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Full text of "The book of St. Louisans; a biographical dictionary of leading living men of the city of St. Louis and vicinity"

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The Book of St. Louisans 











TILOEN • r,,^-| IOM5 

Published by Thk St. Louis Repiblic 

C'opyriehtcd, 1912. by Albert Nelson .Marcjiiis 


The I)()()k of St. Louisans was fii-st puhlislicd in 1900, rtM-t'iviiii^- a 
most ,iiTatifyiii,i»- roc('i)tioii. It was recognized at tlic ontsot as an inval- 
njiblo l»o<)k, alike in the business office and in the home. Time ha-' cmh- 
iirmed this favorable opinion on the general merits of the work, its edm- 
preliensiveness and its accuracy. As a book of ready refei-ence. it has 
from the first been in constant recpiisition. The up-to-date nieichant, 
the professional man, the alert in(inirer, whatever his vocation, keeps 
this bandy vohnne ni)on his desk, within easy reach. 

A new edition, revised and brought down to date, has been (-ailed 
for, and the present volume is ])resented as the best possible res])onse 
to that demand. This edition contains many names not listed in the 
earlier issue — names unavoidablx- overlooked in a first edition, a> well 
as a large number representing new residents of St. Louis, and others 
who have come into prominence since the first edition was jorinted. The 
work of revision has been painstaking and thorough. Xot onl> have 
many names been added, but each of the original sketches has l)ecn 
rewritten in order that the best possible arrangement of the data for 
easy reference purpop;^^, nijiiiit b,e istjclii'rieid. 

A casual examiiiafion/pfltliese pages will disclose not only tlu» 
presence of many new ]uhi!Ss;,'] mi. also the absence of names which 
appeared in the earlic;!' i5S>Ke;. .'Thif /.unissions are accounted for by 
reason of death (The" BdoJv''o]'"" St. Louisans being confined to liv- 
ing men only), removals from the city, impossibility to find ))resent 
addresses, and a few because they are no longer regarded as of sufficient 

The names of those whose life-sketches ap])eared in the first edi- 
tion, Init who have died or liave been dropjied for various reasons, have 
been inserted in this volume in their original alphabetical ])la('e. with 
a reference to the volume of ]90(), in which the biogra])hical sketch 
appeared, and, if deceased, the fact has been noted, with tln^ date of 
death, when known. 

This featni'e will be oi' pai'tieular \alne to those who ma>' w\>\\ t(» 

8 FO]n^:WORD 

secure reliable hioi^i-apljieal information about many men who were 
prominent in the Imsiness or social life of St. Louis in the opening years 
of the twentieth century, bnt who have passed to the "great beyond," 
leaving no other printed record of their life-work. 

In the remaking of The J>t)()K or St. LorisANS — for this is prac- 
tically a new 1)ook fron] beginning to end — every source of available 
names has been drawn upoji and every reasonable etfort has been made 
to procure the requisite data from all who were deemed eligible for 
inclusion. Nevertheless, names which should have Ijeen included Avill 
l)e missed; but in practically all such cases the omission is not in the 
least due to inadvertence or the lack of effort on the part of those hav- 
ing the preparation of the Ixiok in hand. Not only were written recpiests 
sent by mail, but they were sui)pk^mented by personal solicitation when 
occasion rcMpiircd. Tlie great majority of those applied to responded 
freely and in a courteous manner. To these, thanks are hereby 
extended. A few, however, furnished information with evident reluc- 
tance, while others showe<l complete inditference, and some let the 
recjuest for data go Avholh' unnoticed. 

Some names which fre(|uently appear in the newspapers are con- 
spicuous by their absence, for the reason that The Book of St. 
LouisANs lias endeavored to include only men of reputable vocation and 
high standing. 

Notwithstanding the reasons named, which prevented the inclusion 
of many persons, the publication may make just claim to greater com- 
pleteness, a greater degree of* •nccriV.if<;i:',*,and •Jirai-tore dependable and 
authoritative record in regard' 'to' fh'e ^eacTeV's.^iTj'the business, ])rofes- 
sional, industrial, official, and intellect'ufihUrtVjcoJ: St. Louis than has ever 
before been collected. . .'...* *** ]'.'. '.\ . ' . 

To make such a ))ubMcatioiV {^^<i^P'^'VP*'*'MH. ^^ ^^ necessary that it 
should be ini|nirchasabh'. Tiik I'ook of Sr. LonsAxs has been compiled 
as a ixTiiianciit fcrcrciicc book, and all of the sketches in th(> volumes 
ha\(' been iii-ciic(l witli thai fact in view. Not one has been )inid for, 
nor inserted for any (in;inci;il consideration. 

To sccni'c ;)ci'iii;icy, ihc urcatest care has been taken. In every 
case where |in->.iblc. tlic fiicl- wcfc pi'ocnrcMl at tii'st hands, and the 
sketchc- were -]iliniittcil in|- Ni'i-ilicat ion ;in<l coi-i'ecl ion, thus u'iving to 
the book a i|n;ilit\ | n-;ic1 ic;i ||y ;intobiom-;i pliicn I. In this painstaking 
wav i1- ;int lieiit icity li;i> bmi >a rcuMiai'deil nnd i1> \alue as a I'cference 
book' ui'i'jit K' enli;incc(|. 

Till' x'olnnie lia^ been i-oiifiii('(l 1o 1i\'inu' subjects, because the ])ur- 


pose from the iirst Jias been to I'uniisli a diclioiiarx- of ('oiitciiiiiorarics 
and to mirror the eiirront i)rogress and liistor>- of the ciis a- reflected 
in the life-statistics of its citizens. The main olijcct of Wrinojim- them 
toijetlier in this eom[)iU\tion is to ])hiee witliiii easy i-eadi such leuilimate 
information in reg-ard to the personal history of St. liouisaiis as it is 
natural that one interested in them shoiihl desii-e to possess. 

J)nrini»' the daily work and tnrmoil of life, in this city of streiinons 
endeavor and achievement, one tinds hut little opportunity to get 
acquainted with those whose personalities are (outside of his own 
most intimate circles) of most interest. The readei- can (loniitle>> thinlc 
of many leading citizens of whom he would like to know: Whei-e did 
they come from; where and how were they educate<l; what is their 
home life, their religious, social, and ])olitical envii-omnent ; and what 
have been the chief steps in their career:' If the reader will tuin to 
such names, he will find just the information desired. 

Many and varied are the interests controlled or rejiresented hy 
those whose life-histories are here outlined. Business and )n-ofessional 
lines are most largely represented, because St. Louis is, beyond every- 
thing else, a business center. The city has made unprecedented strides 
toward business supremacy, standing first in many and prominent in 
all of the important branches of trade, production, and professioiuil 
effort. Therefore this volume partakes largely of the nature of a busi- 
ness dictionary, and contains more personal information about the 
living business men of St. Louis than can be found collectively in all 
other books ever printed. lUisiness men can find here nuich that tli(\v 
never knew about their competitors and customers, together with a vast 
amount of personal knowledge in regard to their fellow citizens which 
is of value from a business as well as from a social sland])oiut. In 
fact, in all lines of useful achievement, the book furnishes as complete 
a compendium and e]ntome of i^ersonal data in regard to those St. 
Louisans most promineutly identified with the best movements and 
interests of the city as it has been possible to procure by ]»atient care, 
experienced methods, and large expcmditnre. 

To the press of St. Louis and other cities, this volume presents 
features of easily recognized usefulness. LCere the newspaper man will 
find facts which are of great value, and by the use of the book in the 
city room the exasperating errors resulting from hasty i)ickiug nj) of 
details from unreliable sources may be in large measure avoided. The 
truth is here plainly stated, every item being presented in concise, con- 
densed form, so that it may be at once grasped and understood. 


In number and representative selection of subjects, accuracy of 
detail and authoritative usefulness as a work of reference, it is confi- 
dently claimed that The Book of St. Louisans is the most complete 
compilation of St. Louis biography ever printed. Not only is this 
true, but by. far the larger part of the information it contains is not 
procurable, in print, from any other source. 

The volume contains five or six times as many biographical sketches 
of representative St. Louisans as can be found in any other publication. 
AVhile it is not claimed that the book represents infallibility or iner- 
rancy, it is confidently put forth as the best that has so far been pro- 
duced among books of local and contemporary biography in this city. 

The Book or St. Louisans is multum in parvo. It contains much 
in small compass. It is the best possible introduction that one can have 
to St. Louis, and the manifold activities of the city. It is a book of 
reference in the strictest sense of the term. By consulting its contents, 
even the oldest resident can acquire fresh information, and learn much 
about his city and his business associates which he has not known 

St. Louis, Sept. 1, 1913. 




(*l 'I'lic asterisk iiidiialis thai the pci-soii is saiii to liavo rciunviil Hdih Si. I.iiiii> 

ABBOTT, Augustus L., hnvyer; born, Wcy- 
iiioutb, ]\[ass., Aii^. 6, 1858; son of L. A. 
(D.D.) and Mary A. (Preston) Abbott; edu- 
cated at Brown University, Providence, K. I., 
A.B., 1880, A.M., 1883; Washinj-ton Univer- 
sity Law Department, LL.B., 1S8."); married 
at Alton, 111., 1887, Annette Blair; cliildren: 
.lohn Blair, ^Marjory, Preston OberL Ad- 
mitted to the bar of Missouri, 1884, and has 
since been engaged in general j^ractice; mem- 
ber firm of Abbott & Edwards. ^Member 
.\merican, Missouri State and St. Louis Bar 
associations. Clubs: City, Glen Echo. Office: 
Xew National Bank of Commerce Bldg. Hesi- 
donee: ;")-!49 Maple Ave. 

ABEL, Frederick, president Abel & Ger- 
liaiil PlumbiTig Co.; born, Denmark, July 4, 
1S42; son of Charles and Annie (Simpson) 
AViel; educated in public night scluxds; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, .Tan. 22, 1867, Mary L. liumj); 
five children: Walter C, Charles P., Louis F., 
Frederick E., Robert O. Came to America, 
1804; entered ])luml)ing business as member of 
firm of Werner & Abel, 1865, continuing until 
1877; conducted l)usiness in own name, 1877- 
80; associated with Oscar J. Gerhard, 1880, 
and incorjiorated the Abel & Gerhard Plumb- 
ing Co., of which has since been ju'esideiit. 
Ser\-ed as member Co. A, Fourth Missouri 
Kegiment. Missouri Volunteers, for four 
months. Civil War. Eepublican. Protestant. 
Odd Fellow. Honorary memb(>r St. Louis Turn 
Vcrein. Recreations: hunting, fishing and 
traveling. Office: 909 X. 6th St. Residence: 
r.Sol Page Boul. 

ABELES, Julius David, ])resident Commer- 
cial Bldg. Co.; born, St. Louis, Nov. 20, 184S; 
son of Adolph and Amelia (Taussig) Abeles; 
(^ilucate<l in ])ublic schools of St. Louis, gi-ail- 
uating from St. Louis High School, ISli."); 
married, St. Louis, A]»r. 2:i, 1874, Emilic 
Taussig (died Mar. 9, 1900); children: .lames 
A., John T.. Robert L., Clifford, Charles T., 
Alfred T., Francis. Began business career 
with wholesale wool house in TMiiladel|iliia, 

1862; returned to St. Louis in employ of sim- 
ilar firm; became broker in wool, etc., in 1874, 
and remained in that Ijusiness until 1^79. 
when went to Leadville, remaining there near- 
ly two years, engaged in mining. Returned to 
St. Louis, 1881, and took charge of Union 
Depot Warehouse for three years, and then 
(>mbarked in mining stock business as a 
broker; was president St. Louis ^Mining Stock 
lOxehange for two years. Inaugurated enter- 
prise now known as Terminal Hotel in 1S9.">. 
and has had full idiarge of it e\"er siiiee, now 
being president of Terminal Hotel and .Vrcade 
, Co. Took charge of Commercial Building. 
1900, and has full control of its capital and 
management as president Conunereial PMy;. 
Co. President Afartha Realty Co.; vice jiresi- 
dent Union Station Bank; president Tip Top 
Mining Co. K'ei'uhliean. Mendier Pusiiiess 
;\[en 's League, ('i\ic League. Clubs: Uni\i'r- 
sity, Noonday, ('ity. Automobile. liecreation: 
travel. Office: Conunereial Bldg. b'esidence: 
4140 AVashington Axe. 

ABELES, Samuel Charles, stoek and bond 
broker; born, St. Louis, Oct. 15, 1S75; son of 
D. and Theresa (.Minzer) Abeles; graduated 
from Franklin (public) School and attended 
St. Louis High School; married, St. Louis, 
Nov. 29, lS99,'b'icka :M. Piatt. Began in news- 
]>aper business as reporter on St. Louis Star- 
Sayings, September, 1892; left Star to liecome 
court reporter for the Globe-Deinoeiat ; later 
had charge of religious department, drannitic 
department and business news for Globe-Oem- 
ocrat; A\ent from Globe to Chronicle to handle 
special assignments; sent to Europe as special 
correspondent of Chronicle, 1S95; njion return 
to St. Louis, ai>pointei| assistant city editor 
and dramatic editor of Chronicle; left Chron- 
icle to do special work on the Star, ami later 
leturneil to Globe-Democrat to take charge of 
financial, business ami real estate columns; 
left newspaper work in summer of IS'tlt to go 
into l)ond and stock brokerage business with 
Bennett, Wasserman tS: Co., as floor broker 
and street man; was with .Morris (Jlaser A: Co.. 
in similar capacity, 190] -December, 1906. In 




January, 1907, organized firm of Samuel C. 
Abeles «fc Co. and has since continued in busi- 
ness as head of firm. Purchased seat on St. 
Louis Stock Exchange, 1904. Eepublican. Jew- 
ish religion. Club: Columbian. Eecreations: 
reading and travel. Oflice: 500 Xational Bank 
of Commerce Bldg. Eesidence: 5891 Washing- 
ton Avenue. 

ABLE, George Dudley, manufacturer; born, 
Oxford. IMiss., Feb. 25, 1S61; sou of Josiah 
and ]Martha Elizabeth (Stockard) Able; de- 
scended on mother's side from Alexander 
Craighead, commonly kno"\vn as father of the 
^fecklenburg Declaration of Independence; 
educated in public and high schools, Oxford, 
and University of ilississippi; married, Hali- 
fax Co., X. C.,'Dec. 30, 1886, Martha Elizabeth 
Thorne; five children: Sidney Thorne, Corrie 
Mae (Mrs. Kobert C. Moss), Helen Dudley, 
Elise and Alice INIildred. Was member firm of 
Jackson & Able, merchants, Oxford, Miss., 
1882-88; cashier Bank of Water Valley, Miss., 
1888-190G, and also engaged as x^lsnter in 
Washington Co.. Miss., during a large part of 
time named; vice president and general man- 
ager Missouri Canuel Coal Co., Versailles, Mo., 
1906-07; treasurer Corinth Woolen Mills (now 
Curlee Clothing Co.), St. Louis, 1907-08; since 
1909 president Mellon & Storm Manufacturing 
Co., manufacturers of beds and bed springs; 
also president Link Fabric Co. of America. 
Formerly trustee Union Female College, Ox- 
ford, Miss., Water Valley Military Academy, 
Water Valley, Miss. Member St. Louis Credit 
Men^s Association. Independent Democrat. 
Presbyterian; elder Kingshighway Presb}'- 
terian Church. Served as member City Coun- 
cil and mayor of Water Valley. President 
Mississippi Bankers' Association, 1898-99; 
vice president for Mississippi, of American 
Bankers' Association, 1899-1900. Member Odd 
Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Woodmen of the 
World. Recreation: country life. Office: 10th 
and ]\rullanphy Sts. Eesidence: 5022 Cabanne 
Ave. Summer Eesidence: Cedar Gap, Mo. 

ABSOLOM, James H., president Absolom 
Dry Goods Co.; born, London, Eng., Mar. 8, 
18-56; lost mother at two j'ears of age; came 
to America with father at seven; educated 
public schools New York State and Illinois; 
married, St. Louis, Sept. 24, 18S4, Alice L. 
Gardner; two children: James H. and Alice L. 
Began active career in employ of nail mills at 
Belleville, 111., continuing seven years; then 
(derk in dry goods store of brother-in-law, E. 
B. Bullock, St. Louis; was inade partner of 
the company upon its incorporation, 1894, and 
has since been i)resident Absolom Dry Goods 
Co. ^[ason, Knight Templar. Episcopalian. 
Office: 4108 Easton Ave. Kesi<ience: 4243 
Page Ave. 

ACKERMAN, Lee, vice ]iresident Sonnen- 
feld Millinovy Co.: liorn, near Frankfort, Ger- 
many, yiiiy 4, 1.SS4; son of Isaac and Olga 

(Loeb) Ackerman; educated in public schools 
in Germany; unmarried. Came to St. Louis 
direct from Germany in 1898, and at once en- 
tered employ of Sonuenfeld Millinery Co. (es- 
tablished 1875) as clerk; became partner in 
spring of 1904, and is now vice president of 
company, dealers in millinery, fancy goods 
and cloaks. Eecreations: motoring and fish- 
ing. Office: 610 Washington Ave. Eesidence: 
4719 Washington Ave. 

ACKERMAN, Leopold, president Sonuen- 
feld Millinery Co.; born, A'illmar, Germany, 
Mar. 8, 1863; son of Wolf and Gretchen 
(Levy) Ackerman; educated in public schools 
in Germany; married, St. Louis, Xov. 11, 1891, 
Josephine Emanuel; children: Lester Joseph, 
Melville Emanuel, Byron Wolf. Came from 
Germany direct to St. Louis in 1879; began 
business career same year with I. B. Eosenthal 
Millinery Co. as boy, then salesman, then on 
road for them for 13 years; in 1894 entered on 
present connection as president and manager 
of the Sonuenfeld Millinery Co., millinery, 
fancy goods and cloaks. Member Business 
Men's League. Eepublican. Member Society 
of B 'nai B 'rith, United Jewish Charities. 
Club:. Columbian. Eecreation: motoring. Of- 
fice: 610 Washington Ave. Eesidence: St. 
Louis County. 

ACKERMAN, Louis, merchant; born, Vill- 
mar, Germany, Feb. 9, 1865; son of Karl and 
Betchen (Marx) Ackerman; educated in com- 
mon and high schools, Germany; unmarried. 
Came to America, 1882; after a residence of 
six months in this country entered employ of 

1. B. Eosenthal & Co. and traveled for the 
fiJ'm in the South until 1896 — a period of four- 
teen years; then was placed in charge of mil- 
linery department of Schafer Bros, and oper- 
ated same until the house was burned out, 
3 900; became connected with Penny «S: Gentles 
Dry Goods Co. and rented the millinery de- 
partment, conducting same until 1909; then 
leased the building which had been occupied 
by the J. G. Brand Shoe Co. and since has 
maintained business in millinery, cloaks and 
suits. President Louis Ackerman Millinery 
Co.; vice president Eegent Realty & InA'est- 
ment Co.; director Sonuenfeld Millinery Co. 
Jewish religion. Clubs: Columbian, Westwood 
Golf. Eecreation: golf. Office: 623 X. Broad- 
way. Eesidence: 5243 Waterman Ave. 

ADAM, Frank, president Frank Adam Elec- 
tric Co.; lioni, l-^eiburg, Baden, Germany, Feb. 

2, 1838; son of Frederick and Maria E. Adam; 
educated in public schools in Germany; came 
to \J. S., 1853; married, St. Louis, Jan. 7, 
]869, Louisa M. Blattner; children: Frederick 
B., William (deceased), Anna M., Harry C, 
Edwin C. Began business career at 15 as 
Avatchmaker 's apprentice in Xewark, X. J., 
ami at end of apprenticeship became journey- 
man wati hmakcr with IMitchell & Tyler, Eich- 
mond, Va., remaining with them through three 



yi'ars of tlic war; then watchmaker with 
|y(>arniont. -Montreal. Canada. Workeil for 
.Iclui Sylvester, 8t. Louis, 1865-70; with Henry 
Mlattner, t^on of .Jacob Blattner, sueeceded to 
latter 's oi)tical, mathematical and {diilosoijli- 
ical instrument business; dissolve<l jjartner- 
ship in ISSO, and has since continued in elec- 
trical manufacturin<^ and construction busi- 
ness, as president of the Frank Adam Electric 
< 'o. K'epublican (with reservations). Memlier 
Le.trion of Honor. Ofiice: 904-916 Pine iSt. 
li'esidence: L'.'ll'Ci Albion Place. 

ADAM, Fred Blattner, secretary and gan- 
eral manager of Frank Adam Electric Co.; 
born, St. Louis, Auji. 9, 1S69; son of Frank and 
Louisa M. (Blattner) Adam; educated in St. 
Louis public schools; married, June 15, 1909, 
Rose Schnelle, of St. Louis. On leaving school 
liccame connected with father, and engaged in 
electrical engineering and contracting busi- 
ness, in which has since continued. The ])usi- 
ness was incorporated in 1898, as the Frank 
.Vdam Electric Co., of which is secretary and 
general manager, the compan}^ being electrical 
engineers and contractors for electrical con- 
struction in buildings, wholesale and retail 
manufacturers and dealers in gas and electric 
lighting fixtures, engineers and manufacturers 
'if light and power switchboards and other 
I'lectrical controlling apparatus. Associate 
member of American Institute of Electrical 
]]ngineers. Member Civic League, Business 
wren's League. Mason (32°), Shriner. Clubs: 
Mercantile, Union. Recreations: hunting and 
fishing. Office: 914 Pine St. Residence: r,i;]8 
Allen Ave. 

ADAMS, Charles Breck, manager Safety 
Car Heating and Lighting Co.; born, Philadel- 
phia, 0<-t. 12, 18.-i9; son of Alexander Hanson 
and Esther Y. (Tybout) Adams; educated in 
tlie Episcopal Academy at Philadelphia, Pa.; 
married, Alexandria, Va., 1885, Jennie, daugh- 
ter of Col. Robert Andrews; children: Robert 
Andrews and Helen Marguerite. Was con- 
nected with the operating department of the 
Wabash Railroad, 1880-Oct. 15, 1905, resigning 
as superintendent of transportation, in order 
to accept present position as manager of the 
Safety Car Heating and Lighting Co. Episco- 
palian. Mason (32°), Knight Templar. jMem- 
ber Society of the Cincinnati (Delaware), 
Sons of Revolution. Clubs: Mercantile, A[is- 
souri Athletic, St. Louis Railway. Favorite 
recreations: yachting, riding and driving. Of- 
fice: 1014, 705 Olive St. Residence: Fergu- 
son, Mo. 

ADAMS, Charles McDougaU; born. Fort 
Craig, X. M., April 5, 1855; son of John and 
Gcorgiana (McDougall) Adams; educated at 
St. Louis University; married, Indianapolis, 
Ind., June, 1902, Helen Shobe. Began railway 
service in 1877, with the Iron Mountain R. R'., 
m St. Louis, later becoming clerk in general 
auditor's office same road, then consecutively, 

bdl of lading clerk of same, chief clerk Mis- 
souri Pacific and Iron Mountain railroads 
contracting freight agent for both roads, an.l 
from 1889 to 1907 commercial agent for the 
Missouri Pacific R. R.; general agent El Paso 
& Southwestern Ry., 1907-11. Democrat. Mem- 
ber Mound City Council, National Union. 
Clubs: Kliobel Fishing (director), The Trailic 
of St. Louis. Recreations: fishing and hunt- 
ing. Residence: 352 Whittier St. 

*ADAMS, Cleanthus W., millinery; moved 
to Ceiitralia, .Mo.; see Vol. 1906. 

ADAMS, Elmer Bragg, judge; born, Pom- 

J'^*'- Vu^'f- -"' ^''^■^-' ««° o^" Jarvis and 
Eunice (Mitchell) Adams; A.B., Yale Univer- 
V}.^'^ ^^?^ (LL.D., University of Missouri, 
1898 also LL.D., Washington University, 
190/); married, Nov. 10, 1870, Emma Rich- 
mond, of Woodstock, Vt. Went to Georgia 
under auspices American Union Commissfon 
and inaugurated system of free schools for 
white children at Atlanta and Milledgeville- 
returned to Vermont, 1866; studied law there 
and at Harvard Law School; admitted Ver- 

"o'^.'o* ^^'■' ^^^^' ^^"^^"^ i^ practice, St. Louis, 
1868; judge Circuit Court, St. Louis, 1879-85, 
declined reelection and resumed practice; 
U. S. district judge. Eastern District, Mo. 
l.S9o-190o; U. S. circuit judge, Eighth Judicial 
Circuit, since 1905. Special lecturer on succes- 
sion and wills, University of Missouri. Di- 
rector American Peace and Arbitration 
League; member New England Society, Sons 
of the Revolution. Presbyterian. Clubs: Com- 
mercial, St. Louis, Country. Address: Custom 
House, St. Louis. Residence: 25 Westmoreland 

ADAMS, John Hurley; deceased; see Vol. 

ADAMS, Stephen Seymour, vice president 
S. G. Adams Stamp and Seal Co.; born, St 
Louis, Oct. 8, 1885; son of Stephen G. and 
Rose (Keiley) Adams; educated in St. Louis 
common and high schools, graduating June, 
3 90o; unmarried. Engaged during school vaca- 
tions, etc., for several years with S. G. Adams 
Stamp and Seal Co. "(established, 1875, by 
father and incorporated on his death, 1893), 
and is now vice president of the eompanv; 
also vice president Successful Realty Co. Of- 
fice: 314 N. 6th St. Residence: Buckingham 

*ADDIE, John Craigen, Salvation Army 
officer; moved to Chicago; see Vol. 1906. 

ADKINS, Benjamin Conklin, contractor; 
born, St. Louis, July 24, 1863; son of Henry 
and Isabelle B. (Conklin) Adkins; educated 
in public schools and two years at high school 
until .June, 1880; then one year at Smith 
Academy and four years at Washington Uni- 
versity in engineering course, being grad- 
uated as B.E., 1886; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
15, 1901, Anna Mae Bringer. Was connected 



with City Water Department as (Iraftsiiiaii, 
assistant engineer and engineer, 1886-190.') ; 
water conunissioner of St. Louis, 1903-11; 
since associated with City Construction Co. 
Member American Water Works Association 
(president, 1905-06). Democrat. Presbyterian. 
Recreation: outside atliletic sports. Residence: 
.5185 Von Versen A\"e. 

ADBIINS, James, secretary and treasurer 
I'nited Railway Co. of St. Louis; born, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Sept. 1, 1S51; son of Henry and 
Isabelle B. (Conklin) Adkins; educated public 
schools of St. Louis, 1860-64, and Wj^nan 's 
City Uuiversitj^, 1865-67; married, St. Louis, 
Oct. 23, 1873, Josephine M. Strassburger; 
children: James, Jr., Elmer C, Helen I. En- 
tered Provident Savings Institution, 1868, as 
messenger, and served with it in various ca- 
pacities, up to teller and assistant cashier, 
until its failure. July 14, 1886; assisted Wil- 
liam H. Thompson, receiver, in liquidation of 
affairs of that bank, 1886-88; then with For- 
est Park Improvement Association, owners of 
the ground now known as Westmoreland and 
Portland Places, and in June, 1890, became 
secretary and treasurer of the Lindell Rail- 
way Co., and continued until consolidation of 
the railways of St. Louis, when was elected to 
present position of secretary and treasurer of 
the United Railway Co. of St. Louis and of 
the St. Louis Transit Co. Member of Business 
]Men 's League. Democrat. Presbyterian. 
Member Royal Arcanum, Royal League, Le- 
gion of Honor. Recreations: reading and the 
fine arts. Office: 3869 Park Ave. Residence: 
44(14 ^kiorgan St. 

ADREON, Edward Lawrence, brake manu- 
facturer; born, St. Louis, Dec. 23, 1847; son 
of Stephen W. and Emily Gates (Learned) 
Adreon; e<lucated in Wyman's St. Louis Uni- 
versitv; married, St. Louis, Dec. 23, 1871, 
.losepiiine L. Young (died Dec. 21, 1911); chil- 
dren: Edward Learned, .Josephine M. (de- 
ceased), Robert Enos. Entered office of Comp- 
troller of City of St. Louis as clerk, March, 
ls65. and continued twenty years and one 
month, the last eight years (1877-85), as 
i-oniptroller, to which office was twice elected. 
Was vice ])resident and general manager tlie 
-Vmerican Brake Co. from Aiail, 1887, to 1910; 
now \ice president saiiu^ company, manufac- 
turers of lo(;omotive brakes, and since Aug. 1, 
1888, southwestern manager Westinghouse Air 
P.rake Co. and Westinghouse Traction Brak(> 
< o. Vice i>resideiit Broadway Savings Trust 
Co.; secretary and treasurer Westinghouse 
Automatic Air and Steam (!on]iler Co.; direct- 
(ir Adreon i: Co.; ])resident Railway Sujijily 
Manufacturers' Association; jjresident l^nuiN- 
Pneumatic Lul>ricator Co. Repnl)licfin. Mem- 
ber Business Men's League, ^[anllfactu^ers ' 
Association; vice presiilent T>atin-ArTierican 
CluV). f^piscojialian. ^[ason; member A. O. U. 
W., Legion of Honor. Clubs: St. Louis Repub- 

lican, Xoonday, Mercantile, St. Louis, Mis- 
souri Athletic, Adirondack League (N. Y.). 
Recreations: fishing and hunting. Office: 318 
Security Bldg. Residence: 5713 Cabanne Ave. 
ADREON, Edward L., Jr., railwav supplies; 
born, St. Louis, Oct. 14, 1872; son of E. L. 
and Josephine L. (Young) Adreon; educated 
in manual training and public schools, fol- 
lowed by two years electrical study and prac- 
tical work; married, St. Louis, Sept. 16, 1901, 
Clemence Clark; children: William Clark, 
Clemence Josephine, .losejjhine Eleanor. 
Started in shops of American Brake Co. to 
learn trade, 1888; assistant to superinteudent, 
Missouri Electric Light Co., 1890-93; in 1893 
started with the Sargent Company of Chicago 
as southwestern agent to sell brake shoes and 
steel castings, and still continues that busi- 
ness as St. Louis agent for the American 
Brake Shoe and Foundry Co., a combination 
of the Sargent and other large companies. In 
1904 formed the Adreon Manufacturing Co. 
(railway supplies), of which is president; vice 
president Acme Pipe Clamp Co. Mason. Club: 
Missouri Athletic. Recreation: motoring. Of- 
fice: Security Bldg. Residence: 5713 Cabanne 

ADREON, Robert Enos, general manager 
American Brake Co.; born, St. Louis, Nov. 1, 
1876; son of Edward Lawrence and .Josephine 
L. (Young) Adreon; educated in public 
schools of St. Louis; Smith Academy; Purdue 
University, Lafayette, Ind., gra<luating with 
degree of B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 
1902; unmarried. Began active career as as- 
sistant engineer of Imperial Electric Light & 
Power Co., St. Louis, 1902; inspector Westing- 
house Automatic Air and Steam Coupler Co., 
1903-04, and mechanical engineer same com- 
jiany, 1905-06; southwestern representative 
Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co., engineers, 
1907-08; assistant general manager American 
Brake Co., 1908-10, inclusive, and general 
numager same company since .Jan. 1, 191 i, 
also mend)er board directors; director Emery 
Pneumatic Lubricating ('o. ; vice presiilent 
and general manager Westinghouse Automatic 
Air & Steam Cou])ler Co. Member Business 
]\ren 's Le:igue. Repulilican. episcopalian. 
.Menil)er Signui Chi college fraternity: secre- 
tary ^Missouri Society, Sons American Revolu- 
tion. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Missouri 
Athletic, St. Louis Engineers, Meramec Canoe. 
K'<>creations: motoring and outdoor sports. 
Office: 1932 N. Broadway. Residence: 5713 
( 'jibanne Ave. 

AEHLE, Charles Speck, jeweler; born, 
Udoiixillc, Mo., .Inly 5, J,S(i7; son of Carl Franz 
;uid l']li/.a .lane (^[ack) Aehle; attended pri- 
\ate s(hools until 1881, then at juiblic school, 
Hoonville, ^io., until 1884; nmrried, St. Louis, 
Sept. 28, 1892, .lennie Lee Carver; two chil- 
dren: Elise Rebecca, Charles Carver. Finished 
school June, 1884, and from June to August, 



1884, was proeery clerk; in August, LSS4, 
starteil as apprentieo to 8. S. llannaca, Boou- 
ville, Mo., to learn trade of watchmaker and 
.ieweier, serving three years; came to St. 
Louis, Sept. 21, 18S7, to work for Merrick, 
Walsh & Phelps Jewelry Co., remaining with 
tlieni until ISSH); then worked in china store 
at Boonville, ZMo., 1890-91; employed with E. 
Jaccard Jewelry Co., St. Louis, LS91-9S, then 
returned to Merrick, Walsh & I'helps Jewelry 
Co. until they retired from business, 1901, 
then joined in organizing the AVhelan, Aehle, 
Hutchinson Jewelry Co., retailers of jewelry 
and silverware and manufacturers of diamond 
and other fine jewelry, of which he is secre- 
tary and treasurer. Was president of Jury 
No. 5, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904. 
Democrat. P'piscopalian. P''a\orite recreations: 
literature and music. Oflice: 621 Locust St. 
Residence: 460S :\rorgan St. 

AG-LAR, Leslie, bond broker; born, St. 
Louis, Dec. 8, 1876; son of James Francis and 
lone (Armstrong) Aglar; educated in public 
schools, St. Louis, Macon, Mo. (one year), and 
Charlottesville, Va., 1896; married, Apr. 17, 
19()G. Gertrude M. Eockwood. Was with the 
Dtununond Tobacco Co., as clerk, from 1896 
until the company sold out in 1898; then with 
I'nion Pacific K. K., as clerk, for 18 months; 
clerk for Drummond, Betts & Co., bankers and 
lirokers, 1901-02; member firm of John N. 
Drummond, Jr. & Co., brokers in stocks, 1902- 
06; manager Tracy & Co., 1906-08; since man- 
ager bond department Paul Brown & Co. 
JNIember St. Louis Merchants' Exchange. 
Democrat. p]piscopalian. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Mercantile. Olticc: Pierce Bldg. Eesidence: 
.•)7."i X. Taylor St. 

AHERN, Albert M., secretary Funsten Bros. 
& Co., raw furs; born, St. Louis, Feb. 17, 
1880; son of Cornelius K. and Fannie L. 
(Matthews) Ahern; educated in Christian 
Brothers College, St. Louis; unmarried. Be- 
gan business career with Funsten Bros. & Co., 
1896; worked up through various positions, 
and elected secretary and director, ]\[ay, 1907; 
secretary and treasurer Polk Land & Invest- 
ment Co.; director Gausmann-Parker Furni- 
ture Co.; secretary Funsten Fur Exchange. 
Independent in politics. Catholic. Club: City. 
Keereation: automobiling. Office: 2nd and 
Elm Sts. Eesidence: 5972 Von Versen Ave. 

AHERN, Cornelius Peter, musician, and 
]irinci])al dancing academy; born, St. Louis, 
Jan. 19, 1856; son of Jeremiah Bond and 
l^jridget (Cannon) Ahern; educated in public 
schools and Christian Brothers College, ]Mem- 
phis, Tenn.; married, St. Louis, IMay 29, 1905. 
Catherine T. ^loran, of Cincinnati. Secured 
employment in St. Louis in 1877; went to 
Chicago, 1879, and was connected with orches- 
tras in that city for a year and a half; was 
employed at Cincinnati IMusical Exposition at 
time of tioo<l, 1SS4; returning to St. Louis en- 

gaged as clerk with Claflin-Allen-Thayer Shoe 
Co. and later with Giesekoke & ]\rysenberg, 
shoe manufacturers, for four years; spent one 
year with Bryn & Brown Shoe Co. and six 
3'ears in emi)loy of the Tennant & Walker 
Shoe Co. Established two dancing academies 
in the city, about 1896, and has ever since 
been identified Avitli that line of business; 
principal Aiiern & Albers Cave Hall Dancing 
Academy. A'isited the musical centers of Eu- 
rope in 1905 to make observations as to meth- 
ods, etc.; member International Association 
Masters of Dancing. Democrat. Catholic. 
Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Irish American, St. 
Louis, Democratic. Recreation: music. Office 
and Eesidence: 2837 Olive St. 

AHRENS, August; deceased; sec Vol. 1906. 

AIPLE, Albert John, deceased; see Vol. 

AKIN, Thomas, grain commission; born, 
New Bedford, Mass., Oct. 21, 1838; son of 
Seth Kelley and Eoby (Taber) Akin; edu- 
cated in public schools of New Bedford, 
Mass., graduating from high school; married, 
New Bedford, Mass., Oct. 3, 1866, Annie T. 
Macomber; children: Thomas Eussell, Eobert 
Macomber. In grain business at Chicago, 1862- 
79; came to St. Louis, July, 1879, and estab- 
lished firm of E. A. Kent & Co., which firm 
dissolved in 1884; has since conducted busi- 
ness under own name. Member St. Louis Mer- 
chants' Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, 
Citizens' Industrial Association. Eepublican. 
Meml)er of the Society of Friends. Club: St. 
Louis. Office: Bank of Commerce Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 5226 Washington Boul. 

AKINS, Thomas Jasper, postmaster of St. 
Louis; born in Cedar Co., Mo., Aug. 14, 1852; 
son of John and Mary J. (Halbert) Akius; 
educated public and private schools in Mis- 
souri; married. Humans ville. Mo., Nov. 23, 
1871, Sarah Elizabeth Green; children: James 
Duff, Zoe Byrd and Marie. Taught in public 
schools until 1872; engaged in merchandising 
and banking in Humansville, ]\[o., 1872-99. 
Elected chairman Missouri Eepublican State 
Committee, 1898, 1900, 1902; member Eepub- 
lican National Committee, since 1904; assist- 
ant treasurer of LTnited States at St. Louis 
from January, 1904, to May 15, 1909; ap- 
pointed postmaster of St. Louis, May 15, 1909, 
term of four years. President Bank of Hu- 
mansville, 1892-99. Baptist. Eepublican. Ma- 
son, Knight Templar, Shriner; member ]\Iod- 
ern Woodmen of America. Recreations: hunt- 
ing and fishing. Office: Custom House. Resi- 
dence: 2427 .NIcLaran Ave. 

ALBACH, James B., broker; see Vol. 1906. 

AUSERS, Claus Henry, grain commission 
merchant; ls3(i-1912; see Vol. 1906. 

ALBERS, CllfTord Hugh, vice president and 
treasurer C. H. Albers Commission Co.; born, 



St. Louis, Feb. 4, 1879; son of Claus Henry 
and Hetta May (Hamlin) Albers; educated in 
Peabodv School, St. Louis, 1S84-S5; Laeh- 
mund'VSchool. 1886-89; Smitli Academy, 1891- 
94; entered Missouri Military Academy, Mex- 
ico, Mo., from which graduated, 1896; mar- 
ried, Chicago, Nov. 1, 1911, Elizabeth Mary 
Ackhoff. Began business career with National 
Linseed Oil Co., Chicago, 1897, and continued 
to 1898; has since been connected with C. H. 
Albers Commission Co., grain; elected assist- 
ant secretary, treasurer and director, 1900, 
now vice president and treasurer. Member 
Military Order Loyal Legion of the United 
States. ' Eepubliean. Episcopalian. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Automobile, Noonday, Knobel. Eecrea- 
tion: tennis. Office: 626 Pierce Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: Washington Hotel. 

ALBERT, Leon Joseph, Jr., banker; born. 
Cape Girardeau, Mo., Sept. 12, 1869; son of 
Leon Joseph and Clara Given (Haydoek) Al- 
bert; attended State Normal School, Cape Gi- 
rardeau, 1886; Col. Huse Academy, Highland 
Falls, N. Y.; U. S. Military Academy, West 
Point, one year; married. Cape Girardeau, 
Sept. 24, 1890, Mary Juden; three children: 
Geraldine, Mary and Martha. Entered Sturde- 
vant Bank, Cape Girardeau, as clerk, 1887, 
and was made assistant cashier, 1892, and 
cashier, 1898, serving until 1909; organized 
three banks and one building and loan asso- 
ciation; director and treasurer Commercial 
Trust Co., St. Louis, since July, 1909. Served 
four years, 1st lieutenant to major 6th Mis- 
souri Infantry; organized and supervised Cen- 
tennial Celebration of incorporation of Cape 
Girardeau, 1906; was delegate to first Deep 
Waterway Convention; for six years member 
Board of"^ Education, Cape Girardeau; served 
on legislative committee during H. M. Euby's 
term as president Missouri Bankers' Asso- 
ciation. Democrat. Presbyterian. Member 
Knights of Pythias, B. P. O. Elks. Eecrea- 
tions: fond of arts; hunting. Office: Jefferson 
Ave. and Olive St. Eesidenee: 5938 Eomaine 

ALCOEN, J. Floyd, dental surgeon; born, 
Lapeer, Mich., May 12, 1883; son of John K. 
and Elnora L. (Bead) Alcorn; educated pub- 
lic schools of Saginaw, Mich.; graduated from 
Saginaw High School; School of :M:eehanieal 
Engineering, Saginaw, May, 1902; D.D.S., 
Dental School, Washington University, June, 
1906; married, St. Louis, Feb. 1, 1907, Belvie 
G. James. In practice in St. Louis since June, 
1905. Member International Dental Associa- 
tion, Missouri State Dental Association, St. 
Louis Dental Society, St. Louis Society of 
Dental Science, Washington University 
Alumni Association (secretary), etc. Eepub- 
lican. ^[ethodist. Mason and Odd Fellow. 
Member Men's Club of Ethical Society. Of- 
fice: 2905 N. Newstead Ave. Residence: 312G 
N. Taylor Ave. 

ALEXANDER, Frank J., merchant; born, 
Piqua, O., July 1, 1878; son of Alexander Wal- 
lace and Mary (Jarvis) Alexander; educated 
in public schools of Piqua; public schools of 
St. Louis one year and Manual Training 
School three years; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
16, 1901, Maude L. Garber; two sons: Francis 
F. and Charles G. Has lived in St. Louis since 
1892; president Eosedale Feed Co., dealers in 
hay, grain and coal; director Savings Trust 
Co. Member Merchants' Exchange. Eepub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Member board of direct- 
ors Ohio Society; member Royal Arcanum. 
Club: Missouri Athletic. Eecreation: basebaU. 
Office: 943 Hodiamont Ave. Eesidenee: Gates- 
Hamilton Apts. 

ALEXANDER, Moses Harvey, funeral di- 
rector; born, Waynesboro, Augusta Co., Va., 
July 9, 1857; son of William Benton and 
Sarah (Maxwell) Alexander; attended schools 
in Virginia; married, Miami, Mo., Oct. 10, 
1883, Eliza Hawkins Guthrey; children: Wil- 
liam Guthrey, Sarah Seymore, Mary Gibson, 
M. Harvey, Jr., ElizalDeth Lee, Marceline 
Emma. Left Virginia and went to Kansas 
City, Mo., remained but short time; engaged 
in undertaking and livery business, at Mar- 
shall, Saline Co., Mo., 1882-93; since in busi- 
ness as funeral director in St. Louis. Also 
president Modern Eealty Co.; director Bere- 
dith Realty Co. Member State Board of Em- 
balming for four years; city undertaker of 
St. Louis four years and four months. Presi- 
dent State, and vice president National Fu- 
neral Directors' associations. Democrat. Epis- 
copalian; member Church of the Ascension. 
Mason (Occidental Lodge, St. Louis Chapter, 
St. Aldemar Commandery, Knight Templar, 
Missouri Consistory); Odd Fellow; member 
Maccabees. Club: Oasis. Recreation: fishing. 
Office: 2835 Olive St. Residence: 5603 Clem- 
ens Ave. 

ALLAN, George Harvey, vice president 
Hargadine-McKittrick Dry Goods Co.; born, 
St. Louis, May 22, 1873; son of George Win- 
chester and Nellie (Emslie) Allan; educated 
in public schools of St. Louis. Cash boy Wil- 
liam Barr Dry Goods Co., 1885-87; then for 
five years with Janis, Saunders & Co., whole- 
sale dry goods, in which worked up until be- 
came partner in the house; since 1891 with 
the Hargadine-McKittrick Dry Goods Co., be- 
ginning as salesman; later bought stock in 
the company and afterwards was elected di- 
rector, secretary, and is now second vice 
president. ^Member Legion of Honor, Royal 
Arcanum. Oflice: 911-919 Washington Ave. 

"ALLAN, John Egbert, manufacturer; now 
li\iiig in Kiirope; see Vol. 1906. 

ALLCORN, Marion S., first assistant secre- 
tary Wagner Electric Manufacturing Co.; 
l>orn, Sacramento, Cal., Aug. 30, 1873; son of 
.Tames W. and Amanda (Sanders) Allcorn; 



ediicatod in pulilic, schools of Missouri City 
and Atchison, Ivan., ami coinniercial colleges 
of Atchison and St. Jjouis; iininarrieil. After 
leaving school served as telegrai>h operator; 
manager of the Racket Store, Missouri City, 
1889-91; engaged in poultry business at At- 
chison, Kan., 1891-96; returned to St. Louis in 
1896; became identified with S. :M. Dodd and 
the American Brake Co. as stenographer in 
1900; elected assistant secretary Broadway 
Realty Co., and Central Keal Estate Co., 1905; 
first assistant secretary , Wagner Electric 
Manufacturing Co., 1907; seo'etary and treas- 
urer Chippewa & Oak Hill Kealty Co., 1908; 
secretary Broadway Kealty Co., 1909; vice 
president Jackson County Coal Co., 1909. Is 
now a member of the board of directors of all 
the above named companies except the Wag- 
ner Electric Mfg. Co. and has been for nine 
years confidential secretary to S. M. Dodd. 
Independent in politics. Member Missouri 
Lodge, No. 1, A. F. & A. M.; Kilwinning 
Chapter, No. 50, K. A. M. Club: Arcadia 
Country. Recreations: hunting and fishing. 
Office: 1115, 415 Pine St. Residence: 4222 
Cleveland Ave. 

ALLEN, Andrew Anlel, railway official, re- 
tired; born, Monmouth, 111., 1857; common 
school education. Entered railway service, 
1871, as telegraph messenger C, B. & Q. R. R.; 
later operator, clerk, and ticket seller; oper- 
ator, assistant train dispatcher and train dis- 
patcher, Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw Ry., 1875- 
81; ticket agent at Chicago and train- 
master, Peoria, Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific 
Ry., 1881-82; on Wisconsin Central Ry. as 
division superiTitendent, superintendent, gen- 
eral superintendent, and assistant general 
manager, 1882-89; general manager Chicago 
& Northern Pacific and Chicago & Calumet 
Terminal Rys., 1889-92; superintendent con- 
struction, Everett & Monte Cristo R. R,, 1892- 
93; from 1893 with Missouri, Kansas & Texas 
Ry. Co. as general superintendent, assistant 
general manager, vice president and general 
manager and president; retired Apr. 1, 1912, 
and since consulting director M., K. & T. 
R. R. Clubs: St. Louis, Commercial, Missouri 
Athletic, Noonday, Racquet, Bellerive Coun- 
try, Century Boat, Franklin and Round Table. 
Address: St. Louis. 

ALLEN, Charles Claflin, judge; born, St. 
Louis, July 25, 1855; son of John Arthur and 
Jane Elizabeth (White) Allen; educated 
Washington University; Princeton, A.B., 1875, 
A.M., 1878; LL.B., St. Louis Law School, 
1877; married, St. Louis, Mar. 27, 1890, Carrie 
Louise Richards; children: Grace and Claflin. 
Admitted to jVIissouri bar, 1877; member law 
firm Johnson, Allen & Richards until 1907. 
Elected judge of Circuit Court, City of 
St. Louis, 1907, for a term of six years. 
Member Missouri House of Representatives, 
1881-82; associate city counselor, St. Louis, 

1895-1901; lecturer medical jurisjjrudeiice, St. 
Louis ]\ledical College. One of organizers 
(Jivil Service Reform Association, ^lissouri 
(ex-j)resident) ; author of corrupt practices 
act of ^rissouri, and active in promoting pas- 
sage of Australian ballot law; one of organ- 
izers Universal Congress Lawyers and Jurists, 
St. Louis, 1904. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Member American Bar Association (executive 
committee, 1895-1900), Missouri Bar Associa- 
tion, Bar Association, St. Louis (president, 
1895), Legion of Honor of Missouri. Clubs: 
Princeton, St. Louis. Contributor to law jour- 
nals. Address: 6 Court House. Residence: 
3727 AV(»stminster Place. 

ALLEN, Charles Frederick; see Vol. 190C.. 

ALLEN, Clifford Butler, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, Nov. 6, 1S63; sou of Edmund T. and 
Sylvia Taber (Bowen) Allen; educated in St. 
Louis public schools; Yale University, A.B., 
1885; Washington University, LL.B., 1887; 
married, St. Louis, Feb. 6, 1905, Jane Temple; 
three children: Jane, Edmund T. and Ruth. 
Admitted to bar in 1886; since 1887 engaged 
in practice of law in firm of E. T. and C. B. 
Allen. Captain and judge advocate, Missouri 
National Guard, 1895-98; served in war with 
Spain, 1898, as captain Company K, 1st Regi- 
ment Missouri Volunteer Infantry. Repub- 
lican. President of St. Louis Bar Association; 
member Civic League. Mason (32°), Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Clubs: ^Mercantile, Missouri 
Athletic, City, Union. Office: 920 Wainwright 
Bldg. Residence: 2010 Longfellow Ave. 

ALLEN, Edmund Thompson, lawyer; 1836- 
1912; see Vol. 1906. 

ALLEN, George Ball; see Vol. 1906. 

ALLEN, George D., pajjcr merchant; 1857- 
1910; see Vol. 1900. 

ALLEN, George L., born in St. Louis, 1852; 
son of (ierard B. Allen; public school edu- 
cation; married, St. Louis, Lilly McCreery; 
children: Frances, Gerard B., George, Mary, 
Samuel H., Isabelle (Mrs. Tyson Dines), Sid- 
ney, Wayman C. Was connected with the 
Fulton Iron Works (established by his father), 
of which was president until 1906; since one 
of trustees of father's estate. Also director 
Publishers: George Knapp & Co.; etc. Mem- 
ber City Art Museum. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Ihiiversity, Noonday, St. Louis Amateur 
Athletic (life member), St. Louis Couutrv, 
Log Cabin, Quivre. Office: 906 La Salle 
Bldg. Residence: 26 Westmoreland PI. 

ALLEN, George W., retired; born, St. 
Louis, I\[ar. 31, 1852; son of Thomas and Ann 
(Russell) Allen; educated in public schools 
and Washington University; married, Mount 
Pleasant, Pa., 1876, Lydia J. McMillan; chil- 
dren: Thomas, Clare, Elizabeth W., George 
W. II., W. Reid; married, 2d, Atlanta, Ga., 
Mar. 18, 1893, Eliza Doherty, of Cincinnati. 



Began at seventeen as express messenger on 
Iron Mountain E. E.; then private secretary 
to father (who was president Iron Mountain 
E. E.), so continuing until the road was sold 
to the Gould interests; assisted father in con- 
struction of the Southern Hotel, 18S0-S1, and 
organized the Southern Hotel Co., of which 
was secretary and treasurer (now director); 
in railroad tie business with S. W. Crawford 
& Co., 1873-81; an organizer, 1902, and since 
vice president and treasurer East St. Louis 
Locomotive & Machine Shop Co.; etc. Had 
charge of Missouri exhibit and erected Mis- 
souri building at Centennial Exposition, Phila- 
ilelphia, 1S76, receiving medal and diploma. 
Democrat; Cleveland presidential elector, 
1884; president City Council, St. Louis, 1885- 
89, and mayor pro tern, of St. Louis, January 
to April, 1889, on resignation of Mayor Fran- 
cis; delegate-at-large, Democratic National 
Convention, Chicago, 1896. Presbyterian. 
Club: Missouri Athletic. Eesidence: 5861 Ca- 
banne Ave. 

ALLEN, Henry Woodward, lawver; born, 
Pittpfield, Mass., Sept. 6, 1876; son of William 
Eussell and Louisa Billings (Woodward) 
Allen; educated at St. Paul's School, Con- 
i-or.l, X. H., 1888-93; Trinity College, A.B., 
1897; Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1900; un- 
married. Admitted to bar, December, 1900; in 
^'eneral practice until 1910; since counsel for 
Title Guaranty Trust Co. and American Trust 
Co. Secretary Syenite Granite Co., Southern 
Hotel Co.; secretary-treasurer Allen Estate 
Association; director Belcher Water Bath and 
Hotel Co. Eepublican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
University, Eacquet, Bellerive Country. Eec- 
reation: golf. Office: 710 Chestnut St. Eesi- 
dence: 3737 Washington Ave. 

ALLEN, Howard Frank, fire insurance; 
born, Alton, 111., Feb. 13, 1880; son of George 
R. and Anna Elizabeth (Piatt) Allen; edu- 
cated at private school, Alton; Smith Acad- 
emy, St. Louis, graduating 1898; Yale Uni- 
versity, graduating, Ph.B., 1901; married, 
^May 3, 1911, Virginia Scott, of Los Angeles, 
Cal. Began in the brokerage l)usiness, Sep- 
tember, 190], with firm of Drummond, Betts 
& Co.; firm reorganized as John N. Drum- 
mond, Jr., & Co., of which was member, 1903- 
07; since second vice president Underwriters' 
Service Co. Eepublican. Episcopalian. Club: 
Noonday. Recreations: golf, tennis and other 
outdoor diA'ersions. Office: (')02, 506 Olive St. 
Eesidence: 10U4 State St., Alton, J 11. 

ALLEN, James Edward, railway oflScial; 
l)orn, Louisiana, Mo., Apr. 6, 1879; son of 
Flemin J. and Nancy (Jeans) Allen; edu- 
cated in public schools; married, St. Louis, 
Ai)r. 8, 1903, Jessie Murray; one daughter, 
Helen Louise. Began as clerk in general 
freight office of Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ey., 
at St. Louis, and continued, Apr. 1, 1895- Oc- 
tober, 1898; clerk freight claim department 

St. Louis Southwestern Ey., Oct. 1, 1898-Jan. 
1, 1901; clerk general freight department M., 
K. & T. Ey., St. Louis, Jan. 1, 1901-June 1, 
1906; chief clerk same office, June 1, 1906- 
June 1, 1908; assistant general freight agent 
St. Louis Southwestern Ey. of Texas, at Ty- 
ler, Tex., June 1, 1908-Juue 1, 1909; since as- 
sistant general freight agent at St. Louis, 
same road. Democrat. Protestant. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Liederkranz. Eecreations: golf and 
baseball. Office: 1531 Pierce Bldg. Eesidence: 
1402 Semple Ave. 

ALLEN, James Henry, president Allen- 
West Commission Co.; born, Baldwyn, Miss., 
Mar. 4, 1844; son of David M. and S. A. 
Allen; educated in Mississippi and Virginia; 
while attending school in Virginia the war 
broke out; enlisted in 42d Virginia Infantry, 
C.S.A., and served in Logan's Brigade, Stone- 
wall Jackson 's Division, Army of Northern 
Virginia; wounded at battle of Cross Keys in 
1862; after recovery served under Gen. For- 
rest until close of the war; married, Oct. 27, 
1868, Miss Loraine Weston, of Tennessee. Af- 
ter war engaged in cotton business, first at 
Mobile, Ala., and later at New Orleans and 
Memphis, 1875-1900; moved to St. Louis, 1890, 
and took charge with Mr. West of the Allen - 
West Commission Co. (incorporated, 1887), 
cotton factors and general commission mer- 
chants, of which is president. Has been con- 
tinuously in the cotton factorage business 
since 1865. Member St. Louis Merchants' Ex- 
change, St. Louis Cotton Exchange; formerly 
member New Orleans Cotton Exchange, Mem- 
phis Cotton Exchange. Member Christian 
Church. Recreation: church work. Office: 104 
S. Main St. Eesidence: 5061 Lindell Ave. 

ALLEN, John Oran, commission merchant 
in grain, etc.; born, Milton, Pike Co., 111., 
Feb. 19, 1869; son of Charles I. and Louisa J. 
(Grimes) Allen; educated in public schools 
and in Bryant and Stratton Business College; 
married, St. Louis, Sept. 30, 1891, Virginia 
Nadeau; children: Virginia, Clara. Began 
business career in employ of IMessmore, Gan- 
nett & Co., grain commission merchants, 1888, 
and has remained with that firm and its suc- 
cessors, Messmore, Morton & Co., and since 
1900, as member of the firm of Morton & Co. 
^Member Merchants ' Exchange of St. Louis. 
Eecreations: shooting and fishing. Office: 
509-510 Chamber of Commerce. Eesidence: 4 
Shaw Place. 

ALLENDER, Samuel E., chief of detectives 
St. Louis Police I )e]iartinent ; born at Balti- 
more, I\I(1., .luiio 2], 2862; son of Charles W. 
and ^Slary E. (Aler) Allender; common school 
education; married, 2d, Los Angeles, Cal., 
Apr. 30, 1912, Mrs. Minnie Gregg. Engaged in 
railroad business until twenty-five; became 
connected with police department of St. Louis, 
1883; was made a detective, 1890; resigned, 
Jidy 1, 1808, to assume office of chief of se- 



cret service department of Frisco Ky.; re- 
entereil city police (lepurtiiieiit as detective, 
liUl, was made assistant chief of detectives, 
IMay 27, 1011, and chief of detectives, June 
1 followinff. Has been identified successfully 
with many important cases. Mason, Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Kecreation: athletics. Of- 
fice: Police Headquarters, 208 S. 12th 8t, 
Residence: 4946 McPherson Ave. 

AUEjER, Harry Stone, wholesale jeweler; 
l)()rii, Albion, .Mi<'li., dan. I'.i, ISTti; son of 
A. Ji. and J>ida (Stone) Aller; educated at 
En,ylewood High School, Chicago, 111.; mar- 
ried, Chicago, June 7, 1900, Minnie L. Lee; 
children: Lotta Lee and Charles Lee. On 
leaving high school at age of 19, became clerk 
for five years in jewelry department of Mar- 
shall Field & Co. (wholesale), Chicago; then 
became stock clerk in jewelry and watch de- 
partment of Stein & Elbogen Co., wholesale 
jewelry, Chicago, for two years; then buyer 
for same firm six months; was buyer for three 
years for L. Baunian Jewelry Co. of St. Louis, 
until organized. May 1, 190.j, the Aller-New- 
man-Wilmes Jewelry Co., wholesale jewelers, 
of which was secretary and treasurer until 
May, 1910, since president; treasurer of Aller- 
Wilmes Jewelry Co. (wholesale dealers). Ke- 
publican. Methodist. Favorite recreations: 
hunting, fishing and tennis. Ofiice: (500-604 
Globe-Democrat Bldg. Eesidence: Ferguson, 

ALLISON, James William, glass manufac- 
turer; born in Boone Co., Mo., Oct. 11, 1844; 
son of Dr. Nathaniel and Martha Frances 
(Sullinger) Allison; educated in private 
school, Mexico, Mo., one year, McGee College, 
Macon Co., Mo., three years, St. Charles (Mo.) 
College, 1857-60; married, St. Louis, Nov. 22, 
1870, Addie Shultz; chiblren: Dr. Nathaniel, 
Frances, Mrs. J. P. Tirrill, of St. Louis. En- 
tered retail drug business as ap])i entice, 1860, 
and after finishing apprenticeship clerked for 
several years; then established as retail drug- 
gist on own account, and afterward was in 
jobbing drug business until 1872, when en- 
gaged in the glass manufacturing business; 
\ice president and business manager Eldred 
Window Glass Co. and American French Bel- 
gian Co. Appointeil chairman of the Board of 
Election Comissioners by Gov. Folk, 190(). 
Independent Democrat. Member Sons of 
American Revolution. Mason (32°), Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Presliyterian. Club: Noon- 
day. Office: 606 Security Bldg. Kesidence: 
SOO."] "Waterman Ave. 

ALLISON, Nathaniel, physician; born, St. 
Louis, ls7(i; son of J. W. and Addie (Shultz) 
Allison; educated in Harvard College and Har- 
vard Medical School, M.D., J901; married, 1909, 
Marii>n Aldiich. Began practice of orthopedic 
surgery, 1902; ortho]ieilic surgeon City, St. 
Louis (children's, Washington University and 
St. Luke hospitals. Clubs: University, Kac- 

quet, Belierive Country. Office: Humboldt 
Bldg. Residence: 4917 Berlin Ave. 

ALOE, David B., vice president A. S. Aloe 
Co., opticians; born, St. Louis, June 26, 1869; 
son of All)ert S. and Isabella Aloe; educated 
at Wyman Institute, Alton, 111., and Kemper 
School, Boonville, Mo.; unmarried. After leav- 
ing school, 1886, entered business of A. S. Aloe 
Co., opticians (established l)y father, 1860), 
beginning in the factory and working through 
until became vice president, 189.'). Mason 
(;52°); member Knights of Pvthias, Roval Ar- 
canum, Elks (Fast Exalted Kuler). "dubs: 
Columbian. Missouri Athletic, St. Louis Rill- 
ing (president). Eecreations: hunting and 
horseback riding. Republican. Office: :>!.:> 
Olive St. Residence: Washington Hotel. 

ALOE, Louis P., merchant in optical goods; 
born, St. Louis, July 20, 1867; son of A. S. and 
Isabella (Hill) Aloe; educated at Stoddard 
School, Wyman Institute and Washington Uni- 
versity; married, St. Louis, February, ist97, 
Edith Rosenblatt; children: Clara Belle, Vio- 
la, Louise Isabelle. Engaged in optical busi- 
ness from 1883, now ]iresident A. S. Aloe Co. 
President Nat. Assn. of Surgical and Optical 
Dealers. Member Associated Retailers of St. 
Louis, Merchants' League (ex-president). Re- 
publican. Secretary Young Reiiul)lican Asso- 
ciation of Missouri; member Republican State 
Executive Committee; member Board of Elec- 
tion (Commissioners of St. Louis, Civic League. 
Club: Columbian (president). Recreation: 
golf. Ofifice: 513 Olive St. Residence: 4.535 
Maryland Ave. 

ALT, Adolf (Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm), 
])hysician; born, Mannheim, Germany, Aug. 
13, 1851; son of Dettniar (physician) and 
Maria (Eliebald) Alt; graduated from T'ni- 
versity of Heidelberg, (iermany, M.J).. 1S75; 
served as volunteer throughout Franco-Cermau 
War, 1870-71; militarv surgeon in Strassburg, 
1875; mariied, Holley, N. Y., 1879, Miss H. 
B. Houghtaling. Came to St. Louis, 1880, and 
now engaged in medical ]iractice; clinical ])ro- 
fessor of ophthalmology, ^Medical Dept., Wash- 
ington University. Memlier Oidithalmological 
Society, American (_)tological Society, Ameri- 
can Academy of Ophthalmology and Oto- 
Laryngology, American Medical Association. 
^Missouri Medical Association, St. Louis Medi- 
cal Society, Verein Deutscher Aerzte, St. Louis 
Academy of Science (ex-jiresident), etc. Edi- 
tor American Journal of O))hthalmology. Of- 
fice: 316 Metropolitan Bldg. Residence: 3819 
W. Pine I'oul. 

ALTHEIMER, Benjamin, l)ond and stock 
broker; born, Darmstadt, Germany, Mar. 6, 
1850; son Moses and Salome (Loew) Altliei- 
mer; educated at the Rheinhardt Institute and 
Realschule in Darmstadt, and l)y ]irivate in- 
struction in mathematics and languages at 
Frankfort-on-the-Main; niairied, St. Louis, 



Feb. 3, 1880, Jeunio Eisenstiult (died 1883); 
one daughter: Selnia E., who married Arthur 
W. Weil, attorney at law, Xew York. Began 
active career in general merchandise business 
with brother, at Forest City, Ark., continuing, 
1868-72; moved to Memphis, Tenii., 1872, where 
he was connected with F. M. White & Co., 
wholesale grocers and cotton factors, until 
1875; went abroad for a period and came to St. 
Louis in 1876, served as president for several 
years of the Eisenstadt Manufacturing Co., 
and is still a director of the company; en- 
gaged as broker and dealer in bonds and stocks 
since 1886; president of the Altheimer & Eaw- 
lings Investment Co. Member Board of St. 
Louis Public Library; founder, 1912, Citizens' 
Emergency Eelief Association; national treas- 
urer Jewish (non-sectarian) Hospital for Con- 
sumptives, Denver, Colo.; director Jewish Or- 
phan Asylum, Cleveland, O., and identified 
with educational, philanthropic and civic af- 
fairs. Eepublican. Mason (33°). Clubs: Co- 
lumbian, Noonday, Glen Echo Country, West- 
wood Country, Franklin (treasurer), Lieder- 
kranz, Deutscher Yerein (treasurer). Recrea- 
tions: reading and walking. Office: 207 N. 
Broadway. Residence: Buckingham Hotel. 

ALTHOUS, Jacob, contractor and builder; 
born, Hossen-Xassau, Germany, July 5, 1860; 
son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Mueller) Alt- 
hous; educated in public schools; married, St. 
Louis, December, 1887, Catherine Marburger; 
five children: William J., Frieda M., Karl J., 
Ottilie R., Gustav Adolpli. Learned carpen- 
ter's trade in native land; came to America, 
1884, and worked at trade in St. Louis; has 
engaged as general contractor and builder 
since 1893; head of Althous Construction Co. 
since 1905; erected the Federal Bldg. at Ft. 
Riley, Kan., the Post Office Bldg. at Pine 
Bluff, Ark., and many private residences in 
St. Louis and elsewhere. Republican. Member 
German Evangelical Church. Office: 609, 810 
Olive St. Residence: 2248 Holly Ave. 

ALVOED, Bruce Clarke; 1837-1909; see 
Vol. 190G. 

*ALVORD, Everett Morton, railway official; 
moved to Muskogee, Okla.; see Yol. 1906. 

AMBLER, Arthur Burkardyke, insurance; 
see Yol. 1906. 

AMBLER, Edwin Price, heating contract- 
or; born, Philadelphia, Pa., Doc. 12, 1845; 
son of David and 'Slary (McKinney) Ambler; 
educated in Philadelphia public schools; mar- 
ried, Philadelphia, ^ray 1, 1872, Mary A. Wil- 
linpmever; children: Cleason (of Mesa 
Grande. Cal.), Edwin P., Jr., Charles W., 
James F. (deceased), J. W. Owen (of Canance, 
Mexico), Letitia (Mrs. Arthur Stone, of Mesa 
Grande, Cal.), Harry A. Served in Ninety- 
ninth Pennsylvania Infantry, from Gettys- 
burg to Appomattox, in Army of Potomac, 
1863-65; came to St. Louis, ISG-I, and began 

as steam fitter with Hunt Owen for four 
3'ears; after that was steamboat engineer on 
all the rivers of the Mississippi Valley until 
1871, then stationary engineer until 1883; 
city salesman for Vacuum Oil Co. for nine 
years, then heating contractor on own account 
from 1892 until April, 1905, when became sec- 
retary and treasurer of the Missouri Heating 
and Construction Co., heating contractors, un- 
til 1906; since in same line on own account. 
Member Brotherhood of Stationary Engineers; 
member Building Industries. Republican. Ma- 
son (32°); member Polar Star Lodge, Mis- 
souri Chapter, R. A. M., Ascalon Commandery, 
Knights Templar, Moolah Temple, Mystic 
Shrine; also member Occidental Chapter, O. "^ 
S. Recreation: fishing. Office: 2822 La Salle 
St. Residence: 4050 Russell Ave. 

AMBLER, Thomas Marshall; see Vol. 1906. 

AMBRUSTER, William, embalmer and fu- 
neral director; born, St. Louis, July 6, 1862; 
son of John and Mary (Kramer) Ambruster; 
educated St. Louis public schools and Lincoln 
night school, 7th and Chestnut Sts.; studied 
anatomy and embalming while superintendent 
of St. Louis Morgue; married, St. Louis, Aug. 
9, 1893, Edith E. Reno; two children: Robert 
J. and Ruth. Worked at hard labor earlier 
years, such as railway section hand, farm la- 
borer, teamster, etc.; superintendent St. Louis 
Morgue, 1898-1900; engaged in undertaking 
business since 1900 and now owns one of the 
finest establishments of the kind in the West. 
President and professor embalming and sani- 
tary science, St. Louis College of Embalming; 
member Missouri Undertakers ' and Funeral Di- 
rectors ' Association, St. Louis Undertakers' 
Association. Republican. Mason; member Odd 
Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Royal Arcanum, 
Knights of Maccabees, Junior Order United 
American Mechanics; secretary General Re- 
lief Committee, L 0. O. F., since 1896. As a 
boy met with Indians many times while they 
were in camp at 18-20 Randolph St. on their 
way to Washington. Recreation: fishing. Of- 
fice^ and Residence: 4232-4234 Manchester Ave. 

AMEISS, Frederick C, physician; born, St. 
Louis, Feb. 16, 1859; son of David and Eliza- 
beth (Eckcrt) Ameiss; educated in private 
school, St. Louis; graduated Concordia Col- 
lege, Fort Wayne, Ind., 1879, and Missouri 
Medical College, M.D., 1882; married, St.. 
Louis, Aug. 6, 1884, Therese Lindenschmit (now 
deceased) ; one daughter, Therese Ji. Engaged 
in general medical practice in St. Louis since 
1882. Late clinical professor of gynecology, 
St. Louis Post-Graduate School of Medicine 
and Missouri Medical College. President since 
October, 1911, Wild Flower Honey Co., incor- 
porated, with large apiaries in Missouri and 
Arkansas. Member St. Louis Medical Society, 
St. Louis Obstetrical and Gynecological Socie- 
ty, American Medical Association, etc. Eecre- 



ations: huntinfj and fishing. Office: 3804 Olive 
8t. Kosiilenee: 4908 Kuclid Ternicc. 

AMES, Clair Elwood, clergyman; born, Min- 
iioapoliH, ^liun., Dee. 4, 1873; sou of Jamea A. 
and Klizabeth A. (Ensign) Ames; educated iu 
public schools of Minneapolis to 1892; North- 
western University, 1892-94; University of 
Minnesota, 1894-95; Columbia University, New 
York City, 1901-04; graduated from Drew The- 
ological Seminary, Madison, N. J., with degree 
of B.D., 190'); married, Chicago, Sept. 4, 1899, 
Olive M. Martinson; five children: Arthur E., 
Harold W., Marion F., Hazel V., Ensign D. 
Ordained to ministry Methodist Episcopal 
Church, 1903; pastor First Church, Pelican 
Rapids, Minn., 1899-1902, New York City, 1903- 
09, St. I'aul's Church, Hartford, Conn., 1909- 
11; executive secretary The Men and Religion 
Forward Movement, St. Louis, 1911; executive 
secretary Federation of Churches in St. Louis, 
1912. Republican. Member Masonic orders, 
Blue Lodge, Chapter and Council; also 
Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows, Woodmen of 
America; associate member Grand Army of 
the Republic, Sons of Veterans. Recreations: 
liaseball, fishing, hunting, outdoor sports. Of- 
fice: 624 New Bank of Commerce Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 2523 Clifton Ave. 

AMES, Frank, shoe merchant; born, Sher- 
V)urne, N. Y'., Nov. 17, 1855; son of Gilbert 
and Rosina L. (Huntley) Ames; lived at Onei- 
da, 111., 1857-75; resident of St. Louis since 
1875; educated in public Schools and Wash- 
ington University, St. Louis; married, St. 
Louis, Nov. 17, 1886, Julia Finch. Began in 
the shoe business as salesman with J. G. 
Brandt in 1880, and in 1892 Mr. Brandt sold 
out to the J. G. Brandt Shoe Co.; became 
treasurer and manager of latter company, 
1895; left the company May 4. 1912; now 
president Harris Shoe Co., having assumed 
charge June 1, 1912. Member Royal Arcanum. 
Club: Mercantile. Recreation: motoring. Of- 
fice: 410 N. 6th St. Residence: 947 Laurel Ave. 

AMES, Henry Semple, vice president Missis- 
sippi Valley Trust Co.; born, St. Louis, Mar. 
3, 1863; son of Edgar (died 1867) and Lucy V. 
(Semple) Ames; educated at Smitli Academy 
to 1876; Paris, France, 1876-78; Hanover, Ger- 
many, 1878-80; Smith Academv, St. Louis, 
1880-82; Yale University, A. B., 1886; St. Louis 
Law School, LL.B., 1888; unmarried. After 
graduating from law school, 1888, managed 
affairs of Edgar Ames Estate and Ames Real- 
ty Co. until September, 1898, when became 
connected with Mississippi Valley Trust Co., as 
assistant trust officer; now assistant executive 
officer and vice president. President North- 
western E.xpanded Metal Co., Ames Steel Lath 
Co.; secretary Ames Realty Co., Expanded 
Metal Co. Republican. Episcopalian. Member 
Civic League. Clubs: St. Louis, Racquet, 
Bankers' (St. Louis), University (New Y'ork), 
University (Seattle, Wash.), Montana (Hel- 

ena, Mont.). Principal recreation: yachting. 
Office: 201 N. 4th St. Residence: 3824 Lindell 

*AMOS, Benjamin F., manufacturer; moved 
to Philadelphia, Pa.; see Vol. 1906. 

ANDERSON, Charles Alexander, insurance; 
born, St. Louis, Nov. 20, 1874; son of George 
W. and Eliza L. (Marshall) Anderson; grad- 
uated from St. Louis public schools; married. 
From 1893 to 1906 with the Baxter Moulding 
Co. (established 1875), manufacturers of 
mouldings, etc., working up to presi<lency in 
1902; plant destroyed by fire August, 1906, and 
business not resumed. Now engaged in insur- 
ance business. Independent Democrat and 
Single Taxer. Favorite recreation: reading. 
Office: Odd Fellows Bldg. Residence: Wells- 
ton, Mo. 

ANDERSON, Charles Henry, lawyer and 
real estate agent; born, Griggsville, Pike Co., 
111., Nov. 9, 1854; son of William Franklin 
and Laura Eloise (Gilpin) Anderson; edu- 
cated in Griggsville (HI.) public schools and 
Cornell University, graduating B. Lift., 1883, 
and in law school of Washington University, 
LL.B., 1885; married, St. Louis, Dec. 15, 1896, 
Mrs. Mary M. Anderson. Worked on farms 
and taught school in Pike Co., 1873-75; taught 
district school in Calhoun Co., 111., 1875-76; 
came to St. Louis, 1876; became shipping clerk 
for Gibbs & Sterrett Mfg. Co., manufacturers 
of reapers, until 1876; then with Shapleigh 
Hardware Co., 1876-79. Practiced law from 
1885 until 1898, when entered real estate busi- 
ness as member of firm of Bunn & Anderson, 
which in 1901 became Greer-Anderson Realty 
Co., and in 1903 changed to Anderson-Stocke 
Realty Co., now Anderson-Stocke-Buermann 
Realty Co., of which he is jiresident. Secre- 
tary "Vinita Realty Co., director Spring Ave- 
nue Realty Co. Member St. Louis Real Estate 
Exchange. Member Phi Beta Kappa. Repub- 
lican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, 
Cornell. Office: 808 Chestnut St. Residence: 
West End Hotel. 

ANDERSON, Charles Vinton, publisher; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1906. 

ANDERSON, Felix Erastus, railway official; 
born. Cedar Hill, Tenn., Jan. 23, 1869; son of 
Jerome B. and Emily F. (Batts) Anderson; 
educated at Giles College, Pulaski, Tenn.; 
married, June 2. 1906, Miss M. Currie Martin, 
of Lexington, Ky. Began railway service as 
station agent, Louisville & Nashville R. R. Co. 
at age of 16; transferred to superintendent's 
office as stenographer and chief clerk; thence 
to chief clerk to president of Terminal Rail- 
road Association, now assistant to president; 
also president St. Louis Merchants' Bridge 
Terminal Railway Co.; vice president St. 
Louis Terminal Railway Co. Democrat. Meth- 
odist. Clubs: St. Louis, City, St. Louis Rail- 
way, Bellerive Country. Recreation: golf. Of- 



fice: 107 Union Station. Eesidence: uSll Von 
Yersen Ave. 

ANDERSON, J(ames) Arthur, laundrvman; 
born. Ou<lerieh, Out., Can., July 4, 1869; son 
of Thomas and Mary (McQuoid) Anderson; 
graduated from Clinton College, Ont., No- 
vember, 1SS6; married. Kansas City, Oct. 26, 
189-4, Kathrj-n Myrtle White; one son: Arthur 
Donald. In employ of Munger "s Laundrv, St. 
Louis, 1887-1902; connected with the Dinks 
Parrish Laundry, 1902-06; entered business on 
own account as J. Arthur Anderson Laundry 
Co.; also organized Anderson "s Family Laun- 
dry, 1910, and is president of both companies. 
Republican. Methodist. Member Business 
Men's League, Credit Men's Association, Hor- 
ticultural Society, Manufacturers' Associa- 
tion, Advertising Men's Association, Civic 
League. Club: Glen Echo Country. Recrea- 
tions: golf, hunting, travelins:. Office: 3970 
Olive St. Residence: Normandy Heights, Mo. 

ANDERSON, James Maculloh, merchant; 
lS37-]9n7: see Vol. 1W6. 

ANDERSON, Lorenzo E., stock and bond 
broker; born, New York City; educated Chris- 
tian Brothers College and public schools of 
St. Louis; married, St. Louis, 1886, Viola C, 
daughter of Prof. M. A. Gilsinn; children: 
Adelaide, Mildred, Marie, Oliver, Georgia. 
Started in real estate business as L. E. An- 
derson in 1886; later L. E. Anderson & Co., 
and then in connection with Festus J. Wade, 
the firm of Anderson-Wade Realty Co. was 
incorporated, and sulisequently the firm of 
Hammett, Anderson & Wade Realty Co., then 
the Anderson-AVade Realty Co. Continued 
with latter company until organization of the 
Mercantile Trust Co., when real estate com- 
pany was merged into Mercantile Trust Co. 
as its real estate department; since then in 
the stock and bond brokerage business. Di- 
rector Mercantile Trust Co.; also director 
Mercantile National Bank, and of numerous 
real estate corporations. Member New York 
Stock E.xchange, New York Cotton Plxcliange, 
Chicago Board of Trade. St. Louis Merchants' 
Exchange, St. Louis Cotton E.xchange. Catho- 
lic. Clubs: St. Louis, ^Mercantile, Noondav, 
Racquet, Missouri Athletic, Elks. Office: 7i0 
Locust St. Residence: 20 North Kingshigh- 

ANDERSON, Mark M., vice president Title 
Guaranty Trust Co.; liorn, St. Louis, Feb. 2, 
1873; son of Richard S. and Laura (McCaus- 
land) Anderson; educated in ])ublic schools 
and for two years at University of Missouri; 
unmarried. Witli Union Trust Co.. 1893-190], 
:^[issou^i Lincoln Trust Co., 1905-07; Lincoln 
Trust & Title Co., 1907-09; vice president 
Title Guaranty Trust Co. since 1909, also 
manager title department. Democrat. Pres- 
byterian. Mendier Phi Delta Thota college 
fraternity. Office: 710 Chestnut St. Resi- 
dence: 3726 Washington Ave. 

ANDERSON, Peter, inspector of weights 
and measures; born, Montreal, Canada, Aug. 
27, 1864; son of Peter and Sarah Ann (Bell) 
Anderson; educated in public schools of To- 
ronto; married, St. Louis, June 27, 1887, 
Frances A. Schroeder; six children: Frances 
A., Peter H., Adeline S., Eleanore, William H., 
Howard Hadley. Located in St. Louis, 1882; 
served apprenticeship in the plastering trade, 
worked about one year as journeyman and 
engaged as plastering contractor for self; 
among the contracts he executed were: Odd 
Fellows' Home, Libert}', Mo.; Supreme Court 
Bldg., Jefferson City, Mo.; Syndicate Trust 
Bldg., St. Louis; Mckinley, Yeatman and Sol- 
dan High schools; etc. Elected from 34th 
District as member of Missouri State Senate, 
1906; elected inspector of weights and meas- 
ures of City of St. Louis, 1908, and resigned 
from Senate to qualify for that office, April, 
190S; present term extends to April, 1913. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Mason, Knight 
Templar, Shriner; member Odd Fellows, Le- 
gion of Honor. Club: Oasis. Recreations: 
hunting and tishing. Office: ^lunicipal Courts 
Bldg. Residence: 5210 N. 20th St. 

ANDERSON, Robert B., Great Commander 
of Missouri Knights of the Maccabees of the 
World; born, Toronto, Ont., Canada, Apr. 7, 
1860; son of George G. and Sarah Trombley 
Anderson; educated in schools of Toronto; 
married at Bay City, Mich., 1883, Annie 
Mooney; children: Mary Luella (Mrs. Harold 
M. Williams), Robert Percy, George B. 
Moved from Canada to Bay City, Mich., 1880; 
in employ of Symons Bros. & Co., wholesale 
grocers, Saginaw, Mich., 1885-95. Joined Sagi- 
naw Tent, Knights of the Maccabees, 1885; 
became Lieutenant-Commander and later Com- 
mander of the Tent. Came to St. Louis and 
took charge of the work in Missouri, 1892; 
appointed State Commander, 1898, and elected 
Great Commander, State of Missouri, 1898, 
and reidected at each Great camp of Mis- 
souri since that time; also a supreme trustee 
of the order since 1904. Instituted St. Louis 
Division No. 1, Uniform Rank; was aid-de- 
camp on staff of Gen. Scott several years, 
with rank of colonel, and at last encampment 
of Supreme Division was appointed Judge Ad- 
vocate General. I'niform Rank. Member 
Knights of Pythias. Independent in politics. 
Eidscopaiian. Recreation: hunting. Office: 
Z^Ietropolitan Bldg. Residence: 4335 Page 

ANDERSON, Thomas Lilboume, lawyer; 
born. Lnuisiana, Mo., Nov. 7, 1S74; sou of 
Thomas L., Jr. an<l Fanny (McQuie) Ander- 
son; grailuated from Louisiana (Mo.) High 
School; Central College, A.B., 1896; St. Louis 
Law School. LL.B., 1898; married, St. Louis, 
Apr. 25, 1905, Margaret Gertrude Ballard. 
Admitted to bar, .lune 27, 1898, and since en- 
gaged in general ])ractice of law, first in 



Louisiana, 'Mo., ami later in St. I.ouis. Was 
city attorney of Louisiana; assistant fity at- 
torney of St. Louis ami ]ironiote(l to city at- 
torney. Member American Kar Asso<-iation, 
St. Louis Bar Association. l)(>mocrat ; stumjied 
State of ^lissouri three times under direction 
of the Democratic State Central Committee. 
Club: Mercantile. Recreations: fishin<i, hunt- 
ing and golfing. Office: 705 Olive St. Kesi- 
dence: 4219 Westminster Place. 

ANDERSON, William, lalior commissioner; 
see Vol. I'.HKi. 

ANDERSON, William Benton, grain com- 
mission; lioni ill Scott Co., Mo., Oct. 12, 1842; 
son of .lames and Charlotte 'remple (Old) 
Anderson; etlucated in jiuldic s(di()ols of Mis- 
souri; married, Thelies, ill., 186"), Sarah Ldith 
Ireland. Began ])usiness career as (derk in the 
general merchandise store of Gither & Baker, 
Commerce, Mo., 186.3-65; then conducted gen- 
eral store for self, 1865-71; came to St. Louis, 
1881, and became identified with the grain 
firm of Nanson, Bartholow & Co.; later was 
with successors, Billingsly & Nanson, and the 
present Xanson Commission Co., as officer and 
director; has been president of the comiiany 
since danuary, 19U6. President of the Farm- 
ers' Bank, of C!ominerec, Mo., and of the 
Grand Claim Milling Co., of Commerce, Mo. 
Member Merchants' Exchange of St. Louis. 
Office: 202 Chamber of C'ommerce. Residence: 
Buckingham Club. 

ANDREAS, Henry, real estate; see Vol. 

ANDREWS, Eugene Douglas, lawyer; born, 
Vicksliurg. .Miss., Feb. 6, 1872; son of Wil- 
liam Henry and Fannie Demarius (Fortner) 
Andrews; educated in jiublie schools, Vicks- 
burg, Miss., ]\l<'Cabe 's University School, Pe- 
tersburg, Va., and academic and law courses, 
T'niversity of A'irginia; finished studies in 
.hiiie, iSiHi; unmarried. Since Feb. 8, 1898, 
engaged in practice of law^ in St. Louis in 
state and federal courts; was counsel in 
Boyer et al. vs. Western Union Telegraph Co., 
an injunction suit to restrain the <lefendaiits 
from discharging emjiloyes Ijecause member 
of labor union. Offered jiosition of assistant 
city attorney in Central District Police Court 
by Thomas L. Anderson, city attorney, 190;!, 
but declined the office; assistant to general at- 
torney of I\rissouri, Kansas & Texas Ry. Sys- 
tem since -May, 1910. Member St. Louis Bar 
Association. Democrat. Recreation: outdoor 
exercises. Oflice: Wainwright Bldg. Resi- 
dence: ;')9.'!0 Delmar Ave. 

•■-ANDREWS, Launcelot Winchester, ( hem- 
ist; moved to Davenport, la.; see \'ol. HHXi. 

ANDREWS, William Owen, life insurance; 
born, St. Louis, Apr. 29, ISIK); son of William 
T. and Mary A. (Kvillj Andrews; educated in 
public schools of St. Louis; married, Louis- 
ville, Ky., Xov. 4, 1895, Mary Thrustou 

Rogers; children: Olive, Carrie, I^ucy, ^fary, 
Mildre<l. Began in the grain commission i)usi- 
ness, LS87, as jiresident of the Andrews-Mc- 
(Jlelland Grain Co., in whicli continued until 
1902, in whi(di year embarked in the insurance 
business with the Efjuitable Life Assurance 
Society of United States; since June 1, 1911, 
manager IVIassachusetts ^Mutual Life Insur- 
ance Co. of Springfield, Mass. Vice chairman 
Missouri State Committee Y. M. C. A.; mem- 
ber Scruggs .Memorial ]\rethodist Church. 
Club: Mercantile. Recreation: baseball. Of- 
fice: Third National Bank Bldg. Residence: 
5178 Cabaiiii(> A\ c 

ANGERT, Eugene Henry, lawyer; born St. 
Cliarlos, .Mo., Oct. 21, 1S77; son of Henry and 
Adelaide (.Mli/.ko) Aiigert; graduated from 
St. Louis University, A.B., 1896; Harvard 
Law School, LL.B., 1899; unmarried. Prac- 
ticed law in New York (Jitv in offices of Hon. 
Elihu Root and William H. Page, Jr., 1899- 
1900; since October, 1900, has practiced in St. 
Louis; member Ho(d\er, Halves & Angert. 
Member St. Louis l^ar Association. Democrat. 
Catholic, (dubs: Racquet, Noonday, City. Of- 
fice: 506 Olive St. Residence: 626 N. Spring 

ANNAN, Alfred Heacock, architei-t; born, 
Webster Groves, Mo., Oct. 1, 1875; son of 
Thomas B. and Victoria (Scofield) Annan; 
educated in public schools. Smith Academy 
and the Manual Training School of Washini:- 
ton T'niversitv; married. St. Louis, dulv IS, 
1900, Lillian Chestnut; children: Thomas and 
Mary. Studieil architecture with T. B. Annan 
& Sons, architects, St. Louis, 1884-91; then 
took jiosition with Koken Iron Works until 
1893; with CDlundiian Fireproofing Co., Pitts- 
burgh, lS9.'>-94, and superintendent for same 
company at St. I^ouis, 1S94-96; estimator 
American Bridge Co., 1896-98; ]iracticing 
alone as architect, 1898-1901; resident nuui- 
ager The Roebling (jOiistruction Co. until 
1908; now plan examiner in building commis- 
sioner's office. Member Architectural League 
of St. Louis. Episcopalian. Oflice: City Hall. 
Residenc;>: (iO.'IO Mcpherson Ave. 

ANNAN, Roger Perry, flour, grain aixl mill 
feed; born, Cumlierland, 'Slt\., Aug. 2."?, 1844; 
son of James R. and Priscilla Isabella (Perry) 
Annan; eilucated in private academy at Win- 
chester, Va.; served in Army of Northern 
Virginia under Roliert E. Lee in Civil "War; 
married, in Clark Co.. Va., Oct. 2.">, 1867, 
.Adelaide S. Hall; four children: Roger P., Jr., 
Edward Hall. Katharine Smith, Caroline 
Stonestreet (the second and third are twins). 
B(>;4aii business career as salesman in general 
store of Wilson & Co., in Clark Co., ^'a., 1865- 
70; came to St. liouis, 1870, and shortly after 
went to Boouville, Mo., but soon returned to 
St. Louis, anil was emjiloyecl with d. W. Booth 
& Sons until 1S79; became member of the 
grain firm of Houseman, Annan & Co., 1879, 



which changed iu 1880 to preseut style of 
Annan, Burg & Co., tlour, grain and mill feed. 
Member Merchants' Exchange, St. Louis 
Grain Club. Director St. Louis Provident As- 
sociation. Mason. Episcopalian. Recreations: 
books and working with garden tools. Office: 
107 Chamber of Commerce. Eesidencc: i! 1 1 
Plant Ave., Webster Groves. 

ANTRIM, Charles Ambrose,; 
born in Butler Co., Ohio, Sept. 16, 186l'; son 
of Jacob G. and Lydia (Neimeyer) Antrim; 
educated in public schools of Cass Co., Iowa; 
married, Hastings, Xeb., Mar. 2, 18S4, Lola 
May Kinney; children: Ethel Wyeuda, Aura 
Belle, Celland Ambrose. Began business career 
as manager of a retail lumber yard in Ne- 
braska, 1880-87; started in business for self, 
conducting a retail lumber yard at Greeley, 
Xeb., 1SS7-1S90; then worked for three years 
for a lumber manufacturer; organized, 1893, 
the Antrim Lumber Co., Limited, Antrim, La., 
manufacturers of yellow pine lumber; later or- 
ganized the Antrim-Todd Lumber Co., Lim- 
ited, Antrim, La., operating a number of retail 
lumber yards. Republican. Member Knights 
of Pythias. Clubs: Mercantile, Glen Echo. 
Recreation: traveling. Office: 1214 Wright 
l)ldg. Residence: 25 Kingsbury Place. 

APEL, John F., manager Brooks Co., hat 
makers; born, Warsaw, 111., Xov. 26, 1867; son 
of .Tames and Freda Apel; educated in public 
schools of Warsaw, 111.; unmarried. Was for 
five years on Merchants' Exchange floor as 
salesman for Minch & Co., grain commission; 
twelve years with Guerdon Hat Co., until 
1902, when resigned and took management of 
St. Louis store of Brooks Co., makers and re- 
tailers of hats, having factory and main house 
in New York City. Recreation: theatre. Of- 
fice: 614 Olive St. Residence: 727 Walton 

ARBUCKLE, James the Graeme, president 
of Arbuckle Export Association; born, Ruth- 
erglen, Scotland, Feb. 12, 1840; son of George 
the Graeme and Margaret (Baird) Arbuckle; 
educated at Kings School, Rutherglen, 1848- 
~)0; St. James School, Glasgow, 1851-55; Ander- 
sonian University and Athenaeum, 1856-59; 
married. Houston, Tex., Oct. 29, 186.3, Mary 
Helen Castleton (died Feb. 20, 1912): chil- 
dren: George Castleton (deceased), Maclyn, 
James, Jr., Thomas Castleton (deceased), 
Mary, Clyde, Alexandria Rutland (deceased), 
Andrew Eagon. Secured business education 
with M. Crindell Schaw & Co., Glasgow, while 
attending classical course at university, 1856- 
59; with wholesale dry goods firm of Peet, 
Simms & Co., Now Orleans, 1800; adjusted 
business of the company in Texas, Indian Ter- 
ritory and Northern Louisiana; blockade run- 
ning on Texas coast with Mexico and Cuba, 
1S62-65; established first bank in Eastern 
Texas, James Arbuckle & Co., Jefferson, Texas, 
1S66; moved to Galveston and entered ex- 

port cotton trade, 1874; moved to Dallas, 1884, 
had stock interests, insurance business and 
was broker in securities; became auditor for 
Mexico Southwestern branch of Standard Oil 
Co. (Waters-Pierce Oil Co.); manager of 
Latin-American Club and Foreign Trade As- 
sociation, St. Louis, 1895-1911, when resigned 
to organize the Arbuckle Export Association, 
of which he is president; also president Ar- 
buckle Eailwaj' Supply Co., Latin-American 
Export Association. Royal Aice-counsel for 
Spain. Editor La Revista, Ilustrada and Bole- 
tin Commercial for twelve years. Decorated by 
King of Spain, 1908, for historical essay on 
"The Napoleonic Era and Its Lessons," de- 
livered at the International Historical Con- 
gress held to celebrate the Centenary of Span- 
ish independence from Napoleon; in 1910, 
again decorated by the King and created a 
Knight of the Royal Order of Isabella the 
Catholic "for duty well done"; also consul 
at St. Louis for Colombia and Venezuela. 
Christian Scientist. Conservative in politics. 
Was appointed commissioner from state of 
Texas to Vienna Exposition, 1873; was dele- 
gate to Pan-American Congress at Philadel- 
phia, 1897, and to International Commercial 
Conference at Philadelphia, 1899; president 
Galveston Chamber of Commerce, 1880. Mason. 
Member Merchants' Exchange since 1895. 
Clubs: Mercantile, Amateur Athletic Associa- 
tion, Papyrus (president 1909, 1910). Recre- 
ation: golf. Office: 314 N. 4th St. Residence: 
5948 Maple Ave. 

ARGO, Ernest, secretary Blackmer & Post 
Pipe Co.; born on farm in Fulton Co., 111., 
Sept. 27, 1853; son of William and Clarissa 
(Bigelow) Argo; graduated from University 
of Nebraska, A.B., 1873; married in Mont- 
gomery Co., 111., May 8, 1877, Nellie Brandt; 
one daughter, Jaclyn (Mrs. George Carhart, of 
Alton, 111.). Began business career in grain 
business in Montgomery Co., 111., 1873-75; res- 
ident of St. Louis since 1875; general clerk, 
1875-77, with Laclede Fire Brick Manufac- 
turing Co. as bookkeeper, and in 1879 made 
secretary and treasurer; resigned 1884, to ac- 
cept position as secretary of the Blackmer 
and Post Pipe Co. Member Citizens' Industrial 
Association. Democrat. Mason. Club: Mer- 
cantile. Favorite recreations: hunting, fish- 
ing and billiards. Office: 613 Wainwright Bldg. 
Residence: 4110 Delmar Ave. 

ARMSTRONG, Fred, Jr., lawyer; born, Jer- 
seyville. Hi., Feb. 9, 1883; son of Fred and 
Eva llattic (Young) Armstrong; educated in 
St. Louis public schools; Central High School; 
A.B. Washington T^niversity, 1903, LL.B., 
1905; unmarried. Admitted to bar, June, 1905, 
and since in general practice in St. Louis; 
special attorney to city chemist of St. Louis 
in prosecution of milk cases since January, 
1909. Member St. Louis Bar Association, Sig- 
ma Chi college fraternity. Royal Arcanum. 



Episcopalian. Kecreatiou: canoeing^. Office: 
1401-10 3(1 National Bank Bldg. Kesideuce: 
o76(; DeGivervillo Ave. 

ARMSTRONG, Lewis Robert, vice president 
and treasurer T. .1. JMoss Tie Co.; born, Aber- 
<leen, Miss., Dee. ;)1, ISliO; son of Thomas Tem- 
ple and Martha ^VasIlington (Pollard) Arm- 
strong; moved Avitli parents to St. Louis, 1866, 
and after two years family returned to Missis- 
sippi, settling at town of Verona, Lee Co.; 
educated in common schools; married, Clarks- 
ville, Pike Co., Mo., Jan. 7, 1S92, Lillian Hor- 
ner Guy; one daughter: Martha Gu}'. Left 
school when 13V1> years old and began ac- 
tive career as clerk with John Armstrong & 
< 'o., druggists, Verona, Miss.; went to ()l<o- 
lona, Miss., 1S76, and studied bookkeeping uu- 
>ler a ])ractical accountant, becoming book- 
keeper for Darden Bros.; general bookkeeper 
R. B. Clark & Co., Shannon, Miss., 1879-83; 
with the Allen-West Commission Co., cotton 
<-ommission merchants, St. Louis, 1883-94; be- 
came connected with the T. J. Moss Tie Co., 
May, 1894, and was elected secretarj- and 
treasurer same, November, 1905; subsequently 
tdected vice president and treasurer which x>o- 
sitions he now holds; also one of the principal 
stockholders of the company, manufacturers 
and dealers in railroad ties and other railroad 
material. Democrat. Member Christian (Camp- 
bellite) Church. Recreation: fishing. Office: 
720 Security Bldg. Residence: 5167 Cabanne 

'ARMSTRONG, William Marvin, mechan- 
ical engineer; moved to Buffalo, N. Y.; see 
Vol. 1906. 

ARNOLD, Frederick Wolff, furniture dealer; 
born, St. Louis, Nov. 9, 1867; son of L. L. and 
.\melia (Wolff) Arnold; educated in St. Louis 
public schools; unmarried. Started with Crow, 
Hargadine & Co., as elevator boy in 1882; 
made salesman on road, 1887; then became 
salesman with H. J. Nathan «& Co., leaving to 
go into firm of D. Sommers & Co., 1892; now 
vice president and secretary of D. Sommers 
Furniture Co. Also secretary and treasurer of 
Schram Sealer Co. Director Associated Re- 
tailers' Association. Member Civic League. 
Mason (32°), Shriner. Clubs: Columbian, 
Westwood Country, Million Population, St. 
Louis Country Gun. Recreation: golf. Office: 
Ilth and Olive Sts. Residence: Jefferson 

ARNOLD, Glendy Burke, lawyer; born, 
Frankfort, Ky., Jan. 30, 1S75; son of Thomas 
Neal and Marion Frances (Pugh) Arnold; ed- 
ucated public and private schools of Frank- 
fort and at Kentucky Military Institute, leav- 
ing school at 19; student St. Louis Law School, 
September, 1899- June, 1900; married, St. Jo- 
seph, Mo., June 24, 1907, Cora Connett. Ad- 
mitted to Missouri bar, February, 1901, and 
has since engaged in practice in St. Louis; 

associated with Boyle, I'riest & Lehman and 
Boyle & Priest, September, 1903-November, 
1909, as trial attorney for St. Louis Transit 
Co. and United Rys. ; since practiced alone. 
Democrat. Member Christian (Campbellite) 
Church. Recreations: tennis and golf. Office: 
Times Bldg. Residence: 4385 Forest Park 

ARNOLD, Henry, soap manufacturer: see 

A'ol. 19(1(1. 

*ARNOLD, Thomas B., manufacturers' 
agent; moved to Indianapolis; see Vol. 1906. 

ARNOLD, William Bidston, lumber; see 

Vol. 19(Hi. 

ARM STEIN, Albert, lawyer; bom, New 
York City, July 26, 1856; son of Ephraim and 
Katherine (Popper) Arnstein; graduated from 
Charliers' private school, New York City, 
1872, from Packard's Business College, 1873; 
LL.B., St. Louis Law School, 1878; married, 
New York City, Nov. 26, 1884, Clarissa Rosen- 
heim; children: Herbert, Natalie, Frederic. 
Admitted to bar, 1877, and since engaged in 
]nactice. Lecturer on Law of Corporations, 
St. Louis University Law School. Director 
Westinghouse Automatic Air and Steam 
Coupler Co., Title Guaranty Trust Co., Amer- 
ican Trust Co., Sanitol Chemical Laboratory 
Co. Democrat. Member City Council, 1891-95; 
chairman of Merchants' and Manufacturers' 
License Revision Board, 1902-04. Member St. 
Louis Bar Association, St. Louis Law School 
Alumni Association. Jewish religion; ex-pres- 
ident United Jewish Educational and Chari- 
table associations. Member Ethical Society. 
Clubs: Columbian, Westwood Country, Con- 
temporary. Office: 415 Locust St. Residence: 
4410 Westminster Place. 

ARSTE, William, publisher; born, St. Louis, 
Dec. 25, 1867; son of Frederick W. and Wil- 
helmina (Schwer) Arste; educated at Laclede 
School, Madison School, and St. Louis Poly- 
technic; unmarried. Learned printer's trade 
in boyhood under father; became office boy 
under T. C. P. Tiedeman, city surveyor, 1880, 
advancing to positions as draftsman and sur- 
veyor; was for five years with Julius Pitz- 
man; took up printing, 1888, and was con- 
nected with the St. Louis Republic as com- 
positor four and a half years, until machines 
displaced hand work; compositor on Globe- 
Democrat for one year; purchased the St. 
Louis Waterways Journal, Apr. 1, 1894, of 
which has since been in charge; general man- 
ager The River Publishing & Investment Co., 
owners of Waterways Journal. Served as 
.judge at elections in behalf of Republican 
party several times, but never asked for pub- 
lic office; Republican. Lutheran. Member 
Harbor No. 28 Masters' and Pilots' Associa- 
tion, ^Mississippi and Ohio River Pilots' So- 
r-ietv. Red Cross Lodge No. 54, Knights of 
Pythias. Office: 203 N. 3d St. 



ARTHUR, George Crosby, manager The 
Hawtin Engraving Co.; born, Aurora, 111., 
June 26, 1870; sou of Florence M. and Ada- 
line (Sutherland) Crosbj'; (name originally 
was Arthur B. Crosby, but at 2i/4 years of age 
lost father and was taken to Keesville, X. Y., 
by grandfather and adopted by Alexander A. 
Arthur of that town); educated Keesville 
High School; graduated from Burr & Burton 
Seminary, Manchester, Vt.; married, Kees- 
ville, June 24, 1891, Avis Genevieve Pope; 
six children: Lawrence K., Willis K., Lyle C, 
Madeleine A., Maida P., Margaret V. F. 
Served for several years as special corre- 
spondent Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 
beginning September, 1899; later had charge 
of mail order department, Wells & Nellegar 
Co., hardware, Chicago; became connected as 
correspondent with The Hawtin Engraving 
Co., catalog engravings and advertising de- 
signs, Dec. 1, 1903, and since Apr. 1, 1910, in 
charge of plant established in St. Louis. 
Member Business Men's League, Advertising 
Men's League. Independent in politics. Bap- 
tist. Club: St. Louis City. Recreations: ten- 
nis, walking, horseback riding, and other out- 
door diversions. Office: Xavarre Bldg., 6th 
and Chestnut Sts. Residence: 767 N. Eucliil 

ASHBROOKE, James, superintendent Meth- 
odist Orphans' Home for Boys; born, Tabley 
Hill Farm, near Knutsford, Cheshire, Eng- 
land, Jan. 9, 1856; son of Joseph and Sarah 
(Hewitt) Ashbrooke; educated in public 
schools, Tabley Hills Farm, England, to 1869; 
then one year M. Newlands' Commercial 
Boarding and Day School; married, Jan. 2, 
1884, at Chicago, 111., Margaret Webster, of 
Skelmersdale, Lancashire, England. Began 
business career, 1871, with Platt-Dovell-Per- 
cival, wholesale commission merchants, of 
^Manchester, England, continuing until 1881. 
Came to America, Jan. 8, 1882; engaged with 
Anglo-American Provision Co., Chicago, 1882- 
84; with Stern & Adams, dry goods commis- 
sion house, 1884-92; then connected with E. J. 
Gunning Co., for whom organized St. Louis 
Bill Posting Co., and remained in that busi- 
ness until 1901; since with Orphans' Home. 
Republican. Methodist. ^Member independent 
Onler of Foresters. Office and Residence: 
353:3 Laclede A\c. 

ATKINS, Heni-y Skillman, jdiysician; born 
ill Fayette Co., Ky., Sej.t. 2ii, 1867; son of 
William Lewis and Mary E. (Moore) Atkins; 
educated in classical course of Kentucky 
State College, Kentucky University, and as 
private student of James Lane Allen; grad- 
uated from Beaumont ^ledical College, St. 
Louis, 1888; married, St. Louis, Sept. 20, 189:?, 
Anna ^r. North. Engagp.l in medical ])ractice 
since 1888; was first assistant ])hysician Ken- 
tucky Insane Asylum, Lexington, Ky.; since 
then in St. Louis, making specialty of psy- 

chiatry; chief assistant physician St. John's 
Hospital, 1902-04; superintendent of St. Louis 
Asylum for Insane, 1904-10. Formerly in- 
structor in general medicine, Beaumont Med- 
ical College. Member St. Louis Medical So- 
ciety, Missouri State Medical Association, 
Kentucky Medical Society, American Medical 
Association. Democrat. Presbyterian. Resi- 
dence: Webster Gro\'es. 

ATKINSON, Chilton, lawyer; liorn, St. 
Louis, Dec. 10, 1875; son of Robert C. and 
Mary Tandy (Bull) Atkinson; educated in 
l^ublic schools. Smith Academy, class of 1893, 
and Law School of Washington University, 
graduating, LL.B., 1895; unmarried. Admitted 
to bar, Sept. 5, 1895, and from Jan. 1, 1896, 
to Dec. 1, 1897, was associated in practice in 
the firm of Campbell & Ryan, St. Louis; then 
became local attorney for the Citj^ Trust Co., 
of Philadelphia, and since Jan. 1, 1901, has 
been individually engaged in general practice 
of law. Previous to entering practice was 
deputy jury commissioner under Fielding 
Mansfield. Member St. Louis Bar Association 
and Law Library Association; Past Command- 
er Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Vet- 
erans; member of Virginia Society of St. Louis, 
Missouri Historical Society. Episcopalian; 
member of vestry Mt. Calvary Church. Dem- 
ocrat. Favorite recreation: horseback ridino-. 
Office: 408 Olive St. Residence: 3000 Lafay- 
ette Avenue. 

ATKINSON, Robert Chilton, physician; 
born, Smithfield, Va., Oct. 3, 1841; son of 
Archibald and Elizabeth Ann (Chilton) At- 
kinson; educated at William and Mary Col- 
lege, Virginia; University of Virginia, 1885- 
86; Medical Department University of Louisi- 
ana (now Tulane University), Xew Orleans, 
M.D., 1867; married, St. Louis, Feb. 23, 1875, 
Mary Tandy Bull; children: Chilton, May. 
Served in Confederate Army in Civil War as 
member of 13th and 10th regiments of Vir- 
ginia Cavalry and Stewart's Horse Artillery 
(ChcAv's battery). Engaged in practice of 
medicine since March, 1867; jirofessor dis- 
eases of children, Medical Department, St. 
Louis University, until 1906; physician to St.' 
Ann's Foundling Asylum, St. Louis. Since 
1908 connected with City Health Department 
(Hygiene Department), in charge of Wyman, 
Chouteau, Hodgen, Sigel and Charlcss schools. 
Democrat; has served as mendier of City 
Board of Health, and of State Board of 
Health of Missouri; also for three years mem- 
ber Board of Education, St. Louis; coroner 
of St. Louis, 1895. Office and Residence: 3002 
Lafayette Ave. 

ATWOOD, John Cowan, general manager 
The National Ammonia Co.: born, Marshall, 
.Saline Co., ]Mo., June 3, 1863; son of Le 
Grand (^F.D.) and FAi/.a. Jane (Cowan) At- 
wood; educated in ])ublic schools of St. Louis 
Co. to 1880; three years U. S. Naval Academy, 



is80-s:i; luarri.Ml, 8t. Louis, Fob. IH, 1808, 
<ioor;:it' Tuiistall Baker; six c-liildron: .John C, 
Jr., Jvatlurino i\r., George B., Ellon T., Eliza 
('., \Villiain Ij., .It. Bogan businoss career as 
clerk Lindoll Hotel, St. Louis, 1883, and con- 
tinued to 1884; traveling salesman Mueller 
]^ros. Furniture & Carpet Co., 1884-86; chief 
deputy collector under Freemen Barnum, first 
collection district, Missouri, Internal Ke\'enue 
Service, 188(5-8!); manufacturer ammonia for 
rofrijrerating' and ice-making puijiosos since 
.Ian. 1, iStKi; continuously with The National 
Ammonia Co., of St. Louis, I'hiladolphia anil 
New York, of which has been secretary, treas- 
urer and general manager since 1892; also 
secretary and treasurer Pacific Ammonia & 
Chemical Co., and The Ammonia Company of 
Australia; director Michigan Ammonia Co., 
Angelo Furniture Co., San Angelo, Tex. I\[em- 
bor Businoss ]\[en "s League (St. Louis), Amer- 
ii-an Society Refrigerating Engineers, Amer- 
ican Association of Refrigeration (chairman 
momborshi]) committee). Independent Demo- 
crat. Presbvtorian. Member Ferguson Lodge, 
Xo. 542, A.F. & A. U., Compton Hill Council, 
\j. of H. Clubs: Mercantile, St. Louis Auto- 
mobile. Recreations: gardening, farming, mo- 
toring. Ofiice: 3600 N. Broadway. Residence: 
"Atto Woodo," Ferguson, St. Louis Co., Mo. 

ATWOOD, LeGrand Lapsley, insurance 
agent, lawyer; born, Bridgeton, St. Louis Co., 
]Mo., July 1, 1872; son of LeGrand and Eliza 
Jane (Cowan) Atwood; educated in public 
schools of St. Louis County and Smith Acad- 
emy, St. Louis, graduating 1891; graduated 
St. Louis Law School, LL.B., 1893; married, 
Versailles, Woodford Co., Ky., Apr. 22, 1902, 
.lane Lyle Fisliback; children: George Fish- 
back and Tom Cowan. Admitted to bar, June 
21, 1893; since 1894 engaged in insurance 
Imsiness; now member of firm of Atwood, 
Johnson & Smythe, insurance; president Lippe 
Realty, Construction & Investment Co. Ma- 
son. Democrat. Presbyterian. Office: 1133 
Pierce Bldg. Residence: Ferguson, Mo. 

*AUER, Isidor, wholesale jeweler; moved 
to Chicago: see Vol. 1906. 

AUGUSTINE, George Hershey, vice presi- 
dent Carleton Dry Goods Co.; born, Massillon, 
()., Aug. 24, 1848; son of George and Amanda 
M. (Conkev) Augustine; educated in high 
school, Mansfield, O., 1862-64; Eastman's 
Commercial College, Chicago, 1865; married, 
St. Louis, June 18, 1879, Florence Brush; 
children: M. Louise (Mrs. Warren Goddard), 
Anne (Mrs. Nelson D. Jay, of Milwaukee) 
and Floyd B. Began business career in whole- 
sale dry goods house of Carson, Pirie & Co., 
Chicago, ]8(i6, continuing until 1871; then 
cashier of the Abilene Bank, Abilene, Kan.; 
came to St. Louis, October, 1873, and was 
with Dodd, Brown & Co., wholesale dry goods, 
until 1890; was connected with Ely & Walker 
Dr}' Goods Co. until 189-4; joined Murray 

Carleton in jiurcdiasing controlling interest in 
Wear & Booghor J)ry Goo<ls Co., an<{ in 1899 
changed name to Carleton Dry Goods Co., of 
which is vice president. Republican. Presby- 
terian. Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile. Recrea- 
tion: horseback riding. Office: Washington 
Ave. and 12th St. Residence: "Fairlawu," 
Kirkwood, Mo. 

AULER, Hugo A., jihvsician; deceased; see 
Vol. 1906. 

AVERILL, Alexander Trowbridge, mer- 
chant tailor; b(irii. St. Louis, Juno 21, 1876; 
son of Alexander M. and Louisa (Trowbridge) 
Averill; educated in public schools, St. Louis, 
and graduate of the Manual Training School, 
class of 1894; married, St. Louis, 19(10, Lillian 
Ainheiter. Began with liouse of Mills tV; 
Averill, jnerchant tailors, as a boy in 1894, 
later became clerk and salesman in the house, 
to which was admitted as partner in 1900; 
became a director in the Mills & Averill Tail- 
oring Co., in 1903, and in February, 190.5, was 
elected president of the company. Republican. 
Baptist. Mason, Knight Templar. Clubs: 
INIereantile, Missouri Athletic. Recreations: 
Horseback riding, fishing and athletic sports. 
Office: 509 Olive St. Residence: 4953 Mc- 
Pherson Avenue. 

AVERILL, Walter Hollis, merchant tailor; 
l)orn, St. Louis, Oct. 3, 1879; son of Alexander 
M. and Louisa (Trow-bridge) Averill; edu- 
cated in St. Louis public schools; married, St. 
Louis, Jan. 1, 1903, ]\Iarie J. Wise; children: 
;^[arie Josephine, Harriet Blanche, Walter H., 
Jr., Willis Wier, Alexander Morton. Entered 
the merchant tailoring business of Mills & 
Averill, 1897, as clerk, and later became sales- 
man, admitted to the firm in 1900, and in 
February, 1905, elected vice president and 
treasurer Mills & Averill Tailoring Co. Re- 
publican. Catholic. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, 
^lercantile, St. Louis Chess. Recreations: 
baseball and chess. Office: 509 Olive St. 
Residence: 6018 Clemens Ave. 

AVIS, William Hamilton, merchant; 1838- 
1912; see Vol. 1906. 

AYARS, Treston Reid, physician; born. Sa- 
line Co., Neb., Sept. 17, 1876; son of Robin- 
son and Annie S. (Palmer) Ayars; educated 
in district schools; Franklin Academy, Frank- 
lin, Neb.; Lincoln Normal University, Lincoln, 
Neb.; Marion-Sims-Beaumont College of Medi- 
cine, St. Louis, graduating with degree of 
M.D., 1902; married, St. Louis, Aug. 16, 1905, 
:\rrs. Fannie H. Shedd, of Watseka, 111. 
Taught school for four years before taking 
U]i study of medicine; has practiced in St. 
Louis since 1902; served as junior assistant 
to Female Hospital, June, 1902-January, 1903; 
assistant to Dr. A. V. L. Brokaw, 1903-05; in- 
structor in operative surgery, St. Louis Uni- 
versity, 1906-09, inclusive; professor obstet- 
rics, St. Louis College Physicians and Sur- 

.J (I 


geons, 1910, 1911, 1912; clinical professor of 
obstetrics American Medical College and ob- 
stetrician to Cliristian Hospital. Democrat. 
Member Christian (Disciples) Church. Mem- 
ber American Medical Association, Missouri 
State Medical Association, St. Louis Medical 
Society, Medical Society of City Hospital 
Association, Alpha Kappa Kappa college fra- 
ternity. Mason. Member Modern Woodmen 
of America. Recreations: tennis and bowling. 
Office: 3901 Easton Ave. Residence: 5881 
Plymouth Ave. 

AYLETT, Patrick Henry, lawver; see Vol. 


BABBITT, Byron Fenner, lawyer, U. S. 
commissioner; born, Corry, Pa., Apr. 4, 1874; 
son of Charles O. and Susan (Thayer) Bab- 
I5itt; graduated from Corry High School, 1893, 
Corry Business College, 1894, Washington 
University Law School, St. Louis, LL.B., 
1899; married, St. Louis, Nov. 6, 1901, Nellie 
A. Bagnell. Came to St. Louis from Corry, 
Pa., Nov. 6, 1895; resided with uncle, late 
Judge A. M. Thayer, U. S. circuit judge, 8th 
Circuit; was his private secretary and also 
later private secretary to Judge Elmer B. 
Adams, U. S. circuit judge, for four years; 
studied law under Judge Thayer and at law 
school. Admitted to bar, 1899; appointed 
U. S. commissioner in January, 1901; reap- 
pointed Jan. 1, 1905, by Judge Adams, and 
again appointed Jan. 1, 1909, by Judge Dyer. 
Member American Bar Association, St. Louis 
Bar Association. Republican. Episcopalian 
(St. George's Chapel). Club: Masonic. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Office: 1605 Pierce Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 4477 Berlin Ave. 

B ABLER, Edmund Adam, surgeon; born, 
Ap]deton City, Mo., Oct. 11, 1875; son of H. 
.1. and Sarah Saloma (Luchsinger) Babler; 
educated at El Dorado Normal and Business 
College and graduated from Missouri Medi- 
cal College (now Medical Department Wash- 
ington University), M.D., cum laude, 1898; un- 
married. Was for two years interne St. Louis 
City Hospital; since 1900 engaged in general 
surgical practice. Surgeon Deaconess Hospital; 
visiting surgeon City Hospital; medical di- 
rector International Life Insurance Co. Mem- 
Vicr City Hospital Alumni Medical Society, St. 
Louis ifedical Society (corresponding secre- 
tary), ^rissouri State Medical Association. 
Associate editor St. Louis Courier of Medi- 
cine, American Medical Association. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Clubs: Arcadia, Missouri 
Athletic. Recreation: chess. Office: 1204, 915 
Olive St. Residence: 4826 Delmar Ave. 

BABLEE, Jacob L., first vice president 
International Life Insurance Co.; born, Mon- 
roe, Wis., May 3, 1872; son of Henry J. and 
Saloma (Luchsinger) Babler; educated in pub- 
lic schools of El Dorado Springs, Mo., and Law 

Department, Washington University; unmar- 
ried. Began in life insurance business, 1902; 
was appointed manager New York Life office 
at New Haven, Conn., 1904; transferred to 
Buffalo, N. Y., 1905, and was manager and 
agency director for company in that city for 
three years; appointed manager territory west 
of Missouri River for North American Life, 
of Newark, N. J., Feb. 1, 1907, and continued 
with the company until 1909; organized the 
International Life Insurance Co. of St. Louis 
and is now its first vice president, also gen- 
eral manager agencies. Republican; former 
member Republican State Central Committee. 
Methodist. Member Knights of Pythias, B. P. 
O. Elks. Recreations: motoring and baseball. 
Office: Syndicate Trust Bldg. Residence: Mar- 
quette Hotel. 

BACHMANN, Otto, optician ; born, St. Louis^ 
.Tuly 22, 1880; son of Francis Xavier and 
Mary (Hunckler) Baehmann; educated in pub- 
lic schools of St. Louis; married, Nov. 18,. 
1905, Miss Katherine Moerschel; two chil- 
dren: Irma Ida, Jacob Moerschel. Began act- 
ive career with the Erker Bros. Optical Co., 
and continued for seven years, learning the 
business; became connected with the Western 
Optical Mfg. Co. in 1900; was its secretary 
and treasurer from Sept. 15, 1905, to Dec. 14, 
1910, when acquired sole ownership in the 
business and became president of the com- 
pany. Member Credit Men's Association. 
Catholic. Independent Democrat. Clubs: Mis- 
souri Athletic, Centurj- Boat, Liederkranz 
(director). Million Population. Recreations: 
tennis and golf. Office: 1002 Olive St.; fac- 
tory: 703-709 Holland Bldg. Residence: 3444 
Halliday St. 

BACON, Cary Harrison, grain commission; 
born, Louisville, Ky., Oct. 8, 1869; son of 
Byron and Fanny Young (Montgomery) Ba- 
con; educated in public schools of Louisville 
and Chicago; married, St. Louis, June 22, 
1893, Leva Sherry. Began business career as 
settling Clerk with E. W. Bailey & Co., Chi- 
cago Board of Trade, 1886-93; then went to 
Louisville, Ky., and engaged in stock and 
bond brokerage business as the representative 
of New York companies until 1902; came to 
St. Louis and acquired an interest in the 
Sherry-Bacon Grain Co., grain receivers and 
shippers, of which was at first vice president 
and is now president. Member St. Louis Mer- 
chants' Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, 
Kansas City Board of Trade, Sons of Amer- 
ican Revolution, Society of Colonial Wars. 
Presbyterian. Mason (Scottish Rite). Clubr 
Traffic, of St. Louis. Recreation: reading. 
Office: 213 Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 
5875 Cates Ave. 

BACON, Frederick Hampden, lawyer; born, 
Niles, Mich., May 5, 1849; son of Nathaniel 
and Caroline S. (Lord) Bacon; graduated 
from Niles High School, June, 1866; studied 



in literary department, TTniversity of Michi- 
gan, two years; married, Niles, Mich., .Inly ].S, 
1882, Clara J. Cleland; children: Ethel E., 
Clare Marie. Engaged in practice of law 
since 1871, and in St. Louis since 1874; prac- 
tices alone. Author of "Bacon on Benefit 
Societies and Life Insurance," a standard 
legal text-book. Lecturer Benton Law School 
since 1898. Eepublican. Presbyterian. ]\[om- 
ber St. Louis Bar Association, St. Louis Law 
Library Association. Mason (33°), Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Club: ]\rercantile. Office: 
211 N. 7th St. Kesidence: 5217 Raymond Ave. 

BAEHR, William Alfred; see Vol. 1906. 

BAEB, Julius Adler, vice president Stix, 
Baer & Fuller Dry Goods Co.; born in Ger- 
many, Sept. 1, 1861; son of Lazarus and 
Ernestina (Weil) Baer; educated in public 
and high schools at Sulzburg in Baden, Ger- 
many; came to United States, 1878; married, 
Fort Smith, Ark., Apr. 16, 1890, Freda Adler; 
one son: Arthur Bernard. Began business ca- 
reer at Fort Smith, 1878, and was connected 
with store of J. Adler until 1880; conducted 
general store, Magazine, Logan Co., Ark., 
1880-85; opened store, "The Boston Store," 
Van Buren, Ark., 1885; also opened two stores 
at Springfield and Nevada, Mo.; sold out 
these two stores, 1888, in order to devote all 
his time to the Boston Store of Fort Smith, 
Ark., remaining there until 1892, when he 
came to St. Louis and joined in organizing 
Stix, Baer & Fuller Dry Goods Co., of which 
is vice president. Republican. Mason. Clubs: 
Columbian, Mercantile, Westwood Country, 
Triple A. Recreation: fishing. Office: cor. 
Washington Ave. and 6th St. Residence: 11 
Washington Terrace. Summer Residence: 
Oden, Mich. 

BAER, Samuel Harold, vice president and 
treasurer Blanke-Baer Chemical Co.; born. 
Fort Smith, Ark., Jan. 4, 1876; son of Herman 
and Louise (Mergentine) Baer; graduated 
Michigan Military Academy, Orchard Lake, 
Mich., 1892; University of Michigan, B.S. in 
chemistry, 1896; A.M., Ph.D., University of 
Leipzig, Germany, 1898; married, St. Louis, 
Dec. 30, 1903, Ann Louise Brown. Was mem- 
ber of firm of Mergentine & Lamm, New 
York, 1898-1906; in 1906 became secretary 
and treasurer, and Jan. 1, 1912, was elected 
vice president and treasurer, Blanke-Baer 
Chemical Co. (successors to The Arkwright 
Co.), manufacturers of flavoring extracts and 
essences, essential oils and colors, canned 
fruits, fountain fruits and syrups, and Dr. 
Arkwright Specialties. Secretary of Flavor- 
ing Extract Manufacturers' Association of 
the United States; member American Chem- 
ical Society, Society of Chemical Industry of 
London. Member Eureka Lodge No. 243, A. F. 
& A. M., New York. Clubs: Million Popula- 
tion, also University of Michigan and Chem- 
ists', of New York. Recreations: literature 

and tennis. Office: 212 S. 7th St. Residence: 
5575 Waterman Ave. 

BAEB, Sigmiind, secretary and treasurer 
Stix, Baer lV; Fuller Dry Goods Co.; born in 
Baden, Germany, .(uly 5, 1862; son of Lazarus 
and Ernestina (Weil) Baer; educated in [)ub- 
lic and high schools in Germanv; married. 
Fort Smith, Ark., Aug. 28, 1890, Marie Pap- 
penheimer; children: Lewis and Sidney. Came 
from Germany, 1879, to Fort Smith, Ark., 
arriving in America with less than .$100 in 
his pocket. Began business career on a salary 
of $3.00 a week, and today is in the manage- 
ment of one of the largest business concerns 
in the country, employing about 2,000 persons. 
Was a member of firm of Baer Bros. & Fuller, 
at Fort Smith, and is still director of the 
Boston Store there; came to St. Louis, 1892, 
and was one of the organizers of the firm of 
Stix, Baer & Fuller Dry Gooils Co., incorpo- 
rated, 1897, and has been secretary and treas- 
urer of the compaTiy from the time of its or- 
ganization. Republican. Clubs: Columbian, 
Mercantile, Westwood Countrj'. Recreation: 
European trips. Office: cor. Washington Ave. 
and Broadway. Residence: 5314 Waterman 

BAGGOT, William, real estate; deceased; 
see Vol. 1906. 

BAGNELL, William, contractor, lumber- 
man; born. Province of Quebec, Can., Apr. 14, 
1843; son of Captain William and Amelia 
Bagnell; educated in public schools of To- 
ronto, Canada; married, Kansas City, Mo., 
1889, Sallie A. Adams, daughter of the late 
Andrew Adams and niece of the late Judge 
Washington Adams of the Supreme Court of 
Missouri (both of Boonville, Mo.); children: 
William (died in infancy), Effie A. (Mrs. W. 
S. Culbertson, of Louisville) and Robert A. 
Came to United States in 1864, and has ever 
since been located in St. Louis and engaged 
as a contractor in railroad construction under 
firm name of Bagnell Bros.; since 1889, presi- 
dent of the Bagnell Timlier Co., dealers in 
railroad material. Also director Mississipi>i 
A^'alley Trust Co. Episcopalian. Member A. F. 
& A. M. Clubs: St. Louis, St. Louis Country 
(life member), Noonday. Favorite recrea- 
tions: golf, fishing and hunting, horseback rid- 
ing. Office: 427 Title Guaranty Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 12 Westmoreland Place. 

BAIER, Frank William, Grand Treasurer 
Knights of Honor of ^Missouri; born, Peoria. 
111., Feb. 16, 1S56; son of Henry and Marie 
(Glaenzer) Baier; educated in Peoria Gram- 
jnar School, Pekin (111.) High School, and 
graduated from Polytechnic College, Bayreuth, 
Germany, 1873; unmarried. Began in jewelry 
Inisiness as apprentice in Pekin, 111., 1873; 
came to St. Louis, May, 1876, and entered 
employ of J. Son & Co., then at 318 N. 4th 
St., succeeded the firm in business in 1886, 


remaining at old stand until 1900, Tvhen re- 
moved to 205 N. Sth St.; since retired from 
lousiness in cn^n name. ]Mc/.iber Eed Cross 
Lodge Xo. 54, Knights of Pythias, St. Louis 
Council Xo. 6, Legion of Honor, and St. Louis 
Lodge Xo. 13, Knights of Honor; has held 
A^arious offices in these lodges and is now 
Grand Treasurer of Knights of Honor of Mis- 
souri. Favorite recreation: baseball. Office: 
<J12 X. Broadway. Eesidence: 3447 Shenan- 
doah Ave. 

BAILEY, Howard, dealer in live stock; 
born. Scott Co., Ky., Oct. 24, 1861; sou of 
Leonidas and Susan H. (Cooke) Bailey; edu- 
cated Georgetown College, Ky.; married, June 
7, 1905, Louise Salmon. Has interest in a 
number of St. Louis enterprises; since 1898 
vice i)resident Maxwell & Crouch Mule Co., 
located at Xational Stock Yards, St. Clair Co., 
111.; director and stockholder "09'' Eanch & 
Cattle Co. of Texas. Clubs: St. Louis, Glen 
Echo. Eecreations: farming, golf. Office: Xa- 
tional Stock Yards, HI. Eesidence: St. Eegis 

BAILEY, Warren, dealer in live stock; 
born. Georgetown, Ky., Oct. 22, 1859; son of 
Leonidas and Susan H. (Cooke) Bailey; edu- 
cated at Georgetown College, Ky. ; married, 
Jan. 5, 1S97, Eena, daughter of James "W. 
Morrison, of Fayette, Mo.; one daughter: 
Carolyn S. Came to Missouri in 1886; has in- 
terest in several enterprises in St. Louis and 
elsewhere in this and other states; since 189S 
president of the Maxwell & Crouch Mule Co., 
operating at the Xational Stock Yards, St. 
Clair Co.; HI., and is actively engaged in that 
business. Member Business Men "s League. 
Clubs: St. Louis, Bellerive. Eecreation: golf. 
Office: Xational Stock Yards, 111. Eesidence: 
4'^^ AVostminster Place. 

BAIN, Robert Edward Mather, passenger 
agent; liorn, Chicago, HI., Aug. 9, 1858; son 
of George and Clara (Mather) Bain; edu- 
cated at Washington University; married, St. 
Louis, Xov. 3, 1880, Marv Yalle; children: 
Marie Zoe (Mrs. C. B. E. Fitz William), 
Catherine (ilrs. E. C. Bennett), George Valle, 
^Marguerite Desloge (Mrs. Charles Henry 
Adams, of Xew Orleans), Lucie Clara. Was 
flerk in Atlantic Mills, 1875-79; broker in 
foreign exchange, 1879-82; foreign insurance 
and freight agent, 1882-84; freiglit and pas- 
senger agent, Anchor Line, 1883-85; passen- 
ger agent White Star Line, etc., 1884-96; gen- 
eral Southwestern jiassenger agent. White 
Star and Holland-America Lines, for entire 
southwestern I'nited States, 1897-1903; since 
Feb. 1, 1903, Sontliwestern passenger agent, 
International Mercantile ^larine Co. Yice 
])resident Colonial Leaf Tfd)acco Co.; was cap- 
tain of Bain Zouaves, 1879-86; member Mis- 
souri legislature, 1884-86. ;^[ember Business 
Men's League, Civic League, ^Missouri His- 
torical Society. Amateur photographer; trav- 

eled through lower Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, 
Greece and Italy, taking photographs for pur- 
pose of illustrating "Earthly Footsteps of 
the Man of Galilee," also illustrated "Child's 
Bible," "Eomance of Palestine," etc., and is 
contributor to various pjhotographic journals 
and annuals. President St. Louis Photo- 
graiihic Society, 1895-1901. Inventor. Chair- 
man of Group Jury and member Department 
International Jury of Award of St. Louis 
World's Fair. Eecreation: gardening. Office: 
Century Bldg. Eesidence: 3801 Flora Boul. 

BAIRD, William Edward, associate city 
counselor; born, Cornersville, jNIarshall Co., 
Tenn., Oct. 7, 1876; son of William E. and 
Martha Elizabeth (Gordon) Baird; prepared 
for college at Webb School, Bell Buckle, 
Tenn., 1892-95; A.B., Vanderbilt University, 
1899; LL.B., Columbia Law School, Xew York, 
1899, 1902; A.M., Columbia University, 1902; 
married, Moberly, Mo., Apr. 22, 1909, Anna 
Seelen. Editor of Columbia Law Eeview, 
1901-02; admitted to St. Louis bar, 1902, and 
since engaged in practice in St. Louis; in. 
December, 1910, appointed associate city coun- 
selor. Lecturer at St. Louis University Insti- 
tute of Law. Assistant to general counsel of 
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Co., Septem- 
ber, 1904, to May, 1905. Member of St. Louis, 
American and Missouri State Bar Associa- 
tions, Law" Library Association, American 
Historical Association, Legion of Honor. Pres- 
byterian. Club: City. Office: City Hall. Eesi- 
dence: 3945 Lindell Boul. 

BAKER, Alfred Edward, treasurer P. C. 
Murphy Trunk Co.; born, Jefferson City, Mo., 
Dec. 10, 1865; son of Dr. John and Amelia 
(Steele) Baker; educated in public and pri- 
vate schools; married, St. Louis, June, 1893, 
Mary E., daughter of P. C. Murphy; children: 
Jules Alfred, Hugh Edward, John Joseph, 
Thomas C, Mary Catherine. After leaving 
school in 1883, went to Stewart Co., Tenn., 
where was in the office of the LaGrange Iron 
Works, 1884-89; went to Montana, 1889, and 
was connected with the Granite Mountain 
Mining Co. at Granite Mountain, Mont., until 
1893; also conducted from 1889, a general 
merchandise business at Eumsey. INIont., and 
Anaconda, Mont., and remained connected 
with that business until 1900. Since 1893 a 
resident of St. Louis, and since October, 1893, 
treasurer of the P. C. ilurphy Trunk Co., 
manufacturers of trunks, traveling bags, etc. 
(estabiisheil 1860, incorporated 1892.) Office 
and Factory: 13tli and Pa]iin Sts. Salesrooms: 
707 Washington Ave. Eesidence: 938 Catalpa 

BAKER, Allen H., dealer in grain and mill 
fee<l: ])orii, Caivers. Tex., Dec. 20, 1871; son 
of William and Amanda (Harris) Baker; edu- 
cated in jiublic schools of Texas, and College 
of Texas, at Tehucany, Tex.; married, Fort 
Smith, Ark., Oct. 5, 1896, Marie McLoud; two 

t. Wanh gaila (^hsht-^mmS, fribag Pffmhm, (irfobw 2S, I 

Ocorge Bain. 


' A Promlnont St. Louisnn t>ics Sudden- 
\ ly— lli» Career. 

' oorge Bam, a well-known business man. 
I ! irmanol the Republican Central Commit- 
to. , and a man whp lias always been a frlena 
to St. Louis, died at 2:45 yesterday morning 
at the family residence, No. 3138 Morgan 
street. About a year ago Mr. Bain suHered a 

severe I«ill, breaKlng 

/4^f^^*^ two ribs. Tills Inluryde- 

~- veloped acute rheuma- 

\ tlsm. He never com- 
\ plained, however, and 
A, A up to ten days ago Kavo 

'^ /^i ^ ^'s personal attention 
;; a^f ftvr to business and poU- 
/_ \ tics. About that time 
I he was seized, while 
S presiding over a meet- 
ing or the RepubUcau 
i,j. Central Committee, 
iW^wlth rheumatic pains 
\ / \\\\ '° ^^^ region oi the 
J/ \\ \\ heart. .So severe was 
j ' tiie attack that it was 
„ „ , , ^.^ with the utmost dim- 
I Cr* \ / ^ culty that he reached 

I *^ * 1/ /Jf his home. He was 

^'^ obliged to remain in 
Ocorge Bain. bed, but lor tile last 

few days he appeared convalescent, and his 
physicians held out hope of his speedy return 
lo his duties. Wednesday night word was 
brought to Che committee over which he pre- 
sided that he would soon be able to resume 
Ills position. 1,0 went to sleep that night and 
passed away without waking. . 

L>r. 1. N. Lowe, the attending physician, 
stales that the cause of death was acute con- 
gestion oi the lungs and brain. 

President Uornheliner, ot the Merchants' 
Exchange, yesterday appointed the following 
merabers of the Merchants' Exchange to act 
as pall-bearers: Al€i. H. Smith, Mr. Bain's 
llie-louK friend; 1). P. Slattery. John Wahl, 
Henry C. Haarstlck, Andrew Warren and F. 
^.JudRon. Mr. Bain was a charter member 
In Compton Hill Council, No. 9, Legion ot 
Honor. The interment will take place Satur- 
day afternoon, and will be private. The 
house will be thrown open to friends ot de- 
ceased between the hours of 9 and 11 Satur- 
day morning. 

Geor;,'o Bain was born May 5, 1836, in Ster- 
Hp.k Castle, Scotland. His education was 
londuGted at the grammar school ot Ster- 
llnK, and comprised, In adaltlon to the usual 
branches of an English education, a full 
course of classics and the higher branches of 
mathematics. In 1851 his lather emlgratea 
with his family to Canada. Young George 
remained In Montreal, his father proceeding 
to the Upper province, entering business at 
Plcton.ontfae Hay of Qulnte. In Montreal 
youii:; George remained for three years in the 
employ oJ James Court, land agent and ac- 
countant. He "next passed one year 
in Portland, .Me., In the commission 
lu)usc ot Mackintosh & Co. Then 
he removed to Chicago, where he 
obtained a situation In a large commission 
house. In 1H50 he formed a partnership with 
a Mr. Clarke In the commission business un- 
der the style of Bain & C larke, which com- 
mercial venture was brought to an untimely 
end by the financial dlrtlcultles ot 1657. In 
lsU5 Mr. Bain came to St. Louis with a Mr 
T !Kllke,of the llrm of Gilbert, lipdlke& Field, 
111 th<? cni)aclty of salesman. In November of 
Uic Nam*.- year, lu connection with Messrs. 
Kihlorand I'pdlke, he opened a house In New 
,„.i.,,,,u ;,rm tran.«actca a large flour and 
ness. ilils branch of the business 

uary, IbOO, Mr, Bum was admitted a» a part- 
ner In the St. Louis branch of the 
business, and the Arm title was 
changed to Updike, Field & Co. 
on the 1st of January, 1867, the connection 
with the Chicago house was severed, and the 
firm became Updike, Bain & Co. In December 
of the same year he sold out his Interest in 
the New Orleans house, concentrating hia 
whole attention and caoltal In St. Louis, 
buying out his par.tuers and changlni,' the 
llrm name to George Bain & CO. In 180'.» he 
admitted his brother, Wm. B. Bain, to part- 
nership, and in 1871 purchased one-half In- 
terest in the Atlantic mill, cornerof Main and 
Plum streets, which was turning out at that 
time SOU barrels of flour dally. In 1874 ho 
shipped and personally accompanied 30,000 
barrels oi flour ol his own manufacture4o tne 
1 uropean markets, the first alrect shipment 
of Hour from St. Louis to Europe that Is re- 
corded In the commercial history of St. Louis. 
He carried on the Atlantic mill, dolog a largo 
foreign trade until some ten years ago, when 
the institution Was destroyed by tire. 
Ue rebuilt the plant and continued 
business up to Ave years a^o. 

President Bernhelmer, ol the Merchants' 
Exchange, yesterday appointed the following 
members ol the Merchants' Exchange to act 
as pall -bearers: Alex. H. Smith, Mr. Bain's 
llfe-lonc friend; "D. P. Slattery, John Wahl, 
Henry C. Haarstick, Aiidrew Warren and F. 
M.judson. Mr. Bain was a charter member 
In Compton HlU Council, No. », Legion of 
Honor. The interment will take place Satur- 
day afternoon, and will be private. The 
house will be thrown open to friends ot de- 
ceased between the hours ot 9 and 11 Satur- 
day morning. ,, 

Geor;io Bain was born May 5, 1836, In Ster- 
1 ling Castle, Scotland. His education was 
teonducted at the grammar school ot Ster- 
ling, and comprised, In adaltlon to the usual 
branches of an English education, a full 
course of classics and the higher branches of 
mathematics. In 1851 his father emigrated 
with his family to Canada. Young George 
remained In Montreal, his lather proceeding 
to the Upper province, entering business at 
' Plcton, on the Bay ot Qulnte. In Montreal 
young George remained for three years in the 
employ of James Court, land agent and ac- 
countant. He "next passed one year 
In Portland, Me.. In the commission 
house of Mackintosh & Co. Then 
he removed to Chicago, where he 
obtained a situation in a large commission 
house. In IHoO he formed a partnership with 
a Mr. Clarke In the commission business un- 
der the style of Bain & Clarke, which com- 
mercial venture was brought to an untimely 
end by the financial difficulties of lb57. lu 
1MG5 Mr. Bain came to St. Louis with a Mr. 
Tbdlke.of the firm ot Gilbert, Updlke& Field, 
in" the capacity of salesman. In November of 
the name year. In connection with Messrs. 
Kehlor and UpdlKe, he opened a house In New 
Orleans, and tran.«acted a large flour aiul 
grain business. 'Ihls branch of thebusiiiL^s 
was known as Kehlor, Updike & Co. In Jan- 
uary, 1866, Mr. Bain was admitted as a part- 
ner in the St. Louis branch of the 
business, and the firm title was 
changed to Updike, Field & Co. 
on the 1st of January, 1867. the connection 
with the Chicago house was severed, and the 
lirm became Updike, Bain & Co. In December 
oi the same year he sold out hIa Interest in 
the New Orleans house, concentrating his 
whole attention and canllal In St. Louis, 
buying out his partners and chaaglni? the 
llrm name to George Bain & Co. In 1809 he 
.,,|,,. ,,...,; 1^1.; i>,-,,ih,. I- Win H. Bain, to parl- 
i-d one-half in- 
ner of Main ancl^ 
____^ ;ilug out at rli^xr;.' 

