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U>v^v' -•'(_■•' v> A ''>^-' "* 


Books in the Various Departments 

Literature and Science 





Published by the board of Managers. 

C. SovExt u Co., FxmrrERB. 
1887. ^j 


The following catalogue coDtains the titles of the principal books purchased for and presented 
to the Library during the year 1886. It consists of nine classified " Monthly Bulletins/' a subject 
index, and an index of authors, anonymous works and collections. 

As in the volume for 1885, the classification is simply for convenience, not at all pretending to 
scientific or bibliographical perfection. As a key to the most recent additions to the Library, it will 
be found serviceable. Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will kindly com« 
municate to the Librarian the correction of any error they may discover in the Bulletins, or the 
authorship of any works treated as anonymous, or the name of any person entered only under 
initials or under a pseudonym. ALBERT W. WHELPLBY, 



• •• 

The following catalogues arc now for sale : 

The general catalogue of 1871. (xii-f 644 pages.) 
Price reduced to . . . . $1.00 

Catalogues published since 1876: 

1. Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene (Public and Private),. 

Botany, Chemistry, Microscopy and Physic*?, (iv-j- 
64 pages.) Price 2o cents. 

2. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and fc3cience added during 1878. (iv-|-196 pages.) 

Price 50 cents. 

3. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1879. (viii -}- 292 
pages.) Price 75 cents. 

4. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1880. (viii-)-307 
pages.) Price 75 cents. 

5. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1881. (viii -\- 217 
pages.) ...... Price &0 cents. 

6. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1882. (viii 4-219 
pages.) Price 50 cents. 

7. Bulletin of Books ii^he various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1883. (viii -{-146 
pages.) Price 35 cunts. 

8. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1884. (viii -|- 145 
pages.) . . . Price 35 cents. 

9. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1885. (viii -f 146 
pages.) Price 35 cents. 

10. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1886. (viii 4-164 
pages.) Price 35 cents. 

11. Catalogue of the Columbia Branch Library. (ii4-20 

pages.) Price 10 cents. 

12. Catalogue of the Cumminsville Branch Library, (ii-f 

22 pages.) Price 10 cents. 

13. Dramas and Dramatic Poems. (192 pages.) Price 50 cts* 

14. English Prose Fiction. (vi-f248 pp.) Price 45 cents. 

1 5. French Prose Fiction. Catalogue des Conien^ Nouvelles 

et Romans franr,aiH. (iv-|-36 pages.) Price 20 cents. 

16. German Prose Fiction. (Katalog und Inhaltscerzeichnitt 

der Biicher in deutacher Sprache, welche in das Gebiet 
der prosaifichen Dichtung gehoren, (iv-}-108 pages.) 

Price 30 cents. 

17. Index to the Present Location of the Books included 

in the printed catalogue of 1871. (52 pages.) 

Price 25 cents. 

18. List of Periodicals and Newspapers currently received. 

(16 pages.) Price 5 cents. 

1 9. Subject Index to the Location of Books and Pamphlets. 

(ii-f 62 pages.) .... Price 20 cents. 

20. Temporary List of Medical Periodicals, belonging 

principally to the Mussey Medical and Scientific 
Library. (48 pages.) . . Price 15 cents. 

21. Finding-List published in 1884. (xliii4-849 pages.) 

Price $1.00 
The above 21 catalogues (3684 pages) . Price |7.20 

The indication of the size of books in our catalogues is 
determined by measurement of their height in ceDtimetres 
as follows : 

Books less than 10 centimetres, are marked 48* 



and less than 




1 2cm 


















1 8cD» 




































Books having a width of four-fiflhs their full height 
have /i^. (square) prefixed to the symbol; where, however, 
the width is greater than the height, this is indicated by 
prefixing obi. (oblong.) 

The following is a list of the principal abbreviations of 
places of publication found in the Bulletins : 






























CI eve. 







Andover (Mass.) 








Birmingham (£ng.) 



Boston (Mass.) 





Brooklyn (N.Y.) 


Buffalo (N.Y.) 




Charleston (S.C.) 



Cleveland (O.) 
Columbus (O.) 




















Frankf. a. M. 



Freib. i. Br. 













































Davenport (Iowa.) 

Dayton (O.) 












Exeter (N..H.) 

Frankfurt am Main. 



Freiburg im Breisgau. 









(The Hague.) 





Harrisburg (Fa.) 

Hartford (Conn.) 






Indianapolis (Ind.) 







Lancaster (Pa.) 


Lansing (Mich.) 



Ley den. 


Liverpool (Eng.) 


Louisville (Ky.) 



Manchester (Eng.) 


Marietta (O.) 











K. Hav. 

























St. Glairs. 

St. Peters. 

San Fran. 






















Melbourne (Auit.) 

Middlebury (Conn.) 


Milwaukee (Wia.) 





New Haven (Conn.) 

New York. 

Nashville (Tenn.) 


Newport (B.L) 



Northampton (Mass.) 

Norwich (Conn.) 

N urn berg. 


Oxford (Eng.) 





Pitteburg (Pa.) 

Portland (Me.) 


Providence (R. I.) 


Richmond (Va.) 

Rochester (N. T.) 



St. Clairsville. 

St Petersburg. 

San Francisco. 

Savannah (Ga.) 









Syracuse (N. Y.) 






Wilmington (S. C.) 



Worcester (Mass.) 



All new books added to the Library, are first placed on 
exhibition in a special case in the Main Hall, where they 
can be obtained before they are transferred to their proper 
shelves in the alcoyeB. 


In order to And whether any detired work is in this catmlogue, if the author ii known, coninli the index of Authon, 
beginning at page UK. 

In ord^r to find what works on any giTen subject are in this catalogue, consult the Index of Subjects on the oppoaite 
page, and the pages of the catalogue there indicated under the subject consulted. 

In order to find whether a work published anonymously is in this catalogue, consult the Index of Titles, beginning at 
page 163. For ProceedingH and Trannactiona of learned societies consult the same index. 

Books are entered under the real name of the author when that u known; under the pieudonifm or assumed name, 
when it is not; and where only the initials of an author are known, the last initial is put first. Compound surnames are 
•ntered under the first part of the name. The names in parentheses printed in iialiea and not preceded by the word 
"/crmerly " are the pseudonyms of thn authors whose real name they follow. 

The numbers at the end of (rach title are the *' call-numbers " for the book; thoae to which an asterisk {*) is prefixed 
can not be taken from the Library. All books should be called for by their numbers. 


No. 83, p. H. Iietronne. 1' /--ypte ; read V Kgypte. 

No. 86, p. 52. Belley. r*ve ; read I'^re. 

No. 87, p. 08. Head Lombardo-Veneto, CarU etc. 

No, 87, p. 6d. MatthoWH, H. »nd Hutton, Laurence. OonUnU: B. Matthxws and L. Laubxncs; 

rea/l H, Ma rillKWH a7t«^ L. IIUTToy. 

No. 87, p. 78. fjiit*; r«tf// fail'm. 

No. «o, p. I or Bohumachor. Not*'. Til^jriun r«a/ Tiberiai- 
No. »'r», p, 100, 'Bn,u69i\iHU\M9i. nbrldgfirncnt; rM<i abridgment. 
No. J<?% p. 107. OlvlalD. tith/ilrili«r; r*tf//lithotrItie. 
No. 8^ p. W'A. lianUi'AllirhtArl, rvmr^^n^* ; Vol. :«. do ; r<ai di. 
No. f»o, p, I2«. l}t%,\ii\t%t. Cnnhnti: miitral ; r/:<M/ Mistral. 
No. fiO, p. i;jJr }%t\9L\ii\i%n. fJttntmU: Dfivid ; r^d^ Daniel. 
No. UU, p \'\*4. S^shokki). iMvl'i; read iMnlel. 
No '-**!, p. W'O, M^;Olll, t^*'*'- John; f«A<^MoGill, John, hp, of Richmond. 




pp. 41; 88. 


pp. 24-29; 42-45; 65-58; 73-75; 89-91; 104-106; 118-120. 


pp. 47-48. 


pp. 4-11; 20-22; 34-41; 52-55; 67-72; 83-88; 98-103; 
117-118; 130-134. 


pp. 22-24; 72-73. 
Domestic Economy. 

pp. 22-24; 72-73; 103-104; 134-135; 


pp. 29-31; 62-63; 77; 109-110; 138. 


pp. 19-20; 52; 83; 116-117; 130. 


p. 83. 

Fiction, English. 

pp. 15-10; 31-32; 46-47; 63-64; 77-78; 96; 110-111; 126- 
128; 138-141. 
Fiction, French. 

p. 128. 
Fiction, German. 

p. 128. 
Fiction, Italian. 

p. 128. 
Fiction, Spanish. 

p. 128. 


pp. 41; 88. 


pp. 4-11; 20-22; 34-41; 52-5.'>; 67-72; 83-88; 98-103; 
117-118; 130-134. 

pp. 4-11; 20-22; 34-41; 52-55; 67-72; 83-88; 98-103; 
1 17-118; 130-134. 


pp. 24-29; 42-45; 55-58; 73-75; 89-91; 104-106; 118-120. 


See Fbiloloot. 

pp. 22-24; 41-42; 72-73; 103-104; 134-135. 


pp. 78->80; 111-112; 142. 
See aUo FoLTaRAPHT. 

See Industry. 

See Science. 


pp. 11-15; 45-46; 58-62; 75-77; 91-96; 106-109; 120-126; 

See also Science. 

pp. 29-31; 62-63; 77; 109-110; 138. 


pp. 2; 82; 114. 


pp. 19-20; 52; 83; 116-117; 130. 


p. 83. 


pp. 2y-rn; 62-63; 77; 109-110; 138. 
Political Economy. 

pp. 22-24; 4U4J; 72-73; 103-104; 134-135. 


pp. 22-24; 41-42; 72-73; 103-104; 1.34-135. 


pp. 16; 48; 80; 112; 143-144. 
See alto Literature. 

pp. 2-4; 18-19; 50-52; 06-67; 82; 9i»; 114-116. 


p. 83. 


pp. 24-29; 42-45; 55-58; 7.3-75; 89-91; 104-106; 118-120} 
Social Economy. 

pp. 22-24; 41-42; 72-7.3; 103-104; 134-135. 


pp. 41; 88. 


See Drama. 

pp. 2-4; 18-19; 50-52; 66-67; 82; 98; 114-116. 


pp. 4-11; 20-22; 34-41; 52-55; 67-72; 83-88; 98-103; 

117-118; 130-134. 
Useful ArU. 

See Art. 

See SciEvcs. 




onlhlg ^ttlldin. 

No. 83. 



OEURQE EMIO, . . . ' 


!. w, c. Fourth and Main bts. (SouTHeBu avb., Mt, Avst-KN.) 

. CouHTY Treasdbbr's Oppicb (10 Calhoun strkbt). 

. 184 W. Second strbbt (219 Clifton avbnuk). 

Gas Co.'e opfick (185 East Sixth btbzbt) 


48 Kacb btrbbt. 

x.xssjLKZ^:cr : 


IG Albion Placb, Mount Avbuxh. 

ev«rj <]fiy in the yo&r, Sundays Encluded, from 8 a. u. to 9 
p. M. The epocial dsparcmenta are open rs follows : 

Delivery Hali., (except Siindayg] 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Main Hall, (every day) 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Periodical Room, (every day) 8 a, m, to 9 p. m. 
Nbwspapeh Room, (every day) 8 a. k. to 9 p. m. 
Art Room, (except Sundays) 8 a. k. to 8 p. u. 
•• " (on SuDdars) 9 a. u. to 4 p. m. 

Reading Rooms. — Any person of good deportment 
and habit?, whether residing in Uincinnati or not, may 
consult books, periodicals, or newspapers In the reading 

HoMK USE OF Books. — Reaidenta of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
furnishing satisfiictury security in the form prescribed bj 
the Bunrd. (In lieu of other eecurity a deposit of three 
ilollarg or nf the value of the work desired may be made.) 
Son-reaidenta may withdraw booka by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of flvedotlsrs. 


two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, afler 
which tbey can not Ije reissued to the game person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books overdue, three cent* a day, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any o 

> owing fines or charges. 


1. The Librarian ii mt all times ready to assist per- 
sons in the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
the sources of information so (ar as tbe Library contain! 

3. Booka not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to tbe Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reagoo 
against it. 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to tbe Librarian, either in person or by letter ginng the nant« 
and rtautatee of Ihe person aggriaxd. Anonymous com mu- 
Dicatinna can not be noticed. 



Belioion, BtC^ 

Abu 1-WalTd Marwan ibn Janah, called Rabbi 

Yonah. The book of Hebrew roots. Now 
first ed., with an appendix, containing extracts 
from other Hebrew-Arabic dictionaries, by Ad. 
Neubauer. Oxf Clarendon press. 1875. viii + 
808 cols. (404 pp.) 4° [96,362; 83.] *|:5801 
Geldart, K. M. The modern Greek language in 
•its relation to ancient Greek. Oxf. Clarendon 
press. 1870. xii+216 pp. 16° [96,354; 83.] 
(Clarendon press ser.) 1:1647.7 

Gummere, Francis B. A handbook of poetics 

for students of English verse. Best. Ginn and 
Co. 1885. vi4-250 pp. 12° [96,433; 83.] 

Harlez, C. de. Manuel de la languo mandchoue. 

Granimaire, anthologie et lexique. Par. 

Maisonneuve freres et Ch. Leclerc. 1884. 232 pp. 
8° [96,332; 83.] 1:2043 

JuvenaliS, Becimus Junius. Thirteen satires. 

With a commentary by John E. B. Mayor. 
New ed. Lond. Macmillan. 1877. 2 v. 331 
pp. ; xx+451 pp. 12° [96,369; 83.] 1:3601.1-2 

LlviU8 Patavinus, Titus. Books xxi— xxv. The 
second Punic war. Tr. into Eng., with notes. 
By Alfred John Church, and William Jackson 
Brodribb. Lond. Macmillan, 1883. xxxi + 
347 pp., 2 maps (1 fold.). 12° [96,700; 83.] 

Vincent, Edgar and DicksOn, T. G. A handbook 
to modern Greek. 2. ed., rev. and enl. Lond. 
Macmillan, 1881. xvi+341 pp. 12° [96,699; 
83.] 1:1647.39 

Virgillus IHIarO, Publius, The works of, rendered 
into English prose, with introductions, running 
analysis, notes, and an index, by James Lonsdale 
and Samuel Lee. Lond. Macmillan. 1885. 
(8+) 310 pp., vignette t. p. 12° [96,358; 83.] 
(The globe ed.) 1:3955 

Yonah, Rabbi See Abu 'i-Waird Marwan ibn 


Religion and Theology. 

Allen, Joseph Henry. Outline of christian 

history, A. D. 50-1880. Bost. Roberts. 1886. 

[1885.] vii+151 pp. 16° [96,525; 83.] 4:390 

Avicebron. See Salomon ibn-Gebirol. 

Beecher, Henry Ward. Evolution and religion. 
Pt. 1. Eight sermons, discussing the bearings 
of the evolutionary philosophy on the fundamen- 
tal doctrines of evangelical Christianity. N. Y. 
Fords, Howard and Hulbert. 1885. 145 pp. 12° 
[96,445; 83.] 3:3430 

[Bible. Old Testament.] Anglo-Saxon and 
early English psalter: now first printed from 
mss. in the British museum. [Ed. by J. Steven- 
son.] 2v. Lond. J. B.Nichols and son. [1845.' 
ix+329 pp. ; (6+) 204 pp. 8° [20,512; 83." 
(Surtees Soc. pubs., 16,19.) *27:1115,U 

Note. Latin tost, Anelo-Sftxon iDterlinear rIobb, and a metrical 
transl. into middle EDglisn. 

[Bible. New Testament. Lat. and Anglo- Saxon.'] 
The Lindisfarne and Rushworth gospels. Now 
first printed from the original mss. in the British 
museum and the Bodleian library. Durham. 
G. Andreics and Co. [1854-65.] 4 pts. (8+) 
249 pp.; x(-fii)-fll9 pp.; x(+ii)-f205 pp. ; exxv 
(+ii)+173(-L2) pp., 1 coPd facs. 8° [20,523-4, 
8; 93,065; 83.] (Surtces Soc. pubs., 28, 39, 43, 48.) 

*27:1 127,38,42,47 

Note. Pt. I o<l. by Rev. Joseph Stevsnsow; Pts. *iM by Goorge 

Contents: Pt. 1. Gospel of Matthew. 
Pt. 2. GosjM'l of Mark. 
Pt. 3. Gospel of Luke. 
Pt. 4. Go»i)Ol of John. 

Bissell, Aev, Edward Cone. The pentateach : 

its origin and structure. An examination of 

recent theories. N. Y. Scribners. 1885. v-|- 

484 pp. 12° [96,373; 83.] 3:407 

Bowen, Francis. A layman's study of the En- 
glish bible considered in itsliterary and secular 
aspect. N. Y. Scribners. 1885. (4+) 145 pp. 
12° [96,356; 83.] 3:323 

Cremer, Hermann. Beyond the grave. Tr. from 
the German by the Rev. Samuel T. Lowrie; 
with an introd. by the Kev. A. A. Hodge. N. Y. 
Harpers. 1886. [1885.] xxxviii+153 pp. 16° 
[96,285; 83.] 3:5192 

be Witt, Rev. John. Sermons on the christian 
life. :N. Y. Scribners. 1885. ix+420 pp. 
12° [96,372; 83.] 5:5060 

GillOW, Joseph. A literary and biographical 
history; or, bibliographical dictionary of the 
English catholics, from the breach with Home, 
1534, to the present time. Vol. 1. Lond. 
Bums and Oates. [1885.] xx+612 pp. 8° 
[96,389; 8:i] *4:5179.1 

ureen, William Henry. The Hebrew feasts in 
their relation to recent critical hypotheses con- 
cerning the pentateuch. N. Y. Carters. [1886.] 
(4+) 329 pp. 12° [96,457; 83.] (The Newton 
lectures for 1885.) 4:277 

Hartmann, Earl Robert Eduard von. Das Juden- 
tham in Gegenwart und Zukunft. Leip. W, 
Friedrich. 1885. (4+) 194 pp. 12° [96,608; 
83.] 4:281 

Huther, Johann Eduard. Critical and exegetical 
handbook to the general Epistles of James and 
John. Edin. T. and T. Clark. 1882. vii+528 
pp. 8° [93,578; 83.] (Critical and exe^et. 
commentary on the N. T. ; Heinr. Aug. Wilh. 
Meyer.) *3:1915 

Note. The RpiHtle of James tr. by Rev. Paton J. Oloao; the 
EpistleH of John by Kev. Clarke U. Ikwin. 

Huther. Johann Eduard. Critical and exegetical 
handbook to the general Epistles of Peter and 
Jude. Edin. T. and T. Clark. 1881. vi, 440 
pp. 8° [93,578; T.4,498; 83.] (Critical and 
exeget. commentary on the N. T. ; Heinr. Aug. 
Wilh. Meyer.) *3:1913 

Note. The Epistles of Peter tr. by D. B. Ciooji; the Epistle of 
Jude by Rev. Paton J. Gloao. 

Huther. Johann Eduard. Critical and exegetical 
handbook to the Epistles of St. Paul to Timothy 
and Titus. Tr. from the 4. impr. and enl. ed. of 
the German, by David Hunter. Edin. T. and T. 
Clark. 1881. vii+379 pp. 8° [93,578; T.4, 
498; 83.1 (Critical and exeget. commentary on 
the N. T.; Heinr. Aug. Wilh. Meyer.) *3:1912 

Rblioion, iTa 

RlLiaiON, ETC. 

Ibn-Gebirol, Salomon. See Salomon lbn-Gebirol> I 

ImmortBlity. A clerical sjmpoBiam on What 
are the foundalione of the belief in the immor- 
tality of man. By the Rev. Canon W. J. Knox- 
Little, and others. N. Y. T. Whittaker. 1885. | 
vi-|-(ii-|-)259p|). 12° [ii6,079; 83.] 3:5209 

f»Fi[(nU. Artii'Jf I. EtoF. C. Adolpbiia Ron. 2. Rev. W. Gsrrell 
HoBBiiK. 3. Rpv. John Psae HoPM. 4. Rabbi Hermann Aclii. 
b. a. a. ElTotu. e. Uev. W. Croibr Biilow. T. R«t. J. Bobinwu 
OHooai. B. Kri. Canon W. J. Knoi-Limi. B. Bp. Weaikiu. 
10. Her. JoliD CAiaica. 11. Rer. Edward Whiti. 

Leavitt, Hev. John McDowell. JteoBonB for faith 
in this nineteenth century. N. Y. J. Pott and 

Co. 1884. (6+) 170 pp. 12" [96,053; 83.] 

Life >n heaven. There, faith is changed into 
sight, and hope is pastied into blissful fruition. 

Bj' the author of "Heaven our home". 6. ed. 

Boat. Roberts. 1882. 273 pp. 16° [96,430; 

83.] 3:5193 

LIndlsfarno and Rusbwortb gospels. See BIblo. 
N. T. Iiat. and Anglo-Saxon. 

Lunomann, GotUieb. Critical and exegoticsl 
handbook to the Epistlo to the Hebrevs. Tr. 
from the 4. ed. of the German, by Rev. UauHce J. 
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pp. 8° [93,578; 83.1 (Critical and oxeget. 
commentary on the N, T. ; Heinr. Aug. Wilh. 
Meyer.) *3:1914 

Liinemann, Gottlieb. Critical and exegetical 
handbook to the Epistles of St. Paul to the 
Thessaloniane. Tr. from the 3. ed. of the German, 
by Rev. Paton J. Gloag. Bdin. T. and T. Clark. 
1880. xv+254 pp. 8° [93,578; 83.1 (Critical 
and excget. commentary on the N. T.^ Heinr. Aug. 
Wilh. Meyer.) *3:1911 

Malmonldes. See Moses ben Maimon. 
Meet for heaven. A state of graco upon earth 
the only preparation for a state of glory in 
heaven. By the author of " Heaven oar home". 
6. ed. Boat. Roberts. 1882. 306 pp. 16' 
[96,434; 83.] 3:5194 

Moses ben Maimon, cUed Malmonldes Le 

guide des egares. Traite de thoologio et de 

FhiloBophie. Publ. poor la premiere fois dans 
original arabe, et accompagne d'une traduct. 
tVan^uise et de notes critiques, litteraires etexpli- 
calives par S[alomon] Munk. Par. A. Franck. 
I856-6C. 3 v. (x+)xvi+462(+2) pp. +(3+) 
nspleaves; xvi+380(-|-2) pp. -f(a+)3p 'eaves ; 
xxiv+532pp.+(3+)n'5pIeavcB. 8° [96,065;83.] 

Mllller, Friedricb Max, eiHtor. The sacred books 
of the East, tr. by various oriental scholars. 
Vols. 1-19, 21. Oxf. Clarendon press. 1879-84. 
21 V. in 20. 8° [74,536; 77,970; 79,773; 81,540; 
82,827; 87,898; 88,801; 91,802; 91,818; 91,992; 83.] 
*|0:2058. 1-19,21 

ConlcaU: VoIh. 1. 15. The ['paniihadB. Tr. bv F. M. MAllh. 
Pt. \. Tlie KiiunJogjB-m»nl»lii<d.— Tho Talavak&ra-iipanwliail. -The 
Atlaro]'aAnHi)'iik<>. — The KauiibUaki-bn-|hmHnii.iii>sniKhad and Ihe 
VlNuiuiBeyl-BiuiibilA'iipiiTilahiul. Pt.2. The Kar*H-ii|*ni»IiH<J.— The 
Mimtaka-iiiHioiHluKl. — ThrTaittlrij-alu-apanishiid.—Tlic Bn^adilr- 
Ravaka-mwaliihiMI.— The SrsUiTaian-upCDlshad.— The Prenta-upan- 
ialiu<.-The Mairrflrnu-brfthnuiM-npuiishad. 

Vola. 3, 14. Thp aacrml lawi of the Arvu ■■> taaght in the Hhools 
or Anaetaniba. OuuMina, VAslshUk. and UBivlhAvaaa. Tr. b; Georg 
BaBLXi. Pi. I. ApuaUinbu and Oautsm*. Ft. i. VuiahfAa uid 

Muller, Friedricb Max, editor. — (^Continued.) 

VolK. :l,ls. The aacred books of China, the text.' nf ftanfUciaiiiam. 
Tr. by JaineB Lidoa. Pt. I. The SliO king.— The retigloua portions 
of Ihe Shih kliiK.— The Heiilo king. (1 foTd. ohart.) Pt. i. The Yl 
kina. (J fold. pl»., iltiu.) 

\ol.«. The Zend-aiea 

VoIh. .1,18. Pahlavi teil 
Biindatiii, BahiiiiiD yntt. and ShAynsI ] 
iHtAn-t Unlk and Ihe Epiatlcs of SAnil, 

Vol*, u, 0. The Qor'An. Tr. bj- E. H. P( 
Vol. 7. The Instituted of Vishau. ~ ' 
Vol.8. The BhanvadntlA, «ith th 
gllA. Tr. bi KAaBiiATB Tamaia TaLi 
,..., ,r. I- , T^, Dhammapada 

joka of Iheludd 

Pt. £.' The8nt(a-nipAla: a 

The VendhlAd. Tr. by Jan 

by E. W. Will. Pt. 1. T 
lA ehA)-a«(. PI. 1. The 1> 

ly Julius Joi 
banalsutrAirya i 

Vol. 10. 

.—The Tevi 

and Hermii 

«lleetion of Tenie,, being 
1. Tr. from PAli by F. ST 

iiiddhiala. Tr. (Vom PAl'' by \^ 

torn PAli by t. W. Rhya Davim. 
The tlhammajbikkH-pTiaviitUna 
■yarn Sult«nta.-The Akanklievja S.llta.-The Kelok- 
le MahA-sudaanana BultuiU.— Tlie BabbAsaia 8utU. 
SalRpalha-bTAhmana according to the teit of the 
ool. Tr. by JuliuaEuoauira. Pt. 1. Books 1-a. 
'inaya text*. Tr. ftoni the PAli by T.W. Rhya Daum 
.anaiaa. Pt. I. ThePAlimokkha.— TheMaliAvaiue. 
vaaga (fwiriB,l.-The Kullavaijga. 1-3. 
Vol. IB. Tlie F..-»ho-hing-tfiao-kinB: a life of Buddha; Ant- 
ghosha BodhiHnttra. Tr. from Sannkrif into Chinese by OutaBAB- 
AKAHA, A. D. 120, and from Chinene into Eniiilsh by Samuel Real. 

Vol. Itl. The Saddlmrnia-puridarlka, or the lotua of the (rue law 
Tr. by H. KaaH. 

Munk, Salomon. M6langes de philosopfaie jiiive 
et arabo, renfermant des extraita methodiqaes 
de la Source de vie de Salomon ibn-Gbbirol (dit 
AvicEBRON), trad, en fran^aissor la version hebrai- 
que de Scbem-Tob iBK-FALAQueBA, et accom- 
pagnes de notes critiques et explicatives; — nn 
momoire sur la vie, les ecrits el la philosophie 
d'Ibn-Gebirol, — den notices sur les principanz 
philoBophes arabos et Icurs doctrines, — et one 
esquiase hiatorique do la philosophie chez les 
Juifs. Par. A. Franck. 1859. Tiii(-l-iv) + 
536 pp. (-|-3>+i'j leaves. 8" [96,215; 83.] 4:276 
Newton, Rev. Reginald Heber. Philistinism: 
plain words concerning certain forms of modern 
scepticism. N. Y. Putnnms. 1886. ix-4-(ii+) 
332 pp. 16" [96,387; 83.] 3:3813 

Norton, Andrews. A statement of reasons for 
not bolieving the doctrines of trinitarians, con- 
corning the nature of God, and the person of 
Christ, Camb. Brown, Shattuck and Co. 1833. 
xxxix4-331 pp. 12° [48,826; 83.] 4:4736.b,C 

The same. 2. ed., with additions, and a biograph- 
ical notice of the author. Bost. Amer. Unitar. 
Assoc. 1856. 1+49!) pp. [T.826.] 4:4736.a 

The same. 5. ed. 1870. [27,604.] 4;4736 

Pusey, -Aeu. Edward Bouverie. Daniel the proph- 
et. Nine lectures delivered in the divinity 
school of the University of Oxford ,with copious 
notes. N.Y. Funk and Wagnalls. 1885. Ixxiii 
519 pp. 8° [96,597; 83] 3:1557 

Salomon ibn-Gebirol, called Avicebron, Extraita 
methodiques de la Source de vie de, trad, en 
fran^aia sur la version hebraique de SoDEH-ToB 
iBN-FALAQoeRA, ct accompagncs de notes critiques 
et explicatives. Par Sfalomon] Monk. (4+)148 
pp. + (3+)l'5 leaves. S" [96,215; 83.] In4:276 

Saulcy, Louis-Felicien-Joseph-Caignart de. Sept 
sieclea de I'histoire Judaique depuis la prise de 
Jerusalem par Nabuchodonosor jnsqu' & la prise 
de Bettir par les fiomaina. Par. A. Levy. 1874. 
(4+) 403 pp., 8 pis. 16° [95,718; 83.] 4:278 


KiLiaiON, XTC. 

Savaae, -Kci;. Minot Jadaon. The religious life. 

Bo"l. 0. H. Ellis. 1885. 212 pp. 12° [96, 

629; 83.] 3:3933 

Smith, liev. Samuel. David's repentance : or a 

plain and familiar expositioo of the 51. pealni, 
first preached and now pub. for the benefit of 
God's church. WhereiD every christian may sot 
before hia eyes the pattern of unfeigned repent- 
ance. Likewise exhorting every man to labour 
for repentance before sickness and death seize 
upon them ; for after death there is no repentance 
to be had or expected, 30. edl, nowly rev. Lond. 
e. Conyers. 1722. 330(+C) pp. 18' [96,"' 
83] ^^3:1 

Smith William. A dictionary of the bible; com- 
prising its antiquities, biography, geogniphy, 
natural history, and literature. With the latent 
researches and references to the revised version 
of the New Testament Rev. and ed. by Rev. F. 
N. and M. A. Pelodbet. Phil. Porter and 
Q}ates. [1884.] viii, 818 pp., 8 col'd maps, 
fronlis., illus. 12° [95,7fi5; 8a.] 3:5T16 

Spirit (The) of the New Testament; or, the 
revelation of the mission of Christ. By a 
woman Boat. Sockicell and Churchill. 1885. 
xii+525pp. 12" [96,288)83.] 3:3332 

Townsend. Luther Tracy. The bible and other 

ancient literature of the 19. century. N. Y. 

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681; 83.] 3:5S4 

Trumbull, Sev. Henry Clay. The blood covenant. 

A primitive rite and its bearings on scripture. 

N. Y. Scribners. 1885. viii+:i50 pp. 12° 

[96,368; 83.] 10:2178.18 

TullOCh, Sev. John. Movements of religious 

thougnt in Britain during the 19. century. St. 

■ Giles' lectures. N. Y. Scribners. 1885. xi+ 

338 pp. 12° [96,338; 83.] 10:2178.17 

CbnlMfj," Colertiijju ami hi* imhool.— The wirlj Orifl »hool and 
ilBeonwiie™.— ThpOjiforii, or, Angto-oiitholic: moTpinptil. — Move- 
ment uf rellKioU" thniiBlil id Hcollnntl.— Thoninx CarlilvilRB ivliginuii 
I«<:hcr.-Jr>lin Sm.rtTiliU siid hi« Bchool,- "Bn.mrchQn*": F. D. 
HauriL-F. Ctwrlpx Kiiit{9l«f, ¥. W, BoberUon buJ Bp. Alox. KKing. 

Webb, Benjamin J. The centenary of eatbolieity ' 

in Kentucky. In addition to the history of the 
church in Kentucky for the century of its exist- 
ence just closing, the volume contains the details 
of catholic emigration to the state from 1785-1814, 
with life sketches of the more prominent among 
the colonists, as well as of the early missionary 
priests of the state and very many of their sue- 
ceasors. Louis. C A. Rogers. 1884. v-f594 
pp., 5 ports. 8" [95,541; 8:^.] 4:3662 

Wilson, S^' William. The bible student's guide 
to the more correct understanding of the En- 
glish translation of the Old Testament, by refer- 
ence to the original Hebrew. By an alphabetical 
arrangement of every English word in the author- 
ized version, the corresponding Hebrew may at 
once be ascertained, with its peculiar signification 
and construction. 2. ed., carefully rev. Lond. 
Macmillan. 1870. xvi+666 pp. 4° [96,704; 
83.] *3:6191 

1 HiBTOET, «TC- 

Wrlflht, William Aldis. The bible word-book : a 
glossary of archaic words and phrases in the 
authorised version of the bible and tbe book or 
common prayer. 2. ed., rev. and onl. Lond. 
Macmillan. 1884. xii+680 pp. 12° [96,695; 
83.] 3:5643 

History, Biography, Geography and Travel. 

Adam, Alexander. A geographical index, con- 
taining the Latin names of the principal coan- 
tries, cities, rivers, and mountains mentioned in 
the Greek and Roman classics; with the modern 
names subjoined: also, the Latin names of tbe 
inhabitants, and the adjectives and other words 
derived from the namet of tbe places; with the 
most remarkable epithets annexed; and au ex- 
planation of difGcult words and phrases. Being 
a supplement to the summary of ancient and 
modern geography. Edin. Bell and Bradfute, 
and W. Creech. 1795. (145 pp.) 12° [26,486; 
83.] In 60:310 

Adam, Alexander. Summary of geography and 
history, both ancient and modern; containing. 
an account of the political state, the principal 
revolutions of the most illustrious nations in 
ancient and modern times; their manners and 
customs; the local situation of cities, especially 
of such as have been distinguished by memorable 
events: with an abridgement of the fabulous 
history or mythology of tbe Greeks. * * * Edin. 
Bell and Bradfute, and W. Creech. 1794. xti + 
720 (+16) pp., I fold, pi., 13 fold. maps. 12° 
[26,486; 83.] 60:310 

Adams, William Henry Davenport. Shore and 
sea; or, stories of great vikings and sea captains. 
Lond. Hodder and Stoughton. 1883. vii+348 
pp., 10 pis. 12° [96,093; 83.] 21:210 

Anderdon, John Lavicount. Tbe life of Thomas 
Ken, bp. of Bath and Wells. By a layman. 
Lond. W. Pickering. 1851. viii+528pp.,l port. 
8" [1,618; 83.] 24:2030 

Ansted, David Thomas. Physical geography. 
Phil. Zippincott. 1867. xxxiv+467pp. 12° 
[9,317; 83] 60:l& 

Ashton, John. Old times : a picture of the social 
lite at the end of tbe 18. century, collected and 
illus. from tbe satirical and other sketches of tbe 
day. Lond. J. C. Nimmo. 1885. xii+354 pp., 
88 pis. 8° [9G,038; 83.] *|0:5597 

Bachaumont, Louis. Bxtraitd^s M^moires bisto- 
riques et lilteraires, de I'anneo 1762 a I'annee 
1782, avec avant-propos ct notices par Fs. Bar- 
KieRE. Par. Didot frires. 1846. 209-524 pp. 
16° [9,361; 83] (Biblioth. des mem. relatits 
a I'bist. de France pendant le 18°" siecle, t. 3; 
J.-F. Bairiere.) In 23:829 

BaCOUrt, Ad. de, minister fi-om Franee. Souvenirs 
of a diplomat. Private letters from America 
during the administrations of Presidents Van 
Buren, Harrison, and Tyler. With a memoir of 
the author by the Oomtesse de Mirabeah. Tr. 
from the French. N. Y. H. Bolt. 1885. 297 
pp. 12° [95,989; 83.] 21:1880 



Barriere, Jean-Francois, editor. Meraoires de 
Mrno DD Hausset, iemme de chambre de Mme 
de Pompadour, et extrait des Memoires historiques 
et litteraires de Bachaumont, de Tannee 1762 a 
Fannee 1782, avee avant-propos et notices. Par. 
Bidot freres. 1846. (4+)524 pp. 16<» [9,361; 
83.] (Biblioth. des mem. relatifs a Thist. do Franco 
pendant le 18""' siecle, t. 3.) 23:829 

Beugnot, Jacqucs-Claade, comte. Memoire snr la 

8])oliation des biens da clergeattribuee a Charles 

Martel. Par. 1853. (Acad. Inscript. France, v. 

19, II. pp. 361-462.) In *62:1569 

Browne, John Ross. Yusef ; or, the journey of 

the Frangi. A crusade in the East. N. Y. 

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83.] 21:263 

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2. ser. N. Y. Appleton. 1860. 277 pp. 12** 

[60,275; 83.] 21:270 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Zigzag journeys in the 
Levant, with a talmudist story-teller. Aspring 
trip of the Zigzag Club through Egypt and the 
Holy Land. Bost. Estes and Lauriat. 1886. 
[1885.] 304 pp., illus. sq. 12° [96,326; 83.] 


Campbell, Charles, editor. Some materials to serve 
for a brief memoir of John Daly Burk, author 
of a History of Virginia, With a sketch of the 
life and character of his only child, Judge John 
Junius Burk. Alb. J, Munsell. 1868. vi, 123 
pp. 8° [31,031; 83.] 23:2798 

Campbell. John, lord. The lives of the lord 
chancellors and keepers of the groat seal 
of England, from the earliest times till the reign 
of King George IV. 2. Amer. ed., from the 3. 
Lond.ed. Phil. Blanchard, 1851. Vols. 1-7. 8*^ 
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The same. Vols. 8-10. 4. ed. Lond. Murray. 
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Campbell-Copeland, T. See Mottelay, P. F. and 
Campbell-Copeland, T. 

Carrey, fimile. L'Amazone. Huit jours sous 

I'equateur. Par. Levy freres, 1856. 252 

pp. 12*' [52,539; 83.] 21:2873 

Champney, Lizzie W. Three Vassar girls in Italy. 
A holiday excursion of three college girls 
through the classic lands. Illus. by "Champ", 
and other distinguished artists. Bost. Estes and 
Lauriat. 1886. [1885.] viii, 240 pp., illus. 
sq. 12° [96,327; 83^ 22:1775 

Clinton, Henry Fynes. An epitome of the civil 
and literary chronology of Home and Constan- 
tinople, from the death of Augustus to the death of 
Heraclius. Ed. by the Eev. 0. J. Fynes Clinton. 
Oxf. University press, 1853. vi+524 pp. 
8° [96,361; 83.] *26:lll 

Colange, -I^eo de. Picturesque Hussia and Greece. 
With over 100 illus. by De la Charlerie, Hambert, 
Alexandre de Bar, and others. Troy, N. Y. H, 
B.NimsandCo, 1886. [1885.] (144 pp.) f«» 
[96,446; 83.] *A:5132 

Cooley, William Desborough. The history of 
maritime and inland discovery. Lond. Long- 
man. 1830-31. 3 V. xii-f398 pp.; xiii+356 
pp.; xv+384 pp.; additional vignette t. p. in each 
vol. 16° [23,983; 83.] (Cabinet cyclop.: cabinet 
of geography; D. Lardner.) 60:375-7 

De Colange, Leo. See Colange, L. de. 

Delisle, Leopold- Victor. Memoire sur les recueils 
de jugements rendus par I'echiquier de Norman- 
die, sous les regnes de Philippe-Auguste, de Louis 
VIII et de Saint Louis. Par. 1864. (Acad. In- 
script. France, v. 24, II. pp. 343-85.) In *62:1574 

Dole, Nathan Haskell. A history of the Turko- 

Kussian war of 1877-8. Bost. Estes and 

Lauriat. [1882.] 347-81 pp., 5 pis. 8** [96, 

142; 83.] (Eambaud's Popular hist, of Russia,3.) 

In 28:2433 

Duyckinck, Evert Augustus. National portrait 
gallery of eminent Americans: including ora- 
tors, statesmen, naval and military heroes, jurists, 
authors, etc., from original full length paintings 
by Alonzo Chappel. With biographical and his- 
torical narratives. N. Y. Johnson, Fry and Co. 
[1862.] 2 V. (ii-f )vii, 488 pp., 58 ports.; (ii+)iv, 
470 pp., 60 ports.; additional, vignette t. p. in each 
vol. 4*» [28,746; 83.] 23:3025-6 

Cbntenta: ^Vol. 1. B. Franklin.— P. Henry.— 8. Adanjs.— J. Otis.— 
R. H. Lee.— G. Washington.— J. Warren.— J. Hancock.— W. Moultrie. 
J. Trumbull.— J. Adams.— T.JefferHon.—R. Montgomery.— J. Jav.— A. 
Hamilton.— P. Jones.- J. Stark.— G. Clinton.— F. Marion.— D. Boone. 
C. C. Pinckney.— N. Greene.— F. Ames.- J. Barney.— B. Lincoln.— I. 
Putnam.— H. Lee.— R. Morris.— H. Laurens.- H. Gates.— P.Schuyler. 
— D. Morgan.— A. Wayne.— H. Knox.— J. Barry.— F. W. von Steuben. 
— G. M. de Lafayette.- R. Sherman.— F. Hopkmson.— O. Ellsworth.- 
R. King. -J. Marshall.— G. Morris.- R. R. Livingston.— J. Barlow.— 
J. Madison.— W. Bainbridge.— A. Gallatin.— S. Decatur.— W.Wirt.— J. 
Story.— R. Fulton.— J. Monroe.— W. Allston.— S. Girard.— W. Pinkney. 
—J. Brown. 

Vol. 2. J. Q. Adams.— D. Porter.— J. J. Astor.— J. Kent.— J. J. 
Audulwn.— D. Chnton.— O. H. Perry.- J. Lawrence.— T. Macdonough. 
—J. Randolph.— W. Irving.— A. Lawrence.-A. Jackson.— H. Clay.— J. 
C. Calhoun.— D. Webster.— T. H. Benton.— J. F. Cooper.— W. H. Har- 
rison.— W. H. Prescott.— Z. Taylor.- J. K. Polk.— R. Choate.— J. A. 
Quitman.— 8. A. Douglas.— J. J. Crittenden.— W. H. Seward.— E. K. 
Kane.— C. Wilkes.— W. J. Worth.— E. V. Sumner.— M. Van Buren.— 
8. P. Chase.— J. Tyler.— J. C. Fremont.— F. Pierce.— A. H. Foote.— J. 
Buchanan.— M. Fillmore.— N. Lyon.— L. Cass.- O. M. Mitchel.— J. E. 
Wool.— A. Lincoln.— W. Scott.— G. Bancroft.— E. Everett.— G. B. Mc- 
Clellan.— H. W. Halleck.— A. E. Bumside.- J. Hooker.— B. F. Butler. 
—J. Shields.- T. F. Dupont.— D. G. Farrragut.— D. D. Porter.— H. W. 
Longfellow.— W. S. Rosecrans.— U. 8. Grant.— N. P. Banks.- A. John- 
son.— W. C. Bryant. 

Egger, ^mile. Memoire bistorique Bur les traites 
publics dans I'antiquito, depuis les temps hero- 
iques de la Grece jusqu' aux premiers siecles de 
I'ere chretienue. Par. 1861. (Acad. Inscript. 
France, v. 24, pp. l-i:^8.) In *62:1574 

Egger, ^mile. Observations sar quelques frag- 
ments de poterie antique provenant d'Egypte, 
et qui portent des inscriptions grecques. Par. 
1857. (Acad. Inscript. France, v. 21, pp. 377-408, 
1 fold pi.) In *62:1571 

Farmer, Silas. The history of Detroit and Mich- 
igan ; or, the metropolis illustrated. A chron- 
ological cyclopaedia of the past and present, in- 
cluding a full record of territorial days in Michi- 
gan and the annals of Wayne county. Detroit. 
S, Farmer and Co, 1884. xlvi-f 1024 pp., frontis., 
illus. 8^ [96,161; 83.] *30:1672 



FfalCb'HattOlly Harold. Advance Australia! An 
aceoant of eight years' work, wandering, and 
amoftement in Qaeensland, New South Wales, and 
Victoria- Lond. W. B. Allen and Co. 1885. 
(8-r>3ir2 pp., 14 pis., 1 plan, 1 fold. map. 8^ [96, 
102; 83.] 22:2628 

fthttX, Nicolas. De Torigine des Fran^ais et de 

lear etablissement dans la Gaule. Par. 1868. 

(Acad. Inscript. France, v. 23 (K), pp. 319-559.) 

In *62:1573 

Frith, Henry. The brave days of old : the story 

of the crusades. Lond. Routledge. 1886. 

[1885.1 xvi-i-301 pp., 20 pis., illus., vignette t. p. 

12*' [96,403; 83.] 26:969 

Fry, Bvt. Maj.-Gen. James B. New York and the 

conscription of 1863. A chapter in the history 

of the civil war. N. Y. Putnams. 1885. (2-r) 

85 pp. W [96,149; 83.] 29:2790 

Garden, Mrs. Memorials of James Hogg, the 
Ettrick shepherd. Ed. by his daughter. With 
preface by J. Veitch. Paisley. A. Gardner. 
[1885.] xxvii+:^36 pp., 2 ports. 12° [93,959; 
83.] 24:1688 

Garrison, Wendell Phillips and Francis Jackson. 
William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-79. The story 
of h'm life t^ld by his children. Vols. 1-2. N. Y. 
The Century Co. 1885. xx-f-522 pp., 12 ports., 1 
pL, 2 facs.; xi+480 pp., 10 ports., illus. 8*^ [95, 
985; 8:i] 24:1195.1-2 

Grangar, Z^- Jtimtm. A biographical history of 
England, from Egbert the (ireat to the revolu- 
tion : consisting of characters disposed in differ- 
ent claiMK^, and a/iapted to a methodical catalogue 
of engravi^ British heads; intended as an essay 
towards reducing our biography to system, and 
a help U> the knowledge of portraits ; interspersed 
with variiHy of anecdotes, and memoirs of a great 
number of pers^^ns, not to be found in any other 
biographical work: with a preface, shewing the 
otilitv of a c<;llection of engraved portraits to 
•upply the defect, and answer the various pur- 
f^m^ of medah. 3. ed. Lond. Eivington. 1779. 
4v. rxii+;xix4-407 pp.; (4-f)436 pp.; (4+)420 
VVf r4-f ;376(+74) pp. 8*» [10,793-6; 83.] 


Gll6rard, Bonjamin-Edme-Charles. Explication 

du capitalaire Do villis. Par. 1857. (Acad. 

Inscript. France, v. 21, pp. 165-309.) In *62:1571 

Guthrie, E. J. Old Scottish customs: local and 

general. Lond. Hamilton, Adams and Co. 

1885. xii, 234 pp. W [96,035; 83.] |0:5654 

Hal6, ^^- Edward Everett and Miss Susan. A 

family flight through Mexico. Bost. Lothrop. 

[1886.] 301 pp., illus. 8° [96,535; 83.] 21:2752 

Hall, Samuel Carter. A book of memories of 

great men and women of the age, from personal 

acquaintance. Lond. Virtue. 1871. xiv+(ii-f) 

488 pp., illus. 8*» [35,929; 92,838; 83.] 23:813 

Hatton, H. Finch. See FInch-Hatton, H. 

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Lowell. The life and deeds of Gen. U. S. Grant. 
Host. B.B.Russell. 1885. x-f (vi+)425 pp., ad- 
ditional, vignette L p., 19 pis., 4 maps, 2 ports. 
12° [96,423; 83.] 24:1391 

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Petra. Par. 1866. (Acad. Inscript. France, 

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illus. from drawings and etchings by Joseph 
Pennell and others. Bost. Ticknor. 1886. 
[1885.] v+251 pp., illus. 8° [96,306; 83.] 


Hutchinson, Mrs. Lucy. Memoirs of the life of 
Col. [John] Hutchinson, governor of Notting- 
ham. By his widow. Ed. from the original ms. 
by the Rev. Julius Hutchinson. To which are 
added the letters of CoL Hutchinson, and other 
papers. Rev., with additional notes, by C. H. 
Firth. N. Y. Scribner and Welford. 1885. 
2 V. xxviii-j-392 pp., 5 ports., 1 fold, geneal. tab.; 
(6+) 421 pp., 5 ports. 8° [96,352; 83.] 


Note. :J0() copies printed for England, 200 with an Araer. impr. 
for sale in that country. No more will l>e printed. 

Jackson, Rev. Thomas. Memoirs of several 
Wesleyan preachers; principally selected from 
lives of early methodist preachers, and the Ar- 
minian and Wesleyan magazines. N. Y. Lane. 
1843. 346 pp. 12° [792; 83.] 23:917 

Contents: Thomas OliverH. — James Creighton. — Sampson Stani- 
forth. — Tliomaa Taylor. — James Rogers. — Thomas Roberts. — George 
Darby Dermott. 

Jameson, Mrs. Anna (Murphy). Memoirs of cele- 
brated female sovereigns, New ed. Lond. 
Routledge. 1870. ix-f (ii+) 404 pp., 1 port. 12^ 
[23,948; 83.] 23:927 

Contents: Semiramis.— Cleopatra.—Zenobia. — Joanna I. — Joanna 
II.— Isabella of Castile.— Mary, queen of Scots. — Queen Elizabeth.— 
Christina, queen of Sweden. — Anne, queen of Great Britain. — Maria 
Theresa.— Catherine II. 

Jameson, Ephraim Orcutt. The Cogswells in 

America. [Bost. Author. 1884. n. t. p.] 

xxi + (ii+)683 pp., 29 ports., illus. 8** [96,227; 

83.] 23:^2114 

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tienini a-l-eilo eie employee pur lea cbreticna d'E- 

gypto poor exprimer lo raunogrammo du Chriat? 

'i° Hotrouve-l-on ee aymbolc sur des monuments 

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BtinDKi' elrcllou and ■ stnmge nuatina. — CiiliRiniia'* Oral aiarl. — At 
(lie •■aiirt of (be Giskt MoKUl.'The oint mosque nl Del hi nnd th» 
Tiii Mohnl Hi Aira. — The Imc of the Orwt Moduli, — Tlir alorr nf 
aoflr«ui>'B n»dle,~A PenlanKninJ Tiller, — CkpULnWiJIIamPpol's 
rldn tlirotigh Nublft.— Suntwnlt and the aoivlnn. — The rayngc of (ho 
"tax." .—Pttilt Id theiw.— A parlinmeDlary dclmlc In TafaJtL— Origin 
of tlie<il|»i<-a. — Gariiwldi, tholtitlliuipitrioCBadliero. — UntKaion 
Iroeka in JaiMO.— French aecounli of English nsral lielories. — The 
battle of the Nile.— The bailie of Tialolxar. — Luther bcfure the em- 
perar.^Junemaut in IWM. — Life-tnat gerviuea. — The talking wood 
ohlp. ~ Eiuucha, the DBgni alan. — Tbs HoDtjon prluot ilrtoe. — 


Hbtobt, bto. 

■ ■i.wnpore.— Tiie fifKt at 

oraQermnn imiehiiiiikpr lu BiphhiirK,— Tlii-gnllanidMV'm'cof Rorke'a 
drift.— Herorq of the VlcloriH eroiie,— Kavanagh'a dnrino ]oiiniF7. — 
ThP l«»l of the Horoelulie".— Manonrhoard I— Enriy oiiilorina nyt^ 
diiloni in Auatralin.— Acn>n Aniiinilia from wa tn aea.— Tlw dlwoT' 

tiia. — Twoallemrlsi.- ■• -.- rl 'V i-ll^■■ rnzr, —Twice lo llie top of 
himhorBi.1.— TiiP^ ■,! h. > In--. — Commodore Byron 

Eiki- llie 

— Th,T 

r Ulnlte 

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Leben und Stliaffon. In zwei Tbeilun, mil Bci- 
lagt-'n und Bemerkungcn iiber den Vortrag B«et- 
hoven'Boher Werke. Bor. 0. Janke. 1859. 2 v. 
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S^i.] 24:78 

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the kingdoms of England ,und Scotland, under 


Melvil, iSiV James. — {Continued.) 

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field. From sketches drawn by Forbes and nu- 
merous other eye-wiinesfles to the Blrife. With 
an introd. by Itobort B. Beatii. History of the 
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Xule. V"l, -i fmtnuu alio: Chmnologiciil lisl nf on-ntu (IS«1-1«M), 
■iDrlniiMBllBneoii!.»t«li«iCK. Coni(.iloir wict arrnom"! "iv T. C*ii»- 
HRLi-OopujLJlD, ffnTn "OffloiBl r«u>ms of the Feeler*! nud ti.nfe Jcmto 
nrmips ■'; iho ■•Bpliclllun word"; unci i.iithutti.TlliQroualily™li»Uo 
(jookf uid (locumpiitii ■■ ham been msUe avftilnlile, 

Mtintz, Engine. La ronaisaance en Ititlie ot en 
France a I'epoque do Charles VIII. Ouvrage 
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the llov. Joseph Stevenson, Edin. W. Pat- 
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HtsTOKT, no. 1 

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Compiled by the adjutant from his diary and 
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Portrait gal'ery (The) of distinguished pocte, 
philosophers, statesmen, divines, paintcra, archi- 
tccle, physicians, and lawyers, since the revival 
of art; with their biographies. Arranged in 
chronological order. Originally pub, bytboSoc. 
for the diff. of usef. know! Lend. ir. S On. 
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History, etc. 


Medicine, etc 

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Note. Contains alHO 13 pp. descriptive text. 

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of the disease denominated "tic douloureux"; 
deduced from practical observations of its sup- 
posed origin, in lateral pressure, distortion or un- 
due contact in the teeth; but more particularly 
those nearest the maxillary sinus, and thence 
conveying its distressing sensations to the more 
distant extremities of the system : with annexed 
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ContenU: Vol.1. In memorlam.— Autobiography.— P8ycholoffi<»l 
inouiries.— Introductory lecture at the Royal college of surgeons, 1820. 
— Etfects of strangulation.— Mode of death from drowning; from 
lightning.— The Hunterian oration, delivered at the Royal college of 
surgeons, 1837.— Introductory diwourse, St. George's hospital, 1838, 
43, 46.— Address to the pupiiB of St. George's hospital.— Address as 
president of the Western Medical and Surgical 8o<;iety, 1850;— of the 
Ethnol. Soc., 1863; — of the social economy department of the National 
Assoc, for the Promotion of Social Science, 1857;— of the Royal Soc., 
1858-61.— Quacks and quackery.— Homojopathy. —Use and abuse of 
tobacco.— Establishment of s)>ecial hospitals. 

V^ol. 2. Physiological researches rcs}>octing the influence of the 
brain on tlie action orthe heart, and on the generation of animal heat. 
— Modes in which death is produced by certain vegetable ix)isons. — 
Action of poifons on the animal system.— Account of a dissc^ction of 
a human ketus, in which the circulation of the blood was carried on 
without a heart.— Influence of the nervous system on the action of the 
muscles in general and of the heart in particular.— Influence of the 
nerves of the eighth pair on the secretions of the stomach.— Patho- 
logical and surgical onservations on diseases of the joints. — Lectures 
on diseases of the urinary organs.- Notes on lithotnty. 

Vol. 3. Alwcess in the brain.— Effects produced by the bile in the 
process of digestion.- Treatment of varicose veins of the legs.— In- 
juries of the brain.— Injuries of the spinal chord. — A case of aneu- 
rism by anastomosis of the forehead, treated by the application of 
ligatures.— A foreign body lodged in the right bronchus.— Lectures on 
local nervous aflfections.— Lectures on pathology and surgery.— Path- 
ological and surgical observations left m ms. 

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liwDimitt, ma. 

