustrium, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., Amst., 

1637 (S. Nov. 12 ; 583) B. F. Stevens. 15s. 

Scots Acts, 4 vols., cf., 1685 (D. Nov. 19 ; 449) 2s. 6d. 

Scots Appeal Cases, House of Lords (full set), Robertson to M'Queen, 33 vols., 

cf.. 1707-1865 (D. Oct. 23 ; 907) £19 

Scots Law Times, 21 vols., and 34 parts in 24, 1893-1911 (D. Oct. 23 ; 903) £7 
Scots Revised Reports — Court of Session (First Series), 6 vols. ; (Second Series), 

13 vols. ; (Third Series), 11 vols. ; House of Lords, 10 vols. ; Faculty 

Collection, 2 vols.— in all, 42 vols., v. y. (D. Oct. 23 ; 897) jglO 

Scott (David) Of Man : Six Monograms, 6 pits., in wrapper, half mor., fo., Edinb., 

1831 (S. Dec. 4 ; 939) Dunlop. 12s. 

Life and Selections from his Works, 10 pits., L. P., proofs, fo., 1852-3 (S. 

Dec. 4 ; 941) Evans, 2s. 

(J. R.) Memorials of the Family of Scott, of Scot's Hall, Kent, woodcuts, 

4to., 1876 (S. Oct. 17 ; 485) Quaritch. £\ 16s. 

(Sir W.) Border Antiquities, 98 engs., India proofs, L. P., 2 vols., hf. mor., 

fo., 1814 (P. Oct. 3 ; 274) Oliver, £\ 

Guy Mannering, 1st edn., 3 vols., bound copy (broken, and half titles 

wanting), 1815 (H. Nov. 29 ; 739) Edwards, £3 15s. 

The same, 3 vol., clean copy, boards, in case, 1815 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1041) 

Maggs. £A1 

Journal and Familiar Letters (ed. by D. Douglas), port, and vignettes, 4 vol., 

Japan paper, presented by the Editor to Lord Napier and Ettrick, Edinb., 
1890-94 (S. Nov. 12 ; 597) Hopkins, £A 

Kenilworth. 3 vol., 1st edn., caH, Edinb., 1821 (S. Dec. 6 ; 355) 


Lay of the Last Minstrel, calf gilt, Edinb., 1806 (S. Dec. 6 ; 352) 

Quaritch, £2>9 

* With inscription " Mrs. Robert Laidlaw from the Author," and below : 
" Left in Legacy by Mrs. Laidlaw to her Nephew Andrew Lang, Sheriff Clerk of 

Marmion, calf gilt, ib., 1808 ; (S. Dec. 6 ; 353) Quaritch, £5 5s. 

* Pres. copy, with inscription " From the Author." 

Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, fifth edition, 3 vol., mor. ex., rich borders, 

with crest of Lord Napier, g. e., Edinb., 1812 (S. Nov. 12 ; 593) 

Hopkins, £3 3 s. 

Quentin Durward, 1st edn., 3 vol., orig. boards, imcut, Edinb., 1823 (S. 

Dec. 4 ; 823) Barnard, 10s. 

Redgauntlet, 1st edn., 3 vol., boards, Edinb., 1824 (S. Dec. 4 ; 775) 

Wynn, 4 s. 

Rokeby, calf gilt, Edinb., 1813 (S. Dec. 6 ; 354) Quaritch, £A5 

* With inscription " Mrs. Laidlaw, with the author's kind respects. Abbots- 
ford, 21 April. 1813." 

I912-I3 121 

Scott (Sir W.) St. Ronan's WeU, 1st edn.. 3 vol., boards. 1824 (S. Dec. 4 ; 824) 

Maggs, 7s. 

Vision of Don Roderick, 1st edn., first issue (" Author's copy "), half mor., 

m. e., sm. 4to., Edinb., 1811 (S. Nov. 12 ; 591) Sahin, ibS 

* Pres. copy from Author to Lady Abercom. On the back of the half title 
is printed : "Of these Private Copies 50 only are printed." Contains A, 8 U. ; 

B — G in fours. 

Waverley, 1st edn., 3 vol., very fine, clean uncut copy, in boards, in case, 

Edinb., 1814 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1040) Dohell, £80 

Waverley Novels, Abbotsford Edn., engs., 12 vols., mor. ex., g. t., by 

Zaehnsdorf, 1846 (P. Dec. 17 ; 133) Edwards. £11 

Anr. Edn., fronts., 48 vols., 1851 (H. Nov. 29 ; 847) 10s. 

Anr. Edn., 48 vol., fronts, and vignettes, half calf gilt, m. e., Edinb., 1854-5 

(S. Nov. 21 ; 382) James. £3 12s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., fronts., 48 vols., half mor., 1860 (P. Dec. 17 ; 134) Austin. £5 

Anr. Edn., iUs., 25 vols., 1877 (H. Oct. 18 ; 1265) Law. 9s. 

Prose Works, fronts., 28 vols., 1836 (P. Oct. 4 ; 415) Allison. 19s. 

An Article on Selkirk, Scotland, from the " Edinburgh Gazetteer," the 

proof sheets (2 11.) with marginal manuscript notes and corrections in the 
handwriting of Sir Walter Scott, half, mor., fo. (S. Nov. 14 ;. 267) 

Maggs. ;gl5 

* A letter of WiUiam Brown, of Edinburgh (inserted) states : " bought by 
me from the collection of Mr. A. Constable, a relative of the friend and pubUsher 
of Scott, bearing that name." 

Illustrations to his Poetical Works, pits, by Turner, etc., C. Tilt (1834) (S. 

Dec. 4 ; 858) Ritnell, 5s. 

Abbotsford, described bv the Hon. Marv M. M. Scott, 25 cold, pits., artists 

proofs, haH mor., t. e. g'., fo., 1893 (S'. Nov. 12 ; 599) Craig, £1 6s. 

(WiUiam) Essay on Draper^-, engd. title (shaved), half calf, 1635 (H. Oct. 

24 ; 574) Dobell, £1 3s. 

(W. B.) Illustrations to the King's Quair of James I, proof pits., pres. copy 

to Andrew Lang, fo., Edinb., 1887 (S. Dec. 6 ; 552) Dobell, 13s. 

Scottish Historical Societv Pubhcations, vol. 1-61 (wanting vol. 24, 30 and 59), 
^N-ith Index to List of Rebels, 1887-1909 (S. Oct. 22 ; 328) Bull, ;gl2 10s. 

Scottish Law Re^dew, vols. 1-26, in 25 vols., hf. cf., and 12 parts, 1885-1910 (D. 
Oct. 23 ; 902) £3 

Scriverius (P.) HoUandsche, Zeelandsche, ende Vriesche Chronyck, front., maps, 
ports., etc., veil, (presented " To Lord Napier, August, 1860, Sophia Matilda, 
House in the Wood ") (Queen of the Netherlands), sm. 4to., Gravenhage (1678 
(S. Nov. 13 ; 605) Craig, £2 15s. 

Scrope (WilHam) Art of Deer Stalking, 1 839 — Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing, 
1843, 2 vols., fine copies, 1843 (P. Dec. 17 ; 135) Slocock. £\2 

Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing, 1st edn., ills., mor. ex., g. e., 1843 (P. 

Dec. 4 ; 135) Auvache, £3 10s. 

Scrope and Grosvenor Roll, ed. bv Sir H. Nicolas, 2 vol., fo., P. P., 1832 (S. Oct. 

30; 153) ' Shorthouse, £2 1 5s. 

Sculptures Antiques Grecques et Romaines trouvees a Rome dans les Ruines de 

Neron et de Marius, 60 pits., including front., 3 extra pits, at end, old caH, 

4to., Paris, 1755 (S. Nov. 1 ; 937) Fiynell, £1 Is. 

Seboth (J.) Alpine Plants, ed. by A. W. Bennett, 4 vol., 400 pits., half mor., g. t., 

n. d. (S. Dec. 2 ; 137) Bumpiis, £2 17s. 

Secretan. Auction Catalogue (Paintings, Water-Colours and Drawings), ills., 2 

vols., half mor., g. t., fo., 1889 (P. Nov. 21 ; 249) Lacy. £1 10s. 

Seemann (B.) Flora Vitiensis, 100 cold, pits., 4to., 1865-73 (S. Nov. 26 ; 330) 

Dulau, £\7 5s. 
Segoing (C.) Armorial Universel, pits., veil., fo., Paris, 1679 (P. Nov. 21 ; 208) 

Thurgate, £1 l€s. 
Segur (Coimt P. de) Napoleon's Expedition to Russia, pits., 2 vols., hah calf gilt, 

1825 (H. Nov. 6 ; 433) 10s. 

!>elden Society's Pubhcations, vols. 1 to 25 and 27 (allpubd.), sm. 4to., 1887-1912 

(H. Nov. 22 ; 107) Mann. ;gl9 


Seller (John) Atlas Maritimus, front, and 42 maps (coloured), fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 

20 ; 79) H. Stevens, ill 

Atlas Terrestris, coloured, calf, fo., c. 1660 (S. Oct. 18 ; 1070) 

H. Stevens, £2 8s . 
Semple (Miss) Costume of the Netherlands, 30 cold. pits, (title repaired), 4to., 1817 

(H. Dec. 18 ; 281) £1 

Seneca. The Remedyes agaynst all Casuall Chaunces, A Dialogue betwene 

Sensualyte and Reason, trans, by R. Whyttnyton (20 11. signs. A — C 4), mor., 

plain, by Riviere, fine copy, 12mo., 1547 (S. Dec. 20 ; 29) Barnard, i\0 

Opera, a few mendings and wormholes, Niger mor., by D. Cockerell, fo., 

Venetiis, 1490 (S. Dec. 20 ; 229) Young, iA 5s. 

Senex's Map of the World, fo., 1712 (D. Dec. 17 ; 714) lis. 

Senex's Glasgow, Past and Present, sm. 4to., 3 vols., 1884 (E. July 25 ; 426) 

Mathieson, £1 10s. 
Sepp (J. C.) Beschriving der Wonderen Gods in de minstgeachte schepzelen von 

Nederlandsche Insecten, 3 vol., cold, pits., half calf, 4to., Amst. (1728) (S. 

Dec. 2 ; 273) Quaritch, £2 

vSermones Dormi, Secure, I. q., cf., 1507 (P. Oct. 3 ; 229) David, 7s. 

Session Cases — First Series, vol. 1 to Fifth Series, vol. 1 — 74 vols., cf., 3 vols., 

parts, 1821-99 (D. Nov. 19 ; 457) ;^50 

The same, 18 vols., cf., and 6 vols., parts, 1885-1909 (D. Oct. 23 ; 870) 

:£11 10s. 

The same. Fine Set, 88 vols., cf. and 70 parts, 1821-1911 (D. Oct. 23 ; 861) 


The same, 21 vols., 1888-1909 (D. Oct. 23 ; 864) £8 10s. 

Seth-Smith (David) Parakeets : a Handbook to the Imported Species, 20 cold. 

pits., 1903 (S. Nov. 21 ; 462) Hawkins, 14s. 

Seton's History of the Family of Seton, 2 vols., 1896 (D. Nov. 20 ; 1265) ;^5 10s. 
Sevigne (Mme. de) Lettres, avec de notes, etc. par M. Gul de Saint- Germain, 12 

vol., ports., half mor., t. e. g., Paris, 1823 (S. Nov. 27 ; 723) Maggs. £1 
Sewall (S.) Diary, 1674-1729, 3 vol., port., 1878-82 (S. Dec. 6 ; 362) 

B. F. Stevens, 13s. 
Seward (Wm. H.) Works, ed. bv G. E. Baker, port, and front., 3 vol., calf, r. e., 

Redfield, N. Y., 1853 (S. Nov. 13 ; 608) Dobell, 5s. 

vShadwell (T.) Dramatic Works, port., 4 vol., old calf gilt, r. e., with Napier crest, 

1720 (S. Nov. 13 ; 609) Hopkins, £2 15s. 

SHAKESPEARE.— Separate Plays — 
vShakespeare. Tragedy of Hamlet, cold. ills, by W. G. Simmonds, veil., g. t., 4to., 

n. d. (P. Oct. : ; 265) Beaumont, 16s. 

Midsummer Night's Dream, ills, by Rackham. 4to., 1908 (P. Nov. 21 ; 157) 

Times, £\ 6s. 

The same, L. P., 4to., 1908 (C. Dec. 16 ; 263) Sotheran, £3 

The Tempest, cold. pits, by E. Dulac, L. P., 4to. [1908] (C. Dec. 16 ; 245) 

Hollings, £2 

Timon le Misanthrope, Comedie en trois actes, title defective, Paris, 1 722 

(S. Dec. 11 ; 454) James, 4s. 

Twelfth Night, cold. ills, by W. H. Robinson, veil., g. t., 4to., n. d. (P. Oct. 

30; 264) Beaumont, lis. 

SHAKESPEARE.— Collected Works — 

Works, port, and pits., 6 vols., cf., 1709 (D. Dec. 16 ; 332) £3 

The same, with Life by N. Rowe, large and thick paper, 6 vol., port, and 

pits., proofs, calf gilt, 1709 (S. Nov. 25 ; 22) Quaritch, £21 

Works, collated by Mr. Pope, fronts., 8 vol. in 16, old calf, blue edges, 

Glasgow, Foulis, 1766 (S. Nov. 13 ; 610) Hopkins, 17s. 

Comedies, Histories and Tragedies (republished by E. Capell), 10 vol., old 

calf gilt, y. e. (text only), (1768) (S. Nov. 13 ; 611) Forrester, 17s. 

Works, ed. by vSir T. Hanmer, 6 vol., half russ. gilt, m. e., 4to., Oxford, 1771 

(S. Dec. 4 ; 956) Jackson, lis. 

Plays, with Notes by Johnson and Steevens, Fourth Edn., revised [by 

Reed \ pits'., 15 vols., old tree calf, 1793 (H. Nov. 6 ; 485) Walford, 16s. 

Works, ed. by Malone, 16 vols., calf, Dublin, 1794 (B. Oct. 24 ; 268) 7s. 

I9I2-I3 123 

SHAKESPEARE.— Collected Works : 

Dramatic Works, revised by Geo. Steevens, 9 vol., Boydell's edition, 110 

pits., red mor., ex., broad borders, g. e., fo., 1802 (S. Nov. 7 ; 578) 

Quaritch, £11 

The same, 9 vol., straight-grained mor., g. e., fine copy, fo., 1802 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

143) Parsons, f,\2 

Plays, with Notes, bv Chalmers, port, and pits, by Fuseli, 10 vols., calf, m. e., 

1805 (H. Oct. 23;' 110) Bull, 15s. 

Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, 1623, the first reprint, calf, fo. (1807) 

(S. Oct. 16 ; 142) " Bull, 18s. 

Historical Dramas, illustrated, Views, etc., 2 vols., half russ. gilt, 4to., 1811 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 925) i\ Hs. 

Plays, with Notes, by A. Chalmers, 9 vol., old russ. gilt, 1811 (S. Nov. 13 ; 

612) Brown, 17s. 

Plays, with Notes bv Johnson and Steevens, revised by Reed, port, and 

pits., 21 vols., cf., 1813 (P. Oct. 4 ; 457) Joseph, i\ 

The same, 21 vols., half mor. gilt, t. e. g., 1813 (H. Oct. 23 ; 165) 

Joseph, i\ 18s. 

Plays and Poems, ed. by E. Malone, ports., 21 vols, in 20, boards, uncut, 

1821 (H. Oct. 17 ; 710) Dobell, £5 17s. 6d. 

The same, ed. bv E. Malone, 21 vols., russ., rebacked, 1821 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

162) ' Joseph, £S 

Plavs, Pickering's Diamond Edition, pits, by Stothard, 9 vols., 48mo., 1825 

(H. Nov. 7 ; 832) lis. 

The same, 9 vol.. mor., g. e., 1825 (S. Dec. 6 ; 363) Quaritch, £5 

Plavs, with Uie by Chalmers, port., 8 vols., calf, 1826 (P. Oct. 3 ; 39) 

Hill, 16s. 

Works, ed. bv J. P. Collier, port., 8 vols., calf gilt, m. e., 1844 (H. Oct. 15 ; 

206) ' Times, 12s. 

Works, ed. by J. O. Halliwell, 16 vol., ills., half roan, uncut, fo., 1853-65 

(S. Nov. 27 ; 605) Quaritch, £70 

Works, as put forth in 1623, reprinted for L. Booth, calf gilt, g. e., fo., 1864 

(S. Nov. 25 ; 249) Lewine, 16s. 

W^orks, Text revised by Dyce, port., 9 vols., calf ex., g. t., bv Bedford, 1866 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 137) ' Young, £7 

Works, revised by A. Dyce, port., 9 vols., 1875-S (H. Oct. 15 ; 86) 

Times, 10s. 

Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, Facsimile Reprints of the Four Folio 

Editions, 1623, 1632, 1664, and 1685, 4 vols., 4to., 1904-10 (H. Oct. 23 ; 
304) Tickell, £5 17s. 6d. 

Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, mor. gilt, t. e. g., fo., Wright, n. d. (S. 

Nov. 25 ; 252) Carter, 17s. 


Poems, 1 st edn. (want's portrait and first title, also page at end) , cf ., T. Cotes, 

n. d. (1640) (D. Dec. 16 ; 230) £\6 10s. 

Poems and Sonnets, and Pericles, Fascimile Reprints, by Sidnev Lee, sm. 

4to., rough calf, Oxford, 1905 (H. Oct. 23 ; 305) Bickers. £1 7s. 

SHAKESPEARE.— !Vliscellanea — 

A Collection of Prints from Pictures painted for the purpose of illustrating 

the Dramatic W^orks of Shakespeare by the Artists of Great Britain, 2 vol., 
pits., including " The Seven Ages," straight-grained mor. gilt, g. e., line copy, 
fo., 1803 (S. Nov. 25 ; 144) Joseph, ;£18 

Sharpe (C. Kirkpatrick) Portraits by an Amateur, half roan, 4to., 1833 (S. Oct. 
31 ; 594) James, 6s. 

(R. Bowdler) Monograph of the Paradiseidae, 2 vol. in 8 parts, cold, pits., fo., 

1891-8 (S. Nov. 26; 428) Quaritch, ;^1 1 

Shaw (S.) Historv of Staffordshire, 2 vol., map and pits., hah' russ., title mounted, 
fo., 1798-1801 (S. Nov. 7 ; 465) Wilson. £S 10s. 

The same, L. P., 2 vol., half calf, imcut, fo.. 1798-1801 (C. Dec. 16 ; 199) 

Rimell, £\0 10s. 

(S.) History of the Staffordshire Potteries, half cf., g. t., Hanley, 1829 

(P. Oct. 4 ; 489) 15s. 


Shaw (Wm. A.) The Knights of England, 2 vol., half bound, t. e. g., 4to., 1906 
(S. Nov. 13 ; 881) Allen. 18s. 

Sheahan (J.J.) and T. Whellan. History of York ;. The Ainsty Wapentake and 
the East Riding of Yorkshire, 2 vol., rnor. gilt, g. e., with arms, by Petit, 1855 
(S. Dec. 12 ; 844) Brown, £1 5s. 

Sheldrake (T.) Botanicum Medicinale, cold, pits., calf, fo. (1759) (S. Oct. 17 ; 
649) Dulau, £\ 14s. 

Shelley (G. E.) Monograph of the Nectariniidae, 121 cold, pits., half mor., g. e., 
4to., 1876-1880 (S. Oct. 22 ; 442) Brown, i^ 5s. 

(P. B.) Adonais, 1st edn., tree'-calf gilt, uncut, with original blue paper 

wrappers, 4to., Pisa, 1821 (S. Nov. 20 ; 150) Sabin, ;gl20 

Essays, Letters from Abroad, Translations' and Fragments, ^ed. by Mrs. 

Shelley, 1st edn., 2 vol., 1840 (S. Nov. 13 ; 619) Lewine, £1 Is. 

Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson, ed. by J. Fitzvictor, uncut, 

4to. [Oxford, 1810] (S. Nov. 13 ; 618) Napier. 12s. 

Posthumous Poems, 1st edn., orig. boards, uncut, 1824 (P. Oct. 30 ; 209) 

Parsons, £6 

Prometheus Unbound, 1st edn., mor., t. e. g., by R. de Coverly, 1820 (S. 

Dec. 6 ; 367) Dobell. £10 

The same, mor. ex., t. e. g., by Tout, 1820 (S. Nov. 20 ; 148) Spencer, £S 10s. 

Queen Mab, boards, uncut, 1822 (P. Oct. 31 ; 377) Cohen, 7s. 

Rosalind and Helen, 1st edn., mor. ex., t. e. g., by Tout, 1819 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

147) Maggs, ;^15 5s. 

Poetical Works, 3 vols., tree calf, 1878 (P. Oct. 4 ; 397) Soames, 16s. 

- Hogg (T. J.) The Life of P. B. Shelley, vol. I-II (all pubd.), 1858 (S. Dec. 6 ; 
368) Sotheran, £1 12s. 

Shelvocke (G.) Voyage round the World, pits., calf, 1726 (S. Oct. 22 ; 333) 

Kashnor, £1 lis. 
Sherard (R. H.) Oscar Wilde : the Story of an Unhappy Friendship, 4to., P. P., 

1902 (S. Nov. 21 ; 311) Maggs, 12s. 

Sheraton (T.) The Cabmet Dictionary, pits., half calf, w. a. f., 1803 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

182) Rimell, £2 2s. 

Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing Book, in three parts, with Appen- 
dix and Accompaniment, 2 vol., pits., calf, t. e. g,, 4 to., 1791-94 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

180) Quaritch, £11 
— — Anr. Edn., seed edn., with Appendix, pits., calf gilt, 4to., 1793 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

181) Mount, £12 

The same, pits., 2 vols., half bound, 4to., 1793-6 (H. Oct. 25 ; 905) 

Maggs. £9 
Sheridan (B. B.) The Critic, 1st edn., half calf, 1781 (S. Oct. 31 ; 528) Spicer. 8s. 
* A Frank addressed by Sheridan, with portrait, inserted. 

The Duenna, Dublin, 1785, in a volume, with other Dubhn printed plays (P. 

Dec. 4 ; 20) ' Howe, 8s. 

Shirley (J.) Dramatic Works and Poems, with Notes by Wm. Gififord, port., 6 vol., 
1833 (S. Nov. 13 ; 620) Tregaskis, £A 7s. 6d. 

The same, port., 6 vols., calf ex., by Bedford, 1833 (P. Dec. 17 ; 138) 

Edwards, £8 5s. 

Shorthouse (J. H.) EUie, a Story of a Boy and Girl, 1st edn., inscribed " E. S. 

Tawell, with S. Shorthouse's love, March 1882," Birmingham, 1883 (S. Oct. 

24 ; 1054) Maggs, 18s. 

The Little Schoolmaster Mark, 1st edn., 2 vol., 1883 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1055) 

Maggs, 12 s. 
Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. Transactions, from 

commencement to 1911, 34 vol., half mor. (2 vol. in parts), 1878-1911 ^(S. 

Nov. 7 ; 348) Sotheran, £1 10s. 

Sibbald (J as.) Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, 4 vol., old tree-calf gilt, y. e., Edinb., 

1802 (S. Nov. 13; 621) Mann, 17s. 

(Sir R.) Sheriffdoms of Fife and Kinross, fo., hf. cf. (loose), 1710 (D. Nov. 

19 ; 635) 5s. id. 

Sibthorp (John) Flora Grgeca, 10 vol., cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1806-40 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 357) Dulau, £200 

1912-13 125 

Sidney (Algernon) Discourses Concerning Goverment, fo., cf., 1698 (D. Dec. 17 ; 

501) Is. 

. (Sir P.) Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia, calf, fo., 1655 (S. Nov. 25 ; 146) 

Davis. £1 12s. 

Anr. Edn., old calf, fo., 1665 (S. Nov. 25 ; 145) Davis. £1 15s. 

Sidney's Arcadia Modemiz'd, by Mrs. Stanley, fo., bds., 1725 (D. Dec. 17 ; 

521) 2s. 
Defence of Poesy, straight grained mor. gilt, joints, silk linings, 4to., 1811 

(S. Dec. 6 ; 537) Grieve, £1 6s. 

The same, mor. ex., joints, g. e., 4to., 1811 (C. Dec. 16 ; 111) Sawyer, 10s. 

Sidonius Apollinaris. Poema Aureum ejusdemque epistolae (cum Comment. J. B. 

Pii), veil., fine copy, Mediolani, fo., 1498 (C. Dec. 16 ; 201) Davis, £S 10s. 
Siebold (P. F. de) Flora Japonica, 2 vol. (all pubd.), 151 cold, pits., half mor., 

t. e. g., fo., Lugd. Bat., 1835 (S. Nov. 26 ; 377) Dulau. ;f21 10s. 

Silvestre (J. B.) Universal Palaeography, trans, by Sir F. Madden, 2 vol., 300 pits. 

in colours (text in 2 vol., 8vo.), half mor., g. e., fo., 1850 (S. Nov. 26 ; 389) 

Sotheran, ;gl7 
Simonau (G.) Principaux Monuments Gothiques de I'Burope, engs., mounted on 

linen, half roan, uncut, fo., Brux., 1843 (S. Nov. 27 ; 625) Meuel, £1 Is. 
Simpson and Kaye, India, Ancient and Modern, cold, pits., mounted as drawings, 

half mor., g. e., fo., 1837 (S. Dec. 10 ; 354) Edwards, £3 5s. 

(W.) Seat of War in the East, pits., half mor., g. e., fo., 1855 (S. Dec. 10 ; 

349) Davis, 10s. 

Simson (T.) Sectionum Conicarum, 4to., cf., Edin., 1735 (D. Dec. 16 ; 384) Is. 
Singer (S. W.) History of Playing Cards, ills., mor. ex., t. e. g., by Bedford, 4to., 

1816 (P. Dec. 17 ; 190^) Brown, £3 7s. 

Singleton (E.) Furniture of our Forefathers, 2 vol., pits., half parchment, t. e. g., 

4to., 1900 (S. Dec. 4 ; 990) Joseph, £\ 14s. 

Sixtus V. Conciliorum Omnium, tam Generalium quam ProvinciaUum, 5 vol., 

old calf, papal arms on sides, fo., Venet., 1585 (S. Nov. 27 ; 571) 

Neumaver, lis. 
Skelton (John) Workes, port, inserted, calf gilt, g. e., 1736 (S. Nov. 13"; 625) 

Hopkins, 17s. 
(Sir John) Mary Stuart, Japan vellum, mor. ex., silk Unings, g. e., bv Riviere, 

1893 (S. Nov. 14 ; 263) Bumpus, £6 15s. 

Skene (Sir J.) Lawes and Actes of the Parliament of Scotland, cf., Edin., 1597 

(D. Nov. 20 ; 1184) 10s. 6d. 

Regium Majestatum, veil., Edin., 1609 (D. Dec. 17 ; 431) 3s. 6d. 

Sleeping Beautv and other Fairy Tales, retold by Sir A. Quiller Couch, L. P., cold. 

pits, by E. Dulac, 4to., 1911 (C. Dec. 16: 246) Smith. £2 

Sleidan (J.) Chronicle of the foure principall Empyres, trans, by S. Withers, b. I., 

veil., fine copy, 4to., 1563 (S. Nov. 25 ; 70) Ellis, 16s. 

Slezer (J.) Theatrum Scotiee, 1st edn., fine copy, fo., russ.,1693 (E. July 25 ; 

1018) Hopkins. £9 

Anr. Edn., fo., cf., 1718 (D. Dec. 17 ; 526) £4 7s. 6d. 

Smedley (Frank) Frank Fairlegh, 1st edn., 30 ills., by G. Cruikshank, mor. gilt, 

g. e., 1850 (S. Dec. 3 ; 637) Hornstein, £\ 
The same, pits., mor. ex., g. t., 1850 (P. Oct. 4 ; 470) Spencer, £3 12s. 6d. 

Harry Coverdale's Courtship, pits, by Phiz, 1st edn., n. d. (P. Oct. 4 ; 471) 

Moggs. £1 18s. 

The same, mor., t. e. g., by Mansell, n. d. (S. Oct. 24 ; 1059) 

Qua ritch. £2 15s. 

Lewis Arundel, 1st edn., ills, by " Phiz," mor., t. e. g., bv Mansell, 1852 

(S.Oct. 24 ; 1061) Quantch, £2 15s. 

Smids (Ivud.) PicturaLoquens, orig. edn., L. P., front, and 60 pits, by Schoonebeek 
mor. gilt, t. e. g., fine copy, 1695 (S. Nov. 1 ; 904) ' Streeton. 4s. 

iSmith (Albert) Christopher Tadpole, pits, by Leech, 1st edn., half calf, 1818 (P. 
Dec. 17 ; 140) Redmgton, 16s. 

The Pottleton Legacy, 1st edn., ills, by Browne, 1849 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1062) 

Shepherd. 10s. 

The Wassail-Bowl, 2 vol., 1st edn., ills, by Leech, 1843 (S. Dec. 11 ; 424) 

Bumpus, £\ 18s. 


Smith (And.) Zoology of South Africa, parts I-XV, cold, pits., 4to., 1838-41 (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 747) Brown, £5 5s. 
(G.) Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide, pits., half calf, 4 to., 1830 (S. 

Nov. 14 ; 186) Mount, £2 
(Guthrie) Strathendrick, special edn., Japan proofs, 4to., 1895 (D. Nov. 

20 ; 1123) £1 12s. 

(J. C.) British Mezzotinto Portraits, 4 vols., 1883 (P. Oct. 3 ; 214) 

Bumpus, £\5 5s. 
(J. K.) Tour to Hafod, 16 cold, pits., hf. mor., fo., Bensley, 1810 (P. Oct. 

- ; 599) Spencer, 18s. 

(J.J.) The Cambridge Portfolio, pits., 2 vols., cf., 4to., 1840 (P. Oct. 3 ; 235) 

David, 15s. 

Smith's Voyage to Guinea, cf., 1644 (D. Dec. 16 ; 601) 9s. 

[There is only one ' Voyage to Guinea ' given in Lowndes, and this is by 

William Smith, and the date is 1744. The probability is that " 1644 " is an 

error. Ed.] 

Smollett (T.) Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom, 2 vol., 1st edn., calf ex., 

g. e., 1/53 (S. Oct. 13 ; 699) Dohell, £3 10s. 

Peregrine Pickle, 1st edn., 4 vols., cont. calf, 1751 (P. Dec. 17 ; 141) 

Shepherd, £5 

Plays and Poems, with Memoir, 1st edn., red mor., elaborately tooled, with 

double, g. e., 1777 (S. Dec. 20 ; 6) Randell, £A 5s. 

Works, ed. by G. Saintsbury, 12 vol., ills.. 1895 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1065) Hill, 13s. 

Smyth (C. Piazzi) Life and Work at the Great Pyramid, 3 vol., ills., Edinb., 1867 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 269) Hill, £\ 14s. 
(R. B.) The Aborigines of Victoria, 2 vol., ills., 4to., Melbourne, 1878 (S. 

Dec. 6 ; 538) Edivards, £\ 18s. 

Snake in the Grass, 3 vols., cf., 1698-1702 (D. Dec. 16 ; 163) 3s. 

Soane (J.) Plans of Buildings in Norfolk, etc., 47 pits., fo., 1788 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

184) Mount, £\ 

Sobieski and Stuart. Lays of the Deer Forest, fronts., 2 vols., 1848 (P. Oct. 4 ; 

485) Thin, 10s. 

Solis (A. de) Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, calf, fo., Barcelona, 1711 (S. 

Oct. 18; 766) H. Stevens, 5s. 

Varias Poesias segradas y profanas, veil., 4to., Madrid, 1716 (C. Dec. 16 ; 

112) Davis, 10s. 

SoUeysell (Sieur de) The Compleat Horseman, trans, by Sir W. Hope, port, and 
pits., calf, fo., 1717 (S. Nov. 25 ; 147) Phillips, 17s. 

Solvyns (F. B.) Les Hindous, ou Description de leurs Moeurs, Coutumes et Cere- 
monies, 4 vol., cold, pits., half mor., fo., Paris, 1808 (S. Nov. 27 ; 594) 

Edwards, £5 10s. 

Somaize (Ant. Baudeau de) Le Grand Dictionnaire des pretieuses ou la clef de la 

langue des Ruelles, mor. ex., g. e., by Hardy, Paris, 1660 (S. Dec. 6 ; 377) 

Tregaskis, £2 16s. 
Somers (Ld.) Collection of Scarce and Valuable Tracts, pits., seed, edn., revised 
by Sir W. Scott, 13 vols., half bound, 4to., 1809-15 (H. Dec. 5 ; 294) 

Bull, £2 5s. 
Somervile (Wm.) The Chase, 1st edn., front., calf, 4to., 1735 (C. Dec. 16 ; 113) 

Edwards, £2 15s. 

Field-Sports, a Poem, 1st edn., fo., half mor., 1742 (H. Nov. 28 ; 426) 5s. 

Sommer (W.) Antiquities of Canterbury, 1st edn., map and pits., half mor., 4to., 

1640 (S. Oct. 17 ; 460) Sawyer, IBs. 

Anr. Edn., seed, edn., enlarged by N. Battely, 2 vol. in 1 . pits., some added, 

half russ., m. e., fo., 1703 (S. Oct. 17 ; 617) Edwards, 16s. 

Dictionarium Saxonico-Latino-Anglicum, calf gilt, fo., 1659 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

59":) Thorp. 3s. 

Treatise of Gavelkind, 1st edn., port, inserted, calf, 4to., 1660 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

444) Thorp, 19s. 

Anr. Edn., seed. edn. calf, gilt, 4to., 1726 (S. Oct. 17 ; 496) Thorp, 6s. 

Songs. A collection of Favourite Songs, sung at the Beef Steak Club, and the 

Anacreontic Society, by Messrs. Edwin, Dodd, Dignum, etc., calf shaved, 
w a. f., fo., n. d. (P. Dec. 17 ; 222) Pickering, ;£9 15s. 

1912-13 127 

Sowerby (J.^ EngUsh Botany, 36 vol., cold, pits., half calf gilt, 1790-1814 (S. 
Dec. 2; 143) Bunipus, £8 10s. 

Anr. Edn., 1 1 vol., cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g.. 1863-72 (S. Dec. 3 ; 588) 

Quart tch. ;gl2 
The same, Third Edn., with Index and Supplement, 13 vols., half mor., 

t. e. g., good set, 1863-1902 (H. Oct. 25 ; 865) Quaritch, £15 
English Fungi or Mushrooms, 3 vol., cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1797 

(S. Nov. 6 ; 403) Quaritch. £S 10s. 

Exotic Botany, 2 vol., cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., 1804-5 (S. Dec. 2 ; 144) 

Bumpus, £2 4s. 
Mineral Conchology of Gt. Britain, cold, pits., 6 vols., half bound, 1812-29 

(H. Nov. 15 ; 822) Edwards, £4 12s. 6d. 

Sparks (Jared) Life of Gouvemeur Morris, port., 1st edn., 3 vols., bo rds, Boston, 

I80- (P. Nov. 21 ; 100) H. Stevens, £1 

Sparrman (A.) Vovage to the Cape of Good Hope, pits., 2 vols., boards, 4 to., 1785 

(H. Dec. 5 ; '319) Edwards, 18s. 

Vovage a Cap de Bonne-E perance, traduit par Le Toumeur, pits., 3 vol., 

calf." Paris, 1787 (C. Dec. 16 ; 43) Davis. 6s. 

Sparrow (\\. S.) Frank Brangwj-n and His Work, pits., fo. [1910] (C. Dec. 16 ; 

270) Edwards, £2 10s. 

Spectator (The) With Notes and Lives by Bisset, 8 vols., cf. gilt, 1793 (P. Oct. 4 ; 

336) Bumpus. £\ 

Speed (J.) Prospect of the most Famous Parts of the World, port, and maps, calf, 

gilt, fo., 1646 (S. Nov. 7 ; 468) Daniell, £2 2s. 

Spehnan (Sir H.) EngUsh Works, ed. by Bp. Gibson, port., russ., fo., 1727 (S. Oct. 

18 ; 1069) Andrews, Is. 

Spenser (E.) Works, engd. title and woodcuts, calf ex.. fo.. 1611 (S. Dec. 11 ; 

541) Marker, £2 12s. 

Works, front., calf gilt, m. e., fo., 1679 (S. Nov. 13 ; 637) Brown, £2 5s. 

Works, with Notes, Life and Indexes by H. J. Todd. 8 vol., L. P., port., 

mor. ex., g. e., fine set, 1805 (S. Nov. 25 ; 23) Soames, £\\ 

Works, ed. bv A. B. Grosart, 9 vols., sm. 4to., 1882-4 (H. Oct. 24 ; 509) 

Dohell, £2 
Spenser Society's Publications, No. 1 to 43 (4 to. and folio), 4to., 1867-85 (S. Oct. 

18 ; 1008) Sutton, £& 5s. 

Speroni (Speron) Dialogi. vellum. Vinegia, Aldo. 1542 (S. Oct. 30; 199) 

Blocmfield, 2s. 
Spitzer Collection. La Collection Spitzer, papier velin. pits., 6 vol.. mor. ex., 

g. e., fo., Paris, 1890 (C. Dec. 16 ; 280) Madeline, £29 

Spix (J. de) Histoire Naturelle des especes nouvelles de Singes. c8 pits., fo., 

Monachii, 1823 (H. Nov. 6 ; 608) Quaritch, £\ 12s. 

Sportsman's Dictionary (The), pits., half calf, 4to., 1778 (S. Nov. 14 ; 275) 

Samuel, 3s. 
Sprigge (J.) England's Recovers, fo., cf.. 1647 (D. Dec. 17 ; 519) £1 10s. 

Spr>^ (W.) British Coleoptera delineated, cold. pits., calf ex.. g. e.. 1861 (S. Dec. 

2 ; 145) Quaritch, £1 

Spuler (A.) Die Schmetterlinge Europas, cold, pits., 4 vols.. 4to.. Stuttgart, 1908- 

10 (H. Dec. 18 ; 277) £\ 17s. 

Staats-Kalendar auf des jahr 1787, silver and gold needlework binding, with crown 

and monogram of George III., in red morocco case (broken) (C. Dec. 16 ; 

310) Sawyer, £2 15s. 

Stafford (T.) Pacata Hibemia, 1st edn., 2 ports, and maps, including the genuine 

map of Munster (stained), old calf, fo., 1633 (H. Oct. 24 ; 626) £3 10s. 
Stanley (H. M.) In Darkest Africa, edn. de luxe. 2 vol.. ills., half mor.. t. e. g., 4to., 

N. Y., 1890 (S. Oct. 24 ; 12S0) Soames, £1 5s. 

Stark (J as.) Scenery of the Rivers of Norfolk, pits., on India paper, half mor., 4to., 

1834 (S. Nov. 1 ; 684) Soames, £1 2s. 

State Trials. Reports of State Trials, New Series, from 1820 to 1858, ports., with 

Index, 8 vols., 1888-98 (H. Nov. 22 ; 101) Quaritch, £2 2s. 

Statutes at Large, h. I., calf, fo., 1587 (S. Nov. 7 ; 470) Ellis, £2 2s. 

Stedman (C.) History of the American W^ar, plans, etc., 2 vol., old calf, y. e., 4to., 

1794 (S. Nov. 13 ; 642) Maggs, £4 15s. 


Steele (R.) Essay upon Gardening, 4to., mor. extra, g. e., York, 1793 (H. Nov. 

6 ; 446) Tregaskis. 13s. 
(R.) Romish Bcclesiastical History of late years, 1st edn., front., old calf, 

1714 (S. Oct. 30 ; 206) Spicer, 3s. 

Step (E.) Favourite Flowers of Garden and Greenhouse, 4 vol., cold, pits., half 

mor., t. e. g., 1896-97 (S. Oct. 22 ; 345) Brown, £1 16s. 

Stephano (C.) Dictionarium Historicum Geographicum Poeticum, 4to., veil., 

1662 (D.Dec. 16 ; 139) 2s. 6d. 

Stephens (J. F.) Illustrations of British Entomology, with Supplement, 12 vol., 

pits., half mor., uncut, 1828-67 (S. Dec. 2 ; 148) Brown. £2 2s. 

Stephens' Runic Monuments, 3 vols., fo., hf. mor., g. t., 1866-84 (D. Nov. 20 ; 

1340) £1 7s. 

Sterne (L.) Sentimental Journev, 2 vols., 1st edn., cf., 1768 (D. Dec. 16 : 77) 

2s. 6d. 
— — Tristram Shandy, 1st edn., 9 vols., mor. ex., g. t., by Bedford, 1 title, 

margined, no half-titles to Vols. 1 to 3 and 7, Sterne's autograph in 2 vols, 

1760-67 (P. Dec. 17; 142) Spencer, £\ I 

Works, 9 vols., calf, Dubhn, 1779 (B. Oct. 24 ; 277) 2s. 

Works, withlvife, port, and pits, by Hogarth, 10 vol., old calf gilt, y. e., 1783 

(S. Nov. 13 ; 647) Forrester, £2 

Complete Works, port, and engs., 10 vols., tree calf gilt, 1793 (H. Dec 19 ; 

376) Maggs, £2 3s. 

Works, withlvife, by Himself, 10 vol., port., calf, 1798 (S. Dec. 11 ; 613) 

Davis, £2 8s. 

Works, with Life, port, and pits., by Stothard 4 vols., old tree calf, 1808. 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 804) 14s. 

The same, 4 vol., calf gilt, y. e., 1808 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1071) Sotheran, £2 10s. 

Steuart (Sir J.) Principles of PoUtical Economy, 2 vols., old calf gilt, 4to., 1767 

(H. Dec. 5 ; 314) Kashnor. £1 14s. 

Stevens' Spanish Dictionary, fo., cf., 1706 (D. Dec. 16 ; 359) 
Stevenson (R. A. M.) Art of Velasquez, ills., parchment, t. e. g., 4to., 1895 (S. 

Nov. 14 ; 259) Quaritch, £\ 10s. 

(Robt.) Account of the Bell Rock Lighthouse, pits., calf gilt, t. e. g., pres. 

copy, 4to., Edinb., 1824 (S. Nov. 26 ; 308) Maggs, £\ h' 

(R. L.) A Child's Garden of Verses, 1st edn., 1885 (S. Dec. 1 1 ; 662) 

Spencer, £5 5s 

Across the Plains, 1st edn., L-P., 1892 (E. Sep. 20 ; 228) Hopkins, 18sJ 

An Inland Voyage, 1st edn., 1878 (S. Dec. 11 ; 645) Lewis, £1 15si 

The Body Snatcher, 1st edn., orig. wrappers (torn), 4to., 1884 (S. Oct. 24 

1234) Shepherd, 19sJ 

The Charity Bazaar, 1st edn., 2 leaves, 4to., n. d. (1868) (S. Oct. 24 ; 1235) 

Edwards, £2 14sl 

[and W. E. Henley 1 Deacon Brodie, 1st edn., pres. copy to " Andrew LangJ 

with the Author's kind regards, 26/1 /80," in autograph of Henley, wrappers] 
P. P., 1880 (S. Dec. 6 ; 387) Maggs, £\3 lOi 

Island Nights' Entertainments, 1st edn., 1893 (S. Dec. 11 ; 646) Steele, 18s 

Master of Ballantrae, 1st edn., 1889 (S. Nov. 1 ; 870) Shepherd. 12s 

Memories and Portraits, 1st edn., 1887 (S. Dec. 11 ; 649) Bumpus, £1 ls\ 

New Arabian Nights, 2 vol., 1st edn., 1882 (S. Dec. 6 ; 383) Spencer, ;£12 5s 

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1st edn., clean copy, 1886 (HJ 

Oct. 23 ; 179) Dobell, £2 8s 

Three Plays by W. E. Henley and R. L. Stevenson, 1st edn., L. P., 1892 (SI 

Oct. 24 ; 1124) Spencer, 17s 

Three Short Poems, veil., uncut, 1898 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1072) Maggs, £2 4i 

Ticonderoga, 1st edn., veil., uncut, 4 to., Edinb., 1887 (S. Oct. ?A ; 1232) 

Spencer, P lOsJ 

Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes, 1st edn., 1879 (S. Dec. 11 ; 644} 

Bumpus, £^ 2s 
Underwoods, 1st edn., 1887 (S. Oct. 22 ; 350). Spencer, £2% 

* Pres. copy, with inscription " fr. R. L. S. — Sep. 2nd. 1887." 
Stewart (D.) Sketches of the Highlanders of Scotland, map, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e. 

Edinb., 1822 (S. Nov. 13 ; 650) Brown, 15s 

1912-13 129 

Stewart (D. Wm.) Old and Rare Scottish Tartans, 45 ills., hand-made paper, 
4to., 1893 (S. Nov. 13 ; 651) B. F. Stevens. £2 18s. 

Stiles (President) History of three of the Judges of Charles I, Maj. Gen. Whalley, 
Maj. Gen. Goffe, and Col. Dixwell, port, and pits., calf gilt. Hartford (Conn.), 
1794 (S. Oct. 22 ; 356) H. Stevens. £1 153. 

Stirhng (W.) Notes on the Priory of Inchmahome, 4to., hf. mor., g. t., 1815 (D. 
Nov. 20; 1167) £\ Is. 

Stirling-Maxwell (Sir W.) Arabesque and other Ornaments in Typographical Use 
at Zurich in 1559, half bound, pres. copy, fo., P. P., 1868 (S. Nov. 13 ; 666) 

Brown, £5 10s. 

Annals of the Artists of Spain, 1st edn., ills., 3 vol., 1848 (S. Nov. 13 ; 654) 

Brown, £2 5s. 