.-•Ulpix'U iiua personiUly accompanlod 30,000 
uarrols oi lloui- ol his cvu mauui'acturo to tne 
1- uropeaii markets, tl-.e Jirst airect shipment 
of Hour irora St. Louis to Europe that Is re- 

I curdou 111 the commercial history of St. Louis 
}lo carried on the Atlantic mill, dolog a larce 

I lorelgu lr.ide until sorao ten years ago when 
ilio Institution was destroyed by lire* 
lie rebuilt iho plant and continued 
ouslness up to Ave years ago, 
when he transferred the mill to the 
Ketjina Mill company. He continued with • 
iius latter firm as general manager, superln- 
tciiaeut and buyer until about fourteen 
niuiiihsa«o, when he resigned to accept the 
(.yvernment position which he held at the 

I tnne 01 his death, as United States Chief 
Special Agent of Manufacturing Statistics of 

in all public enterprises and In all matters ' 
relating to btate ana municipal government 
Mr. lia u always took a prominent and useful , 
jjart. Ho was oue of the Lxecutlve Commit- 
tee 01 the Gram Association, a Director in the " 
Second National Hank. Citizens' Insurance 
Company. Chamber of Commerce Association 
and mnny other Important organizations In- 
t.uv.leiy couuccced -.vllh the welfare of St 
Louis in Its mercantile relations. He was 
^ ice I'resldent of the National Board of Trade |! 
and^ln 187S was President of the Merchants^ ' 
Li-change. He was a member of the Board of 
:;V!-l!'"™*^''' "'°'" "»« Kaurth Ward from 180^ to 
1H,3, and was considered one 
ol the most energetic membprs 

%\ 'n/'of^°.f ^V./,'' 'V* ""^ '"-^^ I'^lrst vTce rres! 
idcutof the Millers' National Association and 
r resident oi the Missouri State association 
JrV,' S"*" '^P'^^ °'" George P. Plant he was e^: 
t"/^»-°,--^'"^^«i'^^"V''* ^''^ national association, 
to Which office he was elected in 1S75. in 
IS. 4 he was also President of the Union 
steam Mills Company, which turned out '400 
barrels OI Hour daily. 

M^f J*'^'^ ^^T- ^=''" ^''^^ raarrlod to Miss Clara 
Mather at Yorkviiio. 111., and Ave childrea 
aro the fruit of the union. ^"-lurea 

Tne Republican Central Committee held a 
special session yesterday afternoon to take 
action on the death of George Bain Ther^ 
were present, in adaitlon to the committee 
niany representative business men. a J 
Lsavis announced to the committee 'thP 
death of Mr. Bain, and touched feelingly on 
the many virtues of the deceased. Mr W 
» . A\ o cott read a preamble and resolutions' 
aiiu also denounced the traducers of the 
man who had spent his life and for! 
tune for th<i welfare of St. Louis 
i!f„ *l«P'*«'^ated the perso a • : animosity 
I ^Tnrt.^M "r"°®* ^'^^^^ persistently and 
vindictively assailed acd persecuted him 
I clurlBg the last few days of his life and up to 
the time of his death. The resolutions were 
•■"iBlmously adopted, and a copy ordered 
t the bereaved family. Eulogistic ad- 
uiessoa were delivered by Mark K. chartrand 
and Wm. A Uobbs. The Executive Com- 
iMiitee has ordered a. floral onering with the 
wordb, "Our Chairman," worked on it to 
nn placed on the coflln by the Kepubilcaa 

in a body ""''°" '^^'^ """ '*'**" ^^® ^°'"« 
AH the late special agents of the census 
Who served under Mr. Bain will meet 1 n h s 
late o.hco at 12 o'clock to-day, and will uke 
similar steps. ** " 

.Mr. Bain waa the Southwestern agent for 
the iXorihwesWrn Miller, with which paper 
iiis^son, Walter, is connected. He Icavea A 
widow and four children In comfortable cir- 
cumstances. George O. Bain Is with the 
I ted Press at Washington, and the body 
will bo embalmed and kept until hla arrival 



children: Alarie E. and William Alloii. Presi- 
iloiit AlltMi Bakoi' Coiiuiiissioii Co., <;rain and 
mill food, since 1!M)(); maiiaijinf;' director truck 
tlei>artniont Brown Automobile Co. A[emlier 
St. Louis i\[erchants' Exchange. Ke]>u]dican. 
Catholic. Oflice: lO.")? Pierce Bld<>-. Residence: 
4r).'i!l Wasliinyton J^oul. 

BAKER, Charles Andrew, real estate; born, 
Dayton, 0., Apr. 29, IH-IG; son of John G. and 
Sophia Dorothea (Schriefer) Baker; graduate 
Davton High School, in class of 1874; mar- 
rie.l, Fargo, X. Dak., Sept. 11, 1884, Mary W. 
Ilime; children: Herbert Oliver, Edith May, 
Ralph lr\ing. Came to St. Louis, 1S7S; was 
salesman for Graham Paper Co. for twenty 
years; gave u]> position in 1898 to push the 
sale of Webster Park and other suburban 
jiroperty iu vicinity of AVebster and Kirk- 
wood; now engaged in general real estate 
business as the agent and one of the directors 
of Webster Park Realty Co.; secretary and 
treasurer Sherwood Forest Realty Co., West 
Webster Realty Co. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Member (/ivic League. Clubs: IMer- 
cn utile, Algonquin Golf. Office: 903 Wright 
Hld«-. Residence: Rosemont Ave., Webster 

BAKEK, George Arnold, Jr., president 
Stephens Lithograidiing and Engraving Co.; 
l)orn, Helena, ]\lont., Aug. 21, 18G6; son of 
George A. and f]leanor (Street) Baker; edu- 
cated in public schools an<l Smith Academy, 
8t. Louis, graduating, 1883; married, St. 
Louis, Nov. 2, 1892, Grace Heath. Began busi- 
ness career as clerk for E. C. Meacham Arms 
Co., St. Louis, 1883-90; since 1890 with Ste- 
]>hens Lithographing and Engraving Co.; in 
1894, with associates, purchased the business 
and is now president of the company. Clubs: 
St. Louis, New England. Favorite recreations: 
horseback riding and driving. Office: 422 N. 
2d St. Residence: .jOl N. Clara Ave. 

BAKER, George Reason, banking; born, 
Tijppecanoe, Harrison Co., O., July 4, 1875; 
son of John Wesley and Rebecca (Phillips) 
Baker; educated in common schools; married, 
Lancaster, Mo., Dec. 22, 1898, Heleena Figge; 
one son, Lorenzo E., born "Slar. 28, 1900. Be- 
came conne'-ted with the Farmers' and ]\[er- 
chants' Savings Bank of Lancaster, ]\Io., 1893, 
and advanced to cashier; appointed repre- 
sentative of National Bank of Commerce, St. 
Louis, 1903, and was in charge of the World's 
Fair department of the bank, 1904; assistant 
cashier since Jan. 1, 1907. Secretary Group 
No. 1, IVIissouri Bankers' Association, 1902. 
Member American Institute of Banking, St. 
Louis Credit Men's Association. ^Nletliodist. 
Mason. Clubs: ^Masonic, Midland Valley Golf. 
Recreation: golf. Office: National Bank of 
Commerce. Residence: 6911 Kingsbury Boul. 

BAKEWELL, Paul, lawyer; born, St. Louis, 

Aug. 21, 1838; son of Robert Armytage and 

Nanoy (de Laureal) Bakewell; educated at 
St. Louis University (LL.D., October, 1904), 
and graduated from law school of Wasliing- 
ton I'niversity, LL.B., 1879; married, St. 
Louis, Apr. 30', 1884, Eugenia Stella McNair; 
children: Marie, Eugenia (ISlrs. Charles V. H. 
Roberts), Paul, Jr., Edward, Claude, Nancy, 
Vincent. Admitted to bar at St. Louis in 
May, 1879, and since continuously engaged in 
practice as specialist in patent, trade-mark 
and copyright law. Member of St. Louis Bar 
Association, Missouri State Bar Association, 
American Bar Association. Trustee St. Louis 
I'niversity. Democrat. Roman Catholic. 
C'lubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Sunset Hill Coun- 
try; Lawyers (New York). Recreations: 
shooting, fishing and horseback riding. Office: 
La Sall(> Bldg. Resilience: St. Louis. 

BALDWIN, Edward S., lumber; born, Mem- 
phis, Tenn.; son of James W. and Rose Ann 
(Nicholas) Baldwin; came with parents to 
St. Louis and attended school at Carondelet, 
later student in private school of Dr. Mc- 
Anally; graduated Bryant & Stratton Com- 
mercial College; married Jessie Buchanan, of 
Memphis; children: Gertrude Kyle, Irene Mil- 
dred, Charles Sidney, Rose Lethenia. Began 
under uncle, George Baldwin, in stove, range 
and furnace business; became connected with 
the Clarkson-Christopher Lumber Co. and was 
made manager at Elmore, Ark.; returned to 
St. Louis, 1890, and entered employ of the 
Bonsack Lumber Co., of which is superintend- 
ent. Member Christian (Disciples) Chundi. 
Reitublicau. IMason. ^Member Royal Arcanum. 
Offi<'e: Angelica St. and Wharf.' 

BALDWIN, Frederick Amos, professor 
jiathology, etc.; born, Kalamazoo, Mich., May 
14, 1877; son of Charles E. and Dora J. (War- 
ren) Baldwin; educated in public schools of 
Jackson, Mi(di.. 1885-93; ^Medical Department, 
University of .Michigan, ]\r.l)., 1898; Depart- 
ment of Literature, Science and Art, same, 
A.B., 1902, Sc.l)., same, 1904. Served in Med- 
ical Department of University of Michigan, 
as assistant in histology, 1896-97, assistant in 
]iathology, 1898-1902, instructor in pathology, 
1902-04; assistant city pathologist and bac- 
teriologist, St. Louis, 1904-07; professor pathol- 
ogv and therapeutics. Medical Department, 
Baylor I'niversity, Dallas, Tex., 1907-10; jiro- 
fessor pathology, bacteriology and medicine, 
American ^Medical College, St. Louis, since 
1910, also secretary same; secretary National 
University of Arts and Sciences. Member St. 
Louis. Missouri State and Southern Illinois 
Medical societies, Nu Sigma Nu, Sigma Xi 
college fraternities. Recreations: baseball, 
football and tennis. Office: 4500 Olive St. 
Residence: 3.509 Morgan St. 

BALDWIN, Richard Brackett, manager A. 
C. Lawrence Leather Co.; born, Boston, Mass., 
Feb. 18, 1873; son of W. H. and Mary Frances 
Augusta (Chaffee) Baldwin; educated in Bos- 



ton public schools and Boston Latin School; 
married, Chicago, July 14, 1900, Belle Eob- 
erts. Began active career in leather business 
with Arey, Maddock & Locke, continuing 
from 1890 to 1S9S; since with the A. C. Law- 
rence Leather Co., first as manager at Chi- 
cago until October, 1903, and since then as 
manager of the St. Louis office. Eepublican. 
Eecreations: hunting, fishing and farming. 
Office: 705-707 Lucas Ave. Kesidence: Kirk- 
wood, Mo. 

BALDWIN, Walter; see Vol. 1906. 

BALL, Frank C, safe deposit officer Mis- 
sissippi Valley Trust Co.; born, Staplehurst, 
Neb., Apr. 3, 1886; son of Eev. Albert Dil- 
worth, D.D., and Mary A. (Maeder) Ball; 
graduated at De Soto (Mo.) High School, 
1903; unmarried. Began active career with 
Jefferson County Bank, De Soto, continuing 
May, 1903- June, 1906; has been connected 
with the Mississippi Valley Trust Co. at St. 
Louis since June, 1906, and safe deposit officer 
same, since Apr. 12, 1911. President St. Louis 
Chapter American Institute of Banking. Ee- 
publican. Methodist. Mason; member Lamb- 
skin Lodge No. 460, A. F. & A. M.; St. Louis 
Chapter No. 8, E. A. M.; St. Aldemar Com- 
mandery No. 18, Knights Templar; Moolah 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. Club: Amateur 
Athletic. Eecreations: baseball and tennis. 
Office: Mississippi Valley Trust Co., 4th and 
Pine Sts. Eesidence: 2244 Eed Bud Ave. 

BALli, James Moores, physician, oculist; 
born, West Union, Iowa, Sept. 4, 1862; son of 
Dr. James Moores and Martha (Glover) Ball; 
educated in public schools of Waterloo, Iowa; 
Iowa State University, Iowa City, M.D., 1884; 
post-graduate instruction in New York and in 
Europe; married, York, Pa., Oct. 14, 1890, 
Naomi Marshall; children: Logan Marshall, 
Mary Josephine. Engaged in practice of medi- 
cine since 1886; practice confined to ophthal- 
mology since 1890; professor diseases of the 
eye, American Medical College; oculist Amer- 
ican Hospital and Christian-Centenary Hos- 
pital; member numerous medical societies. 
Author of Ball's Modern Ophthalmology. 
Episcopalian. Office: 4500 Olive St. Eesi- 
dence: 4374 Washington Ave. 

BALL, Otho Fisher, editor Interstate Med- 
ical Journal; born, Waterloo, Iowa, June 20, 
1875; son of Dr. James Moores (Sr.) and 
Martha B. (Glover) Ball; educated in public 
schools of Iowa; took special science course 
in University of Wisconsin, and graduated 
from the College of Pliysicians and Surgeons, 
St. Louis, M.D., 1897; married, St. Louis, Feb. 
19, 1901, Leonora Montgomerie Clague. En- 
gaged in practice of medicine until 1902; as- 
sistant editor, 1897-1903, since 1903 managing 
editor of the Interstate Medical Journal, also 
secretary and general manager Interstate 
Medical Journal Co., its publishers (incorpo- 
rated 1901). Member various medical socie- 

ties and social and local literary clubs. Club: 
University. Office: Metropolitan Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: 5337 Cabanne Ave. 

BALLARD, James FranMin, manufacturer 
proprietary medicines; born, Ashtabula, O., 
July 16, 1851; son of James and Elisa (Heath) 
Ballard; educated in public schools, Almont, 
Mich.; married, Vincennnes, Ind., June 24, 
1878, Emma Hill Hadley; children: William 
J., Berenice C. (Mrs. H. H. Clark, Jr.), Nellie 
E. Came to St. Louis, 1874; was connected 
with Eichardson & Co., wholesale drugs, until 
1882, when established the Ballard-Snow Lini- 
ment Co., of which is proprietor. Director 
Mechanics-American National Bank, of St. 
Louis, United States & Mexican Trust Co., of 
New York. Member Business Men's League 
(St. Louis). Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile, 
Noonday (St. Louis), Salmagundi, Drug and 
Chemical (New York). Office: 500-502 Wash- 
ington Boul. Eesidence: 4420 Washington 

BALLAH.D, John O., grain commission; 
born, Logan Co., O., Dec. 31, 1872; son of 
Theodore E. and Elizabeth (Depew) Ballard; 
educated in public grammar and high schools 
and course in business college; married, St. 
Louis, Dec. 24, 1895, Lydia W. Harting; one 
daughter: Elizabeth. Identified with the grain 
business in St. Louis since 1893; started with 
Ballard-Messmore & Co., and is vice presi- 
dent and treasurer of the company; also sec- 
retary and treasurer St. Louis Grain Clearing 
Co. Member St. Louis Merchants' Exchange. 
Democrat. Methodist. Mason (32°), Knight 
Templar. Clubs: St. Louis, Bellerive Country, 
Glen Echo Country. Eecreation: golf. Office: 
520 Merchants' Exchange. Eesidence: 5171 
Waterman Ave. 

BALLARD, Theodore Reese, commission 
merchant; 1848-1909; see A'ol. 1906. 

BALSON, William Lewis, president Balson 
Eealty & Building Co.; born, Bridport, Dorset- 
shire, Eng., Oct. S, 1842; son of Lewis and 
Susan (Wheadon) -Balson; educated in na- 
tional schools of England until eleven years 
of age; came to America with parents in 
1853, and attended public schools of St. Louis, 
and night schools; married, St. Louis, Dec. 23, 
1866, Ella Schofield, whose father, William 
Schofield, came from Manchester, Eng., 1845; 
nine children: William S. (who died 1903), 
Ella E., Susan C, Edith M., Mary J., Ethel C, 
Lewis E., Eva and Olive A. Was in employ 
of U. S. Government about two years at Fort 
Leavenworth and Jefferson Barracks; learned 
carpenter's trade; entered building business 
in spring of 1866, in which has since con- 
tinued, adding real estate business about 
1880; incorporated under title of Balson 
Eealty & Building Co., of which is president. 
Democrat. Mason. Eecreations: reading and 
home life. Office: 5899 Delmar Ave. Eesi- 
dence: Webster Groves, Mo. 


BAMBER, Samuel Edward, secretary Hess 
& Culliprtson Jewelry Co.; born, Batavia, O., 
Oct. 17, 187(i; son of Henry and Justine 
(Favre) Bamber* educated in public schools 
of Cincinnati, O. ; married, St. Ijouis, June 10, 
1901, Louise Jenkins; children: Euth Marie, 
Louise Justine. Came to St. Louis in 1893, 
and was with the I\[errick, Walsh & Phelps 
Jewelry Co. as salesman until 1S97; then was 
salesman with the Hess & Culbertson Jewelry 
Co. until 1902, when became secretary of the 
company. Republican. Was a member of Com- 
pany G, 1st Missouri Volunteers, during the 
Spanish-American War, and served one year 
in Cuba. Baptist. Mason (32°), Knight Tem- 
plar, Shrincr; member Knights of the ]\racca- 
bees of the World, Woodmen of the World. 
Club: Missouri Athletic. Favorite recreation: 
baseball. Office: 501 N. 7th St. Eesideuce: 
Kenwood Springs, St. Louis Co. 

BANDELIER, Gustav A., candy manufac- 
turer; see Vol. 190(). 

BANISTER, Fred Arthur, real estate; born, 
St. Louis Co., Missouri, Nov. 28, 1861; son of 
John B. and ^liriam (A^oisey) Banister; edu- 
cated in Webster School, St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis, Nov. 28, 1888, Nonie E. Morton; 
children: Marian, Edward W. Began business 
career as secretary to Gains Paddock, presi- 
dent of the Paddock-Hawley Iron Co., con- 
tinuing for ten years; was for two years with 
E. S. Guignon & Bro., real estate; since then 
real estate and financial agent on own ac- 
count. Member Business Men 's League, St. 
Louis Real Estate Exchange. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mason (32°), Knight Templar, 
Shriner; secretary IMasonic Temple Associa- 
tion. Member Legion of Honor. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, Glen Echo, Oasis Fishing and Hunt- 
ing. Favorite recreation: automobiling. Of- 
fice: 1422-1424 Svndicate Trust Bldg., 915 
Olive St. Residence: 4542 W. Pine Boul. 

BANNERMAN, James, harness and sad- 
dlery; 1S40-1911; see Vol. 1912. 

BARCK, Carl, physician; born, Karlsruhe, 
Germany, July 29, 1859; son of Herrmau and 
Ema (Riester) Barck; educated in public 
school till 9th year, gymnasium and lyceum 
until 18th year, and in T^niversities of Frei- 
burg and Berlin till 22; M. D., University of 
Freiburg, 1880; married, St. Louis, June 26, 
1891, Maud Schroeder; children: Amy, Edna. 
Engaged in practice of medicine since 1882; 
practice confined to diseases of the eye and 
ear. Professor of ophthalmology, St. Louis 
University; member of various medical so- 
cieties, America and abroad, St. Louis Acad- 
emy of Science. Member Ethical Society, etc. 
Recreations: chess, mountaineering. Office: 
202-207 Humboldt Bldg. Residence: 3301 Shen- 
andoah Ave. 

BARCLAY, George Reppert, vice president 
Simmons Hardware Co.; born, Sacramento, 
Cal., Dec. 27, 1854; son of George R. and Julia 

(Johnson) Barclay; educated in public schools 
of Allegheny City, Pa., and Marietta, O. ; 
married, St. Louis, Oct. 19, 1881, Lillie I. 
Swain; children: George F., Julia (Mrs. John 
D'Arcy), Thomas S. Began business career 
as clerk in the local freight office of the North 
Missouri R. R. Co., Oct. 1, 1870, remained 
with that company in various positions until 
I\rar(di, 1S75, when resigned to enter employ 
of Simmons Hardware Co., with which com- 
pany continued, successively, as entry clerk, 
chief clerk of correspondence department, and 
manager of credit department; elected di- 
rector, Jan. 1, 1898, office of assistant treas- 
urer; and in 1904 elected to present position 
as vice president of the company. Was mem- 
ber of Company G, 1st Regiment, National 
Guard of Missouri. Episcopalian. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, Algonquin Golf, Triple A, Officers of 
1st Regiment, N. G. M. Recreation: travel- 
ing. Office: 9th and Spruce Sts. Residence: 
4305 Morgan St. 

BARCLAY, Robert, physician, specialist; 
born, St. Louis, May 8, 1857; son of David 
Robert Barclay (lawyer, journalist, author 
of Barclay's Digest, and proprietor and 
editor of the St. Louis Dispatch) and Mary 
Melinda (Shepard) Barclay, daughter of Capt. 
Elihu H. Shepard (soldier in four American 
■wars, lawyer and teacher) ; of British and 
Norman ancestry on paternal side, and of 
Revolutionary ancestry on maternal side; at- 
tended schools of St. Louis, Mo., and Alex- 
andria, Va.; A.B., Trinity College, Hartford, 
Conn., 1880, A.M., 1883; M.D., College of 
Physicians and Surgeons (Medical Depart- 
ment, Columbia University), 1883; married, 
Hartford, Conn., October, 1886, Minnie Genie, 
daughter of Thomas and Agnes (Gibson) Ham- 
ilton (both of distinguished Scottish ances- 
try); they have three sons: Robert Hamilton 
(with electrical department, Kansas City 
Terminal R. R. Co.), Shepard Gibson (member 
editorial staff, New York Sun) and McClel- 
land (commercial artist and special marine 
painter, New York and Washington, D. C). 
Mrs. Barclay died Dec. 22, 1908. She was 
especially gifted as a musician and composer, 
and served as musical director of the St. 
Louis Chapter, Daughters of the American 
Revolution. Dr. Barclay has engaged in prac- 
tice in St. Louis since October, 1SS5, as spe- 
cialist in diseases of the ear, nose and throat; 
has served as chief, in his department, in St. 
Louis City Hospital, Missouri Pacific Railway 
Hospital, St. Louis Baptist Hospital, Missouri 
Baptist Sanitarium, St. Mary's Infirmary. 
South Side Dispensary, JNlaria Consilia Deaf 
and Dumb Institute, St. Philomena 's Indus- 
trial School, House of the Good Shepherd, 
etc. Among improvements devised by him in 
surgical instruments, may be named a special 
pattern of shaft-and-handle for any instru- 
ment for operating in the depth of long narrow 



cavities; also an improved aud shortened aural 
operating-speculum. Vice president St. Louis 
^Medical Society, 1906. Contributor to medical 
I'eriodicals, encyclopaedias, society proceed- 
ings, etc. Chief articles: "Medical Treatment 
of Acute Diseases of the Middle Ear," Hare's 
System of Practical Therapeutics, 1892; 
"Closure of the Ear bv Growths of Bone," in 
the St. Louis Medical" Review of 1894; "Can 
You Cure Deafness Caused by Catarrh" ("A 
Reply"), in The Laryngoscope of 1897; "A 
Practical Suggestion Bespecting the Eemoval 
of Foreign Bodies from the Larynx; illus- 
trated by a Case of Cockle-burr upon the A"o- 
cal Cords, ' ' in The Medical Fortnightlv of 
1905; "A Method of Eadical Relief of Cases 
of Deafness Long Abandoned as Hopeless," 
Journal of Missouri State Medical Associa- 
tion, 1907; "Relief of Chronic Deafness by 
Tympanic Resection," in The Railway Sur- 
geon, 1907; "Some Practical Problems in Ear, 
Nose and Throat Practice," Journal of Mis- 
souri State Medical Association, 1912; etc. 
Main Office and Address: 3894 "Washington 
Boul. Supplementary Office: 3100 S. Grand 
Ave., cor. Arsenal St. 

BARCLAY, Shepard, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, Xov. ;J, 1847; son of Caj^t. Elihu H. 
Shepard, of pioneer American settlers; edu- 
cated St. Louis public and high schools; A.B., 
St. Louis University, 1867; LL.B., University 
of Virginia, 1869; Paris, and Universitv of 
Berlin, 1870-72; (LL.D., University of Mis- 
souri, 1897, St. Louis L^niversity, 1904); mar- 
ried, St. Louis, June 11, 1873, Katie Anderson. 
Practiced law, St. Louis, 1872-82; elected cir- 
cuit judge, St. Louis, 1882; elected justice Su- 
]ireme Court, Missouri, 1888; chosen chief 
justice, 1897; resigned, 1898, and resumed 
jiractice; appointed judge St. Louis Court of 
Appeals, 1901; returned to practice, 1903; now 
member firm of Barclay, Fauntlero}^ & Cullen. 
.\rember Business Men 's League. President 
T'niversity of Virginia Alumni, Beta Theta 
Alumni. Life meml)er ]\lissouri Historical So- 
ciety. Clubs: University, Noonday, Bellerive, 
Schiller Verein, Mercantile, Alma Mater. Of- 
fice: 214 X. 6th St. Residence: 3844 Delmar 

BAKDENHEIER, Charles William, wine 
and liquor merchant; born, St. Louis, Xov. 4, 
1869; son of John and Elizabeth (Schaub) 
Bardcnheior; educated in St. Louis public 
school. Christian Brothers College, and Bry- 
ant &. Stratton Business College; married, 
Centralia, 111., June, 1S96, Flora Kohl; one 
■daughter, Fernanda. After leaving school, in 
1881, entered eni])]oy of his father, in the 
wholesale wine and liquor business; learned 
wine-making in Europe, 1888-89; vice presi- 
dent John Banlenheier Wine and Liquor Co., 
1895-1905, since president. Catholic. Recrea- 
tions: hunting and fishing. Office: 210-214 
Market St. Residence: 5159 Fairmount Ave. 

BARDENHEIER, John Henry, wholesale 
wines and liquors; born, St. Louis, Aug. 15, 
1873; son of John and Elizabeth (Schaub) 
Bardenheier; educated in St. Louis public 
schools, Christian Brothers College, and Bry- 
ant & Stratton Business College; married, 
Nov. 28, 1906, Louise Lagomardmo. In 1889 
entered the wine and liquor house of John 
Bardenheier, thoroughly learning the business, 
and was sent by father to California, where, 
among the Italian-Swiss colony in the wine 
sections of that state, studied the processes of 
making, and especially of keeping, native 
wines; on return reentered the house and in 
1895 when business was incorporated as the 
John Bardenheier Wine and Liquor Co., be- 
came secretary of the comj^any, continuing 
until death of father, June, 1905, when, with 
three brothers, succeeded to the business, be- 
coming vice president of the company. Cath- 
olic. Member of the Eagles, Knights of 
Pvthias, Travelers' Protective Association. 
Office: 210-214 Market St. Residence: 6059 
Kingsbury Boul. 

BARDENHEIER, Joseph Anthony, whole- 
sale wine and liquors; born, St. Louis, Dec. 21, 
1880; son of John and Elizabeth (Schaub) 
Bardenheier; educated in St. Louis j)ublic 
schools. Christian Brothers College and Bry- 
ant & Stratton Business College; unmarried. 
Entered Avholesale wine and liquor house of 
father (who established it in 1873) in 1894, 
and in 1895, when business was incorporated 
as the John Bardenheier Wine and Liquor Co., 
became assistant secretary of the company, 
so continuing until death of father in June, 
1905, when succeeded, with three brothers, to 
the business and became secretary of the com- 
panv. Office: 210-214 Market St. Residence: 
5102 Maple Ave. 

BARKER, Harry Clark, lawyer; boru, Hart- 
ford, Kan., .luly 18, 1880; son of Rev. Joel 
Arlington and Alice R. (Smith) Barker; de- 
scended from English ancestry, landing in 
America about 1752; educated Fairburv 
(Neb.) High School, graduating, 1898; stu- 
dent University of Nebraska, 1898-1900; con- 
tinued studies in McKendree College, Leba- 
non, 111., but left that institution in senior 
year to enter business; read law in office of 
C. C. Collins, St. Louis; entered Law Depart- 
ment, Washington Universitj', and graduated 
degree of LL.B., 1904; married, Webster 
Groves, Mo., May 29, 1906, Grace Lawrence 
Ferguson; one child: Harry C, Jr. (deceased.) 
In practice in St. Louis since 1904; member 
firm of Carter, Collins, Jones & Barker since 
1905. Member St. Louis Bar Association, St. 
Louis Law Librarv Association, Beta Theta 
Pi college fraternity. Club: City. Office: 1016, 
506 Olive St. Residence: Webster Groves, Mo. 

BARKER, William Shirmer, jihvsician; 
born, St. Louis, Oct. IS, 1863; son of Dr. Wil- 
liam S. and \ irginia (Shirmer) Barker; edu- 



cated in St. T^ouis ]iulilie scliools; I'h.B., AVasli- 
in<:toii rnivi-rsity, 1SS7; MA)., Missouri Med- 
ical ("oUo^o, IStiO; studied in Post-Graduato 
and Polyedinic schools in New York; married, 
St. Louis, Xov. ;{, 1891, Mary K. Sprajjue; 
children: Sprajjue, Paul Shirmer, Ruth Lin- 
coln, Elizalietli, Philip Charles, Vir<rinia, Theo- 
dore. En<;a^ed in fzeneral i)ractice of medi- 
cine in St. Louis since 1890, with special work 
in diseases of children; member staffs Bethes- 
da and Foundlin<i; hospitals. Member City 
Hosi)ital Metlical, St. Louis Peiliatric and St. 
Louis Metlical societies. Presbyterian. Office: 
3502 N. Grand Ave. Residence: 3855 Delmar 

BARKLAGE, Louis, stock and bond broker; 
born, St. Louis, Fel). 11, 1863; son of Fred- 
erick and Margaret (Henger) Barklage; edu- 
cated in public schools and Polytechnic High 
School, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Apr. 26, 
1893, Eugenia Ludwig. Began active career 
as clerk in Continental Bank, 1879; entered 
office of Wernse & Dieekman, stock and bond 
brokers, 1881, and has ever since been asso- 
ciated with that firm. Member St. Louis Stock 
Exchange (president, 1910, and now director). 
Mason; member Tuscan Lodge No. 360, A. F. 
& A. M. CluV): Union (charter member). Rec- 
reations: fishing and traveling. Office: 317 N. 
4th St. Residence: 618-') Kingsbury Boul. 

BARLOW, Stephen. Douglas, secretary of 
the Collier estate; born, St. Louis, June 13, 
1845; son of Stei)hen 1). and Lucy A. (Dick- 
son) Barlow; educated in public schools and 
"Washington University; married, Rolla, Mo., 
Sept. 29, 1883, Missouri Williams; one daugh- 
ter: Margaret D. After leaving school, en- 
tered firm of W. H. Markham, wholesale iron 
dealers, continuing for six years; first assist- 
ant comptroller of St. Louis during the ad- 
ministration of Nathan Cole, Mayor; then be- 
came secretary and treasurer of the Kellogg 
Bridge Co., of Buffalo, N. Y. ; afterwards first 
assistant comptroller during Mayor Henry 
Overstolz 's administration until ill health 
necessitated a change of climate; for ten 
years thereafter was accountant with different 
iron manufacturing companies, for three years 
secretary and treasurer of the St. Louis & 
Suburban Railway Co., then for a time with 
the ]\rercantile Trust Co.; became secretary of 
the Collier Estate, 1900. Republican. Favorite 
recreations: literature and music. Office: 711, 
105 N. 7th St. Residence: 5502A Maple Ave. 

BARNARD, George D., manufacturing sta- 
tioner; born. New Bedford, Mass., Oct. 6, 
1846; son of Henry L. and Elizabeth Robin- 
son (Curtis) Barnard; educated in public 
school and half through high school, at New 
Bedford, Mass., leaving school because of 
death of father; married, Alton, 111., 1874, 
Mary L. Tindall. Began in stationery business 
as employe in 1860; came to St. Louis, Sep- 
tember, 1868, and was clerk in manufacturing 

stationery house until 1872, when with two 
others started in manufacturing stationery 
business; i>artners died in ls7l) and 1877; 
business later incorporated as George D. Bar- 
nard & Co., of which is i)resident, and since 
1895 has occupied the entire large factory 
building (345x212 feet) where is now located. 
Also vice i)resident Art Metal Construction 
Co. Member Merchants' Exchange (ex-vice 
president). Vice chairman Committee on Fall 
Festivities; one of original World's Fair Com- 
mittee of 200; chairman of many committees 
to raise money for jiublie purposes. Mugwuni]>, 
with Democratic tendencies. Episcopalian 
(Church of the Ascension). Clubs: Mercantile, 
St. Louis, University, Noonday, Round Table, 
St. Louis Country, Glen p]cho. Recreations: 
motoring and traveling. Office: Yande venter 
and Laclede Aves. Residence: 45 Portland 
Plac(>. Summer Resilience: Lake Geneva, Wis. 

BARNES, Algernon Sidney, retired physi- 
cian; born, Mont Albion, Miss., ]N[ar. 8, 1831; 
son of John (M.D.) and Caroline (Clark) 
Barnes; came to St. Louis, 1841; educated in 
private schools of St. Louis, and graduated 
from medical department, University of Mis- 
souri, 1855; married, St. Louis, Apr. 26, 1859, 
Susan C. Bailev; children: Algernon Sidnev, 
Jr., M.D., Percival Clinton, M.D., and I<la M. 
Crossed the })lains with ox-team, 1850, walk- 
ing from St. Joseph, Mo., to Salt Lake, and 
from Salt Lake to the gold mines of Califor- 
nia, where joined a company of Texas rangers 
and dug gold for over two years; returned to 
Missouri, studied medicine, and engaged in 
practice at St. Louis, from 1855; now retired. 
Entered Government service, at beginning of 
Civil War, as surgeon, and served until close 
of war. Member American ]\re<lical Associa- 
tion, Mississijipi Valley Medical Association, 
Missouri State Medical Association, St. Louis 
Medical Societ.y; member Military Surgeons 
of National Guards of United States. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Mason; member Legion of 
Honor. Residence: 6312 Washington Ave. 

BARNES, Algernon Sidney, Jr., physician; 
born, St. Louis, May IS, 1871; son of Algernon 
S. (M.D.) and Susan C. (Sheckley-Bailey) 
Barnes; educated in Smith Academy, Perkins 
and Herpel Business College, St. Louis Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, M.D., 1892; 
special course University of Pennsylvania, 
1892; married, St. Louis," June 7, 1893, Flor- 
ence 1. Bethune; one son: John Algernon, 
l)orn duly 15, 1908. Practiced general medi- 
cine, 1892-97; in 1897 took up specialty of 
ear, nose, throat and chest diseases, as office 
assistant with late Dr. J. C. Mulhall; since 
then has |)racticed alone as specialist in ear, 
nose, throat and lungs. Professor microscopy, 
St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
1893-95; assistant to ])rofessor nose and 
throat, Beaumont Hospital ^Medical College, 
1895-97. Zilembcr St. Louis Medical Society, 


Missouri State Medical Association, American 
Medical Association, Obstetrical Society, 
Philadelphia, Pathological Society, Philadel- 
phia; chairman Scout Masters Association, 
Boy Scouts of America, in St. Louis; chair- 
man Tiny Tim fund; vice president Men's 
Club of Maple Avenue Methodist Church; 
delegate to Central Council of Social Agen- 
cies. Member American National Eed Cross, 
St. Louis Society of Social Hygiene, Social 
Service Conference, Washington University 
Association, Civic League. Eepublican. Clubs: 
City, St. Louis, Eailway. Recreations: gym- 
nastics and boy's work. Office: 210, 705 
Olive St. Residence: 5589 Vernon Ave. 

BARNES, Charles Wardell, real estate; 
born. New York, June 5, 1845; son of George 
and Mary Louisa (Wardell) Barnes; educated 
in public school, New York, boarding schools 
at White Plains, N. Y., and Suffield, Conn., 
and private school, New York; married, St. 
Charles, Mo., Apr. 22, 1879, Lucie Belle Port- 
mess; children: George, Margaret Ellen, Shep- 
ard, Charles W., Jr. Clerk in tea brokerage 
firm. New York, 1860-61, shipping and com- 
mission firm, 1861; went to China, via Aspin- 
wall, Panama and San Francisco, to Shanghai 
(107 days) ; was with Olyphant & Go. at Shang- 
hai, Kinkiang, Hankow, Hong Kong and Canton 
in various capacities until May, 1872; reached 
Shanghai when it was surrounded by the Tai- 
ping rebels, and joined the Shanghai Volun- 
teers in defense of the settlement, in conjunc- 
tion with English, French and Indian troops. 
Returned to New York and entered U. S. 
Sub-Treasury, 1873; came to St. Louis, June 
30, 1875; treasurer Crystal Plate Glass Co., 
1875-95; since 1900 engaged in real estate and 
loan business. Also vice president Buxton & 
Skinner Stationery Co. Member Real Estate 
Exchange. Republican. Episcopalian. While 
in China visited many parts of the empire, 
also Japan; made acquaintance of Generals 
Forrester and Burgevine and of Colonel (Chi- 
nese) Gordon, commander of the "Ever Vic- 
torious Army," and of Li Hung Chang (then 
known as General Li). Club: Mercantile (from 
start). Office: 722 Chestnut St. Residence: 
3754 Westminster Place. 

BARNES, Rollin H., physician; born, Fred- 
ericksburg, O., July 22, 1872; son of Dr. Wil- 
liam T. and Almeda (Greer) Barnes; educated 
public schools of Ohio, Ohio Wesleyan Univer- 
sity, Medical Department Wooster University 
and Marion-Sims Medical College, St. Louis, 
graduating from the latter with degree of 
M.D., April, 1897; unmarried. Has practiced 
at St. Louis since 1897; professor proctology, 
St. Louis College Physicians and Surgeons, 
1905-09; professor proctology, American Med- 
^ical College, since 1910; publisher and editor 
*of The Proctologist. Member American Proc- 
tologic Society, American Medical Associa- 
tion, Missouri State Medical Association, St. 

Louis Medical Society, Medical Association of 
the Southwest, Ohio Valley and Mississippi 
Valley Medical Associations; ex-president 
Alumni of Medical Department, St. Louis Uni- 
versity. Republican. Member Ohio Society of 
St. Louis, B. P. O. Elks. Office: Rooms 219- 
223 Metropolitan Bldg. Residence: 612 N. 
Grand Ave. 

BARNETT, George Dennis, architect; born, 
St. Louis, Oct. 7, 1863; son of George L and 
Elizabeth (Armstrong) Barnett; educated at 
Christian Brothers College; married, St. Louis, 
1889, Nellie R. Haynes; children: George H., 
Theodosia. Started with father, who was one 
of the most prominent architects in the 
United States, 1880, and was with him until 
1885, when took position of head draughtsman 
for City of St. Louis. In 1889 organized firm 
of Barnett & Haynes, architects, which 
changed, 1894, to present style of Barnett, 
Haynes & Barnett, firm architects of Liberal 
Arts Bldg., Louisiana Purchase Exposition; 
Hotel JeiJerson, New Roman Catholic Cathe- 
dral, Star Bldg., Marquette Hotel, Hamilton 
Hotel, etc., St. Louis; also New Illinois Ath- 
letic Club Bldg., New Southern Hotel, Chi- 
cago; Mark Twain Hotel, Hannibal, Mo.; 
Colonial Hotel, Springfield, Mo.; New Joplin 
Hotel, Joplin, Mo., etc. Member American In- 
stitute of Architects. Democrat. Catholic. 
Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Illinois Athletic, 
Cabanne. Recreations: reading and study. 
Office: 313 N. 9th St. Residence: 5530 Delmar 

BARNETT, Tom P., architect; born, St. 
Louis, Feb. 11, 1870; son of George I. and 
Elizabeth (Armstrong) Barnett; graduated 
from St. Louis University, 1886; married, St. 
Louis, 1890, Lillian Armentrout; children: 
Leontine, Tom, Dorethia, George. Engaged in 
practice of architecture in St. Louis since 
graduation, as member of firm of Barnett, 
Haynes & Barnett, architects for many nota- 
ble structures, including the Hotel Jefferson, 
New Cathedral, Star Bldg., Marquette Hotel, 
also for churches, hospitals and residences; 
Liberal Arts Bldg. at the World's Fair; St. 
Louis Cathedral, etc. Republican. Catholic. 
Member American Institute of Architects, St. 
Louis Artists' Guild. Clubs: Mercantile, Mis- 
souri Athletic, Amateur Athletic Association 
(St. Louis), New Illinois Athletic (Chicago). 
Recreations: golf and landscape painting. Of- 
fice: 949 Century Bldg. 

BARNHART, Cary Lee, retired; born. In- 
dependence, Mo., May 2, 1846; son of Robert 
and Susan (Randolph) Barnhart; educated in 
academy, Weston, Mo.; married, Kansas City, 
Mo., Dec. 28, 1876, Ann E. Woodson; chil- 
dren: Cara Meade, Robert, Randolph, Everard 
(all deceased), and Susan Randolph, Sallie 
Carter and Francis Lee. Vice president of the 
Barnhart Mercantile Co., 1875-1910. Member 
Kentucky Society. Democrat. Methodist. Ma- 



son (32°). Kecreation: fanning. Keaidence: 
5817 Bartmor Avo. 

BARNHART, William Randolph, wholesale 
grocer; born, Streetsville, Can., Alar. S, 1850; 
son of Kobert and JSIary ISusan (Randolph) 
Harnhart; moved with father to Weston, Mo., 
ISo,!; educated in public and private schools, 
Weston; married, St. Louis, Sept. 17, 1884, 
Fannie Greenwood Woodson; children: Wood- 
son, William Randolph, Jr., Nancy Elizabeth, 
Robert Everard, Fannie Carter, Mary Ran- 
dolph. Clerk in drug store, Leavenworth, 
Kan., 1868-70; salesman and commercial trav- 
eler for wholesale grocery house, 1870-75; es- 
tablished business for self, 187.'], in grocers' 
specialties; president Barnhart Mercantile Co. 
since 1883. Also president Globe Realty Co., 
and director of Randolph Realty Co. Member 
St. Louis Merchants' Exchange, Business 
Men's League. Democrat. Methodist (South- 
ern). Member Kentucky Society. Office: 200 
S. Commercial Ave. Residence: Kirkwood, 

BARNS, William Eddy, editor St. Louis 
Lumberman; born, Vevay, Ind., Aug. 29, 1853; 
son of R. M. and Susan S. (Smead) Barns; 
preparatory education at high school, Greens- 
burg, Ind.; B.S., Illinois AVesleyan Univer- 
sity, Bloomington, 111., 1872; married, Bloom- 
ington, Nov. 1, 1875, Miss M. M. Rowe, who 
died Nov. 1, 1877, leaving one son, Frank 
Rowe; married, 2d, Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 26, 
1880, Louise Goode Gillett; one child: Helen 
Gillett. After graduation became city editor 
Daily Republican, Decatur, 111., 1872-73; cor- 
respondent Chicago Inter Ocean, 1874; asso- 
ciate editor Central Christian Advocate, St. 
Louis, 1875-84; editor of The Age of Steel, St, 
Louis, 1886-1902; editor St. Louis Lumber- 
man since 1886; also president of the Journal 
of Commerce Co., publishers St. Louis Lum- 
])erman. One of founders Concatenated Order 
of Hoo-Hoo (lumbermen's organization); sec- 
retary House of Hoo-Hoo; secretary Federal 
Rate Regulation Association; for years secre- 
tary St. Louis Lumbermen's Exchange; mem- 
ber Jury of Awards (forestry) Louisiana Pur- 
chase Exposition. Alember American Eco- 
nomic Association, Missouri Historical So- 
ciety. Secretary Forestry Commission for 
State of Missouri. Republican. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, St. Louis Railwav. Author: The La- 
bor Problem, 1888; Nobody Knows, 1889. Fa- 
vorite recreations: aquatic sports and litera- 
ture. Office: 1103 Wright Bldg. Residence: 
4919 MePherson Ave. 

BARON, Jules, physician and coroner; born, 
vSt. Louis, Aug. 11, 1859; son of Jules C. and 
Euphrasia (Dubief) Baron; educated in pub- 
lic schools of St. Louis, Washington Univer- 
sity and St. Louis Medical College, M.D., 
1881; special courses in universities of Berlin, 
Paris and Vienna, 1881-84; married Frieda 
Rahner; married, 2nd, St. Louis, May, 1903, 

Josephine Ilecker; one son: Jules, Jr. En- 
gaged in general practice of medicine in St. 
Louis since 1884; coroner City of St. Louis 
since November, 1904. President Banner Clay 
Works. Member St. Louis Medical Society, 
IMissouri State Medical Association. Repub- 
lican. Mason (32°), Shriner; member Knights 
of Pythias. Recreations: hunting and fishing. 
Offices: 3357 California Ave. and City Hall. 
Residence: 3357 California Ave. 

BARRETT, Jesse W., lawyer; born. Canton, 
ATo., Alar. 17, 1884; son of Harry H. and Jean- 
netto A. (Bushman) Barrett; educated in 
common and high schools, Canton; B.Litt., 
Christian University, Canton, 1901, A.B., 
1902; LL.B., Law Department Washington 
University, 1905; married, June 19, 1912, Miss 
Ethelyn Louthan, of Canton, Mo. Admitted 
to Missouri bar, 1905, and has since practiced 
in St. Louis; was with firm of Harlan, Jeffries 
& Wagner, 1905-08; associated in practice 
with Milton M. Dearing (then assistant U. S. 
attorney in charge of naturalization), 1908, 
but partnership was dissolved, 1909, when Mr. 
Dearing removed to California; has since 
practiced alone, confining attention to civil 
causes; served 1908-09 as special assistant U. 
S. attorney in conduct of revenue prosecu- 
tions. Member St. Louis Bar Association, 
Thayer Law Club. Active worker in progres- 
sive civic movements and has done consid- 
erable work in social service. Republican; 
vice president Young Men's Republican Asso- 
ciation of Missouri. Member St. John's Meth- 
odist Church, South (member board of stew- 
ards; ex-president Men's Club). Vice presi- 
dent Arlington Chapter of Protected Home 
Circle; member Phi Sigma Kappa college fra- 
ternity. Clubs: City, Lewis County (vice pres- 
ident and ex-president). Office: 906 Third 
National Bank Bldg. Residence: 5205 Vernon 

BARROLL, Joseph Rollinson, merchant; 
born, Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 22, 1867; son of 
Henry Ballard and Adelia (Rollinson) Bar- 
roll; educated in public grammar school, Chi- 
cago; married, Chicago, Dec. 10, 1890, Kath- 
aryn E. Thoms, of Baltimore, Md. ; two chil- 
dren: Joseph Rollinson, Jr., Eugenia Vassar. 
Entered employ of Wilson Bros., Chicago, as 
stock clerk, 1883, and was promoted to de- 
partment manager and foreign buyer at age 
of 20, making first trip to Europe before 21 
years of age; came to St. Louis, 1898, as 
house manager to assist in organizing the 
business of Butler Bros., wholesale general 
merchandise, then being established in this 
city. Director Merchants-Laclede National 
Bank, American Automobile Insurance Co. 
Democrat. Episcopalian; vestryman St. Pe- 
ter's P. E. Church. Vice president Business 
Men's League; member board directors St. 
Louis Symphony Society; member Civic 
League, Society for Relief of Tuberculosis, 



Hospital Saturday and Sunday Association, 
St. Louis Academy Sciences, Xational Geo- 
graphic Society. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, 
City, Aero, Automobile (director), Bellerive 
Country (director). Round Table, Contempo- 
rary. Favorite recreations: jiolf and fishing. 
Office: Butler Bros., 18th and Olive Sts. Eesi- 
dence: 460l> Berlin Ave. 

BARRON, Sterling Price, vice president 
and general manager American Asphalt Asso- 
ciation; born, St. Louis, July 14, 1865; son of 
James C. and Jane (O'Brien) Barron; edu- 
cated at Elleardville and Cote Brilliant 
schools, St. Louis, and at Sedalia Seminary, 
Sedalia, Mo.; married. East St. Louis, 111., 
Nov. 10, 1886, Margaret Ealls Foster; chil- 
dren: Osmond Martin, Helen Dorothy. Began 
business career as stenographer for the Fa- 
mous Shoe ami Clothing Co., and after that 
was stenographer and correspondent, succes- 
sively, for George P. Plant Milling Co. and 
E. G. Scudder & Bro.; then secretary of the 
Gilson Asphaltum Co. until 1902; since vice 
president and general manager of the Amer- 
ican Asphalt Association, miners of Gilsonite 
and Bitumenite. Democrat. Catholic. Mem- 
ber Eoyal League, United Commercial Trav- 
elers. Office: Wainwright Bldg. Residence: 
6321 Berlin Ave. 

BARROWS, John Chester, insurance; born, 
Xew York, July 23, 1858; son of Rev. N. 
(D.D.) and Isabel (Gibson) Barrows; pre- 
pared for college at military school; entered 
Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 1876, grad- 
uating A.B., '1880, A.M., 1884; married, Xew 
York, 1887, Emma Louise Adams. Since 1886 
in general insurance business; general agent 
for the Accident and Liability department of 
the -3i]tna Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, and 
general agent of the Title Guaranty and Sure- 
ty Co. of Pennsylvania. Episcopalian. Mem- 
ber Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Clubs: 
Mercantile, Glen Echo, Sunset Hill Country. 
Recreation: golf. Office: Pierce Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 5735 A^ou Yersen Ave. 

BARRY, James, heating and ventilating en- 
gineer; ])orn, Newhall, ]Mo., Feli. 26, 1869; son 
of William and Elizabeth (Mullioiland) Barry; 
educated in public schools of Xewhall, Mo.; 
married, Belleville, 111., Feb. 26, 1895, Louisa 
Courar; children: James, Veronica, Anna May. 
Began Ijusiness career Avith M. E. Herbert, 
heating contractor, St. Jose]>h, Mo., for six 
inontlis; then was for two and a half years as 
steam fitter with Haxton Steam Heater Co., 
Kewanee, 111., and afterward for twelve years 
superintendent with Karr Supjily Co., heating 
contractors, Belleville, III., :ind represented 
same firm as supcrinti'inh'iit in St. Louis, 
1900-03; in April, 1903, with Fred Elliott, 
established the Elliott & Barry Engineering 
Co., heating engineers and contractors. Demo- 
crat. Catholic. Member Knights of Columbus. 

Office: 705 Olive St. Residence: 5729 Cham- 
berlain Ave. 

*BARRY, Thomas Francis, printers' inks; 
moved to Seattle, Wash.; see Vol. 1906. 

EARTH, J. David, president J. D. Barth 
Coal Co.; born in St. Clair Co., 111., Nov. 30, 
1867; son of John and Catherine (Koob) 
Barth; educated in country school and at Cen- 
tral Wesleyan College, Warrenton, Mo. ; mar- 
ried, Marshall, Tex., May 27, 1899, Lorena 
Cole; one daughter: Margaret Cole. Early life 
spent in railway service; secretary and man- 
ager Consumers ' Electric Light & Power Co., 
and De Soto Telephone Exchange, De Soto, 
Mo., 1891-96; secretary and treasurer Willis 
Coal & Mining Co., 1896-98; sales agent So- 
rento Coal & Mining Co., 1898-1901; in 1901, 
jjurchased the Sylvester Coal Co.; in 1908 or- 
ganized J. D. Barth Coal Co., of which has 
since been president. Also secretary and di- 
rector Consumers' Electric Light & Power Co., 
De Soto, Mo., and director De Soto Telephone 
Exchange. Democrat. Episcopalian. Mason 
(32°), Knight Templar, Shriner. Clubs: Mis- 
souri Athletic, Glen Echo Country. Recrea- 
tions: golf, automobiling. Office: Victoria 
Bldg. Resideiice: 4222 Maryland Ave. 

BARTHOLDT, Richard, congressman; born 
in Germany, Nov. 2, 1855; son of Gottlob and 
Caroline Louise (Wagner) Bartholdt; came to 
the United States in boyhood; classical educa- 
tion; learned printing trade; married Caecilie 
Niedner, of St. Louis, June 27, 1880. Editor- 
in-chief St. Louis Tribune, 188o-92. Member 
St. Louis School Board, 1888-92 (president, 
1891-92); member Fifty-third to Sixty-second 
Congresses (1893-1913), Tenth Missouri Dis- 
trict; Republican. President Inter-Parliamen- 
tary Union for Promotion of International 
Arbitration. Residence: 4066 Flora Boul. 

*BARTLETT, George Morey, publisher; 
moveil to Massachusetts; see Vol. 1906. 

BARTLETT, James A., fire insurance; born, 
Boston, Sept. 11, 1834; son of Hosea and 
Abbie (Tilden) Bartlett; educated in public 
schools of Boston; married, St. Louis, Jan. 7, 
1857, Margaret M. Wineland; children, An- 
drew W., Abbie T. (Mrs. Joseph Campbell), 
Hattie G. (deceased), James A., Jr., Warren 
G. Resident of St. Louis since 1851; began 
business career as clerk in mercantile house 
and in 1858 entered the insurance business as 
clerk for the Marine Insurance Co., with 
which remained many years, becoming suc- 
cessively secretary, vice president and presi- 
dent until 1891; organized the present firm of 
Bartlett & Miller, in 1870, general fire insur- 
ance business. Recognized as the dean of fire 
insurance men in St. Louis. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Office: Pierce Bldg. Residence: 2654 
Teri'ac(> Lane. 

BARTLETT, Warren Goddard; see Vol. 



BARTLETT, Willard, siir^con; liom. \\v- 
den, ill., July 1'7, LS(iS; son of Dr. A. T. ami 
Sue A. (Brown) Baitlott; A.H., Illinois ("ol- 
le<,'C, Jacksonvillo, 111., ISiH'; M.I)., .Marion- 
Sims Collojie of Molicino, St. Louis, IS!).'); 
post-graduate courses in uni\ersities of Herliii 
and Strasslnirg, Germany; married, St. Louis, 
1899, CuMievieve Wilson; children: Willard, Jr., 
Robert Wilson, Aurelius Twonibly. Has been 
engaged in surgical practice in St. Louis since 
1895. Member St. Louis Medical Society, Mis- 
souri State Medical Associiition. Clul): St. 
Louis. Otlice: Metroi>()litan Bldg. Resi<lence: 
41*57 Washington Ave. 

BARTLING, William Joseph, real estate; 
born, St. Louis, Feb. 1:2, 1S7.'}; son of William 
and Anna (Cerny) Bartling; educated St. 
Louis University and Christian Brothers 
College, graduating from Commercial I)ei)art- 
ment of latter in 1890; married, St. Louis, 
Feb. 19, 1901, Tillie ]\Iueller; three children: 
Carlie, William and Marie. Began active 
career in emjdoy of Henry Hiemenz, .Jr., 
dealer in real estate, St. Louis, continuing for 
thirteen years; entered real estate, loan ami 
insurance business on own account after deatli 
of Mr. Hiemenz, 1902, which he has since con- 
ducted in own name, making a specialty of 
south side properties and real estate loans. 
Member St. Louis Real Estate Exchange. Re- 
publican. Catholic. Member Million Popula- 
tion Club, Tower Grove Turner Hall, Shenan- 
doah School Improvement Association. Rec- 
reations: travel (both abroad and in United 
States), driving. Office: 909 Chestnut St. Res- 
idence: M319 Shenandoah Ave. 

BARTON, Harry RoszeUe, physician; born, 
Hillsboro, Md., Oct. 23, 18(59; son of Francis 
T. and Sara Josephine Barton; educated under 
tutor until eutereil Roanoke-Salem College, 
Va., 1885, graduating A.B., 1899; graduated 
from Jefferson Medical College, M.D., 1892; 
under private instruction in Jefferson Hos- 
pital 1 year; censor to Medico-Chirurgical Col- 
lege, 1893; married, St. Louis, Dec. 16, 1903, 
Lucie Mac Goodbar; two sons: Harry Good- 
bar and Luc i en Bonwill. Engaged in general 
practice in St. Louis since 1898; instructor in 
medicine and chief of outdoor clinic in Beau- 
mont Medical College, 1898. Democrat. ]\rem- 
ber M. E. Church, South. Office: Chemical 
Bldg. Residence: 4241 Maryland Ave. 

BARWICK, Oliver J., building contractor; 
born, St. Louis Mo., ^lar. 21, 1873; son of 
James and Martha J. (Olney) Barwick; grad- 
uate of St. Louis public schools and ]\[anual 
Training School; married, St. Louis, Jan. 10, 
1900, Anna A. Cone. Engage<l in business as 
building contractor in St. Louis since 1894, 
and since 1900 president of the Barwick Con- 
struction Co., general contractors, ^[ember 
Tuscan Lodge No. 3(i0, A. F. an<l A. M. Pres- 
byterian. Clubs: Engineers, St. Louis Rail- 
way, St. Louis Architectural, Missouri Ath- 

letir, Algominin. Offi(<': (IK) Cliestnut St. Res- 
i<lencc: \(<(\ Ai.L;on(|uin I'lacc, \V(dister Groves, 
.M issouri. 

BASCOM, Joseph Dayton, manufacturer; 
born, St. Louis, July 2, 1849; son Jonathan 
Dayton and Fiances Ann (.Xewiiall) Bascom; 
educated in old Benton I'ublic S(diool, St. 
Louis; marrieil, St. Louis, May 31, 1877, Mary 
M. Frederick; one son: Charles Edward. Be- 
gan business career, 1862, as an errand boy 
in retail clothing store in St. Louis, and in 
18C3 worked for A. M. Leslie (dental supplies) 
on ]\farket St., between ;5rd and 4th Sts. ; mes- 
senger for Chicago & Alton H. H. in East St. 
Louis, 18(i3-(i(i; sliipping clerk for D. M. Rich- 
ardson :\Iatch Co., Detroit, Mich., in St. Louis 
office, 18(i7-(i8; shii)ping clerk for St. Louis 
Railway Sui)ply & Manufacturing Co., 1869, 
then collector, assistant bookkeeiier and sales- 
man until 1876; started with Mr. Broderick 
as partner in firm of Broilerick & Bascom, 
manufacturers of wire roi)e and tramways, 
etc., changing in 1882 to Broderick & Bascom 
Rojie Co., of which is secretary and treasurer; 
also director St. Louis Union Trust Co. Re- 
])ublican. Baptist. Member Merchants' Ex- 
change, Business Men's League and Manufac- 
turers' Association. Was vice president Obi 
^Missouri Gymnasium. Clubs: Commercial, 
Mercantile, St. Louis, Noonday, Missouri Ath- 
letic, St. Louis Country, Racquet, Bellerive 
Country. Recreations: whist, golf and ath- 
letic sports. Office: 805-81)9 X. Main St. Res- 
idence: 45 Westmoreland PI. 

BASCOM, William Sheldon, manager Brod- 
erick & Bascom Rope Co.; born, St. Louis, 
Sept. 17, 1852; son of Jonathan D. and Fran- 
ces A. (Newhall) Bascom; educated in public 
schools; married, St. Louis, Oct. 1, 1874, Jane 
De Vanney; children: W. S., Jr., ]\lrs. Frances 
Ann Allenberg (deceased), Florence, George, 
Blanche, Frank, Arthur (deceaseil). Was for 
18 years with the East St. Louis and St. 
Louis Transfer Co. as office boy, bookkeeper 
and cashier; then for fifteen years with the 
Hopkins-AVeller Drug Co. as cashier, and, on 
dissolution of that company, became city 
salesman, 1900, of the Broderick & Bascom 
Rope Co., wire rope and cordage, from which 
])osition was promoted in 190.". to that of man- 
ager. Reiniblican. Catholic. Member Citizens' 
Alliance, Legion of Honor. Office: 809 X. 
Main St. Residence: :!627 Cook Ave. 

BASS, George Arthur, president Hydraulic 
Press P>ri(d< Co.; born, Kank:ik<M> ('(■., 111., 
Aug. 16, 1864; son of Myron H. antl Elizabeth 
(Kelly) Bass; e<lucated in ])ul)lic schools, Chi- 
cago, and Northwestern University, Evanston, 
111.; married, Denver, Colo. Nov. 16, 1898, 
Zitella Ebert; two children: George Fred- 
erick, Ruth Ebert. Began active career in 
Chicago in real estate and building business; 
went to Washington, I). C, as salesman for 
the Hydraulic Press Brick Co., 1895; appoint- 



ed manager "Washington branch, 1898; became 
manager Philadelphia branch, 1904, and at 
same time was elected second vice president, 
with full charge of eastern business; presi- 
dent same company since June, 1909. Member 
Business Men's League. Kepublican. Clubs: 
Bellerive Country, Noonday. Kecreation: golf. 
Office: Central National Bank Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 4377 McPherson Ave. 

BASS, Simon Sterne, lawyer; born, Balti- 
more, Md., May 10, 1852; son of Sigmund and 
Pauline (Sterne) Bass; educated in public 
schools, Meadville, Pa., and Baltimore, to 
1865; under private tutor. Brother Gallagher, 
Loj'ola College, Baltimore, 1865-67; during 
same time received legal training with Archi- 
bald Sterling, U. S. district attorney, 
Baltimore; attended Academy of Law, Balti- 
more, 1877-80; came to St. Louis, December, 
1880, and entered law offices of Carr & Rey- 
nolds; student, St. Louis Law School, 1881- 
88; post-graduate course, St. Louis University, 
] 883-85; married, Collinsville, 111., Feb. 22, 
1885, Nellie Lanham Hedden; four children: 
Blanch, Euth, Ethel, Sigmund Martin. Ad- 
mitted to bar at St. Louis, 1885; member firm 
of Martin & Bass, 1885-97, Bass & Brock, 
1897-99, Zachritz & Bass, 1899-1902; now Bass 
& Bass. Member St. Louis and Missouri State 
Bar associations. Civic League. Ex-president 
Board of Charities, St. Louis; secretary to 
Mayor Noonan, for short time; special judge 
Court of Criminal Correction, at various times 
and under various judges; also provisional 
judge same court, 1898-99; candidate for 
judge Circuit Court, 1908. Democrat. Member 
congregation "Shaare Emeth. " Member Pat- 
rons' Association of Public Schools, National 
Geographic Society, Washington, D. C, Mis- 
souri Historical Society, Mississippi Valley 
Historical Society, Contemporary Club. Grand 
Officer, Eoyal Arcanum; Past Consul Com- 
mander, "Woodmen of the "World; member 
Fraternal Congress. Clubs: "Westwood Coun- 
try, Columbian, St. Francis Hunting and Fish- 
ing, Gilead Slough Hunting and Fishing. Rec- 
reations: golf, fishing. Office: 303-4 Times 
Bldg. Residence: 4396 Forest Park Boul. 

BASSETT, Sheldon HuU; see Vol. 1906. 

BASSFORD, Homer, newspaper man; born, 
Mexico, Audrain Co., Mo., 1870; son of James 
C. and Catherine (Osborn) Bassford; educated 
in public schools and Barker Academy; mar- 
riec^ Cedar Falls, la., 1892, Etta Overman 
Chase; children: James C, "VVallace O'Neill, 
Florence Osborn. Began journalism with R. 
M, "VN'hite, of the Mexico Ledger; became, in 
1889, Sunday editor and subsequently city edi- 
tor of the Kansas City Times; moved to St. 
Louis, 1893; dramatic and music critic of St. 
Louis Republic until 1907; since associate 
general manager St. Louis Times. Member 
Missouri Historical Society. Clubs: Missouri 

Athletic, Liederkranz. Office: 102 N, Broad- 
way. Residence: 6 Shaw PI. 

BATES, Charles ■Woodson, lawyer; born in 
St. Charles Co., Mo., Jan. 23, 1864; son of 
Richard and Ellen ("Woodson) Bates; edu- 
cated in public schools and at "Westminster 
College, Fulton, Mo., graduating, 1883, and 
afterward completed course in St. Louis Law 
School. Practiced law in St. Louis until 1888; 
removed to Colorado and engaged in practice 
until 1891, when returned to St. Louis. City 
counselor of St. Louis for seven years; now 
member firm of Bates, Blodgett, "W'iliiams & 
Davis. Member American, Missouri State and 
St. Louis Bar associations. Business Men's 
League, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi. Demo- 
crat. Favorite recreations: hunting and fish- 
ing. Office: 1117, 506 Olive St. 

BATES, Theodore P., industrial commis- 
sioner; born. White Hall, Greene Co., HI., Aug. 
25, 1873; son of Wesley P. and Mary M. 
(Baker) Bates; educated in public and high 
schools. White Hall. In employ of Swift & 
Co., 1892 and 1893; handling manufacturing 
properties. East St. Louis, 1894-1906, and in 
same business in St. Louis and East St. Louis, 
1906-09; sales manager for Kettle River Com- 
pany's creosoting plant, wood paving blocks, 
etc., 1909 and 1910; industrial commissioner 
for Business Men's League since 1910. Clubs: 
Missouri Athletic, Mercantile, Normandie 
Golf. Recreations: golf and motoring. Office: 
510 Locust St. Residence: 11 Beverly PI. 

BATTEN, Eugene Cooper; see Vol. 1906. 

BATTLE, Cullen A.; deceased; see Vol. 

BATTLE, Jesse Mercer, manufacturing 
chemist; born, Centre Hill, Hertford Co., N. 
C, Nov. 10, 1850; son of Amos Johnston and 
Margaret Hearne (Parker) Battle; educated 
at "V^^ilson Collegiate Seminary until fifteen 
years of age; married, Clayton, Johnston Co., 
N. C, Oct. 22, 1873, Laura Elizabeth Lee; one 
daughter, Helen May, who is the wife of 
Eugene Fleming Smith, of St. Louis. Began 
in manufacturing of chemicals at St. Louis, 
October, 1875, and is now president of the 
Battle & Co. Chemists' Corporation; also 
manager Palace, Clayton, N. C. Served for 
four years as charity commissioner under 
Mayor Edward A. Noonan. Independent in 
politics. Universalist. Member Masonic Or- 
der, Odd Fellows, Legion of Honor, Royal Ar- 
canum. Author: "Why I Am Not a Roman 
Catholic," 1908; "Tributes to My Father and 
My Mother," and "Some Stories of My 
Life," 1910. Recreation: music; plays on the 
violin, mandolin, banjo, guitar and piano. Of- 
fice: 2001 Locust St. Residences: Clayton, N. 
C, and 44G3 Lindell Boul., St. Louis. 

BATTLE, Walter Grandin, leather; born, 
Tuskegee, Ala., Jan. 17, 1865; son John A. 
M. and Madeleine (Clitheral) Battle; edu- 



catc'd at .Shenandoah Valley Academy, Win- 
chostor, Va. ; married, St. Louis, Sept. 17, 
liKHI, Lutie K. Kimball; ehildren: George 
Kimball, Helen Kimball. (_'ame to St. Louis 
ill LSSl and was with W'ithman, Ciray & Ka- 
niinski until ISS.'J, then with Third National 
IJank until 1896; joined in incorporation, 189G 
(as successors to .lames Clark & Co.), of the 
.lames Clark Leather Co., wholesale dealers in 
leather, shoe specialties, findings, shoe manu- 
facturers' supplies, and shoe store outfitters, 
of which company was director, secretary and 
treasurer until January, 1909, since vice pres- 
ident and treasurer. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Club: Bellerive Country. Eecreation: golf. 
Office: 16U1 Washington Ave. Ecsidence: 13 
W'ashington Terrace. 

BAUDUY, Jerome Keating, phvsician; 
184(1-1909; see Vol. 190G. 

BAUM, Alexander; see Vol. 1906. 

BAUMAN, Alvin Louis, jewelry; see Vol. 


BAUMAN, Meyer, retired jeweler; born, 
St. Louis, Dec. 18, 1846; son of Louis and 
Marianna (Friede) Bauman; educated in St. 
Louis public and private schools and Jon- 
athan Jones Commercial College; married. 
New York City, Sept. 11, 1872, Miriam Eo- 
senblatt; children: Florence, Alvin Louis, 
Daisy Alice (now Mrs. S. P. Fischer, of Cleve- 
land), Ellsworth Solomon, Louis Hyde. En- 
tered jewelry house of father, 1861; was ad- 
mitted to firm, 1869; business incorporated, 
1882, as L. Bauman Jewelry Co., of which 
was treasurer, 1882-93, and president, 1893- 
1900; retired from active business in 1912. 
Eepublieau. Member of Temple Israel. Club: 
Columbian. Address: care Alvin Eealty Co., 
Century Bldg. Eesidence: 3737 West Pine 

BAUMAN, Samuel H., wholesale jeweler; 
born, Wurzburg, Bavaria, Germany, June 25, 
ISo.'J; son of B. H. and Esther (Goldsmith) 
Bauman; educated in public schools of Wurz- 
burg; married, St. Louis, Oct. 15, 1882, Han- 
nah Loewenstein; children: Leo, Ethel, Flor- 
ence. Emigrated to St. Louis, January, 1872; 
salesman with the William Barr Dry Goods 
Co. until 1875; later in employ of L. Bauman 
Sc Co., as traveling salesman, until 1881; went 
into business for self as S. H. Bauman & Co., 
incorporated March, 1889, as the Bauman- 
^[assa Jewelry Co., of which has since been 
president. ^Member Business Men 's League. 
Eepublican. Hebrew. Mason. Office: Com- 
mercial Bldg. Eesidence: 41 Kingsbury Place. 

BAUMGARTEN, Gustav, physician; 1837- 
1911; see Vol. 1906. 

BAUMGARTEN, Walter, physician; born, 
St. Louis, Oct. 31, 1873; son of Gustav and 
Aminda (Hillegeist) Baumgarten; graduated 
from Smith Academy, 1889; A.B., Johns Hop- 

kins University, 1894; M.D., Medical Depart- 
ment, Washington University, 1896. Engaged 
in general practice of medic- ine in St. Louis 
since April, 1896. Office: 405 Humboldt Bldg. 
liesideiice: 4310A Maryland Ave. 

BAUR, Edwin, life insurance; born. Union, 
Franklin Co., Mo., Jan. 28, 1870; son of Anton 
and Marie (Lescher) Baur; educated Union 
public schools; Valparaiso (Ind.) Normal 
School, 1890; unmarried. Learned monumen- 
tal business under brother and father; be- 
came agent of Union Mutual Life Insurance 
Co., of Portland, Me., 1893; was made cashier 
of St. Louis office, 1896, and manager same, 
1910. Also secretary C. H. Meinhard Cigar 
Co. Eepublican. Lutheran. Member Knights 
of Pythias. Club: Missouri Athletic. Eecrea- 
tions: baseball, hunting and fishing. Office: 
323-324 Commercial Bldg. Eesidence: Wal- 
dorf Apts., 4300 Lindell Ave. 

BAUR, Robert Francis, manufacturer; born, 
St. Louis, Mar. 17, 1861; son of L. S. and' 
Amelia (Nelson) Baur; educated in public 
schools of St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
22, 1890, Marie Griesedieek; children: Jean- 
uette, Mildred. Began business career as 
clerk in grocery business for three years; then 
with Baur Mercantile Co., merchant millers, 
as clerk and manager till 1886; manufacturer 
of brick at Wichita, Kan., three years; in 
1890 joined in organizing the Griesedieek 
Artificial Ice Co., and from organization has 
been secretary and manager of the company; 
secretary Orodol Chemical Co. since Septem- 
ber, 1908; director Griesedieek Eeal Estate 
Co., Griesedieek Bros. Brewing Co.; secretary 
Vahlhaus Eealty Co. Independent in politics. 
Methodist. Club: 20th Century Bowling. Eec- 
reation: bowling. Office: 110 Vine St. Eesi- 
dence: 2835 Lafayette Ave. 

BAUSCH, Frederick Emil, mechanical engi- 
neer; born, Mannheim-on-the-Ehine, Germany, 
Jan. 8, 1871; son of Bernhard and Emilie 
(Bender) Bausch; educated in St. Louis gram- 
mar and high schools, graduating 1887; Wash- 
ington University, graduating, E.E., 1892; 
post-graduate course at Cornell University, 
degree, M.M.E., 1896; unmarried. Instructor 
St. Louis Manual Training School in St. 
Louis public night schools (Polytechnic De- 
partment), 1892-95; after course at Cornell 
became electrical engineer for Bell Telephone 
Co. of Missouri, 1896-98; mechanical engi- 
neer, Missouri Edison Electric Co., 1898-1900; 
chief engineer at Crystal City (Mo.) plant 
of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., 1900-1901; 
southwestern manager at St. Louis for the 
Hooven, Owens, Eentschler Co., of Hamilton, 
O., since 1901. Proprietor Fire Clay Plant, 
St. Louis Co. Member American Institute 
of Electrical Engineers, American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers, Engineers' Club of St. 
Louis. Member Civic League. Eepublican. 
Protestant. Clubs: Mercantile, Missouri Ath- 



letic, Citv. Eeereations: music and books. 
Office: 1316-1317 Chemical Bldg. Residence: 
6139 Berlin Ave. 

BAUSCH, Robert, vice president Erker 
Bros. Optical Co.; born, Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 
12, 1864; son of Edward E. and Amelia 
(Pack) Bausch; educated in public schools 
of New York state; married, St. Louis, Aug. 
22, 1903, Maude Carruthers; two daughters: 
Virginia May, Harriet E. Engaged in jewelry 
business in Rochester, N. Y., and after one 
and a half years associated with father, E. E. 
Bausch & Son, opticians, Rochester, for three 
years; came to St. Louis in March, 1899, and 
entered the house of A. P. Erker & Bro. as 
salesman, and has been with the same house 
ever since, becoming vice president, 1907, of 
Erker Bros. Optical Co., general opticians and 
dealers in optical and photographic supplies. 
Republican. Member Knights of Pythias. Rec- 
reation: gardening. Offices: 608 Olive St. and 
511 N. Grand Ave. Residence: 518 Geyer Rd., 
Kirkwood, Mo. 

BAXTER, Charles Otto, retired manufac- 
turer; born, Sauk Citv, Wis., Jan. 3, 1857; son 
of Charles O. and Attilie (Nefifz) Baxter; edu- 
cated iu public schools to fifteen; married, St. 
Louis, September, 1SS2, Mrs. Anna S. Gott- 
schalk, daughter of Louis Holm (she died, 
Jan. 17, 1909). Began as errand boy for 
Balke, Thonssen & Co., manufacturers of bil- 
liard tables and picture molding; became 
salesman for the company and served as vice 
president, 1879-82; entered business on own 
account as C. O. Baxter & Co., 1882, the firm 
being reorganized as the Baxter Moulding Co., 
1885; opened up the Gilson Asphaltum Mine 
in Utah, 1887, and organized the Gilson As- 
phaltum Co. with headquarters in St. Louis; 
disposed of his interests in the company to 
the Barber Asphalt Paving Co., 1900, but con- 
tinued as western manager for the company 
until Feb. 1, 1909, when retired; president St. 
Louis Catering Co., etc. Member Legion of 
Honor. Clubs: Liederkranz, City, ]\[illion Pop- 
ulation. Recreation: motoring. Office: 914 X. 
Market St. Residence: 3145 Hawthorne Boul. 

BAYSE, Harry Van, vice president Amer- 
ican Furnace Co.; born, Xew Haven, 111., Aug. 
18, 1870; son of Thomas Butler and .Jennie 
(Melvinj Van Bayse; educated district school, 
Ewing, 111., public schools Evansville, In<l., 
and Cairo, 111.; .Jones' Commercial School, St. 
Louis; married, Dallas, Tex., Oct. 31, 1896, 
Agnes Robertson; one daughter, Allene. Be- 
gan active career in St. Louis aljout 1889 in 
enii»loy of the Front Rank Furnace Co.; be- 
came a stockhobler in the company and ha<l 
charge of sales department; associate<l with 
others from same eomiiany, .lanuary, 1900, in 
organizing and starting the American Furnace 
Co. and has charge of sales department, also 
vice president. Member Sheet Metal Con- 
tractors' Association. Methoilist. Recreations: 

hunting and fishing. Office: 27th and Morgan 
Sts. Residence: 6959 Hancock Ave. 

BEACH, Edward F., manufacturer rubber 
cement; born, Agency, la., Sept. 16, 1868; edu- 
cated in public schools; married at Chicago, 
1892, Corinne A. Shean. Began active career 
in a wholesale butter and egg house at Ottum- 
wa, la., 1885, continuing for five years; then 
became connected with the Morrell Packing 
Co. as paymaster, in which position continued 
for one year; was manager and buyer ladies' 
cloak and suit department Carson, Pirie, Scott 
& Co., Chicago, and later with ^Nlandel Bros.; 
came to St. Louis to take charge ladies' cloak 
and suit department for the AVilliam Barr 
Dry Goods Co., December, 1898, and was 
identified with that concern for seven years; 
established in 1906 the St. Louis Rubber Ce- 
ment Co., manufacturers of rubber cements. 
Republican. Catholic. Club: Missouri Ath- 
letic. Office: 3046 Lambdiu Ave. Residence: 
6014 Cabanne Ave. 

BEACH, Edward N., secretary Union Dairy 
Co.; born, Newark, N. J., Mar. 31, 1858; son 
of Henry O. and Emeline C. Beach; graduated 
from Wyman Institute, St. Louis; married, 
Chicago, 1888, Clare Evans; one daughter, 
Gladj^s (Mrs. C. R. Gray, Jr., of Portland, 
Ore.). Began business career with J. Weil 
& Bro., dry goods, as clerk, continuing for 
nine years; secretary E. C. Meacham Arms 
Co., fourteen years;, since 1899 with Union 
Dairy Co., of which has been secretary since 
1904. Presbyterian. Mason, Knight Templar; 
member Royal Arcanum. Clubs: Missouri 
Athletic, Glen Echo Country, Liederkranz. 
Favorite recreation: golf. Office: 2311 Wash- 
ington Ave. Residence: 4618 Westminster 

BEALL, John McCulloch, railwav official; 
born in Davidson Co., N. C, May '29, 1869; 
son of Thomas B. and Elizabeth (Howard) 
Beall; educated in private schools, Salisbury, 
N'. C, to June, 1883, University of North 
Carolina to .June, 1SS4, and Davidson College, 
North Carolina, to February, 1885; married, 
Harrisonburg, Va., Dec. 6, 1892, Virginia 
Overton Harris; children: Mildred Howard, 
Burgess Harris, Virginia. Read law 1885. 
Entered raihvav service in auditor's office, 
Richmond & Danville R. R;, 1886, and after 
two months entered transportation depart- 
ment; freight conductor, Richmoiul & Dan- 
ville R. K., 1887-88; freight and passenger 
conductor, St. Louis, Arkansas & Texas Ry., 
Knoxville, Cumberland Gap & Louisville R. R., 
18S9-90; traveling freight and ])assenger agent 
latter road, 1891; traveling passenger agent, 
Richmond & Danville R. R. and Southern Ry., 
1891-95; district passenger agent, South- 
ern Ry., at Philadelphia, 1895-99; general 
agent, Southern Ry., at San Francisco, 1899- 
1901; assistant general passenger agent, Mo- 
bile & Ohio R. R., at St. Louis, 1901-04, and 



i^iMicral passpngcr agent, same, since Aug. 15, 
l'.i(i4. I'roshytei-ian. ])enioerat. Member Kap- 
pa Alj>lia Fiatoniity. Chilis: .Mercantile, St. 
Louis (St. Lonis), Chicago Athletic (Chicago), 
k'ecreation: horseback riding. Ofiice: Fuller- 
ton Bldg. Residence: 4950 Lindell Boul. 

BEAM, Jerome Christopher, Jr., railway of- 
liciiil; liorn. Canton, 111., .May 10, ]S(i7f son 
(if .Jacob C. and Mary E. (Bricker) Beam; 
educated in Canton public schools to 18S;{; 
married, Waco, Tex., Xov. 11, 1904. Lieith 
(iardner. Began railway career at ^Feniphis, 
Tenn., as stenographer with assistant general 
|i;isseiiger agent East Tennessee, Viiginia & 
(ieorgia system, 1885, continuing with same 
company in various positions until 1894; city 
]iassenger agent, Memphis, 1888-91; western 
passenger agent, Little Rock, Ark., 1891-92; 
district passenger agent, Memphis, 1892-94; 
Florida [lassenger agent, Jacksonville, April- 
October, 1S94; became western ])assenger 
;igent Southern Ey., Kansas City, ]\[o., Oct. 
1, 1894; transferred to Chicago as north- 
western passenger agent, same road, Feb. 1, 
1895; to Atlanta, Ga., as district i)assenger 
agent, Oct. 1, 1901; assistant general passen- 
ger agent, same road, at St. Louis, since Aug. 1, 
1907. Democrat. Methodist. Mason, Shriner. 
Clubs: JMercantile, Xormandie Golf. Rec- 
reation: golf. Ofhce: Chemical Bldg. Resi- 
(lcnc(^: 4509 ^Vashington Boul. 

BEATTIE, William John, architect; born, 
St. Louis, .Ian. 28, 1860; son of Da\id and 
Aim (Kirkwood) Eeattie; educated in St. 
Louis jiublic schools, Smith Academy, Wash- 
ington I'niversity, being one of the first pu- 
]iils in manual training school, then part of 
scientilic department of that university; 
educated as an architect; married. North 
Vernon, Ind., Aug. 25, 1S8G, Margaret Alley; 
(hildren: Helen, Ruth, David, Margaret, Isa- 
ludla; nuirried, 2nd, Tuxedo, St. Louis Co., 
Mo., .luiie 10, 190.'5, .Tosejihine Gillespie; chil- 
dren: Mau<l Alice, W. J.. ,lr. Started in cab- 
inet making business, ]\Iarch, 1882; estalj- 
li shell the Beattie Manufacturing Co., Mar. 
10, 1,S90, of which was president; established 
as architect, .Tan. 1, 1909. Democrat. Presby- 
terian. Ser\ed in Missouri National Guard, 
1S7(5-S4. Mason (32'). Office: 810 Olive St. 
ResideiM'e: Webster Groves. 

BEATTY, William Allee; see Vol. 190(5. 

BECHT, Edward Gustave; see Vol. 190(5. 

-BECK, Charlton Tisdel, manufacturer; 
moved to I'liiladelidiia, Pa.; see Vol. 190(5. 

BECK, Clarence Benjamin, coal dealer; 
born in Kent Co., Md., Nov. 6, 1848; son of 
Horatio and ^[ary Matilda (Miller) Beck; 
cilucated in country schools of Kent Co. ami 
.■it Washington College, Chestertown, Afd.; 
married, Baltimore, Dec. 28, 1875, jNfary For- 
luan Vickers; two children: Edith (Mrs. .lohn 
W. Barriger, .Jr.) and Clarence Vickers. Came 

to St. Louis, 1867, and began as clerk in a 
liardware store; after a little more than a 
year became connected with the A. F. Shap- 
ieigh Hardware Co., with which was identi- 
fied for thirty-two years; during his last years 
in the hardware business became interested in 
the coal business, in firm of Beck-Walker Coal 
Co., later was with the C. B. Beck Coal Co., 
and since 1905 has been president and treas- 
urer St. Louis Coal Co. Democrat. Episco- 
jialian. Recreation: hunting. Office: 1016 Syn- 
dicate Trust Bhlg. Residence: 3949 Delmar 

BECK, Clarence Vickers, vice president St. 
Louis Coal Co.; born, St. Louis, Oct. 30, 1886; 
son of Clarence Benjamin and Mary Forman 
(Vickers) Beck; educated in St. Louis public 
schools, graduating from high school, 1905; 
married, St. Louis, April 18, 1911, J. Ethel 
Canuett. Began business career with St. Louis 
Coal Co., as clerk, 1905; advanced to sales- 
man, 1907, and vice president, 1908; also di- 
rector Cluley IMultiplier Co., of Chicago. In- 
dependent in jiolitics. Presbyterian. Royal Arch 
Mason; member Tuscan Lodge, No. 360, A. F. 
and A. M.; St. Louis Chapter, No. 8, R. A. M. 
^iember Order Kokoal. Office: 1016 Svndicate 
Trust Bldg. Residence: 904 N. Euclid' Ave. 

BECK, George F., lawyer; born, St. Louis, 
.Tan. 15, 1S71; son of Henry William and 
Helena (Klein) Beck; educated at the Charles 
Pojie School, one of the jmblic schools of St. 
Louis, and at the Manual Training School of 
Washington I'niversitv; graduated from St. 
Louis Law School, LL.B., 1896; attended 
Harvprd Law Scliool, taking special studies, 
1896-97: unmarried. Admitted to bar in Oc- 
tolier. 1897, and has since engaged in general 
practice in St. Louis. INiember American Bar 
Association, INTissouri Bar Association, Law 
Library Association of St. Louis, St. Louis 
Ear Association. Republican. Clubs: Univer- 
sitv. Harvard (St. Louis). Office: 810 Rialto 
Bldg. Residence: 4312 Olive St. 

BECK, Henry William, feed and forage 
business; born. Hanover. Germany, IMar. 16, 
1837; son of H. W. and I-^lizabeth (Weiden) 
Beck: educated in public schools to sixteen; 
married. St. Louis, Apr. 25. 1865. Lena Klein; 
four children: .Tacob William, Charles .John, 
Harrv Georire, George Ferdinand. Came to 
America. 1852: lived temjiorarily in New York 
Citv and Cincinnati, but located in St. Louis, 
1858. First position was under ?[r. Hall, and 
while in his employ. September. 1858. return- 
injj on steamboat T. L. ^NfcGill (Capt. Obe 
Robbins. master') from Omaha to Lexington, 
he soM from 1.000 to 2.000 copies of the Mis- 
souri Republican (now St. Louis Republic). 
The pa]iers were three weeks old and sold at 
25 cents apiece. Was connected with feed 
business ilurinir Civil War and for ten years 
afterwards maintained a tavern at 12th and 
Olive Sts. ; established a feed and grain store, 



1875, and is today the oldest representative 
of this business in St. Louis; president H. W. 
Beck & Sons Feed & Seed Co. Member Mer- 
chants ' Exchange (one of its oldest members). 
Was vice president Lucas Market Savings 
Bank, 1876, until the institution was closed, 
paying depositors in full. Kepublican. Meth- 
odist. Eecreations: driving and amusements. 
Offices: 20th and Pine Sts. and 5701 Man- 
chester Ave. Residence: '.Vol9 W. Pine Boul. 
BECKER, George William, physician; born, 
St. Louis, Aug. 7, 1S7S; son of Henry Eudolph 
and Julia (Hohenschild) Becker; educated St. 
Louis public schools; Educational Institute 
(Toenfeldt's); Missouri School of Mines, 
Rolla, Mo.; M.D., Marion-Sims-Beaumont Med- 
ical College (St. Louis University), 1904; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, June 26, 1907, Virginia Lecou- 
tour; one child, George Henry. In practice in 
St. Louis since May 30, 1904; medical exam- 
iner John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co.; 
assistant police surgeon, St. Louis, since Jan- 
uary, 1912. Eepublican. Presbyterian. Mem- 
ber American Medical Association, Missouri 
State Medical Association, St. Louis Medical 
Society. Recreations: fishing, motor touring. 
Office and Residence: 2115 Arsenal St. 

BECKER, Philip, life insurance; born in 
Monroe Co., 111., Mar. 19, 1864; son of Charles 
and Katherine (Hahn) Becker; educated in 
public schools and Perkins and Herpel Busi- 
ness College, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, 
Oct. 10, 1887, Huldah K. Gutwald; five chil- 
dren: Bertha, Edna, Cecelia A., Leonora A., 
Huldah K. On farm until sixteen years of 
age; connected with retail grocery business, 
St. Louis, 1880-89; since identified with life 
insurance, and general agent and manager at 
St. Louis, of Great Western Life Insurance 
Co. of Kansas City, Mo., since 1911. Eepub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Mason (32°), Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Club: Masonic. Recrea- 
tions: fishing and hunting. Office: 200 LaSalle 
Bldg. Residence: 5736 Etzel Ave. Summer 
Residence: " ^Meadowbrook, " Pulaski Co., Mo. 

BECKER, Philip August, secretary and 
treasurer The Geo. F. Dittmann Boot & Shoe 
Co.; born, Gros-Gerau, Germany, Aug. 25, 
3872; son of John Philip and Anna (Camman) 
Becker; educated in Washington University, 
St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Nov. 14, 1900, 
Adele Dittmann; children: John William, Vir- 
ginia D. Began business career as boy with 
John P. Becker dry goods house. East St. 
Louis, 1887, and remained in employ of that 
house until 1895; then in business under firm 
name of Becker & Aal until 1900; bought 
stock in the George F. Dittmann Boot & 
Shoe Co., of which later became a director, 
and is now secretary and treasurer. Member 
Western Association of Shoe Wholesalers (ex- 
ecutive committee), Business Men's League, 
St. Louis Salesmanagers' Association (presi- 
dent). I^nitarian. Clubs: Union, Liederkranz, 

Apollo (executive committee). Recreations: 
tennis, motoring. Office: 1107-1109 Washing- 
ton Ave. Residence: 3463 Longfellow Boul. 

BECKER, Rene L., musician; born, Bisch- 
heim, Alsace, Nov. 7, 1882; son of Edouard 
and Adele Antoinette (Schickel) Becker; edu- 
cated in the Episcopal Gymnasium, Strass- 
burg; studied music in Municipal Conserva- 
tory, Strassburg; married, St. Louis, May 3, 
1910, Angela Landzettel; one daughter: Cath- 
erine-Angela. Arrived in America, Sept. 24, 
1904; vice president Becker Bros. Conserva- 
tory of Music, June, 1905-October, 1910; 
has since conducted college of music in own 
name; organist St. Peter's Cathedral, Belle- 
ville, 111. Democrat. Roman Catholic. Mem- 
ber Knights of Columbus. Composer for organ 
and piano. Studio: 3830 Olive St., St. Louis. 
Residence: Belleville, 111. 

BECKER, William Dee, lawyer; born. East 
St. Louis, 111., Oct. 23, 1876; son of John 
P. and Anna A. (Camman) Becker; graduated 
from Smith Academy, St. Louis, 1895; A.B., 
Harvard, 1899; LL.B., from St. Louis Law 
School, 1901; married, St. Louis, June 10, 
1902, Marguerite Louise Mcintosh; children: 
Alan Dee and Anna Louise. Admitted to bar, 
1901, and was senior partner of law firm of 
Becker & Troll until election of Mr. Troll as 
public administrator in the fall of 1904; 
formed partnership with Judge W. W. Hen- 
derson as Henderson & Becker, 1905; Wm. C. 
Marshall entered firm, 1910, and name 
changed to Henderson, Marshall & Becker. 
Republican. Unitarian. Member of St, Louis 
and Missouri State Bar associations. Mason 
(32°), Shriner. Clubs: St. Louis, Missouri 
Athletic, Union, City, Masonic, Glen Echo. 
Office: Security Bldg. Residence: 4048 Lindell 

BECKMAN, Henry H., vice president 
Schultz & Niemeier Commission Co.; born, 
St. Louis, Jan. 17, 1865; son of George H. and 
Louise (Otto) Beckman; educated in paro- 
chial schools; married, St. Louis, Nov. 3, 1886; 
two children: Delia C, George A. Entered 
grain business at sixteen and was connected 
with one firm at St. Louis for sixteen years; 
then assistant superintendent of grain ele- 
vator for farmers, at St. Louis, six years; vice 
president Schultz & Niemeier Commission Co. 
since 1S9S, in charge of elevator at Granite 
City. Eepublican. Protestant. Office: Granite 
City. Eesidence: 2902A Sullivan Ave. 

BECKMANN, Edmund CamiUo, wholesale 
leather; born, St. Louis, Oct. 30, 1861; son of 
Eoliert and Pauline (Bircher) Beckmann; edu- 
cated in i)ublic schools of St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis, .lune 26, 1889, Annie Otto; children: 
Edna, George, Alma. Has been in the leather 
business in St. Louis from age of thirteen; 
first with Ganahl, Schallert & Co., until eight- 
een j'ears old; then two years with Whitte- 



man, Host & Co.; then with father for three 
years, one year with Alfred Scanncll, five 
years as traveler with James Clark & Co., and 
seven years with Otto Oters Leather Co. until 
they went out of business; since 1898 in busi- 
ness for self as wholesale leather commission 
merchant; was secretary and treasurer of the 
California Tanning Co. until 1007, since pres- 
ident. Scottish Kite Mason; member Missouri 
Lodge, No. 1, A. F. and A. M., Moolah Temple, 
A. A. O. N. M. S. Recreations: billiards and 
fishing. Office: 712 N. 4th St. Residence: 3509 
Shenandoah Ave. 

BECKMANN, William Edward, wholesale 
confectioners' supplies; born, St. Louis, Jan. 
13, 1854; son of William C. and Eliza (Frei- 
haut) Beckmann; educated in Wyman's City 
University; married, St. Louis, 1876, Louisa 
Seidel; children: Olivia (Mrs. Louis Alewell), 
Louisa (Mrs. Albert Albrecht), Gussie (Mrs. 
Frank Albrecht). Began business career as 
salesman with Goodwin, Behr & Co., soap and 
candle manufacturers, 1871-73; then in retail 
grocery business at 708 South 4th St., until 
1882, when embarked in present business as 
W. E. Beckmann & Co., wholesale dealers in 
bakers' and confectioners' supplies, utensils 
and machinery, of which is sole proprietor. 
Also vice president Accomac Realty Co., and 
secretary and treasurer of St. Louis Bakers' 
Yeast Co. Member Merchants ' Exchange. Of- 
fice: 10-12 S. 2d St. Residence: 2217 S. Grand 

BECKTOLD, William Baker, publisher; 
1849-1909; see Vol. 1906. 

BECKWITH, Henry C, steel broker and 
manufacturers' agent; born in Brown Co., 
Ohio, Feb. 13, 1869; son of John Hull and 
Agatha (Smith) Beckwith; educated in pub- 
lic schools of Hamilton Co., Ohio; married, 
Wyoming, Ohio, May 23, 1893, Bertha M. 
Schwarz. Began business career in Cincin- 
nati, and during last eight years of residence 
there was manager of the Hamilton Canal 
Boat Co.; came to St. Louis, and in Januarj', 
1904, with brother, J. H. Beckwith, estab- 
lished present business of Beckwith Bros., 
brokers and manufacturers' agents in iron 
and steel products. Republican. Methodist. 
Office: 1017 Chemical Bldg. Residence: 758 
Goodfellow Ave. 

^BECKWITH, Joseph H., manufacturers' 
agent; moved to Florida; see Vol. 1906. 

BEDAL, William Sherwood, lawyer; born, 
Santa Rosa, Coahuila, Mex., Sept. 8, 1880; son 
of Sylvester Sherwood and Adelheid Charlotte 
(Wuerpcl) Bedal; was brought to United 
States in infancy; educated Central High 
School, St. Louis, graduating, 1899; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1903; LL.B., Harvard Law School, 1905; 
married, St. Louis, July 28, 1909, Susan Far- 
rington Dreas; one son, William Sherwood, 
born Aug. 22, 1910, and one daughter, Adel- 

hei<l Wuerpel, born Dec. 9, 1911. Admitted to 
Missouri bar, 1905; associated in practice 
with firm of Nagel & Kirby, St. Louis, 1905- 
07; with firm of Stewart, Eliot, Chaplin & 
Blayney, 1907-09, and member of same firm, 
1909-11; member firm of Eliot, Chaplin, Blay- 
ney & Bedal since Jan. 1, 1911. Member St. 
Louis Bar Association. Independent in poli- 
tics, nominally Republican. Unitarian. Con- 
ducted the Legal Aid Bureau at Self Culture 
Hall for two yearsj 1905-07; member housing 
and sanitation committee of Civic League; 
director St. Louis Pure Milk Commission. 
Club: Amateur Athletic Association. Recrea- 
tions: tennis, walking. Office: 1711-1716 Third 
National Bank Bldg. Residence: 4316A Forest 
Park Boul. 

BEDELL, Orion Willis, dentist; born, Car- 
dington, O., Mar. 1, 1S7U; son of John E. and 
Maggie A. (Thompson) liedell; educated in 
public schools of Mount Vernon, O. ; grad- 
uated from Dental Department of Washington 
University, D.M.D., 1892, Medical Department 
of same, *M.D., 1894; married, Dec. 25, 1900, 
Birdie A., daughter of Emanuel Miller of 
Mount Vernon, O.; children: Ethel, Everett. 
Entered office of Dr. W. E. Semple, Mount 
Vernon, as denial student, 1886; three years 
later becaine assistant in dental office at Ne- 
braska City, Neb.; removed to St. Louis, Sept. 
26, 1900; opened office as dentist, on gradu- 
ation in 1902; professor of operative den- 
tistry, dental embryology, and dental his- 
tology in Dental Department of Washington 
University, 1905-09. Republican. Baptist. Rec- 
reation: farming. Office and Residence: 1909 
Lafayette Ave. 

BEECHER, John Lyman, proprietor Hand 
Goods Bakery; Itoni, Wasliington, Mo., Aug. 
22, 1853; son of Samuel and Mary Jane 
(Smith) Beecher; educated in public and pri- 
vate schools, Newport, Mo.; public schools, St. 
Paul, Minn., and private schools, Pottstown 
and Philadelphia, Pa.; married, St. Louis, Feb. 
18, 1881, Mary Elizabeth O'Reilly; children: 
Samuel Lyman, Daniel Adrian. Began busi- 
ness career as clerk with the Singer Sewing 
Machine Co., 1S72, continuing until 1879; be- 
gan Sept. 1, 1879, with Dozier, Weyl & Co., 
which later became Dozier Bakery, merged 
into The National Biscuit Co., and for many 
vears was manager of "Hand Goods" Bakerv 
at 205 North 6th St.; moved to 607 Pine St'., 
1906, purchased business (still known to the 
public as Dozier Bakery), Feb. 1, 1910. Demo- 
crat. Recreation: motor boating. Office: 607 
Pine St. Residence: 4929 Reber PI. 

BEEDLE, Horace Grant, secretary to the 
mayor; born, O 'Fallon, HI., Oct. 20, 1868; son 
of Samuel IL and Ellen (Bowler) Beodle; edu- 
cated in public schools of Illinois, 1874-84. 
business college, 1885, Illinois State Normal 
University, Normal, 111., 1886-89; married, St. 
Louis, Apr. 4, 1899, Florence P. Children; 



daughter: Clyue II. Taught school, 3890-91; 
newspaper reporter, lS92-9o; seeretary Mer- 
chants' League Club, 3896-99; in wholesale 
jiaint and white lead business, under the firm 
name of H. G. Beedle Paint Co., 1899-1909; 
seeretary Election Board, 1909-11; since sec- 
retary to the mayor. Eepublican. Member of 
House of Representatives in 40th General 
Assembly of Missouri. Baptist. Mason ('■'2''), 
Shriner.' Club: City. Recreations: fishing and 
hunting. Office: City Hall. Residence: 4130 
Clevelauil Ave. 

BEHEN, John Joseph, president Behen Au- 
tomobile Equipment Co.; born, Litchfield, 111., 
Oct. 2, 1873; son of Simon and Mary (Farley) 
Behen; educated in public schools of Litch- 
field; married, Litchfield, Sept. 11, 1905, 
Frances S. Faught; one child: May Frances. 
Began as messenger boy, "Wabash R. R., Litch- 
field, at age of fourteen, and remained in 
railway service until 1905; w'as identified 
with the Carnegie Steel Co., at St. Louis, 
1905-11. In March, 1906, organized and be- 
came president of the Bchen-Faught Motor 
Car Equipment Co.; president of the U. S. 
Pump and Tank Company, 1909-11; manager 
of Faught Estate September, 1906-11, as cura- 
tor of estate in probate; in September, 1905, 
organized the Behen Automobile Equipment 
Co., of which is president. Was one of the or- 
ganizers of the St. Louis Automobile Manu- 
facturers' and Dealers' Association, the St. 
Louis Motors' Accessories Association; an or- 
ganizer and chairman of the Automobile Show 
Committee, 1908 and 1909. Recreations: golf, 
motoring, fishing. Office: 702 N. Kingshigh- 
way. Residence: 2127 Waterman Ave. 

BEHRENS, Albert A., treasurer, manager 
and assistant secretary St. Louis Sash and Door 
AVorks; born, St. Louis, Jan. 14, 1877; son 
of Charles W. and Margaret (Conrad) Beh- 
rens; educated in parochial school and busi- 
ness college; married, St. Louis, Jan. 18, 1898, 
Henrietta Steinbach; children: Etta, Albert, 
Ivlgar, Grace. Began business career in office 
(.f St. Louis Sash and Door. Works, 1894, and 
has continued in various positions, now being 
treasurer, manager and assistant secretary of 
the company, wholesale manufacturers of 
sash, doors, blinds, mouldings, etc. Club: Mis- 
souri Athletic. Recreation: home diversions. 
Office: Broadway and Destrehau St. Resi- 
dence: 3525 Crittenden St. 

BEHRENS, Louis H., phvsician; born, Gil- 
Irspi.', 111.. July 12, 1868; "son of Henry H. 
:in<l Williclniiiia (Basse) Behrens; educated in 
Cillespie pub]i<' schools to 1882; Shurtleff 
foUege. I'ppcr Alton, 111., 1882-84; entered St. 
jyouis College of Pharmacy, 1886, graduating, 
I'h.G., 1888; M.D., Missouri Medical College, 
1894; married, St. Louis, Apr. 17, 1895, Laura 
F. Kraft. Engaged in general jjractice of 
medicine. Evangelical Lutheran. Mason. Rec- 
reations: flowers, agriculture, forestry. Office: 

Times Bldg., 423 Chestnut St. Residence: 
4229 Westminster Place. 

BEINKE, Henry F., contractor and builder; 
born, Franklin Co., Mo., Jan. 14, 1848; son of 
John F. and Anna M. (Pruning) Beinke; edu- 
cated in common schools and two years' 
course iu a German school; married, Washing- 
ton, Mo., Feb. 5, 1874, Marj^ C. Michael; five 
children: Frank C, Mrs. Metta C. Binder, 
Lydia L., Mrs. Adele L. Nesslag and Belmont 
W., all of St. Louis. Was apprenticed to car- 
penter's trade at thirteen; worked for two 
years at Washington, Mo., and as journeyman 
for brother, Herman H., one year; was em- 
jiloyed in Kansas City, Mo., for a year, and 
then came to St. Louis; after two years he 
went to Washington, Mo., and spent thirteen 
years there, returning to St. Louis, 1881; has 
since engaged in contracting. Republican. 
Member German Evangelical Church. Resi- 
dence: 4807 Cote Brilliante Ave. 

BELL, Nicholas Montgomery, tobacco mer- 
chant; born in Lincoln Co., Mo., Nov. 2, 1846; 
son of William A. and Caroline Page (Har- 
vev) Bell; educated in schools of Lincoln Co., 
Mo.; married, St. Louis, Sept. 26, 1888, Maggie, 
daughter of Christian Peper (she died Aug. 7, 
1912); children: Christian P., Marjorie. Came 
to St. Louis 1861; first employment was 
for three years in office of Ubbsdall, Barr, 
Duncan & Co.; emigrated to Salem, Ore., 1864, 
and was in general merchandise business 
there, in firm of J. C. & N. M. Bell, until 1868, 
when returned to St. Louis and has been en- 
gaged in tobacco business since 1869; now 
president Christian Peper Tobacco Co. (estab- 
lished, 1852.) Democrat; delegate from Ore- 
gon to National Democratic Convention that 
nominated Seymour and Blair, in 1868; mem- 
ber of 26th "and 27th General Assemblies 
Missouri, from St. Louis; member National 
Democratic conventions of 1876, 1880, 1884, 
1892, and delegate to convention of 1896. 
Appointed by President Cleveland as super- 
intendent of foreign mails, March, 1885, 
and resigned, 1889; was author of and nego- 
tiated first parcels post treaties of United 
States with foreign countries, which added 
millions of dollars to the trade relations be- 
tween the United States, Mexico, Central and 
South American States; author of and nego- 
tiated general postal treaties between United 
States, Mexico and Canada, which virtually 
made the North American States one postal 
territory, as no books or financial accounts are 
kept between the United States and Mexico; 
a]q)ointeil by Governor Stone first State ex- 
cise commissioner, 1893, and resigned, 1897; 
increased public revenue without change of 
taxation for State and City of St. Louis, 
$750,000 over preceding four year period. Di- 
rector Louisiana Pur(diase Exposition Co.; 
member International Superior Jury of 
Awards in same. Mason (33°); member Royal 



Order of Scotlaiul, Society Colonial "Wars, 
Sons of the Kevolution, Sons of the Anieriean 
l\evolution, Odd Fellows. Club: .Mercantile. 
K'eereation: farniing. OfKce: Main and Mor- 
gan yts. Kcvsidence: 4442 W. I'iiie Hoiil. 
BELL, William S.; see Vol. 19(i(). 

BEMIS, James Ward, vice president Ozan 
lAiMilier Co.; Itorn, Jefferson, Tex., Feb. 28, 
1S7(); son of James ilervey and Hannah 
(Knox) Beniis; educated in Manual Training 
School, St. Louis; widower. Enyajicil in lum- 
l)er business at Prescott, Ark., ls;t(5; resident 
St. Louis since 19O0; was secretary and treas- 
urer, now vice jires. Ozan Lumber Co., Avliole- 
sale manufacturers of yellow pine lumber, oak, 
lumber and oak and cypress pilin<r, with mills 
at Prescott, Ark. Also director of the Prescott 
tVi Northwestern R. R. Co. Member Southern 
Lumber Manufacturers' Association. Masou 
(.'12°), Knight Templar, Shriner. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, Glen Kcho Country. Favorite recrea- 
tion: golf. OHice: 1(300 Wright Bldg. Eesi- 
ihMiCe: 4;j.j.j Washington Boul. 

BEMIS, Judson Stephen, treasurer Bemis 
Bro. Bag Co.; liorn, San Francisco, Cal., Mar. 
26, 1867; son of Stephen A. and Hannah Jane 
(Thomas) Bemis; educated public and private 
schools, St. Louis; married, Murfreesboro, 
Tenn., Sept. 8, 1896, Miss Martha Nelson 
Sikes; three children: Jane Thomas, PJlizabeth 
Thom2)son, Louisa Sikes. Began business 
career with Bemis Bro. Bag Co., 1885; be- 
came treasurer of the company, 1894, which 
position still holds; also director Merchants- 
Laclede National Bank. Republican. Protest- 
ant. Clubs: Noonday, St. Louis, Algonquin 
Coif. Office: 601 S. "4th St. Residence: 236 
Oakwood Ave., Webster Park. 

BEMIS, Stephen Allen, manufacturer and 
importer of bags and burlaps; born. Fitch- 
burg, Mass., Feb. 6, 1828; son of Stephen and 
Mirian Thurston (Farwell) Bemis; came west 
with parents in 1S38, and settled at Light- 
house Point, Ogle Co., 111.; educated in private 
schools in Chicago; married, Chicago, May ."51, 
1S.')4, Hannah Jane Thomas (died Jan. 21, 
1903); children: Fanny A. (Mrs. Chester Sum- 
mons, ^Minneapolis), Mirian Farwell (Mrs. 
Alonzo Hull, Seattle, Wash.), Judson S., Mary 
Sawtelle (Mrs. T. J. McLemore), Alice R. 
(Mrs. Charles P. Ladd), Florence E. (Mrs. 
Elliot K. Ludington.) Began active career as 
clerk in shijiping office, Chicago, 1S47; after 
nve years went to California, via Nicaragua, 
remained two years, then returned to Illinois 
and farmed in DeKalb Co. for five .years; 
again went to California with a drove of 
live stock and remained until 1867; came to 
St. Louis and joined brother, then a member 
of the firm of Bemis & Brown, bag manufac- 
turers, which later became Bemis, Bro. & Co., 
incorjiorated, 1885, as Bemis Bro. Bag Co., of 
which has since been vice president. Repub- 

lican. Baptist. Club: Noonday. Recreation: 
fond of church work. Oflice: 4th and Pojdar 
Sts. K'l'siijcni-c: .KiKO Westminster Place. 

BENDERSCHEID, Herman J., president 
Benderscheid Manufacturing Co., manufactur- 
ers of show cases; born, Germany; educated in 
the old country; married, St. Louis, 1870, 
Bertha Hahne; one son: Herman. Came to 
America, 1880, and worked at cabinet maker's 
trade in St. Louis; in manufacturing business 
on own account since 1893. Member Lieder- 
kraii/. Otlirc: 2812 N. 9th St. 

BENHAM, George, St. Louis manager and 
general agent Penu Mutual Life Insurance 
Co.; born, Fort Wayne, Ind., Mar. 27, 1857; 
son of Byron H. and Almira A. (^McKelvey) 
l^enham (both of Ohio); removed to Norwalk, 
O., when 4 years of age; graduated from Nor- 
walk High School, 1876; took special courses in 
Cornell University; LL.B., University of Mich- 
igan, 1880; married, Norwalk, Sept. 13, 1887, 
Eloise Kellogg; one daughter: Kathleen Adele. 
Admitted to bar of Ohio by Supreme Court, 
1880; in land and loan business in Minnesota 
and Dakota, with headquarters at Crookston, 
]\Iinn., 1882-85; went to Isthmus of Panama, 
1886, and reported for newspapers on De Les- 
seps Canal; traveled as special correspondent 
for newspapers on agricultural and mining 
developments in lower California, Mexico, 
1886-87; correspondent and special w^riter San 
Diego (Cal.) Union, 1886-89; special corre- 
spondent and reporter for San Francisco Ex- 
aminer, 1889-91; since April, 1892, manager 
and general agent for Penn Mutual Life In- 
surance Co. at St. Louis. President Life Un- 
derwriters' Association of St. Louis, 1905, 
1906; vice president National Association of 
Life Underwriters, 1906; president The Board 
of Life Underwriters of St. Louis, 1909. Mem- 
lier Business Men's League, Civic League, 
Ohio Society, Cornell Club, University of 
Michigan Alumni Association, Mississippi Val- 
ley Association of D. K. E., Sons of Revolu- 
tion. Democrat. Member Church of the As- 
cension. Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile, City, 
Aero, Normandie Golf. Recreations: litera- 
ture, floriculture, golf. Office: northeast cor. 
8th St. Residence: 5858 Clemens Ave. 

BENNETT, Alfred, lumberman; born, Han- 
nibal, Mo., A]ir. 26, 1877; son of Alfred and 
Lucetta A. (Decker) Bennett; educated in 
Woodland and Garfield schools and Central 
High School, Kansas City, Mo.; married, June 
7, 1904, Florence MacCuaig, of Nebraska City, 
Neb.; one daughter: Dorris. Began business 
career as clerk in Southern Lumber iManufac- 
turing Association, St. Louis, 1893; entered 
employ of Holladay-Klotz Land and Lumber 
Co., Greenville, Mo., 1896; director and as- 
sistant secretary and treasurer, 1899-1902; 
salesman ^Missouri Lumber and Land Ex- 
change, 1902-03; manager St. Louis branch of 
Wisconsin and Arkansas Lumber Co., of Mai- 



veru, Ark., ]90?>-05; started for self as iiiaiiii- 
faeturer and wholesale dealer in yellow pine 
and hardwood lumber, 1905, and incorporated 
business as Alfred Bennett Lumber Co., of 
which is president. Partner in Louisiana Cen- 
tral Lumber Co.; president Alfred Bennett 
Lumber Co., of Texas; vice president Dayton 
Lumber Co.. of Dayton, Tex., Two Mile Land 
and Timber Co., of St. Louis. Member Citi- 
zens ' Industrial Association, Hoo Hoo. Bepub- 
lican. Baptist. Clubs: Mercantile, Missouri 
Athletic, St. Louis Amateur Athletic Associa- 
tion, St. Louis Eepublican. Recreation: ten- 
nis. Office: Lumbermen's Bldg. Residence: 
Ferpuson. ^NIo. 

BENNETT, Tom Wightman, i)resident Mort- 
gage Trust Co. and vice president Mortgage 
Guarantee Co.; born in White Co., Ark., Nov. 
30, 1872; son of Zachray T. and Othelia (Har- 
lan) Benjiett; educated in public schools of 
Little Rock, Ark.; unmarried. Came to St. 
Louis, August, 1894; was with Jerome Hill 
Cotton Co., two years; then with Brown Shoe 
Co., from fall of " 1896 to April, 1905, first four 
years of which time was traveling salesman in 
Northeast Texas, then for a period in entire 
charge of the selling forces in the southern 
states, and from April, 1903, to April, 1905, 
general manager of the company's factories; 
resigned and sold interest in company, and 
after a few months of rest and travel was 
elected, Oct. 8, 1905, to position as real estate 
officer of the Mississippi Valley Trust Co. Re- 
signed position in December, 1908, and in Jan- 
uary, 1909, organized the Mortgage Guarantee 
Co. "of St. Louis, of which was president during 
1909 and 1910. The Mortgage Trust Co. was 
formed, 1911, to operate in connection with 
the Guarantee Co., and he was elected presi- 
dent of the Trust Co. and A-ice president of 
the Guarantee Co. Member Business Men's 
League, Civic League. In 190-1- was treasurer 
and executive manager of the World's Exhibit 
Shoe Factory, a corporation organized to con- 
duct the manufacturing shoe exhibit at the 
World's Fair. Democrat. ]\Iethodist. Clubs: 
St. Louis, Noonday, Racquet, St. Louis Coun- 
try. Office: Southeast corner 4tli and Pine 
Sts. Residence: Racquet Club. 

BENNETT, William G., contractor; born, 
BlaTiclicstcr, O., Nov. 23, 1868; son of Henry 
D. and Chalista (Granger) Bennett; educated 
public schools ami Danville (Ind.) Normal 
School; marrie<l, Cora Brennan, of Philadel- 
phia, Sept. 22, 1889; children: Raulston A., 
Beatrice O., Dolly A., William G., .Jr., Rosaline. 
Began active career, 1883, as rodmau in em])loy 
of Sooysmith & Co., bridge contractors. New 
York, and ailvanced to position of superin- 
tendent of construction; l)ecame connected 
with the Edgemoor Bridge Co., 1892, as fore- 
man in construction of buildings of Colum- 
bian Exposition, Chicago; after close of expo- 
sition served as general superintendent Colum- 

bia Salvage Co., the name later being changed 
to the Chicago House Wrecking Co.; removed 
to St. Louis, 1902, and organized the St. Louis 
Wrecking and Supply Co., the name being- 
later changed to the Chicago Wrecking and 
Supply Co., of which was vice president and 
general manager until 1910; since in general 
contracting business. Republican. Scottish 
Rite Mason (32°), Shriner, Odd Fellow. Club: 
Missouri Athletic. Recreations: fishing and 
hunting. Office and Residence: 4561 Morgan 

BENOIST, Conde Louis; born, St. Louis, 
Oct. 5, 1846; son of Louis Auguste (pioneer 
banker and financier of St. Louis) and Esther 
(Hackney) Benoist; educated Jesuit College^ 
St. Louis and Kentucky; married, St. Louis, 
1870, Miss Clemence C. Christy; five children: 
Conde A., Louis M., Lami F., Clemence P., 
Marie Blanche. Has devoted his attention to 
management and development of inherited 
estate. Democrat. Catholic. Recreation: trav- 
eling. Residence: 7 Lenox Place. 

BENOIST, Eugene Hunt; born in St. Louis, 
Apr. 2, 1853; son of Louis A. and Sarah E. 
(Wilson) Benoist; educated in private schools, 
St. Louis, 1861-63, Wyman School, 1863-64, St. 
Louis L'^niversity, 1864-66, Notre Dame Uni- 
versity, South Bend, Ind., 1866-68, Washington 
University, St. Louis, 1868-69, Seton Hall, 
South Orange, N. J., 1869-70, Fordham Col- 
lege, New York, 1870-72; married, St. Louis, 
Feb. 20, 1878, Elmira Lee; children: Eugene 
Lee, Viola Marie, William Francis, Charles 
Eugene Theodore, Marie Louise, Lucille Jose- 
phine. Began active career as clerk in St. 
Louis assessor's office under Charles Green, 
assessor, 1873-74; traveled in Europe, 1874-75; 
in real estate, steamship and brokerage busi- 
ness, 1876-81; with Joseph P. Whyte, as 
Whyte & Benoist, wholesale and manufactur- 
ing saddlery business (corporation of Heide- 
mann-Benoist Saddlery Co.), from 1881 until 
the company retired from business, 1895; real 
estate officer of Mississippi Valley Trust Co., 
1898-1905; director Mississippi Valley Trust 
Co. since 1905. Also vice president Denver, 
Enid & Gulf R. R.; president Indian Creek 
Land Co.; vice ])resident Overland Real Es- 
tate Co. Was quartermaster St. Louis Light 
Cavalry, National Guard of Missouri, 1878-86. 
Catholic. Clubs: St. Louis, Bellerive. Recrea- 
tion: traveling. Office: 319 N. 4th St., Room 
803. Residence: 4414 McPherson Ave. 

BENOIST, Howard, capitalist; born, St. 
FjouIs, Mar. (i, l>iG(); son of Louis A. and Sarah 
R. (Wilson) Benoist; educated in St. Louis 
I'niversity; marrie<l, St. Louis, Nov. 11, 1896, 
Agnes Foy; cliildren: Louis Lannan, Elizabeth 
Christy, Agnes. Devotes attention principally 
to jiersonal holdings and investments. Catho- 
lic. Clubs: St. Louis, St. Louis Country, 
Racquet, Florissant Valley. Office: Security 
Bldg. Residence: 4931 Berlin Ave. 


*BENOIST, Lee, iii\ ostmcnts;'.i to 
\('\v Orleans; se(> \o\. ]W6. 

BENOIST, Theodore, invcstment.s; born, St. 
Louis, Aiir. 1', 1S()1; son of Louis Aujiuste and 
Sarah K. (Wilson) Benoist; educated St. 
Louis University; Georgetown rniversity, 
Washinjiton, 1). C; Stoiieyluirst College, Eng- 
land; married, St. Louis, .Ian. 12, ],SS7, Mary 
K. Hunt; seven (diildren: Charles, Miriam, 
.lohn Hunt, Anna Wright, Theodore, .Jr., Wil 
son, Francois. Has given attention to man- 
agement of property inherited from father 
and to development of sanu>. Democrat. Cath- 
olic. Club: St. Louis Country. Office: 803, 
.•!19 N. 4th St. Residence: 4(W2 Berlin Ave. 

BENSBERG, Ferdinand August, j.residont 
Bourbon Mercantile Co.; born, St. J^ouis, Aug. 
J3, IS;!"); sou of Gerard and Catharina (Wei- 
jers) Beusberg; lived in St. Paul, Minn., LS62- 
(59; educated in public schools of St. Paul, 
Minn.; married, Covington, Ky., Apr. 25, 1892, 
Elizabeth Haldeniann; children: Elizabeth 
and Marie. Entered father's wholesale liquor 
store in St. Louis (established 1852) in 1869, 
and in 1880 succeeded him as F. A. Bensberg 
& Co.; incorporated the business, 1895, under 
present style of Bourbon Mercantile Co. Dem- 
ocrat. Catholic. Favorite recreations: driv- 
ing and horseback riding. OfiQce: 208 Walnut 
St. Residence: 5854 (_'ates Ave. 

BENSIEK, August W., undertaker; born, 
St. Louis, Feb. 15, 1877; son of John C. and 
So[)hia (Birkenkemper) Bensiek; educated in 
St. Louis public schools and .Jones Commercial 
College; graduated from Benton College of 
Law, and admitted to the Bar, February, 1912; 
unmarri(>d. On leaving school in 1896, entered 
the undertaking busiuess established by father, 
1870, and, on death of father, Dec. 20, 1899, 
succeeded to the business (with brother, John 
C.) under present firm name of John C. Ben- 
siek 's Sons. Member Knights of Honor. Of- 
fice and Residence: li;{4-1138 N. 6th St. 

BENSIEK, John C, undertaker; born, St. 
Louis, Dec. 6, 1875; sou of John C. and Sophia 
(Birkenkemper) Bensiek; educated in public 
schools and Jones Commercial College; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, June 17, 1903, Anna Michaels 
(now deceased). Served as deputy sheriff un- 
der sheriffs Pohhiiann and Traut, and Jan. 1, 
1900, with brother, August W., succeeded un- 
der present style of John C. Bensiek 's Sons, 
to business established by father in 1870, as 
undertaker and embalmer. Mason, Knight 
Templar; member National Union. Office and 
Residence: 1134-1138 N. 6th St. 

BENSTEIN, Julius A., president Benstein 
Manufacturing Co.; born A{)r. 9, 1863; died 
Apr. 7, 1912. 

BENSTEIN, John W., lawyer; born, Soest, 
Germany, .July 19, 1S()1; son of William and 
Minnie (Wallrabe) Benstein; educated in the 
old country; graduate Miuden College, West- 

phalia; married, Cincinnati. Scpr. 12, 1S95. 
Kmma M. Koch; two children: William F. 
and Pauline A. Came to America, 1880; col- 
lector for wholesale house, Detroit, Mich., 
1880-84; studied law at Kansas City, Mo.; 
a.lmitted to Missouri bar, 1889; in general 
civil practice in St. Louis since 1890; also 
investor in real estate. Christian Scientist. 
Recreations: music, literature, outdoor life. 
OfKce: 311 Times Bldg. Residence: Kirkwood, 
M issouri. 

BENTEN, Bernard J., clergyman; born, St. 
Louis, .\o\-. Ki, l.s(i,s; sou of Herman A. and 
Anna l^enten; educated parochial school of 
the parish; St. Joseph's College, Tentopolis, 
III., 1871-77; St. Francis Theological Seminary, 
St. Francis, AVis., 1887-91. Ordained priest- 
hood Roman Catholic Chur(d], June 21, 1891; 
ap])ointed assistant rector of Holy Trinity 
Church, St. Louis, serving 1891-95; rector St. 
Stanislaus Church, Wardsville, Cole Co., Mo., 
1895-1903; rector St. Paul's Church, St. Paul, 
St. Charles Co., Mo., 1903-06; organized St. 
Cecilia's Parish, October, 1906, and has since 
been rector of this church. Residence: 5418 
Louisiana Ave. 

BENTZEN, Julius H., secretary of Col- 
cord-Wright :\tachinery and Supjdy'^Co.; born, 
St. Louis, Aug. 10, 1S72; son of John N. A. 
and Louise (Adams) Bentzen; educated in 
public schools and commercial college; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 19, 1898, Ida H. 
Koester; children: Roy K., Edith C. Began 
business career with Bentzen Commission Co., 
wholesale produce, 1895-97; then salesman 
W. R. Colcord Machinery Co., of which was 
yice president and secretary, 1902-12; in Jan- 
uary, 1912, company consoiidated with J. W. 
Wright Co. and firm name was changed to 
Colcord-Wright :\[achinery and Supply Co., of 
which i.s secretary. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, 
Rotary. Recreation: tennis. Office: 1223-1229 
X. Broadway. Residence: 3931 Marcus Ave. 

BENZ, Eugene A., manufacturer of badges, 
banners and flags; born, St. Louis, Feb. 15, 
1889; son of George E. and Jane (Toll) Benz; 
educated in public schools of St. Louis; mar- 
ried, Minnie Aufderlieide, of St. Louis, Nov.' 
16, 1910. Began business career working in 
German Savings Institution, afterwards for 
Merchants-Laclede National Bank; after the 
death of his father, in August, 1908, associ- 
ated in business with his brother, George E. 
Benz, .Jr., the firm being incorporated in 
March, 1910, under title of Geo. E. Benz 
Badge and Regalia Co., of which has been 
president and treasurer since March, 1911. 
New lines have been added to the business un- 
til the company now carries a complete assort- 
ment of badges, regalia, banners and flags. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Mason. Clubs: Max- 
welton, American Wheel, Moose. Recreations: 
athletic sports. "Office: 1014 Pine St. Resi- 
dence: 2631 Wyoming St. 



BENZ, George E., engraver; 1S.j4-]90S; see 
A'ol. J!)(Mj. 

BERBLINGER, August, vice president Ess- 
iiun'lliT .Mill Funiishiiiy Co.; born, Baden, Ger- 
many, J)eL-. is, l.S(il; son of Frederick and 
iVIary (Gerber) Berblinger; educated in public 
schools and Polytechnic School, Baden, Ger- 
many; married, St. Louis, May, 1886, Ella 
Xliet'oth; children: Lulu, Erwiu, Hilda, 
Oneida. Learned trade of millwright in Ger- 
]nany; came to St. Louis in 1880, and was 
employed with firm of Mutchler & Essmueller, 
1880-82, then with Dehner-Wuerpel Mill Build- 
ing Co., 1882-85; returned to Essmueller & 
Barry (successors of Mutchler & Essmueller) 
in 1887, find became head foreman, and on in- 
corporation of the business, 1897, as Essmuel- 
ler Mill Furnishing Co., was elected vice presi- 
deut and superintendent. Eepublican. Mason 
(o2°), Shriner; member I. O. O. F., St. Louis 
Liedertafel Society, Concordia Turn Yerein. 
Clubs: A'ictor Skaat, Goodluck Bowling, 
Brookland Hunting and Fishing, Calhouu 
Point Hunting and Fishing. Office: 1216 S. 8th 
.St. Residence: 3819 Juniata Ave. 

BERGENDAHL, Gustave Storm, civil engi- 
neer and contractor; born, IVorway, Feb. 24, 
1870; son of Johan Christian and Sophie 
(Shistad) Bergendahl; came to America, 1888; 
educated in high school in Norway aud under 
private tutelage in America; married, June 
11, 1892, Kristiane Augusta Gulbrandsen, of 
Christiania, Norway; four children: Augusta, 
iJaguy, Euth, Gustave Storm. Draughtsman 
until 1895 and until 1902 engineer in charge, 
American Bridge Co.; resident engineer, same 
company. 1902-06; began 1906, under G. S. 
Bergemlahl, as engineer and contractor; pres- 
itlent Mi<iland Erection Co., 1907-11, since 
president Bergendahl-Bass Engineering and 
Construction Co., St. Louis and Chicago. 
^Member American Society Civil Engineers, 
AVestern Society Engineers, Engineers' Club 
of St. Louis, Chicago Engineers' Club. Baji- 
tist. Mason (32°). Eecreation: fishing. Office: 
Syndicate Trust Bldg. Eesideuee: 4540 Dover 
St., C]iica,-o. 

BERGER, Jacob, banker; born in Austria, 
Oct. 2, 1862; son of M. and E. (Blumenfeld) 
Berger; self-educated; married, St. Louis, 
Xov. 8, 1883, Bertha Silverstone; eight chil- 
dren: Esther, Samuel, Harry, David, Joseph, 
Anna, Ralph, Eveline. Came to St. Louis from 
Austria, in 1879; began in the office of the 
Prudential Insurance Co. of America, and 
later was for five years agent of same com- 
]>any; then in mercantile pursuits until 1893; 
from 1893 to 1899 was in the Sanitary Divi- 
sion of the Health Department and from 1899 
to 1903 was deputy assessor and collector of 
water rates; agent for the Pacific INIutual 
Life Insurance Co. of California 1903-05, sec- 
retary City National Bank until 1910; since 

vice president Central National Bank. Mem- 
ber B'nai B'rith. Office: 7th and OliA'e Sts. 
Residence: 5153 Yon Yersen Ave. 

*BERGER, William Elmer, banking; now 
living in Los Angeles, Cal.; see Yol. 1906. 

BERGFELD, George Frank, real estate and 
building; born, Chicago, Oct. 16, 1865; son of 
Alexander and Elizabeth Bergfeld; educated 
in St. Louis public schools; married, St. Louis, 
June 16, 1889, Ella M. Hufft; one son: Lucas 
Lee. Began in employ of Henry Y. Lucas, 
real estate, 1880, remaining with him until 
1887; with Scruggs, Yandervoort & Barney 
Dry Goods Co. as assistant cashier until 1889; 
president Bergfeld-Parker Eeal Estate Co., 
1889-98; now president George F. Bergfeld 
Realty Co., George F. Bergfeld Investment 
and Construction Co. Member St. Louis Real 
Estate Exchange, Civic League. Mason. Ee- 
publican. Office: 610 Chestnut St. Residence: 
5171 Cabanne Ave. 

BERGLAR, Frank B., president Eosedale 
Contracting and Supply Co.; born, St. Louis 
Co. (now St. Louis), Apr. 12, 1855; son of 
Henry and Margaretta (Lemke) Berglar; edu- 
cated in parochial school and commercial col- 
lege; married, St. Louis, 1893, Annie Whelan; 
four children: Frank B., Joseph H., Gertrude 
and Marguerite. Began active career in em- 
ploy of the Sligo Iron Works at age of eleven, 
continuing until 1876; then associated with 
brother, .J. H., in purchasing a farm (now one 
of the choice residence districts in the western 
part of the city), engaged in teaming business, 
which developed into the Eosedale Contract- 
ing and Supply Co., of which is president; 
also a large holder of city property. Democrat. 
Catholic. Member Knights of Columbus. Eec- 
reation: horses. Office: Hodiamont Ave. near 
Gates Ave. Eesidence: 6039 ]\[aple Ave. 

-BERLINGER, Joseph, silks; moved to 
New York; see Yol. 1906. 

BERMEL, John, brewers' sui^plies; born, 
St. Louis, Sept. 12, 1859; son of John H. and 
Catherine (Sommers) Bermel; educated in 
jniblic schools; married, Barbara Thununel; 
one daughter: Emma; married, 2d, Louisville, 
Ky., Feb. 16, 1901, Christina Gruen. First 
learned the harnessmaking trade and followed 
it from age of seventeen to age of twenty- 
two; then was with Henry Bermel, grocer, 
11th and Morgan Sts., for one year; Avitli the 
Bridge-Beach Stove Manufacturing Co. one 
year, when became connected with the Charles 
A. Drach Electrotype Co., in which remained 
in various capacities, and was president, 1897- 
1906; now vice president and treasurer G. A. 
Link Supply Co. Eepublican. Member Knights 
of Pythias, T. P. A., Tower Grove Turn 
A'erein. Eecreation: walking. Office: 7 S. 2d 
St. Eesidence: 3544 Connecticut St. 

BERN AYS, Augustus Charles, surgeon; 
1854-1907; see Yol. 1906. 



BERND, Adolph, iiuTL'liant; see Vol. 190G. 

BERNET. Christian, Tiiilling business; 
iMtni, Hei iif, Switzerhiiiii, Oct. 4, 1850; son of 
John and I-]lizal)eth (Bernet) Bernet; was 
brought to America, 185(5; educated in com- 
mon schools aiKJ business college, La Crosse, 
Wis.; twice married; children by first mar- 
riage: John A. (deceased) and"^ Harry :\r.; 
married, 2d, Sarah Huttig, of St. Louis'; chil- 
dren: Albert E., Arthur C, Fred Huttig, 
Milton K. and Dorothy Esther. Came to St. 
Louis, 3872, as rejjresentative of the La 
Crosse ]\rilling Co.; entered business for self, 
1874; organized firm of Bernet & Craft, flour 
merchants, issn, and in 1902 formed the Ber- 
net, ('raft & Kaufrman ^Milling Co., of which 
is vice jiresident and manager. President St. 
Louis Merchants' Exchange; member Busi- 
ness Men's League. Republican. Methodist. 
President Piasa Chautauqua (third term), 
Children's Home Society of Missouri; vice 
president ]\rethodist Deaconess Association; 
director and member executive committee St. 
Louis Provident Association. Mason (Koval 
Arch). Clubs: St. Louis Millers', St. Louis 
Grain, Afen 's. Recreation: church work. Of- 
fice: Picrc(> Bldg. Residence: 55.')7 Cates Ave. 
BERNHEIMER, Marcus, president Marcus 
Bernheimer Milling and Mercantile Co.; 1847- 
1912; see Vol. 190(i. 

BERNINGHAUS, Julius Arnold, cashier 
Central National Bank; born, St. Louis, Oct. 
5, 1878; son of Edmund O. and Augusta P. 
Berninghaus; educated in public schools of St. 
Louis; married, St. Louis, Mar. 31, 190;^, Ma- 
bel Benedict. Entered the Mechanics-Amer- 
ican National Bank as messenger boy in 1892, 
and advance.! step by step until in" 1902 be- 
came assistant cashier; continued until :Mar. 
12, 1909, when was elected cashier of Central 
National Bank. Independent in politics. Mem- 
ber St. Louis Credit Men's Association. Club: 
Mercantile. Recreations: fishing and hunting. 
Ofrice: 7th and Olive Sts. Residence: 412 N. 
Union Hf)ul. 

BERNTHAL, John Jacob, clergyman; born, 
Frankenniuth, Saginaw Co., Micii., .July 1.'!, 
IS.15; son of Cii'orge Konrad and :^^arg'areth 
B. (Hildner) Bernthal; educated in jiarochial 
school, Frankenmuth, to 18<)9; Concordia 
College, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 187(); Concordia 
Seminary, St. Louis, 1879; married, Wvan- 
dotte, Mich., .Tan. 1. 1880, Anna Calmbach, 
of Danville. 111.; children: Einil, August, 
William, Albert, Lilly, Martha, Edwin, Marie. 
Ordained Evangelical Lutheran ministrv, 
1879; pastor Scotland, S. D., 1879-8.'!; Lewis- 
ton, Minn., 1883-87; Wyandotte, Mich., 1887- 
97; St. Trinity Church, Vermont and Koeln 
Aves., St. Louis, since 1897. President boanl 
Concordia Seminary, also of board St. Paul "s 
College, Concordia, Mo.; president Western 
District of Synoil of Missouri, Ohio and Other 
States; secretary Concordia Publishing House. 

Repnbli.'an. OHice and Residence: 741G Ver- 
mont A\c. 

*BERRY, Harry Jay, hay and grain com- 
missioner; moved to Indianapolis; see Vol. 

BERSCH, Arthur, insurance; born, St. Louis, 
July 2S, 1.S7;;; son of AVilliam and Margaret 
(Richard) Bersch; educated in St. Louis pub- 
lic schools; married, St. Louis, 1902, Lula 
Kaltmeyer. Began business career in 1890, in 
oiiice Bersch 's Insurance Agency, established 
by father 187.j; admitted as partner in 1900, 
and became secretary and treasurer of Bersch 
Insurance Agency Co. in 1906. Memlier St. 
Louis Insurance Agents' Association. Social- 
ist. Office: Pierce Bldg. Residence: 3S08 Sul- 
livan Ave. 

BERSCH, Julius Richard, insurance; born, 
St. Louis, Apr. 18, 1867; son of William and 
Margaret (Richard) Bersch; educated in pub- 
lic schools of St. Louis; married, Denver, 
Colo., 1889, Maud Miller; children: Robert, 
Ruth. Entire active career in insurance busi- 
ness with father, now vice ])resi<lent Bersch 
Insurance Agency Co. Member Roval Arca- 
num. Democrat. Office: Pierce Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 3862 Botanical Ave. 

BERSCH, William, insurance; born, Balti- 
more, Mil., Nov. 14, 1831; son of Jacob and 
Elizabeth (Kranz) Bersch; came with parents 
to St. Louis, 1836; educated at St. Louis Uni- 
versity; married, St. Louis, 1856, Margaret 
Richard; children: William, Jr., Albert, Ed- 
mund, Emma (Mrs. .Tacoli Guhman), Clara, 
Julius R., Arthur, :Mau<le, Ida (deceased). Be- 
gan active career in wholesale dry goods busi- 
ness, continuing until 1875; then Embarked in 
insurance business, which carried on alone 
until 1900; admitted sons Julius R. and Ar- 
thur to partnership, under style of Bersch "s 
Insurance Agency; now president Bersch In- 
surance Agency Co. Member St. Louis Insur- 
ance Agents ' Association. Rei)ublican. Office: 
Pierce Bldg. Residence: 21 IS ,Iohn St. 

BESCH, Conrad George, sand and mate- 
rials; horn. St. Louis, .Inly 7, 1867; son of 
Philiji and Julia (Hoerner) Besch; educated in 
l>ublic and private schools, St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis, Feb. 15, 1905, Matilda Cramer. En- 
gaged in brokerage business, 1893, continuing 
for three years; then in real estate business, 
1896-98; treasurer and manager Mound City 
Sand aiKl Gravel Co., 1898-1905; treasurer 
Union Sand and iVfaterial (^o. since 190.",; di- 
rector Tower Grove Bank. Rejmblican Prot- 
estant. Clubs: Glen Echo, Country, Alercan- 
tile, liiederkranz, St. Louis Athletic Associa- 
tion. Recreation: golf. Ofiice: Liggett Bid"-. 
Residence: 3522 Crittenden St. 
BEST, Earl Irvin; see Vol. 1906. 
BETTIS, James Ramsey, mr.nufacturer of 
]iaints; liorn, Catn.hMi, Oneida Co., N. Y., Nov. 
10, 1S-J9; son of Reuben a.-nd ISIarv Clark 



(Peck) Bettis; orlucaterl in eoininon si-hools of 
Canideu and Oswego, N. Y., 1856-67; married, 
Eochester, N. Y., 1877, Emma Frances Hus- 
lianil; children: James E., Jr., ]\rarion Prances, 
Emma Eleanor; married, 2d. Webster Groves, 
Mo., October, 1900, Anne May Hime. Tn print- 
ing business in Camden, Utica and Eochester, 
N. Y.. Chicago, and St. Louis, 1866-72; super- 
intendent Democrat Lithographing and Print- 
ing Co., 1872-76; salesman. Snider & Holmes 
and Central Type Foundry, jointly, 1876-79; 
jiuhlisher. Arkansas Daily Democrat, Little 
Eock, Ark., 1879-90; vice president and mana- 
ger, C. B. Woodward Printing Co., 1891-93; co- 
proprietor, with L. Ferguson, of the Thomas 
^lanufacturing Co., manufacturers and job- 
bers of paints until 1911; now president Zouri 
Manufacturing Co.; also director Webster 
Groves Trust Co. President Arkansas Edito- 
rial Association, 1885; president 1889, and 
still member, National Editorial Association. 
Member Engineer Corps, St. Louis, 1872-75; 
served in Captain EUerbee 's Company during 
strike riots of 1877. Independent Democrat. 
Congregationalist. Clubs: Mercantile, Algon- 
quin. Bccreation: study of astronomy. Office: 
2030 Pine St. Eesidence: Webster Groves, Mo. 

BETTS, John Frederic, stock and bond 
broker; born, Louisville, Ky., Mar. 9, 1871; 
son of John Frederic and Elizabeth (Potter) 
Betts; educated in public and high schools of 
Louisville; married, Wheeling, W. Ya., 1901, 
Mary Belle Howell; children: Mary Howell, 
infant son (deceased) and John F., Jr. Began 
as clerk in leaf tobacco business, with Head & 
Head, Louisville, Ky., 1890; buyer for same 
firm until 1895; connected with Drummond 
Tobacco Co., St. Louis, 1895-99; in stock and 
bond business as member of Drummond, Betts 
& Co., 1900-02; since Jan. 1, 1903, conducting 
brokerage business umler own name. Mem- 
ber St. Louis Stock Exchange. Eepublican. 
Episcopalian. Office: Security Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: 5150 Westminster Place. 