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With practical inforonccB rointive to pregnancy 
and labour. Salom. Oushing and Appleton. 1808. 
xxi-f 248 pp., 2 pis. 6" [47,885; 83.] 46:4784 
Calvert, Gi-opro. a practical ti-calise on liKinor- 
rhoida or piles, Btriclurcs, and other important 
diseaseH of Ibo rectum and anus: being, with some 
additions, a treatise, to which the Jacksoniun 
prize was adjudged by Ihe Royal college of sur- 
geoiiB. Lond. Cnlloic and Wilson. 1824. xiii + 
359 pp., 1 pi. 8° [47,9^0; 8:1.] 46:4342 

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With illuB. of new appliances for the cnro of 
birlb-mark, club-foot. etc. Phil. Blakieton. 1885. 
xvi + l!l5 pp., 13 pis. (3 col'd). illus. 12° [9fi. 
219; 83,] 46:37t)fl 

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ogy, diagnosis, and treatment: including the 
nature and treatment of deformities, and curva- 
tures "f the spine. Lond. S. J/ardwicke. 18l)7, 
xii-l-299 pp., illus. 8° [44,2(i8; 83.] 46:3541} 
Copeland, Thomas. Observations on some of the 
principal diseases of the rectum and anus; par- 
ticularly stricture of the rectum, tho bemorrhoid- 
al exerosconce, and the fistula in ano. Pbil. A. 
Finley. 1811. 120 pp. 16° [47,928; 83,] 


DavaSSe. ■lules. La syphilis, ses formes, son unite. 
Par. Baifliere. 1865. (iv+)561+v-viii+5ti3 
-6+ix-xii+5(J7-8pp. 8° [C0,977; 83.] 46:4281 
Dease, William. Observations in midwifery, par- 
ticularly on the different methods of assisting 
women in tedinua and difficult labours: to which 
are added, observations on tho principal disorders 
incident to women and children. Dub. J, Wil- 
liams. 1783. rtT-|-)iii+212 pp., fold, frontis. 
8° [47,995; 83.] 46:479G 

Oe Morgan, Campbell. Theorigin of cancer; con- 
sidered with reference to the Ireatraent of tho 
disease. (Kepr. in part from Tho lancet.) Ijond. 
J. and A. Churchill. 1872. {ii-f)v-|-87 pp, 12° 
[44,223; 83.] 46::i<i32 

DeSrUfllles, Eenri-Maric-Josoph. Hisloire de la 
blcnnurrhce urctralo (snintemont uretral habi- 
tuel), ou traitu comparutif do la blcnnorrhce et do 
lablennorrhagie; siiivie du Deuxicmo memoireeur 
I'cmploi dc I'iodure du potassium seul ou nssocie 
aumorcure. Par. BaMiere. 1854. (vi-i-)xiv+ 
4U7-f 32 pp., 1 fold. pi. 8° [60,994; 83.] 46:4096 
Desruelles, IIcnri-Maric-Joscph. Memoir on tho 
treatment of venereal disoasos without mercury, 
employed at the military hospital of the Valdo- 
Gnice. Tr. from the French. To which is added. 
Observations on the treatment of the venereal 
disease without mercury. By G. J. Guthrie. 
And various documents, showing the results of 
this mode of treatment in Great Britain, France, 
Germany and America. Pbil. Carey and Lea. 
18;i0. x-j-5-217pp. 8° [47,993; 83.] 46:4282 
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sterility, and allied topics. 2. ed., rev, andenl. 
N, Y. W. Wood and Co. 1871. xvi-f 498 pp. 8° 
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12 Hbdioinb, xtc 

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childbed and maternity hospitals. N. Y. IV, 

Wood and Co. 1871. xi + 172 pp. 8° [44,125; 

8:i.] 46:4810 

Earl6, 'S'lV James. A letter, containing Bomo ob- 
ajservations on fractures of the lower limbs. To 
which is added, an account of a contrivance to 
administer cleanliness and comfort to the bed-rid- 
den, or persons confined to bed by age, accident, 
sickness, or any other infirmity. Lond. J. Cal- 
low. 1807. (4-f )44(+6) pp., 3 pU. 8° [48,002; 
83] 46:3554 

Earlfl. Sir James. Practical observations on the 
operation for the stone. 2. ed. With an ap- 
pendix, containing a description of an instrument 
calculated to improve that operation. Lond. J. 
Johnson. 1803, xxiv-f99-|-22 pp., 3 pis. (1 fold.) 
8° [48,009; 83.] 46:4226 

Erichsen, John Eric. A practical troatiae on the 
diseases of the scalp. Lond. J. Churchill, 
1842. xii-fxxxiv+192(-(-2) pp., 6 pie. (5 col'd,) 
S" [44,278; 83] 46:4409 

Flint, Austin, jr. Manual of chemical examina- 
tion of the urine in disease; with brief directions 
for tho examination of the most common vnriotiea 
of urinary calculi. 3. ed,, rev. and corr, N. Y. 
Appleton. 1872. 76 pp., 1 fold, tab,, illas. 12"' 
[34,459; 83,] 46:4165 

Ford, Edward. Observations on the disease of 
the bip joint: to which are added, some ro marks 
on white swellings of the knee, the caries of the 
joint of the wrist, and other similar complaints: 
the whole illus, by cases and engravings, taken 
from the diseased parts. The 2. ed,, rov. carefully, 
and pub., with some additional notes, by Thomas 
Coi'KLASD, Lond. J. Callow. 1810. xxii(-f-iij 
+300 pp., 8 pla, (3 fold.) 8° [48,011; 83.] 

Gant, Frederick James. Diseases of the bladder, 
prostate gland, and urethra, including a prac- 
tical view ofurinary diseases, deposits and calculi. 
Being the 4, ed. of the 'Irritable bladder', rev. and 
much onl. Phil. Lindsay and Blakiston. 1876. 
ix+470 pp., illus. 12° [53,857; 83.] 46:4027 
Gerhard, William Paul. A guide to sanitary 
house-inspection; or, hints and helps regard- 
ing the choice of a healthful home in city or coun- 
try. N. Y. J. Wiley and sons. 1885. US pp. 
P<1. 16° [96,478; 83.] 45:1444 

Graves, Robert J. Clinical lectures on the prac- 
tice of medicine. To which is prefixed a criti- 
cism by Prof Trol-sseah. Repr. from the 2. ed. 
[ed. by the late Dr. Neuqan.] Loud. New 
TiydmhamSoc. 18S4, 2 v. xxiv-f-673 pp.; lii-i- 
651 pp, 12° [96,159; 96,437; 83] (New Sy- 
denham Soc, 109, 113.) +46:63.1-2 

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Hamilton, Frank Hastings. A practical treatise 
on frai'turcs and dislocations, 4. ed., rev. and 
irapr, Phil, Lea. 1871. xxiv, 789 pp., illua. 8° 
[43,964; 83,] 46:3565 

The same. 7. Amer, ed. 1884. xxxi, 1005 pp, 
I [92,739.] 46:3356 

Mbdicinr, KtO. 


Medtoim, vtc. 

Harley, Georgo. The nrine and tU derangemontB. 

Witn ihe applicalion of phyniological chemistry 
to tho diagnosis and treatment of coQHtitutionul 
as well aa local diseaseR. Bt<ing a course of orig- 
inal lectures delivered at University coricge, 
London. Phil. Lindsay and Blakiaton. 1872. 
xii, 334 pp., illQB. 12° [43,968; 83.] 46:4170 

Hassall, Arthur Hill. The urioe Ju health and 
disease: being an expoeilion or the composition 
of the arine, and of the pathology and treatment 
of urinary and renal diaorders.. 2. ed. Lond. 
J. Churchill and sons. 1863. xiii-1-416 pp., illus. 
12" [44,216; 83.] 46:'1172 

Hecker, Angnst FriedHoh. Traitedesdifferentcs 

eopeces de gonorrhees, avec I'indicalion d'une 
nouvelle metbode afire et facile poor guerir la 
gotiorrhee ordinaire sans traitement interne et 
par des moyens locaax; trad, de I'allomand par 
A.-J.-L. JoURDAN ; et suivi de notes par P.-P. 
Alton. Par. Jaurdan. 1812. (4+) 284 pp. 
16° [48,068; 83.] 46:4100 

Hocken, Edward Octavius. A treatise on amau- 
rosis and amaurotic affections. Phil. A. Wal- 
die. 1842. iv, 201+v-Ti pp. 8° [48,074; 83.] 
(l>anglisoD's Amer. medical lib.) 46:3908 

HoWShip, John. Practical remarks on the dis- 
crimination and successful treatment of spas- 
modic strictnre in the colon, considered as an 
occasional cause of habitual confinement of the 
bowels. Illus. by cases. Loud. Burgess and 
Mill. 1830. xi+50 pp. 8" [48,079; 83.] 

Hutchinson, Jonathan. Tbe pedigree of disease : 
being six lectures on temperament, idiosyucrasy 
and diathesis, delivered in the theatre of the Royal 
college of surgeons in the session of 1881 . N. Y. 
W. Wood and Co. 1885. (6+) 113 pp. 8° 
[96,353; 83.] 46:902 

Kirby, John. Additional observations on the 
treatment of certain severe forms of hemor- 
rhoidal excrescence, illus. by cases; with the 
history of a case in which an enlarged parotid 
gland was successfully removed. Dub. Hodges 
and M' Arthur. 1825. iv+l45 pp. 8" [48,139; 
83.] 46:4359 

Lsroy. Jean -Jacqn as- Joseph. Expose dea divers 
procedea employes jusqu' A ce jour pour guerir 
de la pierre, sans avoir recours a I'oporution de 
la Uille. Par. Bailliire. 1825. vii-f232 pp., 
5 fold. pis. 12° [48,182; 61,141; 83.] 46:4237 

Lewin, George. The treatment of syphilis with 
subcutaneoussublimateinjections. Tr. byCarl 
PROEGLBR aod E. H, tiALK. Phil. Lindsay and 
Blakiston. 1872. xii, 249 pp., 1 pi., 1 fold. tab. 
12° [44,667; 83.] 46:4295 

Meigs, Arthur V. Milk analysisand infant feed- 
ing. A practical treatise on tbe examination 
of human and cows' milk, cream, coDdenaed milk, 
etc., and directionsasto the diet of young infants. 
Phil. Blakiston. 1885. vi, 102 pp. 12° [96, 
539; 83.] 45:2618 

Morgan, John. Practical lessons in the nature 

and treatment of the affections produced by 
tho contagious diseases ; with an account of the 
primary syjjhilitic poison and of its communica- 
bility, based on extensive, direct, and comparative 
observation of the diseases in both sexes. With 
an appendix on the recent report of tho Koyal 
commission on the contagious diseases act and its 
application to the voluntary hospital system. 
Phil. Lippincott. 1872. viii(+ii)-f335 pp., 6 
pis. (1 fold., 3 coi'd), illus. 12*" [44,680; 83.] 
Moulin, l^tiennne. Catheterisme recliligne, ou 
nouvelle maniere de pratiquer cclte operation 
chez I'hommo. (Sondes droites ot positions pnr- 
ticnliercs dn chirurgion et du malado.) Meihode 
ayanl, dans beaucoup de caa de retention d'urine, 
aur t«utos colles employees jusqu'ici, Ics avantages 
d'uno execution plus facile el d'un sncces plus 
certain ; avec un procedo operatoiro propro a 
I'autenr pour guerir les retrccissemens de I'uretro; 
suivi d'un nouvoau moyen de reunir et cieatriser 
les dechirurcs de la vulvo et du perinee produites 
par I 'accouchement. Par. F.-Maurice. 1828. 
(iv+)ii+184 pp., 10 pis. (2 fold.) 12° [48,226; 
83.] 46:4130 

Ory, Eugene. Rocherches cliniques snr I'etiolo- 
gie des syphilides malignes precoces, accom- 
pagnecB d'libservations nouvelles recucilliea & 
I'hopital Saint-Louis. Par. Bailliere. 1876. 98 
pp., 1 fold. tab. 8° [61,211; 83.] 46:4304 

Parker, Langston. The modern treatment of 
syphilitic diseases, both primary and secondary: 
comprising an account of the new remedies, with 
numerous formnlm for their preparation, and 
mode of administration. Phil. A. Waldie. 1840. 
94 pp. 8° [48,289; 83.] (Dunglison's Amer. 
medical lib.) 46:4305 

Parker, WilUrd, Cancer. A study of 397 cases 
of cancer of the breast, with clinical observa- 
tions. N.Y. Putnams. 1885. C4-i-)61('-f-42) pp. 
8° [96,395; 83.] 46:3650 

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copy. Tr. and ed. by Alfred C. GiRAKd. 1. 
Amer., from tbe ms. of the 2. German ed., with 
additions. M.Y. Appleton. 1885. xiv4-194 pp., 
90 pis. (32 col'd.) [96,679; 83.] *46:4185 

Plumbe, Samuel. A practical treatise on the dis- 
eases of the skin, arranged with a view to their 
constitutional causes and local characters: and 
including tho substance of the essay on these sub- 
jects to which the Koyal college of surgeons 
awarded the Jacksonian priEc. 3. ed., corr. and 
enl. Lond. J. iFi'mmo. 1829. xxxi-)-47(J pp., 
2 col'd pis., 1 fold. tab. 8° [84,274; 83.] 46:4428 
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diseases of the kidneys and urinary derange- 
ments. Phil. Blakiston. 1885. xii+572 pp., 
illus. 12° [96,225; 83.] 46:1619 

Rayer, Pierre- Francois-Olive. Traits tboorique 
et pratique des maladies de la peau, fonde sur 
de nouvolloa recherches d'anatomio et de physi- 
ologic pathologiques. Par. Bailliere. 1826-7. 
2 V. lxvii+688 pp.; (4-f )645 pp. 12° [48,299; 
83.] 46:4432-3 

Ubdioini, trto. 1 

Raver, Pierro-Fmn^ois-Olivo. — (Continued.) 

Planches. [10 cot'd pis., each preceded by a 
page of explanatory tcKl."] *46;'i^34 

Ricord, Piiilippe. Lcttres aur la Ryphilis, adrcs- 
flees a M. ie redacleur en chef de rUnion mtidi- 
calc, Buivies dcs diacouFH a I'Aeadi'^mie imperialo 
de nnedccine sur la eyphiliaation at la tranemit^Rion 
defl acddonte eecondaircs. Avec ano introd. par 
Aroedce Latocr. 3* cd., rev. ot corr. Par. 
BaiUifTe. 1863. Ti+558 pp. 12" [Cl,2';8; 83.] 

Rigby, Edward. A ByBtetn of midwifery. With 

iiotcB and additional illiis. Phil. Lea and 
Blanchard. 1841. xv-|-13-491 pp , illus. 8° 
[48,32:t; 83.] 46:4864 

Robort, Molchior. Nouveau traite dea maladies 

venericnniiB d'apres lea documents puiaes dans 
la clinique de M. Ricord et dans lea aervices hna- 
pitaliers de Marseille, suivi d'un uppendice sur la 
ayphilisation et lu propbylaxie sypliilitique el 
d'un furmulaire special. Par. BaiUiere. 1861. 
ix+788 pp. 8" [61,273; 83.] 46:-*30Sl 

Roberts, William, A practical treatise od urinary 

and renal diseases, including urinary deposits. 
Iltue. by numerous cases and engravings. 2. Araor. 
from the 2. rev. and considerably enl. Lond. od. 
Phil. Lea. 1872. xvi, 616 pp., 1 col'd pi., illus. 
S" [44,318; 83.] 46:4040 

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Fiction (English.) 

Fiction {Enfflisk.} 

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nn aiiaj-.— Thi' fnity Ixnt.— A holw in the wall.— The piggy girt.— The 
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iTT^zm BhjSiik). 



Edv&rd. A eaptiTe of love : founded upon 
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A ma To Xo T&oki (The moon shining through a 
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OmtmtJi: R«ffi'R own storj'.— The Samovar' i« story.— The ston* of 
the thn-^ silver feat horn. —The atory of the Arabian f>if»c.— The Nor- 
vegian wed«lintf erowrn'H 8tory. — The ChineMo manflarin's 8torv.— The 
Austrian p«|»er knife'H 8tory. — The Ktory of the Moori8h_di»h. — The 
the u»rei 

jitory of the u»rea<lur'H sword.— The walrus tot>th's story. — The French 
fan'i.ftory. — Tlie story of the silver porringer.— The Swiss clock's 
^t^iry!— The German chatelaine's storv. — The quill i>en's stories.— 
The oaken settle's story. — The Scotch hunting horns story. — The 
ItalisD harp's story.— Kegi's own story. 

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ChntrnU: Tho imrable of St. Christopher.— A Christinaji-tree for 
oats. — Tho logon*! of St. Nioholas. — Mv ant's cow. — St. Martin'!> 
cloftk.— Kunnu Rig. — The pahioo of Gondfoforus. — The ant's MontUj 
(iinnor.— Tho nost.— Tho fe.Mtival of San Eiistachie in Rome.— Colonido 
.'«n<)W-birds. — Tho wator-works of Hoilbnin. — Momin>^ glory.— Chil- 
(Iron's j»reaching in tho chuivh of Ara OHi, in Rome. — " TKe penny 
yo meant to gjV."— A parable. — My broken-winged bird. — Cneery 
people. — A t*hort cate<.'hi8m. — The expression of rooms. — By {>tfige to 
IJoHton. — Good tempter.- Lizzie of La Hourget. — Kicking against 
pricks.— My first voyage round the world. — "A good time.'* 

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net uud aus dem Nacblasse desselbon gemebrt 
dnroh B. 11. Abeken. 2. Ausg. Ber. Nicdai. 
1843-68. 10 V. 2 pis., 1 facs., 1 fold, pedigree. 
12° [95,478; 83.] 56:838-47 

Noie. General t. p. taken from vol. 2. 

Contcnffi: Vols. 1-4. Patriotisohe PhantaKien. Herau!«geg. von 
seiner Tocht^rJ. W. J. v. Voiots. Neue verm. Au8g. 

Vol. 5. Kloinero, don Patrioti.schen Phantasien verwandte Stiicke, 
nebnt Sohnfton uyK?r Uoliijion, Kirohe »md verwandte Gegenstande. 

Vols. 6-8. OsnabruirkiHohe Ge.sohiohte. 

Vol. 9. Kloinero S<'hriften. Vermi8ehte»: AusMdser's frOhester 
Periode, in Zeit«<'hriften Krschienenea. — Fragmente. — Historiscbes 
OI»cr Klostor imd Stifter. 

Vol. 10. Lel>en Mo.ser'.s von Friedrich Nicolai. Mit Beilagen.— 
Mdser's Briefwechsel.— Namen> und Socbregittter aber alle 10 Bde. 


fltttHj \^ttlldin. 

No. 84. 



TUOMAS McLaughlin, Suntary, 

J. w. c. FoTjRTn AND Maim btb. (Sodtukkk ayi, Mt. Auburn.) 

County Treasurek's Uffici (10 Calhoun btrkkt). 

. 184 W. Skcond stribt (£19 Clifton avikuk). 

Gab Co.'a office (185 Eabt Sitth btbkkt). 

48 Rack stbbbt. 

XuT.S^.J<JS.X.A.1iT : 


15 Albioh Vlace, Houn-t Auburn. 

every day in Iho year, Sundajg included, from 8 A. 11. to 9 
p. u. The special departments are open a* follows: 

DRLirBBY Hall, (except Sundayi) 8 a, 11. to 9 p. u. 
Main Hall, (every day) B a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Pkriodical Kooh, [every day) Ef a. u. to 9 f. M. 
N KWHi-AFEtt Room, (every day) 3 a. M. to 9 p. m. 
Art Room, (aiccpt Sundays) 8 a. w. to 6 p. u. 
" " (OD Sundays) 9 a, u. to 4 p. m. 

Rbadinq Rooms. — Any person of good deportment 
and habits, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
eonault books, periodicab, or newipapera in the reading 

Home use of Books. — Residents of Cincinnati 
may withdraw booke by registerhg name and residence and 
furninhing satisfactory lecurity in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollars or of thci value of the work desired may be made.) 
Son-reaidenta may withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollars. 


two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to tbe same person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a d«y, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or chargea. 


1. The Librarian is at all times ready to assist per- 
sons in the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
the sources of information so far a* the Library contains 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 
against it. 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to tbe Librarian, either in person or by letter giving lAe iiant 
and rmidmee of the prraott oggritMi. Anonymous commu- 
nications can not be noticed. 



Reliqion, stc. 

Religion and Theology. 

Berington, ^ev, J. and Kirk, R^- J» compilers. 
The faith of catholics confirmed by scripture 
and attested by the fathers of the first five cent- 
uries of the church. Rev. find recast by Rev. J. 
Waterworth. With preface, corrections and 
additions by Et. Rev. [Monsignor Thomas John] 
Capel. 2. od. N. Y. F. Pustet and Co. 1885. 
3 V. (iv+)xl+468 pp., frontis. ; (4+) 505 pp., 
frontis.; (4+) 491 pp., frontis. 8° [96,057; 84.] 


Blaclcall, C. E. A story of six decades. Phil. 
Amer. Bapt. Pah, Soc. [1885.] 143 pp., illus. 
12^ [95,509; 84.] 4:2701 . 

Brown, -Rw. Howard N. A life of Jesus for 

young people. Bost. Bates and Lauriat. 

[1883.] vi, 183 pp., 9 pis. 16^ [96,054; 84.] 


Capel, Monsignor Thomas John. *'Catholic": an 
essential and exclusive attribute of the true 
church. 6. ed., much enl. N. Y. F, Pustet and 
Co. [1884.] 124+(2+)xlvii pp. 8^ [96,250; 
84.] 4:3204 

Capel. Monsignor Thomas John. Rejoinder to the 

reply of Rev. J. H. Hopkins, and that of Rev. 

J. A. Greaves. 3. thous. JN.Y. F. Pustet and Co. 

[1885.] 79 pp. 8^ [96,248; 84.] 4:3203 

Chambers, Talbot W. A companion to the re- 
vised Old Testament. N. Y. Funk and Wag- 
nails. 1885. xii, 269 pp. 12^ [95,411; 84.] 


Chase, Ira J. The Jewish tabernacle. Two 

lectures. CIn. Standard Pub. Co. 1883. 84 

pp., illus. 12^ [95,510; 84.] 4:256 

Deems, i^^. Charles F. Sermons: forty-eight 
discourses, comprising every Sunday morning 
sermon preached from the pulpit of " The church 
of the strangers", by the pastor. N. Y. Fink 
and WagnaUs. 1885. 304 pp., vignette t. p. 8° 
[96,297; 84.] 5:5054 

Fairbairn, A. M. The city of God : a series of 

discussions in religion. 2. thous. Lond. Hod- 

der and Stoughton. 1883, viii+372 pp. 8° [T. 

4,600; 84.] 3:3537 

Ingraham, J. -P. T. Why we believe the bible. 

An hour's reading for busy people. N. Y. 

Appleton. 1885. 155 pp. 16° [96,061; 84.] 


Kingsbury, ^^t^. O. A. Success; or, hints for 

living. Bost. Lothrop. [1885.] 309 pp. 12° 

[95,828; 84.] 5:2722 

Contents: For individual living: Character. — An aim in life. — 
Earnestness. — Perseverance. — Body and soul. — Culture. — Hinder- 
ances. — Living by the day. — Value of individual life. — For social 
living: Borne. — Companions. — Companions for life. — Marriage. — 
Sociiu duties. — Recreations. — Citizenship. — For religious living: 
The nature of religion. — The claims of relijgion. — Religion an every- 
day matter.— Christianity a growth. —Principle rather than sentiment. 
—Liberality and orthodoxy.— The present and coming life. 

Lows, W. H. The Hebrew student's commentary 
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Contents: First qimrter. Studien in Jewish history: Josiah and 
the iKiok of the law ; Rev. Frank E, Clark.— Jeremiah predicting the 
captivity ; Kev. Edward N. Packard.— The faithful Kecnabit«s; Rev. 
Edward S, Atwood.— The captivity of Judah ; Rev. GeorceR. Lratitt. 
—Daniel in Babylon ; Rev. E. N, Packard,— The fierv furnace: Rev. 
George M. Boynton.— The handwriting on the wall ; flev. Willard G. 
Sfeuby.— The .second temple; Rev, E<l\vard B. Masum. — Nehemiah's 

1>rayer; Rev, Theodore J. Holmes.— Reading the law ; Rev. William 
i. Camfbkll.— Esther's petition ; Rev. DeWitt S. Clarkk.— Messiah's 
messenger; Rev. l>avid O. Mears. 

Second ciuarter. Studies in the writings of John: The Word 
made flesh; Rev. Harry M. Grout. — The first disciples; Rev. Justin 
E. TwiciiELL. — The first miracle ; Rev. E. S. Atwood. — Jesus and 
Nicodemus ; Rev. W. G. Spkrrv. — Jesus at the well; Rev. E. N. 
Packard. — Sowing and reaping ; Rev. G. M. Boymton. — The noble- 
man's .son ; Rev. William H, Davis. — Jesus at Bethesda ; Rev. E. B. 
Mason.— Jesus feeding five thuui^and ; Rev. T. J. Holmks. — Jesus the 
bread of life; Rev. W, R. Campbell. — Jesus the Christ; Rev. S. 
Lewis B. Spkare.— Jesus and Abraham ; Rev. D. O. Mears. 

Third quarter : Jesus and the blind man ; Rev. F. E. Clark.— 
Jesus the good shepherd ; Rev. J. E. Twichell. — The death of Lai- 
arus ; Rev. E, S. Atwood. — The resurrection of Laxanis ; Rev. G. R. 
Leavitt. — Jesus honored; Rev. E. N. Packard. — Gentiles seeking; 
Jesus ; Rev. G. M. Boynton. — Jesus teaching humility ; Rev. G. R. 
Leavitt. — Warning to Judas and Peter ; Rev. E. B. Mason. — Jesus 
comfortinu his disciples ; Rev, T. J. Holmes. — Jesus the true vine ; 
Rev. Dew itt S. Clarke.— The missionof the spirit ; Rev. W.R.Camt- 
BELL.— Jesus interceding; Rev. .\ddison P. Foster. 

Fourth quarter : Jesus betrayed ; Rev. F. E. Clark.— Jesus before 
Pilate ; Rev. J. E. Twichell. — Jesus delivered to be cruci6ed ; Rev. 
Albert H. Currier. — Jesus crucified ; Rev. G. R. Leavitt. — Jesus 
risen ; Rev, G. Frederick Wrkjht. — Thomas convinced ; Rev. James 
R. Daneorth.- Peter restored; Rev. W. G. Sperry.— Walking in the 
light; Rev. E. B. Mason. — John's vision of Christ ; Rev. Cliarles M. 
SouTUGATE. — Worshiping God and the Lamb; Rev. W. R. Campbell. 
The saints in heaven ; Rev. DeWitt S. Clabks.— The great invitation; 
Rov. D. O. Meabs. 


Philosophy, bto. 

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thought; with suggestive and seminal headings 
and homilotical and illuminative framework ; the 
whole arranged upon a seiuntific basis. With 
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VonlmU: Jr-1iOTt«lic nnnies and lilies of Qod. ~ Tlie nltlibutts of 
Qod.— Sinn.— Christiflo dogmnlige. 

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The lesson commeutary on the International 
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[ton of jwrtrait of Ejnii Ssrapnl Dliwpll, head minfe 
lim-M, t>y Dr. John Reynolds, in belwir of (he bulH 

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Unterrichto in der Lilcraturkundo ilir hohere 
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on examine s'ily a vcri tablemen t de la differonco 
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Omto./.: InlrodiKlinn.— LfltPr of Or. Hough to Ihe i^onimisiinn- 
tr of i-duualioa. — HiatorioHl ikeiob of Ihe ODiiersitr of Miaxourl.— 



Kinmont, Alexander. Twelve lectures on the 

natural history oC man, and tho riee and jirog- 

rc88 of philosophy. With ii bingrnphienl sketch 

of the aulhor. Cin. fr />. ./-»..'■ !«:('> riii4- 

3B5pp. 8° I -':'-'. :'.i ' :.■-■ i;i'. i-:. < i "; 2:i2ti2 

Omtmlt.- iin -■ - ■('■I'^ii 

On Ihe ortgiu nnJjiwpettmllm of n«tiini"™eeB or nmokinrl.— On liio 
unUy in vu^clj or Hie liuiiiun rue— On th* cnoHclcrBr Uik iiDcJ(>ni 
QtmiBiw— OnttietTinnuf AmHriia; Bpknlxh aiul EiigliBh — on Ilia 


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In +62:1539 
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or, an essay towards an analysis of the princi- 
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the conduct and character, first of their neigh- 
bours, and afterwards of thoraaelvea. To which 
is added, a disserlalion on tho origin of languages. 
1. Amer. from 12. Bdin. ed. Phil. A. Finley. 
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Cbnlrnli.' Tlip lOKio nf (ho EFiiriirmna : Allan MAnqDAxn.— A nw- 
e1iln<' for pni.tiicing ■yllojiii'iiq vnrlndnnn ; AIIhd Hjiiwdj.hd.— Noteoe 
Bno1j[lil-[.Tnil..glualiuBaiinp. — (In ILk nlifrbm oT louie ; Chmiiui! 
LlOD. — <>niinMi'B!|{ebrsor \ngie ; O. II. Miti'hill. — Uppratloiu lA 
rpla(ln'niimbi>r witlmmiLifiiionslo llin tbeatj at prolHthililim: B. 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Anvers, N. d'. (psetni.) ,sVe Bail, N. R. E. 

ArchEeological Institute of America. See Good- 
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xviii4-704 pp., 3 fold, maps; xxxviii(+ii)-|-967 

pp., 1 pi. 8° [96,018; 84.] *|0:132.I-3 

Note. Eiifli vol. liBB ■ sppcial t. p. 

tb,i(™i,> Vul. 1. EInJiihraiif BcifPB. KreHrfnhrtctj sum Sam- 

Beardsley, Jlev. K. Edwards. Life and Limea of 
William Samuel Johnaon, LL. D., first senator 

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«4.] 60:409 

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The annals of the Cakchiquela. Tho original 
text, with a transl., notes and introd. Phil. 
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(Briuton's lib. of ahorig. Amor, literat,, (j.) 

*l 0:3 187.6 
Brookes, Richard. Brookcs's general gazetteer 

improved ; or, a new and compendious geo- 
graphical dictionary; containing a description of 
tho empires, kingdoms, states, provinces, cities, 
towns, forts, seas, harbours, rivers, lakoe, moun- 
tains, capes, etc. in the known world; with the 
government, customa, manners, and religion of the 
inhabitants; the extent, boundaries and naturil 
productions of ouch country; the trade, manu- 
factures, and curiosities of the cities and towoo; 
their longitude, latitude, bearings and distaacea. 


Brookes, liicimrd.— (continued.) 

in Euglieli miles, from remarkable places^ and 
Iho various events by whioh they have been dis- 
tinguishod: including a dctuil of the counties, 
c-itieS, borougliB, markct>towns, and principal 
villages, in Great Britain and Ireland; together 
witb a succinct account of, at least, one thousand 
cities, towns, and villages in the United States, 
more than has appeared in any foreign edition of 
the same work; in which the numerous mistakes 
and deficiencies of European gazotteera, reapeei- 
ing this country, are corrected and supplied. The 
2. Amcr. od., from the latest European, with great 
additions and improvements in every part. Phil. 
Joktison and Warner. 1812, xvi(-|-7li9) pp., 8 
fold. pis. 8° [T.4,129; 84.] *60:349 

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illuB. 12° [96,344; 84.] 22:143 

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tho world. N. y. Putnama. 1853. iv+(ii+) 
85G pp. 12" [9,884; 84.] *60;3C5 

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tool-marks and chips, with sketches taken at 
home and abroad by a traveller. Edin. Edmons- 
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Charles. Mrs. Elizabeth (Uundell). Three mar- 
tyrs of the 19. century. Studies from tho lives 
of Livingstone, Gordon, and Fattefion. Pub. un- 
der the direction of the committee of general 
literatnre and education appointed by the Soci- 
ety for promoting christian knowledge. Lond. 
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an account of British doings in Znluland since 
the invasion of 1879. Being a tiequel to the hist- 
ory of tho Zulu war, by Frances Ellon Colenso 
and Lieut-Col. Edward Durnford. Vol. 2. Lond. 
Itidgway. 1885. xvii-f5I3 pp., 1 photo. 8° 
[96,140; 84.] 26:1944.2 

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Ticknor. 188fi. [1885.] 145 pp. 16° [96,1 
329; 84.] 22:230U 

mnrntwo'.-Fuod aiiJ cimkiiiK.— Manoera uiil ousloins.— Clmreii and 
religiau.— I'arenlH nncl cliiJdrtn. 

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Lond. Chaito and Windus. 1885. (44-)361 
pp., frontis. 12° [96,156; 84.] 21:908 

Cuspinlan, Jobann. Ein ausscrlessne Cbronicka 

von C Julio Cc'sare dera ersten, bisa autT Caro- , 
lum quintum diser zeit Kbomiscben keyscr, auch ' 
von alien Oriontischen uder Gricchischon und 
Turkischen keyscrn, vor etliehen jaren mitt fleiss 
zu Latin beechribon, und aber jetzund durch Gas- 
parn IIedion [und Jobann Lenolin] indasTeiitsch 
bracht. Ilie findest du asch lieber Lesor eyn 


Cuspiniah, Jobann.— (con^inwed.) 

nutzlicho Vorred Herr Philippi Uelancetrons, 
von frucht annd nulzbarkey t dor Chronickbiicher. 
Strass. [C. Mytltr.'] 1541. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 
(xx-f)dcxxxviii(4-ii) pp., illus.; (ii-|-}cclviii(-f-iii) 
pp. f [96,642; 84.] *A:206 

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daughter. Lond. Cassett. 128 pp., 1 port. 
12° [96,716; 84.] (The world's workers.) 

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Falmouth, Viscountess. !See Boscawen, M. F. E. 
Fergusson, Jamea. An easay on the ancient 

topography of Jerusalem, with restored plans 
of the temple, etc, and plans, sections, and details 
of the church built by Constaotine the Great 
over tho holy sepulchre, now known as the mosque 
of Omar, and other illustrations. Lond. J. Weale. 
1847. xvi + 188 pp., 3 pla., 4 plana, illus. 4" 
[2,438; 84,] *60:4325 

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Iranians in ancient times, witb an introd. on the 
avesta religion. Tr. from the German with a 

Ereface, notes, and a biography of the aathor, bv 
•asaB Dabtdr Pbshotan SANJaNa. Vol. 1. Lond. 
H.Frowde. 1885. lxiii+249 pp. 8° [96,041; 
84.] fO:413.1 

OMlmtt; Ethnology and social life, 

Goodrich, R^v. Charles Aagustnn. Outlines of 
modern geography, on a new plan, carefully 
adapted to youth. With numerous engravings of 
cities, manners, costumes, and curiositioe. Ac- 
companied by an atlas. (Stereotyped by Jas. 

[36,376; 84.] 

i pp., illus. t. p., illua. 18° 

Gooilwin, William W. and Ludlow, Tbomaa W., 
editors. Papers of the American school of clas- 
sical studies at Athens. Vol.1. 1882-3. fiost. 
Oupples, UphamandCo. 1885. vii+262+9 pp., 
9 pis., 1 map, illus. 8° [95,404; 84.] (Arohieo- 
logical institute of Amer.) 10:931 

Owfmd.- Inscriptioni of Aisob. od. bj J. R. 8. St>««tt. — 1d- 
■DTiulioDB of Tnlleia. ed. by J. R, S. 9t%%aMn. — The theaire o( 
DioDyBQB; JutnfK R. Wmmlib. — ThpOlympieioQ at Athens ; Louis 
ViviiK.-The Eiwhthnion at Athens; Harold N.FowLiH.—Tlie battle 
of Sulauila ; Wllliain W. OuonwiH. 

Guernsey, Alfred H. The world's opportunities, 
and how to use them: a view of the industrial 
progress of our country; a consideration of its 
future development, a study of the spheres of 
woman's work, and estimates of the rewiuds whioh 

Bistort, sto. 


Politics, etc. 

Guernsey, Alfred B..-— (continued.) 

art and scioDce, invontion and discovery, have in 
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Not^. Atlas missing. 

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Tbc rnoii«m tTadeH-uulon.— lAlior and Libert)'.— A ppeodiji. 

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mir. The Imir-tlllc reads: The English oitiun: his nghls uid 

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3 FoLinoa, etc. 

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amended up to April 19, 1883, accompanied by 
general statutes, Supreme court decisions, and 
explanatory notes, bearing on the management 
of schools and school property; to which are 
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[D. F. DeWolf.] Col. Meyers Bros. 1883. 
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Being an exposition of the principle of Pythian 
law, and a universal digest for the order at large, 
including a complete digest of the laws of the 
enpreme lodge, and a digest of the principles of 
Pythian common law, as established by the var:oaa 

PoLmcS, ITO. I 

Shropshire, J. S. — (continued.) 

grand lodgoa. Together with an appendix con- 
laining Iho constitution of the supreme lodge in 
force at the close of the Bession of April, 1884, 
Omaha, Neb, Herald print, and pub. house. 1885. 
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haiten im Club der Land-und Forstwirthe in 
Wien im November 1882. Wien. Toeplitz u. 
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Becht. Ein Boitrag znm wirtbechafllichcn und 

rechtlichen Leben unserer Zeit. Wien. A. 

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Ste&hen, Sir James Fitzjames. The story of 
Nuncomar, and the impeachment of Sir Elijah 

Impey. Lond. Macmiltan. 1885. 2 v. vi-l- 

(ii+)267pp.; vi+(ii+)336pp. 12° [95,560;84.] 

55:4603. i-a 

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political and social scienco, N, Y. H. Holt. 

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Scnifox, ira 

Tale (A) of two cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul 

compared. Minneapolis. Johnson, Smith and 

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Vere, S. E. Some wise saws and modern in- 
stances ; or, what about free trade now ? Tor- 
quay. A. Iredule. 1885. f8+)I09 pp. 12° 
[96,246; 84.] 54:685 

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collection of essays respecting certain of the 
recent economic experiencos of the United Stales. 
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A collection of recipes for cooking. Chic. 
Belford, Clarke and Co. 1885. 316 pp. 12° 
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Science, Art and Industry. 
American Society of Civil Engineers. The 

preservation of timber. Heport of tbe com- 
mittee on the preservation of timber, presented 
and accepted at tbe annual convention, June 25, 
1885. With appendices on the preservation of 
timber and the preservation of forests. With 
discussion by James B. Francis, B. A. Fcertes, 
nnd others. [1885.] 247-398 pp. 8° [95.994; 
84] 52:7 

Andes, Louis Edgar, Die trocknenden Dele, ibre 

Eigenschaften.Zusammensetzungund Vorande- 
rungen, sowie Fabrikation der Firnisse aua den- 
selben zu Anstrichen und Fiir Buchdrnckcr, genane 
Darslellung der Fabrikniion alior Anstrieh-, Buch- 
druck-, Slein-undKupferdruckfarben, Ein Hand- 
bucb fur Lack-, Firnies-und Farbenfabrikanten, 
Kaufleute, Anstreicher, Jjackirer, Maler u. s. w., 
nach dem nouoBtcn Stando diesor Industriesweige, 
untcr Benutzung der hcrvorragendsten Literatar 
und nach oigeneo vieljiihrigen Erfahrungen 
dargcstcllt. Braun. Vieweg. 1883. ix+I89 
pp., 1 fold, pi., illus. 8° [96,621; 84.] (Hnndb. 
der chem. Techno!. Xene Folge, 4. Lief.; K. 
Birnbaum.) *52:3303.18 

AsfruC, Joan, A treatise on the diseases of 
women ; in which it is allomptod to join a just 
theory to the most safe and approved practice. 
With a chronological catalogue of the physicians, 
who have written on iheso diseases. Tr, from 
the French original, Lond. J. Nourse. 1762-7. 
3 V. {ii-f )xxi-f 375 pp., 1 fold, pi,; xvi -f392{+l 1) 
pp.; xv(-|-i)-j-440(+8) pp., Ibid, frontis. 12* 
[47,760; 84.] 46:4675-7 

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Lond, Bells. 1885. viii-)-2G2 pp. 8*=" [96, 
110; 84.] 43:29 

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istry. For medical and pharmaccatical students 
and practitioners, Phil. Blakiston. 1885. viii, 
376 pp., frontis., iilus. 12° [96,221; 84.] 


Science, etc. 


Science, etc. 

Barton, Edward H. The cause and prevention 
of yellow fever at New Orleans and other cities 
in America. 3. ed., with the addition of upwards 
of seventy pages of "Prefatory remarks'*, and a 
supplement. N. Y. Bailliere. 1857. 20+2 
(-f2)-f vi, 48+iii-xvi + xviii(+iv) -f vii(-f-iv) + 
282 pp., 1 fold, map, 7 fold. tabs. 8° [31,537; 
84.] 46:2771 

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mie der Vegetationsorgane der Phanerogamon 

und Fame. Lei p. Engelmann. 1877. xvi+ 

663 pp., illus. 8^ [96,190; 84.}^ (Handb. der 

nik, 3; " 

physiolog. Bota 

Wilh. Hofmeister and 


Bary. Heinrich Anton de. Vergleichende Morpho- 
logic und Biologic der Pilze, Mycetozoen und 
Bacterien. Leip. Engelmann. 1884. xvi-f558 
pp., illus. 8^ [96,190; 84.] (Handb. der 
.physiolog. Botanik, 2 ; Wilh. Hofmeister and 
others.) 43:189.2 

Note. The alx)vc is the 2. cd, of » work by the same author, pub. 
in 1866 under the title : Morphologic und Physiologio dor Pilze, 
Fleohten und Myxomyeeten. 

Bechamp, J.-A. Memoire sur les matieres albu- 

minoides. Par. 1884. (Acad. Sciences, France, 

V. 28, 2*ser. (M.) 516 pp.) In*6l:l978 

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lichen Gcschlechtes vom klinischen, patho- 
logischen und therapeutischen Standpunkte aus 
dargestellt. Erl. Enke. 1874-5. 2 v. xvi+ 
603 pp., 5 pis. (3col'd), illus.; xiv-t-882 pp., 2 
pis., illus. 8^ [62,871; 84.] *46:4681-2 

Contentn: Vol.1. Alljgemeiner Theil, Physiologie, Pathologic und 
TherHpio der Menstruation, Krankheiten der Eieri<tOcke. 

Vol. 2. Krankheiten der Eileiter und der breitcn Mutterbunder, 
Krankheit-en der Oebftrmutter, der Vagina, der ilusseren Ocschlechts- 
theilo und der BrustdrQsen; Vaginismus und Btorilitut. 

Bender, Charles B. Principles of economy in 

the design of metallic bridges. N. Y. J. Wiley 

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467; 84.] 52:190 

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621; 84.] (Handb. der chem. Technol. Neue 

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Bersch, Josef Die Essig-Fabrikation. Eine 
Darstellung der Essig-Fabrikation nach den 
iilteren und neueren Verfahrungsweisen, der 
Schnell-Essig-Fabrikaiion, der Fabrikation des 
Holzcssigs, der Bereitung von Eisessig und reiner 
Essigsaure aus Holzessig, sowie der Fabrikation 
des Wein-, Trestern-, Malz-, Bieressigs und der 
aromatisirten Essigsorten, nebst der praktischen 
Priifung des Essigs. Den neueren Anschauungen 
gemass popular geschildert. 2., erweit. und verb. 
Aufl. Wien. Hartleben. 1881. xiii-xvi+222 pp., 
illus. 12^ [96,195; 84.] (A. Hartloben's che- 
misch-techn. Biblioth., 10.) 52:1851 ' 

Bersch, Josef Die Fabrikation von Malz, Malz- 
extract und Dextrin. Ber. Wiegandt^ JHempel 
u.Parey. 1880. xi+368 pp., illus. 8*» [96,183; 
84.] (Giihrungs-Chemie fur Praktiker, 2.) 


Blackadder, H. Home. Observations on phage- 
da>na gangrsBnosa. In two pts. 1. The history 
and cure of the disease, deducted from observa- 
tion and experience, and containing a simple and 
eflPectual method of treatment. 2. An investiga- 
tion into the history of the disease, as it is to be 
found in the writings pf various ancient and 
modern authors. Edin. D. Brown. 1818. xvi 
(-j>ii)_|.170pp. 8^ [47,878; 84.] 46:3618 

Bland, .Robert. Observations on human and on 

comparative parturition. Lond. J. Johnson. 

1794. xv+223 pp. 8° [52,078; 84.] 46:4778 

Blandfordf G. Fielding. Insanity and its treat- 
ment: lectures on the treatment, medical and 
legal, of insane patients. With a summary of 
the laws in force in the United States on the con- 
finement of the insane. By Isaac Kay. Phil. 
Lea. 1871. viii-hl7-471 pp. 8^ [43,908; 84.] 


Blundell. James. Observations on some of the 
more important diseases of women. Ed. by 
Thomas Castle. Phil. A. Waldie. 1840. 215 
(+2) pp. 8^ [47,827; 84.] (Dunglison's Amcr. 
medical lib.) 46:4683 

Bockmann, Fr. Die explosiven Stofic ; ihro Ge- 
schichte, Fabrikation, Eigenschaflen, Priifung 
und praktische Anwendung in der Sprengtechnik. 
Mit einem Anhange, enthaltend : Die Hilfsmittel 
der submarinen Sprengtechnik (Torpedos und 
Sceminen). Ein Handbuch fur Fabrikanten und 
Verschleisser explosivcr Stoffe, Chemiker und 
Technikcr, Berg-,Eisenbahn- und Bau-Ingenieure, 
Steinbruchs- und Bergwerksbesitzer, Forst- und 
Landwirthe, sowie fiir die Ingenieur-Officiere des 
Landheeres und der Marine und zum Selbst- 
studium. Nach den neuesten Erfahrnngen bear- 
beitet. Wien. Hartleben. 1880. xiii-xvi-f431 
pp., illus. 12** [96,196; 84.] (A. Hartleben's 
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Bolley, Pompejus Alexander. Das Beleuchtungs- 
wesen. Nebst einem Anhang iiber elektrische 
Beleuchtung von Gustav Wiedemann. Braun. 
Vieweg. 1862. viii-f 326 pp., 2 fold, pis., illus. 
8^ [96,621; 84.] (Handb. der chem. Technol. 1, 
2. Gruppe.) ^52:3303.1 

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in its relation to the use of wool for technical 
purposes. 2. ed. Manch. Palmer and Boxce. 
1885. xviii+366 pp., 33 pis. (I col'd.) 8° [96, 
097; 84.] 52:1518 

Bradley, D. B. Treatise on midwifery. Bang- 
kok. A. B. 0. F. M. mission press. 1842. 156 
pp., 54 pis. (2 fold.) 12° [2,438; 84.] 46:4781 

Note. Text in Siamese, alno first half of t. p. 

Brown, Waldo F.J Bonham, L. N. and others. 
The people's farm and stock cyclopedia, embrac- 
ing comprehensive and practical treatises on farm 
topics of every description, including farm man- 
agement, fencing, farm drainage, fertilizers, etc. ; 
to which is added a complete volume on farm 
stock in all its departments, including the breed- 
ing, care and management of horses, cattle, hogs, 




Brown, Waldo p. and others. — (continued,) 

sheep, poultry, bees, etc. ; with numeroas appen- 
dixes for reference in all departments of agrical- 
tural life. Cin. Jones Bros, and Co. [1884.1 
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instructions for beginners, as well as practical 
directions for managing a cocoonery, designed 
especially to simplify the production of silk by 
the use of osage orange as a food plant in local- 
ities where it naturally grows in abundance. 
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analysis of atmospheric bamiditieB in the United 
States. An essay read before tbe American Cli- 
matological Association 1884, and inclading the 
presentation of a rule of moistare and dryness, 
Dy which the climate is evenly sabdivided, accord- 
ing to the combined evidences of moistare, together 
with seasonal cloudiness and absolate huraiditj 
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yute. Ropr. from the New York medicftl journal for Sepc. 13 and 

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Science, etc. 


Science, etc. 

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i ng whiskeys in bond. N. Y. Dick and Fitzgerald, 
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ilandbuch der Botanik. See Schenk, A. 

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Kautschuk-und Guttaperchawaaren sowie des 
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Heinzerling, Christian. Grundziigo der Leder- 
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agricultural and physico-geographical descriptions 
of the several cotton states and California. Wash. 
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Note. Vol. 2 iH the 2. od. of a work by the name author, pub. in 
1866 UDder the title : Morpholo^ie und Physioiogie der Pilze, Flech- 
tcn und Myxomyceten. 

Contents: Vol. 1. Ft. 1. Die Lehre von der PflansenEelle. Ft. 2. 
Allgemeine Morphologie der Gew&chse ; W. HorMKisTKE. 

Vol. 2. Vergleichende Morphologie und Biologie der Pilse, My- 
cetosoen und Bacterien ; A. de Baey. 

Vol. 3. Vergieichende Anatomie der V«getaiionBorgane der 
Phantrogamen una Fame ; A. de Baet. 

Science, eto. : 

Holdor, Cbnrlea Frederick. Marvels of animal 

lift). N. Y. Scribners. 1885. x+240 pp., 32 
. pl8. 12° [06,371; 84.] 44:301 

Jettel. Wladitnir. Die ZQndwaaren-Fabrikation 

in ihrcr gcgenwiirligen Anabildung. Mil Be- 
riicknichtigung der wichtigston Ma8L'h]noii znm 
HobelndorHolzer, zamEinlt-gcDund AuHDohniiiTi, 
2ur SpanHchachlol-und SaloitbiichHori-Fabrikation 
und der liocopte zum ZuBammetisetzcD dor Ziiiid- 
waaren. Bruun. Vieweg. 1871. vi(+ii)-|-i6 
pp., illuB. 8° [06.021; 84.] (Hnndb. dyr chum. 
Technol., 6, 3. Gi-uppo, Ablli. 3; P. A. Bolloy.) 
Kolbe, Hormann. Zur BntwickelungflgeBchicbte 

der thooruliBchon Chcmio. (Bcaonderur Ab- 
di-uck aun dum Joarnul fiir praktischu Chemic.) 
Jjcip. J. A. Barlh. 1881. iv+117 pp. 12'' 
[06,216; 84] 51:1742 

Kunhardt, C P. Small yachts : their design and 

eotiHtruction exemplified by the ruling types of 
modt)i-n prnctiuo. Lond. Loic. 18S5. iv-fliCy 
pp., tiO pla. (3 fold.), illus. f " [96,3G4; 84.] 

Lankester, Mrs. P. Wild flowers worth notice. 

A seleotion of some of our native plants which 
are most attraelivo from their beauty, uses, or 
associations. With 108 coloured figures from 
drawings by J, E. Sowcrby. Lond. \V. H. Allen 
and Co. 1S85. xx4-159 pp., 18 col'd pla. 12° 
[96,108; 84.] *43;721 

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621; 84.] (llandb. der chom. Technol,, 8, Abth, 
1 ; P, A. BoUey and K. Birnbuum.) +52:3303.14 

OaulcnU: .MoIJillvenirlwilnnK. 

Lunge, tiuorg. Handliuch dor Soda-Industrie 
und ihrer Nebcnzweigo fiir Theorio nnd Praxis. 
Braun. Vieweg. 1879. 2 v. xxsii+iiU pp., 4 
fold, pis., illus.; xxiii + lOlS pp., C fold, pla., illus. 
8» [06,621; 84.] (Handb.derehera.Technol.,2, 
1. Gruppe; P. A. Bolley and K. Birnbaum.) 

Lunge, (icorg. Die Industrie der Steinlcohlcn- 
theor-Dostillation nnd Ammoniakwasaer-Vorar- 
beitung. Brann. Vieireg. 1883. xiii+35G pp., 
illus. 8° [96,621; 34;] (Handb. dur ohem. 
Tcciinol., 1, 3. tJruppo, Ablli. 2; P. A. Bolley and 
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als Biiumntorial. Brnun. 1872. x-f- 
184 pp., illus. 8° [96.621; 84.] (Handb, der 
chom. Tuchnol., 6, 1. Gruppe, Abth. 1; P. A. 
Bolloy and K. Birnbaum.) In*52:3303.<J 

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von Nahrunga- und GenuHsmitteln. Methoden 
und Daten zur Boarlheilung. Wiirz. Stiihd. 
1881. vii + 152 pp., 3 fold. tabs. 8" [96,182; 
84.] 51:1785 

Meyer, ^- von. Die Exploslvkorper und die 

heuerwcrkeroi. Braun. Vieweg. 1874, viii 
-fl26(+2) pp., illus. 8° [06,621; 84.] (Uandb. 
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Miller, Mrs. Olive Thorne. Bird-ways. Bost. 

Houghton, Mi_ffiin and Co. 1885. Tiii+227 pp. 
12° [06,5i'6; 84.] 44;1803 

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bereitungakundo. Braun. Vieweg. 1865. 
viii-f-164 pp.. illQS. 8° [05,621; 84.] (Handb. 
der ehcm. Technol., 4, 3. Gruppe; P. A. Bolley.) 
Morrison, William A. Practical onginoer and 
mechanic's guide, containing a glance at the 
early history of steam ; its application to pump- 
ing; its later use for railroads and steamboats; 
its more extensive use for general machinery. 
The setting and management' of boilers: the 
modern ateum engine ; how it shonld be managed. 
Description and application of the indicMur. 
Illustrations showing the advantage of the engine 
being in the bost possible condition for duty. 
Tables aud rules fur demonatraling the actaal 
working of the engine, with methods of correct- 
ing the di'fecta. Hulcs for calculations. Tables 
for various calculations relating to metals and 
other materials. Tests and methods of working 
metals. Useful practical information, receipts, 
etc. Lowell, Maxs. Author. 1884. 172 pp., 
illus. 12' [05,493. 84.] 52:766 

Morse, Kdward S. Japanese homes and their 
surroundings. Illus. by Iho author. Bost. 
Ticknor. 1886. [1885.] xxxiii+373 pp., illus. 
8° [06,553; 84,] *53:1117 

The same. [96,741.] 53:1117 

Muntz, Eugene. Lea precurseurs de la ronais- 

sanee. Par. Librairie de Vitrt. 1882. vii + 

254pp,, I4plB., llluR. f° [96,193; 84.] *A:5215 

Naturhistorisic Tidsskritt. stiflet af Honrik 
Kroyor, ndgivet af J. 0. Schiodtb. 3. JlEekke. 
Kjobenhavn. €. A. Iteitzel. 18C1-S4. 14 v. 
245 pis. (5 col'd), 3 maps (1 fold, col'd). 8'' [96, 
211; 84.] *4I:H01-14 

Naumann, Alexander. Die Grundlehren der 
Chemic, fur don Studircnden kurz dargelegt. 
Heidel. Winter. 1879. viii-f 226 pp. 8° [06, 
214; 84.] 51:1802 

Otto, l"'''- Jill- Lebrbueh dor rationelleu Praxis 
der landwirtbachafilichen Gowerbo. Die Bier- 
brauerui und Branntweiubrennerei. die Sprit-, 
Hofo-, Liqueur-, Essig-, Starke-, StiirkoBucker- 
Fabrikation, die Ciderboroitnng, die Kalk-, Gyps- 
und ZiogBl-Brennerei, Potascbesiodoroi, Oelralfi- 
nerie, Butler-und Kiiso-Bereitung.dasBrotbacken 
und Seifesicdcn umfassond. Zum Gebrauche bei 
Yortrtigeniiber die landwirtbachafilichen Gewerbe 
und zum Sclbstuntcrrichte fiir Chemiker, Land- 
wirtbe, Fabrikanten, ArchitektGn,Ingenieure und 
Steuorboamte. Braun. Vieweg. 1865-7. 2 v. 
(iv+)iv+653 pp., 3 fold, pis., illus.; viii-f 578+40 
pp.,10fold.pls.,illua. 8° [06,621; 84.] (Uandb. 
der chom. Technol., 4, 2. Gruppe; P. A. Bolley.) 

Sbirkriiiimniis. SbVrkegvriips und Slnrkeiuckciit, lowie dla Butter- 
DDd Kioe-Beniltuug. FQr Cbemiker, ale. 

Science, etc. 


Poetry, etc. 

Pagenstecher.H. Alexander. Allgemeino Zoo- 
logie, Oder Grundgesetze des thicrisehon Baus 
und Lebens. Bor. Wiegandt^ Hempel u. Farey, 
1875-81. 4 V. vii(+ii)+347 pp., illus.; vii+528 
pp., illus.; vii-f-419 pp., illus.; viii+959 pp., illus. 
8° [96,192; 84.] 44:428.1-4 

Paine, Charles. The elements of railroading. 