The same, L. P., one of 25 copies with red marginal lines, india proof plates 

and 2 extra pits., 4 vol., pres. copy to Lord Napier, 1848-(47) (S. Nov. 13 ; 
653) Forrester. £6 

Arms, Devices, Initials, Monograms and Cyphers, title and 60 pits., veil., 

g. e., pres. copy, 4to., 1872 (S. Nov. 13 ; 669) Pearson, £5 15s. 

Chief Victories of Charles the Fifth, pres. copy, fo., 1870 (S. Nov. 13 ; 667) 

B. F.Stevens, £2 10s. 

Entry of Charles V. into Bologna, engs., fo., 1875 (S. Nov. 13 ; 674) 

B. F. Stevens, £1 15s. 

Examples of the Engraved Portraiture of the Sixteenth Century, 114 ills., 

fo., 1872 (S. Nov. 13 ; 668) Ellis, £\0 15s. 

Ornamental Heraldry of the Sixteenth Century, 70 pits., roxburghe, uncut, 

pres. copv, fo., P. P., 1867 (S. Nov 13 ; 663) Dobell, £2 8s. 

Procession of Clement VII and Charles V, fo., 1875 (S. Nov. 13 ; 672) 

B. F. Stevens, £1 4s. 

Six Anatomical Tables of Andrew VesaUus, pres. copy, fo., P. P., 1874 (S. 

Nov. 13 ; 671) Quaritch, £5 5s. 

Solyman the Magnificent going to Mosque, engs., pres. copv, fo., 1877 (S. 

Nov. 13 ; 675) B. F. Stevens. £2 8s. 

Sopra I'Effigie di Cesare fatta per Enea Vico da Parma, dichiaratione del 

Doni in Venetia 1550, fascimile, pres. copy, fo., 1868 (S. Nov. 13 ; 665) 

Brown, £5 5s. 

The Turks in MDXXXIII, ob. fo.. 1873 (S. Nov. 13 ; 670) 

B. F. Stevens, £3 3s. 

" Ut Pictura Poesis,", veil., pres. copy, fo., 1875 (S. Nov. 13 ; 673) 

B. F. Stevens, £4 10s. 

Works, pits., 6 vols., 1891 (H. Nov. 7 ; 795) Edwards, £1 lis. 

Stockdale (W. L.) Antiquities in Kent, pits., 4to., 1810 (S. Oct. 17 ; 557) 

Ellis, 12s. 

Stokes (J. h.) Discoveries m Australia, pits., 2 vols., 1846 (H. Oct. 16 ; 590);gl Is. 

Stoll (C.) Cigales qui se trouvent dans les quatres parties du Monde, 2 vol., 70 cold. 

pits., half mor., uncut, 4to., Amst., 1788 (S. Dec. 2 ; 278) Quaritch. £1 6s. 

Stoltz (J. L.) Ampelographie Rhenane, ou Description des Cepages les plus 

estimes, cold, pits., calf, g. e., 4to., Paris, 1852 (H. Nov. 28 ; 542) 

Barnard, 19s. 

Stories from the Arabian Nights, retold by Laurence Housman, cold. pits, by E. 

Dulac, L. P., 4to., 1907 (C. Dec. 16 ; 247) Bumpus. £3 10s. 

Stow (John) Survey of London, b. J., orig. veil., sm. 4to., 1599 (S. Nov. 20 ; 57) 

Pickering. £2 18s. 

Anr. Edn., by Strype, pits., 2 vols., rough calf, fo., 1720 (H. Nov. 6 ; 633) 

David, £1 6s. 

The same, 2 vol., panelled calf, fo., 1720 (S. Nov. 25; 245) Rimell, £{ 15s. 

Stowe (H. B.) Uncle Tom's Cabin, 27 ills, by G. Cruikshank, 1852 (S. Oct. 24 ; 

1126) Quaritch. £\ 8s. 

Strada (F.) De Bello Belgico decades duae, pits., 2 vol.. veil., fo., Rome, 1632-47 

(C. Dec. 16 ; 203) Luzac. 5s. 

De Bello Belgico, in EngUsh, by Sr. Rob. Stapylton, 1st edn., 10 ports., old 

calf, fo., 1650 (S. Oct. 31 ; 647) Spicer, 12s. 

(Jac. de) Epitome Thesauri Antiquitatum, medallion heads, limp vellum., 

r. e„ fine copy, sm. 4to., Lugd., 1553 (S. Nov. 13 ; 680) Leighton. lis! 


Strang (W.) Catalogue of his Etched Work, with signed etching of Granville 
Barker, 1912 (E. Sep. 20 ; 95) Forrester. £3 5s. 

■ — — The Earth Fiend, etchings on Japanese vellum, signed, 4to., 1892 (H. Oct. 
23 ; 322) Neumayer, £\ 7s. 

The same, pits., " Extra copy printed for presentation to Andrew Lang, 

Esq." fo., 1892 (S. Dec. 6; 555) Sotheran, £4 

Strawberry Hill Press. Description of the Villa of Mr. Horace Walpole, 2 double- 
page views and engs., the names Mrs. Damer and Lady Ailesbury in MS., 
against certain items, 4to., boards, 1784 (H. Oct. 24 ; 505) Quaritch, £S 

Strutt (Jos.) Dress and Habits of the People of England, 2 vol., cold, pits., half 
russ., uncut, 4to., 1796 (S. Dec. 12 ; 736) Davis, £3 5s. 

Horda Angel-cynnan, 3 vol.. pits., mor., g. e., 4to., 1774-6 (S. Dec. 12 ; 

737) Bumpus, £4 6s. 

Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, cold, pits., 1st edn., calf 

(rebacked), 4to., 1801 (P. Dec. 17 ; 192) Young. £\ 18s. 

Anr. Edn., tinted pits., half russ., 4to., 1810 (S. Dec. 12 ; 738) Davis, £1 

Svlva Britannica, engd. title, front, and pits., half mor., g. e., fo., 1826 (S. 

XoV. 26 ; 367) Quaritch, £1 6s. 

Stuart and Revett. Antiquities of Athens, 5 vol., engs., half mor. gilt, fo., 1762— 
1830 (S Nov. 26 ; 407) Quaritch, £6 5s. 

Anr. Edn., ills., 4 vols, in 2, half mor. (rubbed), fo., 1825-30 (H. Nov. 14 ; 

529) David. 9s. 6d. 

Stuart en Kupyer. De Mensch, cold, pits., 6 vols., uncut (vol. 1 stained), 1802— 
7 (H. Oct. 17 ; 747) Dobell, £\ 7s. 

Stukeley (W.) Itinerarium Curiosum, pits., calf, fo., 1724 (S. Nov. 25 ; 150) 

Cubitt, 14s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., pits., calf, fo., 1776 (S. Dec. 10 ; 149) Daniell, 13s. 

Suckling (Sir John) Fragmenta Aurea, 1st edn., port., calf gilt, by Riviere, fine 

copy, 1646 (S. Dec. 6 ; 393) Hornstein. 3^39 

Suetonius cum Commentario Ph. Beroaldi, initials painted, shghtly wormed, old 

calf, rebacked, fo., Bononiae, 1493 (S. Dec. 12; 1028) David, £1 6s. 

Duodecim Ceesares, cf., Paris, 1543 (D. Dec. 16 ; 183) 2s. 

De XII Caesaribus Hbri VIII, I. Casaubonus recensuit, et animad. Hbros 

adjecit, old mor, covered with gold tooling, with monogram $ $ (mended) 
fo., S. Gamonetus, 1605 (S. Nov. 1 ; 781) Stainer, 12s. 

Caius Suetonius Tranquillus, engd. title, medalUon ports., red mor. gilt, g. e., 

by Derome, with ticket, Parisiis, 1644 (S. Dec. 6 ; 392) Barnard, £3 10s. 

Sullivan (D.) Picturesque Tour through Ireland, 23 cold, views, ob. 4to., half mor., 
1824 (H. Nov. 28 ; 383) Cohn, £4 

Surtees (R. S.) " Ask Mamma," cold, pits., by Leech, 1st edn., 1858 (P. Dec. 17 ; 
148) Day. £6 6s. 

Handley Cross, cold. pits, by Leech, 1st edn., 1854 (P. Dec. 17 ; 147) 

Quaritch, ;gl8 10s. 

The same, half calf 1854 (C. Dec. 16 ; 233) Edwards, £3 15s. 

Hawbuck Grange, pits, by Phiz, 1st edn., calf ex., g. t., by Riviere, 1847 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 145) Quaritch, £8 5s. 

HilUngdon Hall, cold, pits., 1888 (H. Nov. 28 ; 387) Day. £3 17s. 6d. 

Jorrocks's Jaunts and JolHties, 1st edn., 12 pits, by " Phiz " (stained), 1838 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 44) Bumpus, £6 5s. 

Anr. Edn., Third Edn., cold. pits, by H. Aiken, half calf, 1869 (H. Oct. 17 ; 

695) Joseph, £1 Is. 

Anr. Edn., 16 cold. ills, by H. Alken, 1893 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1 132) Brown, 10s. 

Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds, 1st edn., cold. ills, by Leech and Browne, 

1B65 (S. Oct. 30 ; 171) Quaritch, £5 5s. 

Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour, cold. pits, by Leech, 1st edn., 1853 (P. Dec. 

17 ; 146) Sotheran, £6 

Plain or Ringlets, cold. pits, by Leech, 1st edn., 1860 (P. Dec. 17 ; 149) 

Day, £6 10s. 

Sporting Novels, M.F.H. Edition, Complete Set, cold. ills, by Leech and 

Phiz, 11 vols., half mor. ex., t. e. g., fine set, 1899-1900 (H. Nov. 14 ; 341) 

£8 10s. 


1912-13 131 

Sussex Archaeological Collections, from commencement in 1848 to 1910, being 

vols. 1 to 53, with General Index to vols. 1-25, and Subject ndexes to vols. 

26-50. 53 vols., 1848-1910 (H. Nov. 5 ; 114) Edwards, £12 

Swainson (\Vm.) Zoological Illustrations : Conchology, 3 vol., cold, pits., half 

mor., g. e., 1820-23 (S. Nov. 26 ; 275) Wesley, £2 2s. 

Swammerdam (J.) Histoire General des Insects, ills., 4to., cf., 1682 (D. Dec. 16 ; 

264) 9s. 6d. 

Swan (A.)The British Architect, or Builder's Treasury of Stair Cases, 60 pits., half 

bound. 1750 (S. Nov. 14 ; 189) Mount, £2 

Designs in Architecture, 2 vol. in 1, pits., mor.. fo.. 1757 (S. Nov. 14 ; 190) 

Rimell, £2 12s. 

Swarbreck (S. D.) Sketches in Scotland. 26 pits., cold, and mounted, in portfolio, 

1837 (H. Nov. 14 ; 580) W. Brown, £3- 

Sweet (R.) Cistmese, cold, pits., half calf, 1830 (S. Dec. 2 ; 154) Quaritch, £2 6s. 

Flora Australasica, 56 cold, pits., half mor., g. t., 1827-8 (S. Dec. 2 ; 153) 

Maggs, £2 4s. 

Swift (Jon.) Bounce to Fop, an Heroic Epistle from a Dog at Twickenham to a 

Dog at Court, 1st edn., fo., 1736 (S. Oct. 31 ; 643) Streeton, 2s. 

Tale of a Tub, 1st edn., cf., 1704 (D. Dec. 16 ; 101) , £1 

The same, calf ex.. g e., by F. Bedford, 1704 (P. Dec. 17 ; 151) 

Dohell, £A 17s. 6d. 

The same, old calf, 1704 (S. Oct. 31 ; 519) Streeton, 8s. 

Anr. Edn., front, and 6 pits., printed in colours, half calf, 1811 (S. Oct. 31 ; 

558) Rimell, £\ 

Gulliver's Travels, port, and maps, 1st edn., 2 vols., calf (vol. 1 broken), 1726 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 824) Hornstein, £3 10s. 

The same, 1st edn.. separate pagination. 2 vols., calf ex.. bv Bedford, 1726 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 152) Hopkins, ;gl4 5s. 

The same, 3 vol., (vol. Ill not by Swift), separate pagination, port, and 

maps, old calf, 1726-7 (S. Nov. 25 ; 28) Sotheran. £4 10s. 

Anr. Edn., seed. edn. 2 vol., port, and maps, old calf. 1727 (S. Dec. 11 ; 

446) Spencer, £1 6s. 

Voyages de Gulliver, engs. by Masquelier, proofs, large vellum paper, 2 

vols., old mor., Paris, 1797 (P. Dec. 17 ; 153) Quaritch, £5 

Works, with Life and Notes by Hawkesworth, pits., 19 vols., old calf, 1755- 

66 (H. Nov. 28 ; 349) David, £1 Is. 

Works, with Notes by J. Hawkesworth, and Supplement, 27 vol.. port, and 

pits., calf, 1765-79 (S. Nov. 1 ; 668) Forbes, £1 

Works, with Life by J. Hawkesworth, pits., 24 vols., 12mo. (vol. 1 slightly 

wormed), calf, 1766-9 (H. Oct. 23; 112) Hughon, £1 

Works, arranged by Sheridan, revised by J. Nichols, port., L. P., 19 vols., old 

tree calf, 1801 (H. Oct. 23 ; 200) Bull, £1 14s. 

Swinburne (A. C.) Atalanta in Calydon, 1st edn., 4to., 1865 (S. Dec. U ; 672) 

Dobell, £6 15s. 

Essays and Studies, 1st edn., 1875 (S. Dec. 6 ; 396) Dobell, 13s. 

Mary Stuart : a Tragedy, 1st edn., 1881 (S. Dec. 6 ; 397) , £2 2s. 

Notes on Poems and Reviews, 1866 (S. Dec. 6 ; 394) Shepherd, 3s. 

Poems, port., 6 vols., half levant mor., t. e. g.. 1904 (H. Nov. 14 ; 340) 

£2 14s. 

Songs before Sunrise, 1st edn., 1871 (S. Dec. 6 ; 395) Shepherd, £1 18s. 

The same, name on title, 1871 (P. Dec. 4 ; 12) Shepherd, 15s. 

WilUam Blake, a Critical Essay, ills., 1868 (S. Dec. 1 1 ; 573) Bumpus, £\ 9s. 

The same, 1868 (S. Dec. 4 ; 853) James, £3 15s. 

Swinton (A. C.) The Swintons of that Ilk, ills., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., Edinb., 1883 

(S. Nov. 13 ; 687) B. F. Stevens, £4 

Symonds (J. A.) Biography, by H. F. Brown, 2 vol., ills.. 4to., 1895 (S. Oct. 30 ; 

90) Edwards, 18s. 

Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti, 2 vol., L. P., port, and pits., 1893 (S. Nov. 

21 ; 401) B. F. Stevens, £3 

Renaissance in Italy, 7 vol., hb. edn.. tree-calf gilt (not quite uniform), 1877- 

86 (S. Oct. 22 ; 362) Brown, £\ 1 

Wine, Women and Song, L. P., 4to., 1884 (S. Nov. 21 ; 435) Bumpus, £2 18s. 


Symonds (J. A.) The same, L. P., 1884 (S. Dec. 6 ; 401) Quaritch, £13 10s. 

Symson (D.) Historical Account of the Family of Stewart, calf, 1713 (D. Dec. 16 ; 

316) 10s. 

Tabemaemontanus (J. T.) New voUkommenlich Kreuterbuch, woodcuts, stamped 

pigskin, fo., Basel, 1664 (S. Dec. 12 ; 1008) Wesley, 17s. 

Tableau Historique de la Guerre de la Revolution, 3 vol., maps, half calf, 4to., 

Paris, 1808 (S. Dec. 3 ; 519) Barnard, 2s. 

Tablettes Guerrieres, ou Cartes Choisies pour la Commodite des Officiers et des 

Voyageurs, cf., Amst., 1709 (D. Dec. 16 ; 94) £1 10s. 

Tagliente (G.) Vera Arte de lo excellente scrivere de diverse sorte de litere, etc., 

28 11., including title, cuts, half calf, not in Brunet, sm. 4to., Vinegia, 1542 

(S. Dec. 11 ; 667) Davis, ^£8 

Tagore Law Lectures, 33 vols., 1870-1905 (H. Nov. 22 ; 46) Wildy, 10s. 6d. 
Taine (H. A.) History of English Literature, trans, by H. Van Laun, 4 vols., 1886 

(H. Oct. 15 ; 93) Times, B. C, £1 

Talboys- Wheeler (J.) History of India, 4 vols, in 5, 1867^1 (H. Nov. 7 ; 829) 

Thin, £2 12s. 
Tanguay (C.) Dictionnaire Genealogique des Families Canadiennes, 7 vol., port., 

etc., vol. I half mor., remainder cloth, Quebec, 1871-80 (S. Nov. 13 ; 837) 

Harding, £1 18s. 
Tannahill (R.) The Soldier's Return, ports., calf ex., t. e. g., by Bedford, 4to., 

Paisley, 1873 (S. Nov. 13 ; 692) Mann, £1 

Tanner (H.) English Interior Woodwork of the XVI, XVII and XVIIIth Centuries 

50 pits., mor., fo., 1902 (S. Nov. 14 ; 193) Mount, £\ 9s. 

(J.) Notitia Monastica, port, and pits., calf, fo., 1744 (S. Nov. 25 ; 151) 

Cubitt, 10s. 

Anr. Edn., with Additions by J. Nasmith, best edn., port, and pits., calf gilt, 

r. e., fo., Camb., 1787 (S. Oct. 17 ; 630) Harding, £1 

Tasmanian Journal of Natural Science, &c., 3 vols, (all pubd.), half calf, Tasmania, 
1842-9 (H. Oct. 17 ; 750) Wesley, ;£2 

Tasso (T.) La Gerusalemme Liberata, con le Figure di B. Castello, et le Annota- 

tioni di S. Gentili e di G. Guastarini, engraved title, pits., illuminated, old 

veil, gilt, g. e., fo., 1590 (S. Nov. 1 ; 965) Maggs, £2 16s. 

* Has the different plate in " Canto quarto," missing in most copies, being 

substituted by a duplicate of " Canto quinto." 

II Goffredo Overo La Gierusalemme Liberata, fo., cf., Paris, 1644 (D. Dec. 

17 ; 574) . Is. 

La Gierusalemme Liberata, con le Annotationi di Gentili e Guastarini, 2 

vols., engs. by B. Castelh, old red mor. gilt, g. e., 4to., 1724 (S. Nov. 27 ; 
871) Edwards, £5 17s. 6d. 

Tavemier (J. B.) Six Voyages en Turquie, en Perse, et aux Indes, pits., 2 vol., 
old calf gilt, 4 to., Paris, 1677 (S. Nov. 20 ; 29) Tregaskis, £1 8s. 

Six Voyages into Persia and the East-Indies, made Enghsh by J. P.(hillips), 

pits., calf, m. e.. fo., 1677 (S. Nov. 13 ; 695) Brown, £2 6s. 

Taylor (John, the Water Poet) Works, 1st edn., fo., cf., 1630 (D. Dec. 16 ; 355) 

7s. 6d. 

(Silas) History of Gavelkind, calf,, 4to. 1663 (S. Oct. 17 ; 464) Wildy, 18s. 

(Wm.) Oriental Historical Manuscripts, in the Tamil Language, trans., 2 

vol., half russia, m. e., 4to., Madras, 1835 (S. Nov. 13 ; 696) Luzac, 6s. 

Temminck (C. J.) et M. Langier de Chartreuse. Nouveau Recueil de Planches 
Coloriees d'Oiseaux, 5 vol., 600 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., Paris, 1838- 
39 (S. Nov. 26 ; 320) Soames, £\S 

Tempest (P.) Cryes of the City of London, 74 pits, after Lauron, mor., g. e., by C. 
Smith, fo. [c. 169-] (P. Dec. 17 ; 207) Leighton, £7 5s. 

Tennyson (Alfred Lord) Death of (Enone, L. P., 5 ports., 1892 (S. Oct. 18 ; 734) 

David, Is. 

Idylls of the King, cold. ills, by E. F. Brickdale, edn. de luxe, veil., g. t., 4to., 

n. d. (P. Oct. 30 ; 261) Beaumont, 14s, 

The Lover's Tale, calf gilt, t. e. g., 1875 (S. Dec. 6 ; 405) 

B. F. Stevens, £4 18s. 

Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington, 1st edn., in wrappers, 1852 

(S. Oct. 1:4 ; 1136) Shepherd, 15s. 

I9I2-I3 133 

Tennyson (Alfred Lord) Poems by Two Brothers, 1st edn., wrappers, uncut, 
pp. 151-4 from a shorter copy, slightly stained, 1827 (P. Nov. 21 ; 120) 

Sawyer, £\5 

The same, 1st edn., L. P., mor. ex., t. e. g., by W. Pratt, in box, 1827 (P. 

Oct. 31 ; 551) Shephefd, £31 

Poems, chiefly Lyrical, with five-line Errata and advertisement, orig. boards, 

with label, 1830 (S. Oct. 30 ; 193) Spencer. £5 

The same, half mor., 1830 (S. Dec. 6 ; 403) Dobell, £3 10s. 

Poems, 1st edn., boards, uncut, back defective, 1833 (S. Dec. 6 ; 404) 

Spencer, £3 10s. 

Prolusiones Academicae, Timbuctoo, a Poem, 1st edn., mor. ex., 1829 (S. 

Nov. 1 ; 845) Shepherd, £1 2s. 

Timbuctoo, separate edition, wrappers, Cambridge, 1829 (S. Nov. 1 ; 846) 

Steele, 8s. 

Life and Works, edn. de luxe, ills., 12 vols., 1898 (H. Oct. 16 ; 451) 

G. H. Brown, £5 17s. 6d. 
Terentii Comoedise, cum Commentariis, &c. [Hain-Copinger, 15,432), woodcuts 
(shghtly shaved), veil., g. e, fo., Strassburg, 1499 (H. Dec. 19 '; 430) 

Leighton, £A 12s. 6d. 

Comoedia?, woodcuts, fo., cf., Venice, 1545 (D. Dec. 17 ; 464) 12s. 

Terence, in Enghsh, trans, by R. Bernard, half calf, 4to., 1641 (S. Oct. 17 ; 

463) James. Zs. 

Textor (Guil.) Sermones tres de Passione Christi, g. (., sm. 4to. [Copinger, 5778] 

tooled pigskin, with clasp, Strassburg, 1496 (H. Dec. 19 ; 395) 

Maggs, £5 17s. €d. 
Thackeray (W. M.) Doctor Birch, 1st edn., ills., orig. cover, 1849 (S. Oct. 16 ; 

69) Spencer. £2 8s. 

Esmond, 3 vol., 1st edn., name on half title, 1852 (S. Dec. 6 ; 406) 

Quaritch, £5 

Etchings, while at Cambridge, in two states, plain and coloured, half 

mor., t. e. g., 1878 (S. Dec. 11 ; 374) Bickers, £2 14s. 

Irish Sketch-Book, 1st edn., ills., 2 vols., 1843 (H. Nov. 28 ; 358) 

Hornstein, £3 5 s. 

Kickleburys on the Rhine, 1st edn., ills., 4to., 1850 (S. Nov. 7 ; 428) 

Walford, 8s. 

The same, cold, pits., calf gilt, m. e., by Riviere, 1850 (H. Nov. 28 ; 4c9) 

Hopkinson, £\ 13s. 

Mr. Brown's Letters to a Yoimg Man about Town, &c., 1st edn , N. Y., 1853 

(H. 9cl. 18 ; 1024) 12s. 

Paris Sketch Book, 2 vol., 1st edn., pits., mor. ex., t. e. g., cloth covers 

bound in, by Zaehnsdorf, 1840 (S. Nov. 21 ; 388) Spencer, £Q 5s. 

Rebecca and Rowena, cold, pits., 1st edn., calf gilt, g. e., 1850 (H. Nov. 28 ; 

440) Cohn. £^1 

The Student's Quarter, cold, pits., Hotten (H. Nov. 28; 441) 

Edwards, £2 2s. 
Vanity Fair, 1st edn., ills., 18^8 (H. Nov. ^8; 3€0) Hornstein. £2 

Works, ills., 12 vols., 1874-5 (H. Dec. 5 ; 168) Carter, 14s. 

Works, 12 vol., port, and iUs., 1878 (S. Nov. 14 ; £89) Joseph, 8s. 

Works, illustrations by the author and others, 24 vols., cr. 8vo., green cloth, 

187&-9 (H.Dec. 5 ; £51) ^1 Is. 

Thausing (M.) Diirer, his Life and Works, ed. by F. A. Eaton, 2 vol., pits., 1882 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 843) Barnard, £\ Us. 

Theatres. The Private Theatre at Kilkenny, with Observations on other Private 
Theatres in Ireland before it was opened, ports., 4to., P. P., 1825 (S. Oct 
16; 120) Maggs.£3 

Theatrum Europaeum, oder wahrhaftige Beschreibung aller Geschichten, so sich 
hin und weider in der Welt, fiimembUch aber in Europa, vom 1619 biss aud 
1711, zugetragen haben, beschrieben durch Abehnum, Oraeum undLotichium, 
21 vol., ports., etc., half veil., fo., Francfurth, 1662-1738 (S. Nov. 27 ; 610) 

Quaritch. £47 

Theocritus. Opera Graece ; ace. scholia Vetera Graeca per Zacharium Calliergum 
coUecta, 2 vol. in 1, old red mor. gilt, g. e., Romae, 1516 (S. Dec. 6 ; 409) 

Tregaskis. £A 4s. 


Theophrastus. La Bruydre (J. de) Les Caracteres de Theophraste traduits du 

Grec, mor. ex., g. e., by Petit. Paris, 1694 (S. Oct. 21 ; 153) Maggs, £\ 7s. 
Thibault (G.) Academie de I'Espee, engd. title, port., 9 dedications, and 40 pits., 

old calf, fo., 1628 (S. Nov. 27 ; 570) Maggs, ;£15 

Thomas Aquinas. Summa de articulis fidei et ecclesiae sacramentis, I. ft., 15 11., 

(Hain *1424), capitals painted red, modern boards, sm. 4to., a. u. n. [Colon. 

Ulr Zell.l (S. Dec. 20 ; 230) Barnard, iA 5s. 

Thompson (Wm.) Natural History of Ireland, 4 vol., port., 1849 (S. Oct. 21 ; 

159) Desmond, £\ 16s. 

Thomson (D. C.) The Barbizon School of Painters, Iv. P., 130 ills., 4to., 1890 (S. 

Nov. 14 ; 262) Quaritch, £2 10s. 
(G.) La Chasse de la Beste Romaine, veil., La Rochelle, 1612 (S. Nov. 13 ; 

702) Craig, 10s. 
(J as.) The Seasons, port., engd. title, monument, and 6 engs., after Corbould 

and Catton, old red mor. gilt, g. e., fine copy, 4to., Perth, 1793 (S. Nov. 13 ; 

703) Brown, £5 10s. 
Anr. Bdn., engd. title and vignettes, with water-colour painting of Sion 

House, Middlesex, on fore-edge, 12mo., old mor., g. e., 1821 (H. Nov. 28 ; 

433) Quaritch, £\4 

(Mrs.) Memoirs of the Jacobites, 3 vol., ports., 1845 (S. Dec. 6 ; 412) 

Edwards, £2 6s. 

(W. G.) History of Tapestry, ills., 1906 (S. Nov. 14 ; 192) Ferry, £\ 4s. 

Thomson's County Atlas of Scotland, fo., hf. cf., 1832 (D. Oct. 21 ; 245) 8s. 6d. 
[Thornton (A.)] Adventures of a Post Captain, cold. pits, by WilHams, calf, g. t., 

by Riviere, n. d., 1817 (P. Dec. 17 ; 154) Quaritch, £6 5s. 
(R. J.) Botanical Extracts, pits., 4 vols., russ., m. e., fo., 1810 (H. Dec. 5 ; 

326) Broivn, 15s. 

Thoroton (R.) Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, map, pits, (with the rare slip), 

russ. ex., g. e., fo., 1677 (S. Nov. 7 ; 570) Quaritch, £5 
History of Nottinghamshire, pits., 3 vols., 4to., half calf, 1790 (H. Nov. 27 ; 

210) Oliver, £2 14s. 
Anr. Edn., with additions by Throsby, 3 vol., port, and pits., calf, 4 to., 

1797 (S. Nov. 13 ; 884) Rimell, £2 5s. 

Thorpe (J.) Registrum Rofiense, 2 parts, port., 1769 — Custumale Roffense, port. 

and pits., 1788, bound in 3 vol., pits, inserted, russ. ex., fo. (S. Oct. 17 ; 610) 

Thorp, £9 
Thou (J. A. de) II Falconiere di Jac. Aug. Tuano, front, and port., veil., fo., 

Venezia, 1735 (C. Dec. 16 ; 204) Davis, 13s. 

Thoughts on Civil Liberty, on Licentiousness and Faction, bds., Newcastle, 1765 

(D. Dec. 16 ; 210) Is. 
Thucidides. Historico Gr^co, 4to., vellum, 1563 (D. Nov. 19 ; 480) Is. 
De bello Peloponnesiaco, 2 vols., L. P., russ. gilt by C. Lewis, Syston Park 

copy, Amst., 1731, fo. (P. Oct. 30 ; 310) Tregaskis, 10s. 

Thurston (E.) and Rangachari (K.) Castes and Tribes of Southern India, ills., 

6 vols., Madras, 1909 (H. Oct. 16 ; 453) Salby, 13s. 

" Times " Newspaper, from Aug. 1st, 1828, to June 30, 1911, in 283 volumes, 

. boards, and the same from J ulv 1 to the present time, unbound, fine set 

fo. (S. Dec. 20 ; 119) " B. F. Stevens, £\()Q 

Timm (W.) Costumes Russes, 20 cold, pits., mor., fo., 1843 (P. Oct. 3 ; 314) 

Ronald, £\ 7s. 6d. 
Tindale (W.) The Obedyence of a Chrysten man, mor., g. e., 1561 (H. Oct. 24 ; 

538) ;£2 

Tod (J as.) Annals of Rahast'han, 2 vol., pits., half russ., broken, 4to., 1829 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 543) Quaritch, £\A 
The same, pits., on India paper, 2 vols., mor. ex., g. e., by Clarke & Bedford, 

fine copy, 4to., 1829 (P. Nov. 21 ; 132) Quaritch, £\9 10s. 

Travels in Western India, engs., 1839 (S. Nov. 13 ; 706) Edwards, £A 4s. 

Toland (J.) Adeisidaemon, sive Titus Livius a superstitione vindicatus, citron mor. 

ex., gilt sides, g. e., 4to., Hagse-Comitum, 1709 (C. Dec. 16 ; 61) 

Quaritch, £9 

Tonsberg (C.) Norske Nation aldragter, 33 cold, pits., mor., 4to., Christiania, 1852 

(H. Oct. 16; 631) Maggs, £2 


I9J2-I3 135 

Tooke (T.) and Newmarch (W.) History of Prices (the rare vols. 4 to 6), 3 vols., 
1848-57 (H. Oct. 15; 225) Quaritch, £7 5s, 

Topographia Galliae, upwards of 400 views, maps, etc., 4 vols., calf, fo., Amst., 
1660-63 (P. Nov. 21 ; 222) Lane, £4 15s. 

Torquemada (A. de) Spanish Mandevile of Myracles, trans, by F. Walker, cut. 
half calf, 4to., 1618 (S. Oct. 22 ; 445) Barnard. 18s. 

(J. de) Los veinte y un Libros Rituales y Monarchia Indiana, engd. titles, 3 

vol., veil., fo., Madrid, 1613 (C. Dec. 16 ; 205) Quaritch. £3 10s. 

Torriano (Gio.) The Italian Tutor, calf, sm. 4to., 1640 (S. Nov. 20 ; 55) 

White. £\ 18s. 
Touches of Nature by Eminent Artists and Authors, ills, by Millais, etc., fo., 1867 

(S. Dec. 11 ; 527) Baxter, 9s. 

Tour of Dr. Prosody, 20 cold. pits, by Williams, mor., g. e., 1821 (S. Oct. 24 ; 

1172) Shepherd, £3 17s. 6d. 

Toumefort (J. P.) Institiones Rei Herbariae, avec des additions par de Jussieu, 

pits., 3 vol., old calf, 4to., Paris, 1719 (C. Dec. 16; 115) Thorp. 7s. 

Tovimeur (Cyril) Webster and Hey wood. Three E egies on the Death of Prince 
Henrie, each containing several pages printed in black, 3 vols., sm. 4to., 
unbound, 1613 (H. Oct. 17; 820) Pickering. ;gl5 

Plays and Poems, ed. by J. C. Collins, 2 vols., calf ex., g. t., by Bedford, 1878 

(P. Dec. 17 ; 155) Quaritch, £2 6s. 

[Townshend (Lord)] Advice to Officers of the British Army, front., calf, 1783 
(S. Oct. 30 ; 215) Spicer. 16s. 

Tragi-Comicall Historj^ of Our Times Under the Borrowed Names of Lisander and 
Cahsta, fo., cf., 1627 (D. Dec. 16 ; 344) lis. 

Treitzsaurwein (Marc) Der Weiss Kunig, woodcuts by Burgmair, 1st edn., parch- 
ment, fo., Wien, 1775 (P. Oct. 3 ; 299) Crosswell, £\Q 

The same, parchment, fo., 1775 (P. Nov. 21 ; 236) Vyt. £Q 

Trials. Complete Collection of State Trials, compiled by T. B. and T. J. Howell, 

and Index, 34 vol., half russ., 1816-28 (S. Oct. 31 ; 354) Harding, £\0 10s. 

Trimen and Bowker : South African Butterflies, a Monograph of the Extra- 
Tropical Species, 3 vol., cold, pits., 1887-9 (S. Nov. 26 ; 270) 

Bickers, £5 2s. 6d. 

Trissino (G. G.) LTtalia Liberata da* Goti, riveduta per I'Abbate Antonini, 
printed on vellum, 3 vol., calf, Parigi,1729 (C. Dec. 16 ; 47) Pearson, £\6 10s. 

Tristram (W. O.) Coaching Days and Coaching Ways, 1st edn., ills.. 4to., 1888 
(S. Oct. 24 ; 1239) Donnithorn, £2 2s. 

TroUope (A.) Framley Parsonage, pits, by Millais, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1861 (H. Nov. 
27 ; 98) Bumpus, £\ 7s. 

He Knew He was Right, ills, bv Stone, 1st edn., in 32 nos., 1869 (H. Nov. 

29 ; 851) ' Shepherd, £1 

■ North America, 1st edn., 2 vol., half mor., t. e. g., pres. copv, 1862 (S. Oct. 

24 ; 1176) ^Spencer, £3 3s. 

The Three Clerks, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1858 (H. Dec. 19 ; 358) Spencer, £4 4s. 

■ (Frances) Michael Armstrong, 1st edn., 24 pits, by Onwhyn, etc., 1840 (S. 

Oct. 24 ; 1177) Shepherd, 5s. 

Jessie PhilHps, 1st edn., 3 vol., port, and pits, by Leech, 1843 (S. Oct. 24 ; 

1178) Spencer, 10s. 

True Relation of a Horrid Murder committed upon the person of Thomas Kidder- 
minster of Tupsley, at the White Horse Inn in Chelmsford, April, 1654, half 
russ., 4to., 1688 (S. Dec. 10 ; 222) Robson. 7s. 

Tunbridge Walks, or the Yeoman of Kent, a Comedy (by T. Baker), 4 pits, 
inserted, half mor., 4to., 1703 (S. Oct. 17 ; 475) Carter, 3s. 

Turner's Mihtary Essays, port., fo., cf., 1643 (D. Dec. 17 ; 433) 2s. 

(J. M. W.) 'Annual Tour, 3 vol., engs., mor., g. e., 1833-5 (S. Dec. 12 ; 727) 

Hornstein, £2 6s. 

The same, 3 vol., L. P., mor. ex., g. e., 1833-5 (S. Dec. 4 ; 834) 

Sotheran. £3 8s. 

Four Illustrations to Moore's Epicurean, L. P., India proofs, fo., 1839 (S. 

Dec. 4 ; 933) Sotheran. £1 


Turner (J. M.W.) Illustrations to the Abbotsford edition of the Waverley Novels^ 
and the Poetical and Prose Works of Scott, 187 plates and 2 portraits, from 
drawings by Turner, etc., large paper proofs before letters on India paper, 3 
vol., with MS. Index, half mor., g. e., fo., (S. Dec. 4 ; 934) Sotheran, £\S 

Picturesque Scenes in Richmondshire. 32 pits., india proofs, half mor., g. t., 

fo., 1843 (S. Dec. 4 ; 928) Maggs, £2 2s. 

[and Girtin] River Scenery, 20 pits., L. P., half mor., fo., 1827 (S. Dec. 4 ; 

929) Sotheran, £4 1 5s. 

The Seine and the Loire, mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1886 (S. Oct. 22 ; 494) 

Soames, £1 10s. 

Seven Illustrations to Milton, ly. P., India proofs, fo., 1835 (S. Dec. 4 ; 932) 

Sotheran, £1 8s. 

Views in Sussex, part I (all published), map and 5 pits., half mor., fo., 1819 

(S. Dec. 4 ; 927) Sotheran, £1 

Tumor (Lewis) History of Hertford, L. P., proof pits., russ. ex., g. e., 1830 (S. 

Dec. 2 ; 157) Brown, £1 

Tweddell (J.) Prolusiones Juveniles Prsemiis Academicis Dignatse, L. P., pres, 

copy, 1793 (S. Dec. 11 ; 457) James, 4s. 

Two Judgements of the Lords assembled in Parliament against John Morris alias 

Poyntz, Mary his wife, etc., for forging framing and publishing a copy of a 

pretended Act of Parliament, half calf, 4to., 1647 (S. Dec. 10 ; 223) 

Robson, 3s. 
Universal Songster, 3 vol., ills, by G. and R. Cruikshank, red cloth, 1825 (S. Oct. 

24 ; 1185) Joseph, 9s. 

Untrodden Fields of Anthropology, 2 vols., pits, (in separate wrapper), Paris, 1898 

(P. Oct. 31 ; 537) Buckmaster, £2 lis. 

Vaenius (O.) Bmblemata Horatiana, vignettes, red mor., g. e., Amst., 1684 (S. 

Nov. 25 ; 212) Edwards, lOs. 

Valdesso (John) One Hundred and Ten Considerations, treating of those things 

which are most profitable in our Christian Profession, trans, by N. Ferrar, 

sheep, 4to., Oxford, 1638 (S. Nov. 1 ; 682) Bull, £1 Is. 

Valentia (Viscount) Voyages and Travels, 3 vol., pits., 4to., 1809 (S. Oct. 24 ; 

1242) Salby, 12s. 

Valentin et Orson, L'Histoire de, woodcuts, red morocco, gilt, g. e., by ChamboUe- 

Duru, 4to., Troyes, 1719 (S. Nov. 20 ; 191) Leighton, £2 2s. 

Valera (C.) Two Treatises : Of the Lives of the Popes and their Doctrine ; Of the 

Masse, etc., trans, by J. Golbume, veil., 4to., 1600 (S. Nov. 20 ; 51) 

Dobell, £\ 2s. 
Valerius Flaccus Curante P. Burmanno, 4to., russ., 1724 (D. Oct. 22 ; 674) 2s. 
Valerius Maximus. Dictorum et Factorum memorabilium cum comment. OUverii 

Arzignanensis, fo., Venet., 1491 (S. Nov. 25 ; 153) Davis, £2 12s. 

Vallancev (C.) Collectanea de Rebus Hibemicis, pits., 6 vols, (general titles to 

vols' 1 and 3 wanting), haU mor., g. e., 1770-1804 (H. Dec. 5 ; 217) £2 15s. 
Vancouver (G.) Voyage of Discovery to the N. Pacific Ocean and Round the World 

6 vol., calf, 1801 (S. Oct. 22 ; 373) H. Stevens, £6 10s. 

Vander Meulen. Conquetes du Roy Louis XIV, A. F. Bauduins sculpsit, R. 

Bonnart sculpsit, etc., 26 engs. and plate of the capture of Luxembourg 

inserted, old calf, fo., Paris [16—] (S. Nov. 20 ; 121) Edwards, £4 6s. 
Van Dyck (A.) Cabinet des plus beaux portraits, 50 ports., calf, fo., La Haye, 1723 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 162) Parsons, 19s. 

Cent Portraits de Princes, Savants Illustres, Artistes, etc., largest paper, 100 

ports, and port, of Van Dyck, half mor., t. e. g., 1878 (S. Nov. 1 ; 968) 

Streeton, £2 

Vandyck's Pictures at Windsor Castle, Historically and Critically Described by 

Ernest Law, pits., Japan vellum, fo., 1899 (S. Dec. 4 ; 943) Luzac, £1 7s. 

Van Nooten (B. H.) Fleurs, Fruits et Feuillages choisis de la Flore et de la Pomone 

de I'lle de Java, cold, pits., mor., g. e., fo., Brux., 1866 (S. Nov. 13 ; 714) 

Campbell, £2 4 s. 

Varchi (B.) The Blazon of Jealousie, trans, by R. T. (Robert Tofte), half mor., 

4to., 1615 (S. Oct. 17 ; 583) B. F. Stevens, £2 

I9I2-I3 137 

Vargas Machuca (B. de) Milicia y Descripcion de las Indias, autograph of Southey, 

title and long note in his autograph, calf gilt, 4to., Madrid, 1599 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

809) Quaritch. ^ 

Vasari (G.) Vite de' piu eccellenti Pittori, Scultorie Architetti, ports.,7 vol., veil., 

4to., Livomo-Firenze, 1767-72 (C. Dec. 16; 117) Davis. i\ es. 

Vecellio (C.) Habiti Antichi et Modemi, woodcuts, half calf, Venetia, 1590 (C. 

Dec. 16 ; 48) Davis, £5 

Anr. Edn., 415 woodcuts, mor., g. e., Venetia, 1664 (H. Nov. 28 ; 420) 

Davis, £2 12s. 

Vega (E.) Assertiones Theologicae, de Eucharistiae Sacramento, sm. 4to., old 

mor., Plantin Press, 1586 (B. Oct. 24 ; 421) 3s. 6d. 

(Garcilasso de la) Histoire des Yncas, Rois du Perou, 2 vol., map and pits., 

calf, 4to., Amst., 1737 (S. Nov. 25 ; 71) Edwards, {^ 15s. 

Vegetius (F.) De Re Militari, access, ejusdem G. Stewechi Commentarius, wood- 
cuts, calf, 4to., Antverp., 1585 (S. Dec. 4; 993) Barnard, 2s. 

Veitch (J. K.) Hortus Veitchii, 50 ills., 4to., 1906 (S. Dec. 3 ; 600) Heffer, £1 

Veitia Linage (Jos. de) Spanish Rule of Trade to the West-Indies, made Enghsh 
by Capt. John Stevens, calf, 1702 (S. Nov. 20 ; 19) H. Stevens, £1 12s. 

Venette (N.) Mysteries of Conjugal Love Reveal'd, calf, 1712 (P. Dec. 17 ; 156) 

Pickering, £\ 6s. 
Venner (T.) Via Recta ad Vita Longam, half mor., 4 to., 1660 (S. Oct. 17 ; 446) 

Ellis, 17s. 
Vera (Ger. de) Diarium nauticum, seu Vera Descriptio Trium Navigationum, 

2 vols, in 1, pits., veU., boards, fo., Amst., 1598 (P. Nov. 21 ; 219) 

Edwards, £\0 5s. 
Vere (Sir F.) Commentaries, 1st edn., ports., etc., calf, g. e., fo., Cambridge, 1657 

(H. Oct. 24 ; 628) Galloway, 18s. 

VergiUus. Polidoro Vergilio de Prodigii, lib. Ill, per Damiana Maraffi fatti 

Toscani, orig. edn., title defective, woodcuts, old veil., Lione, 1554 (S. Nov. 

1 ; 895) Streeton, 5s. 

Verheiden (J.) Prsestantium aliquot Theologorum, engd. title and ports. (1 

mounted),calf, fo.,Hag3e-Comitis, 1602 (P. Nov.21 ; 231) Lane, £1 2s.ed, 
Vermond (Abbe de) La Cour Pleniere, uncut, Baville, 1788 (S. Oct. 20 ; 257) 

Spicer, 3s. 
Vemey (F. P.) Memoirs of the Vemey Family, 3 vol., ports., 1892-4 (S. Oct. 22; 

374) Allison, £2 es. 

Verrall (G. A.) British Flies, Syrphidae, etc., 1901 (S. Dec. 2 ; 163) Wesley, 15s. 
Verstegan (R.) Restitution of Decayed InteUigence, sm. 4to., calf, 1628 (D. Oct. 

23; 1122) es. 

Viaggio da Vinegia al santo Sepolcro, & al mote Sinai, co disegni de Paesi, Citta, 

Porti, Chiefe, & santi Lucghi, woodcuts, calf, r. e., Venetia, 1537 (P. Nov. 

21 ; 111) Davis, ;£12 

Victoires et Conquetes des Fran9ais, 1789-1815, pits, and maps, half mor., ob. 4to., 

s. a. (S. Dec. 3 ; 517) BurKpus, £2 12s. 6d. 

Victoria (Queen) Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands, ed. by 

Arthur Helps, ills., mor., g. e., pres. copv " To Lady Napier from Victoria R. 

Aug. 1868," 1868 (S. Nov. 13 ; 718) Hubbard, £6 

Vida (M. H.) Opera Poetica ed. T. Tristram, etc., 4 vol. in 3, large and fine paper, 
port., red mor. ex., g. e., Oxon., 1722-33 (S. Dec. 12 ; 841) Brown, £1 

View of the Times, Their Principles and Practices in the First Volume of the 

Rehearsals, fo., cf., 1608 (D. Dec. 17 ; 426) 10s. 