BETZ, Cliarles F., secretary and treasurer 
Columbia Pretzel and Baking Co.; born, Wurt- 
temberg, Germany, May 14, 1873; son of Fred- 
erick and JIary E. (Lang) Betz; educated in 
schools in Germany and at Columbus, O.; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, October, 1897, Martha Hueb- 
ner; children: Charles, Jr., Dorothy. Came to 
United States in 1890 and traveled for about 
twc years; learned baker's trade at Colum- 
bus; came to St. Louis, 1894, and worked at 
trade, in 1900, with father-in-law, George 
Huebntf, joined in organizing the Columbia 
Pretzel i^^nd Baking Co., of which is secretary 
and troa;\iirer. ^Member Citizens' Industrial 
Association. Tower Grove Turn Verein, 
Schwabcn ^ociety. Mason (32°), Shriner, 
Knights of Vvthias. Eecreations: motoring, 
bowling, huntJJig and fishing. Office: 1719- 
1723 DeKalb ^. Eesidence: 3746 S. Grand 

BETZ, Peter Edward, produce commission; 
born, Mobile, Ala., Feb. 27, 1859; son of Peter 
and Eegina (Ceaser) Betz; attended public 
school at Pleasant Hill, Mo., for one year; 
married, St. Louis, June 5, 1888, Mary C. Tem- 
pleman; children: Marie, Ora, Edward Peter, 
Alice Ursula, John Yincent. Had to leave 
school when 10 yeai's old to work for living; 
with mother, ran candy and cigar store at 
Pleasant Hill, Mo., until 1882; engaged in 
manufacture of tobacco at Pleasant Hill, Mo., 
1882-86; in real estate business in St. Louis, 
1886-88; since 1888 partner, with half interest, 
in firm of W. J. Templemau & Co., wholesale 
fruits and vegetables. Democrat. Eoman Cath- 
olic. INIember Knights of Columbus and Cath- 
olic Knishts of America. Office: 808 N. Third 
St. Residence: 3822 Cleveland Ave. 

BEVIS, Philemon, general secretary Y. M. 
C. A.; born, Philadelphia, 111., Apr. 26, 1865; 
son of Henry and Sarah J. (Stout) Bevis; 
educated high school and University of Illi- 
nois; married, Urbana, 111., Dec. 24, 1889, 
Laura B. Palmer; three children: Palmer, 
Ledru, Dorothy. Began in Y. M. C. A. work at 
Dixon, 111., February, 1890, continuing two 
years; then general secretary at Macomb, 
ill., 1892-96, Lafayette, Ind., "1896-1901, Du- 
luth, Minn., 1901-12; general secretary at St. 
Louis since May 15, 1912. Presbyterian. Rec- 
reations: fishing and camping. Office: Y. M. 
C. A. Bldg., Grand and Franklin Aves. 

BICKEL, Charles, Jr., manager St. Louis 
office Habieht-Braun & Co., bakers' supplies; 
born, St. Louis, Feb. 4, 1877; son of Charles 
and Eva (Shoettel) Bickel; educated at pub- 
lic schools until 10th year; then attended Edu- 
cational Institute (now out of existence) for 
three years and after that took private night 
courses for more than five years. Began 
business career at age of thirteen as office boy 
with the Western Candy and Bakers' Supply 
Co., dealers in raw material only for candy 
manufacturers and bakers, and remained with 
the same company twenty years; began to sell 
goods in 1895, and continued in that capacity 
until 1902, when became vice president and in 
sole control of sales department, so continu- 
ing until 1910; since September, 1910, local 
manager for Habicht-Braun & Co., imjiorters 
of confectioners', bakers' and grocers' sup- 
plies, with offices in Chicago, St. Louis, New 
York and Hamburg, Germany. Eepublican. 
Member Concordia Turn Verein, T. P. A. 
Clubs: Liederkraiiz, Million Population. Office: 
404-405 Granite Bldg. Residence: 3507 Cali- 
fornia Ave. 

BIDDLE, WHliani Baxter, railway official; 
born, Beloit, Wis., Nov. 12, 1856; son of 
Cliarles H. and Alice (Coffman) Biddle; grad- 
uated high school. Beloit; married, Nov. 23, 
1880, Ella Frost, of Beloit; children: Robert 
C, Wheldon F., Walter C. Began railway ca- 
reer in 1887 as brakeman for Santa Fe Co.; 



later station aj^oiit and, l.sS2S(i, chief clerk 
{general freight ofilce Atlantic & Pacific R. R.; 
promoted to assistant freifiht agent, 1886, 
then (iivision freight and iiassenger agent, 
and, in 1888, assistant general freight agent 
Santa Fe System; assistant traffic manager, 
1890-04, and" freight traffic manager, 1894 to 
Mar. 1, 1905; lid vice president C, R. T. & P. 
Railway Co., Mar. 1, 1905 to Dec. 1, 1909; vice 
president Chicago & Eastern Illinois and St. 
Louis & San Francisco railways since Dec. 1, 
1909. Clubs: Mercantile, Noonday, City, Glen 
Echo, St. Louis Railway and The Traffic (St. 
Louis); also Union League, Chicago Athletic, 
Midlothian, Traffic (Chicago). Offices: Frisco 
Bldg., St. Louis, and McCormick Rldg., Chi- 
cago. Residence: Ruckiiighain Hotel. 

BIEBINGER, Frederick William, banker; 
n83M908; see Vol. 1906. 

BIEBINGER, Oscar L., secretary Mallinck- 
rodt Chemical Works; born, St. Louis, Nov. 26, 
1859; son of F. W. and Sophie (Koch) Bie- 
binger; educated in Eyser's German Institute 
and St. Louis public schools; married, St. 
Louis, Feb. 8, 1883, Nettie L. Luthv; children: 
.lulia Elizabeth (Mrs. Clyde E. Ustick), Mar- 
guerite, Frederick W., Adele. Began business 
career in employ of Udell, Schmieding & Co., 
in 1877; later in that year became connected 
with Fourth National Bank of St. Louis, with 
which remained until May, 1881, when be- 
came cashier for George F. Dittmann Boot and 
Shoe Co., until 1884; in business on own ac- 
count in Texas, from January, 1884; returned 
to St. Louis, September, 1888, and after two 
months as accountant with St. Louis Republic, 
entered, Nov. 17, 1888, Malliuckrodt Chemical 
Works, WMth which has since continued as sec- 
retary and director. Republican. Methodist. 
Member Business Men's League. Mason. Club: 
Mercantile. Recreation: baseball. Office: 3600 
N. 2(1 St. Residence: Ferguson, Mo. 

BIEBINGER, William, shoe manufacturer; 
born, St. Louis, Feb. 27, 1864; sou of Freder- 
ick William and Sophie (Koch) Biebiuger; 
educated in St. Louis puldic schools; Smith 
Academy; married, St. Louis, dune 10, 1886, 
Bertha Bodemann; four daughters; Irmgard, 
Alice, Doris, Edna. Began business career at 
age of 17 as office-boy of Fourth National 
Bank of St. Louis; after several years en- 
gaged in printing and lithographing business 
with John W. Harrington as Biebinger & Har- 
rington and later as William Biebinger & Co.; 
business and jilant were destroyed by fire in 
fall of 1886, when retired from that business 
and became traveling representative for Au- 
gust Gast Bank Note Co., in the West, and in 
June, 1887, again took clerkship in Fourth 
National Bank of St. Louis, working through 
diflferent departments to note, exchange and 
assistant paving teller; resigned in fall of 
1894, and became credit man of George F. 
Dittmann Boot and Shoe Co., two vears later 

being elected secretary and treasurer, and be- 
came a director of the comjiany; resigned 
Mar. 1, 1904; and was secretary of The Court- 
ney Shoe Co. until January, 1910, when be- 
came vice president Burrow, Jones & Dyer 
Shoe Co. Republican. Office: 1001 Washing- 
ton Ave. Residence: 3458 Connecticut St. 

BIEL, Frederick Christian, secretary Tror- 
li( ht-Duinker ('arjict Co.; born, Pilot" Knob, 
Mo., Sept. 21, ISd.'i; son of William and Edna 
Biol; educated in public schools of Pilot Knob 
and later attended college in St. Louis; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Nov. 4, 1887, Emma P:ngel; 
three children: Irvin F., William C, Edna M. 
Began at age of sixteen in employ of the 
Ralph Sellew Tin Plate and Metal Co., contin- 
uing for five years; became connected with 
the Trorlicht-Duncker Carpet Co., 1884, of 
wiiich has been secretary since 1906. Presby- 
terian. Mason. ]\Iember Royal Arcanum. Rec- 
reation: outdoor sports. Office: 508 N. 4th St. 
Residence: :',SU) Hartford St. 

BIGGERS, WiUiam David; see Vol. 1906. 
BIGGS, Austin Wesley, labor commissioner; 
born, Jackson\il!e, 111., Mar. 17, 1868; son of 
Joseph G. and Mary E. (Smith) Biggs; edu- 
cated public schools; married, St. Louis, July 
16, 1890, Emma C. Birchard; two children: 
Austin W., Jr., Helen M. Began business ca- 
reer in 1885 as apprentice in printing trade, 
with the St. Louis Chronicle, continuing until 
1911; appointed state labor commissioner by 
Governor Hadley, June 14. 1911. JMember 43d 
and 44th General Assemblies, ]\rissouri. Re- 
publican. President International Association 
of Labor Commissioners, 1912. Protestant. 
Mason and Odd Fellow. Offices: 104 N. 10th 
St., St. Louis, and Jetferson City, Mo. Resi- 
dence: 107 W. ^IcCarty St., St. Louis. 

BIGGS, David Clifton, treasurer Interna- 
tional Shoe Co.; born. Pike Co., Mo., May 2, 
1866; son of William K. and Martha Ann 
(Hawkins) Biggs; educated in ])ublic schools, 
and at business college, Quincv, 111.; married. 
St. Louis, June 4, 1902, Ethel' Goddard. Left 
farm at twenty-one and entered bank at Cur- 
ryville, Mo., with which was connected for 
three years; came to St. Louis, 1891, and se- 
cured employment in Merchants' National 
Bank, after consolidation remaining with the 
Merchants-Laclede Bank until 1S99; then asso- 
ciated witli Roberts, Johnson & Rand Shoe 
Co. as cashier and credit man; was treasurer 
of the company from 1907 to 1912, and also a 
member board of directors until firm name 
changed to International Shoe Co., of which 
is treasurer. Democrat. Mason. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Noonday. Recreation: stock farming. 
Office: 15th St. ami Washington Ave. City 
Residence: 4370 Waterman Ave. Country Res- 
idence: Clarksville, Mo. 

BIGGS, Davis, lawyer; born, Pike Co., Mo., 
Jan. 13, 1875; son of William H. and Eli?:a 



(Shotwell) Biggs; educated in Smith Acad- 
emy, "Wasliington University, University of 
Virginia and St. Louis Law School, from 
which was graduated as LL.B., 1S9S; married, 
Sacramento, Cal., June 17, 1903, Alice Beatty 
AVillis; children: William H., Jr., Peter 0. Ad- 
mitted to bar at St. Louis in 1898, and since 
engaged in general practice, now being a 
member of the law firm of William H. and 
Davis Biggs, formed in 1901. Member St. 
Louis Bar Association. Democrat. Mason. 
Clubs: Algonquin Golf, City. Recreation: ten- 
nis. Ofiice: 1626 Pierce' Bldg. Eesidence: 
Kirkwood. Mo. 

BINDSCHADLER, Edward; 1843-1910; see 
Vol. 1006. 

BINTLIFF, Harry Burton, railway sup- 
plies; born, Janesville, Wis., Sept. 22, 1S76; 
son of Edward H. and Annie (Holmes) Bint- 
liff; educated in public schools of Illinois; 
married. East St. Louis, 111., Sept. 25, 1901, 
Jessie A. Jones; one son: Douglas J. Began 
business career as assistant citv engineer of 
Kankakee, Til., 1892-93; then clerk in the mas- 
ter mechanic's office of the "Big Four" E. E. 
at Kankakee, and in February, 1897, clerk in 
general oflfice of the St. Louis & San Francisco 
E. E. at St. Louis; in August, 1902, was ap- 
pointed purchasing agent for the St. Louis 
Dressed Beef and Provision Co., and in 1903 
was also made treasurer of the company, con- 
tinuing until October, 1906; since vice presi- 
dent J. E. Dufiield & Co., railway supplies, 
also member firm Bintliff & Herb, railway and 
mill supplies. ^Member St. Louis Eailway 
Club. Office: 1412 New Bank of Commerce 
Bldg. Eesidence: 6023 Waterman Ave. 

BIRGE, Julius Charles, president Seymour 
^Manufacturing Co. and A^ice president and 
manager Ames Shovel and Tool Co.; born, 
Whitewater, Wis., Nov. 18, 1839; son of AVil- 
liam and Mary (Xoble) Birge (being first 
white child born in Walworth Co., Wis.) ; edu- 
cated in public schools and academy, White- 
water, Wis., and preparatory department of 
Beloit (Wis.) College; married, Dec. 4, 1873, 
Mary Patrick; children: Ernest X., Walter 
W., Arthur B., Ada A. (Mrs. Courtland Car- 
rier, of Sewaren, X. J.), J. Stanley. Was en- 
gaged in flouring mill business at Whitewater, 
Wis., until spring of 1866, when crossed the 
continent overland; came to St. Louis, 1867, 
and established in business as a dealer in agri- 
cultural iniiilements; was vice president Win- 
chester & Partridge Manufacturing Co., of 
Wisconsin, 1870-80; was president St. Louis 
Shovel Co. until 1902, when assisted in organ- 
izing the Ames Shovel and Tool Co., of which 
has since been director ami vice jiresident; 
also president Seymour ^lanufacturing Co. 
President American Hardware ^lanufactur- 
ers' Association; president Charlevoix (Mich.) 
Summer Home Association. Member Xew 
England Societj- of St. Louis (e.x-president). 

Trustee, from its foundation, of Marion-Sims 
Medical College. Member Pilgrim Congrega- 
tional Church since 1873. Mason, Knight Tem- 
plar. Clubs: St. Louis (one of its organizers), 
Mercantile, Congregational (ex-president). 
Office: Sarah St. and Duncan Ave. Business 
Address: care Ames Shovel and Tool Co. Ees- 
idence: 5076 Westminster Place. 

BIRGE, Walter W., tool manufacturer; 
born, St. Louis, Sept. 7, 1877; son of Julius C. 
and Mary (Patrick) Birge; graduated from 
Smith Academy, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, 
Sept. 28, 1903, MaBelle Brown; three children: 
MaBelle Claire, Julius, Grace Blackmore. Be- 
gan active career, in 1896, with the St. Louis 
Shovel Co., of which was assistant manager 
until July, 1907; then became secretary and 
sales manager Fayette E. Plumb, Inc., tool 
manufacturers; also vice president Seymour 
Manufacturing Co. Republican. Served one 
term in House of Delegates. Member Civic 
Improvement League. Congregationalist. 
Clubs: City, Bellerive Country. Becreation: 
golf. Office: 509 Commonwealth Trust Bldg. 
Residence: 13 Hortense Place. 

BISHOP, C(arapbell) Orrick, lawyer; born, 
Union, Franklin Co., Mo., Dec. 28, "1842; son 
of David H. and Sarah Lee (Lindsay) Bishop; 
graduated from St. Louis Central High School, 
1858; Westminster College, Fulton, Mo., A.B., 
1862, A.M., 1891, LL.D., 1903; graduated from 
Louisville (Ky.) Law School, LL.B., 1867; 
unmarried. Admitted to bar in 1867; was 
assistant circuit attorney, 1883-97, and 1901- 
05; appointed circuit judge by Governor Folk, 
in March, 1905, and assigned to Division 12, 
and the Juvenile Court until January, 1907. 
Instructor in criminal law, Washington Uni- 
A-ersity, Law Department, 1894-1909; now 
holding similar position St. Louis LTniversity 
Law School. Democrat. Presbyterian. Mem- 
ber St. Louis Bar Association, Missouri His- 
torical Society, Washington University Asso- 
ciation, Westminster Alumni Society, Virginia 
Society, Blackstone Society. Clubs: Mercan- 
tile, Missouri Athletic. Office: 711-712 Secur- 
ity Bldg. Eesidence: Missouri Athletic Club. 

BISHOP, Cyrus Henry, business manager; 
see Vol. 1906. 

BISHOP, Henry Warrick, cigar broker; 
1859-1911; see Vol. 1906. 

BISHOP, John Edniond, lawyer; born, Eoche- 
port, Mo., Aug. 6, 1S69; son of David and 
Ann Eliza (Stice) Bishop; educated in Cali- 
fornia (Mo.) High School, class of 1889; aca- 
demic course, ^Missouri State T^niversity, and 
Yale Law School, class of 1S95; unmarrie<l. 
Assistant superintendent of jmblic schools, 
California, Mo., 1892-93, and 1893-94; located 
in St. Louis, September, 1895, and practiced 
law alone until Jan. 1, 1901, when formed 
partnership with Thomas H. Cobbs in present 
law firm of Bishop & Cobbs. Was city attor- 



noy, Talifornia, ^lo., 1892-94. Dcinot-rat. :\roiii- 
ber Christian Church. Clubs: Noonday, St. 
Louis (secretary), Kacquet, Glen Echo (vice 
president). Recreations: golf, niotorin<r. Of- 
fice: Third National Bank Bldg. Eesidence: 
St. Louis dull. 

BISHOP, William Threlkeld, cigar broker; 
LS;!.l-19l)(i; see \'ol. 190(5. 

BISSELL, French Rayburn; see Vol. 190(). 

BISSLAND, William Hope, railway ofiieial; 
born, (iourock, Scotland, .Ian. 22, 18(54; son of 
Robert and Mary (Hope) Bissland; educated 
in public schools of Thompsonville, Conn.; 
married, St. Louis, June 17, 1891, Irene C. 
Galloway; two daughters: Grace D. and Irene 
H. Began railway service in ISS"), and from 
June, 1885, to :March, 1S90, filled clerical posi- 
tions with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 
R. R. Co. at Topeka, Kan., in the auditing, 
mechanical and general passenger depart- 
ments; in March, 1890, became secretary to 
general passenger agent Townsend, of the 
Missouri Pacific R,y. ; in November, 1S95, pro- 
moted to chief clerk, general passenger depart- 
ment; assistant general ticket agent, Jan. 1, 
1903, and assistant general passenger agent 
same road since January, 1908. Presbyterian. 
Recreations: golf and baseball. Office: Mis- 
souri Pacific Bldg. Eesidence: 5443 Page Boul. 

BITTING, William Coleman, clergyman; 
born, in Hanover Co., Va., Feb. 5, 1857; son of 
Charles Carroll and Caroline (Shadinger) 
Bitting; educated at Lynchburg Classical and 
Commercial School to 1871; Richmond (Va.) 
College, M.A., 1877; Crozer Theological Sem- 
inary, Chester, Pa., 1880; (D.D., Howard Col- 
lege, Alabama, and Richmond [Va.] College); 
married, Baltimore, Md., Nov. 17, ISStj, Anna 
]\Iary Biedler; children: William Charles, 
Frank Milton (deceased), Kenneth Hills. Or- 
dained to ministry of Baptist Church, June, 
1880; served as supply, Lee Street Church, 
Baltimore, July, 1880, to February, 1881; pas- 
tor, Lurav, Va., February, 1881, to Dec. 31, 
1883; Mount Baptist Church, New York City. 
Jan. 1, 1884, to Oct. 31, 1905; Second Baptist 
Church, St. Louis, since Nov. 1, 1905. Con- 
tributor to magazines, papers, etc. Residence: 
5109 Vaterman Ave. 

BIXBY, David Alonzo,. assistant purchasing 
agent American Car and Foundry Co.; born, 
Adrian, Mich., Sept. 24, 1854; son of Alonzo 
Foster and Emma Louisa (Keeney) Bi.xby; 
graduated from Adrian (Mich.) High School, 
1870, and from Michigan University, A.B., 
1875; married, Kirkwood, Mo., Feb. iS, 1901, 
Frances Buford McElroy. Read law in Ad- 
rian, Mich., 1875-76; elected city clerk of Ad- 
rian, Mich., 1877, and twice reelected; also 
hebl other citv offices; member Michigan leg- 
islature, 1882-84; in November, 1884, was 
elected county clerk for native county of 
Lenawee. Came to St. Louis, Sei>tember, 

1887; was for few months in enqdoy of Mis- 
souri Pacific Ry. Co.; since 1888 in employ of 
Missouri Car and Foundry Co. and its succes- 
sor the American Car and Foundry Co., and 
since 1901 assistant purchasing agent. Mem- 
ber Civic League, Tuscan Lodge, A. F. & A. 
M., Knights of Pythias. Clubs: Mercantile, 
Algonquin. Recreations: golf and gardening. 
Oflice: I()i)3 Syndicate Trust Bldg. Residence: 
5071 Westminster Place. 

BIXBY, Fred Foster, manufacturer; born, 
Adrian, Mich., Aug. 9, 1866; son of Alonzo F. 
and Emma L. (Keeney) Bixby; educated in 
Adrian High School; married, 1907, Elizal)eth 
J. Ranes. With purchasing department of thi^ 
Missouri Pacific Ry., St. Louis, 1SS2-S7; pur- 
chasing dejiartment of the Texas & Pacific 
Ry., Dallas, Tex., 1887-90; purchasing depart- 
ment, Wabash R. H., St. Louis, 1891-93; held 
various positions with Missouri Car and Foun- 
dry Co., St. Louis, 1893-99; district manager 
at^ St. Louis of American Car and Foundry 
Co., 1899-1906; president Western Whiting and 
Manufacturing Co., 1904-11; since manager 
material department American Car and Foun- 
dry Co., also president Republic Railway Ap- 
pliance Co., Safety Switch Appliance Co. Dem- 
ocrat. Presl)yterian. Clubs: St. Louis, ^Nfis- 
souri Athletic. Recreations: hunting and fish- 
ing. Office: 915 Olive St. Residence: 5824 
Von Versen A\e. 

BIXBY, Sidney T., presitlent Share and 
Mortgage Co.; born, St. Louis, Sept. 4, 1882; 
son of W. K. and Lillian (Tuttle) Bixby; 
educated at Smith Academy, St. Louis, ami 
Amherst College, Mass.; unmarried. On leav- 
ing college became, in November, 1904, con- 
nected with the Holbrook-Blackwelder Real 
Estate Trust Co., of which was vice president 
until 1912; since ])resident Share and Mort- 
gage Co. Member Business Men "s League, 
Civic League. Congregationalist. Clubs: St. 
Louis Country, I'niversity, Racquet, Noonday, 
Dardenne Shooting. Recreation: outdoor di- 
versions. Office: 310 N. 4th St. Residence: 
King's Highway and Lindell Boul. 

BIXBY, William K., manufacturer; born, 
Adrian, Mich., Jan. 2, 1857; son of Alonzo 
Foster and Emma Louisa (Keeney) Bixby; 
grailuated Adrian Hiuh School; married, San 
Antonio, Tex., June 13, 1881, Lillian Tuttle; 
children: Sidnev T., Emma (Mrs. A. H. Jor- 
dan). William H., Harold Mc^[., Ruth, Ralph 
F., Donald C President Lacdede Gas Co., 
Provident Association, Essex Investment Co., 
Temple Realty Co., City Art :^[useum of St. 
Louis. ]\[issouri Historical Society. Vice presi- 
dent Washington I'niversity; ex-jnesident of 
the Syndicate Trust Co. Director St. I^ouis 
& San Francisco Ry., St. Louis I'nion Trust 
Co. (member executive committee). National 
Bank of Commerce, American Central Insur- 
ance Co., Wagner Electric ^Fanufacturing Co., 
Union Sand and Material Co.. First National 



Bank of Lake George, N. Y., Consolidated In- 
vestment Co., American Car and Foundry Co., 
Emporium Realty Co., Equitable Surety Co. 
Appointed, Dec. 18, 1911, one of the receivers 
of Wabash E. R. Congregationalist. Inde- 
pendent in politics. Member National Mu- 
nicipal League, American Red Cross, Self Cul- 
ture Hall (St. Louis), Society for Study ami 
Cure of Tuberculosis, Manual Training School 
(director). Civic Improvement League, Citi- 
zens' Industrial Association, St. Luke's Hos- 
pital (director). Hospital Saturday and Sun- 
day Association (St. Louis), Bolton Improve- 
ment Association (New York), Lake George 
Association (Xew York), Municipal Voters' 
League (St. Louis), New York State His- 
torical Society, St. Louis Academy of Sci- 
ences, Bibliophile Society of Boston, Artists' 
Guild (St. Louis), Archiieological Society (St. 
Louis), American Historical Preservation So- 
ciet.y, American Anthropological Association, 
Sons of Revolution, Society of Colonial Wars, 
New England Society of St. Louis, Society of 
Iconophiles (New York), Antiquarian Society 
of Worcester, Mass., Western Society for Pre- 
vention of Vice, Teachers' Annuity Associa- 
tion (St. Louis), New England Historic-Gen- 
ealogical Society (Boston), Society for Pres- 
ervation of New England Antiquities (Bos- 
ton). Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Country, 
Bellerive Country, University, Racquet, 
Franklin (vice president), Burns (president); 
also Caxton and Society of Dofobs (Chicago), 
Kowfant (Cleveland), Club of Odd Volumes 
(Boston), Lake George, of New York (presi- 
dent). Middle Bass (Ohio), National Arts 
and Grolier (New York). Recreations: golf 
and fishing. Office: Century Bldg. Residence: 
King's Highway and Linden Ave. 

BLACK, George Ewalt, general agent Mu- 
tual Benefit Life Insurance Co. of Newark, 
N. J.; born, Schellsburg, Bedford Co., Pa., 
Oct. 29, 1867; son of Jeremiah Ewalt and 
Mary Lelia (Deal) Black; high school and 
business college education; married, Louisa 
Court House, Va., Oct. 24, 1901, Martha 
Walker Porter; one son: William Mallory. 
Began active career in Northern Kansas as 
clerk in bank; was assistant cashier of the 
bank at 18 and cashier at 21, when it was 
converted into a national bank; assisteil in 
organizing three banks in Northern Kansas, 
and Western ^Missouri; on account of close 
confinement disposed of banking interests in 
1896 and became solicitor for the Travelers 
Insurance Co. at Kansas City, Mo.; was called 
to home office at Hartford, Conn., as special 
agent, and later promoted to ])Osition of super- 
intendent of agencies; resigned Jan. 1, 1907, 
removing from Hartford to St. Louis as junior 
partner of Darby & Black, general agents Mu- 
tual Benefit Life Insurance Co. of Newark, 
N. J.; succeeded Darby & Black as general 
agents of the company, Apr. 1, 1911, owing to 

retirement of C. W. Darby after serving the 
Mutual Benefit Life in St. Louis for forty- 
three years. Republican. Baptist. Member 
Business Men's League, Civic League. Clubs: 
St. Louis, Citj', Missouri Athletic. Office: 10th 
floor Wright Bldg. Residence: 5085 Raymond 

BLACKBURN, Jasper, inventor and manu- 
facturer E\'erstick Anchor; born, Hunnewell, 
Mo., Aug. 31, 1869; son of William Francis 
and Emily Jane (Ely) Blackburn; educated 
in public schools; married. La Belle, Mo., 
June 17, 1891, Margaret M. Me Anally; two 
children: Maurine E. and Francis M. Tele- 
graph operator, 1888 and 1889; in dry goods 
business at Hunnewell, Mo., 1890-98; travel- 
ing salesman for Geo. W. Perry Co., St. Louis, 
1899-1906; president and general manager The 
Everstick Anchor Co. since 1906. Methodist. 
Member United Commercial Travelers' Asso- 
ciation. Office: 1622-1624 N. Sth St. Resi- 
dence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

BLACKMER, Clarence Eugene, retired; 
born on farm in W^indsor Co., Vt., Mar. 31, 
1853; son of Lucian and Elvira J. (Rich- 
mond) Blackmer; educated in public schools 
in Vermont; widower. Came to St. Louis in 
December, 1868, and began business career as 
collector for the St. Louis Stoneware Co., re- 
maining with that company until November, 
1871, then entered coal business under style 
of C. E. Blackmer, and continued until sold 
out in 1893. In 1888 became proprietor of the 
Hart Coal Co., wholesale and retail coal and 
coke, and continued until May 1, 1907, when 
sold out to Union Fuel Co. and retired. Re- 
publican. LTniversalist. Recreations: travel- 
ing and reading. Residence: 1314 Pestalozzi 

BLACKMER, Lucian Richmond, president 
Blackmer & Post Pipe Co.; born, Barnard, 
Windsor Co., Vt., Mar. 6, 1848; son of Lucian 
and Elvira J. (Richmond) Blackmer; common 
school education; married, St. Louis, Jan. 1, 
1879, Caroline L. Jones; children: Lucian G., 
Albert E., Katherine (Mrs. C. H. Miller), Ed- 
ward L., Percy R., Gladys (Mrs. V. E. Tay- 
lor). Began business career as clerk in coun- 
try store at Barnard, Vt., for three j^ears; 
came to St. Louis in the early part of 1867; 
secured employment with St. Louis Stoneware 
Co., first as bookkeeper, later secretary and 
treasurer, until fall of 1877; sales agent for 
sewer pipe manufactory of East Alton, 111., 
1877-78. In 1878, with L. W. Post, began 
business in St. Louis under firm name of 
Blackmer & Post, which continued until July 
5, 1892. when the business was incorporated 
as the Blackmer & Post Pipe Co., manufac- 
turers of sewer pipes and kindred products, 
of which he is president. Also director of 
Webster Groves Trust Co. Republican. Prot- 
estant. Member Legion of Honor. Clubs: 
^[ercantile, Algonquin, Maine Fishing and 



IIuIltin.L^ H(MT('utioii : fishiiifi. Ollico: C)l?, 
Wainwri^hf HM.i;. lu'siilcmc: \V('I)st('r Groves, 

BLACKMER, RoUin Clinton, physician and 
surgeon; liorn, Stocivltrid;.;^, \^t., A\)T. ."?, 18(50; 
son of .loel and Sarah A. (Barnes) Blaekmer; 
^M-aduated Goddard Seminary, Barre, Vt., 
ISSO; C.^r. and M.D., Me.lical" l)ei)artnient of 
Bishop College (now united with MeGili Uni- 
versity), .Montreal, Canada, 1SS4; married, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. :!0, ].S,S(i, Helen .^rau(t 
Tarletou; one son: .loel, born .July 29, 1887. 
Began i)racti('e at Montreal; removed to St. 
Louis, ]8S4; profosscTr obstetrics and legal 
medicine, Barnes Medical College (now united 
with the American Medical College) since 
1892; director The Faculty Realty Co. Demo- 
crat. I'niversalist. Mason (32°), Knight 
Templar, Shriner; also member Odd Fellows, 
Legion of Honor, Royal Arcanum. Author: 
Manual of Medical .lurisprudence, 1894; Sex- 
ual .lurisprudence, 1911. Office and Residence: 
(i77S Maiudicster Ave. 

BLACKWELDER, George H., real estate; 
born in Montgomery Co., HI., Jan. 19, 1849; 
son of Peter and Nellie (Scherer) Black- 
welder; educated in public schools and Hills- 
boro Academy, Hillsboro, III., and at Illinois 
State University; married, Hillsboro, Oct. 18, 
1877, Ida K. Miller (died Apr. 2, 1906); chil- 
dren: Bertha, K<litii (now Airs. Frank Soule), 
Lucille. Began real estate business on own ac- 
count at Hillsboro, 111., 1869, and continued 
until 1884; moved to Wichita, Kan., 1884, and 
associated with Mr. W. J. Holbrook in firm 
of Blackwelder & Holbrook until 1892, when 
firm removed to St. Louis, and afterwards was 
incorporated, 1901, as the Holbrook-BIack- 
weldcr Real Kstate Trust Co. (now having 
capital and surplus of $l,2.'i0,000), of which 
he has been secretary and treasurer from or- 
ganization. Member of Real Estate Exchange. 
"Republican. Office: 812 Olive St. Residence: 
P.uckinglKUii Hotel. 

BLACKWELL, Arthur Malcolm, president 
HIackwell-Wielandv Book and Stationery Co.; 
1849-1912; see Vol." 1906. 

BLACKWELL, William Hudson, coffee and 
tea m('r<diaiit; born, l^iiiontown, Ky., 1869; 
son of Thomas Clayton and Virginia Evalino 
(Taylor) Blackwell; educated in public and 
private schools at Uniontown, Ky., and in 
military school at Hoi)kinsville, Ky., 1885-86; 
married, Wichita, Kan., ,Iune 15, 1901, Grace 
Nelis Richardson. Began business career as 
clerk in a retail grocery store in Uniontown, 
Ky., in 1890; became a traveling salesman in 
1896, and in September, 1899, became con- 
nected with Meyer Bros. Coffee an<l Spice Co., 
wholesale .jo])bers of coffees, teas and spices, 
of which is \-ice president. ]\Iember Travel- 
ers' Protective Association. Democrat. Epis- 
copalian. Office: 400 S. 7th St. Residence: 
4567 Washington Ave. 

BLAGDEN, Edward Reynolds; see \'ol. 

BLAIR, Albert, lawyer; born, Kinderhook, 
Pike Co., 111., Oct. 16," 1.S40; son of William 
and Mary (Jackson) Blair; attended public 
schools at Barry, 111., until seventeenth year, 
then three years at Christian University, Can- 
ton, Mo., one year at Phillips Academy, Ex- 
eter, N. H., and three years at Harvard Col- 
lege, graduating ]86;{; married, 1907, Mrs. 
Clara Urquhart Spencer, of St. Louis. Ad- 
mitted to bar in March, 1876, and since en- 
gaged in general practice of law; now member 
of law firm of Holmes, Blair & Koerner. Di- 
rector American Brake Co., Chicago Railway 
Equipment Co., Wagner Electric Mfg. Co., 
Moon-Hopkins Billing Machine Co. Member 
Missouri Historical Society, American and 
Missouri State Bar associations, and Law Li-' 
brary Association, Civic League. Republican; 
candidate, 1898, for state senator from City 
of St. Louis. Baptist. Clubs: St. Louis, Belle- 
rive Country, Citv. Recreation: literature. 
Office: 1054" Pierce Bldg. Residence: 5052 
Westminster Place. 

BLAIR, Vilray Papin, physician; born, St. 
Louis, June 15, 1871; son of Edmund Har- 
rison and Minnie (Papin) Blair; educated in 
Christian Brothers College, and Medical De- 
partment, Washington University, M.D., 1893; 
married, 1907, Kathryn Lyman Johnson. En- 
gaged in practice since 189.'{; clinical professor 
of surgery, Washington TTniversity, Medical 
Dej>artment; professor of oral surgery, Wash- 
ington University, Dental Department; visit- 
ing surgeon to St. Luke's Hospital, Washing- 
ton University Hospital, City Hospital and 
City Sanitarium. Member Association of 
American Anatomists, American Medical As- 
sociation, Southern Surgical Association, 
Western Surgical Association. Club: Univer- 
sity. Office: Metropolitan Bldg. Residence: 
4654 Berlin Ave. 

*BLAKE, Harry M., agricultural imi)le- 
meiits; removed from city; see Vol. 1906. 

BLAKE, James Porter, real estate and 
financial agent; born, Richwood, Union Co., O., 
Oct. 3, 1866; son of Adoniram J. and Clotilda 
(Shur) Blake; educateil in jmblic schools of 
Ohio; married, St. Louis, ,Ian. 31, 1899, Fannie 
B. Batte. Began business career in newspaper 
work, in 1882. filling every position from com- 
positor to editor; in latter years of news- 
paper work was manager of Colman 's Rural 
World, St. Louis; in March, 1897, entered the 
real estate and loaii business, and in 1905 the 
business was incorporated as Johu S. Blake 
& Bro. Realty Co., of which is vice president 
and treasurer. Member St. Louis Real Estate 
Exchange (was its treasurer five years, 1898- 
1903); second vice president of National Asso- 
ciation of Real Estate Exchanges, 1909-10, 
and its treasurer, 1910-11; secretary for Gen- 



tlemen's Driving Club several years. Ap- 
pointed, 1909, commissioner for Porto Eico 
in state of Missouri. Member Ohio Societj' of 
St. Louis (charter member), Knights of Pyth- 
ias, Knights of Khorassau (charter member). 
Republican. Clubs: Mercantile, Missouri Ath- 
letic. Recreations: theater and baseball. Of- 
fice: 812 Chestnut St. Residence: 5551 You 
Yersen Ave. 

BLAKE, John Shur, real estate agent and 
financial agent; born, Cardington, 0., Jan. 6, 
18(35; son of Adoniram J. and Clotilda (Shur) 
Blake; graduated from Richwood (Ohio) High 
School, 1882; attended Martin's Shorthand 
School, St. Louis, 1885-86, St. Louis Law 
School, 1896-97; married, Richwood, O., Oct. 
18, 1888, Martha Cheney. Engaged in news- 
paper business at Richwood, 1882-85; came to 
St. Louis, 1885, and after attending short- 
hand college took position as stenographer in 
office of E. W. Warfield, superintendent of 
Railway Mail Service, St. Louis, 1886; pro- 
moted to scheme clerk, 1889, to chief clerk, 
1890, and to assistant superintendent in 1891; 
resigned in 1893 to engage in real estate busi- 
ness, and in 1897 formed partnership with 
brother, James P. Blake, under firm name of 
John S. Blake & Bro., and in 1905 the business 
was incorporated as John S. Blake & Bro. 
Realty Co., of which is president; also presi- 
dent of Marfan Investment Co. Organized, 
1902, the "Williamson-Blake Construction Co., 
which built the Hamilton Hotel and owned 
and operated same during the Louisiana Pur- 
chase Exposition, and now president Claiborne 
Realty Co., owners of the Hamilton Hotel. 
Member (and was director) of St. Louis Real 
Estate Exchange; member Business Men's 
League, Citizens' Industrial Association. Re- 
publican. Member Ohio Society of St. Louis 
(charter member and ex-president), Legion of 
Honor, Knights of Pythias, Royal Arcanum, 
Knights of Khorassau (charter member). 
Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile, Missouri Ath- 
letic (charter member). Automobile, Aero. 
Recreations: fishing and bowling. Office: 812 
Chestnut St. Residence: Hamilton Hotel. 

BLAKE, Orville Prescott, assistant general 
manager of sales, Tnlanil Steel Co.; born, St. 
Louis, Dec 19, ]S7U; son of Elzy and Emma 
(Pearson) Blake; eilucated in ])ublic schools 
to 1882; Glendale Militarv Academv, 1882-84; 
Marietta College, Ohio, degree of A.B., 1892; 
married, Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 30, 1896, 
Lulu Carson; three children: Rhea, Howard, 
Eugene. Began active career at fourteen in 
wholesale grocery business, continuing until 
he entered college in ISSS; was with Kingman 
& Co., im])lement dealers, St. Louis and Kan- 
sas City, Mo.. 1892-98; chief clerk Evans & 
Howard Fire Brick Co., 1 898-1902; assistant 
manager sales American Sheet and Tin Plate 
Co., 1902-06; district sales manager Inland 
Steel Co., 1906-12; since assistant general 

manager of sales. Progressive Republican. 
Elder West Presbyterian Church; chairman 
board of managers Y. M. C. A.; director St. 
Louis City Rescue Mission; member Co-op- 
erating Committee Laymen 's Missionary 
Movement, Committee of 100 Men and Re- 
ligion Forward Movement. Member Phi 
Gamma Delta Fraternity. Club: Mercantile. 
Recreations: outdoor athletics. Office: 504 
National Bank of Commerce Bldg. Residence: 
5909 ^V. Cabanne Place. 

*BLAKE, William Henry; moved to Y'ooil- 
lawn. 111.; see Yol. 1906. 

BLAND, Charles Clelland; see Yol. 1906. 

BLAND, Theodoric Richard, lawyer; born, 
Lebanon, Mo., Nov. 25, 1877; son of Hon. 
Richard Parks Bland (member of Congress, 
1873-95 and 1897-99) and Yirginia Elizabeth 
(Mitchell) Bland; educated in district school 
near Lebanon, Mo., St. John's Academy, 
Y'^ashington, D. C, Christian Brothers Col- 
lege, St. Louis, A.B., 1897; St. Louis Law 
School, LL.B., 1899; married, St. Louis, Oct. 5, 
1904, Winifred M. Yickery; children: Richard 
Parks, Yera Elizabeth, Harry Yickery, Yir- 
ginia Mary, Theodoric Charles. Admitted to 
bar, Oct. 25, 1899, and since engaged, with 
Rhodes E. Cave as i^artner, under firm name 
of Bland & Cave, in general practice of law 
in St. Louis. Democrat; police commissioner, 
St. Louis, 1906-10. Roman Catholic. Member 
St. Louis Bar Association, St. Louis Amateur 
Athletic Association. Favorite recreations: 
golf and horticulture. Office: Pierce Bldg. 
Residence: 5228 McMillan Ave. 

BLANKE, Albert George, real estate and 
financial agent; born, Marine, Madison Co., 
111., Feb. 1, 1866; son of Fred G. and Carolina 
(Ortgies) Blanke; educated in public schools. 
Marine, 111.; married, St. Louis, Apr. 24, 1901, 
Lilly M. Yerborg; children: Janet, Albert G., 
Jr. Came to St. Louis in 1883; was in employ 
of L. H. Lohmeyer for several years, then 
bookkeeper until 1897; went into business for 
self in 1897, and has so continued. Director 
Title Guaranty Trust Co. Member Merchants ' 
Exchange and Real Estate Exchange. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Union, Liederltranz. Recreation: 
horseback riding. Office: 803 Chestnut St. 
Residonre: ;!241 Copelin Ave. 

BLANKE, Cyrus Frederick, importer and 
jobber of teas and cofl'ees; born, Marine, 111., 
Oct. 24, 1862; son of Frederick G. and Caro- 
lina (,Ortgies) Blanke; educated in public 
school, Marine, HI., and one term at commer- 
cial college, St. Louis; inarried, Clinton, Mo., 
Dec. 26, 1899. Eugenia Frowein; children: 
Augusta Caroline, Eugenia Lin<la. At age of 
16 became (derk in a retail grocery, and after- 
ward was with three wholesale houses, the 
last being a wholesale tea and coffee house; 
in 1890 established for himself as importer 
and joblier in teas and coffees; now president 



of the C. F. Blanke Tea and Coffee Co., St. 
Louis, C. F. Blanke Tea and Coffee Co., Dallas, 
Tex.; also president St. Louis Tin Sheet Metal 
\Vorkin<i Co., Blanke-Baer Cheniieal Co., I'lii- 
\ersal Kxposition Co. Director of the World's 
Fair. Boujiht the log cabin built by General 
Grant near St. Louis, in LS54, in order to pre- 
serve it troin destruction and save it for pub- 
lic use as a memento of the great riiion hero. 
IMember Missouri Historical Society. Repub- 
lican. Mason, Knight Templar, and Shriner; 
member Legion of Honor, Eoyal Arcanum, 
Knights of Pythias, Elks. Clubs: I'niou (ex- 
jiresident). Glen Echo, Million Population 
(presitlent). Was chairman for the day, enter- 
taining President Taft during his visit to St. 
I^ouis, Sept. -3, 191L Recreation: horseba(dv 
riding. Office: 7th St. and Clark Ave. Resi- 
dence: St. Regis A]iartments. 

BLANKE, Louis William, president Blanke 
^Manufacturing and Supply Co.; born, St. 
Louis, Mo., Feb. 17, 1852; sou of William F. 
and Sophia (Bernbrock) Blanke; educated ten 
years in private school and two years in pub- 
lic school at Marine, 111., one year in commer- 
cial college at St. Louis; married. Marine, 111., 
Mar. 25, ISSO, Pauline Elbriug; children: 
Oliver B., Robert L., Henry E. Employed in 
father's store (Blanke & Bro.), Marine, 111., 
18G9-71; clerk for G. Hafferkamp, retail gro- 
cer, St. Louis, 1872, partner with same (Haf- 
ferkamp & Blanke), 1S73-18S0; bought out in- 
terest of Mr. Haft'erkamp, and continued l)usi- 
ness alone as L. W. Blanke until :May, lOO:'., 
when sold out. In 1903, with W. F. Blanke and 
R. B. Hauk, bought business of H. :McWilson & 
Co., and continued same under style of Blanke 
& Hauk Supi>ly Co., of which was president; 
engageil in wholesale business in dairy, cream- 
ery and poultry supplies until March, 1911, 
wiien firm name was changed to Blanke Manu- 
facturing and Supply Co., of which is jiresi- 
dent. Protestant. Independent in politics. 
Member 12th District Congressional Commit- 
tee for ten years; member House of Dele- 
gates, St. Louis, 1889-90. Member and one of 
organizers of St. Louis Creamery Association; 
member Citizens' Industrial Association, Civic 
League, St. I^ouis Public Museum. Clubs: 
Liederkranz, Union. Recreations: music, flori- 
culture. Oftice: 1009-1013 Lucas Ave. Resi- 
dence: 1724 S. Compton Ave. 

BLANKE, Richard H., secretary and treas- 
urer C. F. Blanke Tea and Coffee Co.; born, 
^Marine, 111.; son of Frederick G. and Carolina 
(Ortgies) Blanke; educated in puldic schools 
of Marine, 111.; married Miss Hazel Thomp- 
son, of St. Louis, Apr. 20, 1907. Began busi- 
ness career as clerk in father 's store at jSIa- 
rine, 111., for two years; came to St. Louis, 
1888, and was with Stein wender-Stoffregau 
Tea and Coffee Co., until 1890; since with 
C. F. Blanke Tea and Coffee Co., of which is 
now secretary and treasurer; also secretary of 

St. Louis Tin and Sheet IMetal Working Co. 
Member Travelers' Protective Association. 
Republican. Club: Union. Recreations: horse- 
back riding and walking. Office: 7th St. and 
Clark Ave. Residence: 4 N. Kingshighway. 

BLANKE, William F., manufacturer; born, 
:\larine, 111., Apr. 7, 1S70; son of William F. 
ami Soi)hia (Bernbro(d\) Blanke; educated in 
public schools at Marine, ill., until 17; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, dune 2, 190S, Alma Trauer- 
nicht; one daughter: AUeen Gertrude. After 
leaving school clerked for two years in coun- 
try store at Marine; came to St. Louis and 
was with Missouri I'acific R. R. Co. for four- 
teen months; then bookkeejier and cashier for 
two years for Gildehaus, Wulfing & Co., whole- 
sale grocers, two years l)ookkeeper for Charles 
Rebstock, wholesale liquors. IMember firm of 
Vogler & Blanke until 1902, since as the W. F. 
Blanke Can and Manufacturing Co., of which 
is sole proprietor. Also vice president Blanke 
:Manufacturing and Supply Co., wholesale 
creamery supplies. JMember Civic Improve- 
ment League, Universal Exposition Co. Ee- 
liublican. Protestant. Club: Union. Recrea- 
tions: horseback riding and motoring. Office: 
116 Pine St. Residence: ;1005 Allen Ave. 

wholesale glassware mer(diant; born, St. 
Louis, Mar. 25, 1876; son of Ferdinand Henry 
and dosephine (Wulze) Blankenmeister; edu- 
cated at Evangelical Bothania (private Ger- 
man) School, Stoddard (public) School and 
St. Louis Manual Training School, graduating 
1893; married, St. Louis, Apr. 14, 1898, Ella 
]Marion Ostrander; children: Harold A., Ar- 
nold F. While at Manual Training School, 
worked through summer vacations as assist- 
ant draftsman, and in 1893 began work as 
draftsman for Hidgen & Longan, patent at- 
torneys, until 1895; city salesman and trav- 
eling salesman in Iowa and Nebraska for 
John Meier, shoe manufacturer, St. Louis, 
1895-97; with St. Louis Glass and Queeus- 
ware Co., 1897-1902; nuunber firm of F. H. 
Blankenmeister & Son, 1902-10, since Blank- 
enmeister Glass Co. IMember United Com- 
mercial Travelers' Association. Recreations: 
hunting and fishing. Office: 721-723 N. 11th 
St. Residence: l.'lO.'iA Arlington Ave. 

BLANKENMEISTER, Ferdinand Henry, 
wholesale glassware ami (jueeusware; born. 
Trier, Germany, Sept. 4, 1850; son of John 
Peter and Louisa (Wettendorf ) Blankenmeis- 
ter; came to United States in 1851, with par- 
ents; educated in jirivate German schools, 
Boonville, IMo., and Kem[>er College, 1859-60; 
married, St. Louis, Apr. 29, 1873, Josephine 
Wulze; children: Arthur Albert, Clara, Oscar 
F., Edgar G., dulia, Edith. Clerk in quarter- 
master department, Jklissouri State Militia, 
1862-63; worked at bench of father's jewelry 
store, 1864; clerk in hat store at ^Eilwaukee, 
Wis., 1865-66; clerk for IM. d. Wertheimer, 



clothing, Boonvillo, ^\.o., 1S66-67; salesman 
for Gray & Guerdon, hats, St. Louis, 18G7-68; 
stock clerk ami salesman for Crow & Hill, 
hats, St. Louis, 1868-69; traveling salesman 
for Westermanu & Meier, glass and queens- 
ware, 1870-85; president St. Louis Glass and 
Queensware Co., 1885-1902; in March, 1902, 
established firm of F. H. Blankenmeister & 
Sons, which changed to Blankenheimer Glass 
Co., 1910. Eecreations: fishing and hunting. 
Office: 721-723 N. 11th St. Residence: 1803 
Cora Ave. 

BIiANTON, David Anderson, manufacturer 
of butterine; born in Pike Co., Mo., Mar. 26, 
1875; son of Joseph P. and Anna Craig (Bell) 
Blanton; educated in Model School of State 
Xormal School, Kirksville, Mo., Preparatory 
School, Academic Department and Law 
School, University of Missouri, graduating 
LL.B., 1898; married, London, England, Feb. 
7, 1910, Eugenie D. Moulton. Came to St. 
Louis as representative of State Board of 
Agriculture; resigned to go into business in 
1900; was elected secretary and treasurer of 
the Meinicke-Blantou Manufacturing Co., 
1902; sold out interest in 1904, ancl organized 
the Blanton Co., of which he is president. 
Member Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Democrat. 
Club: Mercantile. Recreation: traveling. Of- 
fice: 115-123 Spruce St. Residence: 5325 
Savoy Court. 

BLASE, Arthur F(rederick) C(harles), vice 
president Securitv Title Co.; born, St. Louis, 
May 10, 1888; son of August F. and Sophie 
D. (Venz) Blase; educated at Ames and Blair 
schools, St. Louis; Yeatman High School; 
Benton College of Law; married, St. Louis, 
June 12. 1912, Ethel A. Wehrenbrecht. Be- 
gan active career with the Title Guaranty 
Trust Co.. St. Louis, Sept. 8, 1904; organized 
the Security Title Co., February, 1911, for the 
real estate men of St. Louis — the only com- 
pany of the kind in the country; induced the 
City of St. Louis to change the system under 
which it was having its titles examined, thus 
saving the city $10,000 or .$12,000 per year, 
the change being made about June, 1911; has 
been vice president and manager Security 
Title Co. from time of its organization. Mem- 
ber St. Louis Real Estate Exchange. Evan- 
gelical Lutheran; librarian Grace Evangelical 
Lutheran Sunday School. Secretary Demos- 
thenes Society; member Concordia Benevolent 
Association. Recreations: reailing and music. 
Office: 911 Chestnut St. Residence: 2037 Fair 

BLASE, Louis, millinery; l)orn, St. Louis, 
Mar. 2, l.'S()9; son of Fred and Klenora Blase; 
educated in public and high schools of St. 
Louis; married, St. Louis, June, 1899, Mary 
Beverly; children: Adelaide, Marguerite, Flo- 
rence. Began business career in subordinate 
capacity with wholesale millinery firm of 

Gaier & Stroh in 1883, became salesman, and 
has continued with same house ever since; 
upon incorporation of the business, 1894, as 
Gaier & Stroh Millinery Co., took position as 
vice president of the company, and in July,. 
1910, became president. Member Business 
Men's League, Salesmanagers ' Association. 
Member Evangelical Lutheran Church. Clubs: 
Missouri Athletic, Liederkranz. Office: 1221 
Washington Ave. Residence: 1824 La Salle 

BLATTNER, August, merchant: see Vol. 

BLAYNEY, John McClusky, Jr., lawyer; 
born, Albany-, X. Y., May 3, 1878; son of John 
McClusky and Lucy Weisiger (Lindsey) 
Blayney; A.B., Centre College, Danville, Ky., 
1898; spent three years studying in Europe; 
LL.B., Harvard University Law School, 1904; 
married, Danville, Ky., June 6, 1906, Eva 
Clare Grant; two children: Frances Lindsey 
and John McClusky. Admitted to Missouri 
bar, 1904, and has since practiced in St. 
Louis; member firm of Eliot, Chaplin, Blayney 
& Bedal. Member St. Louis and Missouri 
State Bar associations. Office: 1711-1716 Third 
National Bank Bldg. Residence: 640 Linden 
Ave., St. Louis County. 

BLEHA, Charles Aug., clergyman; born,. 
Bohemia, Austria, Mar. 11, 1864; son of Fran- 
cis and Barbara (Kudrnka) Bleha; educated 
in parochial school, Zumberg, Bohemia, col- 
lege in Chrudim, Bohemia, and University of 
Louvain, Belgium, graduating from latter in- 
stitution, 1891. Ordained to priesthood, Ro- 
man Catholic Church, June 29, 1891; came to 
America November following and assumed 
charge of a congregation as assistant at New 
Orleans, continuing for about four years; was 
transferred to St!!^ Louis, 1895, as assistant 
pastor to Monseigneur Hessoun, then pastor 
of St. John's of Nepomuk; later also served 
as pastor of St. Wenceslaus ' parish; appointed 
administrator of St. John's parish, 1900, and 
has had full charge since July, 1906. Manager 
of the Hlas (The Voice), the oldest Bohemian 
Catholic paper published in the United States, 
and founded the Ceska Zena, a monthly maga- 
zine for Bohemian women, 1908, which is now 
circulated extensively throughout the coun- 
try. Has been instrumental in construction of 
an orphan asylum at Fenton, Mo., known as 
the Bohemian Catholic Hessoun Orphan 
Asylum, of which is director; director, man- 
ager and treasurer Bohemian Literary So- 
ciety of St. Louis. Residence: 1625 S. 11th 

BLELOCK, William Mortimer, sewing ma- 
chine attachments; born, London, England, 
.Inly 19, 1832; son of John and Sarah (James) 
Blelock; was brought to America, 1833; edu- 
cated in public schools of Rochester, N. Y. ; 
married, Cairo, 111., 1857, Minnie Miller (died 


1902); five sons: Goorj;o, Charlos, Frpilciick, 
Frank, Percy. Began business career at Cairo, 
111., as newsdealer and stationer, 1S5S; settled 
in St. Louis, 1874; head of Hlelock Manufac- 
turing? Co. since lXH;i. Member lousiness 
^ren's League. Oflice: 9i;i Locust St. Uesi- 
dence: 5I{!)7 Waterman Av. 

BLEVINS, John Alexander, lawyer; born 
Abingdon. Va., Oct. 2'.l, ISCO; son of Z. C. and 
Susan S. (Duff) Blevins; educated in common 
schools of Missouri, two years in Sim|isoM In- 
stitute, Versailles, Mo., and three years' law 
course in Colundiian (now George Washing- 
ton) University, Washington, IX C, receiving 
degrees of LL.B. and LL.M., 1S8(5; married, 
Versailles, Mo., Apr. 29, 1S84, Cerro Gordo 
McMinn; (diildren: C. Malcolm, Gladys. Ad- 
mitted to bar in 1882 and began practice of 
law at Versailles, Mo.; was confidential cor- 
respondent to Postmaster General William F. 
Vilas, 1S8.1-88, at Washington, J). C; returned 
to V^ersailles, and was prosecuting attorney of 
.Morgan Co., 1890-94; moved to St. Louis, 
1894, and was head of law firm of Blevins, 
Lyon & Swartz for two years, 1898 and 1899; 
was appointed .judge of the Circuit Court of 
St. Louis, 8th Judicial Circuit, and served the 
two years, 190;i and 1904; was nominated by 
Democratic party for reelection, but defeated, 
in 1904; since in practice of law and member 
of firm of Blevins & .Jamison since 1907. 
Member St. Louis, Missouri State and Ameri- 
can Bar associations. Member M. E. Cliurch, 
South. Clubs: Mercantile, Missouri Athletic, 
Triple A, Sunset Jnu Country. Office: 70."! 
Commercial Bldg. Resilience: 444( Washing- 
ton Houl. 

BLEWETT, Ben, su|ieriiitcndent of instruc- 
tion, St. Louis i)ublic schools; born, Kussell- 
ville, Ky., Feb. 25, ISafi; son of Benjamin 
T. and Avis Williams (Hedge) Blewett; ]ire- 
jiared for college at Augusta, Ky., graduated 
from Washington University, A.B., 1871), A.M., 
1879; marrieil, Aug. s, 1907, .lessie H. Par- 
sons, of Riverside, .lefferson Co., Mo. Teacher 
of high school subjects at Cote Hrilliante School, 
St. Louis, 1870-77, Fdeardville School, 1877-78; 
principal Lowell School, 1S78-S0, Humboldt 
Scdiool, 1880-88, Carr Lane S(diool, lSS;j-84, 
Divoll School, 18S1-S9, Stoddard S(diool, 1S.S9- 
97; assistant superintendent of instruction, 
September, 1897-.June, 1908, since suiierinteiid- 
ent of instruction. During 188:<-84, as corre- 
sponding secretary of the Society of Peda- 
gogy, conducted correspondence leading to 
movement for comi)ulsory school attendance. 
Director for Missouri, National Kducational 
.\ssociation, 1904 and 190.'); president Mis- 
souri State Teachers' Association, 1904. Many 
vears member of District School Hoard in St. 
Louis Co.; for eight years president of 
board of directors, Missouri School for the 
Blind. Past Master Tuscan Lodge, No. :5(iO. A. 
P. and A. ^L Member i'.usiness :Men 's League. 

Clubs: ^Mercantile, City. liecreation: garden- 
ing. OlHie: 9th and Locust Sis. Residence: 
;;40.'j Hawthorne Boul. 

BLEYER, Adrien S., piiysi.ian ; born, St. 
liouis, dan. 17, 1.S78; son of William M. and 
.Marie Kose (Sarrazin) HIever; graduated 
Smith Academy, St. Louis, lM9(i; M.D., Mis- 
souri Medical College, 1899; unmarried. Has 
engaged in practice in St. Louis since 1899; 
lecturer on sanitation in Medical Department, 
Washington University; jjhysician to out-|>a 
tients, St. Louis Children's Hospital; assistant 
in pediatrics, Washington University Meil- 
icai Dejiartment; director St. Louis Pure Milk 
Commission; medical director of St. Louis 
Society for Ridief and Prevention of Tuber- 
culosis, 1910. Former editor Medical Bulletin, 
Washington University, and associate editor 
St. i^ouis Courier of Medicine. Secretary St. 
Louis Pediatric Society; member American 
and Missouri State Medical associations, St. 
Louis Medical Society, Washington I'niver- 
sity Alumni Association, Aljdia Kappa Phi 
Chajiter of Nu Sigma Nu medical fraternity. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Office: Delmar 
Bldg., 706 N. King's Highway l'..)ul. Resi- 
lience: 4339 Washington Boul. 

BLISS, Malcolm Andrews, physician; born, 
Warsaw, III., .luly 2, ls(>3; son of Neziah 
Wright and Amanda Jessie (Andrews) Bliss: 
lemoved with parents, 1867, to Kingston Fur- 
nace, Washington Co., Mo., where father was 
sujierintendeut of mining company; attended 
public schools two years, studied three years 
under jirivate tutor, attended Warsaw High 
School, 1878-79; graduated from Missouri Den- 
tal College, D.D.S.,' 1884, Chicago Medical 
College, M.D.. 1890; married, Farmington, Mo.. 
Apr. 29, 1891, Clemmie Chilton Carter; chil- 
ilren: William Carter, Wyllys King, Helen 
Bliss. Engaged in farming and stock raising 
at Kingston Furnace, Mo., from age of 12 to 
l(i; taught district school in Washington Co., 
Missouri, winter of 1880-81; went to Chicago, 
.\pril, 18S2; bookkeeper ^Marshall Field & Co., 
div gooils, during summer; attended Missouri 
Dental College, and after graduation was as- 
sistant to Dr. Fames, winter of 188."), and t(v 
Dr. W. N. Morrison, spring. 1886, in St. TiOuis; 
located in jiractice of dentistry at Farming- 
ton, Mo., 188;1-SS; after medical graduation 
practiced at Bonne Terre, Mo., 1890-92; in 
jiractice at St. Louis since Sept. 25, 1902. 
Member St. Louis IMedical Society, St. Louis 
Neurological Society, American Neurological 
.\ssociatiou. Specialist in ner\ons diseases; 
instructor in jjsvchiatry, Washington Univer 
sity; neurologist St. Louis ^fuUanphy Hos- 
pital. Kei>ublican. Episcopalian. Recreation: 
mechanics. Office: Hund.oldt Bldg. Residence: 
4929 Lotus .\ve. 

BLOCK, George M., lawyer; born, Aber- 
deen, Pike Co., :Mo., Dec. 10, 1856; son of 



Henry Y. P. and Alice V. (Merhvether) Block; 
eiluoateil at Washington University; LL.B., St. 
Louis Law School, 1.S7S; married, St. Louis, 
Oct. 10, 1SS3, Helen L. Sylvester; one daugh- 
ter: Helen B. Whittlesey. Has practiced in 
St. Louis since 1877; member law firm of 
Block (ic Sullivan; lecturer on bailments and 
carriers, St. Louis University Institute of 
Law. President, treasurer and counsel Born- 
land Investment Co.; director and general 
counsel Union Sand and Material Co.; coun- 
sel and director O. J. Louis Mercantile Co. 
Member St. Louis Bar Association, St. Louis 
Historical Society, Beta Theta Pi. Episco- 
palian. Clubs: Mercantile, City, Contempo- 
rarv. Recreation: travel. Office: 807 Carleton 
r.l.ig. Eesidence: .3092 Westminster PI. 

BLODGETT, Henry William, lawyer; born, 
.St. Louis, Oct. 1(3, 1877; sou of Wells H. and 
Emma (Dickson) Blodgett; educated St. Louis 
])ublic schools; Manual Training School; Cor- 
nell University, Ithaca, X. Y. ; St. Louis Law 
School (Washington University), graduating 
with degree of LL.B., 1900; married, St. Louis, 
Aug. 2-lr, 1911, Alice Foot Borgess. Admitted 
to Missouri, bar, 1900; practiced in partner- 
ship with James L. Miunis, as Minnis & Blod- 
gett, 1900-02; practiced alone, 1902-03, and 
then entered into partnership with Walter N. 
Davis as Blodgett & Davis, so continuing until 
1907; served as U. S. district attorney for 
Eastern district of Missouri, April, 1907-Jan. 
2, 1910, resigned; associated in practice with 
Charles W. Bates, under title of Bates & Blod- 
gett, January, 1910; in May, 1911, Charles P. 
Williams and Walter X. Davis were admitted 
to the firm, the title now being Bates, Blod- 
gett, Williams & Davis. Member St. Louis 
Board of Election Commissioners since Jan. 
]0, ]910. Eepublican. Unitarian. Member 
American Bar Association, St. Louis Bar As- 
sociation, Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
Clubs: Raccjuet, Glen Echo. Recreations: golf 
^nd fishing. Office: Third National Bank Bldg. 
Residence: 5428 Delmar Boul. 

BLODGETT, Wells Howard, lawyer; born, 
Itiiwiur's (iro\"e, Du Page Co., Illinois, Jan. 
29, 1839; sou of Israel P. and Avis Blodgett; 
educated at Illinois Institute (now Wheaton 
College), Wheaton, 111.; served in Union Army 
in Civil War, ] 861-65; received congressional 
medal of honor for gallant and meritorious 
service in 1862, and in July, L865, was mus- 
tered out as colonel of the 48th Regiment of 
Missouri Yohinteers; married, Waukegan, 111., 
July, 1865, Emma Dickson; children: Mar- 
garet, Henry and Edith. Studied law previous 
to Civil War and was admitted to bar in 1861; 
resumed practice after war and has continued 
ever since; memlier ^Missouri House of Re]ire- 
sentatives, ]86(i-68, and of State Senate, 1868- 
72; assistant attorney, 1873-74, and general at- 
torney, 1874-79, St. Louis, Kansas Uity and 
iXorthern R. R.; general sornitor of the Wa- 

bash, St. Louis & Pacific Ry., 1879-84; gen- 
eral counsel for the receivers, Wabash Lines, 
1884-89; general solicitor, 1889-1900, vice pres- 
ident and general counsel, 1900-1911, general 
counsel for receivers since Dec. 11, 1911, Wa- 
bash R. R. Member St. Louis Bar Asso- 
ciation. Member of Blair Post No. 1, G. A. 
R., and Missouri Commandery Loyal Legion. 
Clubs: Mercantile, Noonday. ' Office: E. 1110, 
706 Chestnut St. Eesidence: 4449 W. Pine 

BLODGETT, William Albert, vice presi- 
dent American Central Insurance Co.; born, 
Boston, May 22, 1865; son of Samuel M. and 
Amelia C. (Cline) Blodgett; educated public 
schools of Boston and Chicago; married, Chi- 
cago, Aug. 20, 1891, Virginia Livingston, of 
St. Paul, Minn.; children: Eoswell Livingston 
(student Princeton), Dorothea Helen (student 
Wellesley, Mass.). Began as clerk in Chicago 
office of the Springfield Fire and Marine In- 
surance Co. of Massachusetts, Aug. 1, 1881; 
was second assistant manager Western Depart- 
ment of the company, 1897-1911; elected vice 
president American Central Insurance Co., 
September, 1911, and since resided in St. 
Louis. Democrat. Episcopalian. Member Sons 
of American Eevolution. Eoyal Arch Mason. 
Clubs: St. Louis, Glen Echo (St. Louis), Union 
League (Chicago). Recreation: golf. Office: 
816 Olive St. Residence: Washington Hotel. 

BLOMBERG, Charles Frederick, real estate ; 
born, St. Louis, Sept. 25, 1872; son of Fred- 
erick C. and Martha (Loeffler) Blomberg; 
educated in public schools and in Martin & 
Hay ward's Business College, St. Louis; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Sept, 25, 1901, Martha Kellers- 
man; two children: Dolores Martha, Arline 
Louise. In saddlerv and hardware business 
with the P. J. Peters Saddlery Co., 1886-89; 
since May, 1889, engaged in real estate and 
financial agency and insurance business under 
firm name of C". F. Blomberg & Co. Also pres- 
ident Standard Roofing Co. Republican. Meth- 
odist. Mason, Knight Templar. Recreations: 
riding and driving and floral culture. Office: 
1109 Chestnut St. Eesidence: 4958 Fountain 

BLOODWORTH, James M., life insurance; 
born. Griffin, Ga., Apr. 30, 1871; son of 
James ^l. and Marie (Bonnell) Bloodworth; 
educated in public schools; married, Atlanta, 
Ga., dune 27, 1894, Annie Laurie Brown; 
children: E. Carleton, Annie Laurie and 
James. Besan active career at fifteen and 
was identified with retail shoe business for 
several years; in same line of business on 
own account, 1895-97; traveling salesman for 
a shoe Tuanufacturing house of Cincinnati, 
1897-1902; with Union Central Life Insur- 
ance Co. at Cincinnati, 1902-12; general man- 
ager at St. Louis department of Home Life 
Insurance Co. of New York since February, 
1912. Baptist. ]\Iember Business Men's 



Loaguo. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Advcr- 
tisoi's'. Kocroation: fishing. Office: 512-514 
AVrio-ht MIdo-. IfosidcMice: Ilaiiiilton Hotel. 

BLOOM, Edgar Selden, telephone official; 
born, Bloonisbury, N. J., Dec. 17, 1874; son of 
Erastus Starner and Mary Taylor (Smith) 
Bloom; educated preparatory schools, Phila- 
delphia; B.S., University of Pennsylvania, 
1895, M.E., 1S9(5; married. New York City, 
Oct. 1(), 1905, May Gladys Wallace; one child: 
J-]leanor Wallace. With the New York Tele- 
phone Co. successively as service inspector, 
assistant traffic engineer, supervising foreman 
of construction and construction engineer, 
1890-190(5; superintendent plant, New York 
& New Jersey Telephone Co., 1906-09; Pacific 
Telephone and Telegraph Co., 1909-10; en- 
gineer of jdant operation, American Telephone 
and Telegraph Co., since January, 1910; now 
second vice president Bell Telephone Co. of 
]\Iissouri, Missouri & Kansas Telephone Co., 
Pioneer Telephone and Telegraph Co., South- 
western Telegraph and Telephone Co. Presby- 
terian. Member Telephone Society of New 
Y'ork, Mu Phi Alpha (honorary engineering 
fraternity I'niversity of Pennsylvania), Delta 
I'psilon fraternity. Club: Noonday. Eecrea- 
tions: fishing, golf, reading. Office: National 
iiank of Commerce Bli1g. Residence: St. Regis 

BLOSSOM, Henry Martyn, president the 
Insurance Agency Co.; born, Madison, N. Y., 
Mar. 6, 1833; sou Rufus and Tirzah (Farns- 
worth) Blossom; educated in public schools 
in New York; married at Madison, N. Y., 
June, 1855, to Miss Susie S. Brigham; chil- 
dren: Edmund D., Russell N. (deceased). May 
(Mrs. T. C. Kimber), Susie S., Henry M., 
Jr. (i)lavwriglit, author of "Checkers," The 
Yankee Consul, Mile. Modiste, The Red Mill, 
The Prima Donna, The Slim Princess). Learned 
]»rinter's trade in New York; came to St. 
Louis, lS5'i, and became second clerk under 
his brother who was first clerk, on the "Polar 
Star," a Missouri river steamboat of the first 
class. Later became first cleric and part owner 
of same boat and afterward of the steamer 
"Hiawatha"; (|uit steaml>oating in 18G0; en- 
tered insurance business and was secretary of 
the Globe Mutual Insurance Co. until Chi- 
cago fire of 1871; then became local agent for 
several insurance companies and developed 
one of the largest insurance agencies in the 
West. The Insurance Agency Co., of which 
he is now ])resident, is a consolidation of the 
insurance firms of Henry M. Blossom & Co., 
Peugnet & Ilemmenway, Roeslin & Robyn and 
Moses Fraley & Co. aIso president of Scar- 
ritt-Comstock Furniture Co. Member St. Louis 
Insurance Agents' Association (president, 
1905). Prominent in various local musical or- 
ganizations. Has for nearly a half-century 
b(>en the leader of the choir" of the church to 
whi(di ho belongs, the First Presbyterian 

Church, which is the first Protestant organiza- 
tion west of the Mississijjpi River that has 
maintained continuous life since 1817. Presi- 
dent of the St. Louis Association of Music 
Committee Chairmen, (^lub: Mercantile. Of- 
fice: 112 N. 4th St. (142(5 Pierce Bldg.) Resi- 
denee: 5(517 <JaV)anne Ave. 

BLOSSOM, Howard A., deceased; see Vol. 

BLUE, Charles Frederic; see Vol. 1906. 

BLUMEYER, George, president Eagle Sup- 
ply Co.; liorn, St. Liiwis, July 14, 1872; son 
of Conrad and KlJ/.aheth (Spuehlman) Blu- 
meyer; educated in ])ublic and high schools 
of St. Louis, grailuating from the latter, 1891; 
married, St. Louis, Aug. 13, 1908, Pearl 
Hughes. Began active career in retail gro- 
cery business, 1891; assisted in organizing the 
George Blumeyer & Bros. Grocery Co., at 
Grand and Shenandoah Aves. ; disposed of the 
business to J. F. Conrad & Co., Dec. 1, 1907, 
and has since been head of the Eagle Supply 
Co., which deals in general merchandise, 
through agents, by mail; also director Blu- 
meyer Real Estate Co. Republican. Presby- 
terian. Club: Missouri Athletic. Recreations: 
billiards, bowling, baseball. Office: 2209 Chest- 
nut St. Residence: 5568 Waterman Ave. 

BOCK, Arminius Frederick, physician; born, 
in Monroe Co., 111., Oct. 19, 1846; son of Fred- 
erick B. and Catherine (Lemen) Bock; edu- 
cated in public schools, and at University of 
Wurzburg, Germany, M.D., 1868; married, St. 
Louis, 1875, Emma Beckman; children: Ber- 
tha (Mrs. Dr. H. D. Brandt), Elsa (Mrs. Dr. 
L. H. Hempelmann), Alice, Frederick Louis. 
In practice as physician and surgeon in St. 
Louis since 1869. Was surgeon for sixteen 
years, and is now consulting surgeon, to 
Deaconess Hospital. Member American Med- 
ical Association, St. Louis Medical Society. 
English Lutheran. Office and Residence: 1109 
N. Grand Ave. 

BOCK, George Wilhelm, surgeon ; born, 
Hamein, Province of Hanover, Germany, June 
23, 1850; son of Herman (banker) and Elise 
(Wenzel) Bock; educate<l in schools in Ger- 
many; studied medicine five years at Gottin- 
gen, Germany, and afterward at College Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons, St. Louis, M.D., 1886; 
also from the Colegio de la Pharmacia y 
Cirurjia y Medicina, Guatemala, 1S89; from 
youth a constant student of entomology; 
served in Prussian Armv, 1S75-76; married, 
Quincy, 111., Feb. 20, 1884, Lottie Ruff; chil- 
dren: Kark, Hans, Lux. Engaged in practice 
of surgery since 1880; ])racticed for some 
time in Mexico and Guatemala; now surgeon, 
gynecologist and obstetrician. Founder an<l 
member of Naturalist Club of St. Louis; cor- 
res)ionding mendier of Washington Entomolog- 
ical Society. Office ami Residence: 2904 Allen 



BOCKSTRUCK, William F., homocopatliic 
pharmacist; boru, Boigliolzhausen, Prussia, 
Aug. 7, 1841; son of William H. and Mary C. 
(Brune) Bockstruek; resident of St. Louis 
since 1852; educated in parochial schools and 
at Eohrer's Business College, St. Louis; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, 1867. Elizabeth Herhold; chil- 
dren: Albrecht H., William R, Jr., Henry C, 
Edmund F., Ferdinand E., Bertha, Lillie. Be- 
gan business career, 1855, with Dr. D. E. 
Luyties, homeopathic pharmacy, continuing 
until 1863; with John W. Munson, established 
homcpopathic pharmacy, 1868, under style of 
Munson & Co., of which, since the retire- 
ment of Mr. Munson in 1886, has been sole 
proprietor, without change of firm name. 
Served in 11th Missouri State Militia for 
two years during Civil War. Member Evan- 
gelical Church. Office: 306 Market St. Eesi- 
dence: 4034 Feck St. 

BODENHEIMER, Max M., president Boden- 
heimer Coffee and Tea Co.; born Speyer, Ger- 
many, Jan. 23, 1852; son of Isaac and Sarah 
(Scharff") Bodenheimer; came to New York 
City, 1852; educated in public schools of New 
York; married, Philadelphia, Nov. 8, 1882, Ida 
Lehman; children: Leon and Blanche. Began 
business career in wine and liquor trade in 
New York City, 1865-75; came to St. Louis, 
1875, and was with Scharff & Bernheimer, 
wholesale grocers, as general clerk, and ad- 
mitted as partner in 1884; continued with the 
firm until .Tan. 1, 1893, when organized firm 
of Bodenheimer, Landau & Co., which con- 
tinued until Apr. 1, 1896, when became vice 
president of Edward Westen Tea and Spice 
Co., so remaining until org-anized Dec. 1, 1903, 
Bodenheimer Coffee and Tea Co., of which is 
president. Member Temple Israel Congrega- 
tion. Member Western Commercial Travelers' 
Association, Travelers' Protective Associa- 
tion, Eoyal League, Eoyal Arcanum. Club: 
Columbian. Eecreation: outdoor sports. Of- 
fice: 402 N. Main St. Eesidence: 3842 W. 
Pine St. 

BOECK, Adam; see Vol. 1906. 

BOECKELER, Henry Adolph. president 
Roeckeler Tvumber Co.; born, Berlin, Prussia, 
Oct. 25. 1871 (while parents were abroad); 
son of Adolphua and Elise (Berffling) Boeck- 
eler; educated at Smith Academy and Wash- 
ington TJniversitv. St. Louis: married, St. 
Louis, Apr. 24. 1901. Elizabeth Clark; chil- 
dren: Elizabeth, Benjamin Clark, Henry A., 
.Tr. Entered lumber business as clerk for 
Schnlenbur? & Boeckeler Lumber Co., 1889. 
In 1895. with brothers William Lassen and 
Adolphus. or<Tnnized the Boeckeler Lumber 
Co. Member St. Louis Lumber Exchange. Ee- 
publican. Enlisted in Light Battery A. of 
Missouri, 1896; participated in Porto Eican 
campaicm. 1898: commissioned 1st lieutenant, 
Light Battery A, 1899; resigned, 1901. Clubs: 

Lumbermen 's. City, St. Louis Country. Office: 
Hall and Mallinekrodt Sts. Eesidence: Web- 
ster Park, St. Louis Co. 

BOEFER, WiUiam, retired; born, Hanover, 
Germany, Apr. 4, 1842; son of Henry and 
Catherine (Bengjestorf ) Boefer; educated in 
public schools in Germany and in Jones Com- 
mercial College, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, 
1873, Emily Hoyer; 2d, St. Louis, July 27, 
1891, Eliza Barthels; children: William, Alex- 
ander, Albertina (Mrs. John Stoertzenbach), 
John, Henry, Emily. Was apprenticed to 
father in Germany and learned blacksmith 
trade, and also served in German army; came 
from Germany in 1868, direct to St. Louis, 
and worked at his trade until 1878; in busi- 
ness for self, 1878-85; then joined in organ- 
ization of the B. Eoth Tool Co., of which was 
president until September, 1907, when retired. 
Member Masonic Order, Social Singer Choir, 
St. Louis Turn Verein. Eecreation: traveling. 
Eesidence: 1011 Dolman St. 

BOEGER, Louis, president North St. Louis 
Savings Trust Co.; born. Bay, Mo., Oct. 13, 
1866; son of Simon and Charlotte Boeger; 
educated in public schools of Gasconade Co., 
Mo., Central Wesleyan College, Warrenton, 
Mo., and Bryant & Stratton Business College, 
St. Louis; married, Linn, Osage Co., Mo., 
Mary A. Finck; three sons: Herbert, Walter, 
and Louis, Jr. At age of 18 took charge of 
mercantile business belonging to father, at 
Drake, Mo.; later was appointed postmaster 
at Drake and manager Postal Telegraph and 
Cable Co. at that point; bought father's busi- 
ness at Bay, Mo., 1893; sold out three years 
later and entered retail shoe business at 2610 
N. 14th St., St. Louis; opened another shoe 
store and men 's furnishing establishment at 
Grand Ave. and Hebert St., 1909; president 
North St. Louis Savings Trust Co., Boeger 
Shoe Co., North St. Louis Co-Operative Store; 
member board of directors Southern Surety 
Co. Eepublican. Methodist. President Colum- 
bia School Fathers' Club, North St. Louis Y. 
M. C. A.; state treasurer Y. M. C. A. Mem- 
ber Eoyal Arcanum, Modern Woodmen of 
America. Eecreation: motor touring. Office: 
3500 N. Grand Ave. Eesidence: 3512 Sullivan 

BOEHM, Joseph Leopold, surgeon; born, St. 
Louis, May 13, 1876; son of S. and Jennie 
(Gross) Boehm; educated in St. Louis High 
School; St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Ph.G., 
1896; Missouri Medical College, M.D., 1899; 
Post-Graduate Medical School, New York; un- 
married. Since 1899 engaged in practice in 
St. Louis, with specialty in genito-urinary sur- 
gery. Professor of genito-urinarj'^ surgery, St. 
Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons; 
surgeon-in-ehicf, genito-urinary clinic, Jeffer- 
son Hospital. Member American and Mis- 
souri State Medical associations, St. Louis 
Medical Society, Medical Society of City Hos- 



pital. Club: Columbian. Offifc: 715 X. Sth St. 
Rp udiMicp: HSOt; Dolmar Boul. 

30EHME, Paul C; see Vol. 1906. 

BOEHMER, Gustavus Henry, president of 
G. H. Jioclimor Shoe Co.; born, 8t. Louis, Apr. 
25, I8G;J; son of Henry William and Wilhehn- 
ina (Linstroht) Boehmer; educated in St. 
Peter's (private) School and ^lound City Col- 
lege; married, St. Louis, Apr. 27, 1887, Jennie 
A. Camjdxdl; children: G. Walter, Milton W., 
Raymond C, Clarence Henry, Gustavus H., 
.Jr. Bejian Ijusiness career as bundle boy in 
William Ogle's shoe store in 1876; then in 
C. E. Hill's shoe store, as manager, until 1887; 
started a small retail store in April, 1887, 
with George P. Kraemer, under firm name of 
Boehmer & Kraemer; succeeded as sole pro- 
prietor in May, 1888, and on May 1, 1901, in- 
corporated the business as the G. H. Boehmer 
Shoe Co., of which is president and treasurer. 
Member Legion of Honor, Knights of Pythias, 
Dramatic Order of Knights of Khorassan. 
Member Retail Merchants' Association. Rec- 
reations: tennis, baseball. Office: 818 Olive 
St. Residence: Kendall Hotel. 

BOEHNKEN, Edward H., general manager 
Crane Co., steam and jdumbers' supplies; 
born, Warsaw, Russia, Apr. 4, 1856; son of 
Gottfried and Frederika (Wenz) Boehnken; 
educated in private school six years and in 
Government College, Warsaw, seven j'ears, 
and one year in Dyrenforth College, Chicago, 
111. Came to America, 1875, locating at Chi- 
cago, 111.; naturalized Apr. 2, 1883; married, 
Chicago, HI., Jan. 17, 1884, Clarissa J. Louder- 
back; children: Olga and Susan Wanda. En- 
tered employ of National Tube Works Co., 
Chicago, October, 1876, serving in various ca- 
pacities until 1884, when was appointed super- 
intendent, and so served until Maj', 1891; then 
director, secretary and treasurer the Thomas 
Brass and Iron Co., Milwaukee, Wis., 1891-99; 
since Mar. 15, 1899, connected with Crane Co., 
of Chicago, manufacturers of steam and 
plumbers' supplies; first assistant manager at 
New York, 1899-1900; manager at St. Louis, 
Sept. 17, 1900; since Nov. 15, 1905, general 
manager at St. Louis, Dallas, Tex., Memphis, 
Tenn., and Little Rock, Ark.; also vice presi- 
dent Crane Co. of Arkansas. Republican. 
Episcopalian; vestryman St. Peter's Episcopal 
Church. ISTember Business Men's League (di- 
rector an<l member of executive committee 
and one of the members who 7nade the Pan- 
ama trip February, 1912). Clubs: St. Louis, 
Mercantile, Bellerive Country, Normandie 
Golf, St. Louis Bowling. Recreations: golf 
and bowling. Office: 16th and Walnut Sts. 
Residence: 5083 Washington Boul. 

BOERNER, Walter F.; see Vol. 1906. 

BOGUE, George Cook, treasurer Donk Bros. 
Coal and Coke Co.; born, Brunswick, Mo., 
May 21, 1871; son of Henry Clay and Mar- 

garette Eliza (Conger) Bogue; educated in 
public schools, Centralia, Mo., graduating in 
1890; marrie<l, St. Louis, June 20, 1894, Jo- 
sephine B. Donk; one son: Giles. Began busi- 
ness career as clerk with Donk Bros. Coal and 
Coke Co.; treasurer same since April, 1903. 
Also assistant secretary and treasurer St. 
Louis, Troy & Eastern R. R. Co., and director 
and assistant secretary and treasurer Mer- 
chants' and Manufacturers' Investment Co.; 
assistant secretary and treasurer East St. 
Louis & Columbian Waterloo Railway Co. 
Member Citizens' Industrial Association. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Club: Missouri Ath- 
letic. Favorite recreation: bowling. Office: 
314 N. 4tli St. Residence: 5402 Cabanne Ave. 

BOGY, Alexander M., secretary Ferguson- 
McKinney Dry Goods Co.; born, St. Louis, 
Nov. 2, 1856; son of Ben and Charlotte (Mac- 
kay) Bogy; educated in St. Louis public 
schools and Christian Brothers College; mar- 
ried, June 10, 1878, Rosamond M. Dawker, of 
Chicago, 111.; children: Benjamin A., Marion 
E. (now Mrs. F. I. Morris), Alexander M., Jr., 
Vernon C, all now living at Los Angeles, Cal. 
Began business career May 1, 1869, in employ 
of Chase & Cabot, wholesale dry goods, with 
whom remained seven years; then for twenty 
years with Samuel C. Davis & Co., wholesale 
dry goods, until the firm retired, and after 
that with Rice, Stix & Co., until October, 1899, 
when joined with others in organization of 
the Ferguson-McKinney Dry Goods Co., of 
which is secretary. Also treasurer of the Cen- 
tral Real Estate Co., and director Arkwright 
Realty Co. Member of Business Men 's League, 
Credit Men's Association, Citizens' Industrial 
Association. Democrat. Roman Catholic. 
Clubs: Mercantile, Los Angeles Commercial. 
Recreation: traveling. Office: 12th St. and 
Washington Ave. Residences: Jefferson Hotel, 
St. Louis, and Hollywood, Cal. 

BOHLE, Rudolph Henry, manager Western 
Union Telegraph Co., St. Louis; born, St. 
Louis, Sept. 2, 1850; son of Rudolph and 
Catharine M. (Schroeder) Bohle; educated St. 
Peter's (parochial) School, Franklin (public) 
School and Jones Commercial College; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Feb. 24, 1892, Matilda Schuler. 
Began active career as messenger U. S. ]\[ili- 
tary Telegraph, Sept. 1, 1862; learned teleg- 
raphy and entered service of Western Union 
Telegraph Co. as manager Merchants' Ex- 
change, J^Iay 10. 1866, promoted to manager- 
ship, St. Louis, Sept. 28, 1886, and has so con- 
tinued. Republican. Lutheran. ]\remV)er Busi- 
ness I\[en's League. Office: 514 Olive St. Resi- 
dence: 4353 Morgan St. 

BOHMER, John George, principal .Jones 
Commercial College; born, Richfountain, 
Osage Co., ]\[o., Nov. 9, 1847; son of Henry 
and Margaret (Kinrllein) Bohmer; educated 
in parochial school, Richfountain, Mo., by pri- 



A'ate special tutors, ami at Jones Commercial 
College, from which was graduated, 1867; un- 
married. After graduation from Jones Com- 
mercial College, became assistant writing 
teacher, and a year later principal of the Pen- 
manship Department and teacher of English; 
entered into partnership with Prof. Jonathan 
.lones, founder of Jones Commercial College, 
in 1S79, and at whose death in 1884 acquired 
ownership of the school as surviving partner, 
now i>rincipal same. Republican. Catholic. 
^Member Young ]\Ien 's Sodality. Member St. 
Xavier's Churcli Choir (considers singing half 
(if his life). Favorite recreations: fishing, 
hunting, horseback riding. Office: 625 Locust 
St. Eesidence: .')146A Minerva Ave. 

BOISLINIERE, Louis Charles Cherot, phy- 
sician; born, St. Louis, Oct. 24, 1861; son of 
Louis Charles Cherot and Mary Anne (Hite) 
Boisliniere; sraduated from St. Louis Univer- 
sity, A.B., 1879, A.M., 1880; St. Louis Medical 
College (now Medical Department, Washing- 
ton University), M.D., 1882; Missouri Medical 
College, ^NI.D., ad eundem gradum, 1895; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, July 15, 1902, Xellie Portis; 
one son: Louis Charles Cherot. Engaged in 
general practice of medicine in St. Louis from 
1882; associate professor medicine St. Louis 
T'niversity; medical director Mt. St. Eose 
Hospital for Tuberculosis. Member American 
Medical Association, Missouri State Medical 
Association, St. Louis Medical Society, Socie- 
ty of City Hospital Alumni, New Mexico Med- 
ii-al Society, Alumni Association of St. Louis 
Univeisity, St. Louis Medical History Society. 
Eonian Catholic. Democrat. Recreation: ath- 
letics. Office and Eesidence: 3561 Olive St. 

BOKERN, Edward A., real estate; born, 
St. Louis, Aug. 23, 1866; son of Anthony 
and Margaret (Printz) Bokern; educated at 
St. Vincent's (i)arochial) School, Christian 
Brothers College and Mound City Commercial 
College; married, St. Louis, M'ay 19, 1891, 
]\Iagdalena Bergs; children: Edith M., Ed- 
ward F., Margaret Ruth. At age of sixteen 
entered real estate business as collector for 
I>eon L. Hull & Co.; in 1889, with E. J. Ling- 
enfelder, formed firm of Lingenfelder & Bo- 
kern; in 1891 incorj)orated business as Ling- 
enfelder & Bokern Real Estate Co., and was 
secretary and treasurer until 1906; since then 
president E. A. Bokern Real Estate Co.; di- 
rector Security Title Co. Vice president of 
the Real Estate E.xchange; member Civic 
League. Republican. Roman Catholic. Ciuljs: 
City, I'nion. Recreations: reailing, theater, 
bowling and walking. Office: 1015 Chestnut 
St. Residence: 2931 Allen Ave. 

BOLAND, Joseph M.; see Vol. 1906. 

BOLIN, Charles Darius, manufacturing ancl 
insurance; was born at Princeton, Ind., Aug. 
29, 1^66; son of Benjamin T. and Alta 
K. Boliu; educated in country school; married, 

Memphis, Tenn., June 5, 1889, Minnie T. Rich- 
mond; children: Aleen, Ray, Mary Jane. Vir- 
ginia, Dorothy. After leaving farm near Mem- 
l)his, began as life insurance solicitor in 1888; 
came to St. Louis 1892, as general agent of 
Provident Savings Life Insurance Co. of New 
York, and on Jan. 1, 1894, became general 
agent of the Union Central Life Insurance 
Company; holds record of largest personal pro- 
ducer for the Union Central Life Insurance 
Company. President St. Louis Crystal Water 
and Soda Co., Xational Thermo Co.; vice pres- 
ident Easton Taylor Trust Co. Director Grand 
Avenue Bank. Republican. Baptist. Mason 
(32°), Knight Templar; member Moolah Tem- 
ple Mystic Shrine. Clubs: Mercantile, Ma- 
sonic, St. Francis Hunting and Fishing. Rec- 
reation: fishing. Office: 1900 Pine St. Resi- 
dence: 5505 Bartmer Ave. 

BOLLAND, John F., jeweler; born, St. 
Louis, May 14, 1857; son of John and Rose 
(Brewer) Bolland; educated in public schools 
of St. Louis and Christian Brothers College; 
married, Reading, Pa., Feb. 14, 1891, Mary M. 
Buck; children: Jack B., Helen E. From early 
years was clerk in father's jewelry store; 
went to Xew York City, 1876, and until 1884 
was traveling salesman out of New York for 
large manufacturing jewelry firms; returned 
to St. Louis, 1884, and became partner in 
jewelry business established by father in 
1839; after father's death, 1893, incorporated 
business as J. Bolland Jewelry Co., retail and 
manufacturing jewelers, of which is jjresi- 
dent. Club: Mercantile. Recreations: auto- 
mobiling and traveling. Office: 513 Locust Sf. 
Residence: 5305 Delmar Boul. 

BOLLWERK, WilliaiE, wall paper and 
painting; born, St. Louis, Feb. 14, 1866; son 
of Henry and Hendricka (Kaatmann) Boll- 
werk; educated at St. Agatha School, St. 
Vincent's School, St. Louis Universitv; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Oct. 24, 1888, Lena "Schoen- 
born; ten children: William H., Valentine J., 
Ijeana Johanna, Jolita Joseph, Ida Mary, Rose, 
Ottila, Francis, George Peter, Emile Herman. 
Started sign shop, 1887; began house paint- 
ing business with William Kloer, as Kloer & 
Bollwerk, 1890; dissolved partnership, 1891, 
and opened wall paper establishment, 1894; 
incorpoiated in 1900 under title of the Wil- 
liam Bollwerk Wall Paper and Painting Co., 
of which has since been president and treas- 
urer. Democrat. Catholic. Member Catholic 
Knights of America. Recreation: fishing. 
Office: N. E. corner 7th and Arsenal Sts. 
Residence: 619 Arsenal St. 

BOLT, Richard Orchard, secretary Mermod, 
Jacciiril t-V King Jewelry Co.; born in Corn- 
wall, Eng., May 4, 1854; son of Richard and 
Jane (Or(diard) Bolt; educated in schools in 
Englanil; married, St. Louis, Mar. 4, 1879, 
]Mary ^■irfJinia Belt ; (diildren: Richard Arthur, 
Edward Jenkins. Came from England to St. 



Louis ill IS(17; IcariuMl the jcwrlry trailc witii 
Jlooulior Jiios., at 417 01i\e St., hS()S-73, and 
when that business was houjiht out by Mcr- 
luod-Jaccard, oiitoiod oinploy of latter house 
in ]S7I>, and from a minor position adxanced 
to the position of secretary, ami is a director 
of the coni]iany; has devoted special and suc- 
cessful attention to develojjment of the manu- 
facturin^f and repairing- features of the busi- 
ness. Member M. E. Church, South; i)rominent 
in Sunday School work, and ])articuiarly in 
organizinjj; Sunday School chorus; organizeil 
and is musical director of Sunday School 
ITnion Chorus of 6,000 voices, whicli sang at 
Exposition; is choir director of several large 
choirs in St. Louis. Scottish Kite Mason 
(32°); Past Master Polar Star Lodge, A. F. 
& A. M. (.'lubs: Mercantile, City. Recreation: 
music. Office: cor. Broadwa.y and Locust St. 
Residence: aCilO Bartnier Ave. 

BOLZ, John T., treasurer 15()lz-:\lcJ}ride 
Cooperage Co.; born, St. Louis, .Tan. 18, LS43; 
sou of John T. and Auguste (Wirth) Bolz; 
educated in Lutheran jiarochial school, Mil- 
ler's school, O 'Fallon Polytechnic; married, 
St. Louis, Nov. 26, 1872, tabitha Claus; six 
children: Paul T., Lydia, Hulda F., George 
('., Auguste, Adoljih. Began active career as 
clerk in dry goods store of John T. S<-huricht, 
1856, continuing until 1860; bookkeejier, with 
Meyer Bros. Drug Co. and the Saxony Mills, 
Sept. 1, 1865-July 1, 1875; then in cooperage 
business for himself from 1875 to 1908, when 
firm incorporated as the Bolz-McBride Cooper- 
age ('o., of which is treasurer. Democrat. 
I^utheran; treasurer Lutheran Bethlehem 
Church ami superintendent Bethlehem ('enie- 
tery. Office: 1006 New National Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg. Residence: 1509 Bremen Ave. 

BOLZ, Paul T., president Bolz-McBride 
Cooperage Co.; born, St. Louis, Aug. 26, 1873; 
son of John T. and Tabitha (Claus) Bolz; edu- 
cated in Smith Academy to 1892; Washington 
University, 1892-94; married, St. Louis, Feb. 
12, 1903, Emilie Halthaus. Started in cooper- 
age business, which was founded by father, 
July 1, 1875; assisted in organizing the pres- 
ent company, October, 190,8, of which has since 
been president; also president Pulaski Cooi^er- 
age Co., Little Roclv, Ark., since organization, 
1909; secretary Missouri Heading Co.; <lirec- 
tor Luxora Cooperage Co. Club: Missouri 
Athletic. Recreations: outdoor sjiorts. Office: 
1006 National Bank of Commerce Bblg. Resi- 
dence: 7(M2 Wasiiingtoii Av(\ 

BONACHEA, Ramon Leocadio, consul of 
Republic of Cuba; born, Havana, Cuba, May 
30, 1881; son of Ramon Leocadio and Victoria 
(Sarduy) Bonachea; educateil in Havana; 
graduated from Instituto de Segun<la Ensen- 
aiiza, graduating ^May 1, 1899; marrieil, Ha- 
vana, Dec. 1, 1902, Elisa Lopez del Rincon y 
Demestre; children: Elisa, Noemi, Ramon Leo- 

cadio, Louis and l';iiri(|uc. Served as lieutenant 
in Cuban Army and aide-de-camp during war 
for inde])endence; later as ( hief of Section of 
Health Deiiartment of the Interior of Cuba; 
chancellor of Cuban Legation and vice-con- 
sul, Mexico City; consul at St. Louis since 
Julv 29, 1911. Office an. I Residence: 1530 
Olive St. 

BOND, Henry Whitelaw, lawyer; born near 
Brownsville, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1818; son of 
Thomas and Ellen Owen (Whitelaw) BonrI; 
educated in schools in Tennessee and at Har- 
vard I'niversitv; married, Bolivar, Tenn., Nov. 
18, 1880, Mai-y T). Miller; four chil.iren: 
Thomas, Irene (Mrs. Alleyn von Schrader), 
Whitelaw and Marion. Breil to the bar and 
admitted in Tennessee, ])racticing there until 
1879; then came to Missouri and engaged in 
]iractice at St. Louis until was elected judge 
of the St. Louis Court of Ajipeals for twelve- 
year term beginning Jan. 1, 1893; resigned 
Oct. 7, 1901, to reenter jiractice of law; 
formed jiartnership with son, Thomas Bond, in 
June, 1904, and Apr. 1, 1906, formed partner- 
ship with Judge William C. Marshall, under 
firm name of Bond, Marshall & Bond; firm 
dissolved 1910, and as Bond & Bond continued 
until Apr. 11, 1911, when was appointed Su- 
preme Court commissioner of State of Mis- 
souri. Club; St. Louis. Office: 506 Olive St. 
Residences: 3744 Washington Boul., and .lef- 
ferson City, Mo. 

BOND, Holdsworth Wheeler, physician; 
l)orn in Calvert Co., Md., Sejit. 29, 18()7; son 
of Thomas Holdsworth and Susan Adelaide 
(Briscoe) Bond; graduated from Charlotte 
Hall (:Nrd.) [Military Academy, 1886; attended 
Missouri Medical College and College of Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons, St. Louis, M. D., 1890; 
married, St. Louis, June 1, 1899, Isabelle Scud- 
der; two daughters: Mary Scudder and Isa- 
belle Brooke. After graduation from military 
academy served for short time as clerk with 
Weems Line of Steamers, of Baltimore; camo 
to St. Louis for medical study, September, 
1887; has practiced in St. Louis since 1890; 
practice now limited to gynecology. Member 
St. Louis Medical Society, Missouri State . 
Medical Association, Society of Cit.y Hospital 
Alumni, American Medical Association, Amer- 
ican Public Health Association. Was assistant 
physician St. Louis City Hospital, 1890-92; 
teacher of anatomv, ]\Iarion-Sims College of 
Medicine. 1890-94." Democrat. Member St. 
Louis Board of Health, 190;;-0(!; health com- 
missioner, 1906-11; appointeil by Mayor Kreis- 
mann member St. Louis Hospital Board, ^lav, 
1912; now in private practice. Appointed by 
Presiilent Taft Ajiril, 1911, first lieutenant 
Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. A. Episcoi)alian. 
Clubs: St. Louis, St. Louis Country. Recrea- 
tions: golf and hunting. Office: ^letropolitan 
Bldg. Residence: 17 \'aiide\-eiiter Place. 



BOND, Sterling Price, lawyer; born, Car- 
lyle, 111.. Aug. 27, 1862; son of Thomas and 
.lane (Allen) Bond; educated in public schools 
(if Clinton Co., and Carlyle, 111.; graduated 
from Illinois College, Jacksonville, 111., in 
spring of 1SS.5; married, St. Louis, Oct. 5, 
3901, Ida Jane Alvord. Admitted to bar in 
ISS7 and has since engaged in general prac- 
tice. Democratic representative in Missouri 
House of Representatives, 189.3. Office: Eialto 
Bldg. Residence: 5957 Horton Place. 

BOND, Thomas, lawyer; born, St. Louis, 
Feb. 19, 1SS2; son of Henry Whitelaw and 
Mary Dunlap (Miller) Bond; graduated Smith 
Academy, St. Louis, 1899; A. B., University 
of Missouri, 1902; LL.B., St. Louis Law 
School (Washington University), 1904; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Apr. 17, 1909, Jeanette B. 
Priest; one child: Thomas, Jr. Admitted to 
Missouri bar, June, 1904, and since engaged in 
general practice at St. Louis; member of Bond 
& Bond, 1905-06; Bond, Marshall & Bond, 
1906-10; partnership dissolved June 21, 1910, 
and again associated with Henry W. Bond as 
Bond & Bond, so continuing until Apr. 10, 
1911; has since practiced alone. Democrat. 
Episcopalian. Member American, Missouri 
State and St. Louis Bar associations. Phi Delta 
Theta and Phi Delta Phi college fraternities. 
Clubs: St. Louis, University, Bellerive Coun- 
try. Recreations: golf, literature. Office: Third 
National Bank Bldg. Residence: 5646 Kings- 
bury Place. 

BOND, Young Hance, physician; born in 
Calvert Co., Md., July 18, 1846; son of Hon. 
James A. and Sarah E. (Hance) Bond; edu- 
cated at Charlotte Hall Military College, and 
later attended Princeton College; graduated 
from University of Maryland, M.D., 1867; 
(A.M., McKendree College, LL.D., St. Louis 
University) ; married, St. Louis, Sept. 10,1868, 
Minnie Slayback (deceased); children: Eliza- 
beth (Mrs. A. C. Scales), Marie (Mrs. Fletcher 
R. Harris), Daisy C. (Mrs. Theodore Gowans), 
Nellie (Mrs. Walter Shields) ; married, 2d, 
Brockville, Ont., 1907, Mary I. Forbes. After 
graduation, 1867, came to St. Louis and estab- 
lished in practice of medicine, in which has 
ever since continued. During administration 
of Mayor Britton, was member of Board of 
Health of St. Louis, and was author of resolu- 
tion establishing contract system for purchase 
of all supplies used in the Health Department, 
hospitals, etc., and author of the measure 
establishing the first Woman 's Hospital, now 
known as the St. Louis Female Hospital. 
Founder, and for thirteen years dean of Mar- 
ion-Sims College of Medicine; dean St. Louis 
University Medical Department, three years; 
founder St. Louis Dental College. Member 
St. Louis Medical Society, Missouri State 
Medical Association, American Medical As- 
sociation, American Medical College Associa- 
tion. President Overland Real Estate Co. 

Club: St. Louis. Recreation: farming. Office: 
916 N. Taylor Ave. Residence: Washington 
Terrace Apartments, 535 Clara Ave. 

BONE, John D.; see Vol. 1906. 

BONGNER, Jacob, president Palace Phar- 
macy; born, Rockenhausen, Germany, May 25, 
1861; son of Jacob and Marguerite (Marks) 
Bongner; educated at Rockenhausen; came to 
St. Louis, August, 1874; married, St. Louis, 
Nov. 30, 1881, Katie Sullivan. Connected with 
brewing and liquor interests in St. Louis from 
1874 to November, 1910; secretary and treas- 
urer of the Union Brewing Co., 1902-10; presi- 
dent Palace Pharmacy since November, 1910. 
Member Masonic Order, Knights of Pythias, 
United Commercial Travelers' Association. 
Recreations: boating and fishing. Office: S. W. 
cor. Grand Ave. and Phinney St. Residence: 
3856 Utah Place. Summer Residence: Snow 
Islands, Mich. 

BONHAM, Archibald Kerfoot; see Vol. 


BONNY, George Lester; see Vol. 1906. 

BONSACK, Arthur A., manager Ingersoll- 
Rand Drill Co.; born, St. Louis, Nov. 16, 1875; 
son of Frederick C. and Catherine Bonsack; 
educated in public schools of St. Louis; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, 1911, Helen Kingsland Fisher. 
Began business career in employ of Charles 
W. Melcher Machinery Co., 1894-97; then with 
Ingersoll-Sargent Drill Co., of Chicago, as 
salesman in Chicago territory, 1897-99; re- 
turned to St. Louis, 1899, as manager of the 
St. Louis office of that company, which was 
recently succeeded by the Ingersoll-Rand Drill 
Co., a consolidation of the interests of the In- 
gersoll-Sargent Drill Co., and the Rand Drill 
Co. Member Engineers' Club, St. Louis. Pres- 
byterian. Club: Mercantile. Office: 1018 Ful- 
lerton Bldg. Residence: 4531 Westminster PI. 

BONSACK, William Andrew, lumber mer- 
chant; 1857-1909; see Vol. 1906. 

BONTIES, Harry P., third vice president 
and department manager, Ely & Walker Dry 
Goods Co.; born, Petersburg, 111., Feb. 28, 
1863; son of Jurgen and Anna (Linneman) 
Bonties; educated in public and private 
schools of Petersburg; married, Chicago, Sept. 
15, 1884,- Nancy Elinore Deerwester; one 
daughter, A. Katherine (Mrs. Paul Brown, 
Jr.). Began business career at age of 15, as 
clerk in a dry goods store at Petersburg, HI.; 
clerk in dress goods department of Burke, 
AValker & Co., Chicago, 1884; European buyer 
of dress goods for J. H. Walker & Co., Chi- 
cago, 1889-93; left J. H. Walker to take 
charge of dress goods department, J. S. Brit- 
tan Dry Goods Co., St. Joseph, Mo., 1893; left 
there, 1895, to become manager and buyer of 
dress goods and wash fabrics for Ely & 
Walker Dry Goods Co., of St. Louis, in which 
continues; elected director of the company, 
1901, and third vice president, 1909. Indepen- 



dent in politics. Lutheran. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Glen Echo (St. Louis), Merchants' (New- 
York). Recreation: farming. Office: Ely & 
Walker Dry Goods Co. Kesidence: Balhvin, 

BOOCH, Leopold Herman, stove manufac- 
turer; born, Dubuque, la., Feb. 23, 1S6(J; son 
of Henry 11. and Louise (Lambreeht) Booch; 
educated in St. Louis public schools; married, 
Marble Falls, Tex., Aug. 9. 1904, Donna C. 
Turner. T^egan as a clerk with Bridge & Beach 
Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of stoves, 
of which has been vice president and man- 
ager since 1911. Recreations: hunting and fish- 
ing. Oflice: 503 S. First St. Residence: 5530 
Dclmar Boul. 

BOOGHER, Howard, wholesale hats; born, 
•St. Louis, Jan. 2, 1S7G; son of Jesse L. and 
Sarah (Goodfellow) Boogher; graduated from 
Smith Academy, St. Louis, 1894, and from 
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., LL.B., 
1898; married, Hillsboro, 111., Oct. 31, 1901, 
Bessie Lane; two sons: Lane and Howard. En- 
gaged in general practice of law in St. Louis, 
1898-1902; treasurer of the Boogher, Force 
and Goodbar Hat Co., 1902-05; secretary and 
treasurer of the company, 1905-07; president, 
1 907-11, now director. Member Business Men 's 
League, Civic League, Credit Men's Associa- 
tion; member executive council St. Louis Man- 
ufacturers' and Exporters' Association. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Mason (32°), Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Clubs: St. Louis, Missouri 
Athletic, City, Algonquin Country, Bass Island 
Fishing. Recreations: golf, hunting and fish- 
ing. Ofiice: 160G Washington Ave. Residence: 
4145 AVest Pine Boul. 

BOOGHER, Jesse L., merchant; 1833-1907; 
se(! Vol. 190(3. 

BOOGHER, Jesse Leland, physician; born, 
St. Louis, Aug. 11, 18G8; son of Jesse L. and 
Sarah Jane (Goodfellow) Boogher; educated 
in St. Louis public schools and Smith Acad- 
emy; Hiawassee College, B.S., 1888; St. Louis 
Medical College, M.D., 1892; post-graduate 
study in universities of Berlin, Vienna and 
Paris, and in the hospitals of London, Eng- 
land; married, St. Louis, Nov. 9, 1899, Daisy 
Belle Eville; children: Marybel, Leland and 
Jane. Engaged in practice of medicine in St. 
Louis since 1892; specialist in genito-urinary 
diseases. Member St. Louis Medical Society, 
Missouri State Medical Association, Missis- 
sippi Valley Medical Society, American Med- 
ical Association, American Urological Society. 
Republican. Methodist. Clubs: St. Louis, Glen 
Echo, Amateur Athletic Association, Missouri 
Athletic, King's Lake Hunting. Office: 512- 
514 Missouri Trust Bldg. Residence: 4429 Lac- 
lede Ave. 

BOOGHER, John Hogan, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, July 16, 1867; son of Simon L. and 
Sophie (Hogan) Boogher; graduated Central 

High School, St. Loui.s, 1885; B.Ph., Univer- 
sity of Virginia, 1888; LL.B., St. Louis Law 
School (Washington University), 1890; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Mar. 8, 1907, Mrs. Elizabeth 
S. White, who has two sons, Franklin M. 
AVhite, an attorney of St. Louis, and William 
Russell White, commander U. S. N. Admitted 
to Missouri bar, 1890, and has since engaged 
in practice at St. Louis; member firm of 
Boogher & White. Democrat. Member M, E. 
Church, South. Member St. Louis Bar Associa- 
tion, Law Library Association of St. Louis, 
Civic League, Merchants' Exchange, Society 
Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, Beta 
Theta Pi college fraternity. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Sunset Inn Country, Aero (St. Louis), Colon- 
nade (Virginia). Oflice: Suite 1000 New Bank 
of Commerce Bldg. Residence: Usona Hotel. 

BOOGHER, Lawrence, dry goods merchant; 
born, St. Louis, Apr. 18, 1874; son of Simon 
L. and Sophie E. (Hogan) Boogher; educated 
in public schools of St. Louis, and at Rugby 
Academy, St. Louis, two years; married. Men- 
don, Adams Co., 111., Apr. 29, 1903, Frances 
Benton Arnold; three children: Sarah, born 
Oct. 8, 1904, Arnold, May 21, 1908, Francis, 
July 11, 1910. After leaving school spent sev- 
eral years on a ranch in Western N. M.; re- 
turned to St. Louis spring of 1898 and en- 
listed for war with Spain; entered employ of 
Wear-Boogher Dry Goods Co., Jan. 1, 1899, 
the firm being succeeded in 1900 by the Carle- 
ton Dry Goods Co.; has since been identified 
with latter organization, first working in 
stock, then as traveling salesman and now as 
division manager, also stockholder in the com- 
])any; director Western Commercial Travelers' 
Association. Democrat. Southern Methodist; 
member board of stewards and trustee Centen- 
ary Church; assistant superintendent Centen- 
ary Sunday School. Served fifteen years in 
Battery A, National Guard of Missouri; mem- 
ber Battery A, United States Volunteers, and 
accompanied battery to Porto Rico, 1898; mus- 
tered out of United States service fall of 
1898. Scottish Rite Mason (32°). Member 
Sons American Revolution, Society Colonial 
Wars, Porto Rican Society. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Glen Echo. Recreations: golf, baseball, bowl- 
ing, and other outdoor sports. Oflice: 1133 
Washington Ave. Residence: 6241 Waterman 

BOONE, Howard C, president Central 
States Life Insurance Co.; born, Fayette, 
Howard Co., Mo., Feb. 13, 1857; son of Wil- 
liam C. and Lucy D. Boone; educated public 
schools, Jefferson City, Mo.; Kemper School, 
Boonville, Mo.; U. S. Military Academy, An- 
napolis, Md., two years; married, Jefferson 
City, Nov. 25, 1900, Janet E. Ewing; three 
children: William E., Janet E., Howard C. In 
general merchandise business, Arizona, 1884- 
90; auditor, bank examiner, chairman Board 
of Eqialization, Arizona Territory, 1893-95; 


general i^eent New York Life Insurance Co., 
Kansas City, Mo., 1895-1906; general manager 
Capitol Life Insurance Co., Denver, Colo., 
1906-08; came to St. Louis, 1908, and organ- 
ized Central States Life Insurance Co., of 
■ahich has since been president. Member Busi- 
ness Men 's League. Democrat. Methodist. 
Mason; member B. P. 0. Elks. Clubs: Mercan- 
tile, Masonic. Eecreatious: hunting and fish- 
ing. Office: 402-410 Central National Bank 
Bldg., 7th and Olive Sts. Eesidence: 59.33 
Gates AA-e. 

BOOTH, David S., physician; born, Enter- 
prise. McDonald Co., Mo., Apr. 6, 1863; son of 
Dr. David S. and Cynthia (Grounds) Booth; 
educated at Sparta (111.) public schools, grad- 
uating in classical course from Sparta High 
School, 1882; attended Southern Illinois Nor- 
mal University, and after preliminary medical 
training under father, and as private student 
of Dr. H. H. Mudd, attended Medical Depart- 
ment Washington L'niversity, graduating 
M.D., 1886; married, Belleville", 111., June 30, 
1892, Basmath Ariadne West (died June 5, 
1905); children: David S., Jr., Basmath Ari- 
adne (died 1901, aged 5), John West, Mary 
Agnes. Engaged in medical practice since 
1886. Surgeon in charge International & 
Great Northern E. E. Hospital, Palestine, 
Tex., 1887-89; house surgeon Alissouri Pacific 
Eailway Hosp., St. Louis, 1886-87; local sur- 
geon Air Line Ey., Belleville, 111., 1889-90; 
local surgeon St. Louis Southwestern Ey., 
1899-1904; formerly physician to St. Louis 
Provident Association. Now neurologist to 
Baptist Hospital, the Missouri Pacific, Iron 
Mountain, and St. Louis Southwestern railway 
companies; examiner Pacific Mutual Life In- 
surance Co., General Accident & Life Assur- 
ance Corporation, German Commercial Acci- 
dent Co. Late clinical instructor neurology 
and psychiatry, Barnes Medical College and 
Marion-Sims Medical College. Assistant editor 
and business manager Alienist and Neurolo- 
gist, St. Louis, 1891-1900; collaborator The 
Alienist and Neurologist. Member American 
Meilical Association, American Association 
Eailway Surgeons, Missouri State Medical 
Association, St. Louis Medical Society, South- 
ern Illinois Medical Association. Eepublican. 
Presbyterian. Was corporal of Douglas Corps 
Cadets (National), 1882-83; first sergeant Illi- 
nois National Guard, 1883-86 (received badge 
as marksman). Office: Metropolitan Bldg. 
Eesidence: 5107 Von Verseu Ave. 

BOECK, M. A. Edward, surgeon; 1834-1912; 
see Vf.l. 1906. 

BORDEN, Orland A., ])resident Bonlen Var- 
nish Co.; born, near Cincinnati, Feb. 17, 1870; 
son of Thomas L. and Marinda E. (Dunn) 
Borden; reared on farm; educated in public 
schools and at the Gem City Business Crd- 
lege, Quincy, 111.; married, St. Louis, Sept. 14, 

1904, Blanche L. Voelker; children: Ealph 
Maheu, Dorothy E. When seventeen years of 
age came to St. Louis; attended night schools 
and did odd jobs for more than two years; 
kept books for George A. Kennedy, Sardinia, 
O., 1890-91; after completing course in busi- 
ness college entered employ of Union Central 
Life Insurance Co. of Cincinnati, 1892; re- 
signed, 1897, and wrote life and accident in- 
surance for one year for ^tna Life Insurance 
Co. of Hartford, Conn.; engaged with the 
Glidden Varnish Co., 1899, as citj' salesman 
for St. Louis, and was given full charge of 
branch warehouse in 1901, so continuing until 
August, 1909; since president Borden Varnish 
Co. Eepublican. Presbyterian. Mason. Ofiice: 
816 S. Vandeventer Ave. 'Eesidence: 5006 
Bartmer Ave. 

BOEDLEY, Daiiiel Charles, retired; born. 
Baltimore, Md., May 15, 1857; son of Daniel 
Charles H. and Mary (Blake) Bordley; edu- 
cated at St. Louis University; married, St. 
Louis, Nov. 20, 1889, Blanche" Lynch. Began 
business career as employe in the tea and 
coffee business, 1869, and later in retail gro- 
cery store; then with Missouri Pacific Ey. 
as chief clerk in superintendent's office; con- 
tinued in railroad service with the Frisco 
System and the Wabash System, retiring from 
latter as cashier of general passenger and 
ticket office, in 1883; became connected, 1883, 
with James G. Butler, tobacco manufacturer, 
and was afterward with the American To- 
bacco Co., of which has, since 1895, been resi- 
dent manager at St. Louis. Also proprietor 
Continental Transfer Co. Democrat. Served 
with 3d Eegiment, Missouri National Guard, 
becoming captain of Company B, and later 
ordnance officer. Eoman Catholic. Member 
Legion of Honor. Club: Glen Echo Country. 
Eecreations: fishing, traveling. Eesidence: 
Jefferson Hotel. 

BOEEN, James Eaton; see A'ol. 1906. 

BOEGMANN, William, wagon manufac- 
turer; born near Osuabroek, Hanover, Ger- 
many, Nov. 8, 1848; son of Henry and Maria 
(Meier) Borgmann; educated in common 
schools, Dissen, Province of Hanover, to 
1862; came to America, 1866; married, Black- 
jack, St. Louis Co., Mo., Mar. 15, 1871, Anna 
Dieckmann; eight children: William, Jr., Er- 
nest, Fred, John, Edward, Carrie (Mrs. 
Charles Euegg), Anna, Eoss. Began business 
at present location, 1876, continuously en- 
gageil as wagon maker and blacksmith, car- 
riage and wagon painting, etc.; also handles 
fanning machinery and implements; director 
Baden Bank since its organization in 1910. 
Member North St. Louis Business Men's As- 
sociation. Eepublican. Trustee St. Stephen's 
Evangelical Church. Member German Bene- 
ficial Union, No. 141. Club: St. Louis Car- 
riage, Wagon and Auto Builders. Eefreation: 

Till-: \un)K OF ST. LOnSAXS 

rcadiiij;-. Oftico: 8920 X. R road way. Kosi- 
(ieiK'c: S!)|7 ('oluiiii)ia Bottom IM. 

BORRESON, John Gilbert, president and 
treasurer Superior Slioe Manufaeturiiio- Co.; 
l)orii, Ilaiuar, Norway, Dee. 12, 18(35); son of 
(Juldbraud and Hlie (Johansen) Horreson; 
removed from Norway direet to St. Louis, 
arriving Sept. 4, 187!); educated in St. Louis 
public schools until fourteen years of age; 
student at Luther College, Deeorah, la., 1888- 
89; Smith Academy, St. Louis, 1890; Jones 
Commercial College, 1885, and 1890-91; com- 
pleted law course at Benton College of Law, 
St. Louis, LL.B., 1907; married, St. Louis, 
Apr. 2;-), 189-1, Elizabeth IMcFarland; children: 
Marjorie Elenor, John Kenneth, Cilliert Stan- 
ley. At fourteen left school and became er- 
rand boy, oflfice boy and press feeder with the 
Parker & Ritter Stationery and Printing Co., 
where remained about one year; on Nov. 5, 
1885, entered employ of Johansen Bros., shoe 
manufacturers, remaining until 1888, when re- 
sumed school work; after leaving school, re- 
turned to same firm, and was employed at va- 
rious duties, driving, packing, ship]iing and 
other work in factory and office, becoming 
credit man and cashier and, after incorpora- 
tion of Johansen Bros. Shoe Co., was secretary 
and treasurer of the company until 1909; 
after taking a rest, organized, 1911, and is 
president and treasurer the Superior Shoe 
Manufacturing Co., wholesale shoe manufac- 
turers, making a specialty of boys' and girls" 
shoes. Vice consul for Norway since 1907. 
Member M. E. Church, South; pursued course 
prescribed for the ministry of the church and 
received elder's orders at the hands of Bis- 
hop J. B. Cranberry, Sept. 17, 1899, at meet- 
ing of St. Louis Annual Conference. Member 
Eoval Arcanum. Recreation: home diversions. 
Office: 2801 Benton St. Residence: 7322 La 
Veta Ave., Richmond Heights. 

BOSTICK, Richard Hyde, l)aiiker; born, 
Franklin, Tenn., Apr. 2, 1850; son of Rich- 
ard II. and Rebecca (Cannon) Bostick; edu- 
cated in l'>anklin College, and Bryant cV: Strat- 
ton Business College, Cincinnati, O. ; married, 
Jackson, Tenn., May, 1881, Apphia Taylor 
Chester. Began business career in jMemphis, 
Tenn., as bookkeeper for wholesale grocery 
house, 1872; moved to Jackson, Tenn., 1873, 
and engaged in retail grocery business until 
187G; moved to St. Louis, October, 187(j, and 
became cashier and bookkeeper for cotton 
firm of Houston, Sayle & Co.; bought interest 
iu the Sayle-Stegall Commission Co., 1884, and 
continued in cotton business until 1893, wiieu 
bought interest in J. M. Houston Grocer Co., 
of which was vice iiresident until 1908; vice 
president Wellston Trust Co. since November, 
1910. Democrat. Mason; member Jackson 
Commandery, Knights Templar. Recreation: 
fishing. Office: Wellston, Mo. Residence: 4tl07 
Dclmar Boul. 

BOSTWICK, Arthur Elmore, librarian; 
'lorn, Litchfiehl, Conn., Mar. 8, 181)0; sou of 
Dr. Davi.l Elmore and Adelaide (McKinley) 
P.ostwick; A.B., Yale, 1881, Ph.D., 1883, grad- 
uate fellow physical science, 1881-84, substi- 
tute instructor and proctor, 1883-84; married, 
Lucy Sawyer, of Carmel, N. Y., June 23, 1885; 
tdiildren: Andrew Linn, Usther an<l Elmore 
McNeill. Tea(dier high school, Montclair, N. 
J., 1884-80; on staff Apjjleton 's Cy(doi)edia of 
American Biography, 1886-88; literarv work, 
1888-90; assistant editor The Forum, 1890-92; 
associate editor Standard Dictionarv and of- 
fice expert in jdiysics, 1892-94; chief librarian 
New York Free Circulating Library, 1895-99; 
librarian Brooklyn Public Library,' 1899-1901; 
chief of circulation department. New York 
Public Library, 1901-09; librarian, St. Louis 
Public Library, since Oct. 1, 1909. Editor, 
science department Literarv Digest, since 
1891. President New York Librarv Club, 
1897-99, Long Island Library Club, 1900-01, 
New York State Library Association, 1902-03; 
vice president New Jersey Librarv Associa- 
tion, 1899-1901; i)resident" American Library 
Association, 1907-08; director People's L'ni- 
versity Extension Society, 1898-1909; member 
University Council, New York State L'niver- 
sity, 1904-09. Fellow American Librarv In- 
stitute, 190G, president 1909-12, delegate Copy- 
right Conference, 1905-06. Vice president New 
England Society, St. Louis, 1910. Member 
Civic League. Episcopalian. Clubs: Authors 
(New York), City, Round Table, Franklin 
(St. Louis). Author: Young Folks' Cyclo- 
])edia of Games and Sports (with j' D. 
Champlin), 1890; The American Public Li- 
brary, 1910. Wrote many sketches in Apple- 
ton 's C'yclopedia of American Biography, 
1888, Standard Dictionary, 1894; also numer- 
ous articles Apjjleton 's 'Annual Cyclo[)edia, 
inclu.ling yearly review of progress of phys- 
ics; contributor on ])liysical science, literature 
and library economy. Office: Public Library. 
Residence: 70 Vandeventer Place. 

BOTHE, George, banking; born, Oldenberg, 
Germany, Nov. 27, 1841; son of Bernhard and 
Catharine Bothe; common school education; 
married, St. Louis. Apr. 18, 1871, to Miss 
Catherine Altegraver; six children, all de- 
ceased. Learned carpenter's trade in Ger- 
many; came to America, 1866; located in St. 
Louis and was engaged as builder and con- 
tractor for thirty ye:irs as nuMuber of firm 
of Bothe & Rathermann; retired from build- 
ing operations in 1905. Assisted in organiz- 
ing the Cass Avenue Bank, 1906, of which has 
since been iiresident, also owner Onondaga 
Cave, at Liesburg. Mo. Catholic. Member 
Catholic Knights. Recreations: fishing, hunt- 
ing and bathing. Office: Cass Ave. and 15th 
St. ResidcMicc: 1709 Cora Ave. 

BOTTGER, J. Frederick, president Century 
Saw Mill Co.; born, Zurich, Switzerland, Nov. 



23, 1865; son of Johan Frederic Theodore and 
Wilhelniine (Meybohm) Bottger; educated in 
public and private seliools of Switzerland and 
seminary at Hamburg, Germany; married, 
Williamsport, Pa., June 16, 1886, Mary J. 
Spades; children: Frederick A., Austin W., 
Eichard E., Esther Marie, Catherine. Came 
to America with parents, 1880; was connected 
with hardware business at Milton and Wil- 
liamsport, Pa., 1882-86, and in sawmill busi- 
ness to 1SS7; chief bookkeeper for Calcasieu 
Lumber Co., Austin, Tex., 1888-90; located in 
St. Louis, 1890, engaged in various Hues until 
1902, when established wholesale lumber busi- 
ness on own account, later incorporating as 
the Century 'Saw Mill Co., of which has since 
been president; also president Eoth Lumber 
Co., Arkmo Saw Mill Co. Member Swiss Ee- 
formed Church. Eecreation: traveling. Office: 
S03-S10 Olive St. Eesidence: 4329 Lee Ave. 

BOTTORFF, Oscar Bert, real estate; born 
•Tackson Co., Ind., Sept. 28, 1880; son of 
Thomas J. and Olive (Eoberts) Bottorff; edu- 
cated Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind., 
graduating with degree of A.B., 1903; unmar- 
ried. Began active career as principal Flora 
High School, Flora, Ind., 1903, in which posi- 
tion continued for one year; then principal 
Seymour (Ind.) High School, 1904-06; in- 
structor Central High School, St. Louis, 1906- 
07; gave up teaching and engaged as sales- 
man for NichoUs-Eitter Eealty and Financial 
Co., 1907-08; in business on own account since 
1908 as Bottorff Eealty Co., operating in real 
estate, insurance and also as financial agent. 
Democrat. Presbyterian. Mason; member 
Tuscan Lodge, A. F. & A. M., and Kilwinning 
Chapter, Eoyal Arch Masons. Club: Business 
Circle. Eecreations: fishing, horseback riding, 
tennis. Office: 4914 Delmar Boul. Eesidence: 
Kenwood Springs, Mo. 

BOXJTON, William, surveyor; 1838-1912; see 
Vol. 190G. 

BOWERS, Fred W., state agent Phoenix In- 
surance Co.; born, Geneva, Ashtabula Co., O., 
Mar. 30, 1863; son of Henry F. and Marana A. 
(Evens) Bowers; educated in public schools 
of Norwalk, O., and Smith Business College, 
Toledo, O.; married, Ottawa, Kan., Dec. 24, 
1891, Pearl Simpson; one son: Wilbur S. (died 
in infancy, June 1'), 1899.) Began career with 
Germania Fire Insurance Co. in Chicago, 1884- 
87. Became identified with local agencies in 
Los Angeles, Cal., and Kansas City, Mo.; was 
chief clerk at Kansas City to resident man- 
ager of North British & Mercantile Insurance 
Co. of England; four years later became spe- 
cial agent of the Orient Insurance Co. of 
Hartford, Conn.; for Missouri, Kansas, Okla- 
homa and Indian Territory, first at Kansas 
City, Mo., and later at St. Louis. Since Feb. 
1, 1899, state agent for Missouri for Phoenix 
Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. Director 

Provident Loin and Securities Co. Member 
Fire Underwriters' Association of the North- 
west, Chicago (vice president, 1903-04), Mis- 
souri Fire Prevention Association (president, 
1907-08-09). Eepublican. Congregationalist. 
Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Automobile. Favor- 
ite recreations: music, golf. Office: Pierce 
Bldg. Eesidence: 5560 Waterman Ave. 

BOWES, David; see Vol. 1906. 

BOWIE, Edward Hall; see Vol. 1906. 

BOWMAN, Charles Albert, lumber; born" 
Carrollton, 111., Feb. 5, 1874; son of John A. 
and Angle (Black) Bowman; educated in pub- 
lic schools, graduating from high school in 
1890; married, Carlinville, 111., June 5, 1901, 
Myra May Parker. Began business career 
in the general merchandise store of L. F. 
Wheeler, Carrollton, 111., continuing, 1890- 
1900; came to St. Louis, 1900, and was with 
the South Arkansas Lumber Co., 1900-01; 
joined in organization, 1901, of Huie-Hodge 
Lumber Co., Limited, of which became vice 
president; now secretary South Arkansas Lum- 
ber Co. Member Order of Hoo Hoo. Office: 
FuUerton Bldg. Eesidence: 5228 Von Versen 

BOWMAN, Charles G.; see Vol. 1906. 

BOWMAN, D(avid) Arthur, investment 
banker; born, St. Louis, Dec. 29, 1881; son of 
Samuel and Ottilie ("Tillie") Bowman; edu- 
cated St. Louis public and high schools and 
Western Military Academy (formerly known 
as the Wyman Institute), Upper Alton, 111.; 
unmarried. With firm of Wasserman, Bro. & 
Co., stock exchange brokers, 1898-1903; St. 
Louis representative of Farson, Leach & Co., 
New York and Chicago, 1903, until its dissolu- 
tion; conducted business in own name, 1906-11, 
since as D. Arthur Bowman & Co., dealers in 
highest type municipal and corporation bonds; 
member bondholders' protective committee 
Denver Irrigation Projects; was member com- 
mittee of eleven, 1912, on amendments to 
bring about formation of investment bankers' 
section in American Bankers' Association, re- 
sulting in highly important changes in sub- 
mission of investment securities to the gen- 
eral public. Was for two years financial editor 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch and correspondent for 
various financial publications. Jewish religion. 
Member Economic Association. Clubs: City, 
Public Question, Amateur Athletic Associa- 
tion, Westwood Country. Eecreation: golf. 
Office: Third National Bank Bldg. Eesidence: 
4617 Westminster Place. 

BOWMAN, Joel William, real estate; born, 
Cincinnati, Nov. 12, 1851; son of Henry All- 
ward and Margaret Ann (Sands) Bowman; 
educated in public schools of St. Louis; mar- 
ried, Chillicothe, Livingston Co., Mo., May 27, 
1874, Marguerite Pepper (now deceased); 
children: Mrs. Olive Belle Shearer, Henry 
Paris Bowman; married, 2d, July, 1906, Miss 
M. E. Snell (now deceased). Entered employ 



of Ihiitod Htatos Express Co. at age of four- 
toeu and reinaiued there for several years; re- 
ceived appointment in U. S. postal service, in 
which continued until appointed examiner in 
Department of Justice, serving until 1SS5; 
with racific I'lxpress Co., at Wt. Louis, until 
1SS7; then in business for self at Omaha, 
Neb., until ]S90; resident vice i)resident and 
manager American Surety Co. of New York, 
1S90-1910; since in real estate business. Ke- 
jiublican. Methodist. Mason (32°), Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, 
Masonic. Oflice: Liggett Bldg. Residence: 
4341 Olivo St. 

BOWMAN, Samuel, real estate; born, Wes- 
ton, Mo., l\'l). 21, ISol; sou of David and 
Hannah Howman; educated in St. Louis pub- 
lic schools and attended night school in Jones 
Commercial College; marrieil, St. Louis, Dec. 
18, 1878, Tillie Sehiele; five children: D. Ar- 
thur, Edgar S., Mrs. Amy DeRoy (of Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.), Walter H. and Edith. Began act- 
ive career in real estate business, 18G6, with 
the firm of Barlow, Valle &- Bush; became a 
member of the firm of Isidor Bush & Co., 
growers and dealers in native wines, 1870; 
organized the firm of Bowman & Bleyer in 
1877, and in 1882 organized the Bowman Dis- 
tilling Co.; reengaged in the real estate busi- 
ness in 1887, establishing the present firm of 
Samuel Bowman & Co.; now president of the 
Bowman Real Estate & Investment Co.; secre- 
tary and treasurer Automatic Ticket Selling 
& Cash Register Co. Chairman of the lighting 
committee of the Real Estate Exchange, or- 
ganized for the improvement of the downtown 
lighting system, resulting in the brilliant illu- 
mination of the downtown district of St. 
Louis. Vice president and executive officer of 
the Progressive Downtown Improvement Asso- 
ciation. Promoted the erection of the West 
End Hotel, Norvell-Shapleigh Building at 4th 
St. and Washington Ave., the Ferguson-Mc- 
Kinney Dry Goods Co. 's building at 12th St. 
and Washington Ave., and other important 
buildings. Erecte<l the Bowman Building at 
11th and LoQUst Sts., the Fraternal Building, 
at 11th St. and Franklin Ave., the Bowman 
Model Block, at Jefferson St. and Eads Ave., 
and the Jefferson Block, at 1801-1809 S. Jef- 
ferson Ave. Independent Republican. Mem- 
ber of the Jewish faith. Director of the 
United Jewish Charities; trustee of the Na- 
tional Jewish Hospital for Consumptives at 
Denver, Colo.; secretary of the Laclede School 
Alumni Association. Member of the Missouri 
Historical Society; past president of District 
Grand Lodge No. 2, I. O. B. B. Clubs: City, 
Columbian, St. Louis Aero. Recreations: in- 
terested in literature, music, arts and travel. 
Office: Third National Bank Bldg. Residence: 
4617 Westminster Place. 

BOWN, William J, H., coffee and sugar 
broker; born, Pittsburgh, Pa., June 25, 1849; 

son of William T. and Mary Bown; educated 
in Pittsburgh public schools; married, Pitts- 
burgh, Feb. 13, 1871, Mary L. Bigby; chil- 
dren: Mrs. W. L. Ricker (of Chicago), Mrs. 
Guy P. Trulock, Walter T., IMabel P. (Mrs. 
S. J. Adams), William K. After leaving 
school was a reporter on the Pittsburgh Dis- 
patch for two years, then for ten j-ears mer- 
chandise broker at Wheeling, \V. Va.; came to 
St. Louis, 1880, and continued in same busi- 
ness until 1890; with Hanley & Kinsella Cof- 
fee & Spice Co., from 1890, being manager of 
coffee department, 1890-1901, elected secre- 
tary, 1901, vice president, from January, 1906, 
to January, 1911; since in coffee brokerage 
and sugar business on own account. Also di- 
rector Kirkwood Building Association, Kirk- 
wood Gymnasium and Hall Association. Sec- 
retary National Coffee Roasters' Traffic and 
Pure Food Association. Christian Scientist. 
^Member Kirkwood Lodge No. 484, A. F. & 
A. M. Recreation: golf. Office: 215 S. 7th St. 
Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

BOYCE, Anthony, real estate; born, St. 
Louis, Dec. 13, 1844; son of Patrick M. and 
Sarah M. (McLoone) Boyee; educated at 
parochial schools of St. Francis Xavier's, St. 
Patrick's, and old cathedral; unmarried. Be- 
gan business life as clerk for James S. Chew, 
secretary of the Board of Underwriters, con- 
tinuing ior three years; then for three years 
cashier with the Western Union Telegraph Co., 
four years with Chouteau, Harrison & Valle 
Iron Co., and ten years in tobacco manufac- 
turing business with brother Joseph, later 
dealing in tobacco manufacturers' supplies as 
Boyce Bros. In 1903 joined in organization of 
Boyce Bros. Realty Co., of which is vice presi- 
dent. Catholic. Democrat. Office: 19 S. Broad- 
way. Residence: 5812 Clemens Ave. 

BOYCE, John Patrick, real estate and mer- 
chandise broker; born, St. Louis, Mar. 12, 
1869; son of Joseph and Mary Elizabeth 
(Casey) Boyee; educated in parochial schools, 
then Franklin Institute preparatory to St. 
Louis University, to 1886; married, St. Louis, 
Apr. 4, 1893, Janet C. Fallen; children: John 
P., Jr., Janet E., Edmund J., Anthony, Claire 
N., Jerome M. Began business career in 1887, 
as messenger for the National Bank of Com- 
merce, and advanced in that service until was 
in charge of the clearing house department 
when left, Dec. 31, 1890; then was in business 
with father as firm of Boyce Bros., tobacco 
manufacturers' supplies, until 1902, when busi- 
ness was changed to realty and loans, organ- 
ized as Boyce Bros. Realty Co., of which is 
secretary and treasurer; also merchandise 
broker under own name. Democrat; commis- 
sioner of supplies for City of St. Louis, 1903- 
11 (appointed by Mayor Wells). Member St. 
Louis University Alumni Association, Bank 
Clerks' Association, Sons of Confederate Vet- 
erans. Catholic. Club: St. Louis Amateur 



Athletic Association. Recreations: launtiug, 
fishinu, liaseball, tennis, golf. Office: 3 9 S. 
Broaiiway. Residence: 4'AS9 Forest Park BouJ. 

BOYCE, Joseph, real estate; born, St. Louis, 
Apr. 4, 1841; son of Patrick M. and Sarah 
Monica (McLoone) Boyce; educated in St. 
Francis Xavier's, St. Patrick's and Cathedral 
parochial schools; took courses in bookkeeping 
and commercial law at Jones Commercial Col- 
lege; married, St. Louis, June 17, 1S6S, Mary 
Elizabeth Casey; children: John P., Sally M., 
Mary Frances (Mrs. Henry S. Kilbourne), 
Joseph A. Served through the four years of 
Civil War as captain Company D, (St. Louis 
Greys), 1st Missouri Confederate Infantry. 
Engaged in business as tobacco manufac- 
turer, 1866-1876; discontinued manufacturing 
and conducted the business of tobacco manu- 
facturers ' supplies, 1876-1902; since July, 1903, 
president of Boyce Bros. Realty Co. Member 
Real Estate Exchange, Civic League. Demo- 
crat. Was vice president of the City Council, 
1901-04. Catholic. Member Missouri Histor- 
ical Society, Confederate A'eterans; com- 
mander Military Order of the Blue and Gray; 
president and founder of the Veteran Volun- 
teer Firemen's Historical Society. Office: 19 
S. Broadway. Residence: 5812 Clemens Ave. 

BOYD, David Milton, treasurer T. B. Boyd 
Fumi.-hing Goods Co.; born, Indianapolis, Aug. 
1, 1878; son of Trustin Brown and Emily 
(Tousey) Boyd; entered Smith Academy, St. 
Louis, 1887, graduating, June, 1895; then Yale 
I'niversity, graduating with degree A.B., 1899; 
marrieil, East Orange, N. J., Dec. 5, 1906, 
Josephine Drake; two children: Josephine and 
Emily. Began business career at New Paltz, 
N. Y., August, 1900, as general superintendent 
New Paltz & Poughkeepsie Traction Co., until 
Mav, 1901; general manager Shore Line Ry., 
St. Johns, X."B., 1901-02; then removed to New- 
ark, N. J., engaged with Delaware, Lacka- 
wanna & Western R. R. for seven years; sec- 
retarv to vice president, 1902-04; contracting 
agent, 1904-06; division freight agent, 1906-09; 
with T. B. Boy<l Furnishing Goods Co., men's 
wearing apparel, since May 1, 1905, of which 
became secretary, treasurer and director. Presi- 
dent Kirkwood Civic League year ended May 
1, 1911. Republican. Methodist. Member 
Zeta Psi Fraternity. Clubs: (^ity, Algonquin 
Golf, Noonday. Recreation: golf. Ollice: Olive 
anil lith Sts. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

BOYD, Ingram Fletcher, men's furnishings; 
born. St. Lonis, :\Iay 17, 1880; son of Tnistin 
P.rown and Hniily (Tousey) Boyil; ('(jucated 
Smith Academy, 1890-95; graduatcl from the 
Lawrenceville (i)reparatory) School, Law- 
renceville, N. J., 1897; stuilent at Princeton 
Tniversity; married, Kirkwood, Mo., Oct. 27, 
190.'!, Louie Ray Brown. Secretary and treas- 
urer of the T. B. Boyd Furnishing Goods Co., 
1S99-1911, since then jiresidcnt. .Mendier Busi- 
ness Men 's League. Reipuldii-an. Episcopalian. 