A series of short essays reprinted from the 

Kail road gazette. N. Y. Railroad gazette, 1885. 

v+154 pp. 12^ [96,090; 84.] 76:2630 

Palmer, Julius A., Jr., editor. Mushrooms of 

America, edible and poisonous. Bost. L, 

Prang and Co, [1885.] 4 pp., 11 coFd pis., with 

descriptive text.^ 4^ [95,584; 84.] *43:2528 

Petzholdt, Alphons. Die Erzeugung der Eisen- 
und Stahlschieuen. Eine hiittenmannische 
Studio. Braun. Tieweg, 1874. xiii+81 pp., 
1 map. 8^ [96,621; 84.] (Handb. der chem. 
Technol., 8, Abth. 2; P. A. Bolley'and K. Birn- 
baum.) In*52:3303.14 

Schenk, A., editor. Handbuch der Botanik. Her- 
ausgeg. unter Mitwirkung von Ferd. Cohn u. A. 
Bd. 1-3. Bres. Trewendt, 1881-4. vii-f-766 pp., 
illus.; xi+707 pp., illus.; viii+432 pp., illus. 8® 
[96,191; 96,579; 84.1 (Eneykloprodio der Natur- 
wissenschaften, Abth. 1, Thl. 1; G. Jiiger and 
others.) 43:336.1-3 

ConUnU: Vol. 1. . Die Wechselbeziehunifcn ewiachen den Hlumen 
und den ihro Kreuziing Termittelndeu InHekten; Hermann MuLLKa.— 
Die insoktcnfressenden I^anzen ; 0«car Dbudk. — Die Gefilsskrypto- 
gnmen; Prof. Dr. Sadf.beck.— Die I^anzenkmnkheiton ; B. Frank.— 

•Die Algen im weitenton 
Sinno; P. FALKKNe'sRa. — 0io Muscineen ; K. GObkl. — Die Bacil- 
lariat^cen (Diatotnaceen) ; E. Pfitzkr. — Die phyniologiHchen Loi- 
stungen der PflanKengewebe ; 6. Haberlandt. 

Vol. 3. Die Spaltpilze; W. Zopr. Verglcichende Entwicklungn- 
geschiclite der Pflanzenorgaae; K. GObkl. 

Schwarzenberg, Philipp. Die Technologie der 
cheraiscbeQ Froducte, welche durch Gross- 
betrieb aus unorganisehen Matorialien gewonnen 
werden. Braun. Vieweg. 1865. x-|-312 pp., 4 
fold, pis., 3 fold, tabs., illus. 8^ [96,621; 84.] 
(Handb. der chem. Technol., 2, 1. Gruppe; P. A. 
Bolley.) *52:3303.3 

Poetry, Music and the Drama. 

Baker, George M. The globe drama. Original 

plays. Bost. Lee and Shepard, 1885. 66+ 

5.8+52+55+47+55 pp., 6 pis. 16° [96,420; 

84.] 32:716 

OmtcnU: Tlie flowing bowl. — Better than gold. — Comrades. — 
Nevada ; or, the lost mine.— Past redemption. — Rebe<'ca'8 triumph, 

BerQ, Albert Ellery. The drama, painting, poetry, 
and song; embracing a complete history of the 
stage, an exhaustive treatise on pictorial art, a 
choice collection of favorite poems, and the popu- 
lar songs of all nations. N. Y. P. F, Collier, 
1884. viii+718 pp., 43 pis., illus. 4^ [96,466; 
84.] *|0:6500 

Blake, William, The poems, with specimens of 
the prose writings of. With a prefatory notice, 
biographical and critical. By Joseph Skipsey. 
N. Y. J. Pott and Co. 1885. viii, 282 pp. 24^ 
[96,717; 84.] 31:2073 

Bradley, Mary. Hidden sweetness. The poems. 
The illus. from drawings by Dorothy Holroyd. 
Bost. Boberts, 1886. [1885.] x, 64 pp., illus, 
12^ [96,282; 84.] 31:2089 

Browning, Kobert. Pomegranates from an En- 
glish garden : a selection from the poems of B. 
With introd. and notes, by John Monro Gibson. 
N. Y. Chautauqua press. 1885. viii, 137 pp. 
12^ [mfiiyO; 84.] 31:473 

Bullen, A. II., editor. A collection of old English 

plays. In 4 vols. Vol. 4. Lond. Wyman and 

sons. 1885. vii + (ii+)394+4 pp. 12^ [96,244; 

84.] *32:276.4 

Note. Only 150 eopien printed. 

Contents: Two tragedies in one; Ro^»ort Yarincton. — Tlie captives, 
or, the lost recovero*! ; Thomaa Hkywood. — The coHtlie whore.— 
Everie woman in lu».r humor.— Ap|K>udix. — Index. 

Centllvre, Mrs. Susanna TFreeman Fox Carrol). 
The dramatic works of the celebrated Mrs. C; 
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Note. A reprint of 1760-Cl. 

Cbntents: Vol. 1. Life of the ftiithor.— The perjur'd husband,— The 
Beaux'H duel.— The game.ster. — The Ba.9Sot table. — Love at a venture. 
—The stolen heiress. 1761. 

Vol. 2. Love's contrivance. — The busybody. — Marplot in Lisbon. 
—The Plntonick lady. — The perplex'd lovers.— The cruel >;ifi. 1761. 

Vol. 3. The wonder.— The man's bewitch'd.— A Ootluim election. 
—A wife well managed.- A Bickerataff' a burial. —A bold stroke for a 
wife.— The artifice. 1760. 

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(not yet wholly free,) and Macedonia. Literal 
and metrical translations by Lucy M. J. Garnett, 
classified, rev. and ed., with an historical introd. 
on the survival of paganism, by John S. Stuart- 
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PoiTRT, sra 3 

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Latin hymns (The) of the Anglo-Saxon chnrch, 

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LuddeRi W. The thorough base school, an easy 

and progressive course for acquiring a practical 
knowledge of rudimental harmony: especially 
adapted to tbe wants of those desirous of learn- 
iDg to play or write church music, accompani- 
ments, Bongs, choruses, etc. [Rev. od.] Written 
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[and second] ago. Divinely bandied. Soene 
and allowed. Lond : printed by Bernard Alsop, 
for Lawrence Chapman, and are to be sold ai his 
shop over against Staple Inne. 1620-23. N. Y. 
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[Plays, Collected, n. t. p. Lond. v. dj 16 v. 

18* [73,327; 84.] 3i2:18-33 

pmltnli: Vol. 1. Mi'moir of Mr. WRlJiwk.— The ratal dciwery ; 

Eli'«E*th'l"rH«"D.-Thrred roTer; or, IhV HHJlinj of Ihc liiljillU '; 
Edward Fin-Bii.L.~Ali Pwhs ; John Hownnl Pitri.— Lovo lo lium- 
UeUfe; J. H.PiTKi. — Tribulotinn; or. uuvrelcoiii^ visilors; Julm 
PiwiK. — William Tell; J>me> Sheridiui KhoirLu. — Blue Beard; 
Otorge CoLMAK, jr. — Caslleof S..rr*Dl.> ; "r, tlieprinonorof kochi-llp i 
Henrr HmiviLi,. — Robert ihc iMvil. duke of Narinand]'; K. J, 
RiiHOHD.-'OneD'clocloor. Ihe knighl and the vood demon; Matllicw 
Qngory L»wi». 

Vol. 2. Memoir of Mr. EUlalon, by D. O. ~ The children In the 
wood ; Thomas Moitos.— Foscarl ; Mary RatHcll MiTroiD. — JuMkd ; 

m. — Paul Pry; Douj(l«s jBtiotn. — The 

late oTbloodiJohnThomaslliiKu.-fllitcl 
i« Downa" ; Daualaa JH■oL^. — FHlher an 
UbuboDuUre ; G. Bill. — Jeunf Jodob 


[Plays, Collected.]— 

Vul 4. Rarmond arid Axneo. the iravVllere henightrd ; < 
l^eedinj^ nun of Lindenliers ; Matltiew Gregory Liwii "*- - 

ofHt^MarkH; Matt'riew'oreJury Li>ii. -^Tl'ia rendei 
AiTss.— Timoiir Ihc Tartar : Maltliew Greirory I.twu. 
tliefaltorTarquiu; Julm Htiward Piim;— Who hi 
George CLMid, 

Iuin1>rylde Mchi 
LD. — Ilome iwi 

'* aacrlllce; A. L. 

robber'a dauxlitorB.—The forpBt of Bandy i iir, (he tlog of ^ 
Ailaiil>>il fmiii the French. — Kaymiiud and Ainie*: or. tiit 
nun of Lindenberg ; [adapted rrom M. ». Lewla hyl H.W.< 
— NalioleoD ; or, the enifwror and tlw noldier ; JuliD Watal 


I life; Duiiglt 

- Fiftfpti yuan of a drank- 

dayi; C. A. Sonttai 

iriHTia. — llnfnrtiiiuite Mi<9 Bailey ; Qithen Abbott 
-Tlieyniithrulmieeni or, Chrietine of Sweden ; Cbarlea 
Tlie green cynl inun»ter; James Bobiusoti Plinch^. - 
m ; or. Maint Rcit»rl-A oare ; W. T. Moscaiirr. 

" " Ibhbc i'otooa. — Shakesneare'a early 

?in;],mi; or. the aeveoth bullet; Kurt 

; MutlhewGre) 


—Nelley abbey i William 

merry monarch ! John Uowanl PiTKi.— The twogalley slaiee. Adapt- 
ed rroiil the Frencli by John Howard PatHt. — Lifu of Rkhard Cum- 
berland.— Comedy of the West Indian i Richard Clubulimd. 

Vol. 9. Memoir of Mr. Quick .—Kotorlety : Freileriek Riiholm. 
—The iheplierd of Derwenl Valo; or. the innooeDI oulnrit. Adapted 
and augmi-nted from the Friiieh by Jaeepfa Lean. — aide and seek ; 

Altered from'it 
ederiok nay!.oli.a 
— The magpie, o 

*Ge™'i;5 o^'aSH^eh t^ R, 
— The duel ; or, my two 

or. Mo<-J for bio. 
OLD.-Alonio the 
H, M. Himta. - 
<i1lat[e : l«ac Bi 

irave and the fair Imoglne ; 
-Mr*. Wiggins; Joim Till 

liPry: ItouglaaJai 

Vol. 11. FrankenBieiD; or, themanand IheinonBler. Founded 
on Mrs. Hhelley-s work and the Fre»-h pieoe La magicien el le mon- 
Mte; U.M.MiLsra.- Wives by advenWment; or. oonrting in the 
newipupora. — "Swing"! ; C. K. Baixett. — LTieiiahee Loiel ; or, the 
Giiny of Aahlmnibiim Delli A. li. CaaruLL.'— William '■ Tiaita ; or, 
ttiri'p hours before »u|incr; W. T. Muwriiu'r — The maid of Oeooa ; 
iir. the bandit merebanti John FaauLL. — The (tattle lorer; or.mualc 
m marlile ; l>oiigliui JiiaOLD. — The pinsue of Haraeillea : or, the 
iiornira of ITS). Tr. and aitnpted IVoin the French, by W. H. Wil- 
LUM.— The inlimate friend ; or. n cpu'er guest at a weiiding. Adapted 
mini the French of Tlieniilon, Datxion and l-alooe by Jolin Kiaa.— 
Do'ug(B"jaB''a'rLB." ° '" *"""""— "O"' . c ■ uccaneer. 

Vol.l'j. The wrailh «C the lake: or. the brown ie'a hrli| : John 
Thntnaa HAixn.— Blnrkbeiird : or, tlie captive priDcesa ; J. C. Cboh. 
-Will Watch ; or, the Mnek plianlom ; J. U. AHKiBBT.-The intimate 
friend; or. a queer gueiit at n weiiding. Adapted trom Theaiilon, 
Dnrtins and Lalone, by John Kiaa. — Pttleen veara of a drunksnl'a 
lifo; Douglas Jiiiuld. — The dumb Savoynra and hia monkey ; C. 
Pelhain Tiiowpws. - The soldier'- daughter ; Arthur CnaBii. _ The 
ret] rovei-; or. the mutiny of the Caroline; K, T. Waivia. — Tlie 

Crinter'a devil ; or, a type nf the obi one. — SylreBtor Paggerwood ; 
torge CoLHAK, — The riml dav and distraining for rent; IMuriaa 
JaatiiLB.-Theold oakeheM; or, the »muii«ler'» aonand the robher'a 
daughter. — Ainnan the brave and tho fair Imogine ; or. the apectre 
briilc; H. M. MiLaaa. 

Vnl.13. Love in a village; Ixaar BirKuaiirr.— Tho maid ofthe 
mill; liiaaoBiuKiaiinrr.— Thebeggar'aoperai JolinUaiY.— CEdipus; 
John liiTDKH and Nathaniel Lkk.— Ilie hypocrite ; Isaac BicaiaiTirr. 
-The wonder, a woman keei-a a aecrei; ijuaanna CiaTiivai, 

Vol. U. The rivals ; KiehanI Brinaley SBitinia. — Inkle and 
Yarico ; George Colbas. jr.— Patrick in Pruasia ; or, love in a camp. 
— The Hchnol fur Bcaodal ; Kiclianl Urinslcy ^naaiDAH. — A trip to 
flcarbor.)ugh ; Richard BrinBleySHiMiDAK. — The mistake; Sir John 

Vol. in. The rape of the lock ; John UiEKroiD. — VirglDius tbe 

rum-un ; William Roiiaal. — Fnilh and falKehood ; or, tRe bte of 
nlmahranger; William Leman Bam. — My fellow clerk; John Ons- 


PicnoN (English). 

[Plays, Collected.] — (continued.) 

AbboII ■ Bic-KETt.— A quiel da; ; John OiiKroiD .-Sudden lliougt 

Vol, It. The parole of honour ; Thornan Jnmes Sr.iL*. ~ Josi; 
Arc, theMiiidof Orleansi ThoioaBJamfBSiKLii.'-Doii Juan i Char 
HiLHEiund EdwardSTinLiiiu. — t>*Ddolo; or. the Lust of lhedogr'<. 
EilHarJ STiiLwa. — Ttw lilnck domino i Uilbort AhbotI a Bkiitt.— 
Pancal Bruno.— The kiiut'swaoer; or, the camp, ih? aaUagc, and the 
court ; Thomst H^rton Wilki.— Wanted a hrinnd ; or. ■ tiilt from 
Fn UiaToLri ; Gilbert Abbott a BicKUT.-Tlie amhaiisadreng ; Gilbert 
Abbott a BKiaiT.-The brothers ; or, tlie wo[f and tlie lamb: Thomas 
Egerton WiLai. 

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CmttnU: On reading ahakeepeare : Playii of the 1.-3. period. — 
Narratiie aiml.vnis; THe lady of Gniach-s Imeband. — The cafe of 

foreet of Arden. — Miwellanieit" The Bacnn-Shakeapeare cntie. — 

"■ ■ igM.— Stase KonaliDdn.— im the 

les and leiicone. ~- Note on W. 

YaringtOlli RoberL Two lamentable tragedies. 
The one of the morther of Maieter Beech, a 
obaundler in Thames-streete, and his boye, done 
by Thomas Merry. The other of a young childo 
murthered in a wood W two ruffina, with tho 
consont of his unckle. Lond. M. Laws. 1601. 

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Otnlenls: Dear-mi-Mul. — Tlie atdry uf Sir Skip-and.B-Junip. — 
The Btury of Nmnv Noddy. — The xlory of Waokemhard and of hi! 
Ave ■onB.-Thildrco'K page. 

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Fiction (English). 

FiOTiOM (Englufi), 

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Omlr»ti: Rose Mfl<]iler. — Jituno d'Antinioine. — Orpiment and 
G*mtH>|jb..— RolwriMja's medium. 

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tbafoifa.- 8tua Bolovan— Tlie wondcrtul Ijini.-Tlie twiiiH«iili liie 
dolden felar.— Tautb wilhoiit »gt, and life witliont dmlh. — The liCIJ« 
pursi'wHli tiro lulI'-Hnuifii.— HiuwrwaiuidliiiiMin.— Cnnninjilliniue. 
-The nrintien and llio fi*h«niMii. - Littlr wHd-nuw. - Tlic nW,. of 
dnlh.— Tlip old wniiWD and the olil nHn. — Tha tm empFrur. — Tli« 
mornlne Ktvrand Ihr Gvenlne star.— The twn aton-aixlm.— The poor 
t»T.~]fother's durtinB Jaek.-Tellerehen.-Tlie fiiiry Aurora. 

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bandy ser., 17.) 

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tional, vignette t. p., illus. 12° [96,379; 84.] 

Stablest W. Gordon. Stanley Grahams ; boy and 

man.. A tale of the dark continent. N. Y. 
A. C. Armstrong and son. 1886, [1885.] viii-f- 
349 pp., 6 pis., illus. 12° [96,460; 84.] 39:2160 
Sullivan, T. R. Koscs of shadow. A novel. 

N. Y. Scribners. 1885. (6-|-)270 pp. 12° 
[96,345; 84.] 39:2424 

Tancred: prince of Tiberias. A tale of the 11. 

century. From the French. Bait. J. Murphy 
and Co. 1884. 224 pp. 12° [95,956; 84.] 

Van Vorst, Frederick B. Without a compass. 

A novel. N. Y. Appleton. 1885. 414 pp. 
13° [95,957; 84.] 39:36l>2 

VandegrifY, Margaret. Rose Raymond's wards. 

Phil! Porter and Coates. [1885.] 395 pp., 4 
pis. 12° [96,707; 84.] 39:3646 

Weber, A. Hester Tracy: a schoolroom story. 

H. Y. T. Whittaker. 1886. [1885.] iv-|-267 
pp., froDtis. 12° [95,955i 84.] 40:276 


mMi ^ttlldtn. 

_ No. 85. MARCH. 


HOWARD DUUOLASS, Preaidmt, . . a. W. c. Foortu xbd Maih 8TS. (Socthbrn avi^ Mt. Adbvilm.) 

THOMAS Mclaughlin, Seertiary, . . . County Tbbasureb'b Office (10 Calboun btrxet), 

OEOBQB EMIO, . . . . 184 W. Second street (219 Clifton avenue). 

DANIEL FINN, Gab Co.'b office {18S Eabt Sixth btrkkt). 

"WILLIAM 8. THORNTON, ..... 4 Coliiob Boildikq (43 W, Ninth street), 
THOMAS LEE, 48 Bace street. 

CHBSTEB W. MEBBILL, IG Albion Plaoi, Mount Adbukh. 

«very day in the year, SundajB included, from S a. H. to 9 
P. u. The special deparCmenta are open tu follows: 

Delivkrt Hall, (except Sundays) B a. u. to 9 p. w. 
Mais Hall, (eVerj day) 8 a. m. to 9 p. h. 
Periodical Room, (every dsy) 8 a. M. to 9 p. m. 
Newspaper Koom, [every day) 8 a. k. to 9 p. u. 
Art Roou, (eicept Sundays) 8 a. u. to 6 p. h. 
" " (on Sandays) 9 a. u. to 4 p. 11. 


Rsadihq Rooms. — Any pereon of good deportment 
and habits, whether residing in Cincinnati or uot, may 
eoniult boohs, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

Home use or Booiu. — Beaidenta of Cincinnati 
may withdraw boolis by registering name and residence and 
fnmiahing satisfactory security in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollars or of the value of the work desired may ba made.) 
Non-reaiiientB may withdraw boolu by malting a de- 
po«it of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollara. 

two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to the same person'unlil they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cent* a day, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charges. 


The Librarian is at all times ready to assist per- 

e investigation of special subjects, by Indicating 
IB of information so far as the Library contains 

the sour 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 
against it. 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter ;nnn; '*< imbb* 
and residence of tKe person aggrientd. Anonymous commu- 
nications can not be noticed. 

HiBToar, «To. 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Adams, WilliRm Henry Davenport. Tbe buried 
citieB of Campania; or, Poniptii and Hercula- 
neam, ibeir hislory, their defltrnction, and their 
rerauinB. Lond. T. Nelson and sons. IStiS. x, 
282pp.,3p]B.,illus. 16" [25,927; 85.] 60;3025 

[Adriatic sea.] Idrograflo geoerala de! Mare 

Adriaiico, uUimata per ordineoaottogli aus]>icj 
di Franeeaco I. nell' I. R. Igtituto gcogrufieo rai- 
lilaro in Milano. 1825. 2 maps, obi. P, fold, 
to 8", in a box. [3«,57t^; 85,] *60:2973 

Agassiz, Eliaabetb Gary. Sen Agasslz, J.-L.-R. 
Agassiz, Jean-Loiiie-Rodolpbe. Louis Agassiz, 

his iifu and uorrespundenco. Ed. b3' Elizabotb 
Gary AoAsaiz. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 
ISfeS. 2 V. xi(-|-ii) + 400 pp., 5 pla., vignctto t. p.; 
vii(+ii)-f 401-794 pp., 5 pis., vignettB t. p. 12= 
[9ii,538; 8a.] 23:2190.1-2 

Aikin. John. England described : being a concise 

delineation of every county in England and 
Wales ; with an account of its most important 
products; notices of the principal seats; and a 
view of transactions, civil and military, etc. 
liOnd. Baldwin, Craddock and Joy. 181S. viii 
+499(4-7) pp., 1 fold, col'd map. 8° [26,-183; 
85.] 60:2354 

Alldridge, Lizzie. Florence Nightingale. Frances 

Ridley Ilavergai, Ualberiiie Marsh. Mrs. 
[Ellon Eenrietla] Ranyard Q-L. N. R."). Lond. 
Cassdl. 1885. 128 pp., 4 ports, on 1 pi. 12° 
[96,479; 85.] (The world's workers.) 23;189 
Andrews, Jano. Teo boys who lived on the road 

from long ago to now. Bost. Lee and Shepard. 
1886. (4-t-)340 pp., 10 pis., bead pieces. IB" 
[96,ti01; 85.] 23:193 

Omlmlf: IntroduelDty : Tlif rond to lona uro.— Kablii, liip Ajrisn 
boy.— iwrius, the Persian hoy.— Cleon, Ilic lir.-k hov.— lloniim», Ilir 
Rumnn bny.-Wulf, tho Huwiu l-ov. — Glibert, the |iuj(p. — KoHer, the 

the YnDkee boy.— Frenlt Wilson, tho boy of ifiiio. 

AppletOn'S modern atlas of tbe earth, with an 
alphabetical index of tbe latitudes of 31.000 
places. 34 beautifully ongr. and col'd maps, with 
comparative scales. N. X. Appleton. [185-.] 
(48 pp.,) 34 double mapa. 4"^ [3,582; 85.] 

Bartholomew, John. The Btndent's alius, con- 
sisting of 32 maps of modern googi'sphy, em- 
bracing all the latest discoveries and changes in 
boundaries, and 6 maps of ancient and historical 
geography. With a copies index. Lond. W. 
Collins, sons, and Co. 1872, (3-|-)42pp., 38 maps 
(34 double). 4° [38,347; 85.] (Collins" ser. of 
high-class atlases.) *60:3960 

Beauties (The) of England and Wales. See 

Britton, J., Brayley, E. w. and others. 
Berghaus, Heinrich. Supplement zu Slider's 

Schul-Allas. Secha ilium. Karten zur physi- 
kalischen Erdkunde. Golha. Perthes. 1851. 
obi. 8° [16,991; 85,] *60:3963 


Black, Charles Christopher. Michel Angelo 
Buonarrtjti, sculptor, painter, architect Tho 
story of bis life and labors. With an introd. by 
Charles G. Wiiitino. Bost. Ckavtavqva press. 
1885. xx-f275 pp. 16° [97,026; 85.] (Chau- 
tauqua lib. Garnet scr.) 24:2644 
Blome, Richard. A geographical description of 
the four parts of the world. Taken from tbe 
notes and workos of the famous M. S.akson, geog- 
rapher to the French king, and olbor eminent 
travellers and authors. To which are added, the 
commodities, coyna. weights, and measures of tho 
chief placcB of traffick in the world; compared 
with Iboae of England (or London), as to the 
trade thereof Also, a treatise of travel, and an- 
other of traffick, wherein tbe matter of trade ia 
briefly handled: tbe whole illus. with variety of 
useful and deligbtrul mapps and figures. A work 
beneficial and acceptable to all men, especially to 
those that intend to spend some pari of their time 
in olber countrcys, or deairo to be informed of 
them here at home. Also very necessary for 
merchants, factors, and mariners : and which 
hitherto bath been undertaken by none. Lond. 
R.Blime. 1670. (12+)113-f-(5+)82(+3)+138 
(+6)+58(+2)-f 48(-f 16) pp., 23 double maps (10 
fold.). f° [30,066; 85.] *60:4540 
Bobertag, Felix, (iescblchte des Romans und 
der ifim verwandtcn Dichiungsgallungen in 
Deutachland. Abth. 1. Bd. 2. Ber. L. tiimion. 
1884. 2 pts. in 1 vol. (iv4.)vii-f 272 pp.; (4-|-) 
211pp. 8° [93,471; 85] (0:2893 2 

Q.,ilmh- lliB itiin Anftncp d.'i'lH, JnhrhnniliTle. 

Bransford, J. F. Archaeological researches m 
.Nicariigua. Wash. Smithsonian Institution. 
1881. (6+)9fi pp., 2 pis., illus. 4° [95, 
518; 85.] (Smithsonian contribulions to knowl- 
edge, 383, V. 25.) In+4|:1524 
Brayiey, Edward Wedlake. Londiniana; or, 
rerainiscencea of the British metropolis: in- 
cluding characteristic aketchos, anliquariaD, topo- 
graphical, descriptive, and literary. Lond. Hurst, 
ChanceandCo. 1829. 4 v. xxiv-j-80-f *65-*120 
+8t-240+*225-*232-(-241-304 pp., 25 pla. (fi 
fold); 3[x+32+*I7-*56-f33-312 pp., 30 pis. (5 
fold.); xx+344 pp., 23 pis. (4 fold,); xx-|-354 pp., 
24 pis. (2 fold.), 1 fold. faca. letter. 16° [22, 
829; 85.] 60:3491-4 

Brayley, Edward Wedlake, Nightingale, R^v. 
Joseph and Brewer, Jamea Norris. London 
and Middlesex; or, an bistoricni, commercial, and 
descriptive survey of ibe metropolis of Groal- 
Britain: including sUelcbcs of its environs, and 
a topographical account of tho most remarkable 
plttcea in the above county. Lond. Vcrnor, 
Jlood, and Sharpe. 1810-16. 4 v. in 5. (10+) 
680(+66) pp., frontis.; (iv+)v+803(-f 61) pp., 
22 pis.; (8 -f) 756(4-24) pp.. 30 pis.; (ii-f )vii, 752 
(+70) pp., 42 pis.; (iv+)viii + 758(+58) pp., 52 
pis. 12° [1,933-7; 85.] (Beauties of England 
and Wales, 10-14; J. Britton, E. W. Brayley, and 
others.) *60:2370-74 

neltfl, Vola, 1-2 : Kclward Wwilnke B»*i.<i. Vol".' 3. Pt».' 1-f ; 
Uft. JoKi'iih ^lgHTlHulLI. Vol. 4r JumeR lloirii B»T». Voli. 
S-4 pub. hy J. SoJTu. 

UlSTORT, £T0. 


History, etc. 

Britton, John, Bray ley, Edward Wedlake and 
others. The beauties of England and Wales ; 
or, delineations, topographical, historical, and 
descriptive, of each county. Lond. 1801-16. 
18 V. in 25, additional vignette t. p. in each. 12° 
[1,924-48; 85.] *60:2361-85 

Note. Vols. 1-6 pub. by Vemor and Hood; vols. 7-9, 10, pt. 1. vol- 
11, bjr Vernon, Hood and Sharpe; vol. 10, pta. 2-4, vols. 12-18, by J- 

Contents: Vol. 1. Bedfordshire — Berkshire — Buckinghamshire J 
John Britton and Edward Wedlake Bbaylet. 28 pis. 

Vol. 2. Cambridgeshire— Cheshire— Cornwall ; J. Bbitton and E. 
W. BaATLBT. 23 pis. 

Vol. 3. Cumberland — Isle of Man — Derbyshire ; J. Britton and 
E. W. Braylry. 31 pU. 

Vol. 4. Devonshire — Dorsetshire ; J. Britton and E. W. Bray- 
lxt. 31 pis. 

Vol. 6. Durham— Essex-Glocestershire ; E. W. Braylry and J. 
Britton. 37 pis. 

Vol. 6. Hampshire— Isle of Wight— Herefordshire ; E. W. Bray- 
lry and J. Britton. 25 pis. 

Vol.7. Hertfordshire— Huntingdonshire— Kent; E.W. Braylry. 
82 pis. 

Vol. 8. Kent; E. W. Braylry. 33 pl.«». 

Vol. 9. Lancashire •— Leicestershire — Lincolnshire ; J. Britton. 
26 pis. 

Vol.10. Pta. 1-2. Middlesex; E. W. Braylry. 23 pis. Pt. 3. 
(In 2 V.) Middlesex ; Rev. Joseph Niohtimoalr. 72 pis. Pt. 4. 
Middlesex; James Norris Brrwrr. 52 pis. 

Vol. 11. Monmouthshire-Norfolk— Northamptonshire ; J. Evans 
and J. Britton. 38 pis. 

Vol. 12. Pt. 1. Northumberland — Nottinghamshire; Rev. J. 
HoDosoN and F. C. Laird. 21 pis. Pt. 2. Oxfordshire — Rutland- 
shire; J. N. Brrwrr. 25 pis. 

Vol.13. Pt. 1. Shropshire— Somersetshire; Rev. J. Niohtiroalr. 
28 pis. Pt. 2. Somersetshire {contin.) — Staffordshire ; Rev. J. 
Niohtinoalr. 17 pis. 

Vol. 14. Suffolk— Surrey— ; Frederic Shobrrl. 36 pis. 

Vol. 15. Pt. 1. Worce8t<»rshire — Westmorland — Wiltshire ; J. 
Britton, J. N. Brrwsr, Rev. J. Hodgson and F. C. Laird. 21 pis. 
Pt. 2. Wiltshire— Warwickshire; J. Britton. 33 pis. 

Vol. 16. Yorkshire— Appendix ; J. Biqlano. 26 pis. 

Vol. 17. Pt. 1. Cambria — Anglesea, or Mona — Arfon, or Caernar- 
vonshire—Denbighshire — Flintshire — Montgomeryshire— Merioneth- 
shire ; Rev. J. Evans. 29 pis. 

Vol. 18. South Wales : Brecknockshire — Caermarthenshire — 
Cardiganshire — Glamorganshire — Pembrokeshire — Radnorshire ; 
Thomas Rrbsr. 33 pis. 

Bryce, James. The student's atlas of physical 
geography, consisting of 20 maps, constructed 
and engr. by Edward Weller. With descriptive 
letterpress. N. Y. Futnams. 1873. (4+)80 
pp., 20 double maps -(12 col'd), illus. 4° [36, 
179; 85.] (Collins* ser. of high-class atlases.) 


Buchanan (Hamilton), Francis. A geographical, 
statistical, and historical description of the 
district, or zila, of Dinaipur, in the province, or 
soubah, of Bengal. Pud. with the monthly num- 
bers of the Gleanings in science, and the Journal 
of the Asiatic Society. Calcutta. Baptist mission 
press, 1833. xi+342 pp., 1 fold. tab. 8° [7, 
744; 85.] 60:2118 

Butler, Samuel, bp. of Lichfield. An atlas of mod- 
ern geography. A new ed.,re-engr., with corr. 
from the government surveys and the most recent 
sources of information. Ed. by the author's son. 
Lond. Longmans. [1842.] (6+) 38 pp., 23 
double col'd pis. (1 fold.) 8^ [38,605; 85.] 


Chambre, William de. Continuatio historic 

Dunelmensis. [Ed. by James Eaine. Lond. 

J. B. Nichols and son. 1839. n. t. p.] 125-56 

pp. 8** [20,505; 85.] (Surtees Soc. pubs., 9.) 


ColBinan, Lyman. An historical text book and 
atlas of biblical geography. New ed., carefully 
rev. Phil. Lippincott. 1859. (20 pp.,) 320 
cols., 7 cord maps (1 double), 1 chart. 4° 
[3,577; 85.] ^ *60:3976 

Cooley, Thomas Mclntyre. Michigan : a history 
of governments. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and 
Co. 1885. viii-f 376 pp., 1 fold, col'd map. 12° 
[97,145; 85.] (Amer. commonwealths; Horace 
E. Scudder.) 30:933 

Cope, Edward D. On the contents of a bone 
cave in the island of Anguilla, West Indies. 
Wash. Smithsonian Institution. 1883. (4-f-) 30 
pp., 5 pis. 4° [95,518; 85.] (Smithsonian con- 
tributions to knowledge, 489, v. 25.) In*4l:1524 

Cramer, Bev. John Anthony. A geographical 
and historical description of ancient Greece; 
with a map, and a plan of Athens. Oxf Claren- 
don press. 1828. 3 v. xii+453 pp., 1 fold, map.; 
(4+)442 pp.; (4+)419(+44) pp. 8° [4,785-7; 
85.] 60:2931-3 

Contents: Vol. 1. Ancient Greece.— Illyria.—Epirus.— Macedonia. 
— Thracia.— Thcssalia. 

Vol. 2. Acarnania.—iEtolia.— Doris, Locris, and Euboea.— Phocis. 
— BoBotia.— Attica. — Megaris. 

Vol. 3. Peloponnesus.— Corinthia.—Achaia. — Elis. — Messenia. — 
Laconia.—Argolis.— Arcadia.— Crete and Cyclades. 

Cramer, Beu. John Anthony. A geographical 

and historical description of Asia Minor ; with 

a map. Oxf University press. 1882. 2 v. 

viii+474 pp.; iv+424 pp. 8° [4,788-9; 85.] 


Note. Map wanting. 

Davis, John Francis. The Chinese: a general 
description of the empire of China and its 
inhabitants. Lond. C. Knight and Co. 1836. 
2 V. iv-f 395 pp., illus.; iv, 459 pp., illus. 16** 
[15,492-3; 85.] (The lib. of entertaining knowl- 
edge.) 60:2133-4 

The same. N. Y. Harpers, viii, 383 pp., 1 fold, 
map, illus.; viii, 440 pp., illus. [8,581-2.] 


The same. 1855. [8,548-9.] 60:2133-4b 

[Durham, Monastery of] Catalogi veteres libro- 
rum ecclesisB cathednuis Dunelm. Catalogues 
of the library of Durham cathedral, at various 
periods, from the conquest to the dissolution, 
including catalogues of the library of the abbey 
of Hulne, and of the mss. preserved in the library 
of Bishop Cosin, at Durham. [Ed. by James 
Eaine ; with a preface by B. Botpield.] Lond. 
J. B. Nichols and son. [1838.;^ (vi+)lix+238 pp. 

pubs., 7.) 


8° [20,503; 85.] (Surtees 


Dyer, Thomas Henry. Ancient Rome. Repr. 
from Dr. William Smith's Dictionary of Greek 
and Roman geography. Lond. Walton and 
Maherly. 1864. 142 pp., illus. 8^ [20,727; 
85.] 60:3050 

Dyer, Thomas Henry. Pompeii : its history, 

buildings, and antiquities. Lond. W. Clowes 

and sons. 1867. xvi+579 pp., 6 pis. (1 fold.), 1 

fold. plan. 12^ [13,514; 85.] 60:3030 

Eaton, Charlotte A. Rome, in the 19. century; 
containing a complete account of the ruins of 
the ancient city, the remains of the middle ages, 
and the monuments of modern times. With re- 
marks on the fine arts, the museums of sculpture 
and painting, the manners, customs, and religious 

fliBTOBT, sra i 

Eaton, Charlotte A. — (^continued.) 

ceremonies of the modern Romans. 5. ed., to 
which ia now first added a complete index und 'H 
engr, illua, Lond. Bohn. 1852. 2 v. (ii+} 
xviii-[-4(30 pp., 7 pis., 5 plans.; x-f 431 pp., 7 pla., 
vignette t. p. 12" [9,0131-2; Sf>.] 60:3032-^ 

EgglOSton, Georgo Cary. Strange BtorieB from 
history for yoang people, N. Y. Harpers. 
1886. [1886.] X, 243 pp., illus. 16° [96,295; 
85.] 26:»56 

flght. — The iiaItlit"Dr)ake'BoruDe! — Tha'liBtileiu Die dark.— Th« 
troublemnie burgh'-ra.— Ttie defence of Rochellc.-The and Mnry of ii 
boj Itlnji. — Tbo oloKure hproei. — The ch»t(te of the haiinita — The 
■tor; or n wintrr cnmpsign, — Veiling WBnlitoKltm in Ihe wooila.— Tlit 
Bloiy of Catherine.— Tlie Virj(lnlii wife-tniirket. — Biograpby Bdiries: 
Boflioodnr lUnisl Webaicr.— Tbe aciiLliin whn becsTiien wiiliitor.— 
BoybDod of Willhim Gliatnbeci.— H<,» ii Lny bired Dot. and wliiiT mmo 
of il. — The wickedfHl muD ia Hid world. ~ A prince wtiu would not 
staj dead. 

Elphinstone, Moant^tuarl. An acconnt of the 
kingdom of Canbul, and ita dependencies, in 
Persia, Tartary, and India ; compriaing a view of 
the Afghaun nation, and a history of the Doorau- 
nee monarchy. Now and rev. ed. Lond. Benl- 
ley. 183y. 2 v. xxix+422 pp., 2 pis. (I col'd), 
1 fold, map ; xii+440 pp., 1 col'd pi, 8" [7,752-3; 
85.] 60:2143-4 

Enaiand, France, Russia, and Turkey. 4. ed. 
Lond. J. Eidgway and sons, 1835. (4+)lin 
pp. 12° [96,737; 85.] In26:1932 

Fitch, George W. Outlines of physical geogra- 
phy. 5. large ed. N. V. J. B. Colton and Co. 
1856. x+225 pp., 6 double col'd maps, iliua. 12° 
[14,821; 86J 60:77 

Forsyth, Robert. The boautios of Scotland i 
containing a clear and full account of the agri- 
culture, commerce, mines, and manufactures ; of 
the population, cities, towns, villages, etc. of each 
county. Edin. T. BonarandJ. Brown. 1805-8. 
Bt. (4+)544 pp., 17 pis.; (4-f )547 pp., 24 pis.; 
(4+)548 pp., 18 pis.; (4-f-)54S pp., 47 pis.; (4-f) 
&74 pp., 2 pis.; additional vignette t. p. in each vol. 
S" ['^,771-5; 85.] 60:2671-5 

Nde. VuU. 3-6 pllb, b; A. Oonilablr and (b, 

OmttHtt: \n}. 1. Midlotbian, or Edlnburgbshlre.— Eflst Lofiitan. 

Banffiihini. — Elgin, or Horayahli 

Vol. G. Caithnose (sneh.).— Orbner inlands.— SbptUnd islniiilB.— 
Sntherlflndihire.— R.m -..hire.— In veniPHs-Bhire. — Islands of Invur- 
nc»a-BhirB.-ArgYle8hire.-abire of Bute. ^ 

Galfrjdus oe Coldingham and others. Histonic 
Ounelmensis scriptoreB trea, Gaufridus de Col- 
dingham, Rubertus de Graystanes, et Willielmue 
de Chambre. [Ed, by James Raine.] Lond. 
J. B. Nichols and son. [1839J xlviii + lof!+ 
cccoxciii pp, 8" [20,505; 85.J (Surteca Soc. 

pubs., 9.) *27:no8 

Conlmlt.- Prefrwe ; Ja mexBi rai ,— Liber de ttHia erciaBiie Dunhel- 
SaDClmensiB ; RtiaEBTtra de OrayitaopK. — Continuatlo histodv 

Gerard, James Watson, ^tie poaco of Utrecht: 

a historical review of the great treaty of 1713- 
14, and the principal events of the war of the 
Spanish suoceseion. N. Y. Putnams. 1885. 
xv-l-420 pp., 1 fold, map in pocket. 8" [96,721; 
66.] 26:1198 


Getchflll, George H,, compiler. Our nation's ex- 
ecnlives and their adminiatrationa. The con- 
tinental and national congresses. An historical, 
biographical and atatistieal conspectus of the 
national government, from its foundation, 1775 to 
1885. The settlement and formation of the stale 
governments and state executives. Compiled 
from reliable and official sources. N. Y, Getchetl 
and Fuller. 1885. xiv-|-421 pp., 22 porta, f " 
[96,363; 85.] *A:5328 

Gilman, Arthur, The story of Rome from the 
earliest times to the end of the republic. N.Y. 
Putnoms. 1885. xvi-j-355 pp., frontia., illus. 
12° [96,402; 85.] (The story of the nations.) 
Goodrich, Samuel Griswold, A piclorial geogra- 
phy of the world, comprising a syatem of uni- 
versal geography, popular and Bcientilie, including 
a physical, political, and atatistieal account of the 
earth and us various divisions, with numerous 
sketches from recent travels, and illus, by more 
than 1,000 engravings, of manners, costumes, 
curiosities, cities, edifices, ruins, beasts, birds, 
fishes, reptiles, trees, plants, fruits, etc. With a 
copioue index, answering the purpose of a gazet- 
teer. 2.ed. Boat. Otis. Broaders and Co. 1840. 
1008 pp., illus. t. p., illus. 4° [40,930; 85,] 


Gordon, Patrick. Geography anatomiz'd; or, 
the geographical grammar. Being a short and 
exact analysis of the whole body of modern 
geography, and a new and curious method. Com- 
prehending I. A general view of the terraqueous 
globe. Being a compendious system of the true 
fundamentals of geography ; digested into various 
definitions, prohlema, theorems, and paradoxes 
with a transient survey of the surface of the 
earthly ball, as il eonsislB of land and water. 
II. A particular view of the terraqueona gl< 
Being » clear and pleasant prospect of all remark- 
able countries upon the face of the whole earth 
shewing their situation, extent, division, subdi- 
viaion, cities, chief towns, name, air, soil, commod- 
ities, rarities, archbishopricks, bishopricks, uni- 
versities, manners, languages, government, arms, 
religion. Cullected from the best authors, and 
illua. with divers maps. The 12. ed., corr., and 
somewhat cnl. And a act of new mapa by Mr. 
Sencx. Lond. J. and J. Knapton. 1730. 
(24+)416pp. 12° [41,438; 85.] 60:428 

Gowing, Richard. Richard Cobdon. Lond. 
Casstll. 1885. 128 pp., 1 port. 12° [96,480; 
85,] (The world's workers.) 24:it24 

Giinther, Siegmund. Lelirbuch der Geophysik 
und physikalischenGeographie. Stuit. Enke. 
1884-5. 2 V. x+418 pp., illus.; xii+fuO pp., 
illus. 8° [96,615; 85.] 60:97-1-^! 

Guzman, David J, Apuntamientos aobre latopo- 
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Omlrnlt.- On the Frrnr.h ijrmvi -. Jumrn RobrrtH GiL-niii. (Ed- 
rulKirlie.t — Catxklll iinil tin- CiilxlEiJl rrKiun. — KkoiiJiih Spnib: 
nna Florida Uk«i ; I*iui-r. Sejimmr Ur.Fu,in.ii.-StmWord^ni-lhe 

ijUfi uf Amprimn niUnmlinu; Willinm U. Rid nun .—The nilDB of 

th« Uoiorkiio villff 

— H'iii«ek»T>'nK ... - _- .. . 

iif iiLd Viiviniii: IMvid U. STK'irnn. ilfaic Vrnum-i—inniniit^ inan- 
tHtlou; Louisi' SPMiiuiir llucaiiToii, 

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Ouvrage illustre d'aprSs les photograph ies du 
I'auteur on d'apres les dociimenta Ics plusauthon- 
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1872). Auf Grmidlage dea etigliachon Testes 
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Omitnli: Die Prorlnico run CoBEiiir bia Dloi-leliftd. 

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ica, descended from Rithard Montague of Hadley, 
Mass., and Peter Montagno of Lancaster co., Va., 
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CoHlmfi^ RrmiiiiBuonoes of Anhur Ppuriijn Hmnlpj; Cnnon F' 
W. F*Bi*i. — A muniiiiic iFilli Dr. Fmoi'ln TrevrlfHii BockUndi 
WilKam U. Kilmiira.— Dic^kcnK wllh Mr eliililrpn : Muniir Dickrm.— 
HecfillKIiuniior Di«krn»i Jumoii T. Fiim-.— R«^u1lMJtion^lof 'ITiuck- 
emyj ainrl™ H. B«*ii(.bd.-A c)«y willi Mr«. liinoli Miili«,.kc™ik; 
SsnUiM.Diwirn.— A meMinniritliOeorKe Kliot; Kn. Jnhu Lillii. 
—The haute or sommnah -, Willbun il. Hideihs.— Four (Uniuus tofnff 
in ihe liouse n! tommonii ; llmiy W. Lci'». — Lord Beiicimiiflfld ; 
OuioD F. W, Fi»iii.-Tbe ITlni'o of WrIsb d1 homPi Arrhilalil 
Fiiaan., — Ttio tlirec dniiBhleni of ttie Prineciu or Wnl«i; Kuaent 
RauimoH. -Klnii and Qiiffd of DpriiiiHrk; Curl Steki di Bills. — 
KoiBloliilUrpnorDenmi.rh;(.'.aiM!<D«Bll,t,I.— TheKiDBofBiiYsrin; 
Hn. J. LiiMi.— EntI of Princp UiiiiH NnpolraD i A. Fkiim, — R«.'nl- 
laclioni of L»iiih Hum ; J. T. FiiLm. - Mnrr RuhncII Milfonl : J. T. 
FiiLH.— ChufpaUnili; J. T. Fulm.— TlioiuBitBiiud; J. T. Fiilm. 
— ThomMOmpbrll; J. T. Fielm, — CoUpko life ot Jlaoaulrvv; E. P. 

~~ Tl]oin».CorLjlr; JamsB PiEnis.-Ti-« Hlili C-»rlv)».- 

wurkEndhi-wirn; I,ouiw Chnndlpr Mocltob.— Viclor 
"' isrd LucLiDE. — Vicior Hiuin: J. Pietoh. — SL. 
.— JuIpo Brfiy ; J. P*Eto».— Sir Wsllnr Beoll ; J. 
'i.t<iELM.^«ir waiter ScoH'ihomp; L.C. Moi'ltoh.— C'liBiil-n Klngn- 
1»J lE. P. WuifFLE.— Lord Colendgt nnd IheEnclinh law courlM ; W. 
L. WooonorfE. - CJinrl** H. 8pur(<poD : L. C Mouliob. - Willinm 
MscrtMulr ; J. PjnTim. — AuMdoten oi JeiiDj Lind. — A Kinadaon of 
Roberl Rurni; Will Cihlroh. — Mr. OUiltlons: J. Fabtox.— Mr. 
GlulalunB in ibt Uuuxe ; L. G. Hoi-LToir. — Cnllnia life of Sofus 
ChoHte; E. P. WnirpiE.— Ri-iniDlKMnePH of Balph Waldo EniPreon ; 
Louin M. AiroTT.— Hpury WadHiranli LoDirfi-llov : J. T.TiawaaiDoi. 
-The college life of ProiuoK the hlatontn ; E, P. WiiiPFLE.-Niitlinni- 
d Pnrkpr Willln ; J. Ft%Ti„i. — NatliHolel Haw(honip> mllpgp dnTK ; 
O. P. HTBEOP.-Tho homo of J. O. Whiitirr; Hei*kiBhTlt(irEa. 
WMTH. — The Cehi- AleXKnrler IL in tlip flclJ.lSTT: A. Fohii.. — 
AdolfihpThipfB,— Qiioen VlMoriai L. C. Moi liOK.— KPcollBCIiona of 
Abrshatu I.lneuln; fiea: Pt'rlpy Pooai. 

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Carlyle: hi 

Powell, James W.— {continued.) 

Cbnfi-n^,- B^nonnf Ihedirpcior: J. W. Powell.— NoIp»obi 
M.1VB nnd MciiPAn rnM.; Hynm TnoHA>. — On mnoko. h 
nnd I'prlniu alKiriainal ciiMomii ; Williiim H. Dill. — Omnha 
DKV; J. uwen Dowet. — Na*i^|D wmtith; Wafhingtfln Mar 
PrPliinlorK! Wiiile Inlirimor Ilii L'nilfd Slnlei, derived (Vom ii 
plnn.M>int»llei7i W.a, Hu.Ba.-lllu»li 


n of IMli W. H. 
I obtained from Ihe 

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fold.), ;i:n-, 1= \W.T2. Pfi.] *60:-H68.i-ii 

r,,..:. ' ■ I (OrtKiB, Turqiiip. Rou- 

L'Euni|« ■canillaBve 
L'AalG »rl#nlHlc. 

n pHrile. Bau 



ance, v. 24, II. pp. 

Memoiro sur ie roy- 

Soudan •^gyptlen, EitLlopii 
nlaip."AlK(irie, i\a^v, Suhoni. 

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riple do la mor ^^rythroe ei sur la navigation 
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I'cre chretionne, d'aprcs les temoignages grc 
latins, arabes, persans, in('* . . - ■ .» 

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imri rlra tfclehrtun. — Dil^driiii'l^-n 

K uiu titOifte.— Klipi nliindtvhiifl.- 


« LiS*!"'!^; 


BwbI VortWip^. — lir-r hninjil ili r i 
Gimgduinli iiie KuUtirui'iubiditi- <l< 
Khe Knuiklwil,— Uer Bieg d*r Kin 
GevtU lier Erganiuug in dro Ki'in.r 

mphie.— DprMimkr 

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I* Do. u or m cditluD nf 12 mViBi. 

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C^lentt! Creatio. ~ Maplslio Ahel. ~ ProctsAUB Noe cum fllii".— 
Ahrnham. — Imuc. — Jwob. — ProccsHUB prftplieldruiii. — PiiBino.— 

paslnnim — Bwundi puiiina uaBliirnm.— IJblsnio maitoriim.— Fugiwio 
Ja.xeph et Mariie in£K!'|iIuni.— MnKDUsHeK>ilps.--l'arifli»wioMariie. 
— Pnaini doclonira. — Johaiineii UBirtixla. — Conspirauioel cnpoio. — 
Coliphialio.— FlHG<<1Jiicio.— FriH-cKMixrriiuia.— C'riioillxla.— ProcpHsua 

— 8u*p«iitlo Judie, 

Tucker- Macchetta, Blanche RooBevelt, compiler. 

Life and reminUeeneee of Gnatave Dore, com- 
piled from material supplied by Dore's relations 
and friends, and from personal recollection, with 
many original unpublished sketcheti, and selections 
from Dore's best unpublished illuatrations. Lond. 
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and memorial services hold at Paine Hall, Ap- 

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Watson, Charles Fnlkes. Darius the Median 

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monarchies recovered. Containing a complete 
and harmonious arrangement of the chronologies 
of the monarchies of Judab, Israel, Egypt, As- 
syria, Babylon (or Chaldea), Lydia, Media, and 
Persia. The identifications of "Pul," "Aanapper," 
and "Sardanapalus," kings of Assyria; "Darius 
the Median" and "Belshazzar," kings of Babylon; 
"Cyrus," "AhasiioruB," and "Artaserxes," kings 
of Medo-Persia ; and "Esther," queen of "Aha- 
sueruB." The dates of the invasions of Judea by 
the armies of Sennacherib, Holofernes, and Neb- 
uchadnezzar: of Asia by the Scythians (with a 
vindication of itB duration for 28 years as aflBrm- 


Watson, Charles Fulkes.— (condnKdrf.) 

ed by Herodotus) : of Egypt by Cambyses and 
Darius the Persian ; and of the fall of the cities 
of Nineveh, Snrdis, and Babylon, etc. Also, a 
detailed chronological adjustment of the events 
of the "return"— from the fall of Babylon to the 
completion of the building of the wall around 
Jerusalem by Nehemiah; and compendium of 
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spatches and other authentic sources and original 
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Pacific ot-ean. Van Diemen's Land, New South 
Wales, and New Zealand, accompanied by his 
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*27:n68, 71 
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Pennsylvania volunteers, being a complete 
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+18(-i-2) PP.+727-944 cols., 1 pi.; xii pp.+886 
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Zelsberger, Sei>. David. Uiary of Z.p a Mora- 
vian miesionnry among the Indians of Oliio 
[1781-98]. Tr. tVom tlieoi-iginal Gorman me. and 
ed. by Eugene F. Blisb. Cin. R, Clnrke and Co. 
1885. 2 V. sxsii+4G4pp.; (4+)5:-i5pp. 8" 
rT,4,606; 85.] (Hiulor. and Pbiios. Soc. of Ohio, 
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Amusements, Games, Sports, etc. 
Cholmondeley-Pennell. h. and others, fishing. 

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-t-(iii + )472pp.,fronlia.,illu8.; xiit + (iii+)472 pp., 
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ton lib. of B porta and patttimes; Henry Charles 
Fitzroy Somerset, duke of Beaufoit, and Alfred 
E. T. Watson.) 10:5904-5 

CbMnvl.: Vol.l. SulmonnnillrDm: A chjiiiHron tHvklciimlDsh- 
InjtBPM; H. rHcii.iiosDiiiti-P]i».i«i.L.-N« 
Himonidici H. L-uouoxiiilii-Piijoikll. — I 
fly, ilHia row notrs un flif-n»liliiK fnr hw Ii 
n»iil. — Fly-Buhing for Iroiil luirt Hmylliig 
Benr> ItBl[ih Fuvcii, — Cluilk-KIri'Om flu 
" " "-■- — epinninK wi boii-fli'liinM fill 

>ut; Msj. 'jofin P. ThI- 
or, 'Bn» nod far off'; 
IJDB with tlie dry Hv; 

i-lmniflnhing: Hfunr B. Fb*»cu 

l)»h; PrkOHn(l]itki>iuilck.-D>iri 
'' ind noBl-fiBbliis (^pDffr 


— The perch. — CnrpHnrf lenrh. — BiiHisI 
"—■-eon and Mo»k. — .Witiliomil url 

CofHn, Capt. Boland F. Tl.o A ii,ri-i.-i- .ii],. 
How il was won by ihc yuclil Americii in 1S51 
and has been since defendod. N. Y. t'icribners. 
1885. viii-f 155 pp., 14 pis. 12° r9*>,ia2; 85.1 
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education and social life, with a now method of 
instrnction, including a complete guide to the 
cotillion (German), with 250 figures. N. Y. 
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Dot. ipseud.) See Vaux, 0. B, 
Harris, William C, compiler and editor. The 
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the fishing waters of the United States and Can- 
ada, 1885. N. Y. "The Amer. angler.- [1883.] 
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ence; or, Swedish whist; with a bibliography 
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formed and bow to open them. A treatise on 

chess problems. Newport, Ky. IP". B. Lyons. 

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. 10:6273 

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skill; with latest revised laws as played by 

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tional vignette t p., 12 pis., illua. 8° [96,044; 
85.] 10:5945 

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whist and ready reference manual of the mod- 
ern scientific game. N. Y. Putnams. 1885. 
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canoe, history, uses, limilationa and varieties, 
practical management and care and relative fuels. 
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Politics, Political and Social Economy, Law, etc. 