Vigerius. Decachordum Christianum JuUo II, Pont. Max. dicatum, woodcuts, 

half stamped Niger mor., clasps, by D. Cockerell, fo., Fani, 1507 (S. Dec. 20 ; 

233) Young. £7 5s. 

Vincent (W.) The Periplus of the Erythean Sea, cold. port, and maps, 2 vols, in 1 , 

calf, 4 to., 1800-5 (H. Nov. 13 ; 107) W. R. Hill, 4s. 6d. 

(W. T.) Records of the Woolwich District, 2 vol., pits., half mor., g. t., n. d. 

(S. Oct. 16 ; 303) Last, 7s. 

Vinci (Leonardo da) Recueil de Testes de Caractere et de Charges, pits., old tree- 
calf, m. e., 4to., 17£0 (S. Oct. £0 ; 229) Minnion. £1 10s. 


Viollet-le-Duc. Dictionnaire Raisonne de I'Architecture fran^aise du Xle au 

XVIe Siecle, 10 vol., orig. edn., proof port, and ills., wrappers, 4 to., Paris, 

1854-68 (S. Nov. 1 ; 919) Thring, £3 15s. 

* Special copy, on india paper, on one side only. Vol. I has the ex-libris of 

the author. 
Virel (M.) Treatise containing all the principal grounds of Christian Religion, old 

red mor., g. e. (slightly worn), 1609 (H. Oct. 24 ; 565) Pickering, 13s. 
Virgil, .^neis, trans, into Scottish Verse by Gawin Douglas, with Glossary (by 

Ruddiman) and I^ife (by Sage), old calf gilt, with crest, fo., Edinb., 1710 (S. 

Nov. 13 ; 720) Ellis, 15s. 
Aeneids, done into English Verse by Wm. Morris, 2 vol., 1st edn., L. P., 1876 

(S. Nov. 21 ; 399) Dobell, £2 12s. 

Antiquissimi Virgiliani Codicis fragmenta et picturae ex Bib. Vaticana, 

pits, by Bartholi, half veil., fo., Romse, 1741 (S. Nov. 14 ; 306) Dobell, Is. 

Bucolica, Georgica et ^neis, old red mor, ex., dentelle borders, g. e., 4to., 

Birm., Baskerville, 1757 (S. Nov. 7 ; 561) Maggs, £1 12s. 

Anr. Edn., Latin Text, with Italian translation by Ambrogi, front, and 

engs., 3 vol., tree calf, fo., Romse, 1763-5 (H. Nov. 28 ; 583) David, 3s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., Ex editione P. Burmanni, 2 vol, in 1, russ. ex., g. e., fo., Glasg., 

FouHs, 1778 (S. Oct. 31 ; 461) Neumayer, 6s. 

Pastorals, adapted for Schools, by R, J. Thornton, 2 vol., pits, by W. Blake, 

etc., calf, 1821 (S. Dec. 4 ; 851) Riynell, £3 

Compendium Operum Virgilianorum aere studio C. Passaei Chalcographia, 

25 pits, (mounted), mor. ex., g. e., by Riviere, 4to., Ult. Batav., 1612 (S. 
Dec. 12 ; 930) Leighton, 10s. 

Opera, binding broken, fo., Milan, 1480 [?] (H. Nov. 28 ; 587) Selden, £A 

Opera, fo., cf., Paris, 1641 (D. Dec. 17 ; 531) Is. 

Opera, Varietate lectionis et perpetua adnotatione illustrata a Chr. G. Heyne 

L. P., engs., 4 vol., old calf gilt, g. e., 1793 (S. Nov. 13 ; 719) Forrester, 4s. 
Vishnu Purana, trans, by H. H. Wilson, with Index, 6 vols., 1864-77 (H. Oct. 16 ; 

455) Salby, £\ 16s. 

Visitation of Middlesex in 1663, by William Ryley and Henry Dethick, fo., 1820 

(S. Nov. 13 ; 892) Allen, 4s. 

Vitruvius (M.) Architectura, cum exercitationibus J. Poleni, pits., 4 vols, in 8, fo., 

half mor., Utini, 1825-30 (H. Dec. 18 ; 124) 17s. 

Dix lyivres D' Architecture, par Perrault, fo., cf., Paris, 1684 (D. Dec. 17 ; 

420) 5s. 

Vocabulario degH Academici della Crusca, 6 vol., half calf, fo., Firenze, 1729-38 
(S. Oct. 31 ; 446) Barnard, 10s. 

VoUenhoven (S. van) Pinacographia, cold, pits., half mor., g. e., 4to., Gravenhage, 
1880 (S. Dec. 10; 117) Wesley, £\ 8s. 

Volsunga Saga, trans, by E. Magnusson and W. Morris, 1st edn., 1870 (S. Nov. 
21 ; 398) Edwards, £\ 16s. 

The same, L. P., 1870 (S. Nov. 21 ; 397) Maggs, £3 12s. 6d. 

Voltaire. Candide, or, All for the Best, Japan, vellum (L. P.), duplicates of the 

head-pieces in 2 colours, 1898 (S. Dec. 2 ; 165) Shepherd, 13s. 

La Pucelle d'Orleans, avec les notes de M. de Morza, engs., half mor. ex., 

g. t., 1775 (P. Dec. 17 ; 157) Pearson, £2 12s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., front, (proof) and 21 vignettes by Duplessis-Bertaux, calf 

gilt, g. e. (Cazin), 1780 (S. Nov. 1 ; 910) Rolandi. £\ 3s. 

La Pucelle, from the French (by Lady Charleville) , pits, by Moreau, 2 vols., 

mor., g. t., s. 1. (Dublin), 1796-7 (P. Dec. 17 ; 158) Shepherd, £8 5s. 

Romances, Novels and Tales, 2 vols, in 1, calf, 1806 (P. Dec. 17 ; 159) 

Shepherd, lis. 

Prose Romances, trans, by W. Walton, 3 vol., Japan, vellum, 22 pits., in 2 

states, 1900 (S. Dec. 2 ; 166) Hitchman, £2 

(Euvres Completes, 70 vols., cf., 1785-89 (D. Oct. 21 ; 188) £1 

Works, trans, by Smollett, 28 vols, in 13, hf. cf., 1761 (P. Oct. 4 ; 518) 

Allison. £2 2s. 

Works, trans, by W. Campbell, etc.. pits., 15 vols., calf, 1779-81 (H. Oct. 

18 ; 1252) Polyglot, £\ 9s. 

1912-13 139 

Volunteers. The British Votunteer : or History of the Volunteers and Associated. 

Corps of Gt. Britain, cold, uniforms, maps and pits., half calf, 4to., 1799 (S. 

Nov. 21 ; 287) Deane, £\\ 10s. 
History of the 1st Volunteer Battalion the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 

ills., 1906 (S. Nov. 21 ; 288) Lewine, 7s. 

Voragiue (Jo. de) Lombardica Historia, I. fl., cloth boards, fo., Argentinae, 1492 

(S. Dec. 12 ; 1021) Barnard, £\ 6s. 

Voyage a Paris vers la fin de 1795, L. P., old calf gilt, Paris, I'an V (1797) (S. Oct. 
' 31 ; 5:'.0) James, 5s. 

Voyages, Discoveries and Travels, New Collection of, 7 vol., pits., calf, 1767 

(S. Oct. 24; 1188) Young, 14s. 

Voyages Pittoresques, au Lac de Gendve ou Leman, et k la Chute du Rhin pres de 

Laugen. 2 vol. in 1, cold, pits., mor. ex., joints, fo., Zurich, 1819-20 (S. Oct. 

18 ; 1045) Bumpus, £\2 15s. 

W. (L.) Orgula : or the Fatall Error, 1st edn. (title soiled), sm. 4to., calf, g. e., 

1658 (H. Nov. 14 ; 453) Dohell, i\ Is. 

Wagner's Siegfried and the Twihght of the Gods, ills, by Rackham, edn. de 

luxe, 4to., veil., t. e. g., 1911 (H. Nov. 5 ; 155) Williams, £\ lis. 

Walker (G.) Costume of Yorkshire, 40 cold, pits., calf, fo., 1814 (H. Oct. 17 ; 972) 

Lehlond, £1 12s. 6d. 
Picturesque Views in the Isle of Thanet, title and 24 pits., half bound, 4 to., 

1812 (S. Oct. 17 ; 526) Edwards, £3 \0s. 
(J. C.) Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards, port, and music, 4to., 1786 

(S. Oct. 16; 119) Allen, i\ Is. 

Wallace (T.) Account of the Islands of Orkney, cf., 1700 (D. Dec. 16 ; 257) 

10s. 6d. 
Wallace Collection at Hertford House (Paintings), by A. G. Temple (Ob jets 

d'Art), ills., in 6 portfolios, 4to., 1902-3 (P. Nov. 21 ; 160) ;gl0 

Waller (E.) Poems, etc., (First Authorised Edition), orig. calf, 1664 (S. Nov. 14 ; 

214) Dohell, 5s. 
Poems, fourth edn., 2 ports., half calf, 1682 (S. Oct. 30 ; 218) Spicer, 15s. 

Eighth edn.. L. P., ports., old calf gilt, 1711 (S. Nov. 1 ; 658) Travers, 16s. 

The same, Ir. P., fine copy, mor. ex., g. e., by Bedford, 1711 (S. Nov. 20 ; 

168) Bain, £3 12s. 

(J. G. and L. A. B.) Monumental Brasses from the 13th to the 16th Century, 

pits., half mor., uncut, fo., 1864 (H. Nov. 5 ; 297) Griffin, £3 12s. 6d. 

Wallich (N.) Plantse Asiaticse Rariores, 3 vol., 300 cold, pits., half mor., imcut, 

fo., 1830-32 f (S. Nov. 27 ; 619) Dulau, £9 5s. 

Wallis' Treatise of Algebra, fo., cf., 1685 (D. Dec. 17 ; 524) 5s. 6d. 

(Capt.) Historical Account of New South Wales, map and 12 engs., half calf, 

uncut, fo., 1821 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1264) Quaritch, £Q 

(G.) The Mercantile Lovers, wrappers, 4to., 1775 (S. Dec. 11 ; 485) 

James, 3s, 

(J.) Natural History and Antiquities of Northumberland, &c., 2 vols., 4to., 

old calf, 1769 (H. Nov. 5 ; 226) Cohn, 5s. 6d. 

Walpole (Horace) Anecdotes of Painting in England, 5 vol., ports., calf, 4to., 
Strawberry Hill, 1762-73 (S. Nov. 13 ; 886) Hornstein, £2 16s. 

Castle of Otranto, cold, pits., mor., g. e., 1796 (S. Dec. 20 ; 5) Cohn, £1 6s. 

A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors, 2 vol., 1st edn., front., old 

calf. Strawberry Hill, 1758 (S. Nov. 1 ; 907) James, 5s. 

Anr. Edn., 5 vol., ports., old russ. gilt, 1806 (S. Nov. 1 ; 900) 

Maggs, £1 15s. 

Letters, ed. by P. Cunnmgham. pits., 9 vols., 1880 (H. Oct. 16 ; 565) ;gl 1 Is. 

Am. Edn., by Ctmningham, 9 vol., ports., 1891 (S. Nov. 13 ; 847) 

Hatchard, £2 14s. 

Anr. Edn., ed. by Mrs. Paget Toynbee, 16 vol., ports., Oxford, 1903-5 (S. 

Dec. 6 ; 423) Darwin, £4 2s. 6d. 

Memoirs of the Reigns of George II. and George III., ed. by Lord Holland 

and Sir D. Le Marchant, 7 vol., port., tree-calf gilt, m. e., 1847-51 (S. Nov^ 
21 ; 386) Edwards, £1 17s. 


Walsingham (T.) Historia brevis ab Edwardo primo ad Henricum quintum, etc.^ 

3 parts in 1, ports., old calf gilt, sunk panel, g. g, e., fo., 1574 (S. Nov. 25 • 

156) Ellis, £9 15s'. 
Walton (Isaak) Compleat Angler, 1st edn., engs., mor. ex., joints, g. e. (C. Hering), 

clean copy, 1653 (S. Dec. £0 ; 34) Learnard. ;£500 

* The early issue, with the error " contention " instead of " contentment " ; 

the musical margins intact, though cut close as usual. On p. 245 the eighth line 

of the verse has the letters " es " cut off from the end word " loves." It has the 

signature of " John Venables " on title. 

Anr. Edn., with Lives by Hawkins, third edn., pits. , calf, 1775 (S. Nov. 7 ; 

545) Ellis. 10s. 

Anr. Edn., by Hawkins, Gosden's Extra-Illustrated Issue, with 70 views, 

etc., India proofs or before letters, emblematic mor., g. e,, medalhon por- 
traits and bosses (25 copies issued), 1825 (P. Oct.30; 201) Tregaskis, £18 lOs. 

Anr. Edn., and Lives, 2 vol., " Pickering's Diamond edition," fronts., 1825- 

7 (S. Dec. 11 ; 6£8) Davis, 10s. 

Life of Dr. Sanderson, port, (margined), 1st edn., tree calf gilt, g. e., 1678 

(H. Oct. 17 ; 821) Davey, 9s. ed. 

Life of Rich. Hooker, 1st edn., with imprimatur leaf, orig. sheep, fine copy, 

1665 (S. Dec. 6 ; 425) Dobell, £3 10s. 

Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker and Herbert, 1st edn., ports., calf, 1670 

(S. Nov. 1 ; 664) Spicer, £1 10s. 

The same, 4 ports., old calf, 1670 (S. Dec. 11 ; 362) Barnard. £3 

Life, by T. Zouch, port., with Godwin's series of engravings, 12mo.. russ. 

g. e., rebacked, 1823 (H. Nov. 28 ; 454) Shepherd. £1 15s.. 

[Warburton (R. E. E.)^ Hunting Songs, Ballads, etc., cold. port, and 12 plts./l 
1st edn. (loose), 1834 (P. Dec. 5 ; 376) Martin, £5 5s.j 

Ware (Isaac) Complete Body of Architecture, pits., calf, fo., 1756 (S. Nov. 14 
200) Harrison, £2 Ws, 

(Sir J.) Antiquities of Ireland, port, and pits., calf, fo., 1705 (S. Nov. 25 ;| 

157) Carter, 12s. 
Wame (C.) Ancient Dorset, pits., half mor., m. e., fo., 1872 (S. Dec. 12 ; 818)j 

Brown, 1 1 Si] 
Warner (R.) Select Orchidaceous Plants, cold, pits., 2 vols., half mor., g. e., fo. 

1861-75 (P. Nov. 21 ; 248) Lacy, £2 17s. 6dJ 

Warren (H.) Illustrations of the Ravensboume, 6 pits., half mor., fo., n. d. (sJ 

Oct. 17 ; 637) Daniell, 5s.' 

(Samuel) Ten Thousand a Year, 1st edn., 3 vol., 1841 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1194) 

Young, £3 5s. 
Washington (G.) Life, by J. Marshall, port., 2 folding fronts, and maps, 5 vols., half] 

calf gilt, 1804-7 (H. Nov. 28 ; 469) Davey, lOsJ 

Watson (John) Memoirs of the Earls of Warren and vSurrey, views, etc., 2 vol., half] 

russ., 4to., 1782 (S. Nov. 13 ; 735) Harding, £2 8s. | 

(J. F.) Textile Manufactures and the Costumes of the People of India, ills.,] 

calf gilt, fo., 1866 (S. Nov. 13 ; 734) Craig, £\ 

Watt (J as.) Origin and Progress of his Mechanical Inventions, by J. P. Muirhead,] 

port., etc., 4 vol., half calf gilt, r. e., 1854-8 (S. Nov. 13 ; 736) Soames, £\ 4s. 

Weber (J .) Memoirs of Maria Antoinetta, port., 3 vols., hf. cf ., ex., 1805 (P. Oct. | 

4 ; 440) Edwards, £2 
Weever (J.) Ancient Funeral Monuments, port, and engd. title, calf gilt, fo., 1631 

(S. Oct. 17 ; 598) Thorp, £\ 8s. j 

Anr. Edn., port., russ., 4to., 1767 (S. Oct. 17 ; 504) Thorp. 4sJ 

Weirotter (F. E.) (Euvre, port, and 207 etchings, half bound, fo., Paris (1775) (S.| 
Oct. 18 ; 776) James, £\ lis. 

Welchmens Lamentation (The) and Complaint, for te losse of her great Towne and 
City of Hereford, 164? — The Welchmans Protestation, concerning the] 
corruptions of these times, 1641 — The Welch-mans publike Recantation, 1642 
3 vol. in 1, half bound, 4to. (S. Nov. 20 ; 210) Quaritch, £U 

Weld (I.) Scenery of Killamey, cold, pits., with presentation inscription from 
author, 4 to., boards, 1807 (H. Nov. 28 ; 384) Bumpus, £A 2s. 6d. 

Travels through N. America, pits., half calf, 4to., 1799 (S. Oct. 22 ; 449) 

Bates. 19s. 

I9I2-I3 141 

Wellington. Funeral Procession of the Duke of Wellington, a coloured panorama, 

over 60 feet long, in portfolio, fo., 1852 (S. Nov. 26 ; 430) Young, £5 
Wesley (John) Collection of Psalms and Hymns, 1st edn., sheep (soiled), 1741 

(P. Oct. 3 ; 157) Dohell, 6s. 

Westall (R.) Victories of the Duke of Wellington, 3 ports, (inserted) and 12 cold. 

pits., old half roan, 4to., 1819 (P. Dec. 4 ; 165) Cohn, £1 17s. 6d. 

[Westmacott (C. M.)] The English Spy, 1st edn., cold, pits., by R. Cruikshank, 

2 vol.. mor. ex., joints, g. e., by Tout, fine copy, 1825-6 (C. Dec. 16 ; 236) 

Hornstein, ;g37 

Points of Misery, ly. P., ills, by R. Cruikshank, half mor., t. e. g., 1823 (S. 

Oct. 31 ; 514) James, 4s. 

Westminster Election (History of) 14 pits, by Rowlandson, calf, 4to., 1785 (S. 

Oct. 30 ; 235) Walford, £1 

Westwood (J. O.) Arcana Entomologica, 2 vol., cold, pits., 1841-5 (S. Dec. 2 ; 

172) Brown, £1 18s. 

Whistler. Catalogue of the Memorial Exhibition of the Works of J. McNeill 

Whistler, edn. de luxe. 4to., 1905 (S. Dec. 4 ; 974) Shepherd, £1 Is. 

Gentle Art of Making Enemies, 1st edn., 1890 (P. Oct. 31 ; 558) 

Barrett, ^ 15s. 

The Studio " Whistler " PortfoUo, fo., 1905 (P. Oct. 4 ; 604) Beffer, i\ Is. 

Whitaker (T. D.) History of Craven, seed, edn., L. P., port., views, etc., with a 

dupUcate set of the Views in colours, mor., g. e., fine copy, fo., 1812 (S. Dec. 
20 ; 64) Edwards, £3 12s. 6d. 

History of Whalley and Clitheroe, 2 vol., ills., 4to., 1872-6 (S. Dec. 12 ; 

888) Thurnam, £1 

Whitboume (R.) Loving Invitation for the advancement of Newfoundland, with 
blank G 4, mor., g. e., by Riviere, 4to., 1622 (S. Dec. 20 ; 46) 

Barnard, £9 15s. 

White (G.) Natural History of Selbome, pits., 1st edn., 4to., half calf, clean copy, 
with Errata, 1789 (H. Dec. 19 ; 374) Maggs, £7 10s. 

The same, mor. 4to., 1789 (S. Oct. 24 ; 1247) Pickering. £9 

Anr. Edn., with Notes by Buckland, cuts, 2 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 

1876 (H. Dec. 5 ; 300) £1 

Anr. Edn., ed. by R. B. Sharpe, ills., L. P., signed, 2 vols., veil., t. e. g., 4to., 

1900 (P. Dec. 4 ; 202) Quaritch, £\ 12s. 

NaturaHst's Calendar, 1st edn., calf gilt, g. e., by Rividre, fine copy, 1795 

(S. Oct. 24 ; 1201) Young, £\ 2s. 

A Nature Calendar — Fascimile Reproduction of the Original MS. ed. by 

W. M. Webb, fo., 1911 (H. Oct. 25 ; 873) £\ 

(G. F.) Views in India, 2 vol., pits., half mor., fo., 1837 (S. Nov. 27 ; 631) 

David, 5s. 

(P.) A Memorable Sea-Fight, penned and preserved by Peter White, Pub- 

Ushed by Andrewes Burrell, cut into, tmboimd, w. a. f., 4to. (1649) (S. 
Nov. 21 ; 464) Edwards, £2 8s. 

White's Replie to Jesuite Fishers's Answer to Certain Questions Propoimded by 

King James, fo., cf., 1625 (D. Dec. 16 ; 383) 2s. 6d. 

Whitehead (C.) Lives of Enghsh Highwaymen, 2 vol., pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1834 

(S. Oct. 22 ; 382) Quaritch, 9s. 

Whitelaw (Alex.) Book of Scottish Ballads and of Scottish Song, 2 vol., mor., g. e., 

pres. copy, 1845 (S. Nov. 13 ; 743) Hopkins, £2 

Whittier (J. G.) Home Ballads and Poems, 1st edn., original cloth, uncut, Boston, 

1861 (S. Nov. 1 ; 843) James, 6s. 

Poetical and Prose Works, 7 vol. ; Life and Letters, 2 vol. ; pits., half veil., 

t. e. g., Boston, 1892-4 (S. Oct. 31 ; 529) Parsons, £3 

Whole Duty of Man (The), cont. blue mor., the sides tooled in gold and silver, 
g. e., byS. Meame. 1677 (S. Nov. 20 ; 180) Tregaskis, £^ls.e>d, 

Whyte-Melville (G. J.) Songs and Verses, 1st edn., calf gilt, t. e. g., by Bedford, 

1869 (S. Dec. 6; 431) Grieve, £^1 

Wicksted (C.) The Cheshire Himt, a Song, 1st edn., port, and view, 4to., Chester, 

1837 (H. Nov. 13 ; 79) Bumpus, £2 9s. 


Wilde (O.) An Ideal Husband, 1st edn., Japan, vellum, signed, veil, gilt, sm. 4to., 
1899 (S. Nov. 21 ; 309) B. F. Stevens, £10 5s. 

Aristophanes at Oxford, O. W. by Y. T. O., mor. ex., t. e. g., Oxford, n. d. 

(S. Nov. 21 ; 297) Shepherd, £\ 

De Profundis, 1st edn., Japan, vellum, veil., t. e. g., 1905 (S. Nov. 21 ; 310) 

Maggs, £1 12 s. 

(O.) The Happy Prince, ills., 4to., 1888 (S. Dec. 11 ; 674) Maggs, i\ 8s. 

The same, pits, in two states, L. P., signed, 1888 (H. Oct. 23 ; 173) 

Bickers, i<o 10s. 

A House of Pomegranates, 1st edn., ills., sm. 4to., 1891 (S. Nov. 21 ; 301) 

Phillips, 12 8s. 

Importance of being Earnest, 1st edn., Japan, vellum, signed, veil., gilt, sm. 

4to., 1899 (S. Nov. 21 ; 308) Maggs, i\{) 5s. 

Intentions, 1st edn., soiled, 1891 (S. Nov. 21 ; 300) Deane, 19s. 

Lady Windermere's Fan, 1st edn., sm. 4to., 1893 (S. Nov. 21 ; 304) 

James, £2 10s. 

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, 1st edn., 1891 (S. Nov. 21 ; 302) 

Steele, £1 Is. 

Picture of Dorian Gray, " 1st edn." Ward Lock and Bowden, n. d. (S. Oct. 

24 ; 1203) Edwards, £1 Is. 

The same, " 1st edn." L. P., half parchment, t. e. g., sm. 4to., 1891 (SJ 

Nov. 21 ; 303) Maggs, £f 

Poems, 1st edn., veil., t. e. g., 1881 (S. Nov. 21 ; 298) Steele, £1 

Salome, trans, from the French [by Lord Alfred Douglas], ills, by BeardsleyJ 

1st edn., unopened, 1894 (H. Oct. 23 ; 174) Quaritch, £4 lOi 

Sebastian Melmoth [Oscar Wilde], mor. ex., t. e. g., 1904 (S. Nov. 21 

312) Shepherd, Hi 

The Sphinx, 1st edn.. veil, gilt, sm. 4to., 1894 (S. Nov. 21 ; 306) 

Steele, £4 6sj 

A Woman of No Importance, 1st edn., sm. 4to., 1894 (S. Nov. 21 ; 305] 

Shepherd, £1 5s 

Works, including Dorian Gray, collected edn., 11 vols., fscap., 1910-1! 

(H. Oct. 23 ; 52) W. R. Hill, £\ 16j 

Works, edn. de luxe, 1 4 vols., n. d. (E. July 25 ; 1 159) Eastburn, ;^12 10s.' 

Wilkins (D.) Concilia Magnse Britanniae Et Hibemise, 4 vols, (fo.), cf., Lond., 

1737-38 (D. Dec. 17 ; 497) £ie> 

Wilkinson (R.) Londina Illustrata, pits., 2 vols., boards, fo.. 1819-25 (P. Dec. 17 ; 

206) Wilkinson, £4 5s. 

Wilks (Mark) Historical Sketches of the South of India, 3 vol., maps, calf, 4to., 

1810 (S. Nov. 13 ; 748) Brown, £2 12s. 

Willement (T.) Historical Sketch of Davington, L. P.. pits., half calf, 4to., 1862 

(S. Oct. 17 ; 487) Thorp, 14s. 

Willemin (N. X.) Monuments Fran9ais, 2 vol., cold, pits., half russ., fo., Paris, 

1839 (S. Dec. 12 ; 756) Maggs, £3 3s. 

Willems (A.) Les Elzevier. Histoire et Annales typographiques. plates, half mor. 

t. e. g.,Brux., 1880 (S. Dec. 12 ; 824) Klinckseick, 13s. 

WiUiamson (T.) Oriental Field Sports, 40 cold. pits., half calf, fo., 1807 (C. Dec. 

16; 207) Edwards, £\\ \0&. 

[and Howitt] Wild Sports of the East, 40 cold, pits., half bound, ob. fo., 

n. d. (S. Dec. 10 ; 336) Edwards, £\0 5s. 

Wilhs (Browne) History of the Mitred Parliamentary Abbies, 2 vol., L. P., russ. 
ex., m. e., by Riviere, 1718 (S. Oct. 16 ; 164) Thorp, £\ 14s. 

Notitia ParUamentaria, 3 vol.. russ. gilt. 1730-16-50 (S. Nov. 20 ; 167) 

Barker, 7s. 

Survey of the Cathedrals, 3 vol.. pits., old calf, broken, 4to., 1727-33 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 525) Drannett. 5s. 

Wilmore, The Case of John Wilmore. truly and impartially related, fo. (1682), 
(P. Nov. 21 ; 253) Maggs, £2 4s. 

Wilmot (Sir J. E.) Notes of Opinions and Judgements deHvered in different 
Courts, port., 4to., 1802 (H. Nov. 22; 51) Ernestus, £\ 

Wilson (G. H.) The Eccentric Mirror, 4 vol., ports., half mor., t. e. g., 1807-13 
(S. Oct. 22 ; 389) Young, £\ 7s. 

1912-13 143 

Wilson (J as.) Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean, pits., cf.,4to., 1799 
(P. Oct. 3 ; 234) Entican, 10s. 

(O. E.) Larv« of the British Lepidoptera, cold, pits., half mor., g. t.. 1880 

(S. Dec. 2 ; 176) Bumpus, jgl lis. 

(W. F.) Histon,- of the Madras Army, 4 vol., and a vol. of maps, Madras, 

1882-88 (S. Nov. 13 ; 753) Grant, £1 Is. 

Wilson and Bonaparte. American Omitholog>% cold, pits., L. P., 3 vols., 4to., 

half mor., t. e. g., 1876 (H. Nov. 6 ; 440) Kashnor, £2 17s. 6d. 

Wilson and Evans. Aves Hawaiienses : Birds of the Sandwich Islands, in 7 parts, 

cold, pits., 4to., 1890-99 (S. Nov. 26 ; 342) Edwards, £4 12s. 6d. 

Wingate (E.) The Clarks Tutor for Arithmetick and Writing, 1 1 pits., mor., g. e., 

16[67 -71 (H. Nov. 28; 421) Barnard. £2 

Wise (C.) Rockingham Castle and the Watsons, pits., half mor., 4to., 1891 (S. 

Nov. 13 ; 758) Allen, 10s. 

Wit's Album ; or Pine-Apple of Literature, port, and pits, by R. Cruikshank, 

defects in 3 leaves, half mor., g. e., n. d. (S. Nov. 20 ; 173) Cohn, £2 8s. 
Wither (G.) Epithalamia, 1st edn. (A — D in fours, last blank), sm. 4to., unboimd, 

1612 (H. Oct. 17 ; 819) Quaritch, ;£24 

Vaticinium Votivum, or Palsemon's Prophetick Prayer, port., 1st edn., 

with 4 unpaged leaves between fo. 74-75, front, and facsimile inserted, russ. 
P. P. [" Trajecti "] 1649 (H. Nov. 28 ; 419) Dobell, £1 10s. 

Wivell (A.) Inquirv into the Shakespeare Portraits, ports., calf, g. e., 1827 (S. Nov 

! ; 669) ' T ravers, £\ 8s. 

Wobum Abbey Marbles, with Descriptions, engs., pres. copy, fo., 1822 (S. Nov. 

13 ; 760) B. F. Stevens, £\ 10s. 
Wolf (A.) Cent Chefs-d'CEuvre, etchings before letters, n. d. (H. Nov. 15 ; 921) 

Sawyer, £1 5s. 

Wollstonecraft (M.) Original Stories from Real Life, 1st edn., 6 engs. by W. Blake, 

calf gilt, t. e. g., 1791 (H. Nov. 14 ; 460) Tregaskis, 18s. 

Vindication of the Rights of W^omen, 1st edn., cf., 1792 (P. Oct. 4 ; 468) 

Lewine, 10s. 
Wood (J.) The Origin of Building, 36 pits., half bound, fo., Bath, 1741 (S. Nov. 

14 ; 206) Mount, 15s. 

(Wm.) The Bow-man's Glory, or Archery Revived,'^ mor. ex., g. e., 1682 

(S. Dec. 6 ; 436) ' ' Tregaskis. £4 

(W.) and J. O. Westwood. Index Entomologicus, cold, pits., mor., g. t., 

1854 (S. Dec. 2 ; 177) Hermann. £1 lis. 

Woodward (John) Treatise on Ecclesiastical Heraldrv, emblazoned coats-of-arms, 
1894 (S. Nov. 13 ; 850) ' 'Joseph, 17s. 

Wordsworth (W.) Lyrical Ballads, with other Poems [by Coleridge, &c.l, 1st edn. 
with uniform date, 2 vols., half mor., g. e., 1800 (H. Nov. 28 ;' 431) 

Ellis. £1 10s. 

Worhdge (T.) Antique Gems, 2 vol., port, and engs., mor., g. e., 4to., 1768 (S. 

Dec. 12 ; 741) Rimell. £2 2s. 

Wotton (E.) De Differentiis Animalium Ubri decem, cont. calf, tooled in silver, 

fo., Lut. Paris., 1552 (S. Nov. 20 ; 225) Leighton. £\4 10s. 

* Wotton is said to have been the first English physician who made a study 

of natural histor}^ and this book, when it appeared in 1552, gained for him a 

European reputation. • 

Wraxall (N. W.) Historical and Posthumous Memoirs, ed. by H. B. Wheatley, 

ports., lib. edn., 5 vols., cloth, 1884 (H. Oct. 16 ; 441) Walford, £\ 2s. 

Wright (A.) Court Hand Restored, ninth edn., pits., 4to., 1879 (S. Dec. 1 1 ; 495) 

Barnard, £\ Is. 

(W. E.) Butterflies of the West Coast of the United States, port, and cold. 

pits., San Bernardino, 1906 (S. Dec. 2 ; 179) Dulau, £\ 6s. 

WycHf's Latin Works. 32 vols., 1882-1909 (H. Oct. 15 ; 245) Bull, £2 

Wyndham (H. P.) Tour through Monmouthshire and Wales, pits., old tree-calf, 

y. e., 4to., Sahsburj', 1781 (S. Oct. 30 ; 230) Quaritch, £\ Is. 

Wynne (J. H.) History- of the British Empire in America, 2 vol., map, calf gilt, 

1770 (S. Oct. 22 ; 391) Kashnor, £2 16s. 

Wyon (A. B. and A.) The Great Seals of England, 54 pits., fo., 1887 (H. Oct. 15 ; 

297) Quaritch. £\ 7s. 



Xenophontis Opera, fo., mor., with Royal coat of arms and fleur-de-lys, 1625 

(D. Dec. 17 ; 575) lis. 

Yarranton (A.) England's Improvement by Sea and Land, plans, half roan, 4to., 

1677 (S. Nov. 7 ; 444) Harding, 16s. 

The same, orig. calf, sm. 4to., 1677 (S. Nov. 20 ; 50) David, i\ 3s. 

Yciar Vizcayno (J. de) Arte Breve y Provechoso de Cuenta Castellana y Arith- 

metica, 29 11. of text and woodcuts, stained, half mor., w. a. f., sm. 4to. (not 

in Brunet), Carag09a, 1559 (S. Dec. 11 ; 666) Davis, iS 5s. 

Yeats (W. B.) Poems, 1st edn., pres. copy, 1895 (H. Oct. 16 ; 546) 

Hatchard, p 10s. 
Yellow Book (The) 13 vol., ills, by Beardsley, etc., 4to., 1894-97 (S. Oct. 22 ; 

453) Gaynor, £2 2s. 

Yorke (J as.) Union of Honour, coats-of-arms, mostly correctly coloured, mor. ex., 

g. e., fo., 1640 (S. Nov. 13 ; 893) Rimell, £3 7s. 6d. 

Young (A.) Travels in Prance, 2 vol., half mor., 4to., 1794 (S. Oct. 22 ; 454) 

Kashnor, £1 
(B.) Night Thoughts, engs. by Blake, orig. boards. 4to., 1797 (C. Dec. 16 ; 

242) Parsons, ;£10 15s. 

The same, calf, fo., 1797 (S. Dec. 4 ; 913) Spencer, £S 

Zaehnsdorf (J. W.) Art of Bookbinding, Iv. P., ills., mor. gilt, t. e. g., by Zaehns- 

dorf, 1880 (S. Nov. 21 ; 429) Maggs, £2 12s. 

Zarlino (G.) lyC Institutioni Harmoniche, diagrams (slightly wormed), fo., Venet, 

1532 (H. Nov. 6 ; 625) Polyglot, £\ 6s. 

Zayas (Maria de) Novelas Amorosas, 4to., veil., 1659 (D. Dec. 16 ; 169) 6s. 
Zocchi (J.)Vedute di Pirenze, engd. title and 24 pits., half roan, fo., Firenze, 1754 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 170) Davis, £\4 

Zompini (G.) Le Arti che Vanno per via nella citta di Venezia, 60 cold, pits., loos 

in binding, w. a. f., fo., 1785 (P. Oct. 3 ; 298) Davis. £2 4sJ 

Zoological Society's Proceedings, 1830 to 1893, and Indexes, 1843-90, 53 vol.] 

pits., half mor., g. t., remainder in parts, 1830-93 (S. Oct. 31 ; 385) 

Wesley, £3\ 
Zoologist (The) from commencement in 1843 to May, 1912, 69 vol. and 5 part 

1843-1912 (S. Dec. 10; 81) Hiersemann, £4 IOj 


(For abbreviations see Part 1, Page 1). 

Abbot (J ohn) J esus Praefigured, or a Poeme of the Holy Name of J esus, first and 
second Booke (all pubd.), defective, calf, sm. 4to. (Antwerp), 1623 (S. Feb. 4; 
469) Morton, £5 10s. 

A' Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of !England, 2 vol., 1st edn., cold. pits, by J. 
Leech, 1847-48 (S. Feb. 5 ; 731) David, £3 7s. 6d. 

The same (and Rome), 3 vols., red mor. ex., g. e., 1847-8, n. d. (H. Jan. 

30 ; 558) £7 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., 10 cold. pits, by Leech, 1851 (S. Mar. 7 ; 498) Spencer, £3 

Abercrombv (P.) Martial Atchievement of the Scots Nation, 2 vols., fo., cf., 

Edin., 1715 (D. Mar. 18 ; 708) 9s. 

Anr. Edn., ills., 4 vols., hf. cf.. 1762 (D. Feb. 18 ; 671) 3s. 6d. 

Ackermann (R.) Costumes of the British Armv, 1840-54, 61 cold, pits., with 6 

added, showing variations, together 67 pits. — New Series of Ackermann's 
Costumes, 1855-58, 15 cold, pits., with 4 extra, making no. 1 in three states, 
and nos. 7 and 9 in two states, together 19 plates, all but one coloured, by 
Henry Martens ; in 3 vol., cloth, fo., 1840-1858 (S. Feb. 24 ; 2) Parker. ;^160 

History of Rugby School, 5 cold, pits., 4to., 1816 (P. Mar. 1? ; 234) 

Bumpus, £2 12s. 6d. 

History of University of Oxford, 2 vol., L. P., pits, on India paper, with a 

set of the original etchings of the plates (said to be the onlv one) inserted, 
boards, fo., 1814 (S.Jan. 15; 1107) ' Sully, £2\ 

Acosta (J as.) Naturall and Morall Historic of the East and West Indies, trans, by 
E. G. (Edw. Grimestone), 1st edn., calf, 4to., 1604 (S. Mar. 13 ; 78) 

Young, £1 15s. 

Acripanda : Tragedia del Decio da Horte, slightlv shaved, old calf gilt, with arms 
of Madame de Pompadour, Venetia, 1592 (H. Jan. 30 ; 543) £2 7s. 

Act More Effectually to Prohibit and Prevent Pastors or Ministers from Officia- 
ting in Episcopal Meeting-houses in Scotland without Duly Qualifying 
Themselves, fo., unbound, 1746 (D. Jan. 20 ; 208) 2s. 

for the More Effectual Disarming the Highlands in Scotland, fo., unbound, 

1746 (D. Jan. 20 ; 209) 2s. 6d. 

to Amend and Enforce an Act Relating to the More Effectual Disarming 

the Highlands, fo., unbound, 1748 (D. Jan. 20 ; 210) 3s. 6d. 

for More Effectual Disarming the Highlands in Scotland, fo., unbound, 1725 

(D.Jan. 20 ; 211) 2s. 6d. 

Acts of the Third ParUament, Charles I., calf, Edinb., 1644 (E. Jan. 23 ; 299) 6s. 
Adair (J.) History of the American Indians, map, calf, 4 to., 1775 (S. Mar. 4 ; 1) 

H. Stevens, £5 10s. 

Adam (Albert) Voyage de Willenberg jusqu'a Moscou, 100 pits., russ., g. e., fo., 

Munich, 18 .8 (S. Feb. 24 ; 3) Parsons, £S 10s. 

(Victor) French Uniforms, 34 cold, lithographs, half mor., 4 to., Paris, n. d. 

(S. Feb. 24 ; 4) Rimell, £A 

Histoire de Napoleon et de la grande Armee, 24 cold, lithographs, hah" mor., 

fo. [Paris, n. d. (S. Feb. 24 ; 5) Edwards, £d 10s. 

Addison. The Spectator, 8 vol. in 4, cont. red mor. ex., g. e., 1718 (S. Mar. 5 ; 
92) Streeton, 10s. 

Works, port., 4 vols., calf, 4to., J. Baskerville, Birmingham, 1761 (P. Mar. 

12 ; 191) _ Andrews, 10s. 

.^gineta. Pauli Eginetae pcepta Salubria, Guilielmo Copo Basiliensi interprete, 
mor. gilt, g. e. by Hagiie, Didot Copy, sm. 4to., Parisiis, 1512 (S. Feb. 13 ; 
358) Young. £<d 

.(Elian. The Tacticks of ^lian, Englished bv J . B(ingham), etc., engd. title and 
_ pits., old calf, fo., 1616 (S. Feb. 13 ;,359) Dohell, £\ Is. 

vElius Antonius Nebrissensis Grammaticus. Vafre dicta PhUosophorum,"^ etc., 
24 11., probablv wants another quire at end, unbound, fo., a. n. [Sevilla, 
149-] (S. Feb. 13 ; 361) heighten, £<o 10s. 

Aeneas Sylvius. Historia Rerum Ubique Gestarum, slightlv wormed, old red 
mor. gilt, fo., Jo. de Colonia, 1477 (S. Mar. 6 ; 429) ' Davis, £<6 5s. 



Aeneas Sylvius. Libellus de duobus amantibus Enee Silvii de euriolo & lucretia, 
I. ft. (32 11.), rubricated, red mor. gilt, g. e. (Derome), fine copy, sm. 4to., 
a. n. [c. 1475] (S. Feb. 13 ; 362) Tregaskis, £6 10s. 

Aeschylus. Agamemnon, a Tragedy [trans, by E. FitzGerald], sm. 4to., 1876 
(S. Feb. 20 ; 1 ) B. F. Stevens, £2 5s. 

^sop's Fables, with Life, in English, French and I^atin, front, and 31 pits, (plate 
17 unmutilated), by Barlow, old calf, fo., 1687 (S. Mar. 4 ; 3) Maggs, /2 

The same (p. 17 unmutilated), old calf, fo., 1687 (H. Jan. 30 ; 615) 

Tregaskis, £\ 

Anr. Edn., with Morals and Reflexions by Sir Roger 1,'Estrange, port., calf. 

fo.. 1694 (S. Jan. 13; 122) David, 2s. 

Anr. Edn., with Life, 112 pits., 2 vols., calf, g. e., 1793 (P. Mar. 12 ; 120) 

Nield, i^ 
Anr. Edn., ills, by E. J . Detmold, 4to., 1909 (H. Jan. 30 ; 341) 12s. 

The same, 4to., 1909 (S. Feb. 5 ; 807) Maine, £1 2s. 

Agricola. De re Metallica lib. XII, ejusdem de Animantibus Subterraneis, wood- 
cuts, veil., fo., Basil, 1621 (S. Mar. 14 ; 245) Quaritch. £3 

Agrippa. Of the Vanitie and Uncertaintie of Artes and Sciences, EngUshed by 
J. Stanford, h. I , parchment, 4to., 1575 (S. Mar. 13 ; 79) Young, £1 lis. 

Aikin (J.) Description of the Country round Manchester, pits., 4to., 1793 (S. 
Jan. 13 ; 111) David, 5s. 

The same, pits., calf, 4to., 1793 (S. Mar. 13 ; 80) Paferson, 10s. 

(ly.) Memoirs of the Court of Elizabeth, J ames I and Charles I, 6 vol., ports., 

half calf gilt, 1818-33 (S. Mar. 18 ; 269) Maggs, £1 5s. 

Ainslie (Sir R.) 24 Coloured Views in Turkey, half calf, fo., 1811 (H. Mar. 5 ; 

305) 12s. 

Ainsworth (W. H.) The Lord Mayor of London, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1862 (P. Feb. 

13 ; 148) Cogswell, ISs. 

The same, 3 vols., 1862 (H. Jan. 10 ; 786) Wye, £1 Is. 

Tower of London, ills, by G. Cruikshank, in 55 nos., 1854 (S. Feb. 5 ; 723) 

Thorp, £1 2s. 
Ainsworth's Magazine, vol. I to XII, pits, by G. Cruikshank, etc., half calf, 1842- 

7 (S. Jan. 14 ; 680) Sieveking, lis. 

Akerman (J. Y.) Tales of Other Days, pits, by G. Cruikshank, half mor., m. e., 

1830 (S.Jan. 14; 639) "' Hornstein, Is. 

Alanus de Parabohs. Alias doctrinale altum / cum luculenta Glosarum exposi- 

tione, \. ft. (2 types), 20 U., Wynkyn's Caxton device on title, panel calf, fine 

copy, sm. 4to., Londiniis, Wynandum de Worde [1510] (S. Feb. 13 ; 363) 

Quaritch, £30 10s. 

* The author was Alain of Lille, Flanders. Lowndes wrongly inserts it imder 
Albertus Magnus. Liber Aggregationis seu Liber Secretorum de Virtutis herbarum 

lapidum et animalium quorundam (24 11. signs, a-b, wants blanks for a j and 

b 4), sm. 4to.. a. n. [Venet. Jo. Rubeus, 14—] (S. Feb. 13 ; 364)Quaritch, £9 
Albin (E.) Natural History of Birds, 3 vol., cold, pits., veil., 4to., 1738-40 (S. 

Mar. 13 ; 81) Wesley. £1 18s. 

Alciatus. Emblemi dell' Alciato, woodcuts, calf, inlaid in imitation of a " Grolier" 

binding, by Hague, Lione, 1549 (S. Feb. 20 ; 3) Ellis. £5 5s. 

Omnia Emblemata, cum Notis C. Minoem, woodcuts, calf gilt, g. e., Paris, 

1589 (S. Jan. 13 ; 86) Bull, 14s. 

Aldam (W. H.) Quaint Treatise on " Flees, and the Art a Artyfichall Flee Making," 
4to., 1876 (P. Mar. 27 ; 145) Walford, £1 10s. 

Alder and Hancock. The British Tunicata, cold, pits., 2 vols, 1905-6 (H. Feb. 
26 ; 98) ^1 Is. 

Aldus. Epitome Orthographic Aldi, cf., Venice, 1575 (D. Jan. 21 ; 665) 2s. 

Aleman (M.) The Rogue, or Life of Guzman de Alfarache, calf fo., Oxford, 1630 
(S.Jan. 15; 1062) Dobell, 18s. 