Clubs: Mercantile, Algonquin, Noonday, Bel- 
lerive Country. Recreation: outdoor sports. 
Office: 520 Olive St. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

BOYD, James Edward, Jr., broker; see A'ol. 


BOYD, Trustin Brown, retired merchant; 
born, Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 25, 1853; son of 
D. ]\I. and Elizabeth (Brown) Boyd; educated 
in Indianapolis in public and private schools; 
married, Indianapolis, Sept. 20, 1876, Emily 
Tousey; children: David M., Ingram F. Began 
as clerk in freight department "Big Four" 
railway system in Indianapolis, about 1873; 
was made cashier of the road in 1875; moved 
to St. Louis in fall of 1879; bought half in- 
terest in firm of Wilson Bros., dealers in men 's 
wearing apparel. Enlarged the business and 
purchased the entire interest in 1884, chang- 
ing to title of T. B. Boyd Furnishing Goods 
Co. Served two years as president of the St. 
Louis Exposition. Member Civic League. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Clubs: Mercantile, Maine 
Hunting and Fishing, Algonquin Country^ 
Bellerive Country. Recreations: golf and trav- 
el. Office: 514-516 Olive St. Residence: Wood- 

BOYD, William Goddin, stock broker; born, 
Richmond, Ky., June 22, 1853; son of Williani 
Washington and Sophie Rebecca (Goddin) 
Boyd ; educated at Kentucky University, Lex- 
ington, Ky. ; married, Dec. 15, 1875, Hallie, 
daughter of John B. Francis, formerly of Lex- 
ington, Ky. (she died Dee. 30, 1893) ; chil- 
dren: Sydney Frances (Mrs. Joseph Dickson, 
Jr.), EliVa (Mrs. J. Bissell), Ware, Sophie Re- 
becca (Mrs. Clifford Day), Boyd; married, 2d, 
Lexington, Ky., Nov. 27, 1897^ Mrs. Slaughter 
Bassett. Engaged in business as stock broker 
since 1882; treasurer D. R. Francis & Brother 
Commission Co., 1883-1901; since January, 
1901, vice president and treasurer Brown 
Bond and Stock Co. President Merchants' Ex- 
change, 1894; vice president Business Men's 
League, 1895-96. Member Kentucky Militia 
three years, in Lexington Guards. Republican. 
Deacon of Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church. 
Member Sons of Revolution. Club: Mercan- 
tile (president, 1897). Office: 400 N. 4th St. 
Residence: 43 Kingsbury PI. 

BOYLE, Richard Allen, real estate; born, 
I'aris, 111., Xov. IS, 1S69; son of John and 
Jennie (Looney) Boyle; educated in St. Louis 
]iublic schools and ]\ranual Training School; 
widower. Began business career as clerk in a 
bank at Sullivan, Ind., 1888, and after a year 
there went to the mining town of Pinos Altos 
in Southwestern New Mexico, where was en- 
gaged in mercantile pursuits two years; then 
came to St. Louis, 1891, and established in 
real estate business, in which has since con- 
tinued. Mendier of St. Lonis Real Estate 
l']x(diange. ^lendier First Christian Church. 
Club: Missouri Athletic. Favorite recreations; 


liuntiiiK and fisliiii>^-. Ollico: L'di) Li^^yvtt \'>\<\il. 
Ii'isiiicnic: 1'.") Lenox IMacc. 

BOYLE, Wilbur Fisk, lawvor; ]S4()-l!lll; 
sec V(il. l!ll)(). 

BOYNTON, Charles Douglas, lumliormaii, 
iiu'rcliaiit and real ostiitc owner; horn, Syca- 
more, 111., Au^^ JO, l.S(i2; son of Charles Oakes 
and Lucetta I'auline (Stark) Boynton; edu- 
cated puhiie scdiools of Sycamore, 111., Kacine 
Colleije, Haciiio, Wis., and Stevens Institute of 
Teclinoloyy, Ilobokeip, N. .T.; uiarried. Syca- 
more, IIl.,"^ Oft. 27, 1891, Cora Belle Farrar. 
Bej::an acti\ e career as cashier of the Bank of 
Arcadia, la., 1880; went to Mexico, ISSS, and 
soon afterwards to Austin, Nev.; cashier Bank 
of Austin, 18S!)-91; enj^ajied in mininji;, etc.; 
president First National Bank, of ('arroll, ia., 
1S()2; was actively identified with banking 
anil real estate until 1898; proprietor Boone 
Democrat, Boone, la., 1896 an<l 1897; manajrer 
Boynton Lumber Co., Cape Girardeau, Mo., 
l!H)U-0(j; oriianized the Boynton Land & Lum- 
ber Co., 1906, of which has since been presi- 
di>nt, the company maintaining offices at T?oyn- 
ton. Ark., and St. Louis; also director Inter- 
national Bank. Independent Democrat. jNlem- 
ber Al])ha Tau Omega college fraternity, B. P. 
(). Klks. (!lub: Mercantile. Recreations: hunt- 
ing, baseball and athletics. Office: 508 Se- 
curity BIdg. Residence: 44 Kingsbury Terrace. 

BEADBURY, Edgar Howard, vice president 
Bradbury Marlile Co.; born, Bangor, Me., 
July 5, 1S43; son of Simon P. and Mary A. 
(Cowen) Bradbury; educated in public schools 
of Bangor, Me.; married, Bangor, Me., 1870, 
Susan Hovey Trask; one son: Eben Trask 
liradbury. Learned trade of marble cutter in 
Elaine, and followed it at Bangor until 1870; 
then went to Chicago, and was secretary of 
the Gowen Marble Co., 1870-78; establishe<l 
wholesale marble business in St. Louis, 1878, 
as E. H. Bradbury Marble Co., incorporated, 
18SS, as Bradbury Mar])le Co., of which is vice 
]iresident. President St. Louis Tile and Man- 
tle Dealers' Association, St. Louis Marbl(> 
I'ealers' Association; member Master Build- 
ers' Fxchange. Republican. Congregational- 
ist. Member Tuscan Lodge, A. F. &. A. M. 
Recreation: church work. Office: 1229 S. 2(1 
St. Residence: 6143 "Westminster Place. 

-BRADFIELD, William D., cleruvman; now 
in Little Ruck. Ark.; see Vol. 1906." 

BRADFORD, Robert Elisha, casualty insur- 
ance, and manufactnrini) ; horn, Troujie, Tex., 
Sept. 13, 1S61; son of William A. and Mary E. 
(Tarbutton) Bradford; educated in Texas 
schools; married, Huntsville, Tex., Ella Cox 
(now deceased); one son: Frank Cox; married, 
2d. 1910, :Mary Catherine Scott, of Galena, 111., 
•^ister of the late .Tas. Scott, of the Record- 
Ilerahl, Chicago. In railroad department of 
accident insurance since 1886; district mana- 
ger for the Continental Casualty Co. of Chi- 

cago, since 1901. President Cont inciitnl Power 
|)e\t'lo|)meiit <'o., a water|iower plant located 
(in the \iangua Hi\er in Camden Co., Mo. Mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias. Clul): Missouri Ath- 
letic. Recreations: fishing and hunting. Oflice: 
<'entury BIdg. Residence: 4949 Washington 
I '>(iul('\ ard. 

BRADLEY, Arthur Harry, physician and 
surgeon; born, Clinton, Mo., Dec. 1(5, 18(i9; son 
of .lames R. and Martha Bradley; educated in 
public schools of Henry and Phelps counties, 
Mo.; ]\Iissouri State Normal School, Warrens- 
burg, Mo., 1889-90; Missouri State University, 
Columbia, Mo., 1890-91; Marion-Sims College 
of Medicine, 1891-92, M.D., 1892; Barnes Med- 
ical College, 1892-93, Berlitz School of Lan- 
guages, 1903; post-graduate studies Vienna, 
Berlin and Paris; married, St. Louis, June 5, 
1902, Gertrude M. May. In practice since 
1892; first assistaiit surgeon St. Louis Female 
Hospital, 1892; lecturer on diseases of women, 
Barnes Medical College, 1.S94-1900; now pro- 
fessor hygiene and sanitary science, Barnes 
I'niversity; clinician department nose, throat 
and ear, St. Louis Baptist Hospital. Member 
American Medical Association, Missouri State 
Medical Association, St. Louis Medical Socie- 
ty; life member American Medical Associa- 
tion of Vienna, Austria. Republican. Member 
Christian (Disciples) Church. ]\Iason; memjjer 
Knights of Pythias. Recreation: traveling. 
Office: 620 Metropolitan BIdg. Residence: 
3714 W. Pine Boul. 

BRADLEY, Charles Capelle, architect, and 
real estate business; born, St. Louis, Oct. 13, 
1881; son of Charles E. and Elizabeth (Ca- 
]ielle) Bradley; educated in St. Louis public 
schools and Smith Academy; married, St. 
Louis, Aug. 6, 1904, Helen Louise Streeter; 
children: Chas. C, Jr., Helen A. Began as of- 
fice boy in real estate office of Bradley «S: 
Quinette, March, 1898; continued with that 
firm until Mar. 1, 1904, when established in 
real estate business for self; president Brad- 
ley Real Estate Co. since Nov. 1, 1903; also 
l>ractices architecture. Office: 806 Chestnut St. 
Residence: Glen K(dio Park, St. Louis Co. 

BRADLEY, Douglas; see Vol. 1906. 

^BRADLEY, Henry Stiles, clergyman; re- 
moved to Worcester, Mass.; see Vol. 1906. 

BRADY, Horace Learned, retired shoe man- 
ufacturer; born, St. Louis, .Tune 22, 1862; son 
of Horace D. and Susan Howe (Learned) 
Brady; educated in jniblic scdiools of St. 
Louis; unmarried. Began business career in 
187.'5 with Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co., with 
which remained, being office boy one year, 
shipping clerk three ye;irs, house salesman one 
year, traveling salesman seventeen years; 
elected a director in 1S9S, and from 1900-09 
secretary of the company; retired, 1909. Dem- 
ocrat. Club: Mercantile. Recreations: travel- 
ing and motoring. Residence: Jefferson Hotel. 


BEADY, Hugli Joseph, president St. Louis 
"Weighing Co.; born, St. Louis, Oct. 17, 1851; 
son of Bernard and Catherine Brady; educat- 
ed St. Patrick's (parochial) School, and North 
St. Louis Institute until fourteen; married, St. 
Louis, Aug. 10, 1873, .Tennie Annis; nine chil- 
dren: May (Mrs. H. M. Noel), Jennie (wife of 
Arthur Helbig), A'iola, Leroy A., Agnes (Mrs. 
James A^'ettus), Alma (Mrs. William Camp- 
bell), Alice, Grace, Hugh J., Jr. Began active 
career in employ mailing dejiartment St. Louis 
Times, 1865, continuing until elected to state 
legislature, 1878; member House of Eepre- 
sentatives three terms, 1879-85; became buyer 
for St. Louis Elevator Co., 1885; associated 
with Edward J. McGroarty, as Brady & Mc- 
Groarty, hay and feed, 1889, the business de- 
veloping into the St. Louis Weighing Co., of 
which is president. Member Merchants' Ex- 
change. Democrat; chairman Democratic Cen- 
tral Committee, 1894-98; election commission- 
er, 1897-1900. Office: 122 Tyler Ave. Eesi- 
dence: 5008 Vernon Ave. 

BRADY, Jules M., physician; born, St. 
Louis, Nov. 18, 1876; son of Bernard S. and 
Mary (Musiek) Brady; educated Christian 
Brothers College, St. Louis; M.D., St. Louis 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1898; B.S., 
St. Louis University; post-graduate student 
University of Vienna, Austria, 1902-04; un- 
married. Interne St. Louis City Hospital, 
1898-99, St. Louis Female Hospital, 1899- 
1900; physician City Infirmary, 1900-02; in- 
structor in pathology, St. Louis University, 
1902-04; professor pathology, St. Louis Dental 
College, 1904-06; assistant professor diseases 
of children, St. Louis University, since 1908; 
attending pediatrician, St. Louis Infant Asy- 
lum, since 1906. Eoman Catholic. Member 
American Medical Association, St. Louis Med- 
ical Society, St. Louis Pediatric Society, City 
Hospital Alumni Medical Society, Anglo-Aus- 
trian Medical Society, Phi Chi Fraternity (St. 
Louis T^niversity), Knights of Columbus. Of- 
fice and Residence : 1467 Union Boul. 

BEADY, Stephen J., clergyman; born, 
Cavan, Ireland, Sept. 17, 1870; son of Edward 
and Rose (Brady) Brady; completed classical 
studies at St. Patrick's College, Cavan; theo- 
logical course, St. Patrick's Seminary, Carlow, 
graduating, 1896. Ordained priest in Kenrick 
Seminary, St. Louis, Dec. 19, 1896 (came to 
America same year) ; assistant to Rev. Wil- 
liam Walsh, St. Bridget's Church, St. Louis, 
1896-98; in charge of parish at Troy, Mo., 
1898-1900; then assistant to Father Timothy 
Dempscv, of St. Patrick's Church, St. Louis, 
1900-03;' pastor at St. Patrick, Mo., 1903-07; 
irremovable pastor St. John's Church, since 
October, 1907. Member Knights of Columbus. 
Recreations: architecture, archa-ology, athletic 
games. Residence: 1519 Chestnut St. 

*BEAGDON, Walter Lyman, thread; moved 
to New York; sec Vol. 1906. 

BEANCH, Joseph Clark, saw manufacturer; 
born, St. Louis, July 16, 1860; son of Joseph 
W. and Annie (Clark) Branch; educated at 
Old Clay School, St. Louis, then two years at 
Lane's Seminary, Doncaster, Yorkshire, Eng., 
and later about two years at Washington 
University; married, St. Louis, Feb. 16, 1886, 
Emma C. Boehmer; children: Bertha L. (Mrs. 
W. L. Schroeder), Joseph C, Jr. At seventeen 
years of age apprenticed to Branch, Crookes 
& Co., to learn saw-making; traveled for same 
company a few years ancl made office manager. 
Firm was suceeed'ed by Brauch-Crookes Saw 
Co., of which was elected vice president and 
secretary; company in 1897 became Branch 
Saw Co., of which was vice president and sec- 
retary until 1903, when, upon the death of 
President Joseph W. Branch, was elected pres- 
ident. Republican. Private in Branch Guards, 
Co. G, First Regiment, Missouri National 
Guard; commissioned second lieutenant, same 
company, June 27, 1884, captain and quarter- 
master, July 23, 1885; now second vice presi- 
dent Branch Guards Veteran Association. Ma- 
son; member Knights of Pythias, Royal Ar- 
canum, Knights of Honor, A. O. U. W. Epis- 
copalian. Favorite recreations: hunting and 
fishing. Office: 3000 N. Broadway. Residence: 
3955 Sherman Place. 

BEANCH, Joseph Gerald; see Vol. 1906. 

BEANCH, Lawrence O' Bryan, president 
W^hite-Branch-Shelton Hat Co.; born, Colum- 
bia, Tenn., Mar. 25, 1865; son of Joseph Ger- 
ald and Mary Jones (Polk) Branch; educated 
at private school. Trinity, Ala., and Univer- 
sity of Tennessee; unmarried. Came to St. 
Louis from Columbia, Tenn., January, 1883, 
and entered employ of Simmons Hardware 
Co.; after four months gave up position to 
become connected with the firm of Goodbar, 
White & Co.; president White-Branch-Shelton 
Hat Co., since 1897. Member Business Men's 
League. Democrat. Episcopalian. An organ- 
izer and afterwards president Tennessee So- 
ciety of St. Louis. Appointed by Gov. Lou 
Stevens as member of his staff with rank of 
lieutenant colonel. Clubs: St. Louis, Glen Echo 
Country, Bellerive Country. Recreations: golf 
and hunting. Office: 1511-1515 Washington 
Ave. Residence: Buckingham Hotel. 

*BEANDENBERGEE, William Andrew, 
lands; moved to California; see Vol. 1906. 

BRANDEWEIDE, Leo E.; see Vol. 1906. 

BEANDT, John Lincoln,' clerg-v^man; born, 
Somerset, Perry Co., O., Oct. 26, 1860; son of 
Isaac and Elizabeth (Loveberry) Brandt; edu- 
cated in high school, Somerset, and Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; married, Indianapolis, Dec. 25, 1882, 
Nina E. Marquis (died May 7, 1907); chil- 
dren: Marquis Freeman, Nina Virginia, John 
Richie; married, 2d, Grace Lee Crutcher; 
one child: Bonnie Belle. Ordained to ministry 
Christian (Disciples) Church, February, 1884; 
has served in various pastorates, and been an 



extensive foreign traveler and contributor to 
magazines, etc.; now pastor First Christian 
Church of St. Louis. President Page and 
Union Realty Co., London Realty Co., Brandt- 
Folk Realty Co. Mason, Knight of Pythias, 
Maccabee, Modern Woodmen, Mutual Order of 
Protection. Member Actor's Church Alliance, 
Papyrus Club. Republican in National, inde- 
pendent in local politics. Author: Turning 
Points in Life; Marriage and Homo; The 
Lord's Supper; The False and the True; The 
Enfranchisement of Women; etc. Address: 
4528 Westminster Place. 

BRASHEAR, J. Roy, accountant; born, 

Stephensport, Ky., Oct. 26, 1877; son of James 
C. and Elizabeth (Hawkins) Brashear; edu- 
cated in common school at Stephensport to 
thirteen; married, St. Louis, Feb. 26, 1907, 
Elizabeth L. Reader; one son: Roy A. Began 
active career at Louisville, Ky., as messenger 
boy, continuing, 1891-94; platform checker 
for W. B. Belknap Hardware Co., 1895; as- 
sistant bookkeeper J. T. S. Brown & Sons, dis- 
tillers, 1896-1902; came to St. Louis, 1903, 
and now treasurer Trinidad Asphalt Manufac- 
turing Co.; secretary Heman Construction Co.; 
proprietor of the Brashear Drayage Co. Dem- 
ocrat. Christian Scientist. AVas for two years 
a member Kentucky State Militia. Member 
St. Louis Society of Accountants and Book- 
keepers, Lodge No. 9, B. P. O. Elks. Recrea- 
tion: hunting. OflSce: 4.36-444 S. Theresa Ave. 
Residence: 4808 A Washington Ave. 

BRAUER, Arthur John, president Brauer 
Bros. Manufacturing Co.; born, St. Louis, 
July 5, 1875; son of Theodore J. and Amelia 
(O'Keefe) Brauer; educated in public schools 
to 1891; Hayward's College, 1895-98; married, 
St. Louis, June 4, 1902, Harriett Gamble; 
three children: Porthos Sylvester (died Nov. 
29, 1910), Virginia May, Dorothy Jane (died 
Aug. 29, 1911). Founded firm of Brauer Bros., 
manufacturers leather sporting goods, Dec. 8, 
1898; purchased brother's interest, July, 1909, 
continuing business alone until Jan. 12, 1902; 
then incorporated and since president and 
treasurer Brauer Bros. Manufacturing Co.; 
president Indestructible Fan Blade Co.; di- 
rector Cinosam Catering Co.; treasurer St. 
Louis Kennel Supply Co.; speculator in real 
estate. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason. 
Club: Masonic (ex-president). Recreation: 
fishing. Office: 204 N. 14th St. Residence: 
5528 N. Market St. 

BRAUER, August George, dealer in stove 
repairs; born, Pittsburgh. Pa., May 20, 1857; 
son of Ernst E. and Beata (Rhinemann) 
Brauer; became a resident of St. Louis, 1865; 
educated in public schools and Walter Col- 
lege, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, 1882, Miss 
Lina Schmidt; six children: August E., Ella, 
Louisa, Walter, Oscar, Carrie. Began business 
as bookkeeper for M. & E. C. Curtis, foundry- 

men, 1879-83; since 1883 dealer in complete 
lines of repairs for stoves, and stove supplies. 
Member of Business ^fen 's League. Member 
of the Board of Education of Concordia Col- 
lege. Lutheran. Club: Mercantile. Recrea- 
tions: hunting and fishing. Office: 316-318 N. 
.•'.<! St. Kesideiice: 2421 S. 18th St. 

BRAUN, Adolf, president A. Braun Manu- 
facturing Co.; born in Germany, May 31, 
1855; son of Carl Theodore and Elise (Steep- 
ler) Braun; gymnasium education in Germany, 
then learned drug business, and after passing 
examination in 187.'i, came to United States; 
married, St. Louis, ^lay 16, 1883, Emma M. 
Forster (who died in 1902); children: Adolph, 
Jr. (secretarj' and treasurer A. Braun Manu- 
facturing Co.), Marquard F., Robert H., Ida 
H. Entered employ of Habicht & Co., pharma- 
cists, under the Southern Hotel, 1873, and 
after six years engaged in business as phar- 
macist for self, from 1880 until 1897; then 
joined in organization of Dodson-Braun Manu- 
facturing Co., manufacturers of pickles, pre- 
serves and grocers ' sundries, of which was 
secretary and treasurer until 1906, company 
being successors to Dodson-Hiis Manufactur- 
ing Co., estaltlished 1883; in 1906 organized 
the A. Braun Manufacturing Co., of which is 
president; also heavily interested in the Dod- 
son-Braun branch of the National Pickle and 
Canning Co. Secretary M. Forster Real Es- 
tate Co. Mendjer St. Louis Credit Men 's Asso- 
ciation. Evangelical Lutheran. Member Lie- 
derkranz, West St. Louis Turn Verein. Recrea- 
tion: traveling. Office: Clark Ave. and Com- 
mercial St. Residence: Royal Astor Apts. 

BRAUN, Henry John; see Vol. 1906. 

BRECHT, Frank Alexander von, manufac- 
turer of packers' and butchers' machinery 
and supplies; born, St. Louis, Nov. 30, 1875: 
son of Gustavus and Emilia von Breeht; grad- 
uated from St. Louis public schools and 
Toensfeldt's (private) Educational Institute: 
married, St. Louis, Feb. 18, 1903. Flavia Car- 
mela Lynch; children: Frank Lincoln. Flavia 
Delphine, Corwin Hamilton, Leyden Richard. 
.Janet Lueile. In 1890 entered business of the 
Breeht Co. (established by father, 1853), and 
as apprentice advanced through the different 
departments of the plant, ] 890-92; held cler- 
ical position in the office, 1892-93; manager of 
the Buenos Aires branch house, 1894-95; man- 
ager of Central Asiatic branch at Samarkand 
(Turkestan, Asiatic Russia), 1896-97; travel- 
ing from thence to Western China on the 
East, Afghanistan on the South and Southern 
Siberia on the North; manager of Hamburg 
house, 1897, traveling through Europe, Russia 
and Turkey; elected member board of direct- 
ors, 1898, and had charge of all three foreign 
branches, 1898-1902; since 1902 vice president 
of the company, manufacturers of machinery 
for abattoirs, packing houses and butchers, 



furnishiiifi- complete equipment for same, with 
branch houses at New York, Denver, San 
Francisco. Hamburg, Samarkand and Buenos 
' Aires. Eepublican. Protestant. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, Missouri Athletic, Glen Echo; also 
various fishing and hunting clubs. Eeerea- 
tions: hunting and fishing. OtSce: 12th St. 
and Cass Ave. Residence: Forest Eidge, t't. 
Louis Co. 

BRECHT, Gustavus Adolphus von, manu- 
facturer; born, St. Louis, Mar. 31, 1S69; son 
of Gustavus and Emilia (Reiuhardt) von 
Brecht; educated in public schools of St. Louis 
and various commercial colleges; married, 
Springfield, 111., Aug. 15, 190(5, Ethel Lucia 
Hull; three children: Gustavus Adolphus, Jr., 
Virginia Hull and Bourdon. After leaving 
school entered business which his father 
founded, 1853, passing through various depart- 
ments; upon incorporation of the company in 
18SS was elected vice president, which office 
he held until after his father's death, 1891, 
when he was elected president of the Brecht 
Co., manufacturers of equipment i^ertaining to 
the meat industry and its by-products; also 
importers and exporters of sausage casings. 
Director Merchants-Laclede Bank; also of the 
Share and Mortgage Co. Vice consul Argen- 
tine Republic. Eepublican. Protestant. Mem- 
ber Masonic Order, Knights Templar, Shrine. 
Clubs: St. Louis, Glen Echo, Mercantile, Mis- 
souri Athletic. Office: 12th St. and Cass Ave. 
Residence: 4414 W. Pine St. 

BRECK, Daniel, civil engineer; born in 
Madison Co., Ky., July 27, 1863; son of Rev. 
Robert L. and Martha (Eodes) Breck; edu- 
cated in Central University, Danville, Ky., 
class of 1882; post-graduate work at Univer- 
sity of California; married, Oct. 14, 1907, Miss 
Frances Alina Fishback, of Glasgow, Ky.; 
one child: Frances Sarah. Began professional 
career in service of the United States Geodet- 
ic Survey, in Colorado Mountain Survey, 
1883-85; engineer on Pacific Coast Ev. in 
California, 1886-87; with Louisville & Nash- 
ville R. R., 1887-88; Oregon Railway & Navi- 
gation Co., 1888, as locating and contructing 
engineer, with headquarters at Coos City, 
Ore.; returned to Louisville & Nashville R. R., 
1889, and successively division engineer, road- 
master, clerk in the president 's office, and 
ili vision su])erintendent until 1899; manager 
of plant, Tennessee Phosphate Co., Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Tenn., 1900; general superintendent St. 
Louis Terminal Ry., 1901, and as chief engi- 
neer designcil and executed the changes of 
that system to accommodate World's Fair 
• nnditions; since June, 1905, consulting engi- 
neer and vice president of the Seldon-Breck 
Construction Co., general contractors and en- 
uineers. Trustee Walters PreiJaratorj' School, 
Richmoml, Ky. Memljer Engineering Associa- 
tion of the South, Engineers" and Architects' 
Club of Louisville, Ky. Presbjterian. Mason. 

Member Kentucky Society of Sons of Revolu- 
tion. Clubs: University, Bellerive Country, 
Memphis Country, Louisville Country, Log 
Cabin Hunting and Fishing, Kentucky Her- 
mitage. Favorite recreations: hunting, fishing 
and golf. Office: 1108-1112 Fullerton Bldg. 
Residence: 4448 Forest Park Boul. 

BRECK, David Todd, insurance; see Vol. 

BREED, Maurice Edwards, physician and 
surgeon; born, St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 15, 1875; 
son of Rev. David R. (D.D.) and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Kendall) Breed; educated in Chicago 
public and high schools; Northwestern Uni- 
versity, 1897; M.D., University of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1899; post-graduate student in Ger- 
many and Vienna, Austria, 1900-01; married, 
June 28, 1907, Elsie Harriet, daughter of Geo 
T. Coxhead; one son: David K. Contract sur^ 
geon during Spanish- American War; resident 
physician St. Christopher's Hospital for Chil- 
dren, Philadelphia, 1899; surgeon to Allegheny 
General Hospital, Allegheny City, Pa., 1899- 
19U0; since 1901 in general practice at St. 
Louis. Member St. Louis Medical Society. 
Presbyterian. Recreations: automobiling and 
photography. Office and Residence: 934 Ham- 
ilton Ave. 

BREITT, Fred Charles, real estate; born. St. 
Louis, Dec. 23, 1880; son of John B. and Flor- 
ence Frederica Breitt; educated Blair (public) 
School; graduated from Jones Commercial 
College; married, St. Louis, June 5, 1901, 
Lydia M. Sommers; two daughters: Constance 
Lydia, Florence Ida. Bookkeeper and collector 
for Malcolm & Macbeth, June 8, 1S97, to June 
8, 1903; took charge of renting and leasing 
department of the Holbrook-Blackwelder Real 
Estate Trust Co. June 9, 1903, and continued 
as manager of department. Member Board of 
Commissioners, Mullanphy Emigrant Relief 
Fuiid. Protestant. Member Irwin Lodge, No. 
121, A. F. & A. M., Bellefontaine Chapter, No. 
25, E. A. M.; also member Lodge No. .9, B. P. 
O. Elks, excelsior Council Legion of Honor, 
Zulema Lodge. No. 321, Knights of Pythias, 
North End Council Eoyal Arcanum, Eoyal 
League, Tower Grove Turn Verein. Club: Cen- 
turv Boat. Eecreations: fishing and baseball. 
Office: 812 Olive St. Eesidence: 3508 Hum- 
phrey St. 

BREMERMANN, Frederick, president St. 
Louis (ilass ;iiid (.^ueensware Co.; born, Bremen, 
Germanv. A])r. 24, 1852; son of Frederick and 
Gesine Bremermann; educated in Bremen La- 
teinische S(diule; married, St. Louis, Dec. 10, 
1s73. Mntliible .\. ^I^ver; children: Werner, 
Pauline (Mrs. Ealph E. Nutting), Else (Mrs. 
f-eortre L. Sto'-'u, New York). Left Bremen, 
September, 1868, for St. Louis; entered em- 
j)loy of Manning & Co., wholesale glass and 
crockerv. later Campbell, Jones & Co.; became 
one of the incorporators of the St. Louis Glass 
and Qweensware Co. in 1883; was elected sec- 



rctarv and troasurcr, ami so coiitiiiueil until 
Feb. 1(1. 1901', since iiresi<iiMit and troasuror of 
tilt' comiiany. rnitaiian. Clubs: Union, Nor- 
iiianilic <loif. HocrcatioM: golf. Ollice: (iliO 
Market St. Kesideiice: '.V2 Xifdiolson Place. 

BRENER, Samuel M.; see Vol. 190(). 

BRENNAN, James Louis, merchant tailor; 
bom. \ ali'araiso, Ind., Aufj. 1, 18(50; son of 
Joseph P. and Catherine (Garvey) Hrennan; 
educated in public schools and St. Bonaven- 
ture's Lvceum, both at Terre Haute, Ind.; 
married, 'St. Louis, Oet. 28, 1897, Henrietta 
Phillips. Learned tailorinjj; business and has 
been actively engajied at it for thirty years; 
resident of St. Louis twenty years; estab- 
lished, ^lar. 1, 1903, the business which now 
conducts on own account. Democrat. Catholic. 
Club: City. Kecreation: baseball. Office: 509 
\'ictoria Bldjj. Kesidence: 5 E. Jackson Koad, 
^\'cl)sttM• (Iroxes. 

BRENNAN, J. WaUace; see Vol. 190G. 

BRENNAN, Martin S., Catholic priest; 
liorn, St. Louis, .luly 2.''., 1S4."); son of William 
<'. and ^largaret (^liackett) Brennan; educat- 
ed at Christian Brothers College, St. Louis, 
receiving degrees of A.B., 18(55, A.M., 18(59, 
Sc.l)., 189(5. Ordained priest of Roman Cath- 
olic Church, 1S159; since Jan. 1, 1892, pastor 
St. Lawrence O 'Toole Parish, St. Louis. Pro- 
fessor of astronomj' and geology in Kendriek 
Seminary, St. Louis, since 1892. Member of 
British Astronomical Association, Astronom- 
ical Society of the Pacific, Astronomical and 
Astroi>hysical Society of America, St. Louis 
Aca<lemy of Science. Author: Electricity and 
its Uisco\erers; What Catholics Have Done 
for Science; Astronomy, New and Old; 
Science of the Bible. Lectures on science at 
the Catholic summer and winter schools of 
America. Contrilmtor of scientific articles to 
magazines. Address: (530-1 Minnesota Ave. 

BRENNEKE, William George, consulting 
enijinciM-; boiii. St. Louis. July L!, 1870; son 
of William and Caroline (Schenck) Brenneke; 
graduated from Manual Training School, St. 
Louis, 1887, Washington TTniversitv, C.K., 
1892; married, Toledo, O., Sept. 15, 1897, Jes- 
samine May Eichards; one daughter: Alice 
Barbara. Engaged in general engineering prac- 
tice since 1892, and since 1899, with E. B. Fay, 
under firm name of Brenneke & Fay, ]iractic- 
ing as consulting engineers, with a specialty in 
designing and superintending construction of 
bridges, railroads, mill liuildings, foundations, 
etc. ('onsulting engineers to St. Louis South- 
western Ry. Co. (built bridge over Arkansas 
River at Rob Roy, Ark.), Chicago, Peoria tV: 
St. Louis Ry., Union Sand and Material Co., 
of St. Louis; also consulting engineers to J. W. 
Thomjison, railroad contractor, St. Louis; asso- 
ciate engineer with Boiler <li- Hodge on St. 
Louis Municii)al Bridge (active charge of its 
construction)- Among important works are 
the glass factories of A. Busch Glass Co., 

Belleville, 111., Johnston (ilass Co., Hartford 
City, Ind., N. Baltimore Bottle Co., Terre 
Haute, Ind., IMidland Glass Co., Independence, 
Kan.; also reconstruction of west and east 
ajiproaches of the Mer< hants" Bridge, and east 
approach of Ea<ls Bri<lge, 1902-03; designed 
subway for Terminal Railroad Association, 
Union Station, 1903, bridges for Terminal 
Railway Belt Line, 1902-03, Apalachicok 
Northern Ry., Apalachicola, Fla., 1905, plant 
of Wagner Electric Manufacturing Co., St. 
Louis, and many other manufacturing j)lants. 
^lember American Society of (^'ivil Engineers, 
Engineers' Club of St. Louis. Republican. 
C'lub: Mercantile. Recreations: motoring, 
baseball and whist. Office: 1200 Fullerton 
Bldg. Residence: 5967 Von Versen Ave. 

BRETSNYDER, Ferdinand Charles, president 
Bell Oil Co.; born, Chicago, Oct. 14, 1868; son 
of Balthazar and Eliza (Farber) Bretsnyder; 
educated in public schools of Chicago to age 
of fifteen ; married. Sturgeon Bay, Wis., July 
5, 1896, Mamie Kofoed; eight children: Mil- 
ilred, Nina, Alta (deceased), Marvel, Francis, 
Hazel, Ruilolph and Ferdinand, Jr. Engaged 
in engraving business in Chicago with brother 
William, 1883-90; then entered retail oil and 
coal business; sold out coal business, 1895, but 
continued sale of oil until 1903; removed to 
St. Louis and established retail oil business; 
incorporated, Mar. 25, 1905, Bell Oil Co., 
wholesale dealers in illuminating and lubricat- 
ing oils. Member St. Louis Creditmen 's Asso- 
ciation, St. Louis Salesmanagers ' Association, 
JNIotor Accessory Association; organizer anil 
member Independent Petroleum Market Asso- 
ciation of United States. Independent Repub- 
lican and formerly an active worker for the 
jiarty. Was candidate for alderman while in 
Chicago, upon Municipal Ownership ticket 
headed by John P. Altgeld as candidate for 
mayor. Christian Scientist. Member Knights 
of Pythias, Order of Columbus Knights. Clubs: 
Rotary, St. Louis Automobile. Recreations: 
motoring and home diversions. Office: First 
Ferrv, Oak and Cornelia Sts. Residence: 1420 
E. dbear Ave. 

BRIBACH, Benno, jdivsician, deceased; see 
Vol. 1906. 

BRIBACH, Eugene, physician; born in Sax- 
ony, Germany, Feb. 23, 1855; son of Florence 
and Eleanor (Ruehling) Bribach; educated in 
gymnasium in Saxony; graduated from Beau- 
mont Hospital Medical College, St. Louis, 
:M.D., 1890; married, Highland, 111., 1882, Mar- 
gareth Ambuehl (now deceased); children: 
Eugene J., Leonora !M., Oscar N., Benno C. 
(deceased.) Came to St. Louis from Germany, 
1871; began business career as drug clerk in 
St. Louis, 1871; and w^as in drug business for 
self, 1879-89; then sobl out and attended col- 
lege. Since graduation in 1890, continuously 
engaged in general practice; house i>hysician, 



St. Mary's Infirmary, since 1890. Office and 
Residence: 364S S. Grand Ave. 

BRIDGE, Hudson Eliot, president Bridge & 
Beach Manufacturing Co., stoves and ranges; 
born, St. Louis, Apr. 4, 1S5S; son of Hudson 
E. and Helen Augusta (Holland) Bridge; edu- 
cated in Washington University, St. Louis; 
married, St. Louis, 1SS5, Helen Durkee: chil- 
dren, Lawrence Durkee, George Leighton, John 
Dwight, Marion. Has been actively identified 
■with the Bridge & Beach Manufacturing Co. 
since 1876, beginning as shipping clerk, then 
cashier, traveling salesman, etc., until 1901, 
when became president and treasurer of the 
company, manufacturers of the "Superior" 
stoves and ranges. (Business founded by fa- 
ther, Hudson E. Bridge, 1837, becoming Bridge 
& Bro., 1842, on admission of Harrison Bridge, 
who died 1850, Bridge & Beach, 1857, and in- 
corporated 1S70.) Director Bellefontaiue Ceme- 
tery Association. Member Civic League. En- 
dowed Bridge Memorial Library on father's 
old homestead site in Walpole, N. H. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: St. Louis, St. Louis Country, 
Commercial. Recreation: farming in New 
Hampshire. Office: 501 S. 1st St. Residence: 
23 Westmoreland Place. 

--BRIER, Robert Eniinet, manufacturer; 
moved to California; see Vol. 1906. 

BRIGGS, "Waldo, surgeon; born. Bowling 
Green, Ky., July 3, 1856; son of William 
Thompson and Anna (Stubbins) Briggs; M.D., 
Medical Department, University of Nashville, 
Tenn., 1S7C; married, St. Louis, April, 1906, 
Anita Blow Shipley. In practice in St. Louis 
since 1877, professor surgery Beaumont Med- 
ical College, 1895-98; professor surgery St. 
Louis College Physicians and Surgeons since 
1S98, and superintendent Jefferson Hospital; 
also president and dean St. Louis College Phy- 
sicians and Sui-geons. Member Knights of 
Pythias, etc. Recreations: hunting and fish- 
ing. Office: Marina Bldg., Grand and Lindell. 
Piosidence: 5409 Cabanne Ave. 

BRIGHAM, George French, Jr., general 
agent Chicago & Northwestern Ry. ; born, 
Fredonia, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1863; son of George 
French and Aurilla (Douglass) Brigham; re- 
moved with parents to Chicago, 111., 1865, and 
to Sharon, Wis., 1866; educated in public 
school of Sharon, Wis.; married, Kansas City, 
Mo., Jan. 14, 1891, Nellie Carrie, daughter of 
James N. Watkins, Kansas City; children: 
James Watkins, Aurilla Douglass, Godfrey 
Macdonald. Entered railway service at Shar- 
on (Wis.) Station, with Chicago & North- 
western Ry. Co., 1880, and remained with 
same road as clerk and cashier at Ishpeming, 
Mich., 1881-82, and as shipping clerk at iron 
ore docks, Escanaba, Mich., 18S3. With Amer- 
ican Express Co., Ishpeming, 1883-86; travel- 
ing freight agent, Nickel Plate Line, Chicago, 
1886-89; agent same road, City, 1889- 

93; contracting agent same road, Chicago, 111., 
1893-94; general agent Chicago & Northwest- 
ern Ry. Co. at St. Louis, since March 1894. 
Builder and owner of residence property on 
Blendon Place. Warden and treasurer of St. 
Augustine's Episcopal Church, St. Louis. 
Member of Ravenswood Lodge, A. F. & A. M., 
Northwestern Council, National Union, Chi- 
cago, American Association of Traveling Pas- 
senger Agents, Brigham Family Association. 
Republican. Member Business Men "s League. 
Clubs: Missouri Athletic, St. Louis Railway, 
City, The Traffic of St. Louis and St. Louis 
Fly and Bait Casting. Favorite recreations: 
yachting, fishing and horseback riding. Office: 
311 N. 9th St. Residence: 2101 Blendon Place. 
Summer Residence: Lake Delavan, Wis. 

BRIGHT, Charles William, proprietor Im- 
perial Laundry; born, Lynchburg, Va., Jan. 
21, 1849; son "of Edwin C. and Martha Ward 
(Bigbee) Bright; graduated from Jones Com- 
mercial College, 1869; married, Louisiana, Mo., 
Dec. 23, 1880, Alice M. Fagg; children: Kath- 
erine Ward, Medora Fagg and Isabel. Kept 
books for Tinsley, Bright & Co., Louisiana, Mo., 
1872-76; deputy U. S. internal revenue collect- 
or. Fourth district of Missouri, 1876-80; in 
mercantile business, 1880-88; bought the Im- 
perial Laundry, Aug. 19, 1889, and continues 
to conduct it as senior member of firm of C. 
W. Bright & Bros. Democrat. Office: 4701 
Delmar Boul. Residence: 409 Westgate Ave. 

BRINCKWIRTH, Louis, brewer, deceased; 
see Vol. 1906. 

BRININSTOOL, Joseph L.; see Vol. 1906. 

*BRINKER, Joseph, railway official; moved 
to Amarillo, Tex.; see Vol. 1906. 

BRINKMAN, Benjamin George, banker; 
born, St. Louis, Dec. 8, 1885; son of William 
F. and Mary (Wolden) Brinkman; educated 
St. Mary's Institute, Dayton, 0.; married, St. 
Louis, Sept. 1, 1909, Marie Doerr; one son, 
Jerome Doerr. Became identified with bank- 
ing business, 1905; elected as director Lafay- 
ette Bank Apr. 5, 1911; president Paragould 
Trust Co., Paragould, Ark., since May 1, 1911; 
vice president Park Circuit and Realty Co. 
since 1910. Catholic. Clubs: Century, Boat, 
Liederkranz. Recreations: hunting and fish- 
ing. Office: Lafayette Bank. Residence: 3641 
Flora Boul. 

BRINSMADE, Hobart, wholesale millinery; 
born, Trumbull, Conn., Nov. 20, 1845; son of 
Lewis and Elizabeth (Fairchild) Brinsmade; 
graduated from Stratford (Conn.) Academy 
and from Eastman Commercial College, Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y.; also took special course, under 
private tutors, preparatory to degree of civil 
engineer; married, Bridgeport, Conn., Jan. 3, 
1872; children: Roltert Bruce, Louis Lyon. 
Was principal of large graded schools in Con- 
necticut for three years previous to 1868; was 
in book business in Bridgeport, Conn., in part- 



nership with Into William B. Ilincks, under 
style of Brinsmade & Ilincks; sold out in 
1871, then became connected with the Howe 
Machine Co., first as jicneral agent in Western 
New York; general western agent, llowe Ma- 
chine Co., at St. Louis, from 1878 until the 
company went out of business in 1885; gen- 
eral European manager for AVheeler & Wilson 
Manufacturing Co., with headquarters in Lon- 
don, lS8.')-90; returned to St. Louis, 1891, join- 
ing wholesale millinery firm of D. II. King & 
Co., which became King-Brinsmade & Co., and 
in 1S9.J was incorporated as the King, Brins- 
made Mercantile Co., of which is president. 
Appointed police commissioner April, 1910, 
and reappointed April, 1911. Republican. 
Was eight years in Connecticut National 
Guard, and resigned in 1871 with rank of 
captain. Was resident commissioner of Lou- 
isiana Purchase Exposition for State of Con- 
necticnt. Member Business Men's League; 
secretary of jNIissouri Society of Colonial 
Wars, Sons of Revolution. Member Pilgrim 
Congregational Church; trustee Missouri Con- 
gregational Conference; director Y. INI. C. A. 
Clubs: Mercantile, Republican, Congregational. 
Recreations: reading, and has found an agree- 
able diversion in his duties as police commis- 
sioner. Office: 1701-1709 Washington Ave. 
Residence: 4429 Morgan St. 

BRITT, Thomas James, president Britt 
Printing & Publishing Co.; born, Hastings, 
Sussex, Eng., .Ian. 22, 1841; son of Thomas 
and Caroline (Earl) Britt; attended school in 
England; married, Bloomington, 111., Oct. 22, 
ISGl, Sarah I. Corliett, of Wolverhamjiton, 
Eng.; children: Thomas (died August, 1911), 
Mrs. Carrie L. Adams, Paul A., Karl R., Mrs. 
Edith Whitehill, Archer C, .Joseph C, Bryant 
H. Arrived in America, Dec. ;M, 1855; learned 
printer's trade and worked in Bloomington, 
Springfield, Peoria and Chicago; returned to 
St. Louis, 1874, and was employed in Repub- 
lican office, serving for twelve years as assist- 
ant foreman; was foreman of Post-Dispatch, 
1887-94, and of Star, 1S9(!; worked for Mirror, 
1S9(;-190;!; <)rganize(l tlie Britt Printing and 
Publishing Co., 1903, of which has since been 
president. Mason; Piaster St. Louis Lodge, 
1888, 1889, 1890. Office: 118 N. ;{d St. Resi- 
dence: in.") Arlington Ave. 

BRITTON, Frank Hamilton, railway offi- 
cial; born, Ovid, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1850; son 
Robert and ]\Iary C. (Hamilton) Britton; edu- 
cated in pul)lic schools; married, Ravenna, O., 
March, 187.'^ Ida F. Freeman; children: Edna 
L. (Mrs. N. A. Waldron), Robert F., Roy F., 
Ida, Ada. Began railway service August, 
1868; was emploj'ed as operator, assistant 
train dispatcher and chief train dispatcher on 
various lines up to February, 1879; became 
master of trains, Louisville & Nashville R. R., 
February, 1879; sui)erinteudent of transporta- 
tion, Chesapeake, Ohio &^ Southwestern Ry., 

.Tune, 1882; superintendent of transportation, 
Baltimore & Ohio R. R., February, 188.3; su- 
perintendent same road, January, 1886; en- 
gaged in other service, February, 1892, to 
June, 189.3; superintendent Minnesota & Wis- 
consin Ry., June, 1893; superintendent Great 
Northern Ry., September, 1894; assistant gen- 
eral superintendent western district, same 
road, jMarcli, 1898; general superintendent St. 
Louis Southwestern By., June, 1899; elected 
vice president and general manager same 
road. Mar. 12, 1900, and president Apr. 22, 
1912, also general manager; also president St. 
Louis Southwestern Railway Co. of Texas; vice 
president and general manager of Paragould 
Southwestern Ry. and of Pine Bluff, Arkansas 
River Ry. ; president Southern Illinois and 
Missouri Bridge Co., Stephenville North & 
South Texas Ry. Mason (32°), Knight Tem- 
plar, Shriner. Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile, 
Noonday. Residence: 3671 Lindell Boul, Of- 
fice: 112 N. 4th St. (1551 Pierce Bldg.) 

BRITTON, Roy Frank, lawyer; born, Cleve- 
land, 0., Mar. 18, 1881; son of Frank Hamil- 
ton and Ida Frances (Freeman) Britton; edu- 
cated public schools and University of Michi- 
gan; LL.B. Law Department, University of 
[Michigan, 1902, LL.M., 1903; unmarried. Ad- 
mitted to Michigan bar, Jan. 21, 1902, and to 
Missouri bar, January, 1904; engaged in auto- 
mobile business with brother Robert F. Britton, 
as secretary and treasurer A. L. Dyke Auto- 
mobile Supply Co., the first concern of its 
kind in America, 1904-05; began practice of 
law, 1905; assistant general attorney St. Louis 
Southwestern Railway Co. (Cotton Belt 
Route) since 1906. Elected member Missouri 
House of Representatives from Second Dis- 
trict of St. Louis Co., 1910, and served on 
Judiciary, Roads and Highways and Clerical 
Force committees of the House in Forty-sixth 
General Assembly; secured passage of Motor 
Vehicle Act, 1907. Republican. Congregation- 
alist. Member American, Missouri and St. 
Louis Bar associations, American Automobile 
Association (director), Sons of Revolution. 
Mason; member Tuscan Lodge No. 360, A. F. 
& A. M.; St. Louis Chapter No. 8, Royal Arch 
Masons; Ascalon Commandery, Knights Tem- 
])lar; also member St. Louis Lodge No. 9, B. 
P. O. Elks. Secretary and treasurer, 1906-07, 
vice president, 1910-11, president, 1911-12, Au- 
tomobile Club of St. Louis; other clubs: St. 
Louis and City. Office: 1527 Pierce Bldg. Res- 
idence: 3671 Lindell Boul. Country Residence: 
Oakland, near Kirkwood, Mo. 

BROCK, James Ellison, banker; born, Rich- 
mond, Ky., -Inly 4, 1862; son of John W. and 
Elizabeth J. (Ellison) Brock; attended Tran- 
sylvania University, Lexington, Ky. ; mar- 
ried, Paris, Ky., Sept. 28, 1896, Elizabeth Dun- 
can Trundle. Began business life as account- 
ant in Lexington, Ky. ; afterward instructor in 
Commercial College of Kentucky University;; 



in 8t. Louis as cashier of Southwestern dis- 
tributiuii office of the New Home Sewing Ma- 
chine Co., 1SS3-91; since May, 1891, with Mis- 
sissippi Valley Trust Co., of which is now 
secretary ancT director; also vice president 
Municipal Improvement Investment Co. of St. 
Louis. Democrat, ^lethodist (member of 
board of stewards of St. John's Methodist 
Episcopal Church, South). Scottish Rite Ma- 
son (32°), Knight Templar, Shriner. Member 
Kentucky Society of St. Louis, Civic League 
of St. Louis, Business Men's League of St. 
Louis (committee on banks and banking). 
Member Hospital Saturday and Sunday Asso- 
ciation of St. Louis, St. Louis Chapter of 
American Institute of Banking, American 
Academy of Political and Social Science, 
American Economic Association, National 
Geographic Society, National Conservation 
Association, National Municipal League, 
American Society for the Judicial Settlement 
of International' Disputes, National Citizens' 
League for the Promotion of a Sound Banking 
System. Academy of Science of St. Louis, 
AVashington University Association. Eecrea- 
tion: 2olf. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Bank- 
ers' (St. Louis), Glen Echo Country (ex-presi- 
dent, and chairman finance committee). Of- 
fice: Mississippi A'alley Trust Co., 4th and 
Pine Sts. Residences: 10 N. Kingshighway 
Boul., and Normandy, Mo. 

BROCKMAN, F. W., commission; born, 
Westphalia, Germany, June 10, 1849; sou of 
Casper H. and Wilhelmina (Pogenpohl) Brock- 
man; educated at St. Peter's German Evan- 
gelical School, 1859-63; married, St. Louis, 
Sept. 16, 1874, Mary E. Cook; children: Lydia 
(Mrs. Jean Reutlinger, Little Rock, Ark.), 
Lotta (Mrs. Harry Boswell, St. Louis), Elsah 
(Mrs. F. L. Merrick, Seattle, Wash.), Irma 
(at home). Began business career as clerlv 
for Peter Smith, dealer in books and station- 
cry, April, 1863, to August, 1867; bookkeeper 
in"^ North St. Louis Savings Association, 1867- 
69, and for William Hake & Bros., commission 
and provisions, 1869-73. Partner in firm of 
A'ogelsang & Brockman, commission and pro- 
visions, 1873-76, and on its dissolution, March, 
1876, formed partnership with Fred C. Trauer- 
nicht as Brockman & Trauernicht, which was 
dissolved December, 1896, and succeeded by 
F. W. Brockman Commission Co., of which is 
president. Built present business premises, 
1901. Also president Elizabeth Investment Co. 
President Missouri Poultry and Game Co.; 
president for thirty years, Mt. Olive Building 
and Loan Association. Member, 1891-95, and 
president, 1893-94, St. Louis Board of Educa- 
tion. President St. Louis Produce Exchange, 
1907; St. Louis Butter, Egg and Poultry Ex- 
change, 1909. Mason; member Elks, Royal 
Arcanum, Knights of Honor, Royal League. 
Clubs: Mercantile, Missouri Athletic. Repub- 
lican. Congregationalist. Recreation: fishing. 

Office: 815-817 N. 4th St. Residence: 3-10 
N. Grand Ave. 

BROCKMANN, Frederick Philip, grain com- 
mission; 1869-1912; see Vol. 1906. 

BROCKMEIER, Frederick C, secretary 
Engelke & Feiner Milling Co.; born, St. Louis, 
June 11, 1862; son of Christian and Anna 
Brockmeier; educated in parochial schools at 
St. Louis; married, St. Louis, 1886, Emily 
Blickeudoerfer; children: Emily, Ella and 
Anna. After leaving school, engaged as clerk 
with various mercantile houses until 1884, 
when became connected with Engelke & 
Feiner, proprietors of the Southern Roller 
Mills, manufacturers of white corn products, 
and upon incorporation of the business in 
1895, as the Engelke & Feiner Milling Co., 
was elected to present position as secretary of 
the company. Member Merchants' Exchange. 
Independent in politics. Office: 816-820 S. 
Broadway. Residence: 3705 Market St. 

BROD, John Henry, Jr., manager and attor- 
nev Missouri Red Granite Monument Co.; 
born, St. Louis, Apr. 18, 1878; son of John H. 
and Rosa (Vogt) Brod; educated in public 
schools to fifteen; married, St. Louis, Oct. 23, 
1902, Helen Young; one child: Helen. Com- 
pleted apprenticeship of three years in hard- 
ware store of William Richardson, 1896; in 
charge of commercial department of Perkins 
& Herpel Commercial College, 1896-1900; sec- 
retary and treasurer Heman Construction Co., 
1900-02; became connected with the Schneider 
Granite Co., 1902, and is now manager and 
attorney for the firm; admitted to Missouri 
bar, February, 1902; organizer and president 
Missouri Red Granite Monument Co., May, 
1907, to 1911, when sold out his interests and 
has since been manager and attorney for the 
company'. Republican. Mason, Shriner. Rec- 
reation T motoring. Office: 2134 De Kalb St. 
Residence: 1321 Temple. 

BRODERICK, John C; see Vol. 1906. 
BRODERICK, John James, wire rope manu- 
facturer; born, Clare, Ireland, Dec. 29, 1846; 
son of Patrick and Ann (Duggan) Broderick; 
educated in classical course, St. Louis Univer- 
sity, A.B., class of 1862; married, St. Louis, 
Mav 8, 1878, Emilie C. Kern; children: John 
K. "(M.D.), M. Angela (Mrs. Edgar M. Jen- 
nings), Arthur L. Began business career in 
hardware house of Pratt, Fox & Co., later 
Avith the St. Louis Railway Supply Manufac- 
turing Co. In 1875 started in business for self 
as a manufacturer of wire rope and wnth 
partners incorporated the business in 1882 aa 
the Broderick & Bascom Rope Co., of which is 
]iresident. Member Merchants' Exchange. 
Office: 809 N. :Slain St. Residences: Bucking- 
ham Hotel and Glencoe, Mo. 

BROEMMELSIEK, John Frederick, label 
]iriiitor; l)orn in St. Louis Co., IMo., Jan. 18, 
1856; sou of Frederick and Francisca (Eberle) 



Broptmiiclsick; cliicatod in i.rivato scliools of 
St. I.ouis; inaniiMl, !St. Louis, Sept. L', JSSl, 
^liiiiiio Stt'iii; chil.lriMi: Florence (Mrs. Chas. 
n. Buss), Edgar W., Bertha B. Learno<l print- 
ing business in office of Central Christian Ad- 
vocate, continuing 1872-81; then went to work 
for E.F. Savior, druggists' printer; associated 
with J. J. Grauer and bought out Mr. Savior, 
1886; incorporated business as St. Louis' La- 
bel AVork-s, 1887, and is now president. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Recreation: fishing. Of- 
fice: .'lOli Moro-an St. Residence: Jennings, Mo. 
BROKAW, Augustus Van Liew, physician; 
deceased; see Vol. !!)()(). 

BROKAW, Frederick Van Liew, i)hvsician; 
deceased; see \'o!. 1 !>()(). 

BROKAW, Linn Roberts, lawyer; l)orn, St. 
Louis, July 31, 1S79; son of Frederick V. L. 
and Anna (Clotilda) Brokaw; graduated Cen- 
tral High School, St. Louis, 1S97; A.B., Prince- 
ton University, 1901; LL.B., Law Department, 
Washington University, 1903; married, St. 
Louis, Feb. .3, 1908, Alice C. Gleeson; two 
children: Alice G., Marion R. Admitted to 
Missouri bar, 1903, and since in practice at 
St. Louis; member firm of Ellerbe & Brokaw. 
Independent in politics. Presbyterian. Rec- 
reations: reading, billiards, fishing. Oflace: 
filO-6U Times Bldg. Residence: 6154 Wash- 
ington Ave. 

BROLETTI, Alessandro, Royal Italian con- 
sular agent; born, Bergamo, Italy, Feb. 29, 
1864; son of :Mauro and Elena (Meloncelli) 
Broletti; educated in private and public 
schools to 1876; entered Regio Instituto Tec- 
nieo, Bergamo, Italy, 1876, graduated 1879; 
commercial course Santa Maria Hilf College, 
Schwitz, Switzerland, 1880, graduating 1883; 
unmarried. Appointed secretary Royafltalian 
Consulate, Chicago, 1893, serving until 1910 
(several times entrusted with regency of the 
consulate); by decree of ministry foreign af- 
fairs, Rome, June 4, 1910 (and obtained from 
U. S. Government exequatur issued by De- 
partment of State, Washington, D. C.,"^ July 
30, 1910), appointed royal consular agent at 
St. Louis, with territorial jurisdiction tlirough- 
out Missouri and central and southern Illinois. 
Catholic. Recreations: music and theatre. Of- 
fice: 929 N. 7th St. 

BROMSCHWIG, Henry, tailors' trimmings; 
born, (ierniany, Aug. i, 1S37; educated in i)ub- 
lic scliools; married, St. Louis, May 1.5, 1872, 
Marie Sturwald; children: Joseph A., Edward 
H. (deceased), Angeline (Mrs. Charles A. 
Mueller), Marie (Mrs. Joseph Bockelmann). 
Began in tailors' trimming business in St. 
Louis as partner in firm of George F. Dieck- 
haus & Co., 1875, and in 1883 started business 
under firm name of Henry Bromschwig & Co.; 
firm name was (dianged, 1908, to Henry Brom- 
fudiwig Tailors' Trimmings Co., of which is 
president. Office: 3d floor, 611 X. Broadway. 
Residence: 2643 Park Ave. 

BRONSGEEST, Henry C, S.J.. ( atholic 
priest; burn, The llajiue, Netherlanijs. Apr. 17, 
1842; son of Leonard .T. C, and Theodora 
(Tetteroo) Bronsgeest; educated in Seminary 
of Bois le Due, St. Stanislaus Seminary, Flor- 
rissant. Mo., and Woodstock College, Mary- 
land. Entered Society of Jesus, 1868; or- 
dained to priesthood, 1868; since Sept. 29, 
1888, pastor of St. Francis Xavier (College) 
Church. Church: Grand Ave. and Lindell Boul. 
Residence: 3628 Lindell Boul. 

BROOKE, Abraham William, secretary and 
auditor American Refrigerator Transit Co.; 
born, Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 2, 1855; son 
of George and Anne (Homes) Brooke; re- 
moved to St. Louis, Juh^ 3, 1857, and was edu- 
cated in public schools; married, St. Louis, 
Apr. 2, 1877, Lucy Athalie Welles; eight 
children: Marie Grace (Mrs. Frank Y. Grubs), 
Rosa Josephine (Mrs. Wilbur G. Miles), Lucv 
Claire (Mrs. F. F. R. Hesse), Agnes Welles, 
Constance Griffin (Mrs. J. P. Finkenaur), 
Emilie Claire, Georgene Christy. Adrian 
Welles. Became connected with the account- 
ing department Missouri Pacific Ry., 1883; 
appointed auditor American Refrigerator 
Transit Co., 1889, and has also served as sec- 
retary same since June 1, 1903. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Office: 915 Olive St. Residence: 
3016 Shenandoah Ave. 

BROOKES, Henry Spence, physician; born, 
St. Louis; son of J (dm E. and Julia (Spence) 
Brookes; educated in St. Louis grammar and 
high schools; graduated from St. Louis College 
of Pharmacy, Ph. G., 1882. St. Louis Medical 
College, M.D., 1884; marrie<l, St. Louis, Mav 
13, 1886, Mary Louise, daughter of T. F. Prew- 
itt; children: Theodore Prewitt, Julia, Heurj'- 
Spence, Jr., Elizabeth. Katharine, .lean In- 
gram, Mary Louise. Engaged in general prac- 
tice of medicine in St. Louis since 1884. Lec- 
turer in Medical Department of Washington 
University. Memlier St. Louis Medical So- 
ciety, Missouri State Medical Association, 
American Medical Association. Presbyterian. 
Office and Residence: Lafayette and Grand 

BROOKES, Theodore Prewitt, i.hvsi.ian; 
born, St. Louis, Mar. 8, 1887; son of Henry S. . 
and Mary L. (Prewitt) Brookes; educated St. 
Ijouis ])ublic schools and Washington Univer- 
sity, degree of M.D., 1909; married. Gratiot 
Beach, Mich., Sept. 12, 1911, Agnes H. Greene; 
one child, Theodore P. In practice in St. 
Louis since 1909; interne City Hospital, 1909- 
10; resident assistant physician City Female 
Hosjutal, 1910-11; resident ])hysician, same, 
1911-12; assistant dispensary physician St. 
Louis Hos])ital Department. Presliyterian. 
Member Missouri State Medical Association, 
St. Louis Medical Society, Society of City 
Hospital Alumni. Recreation: tennis. Office 
and Residence: .'1557 Tjafayette Ave. 

BROOKES, Walter Stuart; see A'ol. 1906. 



BROOKINGS, Robert Somers, retired; born, 
Walnut Hills, Ceeil Co., Md., Jan. 22, 1850; 
son of Dr. Eichard and Mary (Carter) Brook- 
ings; educated at West Nottingham Academy, 
Maryland, A.M., Yale University, 1S99; LL.D., 
University of Missouri, 1903; unmarried. 
Came to St. Louis from Maryland, 1867, and 
entered employ of Cupples & Marston, as 
clerk; admitted as partner in 1S70, when firm 
name vras changed to Samuel Cupples & Co., 
and in 1SS2, "when business was incorjiorated 
as Samuel Cupples Wooden-Ware Co., became 
vice president and general manager; retired, 
1909. Vice president St. Louis Union Trust 
Co. Organized St. Louis Terminal Cupples Sta- 
tion and Property Co., and carried the con- 
struction of the depot and warehouse to suc- 
cessful completion; president board of trustees 
of Washington University since November, 
1895, and raised the fund necessary to pur- 
chase 100 acres of land, facing Forest Park, 
on which are erected the new college and 
scientific school; president St. Louis Choral 
Symphony Society, 1882-97; was also one of 
founders of St. Louis Music Hall and Exposi- 
tion Building. Ex-president and director Mer- 
cantile Library. Member Business Men's 
League. Clubs: St. Louis, L^niversity, Com- 
mercial, City, Racquet, Bellerive Country, St. 
Louis Country. Office: St. Louis Union Trust 
Co. Residence: "Homewood, " St. Louis, Mo. 

BROOKMIRE, James H., broker; born, St. 
Louis, Oct. 3, 1SG9; sou of James H. and Anna 
(Forbes) Brookmire; educated at Stoddard 
(public) School, Smith Academy and St. Louis 
Manual Training School, graduating 1887; 
married, St. Louis, Nov. 23, 1898, Anne Ken- 
nard; one son: S. K. Began business career 
in 1887, in wholesale grocery firm of Brook- 
mire & Ranken; member firm of James H. 
Brookmire & Co., 1890-93; secretary and later 
vice president and general manager of Curtis 
& Co., manufacturers of saws, etc., until 
March, 1904; St. Louis representative of Tracy 
& Co., brokers, of Chicago and New York, 
1904-06; since member Simon, Brookmire &: 
Clifford, members of the New York and St. 
Louis stock exchanges and Chicago Board of 
Trade. Member Business Men's League, Civic 
League. Rei)ul)lican. ^Methodist. Clubs: St. 
Louis, St. Louis Country, Noonday, Racquet, 
Citv. Recreations: outdoor diversions. Office: 
4th and Olive Sts. Residence: 4970 Berlin 

BROOKS, Arlington Rand, wholesale jew- 
elry merchant; l>orn, St. T>ouis, Apr. 20, 18G7; 
son of .John Campbell and Elizabeth Frances 
(Rand) Brooks; attended school at Lebanon, 
111., and St. Louis, Mo.; married, St. Louis, 
Jnne 11, 3904, Harriet Alice P.rown. Was with 
J. C. Brooks, wholesale jewelry, until Sept. ], 
3884, when A. R. and F. C. Brooks succeeded 
their father, as Brooks Bros. & Co., until Apr. 
1, 1892; withdrew to establish the Brooks 

Jewelry Co., which later, .June 25, 1898, in- 
corporated as the Brooks Optical Co. Was its 
president until Sept. 11, 1903, when sold in- 
terest and went into business on own account; 
on Jan. 1, 1904, consolidated business with 
that of I. Auer Jewelry Co. under style of 
Brooks-Auer Jewelry Co., now A. R. Brooks 
& Co., wholesale dealers in watches, jewelry 
and optical goods. Methodist. Office: Globe- 
Democrat Bldg. 

BROOKS, James William; see Vol. 1906. 

BROOKS, Orphred Henry, Jr., real estate; 
see A'ol. 1906. 

BROWN, Alanson David, president Hamil- 
ton-Brown Shoe Co.; born, Granville, N. Y., 
Mar. 21, 1847; son David and Malinda O. 
Brown; attended district school, Slyborough, 
N. Y., and three months at Lamsley's Com- 
mercial College, Rutland, Vt., 1864; married, 
Waltham, Mass., Jan. 17, 1877, Ella G. Bills; 
children: Estella G. (Mrs. W. F. McElroy), 
Jennie M. (Mrs. W. D. Collins), Alanson C, 
Helene C. (deceased), Vesta E., Euth. First 
work was on father 's farm, then in drug and 
grocery store, Granville, N. Y., for a little 
over one year. In July, 1866, went to Colum- 
bus, Miss., to work for uncle, Charles W. 
Brown; in three years became partner, and in 
two years more sold interest in business for 
113,000; came to St. Louis, 1872, met James 
M. Hamilton, and with him established shoe 
firm of Hamilton & Brown; in 1875 firm be- 
came Hamilton, Brown & Co., and in 1883 the 
Ijusiness was incorporated with $400,000 capi- 
tal, which has been increased from time to 
time until present capital is .$3,500,000, title 
of company being Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co., 
of which is president. Also president Pitch- 
fork Land and Cattle Co.; director Common- 
wealth Trust Co. Independent in politics. 
Member Business Men "s League, Civic League. 
Member and deacon Third Baptist Church; 
president Missouri Baptist Sanitarium. Clubs: 
Mercantile, Glen Echo Country. Recreations: 
golf and motoring. Office: 12th St. and Wash- 
ington Ave. Residence: 4616 Lindell Boul. 

BROWN, Alexander Hanks, stocks and 
bonds; born, Sherman, Tex., May 7, 1872; son 
of Charles Warren and Mollie (Hanks) 
Brown; educated in public schools, and Cap- 
tain Latellier's private school, Sherman; mar- 
ried, Arkadelphia, Ark., .Tune 7, 1901. Joan 
MacCallum (now deceased); children: Alex- 
ander, Jr., Courtney Conrades. Began business 
career as a boy in 1SS6 with the Brown Shoe 
Co. of St. Louis, serving through all the de- 
partments and ten years as traveling salesman 
until 1899, when health broke down and went 
to Europe for a year. Returned to St. Louis 
in fall of 1900, and organized the Brown Bond 
and Stock Co., of which has since been presi- 
dent. ^Member Merchants' Exchange and St. 
Louis Stock Exchange. Republican. Baptist. 
Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile. Recreations: 



pool, billiards, golf, horseback riding. OfTiee: 
400 N. 4th St. Resideiu'o: 42o3 W. Pine Boul. 

BROWN, Arthur August; see Vol. 1906. 

BROWN, Baxter Lament, civil onglnocr; 
lioru, Kush, X. Y., .Tunc 20, 1SG4; sun of .1. 
Douglas and Mary Eva (Green) lirown; edu- 
cated in public schools of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
married, Fredonia, Kan., Feb. 2(j, 1889, Cora 
E. Cowgill; children: Clarence C, Alice M. 
and Lee M. (twins). Porter H. Began profes- 
sional career as axeman and rodnian on sur- 
veys for proposed railroad in I'ennaylvania, 
]882; rodnian Annapolis & Baltimore Short 
Line E. K., 1S83; rodman and division engi- 
neer Ohio Eiver & Lake Erie E. E., 1884-85; 
division engineer Missouri Pacific E. E., 1886; 
assistant engineer and locating engineer Kan- 
sas City, Wyandotte & Northwestern E. E., 
1890; assistant engineer Sandusky & Colum- 
bus Short Line Ey., 1891-92; assistant engi- 
neer Toledo & Ohio Central E. E., ]893; assist- 
ant engineer Chicago, Faducah & INIemphis E. 
E., 1894-95; assistant engineer Shelbyville 
Southern E. E., 18.96; assistant engineer Kan- 
sas City, Pittsburg & Gulf E. E., 1897; locat- 
ing engineer St. Louis, Peoria &: Northern E. 
E., 1898-99; assistant engineer Wabash E. E., 
1899; assistant engineer, and assistant to chief 
engineer Missouri Pacific Ey., 1900; chief en- 
gineer St. Louis Valley Ey., 1901-03; assistant 
engineer Missouri Pacific Ey., 1904; from .Tan. 
T, 1905, in general practice as civil engineer, 
making a specialty of railroad construction 
and location. Member American Society of 
Civil Engineers, Engineers ' Club of St. Louis. 
Presbyterian. Mason. Eecreatious: athletics, 
baseball. Office: 610 Laclede Bldg. Eesidence: 
42.33 Cleveland Ave. 

BROWN, Charles Henry, manager premium 
department of Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.; 
born, California, Mo., Aug. 29, 1870; son of 
n. B. and Amanda (Miller) Brown; educated 
in jiublie schools of (California, Mo., and nor- 
mal school at IMoniteau, Mo. ; married, St. 
Louis, 1896, .Tennie N. Nicholson; children: 
I'.essie, Harold, Dorothy. Came to St. Louis, 
1893, and entered service of Drummond To- 
bacco Co.; when company sold out to Ameri- 
can Tobacco Co., became manager of advertis- 
ing and premium departments of latter organi- 
zation, now Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. On 
organization, T902, of the Florodora Tag Co., 
was elected secretary, and in 1905 became vice 
president and local manager. Eepublican. 
Active in bible school and church work among 
the Christian churches. Eecreation: farming. 
Office: 206 N. 14th St. Eesidence: Webster 
Groves, Mo. 

BROWN, Charles Swing, president Hall & 
Brown Wood Working Machine Co.; born. 
Brown's Mills, N. .T., Nov. 27, 1852; son of 
(leorge C. and Harriet (Swing) Brown; edu- 
oated in public schools; married, Pointville, 
N. J., Aug. 24, 1880, Sadie G. Warren; chil- 

dren: Lillian J. (wife of Dr. C. F. Pfingsten), 
Alfred W. Jjearned trade of machinist with 
IL B. Smith Machine Co., Smithville, K J., 
and continued, 1870-77, leaving as foreman; 
came to St, Louis, 1877, with G. O. Hall, and 
established firm of Hall & Brown, general 
manufacturers of woodworking machinery, in- 
corporating the business in 1888 as Hall & 
Brown Wood Working Machine Co., of which 
is president. Also president Broadway Sav- 
ings Trust Co., Parker Land and Live Stock 
Co. Member executive committee Business 
Men's League; director Citizens' Industrial 
Association; member executive council St. 
Louis Manufacturers' and Exporters' Asso- 
ciation; member Civic League. Member Union 
M. E. Church. Mason (32°). Clubs: Mercan- 
tile, Glen Echo. Eecreation: golf. Office: 1913 
N. Broadway. Eesidence: 2337 St. Louis Ave. 

Brown, Daniel Sidney, vice president Pio- 
neer Cooperage Co.; born, St. Louis, Nov. 15, 
18.54; son of William and Mary A. (Cox) 
Brown; educated public and high schools of 
St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Nov. 19, 1879, 
Dora Mather; children: Louella Bay (now 
Mrs. Ingram Boyd), George Mather, Sidney 
Mather, Marjorie, Dora. Has been identified 
with the Pioneer Cooperage Co. (of which his 
father was founder) ever since boyhood, and 
head of the St. Louis branch of the business 
since 1889. Eepublican. Episcopalian. Office: 
2212 DeKalb St. Eesidence: "Brownhurst," 
K^irkwood, Mo. 

BROWN, Eugene Le Vert, retired manufac- 
turer; born in Jell'erson Co., Ala., Jan. 22, 
1851; son of John T. and Catherine E. (Green) 
Brown; educated in private schools of Elyton, 
Ala., and Universitv of Alabama; married, 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., July 10, 1883, Annie F. 
Greene; one son: Eugene Le Vert Brown, Jr. 
Traveling salesman, 1868-83; secretary and 
treasurer Mansfield Drug Co., Memphis, 1882- 
92; president Southern Faint and Glass Co., 
Atlanta, Ga., 1893-97; president of the D. T. 
Weir White Lead Co., 1902-06, since retired. 
Methodist. Democrat. Mason, Knight Tem- 
plar. Eecreatious: hunting and fishing. Eesi- 
dence: 5545 Cabanne Ave. 

BROWN, George Marion, president General 
Eoofing jNIauufacturing Co.; born in Audrain 
Co., Mo., Sept. 24, 1866; son of James S. and 
Nancy (Oliver) Brown; educated in Missouri 
public schools and at U. S. Military Academy 
at West Point, N. Y., graduating in class of 
1890; married, June 16, 1892, Katharine, 
daughter of Judge and INIrs. D. D. Fisher of 
St. Louis, then resident at Fort Douglas, 
Utah; children: Daphne, Fisher. After grad- 
uation served as officer in U. S. Army, 1890- 
93; stationed among the Utc Indians, and at 
Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City, Utah, until re- 
signed, April, 1893. Since 1893 engaged as 
manufacturer of roofing materials; now presi- 
dent and manager of the General Eoofing 



^Manufacturing Co. of East St. Louis, 111., 
manufacturers of asphalt and coal tar prod- 
ucts, building and roofing papers, etc. Director 
Union Trust and Savings Co., East St. Louis. 
Member Business Men's League, National As- 
sociation of Manufacturers, Illinois Manufac- 
turers' Association. Republican. Member Pil- 
grim Congregational Church. Clubs: Bellerive 
Country; also Army and Navy (Washington, 
D. C), and Army and Navy, New York. Rec- 
reations: automobiling, golf. Owns and man- 
ages the Brown Farm, a noted stock farm in 
Audrain Co., near Mexico, Mo. Office: 17th 
St. and Southern Ry., East St. Louis. Resi- 
dence: 3658 W. Pine Boul. 

BROWN", George Warren, president The 
Brown Slioe Co. and pioneer shoe manufac- 
turer of St. Louis; born, Granville, N. Y., 
Mar. 21, 1853; son of David and Melinda 
(Roblee) Brown; educated in public schools 
of Granville, and at Bryant & Stratton Busi- 
ness College, Troy, N, Y., graduating 1872; 
married, St. Louis, Apr. 7, 1885, Bettie Bo- 
finger; two children: C. Hanbury Cooke and 
"Wilbur George. Began active career in St. 
Louis as shipping clerk for a wholesale shoe 
house, Maj' 1, 1873, and in ten months became 
traveling salesman for the firm, gaining a 
position as one of its leading men. Was great- 
ly imjiressed with the possibilities of St. Louis 
as a shoe manufacturing center and being un- 
able to induce his employers to attempt manu- 
facturing, decided to enter the field on his 
own account. Accordingly he resigned a lucra- 
tive position in November, 1878, and organ- 
ized the first successful wholesale shoe manu- 
facturing house of St. Louis under the name 
of the Bryan-Brown Shoe Co., now The Brown 
Shoe Co., of which has been the head from the 
time of organization. (The success of this pio- 
neer concern caused others to follow, and St. 
Louis in compai'atively a short time became 
the greatest shoe market [selling exclusively 
to retail dealers] in the United States.) Has 
been actively identified with many enterprises 
for the advancement of St. Louis and has 
served as director of Third National Bank; 
menil)er executive committee Business Men's 
League; ])resident Y. ]\r. C. A.; director Provi- 
dent Association and Methodist Deaconess' 
Association, etc. Independent Republican. 
Methodist. Clubs: St. Louis, St. Louis Coun- 
try, Noonday, Mercantile. Office: The Brown 
Shoe Co. Residence: 40 Portland Place. 

BROWN, George Wyckoff, commercial teach- 
ing; born, Fairview, Fulton Co., 111., .Jan. 29, 
1S45; son of Isaac and Ruth (Stout) Brown, 
botli natives of New .Jersey, tlie former liorn 
in 17!t4 and the latter in 1798; educated in 
jiublic schools of Fulton Co., 111.; Canton (111.) 
High School; Eastman's Business College, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., graduating, ISBli; mar- 
ried, Jacksonville, 111., .Jan. 2, 1872, Evelyn 
Hall Fairbank; three daughters: Mrs. Mabel 

Brown Waddell, of Jacksonville, Clara W., of 
Weaverville, N. C, and Mrs. Helen Brown 
Read, of Chemnitz, Germany. Teacher and 
principal, Jacksonville, 111., 1867-88; now 
president Brown's Business Colleges, consist- 
ing of twenty-nine schools. Also owner of a 
corn farm in Morgan Co., 111. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Member N. E. A., Business 
Educators' Association (president, 1889), Fed- 
eration of Commercial Teachers. Author and 
publisher of a number of texts on subjects of 
accounting, calculations, penmanship, etc. Rec- 
reation: fishing on East Coast of Florida. Of- 
fice: 8th and Pine Sts. Residences: Marquette 
Hotel, St. Louis, and Jacksonville, 111. 

BROWN, Isaac Newton, secretary Brown 
Machinery Co.; born, St. Louis, July 24, 1873; 
son of David Newton and Margaret (McCor- 
mick) Brown; educated in public schools and 
Haight 's Military Academj'; married, St. 
Louis, July 24, 1894, Josephine Carson; chil- 
dren: Helen, Mildred, David N., Henry C, 
Cathrine. Began business career in minor posi- 
tions with the David N. Brown Machinery Co. 
(established by father, 1877), advancing in 
the business; manager St. Louis branch of the 
Erie Engine Works, Erie, Pa., 1895-1900; in 
1900 reorganized the business of the David N. 
Brown Machinery Co., of which is secretary. 
Congregationalist. Mason. Club: Century Boat. 
Recreations: hunting and fishing. Office: 908 
N. Market St. Residence: 6649 Marquette 

BROWN, J. Bachman, vice president of 
Roth-Homeyer Coffee Co.; born, Lancaster 
Court House, S. C, Mar. 8, 1863; son of 
George H. and Ellen L. (Murray) Brown; 
educated in public schools of Atlanta, Ga. ; 
married, Cartersville, Ga., Feb. 17, 1882, .Julia 
G. Francis; children: Harry F., Leila D., Julia 
Alberta, Hayward. Began business career as 
clerk for father in china and glassware busi- 
ness, Atlanta, for six years; came to St. Louis 
in 1884 and was for one year with J. Wagoner, 
in pickle business; with Steinwender & Stoff- 
regen Coffee Co., as salesman, 1886-99; in 1899 
joined in organizing the Roth-Homeyer Coffee 
Co., importers of coffees, teas and spices, cof- 
fee roasters and spice grinders, of which is 
vice president. Also president Maple Build- 
ing Co. Democrat. Mason. Member and stew- 
ard Cabanne Avenue M. E. Church. Recrea- 
tions: fishing and hunting. Office: 601 N. 
]\raiii St. Residence: Hamilton Hotel. 

BROWN, Nahum Thompson, general agent 
American Express Co.; born in Otsego Co., 
N. Y., May, 1846; son of Sanford and Mary A. 
(Holbrook) Brown; educated in public and 
]irivate schools of Otsego Co., N. Y.; married, 
July, 18(i8, Clara A. Butler; married, 2d, Eayle 
Grove, la., August, 1901, Mary E. Correll; one 
daughter: Ethel L. After leaving school 
taught for nineteen years, beginning at eight- 
een, and was superintendent of schools for 



seven years at Cheri\\- X'allcy, X. '\'., ami coun- 
ty connnipsioner of schools tor Otscj^i) Co., 
St. Y., 1S72-7;'); later taujiht jjraded scliool at 
Huron. S. 1)., until the fall of 1884; started as 
messenger with American Express Co. on Chi- 
cajio & North-Western Ky., and became agent 
in Fargo, X. D., and Dulnth, Minn., then gen- 
eral state agent for Montana, afterward gen- 
eral agent at ^rinnea])olis, Minn., and at New 
Orleans, La.; thence to St. Jjouis as assistant 
superintendent, afterward general agent at 
Pittsburgh and at Cleveland, and since ^lay, 
1904, general agent at St. Louis. Kepublican. 
Episcopalian. ]\Iember New England Society, 
Provident Association. Mason. Club: Tkrercan- 
tile. Favorite recreation: driving. Oflicc: Dtli 
and T^oeust Sts. Residence: 4',i')i Maryland 

BROWN, Nathaniel Smith, hiwyev; liorn, 
Barry, 111.. Aug. -S, 1S72; son of .lames C. and 
Mary Sophia (Smith) Brown; educate<l in 
public schools, Barry, Til., Central College, 
Danville, Ind., A.B., 1898; ^lissouri State Tni- 
versity, LL.B., 1901; married, St. Eouis, Oct. 
7, ]90"5, Nora B. Gentry. Admitted to bar in 
1901, and since engaged in ]iractice of law in 
St. Louis. Assistant counsel Louisiana Pur- 
chase Exposition Co., 19(ll-0(); assistant attor- 
ney Wabash Railroad Co., 1907. ^Member of 
St. Louis and ^Missouri State Bar associations, 
Law Library Association. ]-iepul>lican. Oflice: 
1110 Title "Guaranty Bldg. Residence: 6224 
Washington Ave. 

BROWN, Orville Harry, physician; born, 
Sabetha, Kan., .luly 18, 1875; son of Edward 
I\[atthew and Sarah Katherine (Hull) Brown; 
graduated Sabetha High School, 1892; student 
Brown 's Business College, Kansas City, Mo., 
1895; Ottawa T'niversitv, 1897-99; University 
of Kansas, 1899-1902, A.B., 1901; University 
of Chicago and Rush Medical College. 1902-04, 
Ph.D., U'niversitv of Chicago, 1905; St. Louis 
University Medical School, 1904-05, ]\r.I)., 
1905; graduate work. Marine Biological Lab- 
oratory, Woods Hole, Mass., summers of 1902 
and 1905; medical work, Vienna and London, 
1906; married, Litchfield, 111., Oct. 16. ]90;5, 
Margaret Paisley; one daughter: Paisle}'. 
After graduating from T'niversity of Ivansas 
was retained as assistant in )>hysiology, 1901- 
02; went to University of Chicago fall'of 1892 
as fellow in physiology and was promoted to 
assistant in physiology, 190."); in fall of 1904 
was called to St. Louis University as assistant 
])rofessor of pharmacology; practiced in St. 
Louis, 1906, 1907; physician-iu-chicf ^fissouri 
State Sanatorium, 1907-09, and in 1908 was 
also made su)>erintendent of that institution; 
returjied to St. Louis, December, 19(19; now 
assistant jirofessor medicine, St. Ijouis Univer- 
sity; visiting jdiysician, St. Tjouis City Hos- 
pital and City Sanatorium. Independent Dem- 
ocrat. Baptist. First lieutenant. Medical Re- 
serve corps, U. S. A. Member American Med- 

ical Association, ]\[issouri State Meilical Asso- 
ciation, St. I.i0uis Medical Society, St. Louis 
liiological Society, American Association Bio- 
logical Chemists, Anti-Tuberculosis societies, 
etc. ]\reml)er Al]iha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa 
Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alpha Omega Alpha college 
fraternities. Joint editor Laboiatory Manual 
of Physiology. Extensive contributor on med- 
ical subjects. Office: Humboldt Bldg., Grand 
Ave. and Washington St. Residence: 3^1 1 
Westminster Place. 

BROWN, Orville Leroy, retired; born, Co- 
lumbus, ]\tiss.. Feb. Ki, 1861; son of Charles 
Warren and Ifenriettii (Eenet) Brown; edu- 
cated in free school, Sherman, Tex.; married, 
Galveston, Tex., Aug. 16, 1886, Sue Dee (irain- 
ger; two sons: Charles Conrad, Alanson David. 
Began active career on cow ranch in Texas, 
1875; cash l)oy for Schneider Bros., Sherman, 
Tex., 1878-80; stock clerk and salesman Ham- 
ilton-Brown Shoe Co., St. Louis, 1880-1901; 
sales manager for the Brown Shoe Co., 1901- 
06; vice president Granil Avenue Bank, 1907- 
09; retired from active business 1910; stock- 
holder Brown Shoe Co. and several St. Louis 
banks. Democrat. Baptist. Member Masonic 
Order. Clubs: Mercantile, Masonic. Recrea- 
tions: fishing and hunting. Office: 400 X'. 4th 
St. Residence: 5S()() Clemens Ave. 

BROWN, Paul; born, KI Dorado. Ark., Aug. 
20, 1848; son of Warner and ]\[artlia Ann 
(Spain) Brown; educated Missouri public 
schools and Warrenton College; married 
twice; children: Julia (I\rrs. George A. Rad- 
ford), Zelma (deceased), Georgie (Mrs. James 
Unruh), Robert, Xellie (Mrs.. Albert Keller), 
and Paul. Was engaged in business as tobac- 
conist in St. Louis for over thirty years; now 
member of Paul Brown & Co., stock brokers. 
First vice ]iresident ^[ercantile Trust Co.; di- 
rector Mercantile Xational Hank, Mechanics- 
American Xational Bank; president Conejo- 
Colorado ]\[ining Co., Missouri A'alley INlercan- 
tile Co., Marshall, Mo. IMember St. John's 
Methodist Church. Clubs: St. Louis, X'oonday. 
Recreations: farming (raising saddle horses), 
horseback-riding. Otlfice: Pierce Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 10 Washington Terrace. 

*BROWN, Paul, Jr., br(d<cr; nioveil to Cali- 
fornia; see \'ol. lOin;. 

BROWN, Paul Wintlirop, editor-in-charge 
the Rejiublic; born, Peru, Ind., 1870; son of 
Henry L. and Mary Osl)orne (Ballantme) 
Brown; privately educateil, receiving six 
weeks of school training since age of thirteen; 
married, Lyons, Kan., Aug. 14, 1894, Alma 
Johnston; (hildren: Hugh F., aged seventeen, 
and Neil W.. aged sixteen. Ordained to T'res- 
byterian ministry. 1892; editorial contributor 
to Kansas City Journal while assistant pastor 
(under Rev. Dr. Henry Hopkins) of First Con- 
gregational Church, Kansas City, 1898-99; re- 
signed from pastorate of First Congregational 



Church of iloliue, 111., to become special cor- 
respondent on waterways, Chicago Eecord- 
Herald, Jan. 1, 1909; became editorial writer 
St. Louis Kepublic, Mar. 17, 1909; editor-in- 
charge since May 5, 1912. Democrat. Member 
First Presbyterian Church. Clubs: City, Pub- 
lic Question", Artists' Guild. Recreations : row- 
ing, riding, mountain climbing. Office: Th'." 
Republic. Eesidence: 4414 Delmar Boul. 

BROWN, William Grayson, sales manager; 
born, Morris, 111., Nov. 5, 1S69; son of John 
and Ann Brown; educated in public and high 
schools of Morris; unmarried. Began business 
career in general agent's office, in Chicago, of 
Cotton Belt Railway Co.; removed to St. Louis 
two years later, and was three years in office 
of general traffic manager, same road; then 
two" years with the First National Bank of 
Little Rock, Ark.; started in the electrical con- 
struction and supply business, and was vice 
president Ewing-Merkle Electric Co., 1903-08, 
since general sales manager Continuous Frog 
and Crossing Co. Episcopalian. Mason. Club: 
Missouri Athletic. Office: 1408 Syndicate 
Trust Bldg. Residence: 4012 IMcPherson Ave. 
BEOWNINGr, Lawrence Aaron, ]nesident 
Western Anthracite Coal and Coke Co.; born, 
Benton, 111.. June 5, 1862; son of William 
Rilev and Lydia (Dry) Browning; educated 
Ewi'ns College, 111.; married, Marion, 111., Feb. 
17, 1SS7, Luella Baiubridge. Began as clerk 
in general store at Benton, 111., 1877; became 
traveling salesman for Dodd, Brown & Co., 
wholesale drv goods, St. Louis, 1882; with Ely 
& Walker Dry'Goods Co. as general salesman 
and director, "until 1994; vice president West- 
ern Anthracite Coal and Coke Co., St. Louis 
& O 'Fallon Railway Co., St. Louis & O 'Fallon 
Coke Co., 1904-08, "and since president of the 
three companies named; also vice president 
Central National Bank since its organization, 
1907. Democrat. Baptist. Member St. Louis 
Coal Traffic Bureau, Business Men's League. 
Clubs: Mercantile, Bankers', St. Louis Traffic. 
Recreation: European travel. Office: 316' Cen- 
tral National Bank Bldg. Residence: 43.38 W. 
Piuf Boul. 

BROWNLEE, William Addison, president 
Wilson Coal Co.; born, Benton, Franklin Co.. 
111., Sept. 2.5, 1877; son of Addison M. and 
Marv I. CCantrell) Brownlee; educated in pub- 
lic schools at Benton; married, Pinckneyville, 
111., Jan. 9, 1901, Viva M. Campbell. Was em- 
l)loyed in office of Benton Standard until six- 
teen vcars old; then in law oflice and after- 
war.rin the office of the chief grain inspector 
of Illinois, at Chicago; cashier of bank of 
Murphv, Wall & Co. from Aug. 1, 1899, to 
Aug. i, 1905, when becamo secretary and 
treasurer of the Bessemer Washed Coal Co.; 
.'ontinued until Jan. 1, 1909, when organized 
the Wilson T'oal Co., of which is ]iresident. 
:\rember of Order of Kokoal. ISfethodist. Fa- 
vorite recreations: baseball and motoring. Of- 

fice: 1407 Syndicate Trust Bldg. Residence: 
4220 Maryla'nd Ave. 

BROWNRIGG, Richard Thomas, lawyer; 
born, Columbus, Miss., x\ug. 23, 1865; son of 
John and Elizabeth (Yerger) Brownrigg; grad- 
uated from University of the South, Sewanee, 
Tenn., B.S., 1886; married. New York, Nov. 2, 
1901, Miss Helen Eeilly; one son: John. Ad- 
mitted to bar in 1887, and since continuously 
engaged in practice oi^ law; since Jan. 1, 1904, 
with William Mason, in firm of Brownrigg & 
Mason. Member Missouri State and St. Louis 
Bar associations, St. Louis Law Library Asso- 
ciation, Kappa Sigma fraternity. Club: Mer- 
cantile. Office: 1225, 705 Olive St. Residence: 
6254 Washington Ave. 

BRUECKMANN, George, cooperage; 1850- 
1910; see Vol. 1906. 

BRUECKMANN, John George, president 
Brueckmann Cooperage Co.; born, St. Louis, 
June 18, 1876; son of George and Elizabeth 
(Rohr) Brueckmann; educated in Lafayette 
(public) School to twelve, Toensfeldt Educa- 
tional Institute to fifteen, graduating, 1892; 
unmarried. Began active career, 1892, as of- 
fice boy with Picker & Beardsley, advancing 
as shipping clerk, cashier and confidential 
n:an, to 1906, then became connected with fa- 
ther in cooperage business, incorporated as 
the Brueckmann Cooperage Co., 1906; presi- 
<lent of company since death of father, 
1910. Republican. Protestant. Member Roj^al 
League, Royal Arcanum, Knights and Ladies 
of Honor, B. P. O. Elks. Member Missouri 
Manufacturing Association. Clubs: Missouri 
Athletic, Century Boat, Liederkranz, Amphion 
(director). Recreation: singing. Office: 2700 
Bismarck St. Residence: 3322 S. 9th St. 

BRUEGGEMAN, George Frederick Arthur, 
architect; born, St. Louis, May 8, 1873; son 
of George H. and Fredericka (Woerheide) 
Brueggeman; educated grammar and high 
schools, St. Louis; Ithaca High School, Ithaca, 
N. Y.; B.S. in architecture, Cornell Univer- 
sity, 1895; married, St. Louis, Dec. 9, 1905, 
Liilie Frances Mitchell. In practice in St. 
Louis since 1895; was connected with follow- 
ing firms before practicing independently: 
Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, Mauran, Russell & 
Garden, William B. Ittner, and Fames & 
Young. Member American Institute of Archi- 
tects, St. Louis Architectural Club, Beta Theta 
Pi, Alpha Zeta. Republican. Was captain Na- 
tional Guard of Missouri, 1897; served in 
Spanish-American War as captain Co. A, 1st 
]\nssouri Volunteer Infantry. Clubs: Missouri 
Athletic, St. Louis Amateur Athletic Associa- 
tion. Recreation: athletic sports. Office: Third 
National Bank Bldg. Residence: 727 Claren- 
don A\"(\ 
BRUMAGER, Joel Edward; sec Vol. 1906. 
BRUNAUGH, James, manager Diamond 
.Matcli I'o.; born in Clermont Co., O., Nov. 17, 



nS32; son of William and Elizabeth (Young) 
Brunaugh; educated in country district 
schools; married, Mt. Pleasant, la., ISo.j, Sarah 
E. Brazelton; children: William (deceased), 
Samuel, James P. Went from Ohio to Mt. 
Pleasant, la., 1853; held position in bank a 
short time, tlien operated a line of warehouses 
at the terminals of the Chicago, Burlington ic 
Quincy Iv. K.; enlisted in Gth Iowa Volun- 
teer Infantry, May, 1861, was api)ointcd regi- 
mental quartermaster; resigned before close 
of war on account of ill health. Removed from 
Iowa to St. Louis, 1SG4; engaged in manufac- 
ture of matches in St. Louis, 18(55, and con- 
tinued in the business until the Diamond 
Match Co. i)urchased factories at St. Louis 
and other points in ISSl; has since been man- 
ager of the Diamond ]\Iatch Co. Club: ]\Iis- 
souri Athletic. Kecreation: athletics. Ollice: 
732 Pierce P>ldg. Residence: 3634 Castleman 

BRUNER, John A., general insurance; born, 
Alton, J 11.. May 19, 1S61; son of William 
Henry and Xancy Lwing (Smith) Bruner; 
educated in public schools of Alton; married. 
St. Louis, Feb. 4, 1883, Tennic Martini. Be- 
gan business career as clerk for Deere, Man- 
sur & Co., St. Louis, 1876-78; clerk with L. M. 
Rumsey Manufacturing Co., 1879-83; buyer 
Bridge-Beach Manufacturing Co., 1883-88; 
buyer St. Louis Stamping Co., 1889-94; in 
general insurance business for self, 1895-1910; 
one of the organizers and first vice president 
Chas. L. Crane Agency Co., general insurance, 
since April, 1910. Member Knights of Pythias, 
Royal Arcanum. Republican. Presbj'teriau. 
Club: Missouri Athletic. Recreation: automo- 
l)iling. Office: 1301 Pierce Bldg. Residence: 
5976 Julian Ave. 

BRUNER, Preston Martin, president P. M. 
Bruner Granitoid Co.; born in Lehigh Co., Pa., 
.Tuly 6, 1845; son of Peter and Juliana (Mohr) 
Bruner; educated in public schools and at 
Brown University; five children: Robert W., 
Preston M., Jr., Edwin E., Daniel E., Katha- 
rine Isabel. Studied metallurgy in Europe; 
employed l>y Cambria Iron Co., Johnstown, 
Pa., 1870-72, then in Bessemer mills at Joliet, 
111., 1872-76; with Vulcan Iron Works, , St. 
Louis, 1876-78; in 1878 started on small scale 
in concrete and granitoid construction work, 
and incorporated business, Feb. 26, 1892, as 
P. M. Bruner Granitoid Co., of which is presi- 
dent. INIember St. Louis Association of Engi- 
neering Societies, Civic League. Recreation: 
philanthropy. Office: 531-532 Frisco Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 5143 Maple Ave. 

BRUSH, Samuel T.; see Vol. 1906. 

BRY, Nathan, president Bry & Bro. Cloak 
Co., manufacturers of cloaks, suits and skirts; 
born, Rawitsch, Germany, Nov. 24, 1854; sou 
of Moses E. and Rosa (Rothstein) Bry; edu- 
cated in Realschule (high school), Rawitsch; 

married, St. Louis, 1890, Julia Singer; three 
children: M. Erwin, Rosalind and Henry. 
Came to America, 1871; began business in 
Camden, Ark., 1872, as Bry & Bro., which in 
1904 was changed to Bry & Bro. Dry Goods 
Co. and continued until 1911, when sold out; 
commenced in St. Louis, under firm name of 
Bry & Singer, 1893, manufacturing cloaks, 
etc.; sold out interest in this concern, 1897, 
and entered same line, 1898, under title of 
Bry & Bro. Cloak Co. (brother, Louis Bry, who 
is now living in New York, has been a partner 
since 1876.) President Bry & Bro. Cloak Co., 
Bry-Block Mercantile Co., of IMemphis, Tenn., 
Premium Realty & Investment Co.; vice presi- 
dent Lauran Realty Co.; director Mid-City 
Realty Co. Independent in politics. Jewish 
religion. Vice president Home for Aged and 
Infirm Israelites; director and treasurer Jew- 
ish Hospital. Member Business Men's League, 
Civic League. Mason. Clubs: Mercantile, 
Westward Country. Recreation: golf. Office: 
10th and Lucas Ave. Residence: 46 Washing- 
ton Terrace. 

BRYAN, P. Taylor, lawyer; born, St. Louis, 
Oct. 30, 1861; son of Francis T. and Edmonia 
(Taylor) Bryan; educated at Washington Uni- 
versity, St. Louis; Princeton University, grad- 
uating A.B., 1882; St. Louis Law School, 
LL.B., 1884; married, Montgomcrv City, Mo., 
.Tune 26, 1889, Katherine Clark; 'children, P. 
Taylor, Jr., Henry C, George F., Francis T., 
and Edmonia T. Admitted to bar, 1884, and 
since in general practice at St. Louis; mem- 
ber of firm of Bryan, Richards & Rozier, 1896- 
1900. Bryan & Christie. 1900-10, since Stewart, 
Bryan & Williams. Member American, Mis- 
souri State and St. Louis Bar associations. 
Democrat. Episcopalian. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Mercantile, Noonday, Bellerive Country. Of- 
fice: Pierce Bldg. Residence: 4346 MePher- 
son Avenue. 

BRYAN, W(illiam) Christy, lawyer; born, 
St. Louis, A])r. 6, 1868; son of Francis T. and 
Edmonia (Taylor) Bryan; educated in public 
schools. Smith Academy, Racine College, 
Princeton University, A.B., 1891; St. Louis 
Law School, LL.B., 'l894; married, St. Louis, 
June 3, 1896, Mary Walker White; one son: 
William Christy, Jr. Admitted to bar in 1893, 
and since engaged in general practice. Demo- 
cratic nominee for judge of the Circuit Court, 
1904. j\[ember St. Louis and Missouri State 
Bar associations. Law Library Association. 
Member of board of managers of St. Louis 
Industrial School. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: City, Bellerive Country. Favorite rec- 
reations: literature, music and outdoor athletic 
sports. Office: 1651 Pierce Bldg. Residence: 
3689 W. Pine Boul. 

BRYAN, William Henry, mechanical and 
electrical engineer, deceased; see Vol. 1906. 

BRYAN, William James Samuel, assistant 
superintendent public schools; born, St. Louis, 



j\rar. 12, 1853; son of William and Martha 
Elizabeth (How) Brvan; educated in Central 
High School, St. Louis, graduating 1S69, and 
Washington University, graduating B.A., 1873, 
M.A., 190o; twice married; children: Dr. Wm. 
M. C, Grace, Howard. Began as teacher Cen- 
tral High School, May, 1873, became assistant 
principal, March, 1SS6, vice principal, August, 
1893, principal, November, 1905; now assistant 
superintendent. Member Missouri State Teach- 
ers ' Association, St. Louis Society of Peda- 
gogy. National Society for the Scientific Study 
of Education. National Educational Associa- 
tion, North Central Association of Colleges 
and Secondary Schools, Washington Univer- 
sity Association. Member Civic League. Club: 
City. Recreation: literature, along classical 
and scientifical lines. Office: Board of Educa- 
tion Bldg. Residence: 6102 Waterman Ave. 

BRYAN, William Morgan Case, physician; 
born, St. Louis, Nov. 24, 1875; son of William 
J. S. and Nethie A. (Case) Bryan; A. B., 
Washington Universitv, 1897; M.S., Univer- 
sity of Michigan, 1898; M.D., Johns Hopkins 
L'niversity, 1892; interne German Hospital, 
Philadelphia, twentv-seven months; married, 
Quincy, 111.. June 24, 1908, Helen L. Kimlin. 
In practice in St. Louis since 1905; instructor 
ear. nose and throat diseases. Medical Depart- 
ment, St. Louis University; oto-laryngologist 
Mt. St. Rose Hospital and Alexian Brothers 
Hospital. Member American and Missouri 
State Medical associations, St. Louis Medical 
Society, American Academy of Ophthalmol- 
ogy and Oto-Laryngology; lieutenant Medical 
Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. Republican. Pres- 
byterian. Member Civic League, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon. Mason. Recreation: outiloor sports. 
Office: 306, 508 N. Grand Ave. Residence: 
4163 Delmar Boul. 

BRYANT, Augustus Hager, glass manufac- 
turer and importer; born, Bloomington, Ind., 
Mar. 28, 1870; son of James R. and Helen M. 
(Riley) Bryant; educated in Stoddard (pub- 
lic) School and High School, St. Louis; mar- 
ried, Philadelphia, Oct. 1, 1904, Mary Ford 
Pilling; children: James Ray, Augustus Hager, 
Jr., Mary P.. Helen M. Began business career 
in employ of Simmons Hardware Co., Nov. 2, 
1884, remaining with that company in vari- 
ous capacities until October, 1897, when be- 
came connecteil witli firm of Featherstone & 
Co., bicycle manufacturers, Chicago; sales 
manager, 1900-01, for American Bicycle Co., 
controlling all large bicycle factories in Amer- 
ica; purchased interest, 1901, in Missouri Glass 
Co., of which was vice president and general 
manager until 1910, at which time became 
president of comj)any; also })resident of Bry- 
ant, Gore & Bowman Co., a $300,000 corpora- 
tion, distriliutors of foreign specialties and 
druggists' sundries. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Member Business ^len 's League, Interstate 
Merchants' Association. Club: Noonday. Rec- 

reations: athletics, fishing and hunting. Officer 
1723 Locust St. Residence: 6341 Washington 

BRYANT, William McKendree, instructor 
psychology, etc., in St. Louis Normal and 
High School to 1912; born in Lake Co., Ind.^ 
Mar. 31, 1843; son of Eliphalet W. and Esther 
Eliza Bryant; graduated Ohio Weslevan Laii- 
versity, 1868 ("A.M., Ohio Wesleyau; LL.D., 
University of Missouri) ; married, 1867, Sarah 
Augusta Shade, of Columbus, O.; one son: 
Maxmueller. Private 3d Iowa Infantry, April 
1861, to September, 1862; then adjutant 34th 
Iowa Volunteers until November, 1864 (spe- 
cial honorable mention in the official history; 
assistant adjutant general brigade during last 
months of service). Superintendent schools, 
New Lisbon, O., 1868-69, Burlington, la., 1870- 
73; then teacher in St. Louis city schools and 
lecturer St. Louis Kindergarten Normal. Au- 
thor: Hegel's Philosophy of Art; Philosophy 
of Landscape Painting; The World-Energy 
and Its Self -Conservation; A Syllabus of Eth- 
ics; Hegel's Educational Ideas; Life, Death 
and Immortality; also numerous monographs 
and magazine articles on psychology, ethical 
and pedagogical subjects. Address: Webster 
Groves, Mo. 

BRYARS, Robert, vice president and treas- 
urer Huttig Sash and Door Co.; born, Dungan- 
non, County Tyrone, Ireland, June 1, 1854; 
son of James and Mary (Ritchie) Bryars; 
educated in national school of birthplace; 
married, St. Louis, Oct. 17, 1888, Catherine 
Huttig; children: Mildred Margaret, Helen 
Beatrice, Roberta Catherine. From 1880 to 
1885 was traveling salesman for Gray & Hole- 
kamp and R. A. Holekamp, who were suc- 
ceeded by Huttig Sash and Door Co., for 
whom continued to travel for about one and 
one-half years; manager Huttig Bros. Manu- 
facturing Co., St. Joseph, Mo., 1888-90; then 
assistant manager Western Sash and Door Co., 
Kansas City; returned to Huttig Sash and 
Door Co., St. Louis, of which was secretary 
several years, and is now vice-president and 
treasurer. Democrat. Presbyterian. Recrea- 
tion: horses and driving. Office: 1206 S. Van- 
deventer Ave. Resilience: 5024 Raymond Ave. 

BRYSON, James Harper; see Vol. 1906. 

BRYSON, Joseph Montgomery, general 
counsel Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway 
Co.; born, Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 26, 1867; son 
of John Campbell and Nancy (Chambers) 
Bryson; attended public and high schools at 
Warrensburg, Mo., and later the State Nor- 
mal School at same place, graduating, 1887, 
with degree of B.S.D.; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
17, 1S94, ^lazie Barret Finney: children: 
Chambers Fulton, Mary Finney, Alice Dalton. 
Entered law offices of Warner, Dean & Hager- 
man, Kansas City, Mo., 1887, and studied law 
under immediate tutelage of James Hager- 
man of that firm; admitted to bar, 1889, and 



ovor since pii<j;i;^(>il in prart ice; now j:oncr:il 
connsol Missouri, Kansas iV; Toxas Railway Co. 
-Mcnilier of St. Louis, Missouri State" ami 
.Vinerit-an Bar associations. Republican. I'res- 
liyterian. Cluhs: ^Mercantile, >[issouri Ath- 
letic, Autoinoliile. Ottice: Wainwrif^lit HMj:. 
K'csiilence: .'."Tn Cjiainlieriaiii Ave. 

BUCHANAN, James Edward, nianaj^er Mis- 
.souri Athletic Club; born, Chicaf;o, Dee. 4, 
]S()9; sou of Joseph O. and Jennie Buchanan; 
educated in Chica'To jiublic schools; married, 
Chicago, June 2], 1!)08, Louise Darnall. Pre- 
A'ious to lOOS en^aj;ed in railroad ser\ice; 
manager Missouri Athletic Clul) since Oct. 1, 
l!li»S. Independent in politics. Mason, [\nij;ht 
Templar, Shriner. Address: Missouri Athletic 

BUCHANAN, WiUiam John, wholesale gro- 
cer; born, liosport, hid., A}ir. 6, 1872; son of 
Henry M. and Jlannah T. (Foreman) Buch- 
anan; educated in jjublic schools of Indiana 
and Illinois; married, St. Louis, Aug. 7, 1894, 
11 (den G. Whitman. Began as clerk in retail 
grocery at ^Morrisonville, 111., continuing until 
nearly of age; then came to St. Louis and was 
with Adam Eoth Grocery Co., later with Ben- 
jamin W. Clark Grocer Co., until 1905; i>resi- 
(lent of the Krekeler Grocer Co. for several 
A'ears, now president Buchanan Grocer Co. 
"OHice: 510 X. .ALthi St. Eesidenee: 3653 De 
Tonty St. 

BUCK, John, jtlaning mill business; born, 
Ilolstein, Gernmny, Oct. 2, 1840; son of John 
and Kate Buck; educated in public schools of 
Germany; marrieil, St. Louis, 1881, Fredericke 
Xiehaus; children: Bertha, Albert, Eugene. 
Learned carpenter's trade in Germany, and in 
1S<)8 came from that country direct to St. 
Louis, where followed trade first as journey- 
man and then for self; joined in organization, 
1S75, of the Alechauics' Planing Mill Co., and 
ill 1877 was elected treasurer and a <lirector 
nf the company. INlember North St. Louis 
'I'urnVerein. Office: 3742 X. Broadway. Resi- 
dence: ."..')()(i Snllivan Ave. 

BUCK, Ralph Sellew, stone manufacturer; 
lS(;il-l9l(): see N'ol. 1 90{). 

BUCKLEY, William Jay; see Vol. 1906. 

BUCK WALTER, John Cassel; see Vol. 1906. 

BUDER, Edward, treasurer Mercantile 
Trust Co.; born, St. Louis, Dec. 27, 1863; son 
of Anton and Appolonia (Schmidt) Buder; 
I'lJucated in public schools to fourteen; mar- 
ried, Sept. 17, 1910, Lulu F. Hammond, of St. 
Louis. Began active career in law oflSce of 
Finkelnburg& Rassieur, continuing two years; 
after spending a year in a mercantile house 
l)ecame conne<'ted with the Mechanics' liank 
(later the Mechanics' XatioTial Bank); as- 
sisted. 1902, in organizing the American Cen- 
tral Trust Co., of which was secretary and 
treasurer until 1904, when the company was 
absorbed by the Mercantile Trust Co.; was 

made assistant treasurer latter organization 
and has served as treasurer since 1907; also 
cashier Mercantile National Bank since its 
organization in December, 1908; director Mer- 
cantile Trust Co. Mend>er St. Louis Real Estate 
l':xchange. Republican. Clubs: Mercantile, Cen- 
tury Boat, Bankers', Lemji Hunting and Fish- 
ing (president). Recreations: fishing and hunt- 
ing. Office: 8th and Locust Sts. Residence: 
5337 Delmar BouJ. 

BUDER, Eugene, lawyer; born, St. Louis, 
Sept. 9, ls71; son of Anton an<l Ap[)olonia 
(S(dnnidt) Buder; educated in St. Louis gram- 
mar s(diools until 1887; graduated St. Louis 
High School, January, 1891; LL.B., St. Louis 
Law School, 1898; unmarried. Began active 
career, 1891, as bookkeeper for F. W. Feuer- 
bacher & Co., maltsters, and continued 1891- 
92; bookkeeper for H. P. Philper & Co., re- 
frigerating machinery, 1892-95; occupied a 
similar position with the Balmer & Weber 
Music House, 1895-99; in general practice of 
law in St. Louis since 1899. Democrat. Rec- 
reations: golf and tennis. Office: 508 New 
Hank of Commerce Bldg. Residence: 3321 
Shenandoah Ave. 

BUDGETT, Sidney Payne, educator, physi- 
ologist; see Vol. 1906. 

BUDKE, Conrad, advertising agent; born, 
St. Louis, Jan. 23, 1859; son of Gerhard and 
Hannah (Caldemeier) Budke; educated at 
Kopf 's private school, 1865-72; Clay public 
school during 1872; married, St. Louis, Ju7ie 
17, 1880, Carrie Vette; children: Conrad, Jr., 
and Louis. Started in newspaper advertising 
business (1872) at age of twelve with Sheffield 
i- Stone, firm failing, 1873; was empiloyed by 
receiver until business was wound up late in 
1873. Sheffield started new agenc}^ under 
name of St. Louis Advertising and Publishing 
Co., and was employed by him late in 1873 
an<l until his second failure in 1876. Entered 
employ, 1876, of Kowell & Chesman (estab- 
lished 1874 as advertising agents), taking to 
them Sheffield's unfinished contracts; firm of 
Rowell & Chesman, changed to Nelson Ches- 
man & Co., in 1879, of which became secretary 
on incorporation of the business in 1888, later 
vice president; now ])resident and treasurer, 
company being extensive newspaper and maga- 
zine advertising agents. Member St. Louis 
Aihertising Men's League; trustee Lniversity 
Heights, Mo. ]Member Y. M. C. A. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Mason (Tuscan Lodge, St. Louis 
Chapter, St. Aldemar Commandery, Moolah 
Temple). Clubs: Mercantile (director), ]\[is- 
souri Athletic, Arcadia. Office: 1127-29 Pine 
St. Residence: 7 Princeton Ave., University 
Heights, :\[o. 

-BUEL, James William, author; moved to 
Los Angeles, Cab; see Vol. 1906. 

BUETTNER, Julius Henry, house furnish- 
ing; born, St. Louis, ,lune 23, 1874; son of 
Henry and Margaretha (Gaul) Buettner; 



graduated from Eed Bud, 111., public schools, 
1SS9; from Christian Brothers College, St. 
Louis, as Master of Accounts, 1891; married, 
Belleville, 111., Oct. 7, 1S97, Matilda Mohr; 
children :Marguerite Marie, Carl Theodore. Be- 
gan as office boy with Excelsior Brewery, St. 
Louis, remaining two years and advancing to 
bookkeeper; then cashier Columbia Brewery, 
and later in wholesale drug business with 
Moffitt-West Drug Co.; credit man with St. 
Louis House Furnishing Co., 1901-03; organ- 
ized, Feb. S, 1903, the Union House Furnish- 
ing Co., of which was president until 1909, 
when tirm name was changed to J. H. Buett- 
ner Furniture and Carpet Co., of which is 
president. Independent in politics. Member 
Evangelical Church. Club: Missouri Athletic. 
Member Masonic Fraternity, Knights of Pyth- 
ias, Odd Fellows, Eoyal League. Office: 7th 
and "Washington Sts. Kesidence: American 

BUFF, Jacob, Swiss consul; 1829-1911; see 
Vol. 1906. 

BUHMAN, Rudolph, physician; born, St. 
Joseph, Mo., Aug. 3, 1872; educated in public 
schools of St. Joseph, Mo.; M.D., Medical De- 
partment, St. Louis University, 1894; unmar- 
ried. In practice in St. Louis since 1894; spe- 
cializes as pathologist. Protestant. Member 
American Medical Association, Missouri State 
Medical Association, St. Louis Medical Soci- 
ety. Office and Residence: 5264 Page Boul. 

BUICK, James McNair, vice president 
American Car and Foundry Co.; born, Detroit, 
Mich., Nov. 7, 1867; son of James S. and Ellen 
(McNair) Buick; educated in public and high 
schools of Detroit. Began active career, 1880, 
in shops of the Michigan Car Co., Detroit, and 
when original company was succeeded by the 
Michigan Peninsular Car Co., in 1892, was 
made assistant superintendent; later became 
auditor; was appointed general auditor Ameri- 
can Car and Foundry Co., St. Louis, 1899, and 
has been vice president and executive officer 
at St. Louis since 1906; also vice president 
Helmbacher Forge and Rolling ]\[ill Co., Sligo 
Furnace Co., Sligo & Eastern Railway Co.; di- 
rector American Street Flushing Machine Co., 
Rogers Ballast Car Co. (Chicago), National 
Dump Car Co. (Chicago.) Presbyterian. Ma- 
son. Clubs: St. Louis, Noondav, University, 
Racquet, Glen Echo. Office: 915 Olive St. 
Residence: The Buckingham. 

BULLOCK, Richard Benbow, retired; born, 
Malvern, AVorccstersbiro, Eiigland, ]\[ar. 19, 
]S42; son of Richanl and Violetta Bullock; 
educated in private school; married, St. Louis, 
1873, Sarah S. Absoloni; children: Richard A., 
George B., James A., Violet S. Started active 
career in England in 1854; began in dry goods 
business in St. Louis in 1872 with H. J. Powell 
under firm name of Powell & Bullock; after 
two years started for self in retail dry goods 

business, later incorporated as the E. B. Bul- 
lock Dry Goods Co., of which was president 
until 1909, when sold out and retired. Also 
vice president Jefferson Bank. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mason. Club: Glen Echo Coun- 
try. Recreations: motoring and traveling. 
Residence: 16 Kingsbury PI. 

BUNCH, Rodney J., physician and surgeon; 
born, Cairo, 111., Dec. 13, 1880; son of Andrew 
J. and Minerva Isabell (Sams) Bunch; edu- 
cated in Cairo public schools to 1898; Univer- 
sity of Illinois, 1898-1900; entered medical de- 
partment St. Louis University, 1901, graduat- 
ing with degree M.D., May, 1905; married. 
Served in St. Louis City Hospital as junior 
physician and surgeon, 1906-07; senior phy- 
sician and surgeon, 1907-08; assistant superin- 
tendent and surgeon, 1908-10; then began pri- 
vate practice. Member St. Louis City Hos- 
pital Alumni Association, St. Louis Medical 
Society, Missouri State Medical Society^ 
American Medical Association. Protestant. 
Author: Surgical Treatment Amebic Dysen- 
tery, 1908; Perforating Gun Shots of Abdo- 
men, 1908; Diphtheria from Medical Stand- 
point, 1910; Thoracic Aneurysms, 1909. Rec- 
reations: outdoor sports. Office: 2601 Wash- 
ington Ave. Residence: 4027 Maffitt Ave. 

BUNTIN, Davis Carpenter, contractor; born, 
Terre Haute, Ind., July 9, 1858; son of Tous- 
saint Campbell and Emma (Steele) Buntin; 
educated in graded and high schools, Terre 
Haute; graduated from Indiana State Univer- 
sity, Bloomington, Ind., A.B., 1880; married,, 
Indianapolis, >eb. 12, 1901, Stella Walcott; 
two daughters: Katherine and Sue. After leav- 
ing college, 1880, entered service of Vandalia 
R. R. as clerk in general office, and later sec- 
retary to general counsel and general man- 
ager, and assistant paymaster, to 1887; con- 
tractor for public work as member of firm of 
Buntin & Shryer, Duluth, Minn., 1887-94, and 
with Indianapolis as headquarters, 1894-1902; 
since 1902 in St. Louis; assisted in organizing 
and incorporating the Granite Bituminous 
Paving Co., of which has since been general 
manager, treasurer and a director, the com- 
pany being engaged in contracting for all 
kinds of public work. Republican. Methodist. 
Club: St. Louis. Office: 409 Pierce Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 20 N. Kingshighway, 

BURG, Henry, flour and grain; born in St. 
Louis Co., Mo., Aug. 23, 1851; son of Henry 
and Katherine (Shoenling) Burg; educated in 
public schools and at Bryant & Stratton Busi- 
ness College; married, St. Louis, Lillie Schuler; 
children: Ada C, Lydia L., Paul H. Began 
l)usiness career as clerk in store of David 
Nicholson, wholesale and retail groceries, and 
in 1878 in similar position in store of brother, 
Philip Burg; in 1879 entered office of August 
C. Miller & Co., commission merchants in flour, 
grain and mill feed; and after one year with 
that firm engaged in brokerage business for 



self, later becoming moiiibcr of present firm 
of Annan, Burg & Co., Hour, grain and mill 
feed. Member St. Louis Merchants' PJxcliange, 
St. Louis Millers' Club, ^romber Mound City 
Council Royal Arcanum. Oflice: 107 N. Third 
St. Residence: liSol Cleveland Ave. 

BURG, William, iron and steel broker; 
born, St. Louis, Mar. 1, 1S47; educated in pub- 
lic and private schools of St. Louis; married 
Margaret Henderson, of St. Louis, Oct. 
20, 1875; three children: Arthur H., Chester 
E. and William H. Began business career 
with James Archer, iron merchant, and later 
joined the firm of William H. Markham & 
Co., dealers in iron and steel; traveled for 
this concern throughout the middle west from 
1870-75; when the Ewald Iron Co. (Tennessee 
Rolling Works, K}'.) was organized, he was 
elected first secretar}^ and manager of the St. 
Louis house, and was connected with this 
company as stockholder and secretary until 
189(3, when he sold his interest to L. P. Ewald; 
has since been in business for himself as deal- 
er and broker in iron and steel. Member ^ler- 
chants' Exchange, Business IMen's League, St. 
Louis Academy of Science, Hospital Saturday 
and Sunday Association, St. Louis Pure Milk 
Commission, National Geographic Society 
(Washington, D. C), Civic League, Washing- 
ton University Association, and for fifteen 
years a member of the board and now secre- 
tary of the St. Louis Provident Association. 
Was a member of the February Grand Jury 
of 1902. Was appointed by the governor as a 
delegate to the Third National Peace Con- 
gress, held at Baltimore, May 3-5, 1911; also 
a delegate by appointment of the governor to 
the Southern Commercial Congress, held at 
Atlanta, Ga., March, 1911. Member Second 
Presbyterian Church. Club: Mercantile. Rec- 
reation: music. Office: 119 Merchants' Ex- 
change Bldg. Residence: 4439 Washington 

=!=BURGENDAHL, Gustave Stonn, manufac- 
turer; moved to Chicago; see Vol. 190G. 

BURGER, Ferdinand, vice president of 
Feuorborn Toy Co.; born, Baden, Germany, 
Jan. ]5, 1873; son of Joseph and Margaret 
(Huber) Burger; educated in public schools 
in Germany; married, St. Louis, July 1, 1S95, 
Mrs. ]\rary (Hoer) Plasmeier; children: Ber- 
nard Plasmeier, John Plasmeier, Marie, Joseph, 
Edward, William. Came to Unite<l States in 
1889, anil worked as stonemason at Boonville, 
^lo., having learned that trade in Germany. 
Located at St. Louis in 1895 and started in 
the retail toy and notion business, in whiedi 
i-ontinueil until Jan. 1, 1905, when assisted in 
the organization of the Feuerborn Toy Co., of 
Avhich is vice president. Roman Catholic. 
Member Knights of Columbus, United Com- 
mercial Travelers. Favorite recreations: hunt- 
ing and theatres. Office: 919 N. Broadway. 
Residence: 4587 Cote Brilliante Ave. 

BURGESS, Samuel Allen, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, Sept. 15, 1877; son of Samuel Rostron 
and Eveline (Allen) Burgess; educated at 
Clay School to 1892; graduated ilanual Train- 
ing School, 1S9G; student for two years at 
Smith Academv; A.B., Washington University, 
1900; LLJi., St. Louis Law School (Washing- 
ton University), 1902; unmarried. Admitted 
to Alissouri bar, 1902, and since engaged in 
practice, iiember Bar Association of St. Louis, 
St. Louis Law Library Association, Washing- 
ton University Association, etc. Trustee and 
secretary Graceland College, Lamoni, la. Re- 
publican. ]Member Reorganized Church of Je- 
sus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Vice presi- 
dent and general librarian of Z. R. L. S. Resi- 
dence: 5920 Etzel Ave. 

BURKE, James Joseph, president Brooks 
Jewelry and Optical Co.; born, Stockport, 
England, Dec. 23, 1872; son of James J. and 
Ellen (^icGough) Burke; came to St. Louis 
at age of two 3'ears; educated in Hamilton 
and Carr Lane public schools and Carr Lane 
night school; married, St. Louis, Sept. 23, 
1893, Alvina Leiner; children: Jeanette, Vir- 
ginia. Started to work as wagon boy with Pa- 
cific Kxpress Co. at age of thirteen; assistant 
bill clerk 1). Johnson & Co., 1887; bookkeeper 
for McNeills, Campbell & Co., October, 1889; 
shipping and bill clerk Brooks Bros. & Co., 
1892-93; returned to McNeills, Campbell & Co.. 
1893, and had charge of their optical busi- 
ness until September, 1900, when bought 
half interest and became manager of Brooks 
Optical Co.; bought out interest of Mr. 
Brooks, 1903, and changed name to Brooks 
Jewelry and Optical Co., watches, jewelry 
and optical goods at wholesale, of which com- 
pany has since been president and treasurer, 
independent in politics. Catholic. Member 
Business Men 's League. Member Knights of 
Columbus, Elks (St. Louis Lodge No. 9). 
Club: Century Boat. Favorite recreations: 
baseball and bowling. Office: Globe-Democrat 
Bldg. Residence: 3705 Humphrey St. 

BURKE, Joseph Edward, president Lough- 
man Cabinet Co. ; born, St. Louis, Nov. 29. 
18G4; son of George IM. and Esther (Whiston) 
Burke; educated in St. Louis schools; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, June 15, 1892, IMargaret Mok- 
ler; three children: J. Leo, Rhea, Margaret. 
Began active career as a boy with Faithnian & 
:\riller Planing :\rill Co., 1882-80; with Broad- 
way Planing .Mill Co., 1880-89; with Crescent 
Planing iMill, 1SS9-1900; foreman Loughman 
Cabinet Co., 1900-05, manager, 1900-07, presi- 
dent since 1907. Roman Catholic. Recrea- 
tions: baseball, fishing and football. Office: 
Ranken and Rutger Sts. Residence: 3804 
Windsor PI. 

BURKHAM, Robert, lawyer; born, Sioux 
City, la., Dec. 25, 1881; son of Elzey G. and 
Harriet B. (Smith) Burkham; graduated An- 
dover Academy, Andover, Mass., 1899; A.B., 



I'ljiiceton University, 1903; LL.B., St. Louis 
Law School (Washington University), 1905; 
married, St. Louis, Dec. :'>0, 1907,' Ada P. 
Davis; two children: JStargaret Davis and 
Uobert, Jr. Admitted to Missouri bar at St. 
Louis, June, 1905; member firm of McPheet- 
ors & Burkham, 1905-May, 1909. Secretary 
Young Men 's Republican Auxiliary, Novem- 
lier, 190S-May, 1909, resigned; U. S. commis- 
.sioner. January-May, 1909, resigned; secretary 
to mayor of St. Louis, May, 1908-October, 
1911, resigned; second associate city council- 
lor since Oct. 1, 1911. Republican. Episco- 
]>alian. Member Bar Association of St. Louis 
(treasurer and member executive committee, 
1908-10), Civic League, Phi Delta Phi law 
fraternity, Blaekstone (law) Club. Clubs: 
Racquet, City. Recreation: books. Office: City 
Hall. Residence: 5035 Westminster PI. 

BURKS, Eugene, real estate; born in Han- 
cock Co.. 111., Nov. 25, 1867; son of Allen J. 
and Mary S. (Wagner) Burks; educated in 
jiublic schools of Missouri, and at Stanberry 
(Mo.) Normal School; married, Bismarck, Mo., 
Nov.' 20, 1894, Eddie M. Wallen; children: 
Lelia Fern, Eugenia Irene. Began business 
career as clerk for Willard Case & Co. in 1894; 
l)egan the manufacture of hardwood lumber 
in Arkansas, near Little Rock, and in 1900 
liecame one of the ineori:)orators of the Wil- 
lanl Case Lumber Co., of which was vice presi- 
dent and secretary until 1909; since in real 
estate business. Democrat. Member Christian 
(Disciples) Church. Office: 706 Chestnut St. 
Residence: Webster Groves, Mo. 

BURLINGAME, Ira L., railway official; 
liorn, Frauklinville, X. Y., Sept. 6, 1862; son 
of Ira L. and Harriet (Lyon) Burlingame; 
educated at Ten Broeck Academy, Frauklin- 
ville, X. Y^; married, Pana, HI., Oct. 4, 1883, 
Alice H. p]ichelberger; children: Katharine 
H.. Ruth L. Began railway service as tele- 
.uiaj)li ojierator, on Ohio & Mississippi R. R., 
I"<79-S3; train dis[iatcher, 1883-95, and train- 
iriaster, 1S95-1!»03, with the Baltimore & Ohio 
Southwestern Ry.; assistant superintendent, 
December, 1903, to March, 1904, superintend- 
ent, March, 1904, to October, 1905, general 
superintendent since Nov. 1, 1905, Terminal 
ii'ailroad Association of St. Louis. Republican. 
I'resln'terian. ]\Iason, Knight Templar, Shriner. 
flubs": Missouri Athletic, Tlie Traffic of St. 
Louis, St. Louis Railway. Recreation: base- 
hall. Office: 103 Union Station. Residence: 
~>i\')~> Baitmer Ave. 

BTJRNES, Kennett Farrar, secretary Granliy 
Mining and Smelting (Jo.; born, St. Louis, 
Ptd). 15, 1878; son of Daniel Dee and ]\[artha 
Sweringen (Farrar) Burnes; matriculated in 
ilarvaril University, 1897, graduating with 
degree of A.B., 1901; married, St. Louis, Aug. 
24, 1007, Adele ^lellier; one son: James Nel- 
son. After leaving college engaged in bank- 

ing business at St. Joseph, Mo.; secretary and 
director Granby Mining and Smelting Co. 
since 1905. Member Masonic Order. Clubs: 
St. Louis, Belierive Country. Office: Third 
National Bank Bldg. Residence: 1 Lenox PL 

BURNETT, Edwin Clark, physician; born, 
Mansfield, O., Jan. 19, 1854; son of Dwight 
and Mary Ann (Bristow) Burnett; educated 
in public schools and by private tutors at 
Olney, 111.; graduated from St. Louis Medical 
College, 1883; unmarried. Began practice of 
medicine at Olney, 111., March, 1883; moved 
to St. Louis, June 14, 1884, and has since 
practiced in this city. Formerly clinical pro- 
fessor genito-urinary diseases. Medical De- 
partment of Washington University. Member 
St. Louis Academy of Science, St. Louis Med- 
ical Society, Missouri State Medical Associa- 
tion, American Association of Genito-Urinary 
Surgeons (ex-president). Republican. Clubs: 
University, Racquet. Recreation: field sports. 
Office: 547 Century Bldg. Residence: Univer- 
sity Club. 

BURNETT, James Preston, deceased; see 
Vol. 1906. 

BURNHAM, Cyrus Barrett, retired; born, 
Strafford, Orange Co., Vt., June 6, 1822; son 
of John and Harriet (Barrett) Burnham; edu- 
cated in public school in native town and at 
Norwich University, Vermont, 1837-39, receiv- 
ing diploma of civil engineer; married, Stand- 
stead, Canada, 1845, Miss Mary J. Reed. 
Lived on farm until went to university; clerk 
in country store, Strafford, Vt., 1840-42; went 
to Canada, 1842, and was connected with mer- 
cantile business there until September, 1847; 
arrived in St. Louis, Nov. 6, 1847, and in 
January, 1848, became associated with Greeley 
& Gale, which connection was continuous un- 
der changes of name as wholesale grocers un- 
til August, 1893, when became Greeley-Burn- 
ham Grocer Co. Elected, November, 1862, di- 
rector in St. Louis Building and Savings As- 
sociation, which was renamed Bank of Com- 
merce, of which was president, 1875-83; from 
that bank was developed the present National 
Bank of Commerce in St. Louis; resigned as 
director of latter in August, 1893, after con- 
tinuous service in directorate of the bank and 
its x)redecessors for thirty-one j^ears. Now 
director Washington Land and Mining Co. 
Served as quartermaster-general State of Mis- 
souri, from November, 1861, to August, 1862; 
was on staff of Gov. Hamilton R. Gamble un- 
til death of latter, and on staff of his succes- 
sor. Gov. Willard P. Hall, until the expiration 
of official term in 1865. Club: St. Louis Com- 
mercial. Office: Wainwright Bldg. Residence: 
456 N. Newstead Ave. 

BURNS, George MacCleary, sales agent 
L'ailway Steel Sjiring ('o.; ])orn, Coshocton, O., 
Aug. 25, 1858; son of Joseph and Mary (John- 
son) Burns; educated in public schools of 



Coshocton to fifteen. Entered employ of Penn- 
sylvania Kailway as timekeeper, 1876; divi- 
sion storekeeper Texas Pacific R. K., LSSl, 
and chief clerk to general superintendent Cin- 
cinnati, Hamilton & Dayton R. K., 1882-8.3; 
t^ueen ifc Crescent R. R., at Meriden, Miss., 
1885-8(5, to su{)erintendent same road, at Bir- 
niinjiham, Ala., 188(5-91, and at Somerset, Ky., 
1891-!'2; after serving' as chief clerk to fjen- 
eral manager of the Bi<x Four Road, 189l'-9."., 
he tilled a similar office under the fjeneral 
manajier of the (Jueen & Crescent R. R., 
ls<t;i-!)(). Came to 8t. Louis, 189(5, as fuel af^ent 
Wabash Railroad Co., also chief clerk to vice 
]iresident and general manager; superintend- 
ent Wabash Road at Detroit, Mich., 1900-0(5; 
then returned to St. Louis and has since acted 
as sales agent of the Railway Steel Spring 
Co.; also director Wagner Mercantile Co. Re- 
jmblican. Episcopalian. ^lason (152°). Clubs: 
St. Louis, Missouri Athletic, Mercantile, AI- 
gonc|uin. Recreation: golf. Office: 1405, 915 
Olive St. Residence: 5897 Washington Ave. 

BURNS, Louis N., motor cars; born, St. 
Louis, dan. 1(5, 1866; son of Lewis H. and 
.lulia (Hildebrand) Burns; educated in coun- 
try district school and in business college at 
Peoria, 111.; married, Peoria, 111., May 17, 1887, 
Flora E. Bethard; children: Ray Alexander, 
ttladys, Julia, Robert, Florence Virginia, Don- 
ald. Began in 1882 with Kingman & Co., at 
Peoria, 111.; in 1884 came to the St. Louis 
house of same firm; when in 1894 company 
was reorganized as the Kingman 8t. Louis Im- 
plement Co., became manager and a few years 
later also vice president; now president Burns- 
liamsden Motor Car Co. Republican. Metho- 
dist. Member Implement and Vehicle Board 
of Trade, Business ]\Ien's League. Mason. 
Club: ^Missouri Athletic. Residence: 5541 
( 'hamlierlain Ave. 

BURNS, Patrick, president P. Burns Sad- 
dlery Co.; born in County Roscommon, Ire- 
lan<l, .hme 29, 1S;54; son of Hugh and Cath- 
erine (McCauley) Burns; educated in schoobs 
in Ireland and United States; married in 
Cooper Co., Mo., Oct. T.l, 1865, Ann MeCub- 
bin; children: Edward V., Robert A., Hugh J. 
Left Ireland in 1849, coming to Nashville, 
Tenn., where was employed as apprentice by 
uncle, M. Burns; remained in Tennessee until 
1 S54, then went to Pisgah, Cooper Co., ]\Io., 
and established in business. Began in St. 
Louis, 1864, as Burns & Degnan, continuing 
until July, 1881, when firm was dissolved and 
the firm of P. Burns & Co. was establislied, 
thus continuing until December, 1904, when 
business was incorporated as P. Burns Sad- 
dlery Co., of which is president. Democrat, 
(^atholic. Office: 713-715 Lucas Ave. Resi- 
dence: 4924 Berlin Ave. 

BURNS, Robert, surgeon; born, St. Louis. 
Aug. 17, 1879; son of Robert and Emily :Mary 
(St. Gemme) Burns; educated in public 

schools, St. Louis I'liiversity, Smith Academy 
and by private instruction; graduated from 
^ledical Department, Washington Universitv, 
.M.l>., 1901; married, St. Louis, Jan. 6, 19o";i, 
Kathryniu' Frances Zieglei'. Began practice of 
medicine. May 5, 1901; was appointeil assist- 
ant surgeon to Polj'clinic Hospital and Clinic; 
became associated with Dr. H. Tuholske as 
assistant at St. Louis Surgical Ilosijital (pri- 
\ate), September, 1901, and still remains with 
liim as private assistant and ana'sthetist ; ap- 
]>ointed junior assistant to surgical clinic and 
surgical staff, Washington University IIos- 
l)ital, 1904; aj)pointed senior assistant sur- 
geon to Washington University, 1906; assist- 
ant surgeon to Bethesda Hospital, 1911. JNIeni- 
ber St. Louis Medical Societ}', Missouri State 
Medical Association, American Medical Asso- 
ciation, Alumni Society of Medical Depart- 
ment of Washington University. Independent 
in politics. Vinson (Royal Arch). Club: Au- 
tomobile. Recreations: motoring and fishing. 
Office: 4500 Olive St., Rms. 1 and 2. Resi- 
dence: 4953 McPherson Ave.. 

BURNS, Robert Augustine, real estate; 
l)orn, St. Louis, July 25, 1874; son of Patrick 
and Ann (McCubbin) Burns; educated at St. 
Theresa's (parish) School, Wyman Crow (pub- ' 
lie) School, Christian Brothers College, A.B., 
1894, A.M., 1896, and one year at St. Louis Law 
School; married, Aberdeen, Miss., Dec. 17, 
1902, Mary Weller Carter; children: Robert 
Carter, Jane Carter. Entered firm of P. Burns 
& Co. as clerk in 1894, and worked in various 
departments and also as traveling salesman; 
took charge as general manager, 1902, and 
when business was incorporated as P. Burns 
Saddlery Co., Jan. 1, 1905, was elected vice 
president and secretary. Withdrew from the 
company, January, 1899, and organized the 
Bush-Burns Realty Co., of which is president. 
^Member St. Louis Real Estate Exchange. 
Catholic. Club: Mercantile. Recreation: motor- 
ing. Office: 1105 Chestnut St. Residence: 
4521 Forest Park Boul. 

BURR, Henry Bell, president Carterville 
Coal Co.; born, Boonville, Mo., Dec. 27, 1860; 
sou of William E. and Harriette (Brand) 
Burr; completed early education in St. Louis 
High School; married, Dallas, Tex., Apr. 28, 
1906, Mrs. Eula W. Dayton; three children: 
Kinsey, Minnie G. and William E. Went to 
Texas, 1883, and engaged in lousiness in that 
state for twenty-five years; was elected presi- 
dent and general manager Carterville Coal 
Co., with mines at Carterville, 111., Nov. 27, 
1908, and has since resided in St. Louis. Mem- 
ber KoKoals; also Illinois Commercial ^Men 's 
Association, International Travelers' Associa- 
tion. Democrat. Episcopalian. Recreations: 
fishing and bowling. Office: 912 Rialto Bldg. 
Residence: (51.32 Kingsbury Boul. 

BURRITT, William Henry, president Ban- 
ner Rubber Co.; born, Iluutsville, Ala., Feb. 



17, 1869; son of Armatus Eobbins and Mary 
King (Eobinson) Burritt; educated in private 
schools of Huntsville, Ala.; Bino-ham School, 
North Carolina; Vauderbilt University, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., M.D., 1890; married, St. Louis, 
Nov. 29, 1900, Mrs. Josephine T. Drummond. 
Engaged in general practice of medicine at 
Huntsville, Ala.. 1S90-1900; came to St. Louis, 
1901; in July, 1902, was elected president and 
general manager of the Banner Eubber Co., 
manufacturers and wholesalers of rubber boots 
and shoes. Episcopalian. Clubs: Glen Echo, 
Missouri Athletic. Kecreation: motoring. Of- 
fice: 500 Bittner St. Eesidenee: 4014 Lindell 

BUREOWES, Alexander J., president St. 
Louis Universitv; born, St. Louis, Oct. 14, 
1853; son of Michael and Mary (Quirk) Bur- 
rowes; educated Christian Brothers School, 
St. Louis, six years, Niagara University, one 
year, Woodstock College, Maryland, seven 
years (mental and moral philosophy, theology, 
science and mathematics). Ordained priest, 
E. C. Church, 1886; vice president Detroit 
(Mich.) College, 1889-90; president St. Xa- 
vier's College, Cincinnati, 1893-97, Marquette 
College (chartered as university during his 
term of office), 1900-08, St. Ignatius College, 
Chicago, Feb. 11, 1908, to February, 1912 
(Loyola University, established 1909, with 
departments of Law, Medicine and College of 
Arts and Sciences, is an expansion of St. Igna- 
tius); president St. Louis University since 
February, 1912. Trustee St. Ignatius College 
and Loyola University, Chicago. Member 
Civic League, Federation of Catholic Societies. 
Address: St. Louis University. 