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ft5,] (Intern, scientif scr., 43.) 54:818 

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the U. S. of America wounded in the houHO of 
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Class interests : their relations to each other and 

to government. A study of wrongs and reme- 
dies—to ascertain what the people should do for 
thoraseiveB. By the author of "Conflict in nature 
and life," "Keforms: their difEcuUius and possi- 
bilities." N. Y. Appleton. 1886. s-f 172 pp. 
12° [96,904; 85.] 54:238 

Corey, Henry B. The American agriculturist 

law book, a compendium of every day law, for 
farmers, mechanics, business men, manufacturers, 
etc. Containing plain, practical statements of the 
laws relating to contracta, debts, personal prop- 
erty, partnerships, agents, common carriers, 
hired help, marriage, parent and child, patents, 
trade marks, insurance, assignments, shipping, 
deeds, wills, mortgages, leases, landlord and ten- 
ant, executors, administrators, homesteads, inher- 
itance; with a dictionary of legal terms, etc. To-- 
gelher with a special supplement on farm law, by 
H. A. Haioq. N. Y. Amur, agriculturist. 1886. 
404-i-xx pp. 10° [96,747; 85.] 55:1323 

Giauque, Florien. The laws relating to roads and 

ditches, bridges and water-courses in the slate 
of Ohio, including state, county and township 
roads; free turnpikes or improved roads; high- 
ways in municipal corporatioua ; toll-roada and 

Politics, ktc. 



GiauqUB, Florien.— (confinwed.) 

turn-pikuB; bridges and calverte of all kinds; 
CoanLj and townsbtp ditches j tlio approprialioo 
of private property for all such roads and ditches; 
rivers, creeks and other natnral waler-courses, 
their Btraighteninp, and the removal of drift, mili- 
dams and other obstructions iherofrom ; the com- 
mon law of roads and ways, and of poraons uein;; 
or owning them; criminal laws relating to, and 
railroads, telegraphs, and telephones as afTiscting, 
roads, ditches, bridges; etc. With numerous 
forms, notes of decisions, opinions of attorneys 
goncral, practical suggestions, etc. Cin. JR. Clarke 
and Co. 188G. xi-|-780 pp. 8° [96,958; 85.1 

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hintory and its laws. N. Y. Pitlnams. 188G. ■ 
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The eeionlific validity and economic operation 
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vsact ratios in its acquirement and apportion- 
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being part vi of the Principles of sociology. 

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966; 85.] 54:2240 

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ler and Wells. 1881-2. 878 pp., 12 ports.; vii+ 
952 pp., 13 porU. 8° [96,678; 96,742; 85.] 


Omf'-ni'*: Vol.l. 1S1«-«1. 

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of government in the United Slates of America. 
M. Y. Putnams. 1885. ix+l49 pp. 12° [96, 
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slavery cause in stale and nation. Port. B. 
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+B03 pp., 19 portfl. 12"* [97,258; 85.] 54:1806 

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A youth's manual of instruction in the princi- 
ples of constitutional government and law. New 
ed., thoroughly rev. by Salter 3. Claek. N. Y. 
Clark and Maynard. 1885. x, 279 pp. 12° 
[96,979; 85.] 54;1547 

Science, Art and Industry. 

Allen, Alfred H. Commercial organic analysis. 
A treatise on the propertios, proximate analyt- 
ical examination, and modes of assaying the 
various organic chemicals and products employed 
in tho arts, manufactures, medicine ; with concise 
methods for the detection and determination of 
their impurities, adulterations, and products of 
decomposition. 2. ed., rev. and en!. Vol. 1. 
Phil. Blnkiston. 1885. xi-|-476 pp. 8° [95, 
643; 85.] 51:1511.1 

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management in health and disease. A new ed., 
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[95,755; 85] 52:2874 

Barr, William M. A practical treatise on the 
combustion of coal, including descriptions of 
various mechanical devices for the economic gen- 
eration of heat by theoombnstionof fuel, whether 
solid, liquid or gnseous. Indian. Yohns. 1879. 
viii+306(+2) pp., 7 pis. (4 fold.) 12° [95.600; 
85.] 42:2302 

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forestry in Poland, Lithuania, the Ukraine, 
and tho Baltic provinces of Russia, with notices 
of the export of timber from Memel, Dantzig, 
and Riga. Edin. Oliver and Boyd. 1885. viii 
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comprehensive and practical instractiona for 
the manufacture of fireworks, specially designed 
for tho use of amateurs. Lond. "The bazaar." 
[188-.] 148 pp., illus. 12° [95,637; 85] 

Christ, S. Das Pflanzenloben der Schweis. Mit 
vier Vegetations-Bildorn, vii-r Pfianzenzonen- 
Karten und einer Tafet der Hohengrenzen ver- 
schicdener Gewachse. 2., unverand. Ausg. Ztir. 
F. SckuHhess. 1882. xiv(-f ii)+488 pp., 4 pis., 
4 double col'd maps, 1 doable tab. 8° [96,618; 
85.] 43:92 

Craighill, William P. Army officer's pocket com- 
panion; principally designed for staff officers 
in the field. Partly Ir. from the French of M. de 
RouvBE, with additions from the standard Amer- 
ican, French and English authorities. M. Y. 
Van Nostrand. 1862. 314 pp., Ulua. 18° [95, 
690; 85.] 52:1919 

Science, etc. 


Science, etc. 

Doolittle, C. L. A treatise on practical astron- 
omy, as applied to geodesy and navigation. 
N. Y. J, Wiley arid sons. 1885. x+()42 pp. 8° 
[96,472; 85.] 42:138 

Elliot, Admiral Sir George. A treatise on future 
naval battles, and how to fight them, and on 
other tactical subjects. Lond. Low. 1885. 
xii+121 pp., 11 pis. (3 fold.), 6 fold, maps, illus. 
4° [96,099; 85.] *52:3159 

ErnI, Henri. Mineralogy simplified. Easy 
methods of identifying minerals, including ores, 
by means of the blowpipe, by flame reactions, by 
the spectroscope, and oy humid chemical analysis, 
based on Prof von Kobell's tables for the deter- 
mination of minerals. With an introd. to modern 
chemistry. 2. ed., rev. and enl. Phil. H. C. 
Baird and Co. 1885. xxiv, 395 pp., 1 double pi., 
1 double tab., illus. 12° [96,671; 85.] 51:1623 

Fields, Charles C. A practical treatise on can- 
cellation and how to cancel : elemented in com- 
mon-sense terms that all can understand. Giving 
clear and explicit instructions how to solve any 
practical mathematical problem, by cancellation. 
Together with many different methods of mul- 
tiplication, addition, division, and their proofs, 
designed to instruct all in the shortest possible 
way of solving problems; accompanied by the 
adding and counting machine manufactured by 
Peel and Elster, Springfield, O. Springf, O. 
Peel and Elster. 1882. 179 pp. 32° 

Fowler, Frank. Oil painting: a handbook for 

the use of students and schools. Lond. Cas- 

sell. [1885.] viii, 159 pp. 16° [96,085; 85.] 


FritSCh, Anton. Fauna der Gaskohle und der 
Kalksteine der Permfbrmation Bohmens. Bd. 
1. Bd. 2, Hea 1. (Veroffentlicht mit Subven- 
tion der Eais. Akademie der Wissenschaflen in 
Wien.) Von der Geologischen Gcsellschaft in 
London mit dem Lyellpreise ausgczeichnet. Prag. 
Sdbstverlag. 1883-5. 2 v. 2+182 pp., 48 pis. 
(46 cord (2 fold., 1 double), 1 told.), illus.; 32 pp., 
12 col'd pis. (4 double), illus. f° [96,212; 85.] 


Note. Each plate is preceded by one page of ex})lanatory text. 

GOBbel, K. Grundziige der Systematik und spe- 
ciellen Pflanzen morphologic. Nach der 4. Aufl. 
des Lehrbuchs der Botanik von J. Sachs neu 
bearb. Leip. Engelmann. 1882. viii+550 pp., 
illus. 8° [96,612; 85.] 43:133 

GrandeaUy I^* Handbuch fur agriculturchemische 
Analysen. [Aus dem Franzos. tibers. von A. 
Peterhann.] Mit einem Vorwort von W. Henne- 
BERO. Thaerbibliotheks-Ausg. Ber. P. Parey. 
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E. and F. N. Spon. 1879. viii+(ii-h)7-146 
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lands und Oesterreichs. Leip. Kummer. 1885. 
xxiii(H-i)+575 pp., 5 pis., illus. 8° [96,630; 85.] 
(L. Eabonhorst'sKryptogamen-Floravon Deutsch- 
land, Oesterreich und der Schweiz. 2. Aufl. Bd. 
2; A. Grunow and others.) *43:524 

Hospitaller, S- Domestic electricity for amateurs. 

Tr. from the French, with additions by C. J. 

Wharton. Lond. E. and F. N. Spon. 1885. 

viii+229 pp., illus. 8° [95,537; 85.] 51:2803 

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16^ [96,664; 85.] 52:1320 

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Lond. Macmillan. 1885. xxxi+(xx+)184 

pp., 15 pis., illus. 12° [96,516; 85.] 44:2096 

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forces in the voltaic coll ; with an appendix on 
the paths of electric energy in voltaic circuits. 
Lond. Taylor and Francis. 1885. 96 pp., 2 
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cluding the manufacture of sulphuric acid, 
sulphate of soda, and bleaching powder. Lond. 
C. Lockwood and Co. 1880. xvi4-:570 pp., 10 pis. 
(9 fold.), illus. 4° [96,128; 85.] *5I:3066 

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Petroleums, ParaflBns und der Harze, nebst 
samratlichen damit zusammenhangenden Indu- 
striezweigen. Wien. Oerold. 1868-80. 2 v. 
xii-t-348 pp., illus.; x+206 pp., 2 fold, pis., illus. 
8^ [96,186; 85.] 52:1519.1-2 

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buch des Stoffwechsels und Kraftwechsels in 
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617; 85.] 43:319.1-2 

Cbntenta: Vol. 1. Stoffweclisol. 
Vol. 2. Kraftwechsel. 

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Pliny: being parts of Pliny's Natural history. 
Ed. for boys and girls, with an introd., by 
John S. White. N. Y. Putnams. 1885. xxvi 
+326 pp., illus. sq. 8° [96,397; 85.] 41:2571 

Post, Julius, editor. Chemisch-technische Analyse. 
Handbuch der analytischen Untersuchungon 
zur Beaufsichtigung des chomischen Grossbe- 
triebes. Ilerausgeg. unter Mitwirkung von L. 
AuBRY, W. AvENARius u. A. Braun. Vieweg. 
1881. vii(+i)-f 1093+ix-xl pp., 1 fold, tab., illus. 
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treatise bn the conversion of skins into leather, 
both practical and theoretical. Lond. E. and 
F. N. Spon. 1885. ix+281 pp., 8 pis., illus. 
12<' [96,476; 85.] 52:1746 

SoiXlTOl, XTO. 

Rammelsberg, Karl Friodrich. naiidbochderkry- 
BtalloKraphiach-phyBikaliBchen Clietnie. Lcip. 
Engelmann. 1881-2. 2 v. xvi + 615 pp., illus.; 
xvi+532 pp., illus. 8° [96,198; 85.] 

5[; 1831. 1-2 

Reeves, ^- Karris. Bad drains ; and bow to tesl 
tUem: with notes on the vonlilation of sowers, 
drains, and sanitary Gtlings, and tho origin and 
Iriinsmission of zymotic disaaso. Loud. E. and 
F. N. Span. 1885. v+(ii+)68 pp., 3 pis. 12° 
[96,475; 85,] 52:1007 

Reischauer, Karl, Die Chemie dcs Bieres. Aus 

dessan NnchlanB herausgeg. von Victor Gbiess- 
HATEB. 2. Ausg. Augsb. Lamport u. Camp. 
1882. iv+340 pp., illus. 10° r9«,194; S5.] 


Renard, Adolphe. Corps grns: huiles, graiBsea, 
bcurrcB, circs. Ouvrage contonant I'indicution 
des lieux do provenance des corps grae, leurs 
fabrication, epuration, proprielus, usagsB, ainui 
que lea tnuilluurcB meihodus employees pour re- 
connaitre leurs faJBiScutions. Houon. BemUritter 
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OiBlnl'- Bil.hini; iioii UmbililunK cler MiinTalirn.-Qilfll-, Flima- 
iiD'I MucntuiuEr.— dTc Absiitc.'. 

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AW'. Vola. 1-1. a»M. 

CuBlmtt: Vol. 1. Pli^om^nfi g^nSniUK. — Eiemenla aii aonM 
.«nirlp«,— fcindu psrtioulitro des *Wmi^tj. B. ClilDitB ormuitquK. G#i 

iuii" A noysm frrrnis nu c^ypllqufi". 

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day wants, t'oniaining twenty thousand receipts 
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46:351 u 

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Tulstfs, et la guerison de pluaieurs maladies 
chirurgicales. avei; la decomposition d'un rcmirde 
propre a reprimer la dissolution gangreneuse et 
vancereuae, et n la reparer; avec des principesqui 
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Bunon, Robert. Essai aiir les maladies des dents, 
oil I'on propose lea moyens do leur procurer one 
bonne conformation des la plus lendre enfance, et 
d'en assurer la conservation pendant tout le coars 


Bunon, Robert.— (continue*/.) 

de la vie. Avcc une lettre ofi I'on discute quel- 
ques opinions partieulieres de I'auteur de f'Or- 
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Fiction (^English). 

[France.] Ministdre do la marine et dos colonies. 
Programmes des questions auxquolles les can- 
didats ont a repondre dans Ics concours poar les 
differents grades et emplois du corps de sante de 
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Contents: Vol. 1. Traits sur los effets des pr^parationH do niomb, 
et principaloment de I'extrait de satiimc employ*^ sous diflt'^rentes 
formes et pour diff^Tentes maludiea chirurgicalefl. 

Vol. -2. Hemarfiue.<i et observations pratiques sur les maladies v^- 
n^riennes ; avec une seconde (Edition des maladies de I'urt^'tre, et la 
composition des bougies 8p<^cifique8 pour gui^rir les embarraa de ce 
conuuit, et autres formules nouvelles et trfes-utiles pour le traitement 
des maladies v6n6riemies. 

Fiction.— English. 

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1885. 264 pp., 6 pis. 12° [96,805; 85.] 


Omtrntfi: Root-bound. — An experiment. — About our house. — 
Judged.— What Deacon Baxter said.— Two saints: Saint the first. — 
Saint the second.— The voice in tho garden.— Come unto me. — Why 
they die.— After Thanksgiving.— After »rbutus.—The Deacon's week. 
—Let it rain.- Miss Dorcas's story.— Sufficient unto the day .—A tramp. 
— February.— The minister's motto.— Clara's question.— John Carter^s 


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Greville.) Cleopatra. Bost. Ticknor and Co. 
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in mid-ocean. N.Y. Appleton. 1886. 223pp. 

12° [96,809; 85.] 40:2071 

Contents: On board the Bavaria; Henry Nobmak. — The upper 
l>erth; l"'rancis Marion Crawford.— Markheim; Robert Louis Stktbm- 
80N. — Marjory; F. Anstey Gvturik. (F. Amtey. )^The action to the 
word; Walter Herrioa Pollock. — My fascinating friend; William 
Archer.— Riley, M. P.; Tighe Hopkins.— Love ana lightning; Henry 

Our little Ann. By the author of "Tip-cat". 

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FroTiON (English). 


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39:-2-'«4 I 
SturaiS, Julian. JohnMaidraent. N.Y. Appleton. 

1886. 272 pp. 12" [96,800; 85,] 39:2402 i 

Thackeray, ^ia Anno Isabella. See Ritchie, 

Mrs. A. I. 
Tolstoi, Lev Nikolaicvitch, Graf. War and 

peace. A historical novel. Tr. into French 
by a Russian lady, and from ihe French by Clara 
Rell. Before Tilsit. 1805-1807. 2 v. Rev. 
and corr. in the United States, N. Y. W. S. 
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nineieenth century maiden. Phil. Presb. bd. i 
of pub. [18S5.] 31C pp, 12° [96,808; 85] 



Allgemeiner deutscber Literaturkalendor fiir 
1879-1882. Herausgeg. von Heinrich Hart 
nnd Julius Hart. Jahrg. 1—1. Brem. J. Kuht- 
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Bolt. InJ«hrg.6th«till«i>ic1isD||nlto: Di'uU<oh<-r LittprBtur-Ka- 
Bartistt, John RuBsell. Bibliography of Rhode 

Island: a catalogue of books and Other publica- 
tioDS relating to the state of Rhode Island, with 
notes, historical, biographical and critical. Printed 
by order of the general assembly. Prov. 1864. 
iv, 287 pp. 8° [83,819; 85.1 *L:931.a 

The same. 4° [31,025.] *L:a31 

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Prepared for the Smithsonian Institution. Wash. 
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85] *L:3213 

X'.lr. Cbnlaif nit- nil ajjpeniiil : Tlic liipes of hU |>eople. Onljr 

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•ler. IleniiuiK'g, •u" Ilviuricli iftKT und Juliiu Bimt. 

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tive index for arranging, cataloging and index- 
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O^lrnU: Vol. 1. A-ST 

Vol. 2. K-Z. MiK'iripmsysti-mitlixchcnSnchivgiKler. 

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Koie. Only MO c-opic" printed, fiO of whiih ire on larjte paper. 

Kiirschner, Joseph. See DeutsCher Litteratur- 

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E., compilers. The books of all time. A guide 
for tlio purchase of books. Bost. [1881,] 76+ 
39 pp. 24° [88,457; 85.] *L:2684 

Leypoldt, Frederic {L. Pylodet) tint^JoneS, Lynde 
E., compilers. Brief purchase list of books for 
the library. Bost. [1881.] 39 pp. 24° [88, 
457; 85,] In*L::i684 

Longfellow collector's band-book, The. A bibliog- 
raphy of first editions. N. Y. W. E. Benja- 
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N'li. EdiIionlimitccHoi.'.OcopiPB. No. IM. 

Mulder Bosgoed, D. Bibliotheca icbthyologica 
et piscalorm. Catalogus van boeken on ge- 
scbrif\en over de natuurlijke geschiedenis van de 
de visacborijeo, de wetgeving op de visscherijen, 
enz. Uaari. Loosjes. 1874. (iv-l-)xxvi-i-474 
pp. 8° [83,812; 65.] *L:3645 

SuU. Has Che aama title in French. 




Ramsay, Alexander. A bibliography, guide and 

index to climate. Lond. W. S. Sonnenschein 

and Co, 1884. 2 pts. in 1 vol. (2+)449 pp. 8° 

[93,891; 85.] (The scientific roll.) ♦L:3240 

Rettig, Georg. Leitfaden der Bibliothekver- 

waltung, hauptsachlich fiir Jugend-und Volks- 

bibliotheken bcarbcitet. Bern. J. Dalp, 1883. 

60 pp. le*' [92,543; 85.] *L:1478 

Rhees, William J. Catalogue of publications of 
the Smithsonian Institution (1846-82), with an 
alphabetical index of articles in the Smithsonian 
contributions to knowledge, miscellaneous col- 
lections, annual reports, bulletins and proceed- 
ings of the U. S. National museum, and report of 
the Bureau of ethnology. Wash. Smithsonian 
Institution. 1882. xiv+328 pp. 8° [87,143; 85.] 
(Smithsonian miscell. colls., 478.) *L:535l 

Sims, Hichard. Handbook to the library of the 
British museum. With some account of the 
principal libraries in London. Lond. J. R. 
Smith. 1854. xii-f418 pp., 2 plans (1 fold.). 
12*^ [85,285; 85.] *L:3061 

Ojntrnf>t: A bri<»f history of it.«» formation, an<l of tho various col- 
lections of which it i.« eoni|>o»«'d. — DoJtrriptions of the (rutalogues in 
firesent use. — ('lasse<i lists of the niss., eto. — A variety of infornia- 
ion inilispeuHable for the **rea<lers" at that institution. * 

Tredwsll, Daniel M. A monograph on private- 
ly-illustrated books. A plea for bibliomania. 
Brook. F, Tredwell. 1881. (6-f )161 pp. 12*^ 
[80,702; 85.] *L:2841 

Uricoechea, £• Mapotecacolombiana. Coleccion 
de los titulos de todos los mapas, pianos, vistas 
etc. relativos a la America espaiiola, Brasil e islaa 
adyacentes. Arreglada cronologicamente i pre- 
cedida de una introduccion sobre la historia 
cartografica de America. Lond. Trilbner. 1860. 
vi+215 pp. 12° [95,177; 85.] *L:3366 

Van Rhyn, Gr. A. F. What and how to read : a 
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minutely classified list of the best books pub. 
in England and America during the past five 
years, with critical remarks and suggestions, and 
an introd. N. Y. Appleton, 1875. xxx-|-221 
pp. 12*^ [85,415; 85.] *L:3031 

WestwOOd, Thomas and Satchell, T. Bibliotheca 
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the fisheries and fish-culture, with bibliographical 
notes and an appendix of citations, toucl/ing on 
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(2+)174 pp. 12° [83,859; 85.] ♦L:1587 


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journal intime of A. Tr., yrith an introd. and 
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Browns, Irving. Iconoclasm and whitewash, and 

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108 pp. 8° [96,922; 85.] 33:949 

Omtmts: Iconm^lasm and wliitewash.— Bibliomania.— Sh,nkosi)oar- 
ian cri I ici8in.— Gravestones: esthotioally and ethically oon»ider«»d. 

Chautauqua 3*oung folks' annual. Eight series of 
articles in one volume. Bost. Lothrop. [1886.] 
(6+)208 pp., frontis., illus. 8** [96,435; 85.] 


International cyclopedia. The: a library of uni- 
versal knowledge. Comprising Chambers's 
e» cyclopaedia, complete, and 20,490 additional 
articles by American editors: embracing in all 
49,646 distinct titles. Arranged under a single 
alphabet. N. Y. Dodd, Mead and Co. 1885. 
149 double pis., 88 col'd maps (87 double, 1 fold.). 
8° [96,565; 85.] *||:2230.1-15 

Omtents: Vol. 1. A — Aud. 

Vol.2. AiHl— Bra. 

Vol. 3. Bra— (.'ir. 

Vol.4. Cir— Dis. 

Vol. T). DiH-Fir. 

Vol. 6. Fir-Gni. 

Vol. 7. Gra— Inf. 

Vol.8. Inf— Lif. 

Vol.9. Lif— M in. 

Vol. 10. Min— <)|>e. 

Vol.11. OjK'— Pom. 

Vt)l. 12. Pom-Saf. 

Vol.13. 8uf-Str. N 

Vol. 14. Str-Voff. 

Vol. 15. Vog— Zyni. 

Osmun, Thomas Embly. {Alfred Ayres.) The 
mentor : a little book for the guidance of such 
men and boys as would appear to advantage in 
the society of persons of the better sort. N. Y. 
Funk and Wagnalh. 1885. 211 pp. 18° [96, 
948; 85.] 33:432 

Pansy, The. Stories of child life at home and 

abroad and of modern and ancient history. 

Ed. by Mrs. G. R. Alden. Bost. Lothrop. [1886.] 

424 pp., illus. 8° [96,533; 85.] 34:4111.1 

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bad boy. Being a continuation of Peck's bad 
boy and his pa. Chic. Belford^ Clarke and Co. 
1883. xiii, 240 pp., illus. 12° [95,692; 85.] 


Sanborn, Miss Kate. The vanity and insanity of 

genius. N. Y. G. J. Coomhes. 1886. xiv+ 

(iv+)198pp. 12° [96,656; 85.] 33:3557 

Sanborn, Miss Kate, editor. The wit of women. 

N.Y. Funk and Wagnalls. 1885. 215 pp. 

sq. 12° [96,206; 85.] 33:3558 

Saunders, Frederick. Pastime papers. N. Y. 
T. Whittaker. 1885. viii+(ii+)233 pp., vig- 
nette t. p. 12° [96,078; 85.] 33:3573 

OmtenfK: Tho apology. — Notes on names. — Lottors and letter- 
writinK.— Tho old inas«teri«.— Touiihinc tailors. — (ienius in jail.— The 
marvels of memory.— Concerning cobblers. — Cotlee and tea.— Printers 
of the olden time. 

Shepard, William, editor. Enchiridion of criti- 
cism. The best criticisms on the best authors 
of the 19. century. Phil. Lippincott. 1885. 278 
pp. 16° [96,731; 85.] 33:3662 

Steele, Sir Richard. Selections from the Tatler, 
Spectator and Guardian. Ed., with introd. and 
notes, by Austin Dobson. Oxf. Clarendon press. 
1885. 11+504 pp. 16^ [96,507; 85.] (Clarendon 
press ser.) 33:3886 



(^fliitlila ^ulldin. 


B. w. c. FouBTH AKD Main bts. (Sodthibn avk, Mt. Avbdss.) 
. County Treasurkb'h Offici (10 Calhoun btrkbt). 
. 184 W. Second strkkt (219 Clifton atknux). 
Gab Co.'b offick (185 Bast Sixth btbrrt). 
i CoLLioi BuiLDiKO (43 W. Ninth strbet). 
48 Bace btbikt. 

XiX^Xa JL^&X^3^ : 


IB Albiok Placz, Mouxt Aobubit. 

sTarj daj in the year, Sundays included, from 8 a. u. to 9 
P. N. The special departmeiiU are open ai follows: 

Delitkrv Hall, (eieept Sundays) 8 a. m. lo 9 p. m. 
Main Hall, (every day) 8 a. m. to 9 p. m, 
Pbbiodical Room, (every day) S a. u. to 9 P. M. 
Nbwbpaper Room, (every day) 9 a. m. to 9 P. m. 
Abt Room, (eieept Sundays) a a. u. to 6 p. m. 
" ■< [on Sundays) 9 a. u. to 4 P. M. 

Beadino Rooms. — Any person of good deportment 
Kad habit?, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult boohs, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

Home use or Bookx, — Besidents of Cincinnati 
may withdraw boohs by registering name and residence and 
furnishing satisfactory security In the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollar* or of the value of the work desired may be made.) 
J/on-residentB may withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annua) payment (in advance) 
of five dollars. 


two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
whirh they can not be reissued to the tame person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-duo, three cents a day, and alter a 
wook, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charges. 


1. The Librarian is at all times ready to anpist per- 
sons in the investigation of special subjecti, by indicating 
the Bouroes of information so far as the Library c 

2. Books I 

against it 

3. All complaints should bo made in the first ir 
to the Librarian, either in persoo or by letter jinn; the in 
and renidence of the perion aggrintd. Anonymous comi 

not be noticed. 

n the Library will be purchased oi 
e Librarian, unless there be a sufficient n 

Rklioion, etc. 

Religion and Thflology. 

Abbot, Francis Ellingwood. Scientific tboiam. 
BoBt. Liltle. Brown and Co. 1885. xxiii + 
219 pp. 12" [T.4,627; 86.] (Organic scientific 
philosophy. ) 3;3346 

Alexander, Jieu. William Lindsay. Zochariab : 
his visions and warnings. N. Y. K Tibbals 
and sons. 1885. viii+335 pp. 12' [97,401; 
86.] 3:1579 

American Jews' annual (The) for 6G46 A. M. 
From September, 1885, to Seplomber 29th, 1886. 
Cin. Block Pab. and Print. Co. ISSO. (U2+) 
57 pp., 4pl8., illuB. 8° [96,745; 86.] 4:94 

Baring-Gould, ifei'. Sabine. Our parish church. 
Twenty add FBBSee to children on Rroal traiha 
of the christian faith. N. Y. E. andJ. B. Young 
and Co. 1885. viii+lti6pp. 12° [97,409; Sd.] 
Beecher, Jiev. Henry Ward. Evolulion and re- 
ligion. Pt. 2. Eighteen sermons, DiacuBsing- 
the application of tbu evolutionary principles and 
theories to the practical aspects of religious liie. 
M". Y. Fordi, Jloward and Hulbert. 1886. 149- 
440 pp. 12" [T.4,624i 86.] 3:3430.2 

CbnUntt.' iDlroducWrj : The biwkground of mysUrT.— The nmni- 
fold ChrlBl. — The oonTanrion of foree. —The drill of tlie agi'ii.-The 
hidden man.— The rent of God.— Ood'B lovinB providenue.— The Sew 

Thc*groi*lh of "t™1iDn".-Th" butllw of life.— The Kbertj of Christ !~ 
ConcoHi not uaiBon.— Liberty KDd duty of the pulpii. — The vlCniity 

[Bible. Now Testament.] St. John iii. 16, etc. 

in most of the languages and dialects in which 
the British and Foreign Bible Society has prinic-d 
or circulated the holy acripturea. Enl. ed. Lond. 
Soc. 1885. 67 pp. [97,147; 96.] »1.:3420 

Butler, William. From Boston to Bureilly and 

back. N. Y. Philliji-i and Hunt. 1886. 512 
pp., 1 port 12° [96,950; 86.] 4:2554 

Capel, Monsignor Thomas John. The pope t the 

vicar of ChriBt; the bead of the church. N. Y. 
F. Pustet and Go. 1885. Ill pp. .8" [97,000; 
86.] 4:2768 

Cox, Sei). Samuel. Expositions. N. Y. T. 

Whittaker. 1885. xx+453 pp. 12" [96,069; 
86.] 5:5022 

~iii(tii*i; The pprehg 
n life.— The divine 

Sarany other areation.—TEe law of 'irlfiiiiilion^ — The pnypT~or'iiie 
remnnnt. — ForKtveonB iiot impuaity. — Dives and Luuiii, — Tlie 
traneflgu ration.— Faith ■ condition of^aalvBtion, — Failh Hid anhith. 
— The rlKhteDUniwie wbhib i* hy faith.— Knith a ooDdiliDn of plensinii 
Sod.— Tlie Bcone of pnycr—The Bin unto death.— Child of the deril 
or child or Ood.— The mlaitlon of Chrlal. — Deititietlaa tntm the taee 
Df the Lord. — The Son of Man the eaviour of the Io«I, — The Koii .'f 
Ions, — Fear cii«l out by love, — Snjrlluil hu'-bandrv. — The sterner 
■lambles. — Tlie niorai of tlie Imnned flH-tree. — David's friend.— The 
tfipnd of JrBUH.-The'ieDth ef E>ekicr> wife. 

Dodge, Miss Mary Abigail. (^Gail Hamilton.) See 

Spencer, H. and Harrieon, F. 
Farrar, Canon Frederick William. Sermons and 

addresseB delivered in America. With an 
introd. by Phillips Brooks. N. Y. E. P. 
Xhitton and Co. 1886. xi4-364 pp., 1 port. 12" 
[T.4,620; 86.] 5:5116 

Farrar, Canon Frederick William.— (condnuerf.) 

Atvakenment. — Not ■ nectariin ChriBl.— Th olion in Ihe'iw?— th' 

The lost »bMp!-'ThP loi™Min*'irT|,inM whi"h''cin^oTlM™mk°n:- 
KeeJl the cnintnandmenti, — Idola. — The eiample of the BalnlB, — 

— DHnte.- Farewell thouffhtu on Ameriea. 

Farrar, Canon Frederick William, Treasure 

thonghtB from the writings of. Ed., with an 
introd., by Rose Porter. Boat. Lot/irop. [18S6,] 
xi, 218 pp. 12" [T,4,635; 86] 5:2581 

Frothing ham, Octavius Brooks, Stories from the 

lips of the teachor. Retold by a disciple. 6. 
ed. N. Y. Piitnnms. 1885. v +5-1 93 pp. 12° 
[97,427; 86.] . 5:2373 

Geikie, ««•. Cunningham. Old Testament char- 
acters. With 71 illus., chronological tables, 
and an index. N. Y. J. Pott and Co. 1885. 
xii+484pp. 12" [T.4,633; 86.] 3:999 

" hlimtiel.— Jacob.- Lenh and 

■ dailBhler — 

-Efau— J il.lHli. -Joseph ,—PliBn 

- Aaron. — Bnlanin. — Miriam. — 

— Jephthali.- SnmiDnaiid Uelllah,— 

— r— .'I.— Ooliiilh.— iMvid Ihv piialinisi Absalom. 

— Joab.— AbithuphPl.-Solonioil.- TheQiirenof^lielH— Rehohotni 
— Je^onhniihat, — Aihullah.- Ahnb.— Jewbel.— Eiiiah, — Ellnlia.— 
Baamun IheSyrinn.-Jehn.—Joiiah.— Jeroboam IL— iMlah.-JoBuih, 
— Jehonkirn. — JoL.— Job'a friends,— Jttemlah.—Eaek iel.—Datiiel.— 
Ealhor,— Nehemlnh,— Ulironolugicaltnbleii, 

Hahn, Aaron. History of the arguments for the 

existence of God. Cin, Block Pub. and Print. 

Co. 1885. (6+)206 pp. 12" [T.4,639; 86.] 


Harrison, Frederic. ,Sec Spencer, H. and Har- 
rison, F 

Hosmer, James Eendall. Tho story of the Jews. 

N. y. Putnams. 1886. xviii(+ii)+38l pp 
illus,, frontis, 12" [T.4,634; 86.] (The story 
of the nations.) 4:282 

Hunt, William. The Somerset diocese, Bath and 

Wells. Lond. Noc. for promot. christ. hnoicl. 
188.5. viii+2Gl pp., 1 fold, map. 16" [T.4,631; 
86.] (Dioceaao histories.) 4:1813 

Jones, ifef. Samuel P. Sermons and sayings, 

Cincinnati Music Hall ser. Ed, by W. M. 
Leftwich. With an introd. by I. W. Joyce, 
Cin. Cranston and Stowe. 1886, 312 pp., 2 ports. 
12" [T.4,621; 86.] 5;5280 

OmItniHt TliB clly wholly given lo Idolatry,- Nn man wronaed or 
enrrupted— "Uuil your mennneBs".— The i;liun3h of Owl.— Trust in 
Ood, and do riic^t,— Tho ioaa of the aoil I.— Cornel Imi, a devout mac — 
All lliIngB work toBetlier for guod.— Etenwl punli'liment, or the loaie 
of damuufion. — UngodKntM and worldly luaU. — Ln* and crdrr — 
Helpeach other.— GodllnoBii and life— Olory and virliie.- The wa>'<-i> 
«*-,- _a.i„. ■>..,■>. i.„. 1. EBcBpe for thy life, — Sertuon; 

sr.— GodlluoBii ■ 

■■ Paui'K iBHt WORla. 

am bandBBe: Samuel W. f 

Kellogg, Hev. H. Martin. Twelve hours with 
young people. N. Y. N. Tibbals and sons. 
[1885.] 312 pp. 12" [97,141; 86.] 5:2710 

Kellogg, iiev. Samuel H, The light of Asia and 
the light of tho world. A comparison of the 
Icgenil, the doctrine, and the ethics of the Budd- 
ha with the story, the doctrine, and the ethics of 
Christ, Lond. Macmillan. 1885. xx-f 390 pp. 
12" [T.4,038; 86,] 10:2178 19 

Lee. Alfred, Eventful nights in bible history. 
N. Y. Harpers. 1886. 423 pp. 12" rT.4, 
C36; 86.] ^:345 

Beligion, etc. 


Beliqion, eto. 

Lyford, Rev. C P. The mormon problem. An 
appeal to the American people. With an ap- 
pendix, containing four original stories of mormon 
life, founded upon fact, and a graphic and thril- 
ling account of the Mountain Meadows massacre. 
N. Y. Phillips and Hunt 1886. 323 pp. 12° 
[96,951; 86.] 10:2280 

McCook, Jiev. Henry Christopher. The women 
friends of Jesus. A course of popular lectures 
based upon the lives and characters of the holy 
women of gospel history. N. Y. Fords j Howard 
andHulbert. 1886. vii+466 pp. 12° [T.4, 
619; 86. J 4:4947 

Contents: Mary, the mother of Jesus. [Before the birth of Christ.] 
—Mary, the mother of Jesus. [After the hirth of Christ.] — Salome : 
ambition id women. — Susanna : woman's physical mini.stry. — Joanna, 
the royal steward's wife : sickness ns a means of crrace. — Martha of 
Bethany: woman as mistress of the home. — Mary of Bethany: 
woman's love of the beautiful. — Procla: a wife's warnintr. — The 
weeping daug^hters of Jerusalem : woman's tears. — Mary of Cieophas : 
woman^ ministry in sorrow.— Mary Magdalene : woman transformed 
by Christianity. — Mary, the mother of Mark : woman'ssocial ministry. 

Marie-Joseph, of the order of Carmel, abbe. Popu- 
lar life ot Saint Teresa of Jesus. Tr. from the 
French, by Annie Porter. With a preface by 
MoDsignor Thomas S. Preston. N. Y. Benziger 
Bros. 1881. 174 pp., frontis. 12° [95,990; 8G.] 


Maynard, Michel-Ulysse, abbe. The studies and 
teachings of the Society of Jesus, at the time 
of its suppression, 1750-73. Tr. from the French. 
Bait. J. Murphy and Co. 1855. xxiii+261 pp. 
12° [96,063; 86.] (Premium lib.) 4:3993 

Order (The) of creation. The conflict between 
Genesis and geology: a controversy between 
the Hon. W. E. Gladstone, T. H. Huxley, Max 
MUller, M. ReviLLE, E. Lynn Linton. N. Y. 
The Truth Seeker Co. [1886.] 178 pp. 12*^ [97, 
322; 86.] 3:3333 

Cbntentf: Dawn of creation and worship; William Ewart Glad- 
rroNK.— The interpreters of Genesis and the interpreters of nature ; 
Thomas Henry Hi' XLKY.— Postscript to solar myths; Friedrich Max 
MQllkb.— Proem to Genesis : a plea for a fair trial ; W. E. Gladstonk. 
—'•Dawn of creation": an answer to Mr. Gladstone; Rev. Albert 
R£?iLLK.— Mr. Gladstone and GencHis ; T. H. Huxley.— A protest and 
a plea; Mrs. Eliza Lynn Lintun. 

Parkor, Rev. Joseph. The people*s bible : dis- 
courses upon holy scripture. [In 25 vols.] 
Vols. 1-2. N. Y. Funk and Wannalls. 1885-6. 
xvi+368pp.; viii+328pp. 8° [T.4,617; 4,652; 
86.] ^ 3:746. 1-2 

Oontents: Vol. 1. The bjook of Genesis. 
Vol. 2. The book of Exodus. 

Parker, Rev. Theodore. Views of religion. With 

an introd., by James Freeman Clarke. Bost. 

Amer, Unitar. Assoc. 1885. x+466 pp. 12° 

[97,244; 86.] 5:5525 

Portor, Charles Talbot. Mechanics and faith : a 

study of spiritual truth in nature. N. Y. 

Putnams. 1886. viii+(ii+)295 pp. 12° [97, 

402; 86.] 3:3878 

Contents: Introductory. — The unseen.— The criterion of truth. — 
Snperstition.- The judicial spirit. — The unity of the mind.— Mechan- 
ical science and rationalism.— Revelation.— The revelation of objects 
of sense. — Co6peration. — The revelation of meclianical truth. — The 
revelation of ideal truth. — Materialism. — The revelation of force.— 
The unit^ of physical and spiritual truth. — The perception of spirit- 
ual realities oy recognition. — The revelation of God. — The verbal 
revelation. — Perfection. — Natural religion. — Beauty.— Suffering. — 
Faith.— Prayer. 

Progressive orthodoxy: a contribution to the 
christian interpretation of christian doctrines, 
by the editors of "The Andover review'*. Bost. 
Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1886. (6+)258 pp. 
12° [T.4,629; 86.] 3:^651 

Cmtenfs: Introduction. — The incarnation. — Tlie atonement. — 
Eschatoloj^. — The work of the Holy Spirit.— The christian.— Chris- 
tianity and mi»Hion8. — The scriptures. — Oonclusion. Christianity 
absolute and universal. 

Spencer, Herbert and HarriSOn, Frederic. The 
iusuppressible book : a controvei*sy. From the 
"Nineteenth century" and "Pall mall gazette", 
with comments by Gail Hamilton [Miss Mary 
Abigail Dodge]. Bost. S. E. Cassino and Co. 
1885. (4+)278 pp. 12^ [97,400; 86.] 3:4016 

Contents: Religion : a retrospect and prospect ; Herbert Spkkckb. 
—The ghost of religion ; Frederic H a BaisoN.-Kelroffressive religion; 
Herb*»rt Spencer.— Agnostic metaphysics; Frederic UAaRisoN.— Last 
words about airnosticism and the religion of humanity; Herbert 
SPKjfCEB,- Mr. Herbert Snencer and agno.sticism ; Frederic Harrison. 
— Comments : The gos})el according U> Herbert Spencer. — The gos- 
pel according to Frederic Harrison.— The gospel of Jesus Christ, the 
son of God.— Casu^ belli. 

Studia biblica: essays in biblical archseology and 

criticism, and kindred subjects, by members of 

the University of Oxford. Oxf. Clarendon press. 

1885. viii+263 pp. 8° [97,140; 86.] 3:318 

Contents: Recent theories on the origin and nature of the tetra- 
grammaton ; Rev. S. R. Driver.— The light thrown by the Septuagint 
verv««ion on the Books of Samuel ; F. H. Woods. — On the dialects 
spoken hi Palestine in the time of Christ; Ad. Neubaukr. — On a new 
theory of the origin and composition of the synoptic gospels pro- 
poHe<f by G. Wetzel ; A. Edkrbheim. — A commentary on the gospels 
attributed to Theophihu» of Antioch; William Sanday. — The text of 
the Codex Ro!».sunenbis ; W. Sanday.- The Corbcy St. James (ff), and 
its relation to other Latin verMiouH, and to the original language of 
the Ffiistle; John Wordhworth.— A Syriac biblical n»s. of the 6. cen- 
tury, with special reference to its bearing on the text of the Syriac 
version of the gospels ; G. H. Gwilliam. — The date of S. Polycarp's 
martyrdom ; T. Randkll.— On some newly -discovered Temanite and 
Nabnteeun inscriptions ; Ad. Nkubavbb. — Some further remarks on 
the Corbey St. James (ff) ; W. Samoay. 

Talmage, Rev. Thomas DeWitt. Sermons deliv- 
ered in the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Phono- 
graphically reported and rev. 2. ser. 2. ed. 
N. Y. Funk and Wagnalls. 1886. iv+416 pp. 
12*^ [T.4,622; 86.] 5:5779 

Contents: Biographical sketch. — Fishing too near shore. — The 
wings of the Almighty. — A chime of gOHpel belln. — God's bottle. — 
Rationalism.— The royal house of Jesus. — The galleries. — The owl, 
vulture, bat, chameleon, and snail. — The white nair of Jesus. — The 
wrath of the Mca.— The silver trumpet. — The poultice that cured the 
carbuncle.— Crown-jewels. — The carousal in the palace. — The great 
ship. — The day-break. — Kiddles to be solved. — Methodism as it 
appears to an outsider. — The grain rii)e. — Reckless driver.'*. — The 
anthem of heaven. — The roll-call of the dead. — Three years.— The 
king's business. — Feeding sparrows.— Late in the afternoon.— Run- 
ning water.— The grand review.— The bright side of a minister's life. 
—The great salvation.— Revolution.— Wine for the wedding.— Money, 
and the blessing.— Green pastures.— The battle of the pitchers.— Left- 
handed men. 

Thisted, Waldemar Adolph. Letters from hell. 
Given in English by L. W. J. S. With a pref- 
ace by George MacDonald. N. Y. Funk and 
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86.] 5:4247 

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12^ [T.4,628; 86.] 5:5800 

Qmtents: Divine sovereignty. — Man's sinfulness and inability. — 
Atonement ami expiation. — The divuie helper. — The witnessing 
church. — Retribution. — Means and ends. — ''Worship God". — The 
child and his dues. — A more excellent way. — The pre-eminence of 
Christ.— Our relationships.— The limitations of evil.— For his name's 
sake.— Search ings of heart.— The divine resiwnsibility.— Predestina- 
tion.— Self-improvement.-Weariness in well-doing.— The divine in- 

Thompson, Hugh Miller. The word and the 

logos. N. Y. Putnams. 1886. (8-f )91 pp. 

12° [T.4,618; 86.] (The Bedell lectures, 1885.) 


Beligion, etc. 


Philosophy, etc. 

Tolstoi, I^ov Nikolaievitch, Graf. My religion. 

Tr. from the French. N. Y. T. T. Crowelland 

Co. [1885.] xii+274 pp. 12° [97,825; 86.] 


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methodist episcopal church. By a layman. 

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.632; 86.] ' 4:4205 

Philosophy and Education. 

Boyd, Joseph. The teachers* blue book for the 
public schools of Ohio, for 1885-86. A teachers* 
and school officers* directory for Ohio, together 
with salaries, probable vacancies for 1885-86, and 
other information for teachers and school officers. 
Day. Groneweg Bros, 1885. xvi+246 pp. le*' 
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Tr., with an introd., notes and index, by W. H. 

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xxvi+592 pp. 12° [97,481; 86.] 2:4271 

Elliot, Frank M., editor. History of Omega 
chapter, and reminiscences of Northwestern. 
A brief sketch of the Sigma Chi fraternity, and 
a list of the members of Omega, etc. Chic. \_F. 
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HoflTinan, U- J* The science of the mind applied 
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ments and their influences upon the mind, the 
analysis of the mental faculties, and how to de- 
velop and train them; the theory of education 
and the school; and methods of instruction and 
school management. N. Y. Fowler and Wells Co. 
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Tr. and ed. by George T. Ladd. Bost. Ginn and 
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(Lotze*s Outlines of philosophy, 4.) 2:1359 

Pratt, Daniel J., compiler. The regents' questions 
from the first examination in 1866. Being the 
questions for the preliminary examinations for 
admission to the University of the state of JMew 
York, prepared by the regents of the university, 
and participated in simultaneously by nearly 250 
academies, forming a basis for distributing more 
than a million of dollars. Complete with key. 
Syr. C. W. Bardeen. 1886. 4 pts. in 1 vol. 100 
(+381) pp. 16° [97,374; 86.] 2:4161 

Contents: Pt. 1. Arithmetic. 
Pt. 2. Geography. 
Pt. 3. Grammar. 
Pt.i. Spelliiig. 

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and physical. N.Y. Appleton. 1886. 283 pp. 

12° [96,953; 86.] 2:5530.a 

The same. 1866. [6,485.] 2:5530 

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ial reference to the theory of education. Read- 
ing-club ed., abr. and ed., with appendices, sug- 
gestive questions, and references to pedagogical 
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terial basis. Bost. Cupples, Upham and Co. 
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other essays on subjects connected with educa- 
tion. Lond. Macmillan. 1873. ix-|-(ii4-) 242 
pp. 8° [46,059; 97,403; 86.] 2:5677 

Contrnttf: The conflict of Htudics.— Competitive exainination.o.— 
vate 8tudy of mathcmaticN. — Aca ■ • - - 
geometry.— The mathematical tripos. 

Private study of mathcmaticN. — Academical reform. — Elementary 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Barthelemy, Jean- Jacques, abbe. Explication 

d'un bas-relief egyption, et de I'inscription 

phenicienne qui I'accompagne. Par. 1768. 

(Acad. Inscript. France, v. 32, pp. 725-38. 3 pis ) 

In ♦62:1532 

Barthelemy, Jean-Jacques, abbe. Bemarques sur 

quelques medailles publiees par differens au- 

teurs. Par. 1768. (Acad. Inscript. France, v. 32, 

pp. 671-84. 1 pi.) In *62:1532 

Bejot, Francois. Meraoire dans lequel on exa- 
mine quels etoient Ics lilparoetes. Par. 1768. 
(Acad. Inscript. France, v. 32, pp. 234-61.) 


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villes do Germanicopolis et de Neoclaudiopolis, 

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France, v. 30, pp. 324-37.) In *62:1530 

Bourrienne, Louis- Antoine Fauvelet de. Bour- 
rienne et ses erreurs volontaires et in volontaires, 
ou observations sur ses memoires, par le general 
Bellaird, le general Gourqaud, lecomte d'AuRE, 
le comte de Sdrvilliers, le baron Meneval, le 
corate BoNACOSsi, le prince d'EcKMUHL, le baron 
Massias, le comte Boulay de la Meurthe, le 
ministre de Stein, CAMBAceRes. Eecueillies *par 
A. B[uLOz]. Brux. L. Hauman. 1830. 3 v. 
(4-f)258 pp.; (4-t-)247 pp.; (4+)220 pp. 18° 
[46,505; 86.] 23:2676.1-3 

Cormack, Bev. John. See Fenelon. 

Fenelon, Francois de Salignac de Lamothe. abp. 
of Cambrai. Lives of the ancient phil- 
osophers; tr. from the French, with notes and 
a life of the author, by the £ev. John Cormack. 
N.Y. Harpers. 1854. vi,299pp. 18*> [8,569; 

86.] 23:645.a 

Hl8T0RT| ETC. 


History, etc. 

F6nelon, F. de S. de h.^ (^continued.) 
Thesarae. Phil. Grigg. 1824. 12^ [30,015.] 


Contents: Life of F^^nelon. — Thalc8. — B<)lon.--PitlA0UH.— Bi»».— 
Periander. — Chilo. — Cloobuluj*.— P'piiiH'nidoM. — Anachiirsis. — Pvihii- 

goras. — HeracIittiR. — AnaxagornH. — DiTnmTiius.— Einpt'dooloH. — 
ocratesi.— Plato. — Antij»t!ieiu'H.— Ari8tippus.--Arif«totle.— Xeuoerates. 
— Diogenes. — Crates.— Pyrr ho. — Bion. — Epicurus.— Zeno. 

Figuior, Louis. Vies des savants illustres dcpuis 
I'antiquite jusqu'au xix* siecle, avec Tapproeia- 
tion soinmaire de leurs travaux. Par. Libr. 
intemat. 1866-70. 5 v. (xi+)470 pp., 38 pis.; 
(vii+)496 pp., 35 pis., 1 facs.; (viii+)470 pp., 36 
pls.j (vii+)528 pp., 36 pis.; (vi+)49U pp., 39 pis. 
8^ [28,932; 86.] 23:647-51 

Otntmts: Vol 1. Savants dn I'aDtiquit^'': Tlmh'^s. — Pj'thagoro. — 
Platon.— Aristoto.— Hiprocrato. — Throiihraste. — Archirn(><lo. — Eu- 
ciide. — Apollonius. — Hippanpie. — Plinc. — Dioscorido.— Galien. — 
Ptol^mOe et I'^-ole d'Alexandrio. 

Vol.2. SavantH du nioven A^e: Goiter. — Me»u<>. — Rhnsi's. — 
Avicenne. — Averro^s. — AmilcMisis. — All>ert le Grand. — Thomas 
d^Aquin. — Roger Bacon. — Vincent de Beauvais. — Arnauld de Ville- 
neuvc. — Rajmond Lullc — Guy de Chanliac. — Gutouljerg. — Fust ct 
Schopffer. — (jliristophe Colonib. — .Anicrio Venpuce. 

Vol.3. Savants de la renaissance : Paracclse.— Ramus.— J<^r6nie 
Cardan. — Bernard Palissy. — George Agricola. — Conrad Gosner. — 
Kondelet. — Andr^ VtVsalo. — Ambroisc Par«^. — Koiwruik. — Tyeho 
Brah*^. — Vasco de Gama. — Majs^ellan. 

Vol. 4. Savants du xviiesitNilc : Keppler. — Galil<''e.— Descarles.— 
F. Bacon. — Harvey. — Tourncfort. — Huygens. — Denis Papin.— Van 
Helraont.— Robert Bo^'le.— Nicolas L6mcfy.— Blaise Pascal. — Fermat. 
— D^sargues.— Cassini. 

Vol. 5. Savants du xviiie si<Vlo : Newton. — Leibnir.. — D'.\lemlx*rt. 
— Euler. — Bernouilli. — Fontenellc. — Linn6. — Boerhaave.— Haller. — 
Spallanzi. — Jussieu. — Reaumur. — Butfon. — Condorcet.- Rouelle.— 

Gneisenau, August Wilhelm Anton Graf Neid- 
hardt von. The life and campaigns of Field- 
marshal Prince Blucher, of VVahlstatt, from the 
period of his birth and first appointment in the 
Prussian service, down to his second entry into 
Paris, in 1815: comprehending not only authentic 
biographical incidents of the leading military 
characters of both the French and confederate 
armies, but enriched likewise with much novel 
and interesting matter. Tr. in part from the 
German, with considerable additions, by J. E. 
Marston. Lond. Sherwood^ Neely, and Jones. 
1815. xiv+(x+)429+17 pp., 7 pis. 12° [22, 
776i 86.] 23:2569 

Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. {Peter Parley.) Curi- 
osities of human nature. Bost. Taggard. 1864. 
(iv-f.)vi+320 pp., illus. 16*^ [23,198; 86.1 


Oontentu: Z. Colbum.— Barati^re. — Gassendi.— Pascal. — Grotius. — 
Newton. — Magliabecchi. — Crichton.- Bcronicius.— Master Clench.— J. 
Buxton. — W. Giljson.— E. Stone.— R. Evelyn. — C^. Matsys. — West. — 
Berretiui. — H. K. White. — Mozart. — PL Burritt. — G. Morland.— W. 
Penn. — J. Smith.— E. Allen.— D. Crockett.— D. Boone.— Charles XII. 
of Sweden. — The Cid.— Robin Hood.— P. Jones.— Ma.Manicllo.—Rienzi. 
—Selkirk. — J. Law.— Treuck.— J. D. Hunter.— C. Hauser.— Psalmana- 
«ar.— V. Greatrakes.— M. Hopkins.— Peter, the wild l>oy.— J. Kelsey. 
— B. M. Carew. — J. Elwes.— Baron D'Amiilar.— T. Guv.— Old Parr.— 
O'Brien. — M. C. Miller. — Huyalas. — T. Topham. — F. Powell. — J. 
Clark.- B. Bright.— D. Lambert. — J. Hud.son. — J. Boruwlaski. — The 
Siamese twins. 

Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. {Peter Parley.) Fa- 
mous men of ancient times. Bost. Taggard. 
1864. (iv-f)vi4-310 pp., frontis., illus. W 
[23,198; 86.1 23:753 

Oontents: Moiiammed. — Belisarius, — Attila. — Nero.— S**neca.— 
Virgil.— Cicero. — Julius Ciesar. — Hannibal.— Alexander.— Aristotle. — 
Demosthenes.— Apelles,— Diogenes. — Plato.— SocruteM.-Alcibijides. — 
Demooritus. — Pericles. — Aristides. — ^Ksop. — Solon.— Lycurgus.— 
Homer. — Confucius. 

Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. {Peter Parley.) Fa- 
mous men of modern times. Bost. Taggard. 
1864. 315 pp., frontis., illus. 16*^ [23,198; 86.] 


Cbntents: Sir W. Scott.- Lord Byron.— N. Bonaparte. — Goethe.— 
R. Bums.- E. Burke.— S. Johnson.— J. Milton. — W. Shakespere.— 
Lord Bacon.— Cervantes. 

Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. (Peter Parley.) Lives 

of benefactors. Bost. Taggard. 1864. 320 

pp., frontis., illus. 16*^ [23,198; 86.] 23:755 

Omtenfs: G. Washington. — J. Jay.— P. Henry.- B. Franklin.— G. 
M. de La Fayette. — T. Ko.«*ciusko. — William Tell.— J. Howard.— E. 
Jenner.— J. F. Oberlin.— J. Guttenberg.— .J. HarKraves.— R. Arkwright. 
— E. Whitnev.— R. Fulion.— N. Copernicus.— Galileo Galilei.— C. Linn6 
(Linnu-us). — N. Bowdiich. — F. Huber. —Sir W. Herschel. — Sir H. 

Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. (Peter Parley.) Lives 

of celebrated women. Bost. Taggard, 1864. 

352 pp., additional vignette t. p., illus. 16® 

[2:3,198; 86.] 23:756 

The same. G. C. Rand. 1855. 23:756.a 

Contents: Lucretia and Margaret Davidson. — Mrs. Adams.- Mrs. 
Washington.— Mme de 8tar*I. — Lady H. Stanhope.— Hannah More.— 
Mrs. BarWtuld. — Mme de Genlis. — Josephine. — Marie-Antoinette.— 
Mme Roland.— Mme de S<''vign<'^. — Mary, queen of Scots.— Elisabeth, 
queen of England.— Isaliella of Spain.— Joan of Arc. 