Alexander Gallus Vulgo de Villa Dei. Doctrinale : seu Grammatica Latina 
metrice [begins on fol. 1 recto (without title) : " (S)cribere clericalis paro 
doctrinale novellis pluraqs doctorum loci abo scripta meoruni jamqs legenti 
pueri p nugis maximiani que veteres sociis no lebant pandere caris," I. ft., 
magna, printed on vellum (46 11.), old calf, unmentioned by bibliographers, 
sm. 4to., a. o. [14—1 (S. Feb. 13 ; 367) Quaritch, ;^500 

I9I2-I3 147 

Alington (C. E. A.) Partridge Driving, half mor., t. e. g., 1904 (S. Jan. 15 ; 792) 

Joseph, 2s 
Alison (Sir A.) History of Europe, with Index and Atlas, 24 vol., ports., half calf 

gilt. 1849-59 (S. Mar. 19 ; 386) Jackson. 10s. 

Aiken (H.) Comparative Meltonians, as they are and as they were, 6 cold, pits., 

ob. 4to., wrapper, fine state, 1823 (H. Jan. 30; 564) Quarttch, ;^30 

and G. A. Sala. Funeral Procession of the Duke of Wellington, cold. 

panoramic view, cloth case, ob., n. d. (S. Feb. 24 ; 11) Edwards, £5 10s. 

Illustrations to Popular Songs, cold. pits, (damaged), ob. fo , cf., 1822 (B. 

Jan. 21 : 163) 16s. 

Allibone (S. A.) Dictionary of English Literature, 3 vols, half morocco, 1874 (H. 

Mar. 5 ; 120) 13s. 

Allot (R.) England's Parnassus, ed. by T. P[ark , 4to., half bound, t. e. g., 1814 

(H. Jan. 8 ; 113) Heffer, 16s. 

Almain Armourer's Album, cold, pits., fo., 1905 (P. Mar. 12 ; 25 ) 

Neumayer, 19 s. 
Almanach Geographique ou Petit Atlas Elementaire, engd. title, front, and cold. 

maps, old red mor., g. e., Paris, 1770 (S. Feb. 3 ; 155) Rolandi. £1 2s. 

Almanach Royal, red mor. ex., g. e., with arms of Madame Adelaide, daughter of 

Louis XV, Paris, 1778 (vS. Mar. 7 ; 545) Edwards, £\2 5s. 

Ambassades Memorables de la Compagnie des Provinces Unies vers les Empereurs 

du Japon, pits., calf (rebacked), fo., Amst., 1680 (P. Jan. 24 ; 633) Lee £\ Is. 
Ambrose (I.) Prima, the First Things, or Regeneration Sermons, and Ultima, The 

Last Things, in 1 vol., first title in MS., calf, 1650 (P. Feb. 13 ; 269) Ross, £11 

* The margins of the first 72 pp. have notes, said to be in the handwriting of 
America. History of the Bucaniers of America. 2 vols., calf, 1774 (P. Jan. 23 ; 

193) Dohell, £1 6s. 

American Philosophical Society, Transactions of, vol. I, pits., calf, 4to., Phil., 1771 

(S. Mar. 4 ; 210) H. Stevens, '^Ss. 

Amman (Jost) Icones Evangehorum, orig. edn., 92 engs., orig. binding, ob. 4to., 

Franckfurt, 1589 (S. Feb. 3; 158) Mumford, £^ 

Amphiareo da Ferrara (Fr. V.) Opera, pits., mor. extra, g. e., by Petit, ob. 4to., 

Vinegia, 1556 (P. Feb. 13 ; 194) Reynolds, £1 12s. 6d. 

Anacreon done into EngUsh (by Cowley, etc.), 1st edn., cah, Oxford, 1683 (S. 

Feb. 3 ; 91) Leighton, 10s. 

Anacreon, Sapho, Bion et Moschus, traduction nouveUe, par M. M*** C**, 2 pits. 

after Eisen and 25 vignettes, L. P., orig. calf, g. e., with arms, 4to., Paris, 

1780 (P. Mar. 27 ; 159) Bumpus. ;^10 

Anacreon, with Thos. Stanley's Translation, ed. by A. H. Bullen. pits.. 1893 (S. 

Jan. 14 ; 509) Follett, 6s. 

Ananga-Ranga ; or, Hindu Art of Love, P. P., 1885 (H. Feb. 14 ; 672) £^ 2s. 
Anderson (A.) Origin of Commerce, 4 vol., maps, calf, 4to., 1787 (S. Feb. 5 ; 766) 

David, 14s. 

Anr. Edn., 6 vol., front, and map, old calf, 1790 (S. Feb. 3 ; 8) Jaynes, 12s. 

(J.) Constitutions of the Free and Accepted Masons, front., etc., 1st edn., 

calf, fine copy, with Corrigenda leaf (1738) (P. J an. 23 ; 135) Maggs, ;^10 5s. 

Genealogical History of the House of Yvery, 2 vol.. pits., mor. ex., g. e.. 

1742 (S. Mar. 13; 1) Quarttch. £8 

Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum Scotiae Thesaurus, ed. T. Ruddiman, 

pits., old calf, fo., Edin.. 1739 (H. Feb. 26 ; 191) Forrester, £1 Is. 

(J .) Account of the Zoological Results of the Yunnan Expedition. His., 2 vols., 

4to., 1878 (H. Mar. 6 ; 593) Quaritch. £2 

Andreas (Jo.) Super Arboribus Consanguinitatis AflBLnitatis necnon Spirituahs 
Cognationis, 11 U. (sign. A), including first blank. 3 woodcuts, fo., Lovanii, 
1480 (S. Mar. 5 ; 215) Barnard, £4 5s. 

Angas (G. F.) Kaffirs Illustrated, cold, pits., half mor., g. e., fo.. n. d. (P. Feb. 13 ; 
341) Edwards, £11 

South Austraha Illustrated, cold, pits., title shaved, half mor., fo., 1846 

(P. Jan. 23; 286) Harris, £S 

Anr. Edn., cold, pits., mor. ex.. g. e., fo., 1847 (P. Mar. 12 ; 277) 

Hill, £8 IDs. 



Angelo (D.) Iv':Ecole des Arnies, 47 pits., half mor., uncut, fo., Londres, 1763 (S. 
Mar. 6 ; 423) Harrison . £5 

♦The first issue, unknown to Cohen. The earliest edition mentioned by 
Cohen is that of 1765, with the text in BngUsh and French. 

Treatise of Fencing, port, and pits., unbound, ob. fo., 1817 (S. Mar. 6 ; 416) 

Edwards, £\ 2s. 

Angling. A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country Anglers, 

woodcuts, 1836 (S. Feb. 20 ; 5) Maggs, 17s. 

Anglo-Saxon Review, 10 vols., fo.,' mor., t. e. g., 1899-1901 (H. Mar. 6 ; 550) 

£\ 19s. 
Annalia Dubrensia, 1st edn. (some margins cut), 4to., 1636 (S. Feb. 4 ; 458) 

Ferguson, £2 2s. 

Annibal Caro. Rime, cont. mor., covered with elaborate gold tooling (restored), 

4to., Venetia, Aldus, 1549 (P. Mar. 27 ; 149) Barnard, £2 

Annual Anthology (The), ed. by R. Southey, 2 vol., I,. P., portion of an Autograph 
Letter by Southey and original MS. of two Poems by Ameha Opie inserted, 
calf, Bristol, 1799-1800 (S. Feb. 20 ; 6) Maggs, £5 7s. 6d. 

Annual County Courts Practice, ed. by Smyly and Brooks, 2 vols., 1913 (H. 
Mar. 7 ; 107) 19s. 

Annual Practice, with Notes, Forms, &c., by Matthews, White, and Stringer, 1913 
(H. Mar. 7 ; 106) 18s. 

Answers of some Brethren of the Ministerie to the Reply es of the Ministers and 
Professours of Divinitie in Aberdene concerning the late Covenant, half roan, 
4to., Aberdene, 1638 (S. Mar. 5 ; 128) Barnard, 5s. 

Anthologie Fran9oise, 4 vol., port, and fronts., calf, rebacked, Paris, 1765 (S. 
Jan. 13 ; 250) David, 19s. 

Antigiiedades Mexicanas, publicadas en el Cuarto Centenario del Descubrimiento 
de America, cold, pits., fo., Mexico, 1892 (H. Feb. 28 ; 926) Burger sdyk, £\ 8s. 

Antiquarian Repertory, 4 vol., pits., half calf, g. t., 4to., 1807-9 (S. Mar. :9 ; 

564) Reader, 16s. 

Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, 10 vol., pits., russ. gilt, m. e., 1807 (S. 

Mar. 8 ; 364) Hornstein, £1 6s. 

Antoninus Augustus. Itinerarium Provinciarum Omnium Antonini Augusti 

(Britanniarum, etc.), mor. ex., g. e., by Cape, fine copy, H. Stephani, Parr- 

hisiis [1512] (S. Feb. 13 ; 375) Quaritch, £4 5s. 

Apiano (P.) Libro de la Cosmographia, woodcuts and double-page map, veil., 4 to., 

Enveres, 1548 (S. Mar. 13 ; 82) Letghton, £Q 5s. 

Apollonius Rhodius. Argonauticon, cum Scholiis, Graece, illuminated initials 

and borders, fine copy, mor. gilt (Roger Payne), from libraries of Sykes and 

Thorold, sm. 4to., 496 (S. Mar. 6 ; 430) Sotheran, £2\ 

Apparitions Cuentos de duendes y Aparecidos : traducidos del Ingles por J ose de 

Urcullu, cold, engs., 1825 (S. Feb. 5 ; 674) Bumpus, 15s. 

[Apperley (C. J .) The Chace, The Turf, and The Road, port, and pits, by Aiken, 

'St edn., 837 (H.Jan. 30; 427) Hornstein, £1 3s. 
Life of John Mytton, third edn., cold. pits, by Aiken and Rawlins, 1851 (S. 

March 6 ; 431) Edwards, £6 10s. 

Appian. History of Appian of Alexandria, made English by Jolm Dancer, old 

calf, fo., 1679 (S. Feb. 3 ; 249) James, 4s. 

Apuleius Madaurensis Opera, 178 11., mor. ex., fo., Rome, Sweynheym and 

Pannartz, 1469 (S. Mar. 7 ; 625) Quaritch, y;95 

Aquino (C. de) Sacra Exequealia in Funere Jacobi II, pits., old leather, fo , Rome, 

1702 (S. Feb. 4; 556) Sellers, lis. 

Arabian Nights, pits, by R. Westall, 4 vols., boards, 1825 (H. Jan. 21 ; 164) 

Thorp, £\ 5s. 
■ Anr. Edn., Trans, by R. F. Burton, with Supplemental Nights, 16 vol., 

1885-88 (S. Feb. 5 ; 733) Edwards, £2e> 10s. 

The same, 16 vol., 1885-88 (S. Mar. 18; 125) Soames, £25 

Arber (E.) English Gamer, 12 vols., half mor , t. e. g , 1909 (H. J an. 8 ; 107) 

Soanies, £1 15s. 
English Reprints, 30 parts in 1 1 vol., L. P., half mor., t. e. g., sm. to., 1869- 

71 (S. Feb. 20; 178) Summers, £9 1 5s. 

1912-13 149 

Arbuthnot's Historical Account of Peterhead, hf. bound, Aberdeen, 1815 (D. 

Feb. 20 ; 1072) 4s. 6d. 

Arch«ologia, vol. I to XLIX. part 1 (wanting part 1 of vol. XLV),vol. I to XXXV. 

half niss., m. e., remainder in cloth ; Index vol. I to XXX, half russ., 4to., 

1770-1880 (S. Mar. 19; 615) Woollett. £1 

Archer (J . W.) Vestiges of Old London, India proof iUs., in 6 parts, fc, 1851 (H, 

Jan. 8; S06) Romain. 10s. 

The same, half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1851 (S. Feb. 20 ; 8) Soames, 12s. 

Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, woodcuts, old calf, 1572 (S. Feb. 3 ; 67) Leighton, 3s. 

Anr. Edn., 4 vol., port, and pits., tree-calf gilt, Birmingham, Baskerville, 

1773 (S. Mar. 4 ; 5) Edwards, £3 15s. 

The same, 4 vol., russ., g. e., 1773 (S. J an. 13 ; 166) Edwards, £6 2s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., engs., 4 vols., old calf (rubbed), Parigi, 1795 (H. Mar. 5 ; 220) 


Anr. Edn., port, and 46 pits., 4 vols., calf, Parigi, 1803 (P. Mar. 27 , 69) 

Scotti. £2 

Ultimi Canti d'Orlando Furioso, woodcuts, calf, with device of Henri II. 

Lione, 1556 (S Mar. 5; 65) Berlin, £S 10s. 

Aristophanes. Comoediae Novem Graece, cum scholiis Graecis et preafatione 
Graeca M. Musuri, 1st edn., shghtly wormed, fine large copy, calf, fo., 
Venetiis ap. Aldum, 1498 (S. Mar. 6 ; 432) Quaritch, £\^ 

Aristotle's Art of Poetr3% calf, 1703 (S. Feb. 3 ; 53) , Tregaskis, Is. 

Aristotele Rettorica et Poetica, tradotta da Bern. Segni, half bound, Firenze, 1549 
(S. Jan. 13 ; 9) David. Is. 

Armstrong (E. A.) Axel Herman Haig and his Work, ills., 4to., half mor., 1905 
(H. J an. 29 ; 166) Baker, £1 6s. 

(M. J .) Survey of the great Post-Roads between London and Edinburgh, 

front., plate and 43 maps, half mor., 1776 (S. Mar. 5 ; 98) Streeton, 10s. 

Arnold (Matthew) A French Eton or Middle Class Education and the State, 1 st 
edn., pres. copy, 1864 (P. Jan. 23 ; 142) Thorpe, £1 2s. 

Empedocles on Etna, 1st edn., pres. copy, 1852 (P. Jan. 23 ; 15/) 

Thorp, £3 12s. 6d. 

The same, mor. gilt, g. e., by Riviere, 1852 (S. Feb. 20 ; 10) Quaritch, £2 

Merope, 1st edn., mor. gilt, g. e., by Riviere, 1858 (S. Feb. 20 ; 12) 

James, 12s. 
— — Poems, mor. gilt, g. e., 1853 (S. Feb. 20; 11) Hill, £\ 5s. 

Popular Education of France, 1st edn., pres. copy, 1861 (P. Jan. 24 ; 412) 

Marsh, 17 s. 

The Strayed Reveller, 1st edn., mor. gilt, g. e. by Riviere, 1849 (S. Feb. 20 ; 

9) Quaritch, £2 5s. 

(R.) Chronicle of London [Begins on A ii , seed. edn. (?), h. I., old calf gilt, 

y. e. (A i blank wanting), fo., n. p. d. or n. [Pynson, 1521 ?] (S. Feb. 13 ; 
377) Leighton, £8 

Arrest du Parlement de Paris donne et rendu a la Requeste du Procureur General 

du Roy ; contre Charles II., Due de Lorraine, red mor., with arms of Madame 

de Pompadour, Paris, 1634 (S. Mar. 5 ; 83) Belin, £16 10s. 

Arrian on Coursing, trans, by W. Dansey, ills., 4to., 1831 (S. Mar. 18 ; 166) 

Slocock, 12 s. 
Arrighetti. Memorie della vita del servi di Dio P. GuiUo Arrighetti, descritte 

F. G. F. M. Poggi, red mor., richly tooled, with arms, 4to., Lucca, 1713 (S. 

Mar. 6 ; 329) Davis, £4 

[Arrowsmithl. The Reformation, a Comedy, 1st edn., half calf, 4 to., 1673 (S. 

Feb. 3 ;'192) Streeton, 10s. 

Artemidori et Achmeti Oneirocritica, Gr. et Lat., cum notis Nic. Rigaltii, sm. 4to., 

old mor., g. e., Lutetiae, 1603 (H. Feb. 27 ; 512) Selden, £1 

Arundel Society. Giorgione. Virgin and Child between St. Liberale and St. 

Francis (1) (S. Mar. 17 ; 27) Spencer, £1 

Carpaccio. St. Jerome in his study (1) (S. Mar. 17 ; 20) Tregaskis, 18s. 

St. Botticelli. Primavera (1) (S. Mar. 17 ; 19) Rimell, £\ lis. 

Joyce (J. G.) The Fairford Windows, cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1872 (S. 

Jan. 14 ; 740) Quaritch, £8 


Ascanius ; or, The Young Adventurer, a True History, cf. ex., by W. Pratt [1746] 
(D.Jan. 20 ; 217) 13s. 6d. 

Ascham (R.) Familiarium Kpistolarum, 1st edn. (title soiled), old calf [ca. 1576] 
(H.Jan. 30; 455) Tregaskis, lis. 

Toxophilus, the schole of Shootinge, 1st edn., b. (., red ruled, wormed, sm. 

4to., 1545 (S. Mar. 4 ; 6) Sabin, £\3^ 

* From the Library of Edward Prince of Wales, afterwards King Edward 

VI. Bound in calf, with his arms. Slightly rubbed and back damaged, 
[Ashbee (H. S.)j Index Librorum Prohibitorum, front., half mor., t. e. g., 4to,, 
P. P., 1877 (H. Jan. 10 ; 802) Beaumont, £3 5s. 

The same, pits., 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., P. P., 1877-85 (P. Jan. 23 ; 

208) Beaumont, iU 

Ashdown (Mrs. C. H.) British Costume during XIX Centuries, ills., 1910 (S. Mar. 

18 ; 95) Wicks, lis. 

Asian Carpets. XVI. and XVII Century designs from the J aipur Palaces, 6 parts, 

cold. pits, fo., 1905 (P. Feb. 13 ; 310) Jaschke, £A 

Assaracus Sarrachi Trivultias (A.) Historiae Novae ac Veteres (blank for A i), 

stamped leather (mended), fo., Mediolani, 1516 (S. Feb. 13 ; 378) 

Leigh ton, £3 5s. 
Astley (T.) Collection of Voyages and Travels, 4 vol., pits., old calf, 4to , 1745 

(S.Jan. 14; 607) Brown, l<)s. 

The same, 4 vol., calf, 4to., 1745 (S. Mar. 4 ; 7) Edwards, £2 

Atkins (J .) Voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the West Indies, calf, 1735 (S. Mar. 13 ; 

5) Young, £1 

Atkinson (G. F.) The Campaign in India, 1857-8, 26 pits., fo., 1859 (S. Feb. 24 ; 

17) Edwards, 18s. 

Curry and Rice, pits., third edn. (slightly foxed), n. d. (H. J an. 21 ; 102) 

Edwards, 18s. 
(J . A.) Incidents of British Bravery, 16 pits., no title, ob. fo., 1817 (S. Feb. 

24 ; 18) Edwards, £3 15s. 

Atkyns (Sir Robt.) Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire, seed, edn., map 

and pits., calf, fo., 1768 (S. Mar. 14 ; 248) Murray, £1 18s. 

Aubrey (John) Natural History and Antiquities of Surrey, 5 vol., port., map and 

pits., calf, 1719 (S. Feb. 4 ; 423) Thorp, £6 5s. 

Wiltshire Topographical Collections, pits., 4to., 1862 (H. Jan. 8 ; 289) 

Simmons, 17s. 
Aubry (C.) Histoire Pittoresque de I'Equitation, 24 pits., fo., Paris, 1833 (P. J an. 

24 ; 315) 5s» 

Audubon (J.J.) Ornithological Biography, 5 vol., half mor. gilt, g. t., Edinb., 1831 

(S. Mar. 18 ; 315) Quaritch, £4 17s. 6d. 

and J. Bachman. Quadrupeds of North America, 3 vol., cold, pits., mor., 

broken. N. Y., 1849-54 (S. Feb. 5 ; 738) Spencer, £5 10s. 

Augustinus (S.) " Canon pro recomendatione huius famosi operis sive libelli 
sequetis, de arte predicandi S. Augustini," a. {. (22 11.), (Hain, *1957 ; Proctor 
70), mor. ex., g. e., by lyortic, fine copy, fo. [Moguntiae, Jo. Fust, c. 1460- 
(? 1466)] (S. Feb. 13 ; 380) Leigh ton, £114 

" Canon p Recommendacoe huius famosi Operis sive libelli sequetes, de 

arte predicandi S. Augustini," I. q. (22 11. the last blank), (Hain *1956), 
mor. gilt, g. e. by Lortic, fine copy, fo., a. u. n. [Argent. Mentelin, c. 1465] 
(S Feb 13 ; 381) Maggs. ;^44 

* Called the Verso Edition, because the text begins on the verso of the first 

leaf, the recto being blank The two lines forming the title are in a different 
type from the recto edition from the same press, otherwise the two editions 
are alike. Mentelin's name as printer occurs on page ' of Prologue. 

De Civitate Dei cum commento, I. q., mor., g. e., Venet., 1489 (S. Mar. 

6 ; 433) Sotheran, £5 5s, 

Of the Citie of God, Englished by J. H(ealey), old calf, title defective, fo^ 

1610 (S. Mar. 18 ; 226) Montgomery, £1 

Sermones ad heremitas, I. g., (108 11. including title). [Hain, *1997 ; 

Proctor, 741], half pigskin, clasps, sm. 4to. a. n. [Argent, Printer of the 

Casas breves decretalium (G. Husner) ante 1487] (S. Feb. 12 ; 388) 

Barnard, £2 6s 

1912-13 151 

Augustinus (S.) Anr. Edn., I. «.. half roan, 4to., n. d. (S. Feb. 5 ; 776) 

Barnard, 10s. 

Auldjo (J.) Ascent of Moimt Blanc, pits., boards, 4to., 1828 (P. Jan. 23 ;^225) 

Barnard' 15s. 

Aurora AustraHs, ills., 4to., 1908 (S. Feb. 5; 811) B. F. Stevens. £4 

Ausonius. Opera Ausonii nuper reperta [ed. T. Ugoletus", boards, sm. 4to., 
Parmae, 1499 (S. Feb. 13 ; 391) Tregaskis, £2 10s. 

Opera, 1 leaf cut. calf, sm. 4to.. Liptyk, 1515 (S. Mar, 4 ; 10) 

Leigh ton, £1 Us. 
Austen (Jane) Novels, Winchester Edn., port., 12 vols., mor., t. e. g., Edin., 1911 

(H. Mar. 6 ; 496) /2 6s. 

Australes. Histoire des Navigations aux Terres Australes, 2 vol., maps, calf, 4 to., 

Paris, 1756 (S. Mar. 13 ; 142) Edwards, £\ 16s. 

Austria. K.K. Oesterr. Armee nach der neuen adjustirung, 25 cold, lithographs 

(2 series, numbered 1 to 12 and 1 to 13), 2 ports, added, half mor., fo. [Wien], 

n. d. (S. Feb. 24 ; 20) Rohson, £2A 

Autographic Mirror, 2 vol., folio and 2 vols., 4to, n. d. (S. Mar. 19 ; 713) 

Maggs. £\ 6s. 
Aventures Singulieres d'un Vovageur Aerien, mises au jour par M. J***, 2 vols., 

wrappers, Londres et Paris. 1785 (P. Jan. 24 ; 424) Maggs. £\ 

Avila y Zuniga. Comentario de la Guerra de Alemana hetha de Carlo V., map 
and woodcuts, MS. Coat of Arms, calf. An vers, 155a (H. Feb. 13 ; 483) 

Davis, 10s. 

Ayrshire and Gallowav Archaeological Association Collections, complete set, 14 
vols. (12 in 4to, 2 in 8vo), pits., Edinb., 1878-91 (D.Jan. 20; 218) £2 10s. 

Babes in the Wood (The), ills., cold, and heightened with gold, on 10 leaves of 

vellum, 4to., veU., CundaU, 1849 (H. Feb. 27 ; 471) £\ 5s. 

Bachenschwanz. Sachsische Armee-uniform, Erste, Funfte, Zweite, Dritte & 

Bierte Liefenmg, von 64 Blatt, 64 cold, pits., mor., g. e., Leipsig, 1794 (S. 

Feb. 25 ; 234) Pickering, £9 

Bacon (F.) Baconiana, or. Certain Genuine Remains (with separate titles), port., 

old calf, 1679 (S. Mar. 5 ; 104) Galloway, £2 

Certain Considerations touching the better Pacification, and Edification of 

the Church, mor., g. e., 4to., 1640 (P. Feb. 13 ; 213) Davis, £1 15s. 

Elements of the Common Lawes of England, sm. 4 to., old calf. 1639 (H, 

Mar. 19 ; 447) 13s. 

Essayes. calf gilt, g. e. bv Bedford, sm. 4to., 1625 (S. Feb. 20 ; 15) 

Dobell, £2\ 

Essayes, sm. 4to., old calf, 1629 (H. Mar. 6 ; 390) £\ 16s. 

Historie of the Raigne of Henrv- the Seventh. 1st edn., engd. title (defective), 

old cah, fo., 1622 (S. Feb. 3 ;' 245) Streeton, 10s. 

Operum Moralium et Civilium tomus, port, (cut and mounted), L. P., calf 

(rebacked), fo.. ".638 (P. Feb. 13; 307) Davis, £2 

Proficience and Advance-ment of Learning, : st edn. (a few letters cut close), 

mor. ex., g. e., sm. 4to., 1605 (S. Mar. 7 ; 600) Sleeves, £AS 

* This appears to be a hitherto unrecorded issue as it has two extra leaves, 

containing two and one-fourth pages of Errata inserted between Hhh i and the 
end blank for Hhh 2, and marked " g." An old signature is on title, partly 
cut off. 

Resuscitatio, 1st edn., port., half mor., taU copy, fo., 1657 (S. Mar. 5 ; 180) 

Maggs, £2 8s. 

Sermones Fideles, Ethici, Politici, CEconomici, engd. title, old calf, Lugd. 

Bat., 1644 (P. Feb. 13 ; 153) Eden, 7s. 

Sylva Svlvarum, 1st edn., port, and engd. title, cf. (stained and torn), 1627 

(D. Feb: 17 ; 273) 5s. 6d. 

The same, title cut, calf gilt, fo., 1627 (S. Jan.J5 ; 1071) Pickering. £1 17s. 

Anr. Edn., port, and engd. title, old calf. fo.. 1670 (P. Jan. 24 ; 630) 

Dobell. 8s. 

Works, 10 vol. in 5, port., russ., 1819 (S. Feb. 20 ; 16) Hornstein, 9s. 

(Nat.1 Historical Discourse on the Uniformitv of the Government of 

England, sm. 4to., cf., 1647 (D. Mar. 17 ; 254) Is. 


Badeslade (Tho.) and W. H. Toms. Geographia Britanniae, cold, maps, calf (1742) 

(S. Feb. 3 ; 17) Cooper, 9s. 

Baensch-Drugulin (J.) Markstein aus der Weltlitteratur in Original Scriften, fo., 

Leipzig, 1902 (H. Feb. 28 ; 928) Burgersdyk. £1 4s. 

BailUe's Letters and Journals, by Laing, half mor., 3 vols., Bdinb., 1841-42 (E. 

Jan. 23 ; 306) £2 5s. 

Baldry (A. L.) Hubert von Herkomer, R.A., port, and pits., hand-made paper, 

fo., half veil., 1901 (H. Feb. 27 ; 612) Joseph, 14s. 

Bale (J.) Illustrium Maioris Britanniae Scriptorum, mor. ex., g. e. by W. Pratt, 

fine copy, sm. 4to., Gippeswici J. Overton, 1548 (S. Feb. 13 ; 392) 

Edwards, £4 

♦Generally regarded as the first book printed at Ipswich, but probably 
printed at Wesel. 

Scriptorum Illustrium Maioris Brytannie, in 2 parts, 2 vol. in 1, mor., g. e., 

fo., Basil, 1557-9 (S. Feb. 13 ; 393) Barnard, £\ 10s. 

Balfour's Historical Annals, 4 vols., calf ex., 1824-5 (E. Jan. 23 ; 126) £1 8s. 

Ballads— A Collection of Old Ballads, pits., L. P., 3 vols.. Reprint (H. Jan. 8 ; 
139) £1 4s. 

The same, 3 vol., L. P., half mor., t. e. g. (S. Feb. 20 ; 17) Soames, £1 12s. 

Balzac (J. L- G. de) (Euvres de. 3 vols, pol. cf., 1642 (D. Mar. 17 ; 258) 7s. 6d. 

Bancroft (E.) Essay on the Natural History of Guiana, front., calf, 1769 (S. Mar. 

4 ; 12) Dulau, £1 10s. 

Bankart (G. P.) Art of the Plasterer, ills., 4to., 1908 (S. Feb. 5 ; 752) Joseph, 17s. 
Banquet of Jests, New and Old, port, by Cecill (sUghtly wormed), mor., g. e., by 

Gosden, 1657 (H. Jan. 9 ; 443) Quaritch, £8 5s. 

[Barbier (Jo.)l Janua Linguarum Quadrilinguis, orig. calf, rough edges, sm. 4to., 

1617 (S.Feb. 13 ; 395) Tregaskis. £2 15s. 

Barbour's Life and Acts of Robert Bruce, ft. X.. 4to., hf. cf., 1758 (D. Feb. 18 ; 

634) 14 s. 

Barclay (John) His Argenis, trans, by K. Long, 1st edn., old calf, fo., 1625 (S. 

Mar. 4 ; 14) Woodward, £3 1 5s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by Sir R. Le Gryl, port., calf, 4 to., 1629 (S.Jan. 15 ; 1022) 

Dobell, £1 6s. 
Barham (R. H.) Ingoldsby Legends, 60 ills, by Leech, etc., 1864 (S. Jan. 14 ; 627) 

Young, 6s. 

Anr. Edn., pits, by Rackham, 1907 (S. Jan. 14 ; 628) Last, 15s. 

The same, 1907 (E.Jan. 29) £1 

Bariffe (Wm.) Military Discipline, fourth edn., port, and plate, folded pits., calf, 

4to., 1643 (S. Feb. 13 ; 397) Parsons, £1 

The same, third edn., port, and coat-of-arms, calf, sm. 4to. [1643] (date 

erased) (S. Feb. 13 ; 396) Parsons, £1 5s. 

Barker (M. H.) The Old Sailor's Jolly Boat, pits, by R. Cruikshank, 1st edn., 1844 

(H.Mar. 5 ; 259) 7s. 6d. 

Barnes (Bamaby) The Divils Charter, first edn., mor., sm. 4to., fine copy, with 

. blank last leaf, 1607 (S. Mar. 4 ; 15) Quaritch, £46 

Barraud (P.) New Book of Single Cyphers, 100 pits., half cah, 4to., 1782 (P. Mar. 

27 ; 178) Dobell, 10s. 

Barreme Ode a Monseigneur de la Reynie, plate, mor., dedication copy to 

Nicholas Gabriel de la Reynie, with his arms, Paris, 1670 (S. Mar. 5 ; 62) 

Belin, ;^10 10s. 
Barrey (Lodowick) Ram-Alley, or Merry -Trickes, half boimd, 4to., 1636 (S. Jan. 

15 ; 1009) James, £2 14s. 

Barrie (J. M.) Peter Pan, 1st edn., ills, by Rackham, 1906 (H.Jan. 29) 

Shepherd, £1 
Barron (R.) Views in India, cold. ills, by R. Havell, proofs, half mor., fo., 1837 

(S. Feb. 5 ; 824) Edwards, £1 18s. 

Barrow (Isaac) Works, 3 vol. in 2, port., blue mor. gilt, boimd for George I, with 

his crowned cipher, fo., 1722 (S. Mar. 5 ; 171) Edwards, £4 

(J .) Travels into the Interior of S. Africa, pits., 2 vols., calf (defective), 4to., 

1801-4 (H. Mar. 5 ; 283) 14s. 

Voyage to Cochinchma, cold, engs., 4to., 1806 (S. Feb. 5 ; 797) Salby, 8s. 

1912-13 153 

Barry (G.) History of the Orkney Islands, map and pits., calf, 4to., Edinb., 1805 

(S. Mar. 13 ; 84) Young, 10s. 

Bartoli (P. S.) Antiquitates Romanae, 3 vol., pits., calf, fo., Romae, s. a. (S. Jan. 

13 : 67) Renter. £1 

Bartoli et Bellori. Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum Vestigia, 80 pits., calf, 

fo., Romae, s. a. (S. Jan. 13 ; 147) Davis, 6s. 

Bartolozzi. Catalogue of a Loan Collection of Engravings and Etchings by F. 

Bartolozzi, 2 vol., two fronts., ob. 4to., 1883 (S. Feb. 3 ; 198) Wynn. Is. 

One Hundred Examples from his Works, by 1,. Fagan, in 4 parts, port, and 

ills., fo., n. d. (S. Mar. 18 ; 182) Barker, £1 8s. 

Prints, engraved by Bartolozzi from the drawings of Guercino, Michael 

Angelo and others, 2 vol. in 1, 135 pits., russ., fo., n. d. (S. Jan. 15 ; 1089) 

Braun, {^ 14s. 

Bartram (W.) Travels through Carolina, Georgia and Florida, map and pits., calf, 

1792 (S. Mar. 13 ; 6) Kashnor. £\ 14s. 

Bartsch (Adam) Le Peintre Graveur, best edn., 21 vol. in 14, and folio atlas of 

plates, half mor., t. e. g., Leipzig, 1876 (S. Feb. 4 ; 503) B. F. Stevens, ;^12 

Bassi (M.) Dispareri in Materia d'Architettura et Perspettiva, 12 pits., sm. 4to., 

Brescia, 1572 (S. Feb. 4 ; 481) Sellars, 5s. 

Battles of the British Army in Portugal, Spain and France from 1808 to 1814, 13 

cold, pits., in brass medaUion, with bust of the Duke of Wellington on upper 

side, and Picture Medal on imder, in red mor. case, 1815 (S. Feb. 5 ; 703) 

James, £\() 

Batty (R.) Views of the Principal Cities of Europe, proof pits., Largest Paper, 

half mor., g. e., fo., 1832 (H. Jan. 8 ; 309) Paterson, 10s. 

Bauer (F.) Genera Filicum. cold. pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1838 (S. Mar. 18 ; 76) 

Hill, 16s. 

Bavaria. Das buech der gemein-land-pot ; Landsfordniing, Setziing tmd 

Gebreiich des Fiirstennthiimbs in obem und nidem Baym. Im funftzehn 

hiindert imd sechtzehenden Jar aiifgericht, I. tj., printed on vellum (78 11.)] 

half pigskin, clasps, [Proctor, 11594 ? , fo. Miinchen [Jo. Schobser, 1520, 

(S. Feb. 13 ; 398) Malton, ;^51 

* Only 4 copies known on veUum, of which this is the only one in this 

country . 

Baxter Prints. Prince Frederick of Prussia, on music (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 291) 

M askew, 10 s. 

Lucerne, signed (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 294) Spencer, £1 10s. 

Tropical Scenery (1 ) (P. Jan. 31 ; 295) Manley, £1 16s. 

The Gardener's Shed (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 296) Manley, £1 15s. 

Summer Time, signed, (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 300) Wilson, lis. 

Dav before Marriage (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 302) Hollowav, ^ 12s. 6d. 

Fruit Girl of the Alps (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 303) Laudle, 18s. 

The Bridesmaid (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 304) Manley, £1 17s. 6d. 

Prince of Wales (1) (P. Mar. 14 ; 279) Holloway, £1 2s. 

Belle of the ViUage (1) (P. Mar. 14 ; 280) Coltman, £\ 5s. 

The Bride (1) (P. Mar. 14 ; 281) Coltman, 18s. 

Queen Victoria (1) (P. Mar. 14 ; 282) Coltman, £1 

Queen Victoria and Lake Como (2) (P. Jan. 16 ; 185c) Lewitf, 13s. 

Love's Letter Box (1) (P. Mar. 14 ; 284) Spencer, £2 2s. 

River Scene, Holland, stamped mount (1) (P. Jan. 16 ; 16i^) Lewis, 14s. 

Harvest Time, ditto (1) (P. Jan. 16 ; 170) Lewis, 17s. 6d. 

Parting Look, ditto, in black (1) (P. Jan. 16 ; 171) Lee, £1 7s. 6d. 

Gandee (B. F.) The Artist, 1st edn., front, by G. Baxter, and pits., 1835 (S. 

Feb. 3 ; 125) Wynn, 7s. 

The Pictorial Albimi, 11 designs, in oil colours, by G. Baxter, mor., 4to., 

1837 (P. J an. 23 ; 203). Holloway. £3 lOs. 


The Day Before Marriage (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 311) Manley, £1 

Hollyhocks (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 312) Yeulett, 16s. 

The Bridesmaid (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 313) Manley, £1 14s. 

Love's Letter Box (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 314) Robinson, 8s. 

Winter (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 315) Langdale, £1 17s. 6d. 



316) Curry, 7s. 

Holloway, £1 10s. 
Manley, £1 2s. 
Yeuleit, £1 3s. 
Blvthe, £3 12s. 6d. 
Lee, 12s. 6d. 
Manley, £\ 3s. 
Lee. 5s. 


Baxter Prints, Summer, by Le Blond (1) (P. Jan. 31 

First Impressions, small (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 318) 

The Belle of the Village (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 321) 

Harvest Time, The Gleaners (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 322) 

Love's Letter Box (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 323) 

The Parting Look, in black (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 326a) 

The Belle of the Village (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 327) 

Le Blond. Stolen Pleasures (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 328) 

Ditto. Fruit, after Lance, a pair, in one frame (1) (P. Jan. 31 ; 330) 

Lewis, 16s. 

Original Drawings, by Baxter. The Letter — The Proposal — The Wedding, 

and Husband and Wife (4) (P. Mar. 14 ; 28^) Lee, £2 12s. 6d. 

Small Figure Subjects, in sepia (4) (P. Mar. 14 ; 287) Lee, £2 2s. 

Landscape, with figures (1) (P. Mar. 14 ; 288) £1 2s. 6d. 

View of an Old Town (1) (P. Mar. 14 ; 289) Spencer, 16s. 

Bayardi (O. A.) Prodrome delle antichita d'Brcolano, 5 vol., port, and pits., red 

mor., with arms of Clement XIII, g. e., 4to., Naples, 1752 (S. Mar. 5 ; 146) 

Marker, £S 15s. 
Beaconsfield (Earl of) Selected Speeches, ed. by T. B. Kebbel, port., 2 vols., 1882 

(H. March 18 ; 69) £1 7s. 

Beamish (N. L.) History of the King's German Legion, half calf, gilt, 2 vols., 1831 

(E. Jan. 23; 139) £2 4s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol., cold, pits., mor., g. e., fine copy, 1832 (S. Feb. 24 ; 25) 

Robson, £6 12s. 6d. 

Beardsley (A.) Early and Later Works of, port, and ills., 2 vols., 4to., 1899-1901 

(P. Jan. 23 ; 213) Bain, £5 

Under the Hill, ills, by the Author, edn. de luxe, 4to., 1904 (H. Feb. 14 ; 

764) _ Shepherd, £1 7s. 

Beaumarchais. La Folle Journee, ou le Mariage de Figaro, 5 pits, after St. 
Quentin, and also set of etchings by Gautier, half mor., uncut, Paris, 1785 
(S. Mar. 6 ; 257) Mitchell, £2 

Eeaumont (A.) Travels through the Lepontine xVlps, pits., fo., 1806 (S. Jan. 14 ; 
728) Neumayer, 10s. 

The same, pits., fo., 1806 (S. Mar. 14 ; 249) Joseph, 14s. 

(F.) and Fletcher : Comedies and Tragedies, 1st edn., port., mor. extra, 

g. e., by R. de Coverly, fo., 1647 (S. Feb. 20 ; 18) Dobell. £26 10s. 

Fifty Comedies and Tragedies, port., calf, fo., 1679 (P. Feb. 13 ; 304) 

Barnard, £4 10s. 

Works, 7 vol., pits., old calf, 1711 (S. Mar. 4 ; 16) Edwards, £2 

The same, 7 vol., calf. 1711 (S. Jan. 13 ; 75) Lewine, £4 12s. 

Works, with Notes bv Theobald, etc., 2 ports., 10 vols, calf gilt, s. e., 1750 

(H. Mar. 6 ; 388) ' Bailey. £\ 7s. 

Works, ed. by H. Weber, ports., 14 vols., boards, Edinb., 1812 (H. Jan. 

21 ; 152) Hzll, £2 2s. 

The same, 14 vols., calf gilt, 1812 (H. Mar. 19 ; 382) £4 10s. 

Works, with Notes bv A. Dyce, ports., 11 vols., calf, m. e., 1843-6 (P.Jan. 

24 ; 429) ^ Marsh, £10 10s. 

(J.) Present State of the Universe, ports., calf, 1701 (H. Mar. 6 ; : 97) 10s. 

Beaurain (J . de) Histoire Mihtaire de Flandre, engd. titles and maps, partly 

coloured, pres. copv from Simon Fraser to Major Gen. Dirom, 5 parts in 3, 

fo., veil., Paris, 1755 (H. Mar. 19 ; 604) £1 8s. 

Becker (G.) and Hefner (J . von) Kunstwerke und Gerathschaften des Mittelalters 

und der Renaissance, 216 cold, pits., 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., bv" Bedford, 

fo., 1852 (P. Mar. 13 ; 590) Morris, £3 

Becket. Vita et Processus sancti Thome Cantuariensis martyris super libertate 

ecclesiastica, fine copy (Hain 15510, Proctor 8238), 4to. (Paris, 1495) (S. 

Mar. 5 ; 144) Leigh ton, £3 3s. 

{Beckford (W.)] An Arabian Tale [Vathek], 1st edn., half mor., t. e. g., 1880 (S. 

Feb. 20 ; 19) Sotheran, £2 4s. 

Beddoes (T. L.) The Bride's Tragedy, 1st edn., half mor. gilt, g. e., 1822 (S. Feb. 

20 ; 20) B. F. Stevens, £1 10s. 

I9I2-I3 155 

Beddoes (T. L.) Poems, 2 vol., mor., t. e. g., by Rividre, 1851 (S. Feb. 20 ; 21) 

B. F. Stevens, /2 6s. 
Bedloe (Wm.) The Excommunicated Prince, 1st edn., mor. ex., fo., 1679 (S. Mar. 

5 ; 229) Maggs. {^ Is. 

Beeverell (J .) Delices de la Grande Bretagne et de I'lrlande, 7 vol., pits., old calf, 

1707 (S. Feb. 3 ; 25) Follett. £1 4s. 

Behaviour and Character of Three Highland Deserters, hf. cf., Edin., 1743 (D. 

Mar. 18 ; 526) 15s. 

Behmen (J .) The High and Deepe Searching Out of the Three Fold Life of Man, 

4to.. veil., 1650 (D. Feb. 18 ; 596) 15s. 

Behn (Mrs. A.) A Discover)- of New Worlds, 1st edn., old calf, 1688 (S. Feb. 3 ; 

32) James. 6s. 

Abdelazer, or. The Moor's Revenge, 1st edn., half calf, 4to., 1677 (S. Feb. 

3 ; 177) Pickering, £1 5s. 

The Amorous Prince, 1st edn., half calf, 4to., 1671 (S. Feb. 3 ; 175) 

Streetotj. /I 12*s. 

The Debauchee, 1st edn., half calf, 4to., 1677 (S. Feb. 3 ; 181]^ 

Maggs. £1 IDs. 

The Dutch Lover, 1st edn., half russ., 4to., 1673 (S. Feb. 3 ; 176) 

Mumford, £1 

The Emperor of the Moon, 1st edn., half calf, 4to., 1687 (S. Feb. 3 ; 186) 

Pickering, £1 6s. 

The False Count, 1st edn., half calf, 4to., 1682 (S. Feb. 3 ; 184) 

Streeton, £1 7s. 

The Forced Marriage, 1st edn., haH calf, 4to., 1671 (S. Feb. 3 ; 174) 

Dalton, £1 12s. 

La Montre, or The Lover's Watch, 1st edn., front., old calf, 1688 (S. Feb. 

3 ; 31) Streeton, 18s. 

The Lucky Chance, 1st edn., half calf, 4to., 1687 (S. Feb. 3 ; 187) 

James, 15s. 

The Roundheads, 1st edn., hah calf, 4to., 1682 (S. Feb. 3 ; 185) 

Streeton, £\ 5s. 

The Rover, or. The Banish't Cavaliers, 1st edn., hah" calf, 4to., 1677 (S* 

Feb. 3 ; 178) James. /I 6s* 

The same, 1st edn., L. P., half calf, 4to., 1677 (S. Feb. 3 ; 179) Cooper, '^£1 8s* 

* In this copy the type is larger and " a Comedy " is mentioned (omitted in 
the preceding copy). 

The Rover, Second Part, 1st edn., half calf, 4to., 1681 (S. Feb. 3 ; 180) 

Streeton, £1 

Sir Patient Fancv, 1st edn., 4to., 1678 (S. Feb. 3 ; 183) James, 10s. 

The Town-Fopp, 1st edn., 4to., 1677 (S. Feb. 3 ; 182) Pickering. /I 9s. 

The Younger Brother, 1st edn., cut into, veil., 4to., 1696 (S. Feb. 3 f 188) 

Dalton, 10s. 
Bell and Paton's Glasgow, 1896 (E. Jan. 23 ; 16) 10s. 

Bellasis (G. H.) Views of St. Helena, 6 cold, pits., ob. fo., 1815 (D. Feb. 20 ; 980) 

£3 12s. 6d. 

The same (slightly damaged), ob. 4to., 1815 (H. Jan. 30 ; 578) ^ 8s. 

Belon du Mans (P.) Histoire de la Nature des Ovseaux, woodcuts, calf, fo., Paris, 
1555 (S. Mar. 14 ; 250) Dulau. £3 15s. 

Portraits d'Oyseaux, Animaux, Serpens, Herbes, Hommes et Femmes 

d'Arabie et Egypte, 200 woodcuts (cold.), calf, 4to., Paris, 1557 (S. Mar. 
13 ; 85) Wesley, £5 10s. 