BUESON, Elbert Eugene; see Vol. 1906. 

BUS, Henry, life insurance; 1852-1911; see 
Vol. 1906. 

BUSCH, Adolphus, president Anheuser-Busch 
Brewing Association; born, Mayence-on-the- 
Ehine, Germany, .Inly 10, 1842; son of Ulrich 
and Barbara "(Pfeifer) Busch; educated at 
gymnasium at Mayence, the Academy at 
Darmstadt, and high schools at Brussels; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Mar. 7, ISin, Lilly Anheuser; 
children: August A. (Mrs. Jacol) W. Loeb), 
Mrs. Hugo Eeisinger, Mrs. Paul von Gontard, 
Mrs. Edward A. Faust, AVilhelmina, Carl. Came 
to United States, 1857; entered I'nion Army, 
June, 1861, and had four months' service un- 
der General T^yon; became associated with E. 
Anheuser in the brewing busiiu>ss, and in 
1865 was admitted to ])artii(Mshiii in the E. 
Anheuser Brewing Co.. later liecauie the An- 
heuser-Busch lirewiug Association, of which 
is president. Also president South Side Bank, 
Manufacturers' Ey. Co., American Diesel En- 
gine Co. (New York), Geyser Ice Co. (Waco, 
Tex.); director St. Louis Union Trust Co., 
Third National Bank, Kinloch Telephone Co., 
North American Co.. American Car and Foun- 
dry Co., American Bottle Co. Decorated by 

Emperor of Germany. Eepublican. Unitarian, 
Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, University, Mer- 
cantile (St. Louis), Engineers and Midday 
(New York). Office: Anheuser-Busch Brewing 
Association. Eesidenee: Busch Place. 

BUSCH, August Anheuser, vice president 
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association; born, 
St. Louis, Dec. 29, 1865; son of Adolphus and 
Lilly (Anheuser) Busch; educated at Lyon 
(public) School, St. Louis, Morgan Park Mili- 
tary Institute, Chicago, 111., and Kemper 
School, Boonville, Mo.; married, St. Louis, 
May 8, 1890, Alice Zisemann; five children: 
Adolph, Jr., Marie, Clara, August, .Jr., Alice. 
After leaving school was sent to Germany, 
where received practical course of instruction 
in the brewing schools of that country; re- 
turned to United States and spent time to 
similar purpose in New York; then served for 
three years as brewer 's apprentice with the 
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association; then 
entered general office as scale clerk; now first 
vice president of the association. Member A. 
F. & A. M., B. P. O. Elks, and Legion of Hon- 
or. Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile, Missouri 
Athletic, Noonday, Liederkranz, University, 
Eacquet, etc. Eecreations: hunting, fishing, 
yachting and all outdoor sports. Office: An- 
iieuser-Busch Brewing Association. Eesidenee: 
Busch Place. 

BUSCH, Otto Schubert, brewers' supplies; 
born, Chicago, Mar. 6, 1871; son of Ulrich and 
Anna (Anheuser) Busch; nephew of Adolphus 
Busch; educated in public schools of Chi- 
cago and at Eaeine (Wis.) College; married, 
Louisville, Ky., Apr. 28, 1893, to Miss Anna 
Bonn; one son, Ulrich. Eesideut of St. Louis 
since 1891; has been engaged in the brewers' 
supply business since 1898, now representing 
M. Seidenberger Sons, of Germany, hop grow- 
ers and importers. Democrat. Member Ma- 
sonic Order, Fraternal Order of Eagles, B. P. 
O. Elks. Clubs: Union, Liederkranz. Eesi- 
denee: 6152 Washington Bonl. 

BUSH, Benjamin Franklin, railway official; 
born, Wellsburg, Pa., .July 5, 1859; son of 
.Tames and Eosella (Henry) Bush; educated in 
Wellsburg High School and Mansfield State 
Normal School; married, Eiver Falls, Pierce 
Co., Wis., May 30, 1883, Catherine Idelia 
Hawkins; one daughter: Idelia Frances Bush. 
Began railway service with Northern Pacific 
E. E., 1882, as rodman, and later became as- 
sistant and division engineer, same road, until 
1887; division engineer Union Pacific E. E., 
in Idaho and Oregon, 1887-89; chief engineer 
and general superintendent of the Oregon Im- 
provement Co., 1889-96; general manager of 
Northwestern Improvement Co. (which con- 
trolled coal properties of Northern Pacific E. 
E.), 1896-1903; vice president and general 
manager, Western Coal and Mining Co. since 
Feb. 1, 1903, and vice president and general 
manager of the Consolidated Coal Co., of St. 



Louis, since Xov. 1. lltO.S. AjipointiMl fuel 
ageut of the Missouri Parific Ky., February, 
IDO.S; president Western Maryland K. R., at 
Jialtiniore. 190708; receiver same road until 
reorganized, when again hecaine [iresidcnt; 
president Missouri Paeifie Ky. with headquar- 
ters at St. Louis since April, 1911; also presi- 
dent Denver it Kio Grande Ky. since .lanuary, 
1912; director Maryland National Bank, Dur- 
ham Coal and Iron Co. Appointed by Presi- 
dent Roosevelt in 1907 as member Advisory 
Board on Fuels and Structural jMaterials. 
Member American IVIining Congress, American 
Institute Mining Engineers, Business Men's 
League. Presbyterian. Clubs: St. Louis, ^ler- 
cantile, Noonday, The Traffic, Automobile, 
Bellerive Country (St. Louis), I\rar3iand (Bal- 
timore). Favorite recreations: tennis and fish- 
ing. Office: 708 Missouri Pacific Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 30 Portland PI. 

BUSH, Wade Hampton, real estate; born, 
Lancaster, Ky., Nov. 23, ISGS; son of William 
N. and Osee (Salter) Bush; educated at pub- 
lic school, Lancaster, until fifteen years of 
age; unmarried. Came to St. Louis at age of 
sixteen and began active career in employ of 
the Missouri Pacific Ey. Co., with which con- 
tinued for two 3'ears; then engaged with Al- 
bert Wenzlick in title business, 1888-99; cash- 
ier Aiple & Hemmelmanu Real Estate Co., 
1899-190(5; in real estate business for self 
since 190(); vice president Bush-Burns Realty 
Co.; secretary McPherson Ave. Development 
Co. Member St. Louis Real Estate Exchange. 
Democrat. Protestant. Recreations: billiards, 
baseball. Office: 110.5 Chestnut St. Residence: 
4778 Greer Ave. 

BUSHNELL, William Maxon; see Vol. 190G. 

BUTLER, Edward, capitalist, deceased; see 
Vol. 1906. 

BUTLER, Henry Stuart, treasurer Peters 
Shoe Co.; deceased; see Vol. 1901). 

BUTLER, James Gay, capitalist; lunn, 
Saugatuck, Mich., Jan. 23, 1840; son of Wil- 
liam G. and Eliza (McKennan) Butler; edu- 
cated in high schools of Suffield, Conn., and 
Allegan, Mich.; entered University of ^^lichi- 
gan as sophomore, 1858, missed senior year by 
enlisting in army, in 18G1, and received B.S. 
degree forty-three years after, in 1904; served 
in Third Michigan Cavalry, in ranks eight 
months, and afterward as second lieutenant, 
first lieutenant, adjutant, (juartermaster, and 
major, and commanded regiment during last 
eight months of its service of four and one- 
half years in the Civil War; married, (5!rand 
Haven, Mich., Oct. lo, 1868, Maggie Leggat. 
Engaged in the manufacture of tobacco in 
St. Louis from July, 1866, and was afterward 
director of the American Tobacco Co., until re- 
tired from business (still large stockluilder). 
Director and member of executive committee 
Mercantile Trust Co., and Mercantile National 

Bank. Served in Missouri National Guard, 
1876-91, as colonel police reserves and of the 
Third and First Regiments. Republican; can- 
didate for mayor, 1880. Director Louisiana 
Purchase Exposition. I'resljyterian. I'ast Su- 
j)reme Chancellor Legion of Honor; Past Com- 
mander St. Louis Commandery Loyal Legion; 
Past Commander Ransom Post, G. A, R. ; 
member Sons of the Revolution, New England 
Society, Society Army of the Tennessee. 
Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile (St. Louis), New 
York Yacht (New York). Residence: 4484 W. 
Pine Bdul. 

BUTLER, James Joseph, lawyer, congress- 
man; luirii, St. Louis, Aug. 29, 1S62; son of Ed- 
ward and Ellen (O'Ncil) Butler; attended St. 
Louis public schools, St. Xavier's Catholic 
School; graduated St. Louis l^niversity; ad- 
mitted to bar, June 2, 1884; married, Aug. 11, 
1896, Rose IMary Lancaster, St. Louis; one 
son: Edward Lancaster. ^lember St. Louis 
Board of Education one term; city attorney 
two terms, 1880-94; member of Congress from 
Twelfth Missouri District, 1901-05. Was twice 
elected to Fifty-seventh Congress and twice 
unseated by party vote, the second unseating 
bringing about the longest and bitterest fili- 
buster in the history of the House of Repre- 
sentatives; reelected to Fifty-eighth Congress 
and seated; Democrat. Engaged since 1905 
in lookiug after family estate and private in- 
terests. President Empire Circuit Co., an Ohio 
corporation, operating about fifty theaters in 
different parts of America. Member B. P. O. 
Elks. Residence: 3711 W. Pine Boul. 

BUTLER, Louie Picot, physician; born, 
Beaufort, S. C, Oct. 11, 1866;' son of Pierce 
N. and Aurelia (Picot) Butler; educated in 
public schools until 1882; Wyman Institute, 
Alton, 111., 1883-85; graduated from St. Louis 
Medical College, M.D., 1888; post-graduate 
student in medical schools and hospitals in 
New York, Germany and England, 1900-02; 
married, Buffalo, N. Y., 1892, Miss E, E. 
Thompson; one son: Ralph. Practiced as in- 
terne at St. Louis City and Alexian Brothers 
hospitals, 1888-90; in practice in l'>anklin Co., 
Mo., 1890-1900; since 1902 in practice at St. 
Louis. Member medical staff St. Luke's Hos- 
pital, St. Louis Maternity Hospital; instruct- 
or St. Louis University. Member American 
Medical Association, Missouri State Medical 
Association, St. Louis l\[edical Society. Cath- 
olic. Clubs: St. Louis, Missouri Athletic, Noon- 
day. Office: 4661 Maryland Ave. Residence: 
4475 Laclede Ave. 

BUTLER, Wallace Clark, insurance adjust- 
er; born, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 21, 1S33; son of 
Mann and Martha (Dedman) Butler; educat- 
ed in Wyman 's School, St. Louis; served in 
the Confederate Army as major and pay quar- 
termaster; widower; children: Julia B.. Nina 

B. (wife of Dr. T. C. Witherspoon), Walla.'o 

C, Jr., Sadie B. (wife of Dr. R. D. Carman, i 



111 the iiisuraiico business in 1S65 and since 
1S(59 continuously engaged in business in St. 
Louis as an insurance adjuster; member of 
lirm of W. C. Butler & Son, with \V. C. But- 
ler, .7r., as jiartner, lS99-190ti, since alone. 
Presbyterian. Member Confederate Veterans. 
Club: St. Louis. Otlice: Pierce Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: j.jMO Cates Ave. 

BUTLEE, Wallace Clark, Jr., insurance; 
born, St. Louis, Mar. 17, 1873; son of Wallace 
Clark ami Evie (Henly) Butler; educated 
Smith Acadeniy, St. Louis, 1884-90; Rugby 
Acadeniv, 1S90-91; Hamilton College, Clinton, 
X. Y., 1891-93; married, St. Louis, June, 1S99, 
Leila North Smith; one daughter: Elinor 
Witherspoon. Entered office of father, W. C. 
Butler, insurance adjuster, in 1893, as clerk, 
and in 1S99 was made partner, the firm becom- 
ing W. C. Butler & Son, adjusters for insur- 
ance coni[ianies; in 1906 became connected 
with Chas. L. Crane & Co., and when the firm 
was incorporated in 1909 as Chas. L. Crane 
Agency Co., was made secretary'; also mana- 
ger and attorney Manufacturers ' and Mer- 
chants ' Requitable Exchange and Inter-Insur- 
ance Agency. Democrat. Presbyterian. Mem- 
ber Sigma Phi, and Theta Nu Epsilon. Office: 
i:;01-13i2 Pierce Bldg. Residenece: 4916A 
^\'ashington Boul. 

BUTTS, Cornelius Lillard, real estate brok- 
er; born, Craig, Mo., June 13, 1879; son of 
Christojiher Lillard and Wayne A. (Dennis) 
Butts; educated in private schools, Cameron, 
Mo.; married, St. Louis, Oct. 21, 1908, Caro- 
line Cunningham; one child: Gordon Cunning- 
liam. Began business career as office boy with 
Simmons Hardware Co., St. Louis, 1897, ad- 
A^anced to assistant buyer and continued with 
same house until 1900; engaged with Stanley 
Rule and Level (!o.. New Britain, Conn., in 
(diargo rentral west sales department, 190()-07; 
then witii brother William organized present 
firm of Butts Realty Co. Member Real Es- 
tate Ex(diange, Civic League, Business Men's 
League. Republican, ^lason. Club: Nor- 
mandie Golf. Recreations: golf and motoring. 
Office: 118 X. 7th St. Residence: Clayton, St. 
T^duis Co. 

BUTTS, William Wayne, r(>al estate broker; 
born, Haml)urg, Fremont Co., la., June HI, 
1875; son of Christojdier Lillard and Wayne 
A. (Dennis) Butts; educated in ]irivate 
schools, Cameron, Mo.; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
]."), 1903, Susan A. Parker; two children: 
Katharine L., Francis W. Began business ca- 
reer at St. Joseph, Mo., with C. D. Smith 
Drug (.'o., continuing until 1899; engaged in 
wliolesale drug business, Denver, as member 
firm of Briilaham-f^uerean Drug (.'o., 1899- 
1!)02; manager Philaileljiliia branch of Na- 
tional Gum A: Mica Co., of New York, 1902-03; 
()maha re]iresentative IL K. Mulford Co., of 
Philadelphia, J90:!-(»7; then with brotlier Cor- 
nelius organized Butts Realty Co., St. Louis. 

Member St. Louis Real Estate Exchange, Busi- 
ness Men 's League. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Club: Normandie Golf. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Office: lis N. 7th St. Residence: 
6907 Washington Boul. 

BYARS, William Vincent, journalist; born, 
Covington, Tenn., .lune 21, 1857; son of James 
and Mary (Vincent) Byars; educated by his 
father (principal Tipton Male High School, 
Covington), gaining classical and scientific 
education; married, Brownsville, Tenn., June 
15, 1880, Loula Clement, daughter Rev. Charles 
Francis Collins. Associate editor Weekly Rec- 
ord, Covington, Tenn., 1877-78; on city staff 
St. Louis Daily Times, 1879, St. Louis Globe- 
Democrat, 1880; city and editorial staff Mis- 
souri Republican and its successor, St. Louis 
Republic, 1881-93 (except one year on edi- 
torial staff St. Louis Chronicle) ; editorial 
staff IMorning World and contributor to Eve- 
ning World, New York, 1893-97; editorial and 
local contributor to Harper's Weekly, 1897-98; 
contributor to various journals. Author: Tann- 
hauser — a Mystery; The Tempting of the 
King; The Glory of the Garden; The Pools at 
IMilburu; Old Songs to New Tunes; Studies 
in Verse — all verse; Homeric Memory Rhymes, 
and other papers on language; introductions 
to each play in Shakespeare 's Complete Dra- 
matic Works. Editor: An American Common- 
er, The Handbook of Oratory; was managing 
editor (original American and British edi- 
tions) World's Best Essays (10 vols.), World's 
Best Orations (10 vols.). Also w^rote Tales of 
a Schoolmaster, etc., serials, pamphlets, etc. 
IMember Tennessee Society. Office: Temple 
Blilg. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

BYERS, Morton L., railwav official; see Vol. 

BYRD, Abraham Ruddell, Jr., secretary 
Alsop Process Co.; born, Jackson, Mo., Nov. 
29, 1883; son of A. R. and Sallie (Hunter) 
Byrd; educated Carlisle Training School, Jack- 
son, Mo.; University of Texas, B.S., 1903. 
After graduation engaged in ranching and 
mining in New Mexico and at El Paso, Tex., 
until 19^4; with Alsop Process Co., mill nia- 
(diinery, since 1904, secretary since 1905; also 
member A. R. Byrd & Sons, investments. 
Member Methodist Episcopal Chvirch, South. 
Ofiice: 420 Olive St. Residence: 5598 Water- 
man Ave. 

BYRD, J. Hunter, president American For- 
est Co.; born, Cajie Girardeau Co., Mo., May 8, 
1880; son of Abram Ruddell and Sarah ^Miner- 
va (Hunter) Byrd; educated in University of 
Virginia and later became a student in Uni- 
versity of Texas; married, Jackson, Mo., Nov. 
.".0, 1904, Emma Evangeline Howarcl. Left col- 
lego at twenty-one and spent several years 
lirospecting and mining in New Mexico, I\Iex- 
ico and on the border of Central America; 
fiour salesman, 1904, and in 1905 became con- 
necteil with the Alsop Process Co., dealers in 



elpctrical o(|uiiiiiient for flour mills, St. Louis, 
of which is treasurer; an organizer, ]90(i, and 
was director ant! cashier Central National 
Bank, St. Louis; president American Forest 
Co.; member firm of A. \i. Byrd & Sons, in- 
vestments. Democrat. Methodist. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, I'niversity. Oflice: 420 Olive St. J{es- 
idcncc: 4211 Westminster I'lace. 

BYRNE, Frank Thomas, railway agent; 
born, Albany, X. \., May ."i, 1859; son of 
Michael and' Bridget (I'rice) Byrne; educated 
at Albanv, N. Y., ])ublic schools; married, 
Albanv, Apr. 18, ISflU, Elizabeth Wilson; 
children: Margaret, J. Wilson. Began active 
career in fancy grocery business at Albany; 
came to St. Louis, 1SS2, and became con- 
nected with local freight de])artment of the 
Chicago & Alton R. K.; then consecutively 
with the St. Louis Freight Committee as 
clerk for four years, agent for National Dis- 
patch Fast Freight Line, and commercial 
agent for Grand Trunk Ry. until 11H)5, when 
became Southwestern agent for the Cincinnati, 
Hamilton & Dayton and Pere Marquette Sys- 
tem; Southwestern agent of Pere Afarquettc 
Svstem since Apr. 1, lOlL Was agent for 
Erie Dispatch from Nov. 11 to Dec. ol, 191)5. 
Member :\Ierchants ' Exchange. Democrat. 
Catholic. Member National Union. Club: The 
Traffic (St. Louis). Recreation: baseball. Of- 
fice: SI 7-818 Pierce Bldg. Residence: 5o75 
Maple Ave. 

BYRNES, James Williamson, b(dting manu- 
facturer; born, Memphis, Tenn., Apr. 4, 1868; 
son of M. J. and Irene (Williamson) Byrnes; 
educated in jirivate school, Memphis, prepara- 
tory and collegiate departments of St. I>ouis 
I'niversity, A.B., 188(5; graduated from East- 
man Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
1895); married, St. Louis, Oct. 10, 1903, Gene- 
vieve von Phul. Began business career as 
clerk in hardware business of Caruth & Byrnes 
Hardware Co. for two years; then was con- 
nected with Meacham Arms Co. for three 
years, and subsequently five years with the. 
Revere Rubber Co., two years as manager of 
its St. Tjouis house. Organized, 1896, and was 
l)resi(lent and treasurer of the James W. 
Bvrnes Belting and Hose Co., manufacturers 
of leather belting and jobbers of hose and 
packings; in 1909 name of firm was changed 
to Byrnes Belting Co., of which is president 
and treasurer. Also president and treasurer 
the St. Louis Fire Hose Co., dealers in fire 
hose and fire department supplies. Democrat. 
Catholic. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Bellerivo 
Countrv, Racquet. Recreations: shooting and 
fishing.' Office: 2109-1 M.'l Locust St. Resi- 
dence: 3800 W. Pine St. 


CABANNE, John P., vice i.resident St. 
Louis Dairy Co.; born, St. Louis, Jan. 16, 
1869; son of J. Charless and Susan (Mitchell) 

Cabanne; educated in iiublic schools of St. 
Louis; marrie<l, St. Louis, Oct. 3, 1911, Mrs. 
Mary C. McDearmon. Since 1890, connected 
with the St. Louis Dairy Co., of which was 
manager until .lanuary, 1911, when was elect- 
ed vice ]iresident: Clubs: Glen E(dio Country, 
Missouri Athletic, Rac(|uet. Recreations: hunt- 
ing an.l golf. Office: 2008 Pine St. Residence: 
:il6 Skinker R<1. 

CABANNE, Joseph Charless, ])resident St. 

Louis Dairy Co.; born, St. Louis, Oct. 16, 1849; 
son of John Charles and Virginia E. (Carr) 
Cabanne; educated in jiublic schools of St. 
Louis, and later attended Flushing (N. Y.) 
Institute; married, St. Louis. 1S6S, Susan Mar- 
tha Preston Christy I^Iitchell; children: John 
P., Virginia (Mrs. E. W. Little), Martha 
(IMrs. Robert J. Kayser), Susan (Mrs. J. Shep- 
ard Smith), IMary (Sister jNfary Ambrose of 
the Visitation Convent), Fannie (Mrs. E. Law- 
rence Pearson), Arthur Lee. Began business 
career as a dairy farmer in 1868; has been 
continuously identified with this interest, and 
acquired other interests in same line from 
time to time, organizing them, 1882, into the 
St. Louis Dairy Co., jiroducers and dealers in 
dairy products, of wlii(di is )>resident. Mem- 
ber Civic League, Citizens' Industrial Asso- 
ciation. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Amateur 
Athletic. Recreations: music and golf. Office: 
2008 Pine St. Resilience: 4334 Westminster 

CABELL, Ashley, lawyer; born, Washing- 
ton, D. C, Dec. 27, ISol; son of Hon. Edward 
Carrington and Anna M. (Wilcox) Cabell; 
educated in New York High School, Washing- 
ton and Lee University, Va., 1870-1874, LL.B.; 
Polytechnic College, Carlsruhe, Germany, 1874- 
75; married, Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 19, 1881, 
^Margaret Hodges Stretch; children: :Margaret, 
Carrington. Admitted to bar, 1874; jury com- 
missioner. City of St. Louis, 1879-83; presi- 
dent American School Book Co., 1883-85; en- 
gaged in practice of law since 1891. Com- 
mander De Soto Council, American Legion of 
Honor, 1889-91; chancellor Bonaparte Council, 
Legion of Honor, for several years; presitlent 
Missouri Society Sons of the American Revo- 
lution, 1905-06. "Member of Missouri State Bar 
Association an<l Law T.iibrary Association. 
Episcojialian. Democrat. Residence: Kirk- 
wood, Mo. 

CADWALLADER, Isaac Henry, physician; 
born, Waynesville, Warren Co., O., Aug. 29, 
1850; son" of John T. and Rachel (Farquhar) 
Cadwallader; educated in public schools, Lin- 
coln, HI., and Lincoln University, finishing 
course 1868; graduated from Rush Medical 
College, Chicago, M.D., 1875; married, St. 
Louis, 1896, Ella C. Brown. Began practice of 
medicine in St. Louis in 1875, and continued 
in general ])ractice until 1900; in 1891 became 
a member of the medical staff of the Missouri 



Baptist Sanitarium, and in 1000 was appointed 
to present position as physician in charge of 
that institution. Specialist in gynecological 
surgery and practice. Member St. Louis Med- 
icaf Society, Missouri State Medical Associa- 
tion, American Medical Association. Vice pres- 
ident the Central Slate Quarrying Co. of Mis- 
souri. President Eureka Auto Parts Manufac- 
turing Co. Mason. Member Third Baptist 
Church. Oflice and Eesidence: Missouri Bap- 
tist Sanitarium, 919 N. Taylor Ave. 

CADY, L. Bertram, tailoring; born, New 
York City, Dec. 10, 1857; son of Ira L. and 
Chlotilda"(Yale) Cady; educated in New York 
City public schools, New York College and Co- 
lumbia University, graduating, E.M., C.E., and 
Ph.B., from Columbia University; married, 
.June S, 1884, Ellen C. Brindle, of London, 
Kng. Private assistant to Professor Thomas 
Eggleston, Columbia School of Mines, 1877- 
78; superintendent Moose Mining Co. 's mill, 
Dudley, Colo., 1878; general manager Dunn's 
^lountain Mines, North Carolina, 1879-81; 
general manager Chapin Mine, Chapin, Mich., 
1881-82; partner .James W. Bell & Son, 172 
Fifth Ave., New York City, 1882-86; president 
Cady & Nelson Co., 226 Fifth Ave., New York 
City. 1886-92; president L. Bertram Cady Co., 
."]27 Fifth Ave., New York City; from 1895 
president and treasurer L. Bertram Cady Co., 
St. Louis, gentlemen's and ladies' tailoring, 
until 1912; business then changed from cor- 
poration to firm, "Cady," of which is pro- 
prietor. Member Civic League. Member Co- 
lumbia Alumni, Phi Gamma Delta Society. 
Clubs: New York Athletic; also Noonday, 
Glen Echo Country, St. Louis Kiding, Sunset 
Hill (St. Louis). Eecreation: horseback rid- 
ing. Office: 511 Olive St. Eesidence: 6158 
Kingsbury Boul. 

CAHILL, Thomas Francis, plumbers' gas 
and steamfitters' supplies; born, St. Louis, 
May 22, 1857; son of Patrick and Ellen (Slat- 
tery) Cahill; educated in Christian Brothers 
(parochial) School; married, St. Louis, Feb. 
20, 1884, Nora Sullivan; children: John, Jr., 
Mary B., Thomas F., Eoswell B., Francis, 
Louis, Eichard. Began business career in 1871, 
in employ of M. C. Bignall & Co., heavy hard- 
ware, continuing until end of 1885; in 1886 
joined in organizing firm of Clegg, Cahill & 
Collins, plumbers' supplies, which was suc- 
ceeded by the Cahill, Swift Manufacturing Co. 
(incorporated in 1898), of which is president. 
j3emocrat. Eoman Catholic. IMember Knights 
of Columbus. Office: 20 S. 12th St. Eesidence: 
Old Orchard, Mo. 

CAIiE, Algernon Sidney; see Vol. 1906. 

CALE, Charles Allen, musician; see Vol. 

CAIjE, George William, deceased; see Vol. 

CALE, George William, Jr., chief surgeon 
St. Louis & San Francisco E. E. Co.; born, St. 
Louis, Dec. 31, 1866; son of George William 
and Matilda L. (Carvell) Cale; educated in 
public schools. Smith Academy of Washington 
University, St. Louis College of Physicians 
and Surgeons, M.D., 1887; attended University 
of Berlin, 1890, University of Heidelberg, 
1891; married, St. Louis, Apr. 8, 1891, Neosho, 
daughter of B. F. Hobart, of St. Louis; chil- 
dren: Emily Longwell, George William, 3d, 
B. F. Hobart, Julian D. Engaged in practice 
of medicine in St. Louis, 1887-90 and 1892-98; 
in November, 1898, organized Medical Depart- 
ment of the St. Louis & San Francisco E. E. 
Co., which is known as the Employes' Hos- 
pital Association of the Frisco Line, with 
headquarters at Springfield; moved to that 
place from St. Louis, where General Hospital 
of the company was located; in 1905, the new 
hospital of the Frisco System was erected on 
Laclede Ave. and King's Highway, St. Louis, 
when again took up residence in St. Louis, to 
which the Medical Department headquarters 
were transferred. Professor of clinical sur- 
gery, Washington University; professor sur- 
gery, St. Louis University; late professor of 
anatomy and clinical surgery in St. Louis Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons. First lieuten- 
ant Medical Eeserve Corps, U. S. Army. Mem- 
ber Mississippi Valley Medical Association, 
St. Louis Medical Society, Missouri State Med- 
ical Association, American Medical Associa- 
tion; fellow Eoyal Microscopical Society of 
London. Director Hobart Lee Tie Co., Arkan- 
sas Mining and Mercantile Co., Newton Coun- 
ty Fruit Farm Co., American Fire Clay Co. 
Eepublican. Was for several years major and 
surgeon First Infantry, National Guard of 
Missouri. Episcopalian. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Army and Navy (Washington, D. C), Army 
and Navy (New York). Eecreations: hunting, 
motoring and yachting. Office: Laclede Ave. 
and King's Highway Boul. Eesidence: 12 
Lenox Place. 

CAIiFEE, Joseph Starke, cashier Mechanics- 
American National Bank; born near Graham, 
Va., May 22, 1868; son of John A. and Julia 
A. (Davidson) Calfee; removed to Windsor, 
Mo., in 1878; educated in public schools of 
Windsor; married, Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 16, 
1904, Nellie A. Beedy; two children: Creighton 
Beedy and Arthur Davidson. Began business 
career with the Windsor Savings Bank, Wind- 
sor, Mo., 1883; cashier Citizens Bank of Wind- 
sor, 1885 to Feb. 1, 1904, when came to St. 
Ijouis to take position as first assistant cash- 
ier of Mechanics National Bank; held same 
position with the Mechanics-American Nation- 
al Bank, becoming cashier and director, in 
March, 1909; director Citizens Bank, Windsor, 
Mo. An active member of Missouri Bankers' 
Association for a number of years; served as 
secretary, vice president and president of 



same, presiding at convention of Missouri 
Hankers' Association held in Missouri Build- 
ing of Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904; 
elected, 1912, member of the Executive Coun- 
cil of American Bankers' Association. Mem- 
ber Business Men's League, Civic League. 
Member St. John's M. E. Church, South. Dem- 
ocrat. Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile, City, Glen 
Echo Country. Eecreation: golf. Office: Broad- 
way and Locust St. Residence: 33 Kingsbury 

CALHOUN, David Randolph, president Ely 
& Walker Dry Goods Co.; born, Hartford, 
Conn., Feb. 28, 1858; son of George W. and 
Sarah R. (Giles) Calhoun; educated in com- 
mon schools, New Market, N. J., and Smith 
Academy, Dunellen, N. J.; married. New York 
City, Nov. 25, 1891, Marie Gardner Whitmore; 
children: Josephine C. (Mrs. C. Norman 
Jones), by previous marriage; David R., Jr., 
by present marriage. Began business career in 
New York with Noyes, White & Co., commjs- 
sion notions, 1876-78; came to St. Louis, 1878, 
and entered employ of Ely, Janis & Co., whole- 
sale dry goods; firm was incorporated, 1883, 
as Ely & Walker Dry Goods Co., of which was 
elected president in 1903, and still continues 
in that capacity. Member Business Men's 
League. Independent in politics. Clubs: St. 
Louis, St. Louis Country, Log Cabin, Noonday, 
Racquet. Recreation: golf. Office: 1520 Wash- 
ington Ave. Residence: 4446 Lindell Boul. 

CALHOUN, Gouverneur, commercial repre- 
sentative American Telephone and Telegraph 
Co.; born, Chicago, September, 1868; son of 
.Tohn B. and Frances (Thompson) Calhoun; 
educated in Chicago High School and took 
four-year regular academic course at Yale 
University; married, 1902, Felicia, daughter 
of Frederick N. Judson, of St. Louis. Contin- 
uously in service of American Telephone and 
Telegraph Co. (long-distance telephone) since 
1893, serving successively as superintendent 
at Cincinnati, Indianapolis and at St. Louis, 
1898-1911; now commercial representative. 
Member Civic League of St. Louis. Episco- 
palian. Clubs: Mercantile, City, Algonquin. 
Office: Equitable Bldg. Residence: 3733 Wash- 
ington Ave. 

CALHOUN, John Wolfinger, lawyer; born, 
St. Louis, Mar. 17, 1885; son of John R. and 
Caroline E. (Wolfinger) Calhoun; educated 
St. Louis High School; Washington Univer- 
sity; LL.B., St. Louis Law School (Washing- 
ton University), 1907; unmarried. Admitted 
to Missouri bar, 1907, and has since engaged 
in practice in St. Louis; attorney for Legal 
Aid Society of Bar Association of St. Louis; 
secretary Grant Undertaking Co., Croasdaile 
Realty Co. Served as private in Light Bat- 
tery A, 1908-10. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Member Bar Association of St. Louis, Delta 
Chi college fraternity; also member Anchor 
Lodge, A. F. & A. M. Recreations: outdoor 

sports. Office: 602 Board of Education Bldg. 
Residence: 3024 Geyer Ave. 

*CAIjIj, Francis M., manufacturer; moved 

to Oklahoma; see A'ol. 1906. 

*CALLFAS, William Frederick, physician; 
moved to Omaha; see Vol. 1906. 

"CALVIN, Francis N., clergyman; moved to 
Warren, O. ; see Vol. 1906. 
CAMP, Edward Augustus; see Vol. 1906. 
CAJVIPBELL, Charles, president Campbell 
Iron Co.; born, Johnstown, N. Y., June 29, 
1843; son of .lohn S. and Margaret (McVean) 
(.'ampbell; educated in the public schools of 
Wisconsin; married, Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 
14, 1877, Emma J. Webster; children: Emma 
M. (Mrs. Lee A. McLean), Stuart, Charles, 
.)r. From 1865 to 1876 was employed with 
Benjamin Y''oung, Milwaukee; came to St. 
Louis, 1876, and was connected with Water- 
man Bros. & Co., which later became the Wa- 
terman, Campbell Iron Co., and afterward the 
Campbell Iron Co., wholesale iron, steel and 
wagon material, of which is president. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Club: Missouri Ath- 
letic. Recreation: traveling. Office: 809 Cass 
Ave. Residence: 5841 Julian Ave. 

CAMPBELL, Edward Taylor, president 
American Central Insurance Co.; born, Prince- 
ton, Ky., Sept. 25, 1861; son of Edward P. 
and Caroline E. (Taylor) Campbell; educated 
at Bethany College and in law department of 
Cumberland University; married, Lebanon, 
Tenn., Dec. 16, 1881, Alice Gary Pennebaker; 
children: Edwin Taylor, Lucile Gary (Mrs. B. 
G. Chapman, Jr.). Entered service of Ger- 
man-American Insurance Co. of New Y^'ork 
as special agent and adjuster, in April, 1886; 
retired to engage in local insurance business 
at Kansas City, 1890; appointed, 1892, resi- 
dent secretary of North British and Mercan- 
tile Insurance Co. and advanced to general 
agent of that company, with residence in New 
Y^ork, 1892-94; appointed assistant secretary 
American Central Insurance Co. of St. Louis, 
Sept. 1, 1894, first vice president, 1903-08, 
president since January, 1908. Director of 
Mercantile Fire and Marine Insurance Co. of 
Boston; director National Bank of Commerce, 
St. Louis, Southern Surety Co. of St. Louis 
and Muskogee, Okla. Democrat. Formerly 
member Company D, Third Regiment, Ken- 
tucky State Guard. Member St. John's M. E. 
Church. Clubs: St. Louis, Commercial, Noon- 
day, Mercantile, Glen Echo Country. Office: 
Odd Fellows Bldg. Residence: 6119 Kings- 
berry Ave. 

CAMPBELL, Given, Jr., ])hysician; born, 
New Orleans, Dec. 18, 1867; son of Given and 
Sue Betty (Woods) Campbell; educated pub- 
lic schools; Smith Academy, one year; Manual 
Training School, one year; Kentucky Military 
Institute, one year; Pennsylvania Military 
Academy, Chester, Pa.; M.D., St. Louis Med- 
ical College, 1889; post-graduate work in 



Kiug "s College, Loudon, England, Paris, 
France, and Columbia University, New York 
City; mairied, St. Louis, Oct. 30, 1900, Sarah 
^Vinter Brvson; one child: Given Campbell, 
III, born Nov. 1, 1910. Interne St. Louis City 
Hospital, 1SS9-90; assistant physician St. 
Louis Insane Asylum, two years, 1890-91; stud- 
ied in London and Paris one year, 1891-92; in 
general practice at St. Louis, 1892-1905; has 
specialized in diseases of the nervous system 
since 1905. Democrat. Presbyterian. Member 
American Neurological Association, St. Louis 
Neurological Association (secretary), Medical 
Society City Hospital Alumni (ex-president), 
St. Louis Medical Society. Recreation: motor- 
ing. Office and Eesidence: 5165 Washington 

CAMPBELL, James, capitalist; born, Ire- 
land, Apr. 4, 1848; came to United States 
when two years old; lived at Wheeling, W. 
Ya.; educated in private schools; married, 
18S2, Florence A. Platener; one daughter: 
Lois. At age of eleven was employed in gro- 
cery store and at outbreak of Civil War be- 
came attached to General Fremont's staff as 
messenger; after the war, went to New York, 
and in 1866 came to St. Louis and was identi- 
fied with surveying and engineering until 
]S76; then engaged in bond and stock transac- 
tions, anil later became interested in street 
railways and other utility corporations. Di- 
rector Eejpublic Iron and Steel Co.. etc. Di- 
rector and member executive committee Lou- 
isiana Purchase Exposition. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Noonday. Glen Echo, Eacquet. Office: 441 
Olive St. Residence: 2 Westmoreland Place. 

CAMPBELL, James Alexander, oculist and 
and aurist; born, Platteville, Wis., Jan. 12, 
1847; son of Dr. James C. and Permelia C. 
(Oliver) Campbell; graduated from St. Louis 
High School, 1867; M.D., Homoeopathic Medical 
College of Missouri, 1869; post-graduate course 
in St. Louis University, also courses at Berlin, 
Yienna and Paris, 1872-73; married, St. Louis, 
Sept. 15, 1880, Eva B. Burden; children: Roy 
Alexander, Marjorie Evelyn, Ealph Burden. 
Began in general practice in St. Louis, 1869; 
later practice limited to eye and ear. Profes- 
sor of chemistry in Homa'opathic Medical 
College of Missouri, 1869-72, professor of oph- 
thalmology and otology in same since 1878. 
President of Honitt'0])atliic ^ledii-al College of 
Missouri for ten vears; oculist and aurist to 
St. Louis Children's Hospital, 1879-1910, to 
Good Samaritan Hos])ital, 1878-98, and to 
Girls' Industrial Home. Member .\merican 
Institute of Homfropathy, National Homonopa- 
tliic Ojihthalmological, Otological and Larvn- 
gological .Assoi-iation, Missouri Institute of 
Homeopathy, Academy Science, St. Louis. 
Protestant. ^lember Soiis of the Revolution, 
T^egion of Honor, Roval Arcanum. ]\Iason, 
Knight Templar. Oflice: 206-207 Mermod-Jac- 
card Bldg. Residence: 5097 Washington Ave. 

CAMPBELL, James Campbell, lawyer; 
born, St. Louis, Nov. 13, lss2; son of Given 
and Susan Elizabeth (Woods) Campbell; grad- 
uated from Smith Academy, 1900; student 
Y'estminster College, 1900-02, University of 
Yirginia, 1902-05; married. New York Citv, 
July 23, 1910, Hilde Depp; one child: James 
C. Admitted to Missouri bar, 1905, and since 
in practice at St. Louis. President Lawyers' 
Investment Co., Comet Realty and Investment 
Co.; secretary Jackson Park Eealtj- Co. Mem- 
ber St. Louis Bar Association. Democrat. 
Presbyterian. Member Beta Theta Pi college 
fraternity. Club: City. Office: 1811 Third Na- 
tional Bank Bldg. Eesidence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

CAMPBELL, Oliver Howard, physician; 
born, Germantown, Pa., July 26, 1871; son of 
James E. and Mary Eliza (Douglas) Camp- 
bell; educated in public schools, LTuiversity of 
Kansas, Washington University Medical 
School, M.D., 1899; unmarried. Engaged in 
general practice of medicine in St. Louis since 
1899; member staff Bethesda Foundling Home; 
instructor Medical Department, Washington 
University. Member City Hospital Alumni 
Medical Society, St. Louis Medical Society. 
Episcopalian. Becreation: tennis. Office and 
Residence: 3542 Washington Ave. 

CAMPBELL, Robert A., railwav official; 
born. Mason, 111., Apr. 13, 1854; son of Wil- 
liam M. and Anna C. (Foster) Campbell; edu- 
cated in public schools, Mason; married, Viu- 
ceunes, Ind., Dec. 27, 1876, Isadora Scott; 
children: Walter Scott, Una Bell. Begau rail- 
wav service as telegraph operator, Illinois 
Central R. R. at Odin, 111., 1872-74; clerk in 
freight office, Evansville & Terre Haute E. R. 
at Yincennes, 1874-77, chief clerk to general 
freight agent at Evansville, Ind., 1877-79; 
agent at Yincennes, 1879-82, traveling freight 
agent, 1882-83, same road; general agent same 
road and Chicago & Eastern Illinois R. R. at 
Terre Haute, Ind., 1883-91; general passenger 
agent livansville & Terre Haute R. R., Evans- 
ville & Indianapolis and Louisville, Evansville 
(Sir St. Louis Consolidated railroads, and Peoria, 
Decatur & Evansville Ry., 1891-93; general 
freight and passenger agent Louisville, Ev- 
ansville & St. Louis Consolidated R. R. and 
Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Ry., 1893-94; 
general freight and passenger agent Louis- 
ville, Evansville it St. Louis Consolidated Ry., 
1894 to Jan. 1, 1901; assistant general freight 
agent Southern Ry., Jan. 1, 1901-Jan. 1, 1908; 
since general freight agent. Also from Mar. 1, 
19(15, to Mar. 1, 1910, manager Asheville Line 
Routes, at St. Louis. Republican. Methodist. 
:\[ason (32°, Scottish Rite), Knight Templar, 
Sliriner (^loolali Tem]de). Member American 
.Xssociation of Freight Trafhc Officers. Clubs: 
Missouri Athletic, Mercantile, St. Louis Eail- 
way. The Traffic of St. Louis, The Traffif* of 
Chicago. Office: Chemical Bldg. Eesidence: 
5457 Yon Yersen Ave. 

Tin-: I'.OOK OF ST. LonSAXS 


CAMPBELL, Robert Scott, piniios; ISCI- 
]S)liit; sec Vdl. liHiC. 

CAMPBELL, Komey George; sec \'u\. li»(i(). 

CAMPBELL, Stuart, vice president Jiml 
treasurer tlie < 'aiii|iliell Iron (Jo.; horn, St. 
Ijouis, 18S3; sou of Charles and Kninia .1. 
(Webster) Canijibell; educated jiublic scdiools, 
and Manual TrainiufX School; unmarried. He- 
jjan active career in employ of Camplxdl Iron 
Co., 1900; worked in various departments, 
now vice president and treasurer. Kei>ublican. 
Protestant. Mend)er St. Louis Association of 
Credit Men. Clubs: City, Public Question. 
Kecreation: tennis. Office: 819 Cass Ave. Kesi- 
dence: .")S;41 .luliau Ave. 

CAMPBELL, Walter Taylor, fire insuiauce; 
born, Hoplvinsville, Ky.; son of Kduard P. 
and Caroline E. (Taylor) Campbell; educated 
in public sidiools of Ilopkinsville, South 
Kentucky College and Ferrall 's Academy, 
Hopkinsville; unmarried. Bejjan business ca- 
reer in em])loy of the Bank of Hopkinsville, 
of which father was president; then was in 
insurance business at Kansas City, Mo., one 
year, and at Chicago one .vear, prior to 1897, 
when came to St. Louis and engaged in fire 
insurance business; since 1905 rei)resenting 
several companies as local and general agent. 
Kepublican. Member Civic League. Clubs: 
T^ni versify, Noonday, City, Bellerive Country. 
Office: Pierce BJdg. Eesidence: Buckingham 

CAMPFIELD, Charles Henry, fire and ma- 
rine insurance; liorn, Sa\annah, (ia., June 2)5, 
is:3(); son of Charles H. and Elizabeth Augusta 
(Schellmanu) Campfield; educated in varicuis 
sidiools in Savannah, Ga., and at Eussell "s Mil- 
itary Academy, New Haven, Conn.; married, 
St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., 18o7, Josephine J. 
Campfield (cousin) ; children: George A., Kaljdi 
v.. (deceased), Clara Gihon (Mrs. W. I. Harri- 
son). Continuously engaged in fire and marine 
insurance Inisiness in St. Louis since Novem- 
ber, lS6(i. Agents Lloyds of London; corre- 
sjiondent National Board of Marine Under- 
writers of New York, Board of Underwriters 
of New York. Member St. Louis Fire Preven- 
tion Bureau, Underwriters' Salvage Cor|>s. 
Hereditary member of the Society of the ('in- 
(dnnati in the State of New Jersey, Sons of 
the Revolution, Military Order of Foreign 
Wars. Member Od<l Fellows, Legion of Honor 
of St. liOuis, Royal Arcanum, ^'avorite recre- 
ations: music and books. Office: Pierce Bldg. 
Resilience: ()974 Julian Ave. 

CANDY, Gilbert, merchant; born, Bath, 
Fnuland, Aug. IS, 18G4; son of J. B. and Ase- 
nath Candy; removed with jiarents to I'nited 
States at age of six years; educated in ])ublic 
schools; resident of St. Louis since 1880; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Ida Marcum; one (diild: Mil- 
dred Rosalind. Has been engaged in the 
candv business in St. Louis since 188.1; was 
at 215 Chestnut St. until 1902 with Candy 

Bros, ^laiiufacturing Co.; since 19()2 manager 
of the Busy Hee, retail confections. Member 
Civic League. Mason. Recreation: fishing. 
Office: 417 \. 7th St. Resilience: 5927 Clemens 

CANDY, William Edward, merchant; born, 
liuilington, la., A\>v. 2<i, 1S7:'>; son of .lohn I'., 
and Asenath (Weaver) ('aiidy; educated in 
Burlington (la.) public schools and Burlington 
Business (!ollege; married, St. Louis, Septem- 
l)er, 1902, May P. Allen; three children: Har- 
obl Weaver, Ruth Wentworth, Virginia Isa- 
bella. Resident St. Louis since 1891, entering 
the Busy Bee Candy Co., and in 1903 succeed- 
ing to present jiosition as secretary and treas- 
urer of the comi)any. Recreation: fishing. Of- 
fice: 417 N. 7th St. liesideiice: 5858 Etzel 

CANNON, John Franklin, clergyman; l)orn 
in Cabarrus Co., N. C, Jan. 3, 1851; son of 
John Maxwell and Eliza Deborah (Robinson) 
('annon; graduated from Davidson College, 
North Carolina, A.B., 18(59, post-graduate 
course. Tiniversity of Virginia, 1869-70; grad- 
uated from Union Theological Seminary, Vir- 
ginia, 187."!; (]).!)., Southwestern Presbyterian 
University, 1888); married, Clarksville, Tenn., 
Feb. 24, 1880, Mary Lupton; children: Julia, 
John Franklin, Jr., Mary L. Licensed, May, 
1873, ordained, October, 1873, to ministry of 
Presbyterian Church of the United States 
(Presbyterian Church, South); pastor of 
Presbyterian Church, Leesburg, Va., 1873-81, 
Shelbyville. Tenn.. 1881-88; since November, 
1888, pastor (irand Avenue Presbyterian 
Church, St. Louis. Was moderator (jleneral 
Assembly, Presbvterian C'hurch of the Ignited 
States, 1899. Democrat. Address: 3540 Pino 

CANNON, Thomas Doherty, lawyer; born, 
Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland, Feb. 14, 
18(5(5; son of Patrick and Jiridget (Doherty) 
Cannon; educated in National School of na- 
tive town until sixteenth year, also by uncle, 
Rev. l'''rancis B. Cannon, and at Jones Commer- 
cial College, St. Louis, and St. Louis Law 
School; married, 1908, jMarguerite Carroll, of 
Norfolk, Va. Landed at Castle (iarden a few 
days after sixteenth birthday; first employed 
in Western Union Telegraph Co. 's office at 
Union City, Tnd., as messenger, ^lay 1. 1882; 
learned telegrajdiy in odd moments; admitted 
to bar, June, 1895, St. Louis Circuit Court, 
and since engaged in jiractice. Member fac- 
ulty St. Louis University Institute of Law. 
Member St. Louis Bar -Association, Law Li- 
brary Association, St. Louis. Catholic. Re]>ub- 
lican. Member Young Men's Sodality of St. 
Louis U'niversitv. Clul): Citv. Office: Suite 
418-419 Liggett' P.ldg. Ri-sidence: 5092 Ken- 
sington .\V(>. 

CAPEN, Charles Pond, president Capen 
Belting and Rublier Co.; born, St. Louis, Dec. 
4, 1877; son of George D. and Frances Isa- 



bella (Pond) Capen: educated in Smith Acad- 
emy, St. Louis, St. Paul "s S(;hool, Concord, 
N. H., and Yale University, A.B., 1900; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, January, 1904, Clara Stegall; 
twin children: Frances Wentwoith and Laura 
Weldon. Since 1900 engaged in business in 
St. Louis; about 1903 was elected president 
and manager of Capen Belting and Eubber 
Co., distributers of belting, mechanical rubber 
goods, engine packings and fire protection. 
Member Civic League. Mason (Blue Lodge, 
Chapter, Comniandery and Shrine). Clubs: 
City, Kings Lake Hunting and Fishing. Office: 
COT. Main and Chestnut Sts. Residence: 4701 
Westminster Place. 

CAPEN, George Henry, insurance; born, St. 
Louis, Sept. 3, 1S6S; son of George D. and 
Frances Isabella (Pond) Capen; educated at 
Smith Academy, St. Louis, and Yale Univer- 
sity, class of 1890, and St. Louis Law School; 
married, Cairo, 111., Nov. 7, 1893, Lila Halli- 
day; children: Lila, Esther Halliday. Ad- 
mitted to St. Louis bar in 1892, then entered 
fire insurance office of George D. Capen & Co. 
and in same year became a partner in the firm 
and so continues. Also director H. L. Halli- 
day Milling Co., of Cairo, 111. Member Mer- 
chants' Exchange. Eepublican. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Noonday. Office: Pierce Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: 4920 McPherson Ave. 

CAPEN, Samuel Davis, fire insurance; born, 
St. Louis, Mar. 28, 1863; son of George D. and 
Frances Isabella (Pond) Capen; educated at 
Smith Academy, St. Louis; graduated from 
Yale University, A.B., 1885, Harvard Law 
School, LL.B., 1888; married, Milwaukee, Wis., 
Sept. 24, 1890, Effie Houghton; children: Ada- 
line, Frances Isabel, Lucile, Samuel Davis, Jr. 
Was with the Phenix Insurance Co., of Brook- 
lyn, as adjuster in Chicago office of the com- 
pany, 1888-93; removed to St. Louis, 1893, 
and in the same year became member of firm 
of George T>. Capen & Co., general fire insur- 
ance agents and brokers. Also president Capen 
Motor Car Co.; director Boatmen's Bank. 
Member Merchants ' Exchange, Business Men 's 
League. Eepublican. Presbyterian. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Noonday, Eacquet, Automobile. Office: 
1406 Pierce Bldg. Eesidence: Wentworth Ter- 
race, Clayton, Mo. 

CAPIiAN, Leo, phj'sician; born, Kovno, 
Eussia, May 27, 1865; son of Benjamin and 
Mary Caplan; educated in public and high 
schools in Eussia, and Uni\'ersity of Vienna, 
Austria, M.D., 1891; married, Vienna, 1892, 
Julia Levinson. Came to St. Louis from Aus- 
tria, November, 1893, and has since engaged in 
practice in this city. Member St. Louis Med- 
ical Society, Missouri State jSIedical Associa- 
tion, American Medical Association, Academy 
of Laryngology and Otology. Club: Missouri 
Athletic. Office: 4500 Olive St. Eesidence: 
5224 Delmar Ave. 

CARD, Edward Albert, superintendent St. 
Louis City Eescue Mission; born, Windsor, 
Nova Scotia, Oct. 16, 1852; son of Charles 
William and Caroline (Dymond) Card; edu- 
cated in common schools to fifteen; married, 
Chicago, Dec. 24, 1876, Mary Alice Mills; three 
children: Clarence William, George Dymond, 
Olive Caroline (Mrs. S. Edgar Cope, of Spring- 
field, Mo.). Began business career as a boy on 
his father's boat at Windsor, Nova Scotia, as 
a fisherman, continuing until twenty years of 
age; came to United States July 5, 1872; first 
fjosition was with John Featherstone 's foun- 
dry company, of Chicago, 1872-73; then with 
AY. C. Eitchie, paper box manufacturer, 1873- 
76; entered employ of United States Express 
Co., first as porter, later conductor on wagon 
service, then solicitor at Chicago, 1876-1902. 
Promoted to general agent United States Ex- 
press Co. at St. Louis, 1902; resigned, 1903, to 
become superintendent of the St. Louis City 
Eescue Mission. Eepublican. Member Meth- 
odist Church, South. Member Garden City 
Lodge No. 141, A. F. & A. M., Chicago. Club: 
Masonic. Eecreation: attending annual meet- 
ing of the Bible Conference at Winona Lake, 
Ind. Office: 616 Morgan St. Eesidence: 4265 
Cleveland Ave. 

CARL, Otto, lawj^er; born, Havana, 111., 
Mar. 1, 1859; son of August and Martha 
(Martin) Carl; educated in public schools, 
Havana; B.S., Notre Dame University, 1878; 
student Harvard Law School; LL.B., Washing- 
ton University Law School, 1880; married, St. 
Louis, about 1892, Sadie Flint; children: Lora 
and Carl, Jr. Admitted to bar, 1880, and since 
continuously in practice. Democrat; active 
worker in politics and has been candidate of 
party for judge of Court of Criminal Correc- 
tion, and also for circuit attorney. Mason. 
Clubs: Million Population, Good Fellowship 
(of King's Highway Presbyterian Church). 
Office: 318 N. 8th St. Eesidence: 5745 Clem- 
ens Ave. 

CARLETON, Jesse L., wholesale dry goods; 
born, Cumberland, Md., Aug. 20, 1862; son of 
Henry Dunlap and Mary Ellen (Boogher) 
Carleton; educated in public schools and Nor- 
mal School, Cumberland; married, St. Louis, 
Feb. 27, ]895, Sarah M. Legat; one daughter: 
Frances Ellen. Came from farm in Cumber- 
land, Md., in 1883, at age of 20, and took posi- 
tion of stock clerk in print department of J. 
H. Wear, Boogher Dry Goods Co., of which 
became a director in 1895, continuing as di- 
rector with that corporation and its successor, 
the Carleton Dry Goods Co. (to which it 
changed, December, 1899) to the present time. 
Began as traveling salesman in 1887 in Indian 
Territory, and later in Oklahoma and a por- 
tion of Texas, and now has three other sales- 
men connected with him in that territory. 
Also director Curlee Clothing Co. Southern 
Methodist. Mason (32°), Knight Templar, 



Shririor. Chilis: Glen Echo Country (presi- 
dent), St. Louis, Mercantile, Bellerive Coun- 
try, Normandie Golf, St. Louis Country, Rac- 
()uet, Sunset Hill Country, Noonday, Aero. 
Recreation: golf. Office: Carleton Dry Goods 
Co. Kesideuee: 484 Lake Ave. 

CAKLETON, John, president Carleton Cloth- 
ing Co.; liorn, Ederny Co., Fermaugh, Ire- 
land, June 1', 18(38; son of John and Jsabella 
(Maguire) Carleton; attended the Black Bog 
National School, Ederny Co., Ferniaugh, 1875- 
86; later took an academic course in the 
Model School, Oniagh Co., Tyrone, graduating 
Dec. 1, ISSS; married, St. Louis, Feb. 17, 1898, 
Helen Cahill; three children: Helen M., John 
,1. and William P. Arrived in America Mar. 
L'O, 1890; was secretary and general manager 
of the McGuire Clothing Co., St. Louis, 1892- 
1905; organized the Carleton Clotliing Co., 
Dec. 1, 1905, and has since been its president 
and treasurer. Republican. Roman Catholic. 
Recreations: hunting and fishing. Offices: 823- 
S25 Washington Ave. Residence: l.")91 Temple 

CARLETON, Murray, wholesale ihy goods 
merchant; born, Cumberland, Md., Sept. 1, 
1S52; son of Henry D. and Mary Ellen (Boo- 
gher) Carleton; educated in common schools, 
• ind later one year high school; married, St. 
Louis, June 26, 1884, Annie Laurie Hays; 
children: Murray, Jr., Susan Rebekah, Alex- 
andria, Ruth, Dorcas, Hope Dunlap, Esther 
Mayne, Patricia, Annie Laurie. Entered of- 
fice of Alleghanian (newspaper), Cumberland, 
Md., at thirteen years; worked at printing 
business for five years; then attended high 
school one year; came to St. Louis, July, 
1873; entered employ of Henry Bell & Son. 
wholesale dry goods, first as an employe at 
$25 per month, and has continued with same 
house and its successors ever since — J. IL 
Wear, Boogher & Co., Wear & Boogher Dry 
Coods Co., and Carleton Dry Goods Co., of 
which is now president. Vice president Boat- 
men's Bank; director United Railways Co., 
l.aclede Gas Co., Mississippi Valley Trust Co., 
Title Guarantee Trust Co., and one of the 
trustees of the Robert Barnes Estate. Mem- 
ber Merchants' Exchange, Business Men's 
licague. Member M. E. Church, South. Trustee 
Y. M. C. A. Clubs: Log Cabin, Noonday, St. 
Louis, St. Louis Country, Glen Echo, Com- 
mercial. Office: Washington Ave and 12th St. 
Residence: 4511 Lindell Ave. (after Oct. 1, 

*CAELIN, James L. D., business manager; 
now living in New York; see Vol. 1906. 

*CARLISLE, Samuel Stewart, grain dealer: 
moved to Omaha, Nel).; see Vol. 1906. 

CARMACK, Frank Owen; see Vol. 1906. 

CARPENTER, Abram MUler; 1834-1907; 
see Vol. 1906. 

CARPENTER, George Oliver, resident man- 
ager N;ilio)ial Jicad Co.; born, Wakefield, 
]\lass., Feb. 17, 1852; son of George Oliver 
and iVfaria J. (Emerson) Carpenter; educated 
Park Latin School and English High School, 
Boston, and special course, 1869-70, in Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology; married, 
Boston, Apr. 7, 1880, Caroline G. Greeley; chil- 
dren: George Oliver, Jr., Kenneth Greeley. 
Came to St. Louis, 1870, and began business 
career with St. Louis Lead and Oil Co. as 
entry clerk; filled, successively, all office posi- 
tions, also chemical work in the laboratory 
and assistant superintendent of works; was 
made secretary of the company in 1876, and 
later vice president, and president in 1890. 
National Lead Co. was formed in 1891, pur- 
chasing St. Louis Lead and Oil Co., Collier 
White Lead and Oil Co. and Southern White 
Lead Co. (all of St. Louis) and other concerns 
elsewhere; since that time in charge of the 
l)usiness of the company at St. Louis, and 
director National licad Co. Vice president St. 
Louis Smelting and Refining Co.; director Na- 
tional Bank of Commerce, Commonwealth 
Trust Co. (member executive committee.) Re- 
]iublican. AVas adjutant St. Louis National 
Guard, captain Co. C, same, and colonel First 
Regiment, Missouri National Guard, 1880-81. 
President St. Louis Public Library. Member 
])oard of directors Washington University, 
board of control Manual Training School. Uni- 
tarian. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Univer- 
sity, Country, Commercial, Round Table. Rec- 
reation: traveling. Office: Liggett Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 12 Portland PI. 

CARPENTER, Crecrge Oliver, Jr., con- 
tractor; born, St. Louis, Aug. 24, 1881; son of 
George Oliver and Caroline Oilman (Greeley) 
Carpenter; educated in Lachmund School, St. 
Louis; Volkmann School, Boston; Harvard 
Universitj', A.B., 1902; married, Deephaven, 
]\[inn., February, 1911, Marj' Douglas, of St. 
Louis. In general insurance business with firm 
of W. H. Markham & Co. until Mar. 1, 1910; 
since secretary Unit Construction Co. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Noonday, University, City, St. 
Louis Country. Office: 801 Liggett Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 5153 Waterman Ave. 

CARPENTER, James Burton, business man- 
ager; born, Dixon, Lee Co., 111., Sept. 10, 1842; 
son of Burton and ]\rary P. (Richards) Car- 
penter; educated, public and private schools 
of Griggsville, Pike Co., 111.; married, Perry, 
Pike Co., Apr. 24, 1866, Delia Ayres; six chil- 
dren: Charles D. (deceased), Mary C. (Mrs. 
W. W. Howell), Maude (Mrs. L P. Y^ounglove), 
Nellie R. (Mrs. A. J. Austin), Clara L. (Mrs. 
.1. M. Tompsett) and Fred Green. Was con- 
nected with the United States claim agency, 
February, 1866-April, 1867; teller and assist- 
ant cashier First National Bank, Knoxville, 
Tenn., until April, 1870; appointed manager 
for Singer Manufacturing Co., Nashville and 



Memphis, Tenn., 1870, so continuing until 
July, 1885; since manager wholesale ilepart- 
ment same company, at St. Louis. Enlisted 
August, 1862, in Co. B, lOod Eegiment, Ohio 
Volunteers; commissioned first lieutenant, 
First Tennessee Artillery, Sept. 17, 1863; ord- 
nance officer. Fourth Division Cavalry Corps, 
first ]iart of 1864; then with Governor's Guard 
of Tennessee until resigned to enter business, 
February, 1865. Democrat. Member Loyal Le- 
gion, Royal Arcanum. Author: History of the 
Burton Carpenter Family, 1785 to 1907. Rec- 
reation: billiards. Office: Room 1018 Holland 
Bldg. Residence: 4403 Morgan St. 

CARPENTER, James M., real estate; de- 
ceased: see Vol. 19116. 

CARPENTER, Wilbur Marvin, M.D.; see 

Vol. liMKi. 

CARPENTER, William Guy, lawyer; born, 
Macoupin Co., 111., Dec. 20, 1872; son of Nor- 
man C. and Sophia (Beniou) Carpenter; se- 
cured common and high school education and 
then attended the State Normal School, Nor- 
mal, 111., later becoming a student at Univer- 
sity of Chicago; matriculated in St. Louis 
Law School (Washington University), grad- 
uating with degree of LL.B., 1901; married, 
St. Louis, Feb. 1, 1905, Josephine Wilcox; two 
children: Frank Leland and Dorothy. Ad- 
mitted to Missouri bar, 1901, and has since 
engaged in general practice at St. Louis. In- 
dei)endent in politics. Presbyterian. Club: 
City. Recreation: outdoor diversions. Office: 
Sei-urity Bldg. Residence: 7413 Murdock Ave. 

CARR, Alfred Chambers, fire underwriter; 
born, St. Louis, Jan. 12, 1870; son of Alfred 
and Angelica Charlotta (Yeatman) Carr; edu- 
cateil in public schools of St. Louis and Wash- 
ington University; married, Austin, Tex., Jan. 
2, 1900, Maud E. Bremond; one son: Alfred 
Chambers, Jr. With father in real estate busi- 
ness until ]\[ar. 1, 1894, when with brother 
Charles Yeatman Carr, engaged under firm 
name of Carr Brothers, in fire insurance 
agency business, as representative of several 
strong companies. Democrat. Member Mer- 
chants' Exchange. Recreation: outdoor diver- 
sions. Office: 204 N. Third St. Residence: 
5719 Cabanne Ave. 

CARR, Charles Yeatman, insuiancc under- 
writer; l)orn, Glencoe, Mo., Sept. 18, 1872; son 
of Alfred and Aiigelica Charlotta (Yeatman) 
Carr; educated at Smith Academy, St. Louis, 
and at Eastman College. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
grarluating 1S91; married, St. Louis, Mar. 15, 
]S99, Virginia Scuilder. Has been engaged in 
tlie insurance business since Jan. .">, 1893, and 
since Mar. 1, 1894, has with Alfred Carr, con- 
ihicted the insurance agency of Carr Brothers. 
I'rcsident Yr-atinan Realty Co.; secietaiy ancl 
general managcM- ^Tanufacturers ' Kqui]>ment 
Co.; director L'nited Elevator and Grain Co. 
Was president of Carr-McGrew Scale Co., 1901- 

02. Member Merchants ' Exchange. Democrat. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Me- 
raniec Canoe, St. Francis Hunting and' Fish- 
ing. Recreations: hunting and fishing. Office: 
204 N. 3d St. Residence: Glencoe, Mo. 

CARR, Dabney; 1831-1907; see Vol. 1906. 

*CARR, John H., insurance; moved to Chi- 
cago; see Vol. 1906. 

CARR, Joseph Samuel, cashier Chippewa 
Bank; born, Howard Co., Mo., Nov. 11, 1877; 
son of Dr. Wasliington Means and Bettie 
(Rice) Carr; educated in common schools and 
later became a student of normal school at 
Kirksville and at Stanberry, Mo.; unmarried. 
At seventeen years of age became connected 
with the Farmers ' and Merchants ' Bank, of 
Center, Mo., advancing to position of cashier 
at age of nineteen; came to St. Louis, 1906, 
and organized the Chippewa Bank, of which 
has since been cashier and member board of 
directors. Democrat. IMember Christian (Dis- 
ciples) Church. Mason; member Knights of 
Pythias, B. P. O. Elks. Clubs: St. Lours, Mer- 
cantile, Liederkranz, Bankers'. Recreation: 
hunting. Office: 3801 S. Broadwav. Residence: 
3635 Humphrey St. 

CARR, Peyton T., president Kehlor Flour 
Mills Co.; born, St. Louis, Nov. 24, 1S64; son 
of Alfred and Angelica C. (Yeatman) Carr; 
educated in public schools. Smith Academy 
and Washington University, graduating in 
first class in the Manual Training School of 
the university; married, St. Louis, Nov. 15, 
1893, Josephine Kehlor; three children: James 
Kehlor, Peyton T., Jr., Jessie Josephine. Be- 
gan active career in machine shops of Frisco 
Ry., continuing for two years; then joined 
father in real estate business as junior part- 
ner of the firm; elected vice president and 
general manager Citizens Insurance Co. of 
Missouri, 1895, remaining with the company 
until sold out to Hartford Insurance Co. of 
Connecticut in 1898; president United Ele- 
vator and Grain Co., JMarch, 1900-Sept. 17, 
1907; president Kehlor Flour Alills Co. since 
1906, plant having a capacity of 3,000 barrels 
per day. Member St. Louis ]\[erchants' Ex- 
change, Business Men 's League. Democrat. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, St. 
Louis Country, Bellerive, Racquet, City. Rec- 
reations: golf and motoring. Office: 402 Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Residence: <i2 Vande\'enter 

CARR, Thomas Percy, lawyer; born, Han- 
nibal, Mo., Mar. 27, 1871; son of Judge James 
and Marv (Hardv) Carr; graduated St. Louis 
High School, 1889; St. Louis University, A.B., 
1891; St. Louis Law School (Washington Uni- 
versity), LL.B., 1892; married, Cripple Creek, 
Colo., July 15, 1902, Zola Tucker; one daugh- 
ter: Eleanor. Began ]iractice, 1892, member of 
law firm of Carr & Carr, continuing two years; 
incinluM' of firm of .Martin, Bass «& Carr, 1894- 



V')\ a^aiii iikmiiIkm- of Carr & Carr, siiieo lS9(i. 
.Mciuhor yt. Louis Bar Association, St. Louis 
Law Library Association. Democrat. Presby- 
terian; jiresident board of trustees Kicliniond 
lleiijlits Presbyterian Cliurch. Serveil three 
years in Co. "O, First Hef,nment, National 
(Juar.l of Missouri (Branch (Juards), lS92-!t."). 
Recreation: horsebaclv ridiii-i. Office: Koe 
Bid;.'.. ")n» i'iiie St. Kesidence: Bellevue Ave. 
and'"Ariiiii;ton Boul., Richmond Heiyhts. 

CARROLL, John Bryce, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, Sept. 1.'!, ISTO; son of ('aid. John AV. 
and HeUe (Castleman) Carroll; educatetl in 
Stoddard School, Foster's Academy, Manual 
Trainin<; School and Benton College of Law; 
married, Kansas City, Mo., .lune 12, LSOo, 
Marv J. Baltz; children: John Bryce, Lee 
Craiit. Kngaiied in general practice of law in 
St. Louis since May, 1S9<), with Lee W. Grant 
and Pierre B. Kennedy, in law firm of Grant, 
Carroll & Kennedy. ]')emocrat. Presbyterian. 
Ollice: Carletou Bidg. Residence: St. Louis Co. 

CARROLL, John Haydock, lawyer; born in 
Erie Co., X. v., -lune 27, 1S57; son of Michael 
and Margaret Carroll; educateil in Quaker 
schools in Ohio. ISSO; married, Lynchburg, O., 
ISSO, Priscilla Woodrow; chiblren: John H., 
Jr.. Frances M. Admitted to Ohio bar, Decem- 
ber, ISSO, and to :Missouri l)ar at Unionville, 
Mo., ISSl; engaged in practice ever since; 
was prosecuting attorney of Putnam Co., Mo., 
iss.i-.sit; since LS99 in practice in St. Louis; 
now general attorney for the Chicago, Bur- 
linuton & Quincy R. R. Co., Northern Pacific 
l{y. Co. and the Great Northern Ry. Co. Also 
jiresident of the Yinsonhaler Shoe Co., whole- 
sale dealers in fine shoes. Democrat; was col- 
onel on the staff of Governor D. R. Francis. 
Delegate to Democratic National conventions, 
ISSS and 1900; alternate-at-large to the Demo- 
cratic National Convention, 1892, and has 
been delegate to many state conventions. 
:Member Missouri State Bar Association. j\[a- 
son (;12°). Clubs: Cabanne, St. Louis Field, 
Glen Kcho Country, .Mercantile, St. Louis, 
Noonday. Office: New National Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg. Residence: .■)465 Delmar Boul. 

CARROLL, Joseph Charles, retired; born, 
New York City, :Mar. 2'), 1847; son of John 
and Mary (Farrell) Carroll; educated in 
l.'liode Island ])ublic schools; married, George- 
town, 1). C, Feb. 10, 1874, Eleanor Agatha 
Simms; six children: Joseph C, Jr., John H., 
An.lrew J., Agnes M. (Mrs. Thomas D. Can- 
non), :M. Eleanora, Ruth. Was business man- 
ager of the Evening News, Norfolk, Va., also 
engaged in the real estate and insurance busi- 
n(>ss there. Elected suiireme trustee, Catholic 
Knights of America, 1S91, supreme secretary, 
1S9.")-1901; removed to St. Louis from Nor- 
fidk, Va., 1900; elected, 1901, and reelected, 
.Inly, 1905, supreme treasurer. Catholic 
Knights of America, so continuing until 1909, 

when retired. Catholic. Residence: 5042 ^la- 
pie .\ve. 

CARROLL, 'Winfield S., president Forbes 
Bros. Tea & Spice Co.; born, Dayton, O., June 
1.1, 1848; son of John Carroll; public school 
education; nuirried, Aug. 11, 188<j, iMiss Lizzie 
A. McDonald, of Boston, :\Lass. (who died 
Mar. 10, 1911). Began as a traveling salesman, 
at St. Louis, 1878; became connected with 
P^jrbes Bros. Tea and Sjiice Co., 1878, of 
which was vice president, 1911-12; president 
siiu-e January, 1912. Independent Republican. 
Protestant. Member United Commercial Trav- 
elers ' Association. Office: 112-116 Locust St. 
R(^sidenc(>: 4125 .McPherson Ave. 

CARSON, Gibbon William, physician; born 
in Washington Co., Mo., July 8, 1854; son of 
James A. and Mary H. (Wingo) Carson; edu- 
cated in public schools of Washington Co., 
Mo.; Bellevue College, Caledonia, Mo., 1872; 
Westminster College, Fulton, Mo., A.B., 1874 
(Sc.D., 1903); Missouri Medical College, St. 
Louis, M.D., 1878; married, Fulton, Mo., Oct. 
2, 1879, Bettie N. King; one son: Gibbon King 
Carson (died in infancy). Assistant in City 
Hospital and Asylum, City Dispensary physi- 
cian and secretary of Board of Health, 1878- 
85. Engaged in general practice in St. Louis 
from graduation. Member American Medical 
Association, Missouri State Medical Associa- 
tion, St. Louis Me<lical Society, Missouri Med- 
ical College Alumni Association, Westminster 
College Alumni. Democrat. Trustee Grand 
Avenue Presbyterian Church. Mason; Past 
]\raster Blue Lodge, Past Grand High Priest 
Royal Arch Chapter, Past Illustrious Master, 
Past Master Royal and Select Masters, Past 
Grand Commander Knights Templar. Recrea- 
tion: baseball. Oflice: 301 Century Bldg. Res- 
idence: 4104 W. Pine Boul. 

CARSON, Norman Bruce, physician; born, 
Somerset, Pa., Nov. 9, 1844; son of James O. 
and Barbara (Bruce) Carson; educated in pri- 
vate schools, Washington University and St. 
Louis Medical College, M.D., 1868; married, 
St. Louis, Apr. 23, 1888, Susan Reese Glas- 
gow; one son, William B. Since graduation, 
iviarch, 1868, continuously engaged in general 
practice of medicine and surgery in St. Louis. 
Meml)er American Surgical Association, Amer- 
ican Genito-I'rological Association, Interna- 
tional Surgical Association, St. Louis Surgical 
Society, American Medical Association, Mis- 
souri State Medical Association, St. Louis 
Medical Society. Club: University. Recrea- 
tions: hunting and fishing. Office: Humboldt 
Bldg. Residence: 4379 Westminster PI. 

CARTER, Charles Haynie, real estate and 
building; born, Conio, Panola Co., ^liss., Dec. 
27, 1860; son of Richard Thomas and Sarah 
J. (Gilchrist) Carter; educated in private 
schools, Panola Co., to 1876; married, St. 
I.iOuis, June 5, 1906. After leaving school as- 



sisted on plantations until 1S82. Began active 
career at Fort Smith, Ark., and points in 
Texas, engaging in real estate business, 1882- 
85; then purchased timber lands and operated 
saw mill in partnership with his brother-in- 
law, W. C. Swoope, of Memphis, Tenn., in Lin- 
coln and Desha counties, Ark., 1885-90; with 
E. E. Meacham conducted real estate business 
at Memphis, Tenn., 1890-93; removed to St. 
Louis, June 1, 1893, and dissolved partner- 
ship, 1896. Conducted general realty and 
building alone until 1903; partner in firm of 
Carter-Cowen-Evers Eealty Co., 1903-06; treas- 
urer Fraternal Home Hotel Co. during World's 
Fair, 1903-05; organized Como Eealty, Finan- 
cial & Building Co., 1906, and subdivided and 
sold tract called King's Heights; now owner 
Shirley Hills and Maple Place subdivisions, 
doing business as Charles H. Carter. Member 
St. Louis Keal Estate Exchange. Democrat. 
Episcopalian. Member Knights of Pythias, 
Knights of Khorassan, Mississippi Society of 
St. Louis. Eecreations: automobiling and 
hunting. Office: 309 Liggett Bldg. Eesidence: 
913 Bayard Ave. 

CAETER, Edwin Farnham, business man- 
ager; born, Farmiugton, Mo., May 24, 1877; 
son of William and Maria (McHvaine) Car- 
ter; graduated St. Louis Manual Training 
School, 1875; Washington University; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, May 12, 1906, Mary Ida Bull; 
children: Edwin F., Jr., Jesse McI. Employed 
July, 1910, by Bell Telephone Co. of Missouri, 
at St. Louis, and served, successively, as in- 
spector and chief clerk in construction de- 
partment, solicitor in right of way depart- 
ment, St. Louis canvassing agent for long 
distance lines, contract agent and commercial 
manager; resigned, May 15, 1911, and entered 
employ of Eames & Young, architects, as gen- 
eral business manager. Member American So- 
ciety Engineering Contractors, Phi Delta 
Theta fraternity. Clubs: Noonday, St. Louis, 
Citv, Missouri Athletic. Eecreations: litera- 
ture and walking. Office: 1702 Wright Bldg. 
Eesidence: 3955 Connecticut Ave. 

CARTER, Howard, phj-sieian; born at 
Monkstown, County Antrim, Ireland, July 5, 
1858; son of John T. and Grace (Larkin) Car- 
ter; early education in yjublic schools in Eng- 
land, and Eoxbury High School, Boston, 
Mass.; IM.D., Beaumont Hospital Medical Col- 
lege, St. Louis, ]893; post-graduate work at 
.Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, un- 
iler Dr. Osier, 1901; unmarried. Commercial 
traveler for wholesale dry goods house of 
Boston for ten years before taking medical 
course. Spent one year in St. Louis City Hos- 
pital, and five months in St. Louis Female 
Hospital; was appointed milk inspector by 
Mavor Walbridge, coroner's phvsician under 
Dr."E. 'M. Fnnkhouser, 1900-04; since 1899, en- 
gaged in private practice at Webster Groves, 
specializing in internal medicine. Member St. 

Louis County Medical Society, Medical So- 
ciety of City Hospital Alumni. Scottish Rite 
Mason; Master of the Kadosh, 1910-11. Office 
and Eesidence: Webster Groves, Mo. 

CARTER, John Scott, real estate; born, St. 
Louis, Aug. 1, 1871; son of Frank and Fannie 
Stone (Scott) Carter; educated in Smith 
Academy, St. Louis, and in University of Vir- 
ginia, 1890-91; married, St. Louis, Nov. 5, 
1896, Josephine H. Lane; children: John 
Scott, Jr., and Frances Lane. Engaged in real 
estate business as member of firm of Carter 
& McLanahan, 1891-96; with McNair & Har- 
ris, real estate, 1896-1902; real estate officer 
Germania Trust Co., September, 1902, to Feb- 
ruary, 1904; real estate officer Commonwealth 
Trust Co., February, 1904, to August, 1905; 
now treasurer and director McNair & Harris 
Eealty Co., real estate and financial agents. 
Independent in politics. Episcopalian. Club: 
Eacquet. Office: 8th and Locust Sts. Eesi- 
dence: 4944 Lindell Boul. 

CARTER, Lemuel Ray, grain broker; born, 
Mexico, Mo., July 29, 1874; son of T. W. and 
Mary L. (Lupton) Carter; graduated from 
Stoddard (public) School, 1883, Smith Acad- 
emy, 1894; Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific School, 
Yale University, 1897; married, St. Louis, 
1902, May Dillon; children: Elizabeth, Mary 
and Margaret (twins). In business as grain 
broker since 1897. Member St. Louis Mer- 
chants' Exchange. Methodist. Clubs: St. 
Louis Country, Eacquet, City. Office: Pierce 
Bldg. Eesidence: 5041 Waterman Ave, 

CARTER, Thomas Bailey; see Vol. 1906. 

CARTER, Thomas Whitman, grain commis- 
sion; born in Callaway Co., Mo., Feb. 28, 1849; 
son of Lemuel and Clarinda (Hisey) Carter; 
educated at State University of Missouri; 
married, Mexico, Mo., Oct. 8, 1870, Mary Lou- 
ise Lupton; children: Lemuel E., Clayton Le- 
Eoy, Clara Louise (Mrs. John W. Higgins, of 
Worcester, Mass.), Thomas W., Jr. After leav- 
ing university taught school, farmed, and was 
county surveyor of Audrain Co., six years; 
civil engineer for two years; in mercantile 
business at Mexico, Mo., for scA-eral years; in 
grain business as member of firm of Carter «fc 
Hisey; came to St. Louis, 1881, was with Bil- 
lingsley & Nanson (commission) two years; 
member of Fraley-Carter Commission Co., 
1883-88, Carter & Bowman, 1888-98; since 
1898 in business alone. Director Schultz Belt- 
ing Co. ]\[omber St. Louis Merchants' Ex- 
change. Episcopalian. Clubs: Commercial, St. 
Louis, St. Louis Country. Eecreations: golf, 
fishing and hunting. Office: 313-316 Pierce 
Bldg. Eesidence: 5 Portland PI. 

CARTER, William Francis, banker, lawyer; 
born, Farmiugton, Mo., Oct. 30, 1867; son of 
William and ^Nfaria (McHvaine) Carter; edu- 
cated in public schools at Farmington, Mo.; 
Smith Academy, St. Louis, 1882-86; Law De- 



partniont of University of Michigan, LL.B., 
1890; nuirricd, Ferguson, Mo., Nov. 1.1, 1893, 
Graee Thoroxighman; two chiiclren: Emmet 
Thoroughman and Martha Wright. Continu- 
ously engaged in practice of hiw since 1890; 
from Jan. 1, 1898, until his death, Dec. 25, 
1896, was in partnership with late Thomas 
Thoroughman under firm name of Tliorough- 
man & Carter; from Dec. 1, 1.S1I7, until Jan. 1, 
1905, was in ])artnership with Arthur N. 
Sager (former circuit attorney) as Carter & 
Sager; then senior member of Carter, Col- 
lins, Jones & Barker (Charles Cummings Col- 
lins, William T. Jones and Harry C. Barker); 
now vice president jNIercantile Trust Co., Mer- 
cantile National Bank. Member American and 
Missouri State Bar associations. Ke])ublican. 
Mason and Odd Fellow. Club: Noonday. Of- 
fices: 721 Locust St. and Third National" Bank 
Blilg. Residence: 5846 Cabanne Ave. 

CARTON, De Smet, bond and stock broker; 
born, St. Louis, Sept. 28, 1882; son of John F. 
and Helen A. (Benoist) Carton and descended 
on maternal side of ancestry dating back to 
time of Louis XIV, France; educated at St. 
Vincent's Seminary, St. Louis University, and 
Manual Training School; married Dorothy 
Shapleigh, of St. Louis, Feb. 28, 1911; one 
son: Benoist. AVas with National Bank of 
Commerce, 1900-05, since in bond and broker- 
age business. Member Missouri Historical So- 
ciety. Club: St. Louis Country. Recreation: 
golf. Ofhce: 502, 509 Olive St.' Residence: 19 
N. Taylor St. 

CARTON, J. Benoist, broker in stocks and 
bonds; born, Utica, N. Y., July 10, 1878; son 
of John F. and Helen A. (Benoist) Carton; 
educateil in St. Louis University, Smith Acad- 
emy, and Cornell University; married, Kansas 
City, ]\ro., 1901, Julia Fay Hurt; children: 
Julia Fay, Helen Benoist and ]\rary Elizabeth. 
Began business career with A. G. Edwards & 
Co., and was afterward for four years with 
the St. Louis Union Trust Co., in various ca- 
pacities, until November, 1904, then with 
Tracy & Co., as bond man, until Feb. 1, 1906; 
since member firm of Carton & Carton, stock 
brokers. Member St. Louis Stock Exchange. 
Member Delta Chi Cha]>ter of Delta Kappa 
Epsilon. Roman Catholic. Clul)s: Noonday, 
Bellerive Country. Recreations: motoring and 
aquatic sports. Office: 502 La SiiHc Bldg. Res- 
idence: 4H2S Westminster PI. 

CARTWRIGHT, Hugh Francis, first vice 
president The Banner Buggy Co.; born, Collier- 
ville, Tenn., .Tune 11, 1S77; son of Monroe 
Giddings and Laura (Cross) Cartwright; edu- 
cated in Collierville College and under pri- 
vate tutelage; married, Mexico, ^lo., Oct. 2, 
1909, Stella Robertson; one daughter: Mariella 
Robertson. At the age of twenty became con- 
nected with The Banner Buggy Co., manufac- 
turers of vehicles, with which has since been 
continuously identified; passed through vari- 

ous j)Ositions and is now vice president an<l 
general manager of the company. Member St. 
Louis Manufacturers' and Exporters' Associa- 
tion (executive board), Business Men's 
League. Democrat. Presbyterian. Member 
Masonic Order. Club: Missouri Athletic. Rec- 
reations: hunting, fishing, tennis and all out- 
door sports. Office: Main and Rutger Sts. 
Residence: 5649 Cabanne Ave. 

CASE, Clarence Theodore, lawyer; born, 
Chillicothe, :Mo., Fel). 11, 1874; son of Henry 
and Alatilda (Hofl'man) Case; graduated from 
Chillicothe High School, 1892; attended Aca- 
demic Department of Missouri State Univer- 
sity, 1893-94; principal Second Ward School, 
Chillicothe, 1895-97; student St. Louis Law- 
School, 1897-99, LL.B., 1899; married, Kirk- 
wood, Mo., Sept. 16, 1907, Alice M. Kitchen; 
one son: Theodore Jackson. In practice of 
law at St. Louis since June, 1899. Member St. 
Louis Bar Association, St. Louis Law Library 
Association. Republican. E}iiscopalian. Ma- 
son. Clubs: Mercantile, City, Public Question. 
Recreation: books. Office: Third National 
Bank Bldg. Residence: 5914 Clemens Ave. 

CASE, Willard; see Vol. 1906. 

CASEY, John Patrick, manufacturer; born. 
St. Louis, Ajir. 4, 1874; son of John and 
Ellen (Brown) Casey; educated in St. Louis 
public schools to 1885; took electrical engi- 
neering course. International Correspondence 
School, Scranton, Pa.; married, St. Louis, 
June 15, 1902, Mary E. Durkin; five children: 
John P., Jr., James, Ellen, Joseph and Marie. 
In employ Edison Electric Co., 1886-88; with 
Porter Electric Construction Co., 1888-90; with 
stock and sales department Southern Electric 
Supply Co., 1890-92; with St. Louis Electric 
Supply Co., 1892-94. Engaged with different 
contractors as inside wireman, 1894-96; super- 
intendent construction with Singer Auto Fire 
Alarm Co., 1896-98; then city and traveling 
salesman St. Louis Electric Supply Co., 1898- 
1901; traveling salesman, and subsequently 
sales manager Commercial Electric Supply Co., 
1901-11; sales manager Maloney Electric Co., 
1911-12; now president and general manager 
Eddy Arc Lamp Windlass Co., manufacturers, 
and vice president Guarantee Electric Co. 
Democrat. Catholic. Member Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Office: 816 Spruce St. Residence: 223 
Cedar St., Webster Groves, !Mo. 
CASH, Laurence Erskine; see Vol. 1906, 
CASPARI, Charles Edward, chemist; born. 
Baltimore, Apr. 9, 1875; son of Charles and 
Leslie (Heinichen) Caspari; educated in pub- 
lic schools of Baltimore, and Johns Hopkins 
University, degree of B.A., 1896, Ph.D., 1900; 
married, Baltimore, 190.'^, Emilie Ganz; three 
children: Florence L., Charles E., Jr., Emilie 
C. Instructor in chemistry, Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, 1900-1901; research chemist, 
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, St. Louis, 1901- 



0?>; professor chemistry, St. Louis College of 
Pharmacy, siuce 1903; chief chemist Meyer 
Bros. Drug Co. since 1904. Co-editor Journal 
of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. 
Member American Chemical Society, Ameri- 
can Pharmaceutical Association. Democrat. 
T'nitarian. Clul)s: Missouri Athletic, City (St. 
Louis), Chemists' (New York). Office:' 21(tS 
Locust St. Residence: 40fi() "Westminster PI. 

CASTLEMAN, Ben Tompkins, lawyer; s-ee 

Vol. I'.MKi. 

GATES, John MuUanphy, real estate; born, 
St. Louis. Feb. 11, 186-1; son of Joseph Byron 
and Catherine Jane (Clemens) Cates; grad- 
uated St. Louis University, ISSo; attended St. 
]\rary"s (Kan.) College and Georgetown Col- 
lege (Washington, D. C); married, St. Louis, 
Oct. 11, 188(i, Elizabeth Patterson La Motte; 
children: Jose]ih Byron (deceased), John La 
Motte. Lucille Mullanphy (Mrs. Francis P. 
Harclaway), Kathleen Gleudower, Joseph Sou- 
lard, Edith Elizabeth, Harriet Lane. After 
leaving college was ranching in West Texas, 
then came to St. Louis and engaged in real es- 
tate business, Apr. 15, 1890, as partner in the 
lirm of Giraldin Bros. & Cates until Oct. 1, 
19U.J, when the tirm was dissolved; siuce in 
business alone as real estate and financial 
agent under the firm name of J. Mullanphy 
Cates & Co.; ex-president of the Mullanphy 
Emigrant Relief Fund; director of the Trust 
Co. of St. Louis Co. Member St. Louis Real 
Estate Exchange. Member Missouri Council 
Knights of Columbus; ex-president Alumni 
Associatiou of St. Louis I^niversity. Catholic. 
Democrat. Club: Noonday. Favorite recrea- 
tions: hunting, fishing and golf. Office: 216 
Wainwright Bldg. Residence: 4280 Washing- 
ton Ave. Summer Residence: Normandy, Mo. 

CATHEY, James D., manufacturer; born 
near Columbia, Tenn., Sept. 4, 1872; son of 
James R. and Laura C. (Sowell) Cathey; self- 
educated; married, Newport, Ky., 1899, Louise 
W. Helm. Was engaged with brothers in lum- 
ber business in AVestern Tennessee until 1891, 
when came to St. Louis to enter the buggy 
1)usiness. In 189;:! went to Columbus, O., to en- 
ter employ of Russell E. Gardner; returned to 
St. Louis with him when he moved his vehicde 
manufacturing industries to this city in 1897; 
with liim as general manager of sales and ad- 
vertising until 1907; since jjresident Regal 
Buggy Co. Mason. Clul)s: Missouri Athletic, 
St. Louis Chess. Recreations: fishing and 
chess. Office: 1700 X. 11th St. Resilience: 
121.") Ainlierst Boul. 

CATLIN, Daniel, retired Tiianufacturer; 
born. Litidifield, Conn., Sept. -l, 18;!7; son of 
Dan ami Emily E. (Merwin) Catlin; eighth in 
ilirect descent from Thomas Catlin, who set- 
tled in Connecticut from Knglaml. Came to 
St. Louis, 1850; educateil St. Louis schools; 
married, St. Louis, 1S72, Justiua G., daughter 

of Henry Kayser, one of early settlers of St. 
Louis; children: Daniel K., Irene, Theron E., 
Emily (deceased). In 1859, became manager 
of tobacco factory established by father in 
1840, which became one of the largest tobacco 
factories in the country; incorporated, 1876, 
as Catlin Tobacco Co., of which became presi- 
dent, until, in 1898, it was merged with Amer- 
ican Tobacco Co.; since then has devoted at- 
tention to management of private interests, 
including real estate holdings, interests in 
banks and other important St. Louis enter- 
prises. For over forty years director State 
Bank, director St. Louis Trust Co., Security 
Building Co.; for many years member board 
of directors of Art School, and has assisted 
material]}- in development of interest in art in 
St. Louis. Member Business Men's League. 
Clubs: St. Louis, University, Noonday, Com- 
mercial. Recreation: travel. Office: 603 Se- 
curity Bldg. Residence: 21 Vandeventer PI. 

CATLIN, Ephron, vice president Mechanics- 
American National Bank; born, Litchfield, 
Conn., Ajir. 6, 1840; son of Dan (pioneer to- 
bacco manufacturer in St. Louis) and Emily 
Esther (Alerwin) Catlin; came to St. Louis in 
infauc}', and was educated in St. Louis public 
schools; married, St. Louis, 1880, Camilla 
Kayser; children: Ephron, Emily (Mrs. Ar- 
thur Shepley). On leaving school was appren- 
ticed to drug business, which he followed as 
wholesale and retail merchant until a few 
years ago, when retired. Elected vice presi- 
dent of the Mechanics-American National 
Bank, in 1905. Member Business Men 's 
League. Club: St. Louis. Office: 603 Security 
Bldg. Residence: 15 Vandeventer PI. 

CATLIN, Theron Ephron, ex-congressman; 
l)orn, St. Louis, 1878; son of Daniel and .Tus- 
tina G. (Kayser) Catlin; A.B., Harvard, 1899, 
LL.B., 1902; unmarried. Admitted to bar, 
1903, and since in practice at St. Louis. Mem- 
ber Missouri House of Representatives, 1907- 
09; member Sixty-second Congress, Eleventh 
Missouri District, but unseated in contest, 
August, 1912. Republican. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Racquet, Universitv, Noondav, St. Louis Coun- 
try. Oflice: Security Bldg.." 319 N. 4th St. 
Residence: 21 Vandeventer PI. 

CAULFIELD, Henry Stewart, .iudge; born, 
St. Louis, Dec. 9, 1873; son of ,Iohn and Vir- 
ilda (Alilliurn) Caulfield; educated in public 
schools; St. Charles College, St. Charles, Mo.; 
IjL.B., Law Dei>artment, Washington Univer- 
sity, 1895; married, Fannie Alice Delano, of 
C^uba, Mo., 1902; three children: Elizabeth, 
Frances, John. Admitted to Missouri bar, 
1895; i)racticed in St. Louis; attorney Lincoln 
Trust Co., 1897-1904; candidate for Congress, 
November, 1904; elected to Congress, Novem- 
ber, 1906, serving 1907-09; excise commissioner 
City of St. Louis, April, 1909-September, 1910; 
since judge Court of Appeals; term expires 



.Jan. ], 19i;5. Eopiiblii-an. Presbytoriaii. :Meiii- 
ber 8t. Louis Bar Association, Law Library 
Association. Club: JMercantilp. Chambers: 
1707, 112 N. 4th 8t. Kesidence: (il2r);! Wash- 
ington Ave. 

CAULFIELD, William Edward, real estate; 
liiuii, St. Lduis, .lunc L's. Js71; son of John 
and \'irilda (Milburn) Caullieltl; educated in 
St. Louis public schools; married, St. Louis, 
1892, Edith Hinman; children: William Ed- 
ward, Jr., Hazel. Began business career in 
employ of J. B. M. Koehler, and St. Louis 
United Grain Elevator Co., continuing until 
1899; in real estate department of Lincoln 
Trust Co. until 1905; with D.P. Leahy Real 
Kstate and Investment Co. until Jan. 1, 190G, 
when associated with A. N. Lewis in or<];an- 
i/ing present firm of Caulfield & Lewis, real 
estate. JMember St. Louis Real Estate Ex- 
change, Million Population Club. Republican; 
elected councilman November, 1911, to fill un- 
expired term; was chairman 11th Congres- 
sional District Republican Committee; mem- 
ber board directors of Piasa Chautauqua Asso- 
ciation. Mason (Knight Templar); member 
Royal Arcanum. Recreation: management of 
< 'iiautauqua amusements. Office: 700 Chestnut 
St. Residence: 1.199 Union Ave. 

CAVENDER, John Howard, Jr., sales man- 
ager; born. St. Louis, Dec. 23, 1877; son of 
John Howard and Effie Hodge (Greenleaf) 
Cavender; grandson Gen. John S. Cavender, 
Civil War, 1S61-65; educated in Smith Aead- 
emv, St. Louis, to 1895; married, St. Louis, 
Dec. 26, 1901, Blanche Phillippi, of Crystal 
City, Mo.; four children: .John Howard, III, 
Louis Phillipjii, Rogers Greenleaf, Florence 
Phillippi. "With Missouri Edison Electric Light 
and Power Co., lS95-9(); went west on account 
of health. Returned to St. Louis, 1896, engaged 
with Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R., 
1S96-1900; resigned to become salesman for 
The Philip Carey Co., continuing with this 
company since; manager Kansas City, Mo., 
In-anch, 1901-05, Little Rock, Ark., branch, 
1905-10, then St. Louis branch, which district 
includes ]Missouri and six other states. Re- 
publican. Unitarian. Club: Glen Echo Coun- 
try. Recreations: golf, tennis, baseball. Of- 
fi(-e: 24 S. :\Iain St. Residence: 5628 Gates 

CHADDOCK, Charles GUbert, physician; 
lioru, Jonesville, Mich., Nov. 14, 1861; son of 
Gilbert and Anna (Sinclair) Chaddock; grad- 
uated from pul)lic schools of Jonesville, 1878; 
two years' work in literary department, and 
graduated from ]\ledical Department, Univer- 
sity of iMichigan, :M.D., 1885; student at Uni- 
versity of ]\[unich, Germany, 1888-89, Univcr- 
sitv of Paris, France, 1897-99; married, Buf- 
falo, N. y., 1890, Adelaide Gowans Macpher- 
son. Assistant medical superintendent North- 
ern ]\richigan Asylum, 1889-92; since 1892 en- 
gaged in piactice in St. Louis as a specialist 

in iieuroldgy ; jirofesscjr of diseases of the 
ju>rvous system, St. Louis University since 
1892; visiting neurologist, St. Louis City Hos- 
pital. Meml)er American Aledico-Psychological 
Association, American IMedical Association, 
.Missouri State Medical Association, Chicago 
Ai-ademy of Medicine (honorary;, St. Louis 
?kledical Society. Author of various transla- 
tions of German medical works, a text-book 
on insanity, articles in works on medical juris- 
l>rudence and numerous contributions to peri- 
odical medical literature. Independent in poli- 
tics. Office and licsidencc: .'!7(l5 Delniar Boul. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Frederick Bradley, food 
]n-oducts and cereals; born, St. Louis, Nov. 27, 
1866; son of Frederick B. and Laura Ann 
(Simmons) Chaml)erlain; educated in Smith 
Academv and Washington Universitv; mar- 
ried, St.' Louis, Apr. 22, 1897, Abby W."", daugh- 
ter of J. W. Goddard. Left college in junior 
j-ear, 1887, to enter the business, founded by 
father in 1846, as a jobber of cereals and 
manufacturer of food products; as brother 
went to Kansas City and into business there, 
took charge of father's estaVjlishment, and 
when it was incorporated, in 1901, as the F. B. 
Chamlierlain Co., ^vas made president (father, 
who founded the business, tlied 1897). Mem- 
ber IMerchants' Exchange (director, 1912), 
Business Men's League, Civic League. Repub- 
lican in National politics. Clubs: Contempo- 
rarv. City. Recreations: travel, athletic sports 
and bonding. Office: 118-124 Vine St. Resi- 
dence: 4312 McPherson Ave. 

CHAMBERLIN, Edward Carter; see A^ol. 

CHAMBERS, George C, railway official; 
l)orn, Tipton, la., Apr. 29, 1865; son of Dr. 
Charles L. and Anne Elizabeth (Hudson) 
Chambers; educated in public schools of Cedar 
Rapids, la.; widower. For past twenty-five 
years has represented the passenger depart- 
ment of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rail- 
way Co., successively at Cedar Rapids, la., Des 
[Moines, Peoria, 111., and St. Louis, in capacity 
of clerk, traveling passenger agent, and, since 
.July, 1905, as general agent, passenger depart- 
ment. Clubs: jNIissouri Athletic, Elks, St. 
Louis Railway, The Traffic. Office: 209 N. 7tb 
St. Residence: 4399 W. Pine Boul. 

CHAMBERS, James Henry, publisher; born, 
Enon \'alley. Pa., Dec. 19, 1S36; son of James 
and Nancv (Tavlor) Chambers; self-educated; 
married, Quebec, Canada, Oct. 2, 1884, May E. 
Terhune; children: John R., Ethel (Mrs. Frank 
Boone, of Alaska), Arthur T., Leslie T. In 
book publishing business in St. Louis since 
1860; president J. H. Chambers Publishing 
Co.; president Dios Chemical Co. Democrat. 
Presbyterian. Member Merchants' Exchange. 
President Pennsylvania Society of Missouri. 
Club: Automobile. Recreations: fishing, hunt- 
ing, traveling. Office: 2940 Locust St. Resi- 
dence: 5001 Waterman Ave. 



CHAMBERS, Jolin Barbour, treasurer N. O. 
Xelsoii ^Manufacturing- Co.; born, Eufaula, 
Ala., Xov. 12, ISG.5; son of W. PI. and Anna 
(Flewellen) Chambers; educated at Vander- 
bilt Universitv, Xashville, Tenn.; married, St. 
Louis, Apr. 28, 1892, Byrd M. Baker. Began 
business career in mercantile establishments 
at Montgomery, Ala., whence came to St. 
Louis in 1888; chief clerk of the St. Louis Ee- 
publie until ISDO, when entered employment 
of the N. O. NelsoJi Manufacturing Co., manu- 
facturers and jobbers of plumbers', steam 
fitters' and machinists' supplies, and since 
1897 has been secretary and treasurer of the 
company. Independent in politics. Kecrea- 
tions: motoring and baseball. Office: 10th 
and Chestnut S'ts. Residence : 320 Skinker Ed. 

CHAMP, Charles E. M., manufacturer ve- 
hicle and automobile springs; born, Cincin- 
nati, Apr. 11, 1853; sou of Charles and Sarah 
(Barnard) Champ; educated in public schools 
of Cleveland; married, Cleveland, Nov. 26, 
1876, Sophia F. Farrell; children: Lulu M., 
Ina E., Xorman B. Began business career as 
an apprentice in spring factory in Cleveland; 
removed to St. Louis, 1881, and established in 
manufacture of vehicle springs; in 1896 or- 
ganized Champ Spring Co., of which is presi- 
dent and general manager; in 1900 organized 
the Cincinnati and Hammond Spring Co., of 
Cincinnati, of which is president; vice presi- 
dent and general manager Western Spring 
and Axle Co.; general manager Eice Coil 
Spring Co., of St. Louis. Member Business 
Men's League (made Panama trip, February, 
1912). Member Implement and Vehicle Board 
of Trade. Republican. Presbyterian. Member 
Eoyal Arcanum, Legion of Honor. Clubs: 
Missouri Athletic, Arcadia Country. Favorite 
recreations: farming and fishing. Office: 2109 
to 2119 Chouteau Ave. Eesidence: Good Wood 
Farm, St. Louis Co. 

CHAMPLIN, David Warren; see Vol. 1906. 

CHANCELLOR, Eustathius, physician and 
surgeon; boiii, (JhancollorsAillp, Spottsylvania 
Co., Va., Aug. 29, 185-1; son of Dr. James Ed- 
gar and Josephine D. (Anderson) Chancellor; 
educated in private schools, Locust Dale Acad- 
emy, Rapidan, Va., 1870-72; graduated from 
University of Virginia, 1874, jNI.D., 1876; Uni- 
versity of ^Maryland, M.D., 1S77; St. Louis 
University, A.^L, 1885; unmarried. Prosector 
to chair of anatomy, irniversity of Maryland 
School of Medicine, 1878; clinical assistant 
T'niversity Ilosjiital. Baltimore, 1878; prac- 
ticed with father, Charlottesville, A"a., 1879- 
"^O; located in St. Louis, 1880; practice lim- 
ited to skin and genito-urinary diseases. Pro- 
fessor of cutaneous and venereal diseases, 
Beaumont Hospital ^Medical College, 1885-90; 
lieutenant-colonel and medical director Na- 
tional Guard of Missouri, ] 891-97; delegate 
Pan-American Congress. Washington, 1893, 
and City of Mexico, 1896. ^Member American 

^Medical Association, Association of Military 
Surgeons of the United States, American Con- 
gress of Tuberculosis, Virginia Society of St. 
Louis, Psychic Research Society (New york)^ 
Medico-Legal Society of New York, 1895; 
honorary member Military Surgeons of Illi- 
nois National Guard, 1893. Democrat. Meth- 
odist. Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner; mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias, Elks. Contributor to 
medical journals. Office: Oriel Bldg., 316 N. 
6th St. Residence: American Hotel. 

CHANDEYSSON, Pierre Israael, manufac- 
turer electrical machinery; born, St. Marcel 
d'Ardeche, France, Aug. 20, 1875; son of 
Louis and Lisma (Datuit) Chandeysson; pre- 
liminary education in various schools of na- 
tive land, until eighteen years of age; arrived 
in America, Apr. 18, 1893; student Trinity 
University, Toronto, Canada, 1896-98, Wash- 
ington University, 1898-1901; unmarried. Be- 
gan in electrical manufacturing business at 
St. Louis, 1902; now president Pan Electric 
Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of Chan- 
deysson dynamos and motors. Democrat. Ro- 
man Catholic. Office: 735 S. 4th St. Resi- 
dence: 1337 Hickory St. 

CHANDLER, Albert B., lawyer; born, 
Kirkwood, Mo., July 2, 1878; son of John 
Goshen and Emeline (Barber) Chandler; edu- 
cated at Kirkwood (Mo.) public schools, 1884; 
entered Smith Academy, St. Louis, 1892, grad- 
uating, 1896; graduatecl Washington Univer- 
sity, A.B., 1900; entered St. Louis Law School, 

1902, graduating, 1904; married, 1906, Har- 
riet Hunt, daughter of James G. and Victoria 
L. Duehouquette Whyte; one daughter: Vic- 
toria Louise. Clerk in treasury department 
Lindell Ry., 1897; business manager 1898, 
editor 1899, Student Life; clerk Rice-Stix Dry 
Goods Co., 1900; on editorial staff St. Louis 
Republic, 1900-02; bailiff U. S. Circuit Court, 
St. Louis, 1903; admitted to bar, June 1, 

1903, and entered law offices of Clinton 
Rowell; in World's Fair Law Department, 
1904; in general civil practice in office of 
Rowell & Ferriss, 1905; city attorney of Kirk- 
wood, Mo., Jan. 1, 1906-08; alderman, Kirk- 
wood, 1912. Republican. Member St. Louis. 
Society of Social Hygiene. Council legal fra- 
ternity of Phi Delta Phi. Club: City. Recrea- 
tions: camping and canoeing. Office: 504 
Laclede Bldg. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

CHANDLER, James Nicholas; see Vol. 

CHANDLER, Kelly R., lumber commission; 
liorn on farm in Cooper Co., jVIo., July 24, 
18-18; son of Leroy and Sarah Ann (Quarles) 
Chandler; educated in country public schools 
of Cooper Co., Mo., 1854-60; afterward, in 
1868, at Kemper Family School, Boonville, 
]Mo.; married, Savannah, Tenn., 1882, Mary C. 
Broyles; one son: Frank C. (formerly of 
U. S. Navy.) Began business career Apr. 20, 
1870, as traveling solicitor for Harlow, Gels- 

TIIH 15()()1\ OF ST. I.oriSAXS 


ton & Co., gonoral coiiuiiission niorchants, ami 
Feb. 12, ]871, in same i-apacity with W. N. K. 
Beall, in same lino, ami November, 1S71, went 
in same eai)acity with Andrew McDowell & 
Co., with whom was later salesman; employed 
with W. K. 8herwood & Co., llonr merchants, 
1878-82; established on own account, 1884, as 
lumber commission merchant, in Avhich busi- 
ness has since continued, and in [)anic of ISit.'. 
Avas the only strictly commission luml)cr mer- 
chant who paiil 100 cents in cash on the dol- 
lar. Democrat, ^[ember Third Baptist Church 
of St. Louis. Mason (Blue Lodge). Oflice: 22 
X. Second St. K'csidence: 4.158 McMillan Ave. 

CHAPLIN, Trescott Fox, lawyer; born, 
Orono, jMo., July 22, 1874; son of Winfield S. 
(chancellor of Washington University since 
1891) and Harriet B. (Caldwell) Chaplin; 
graduated AN'ashinjiton University, A.B., 189G; 
University of Chicago, A.M., 1897; Washing- 
ton University, LL.B., 1899; married, St. 
Louis, Apr. 16, 1904, Alice Luedeking; chil- 
dren: Elise L., Harriet U., Alice. Admitted to 
bar, 1899, and has since engaged in practice; 
member of firm of Kliot, Chaplin, Blayney & 
Bedal. I\[ember Missouri State and St. Louis 
Bar associations. ]\lembcr Civic League. Re- 
publican. Club: ilissouri Athletic. Oilice: .lOd 
Olive St. Kesidence: Clayton, Mo. 

*CHAPLIN, Winfield Scott, engineer; moved 
to San Antonio, Tex.; see Vol. 19U(). 

CHAPMAN, Henry Normanton, jdiysician; 
born, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, Sept. 24, 
186G; son of George Edward and Mary (Nor- 
manton) ChajMnan; removed to Waterford, 
Ireland, at age of six and to St. Louis at age 
of sixteen; attended national schools in J'^ng- 
land and Ireland; continued studies in Missouri 
State University and Missouri Medical Col- 
lege, ^[.D., 18911; married, St. Louis, Apr. 2(5, 
1893, Isabella Mary Hodges; children: Dor- 
othy Agnes, Henry Normanton, Abel Ward. At 
age of fourteen leariu?d trade of wood-working 
machinist in Ireland, and worked at it a year 
or two after coming to St. Louis; took up 
stenography and worked in that capacity un- 
til began medical studies in 1889; in general 
practice of medicine in St. Louis since 189."!. 
Member Bethesda Peiliatric Society, St. Louis 
ifedical Societv. Republican. I\[eniber Board 
of Health of St. Louis, 1899-190:?. ]\[ember 
Protestant i']i)iscopal Church. Recreations: 
athletic sports and church work. Oflice and 
Residence: .'i814 Wasliington Ave. 

CHAPPEIili, Edwin Rutherford, lawyer; 
born, St. Louis, Apr. 17, 1S7.'); son of Edwin 
F. and .lulia (Whitehill) Chappell; educated 
in ifanuul Training School, Washington Uni- 
versity, and St. Louis Law School, LL.B.; 
marrie«l, St. Louis, Nov. 1, 1894, Esther C. 
Collins; children: Robert E. C, Esther Lin- 
dell, p]dwin Rutherford. Admitted to bar, 
June 17, 1898, and since engaged in general 

practice in St. Louis; now member of firm of 
(Jollins & Chappell. Meml)er St. Louis Bar 
Association, Law I^ibrarv Association. Royal 
Arch Mason. Oflice: 700-704 Rialto Bldg. Resi- 
dence: Kirk wood, ]\ro. 

CHAPPELOW, Branch Earl, secretary and 
treasurer Cliai)[ielow Ailvertising Co.; born, 
Logansport, Ind., Sept. 28, 1875; son of John 
Albert and Adelia C. ((irilfith) Chappelow; 
graduate of Loganspjort High School and 
Wabasii College, Crawfordsville, Ind.; mar- 
ried, Kokomo, Ind., Sept. 20, 19U5, Alpha 
Blackledgo. Began active career as newspaper 
reporter, and continued for five years as city 
editor, special writer, advertising solicitor and 
manager at Logansport, Galesburg, HI., Louis- 
ville, Los Angeles, Stockton, and San Fran- 
cisco. Removed to New York City, 1900, and 
engaged in advertising agency business until 
190.3; then came to St. Louis; since secretary 
and treasurer Chappelow Advertising Co.; also 
director Kutterer-Jansen Printing Co. Inde- 
pendent in ])olitics. Presbyterian. Member 
Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Mason. Club: St. 
Louis Automobile. Recreation: motoring. Of- 
fice: Liggett Bldg. Residence: 6.331 Water- 
man Ave. 

CHARLES, Benjamin Hynes, clergyman; 
l)orn, Brandenburg, Ky., May 11, 1829; sou 
of William B. and Elvira (Crutcher) Charles; 
A.B., Center College, Danville, Ky., 1853; 
graduated Dauville Theological Seminary; 
(D.D., Parsons College, Fairfield, la., 1855); 
married, Chester, HI., Mar. 17, 1859, Achsah 

5. Holmes; children: Benjamin Hynes, Jr., 
.loseph William. Licensed to ministry of 
Presbj'terian Church, Apr. 26, 1856; ordained, 
October, same year. Pastorates: Springfield, 
Ky., 1856-58; Chester, 111., 1858-67; Boonville, 
^[o., 1867-75; Marshall, Mo., 1875-77; presi- 
dent Synodical Female College, Fulton, Mo., 
1877-88; president Ward Seminary, Nashville, 
Tenn., 1891-93; pastor Clayton, Mo., 1895- 
1900; Brank Memorial Church, St. Louis, 1900- 

06. Author: "The Interpretation of Certain 
Prophesies." Address; 5050 ]N[aple Ave. 

CHARLES, Benjamin Hynes, Jr., lawyer; 
born, Chester, 111., Apr. 2(), 1866; son of Ben- 
jamin Hynes and Achsah Susan (Holmes) 
Charles; graduated from Westminster College, 
Fulton, Mo., A.B., 1885; taught school, 1885- 
88; studied law, 1888-91, graduating from 
Law Department, Y'ale University, LL.B., 
1891; married, Keokuk, la., June "30, 1903, 
Xanc,y McCandless Home; one son: Benjamin 
Hynes, III. Admitted to bar, 1892, and since 
engaged in ])ractice; senior member of law 
firm of Charles & Lackey (W. G. Lackey), 
1898-1900; second associate city counselor, 
1903-05; first associate city counselor, 1905-10; 
since in private practice. ^Member American 
Bar Association, Missouri State Bar Assn., St. 
Louis Bar Association, Civic League. Demo- 
crat. Presbyterian. Club: Citv. Favorite ree- 



reation: fishing. Office: 604-605 Merchants- 
Laclede Bklg. Residence: 20 Parkland PL 

CHARLES, Joseph William, physician, born, 
BoouvilK', Mo., Poll. S», 186S; son"o±' Benjamin^ 
H. and Aehsah S. (Holmes) Charles; gradi^ 
ated from Westminster College, A.B., 1887, 
A.M., 1890; Medical Department of Washing- 
ton University. M.D., 1891; married, St. Louis, 
1902, Laura M. Foster. Engaged in general 
practice in St. Louis since 1891; clinical pro- 
fessor Medical Department, Washington Uni- 
versity. Member American Ophthalmological 
Society, St. Louis Medical Societ}'. Presby- 
terian. Clubs: University, Bellerive, City, 
Contemporary. Office: 505-511 Humboldt Bldg. 
Eesideuce: 3739 ]\lcPherson Ave. 

CHARLOT, Fred S., cooperage and lumber; 
born, St. Louis, Dec. 19, 1871; son of Chap- 
man S. and Virginia (Blodgett) Chariot; grad- 
uated from St. Louis Manual Training School; 
married, Lexington, Ky., July 16, 1900, Willa 
Engman; one son: Harry. Began business 
career in minor position with the Taylor 
Manufacturing Co.; general sales agent Cher- 
okee-Lenyou Spelter Co., 1S96-98; subsequent- 
ly secretary and treasurer of the Crescent 
Iron Works, Springfield, Mo., and the Spring- 
field Lumber and Cooperage Co.; vice presi- 
dent and treasurer, Ozark Cooperage Co., from 
1902; firm changed in 1906 to Ozark Cooper- 
age and Lumber Co., of which became presi- 
dent, 1908. Also director Pemiscot Land and 
Cooperage Co. SerA'ed as first lieutenant, 1st 
Missouri Volunteers, Spanish-American War, 
1898. Member Society of Foreign Wars, Span- 
ish AVar Veterans. Office: 1417 Liggett Bldg. 
Pesidence: University Heights. 

CHARTRAND, Mark R., stock, bond and 
insurance brolcerage business; born, Caronde- 
let (now part of ci\y), St. Louis, Jan. 19, 1858; 
son of Michael Chartrand (mayor of Caronde- 
let) and Amelia (Guion) Chartrand; ancestors 
on both sides located in Carondelet in 1760; 
attended Blow (public) School, Carondelet, 
1866-72; married, Oct. 17, 1900, Anna M. Mc- 
Kasson, of Grand View, Ind. Appointed page 
in office under Mayor Joseph Brown, .January, 
1S72; custodian of records in office of recorder 
of deeds, St. Louis, 1875-84; special rate clerk 
in auditor's office, Wabash Ey., 1884-89; spe- 
cial agent Mutual Insurance Co. of New York, 
1889-98; manager, for Missouri, of United 
States Life Insurance Co. of New York, 1898- 
1901; appointed, 1899, by Circuit Court, as re- 
ceiver of North End Building and Loan Asso- 
ciation (the largest west of Philadelphia) ; 
paid dividends amounting to 75 per cent to 
stockholders, making final settlement to court, 
March, 1905. District agent of John Hancock 
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Boston, August, 
1905-March, 1909; since engaged in the stock, 
bond and insurance brokerage business. In 
October, 1899, incorporated the Leesberg Shoe 

Co. (now Iverens-Leesberg Shoe Co.) and was 
its first president. Republican; has been mem- 
ber of City, Congressional and State Repub- 
lican committees. Member Anchor Lodge No. 
-443, A. F. & A. M.; Supreme Vice Chancellor 
Legion of Honor, 1894; member National 
Union (Senate Deputy, 1887-90), Knights of 
Pythias. Club: Mercantile. Office and Resi- 
dence: ^Mercantile Club. 

CHASE, Edward C, dentist; 1848-1906; see 
Vol. 1906. 

CHASE, George Griffith, lawver and trust 
officer; born, Topeka, Kan., Oct." 10, 1877; son 
of George S. and Alice Margaret (Griffith) 
Chase; educated in public schools of Topeka 
and high schools of Washington, D. C; B.S., 
Columbian (now George Washington) Univer- 
sity, Washington, D. C, 1900, LL.B., 1902; 
unmarried. Lived at Topeka, Kan., until 
1894, when moved to Washington, D. C., with 
parents. Admitted to bar of District of Co- 
lumbia, 1902, Indian Territory, 1903; came to 
St. Louis, December, 1903, and engaged in 
general law practice until 1909; since assist- 
ant trust officer St. Louis Union Trust Co. 
Member of St. Louis Bar Association. Repub- 
lican. Club: Missouri Alhletic, Recreations: 
tennis and golf. Office: 4th and Locust Sts. 
Residence: 4715 Westminster Ave. 

CHASil, Henry Leverett, with H. & L. Chase 
Bag Co.; born. New York City, June 30, 1867; 
son of Irah and Ellen Josephine (Leverett) 
Chase; educated in public schools of Newport, 
R. I.; married, June 8, 1896, Frances Constable 
Robertson; four children: Eleanor Duane, 
Anne Leverett, Rebecca Duane, Prances. Since 
Feb. 27, 1889, has been engaged with H. & L. 
Chase Bag Co. Served three years ' enlistment 
in Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. Member 
Civic League. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem- 
ber of the Sons of the Revolution. Clubs: City, 
St. Louis Country, Florissant A'alley. Recre- 
ation: tennis. Office: 18 N. Main St. Resi- 
dence: 5836 Clemens Ave. 

CHASNOFF, Jacob, lawyer; born, Mitchell, 
S. D., June 21, 1883; son of Moses and Tobie 
(Agrant) Chasnoff; graduated Sedalia (Mo.) 
High School, 1899; A.B., University of Mis- 
souri, 1903, A.M., 1904; LL.B., Harvard Law 
School, 1909; married, Dorchester, Mass., Apr. 
1, 1910, Julia Linenthal. Was manager Kan- 
sas City Office of the Elliott-Fisher Co., 1904- 
06; in practice in St. Louis since Aug. 10, 
1909, associating with McDonald & Taylor. 
Independent Democrat. Jewish religion. Pro- 
fessor law of suretyship. Law School of St. 
Louis University. Mason; member Odd Fel- 
lows, B'nai B'rith. Clubs: Thayer Law, City, 
Harvard. Was associate editor Harvard Law 
Review, 1907-08. Office: 1806 Third National 
Bank Bldg. Residence: 5536 Page Boul. 

CHAUVENET, William Marc, analytical 
chemist; born at Naval Academy, Annapolis, 



IV[(1., IVrar. 4, 1855; son AVilliani and Cathorinc 
(Hemple) Chaiivenot; educatoil in aeadoinif, 
scientific and mining schools of Washington 
University; nnmarricd. Employed as expert 
epeeial agent, United States Geological Survey, 
division of mining geology, lOth census, 1879- 
83; chemist, United States Geological Survey, 
3881-82, making reports on the iron ores of 
Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and IMissouri, 
Tenth census; assistant United States Geolog- 
ical Survey, Lake Superior Division, 3SS2-S5; 
engaged in general practice since 1882 as 
analytical chemist and mining engineer. Author 
of Notes on Minnesota Geology on Northern 
Boundarj', and of reports on Mexico, Vene- 
zuela, California and Rlissouri. Member Amer- 
ican institute of Mining Engineers, American 
Geographical Society and the Audubon So- 
ciety; fellow American Association for the 
Advancement of Science. jMember National 
Conservation Association, Simple Ballot 
League, American Bed Cross, Civic League. 
Received Officer's Cross of civil merit, Bul- 
garia. Clubs: Country, Noonday, University, 
Contemporary, City. Eecreations: literature, 
art and athletics. Office: (i20 Chestnut St. 
Residence: The Pendennis, ."mST Washington 

CHENERY, Edward A., superintendent of 
telegraph, ^Missouri Pacific Railway; born on 
the Atlantic Ocean, Oct. 17, 1859; son of 
George and Eliza (Mison) Chenery; educated 
in public schools of Michigan; married, 1896, 
May, daughter of M. Sells, of Indianapolis. 
Began railway service 1872, as telegraph oper- 
ator with Grand Rapids & Indiana R. R., 
serving until Jan. 6, 1879; then until .lune 15, 
1886, successively telegraph operator, train 
dispatcher, car accountant and secretary to 
general superintendent of Galveston, Harris- 
burg & San Antonio Railway; secretary to 
general suiierintendent of the Union Pacific 
Railway, .lune 20 to Dec. 15, 1886; superin- 
tendent of telegraph. Terminal Railroad As- 
sociation of St. Louis and St. Louis Mer- 
chants' Bridge Terminal Railway, Dec. 15, 
1886, to May 15, 1903; since superintendent of 
telegraph, IMissouri Pacific System. Vice pres- 
ident Real Estate Building and Loan Associa- 
tion. Scottish Rite Mason (32°), and Shriner. 
Clubs: St. Louis Railway (ex-president and 
ex-secretary). Masonic. Office: ^[issouri Pa- 
cific Bldg. Residence: 7207 Anna Ave., IMaple- 
wood. Mo. 

CHENERY, Winthrop Holt, librarian; born, 
Belmont, ]\lass.. ^ifar. 8, 1872; son of Winthrop 
Louis and Ruth Baldwin (Holt) Chenery; S.B., 
Massachusetts Institute Technologv, 3896; 
A.B., Harvard University, 1897, A.^r., 1898, 
Ph.D.. 1904; studied at University of Paris, 
1904-05; unmarried. Instructor in Spanish, 
University of Michigan, 1901-04; instructor in 
Spanish and Italian, 1905-07, assistant jirofes- 
sor Spanish, Italian and Romanic jdiilology 

since 1907, Washington University. Appointed 
lil)rarian. Library of Washington University, 
1912. Member Modern Language Association 
of America^ St. Louis Academy of Science, 
Language and Literature Club of Washington 
University, Ethical Society, Civic League. 
Clubs: City, Public Question, Contemporary, 
Faculty of Washington University. Recreation: 
bibliography. Address: Washington Univer- 
sity. Residence: 6030 Berlin Ave. 

CHENEY. Fred Nelson, manager The Mu- 
tual Life Insurance Co. of New York; born, 
Areola, Washington Co., Minn., July 9, 1858; 
son of Frederick Porter and Louisa B. (Hill) 
Cheney; educated in public schools; married, 
Glover, Vt., 1882, Lula Irene Davis; children: 
Ruth Irene (Mrs. Erland Gjessing), Dorothy 
Zaphira, John Willoughby, Margaret Louise. 
Early life spent on farm; at age of 15 entered 
Inisiness career as clerk in retail store of O. D. 
Owen, Barton, Vt., continuing until 1883; then 
entered insurance business at Manchester, N. 
H., with brother, R.H.Cheney, opening agency 
for The Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New 
York, under title Cheney & Cheney; firm soon 
advanced to genera! agents for states of Ver- 
mont and New Hampshire; served in that ca- 
pacity many years for the company, later em- 
ployed in special work, and since 1902, has 
been manager of the general agency at St. 
Louis. JMason (32°), Knight Templar, Shriner. 
Clubs: Mercantile, Arcadia Country (treas- 
urer). Recreation: gardening. Office: second 
floor, Chemical Bldg. Residence: 3515 Long- 
fellow Boul. 

-CHERRY, Robert Bell; moved to San An- 
tonio. Tex.; see Vol. 1900. 

CHESBRO, Crombie Stuart, secretary Louis 
Werner Saw ]\Iill Co.; born. Grand Rapids, 
:\[ich., Apr. 29, 1861; son of George J. S. and 
Isaliella (McBain) Chesbro; high school edu- 
cation. Began business career as bookkeeper 
with the LaCrosse Lumber Co., at Louisiana, 
Mo.; later was traveling salesman with the 
Eau Claire Lumber Co., St. Louis, and after- 
guards southern purchasing agent for the Chi- 
cago Lumber & Coal Co.; secretary Louis Wer- 
ner Saw Mill Co. since Jan. 1, 19fl:'.. INIason, 
Knight Templar, Shriner. Republican. Club: 
:Mercantile. Recreation: golf. Office: 510 Ful- 
lerton Bblg. Residence: 5()53 Calianne PI. 

CHESBROUGH, John Morrison; see Vol. 

*CHESSIN, Alexander S., college professor; 
appointed professor of mathematics, Washing- 
ton University, 1901, and later in charge of 
mathematics and astronomy; now living in 
New York; see Vol. 1906. 

-CHILD, Andrew Jackson, mail order mer- 
chant: moved to National City, Cal.; sec Vol. 

CHILD, Philip Sheridan, merchant; born, 
Wevliridge, Addison Co., XL, Oct. 24. 1864; 
son" of Andrew .1. and Elizabeth M. (Burt) 



Child; oducateil in public schools, Indepen- 
dence, Mo., and St. Louis, and high school, St. 
Louis; married, St. Louis, Oct. 24, 1894, Lulu 
M. iMessmore. After leaving school in 1SS2, 
became connected with the A. J. Child & Sons 
Mercantile Co. (established 1874), doing a 
general mail order business in everything usetl 
on tarm, ranch, plantation, etc., in which has 
since continued, now being ^"ice president and 
treasurer of the coniiiany. Independent Eo- 
])ublican. Member A'alley Council, Eoyal Ar- 
canum. Clubs: ^Missouri Athletic, City. Eecre- 
ations: hunting, fishing and gardening. Office: 
.ll.i-.")!? X. yiain St. Residence: 5244 Kensing- 
ton Ave. 

CHILDRESS, Levi Wade, ])resident Colum- 
bia Transfer Co.; bom, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 
yiAT. 20, 187(5; son of William S. and Inez 
(Wade) Childress; educated in public schools 
of Murfreesboro; married, Wickliffe, Ky., Oct. 
7, l!)0:>,Lucy ^larshall Turner; two sons: Wade 
Turner. Fielding Turner. Came to St. Louis 
from Murfreesboro, 189.'!, and began with the 
St. Louis Drayage Co. as clerk; then was clerk 
in freight department of Illinois Central Rail- 
road, and afterward clerk and freight agent 
in St. Louis for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas 
R. R.; was commercial agent for same road at 
Shreveport, La., until February, 1902, when 
returned to St. Louis and became traffic man- 
ager of the Columbia Transfer Co., engaging 
in local freight transfer from depot to store 
door and vice versa; was made general man- 
ager, October, 1903, and since May, 1905, has 
been ])resident and general manager, same 
company; also president Columbia Taxi Cab 
Co. Lidependent in politics. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Noonday, City. Of- 
fice: cor. 9th St. and Clark Ave. Residence: 
59.34 Clemens Ave. 

CHILDS, Oliver W., civil engineer; born in 
' liiitoji <'ijuiity, Iowa, Jan. 11, 1866; son of 
Thomas P. and Kate Childs; educated in pub- 
lic schools, Nevada, Iowa, and State Univer- 
sitv of Iowa, gra(hiating, with degree of C.E., 
1889; married, Alton, JIL, Sept. 15, 1900, Alma 
Wine. Engaged in engineering work with the 
rhicago Bridge & Iron Co., of Chicago, 1890- 
94; chief engineer of Stupp Bros. Bridge & 
Iron Co., of St. Louis, 1894-1905; bridge engi- 
neer of the City of St. Louis, 1905-11; now 
manager American Cement Tile Manufactur- 
ing (.'o. Member St. Louis Engineers' Club, 
American Society of Civil Hngiiieers, Western 
Society of Engineers. Democrat. Ei)iscopalian. 
Member Civic League. Club: City. Office: 12.'50 
Syndicate Trust Bldg. Residence: 4211 Flad 

CHIWIS, William Reinhart, lumber; born, 
!Memphis, Tenn., dune 't>, 1858; son of Daniel 
S. and Harriet (Reinhart) Chivvis; educated 
in public, private and business schools of St. 
Louis; married, St. Louis, Oct. 26, 1886, Ada 

Mary Chaphe; children: Lelaud, Norman, 
Ruth. Began business career in the employ of 
Liebke & Schrage, lumber manufacturers, as 
bookkeeper, Oct. 1, 1883; when firm was in- 
corporated, 1894, became secretary and so con- 
tinued until October, 1901; since in business 
for self. Member Lumbermen's Exchange of 
St. Louis. Independent in politics. Congrega- 
tionalist. Clubs: Congregational, Lumber- 
men's. Recreations: hunting and fishing. Of- 
fice and Yards: Main and Lesperauce Sts. 
Residence: 4232 W'. Pine St. 

CHOPIN, Felix Andrew, lawver; see Yol. 

CHOUTEAU, Pierre, capitalist, deceased; 
see Yol. 190(5. 

CHRISTIE, Harvey Livingstone, lawver; 
see Yol. 1906. 

CHRISTOPHEL, Caesar Joseph, trunk hard- 
ware; born, St. Louis, Sept. 27, 1865; son of 
John and Frances (Dinzler) Christophel; edu- 
cated in public schools of St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis, 1890, Anna Miller; children: Ger- 
trude, Louis, Arthur. Began business career in 
1881 i]i employ of Johu Baumann, trunk hard- 
ware, and was with him twenty years. In 1901 
joined in organizing the St. Louis Trunk 
Hardware Manufacturing Co., and was its sec- 
retary and treasurer, 1901-03, since vice presi- 
dent of the company. As traveling representa- 
tive, has systematically covered principal 
points between New York and San Francisco. 
Mason (32°), Shriner. Member Royal Arca- 
num, Knights and Ladies of Honor, Travelers' 
Protective Association. Office: 609 Chouteau 
Ave. Residence: 6320 Washington Ave. 

CHRISTOPHERSEN, Louis, wholesale cof- 
fees; born, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, Dec. 
23, 1871; son of Peter and Maria (Lorenzen) 
Christophersen; educated in public schools in 
Germany and Perkins and Herpel's Business 
College, St. Louis; married, Belleville, 111., 
Oct. 7, 1896, Margaretha Schmidt; one daugh- 
ter, Elsa. Came to United States at age of 17, 
and entered employ of uncle, John Lorenzen, 
retail grocer, at Belleville, 111., serving as 
clerk for three years; then, for six months, 
each, clerked for the St. Louis houses of Cor- 
net Bros, and W. 0. Gibson & Son; at age of 
21 entered service of Edward Westen Tea & 
Spice Co., as city salesman, remaining with 
that house until "joined in establishing, .Ian. 1, 
1902, the St. Louis Coffee & Spice Mills, of 
which is president. Mason, Knight Templar. 
Office: 407-411 N. Main St. Residence: 3519 
Crittenden Ave. 

CHUBB, Percival, educator; born, Devon- 
])ort, Eng., .lune 17, 1860; son of James Pur- 
nell and Adelaiile (Bell) Chubb; educated Sta- 
tioner's School, London; technical education 
for English Civil Service ten years in Local 
Government Board, London; married, Louise 
Walston, of Decatur, 111., Sept. 23, 1891 (died 



]9Uo); threo cliihlrL'ii: Bronwcn, Walston and 
Afavis; iiiarriod, 2d, July 25, liMD, Anna 
llartsborne .Sluddon, of 8t. Louis. Formerly 
lecturer ou literature, Brooklyn Institute Arts 
and Sciences; instructor pcdagojry, Pratt In- 
stitute; head English department, Manual 
Training High School, Brooklyn; principal 
high school department of Ethical Culture 
School, New York; director English and festi- 
vals there; associate leader Society for Ethical 
Culture, New York; lecturer on English, Uni- 
versity of New Y'ork School of Pedagogy. 
Leader of Ethical Society of St. Louis, since 
September, J911; director of the School of So- 
cial Economy. Member National Education 
Association, Playground Association, English 
Teachers' Association, Civic League. Clubs: 
City, Town and Gown, Players (director). Edi- 
tor': Emerson's Selected Writings, 1S88; IMon- 
taigne's Essays, 1891; Pope's Homer's Iliad 
(with William H. ]\[axwell), 1898; Dryden 's 
Palamon and Arcite, 1899; Browning's Poems, 
Boy Life — Readings from Howell's, 1909; Se- 
lect Writings of Lincoln. 1909; Travels at 
Home — Readings from Mark Twain. Author: 
The Teaching of English, lOO."!; Festivals and 
Plays, 1912. Also contributor to magazines. 
Recreations: woodcraft, boating and moun- 
taineering. Office: Seldon IMemorial Bldg. 
Residence: 4533 Westminster PI. Summer Resi- 
dence: Center Lovell, Me. 

CHURCH, Alonzo Christy, lawyer; born. Ft. 
Washita, Indian Territory, Nov. 3, 1859; sou 
of John R. and Mary F. (Christy) Church; 
educated Christian Brothers College, St. Louis, 
and later in France and Germany; LL.B., St. 
Louis Law School, 1880; married, June 25, 
1895, Carlota Clark, of St. Louis. Has served 
as vice president and counsel for Wiggins 
Ferry Co., St. Louis Transfer Ry. Co., East St. 
Louis Connecting Ev. Co. Member Missouri 
legislature, 1890-92;' Democrat. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Racquet, Noonday, St. Louis Country. 
Office: 901, 319 N. -Ith St. Residence: i Lenox 

CHURCHILL, Frederick Augustus; see Vol. 

CICARDI, Louis, produce merchant; re- 
tired; born, Italy, Mar. 7, 1837; son of Man- 
uel and Angela Cicardi; received limited edu- 
cation in native land; married at St. Louis, 
Apr. 15, 1860, Katharine Canepa (now de- 
ceased); children: Manual, Rosa (Mrs. Frank 
Devoto;. Victor, Angelo, Augustin, Louis, 
Olivia (Mrs. Alexander Bruce), Julia (Mrs. 
Herbert Fletcher), Catharine; also six children 
deceased. Came to America, 1857; engaged in 
various lines of business in St. Louis until 
1867 and then returned to Italy where he lived 
for six years; once more took up residence in 
St. Louis and for thirty years was identified 
with produce business; retired upon selling 
business to his sons, Louis J. and Victor, in 

1907. Catholic. Recreatiini : gardening. Resi- 
dence: 6203 Wagner A\('. 

CLAIBORNE, James Robert, lawyer; born, 
St. Louis, June 22, 1SS2; son of James K. 
(Colonel "Bolj") and Fannie (Moore) Clai- 
borne; educated in St. Louis public schools 
and High School; entered University of Mis- 
souri, 1903, graduating LL.B., 1907; unmar- 
ried. Admitted to JNIissouri bar, 1907; began 
l)ractice with father, well-known criminal law- 
yer, continuing jirinciiially in criminal law, 
with oflice opposite Four Courts until 1909; 
since practiced both civil and criminal law. 
Democrat. Methodist. Member Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon Fraternity. Recreations: political and 
civic affairs. Office: 714 Wainwright Bldg. 
Residence: 4295 Page Ave. 

CLARK, Alfred, manager St. Louis office 
Oneida Community, Limited; born, Baltimore, 
Md., Oct. 17, 1846^; son of Robert R. and Mary 
Jane (Murray) Clark; educated St. Joseph's 
College, Bardstown, Ky., St. JMary's College, 
uear Lebanon, Ky. ; married, Shelbyville, Ind., 
Jan. 9, 1867, Clara De Witt (now deceased); 
four children: Alfred, Jr., Carrie C. (Mrs. 
George T. Higgins, of Los Angeles, Cal.), May 
(Mrs. W. L. Wingate, of Kansas City, Mo.j, 
Robert R., of Indianapolis; married, 2d, St. 
Louis, Oct. 21, 1906, Addie Wilson Thorn. 
Began as traveling salesman, 1867, with Beld- 
ing Bros. Cincinnati office, continuing until 
1872; with Nonotuck Silk Co., at Cincinnati 
office, 1872-79; sold goods on own account, 
1879-83; became connected with Oneida Com- 
muuitj^ Limited, as salesman, 1883; in charge 
of St. Louis house, 1898-1902; then in charge 
of Chicago branch, 1902-1906; since at St. 
Louis. Independent Democrat. Scottish Rite 
Mason (32°), Knight Templar, Shriner; mem- 
ber Odd Fellows (Past Grand) and Encamp- 
ment. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Glen Echo 
Golf. Recreations: golf, fishing. Office: 410 
Victoria Bldg. Residence: 5015 Cabanne Ave. 

CLARK, Allen Walter, president American 
Paint Journal Co.; born near Topeka, Kan., 
Dee. 28, 1867; son of Rev. W. A. Clark, D.D. 
(well known Baptist minister and editor) and 
Jane Clark (Jordan) Clark; educated at 
Franklin College, Franklin. Ind.; married. 
South Whitley, Ind., June 9, 1889, Florence 
Shuh; children: Charles Allen, March Alicia, 
Florence June, Cummings Collins. Began jour- 
nalistic work, 1888, as editor of Morning Rec- 
ord, Chico, Cal., and after that was, suc- 
cessively, manager of the Arkansas Baptist 
Publishing Co., Little Rock, Ark.; manager 
Arkansas Democrat, Little Rock; manager 
Morning Post, South Bend, Ind.; publisher 
New Era, Greensburg, Ind.; manager National 
Rural, Chicago; served with organization and 
press departments. National Democratic Com- 
mittee, in 1896 and 1900 campaigns; left In- 
diana in 1900, and settled in St. Louis in 1901, 



and for one year was office manager Barnes- 
Crosby Engraving Co.; from Jan. 1, 1903, to 
July 1, 1908, president Kinloch Paint Man- 
ufacturing Co.; then established American 
Paint and Oil Dealer. Member Business Men's 
League, etc. Democrat; in 1895-96 organized 
anti-administration forces for Indiana Demo- 
cratic State Convention, which sent instructed 
delegation to Chicago. Baptist. Office: Kin- 
loch Bldg. Residence: 5524 Maple Ave. 

CLARK, Charles C, grain and milling busi- 
ness; born, Buffalo, Scott Co., la., Apr. 10, 
I860; son of Warner Lewis and Harriett 
(Baker) Clark; educated in country school at 
Buffalo; high school, Davenport, la.; State 
University of Iowa, Iowa City, la.; Bayles 
Commercial College, Dubuque, la.; married, 
St. Louis, Jan., 1889, Lilla Webb Cunningham, 
of Lexington, Ky. ; two children: Anna Cun- 
ningham and Mildred Harriett. Engaged in 
grain and implement business at Buffalo, la., 
1879 and 1880; in wholesale grocery business 
as Clark & Stuyvesant Grocery Co., at St. 
Louis, 1880-1901;" president Valley Milling Co. 
since 1901; chief executor of Clark properties; 
also has property and business interests in 
Iowa. Was one of the organizers and for the 
first three years a member board of directors 
of the Lowell Bank of St. Louis. Formerly 
connected with Iowa State Militia; was mem- 
ber of the grand jury which made the report 
on the city auditor that started the reform 
movement resulting in election of Folk as gov- 
ernor and many important changes in public 
affairs. Liberal Democrat. Presbyterian. Mem- 
ber Merchants' Exchange, Travelers' Protec- 
tive Ass^'^.'iation. Clubs: Mercantile and Com- 
mercial, of Davenport, la. Assisted in inter- 
esting the late Austin Corbin, banker of New 
York, in the purchase of the old Anchor Line, 
late in the 90 's, but soon after he secured con- 
trol he died and the managers of the estate 
did not care to push the enterprise. The most 
of the property was destroyed by the cyclone. 
Recreations: motoring, hunting and fishing. 
Office: 422 DeSoto Ave. Residence: 5574 
Chamberlain Ave. 