Guild, Keuben Aldridge. Chaplain Smith and 
the baptists ; or, life, journals, letters, and ad- 
dresses of the Eev. Hezekiah Smith, I). D., of 
Haverhill, Mass., 1737-1805. Phil. Amer. Baptist 
Pub. Soc. [1885.] 429 pp. 12^ [95,387; 86.1 


Harvoy, R^- M. Where are we and whither 
tending? Three lectures on the reality and 
worth of human progress. Bost. Doyle and 
Whittle. 1886. 134 pp. 8^ [97,308; 86.1 


Hubbard, John Niles. An account of Sa-go-ye- 
wat-ha; or, Eed Jacket and his people, 1750- 
1830. Alb. MunselVs sons. 1886. xv+9-356 
pp., 9 pis. 8° [96,993; 86.] (Mumjeirs histor. 
ser., 13.) *29:296 

Imporial dictionary (The) of universal biography: 
a series of original memoirs of distinguished 
men, of all ages and all nations. By writers of 
eminence in the various branches of literature, 
science and art. Conducted by John Eadib 
and others. Joh n Francis Waller, editor. Lond. 
W. Mackenzie. 1866. 6 v. 4° [22,931; 86.] 


Note. Vols. 1, 3-5 have engr. t. pp. 

Contents: Vol. 1. Aa— Bic. 10 ports. 
Vol. 2. Bic— Czu. 18 ports. 
Vol. 3. Daa— Gay. 10 ports. 
Vol. 4. Gay — Jux. 13 portjs. 
Vol. 5. Kaa — Pom. 19 ports. 
Vol. 6. Pom— Zwi. 20 ports. 

Janvier, Thomas A. (Ivory Black.) The Mexican 
guide. 1^. Y. Scribners. 1886. ix+310 pp., 
2 fold, maps in pockets. 16° [97,419; 86.1 


Kennard, -^rs. NinaH. Eachel. Bost. Roberts. 

1886. vi, 307 pp. 16° [96,939; 86.] (Famous 

women.) 25:603 

Land (The) we live in. A pictorial and literary 
sketch-book of the British empire. Lond. 0, 
Knight. [1853.] 4 v. in 2. xvi+368 pp., illus.; 
xvi4-356 pp., 9 pis., illus. t. p., illus.; xiv+380 
(4-2) pp., 8 pis., 2 maps (1 double), illus. t. p., 
illus.; xvi-{-364 pp., 6 pis., 3 double plans, 1 map, 
illus. t. p., illus. 4° [4,370-71; 86.] *60:4361-2 

Loftie, VV. J. Windsor : a description of the 

castle, park, town and neighbourhood. Lond. 

Seeley and Co. 1886. viii+91 pp., 12 pis., illus. 

f ° [97,251; 86.] *A;1724 


Bistort, eto. f 

Low, Sidney J. und Pulling, P- S., editors. The 

dictionary of English liiBtory. Lond. Cassell. 

1884. vii+1119pp. 8° [93,9(52; 86.] *27;2426 

Lowe, Cbarlus. Prince Biamnrclc : an hiElorical 

biography. Introd. by Edmund Munroe Smith. 

Lond. Oissell. [1886.] 2 v. xxii + 639 pp., 

1 port.; xii+633 pp., 1 port. 8° [97,41R; 86.1 

23:2541. 1-a 

Omisnh: Vol.l. From Wiitcrloo lo VprMillPB. 

Macdiarmid, John. Lives of British Btatoamen. 

Lond. Longmitn. 1807. 3(ii+57i;+{2+)29 

pp., 3 porta. 4° [1,754; 86.] *23:30-13 

ConltnU: SirT. Mm.rc— W. Cwil.— T. WeiitKnrtli.— E. 

Menard, Loon. Memoire but la posilion, I'origine 

ct los anciens monnmonB d'lino villc do laOaule 
narbonnoise, appelco Glanum Ijivii. Pur. 1768. 
(Acad. Inecript. France, v. 32. pp. 650-70.) 

Menard, Leon. Mcmoiro flur qnciqacs anciens 

monumens du comte Venaisein. Par. 1768. 
(Acad. Inscript. France, v. 32, pp. 739-63.) 

Morris, Edward E. The early Eanovcrians. 

N. Y. Scribners. 1886. x](iii+235pp., 6 maps 
(2 fold., 4 col'd). U° [96,987; 86.] (Epochs of 
mod. hist.) 28:122 

Mott, A., compiler. Biographical skelohes and 

interesting anecdotes of persons of color. To 
which is added a selection of pieces in poetry. 
N.Y. Trustees oftheLindley Murray eshfte. [183!).] 
408 pp. 12" [20,356; 86.] 23:1169 

Old England's wonhies: a gallery of portrails, 

from authentic copies, of the most eminent 
statesmen, iawyci's, warriors, men of letters and 
science, and artists of our country. Accompanied 
by full and original biographioe. Lond. Bokn. 
1853. (4+)272 pp., 24 pis. (12 col'd), illus. f " 
[9,948; 86.] *23:301-1 


■"'J y^ 

CbaiHVr.— Williuin ul ..,_ 

Henry VII. - J. toli-i.-Cnnlliul Wo 
well.— H.Hoir*Td.—IdUl>' Juno Oivj—-. - 
KiKix.— ifir T. Omiiam.— n. IlnrhKiimD.— Si 
— Lnnl Buralili ~ " 
Sir W. lUlciuIi 

- flidnpy.- 

— LnnI Biiralil(7.-E.a|if<iiicr.-UuM.'a EI1bIh^.-W. SImiIh 
Hi_nr D.I..?..,. iir. cSimilMi.-F. B««>n.-r ' " 

H!Hle.-J. Mlllon—Sir U. HBle.-A.Harn'll.~l. Dni 
— R.Butlcr.— UrdKiiurll.— A.fiidwT. — Si ■" ' 
ti»m. - R. IkiTle. - B. Baiter. - H. PurMll. 

— W. HogiiHh.— J. 

¥. lirakF. 


Laiicl. -J. 9-lJeri.~ 

J. Tnji.jr.— E. 

n III. — J. Locke. 

-Lord Snnii 

rW.Temple.- J. 

•J.—k. Popr.— Sir R. Walpole.— INmn ) 

Olney. Jesse. Atl&e: comprising modern and 
ancient geography, designed to accompany the 


Sheldon and Co. 1866. TO pp., illus. 
868; 86.] *60:- 

Parish, Hev. Elijah. A new system of modern 
geography ; or, a general description of all the 
considerable countries in the world, compiled 
from the latest European and American geogra- 
phies, voyages and travels, designed for the use 
of tbe seminaries, schools, and academies of the 
United fjtates. 2. od. Newburyport (Mass.). 
E. Little and Co. 1812. viii+366 pp., 2 fold. 
msp«. 12" [41,208; 86.] 60:&45 


Pelton, C. Key to Pelton's new and improved 
series of outline maps, containing ail the im- 
portant geographical namen in the known world; 

comprising its continents, islands, peninsulas, 
isthmuses, capes, inountainR, etc., together with 
its oceans, seas, gulfs, buys, straits, channels, 
sounds, lakes, and rivers; arranged in verse for 
musical recitaliona. To which is added a brief 
description of the present state of the woild, 
confined to the most interesting and character- 
istic matter. Phil. Sotrer ami Barnes. iUb'A. 
192+48 pp., illus. S" [11,870; 86.] 60:546.a 
The same. [ISSl.] 176 + 48 pp. [11,807,] 


PinlcertOR, John. Modem geography. A de- 
scription of the empires, kingdoms, states, and 
colonies; with the oceans, aeas und isles, in all 
parts of the world: including the most recent 
discoveries, and political alterations. Digested 
on a now plan. The astronomicjil introd. by the 
Rov. S. ViNCE. With numerous maps, rev. by the 
author. To the whole are ndded, a catalogue of 
tlie best maps, and books of travels and voyages, 
in all languages: and an ample index. A new 
td., greatly enl. Lond. T. Cadetlaiid W. Davies. 
1807. 3 V. li-f cxxxii-(-738 pp., 22 maps(l double, 
1 fold.); vi+lii+820 pp., 11 maps (2 double); 
(8+)l«06pp., 17 maps. i° [!2,:i40-42; 86.] 


Public characters of 1799-1800. To becontinuod 

annually. Lond. Phillips. 1799. vii-f580 

pp., I fold. pi. 12" [1,707; 86.] 23:138 

£Wf(iif-i: Earlc.fHi. Viiic'Pnt. — SluTidmi. — T. Krukine.— PniT. 

0. Hiiuiiii. - ■•■ ■■ ■ --■ -■ 

W. Fmrixli.-. ..„ _ 

— Suiirin.— 6. Arnold.— Lonl Bridii 
J. I'arai'll.— Hl•urhvy.-[>lliutllun.- 
— Dukeof ttrHfton.— Oooki'.- Cnrtwriglil. .. 

liH^lilaUd.— Eurl Fid* 11! jam .—W. Owlwln. — OmTe!).— ShiHil. 

Yoiuie.- finniet.- Lord Dillon. — Lord ('iiFt1prFn. — F?ivai«<an.—W. 
Hntley.— riiiiiiUHiH of Derbr.— Pnilt.- Hiirrliialon.— lNitiie«» of Oor. 
' ■ ' ■ .....---o «f -. _w.Coir|*r. — JliPBLiiiwood.- 

11.— IXikeuf Lein- 


— Ijh 

- iNike nf Bodfur. 

■ "on JOB. 

Ragozin, Zenaide A. The story of Chaldea from 
the earliest times to the rise of Assyria (treated 
as a general introduction to the study of ancient 
history). N. Y. Putniims. 1886. xx+381 pp., 
Ipi., illns. 12" [97,441; 86.] 26:1«>'J7 

Rltter, Karl. Comparative geography. Tr. for 
the use of schools and colleges by William L. 
Gaoe. Phil. Lippincott. 1865. xxx, 220 pp. 
12" [6,05»; 86.] 60:574 

Rltter, Karl. Die Erdkunde im Verhaltniss zur 
Natur und zur Geschichto dee ilenschon, oder 
allgeineine vergleichonde Geographic, als sichere 
GrundlagodesSludiums und Unlcrrichtain pliysi- 
kulischon undhistorischon Wissenechaften. ThI.l. 
2., stark verm, und verb. Ausg. Ber. lieimer. 
1822. xxvii+1084pp. 12" [18,136; 86] 


OiBlmfi: 1. Biich. Afrika. 

Robinson, S.fO. Edward. Physical geography of 

the Iloly Land. 

lupplcment to the late 

author's Biblical researches in Pulesline. The 
maps of the later biblical reHcarclies will serve 
for this work. Host. Crocker and lireKster. 1865. 
xvi-j-309 pp. 8" [2,720; 8fl.] 60:^225 

HisTOBT, xra 

Sayce, A. H. AsayHa: ita princes, prioBte, and 

people. Lond. Hetig. Tract Soc. 1885. 105 

pp., illuB. 12" fT.4,ti2lii 86.] (By-put!i8 of" 

bible knowledge, 7.) 26:1714 

Schliemann, Heinrlch and Dorpfflid, Wilholm. 
Tiryna. The prehistoric palace of the kings of 
Tirana; the resaltfi of tho latest exvuvalions. 
The preface by h"., and contributions by 
Wilbelm Dorpfeld. N. Y. Scribners. 1S85. 
Ixiv+385 pp., 2(i pis. (1 fuld., 19 col'd, 5 fold. 
col'd), 1 fold, miip, 2 Ibid, plans, illus. 4° ["7. 
151; 86] *|0:«355 

Sheref-eddjn All"' r«''i. The history of Tinmr- 

Bec, known by the name of Tamorlain the 
Great, emperor of the Mogals und Tartttrs : being 
an historical Journal of bis conquests in Asia and 
Europe. Written in Fei'sian by S., his contem- 
porary. Tr. into French by [Fran(;ois] Pens 
OE LA Croix. Now faithfully render d into 
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643 pp., 2 fold, maps; 428(-l-2l)) pp., 3 fold. maps. 
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Otto.) Auf boheii Thronon. Grosse Herrscher 
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On'laiU: Dio QpbcIucIiH' vom Alien Friti, - Ksibit ,!.iBpf !I„ dor 
MenxeJii'nfrciin'l Huf dem Throiii-.— tlFr aeiiP Cflnnr. 

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historical sketch of Uussia's progress in the 
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5S Science, xto. 

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Wilson, James Grant, Bryant, and his frii 

some reminiscences of the Knickerbocker 
writers. N. Y. Fords, Howard and JJull/ert. 

1886, [1885,] (2-i-)443 pp., 3 ports., 9 facs. msa. 
12° [96,349; 86.] 23:1798 

Q.n(B,/«,- WlUum Cullen Brjmit.^I.roesK, P»nldtng,-WMhmg, 
inn IrtioB.- Rlchnnl Henry IHuiii,— JmmPB Fwiimore Coop»r.- "- 
Gmmt Hnllwk.^IoHenh RDdtnan Dnkr,— MiIIiuiIfI Parker Wi 
- " ■■ '" ■ ",, , iier lilemliiiTi S. 

t, Hillhi 

.. DncckiDck.^ Willi 
nut White.— iDdex. 

Science. Art and Industry. 

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Bowie, Aug, J., ^V. A practical treatise on hy- 
draulic mining in California, With description 
of the use and construction of ditches, flumes, 
wrought-iron pipes, and dams; Sow of water on 

SciBNOB, ira CS 

Bowie, Aug. J.Jr.—icontinued.) 

heavy grndes, and iu applicability, ander high 
preeanre, to mining. N. Y. Van Nostrand. 1885. 
31Spp., 10 Told, tabs., 3 fold, pis., 1 fold, map, 
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Ctmleali: The btitterfli«8. 

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mental principles; proper dispoBitiun of pulleys; 
rules, formulas, and tables for determining widths 
of leather and vulcanized -rubber belts and belts 
running over covered pulleys; strength and pro- 
portions of pulleys, drums, etc. Together with 
the principles of and necessary rules for rope- 
gearing and transmission of power by means of 
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86.] 51:568 

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manage, mate and judge thoroughbred fowla. 
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knowledge of tbe older mosozoic flora of Yir- 
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text. 4° [95,462; 86.] (XJ. S. geol. survey. 
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The same. (Home Miscellaneous documents, 

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painting. M.Y. Appleton. 1886. x+110 pp., 
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t ScixNca, no. 

Fried lander, Karl. A manual of microscopical 
technology for use in the investigations of med- 
icine and pathological anatomy. Tr., with the 
express permission of the author, ftom the 2. enl. 
and oorr. ed. By Stephen Yates Howell. N. Y. 
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including articles by Dr. Siemens, Count Di: 
MoNCEL and Prof Thomson. N. Y. Agent college 
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8° [95,416; 86.J 5I:2803 

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Appleton. 1886. viii-f326 pp., illus. 12° [96, 
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Hemenway, Frank F. indicator practice and 

steam-engine economy; with plain directions 
for attaching the indicator, taking diagrams, com- 
puting the horse-power, drawing the theoretical 
curve, calculating steam consumption, determin- 
ing economy, locating derangement of valves, and 
making all desired deduciiona; also tables re- 
quired in making the necessary computations, and 
an outline of current practice in testing steam- 
engines and boilers. N. Y. J. Wiley and sons. 
1886. x-fl84 pp., illus. 12° [96,962; 86] 

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With lists of American etchers and notable col- 
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349; 86] 10:2497 

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JohOnnOt, James. Neighbors with claws and 
hoofs, and their kin, for boys and girls. N. Y. 
Appleton. 1885. 256 pp., vignette t. p., illus. 
12° [97,341; 86.] (Natural hist ser., 4.) 44:373 



Science, etc. 

Johonnot, James. Neighbors with wings and 

fins, and some others, for young people. N. Y. 

Appleton, 1885. 229 pp., vignette t. p., illus. 

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and Co, [1884.] vi+443 pp., 5 pis., illus. t. p., 

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or, practical designs for countr}', farm and 

village. N. Y. 0. Judd Co, 1886. 251 pp., 

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Wiley and sons. 1885. viiiH-729 pp., illus. 8° 

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los varies produetos del maguey mexieano, y 
analisis quimico del aguamiel y el pulque. Mexi- 
co. Ofic. tip. de la Secretar. de Fomento. 1884. 
viii, 191 pp. 12° [96,760; 86.] 52:2557 

[London. liay Society.'] See Ray Society. 

MiinO, ^^' John J. Solution of weekly problem 

papers. Lond. Macmillan. 1885. xi 4-339 

pp. 12*^ [97,377; 86.] 51:231 

Note. Elementary mathematics*. 

Muir, M. M. Pattison and WilSOn, David Mnir. 

The elements of thermal chemistry. Lond. 

Macmillan. 1885. xvi+312 pp., 1 fold, diagram, 

illus. S*' [96,982; 86.] 51:1791 

Mullin, Joseph p. Modern moulding and pattern- 
making. A practical treatise upon pattern- 
shop and foundry work. Embracing the mould- 
ing of pulleys, spur gears, worm gears, balance 
wheels, btationary-engine and locomotive cylin- 
ders, globe valves, tool work, mining machinery, 
screw -propellers, pattern-shop machinery, and 
the latest improvements in English and American 
cupolas. Together with a large collection of 
original and carefully selected rules and tables, 
for every-day use in the drawing-oflSce, pattern- 
shop, and foundry. N. Y. Van Nostrand. 1885. 
x+257 pp., 3 pis. (2 fold.), illus. 12° [96,971; 
86.] 52:1480 

Nicholson, George, editor. The illustrated diction- 
ary of gardening, a practical and scientific en- 
cyclopedia of horticulture for gardeners and 
botanists. Vol.1. Lond. L.U.Gill. 1885. viii-f- 
644 pp., 1 cord pi., illus. 4*^ [93,908; 86.] 

*52:3 188.1 

Contents: A— E. 

PardlBS, Ignace-Gaston. Short, but yet plain 
elements of geometry. Shewing how by a 
brief and easie method most of what is necessary 
and useful in Euclid, Archimedes, Appollonius, 
and other excellent geometricians, both ancient 
and modern, may be understood. Written in 
French. And rendered into English by John 
Harris. 9. ed., corr. Dub. S. Fuller, 1734. 
(8-f)165(+7) pp., illus. 16° [96,410; 86.] *5I:639 

Putnam, J. Pickering. Lectures on the princi- 
ples of house drainage, delivered before the 
Suffolk District Medical Society (section for clin- 
ical medicine, pathology, and hygiene), and the 

Putnam, J- Pickering. — (continued.) 

Boston Society of Architects, at the Mass. Insti- 
tute of technology. Pi. 1, repr. from the Boston 
medical and surgical journal, Nos. 17, 18, and 
19, 1885. Bost. Ticknor. 1886. [1885.] 125 
pp., illus. 12° [96,091; 86.] 52:1006 

Ramirez, Santiago. Noticia historica de la riqucza 
minora de Mexico y de su actual estado de ex- 
plotacion, escrita por disposicion de la Secrctaria 
de Fomento. Mexico. Ofic. tip. de la Secretar. de 
Fomento. 1884. xix, 768-f ii(-fii) pp., 2 fold, 
tabs. 8° [96,765; 86.] 42:2151 

Ray Society. Instituted 1844. For the publica- 
tion of works on natural history. List of coun- 
cil, officers, local secretaries, and members, to- 
gether with the titles of the publications of the 
society corrected to November, 1885. [Lond. 
Soc. 1886.] 30 pp. 8° [96,766; 86.] 

In *44:1987.1 
Recent American etchings. Original plates by 
J. S. King, W. H. Shelton and others. Text 
by J. R. W. iliTCHcocK. N. Y. White, Stokes 
and Allen. 1885. (56 pp.,) 10 pis. f° [96,407; 
86.1 *A:8201 

Note. Cloth bound ed. No. 467. 

ContrnU: Breton courtyard (an impression of sunligHt) ; J. 8. 
King. — Christmas eve; W. H. Shelton.— A nea-side residence; Henry 
Farrer.— A morning walk ; Hamilton Hamilton. >- Moonlight at low 
tide ; J. C. Nicoll.— The duck's (mradise ; Charles Volkmar.— Grand - 

Sa; drawn hy Hugo KautOnan, etched \ty Katherine Levin.- (toats; 
. A. S. Monks. — Beach at (iloucester, Mass. ; Kruseman van Elten. 
The mandolin player ; dniwu by Fortuny, etched by J. .J. Calahan. 

Richter, Victor von. Chemistry of the carbon 
compounds; or, organic chemistry. Author- 
ized transl. by Edgar F. Smith from the 4. German 
ed. Phil. Blakiston. 1886. xiv+(ii+)9-710 
pp. 12° [96,981; 86.] 51:1854 

Ricker, N. Clifford. Elementary graphic statics 
and the construction of trussed roofs. A manual 
of theory and practice. 1^. Y. W. T. Com^tock, 
1885. 158 pp., 3 fold, tabs., illus. 8° [96,972; 
86.] 52:287 

Romanes, George John. Animal intelligence. 

-N. Y. Appleton. 1886. xiv+520 pp. 12° 

[97,024; 86.] (Internat. scientif. ser., 44.) 44:611 

Schmidt, Oskar. The mammalia in their relation 

to primeval times. N.Y. Appleton. 1886. xii 

^308 pp., illus. 12° [97,346; 86.] (Internat. 

scientif ser., 53.) 42:1338 

Schott, Charles A. Tables and results of the pre- 
cipitation, in rain and snow, in the United States, 
and at some stations in adjacent parts in North 
America, and in Central and South America. 
Collected by the Smithsonian Institution, and dis- 
cussed under the direction of Joseph Henry and 
Spencer F. Baird. 2. ed. Wash. Smithsonian 
Institution. 1881. xx+249 pp., 5 pis., 5 fold, 
maps.' 4° [95,518; 86.] (Smithsonian contribu- 
tions to knowledge, 353, v. 24.) In *4I:1523 

Segura, Jose C. and CorderO, Manuel D. Ilesefla 
sobre el cultivo de algunas plantas industriales 
que se explotan 6 son Pusceptibles de explotarse 
en la republica, formada por encargo de la comision 
moxicana para la exposicion do Nuova Orleans. 
Mexico. Ofic. tip. de la Secretar. de Fomento. 1884. 
(ii_f_)iii_j.339(-(-3) pp., 2 fold. pis. (1 col'd.) 12° 
[96,761; 86.] 52:2290 

Soukok, xto. I 

Sinclair, Angue. Locomotive engine running 
and ninnagement: a trealiite on locomolivo on- 
ginea, showing their perforlnance in running dif- 
feronl kinds of trains with cconoray and dispatcli; 
also directions regarding tho care, management, 
unci repairs of locomotives and all their connec- 
tions. 5. od. N.Y. J. Wiley iind sons. 1885. 
xviii-l-390 pp., 2 pis., illuB. 12" [97,380; 8(1.] 

Solon, L. M. The art of the old English palter. 
Illus. by the author. M. Y. Appleton. 188ii. 
xxiv + 2119 pp., 3 pis., illus., vignette t. p. 8° 
[97,355; 86.] 53:2821 

Stephen, Vincent. Wrinkles in electric lighting. 
Lond. K anil F, K Spon. 1885. ix-F45 pp., 
illus. 12" [97,023; 8(5.] 52:1552.17 

Thaysr, Kmma Homan. Wild flowers of Colo- 
rado, from original water color skolchcH drawn 
from nature. N. Y. CiisselL [1885.] 54 pp., 
24col'dpl9. f [9G,0l!7; 8li.] *A:58H> 

Towne, Henry R. A treatise on cranes, de- 
Bci'iptive particularly of ihoRe designed and 
built bj- the Yule and Towne Manufacturing Co., 
owning and operating the Weston Crane Co.; in- 
cluding niao a description of light hoisting ma- 
chinery as built by the same makers. Stamford, 
Conn. 1883. xii+191 pp., illus. 8" [97,381; 
86.] 52:fi62 

Trimble, Henry. Pruclical and analytical chem- 
istry. Being a complete coarse in chemical 
analysis. Phil. Blakiston. 1885. viii, 94 pp., 
illus. 8" [9(1,745; Sf!.] 5|:1980 

Turner, ^l^s. C. H., editor. Cyclopedia of pruc- 
lical floriculture. N. Y. T. MacCoun. 1884. 
xv(4-iii)+424 pp., vignette t. p. 4" [97,240; 86] 
Tuthill, William B. The suburban cottage, iu 
design and conslruction. N. Y. W. T. Corn- 
stock. 1885. 101 pp., illua. 8° [96,973; 86.] 

Tyerman, Thomns F. The moon's rotation ex- 
amined by the Newtonian theory of gravitation. 
Oxf. flatter Iind Rose. 1885. 31 pp., 3 pla. with 
explanatory text. 8° [96,127; 86.] 42:339 

United States internal-revenue gnugers' manual, 
embracing regulations and instructions, and 
tables, prescribed by tho commissioner of internal 
revenue by virtue of aeclion 3249 U. S. revised 
statutes. July 1, 1880. Wash. 1880. 523 pp., 
1 fold, pi-, illus. 16° [97,040; 86.] (Ser. 7, no. 
ll.-Eovised.) 52:1588 

Upmann, J. I^as Schiosspulver, desson Geschich- 
te, Fabribalion, Eigeuschafton und Proben. 
Braun. Vietceg. 1874. viii+219 pp., illus. 8° 
[96,621; 86.] (Handb. der chem. Technol., 6, 3. 
Gruppo, Abth. 1 ; P. A. BoUeyand K. Birnbaum.) 
Waddell, J. a. L. The designing of ordinary 
iron highway bridges. N. Y. J. TViley and 
sons. 1884. xi-f244 pp., 7 fold, pis., 42 tabs. (37 
fold.) 8° [97,372; 86.] 52:338 

Waldstein, Charles. Essays on the art of Pheidias. 
Camb. University presn. 1885. xix+431 pp., 
16 pl8., illus. 4= [97,446; 86] *|0:6526 


Warner, I'raneis. Physical expression: its modes 

and principles. N. Y. Appleton. 1886. xx+ 
373 pp., illua. 12" [97,340; 86.J (Intcriiat. scion- 
tif. ser.. 61.) 44:946 

West, Thomas D. Moulders' text-book: being 

Part 2 of American foundry practice, present- 
ing original methods and rules for obtaining good, ' 
sound, clean custings; and giving detailed de- 
scription for making moulds requiring skill and 
experience; alfo containing a pruclical treatise 
upon tho construction of cranes and cupolas, und 
the melting of iron and scrap-steel in iron found- 
ries. N. Y. J. Wiley ond sons. 1885. viii-f- 
461 pp., 22 pis. (8 fold.), illus. 12" [96,474; 86.] 
Williams, Samuel G. Applied geology. A trostiso 

on tho industrial relations of geological stract- 
ure; and on the nature, occurrence, and uses of 
substances derived from geological sources. N. Y. 
Appleton. 1886 xii+386 pp., illus. 12" [97, 
348; 86.] (Applelon's science textbooks ) 

Wilson, Uavid Muir, .See Muir, M. M. P. and 

Wilson, a m. 

Wilson, Frederic J. F. Typographic printing 

machines and machine printing. A practical 
guide to the seleclion of bookwork, two-colour, 
jobbing, and rotary machines, with remarks upon 
tbeir construction, capabililies, and peculiarities; 
also instructions in making ready, the preparation 
of engravings, etc. 3. ed. Lond. Wymnnandsons. 
[1879.] xvi+214 pp., 16 fold, pis., illus. 12" 
[96,070; 86.] (Wyman's technical ser.) 52:1673 
Wolff, Alfred R. The windmill as a prime mover. 

N. Y. J. Wiley and sons. 1885. xiii-1-169 
pp., 2 fold, pis., illus. 8" [97,032; 86.] 52:674 
Wood, Jir^- John George. Uoraa and man, their 

mutual dependence and duties. Phil. Lippin- 
cott. 1886. xviii+339 pp., illus. 8" [97,324; 
86.] 52:2855 

Woods, Arthur T. ind Stahl, Albert W. Elemen- 
tary mechanism: a text-book for students of 
mechanical engineering. N. Y. Vttn 2fostrand. 
1885. vii+300pp., illus. 12" [97,378; 86.1 


Zopf, Wilhelm. DioSpaltpilzo. Bres. Treaendt. 

1884. [n. t. p.] 98 pp., illus. 8" [96.579; 86.] 



Ashton, T. J. On the diseases, injuries, and mal- 
formations of the rectum and anus, with re- 
marks on habitual constipation. 2. ed. Lond. 
J. Churchill. 1857. xxiv+396 pp., iiliis. 8" 
[44,266; 86.] 46:4337 

Bancal, A.-P. Mannol pratique de la lilhotritie, 
ou lettres a «n jeuno medecin sur le broiement 
de la picrre dans la vessie; suivi d'lin rapport 
fait A rinstitut royal de France, par MM. Perct, 


faveur de son nouvel instrument pour loperation 

MiDionri. I 

Bancal, A. -P. — (continued.) 

de la cataracle par extraction, el d'nno iettro do- 
Hcriptive de la maniere do ppaliquer eette opera- 
tion uu moyen decet inatrumcnt. Par. Batlliere. 
1829. xxvti. 238 pp., 6 pis. (5 fold.), 1 facs. 12° 
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i).nlrnlt: TIil' Irrntmcnt of aprrou» dixHiM-a. — GcDPral ilisHBCa. 

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nnd Beurtlicilung chcmiscber Untersuchungen 
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syeteme nerveux on general. Par. Sedillot. 
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I Hbdicihb. 

Geraudly, ■ L'art do conscrver les dents. 

Ouvrago utile et neccesaire, non seulcmcnt aux 
jounce gone tjui so dcslineiit a la profession de 
cbirufgicn-denlisto, mais encore a toutos les por- 
sonnes qui veulcnt avoir les dents belles et ncttes. 
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86.] ]n46:a637 

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8° [48,043; 


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on injuries of nerves, and on wounds of tbe ex- I 
tremities requiring tbe different operations of 
amputation ; in which the various methods of 
performing these operations are shown, together I 
with their after-treatment; and containing an 
account of the author's Baccessful cose of ampu- 
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London practice (Tbe) of midwifery; including 

the treatment during the puerperal state, and 
the principal infantile diseases. To which is 
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1. Amer. from tbe 2. Lond. ed. Phil. T. Dob- 
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Sou. PUtes mcationed m( the end of the book ue wsnting. 




Poetry, etc. 

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augm., accompagnee de notes dans le P^ volume, 
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Contagion du cholera demontree par Tepidemie 
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Temigration dans les pays chauds et de la coloni- 
sation de ces pays. Des dangers qu'il y a a me- 
connaitre la contagion du cholera. Ouvrago 
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lessen the sufferings of the patient, and shorten 
the duration of labour. The 2. ed., considerably 
impr., and illus. with numerous cases; comprising, 
also, additional observations on premature expul- 
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Noie. This volume iuclude.**, with ft number of new }K>eni9, a 
selection from a lx)ok of verses publiMhed in 1878, and entitled "Uddj* 
and ends." 

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86.J 1 

32:829 j 

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Ihe apirlt of ■olititde.— The cevoJI of IhIsiii. 

Vol. «. Roulind and Helan.-Linea wrilKn among the Eii0inean 
hill*. — Joliui and HbiIiIbIo. — PromctheUH iiDhuuiul, — TJk' <.>nL-l.— 
Pvtor Ball Ihelhird.— The masque of annrchy.— (E>]iiiiii> tvraiinuH: »r, 
8irellfi»( tbc t>ruit.— The senaitive planl.— UIKt to MnrmUlHbarne. 
— The wllch of Alias. — EpipiTchidluu. — Adouaiii ; an eU'oy on the 
death of Joho KeaK.-Heriu. 

Vol. S. Early poenn. — Piwms written 1816-22. — Frngmenlii.— 
Tranalatieiu: Bymna orHoiiEi.—The CyclopK: a HiilxricdrnmB, froin 

of CauiMoi. — Scenes tram the F 

ri.— Sker 

Smith, Mrs. Eva Munson, compiler and editor. Wo- 
man in sacred song. A library of hymns, relig- 
ious poems, and sacred music, by woman. Being 
selections from the writings of more than seven 
hundred autliors, including musical productions 
of upwardB of fifty composers, together with short 
biographical sketches of many of the writers. A 
reference book in the library and for use in the 
home. With an introd. by Frances E. Willard. 
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Fiction {English). 

PiCTioN (Bnglish). 

Idw^h Ule.— The wife of BHlh'i Mle.— The n-[i>r 
le. — The sqiiiro'ii tale. — The fffinkllD't 
- TI.e purdoTi ■ ■ ■ ~ 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. The ingenious 

gentleman Bon Quixote of La Mancba. A 
Iransl., with introd. and notes. By John Objisby, 
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1 map; viii-fa89 pp.; x+418 pp.; ix+426 pp. 
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M. ScannoM. Lond. T. Ndson and sons. 1884. 
(vi+)Kv+196pp,, llpls. 12" [97,2ti2; 8fi.] 


■ of ChBuppr'K life. — Proloane.— Thi 
■ ■ Biilh'j wLe.— Th. 

- The fninlillD'« »lury. — The 
. The iirioKM'B Ulp.-^liBiicr'ii 

Ik pri pel'" till p, -The nmopii Diiii> 

tal«— I'lis I'Miion-B yenmnn-B tnle.— The manciple's lalf. 

Coventry, John. After his kind. N. Y, B. 

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Sole. Awrlbed (□ Mri<, Olney Klrkr- by Th<- Buntflo tntTclpr. 
which ulKn myf thai Mugnrei Ken! in i!>e liiie M». Kate HcUooeU 
(fiAmcosrl Bohhv). 

HomerUS, The Odyssey. See Witt, C. 

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[and A picture story], llliis, by T. Macquoid. 

Lond, Sec. for promot. christ. knotcl. [1886.1 

122 pp., vignette t. p., illas. 16° [97,315; 86.'( 


Marshall, Emma. Under the Mcndips : u tale. 

N. Y. E. P. Button and Co. [1885.] 
(ii+)420 pp., vignette t. p,, illus. '"" 
86.] (Home reading for girls.) 
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* a history of a father and son. New ed. Boat. 
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boasgirl: aChristmaBalory. And other sketcbea. 
Indian. Bowen- Merrill Co. 1886. 263 pp. 12" 
[97,350; 86.] (Character ekelchea.) 39:420 

5-1 vi + 


Dd blensDS pTpry ane. — The boBngirl.— 
luoallo.— LItlle Tommy Bmtlh.— Tod.- 

1 -plder 
The orchurd Inadi of long hko.— The old m 

Roe, Mary A. A long search. S. Y. Dodd, 

Mead and Co. [1885.] iv+391 pp, 12" [97, 
272; 86.] 39:590 

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mystery. N. Y, Futnams. 1886. 389 pp, 
16° [97,321; 86.] (Knickerbocker novels,) 

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tafes of Texan ranch life. N. Y. W. L. Mer- 
shon and Co. 1885. (8+)285 pp. 18" [97,273; 
80.] 39:1547 

a,»lr«li-: .\ lon« slur no-Pfep.— Thp my-tery of San SbU.— Thivp 
Strephona of Conehn. — An vpiwit- of pHint Rock. - A stngp-ci^h 

Seymour, Mary. See Chaucer, G. 

Soldiers' storiea and sailors' yarns: a book of 

mess-lable drollery and reminiscence picked up 

ashore and afloat by officers, naval, military, and 

medical, Lond. W. H. Allen and Go. [188-.] 


iii-f404pp. 12° [97,289; 86,] 

Oin'f ji'i ,• My shell nod »hnrt Mory, — Pringle'i 
he Ix'lli- of auilf •" - '■ - — ' " — " 



ungHlov, — How Brooke beciiini 
lory. GBbiirlla'K gnttluilc- 

;rimmiiKe " >t TmeriBe. — 


ny jjuces, — A day iinifiiiird.— My 

D Nank envelope.— A drencl Chfi»lm»9 ei 

Spyri, Johanna. Bico and Wisoli. Rico and 
Stineli, and how Rico found a home. Tr. from 

the German by Louise Brooks. Boat. Cvpples, 

Upham and Co. 1886. 509 pp, 12" ' 


Stafford, W. A. H, Broken bonds. A novel. 
N, Y. A. F. Underhitl and Co. 1885. (4-f) 

258 pp. 12" [97,269; 86.] 39:2164 




%, 1fttIonllil5 ISulldtn. 

No. 87. MAY. 1886. 


HOWARD DOUGLASS, Praidtnt, . s. w. c. FouaTH and Main stb. (Soutbkkh ayb, Mt. Auburn). 

THOMAS McLaughlin, StenurY, . GouHTx TsBASDREs's Uffick (10 Calhoun street). 

OEUR6S BMIG, . . . . . . 184 W. Second btkkbt (219 Clifton avknub). 

DANIEL FINN, ....... Gas Co.'s OFrio (1S5 Babt Sixth stmbt). 

WILLIAM S. THORNTON, ..... 4 Collbqe Builsino (43 Vf. Nintb btbebt). 

THOMAS LBE, 48 Race btrbbt. 

LOUIS L. SADLER, ex-offido Union Stock Yards (108 Btbrbtt Steeet). 

XiiBiaA.iaiji.iJr : 


15 Albion Flace, Houkt Auburn. 

«T»ry dsy in tho year, Sundaya included, from 8 a. 
P. K. The ipecial departm^nU are open ai^ollowa ; 
Delitkrt Hall, (except Sundnys) B a, m. to 1 
Main Hall, (every diiy) 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Periodical Room, (every day) 8 a. w. to 9 f. « 
Newspaper Room, (every day) S a. M. to 9 p. » 
Art Room, (except Sundaya) 8 a. m. lo 6 p. u. 
" " (on Sundaya) 9 a. m. to 4 p. M. 


ReaDinq Roomx. — 'Any person of good deportment 

ABd habit!, whether reaiding in Oincinnnti or not, may 

eonialt booka, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

HOUE UsK or Books.— Residettta of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by regiatering name and residence and 
furnishing satisfactory security in the form preKoril>cd by 
the Board. (In lieu of other aecurity a deposit of three 
dollara or of the value of the work deeired may be made.) 
Hon-re»identa may withdraw books by making a dc- 
poait of three dollara and an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollart. 


o weeki, and may be renewed for the same period, atlar 
which they can not bo reiwued to the same person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four houra. 

Fine on Ixuka over-due, three ceuta a day, and afler a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing flnet or charge*. 


I. The Librarian is at all times ready to assist per- 
lons in the investigation of epecial subjects, by indicating 
the Bourcea of information so far as the Library contain! 

1. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plii!ation to the Librarian, unless there bo a sufficient reason 
against il. 

3. All complaints should be made in the first inatanoe 
to the Librarian, either in peraon or by letter jiFtry thtnamt 
and raidtnet of the person aggriatd. Anonymous commu- 
nications can not be noticed. 

£>X%ZCE FX-^E CEl^'TS. 

Beliqion, etc. 


Heliqion, eto. 

Religion and Theology. 

Andrews, Samuel J. God*s revelations of him- 
self to men, as successively made in the patri- 
archal, Jewish, and christian dispensations, and in 
the Messianic kingdom. N. Y. Scribners. 1886. 
xv+391 pp. 12° [T.4,651; 87.] 3:3153 

Bercheure, JPierre. [Reductorium moral izacionum 

super totam bibliam.] [Coin.] B. von Unckel. 

1477. (425 pp. 850 colsO 4^ [T.4,295; 87.] 


Note. This title is taken from the colophon. 

Bertliorius (or Berchorius), Petrus. See Ber- 
cheure, P. 

[Bible. New Testament] The Syrian antilego- 
mena epistles. 2. Peter, 2. and 3. John, and 
Jude. Written A. D. 1471, by Suleim&n, of Husn 
Keifa. Ed. by Isaac H. Hall. Bait. Pub. agenqj 
of the Johns Hopkins university. 1886. (l+)7 
leaves, 17 facs. f ° [97,464; 87.] (Williams ms.) 


Boyd, Andrew Kennedy Hutchison. A character- 
istic of modern life. Five essays. N. Y. 
Randolph and Co. [1886.] 74 pp. 16° [97, 
777; 87.] ' 5:4868 

Note. Repr. from a volume entitled : •'Our little life : a series of 
essays, consolatory and domestic, first series". 

Contenis: Of life: what is always present in it. — How shall we take 
its great characteristic? — Of worry as a mennsof grace.— The diverse 
material God^s grace must work on. — Of a trying means of grace. 

Bradley, ^^v- George Granville. Lectures on 

Ecclesiastes delivered in Westminster abbey. 

Oxf. Clarendon press. 1885. viii+133 pp. 12° 

[T.4,643; 87.] 3:1437 

Cheever, ^ev. Henry Theodore. Corresponden- 
cies 01 faith and views of MacTame Guyon : a 
comparative study of the unitive power and place 
of faith in the theology and church of the future. 
N. Y. Randolph and Co, [1885.] xx+ 11-292 
pp. 12° [T.4,642; 87.] 3:3477 

Church, Rev. Richard William. The discipline 

of the christian character. Lond. Macmillan. 

1885. (10+)139pp. 12° [T.4,641;87.] 3:3478 

Darmesteter, James, translator. The Zend-avcsta. 

Pt. 2. The Sirozahs, Yasts, and Nyayi^. Oxf. 

Clarendon press. 1883. viii+(iv+)384 pp. 8° 

S 96,045; 87.] (Sacred books of the East, 23 ; F. M. 
ililler.) *|0:2058.23 

Davids, Thomas William Ehys and Oldenberg, 
E.ermAnn, translators. Vi nay a texts. Tr. from 
the Pali. Pt. 3. The iTullavagga, 4-12. Oxf 
Clarendon press. 1885. (8+)444 pp. 8° [96, 
045; 87.] (Sacred books of the East; F. M. 
Miiller, 20.) *I0:2058.20 

DiXf W. Chatterton. The pattern life ; or, lessons 
for children from the life of our Lord. With 
Sillus. by P.Priolo. Lond. Griffith^ Farran, Okeden 
and Welsh 1885. x+718 pp. 16° [T.4,646; 
87.] 5:3111 

Fisher, Rev. George P. Faith and rationalism, 

with short supplementary essays on related 

topics. New and enl. ed. N. Y. Scribners. 

1885. xii+191pp. 12° [T.4,637; 87.] 3:3541.a 

Fisher, Rev. G. P. — (continued. 

The same. 1. ed. 1879. 188 pp. [71,313.] 


Contents: Faith and rationalism. — The teaching of theology on 
the moral basis of faith.— The doctrine of nescience respecting God. 
— The doctrine of evolution in its relation to the argument of design. 
— The reasonableness of the christian doctrine of prayer. — Jesus was 
not a religious enthusiast. — The moral and spiritual elements in the 
atonement.— The unity of belief among christians. 

Goblet d'Alviella, Eugene, comte. See Harrison, 
F. and Spencer, H. 

Godet, Frederic. Commentary on the Gospel of 
John, with an historical and critical introd. 
Vol. 1. Tr. from the 3. French ed., with a pref- 
ace, introductory suggestions, and additional notes, 
by Timothy Dwight. N. Y. Funk and Wagnalls. 
1886. x+559 pp. 8° [T.4,653; 87.] 3:.i215.l 

Harrison, Frederic and SpenCOr, Herbert The 
nature and reality of religion. A controversy 
between H. and S. With an introd., notes, and 
an appendix on the religious value of the un- 
knowable, ^y Count [Eugene Goblet] d*ALVi- 
ELLA. N. Y. Appleton. 1885. 218 pp. 12° 
[94,649; 87.] 3:3610 

Contents: Preface; E. L. Y. — Introduction. — Religion: a retro- 
spect and prospect ; H. Spencer. — The ghost of religion; F. Harri- 
son. -- Retrogressive religion ; H. Spesceb. — Agnostic metaphysics; 
F. Harrison. — Last words about agnosticism and the religion of hu- 
manity; H.Spencer. — Mr. Herbert Spencer and agnosticism. Letter 
to the •'Pall mall gaaette"; F. Harrison. — Appendix: Harrison 
against Spencer. The religious value of the unknowable; Lecorote 
Eugt^ne Goblet d'Alviella. — Synopsis of the cardinal principles of 
the synthetic philosophy as stated by its author. — A positivist 
religious service. 

Huntington, Rev. George. Outlines of congrega- 
tional history. Bost. Congregational S.-S. and 
Pub. Soc. 1885. vii+201+v pp. 12^ [T.4, 
654; 87.] 4:4025 

Jacobi, Hermann, translator. (rainaSdtras. Tr. 
from Pr&krit. Pt. 1. The AA:aranga Siitra. 
The Kalpa Siitra. Oxf. Clarendon press. 1884. 
liii+324 pp. 8° [96,045; 87.] (Sacred books 
of the Bast, 22; F. M. Miiller.) *|0:2058.22 

Lay, Rev. Henry Champlin. The church in the 

nation, pure and apostolical, God's authorized 

representative. N. Y. E. P. Button and Co. 

1885. xiv, 256 pp. 12° [T.4,644; 87.] (The 
Bp. Paddock lectures, 1885.) 3:4385 

Contents: The true ideal of the church.— The particular or nation- 
al church. — A church in the United States, national and pure. — The 
church's duty to her own children and her own people.--The church's 
duty to a divided Christendom. — The church's claim upon the loyal 
service of her clergy. 

Liddon, Rev. Henry Parry, canon of St, Paul. 
Easter in St. Paul's : sermons bearing chiefly 
on the resurrection of our Lord. N. Y. E. P, 
Button and Co. 1885. 2 v. xiii+288 pp.; vii+ 
311pp. 12° [T.4,655; 87.] 5:5328.1-2 

Marvin, William. Authorship of the four gospels. 
External evidences. N. Y. T. Whittaker. 

1886. 142 pp. 12° [T.4,650; 87.] 3:3751 

Phelps, Rev. Austin. My study, and other essays. 

N. Y. Scribners. 1886. vii+319 pp. 12** 

[T.4,647, 87.] 5:3947 

Contents: My stutiy. Pts. 1-3. — Vibratory progress in religious 
beliefs. — Oscillations of faith in future retribution. — Retribution in 
its biblical atmosphere.— St. Paul ©n retribution.— Correct ives of pop- 
ular faith in retrimition. Pts. 1-2.— Retribution in the light of reason. 
Pts. 1-2.— Endless sin under the goTcrnmentofOod.— The hypothesis 
of a second probation.— Scholastic theories of inspiration.— The New 
England clergy and the anti-slavery reform. Pts. 1-2. — Massachu- 
setts and the qiiakers. — Does the world move. — Is the chri^tian life 
worth living.— A studv of the episcopal church. Pts. 1-2.— Prayer as 
a state of christian living. — viYty do I believe Christianity to be a 
revelation fh>m God. 


SchafT, ^ev. Philip. Saint Aagustin, Melanoli- 

thon, Neaoder. Three biogmpbies. N. Y. 

Funk and Wagnalh. 188G. vi, 168 pp. 12° 

[T. 4,630; 87.] A'A^J'M 

SBineCke. L- Gescbicfate dea Volkea Israel. GoLt. 

Vandenhoeck u. Ruprecht. 187ti-84. 2 pis. in 1 
vol. viii+399 pp.;x(+ii)+366pp. 8= [97,735; 
87.] 4:283 

TheBBme. Pt. 1. [S6,614; 69,258.] 4:216 

Shsdd, Jiev. William Greenough Tbayor. The 

doctrine of endloBs punisbraunt. N. Y. .Scrift- 
ners. 1886, ix-|-163 pp. 12° [T. 4,648; 87.] 


Spenceri Herbert and HarHson, Frederic, A con- 

trovoray beiwoeD. See Harrison, f . and Spen- 
cer, H. 
TrBdwell, Danii^l M. A sketch of the life of 

Apollonias of Tyana; or, the first ten decades 
of our era. N. Y. F. Tredwell. 1886. Ti + 354 
pp., 1 fold, col'd map. 8° [97,423; 87] 4:4989 

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of St. Paul, drawn in an English home. N. Y. 

Carters. [1886.] vi, 352 pp., IG pis., i!lu8. 12° 

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Vincent, Rev. Marvin Riehnidson. Cbriel as a 

teacher. Two lectures delivered before the 

New York Sunday-schooi Teachers' Association. 

K. Y. Randolph and Co. [1886.1 58 pp. 12° 

[T. 4,645; 87.] 3:3100 

West, E. W., translator. Pablavi texts. Pt. 3. 

Diua-i Alainog-i Khiru^/. 'S'lkand-grimrinik 

Vijar. Sad Dar. Oxf. Clarendon press. 1885. 

xlviii-1-376 pp. 8° [96,045; 87.] (Sacred books 

of the East, 24 ; F. if. Kiiller.) *I0:2058.24 

Whedon, O. D, Commontary on the New Testa- 
ment, intended for popular use. Vol. 3. N.Y. 
Phillips and Hunt. [1871.] 402 pp., 1 coi'd map. 
12° [T. 4,413; 87.] 3:2250 

Oniaili! ActB-'Romiiua. 

White, Edward, abp. of Canterbari/. The seven 

gifts. Addressed to the diocese of Canterbury 

in his primary visitation. Lond. Macmillan. 

1885. (8+)255pp. 12° [T. 4,640; 87.] 5:4038 

Cbflfrnb: 1, Ofwimloiiii Morirnnuce. i. Of iin.lcrttnn.iinR: 
•ducition. 3. or i^oiiDiH: dfllDi'nitioii. 4. Of elri'iuflli: or- 
* ' ™l(Tl((f: lioctriOE. B. or RudliB™n wor- 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Adams, William Ilenry Davenport. Egypt past 
and present, described and illu»., with a narra- 
tive of its occupation by the British, and of recent 
events iu the Soudan. Lond. T. Nelson and sons. 
1885. 380 pp., additional, vignette t. p., illus. 
12° [97,631; 87.] 21:749 

Adams, William Henry Davenport. Famous 
caves and catacombs, d(?Bcribed and illns. Lond. 
T. Nelaon and sons. 1886. xii-|-9-204 pp., addi- 
tional vignette t. p., illus. 12° [97,630; 87.] 



Bassett, James. Persia ; the land of the imams. 

A narrative of travel and residence, 1871-85. 
N. Y. Scribners. 1886. xvii+342 pp., 1 fold, 
map, 1 table. 12° [97,679; 87.] 22:614 

Berthelot, Pierre-Eugenc-Marcellin. Lcsorigines 

de Talchimie. Par. G. •Steinheil. 1883. xx-f- 
445 pp., 3 pis., vignette t. p. 8° [97,756; 87.] 


Blind, Malbilde. Madame Roland. Bost, Roberts. 
1886. viii+318 pp. 16" [97,744; 87.] (Fa- 
mous women scr.) 25:776 

Brown, Charles 0. Battle-fields revisited. Grant's 
Chattanooga campaign. A horseback ride from 
Chattanooga to Atlanta. Kalamazoo. Salon and 
Anderson. 1886.. 128 pp. 16° [97,458; 87.1 
Butterfleld, Wilishire. See Heart, Capt. J. 

C , A. p. Wahrhcit und Dichtung. A 

psychological study, suggested by certain chap- 
ters in llie life of Goorge Eliot. N. Y. W. B. 
Smiik. 1885. 61 pp. 18° [97,779; 87.] 24:531 

ftVs, The hnir-lille teml- ; A sllidj of OcorHe Eliol's loye-life. 

Childs, Emery F. A history of the United States 
in chronological order from 1492-1885, includ- 
ing notifies of manufactures as they were intro- 
duced, or other industries; of railroads, canals, 
telegraphs, and other impruvoments; of inventions, 
im|)ortunt events, etc. N. Y. Baker and Taylor. 
1886. (2+)254pp, 12° [97,724; 87.] 29:1-181 

Church, Rev. Alfred J. With the king at Oxford. 

A tale of Iho great rebellion. N. Y. Scribner 
and Welford. [1885,] (12-f )298 pp., 16 pis. (8 
col'd.) 12" [97,703; 87.] 27:1558 

[Cincinnati.] a guide to picturesque Cincinnati. 

Cin. O. Reich. 1883, 101 pp., illus. 10° 
[89,839; 87.] 22:3828 

Crolfut, William A. The VanderbiKs and the 

story of their fortune. Chic. Belford, Clarke 
and Co. [1886,] xii-i-310 pp., 12 pis. 12° [97, 
693; 87,] 25:1366 

Edgar, Oscar. See Tunlson, J. S. 

[Figfl, R- W,?] (Robert Cannon and An ex'boy.) 

Ipseads.) "Where men only dare to go!" or 
the story of a boy company. (C. S. A.) Rich. 
Wkittet and Shepperson. 1885, viii+263 pp., 1 
pi. 12" [97,438; 87.] 29:2598 

Harlot, Thomas. Adtnirandu narratio, fida tamen, 

de commudis el incolarum rilibus Virgini», 
nuper adraodum ab Anglia, qui a Dn, Eicbardo 
Greinville, equeslris ordinis viro, eo in eoloniam 
anno uOLXxxv. deducti sunt, inventte, sumtus 
facicnte Dn. Waltoro Kalcigh, equestria ordinia 
viro, fodinarum atnnni priefecto, ex auctorltate 
serenissima'regintc Angliie. Anglico scripta scr- 
moneaTboma Ilariot, ciusdem W^ltori domostico, 
in eam eoloniam mlsso, ut regionis situm dili- 
gonter obscrvarot; nunc auteni primura Lati[n]o 
donata a C. C, A. Frankf a. M. S. Feirabend. 
1590, 34C+12) pp,, 22 pis, (1 fold.) with explan- 
atory text, 1 double map, illus. t, p. f ° [86,750; 
87.] *L:7225 


Heart, Capi. Jonathan. Journal ofH., on themarch 
witli his company from Connecticut to Fort 
Pilt, in Pittabnrgh, Petinsylvania, from the Sept. 
7, to Oct 12, 1785, inelunive. To which is added 
the DicKiNBON-HAHMAa correspondence of 178-t-6. 
The whole illua. with notes and preceded by a 
biographical sketch of Captain Heart by Consul 
WillBbire Bcttkrfield. Alb. Munsell's sons. 
1885. xv+94 pp. n° [96,209; 87.] 29:2091 

Hittell, Theodore H. History of California. San 
Fran. Pacific press pub. house. 1885. 2 v. 
xxx\i, 799 pp.; xli, 823 pp. 8° [97,635; 87.] 

^ 30:350.1-2 

Hunt, Louise Livingston. Memoir of Mrs. Ed- 
ward Livingston, with letters hithorlo unpub- 
lished. N. Y. Harpers. 1886. 183 pp. 12° 
[97,676; 87.] 24:2277 

JackflOlli -^'■S- Helen Hunt, {R. H.) Glimpses of 

three coasts. Bost. Roberts. 1886. (4+)418 

pp. 12' [97,747; 87.] 2I:'I71 

CmlenU: CAlifonilH BDd Oregon. — Scotlnod And EDglaiid. — Nor- 
way. Dcamark nnd Oermmiiy. 

Jameson, Bobert, Wilson, James and Murray, 

Hugh. Narrative of discovery and adventure 
in Africa, from the earliest ages to the present 
time, with illas. of the geology, mineralogy, and 
Eoology. With a map, plans of the routes of Park, 
and of Denham and Clapperton ; and several en- 
gravings. N. Y. Harpers. 1840. 13-359 pp., 
7 pis., illna. 18' [8,588; 87.] (Harper's stereo- 
type ed.) 60:706 
The same. 1855. z, 359 pp., 5 pis., additional, 

vignette t. p., illas. [8,560.] 60:706a 

Jflffbrys, Thomas. A description of the Spanish 

islands and aettlementA on the coast of the West 
Indies, compiled from authentic memoirs, revised 
by gentlemen who have resided many years in. ; 
the Spanish settlements; and illus. with 32 maps 
and plans, chiefly from original drawings taken 1 
from the Spaniards in the lale war. Lond. T. I 
Jefferys. 1762. Cvi-i-)xxiv+106(+Z)pp., 2 fold, 
pis., 2 fold, maps, 1 fold, chart, 27 fold, plans. ' 
sq. 8" [52,590; 87.] *60:2058 j 

JenkS, fl^J- William. The explanatory bible at- | 
las and scripture gazetteer ; geographical, topo- . 
graphical and historical: containing maps of all 
the countries and places mentioned in the Old 
and New Testaments, drawn from the latest and i 
best authorities, and engraved expressly for the 
work, with illustrative essays for each map, and I 
accurate local descriptions in the gazetteer : a col- 
ored missionary map of the world ; a dictionary 
of the natural history of the bible, with engrav- j 
ings; and tables of time, weights, measures and 
coins, tabular views, etc. For tho use of families, 
clergymen, teachers of bible classes of Sabbath 
and other schools, theological stndenta, and bib- 
lical readers generally. Bost. C. Hickling. 1847, 
167 pp., illua. f " [9,998; 87.] *60:4002 

Knloht, Charles. London. Lond. Bohn. 1851. i 
6 T. in 3, illus. 4° [4,373-5; 96,592; 87.] 