Bembo (P.) Gh Asolani, cont. mor., covered with semis of rosettes, in a case, 
Vinegia, 1540 (S. Feb. 13 ; 401) Leigh ton. £1 2s. 

Le Prose (rivedute da Varchi), fo., Venice, 1525 (S. Mar. 6 ; 411) Pole, ;^10 

* Annotated throughout by Tasso. The volume was in Tasso's possession 
whilst he was confined in the Hospital of Saint Anne. 

Bemrose (W.) Bow, Chelsea, and Derby Porcelain, ills., 4to., 1898 (P. Mar. 27 ; 

172) Lewine, £1 15s. 

• Life and Works of Joseph Wright, A.R.A., L- P., port, and ills., half mor., 

uncut, fo., 1885 (S. Mar. 18 ; 177) Palmer, £2 


Bennet (W. C.) Queen Eleanor's Vengeance, pres. copy, 1857 (P. Jan. 23 ; 151) 

Maggs, 4 s. 

Bentham (J.) History of Ely Cathedral, pits., calf, 4to., 1771 (S. Mar. 4 ; 19) 

Dohell, 2 s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol. in 1, port, and pits, (with appendix and addenda), half 

mor., g. t., 4to., 1812 (S. Mar. 19 ; 558) , Mc'Intosh, 5s. 

Bentley's Miscellany, vol. I to 34, pits, by G. Cruikshank, etc., half calf, 1837-53 
(S.Jan. 14 ; 678) Fish, £1 18s. 

Benzen de la Martiniere. Nouveau Recueil des Epigrammatistes Frangois, 2 vol., 
port, and fronts., calf, 1720 (S. Feb. 3 ; 106) Dobell, 2s. 

Beraldi (H.) Estampes etl^ivres, 1872-1892, 40 pits., mor. ex., t. e. g., 4to., Paris, 
1892 (S. Feb. 3 ; 157) Leighton, £2 6s. 

Les Graveurs du XIXe Siecle, 12 vol. in 10, pits., Paris, 1885-92 (S. Mar. 

6 ; 245) Sotheran, £5 15s. 

B^ranger (P. J. de) CEuvres Completes, pits., L. P., 4 vols., half mor., g. e., Paris, 

1834 (H.Jan. 8; 173) Neumayer, 19s. 

Berenger (R.) History and Art of Horsemanship, pits., 2 vols., russ., 4to., 1771 

(P. Jan. 24 ; 562) Lee, 7s. 

Bemardinus. Tertium opus Sancti Bemardini de Senis, I. q., initials painted red, 

stamped calf, with clasp, 4to., I^ugduni, 1501 (S. Mar. 6 ; 435) Maggs, £4 5s. 
Beroaldus (P.) Orationes et Poemata [Hain, 2949]. sm. 4to., boards, Bononi 

1491 (H.Jan. 9; 455) David, £1 16s. 

Berquin (A.) Idylles, pits, after Marillier (those in second part before numbers), 

16mo, red mor. ex., t. e. g. (slightly defective), Paris, 1775 (H. Feb. 27 ; 

519) Neumayer, £2 4 s. 

Besson (J .) II Theatro de Gl' Instrumenti et Machine, 60 pits., half calf, fo., 1582 

(P. Mar. 13 ; 594) Morris, 13s. 

Betagh (Wm.) Voyage round the World, map, sheep, 1757 (S. Mar. 4 ; 21) 

H. Stevens, £1 10s. 
Betham (W.) Baronetage of England, 5 vol., pits., half russ., 4to., 1801-5 (S. 

Mar. 19 ; 562) Hill, 16s. 

Betterton (T.) Ufe, with the Amorous Widow, port., old calf, 1710 (S. Mar. 4 ; 

22) Dobell, 12 s. 

Bewick. Fables of ^sop, 1st edn., L. P., with inscription, " The Gift of Mr. 

Bewick to Charles Snart," half mor., 1818 (H. Feb. 13 418) ;^2 4s. 

Anr. Edn., seed, edn.. Royal Paper, with thumb-mark receipt, mor. gilt^ 1823 

(S. Feb. 20 ; 25) Steedman, £1 4s. 

History of British Birds, 2 vol., 1st edn., calf, 1797-1804 (S. Mar. 13 ; 11) 

Wallis. £7 

The same, 2 vol., Royal Paper, russ., g. e., 1797-1804 (S. Feb. 20 ; 27) 

Pickering, £3 18s. 

L. P., 2 vols., hf. cf., 1805 (D. Feb. 17 ; 70) £1 5§. 

Sixth Edn., 2 vols., half mor. gilt, m. e., 1826 (H. Feb. 13 ; 

David, £1 Is. 

- Anr. Edn., 2 vol., half russ., t. e. g., 1847 (S. Feb. 20 ; 29) Dobell, 14s. 

- Figures of British Land Birds, L. P., calf gilt, t. e. g., 1800 (S. Feb. 20 ; 30) 

Steedman, £1 12s. 

- British Birds, Proof Impressions of the Woodcuts printed on one side only, 
half mor., t. e.g., 4 to., 1817 (S. Feb. 20 ; 28) Steedman, £5 7 s. ed. 

- Wood Engravings of Land and Water Birds, never before published, half 
calf, 4to., 1860 (S. Feb. 20 ; 50) Steedman, 10s. 

- Natural Histories, 7 parts, in 1 vol., mor. gilt, t. e. g., Alnwick, n. d. (S. Feb. 
20 ; 44) Bain, £1 4s. 

- History of Quadrupeds, fifth edn., L. P., half mor. gilt, m. e., 1807 (H. Feb. 
13 ; 419) Maurice, 15s. 

- The same, imperial paper, calf gilt, g. e., 1807 (S. Feb. 20 ; 47) 

Daniell, £1 16s. 

- The same, proofs of the figures, without letterpress, tree-calf gilt, g. e., 4 to., 
1818 (S. Feb. 20 ; 48) Steedman. £1 lis. 

- Select Fables, woodcuts, russ., blind stamped, 1784 (S. Feb. 20 ; 23) 

Steedman, 13s. 


1912-13 157 

Beza. Nevves from Italy, or, Life of Galcacius Caracciolus, trans, by W. Crashaw, 
1st edn., with a forged signature of Shakespeare on title and numerous MS. 
notes in the margins, purporting to be by him, sm. 4 to., old calf, 1608 (H. 
Feb. 13 ; 588) Maggs. £lO 10s. 

Vrais Pourtraits des Hommes lUustres en Piete et Doctrine, etc., woodcut 

ports., calf gilt, g. e. by Zaehnsdorf, 4to., Geneve, 1581 (S. Feb. 4 ; 299) 

Leftwich, 18s. 

Bhagavata Purana : or Mvthological History of Krishna, in Sanscrit, fo., mor., 

g. e., Bombay, 1839 ' (H. Feb. 12 ; 241) Hill, £1 lis. 

BIBLES— English 

Holv Bible, Genevan or " Breeches " Version, engd. title and woodcuts, red 

mor. 'gilt, g. e. by Hering, 4to., C. Barker, 1599 (S. Mar. 6 ; 347) Day, £1 

Breeches Bible, with Stemhold and Hopkins' Psalms, woodcuts, sm. 4to., 

old mor., g. e., 1599 (H. Jan. 21 ; 256) Auvache, 13s. 

Holv Bible, b. t, fo., cf., with clasps, C. Barker, 1611 (D. Feb. 20 ; 1216) £1 

Holy Bible, b. I., fo., sheepskin, with clasps, 1634 (D. Jan. 23 ; 924) 3s. 6d. 

Bible, with Concordance, b. t., russ. (loose), 4to., R. Barker, 1639 (S. Mar. 

19 ; 590) David, Is. 

Holv Bible, cont. red mor., with painting of a cathedral on the fore-edge, 

12mo, 1811 (S.Feb. 4; 409) ;^1 10s. 

Holv Bible, mor. gilt, g. e., with fore-edge painting of an Oriental scene, 

1823' (S. Feb. 5 ; 660) Thorp. £1 14s. 

BIBLES— French 

" Cy Commence la table de ce present livre qui est dit la Bible du \'iel 

Testament." [Text begins : " Au Commencemet crea dieu le cielet la terre,' 
J. fl. (wormhole through several 11.), modem wooden-boards and calf, antique 
style, fo. [At end " Cy fiuist ce preset livre q est dit la bible du viel testamet." 
[a. n. : Sed Bart. Buyer, Lyons, 1473 (S. Mar. 7 ; 6) Quaritch, ;^220 

* Table 5 11. and 2 blanks ; a-j ; no k ; 2 sheets ^ and (Q between p and xj ; 
\, 2.^ ; aa-cc 10 ; all in eights ; [bb 6-7 have only half a leaf each, the 

upper half being cut away. First Edition of the Bible in French, abridged by 
Frere J ulian and Pierre Ferget, and perhaps the first book printed at Lyons. 

• Le Saincte Bible en Fran coys, translatee selon la traduction de S. Hierome 

(par J. Lefevre d'Estaples), w^oodcuts, mor., g. on m. e. bv Belz-Niedree, fine 
copy, fo., An vers, 1534 (S. Mar. 7 ; 7) ' York, /1 3 10s. 

* The third edition of Lefevre's version, and the first complete translation 
of the Bible into French. [From the Firmin-Didot library.] 

BIBLES— German 

■ " Hie hebet an die Epistel des heyligen Priesters Sant J heronimi zu Paulinu 

vo alien gotUchen biichem der Hystoria," {. g., 51 lines, without signs, 583 
numbered 11. (cut into), woodcuts, cold, by cont. hand, metal leaf markers, 
stamped pigskin, metal bosses and clasps, blue edges (a specially printed 
modem title inserted), fo., Koburger, Niirenberg, 1483 (S. Feb.' 4 ; 552) 

Young, £A\ 

* The woodcuts originally appeared in a Bible printed at Cologne about 1480. 
This is the ninth edition of the Bible in German, and the first printed at Nurem- 
berg. It has the rendering of Pharoah's (for Potiphar's) wife. 

Bibha, verdeutscht durch Martin Luther, 12 mo., red mor., tooled sides, 

g. g. e., Liineburg, 1654 (H. Mar. 6 ; 460) 15s. 

BIBLES— Greek 

Vetus Testamentum Graecum e codice MS. Alexandrino cura et labore 

H. H. Baber, 3 vols, in 6 parts, fo., 1816-26 (P. Mar. 13 ; 598) Bull. 17s. 

BIBLES— Latin 

Biblia Sacra Latina, Editio Vulgata, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi. I. «., 2 vol., first 
page of each vol. illuminated, text rubricated, stamped pigskin, with clasps 
(comer and centre-pieces have been removed), fine large copy, fo., a. n. [sed. 
Argent. H. Eggestein, c. 1469] (S. Mar. 7 ; 3) Quaritch. £\3\ 

* Vol. I contains 249 11. ; vol. II, 244 11. Vol. I has 3 blanks in front and 3 
at end ; vol. II, 1 blank in front and 2 at end. [See Hain 3036 ; Proctor 257 J. 


BIBLES— Latin 

(Biblia Sacra versionis vulgatae), cum Prologis S. Hieronymi. Canonibus 

Eusebii et Interpr. Hebr. Nom., I. q., painted initials and rubrications, orig. 
binding, fo., J. Zainer, Vlmensis, 1480 (S. Mar. 7 ; 642) Quaritch, ;^40 

* Described by Hain, No. 3079 Pellechet, 2306. and Proctor, 2522. Copinger, 
correcting Hain, gives the number of leaves as 441. In his collation, however, 
he makes the mistake of counting Fp^^ as a quire of 12 leaves, when it should 
be pp, QQ« ; two quires of 6 leaves. 

Biblia Latina (Vulgata versio Lratina), cum Postillis N. de I^yra, 4 vol., 

woodcuts and coloured capitals, some illuminated, veil., fo., Nuremberge, 
A. Koberger, 1487 (S. Feb. 5 ; 848) Edwards. £7 10s. 

Biblia cum summariis concordantiis, fl. (., painted initials, 431 leaves (should 

be 432, wants one blank), half mor., few wormholes, but fine tall copy, 4 to., 
Hain-Copinger 3121 [lyugduni F. Fradin et J. Pivard, 1497 (P. Mar. 13 ; 
518) Pearson, £7 5s. 

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta ; Hebraice, Chaldaice et Graece, cum tribus inter- 

pretibus Latinis de mandato ac sumptibus Card, de Cisneros [with the Greek 
Preface to S. Paul's Epistles, sometimes wanting, ] I. q., 6 vol., mor. ex., g. e. 
by Bedford, very fine copy, fo., Compluti Industria Arn. Guil. de Brocario, 
1514-15-17 (S Mar 7 ; 4) Quaritch, £65 

* Includes also the first edition of the New Testament in Greek, which was 
printed in 1514, though not published until after the version of Erasmus. 

Bibla I^atina, woodcuts, stamped pigskin, fo., Lutet., 1546 (S. Mar. 5 ; 194) 

Bull, 10s. 

Biblia Sacra, vulgatae editionis Sixti V. Pont. Max. autoritate recognita, 8 

vol., red mor. ex., g. e. (Boyet), Paris, 1652 (S. Feb. 3 ; 97) Mawson, £9 10s. 

BibHa Vulgatiae, hf. cf., 1685 (D. Mar. 18 ; 478) 5s. 

BibUorum Sacrorum Vulgatae Versionis Editio, 2 vol., red mor. gilt, g. e., 

fo., Paris, 1785 (S.Jan. 14; 736) Edwards, 9s. 

Bibliographica : Papers on Books, ills., 3 vols, in 12 parts, 1895-7 (H. Jan. 29 ; 

171) Roller. £2 

Bibliographical Magazine, ports., 2 vols., half calf gilt, 1820 (H. Jan. 8 ; 198) 

Davy, 14 s. 
BibHothecae Graecorum Patrum Auctarium Novissimum, mor., covered with 

fleurs-de-lis and the L couronne of I^ouis XIV, and his arms, fo., Parisiis, 1672 

(S. Mar. 7 ; 640) Poder, £3 

Bickham (G.) The British Monarchy, engraved throughout, fo., old calf, 1748 

(H. Mar. 19 ; 545) £2 7s. 6d. 

The same, old calf, 1748-[1747] (H Jan 22 ; 613) Evans, 15s. 

Deliciae Britannicae, views, etc., half calf, uncut (1747) (S. Feb. 3 ; 80) 

Leighton, 8s. 

The Musical Entertainer, 2 vol. in 1, 200 pits, of music, red mor., uncut, fo., 

n. d. (S. Mar. 5 ; 173) Sotheran, £U 5s. 

Bicknell (C.) Flowering Plants and Ferns of the Riviera, cold, pits., half roan, g. e.. 
1885 (H. Mar. 5 ; 150) 16s. 

Bidpai. Fables (trans, into Spanish from the Latin version of Johannes de 
Capua). Exemplario contra los enganos : y peligros del mudo (xylographic 
title), st edn., ft. I., 96 11., 125 woodcuts, fine copy, mor. extra, inside dentelles 
[Haebler Bibliografia Iberica 341], fo., Burgos, 1498 (S. Mar. 6 ; 375) 

Pawson, £200 

* The only perfect copy known. Haebler was unable to give an accurate 
description as he had never seen a copy and as the descriptions given by other 
bibUographers differ. 

Bijoux des Neuf-Soeurs, 2 vol., 2 fronts, and 4 pits, after Le Barbier, proofs, mor., 
uncut, Paris, 1790 (S. Mar. 6 ; 241) Parkinson, £2 10s. 

[Billardon de Sauvigny , Les Apres-Soupers de la Societe, 4 parts (various), front., 
engd. titles, and music, wrappers, Paris (1782) (S. Feb. 3 ; 148) 

Streeton, 15s. 

Billings (R. W.) Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland, 4 vols., 1845- 
52 (E. Feb. 6 ; 146) Forrester, £2 2s. 

The same, pits., 4 vols., 4to., 1845-52 (H. Jan. 8 ; 282) Barnard, 17s. 

1912-13 159 

Bindon (D.) Political Essay upon Commerce, calf, Dublin, 1738 (P. Jan. 24 ; 489) 

Marsh. £1 3s. 
Binning (T.) A Light to the Art of Gunnery, port., front., pits., calf gilt. sm. 4to., 

1676 (S. Feb. 13; 416) Ellis. £1 Is. 

Bion (N.) Construction of Mathematical Instruments trans, by E. Stone, 26 plts.^ 

old calf, fo., 1723 (S. Mar. 4 ; 26) Gable. 12s. 

Biographical Mirror of Ancient and Modem Enghsh Portraits, 3 vol., over 300 

ports., 4to., 1795-8 (S. Mar. 13 ; 86) Daniell, £5 17s. 6d. 

Birkbeck (M.) Letters from Illinois, half calf, 1818 (P. Jan. 24 ; 50.) Lee. 6s. 
Blackwell (J .) History of the Spiders of Gt. Britain, cold, pits., 2 parts, fo., 1861-4 

(H. Feb. 14 ; 879) £^ 15s. 

Blades (W.) Enemies of Books, L. P.. iUus., 1896 (D. Mar. 18; 637) 5s. 6d. 

Blair (R.) The Gravt, L. P., port, and proof pits, by W. Blake, 4to., 1808 (S. Feb. 
20 ; 63) Dobell, £1 18s. 

Blake (W.) Designs to a Series of Ballads written by Wm. Hayley (Ballads I-III 
only), 1st edn., 4 pits, and 7 vignettes by W. Blak< , mor. gilt, g. e., 4to., 
Chichester, 1802 (S. Feb. 20 ; 73) Moss. ;^29 

Illustrations of the Book of Job, engd. title and 21 pits., interleaved, half 

russ., fo., 1825 (S. Feb. 20 ; 67) Parsons. ;^18 15s. 

Jerusalem, Facsimile Reprint, 100 pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., n. d. (S. 

Feb. 20 ; 68) Tregaskis. £1 7s. 

The same, wrappers, 4to., n. d. (P. Mar. 13 ; 507) Edwards, 16s. 

Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 27 11., engs. cold., calf gilt, g. e., by Bedford, 

4to., Reprint, n. d. (S. Feb. 20 ; 69) Sabtn, £3 12s. 

Songs of Innocence and of Experience, tree-calf gilt, t. e. g., 1839 (S. Feb. 

20 ; 74) Dobell. 16s. 

There is no Natural Religion, facsimile, mor. gilt, t. e. g., bv Riviere, sm, 

4to., 1886 (S. Feb. 20 ; 66) Edwards, £1 10s. 

Works, ed. bv ElHs and Yeats, 3 vol., L. P., ports., 1893 (S. Feb. 20 ; 58) 

Dobell, £4 5s. 

Life, by A. Gilchrist, 2 vol., 1st edn., ills., 1863 (S. Feb. 20 ; 76) 

Dobell, £1 5s. 
Blakemore (T.) The Art of Herbert Schmalz, front and 63 pits., 4to., 1911 (H. J an. 

30 ; 596) £1 

Blanc (C.) L'CEuvre Complet de Rembrandt, L. P., 2 vols, Paris, 1 859-61 (H. J an. 

8 ; 181) Renter, 17s. 

Blanca (H.) Ad Regum Aragonum veterumq, Comitum Depictas Effigies, in Regia 

Caesar- Augustanensi Deputationis Aula positas, woodcuts, veil., dedication 

copy to Philip II of Spain, with his arms, 4to. (Saragossa), 1587 (S. Mar. 6 ; 

343) ^^ Leigh ton, {^ 

Blavatsky (H. P.) Isis Unveiled, 2 vols., N. Y., 1877 (P. Mar. 13 ; 428) . 1 

/ " Shepherd, 19s. 

Bloch (M. EA Ichthvologie, ou Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, 12 vol. in 5, cold. 

pits., caff, fo., Berlin, 1785-97 (S. Mar. 14 ; 252) Quaritch, ;^11 15s. 

Blome (R.) Gentleman's Recreations, seed, edn., fronts, and pits., fo., 1710 (S. 

Feb. 3 ; 259) Pearson, £4 10s. 

Blomfield (J. C.) History of the Deanerv^ of Bicester, in VIII parts, ills., 4to., 

1882-94 (S. Jan. 14 ; 591) ' Edwards. 9s. 

Blondus Forlivensis : Roma Instaurata, veil., fo., Veronae, 1482 (S. Jan. 13 ; 

62) Tregaskis, £4 

Bloimt (Sir T. B.) De Re Poetica, 1 st edn., red mor., g. e., 4to., fine copv, 1694 (S. 

Jan. 15 ; 838) Dobell, 15s. 

Blundevile (M.) His Exercises, diagrams, sm. 4to., orig. calf, 1636 (S. Feb. 4 ; 

459) N Maggs, £2 2s. 

The Four Chiefest Offices belonging to Horsemanship, b. I., woodcuts, calf^ 

4to., 1597 (S. Mar. 13; 87) Young. £5 

Boaden (J .) Inquirv into the Authenticity of the Portraits of Shakespeare port., 
calf gilt. m. e., 1824 (S. Mar. 18 ; 234) Edwards, 17s. 

Boase and Courtney. Bibhotheca Comubiensis, 3 vols., 1874-82 (H. Jan. 8 ; 
202) Barnard. 16s, 


Boccaccio (G.) Amorosa Visione (with the Apologia of H. Claricio), 1st edn., 
stamp on title, fine copy, veil., sm. 4to., Milan, 1541 (S. Feb. 4 ; 482) 

Young, £1 Is. 

De casibus virorum iUustrium ; De t^reclaris Mulieribus, in 1 vol., I, q., 

straight-grained red mor. gilt, gilt sides, joints, g. e., by J. Faulkner, fine 
copy, fo., a. n. [Argent. G. Husner, c. 1475 i (S. Mar. 6 ; 437) Dobell, £9 15s. 

Ive Decameron, traduict par le Ma9on (title shaved), 10 woodcuts, red mor., 

g. g. e., Paris, 1548 (S. Feb. 4 ; 329) Leighton, £8 

Contes et Nouvelles, 2 vol., front, and 100 half -page pits, by Romain de 

Hooghe, cont. mor., Amst., 1699 (S. Mar, 5 ; 12) Morrison, £8 

Le Decameron (traduit par le Ma9on), 5 vol., 5 fronts., port., 110 pits., old 

calf, Londres [Paris], 1757 (S. Mar. 7 ; 538) Poder, £U 

Nouvelles, par Mirabeau, pits., 4 vols., half calf, Paris, 1802 (H. Mar. 6 ; 

516) 10s. 

Novels and Tales, port, by White, old calf, fo., 1684 (H. Jan. 21 ; 305) 

Tregaskis, 15s. 

The same, port., calf, fo.. 1684 (S. Jan. 15 ; 1059) Hill, £\ 6s. 

Decameron, trans, by B. Dubois, 2 vol., front., 1804 (S. Jan. 13 ; 78) 

Hornstein, 1 Os. 

Decameron, trans, by J . M. Rigg, pits, by Chalon, 2 vols., 1906 (H. Mar. 

19 ; 400) 18s. 

Decameron, ed. by E. Hutton, 4 vols., 1909 (H. J an. 23 ; 829) Brown, £2 4s. 

De Montibus, sylvis, fontibus, lacubus, fluminibus, stagnis, 1st edn., 75 11., 

[Hain *3326], fine copy, calf gilt, fo., Venet. [Vindelin. de vSpira], 1473 (S. 

Mar. 6 ; 436) S other an, £\1 
Insigne Opus de Claris Mulieribus, woodcuts by J . Kobel, mor. ex., very fine 

copy, fo.. Bernae, 1539 (S. Mar. 7 ; 627) Poder, £Q 
Genealogiae Deorum, cum annotationibus J. Micylli, stamped calf, fo., 

Basil, 1532 (S. Mar. 4 ; 28) Ellis, £1 5s. 
Tragedies, of all such Princes as fell from theyr estates, trans, by J . Lidgate, 

calf ex., by Riviere, fo., J. Wayland, n. d. (circa 1550) (S. Mar. 5 ; 212) 

Maggs, £8 
Boerhaave's Aphorismi de Cognoscendis, hf. veil., 1727 (D. Feb. 20 ; 906) Is. 
Boethius (H.) Scotorum Historiae A Primagentis Origine, red mor., by Duseuil, 

with arms of lyOuis-Henri, Comte de Ivomenie. fo., Paris. 1575 (S. Mar. 6 ; 

405) Bateman, £"3 

Boetius. De Consolatione Philosophia. C. fl., leather, stained, fo., Nurnberg, 1476 

(S. Feb. 5 ; 847) Leighton, £^ 

Opera, g. (., diagrams [Hain, 3,351* , fo.. calf, Venetiis, 1491-2 (H. Mar. 

19 ; 479) /I 17s. 

Bohun and Bernard's Geographical Dictionary, fo.. fc, 1693 (D. Mar. 17 ; 249) 


[Boileau] De I'Abus des Nuditez de Gorge, orig. edn.. mor. ex., g. e. (Thompson), 

fine copy, 1675 (S. Feb. 3 ; 149) Tregaskis, £\ 6s. 

Histoire des Flagellans. calf. 1701 (S. Feb. 3 ; 150) Wynn, 2s. 

CEuvres. avec des Eclaircissemens Historiques donnez par lui-meme. 2 vol., 

front., port., pits., by Picart. cont. red mor. ex.. very fine copy. fo.. La Haye, 
1729 (S. Mar. 5 ; 230) Burrows, £4 10s. 

CEuvres. avec des remarques par M. de Saint Marc, pits, by Picart, thick 

paper, 5 vol., cont. red mor., g. e., 1772 (S. Feb. 4 ; 384) Rolandi, £2 

Bonannio (P.) Rerum Naturalium Historia existensium in Museo Kircheriano, 
2 vol,, pits., half veil., fo., Romse, 1773 (S. Mar. 14 ; 352) Wesley, £1 Is. 

Bonaventura (S.) Speculum Beate Marie Virginis, fl. t, 50 11. [Hain, 3,567*], 

(some 11. stained), 4to., boards, Augsburg, 1477 (H. Mar. 19 ; 453) £4 
Bone (M.) Etchings and Dry Points — A Catalogue by Campbell Dodgson, edn. de 

luxe, n. d. (E. Feb. 6; 336) Forrester, £2 

Bonheur. Catalogue des Tableaux, Aquarelles, Dessins, Gravures, par Rosa 

Bonheur, pits., 2 vols., fo., 1900 (P. Mar. 13 ; 569) Morris, 18s. 

Bonney (T. G.) Outline Sketches in the High Alps of Dauphine, pits., 1st edn., 

sm. 4to., 1865 (H. Jan. 30; 424) Farrer, 12s. 

I9I2-I3 I6I 

Booke of Common Prayer, C. Barker [n. d. about 15781 ; Whole Booke of Psalmes, 

collected into English meter by T. Stemhold, J . Hopkins, and others, J ohn 

Daye, 1582 ; in 1 vol., b. I., embroidered binding, g..g. e., 4to. (S. Feb. 4 ; 

485) Graham, ;^50 

Booke of Common Prayer, old black mor., with arms of Charles I, g. e., fo., 1633 

(H. Jan. 30; 607) Auvache, 10s, 

Booke of Common Prayer, mor., Edin.. 1637 (E. Jan. 23 ; 288) £8 

Book of Common Prayer, ruled in red, old red mor., tooled sides, with cypher of 

William and Mary, fo., 1680 (H. Mar. 19 ; 643) ^8 

Book of Common Prayer, with Psalms, ruled in red, old red mor., elaborately 

tooled (Meame), 1684 (S. Mar. 7 ; 506) Butt, 12s. 

Book of Common Praver, dark blue mor. ex., broad borders, g. e., fine specimen, 

Camb., Baskervilie, 1761 (S. Mar. 18 ; 277) Edwards, £1 lis. 

Book of Common Prayer, cont. red mor., broad borders, g. e., Camb., 1763 (P. 

Jan. 24 ; 380) Auvache. 10s. 

Book of Common Prayer, red mor. ex., g. e., by H. Walther, with ticket, 1802 

(P. Jan. 24 ; 457) Lee, 9s. 

Book of Common Prayer, given by Charlotte Bronte to her sister Emily, with 

inscription, Camb., 1837 (S. Feb. 4; 385) Graham. £{1 

Exposition on the Book of Common Prayer, with Psalter, etc., cont. red 

mor. ex., g. e., with painting on the fore-edge, 4to., Sheffield (1765) (S. Mar. 
7 ; 601) Masson. ;^10 

Book of the Dead, Facsimile of the Papvrus of Ani in the British Museum, 36 

cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1890 (S. Mar. 19 ; 661) Heffer, £1 lis. 

Books about Books, ed. by A. W. Pollard, ills., a Set, 6 vols., 1893-4 (H. Jan. 

29 ; 170) Garrett. £1 5s. 

Boothby. Sorrows sacred to the Memory of Penelope, front, and pits., russ., fo., 

1796 (S. Feb. 3 ; 235) Streeton. 4s. 

Borlase (W.) Antiquities of Cornwall, pits., half boimd, imcut, fo., Oxford, 1754 

(H. Feb. 26 ; 188) Bridger. £1 4s. 

Borrow (G.) Lavengro. 1 st edn., 3 vols., port., 1851 (P. J an. 23 ; 94) ElHs. £1 14s. 
Bosboom (S.) Voorbeelden van anticque Schoorsteenen Cabinetten, Geridons, 

Tafels en Spiegels, etc., 57 pits., fo., 1786 (P. March 27 ; 239) Batsford, 15s. 
Bosio (A.) Roma Sotterranea, plan, pits, and woodcuts, calf, with arms of N. J . 

Foucault, 4to., Rome, 1650 (S. Mar. 6 ; 330) Davis, £2 2s. 

Bossu (M.) Travels through Louisiana, trans, by J. R. Forster, 2 vols., calf, 1771 

(P. Jan. 24 ; 469) Stevens, £3 3s. 

The same, 2 vol., cah, fine copy, 1771 (S. Mar. 4 ; 29) Maggs, £4 7s. 6d. 

The same, 2 vol., letter from translator inserted, calf, 1771 (S. Mar. 13 ; 

12) H. Stevens. £4 10s. 

Bossuet (Fr.) De Natura Aquatihum Carmen, cuts, veil., 4to., I/Ugd., 1558 (S. 
Mar. 13 ; 88) , Edwards, £1 Is. 

(J. B.) Divers Ecrits ou Memoires sur le livre intitule : Exphcation des 

Maximes des Saints, etc., red mor., with device of Madame de Maintenon, 
Paris, 1698 (S. Mar. 5 ; 51) Brownlow, £2(i 

* It was formerly in the De Bure and Lignerolles collections. 

Boswell (J.) Account of Corsica, cf., Glasgow, 1768 (D. Feb. 20 ; 949) 6s. 6d. 

The same, calf , 1 768 (E. Jan. 23 ; 391) 12s. 

Bouchet (J.) Les Annales Dacquitaine, corigees par Lacteur, itittts bataries, fo., 

old calf, Paris, 1537 (H. Feb. 27 ; 510) ' /2 

Bougainville (I,, de) Vovage round the World, trans, by J . R. Forster, pits., caH, 

4to., 1772 (S. Mar. 13 ; 89) Young. £\ 6s. 

Boullencourt (Le J eune de) Description Generale de I'Hostel Royal des InvaUdes, 

pits., calf, fo., Paris, 1683 (S. Mar. 4 ; 30) Rimell, 9s. 

Bowles (C.) Universal Display of the Naval Flags of all Nations, 20 cold, pits., 

boards, n. d. (S. Feb. 24 ; 30) Tregaskis. £1 4s. 

Bowring (Sir J.) Minor Morals, 3 vol., pits, by G. Cruikshank and Heath, 1834-9 

(S. Jan. 14 ; 640) Walford. 9s. 

BoydeU's History of the River Thames, pits., 2 vols., old tree calf gilt, fo., 1794-6 

(H. Mar. 19 ; 625) £6 

The same, 2 vol., 76 cold, pits., cont. mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1794-6 (S. Mar. 5 ; 

175) Pickering, £9 


Boys (W.) Collections for a History of Sandwich, 2 vol., pits., half calf, 4to., 1792 
(S. Mar. 13 ; 90) Daniell, £4 7s. 6d. 

Bradford (W.) Sketches of Portugal and Spain, cold, pits., russ. extra (broken), 
fo., 1809 (P. Feb. 13 ; 319) Spencer, £1 14s. 

Anr. Edn., 56 cold. pits.. 4to., russ., 1810 (B. Jan. 21 ; ) ^ £1 14s. 

Anr. Edn., cold, pits., half mor., fo., n. d. (H. Feb. 26 ; 301) Hill, £1 2s. 

[Bradley (E.)l Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, Mark Twain's copy, with his 
autograph, N. Y., 1878 (P. Jan. 23 ; 152) Shepherd, £\ 17s. 6d. 

(F. H.) Principles of Logic, 1883 (H. Mar. 20 ; 878) £1 12s. 

Branteghem (F. G.) La Vie de nostre Seigneur J esus Christ, 6. (., 177 engs., mor. 

ex., En vers, 1541 (S. Mar. 7 ; 502) Bartlett, £3 15s. 

Brayley {E. W.) Ancient Castles of England and Wales, 2 vols., pits., half mor,, 

1825 (S. Mar. 18 ; 255) Pattison, 5s. 

Londiniana, 4 vol., pits., half calf, 1829 (S. Mar. 18 ; 252) Thorp. 10s. 

Bree (C. R.) History of the Birds of Europe, cold, pits., seed, edn., 5 vols., half 

mor., g. e., 1875-6 (H. Jan. 10 ; 763) £2 lis. 

Brees (S. C.) Pictorial Illustrations of New Zealand, India proofs of 21 pits., fo., 

1847 (P. Mar. 12 ; 249) Juches, £\ 2s. 

Breviarium Romanum ex Decreto SS. Concilii Tridentini restitutum, 4 vol., pits., 

mor., Antv., 1715 (S. Mar. 4; 31) Bull, 5s. 

Berviarium Romanum, 4 vols., cont. mor., with Cardinal's Arms, g. e., Paris, 

1775 (H.Jan. 22 ; 485) £2 18s. 

Brewer (George) History of 'Tom Weston, 2 vol., half calf, uncut, 1791 (S. Feb. 

3 ; 18) Dobell, 3s. 

Brickell (J.) Natural History of North CaroUna, map and 3 pits, (map and 1 leaf 

defective), Dublin, 1737 (H. Jan. 22; 340) £\ 19s. 

Anr. Edn., pits., calf, ib., 1743 (S. Mar. 13 ; 13) H. Stevens, £4 15s. 

[Bridges (Noah) ] Rarities : or the incomparable Curiosities in Secret Writings, 
with 24 11. engraved (wormed and cut), 1665 (H. Jan. 30 ; 514) 

Edwards, £3 1 Os. 

(R.) Plays, 8 parts. 4to., 1890 (S. Feb. 20 ; 80) Shepherd, ISs. 

Shorter Poems, 6. 1., red mor., joints, t. e. g., 4to., Oxford, Hy. Daniel, 1894 

(S. Feb. 5 ; 756) Youvg, £2 14s. 

Briget (Saint) Das Buch der himlischen Offenbarung der heihgen Wittiben 
Birgitte von dem Kiinigreich Schweden, I. g., woodcuts by Diirer, stamped 
leather, fo., Nuremberg, Koberger, 1502 (S. Feb. 4 ; 554) Maggs, £22 

Brightman's Judgement, or Prophesies what shall befall Germany, etc., half mor., 

4to., 1642 (S. Feb. 3 ; 193) James, 5s. 

Brigitta (S.) Revelationes, woodcuts, veil., fo., 1556 (S. Feb. 4 ; 538) Vyt, 12s. 

Brindley's Latin Classics, 20 vol., red ruled, mor. git, g. e., with Longpierre crest, 
1744, etc. (S. Mar. 4 ; 32) Lewine, £3 3s. 

Brisson. Ornithologie, 6 'vol. in 7, pits., calf, 4to., Paris, 1760 (S. Mar. 13 ; 93) 

Wesley, 6s. 

British Classics — The Tatler, Spectator, Guardian, Rambler, Idler, and Drake's 
Essays, pits., L. P., 29 vols, in 24, half mor., t. e. g., sotmd set, J. Sharpe, 
1803-10 (H. Jan. 21 ; 159) Thorp, £7 5s. 

British Gallery of Pictures, by Tresham, Ottley and Tomkins, 25 cold, pits., russ. 
gilt. g. e., broken, fo., 1818 (S. Jan. 14 ; 751) Runell, £7 10s. 

British MiUtarv Library, 2 vol., 28 cold, pits., half calf, m. e., fine copy, 4to., 1799- 
1801 (S.' Feb. 24; 31) Parsons, £11 

The same, vol. I, old calf ; vol. II, boards, and a fragment of vol. II (pp. 1 

to 144), unbound, together 3 vol., 34 cold, pits., besides maps, etc., 4to., vol. 
I, 1804 ; vol. II, 1801 (S. Feb. 24 ; 32) Robson, ;^11 10s. 

British Museum — Catalogue of the MSS. and Printed Books comprising the Huth 
Bequest, fo., 1912 (H. Jan. 10; 931) Dobell, 18s. 

British School of Archaeology in Egypt — Publications, by Flinders Petrie, Mackav, 
and others, pits., 12th to the 17th vear. m 8 vols., 4to., 1906-11 (H. Ma'r. 
20 ; 957) ' Edimrds, £3 10s. 

1912-13 i63 

British Volunteer (The), or History of the Volunteer and Associated Corps, 6 

cold. pits, by C. Tomkins, also 5 pits, and map, all cold., old half calf, 4to., 

1799 (S. Feb. 24 ; 33) Maggs. £\7 5s. 

* The volume ends abruptly, but we believe no more was ever pubb'shed. 

See B.A.R., vol. 1, Part 2, page 66. for references to another copy, sold in these 

rooms in 1904. 

Britton (J.) Architectural Antiquities of Gt. Britain, 5 vol., pits., half mor., g. t., 

4to.. 1835 (S. Mar. 19; 611) Joseph. £1 2s. 

Cathedral Antiquities of Gt. Britain, 7 vol.. pits., half russ. gilt, 4to., 1821- 

35 (S. Mar. 19 ; 610) Daniel. £3 cs. 

Brome (R.) Dramatic Works, port.. 3 vols., 1873 (H. Jan. 8 ; 138) Hill. 16s. 
Bronte (Charlotte) The Professor. 2 vol., 1st edn.. 1857 (S. Feb. 3 ; 122) 

Allen. 12s. 
Bronte Sisters. Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. 1846 (S. Feb. 20 ; 81) 

Ellis. 17s. 

Brooke (Ralph) Discoverie of Certaine Errours in Camden's Britannia, 1st edn., 

mor. ex., g. e., 4to. (1596) (S. Mar. 19 ; 584) Edwards, 4s. 

(Sir R.) Report de Anno qvdnto Edwardi quarto. ]&.(., calf, fo., 1587 (S. 

Feb. 5 ; 878) Young. £1 6s. 

Brookes (R.) Art of Angling, woodcuts, slightly wormed, sheep, 1740 (S. Feb. 

5 ; 624) Thorpe. 18s. 

Brosses (C. de) Lettres sur I'ltalie, fine paper, with 10 pages of MS. notes by W. 

Beckford, 3 vol- half bound, 1799 (S. Mar. 5 ; 39) Yates, £3 

Broughton (H.) A Concent of Scripture, engd. title, map and 4 pits., old calf, with 

arms of James I. 4to., n. d. [1596] (S. Jan. 14 ; 586) Maggs. £1 

Brown (P.) New Illustrations of Zoology, 50 cold, pits., calf, 4to., 1776 (S. Mar. 

3 ; 97) Young. 16s. 

Browne. Trial of J ohn Browne, Major of the 67th or South Hampshire Regiment, 

m Antigua, half calf, fo., 1788 (S. Feb. 24 ; 35) Edwards, £1 14s. 
(P.) Civil and Natural History of Jamaica, map and pits., calf, fo., 1789 (S. 

Mar. 14 ; 254) Carter. £1 6s. 

(Sir Thos,) Certain Miscellany Tracts, port., calf, 1684 (S. Feb. 4 ; 318) 

Dobell, £1 2 s. 

Historie of the Princesse Elizabeth, calf. 4to., 1629 (S. Mar. '3 ; 96) 

Tregaskis. £\ 10s. 

Works, port., calf, fo., 1686 (S. Jan. 13 ; 129) Hill. £2 10s. 

Works, ed. by S. Wilkin, pits.. 4 vols., calf, g. e., by Bedford, 1835 (P. Jan. 

24 ; 355) ' Marsh. £3 10s. 

Browning (E. B.) Aurora Leigh, 1st edn., 1857 (S. Feb. 20 ; 87) Sandford, 12s. 

Casa Guidi Windows. 1st edn., 1851 (S. Feb. 20 ; 86) Shepherd. 5s. 

Essay on Mind, 1st edn., mor. ex., g. e., 1826 (P. Mar. 27 ; 114) 

Bumpus, £5 15s. 

Greek Christian Poets and the EngUsh Poets, 1st edn., 1863 (S. Feb. 20 ; 

89) Shepherd, 4s. 

Poems, 2 vol.. 1st edn., 1844 (S. Feb. 20 ; 84) Spencer, 8s. 

The Seraphim, and other Poems, 1st edn., name on half-title, 1838 (S. Feb. 

20 ; 8. ) Tregaskis. £1 Is. 

(Robert) Bells and Pomegranates, the original 8 parts in 1 vol., calf gilt 

g. e., by Bedford, 1841-6 (S. Mar; 7; 50 ) Ellis. £li 

Christmas Eve and Easter-Day. 1st edn., 1850 (S. Feb. 20 ; 93) 

Tregaskis. 15 s. 

Dramatic Idyls, 2 vol., 1st edns., 1879-80 (S. Feb. 20 ; 98) Quaritch. 16s. 

Dramatis Personae, 1st edn., mor., g. e., 1864 (S. Feb. 20 ; 95) 

Shepherd. 4 s. 

Men and Women. 2 vol., 1st edn., 1855 (S. Feb. 20 ; 94) 

B. F. Stevens, £1 16s. 

Paracelsus, 1st edn., boards, wanting back, 1835 (S. Feb. 20 ; 91) 

S't^BflCCT ■/'4 10s 

The Ring and the Book, 4 vol., 1st edn., 1868-9 (S. Feb. 20 ; 97) ' 

Heffer, 16s. 

Strafford, 1st edn., %vTappers, 1837 (P. Feb. 13 ; 176) Quaritch, £5 5s. 

t64 book- auction records 

Bruce. Actes and Ivife of the most victorious Conqueror, Robert Bruce King of 

Scotland, old mor., Edinb., 1620 (S. Mar. 7 ; 555) Maggs. £19 10s. 

* Only four other perfect copies are recorded. Lowndes calls this the first 

edition, but the first was printed about 1571, at Edinburgh, by K. Lekprevik. 

Only one, imperfect, copy is known, which belonged to David Laing. It was 

afterwards in the Rowfant library, then passed into the Antwerp collection, 

and was sold in 1907. 

Bruce (J.) Select Views of Brighton, 9 cold, pits., ob., wrapper [1831] (H. Jan. 

30 ; 577) Brown, £3 10s. 

(J. C.) The Bayeux Tapestry Elucidated, cold, pits., 4to., 1856 (S. Mar. 19 ; 

552) Hill, 7s. 

Brugsch-Bey (H.) History of Egypt under the Pharaohs, fronts., 2 vols., 1879 
(H.Jan. 8; 227) 8s. 

Bruyere (h.) Etudes relatives a I'Art des Constructions, pits., 2 vols., fo., 1823 
(P. Mar. 12 ; 282) Nield. 6s. 

Buchanani Psalmi, parchment, Urie, 1750 (E. Jan. 23 ; 213) £1 

Buchanan's Ancient Scottish Surnames, bds., Glasgow, 1820 (D. Feb. 17 ; 237) 

10s. 6d. 

(Robert) Fleshly School of Poetry, 1st edn., 1872 (S. Mar. 5 ; 37) 

Quaritch, 10s. 
Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities, or Venerable Remains in England and Wales, 3 vol., 
500 pits., calf, fo., 1774 (S. Mar. 14 ; 255) Young, ;£39 

Budge (E. A. W.) Book of the Dead, 3 vols., 1898 (P. Mar. 13 ; 322) 

Quaritch, £1 9s, 

Eulkeley (J.) and J . Cummings. Voyage to the South Seas, calf, 1743 (S. Mar. 

13 ; :5) Young, £1 8s. 

Bullen (A. H.) Lyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age, L. P., 1889 

(S. Feb. 20 ; 103) B. F. Stevens, 14s. 

Musa Proterva, sm. 4to., 1889 (S. Feb. 20 ; 104) B. F. Stevens, 16s. 

Poems, chiefly Lyrical, L. P., 1890 (S. Feb. 20 ; 106) B. F. Stevens, 14s. 

Speculum Amantis, sm. 4to., 1889 (S. Feb. 20 ; 105) B. F. Stevens, 16s. 

Buller (W. L.) History of the Birds of New Zealand, cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., 

4to., 1873 (P. Jan. 23 ; 247) Salby, £3 10s. 

Supplement to the Birds of New Zealand, cold, pits., 2 vols., 4to., 1905 

(H. Feb. 14 ; 875) Quaritch, £4 4s. 

Bullet (M.) Memoires sur la Langue Celtique, 3 vols., calf, fo., Besan9on, 1753-60 

(H. Feb. 26 ; 199) Vyt, lis. 

[Bulteel (John)] The Drudge, or The Jealous Extravagant, calf, 1673 (S. Feb. 

3 ; 33) Cooper, 12s. 

[Bulwer (J.) Philocophus : or the Deafe and Dumb Man's Friend, engd. title, 

with " reflection " opposite, calf, 1648 (H. J an. 30 ; 515) Edwards, £4 2s. 6d. 
Bunbury (H.) Annals of Horsemanship, pits, by H. Bunbury, half calf, Dublin, 

1792 (S. Mar. 4 ; 33) Spencer, £2 17s. 6d. 