CLARK, Charles McLure, broker; born, St. 
Louis, Dec. 19, 1S71; son of Charles and Sue 
(McLure) Clark; educated in public schools of 
St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Apr. 10, 1901, 
Lenore Scullin; one daughter: Mary Denman. 
Practiced two years as architect; since 1903 
in bond and stock brokerage business; now 
associated with Lorenzo E. Anderson. Mem- 
ber St. Louis Stock Exchange. Clubs: Rac- 
quet, City. Office: 710 Locust St. Residence: 
15 Hortensc PI. 

CLARK, Charles Wright, architect and 
engineer; ]854-]9]0; see Vol. 1906. 

CLARK, Cyrus Edgar, president James Clark 
Leather Co.; liorn, Rahway, N. J., Feb. 19, 
1853; son of Daniel and Harriet (Williams) 

Clark; educated in public schools of St. Louis, 
graduating from high school; married, St. 
Louis, Sept. 12, 1876, Mary Cliff Warren; chil- 
dren: Celeste W., Warren D., Arline, Robert 
E. On leaving high school entered the leather 
establishment of which his father was the 
head and after filling various positions was 
admitted to partnership; in 1885, on death of 
father, organized James Clark Leather Co., of 
which is now president. Republican. Presby- 
terian (trustee and treasurer Second Presby- 
terian Church). Member Wholesale Saddlers' 
Association, Leather and Finders' Association, 
St. Louis Shoe Manufacturers' and Jobbers' 
Association. Member Ancient Order of United 
Workmen, Legion of Honor. Club: St. Louis. 
Recreations: hunting and fishing. Office: 1601 
Washington Ave. Residence: 4363 McPherson 

CLARK, Edward P., Jr., secretary Materne 
Manufacturing Co.; born Georgia, Vt., Dec. 25, 
1870; son of Edward P. and Mary (Jocelyn) 
Clark; removed to St. Louis, 1878; educated in 
St. Louis public and manual training schools; 
married, St. Louis, 1895, Florence D. Moore; 
children: Helen E., Edith J., David P. and 
Charles W. Learned trade in St. Louis as 
steamfitter and machinist and has been en- 
gaged in steam fitting since 1888; in Feb., 
1898, became connected with firm of J. P. 
Materne Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of 
wrought iron pipe fittings, and has been secre- 
tary since its incorporation in Feb., 1900, as 
Materne Manufacturing Co. Mason, Knight 
Templar. Recreations: hunting, fishing and 
boating. Office: 800 S. 18th St. Residence: 
Wheaton, St. Louis County. 

CLARK, Hinman Holden; deceased; see 
A^ol. 1906. 

CLARK, Samuel; see Vol. 1906. 

CLARK, Uriel L., lumber; born. Hunter's 
Creek, Mich., Oct. 1, 1854; son of John and 
Elizabeth Clark; educated in public and high 
schools of Lapeer, Mich.; married, Inlav City, 
Mich., Oct. 1, 1879, Lillie M. Lamb; one 
daughter: Lillie L. Began in lumber business 
in Michigan in 1875, and was member of firm 
of J. Clark & Son, lumber manufacturers. 
Hunter's Creek, Mich.; removed to St. Louis, 
1896, and organized the Detroit Timber Co., 
of which is president. Also president Earl 
Mining & Smelting Co. Member Southern 
Lumber IManufacturers' Association, Business 
Men's League. Mason, Knight Templar. Clubs: 
St. Louis, Mercantile, Glen Echo Countrv. 
Recreation: golf. Office: 506 Olive St. Resi- 
dence: 29 Portland PL Summer Residence: 
Hunter's Creek, Mich. 

CLARK, Warren Lewis; see Vol. 1906. 

CLARK, Willis Heiiry, lawyer; born. Cas- 
cade Townshi]), Kent Co., Mich., Nov. 20, 
]861; son of Henry INTorgan and Delia Ann 
(Waters) Clark; educated partly in public 



schools but pri>ici[)ally under private tuition; 
married, Lincoln, 111., Oct. 16, ISSS, Jnez Lang- 
don Andrew; four children: Lucille (Mrs. M. 
S. Covington), Raymond, Martha and Howard. 
Admitted to Missouri bar, and has practiced 
at St. Louis since Feb. (5, 1888, except when 
on bench; judpje Court of Criminal Correc- 
tion, Dec. 1, 180S-I)ec. 1, 1902. Kepublican. 
Recreation: reading. Office: 1111 Clark Ave. 
Residence: 'ill'Z Kensington Ave. 

CLARKE, Charles S., railway ofiicial; born, 
Frederick, Md., duly IG, 1862; son James C. 
and Susannah (Schaeffer) Clarke; educated in 
public schools and Soule University of New 
Orleans; unmarried. Began in 1880 as apjjren- 
tice with Illinois Central Railroad at Weldon 
Shops, Chicago; then was machinist, mechan- 
ical draughtsman and chief clerk to master 
mechanic, and later, master mechanic; mo\ed 
to IMohile, 1890, as division superintendent 
Mobile & Ohio and Mobile & Bay Shore rail- 
roads, continuing as general superintendent 
and general manager until Sept. 30, 1904; vice 
president Missouri Pacific Railway from Sept. 
30, 1904, to May 1, 1911 (resigne'd) ; director 
Missouri Pacific Railway, St. Louis, Iron 
Mountain & Southern Ry. Co., National Bank 
of Commerce. Member American Railway As- 
sociation, American Railway Guild, American 
Railway Engineering and Maintenance of 
Way Association (since organization), Mary- 
land Society of New York, National Geo- 
graphic Society. Clubs: St. Louis, Bellerive, 
Noonday, Mercantile, The Traffic of St. Louis; 
also Calumet (Chicago), Manassas, Athelston 
and Mobile Yacht (Mobile). Recreations: golf 
and walking. Address: Hotel Jefferson. 

CLARKE, Enos, retired lawyer; born St. 
Clairsville, O. ; son of George and Nancy 
Clarke; graduated, Hamilton College, New 
York, A. ]\r. ; studied law at Utica, N. Y., and 
there admitted to bar, 1863; same year re- 
moved to St. Louis; married, 1863, M. Annette, 
daughter of Hon. John J. Foote, New York; 
one child: Rowena A. Served in 7th Regiment 
Missouri State Militia; practiced law in St. 
Louis with Ed. R. Bates, later with Geo. A. 
Madill, until 1868, when, by Chief Justice 
Chase, was appointed register in bankruptcy 
U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Mis- 
souri, serving until 1880; prostrated by con- 
tinued years of illness, 1882-93. Curator State 
University, 1865-68; member 23d General As- 
sembly of Missouri. Republican. Member 
Committee of 200 of Louisiana Purchase Ex- 
position, 1899-1901. Member American Eco- 
nomic Association, American Bar Association, 
Missouri Historical Society, Academy of Sci- 
ence, National Geographic Society; president 
St. Louis County Civic League, Ohio Society. 
Clubs: Contemporary, Papyrus, City, Wash- 
ington University, Algonquin. Residence: 
Seven Gables, Kirkwood Branch P. O., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

CLARKE, Pat H., contractor and ex-sheriff 
of St. Louis; born, Dundalk, Ireland, Mar. 25, 
1845; came to this country with parents and 
settled in Kenton Co., Ky. ; educated in 
schools there; married, Frankfort, Ky., June 
24, 1873, Nancy Barton; children: Owen J., 
Mary (:Mrs. Donabl Neary), Elizabeth, Robert, 
Kevin, Margaret. During Civil War served in 
Union Army in Compaiiy H, 37th Kentucky 
Infantry; after the war learned the black- 
smith 's trade in Cincinnati Locomotive Works; 
came to St. Louis in 1879 and worked at trade, 
and later in the Iron ilountain Railroad shops 
and Missouri Pacific shops, and was foreman 
blacksmith in the Fulton Iron Works. Served 
four years in the City Council; during Mayor 
Walbridge's administration served three years 
as factory inspector; s])eriff' of St. Louis, 1905- 
06; since engaged in general contracting. Re- 
])ublican. Me7nber Knights of Father Mathew, 
A. O. U. W. and Royal Arcanum. Office: 815 
Chestnut St. Residence: 3133 Eads Ave. 

*CLARKSON, James E., glue manufacturer; 
moved to Chicago; see Vol. 1906. 

CLARKSON, Thaddeus Stevens; see Vol. 

CLARKSON, W. Palmer, attorney and sec- 
retary I'ioiieei- Cooperage Co.; born in Essex 
Co., Va., Feb. 13, 1867; son of James L. and 
Loulie C. (Turner) Clarkson; graduated from 
St. Louis High School, 1888; LL.B., St. Louis 
Law^ School, 18S9; married, St. Louis. Oct. 18, 
1897, Marie Soulard Turner (daughter of late 
Gen. John W. Turner, who was street com- 
missioner of St. Louis for eleven years) ; chil- 
dren: John Turner, Marie Louise an<l Palmer. 
Practiced law in St. Louis from 1889 to Aug., 
1902, and during that time was attorney for 
Missouri Southern Railroad Co., Fidelity and 
Casualty Insurance Co., Clarkson Saw ^lill Co. 
and other corporations; since Aug., 1902. at- 
torney and secretary of Pioneer Cooperage Co., 
devoting all his time to this corporation, 
which operates large factories in St. Louis 
and Chicago, and numerous stave and heading 
factories in the South, and also owns large 
hardwood timber projierties in the South. Di- 
rector Clarkson Lumber Co., Christian Board 
of Publication, and vice president National 
Benevolent Association. Democrat. Member 
Board of Education, City of St. Louis, ap- 
pointed by Mayor Wells to fill vacancy in 
board in 1902; elected for term of two years, 
.\pril, 1905, and elected vice president of board, 
October, 1905; on Apr. 20, 1909, appointed by 
Mayor Kreisman to fill unexpired term of 
John Schroers. ^Member Christian (Disciples) 
Church; chairman board Union Avenue Chris- 
tian Church since 190(>. ]Meml)er Bar Associa- 
tion of St. Ijouis, also Missouri State Bar As- 
sociation. Member Virginia Society, Business 
Men's League, JNlanufacturers' Association, 
Citizens' industrial Association, National 



Cooperage Association (]iresi(leiit for two 
years). Clubs: St. Louis, K'oonday, City, Bel- 
lerive Country. Eecreatious: golf and tennis. 
Office: 2212 DoKalb St. Ecsideuce: 4243 ::Mary- 
land Ave. 

CLAUSEN, James; born in Denmark, Oct. 
7, lS4(j; edu<-ated in public schools of n;ii'\o 
]place: camo to United States, 1S71; marri -d, 
Philadelphia, 18S0, Julia Vincent; children: 
Maud and F. Joseph. Came to St. Louis, ISDo, 
and formed present partnership with JI. M. 
and D. W. Herriott, under the style of Her- 
ri ott Bros. & Co., manufacturers of shoe i)ol- 
ishes; superintendent of factory. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Member Grand Council Royal 
Arcanum; first vice president Post A, St. 
Louis Travelers' Protective Association; mem- 
ber Million Population Club, North St. Louis 
Business ileu's Association, Public Schools 
Patron's Alliance, etc. Recreation: trip east 
or w^est each summer. Office: 2801-2807 N. 
Broadway. Residence: 2232 St. Louis Ave. 

CLAXON, AJvin Wellington; see Vol. 1906. 

CLAYBERG-, Perry C, physician; deceased; 
see Vol. llHKi. 

CLEAG-E, Thomas Alexander, storage aud 
commission; see A'ol. 1906. 

CLEAVELAND, Holbrook GHson, lawyer; 
liorn, Plymouth. Ind., Aug. 13, 1870; son of 
Gilson S. and Jane N. (Thompson) Cleave- 
land; educated at Smith Academy, St. Louis, 
1S87-89; University of Michigan, graduating 
A.B., 1893, LL.B., 1894; unmarried. Located 
permanently in St. Louis, 1894, and has since 
engaged in general practice. Member of St. 
Louis Bar Association. Episcopalian. Demo- 
crat. r^Iember Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Clubs: 
Missouri Athletic, City, Century Boat. Recre- 
ation: canoeing. Office: 410 Security Bldg. 
Residence: 4011 Cleveland Ave. 

CLEMENS, James Ross, physician; born St. 
Louis. Sept. 19, ISOIJ; son of Bryan Mullanphy 
and Mary Ross (Warfield) Clemens; went in 
1884 to Stronghurst College, England, from 
there to London University and thence to 
<'aml)ridge University, England, graduating, 
^^. D., 1S92; continueil medical studies at St. 
Thomas anil LoTidon Hosjiitals, London; ad- 
mitted by examination IMember Royal College 
of Surgeons and Licentiate Royal College of 
Physicians of England; married, Claveraeh, 
St.' Louis Co., ]Mo., 1899, Katherine T. Boland; 
children: Mary ^luriel, Cyril Coniston. On 
<'ompletion of medical studies came to St. 
Louis, where has since been engaged in prac- 
tice of medicine, with s]>ecialties in diseases 
of children ami internal meilicine. Now pro- 
fessor of diseases of children in medical de- 
]iartment of St. Louis University, chief of 
"linic at St. John's Hospital and Grand Ave. 
Disiiensary; jiliysician on medical staff St. 
Louis Skin and Cancer Hospital; chief phy- 
sician St. Anne's Infant Asylum, St. Joseph's 

Orphan Asjdum, and Salvation Army Nursery; 
A'isiting phj'sician City Hospital; pediatrician 
to St. Louis Maternity Hospital. President St. 
Louis Pediatric Society; member St. Louis 
Medical Society; Bethesda Pediatric Society. 
Roman Catholic. Recreation: boating. Office: 
Metropolitan Bldg. Residence: 3720 W. Pine 

CLIFFORD, Patrick James, contractor; 
born. County Limerick, Ireland, Oct. 15, 1853; 
son of David and Honora (Cagney) Clifford; 
educated in Christian Brothers College, St. 
Louis; married, St. Louis, Dec. 14, 1875, Cath- 
erine Hamm; children: Eugene L., Cora, Flor- 
ence. Was for thirty-two years cashier for 
Forbes Bros. & Co., prior to Apr. 21, 1902; 
license collector of St. Louis, 1902-06; then 
with Gilsonite Construction Co., 1906-09; since 
in contracting business for self as the P. J. 
Clifford Contracting Co. President Midland 
Building & Loan Association for fifteen years. 
Democrat. Roman Catholic. Recreations: fish- 
ing and boating. Office and Residence: 5191 
Von Versen Ave. 

CLOPTON, Malvern Bryan, surgeon; born, 
St. Louis, Oct. 8, 1875; sou of William H. and 
Belle (Bryan) Clopton; educated in St. Louis 
High School; University of Virginia, classical 
course, 1893-95; Medical Department of Uni- 
versity of Virginia, M.D., 1897; Johns Hop- 
kins Hospital, Baltimore, 1898-1900; widower. 
Engaged in practice of surgery in St. Louis 
since 1897; visiting surgeon, St. Luke's Hos- 
pital; instructor in surgery, Medical Depart- 
ment of Washington- University. Member St. 
Louis Medical Society, American Medical As- 
sociation, Western Surgical Association. Epis- 
copalian. Clubs: University, Racquet, St. 
Louis Country. Office: 405 Humboldt Bldg. 
Residence: 5391 Waterman Ave. 

CLOPTON, William Hickman, lawyer; born, 
Madison Co., Ala., Aug. 24, 1847; son of James 
A. and Mary E. (Penney) Clopton; educated 
boarding school, Sulphur Springs, Ala.; La 
(irange Military Academy, Alabama, 1800-61; 
Southern University, Greensboro, Ala., 1861- 
()2; University of Virginia, 1865-68, graduat- 
ing with degree of LL.B., 1868; married, St. 
Louis, Jan. 29, 1873, Belle Brvan (who died 
Nov. 9, 1893); three children: Dr. Malvern B. 
(of St. Louis), William IL, Jr. (captain Thir- 
teenth Cavalry, U. S. A.), Emily. Entered 
Confederate Army, 1864, and served under 
Gen. Dan Adams as member of his escort; 
later with scouts for De])artment of Alabama, 
and with General Buf ord 's escort. Admitted 
to jNIissouri bar and has practiced at St. Louis 
since November, 1868; appointed by Presi- 
dent Cleveland as U. S. attorney for the East- 
ern District of Missouri, Feb.' 20, 1894, and 
served for one term. Democrat; was for sev- 
eral terms member of Democratic State Cen- 
tral Committee. Catholic. Member Sigma Chi 
college fraternitv. Recreations: hunting and 



fishinj:. OtHco: AVainwrijilit r.ldR. Eosiaonco: 
:".'>(;.') Ciihaniic I'l. 

-CLULEY, John Pendleton, coal ilcalcr; 
iiiipv.>(l to <'liica},'o; sec Vol. I'.IUG. 

CLYMER, Harry G., arcliitoct ; born, Polo, 
ill., .luiK' _;•, l>i7:>; son of llonry L. and Mary 
:\l.'ciynior; tMlia-atod in public schools to four- 
teen; married, 8t. Louis, Mar. 1, 1899, Miss 
Lottie liOnji; children: Dorothy, William II. 
Legan in architecture in office of A. h\ Kosen- 
heim. St. Louis; became head draftsman for 
A. M. Leinke and after death of employer, 
1901, assunu^d practice of architecture; now 
nuMuber of tirm of Clymer & Drischler; has 
erected a number of residences and mercan- 
tile and manufacturing establishments of St. 
Louis. Lutheran. Mason. Office: (519 Waiu- 
Avright Bldg. Kesidence: 5228 Maple Ave. 

COAKLEY, Jeremiah Joseph, railway offi- 
cial; born, AlhMiton, St. I>ouis Co., Mo., -luly 5, 
1S.)9; son of .Jeremiah and Ellen (Callahan) 
Coaklev; educated jjrimary schools of Allenton 
and Kirkwood, St. Louis Co., and. public 
schools, St. Louis; married, Agnes Bowe, of St. 
Louis, .Tune U, 1S83 (died August, 1883); mar- 
ried, 2d, Elizabetli Fairbank, of Seymour, Ind., 
Nov. a, 1887 (died Aug. 28, 1900); one daugh- 
ter by second marriage: Euth Elizabeth (now 
Mrs. Donald Carlisle Welty, of Hamilton, 
]Mont.). Began active career in employ of the 
Vnion Railway & Transit Co., St. Louis, Sept. 
11, 1875, andever since connected with said 
comjiany or its successors; superintendent Ter- 
minal ixailroad Association, St. Louis Mer- 
( hants' Bridge Terminal Eailway Co.; director 
St. Louis Belt Terminal E. E. Democrat. Cath- 
olic. Served as member House of Delegates, 
City of St. Louis, 1886-87. Decorated Order of 
the Crown Prince of Prussia (confirmed by 
Kmperor William) for courtesies extended 
Prince Henry on his visit to the United States. 
(Mubs: Autoinobile, Sunset Inn, St. Louis Eail- 
wav. Eecreations: motoring, fishing, billiards. 
Office: 101 Union Sta. Eesidence: 3232 Lafay- 
ette Ave. 

COATES, Harold Penn-Gaskell, assistant ex- 
ecutive officer Eice-Stix Dry Goods Co.; born, 
<"hester, Pa., June 17, 1870; son of Isaac Tay- 
lor (M.D.) and Mary (Penn-Gaskell) Coates; 
educated in Lawrenceville School, Lawrence- 
ville, N. J., 1884-88; Lafayette College, Easton, 
Pa., 1888-91; married, Philadelphia, -luly 2. 
1891, Florence Elizabeth Jarvis; children: 
Eosalind Penn-Gaskell, Lucretia .Jarvis. Left 
college, 1S91, to enter real estate business with 
J. T. Jackson in Pliiladelphia; went to Salt 
liake City, Utah, same year, in pursuit of 
health; engaged in mortgage loans and fire in- 
surance business in Salt Lake, 1891-95; entered 
electric lighting business in Salt Lake, 1895-9S, 
and -was called to St. Louis, -Inly, 1898, by 
financial interests behind former Imperial 
Electric Light, Ileat and Power Co.; was secre- 
tary, treasurer and director, and so continued 

after the North American Co. acrjuired the 
comi)any. In 1902, by consolidation local elec- 
tric lighting interests were unified under name 
of I'nion Electric Light and Power Co., of 
which was secretary and assistant treasurer; 
also secretary, treasurer an<l director the Seck- 
ner (Jontracting Co., and officer and director 
of several comi)anieH subsidiary to these two; 
assistant executive officer Eice-Stix Dry Goods 
Co. (wholesale) since April, 1908. Member 
Delta Tan Delta, and Theta Nu Epsilon college 
fraternities. Eepublican. Episcopalian. Eec- 
reation: athletics. Office: 1000 Washington 
Ave. Eesidence: 5638 Kingsbury Boul. 

COBB, Charles Simeon, i)resident Southern 
Suretv Co.; born, .laniaica, Windham Co., Vt., 
May 25, 185(5; son of Eoswell Lyman and 
Ellen (Howard) Cobb; B.S., Cornell Univer- 
sity, 1877; LL.B., University of Michigan, 
1879; married, West Schuyler!^ N. Y., Dec. 21, 
1880, Icy Van Vleck; children: Myra (wife of 
Dr. J. W. Ousley, of Kansas City,"Mo.), Abby, 
Icy. Admitted to bar, 1879; practiced at Eaton 
Eapids, Midi., 1879-84; in banking Inisiness 
at Eaton Eapids, 1884-90, at Denison, Tex., 
since 1890; i)resident Southern Trust Co. 
(bank stock investments), Atoka, Okla., since 
1904; president Southern Surety Co. since 
1907; also chairman of board National Bank of 
Denison, Tex.; treasurer W. C. Belcher Land 
and Mortgage Co., of Ft. Worth, Tex. Mem- 
ber Business Men's League. Eepublican. Uni- 
tarian. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Normandie 
(Jolf. Eecreation: chess. Ofiice: 4th floor New 
Bank of Commerce Bldg. Eesidence: 5700 
Bartmer Ave. 

COBB, Charles Willis Snow, president Glen- 
coe Lime atid Cement Co.; born, Eoidvland, 
Me., Oct. 6, 1849; son of Francis and Martha 
(Chandler) Cobb; educated in public schools, 
Eockland, Johnson's Academy, Topsham, Me., 
and Norridgewock (Me.) Academy; married, 
Augusta, Me., June 15, 1880, Sarah S. Haskell; 
children: Euth Bradford, Helen Chandler. Be- 
gan business career as clerk in grocery store 
in Eockland; later member of firm of Cobb, 
Wight & Co.; moved to St. Louis, 1880, and be- 
came ]iartner in firm of Goetz & Cobb, lime 
manufacturers, which dissolved 1889; then es- 
tablished Glencoe Lime and Cement Co., of 
which is president. ISIember Francis Cobb & 
Co., wholesale grocers, and of Cobb. liutler & 
Co., shipbuilders, Eockland, Me. Eepublican. 
Congregationalist. Formerly trustee Drury 
College, Springfield, Mo. Clubs: jNlercantile, 
Glen Echo, City. Office: 904 Syndicate Trust 
P.ldg. Eesidence: 4415 Morgan St. 

COBB, Seth Wallace, merchant, ex-congress- 
man; 1838-1909; see Vol. 1906. 

COBBS, Thomas Harper, lawyer; born. Na- 
poleon, Lafavette Co., Mo., Aug. 26, 1868; son 
of Thomas T. and Catherine (Harper) Cobbs; 
B.S., Odessa College, Odessa, Mo.. 1889; stu- 
dent Missouri Valley College, jSIarshall, Mo., 



1890-92; A.B., Washington University, 1896; 
studied law in St. Lonis Law School and later 
in Yale Law School, Yale University, oraduat- 
ing with degree of LL.B., 1897; married, Car- 
roiltou. 111., Aug. 30, 1898, Lucie Mae Jones. 
Taught school at various times while receiving 
his education and earned money for expenses 
in college; superintendent schools, Eoodhouse, 
111., 1892-95; admitted to Missouri bar, August, 
1896; associated with law firm of Flower, 
Smith & Musgrave, Chicago, 1897-1901; in 
jiractico at St. Louis with John E. Bishop, as 
Bishop tS: Cobbs since 1901. Democrat. Presby- 
terian. Member American Bar Association, 
Missouri State Bar Association, St. Louis Bar 
Association, Sigma Nu college fraternity, 
Y'ale Alumni Association, Washington Univer- 
sity Alumni Association. Mason (Tuscan 
Lodge); member Knights of Pythias. Club: 
^Mercantile. Eecreations: golf, fishing. Office: 
1111-111.3 Third Xational Bank Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: 6224 Waterman Ave. 

COBUEN, Maurice, principal assistant engi- 
neer Vandalia E. E. ; born, Cleveland, O., Dec. 
5, 1875; son of Forrest A. and Helen A. 
(Stickney) Coburn; educated in Cleveland 
public schools and Case School of Ajiplied 
Science, graduating with degree of B.S., 1897; 
unmarried. Engaged with Pennsylvania Lines 
West of Pittsburgh, 1897, since continuously 
with that system and the Vandalia E. E. ; 
principal assistant engineer Vandalia E. E. 
since May, 1909. Member American Eailwaj^ 
Engineering Association. Clubs: University, 
City. Recreation: golf. Office: Century Bldg. 
Residence : 3737 AYashington Ave. 

COCHRAN, Alexander G., lawver; born at 
Allegheny City, Pa., Mar. 20, 1846; son of 
John Turner and Anna (Richardson) Cochran; 
educated in public and private schools and 
Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.; studied 
law at Columbia Law School, and admitted to 
bar, 1866; married Mary Virginia Andrews, of 
Allegheny City, June 1, 1869. Practiced at 
Pittsburgh, 1866-74; member Forty-fourth Con- 
gress (1875-77), Twenty-third Pennsylvania 
District; defeated for Forty-fifth Congress; 
Democrat. Member si>ecial committee to South 
Carolina to investigate Tilden-Hayes election 
and one of the objectors on the part of the 
House in the South Carolina case, before the 
Electoral Commission; member special com- 
mittee to investigate whisky frauds in St. 
Louis. Appointed general solicitor ^Missouri 
Pacific Ey., 1888; vice president Missouri Pa- 
cific; and Iron Mountain lines, Oct. 1, 1904, to 
Dec. ], 1909, wlien retired from railway serv- 
ice; also was general solicitor Cotton Belt and 
International Creat Northern Ry. Judge advo- 
cate Missouri National Guard on staff of 
Brigadier General Clarke. Member American 
Bar Association, Missouri State Bar Associa- 
tion, St. Louis Bar .Association. Episco])alian. 
Clubs: St. Louis, St. Louis Athletic (one of 

governors), St. Louis Country. Office: Pierce 
Bldg. Residence: 7 Westmoreland PI. 

COCHRAN, William Arthur; see Vol. 1906. 

COCHRANE, Manning West, motor trucks; 
born, Bushnell, 111., Mar. 22, 1868; son of 
Thomas and Hannah M. (Hartmau) Cochrane; 
educated in public schools and attended Tabor 
College, Tabor, Ta. ; married, Lincoln, Neb., 
Feb. 7, 1894, Olive Ethel Moore; children: 
Dorothy (deceased), Ruth. Associated in grain 
business with father at Lincoln, 1888-1902; 
came to St. Louis as representative of father 's 
business in 1902 and in 1903 was made a part- 
ner in the firm under style of Cochrane Grain 
Co., being the resident partner until 1910; 
now manager Cochrane Motor Sales Co. Mem- 
ber St. Louis Merchants' Exchange (president, 
1910). Methodist. Mason. Office: 1820 Locust 
St. Residence: 5109 Kingston A^-e. 

COCKE, William Horner, president Commer- 
cial Acid Co.; born. City Point, Va., Sept. 12, 
1874; son of Henry Teller and Elizabeth 
(Horner) Cocke; educated Staunton (Va.) 
High School, Virginia Military Institute, Lex- 
ington, Va., 1890-94, graduating, degree of 
C.E., 1894; professor of mathematics and com- 
mandant of cadets, Kemper Military Academy, 
1894-97; graduated from Law Department of 
Washington University, degree of LL.B., 1898; 
married, St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. 20, 1905, Annie 
Jeanette Owen. Admitted to bar, Apr. 22, 
1899, and engaged in general practice in St. 
Louis from that date until December, 1906; 
senior member law firm of Cocke & Trigg, 
March, 1904-Jau. 1, 1906. Organizer, and pres- 
ident of the Commercial Acid Co. since Jan. 1, 
1907. Member Business Men's League of St. 
Louis. First lieutenant Fourth Missouri Volun- 
teer Infantrv, 1898-99; captain and adjutant. 
First Eegiment Infantry, N. G. Mo., 1903-04; 
major same regiment, 1904-06. Mugwump in 
politics. Club: Normandie Golf. Eecreation: 
Golf. Office: 3943 Duncan Ave. Eesideuee: 
5432 Clemens Ave. 

COE, Edward. Davis, merchant; born, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Apr. 14, 1843; son of Eichard 
and Hannah Maria (Lippincott) Coe; edu- 
cated at William Whitall's Private Academy 
of Friends ("Quakers"); served in Union 
Army as private Starr's batterv, Pennsvlvania 
State Militia, 1861; private Battery L, 1862, 
attached to Seventh Eegiment Pennsylvania 
State Militia; attached to Thirty-second Regi- 
ment Pennsylvania Militia, 1863, and 1864-65 
was sergeant Company H, 196th Pennsylvania 
Volunteer Infantry; married, Philadelphia, 
Jan. 8, 1874, Maggie Emily Barr. Entered 
wholesale dry goods business at Philadelphia 
in 1858 with .Toseph Lea & Co., and remained 
with the firm, during period of war service, 
until 1870. Came to St. Louis in October, 1870, 
and established in wholesale notion business, 
in which has since continued; since 1874 asso- 
ciated with Robert G. Yonge, under firm name 



of Coe, Yonge & Co. liepublicaii. Membor 
Kansoni Post, No. 131, G. A. R. (historian 
since 1900), Legion of Honor. Mason. Olliee: 
OO.j Lucas Ave. Kesidence: -1157 Washington 

COFFIN, Edward H., president Berry-Bergs 
Coal Co.; born, Milton, Ulster Co., X. Y., Nov. 
25, 1S4-4; son of William and Rhoda A. (Bird- 
sail) Coffin; educated iu district schools of 
Orange and Ulster counties, Nine Partners 
Boarding School, Dutchess Co., N. Y. (one 
term), Westtown (Pa.) Boarding School one 
year, and one year at Post's Academy, EUen- 
ville, N. Y. ; taught district school, winters of 
18G4-C5 and 18(35-GG; married, Moorestown, 
N. J., Jan. 24, 1SS2, Sarah A. I'ancoast (died 
May 3, 189(5); children: William H. and S. 
Frances; married, 2d, Sept. 5, 1906, Mrs. Lelia 
M. Jack, of St. Louis. Entered service of Mis- 
souri Pacific Ey. Co., Dec. 1, 1866, as clerk in 
freight office at Jefferson City, Mo., and re- 
mained with that company as clerk and tele- 
graph operator at Holden, and agent and oper- 
ator at Lees Summit, and Kansas City, Mo., 
until June 30, 1872; was agent for Kansas 
Central R. R. at Leavenworth, Kan., July 1 
to Dec. 31, 1872; returned to Kansas City, 
Jan. 1, 1873, and was freight agent for Mis- 
souri Pacific Ey. Co. until Jan. 31, 1875; came 
to St. Louis, Feb. 1, 1875, and entered service 
of Wabash R. E. as city ticket agent, and re- 
mained with same company as city passenger 
and ticket agent until Apr. 7, 1902; engaged 
in coal business, Sept. 1, 1904, as president of 
the Berry-Bergs Coal Co.; also secretary and 
treasurer National Pickle and Canning Co. 
Rei)ublican. Friend ("Quaker"). Mason, 
Knight Templar. Club: Mercantile. Office: 
1404-1406 New National Bank of Commerce 
Bldg. Residence: 3439 Lafayette Ave. 

COFFIN, William Halleck, secretary and 
treasurer Berrv-Bergs Coal Co.; born, St. 
Louis, Oct. 2S,'lSS2; son of Edward H. and 
Sarah A. (Pancoast) Coffin; educated at Smith 
Academy, St. Louis, Pennsylvania Military 
College, graduating C.E., 1902, and finished at 
Cornell Universitv, 1902-03; married, St. Louis, 
Sept. 6, 1909, Esther Estey, of Eldon, Mo.; 
one son: Edward H. Entered office of Berry- 
Bergs Coal Co., wholesale and retail coal and 
coke, in August, 1903, and upon reorganiza- 
tion of the company in September, 1904, was 
elected to present position as secretary and 
treasurer. Member Phi Gamma Delta Frater- 
nity. Recreation: traveling. Office: 1404 New 
National Bank of Commerce Bldg. Residence: 
2607 S. Compton Ave. 

COLBY, Branch Harris, civil engineer; born 
at Cherry Valley, O.. July 20, 1854; son of 
Lewis and Celestia (Rice) Colby; brother of 
J(une) Rose Colby; C.E., University of Mich- 
igan, 1877; post-graduate course in mining, 
engineering, 1S77-78; married Minnie Bary, of 
Detroit, June 28, 1883; two children: Vine 

;ni<l Dorothy. Assistant on survey of Great 
Lakes, 1875-78; U. S. assistant engineer Mis- 
sissippi River, 1878-84; in private practice, 
1885-89; U. S. assistant engineer, in charge of 
survey of Portage Lake Ship Canal, 1888-89, 
for Straight Channel, Sandusky (O.) Harbor, 
1889; U. S. assistant engineer Mississippi 
Eiver Commission, 1889-90; principal assist- 
ant engineer sewer department, St. Louis, 
3 890-95; sewer commissioner and member 
Board of Public Improvements, 1895-99; civil 
and consulting engineer, American Car and 
Foundry Co., 1900; in private practice since 
1901; also city engineer of University City 
since 1906. Member American Society of Civil 
Engineers, American Society for Municipal 
Improvement (vice president), St. Louis En- 
gineers' Club (ex-president). Member Com- 
pany B, Michigan National Guards, 1873-76. 
Unitarian. Scottish Rite Mason (32°), Shrin- 
er. Office: 812 Security Bldg. Residence: 
5790 McPherson Ave. 

COLCORD, Walter Rea, machinery and sup- 
ply merchant; born, St. Louis, Mar. 6, 1867; 
son of William and Sarah Maria (Cousins) 
Colcord; educated iu public schools of St. 
Louis; married, St. Louis, June 1, 1896, Meta 
Elise, daughter of G. W. and Lena Garrels; 
children: Gerard Rea, Eunice. Engaged in 
business as machinery merchant since May 1, 
1895; was president of W. R. Colcord Ma- 
chinery Co., dealers in metal-working ma- 
chinery and machine-shop equipment; now 
president Colcord-Wright Machinery and Sup- 
ply Co.; director Franklin Bank. Independent 
in politics. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Midland 
Valley Golf. Recreation: golf. Office: 1223- 
1229 N. Broadway. Residence: 4943 Parkview 

COLE, Amedee B., president John Jackson 
Investment Co.; born, St. Louis, Sept. 21, 
1855; son of Nathan and Rebecca Lane 
(Fagin) Cole; educated Franklin (public) 
School, Washington University and Shurtleff 
College; married, St. Louis, June 18, 1879, 
Annie, daughter of John Jackson, of St. 
Louis; children: Annie J. (wife of Dr. Wil- 
liam B. Shields), John J., Ernest J., Reba J. 
(Mrs. Charles N. Morton), Marjorie (wife of 
Dr. G. D. Royston). Began business career as 
assistant in the management of his father's 
grain commission business, operating on the 
Merchants' Exchange until 1900. In 1892, 
when the estate of his father-in-law, who 
died in 1889, was incorporated under the 
name of John Jackson Investment Co., he 
became a director and in 1899 was elected its 
president; retired from the grain business 
and devoted himself exclusively to the man- 
agement of a large tract of mining land near 
•loplin. Mo., owned by the company. Member 
Business Men's League, St. Louis Merchants' 
Exchange, New York Produce Exchange, 
Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress. Pres- 



ident Missouri State Society, Sous of the 
American Kevolution, J 911-12; first vice pres- 
ident general of Xational Society, Sous of 
the American Eevolutiou. Eepublicau. Ma- 
sou (32°), Shriuer. Clubs: St. Louis, Eae- 
quet, Automobile, Aero. Eecreatious: out- 
<loor life, motoring. Office: 318 N. 8th St. 
Eesidence: 3705 Liudell Boul. 

COLE, Howard, timber lands; born, Par- 
kersburg, W. Va., May 1, 18(58; son of Joseph 
Howard and Bettie (Dudley) Cole; educated 
in public schools, Parkersburg, W. Ya., to 
1887. Cashier State Savings Bank, Eoanoke, 
Va., 1887-89; in 1889 went South and was 
engaged in land business in Louisiana and 
Mississippi; Avas resident in Yicksburg, Miss., 
five years before coming to Chicago, Apr. 1, 
1904. President Mississippi Eealty Co., incor- 
porated in 1899, and operating in timber lands 
in Mississifipi and Louisiana; in 1908 organ- 
ized firm of Howard Cole & Co., Incorporated, 
of which is president. Also president Colum- 
bia Timber Co. (Vancouver, B. C). Howard 
Cole Timber and Investment Co. (Vancouver, 
B. C), Silver Lake Timber Co. (Florida), 
Florida Land and Timber Co.; director Mor- 
ris Lumber Co., and vice president and direct- 
or in a number of other concerus. Eepublicau. 
Eecreation: driving. Office: 235 Pierce Bldg. 
Residence: 4564 W. Pine St. 

COLE, John Gully, advertising; see Vol. 

COLES, Walter De Rosset, lawyer; born, 
Parkersburg, W. Va., Jan. 6, 1868; son of 
Walter and Anne Taylor (Preston) Coles; at- 
tended L'niversity of A^irginia, 1884-88; grad- 
uated from Law Department, Washington Uni- 
versity, LL.B., 1889; unmarried. Admitted to 
bar, 1889, and since engaged in practice in St. 
Louis; assistant United States District Attor- 
ney, 1894-98; referee in bankruptcy at St. 
Louis since 1898. Episcopalian. Democrat. 
^Member of American Academy of Political 
and Social Science, Missouri Historical So- 
ciety, St. Louis and American Bar Associa- 
tions. Clubs: University', Noonday, Eacquet, 
City, Bellerive Countr}-. Office: Eoom 415, 
Security Bldg. 

COLLARD, Guy A., life insurance; born, 
Bremoiid, Tex., Feb. 11, 1876; son of James 
H. and Laura B. (Brown) Collard; educated 
Southwestern University, Georgetown, Tex.; 
married, Denver, Colo., Apr. 18, 1906, ]Minnie 
L. Body; one son, Sneed B. Engaged in min- 
ing brokerage business principally in Mexico 
City, Mex., also in the United States and 
Alaska, until Feb. 13, 1906; then entered life 
insurance business in Denver, as solicitor, 
and became local superintendent of agents 
for The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co.; 
in July, 1908, was appointed manager at St. 
Louis for the Germania Life Insurance Co. 
of New York; supervisor of agents, same 

companj-, Jan. 1, 1911-Xov. 25, 1911; super- 
visor of agents. Equitable Life Assurance 
Society, until June 25, 1912; since manager 
and general agent Union Central Life Insur- 
ance Co. Democrat. Protestant. Eecrea- 
tious: hunting and fishing. Office: Fullerton 
Bldg. Eesidence: North University City, St. 
Louis Co., Mo. 

COLLETT, George Richard, vice president 
St. Louis National Stock Yards; born, Hart- 
ford, Mich., Jan. 6, 1872; son of George F. 
and Serah A. CoUett; educated in public 
schools of Hartford; married at Fort Worth, 
Tex., Apr. 29, 1902, Florence Marsden Heren- 
deen, of Chicago (died Mar. 29, 1908); one 
child: Nellie Herendeeu. In railroad service 
at La Porte, Ind., and Chicago, 1890-96; con- 
nected with Armour & Co. interests at Chi- 
cago and Fort Worth, Tex., 1896-1905; vice 
president and general manager Milwaukee 
Stock Yards Co., 1905-07; vice president St. 
Louis National Stock Yards since February, 
1907. Also xiresident East St. Louis Eendering 
Works; vice president National Cattle Loan 
Co.; director National Stock Yards National 
Bank. Episcopalian. Mason, Knight Templar,. 
Shriner. Clubs: St. Louis, Glen Echo, Missouri 
Athletic. Eecreation: golf. Office: National 
Stock Yards. Eesidence: Buckingham HoteL 

COLLIER, Charles Cox, cashier Union Sta- 
tion Bank; born, Keokuk, la., Jan. 14, 1876; 
son of Alexander and Marj^ (Wilson) Collier; 
educated in public schools of Keokuk; un- 
married. Began in banking business at Keo- 
kuk as a messenger and became assistant cash- 
ier 1904; moved to St. Louis and was teller 
Missouri Trust Co., 1904-06; assistant treas- 
urer, 1906-07; then with Mercantile Trust Co. 
six months; assistant cashier Union Station 
Bank, January, 1909-July, 1911, since cashier. 
Eepublicau. Presbyterian. Office: Union Sta- 
tion Bank. Eesidence: 405S Lindell Boul. 

COLLINS, Charles Cummlngs, lawyer; born,. 
^Memphis, Tenn., July 6, 1872; son of 
Charles Standish and Katheriue Julia (Com- 
fort) Collins; educated in public schools of 
Little Eock, Ark., until 1888; Washington 
University, A.B., 1892; St. Louis Law School 
(Washington University), LL.B., 1894; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Oct. 16, 1895, July Hargadine^ 
daughter of William H. Thomson, of Boat- 
men's Bank; children: Anne Acrata, Julia 
Comfort, Mary Virginia, Elizabeth Cummings. 
Taught school in Smith Academy, department 
of Washington University, 1892-94; admitted 
to bar and engaged in practice, June, 1894; 
now member of law firm of Carter, Collins,. 
Jones & Barker. Member St. Louis, Missouri 
State and American Bar associations. Mem- 
ber Washington University Association. Dem- 
ocrat. Methodist. Clubs: St. Louis, Mercan- 
tile. Office: 1016 Third National Bank Bldg. 
Residence: 20 Lenox PI. 



COLLINS, John Patrick, mulcitakor; iKirii. 
St. Louis, Jan. 6, 18(57; son of Patrick and 
Margaret (Mahoney) Collins; both ot Irish 
descent; educated in public scliools; married, 
St. Louis, 1890, Isabella Scott (die<l 1905). 
Learned undertaking' business and entereil tJio 
office of Christ Schawacker, undertaker, after 
leaving Polyteelinic High School, Oct. 1, 1S82; 
entered undertaking business on own account 
Mar. 1, ]8SS; studied law and admitted to 
Missouri bar, 1902, but now devotes his at- 
tention to unilertaking business. Elected 
member Board of Education to fill unexi)ired 
term, 1891, and again elected, 1893; was can- 
didate for State Senate, 1890 (defeated); 
elected to Senate 1900 and served term of 
four years; elected Democratic Presidential 
Elector of Twelfth Congressional District at 
JoplJn, Mo., Feb. 20, 1912. Catholic. Elected 
president Undertakers' and Embalniers ' Asso- 
ciation, 1908, reelected, 1909, 1910, 1911 and 
1912. Member Knights of Pythias, Knights 
and Ladies of Honor, Knights and Ladies of 
Security. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Million 
Population (director). Recreations: billiards 
and pool. Offices: 517 AValnut St.; 27;i2-273-4 
Park Ave.; 1917-1921 S. Jefferson Ave. Kesi- 
dence: 517 Walnut St. 

COLLINS, Monroe Eobataille, real estate 
and linancial agent, retired; born, St. Louis, 
Feb. 8, 1854; sou of Monroe Eo])ataille and 
Esther (Baker) Collins; educated at Washing- 
ton University; married, Philadelphia, Pa., 
Dec. 11, 1878, Clara Shewell; children: Mon- 
roe Shewell, Eobert Eli. Began in real estate 
business in St. Louis, Mar. 1, 1879, with Delos 
K. Haynes, under firm name of Haynes <& 
Collins, which dissolved 1884; senior mendjer 
of M. R. Collins, Jr., «& Co., real estate and 
linancial agents, 1884-1909, since retired. Vice 
president and secretary Collins Realty Co. 
Member Missouri Historical Society. Gold 
Democrat. Southern jMethodist. Mason (32°), 
Knight Templar, Shriner. Club: St. Louis. 
Favorite recreations: hunting, fishing, travel- 
ing and baseball. Residence: St. Louis. 

COLLINS, Robert E., lawyer; born, Flor- 
ence, I'ike Co., 111., .Ian. 7, 1851; son of Mon- 
roe R. and Esther (Baker) Collins; descendant 
of jjindell family of St. Louis; educated 
Washington University, St. Louis, and Wash- 
ington and Lee University, Virginia, graduat- 
ing with degree of A.B. from latter institu- 
tion, 1871; studied law in the St. Louis Law 
School and in office of Britton A. Hill. St. 
Louis; married, Baltimore, ^Md., Dec. 18, 1873, 
Ida Kate Bishop; two children: Esther C. 
(^[rs. Edwin R. Chappell) and Ida Kate (de- 
ceasefd). Admitted to Missouri bar, 1S73, and 
since in practice in courts of Missouri and 
federal courts; member successively of firms 
of Hill & Collins (Britton A. Hill),"' Collins & 
Carlisle (James L. Carlisle), Collins & Jami- 
son (D. A. Jamison), and Collins & Chappell 

(Kdwiii I\. Chappell). President and counsel 
Kirkwood Trust Co.; president and treasurer 
Collins Realty Co.; vice president and treas- 
urer liindcU Real Estate Co., Joliet Real Es- 
tate Co. Member St. Louis Bar Association. 
Phi Kai)pa Psi. Formerly member St. John's 
^Methodist Episco])al Church, South (board of 
stewards), now Kirkwoo<l ^Methodist Episco- 
]ial Chnrtdi, South. Mason. Recreation: ama- 
teur mechanic. Office: 702 Eialto Bldg. Resi- 
dence: Kii'kwood, ]\lo. 

COLLINS, Thomas Richeson, lire insurance,' 

born, St. Louis, Sept. 10, 18(50; sou of Martin 
and Mary Alice (Crabbe) Collins; educated 
in public and ]>rivate schools, St. Louis, Ver- 
mont Episco])al Institute, Burlington, Vt., and 
Washington University, scientific course; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, 1891, Sara K. Ferguson (now 
deceased); one daughter: Sarah Dorothv; mar- 
ried, 2d, June 1, 'l911, Grace S. Parinly, of 
Chicago. On leaving school in 1S78 entered 
the insurance agency established by father. 
Martin Collins, in April, 1807, and in 1891 be- 
came a ])artner in the firm, which is now- 
known as Martin Collins, Son & Co., general 
fire insurance agents. Member St. Louis In- 
surance Agents' Association. Member Busi- 
ness Men's League, Civic League. Scottish 
Rite jNIason (32°). Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday,. 
St. Louis Country. Office: Pierce Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 525 (_'lara Ave. 

COLMAN, Norman Jay, editor Colman 's 
Rural AVorl.l; 1S27-19J1; see Vol. 1900. 

COLNON, Redmond Stephen, contractor; 
born, Brownville, N. V., June 29, 1802; son of 
John W. and Harriet (Perkins) Colnon; grad- 
uated from Cornell I'niversity, C.E., 1887; 
married, St. Louis, Jan. 9, 1895, Catherine 
Fruin. After graduation engaged as assistant 
engineer in office of Eniil Knichling, Roches- 
ter, N. Y., 1887-89; assistant enyiueer in of- 
fice of Charles H. Ledlie, 1889-90; assistant 
engineer Johnson & Flad, 1890-92; engineer 
Fruin & Bambrick Construction Co., 1892-95; 
engaged in contracting business for self, 1895- 
1900; since 1900 with Jeremiah Fruin, gen- 
eral contractors for street imi)rovements, sew- 
ers, railway work and buildings, and now- 
vice president Fruin-Colnon Contracting Go. 
Also director New Ihiion Sand Co. President 
Building Industries Association. Member 
Board of Education of St. Louis, 1903-09. Was 
member Municii)al Bridge and Terminals Com- 
mission. Democrat. Catholic. Clubs: En- 
gineers', St. liOuis, Noonday, ]\rercantile. Of- 
fice: 502 Laclede BMg. IJesidence: 0417 Co- 
lumbia Ave. 

COMPTON, George B., ))resident Compton 
& Sons Litliogra])liing and Printing Co.; born» 
St. Louis, Feb, 11, 1805; sou of Richard J. 
and Ella Louise (Cleveland) Compton; edu- 
cated in Alton (111.) public schools, and Illi- 
nois College, Jacksonville, 111.; married, Nov. 



7, 1803, Christine Eno; cbiklren: Coalter 
Bates, Eno, George Tarleton. Began, 1885, 
■with Bradstreet ^Mercantile Agency, and later 
Avith Compton & Sons Printing Co.; went to 
New York, June, 1899, to establish eastern 
branch of the company, AA'hich has since been 
in successful operation; returned to St. Louis, 
1904, and was elected president of the com- 
liany. Business was established, 1872, by fa- 
ther, Kichard J. Compton, who was first in 
city to manufacture fine color lithograph work, 
which is still the company's si)ecialty. Mem- 
ber Business ]Men 's League. Episcopalian. 
:\[ason. Club: IMissouri Athletic. Office: 200- 
212 Locust St. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

COMPTON, William Randolph, president 
William R. Compton Co., investment bankers; 
born, Loekport, N. Y., June 27, 1866; son of 
James Eobinson and Frances Hope (Lewis) 
Compton, the father being a pioneer banker 
of Loekport and for over fifty years cashier 
of Niagara County National Bank of that 
city; ancestors settled in New Jersey from 
England. 1650; public school education; mar- 
ried. Dayton, 0., Sept. 24, 1889, Caroline Lou- 
ise Parker; three children: Randolph, William 
Randolph and Frances Hope. Began active 
career as office boy in a factory of native 
town, at .$2.50 per week; later received bank- 
ing training under father; located in St. Jo- 
seph, Mo., as clerk at eighteen, in wholesale 
dry goods establishment of Tootle-Hosea Co.; 
embarked in banking business on own account, 
at Arlington, Kan., 1SS6 (the youngest cash- 
ier in the United States), and conducted the 
business for two years; bouglit interest in 
bank at Macon, Mo., 1888, which managed 
for ten years, during which period acted as 
agent for Eastern capital in securing loans on 
Missouri farms. Gradually became interested 
in municipal bonds; resigned as cashier Bank 
of Macon, 1898, and moved to St. Louis, 1908; 
now president William R. Compton Co., in- 
vestment bankers, with branch office in Chi- 
cago. Member Business Men's League, St. 
Louis. Democrat. Presbyterian. Director Y. 
M. C. A. of St. Louis. Scottish Eite Mason; 
member Tuscan Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; Asca- 
lon Commandcry, Knights Templars. Clubs: 
Noonday, St. Louis, Bellerive Country (St. 
Louis), Union League (Chicago). Recreations: 
literature, golf and motoring. Office: Mer- 
i'hants-Laelede Bldg. Residence: 18 Kingsbury 

COMSTOCK, Thomas Griswold, physician, 
decoas..(i; s.m> Vol. l'.Mi6. 

CONANT, Theodore P., president Sligo Iron 
Store Co.; born Irasburgh, A't., Aug. 5, 1850; 
educated in public schools. Began business 
career in employ of G. D. Hall & Co., later 
becoming salesman, and in 1877 that firm was 
merged in the Sligo Iron Store Co., for which 
corporation became traveling salesman and 
later secretary, succeeding, 1905, to present 

position as president of the company, jobbers 
of iron. Clubs: Mercantile, Glen Echo Coun- 
try. Office: 1301 N. 6th St. Residence: 4479 
Washington AA^e. 

CONDIE, Clarence Warner, A-ice president 
Condie-Neale Glass Co.; born, Philadelphia, 
Apr. 16, 1877; son of Thomas Douglas and 
Mary Clara (Husted) Condie; educated in 
public schools of Philadelphia and St. Louis, 
and St. Louis High School, 1893; married, San 
Jose, Cal., Aug. 6, 1902, Mary Standish Pit- 
man; two children: Mary Virginia, Clarence 
Douglas. After lea\'ing school traA'eled in this 
country and abroad. With Smith & DaA'is 
Manufacturing Co., 1894-98; resigned to fill 
duty with National Guard in Spanish-Amer- 
ican war. Returned to St. Louis, 1898, and 
engaged Avith St. Louis branch Pittsburgh 
Plate Glass Co., to 1901; then at general of- 
fices of company, Pittsburgh, until 1902; 
agent same company. Wheeling, W. Va., 1902- 
03. Returned to St. Louis, 1903, became sec- 
retary Condie-Neale Glass Co., and Adce presi- 
dent since 1909. Also vice president Building- 
Industries Association. Member Civic League, 
Zoological Society. ReceiA^ed medal from 
United States Congress for service with Bat- 
tery A, Missouri Volunteers, Spanish-Amer- 
ican war, Porto Rican Campaign, 1898. City 
treasurer Ferguson, Mo., 1901. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mason (32°), Shriner. Clubs: 
Bellerive Country, City. Recreations: golf, 
hunting and fishing. Office: 2500 N. Broad- 
way. Residence: 5379 Cabanne AA^e. 

CONDIE, Herbert Douglas, president Con- 
die-Neale Glass Co.; born, Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 17, 1873; son of Thomas D. and Mary 
Clara (Husted) Condie; educated in public 
schools and Park Grammar School, Philadel- 
phia, Central High School, St. Louis, and spe- 
cial course in chemistry at Missouri Medical 
College; married, Ferguson, Mo., Nov. 3, 1897, 
Sallie Case King, of Chicago; children: Doug- 
las King, Bertha Botsford, Margaret Hallo- 
well, Herbert Douglas, Jr., and Churchill 
Clarke. Entered employ of F. A. Drew Glass 
Co., St. Louis, October, 1891, and worked 
through every position in office up to general 
manager, until that company sold out to the 
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., when removed to 
Milwaukee and became assistant manager in 
that city of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.; later 
removed to Pittsburgh upon opening of the 
company's branch in that city, and was man- 
ager of its glass department for two years, 
until organizing in St. Louis the Condie-Neale 
Glass Co. in February, 1903, of which has 
since been president; director Broadway Sav- 
ings Trust Co.; A'ice president Overland Auto- 
mobile Co. Republican. Was member of Bat- 
tery A, St. Louis, 1893-96. Ran on Citizens' 
ticket for mayor of Ferguson, 1905. Member 
Pennsylvania" Society of St. Louis, Ci\uc 
League. Mason (32°); member Missouri Con- 



sistory, Moolah Temple, M} stic Shrine. Epis- 
copalian; secretary Vestry St. Stephen's 
Church, Ferguson, Mo. (lubs: Aero, Auto, 
City, St. Louis, Noonday, Bellerive Country. 
Favorite recreations: golf and motoring. Of- 
fice: Broadway and Bei ton St. Residence: 
"Kinghurst," Ferguson, Mo. 

CONGER, Charles P , general manager 
American Forest Co.; lorn, Jackson, Tenn., 
Feb. 4, 1876; son of Ste)»hen Robert and Ame- 
lia (Cox) Conger; educated in Oucliita Baptist 
College, Arkadelphia, A.rk., to 1890; South- 
western Baptist University, Jackson, 1893-96; 
unmarried. Began business career with S. R. 
Conger's Saw & Plan ng Mills, Jackson, 1893, 
of W'hicli was nianag^n- until 1898; sales man- 
ager with E. R. Daclington Lumber Co., St. 
Louis, 1905-09; thf n western sales manager 
American Forest ( o., Buffalo, N. Y., office at 
St. Louis, 1909-1C-. general offices of company 
removed to St. Louis, 1911; made general 
manager, also secretary and treasurer since 
1911; secretary, treasurer and general man- 
ager Portland ii Southwestern Railway Co., of 
Portland, Ark., with office in St. Louis. Demo- 
crat. Baptist ^Member Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Fraternity, 'dub: Lumbermen 's. Recreations: 
baseball, th-^ater, fishing and hunting. Office: 
718, 420 '-Jlive St. Residence: Windermere 

' CONKLINGr, Orville Caleb, photographer; 
born, Forrest, Livingston Co., 111., Mar. 9, 
1870; son of George Lewis and Victoria 
(Freeman) Conkling; educated in public 
schools of Atlantic, la., to thirteen; married 
at Omaha, Neb., Nov. 2, 1892, Cora M. Rotton. 
Began active career in employ of photogra- 
pher at Atlantic, la., 1883; removed to Omaha, 
1886, and followed same business; located at 
St. Louis, 1896, and was connected with 
Guerin & Co., 1896-1901; since in business on 
own account. Member Zoological Society, St. 
Louis Photographers' Society. Republican. 
Clubs: Arcadia Country, Midland Valley 
Country, Adonis Tennis, St. Louis Railway. 
Recreations: fishing, tennis and billiards. Of- 
fice and Residence: 3826 Olive St. 

CONN, Luther Henry, real estate dealer; 
born, Burlington, Boone Co., Ky., Mar. 14, 
1842; son of Dr. James V. and Mary E. (Gar- 
nett) Conn; educated in private schools of 
Carrollton, Ky. ; married, St. Louis, May 16, 
1871, Louise G., daughter of Sir Charles Gib- 
son; one daughter: Virgie May (Mrs. Frank 
V. Hammer). Served through Civil War in 
the Confederate army and attained rank of 
captain. Engaged in cotton planting at close 
of war; came to St. Louis, 1867, and went 
into real estate business under firm name of 
Conn & McRee. Became interested in sev- 
eral corporations, engaged largely in mining 
and milling and farmed extensively, having 
become owner of the celebrated and historical 
farm of Gen. U. S. Grant in St. Louis Co. 

Director several mining companies, and of the 
Tiger Tail ^lill and Land Co. Democrat. Ex- 
president board of commissioners of Lafayette 
Park. Member of St. Louis Confederate Vet- 
erans. Office: 705 Olive St. Residence: 1728 
Waverly PI. 

CONNELL, John F., secretary and treas- 
urer Proeter-Coiinell Fish Co.; born, St. Louis, 
Jan. 21, 18()5; educated at St. Louis Univer- 
sity. Secretarj' Trask Fish Co., St. Louis, 
1890-1902; organized Kansas City Salt Fish 
Co., Kansas City, Mo., which was incorpo- 
rated in 1898 and was later absorbed by the 
Trask Fish Co., St. Louis. On Jan. 16, 1902, 
with William Otis Procter, of St. Louis, or- 
ganized the Procter-Connell Fish Co., of which 
is secretary and treasurer. Clubs: Missouri 
Athletic, Midland Valley. Office: 510-512 N. 
2d St. Residence: The Buckingham. 

CONNETT, William Carroll, lawyer; born, 
Buchanan Co., ]\Io., Apr. 7, 1879; son of Wil- 
liam Carroll and Perilla (Leonard) Connett; 
educated St. Joseph High School; graduated 
from Manual Training School of St. Louis, 
1899; student Washington University Law 
School, 1901, and later at University of Vir- 
ginia; married, St. Louis, Sept. 27, 1909, Jes- 
sie Schlafly; one daughter: Jane Allen. Be- 
gan practice in St. Louis in July, 1902; secre- 
tary to Mayor Rolla Wells, 1907-09; vice pres- 
ident A. F. Mengee Music Co., Haight Or- 
chard & Development Co., director Liberty 
Nassau Building Co.; secretary G. R. Schmidt 
Woolen Co. Democrat. Member St. Louis Bar 
Association, Thayer Law Club. Clubs: Mis- 
souri Athletic (vice president), St. Louis Ama- 
teur Athletic Association (vice president). 
Recreation: outdoor exercise. Office: Third 
National Bank Bldg. Residence: 4482 Mc- 
Pherson Ave. 

CONNOLLY, Joseph A., clergyman; born, 
July 13, 1855; educated, collegiate and the- 
ological courses, under Lazarist Fathers, and 
two years, St. Francis Seminary, near Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Ordained priest, Roman Cath- 
olic Church, in St. John's Church, St. Louis, 
by Rt. Rev. P. J. Ryan, June 18, 1878; acting 
pastor St. Columbkill's Church, 1878; pastor 
New Madrid, Mo., 1878-82; assistant to Fa- 
ther O'Reilly, of Immaculate Conception 
Church, St. Louis, 1882-83, and then assistant 
to Rev. Wm. Walsh, of St. Bridget's Church; 
pastor DeSoto, 1886-92, St. Teresa's Church, 
St. Louis, since 1892; appointed vicar gen- 
eral December, 1903. Under his administra- 
tion the present church edifice in St. Teresa's 
parish was erected. Residence: 2413 N. Grand 

CONNOR, James A., grain commission; 
born, St. Louis, Sept. 13, 1875; son of Patrick 
P. and Mary E. (Lawler) Connor; educated 
at St. Louis University; married, Springfield, 
111., Oct. 27, 1897, Helen Griffith; one child: 



Mary Elizabeth, boru May 27, 1907. In grain 
commission business since March, 1893; now 
member of Connor Bros. & Co. Member St. 
Louis Merchants' Exchange. Eecreations: 
fishing and baseball. Office: 505 Chamber of 
Commerce Bklg. Eesidence: 5253 Waterman 

CONRAD, Harry Jacob; see Vol, 1906. 

CONRAD, John F., grocer; born, St. Louis, 
Mar. 1, 1S50; son of Enoch and Frederika 
Conrad; educated in private schools at St. 
Louis; married, St. Louis, 1872, Sarah C. 
Stork; children: Frederick E., Julia (now Mrs. 
Eugene Eingler), Louis Philip, Oscar J., Car- 
rie L., Alvina O., John F., Jr., Agnes N., Har- 
old A. Began business career as clerk in gro- 
cery store; in 1874 started in business for self 
in small store at 2714 Franklin Ave.; opened 
branch store at 4470-4474 Delmar Ave., 1892, 
and same year incorporated business as J. F. 
Conrad Grocer Co., of which is president; 
started downtown store on Locust St. in 1897, 
and moved, in 1907, to 713-715 Washington 
Ave.; now conducts both wholesale and retail 
business. Honorary member of St. Louis Turn 
Verein. Clubs: Liederkranz, King's Hunting 
and Fishing, Log Cabin. Eecreations: bowling, 
hunting and fishing. Office: 713-715 Washing- 
ton Ave.; branch stores: Grand and Shenan- 
doah Aves., Union and Suburban Aves. Eesi- 
dence: 4333 Morgan St. 

CONRADES, Edwin H., coal and coke; 
born, St. Louis, Jul}- 22, 18G1; son of .John H. 
and Marie C. (Freese) Conrades; educated in 
public schools of St. Louis; married, St. Louis. 
Oct. 17, 1887, Louise E. Stifel; children: Paul 
E., Otto Stifel. Began business career in the 
finishing department of the chair factory of 
Conrades & Logemau, remaining in that es- 
tablishment until, in 1883, became one of the 
incorporators of the J. H. Conrades Chair and 
Parlor Furniture Co.; resigned to become a 
partner in the firm of Douk Bros. & Co., coal 
merchants, and since business was incorpo- 
rated as Donk Bros. Coal and Coke Co. has 
been vice X'resident of the company. Also pres- 
ident Conrades Chair Co., St. Louis, Trov & 
Easter Ey. Co., St. Louis & Illinois Belt R. E. 
Co.; vice president ^Merchants' and IManufac- 
turers' Investment Co.; director German Sav- 
ings Institution; etc. 32° ^Nlason (Scottish 
Rite), Knight Templar, and Shriner. (.'lubs: 
Missouri Athletic, I'liioii, Liederkranz. Office: 
314 N. 4th St. Kfsi.lciir,.: 20];; St. Louis Ave. 

CONRADES, John Henry, retired; l)orn, 
Liebenau, Hanover, Germany, Aug. 22, 1832; 
son of William and ^lary (Peters) Conrades; 
early education in Germany; attended public 
night school in St. Louis, 1852; Jones Commer- 
cial College, St. Louis, 1854; married, Fort 
Hudson, Franklin Co., Mo., Nov. 27, 1856, 
Mary C. Freese (died Dec. 15, 1897); children: 
Theodore H., Edwin H., John Henry, Jr., Bel- 

mont C, Emil W., Josie (Mrs. E. C. Donk), 
Adele (Mrs. C. Conradis), Ella (Mrs. Otto 
Stifel). Started at cabinet work at age of 
fourteen at Bremen, Germany, where learned 
trade; left there at age of seventeen for Amer- 
ica; worked at trade for one and one-half 
years in Cincinnati, then sis months in St. 
Louis as .iourneyman, foreman of shop for one 
and one-half years; in 1853 bought out the 
business and established the firm of Conrades 
& Logeman, chair manufacturers, which dis- 
solved in 1883; organized and was president 
of J. H. Conrades Chair and Parlor Furniture 
Co., 1883-1910; since honorary president. Re- 
publican. Served in militia in 1861. President 
German General Protestant Orphans' Home. 
Clubs: Union, Liederkranz. Eecreations: mu- 
sic and literature. Office: 1942 N. 2d St. Eesi- 
dence: 3643 Castleman Ave. 

CONRADES, John Henry, Jr., chair manu- 
facturer; born, St. Louis, Jan. 24, 1866; son 
of John Henry and Mary C. (Freese) Con- 
rades; educated in St. Louis public school and 
Smith Academy; married, St. Louis, Jan. 4, 
1905, Mary Emma Wunsch; one son: Ralph 
Andrew. Began business career as collector 
for a coal company; then became shipping 
clerk and later traveling salesman for the 
J. H. Conrades Chair and Parlor Furniture Co., 
of which is now secretary and treasurer; presi- 
dent Marshall Eealty Co., Marshland Realty 
Co., Marshland Game Preserve. Eepublican. 
Unitarian. Member Knights of Pythias. Clubs: 
Union, Mercantile, Apollo. Favorite recrea- 
tions: hunting, fishing, riding and music. Of- 
fice: 1942 X. 2d St. Eesidence: 2919 Eussell 

*CONRADES, Theodore, manufacturer; 
moved to Omaha; see Vol. 1906. 

CONROY, Patrick Edward, pianos; born in 
Ireland, Mar. 2, 1864; son of Thomas and 
Mary (Welby) Conroy; educated in public 
schools of North Fasten, Mass.; married, 1890, 
Delia Moriarty; one son: Robert T. Began 
active career as traveling salesman in general 
merchandise; engaged in piano business since 
1887; president since organization, of the 
Conroy Piano Co., wholesale and retail dealers 
in pianos, and vice president A. ,1. Conroy Co., 
of Cincinnati; also treasurer of the Eeliable 
Specialty- Co., 1108 Locust St. Independent in 
politics. Eecreations: fishing ami baseball. 
Office: 1100 Olive St. Eesidence: Usona Hotel. 

CONZELMAN, Oscar, dentist; born, Iron- 
dale, Mo., .Tune 19, ]S()n; son of Jacob and 
Eva (Fisher) Conzolman; educated public 
schools; Columbia ITniversity, New York; 
Washington University, St. Louis, graduat- 
ing from the Dental Department of same, de- 
gree of D.D.S., 1894; married, Hannibal, Mo., 
Jan. 27, 1903. Marguerite Eyan; one daugh- 
ter. Virginia jNIarie. Has engaged in practice 
in St. Louis since 1894. Republican. Luther- 
an. Member Woodmen of the World. Club: 



Licdei'kranz. Kecioatious: huntiiif: and fish- 
ing. Oflico: .3S(,iO S. Broadway. Eesideuec: 
34ir> JIalliday Ave. 

CONZELMAN, Theophilus, second vico pres- 
ident Crunden-Martin Woodenware Co.; born, 
St. Louis, Apr. 8, 1858; son of Gottlieb and 
Jorgine (Grunbeck) Couzebiian; educated in 
public and high schools, St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis, October, 1882, Emma Lewis (died 
1901); children: Theodore L., William L., 
Emerson; married, 2d, St. Louis, June, 1905, 
Jane Good; children (by second marriage): 
James Good and Jane. Began in real estate 
business with Cavender & Kowse, real estate 
and loans, then engaged in looking after own 
private real es'tate interests for several years, 
and in 1892 entered the Crunden-Martin 
Woodenware Co., jobbers of woodenware and 
manufacturers of Diamond paper bags, of 
which is second vice president; president Con- 
zelman-Crunden Eealty Co. Independent in 
politics. Unitarian. Member Merchants' Ex- 
change. Clubs: Mercantile, Missouri Athletic, 
St. Louis, Algonquin Golf, Bellerive Country. 
Recreation: golf. Office: cor. 2d and Gratiot 
Sts. Residence: 52G0 Washington Ave. 

COOK, Douglas G., president American 
•Wine Co.; born, Chicago, 111., June .'5, 1817; 
son of Isaac and Harriet (Norton) Cook; 
educated in public schools of Chicago and 
at Christian Brothers College, Notre Dame, 
Indiana; married, St. Louis, 1877, Carrie S. 
Dickson; children: Carrie D. (Mrs. Edward L. 
Preetorius), Douglas D., Ellis W. Began busi- 
ness career in employ of American Wine Co. 
(of which father was presideut) as shipping 
clerk, and advanced from one jiosition to an- 
other until, on father's death, in 188G, suc- 
ceeded as president, the company being manu- 
facturers of champagne and controlling large 
vineyards in Northern Ohio. Member Busi- 
ness Men's League, Merchants' and Manu- 
facturers' Association. Mason, Knight Tem- 
plar; member B. P. O. Elks. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Mercantile, Glen Echo, Missouri Athletic. 
Recreation: fishing. OlRce: 3015 Cass Ave. 
Residence: 3828 Washington Ave. 

COOK, Isaac, Jr., manager Elizabeth Cook 
Estate; born. Fox River, Wis., June 21, 1867; 
son of Isaac and Mary Elizabeth (Udell) 
Cook; has lived in St. Louis since 1868; edu- 
cated at Smith Academy, St. Louis; Adams 
Academy, Quinc}^, Mass.; A.B., Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1890; married, St. Louis, 1896, Edith, 
daughter of Dr. Henry Ilodgen Mudd; chil- 
dren: Henry, Elizabeth. Engaged in the man- 
agement of real estate in Chicago and St. 
Louis and in care of estate of the late Mary 
Elizabeth Cook. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: St. Louis, University, Country, Mis- 
souri Athletic; also Harvard Club of New 
York City. Residence: 3 Hortense PI. 

COOK, Isaac Thompson, real estate; born 
in Fayette Co., O., Aug. 28, 1871; son of 

Major James F. and Mary Augusta (Myers) 
Cook; educated in public schools of Washing- 
ton Court House, O. ; married at Washington 
Court House, O., Feb. 28, 1894, Jessie Carle- 
ton McCrea; children: Elizabeth Janet, Jessie 
Augusta and Carleton McCrea. Came to St. 
Louis, ]891; clerk in retail shoe stores until 
1896; since engaged in real estate business 
and in management of office buildings. Secre- 
tary and treasurer Chemical Building Co., 
Frisco liuilding Co., W^right Building Co.; 
president Seventh Street Building Co.; secre- 
tary, treasurer and manager of the Neighbor- 
hood Light, Power and Heating Co.; president 
Chaffee Real Estate Co. Member Business 
Men's League, St. Louis Manufacturers' As- 
sociation, Civic League. Republican. Presby- 
terian. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Mercantile, 
University, Missouri Athletic, Normandie 
Golf, City, Aero. Recreations: hunting, fish- 
ing and athletics. Office: 1412 Chemical Bldg. 
Residence: 4579 W. Pine Boul. 

COOKE, Henry von Phul, manager Com- 
merce Safe Deposit Co.; born, Hannibal, Mo., 
Aug. 9, 1854; son of William M. and Eliza 
(von Phul) Cooke; educated at St. Louis Uni- 
versity; unmarried. Began active career as 
clerk for Henry von Phul Commission Co., St. 
Louis; in 1881 became connected with the St. 
Louis Safe l^eposit Co., and continued with 
that company and its successor, the St. Louis 
Safe Deposit and Savings Bank, until 1906; 
in mercantile pursuits, 1906-09; manager Com- 
merce Safe De]iosit Co. since 1909. Democrat. 
Catholic. Recreations: fishing and hunting. 
Office: National Bank of Commerce Bldg. 
Residence: 5005 CaV)anne Ave. 

COOKE, John Kutherfoord, cashier Third 
National Bnnk: born, St. Louis, Sept. 27, 
1856; son of (Judtjc) William Mordecai and 
Eliza (von PTiul) Cooke (original Cooke canie 
from Suffolk, England, settled in Virginia 
prior to 1650; on mother's side, Dr. Sangrain, 
great-grandfather settled in St. Louis, 1800) ; 
educated in Christian Brothers College, and 
St. Louis TTniversity; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
17, 1883, Margaret L. Larkin. Began busi- 
ness career with engineering corps, 1^72, con- 
tinuing until 1873; engaged with Third Na- 
tional" Bank, as clerk, 1873, . advanced to 
junior official positions until 1911, when he 
was elected cashier and director. Democrat. 
Catholic. President Visitation Council, St. Vin- 
cent de Paul's Society, and member Upper 
Council same; member St. Louis Credit Men's 
Association (ex-treasurer), Missouri Historical 
Society. Clubs: St. Louis, Bankers'. Recrea- 
tion: 'reading. Office: Third National Bank. 
Residence: 14 Lewis PI. 

COOMBE, Western B., insurance, deceased; 
see Vol. 1906. 

CORBITT, J. Arthur, fire insurance under- 
writer; born, St. Louis, June 17, 1871; son 
of James M. and Maria E. (Jenkins) Corbitt; 



educated in Smith Academy, St. Louis; uumar- 
ried. Was eouneeted with the Beck & Corbitt 
Iron Co., from September, 1889, to June 22, 
1901. Since Mar. 1, 1902, has been engaged 
in a general insurance business. Member Busi- 
ness Men 's League, Civic League. Eepublican. 
Presbyterian. Mason (32°), Shriner. Clubs: 
ITniversity, City, Automobile, Aero, Bellerive 
Country. Favorite recreation: motoring. Of- 
fice: 1449 Pierce Bldg. Eesidence: 3662 Del- 
mar Boul. 

COEBY, Jerome Bauduy, president Corby 
Supply Co., railway sujiplies; born, St. Louis, 
3ilay 21, 1S75; son of Frank P. and Josephine 
A. (Robidoux) Corby; eilucated St. Louis 
jiublic schools; married, St. Louis, -June 9, 
1899, Ann M. Woods; two children: Frank S. 
and Betty B. Began active career, in vaca- 
tion, with D. Crawford & Co., 1887; entered 
railway supply business with Andrew Warren. 
1889, continuing until he retired; became 
connected with the National Tube Works, 
1896, and remained with this concern until it 
sold out to the Crane Co. and with the latter 
until November, 1903; then was made mana- 
ger of C. A. Thompson 's railway supply busi- 
ness; organized the Corby Supply Co., of 
which has been president and manager since 
Mar. 1, 1907; also southwestern agent of the 
Ashton Valve Co., Hayden & Corbett Chair 
Co., Pittsburgh Steel Products Co., Eeading 
Chain Block Co. and southwestern manager 
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. Eepublican. 
Catholic. Member Order of Kokoal, Business 
Men's League. Clubs: Traffic, Missouri Ath- 
letic. Recreations: motoring and athletic 
sports. Office: 1822-1824 Locust St. Eesi- 
dence: 5428 Clemens Ave. 

COELIS, George L., lawyer; born, Metropo- 
lis. 111., ^lay 26, 1873; son of Edwin and Sarah 
(Scott) Corlis; LL.B., McKendree College, 
Lebanon, 111., 1891; married, Union City, 
Tenn., Oct. 15, 189.5, Miss Bird Trevathan; 
two daughters: Marian and Catherine. Ad- 
mitted to Illinois bar, 1891; in practice in 
Fast St. Louis, 1891-96, since in St. Louis; 
member firm of Corlis & Quinn. Dean of Ben- 
ton College of Law. Democrat. Mason (E. 
A.). Author: Commercial Law; Business Law 
and Business Methods; Short Study of Eeal 
Projierty; Delineation of Some Phases of the 
Law. Eccreation: literature. Office: Times 
Bldg. Eesiilence: St. Eegis Apts. 

CORNELI, Adolph, seed merchant; born, 
St. Louis. Au„'. 211, ]s6fl; son of Phillip an<l 
Marie (Mathiasj Conieli; educated in pul)lic 
schools and Jones Commercial College, St. 
Louis; married, St. Louis, Oct. 8, 1894, Hector 
Ford. Began business career with the Plant 
Seed Co. as an employe in the office, later be- 
coming salesman, then traveled for the firm 
on the road, 1876-95; in 1895, with brother, 
Ben P. Corneli and H. M. Schisler, joined 
in organization of the Schisler-Corneli Seed 

Co., of which is secretary and treasurer. Mem- 
ber Merchants ' Exchange, Eoyal Arcanum. 
Club: Eotarv. Eecreations: bowling and mo- 
toring. Office: 813-815 N. 4th St. Eesidence: 
5200 Minerva St. 

COENELI, Ben Phillip, seed merchant; 
born, St. Louis, Apr. o, 1855; son of Phillip 
and Marie Corneli; educated in public schools 
of St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Nov. 10, 
1881, Margaret Coudy; one son: CliEford. Has 
been connected with the seed business con- 
tinuously from 1875, beginning with the St. 
Louis and Peoria Plow Co., until 1878; then 
with the Plant Seed Co., 1878-95, and in 1895 
joined in organization of Schisler-Corneli 
Seed Co., of which is president. Member St. 
Louis Merchants ' Exchange, Royal Arcanum. 
Clubs: Automobile, Grain. Recreation: music. 
Office: 813 N. 4th St. Residence 4839 Cote 
Brilliante Ave. 

COENELL, Echert Henry, farm lands; born 
in Adrian, Mich., Nov. 5, 1855; son of Wil- 
liam Henry and Emily (Danforth) Cornell; 
educated in public schools; married, St. Louis, 
Mar. 8, 1878, Maria Hodges; children: Ethel 
H. (Mrs. Melville Williamson), Luda H. (Mrs. 
Julian Luckett), Oliver H. (deceased), Esther 
I., Florence L. Began business career in serv- 
ice of Indianapolis & St. Louis E. E., contin- 
uing for three years; then in St. Louis 
pest office as paying teller of money order 
department; after that in railway mail serv- 
ice, first in Seventh Division, and later as 
chief clerk of Eleventh Division, with head- 
quarters at Fort Worth, Tex.; resigned, 1888, 
and returned to St. Louis, engaging in real 
estate business on own account, until was 
elected, 1905, as real estate officer of the Com 
monwealth Trust Co.; resigned, January 
1912, and organized Cornell-Miller Texas 
Farms Co., of which is president. Member St 
Louis Eeal Estate Exchange (director). Mem 
ber Church of the Eedeemer. Charter member 
Hyde Park Council, No. 4, Legion of Honor 
Club: City. Eecreations: hunting and fishing 
Office: 415 Locust St. Eesidence: 5041 Ca- 
banne Ave. 

COENET, Edward, president Edward Cornet 
Grocer Co.; born, St. Louis, Sept. 10, 1858; 
son of August and Margaret (Eeich) Cornet; 
educated in parochial schools and Christian 
Brothers College; married, St. Louis, Sept. 11, 
1883, Anna Jansen; children: August E., Clara 
L., Clemens J., Agnes A., Edward J. On 
leaving school, entered the grocery business 
founded by father fifty years ago, and has 
ever since contiimed with the house, and has 
served as president of the Edward Cornet Gro- 
cery Co. since its incorjioration, 190.3. Member 
of the Merchants' Exchange, St. Vincent de 
Paul Societv, and St. Vincent de Paul Orphan 
Society. Catholic. President Gentlemen's 
Driving Club. Office: 1241 N. 13th St., cor. 
O 'Fallon. Eesidence: 3819 S. Grand Ave. 



COKNET, Henry Louis, real estato; born, 
St. Louis, Nov. 1"), J.S.")(i; sou of Francis and 
Annie (Blaeknian) Cornet; educated in jiri- 
vate schools and in the Christian Brothers 
School, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Septem- 
ber, 18SS, Annie Chai)nian; ciiildren: Frank, 
Harry, Lucille, Marjorie, Kuth. Befi:an busi- 
ness career as assistant secrt>tary of the Mul- 
lanphy Board of Charities, then went with 
Isaac" H. Keim, real estate, in char});e of 
Mullani>hy, Biddle and Clemens estates; after 
that with" Charles U. Turner, real estate, and 
then member of the firm of Bergman & Cornet, 
ISSil-O;}; engaged in business for self as IL L. 
Cornet & Co., real estate, lS9:{-97; since 3897 
member of firm of Cornet & Zeibig, real estate 
and financial agents. President Standard 
Realty Co. Member St. Louis Real Lstatu 
Exchange. Republican. Catholic. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, Racquet. Recreation: fishing. Office: 
719 Chestnut St. Residence: 4.')50 Berlin Ave. 

CORNWALL, Barnabas M., treasurer St. 
Louis House Furnishing Co.; born, Lawrence- 
ville, HI., Oct. 10, 1851; son of Francis and 
Jeannette (Delisle) Cornwall; educated in 
private schools of Cuba, Mo., 1861 -(i9; mar- 
,ried, St. Louis, 1878, Lizzie Lincoln; children: 
Leeta, Nettie, Raligha, Clyde, Olive. Since 
1887 in furniture business for self, establish- 
ing at 1810 Franklin Ave.; H. J. Gobbles be- 
came partner, 1889, and removed to 817 Frank- 
lin Ave.; in 1892, P. J. Farrington entered as 
third partner and business was incorporated 
as the St. Louis House Furnishing Co., of 
which he is treasurer. Republican. Episcopa- 
lian. Member Knights of Pythias. Recrea- 
tions: hunting and fishing. Office: 902-900 
Franklin Ave. Residence: '^]7o Maple Ave. 

CORNWALL, Frederick Reid, attorney in 
patent causes; born, Washington, D. C, Feb. 
23, 1872; son of James G. and Frances (Reid) 
Cornwall; educated in public schools of Wash- 
ington, D. C, and studied law at National 
LTniversity there, receiving degree of LL.B., 
1891, and M.L., 1892; married, Dec. 23, 1893, 
Annie May Bushall, of Beaufort, N. C; six 
children living: May Bushall, Frederick Reid, 
Jr., Paul Bakewell," Virginia, Ward Leacraft, 
Richard Randolph. Starteil to work in patent 
solicitor's office in Washington Nov. 1, 1886; 
after practicing before Patent Office six _years, 
came to St. Louis, June 1, 1892, and entered 
the office of Paul Bakewell, and engaged in 
soliciting United States and foreign patents, 
and in the practice of patent, trade mark and 
copyright law; became partner, Aug. 1, 1897, 
in firm of Bakewell & Cornwall, which part- 
nership was dissolved Dec. 31, 1908; since 
practiced alone. Member of several patent 
law associations. President American Phila- 
telic Society; Fellow Royal Philatelic Society 
of London.' Mason (Tuscan Lodge), Knight 
Templar (Ascalon Commandery), Shriner. 
Clubs: St. Louis, Racquet, Noonday. Office: 

801 to 806 Chemical 151. ig. Residence: 50")2 
Waterman Axe. 

CORNWELL, Frederick Leander, lawyer; 
jporn, St. Louis, Feb. i;'>, ls7s; son of Ben- 
jamin Setlgely ami Helen Virginia (.Jennings) 
Cornwell; married, St. Louis, Aug. 11, 1910, 
Daisy George Walker; one child: Frederick 
Leander, Jr. Member of Light Battery A, 
Missouri Volunteers, during war with Spain; 
began practice of law in St. Louis, Fob. 28, 
1899; in same year went to Porto Rico and 
l)racticed there for eleven vears; member 
Legislative Assembly of Port"o Rico, 1900-04 
inclusive, during which time was chairman of 
.Judiciary Committee; nieml)er Joint legislative 
committee that codified laws of Porto Rico, 
also insular district attorney for judicial dis- 
trict of JMavaguez; resumed practice in St. 
Louis, 1911." Director Choteau Trust Co. Rc- 
])ublican. Baptist. ^Member United Spanish 
War Veterans. Mason (Blue Lodge, Chapter, 
Commandery and Shrine). Clubs: St. Louis, 
Missouri Athletic. Recreations: fishing, hunt- 
ing and baseVjall. Office: 805-808 La Salle 
Bldg. Residence: 53 Kingsbury PI. 

CORWIN, Alvin B., president Corwin Build- 
ing and Construction Co.; born, Delaware, O., 
Dec. 21, 1854; son of Levi Jennings and Ange- 
line (Bradford) Corwin; educated in public 
schools of Delaware; married Emma F. Phil- 
ips, of Lowell, Mass., Sept. 29, 1886 (died 
1905). Began as architect and builder in 
Bonne Terre, Mo., 1885; located in St. Louis, 
1891, and has since been actively engaged in 
business in and around the city; president 
Corwin Building and Construction Co., estab- 
lished 1896, builders and general contractors, 
making a specialty of estimating and replac- 
ing fire and wind-storm losses; also president 
Heinz-Young Construction Co. Republican. 
Methodist. Member Knights of Pythias. Rec- 
reation: politics. Office: 601 Roe Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 5500 Vernon Ave. 

*CORY, George Edward, roofing materials; 
mo'ved to San Francisco; see Vol. 1906. 

CORYELL, John Barstow, physician and 
surgeon; born, Nichols, Tioga Co., N. Y., Sept. 
6, 1867; son of Emanuel and Matilda (Thayer) 
Coryell; educated in public and private 
schools of Tioga Co., N. Y., and St. Louis 
Medical College (Washington University), 
:\LD., 1886; married, St. Louis, }*Larch, 1905, 
Ellen Eraser (now deceased). Engaged in 
general practice in St. Louis since gradua- 
tion in 1886. Member A. F. & A. M., Ancient 
Order United Workmen. Club: Union. Office 
and Residence: 309 S. Broadway. 

COSTE, Paul Felix, lawyer; 1856-1906; see 
Vol. 1906. 

COSTELLO, John Stephen, brush manufac- 
turer; born in New York City, June 22, 1833; 
son of Michael and Bridget (McGowan) Cos- 
tello; educated in public schools in New York 



City; marrieil, Xew York City, 1S54, Kath- 
orine Sou<;heriu; chiklren: John E. (deceased), 
Katherine E. (Mrs. J. H. Wolfe), ]\Iary (Mrs. 
M. J. Breimau), Francis Xavier. Learned 
trade of bruslimaker in Xew York City, and 
worked as journeyman there; came to St. 
Louis, 1855, and was in charge of factory of 
Dings & Stein, until 1858, when established 
business tor self, afterward admitting son, 
Francis X. Costello, and M. J. Breunan, under 
]>resent style of J. S. Costello & Son. Koman 
Catholic. Member Catholic Knights of Amer- 
ica, Ancient Order of United Workmen. Of- 
tice: llOS Pine St. Eesidence: 3744 Cook Ave. 

*COUDREY, Harry Marcy, insurance; 
moved to Washington, D. C; see Vol. 1906. 

COUGHLIN, William Thomas, surgeon; 
born, Ontario, Can., Apr. 25, 1873; son of 
Thomas and Ellen (O'Eeilly) Coughlin; edu- 
cated public schools of Ontario; Collegiate 
Institute, Barrie, Ont.; studied medicine at 
Trinity University, Toronto; Washington Uni- 
versity Medical School, St. Louis, M.D., 1901; 
studied also in London Hospital, London, 
Eng., and universities of Paris, France and 
Heidelberg, Germany; unmarried. Interne St. 
Louis City Hospital, 1901-02; instructor in 
anatomy, Washington University Medical 
School, 1902-08; instructor in surgery, same, 
1908-11, and lecturer on fractures and disloca- 
tions in same, 1908-10; member staff Washing- 
ton University Hospital, 1908-11; assistant 
professor surgery, St. Louis University, since 
.June, 1911; on staff of Eebekah Hospital, 
since June, 1911. Koman Catholic. Member 
American Medical Association, Missouri State 
Medical Society, St. Louis Society of City 
Hospital Alumni, St. Louis Surgical Club, 
Washington University Alumni Medical Asso- 
ciation; also member Knights of Columbus. 
Clubs: University, City, Western Bowing. Of- 
fice: Metropolitan Bldg. Eesidence: 2713 
Washington Ave. 

COURTNEY, Leslie, retired; born in Pettis 
Co., Mo.; son of Peter and Elizabeth (Bracht) 
Courtney; educated in public schools of Pet- 
tis Co.; unmarried. Came to St. Louis, Janu- 
ary, 1886, and engaged with Kelley, Good- 
fellow & Co., -wholesale shoes; in 1901, organ- 
ized the Courtney Shoe Co., manufacturers 
and jobbers of boots and shoes, of which com- 
pany was president until 1908, when sold out 
his interest and retired. Democrat. Club: 
^Mercantile. Eesidence: Buckingham Hotel. 

COUSINS, John W., Salvation Army offi- 
cial; born in Yorkshire, England, Feb. 7, 
1861; educated in public schools antl Interna- 
tional Training College, London; married, 
Denver, Colo., Sept. 13, 1895, Martha J. Car- 
jienter; two children: Annie Catherine and 
.fohn Lincoln. Followed butcher's trade for 
about three years; joined Salvation Army, 
1882, became an officer, 1883, and engaged in 

evangelistic work until 1886; was sent to 
Canada and had charge of various commands 
there; promoted to adjutant and later to staff 
captain; in United States since 1881, and in 
St. Louis since Sept. 1, 1909, as brigadier 
provincial officer for Missouri, Kansas & 
Southern Illinois, with rank of lieutenant col- 
onel. Office: Fullerton Bldg. Eesidence: 4218 
Cook Ave. 

COUSSENS, Andrew Harwood, druggist; 
born, Xashville, Tenn., Mar. 12, 1847; son of 
John H. and Mary (Eoyster) Coussens; edu- 
cated in private and public schools of Xash- 
ville, and at Franklin College, Davidson Co., 
Tenn.; married, Gallatin, Tenn., Aug. 6, 1874, 
Bettie Prince; children: Andrew Hills, Bettie 
Prince, John E., Mary Eoyster, Erie V. (Mrs. 
George Harsh). Engaged in drug business 
since March, 1869; since Feb. 26, 1894, presi- 
dent and manager of the Anti-Monopoly Drug 
Co., wholesale and retail. Democrat. Member 
Christian (Disciples) Church. Member Eoyal 
Arcanum, Legion of Honor. Office: 700 Mar- 
ket St. Eesidence: 5125 Von Versen Ave. 

COUTANT, Charles Albert; see Vol. 1906. 

COWAN, James English, insurance; born, 
Apple Creek, Cape Girardeau Co., Mo., Oct. 13, 
1834; son of Eev. John F. and Mary E. (Eng- 
lish) Cowan; educated in public schools of 
Washington Co., Mo.; married, St. Louis, Apr. 
28, 1858, Henrietta S. Quinette; children: 
James Edward, J. Mortland, Mary E., Susie 
Q. (Mrs. G. F. Hulbert), Elenore J. (Mrs. O. 
G. Selden). Came to St. Louis, 1849, and was 
for years engaged in the book and stationery 
business; since 1872 has been in the insurance 
business, and now, with his sou, conducts un- 
der firm name of James E. Cowan & Son, an 
agency for fire, tornado, liability, accident, 
burglary and plate glass insurance. Presby- 
terian and active church worker. Secretary of 
the Western Society for the Suppression of 
Vice, St. Louis branch. Member Eoyal Ar- 
canum, Legion of Honor. Office: Pierce Bldg. 
Eesidence: 3017 Eads Ave. 

=:=COWDERY, Edward G., gas light official; 
moved to Chicago; see Vol. 1906. 

COWEN, William B., vice president Na- 
tional Bank of Commerce; born, St. Louis, 
May 28, 1861; son of Alexander H. and Maria 
(May) Cowen; educated Catholic parochial 
school, St. Louis, 1868-70; private school, 
1871-73; public schools, 1873-76; St. Louis 
High School, 1876-77; unmarried. Began 
active career as clerk in National Bank of 
Commerce, Oct. 1, 1878; passed through vari- 
ous positions and "was made assistant cashier, 
1898, and has served as vice president since 
February, 1908; also director St. Louis Car 
Wheel Co., St. Louis Taxi Cab Co., St. Louis 
Coliseum. Independent in politics. Catholic. 
Member Business Men's League, Civic League. 
Clubs: St. Louis, Eaequet, Bankers', Bellerive, 



Glen Echo, Aero, Automobile, liecreations: 
athletic sports and outdoor diversions, espe- 
cially fishing. Ollice: Broadway and Olive 
Sts. Residence: GiiC-i W. Cabanue PI. 

COX, Charles Alexander, pork packer; born 
in Poison Co., Ky., Aug. aJ, 184(5; son of John 
A. and Martha '(Koberts) Cox; educated in 
public and private schools of native county; 
married, Eddyville, Ky., JS'ov. 1, 1871, Julia 
Kudy; one daughter: Julia H. (Airs. Harris H. 
Johnston); married, 2d, Edtlyville, Ky., July 
20, 1876, (Sarah Kudy; children: Charles Gor- 
don, Virginia Koberts (wife of Kev. Kockwell 
8. Brank), 8arah Isabel, Ethel Lucy, Douglas 
A. Keared on farm when slaves did most of 
the work; quit farm, 1867, and entered en- 
gineer corj)s of Louisville & JS'ashville K. K., 
making survey from Stanford to Kichmoud, 
Ky.; continued in engineering department of 
various railroads in Kentucky, Arkansas and 
Tennessee until 1874; then went into construc- 
tion work as contractor. In April, 1877, owing 
to suspension of railroad building, went into 
pork-packing business (temporarily, as he sup- 
posed), and has remained in it ever since; 
president Cox & Gordon Packing Co., manu- 
facturers and wholesale dealers in fancy sugar 
cured hams, breakfast bacon, pure lard and 
other packing-house products. Director La- 
clede National Bank, 1885-95, Merchauts- 
Laclede National Bank since 1895. Director, 
1885-86, and, 189U-91, vice president, 1887, and 
president, 1889, and still member Merchants' 
Kxchange. Independent in politics. Attends 
>;t. Peter's Episcopalian Church. President 
Kentucky .Society; member Koyal Arcanum 
and Legion of Honor. Club: St. Louis. Office: 
](J19 S. Third St. Kesidence: 4052 Westmin- 
ster PI. 

COX, LeGrand Marvin, oral physician; 
born, Winslow, 111., Feb. 26, 1876; son of Le- 
Grand Marvin and Eveline (Talmadge) Cox; 
educated in Winslow district school to 1892; 
Warren Academy, Warren, HI., 1892-94; D.D.S., 
Chicago College of Dental Surgery, 1898; 
M.D., St. Louis College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, 1909; married, Hanover, 111., Aug. 23, 
1899, Alta Phoebe Miller; four children: 
Hortense (died May 2, 1907), Mildred, Mar- 
vin, Marian. In practice of dentistry in Jo 
Daviess Co., 111., 1898-1904, since in St. Louis. 
Professor anesthesia and minor surgery, and 
professor oral surgery, St. Louis College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, since 1906. Member 
St. Louis Dental Society, Missouri State Den- 
tal Association. Clubs: Fellowship, Kings- 
highway Church. Recreation: fishing. Office: 
Central National Bank Bldg. Residence: 5064 
Cates Ave. 

COYIiE, Eugene, Catholic priest; born, 
Three-Mile House, Ireland, Feb. 15, 1847; son 
of Owen and Mary Coyle; graduated from St. 
McCarten's Seminary, Ireland, and entered 
on philosophical and theological course at St. 

Francis Seminary, Wisconsin, 1S6S, graduat- 
ing, 1872. Ordained priest at St. Louis, Mar. 
8, 1873; appointed assistant i)astor. Church of 
the Immaculate Conception, St. Louis, and 
later took charge of missions in Knox, 
Audrain, Adair, techuylor and Scotland coun- 
ties, Mo., and still later in Monroe and Kails 
counties; established a parish in Adair Co.; 
built a church in Schuyler and in Clark; priest 
in charge of St. Patrick's Church, Clark Co., 
about ten years; since 1885 at St. Louis, rec- 
tor St. Louis Old Cathedral. Member Knights 
of Columbus. Address: 209 Walnut St. 

COYLE, Philip W., traffic commissioner of 
the P)Usiness Men's League; born. Greenwood, 
Steuben Co., N. Y., July 10, 1850; son of Ber- 
nard and Susan (Killdutl) Coyle; educated in 
common schools of Allegany Co., N. Y.; mar- 
ried, Dunkirk, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1872, Ella Louise 
Mulkin; children: Gertrude S. (Mrs. F. J. 
Bates, of Washington, D. C), Clifford D. Be- 
gan service with the Erie K. R., with which 
was telegraph operator and station agent, 
1865-81; general freight and passenger agent, 
Lackawanna & Pittsburgh R. R., 1881-87; as- 
sistant general freight agent, AVabash R. K., 
1887-1906; was appointed traffic commissioner 
of the Business Men's League, St. Louis, May 
1, 1906. Independent in politics. Mason, 
Knight Templar. Episcopalian. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, City, Alton Country. Favorite recrea- 
tions: golf, chess. Office: fifth floor Mercan- 
tile Library Bldg. Residence: Alton, 111. 

CRABB, Robert A., lawyer; born, St. Louis, 
Jan. 31, 1868; son of Robert M. and Mary L. 
(Manix) Crabb; educated in public schools; 
Washington University; St. Louis Law School, 
LL.B., 1895; married Miss Louisa Donnelly, 
of St. Louis, July 17, 1897; children: Dorothy 
A., Garland P. In general civil practice in St. 
Louis since 1895. Member St. Louis and Mis- 
souri State Bar associations. Democrat. Cath- 
olic. Member Legion of Honor. Recreations: 
fishing and hunting. Office: 610 Times Bldg. 
Residence: 5414 Page Boul. 

*CRABTREE, John Holt, investment securi- 
ties; moved to New York; see Vol. 1906. 

CRAFT, William Braddock, vice president 
and general manager Merchants' Ice and 
Coal Co.; born, St. Louis, Apr. 24, 1857; son 
of M. B. and Elizabeth A. (Adcock) Craft; 
educated in public schools of St. Louis, Jones 
Commercial College and Henderson Commer- 
cial College; married, St. Louis, January, 
1890, Mary Wiethuchter. Has been in the 
sand business in St. Louis since 1875, consecu- 
tively with the New Missouri Sand Co., of 
which was secretary until 1902; general man- 
ager of the Colorado Sand and Gravel Co., 
1902-September, 1910, when became vice pres- 
ident and general manager Merchants' Ice 
and Coal Co. Republican. Member Union Ave- 
nue Christian Church. Recreation: traveling. 



Office: 402 Stock Exchange Bldg. Eesidence: 
1233 Goodfellow Ave. 

CRAIG, John, contractor and builder; born 
near Londonderry, Jreland, June 10, 1867; 
son of Matthew and Margaret (Hutchison) 
Craig; educated in native land; came to Amer- 
ica, March, ISSS; married, Sterling, Mass., 
Jan. S, 1902, Caroline L. Fitch; one son: Eob- 
ert L. Engaged in carpentering at Princeton, 
la., two years, and then went to Eock Island, 
]11., and continued at same trade; located in 
St. Louis, 1892, and for about twelve years 
was employed as journeyman; then entered 
general contracting business, in which has 
since continued. Eepublican. Presbyterian. 
Mason; Knight Templar, Shriner; also mem- 
ber Knights'of Pythias. Office: 7 24 Odd Fel- 
lows Bldg. Eesidence: 5644 Von Versen Ave. 

CRAIGHEAD, John Thomas, merchandise 
broker; born, Fulton, Calloway Co., Mo., Nov. 
7, 18(36; son ot John Alexander and Elizabeth 
M. (Adair) Craighead; educated in country 
district school at Carriugton, Mo., and West- 
minster College, Fulton, Mo.; married, St. 
Louis, Apr. 2i, 1892, ]\Iary Elizabeth Dun- 
ville; two sons: Thomas Gorman, Norwood 
Dunville. Began business career as clerk with 
L. D. Farmer & Co., general merchandise, Ce- 
dar City, Mo., 1884-88; buyer Schweppe Gro- 
cery Co., St. Louis, 1888-91; since Nov. 1, 
1891, in business under style of J. T. Craig- 
head & Co., as merchandise broker, selling 
borax for Pacific Coast Borax Co. to wholesale 
drug trade, grocers, spice mills, grocers' sun- 
dries manufacturers, etc.; handles baking pow- 
der, bicarbonate of soda, corn starch, tin cans, 
canned goods (canned meat, fish, vegetables 
and fruit), sugar, rice, molasses, dried and 
evaporated fruits, nuts, etc. Also director of 
J. C. Grant Manufacturing Co., baking pow- 
der, bicarbonate of soda, etc. Member Mis- 
souri Horticultural Society. Democrat. Ma- 
son; Past Chancellor Knights of Pythias. Rec- 
reations: horticulture and architectural work. 
Champion pistol shot. Protestant. Office: 502 
S. 7th St. Residence: Webster Groves, Mo. 

CRAM, George Taylor, insurance; 1834- 
]9()S: see Vol. JOnd. 

CRAMER, Emile R., superintendent of Lab- 
oratories and Woiks, G. Cramer Dry Plate 
Co.; born, St. Louis, Ai)r. ]7, .1874; son of 
Gustav and p]ninia E. (JNIilentz) Cramer; edu- 
cated in St. Louis to 1882; Educational Insti- 
tute (private), 1882-90; Manual Training 
School, Washington University, 1890-93; left 
Manual Training Sciiool while in third year 
to take charge of exhibits and building at 
Chicago World's Fair; ujion returning to St. 
Louis after the fair attended Perkins & Her- 
l)el "s Business College, 3893-94; in the fall of 
1894 returned to ^Manual Training School, 
from wliich he graduated in ]895; married, 

St. Louis, Oct. 2, 1901, Ida A. Broesel; one 
child: Dorothy. Since leaving school has been 
continuously engaged within the chemical 
laboratories of which now superintendent. 
Eepublican. Protestant. Member of Washing- 
ton University Association, St. Louis Horti- 
cultural Society. Clubs: Amateur Athletic As- 
sociation, Liederkranz. Eecreation: fishing. 
Office: Shenandoah and Lemp Aves. Eesi- 
dence: St. Louis Co. 

CRAMER, F. Ernest, vice president G. Cra- 
mer Dry Plate Co.; born, St. Louis, July 6, 
1870; son of Gustav and Mathilde (Weber) 
Cramer; educated in public schools, 1870-80; 
Educational Institute, graduating, 1886; 
Washington University, graduating, 1887; at- 
tended law school, 1887-88; learned photogra- 
phy, 1888-89; married, San Francisco, Cal., 
July 31, 1901, Angela Le Prohou. Since 1889 
has been engaged in manufacture of photo- 
grajjhic dry jjlates with father; vice president 
G. Cramer Dry Plate Co. since 1898. Presi- 
dent Broadway National Bank, 1701 S. Broad- 
way. Chilean consul. Republican. Former 
member of city council. Ex-president Latin- 
American Club, and Foreign Trades Associa- 
tion; member Manufacturers' Association. 
Protestant. Mason (32°), Knight Templar, 
Shriner. Clubs: Union, Liederkranz, Masonic 
(ex-president). Favorite recreation: fishing. 
Office: Shenandoah and Lemp Aves. Resi- 
dence: Grand and Russell Aves. 

CRAMER, Gustav, president G. Cramer Dry 
Plate Co.; born, Eschwege, Germany, May 20, 
1838; son of Emanuel and Dorothea (Viewe- 
ger) Cramer; educated in schools in Germany; 
married; children: F. Ernest, Emile E. and G. 
Adolf. Came to St. Louis in 1859; learned 
trade of photographer with John A. Scholten, 
with whom remained for five years; then 
started in business as photographer on own 
account and remained in it until 1885; started 
as manufacturer of dry plates, ISSO; in 1898 
admitted his three sous, and incorporated the 
business as the G. Cramer Dry Plate Co., of 
W'hich he is president. Vice president of the 
Board of Charity Commissioners of St. Louis; 
vice president German General Protestant 
Orphan Home; member board of directors of 
the St. Louis Provident Association and also 
of the Deutscher Scluil Yerein; member of St. 
Louis Liederkranz; president St. Louis Alten- 
heim. Mason; member Knights and Ladies 
of Honor, and Legion of Honor. Office: Lemp 
and Shenandoah Aves. Residence: 3306 S. 
13th St. 

CRAMER, Otto, dry goods merchant; born, 
Hermann, Casconade Co., Mo., Oct. 13, 1847; 
son of Dr. Edward and Margaret Cramer; 
educated public schools at Hermann to age 
of thirteen; St. Louis University; Jones Com- 
Tuercial College; married, St. Louis, Septem- 
ber. 1872, Sophia Ludewig; four children: 
John, Dorothv (Mrs. J. V. Hanlev), Ottillia, 



P^ilizabeth (Mrs. Chester L. Harvey), loitered 
ein|)loy of G. Heim, general iiien-liaiit, of 
Koonville, Mo., 1863; next with the .Iiiiii(>soii- 
Cottint; Dry (ioods Co., eontinuinii until the 
conn)any dissolved, 1872; with the C. S. Davis 
Dry Goods Co., 1872-9G; purchased an inter- 
est in the Wear & Boogher Dry Coods ("o., 
l)iedecessors of the Carleton Dry Goods Co., 
and is a director of the latter; also director 
International Bank. Club: LiederUraiiz. Rec- 
reations: athletic sports. Otlice: 12th and 
Washington Sts. Residence: 3G2G Flora P.oul. 

GRAND ALL, Albert, tire insurance; see Vol. 

CRANDALL, Frank Wilber, vice president 
King, J5rinsniade Mercantile Co., wholesale 
millinery; born, Sullivan, N. Y., Dec. 22, 18r)7; 
son of Warren D. and Lydia M. (Wilber) 
Crandall; educated in St. Louis public and 
high schools; married, St. Louis, Dec. (5, 1881, 
Mary G. Day; children: Harold W., Dorothy. 
At eighteen entered employ of wholesale dry 
goods firm of Simon & Gregory, continuing for 
twelve years; then with the Rice-Sfix Dry 
Goods Co. for about sixteen years; since Feb. 
1, 1902, associated as vice president with the 
King, Brinsmade Mercantile Co., in the whole- 
sale millinery trade. Member and chairman 
National Railroad Committee, Travelers' Pro- 
tective Association; chairman of Western 
Classification Committee of Millinery .Jobbers' 
Association. Independent in ])olitics. Office: 
1701-171)9 Washington Ave. Residence: Nor- 
mandy Hills, ^lo. 

CRANDALL, George Clinton, iihysiciau; 
])orn near J^lgin, HI., .June 18, isti"); son of 
<!eorge W. and Caroline (Perry) Crandall; 
moved with parents at early age to Michigan; 
educated in country school, high school, and 
Michigan Agricultural College, Lansing, Mich., 
graduating B.S., 1887; M.D., Medical Dei>art- 
ment, University of Michigan, LS90; married, 
Syracuse, N. Y.", May 18, 1895, Nellie Merry; 
one son: George Washington. Worked on farm 
and taught school, previous to beginning med- 
ical work; appointed, 1890, on medical staff 
Northern Michigan Asylum at Traverse City; 
resigned, 189-t, to go abroad; spent a year and 
a half in hospitals of Europe; located in St. 
Louis, 189.'), and appointed professor of gen- 
eral medicine in Marion-Sims INIeilical ('ollcge, 
and continues in same chair in Medical De- 
partment of St. Louis LTniversity; president 
consulting staff of St. Louis City Hospital; 
medical director of St. Louis Society for Re- 
lief and Prevention of Tuberculosis. Secre- 
tary and director St. Louis Dental College. 
Member National Society of Troi)ical Medi- 
cine, St. Louis Medical Society, Missouri 
State Medical Association, American Medical 
Association, American Medico-Psychological 
Association, Civic League, Citizens' Industrial 
Association, Academy of Science. Clubs: Con- 
temporary, City. Recreations: hunting and 

(isliiiig. Ollic.' and Residence: ?Aul Lindcll 

CKANE, Charles L., insurance; born, Hodi- 
ester, lJea\cr Co., I'a., Xov. 13, 1861; son of 
.lonatlian and Kli/.a ^\. (Reno) Crane; edu- 
cated in public scliools; married, St. Louis, 
188:5, lOnuna K. Rcxdtwell; chihlren: Frank H., 
Helen, Charles L. lias been a resident of St. 
Louis since ls72; in insurance business since 
187(); established firm of Charles L. Crane &. 
Co., 18S6, incorp()rate<l as Charles L. Crane 
Agency Co., 19i)9, and became i)resident same; 
jiresident Provi<lent Loan and Securities Co.; 
jiresident Underwriters' Salvage Corps, 
March, ]909, to March, 1911. Member Busi- 
ness Men's League, Civic League. Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, Missouri Athletic. Recreation: travel. 
Ofiice: 1301 Pierce Bldg. Residence: 4512 
Westminster PI. 

CRANE, Wilber Edgar, railway official; 
born, Warsaw, Hancock Co., HI., Aj.r. 13, 1865; 
son of Cahin Church and Sarah (Chambers) 
Crane; educated public schools, Warsaw; mar- 
ried, New York City, Mar. 5, 1908, Estelle P. 
Barnwell, of Los Angeles, Cal.; one daughter: 
.locelyn. Began in railway service as tele- 
grai)h operator, Waliash, St. Louis & Pacific 
Rv., at Warsaw, 111., 1883; operator Toledo, 
Peoria & Western Ry., at Hamilton, 111., 1884- 
85, and operator same roa<l, at Warsaw, HI., 
1885-88; in charge local freight office same 
road, at Peoria, 111., 1888-89; cashier local 
freight office at Peoria, of Jacksonville South- 
eastern Line, 1889-91; chief clerk general 
freight dei)artment same road, at .Jackson- 
ville, 111., 1891-94; chief clerk Chicago, Peoria 
& St. Louis Ry., .Jan. 1-Nov. 15, 1894; general 
freight agent .lacdvsonville, Louisville & St. 
Louis Ry. (now .Jacksonville & St. Louis Ry.), 
1894-1902, and general manager same road, 
1902-04; coal traffic manager Chicago, Bur- 
lington & Quincy Railway System, April to 
Dec. 15, 1904; general manager Ft. Smith & 
W^estern R, R., Dec. 15, 1904-05; vice presi- 
dent and general manager, 1905-08, and since 
1908 vice jiresident same road; also vice jiresi- 
dent St. Louis, Kl Reno & Western R. R.; pres- 
ident Illinois Steel Bridge Co., Walton & Co., 
Walton Stone Co.; receiver Sans Bois Coal Co., 
director Title Guaranty Trust Co. and Amer- 
ican Trust Co., of St. Louis. Member Business 
Men's League. Democrat. Methodist. Mason 
(32°), Knight Templar, Shriner. Club: Bel- 
lerive Country. Recreation: golf. Office: 704 
Title Guaranty P>ldg. Residence: Hampton 
Park, St. Jjonis Co. 

CRANFILL, James Harvey, manufacturer: 
liovn, K'uckbrid-e, 111., Aug. 21, lS(i2; son of 
Zachariah and Mary .L (Cato) Cranfill; edu- 
cated in ])ublic schools; married, St. Louis. 
1890, Mary S. Page; one son: Pha. Began act- 
ive career in printing business, with which 
was connected until 1889; then became iden- 
tified with firm of J^. Apjdegren, manufacture 



crs of burnt sugar color, and since 1902 has 
engaged in same line of business on own ac- 
count, ae president J. H. CraufiU Manufac- 
turing Co. Republican. Presbyterian. Scot- 
tish Rite Mason; member Keystone Lodge, 
No. 243, A. F. & A. M.; St. Juouis Chapter, 
No. 1, R. A. M.; Moolah Temple, Mystic 
Shrine. Recreation: fishing. Oflace: 1623 N. 
7th St. Residence: 3S32 Russell Ave. 

CKAWFOED, Cary Russell, vice president 
Moon Bros. Carriage Co.; born, Brown Co., O., 
•Jan. 15, 1S62; son of .Jaclvsou and Elizabeth 
(League) Crawford; educated in public schools 
of Biown Co.; married, St. Louis, April, 1890, 
Agnes Coleman. Came to St. Louis at twenty- 
one years of age and secured employment with 
Moon Bros. Carriage Co.; advanced through 
vaiious positions and was elected treasurer, 
1S93, later as secretary and treasurer and 
since 1900 has served as vice president; treas- 
urer Moon-Hopkins Billing Machine Co.; sec- 
retarv and treasurer Landis Machine Co. Re- 
publican. Member St. Louis Legion of Honor. 
Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Mercantile, Glen 
Echo Country. Recreations: golf, shooting. 
Office: 4900 McKissock Ave. Residence: 27 
Lewis PI. 

CEAWFOED, George Lacy, insurance; born, 
St. Louis, Nov. 29, 1S70; son of James E. and 
.Julia (Lyle) Crawford; educated in Smith 
Academy, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, June 
IS, 1S9.0, Perlie Levis; children: James E., 
Lida. Worked for National Bank of Com- 
merce as assistant discount clerk, assistant 
paving teller, 1886-94; in 1S94, Avith father, 
established firm of J. E. Crawford & Son, 
bond stock brokers, of which was the moving 
factor, and after death of father, October, 
1901, wae sole proprietor until 1908; since in 
general insurance. Member Business Men's 
League. Episcopalian. Mason (32°), member 
Missouri Chapter, R. A. M., Ascalon Com- 
mandery, Knights Templar, and Moolah Tem- 
ple, Mystic Shrine; member Eagles, B. P. O. 
K. President St. Louis Horse Show; director 
Cardinal Baseball Club, St. Louis. Clubs: St. 
Louis, St. Louis Country, Racquet (president), 
Kingslake Hunting and Fishing. Recreations: 
horseback riding, liunting, fishing and motor- 
ing. Oftico: 1222 Pierce Bldg. Residence: 4251 
W. Pine ];oul. 

CRAWTORD, Hanford; boni, Ossining, N. 
Y., 1856; son of Rev. M. L'C. and Charlotte 
(Holmes) Crawford; educated in public 
schools and high schools of New York City 
and College of the City of New Y'^ork, graduat- 
ing 1S75; married, New Y'ork City, 1886, Ger- 
trude Smith; one daughter: l{uth. Began busi- 
ness career as clerk in wholesale men 's fur- 
nishing goods house of Fisk, Clark & Flagg, 
New Y'ork City, continuing, 1868-71; then, 
after graduation from college, taught school 
in New Y'ork City, 1875-77; traveled abroad 
for four vears; returned to the United States, 

and was connected with the Y'ale Observatory 
at New Haven, Conn., 1881-82; with James 
McCreery & Co., dry goods. New Y'ork City, 
1883-99;"^ came to St. Louis, 1899, and bought 
interest in the Scruggs, Vandervoort & Barney 
Dry Goods Co., and from 1905-11 was presi- 
dent of the company; now president Euston 
White Lead Co. President St. Louis Y'. M. 
C. A. since Dec. 27, 1911. Member Merchants' 
Exchange. Director Boatmen 's Bank, Busi- 
ness Men 's League, Civic League, Louisiana 
Purchase Exposition Co., Y''. M. C. A. Repub- 
lican. Member M. E. Church. Meihber Delta 
Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Mercantile, Noonday, Methodist, St. Louis 
Country (St. Louis), University, and Aldine 
Association (New Y''ork). Recreation: travel- 
ing. Office: Security Bldg. Residence: 4442 
Lindell Boul. 

CREAE, Celsus; see Vol. 1906. 
CREECY, Edmond Perkins, retired; born, 
Pasquotank Co., N. C, Dec. 9, 1847; son of 
Col. Richard Benbury and Mary Brozier (Per- 
kins) Creecy; educated mainly under instruc- 
tion of his father; married, St. Louis, May 9, 
1878, Margaret Preston Kendall (died Dec. 1, 
1899); nine children: Richard B. (deceased), 
Frank (deceased), Prewitt, John B., Margaret 
P., Mary P., Sarah B., Edmond H., Ellen F. 
Served as private in Company A, Sixty-eighth 
North Carolina Infantry, March, 1863, until 
discharged, latter part of 1864, on account of 
physical disability; prisoner of war in federal ' 
prison six months. Removed to Omaha, Neb., 
1869; engaged in civil engineering until 1876; 
member police force of St. Louis, 1877-81; 
division engineer New Y'ork, Texas & Mexico 
R. R., 1881-82, and then practiced engineering 
in southwest; rejoined police force, St. Louis, 
and acted as patrolman, 1885-95, sergeant, 
1895-99, captain, 1899-1906, chief of police, 
St. Louis, 1906-10. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Mason; member B. P. O. Elks. Residence: 
0608 Marmaduke Ave. 

CREMER, John Cameron, lumberman; born, 
Milton, England, Sept. 12, 1872; son of Wil- 
liam J. and .Jane (Matthews) Cremer; edu- 
cated, Kent County College, City of London 
College and Gresham College; married, St. 
Louis, December, 1906, Pauline Pollock (died 
April, 1908). Emigrated to America, 1893, 
and became connected with the Chicago Lum- 
ber Co. (now Chicago Lumber and Coal Co.), 
at Atchison, Kan.; removed to St. Louis when 
offices of the company were located in this 
city, 1896; advanced through various posi- 
tions as bookkeeper, salesman, manager, au- 
ilitor and director and comptroller same com- 
]iany; resigned and Oct. 1, 1911, organized 
the Cremer Lumber Co., of which is president; 
was director Surtzer Lumber Co., FuUerton- 
Powell Hardwood Lumber Co., Bradley Lum- 
ber Co., Fullerton-Stuart Lumber Co., etc., and 
comptroller Gulf Lumber Co., Gulf & Saline 



Kiver ]{. K. Co., and laulitor Warrt'ii Johiis- 
ville ic Saline Kivor K. K. (Jo. ; rcsiuiiod diroct- 
or^Lip of aljove named companies Mar. 1, 1912. 
Independent in polities. Kpiscojialian. Clubs: 
St. J^ouis, Mercantile, rnivcrsity, >iormandie 
(Jolf (St. ].,ouis), Chicajjo Athletic, Luinber- 
nu'u'a (Chicago). Recreation: golf. OlHce: 
.")Otj Olive St. Residence : St. T.ouis Club. 

CRENSHAW, John Holmes, osteopath; 
horn, Amitv. De Kalb Co., Mo., Aug. 11, 1877; 
son of Ciiles Young and Annie C. (Holmes) 
(Crenshaw; graduated from Mayville (Mo.) 
High School, 1894, Jiirmingham '(Ala.) iiusi- 
ness College, February, 1897, American School 
of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo., June, 1899; 
married, St. Charles, Mo., Jan. '2G, 1901, Clara 
May Stokes. ^Vas employed by Charles Coun- 
selman & Co., grain merchants, of Chicago, 111., 
conducting branch nlHce for them at May- 
ville, Mo., buying grain, for one year; prac-- 
ticed osteopathy in Illinois one year, since in 
St. Louis. Member State Board of Osteopathic 
Registration and Examination, 1903-08, St. 
Louis Osteopathic Association, Alissouri Osteo- 
pathic Association, American Osteopathic As- 
sociation. Democrat. Residence: 957 Hamilton 

CREVELING, Hanley Clay, physician; born 
in St. Louis Co., Mo., .July 4, 1873; son of 
•lames G. and Clementina (Hanley) Creveling; 
educated in public school of St. Louis Co., 
18S0-8G; Smith Academy, 1887-89; Manual 
Training School, St. Louis, 1889-92; Missouri 
Medical College, 1892-95, M.D., 1895; married, 
St. Louis, Oct. 2, 1899, Katherine M. Rob- 
ison; children: Marie Adele, Henry Clay, Jr. 
liegan i)ractice of medicine in St. Louis, in 
March, 1895; since 1902 has confined practice 
to specialty of nose, throat and ear. Member 
American Medical Association, Missouri 
State Medical Association, St. Louis Medical 
Society, Alumni Society of Medical Depart- 
ment of Washington University, American 
Academy of Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryn- 
gology. Independent Democrat. Was second 
lieutenant Ca<let Corps, Washington Univer- 
sity, 1891-92. Member Cumberland Presbyte- 
rian. Recreation: poultry and live stock rais- 
ing. Office: 324-326 Metropolitan Bldg., Grand 
and Washington Aves. Residence: 102 Plant 
Ave., Webster Groves. 

CRIGLER, Lebbeus Pindall, lawver; see 
Vol. ]9o(;. 

CROAK, Michael Edward, proprietor cloth- 
ing house; born, St. Louis, Aug. 1, 1862; son 
of John and Hanora (Mahaney) Croak; edu- 
cated in public schools of St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis. 1889, Xellie O'Neil; children: Frank 
J., Edwin, Elmer, .Josephine, Anthony O'Neil. 
Began business life as clerk with Atlantic and 
Pacific Telegraph Co., St. Louis, 1876, four 
months; <derk Star Clothing House, 1876-80, 
Finlev & Hull Clothing House, 1880-86, F. W. 
Humphrey Clothing Co., 1886-95. Established 

M. E. Croak Tailoring Co., 1895, now con- 
ducts business under style of M. E. Croak & 
Co. Member Business Men's League. Demo- 
crat. Clubs: Missouri Amateur Athletic, City. 
Recreations: athletics, horseback riding and 
motoring. Office: 712 Washington Ave. Resi- 
dence: 5127 Raymond Ave. 

CRONE, Charles Christian, real estate; 
liorn, St. Louis, Mar. 12, 1851; son of Chris- 
topher and Klizabeth (Vogt) Crone; edu- 
cated in public schools; married, St. Louis, 
Oct. 14, 1875, Wilma Kupferle; children: Es- 
telle (wife of Dr. A. F. Koetter), Edward C. 
In real estate business in the North End since 
1876; expert in real estate values in that 
section of the city. Republican. Ex-president 
of North St. Louis Citizens' Association; 
member of North St. Louis Business Men 's 
Association. Mason; member Legion of Honor. 
Recreations: horseback riding and driving. 
Office: 3618 N. Broadway. Residence: 5226 
Waterman Ave. 

*CRONIN, Henry James, railway auditor; 
moved to Chicago; see Vol. 1906. 

CROSSEN, Harry Sturgeon, surgeon; born 
in Appanoose Co., la., Feb. 2, 1869; son of 
James and Affinity (Sturgeon) Crossen; edu- 
cated Siloani Springs (Ark.) Academy, 1885- 
88; Medical Department of Washington Uni- 
versity, 1889-92, M.D., 1892; married, Oberlin, 
O., Mar. 28, 1895, Mary Frances Wright; chil- 
dren: Theodore W., Ruth Y., Robert J., Vir- 
ginia M., David F. Appointed junior assistant 
City Hospital, 1892, senior assistant, 1893, 
and six months later assistant superintendent 
City Hospital, which held until appointed by 
Mayor Walbridge, superintendent St. Louis 
Female Hospital; since 1899 engaged in pri- 
vate practice. Clinical professor of gyne- 
cology Washington University; gynecologist 
to Washington University Hospital, Bethesda 
Hospital, Mullanphy Hospital and Missouri 
Baptist Sanitarium. Member American Gyne- 
cological Society, American Association of 
Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American 
Medical Association, St. Louis Medical So- 
ciety, Medical Socety of City Hospital Alum- 
ni. Republican. Methodist. Extensive con- 
tributor to medical literature of articles per- 
taining to gynecology and obstetrics. Recrea- 
tion: hunting. Office: Metropolitan Bldg., 
Grand Ave. and Olive St. Residence: 5423 
Bartmer Ave. 

CROSSMAN, Clarence Campbell, vice presi- 
dent Skinner & Kennedy Stationery Co.; born, 
St. Louis, April 15, 1870; son of Robert Burns 
and iSrary Frances (Finigin) Grossman; edu- 
cated in St. Louis public schools; married, St. 
Louis, Mar. 24, 1892, Jessie A. Williams; two 
children: Marie Frances and Grayce Leigh. 
Began business career with C. B. Woodward 
Printing Co., 1890, and continued to 1895; 
with Con. P. Curran Printing Co., 1895-97, 



Perrin & Smith Printing Co., 1897-1901; then 
engaged with Skinner & Kennedy Stationery' 
Co., of which has been vice president since 
190S. Expert rifle and revolver shot; won 
National Revolver Championship, 1911; estab- 
lished world's revolver record (highest possi- 
ble score), 1907; also numerous state cham- 
pionships, and many trophies. Member Na- 
tional Eitle Association, Missouri State Eifle 
Association (secretary), United States Ee- 
volver Association (vice president), Colonial 
Eevolver Club, St. Louis Eevolver Club. Since 
190S associated with Colonel Spencer, First 
Infantry, Missouri National Guard, trying to 
increase efficiency of militia as well as to in- 
struct civilians in rifle practice. Eepublican. 
Presbyterian. Mason. Office: 312 N. Broad- 
way. Eesidence: Forsythe Boul., Clayton, Mo. 

CROUCH, Thomas W., retired; born, In- 
dianapolis, Mar. (J, ISo-i; son of George W. 
and Martha E. (Eamsey) Crouch; educated at 
Mountbelle Academy, Nashville, Tenn.; mar- 
ried, Winchester, 111., 1S7S, Nellie B. Simms; 
children: Lloyd F., Thomas W., Jr., Mrs. Irene 
Crouch Williams, Nellie B. (Mrs. Thomas W. 
Carter, .Jr.). Began business career as a mem- 
ber of the firm of George W. Crouch & Sons, 
dealers in horses and mules, and later of Max- 
well-Crouch Mule Co., of which is treasurer; 
president St. Louis Dressed Beef and Pro- 
vision Co., 1902-10, and director in various 
other stock yards and ranching interests; vice 
p)resident Illinois State Trust Co., and direct- 
or in various other corporations. Was presi- 
dent of Colonial Trust Co. until the company 
merged with the Commonwealth Trust Co., of 
which is now vice president. Member Ten- 
nessee Society. Baptist. Clubs: Mercantile, 
St. Louis, Glen Echo (life), Noonday. Eecrea- 
tion: traveling. Office: Commonwealth Trust 
Co. Eesidence: 4001 Delmar Ave. 

CROW, Edward Coke, lawyer; born, Ore- 
gon, Holt Co., :Mo., Dec. 19, 1862; son of 
George \V. and Elizabeth Hopkins (Barnes) 
Crow; educated in public schools and grad- 
uated at public high school, Carthage, Mo.; 
graduated from Law Department, Washington 
University, St. Louis, 1880; married, ^Marshall, 
Mo., Sept. 14, 1889, Gussie Hanna; children: 
Edward H., Margaret E., Tanye C, Gussie, 
W. E. Admitted to ^Missouri bar in 1881, and 
has Ijeen in practice ever since. Was appointed 
and then elected city attorney of Webb City, 
Mo., 1893; in 1896 appointed circuit judge of 
the circuit composed of Lawrence and Jasper 
counties, Mo.; nominated and elected on Dem- 
ocratic ticket, 189G, and renominated and re- 
elected in 1900, attorney general of Missouri, 
serving eight years; ox>ened an office in St. 
Louis, Jan. 10, 1905, and now engaged in law 
jiractice in this city. Served nine years in 
National Guard of Missouri. Office: 717-718 
Wainwright Bldg. Residence: Eureka, Mo. 

CROW, Edward Gay, real estate; see Vol. 

CROW, William Fisher; drv goods; 1838- 
1908; see Vol. 1906. 

CROWDUS, James Caldwell, wool and 
hides; born in ]\larion Co., Ivy., Aug. 15, 1860; 
son of Matthew W. and Phoebe Elizabeth 
(Caldwell) Crowdus; educated in public 
schools; married. Fort Wadsworth, Staten Is- 
land, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1893, Elizabeth G. Elliott; 
children: Jeannette Elliott, James A., Wil- 
liam Warren, Walter. First engaged in the 
wool and hide business at Weatherford, Tex., 
1878; removed to Fort Worth, Tex., 1885, and 
to St. Louis in 1886, as a member of the firm 
of E. S. Brooks & Co., to which firm suc- 
ceeded in 1892; since then has conducted a 
wholesale business in hides and wool under 
the firm name of J. C. Crowdus & Co. Also 
jiresident of Janus Realty Co. Independent 
Democrat. Club: Mercantile. Recreation: fish- 
ing. Office: 104-106 N. Main St. Eesidence: 
5047 Washington Ave. 

CRUNDEN, Frank Pasme, president of 
Crunden-Martin Woodenware Co.; born, St. 
Louis, May 18, 1859; son of Benjamin E. and 
Mary (Morgan) Crunden; educated in St. 
Louis High School; married, Keokuk, la., 
Aug. 25, 1887, Elizabeth Chittenden; children: 
Walter M., Mary B., Elizabeth B., Arthur C, 
Kathrine. Entered woodenware business with 
Udell, Schmieding & Co., 1876; started for 
self, 1884, in firm of Udell & Crunden, and in 
1891 reorganized business as Crunden-Martin 
Woodenware Co., jobbers of woodenware and 
manufacturers of Diamond paper bags, of 
which is president. Also president Conzelman- 
Crunden Eealty Co. Independent Democrat. 
Clubs: St. Louis, Racquet, City, Country, Art- 
ists' Guild. Eecreation: golf. Office: 2d and 
Gratiot Sts. Eesidence: 4426 Westminster PI. 

CRUNDEN, Frederick Morgan, librarian St. 
Louis Public Librarv; 1847-1911; see Vol. 

CRUTTWELL, Julian Canning; see Vol. 

CULBERTSON, Stephen Duncan, jeweler; 
born in Perry Co., Pa., Oct. 12, 1846; son of 
David Hayes and Mary Galbraith (Linn) Cul- 
bertson; removed to Philadelphia, 1849; to 
Princeton, la., 18G0; to Carroll Co., la., 1869; 
educated in public and private schools, Prince- 
ton, Ja., and Monmouth (111.) College; mar- 
ried, Princeton, Feb. 1, 1872, Mary Eliza 
Hess; children: Stephen Eoy, Eobert Hayes, 
Cornelia May, Ethel Burchard, Eolla McClos- 
key and Linn Nicolls. Left college in 1869, to 
engage in stock business in Carroll Co., la. 
In 1883 formed partnership with George J. 
Hess in jewelry business in St. Louis, and the 
business was incorporated Mar. 2, 1904, as 
the Hess & Culbertson .Jewelry Co., of which 



is vice president and treasurer. Rcpublit-an. 
Presbyterian. Scottish Rite Mason, Knight 
Tempiar, Shriner; member Royal Arcanum, 
St. Louis Lef,Mon of Jlonor, Royal League. 
Club: Mercantile. Ottice: 501 N. 7th St. Resi- 
tlciue: 5060 Raymond Ave. 

CULLEN, James Joseph, heating contract- 

(ir; lsii:i-l!inii; see \'ol. lillKi. 

CULLEN, Michael James, undertaker; born, 
Ireland. Apr. Ki, 1S.')(I; son of James and Ellen 
(Prendergast) Cullen; educated parochial 
schools of St. Louis; St. Louis University; 
Franklin (i)ublic) School; Central High 
School, graduating in English, French and 
German; inarried, St. Louis, Nov. 28, 1911, 
Josie Henebery. Came to America, 1850, at 
the age of nine months: entered livery, board- 
ing and undertaking business Feb. 18, 1869, 
but later gave attention exclusively to em- 
bahning and undertaking; now at head of the 
firm of Cullen & Kelly, owning one of the 
largest and most completely appointed estab- 
lishments of the kind in the country; also the 
oldest firm in the city as regards continuous 
]iartnership, having existed forty-two years. 
Member umlertakers ' local and state associa- 
tions; delegate to National Convention of Un- 
dertakers, 1876, also to state conventions. 
Democrat. Catholic. Member Mullanphy Emi- 
grant Board six years. Member Ancient Or- 
der United Workmen, Ancient Order of Hi- 
bernians, Royal Arcanum, Ben Hur, Catholic 
Knights of America, Knights of Columbus. 
Clubs: Democratic, Irish-American Athletic, 
Hibernian Athletic. Recreation: traveling. 
Office: 2735 Cass Ave. Residence: 2731 Cass 

CULLINAN, George Evans, manager West- 
ern Electric Co.; l)orn, Gcneseo, N. Y., Aug. 5, 
1878; son of Daniel C. and Mary (Evans) 
Cullinan; was graduated at Geneseo State 
Normal School, collegiate course, 1896, teach- 
ers' course, 1897; "B.A., Williams College, 
Mass.. 1901 ; married, Williamstown, Mass., 
Oct. 30. 1905, Mary E. Neyland; three chil- 
dren: ^Nlary E., George E., dr., Dorothy. Has 
been identified with Western Electric Co. con- 
tinuously since 1901; began as stock clerk and 
became, successively, employment agent, ship- 
jiing clerk and assistant traffic manager; came 
to St. Louis, October, 1907, as assistant man- 
ager and was made manager, May, 1909; was 
assistant manager same company at Chicago 
for three months in 1910, returning to St. 
Louis as manager Jan. 1, 1911; also director 
and vice president Western Electric Co. of 
[Missouri since 1909. Roman Catholic. Mem- 
ber Business Men's League of St. Louis, also 
of Webster Groves. Clubs: Mercantile, City, 
Algonquin Golf. Was member AVilliams Col- 
lege football team for four years, also mem- 
ber of Williams College track team for four 
vears. Recreation: golf. Office: 814 Spruce St. 

Residence: 68 Marshall PI., Webster Groves, 

GULP, William McGregor; see Vol. 1906. 

CULVER, William Wallace, retired; born 
near Columhus, in Franklin Co., O., July 30, 
1835; son of John Milton and Lydia E. (How- 
ard) Culver; attended district scliool in win- 
ter, worked on farm in summer; married, 
1869, Anna Amelia Scott, of Bowling Green, 
Kv. (who is now deceased); children: Lucius 
F.", Stella Nora (now Mrs. C. C. Nichols), 
Anna Laura (deceased), Wallace C; married, 
2d, 1878, Caroline Louise Cleaveland, of Plym- 
outh, Ind. (who is also deceased). Went from 
Ohio to Decatur, 111., 1851, but returned same 
year and worked as carpenter at Decatur, 
bnarga and Springfield; came to St. Louis, 
1856, but could not find work, and returned 
to Illinois; worked at Brighton until engaged 
to sell patent smoothing irons; the following 
fall employed by John McCreery to sell stoves 
from wagon, with whom remained six years; 
took course in Bryant & Stratton 's Commer- 
cial College, Chicago. I860; voted for Al)ra- 
ham Lincoln there; began selling stoves for 
himself at Connersville, Ind., 1862; moved to 
Shawneetown, 111., 1865, where firm of Culver 
Bros, was established. Sold stoves in Iowa, 
Missouri and Kentucky until 1869, then moved 
to Kansas City; returned to Kentucky, 1870; 
firm located in St. Louis, 1874. Became presi- 
dent Wrought Iron Range Co. (established 
1880), but after death of brothers retired from 
the business. Founded, 1903, Asbestos Manu- 
facturing and Roofing Co., of which was pres- 
ident until 1905; now conducting own real es- 
tate interests. Republican. IMember First Con- 
gregational Church. Mason. Office: Culver 
Bldg. Residence: 5933 W. Cabanne PL 

CUMING, James Spencer, president Central 
Telephone and Electric Co.; born, St. Louis, 
May 6, 1872; son of George Edward and 
Emma M. (Powers) Cuming; educated in St. 
Louis common schools and i)assed examination 
for high school; married, St. Louis, June 26, 
1895, Edna Earl Pleasants; children: Georgia 
Edna, Frances Marie. Started in wholesale 
grocery business, 1887, with Krafft-IIolmes 
Grocery Co., and continued nine years; then 
bought interest in D. A. Kusel Telephone 
^Manufacturing Co.; after three years bought 
out ])artner and incorporated, December, 1898, 
as the Central Telephone and Electric Co., of 
which is president. Republican (independent). 
English Lutheran. Member of various tele- 
phone associations, national and state. Recrea- 
tion: bowling. Office: 310 N. 11th St. Resi- 
dence: IS Parkland PI. 

CUMMINGS, Campbell, lawyer; born, New 
Orleans, La., Aug. 20. 1S71; son of Dr. John C. 
and Victoria A. (Xicholson) Cummings; grad- 
uate<l from Manual Training School of Wash- 
ington University, 1890; A.B., Washington 



University, 1894; LL.B., St. Louis Law Scliool, 
1896; unmarried. Admitted to bar of Missouri 
in 1896 and to U. S. Supreme Court, 1912; 
assistant attorney general of Missouri, 1911- 
13. Member St. Louis Bar Association, St. 
Louis Law Library Association, Phi Delta 
Theta, Phi Delta Phi. Club: Century Boat. 
Office: 801 Times Bldg. Residence: 432SA 
Lindell Boul. 

CUMMINGS, Henry Joseph, physician; 
born, St. Louis, Dec. 31, 1866; sou of John K. 
and Annie M. (Mullin) Cummings; educated 
at St. Michael's School, St. Louis, 1873-77; St. 
Louis University. 1877-84; Trinity University, 
Toronto, Can., 1886-89, receiving degrees of 
M.D. and CM.; Middlesex College, London, 
1889-92; member Eoyal College of Surgeons 
of England, 1892; licentiate Eoyal College 
of Physicians of London, Eng., 1892; married. 
May 30, 1894, Jane Hay, of Saginaw, Mich.; 
four children: James H., Jane H., John K. and 
Harriet. Engaged in practice of medicine in 
St. Louis since 1893. Member St. Louis Med- 
ical Society, American Medical Association; 
member visiting staff City Hospital. Former- 
1}' professor of medicine, Barnes University. 
Member Knights of Columbus. Catholic. Clubs: 
Missouri Athletic, Dardenne Shooting. Recre- 
ations: hunting and fishing. Office: Metropol- 
itan Bldg-. Residence: 1201 Grand Ave. 