LaBree, Benjamin, e«^i7or. The pictorial battlesof 
the civil war, illus, by upwardrt of 1,000 engrav- 
ings, made during the war, from sketches by artists 
who praticipatod in all the campaigns of the 
armies, and who have since become famous. They 
are: Thomas Nast, Wiiud,Schell, Lumley, Forbes, 
Beard, Neviil, Davis, Crane, Sindall, Pino, Bnilcy, 
Bentley, Travis, Pierce, Bott, Hamilton, Peterson, 
Todd, Griffin, Wilcox, Weaver, Queen, Jtussell, 
Hillen, Collins, Chamberlain, Leclerc, Askins, 
Harris, Bosse, Osborn, Capt. Balling, Bisbard, 
Simons, Devys, Sartorious, McDavitt, Hinchy, 
Fredericks, Claggett, Newton, Iseman, Corporal 
Bacon, RawBon.Nannert, Com mass, Edge, Kramer, 
Sergeant Gilchrist, etc. The use of a navy : The 
U. S. navy and the pan it took in the civil war, 
by Admiral David D. Porter. The last days of 
the rebellion : Tho surrender of Gen. R. E. Lee 
to Gen. U. S, Grunt at Appomattox, by Gen. Philip 
n. Sheridan. A comprehensive and chronologic- 
al history of the civil war: A life of Gen. Ulysses 
S. Grant, his last illness, death, and imposing 
funeral ceremonies, a roster of the general officers 
of the U. S. army, and of the commanders and 
vessels of the U. a. and Confederate navy, and a 
vast accnmulation of statistical and other matter 
bearing on the war carefully edited. A roster of 
the general officers of the Confederate army, and 
other valuable Confederate matter, contributed 
by Gen, Marcus J. Wright. Historical sketch of 
Grand Army of the Republic, by Gen. Robert B. 
Beats. Historical sketch of Confederate Veter- 
ans' Association, by Hon, W, C. Caerinoton. 
Valuable information has been contributed and 
courtesies extended by Generals Grant, Hancock, 
Logan, Brevet Muj. Gen. (S, N. Y.) J. Watts de 
Peyster, Generals Beauregard, FitzHugh Lee, 
Lodgstreot, Early, Capt, Waddeli, Paul F. Motte- 
lay, war and navy departments, etc. Gin. 
Skelton and Bulkle.y Book Co. 1886, 2 v. (11+) 
viii-|-390 pp,, additional, col'd vignette t. p , illus,; 
(6+)416pp,, illus. S° [97,78-1; 87] *A:4933.1-2 
Larned, Edwin Cbanning, In memory of. Chic. 
A. C. McClurg and Co. 1886. 130 pp., 1 port. 
8" [97,782; 87.] 24:2160 

OmIrnU: In meniori of Eilwin C. L»rnf d ; W, C. L. — lotroduc- 
Iorr remark! 1 E, B, IVixhiuiihe. — Memorial uddref 9 ; Daniel 
OooDwiic.jr, — Addr^is; S, 8. Habbi*. bp. of UlfliigHD,— Addr»a: 
Jiid^ Henry W. Blouiett. — AddrexH : Franklin HAtVatoH, — Pn- 

ivniHiiao of i»r(rai>: Qpn, A. C. McCLvao.— Argument or E. C. LiuiB 

Lee, Ji^- Frederick George. King Edward VL, 
supreme head: an historical sketch, with 
an introd. and notes. Lond, Burns and Oates. 
1886, xxxii+261 pp, 1 fold, chart 12= [97. 
680; 87.] 24:815 

Lombardo-VonetO. Carta topografica del regno, 
che cd incisa a Uilano ncll' latiluto geografico 
militaro dell' I. R. atato maggiore generate au- 
slriaco. Topographiache Karte des Lorabardiach- 
venetianischen Konigreichs, nach astronomtsch- * 
trigone melrischen Vermeasangen gezeicbnet uud 
gestochen zu Muiland, in dem mililarisch-geo- 
graphischen Institut dea k. k. cesterreichischeu 
Generalquartiormeiaterstabs. 1833. 41 maps, obi. 
f, fold, to 8°, in 2 boxes, vignette t. p. [36, 
R73; 87.] *6d:2971-2 

History, etc. 


History, etc. 

London, The pictorial handbook of: comprising 
its antiquities, architecture, arts, manufacture, 
trade, social, literary, and scientific institutions, 
exhibitions, and galleries of art; together with 
some account of the principal suburbs and most 
attractive localities. Illus. with 205 engravings 
on wood, by Branston, Jewitt and others; and a 
new and complete map, engr. by Lowry. Lond. 
Bohn, 1854. 504+ (505-540) -f 505-910 pp., 
frontis., illus. 16^ [9,055; 87.] 60:2485 

[London.] Post oflSce London directory for 1883. 

June edition. 84. annual publication. Lond. 

F. Kelly. 1883. xxx-[-2618-f 336 pp., I map. 4^ 

[89,788; 87.] *60:3251.2 

The same for 1886-87. Annual publication. 
xxviii+2670+320 pp., 1 fold. map. [1*7,847.] 


Long, Lessel. Twelve months in Andersonville. 
On the march, in the battle, in the rebel prison, 
and last in God*8 country. By L., private Co. F, 
13. Ind. Inf. Huntington, Ind. T. and M. Butler, 
1886. 199+1 pp., illus. 8° [97,708; 87.] 29:2910 

Lynch, James D. The bench and bar of Texas. 

St. Louis. Author, 1885. 610 pp., 8 ports. 8° 

[97,687; 87.] 23:1072 

M'ClllloCh, John Eamsay. A dictionary, geo- 
graphical, statistical, and historical, of the vari- 
ous countries, places, and principal natural objects 
in the world. In which the articles relating to the 
United States have been greatly multiplied and 
extended, and adapted to the present condition 
of the country, and to the wants of its citizens. 
By Daniel Haskel. N. Y. Harpers. 1855-8. 
2 V. vii, 1148 pp., 4 fold, maps; 1108 pp., 3 
fold. maps. 8^ [9,876; 27,101; 87.] *60:491-2 

Martha, Constant, liltudes morales sur I'antiquite. 

Par. liachette. l683. vii(+ii)+339 pp. 12° 

[97,593; 87.] In|0:543 

Cbntents: L^^Ioge Aindbre chez les Romains. — Le philonophfi 
Carn^ade k Itome. — Lcs contiolations dann Tantiquit^. — L'exam<^n 
de cou«cience chex lea anciens. — Uh chri^ticndevenu paien. — Un 
palen do?enu chr^tien. 

Matthews, Brander and HuttOO) Laurence, editors. 
Actors and actresses of Great Britain and the 
United States, from the days of David Garrick 
to the present time. [Vol. 1.] N. Y. Cassell. 
[1886.] x+279pp. 12^ [97,701; 87.] 23:1125.1 

CbntentH : Garrick and his conteinporarie8 : Introduction; B. 
Matthews and L. Laubknck.— ClmrleH Macklin; William Abchrb.— 
James Qiiin ; Robert W. Lowe. — Katherino Clivc; Austin Dubhon. — 
Darid Garrick ; Austin Dobson. — Marfirarot WofRngton ; Austin 
DoBSOM. — Spraneer Barry and his wife; Walter HerricH PoLLOclt.— 
Samuel Foote; Brander Matthews. — Thomas Sheridan; Brander 
Matthews.— Henry Mossop ; Rolx^rt W. Lowe.— Frances Abington ; 
Pcrcjr Fitzoebald. — George Ann Bellamy; Percy Fitzhebald.— Tato 
Wilkinson; William AurHEB.— Lewis Hnllam ; Ldward Eqoleston.- 
John Henderson; Walter Herries Pollock.— Index. 

Miner, Myrtilla: a memoir. Bost. Boughton, 

Mifflin and Co. 1885. vi, 129 pp., 1 port. 16° 

[97,672; 87.] 24:2691 

Mitchell, Samuel Augustus. An accompaniment 
to Mitcheirs map of the world, on Mercator's 
projection; containing an index to the various 
countries, cities, towns, islands, etc., represented 
on the map, and so connected therewith, that the 
position of any place exhibited on it may be 
readily ascertained : also, a general description 
of the five great divisions of the globe, America, 

Mitchell, S. A. — {continued.) 

Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceanica, with their 
several empires, kingdoms, states, territories, etc. 
Phil. Hinman and Button. 1838. viii, 572 pp., 
1 fold, col'd pi. 8° [2,422; 87.] 60:505 

Mitchell, Samuel Augustus. Geographical ques- 
tion book; comprising geographical definitions, 
and containing questions on all the maps of 
Mitchell's school atlas. To which is added an 
appendix, embracing valuable tables in mathe- 
matical and physical geography. Phil. Cowper- 
ihwaitj Desilver and Butler. 1855. iv, 140 pp. 16® 
[96,273; 87.] 60:508 

Mitchell, Samuel Augustus. School atlas: com- 
prising the maps and tables designed to accom- 
pany Mitchell's school and family geography. 
Phil. H. Cowperthwait and Co. 1856. 10 pp., 
18 col'd maps (5 double), f ° [17,499; 87.] 


Monteith, James. Physical and intermediate ge- 
ography ; in two parts. Pt. 1. Geography 
taught as a science ; written and illustrated on 
the plan of object teaching. Pt. 2. Local and 
civil geography ; containing maps remarkable for 
their clearness, an improved system of map exer- 
cises, and a pronouncing vocabulary of geograph- 
ical names. N. Y. A. S. Barnes and Co. 1867. 
91pp., illus. f*' [16,089; 87.] *60:4019 

Munroe, G. K., editor. The Florida annual, im- 
partial and unsectional, 1886. With large new 
township map, revised to date. N.Y. 1886. 192 
pp., 1 fold, col'd map. 8° [97,451; 87.] 21:2355 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. (W. O. von 
Horn.) Der alte Vincke. Bin Lebensbild, fur 
das Volk und die Jugend dargestellt. Wies. 
Kreidel u. Niedner. [1859.] 96 pp., 4 pis. 18° 
[96,771; 87.] In 58:2826.8 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. {W. O. von 
Horn.) Die Belagerung von Wien. Eine Ge- 
schichte aus dem Jahre 1683. Dem Yolke und 
der Jugend erziihlt. 3. Aufl. Wies. J. Niedner, 
1874. 127 pp., 4 pis. 18° [96,771; 87.] 

In 58:2826.7 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. {W. 0. von 
Horn.) Christian Furchtegott Gellert. Bin 
LebenRbild fiir Deutschlands Jugend und Yolk. 
:^. Aufl. Wies. J. Niedner. 1875. 119 pp., 4 pis. 
18° [96,771; 87.] In 58:2826.8 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. {W. 0. von 
Horn.) Johann Jacob Astor. Ein Lebensbild 
aus dem Volke, fiir das Volk und seine Jugend 
bearbeitet. Wies. Kreidel u. Niedner. [I860.] 
102 pp., 4 pis. 18° [96,771; 87.] In 58:2826.9 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. (^W. 0. von 

Horn.) Von dem frischen und muthigen Seyd- 

litz. Wies. J. Niedner. 1869. [n. t. p.] 109 

pp., 4 pis. 18° [96,771; 87.] In 58:2826.8 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. (W. 0. von 
Horn.) W. O. von Horn (Wilhelm Oertel), ein 
wahrer Freund des Volkes. Bin Lebensbild, fur 
das deutRche Volk gezeichnet von Binem, der ihn 
lieb gehabt hat. Wies. J. Niedner. 1868. 176 
pp., 4 pis. 18° [96,770; 87.] 25:317 

HiaTOBT, XTO. 1 

otto, Franz, (psewl.) See Spainer, J- '^^ C. F. O, 

Palmer, Hev. Abrabum J. Tho history of the 48. 
regiment New York Slate Volunleers, in the 
war for tho union, 18fil-65. Brook. Ttteran 
Assoc, of the regiment. 1885. xvi-|-316 pp., 6 pis., 
illuB. 12= [97,432; 87.] 30:51 

Patteson, Mme Barbe. Chipa ft-om Tunis: a 
glimpse of Arab life, [Lond. Hnchetfe and 
Co. 188-.] vi, 244 pp. 12° [97,677; 87-1 


Peck, fifv. J, K. The Bcven wonders of tho new 
world. N. Y. Phillips ind Hunt. 1885. 320 
pp., 8 pis. IG" [96.935; 87.] 2!:2394 

Rajendraiala Milra, Wfiu. IndoAryans : contri- 
butions towards tho elacidntion of tboir anuient 
and medieval hiBtory. Lond. E. SUtnford. 1881. 
2 V. (iv+)xi+44343cviii pp., iliuB.;" nv+)vi + 
478-]-xxvi pp. 8° [i!7,70H; 87.] 10:555.1-2 

Rand, McNaltyf"' Co., pubs, improved indexed 
business utfas and shippers' guide, containing 
large scale maps of the dominion of Canada, old 
Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and tbo several 
states and territories of tho U. S. ; together with 
a complete reference map of the world, printed in 
colors from plates secured by loiters patent, produc- 
ing the clearest typographical effect of any known 
engraved plates, accompanied by a new and origi- 
nal compilation and ready reference index, showing 
in detail the entire railroad system, tho express 
company doing business over each road, and 
accurately locating all cities, townx, post offices, 
railroad stations, villages, couulies, parishes, is- 
lands, lakes, rivers, mountains, olc. Tho special 
features of this edition are: locating thu branch 
or particular division of railroad upon which 
each station is situated; the nearest mailing 
point of all local places; designating money order 
post offices ) telegraph stations ; and naming the 
express company doing business at tho points 
where the several companies have offices, and tho 
fall census returns to dale. 15. ed, Chiu. Rand, 
McNally and Co. 1886. 657 pp. f [97,753; 
87.] *8 

Reissmann, August. The life and works of Robert 
Schumann. Tr. from the 3. ed. of the Cerman, 
by Abby Langdon Alger. Lond. Bdls. 1866, 
x+276 pp. 12° [97,745; 87.] (Bohn's stand- 
ard lib.) 25:903 

Renier, Cbarles-Alexandre-Leon. Memoire sur 

loB officiors qni assisteront au conseil de guerre 

tenu par Titus, avaut da Uvror I'assaut au temple 

de Jerusalem. Par. 1867. (Acad. Inscript. 

France, v. 26, pp. 269-334.) In+62:15T6 

Rich, Eliha. Germany and France: a popular 

history of the Franco-German war. Lond. 

Sonnenschein. 1884. 2 v. in 1. 524 pp., illns.; 

634C+6) pp., illns. 4° [97,709; 87.] *27:3004 

Rltch, William G. Aztiaa. The history, resources 

and attractions of New Mexico. 6. ed. 27. 

thouB. Eev. and onl. Bost. Lothrop. 1885. 

263 pp., vignette t. p., 2 fold, maps, illus. 8° 

[97,404; 87.] 2I;2420 

HuTOKT, no. 

Roug6, Oliver-Charles-Camille-Emmanuel, vieomte 
de. Hecherchos sur lee monnmente qu'on peat 
atlrihuerauxsix premieres dynasties de Manethon. 1866. (Acad. Inscript. France, v. 25, II. 
(M.) pp. 225-375, 8 pis. (5 fold.), illus.) 

RoyCB, Josiah. Csilifornia from the conquest in 
1846 to the second vigilance coromiltee in San 
Krannisco. A study of American character. 
Bost. Houghlon, Mifflin and Co. 1886. xv+513 
pp.,] fold.col'd map. 12° [97,685; 87.] (Amer. 
commonwealths; II. E. Scudder.) 30:319 

Sauicy, Louia-Folicion-Joseph Caignart de. No- 
tice sur une Inscription decouverte a Mnrsal 
(di-partement de la Mcurtho). Par. 1850. 
(Acad. Inscript. France, v. 16, (M) pp. 383-97, 
1 pi.) ln*62;1566 

Schrader, Kb[erhard]. Zur Frago nach dem "Ur- 
sprungeder alibabylonischen Cultur. Ausden 
Abhandlungcn der kiinigl. prcuss. Akademie der 
Wissenschafton nu Berlin vom Jahre 1883. Gele- 
sen in dor Sitznng der philos.-hislor. Classo am B. 
Februar 1883 nnd in der Gesammt-Sitzung am 6. 
Dezembcr 1883 [Silzungsbericht St. vii. S. 189 
und St, XLix. S. 1217]. Ber. Kimigl. Akod. der 
Wissensch. 1884. 49 pp. 4° [97,594; 87.] 

*| 0:631 9 
Serre, Theodore. La triere athenienne. Par. 
1884. (Acad. Sciences, Prance, v. 28, 2" ser. 
38(+2) pp., 2 fold, pis.) In *6I:1978 

Smith, J. E. A., compiler and editor. History of 
Berkshire county, Massachnsetts, with biograph- 
ical sketches of its prominent men. N.Y. J. B. 
Beers and Co. 1885. 2 v. in 1. iv-|-7i)l pp., 9 
pis. (1 double), 9 ports., 1 fold, map, 2 plans, illns.; 
v-l-708 pp., 18 plw., 38 portB., 1 plan, iltus. 4" 
[97,619; 87.] *303234 

Qmltnl-: V'll. I. OMiDgy Bud nifntralojty or BerkBhire cooDti; 
— T.ijwgniiihj; ,1. E. A. aniTB,— AUnriafDnl oivu|«iJnn — Scnlemeflt 
-' " -'(•(.[ro puiiniy; J. B. A. Smith.— The French sod lodtanmn. 

J. E. A.Smi 
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kohl re 


■ - PMrof Wl.. 

..J .. Berk «hin- bench »i>d bur; 

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II.C.[liiiwiu.L.-HulintWubtngUn; H.F. KiiTW.-NewHarlborouibi 
H. T. FaoaT. - New AaUronf; BeiiJ. F. HlkU. ~ Mia; Ora. A. 
B1IIP.IBD. — Perm INiT.A. B. WMirrLI. — PltMfleld; J. E. A SuTn- 
Riehniond; Kei. A. B. Wbifi' " ~ 

Hhsov; Bev. A. B. Wm; 

-BhelHeldi U. P. kiiTS.^Iockbrii 

-TyHnjiiiam; 0. C. 1^id*«ll.— WaBhiDnoni aTb! 
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Omtcnts: A sharp lookout. — A spray of pine. — Hard fare. —The 
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Winter neij^hbors. — A salt breese.— A spring relish,— A riTer view. — 
Bird enemies.— Phases of farm life.— Boof-tree. 


Science, etc. 


Science, etc. 

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— Further remarks on the Greek que.««tion. — Scientific culture ; its 
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I'anatomie descriptive et la physiologic ; 2° I'hygi- 
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Omienln: RnnuncuLae«e. 

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CbnfcFtfn: School hygiene; FYftnk Wilu.— HentrngsDiJ mtilk- 
tlnn; K. W. Dijini.-Tlie uie and cure of the even, egpecixllv dorin* 
HChoal year*; C. H. Wii.LitHii.-E|>HeinicH and disiDrpclion : G. K 
Bhittuck. — DmiDBBei Frnnlt Wkili. — The relation of our nuWie 
schools to th« [llsor<(Prs of the nortous sjstam ; C. F. Founa. 

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■' GraiKle Brel.^che."— Madsme de Beaus«anl. 

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pp. 12" [97,652; 87] 35:4692 

Nillt.— J»ritfho Jim. — Loel on a railnrBy. — Dotlor Purker'i! P»tly. — 
Dorim nnd IMn. — Some accoiiot of lliomaB Tucker.— The forirer'B 
hririe.-Too lale.-My tlmnkHRivinB.— How she found ont.-AnnTot- 

niocking.- Sallj I'arson'i duly.— A fcird iMson.- 'Liab's flrat Clirisl- 

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Fiction (Sh^ItiA). 



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Pai^TEk.— How (Jui'dulliKon waH WDt down; J. ST»Lir.— Au pair. 
Ftom 'rpiiijilp Int.— My firnt client; F. J. Ftauiw. («Nff* Omirm.l- 
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TMtaDMM wiitui.— Tbs Ideal lUGhiogx of JeHUS.— The end. 


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n-n'w'»- Iniroduciion.-<!o(.ihB-» ynuih; Homiio S. Whit«. - 
Goi^llLe''a Hclt-eiillurv; John Almii. — OnpIhi>'> tiluniHni ; Thoniu 
iJimwoM.- Goethe und BollUlir; Ue>. Cyrus A. BmTot. — Goplhe'ii 
MArchi'D: Rci. Frcderio H. llimi. — Ooellie'ii rrlntinn tn En^lith 
I Horn litre 1 F. B.Basidik,— Goelliemi ii plsrwnjiht : William I irdiny 
PoiTiiiniii.- Diu RwiK-WeiMlrhPi E. D.OBuxii.- Tlieeln-tlveann- 
iiiiii: fl. H. Kiiiiir,Jr.— CliIldlifBuBjiutlniyniby Gtwihe; Mn-.OaiM- 
lino K,Bbi»b*». — HiBlory (iriheniuclpopm; Donlon J, SniBU.- 
rioetlieN women ; Mrx. Julia Ward Howt. — Ouelhe'M Fau»t ( W. T. 
lUnHii.— ludPi. 

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aj«l'«ri: Eniiy und rr..'pnt uondiiion-t. — Grnwth of the Amorlcan 
flchnol. — WllliuQiCiillenBrynnt.- JnlmGiTi-nlpaf Wliillipr— Rsli>h 
WuhlD enxTHon.- lIi'DO' Wudxwi.nh LoniirellDW.— Ediwr Allan Pod. 
-■.iliirpr Wendell HolmeK.-JainonHUKBeU Lo-pU.-WaU Whilnian.- 
Baynni Tnjlrir,- Tlie outlook.— I ndei. 

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Curiosities of the old lottery. Boat. Ticknor. 
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Onlimti: Dnrwlniiin vcrifirtl. — Mr. Mitnrion DHrwiniim.— Dr. 
Bnlenutn on Llnnrlnlxm — Ur. batliiirr mi LhirtriniHm. — A crumb for 

-MoJf m wiWficmn. — Uoi'iite'f Poiuiiye iilSloinpliy. — Mr. lliipkl'o'ji 

LIbsrkTfducBlion.— UnicerBliy rcforrn.— A lilinir'iui'K nork. 

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OiTilnl/: Vol. S. Fori'iKnn'lBliunB: rnniillii». — ForuiHii poli'^^y- 

Vol, ». Wht»kpy rpU-IUon.-Mililiiry mprw.-Tl.p Jefferson nin- 
tmTFrer.—Tliv Adniiiv oulrovrr^y.— Tlie l(i';nc>lrl» i>nir>|ililDl.-)liB- 
«lliiu«}iu paperii. 

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vii(-t.T)+447 pp. 12° [97,281; 87.] 33:1896 

y rrom Korlniiclillv i¥T[rir, 

liahdj ri-Timr, Nov, IBUT.)— 

_.... (Fwlnigliiljn.i-iPB.Jiily 

Uthnir. (pDrtiHi^lKI)' rrrkir, 

Conlmli: The ohniup iiF bnnkK (narllv rrom For 
April WTfl).— Culture: BilUiloiiiie. (FoHniahdJ rrrit ,. . 
P.M«ndjwc»ul; « IpH.t (oHr. Ru,.kin. (Fwlnigliilj n.™ 
ins.) — Thr ronuiiircor 111* nri^Re: Uthnir. IpDmnaliCI)' 
JiinoIBTOJ—FnnKjF'i'lin'nfcVlj'lp. (Nonli Aini-rHiii 

..•',Anrl) m«.)-Oi»'ii_ „ . 

P"-!.)— Aplrnfi.rihrTiiw 
-rhilp. (rHiliimllunulle, 

i!u:ia.|l|.,M«jl*i«.l— Her 

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the bibliophile, N, Y, G. J. Coombes. 1 

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Kult. Tlir InitlHl Ipilvrn, hMil nn<l Inrl-rin'oi were ili'.- 
and dnitn oprclnlljr for ll>i« voliimr. by Oen. k. UAlm. 

OmlrnU: PrcTalDry liiit<>, wltli n Lallndp i>r thr rfiil anil M 
I.lli-rur}' rnrKiTira.— IMrifli r.'KliiKTK.— Bookin''n nt Kuiiic.—H 

biKiki.— A iKMjknuui'i purgutory-— EoToy ; a bailadfl of the unit 
libla.— Indei. 

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0."/™li.- To: W. M. Tlinckemy— Chnrlps Dickens.— Pip rre de 
RonxnM.—HcradoIiiB.— Mr. Alriaailor Papp.— Lurlan of S>mn»u.- 
Miitire Fniiinj* KhWIrIh.- Jhh* AiiiIri.— Mvtor luak U'llioa — 
.M.Clmprlnin.-tIirJ<)linMaDDdPTiIl(i, kl.— Alriiindre Diimai-.-Ttiw- 
i'riluii.— F^nr AUku Poe.— «ir Waliw eonct,— Euwbiii> of Guiiam. 
—IVnyBTuhcShpIIPV.— UoDtirurde St olitR.— Robert Biimx,— Lord 
Byron.— Ulnar Klwyytm.— Q, Honttius Flnwu*. 

Life (The) of a prig by one. From the 2. Eng. 
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718; 87.] 33:583 

Little, Jiei'. Charles E., compiler. Historical lights: 
a volume of 6000 quotations from standard 
historioB and biographies ; and 20,000 cross refer- 
ences, with a general index and index of personal 
names. These extracts consist chiefly of facts and 
incidents. They are doBigned for those who desire 
ready acceBs to the events, the lessons, and the 
precedents of history, in the preparation of ad- 
dresses, esBiiys, and sermons, also in pleadings at 
the bar, in diseuBsing political issues and in writ- 
ing for the press. N. Y. Funk and Wagnalls. 
1836. vi+958 pp. 8° [97,717; 87.] *|(:2681 
Manners, Janetta {Lady John), Some of the ad- 
vantages of easily accessible reading and recre- 
ation rooms and free libraries, with remarks on 
starting and maintaining them, and suggestions 
for the selection of books. llopc. from " The 
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(Works. 36.) 33:4028 

Cl«'.'..'..- Mi.» Tii'ltlplohv's Iwliircs on En^lii-li lii»lnrv.-P.wre 
hy ilip i'oniriiiiiinr.-MiBiTildnpoiii. <-oniriliiiiion« lo ■■ Puoptf-,- 
ViTs<.«,— "rtnoli'- nnd ■■ I''r" pii|«ni.— CHncaliirw. 

Thackeray, William Makepeace. Miscellaneous 
esBaya, sketches and reviews, Illus. by the 
author. Lond. Smith, Elder and Co. 1885. x-f 
400 pp., 9 pis., illus. 12° [96,925; 87,] (Worts, 
25.) 33:4027 

—bimirchli- 'tHDiliirfK. irilTi Joneph BrPBiiro and Aniw Miller.--* 

arri, ami tlie i;lwnH4i of the MlMtny praftninn,-Strlctatn do [wt- 
> ■ . — . ..,- • ■-,— A piclorial rhapmidy.— On 

'BiwyB, letipr*. "kricL _ _ „,. 

fl skpfli-Tlook.— Tlic dlunUv' of lilrniUi're.— Mr*! Tliocki-tsi lB"lh* 
I'nili'il Stnli-K,— Gnrllip in hi* nlil age.— TIip Idlrr,— Tinibiietuo.— Dr- 
Jolinnon aud (Soldi lu it li.-Tllti liiKlory of DluarsiiDi Didillcr, 

Thompson, Maurice. By-wuys and bird notes. 

N. Y. J. B. Alden. 1885. 179 pp. 12° [97, 

284; 87.] 33:4045 


IS.— Some mlaar aoog-birdi.- 


0ntHg ^iilUlin. 

No. 88. 









LOUIS L. SADLER, ex-oJSeio, . 

i, w. c. Fourth and Main sts. (Sodtuirk at>, Mt. Afburh). 
. COUMTY TRKABUaKll's Ofpicr (10 Caluouh btrbet] 


Ou Co.'B oTFici (185 East Sixth strut), 

i CoLLioa BuiLDivo (43 W. Ninth strkrt). 

48 Rack btrekt. 

. ' . Union Stock Yardb (106 Eterbtt Street). 

liiss. ji.iaiJL:tir : 


16 Albion Pi^ce, Mouirr Ausviuf. 

•T«rj Otj in tho year, Sundaye includod, from S a. m. to 9 
r. H. The special depRrtmcnU are open u follows : 

DSLiyaiiT Hall, (except Sundsfi) 8 a. u. to 9 f. m. 
Main Hall, (every day) 8 a. w. to 9 p. m. 
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Newbfaper Roow, (ovorj day) S a. h. to 9 p. u. 
Art Roou, (except Sundays] 8 a. h. to 6 p. ii. 
" " (on Sundays) 9 a. m. to 4 p. u. 

RSADIVG Boohs. — Any person of good deportment 
■nd liabit;, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
eonialt books, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

HouB USE OF EoOKn-Seatdenta of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by rogistoring name and residence and 
tnrniihing satisfactory security in tho form prescribed by 
tbe Board. [In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollan or of tho value of Iho work desired may be made.) 
Jton-reMilienfa may withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of three dollan and an annual payment (in advance) 
of flve dolUn. 

two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not bo reissued to the same person until they 
have bcoD in the library twonty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a day, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to an; one owing fines or charges. 

The Librarian is at all timos ready to aesiat per- 
1 tho invottigation of special subjects, by indicating 
urces of information so far as the Library c 


2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 

against it. 

3. All complaints should bo made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter giriiig the ttane 
and rtsidtnet of the prrstm aggrievtd. Anonymous comrou' 
nications can not be noticed. 





Ahlwardty W., editor, Tho divans of the six 
ancient Arabic poets Ennabiga, 'Antara, Thara- 
fa, Zuhair, 'Alqama and Imrunlqais, chiefly ac- 
cording to the mss. of Paris, Gotha, and Loyden, 
and the collection of their fragments; with a list 
of the various readings of the text. Lond. Trub- 
ner. 1870. xxx+114(+226) pp. 8° [97,848; 
88.] 1:3984 

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friesischon Spracho. Etymologisch bcarbeitet. 

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pp.j (4+)781 pp.; (4+)635 pp. 8<^ [96,726; 88.] 

ContcfiU: Wo\.\. A— pitjcn. *|»5438.1-3 

Vol. 2. H— put-wftter. 

Vol. 3. Q— Z. Nobat Nachtmg iind In<iico8. 

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ginners. Text, translation, transliteration, vo- 
cabularies and word-lists. 2. ed., enl. Chic. 
Amer. Pub. Soc. of Hebrew. 1885. 93 pp. 12° 
[97,275; 88.] In |:1819 

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Pub. Soc. of Hebrew. 1885. 170-f 93 pp. 12<^ 
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into English, with introd., marginal analysis, 
essays, notes and indices. Oxf. Clarendon press. 
1885. 2 V. (vi+)oxlv+302 pp.; (44-)320 pp. 8° 
[97,276; 88.] 1:2860.1-2 

Qmtcnts: Vol. 1. Introduction and trannlation. 
Vol. 2. Pt. 1. Notts. 

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bracing text, notes, and an etymological vocabu- 
lary. Bost. Ginn, Heath and Co. 1883. viii + 
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miri proverbs and sayings, explained and illus. 
from the rich and interesting folk-lore of the 
valley. Bombay. Education Soc. press. 1885. 
viii+263 pp. 12° [97,831; 88.] |:4626 

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ser. 12. ed., rev. With grammatical tables. 

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:^6 pp. 12° [97,256; 8S.] 1:1621.1 

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Yule, Col. Henry and Burnell, Arthur Coke. 
Hobson-Jobson : being a glossary of Anglo- 
Indian colloquial words and phrases, and of kin- 
dred terms; etymological, historical, geographical 
and discursive. Lond. Murray. 1886. xlviii-f 
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Religion and Theology. 

Blunt, Jiev. John Henry. The reformation of the 
church of England: its history, principles, and 
results. Lond. Eivingtons. 1882-5. 2 v. xi-f 
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ConienU: yo\.\. 1614-47. 4:1290.1-2 

Vol.2. 1647-1W2. 

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tianity. Lond. Longmans, 1886. xvii-|-454 
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Ireland. Vol. 1. Belfast. R, S. Allen, Son 

and Allen. 1885. xvi -1-480 pp. 12« [97,826; 

88.] 4:4206.1 

Contents: VfeaXey and his times. 

Cyrillus, ^bp. of Alexandria^ St. (Jommentary 
on the gospel according to St. John. Oxf. 
J. Parker and Co. 1874-85. 2 v. Ix-f 684 pp., 
additional vignette t. p.; xiv-f (ii-|-)731 pp., ad- 
ditional vignette t. p. 8° [T. 4,657; 88.] (Lib. 
of the fathers.) 3:2198.1-2 

Contents: Vol. 1. Chapters \-%. 
Vol. 2. Cluiptcrs D-21. 

Giles, Rev. John Allen. Apostolic records of 
early Christianity, from tho date of the cracifix- 
ion to the middle of the 2. century. Lond. Beeves 
and Turner. 1886. vii+440 pp. 8« [T. 4,660; 
88.] 4:889 

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author's permission, by Ernest Dare. Lond. 
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Leo !•> pope. Select sermons of S. Leo the Great 
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the "tome". Tr., with notes, by William Bright. 
2. ed., rev. and enl. Lond. J. Masters and Co. 
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Platform aids. Lond. Hodder and Stoughton, 

1886. (8+)286pp. 12^ [T. 4,659; 88.] (The 

clerical lib.) 5:4548 

Omtcnts: Index of authors. — Index of subiects. — Divisioiis: 
Homo work.— Foroicn nriiHuionB.— Bible distribution.— Temperance.— 
Miscellaneous section. 

Schliref , Rev. Emil. A history of the Jewish 
people in the time of Jesus Christ. Being a 2. 
and rev. ed. of a " Manual of the history of New 
Testament times.*' 2. division. Tho internal 
condition of Palestine, and of the Jewish people 
in the time of Jesus Christ. Tr. by Sophia Tayloe 
and Rev. Peter Christie. Bdin. T, and T. 
Clark. 1885. 2 v. xii+379 pp.] viii+327 pp. 
8° [97,827; 88.] (Clark's foreign theol. lib. 
N. ser., V. 23.) 4:284.1-2 

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tianity. Tr. from the Russian. Lond. Pavl^ 
Trench and Co, 1885. x+384 pp. 12^ [97,825; 
88.] " 3:3268 

Wherry, Rev, E. M. A comprehensive commen- 
tary on the qurdn : comprising Sale's transla- 
tion and preliminary discourse, with additional 
notes and emendations. Together with a com- 
plete index to the text, preliminary discourse, and 
notes. Vol. 3. Lond. Trubner. 1885. viii+ 
414 pp. 8^ [97,839; 88.] (Trubner's orientol 
ser.) 10:2253.3 



Philosophy and Education. 

Barratt, Alfred, PhyHiuul ethics; op, Ihc science 
offtClion; an eBBBV. Lond. Williams and Nor- 

gate. 1S69. iv+(ii-|-)387 pp. 8° [97,^15; 88.] 

Porter, Noab. Kam's ethics: a critical expOBi- 
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249 pp. lt>° [97,77:1; 88.] (German philoB. clas- 

eicB for Eng. readers and Btodenta; G. S. Morris.) 

Ribot. Theodulo. German psyeliology of to-daj-. 
The ompirieal school. Tr. from the 3, French 
ed. by Jamca Marlt Baldwin. With a profuco by 
James MoOosn. N. Y. fkribners. 1886. xxi-f 
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philosophy. Tr. with the author's sanelion by 
Sarah Frances Alletne and Evelyn Abbott. 
Lond. Longmans. 1886. xv+3u3 pp. 12° 
[97,856; 88.] 2:236 

Rhetoric, Elocution, Phonography, etc. 

Baker, Goorgo M., compiler. The popular speaker: 
comprising fresh eoiections in poetry and prose, 
hnmorons. pathetic, patriotic, for reading clubs, 
school declamation, home and public entertain- 
ment>i; containing the selections published in the 
fieading-^lub. Nob, 13, 14, 15, Ifi. Boat. Lee and 
Shepard. 1885. 8-i-127{-|-«) pp. 16° [96,(102; 
88.] 2:^703 

Salt. OmIniitK all.;: Coutcntn iiC Hendill^.L-lllb, Nus. \-\i. 

Bent, Samuel Arthur. Hints on language in con- 
nection with sight-reading and writing in pri- 
mary and intormediale schools. Bost. Lee and 
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matioDS. Bust. Lee and Shepard. 1SH6, is, 
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college.) 2:3728 

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tions, Bost. Lee and Hhepard. 1886. viii, 
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ooUege.) 2:3729 

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Randall-Oiehl, ^rs. Anna, compiler. The eureka 
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Suitable for schools, social ontorlninmonts, public 
and private readings. N. Y. J. A'. Ogilvie and Co. 

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sentative art. N. Y. Pvtnams. 1886. xv+ 

346 pp. 12° [97,380; 88.] 2:3963 

Remlap, (^pseud. for Palmer?) M. T. Select 
readings for public and ptivale entertainment, 
containing choice selections of the most palhoiie, 
gay, humorous, heroic, sublime, and patriotic 
speeches and poems, accompanied by explanatory 
notes; together with appropriate elocutionary in- 
structions ; the whole adapted to the purposes of 
improvement in the art of reading and speaking. 
Chic. G. A. Gaskell Co. 1885. 320 pp. 12° 
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Shoemaker. Charles C., editor. Young folks' dia- 
logues. Designed for use in every form of pub- 
lic and private entertainment. Now and original. 
Phil. National school of orat. 1886. vi, 120 pp. 
12° [96,996; 88.] 2:3827 

Shoemaker, Mrs. J. W., compiler. Young folks' 
speaker, doBigiiod for children ten years old and 
younger, and containing a wide variety of short 
pieces suitable for all kinds of juvenile entertain- 
ments. Phil. National school of eloc. and oral. 

1886. vi, 100 pp. 16° [97,806; 88.] 2:3828 
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ix-f 271 pp., illus. 8° [96,923; 88.] 2:3472 

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History, Biography, Geography and Traveis. 

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worthies; Andrew Lang.) 24:586 

Anville, Jean-Baptiste Bourgnignon d'. Descrip- 
tion du golf'e d'Ambracie, oil s'est donnee la 

bataillo d'Actium. Par, 1768. (Acad. Inacript. 

Franco, v. 32, pp. 513-28. 1 fold, map.) 

In *62:1532 

Anville, Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d'. Limiles 
du monde connu dcs anciens au delii da Gango. 

Par. 1768. {Acad. Inscript. France, v. 32, pp, 

604-26. 1 Ibid, map.) In *62:1532 



HiSTOBT, Etc. 

AnvillB, Jean-BaptiBte Bourgaignon d\ Becher- 

ches geographiques concernant Texpedition de 

Tempereur Heraclius en Perse. Par. 1768. 

(Acad. Inscript. France, v. 32, pp. 559-72. 1 map.) 


Anviliey Jean-Baptiste Bourgaignon d\ Eecher- 
cheB geographiqnes et bistoriquos sur la Seri- 
qae des anciens. Par. 1768. (Acad. Inscript. 
France, v. 32, pp. 573-603. 1 fold, map.) 

In *62:1532 

Anville, Jean-Baptiste Bonrguignon d\ Recher- 

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1768. (Acad. Inscript. France, v. 32, pp. 529-58. 

1 fold, map.) In *62:1532 

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pursuit of the hostile Chiricahua Apaches in the 
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ings chiefly from old newspapers of Boston and 
Salem, Massachusetts. Selected and arranged, 
with brief comments. The days of the s*pinning- 
wheel in New England. Bost. Ticknor, 1886. 
vii+99 pp., illus. 16^ [97,681; 88.] 10:5631 

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Butler. Samuel, bp. of Litchfidd and Coventry, 
Outline maps adapted to Butler^s general atlas, 
for the use of schools. Engraved by S. Hall. 
Intended to be filled up and coloured by the pupils. 
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and uniform system of scales, constructed ex- 
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QmtenU: Ephialtes. — Kimon. — Pcrikle«. — Phormion. — Archi- 
damoB.— Kleon.— Brasidafl.— DeroostbeDes. — Nikias.— Ilcrmokrates. 

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distico, descriptivo 6 histdrico de los Estados 
Unidos Mexicanos. Mexico. Ofic. tip. de la Se- 
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Daubeny, Charles. A description of active and 
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nomena, the character of their respective products, 
and their influence on the past and present con- 
dition of the globe. 2. ed., greatly enl. Lond. 
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or, scenes along river and road in Fah-Kien. 
With a map, and illus. from sketches by the author. 
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A history of the Indian wars of the far West 

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Hnhro&T, xtc. I 

[Fremont, Ohio.] Proceedings at the unveiling of 
tho Soldiers' monument on the eite of Fort Ste- 
phenson. FrcmoiiL The democratic messenger. 
1885. 123 pp., ti pU., 1 plan. 8° [97,788; 88.1 

Omlmlt: Ontioa; Gen. J. D. Cui. — Porln; Capt. AiMrvw C. 
KsHPH,— aidDrkMlnddrcrm: Carl. J. M. l.unoir.— Aivoiirit of lUo 
heruk /lelaiHW of tli« fort, b; HhJ. Gpu. CTOgaa, Aum. X. IHI^- — Dln- 

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and ber colonies. N. Y. Scribners. 1886. xi 
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alios, for tho one of colleges, schools, and gen- 
eral readers. N. Y. Applelon. 18C9. 4 pp., Iti 
maps CI double) on 14 pie. 8" [23,386; 88 ] 


Gfbert, Joseph- Bait httjsar. ficlaircisBemenB Bur 

les regnes de quolques rois de Babylone et do 
Perse. Par. 1768. (Acad. Inscripl. Fmnco, v. 31, 
(M.) pp. 29-BO.) In *62:153l 

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' nologiedesroisdo Jadact d'larael. Par. 1768. 
(Acad. Inscripl. Franco, v. 31, (M.) pp. 1-28.) 

In *62:153l 
(Acad. Inscript. France, v. 31, (M.) pp. 51-80.) 

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picturesque beauty, made in the year 1776, on 
several parts of Ureat Britain ; particularly tho 
High-landB of Scotland. 2. ed. Lond. II. Bla- 
mire. 1792. 2 v. vii+xii-f221 pp., 23 pis., 1 
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C.L.Webster and Co. 1886. 2 v. 584 pp., 2 pis., 
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8" [97,958; 88.] 24:1393.1-2 

Bragg, William StopbcDsoo. (pseud.) fiee RobJn- 

son, F. M. 
Grubfl, A.W., editor. Charakterhildor aus dor Go- 

scbichte und Sage, fiir einen propiidcutischen 
Gescbichtsunterricfat. 25. Aufl. Leip. Brand- 
ttetter. 1885. 3 v. xxi-|-226 pp., 2 pis.; vi+302 
pp., froDtis.; vii+452 pp., frowtis. 8° [96,724; 


iaiHl«ni del QriHgen and der AiuicliI ilss Farum IkimaDliin (aiich 

einer Bakoaiitruclian Ton a. Bauemreind). 

Vol.1. Diu HilMlBltflr. Mi( dem Bildnin)' Knrb dex Orn><«in. 

Vol. a. Hit oeue Zcii. Mil tleni Bildnioa FricdrioliB rle> OruMen 
DDd einer SeltUTcl (nle Anlmng). _ 

GayOt, Arnold. The earth and man ; loctarcs on 
comparative physical geography, in its relation 
to tba history of mankind. Tr. from the French 
by C. C. Fblton. 11. thous. Boat. Oould and 
Lincoln. 1855. 334 pp., 2 maps, illus. 12° [5, 
906; 88.] 60:98 

The same. 16. thous. 1872. [37,144.] 80:^*83 
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years ago: personal recollections and remiuis- 
cences of a sexagenarian. Toronto. Hunter, Rose 
and Co. 1885. xi + 3u3pp.,10 pis., 2 ports. 12° 
£97,267; 88.] 21:1771 


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servieo. Boat. Ticknor. 1885. x-t-450 pp., 3 
plB., 19 porta., 13 plans (4 fold.). S" [95,977; 88.] 
Hutchinson, ^rs. Lucy (Aspley). Memoirs of Ibo 
life of Colonel Hutchinson, governor of Not- 
tingham castlo and town, representative of the 
county of Nottingham in tho long parliament, 
and of* tho town of Nottingham in the first parlia- 
ment of Charles II., etc.; with original anecdotes 
of many of the most distinguished of his contem- 
poraries, and a summary review of public affairs. 
From the original me., by the Kev. Julius Hutch- 
inson. To which iB prefixed tho life of Mrs. 
Uutchinson, written by herself. A fragment. 
[Lond. Ingram. Cookeand Co. 1838.1 (ii+)iv-f 
139 pp. 8° [2,000; 88.] (Standard editions of 
popular authors.) 23:908 

Jameson, jail's. Anna (Murphy). Uomoirs of tho 

early painters. From the 10. Eng. ed. Bost. 

Ticknor. 1866. 352 pp., 1 port. 16° [16,311; 

88.] 23:928 

Gmtenti: OioTBoni Cinmbue. — Oiotlo. — Loremo Ghibeiti.— Mn- 
i-iicclo.— Filings U|>|iiaDd Km AnMellcodiiFltwole.—BeDOuoODtialt. 
—AndrrndlCuflaKDuuidLuniSiKiiDivlll.— DomuDiuodalGhirlondiOo. 
— Andro Muntcnvi.— The Bpllinl.— IMotro Ppniglno.— FruDooco Bui- 
)»liDl, cnlli-d II Rranoii.— Fm Baltolnmmeo, cuTlvd also Baccio dolli 
l>orU and 11 Krate.— Lioimnla iln Vinci. — Mit^hnel AnKcla. — Andrea 
del Sana. ~ Kaphurl Snniio il'Urlilno. — Tlie Hliolarn ot Rapliiwi. — 
Currccnin nnd Oinraiuiie, und their Hholan. — rnrniijilHiia. — Oiot- 
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Omlmli: A pool'H lore.— LoTBSof tlio cianaic poets.— Iiotm oTthe 
' ' 'uiin.-duido Cnvaluinll and MRndelU.— Clno da I'intoja nod 
■ - .- "I.-* Pi»f i.oT.*k — n<int4 and BeHlrice Por- 
itu and I<idj Jane 

iniiuLT jind Philium I'icRrd. , . .. 

-Lorennnde'MsJlciandLucTetlaDDnali.— Fi 

».— 8pBn»«r'«BQ»iiltnd.— spei 


-Lord LvtwJ Ion. — Prinoo Free — — , 

indMeia.— Bonnie Jean.— Rkhland HHry.— L<»e» of Burns.— Houtl 
,nd his wlfs. ~ PoeW and beautiea fn-m Charlea It. to Uui^n Anne.— 
Iwin.Slena.andVnneBKa.— PniwandHnrthalUount.— I>opoand Lad; 
H. W. MontOKU, — INiptjcat utd bochelora. — VDltalre and Hme du 

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— Mmo de 8«Tigni>.~MiK 

— Anlar— 

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lehemet U\, pasha. See Halimoud. 

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In 58:282u.l0 
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U^moiro hut la reeliiution du templu du Jiipilor 
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In *62:1552 
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Being a brief skotch of the most interesting 
sichtB Hcen in Euroi)e, Africa, Aula, and America, 
ivliilo on a two years' ramble. N.Y. W. S.Gotta- 
berger. 1886. (44-)430 pp. 12° [96,930; 88.] 


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lift S. Godi-ici, beromitm do FincNftlo. Adjicilur 

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Bur quulques inscriptions arabea cxistant en 
Portugal, et rapportoes dana lo voyagu do J. 
Murphy, et dans tes memoircs de lilLerature por- 
tagaise publics par rAcaderaio royale des sciences 
de Lisbonne, Par. 1815. (Acad. Inacript. 
France, v. 2, pp. 596-615.) In *62:1552 

Sopllia, electress of Ernest Augustus of Ranovtr, 
Charles Louis, elector of the Palatinate, and 
Anna Gonzaga, >vife of the Count palatine Edward. 
Briefwechsel der Heraogin Sophie von Hannover 
mit ihrem Brnder, dem Kurfiirslen Karl Ludwig 
von der Ffalz, nnd des lelzteren mit seiner Schwii- 
gerin, der Pialzgr&&D Anna. Heraaageg. von 



Sopllia. ^c. — (Continued.) 

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dtirch die K. Archiv-Verwnltung. Loip. Ifirzel. 
1885. xix-l-492 pp, 8° [96,725; 88.] (Publi- 
cationen aus den k. preuss. Staatsarchiven, 26.) 

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lion of the mutes of travel by which ihe pio- 
neers and early seltlcre first cama to Kentucky. 
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]thy. Completed lo the present slate of knowl- 
edge. With a general index giving ihe latitude 
and longitude of every place named in tho maps. 
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maps. 8° [25,177; 88] *60:3948 

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introduclion to the study of geography on the 
principles of clusiiitiuuLion and comparison. With 
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vd., rov. and corr. Dub. IV. Curry, jun., and Co. 
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[Ed. by Charles Jackson.] Durham. AndreuJS 
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ern counties in 1630, with an appendix of other 
heraldic documents relating to the north of Eng- 
land. [Kd. by VV. Hylton Dyer LoNOBTAFFB.] Dur- 
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a compendious account of the anliunt and pres- 
ent state of tho counties of England. Lond, J. 
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70; 88.1 60:2461-7 

"I. Homcolnuit: Eaiiei.— Hertrordibire. — Kenl. 

Tnhire.— Doraetohire. — 
■lubin. - Wlltshini. t 

""'Vol. 8. Korfolk clrcuil : BedfoMiliire. — Butliinghsmshire. — 
CBmbrlilauhire.— HunliniRlniiEbire.— Hoifolk.— Suflolk. mnpa. 

Vol.i. Oifard clrcnli : Betlmhire.— GloucrXertbire.— Horeford- 
hIiIiv.— McnmouUwhint.— Oifordiihini. — ghru|uhin!.— SioflDrdsbire. 
— Woree*ti-r»lii™. ■ rn»p». 

— NanliiimbeTliuiil. — Wealmorlnnd. — Torkahire (north, paM tmd 
KB«i rWIng"). » rnKpn. 

Vol. T. Mlridlnin.— LoniJon nnd Wralmlnster. 

Walton, Izaak. The lives of j^Dr. John] Donne, 

[Sir HenrynWotton.rRichartT] Hooker, [George] 
Herbert, and [Robert] Sanderson. Illus. by nu- 
merous biographical notices. [Lond. Ingram, 
Cooke, and Co. 1833.] (viii-f)lOT pp. 8° [2, 
000; 88.] (Standard odilions of popnfar authors.) 
Id 23:908 



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wanderings of the fioetle. Lond. Orijfith, 
Farranand Co. 1885. vi-j-I78pp., vignolto t. p., 
illus. 8° [97,850; 88.] 22:2215 

Wheeler, c<ipt- George m. and Macotnb.-^i^'f- M. M. 

Tables of geographic poeUions, iiEimuths, nnd 
dialancos, together with lists of barometrie alti- 
tudes, magnetic declinations, and itineraries of 
important routes, from data gathered by parties 
of the IT. S. geographical aurveys west of the 100th 
meridian, operating in tho Btaten and territories of 
California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, 
Arisona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Wy- 
oming, 1883. Wash. 1885. 261 pp. 8" [96, 
783; 88.1 (Engineer depart., U. S. army.) 


Wietersheint, Eduard von. Gescfaichte der Viil- 
kcrwanderung, 2., rollst. uingearb. Anfl , be- 
sorgt von Felix Dabn. Leip. Weigel. 1880-81. 
2v. viii-l-637 pp., 1 double map; Ti(+iiH632pp. 
8° [9(5,619; 88.] 26:10^2.1-2 

y,>i' Vol. 2 includec: Ciudlen. uik) LiiiTiiliir-tVbi-tsi«lii [kvbH- 
m»li«^h!; F. I'iiis. 

Wilkes, Charles. Narrative of tho United States 
exploring expedition daring the years 1838- 
42. Phil. \_Author.] 1850. 5 v. Ix-f 434 pp., 8 
pis., 2 fold, maps, illus.; xv-f 476 pp., 14 pis., 3 
fold, maps, illus,; xv+438 pp., 12 pis., 1 fold, map, 
illus.; xvi-f539 pp.. 15 pis., 3 maps (2 fold,), illus.; 
xv+658 pp., 15 pis., 4 lold. maps, illus. 8° [2, 

411-5; i 


Wilson, 'S'i'r Charles W. From Korti to Khartum. 
A journal of tho desert march from Korti to 
tiubat, nod of the ascent of the Nile in Gen. Gor- 
don's steamers. 4. ed. Edin. Blackwood. 1886. 
xxix-{-317 pp., 1 fold, map, illus. 12° [97,901; 
88.] 26:1993 

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land ; or, ancient lacustrine habitations of Erin, 
commonly called crannogs. Dub. Bodges, Figgis 
and Co. 1886. xxi+(iii4-)268pp., 50pls., 1 map, 
illus. 4" [97, 935; 88.] *|0:6467 

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modern, 2. ed. Bost, Cummings and Billiard. 
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418; 88,] 60:667-8 

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rial, descriptive, and historical. A new ed., 
carefully rov. With numerous engravings on 
wood and steel, illustrative of tho scenery, arobi- 
tecturo, costume, and fine arts of that country, by 
Copley Fielding, F. Chetwick, 1). Cox, jr. and 
other artists. And a history of the eharacteristies 
of Greek art, illus. by George Scharf, jr. Lond. 
IT, S. Orr and Co. 1853. xxiv+468 pp,, 34 pis., 
1 map, vignette t, p,, illus. 8" [3,516; 88.] 


The same. Murray. 1868. xsiv-|-452 pp,, 15 

pis., i maps, 1 plan, vignette t p,, illus, [20, 

814] *60:2948a 

AmrsBitKiTS, rc. 

Amusements, Games, Sports, etc. 

Agnel, n. R. The book of chess: containing the 
rudiments of the game, and olomontarj- analy- 
ses of tho most popular openings. ExempMfiud 
in games actually played by the greatest masters; 
including Btannlon's analysis of the king's and 
queen's gambits, numerous positions and problems 
on diagrams, both original and sclectca ; also a 
series of chess tales. The whole extracted and 
tr. from the best sources, N.Y. Applelon. 1882. 
xv+7-509 pp., 4 pis,, illus. 12' [97,351; 88,1 

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cences of sport in India. Lond. W. IT. Allen 
and Co. 1886, xi+419 pp., 8 pifl, 8° [97,933; 
88.] 10:6856 

Campbell, John, An exact and anthonlic ac- 
count of the greatest white-herring fishery in 
Scotland, carried on yearly in the island of Zet- 
land by tho Dutch only. To which is prefixed a 
description of the island, it« situation, produce, 
the manners and customs of tho inhabitants, wiib 
their method of trading with the Dutch. Bepr. 
from the ed. of 1750. Edin. W. firotm. 1885. 
6+iv+33pp, 12" [97,833; 88.] |0:B90l 

Cavendish, {jiseud.) 5ce Jonas, Henry. 