Bunn (Alfred) A Word with Punch, ills., half mor., 4to. (1847) (P. Jan. 23 ; 

204) Dobell, 5s. 

Bunyan (John) The Pilgrim's Progress, twenty-fifth edn., front, and woodcuts, 

old calf, 1738 (S. Feb. 3; 19) James, 2s. 

Anr. Edn., woodcuts by J. D. Watson, mor., g. g. e., 1861 (H.Jan. 8 ; 123) 

Davey, 10s. 
Burgess (H. W.) Eidodendion, port, and pits., india proofs, half mor., g. e., fo.. 

1827 (S. Jan. 14 ; 733) Dulau, lis. 

Burgo (Th. de) Hibemia Dominicana, with supplement. 2 vol., half calf, 4to.. 

Col. Agripp. [Kilkenny], 1762-72 (S. Mar. 4 ; 34) . Tregaskis, £4 

Burgoyne (Lt.-Genl.) State of the Expedition from Canada, maps, half calf, 1780 

(S. Feb. 24 ; 38) H. Stevens, £2 12s. 

Burlaeus (Gualt.) Expositio sive Scriptum super artem veterum Porphyrii et 

Aristotelis, I. g., 5 illuminated capitals, half russ., fo. [Venet. C. Arnold, 

s. a.c. 14761 (S. Mar. 6 ; 438) Ellis, £7 5s. 

Burlington Fine Arts Club : Exhibition of English Mezzotint Portraits, 30 pits., 

fo.", 1902 (S. Feb. 4 ; 533) Colnaghi, £2 5s. 

Exhibition of Ancient Greek Art, pits., fo., 1904 (S. Feb. 4 ; 531) 

Quaritch. £3 5s. 

I9I2-I3 165 

Burlington Fine Arts Club : Exhibition of , Pictures of the School of Siena, 47 
pits., fo.. 1904 (S. Feb. 4 ; 530) Rimell. £A 7s. 6d. 

Exhibition of Enghsh Enlbroider>^ pits., fo., 1905 (S. Feb. 4 ; 529) 

Rimell, £\ 6s. 

Exhibition of Early German Art, pits., fo., 1906 (S. Feb. 4 ; 532) 

Leigh ton, £3 15s. 

Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures of the Umbrian School, ills., 4 to., 

1910 (S. Feb. 4 ; 510) Rimell, £1 6s. 

Catalogue of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, 58 pits., fo., 1911 (H. Feb. 27 ; 

567) Rimell, £5 10s. 

Burmannus (J.) Herbarium Amboinense, 6 vol., pits., half calf, fo., Amst., 1741- 
50 (S. Mar. 14 ; 256) Van Stockmat, /6 

Burnet (G.) History of the Reformation, and History of his Own Time, 4 vol., 98 
ports., calf, gilt, m. e., 1841-7 (S. Mar. 18 ; 264) Edwards. £\ 13s. 

Burnett (M. A.) Plantae UtiHores, 2 vol., cold, pits., half roan, 4to., 1842 (S. Jan. 

14 ; 579) Brown, lis. 

Bumey (C.) General History of Music, 4 vol., port, and pits., calf gilt, 4to., 1776- 

89 (S. Mar. 13 ; 100) Ellis, £2 8s. 

Anr. Edn., seed, edn., 4 vol., port., pits, and music, tree-calf, y. e., 4to., 1789 

(S. Jan. 14 ; 562) Fullerton, £1 18s. 

(F.) The Wanderer, 1st edn., 5 vols., boards, uncut (slightly stained), 1814 

(H. Feb. 27 ; 483) Spence, £1 

(J as.) History of the Bucaniers of America, maps, half veil., 4to., 1816 (S. 

Mar. 19 ; 571) H. Stevens. £\ 

Bums (R.) Poems, port., tree calf, back of title, etc., written on, Edin., 1787 (P. 
Mar. 13 ; 358) Payne, £2 

The same, calf, 1787 (S. Feb. 5 ; 595) Edwards. £2 12s. 6d. 

The same, soimd copy, orig. tree-calf, Edinb., 1787 (S. Jan. 14 ; 403) 

S other an. £A 

The same, calf gilt, t. e. g., by Bedford, Edinb., 1787 (S. Feb. 20 ; 108) 

Young. £5 5 s. 

The same, slightly stained and wormed, uncut, Edib., 1787 (S. Feb. 5 ; 

732) Zaehnsdorf, £S I5s. 

The same, 1st edn., having the word " stinking" on page 263, line 13, 

port., in the original boards, imcut, E(iinb., 1787 (S. Feb. 3 ; 38) 

I Blaine, ;^14 

Poems, third edn., port., cf., 1787 (D.Jan. 21 ; 683) lis. 

Poems, facsimile reprint of the Kilmarnock edition of 1786, mor. gilt, t. e. g., 

by Bedford, Kilmarnock, 1867 (S. Feb. 20 ; 109) Soames, £1 2s. 

Gedichte Deutsch von W. Geshard, orig. bdg., Leipzig, 1840 (S. Mar. 7 ; 

530) Poder, £3 18s. 

* The first German translation of Bums' poems. Presentation copy from 

the translator. W. Geshard to Dr. John Bowring. 

Poetical Works, port., 3 vols., mor., g. e., Pickering, 1839 (P. Jan. 24 ; 

367) Marsh, £1 18s. 

Twelve Illustrations of the Poems of Bums, by W. Kidd, L. P., artist's 

proofs, '832 (S. Feb. 3; 39) Dobell. 13s. 

Memorial Catalogue, half mor., g. t., 1898 (E. Feb. 6 ; 119) David, £2 lis. 

Burton (John Hill) The Book Hunter, calf, gilt, 1882 (E. Feb. 6 ; 190) 

Gilchrist, Us. 

Reign of Queen Anne, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1880 (P. Jan. 24 ; 405) Allison, 6s. 

(Robt.) Anatomy of Melancholy, seed, edn., old calf, fo., Oxford, 1624 (S. 

Mar. 4 ; 36) Maggs, £6 15s. 

Anr. Edn., engd. title and opposite verses, half russ., fo., Oxford, 1638 (S. 

Mar. 14 ; 257) Young, £2 14 s. 

Anr. Edn., edgd. title, with the Argument, old calf, fo., 1652 (H. Jan. 23 ; 

891) David, 15s. 

Anr. Edn., by Shilleto and BuUen, port., 3 vols., 1893 (H. Jan. 29 ; 61) 

Bain, £1 4s. 

(Sir R. F.) Works, Memorial Edn., ills., 7 vols., 1893-4 (H. Jan. 29 ; 80) 

Elliott, £1 8s. 


Bury (T. T.) Six Coloured Views on the lyiverpool and Manchester Railway, 
wrappers, 4to., 1831 (P. Jan. 24 ; 525) Lee, £4 7s. 6d. 

The same, 4 to.. 1831 (P. Mar. 13 ; 499) Hutt, £3 17s. 6d. 

Bushell (S. W.) Chinese Porcelain, Sixteenth Century Coloured Illustrations, 
with Chinese Text, by Hsiang Yuan-PTen, 4to., Oxford, 1908 (H. J an. 22 ; 
590) Quaritch, £S 

Butler (S.) Genuine Poetical Remains, by R. Thyer, largest paper, ports., fo., 1827 
(S. Mar. 19 ; 714) Winter, Is. 

Hudibras, first part, 1st edn. (published simultaneously with the small 

8vo. edition to compete with the rival spurious edition, which appeared 
without name of printer, pubhsher or licensee), half calf, 1663 (S. Feb. 3 ; 
34) Dobell, 18s. 

Anr. Kdn., with Grey's Annotations, 3 vol., Iv. P., pits., with the Series of 

Cooper's portraits, cold., inserted, calf gilt, 1819 (S. Jan. 15 ; 894) 

Brown, £S 15s. 

Butrio (Ant. de) Speculum de Confessione, 1st edn., fine large copy, old leather, 

sm. 4 to., Vicenza, 1476 (S. Feb. 4 ; 484) Leighton, £2 18s. 

* Some copies have colophon, others hke this have the last page blank ; 

the recto of h 2 is also blank in this copy. 

Byron (I^ord) English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, 1st edn., boards, Cawthorn, 
n. d. (S. Feb. 20 ; 114) Pickering. £1 14s. 

Hours of Idleness, 1st edn., mor. ex., g e., Newark, 1807 (P. Jan. 24 ; 440) 

Maggs. £3 10s. 

Letters and Journals, with Life by T. Moore, 2 vol., port, 4to., 1830 (S. 

Feb. 3 ; 223) Dobell, Is. 

Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte, ^st edn., wrapper (sUghtly defective), uncut, 

1814 (H.Jan. 30 ; 413) £6 

Works, 4 vol., port., half mor., m. e., 1823 (S. Jan. 14 ; 424) Brown, 6s. 

C. (D.) Voiage de Levant fait par le commandement du Roy en I'anuee 1621, 

eng. title and map, red mor., covered with tooling (Le Gascon), in box, 4to., 
Paris, 1629 (S. Mar. 6 ; 493) FJlis, ;gl2 10s. 

Cabinet of Instruction, Literature and Amusement, 3 vol., ports, and views, calf, 
N. Y., 1829-30 (S. Feb. '^ ; ' } Kashnor. £1 Is. 

Caesar. Commentarii de Bello GalHco lib. VIII, De Bello CiviU Pompeiano lib. 
IV, etc., woodcut map (cold.), ai^d woodcuts, with writing in autograph of 
Aldus, old red mor. gilt, g. e., in morocco case, Venetiis, Aldus, 1513 (S. M^r. 
6 : 4.'-9) Tregaskis, l\ 1 lO's. 

De Bello Galhco, ex Emendatione J. ScaHgeri, engd. title and pits., red 

mor. gilt, g. e., Lugd. Bat., Elzevir, 1635 (H. Jan. 30 ; 544) Davis, £\ is. 

The Complete Captain, or Abbridgement of Cesars Warres, Enghshed by 

J. C, pits., veil., sm. 4to., Cambridge, 1640 (S. Mar. 4 ; 37) Maggs. £\ 12s. 

Caine (Hall) Works, ills., 10 vols., half roan, m. e., 1905 (H. Jan. 10 ; 718) 

Halewood, 13s. 
Caithness Family History, half mor., Edinb., 1844 (E. Jan. 23 ; 301) 

Henderson, 17s. 

Caldecott (R.) Picture Toy Books, cold, ills., clean in orig. covers (14) (H. Jan. 

1-9 ; 19) Young, £\ 12s. 

Calderon. Six Dramas freely translated by E. Fitzgerald, 1st edn., 1853 (S. 

Feb. 20 ; 11.0) Edwards, £3 15s. 

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic. '6 9-25, 2 vol., 1858-9 (S. Jan. 15 ; 961" 

Barnard, lis. 

Calendrier pour I'Anee Bissextile, " , engs., needlework binding, enclosing two 

painted miniature portraits, Paris, 1796 (S. Mar. 7 ; 558) Poder, £\{i 

Callander (John) Terra Austrahs Cognita, 3 vol., maps, calf, Edinb., 1766-68] 

(S. Mar. 4 ; ; 8) Quaritch, £5 15s. 

The same, 3 vol., maps, titles mounted, calf, g. e., w. a. f., Edinb.. 1766-68 

(S. Mar. 18 ; 58) Thorp, 16s. j 

Callot (J.) Exercises Militaires, title and 14 etchings, mounted, half mor., g. e.,' 
ssm. -'to., ' - 5 (S. Feb. "4 ; • ^ Kemp, £\ 14s. 

Calvin (J.) Abridgement of the Institution of Christian Religion, trans, by C.j 
Fetherstone, half calf, Edinb.. SB (S. Mar. 18; 120) Tregaskis, 3s. 

1912-13 16; 

Calvin (J .) Praelectiones in librum prophetianum Danielis, with Hebrew text, 
stamped binding, stained (w. a. f.). fo., 1571 (P. Jan. 23; 315) Elhs. £1 

Sermons upon the fifth Booke of Moses, trans, by A. Gelding, few 11. damaged 

half calf, fo.. 1583 (S. Mar. 6 ; 440) Barnard, 5s. 

Treatise declarynge what great profit might come, yf there were a regester 

made of all Sainctes bodies and other reliques, trans, by S. Wythers. b. I., 
old calf, 1561 (S. Feb. 5 ; 606) Graham, £1 4s. 

Cambrian Register (The) for 1795, 1796, etc., 3 vol., all pubd., 2 cold, fronts, and 
maps, half calf, m. e., 1796-1818 (S. Jan. 13 ; 185) Wynn, £1 19s. 

Cambridge Modem History (The), 13 vols., and Atlas of Maps, 1902-12 (H. Mar. 
19 ; 390) i^ 6s. 

Camden (W.) Anglica Normannica Hibemica Cambrica, a Veteribus Scripta, fo., 
mor. gilt, g. e., by Mackenzie, Francof., 1603 (H. Jan. 9 ; 506) Hill, 15s. 

Britain, trans, by P. Holland, engd. title and maps, calf, rebacked, fo., 1637 

(S. Feb. 4 ; 307) Meadows. 10s. 

Britannia, with additions by Gough and Nichols, 'best edn., pits., 3 vols., 

old russ., fo., 1789 (H. Feb. 26 ; 184) Franklin, 17s. 

- The same, 3 vols., russ., fo., 1789 (P. Mar. 27 ; 259) Cohen, 6s. 

Reges, Reginae, Nobiles, et alii in Ecclesia CoUegiata B. Petri, Westmona- 

asterii sepulti, old calf, 4to., 1603 (S. Mar. 5 ; 154) Dohell, 7s. 

Cameron (D. Y.) Etchings, with Essav bv F. Rinder, pits., edn. de luxe, 4to., 1908 
(H. Feb. 14 ; 763) ' ' E. Mackay, /lO 10s. 

The same, edn. de luxe, 4to., Edinb., 1908 (S. Feb. 5 ; 800) 

Shepherd, £1 lis. 

Illustrated Catalogue of his etched Work, hand-made paper, with proofs, 

and an etching, " The Lion and the Unicom," signed by D. Y. Cameron, half 
veil., 4to., Glasgow, 1912 (S. Feb. 5 ; 809) " Bumpus, £\3 15s. 

Campana (G. P.) Antiche Opere in Plastica discoperte, raccolte e dichiarate, 121 
pits., mor. ex., g. e., fo., Roma, 1852 (H. Feb. 26 ; 178) £2 

Campbell (A.) Journey from Edinburgh, 2 vols., 4to., pits., hf. cf., gt., 1802 (D, 
Jan. :.0 ; 238) 8s. 

(J.) Travels in South Africa, cold, pits., 2 vols., half calf, t. e. g., 1822 (P. 

Mar. 12 ; 29) Davis, 14s. 

(J. F.) Popular Tales of the West Highlands, 1st edn., 4 vols., imopened, 

Edinb., 1860 (H. Feb. 26; 114) Barnard, 17s. 

(Lord) Lives of the Chief Justices, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1849-57 (P. Jan. 24 ; 

36-) Allison, £\ 12s. 

Campe (J. H.) Elementary Dialogues, trans, by Seymour, 16 pits, by Wm. Blake, 
1st edn., boards, 1792 (P. Mar. 27 ; 96) " Dohell, 12s. 

Cannon (R.) Historical Records of the British Army, 1834-53, complete set, 68 
vol., cold, ills., the 14th Foot in half mor., the rest in cloth or boards, fine 
set, ( .8) (S. Feb. 24 ; 42) Parker, £A2 

Cant's The Muses Threnodie, cf., Perth, 1774 (D. Jan. 21 ; 744) 3s. 6d. 

Cape Flowers by a Lady, cold, pits., loose cloth, fo. (1849) (P. Jan. 24 ; 622) 

Edwards, £\ 10s. 

Capem (E.) Poems, pres. copy, 1856 (P. Jan. 23 ; 146) Shepherd, 3s. 

Caradoc of Lhancarvan, The Historj^ of Wales, Englished by Dr. Powell, caH, 1774 
(S. Mar. 4 ; 40) Edwards, 7s. 

•Caradoc Press. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield, calf, 1903 (H. Mar. 6 ; 509) 7s. 

The Proverbys of Saynt Bemarde, printed on vellum, 1904 (H, Mar. 6 ; 

508) 16s. 

Caramuel (Juan de) HSIIANO-SeHMA. Declaracion Mystica de las Armas de 
Espana invictamente behcosas, engd. title and arms, veil., fo., Bruselas, 
!• -. (S. Mar. 5; 203) Streeion, 15s. 

Cardanus (H.) Opus novum de proportionibus numerorum, motuum, ponderum, 
locorum, etc., old citron mor. gilt, g. e., with first arms of J . A. de Thou, fine 
copy, fo., Basileae, 1570 (S. Mar. 6 ; 441) Leighton, £7 5s. 

Cardonnel (A. de) Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland, 2 vols, in 1, 103 ills^, cf,, 
1 88-93 (D.Jan. 20; 239) 3s. 

•Carleton's County Court Practice, ed. by G. Y. Dixon, 1891 (B. Feb. 21 ; 110) 

£1 10s. 


Carlisle (Earl of) Poems, mor. ex., g. e., 1807 (S. Jan. 14 ; 496) Bain, 16s. 

* Signature on title of Augusta Leigh, Byron's sister. Ivord Carlisle was 
Byron's guardian. 

Carlyle (T.) Latter-Day Pamphlets, 1st edn., 1850 (S. Feb. 3 ; 77) Barrett, £3 5s. 

* Inserted a portion of a foolscap page containing 6 lines of a Description of 
a Battle in Carlyle's autograph. 

Life of Schiller, with Supplement of 1872, pres. copy, 1873 (S. Feb. 3 ; 74) 

Spencer, £7 

On Heros, Hero- Worship and the Heroic in History, 1st edn., 1841 (S. Feb. 

3 ; 76) Streeton. £1 8s. 

* An envelope attached " With Mr. Carlyle's Compliments." 

Works, tree calf, gilt, 33 vols, and index, 1882 (E. Feb. 6 ; 260) 

Hopkins, £6 10s. 

Life, by J. A. Froude, ports., tree calf, gilt, 4 vols., 1882-5 (E. Feb. 6 ; 

261) Hopkins, £1 

Carpaccio (V.) Life and Works, by P. Molmenti and G. Ludwig, trans, by H. Cust, 

ills., fo., 1907 (H. Jan. 29; 291) Bull, 15s. 

Carpenter (Percy) Hog Hunting in Lower Bengal, 6 pits., fo., 1861 (S. Feb. 24 ; 

45) Edwards, £1 Is. 

Carr (J .) The Stranger in France, 12 cold, pits., half calf, 4to., 1803 (P. Mar. 27 ; 

160) Lacy, £2 2s. 

Carracci (A.) Diverse Figure, 120 pits., vellum, g. e., fo., 1646 (P. Mar. 13 ; 580) 

Morris, lis. 
Cartwright (John) The Preachers Travels (wanting K2), unboimd, sm. 4to., 1611 

(S. Mar. 13 ; 102) Dohell, 8s. 

Carver (J .) Travels Through North America, map and pits., cf., 1778 (D. Feb. 20 ; 

944) £2 2s. 

The same, pits., calf, fine copy, 1778 (S. Mar. 4 ; 41) H. Stevens, £2 4s. 

The same, half calf, 1778 (S. Mar. 13 ; 18) Thorp, £2 18s. 

Caryl (J.) Exposition on Job, half calf, 2 vols., 1767 (E. Feb. 6 ; 50) 5s. 

Casanova (J.) Memoirs, 12 vols., vellum, uncut, P. P., 1894 (P. Jan. 23 ; 75) 

Harris, £\3 

Cases Decided in the Court of Session (Dunlop, Bell & Murray, and others), 1838— 

51, calf. 13 vols. (E. Feb. 11 ; 16) Green, £% 10s. 

The same, fourth series (Rettie). vols. 5, 6 and 7, 1877-^0 ; vol. 9, 1881-2 ; 

vol. 11 and 12, 1883-85 ; half calf, 6 vols. (E. Feb. 11 ; 17) Moody, £\ 19s. 

Cash (J.) British Freshwater Rhizopoda and Heliozoa, cold, pits., 2 vols., 1905-8 
(H. Feb. 26 ; 97) Herman, £1 3s. 

Castaing (John) An Interest Book, at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 per C (shaved), cont. blue mor., 
richly tooled, g. e.. 1725 (S. Feb. 4 ; 356) Leighton, 18s. 

Castaneda (Lopez de) First Booke of the Historie of the Discoverie and Conquest 
of the East Indies, trans, by N. Lichfield, ft. t. (marg. wormed), 4 to., 1582 — 
Gomara (Lopez de) Historie of the Conquest of the West Indies, trans, by 
T. Nichols, h. I., 1596 ; in 1 vol.. old calf. 4to. (S. Mar. 13 ; 135) 

H. Stevens, ;^19 

Castellamonte (Conte di) La Venaria Reale, pits., old calf, wormed, w. a. f., 4 to., 
1672 (P. Feb. 13 ; 216) Braun, £1 17s. 6d. 

Castilla (F. de) Theorica de virtudes en copas, y con comento. Practica delas. 
virtudes delos buenos Reyes Despana, 2 parts, q. I., fine copy [Salva 522], 
4to.. Carago9a, 1552 (S. Mar. 6; 376) Davis, £6 

Catalogue of the Lords. Knights and Gentlemen that have Compounded for their 
Estates, calf. Chester, 1733 (S. Mar. 19 ; 423) Quaritch, 3s. 

CatalogusLibrorum, A.C.D.A., calf, Glasguae, Foulis, 1758 (E.Jan. 23 ; 387) lis. 

Cataneo Novarese (H.) Dell' Arte Militare, woodcuts, veil., 4to., Brescia, 1608 (P. 
Jan. 24 ; 516) Marsh, 12s. 

Caterina (S. da Siena). Dialogo della Providenzia di Dio, 1st edn., Comte J. 
Boutourlin's copy (imperfect), old half calf, 4 to., Napolitana, 1478 (S. Mar. 
5 ; 115) Gaselee, ;^10 10s. 

* The Spencer copy has only 115 leaves, while this has 123, but first 9 leaves 
are in old MS., and last leaf of " imprimatur " is defective. 

Catesby (M.) Natural History of Carolina, Florida and Bahama Islands, 2 vol., 
cold. pits., russ. gilt, fo., 1731-43 (S. Mar. 14 ; 259) Maggs, £U 15s. 

191 2-13 ^^9 

Cathcart and Hooker. Illustrations of Himalayan Plants, cold. pits, (some loose), 
fo., 1855 (H. Feb. 28 ; 924) Quaritch. £1 6s. 

Catholic Encyclopsedia (The), vols. 1 to 5 (A-F), 1907-9 (H. Feb. 13 ; 409) £2 10s. 

Catholijcke Epistelen ende Euengelien met de ghebeden banden gehelen Dasten, 
engd. title and woodcuts, old mor., g. e., 1630 (S. Feb. 5 ; 676) Cooper, 4s. 

Catlin (G.) Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians, 2 vol 
pits., 1851 (S. Mar. 18 ; 34) Hill, 17s. 

Anr. Edn., cold, pits., 2 vols., 1876 (P. Mar. 12 ; 157) Harris. £1 5s. 

North American Indian Portfolio, 31 cold, pits., half mor., fo. (1844) (S. 

Jan. 13 ; 151) Quaritch, £1% 

Cato. Catho cum Commento, \. g. (40 11., signs, a-5), (title weak), mor. (not in 
Brunet), sm. 4to., Cadomi, n. d. [15—] (S. Feb. 13; 434) Quaritch, £% 

Cats (J.) Alle de Wercken, 2 vol., front, and pits., half calf , fo., Amst., 1712 (S 
Feb. 5 ; 851) Edwards, 15s. 

Caulfield (J.) Portraits of Remarkable Persons, pits., 4 vols., 4 to. (bdg. broken), 
1819 (H. Mar. 6 ; 356) £\ Is. 

The same, 4 vol., calf gilt, 1819-20 (S^ Mar. 19 ; 365) Bull, £1 16s. 

The same (some shghtly foxed), L. P., 4 vols, in 2, half mor., m. e., 4to., 

1819-20 (H. Mar. 19 ; 588) £1 9s. 

Cavin (Dr.) Scholastical History of the Canon of the Holy Scripture, front., calf, 

4to., 1657 (S. Feb. 3 ; 195) James, 6s. 

[Caxton (Wm.)] Vincent of Beauvais. The Mirror of the World, second edn., 4to., 

William Caxton, Westminster (1490) (S. Mar. 7 ; 598) Dobell. ;^145 

* The first EngHsh book with illustrations. The present copy wants 
eighteen leaves. When seen by Blades in 1863 it was in the possession of 
Robert Glendinning It came later into possession of Sir J . E. MiUais, and has 
also the bookplate of Birket Foster. 

Celestina. The Spanish Bawd [trans. byMabbel, 1st edn. (3 11. repaired), fo., half 

calf, 1631 (H.Jan. 9 ; 444) ' Thorp, £\ \ As. 

Cellini (B.) Life, by R. H. H. Cust, 2 vol. pits.. 1910 (S. Jan. 15 ; 893) Hill. 10s. 
Celtic Magazine (The). 13 vols, (all pubd.), hf. cf., 1876-88 (D. Jan. 20 ; 242) 

£A 4s. 
Cenni (Q.) Eserciti Europei, 18 cold, costumes, half mor., ob. fo., Milano (1883) 

(S. Feb. 24 ; 47) Parsons, 18s. 
L'Esercito Italiano, 12 cold, costumes, half mor., ob. fo., Milano, 1880 (S. 

Feb. 24 ; 48) Parsons, 16s. 

Censorinus. De die Natali ad Q. Cerellium, etc., (Hain, 4846), half veil., 4to., 

s. 1. et a. (S. Feb. 4 ; 490) Thursoe. 10s. 

Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles (Les), 2 vol., fronts, and 100 pits., by Romain de Hooghe, 

cont. red. mor., Cologne, 1701 (S. Mar. 5 ; 40) ' Hatchard, £6 5s. 

Cervantes. El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote, a few head-lines shaved, Milan, 

1610 (S. Mar. 6; 377) Davis, £3 

■ Vida del Cavallero Don Quixote, pits., 2 vols., half veil., Amberes, 1697 

(H. Jan. 22 ; 433) Tregaskis, £\ 

El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote, 4 vol., 2 fronts., port, and 31 pits., 

calf, 4to., Madrid, 1780 (S. Mar. 5 ; 149) Isaacs. £% 12s. 6d. 

Don Quichote, trans, [by T. Shelton], 2 vol., engd. title to vol. I (that to 

vol. II wanting), fine large copy, calf gilt, g. e., bv Rividre, 4to., 1612-20 
(S. Mar. 7 ; 594) ' Drum, /31 

Don-Quixote, trans, by T. Shelton, calf gilt, 1652 (H. Feb. 13 ; 501) ;^ris. 

Don Quixote, trans, by T. Smollett, 2 vol., pits, by Havman, old calf, 4to., 

1755 (S. Feb. 5 ; 805) ^ Bumptis, £10 5s. 

* In vol. II is an autograph letter, signed Ts. Smollett. 

Don Quixote, trans, by Jarvis, pits., 2 vols., old russ., 4to., 1756 (H. Jan. 

23 ; 870) Barnard, 19s. 

Don Quixote, trans, by C. Jarvis, pits., 4 vols., half calf, 1801 (P. Mar. 12 ; 

141) Hornstein. 12s. 

The same, 4 vols., russ., 1801 (P. Mar. 27 ; 116) Lewine, 18s. 

Don Quixote, trans, [by Mary Smirke !, pits, after Smirke, 4 vols., half mor., 

1818 (P. Feb. 13 ; 168) Hornstein, £1 IDs. 


Cervantes. The same, 4 vol., h. P., proof pits., with separate proofs of the 
vignettes on large india paper, straight-grained blue mor. gilt, joints, silk 
linings, g. e., slightly rubbed, 4to., 1818 (S. Jan. 14 ; 594) Cerato, £6 

Don Quixote, trans, by C. Jarvis, 4 vol., 24 cold, engs., calf, 1819 (S. Jan. 

13 ; 213) Hornstein, £4 10s 

Don Quixote, pits, after Westall, 4 vols.. 12nio, calf gilt, m. e., 1820 (H. 

Feb. 13 ; 424) Maggs, £1 5s. 

The same, 4 vol., calf, 1820 (S. Jan. 14; 463) Bolleter, £1 8s. 

Don Quixote, trans, by Motteux, 5 vol., half calf gilt, Edinb., 1822 (S. Mar. 

18 ; 44) Maggs, 14s. 

Don Quixote, translated by J. Ormsby, 4 vols., 1885 (P. Mar. 12 ; 139) 

Harris, lis, 
Don Quixote, done into English, with lyife by H. E. Watts, 5 vol., half veil., 

4to., 1888 (S; Jan. 14; 535) Young, £1 Is. 
Don Quixote, trans, by Motteux, etchings and ills., 4 vols., Edinb., 1902 

(H. Feb. 13 ; 370) Lumley, 15s. 
Novelas exemplares, seed, edn., slightly shaved, and small worm-holes, 

Pamplona, 1614 (S. Mar. 6 ; 378) Barnard, £4 18s. 

Chaffers (Wm.) Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate, front., etc., 1905 (S. Jan. 

15 ; 776) Pearson, 10s. 

Chalmers (G.) Caledonia, pits. (sHghtly foxed), 3 vols., half bound, 4to., 1807-24 

(H. Feb. 26 ; 158) Wynne, 7s. 6d. 

Chamberlaine (J.) Original Designs of the most Celebrated Masters of the 

Bolognese, Roman, Florentine and Venetian Schools, engs., half mor., g. e., 

fo., 1812 (S. Mar. 18 ; 181) 18s. 

Chamberlayne (W.) Pharonnida, a Heroick Poem, 1st edn., port., mor. ex., g. e., 

by Bedford, 1650 (S.Jan. 15; 870) James, IJ 15s. 

Chambers's Traditions of Edinburgh, calf, gilt, 4 vols., 1825 (E. Jan. 23^; 178) 

£\ 9s. 
Chancellor (F.) Ancient Sepulchral Monuments of Essex, ills., fo., 1890 ^P. Mar. 

27 ; 220) Badley, £1 

Chancery Reports in the Vice-Chancellors' Courts, by Maddock, Simons and 

Stuart, and Simons, both series, 27 vols., calf, 1817-52 (H. Mar. 7 ; 116) 

£1 16s. 
Chancery Reports in the Rolls Court, complete Series by Tamlyn, Keen, and 

Beavan, 39 vols., calf, 1831-69 (H. Mar. 7; 115) ;^8 5s. 

Chancery Reports, consecutive Series, from Macnaghten and Gordon to De Gex, 

Jones and Smith, 23 vols., calf, 1850-73 (H. Mar. 7 ; 114) £2 10s. 

[Chapman (G.)] Bussy d'Ambois, 1st edn., mor., sm. 4to., 1607 (S. Mar. 4 ; 44) 

Quaritch, £22 
Conspiracie and Tragedie of Charles Duke of Byron, 1st edn., wanting sig. 

B., shaved, mor., sm. 4to., 1698 (S. Mar. 4 ; 45) Leighton. £\0 
Revenge of Bussy D'Ambois, 1st edn., with leaf A, mor., fine copy, sm. 4to., 

1613 (S. Mar. 4 ; 46) Quaritch, £2S 10s. 

Charke (Mrs. Charlotte) Life, by herself, port., red mor. ex., g. e., 1755 (S. Jan. 

15 ; 904) James, £\ 6s. 

Charles I. A Large Declaration by Charles I., calf, 1739 (E. Jan. 23 ; 300) 3s. 

Memoirs of Charles I and the LoyaUsts, L. P., 20 ports., 4to., 1795 (S. Feb. 

3; 196) Dobell, 4s.j 

Charlet. Album, 1837, 15 pits., half mor., ob., Paris, n. d. (S. Feb. 24 ; 52) 

Parsons, £\ 6s. 

Alphabet Moral et Philosophique, title and 25 pits., half mor., Paris, s. d. i 

(S. Feb. 24 ; 53) Parsons, £\\ 

Charlevoix (P. de) History of Paraguay, 2 vol., calf, 1769 (S. Mar. 4 ; 48) 

B. F. Stevens, /I 10s. i 

The same, 2 vols., calf, 1769 (P. Jan. 24; 502) Lee, 13s. ] 

Journal of a Voyage to North America, 2 vol., map, calf, 1761 (S. Mar. 4 ; 

47) H. Stevens, £^ 

Charlton (L.) History of Whitby, pits., 4to., York, 1779 (S. Mar. 18 ; 139) 

Palmer, 3s. . 

Chateaubriand (De) Atala, first Enghsli version, front., engd. title and pits., calf] 

gilt, 1802 (S. Feb. 3; 20) Tregaskis, 9s.' 

1912-13 171 

Chatelain's Fifty small Views of Churches, Villages, etc., adjacent to London, 
half bound, 4to., 1750 (S. Jan. 15 ; 1051) Rimell. £4 15s. 

Chaucer (G.) Canterbury Tales, with Notes by T. Tyrwhitt, 5 vol., port, and 
fronts., half red mor. gilt, g. e.. 1822 (S. Mar. 18 ; 231) Morris, £2 16s. 

Anr. Edn., by T. Tyrwhitt, 5 vol., front, and port., 1830 (S. Jan. 13 ; 73) 

* ' Hornstein, £2 6s. 

Works, ed. by T. Speght, b. t., port., calf, fo., 1602 (S. Jan. 15 ; 1067) 

Maggs. £3 10s. 

Works, with Glossary by J . Vttj, port., calf, fo., 1721 (S. Jan. 13 ; 130) 

David, £1 Is. 

Poetical Works, 6 vols., Pickering, 1852 (D. Jan. 20; 83) £3 17s. 6d. 

Complete Works, ed. by W. W. Skeat, 6 vol., Oxford, 1894 (S. Jan. 14 ; 

494) Winter, £2 12s. 6d. 

— ' — The same, with cancelled sheets of Testament of Love, 7 vols., 1894-7 
(H. Jan. 29 ; 64) Young, /4 14s. 

Works, ed. by W. W. Skeat, rough calf, fo., 1905 (S. Feb. 5 ; 853) 

Thorp, £l 16s. 
Chauncy (Sir H.) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire, port., map and pits., 

calf, fo., 1700 (S. Mar. 14 ; 261) Quaritch, £3 15s. 

Cheshire Sheaf (The), vol. 1, to Third Series, vol. 8, 12 vols., sm. 4to., half mor., 

t. e. g., 1880-1911 (H. Jan. 29; 202) Young, £6 

Chester Archaeological and Historic Society's J oumal, 1st series, 3 vols., half mor., 

t. e. g., and new series, vols. 1 to 18 (vol. 18 in wrappers), 21 vols., 1857-191 1 

(H. Jan. 29; 201) Sutton, £6 12s. 6d. 

Chester. Panoramic Delineations of the Four Principal Streets of Chester, by 

G. Batenham, 24 pits., n. d. fo. (S. Mar. 14 ; 262) Young, £2 18s. 

Child (Sir Joshua) A Discourse about Trade, cont. calf, 1690 (P. Feb. 13 ; 119) 

Dobell, 9s. 

A New Discourse of Trade, old calf, 1698 (S. Mar. 4 ; 51) Bain, £1 

— — The same, orig. calf, 1698 (S. Mar. 13 ; 19) Young, 16s. 

Chitty's Collection of Statutes to 1872, in 5 vols, and Annual Continuation, by 

Lely and Aggs, from 1889 to 1911, in :23 vols., together 28 vols. (H. Mar. 7 ; 

108) ^1 

Choderlos deLaclos. Les Liaisons Dangereuses, trans, by E. Dowson, pits., 2 vols., 

• P. P., 1898 (H.Jan. 9 ; 495) Beaumont. £2 5s. 

Choice Masterpieces of Korin and Kenzan, pits., fo., Tokyo, n. d. (H. Feb. 28 ; 

917) Bumpus, £1 16s. 

Chronica del muy esclarescido Principe z Rey don Alfonso el Onzeno"' deste 

nobre de los reves que revnaron en Castilla v en Leon, fl. I., fine copy, orig. 

veil., fo. [Salva' 2887], Valladohd, 1551 (S.^Mar. 6 ; 374) Tregaskis, £6 
Chronicle of the Kings of Britain, trans, bv P. Roberts, half mor., g. t., 4to., 1811 

(S. Mar. 19 ; 560) ' Harduig. 3s. 

Chronicles of the Houghton Fishing Club, ills., 4to., 1908 (S. Jan. 15 ; 817) 

Thorp, 16s. 
Chronicon Carionis Expositum et Auctum Multis et Veteribus et Recentibus 

Historiis, in descriptionibus regnorum & gentium antiquarum, & narrationi- 

bus rerum Ecclesiasticarum, & PoUticarum, Graecarum, Romanarum, 

Germanicarum & aharum, citron mor., with arms of J . A. de Thou and his 

second wife, in 2 vol., Genevae, 1576 (S. Mar. 7 ; 5?J) Maggs, £\S 5s. 
Churchill (A. and J .) Collection of Voyages and Travels, 6 vol., pits., calf, rebacked, 

fo., 1732 (S. Feb. 5 ; 843) Edwards, £2 6s. 

Anr. Edn.. 6 vol., pits., calf, fo., 1744-3 (S. Mar. 4 ; 52) Edwards, £3 

Churchman (J.) Accoamt of the Labours of a Minister of Christ, calf, Phil., 1779 

(S. Feb. 3 ; 2) Follett, 3s. 

Cicero. Les Oraisons de Ciceron contre V^erres a Monseigneur le Chanceher par 
Barnard Lesfargues, red mor., dedication copy to Pierre Seguier (Chancellor 
of France), covered with fleur-de-hs, the Chancellor's arms occupying 
the centre, 4to., Paris. 1640 (S. Mar. 6 ; 342) Quaritch. £45 

Orationum Volumen Secundum, stamped leather (repaired), Paris, 1543 

(S. Feb. 13 ; 445) Leighton. 10s. 


Cicero. The Paradox, or Marvaylous questions of Marcus Tullius to his familiar 
Marcus Brutus, h. l- (scribbled on, wants title and A8), new pigskin, J. 
Redman, n. d. [c. 1540] (S. Feb. 13 ; 446) Quaritch. £Q 5s. 

Three bookes of dueties to Marcus his sonne, trans, by N. Grimalde, old calf. 

1574 (H. Jan. 9 ; 359) Tregaskis, £1 10s. 

Opera, 4 vols, in 2, old rough caH, fo., 1554-5 (P. Jan. 23 ; 300) Davis, 4s. 

Cicognara (L.) Storia de la Scultura, 3 vol., pits., calf, m. e., fo., Vinez., 1 81 3-18- 

(S. Mar. 14 ; 263) Joseph. 5s. 

Cigalinus (P.) De Vera Patria C. Plinii Secundi Nat. Hist. Script, old calf, with 

arms of Seguier (repaired), 4to., Comi, 1605 (S. Feb. 4 ; 487) Leighton, 5s. 
Cipriani (G. B.) Prints after, by R. Earlom, port., engd. title and 49 pits., some 

extra inserted, half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1789 (S. Mar. 18; 183) West, ;^11 

Anr. Edn., port., engd. title and 49 pits., veil., uncut, fo., 1789-1819 (S. 

Mar. 18 ; 184) Sonning, £5 

Civil Engineers' Institution — Transactions, from commencement in 1836 to 1841» 
in 3 vols., 4to., 1842, and Minutes of Proceedings, from commencement in 
1837 to March, 1912, being vols. 1 to 188, with Name-Index to vols. 1-58, and 
Subject-Index to vols. 1-170, also Catalogue of the Library, Index to same 
and Charters, together 200 vols., first 156 vols, and 3 Indexes in half roan, 
7 vols., cloth, and 34 vols., sewed, 1848-1912 (H. Feb. 14 ; 729) ;^23 10s. 

Civil War. Select Tracts relating to the Civil War, ed. by Baron Maseres, 2 vol., 
pits., calf gilt, m. e., 1826 (S. Jan. 15 ; 919) Barnard, 7s. 

Clark and Finnelly. Reports of Cases in the House of Lords, 12 vols., calf, 1835- 
47 (H. Mar. 7 ; 127) £2 6s. 

Clarke (E. D.) Travels, 11 vol., port., maps and pits., half calf, m. e., 1816 (S. 
Jan. 13 ; 163) Bull, 8s. 

The same, pits., 11 vols., calf, m. e., 1816-24 (H. Feb. 26 ; 278) Joseph, £1 

(S.) Sermons, port., L. P., 10 vols., cont. blue mor. ex., tooled sides, g. e., 

1731-2 (H.Jan. 22 ; 486) Edwards, £1 Us. 

Claude. Beauties of Claude Lorraine, 24 pits., calf gilt, fo., 1825 (P. Mar. 27 ; 
207) Scotti, 12s. 

Liber Veritatis, 3 vol., port, and pits., halE russia, fo., Boydell, n. d. (S. 

Jan. 14 ; 738) Parsons, £3 15s. 

(J ean) Reponse au Livre de Mr. Amaud, intitule la Perpetuite de la Foy de 

I'Eglise CathoUque touchant I'Eucharistie defendue, red mor., with arms of 
the Marquis de Menars. g. e., 4to., Quevilly, 1670 (S. Feb. 4 ; 488) 

Leighton, £2 10^. 

Claudianus. De Raptu Proserpinae cum Commentariis J ani Parrhasii, lit. rom. 

(60 11.), stamped leather, back missing, fo., Mediolani, 1501 (S. Feb. 13 ; 

447) Leighton, £2 6s. 

Opera quam diligentissime castigata a Fr. Asulano, stamped pigskin, Venet. 

in sed. Aldi et A. Asulani Soceri, 1523 (S. Jan. 13 ; 257) Tregaskis, £4 4s. 

Clavasio (Angelus de) Summa Angelica de Casibus Conscientiae, g. I. [Hain, 5,384 u 
sm. 4to., calf, Venetiis, 1487 (H. Mar. 19; 474) £1 14s. 

Clayton (E. C.) Queens of Song, ports., 2 vols., 1863 (P. Mar. 13 ; 467) Dobell, 4s. 

Cleaveland (E.) Genealogical History of the Family of Courtenay (a few 11. 
stained), calf, rebacked, 4to., Oxon., 1735 (H. Jan. 9 ; 507) Quaritch, 19s. 

Clemens (S. L.) The Innocents at Home, n. d. (P. Jan. 23 ; 1 56) Shepherd, £2 12s. 

* With author's signature on title page twice repeated; 1st, Samuel L. 
Clemens. 2nd, Mark Twain. 

Clement XIV. Pensees du Pape Ganganelli sur differens Sujets, red mor., gilt 
(Derome), Paris, 1780 (S. Mar. 5 ; 93) Day, 17s. 

Clerisseau (C.) Antiquites de la France, 2 vol., pits., half mor., fo., Paris, 1804 
(S. Mar. 14 ; 264) Joseph, 9s. 

Clery (J. B.) Journal de la Captivite de Louis XVI, red mor., Londres, 1798 
(S. Mar. 5 ; 41) Morrison, £1 10s. 

* The Princess Sophia's copy, with her ex-libris. 

Clifton (F.) Hippocrates upon Air, Water and Situation, port., calf, 1734 (S. Feb. 

3 ; 45) James, 2s. 

Clinch (G.) Bloomsbury and St. Giles's, Past and Present, L. P., pits., half mor., 

g. t., 4to., 1890 (S. Mar. 19 ; 624) Jackson, 2s. 

Mayfair and Belgravia, L. P., pits., half mor., g. t., 4to., 1892 (S. Jan. 15 ; 

994) Last, 2 s. 

1912-13 173 

Clouet. Three Hvmdred French Portraits of Personages of the Courts of Francis 
I, Henrv II, and Francis II, auto-hthographed by Lord Ronald Gower, 2 vol., 
fo.. 1875 (S. Mar. 19 ; 685) Parsons. £2 7s. 6d. 

Clusius (C.) Curse Posteriores, woodcuts, veil., fo., Lug. Bat., 1611 (S. Mar. 14 ; 
267) Young, {^ 

Exoticorum hb. X, item P. Bellonii Observationes, woodcuts, veil., fo., 

Raphelengii, 1605 (S. Mar. 14 ; 266) Young, £2 10s. 

Rariorum Plantarum Historia, woodcuts, veil., fo., Antv., 1601 (S. Mar. 

14 ; 265) Young, £2 

Cluverie (P.) Germanise Antiquse, engd. title, maps and pits., old calf, fo., Lugd. 

Bat., 1616 (S. Feb. 3 ; 256) James, 14s. 

Coates (C.) History of Reading, pits, (without Supplement), boards, 4 to., 1802 

(H. Mar. 18 ; 301) 3s. 6d. 

Cobbet (T.) Discourse touching the honour due from Children to Parents, calf 

ex., g. e., 1656 (H. Jan. 21 ; 255) Stevens, 7s. 6d. 

Cobbett (Wm.) History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland, 

2 vol., new panelled calf gilt, t. e. g., 1829 (S. Feb. 5 ; 647) Bain, £\ 

Cobbett and Howell's Complete Collection of State Trials, with General Index, 

Complete Set, 34 vols., half russ., sound condition, 1809-28 (H. Jan. 31 ; 

724) Edwards, £9 2s. 6d. 

[Cobbold (R.) Histors' of Margaret Catchpole, 3 vols., 1st edn., 1845 (P. Mar. 

13 ; 355) Bain. £2 5s. 

Cochlaeus (J .) De Gratia Sacramentorum Liber imus, 1st edn., 4to., Argent., 1522 

(P. Jan. 23 ; 249) Salby, £1 5s. 