CUNZ^INGHAM, Albert Deering, secretary 
Board of Trustees of the Missouri Botanical 
Garden, etc.; born, Morganfield, Ky., Oct. 11, 
1848; son of Rev. John W. and Samantha 
(Ingram) Cunningham; educated in public 
schools of Kentucky; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
28, 1880, Georgia Lee; one son: Albert Lee. 
Began business career in dry goods store in 
Owensboro, Ky.; later in book store in Louis- 
ville, Ky., then with the Methodist Publishing 
House at Nashville, Tenn., and in 1869, in St. 
Louis, with Southwestern Book and Publish- 
ing Co., continuing until 1874; manager Bel- 
videre Hotel, St. Louis, 1875; cashier. Gray, 
Baker Book and Stationery Co., St. Louis, 
1876-77; publisher St. Louis Grocer, 1878-79; 
secretary Belcher Sugar Refining Co., 1880-89; 
since 1889 secretary of the Board of Trustees 
of Missouri Botanical Garden and business 
manager of the estate of the late Henry 
Shaw, devised to the Board of Trustees of the 
Missouri Botanical Garden for the support of 
the Missouri Botanical Garden, commonly 
known as Shaw's Garden. Jlember Civic 
League. Methodist. Republican. "Was non- 
commissioned officer of engineer corps, ^lis- 
souri State Militia. Recreation: ganlening. 
Office: 41.") Pine St. Rosiileni'c: 5865 Von 
Versen Ave 

CUNNINGHAM, Andrew Oswald, chief en- 
gineer "Wabash Railroad Co.; born, Rangoon, 
British Burtiiah, July 8, 1S()6; sou of Gen. 
Percy S. (British Army) and Annie Sarah 
(Stroud) Cunningham; educated at South 

Eastern College, England, 1879-83; came to 
LTnited States, 1883; student University of 
Alinnesota, 1890-94, B.C.E., 1894; married, St. 
Louis, July 11, 1903, Georgia Townsend Quinn. 
Engaged as rodman and leveler with Northern 
Pacific R. R., 1886-88; land surveyor in North 
Dakota, 1890-91; student at university, and 
during same time engaged in making insur- 
ance maps of the city of" Minneapolis, Minn., 
and shop drawings for Gillette-Herzog Manu- 
facturing Co., 1891-94; draftsman, 1894-95, as- 
sistant engineer, 1895-96, Gillette-Herzog Man- 
ufacturing Co., general contracting and en- 
gineering, and southern agent for Schultz 
Bridge and Iron Co., of Pittsburgh, Pa., 1896- 
98; with Pittsburgh Reduction Co., designing 
improvements in old buildings at Niagara 
Falls and making designs for new buildings 
and improvements at New Kensington Works, 
1898-99; in general consulting and civil en- 
gineering business, associated with others un- 
der name of Pennsylvania Engineering Co., 
Pittsburgh, designing and making shop draw- 
ings for buildings, bridges, coal tipples, head 
frames, etc., 1899-1900; contracting manager 
at Cleveland, O., in charge of estimates, de- 
signs and bids, for American Bridge Co., 1900- 
02; bridge engineer Wabash Railroad Co., 
1902-05; chief engineer same road since 1905. 
Member American Society of Civil Engineers, 
National Geographical Society, St. Louis En- 
gineers ' Club. Republican. Episcopalian. Club: 
Triple A. Recreations: golf and cricket. Of- 
fice: 828 Title Guaranty Bldg. Residence: 
6334 Berlin Ave. 

CUNNINGHAM, Jesse, municipal reference 
librarian; born, Lebanon, Ind., May 24, 1882; 
son of William Alexander and Mary Catherine 
(Sicks) Cunningham; educated Indiana Uni- 
versity, Bloomington, Ind., 1901-05; A.B., Uni- 
versity of Nebraska, 1906; B.L.S., New York 
State Library School, Albany, 1910; unmar- 
ried. Reference assistant, Indiana University 
Library, 1901-05; reference assistant in li- 
brary of University of Nebraska, 1905-06; 
law librarian, same, 1906-07; assistant in Law 
Department, New York State Library, 1908- 
11; municipal reference librarian, St. Louis 
Public Library, since July 10, 1911. Member 
Christian (Disciples) Church. Member Ameri- 
can Library Association, INlissouri State Li- 
brary Association, Delta Tau Delta. Club: 
Cit}'. Recreations: tennis, baseball. Contribu- 
tor to National Municipal Review. Office: 
Hoom 206 City Hall. Residence: .•!700 Hum- 
phrey St. 

CUNNINGHAM, P. J., wholesale woolens; 
born, Bryansford, County Down, Ireland, Jan. 
14, 1850; son of John and Sarah (Grant) Cun- 
ningham; educated in national schools in Ire- 
land; married, Pittsburgh, Pa., June 15, 1875, 
Ella Robinson; children: Katherine, Grace, 
Will, Carrie, John, Arline. Began in woolen 
business in Chicago in 1869; moved to St. 



Louis, 1880, selling Chicago ])usincss aiul 
opened in St. Louis as a -vvhoU'sale tloalor in 
woolens; now president Cunningham Bros. 
Woolen Co., branch stores in St. Paul and 
Kansas City. Republican. Roman Catholic. 
Club: Mercantile. Othce: 505 N. 7th St. Resi- 
dence: Jefferson Hotel. 

CUPPLES, Samuel, niercliant; 1831-1912; 
see Vol. I'JOtl. 

CURD, Charles Paine, teacher; 1851-1906; 
see Vol. 11)06. 

CURLEE, Francis Marion, lawyer; born, 
Corinth, Miss., Feb. 1, 1S77; son of William 
Peyton and J\Iary (Boone) Curlee; educated 
in Academic Department University of Mis- 
sissippi, 2^/^ years; matriculated in Law De- 
partment same university, graduating with de- 
gree of LL.B., June, 1902; unmarried. Ad- 
mitted to Mississippi bar, 1902, and began 
practice at Corinth, Miss.; removed to St. 
Louis, 1905, and has since engaged in prac- 
tice in this city. Member St. Louis Bar Asso- 
ciation. Democrat. Member Delta Psi college 
fraternity. Mason. Clubs: Mercantile, Nor- 
niandie Golf, Automobile. Recreations: golf 
and motoring. Office: 1306-1310 Wright Bldg. 
Residence: 5724 Chamberlain Ave. 

CURLEE, John Rufus, wholesale dry goods 

merchant; born, Rienzi, Miss., Mar. 22, 1864; 
son of John McFerrin and Sarah (Norfleet) 
Curlee; educated in public schools and three 
year course at Gibson College; married, Mari- 
etta, Miss., Dec. 28, 1887, Luna Rogers; chil- 
dren: Eleanor, Katherine, John, Eila. Began 
St. Louis career as a stock clerk with Crow, 
Hargadine & Co., Jan. 15, 1886; after two 
years began traveling in the Indian Territory 
for Janis, Saunders & Co.; was admitted to a 
partnership in two years, and, on consolida- 
tion of that firm with Wear & Boogher Dry 
Goods Co., was made director in the company, 
and afterward treasurer; now secretary of 
Carleton Dry Goods Co., successors to Wear & 
Boogher Co. Also vice president and director 
Curlee Clothing Co. and of Bank of Boonville. 
Member Business Men's League, St. Louis 
Cotton Exchange. Democrat. Baptist. Mem- 
ber Mississippi Society. Clubs: Mercantile, 
Glen Echo Country (ex-secretary), Algonquin, 
St. Louis Automobile. Recreations: golf, mo- 
toring and farming. Office: 12th St. and Wash- 
ington Ave. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

CURLEE, Shelby Hammond, clothing manu- 
facturer; born, Corinth, Miss., Aug. 29, 1868; 
son of William P. and Mary (Boone) Curlee; 
educated in public schools of Mississippi; 
married, Corinth, Miss., June 7, 1893, Luella 
Duncan; one son, S. H. Jr. Began business 
career as traveling salesman for Janis, Saun- 
ders & Co., dry goods, St. Louis, covering 
Texas and Indian Territory, 1890-97; in 1897 
joined in organizing the Corinth Clothing 
Manufacturing Co., of which was vice presi- 

dent and general manager; in 1900 joined in 
organization of the Corinth Woolen Mills, 
manufacturers of jiants and children's cloth- 
ing, of which was jiresident until 1909, when 
lirm name was changed to Curlee Clothing Co., 
of which is president. Member Business Men's 
licague. j\Iason, Knight Templar, Shriner. 
Club: ifercantile. Office: 1128-1130 Washing- 
ton Ave. Residence: 5724 Chamberlain Ave. 

CURRAN, Cornelius P., printer; born, Lon- 
don, l']nglan(l, Jan. 9, 1866; "son of Florence 
and Briijget (Keenoy) Curran ; came to St. 
Ijouis in childhood; educated in St. Patrick's 
(parochial) School and St. I'atrick's Acad- 
emy, taught by Christian Brothers; graduated 
from academy, 1878; married, St. Louis, 1885, 
Margaret Ann Scully; eight children: Gene- 
vieve (Mrs. F. W. Corley), Abigail, Margaret, 
Cornelius P., Florence, John, Eugene Philpot 
and Marie June. On leaving school, at age of 
twelve, engaged in business as huckster, but, 
finding that life distasteful, ajiprenticed him- 
self to a wagon blacksmith, with whom re- 
mained ten months; then was in employ of 
Rohan Bros. Boiler Works Co., \intil tendered, 
in 1882, position of copyholder at $4.50 per 
week with Chambers, Davis «S; Freegard Print- 
ing Co. Entered service of Samuel F. Myer- 
son, printer, 1884; took charge of business 
and remained five years; then with Noble «fc 
Fox, printers; bought Mr. Noble's interest, 
1891, and Mr. Fox's, 1894, and incorporated 
the business as the Con. P. Curran Printing 
Co., of which is president and treasurer. Presi- 
dent Bankers' and Attorneys' Publishing Co., 
publishers of Con. P. Curran Directory of 
Bankers and Attorneys; also president A. O. 
H. Investment Co. Member Business Men's 
League, Civic League, Salesmanagers' Asso- 
ciation of St. Louis, Advertising Men's 
League, Merchants' Exchange, St. Louis Cred- 
it Men's Association. Catholic. Democrat. 
Member Legion of Honor, National Union, 
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Clubs: ^Missouri Athletic, Mercantile, 
Commercial, City, St. Louis Railway, The 
Traffic. Favorite recreation: motoring. Office: 
cor. Sth and Walnut Sts. Residence: Nor- 
mandy, St. Louis Co. 

CURRAN, John Howard, land development: 
born, Ma(|uoketa, Ta., ALay 17, 1871; son of 
John Philpot and Minerva Jane (Burnet) Cur- 
ran; grailuated from Parsons (Kan.) High 
School, ]May 1, 1887; married, Bismarck, Mo.. 
Jan. 27, 1907, Pearl Lenore Pollard; one daugh- 
ter : Jul ia Francis. Carried morning papers, Par- 
sons, Kan., 1882-85; cowboy, 1885-91; timber 
inspector, 1892-97; in politics, 1897-1900; 
creamery superintendent, Topeka, 1900-04; 
manager creamery, St. Louis, 1905-09; in land 
development and investments since 1910; sec- 
retary Haight Orchard and Development Co. 
Democrat; secretary Labette Co. (Kan.) Fu- 
sion Committee, 1898-1900, Fusion State Com- 



inittee, Kansas, 1900-04; Democratic candi- 
date for secretary of state, Kansas, 1904 (de- 
feated); appointed imniioration commissioner 
of Missouri, by Gov. Hadlej^, 1909, served 
nearly t^A'0 years, resigned. President Na- 
tional Land Exposition Co.; secretary National 
Farm Homes Association; member Knights of 
Pythias, Elks. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, City, 
St. Louis Athletic, Arcadia Country (presi- 
dent), etc. Author: The Business Man Pack 
to Land, 1910; The People and the Eailroads, 
1911. Eecreations: handball, golf, boating. 
Office: 628-629 Central National Bank Bldg. 
Residence: 5210 Eidge Ave. 

CURRIE, Dwight D., lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, dan. 11, ISSl; son of Daniel McNeil 
and Martha (Dent) Currie; received prelimi- 
nary education in public and private schools; 
LL.B., St. Louis Law School (Law Depart- 
ment of Washington University), June 20, 
]901; unmarried. Admitted to Missouri bar, 
dan. 11, 1902, and has since practiced at St. 
Louis. Member St. Louis Bar Association. 
Democrat. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, City, 
Amateur Athletic Association. Eecreations: 
golf, handball. Office: 1305-1310 Third Na- 
tional Bank Bldg. Eesidence: 4301 Washing- 
ton Ave. 

CURRY, Charles Clemens, lumberman; born, 
Louisville, Ky., Aug. 29, 1874; son of George 
Wilson and Laura (McClaran) Curry; edu- 
cated in St. Louis public schools; unmarried. 
Began business career as office boy with Sam- 
uel Cupples Wooden Ware Co., June 1, to June 
30, 1890; clerk with Schuleuburg & Boeekeler 
Lumber Co., 1890-94; salesman St. Louis Ee- 
frigerator and Wooden Gutter Co. (name 
changed to Grayson-McLeod Lumber Co.), 
1894-1900; department manager Louis Werner 
Saw Mill Co., 1900-02; vice president and gen- 
eral manager of the Valley Lumber Co., 1903- 
08; since in wholesale lumber business for 
self. Eepublican. Office: Wright Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: 5()33 Julian Ave. 

CURTICE, Charles Christian, district pas- 
senger agent Pennsylvania Lines; born. Big 
Springs, Va., Aug. 21, 1854; son of Homer 
and Orpha Gillman (Babcoek) Curtice; edu- 
cated at Kenosha (Wis.) High School and 
Lake Forest (HI.) University to 1875; mar- 
ried, Indianapolis, Tnd., Sept. 15, 1876, Jennie 
Reed; one son: Homer jVFatilock; married, 2d, 
Washington, D. C, Oct. 11, 1888, Addie Beals; 
one daughter: Hila Aline. Entered service of 
\'aiidalia Line. Sept. 1, 1875, as brakeman un- 
til Sept. 16, 1875; then baggage master, Sep- 
tember, 1875, to July, 1877, freight conductor, 
1877-80, passenger conductor, 1880-87; South- 
western i)assenger agent at Ft. Worth, Tex., 
1887-95; city passenger agent, St. Louis, 1895- 
1005; since ^lay, 1905, district passenger agent 
I'ennsylvania Lines, at St. Louis. Eepublican. 
Senior warden at Church of The Eedcemer 
(Episcopal). Mason (32°); member Ascalon 

Commandery, Knights Templar (Quartermas- 
ter), Indiana Consistory, Moolah Temple, Mys- 
tic Shrine. Clubs: Mercantile, Church (treas- 
urer), The Traffic of St. Louis, Dallas (Dallas, 
Tex.). Eecreation: fishing. Office: 10th and 
Olive Sts. Eesidence: 5164 Waterman Ave. 

CURTIS, Samuel, superintendent embossing 
department George D. Barnard Printing Co.; 
born. Mystic, Conn., Nov. 11, 1865; son of 
Thomas C. and Phoebe J. (Wheeler) Curtis; 
educated in public schools to sixteen; married, 
Chicago, June 30, 1890, Mollie Fitzgerald. 
Employed in various capacities in the East 
until twenty-one years of age; came to St. 
Louis, 1887, and has since been identified with 
the George D. Barnard Printing Co., serving 
as superintendent of the embossing depart- 
ment since 1888; organized and was first 
president of Modern Machine Co., of Belle- 
ville, 111., manufacturers of the Curtis emboss- 
ing presses; has been a director of the com- 
pany since 1912. Eepublican. Eecreation: 
hunting. Office: 3845 Laclede Ave. Eesidence: 
14 S. S'arah St. 

CURTIS, William S., educator; born, New- 
port, Wayne Co., Ind., 1850; son of William C. 
and Elizabeth E. (Harker) Curtis; educated 
McKendree College, 1869-70; A.B., Washing- 
ton University, 1873; LL.B., St. Louis Law 
School, 1876 (LL.D., 1905); married, St. Louis, 
1881, Hope Goodson; one son: Edward G. 
Practiced law, Omaha, Neb., 1876-94; dean St. 
Louis Law School (Law Department, Wash- 
ington University) since 1894. Delegate Uni- 
versal Congress of Lawyers and Jurists, St. 
Louis, 1904; member American, Missouri State 
and St. Louis Bar associations, Missouri His- 
torical Society, St. Louis Academy of Science. 
Unitarian. Independent in politics. Clubs: 
University, Bound Table. Eecreation: farm- 
ing. Office and Eesidence: Washington Uni- 

CURTEIGHT, Henry T., manager Oliver 
Chilled Plow Works; born in Boone Co., near 
Columbia, Mo., Sept. 11, 1856; son of William 
H. and Catherine E. (Jenkins) Curtright; 
educated in country schools until fourteen, 
then in preparatory and collegiate depart- 
ments of Missouri State University, graduat- 
ing A.B., 1878; married, St. Louis, June 12, 
1888, Alma Farris; one child: Henry Farris 
(died 1895). After graduation taught in pub- 
lic schools of Boone and Clinton counties, 
I\ro. ; came to St. Louis, Apr. 1, 1882, enter- 
ing emjdoy of l)ranch of the Champion Ma- 
chine ("o., of Springfield, O., traveling in har- 
vester business six years; then for three A'ears 
with P. P. Mast & Co., Springfield, from' Peo- 
ria (HI.) branch of the company, of which 
was manager one year; then sales manager at 
home office, in Springfield, O., three years; 
manager St. Louis branch F. E. Myers & Bro., 
Ashland, O., and Bucher it Gibbs Plow Co., 
Canton, O., until October, 1899; came to 



Oliver ChilkMl Plow Works, for wliich triivclod' 
throe years; since October, 1902, nianayer !St. 
Louis l)raiicli house. Member Implement, A'e- 
hicle anil Hardware Association of Ht. Louis. 
Democrat. Member of Christian (Disciples) 
Church. Office: 2516-2522 N. Broadway. Resi- 
dence: 5100 Raymond Ave. 

GUSHING, Charles Clarence, vinegar and 
cider; born, Xew York City, .hine 7, 1857; son 
of John and Mary Cushiug; removed to St. 
Louis, ]S69; educated in St. Louis public 
schools; married, St. Louis, Oct. 4, 1881, Lula 
A. Shepherd; children: Fay Olive, Clarence C. 
Began business career, 1S7;!, as shipping clerk 
for James Cushing & Co., vinegar manufac- 
turers, Dubuque, la.; established branch for 
same firm at St. Louis, 1S9;5, as manager, and 
in 1897 purchased the business, which has 
since conducted as C. C. Cushing & Co., pro- 
jirietors of St. Louis Vinegar Co., manufac- 
turers of vinegar and cider. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mason; member Odd Fellows, Knights 
of Pythias. OtHce: 615 X. ]\iain St. Resi- 
dence: Webster Groves, ]\lo. 

CUTHBERT, Charles Mcintosh, secretary 
and treasurer Branch Saw Co.; born, St. Louis, 
May 21, 1849; son of Samuel and Eugenia 
(Jones) Cuthbert; educated in public schools 
and City (Wyman's) University, graduating 
from latter in 1865; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
25, 1877, Lily D. Morgan; children: Olive 
Morgan (wife of Dr. F. T. Fahlen), Charles 
Morgan. Was clerk with IT. S. Express Co., 
1865-66; went with Gilkeson & Sloss, 1866, 
and was secretary, from incorporation, 1SS3, 
to dissolution, 1896, of Gilkeson-Sloss Commis- 
sion Co.; secretary and treasurer Branch Saw- 
Co. since December, 1897. Independent in poli- 
tics. Presbyterian. Member Sons of the Revolu- 
tion, Society of Colonial Wars, Royal Arca- 
num, Legion of Honor, Royal League. Office: 
3000 N. Broadway. Residence: 5525 Bartmer 


DACEY, James Aloysius, wholesale fruit 
and pro<iuee; born. St. Louis, Sept. 25, 1865; 
son of Patrick and Catherine (Cusack) Dacey; 
public school education; married, St. Louis, 
May 10, 1893, Louisa L. Pohle; three children: 
Kathleen, James A., Jr., and Elizabeth. Be- 
gan in wholesale fruit and produce business at 
St. Louis, 1885, and has ever since been iden- 
tified closely with that line; proprietor of 
Dacey & Co., fruits and produce. Member 
Merchants' Exchange, St. Louis Fruit and 
Produce Exchange. INIember House of Dele- 
gates two terms, 1891-95. Democrat. Catho- 
lic. Member Knights of Columbus. Recrea- 
tions: traveling, motoring. Office: 1209-1211 
N. Broadway. Residence: 4565 Easton Ave. 

"DAHMANN. William H., manufacturer; 
now li\ iiig on Long Island, N. Y.; see Vol. 

DALE, Alfred Nicholson, railway official; 
1860-1911 ; see Vol. 1906. 

DALLMEYER, Herman, dry goods; born, 
Han()\('r, (icrnuiiiy, .Mar. 16, 1846; son of 
Rudoljih and Pauline (llorst) Dallmeyer; edu- 
cated in pri\ate school in nati\e land; mar- 
ried, St. Ijouis, 1867, Louise Prasse (ilied 
1898); 2d, St. Louis, Apr. 5, 1900, Mrs. Paul- 
ine Goetsch. Came to America, 1862; in em- 
ploy of brother in general store at Cooperhill, 
Mo., for three months; removed to St. Louis, 
March, 1863, and became connected with dry 
goods firm of Nieman & Co., continuing until 
1868; then entered business on own account 
at 1301 Franklin Ave., three years later form- 
ing partnership under title of Dallmeyer & 
Koestring, which was subsequently dissolved; 
since in business in own name. Republican. 
Member Evangelical Protestant Church. Di- 
rector German Protestant Orphans' Home. 
Office: 1237 Franklin Ave. Residence: 2902 
Dickson St. 

DALTON, Henry Clay, physician; 1847- 
1911; sec Vol. 1906. 

DALTON, John Davis, lawyer; 1872-1911; 
see Vol. 1906. 

DALY, Charles Joseph, real estate; born, 
St. Louis, July 1, 1871; son of John J. and 
Catherine (Whyte) Daly; educated in private 
scliool and St. Louis University; graduated 
from St. Louis Law School, LL.B., 1896; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, July 10, 1900, Mary E. Magin- 
nis; children: Elizabeth, Charles J., Louise 
Brook, John J., Richard and Kathleen Ann. 
Began in employ of Pullman Palace Car Co., 
then for short time in postoffice. On Aug. 1, 
1890, entered service of Joseph P. Whyte, and 
on Apr. 26, 1901, became vice president and 
treasurer or Joseph P. Whyte Real Estate Co.; 
with real estate department Commonwealth 
Trust Co. since June 5, 1912. Member of the 
Real Estate Exchange. Democrat. Catholic. 
Office: Commonwealth Trust Co. Residence: 
5937 Julian Ave. 

*DALY, Leo Louis, real estate; moved to 
Xew York; see Vol. 190(i. 

DALZELL, Benjamin Wilson, life insur- 
ance; born, Eldorado Co., Cal., Oct. 26, 1866; 
son of David F. and ^[arietta (Wilson) Dal- 
zell, the former reared at Penn 's Manor, Bucks 
Co., Pa., and the latter a lineal descendant of 
John Hancock, Daniel Boone and "Uncle 
Sam" Wilson; weighed 3i/> pounds when born 
and was passed around on a dinner plate be- 
fore a tribe of Indians, in California; crossed 
the Isthmus of Panama on a burro when a 
child; educated Friends College of Philadel- 
]>hia; Jerseyville (HI.) High School; Interna- 
tional College, St. Louis; studied law, medi- 
cine ami elocution and excelled as a young 
man in amateur theatricals; married, St. 
Louis, A])r. 22, 1890, Eugenia Lambert (died 



1904) ; three childreu, one sou, Benjamiu, now 
living; married, 2d, St. Louis, 1909, Florence 
Tavlor. Engaaed in real estate business with 
B. *F. Hamme\t, St. Louis, 1887-90; then in 
same line of business for self; state superin- 
tendent Insurance Department, Knights of 
Pythias, since 1S96. Eepublicau; stumped 
State of Missouri in both of the McKinley 
campaigns and was offered consulship by 
President McKinley, but declined. Member 
Free Bridge Committee, St. Louis. Clubs: Mil- 
lion Population, Damon (a club of Pythians), 
Willow Slough Hunting. Owns a hunting 
lodge on the Mississippi River, and a launch 
thirty-six feet long. Author: A Few Thoughts 
for a Few Friends (containing poems, essays 
and excerpts of speeches), 1906. Recreations: 
reading, hunting, fishing and motoring. Office: 
702 Carleton Bldg. Residence: 4128 Morgan 

DAME, James Ebenezer, lawyer; born, 
Princeton, Ind., Dec. 29, 1S72; son of Daniel 
Webster and Agues (McMillan) Dame; gradu- 
ated from Wabash College, Crawfordsville, 
Ind., A.B., 1895; A.M., 1903, Washington Uni- 
versitv, St. Louis, LL.B., 1899; married, Lila 
Belle 'Gelwicks, of St. Louis, Nov. 29, 1910; 
one son: James E., Jr. Engaged in general 
practice of law in St. Louis since 1901; has 
associated with Fred S. Hall, in firm of Hall 
& Dame, since Jan. 1, 1906. Member St. Louis 
Bar Association, St. Louis Alumui Association 
of Delta Tau Delta (secretary). West End 
Business Men's Association (chairman legis- 
lative committee). Democrat. Member United 
Presb^'terian Church. Recreations: tennis and 
canoeing. Office: 705 Olive St. Residence: 
5940 Julian Ave. 

DAMERON, Ernest Patten, dental surgeon; 
born, ^larionville, Lawrence Co., Mo., Nov. 9, 
1873; son of John Haywood and Estelle 
(Slaughter) Dameron; A.B., Marionville Col- 
lege, 1892; completed course in Spalding's 
Commercial College, Kansas City, Mo., 1893; 
D.D.S., Western Dental College, Kansas City, 
Apr. 2, 1898; married, Kansas City, April, 
1900, Cora B. Nixon. Has practiced dentistry 
in St. Louis since May, 1898. Professor ma- 
teria medica and therapeutics. Dental Depart- 
ment, Barnes Uuiversitj', 1906-07. President 
National Dental Association; member board 
of governors National Mouth Hygiene Asso- 
ciation; member ^Missouri State Dental Asso- 
ciation, St. Louis Dental Society, St. Louis 
Societ}' of Dental Science, Delta Sigma Delta 
fraternity; honorary member Tennessee State 
Dental Association. Democrat. jNIethodist. 
Served in Third Regiment Band, Missouri Na- 
tional Guanl, 1897; now mcjnber First Regi- 
ment Band, Missouri National Guard. Mem- 
ber Independent Order Odd Fellows. Author 
of several papers on professional subjects, 
read before various dental societies and pub- 
lished in dental journals. Recreations: fishing' 

and golf. Office: 58 De Menil Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 3803 Windsor PI. 

DAMES, Alphonse Ferdinand, physician; 
born, St. Paul, Mo., June 15, 1877; son of 
Francis Joseph and Laura Renford (Ensor) 
Dames; educated in classics at Creighton Uni- 
versity, Omaha, Neb.; M.D., Washington Uni- 
versity, May 24, 1906; married, St. Louis, 
Sept. 19, 1905, Charlotte Ann Lynch; two chil- 
dren: Violet Angela and Alphonse Ferdinand, 
Jr. Has practiced in St. Louis since Sept. 1, 
1906; gave up general practice Jan. 1, 1909, 
to specialize in diseases of the nose, throat 
and ear; clinician iu nose, throat and ear de- 
partment Washington University Medical 
School and MuUanphy Hospital since 1906. 
Democrat. Roman Catholic. Member Ameri- 
can Medical Association, Missouri State Med- 
ical Association, St. Louis Medical Society, 
St. Louis Oto-Laryngological Society. Recrea- 
tions: literature and athletics. Office: 816-818 
Metropolitan Bldg. Residence: 3808 W. Pine 

DAMHORST, Henry, insurance; born, St. 
Louis, May 2, 1865; son of Herman and Fran- 
ces (Grone) Damhorst; educated in St. Nicho- 
las (parish) School till 1877, Brinker Acad- 
emy, Denver, 1877-78, Smith Academy, Wash- 
ington University and Jones Commercial Col- 
lege; married, St. Louis, Sept. 19, 1888, Alice 
Hafferkamp; one daughter: Edith Josephine 
Frances (Mrs. Albert J. Werber). Traveled 
abroad, 1885-87; bookkeeper and cashier for 
Adam Boeck & Co., 1887-91; engaged in gen- 
eral insurance business since 1891. Member 
Tower Grove Turn Verein, B. P. 0. Elks. 
Recreations: riding and driving. Office: 604% 
Chestnut St. Residence: 3453 Crittenden St. 

DANA, George Davis, stove manufacturer; 
deceased; see A'ol. 1906. 

DANA, J. D., treasurer Commonwealth Trust 
Co.; born, Lisbon, Me., Mar. 21, 1877; son of 
Frank W. and Emma J. (Davis) Dana; edu- 
cated in public schools and graduated from 
Lewiston, Me., high school, 1895; then at- 
tended Phillips Andover Academy, Andover, 
Mass., graduated, 1896; entered Yale Univer- 
sitv, 1896, graduating with degree of A.B., 
1900; entere"il Harvard Law School, 1900; ad- 
mitted to practice law in Massachusetts, 1902; 
married, Jacksonville, 111., Sept. 20, 1902, 
Clara Robb Brown; two children: Richard, 
Robert Brent. Removed to Missouri, 1903; 
secretary Sligo Furnace Co., Sligo, Mo., 1903- 
05; came to St. Louis, 1905, where has been 
engaged in the iron business and associated 
with various real estate syndicates. Treasurer 
^lissouri Iron Co. since 1907; elected treas-' 
urer Commonwealth Trust Co., 1910; president 
West End Light and Power Co.; vice president 
King's Highway Apartments Co. Republican. 
Uuiversalist. Clubs: Noonday, Racquet, Is- 
land, City; also Yale (New York). Eecrea- 



tioiis: Inintiiig, fishing- and <;oiioral outdoor 
sjiorts. Onit'i': Coiiiiiionwealth Trust Co. Rcs'i- 
(IcMicc: 44S.'; Lat'le<lc Ave. 

DANA, Leslie, \ ice iirosideiit ('barter Oak 
8tove and liaiige (Jo.; born, St. Louis, Apr. 1(5, 
]87;5; son of (Jeor^e Davis and Virginia 
(Lord) Dana; educated in public, schools, 
Smith Academy and Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, class of 1894; marrie<l, St. 
Louis, Nov. 6, 1901, Judith Bledsoe Brown, 
daughter of B. Gratz Brown; children: .Judith 
Virginia, George Davis Dana, 111, and Mary 
Leslie. After leaving college served in vari- 
ous capacities with the Lxcelsior Manufac- 
turing Co. from ,Ian. 1, 1894, to July, 189(5; 
since July, 1896, with Charter Oak Stove and 
Eange Co., manufacturers of stoves and ranges 
and other cooking and heating apparatus, of 
which is vice president. Also president Manu- 
facturers ' Equipment Co.; director Ludlow- 
Saylor Wire (Jo.. Broadway Savings Trust Co. 
and Lafayette ^Mutual Building Association. 
Served with Battery A of St. Louis in Mis- 
souri Volunteers, with* Puerto Kican Expedi- 
tion. 189S. ]\lember Chi Phi fraternity. Sons 
of the Revolution. Clubs: Algonquin, Noon- 
day, Ochtowan Hunting and Pishing. Favor- 
ite recreations: reading, motoring, hunting 
and fishing. Office: Antelope and Conduit Sts. 
Residence: Brentmooi', St. Jjouis Co. 

DANIELS, Dudley Woodbrldge, secretary 
and general manager Cole Bros. Lightning 
Rod Co.; born, Alton, 111., .Tan. 5, 18G9; son of 
Abram and Lydia Ann (Coleman) Daniels; 
removed to St. Louis, 1870; educated in pub- 
lic sidiools and business colleges of St. Louis; 
married, Mar. 1, ]89o, Irma Starck. Began 
working for Cole Bros, on a small salary, Feb. 
7, 1884, and has since remained with the com- 
pany, now being director, secretary and gen- 
eral manager. Independent Republican. Of- 
fice: ;51() S. 7th St. Residence: 3831 Juniata 

DANN, Albert Edward, treasurer Simmons 
Hardware Co.; born, Dover, England, Sept. 22, 
1851; son of George and Elizabeth (Brett) 
Dann; educated in national schools in Eng- 
land; married, St. Louis, June 13, 1877, Mary 
.lane Carter; two sons: Edward Carter, Wil- 
liam .Tames. Came to St. Louis in April, 1871; 
took out final naturalization papers, JNIay 11, 
1883. Engaged in February, 1872, with E. C. 
Simmons & Co., which was succeeded by Sim- 
mons Hardware Co., .January, 1874, and has 
been with that company ever since; since 
.lanuary, 188G, treasurer of the company. Non- 
jiartisan. Elder Kingshighway Presbyterian 
Church. Club: Mercantile. Office: 900 Spruce 
St. Residence: 35 Lewis PI. 

DARBY, Clifford W.; born in Knox Co., O., 
Mar. 22, 1851; son of Daniel H. and Harriet 
L. (Clark) Darby; educated in public schools, 
Charleston, 111., and two years in Christian 

Brothers College, St. Louis; married, St. 
Louis, Dec. 10, 1881, Mary Rii-e; one son: 
Clifford T. Began as a clerk in the St. Louis 
agency of the JNIutual Benefit Life Insurance 
Co., LSfi"; Avas appointed cashier in 1873, and 
served as general agent, 1901-07, resigned. 
Democrat. Residence: 34 Marshall PI., Web- 
ster Groves. 

D'ARCY, Edward, lawyer; born, St. Louis, 
Jan. 8, 1875; son of Henry I. and Harriet 
Lombard (Cheever) D'Arcy; educated in Pea- 
body School, four years; private school at 
Portarlington, Ireland, one year; St. Louis 
University about five years; Washington Uni- 
versity, LL.B., 1900; unmarried. Was stenog- 
rapher Medart Patent Pulley Co., 1891, sten- 
ographer, George A. :Madil'l, 1892, Wiggins 
Ferry Co., 1894; clerk U. S. Local Inspectors 
of Steam Vessels, St. Louis, 1895; admitted to 
bar, St. Louis, on examination before Circuit 
Court, October, 1899, and since engaged in 
practice. Member of St. Louis and American 
Bar associations. Secretary Manhattan Lead 
and Land Co. Member Ethical Society. Mem- 
ber Blackstone Society. Trustee McKendree 
College, Lebanon, 111. Clubs: Contemporary, 
City. Office: 724 Rialto Bldg. Residence: 5884 
Bartmcr Ave. 

DARST, James Waters, real estate; born. 
St. Louis, May 1, 1856; son of .James E. and 
Mary A. (Hartnett) Darst; educated in pub- 
lic schools; married, Denver, Colo., Oct. 16, 
1889, Julia A. Perkins; four children: James 
E., Nancy Lee, Julia Elizabeth and Mary 
Catherine. Began business career in New 
Mexico, in mining, until 1887; came to St. 
Louis and engaged in the coal business until 
1890; since 1890 in real estate business; mem- 
ber of firm of Darst & Downman, 1906-08; 
since alone. Democrat. Catholic. Office: Wain- 
wright Bldg. Residence: Ferguson, St. Louis 

DARST, Joseph Charles, real estate and 
financial agent; born, Ferguson, Mo., May 24, 
1858; son of James E. and Mary A. (Hart- 
nett) Darst; educated at St. Louis Univer- 
sity; married, St. Louis, Oct. 13, 1886, Annie 
]\riltenberger; children: Marian, Joseph, Lau- 
rence, Alice and Eugene. Began business ca- 
reer farming in St. Louis Co., until 1886; from 
1886 to 1888 proprietor of the Cantine Coal 
(Jo., with mines at Marissa, Duquoin, Oakland 
and Freeburg:. Since 1888 engaged in a gen- 
eral real estate and financial agency business, 
making a specialty of railroad, manufactur- 
ing, switching and terminal propert}-. Demo- 
crat. Recreation: tennis. Office: 621 Fullerton 
I^ldg. Residence: 4157 Maryland Ave. 

DAUERNHEIM, Phillip Jacob, general 
manager Glencoe Lime and Cement Co.; born, 
St. Louis, Nov. 29, 1859; son of Phillip L. and 
Elizabeth (Rathgeber) Dauernheim; educated 
in German Institute and Polytechnic Insti- 



tute, St. Louis; married, Chicago, Sept. 12, 
3S94, ^Melanie Hernnann; one daughter: Emily 
31. After leaving soliool associated with 
father in manufacture of lime, with which 
l)usiness he has since been connected; general 
manager Gleneoe Lime and Cement Co. since 
Mar. 1, ]909. Eepublican. Member Ethical 
Societv. Club: ^lercantile. Recreation: ath- 
letic sports. Office: 901, 915 Olive St. Eesi- 
dome: 4142 Flora Ave. 

DAUES, August F., brick work contractor; 
born, fc^t. Louis, Oct. 30, 1864; son of Fred J. 
and Fannie (^Hiemaneck) Danes; educated in 
parochial schools of Cape Girardeau, Mo., and 
at .lones' Commercial College; married, Cape 
Girardeau. Xov. 26, 1891, Bertha Krueger; 
live children: August F., Jr., Gregory W., 
Ambrose C, Amelia and Mary. Learned brick- 
layer 's trade and entered contracting busi- 
ness; secretary and treasurer Danes Bros.; 
]iresident Girardeau Building Co. Member 
Catholic Knights of America, Knights of Co- 
lumlnis. Master Bricklayers ' Association. Dem- 
ocrat. Residence: 2757 Chariton St. 

DAVENPORT, James E., division passen- 
ger agent, Louisville & Nashville Ey. ; born, 
Salem, ]11., Jan. 10, 1866; son of James A. and 
Xaucy C. (Jennings) Davenport; educated in 
l^ublic schools of Salem, 111.; married, at St. 
Louis, July 11, 1906, Mrs. Grace F. Tait. 
Assistant agent and telegraph operator at va- 
rious points along the Ohio & Mississippi Ey., 
and agent for same road at Lebanon, 111., 
1SS1-S9; passenger and ticket agent for Cot- 
ton Belt Eoute, St. Louis, 1889-91; joint pas- 
senger and ticket agent for Cotton Belt Eoute 
and Clover Leaf Eoute, St. Louis, 1891-93; 
ilistrict passenger agent for Toledo, St. Louis 
<.V- Kansas City Eoute, in charge of passenger 
trathc at St. Louis and all territory in the 
West and Southwest, 1893-1900; traveling pas- 
senger agent Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf E. 
E., with headquarters at Cincinnati, October- 
December, 1900; since Jan. 1, 1901, division 
passenger a sent Louisville & Nashville Ev., 
at St. Louis"! Member A. F. & A. M. (Chap- 
ter). Clubs: Mercantile, The Traffic of St. 
Louis. Eecreation: tennis. Office: 312 N. 8th 
St. Eesidence: 5796 McPherson Ave. 

DAVENPORT, Richard H., life insurance; 
born, Sumner, 111., Mar. 23, 1868; son of Hen- 
ry L. and Elizabeth M. (Hawkins) Daven- 
port; educated in public schools of Sumner 
and St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Feb. 11, 
1891, Amanda Norberg; children: Eichard 
H., Jr., and Euth L. Began active career in 
newspaper work, with Sumner Press, continu- 
ing one year; then cigar salesman, 1884-87; in 
cigar business for self, 1887-89; since in life 
insurance business. Was general agent in St. 
Louis for Federal Life Insurance Co. of Chi- 
cago, about seven years; supervisor of agen- 
cies, St. Louis, for Security Life Insurance 
Oo. of Chicago, two years; agency manager 

Pioneer Life Insurance Co. of America since 
1911. Democrat. Methodist. Eecreations: 
fishing and reading. Office: 705 Olive St. 
Eesidence: 4736 Washington Boul. 

^DAVIDSON, Alfred James, railway offi- 
cial; moved to Portland, Ore.; see Vol." 1906. 

DA VIES, William Harbin, lawyer; born, 
Richmond, Ind., Jan. 23, 1877; son of William 
and Sarah ((Eansford) Davis; educated in 
common, high and business schools of Eich- 
mond; student Universitv of Indianapolis, 
1898 and 1899; LL.B., Columbian (now George 
Washington) Universitv, Washington, D. C, 
1901; LL.M., National University, 1902; mar- 
ried, Washington, D. C, June 12, 1907, Nellie 
A. Everett, of Fremont, O.; one child: Everett 
Tindall. Admitted to practice in Missouri 
state and federal courts, 1902, and in U. S. 
Supreme Court, 1906, having previously prac- 
ticed in Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, 
District of Columbia, the U. S. Court of 
Claims, and the Patent and Pension bureaus 
at Washington; in office of general solicitor 
of Missouri Pacific Ey., 1902, then opened 
office on own account. Member St. Louis Bar 
Association. Eepublican. Methodist; trustee 
Citv Evangelization Union. Mason ; member 
Odd Fellows. Club: Methodist. Office: Mer- 
chants-Laclede Bldg. Eesidence: Hamilton 
Ave., Clayton, Mo. 

DAVIS, Carroll Melvin, dean Christ Church 
Cathedral; born, Campo Seco, Calaveras Co., 
Cal., Sept. 9, 1857; son of Thomas F. and 
Sarah M. (Chase) Davis; received primary 
education in public schools; entered Univer- 
sity of California, 1875, and graduated. B.A., 
1879, M.A., 1882; married, St. Louis, Oct. 12, 
1897, Miss Maud Eeber (died, 1903). Deacon, 
1881, priest, 1883, Episcopal Church; rector 
St. Paul's Church, Sacramento, Cal., 1881-87; 
diocesan missionary, Missouri, 1887-89; dean 
Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, since 1889. 
Trustee School of Social Economy. Eepub- 
lican. Mason. Clubs: City, Contemi^orary. 
Eecreation: fishing. Office: 1210 Locust St. 
Eesidence: 3141 Locust St. 

DAVIS, Charles B., lawyer; born, Hannibal, 
Mo., jNIar. 9, 1877; son of William A. and 
Marv F. (]\Iills) Davis; graduated Hannibal 
High School, 1897; A.B.,"University of Mis- 
souri, 1902, LL.B., 1905; unmarried. Admitted 
to Missouri bar, 1905, and has since engaged 
in practice in St. Louis; associated in prac- 
tice with State Senator Charles F. Krone, 
1905-09; appointed assistant circuit attorney, 
January, 1909, a position he now holds. 
Eepublican. Member Christian (Disciples) 
Church. Member St. Louis Bar Association, 
Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa and Eoyal 
Arcanum. Formerly president Twenty-fourth 
Ward Improvement Association; now vice 
president Gratiot-Lindenwood Improvement 
Association. Mason. Club: St. Louis Eailwav. 



Recreation: fishing. Office: Municipal Courts 
Bldg. Residence: 6717 Arsenal St. 

DAVIS, Charles Richard Harding, real es- 
tate; <ieceasc<l; see Vol. r.ioil. 

DAVIS, Dwight Filley, park commissioner; 
born, St. Louis. July .I. 1879; son of John Til- 
den and Maria (Filley) Davis; graduated 
from Smith Academy, *189.5; A.B., Harvard, 
1900; LL.B., St. Louis Law School, 190;5; mar- 
ried, Geneva, Switzerland, Nov. 15, 1905, 
Helen Brooks; two children: Dwight F., Jr., 
Alice. President Security Building Co.; di- 
rector State National Bank. ]\[eniber board 
of control St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts; 
member Public Library Board, 1904-07; pub- 
lic baths commissioner, 1903-06; public recrea- 
tion commissioner, 1906-07; meniV)er House of 
Delegates, 1907-09; member Board of Public 
Improvements and serving as park commis- 
sioner since 1911; Republican. Vice president 
St. Louis Playgrounds Association, 1905-08; 
director St. Louis Tenement House Associa- 
tion, St. Louis Association for Prevention of 
Tuberculosis, National Municipal League; 
member National Civic Association, etc. 
Clubs: Noonday, L'niversity, Missouri Ath- 
letic, St. Louis Country, Racquet. Recrea- 
tions: golf, fishing. Office: City Hall. Resi- 
dence: K5 Portland PL 

DAVIS, Edgar Morrison, fire insurance; see 
Vol. 1900. 

DAVIS, Emery Emmett, vice president and 
general manager Davis Expansion Boring Tool 
Co., Inc.; born, Jefferson City, Mo., Jan. 4, 
1874; son of Robert E. and Matilda (Abbott) 
Davis; educated in public schools; married, 
St. Louis, Aug. 25, 1898, Lotta Beatrice 
Koeln; one daughter: Theola Loyal. Came to 
St. Louis, at eighteen, and learned trade of 
machinist, filling position of foreman of the 
shop, 1S96-1900; invented the Davis expansion 
boring tool, adjusting to any size within its 
range, securing patent October, 1905; organ- 
ized the Davis Expansion Boring Tool Co., of 
wliicli is vice president and general manager. 
Republican. Baptist. Recreations: bowling 
and billiards. Office: 3722 Forest Park Boul. 
Residence: 1405 N. Park PL 

DAVIS, Everett, real estate; born. Pike- 
ville, ln,L. Nov. 17, 1882; son of T. W. and 
Rachel L. (Russell) Davis; educated in public 
and high schools of Ava, Mo.; married. Blanch 
M. i\[epham, June 10, 1908; one son: Everett, 
Jr. Liveil one year at Spokane Falls, Wash., 
returned to Ava, and from there came to St. 
Louis, in 1900; was private secretary to 
George "Warren Brown, of The Brown Shoe 
Co., for over two years; then established the 
Everett Davis Mail Order Co., and conducted 
same until July, 1904, when organized The 
Davis Realty Co., which later was changed to 
The Davis Realty Development Co., of which 
is president and manager. ^leinber St. Louis 

Real Estate Ex(diange, Business Men 's T..eague. 
Republican. Member Union M. E. Church. 
Mason (.'52''), Knight Templar, Shriner. Clubs: 
^[ercantile, City. Favorite recreations: music, 
tennis and rowing. Office: 816 Olive St. Resi- 
dence: 6181 Westminster PL 

DAVIS, George Wesley, general freight 
agent A'andalia Railroad Co.; born, Baltimore, 
:\Id., Dec. 21, 1845; sou of William B. and 
Mary E. (Purdy) Davis; educated public 
grammar and high schools, Cincinnati, until 
186.3; married Olivia R. Shearer, of Cincin- 
nati, Jan. 7, 1869; two daughters: Lillian A. 
(Mrs. Frank B. Rutledge, of Zanesville, O.) 
and Nellie P. (Mrs. Clifford L. Myers, of Cin- 
cinnati). Began railway service as clerk, I>,it- 
tle Miami R. R. (now Cincinnati division of 
the P., C, C. & St. L. Ry.), Cincinnati, Mar. 1, 
1864, with which remained until 1869 as clerk, 
chief clerk, in general freight office; agent, 
same road, at Morrow, O., Apr. 1, 1869, to 
Mav 24, 1882, and at Dayton, O., May 25, 
1882, to July 24, 1885; general freight and 
passenger agent Cincinnati & Muskingum Val- 
lev Rv. (a part of Pennsvlvania Lines'), at 
Zanesville, O.. July 25, 1885, to Oct. 14, 1888; 
division freight acent Chicago and Richmond 
divisions. P., C, C. & St. L. Rv., Richmond, 
Tnd., Oct. 15, 1888, to Apr. 30, 1897; division 
freight agent, Cincinnati division, same road, 
at Cincinnati, May 1, 1897, to Mar. 20, 1903; 
general freight agent, C, A. & C. Ry., and 
commercial agent. P.. C, C. & St. L. Ry., at 
Columbus, O., Mar. 21, 1903, to Jan. 20, 1907; 
general freight agent Vandalia Railroad Co., 
St. Louis, since Jan. 21, 1907. Member Na- 
tional Geographic Society, Washington. ^Fa- 
son (32°), Knight Templar, Shriner; member 
Roval Arcanum, National Union. Clubs: M':'r- 
cautile. Traffic Club of St. Louis. Office: 1308 
Syndicate Bldg. Residence: 456 N. Newstead 

DAVIS, John David, vice president Missis- 
sipjii Valley Trust Co.; born St. Louis, Mar. 
30, 1851; son of Horatio N. and Margaret 
(Johnston) Davis; educated at Smith Acad- 
emy, Washington University, St. Louis, and 
Princeton University, graduating, A.B., 1872, 
A.M., 1875; graduated from St. Louis Law 
School. LL.B..' 1874; married, St. Louis, Nov. 
6, 1877, Marion, daughter of John R. Lion- 
berger; one son: John Lionberger Davis (law- 
yer, St. Louis). Practiced law in St. Louis 
from 1874 to 1903; since vice president of the 
:Mississippi Vallev Trust Co. Also president 
Lindell Real Estate Co., Atchison Water Co.; 
vice president St. Louis Cotton Compress Co. 
Democrat. Presbyterian. Trustee of Prince- 
ton University. ]\rember Business ^len 's 
League, Merchants' Exchange, Civic League. 
;Nrember St. Louis Bar Association, [Missouri 
Historical Society, St. Louis Academy of Sci- 
ence. Clubs: University (president, 1S9S-1S99, 
1904, 1905), Noonday, Country, Bellerive 



Country (president ), St. Louis, Florissant Val- 
lev and Princeton (St. Louis), University 
(Xew York City), Adirondack League (New 
York). Eecreatiou: golf. Office: X.-W. cor. 
Fourth and Pine Sts. Eesideuce: Brentmoor 
Park, Wydown an.l Pennsylvania Aves. 

DAVIS, John Lionberger, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, Oct. 2, 1S7S; son of .Tolm D. Davis and 
Marion S. (Lionberger) Davis; educated at 
Smith Academy, St. Louis; Lawrenceville 
(X. J.) School; Princeton University, A.B., 
1900; Harvard Law School; St. Louis Law 
School, LL.B., 190.3; married, Xov. 1, 1906, 
.lulie M. Yietor; children: Marion Lionberger, 
Anne Yietor and George Yietor. Engaged in 
practice of law from 1903; assistant counsel 
St. Louis & Suburban Eailway System, 1904- 
0.5; member of law firm of Jones, Jones, 
Hocker & Davis since 1907. Member Ameri- 
can Bar Association, St. Louis Bar Associa- 
tion, American Political Science Association. 
Member Civic League, Xeighborhood Associa- 
tion (president). Interested in settlement 
work. Member Missouri Historical Society. 
Clubs: University, Pound Table, St. Louis 
Country, Bellerive Country, Xoonday; also 
L'niversity, Princeton (Xew York). Office: 
.506 Olive" St. Eesidence: Brentmoor Park, St. 
Louis Co. 

DAVIS, Jolui T., capitalist; born in St. 
Louis; son of John T. and Maria J. (Filley) 
Davis; grandfather, Samuel C. Davis, and 
father, .John T. Davis, were prominent mer- 
chants of St. Louis, and in their lifetime were 
identified with such old firms as Davis, Tilden 
ii Co., established 1835, and Samuel C. Davis 
tS: Co.; at death of father, John T. Davis, suc- 
ceeded to management of father "s estate. Di- 
rector St. Louis Union Trust Co. Member 
City Council, t'lubs: St. Louis, University, 
Xoonday, Eacquet, St. Louis Country. Office: 
220 Security Bldg. Eesidence: 47 Portland PL 
DAVIS, Joseph T., lawj^er; born, Berger, 
Franklin Co., :Mo., Aug. 13, 1881; son of Levi 
.T. and Martha Jane (Mahon) Davis; educated 
ilistrict school. Berger; high school, Jefferson 
Citv, ]\Io.; Columbia (Mo.) Xormal Academy, 
receiving degree of B.S., 1900; LL.B., Law 
Department, University of Missouri, 1904; 
married, St. Louis, Oct. 3, 1906, Laura May 
Strong; one child: Yirginia May, born Aug. 
]2, 1910. Began practice at Union, :\ro., 1904; 
removed to St. Louis same year and has since 
practiced in this city; associated with Judge 
R. E. and Edgar E. Bonljauer; member exec- 
utive board Orodol Chemical C^o. Democrat; 
nominee for prosecuting attorney of Franklin 
Co., Mo., 1904. Presbyterian. Brevet second 
lieutenant, Missouri Xational Guard; first 
lieutenant Com]>any I, First Eegiment, Mis- 
souri Xational Guard, 1905-06. Member St. 
Louhs Bar Association. Mason; was member 
Order Eailway Telegraphers of America, 1898- 
1906. Club: Citv. Eecfeations: fishing, hunt- 

ing. Office: 808-810 Pierce Bldg. Eesidence: 
42o2A Cook Ave. 

DAVIS, Manton, lawyer; born, Mayfield, 
Ky., .luly 15, ]876; son of Eobert Thomas 
and Sallie Elizabeth (Jenkins) Davis; edu- 
cated in i^rivate schools and West Kentucky 
College, Mayfield; graduated with degree of 
accountant irom Bryant & Stratton Business 
College, Louisville, Ivy., 1895; LL.B., Univer- 
sity of Yirginia, 1901; unmarried. Began 
business career as shipping clerk in the May- 
field (Ky.) Woolen Mills, 1890-95; bookkeeper 
for same, 1895-99; admitted to bar in June, 
1901; member firm of Pearce & Davis, 1903- 
09, Pearce, Davis & Curlee, 1909-11, since 
alone. Member St. Louis Bar Association. 
Democrat. Baptist. Clubs: Xormandie Golf, 
City, Code. Office: "Wright Bldg. Eesidence: 
5189 Eaymond Ave. 

DAVIS, Robert Hill, physician; born, L"ni- 
versity, Ya., Sept. 20, 1875; son of John 
Staige and Caroline Kean (Hill) Davis; edu- 
cated in University of Yirginia, B.A., 1899, 
M.A., 1900, M.D.," 1901; post-graduate stu- 
dent University of Berlin, Germany, 1902, 
Yienna, Austria, 1903, Xew York City, 1904; 
married. Ocean Springs, Miss., Dec. 28, 1910, 
Ora May Lewis; one child: Mathilde. Ee- 
moved to St. Louis in 1905; assistant phy- 
sician to out-patients, A\'ashington University, 
St. Louis Children's Hos^Dital; lecturer on 
physiology and skin diseases, Bethesda Train- 
ing School; chief department of dermatology, 
Jewish Dispensary, and alternate associate in 
dermatology, Jewish Hospital. Member Amer- 
ican Medical Association, Missouri State Med- 
ical Association, St. Louis Medical Society, 
Phi Kappa Psi and Xu Sigma Xu fraternities. 
Independent Democrat. Episcopalian. Eecrea- 
tiou: outdoor sports. Office: 4500 Olive St. 
Eesidence: 770A Aubert Ave. 

DAVIS, Thomas Dewees, manufacturer of 
machinerj-; born, Morristown, X. J., Mar. 4. 
1856; son of Thomas D. and. Helen (Eoper) 
Davis; educated in public schools; married, 
St. Louis, Dee. 25, 1884, Fannie Myra Page; 
children: Montrose P., Eleanor Margaret, 
Fannie Myra, Thomas D., Jr., Louis P. Be- 
gan business career at Smithville, X. J., as 
apprentice, and learned trade of machinist; 
came to St. Louis, 1877, and worked for Hall 
& Brown as machinist and later as foreman; 
established in business for self in 1882, and 
in 188S became partner with Charles B. Fisher 
in jjresent firm of Fisher & Davis Manufac- 
turing Co., manufacturers of machinery, etc. 
Office: 934 X. Main St. Eesidence: 5237 Ver- 
non Ave. 

DAVIS, Walter Naylor, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, Xov. 29, 1876; son of Alexander (judge 
of the People's Court in Montana during the 
days of the Vigilantes, 1863-68) and Alice 
(Edwards) Davis; graduated from Smith 



Acadoniy, 1S94; Yanderlnlt Univorsit}', Nash- 
ville, Tenii., 1898; St. Louis Law School, 11)00, 
LL.B.; marrieil, St. Louis, Sept. G, 1911, Miss 
Koberta Kan(loli»h IMorrisou. Admitted to bar, 
1900, and since continuously enjiaged in prac- 
tice of law; formerly member firm of Blodj^ett 
^; Davis, and since IMay, 1911, of Bates, Blod- 
gett, Williams & Davis. Member St. Louis 
Bar Association. Democrat. Member of Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church, South. Member of 
Beta Theta Pi college fraternity. Club: Nor- 
mandie. Kccreations: golf, hunting and fish- 
ing. Office: 506 Olive St. Kesidence: 427 
I^ake Ave. 

DAVIS, Wlieeler, physician; see Vol. 190G. 

DAVIS, William Work, manufacturer of 
leaded art glass; born, Meadville, Pa., Dec. 5, 
1848; son of William and Mary (.Tohnson) 
Davis; educated Allegheny College, Mead- 
ville, and Bryant, Stratton & Smith Commer- 
cial College; married, Titusville, Pa., Aug. 26, 
1874, Mary Frances TefPt (died 1808). In 
banking business in Titusville and Oil City, 
Pa., 1869-87; represented the Standard Oil in- 
terest in Mahoning Gas Co., Youngstown, O., 
1887-89; associated with George W. Chambers, 
St. Louis, 1889, leaded glass and interior deco- 
rations, until death of Mr. Chambers, 1897; 
since in business on own account; also vice 
president St. Louis Galveston Coal Co. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. President Pennsyl- 
vania Society of St. Louis. Recreation: trav- 
eling abroad. Office: 3922 Olive St. Resi- 
dence: West End Hotel. 

-DAWLEY, Caleb W., ice machinery; 
moved to Oklahoma; see Vol. 1906. 

DAWSON, James Parrish, lawyer: born in 
Woodford Co., Ky., July 17, 1851; son of 
John D. and Mary J. (Bell) Dawson; gradu- 
ated from Washington University, LL.B., 1876; 
married, Centralia, 111., Sept. 3, 1881, Dell 
Mead; children: .Tames Clifford, Frances. W^as 
admitted to bar at St. Louis immediately after 
graduation in May, 1876, and has been con- 
tinuously engaged in practice of law at St. 
Louis ever since; practice confined exclusive- 
ly to the civil courts, and chiefly to corpora- 
tion and probate law; member of law firm 
of Dawson & Garvin, w^ith William E. Garvin 
ns partner. Republican. Club: Mercantile. Of- 
fice: 820-823 Wainwright BIdg. Residence: 
Wel)ster Groves, Mo. 

DAY, Asa Wilton, merchant in Tubber 
goods; born, Marlborough, Hartford Co., Conn., 
May 6, 1844; son of Asa and Charlotte Potter 
(.Tones) Day; educated at Bacon Academy, 
Colchester, Conn.; State Normal School, New 
Britain, Conn.; W^ilbraham, Mass.; Phillips 
Academy, Andover, Mass., 1862, Yale College, 
1864-65; left college, 1865, to engage in cot- 
ton business; married, Detroit, Mich., June 
10, 1869, Mary Rebecka Coit; children: Robert 
C, Marion (Mrs. F. D. Seward), Alice Coit. 

With brother, .Tohn W. Day, engaged in con- 
struction and running of a cotton yarn mill, 
1865, in Marlborough, Conn.; with Samuel 
J. Day, another brother, in construction and 
running of a cotton yarn factory in Bridge- 
water, Conn., but latter factory was destroyed 
by fire soon after completion; sold out all 
interest in the yarn business, 1869, and became 
state agent for Connecticut for the Mutual 
Benefit Life Insurance Co., of New Jersey; 
soon after associated with Capt. H. P. God- 
dard, as Day & Goddard, adding fire insurance, 
real estate and loans to the business; sold 
out in 1882 and removed to St. Louis and 
engaged in rubber business with brother, 
Samuel J. Day, as Day Bros. & Co.; bought 
out brother's interest in 1884 and incorpo- 
rated business as Day Rubber Co., of which 
became president and treasurer, though since 
October, 1901, son Robert C. Day, vice presi- 
dent, takes most of the burden of active man- 
agement of the company, which has a jobbing 
business in rubber goods, leather and cotton 
belting, pulleys, shafting, hangers, etc. Also 
president Buffalo Zinc and Copper Co.; di- 
rector New York Zinc and Lead Co., Missouri 
Leadfields Co.; i)roprietor Day Metal Co. 
Member Business Men's League. Democrat up 
to "free silver" craze, since independent. 
Member Connecticut House of Representa- 
tives, 1868, as Democrat. Brought up Metho- 
dist; Congregationalist since 1SG6. Clubs: 
Mercantile, Glen Echo Country. Recreations: 
golf and automobiling. Office: 415-417 N. 4th 
St. Residence: 5117 Westminster PI. 

DAY, James Levi, phvsician; 1840-1910; 
see Vol. 1906. 

DEACON, Arthur Richard, secretary Lam- 
bert Pharmacal Co.; born, Witham, Essex, 
Eng., Nov. 7, 1858; son of Arthur and Mercy 
Elizabeth (Tuck) Deacon; educated at With- 
am School; married at Toronto, Can., 1897, to 
Miss Edith M. Harris; children: Arthur Philip, 
Edith Victoria, Virginia Kettering. Engaged 
in manufacture of pharmaceuticals since 1881; 
now secretary of the Lambert Pharmacal Co. 
Also vice president Allen & Hanburys Co., 
Ltd., Toronto, Can., and Niagara Falls, N. Y.; 
director Lambert-Deacon-Hull Printing Co., 
St. Louis Surfacer Faint Co. INIason. Clubs: 
Algoncjuin (founder and first president), Mer- 
cantile. Recreation: golf. Office: 2101 Locust 
St. Residence: Webster Park, Mo. 

DEACON, Robert Tuck, printer, stationer, 
etc.; born, Witham, Eng., June 21, 1866; son 
of Arthur and Mercy Edith (Tuck) Deacon; 
educated in public schools of Detroit, INIich.; 
married, Detroit, 1892, Ethehvyn Ruth Allen; 
children: Margaret, Ralph, Robert T., Jr., 
Richard, Dorothy. Came from England, with 
father, in 1873, and lived in North Carolina, 
1873-75; moved to Detroit, 1875, and after 
leaving school was in newspaper work in De- 
troit, from office boy with the Detroit Evening 



News to manager of the Detroit Times; went 
to Cleveland, 1892, as advertisement manager 
of the Cleveland "World, and afterward ran 
the Cleveland Voice; came from Cleveland to 
St. Louis and took position with the Buxton 
& Skinner Stationery Co., and in August, 1901, 
joined in organizing the Lambert-Deacon-Hull 
Printing Co., stationers, engravers, printers 
and blankbook makers, of which is secretary 
and treasurer; treasurer Ben Franklin Club 
of America; president Ben Franklin Club of 
St. Louis; director Kirkwood Building and 
Loan Association. Eepublican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Algonquin Golf (treasurer), Mercan- 
tile. Favorite recreations: golf, tennis and 
other outdoor exercises. Office: 2100 Locust 
St. Eesideuce: Kirkwood, Mo. 

DEALE, Morgan K., typewriters; born, 
Washington, D. C, Jan. 5, 1859; son of Wil- 
liam Gott and Emmeline F. (Phillips) Deale; 
educated in public schools of Washington, D. 
C, and Virginia Military College; married, 
Apr. 23, 190.5, Grace Dodson. Began business 
career in 1878, in stationery house at Wash- 
ington, D. C; two years later engaged with 
Wilson Bros., Chicago, wholesale furnishing 
goods, remaining there three years when with 
brother established in grocery business. Owing 
to brother's ill health, sold out and in 1889 
accepted position with the Eemington Type- 
writer Co., at Chicago, was made assistant 
manager in 1893 and in February, 1897, was 
transferred to St. Louis office, of which has 
since been manager. Independent in politics. 
Christian Scientist. Mason (32°); Knight of 
Pvthias. Member T. P. A. Clubs: Mercantile, 
city. Eeereation: fishing. Office: 821 Pine St. 
Eesidence: 57-14 Gates Ave. 

DEAN, Charles Luther, retired; born, Dra- 
cut, Mass., Dec. 19, 1844; son of James and 
Sarah Bowers (Chase) Dean; educated in 
grammar and high schools in Providence and 
Pawtucket, E. L; married, St. Louis, June 8, 
1865, Georgie E. .Tenks; children: Charles L. 
(deceased), George J., W^illiam W., Plarriet 
Allen (Mrs. William li. Johnston, of Easton, 
Md.), Duncan W., Louis F. Began business 
career, April, 1859, as office boy with manu- 
facturing company at Providence, E. I.; mes- 
senger. Bank of North America, Providence, 
May, 1801; clerk in Clark Bros. & Co., bank- 
ing house, 1863-69; in railroad work from .Tune 
], 1870, until Apr. 1, 1886; from Apr. 1, 1886, 
to Sept. 1, 1909, actively connected with 
the Ludlow-Saylor Wire Co., as vice presi- 
dent. Also vice president and director St. 
Louis Transfer Co. Member Merchants' Ex- 
change. Eepublican. Formerly member of Na- 
tional Guard. Eeereation: traveling. Eesi- 
dence: 1827 Longfellow Boul. 

DEAN, John McHale, physician and sur- 
geon; born, St. Louis, Aug. 29, 1874; son of 
O. M. and Marv (Kilker) Dean; graduated 
from St. Louis University, A.B., 1893, A.M., 

1896; M.D., Medical Department, Washington 
University, 1896; unmarried. Interne and 
assistant superintendent. City Hospital, 1896- 
99; since engaged in general practice as phy- 
sician and surgeon in St. Louis; practice lim- 
ited to surgery since 1909; surgeon St. Mary's 
Infirmary since 1909. Independent in polities. 
Catholic. Member American Surgical Associa- 
tion, Missouri State Medical Association, St. 
Louis Medical Society, City Hospital Alumni 
Association, Knights of Columbus. Club: Cen- 
tury Boat. Office: Metropolitan Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: 2855 Meramec St. 

DEAN, Owen M., secretary and treasurer 
Hadley-Dean Glass Co.; born in Mayo Co., Ire- 
land, Nov. 12, 1838; son of Martin and Ann 
(Gallagher) Dean; attended the Bellmullet 
Mercantile and Mathematical Academy until 
14 years; on arrival in this country attended 
high school in Cincinnati; married, St. Louis, 
Nov. 14, 1858, Mary Kilker; children: Eu- 
gene G., Cecelia (now Mrs. George F. HefPer- 
man), Alice (Mrs. Leo G. Hadley, who is now 
deceased), Agnes (now Mrs. Ealph W. War- 
ner), Dr. John McHale and Julia. Arrived in 
United States in the early part of 1853, with 
parents, who expected to settle in this coun- 
try, but they, and a younger brother, returned 
to Ireland in the spring of 1854. He remained 
with a friend, the leading grocer in Cincin- 
nati, and entered his employ as a clerk; a 
year later he began to learn steam engine 
business; after mastering business came to 
St. Louis and helped to make machinery for 
gunboats during Civil War. In 1866 estab- 
lished the firm of O. M. Dean & Co., wholesale 
produce and commission merchants, which 
continued until 1896; since March, 1897, sec- 
retary and treasurer the Hadley-Dean Glass 
Co. Eoman Catholic. Joined in 1854 at Cin- 
cinnati, O., the Young Men's Sodality and 
transferred membership to the mother society 
of the St. Louis University Sodality in St. 
Louis. Was member Merchants' Exchange, 
1866-98. Eeereation: chess. Office: 11th and 
Lucas Ave. Eesidence: 2855 Meramec St. 

DEARING, Milton Matthews; see Vol. 1906. 

DEBUS, Gustav Alois; see Vol. 1906. 

DE CAMP, Frank B., vice president De 
Camp Bros. & Yule Coal and Coke Co.; born, 
Cincinnati, July 8, 1866; son of Lambert and 
Lydia (Garwood) De Camp; educated in Cin- 
cinnati public schools; married, Cincinnati, 
October, 1S91, Helen M. Jowett; children: Ar- 
thur L., Frank B., Jr., Cecelia, .Joseph M. 
Began business career with Eogers, Brown & 
Co., pig iron, Cincinnati, and continued five 
years; came to St. Louis in 1890, and engaged 
in iron, coal and coke business with A. P. De 
Camp & Co., firm later becoming De Camp & 
Yule, to which was admitted in 1897; busi- 
ness was incorporated in 1902 under present 
style of De Camp Bros. & Yule Irou, Coal and 



Coke Co., of which is vice president. One of 
organizers, ]900, of St. Louis lilast Furnace 
Co., of which is vice president and cjeneral 
manager. Republican. Christian Scientist. 
Club: Xorniandie Golf. Favorite recreation: 
golf. Office: Missouri Trust Bldg. Residence: 
940 Maple Fl. 

DECKER, Gustav F., lawyer; born, St. 
Tiouis, Aug. 21, 1SG9; son of ' Frnst \V. and 
p]ffie (Bruns) Decker; educated in public and 
high schools of St. Louis, graduating 18SS; St. 
Louis Law School, 1888-90; married, St. Louis, 
June 30, 1904, Magda Orbach; children: Doro- 
thea M. and Gustav F., Jr. Read law while 
attending law school in office of Rassieur & 
Schnurmacher; admitted to bar in 1891; be- 
gan practice in office of Paul F. Coste, and re- 
mained with him until 1S93, when entere<l 
office of Charles Nagel; became member of 
firm of Finkelnberg, Nagel & Kirby, Jan. 1, 
1903, and on dissolution of firm in June, 1905, 
became a member of its successor, Nagel & 
Kirby. Republican. Member American and 
St. Louis Bar associations, Ethical Society of 
St. Louis. Club: City. Office: 700 Security 
Bldg. Residence: Webster Groves, Mo. 

DE DONATO, Florian; born, Naples, Italv, 
Aug. 27, 18.-S: son of Dr. Otto and Angioliiia 
(Di Franza) De Donate; twenty-second in a 
family of twenty-three children'; educated at 
College of Capuano; married, St. Louis, May 
3, 1879, Theresa B. Keating; sixteen children, 
of whom following are living: Annie (Mrs. 
A. R. Fiorita), Mamie (Mrs. V. R. Fiorita), 
Florian, Jr., Kathryne (Mrs. James McGrath), 
Marguerita (Mrs. F. Silberstein), Otto, Yin- 
cent, Loretta, Saveria. Learned hair dressing 
and wig making at Naples under uncle (who 
later came to America and established in busi- 
ness in St. Louis) ; emigrated to United States. 
1871, and became uncle's successor. Repub- 
lican. Catholic. Member of Order of Elks, St. 
Vincent De Paul Society, Italian American 
Cavalry. Office: Basement Carletnn Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 4920 A ]\rcPherson Ave. 

DEEDS, George Edward; see \'ol. 190G. 

DEGENHART, Joseph Henry, real estate; 
born, St. Louis, Jan. 16, 1852; son of John C. 
and Rosina (Guckert) Degenhart; educated St. 
Vincent's College, Cape "Girardeau, Mo., and 
later at St. Louis University; married, St. 
Louis, Oct. fi, 1874, Emma Koerntgen, of Arns- 
berg, Germany; children: Josejih C, Lulu 
(Mrs. Henry G. GarthoflPner), Harry J., Alice 
(Mrs. James B. Purcell), Carl D. and Emma. 
Began active career in retail lumber business, 
continuing 1876-1904; sold out to H. F. Reis 
& Co.; proprietor planing mill, Joplin, Mo., 
1904-07; in wholesale lumber business, 1907- 
08; identified with the real estate business 
since 1909. Director of "Herold des Glau- 
bens. " Democrat. Catholic. A patron of 

German Orjihan Society. Office: 7428 Michigan 
Ave. Residence: 7128 Michigan Ave. 

DEIBEL, Frederick, fiour, hay and grain 
(•(inmiissioii; born, St. Louis, Feb. 10, 1854; 
son of Louis and Barbara (Wolf) Deibel; edu- 
cated in public and private schools and night 
schools in St. Louis; married, St. Louis, .Vpril, 
1S79, Emma Meyer; children: All)ert, Robert, 
Myra (Mrs. A. M. Wilson), Charles, George, 
Fred, William. Began business career at age 
of fifteen as clerk with Yaeger & Co., flour, 
for about a year; then for two years with 
Holthaus & Bro., store and office fixtures; in 
wholesale ilrug business of Scott &- Mellier and 
Donnell, Tihien & Co., until 1876, when re- 
turned to flour, grain and hay commission 
l)Usiness, in which has continued ever since; 
jiresident of the Anchor Hay and Grain Co. 
Also i)resident of the National Warehouse and 
Storage Co. Member Merchants' Exchange, 
Business Men 's League. Republican. English 
Lutheran. Clu])s: Missouri Athletic, Rotary, 
Recreation: horseback riding. Office: 22d and 
Morgan Sts.; also 10th St. and Walnut Ave., 
East St. Ijouis, 111. Residence: 1737 Euclid 

DEITERING, Charles H., architect; born, 
St. Louis; son o( Tnhii and ^laria M. Deiter- 
ing; educated pu])lic schools; Central High 
School; Massachusetts Institute of Technol- 
oey. Boston; married, St. Louis, Dec. 10, 1902, 
Emma Briedenbach. Began active career in 
office of Isaac S. Taylor, architect, continuing 
with him until 1897, since operating on own 
account. Architect of many buildings in St. 
Louis, including works of St. Louis Cordage 
Co., The Morrison. The Adams, the M. -Tacobs 
loft buildings, works of Standard Bagging Co., 
St. Louis Screw Co., Pechman Hotel, Hotel 
Linden, the ('hesterfield and Louise Apart- 
ment buildings, Warwick Court. Knickerbock- 
er Hotel, and many private residences. Drew 
])lans for Chinese Government Building and 
Brazil Building, the Distillery (Old Times) 
and many minor structures at Louisiana Pur- 
chase Exjtosition. the Chinese Government 
Building gaining the grand ])rize, and the Dis- 
tillery a gold medal. Republican. Clubs: St. 
liOuis Architectural, Century Boat. Recrea- 
tions: boating, motoring and dancing. Office: 
1320. 705 Olive St. 

-DELAFIELD, Clarence Edward; moved to 
Caniden, X. J.; see Vol. 190(i. 

DELAFIELD, Wallace, insurance; born in 
' 'inciiijKiti, ( )., IMay 1, 1840; son of John and 
E<lith (Wallace) Delafield; educated in Ed- 
ward Wvman 's School and Durkan's School, 
St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Apr. 23, 1874, 
Elizabeth T. Hanenkamp; children: Agnes 
Hanenkamp (now Mrs. A. W. Niedringhaus), 
Wallace, Jr., Edith, Ekzabeth, Edna Simmons. 
Began active career in 1854, and was clerk for 
F. A. Hunt & Co., 1854, for William N. Newell, 

3 51 


ISoG, Poinoroy & Bputoii. 1857; member of 
liiin of William H. Benton & Co., Avholesale 
ilry goods, 1864-09; finn selling out in 1S69 to 
Chase & Cabot, entered into partnership with 
Lewis E. Snow, under present stj-le of Dela- 
lield & Snow, and since 1869 has been engaged 
in general insurance business. Member JNIi-r- 
chants' Exchange. Member St. Peter's E]pis- 
<o]ial Church; was treasurer of Diocese of 
Missouri several years; now president Sumlay 
School ^lissionary Host of Missouri. Member 
Sons of the Kevolution, Society of Colonial 
Wars, Missouri Historical Society. Mason. 
<'lubs: St. Louis (treasurer), Mercantile, Nor- 
mandie Golf, Bellerive Golf. Favorite recrea- 
tions: golf and fishing. Office: 1415 Pierce 
Bldg. Residence: 5028 ^Westminster PI. 

DELAHUNT, William Vincent, trust officer 
Commonwealth Trust Co.; born, Chester, Pa., 
Feb. 24, 1870; son of Edward and Helen 
(Nolan) Delahunt; educated in public schools 
and at Gilbert's Academy, Chester; unmar- 
ried. Read law in office at Chester, and was 
admitted to Pennsylvania bar in 1892; prac- 
ticed law at Chester until came to St. Louis, 
]S9G; was iu office of Charles H. Turner until 
the organization, iu 1901, of the Common- 
wealth Trust Co., of which has since been 
trust officer. Secretary and treasurer of St. 
Charles and St. Louis County- Bridge Co. Of- 
fice: Commonwealth Trust Co., Broadway and 
Olive St. Resilience: 775 N. Euclid Ave. 

DELANO, Frederic Adrian, railway presi- 
dent; born, Hong Kong, China, Sept. 10, 1863; 
son of Warren and Catherine Robbins (Ly- 
man) Delano (both natives of ^Massachusetts') ; 
lived most of boyhood at Newburg, N. Y.; 
A.B., Harvard, 1885; married, Matilda A. Peas- 
ley, of Chicago, Xov, 22, 1888; children: Cath- 
erine, Louise and Laura. Began railway serv- 
ice with the C, B. & Q. R. R. Co., with en- 
gineering party in Colorado, Aug. 1, 1885; en- 
tered Aurora (111.) shops, same road, Oct. 1, 
1885, as apprentice machinist; appointed tem- 
porarily acting engineer of tests at Aurora, 
April, 1887; placed in charge bureau rail in- 
spection at Chicago, July i, 1887; assistant to 
second vice president at Chicago, April, 1889; 
superintendent freight terminals at Chicago, 

• hily, 1890; superintendent motive power at 
''liicago, Feb. ], L899; general 7nanager at 

• 'hicago, C, B. & Q. R. R., July 1, 10(Jl-Jan. 
10, 1905. After leaving service of Burlington 
was consulting engineer to War Department, 
in relation to railroads in Philippine Islands; 
WJieeling & Lake Erie R. R. Co., Wabash- 
Pittsburgh Terminal Railway Co. since May 1, 
1905; first vice president Wabash R. R., May 
]-Oct. 5, 1905, president since Oct. 5, 1905, 
also one of receivers same. Member American 
Society Civil Engineers, American Institute 
of Mining Engineers, Western Society En- 
gineers, American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science, American Railway As- 

sociation, Franklin Institute, American Mas- 
ter Mechanics' Association, American Master 
Car Builders ' Association, International Rail- 
way Congress, Western Railway Club, Chi- 
cago. Clubs: Union League, University, Chi- 
cago, Chicago Literary, Commercial (Chi- 
cago), St. Louis (St. Louis). Office: Title 
Guaranty Bldg. 

-DE LANO, Safford Stevens, car and foun- 
dry business; moved to Xew York; see Vol. 

DELANY, John O' Fallon, physician; born, 
St. Louis, Dec. 16, 1841; son of Dennis (M.D.) 
and Octavia (Mullanphy) Delany; general 
education at St. Louis University and abroad; 
M.D., Medical Department of Columbia Col- 
lege, New York City, 1866; married, St. Louis, 
1893, Elizabeth Sloan. Has never practiced 
medicine; devotes time to looking after the 
estate left by father. Catholic. Office: 16 N. 
8th St. Residence: 5105 Lindell Ave. 

DELL, Jno., president of Missouri Fire 
Brick Co.; born, Covington, Ky. ; came to St. 
Louis at fifteen years of age, with an elder 
brother; married in St. Louis, Dec. 21, 1892, 
jNIiss Mary Wash, j^oungest daughter of Capt. 
Martin W. and Margaret Jane (Humphreys) 
Wash, of St. Louis Co.; children: John Morri- 
son, Dorothy, Gertrude, Virginia and Hum- 
phrey Wash. In 1864 employed by Moody, 
Michel & Co., wholesale grocers, as assistant 
bookkeeper; went to Augusta, Ga., 1870; re- 
turned to St. Louis, 1873, on account of ill 
health; with the Evens & Howard Fire Brick 
Co., as bookkeeper and traveling salesman, 
1874-80; with Laclede Fire Brick Co., as trav- 
eling agent, 1880-1900; in June, 1900, elected 
president and general manager Missouri Fire 
Brick Co., and holds same position at present. 
Mason; member Occidental Lodge No. 163, A. 
F. «fc A. M. Democrat. Member Missouri Man- 
ufacturers ' Association, American Gas Insti- 
tute, New York. Club: Missouri Athletic. Of- 
fice: Continental Bank Bldg., 411 Olive St. 
Residence: 5121 Von Versen Ave. 

DE LONG, Ralph Leighman, vice president 
Mill Shoals Cooperage Co.; born, Oconto, Wis., 
Feb. 3, 1879; son of Charles Henry and A. 
Freddie (McCausland) De Long; educated in 
public schools at Omaha to 1894; from Oma- 
ha High School, ]897; married, Omaha, Oct. 
10, 1903, Mary Elizabeth Livesey; four chil- 
dren: Ralph Lennard, Henr}' Livesey, Rebec- 
ca, William J. Began active business career 
with Raber Printing Co., Omaha, 1897-1899; 
with Omaha Packing Co. as purchasing agent 
until 1902; engaged as broker in packing 
house supply business, Omaha, 1902-03; re- 
moved to St. Louis, July 1, 1903, when became 
salesman Ozark Cooperage & Lumber Co., un- 
til resigned, Jan. 1, 1906; since vice president 
and sales manager Mill Shoals Cooperage Co. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Mason (32°), 



Shriller. Cliil): ^rorcantilo. OfUco: Syndicate 
Trust Bl(l.u^ Kesidenee: Web.'^tor Groves, Mo. 

DE MENIL, Alexander Nicolas, literary edi- 
tor, author and laiiitalist; born, St. Louis, 
Mar. 2'.i, 1849; sou of Dr. Xicolas X. and 
Emelie Sophie (Chouteau) IJe INlenil; edu- 
cated at Christian Brothers College and Wash- 
ington University, St. Louis, and Central Uni- 
versity, Indiana, receiving the degrees of 
B.S., M.S.. A.M., LL.B., Ph.D., and LL.D. 
Married twice; children: Henry Xicolas 
(M.D.), of Seattle, Wash., and George Shel- 
ley; present wife formerly Miss Bessie Bacon, 
of Carlyle, 111. Admitted" to the l)ar in 1S71; 
practiced law until 1882; then al)andoned the 
law to devote his time to literature and his 
large projterty interests; owns the De Menil 
Building. Elected to the House of Delegates in 
1877 and to the City Council in 1879; de- 
feated for mayor in 189.3. Served several terms 
as Grand Orator Ancient Order of United 
\\'orkmen and Lieutenant Colonel Select 
Knights of America; president French Fete 
Association, Society of the Fourteenth of July 
and the French Benevolent Society. President 
Americus, Papyrus Club, Irving, and other 
literary societies; one of the three St. Louis- 
ans elected member Poetry Society of Amer- 
ica (New York). Was a member of the Lou- 
isiana Purchase Centennial Committee of 200 
and a director Louisiana Purchase Exposition 
Co. For forty years has been contributor to 
eastern and home Sunday newspapers, literarj- 
weeklies, magazines and reviews; has con- 
ducted magazines himself, notably "The St. 
Louis Magazine" (1883-90), and since 1894 
has edited and published ' ' The Hesperian, ' ' a 
high-class review. Author: The Literature of 
the Louisiana Territory; Songs in Minority; 
Forest and Town; and other works in prose 
and verse. Wrote almost all the literary pa- 
pers in the Encyclopsedia of the History of 
Z^Iissouri (6 vols.), and the Encyelopavlia of 
the Historv of St. Louis (4 vols.). Office: De 
:\renil Bldg. Residence: 3352 S. 13th St. 

DENNIGr, Louis E., vice president St. Louis 
Independent Packing Co.; born, St. Louis, 
Dec. 22, 1860; son of Emil G. and Margaret 
(.Tuengst) Dennig, both natives of Germany; 
educated in private schools and German Insti- 
tute, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Xov. 22, 
1898, Marie Schaefer; one son: Louis S. Be- 
gan active career, 1877, with firm of C. Conrad 
& Co., originators of Budweiser bottle beer; 
was serving as buyer for the firm when the 
business was acquired by the Budweiser Beer 
and Wine Co.; later became local manager 
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association; was 
elected secretary and treasurer Delinar Garden 
Amusement Co., continuing, 1900-06; member 
firm of Busch & Everett, oil and gas business, 
1906-08; now vice president St. Louis Inde- 
pendent Packing Co.; director American Bot- 
tle Co. Republican. Protestant. Member 

Business Men's League, Civic League, T. P. A. 
Mason (Koyal Arch); member B. P. O. Elks. 
Clubs: Racquet, Glen Echo, Liederkranz, Au- 
tomobile, Cantine Hunting and J'ishing Asso- 
ciation, St. Louis Trap Shooters' Association. 
Recreations: hunting and fishing. Office: Se- 
curity Bldg. Residence: 3229 Copelin Ave. 

DENVIR, John B., retired; born, Downpat- 
ri'k, County Down, Ireland, Jan. 25, 1847; son 
of William and JNIary (Cr^ckard) Denvir; 
came to United States in 1853; educated at St. 
Louis University; married, St. Louis, Jan. 13, 
1875, Mary Agnes Gorman; children: Wil- 
liam A., John B., Jr., James P., Francis X., 
Mary, Lucina, Agnes, Helen. Left college, 
.Ian. 25, 1862, and on next day began as clerk 
in postoffice, St. Louis; gave up position in 
April, 1867, to become connected with the 
saddlery hardware business of Hayden, Wilson 
& Allen; continuing with this company and its 
successor, the P. Hayden Saddlery Hardware 
Co., of which was manager, until 1907, when 
retired. Democrat. Catholic. Residence: 4434 
W. Pine Boul. 

DENVIR, John Bernard, Jr., lawyer; born, 
St. Louis, Aug. 23, 1S77; son of John Bernard 
and Mary Agnes (Gorman) Denvir; graduated 
from St. Louis Universitv, A.B., 1896, A.M., 
1898; LL.B., St. Louis Law School, 1898; un- 
married. Admitted to bar, 1898, and since en- 
gaged in general practice in St. Louis. Mem- 
ber St. Louis Bar Association, St. Louis Law 
Library Association, Civic League. Democrat. 
Catholic. Clubs: City, Public Question. Office: 
506 Olive St. Residence: 4434 W. Pine Boul. 

DENYVEN, Joseph McKay, general freight 
agent Mobile & Ohio R. R.; born, Boston, 
]\rass., June 20, 1863; son of James and Alexy 
(Sutherland) Denyven; educated in public 
schools; married, St. Louis, X"ov. 9, 1887, Ida 
Gritfith; children: Raymond, Howard, Lucile 
(deceased), Marian and Elizabeth. Began rail- 
way service with the Missouri Pacific R. R., 
and continued in clerical positions from Janu- 
ary, 1882, to December, 1886; then entered 
service of the Mobile & Ohio R. R., in the 
general freight offices; promoted to assistant 
general freight agent, December, 1890, and to 
present position as general freight agent, 
April, 1905. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, St. 
Louis Traffic, Xormandie Golf. Office: 910 Ful- 
lerton Bldg. Residence: 5062 Maple Ave. 

DERLIEN, Peter, flour; born, Liverpool, 
England, .luiie 2, 1868; son of George and 
Sabine (Schroeder) Derlien; educated in Liv- 
erpool College, Liverpool, England. Began 
business career in wholesale flour trade in 
liiverpool, England, with Anton Kufeke & Co., 
and was later with Krueger, Darsie & Co.; 
came to America and entered employ of Xew 
Ulm Milling Co., at IMinneapolis, Minn.; in 
1900 went to Kansas Cit\% !Mo., and assisted in 
establishing business of Kansas Milling & 



Export Co., removing to St. Louis in 1902 as 
general agent of the company. Member St. 
Louis Millers' Club, Illinois Traveling Men's 
Protective Association. Episcopalian. Office: 
215 Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 4342 
Page Ave. 

*DERR, Jacob William, merchant; removed 
from city. 1909; see Vol. 1906. 

DESLOGE, Firmin, vice president and treas- 
urer Desloge Consolidated Lead Co.; born, 
Potosi, Mo., Aug. 30, 1843; son of Firmin and 
Cynthian (Mcllvaine) Desloge; educated at 
St. Louis University, 1858-59, Bryant & 
Stratton Commercial College, Wynian Com- 
mercial College; married, Lexington, Mo., Oc- 
tober, 1877, Lydia, daughter of Col. Joseph 
and Rebecca Davis; children: Firmin, Joseph. 
Began business career in St. Louis as clerk 
■n-ith John B. Valle & Co.; in 1867 engaged 
in mining in "Washington Co., Mo., and in 1873 
organized the Desloge Lead Co. ; oi^erated in 
St. Francois Co., Mo., until March, 1887, when 
the mill was destroyed by fire and the com- 
pany consolidated its holdings with the St. 
Joseph Lead Co., of Bonne Terre, Mo.; present 
Desloge Consolidated Lead Co. (of which is 
vice president and treasurer) was organized, 
1 890, taking over by purchase the well-known 
Mine A Joe property, and the St. Francois 
Lead Mining Co.; company engaged in min- 
ing, milling and smelting lead ores in St. 
Francois Co., Mo. Catholic. Club: Mercantile. 
Office: Rialto Bldg. Residence: Washington 

DESLOGE, Firmin Rene, bank cashier; 
born, St. Louis, June 22, 1875; son of Jules 
and Jennie (Thatcher) Desloge; educated in 
public schools to 1888; entered St. Louis Uni- 
versity, 1888, and continued until 1892; at- 
tended private schools. New York; married, 
St. Louis, Oct. 6, 1902, Ellen Jane Duross; 
three children: Zoe Jane, Elise, Rene Duross. 
Began business career as clerk, St. Louis 
Postoffice, 1893, resigned, 1898; then clerk 
Boatmen's Bank, 1899-1902; assistant cashier 
Olive Street Bank, 1902-08; also assistant 
cashier Grand Avenue Bank, 1908-11; since 
cashier and director Hoiliamont Bank. Served 
as sergeant First ^Missouri Volunteers during 
Spanish-American War, 1898. Democrat. Cath- 
olic. Member Knights of Columbus. Recrea- 
tions: handball and swimming. Office: 6143 
Bartmer Ave. Residence: 5859 Romaine PI. 

DESLOGE, George Thatcher, lawyer; born, 
St. I.,ouis, Xf)v. 5. T<S(i; son of Jules and Jane 
Chambers (Thatcher) Desloge; A.B., St. Louis 
University, 1901; A. if., Georgetown Univer- 
sitv, ]90'2; LL.B., Washington University, 
1904; married, Apr. 17. 1912. Madeleine Stith. 
Admitted to Missouri bar, 1904, and has since 
practiced in St. Louis; lecturer on law in St. 
Louis University School of Commerce and 
Finance. Member St. Louis Bar Association, 
^lilitarv Service Institution of United States. 

Became member National Guard of Missouri 
as second lieutenant, 1905; now captain and 
assistant inspector small arms practice First 
Infantry Regiment. Democrat. Catholic. 
Member Knights of Columbus. Recreations: 
tennis and horseback riding. Office: Suite 621,. 
Liggett Bldg. Residence: 4446 Laclede Ave. 

DESLOGE, Jules, retired banker; born, Po- 
tosi, Washington Co., Mo., Sept. 26, 1845; son. 
of Firmin and Cynthian (Mcllvaine) Desloge; 
educated in Miss Moulton 's private school, 
Potosi, 1852-56; St. Louis University, 1856-64, 
graduating A.B.; married, St. Malachy's 
Church, St. Louis, Sept. 23, 1872. Jennie C. 
Thatcher; children: Zoe, F. Rene, George, 
Marian (Mrs. J. Hayes Campbell), Jane Pullis, 
Louis Francis, Marcel. Began business career 
as assistant bookkeeper in foundry of Kings- 
land, Alter & Clark, St. Louis, 1865; clerk'in 
banking house of George H. Loker & Bro., 
1865-67; teller in Butchers' and Drovers' 
Bank, St. Louis, 1867-77; after failure of the 
bank, 1877, was paying teller in St. Louis 
National Bank; resigned to go to Boatmen's 
Bank, Apr. 1, 1878, as teller; elected second 
assistant cashier, Apr. 23, 1891, and Xov. 27, 
1894, was elected to assistant cashier Boat- 
men's Bank, remaining until May 1, 1906, 
when retired. Member Bank Clerks ' Associa- 
tion of Missouri. Democrat. Roman Catholic. 
Member Young Men 's Sodality, Alumni Asso- 
ciation of St. Louis University, St. Vincent 
de Paul Society. Residence: 3847 W. Pine 

DESNOYERS, Jerome B., retired shoe man- 
ufacturer; born on farm near Montreal, Can- 
ada, Oct. 2, 1842; son of Jerome and Emelia 
(Bisson) Desnoyers; left orphan at ten years 
of age; attended school in country, near Ot- 
tawa, Canada; served in L'nion Armv during 
Civil War, from Dec. 13, 1863, to July 10, 
I860, in Battery E, First Ohio Volunteer Ar- 
tillery; married, Sept. 4, 1865, Mary T. Woods; 
children: Victor E., Willis. Left farm at fif- 
teen years of age; began to learn shoemaking 
as apprentice, November, 1857; came to Cleve- 
land, O., June, 1861, and worked at traile un- 
til entered army; after honorable discharge, 
in 1865, took charge of a large shoe manufac- 
turing concern in Columbus, O. ; located in St. 
Louis, November, 1877, and was an organizer 
of the first successful manufacturing enter- 
prise in St. Louis, then known as Bryan-Brown 
Shoe Co., afterwards as the Brown-Desnoyers 
Slioe Co., and changeil, Oct. 1, 1893, to Des- 
noyers Shoe Co.; sold out, Jan. 1, 1903, and 
retired from active business. Member Third 
Baptist Church. Extensive traveler. Mason, 
Knight Templar and Shriner. Club: INlercan- 
tile. Residence: 5503 Vernon Ave. Sumnun- 
Residence: South Haven, ]\[ich. 

DEVOY, Edward, president Dovoy & Kuhn 
Coal and Coke Co.; born. St. Louis, Aug. 8, 
1846; son of Denis and ^Tary (Mullins) De- 



voy; oducateil in St. Patrick's School and 
Benton School; marriod, St. Louis, July 11, 
18G7, Maria Fallon; children: Stella (Mrs. 
W. T. Cartwright), Joseph Alexis, George F., 
Charles L., Alice Dorothy (Mrs. M. B. Hein- 
richs). Engaged in the coal business continu- 
ously since March, 1872. Member Merchants ' 
Exchange, Business Alen's League. Democrat. 
Eoman Catholic. Member Missouri Historical 
Society, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Knights 
of Columbus, Legion of Honor. Club: Lieder- 
kranz. Recreation: Ijooks. Office: ol5 N. 7th 
St. Eesidenco: 58:17 Cates Ave. 

DICK, John Wilson; see Vol. 1906. 

DICKENSON, Griffith, dealer in stone; 
]S49-liMl7; see Vol. 1906. 

DICKINSON, William Calvin, commission 
merchant; born, Cincinnati, 0., Sept. 20, 1849; 
son of Darius L. and Lydia F. Dickinson; edu- 
cated in Cincinnati public schools and at 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bos- 
ton; married. Alliance, 0., Oct. 28, 1881, Eve- 
lyn B. Osterstock; children: Euth B., Gladys, 
Dorothy. Engaged in commission business 
since 1880; since August, 1895, member of 
firm of F. W. Goeke & Co., wholesale dealers 
and commission merchants in flour and feed. 
Republican. Swedenborgian. Office: 22 N. 2d 
St. Residence: 5929 Cates Ave. 

DICKMANN, Joseph F., real estate; born, 
Paderborn. AVestphalia, Prussia, Germany, 
Dec. 22, 1855; son of Bernard and Dina (Ha- 
berhausen) Dickmann; educated at Catholic 
School, Paderborn; married, St. Louis, Nov. 
11, 1879, Mary Eilers; children: Mary (Mrs. 
Otto J. Hezel), Joseph, Bernard, Anne (Mrs. 
George Huth) Otto, Charles. Came to America, 
1875; engaged in grocery business, 1876-88, 
and in grain and seed business, St. Louis, op- 
erating on Merchants' Exchange, 1888-1900; 
elected sheriff of City of St. Louis and served, 
1900-01; in real estate business since May 15, 
1905. Member St. Louis Merchants' Exchange, 
Real Estate Exchange. Member St. Vincent 
De Paul Society, Knights of Columbus. Recre- 
ations: reading, motoring. Nominated for 
sheriff of St. Louis Aug. 6, 1912. Office: 19 N. 
8th St. Residence: 3446 Halliday Ave. 

DICKS, William L., retired; born, St. Louis, 
Dec. 6, 1851; son of John R. and Mary (Har- 
mon) Dicks; educated at Christian Brothers 
School and public schools, St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis, Oct. 17, 1878, Catherine, daughter of 
Francis Lepere (she died Jan. 21, 1910) ; chil- 
dren: Francis Joseph, Catherine Lepere. Be- 
gan business career as assistant cashier and 
afterwards bookkeeper for Robert H. Frank- 
lin, dry goods, etc., 1868-74, James Duncan & 
Co., dry goods, Baltimore, 1874-75; began with 
William Barr Dry Goods Co., 1875, and be- 
came secretary and treasurer 1903; retired 
January, 1907. Catholic. Residence: 5811 
Plvniouth Ave. 

DICKSON, Joseph, lawyer; 1845-1908; see 

Vol. 19(16. 

DICKSON, Joseph, Jr., hiwyer; born, St. 
I^ouis, A)ir. 12, 1876; son of Joseph and Eliza- 
beth (Robertson) Dickson; educated at Crow 
and St. Louis High schools; Washington Uni- 
versity; Harvard Law School, 1896-98; St. 
Louis Law School, LL.B., 1899; married, St. 
Louis, Nov. 27, 1901, Sydney Francis Boyd; 
one daughter, Mary Francis. Admitted to 
bar, Oct. 2, 1899, and has since been engaged 
in practice; partner with father since Aug. 1, 
19o5, firm of Dickson & Dickson. Member 
American Bar Association, St. Louis Bar Asso- 
ciation. Director Tower Grove Bank, St. 
Louis Lumber Co. Member Civic League. Re- 
jiublican. Clubs: Racquet, Bellerive, City, 
Noonday, Harvard (St. Louis), Harvard (New 
York City). Recreations: golf and motoring. 
Office: 712-716 Rialto BIdg. Residence: Brent- 
moor Park, St. Louis Co. 

DICKSON, William Augustus; see Vol. 1906. 

DIECKMAN, John Henry, bond and stock 
bridver; born, St. Louis, Dec. 20, 1848; son of 
Stephen H. and Gertrude (Honerkamp) Dieck- 
man; educated in German schools in St. Louis; 
married, St. Louis, Apr. 9, 1872, Elizabeth Al- 
bietz; children: George Edwin, Julia Ade- 
laide (Mrs. Carl A, Niemeyer). Began busi- 
ness career as teller of a hank (now out of 
existence), in which continued until April, 
1881; then became associated with H. H. 
Wernse, establishing firm of Wernse & Dieck- 
man, who have ever since been engaged as 
brokers in bonds and stocks. Director Hope 
Mining Co. Member Merchants' Exchange, St. 
Louis Stock Exchange. Treasurer Martha 
Parsons Free Hospital for Children. Member 
Civic League. Republican; formerly member 
St. Louis School Board. Club: Noonday. Office: 
317 N. 4th St. Residence: 4537 W. Pine Boul. 

DIECKMANN, Louis, retired; born, Ham- 
burg, Germany, Aug. 30, 1851; son of Frantz 
Adolph Th. and Frederika C. (Langenbach) 
Dieckmann; educated in public schools in 
Hamburg; married, St. Louis, Nov. 9, 1881, 
Minna Hamel; children: Charles A., Otto A., 
Max E., Hugo E. Learned carpenter's trade 
when fifteen years old, and followed it for five 
years; emigrated to United States, Oct. 9, 
1871, and was engaged in carpenter's trade 
until 1878; then as employe in cabinet and 
refrigerator business until October, 1896, when 
started business with George H. Hollrah as 
Hollrah & Dieckmann, incorporated, February, 
1900, as the Hollrah-Dieckmann Refrigerator 
and Fixture Co., of which was vice president 
and manager until Oct. 15, 1911, when retired. 
Republican. Protestant. Member South West 
Turner Society. Recreation: gardening. Resi- 
dence: Wellston, Mo. 

DIEDEEICH, George Christ, furniture man- 
ufacturer; born, St. Louis, Jan. 18, 1860; son 



of Ueorge Henry and < havlotte Diedericb; 
eihicatpil ill })ublic schools of St. Louis; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Oct. 16, 18S8, Emily Koluscb; 
children: Emily Johaiuia, George Heiiry, Olga 
Charlotte. As a boy began to learn the cab- 
inet-making business in father's furniture fac- 
tory, and has been connected witli the busi- 
ness ever since; after its incorporation, Mar. 
17, ISS.j, was made president of the G. II. 
Diederich Furniture Co., manufacturers and 
wholesale dealers in all kinds of furniture, 
with specialties in bedsteads, extension tables 
and kitchen cabinets. Also director and vice 
]>resident St. Louis Malleable Iron Works. Ee- 
publican. Member Evangelical Church. Di- 
rector German Protestant Orphans' Home. 
Member 1. O. 0. F. Office: 1945 X. 2d St. 
1-Jesidenre: 2933 University St. 

DIEDERICH, William Frederick, furniture 
manufacturer; born, St. Louis, June 3, 1865; 
son of George Henry and Charlotte Diederich; 
eiiucated in public schools of St. Louis; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Oct. 29, 1890, Lillian E. Hol- 
land. At age of fourteen entered father's fur- 
niture factory to learn the trade and has ever 
since been connected with that business, which 
was incorporated. Mar. 17, 1885, as the G. H. 
Diederich Furniture Co.; has charge of the 
mechanical departments of the business, and 
since 1897 has been secretary of the company. 
Eepublican. Member Evangelical Church. 
Member Liederkranz. Office: 1945 N. 2d St. 
Kesidence: 3214A Dodier St. 

DIEHM, Walter, lawyer; born, St. Louis, 
Feb. 8, 1882; son of Ferdinand and Bertha 
(Steigerwald) Diehm; educated in St. Louis 
public schools and Central High School; LL.B., 
St. Louis Law School, 1902; married, St. Louis, 
Feb. 15, 1908, Alice H. Fisher; one child: 
Helen Virginia. Began practice of law, 1902; 
■-ince 1910 member firm of Schulenburg & 
Diehm. Was member Light Battery A, Na- 
tional Guard of Missouri, 1905-08. Member 
St. Louis Bar Association. Director Missouri 
Crematory Association; secretary St. Louis 
Altenheim. Republican. Ethical Society. Ma- 
son (32°), Mystic Shrine. Clubs: City, Ma- 
sonic. Kecreation: motoring. Office: 912-914 
Kialto T.ldg. Kesidence: 5728 Bartmer Ave. 

DIEKMANN, Louis C, deputy commissioner 
of supjilies; l)orn, St. Louis, Sept. 1, 1857; son 
of Frederick W. and Elise (Wacker) Diek- 
iiiann, both natives of Germany; educated in 
))ublic schools and one year in high school; 
married, St. Louis, 188i, Sophie M. Brede- 
mej-er; six children: Arthur (with St. Louis 
<'ar Co.), ]VIinnie, Elsie, Octavia, Verna, 
Esther. Began active career at thirteen as 
office boy with Garrett, McDowell & Co., man- 
ufacturers and dealers in pig iron, continuing 
until 1883; then entered coal business in own 
name and in 1887 organized the Diekmann 
Coal Co., wholesale and retail dealers, of 
which was president until 1909. In 1910 hr- 

came connected with department of commis- 
sioner of supplies, St. Louis, as auditor of ac- 
counts, later chief clerk, and since June 1, 
1912, deputy commissioner. Eepublican; elect- 
ed to House of Delegates, 1890, for unexpired 
term, and reelected, 1891 and 1893; served as 
speaker of the house during last term and at 
times during 1905-07 as mayor, in the absence 
of the city's chief e.xecutive. Mason; mem- 
l)er Eoyal Arcanum, Knights of Pythias (rep- 
resentative to Grand Lodge for about sixteen 
years). Eecreation: reading. Office: City HalL 
IJesidenee: 1119 N. Market St. 
DIEL, Emil; see Vol. 1906. 
DIEL, George; see Vol. 1906. 
DIEL, Gustav Frank; see Vol. 1906. 
DIGGS, William Purnell, proprietary medi- 
cines; born, St. Louis, June 3, 1851; son of 
Francis W. (of Virginia) and Amelia E. 
(Hill) Diggs (of Marjdand) ; educated in pub- 
lic schools, St. Louis, until 1857; academy, 
High Hill, Mo., 1858; Towsley's School, New 
Albany, Ind., 1867; married, Forestell, Mo., 
Feb. 9, 1876, Eugenia N. May (now deceased) ; 
one child (deceased); married, 2d, Jan. 26^ 
1910, Mary J. Ehrhardt; one child: William 
P., Jr. Began business career in retail drug- 
store at High Hill, Mo., Jan. 1, 1872; removed. 
to Wentzville, Mo., April, 1874, and was irt 
retail drug business there until Sept. 30, 1883, 
Avhen established on small scale the business: 
which he now conducts as W. P. Diggs & Co., 
manufacturers proprietary remedies. Demo- 
crat. Eecreation: bowling. Office: 113-115 Lo- 
cust St. Eesidence: 943 Laurel Ave. 

DINGS, William, hardwood lumber; born, 
St. Louis, Jan. 26, 1841; son of Frederick and 
Ida (Stein) Dings; educated under private 
instruction by Prof. Avery and Prof. Eno 
Saunders, and in Laclede School, St. Louis, 
also in Germanv; married, in Owen Co., Kv., 
Dec. 31, 1868, Tinie Bristow; children: Wil- 
liam Woods, Eleanor B. (Mrs. John S. Dob- 
yns). During Civil War was captain of Com- 
]iany C, 8th Missouri Infantry, C. S. A., until 
surrender at Alexandria, La., under General 
Buckner. After war, was engaged as farmer 
in St. Louis Co., 1867-73; in lime and cement 
business with H. D. Hatch, 1873-74; book- 
keeper for William Ziock & Co., 1875-83, for 
Pratt, Todd & Co., 1884, Clarkson-Christopher 
Lumber Co., 1888, vice president and secre- 
tary, same company, 1892-96; from 1896 to 
1907 was vice president and secretary E. M. 
Fry Lumber Co.; since in lumber business for 
self. jNIember St. Louis Lumber Exchange. 
Democrat. Presbyterian. Mason. Member 
Eoyal Arcanum, Legion of Honor. Club: Lum- 
bermen's. Favorite recreation: literature. Of- 
fice: Branch and Hall Sts. Eesidence: 925 
I'.each Ave. 

DISBROW, Charles Wesley, president Amer- 
ican .\utomobile Insurance Co.; born, Ncat 



York City, Jan. 4, ]874; son of William an<I 
Harriet (Lusby) Disbrow; LL.B., Now York 
Law School, 1896; married, Iloboken, X. J., 
Apr. 15, 1897, Anna M. Oesterreieli; ehiidren: 
Kuth ()., Marie K., Charles W., Jr., Franz O., 
John E. B. Practiced law in New York City 
and Denver, Colo.; was manager mountain de- 
partment United States Fidelity and Guaran- 
ty Co. at Denver; later manager western de- 
partment same, at St. Louis; president Amer- 
ican Autonio])ile Insurance Co. since Jan. 1, 
1912. Eepublican. Presbyterian. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Racquet, City. Author: Digest New 
York Code of Civil Procedure, lS9(i; Analysis 
Banking and Currency System of the United 
States (brochure), 1909. Recreation: litera- 
ture. Office: Pierce Bldg. Residence: 5146 Ca- 
banne Ave. 

DISCHERT, William, vehicle manufacturer, 
retired; born, Germany, Oct. 9, 1861; son of 
Henry and Katheriue Dischert; educated in 
St. Louis public schools; married. Began in 
1876, in carriage and wagon shop of 11. Wit- 
ticke, with whom remained seven years, learn- 
ing trade and working as journeyman; started 
for self as manufacturer of business vehicles, 
1883, incorporating, Jan. 16, 1902, as William 
Dischert Carriage and Wagon Co., of which 
"was ])resident until retired, 1911. Mason (32°), 
Knight Templar, Shriner. Residence: 2209A 
K. A til lone Ave. 

*DISTLER, Joseph A. M., Catholic ])riest; 
now li\ing in Kansas City; see Vol. 19()(). 

DITTMANN, William Henry, shoe manu- 
facturer; born. 8t. Louis, Oct. 21, 1852; son of 
George F. and Caroline (Almstedt) Dittmann; 
educated in St. Louis public schools; marrie<l, 
St. Louis, Nov. 10, 1877, Emma Biebinger; 
children: Adele (Mrs. Philip A. Becker), Rob- 
ert W. Engaged in manufacture of shoes since 
1868; now president of the Dittmann Shoe 
Co.; wKs for several years vice president of 
the Fourth National Bank, resigning in 1902; 
also one of organizers of Germania Trust Co., 
and was its vice president and president for 
])eriods during its life; one of organizers of 
St. Louis Catering Co., and other corporations. 
Member board of directors. Tower Grove Park. 
Republican. Clubs: Mercantile, Ijiederkranz. 
Office: 1107 Washington Ave. Residence: 346;{ 
Longfellow Boul. 

DOBSON, William Davis, osteopathist; born, 
Greenville, Tenn., Nov. 28, 1S48; sou of David 
and Nancy (McAmis) Dobson; educated Tus- 
culum College, Tennessee, graduating with de- 
gree of A.B., 1870, A.M., 1880 (LL.D., 1895); 
taught school near Trenton, Mo., until 1891; 
president first district State Normal School, 
Kirksville, 1891-99; graduated at American 
School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, 1902; mar- 
ried, Greenville, Tenn., July 5, 1878, Mantie 
J. Briton; three children: Walter N., Paulino 
(Mrs. George L. Gold), Robert Britton. Pro- 

fessor chemistry, .\merii-an School of Osteop- 
athy, 19()2-()4; "dean same school, 1904-07; in 
charge A. T. Still Osteopathic Sanitarium, St. 
Louis, 1907-08; since iu private i)ractice. Dem- 
ocrat. Presbyterian. Member National, State 
and City Osteopathic societies. Mason, Shrin- 
er. Recreation: outdoor sports. Office: 455, 
313 N. 9th St. Residence: 4519 Westminster 

DOBYNE, James Bell, jiresident Chamjdon 
Slio(> Matdiiiiery Co.; born, llollidaysburg, Pa.. 
Dee. 29, 1846; 'son of Stevenson W. and :Mar- 
garetta Grafius (Miller) Dobyne; educated in 
common schools and academv at Ilollidavs- 
burg; inarrie.i, Litchfield, 111., Oct. 9, 1869. 
Calista J. Evans; 2d, Mar. 12, 1894, Nellie IL 
Moakley; children: Etta Bell, George A., Ruth 
O., Jessie J. (Mrs. Louis F. Mahler). Was 
foreman of Missouri Pacific R. R. shop at age 
of 22, later foreman of old St. Louis & Cairo 
Short Line R. R., East St. Louis; master me- 
chanic. Southwestern Car Works, Jefterson- 
ville, Ind.; superintendent Beach-Amsden ^Ma- 
cliine and Foundry Co., Litchfield, 111.; in mill- 
ing and grain business, Ilillsboro, 111.; in man- 
ufacturing business, as vice president Fleming 
& Dobyne Manufacturing Co., Chicago; secre- 
tary and 7nanager Landis Machine Co., St. 
Louis; now ]»resident of Champion Shoe Ma- 
chinery Co., manufacturers of shoe and har- 
ness machinery. Member Citizens' Industrial 
Association. Served in Civil War in 1st bat- 
talion, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Republican. 
Member Grand Army of the Republic (com- 
mander Ransom Post); member Union Veteran 
Clul), Chicago, Pennsylvania Society of St. 
Louis. Member Masonic Order. Club: City. 
Recreations: traveling in Europe and Amer- 
ica; fond of arts. Office: 3727 Forest Park 
Boul. Residence: 6006 W. Cabanne Ave. 

DODD, Samuel Morris, merchant: 1832-1912; 
see Vol. inilC. 

DODDS, James T., city surveyor; born, Co- 
huiibus, ()., Aug. 5, 1866; son "of Robert H. 
and Anna (Redpath) Dodds; educated public 
schools; academy, Ypsilanti, Mich.; National 
Xormal University, Lebanon, O. ; married, St. 
Louis, Oct. 16, ]9(il, Blanche B. Wegner; three 
children: James T., Jr., Douglas W., Albert R. 
In office of count.y surveyor, Columbus, O., 
1888-89; came to St. Louis", 1889, and entered 
employ of city surveyor, J. G. Joyce, Sr.; vice 
l^resident Joj'ce Surveying Co., 1892-98; in 
general surveying and civil engineering prac- 
tice on own account since 1898; city surveyor 
since 1901 ; agent for Xorth St. Louis Quar- 
ries. Has laiil out many of the suburban dis- 
tricts of St. Louis and is responsible for much 
of the important engineering work in connec- 
tion with the city during past twelve or fif- 
teen years. Protestant. Member North St. 
Louis Business Men's Association. Clubs: En- 
gineers, <'itv. R(>creation: reading. Office: 

] CO 


7171-. Chestnut St. KosuIlmu-c: 3S43 Sullivan 


-DODGE, Adiel Sherwood; moved to Chi- 
cago; see Vol. 1906. 

DODGE, Ernest Cole, lawyer: born, Belle- 
ville. 111.. Feb. 11, 1862; son of Egbert and 
Sarah (^Sherwood) Dodge; educated in St. 
Louis public and high schools; Salem (Mo.) 
Academv; State University, Columbia, Mo., 
1880-82;' taught schools in Scott Co., Mo., 
1882-83; grad\iated from St. Louis Law_ School 
(Washiniiton University), LL.B., 1885; mar- 
ried, St.'^Louis, Apr. 17, 1S95, Bertha G. Lay- 
ton; children: Odile Phyllis L., Mary Lois. 
Admitted to bar, June 12, 1885; since May, 
1887, in general practice of law in St. Louisj 
member firm of Dodge & Mulvihill, 1887-1905, 
since practiced alone. Assistant city attorney 
under Mavor Walbridge, 1894-99. Commis- 
sioned as liotarv public by Governors Francis, 
Stone, Stephens, Dockery and Folk. Member 
St. Louis Bar Association, Missouri State Bar 
Association. Illinois Society, Sous of the Eev- 
olution (Missouri). Eepublican. Catholic. 
Z^Iember State Militia three years. Recrea- 
tion: fishina. Office: 319 Commercial Bldg. 
Kesiden.-e: 4149 W. Pine St. 

DODSON, George Rowland, clergyman; 
born. .Tacksouville, Mo., Aug. 20, 1865; son of 
Shellev Martin and Susan Eleanor (Proctor) 
Dodsoii; A.B., University of Missouri, 1887; 
student Stanford University, 1894, University 
of California, 1901; A.M., Harvard University, 
1902, Ph.D., 1903; married, Fulton, Mo., June 
24, 1891, Xellie Wheeler; children: Rowland 
\\'[, Eleanor, Proctor W. Ordained ministry, 
at Mexico, Mo., 1886; pastor First Unitarian 
Societv. Alameda, Cal., 1891-1901, Church of 
the Uiiitv. St. Louis, since Oct. 1, 1903. Mem- 
ber Western Philosophical Association, Wash- 
ington University Association, Contemporary 
Club. Address: Church of the Unity. Resi- 
dence: 48 Nicholson PL 

DODSON, John William, retired; born, 
Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo., Oct. 10, 1851; son 
of Thomas and Lucinda (Grogan) Dodson; 
educated in district schools of Adair County 
and Normal School at Kirksville; unmarried. 
Engaged in farming wuth father until 1873; 
traveling salesman for Yarnall Bros., manu- 
facturers of pickles and grocers' sundries, 
1873-82; organized firm of Dodson & Hils, in 
same line, 1882, which later incorporated as 
Do<lson-Hils Manufacturing Co., changing in 
February. 1897, to ]3odson-Braun Manufactur- 
ing Co.;' retired, 1910. Republican. Club: Mer- 
cantile. Address: Mercantile Club. 

DOELLING, John L., teas and coffees; see 
A'(d. ]9n<;. 

D'OENCH, Guide, retired banker; born, 
near Lieirnit/. Prussia, dune 22, 1839; sou of 
Rudolph and Adelheid D'Oench; educated in 

Germany and at college in Texas; married, 
St. Louis, 1869, Pauline Limberger (now de- 
ceased); two children: Lyda and Elizabeth F. 
Came to St. Louis from Texas in 1857, and 
was engaged in mercantile pursuits from 1858 
until about 1866; then in banking, first with 
the Bank of the West, then for ten years as 
cashier of the South Side Bank; cashier of 
the Lowell Bank, May, 1905-08, when retired. 
Director of the Poealiontas Mining Co. Mem- 
ber of the Merchants ' Exchange. Odd Fellow. 
Recreations: gardening and walking. Resi- 
dence: 4914 S. Broadway. 

D'OENCH, Richard, hardware merchant; 
born, Liegnitz, Germany, July 1, 1843; son of 
Rudolph and Adelheid (Roessler) D'Oench; 
came with parents from Germany to Texas, in 
1850; educated in Texas schools; located m 
St. Louis, 1860, and was employed with whole- 
sale grocery firm of Meyer & Meister, first as 
shipping clerk and later as traveling sales- 
man, 1860-67; started in wholesale wooden- 
ware business under firm name of Schmieding, 
D'Oench & Co., February, 1867, and continued 
until Jan. 1, 1879, when sold out interest in 
that business and became secretary of the 
Witte Hardware Co., St. Louis, from which re- 
tired, Jan. 1, 1896; since fall of 1896 engaged 
as manufacturers' agent and dealer in hard- 
ware specialties. Director Missouri Crematory 
Association, St. Louis Altenheim. Republican. 
Member Liederkranz, Royal Arcanum, Na- 
tional Union. Office: 309 Oliye St. Residence: 
4914 S. Broadway. 

D'OENCH, William, yice president Fried- 
man Shelby Shoe Co.; born, St. Louis, June 21, 
1860; son' of W'illiam and Marie (Braasch) 
D'Oench; educated in public schools of St. 
Louis and Washington University until 18/2; 
Realschule, Stuttgart, Wurtemburg, Germany, 
1872-78; returned to United States in Septem- 
ber, 1878; married, Jefferson City, Mo., Dec. 
16 1885, Nannie Bishop Berry; one daughter: 
A^irginia Marie (Mrs. G. Pagensteeher, New 
York) Began as clerk for hardware broker 
in New Yo'^rk City, and after a few months 
entered employ of Giesecke, Meysenburg & 
Co., of St. Louis, working in factory at Jef- 
ferson City, Mo., January, 1879; became one 
of incorporators of the Giesecke Boot and 
Shoe :\ranufacturing Co., of Jefferson City, 
1881. and secretary until 1898; organized the 
D'Oench-Havs Sho'e Co., of Jeffersonville, Ind.; 
in 1901 consolidated D'Oench-Hays Shoe Co. 
and the Giesecke Boot and Shoe Manufaetur- 
inn- Co. as the Giesecke, D'Oench, Hays Shoe 
Co^, of which was president until Feb. 1, 1910, 
when this company was merged with the 
Friedman Shelbv Shoe Co. and he became 
yice president. Democrat. Office: 1621 Wash- 
in L'tnn Ave. Residence: 5503 Cabanne Ave. 

DOERR, Peter J., bank cashier; 1848-1911; 
SIM- Vol. 1906. 



DONAHOE, Martin Hassett, cotton duck; 
lioni, St. Louis, July 2, ISSl ; son of Martin P. 
and iMary,). (iShaw) Donahoe; graduated from 
St. Louis University, class of 1901; married, 
St. Louis, June 8, 1910, Helen Wertheimer; 
one son: Alartin H., Jr. Began business career 
in December, 1901, as salesman at the St. 
Louis branch of J. Spencer Turner Co., man- 
agers of sales for the Consolidated Cotton 
Duck Co., Baltimore, and has since continued 
■u'itli the company, becoming resident manager 
in St. Louis, Sept. 1, 1905. Recreation: golf. 
Office: 501 Silk Exchange Bldg. Kesidence: 
4401 Forest Park Boul. 

DONAHOE, Martin Patrick, dry goods mer- 
chant; liorn, Sibley, .lackson Co., Mo., Nov. IS, 
1846; son of Thomas and Mary (Nolan) Dona- 
hoe; educated at Sibley day school until 12 
years old, afterward at St. Louis night school, 
as opjiortunity offered; married, St. Louis, 
Oct. 16, 1878, Mary J. Shaw; children: Mar- 
tin H., Edgar T., Clarence G., Arthur J., John, 
Mary Frances, Alice Shaw. Was employed by 
Majors, Russell & Waddell, government 
freighters across the plains, 1860-62; came to 
St. Louis, 1863; employed by Samuel C. Da- 
vis & Co., wholesale dry goods, from Sept. 3, 
1863, to Jan. 1, 1896; made director, 1900, 
became fourth vice president, 1903, Harga- 
dine-McKittrick Dry Goods Co. President 
Western Commercial Travelers' Association, 
1905. Democrat. Roman Catholic. Club: Mer- 
cantile. Recreation: traveling. Office: 911 
Washington Ave. Residence: 5070 Westmin- 
ster PI. 

DONALDSON, Andrew Robert, broker; 
is;!2-]911; see Vol. 1906. 

DONALDSON, Walter Scot, printing and 
engraving; born, St. Louis, Feb. 4, 1871; son 
of John and Katherine (Watson) Donaldson; 
educated in public schools of St. Louis; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, 1897, Adelaide Daniels. Learned 
printing trade and has been continuously con- 
nected with the Great Western Printing Co. 
since 1884; became manager, and, in 1900, 
president. The company is now the St. Louis 
branch of the National Printing & Engraving 
Co. of New York, of which he is vice presi- 
dent. The business was originally the job 
office of the Globe-Democrat, changing to 
Great Western Printing Co. in 1884. IMember 
Advertising Men's League, Typothette. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Member Royal Ar- 
canum. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Creve Coeur 
Canoe CIuVj. Favorite recreations: aquatic 
sports. Office: 513 Elm St. Residence: 2717 
S. King's Highway. 

DONALDSON, William Rhind, lawyer; born, 
Aiurfreeslioro, Tenn., Jan. 8, 1S44; son of An- 
drew and Ellen (Rhind) Doiuildson; educated 
in St. Louis public schools; Central High 
School; A.B., Washington University, 1863; 
studied law with Sharp & Broadhead and ad- 

mitted to St. Louis bar, 1865; LL.B., Harvard 
Law School, 1866; married, Pittsfield, Mass., 
Oct. 20, 1869, Elizabeth Larned, daughter of 
Thomas Allen; children: Annie Maud (Mrs. 
^Marshall Ilodgman), William Rhind, Jr., Eliz- 
abeth Allen (Mrs. George A. Randolph). In 
general practice of law in St. Louis since 
1866; 1901, senior member of firm of Donald- 
son & Donaldson. Vice president Southern 
Hotel Co.; director Allen Estate Association. 
Democrat. Episcopalian. Member Missouri 
Historical Society, St. Louis, American and 
Missouri State Bar associations, Tennessee So- 
ciety of St. Louis. Clubs: St. Louis, St. Louis 
Country. Office: 818 Bank of Commerce Bldg. 
Residence: St. Louis Co. 

DONALDSON, Wmiara Rhind, Jr., lawyer; 
born, St. Louis, Aug. 16, 1875; son of William 
Rhind and Elizabeth Larned (Allen) Donald- 
son; educated in Rugby Academy, St. Louis, 
1890-94; Harvard University, 1894-98, A.B.; 
traveled in Europe, 1898-99; attended St. 
Louis Law School, 1899-1901, LL.B.; unmar- 
ried. Admitted to bar at St. Louis, 1901, and 
since in practice. Member American Bar As- 
sociation, St. Louis Bar Association, Law Li- 
brary Association. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: St. Louis Country, Racquet. Recrea- 
tions: hunting and fishing. Office: 415 Pine 
St. Residence: St. Louis Co. 

DONK, Edmond Charles, president Donk 
Bros. Coal and Coke Co.; born, Crefeld, Ger- 
many, Feb. 19, 1851; son of Henry and Jose- 
phine Lucretia (Hinzen) Donk; came to 
L^nited States in childhood; educated in pri- 
vate schools of Peoria, HI., and St. Louis; 
married, St. Louis, 1882, Josephine Conrades; 
children: Edna M., Edmond C, Jr., Marie E. 
Spent earlier years in Peoria, 111., and came 
to St. Louis, 1863, to join brother, the late 
August Donk, who had established the coal 
firm of A. F. Donk & Co., in 1861. Entered 
employ of that firm in 1868, and later was ad- 
mitted to partnership, the firm becoming Donk 
Bros. Firm later became incorporated as 
Donk Bros. Coal Co., of which has been presi- 
dent since death of brother in 1894. Repub- 
lican. Unitarian. Member Merchants' Ex- 
change Benevolent Association, Royal Arca- 
num, Legion of Honor. Clubs: Union, Mis- 
souri Athletic, Liederkranz. Recreation: fish- 
ing. Office: 314 N. 4th St. Residence: 3643 
Castlemau Ave. 

DONNELL, Forrest C, lawyer; born, Quit- 
man, Mo., Aug. 20, 1884; son of John C. and 
Barbara Lee (Waggoner) Donnell; educated 
Maryville (Mo.) High Scliool; A.B., Univer- 
sity of Missouri, 1904, LL.B., 1907; unmarried. 
Admitted to Missouri bar, 1907, and since 
practiced in St. Louis. Appointed general at- 
torney for enforcement of collateral inheri- 
tance tax law of ]\Iissouri by Board of Cura- 
tors of University of Missouri, 1909; member 



firm of Spencer & Domiell since 1911. Direct- 
or Southern Electric Co. Eepubliean. Member 
American Bar Association, St. Louis Bar As- 
sociation. Mason. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, 
University. Kecreations: tennis, reading. Of- 
fice: Suite 510, Commonwealth Trust Bldg. 
Eesidence: Hamilton Hotel. 

DONNELL, John Walter, manager White 
Babbit Dye Co.; born, Carrollton, O., Feb. 22, 
1847; son" of James H. and Annie (Lea) Don 
nell; educated public schools of Ohio; mar 
ried, St. Louis, Apr. 23, 1872, Maria Tilden 
2d, Godfrey, 111., 1886, Fanny M. Bartlett 
children: John Tilden, Maria L. (Mrs. Will S 
Thompson, Hutchinson, Kan.), Walter Bart 
lett, Harold Chauning, Everett Malcolm. Was 
clerk in drug store; Avent to Colorado, 1862 
lived in Eocky Mountains four years, mining 
and merchandising; returned to St. Joseph, 
Mo., 1867; removed to St. Louis, 1868, and 
was clerk with Yandwater, Loker & Co., 
wholesale druggists, one year, then with Wil- 
liam D 'Oench & Co., wholesale druggists, until 
1870; business manager, A. A. Mellier Drug 
Co., 1870-72. Started in business for self 
1872, firm of Donnell, Tilden & Co., wholesale 
druggists; consolidated with firm of Wengler, 
Blow & Co., 1875, and organized as St. Louis 
Drug Co.; burned out in 1876, and in March, 
1877, organized firm of Donnell Manufactur- 
ing Co., manufacturing grocers' and druggists' 
specialties, of which was president until 1910, 
since manager White Eabbit Dye Co. Mem- 
ber Missouri Historical Society, Ohio Society. 
Mason (32°); member Legion of Honor. Ee- 
publiean. ITaitarian. Office: 1700 Morgan St. 
Eesidence: 4043 Westminster PL 

DONNELL, Thomas G., dentist; born, De- 
catur, 111., Apr. 17, 1873; son of John Michael 
and Mary Alzino (Gresham) Donnell; re- 
moved with parents to the Northwest iu boy- 
hood and was graduated at Umpqua Academy, 
Eoseburg, Ore.; subsequently attended Garden 
City Business College; student for one year 
at Cooper Medical College, San Francisco; en- 
tered Dental Department, Washington Uni- 
versity, graduating with degi'ee of D.M.D., 
1901; married Mabel Talbot, of England, Apr. 
17, 1911. In practice in St. Louis since 1901; 
professor of metulurgy and dental anatomy, 
Barnes Dental Department of National Uni- 
versity. Member Missouri State Dental So- 
ciety, St. Louis Society of Dental Science. 
Formerly member Oregon National Guard, and 
served in volunteers, Camp Presidio, San Fran- 
cisco, Spanish-American AVar. IMason (32°). 
Recreation: hunting large game in the Eockies. 
OflBce and Eesidence: 2247A S. Grand Ave. 

DONNEWALD, George Henry, wholesale 
coal and ice; born, St. Louis, June 21, 1857; 
son of Henry and Elizabeth (Miller) Donne- 
wald; educated in public schools; unmarried. 
Began business career as sales agent for the 

Excelsior Coal Mining Co., 1872, and became 
officer and director of the company, with head- 
quarters at St. Louis; senior member Donne- 
wald & Herring, owning and operating coal 
mines at Lebanon, 111., 1875-85; bought inter- 
ests of partner, 1885, and continued business 
as G. H. Donnewald & Co.: in 1897 organized 
Donnewald-Stephens Coal Co., and in 1900 in- 
corporated under present style of Donnewald 
Ice and Coal Co., of which is president; also 
jaresident Consumers' Ice and Fuel Co. Ro- 
man Catholic. Favorite recreation: driving. 
Office: 602 Times Bldg. Eesidence: 5 Jameton 

DONOVAN, Daniel C, president and man- 
ager St. Louis Daily News; born, St. Louis, 
Dec. 4, 1862; son of Denis and Ellen (Milner) 
Donovan; educated at St. Louis University; 
married, St. Louis, Nov. 24, 1887, Annie V. 
Crowley; children: Nellie Francis, Marie 
Genevieve, Daniel C, Jr., Virginia Mary (de- 
ceased) and Eosemary. Began business life 
with the M. M. Buck Manufacturing Co. (now 
the Handlan-Buck Manufacturing Co.) in a 
minor position, and was advanced until had 
full charge of the shipping and delivery de- 
partments, remaining with the company for 
sixteen years until embarked iu the newspa- 
per business, in which has since continued. 
President and manager of the St. Louis News 
Publishing and Printing Co. (established Oc- 
tober, 1895), printing and publishing St. Louis 
Daily News, and also the St. Louis News 
(weekly). Purchased the Daily Hotel Ee- 
porter, Dec. 20, 1905, and consolidated same 
with the St. Louis Daily News, paper being 
then known as the St. Louis Daily News and 
Daily Hotel Eeporter; sold Hotel Eeporter to 
Daily Eecord, Jan. 1, 1908. Member North 
St. Louis Business Men's Association, South 
Broadway Merchants' Association, Southwest- 
ern Mercantile Association, West End Busi- 
ness Men's Association. Democrat; nominee 
for City Council, 1893, and three times candi- 
date for police commissioner. Eoman Cath- 
olic. Office: 201 Temple Bldg., Broadway and 
Walnut St. Eesidence: 5087 Minerva Ave. 

DONOVAN, Francis Xavier; see Vol. 1906. 

DOOLEY, Patrick, clergyman; born, Parish 
of Murroe, County Limerick, Ireland; edu- 
cated at Sacred Heart College, Limerick; Col- 
lege of Native Diocese at Thurles; came to 
America, 1889, and pursued theological studies 
at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md. Or- 
dained priest Eoman Catholic Church, Dec. 
17, 1892; assistant to Eev. Thomas J. Cooley, 
Assumption Church, St. Louis, 1892-96, then 
rector same; appointed by Archbishop Gleu- 
non as rector St. John's Church; now serving 
as rector St. Bridget's Church. Eesidence: 
1108 N. Jefferson Ave. 

DOOLITTLE, Charles Almond, treasurer 
Blackmcr & Post Pipe Co.; born on farm in 



Ontario Co., X. Y., May 22, ISGS; son of Asa 
and Jane L. (Foster) Doolittle; edueateil in 
State Normal School, Geueseo, N. Y. ; married, 
St. Louis, Oct. 18, 1900, Clara Seifarth. En- 
fraged in fanning in New York and Massa- 
chusetts; came to St. Louis 1890, and was em- 
ployed by Blaekiner & Post, first as a stenog- 
rapher and later as a bookkeeper; was elected 
treasurer of the Blackmer & Post Pipe Co., 
1898. Republican. Scottish Rite IMason; mem- 
ber Ascalon Commandery, Knights Templar, 
Moolah Temi)l(\ Mystic ' Shrine. Office: G13 
Wainwright l-ildg. Residence: 5676 Cates Ave. 
*DORCHESTER, Liverus H., clergyman; 
nio\'ed to Scranton, Pa.; see "Vol. 1906. 

-DORGELOH, Henry Frederick; moved to 
San Francisco; see Vol. 19U(j. 

DOBR, Iiorenzo Engelbert, president Dorr 
& Zeller Catering Co.; born, Hesse-Darmstadt, 
Germany, May 15, 1857; son of Victor and 
Elizabeth (Scherrer) Dorr; educated in pub- 
lic schools of uative land; married, St. Louis, 
Mar. 17, 1886, Rose Stein; three children: 
Victor, Oliver, Roy Henry. Learned catering- 
business and followed same in old country un- 
til twenty- tive; came to America, 1882, and 
was connected with catering house in St. 
Louis, two years; started in business for self, 
1886; organized firm of Dorr & Zeller, 1887, 
of which has since been the head. Director 
Vandeventcr Trust Co. Member Business 
Men 's League. Catholic. Member Royal Ar- 
canum. Recreation: traveling. Office: .3924 
"Washington Ave. Residence: 3922 Washington 

DORSETT, Walter Blackburn, physician 
and surgeon; born, St. Louis Co., Mo., .June 13, 
1852; son of Henry Leonidas Dorsett (born iu 
Loudoun Co., Va.) and George Ann( Black- 
burn) Dorsett (of A'ersailles, Ky.); course of 
study in civil engineering, Washington Uni- 
versity; later took up study of medicine at 
St. Louis Medical College, graduating with 
degree of M.D., Mar. 4, 1878; married, Olnev, 
HI., Oct. 20, 1880, Eleanor C. French; one 
son: E. Lee, now engaged in practice of medi- 
cine. In practice at St. Louis since 1878; 
superintendent and surgeon in charge of Fe- 
male Hospital, St. Louis, 1887-92; gynecolo- 
gist Evangelical Deaconess Hospital, and 
Missouri Baptist Sanitarium since 189.''>; con- 
sultant St. Louis Maternity Hospital; pro- 
fessor gj-necology and pelvic surgery. Medical 
Department St. Louis University. President 
St. Louis Medical Society, 1893; president 
IVIissouri State Medical Association, 1900; 
president American Association of Obstetri- 
cians and Gynecologists, 1903; member South- 
ern Surgical and Gynecol. Association, West- 
ern Surgical Association, Southwestern Med- 
ical Association, St. Louis Academy of Sci- 
ence, American Clinical Congress. Democrat. 
Mason. Chilis: University, Glen Echo. Author 

of numerous monographs on medical subjects. 
Recreations: horseback riding, fishing. Of- 
fice: 26 I>iiimar Bldg. Residence: 5070 Wash- 
ington A\i\ 

DOSTAL, Antoine Robert, merchant tailor; 
born, Hermanmestetz, Austria, July 1, 1852; 
son of A. R. and Anna (Blecha) Dostal; edu- 
cated in public schools in Austria and in 
Paris, France; married, Waterbury, Conn., 
Feb. 18, 1883, Augustine Brassart; children: 
Charles A., A. R., .Jr., George B., Harry R., 
Louise Anna. Lived in Vienna and Paris for 
sixteen years; learned the tailoring trade in 
Vienna, Paris, London; came to United States 
first in 1882; returned to France for a short 
period, then located in New York for three 
years as a designer with one of the leading 
tailoring establishments of the city; after- 
ward came to St. Louis, 1889, and in 1890 es- 
tablished for self as a merchant tailor in this 
city. Episcopalian. IMason (32°), Shriner. 
Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Liederkranz. Favor- 
ite recreations: traveling, fishing and hunting. 
Office:- 209, 207 N. Sth St. Residence: 2828 
Euclid Ave. 

*DOUGAN, James Russell; moved to Law- 
rence, Kans.; see Vol. 1906. 

DOUGHERTY, Chester A., real estate; born, 
St. Louis, Sej)t. IS, 1883; son of Patrick J. 
and Ellen (Crowlev) Doughertv; educated 
Ames (public) School, St. Louis, 1889-97; 
married, St. Louis, June 6, 1906, Winifred V. 
Walsh; one child: Ruth Mary. Began at age 
of fourteen and was engaged in various pur- 
suits until entered real estate business at 029 
Chestnut St., iu March, 1903; now president 
Dougherty Bros. Real Estate Co. Member St. 
Louis Real Estate Exchange. Roman Cath- 
olic. Member Knights of Columbus. Clubs: 
Columbus, Automobile. Recreations: travel, 
motoring. Office: 818 Chestnut St. Residence: 
5322 Wells Ave. 

DOUGHERTY, Frank Joseph, real estate; 
born, San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 11, 1880; son 
of P. J. and Ellen (Crowley) Dougherty; edu- 
cated in St. Louis public school, to eighth 
grade, and two years at public night school; 
married, St. Louis, June 17, 1902, Mayme 
Clara Druinm; children: Francis Russell, Mel- 
vin .Joseph, Frank .T., .Tr., and Rosemary. After 
leaving school worked at various positions, in 
jirinting office, drug store, shoe factory, type 
foundry, incandescent lamp factory, Gould's 
Directory, etc.; in 1897 began in real estate 
business with the Nieholls-Ritter Realty and 
Financial Co. as office boy at $3 per week, ad- 
vancing to cashier and bookkeeper. On Mar. 
1, 1903, started out for self with desk-room, 
and on .Tan. 12, 1905, incorporated the Frank 
J. Dousiherty Real Estate Co., now Dougherty 
Bros. Real Estate Co., general real estate and 
insurance, of which is president. Member St. 
Louis Real Estate Exchange. Roman Catholii-. 



Independent in polities. Member Knights of 
Columbus. Eecreation: outdoor sports. Office: 
SIS Chestnut St. Residence : 13S6 Clara Ave. 
DOUGLAS, Alexander, railway official; 
born, Peithshire, Scotland, Mar. 31, ISiS; sou 
of James and Jane (.lohuston) Douglas; edu- 
cated in Blairgowrie (Scotland) public schools 
and Blairgowrie Academy, graduating 1865; 
married, Chicago, Aug. 14, ISSl, Nancy, daugh- 
ter of E. P. Kelly, M.D. Began railway serv- 
ice, May, 1866, as clerk in general office of 
Fast Freight Line, at Detroit, Mich.; general 
clerk, 1866-70, chief claim clerk, 1870-71, Blue 
Line Fast Freight; chief freight clerk, St. 
Louis Station, Atlantic & Pacific and Mis- 
souri Pacific railways, 1872-73; agent on line 
and in charge of train service, Carondelet 
branch, 187J:-7.5; chief clerk, traveling auditor 
and general bookkeeper, auditor's office, St. 
Louis & San Francisco Eailway Co., and its 
receiver, 1876-78; auditor St. Louis & San 
Francisco Eailway Co., 1879, to June 30, 1896, 
also auditor St. Louis, Kansas Citv & Colo- 
rado E. E., June, 1890, to September,' 1894, 
and auditor Central Division, Atlantic & Pa- 
cific E. E., 1879, to June 30, 1896; acted as 
secretary of all auxiliary companies of Frisco 
System, and also filled special duties assigned 
by vice president and general manager in ab- 
sence of latter, 1879-8.5. General auditor St. 
Louis & San Francisco R. E. Co., July 1, 1896, 
to .June 7, 1900, vice president and general 
auditor, 1900-03, fourth vice president and 
general auditor same company, Oct. 22, 1903, 
to June 30, 190S, vice president and general 
auditor since June 30, 1908; now director in 
twenty-eight auxiliary companies, Frisco Sys- 
tem. \Yas director Colonial Trust Co. until its 
absorption ]:y Commonwealth Trust Co., and 
director Continental Bank until its absorption 
by National Bank of Commerce. Originally 
Democrat, now independent. Presbyterian. 
<'luljs: St. Louis and Noonday. Office: Frisco 
Bldg. Eesidence: 3837 Washington Boul. 