DodaSOn, ^s", Charles Lutwidge. (^Lewis Carroll.) 
A tangled tale. With six illus. by Arthur B- 
Frost, 2, thous. Lond. Marmillan. 1885, (10 
+)152pp. 12" [97,352; 88,] 10:6174 

Griffith, Robert, Boys' useful pastimes. Pleas- 
ant and profitable amusement for spare hours. 
Comprising chapters on the use and care of tools, 
and detailed instructions by means of which boys 
can make, with their own hands, a large number 
of toys, household ornaments, scientific appliance* 
and many pretty, amusing and necessary articles 
for the playground, the house and out-of-doorR 
N, Y, A. L. Burt. 1885. 341 pp., illus. 16" 
[97.683; 88.] 10:6175 

Jones, Honry. {Cavendish.) Whist developments. 
American leads and plain-suit echo. 2. cd. T. 
de La Sue and Co. 1885, xiv+172 pp.. illus. 
16° [97,304; 88,] |0:6263 

KinlOCh, Alexander A. A. Large game shooting 
in Thibet, the Himalayas, and northern India. 
Calcutta, Thacker, .'ipink and Co. 1885. (ii+) 
vi(-|-ii)+237 pp,, 30 pis., 1 fold. map. 4° [97, 
922; 88.] *10;6o89 

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ness. Lond. Longmans. 1885. xi-|-283 pp., 
2 pis., illus. 12° [97,865; 88.] 10:6108 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Hunting trips of a rancb- 
man. Sketches of sport on tho northern cattle 
plains. Illus. by A. B, Frost, R Swain Gifford, J. 
b. Beard, Fannie E, Gifford, Henry Sandbam. 
N.Y, Putnams. 1886, xvi-)-347 pp., vignette 
t p. 8° [97,309; 88] |0:C023 

White, Charles. (C W. of Sunbury.) A selectioQ 
from chess problems composed during the past 
30 years. Lond. W.W. Morgan, jr. 1886. (iv-f) 
ii+U8 pp. 18° [97,832; 88.] 10:6307 

Science, Art and Industry. 

Alford, Marian M., lady. Needlework as art. 

Lond. Low. 188G. xxiii+422 pp., 85 ptf>. (5 
doable), Ulus. 8° [97,915; 88.] *53:-i 

Amateur work, illustratod. Ed. by the author 

of " Every man his own mccbanic." Lond. 
Word, Lockand Co. [1883,] f4+)534 pp., Ifi pis. 
(1 double, 10 fold.), illuB. 8° [95,516; 88.1 

Baird, Spencer Fullerton, Brewer, Tliomas Mayo 

and Ridgway, Kobert. Tlie water birdfl of 
2Jorth America. Issued In continuation of the 

Jublioalions of the geological survey of Calirnniia. 
. D. Whitney, state geologist. Boat. LUtte, 
Brown and Co. 1884. 2 v. xi+fi37 pp., illuB.; 
(«+)552 pp., illuH. 4" [92,166; 92,758; 88.] 
(Memoirt) of the Museum of coraparalive zoology 
at Harvard college, 12-13.) *44:3076.l-2 

Barnaby, Sydney W. Marine propcllera. Being 
a course of throe lectures delivered at tbo Royal 
naval collef^e, Greenwich, March, 1885. Lond. 
£. and F. N. Span. 1885. xi4-G5 pp., 4 pis. (H 
fold.), illus. 12" [97,880; 88.] 52:1112 

Bary, Heiorich Anton de and WoronJn, M. Bei- 
trage jsur Morphologiu und Phywiologie der 
Filzo. (Abgodr. a. d. Abhandl. d. Senekenb. na- 
turf. Gesollscb. Bd, 5, 7, 12.) Frankf. a. M. H. 
L. Bronner. 1864-82. 5 v. (4 + )96 pp., 6 pis. 
(1 col'd); (4-t-)43 pp., 8 pis. (4 coi'd); (6-i-)36(+ 
2)+95 pp., 12 pU. (5 colM); (4+)145 pp., 6 pis.; 
35 pp., 4 col'd pla. 4" [97,807; 88.1 


Sate. Vo], I ia bj Dt Bnrj. Tols, %Ji tij IK' B»rj anil Woronin, 
CaUmU: Vol. I. (1. BelhJi.) PfowmjceK nnd 

BxwooiM prani und die TnHbcn rxler Narren der POuunionblluinf . 

Zor Horpliologle dnr PtMUoidiwn. ayivgluvi mcMlociirnuK. 

Vol. 3. (1. Relhe.) EDlRickLuiiimnHwhiclKfl iler AkwIoIiih piil- 

dwirimni Cr. Mucot mucrda, Uucor Kiolunlfer. Ziir KentKnlns iter 

— .-, IB.) SptiBiriii lom»n«B, 8onl«rlii HmlMil* und 

coprDphila, ArUiroboli7iiohg(™[i.>ni; Eufitium, Ery-ijilio und Clcin- 
noliolua; nebst Bt'Dieckungen Oboi dip QcH'bloqIiltiorgaDe dca Aa- 

Vol. i. (1. Re Ihc.) Untpniiii^Tiiinf{«n flbcr din reronnaporpBD und 
BnprolegnlOMi nod die GriuidlBKau einea naiarlichen Sjeleuis d*r 

"v-oJ.S. (S. Rethc) Beitra«iurKennloiBiidBtni.lil.sinepn. 

BIddle, Tyrrel E. Amateur sailing in open and 

half decked boats. Lond. Norie and Wilson. 

1886. C4+)64+xvpp.,9pIs.,illu8. 8° [97,885; 

88.] 52:1113 

Bock, Josof Zincography. A practical guidu to 
the art as practised in connexion with lettor- 

B-esa priming. Rbv. and onl. ed. Tr. by E. 
KNKBN. Lond. Wyman and sons. [1885.] 55 
pp., illaa. 12= [97,886; 88.] 52:1251 

Boryntann, Eugen. Anieitung zur chomischcn 
Auulyse dos Woincs. Mit Vorwort von C. Ku- 
migiua Fhebenius. Wioa. C. W. Kreidel. 1884. 
viii+iea pp., 2 pla., illua. 12° [97,808; 88.] 

Burn, Kobert Scott. Systematic small farming; 
or, tbe lessons of my farm : being an introduc- 
tion to modern farm practice for small farmers in 
the culture of crope; the feeding of cattle ; the 
management of the dairy, poultry, and pigs; the 

I SdCMOS, Bra 

Burn, Robert Scott— (Cond'ntie'/.) 

keeping of farm work records ; the enailago sj-a- 
tem, construction of silns and other farm build- 
ings; the improvement of neglected farms, etc. 
Lond. C. Lockirood and Co. 1886. xiv+386 pp., 
iltuB. 12° [97,887; 88,] 52:2083 

Church, Arthur Herbert. English porcelain. A 
handbook to the china made in England during 
the 18. century, as illas. by specimens chiefly in 
the national collection. Pub. for the committee 
of council on edncation. Lond. Chapman nnd 
Hail. 1885. xiii+99 pp.,40plB.,illu8. 12" [97, 
898; 88.] 53:2786 

Gierke, Agnes M. A popular history of astron- 
omy during tbo 19. century. Edin. A. and C. 
Black. 1885. xiv+468 pp. 12° [97,834; 88.] 
Colyer, Frederick. A treatise on modern steam 
engines and boilers, including land, locomotive, 
and marine engines and boilers, for the use of 
sludenU. Lond. E. and F. N. Span. 1886. xii 
-t-128 pp., 46 pis. {35 fold.) 4° [97,877; 88.] 

Crawford and Balcares, Biri of. See Lindsay, 
A. w. c. 

Crookes, William. Select metboda in chemical 
analysis (chiefly inorganic). 2. ed., rowritton 

and greatly oul. Lond. Longmans. 1886. xxii 
+72b pp., illus. 8" [97,908; 88,] 51:1637 

Crookshank, Edgar M. An introduction to prac- 
tical bacteriology, bancd upon the methods of 

Koch. Lond. H. K. Lewis. 1886. xxiii+249 

pp., 30 pis. (27 col'd), illUB. 8° [97,914; 88.] 


Everitt, Graham. English caricaturists and 
graphic humourists of the 19. century. How 

they illualratodand interpreted ibeirtimcs. Lond. 

S. tionnenschein, Le Bas and Lowrey. 1886. xix4- 

427pp.,48pia.,lfac8. 4° [97,919; 88.] *A:8345 

Hanbury, Ada and others. Advanced atudiea of 
flower painting in water colors. Reproduced 
from original drawings, specially made for tbo 
work. With full directions for copying the ex- 
amples, general instructions on painting, and a 
description of each flower. By Blanche Han- 
BLBr. Lond. Blackie. 1886, xvi-f 56 pp., illus. 
4° [97,917; 88.] (Vero Foater's drawing-books.) 

Horstmann, A., Landolt, H[an8 Heinrich] and 
Winkelmann, A. Lohrbuch der physikaliscben 
nnd iheoretischen Chemie. 3., giinzlich umgearb. 
Aufl. dos in den friiberen Auflagon von Buff, Kopp 
and Zamminor bearbeiteten Workcs. In drei 
Abthoilungen. Abtb. 1. Braun. Vieweg. 1885. 
xii+708 pp., 1 col'd pi., illua. 8° [97,809; 38.] 
(Grabara-Otto's Analuhrl. Lobrb. dcrCfaemie, lid. 
1, Abth. 1.) *5|:1673.1 

amiraw r'hjsikMiKchol^rirpn; A, Wni»r>.«iiiiH. 

Jackson, Lowie D'A., compiler. Statistics of hy- 
draulic works and hydrology of England, Can- 
ada.Egypt, and India. Lond. W. Thackerand Co. 
1885. xii-1-538 pp. 8" [97,878; 88.] 52:226 

SoiiMCE, no. 


SoiKNCi, no. 

Kaln, JoBoph John, editor. Tho ligbt of lifo ; or, 1 

the Bocicta of vegetable and animnl dcvclop- 
tnent detected and ozpluinod in strict oonforniily 
with known nntaral and chemical laws. 1. ed, 
Lond. Wyman and sons. 1885. 181 pp. 8" 

197,924; 88] 45:862 '■■ 

[earton, R. See Swaysland, W. 

Unifsay, Alexander William Crawford, 23. earl 
of Crawford and Balcares, lord. SketehoH of tho 
cbrJBtian art. 2. cd. Lond. Murratj. 1885. 
2 V. xii-f392 pp.; (4+)403 pp. 12° [97,835; \ 
88.] 10:2859.1-2 ! 

Loftie, William J. LcBsonB in tho ortof lllumin- ; 
ating. AaerifsofexumpIesBcloctod from works j 
in the British museum, Lambith pnlaue library, j 
and South Kensington museum. With practical ! 
JDHtructionB, and a Bkctch of the hisiory of llic art. j 
Lond. Blackie. [1S85.] xviii+34 pp., illuB. 4°' 
[97,91f;; 88] (Vere Fosters water-color eer.) j 
*53:1210 I 
Miller, Frederick. Interior decoration. A prac- 
tical treatise on anrface decoration. With notes 
on colour, stoncilline, and panel painting. Ltmd. 
Wyman and sons. [18S5.] ix+145 pp., 10 pis. (G 
fold.) 12" [97,89:i; 88.] 53:142 

Nasmyth, James and Carpenter, James. The 
moon, considered as a pranut, a world, and a 
eatiiHite. Lond. Murray. 1885, xv-|-218 pp., 
26 pis., itIuB. 8'' [97,846; 88] 42:292 

Palgrave, Francis Turner. Tho life of our Lord 
and Saviour Jesus Christ. lUus. from the Ital- 
ian painlerB of the 14., 15., and IH. ccnlurtcB. 
With a sketch of the growth, aims, and develop- 
ment of religious art in Italy, and explanatory 
notes. Lotid. National Soc. depositor!/. 1885. 
63 pp., 24 cord pis. 4° [97,918; 88.] *A:8423 
Payen, Anselme. PrcciB de cbimie industrlello, a 
I'uB&go 1° doB ccolea d'arts ol manufactures el 
d'artB et metiers, 2° dea ccolea preparatoirca aux 
profcaaions industrlellcB, 3° des fabricants et des 
agricultuure. 6* ed., rev. et miao au coorant des 
dornierea decouvertes scientifiqucs, par Camltlc 
Vincent. Par, JIachetie. 1877-8. 2 v. (6+) 
832 pp., illuB.; (4-i-)10I4 pp., illus. &" [97,730; 

88.] 51:18:^8.1-2 

Planches. (4 pp.,) 45 pis, (3 fold., 39 double, 3 
double col'd.) 51:1838.3 

Pegler, Henry Stephen Holmes. The book of the 
goat. Containing full particulars of the va'rious 
breeds of goats and their profitable management. 
3. ed., re-written and greatly enl. Lond. /,. U. 
Gill. 1886. 222 pp., 9 pis. (1 col'd), illus. 12° 
[97,823; 88.] 44:429 

Pennington, Arthur S. British zonpby tea: an in- 
troduction to the bydroida, aetinozoa, and pol- 
yeoa found in Groat Britain, Ireland, and the 
Channel islands. Lond. L. Reeve and Co. 1885. 
xvi-|-363 pp., 24 pis. (1 page dcscriirtlvo text with 
each.) 12° [97,824; 88] 44:2475 

PrestWich, Joseph. Geology : chemical, physical, 
and stratlgraphicat. In two vols. Vol. 1. 0.\f 
Clarendon press. 1886. xsiv+477 pp., 3 fold. 
maps (1 col'd), 3 fold. pla. (1 col'd), illus. 8° [97, 
938; 88.] 42:2018.1 

CnlmU; Chsmickluid pbjde*]. 

Proctor, Richard Anthony. Tho soasonB piclnred 

in 48 sun views of the earth and 24 zodiacal 

maps and other drawings. Extracted for "Knowl- 

edyo library" from ''Knowledge" for 1883 and 

1884. Lond. Longmans. 1886. Spp.,27plB. 4° 
[97,921; 88.] »42:2533 
Southby. K. R. A syBlcmalic handbook of prac- 
tical browing, inclading a fall deacHption of the 

buildings, plant, materials and procesBes required 
for all descriptions of baer, botn from malt alone 
and from mixtures of malt with all deacriptiona of 
unmaltud grain ; also the uaos of sugars, and all 
Other matcriala, with full particulars as to harden- 
ing brewing waters, etc. 2. ed, Lond. Author. 

1885. (viii+)viii-|-391 pp., 1 fold. pi. 8° [97, 
879; 88,] 52:1S06 
Span, Ernest. Workshop receipts, for the ase of 

manufuctnrers, mechanics, and scientific ama- 
teurs, Lond. E. and F. N. Spon. 1885. iv+450 
pp. 12° [97,882; 88,] 52;H« 

Stokes, George Gabriel. On light. 2. coarse, on 

light as a means of investigation. Delivered 
at Aberdeen In December, 1884. Lond. JUac- 
millan. 1885. vii-i-107 pp. 12° [97,891; 88.] 
(Burnett lectures.) 51:2567.2 

Stoney, Bindon fi. The strength and proportion 

of riveted joints. Lond. E. and F. If. Spon. 
1885. (4-|-)87 pp. 8° [97,884; 88.] 52:317 

Swayaiatld, W. Familiar wild birds. Ser. 1-2. 

Lond. Casselt. 1883. 2 v. viil+160 pp., 40 
col'd pis., head and tailpieces, vignette t. p.; viii 
-|-160 pp., 40 eol'd pis., bead and tail-pieces, vign- 
ette t. p. 12° [97,822; 88.] *44:1877.1-2 

Kate. Each lolume includE's : EsgK aad egg-col lectiog. tf B. 

Thausing, Julius F. The theory and practice of 
the preparation of malt and the fabrication of 
beer, with especial reference to the Vienna proc- 
ess of browing. Elaborated from personal ex- 
perience. Tr. from the German by William T. 
Brannt. Thoroughly and elaborately ed., accord- 
ing to the latest and most scientific practice, in- 
cluding all the new improvements on the brewing 
of lager boor introduced into the U. S., by A. 
ScnwARZ and A. H. Bauer. Phil. Baird. 1882. 
xvi, 815 pp., 11 double pis., illus. 8" [97,949; 
88.] 52:1507 

Turner, Francis C. A short hiatory of art. Lond. 

S. Sonnenschein, Le Bos and Lowrey. 1886. viii 
-|-392pp.,38pta,,lllna. B" [97,838; 88.] 10:2397 
Viimorln - AndrieUX, Pierre Philippe- Andre-Le- 

veqaede. Tho vsgetable garden, lllaatrations, 
deecriptions, and culture of the garden vegetable* 
of cold and temperate climates. [Tr. byW.MiL- 
lf.rJ English ed., pub. under tne direction of 
W. Robinson. Lond. Murray. 1885. xvi+620 
pp., illus. 8° [97,883; 88.] 52:2718 

Watson, Henry William and Burbury, S. H. The 
mathematical theory of electricity and magnet- 
ism. Vol. I. Oxf Clarendon press. 1885. xii 
+268 pp. 8° [97,939; 88.] (Clarendon press 
8er.) 51:2866 

Qmltnit: Eleclmitatlca. 




WiiliamSy C. Grevillo. A handbook of cbomical 
maDipalation. Lond. «/. Van Voorst. 1857. 
xv-f 580+88 pp., illas. 12^ [97,889; 88.] 


NoU. OTntains also: Supplement to A handbook of chemical ma- 
nipuUitioD. 1879. 

Winkelmann, A. See Horstmann, A., Landolt, H- 
and Winkelmann, A. 


Abeille, Jonas. Traitc des maladies a urines al- 
bamineuses et sucrecs, oa de i'albaminurio et 
du diabdte sucrc dans Icurs rapports avec les ma- 
ladies. Par. Bailliere. 1863. viii+733 pp., 1 
double pi., ill us. 8° [60,900; 88.] 46:1590 

Abercrombie, John. Pathological and practical 
researches on diseases of the brain and the spi- 
nal chord. 2. ed.,enl. Edin. Waugh and Innes. 

1829. xix+476 pp. 12^ [47,784; 88.] 46:1755 

The same. 1. Amer. from the 2. Edin. cd., cnl. 

PhiU Carey and Lea. 1831. xix,464pp. 8° 

[47,770.] 46:1756 

Abercromble, John. Pathological and practical 
researches on diseases of the stomach, the in- 
testinal canal, the liver, and other viscera of the 
abdomen. 2. ed., enl. Edin. Wavgh and Lines. 

1830. xxiv-f 424 pp. 8^ [47,788; 88.] 46:1441 

Abernetliy, John. Surgical observations on the 
constitutional origin and treatment of local dis- 
eases; and on aneurisms : including directions for 
the treatment of disorders of the digestive organs. 
9. od. Lond. Longman. 1827. xii+34Bpp. 8° 
[44,262; 88.] 46:165 

Adams, Joseph. Observations on morbid poisons, 
chronic and acute. The 1. comprehending 
syphilis, yaws, sivvens, elephantiasis, and the 
anomala confounded with them. The 2. the acute 
contagions, particularly the variolous and vaccine. 
2. ed., illus. with col'd engravings, and further 
commentaries on the doctrines of Mr. Hunter. 
Lond. J. Callow. 1807. (viii+)xxxix-|-405 pp., 
4 coi'd pis. 4° [47,757; 88.] *46:6025 

AdamSy William. On the reparative process in 
human tendons afler subcutaneous division for 
the cure of deformities; with an account of the 
appearances presented in fifteen post-mortem ex- 
aminations in the human subject; also, a series of 
experiments on rabbits, and a resume of the Eng- 
lish and foreign literature of the subject. Lond. 
J. Churchill. 1860. xi(+xiv)-f 175 pp., 8 pis. 8° 
[44,264; 88.] 46:3690 

AdamSy Sir William. Practical observations on 
ectropium, or eversion of the eye-lids, with the 
description of a new operation for the cure of that 
disease; on the modes of forming an artificial pu- 
pil ; and the description of a scries of new and 
improved operations for the cure of the different 
species of cataract. Lond. J. Callow. 1814. 
xvi+262 pp., 3 pis. (1 fold., 2 coPd.) 8° [47,763; 



Addison, Thomas, A collection of the published 
writings of. Ed., with introductory prefaces to 
several of the papers, by Dr. Wilks and Dr. Dal- 
DY. Lond. New Sydenham Soc. 1868. xxxi-f 
107(+ii) + 10i)-56(-f iv) -fl57-64 (-f iii)+169-208 

(-fii)4-209-42 pp., 1 port., 8 pis. (3 coFd), each, 
preceded by a page of explanatory text. 8® [44, 
345; 88.] (New Sydenham Soc, 36.) *46:26 

Contents: Biography. — On the anatomy of the lnng«».— On the di- 
a^nosi;* of pneumonia.— Pnenmonia and ita con»e<|uenee8.~Palhology 
of phthisip.— The difficulties and fallacies attending physical diagno- 
ain in diMeases of the chest. — Fattv degeneration of the liver. —The 
disorders of females connected witn uterine irritation.— Case of ova- 
rian dropsy removed by the accidental rupture of the cyst.— Affection 
of tho Hkin, vitiligoidcn.— The keloid of Alibert, and on true keloid.— 
Disorders of the brain connected with diseased kidneys.— Influence of 
elcetricitv as a remedy in certain convulsive and spasmodic diseases. 
—Constitutional and local effects of disease of the supra-renal capsules. 

Addison, Thomas. Observations on the disorders 

of females connected with uterine irritation. 

Lond. S. Highley. 1830. viii+96 pp. 8^ [47, 

769; 88.] 46:4920 

AinSWOrth, William. Observations on the pesti- 
lential cholera (asphyxia pestilenta), as it ap- 
peared at Sunderland in the months of November 
and December, 1831: and on the measures taken 
for its prevention and cure. Lond. Ebers and Co. 
1832. (8+)172 pp. 8^ [47,767; 88.] 46:2848 

Aitken, William. Outlines of the science and 

practice of medicine. Lond. C. Griffin and Co. 

1874. xx-f 593 pp. 12^ [44,457; 88.] 46:662 

Alton, William. Dissertations on malaria, conta- 
gion, and cholera; explaining the principles 
which regulate endemic, epidemic, and contagious 
diseases, with a view totheir prevention: intend- 
ed as a guide to magistrates, clergymen, and heads 
of families. Lond. Longmans. 1832. (iv+) 
vii-f724-220+ixpp. 8^ [47,771; 88.] 46:2580 

Alibert, Jean-Louis. Nouveaux el^mens de thera- 
peutique et de matiere medicale, suivis d'un 
essai fran^ais et latin sur I'art de formuler, et d'un 
precis sur les eaux minerales les plus usitees. 5* 
ed., rev., corr. et augm. Par. Bechet jeune. 1826. 
3 V. vi+xlviii+729 pp., I fold, pi.; vii+595 pp.; 
viii+824pp. 12^ [47,773; 88.] 46:5166-8 

Alibert, Jean-Louis. A treatise on malignant in- 
termittents. 3. ed., rev., corr. and enl. Tr. 
from the French, with an introductory discourse, 
occasional notes, and an appendix, by Charles 
Caldwell. Phil. Fry and Kammerer. 1807. 
xiii(-(.i)-f263+116 pp. 12° [47,759; 88.] 


Note. The appendix consists of An essay on the pestdential or 
yellow fever, as it prevailed in Philadelphia in the year 1806. 

Allen, Peter. Lectures on aural catarrh ; or, the 
commonest forms of deafness and their cure. 
(Mostly delivered at St. Mary's hospital.) N. Y. 
W. Wood and Co. 1872. xv(-f ii)-f 277 pp., 4 pis., 
illus. 12° [44,569; 88.] 46:3800 

Althaus, Julius. A treatise on medical electric- 
ity, theoretical and practical ; and its use in the 
treatment of paralysis, neuralgia, and other dis- 
eases. Lond. Trubner. 1859. xvi-f362 pp. 8® 
[5,226; 88.] 46:5510 

Anderson, McCall. See Anderson, T. McC. 




Ander80n,T.McCaI1. Loctareson clinical medicine, 
delivered in IheHojal and Western infirmaries 
of Glasgow. Lond. Macmillan, 1877. x(+ii) 
+268 pp., 7 pis. (1 fold., 1 fold, col'd), illus. 8° 
[58,846; 88.] 46:198 

Content*: Introductory.— Pain as a Rymptonn of diseafle.— Gastric 
and cerebral TomitinK-— Hysteria.— Spinal irritation.— Phenomena of 
embolism. — Supposed disc^ase of the pons Varolii. — Treatment of 
aneurism of the arch of the aorta by means of gal vano- puncture. — 
Aneurism of the abdominal aorta. — Tubercular peritonitis. — Acute 
phthisis (galloping consumption).— Mediastinal tumours. — Cirrhotic 
form of Bright'saisease. — Multiple fatty tumours complicate<l with 
Aneurism. — Lupus verrucosus, ephidrosis cruenta, elephantiasis 
Arabum. — Are the vegetable parasitic affections of the skin due to 
one or several parasites ? 

Andrai, Gabriel. Clinique medicale, ou ehoix 
d'observations recueilliesa Thopital de la Cbarite 
(clinique de M. Lerminier). Tome 2. Par. Ga- 
bon, 1829. (4+)635 pp. 12° [48,472j 88.] 


Contents: Maladies de poitrine. 

Andrai, Gabriel. Pathological hasmatology. An 
essay on the blood in disease. Tr. from the 
French by J. F. Meigs and Alfred Stillo. Phil. 
Lea and Blanchard. 1844. 11-129 pp. 8*^ [47, 
793; 88.] 46:1320 

Andrai, Gabriel. A treatise on pathological anat- 
omy. Tr. from the French by Richard Town- 
send and William West. Dub. Hodges and Smith. 
1829-31. 2 V. xii+698 pp.; xxii+808 pp. 12*^ 
[47,774; 88.] 46:1200-1201 

The same. N. Y. aS. Wood and sons. 1832. viii 
+424 pp.; xviii+507 pp. [43,533.] 


Angell, Henry C. A treatise on diseases of the 
eye; for the use of students and general prac- 
titioners. To which is added a series of test types 
for determining the exact state of vision. 4. ed., 
enl. N.Y. Boericke and Tafel. 1876. xvi-f343 
pp., 3 pis. 12° [59,308; 88.] 46:3869 

Anger, Benjamin. Nouveaux elements d'anatomie 

cnirorgicale. Par. Bailliere. 1869. xvi4-1056 

pp., illus. 8° [60,905; 88.] *46:3020 

Atlas de planches dessinees d*apres nature et re- 
presentant les regions de la tete, du cou, de la 
poitrine, de Tabdomon, de la fosse iliaque interne, 
du perinee et du bassin. (18 pp.,) 12 col'd pis. 
f*' *L:8005 

Anglada, Charles, l^tude sur les maladies eteintes 
et les maladies nouvelles, pour servir a Thistoire 
des evolutions seculaires do la pathologic. Par. 
Bailliere. 1869. (vi+)vii+646(-h2) pp. 8*^ 
[60,906; 88.] 46:456 

Annuaire medico - chirurgical des hopitaux et 

hospices civils de Paris, ou recueils de memoires 

et observations, par les medocins et chirurgiens 

de ces otablissements. Par. Crochard. 1819. 

xii+636 pp. 4° [48,654; 88.] *46:5937 

AntOnuCCi, Giuseppe. Prospctto clinico che con- 
tiene le osservazioni degli anni scolastici 1820, 
21,22,6 23. Per servire dicontinuazione all'aitro 
prospetto deir anno 1819, compilato da' medici 
ajatanti del suddetto istituto, Domenico Rotondo 
6 JMioolft Antonncci. Napoli. Porcelli. 1824. 
2» pp.. iq. 8* [47,758; 88.] 46:671 

Arlidge, John T. On the state of lunacy and the 
legal provision for the insane, with observations 
on the construction and organization of asylums. 
Lond. J.Churchill. 1859. xv+213pp. 8*» [44, 
176; 88.] 48:1905 

Armstrong, George. An account of the diseases 
most incident to children. To which is added 
an essay on nursing, with a particular view to in- 
fants brought up by hand. Also a short account 
of the dispensary for the infant poor. A new ed., 
with many additional notes, by A. P. Buohan. 
Lond. J. Callow. 1818. xxxi(+iv)+242 pp. 
16° [47,791; 88.] 48:4995 

Armstrong, John. Lectures on the morbid anat- 
omy, nature, and treatment of acute and chronic 
diseases. Ed. by Joseph Kix. 1. Amer. ed. With 
an account of the life and writings of Dr. Arm- 
strong, by John Bell. Phil. Desilver^ Thomas 
and Co. 1837. 2 v. xl+13-444 pp., 1 fold. facs. 
letter; viii + 13-463 pp. 8° [47,777; 88.] 


Armstrong, John. Practical illustrations of the 
scarlet fever, measles, and pulmonary consump- 
tion; with observations on the efficacy of sulphu- 
reous waters in chronic complaints. 2. ed. -Lond. 
Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy. 1818. xii-f468pp. 8*^ 
[47,772; 88.] 46:2737 

Armstrong, John. Practical illustrations of ty- 
phus fever, of the common continued fever, and 
of inflammatory diseases, etc. With notes, critical 
and explanatory, by Nathaniel Potter. 2. Amer., 
from the 3. Eng. ed. With corrections and an ap- 
pendix. Phil. J. Webster. 1822. xvi, 434 pp. 
12° [47,783; 88.] 46:2750 

ArthuiS, A. Treatment of nervous and rheumat- 
ic affections by static electricity. Tr. from the 
French by J. H. Etheridge. Chic. W. B. Keene, 
Cooke and Co. 1874. 144 pp., illus. 12** [42, 
765; 88.] 46:5512 

Ashhurst, John. Injuries of the spine. With an 

analysis of nearly 400 cases. Phil. lAppincatt. 

1867. 127 pp. 12° [44,561; 88.] 4$:3692 

Ayre, Joseph. Pathological researches into the 
nature and treatment of dropsy of the brain, 
chest, abdomen, ovarium, and skin; in which are 
demonstrated the inflammatory origin of these 
diseases, and the general facility of their cure un- 
der a new and greatly improved method of treat- 
ment. 2. ed., illus. with cases. Lond. Limgman. 
1829. xii+287 pp. 8° [47,782; 88.] 46:2350 

Ayre, Joseph. Practical observations on the na- 
ture and treatment of marasmus, and of those 
disorders allied to it, which may be strictly denom- 
inated bilious. North. S. Butler. 1822. 219 pp. 
18° [47,790; 88.] 46:1635 

Baillie, Matthew. The morbid anatomy of some 
of the most important parts of the human body. 

3. Amer. from the 5. Lond. ed. Phil. Hickman 

andHazzard. 1820. xx+288 pp. 8*^ [47,893; 

88.1 46:1208 

Bailly, Charles. Traitement des ovariotomisees. 
Considerations physiologiques sur la castration 

de la femme. Par. Bailliere. 1872. 114 pp. 

8*^ [60,908; 88.] 46:4922 

Ballin, Ada.S. The science of liress in theory 

and practice, Lond. Low. 1885. xvi+27a 

pp., 8 pta., illue. 12° [97,900; 88.] 45;1H5I 

Bampfiflld, R- W. An esBaj on carvaturcB and 

diecaHOH of ibo xpine, including all llie forma of 
Bpinal distortion ; to which ihe Fothcrgillinti gold 
medal was awarded by the Medical Society of 
London ; and presented, at a special general meet- 
ing, on the 3d of May. 1S24: with sumo additions. 
Lond. Longman. 1824. iv+vii-|-iv-f387 pp., 1 
pi. 8' [47,829; 88,] AG'MSZ 

Bampfield, K. W. A practical treatise on tropical 
dysentery, more particularly as it occurs in tho 
East Indies; illns. by cases and appearances on 
dissection: to which are added, practical treatises 
on scorbatic dysentery, on tho morbus chylopoi- 
eticus and gastrodynia a fame; with some facts 
and observations relative to scurvy in general, 
and a short accoant of the scorbutic disease that 
appeared at the penitentiary, Millbank, West- 
minster. Tho 2. od. Lond, Longman. 1823, 
(iv-f)x-f344 pp, 8° [47,879; 88,] 46:1555 

Bancroft, Edward Nathaniel. An essay on tho 
disease called yellow fever; with observations 
concerning febrile contagion, typhoa fever, dys- 
entery, and the plague, portly delivered as the 
CnUtonian lectures, before the College of physi- 
cians, ISOt) and 1807. And repub., with notes, by 
. JobnB. Daviuoe. Bak. Cusking and Jeicett. 1820. 
xxiv, 526 pp. IS" [47,820; 88.] 46:2769 

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tairo de matiero medicale. 3* ed,, rev,, corr, et 
angm. Par. Megvignon-Marvii. 1830. 3 v, 
<iT-j-)xxiii4-viii+e59pp.| (4+)694 pp.; (4-f)722 
pp. 12" [47,835; 88.] 46:5172-4 

Bardslay, James Lomax. Hospital facts and ob- 
servations, illustrative of tho efficacy of the now 
remedies, strychnia, brucia, acetate of morphia, 
Tcratria, iodine, etc. in several morbid conditions 
of the system; with a comparative view of the 
treatment of chorea, and some coses of diabetes, 
ft report on the efficacy of sulphureous fumiga- 
tions in diseases of the skin, chronic rheumatism, 
«tc. Lond. Burgess find Hill. 1830. ix(-^-ii)-f- 
223 pp., fronlis. 8= [47,825; 47,873; 88,] 

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progress of various changes of structure which 
occur in man and some of the inferior animals; 
1)eing the continuation of works already pub, on 
this subject. Lond. Longman. 1828. 56 pp., 4 
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JecturoB pQb. in 'The lancet', Lond, H. Hard- 
wicke. 1868. xi + 179 pp., illus. 12° [44,259; 
S8.j 46:3695 


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out cutting tendons; and on certain new meth- 
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enl. Lond. R. Hardwkke. 1865. xx-f231 pp., 
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Bateman, Thomas. Delineationsof cutaneous dis- 
eases: exhibiting the characteristic appearancoa 

of tho principal genera and species comprised in . 
the classification of the late Dr. Willan; and com- 
pleting tho scries of engravings begun by that 
author. Lond, Longman. 1817, viii(-f ii) pp., 

72 col'd pts,, each preceded by a page of explaoa' 
tory text. 12" [48,679; 88.] 


BatOS, David Nicholas. A practical treatise od 
acute abdominal and pelvic inflammation; coii' 
taining a comprehensive clinical view of inflam- 
mation of tho stomach, bowels, peritoneum, utoras, 
etc. With a certain and expeditious method of 
euro. Lond. Baldwin and Oradock. 1829. x+ 
136 pp. 12° [47,812; 88.] 46:1445 

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I'elogo do I'autour, par [S.-S.'] Lehoux. Par. 
Mequignon Ca'me.pere. 1815. 2 v. (4+)16-j-xlvii 
(4-i)-f-694 pp., 6 fold, pk.; (iv-f )vii+5S2 pp., 10 
fold, pis., 3 fold. tabs. 12° [47,838; 88J 

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nairo, ouvrage lu a la Socicte de la faculto de 
medecine de Paris en 1809 ot 1810. Par. Gabon. 
1810. xxiv+439pp. 12° [47,891; 88.] 46:2168 
Beale, Lionel J. A treatise on deformities; ex- 
hibiting a concise view of the nature and treat- 
ment of the principal distortions and contractions 
of the limbs, joints and spine. Lond. J. Wilson. 
1830. (iv-|-)viii+iii+248pp„4 pis. 8° [47, 
834; 88,] 46:3697 

Beaiichfine, Edme-Pierro Chanvot de. De I'influ- 
enco des affections do I'time dans los maladies 
nerveusos des femmes, avoc lo traitementqui con- 
vient It CCS maladies. Par, Mequignon I'li'ine. 
1781. (6+)207pp. 12° [47,80'2; 88.] 46:4925 
Beaupri, Moricbcau. A treatise on the effects 
and properties of cold, with a sketch, historical 
and medical, of tho Kussiaa campaign. Tr. by 
John Ci.ENDiNNiNO. With an appendix by the 
transl. Kdin. Madachlan and Stewart. 1826. 
xviii(-fii)-j-376pp. 8° [47,895; 88.] 46:5603 
Back, John B. Essays on infant therapeutics. 
To which are added, observations on ergot; his- 
tory of tho origin of the use of mercury in inflam- 
matory complaints; together with the statistics of 
tho deaths from poisoning in New York in the 
years 1841-2-3. 3. ed., enl. and rev. N. Y. W. 
Wood and Go. 1864. x, 167 pp. 12° [44,585; 

88.] 46:5000 




Beck, Theodoric Bomeyn and John B. Elements 

of medical jurisprudence. Vol. 1. Alb. 0. 

Steele. [1823. n. t. p.] xxxiv+418pp. 12*^ [48, 

450;88.] 46:5781 

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practice, illus. by interesting and instructive 
cases, and by practical, pathological, and physi- 
ological observations. With notes by Stephen W. 
Williams. Greenfield, Mass. A. Phelps. 1823. 
vi+5-192 pp. 8° [47,822; 88.] 46:681 

B6l6hriing uber ansteckende Kinder-Krankheiten. 
Herausgeg. von Deputirten der Berliner Lehrer- 
Vereine und der Hufeland'schen medicinisch-chi- 
rurgischen Gesellshaft. 2. (Stereotyp-) Aufl. Ber. 
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tion, aneurism, and lithotomy. Lond. Longman. 
1821. viii+134 pp., 20 pis. (17 coFd.) obi. 4° 
[44,517; 88.] *L:8010 

The same. [48,675.] *46:5995 

Note. 15 pis. of the 2. copy are missing. 

BellOC, J-J* Cours do medecine legale, theoriquc 
et pratique; suivi des lois d'exemption du ser- 
vice militaire, pour causes d*infirmites, etc. Ou- 
vrage utile, non-seulement aux raedecins et aux 
chirurgiens, mais encore aux juges et aux juris- 
consultes. 3* ed., rev., corr. et augm. Par. Me- 
qvignon Vaine^ pere. 1819. xxxii-{-382 pp. 12° 
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nature et son traitement Par. Bailliere. 1865. 

(6+)160 pp. 8** [60,914; 88.] 46:2772 

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local medication of pharyngeal and laryngeal dis- 
eases frequently mistaken for, or associated with, 
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88.] 46:1373 

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logie, la medecine et la jurisprudence. Ouvrago 
couronne par T Academic imperiale de medecine. 
Par. Bailliere. 1857. xi+420 pp. 8° [60,926; 
88.] 46:1911 

Besse. H. Di plo teratology ; or, a history of some 
of the most wonderful human beings that have 
ever lived in double form, and a scrutinizing view 
into the marvelously strange freaks of nature, and 
causes of same. Delaware, O. [Author.'\ 1874. 
202 pp., illus. 16*^ [44,861; 88.J 46:3700 

Bichat, Xavier. Pathological anatomy. The last 
course of B., from an autographic ms. of P. A. 
Beclard; with an account of the life and labours 
of Bichat, by F. G. Boisseau. Tr. from the French 
by Joseph Togno. Phil. J. Grigg, 1827. 232 
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Bigelow, Jacob. American medical botuny, being 
a collection of the native medicinal plants of 
the United States, containing their botanical his- 
tory and chemical analysis, and properties and 
uses in medicine, diet and the arts. Best. Cum- 
mings and Billiard. 1817-20. 3 v. xi + 17-197 
pp., 20 col d pis,; xiv, 199 pp., 20 col'd pis.; x, 197 
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Billard, Charles-Michel. De la membrane mu- 
queuse gastro-intestinale, dans Tetat sain et 
dans Tetat inflammatoire, ou rocherchos d'ana- 
tomie pathologique sur les divers aspects sains et 
morbides que peuvent presenter Testomac et lea 
intestins. Ouvrago couronne par TAthenee de 
medecine de Paris. Par. Gabon et Cie. 1825. 
xx-f 5-565 pp. 12^ [47,821; 88.] 46:1448 

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1. Amer. from the 4. Lond. ed. Kev. and impr. 

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[47,809; 88.] 46:685 

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hospitals, with descriptions of military posts. 

Wash. 1870. xxxiii-f 494 pp., 3 pis., 8 maps, 2 

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4. War dept., surgeon generars off., Wash , Dec. 

5, 1870.) *46:6069 

The same. [3,159.] *50:5583 

Billroth, Christian Albert Theodor. Lectures on 
surgical pathology and therapeutics. A hand- 
book for students and practitioners. Tr. from the 
8. ed. Lond. New Sydenham Soc, 1877-8. 2 v. 
x-f 438 pp., illus.; xi + 543 pp., illus. 8® [56,98?; 
61,985; 88.] (New Sydenham Soc, 73, 76.) 


Binz, Karl. Grnndziige der Arzneimittellehre. 

Ein klinisches Lehrbuch. 5., neu bearb. Aufl. 

Ber. A. Hirschwald, 1877. (4+;276 pp. W 

[56,613; 88.] 46:5181 

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tion of electricity. Lond. «/. Johnson, 1803. 
iv+57 pp. pp. 12° [47,817; 88.] 46:5517 

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medicine, being a compendious and systematic 
introduction to practice, as contained in the mem- 
oranda of B. From the German by Joseph Cops. 
Lond. a Smith. 1827. xix(+iv)+280 pp. 12*» 
[47,889; 88.] 46:688 

Blackall, John. Observations on the nature and 
cure of dropsies, and particularly on the pres- 
ence of the coagulable part of the blood in drop- 
sical urine; to which is added, an appendix, con- 
taining several cases of angina pectoris, with dis- 
section.*^, etc. 2. Amer., from the 4. Eng. ed.: with 
an additional appendix, taken from the Medical 
recorder, etc. Phil. J. Webster. 1825. viii, 319 
pp. 8° [47,823; 88.] 46:2353 

Mkdioinx. ( 

BlanS, Sir Gilbert. Sekct dis^ertalionB on Hc-verul 
BubjccU of meilical Bcience. Nuw flrfit collected 
witb alterntions and addittorts; togclbor with sev- 
eral new and original articles. Lond. T. <ind G. 
Undencood. 1822. (8-f )398 pp. 8" [47,872; 88.] 
46:51 OU 
Blankaart, St^vcii. Lexicon novum medicuni 
Gr«!co-Latinum, cffileiis cditionibus longe ncr- 
rectiBBimam. In boc enini tolJus urtiB medicee 
termini, in anatoinia, chirnrgia, pbannaeia, cby- 
Riia, re botaniea. etc. aecutidum nootoricoriim 
placita dilncideot vcrecxponuntur ct dcfiniuntur, 
GrteetD qaoqae voces ox origino sua doducantiir : 
bifice prffiterca adjungltur Bel^ica, Uermanic:i. 
Gallica, Anglica etc. interprotatio, cum indiciliiw 
eoram locnpletisHimiB; opus nane omnibua plnli- 
atria, pbilologis ot philoBOphis commodiBsimum, 
nlilisBimum. Loj-d. C. lioiitesteijn. 1702. (14+) 
661(-;-I95)pp., I pl.,2doablolaba, 12° [-IMeR; 
88.] *46:245 

Bosrhaave. Herman. Aeadcmicul IccturcB on the 
theory of phyeic. Being a ^''''''iic transl. of 
his InsiilulCB and explanatory comment, collnted 
and adjusted lo oacb oLbor, as they were dictated 

. Btudonts at thi 
Lond. IV. Jimys. 1742-6 



lily of Lcyden. 
12= [47,8-»:^; 



Vol. 4, OacoDamj of the Fxt^nuil aorl liilpranl vatf, nli*)!, iitiil 
Vol. G. (Enonomy of IhP or)<nn»nf toi'illi-iUion, iimiiir uiiipmlion 

-OlUPt of dlBIIUH'B. 

Vol. «. Blfnu- of hcnlth. »inHiltiillr>n», nn<l i tiHrn ■<■••• i wilh lhi< 
nwltiodaof pnncrTintt hrulili, |>n'n*n[iiiu<ilairni|>i'i>, |iruFi;rliii; Luu- 

Bosrhaave, Herman. InHtitutionOB modien) in 
UBUS annuiB oxorcitationirt domoBticoa digcBta'. 
Ed, noT., corr. el emend, Eilin. 0. Kllht. 177H. 
(]6+)456t+26) pp. 16° [47,830; 88,] 46:(i!)4 
Boerhaave, Herman. Materia mcdica and pre- 
scriptions, adapted to his Apbori^mn, and refer- 
red to in the Commentaries. Corr. from the au- 
thor's own copy. [Uy Gerard baron van Swieten.] 
Tr. from the Latin. Edin. C?. Elliot. 177li. [n. 
t. p.] vii, 179(4-24) pp. 12° [48,;H1; 88.] 

In 46:1080 
BoiSSBau, Francois-Gabriel. Nosograpbio ,or- 
ganiqno. Par. Builliere. 1828-30. 4 v. xiv 
+683 pp.; C4+)«32(+2) pp.; t-t+)R0i){+2) pp.; 
(4+)924 pp. 12° [47,844; 88.1 46:705-8 

BoiSSeaU, Francois-Gabriel. I'liysioloj^ieul pyr- 
etology; or, a treatise on fevers: according to 
the principles of the now medical doctrine. 1. 
Amer., from the 4. French cd. Tr. by J. 11. Knox. 
Phil. Cnreff ntid Lea. 18H2. xiv+U-504 pp. 8° 
[47,824; 88.] 46:2040 

Bonnomaison, Le iloctevr . Do la febrlculo 

typhoide on d'une formo benigne do la fiuvre 
typhoido. Toulouse. F. Gimet. 1874. [n. t. p.] 
24 pp. 8° [60,928; 88.J In 46:7('0 

BonnemaiSDn, Ledodmr . Du traitcmcnt do 

I'ulcere cbroniquo simple do roBlomac. Tou- 
louBO. F. Gimet. 1874, [ri.t. p.] (2+)lS pp. 
8" [60,928; 88.] In 46;709 


Bonnemaison.Xe docteur . FssaisdeeliDique 

medieule. — Loiairs medicaax. Fragments tir69 
d'mio petilo bibliutheque. Toulouse. F. Gimet. 
1874. (7+)411(+4)+00 pp. 8° [(i0,928; 88.1 


Bouchardat, Apollinaire. Annual abstract of 
thei-apeutics, materia mcdica, pharmacy and 
toxicology, for 18G7; followed by an original mem- 
oir on gout, gravel, and urinary calculi. Tr. and 
cd. bj' 14. J. De liossET. Phil. Lindsny and 
tlakislon. 18G8. v-K,314pp. lO" [44,578; 88.] 


BoUChut, Bugcnc. Atlas d'ophlbalmoscopic me- 
dicate et do eorebroscopio, montrant, che8 
rhommo et chez Ics animanx, les IcHione du uerf 
opiiquo, do la riiline et du la choroido, produites 

Ear ics maladies du ccrveau, par Ioh maladies de 
L moelle cpiiiiurc et par let> maladies constitution- 
noIlcB lit humorale«. Par. Buillivre. 1876. viii+ 
148 pp., 14 eol'd plw., illus. f ° [60,932; 88.] 

Bouchllt, Eugene. On croup. {Diphtherite of 
liretonncau.) Tr. by Hubert Iluntor Sejutle. 
With a bihiiograjihieal appendix, by John Ciiatto. 
Lond. New Hi/denham (ioc. 1859. [n, t. p.] 271 
-97 pp. 8» [44,345; 88.] In *46:17 

Bouchut, Eugene. TraiLe pratique des maladies 
des iiuuveau-ne8, des ciifants n la mamollu et 
do la flccondo enfancc. 7' 6d., corr. et conside- 
rablumcnt augm. Ouvrago couronne par I'lnnli- 
tut do Franco. Par. BaHUere. 187S. xvi+1127 
pp., iltus. 8° [60,929; 88.] 46:5001 

Bouls, J. ^ee Briand, 3. and Chaude, e. 

BoylO, James. A practicitl mcdico-hislorieal ac- 
countof the western coast of Africa: embracing 
a topogra])hi(:al description of its shores, rivers, 
and settlements, with Ihcir seasons and compara- 
tive liealthincBs; together with the causes, symp- 
toms, and Irealmcnt of the fevers of western Af- 
rica; and a similur account rcMpocting the other 
disoasL's which prevail there. Lnnd. A'. liitjhley, 
1831. (ii+)xvi+vi+423 pp., 1 fold, chart, 1 fold. 
plan, a" ■ [47,803; 88.] 46:5102 

Brando, William Thomas. A manual of pbar- 
rnney. 2. ed., corr. Lond. T. and O. Under- 
\cood. 1829. xi+55(! pp. 8° [47,859; 88.] 

Braun, Karl R. The urn'mic convulsions of preg- 
nancy, jtarluritiori, and childbed. Tr, from the 
Ucrman, with nolos. By J. Matthews Duncan. 
N. Y. ,S. A', and W. Wood. 1858. 182 p]).. illus. 
12° [44,650; 88.] 46:4928 

Fiction (^English). 


FictiOK (_Sn^Ush). 

Brera, Valeriano Lodovico. A troatiao on ver- 
miiious diseases, preceded by tha natural biB- 
tory of intcBlinal worms, and thoir origin in tbo 
haman body. Tr. from tbe Italian, with notes, 
by J. Baetoli and Cai.vbt. Par. 1804. Tr. from 
tbe French, with additione, by John 6. Coppen. 
1816. Boat. Cummings and Ililliard. 1817. 
3vii, 367 pp., B fold. pis. 8° [47,813; 88.] 

Bretonneau, Pierre. On diphtberito. Tr. by 

iioberL Hunter Se.mple. With a biographical 
appendix, by John Chatto. Lond. Neic Syilen- 
him Soc. 1859. [n. I. p.] (5-f)204 pp. 8= 
[44,345; 88.] 10*46:17 

Briand, Joseph and Chaudd, I'irnest. Manuel 

eomplet de medecino legale, oa resume doA meil- 
leurs ouvragufl pnblies jusqu' A ce jonr sur cotlo 
iDuliero ot des jugements ot arrets los plus recents, 
precede de considerations sur la recherche et la 
poursuite des crimes et des delits, sar les autoriles 
qui ont lo droit de reqnerir rasBistanoo des mode- 
cins ou des cbirurgiena, aur la distinction etablie 
par la loi entre lea doctonrs et lea officiers de same, 
BQr la manifire de proceder aux expertises medieo- 
legnlea, sur la redaction des rapports et des con- 
sultalions, sur lea cas oi^ lea bommos de I'art sont 
responsables dea fails de leur pratique, et aur lea 
honoraires qui leur sont dus, soil en justice, soit 
dans la pratique civile; suivi de modeles de rap- 
ports et de commentaires sar lea lois, decrets el 
ordonnances qui rcgisscnt la modecine, la phar- 
tnacic, la vonlo dos remedca secrets, etc., et conte- 
nant un trailc elementairo do chimie legale dans 
leqael sont exposoes les applications de I'analyse 
cbimiquo et du microscope aux principales exper- 
tises criminollea. civiles et commerciales, par J. 
BoBtB. 9*ed. Far. Baitliere. 1874. viii+1102 
pp., 3 pla., illuB. 8° [60,935; 88.] 46:57SG 

Caldwell, Charles. See Allbert, J-L- 
ParlS, Annuaire raedico-chirurgical dea hopilaux 

et hoapicos civils de. See Annualre, etc. 

Fiction.— English 

Baiestier, Wolcott. A victorioua defeat. A ro- 
mance. N. Y. Harpers. 1886. (2-H)34',t pp., 
8 pla, 16° [98,025; 88.] 35:1447 

Bunnor, K ^- The Midge. N. Y. &'nbners. 
I88ti. (4-f)235pp. 12° [98,018; 88.] 

Burnham, Clara Louise. Next door. Boat. 

Ticknor. 1886. 371 pp. 12° [98,026; 88.] 

, 35:3392 
Dahn, folix. Saga of flalfrod the Si'^skald : a 

northern talo of the 10. century. Tr. by Sophie 
F. E.Veitch. Paisley. A.Gardner. 1886. (6-}-) 
184 pp. 12'' [98,039; 88.] 37;23 

Daudet, Alphonse. Sappho: Parisian manners. 

A realistic novel. Tr. without abridgment 
fVom the 100. French ed. Engravings from do- 
Bigns by Montogut. G. thoua. Lond. YizeteUy 
and Co. 1886. (vi4-)xv, 275 pp., additional 
vignette t. p., 30 pis., 1 port. 12° [98,038; 88.] 

Farrar, Capt. Charles A, J. Down the West 

Branch ; or, camps and trampa around Katah- 

din : being an account of a trip through one of 

tbo wildest regions of Maine, by aeveral members 

of tbe " Lake and Forest Clab, in search of sport 

and recreation. Bost. Lee and Skepard. 1886. 

viii-1^13-311 pp., 11 pis., illus. t. p. 16'' [97,963; 

88] (Lake and forest ser.) 37:2002 

Foots, Mary Hallock. John fiodewin'a testimony. 

Boat Tieknor. J886. 344 pp. 12° [97,959; 

88.] 37:2310 

Hector, ^rs. Annie F. (Mrs. Alexander.) Bea- 

ton'a bargain. A novel. N.Y. H. Holt. 1886. 

iv+253 pp. 16° [98,024; 88.] (Leisure boor 

ser., 187.) 35:524 

HomerUS. Wanderings of Ulyases. See WHt C. 

Hughes, Rev. Thomas Patrick. (Evan Stanton.) 

Huhainah ; a atory of Afghan life. N.Y. Cas 

.. .. .,„ |.ggQ, 


Kino, Capt. Charles. Marion's faith. A aequel (o 

The colonol'a daughter. Phil. Lippincott. 1886. 

vi+446pp, 12" [98,021; 88.] 38:894 

Lothrop, J^"- Harriet Mulford. (Margaret Sid- 
ney.) A new departure for girls. Illua. by F. 
Chiide Hasaam. Boat. Lothrop. [1886.] 97 pp. 
12= [97,971; 88.] 38:1864 

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mance, after tbo Gorman, by Mrs. A. L. Wister. 

Phil. Lippincott. 1886. 368 pp. 12° [98,009; 

88.] 38:2506 

Parker, Jane Mareb. Tbe midnight cry. A novel. 
N. Y. Dodd, Mead and Co. [1886.] iv+298 

pp. 12" [98,016; 88.] 38:4160 

Severn, Lawrence. Heaven's gate : aBtoryoflbe 
forest of Dean. Boat. Lothrop. [1886.] xiii 

+ 348 pp. 12° [98,022; 88,] (V. I. F. ser.) 


Stannard, ^f«- Henrietta Eliza Yanghan (Pal- 
mer). (John Strange Winter.) Cavalry life; or, 
sketches and stories in barracks and out. }i.Y. 
Harpers. 1886. ii+249 pp. 16° [97,312; 88.] 
(Harper's bandy ser., 59.) 40:620 

■ Hnmpty-Di.mpti. 

d bv.— eiipersuiloX— The Isdv -hi 
ill Babreliualie. — A " 

lugti Brnbuon. ^ M 

Iv-hi]lsr-in4hler. — Th* 
A. D. C. — SerKeui itic 
e go on. — A rcgLm»ii»l 

Stannard, ^^rs. Henrietta Eliza Vaaghan (Pal- 
mer) (John Strange iVinter.) Id quarters with 
tbe 25. (the black bonse) dragoona. N. Y. Bar- 
pers. 1885. 154 pp. 16° [96,301; 88.] (Har- 
per's handy ser., 35.) 40:613 
Stanton, Evan, (pseud.) See HughOS, Rev. T. P. 
Swan, Annie S. Adam Hepburn's vow: a tale 
of kirk and covenant. N.Y. Cassell. [1886.] 
vii + 244pp. 12° [97,316; 88.] 39:2436 
Vinton, Arthur Dudley. Tbo Pomfrot myatery, 
a novel of incident. N. Y. J. S. Ogilvit and 
Co. [1886.] 232pp., fronlifl. 12° [97,245; 83] 



ontlilj ^tilldin. 

No. 89. 



OEOBOB EMIG, Pretident. 
THOMAS LEE, Stcniary, 
LUUIS L. aADLEB, Trtantrtr. 


IS4 W. Second eTRiir (219 Cliftoh avihitx). 