Cockbum (J.) Swiss Scenerv, thick paper, pits., russ. ex., joints, g. e., by Dawsoii 

and Lewis, 1820 (S.Jan. 13 ; 95) Soames, £1 Is. 

^ockton (H.) George St. Juhan, 1st edn., 25 iUs. bv Onwhyn, 1844 (S. Mar. 18 ; 

87) Maggs, 19 s. 

Sylvester Soimd, 1st edn., port, and ills, bv Onwhvn, 1844 (S. Mar. 18 ; 

86) ' ' Maggs, £1 10s. 

Code Noir, ou Recueil des Reglemens concemant le Gouvemement des Negres 

dans les Colonies frangaises, calf, Paris, 1788 (S. Feb. 3 ; 4) Schaeppi, 10s. 
Cohn (A. )Shakespeare in Germany in the 16th and 17th Centuries, 4to., 1865 

(S. Jan. 14 ; 549) Hill, 13s. 

Coke (Roger) Treatise wherein is demonstrated that the Church and State of 

England are in equal Danger, old sheep, 4to., 1671 (S. Feb. 5 ; 78-) 

Young, £3 3s. 
Colardeau (C. P.) Theatre et Autres (Euvres, avec Vie, 10 pits, and port., 2 vols., 

mor., g. e., 1784 (P. Mar. 27 ; 107) Bumpus, ^4 7s. 6d. 

Colden (C.) History- of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, 2 vol., map, calf, 1755 

(S. Mar. 13 ; 20) Parsons, £3 10s. 

Cole (Benj.) Soldiers Pocket Companion of Manual Exercise of our British Foot, 

pits., old calf, 1746 (S. Feb. 24 ; 58) Pickering, £3 10s. 

(Timothy) Old Enghsh Masters, 48 pits., with dupUcates on J apanese paper, 

in 2 portfohos, fo., N. Y., 1902 (S. Feb. 5 ; 833) Maine, /6 15s. 

Coleridge (S. T.) Biographia Literaria, calf ex., 2 vols., 1817 (E. Jan. 23^; 143) 


The Fall of Robespierre, 1st edn., half mor., 1794 (S. Feb. 20 ; 131) 

Spencer, £1 12s. 
• Notes and Lectures upon Shakespeare, 2 vols., 1849 (H. Jan. 8 ; 96) 16s. 

Poems, seed, edn., mor., g. e., by Ri\4ere, 1797 (P. Jan. 24 ; 368) 

Young, £4 4 s. 

■ Sibylline Leaves, 1st edn., port, inserted, cah gilt, t. e. g., 1817 (S. Feb. 

20 ; 138) Shepherd, £1 4s. 

The Watchman, No. 1, March, 1796, to No. 10, May 13, 1796, in 1 vol., port. 

inserted, autograph of W. Pickering on title, calf gilt, g. e., by Riviere 
(S Feb. 20; 132) ^ Summers. £6 Ss. 

Dramatic Works, 3 vols., Pickering, 1847 (D. Jan. 20 ; 82) 9s. 

Poetical Works, 3 vol., L. P., half mor., t. e. g., Pickering, 1829 (S. Feb. 

20 ; 139) Summers, £^ 2s. 

Anr. Edn., 3 vols., ib., 1834 (H. Feb. 27 ; 430) Bailey. 7s. 


Collectanea Adamantaea, ed. by E. Goldsmid, L. P., numbers 1 to 27 in 62, in 14 
vols., calf and half calf, Edin., 1884-89 (H. Jan. 8 ; 105) Cohen, £2 5s. 

Collection Raisonnee des Uniformes Fran9ais de 1814 a 1824 (2e Partie de la 
Collection Generale), 46 cold, lithographs (foxed), calf ex., g. e., Paris, 1825 
(S. Feb. 24 ; 59) Rimell, {Jo 

Collier (J .) The Passions Humourously Delineated, port, and 25 cold, pits., boards, 
4to., "810 (P. Jan. 23 ; 258) Neumayer, £3 5s. 

The same, port, and 25 cold, pits., 4to.. half calf, 1810 (H. Jan. 20 ; 572) 

Shepherd, £2 14s. 
Collins (G.) Great Britain's Coasting Pilot, maps., calf, fo., 1744 (S. Mar. 18 ; 186) 

Thorp, lis. 

CoUyer (J . N.) and J.J. Pocock. Historical Record of the Light Horse Volunteers 

of London and Westminster, cold, ills., half calf, 1843 (S. Feb. 24 ; 60) 

Maggs, £2 12s. 
Cohnan (G.) The Iron Chest, half calf, 1808 (P. Jan. 23 ; 141) Shepherd, £1 10s. 

* With the original Preface, Advertisement, and Postcript, 41 pp., in the 
autograph of Colman. 

Columna (Fr. de) Songe de Poliphile, traduction libre par J. G. Legrand, 2 vol., 
mor. gilt, g. e., Paris, 1804 (S. Feb. 20 ; 140) Moss, £1 2s. 

[Combe (W.)] Dance of Life, 1st edn., front., engd. title and 24 cold. pits, by 
Rowlandson, uncut. 1817 (S. Feb. 5 ; 704) Spencer, £7 5s. 

The same, half calf, 1817 (S. Mar. 7 ; 574) Maggs, ;^10 

* Pres. copy " To the Miss Chaters, Wm- Combe Dec. 15, 1817." 

English Dance of Death, 2 vol., cold. pits, by Rowlandson, boards, uncut, 

1815-16 (S. Feb. 5 ; 705) Pontifex, ^13 15s. 

The same, 2 vol., old calf, 1815-16 (S. Mar. 7 ; 496) Spencer, £A 

The same, 2 vol., half russ., 1815-16 (S. Mar. 7 ; 576) Lamb, 79 


History of Johnny Quae Genus, cold. ills, by Rowlandson, haH boimd, 1822 

(S. Feb. 5 ; 664) Edwards, £\ 18s. 

The same, calf gilt (repaired), 1822 (H. Jan. 30 ; 566) £2 

The same, calf ex., g. e., by Riviere, 1822 (H. Jan. 8 ; 87) Cohen, £A 2s. 6d. 

The same, calf ex., t. e. g., by Bedford, fine copy, 1822 (S. Feb. 24 ; 64) 

Maggs. £5 10s. 
The same, half russ., 1822 (S. Mar. 7 ; 575) Edwards, £9 

* With inscription " To Miss Anne Chater from Wm. Combe." 

Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of the Picturesque, third edn., cold. pits. 

by T. Rowlandson, calf gilt, 1813 (S. Mar. 5 ; 74) Scotti, 12s. 

Anr. Edn., cold. pits, by Rowlandson, old red mor. ex., g. e., clean copy, 

Ackermann [1819] (H. Feb. 27 ; 520) £1 14s. 

Tours of Doctor Syntax, 3 vol., 1st edns., cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, the 

first in calf, the others in half russia. 1812-20-21 (S. Mar. 7 ; 577) 

Shepherd, £2^ 10s. 

* On the back of the frontispiece of the first vol. is the inscription : " Mr. 
Combe presents this Volume to Mr. Chater, with his affectionate regards, May 

20, 1812." 
■ Anr. Edn., 81 cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, tall copy, 3 vols., 1855 (B. 

Jan. 21 ; 126) i\ 17s. 

Commines (P. de) Memoires corrigez par D. Sauvage, old calf, fo., 1552 (S. Mar. 

4 ; 53) Barnard, 17s. 

Anr. Edn., bound in 2 vol., mor. ex., g. e., Leide, 1648 (S. Jan. 13 ; 30) 

Davis, £\ 13s. 

History of Philip de Commines (trans, bv T. Danett), calf, with arms of 

Queen Elizabeth, fo., 1596 (S. Mar. 6 ; 404) Bateman, £'^ 

Comte (A.) System of Positive Polity, 4 vols., 1875-7 (H. Mar. 18 ; 90) £\ lis. 
Concordata inter Papa Leonem decimum & Franciscum huius. primus in suprema 

Parlamenti curia Parisius 1517, etc., woodcuts, half mor., sm. 4to., 

Tholosae [1518] (S. Feb. 13 ; 450) Barnard, £2 10s. 

Condamine (M. de la) Relation Abregee d'un Voyage fait dans ITnterieur de 

I'Amerique Meridionale, 2 pits., thick paper, half calf, 1745 (P. Mar. 12 ; 

60) Quaritch, 10s. 

Coney (J.) Ecclesiastical Edifices of the Olden Time, 2 vol., 200 pits., half mor., 

g. t.. fo., 1842 (S. Jan. 13; 138) James. £\ 

19^2-13 , 175 

Confucius. Le Chow-King, un des Livres Sacres des Chinois, traduit par P. Gaubil, 

pits., old calf, 4to.. Paris, 1770 (P. Jan. 23; 268) Salby. 9s^ 

Conradus de Alemannia. Concordantiae Bibliorum, ^. I. (Hain, 5632), 418 11., fo., 

oak boards, Niimberg, A. Koburger, 1485 (H. Feb. 14 ; 895) 

Selden, £1 17s. 6d. 
Constable (J.) Memoirs, by C. R. Leslie, pits., half mor. ex., t. e. g., 4to.. 1845 

(P. Mar. 13 ; 496) Lane. 18s. 

Conway (W. M.) CUmbing and Exploration in the Himalayas, pits., 1894 (S. Mar. 

18 ; 30) Hitchman, 6s. 

Cook (Col.) Observations on Fox-Hunting, pits, (slightly stained), boards, imcut, 

181.6 (H. Feb. 27 ; 484) £^ 5s, 

(James) and J. Hawkesworth : Voyages, 8 vol., pits., with folio atlas of 

plates, 8 vol., russ. (one half russia). 4to., 177S-84 (S. Jan. 14 ; 595) 

Soames, £^ 5s. 

The same, 8 vol., russ. gilt, 4to., 1773-85 (S. Mar. 4 ; 55) Quaritch, £5 

The same, 8 vol., and one folio atlas of plates, etc., half calf gilt, 4to., 1773— 

85 (S. Feb. 5 ; 779) Hornstein. £6 10s. 

Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 3 vol., maps, and foHo atlas of pits., half calf, 

4to.,' 1785 (S. Jan. 14 ; 575) Hatchard, £1 12s. 

(T. A.) Histors- of the EngUsh Turf, 2 vols., ills., 4to., 1901 (S. Mar. 18 ; 161) 

Harris, 2 s. 

Cooke (Sam.) Complete English Gardener, front., calf gilt, t. e. g., bv Riviere, 
n. d. (S. Feb. 4 ; 357) Thorp, 16s. 

Cooper (A.) Impressions of a Series of Animals, Birds, etc., illustrative of British 
Field Sports, from a set of Silver Buttons, engs. on india paper, half roan, 1821 
(S. Fe"b. 20 ; 142) Edwards, £1 8s- 

(T.) Some Information respecting America, map (small tear in), boards, 

Dublin, 1794 (P. Jan. 24 ; 461) Maggs, 15s. 

Copinger (W. A.) Suffolk Records and MS§,, 6 vols., 1904-7 (H. Jan. 8 ; 54) 

Last, £\ 4s. 
Copperplate Magazine (The), engs., half calf, 4to., n. d. (S. Jan. 14 ; 577) 

Brown, 16s. 

Comazano (A.) Proverbii in Facetie, Printed on Vellum, half roan, uncut, Parigi, 

1812 (H.Jan. 9 ; 472) 12s. 

Comeille (P.) CEuvres : Augmentee de Notes, etc., par C. Marty-Laveaux, 12 vol., 

half mor., t. e. g., Paris, 1862 (S. Feb. 5 ; 654) ' Edwards, £\ 6s. 

(T.) Stihcon, Tragedie, cont. red mor. covered with fleurs-de-Us, Rouen, 1660 

(S. Mar. 7 ; 540) Edwards, £% 

Comwalhs Correspondence, ed. by C. Ross, map and port., seed, edn., 3 vols., 1859 
(H. Feb. 12 ; 38) Hill, £1 2s. 

Correggio. Pitture esistenti in Parma nel Monasterio di san Paolo, pits., mor., 
g. e., Parma, 1800 (S. Mar. 18 ; 75) Palmer, 10s. 

Cory (W.) Extracts from his Letters and Journals, bv F. W. Cornish, port., 
Oxford, 1897 (S. Feb. 20 ; 145) ' ' Heffer. £2 16s. 

lonica, 1st edn., 1858 (S. Feb. 20 ; 144) Bain, £1 14s. 

The same. 1858 (P. Jan. 23 ; 167) Bain, £3 12s. 6d. 

* Dr. Fumivall's copy with his signature, and autograph letter, and post- 
card, addressed to FumivaU. 

Corj-at's Crudities, 1st edn., pencil notes in margins, engd. title (and printed title) 
and pits. (Strasburg Clock and Heidelberg Tun backed and mended ; pp. 
1-2 cut down), old calf, 4to., 1611 (S. Mar. 13 ; 104) Tregaskis, /21 

Greeting from the Court of the Great Mogul, woodcuts, calf gilt, fine 

copy, 4to., 1616 (S. Mar. 4 ; 5 ) Parsons, £1 3s. 

Traveller for the Enghsh Wits, greeting from the Court of the great Mogul, 

orig. edn. [cut into , imboimd, 4to., sm. 4to., 1616 (S. Mar. 13 ; 106) 

Lewine, 9s. 
Cosmo III. Travels of Cosmo the Third, Grand Duke of Tuscanv, through 

England, port, and pits., russ., 4to., 1821 (S. Jan. 15 ; 982) Pa'terson, 17s. 
Costume. Dresses of the Representatives of the People, Members of the two 

Councils, etc., cold, pits., wrappers, 1796 (P. Jan. 23 ; 117) Rimell, £1 16s. 
Costumes Frangaisde 1200 a 1715, cold, pits., calf (broken), HullmandeC n. d. 

(P. Feb. 13 ; 156) Maggs, £1 6s. 



Costumes of the University of Oxford, 17 cold, pits., 12mo, Whittock, n. d. (P. 

Jan. 24; 383) Walford, 7s. 

Cotman (J. S.) Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, 2 vol., 100 pits., fo., 1822 

(S. Mar. 19 ; 648) Neumayer, 18s. 

Cotton (J.) Song Birds of Great Britain, cold, pits., 2 vols., P. P., 1835 (H. Jan. 

23 ; 668) Pearson, £2 15s. 

Court of Session Cases, Rettie and others, 12 vols., 1886-1898 (E. Feb. 11 ; 27) 

Knox, £5 

The same, Fraser and others, 1898-1911, 13 vols., half calf, fine condition, 

and Parts 1 to 24, 1912 (B. Feb. 11 ; 28) Knox, £8 15s. 

Covel (J .) Account of the Greek Church, pits., I,. P., old red mor. (slightly rubbed), 
fo., Camb., 1722 (H. Feb. 27 ; 584) Auvache, 8s. 

Cowley (Abraham) Poems, 1st edn., calf, g. e., by Riviere, 4to., 1656 (S. Mar. 5 ; 
145) Maggs, £3 10s. 

Select Works, 2 vol.. caH, 1772 (S. Feb. 3 ; 48) Wynn, 2s. 

Cowper (Wm.) Poems, no half title, calf gilt, g. e., by Bedford, 1782 (S. Feb. 

20; 147) Dobell, 5s. 

Cox (David) Young Artist's Companion, pits., 1st edn., half roan, 4to., 1825 

(P. Jan. 24 ; 527) Hyam, £3 10s. 
(J. C.) Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire, ills., 4 vols., half mor., 1875-9 

(H. Jan. 9 ; 396) F. Woore, £1 14s. 

(T.) Magna Britannia, 6 vol., maps, calf, 4to., 1738 (S. Mar. 13 ; 107) 

Thorp, lis. 
Coxe (N.) The Falconer, or Art of Hawking and Falconry, also the Cocker, calf, 

(1810) (S. Mar. 19 ; 468) Hornstein, £\ 15s. 

(Tench) View of the U.S. of America, half calf, 1795 (P. Jan. 24 ; 470) 

Marsh, 12s. 

(W.) History of Monmouthshire, pits., pres. copy, 2 vols. (bdg. broken), 4to., 

1801 (H. Feb. 27 ; 543) Edwards, £\ 10s. 

Crabbe (G.) The Borough, 1st edn., boards, pres. copy, 1810 (P. Jan. 23 T 140) 

Shepherd, £\ ^s. 

Poetical Works, by his Son, 8 vol., port, and fronts., half mor., g. e., 1840 

(S. Mar. 18 ; 241) Biimpus, 15s. 

Craik (G. I^.) Romance of the Peerage, 4 vol., ports., 1848 (S. Mar. 19 ; 451) 

Edwards, 17s. 
Crantz (D.) History of Greenland, 2 vol., pits., calf, 1867 (S. Mar. 4 ; 57) 

Parsons, 16s. 

Crashaw (R.) Steps to the Temple, seed, edn., engd. title, calf gilt, 1648 (S. Jan. 

13 ; 87) Dobell, £2 10s. 

The same, old calf, 1648 (H. Jan. 30 ; 541) Barnard, £2 14s. 

Anr. Edn., front., orig. calf, 1670 (S. Jan. 13; 2) Dobell, £2 8s. 

Crawford (Lord) The Earldom of Mar during Five Htmdred Years, 2 vols., Edinb., 

1882 (H.Jan. 8; 238) 8s. 

Crebillon (P. J. de) (Euvres, 14 vols, in 7, 12mo., old calf gilt, with Arms and 

book-plate, lyondres, 1777 (H. Feb. 14 ; 771) Bumpus, £\ 18s. 

(Euvres Completes, 3 vol., port, and pits after Marillier, calf gilt, g. e., 

Paris, 1785 (S. Jan. 13; 247) Davis, £\ 18s. 

Creeny (W. F.) Illustrations of Incised Slabs, fo., 1891 (P Mar. 27 ; 215) Vyt, 8s. 
Croft (Wm.) Musica Sacra, port, (slightly defective), fo., n. d.[17241 (P. Jan. 23 ; 

317) Ellis, £\ 10s. 

Croker (T. C.) A Walk from London to Fulham, D. G. Rossetti's copy with 

autograph on fly leaf, 1860 (P. Jan. 23; 150) Shepherd, £1 
Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland, 3 vol., 1st edn., pits., 

1825-8 (S. Feb. 20 ; 151) Shepherd, 9s. 

Crompton (R.) L'Authoritie et J urisdiction des Courts de la Maiestie de la Roygne, 

ft. I. (stained), 4to., 1637 (P. Jan. 23 ; 248^ Ellis, 7s. 

Cromwell (T.) History of Colchester, pits.. L. P.,' 2 vols, in 1, 1825 (H. Jan. 8 ; 

210) 10s. 

Croniques de Normendie (slightly defective), russia, with crest of Duke of 

Buccleuch, g. e., 4to., Rouen, s. d. [vers 1500J (S. Feb. 13 ; 444) 

* Collation : Title and Table 6 11. and a-r 5 in sixes. Leigh ton, £\1 

1912-13 177 

Cruikshank (G.) Illustrations to Mornin<;s at Bow Strefet, India proofs, boards, 
1825 (P. Mar. 13 ; 351) Cruikshank. 18s. 

Illustrations of Time, title and 6 cold, pits., pres. copy, ob. 4to., 1874 (H. 

Mar. 5 ; 184) Shepherd, £1 13s. 

Ivoving Ballad of Lord Bateman, ills, by G. Cruikshank, 1st edn. (pagination 

in centre of pp., and stanza V., line 2, reading ' wine '), 1839 (P. Feb. 13 ; 

120) Quaritch, £5 7s. 6d. 
My Sketch Book, cold, copv, 9 parts, wrappers, ob. 4to., Tilt (1833-4) (P. 

Feb. 13 ; 204) ' Bumpus, £8 10s. 

[Crtiso (Jolm)' Militarie Instructions for the Cavallrie, front, and pits., half 

bound, fo., 1632 (S. Feb. 13 ; 453) Edivards, £2 10s. 

Anr. Edn., engd. title and 12 pits., calf, fo., 1644 (P. Mar. 27 ; 266) 

Ellis, £2 17s. 6d. 

Cuisse (Sr. de la) Repertoire des Bals, on Theorie pratique des Contredances, 

engraved throughout, 2 folding pits., half calf, Paris, 1762 (vS. Feb. 3 ; 52) 

Quaritch, £A 17s. 6d. 
Cumming (R. G.) Five Years of a Hunter's Life in S. Africa, 2 vol., ms., 1850 
(S. Jan. 14 ; 432) Hill, lis. 

Cunningham (A.) The Stupa of Bharhut, pits., 4to., 1879 (H. Feb. 26 ; 145) 

Luzac, £2 lis. 

(P.) Story of Nell Gwyn, 1st edn., woodcuts, 1852 (S. Mar. 19 ; 450) 

S other an, £\ 12s. 

Cupid turned Volimteer : a Series of Prints (cold.), designed by ***** (the 

Princess Elizabeth), with Poetic Illustrations by T. Park. 4to., 1804 (S. 

Mar. 13 ; 108) Rimell, £3 

[Currie (Lady) Denzil Place, by Violet Fane, 1st edn., 1875 (H. Jan. 23 ; 706) 5s. 

Curtis (J.) British Entomology, cold, pits., 8 vols., straight grained mor., 1823- 

40 (P. Mar. 13 ; 362)^' Edwards, £10 

Curtiss Botanical Magazine, cold, pits.. Vols. 1 to 22, in 11 vols., calf, 1790-1805 

(P. Jan. 24; 332) Brotsm. 13s. 

The same, vols. 1 to 58, with General Indexes to vols. 1-20 and 1-42 (part 

1), in 37 vols., half russ. (rubbed), 1787-1831 (H. Feb. 27 ; 535) 

Poynder, £2 10s. 

The same, 45 vol., cold, pits., half calf gilt, 1787-1839 (S. Mar. 13 ; 22) 

Thorp, £6 5s. 

The same, 59 vols, in 38, and index Vols. 1 to 53 in 2 vols., together 40 vols., 

half russ. (some broken), 1793-1832 (P. Feb. 13 ; 114) Brown, £4 5s. 

Curtius (Quintus) De Rebus gestis Alexandri Magni, Wodhull copy, old stamped 

sheep, fo., s. 1. et a. Venet. Vind de Spira (c. 1471) (S. Mar. 6 ; 442) 

Maggs, ;^15 10s. 

Anr. Edn., oaken boards, old calf, fo., Mediolani, 1481 (S. Mar. 5 ; 216) 

Barnard, £2 10s. 
The same, red mor. gilt, g. e. (Derome), with arms of Hon. George Agar Ellis, 

fine copy, fo., 1481 (S. Mar. 6 ; 443) Sotheran, /7 

Custanzu (T.) Fascettu di varii Sunetti, calf broken, g. e., 4to., Catania, 1741 (S. 

Jan. 13 ; 345) Davis, 4s. 

Cynewulf's Christ : an Eighth Centura' English Epic, ed. by I. Gollancz, Japan. 

paper, 1892 (S. Feb. 20 ; 153) Maggs, 16s. 

Cyprianus (S.) Epistolae et Opuscula. fine large copy, old calf on oak boards, 

rebacked, Venet. Vindelin. de Spira, 1471 (S. Mar. 6 ; 444) Murray, £\2 

Opera, cont. cah (worn), .\ntwerpiae, 1541 (S. Feb. 13 ; 454) 

Leighton, £1 Is. 
Dalrymple (A.) Collection of Voyages and Discoveries in the S. Pacific Ocean, ' 

2 vol. in 1, maps, calf, 4to., 1770-1 uS. Mar. 4 ; 59) Edwards, £2 12s. 

Dalton (R.) Antiquities and Views in Greece and Egvpt, pits, (no title), half calf, 

fo., 1751 (S. Mar. 14; 269) ' Thorp, 8s.' 

Dampier (W.) Voyage round the World, 3 vol., pits., calf gilt, 1717-1700-1709 

(S. Jan. 14 ; 434) Salbv, £1 

Collection of Voyages, 4 vol., pits., calf, 1729 (S. Mar. 13 ; 23) Maggs, £5 5s. 

Dance of Death. II non plus ultra di tutte le scienze, ricchezze, honori, e diletti 

del Mondo, woodcuts, roan, Venetia, 1682 (S. Feb. 20 ; 161) Meuel, 10s. 



[Daniel (S.) I The Queenes Arcadia, 1st edn., unbound (wants K 4 and Li), sm. 
4to., 1606 (S. Mar. 13 ; 109) Sabm, £S 

* The copy in the Huth sale was imperfect, and no other appears in the 
auction records. 

— — Complete Works, ed. by A. B. Grosart, port., 5 vols., P. P., 1885-96 (H. 

Jan. 8; 115) Heffer, £2 16s. 

Daniell (E. R.) Chancery Forms, 5th edn., 1901 (H. Mar. 7 ; 67) £1 8s. 

Chancery Practice, 7th edn., 2 vols., 1901 (H. Mar. 7 ; 66) £2 7s. 

— — (F. B.) Catalogue Raisonne of the Engraved Works of Richard Coswaf\', 

front., veil., t. e. g., 4to., 1890 (P. Mar; 12 ; 245) Quaritch, 17s. 

The same, I^. P., front., 1890 (S. Mar. 6 ; 417) Quaritch, £1 10s. 

— — (W. B.) Rural Sports, with Supplement, 4 vol., pits., half russ., 1801-13 (S. 

Jan. 14; 400) Quaritch, £\ Is. 
Anr. Edn., pits., with Supplement, 1813, 4 vols., 4to., russ., 1807 (B. Jan. 

21 ; 162) ^1 13s. 

Dansey (J. C.) The English Crusaders, 6. I., illuminated coats of arms, mor., g. e., 

4to. (1840) (P. Mar. 27 ; 168) Lacy, i\ 7s. 6d. 

Dante. Comedia, col' espositione di C. Landino, woodcuts, old calf, fo., Venetia, 

1529 (S. Mar. 4 ; 60) Leighton, £Q 15s. 
La Comedia, con la nova Expositione di A. Vellutello, woodcuts (title 

mounted), old calf, Vinegia, 1544 (H. Jan. 23; 826) Davey, £1 10s. 
Comcedise, con I'Espositione di B. Daniello da Lucca, calf, 4to., Venet., 

1568 (S. Jan. 15; 832) Lubravo, £2 

D'Arcussia (Charles) La Fauconnerie, woodcuts, parchment, 4to., Rouen, 1644 

(S. Mar. 13 ; 110) . Bumpus, £1 15s. 

Dariotus Redivivus (bv N. Spark), woodcuts (a few 11. stained, and bdg. defective), 

sm. 4to., 1653 (H.Jan. 30; 444) Dobell, 15s. 

Dart (J.) Historv of Canterbury Cathedral, pits., uncut, fo., 1727 (S. Jan. 15 ; 

1087) Thorp, 12s. 

D'Audricourt (T.) Pastes de la Nation Fran9aise. 150 pits., 2 vols., russ., g. e., fo., 

1807-16 (P. Mar. 27 ; 265) Ellis, /3 17s. 6d. 

Davenport (J.) On the Powers of Reproduction, pits., sm. 4to., half mor., t. e. g., 

P. P., 1869 (H.Jan. 10 ; 801) Beaumont, £\ 8s. 

Davies (Sir J .) Complete Poems, ed. bv A. B. Grosart, L- P., 2 vols., 1876 (H. 

Jan. 8 ; 114) Evans, 8s. 

Da Vinci (L.) Literary Works, ed. by J . P. Richter, 2 vol., 1883 (S. Feb. 20 ; 164) 

Edwards,. £10 5s. 
Davison (F.) Poetical Rhapsody, 2 vol., half mor., t. e.g by Riviere, 1826 (S. Feb. 

20 ; 165) Steedman, 6s- 

Dawkins (W. B.) Cave Hunting, ills., 1874 (H. Feb. 26 ; 49) Harding, £\ 16s. 
Day (C. A.) Illustrations of Mediaeval Costume, cold, pits., half russ., g. e., 4to., 
n. d. (S. Jan. 13; 102) Ellis, Us. 

Dayes (Edw.) WorTvS, pits., 4to., 1805 (S.Jan. 13; 117) Walton, 4s. 

Dayot (A.) Napoleon, raconte par I'image d'apres les Sculpteurs, etc., ills., half 

mor., t. e. g., fo., Paris, 1895 (S. Feb. 20 ; 166) Soames, £\ 10s. 

Days (The) when we had tails on us, 14 cold, pits., 1849 (S. Feb. 3 ; 55) 

Streeton, 10s. 
Daza de Valdes (B.) Uso de los antoios para todo genero de vistas, diagrams, a few 

worm-holes, Seuilla, 1623 (S. Mar. 6 ; 379) Maggs, £8 15s. 

* [Salva 2696, where a reproduction of the portrait is given. This is pro- 
bably the earliest reallv scientific work on the use of spectacles. 

T)eakin (R.) Florigraphia Britannica, cold, pits., 4 vols., 1857 (H. Jan. 10 ; 754) 

Nye, 17s. 
De Bry. Admiranda Narratio de Commodis et Nicolarum Ritibus Virginoe, 

Anghco scripta a T. Hariot, pits, by T. De Bry, Francof., 1590 ; Secunda Pars 

Americae, pits., ib., 1591 ; Tertia Pars, pits., ib., 1592, fo., in 2 vols. (S. 

Mar. 14 ; 271) Edwards, £5 12s. 6d. 

Defoe (D.) History of Addresses, 2 vol. in 1. 1st edn., calf, 1709-11 (S. Jan. 15 ; 

970) Maggs, 7s. 

History of Union of Great Britain, 1709 (E. Feb. 1 1 ; 52) 2s. 

< Anr. Edn., port., 4to., cf., 1786 (D. Mar. 20; 915) Is. 6d. 

1912-13 179 

Defoe (D.) Journal of the Plague Year, calf gilt. g. e., 1722 (S. Feb. 5 ; 584) 

Sotheran, £A 18s. 

Jure Divino. 1st edn., L. P.. port., calf, fo., 1706 (S. Jan. 15 ; 1064) 

Dobell. 14s. 

Memoirs of the Secret Services of J ohn Macky, 1st edn., roan (bdg. damaged) 

1733 (D. Feb. 17 ; 201) 2s. 

Robinson Crusoe, fronts, and map, 1st edn.. 2 vol., mor. ex., g. e. (front, 

and title margined), 1719 (S. Feb. 4; 347) Dobell. £25 

The same, 2 vols., 1719 ; and Serious Reflections, plate mended, 1720 ; 

3 vol., 1st edns., orig. calf, not uniform (3) (S. Mar. 7 ; 515) Gould, ;/;i52 

* The first volume is the issue with the word " Apply " (preface, p. 2) 
printed incorrectly ; in later issues this error was corrected. 

Life of Robinson Cruso, calf, Printed for the Book-Sellers of London and 

Westminster. 1719 (P.Jan. 23; 73) Backham, £7 15s. 

* The pirated edition. This copy was sold in these rooms Dec. 20, 1882, in 
the sale of Lord Townsend's Hbrary, whose name is stamped on a few leaves. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vol.. pits, by Stothard, calf, 1790 (S. Jan. 13 ; 5) Battersbv, /2 

Anr. Edn., pits, bv Stothard, 2 vols., L. P., half russ., 4to., 1804 (P. Jan. 

24 ; 534) Marsh, £1 17s 6d. 

— ■ — Novels and Miscellaneous Works, port., 7 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 1912 

(P. Mar. 12 ; 169) Davis, £1 4s. 

Deguignes (J.) Histoire generale des Hims, des Turcs, des Mogols et des autres 

Tartares Occidentaux, etc., 4 vol. in 5, calf, 4to., Paris, 1756-8 (S. Mar. 4 ; 

61) Parsons, £1 10s. 

[Dekker (T ) Belman of London, third impression, 6. I., cut into, unbound, sm. 

4to. [Butter, 1608; imprint cut off ^ (S. Mar. 13; 113) Tregaskis, £'5 

English Villanies discovered bv Lanthome and Candle-light, b. I., calf (cut 

into), 4to., 1648 (P. Feb. 13 ; 202) Arnold, £1 7s. 6d. 

Magnificent Entertainment given to King James, upon the day of his 

Majesties Triumphant Passage through London, cut into, unbound, 4to., sm. 

4to., 1604 (S. Mar. 13; HI) Leighton, £10 

Delamotte (W. A.) Original Views of Oxford, pits., half mor., 4to., 1842 (P. Jan. 

23 ; 264) Henry, £1 

Delgado (Jose) La Tauromaquia 6 Arte de Torear, mor. ex.. Madrid, 1827 (S. 

Feb. 4 ; 321) Leighton, 9s. 

Delia Bella (S.) Recueil de Griffonemena, Tetes, Animaux. Marines, paysages et 

sujets de Caprice, title and 89 pits., mor. ex.. g. e.. 4to.. Paris, s. a. (S. Jan. 

13; 110) Maggs, /5 10s. 

[Delohne (J. L.) ; Historv of the Flagellants, pits., calf, 4to.. 1777 (S. Mar. 4 ; 62) 

Hill, /I 6s. 
— — Anr. Edn.. pits., seed. edn.. calf, 1783 (H. Feb. 27 ; 447) 

Davey, 15s. 
Demeuse (N.) Nouveau Traite de I'Art des Armes, 14 pits., calf. Liege, 1786 (S. 

Mar. 6 ; 271) Mitchell, £\ 12s. 

De Moltzheim (A.) La Nouvelle Armee Frangaise. 32 cold, costumes. 4to.r Paris, 

n. d. (S. Feb. 24 ; 79) Parsons, £\ 12s. 

Demoustier, Lettres a EmiUe. L. P.. 2 vol., port, and 36 pits, by Moreau, proofs, 

calf, Paris, 1809 (S. Mar. 6; 255) Quaritch, £Q 

Dennistoun (J.) Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino. 3 vol., pits., 1851 (S. Mar. 18 ; 

21) Btimpus, £2 8s. 

De Puysegur. Art de la Guerre, port., maps and plans, 2 vols., calf, fo.. Paris, 

1748 (H.Jan. 30; 614) Griffin, lis. 

[De Quincev (T.) Klosterheim : or The Masque, 1st edn., boards. 1832 "(H. Jan. 

10; 791) 18s. 

Works, port.. Author's Edn., 15 vols., 1862-4 (H. Jan. 30; 339) 12s. 

Works, 16 vol., ports., etc.. half mor. gilt. Edinb.. 1862-74 (S. Feb. 20 ; 

167) Leon, £2 12s. 

De Roo (G.) Annales Rerum Belli Domique ab Austriacis Haps burgicae Gentis 
Principibus. port., and coats-of-arms. cont. leather, fo., 1592 (S. Feb. 13 ; 
456) Leighton, 17s. 

Descamps. La Vie des Peintres Flamands,Allemands et HoUandois, 4 vol., front., 
168 ports, and map. calf, Paris. 1753-64 (S. Mar. 6 ; 289) Harrison. £1 10s. 


Description de la Cavalcade a I'Occasion du J ubile Millenaire de vSaint Rombaut, 
pits., red mor., fo., Malines (1775) (S. Mar. 5 ; 205) Burrows, £1 5s. 

Description des Festes donnees par la Ville Paris, a I'occasion du Mariage de 
Madame Louise Elizabeth de France et de Dom Philippe, 1739, 13 pits., 
calf, arms on sides, fo., 1740 (P. Mar. 27 ; 257) Rimell. £3 10s. 

Desmarets (J.) Delices de I'Esprit, pits., calf, fo., Paris, 1661 (P. Jan. 24 ; 
598) Marsh, 18s. 

De vSolis (Ant.) Histor)^ of the Conquest of Mexico, trans, by T. Townsend, 3 vol., 
pits., calf, 1738 (S. Jan. 15; 889) Maggs, 16s. 

Desormeaux. Histoire de la Maison de Bourbon, 5 vol., front, and 14 ports., etc., 
calf, 4to., Paris, 1779-88 (S. Mar. 5 ; 122) Parsons, £6 

* Has a fleuron, five vignettes, and five culs-de-lampe in two states, " tirages 
a part," and with the text. 

Deuchar (D.) Etchings after Masters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, 250 
examples, 3 vols., cent, straight-grain mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1803 (H. Jan. 8 ; 
300) ;^5 5s. 

The same, fo., mor., g. e., Edinb., 1803 (H. Feb. 27 ; 562) Reader, £1 

Deux Annees a Constantinople et en Moree, 15 cold, pits., calf, g. e., Paris, 1828 

(H. Mar. 18 ; 227) ^ 8s. 

Dial (The) ed. by Shannon & Ricketts, 5 Nos., 4to. (all pubd.), ills., with autograph 

of R. Savage and postcard from C. H. Shannon relating to the publication, 

1889-97 £A 7s. 6d. 

* This was sold at Hodgson's on May 25, 1910, but, by some accident it was 
not included in B.A.R. at the time. In order that the record may be obtainable 
it is now printed. 

Dibdin (T. F.) ^des Althorpianae, 2 vol., L. P.. pits., russ. gilt, joints, t. e. g. 4to., 
1822 (S.Jan. 14; 596) Edwards, 18s. 

Bibhographical Tour in France and Germanv, pits., 3 vols., old russ. ex., 

g. e., 1821 (H. Jan. 8; 195) ' Maggs, £4 

Reminiscences of a I/iterarv Life, pits., with note in the Author's hand, 2 

vols., 1836 (H.Jan. 9; 3'57) WaJford, 19s. 

Supplement to the BibUotheca Spenceriana, half mor., g. t., 1822 (S. Jan. 

13 ; 32) ' Bigham, 12s. 

Dickens (C.) A Child's History of England, fronts., 1st edn., 3 vols.. 1852-4 (H. 

Jan. 23 ; 702) Dav, £1 lis. 
Memoirs of Grimaldi, 1st edn., 2 vol., port, and pits, by G. Cruikshank, 

brown cloth, 1838 (S. Feb. 5 ; 730) Shepherd, £3 

The Haunted xMan, ills., 1848 (P. Jan. 24 ; 506) Murray, £1 12s. 6d. 

* On the reverse of the title is pasted " Mr. Charles Dickens to Mr. Hebbert 
and to which he invites his attention. Devonshire Terrace, Twenty Second 
December, 1848." 

Little Dorrit, 1st edn., pits, by " Phiz," 1857 (S. Mar. 5 ; 50) James, 9s. 

Nicholas Nickleby, port, and ills, by Phiz, 1st edn., with 39 etchings by 

Onwhyn and 24 ills, by Kenny Meadows, old half calf, loose, 1839 (P. Jan. 
23 ; 178) Nield, £3 

■ Ohver Twist, ills, bv G. Cruikshank, 1st edn., 3 vols., 1838 (P. Jan. 24 ; 

400) ' Spencer, £4 2s. 6d. 

The same, 3 vols., 1838 (P. Jan. 23; 47) Spencer. £5 

* Cruikshank's card in vol. I., he presented this copy to the late owner. 

Anr. Edn., 24 pits, by G. Cruikshank, 1846 (S. Feb. 5 ; 689) Maggs. £1 16s. 

Pickwick Papers, ills, by Seymour and Phiz, 1st edn., orig. cloth, back worn, 

1837 (P. Jan. 24; 385) Spencer, £1 13s. 

The same, pits, (before the lettering), calf ex., g. e., by Riviere, 1837 (H. 

Jan. 30; 559) Sawyer, £2 2s. 

The same, with the Buss plates, orig. wrapper inserted, calf gilt, t. e. g., by 

Riviere, 1837 (S. Feb. 5 ; 688) David, £3 17s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., cold. ills, by C. Aldin, 2 vols., edn. de luxe, 1910 (P. Mar. 12 ; 

20) White, £1 

Works, edn. de luxe, ills., 30 vols., half mor., g. e. (shghtly rubbed), 1881-2 

(H. Mar. 6 ; 499) Hornsiein, ;^13 10s. 

- Works, including Letters, pits., 17 vols., green cloth, 1892-3 (H. Jan. 29 ; 
12) Winter, £1 2s. 



Dickinson (W.) History of Newark, pits., mor., g. e.. 4to.. 1819 (H. Jan. 30; 

592) ' ♦ Pinnock, 8s. 6d. 

Dictionary of National Biography, orig. edn., 63 vols., with First Supplement, 

3 vols., and the Second, vols. 1 and 2, also Index and Epitome, and Errata. 

together 70 vols.. 1885-1912 (H. Jan. 29 ; 138) Young, £19 10s. 

Supplement, port., 3 vols., 1901 (H. Jan. 10; 663) Kashnor. £1 8s. 

Index and Epitome, 1903 (S. Jan. 14; 425) Carter. 19s. 

Diderot (D.) Bijoux Indiscrets, 2 vol., pits., red mor., g. e., Au Monomotapa, n. d. 

[Paris, Cazin ^S. Feb. 4 ; 348) Mathias, £2 10s. 

Code de la Nature, orig. edn., calf, 1755 (S. Feb. 3 ; 142) Tregaskis. 9s. 

Pensees Philosophiques. front., mor., I^ondres, 1757 (S. Mar. 6; 288) 

Harrison, 10s. 
Digby. Letters between the I/d. George Digby, and Sr. Keiielm Digby kt, con- 
cerning Religion, 1st edn., orig. sheep, 1651 (S. Feb. 4 ; 358) Thorp, 16s. 
Dighton (D.) The Lance Exercise, in three Divisions, 25 cold. pits., boards, 

leather back, fine copy, fo., 1825 (S. Feb. 24 ; 83) Parsons, £A7 

DiUon (Frank) The Island of Madeira, cold, ills., mounted, fo., 1850 (S. Feb. 5 ; 

837) Edwards, £1 5s. 

(F.) Drawings by Japanese Artists, fo., 1880 (S. Feb. 20 ; 171) Dobell, 9s. 

Die Cassius. Dionis Historiarum Romanarum Graece, 1st edn., calf, fo., Lutet., 

1548 (S. Feb. 4 ; 537) Bigham, 2s. 

— — The same, ruled with red, mor., g. e., verv fine copv, portrait added, fo., 

Latetiae, 1548 (S. Mar. 5 ; 211)" ' ' Solheran, £4 5s. 
Hi.stoire, abregee par Xiphilin , traduite par M. de B. G**, 2 vol., old French 

red mor, gilt, g. e.. with monogram A. L., Paris, 1674 (S. Mar. 6; 446) 

Edwards, £1 14s.' 
Diodorus Siculus. BibUotheca seu historiarum priscarum Ubb. VI, e graeco in 

latiuum traducti per Fr. Poggium THain *6189 , red mor. gilt, g. e., fo., 

Venet., 1476 (S. Mar. 6 ; 447) ^ Soiheran. £9 15s. 

Discours Prononces dans la Seance PubUque tenue par la Classe de la Langue 

et de la Litterature Fran9aises de I'lnstitut de France, le 13 aout de Fan 1806, 

pour la reception de M. Daru, red mor., with arms of Napoleon I, Paris, 1806 

(S. Mar. 7 ; 528) Park. £S 

Ditmarus Chronica, erst verdeutschet durch Georgium Hahn, woodcut portraits, 

fo.. Leipzig, 1606 (S. Feb. 4 ; 549) Schaekpi, 10s. 

Dobbs (A.) Essav on the Trade and Improvement of Ireland, calf, Dublin, 1729 

(C. Jan. 24"; 490) Marsh, £1 2s. 

Dobson (A.) Thomas Bewick and his Pupils, L. P., 95 ills., 4to., 1884 (S. Feb. 20 ; 

53) Steedman, 9s. 

Dr. Syntax's Tour through London, cold, pits., half calf, uncut, 1820 (H. Mar. 5 ; 

194; /I 9s. 

Doddridge (Sir J.) Historv of Wales, ComewaU and Chester, parchment, 4to., 1630 

(S. Mar. 13; 115)' Bridger, £\ 

Dodgson (C. L.) Alice in Wonderland, ills, by Rackham, edn. de luxe (1907) (H. 

Jan. 29 ; ) Shepherd, £\ 10s. 
SymboUc Logic. Part I. Elementary, 1st edn., pres. copy, 1896 (P. Jan. 

23'; 163) Dobell, £3 17s. 6d. 
Through the Looking-Glass, ills, by Tenniel, 1st edn., cloth, s. e. (back torn), 

1872 (H. Mar. 6 ; 478} £1 2s. 

(D. S.) Views of Lucknow, 28 views and plan, fo., 1860 (S. Feb. 24 ; 86) 

Parker, £1 15s. 
Dodonaeus (R.) Stirpiura Historiae, engd. title and woodcuts, veil., fo., Antverp., 

1616 (S. Mar. 5 ; 190) Gordon. 15s. 

Dodsley. Select Collection of Old Plays, ed. bv I. Reed, etc., 8 vol., 1826 (S. Mar. 

18 ; 100) Reader, 18s. 

fDodsley's Collection of Poems, 6 vols., cf., 1766 (D. Mar. 17 ; 325) 3s. 6d. 
tDodwell (E.) Tour through Greece, 2 vol.. pits., mor. ex., g. e., 4to., 1819 (S. Jan. 

14 ; 538) Joseph, 6s. 

Doni (A. P.) La Fortuna di Cesare, engd. title, old red mor. gilt, with a cardinal's 

arms, Roma. 1637 (S. Mar 6 ; 448) Davis, £1 

Donne (J .) Juvenilia, half mor , sm 4to . 1633 (S Mar. 4 ; 63) Tregaskis, £1 12s. 


Donne (J ) Poems, 1st edn., half mor., 4to., 16v33 (S. Feb. 3 ; 164) 

Cooper, /2 15s- 

Poems, old calf gilt, 1669 (vS. Mar. 4 ; 64) FMis, £1 6s. 

Poems, old mor., g. e., 1719 (H. Jan. 30 ; 542) David, 10s. 6d. 

Dorat (C. J.) Les Baisers, front, plate and 44 vignettes after Eisen, mor., with 

inlays, g. e., by De Sauty, La Have, 1770 (P. Mar. 13 ; 437) Morris, £5 5s. 