DOUGLAS, Archer "Wall, wholesale hard- 
ware merchant; born. Key West, Fla., Jan. 26, 
1858; son of Samuel J. and Elizabeth (Brown) 
Douglas; educated in public schools of Talla- 
hassee, Fla.; mairied, St. Louis, Sept. 14, 1887, 
Hilda Clements; children: Winifred, Archer 
Donald, Beatrice Orme. Came to St. Louis, 
1S74, as clerk for liellville Nail Mill Co.; in 
1876 entered employment of G. & W. Todd & 
Co., in 1877 of Eobert B. Brown & Co. In 1878 
entered employ of Simmons Hardware Co., in 
buying department; elected secretary of the 
company, 1898, and vice president in 1904, in 
which position continues; also vice president 
of the Simmons Saddlery Co. Member Busi- 
ness Men's League. Independent in politics. 
Episco])alian. Member National Geographic 
Society, Sons of Eevolution, Archa-ological So- 
ciety of America, Washington University As- 
sociation. ( hairman of Executive Committee 

St. Louis Symphony Society. Clubs: Noonday, 
Normandie Golf, Contemporary, City, Public 
Question. Office: 9th and Spruce Sts. Eesi- 
dence: 5079 Waterman Ave. 

DOUGLAS, Scott Olive, physician; born, 
Fulton, Mo., May 2, 1879; son of John H. and 
Susan (Machette) Douglas; educated public 
schools; A.B., Westminster College, Fulton, 
1899; M.D., Medical Department, Washing- 
ton University, 1903; unmarried. In practice 
in St. Louis since 1903; specializes in skin 
diseases. Democrat. Presbyterian. Member 
Missouri State Medical Association, St. Louis 
^Medical Society, Phi Delta Theta, Nu Sigma 
Nu. Eecreation: country walks. Office: Lister 
Bldg. Eesidence: 4922 Fountain Ave. 

DOUGLAS, Walter Bond, lawyer; born, 
Brunswick, Mo., Dec. 20, 1851; son of James 
Marsh and Caroline (Bond) Douglas; gradu- 
ated from Westminster College, A.B., 1873; 
Harvard University Law School, LL.B., 1877; 
married, St. Louis, Apr. 29, 1891, Fannie B. 
Kimball; children: Antoinette, Marjory, James 
Marsh, Francis, William Cerre. Admitted to 
practice of law in Missouri, May, 1878; judge 
of the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, 
1901-1906, inclusive. Secretary of the Judi- 
cial Conference, 1903-1906. President for years 
1893 and 1894, and since 1900 member of the 
Board of Directors of the Missouri Historical 
Society; member American Bar Association, 
American Historical Association. Democrat. 
Fond of country life. Office: Laclede Bldg. 
Eesidences: 4305 Delniar Ave., and Florissant, 

DOUGLASS, John H., lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, May 6, 1873; son of John H. and Caro- 
line A. (Durfee) Douglass; educated in pri- 
vate schools, Stoddard (public) School, Cen- 
tial High School; A.B., Yale University, 1896; 
LL.B., St. Louis Law School, 1898; married, 
St. Louis, Apr. 26, 1905, Bessee Barrett Fin- 
ney; one daughter: Elizabeth Finney. Ad- 
mitted to bar July 1, 1898, and became iden- 
tified, in a legal capacity, with The Knapp, 
Stout & Co.; in January, 1899, became con- 
nected with the law offices of Eowell & Ferriss, 
which firm changed to Ferriss, Zumbalen & 
Ferriss; engaged in general practice. Member 
St. Louis and Missouri State Bar associations, 
Eepublican. Congregationalist. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Noonday, New St. Louis Country, Eac- 
quet, Bellerive Country. Eepublican. Favorite 
recreations: liorseback riding, golf and boat- 
ing. Office: 820 Eialto Bldg. Eesidence: 16 
Vandeveiiter PI. 

*DOWDALL, Elmo Joseph; moved to Chi- 
cago; sr,> \'ol. 19(16. 

DOWDALL, William Thomas, insurance ad- 
juster; born, St. Louis, Dec. 21, 1873; son of 
John T. and Lenora (Wooldridge) Dowdall; 
educated in Penrose, Devoll and Stoddard pub- 
lic schools until twelve years of age; in fa- 



tln'r's ollu'o until t'ourtooii, then attended hi(;h 
school two years; widower; one (hui<;liter: 
Catherine Lenora Loretta (died Dec. 11, 1910). 
Served with Missouri State Fish Commission 
seven years, first as attendant, then as fore- 
man and later as superintendent. Ajjpointed 
on St. liouis ]Metroi)olitaii Police Force, Mar. 
(), ISi).!; jiroMioted to sjiecial ollicer, November, 
ISBl), sergeiint, Aug. lM. 1S99; resigned Octo- 
ber 1, 1904, to enter the business of general 
adjustment of fire losses for the assured, or- 
ganizing, December, 1904, and was elected 
vice president, Mangson, Harding & Dowdall 
Adjustment Co., which later became Mangsou, 
Weiss, Harding & Dowdall Adjustment Co., 
of whi(di is vice president and city manager. 
The company lias offices also in Kansas City, 
Louisville and Cincinnati. Memlier of Civic 
League. Democrat. Methodist. Mason (Rose 
Hill Lodge, Kilwinning Chapter, St. Aldemar 
Commandery, Knights Templar). Clubs: Mer- 
cantile, Missouri Athletic, Blue Wing Hunting 
and Fishing. Office: 42.3 Pierce Bldg. Eesi- 
dence: 5072 Delmar Roul. 

BOWLING, John James, president John J. 
Dowling Eeal Estate Co.; born, St. Louis, Mar. 
2.3, 1S83; sou of James J. and Mary (Dowling) 
Dowling; educated St. Lawrence O 'Toole (pa- 
rochial) School, 14th and O 'Fallon Sts., to 
thirteen years of age; then entered Columbia 
(public) School, Garrison and St. Louis Aves., 
iu which continued for three years; married, 
St. Louis, Jan. 14, 1903, Helen T., daughter 
of Owen J. Moran (wife died Sept. 24, 1909) ; 
married, 2d, Aug. IG, 1911, Katherine S. A. 
^loran, sister of first wife; two children by 
first marriage: L. Gregory and Dorothy Kath- 
erine. Began active career as partner of fa- 
ther in mercantile business in East St. Louis 
under title of J. J. Dowling & Son; disposed 
of interest to brother (firm still in existence), 
and became identified with real estate Jan. 1, 
1908; president .John J. Dowling Real Estate 
Co.; director Security Title Co., title examin- 
ers exclusively. Secretary and director of St. 
Louis Real Estate Exchange since 1909, pres- 
ent term ending 1914. Democrat. Catholic. 
President Irish-American Sons of Erin, of St. 
Louis; member Marquette Council of the 
Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Irish- American 
Athletic, Missouri Athletic, St. Louis Automo- 
l)ile. Recreations: motoring, l)aseball. Office: 
1134 Chestnut St. Residence: 5253 Maple Ave. 

DOWLING, Patrick, retired; born. County 
Roscommon, Ireland, Mar. 18, 1844; son of Mi- 
chael and Mary (McCormack) Dowling; edu- 
cated in public schools; married, Davenport, 
la., 1875, Mary Carroll (died Apr. 1, 1880); 
2d, St. Louis, April 23, 1881, Jane Cullinen; 
six children: Daniel, ^Michael, Jennie (Mrs. 
William Clark), Patrick, Thomas, Annie. Came 
to America, 1864; employed as track and 
bridge builder on Iron Mountain R. R., 1864- 
65; then as section man, Missouri Pacific, and 

later foreman section hamls, Wal)ash R. R. ; 
was foreman Iron Mountain R. R. until 1873, 
when began as railroad contractor, in which 
continued activel.y for various railways in 
southwest for thirty years; retired in 1902. 
Catholic. Member Legion of Honor. Resi- 
dence: 5152 Maple Ave. 

DOWNEY, Edward Augustine, sales man- 
ager; lS55-Utl2; see Vol. 19t)(i. 

DOWNMAN, Hugh Hamilton, vice president 
The Scuddcrs-dale (iroccr Co.; born near 
Richmond, Va., Dec. S, 1S()3; son of J. J. and 
Isabella (Hamilton) Downman; educated in 
jirivate school at Fredericksburg, Va.; unmar- 
ried. Came to St. Louis from Fredericksburg, 
Va., 1883, and began business career in office 
of Krafft-Holmes Grocer Co.; this firm w-as 
succeeded, in 1890, by J. W. Scudder & Co. 
(of which became a member), and when that 
firm and The Scudder-Gale Grocer Co. were 
consolidated in January, 1903, as The Scud- 
ders-Gale Grocer Co., became secretary of lat- 
ter corporation; vice president same since- 
January, 1912. Episcopalian. Club: Mercan- 
tile. Office: 712 Spruce St. Residence: 4386 
Laclede Ave. 

DOWNMAN, John Bartholomew, real es- 
tate; see Vol. 1906. 

DOYLE, James Graflin, president H. G. 
Doyle Bricklaying Co.; born, St. Louis Co., 
Dec. 12, 1832; son of Marcus Lafayette and 
Helen (Godfrey) Doyle; educated in public 
and private schools, St. Louis, to 1849; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Oct. 18, 1855, Mary Ann Gra- 
ham (died 1883) ; married, 2d, St. Louis, Mav 
27, 1885, Maggie B. Elam (died 1893) ; eleven 
children, six living: Lewis S., William G., 
Effie F., Harry G., Mrs. Birdell Cooney, James 
G., Jr., and five step-children. Began business 
career as brick-work contractor, St. Louis, 
1855, then added brick-making in 1858, and 
continued both until 1861. Enlisted in Con- 
federate Army at Springfield, Mo., December, 
1861, under Gen. Sterling Price; was with 
Gen. F. M. Cockerel's command during most 
time in service, also served under McCullough, 
Van Dorn, Beauregard, Joseph .Johnson, Hood, 
Maury and "Dick" Taylor; taken prisoner at 
fall of Vieksburg, July 4, 1863; last engage- 
ment was at Fort Blakely, Mobile Bay, 1865; 
served until close of the war. Returned to St. 
Louis and reengaged in brick-making until 
1872; made investments in Kansas City, Mo., 
and operated brick plant there until 1873. Be- 
came president St. Louis Granite Wall Plaster 
Co., 1890, also of National Brick and Quarry 
Co., now known as the Continental Brick Co., 
until 1895; president of the Doyle Bricklaying 
Co., general brick contractors. Democrat. 
Methodist. Office: 521 Victoria Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 5078 Fairmont Ave. 

DOZIER, Lewis D.; born in St. Charles Co., 
Mo., Aug. 25, 1846; son of Capt. James and 



Mary A. (Dudgeon) Dozier; edueated in pub- 
lic and private schools and Bryant & Stratton 
Business College, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, 
1886, Kebeeea E. Lewis; two children: Lewis 
D., Jr., and Eleauore. Early became partner 
in baking business of Garneau & Dozier, which 
expired by limitation in 1S72; then became 
one of partners in Dozier, Weyl & Co., of 
which father was senior member; on father's 
death partnership was succeeded by corpora- 
tion, under name of Dozier-Weyl Cracker Co., 
of which he was president; in ISSS purchased 
interest of Mr. "Weyl, and conducted the busi- 
ness as Dozier Cracker Co. until 1890, when 
the corporation was merged into the Amer- 
ican Biscuit and Manufacturing Co.; in 1898 
that corporation was purchased by the Na- 
tional Biscuit Co., in which is a director. Di- 
rector of Mercantile Trust Co., Mercantile Li- 
brary, St. Luke's Hospital, Provident Asso- 
ciation, Pure Milk Commission. Member Busi- 
ness Men 's League, Civic League. One of thir- 
t;eeu members of executive committee Louisi- 
ana Purchase Exposition; member of Missouri 
Historical Society; trustee (life) Belief on- 
taine Cemetery; ex-president Board of Trus- 
tees Eankin School of Mechanical Trades; 
member Board of Trustees Y. M. C. A, Clubs: 
Commercial, St. Louis, Noonday, University, 
St. Louis Country, Racquet, Log Cabin. Eec- 
reations: golf and traveling. OflBice: Security 
Bldg. Residence: Westmoreland PL 

DRACH, Edward Charles, electrotyper; 
born, Cincinnati, 0., Sept. 29, 1848; son of 
Louis and Barbara (Keller) Drach; educated 
in Cincinnati public schools; married, St. 
Louis, Sept. 16, 1872, Sybilla Bermel; chil- 
.Iren: Edward E., Lucien, Eugene J., Walter 
C, Charles A., William H., Lillian (Mrs. Henry 
Steimke). Learned trade of electrotyper at 
Chicago, and in 1867 came to St. Louis; 
worked for Strassburger & Drach for a few 
years, and later on the organization of the 
Charles A. Drach Electrotype Co., of which 
became secretary and is now vice president. 
Catholic. Member Catholic Knights of Amer- 
ica, Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul 
Society. Office: 325 Locust St. Residence: 
3535 Wyoming St. 

DRAKE, George Silas, merchant; 1825- 
1909; see Vol. 1906. 

DREES, Henry, clergj-man; born, Preelands- 
ville, Ind., Sept. 21, 1856; son of Henry and 
Wilhelmine (Schoene) Drees; educated at Ger- 
man Evangelical Bethel School, Freelandsville, 
from 1865-69, public school, Huntingburg, Ind., 
1869-74, Proseminary (German Evangelical 
Synod of North America), Elmhurst, HI., 1875- 
79, Eden College, St. Louis, same synod, 1879- 
82, graduating June, 1882; married, St. Louis, 
Apr. 19, 18S3, Martha Braschler; children: 
Hulda (Mrs. J. J. Gruetter), Lydia, Fritz, 
Karl, Arthur, Arnold. Pastor German Evan- 
gelical St. Matthew's Congregation from July, 

1882, to August, 1895, and again since Sep- 
tember, 1899. From August, 1895, to April, 
1899, had charge of a congregation at Buffalo- 
ville, Ind., and was engaged in mission work 
in Birmingham, Ala. Address: 2613 Potomac 

DREES, William Frederick, secretary and 
treasurer Natural Power Co.; born, St. Louis, 
Aug. 21, 1875; son of John H. and Maria C. 
(Imholz) Drees; educated in public schools, 
attending high school, to 1890; took course in 
Bryant & Stratton 's Business College, 1891; 
unmarried. Bookkeeper with Peters Shoe Co., 
1892-95; then secretary to president, Henry 
W. Peters, 1896-99; and traveling salesman, 
1900-1907; elected president Dover Place Real- 
ty and Investment Co., 1908; secretary and 
treasurer Natural Power Co., since 1909. Re- 
publican. Lutheran. Clubs: Missouri Athletic, 
Million Population. Office: 209-210 Houser 
Bldg. Residence: 2908 Sullivan Ave. 

DRESCHER, Frederick B., physician; born, 
St. Louis, Sept. 4, 1861; son of Gustave Wil- 
liam and Ernestine (Hirschfeld) Drescher; 
educated public schools; Washington Univer- 
sity; St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Ph.G., 
1882; Missouri Medical College, M.D., 1884; 
married, St. Louis, June 21, 1893, Ida E. 
Schade (died May 25, 1906). Practiced at 
Lebanon, 111., about three months, 1884, then 
became connected with the Wabash Hospital, 
Danville, HL, continuing about ten months; 
in practice in St. Louis since May 7, 1885; in 
charge of medical department Alexian Broth- 
ers Hospital, 1887-90. Director Farmers and 
Merchants Trust Co. Member St. Louis Med- 
ical Society, American Medical Association. 
Clubs: Western Rowing, Tower Grove Turn 
A'erein. Office and Residence: 2154 Stansbury 

DRESSELL, Harry Melvin, railway official; 
born, Cincinnati, Mar. 10, 187o; son of Wil- 
liam'and Elizabeth (De Vinney) Dressell; edu- 
cated in public schools; married, St. Louis, 
Feb. 16, 1898, Stella Voerster; one child: 
RoUa Edwin. With Ohio & Mississippi Ry., 
auditor's office, Cincinnati, 1889-90, and in 
general passenger office, same road, 1890-92; 
with Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Ry., 
1892-97. Removed to St. Louis, 1898, and since 
connected with passenger department Wabash 
R. R.; general passenger office, 1898-99; city 
passenger agent, 1899-1908; since general 
agent passenger department. Methodist. Rec- 
reation: fishing. Office: 8th and Olive Sts. 
Residence: 5516 Maple Ave. 

DREW, Francis A., glass merchant; 1848- 
1910; see Vol. 1906, 

DREW, John Graham, railway official; 
born, Hammondsport, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1864; 
son of John M. and Hannah (Graham) Drew; 
educated in public schools of St. Joseph, Mo.; 
married, St. Joseph, Mar. 19, 1890, Ella M. 



Beiuler; two children: Charles, Elizabeth. 
Began as station clerk at Seneca, Kan., St. 
Joseph & Western (now St. Joseph & Grand 
island) R. li., January, 1881; continued 
eighteen years, telegraph operator to auditor 
of road; appointed assistant comptroller 
Great Northern Ry., St. Paul, Minn., June 1, 
J 890, comptroller, June 1, 1902; general au- 
ditor, Missouri Pacific-Iron IMouutain Sys- 
tem, June, :9]1-July 9, 1912; since vice presi- 
dent ^Missouri Pacific and St. Louis, Iron 
:^iountain & Southern railways. Republican. 
I'resbyterian. Mason, Knight Temi>lar, Shrin- 
er. Clubs: St. Louis, Triple A. Recreation: 
golf. Office: Missouri Pacific Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 5092 Waterman Ave. 

DREW, Tankerville Joseph, glass broker; 
1S77-1910; see Vol. P.mkJ. 

*DREY, Eugene; moved to New York; see 
Vol. 190(3. 

DREY, Leo Albert, president Schrani Manu- 
facturing Co.; born, St. Louis, Sept. 4, 1876; 
s;on of Albert and Marie (Morgenstern) Drey; 
educated in St. Louis public schools and at 
l>rivate schools in Germany; unmarried. Be- 
gan in 1888, in employ of Drey & Kahn Glass 
Co., advancing to secretary in 1898, vice pres- 
ident, 1902, later president, business being dis- 
posed of, 1906; since president of Sehram 
.Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of fruit 
jars. Jewish in religion. Clubs: Columbian, 
Amateur Athletic Association, Westwood Coun- 
try. Recreations: golf and fishing. Office: 812 
Wright Bldg. Resilience: Buckingham Hotel. 

DREYER, Eugene Charles, president Dreyer 
Commission Co.; born, St. Louis, Feb. 28, 
1876; son of Charles and Fanny (Weisels) 
Dreyer; educated in St. Louis public schools 
from age of six to fourteen, then took six 
months' course in Perkins & Herpel Business 
College, St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Feb. 22, 
1900, Irene Bender; children: Charles B., Fe- 
lix S. and Stanley W. Began business career 
in country store, Stockton, Mo., for about 
year, then for six months in retail cigar store 
in St. Louis ami for two years with Meyer, 
Bannermau Saddlery Co.; at National Stock 
Yards, East St. Louis, 111., as assistant to 
superintendent of horse and mule department, 
until March, 1897; was connected with Hun- 
ter Bros. Milling Co. as bookkeeper until 1901 
and secretary and treasurer until firm liq- 
uidated, January, 1910; since president Dreyer 
Commission Co. Jewish religion. Member St. 
Louis Merchants' Exchange. Clubs: Knobel, 
St. Louis Grain and St. Louis Millers'. Rec- 
reations: hunting and fishing. Office: 412 
Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 5716 Von 
Yersen Ave. 

DRIEMEYER, George F., merchant tailor; 
born, St. Louis, Oct. 6, 1866; son of Frederick 
A. and Mary (Hildebrand) Driemeyer; edu- 
cated Everett School, and Polytechnic, St. 

Louis; married, Red Bud, 111., Oct. 5, 1892, 
Minnie Ahnefeld; seven children: Arthur, 
Adele, Fred, Norma, George, Bertram, Ray- 
mond. Began in tailoring business in St. Louis, 
Sept. 15, 1896; bought out the John H. French 
Tailoring Co., August, 1905, and consolidated 
the firms under title of "Driemeyer, Tailor." 
I'resident Custom Cutters' Association of St. 
Louis, 1909-12; president International Cus- 
tom Cutters' Association of America since 
Fob. 8, 1912; member West End Business 
Men's Association of St. Louis. Treasurer 
b'iddick School Patrons' Alliance. Republican, 
^lember Evangelical Church. Recreations: 
baseball, fishing. Office: n. w. cor. 7th an*d 
Pine Sts. Residence: 5410 Vernon Ave. 

DRISCHLER, Francis, architect; born. New 
York, Mar. ;!, 187.":>; son of Francis and Marie 
(Wienecke) Drischler; educated in New York 
public schools and also in Belgium, Germany 
and France by traveling and private tuition; 
married, New York, Sept. 29, 1896, Ida Stier; 
children: Carl Stier, Marian. Served in Span- 
ish-American war as sergeant of Troop A, 
Fourth U. S. Cavalry; served actively in the 
Philippines for three years, taking part in va- 
rious skirmishes, the capture of San Isidro, 
Lawton's Northern Expedition, Oct. 11 to 
Dec. 5, 1899, and General Schwan 's Southern 
Expedition, Jan. 3 to Feb. 15, 1899. Came to 
St. Louis after leaving army in 1901, and was 
for two and one-half years engaged as 
draughtsman with Eames & Young, architects; 
since January, 1904, engaged for self in prac- 
tice as architect; entered into partnership 
with H. G. Clymer, July 1, 1909, as Clymer & 
Drischler; constructed the State Normal 
School, Springfield, Mo., Princess Theater, St. 
Louis, Schubert Theater, Denver, etc. Repub- 
lican. Member American Institute of Archi- 
tects, St. Louis Chapter. Member Army of 
the Philippines; Walker Jennings Camp, Span- 
ish War Veterans; adjutant Department of 
Missouri, Spanish War Veterans, 1912-13. Ma- 
son. Club: Armj^ and Navy of St. Louis 
(board of directors). Office: 619 Wainwright 
Bldg. Residence: 4610 Westminster PI. 

DROSTEN, Frederick William, jeweler; 
born, St. Louis, Jan. 19, 1858; son of William 
and Rosalia (Gross) Drosten; educated at 
German Institute and Washington University; 
married, St. Louis, June 26, 1883, Rosa MuUer; 
one son: William George. Apprenticed to 
trade of watchmaker and jeweler, 1873-77; 
employed by William Loeffel, jeweler and 
watchmaker, 1877-80; embarked on own ac- 
count as retail jeweler in 1880, at 619 Olive 
St., and removed, 1898, to 7th and Pine Sts., 
and engaged in retail and manufacturing 
business and importer of diamonds and prec- 
ious gems, gold and silversmith; removed to 
more commodious quarters, Nov. 20, 1905, 7th 
and Locust Sts. Member Business Men's 
League. Mason (32°); Anchor Lodge, Oriental 



Chapter, Asealon Conimandery, Knights Tem- 
jilar. and Moolah Temple, Mystic Shrine. 
Member Liederkranz Society and St. Louis 
Symphony Society. Clubs: Union, Mercantile, 
Glen Echo. Eecreation: golf. Office: S. W. cor. 
Locust and 7th Sts. Residence: 2011 Park 

DRUHE, William, lunilier merchant; 1837- 
1 ill IS; see Vol. 190l!. 

-DRUMMOND, John N., Jr., broker; moved 
to California; see Vol. 190G. 

DUBROUILLET, Francois V., treasurer St. 
Louis I'nion Trust Co.; born, Linn, Mo., July 
22. 1870; sou of Theophile and Julie (Melin) 
Dubrouillet; educated in public schools; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Apr. 24, 1895, Hattie Brown; 
one daughter: Julie Mary. Began active ca- 
reer in employ of the Orr & Lindsley Shoe Co., 
St. Louis, continuing until 1897; since con- 
nected with St. Louis Trust Co., and has been 
treasurer same since 1907. Republican. Cath- 
olic. Clubs: Bankers', Bellerive Country. Rec- 
reation: golf. Office: 401 N. 4th St.' Resi- 
dence: 5518 Cabanne Ave. 

DUCKWORTH, Edmund, clergyman; born, 
Burnley, Lancashire, Eng., Aug. 26, 1857; son 
of Caleb and Ellen (Blakey) Duckworth; edu- 
cated English public schools; Keswick Col- 
lese, England, 1878-80; special student under 
Pastor Just, of Bradford, Eng., 1880-81; mar- 
ried in New York, Nov. 12, 1883, Annie Birk- 
by, of Liversedge, Yorkshire, Eng. (who died 
Januarv, 1908); married, 2d, St. Louis, Jan. 
25, 1910, Angeline E. S. Pullis; five children 
bv first marriage : Leona B. (Mrs. T. J. John- 
son), Millicent" B. (Mrs. C. E. McDonald), 
Jessie B., Laurence E., George E. Came to 
America, October, 1881; was among the In- 
dians and at the mines on Lake Superior two 
years, at Palmyra, Wis., three years, at Union 
Grove, Wis., three years, at Oconomowoc, 
Wis., five rears; came to St. Louis, October, 
1894; deacon, 1895, priest, 1896, Protestant 
Episcopjal Church; rector St. James Church, 
1S95-1910, and since Apr. 1, 1910, rector of 
united parishes of St. James Church and the 
Church of the Redeemer. Club: Mercantile. 
Recreations: cricket and tennis. Residence: 
4'.Mi; W.-isJiiiigton Ave. 

DUCKWORTH, Edward Chester, printer 
and p)ublisher; born, St. Louis, Julj' 1, 1866; 
son of Edwin James and Elizabeth (Brook) 
Duckworth; educated in public scjiools; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, June 12, 1889, Elizabeth 
Clobes; one daughter living: Edna Elizabeth, 
and one son, Edwin, deceased. Began in print- 
ing business at 312 Locust St., in August, 
1893, and is now vice i>resi<lent Huglies & Co.; 
also vice president Hughes Realty ami Invest- 
ment Co. Episcopalian. ]\[ember Masonic Or- 
der. Recreations: hunting and fishing. Office: 
214 Pine St. Residence: 3520 N. Tavlor Ave. 

DUDLEY, Clifton Rogers, physician; born 
in Marion Co., Mo., Dec. 24, 1867; son of 
James Rogers and Sarah Waller (Rodes) Dud- 
ley; educated at Centenary High School, Pal- 
mvra. Mo., until 1886; University of Virginia, 
1886-89; M.D., Bellevue Hospital Medical Col- 
lege, New York, 1891; unmarried. After grad- 
uation in medicine entered Charity Hospital, 
New York, and served as interne eighteen 
months; then practiced medicine in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., for short time; came to St. Louis in 
March, 1894, and has since been engaged in 
practice of medicine in St. Louis. Medical 
director Missouri State Life Insurance Co. 
Member St. Louis Medical Society, St. Louis 
Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, Mis- 
souri State Medical Association, American 
Medical Association. Democrat. Baptist. Rec- 
reation: hunting. Office: 508 Carleton Bldg. 
Residence: Hotel Berlin. 

DUDLEY, S. Stockwell, commercial agent 
Merchants' and Miners' Transportation Co.; 
born, Flemingsburg, Ky., Mar. 12, 1865; son 
of New^ton S. and Arabella (Stockwell) Dud- 
ley; educated in Flemingsburg (Ky.) public 
schools and Kentucky Wesleyan College, Mil- 
lersburg, Ky. ; married, St. Louis, Mar. 21, 
1898, Mary Shumate Morris; children: Frances 
S., Arabelle S. Was telegraph operator on 
Kentucky Central Ry., Johnson, Ky., 1887-90; 
with Kanaw^ha Dispatch as assistant auditor 
at Cincinnati, 1890-91; contracting agent, St. 
Louis, Dec. 1, 1891, to Aug. 1, 1894; agent, 
Toledo, Aug. 1, 1894, to March, 1897; agent, 
St. Louis, from March, 1897, to Nov. 1, 1905, 
when was appointed commercial agent Mer- 
chants' and Miners' Transportation Co. at 
St. Louis. Republican. Presbyterian. Member 
Tuscan Lodge, A. F. & A. M., and St. Aide- 
mar Conimandery, Knights Templar. Club: 
The Traffic. Recreation: hunting. Office: 220- 
221 Pierce Bldg. Residence: 1039 Goodfellow 

DUDLEY, Thomas Parker; see Vol. 1906. 

DUFFEE, George Gillespie; see Vol. 1906. 

DUFFY, Joseph Aloysius, real estate; born, 
St. Louis, Feb. 2, 1858; son of Michael (archi- 
tect and builder) and Sarah Jane (McGee) 
Dutfy; educated at St. Louis University; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Nov. 13, 1884, Martha Gart- 
side; children: Joseph Gartside (deceased), 
Ozite Elaine. Began business career as clerk 
for Graff, Bennett & Co., iron merchants; 
then engaged in grain and commission busi- 
ness until embarked in real estate and finan- 
cial agency business; now head of firm of 
Joseph A. Duffy & Co. Also extensive breeder 
and raiser of thoroughbred stock, and owner 
of several valuable stock farms. ^lemljer ^Nler- 
chants' Exchange. Mason and Odd Fellow. 
Club: Missouri Athletic. Favorite recreation: 
breeding of fine cattle. Office: Room 2, 717V> 
Chestnut St. Residence: 4038 Morgan St. 



DUGGAN, William J., secrctni y .Mcrcaiitih' 
Trust Co.; l>oni, St. Louis, .luiic L', 1S()4; sun 
of William and IMary (Naj;lt>) l)u^j;aii; edu- 
cated in St. Louis ]>ublic schools; iiiarrieil, St. 
Louis, Sept. 2.'{, 1894, Emma 'rovviisciid (died 
May (), 1!)11); cdiildren: William T., Helen G., 
Thomas 1). With Samuel Cujiides Wooden- 
ware Co. as clerk, 1SS0-S7; enj^a^ci! witli 
George T. We))b AN'oodenware Co., Kansas 
City, Mo., 1888-92; then with A. Giesel Manu- 
facturing Co., as secretai-y, lS9."i-19U2; credit 
manager, 1902-09, since secretary, ISiercantile 
Trust Co. Democrat. Catholic. Club: Mer- 
cantile. Kecreations: fishing, baseball. Office: 
721 Locust St. Residence: 5243 Raymond Ave. 

DUNCAN, Abner Harvey, retired; bom in 
Callawiiy Co., Ky., May, 184:5; son of Craw- 
ford A. and Klizabeth (Harvey) Duncan; edu- 
cated in school at Murray, Ky. ; married, 
Henry Co., Tenn., January, 1869, Laura lien- 
rv; children: Crawford Henry, Mary (Mrs. 
William Everett), Lucy (Mrs. J. B. Rogers). 
Enlisted in Confederate Army on breaking out 
of Civil War, and was second lieutenant in 
Third Kentucky Regiment, serving under Gen- 
erals Hood and Forrest. After war located in 
Tennessee, where was engaged in farming, 
general merchandise and drug business, and 
from 1889 to November, 1904, was vice presi- 
dent of Paris (Tenn.) Medicine Co.; came to 
St. Louis May, 1900, and was president of the 
Mayfield Woolen Mills Clothing Co. until 1909. 
Democrat. Member Tennessee and Kentucky 
societies of St. Louis. Mason (32°), Knight 
Templar, Shriner. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

DUNCAN, Guilford, president The Ludlow- 
Saylor Wire Co.; born, St. Louis, Feb. 27, 
1878; son of William and Frances Smith 
(Pickering) Duncan; educated in St. Louis 
public schools until 1893; Smith Academy, 
1893-96; Yale Universitv, 1896'-1900, A.B., 
1900; married, St. Louis, 1903, Emma L. A all; 
one son: W^illiam Guilford. Entered employ 
of The Ludlow-Saylor Wire Co. in 1900, serv- 
ing in various capacities at the factory until 
1902, when was made secretary of the com- 
pany; so continued until close of 190;'), when 
was elected vice president, president May, 
1912, the company being manufacturers of all 
kinds of wire work, window screen cloth and 
ornamental brass, copper and steel work. 
Presbyterian. Clubs: University, Missouri 
Athletic, Glen Echo. Recreations: hunting 
and fishing. Office: Newstead Ave. and Wa- 
bash R. R. Residence: 4711 Westminster PI. 

DUNCAN, James P., assistant treasurer 
Buxton & Skinner Stationery Co.; born, Sid- 
ney, O.; son of John and Margaret (Fulton) 
Duncan; educated jmblic and high schools, 
Sidney, and business college, Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y.; married at Rutland, Vt., 1881, Candice E. 
Cole, of Vermont; children: Robert C, .lames 
H., Andrew C, Miriam M. Began active ca- 

reer as clerk in store at Sidney; later spent 
two years in wholesale store of Cal Barker, 
Toledo, (). ; serve- 1 as deputy county treasurer 
Shelby Co., O. ; removed to St. Louis. ]S79, 
and was ])laced in charge of office woik of R. 
1). Patterson «.^ Co., becoming secretary and 
treasuier of the company; after business was 
sold to the Buxton & Skinner Stationery Co. 
was made assistant treasurer of latter con- 
cern. Member St. Louis Credit Glen's Asso- 
ciation. Democrat. Presbvterian. Recreation: 
horseback riding. Office: 306 N. 4th St. Resi- 
dence: .5886 Clemens Ave. Summer Residence: 
Hill Crest Cottage, Arcailia, Mo. 

DUNCAN, John Harris, dermatologist; born, 
Columbia, -\lo., Aug. 16, 1852; son of William 
11. and Susan W. (Harris) Duncan; student 
I'niversity of Missouri, 1865-69; A.M., Wil- 
liam .Jewell College, Missouri, 1872; M.D., 
Cniversity of Missouri, 1874; M.D., Bellevue 
Hospital Medical College (New York Univer- 
sity), 1875; (LL.D., William Jewell College, 
1904); married S. Belle Dulany, of Hannibal, 
Mo., Dec. 21, 1881. Began practice at Colum- 
bia, Mo., 1875; professor i)hysiology, Univer- 
sity of Missouri, 1875-83; jirofessor physiology 
and dermatology, University Medical College 
of Kansas City, 1883-93, St. Louis College Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons, 1893-4; professor physi- 
ology, Barnes Medical College, St. Louis, 1898- 
19ltl; professor diseases of the skin and syph- 
ilis, Marion-Sims-Beaumont Medical College 
(St. Louis University), 1901 to 1908. Member 
American Medical Association, Missouri State 
Medical Society (president 1896-1907), St. 
Louis Medical Society, St. Louis Medical Li- 
brary Association (vice president since 1898) ; 
president Academv of Medicine, Kansas Citv, 
1892. Democrat. 'Baptist. Club: Glen Echo. 
Office: Humboldt Bldg. Residence: Bucking- 
ham Hotel. 

DUNCAN, Wayne Abel, president W. A. 
Duncan Land and Real Estate Co.; born, 
Memphis, Tenn., .lune 10, 1882; son of Wil- 
liam A. and Katherine .T. (Schultz) Duncan; 
graduated iNIeinphis Grammar and Higli 
schools and from the ])reparatory school of 
.Tones & Perry; matriculated in Law De]iart- 
ment. University of Tennessee, graduating 
with degree of LL.B., 1902; married, Memphis, 
.Tuly 29, 1906, Norma ^L Seifred; one daugh- 
ter: Lady Claudia. Was traveling freight 
agent for Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Ry. 
at age of twenty; engaged in real estate busi- 
ness at Memphis for three years and in same 
line of business in St. Louis since 190(;; presi- 
dent W. A. Duncan Land and Realty Vo., suc- 
cessors to W. A. Rutlcdge Realty Co., former- 
Iv the Rutledge & Ilorton Realty Co., organ- 
ized in 1881, and located at 1005 Chestnut St.; 
also president Rinehart Realty Co., Hillside 
Real Estate and Investment Co. ^Member St. 
Louis Real Estate Exchange. Democrat. ^la- 
son; member Sigma Ali>ha Epsilon college fra- 



ternity. Eecreation: motoring. Oifice: 1005 
Chestnut St. Residence: 3810 Westminster PI. 

DUNCAN, William, manufacturer, capital- 
ist; born, Birkenheatl, England, Aug. 20, 18-45; 
son of Eobert and Mary (Thompson) Duncan; 
educated in St. Louis public schools and Jones 
Commercial College; married, St. Louis, Aug. 
4, 1864, Fannie S. Pickering; children: Mrs. 
Joseph W. Jacob, Mrs. Frank Low, Guilford, 
Mrs. E. Calvin Dobson. Began business career 
in railroad service, 1863, as clerk in employ 
of Ohio & Mississippi E. E., at East St. Louis, 
111.; appointed general freight agent, same 
road, with offices in St. Louis, 1872; appointed 
vice president of Baltimore & Ohio South- 
western Ey., a consolidation of the Ohio & 
Mississippi Ey. and the Cincinnati, Washing- 
ton & Baltimore E. E., in 1893; resigned, 1896, 
to engage in manufacturing business; now 
president Charter Oak Stone and Eange Co. 
and chairman advisory board of the Ludlow- 
Saylor Wire Co. Eepublican. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: Mercantile, Glen Echo. Eecreation: 
golf. Office: 634 S. Newstead Ave. Residence: 
4481 Westminster PI. 

DUNCKER, Charles Henry, carpet mer- 
chant; born, St. Louis, May 1, 1865; son of 
Henry and Mary (Bergesch) Duncker; edu- 
cated in St. Louis public schools, Smith Acad- 
emv, Washington University; married, Phila- 
delphia, Apr. 20, 1892, Pauline E. Doerr; chil- 
dren: Charles Henry, Jr., Henry Philip. Be- 
gan business career in 1882 in the wholesale 
and retail carpet and draperies house of Tror- 
licht, Duncker & Eenard Carpet Co. (estab- 
lished, 1863) and advanced through various po- 
sitions, being elected president, 1900; in Janu- 
ary, 1907, firm name was changed to Tror- 
licht-Duncker Carpet Co., of which is also 
president. Eepublican. Protestant. Member 
Business Men's League, Civic League. Mem- 
ber B. P. O. Elks. Club: Missouri Athletic. 
Recreations: hunting, fishing and motoring. 
Office: Fourth St. and Washington Ave. Resi- 
dence: 3636 Page Boul. 

DUNCKER, Henry, carpet merchant; 1836- 
]90fi; se>' Vol. 1906. 

DUNHAM, Charles Scott, dentist; born, 
Greeley, Colo., Dec. 29, 1871; son of Edward 
L. and Annie G. (Scott) Dunham; descendant 
of earlj- Pilgrim ancestry of ^Massachusetts; 
educated in public schools and business col- 
lege; matriculated in Ohio College of Dental 
Surgery (University of Cincinnati), graduat- 
ing with degree of D.D.S., 1896; studied for 
one year with uncle, Dr. Charles Scott, of 
Zanesville, O. ; married, St. Louis, June 28, 
1904, Elizabeth Dirque. Practiced at New Or- 
leans, and in employ of a dentist in St. Louis 
until 1898; has since conducted office on own 
account. Member St. Louis Society of Dental 
Science (treasurer, 1908-10), Missouri State 
Dental Society. Presbyterian. Odd Fellow. 

Expert musician; performer on trombone and 
euphonium; member St. Louis Orchestra Club, 
Orphans' Musical Society. Recreations: ama- 
teur photograjihy and music. Office: Star 
Bldg. Residence: 3635 McRee Ave. 

DUNN, James Randall, chief of U. S. Immi- 
gration Service, St. Louis; born, Elmira, N. 
Y., Nov. 21, 1856; son of John Davis and 
Julia M. (Randall) Dunn; educated in public 
schools of Massillon, 0.; married, Massillon, 
Aug. 7, 1879, Caroline R. Brown; children: 
John Eandall, Helen Marjorie (Mrs. Jean De 
Shon). Engaged in general real estate and 
investment business at Massillon, 1878; acted 
as trustee, administrator and receiver of vari- 
ous estates, bought and sold lands in Kansas, 
Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, etc. Organized land 
and manufacturing corporations and syndi- 
cates in Kansas, Ohio and New York; re- 
moved to New York, 1890; retired from act- 
ive business in 1892, and in 1893 was appoint- 
ed as chief of office of U. S. Treasury special 
agents at AVorld's Columbian Exposition, Chi- 
cago; has been an officer of U. S. Government 
almost continuously since 1892, filling special 
positions in charge at expositions and posts 
requiring special organization; was chief of 
Chinese Immigration Bureau in San Fran- 
cisco, 1899-1903; after creation of Department 
of Commerce and Labor in 1903, an office was 
established in St. Louis and he was assigned 
to take charge, jurisdiction extending over 
Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. Ee- 
publican. Christian Scientist. President 
Bishop-DeWaters Manufacturing Co. 'Mason, 
Knight Templar and Shriner. Eecreation: 
golf. Office: 1305 Chemical Bldg. Eesidence: 
4929 McPherson Ave. 

DURANT, George Freeland, telephone man- 
ager; 1842-190S; see Vol. 1906. 

DURHAM, William Arthur, assistant gen- 
eral manager Missouri, Kansas & Texas Eail- 
way Co.; born on farm in Gerrard Co., Ky., 
Mar. 22, 1867; son of James Harrison and 
Josephine (Dickerson) Durham; educated in 
the public schools to 1882; unmarried. Be- 
gan railroad career as call boy with Missouri, 
■ Kansas & Texas Eailway Co., 1884; advanced 
to clerk, 1886, chief clerk to superintendent, 
1889, supervisor of wages, 1901, assistant to 
general manager, 1909, and assistant general 
manager since May, 1910. Democrat. Member 
Christian Church. Eecreation: outdoor sports. 
Office: 408 Wainwright Bldg. Eesidence: Mar- 
quette Hotel. 

DURNING, Thomas Roy, merchant; born, 
Allogheiiy, Pa., Sept. 17, 1882; son of Joseph 
S. and ]\L (Cooke) Durning; graduated pub- 
lic schools of Allegheny; married, Allegheny, 
Apr. 6, 1904, Ettie Loveless; two children, 
both of whom are deceased. Began active 
career as cash boy with Joseph Home Co., 
Pittsburgh, Pa., advancing to position of 



salesman; then became buyer in boys' cloth- 
ing department; came to St. Louis, 1907, and 
for four years was in charge of young men 's 
and boys' department in store of Werner & 
Werner; assisted in organizing the JJurning- 
Jreland Co., boys' clothing, which has been in 
existence since Aug. 6, ISUO, and of which is 
]iresident and manager. Methodist. I\Ieniber 
Tower Grove Impro\ement Association, liec- 
reation: baseball. Oliice: 412 N. Broadway. 
Kesidence: otiiy Kt/.el Ave. 

DWYER, Walter P., real estate; 1858-1910; 
see Vol. i;tO(i. 

DYAS, David Leonard, real estate; born in 
Floyd (Jo., Ja., Dec. 11, 1866; sou of Charles 
and Susan (Hopkins) Uj'as; educated in pub- 
lic schools and at the School of Mines and 
^[etallurgy, Rollo, Mo.; married, Kansas City, 
^lo., Oct. o, 1904, Minnie Kiel; one son: Rich- 
ard. Began business career as clerk in whole- 
sale grocery firm at St. Louis; traveling sales- 
man for N. K. Fairbauk Co., until 189U, when 
started in real estate business in firm of Dyas 
Bros. & Co., which was merged into the Dyas 
Realty Co., of which is president. Member St. 
Louis Real Estate Exchange. Member Chris- 
tian (Campbellite) Church. Independent in 
politics. Favorite recreations: fishing and 
golf. Office: 107 N. 9th St. Residence: 5720 
Chamberlain Ave. 

DYE, James William; see Vol. 1906. 

DYER, David Patterson, judge; born in 
Henry Co., Va., Feb. 12, 1838; son of David 
and Nancy R. Dyer; moved to Missouri, 1841; 
educated public schools and St. Charles Col- 
lege; marrieil, Xov. 15, 1860, Lizzie Chambers 
Hunt, of Pike Co., Mo.; children: Ezra Hunt, 
Emma Grace (Mrs. Edgar R. Hunting), David 
P., Jr., Elizabeth, Horace L., Louise (Mrs. 
Frank Fay). Admitted to bar at Bowling 
Green, 'Mo., 1859; practiced in Pike and ad- 
joining counties until 1875; member Congress, 
1869-71; appointed U. S. attorney, 1875, and 
removed to St. Louis. Prosecuted the "Whis- 
key Ring," 1875-76; Republican candidate 
for governor, 1880, defeated; delegate-at- 
large. Republican National Convention, Chi- 
cago, 1888, and Philadelphia, 1900; U. S. at- 
torney. Eastern District of Missouri, 1902-07; 
judge U. S. District Court, Eastern District 
of Missouri, since Apr. 1, 1907. Member Ameri- 
can Bar Association, Loyal Legion. Mason. 
Address: U. S. Custom House. Residence: 
;!807 Dc^lmar Ave. 

DYER, Ezra Hunt, secretary and treasurer 
of the ;Mound City Paint and Color Co.; born, 
Louisiana, Mo., Mar. 27, 1864; resident of St. 
Louis since 1875; son of David Patterson and 
Elizabeth Chambers (Hunt) Dyer; educated 
in St. Louis public schools and Washington 
University; married, St. Louis, Nov. 21, 1888, 
.lulia Frances Gregg; one child: Orian Eliza- 
beth. Began business career as clerk with 

Krafft, Holmes & Co., wholesale grocers, 1883- 
86; with F, R. Rice & Co., cigars and tobacco, 
1886-87; secretary and treasurer Springfield 
Lumber and Cooperage Co., at Springfield, 
Mo., 1887-90; since December, 1890, secretary 
and treasurer of the Mound City Paint and 
Color Co. Also secretary and treasurer Gregg 
Varnish Co. Member Business Men's League. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Member Military 
Order of the Loyal IjCgion, Sons of the Revo- 
lution. Clubs: St. liOuis, Noonday, Mercantile. 
Recreation: home diversions. Office: 1531 N. 
11th St. Residence: 4544 Laclede Ave. 

DYER, George L., manager Columbian Na- 
tional Life Insurance Co.; born, Ottawa, 
Franklin Co., Kan., Oct. 16, 1878; son of Mar- 
tin and Mary A. (Meade) Dyer; educated in 
Kansas, graduating from St. Mary's College, 
1898; entered Kansas State Normal School, 
Emporia, from which graduated, 1900; mar- 
ried, Ottawa, Kan., Dec. 20, 1905, Katherine 
j\I. Dobson; one child: George L., Jr. Began 
business career as field manager Mutual Life 
Insurance Co., at Topeka, Kan., July 27, 1903, 
and continued until Dec. 1, 1905; then became 
general manager Union Central Life Insur- 
ance Co., at Kansas City, Mo.; resigned, Feb. 
15, 1911, to become manager Columbian Na- 
tional Life Insurance Co., St. Louis. Member 
Life Underwriters' Association, Business 
Men's League, Civic League. Republican. 
Catholic. Member Knights of Columbus, B. P. 
O. Elks. Club: St. Louis. Recreations: golf 
and tennis. Office: 606-607 La Salle Bldg. Resi- 
dence: 5553 Waterman Ave. 

DYER, H. Chouteau, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, Aug. 9, 1872; son of John N. and 
Corinne (Chouteau) Dyer; graduated from 
Smith Academy, St. Louis, 1889; Harvard Col- 
lege, A.B., 1894; Harvard Law School, LL.B., 
1896; married, Cambridge, IMass., June 15, 
1897, Ethel M. Raymond (died, 1910); chil- 
dren: Grace, John Raymond, Randolph Har- 
rison, Clarissa L., and Ethel Chouteau. Ad- 
mitted to bar in 1897, and has since been en- 
gaged in general practice of law in St. Louis. 
Member St. Louis Bar Association. Member 
Civic League. First lieutenant and battalion 
adjutant First Regiment of Infantry, 1904- 
06; captain, 1906-09; major, 1909-11, National 
Guard of Missouri. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Racquet, Citv, Sunset Hill Country. 
Oflice: 1718, 506 OUve St. Residence: 29 
Lenox PI. 

DYER, Horace Levi, lawyer; born, Louisi- 
ana, Mo., Feb. 24, 1873; son of David Patter- 
son and Elizabeth C. (Hunt) Dyer; educated 
in Stoddard School, St. Louis; Clark's Acad- 
emy; Manual Training School; Smith Acad- 
emy, graduating in class of 1890; University 
of Michigan, LL.B., 1895; married, Bettie 
Edgar, June 7, 1899 (died, 1901); 2d, Chicago,- 
Dec. 2, 1905, Betsy Wilcox; one son: David 



Wilcox. Admitted to bar in June, 1895, and 
since engaged in practice at St. Louis; assist- 
ant city attorney, 1S99-1902; assistant U. S. 
attorney for the Eastern District of Mis- 
souri, 1902-07. Member Sigma Chi fraternity. 
Episcopalian. Eepublican. Favorite recrea- 
tions: baseball, football and sailing. Office: 
705 Olive St. Residence: -±-175 Berlin Ave. 

DYER, Leonidas Carstarphen, congressman; 
born in AVarren Co., Mo., June 11, 1871; son 
of James Coleman and Martha E. (Camp) 
Dyer; educated at Central Wesleyan College, 
Warrenton, Mo., and Law Department of 
Washington University, St. Louis; married, 
Apr. 10, 1898, Clara Hyer, of W^arrensburg, 
Mo.; two children: Martha, Cathrine. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1893, and since in practice at 
St. Louis. Assistant circuit attorney, St. Louis, 
1909-10; member Sixty-second Congress (1911- 
1913), Twelfth Missouri District; Eepublican. 
Member Business Men's League. Served as 
private throughout Spanish-American War, in 
Santiago campaign; on staff of Governor Had- 
ley, Missouri, with rank of colonel. Member 
Christian (Disciples) Church. Mason; member 
Od<l Fellows, Modern Woodmen, Royal Arca- 
num,- Easles, Owls. Club: Million Population. 
Office: 315 Chemical Bldg. Residence: 3031 
St. Vincent Ave. 

DYSAE.T, Thomas N., investment banking; 
born in Randolph Co., Mo., Sept. 2, 1880; son 
of Dr. William P. and Mary S. (Collins) Dy- 
sart; educated in public and high schools of 
Moberly, Mo., to 1896; matriculated in Uni- 
versity of Missouri, 1899; entered St. Louis 
Law School, from which was graduated with 
degree of LL.B., 1903; married, Macon, Mo., 
]\Iay 24, 1905, Jessie M. Patton. Admitted to 
Missouri bar, 1903; began practice at Macon, 
Mo.; became attorney for William R. Comp- 
ton Co., investment bankers, 1904; removed 
to St. Louis with the company, March, 1908, 
and served as vice president and general coun- 
sel, devoting entire time to legal department 
of company's business. Police judge, Macon, 
1904-05. Episcopalian. Member St. Louis Bar 
Association, St. Louis Alumni Association of 
University of Missouri, and St. Louis Alumni 
Association of Washington University. Ma- 
son, Knight Templar; member Sigma Nu and 
Phi Delta Phi college fraternities. Clubs: 
Noonday, City, Bellerive Country. Favorite 
recreations: hunting, golf. Office: 206 Mer- 
chants-Laclcde Bldg. Residence: 5642 Kings- 
bury Boul. 


EAMES, William S., architect; born, Clin- 
ton, Mich., Aug. 4, 1857; son of William IL 
and Laura Maria (Scofield) Eanies; A.B., 
Washington University; post-graduate work, 
£cole des Beaux Arts, Paris, and private 
study in Rome; unmarried. Engaged in prac- 
tice as architect at St. Louis since 1882; dep- 

uty commissioner public buildings. St. Louis,. 
1881-83; member board of appeals. Building 
Department, St. Louis; U. S. representative 
International Congress, Madrid, Spain, 1904; 
life member American Academy at Rome; 
member National Society for Civic Improve- 
ment of Municipalities. Member American In- 
stitute of Architects (director fifteen years; 
president 1904-05), Architectural League, New 
York, International Society of State and 
Municipal Building Commissioners. Episco- 
palian. Republican. Clubs: St. Louis, Algon- 
quin, Country (St. Louis), Cosmos (Washing- 
ton). Recreation: angling. Office: Wright 
Bldg. Residence: 318 N. Newstead Ave. 

EAELY, Marion C, lawyer; born in Polk 
Co., Mo., Oct. 18, 1866; son of George G. and 
Mary A. Early; educated at Southwest Bap- 
tist College, Bolivar, Mo., 1884-85; Drury 
College, Springfield, Mo., 1886-1890; LL.B., 
Law Department, Washington University, St. 
Louis, 1894; unmarried. Admitted to bar on 
June 18, 1894, and since engaged in practice 
in St. Louis; instructor Washington Univer- 
sity Law Department. Member American and 
St. Louis Bar associations. Editor Bishop on 
Statutory Crimes (third edition), 1901; Bishop 
on Contracts (second edition), 1906; Early's 
Edition Thompson on Trials, 1912; also au- 
thor "Assignments for Benefit of Creditors," 
in Cyclopedia of Law and Procedure, 1903. 
Club: Mercantile. Office: Wainwright Bldg.. 
Residence: 809 N. Grand Ave. 

EATON, Charles Dean, resident manager 
Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 
born, St. Louis, Oct. 31, 1873; son of Alfred 
N. and Emma (Dean) Eaton; educated in 
Manual Training School and Washington Uni- 
versity to 1891; married, St. Louis, July 6, 
1901, Mary A. Cunningham; children: Mary 
Dean and Charles D., Jr. Began business ca- 
reer in 1891 as clerk with the American Cen- 
tral Insurance Co., until 1897, when was ap- 
l^ointed to present position as resident man- 
ager for the Springfield Fire and Marine In- 
surance Co., of Springfield, Mass.; also local 
representative for other companies. Secre- 
tary St. Louis Fire Prevention Bureau, St. 
Louis Underwriters' Salvage Corps. Member 
Merchants' Exchange. Republican. Baptist. 
Club: Automobile. Favorite recreation: auto- 
mobiling. Office: Pierce Bldg. Residence: 
Buckingham Hotel. 

EBERSON, Alexander Abraham, paint 
manufacturer; 1867-1912; see Vol. 1906. 

EBERT, Henry, secretary and treasurer 
West End Leader (dry goods); born, Trenton, 
Tenn., May 21, 1872; son of Julius and Ida 
(Cohn) Ebert; educated Peabody High School, 
Trenton; married, St. Louis, July 21, 1893, 
Violet Bonito, of New Orleans; one daughter: 
Ida Louise. Assisted in organizing firm of 
Lewkowitz & Ebert, which began business 



September, 1S92; after five years firm was 
succeeiled liy Khert & Freed (Henry Ebert 
and lleiuy Freed), whi(di still continues, 
^feniber West End Business Men's Associa- 
tion. Jewish religion. Member B 'nai B 'rith. 
Ofliee: 4505-4509 Easton Ave. Ecsidcnce: 
472SA Cook Ave. 

EBLING, Frederick Jacob, manager St. 
Lduis Bakers' Compressed Yeast Co.; born, 
Nierstein, Cermany, I\[ay 28, 1860; son of 
Frederick J. and Barbara Ebling; educated in 
l)ublic and jirivate schools; married, 8t. Louis, 
LSSO, Elizabeth Snyder (died, lit02); 2d, St. 
Louis, ])ec. Hi, 19IK!, Elizal)eth Scifard; one 
son: Clifford Albert, liy first marriage and by 
second marriage three chiblreu: Frieda, Fred 
J., William Henry. Served three years' ap- 
prenticeship in cigar manufacturing business; 
then became city salesman for the Fermentan 
Compressed Yeast Co., for 9\i> years; assisted 
in organizing the St. Louis Bakers' Com- 
jiressed Yeast Co., ]8;)1, of which has since 
t)eeii general manager. Protestant. Mason, 
Shriuer. Oflice: L'ilO S. 18th St. Eesidence: 
34 2:5 Hartford St. 

ECKER, Herbert Elhanan, cashier Scruggs, 
A'anderxoort ifc Barney Bank; born near New 
Windsor, Carroll Co., Md., Mar. 25, 1878; son 
of Solomon S. and Hettie Ann (Poole) Ecker; 
eilucated in Park Hall (public school), Carroll 
Co.; attended New Windsor College, New 
Wimlsor, Md., for four years, but on account 
of illness did not take final examination for 
degree of A.B.; graduated Baltimore Business 
College, March, 1900; unmarried. Began act- 
i\'e career as shipping clerk for Y'oung & 
Selden, printers and stationers, Baltimore, 
continuing with the firm about six months; 
then entry clerk for Clinch & Eisenbrey, fur- 
niture, carpets and draperies, for six months; 
came to St. Louis in the fall of 1901 as store- 
keeper for Nelson ]\Iorris ito Co., from which 
position was promoted to auditor of the East 
St. Louis plant; left East St. Louis about Sep- 
tember, 1905, and next engaged with C. O. 
Burns & Co., of New i ork, being sent to In- 
dianapolis to start a bank for H. P. Wasson 
& Co.; returned to St. Louis by request and 
was appointed cashier of Scruggs, Vander- 
voort & Barney Bank, a position he has held 
since Seidendier, 1908; also associated in cred- 
it department of the Scruggs, Vandervoort & 
Barney dei)artment store since 1911. Member 
('ivic League and Vandervoort Bowling 
League. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Bankers ', Missouri Athletic, Amateur Athletic 
Association. Recreations: golf, tennis, fish- 
ing, bowling and athletics. Office: 10th, Olive 
and Locust Sts. Residence: 4040 Olive St. 

ECKHARDT, Gerhard, retail jeweler; born, 
St. Louis, .July 1."], 1S51; son of Jacob and 
Elizabeth (Rueppel) Eckhardt; educated in 
public schools; married, St. Louis, Sept. 29, 
1894, Emma Roenheld; children: William, Ger- 

hard, Walter, Theodore. Began to learn the 
trade of \vatchmaker with \Villiam Loeffel in 
187.'i, and continued as journeyman until 1878; 
then established for self as jeweler and dealer 
in diamoiKls, watclies, clocks and jewelry, 
making a specialty of the repairing of fine 
and complicated watches. Member Lieder- 
kranz. Office: 801 Locust St. Residence: 2927 
Eads Ave. 

ECKHOFF, Clemens, furniture manufac- 
turer; born in Oldenburg, Germany, May 4, 
1855; son of Frederick and Mary Elizabeth 
(Lamping) Eckhoff; educated in private 
schools in Germany and night schools in St. 
Louis; married, Washington, Mo., 1878, Mary 
Schroeder; children: Frederick F., Elizabeth 
(Mrs. F. C. Meyers), Frank A., Henry J., 
John J., Joseph C., Anna (Mrs. Herman Mos- 
berger), Albert, Dora, Edward. Learned trade 
of cabinet maker in Germany; came to United 
States, 1871, and worked at trade for Joseph 
Peters, St. Louis, until 1879; started for self 
in firm of Hanpeter & Eckhoff, in which con- 
tinued until Sept. 28, 1893, when organized 
the Eckhoff Furniture Co., of which is presi- 
dent. Member Furniture Board of Trade. Ro- 
man Catholic. Oflice: 21st and Branch Sts. 
Resid<Mice: .'!219 Sullivan Ave. 

EDDINS, Edward R., real estate and con- 
struction; born, Pleasant Hill, 111., Nov. 17, 
1866; son of Thomas O. and Elizabeth (Fer- 
guson) Eddins; educated Stockland (district) 
School, Pleasant Hill, 111., 1873-81; student 
Southwestern Business College, 810 Olive St., 
St. Louis, 1903 and 1904; married, Pleasant 
Hill, 111., Jan. 29, 1889, Ida May Moore. En- 
gaged in farming until 1887; mechanical engi- 
neer and electrician, 1887-1905; in real estate 
and loan business since March, 1906; presi- 
dent Hyperion Realty and Construction Co. 
Member St. Louis Real Estate Exchange. 
Eei3ul)lican in national affairs but non-partisan 
in local affairs. Baptist. Mason; member 
Woodmen of the World, The Protected Home 
Circle. Clubs: Aero of St. Louis, Masonic. 
Recreation: motoring. Office: Chemical Bldg. 
Residence: 4550 McIMillan Ave. 

EDDY, Arthur Angelo, manufacturer of 
grocers' sundries; born. Auburn, Mass., Mar. 
20, 1851; son of Levi and Eliza N. Eddy; edu- 
cated in public schools of Auburn and Bos- 
ton; married, Southwick, Mass., 1879, p]mma 
C. Sackett; children: Ernest A., JMarjorie E. 
Began business career in grocery establish- 
ment at Worcester, Mass., where remained 
five years; came to St. Louis in 1879, and 
joined in establishing firm of Eddy & Eddy, 
manufacturers of grocers' sundries, which was 
incorjiorated in May, 1905, as Eddy & Eddy 
Manufacturing Co., of which is president. 
Member ]\ranuf acturers ' xVssociation, Inter- 
State Merchants' Association, Business Men's 
League, Civic League. Republican. Member, 
trustee and deacon Washington-Compton Ave. 



Presbyterian "Churoh. Club: Mercantile. Eee- 
reations: traveling and fishing. Office: Main 
and Market Sts. Residence: 5158 Washington 

EDGAR, Selwyn Clay, zinc manufacturer; 
born. Collinsville. 111., July 20, 1851; son of 
Timothy Bloomfield and Mary (Boyce) Edgar; 
educated in public schools of St. Louis to 
1864; Wilcox Academy, Stamford, Conn., 
1864-65; Washington University, St. Louis, 
1866-69; married, St. Louis, January, 1872, 
Kate, daughter of William M. Price; chil- 
dren; Allen B., Selwyn C, Elizabeth (married 
Horace L. Dyer), latter now deceased; mar- 
ried, 2d, St. Louis, 1887, Kate, daughter of 
Elwin Whedon; married, 3d, 1903, Kathryne, 
daughter of Col. E. S. Shotwell and grand- 
daughter of ex-Gov. O'Neill of Alabama. Be- 
gan as clerk in National Loan Banli and 
afterwards teller same for two years; bank 
changed to Continental and later to Conti- 
nental National Bank; gaA'e up position to 
become secretary of the Glendale Zinc Co., 
1873, and when the company was succeeded, 
1898, by Edgar Zinc Co., became president of 
latter concern. Republican. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Noonday, Racquet, Glen Echo. Office: Secur- 
ity Bldg. Residence: 4379 Lindell Boul. 

EDINGER, William Michael, secretary and 
treasurer J. V. Feldmann Dry Goods Co.; 
born. Kimmswick, Mo., May 13, 1881; son of 
Philip and Theresa (Eesch) Edinger; edu- 
cated in Seekman's (district) School; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Oct. 30, 1907, Anna Pardick, 
of Leslie, Franklin Co., Mo.; two sons: Clif- 
ford and William, Jr. Came to St. Louis and 
started as a clerk for J. V. Feldmann Dry 
Goods Co., December. 1901; in October, 1904, 
purchased interest that had been owned by 
J. V. Feldmann, who died August, 1904; since 
then secretary and treasurer J. V. Feldmann 
Dry Goods Co., dealers in dry goods, notions, 
and ladies' and gentlemen's furnishings. Re- 
publican. Member Evangelical Church. Mem- 
ber South Broadway Merchants' and Manu- 
facturers' Association, Modern Woodmen of 
America, Woodmen of the World. Club: 
Western Rowing. Recreations: all outdoor 
sports. Office: 1806 S. Broadwav. Residence: 
2512 S. 12th St. 

EDMUNDS, Sterling Edwin, lawyer; born, 
St. Louis, June 5, 1880; son of Sterling Ed- 
win and Mollie (Garnhart) Edmunds; edu- 
cated in public schools, Louisville, Ky., to 
1896; studied law at Benton College of Law, 
St. Louis; married, St. Louis, i\Iay 26, 1906, 
Eugenia Howard; one child, Eugenie. Began 
newspaper career as reporter St. Louis Post- 
Dispatch. 1S97, and continued until 1898; 
then with The St. Louis Chronicle to 1905, 
city editor 1899-1901, managing editor 1901- 
03, and editor-in-chief, 1903-05. Admitted to 
barj 1906, since engaged in general practice. 

Member faculty St. Louis University Insti- 
tute of Law, holding chair of International 
Law. Member St. Louis Bar Association. 
Candidate for Congress, 12th Missouri Dis- 
trict, 1908; also candidate for Missouri Legis- 
lature, 1910. Democrat. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
City, St. Louis Country, Belierive Countrv. 
Recreation: golf. Office: 820 Rialto Bldg. 
Residence: 11 Lenox PI. 

EDWARDS, Albert N., president Common- 
wealth Trust Co.; born, Kirkwood, Mo., Feb. 
24, 1867: son of Albert G. and Mary E. 
(Jenekes) Edwards; LL.B., Washington "^Uni- 
versity, 1888; married, at Kirkwood, 1897, Sue 
H. Leffiugwell; children: Mary K., Sue L. En- 
gaged in practice of law, 1888-1903; discon- 
tinued practice of law to take position as 
vice president of the. Commonwealth Trust 
Co., becoming president in 1908. Also director 
A. G. Edwards & Sons Brokerage Co., Bank 
of Kirkwood, Mo. Was mayor of Kirkwood, 
1892-96. Member Business Men's League. 
Presbyterian. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Mis- 
souri Athletic, Glen Echo, Bankers', City. 
Office: Commonwealth Trust Co. Residence: 
Kirkwood, Mo. 

EDWARDS, Benjamin Franklin, banker; 
born, St. Louis, Dec. 31, 1859; son of Albert 
Gallatin and Mary Ewing (Jenekes) Ed- 
wards; graduated from Kirkwood (Mo.) High 
School, 1875; married, St. Louis, Mar. 14, 
1888, Isabel Woods; children: Benjamin Frank- 
lin and Archibald (both now deceased), and 
Albert Gallatin; married, 2d, Jan. 8, 1901, 
Flora G. Woods; children: Mary Rebecca, 
Presle,y William and Nancy. Went to work 
for the St. Louis National Bank on sixteenth 
birthday anniversary, Dec. 31, 1875; entered 
employ of Bank of Commerce as assistant cor- 
respondent clerk, .January, 1880. With father, 
who for over twenty years had been U. S. 
assistant treasurer at St. Louis, entered the 
stock and bond brokerage business, under 
the firm name of A. G. Edwards & Son, in 
April, 1887, which firm was incorporated, 
1894, as the A. G. Edwards & Sons Brokerage 
Co., in which is still a director. Elected assist- 
ant cashier of The National Bank of Com- 
merce in St. Louis, in January, 1892, cashier 
in January, 1899, vice president and director 
in .lanuary, 1904, and president in September, 
1908, in Avhich position continues. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Member Business Men 's League, 
Civic League. Member Bank Clerk's Associa- 
tion. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Glen Echo, 
^Tercantile, Country, Bankers' (president), 
Amateur Athletic Association. Recreation: 
golf. Office: National Bank of Commerce. 
Residence: 10 Kingslmry PI. 

EDWARDS, George L., president A. G. Ed- 
wards & Sons Brokerage Co.; born, Kirkwood, 
Mo., Sept. 7, 1869; son Albert Gallatin and 
Mary Ewing (Jenekes) Edwards; educated in 
public schools in Kirkwood, !Mo.; married, 



Kirkwood, 1892. Ploroiice X. Evans; cliildrcn: 
George L., Jr., and May E. Began business 
career in 1885 with the firm of Francis Whit- 
taker & Son; became employe of the old 
Laclede Bank, and later of the Mechanics' 
Bank, until 1801, -when became a member of 
the firm of A. G. Edwards & Sons, bankers 
and brokers; upon its incorporation, 1892, 
with a capital of $50,000. assumed ])osition as 
president of the A. G. Edwards & Sons Brok- 
erage Co., which now has a capital of $1,000,- 
000 and a branch office in New York. Also 
president of the Bank of Kirkwood, Mo.; 
formerly director St. Louis Transit Co., Unit- 
ed Kailway Co. Member St. Louis Stock Ex- 
change (ex-president). Was director Louisi- 
ana Purchase Exposition, and chairman of its 
committee on concessions. Member board of 
aldermen of Kirkwood, Mo. Office: 410-412 
Pine St. Kesidence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

EDWARDS, John Blair, lawyer; born. Up- 
per Alton, III., Nov. 26, 1875; sqn of Ellas 
Loomis and Lucy (Blair) Edwards; graduat- 
ed from Brown University, Providence, K. I., 
Ph.B., 1896, and from Law Department of 
Washington Universitv, LL.B., 1898; married, 
Alton, 111., June 20, 1900, Salome Hatheway; 
one daughter: Louise Hatheway. Admitted to 
bar, July 1, 1898, and engaged in practice of 
law; member firm of Abbott & Edwards. Ke- 
publican. Baptist. Member Eoyal Arcanum. 
Member Law Library Association. Club: City. 
Favorite recreation: golf. Office: 1117-1123 
New Bank of Commerce Bldg. Eesideuce: 
5870 Clemens Ave. 

EDWARDS, Nelson Green, first vice presi- 
dent and secretary J. Kennard & Sons Carpet 
Co.; born, Alton, 111., May 17, 1850; son of 
Nelson G. and Harriet Josephine (Cooper) Ed- 
wards; educated in public schools; Shurtleff 
College, Upper Alton, 111.; Lake Forest (111.) 
Academy; Washington University. St. Louis; 
Albany' (N. Y.) Law School, LL.B., 1872; 
married, St. Louis, Oct. 18, 1883, Emma Nel- 
son Carter; children: Murray French, Con- 
stance Carter, Rebecca Carter, Harriet Jo- 
sephine. Engaged in practice of law, 1872-78; 
clerk and pilot on Missouri Eiver, 1878-79; 
since Mar. 17, 1880, consecutively, bill clerk, 
credit man, secretary, director and first vice 
president J. Kennard & Sons Carpet Co., 
wholesale and retail floor coverings, curtain 
hangings, gas and electric fixtures. Also sec- 
retary and director of the Kennard Building 
Co. Independent in politics. Episcopalian. 
Served as corporal, sergeant, first lieutenant, 
Police Reserve Regiment, St. Louis, 1877-84; 
captain Third Regiment, National Guard of 
Missouri, 1884-90; captain, 1890, major, 1892, 
lieutenant-colonel since 1904, First Regiment, 
National Guard of Missouri. Clubs: Missouri 
Athleiic, City. Diversion: military affairs. 
Office: 509 N. 4th St. Residence: Kirkwood, 

*EGGERS, Henry Bernard; moved to North 
Dakota; s.^c Vol. 19il6. 

*EGGERS, Henry Bernard, Jr.; moved to 
North Dakota; s(M' Vol. 1906. 

EGGERS, Theodore C, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, Jan. n, 1S72; son of Henry C. and 
Doretta (Ulricli) Eggers, both natives of Ger- 
many; eilucate<l in public and private schools 
of St. Louis; matriculated in Law Department, 
Washington University, 1891; admitted to 
bar, 1893; married, St. Louis, Nov. 9, 1904, 
Adelaide Koenig; children: Lisette and Ade- 
laide. Served as assistant in office of Joseph 
A. Robertson, general solicitor IVronterey &. 
Mexican Gulf Railway Co., 1887-1893; began 
practice on own account, 1893; assistant city 
attorney under Henry A. Clover, Jr., 1894-96; 
elected circuit attorney. 1896, and served, 
1897-1901; in private practice since 1901, 
making specialty of corporation law. During 
his term as circuit attorney he successfully 
prosecuted several noted cases, among them 
the Thomaschuetz, Callaway and Bamberger 
cases. Secretary and counsel Missouri Press 
Brick Improvement Co. President South Side 
Improvement Association. Republican. Prot- 
estant. Scottish Rite Mason (32°); member 
Woodmen of the World. Club: Western Row- 
ing. Recreations: rowing and motoring. Of- 
fice: 618 Rialto Bldg. Residence: 3442 Hum- 
phrey St. 

EGGERT, G. F. W. Ernst, optician; born, 
Rathenow, Prussia, June 21, 1867; son of God- 
fred William and Frederica (Bernau) Eggert: 
educated in public schools in Germany; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Sept. 11, 1897, Antonia AV. 
Reichelt. Began as apprentice in optical busi- 
ness, manufacturing gold frames, in Germany, 
1881; entered an optical retail store, 1885, 
and worked in this line as clerk until 1893; 
came to United States, 1893, and was em- 
ployed at Chicago; took position in St. Louis 
with A. P. Erker Bros. Optical Co., 1894, and 
with A. S. Aloe. 1895; entered business on 
own account. 1896, under firm name of Elgas. 
Etrgert & Thursby; bought out Thursi)y in 
1897, Elgas in 1899. and in 1899. with G. D. 
Fisher, established firm of Eggert & Fisher, 
opticians: sold out, Feb. 4. 1911; in business 
for self since Mar. 1, 1911. Independent in 
politics. Member Evangelical Church. I\Iem- 
ber Royal Arcanum, Columbian Knights. Rec- 
reations: farming and fishing. Office: 518 Lo- 
cust St. Residence: 3047A Connecticut Ave. 

-■EGGLESTON, James, president Pacific 
Express Co.; moved to New York; see Vol. 

EHIjERMANN, Charles, retired: born, 
Rotenburg, Hanover, Germany, Jan. 22, 1846; 
son of Henry and Mina (Wattenberg) Ehler- 
mann; educated by private tutor; married, 
St. Louis, Sept. 12, 1872, Chrissie Gebbers: 
children: Clara (Mrs. Otto Gerdau, New York 



City), Marguerite (wife of Dr. William D. 
Gundelach), Carl, Jr. (lawyer iu New York 
City). Began business career, 1860, as clerk 
for Wattenberg, Busoh & Co., malt and hops, 
remaining until 1S6S; then junior partner in 
firm of Charles Rueppele & Co., malt and 
hops, until 1877, when purchased the entire 
business, conducting it as Charles Ehlermaini 
& Co.; incorporated the business, 1886, und- r 
style of Charles Ehlermann Hop and Malt Ci., 
dealers in hops, malt, etc., of which was presi- 
dent and treasurer until October, 1911, when 
sold his interests and retired; director South 
Side Bank. Member Business Men's League 
and Merchants' Exchange. Clubs: St. Louis, 
Liederkranz. Glen Echo Country. Recreation: 
traveling abroad. Residence: 4937 Forest 
Park Boul. 

EHRENFEST, Hugo, physician; born, Vi. 
enna. Austria. Mar. 13, 1870; educated in pub- 
lie school and Latin school, Vienna; graduated 
from Medical Department of the Imperial 
I'niversity of Vienna, after six years ' course, 
M.D., 1894; and after six years of post-grad- 
uate work in several European hospitals, ar- 
rived in United States in 1900; married, St. 
Louis, Jan. ]4, 1904, Sophy Schwab; children: 
Ellen S., Paul, Hugo, Jr. 'Since May, 1900, in 
}iractice of medicine in St. Louis; professor 
of obstetrics and gynecology. Medical Depart- 
ment of St. Louis University; gynecologist to 
City Hospital, Jewish Hospital Dispensary, 
etc.; physician-in-chief St. Louis Obstetric 
Dispensary. Member American Medical Asso- 
ciation, Missouri State Medical Association, 
St. Louis Medical Society; fellow American 
Gynecological Society, etc. Emeritus assistant 
surgeon Austro-Hungarian Army. Recreations: 
music, photography. Office: ^Metropolitan Bldg. 
Residence: 4333 McPherson Ave. 

EHKHARDT, Julius George, jM.D., oculist 
and aurist; born, Beardstown, 111., Oct. 21, 
1849; son of Dr. Frederick and Caroline Ehr- 
hardt; educated in public schools and by pri- 
vate tutors; graduated St. Louis Medical Col- 
lege, March, 1869; studied in German}', at uni- 
versities of Gottingen and Berlin, two years, 
and one year at Vienna, studying ophthalmol- 
ogy and otology; married Fannie Eggers, of 
St. Louis. Practiced in Beardstown, 1872-75; 
since in St. Louis, specializing in diseases of 
eye and ear. Member Tenth International 
Medical Congress, Berlin, 1890, International 
Oyjhthalmological Congress, Edinburgh, 1894. 
Recreation: literature. Address: 928 X. Grand 

EHRLER, Walter A., chief deputy recorder 
of deeds; liorn, St. Louis, June 11, 1871; son 
of Frederick W. ami .Johannah (Woerheide) 
Khrler; eilucated Webster (grammar) School, 
and in business college, St. Louis; married, 
iSt. Louis, Apr. 21, 1896, Emily Oetgen; one 
daughter: Lucille, thirteen years of age. Be- 
gan active career with ^\'oerheidc & Garrell, 

land title investigators, 1890; later became 
connected with the Lincoln Trust Co., which 
merged with the Title Guaranty Trust Co.; 
severed connection with trust company, 1902, 
and was one of the organizers of the Real Es- 
tate Title Co., of which served as secretary 
and treasurer until it was merged with the 
Lincoln Trust and Title Co., later the Title 
Guaranty Trust Co. ; appointed trustee Mul- 
lanphy Emigrant Relief Fund, but resigned 
Jan. 1, 1907, since which time has served as 
chief deputy recorder of deeds; director 
Seminole Chemical Co., North Grand Avenue 
Realty and Investment Co., Hamilton Amuse- 
ment Co., Texas Sugar Land Co., Ehler Dray- 
age Co. Republican. Protestant. Member 
Fathers' Club of Columbia School. Scottish 
Rite Mason (Blue Lodge, Chai)ter, Command- 
ery and Shrine). Recreations: travel, outdoor 
athletic sports. Office: 126 City Hall. Resi- 
dence: 3207 Sullivan Ave. 

EIBLER, Edward G., insurance; see Vol. 

EICKS, William Frederick, furniture and 
carpets; born, St. Louis, Sept. 13, 1862; son 
of Herman and Maria (Helle) Eicks; edu- 
cated in public schools of St. Louis and Jones 
Commercial College; married, St. Louis, Oct. 
22, 1890, Katherine Meyer; children: Algier 
J., Xelia R., Billy, Jr. Began as clerk for 
Sligo Iron Store Co., 1880; on the road as 
traveling salesman, 1886-93, when resigned to 
take position as secretary of the Union House 
Furnishing Co.; secretary J. H. Buettner Fur- 
niture and Carpet Co. since 1910. Republican. 
Evangelical Lutheran. Favorite recreations: 
hunting and fishing. Office: 7th and Washing- 
ton Sts. Residence: 2815 N. Taylor Ave. 

EIDSON, WiUiam Rackliflf; see Vol. 1906. 

EILERMANN, Frank Jacob, president 
Eilermann Transfer Co.; born, St. Louis, Sept. 
16, 1861; son of Frank and Katherina Eiler- 
mann; educated in public schools to sixteen; 
married, St. Louis, 1884, Kate Wessler; six 
children: Frederick J., Frank W., Alma, Viola, 
Hazel, Clarence. Employed in various offices 
until 1880; then became connected with O. K. 
Lappen and E. S. Brooks, in hide and leather 
business, continuing as buyer and traveling 
salesman four j^ears; organized the Eilermann 
Transfer Co., 1892, of which has since been 
president. Republican. Clubs: North St. Louis 
Hunting and Fishing, Prairie Slough Fishing 
and Hunting, School House Fishing and Hunt- 
ing. Recreations: hunting and fishing. Office: 
]18 X. Coniinorr-ial St. Residence: 1125 Mont- 
gomery St. 

EISEMAN, Adolph, merchant; born, Steb- 
bach, Baden, Germany, Dec. 12, 1869; son of 
Emanuel and Matilde (Ottenheimer) Eise- 
man; educated Hohere Burgerschule (district 
high school), Eppingen, Baden; unmarried. 
Came to America, 1886; now department man- 



ager Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co.; also vice presi- 
dent Eiseman-Langt'elder Dry Goods Co. In- 
dependent in politics. Jewish religion. Ma- 
son; member St. Louis Lodge No. 20, A. F. 
& A. M. Office: Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co., 10th 
to 11th Sts., Washington Ave. Residence: 
3834 Russell Ave. 

EISEMAN, Benjamin, dry goods merchant; 
ISGo-JiUO; see Vol. I'JOU. 

EISEMAN, David, dry goods; born, Baden, 
Germany, Apr. 10, 1845; son of Joshua W. 
and Fannie (Kaufman) Eiseman; educated in 
public school; came to United States, 1865; 
married, Cincinnati, November, 1883, Aurelia 
Stix; children: Florence (Mrs. L. B. Hirsch), 
Ktta, Helen, David, Jr., Richard, Alice. Be- 
gan business career at age of fourteen in re- 
tail dry goods store in Germany; in 1865 
became connected as employe with dry goods 
firm of Rice, Stix & Co., in Memphis, Tenn. 
(established business in 1861), and was ad- 
niitted as a partner in 1872; firm moved to 
St. Louis and has since been engaged in the 
wholesale dry goods business; since firm incor- 
porated as the Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co., has 
been vice president of the company. Also 
director Mercantile Trust Co., Mercantile Na- 
tional Bank. Jewish religion. President Jew- 
ish Hospital, United Jewish Charities. Clubs: 
Mercantile, Columbian, Glen Echo. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Otuce: Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co. 
Residence: 4387 Westminster PI. 

EISEMAN, Max, president Eiseman-Lang- 
f elder Dry Goods Co.; born, Germany, May 
23, 1804; son of Emanuel and Mathilde (Ot- 
tenheimer) Eiseman; educated public schools 
of Stebbach, four years, and high school, Ep- 
pingen, four years; married, St. Louis, Sept. 
26, 1894, Babette Isaacs. Began business ca- 
reer as stock boy in employ of Rice-Stix Dry 
Goods Co., 1883-89; conducted retail dry goods 
store for himself at Missouri Valley, la., 1889- 
98; with Bry & Bro. Cloak Co., St. Louis, 
1898-1908, as traveling salesman covering Cen- 
tral Illinois; now president Eiseman-Lang- 
f elder Dry Goods Co.; also president Lang- 
felder-Eiseman Mercantile Co. Independent 
in politics. Jewish religion. Mason. Office: 
cor. Biddle and High Sts. Residence: 3648A 
Russell Ave. 

EISENBERG, John Charles, director Mis- 
souri Conservatory of Music; born. Farming- 
ton, Mo., May 5, 1S65; son of George and 
Elizabeth (Gilbert) Eisenberg; educated Cen- 
tral Weslej'an College, Warrenton, Mo., re- 
ceiving degree of A.M., 1889; studied at the 
Royal Conservatory of Music, Leipzig, Ger- 
many, for three years; married, St. Louis, 
June 19, 1901, Frances Van Tilburg; three 
children: Emma Louise, John and Gilbert. Af- 
ter graduating in classical and musical 
courses at Central Wesleyan College, taught 
music at Helena, Ark., one year; then became 

teacher in Tennessee Female College, Frank- 
lin, Tenn., continuing for three years; spent 
three years in Europe, 1894-97; director of 
music. Central Wesleyan College, 1899-1902; 
spent two years at Little Rock, Ark., and 
Memphis, Tenn.; located in St. Louis, 1904, 
and established the Missouri Conservatory of 
Music, of which has since been the head. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Recreations: tennis, 
bowling, swimming. Office: 1657 S. Jefferson 
Ave. Residence: 2635 Russell Ave. 

EISENSTADT, Morris, i)resident Eisenstadt 
Manufacturing Co.; born, St. Louis, Nov. 22, 
1857; son of Michael and Mary (Meyer) 
Eisenstadt; A.B., Washington University, 
1873; unmarried. Began business career, 1873, 
as office clerk with Eisenstadt Manufacturing 
Co.; has continued with same company ever 
since and has served as president since 1905. 
Republican. Jewish religion. Member Wash- 
ington University Association. Mason, Shriner; 
member B. P. O. Elks. Clubs: Mercantile, 
City, Sunset Hill Country, Elks, Aero, Auto- 
mobile. Recreation: automobiling. Office: Olive 
and 12th Sts. Residence: 4950 Lindell Boul. 

ELBRECHT, Oscar Herman, surgeon; born, 
St. Louis, 1877; son of G. Henry and Emma 
(Horche) Elbrecht; educated in St. Louis pub- 
lic schools; Smith Academy; Ph.G. 1896, Pli.B. 
1897, St. Louis College of Pharmacy; Med- 
ical Department Washington University, 
1901; unmarried. Resident physician O 'Fal- 
lon Di^iensary, 1901-02; senior physician Out 
Clinic Medical Department, W^ashington Uni- 
versity, 1902-03; surgeon-in-chief St. Louis 
Female Hospital, 1903-10; consulting surgeon 
Bethesda Hospital; chief of staff St. Louis 
Maternity Hospital. Fellow American Asso- 
ciation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 
Southern Surgical and Gynecological Society; 
member St. Louis Obstetrical and Gynecolog- 
ical Society, St. Louis Medical Society, Missis- 
sippi Valley Medical Association, Missouri 
State Medical Association, American Med- 
ical Association, etc. Office: Metropolitan 
Bldg. Residence: 3542 Washington Ave. 

ELDER, Conway, lawyer; born. Perry ville. 
Mo., Dec. 8, 1880; son of William Vincent 
and Josephine Margaret (Stark) Elder; edu- 
cated Shepard (public) School, St. Louis High 
School (now Central High School); LL.B., 
law department, Washington University, 1905; 
unmarried. With Lincoln Trust Co., 1897- 
1904; assistant trust officer Missouri-Lincoln 
Trust Co., 1904-06; attorney and trust of- 
ficer of Lincoln Trust and Title Co., 1906-08; 
since in general practice of law. Director, 
vice president and counsel West St. Louis 
Trust Co.; director Maurer-Remley Meat and 
Grocery Co., Plantation Equipment Co., Ham- 
ilton Amusement Co. Republican. Catholic. 
Member Bar Association of St. Louis, Royal 
Arcanum, Civic League of St. Louis, West 
End Business Men's Association. Club: St. 



Louis Eaihvay. Kecreatiou: fishing. Office: 
824 New Bank of Commerce Bldg. Eesidence: 
12U9 Walton Ave. 

ELDER, Herbert, president Duplex Adding 
Machine Co.; born, Trenton, Teuu. ; sou of 
Henry L. and Harriet X. (Houston) Elder; 
educated at Trenton, iu Peabody High School, 
to 1880; unmarried. Kemoved to St. Louis, 
1883; engaged with Houston, West & Co., 
wholesale grocers, twenty-five years, secretary 
of company, 18S7-1907; since president and 
general manager Duplex Adding Machine Co. 
Elected director St. Louis Unit Construction 
Co., 1909; secretary Temco Manufacturing 
Co., 1908; president Island Eealty and Invest- 
ment Co., 1910. Protestant. Club: Missouri 
Athletic. Eecreations: hunting, fishing and 
motoring. Office: 1900 Morgan St. Residence: 
4117 McPherson Ave. 

ELIOT, Edward Cranch, lawyer; born, St. 
Louis, July 3, 1S58; son William G. (D.D.) 
and Abby Adams (Cranch) Eliot; brother of 
Thomas Lamb Eliot; A.B., Washington Uni- 
versity, 1878, A.M., 1881; LL.B., St. Louis 
Law School, 1880; married, Mary A. Munroe, 
of Boston, Xov. 1, 1883 (died October, 1911); 
children: Edward M., Frank M., Alice, Wil- 
liam C, John G. Admitted to bar, 1880; mem- 
ber law firm of Eliot, Chaplin, Blayney & Be- 
dal. Lecturer on international law, St. Louis 
Law School; trustee Missouri Botanical Gar- 
den since 1903. Member St. Louis Board of 
Education, 1897-1903 (president, 1898-99); del- 
egate Universal Congress Lawyers and Jurists, 
St. Louis, 1904. Member American Bar As- 
sociation, American Society of International 
Law; president Civic League, 1903-04, New 
England Society, 1907. President Soldiers' Or- 
phans' Home. Unitarian. Clubs: Eound Table, 
Xoonday, Bellerive Country. Office: Third 
Xational Bank Bldg. Eesidence: 5468 Maple 

ELKAS, Isaac; born, Leota, Miss., May 6, 
1881; son of Louis and Kitty (Schradiska) 
Elkas; e<lucated public schools; Canton (111.) 
High School, University of Illinois (student 
engineering department three years) ; married, ' 
St. Louis, Dec. 1903, Becky Maj'er; children: 
Dorothea and Katherine. Began active career 
as manager of interests owned by father in 
Mississippi, continuing for three years; then 
returned to St. Louis and organized the St. 
Louis Electric and Machine Co.; manager 
Sprague Electric Works since 1909. Democrat. 
Office: 1426, 721 Olive St. Eesidence: 4315 
Lindell Boul. 

ELLERBE, Christopher P., lawyer; born, 
St. Louis Co., Doc. ]•">, 1878; son of Christo- 
pher P. and Mary Virginia (Wash) Ellerbe; 
A.B., Yale, 1900; LLiB., Washington Uni- 
versity Law De])artment, 1902; unmarried. 
Law clerk for Waddell, Ellerbe Sc Hereford, 
1901; junior member Ellerbe & Ellerbe (father 
and son), 1902-08; member Ellerbe & Brokaw 

since 1908; firm in general practice but rep- 
resents several eastern casualty and liability 
life and fire insurance companies, and special- 
izes in insurance and corporation law. Cattle 
ranching iu Arizona, 1904-08, but retained 
law connection in St. Louis; special attorney 
for Adams-Ptillips & Co., bankers and under- 
writers, Los Angeles, Cal., 1906; still holds 
ranch interests near Tombstone. Democrat, 
Episcopalian. Member Alpha Delta Phi (Yale), 
Phi Delta Phi law fraternity; also member 
Mysterious Order of Broncho Busters, Tuc- 
son, Ariz. Club: City. Eecreations: reading 
and ranching. Office: 610-614 Times Bldg. 
Eesidence: St. Louis Co. 

ELLEKBRAKE, WUllam Fred, president St. 
Louis Wholesale Furniture Co.; born, St. Louis, 
Xov. 30, 1863; son of Adolph A. and Mary 
(Ahrensman) Ellerbrake; educated in public 
schools (Webster School) to thirteen; married, 
St. Louis, May 4, 1887, Kate, daughter of 
William Niehaus (for twenty-five years a 
police officer); five children: Walter, Arnim, 
Eaymond, William, Jr., Gladys. Began active 
career in employ of Heller &■ Hoffmann, sand- 
papering chairs at factory; later in furniture 
store; took business course in Thomas A. 
Eice's Business College, at eighteen, and at 
nineteen became shipping clerk in furniture 
store; bill clerk at age of twenty-four, with 
Conrades Chair Co., and at thirty, stockholder 
in Heller-Hoffmann Chair Co., being advanced 
to general manager of the company six years 
later; in 1902, the business was sold to a 
syndicate; then became furniture dealer and 
manufacturers' agent; was president EUer- 
brake-Slocum Furniture Co., 1909-September, 
1911, when the business was sold to R. A. 
Linde Carpet Co.; organizer and president 
St. Louis Wholesale Furniture Co. Member 
Interstate Merchants' Association, Salesman- 
agers' Association. Eepublican. Protestant, 
Eecreatiou: baseball. Office: 1120 Washington 
Ave. Eesidence: 2267 Clarence Ave. 

ELLIOT, Henry, manufacturer of railway 
supplies; born, Cincinnati, June 2S, 1854; son 
of George and Agnes (Charters) Elliot; edu- 
cated in public and high schools, Cincinnati, 
and commercial college, St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis, Dec. 8, 1881, Emma C. Baker; chil- 
dren: Mrs. Elizbaeth E. Mallinckrodt and 
Georgia. President Elliot Frog and Switch 
Co. Protestant. Mason. Clubs: St. Louis, St. 
Louis Country, Bellerive, Eacquet. Office: 
East St. Louis, 111. Eesidence: 11 Kingsbury 

ELLIOT, William H., manager Elliot Frog 
(Jc Switch Co.; born, Xashville, Tenn., Dec. 
!.■), 1864; son of Henry and Mary (Hazeltine) 
Elliot; educated at Clinton (public) School, 
St. Louis, until 1879; Kemper School, Boon- 
ville, Mo., 1879-1882, graduating, 1882; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Xov. 20, 1889, Blanche Wil- 
kerson; one daughter: Virginia. Since May 



1;"), I.SS2, connected witli the Elliot Frog & 
Switch Co., manufacturers of railway frogs, 
crossings, switches and switch stands, of 
whicli is now manager. Member St. liouis 
Engineers' Club. Independent in [)oIitics. 
Member Christian (Discijdes) Chur(di. Clubs: 
Mercantile, Missouri Athletic, liellerive < 'oun- 
try. OtFice: East St. Louis, 111. ]{('sideiice: 
5023 Westminster V\. 

ELLIOTT, Bruce Southerland, [latent law; 
born, \V:ishinj;ton, D. C., Oct. 1'4, 1S(JS; son of 
Benjamin S. and Letitia E. (McCausland) 
Elliott; edvJcated in public schools and Wash- 
ington High School, graduatiiig, ISSS; TjL.M., 
A'ational University Law School, LS91; mar- 
ried, Washington, i). C, Mar. 1.5, 1S1)3, Mary 
Alice Sandidge, of Marshall, Mo. Started as 
clerk in patent law office of Douglas Dyren- 
forth, Washington, D. C, 1888; took charge of 
office as representative of Dyrenforth & Dy- 
renforth, Chicago, 1891; with James L. Nor- 
ris, patent attorney, Washington, D. C., 1897- 
190G; removed to St. Louis to practice patent 
law. May, 1906; counsel for Alsop Process Co. 
in patent litigation, also in suits arising under 
state and national food laws in relation to 
flour-bleaching process. Democrat. Presby- 
terian. Member Business Men's League. Club: 
Missouri Athletic. Eecreations: reading, music 
and outdoor diversion. Office: 806-807 New 
Bank of Commerce Bldg. Eesidence: 5560 
Gates Ave. 

ELLIOTT, Fred Alson, heating engineer; 
born, Woodhull, 111., Apr. 7, 1870; son of 
Lewis J. and Mary E. (Simmons) Elliott; edu- 
cated in Kewauee (111.) public schools; mar- 
ried, Kewanee, June 23, 1896, Daisy Bell Fez- 
ler. In 1888, entered employ of Haxtun Steam 
Heater Co., Kewanee, and continued with its 
successor, the Kewanee Boiler Co., as chief 
mechanical and heating engineer until March, 
1899; manager for Karr Supply Co., heating 
engineers and contractors, St. Louis, 1899- 
1903; since member Elliott & Barry Engi- 
neering Co., engineers and contractors for 
steam and hot water heating. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mason, Knight Templar. Office: 
70.1 Olive St. Residence: 5846 Plymouth Ave. 

ELLIOTT, Thomas T., life insurance; born, 
Keytesville, Chariton Co., Mo., Dec. 4, 1855; 
son of Thomas T. and Amerilla (Butler) El- 
liott; educated in grammar school, Keytes- 
ville; married, St. Louis, ]S81, Ida ]\r. ]\[um- 
mey (died 1891); children: ^Vlarcia :\[., Ida 
M. (Mrs. Hugh L. Sitze), Thomas P. Began 
active career in country store at age of 15; 
came to St. Louis, 1879, and clerked one year 
in retail dry goods store and one year in 
wholesale dry goods house; traveling dry 
goods salesman, 1881-98; then entered life in- 
surance biisiness, and since 1909 manager St. 
Louis department Ignited States Life Insur- 
ance Co. of New York. Democrat. Baptist. 
^Member Life I'nder^^■riters ' Association of St. 

Louis. Office: Sl'4 Chemical Bldg. 
4255 Westminster PI. 

ELLIS, Frank R., vice president Maguirc 
Coal Co.; born, Ivitontown, N. J., July 20, 
1876; son of William C. and Marie A. (Cham- 
berlin) Ellis; came from New York to St. 
Louis, 1882; educated in St. Louis public 
s(diools and Smith Academy; married, St. 
Louis, May 3, 1905, Helen Noel; one son: Frank 
R., Jr. Began business career in office of Singer 
Manufacturing Co., as assistant bookkeeper; 
then was salesman with Tyler Desk Co.; since 
1894, with Maguire Coal Co., first as collector 
and since 1904 as vice president. Republican. 
Presbyterian, liecreation: tennis. Office: 411 
Olive St. Residence: Webster Cro\'es, Mo. 

ELLIS, William Charles, with Kehlor Flour 
Mills Co.; born, Cincinnati, Mar. 24, 1844; 
son of Rowland and Mary C. (Rogers) Ellis; 
attended Kenyon College but left in Junior 
year, 1860; later enlisted in Sixth Ohio Infan- 
try in which served four years; married, St. 
Louis, Nov. 18, 1869, Marie Antoinette Cham- 
berlin; children: Rowland ('., Frank R. Began 
business career, 1860, as salesman in book 
store of Rickey, Mallory & Co., Cincinnati; 
after war came to St. Louis and was in em- 
ploy of Pettes & Leathe until 1869: employed 
in New Y'ork Custom House, 1809-1879; re- 
turned to St. Louis and entered employ of 
.1. B. M. Kehlor, in tiour mill business, later 
becoming vice president of the Kehlor Flour 
Mills Co., operating the Kehlor Mills in East 
St. Louis, 111., an<l the Rex Mills, Kansas 
City, Mo.; retired from the vice presidencj''," 
.Ian. 1, 1911, but still associated with the 
company. President United Elevator and 
Grain Co. Member St. Louis Merchants' Ex- 
change. Republican. p]piscopalian. Member 
Ohio Society of St. Louis, Ransom Post, G. A. 
R. Office: Chamber of Cuiumerce. Eesidence: 
5726 McPherson Ave. 

ELMER, Warren Philo, physician; born, 
Lodi, O., Oct. 1, 1879; son of Warren and 
Virginia (White) Elmer; educated Leland 
Stanford University, Cal., 1896-97; Depart- 
ment of Science and Arts, University of Mich- 
igan, 1897-98; Department of Medicine and 
Surgery, same university, 1899-1903, gradua- 
ting with degree of iC.D.; post-grailuate work 
University of Berlin, 1905; received degree of 
B.S. from St. Louis University, 1909; married. 
Ft. Worth, Tex., Ai)r. 1. 1910,' Alice Davidson. 
Assistant in internal medicine, T^niversity of 
Michigan, 1903-05; consultant in medicine St. 
Louis City Hos])ital since 1907; general med- 
ical consultant. Union Pacific Ry. since 
1908; on medical staff Rebekah Hospital since 
1907; chief of medical clinic, St. Louis Uni- 
versity since 1907, and i>rofessor of medicine 
in same institution. Afember medical staff 
St. Louis Society for Relief and Prevention 
of Tuberculosis. Practice limited to internal 
medicine since 1905. Independent in politics.. 



Member American Medical Association, Mis- 
souri State Medical Association, St. Louis 
Medical Society, St. Louis Society of Internal 
Medicine, St. Louis Medical Science Club, and 
Phi Delta Theta and Phi Beta Pi college fra- 
ternities. Mason. Office: 208 Humboldt Bldg. 
Kesidence: 4448 Olive St. 

ELSON, Herman Jacob, treasurer Walter A. 
Zeluicker Supply Co.; born. Meridian, Miss., 
Jan. 7, 1876; son of L. C. and Caroline (Tel- 
ler) Elson; educated in public schools of 
Meridian, Miss., and U. S. Naval Academy, 
graduating, 1898; served as ensign in U. S. 
Navy, 1898-1902, on U. S. S. Massachusetts, 
Newark, Oregon, Pampauga and as chief engi- 
neer of U. S. S. Manila; served in Cuban, 
Porto Eican and Philippine campaigns, and 
during Boxer insurrection in China; married, 
St. Louis, November, 1903, Ophelia Scharff. 
Eesigned from U. S. Navy, July, 1902, and 
has since been treasurer of the Walter A. Zel- 
nicker Supply Co., manufacturers and dealers 
railway, mill and factory supplies. Independ- 
ent in politics. Jewish religion. Member 
American Society of Naval Engineers; lieu- 
tenant and chief engineer Missouri Naval Ke- 
serve. Office: 325 Locust St. Eesidence: 5806 
Von Versen Ave. 

ELTON, John Herbert, mail order real es- 
tate; born, Savannah, Ga., Oct. 30, 1880; sou 
of John H. and Florence S. (King) Elton; 
educated in public schools of Savannah, Ga.; 
married, St. Louis, Nov. 15, 1905, Mary L. 
Owen. Began business career as clerk with 
National Bank of Savannah, Ga., continuing 
in that position for three years; came to St. 
Louis, Feb. 1, 1903, and engaged as cashier 
of the Georgia-Stimson Furniture Co., until 
September, 1904, when joined Everett Davis 
in organizing the Davis-Elton Eealty Co., en- 
gaged in buying and selling real estate by 
mail, of which was elected vice president and 
treasurer. Democrat. Was member for three 
years of First Eegiment, Georgia National 
Guard. Holds membership in Episcopalian 
Church. Eesidence: Jacksonville, Fla. 

EMANUEL, Edward R., treasurer Sonnen- 
feld ^Millinery Co.; born, Linneus, Mo., Feb. 
25, 1870; son of Herman and Eosalie Eman- 
uel; educated in public school of Brookfield, 
Mo., Macon City (Mo.) Military Academy 
and Harvard School, Chicago; married, St. 
Louis, June 3, 1896, Paula Frankenthal; one 
daughter: Evelyn Esther. Began business at 
San Diego, Cal., 1888-90; sold out and came 
to St. Louis in 1890; was with the I. B. Eosen- 
thal Millinery Co., until 1895; since 1895 
treasurer of Sonnenfeld Millinery Co. Inde- 
pendent in politics. Jewish religion. Clubs: 
Columbian, Missouri Athletic, Aero. Eecrea- 
tions: reading and motoring. Office: 610 Wash- 
ington Ave. Eesidence: 4327 W. Pine Boul. 

EMANUEL, William E., real estate; 1848- 
1911; see Vol. 1906. 

EMIG-, Christian G., architect; born, Imch- 
bach, Germany, Nov. 22, 1855; son of Franz 
Adam and Helenia (Stumph) Emig; came to 
America with parents, 1863; educated district 
schools of Illinois; married, Maxville, Mo., 
May 23, 1882, Eliza Bruggemann; children: 
Walter, Amelia, Edmund, Helen, Clarence. 
Located at St. Louis, 1874; learned carpen- 
ter's trade and followed same for eight years; 
since in architectural business. Protestant. 
Eecreation; study of natural sciences. Office 
and Eesidence: 3711 Utah PI. 

ENDERLE, Adolph Gustavus, druggist; 
born, Burlington, la., Jan. 10, 1864; son of 
Joseph and Appolonia (Euf) Enderle; edu- 
cated in public schools of Burlington; gradu- 
ated from Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, 
M.D., 1891; unmarried. Came to St. Louis in 
1883 from Des Moines, la.; was clerk in vari- 
ous drug stores in city for five years; then 
engaged in drug business on own account at 
9th and Carr Sts. as A. G. Enderle; sold out 
in 1895 and bought present store at 6th and 
Chestnut Sts. in 1896; incorporated the busi- 
ness, 1900, as Enderle Drug Co., of which is 
president. Practiced medicine, 1891-1908. 
Clubs: Missouri Athletic, Mercantile. Office: 
Market St. and Broadway. Eesidence: Hamp- 
ton Park, St. Louis Co. 

ENGELBACH, William, physician; born, 
Arenzville, 111., July 3, 1877; son of Herman 
and Elizabeth (Goebel) Engelbach; educated 
in high school; Whipple Academy, Jackson- 
ville, 111.; B.S., Illinois College, Jacksonville, 
1899, M.S., 1906; M.D., Northwestern Medical 
College, Chicago, 1902; interne Cook County 
Hospital, 1902-03; post-graduate work in Eu- 
rope, 1904-05; married, Quincy, 111., Mar. 29, 
1905, Fama Eeynolds, of Barry, 111.; one 
daughter: Elizabeth. In practice in St. Louis 
since 1905; instructor in medicine, 1905-06, 
assistant professor, 1907-08, now professor 
medicine St. Louis University Medical Col- 
lege; member staff of City, St. John's and 
Maternity hospitals. Member American Med- 
ical Association, Missouri State Medical Asso- 
ciation, St. Louis Medical Society, Southwest- 
ern Medical Association. Clubs: City, Elks. 
Eecreations: outdoor sports and traveling. 
Office: 311, 537 N. Grand Ave. Eesidence: 
4720 Westminster PI. 

ENGELSMANN, George, president Missouri 
Belting Co.; born, Washington, D. C, Aug. 13, 
1863; son of F. and Katherine (Draeh) Engels- 
mann; educated at gymnasium at Bad Kreuz- 
nach, Germany; married, St. Louis, January, 
1897, Alice Hermann; children: George, Wil- 
liam. After finishing school, came to St. Louis* 
in 1881, and was clerk for the Anheuser- 
Busch Brewing Association, 1881-86; secre- 
tary of Willemsen Belting Co., 1886-92; since 



1892, presidont of the Missouri Bolting: Co., 
manufaeturojs of raw hide and oak taunod 
beltiuf,' and lace leather. Independent in poli- 
tics. Mason (32°), Knight Templar, Shriner. 
Clubs: Liederkranz, Railwa}'. liecreation: 
horseback riding. Oflice: Grand Ave. and La 
Salh' St. Kosidence: 10 Shaw PI. 

ENGELSMANN, Herman Edward, proprie- 
tor Missouri Tanning Co.; born, Kreuznach, 
Germany, Mar. IS, 1865; son of Franz Anton 
and Katherine (Drach) Engelsnmnn; secured 
preparatory education in a private school and 
later attended college at Frankcnthal, Ger- 
many; married, St. Louis, June 5, 1901, 
Amalie J. Ilolekamp; two daughters: Lucile 
and Elsa. Learned the tanner's trade at 
Kreuznach; came to America, 1884, and fol- 
lowed trade in New York; then settled in St. 
Louis and in 1892 became a stockholder of 
the Missouri Belting Co., in which served as 
superintendent; started the Missouri Tanning 
Co., 1902, of which has since been sole pro- 
prietor, the company being general tanners 
and specializing in furniture and art leather. 
Protestant. Club: Liederkranz. Recreations: 
hunting and fishing. Office: Prairie and Bene- 
dict Aves. Resilience: 2 Shaw PI. 

ENGLER, Edmund Arthur, secretary and 
treasurer Washington University; born, St. 
Louis, Dec. 23, 1856; son of Jacob and Au- 
gustina (Knecht) Engler; A.B., Washington 
University, 1876, Ph.B., 1877, A.M., 1879, 
Ph.D., 1892, LL.D., 1901; married Catherine 
A. Ashbrook, of St. Louis, June 17, 1886. 
Professor mathematics, 1881-1901, dean School 
of Engineering, 1896-1901, Washington Uni- 
versity; president Worcester (]\lass.) Poly- 
technic Institute, 1901-1911; secretary and 
treasurer Washington University since July 1, 
1911. Member Washington University eclipse 
party at Norman, Cal., 1889; chairman of jury, 
department of manufactures, Buffalo Exposi- 
tion, 1901; chairman international jury on 
instruments of precision, Louisiana Purchase 
Exposition, 1904. Fellow A. A. A. S. ; member 
American Antiquarian Society, National Geo- 
graphic Society, American Mathematical So- 
ciety, Society for Promotion of Engineering 
Education, St. Louis Academy of Science 
(president, 1898-1901), The Round Table, St. 
Louis (secretary, 1884-1901). Extensive con- 
tributor to magazines on scientific subjects. 
Residence: 5896 Gates Ave. 

ENGLISH, Charles Calhoun, treasurer Har- 
gadine-^fcKittrick Dry Goods ('o.; born, Sa- 
lem, Livingston Co., Ky., Mar. 24, 1862; son 
of Francis Marion and Sally Ann (Miles) 
English; educated in public schools; married 
in Crittenden Co., Ky., Mar. 24, 1885; one 
daughter: Mary Corinne. Began business in 
merchant tailoring establishment, Henderson, 
Ky., 1876; then worked in tobacco factory in 
daytime and clerked in retail stores nights 
until 1879; clerk in store of J. S. Jforse, 

Evansville, Ind., 1879-80, store of John J. 
Goodwin, Cave-in-Rock, 111., 1880, as clerk 
and general utility man; floated two flat-boats 
down river to Vicksburg, Miss., loaded with 
grain and produce, and disposed of the car- 
goes to satisfaction of employer; in store in 
Denver for few months in 1881, but returned 
to Shawneetown, 111., and was with the Swof- 
ford Bros, there (now wholesalers in Kansas 
City), later having charge, successively, of 
branch stores at New Haven, 111., and Fair- 
field, 111., until January, 1889; salesman for 
Rice, Stix & Co., wholesale dry goods, St. 
Louis, 1889-90; since with Hargadine-McKit- 
trick Dry Goods Co. (capital $6,800,000), of 
which was assistant salesman, then general 
salesman, then director, and is now treasurer. 
Democrat. INIethodist. Clubs: Mercantile, Mis- 
souri Athletic, St. Louis Power Boat Associa- 
tion. Recreations: yachting, motor Itoating. 
Office: 911-919 Washington Ave. Residence: 
5351 Bartmer Ave. 

ENGMAN, Martin Feeney, physician; born, 
New Orleans, La., Aug., 1868; son of H. A. and 
Matilda (Feeney) Engman; educated in Uni- 
versity of Virginia and University of City of 
New York, graduating, M.D., 1891; married, 
St. Louis, 1897, Louise Chariot; children: 
Martin F., Jr., Walter C. Began practice of 
medicine in New York City, 1894; in practice 
in St. Louis since 1896. Professor skin dis- 
eases, St. Louis University; director Barnard 
Free Skin and Cancer Hospital. Member of 
American Dermatological Association, Ameri- 
can Medical Association, St. Louis ^Medical 
Society. Clubs: University, Bellerive. Otiice: 
412 Humboldt Bldg. Residence: 4209 Wash- 
ington Ave. 

ENTZ, Theodore Barnes, secretary and 
manager The Oliver Electric and Manufactur- 
ing Co.; born. New York City, Nov. 10, 1871; 
son of Ferdinand S. and Mary Lawrence 
(Bulkley) Entz; educated in Chapin School, 
New York; married, Philadelphia, Apr. 15, 
1902, Alice von T. Samuels, of Philadelphia; 
children: Adele J., Theodore B., Jr. Began 
business career in 1889, with the Waddell- 
Entz Co., from which went, in 1892, as assist- 
ant in New York office of the Electric Storage 
Battery Co. ; engineer with same company, 
1896; superintendent Pennsylvania Electric 
Vehicle Co., 1900; manager Baltimore office 
Electric Storage Battery Co., of Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1903, and of St. Louis office from 1904 to 
December, 1908; since secretary and manager 
of The Oliver Electric and ^Manufacturing Co. 
Member American Institute of Electrical En- 
gineers, Automobile Club of Philadelphia. In- 
dependent in politics. Protestant. Favorite 
recreations: tennis, skating. Office: 2219 Lucas 
Ave. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo. 

EPPELSHEIMER, Frank, flour merchant; 
born, Mainz-on-the-Rliine, Germany, Mar. 20, 
1841; son of Andrew and Susanna (Stieler) 



Eppelsheimer; eJucated in public schools aud 
polytechnic school, graduating from latter, 
1S57; married, St. Louis, July, 1872, Laura 
Bierbaum;' three children: Laura (Mrs. G. 
Frenger), Alice (Mrs. George McLagau), Em- 
ily. Began active career as apprentice in wine 
business in Germany and later acted as sales- 
man; came to America, 1S66, and was in em- 
ploy of Lewis Klein, Bethalo, 111., two years; 
then spent two years as clerk in Jackson, Mo.; 
located in St. Louis, 1870, and for ten years 
was bookkeeper for Meyer & Guye; secretary 
and treasurer Mauntel, Borgess & Co., 1880- 
91; associated with J. C. Fischer, 1891, and 
organized Fischer Flour Co., of which has 
since been vice president. Member Ethical 
Societ3\ Club: Schiller. Office: 111 Market 
St. Eesidence: 1915 Hebe^t St. 

EPSTEIN, Albert, manufacturer of bovs' 
and children's clothing; born, 1709 S. 8th St., 
St. Louis, Aug. 27, 1879; son of Jgnatz and 
Anna (Falk) Epstein; educated at Madison 
(public) School, 7tli and La Salle Sts. ; Toens- 
feldt (private) School, 9th and Chouteau Ave. ; 
Southwestern Business College, 9th and Olive 
Sts.; South St. Louis Turnvereiu, 10th and 
Carroll Sts.; unmarried. Began active career 
as representative of the American Thread Co., 
of New York, continuing for five years in 
Illinois and Kentucky; was with the Epstein 
Pants Co. two years, and then organized the 
firm of Epstein & Linskv; incorporated the 
Knickerbocker Clothing Co., Sept. 10, 1908, of 
which has since been credit and financial man. 
Kepublican. Jewish religion. Past President 
of Wingenund Lodge, Independent Order Odd 
Fellows; Past Master St. Louis Council No. 
26, LTnited Commercial Travelers of America; 
member Grand Council of State of Missouri, 
United Commercial Travelers of America; 
member National Association of Credit Men, 
Interstate Merchants' Association. Club: Mis- 
souri Athletic. Eecreations: swimming and 
athletic sports. Office: 1005 Washington Ave. 
Residence: 4229 Morgan St. 

EPSTEIN, Ignatz, clothing manufacturer; 
born, "Wilkischeu, Bohemia, Nov. 25, 1848; son 
of Leoj)old and Hannah (Loebner) Epstein; 
educated in grammar and high schools of Bo- 
liomia; reached St. Louis when eighteen years 
of age; married, 1871, Anna Falk (now de- 
ceased); 2d, St. Louis, 1887, Anna Steiner. 
Was engaged in retail business in St. Louis 
and several out-of-town localities before en- 
tering the manufacturing clothing business; 
now president Epstein Pants Co. Kepublicau. 
Jewish religion. Treasurer Mt. Sinai Ceme- 
tery Association. Member B'nai B "rith. Free 
Sons of Israel. Office: 1005 Washington Ave. 
Kcsidence: 4229 IMorgan St. 

EPSTEIN, Jacob I., real estate; born. Mo- 
bile, Ala., Mar. ]0, 1862; son of Isaac and 
.Vmelia (Tannonbaum) Epstein; educated in 
public schools of Slobile, Ala., Kalamazoo, 

Mich., and St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Nov. 
27, 1895, Birdie Newburger; children: lone, 
James I. Resident of St. Louis since 1878, 
coming from Kalamazoo, Mich., where lived 
1873-78. Began business career in employ of 
Adler-Goldman Co., cotton factors, continuing 
for three years; bookkeeper for Scharff, Bern- 
heimer & Co., in grocery business, for ten 
years; since 1892 has been engaged on own 
account as real estate and financial agent. 
President Forest City Building Co. (owners 
of Washington Hotel) ; director Missouri State 
Life Insurance Co. (formerly vice president) ; 
vice president St. Genevieve Lime and Quarry 
Co.; treasurer Even Realty and Building Co. 
Promoted building of Washington, Winder- 
mere, Dudley and Kendall hotels, and many 
apartment buildings. Member St. Louis Real 
Estate Exchange, Business Men's League, 
Civic League, B'nai B'rith Association; di- 
rector United Jewish Charities. Independent 
in politics. Clubs: Columbian, Westwood 
Country. Favorite recreations: golf, swim- 
ming, tennis and baseball. Office: 617 Chest- 
nut St. Residence: 4314 Lindell Ave. 

EPSTEIN, Meyer J., physician; born, St. 
Louis, 1857; son of Joseph and Henrietta 
(Stern) Epstein; graduated from high school, 
1874, Missouri Medical College, M.D., 1877; 
married, Chicago, 1894, Sadie Leopold; one 
daughter: Beatrice. Engaged in practice since 
graduation; was City Dispensary physician, 
1883-85. Formerly held chairs of skin diseases 
and genito-urinary diseases in the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons. Eecreations: music 
and country trips. Office: 604^/2 Chestnut St. 
Residence: 4046 McPherson Ave. 

EPSTEIN, Samuel, dry goods broker; born, 
Poland, Russia, May 29, 1864; son of Solomon 
and Ida (Eosenkrantz) Epstein; educated in 
high school in native laud; married, St. Louis, 
Aug. 15, 1886, Sarah Greengard; four chil- 
dren: Harry, Leo, Ethel and Euth. Arrived in 
America, June 1, 1881; peddled in New York 
state, 1881-84; owned an interest in a store 
at Canej^, Kan., 1884-87; salesman in retail 
store, St. Louis, 1887-90; salesman for Ell- 
man Bros., 1890-92, and for Bischoff Bros., 
1892-95; assisted in establishing the Epstein 
& Whiser Dry Goods Co., 1895, of which was 
president from incorporation, 1908, until 1912, 
when dissolved partnership and with his sons 
formed the Epstein Mercantile and Commmis- 
sion Co., dry goods brokers. Secretary Sharith 
Israel Cemetery Association; director Jewish 
Old People's Home of St. Louis; member In- 
dependent Order of B 'rith Abraham, Pro- 
gressive Order of the West, B'nai B'rith, 
Woodmen of the World. Eecreation: charitable 
work. Office: 803-805 Washington Ave. Eesi- 
dence: 4037 Cook Ave. 

ERD, Charles James Edwards, lawyer; born, 
Waterloo, 111., Feb. 18, 1870; son of William 
and ^fary (Wesley) Erd; educated in public 



schools, U. S. Naval Acadoiny, and Law Do- 
partment of Washington University, LL.B., 
1889; married, iNIiss l^illy Steel, of St. Louis, 
1910. Admitted to bar, 18!)1, and engag'ed 
in practice in St. Louis; formed i)artnership, 
1893, with Seneca N. Taylor, in firm of Tay- 
lor & Erd, wliich was later dissolved, in 1902; 
in practice alone until 19U4; then became 
partner in the iimi of Block, Sullivan & Krd 
(with George M. Block aud Frank II. Sulli- 
van), but retired from firm, I\Iay 1, 1905, be- 
cause of an injury to eyesight; resumed prac- 
tice, Nov. 21, 1905; member firm of Erd & 
Phillips, 1906-07; since alone. Member St. 
Louis Bar Association, Missouri Bar Associa- 
tion. Democrat. Club: Mercantile. Office: 
(504 V^ Chestnut St. Kesidence: 4()21 Maryland 

ERDMANN, Fred, merchant tailor; born, 
Cincinnati, O.. :\[ay, 1866; son of Z. and Marie 
(Lippert) P>dnianu; educated in public schools 
of Chillicothe, O.; married, Winchester, Ky., 
Ajir. 20, 1892, Cordie Lee Clinkenbeard; chil- 
dren: Mary, Kathryn, Charles, Louis. Began 
in merchant tailoring business in 1880 at 
(Jhillicothe, where learned cutting aud work 
on the bench; then went to Winchester, Ky., 
where lived for five years and after that 
was for one year at Lexington, Ky.; came to 
St. Louis, 1897, and engaged as foreman cut- 
ter with M. E. Croak & Co., until August, 1904, 
wlien, with Luke J. O 'Reilly, established pres- 
ent firm of O'Reilly & Erdmann, tailors. Vice 
])resident Cutters' Association. Republican. 
I'resbyterian. Favorite recreations: hunting, 
fishing and boating. Office: 307 Equitable 
Bldg. Residence: 5703A Von A^ersen Ave. 

ERKEB, Adolph Peter, optician; born, 
Hesse Nassau, Germany, Feb. 8, 1854; son of 
('assimir and Christina (Sommer) Erker; edu- 
cated in Polytechnic School, Usingen, Ger- 
man}-; married, St. Louis, Jan. 28, 1891, Rose 
Roeslein. Learned business of optician in Ger- 
many, and came to New York in 1873, where 
was in employ of B. Pike & Sons, opticians, 
until July, 1879; then came to St. Louis, and 
began business as optician, later admitting his 
brother August A. Erker, firm becoming A. P. 
Erker & liro. until 1894; business was incor- 
l^orated under present style of Erker Bros. 
Optical Co., of which has since been president 
and treasurer. Member Civic League, Business 
Men's League, Academy of Science. Inde- 
jicndent in politics. Catholic. Member Knights 
of Columbus. Club: Citizens'. Recreation: hor- 
ticulture. Office: 604 Olive St. Residence: 
Kirkwood, Mo. 

ERIiANGER, Joseph, professor physiology 
Washington University; born, San Francisco, 
Cal., Jan. 5, 1874; son of Herman and Sarah 
(Galinger) Erlanger; B.S., Thii versify of Cali- 
fornia, 1895; M.U., Johns Hopkins, 1899; mar- 
ried, Aimee Hirstel, of San Francisco, June 
19, 1906; three children: Alargaret, Ruth 

Josephine and Herman. Resident house officer, 
• lohns Hopkins Hosi)ital, 1899-1900; fellow in 
pathology, assistant, instructor, associate, and 
associate professor physiology, .Johns Hopkins 
University, 1900-06; prof cssor physiology, Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin, 1906-10, Washington 
University, since July 1, 1910. Member So- 
ciety Experimental Biology and Medicine, 
American Physiological Society. Recreations: 
outdoor sjiorts. Office: 1806 Locust St. Resi- 
dence: 4.")42 Forest Park Boul. 

ERNST, Engelbert, furniture manufacturer; 
born, Ahrbergen, Province of Hanover, Ger- 
many, Sept. 6, 1841; son of Rickus and Catha- 
rina (Lempe) Ernst; educated in private 
school and technical school in Germany; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Feb. 18, 1871, Mary Relke; 
children: Johan, Otto. Learned cabinet mak- 
ing at sixteen years of age, and after three 
years, traveled and worked two years in Ger- 
many; attended technical building school, two 
semesters, in 1865 and 1866; came to United 
States, 1867; worked at trade until ISSl, when 
bought ground and built factory for Central 
Furniture Co., which organized "and managed 
until 1901; then left that company and started 
the E. Ernst l\irniture Manufacturing Co., of 
which is proprietor and manager. Catholic. 
Office: 9th and Palm Sts. Residence: 2720 
Blair Ave. 

ERSKINE, Thomas, British consul: born, 
Bedfordshire, Eng., June 24, 1859; son of 
Thomas and Emmeline (Adeane) Erskine; ed- 
ucated Haileybury College; received honorary 
title of LL.D., from St. Ignatius College, Chi- 
cago, 1907; married in Scotland, Nov. 23, 1888, 
Amy Gertrude Bruce: five children: Marjory, 
Diana, Violet, Thomas, John. Engaged in 
farming in Scotland; came to America, 1889, 
and farmed in California; acting vice consul 
San Francisco, 1898-99; vice consul, Chicago, 
1900-08; promoted to consul in St. Louis, 1908; 
acting consul general in Chicago, 1908 and 
1909; returned to St. Louis, 1909. Served as 
lieutenant in Fife Light Horse. Catholic. 
Club: City. Office: New Bank of Commerce 
Bldg. Residence: 4214 Westminster PI. 

ESPY, James Columbus, president Jas. C. 
Espy Realty Co.; born, Athens, Limestone 
Co., Ala., July 26, 1868; son of Rev. Thomas 
Benton and Elizabeth Mercy (Reeves) Espy; 
educated in ]iublic schools. Little Rock, Ark.' 
to 1881; married, St. Louis, Aug. 23 1894* 
Elizabeth Battaile Cullen; three children: Cul- 
len. Reeves, Virginia. Began liusiness career 
in circulation dei)artment morning Telegraph, 
Seattle, Wash., LS91, then as reporter on 
I'ress-Times until 1892; reporter on the Re- 
jmblican, St. Louis, 1893-95; secretary to 
Major Laurence Harrigan, chief of police, and 
served until his permanent retirement, 1898; 
since in real estate business. Member St! 
Tjouis Real Estate Exchange; also Old Guard 
Council, a)id Royal Arcanum. Democrat. Clubs: 



Young Men's Democratic, St. Louis Bait and 
Fly. Eeereation: fishing. Office: 616 Chest- 
nut St. Eesidence: 5960 Plymouth Ave. 

ESSIG, Louis Otto, lumber merchant; born, 
St. Louis, July 21), 1S5S; son of Frederick 
and Franceska (Oehler) Essig; educated in 
public schools of St. Louis; married, St. Louis, 
Mar. 9, 1SS2, Emily Beinert. Began business 
career in employ of Fleitz & Ganahl, lumber, 
1872-78; shipping clerk and later city sales- 
man for Eau Claire Lumber Co., at St. Louis, 
1879-90; city salesman for Philip Gruner & 
Bros. Lumber Co., 1890-1901; on Apr. 1, 1901, 
organized Louis Essig Lumber Co., wholesale 
and retail lumber, of which was president un- 
til Oct. 1, 1908, when company consolidated 
with the St. Louis Lumber Co., of which is a 
■director. Republican. Member A. F. & A. M., 
National Union, Xorth St. Louis Turner So- 
ciety. Clubs: Richfield Hunting and Fishing, 
Gilead Slough Hunting and Fishing, Foues 
Lake Gun (president), Oak Knoll Gun. Rec- 
reations: hunting and fishing. Office: 2509 S. 
Broadway. Residence: 4142 Peck St. 

ESSMUELLER, Frederick Henry, president 
Essmueller Mill Furnishing Co.; born, Han- 
over, Germany, Nov. 17, 1844; son of Fred- 
erick John and Dorothea (Swetman) Essmuel- 
ler; educated in public schools of Hanover and 
Bremen, Germany; married, St. Louis, 1875, 
Mary Mueller; children: William C, Bernard 
H., Dorothea C. (Mrs. Sam Broadbent) and 
Freda. Learned trade of millwright in Bre- 
men, Germany, whence came, in 1868, to St. 
Louis; began business career as millwright 
with A. K. Halteman & Co., continuing until 
1880, when joined in establishing the firm of 
Mutchler & Essmueller, succeeded in 1885 by 
the firm of Essmueller & Barry; withdrew 
from that firm in 1897 and organized and in- 
corporated the Essmueller Mill Furnishing Co., 
of which has since been president. Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Director German Orphans' 
Home, St. Louis Altenheim; president Con- 
cordia Societv. Favorite recreation: fishing. 
Office: 1216-1224 S. 8th St. Eesidence: 3460 
Sidney St. 

ESSMUELLER, William Charles, secretary 
and treasurer Essmueller Mill Furnishing Co.; 
born, St. Louis, Dec. 26, 1875; son of Fred- 
erick H. and Mary (Mueller) Essmueller; edu- 
cated in public and manual training schools of 
St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Oct. 10, 1899, 
Amanda O. Schisler; one son: Arthur Fred- 
erick. After leaving school started in the 
millwright and machinist business with Ess- 
mueller & Barry, and when, in 1897, the busi- 
ness was incorporated under the present style 
of Essmueller Mill Furnishing Co., was elected 
to present position, as secretary and treasurer 
of the company. Member Business Men's 
League, St. Louis Credit Men's Association, 
Metal Trades Association. Republican. Mem- 
ber Evangelical Church. Mason (32°); mem- 

ber St. Aldemar Commandery, Knights Tem- 
plar; Shriner. Clubs: Liederkranz, Calhoun 
Point Hunting and Fishing. Favorite recrea- 
tions: hunting, fishing and horseback riding. 
Office: 1216-1224 S. 8th St. Residence: 3525 
Sidney St. 

ESTEP, Thomas Benton, lawyer; born on 
farm in Harrison Co., 0., Jan. 6, 1851; son of 
Andrew and Sarah (Henderson) Estep; grad- 
uated from Franklin College, Harrison Co., 
1871; married, 1881, Mary Ellard (died, 1901); 
one son: William; married, 2d, St. Louis, 1902, 
Estella Ellard; children: Mary Grace, Thomas 
B. Eead law in Cadiz, Harrison Co., O.; went 
to Columbus, 0., and was admitted to bar 
there; came to St. Louis, and was admitted to 
Missouri bar, 1872; since in continuous prac- 
tice of law in this city. Democrat; was assist- 
ant prosecuting attorney of St. Louis, 1891-95. 
Member American Bar Association, Legion of 
Honor. Eeereation: reading (history). Office: 
Times Bldg. Eesidence: 3500 Greer Ave. 

ESTES, Francis Marion, lawyer; 1854-1909; 
see Vol. 1906. 

ESTES, John Wesley, manager ^tna Life 
Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn.; born near 
Henderson, Tenn., Apr. 17, 1864; son of John 
Wesley and Nannie (Crook) Estes; educated 
in Henderson (Tenn.) Male and Female Insti- 
tute; married, Earlv Grove, Marshall Co., 
Miss., Oct. 18, 1883, Lulu M. Carroll; children: 
John W., Jr., Alline, Wellborn. Began clerk- 
ing in drug store at fourteen, continuing until 
eighteen; then with Mellier Drug Co., as trav- 
eling salesman, from nineteen to twenty- three; 
in charge of private bank of W. S. Kendall, 
Sacramento, Cal., 1887-88; organized El Do- 
rado Mill & Lumber Co., and was its president 
four years; sold out and was Pacific Coast 
agent for Meyer Bros. Drug Co., 1893-97; re- 
turned to St. Louis and accepted position in 
house of same company, which resigned, Oct. 
1, 1901, to become assistant manager for State 
of Missouri of the ^tna Life Insurance Co., 
and resigned latter position to become member 
of firm of Kendrick & Estes, managers for 
Missouri of the Equitable Life Assurance So- 
ciety; on Mar. 1, 1906, appointed manager St. 
Louis general agency ^Etna Life Insurance 
Co. of Hartford, Conn. President Life Under- 
writers' Association of St. Louis since 1908. 
Mason (32°), Shriner; member Independent 
Order Odd Fellows. Democrat. Methodist 
(South). Clubs: Mercantile, City. Recreation: 
motoring. Office: Central National Bank Bldg. 
Residence: 944 Maple PI. 

ETTE, Charles G., manufacturer; born, St. 
Paul, ]\rinn., Oct. 10, 1856; son of Edward 
Christian and Philipena (Trautwein) Ette; 
educated in public and high schools, St. Louis, 
and business college; married, Brighton, 111., 
1893, Amelia Heideman; one daughter: Helen. 
Has been engaged in foundry business in St. 
Louis for more than thirty years; in 1888 or- 



ganizcd and incorporated the Ette & Henfjcr 
Manufacturing Co. (now American Foundry 
Co.); sold out interest in that company, 1894, 
and retired from business until organization, 
in 1902, of St. Louis Malleable Casting Co., of 
which has since been secretary, treasurer and 
manager. Also president Ette Investment Co. 
Eepublican. Eecreations: traveling and fish- 
ing. Office: 7700 N. Broadway. Residence: 
1702 Cora Ave. 
EUSTON, Alexander; see Vol. 1906. 

EVANS, DaJl'l, contractor; born in County 
of Montgomery, N. Wales, Sept. 28, 1849; son 
of Richard R. and Catherine Evans; educated 
in public schools of Wales, and night schools 
of St. Louis; married, St. Louis, Oct. 17, 1883, 
Jennie Jones; children: Jennie M. E. (Mrs. 
Otto G. Stoffregen), Mabel Lilian. Learneil 
carpenter's trade in native land; came to 
America, 1864; worked in Pennsylvania, Wis- 
consin and Kansas; in St. Louis since 1873; 
in general contracting for more than thirty- 
five years; head of Dan '1 Evans Construction 
Co.; has erected many private residences and 
public structures. Ex-president Mechanics ' 
Exchange, Master Builders' Association. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Mason, Knight Tem- 
plar; member Odd Fellows, Legion of Honor. 
Office: 429, 816 Olive St. Residence: 1 Park- 
land Place. 

EVANS, David Gwynne, wholesale coffees, 
teas, etc.; born in South Wales, Great Britain, 
1840; educated in private schools; married, 
St. Louis, 1875, Julia Durkee (died, 1897); 
children: Dwight Uurkee, Gwynne; married, 
2d, 1906, Mrs. Mary O'Reilley. Came to United 
States in 1862, and was in employ of W. & 
J. G. Flint, teas and coffees, Milwaukee, Wis., 
1862-66; removed to St. Louis, 1866, and opened 
house of Flint, Evans & Co., which continued 
until 1881, when bought out partners, and has 
since conducted the business alone as David 
G. Evans & Co., importers and jobbers of teas, 
coffees and spices, manufacturers of extracts 
and baking powders, coffee roasters and spice 
grinders. Episcopalian. Club: St. Louis. Of- 
fice: 504-506 N. 2d St. Residence: Bucking- 
ham Hotel. 

EVANS, Harry De Witt; see Vol. 1906. 

EVANS, Henry H., director Carletou Dry 
Goo<ls Co.; born, Jonesboro, 111., Mar. 31, 1857; 
son of John and Mary Ellen Evans; educated 
in public schools of Jonesboro; married, Anna, 
111., Jan. 8, 1885, Winifred Sanborn; one sou: 
Murray Carleton. Began business career as 
printer's devil in Murphysboro, 111., 1873; 
came to St. Louis, July, 1874, and secured 
position with Henry Bell «S; Co., wholesale dry 
goods; in 1877 entered employ of Crow-Har- 
gadine Dry Goods Co. as assistant to S. C. 
Bunn, who was general sales manager for 
Southern Illinois territory; in 1878 became 
connected with J. H. Wear, Boogher & Co., 

as general salesman for Southern Illinois; was 
elected a director and admitted as partner, 
1887; name changed, 1899, to Carleton Dry 
Goods Co., of which has continued as member 
board of directors. Independent in polities. 
^Methodist. Member Illinois Society of St. 
Louis. Club: Glen Echo. Recreation: golf. 
Office: Carleton Dry Goods Co. Residence: 
5237 Washington Ave. Summer Residence: 
Roaring Brook, !Mich. 

EVANS, Samuel, wool broker; deceased; 
see Vol. ]90(). 

EVANS, William F., general counsel Frisco 
Lines; born in Monroe Co., la., Nov. 16, 1859; 
son of William and Margaret J. (Vestal) 
Evans; preliminary education in public schools 
of Centerville, la.; unmarried. Admitted to 
the bar, 1886, and began practice at Center- 
ville, la.; was assistant general attorney, 
1886-1902 (coming to St. Louis in 1901), gen- 
eral attorney, 1902-07, Chicago, Rock Island & 
Pacific Rj'. ; general attorney, March-Decem- 
ber, 1907, general solicitor, 1907-09, St. Louis 
& San Francisco Railway Co.; general counsel 
Frisco Lines since Dec. 15, 1909; also general 
attorney for Rock Island Lines in Missouri. 
Director Central National Bank, St. Louis. 
Member American Bar Association, Missouri 
Bar Association, St. Louis Bar Association, 
Society of International Law, etc. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Racquet. Office: Frisco Bldg. Resi- 
dence: Washington Hotel. 

EVERS, Frederick William, president Henry 
Evers Manufacturing Co.; born, St. Louis, 
Oct. 27, 1873; son of Henry and Sophia 
(Evers) Evers (no relation); graduated Ever- 
ett (public) School, 1888; married, Dec. 23, 
1896, Anna Marie Link, of Kentucky. Began 
active career as clerk in hardware store, con- 
tinuing for twenty-one months; at request of 
father (who was a wood turner), learned 
wood-turning trade; on account of disagree- 
ment with father as to management of busi- 
ness, withdrew after three years and became 
partner in retail grocery store. Returned to 
wood-turning business, 1894, and was placed 
in charge of establishment which father 
founded, 1878; gave up wood turning, 1896, 
and has since devoted attention to making 
wooden tent goods, being the only exclusive 
manufacturer of tent and awning poles in the 
United States; also president Kra-Vers In- 
vestment Co. Member City Council, 1909-13. 
Republican. Protestant. Director German Prot- 
estant Orphans ' Home. Mason, Knight Tem- 
j)lar, Shriner. Club: Missouri Athletic. Rec- 
reations: bowling and pool. Office: 1442 N. 
8th St. Residence: 3953 Greer Ave. 

EVERS, Henry, president Henry Evers 
Manufacturing Co.; born Feb. 23, 1845; died 
Mar. 2S, 1912. 

EVERTS, Frank; see Vol. 1906. 

EVILL, John H.; see Vol. 1906. 



EWART, Edwin Park; see Vol. 1906. 

EWING, Arthur Eugene, physician; born 
near Cartersville, Ga., Apr. 26, 1855; son of 
Whitley Thomas (A.B., M.D.) and Hannah 
•Jane (Pettingill) Ewing; educated in private 
schools, Gadsden, Ala., 1862-74, Dartmouth 
College, 1S74-7S, A.B., 1878; principal of imli- 
lic school, Gadsden, Ala., 1878-79, and at same 
time studied law in otfiee of Aiken & Martin; 
admitted to the bar, Gadsden, Ala., 1879; en- 
tered St. Louis Medical College, 1880, M.D., 
1883; assistant to Drs. John T. Hodgen and 
Henry H. Mudd, St. Louis, 1881, and to Drs. 
.lohn Green and M. H. Post, 1882-86; studied 
at Koenigliehe Christian-Albrecht 's Univer- 
sit}-, Kiel, Germany, 1886-88; associated with 
Drs. Green and Post in the practice of medi- 
cine since 1889. Married, Chattanooga, Tenn., 
1891, Josephine, daughter of Charles Abner 
and Harriet Frances (Pettingill) Willard; 
children: Margaret Frances and Charlotte Eu- 
genia. Clinical lecturer on ophthalmology, 
1895, clinical professor of ophthalmology 
since 1902, Medical Department of Washing- 
ton University; honorary degree of A.M., 
Washington University, 1912. Member St. 
Louis Academy of Science, St. Louis Medical 
Society, St. Louis Ophthalmological Society, 
American Ophthalmological Society, American 
Medical Association, American Academy of 
Medicine, Alumni Society Medical Depart- 
ment of Washington University, Staff of St. 
Luke 's Hospital, Staff of St. Louis Skin and 
Cancer Hospital, Dartmouth Alumni Associa- 
tion; also Sons of Eevolution and Greek Let- 
ter societies, Theta Delta Chi (academic). Phi 
Beta Pi (medical), Sigma Xi (post-graduate). 
Baptist. Republican. Office: 520-533 Metro- 
]iolitan Bldg., Grand Ave. and Olive St. Eesi- 
lience: 5956 W. Cabanne PI. 

EWINGr, Fayette Clay, physician; born in 
LaFourche Parish, La., May 28, 1862; son of 
Dr. Fayette C. and Eliza Josephine (Kit- 
tredge) Ewing; educated at University of the 
South, Sewanee, Tenn., 1877; University of 
Mississippi, 1878-79; Tulane University Med- 
ical College, New Orleans, 1882; Jefferson 
:\redical College, Philadelphia, 1883-84; gradu- 
ating M.D., 1884; married, Washington, D. C, 
Oct. 21, 1885, Frances Martha MacDonald; 
children: Fayette C, Jr., Ephraim I\[., Presley, 
Donald. Began general practice of medicine 
at Washington, D. C, 1885; removed to Kan- 
sas City, Mo., 1887; removed family to Lon- 
ilon, 1893, accepting appointinont as assistant 
)ihysician to London Central Throat and Ear 
Hospital, and was later attac heij to London 
Throat HoR])ital as assistant; attondeil Lon- 
don Post-Graduate School, gi\ing special at- 
tention to course of instruction at Brompton 
Chest Hospital, the largest institution in the 
world for care of such diseases; returned to 
United States, 1895, and began practice as 
specialist in diseases of the r;\r and respira- 

tory passages, in St. Louis. On staff of vari- 
ous St. Louis hospitals. With one exception, 
only American fellow of Royal Society of 
Medicine of Great Britain; formerly fellow of 
British Ehinological, Laryngological and Oto- 
logical Association; trustee University of the 
South. Late co-editor "The Laryngoscope." 
Delegate to International Medical Congress, 
Rome, 1893, from American Medical Associa- 
tion; member Western Ophthalmologic and 
Oto-Laryngologic Academy (ex- vice presi- 
dent), American Medical Association, and 
other medical societies. Democrat. Episco- 
palian. Clubs: Kirkwood Monday (ex-presi- 
dent). Beta Theta Pi, of St. Louis (president). 
Frequent contributor to medi