Ivettre du Comte de Comminges n sa Mere, L. P., 2 pits., after Eisen, paper 

covers, uncut, Paris, 1764 (S. Mar. 6 ; 253) Parkinson, 12s. 

(Euvres Completes, engs., 20 vols, in 10, half calf, 1770-92 (H. J an. 8 ; 169) 

Neumayer, £4 
Dore (Gustave) Les Travaux d'Hercule, orig. edn., 46 pits., wrappers, 4to., Paris, 

s. d. (S. Feb. 3 ; 173) ^ Quaritch, £2 7s. 6d. 

Douay Catechism, Abstract of, old calf, Douay, 1716 (S. Feb. 4 ; 369) Dobell, 2s. 
Doubdan (Jean) Le Voyage de la Terre-Sainte, 4to., 1661 (S. Mar. 6 ; 332) 

* John Ivocke's copy, with his autograph. Mitchell, 13s. 

TJouglas (Gavin) Poetical Works, ed. by Small, pits., 4 vols., 1874 (H. Jan. 21; 

118) Heffer, 15s. 

(J as.) Nenia Britannica, pits., half mor., fo., 1793 (S. Mar. 14; 273) 

Bull, 4s. 
Doves Press. Mackail (J . W.) William Morris, an Address, sni. 4to., 1901 (S. Feb. 

20; 169) Steedman, 19s. 

Milton (J.) Paradise Regain'd, 1905 (H. Mar. 6; 507) Edwards, /2 10s. 

Shakespeare's Sonnets, 4to., 1909 (S. Feb. 5 ; 813) Shepherd, £2 

Down. Ancient and Present State of the County of Down, map, calf, Dublin 

1744 (S. Mar. 13 ; 39) Cox, 18s. 

Dozy (R.) Supplement aux Dictionnaires Arabes, 2 vols., 4to., half mor., fo., 

Leyde, 1881 (H. Feb. 28 ; 937) Wesley, /4 17s. 6d. 

Drake (J.) Historia Anglo-Scotica, old cf., 1703 (D. Jan. 20 ; 253) " 4s. 

(Sir W. R.) Catalogue of the Etched Work of F. S. Haden, 1880 (H. Jan. 

30 ; 425) Shepherd, 13s. 

Drayton (M.) Poems, port., engd. and printed title, inlaid mor. ex., g. e., by 
"Bedford, fo., Smethwicke. n. d. (1619) (S. Jan. 15 ; 1068) Ellis, £6 

Selections from his Poems, edited by A. H. BuUen, sm. 4to., 1883 (S. Feb. 

20 ; 172) David, 4s. 

Dresser (H. E.) Monograph of the Meropidae, cold, pits., in 5 parts, fo., 1884-6 
(H. Jan. 10 ; 917) Joseph, £3 12s. 6d. 

Drewry (C. S.) Chancery Reports in Vice-Chancellor Kindersley's Court, 4 vols., 
calf, 1853-60 (H. Mar. 7; 117) £1 5s. 

and Smale. Reports in Vice-Chancellor Kindersley's Court, 2 vols., calf. 

1862-7 (H. Mar. 7 ; 118) £1 2s 

Drinkwater (J.) Historv of the vSiege of Gibraltar, map and pits., slightly stained, 
calf, 4to., 1785 (S.Jan. 13; 119) Joseph, 4s 

Drummond (A.) Travels through Germany, Italy, Greece and Asia, etc., map and 
views, calf, fo., 1754 (S. Feb. 3 ; 243) Neumayer, Is. 

Dryden (J.) Fables, Ancient and Modern, 1st edn., calf, fo., 1700 (S. Mar. 4 ; 67) 

£1 5s. 

Fables, pits, by Lady Diana Beauclerc, half bound, uncut, fo., 1797 (P. 

Mar. 12 ; 274) Cohen, 8s. 

The same, red mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1797 (S. Mar. 14 ; 275) Young, £3 

Prose Works, with Notes by E. Malone, front., 4 vols., calf gilt, 1800 (H. 

Jan. 8; 141) Rimell, 15s. 

Works, ed. by Sir Walter Scott, 18 vol., port., calf, 1808 (S. Jan. 14 ; 412) 

Hornstein, £3 

The same, 18 vols., cf., 1808 (D. Jan. 20 ; 76) £3 12s. 6d. 

DubUn Journal, published by G. Faulkner, fo.,bds., 1798 (B.Jan. 21; 212) £1 13s. 
Dublin and London Magazine, 1825-6-7-8 (all pubd.), in 2 vol., ports, and ills, by 

G. Cruikshank, boards, 1825-6 (S. Feb. 3 ; 86) Borough, £3 18s. 

Duff (J. Grant) History of the Mahrattas, 3 vols., half mor., Bombay, 1863 (H. 

Feb. 12; 129) Salby. £3 18s. 

Du Fouilloux (J.) La Venerie, augmentee du Miroir de Fauconnerie, woodcuts, 

parchment, 4to., Paris, 1640 (S. Mar. 13 ; 117) Bumpus, £5 15s. 

1912-13 i83 

Dugdale (Sir W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, ed. bv W. Thomas, 2 vol., port, 
and pits., calf, fo., 1730 (S. Mar. 14 ; 276) ' Edwards, ;^12 7s. 6d. 

History of St. Paul's Cathedral, seed, edn., port., and engs., old calf, fo., 

1716 (H. Feb. 26 ; 187) David. 15s. 

Origines J uridiciales, ports, and coats-of-arms, russ., rebacked, fo., 1680 

(S. Jan. 13 ; 376) Harding, £1 12s. 

Dugour (J.) Histoire d'Olivier Cromwel, 2 vol., port., cont. red mor, fine copy, 

Paris, I'an 3 (1794) (vS. Mar. 6 ; 237) Tregaskis, £1 

Du Halde (J. B.) Description de I'Empire de la Chine, maps and pits., 4 vols., fo., 

(bdg. rubbed), Paris, 1735 (H. Feb. 12 ; 287) Probsthain, £\ 15s. 

Du Monceau (D.) Traite des Arbres et Arbustes, 8 vol., pits., calf, 4to., ib., 1754 

etc. (S. Mar. 13; 118) Wesley, 8s. 
Traite General des Peches, 3 vol., pits., calf (loose), fo., ib., 1769-77 (S. 

Mar. 14 ; 277) Wesley, £1 2s. 

Duncker (M.) Historv of Antiquitv, trans, bv E. Abbott, lib. edn., 6 vols.I 1877-82 

(H. Mar. 18 ; 44) £2 5s. 

Dundee. Memoirs of Dundee, hah calf, 1711 (E. Jan. 23 ; 360) Is. 

Dunlop (J.) Mooltan during and after the Siege, 21 pits., 4to., 1849 (S. Mar. 19 ; 

700) Edwards, 17s. 

The same, 1849 (S. Feb. 24 ; 92) Parsofis, £1 5s. 

Dunn (L.) Heraldic Visitations of Wales, ed. by Sir S. R. Meyrick, 2 vol., fronts, 

4to., 1846 (S. Mar. 13; 119) Quaritch, £\\ 

Duns Scotus (J.) Quaestiones, (. g., 2 illimiinated initials, and a cardinal's arms, 

rubricated, mor., g. e., bv Cape, fine copv, 4to., Venet., 1481 (S. Mar. 6 ; 

449) ' ' ^laggs, £9 5s. 

Scriptum in quatuor Hbros Sententiarum, part 4, fl. I. [Hain, 6,416!, fo. 

(^shghtlv wormed and stained), cont. cah (rebacked), Venetiis, s. a. (H. Mar. 

19 ; 475) £2 
Duplessis (G.) Histoire de la Gravure, ills., haH mor., t. e. g., Paris, 1880 (S. Feb. 

20 ; 173) Soames, 12s. 
Du Pratz (P.) History of Louisiana, 2 vol., maps, calf, 1763 (S. Mar. 13 ; 27 1 

Quaritch, £A 6s. 
Durantus (J. S.) De Ritibus Ecclesiae Catholicae, port., veil., title mended, fo., 

Rom«, 1591 (P. Jan. 24; 617) Marsh, £1 6s. 

Diirer (A.) Delia Simmetria de i Corpi Humani, engs., cah, fo., Venet., 1591 (S. 

Feb. 4 ; 541) Neumayer, 17s. 

CEu\Te, pubhe par Amand-Durand, 108 reproductions, half mor., t. e. g., fo., 

Paris, n. d. (S. Feb. 20 ; 174) Bain, £1 15s. 

Diirer Societv PubUcations, Series 1 to 12, in portfolio, fo., 1898-1911 (P. Feb. 
13 ; 340) Reynolds. £\1 

Series 1 to 10. with Index and Notes, and vSketches bv Diirer, 1898-1911 (H. 

Jan. 29 ; 294) ' /16 

The Ten Series complete, with Notes and Sketches and Index, fo., 1898- 

1911 (S. Feb. 4; 550) Young, £\^ 10s. 

Duval (A.) Monuments des Arts du Dessiu, pits., 4 vols., half boimd, fo., Paris, 

1829 (H. Jan. 31 ; 904) Vyt, 12s. 

Early Venetian Printing Illustrated, 4to., 1895 (S. Jan. 15 ; 1049) 

Bloomfield, 17s. 
East India Pilot and Oriental Navigator, 2 vol., maps, old calf, fo., 1797 (S. Mar. 

18 ; 194) Edwards, £2 18s. 

Eben (F. Baron) MiHtar\' Uniform adopted in the Royal Army of Sweden (no 

title), one plate, and 23 cold, costumes (should be 24, no. 5 wanting), calf, 

4to. [1808J (S. Feb. 24 ; 93) Rohson, £\t> 
The same, 24 cold, costumes, and an vmcoloured plate, no title, but we 

believe none was ever done, half mor., fine copv, 4to. [1808; (S. Feb. 25 ; 

258) ' Rohson, £24 

Eden (Sir F. M.) State of the Poor, 3 vols., half bound, fo., 1797 (H. Feb. 26 ; 

290) Kashnor, £4 4s. 

(R.) History of Travavle in the West and East Indies, augmented bv R. 

WiUes, b. I, calf, 4to., 1577 (S. Mar. 13; 121) Dohelh £\1 

Edgeworth (M.) Tales and Novels, fronts., 10 vols., half calf, m. e., 1870 (H. 
Jan. 10; 748) 8s. 6d. 


Edmondson (J.) Baronagium Genealogicum, pits., 6 vols., cold, copy, calf, Duke 
of Sussex book-plate, fo.. 1764-84 (P. Jan. 24 ; 610) Walford, £Q 15s. 

Complete Body of Heraldry, port and pits., 2 vols., fo., half mor., m. e. 

1780 (H. Mar. 5 ; 296) 15.s. 

The same, 2 vols., old calf, fo., 1780 (H. Jan. 30 ; 627) Andrews, £1 2s 

The same, 2 vols., cold. copy, half russ., uncut, Duke of Sussex bookplate 

fo., 1780 (P. Jan. 24; 609) • /4 5s. 

Edwards (B.) Historical Survey of Saint Domingo, pits., 4to., 1801 (S. Jan. 13 ; 

112) H. Stevens, 8s! 

History of the British Colonies in the West Indies, maps, etc., 2 vols., 1st 

edn., half calf, 4to., 1793 fP. Mar. 12 ; 203) Salby, 6s. 

Anr. Edn., map, bds., 1798 (D. Jan. 21 ; 452) 4s. 6d. 

- (Geo.) Gleanings in Natural Historv, etc., 4 vol., cold, pits., calf gilt, 4to. 
1758-64 (S. Mar. 13 ; 122) " Wesley. £2 12s. 

Natural History' of Birds and Gleanings of Natural History, cold, pits., 7 

vols., straight-grain mor., g. e., 4to., 1748-53 (H. Jan. 10 ; 920) /3 7s. 6d 

Effigies Poeticae, or Portraits of the British Poets, pits, on India Paper, ly. P., 2 
'vols., 4to., half mor., t. e g., 1824 (H. Jan. 21 ; 257) Edwards, £4 7s. 6d. 

Egan CP.) Finish to Life in London, cold. pits, after R. Cruikshank, half calf, 
t. ^e. g., 1889 (P. Mar. 13 ; 374) Shepherd, 8s. 

Life in London, 1st edn., 36 cold. pits, by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, mor. ex., 

t. e. g. (wrapper of part 3 bound in), 1821 (S. Mar. 7 ; 497) Poder. £7 7s. 

Anr. Edn., 3 folding music plates and 36 cold. pits, bv I. R. and G. Cruik- 
shank, haH mor., t. e. g., 1822 (S. Feb. 3 ; 41) ^ Soames, £1 5s. 

Sporting Anecdotes, cold. pits, by I. R. Cruikshank and H. Aiken, half calf, 

1825 (S. Feb. 5 ; 598) Hornstem, £5 

Egypt Exploration Fund- Survey of Western Palestine : Memoirs, Name Lists. 

&c., pits., 6 vols., 4to., 188 i-9 (H. Jan. 31 ; 867) Bailey, lis. 

Ehret (G. D.) Plantae vSelectae ad exemplaria naturalia Londini nutrita, 10 parts, 

108 cold. pits, and ports., calf, fo., 1750-73 (S. Mar. 14 ; 279) Wesley, £\0 
Eisen. Recueil de Petits Sujets et Culs de Lampe utiles aux Artistes, 90 vignettes 

after Eisen (issued without text), boards, 4to., Paris, J . F. Chereau [vers 1770 

(P. Jan. 24; 545) Parsons, £16 

Eisenberg (Baron d') L'Art de Monter a Cheval, pits., calf, ob. fo.. La Haye, 1733 

(P. Feb. 13 ; 300) Brown, £2 

Elegant Extracts. Poetry, Prose, and Epistles, 18 vols., 24mo., calf gilt, m. e., 

Sharpe, n. d. (H. Jan. 8; 151) Horser, 16s. 

Elgood (G. S.) Some EngUsh Gardens, cold, pits., fo., 1904 (H. Jan. 31 ; 876) 

Woore, 15s. 
Elizabeth (Princess) Etchings representing the Power and Progress of Genius, 34 

pits., half calf, fo., 1806 (S. Mar. 14 ; 280) Lewine, 2s. 

EUis (H.) Voyage for Discovering a North- West Passage, L. P., map and pits., calf 

1748 (S. Mar. 13 ; 28) H. Stevens, £2 2s. 

The same, pits., calf, 1748 (S. Mar. 4 ; 69) Kashnor, £1 2s. 

Eloges des Personnes Illu.strees de I'ancien Testament, 50 ports., mor., g. e., 

Bindley copy, Paris, 1688 (P. Jan. 24; 448) Maggs. 18s. 

Emblemata Sacra e prsecipuis utriusque Testmenti Historicis concinnata et a P., 

Vander Burgio figuris illustrata, edita a J. P. SchabaeUe, pits., mor., clasps 

fo., Amst., 1654 (S. Jan. 13; 140) Bull, £1 4s. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Tenth Edition, 35 vols., half mor., m. e., 1875-1903, and 

Oak Revolving Bookcase, 4to. (H. Mar. 19 ; 586) £4 12s. 6d. 
Eleventh Edn., 28 vols., 1911 ; also Thumb Index, 4to., 1911 -in all, 29 

vols. (D. Mar. 18 ; 694) £2\ 

Encyclopsedia of Forms and Precedents, 17 vols., 1902-9 (H. Mar. 7 ; 54) 

Stevens &' Sons, £\1 
Encyclopaedia of the Laws of England, 13 vols., 1897-1903 (H. Mar. 7 ; 55) ;^1 18s. 
Enderbie (P.) Cambria Triumphans, front., half bound, fo., 1661, reprint 1810 

(S. Mar. 14 ; 281) Young, 10s. 

England's HeHcon, ed. by S. E. Brydges and J . Haslewood, L. P., 4to., 1812 

(S. Feb. 20 ; 177) Heffev, 8s. 

Englefield (Sir H. C.) Picturesque Beauties of the Isle of Wight, L. P., engs., mor. 

ex., g. e., fo., 1816 (S. Feb. 5 ; 823) Thorp, £1 14s. 

1912-13 • i85 

English Historical Re\new, from commencement in 1886 to Oct. 1912 (vols. 1 to 

27) first 20 vols., with Index, in 30 vols., half calf, remainder in nos. (H. 

Jan. 29; 127) Hefjer. /28 

English Pilot describing the West Coast of Africa from Gibraltar to the Cape of 

Good Hope, maps, half calf, fo., 1780 (S. Mar. 14 ; 244) Thorp, £4 18s. 

English-Saxon Homily on the Birth-day of St. Gregory, trans, by E- Elstob, front.. 

" red mor. gilt, g. e., pres. copy, 1709 (S. Mar. 4 ; 71) Parsons, £1 6s. 

Entomological Society, Transactions, 1900-1907, 5 half roan, remainder in parts 

(8) (P. Mar. 12; 117) Holland, £1 

Epicteti Enchiridion Uptoni, 2 vols.,.4to., roan, gt., Lond., 1741 (D. Jan. 20; 

114) 6s. 6d. 

Epistolae Clarorum Virorum, calf, Lugduni, 1561 (S. Mar. 5 ; 15) Barnard, 3s. 
Epitome de los Principios, y Progresses de las Guerras de Cataluna in los Anas 

1640 y 1641 (wants second title), olive morocco, with arms of Louis II de 

Bourbon (dit le Grand Conde), Barcelona, 1641 (S. Mar. 5 ; 163) Belin, £1 10s, 
Erasmus (D.) Adagio cum H. Stephani animadversionibus, calf, rebacked, fo., 

Olivia R. Stephani, 1558 (S. Feb. 4 ; 305) Ardler, 7s. 

Adagiorum Cliiliades, engd. title, old calf, fo., Basil., 1520 (S. Feb. 4 ; 314) 

height on, 15s. 
Adagiorum Epitome ex novissima aeditione exquisitissime recognita, & 

trecentis ampHus adagiis aucta, stamped leather, inlaid and worn, Antwerpiae 

1537 (S. Feb. 13 ; 470) Leighion, /6 
Exhortacyon to the dylygent Study of Scripture, Exhortacyon to the Study 

of the Gospell, h. (., new mor., plain edges, fine copv,R. W^^er, n. d. [c. 1523 

(S. Feb. 13 ; 471) ' ElHs, £A3 

— — In Acta Apostolorum Paraphrasis, MS. notes, cont. stamped EngHsh leather 

with mark I. R., Basileae, 1524 (S. Feb. 13 ; 469) Maggs, £4S 
L'Eloge de la Fohe, traduit par M. GueudeviUe, front., engd. title, 6 pits., 

after Holbein, mor., Leide, 1713 (S. Mar. 6 ; 277) Mitchell, 16s. 
Anr. Edn., par M. GueudeviUe, L. P., front, and 13 pits., after Eisen, 

printed in red, yeUow mor., gilt, rich borders, silk doublures, g. e. (Derome), 

fine copy, 4to., s. 1., 1751 (S. Mar. 13 ; 124) Btimfus, ;£35 

Erskine (Lord) Speeches, collected bv J . Ridgwav, port., L. P., 5 vols., 1810-12 

(H. Jan. 9 ; 385) ' ' Thin, 12s. 

Erskine's Cruise in the Western Pacific, pits., half mor . 1853 (E. Jan. 23 ; 158) 

Erythraeus (N.) Vergihi Maronis Bucolicon, Georgicon. et ^neidos vocum 

omnium ac rerum Sylvae, Index Certissimus, mor. bound for Canevarius, 

with his emblem stamped on each cover. Venice, 1538 (vS. Mar. 7 ; 552) 

Park, £60 

* Formerly in the Hbrary of Demetrio Canevari, physician to Urban VIII. 
Espinel (V.) Ralaciones de la Vida del Escudero Marcos de Obregon, mor. ex. 

gilt and marbled edges, bv Masson-Debonnelle, Barcelona, 1618 (H. Jan. 

9 ; 478) ' Davis, £1 13s. 

Essay for Peace by Union and Judgment about Church-( government in Scotland 

(sm. 4to.), pp. 21 (cut), hf. cf., Edinb., 1700 (D. Jan. 20 ; 269) Is. 

Essex House Press. Eve of St. Agnes, bv Keats, printed on veUum, 1900 (H.* 

J an. 8 ; 84) ' Winter, 19s. 

Estancelin. Collection de Cartes concemant les For-lts, Triages et Rois TaiUis 

du Comte-Pairie d'Eu, engd. title and plans, calf, ex., 4to., Paris, 1768 (S 

Mar. 6 ; 368) Poles, £1 

Estienne (H.) L'Introduction au Traite de la Conformite des Merveilles anciennes 

avec les modemes, veil., 1566 (S. Feb. 3 ; 56) Dobell, Is. 

Etchings. Two Hundred Etchings after Rembrandt, Vivares, Claude, Hollar, 

Holbein, etc., mor. (broken), g. e., fo., 1826 (H. Jan. 8 ; 301) Barnard. 18s. 
Etheridge (Sir John) Defence of Sir Fophng Flutter, a Comedy, 1st edn. (title 

torn), wrappers, 1722 (S. Feb. 3 ; 79) ^Quaritch, £1 12s. 

* On a label outside front wrapper J. P. Kemble has added in his autograph ; 
■' This is an Attack upon Sir Richard Steele by Mr. Dennis." 

Eton in Prose and Verse : an Anthology selected b}- A. C. Ainger, 30 pits, in colour, 
Japan veUum, mor. gilt. t. e. g., with Eton College arms, 4to., n. d. (S. Feb. 
5; 808) .Maine, /2 


IJuclid. Opera a Campano tralata L. Paciolus detersit : emendavit, fine copy, 
veil., fo., Venice, 1509 (S. Feb. 4 ; 5vS8) Quavitch, £2 14s. 

— - — Preclarissinius liber elementorum Kuclidis perspicacissinii in artem Geo- 
metrie incipit qua foelicissime, 1st edn., stamped vellum, fo., Venice, 1482 
(S. Mar. 7 ; 655) Lees, £11 

Eusebius. Historia ecclesiastica latine, interprete Ruffino, 171 11. [Hain *6711 . 
red mor. gilt, g. e., by Derome, fine copy, fo., Mantua, 1479 (S. Mar. 6 ; 450) 

Tregaskis, £\0 15s. 

Eutropius Breviarium Historiae Romana.', L. P., front., mor. ex., g. e., Parisiis, 
1754 (S. Mar. 5 ; 5) Streeton, 14s. 

Eve (G. W.) Decorative Heraldry, ills., Japan vellum, 1897 (P. Feb. 13 ; 101) 

Thorp, 16s. 

Evelyn (John) Sylva, engs., old calf, fo., 1679 (S. Feb. 3 ; 248) Paterson, 5s. 

Anr. Edn., calf, fo., 1729 {S. Mar. 14 ; 289) Young, 9s. 

— — The same, old calf gilt, fo., 1729 (S. Mar. 4 ; 73) Gordon, 18s. 
Anr. Edn., with Notes by A. Hunter, port, and pits., 4to., York, 1771 (S. 

Mar. 19 ; 572) Thorp, Is. 
Anr. Edn., by A. Hunter, port, and pits., calf, fo., York, 1776 (S. Mar. 13 ; 

125) David, Is. 
Anr. Edn., by Hunter, port, and pits., 2 vols., calf, fo., York, 1812 (H. 

Jan. 21 ; 267) Thorp, 8s. 6d. 

Exeter Diocesan Architectural Societv's Transactions, 6 vols., 4to., half mor., 

1843-91 (H. Jan. 23; 667) ' Bull, £1 Is. 

F. (H. C.) Miickenkrieg, I. <|., veil., Miickenthal, 1600 {S. Mar. 5 ; 95) 

Schaeppi, £\ 10s. 
Faber (G. vS.) Origin of Pagan Idolatry, 3 vols., pits., half mor., g. t., 4to., 1816 

(S. Mar.' 19 ; 538) Hill, £\ 12s. 

Fabian (R.) Chronicle, b. i , 2 vol. in 1, stamped leather, fo., 1559 (S. Mar. 14 ; 

290) Times Book Club, £1 

Facetie, Motti et Burle, di Deversi Signore, raccolte per M. L. Domenichi, Utter- 
son's Copy with MS. Note, mor., g. e., by C. Smith, Firenze, 1564 (H. Jan. 

9 ; 473) ^ Davis, £1 Is. 

Faculty Decisions (Somerville, Tawse, Craigie, and others), half calf, 13 vols., 

1823-39 (E. Feb. 11 ; 15) Smith, 16s. 

Fairchild (T.) The City Gardener, 2 pits., half calf, 1722 (S. Mar. 5 ; 106) 

Thorp, 12s. 
Fairclough (M. A.) The Ideal Cookerv Book, cold, pits., sm. 4to., 1911 (H. Feb. 

28 ; 881) Joseph, 8s. 

Fajardo (D. S.) Republica Literaria, engd., title, old calf, Madrid, 1788 (S. Feb. 

■ 3 ; 68) Tregaskis, 2s. 

Falbaire de Quingey (De) ly'Ecole des Moeurs, red mor., with arms of Maria Theresa, 

of Austria, by Boyet, Paris, 1776 (S. Mar. 7 ; 541) Quaritch, £V2 

Farington (Jos.) Views of the Uakes, 20 engs., russ., ob. fo., 1789 (S. Feb. 5 ; 

836) Young, 14s. 

Farnell (L. R.) Cults of the Greek States, pits., 5 vols., 1896-1909 (P. Feb. 13 ; 

46) Hill. £\ 18s. 

Fasciculis Mirre. Hier beghint een seer sonderlinghe ende devote materie van die 

Passie ons herenn J hesu Cristi gheheten (dat breselkijn y dat bondekijn van 

Mirre), etc., I. fl., 34 wodcuts, half bound, clean sound copv, sm. 4to., 

Antwerpe [1518^ (S. Feb. 13 ; 477) Quaritch, £25 

* " These cuts are apparently the original blocks of the Delbecq-Schreiber 
Passion {see Schreiber Cat. pi. xxi) of which several copies were made." 
Faulkner (T.) Historical Description of Chelsea, 2 vol., pits., calf gilt, m. e., 1829 

(S. Jan. 15; 863) Daniell, £1 7s. 

History of Kensington, pits., boards, 1820 (H. Jan. 8; 208) Cash, 10s. 

Fausset (B.) Inventorium Sepulchrale, pits.. 4to., 1857 (S. Mar. 19 ; 606) 

Harding, 2s. 
Fayrer (J.) The Thanatophidia of India, cold, pits., fo., 1872 (S. Feb. 4 ; 562) 

Osier, £2 10s. 

Felibien des Avaux (A.) Description de I'Eglise Royale des Invalides, vignettes, 

red mor. gilt, g. e., with royal arms of France, slightly rubbed, fo., Paris, 

1706 (S. Mar. 4 ; 74) Parsons, £6 

1912-13 iSy 

Felibien des Avaux (A.) Description de la Nouvelle Eglise de I'Hotel Royal des 
Invalides, 2 vol., pits., red mor., Paris, 1706 (S. Mar. 5 ; 111) 

Brownlow, £\ 9s. 

Fellowes (W. D.) Visit to the Monastery of La Trappe, cold. pits, by J . Clark, 
L. P.. old mor. ex.. g. e., 1820 (H. Jan. 22 ; 470) Thorp. £l 4s. 

Anr. Edn., cold, pits., L. P., mor. ex., g. e., 1823 (P. Jan. 24 ; 375) 

Edwards, £1 14s. 
Femme (La) Dans la Nature, cold, pits., 4 vols., Paris, n. d. (E. Feb. 11 ; 221) 

Calder, £2 6s. 

Fenelon. Les Avantiires de Telemaque, port., front, and 24 pits., calf, fo., Amst., 

1734 (S. Mar. 5 ; 208) £2 10s. 

The same, L. P., port, and 24 pits., old calf, fo., 1734 (S. Feb. 3 ; 229) 

Hooper. £2 10s. 
* Only 150 copies were printed, with the 6 pages of " Ode en vers " at end, 
suppressed by order of the Court. 

Anr. Edn., papier vehn, 2 vol., engd. title and 4 pits., after Monnet, old red 

mor., silk linings, g. e., 4to., Paris, 1783 (S. Jan. 13 ; 324) Edwards, £4 7s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., L. P., 25 pits, after MariUier, and port., proofs, 2 vols., calf, g. e., 

1796 (P. Mar. 27 ; 106) Bumpus. £2 15s. 

Adventures of Telemachus, cold, pits., 2 vols, in 1, 4to., cf., 1795 (B. Jan. 

21 ; 169) i\ 10s. 

Fenton (R.) Historical Tour through Pembrokeshire, pits., half calf, 4to., 1811 
(S. Mar. 19 ; 575) Quaritch, /I 3s. 

The same, calf gilt, 4to., 1811 (S. Mar. 13; 127) Young, £\ 12s. 

Ferguson (J.) Dress of the British Army, both series, 10 cold, pits., in a vol., fo. 

[1866; (S. Feb. 24 ; 99) Parker, /8 

Fergusson (J.) Tree and Serpent Worship, seed, edn., pits., half mor., t. e. g., 

fine copy, 4to., 1873 (H. Feb. 26 ; 144) Edwards, £8 2s. 6d. 

Ferrarius (J. B.) Hesperides, sive de Malorum Aureorum Cultura et Usu, pits., 

old calf, fo., Romae, 1646 (S. Mar. 5 ; 201) James, 14s. 

Fialetti (O.) Brieve Histoire de ITnstitution de toutes les Religions, 72 pits., 4to., 

Paris, 1658 (S. Feb. 3 ; 204) James, 12s. 

Ficinus (M.) de TripHci Vita (140 11.), title cut, old French calf (worn), sm. 4to., 

[Paris, G. Wolf, 14— (S. Feb. 13 ; 478) Leigh ton, £5 5s. 

Fielding (H.) Ameha, 4 vols., 1st edn., hah calf, Uttle stained, 1752 (P. Jan. 24 ; 

360) Shepherd, £2 10s. 

Joseph Andrews, 7 pits, by Rowlandson, calf (cracked), 1792 (H. Jan. 22 ; 

509) 7s. 6d. 

Tom Jones, 4 vols., calf, 1749 (S. Jan. 14; 433) Brown, 9s. 

Dramatic Works, First Collected Edition, 3 vol., calf, rebacked, 1755 (S. 

Jan. 13 ; 201) Quaritch, /24 

Dramatick Works, with Life, 4 vols., calf gilt, g. e., by Bedford, 1783 |h. 

Mar. 5 ; 213) ^1 5s. 

Works, with Life by A. Murphy, 10 vol., fronts., russ., v. e., 1784 (S. Jan. 

14 ; 389) ' Walford, /2 6s. 

Works, 5 vols., cf., Edin., 1807 (D. Feb. 20 ; 839) '' 19s. 

Works, with Life, 12 vols., fcap., boards, 1824 (H. Mar. 6 ; 414) /I Is. 

Works, ed. by G. Saintsburv, pits., 12 vols., fcap., 1893 (H. Jan. 29^ 13) 

Hill, 16s. 

(T. H.) Picturesque Description of the Wve, 12 cold, pits., L. P., fo., 1841 

(P. Mar. 13 ; 565) ' £2 18s. 

Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes, 48 cold, views, half mor., t? e. g. 

fo., 1821 (P. Mar. 13 ; 577) Thorpe, /6 2s. 6d! 

Finiguerra (M.) Florentine Picture-Chronicle, ills., fo., 1898 (H. Jan. 23 ; 882) 

Hitchman, £\ lis. 
Fischbach (F.) Omamente der Gewebe, cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo.^ n d 

(P. Feb. 13 ; 336) Parsons, iA 

[Fitz Gerald (E.) The Downfall and Death of King Oedipus, P. P., n. d. (S. Feb 

20; 188) Quaritch, /8 

Euphranor, 1882 (S. Feb. 20 ; 186) Quaritch /2 12s 


[Fitz Gerald (E).): The Mighty Magician, taken from Calderon's " Vida es 
Sueno," a few MS. corrections in Author's hand, 12mo., orig. grey wrap- 
per, uncut, without title, as issued [1853! (H. Feb. 13; 434) 

* Only printed for gifts to Fitz Gerald's friends. Quaritch, /lO 

Polonius, 1st edn.. sm. 4to., 1852 (S. Feb. 20 ; 185) Quaritch, /2"4s. 

Readings in Crabbe, 1883 (S. Feb. 20 ; 187) B. F. Stevens, 14s. 

Works, 2 vol., port.. 1887 (S. Feb. 20; 183) Dobell, lis. 

Fitzherbert (A.) La Graunde Abridgement, B.I., 2 vols, in 1, fo., calf (rebacked), 

1577 (H. Mar. 19 ; 514) ;^l>15s. 

L'Office et Aucthoritie de Justices de Peace, enlarge per R. Crompton, 6. I., 

calf, 4to., 1583 (S. Feb. 4 ; 300) Thorp, £l 12s. 

Anr. Bdn., i}.X., calf, 4to., R. Tottel, n. d. (S. Mar. 18 ; 143) David, 15s. 

(J .) Boke of Surveyinge and improvements, b. I., old mor., y. e., W. Copeland, 

n. d. [15—! (S. Feb. 13 ; 480) Leighton, £7 5s. 

* An exact reprint of Wynkyn de Worde's edition of 1523. 
FitzwilUam Virginal Book, 2 vols., 4to., half pigskin, t. e. g., 1899 (H. Jan. 21 ; 

254) Quaritch, £2 7s. 

Flapper (The), fo., bds., Dublin, 1796 (B. Jan. 21 ; 173) 10s. 6d. 

Flaubert (G.) Madame Bovary, trans, by W. Walton, 12 etchings, in two states, 

edn. de luxe, 2 vols., P. P., 1902 (H. Mar. 6 ; 504) ^ £1 10s. 
Temptation of Saint Anthony, 9 ills, after S. Gorski, edn. de luxe, pits, in 3 

states, 1895 (P. Mar. 13 ; 375) Juckes. £2 

Flechier (E.) Histoire du Cardinal Ximenes, 1st edn., red mor., L, P., by Duseuil, 

Flechier's own copy, with his arms, fo., 1693 (S. Mar. 6 ; 403) Mitchell, £\2 
Fletcher (P.) Sicelides, A Piscatory, 1st edn., slightly shaved, half mor., sm. 4to., 

1631 (S. Mar. 4 ; 75) ' Nevill. £U 5s. 

Florus (ly.) Hist. Rom. lib. IV, cum notis integris CI. Salmasii, engd. title, red 

mor., with arms of Claire Clementine de Conde, lyUgd. Bat., 1655 (S. Mar. 

7 ; 529) Park. £\2 
Iv. A. Florus, cum notis integris CI. Salmasii, veil., gilt, with crest, Amst., 

1674 (P. Jan. 23; 57) Ellis. 7s. 

Flower Garden Display'd, in above Four Hundred curious representations of the 

most beautiful Flowers, engd. title and 12 cold, pits., calf, 4to., 1734 (S. 

Feb. 4 ; 461) Edwards. 12s. 

Foley (E.) Book of Decorative Furniture, pits., 2 vols., 4to., 1910-11 (H. Jan. 

10; 780) Beaumont, £1 lis. 

Fondation Faicte par Mes Seigneur et Dame, le Due et Duchesse de Niuemois, 

Princes de Nanthoiie, etc., calf, bound for Louis de Gonzague, Due de Niver- 

nois, with the monogram " L. & H." (Louis and Henrietta, his wife), 4to., 

(1579) (S. Mar. 5 ; 162) Morrow. £6 

Fontana (F.) Novae Coelestium, Terestrium Rerum Observationes, port., title 

and pits., new veil., rough edges, sm. 4to., Neapoli, 1646 (S. Feb. 13 ; 481) 

Leighton, 16s. 
Forbes (A.) History of Upper and Lower CaHfomia, map and views, half calf gilt, 

1839 (H. Mar. 5 ; 18) H. Stevens, £1 19s. 

Ford (John) Dramatic Works, with Notes, by W. Gifford, 2 vols., calf, g. e., by 

Bedford, 1827 (P.Jan. 24; 436) Marsh, £\ 8s. 

— — (R.) Hand-Book for Travellers in Spain, 1st edn., with maps and Index, 1845 

(S. Mar. 18; 51) Hill, 14s. 

Forde (T.) A Theatre of Wits, boards, few 11. wormed, 1660 (P. Jan. 23 ; 118) 

Edwards. £2 
Fordun (J. de) Scotichronicon, 5 vols., cf., 1722 (D. Feb. 18; 694) 3s. 

Anr. Edn., 2 vols., fo., hf. bd., Edin.. 1759 (D. Jan. 20 ; 272) Is. 

Fores's Sporting Notes and Sketches, pits., 24 vols., 1885-1907 (H. Jan. 10; 

903) £1 12s. 

Forlong (J. G. R.) Faiths of Man, port., 3 vols., 1906 (H. Feb. 13 ; 408) 

Brunton. £\ 5s. 

Rivers of Life, pits., 3 vols., 4to., 1883 (P. Mar. 13 ; 510) Higham. £5 10s. 

Forrest (Lieut. -Col.) Picturesque Tour along the Ganges and Jumna, 23 cold. 

pits., 4to., half calf, 1824 (H. Jan. 21 ; 263) Edwards. £2 4s. 

(T.) Voyage to New Guinea, port., and pits., half calf, 4to., 1780 (P. Feb. 

13 ; 220) Hill, 18s. 


1912-13 iS9 

Forrest (T.) Aur. Edn., pits., calf. 4to., 1789 (S. Mar. 13 ; 130) Ellis, /I Is. 
Forster (J . R.) History of the Voyages and Discoveries in the North, map, calf, 

4to.. 1786 (vS. Mar. 13 ; 128) H. Stevens, 10s. 

Forte (An^elo de) Opera Nuova, 1st edn.. 5 woodcuts, mor. ex., g. e., by Thierry, 

Vinegia. 1532 (H. Jan. 9; 475) Davis, 16s. 

Fortin (F.) Les Ruses Innocentes, engd. title and pits., Amst,, 1695 (S. Feb. 4 ; 

340) Edwards, £l 5s. 

Foster (Birket) Pictures of Enghsh Landscape, 30 views, India proofs, L. P., 

portfoho, fo., (1840) (P. Mar. 27 ; 205) Lacv. 17s. 
(J • J .) British Miniature Painters and their Works, pits., fo., 1898 (H. Jan. 

8 ; 316) lis. 

Fouque. Undine, trans, bv Courtnev, ills, by Rackham. edn. de luxe, 1909 (H. 

Jan. 29) ' ' Hill, /I 6s. 

Fowler (W. W.) Coleoptera of the British Islands, cold, pits., 5 vols., half mor., 

m. e., 1887-91 (H. Feb. 27 ; 530) Hill, /9 

Fox. Les Amours et les Aventures du Lord Fox, 2 vol. in 1, French mor., g. e.. 

1785 (S. Feb. 3 ; 63) Dobell. 5s. 
(George) Journal or Historical Account. 1st edn., calf, title torn, fo., 1694 

(P. Jan. 23; 294) Cogswell, 14s. 
(J.) Actes and Monuments, 2 vol., b. i., woodcuts, old calf, fo., 1596 (S. Mar. 

4 ; 76) ^laggs, £3 17s. 6d. 

Anr. Edn., 3 vol., b. I., woodcuts and woodcut of Windsor Castle, calf, r. e., 

rebacked, fo., 1632 (S. Feb. 4 ; 304) Harrison. £1 10s. 

Foxe (Luke) North- West- Fox, or Fox from the North- West Passage, front, and 

maps (wants last leaf), calf, 4to., 1635 (S. Mar. 13 ; 129) H. Stevens, /33 
France. Views in the South of France, chiefly on the Rhone, pits, by De Wint, 

on India paper, half russ., fo., 1825 (S. Mar. 19 ; 706) Slocock, £\ 
Francis (F.) Newton Dogvane, 1st edn.. 3 vol., ills, by Leech. 1859 (S. Mar. 18 ; 

54) Shepherd, 8s. 

Francquart (J.) Pompa Frmebris Principis Alberti III. Archiducis Austriae, etc., 

60 pits., calf, fo.. 1623 (P. Mar. 27 ; 203) Barnard, £\ 10s. 

Frankau (Julia) John Raphael Smith, his Life and Works, 30 phi)togravures, 

^vith 50 examples of paintings and drawings, imp. 8vo. and fo., 1902 (S. 

Feb. 5 ; 734) Seaton, /1 3 

Franks (A. W.) Catalogue of the Collection of Oriental Porcelain and Pottery lent 

to the Bethnal Green Museum, L, P., pits., 4to.. 1879 (S. Jan. 14 ; 699) 

Maggs, /I Is. 
Frazer (J. G.) The Golden Bough, 1st edn., 2 vols., 1890 (H. Feb. 26 ; 65) 

Times, /I 18s. 
Freeman (E. A.) Historical Essays, 4 vols., 1st edns., 1871-92 (P. Jan. 24^; 362) 

Quaritch, £2 17s. 6d. 
Freer (M. W.) Henry III. of France, fronts., 1st edn.. 3 vols., half calf,l858 (H. 

Mar. 18 ; 59) 3s. 
Life of Marguerite d'Angouleme, ports., 2 vols., 1st edn., 1854 (P. Jan. 

24 ; 433) Quaritch, /3 10s. 

Anr. Edn., fronts., seed, edn., 2 vols., 1856 (H. Mar. 18; 58) 7s. 6d. 

Frejus (R.) Relation of a Voyage into Mauritania, cah, 1671 (S. Mar. 13 ; 29) 

Young, /I 12s. 
Frith (John) A Boke made by John Frj^th, answering unto M. More's Letter, b. (., 

sheep, 1546 (S. Mar. 5; 21) Dobell, lis. 

Frobisher (M.) True Discourse of the late Voyages of Disco verie, for the finding 

of a Passage to Cathaya, The Three Voyages complete, 1st edn., b. t-, folded 

woodcut map to the first part, in fine state, measuring 16|^ by 8| in. (the 

other map wanting), title shghtly defective, A iiii transposed, last 3 11. 

defective, imbound, w. a. f., sm. '4to.. 4to., 1578 (S. Mar. 13; 131) 

Sabm, /148 
Froger (Sieur) Voyage on the Coasts of Africa, Brazil, Cayene and the Antilles, 

pits., calf, 1698 (S. Mar. 13 : 31) Young. /2 8s. 

Froissart (Sir John) Cronycles, trans, bv lorde Bemers. 2 vol., bl., title mounted, 

russ., fo., 1525 (S. Mar. 14 ; 292)' Young, £\A 15s. 

Anr. Edn., trans, by T. Johnes. 2 vols., half calf, with the Illuminated 

Illustrations bv Noel Humphrevs, calf, g. e., together 3 vols.. 1844 (H. Feb. 
27 ; 536) ' Hornstein, /I 14s. 


Froude (J. A.) The EngUsli in Ireland. 1st edn., 3 vols., 1872-4 (H. Feb. 13 ; 388) 

Auvache, /I 8s. 

History of England, 12 vol., 1872 (S. Mar. 18 ; 7) Harker, 10s. 

Shadows of the Clouds, mor. ex., 1847 (E. Feb. 6 ; 276) Forrester, £1 5s. 

Fuero Real de Diana : Deligentemente hecho por el noble Rev dom Alonso ix. 

g. I. (sUght defects), calf, fo., Medina, 1544 (S. Mar. 6 ■ 380) Davis, £5 
Fugger Family. Pinacotheca Fuggerorum S.R.I. Comitum ac Baronum in 

Khierchperg et Weissehorn, 139 ports, by h. and W. Kilian, calf gilt, g. e., 

fo.. 1754 (P. Mar. 13 ; 588) Barnard, £1 5s. 

Fuller (T.) Abel Redivivus, 1st edn., front, and ports., calf gilt, 4to.. 1651 (S. 

Feb. 4 ; 297) Leftwich, 7s. 

Church History of Britain, pits., calf, fo., 1655 (S. Jan. 13 ; 132) 

David, 17s. 

Holy and Profane State, ports., calf gilt, y. e., fo., 1652 (S. Mar. 18 ; 230) 

Harker, 8s. 

Pisgah-Sight of Palestine, 1st edn., engd. title and maps, calf, fo., 1650 (S. 

Jan. 13; 133) Dobell. 12s. 

(T.. M.D.) Gnomologia, Adagies and Proverbs, 1st edn., old calf, 1732 (S. 

Feb. 3 ; 83) Osier. 5s. 

Fulvius(A.)IllustriumYmagines, old calf, I^ugduni, 1524 (S Feb. 13 ; 484) 

Leigh ton, £1 5s. 

Fur, Feather and Fin Series, 12 vol., ills., half mor.. t. e. g., 1895-1906 (S. Jan. 

15 ; 762) Pearson, £2 16s. 

Furley (R.) History of the Weald of Kent, 1st edn., 2 vols, in 3, 1871-74 (P. Feb. 

13 ; 123) Bailey, £1 Is. 
Gaertner (J.) De Fructibus et Sermonibus Plantarum, 4 vol., 180 pits., half calf, 

4to., Lips., 1801 (S. Jan. 13; 46) Wesley, 5s. 

Gage (T.) New Survey of the West Indias, 1st edn., fo. (bdg. defective), 1648 (H. 

Feb. 13 ; 502) H. Stevens, £1 10s. 

Galeria nel Palazzo Farnese, pits, and ports., half calf, fo., Roma, s. a. (S. Mar. 

14 ; 258) Joseph, Is. 
Galerie de Florence et du Palais Pitti, 4 vol., engs., fo., Paris, 1804 (S. Mar. 18 ; 

188) Weston, £3 

Galerie du Musee Napoleon, 10 vol., 720 pits., red mor., uncut, fine copy, Paris, 

1804-15 (S. Mar. 6 ; 274) Mitchell, £5 

Galerie du Palais du I^uxembourg peinte par Rubens, pits., red mor.