48 Rack btribt. 

Uhion Stock Yardb-^IOB EyaErrr Stbbet). 

s. w. c. F0U8TH AND Main btb, (SouTHsas ate, Mr. Aubukn). 

Oab Co.'s Offick (IBS East Sixth btbkbt). 


CouNTT ComuBBioNiR'g OjrricK (230 Tork Stbxbt). 

XiX3S.A.XiX.A.3^ : 

IG Albiob Fi^or, Uouirr Attbdrk. 

•VW7 dky in the je^r, Sandaji iDcludsd, ft'om B a. M. to 9 
P. u. The apeoial depanments %tt open aa foUowa: 

DiUViBi Hall, (except Simdajs) 8 a^ H. to 9 p. u. 
Main Hall, Javory day) 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
FiRIoDiCAL Boom, (every day) 8 a. u. to 9 p. h. 
Nkwbpafer Room, (every day) S a. m. to 9 p. M. 
Art Boow, (eicipt Bundays) S A. u. to 6 P. w. 
u u (on Sandaya) 9 a. h. to 4 p. h. 

Bradino Boomb. — Any penon of good doportment 
knd habita, whether residing in Oincinnsti or not, may 
oonanlt hooka, periodicals, or newspaper! in the reading 

Hour ubb or Books— Be«i(I«nt« of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
fljrnishing satis&ctory security in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollar* or of the value of the work desired may be made.) 
JVonf ««l<l«»t« may withdraw books by making a de- 
poMt of three dollata and an annual payment (in advance) 
of flre dollar*. 


two weeka, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to the same person until thay 
have been in the library twenty-four boars. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a day, and after a 
woek, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing flnet or chargw. 

1. The Librarian is at all times ready to assiat per- 
sons in the investigation of special aubjects, by indicating 
the sources of information ao far as the Library contains 

%. Books not in the Library will b« purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reaaon 
againat it. 

3. All complainte should be made in the Srst instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter ginng tlu turn* 
and rtfidmet of tkt peraon asfrievtd. Anonymous com mu- 
nicationa can not be noticed. 



HutOBT, ira 

Religion and Theofogy. 

BacqueZi Nicolas-Louis, abbe. The divine office 
cousidercd trom a devoiional point of view. 
From the French, Ed. by the Rev. Kthelr^d L. 
Taunton. Witb a preface by liis eminence [Henry 
Edward Mansi."(o] the card. abp. of WeBtminntor, 
Lond. Burns and Oates. [1885.] (U+)ti04 pp. 
12" [98,189; 89.] 5:352() 

Bhartriharii The Satakas of; tr. into English 

from ibo original SaDskrit by the Rex. B. Hale 
"WoRTHAM. Lood. Trubner. 1886. xii-j-TI pp. 
8° [98,041; 89.] (Triibner's oriental ser.) 

c.nuM>: N»is.«k..-v.,nigy,.A.tak.. 10:2178.20 

Eddy, Mn. Mary Baker Glover. Science and 

beultb, wiib key to the BCriptureB. 18. ed., rev. 
Bost. Author. 1886. 590 pp., frontia. 12° 
[98,064; 89.] 5:4401 

Ederstieim, R^o. Alfred. History of Juduh and 

Israel from the birlb of Solomon to the reign of 
Ahnb. Lond. Relig. Tract Soc. [1880] sii+ 
9-197C-f 4) pp. 12" [T. 4,665; 89.J (Bitle hist., 
5.) 4:285 

Edwards, Tbomae Cbarles. A commentary on 

tbe lirat Epistle to tbe Corinthians. 2. ed. 
Lond. Sodder and Stoughton. 1885. xsxix+ 
491 pp. 8" [T. 4,663; 89.] 3:-'295 

Gorman, W. Gordon, compiler. Converts to Rome. 

A list of about four thousand protostants who 
have recently become Roman catholics. 2. ed. 
Lond. Sonnensckein and Co. 1865. vi+89pp. 
12° [98,230; 89.] 4:3313 

Jacquenet, i.-B.-S., abbe. The life of the ven- 
erable Joseph Marchand, apostolic miaaionary 
and martyr. Tr. from the French, with a preface 
by Lady [Mary Elizabeth] Heebeet. Dub. 
M. U. Gill and son. 1886. xi-}-128 pp. 16° 
[T. 4,664; 89.] 4:5553 

Le PlonOfiOn, Augustus. Sacred mysteries among 

the Mayas and the Quiches, 11,500 years ago. 
Their relation to the sacred mysleries of Egj-pt, 
Greece, Cbaldea and India. Free masonry in 
times anterior to the temple of Solomon. N. Y. 
Ji.Macoy. 1886. xvi+163 pp., 19 pis., illaa. 8= 
[98,185; 89.] 10:2178.21 

Pilgrim C^bt) of Our Lady of Martyrs for 1885. 

Comprising the bifllory of the shrine of the 
bUiwed virgin Mary on the site of the former 
Uiiwion of Martyrs, Auriesville, N, Y., with mm- 
Coilnnies on early and recent American Indian 
miiMions. West Chester, N. T. Reo. J. Loyzance. 
I88S,] iv, 290-J-8 pp. 8° [98,186; 89.1 
^ 4:3044 

HIatory, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Admi. William Heniy Davenport. England on 
ilin Hiift; or, the story of tbe British navy, its 
AddlitlvK lintlleH and great commanders. Lond. 
If y. White and Co. 1885. xii+607 pp. 12" 
(WV.Mltl; 89.] 27:1318 

Alfleri, Vittorio. Lettere inedite alta madre, a 
Mario Bianchi e a Teresa Mocenni ; con appeo- 

dice di diverse altre lettere e di docamenti ilia- 

etrativi. Per cura di Jacopo Bbrnabdi e Carlo 

MiLANEtii. Firenze. F. Le Monnier. ISfti. 

(4+)286 pp., 1 fold, pedigree. 12° [34,722; 89.1 

Allen, John G. Topical studies in American 
history. Roch. Scrantom, Wetmore and Co. 

1885. xvii-f 74 pp. 16° [97,436; 89.] 29:1419 

Arnold, Rev. Frederick. Robertson of Brighton. 

With some notices of his times and contempg- 
raries. Lond. Ward and Downey. 1886. viii-|- 
348 pp. 12° [97,862; 89.] 25:715 

Ashton, John. The dawn of tbe zixtb centary 

in England: a social sketch of tbe times. Witb 
116 illuB. drawn by the author from contemporary 
engravings. Lond. Unwin. 1886. 2 v. xvi+ 
302 pp.; xvi+313 pp. 8" [97,842; 89.] 

Badeau, Adam. Aristocracy in England. N. Y. 

mtrpers. 1886. 306 pp. 16° [98,200; 89.] 
Ball, Jiev. Thomas. Tbe life of tbe renowned 

Doctor Preston, writ by his pupil, in the year 
1628. Now first pub. and ed. by E. W. HARCoraT. 
Ojtf. Parker and Co. 1885. xv-f 176 pp. 12° 
[97,861; 89.] 25:601 

Ballon, Maturin M. Due south; or, Cuba past 

and present. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 
1885. ii+316pp. 12" [97,031; 89.] 21:2634 

Bandelier, A. F. Report of an arcbieological toar 
in Mexico, in 1881. 2. ed. Bost. Cvpples,Up- 
hatn and Co. 1885. x+326 pp., 26 pis. (1 double 
col'd, 1 fold,), itluB. 8" [97.310; 89.] (Paper* 
of the A re hteo logical Institute of America. Amer. 
ser., 2.) *|0:9"2 

Bede, Cuthbort. (_pseud.) See Bradley, Rev. B. 
Black, C. B. Tbe south of France; east half, in- 
eluding the valleys of the Rhone, Drome and 
Durance, the baths of Vichy, Royat, Aix, Mont- 
Doro and Bourboule, the whole of the Riviera 
from Cette to Leghorn, with the inland towns of 
Turin, Bologna, Parma, Florence and Pisa, and 
the passes between Prance and Italy. 4. ed, 
Edin. A. and. C. Black. 1886. Txiv+39e pp., 
19 maps (17 fold., 6 col'd), 17 plans (10 fold.). Ifi" 
[97,845; 89.] *22:2830 

Blaine, James Gillespie. Twenty years of con- 
gress: from Lincoln to Garfield. With a re- 
view of the events which led to tbe political revo- 
lution of 18C0. Vol.2. Norwich. Benry Bill 
Pub. Co. 1886. xv-f724pp.,7plB. 8= [96,734; 
89] 29:1434.2 

Bonar, James. MaltbuB and his work. Load. 
Macmillan. 1885. viii(4-iv)+432 pp. 8' 
[97,910; 89.] 24:2405 

Born, Stephan. Lord Byron. Vortrag. Bas. 
Schweighauser. 1883. 39 pp. 12" [93,487; 
(OofTentl. Vortrage, geh. in dor Scbweiz, 
la 41:2231 

19.] (0 
I'll, 4.) 



Bradley, fiev. Edward. (Cuthbert Beds.) Foth- 
eringbay and -Mary, queen of Scola. Being an 
acconnt, hUlorical and descriptive, of Fothering- 
bay caatle, the last prison of Mary, queen of 
Scots, and the scene of her trial and ezecution. 
Lood. Simpkin, Marshall and Co. 18S6. 232 pp., 
10 pis. 12° [117,870; 89.] 24:2548 

Brooks, Henry U,, compiler and editor. The olden 
time series. Gleanings chiefly from old oews- 

fiapersof Boston and Salem, JUassachnsetta. Se- 
eded and arranged, with brief comments. New- 
Englaod Sunday. Boat. Ticknor. 1S86. viii-f- 
65 pp. 16" [9H,00I; 89.] (Olden time sor., 3.) 
BruC6, William Napier, Life of Cieoeral Sir 
Charles Napier, G, C. B. Lond. Murray. 
1885. 3rv-f416 pp., 3 pla., 2 fold, maps, 2 fold. 
plans. 12' [97,868; 89.] 25:1 

Burke, -Sir Bernard. A genealogical and heraldic 
dictionary of the peerage and barotielage, to- 
gether with memoirs of the privy councillors and 
Snigbls. 48. ed. Lond. Harrisons. 1886. (iv+) 
cxxxii-t-1676 pp., illua. 4" [97,936; 89.] 

Cannan.Fdwin. The Onke of Saint Simon. Oxf. 
B. if. Blackicell. 1885. {6+)I69 pp. 12° 
[97,883; 89.] (Lothian prize essay. 1885.) 

Chesney, JUrs. Louisa and O'Oonnell, ^^''S- Jane. 
The life of the late Gen. F. R. Chesney. By 
bis wife and daughter. Ed. by Stanley Lane- 
PooLB. Lond. W. H. Allen and Co. 1885. xxiii 
-1-477 pp., I port, I fold. map. 8° [97,374; 89.] 


ChristiSOn, Sir Robert, The life of; ed. by his 

sons. In two vols. Vol.1. Edin. Blackurood. 

1885. xiT+428 pp., 1 port. 8" [97,937; 89.] 

a«fmt>; Auiobiogmphy, 24:215 

ColBRian, John a/id Edward. Mcmoirsof Samuel 

Phelpa. Lond. Remington. 1886. 331 pp., 
1 port. 8° [97,860; 89.] 25:512 

Collignon, Uaxime. A manual of Greek archte- 

oiogy. Tr. by John Henry Wright. Lond. 
Cassefl. 1886. xii+384 pp., iUus. 12" [98, 
007; 89.] (Fine-art lib.; J. C. L. Sparks.) 10:940 
Collins, Charles H. From Highland hills lo an 

emperor's tomb. (Episodical, reflective, and 
descriptive.) Cin, Ji. Clarke and Co. 1886. 
vi+344 pp., illus. 12" [97,953; 89.] 22:84t) 

Cornell, S. S. Cornell's intermediate geography: 

forming part second of a systematic aeries of 
school geographies. Designed for pupils who 
have completed a primary or elementary course 
of instruction in geography. N. Y. Appleton. 
185B. 84 pp., illus. 4° [17,408; 89.] *60:^983 
Cornell) S. S. Primary geography, forming part 

first of a systematic series of suhool geographies, 
N. Y. Appleton. [1867.] 98 pp., illus. sq. 8" 
[22,636; 89.] (Revised ed.) *60:a982 

Daunt, Achilles. With pack and rifle in the far 

south-west. Adventures in New Mexico, Ari- 
zona, and Central America. Lund. Nelsons. 

1886. ix, 389 pp., additional vignette t. p., illus. 
12". [97,913; 89.] 21:1303 


Dubard, Maurice. Japanese life, love, and legend: 
a visit to the empire of the "Rising sun". 
From "Lo Japon piitoresque." By William Conn. 
Lond. Ward and Downey. 1886. viii-f 351 pp. 
12" [97,844; 89.] 22:153 

Dudevant, Mme Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Bupin. 
{George Sand.} Letters; tr. and ed. by 
Raphael Ledos de BEAcroKX, with preface and 
biographical sketch by the translator. Lond. 
Ward and Downey. 1886. 3 v. xl-|-(ii-f )383 pp., 
2 ports.; C6+)387 pp., 2 porta.; (6-l-)3&0 pp., 
2porU. 8" [97,866; 89.] 25:2110.1-3 

Elliot, Alexander, compiier. Hood in Scotland : 

reminiscences of Thomas Hood, poet and 
humorist. Including sketch of his anleoedenlB, 
original letters and poem hitherto unpublished, 
and letters, etc., by bis son and daughter. Intro- 
ductory notice by Charles C Maxwkll. Dundee. 
J. P. Mathew and Co. 1885. vii, 178 pp., 1 pi. 
12" [97,911; 89.] 24:175* 

Farmer, Silas and Co. Map and manual of the 

city of Detroit. Detroit. iS. Farmer and Co. 

[1872.] 79 pp., 1 fold. map. 18" [69,796; 89.] 


Field, Hev. Henry Martyn. The Greek islands 

and Turkey after the war. N. Y. Scribners. 
1885. vi, 228 pp., 2 pis., 3 col'd maps. 12» 
[96,991; 89.] 22:1402 

Findlay, John Ritchie. Personal recollections of 

Thomas De Quincoy. Edio. Black. 1886. 
x+74 pp., vignette t. p., 2 ports., 1 fold. facs. 12*' 
[98,114; 89.] 24:638 

Forbes-RoliertSOn, John. The great painters of 

Christendom Irom Cimabuo to Wilkie. Lond. 
Cassell. [1885.] xi-|-9-139 pp., 1 pi., illus. f " 
[97,940; 89,] *A:845fl 

Gardner, -Sfrs. Mary Rnssell. History of France 

in rhyme. NY. Author. 1886. 90 pp 12" 
[98,014; 89,] 26:2950 

Gisborne, William. New Zealand rulers and 

statesmen, 1 840-1 885, Lond, Low. 1 886. 
viii+292 pp., illus. 12" [97,923; 89.] 23:721 

Gower, George Granville Leveson, earl, afterwards 
duke of Sutherland. The despatches of Earl G., 
English ambassador at Paris t^rom June 1790 to 
August 1792. To which are added the despattheB 
of Mr. Lindsay and Mr. Moneo, and the diary of 
[Henry John Temple,] Viscount Palmerslon id 
France during July and August 1791, now pub- 
lished for the first lime. Ed, for the syndics of 
the University press, by Oscar Brownimq. Camb. 
Vnioersity press. 1885. xxxix-t-400 pp. 8° [97, 
873; 89,] 26:2957 

Gowflr, f-ord Ronald. Last days of Marie Antoi- 
nette. An historical sketch, Lond. Paul, 
Trench and Co. 1885. vii-|-lG3 pp., 1 port,, 2 
fold. facs. sq. 8° [97,875; 89,] 24:2426 

Graham, Col. George Fergus I. The life and work 
of Byed Ahmed Khan, 0. S. I. Edin. Black- 
wood. 1885. ix-f 412 pp., 1 port, 12" [97,867; 
89.] 25:1226 

.HisTOBT, ira 



H18TOBT, xvc. 

Greene, John H. A catechism of Irish geography 
and topography, physical, social, historical and 
biographical, for schools and families. Cin. W. 
Doyle. 1859. (6+)200 pp., 1 fold, col'd map. 8** 
[11,089; 89.] 60:2580 

Greene, John H. Lanigan-testimonial memoir, 
in aid of the funds now being raised in Ireland, 
to rescue, by a suitable monnment, the long- neg- 
lected remains of a great scholar, divine, historian 
and patriot from the present ignominious state. 
Stereotyped ed. Cin. M, H. Bird. 1860. 16 pp. 
8** [11,089; 89.] In 60:2580 

Gllthrie,William. A new geographical, historical 
and commercial grammar; and present state of 
the several kingdoms of the world. * * * To 
which are added: 1. A geographical index, with 
the names of places alphabetically arranged. 2. 
A table of the coins of all nations, and their value 
in English money. 3. A chronological table of 
remarkable events from the creation to the pres- 
ent time. Illus. with a correct set of maps, cngr. 
by Mr. Kitchin. The 8. ed., with great additions 
and improvements. The astronomical part by 
James Ferguson. Lond. C. Billy. 1783. 848 
pp., I pi., 18 fold, maps (4 col'd). 12^ [41,445; 
89.] 60:431 

The same. 18. ed., corr. and greatly enl. To 
which have been added the late discoveries of 
Dr. Herschell, and other eminent astronomers. 
Vemor and Hood. 1801. vi+1076 pp., 1 pi., 21 
fold. maps. [2,805.] '*'60:431a 

The same. Illus. with 25 correct maps. 1. Amer. 

ed., impr. Phil. Johnson and Warner. 1809. 

2 V. (8+)556 pp., 1 pi., 12 fold, maps; (4+)496 

pp., 9 fold. maps. 8^ [40,954.] 60:432-3 

Note. 4 maps are wanting. 

The same. A universal geography ; or, a view of 
the present state of the known world. Accom- 
panied with 21 correct maps. 3. Amer. ed., with 
extensive additions and alterations, by several 
Amer. editors. Warner. 1820. (8-f )514 pp.; 
640 pp. [90,953.] 60:434-5 

NoU. Contaim also : A list of men of learning and science. — Maps 

Hatton, Frank. North Borneo: explorations and 
adventures on the equator. With biographical 
sketch and notes by Joseph Hatton, and preface 
by Sir Walter Medhurst. 2. ed. Lond. Low. 
1886. xv+342 pp., 13 pis., 1 fold, map, illus. 
8^ [97,852; 89.] 22:2642 

Higgin, George. Commercial and industrial Spain. 

Lond. K Wilson. 1886. (4+)114 pp. 12° 

[98,071; 89.] 22:2110 

Hodgetts, J* Frederick. The English in the mid- 
die ages ; from the Norman usurpation to the 
days of the Stuarts. Their mode of life, dress, 
arms, occupations and amusements, as illustrated 
by the mediaeval remains in the British museum. 
Lond. Whiting and Co. 1885. xv+210 pp. 8° 
[97,836; 89.] 10:483 

HolbrOOk, Alfred. Reminiscences of the happy 

life of a teacher. Cin. Elm St. Print Co. 1885. 

vi, 362 pp. 12° [97,977; 89.] 24:1743 

Houston, Jiev. Samuel Rutherford, compiler, firief 
biographical accounts of many members of the 
Houston family, accompanied by a genealogical 
table, from well authenticated records, and exten- 
sive correspondence with a large number of well 
informed members of the family, during the years 
1876-82. Cin. Elm St. Print. Co. 1882. v, 420 
pp. 12*^ [98,055; 89.] 23:2121 

Hozier, Henry M. [Henry de lia Tour d'Auver- 

gne, vicomte de] J?urenne. Lond. Chapman 

and Hall. 1885. xii+198 pp., 1 port, 2 fold. 

maps. 12^ [97,864; 89.] (Military biographies.) 


Hudson, Edmund. A memorial of Mary Clemmer. 

Best. Ticknor. 1886. vi, 243 pp., 1 port 12® 

[97,978; 89.] 24:289 

Jackson, Catherine Charlotte, lady. The court of 
France in the 16. century. [1514-59.] Lond. 
Bentley. 1886. 2 v. xii+(ii+)396 pp., 4 porU.; 
x+(ii+)400 pp., 4 ports. 12** [97,909; 89.] 


Jackson, M. To America and back : a holiday 

run. Lond. McCorquodale and Co. 1886. 

246 pp., 1 fold. map. 12^ [97,840; 89.] 21:2227 

Johnston, H. H. The Kilima-Njaro expedition. 
A record of scientific exploration in eastern 
equatorial Africa, and a general description of 
the natural history, languages, and commerce of 
the Kilima-Njaro district. Lond. Pauly Trench 
and Co. 1886. xv-f 572 pp., vignette t. p., 15 pis., 
4 maps (3 col'd, 2 fold.), illus. 12** [97,857; 89.] 


Kebbel, ^* S* A history of toryism, from the ac- 
cession of Mr. Pitt to power in 1783 to the death 
of Lord fieaconsfield in 1881. Lond. W. H. 
Allen and Co. 1886. viii+408 pp. 8^ [97,907; 
89.] 27:2243 

Kulp, George B. Families of the Wyoming val- 
ley, biographical, genealogical and historicaL 
Sketches of the bench and bar of Luzerne county, 
Pennsylvania. In two vols. Vol. 1. Wilkes- 
Barre. ^Author.'] 1885. viii+504(-f3) pp. 8^ 
[98,012; 89.] 23:2123.1 

La Corbiniere, Clementine (Le Fer de la Motte) 
de. An apostolic woman ; or, the life and 
letters of Irma Le Fer de la Motte, in religion 
Sister Francis Xavier, who died at St. Mary's of 
the Woods, Vigo county, Ind. Pub. by one of her 
sisters, with a preface by L^on Aubineau. Tr. 
from the French. N. Y. The Catholic Pub. Soe. 
Co. 1882. xii, 416 pp., 2 ports. W 

Lagrange, F., abbe. Life of Mgr. [Felix-Antoine- 
Philibert] Dupanlonp, bp. of Orleans. Tr. from 
the French by [Mary Elizabeth] Lady Hbbbirt. 
Lond. Chapman and Hall. 1885. 2 v. xii4-502 
pp., 1 port.; viii4-520pp., Iport. 8** [97,869; 89.] 


Lanman, Charles. Haphazard personalities; 
chiefly of noted Americans. Boat. Lee and 
Shepard. 1886. 387 pp. 16** [97,410; 89.] 


Hdtobt, BTa 1 

Lanman, C. — {Continued.) 

QinltHli: Joseph 118017.— Henry W. LooBfellDir,— Jowph OhIpb 
mod WitlimmW. Benton.— Wuhinglnulrrlne.-bfnrgePcrkmsMnrxh. 
— WiUinm C. Bryimt.- Henry Cby.-Etlwwrt BTerell— Piirk Hf-njn- 
mln. — HorxwGiTeley.- PrWr Pnrce. — Willlnni S. Maunl. — Jnnicii 
BTDok*.- Lewi* C»*ii.— Hmilan Kitatburn.- Louin LvKriincI Koble.— 
William B. Sprafpie.- Willium JerdM and Wuliiniuiu Iriing.— John 
Ha*ud nijme.- BdHsnl N. Kirk.— Eli •ha Rent Kane.- Oeorge W. 
Bcthone. — Eminuel LeuUs. — CharlH HpflTiipge. — lAfayriU S. 
Foaler.— Charles DioksDa and ffuhinvlDD Irving.- Will iam A. Bnck- 
Inghaiu.— John F. T. CrampKm.-aamuel Tyler.— W inSeld ScuK.— 
CharlM MMkay.- ClurU Mllln.- Churie- P. Mellvalne. — Manln F. 
Tupper.^Aleunder H. Stephens.— Hoary R. Bcliuuloinft.— lieurge B. 
HeaelliD.— John TruiDbuir. 

LsVBlQye, ^mile de. Letters from Italy. Tr. by 

MrB. Thorpe. Rev. by (ho author. Lond. 

Unwin. 1886. xi+298 pp., 1 port. 12= [;iT, 

841; 89.] 22:1908 

Lb Fer de la Motte, Irma. iSee LaCorbiniere, 

' C. de. 
Ls GraS, ^^^e Louiae de. Life of Mariemoiselle 
lie Gras, (LouiBe de Marillac), foandrcBB of tlie 
BiBters of charity. Preceiled by letters of Mgr. 
Mkbmillod, bishop of Laui*anne, and of Very Kuv. 
A. Fiat, eoperior general of tlio priests of the 
mieBioD and of the Bistei-B of charity. Tr. from 
the French by a sister of charity, N. Y. Bemiger 
Bros. 1884. see pp. 12° [92,705; 89.] 24:3218 

Sou. Acror^ing to a former custom the title Modcmoiielle ia 
naed instead of MiJarDe. 

Leyland, Franeis A. The Bronle family, with 
special reference to Patrick Branwell Bronte. 

Xiond. Hurst and Blackett. 1886. '£ v. xvi+ 

312 pp.; ix+302 pp. 12° [97,871; 89.1 


Lilly, William SatDael. Chapters in EuropL>an 
history, with an introductory dialogue on the 

philoBOphy of history. Lond. Chapman and Sail. 

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Gobi deeert and the great wall, and by mule 


Meignan, V .—(Continued.) 

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In 58:2826.15 
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In 58:2836.16 
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).] 27:645.1-2 

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History, etc. 



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The same. [Eepr. with many corrections and 

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the autumn of 1884; Q. La Qtkasqm. 

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Note. Vols. 3 and 4 published by Patterson and Cochran. 

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row seas; comprising concise descriptions of 
about sixty thousand places, seats, natural feat- 
ures, and objects of note, founded upon the best 
authorities : with a reference under every name 
to the sheet of the ordnance survey, as far as com- 
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Contents: Vol. 1. Aba— Kyv. 
Vol. 2. ^b— Zou. 

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Earl of Derby.— The Earl of Aberdeen.— Lord Palmerston.— The Eari 
of Bcaconsfield.— Mr. Gladstone.— The Marquis of Salisbury.— Liat of 
the administrations during the reign of Queen Victoria.— PrincipsI 
acts passed during her migesty's reign. 

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HmoBT, na I 

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use of Bcbools, academics, etc. on a now plan, 
by wbicb the acqaisilion of geographical knowl- 
edge ia greatly facilitated. lUua, with maps iind 
unmerouBongraviDgB. Phil. Gri^g, Elliot and Co. 
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pp.; (iT+)xxxviii -1-367 pp.; (iT-f)xixv+282 pp. 
a__ v_^^^2g. gg-j 56:5730-34 

rodiTorqiiiloTMi'D.— Lrl(Fre,lSfi<i-79. 


y, IftTa-M. — Lellere 

lis dl T. TuPan.-Lpttf re, 

[jmii di T. Tiwiio— Lrlte i 

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Gower, G. G. L. 
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ages, poblie sous la direction de &f. ^douard 
Cbarton et illugtre par non plus celebres artistes. 
[Tomes 35 fl 49.] Par, Hachetle. 1878-85. f 
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age, knightage, and house of commons, 1886. 
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-f 172-1- xviii4-1924-xvi + 196 pp. 24° [97,925; 
89.] *L:6553 

ioll. Contains apwial title piges. 

Walsh, John Henry. {Stonehenge.) British rural 
eporlB : comprising shooting, bunting, coursing, 
ilshiDg, hawking, racing, boating, and pedestri- 
kniam, with all rural games and amusements. 
16. ed., re-edited, with numerous additions by 
"The Field" staff. Lond. F.WarneandCo. 1886. 
xviii-|-(ii-|-)1039 pp., 29 pis., 1 port., illus. 8° 
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manding Royal Horse Guards-Blues. Lond. 
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12" [97,872; 89.] 23:2811 

3 FoLiTica, RO. 

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being some account of the life of John New- 
bery and the books he published, with a notice of 
the later Newberys. Lond. Griffith, Farran, 
Ofieden and Welsh. 1885. xii-f373 pp., 3 pis., 2 
ports., 1 fold. facs. 8° [97,859; 89.] 25:264 

Whatly, Stephen. England's gazetteer; or, ao 

accurate description of all the cities, towns, and 
villages of the kingdom. In three volumes. Vols. 
1-2 contain a dictionary of the cities, corporations, 
market-towns, and the most noted villages; their 
manufactures and trade; markets, fairs, customs, 
and privileges; principal buildings, and charit- 
able foundations, etc. With their distance from 
London, in miles both computed and measured. 
Vol.3. A new index vtllaris; or, alphabetical 
register of the less noted villages; with their dis- 
tance, or bearing, from the next market-town, op 
well known place. This work indadea all the 
chief harbours, bays, forests, hills, mines, medici- 
nal springs, moors, and other curiosities both of 
nature and art; and not only takes notice of most 
of the manors and scats in the kingdom, both 
ancient and present; but also points out the old 
military ways, camps, castles, and other remark- 
able ruins, of Roman, Danish, and Saxon antiq- 
uity. And pariicularly shews the estates that 
were formerly abbey-lands. Lond. J. and P. 
Knapton. 1751. Vols. 1-2. viii(-|-328) pp.; (333 
pp.) 16" [9,890-91; 89.] 60:2477-8 

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Lond. Hurst and Blackett. 1886. 2 v. x-)-319 
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Wlngate, George W. Tbrougii Tcllowstone park 

on horseback. N.Y. O.JuddCo. 1886. 250 
pp., 1 map in pocket, illus. 12° [97,960; 89,] 


Politics, Political, Social and Domestic Economy, 
Law etc. 

Bluntschli, Johann Kaspar. The theory of the 

state. Authorised Bng. transl. from the 6. Ger- 
man ed. Osf Clarendon press. 1885. xx-|-BI8 
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being plain talks on economics, especially for 
nse in business, in schools, and in women's read- 
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Ouilcnli: Cltj BOTPrnmenl, 1886, ofllpers»nd reporM.— Apnpndii : 
Sandrord's iDjag; od Ihi tnnit of Ohniliiu, Isae, ■uoceadins Blltcm'l 
rojnge in l«Ki.— A hiitoriD sketch of the bugurnot ohaiTh,l«81-18Sa. 
— TtiEitdinlnietrBlloD i>[juitl» in South CarollnB, lOIK-IBM). — TtM 
alampiict aicitcmenliDliea.— Abriefaketfbof Sen. Fnncii UHrion, 
Willi hi" ppiWpli.-GeD. WilJiam Moaltrle's epilnph. — The OeiTMn 
filsiliera in Ihe war for Amcricui indepeadoDW. 17TS.— Tb« miliUiT 

toroado of Via. 

PoLinca, XTO. 1( 

Collinspn, F. J. and Ede, H. P. A handbook of 
electioti taw, comprising ibo corrupt BDd illegal 
practices proventioo acla of 1883 and 1885, with 
a summary, index, and appendix of eupplement- 
aryacts. Manch. J. JUywood. 1885. (6 + )170 
pp. 12= [97,94l| 89.] 55:783 

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patents, and the registration of trade marks 
and labels. Boat, RochceUand ChuTckill 1885. 
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Ede, H, p. See Collinson, F. j. and Ede. H. P. 

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British labourer. Uamb. Macmillan. 18(55. 
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land: otherwise called the difference between 
an absolute and a limited monarchy. A i-ovisod 
tost, od. with introd., notes, and appendices by 
Charles Pluuueb. Oxf. Clarendon press. 1885. 
xsiii+387 pp. 8° [97,896; 89,] 54:1160 

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examination of ibe tariff question wiih eNpocial 
regard to tbe interests of labor. N.Y, S. George 
and Co. 1886. Tiii+359pp. 12" [98,020; 89,] 
Goodwin, Christina. How they learhcd house- 
work. Boat. Lotkfop. 1886. 149 pp., 1 pi. 
12" [97,973; 89,] 54:1895 

Harder, Jules Arthur. The physiology of taste. 
Harder's book of practical American cookery: 
treating of American vegetables, and all alimetit- 
ary plants, roots and seeds, containing a descrip- 
tion of the beat varieties, mode of cultivation, and 
the art of preparing them for tbe table. Designed 
for the use of fami lies, hotels and restaurants. I n 
six vols. Vol. 1. San Fran. [Author.'] 1885. 
3txvi4--131 pp., additional vignette t. p., 1 port. 
8" [97,968; 89.] *54:3li73.1 

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containing the opinion of the court, the dis- 
senting opinion, and the argument for plaintiff 
in the ease of, as reported in Vol. 110, United 
States reports. N. Y. Banks and Bros. 1884. 
64 pp. 8" [91,812; 89.] 55:4599 

Look within: a condensed encyclopedia relative 
chiefly to household management; with hints 
npon houses, how to construct and preserve. — Do- 
mestic cookery in all its departments. — Gardens, 
email farms, and their management. — Law matters 
and how to save legal expenses.— Domestic medi- 
cine, and the care of sick persons. — Clothing, and 
how to preserve health. — Etiquette and good man- 
ners for old and young; together with hints upon 
nearly every emergency that arises during the 
lifetime of man, woman or child. U.Y. Carleton. 
1866. xxiv, 627 pp. 12= [98,084; 89.] (The 
"Multum Id parvo" ser., 1.) 54:^568 

I Sotinci, ira 

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cial, and political condition. Phil. Lippincott. 
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A manual of home economies. Phil. G. H. 
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his relations to Henry Clay and John Quincy 
Adams; or, constitutional limitations and tbe con- 
test for freedom of speech and the press. An ad- 
dress delivered before the Chicago Historical So- 
ciety, May 20, 1884. Chic. Chic. Hist. Soc. 1885. 
vii, 72 pp. 8" [95,014; 95,613; 89.] 54:1560 

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and adjusters assistant; or, pocket memoran- 
dum book; with valuable statistics and references. 
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Fire department.) 76:2469 

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ties. A reprint of 'Jottings in France, Germany, 
and Switzerland.' With additions. Lond. Long- 
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89.] 54:2873 

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thorised transl. of the 3. German cd., by the Rev. 
E. M. Geldart. With preface and notes by the 
translator. Lond. Sonnenschein and Co. 1885. 
iv+(iv+)167 pp. 12" [98,122; 89.] 54:2250 

Science, Art and Industry, 

Anderson, J- W. The prospector's baodbook. 

A guide for the prospector and traveller in 
search ofmetal-boaringorotber valuable minerals. 
Lond. C. Lockwood and Co. 1886. x-i-132 pp. 
16" [98,113; 89.] 52:374 

Arnold, Edwin Lester. Coffee: ite cnltivalion 

and profit. Lond. W. B. Whittingham and Co. 
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SoimoB, sra 1 

Arthur, J- 0.. Barnes, Charles R. and Coulter, 

John M. Handbook of plant disHcction, N. Y. 

n. Bolt. 1881). xi+25fJ pp., 1 pi. 12" [03, 

148; 89.] 43:2(i 

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Oii.ltlling.-Emuliiryin)!.-Ev.I-or«tmg.-FiileriFiB— Pfreolulion.- 
El Ktp] typing,— B(creDnpinit, — [taDk hind ing.—SIniw-nl nil, miltiaa, 
nnil bukpI-mnklDg.— Musicil tOAIrumeots.— Clock and HsUh mend' 
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Boyd ancf CnrtiT ooantica, Ihc Xpatuoky ctl- 
H.>k iron wgion ; P. K. Mooai.-Tbe iron man. 
ig Bock iron region ; P. N. M'loai.-Oeolon of 

>gion;' P. N. Mouai.— Iron orei In the tl- 

_, -. _.-„-, . P. N. Slooai.— Groloay of a BOOIlon from 

urar Cunuilon. Wolfr gounly, to IhH moulli of Troubleaome creek, 
Bn-iithilt ooanly ; P. N. Muoai.— Chion'a branch caatiel ooal diHtrict; 
A. 11 CiASBii.i..- IndPK. 

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i-mhmcing ponionn of (Jrayaon, Edmonwn, Hart, and Bniler doun- 
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JVbte. V\s. 3-4 of the Lond. ed. are wanting. 

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The same. [M. 815.] '('50:5328 

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The same. Vols. 2-3 in 1 vol. *46:5948 

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Vol. 2. Medical section. Prep, by Brevet Lt.-Col. J. J.Woodward. 
Vol. 3. Microscopical section. Prep, by Brevet Mig. Edward 


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In 46:3747 
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la taille laterale suivant la m^thode perfection- 
nee de C, avec une nouvelle maniere de pratiquer 
Toperation, proposde par M. Thomson ; trad, de 
Tanglais par H. GueaiN: suivie d*une nouvelle 
metbode pour la taille, trouvee par [le baron Guil- 
laume] Dupuytren. Par. Jlilme JRuzard. 1818. 
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Vol. 2. Od the bowel complaints of children, more immediatelj 
connected with the biliary secretion, and particularly of atrophia ab« 
lactatorum, or weaning brash. 

Vol. 3. On hydrocephalus acutus, or dropsy in the brain. 

Chisholm, Colin. A manual of the climate and 
diseases of tropical countries ; in which a prac- 
tical view of the statistical pathology and of the 
history and treatment of the diseases of those 
countries is attempted to be given : calculated 
chiefly as a guide to the young medicul practi- 
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Note. The plate and pp. 43-4, 868-64, 975-85 of the 4. ed» are mis- 

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905; 89.] 46:4^18 

Mbdicihi. 1 

Civialfl, Jean. Dihcusbiod sar la taillo et la lilho- 
iriLie. [Diecnurs prononces par C] Extrait 
dc6 Beances des 28 sept., 6 ct 30 oct., et 20 nov. 
1847. Pi-ecedee d'une lollre do C. i M. Crampton. 
Par. 1847. (iv-|-)sv-|-90 pp. 8° [61,334; 89] 
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proveniion and cure of chronic diseaaea, more 
particularly of the chest and digestive organs: 
comprising an account of the principal places re- 
Borted to by invalids in England, the south of 
Europe, etc.; a comparativo estimate of their ro- 
Bpectire meriia in particular diaeasca; and general 
directions for invalids while travelling and resid- 
ing abroad. With an appendix, containing a series 
of tables on climate. 2. ed., enl. Lond. T. and 
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pp. 8= [47,942; 89.] 46:5107 

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fiort for invalida in England, the south of Europe, 
etc. From the 3. Lond. ed. Phil. A. Waldie. 
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berculous and scrofulous disoaaes in general, Phil, 
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Onfcnli: Practicail [Dfdirine ; E. H. CuMi.— Ahintory of lliedia. 
cove rj of modern anir.'lheaii.; Henry jBtubBioiiow.— Surgery; 9am- 
tifl D. GnoM.— UhslPlrio." nod gjnBW.'oloKi; Theodore Gaillard Tbobh. 
— LilrnHiiro HHd inslituliona ; 3olm 3. Biti-iiiui. 

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most important diseases of children. Ft. 1. 
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some of the principal errors against it. With 
hinla on dietetics, viewed in relation to the laws 
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medicine simpliHed, tor tho use of families, and a 
history of tho Cincinnati homojopathlc medical 
dispensary. Cin. F. C, Tidball. 1869. 82 pp. 
16° [39,015; 89.] *46:5853 

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nomena, causes, and consequences of the disease, 
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dissection. 2. ed. Lond. J. Anderson. 1825. 
Jtxxiv(-t-ii)+494pp. 8° [47,902; 89.] 46:2647 
Code pharmaceutique, traduction de I'ouvrngo 

redige en latin, foas le titro de Codex medica- 
mentariiis, par MM. Lerodx, Vauquelis [et 
d'autrcsl; et public, conform^ment k I'ordonnance 
royale du 8 aofit 1816, par la faculte de medecine 


Code pharmaceutique, eic— {Continued.') 

de Paris; par A[ntoino]-jracqaeB]-L[oais] JocE- 
DAN. Par BaUliere. 1821. (iv+)xxiv-|-621 
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a description of tho apparatus employed, and a 
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and pathological; with cases. Phil. Lindsay and 
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The same. 2. ed., rev. and enl., with many now 
illua. 1876. xx-l-13-392 pp. [60,989.] 


Sale. Ttie litlo of llie 3. ed. In alighDy different. 

Cole, William. Novk hypotheaeoa, ad ezplicanda 

febrium interrailteuiium symptomata et typos 
excogitatS!, bypotyposis, una cum tetiologia re- 
modiorum, et speciatim, de curatione per corticem 
Peruvianum. Acceesit dissertatiuncala de intesti- 
norum motu peristaltieo. Ed. novissima. Geneva. 
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96+89-95(4-9) pp. sq. 8° [48,195; 89.] 

In 46:958 
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Ed. novissima. Geneva. Perachon u. Cramer. 
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195; 89.] In 46:958 

Collin, V- Manual for the nse of the stethoscope. 

A short treatise on the different methods of in- 
vestigating the diseases of the chest. Tr. from 
the French, by W. N. Ryland. From the 3. Lond. 
ed.; with plates, and an explanatory introd., by a 
fellow of the Massachusetts Medical Society. 
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que. Par. Bailliere. 1842. xxxir4-462 pp., 2 
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cations of insanity, with suggeationa for the 
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Cooke, John. A treatise on nervous diseases. 

Bost. Wells and Lilly. 1824. Ti(+ii)+432 

pp. 8° [47,909; 89.] 46:lfi9l> 

CMimti- Nature uid uses of tbe nenoug siitem, — Apoplair- — 

Cooke, .Dr. John Esten. A treatise of ^thology 
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inquiry into the sources and effects of derange- 
ments of tbe digestive organs, embracing dejec- 
tion, and some other affeotions of tbe mind. 
Lond. Longman. 1828. (ii+)T(-f T)-f290 pp. 
12° [47,901; 89.] ^:146fll 



Poetry, eto. 

CooieVi Arnold James. Hand-book of compound 
meaifdnes; or, the prescriber's and dispenser's 
yade-mecom. Phil. Lippincott 1873. (ii+) 
viii+116+vi+ll 7-219 pp. 12** [35,173; 89.] 


Coolidge, Bichard H. Statistical report on the 
sickness and mortality in the army of the 
United States, compiled from the records of the 
Burgeon generaFs office; embracing a period of 
sixteen years, from January, 1839, to January, 
1865. Prepared under the direction of Brevet 
Brig.-Gen. Thomas Lawson. Wash. 1856. 703 
pp., 1 fold. map. 4® [48,645; 89.] (34. Congress, 
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Cooper, William White. On near sight, aged 
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ing sight. 2. ed. Lond. J. Churchill 1853. 
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Copeman, Edward. A report on the cerebral af- 

roctions of infancy, with a few comments and 

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12« [44,549; 89.] 46:5013 

Copland, James. A dictionary of practical med- 
icine: comprising general pathology, the nature 
and treatment of diseases, morbid structures, and 
the disorders especially incidental to climates, to 
the sex, and to the different epochs of life; with 
numerous prescriptions for the medicines recom- 
mended, a classification of diseases according to 
pathological principles, a copious bibliography, 
with references; and an appendix of approved 
formulsB : the whole forming a library of pathol- 
ogy and practical medicine, and a digest of med- 
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T. in 4. iv-|-xxxii-|-l658 pp.; iv+931 pp.; (4+) 
768 pp.; (2+)767-1490+lxxxviii pp. 8*^ [44, 
228; 89.] *46:401-4 

Note. Pp. 1329-M of Vol. 3, Pt. 2 are missing. 

CorUmU: Vol. 1. Abd— Furunc. 
Vol. 2. Gall— Onsiui. 

Vol. 3, Pi. 1. Pal— Scurvy. Pt. 2. Scurvy— Zy mot. — Supple- 
BMnt.— Index. 

Poetry, Music and the Drama. 

Adams, Oscar Fay, editor. [Through the year 
with the poets.] January. February. March. 
April. May. June. July. Bost. Lothrop. 
[1886.] 7v. xxii-f(ii+)136 pp.; xxiv+rii+) 
133 pp.; xxv-f (iii+)144 pp.; xxvi+(ii+)148 pp.; 
xxv+(iii+)154 pp.; xxvi + (ii+)144 pp.; xxvii 
(+iii)+148 pp. 16<» [97,297-8; 100,075-7; 100, 
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Bach, Albert B. The principles of singing. A 

practical guide for vocalists and teachers. With 

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Brewster, Emma £. Parlor varieties, plays, 

pantomimes and charades. [Pt. 1.] Bost. Lee 

andShepard. [1880.] 261pp. 16° [97,407; 89.] 


OmtenU: My sister's husband. — The Christmas box.— The free 
ward. — Jane*8 legacy. — Aant Mehetible's scientific experiment. — A 
pretty piece of property.— Poor Peter.— The Don's stratagem.— How 
the ooionel proposed.— Elisabeth Carisbrooke with a " P.*'— Eliza's 
boBa-flde offer.- Zenibfaabers second wife.— A dog that will fetch will 
. — Charade: Holidays. — Charade : Cent-any-all; Centennial.— 
«: Arabella and Lionel.— A bunch of buttercups. 

Brewster, Emma E. and Scribner, Lizzie B. 
Parlor varieties. Pt. 2., being the 2. ser., of 
plays, pantomimes and charades. Bost. Lee and 
Shepard. 1886. 146 pp. 16° [96,604; 89.] 


ContenU: The lover's stratagem. — Zekle's courtship. — Bouquet of 
rose spirits. — Cinderella. — Dialogue for five little girls. — Beresford 
benevolent society .—The rumaeller'8 exhibit.— The bachelor who lived 
by himself. — That boy Tom.— Who wins.— Carboline. 

Browne* Francis F., editor. Bugle-echoes. A col- 
le(5tion of poems of the civil war, northern and 
southern. N. Y. White^ Stokes and Allen. 1886. 
X, 336 pp., vignette t. p. 12** [98,036; 89.] 


Clark, Jeannette K. Nettie's poems; and a farce: 
Old fogy and young America. Cin. [AwfAor.] 
1880. iv+78+24 pp. 12*^ [97,804; 89.] 


Dickens, Charles, The plays and poems of. With 
a few miscellanies in prose now first collected. 
Ed., prefaced and annotated by Kichard Heme 
Shepherd. Lond. W. H. Allen and Co. 1885. 
2 V. 406 pp.; vii+420 pp. 8° [98,238; 89.] 


Contend: Vol.1. Introductory monograph, by the_ editor, on 
IS as a dramatist, actor and poet.— P' 
6. — The village coquettes, 183< 
something singular ! 1^7.— Tlie lamplighter, i 
lighter^s »torv (from The pic nic papera). 

Vol. 2. Plays: Mr. Nightingnle^s diary. — Sketches of 

Charleti Dickens as a dramatist, actor and poet.— Plays : The strange 
gentleman, 18:i6. — The village coquettes, 1836. — Is she his wife ? or 
singular ! 1837.— Tlie lamplighter, a farce, 1838. — The lamp- 

young gen- 
Christmas carol.— Romance.— Tlie loving ballad of Lord' Bateman.— 

8 uiary. 
tlcmen. — Sketches of young couples. — Poems : The ivy green. — A 

'" " rd I 

daught€ . . 

labourers.— The British lion. — Prologue to ** I'he lighthouse."— The 
song of the wreck.— Prologue to •* The frozen deep.'"— Child's hymn. 
— The blacksmith. — Miscellanies in prose : Sunday under three heads. 
— Threatening letters to Thomas Hood, from an ancient gentleman. — 
Preface to John Overs's •' Evenings of a working man."— To be read 
at dusk.— On Mr. Fechter's acting.— Appendix : The bibliography of 
Dickens. — Index. 

Gilbert, William Schwenek. Original comic 

operas. Lond. Chappell and Co. [1877-84.] 

29+32+32+39+38+48+47+14 pp. 8° [97, 

897; 89.] 32:850 

ContenU: The sorcerer.— H. M. 8. Pinafore.— Pirates of Penzance, 
—lolanthe.— Patience.— Princess Ida.— The mikado. — Trial by jjiry. 

Gilder, Jeannette Leonard, compiler. Eepresent- 
ative poems of living poets: American and 
English. Selected by the poets themselves. With 
an introd. by George Parsons Lathrop. ^. Y. 
Cassell. 1886. lii+683 pp. 8° [98,237; 89.] 


Krehbiel, Henrj^ Edward. Eeview of the New 
York musical season 1885-1886. Containing 
programmes of noteworthy occurrences, with nu- 
merous criticisms. N. Y. Novello, Ewer and Co. 
1886. xxi+233pp. 8*^ [98,215; 89.] *53:2028 

Lover, Samuel, editor. Poems of Ireland. To 

which is added "Lover's metrical tales." Lond. 

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illus. 12*^ [97,888; 89.] 31:2177 

Manzoni, Alessandro. Tragedie e poesie. Mil. 

Chiusi e Rechiedei. 1868. 426 pp. 12*^ [34, 

725; 89.] 56:5630 

Note. Bound with the above is : Prose varie, by the same author. 

Contents: Adelchi, tragedia.— II conte di Carmagnola, trngedia. — 
Inni sacri.— Strofe per una prinna comunione. — II cinque Maggio. — 
Marzo 1821. — U proclama di Kimini. 

Matthews, Brander and Hutton, Laurence, editors. 

Actors and actresses of Great Britain and the 

United States from the days of David Garrick to 

^lonoir (^Snglith). 

PlCTiOH (SngUik), 

Matthewa, B. and HuttOn. L-, eds.^( Continued.) 

tbo presonl time. The Kemblee atid thoii- con- 

temporarieB. N.Y. Caasell. 1886. (8+);i29 pp. 

12= [98,201; 89.] 23:1126.2 

Don. Jardiiii ; Wllliom Aicnu.-BobeH Will ism Ellisuin: W. Aurnii. 
ChBrieiMnt)i«wi: Hpnrj Gallup PuHi.-Charlea Ifemblp: B. Mat- 
THiwi. — TlioiBia ibihorpBCoD[wr; Josfph NorioD Uh-iub. — JoJm 
LIdidd; L. HirTTaK.-Chir1eiiN*Fne7aung; MHivId □. Bniitunii.- 
ElittO'Neill; L. Huttob. — Wm. Henrv West Betty ; L. Hottok. - 

Moore. Frank, compiler and editor. Songs tind 

balluds of the aoiithorn people, 1861-5. N. Y, 
Applelon. 1886. 324 pp. 16° [98,008; 89.] 

Oberhalzer, Mrs. Sara Louisa. Daisies of verse. 

Phil. Lippincott. 1886. 152 pp. 12° [98, 
034; 89] 31:2760 

RoCkstrO, William Smyth. A geoeral hialory of 

music from tbe iufancj of the Greek drama to 
the preaenl period. Lond. Low. 1886. xiv-|- 
(ii+)535 pp., illuB. 8° [98,040; 89.] |0:2548 
Shakespeare, William. A new variorum edition 

of Siiakespeare, ed. by Horace Howard Fvn- 
NEBH.'Vol. G. Olbollo. Phil. Lippincott. [1886.] 
viii4-(ii+)471 pp. 8° [98,035; 89.] 32:1037 
Tasso, Torquato. Dialoghi, a cura di Cesare 

UtiASTi. Pirenze. Le Monnier. 1858-9. 3 v. 
(iT+)!(li+398 pp.; (iy-f)vi+362 pp.; (iv-Mxi-]- 
B73C+3) pp. 12° [34,729; 89] 56:5727-9 

Omlenls; Vol. 1. I tagni, o Teroda ]h pieuV.— II OoouiBn. o yerp 
del piacar onrato. — 11 Nila, o varo del piacere. — II measBgieTO. — 11 

—11 Qataajn Hccondo, □ yexo del Hiuocn. — 1 
A.~De ladlgaitt.— Lm Molu, o Tero ds 1'bi 
[■Iplgllo. o •ero de In oone.— 11 HtilpiE;iu 
la malliludine.— Ia CiTnletts o rem d^ la | 

RantlDne.D •«»! dp la pace. — II Ghirli'uu 


—11 Man 

—II For 


Tirta.-IIMiDtiimo, overodalflb 

Winter, William. The stage life of Mary Ander- 
son. W. Y. G. L Coombes. 1886. xiii4-(ii+) 
161(-^3) pp., 1 port. 12° [98,180; 89.] tO:2797 

Fiction.— English 

Argles, ■3f''«- Margaret. {The duchess.) Lady 

Branksmero. A novel. Phil. Lippincott. 1886. 
323 pp. 12° [99,110; 89.] 35:710 

Argles, Mrs. Margarut. (The duchess.) A mental 

struggle. A novel. Phil. Lippincott. 1886. 
292 pp. 12° [98,145; 89.] 35:711 

Balzac, Honors de. Eugenie Grandet. Bout. 

Roberts. 1886. (4+)294 pp. 12° [98,154; 
89.] 35:1521 

Baring-Gould, Rev. Sabine. Court Koyal. A 

Blory of cross currents. Phil. Lippincott. 1886. 
iv-l-417 pp. 12° [98,102; 89.] 35:1574 

Brooks, B. S. In Leislcr'a times: an historical 

story of Knickerbocker New York. Illus. by 

William T. Smedley. Bost. Lothrop. [1886.] 

(2+^299 pp., 18 full page illua. 12° [98,027; 89.] 


Cameron, Mrs. U. Lovett. In a grass country: 

a story of love and sport. PhU. Lippincott. 
1886. 315 pp. 12° [98,017; 89.] 35:3736 

Cervus, G. I. Cot: a story of West Point. Phil. 

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Constance of Acadia. A novel. Boat. Roberts. 

1886. vi, 368 pp. 12° [98,167; 89.] 40:2103 
Dabney, Virginias. The atory of Don Uifi*, ai 

told by his friend John Bouche Whacker. A 
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492 pp., 4 fold. pp. of music. 12° [98,165; 89.1 

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Casseil. [1886.] 154 pp. 12° [98,086; 89.1 
(Casaell'a " Kalnbow " aer.) 37:151 

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eociarstudy. 3. ed. Phil. Lippincott. 1886. 
400 pp., 2 pis. 12° [98,158; 89.] 37:94! 

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12° [98,159; 89.] 40:2447 

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or dead. A novel. W. Y. H. Hoit. 1886. 
33S pp. 16° [98,168; 89.] (Leisure hour ser., 
190) 37:1966 

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J. Henry Haqer. N.Y. Appteton. 1886. 250 
pp. 12° [98,079; 89.] 37:2128 

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12° [98,155; 89.] 37:2517 

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89.] (Harper'a handy ser., 74.) 37:2957 

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(Casselt'a "Rainbow" ser.) 37:3829 

Hammond, William A. and Lanza, Marchionea 

Clara. TaleBof eccentric life. N.Y. Appleton. 
1886. 209 pp. 12° [98,083; 89.] 37:3957 

CcmlaiU: The niTalorr of Mra. Broun.— Mr. St. Anwud.— A Budi- 
date far bedlam.— The golden lock.— Ad iDcideol in Dt. Temple's ca- 

Hardy, Arthur Sherburne. The wind of destiny. 

BoBt. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1886. 307 pp. 
12° [98,156; 89.] 37:3984 

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1886. viii+266pp.,3Ipl8. 16° [98,149; 89] 


McCabe, James D. Tbe night-express. Phil. J. 

M. Stoddard and Co. 1879. 163 pp. 16° [97, 

818; 89.] 38:3124 

Fiction (SnglisK). 



Macfariftne, Margaret Russell. The magic of a 

voice. A novel. N. T. CasselL 1886. 285 

pp. 16** [98,150; 89.] 38:2227 

Martin, Elizabeth Gilbert. Whom God bath 
joined. A novel. N.Y. E. Salt 1886. 387 

pp. [98,161; 89.] (Leisure hour ser., 189.) 


May, Karl. The pirates of the Red sea : recol- 
lections of travel. Tr. from the German. Bait. 

liurvhy and Co. 1886. 481 pp. 12° 


Milleri Cincinnatus Hiner, called Joaquin. The 
destruction of Gotham. N.Y. Funk and Wag- 
naUs. 1886. iv, 214 pp. W [98,153; 89.] 


Monte-Crlsto'S daughter. Sequel to Alexander 
Dumas' great novel, the "Count of Monte-Cris- 
to," and conclusion of **Edmond Dantes.*' Phil. 
Peterson. [1886.] (2+)19-372 pp. sq. 16° 
[98,111; 89.J 40:2463 

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196 pp. 16° [98,078; 89.] (Harper's handy ser., 

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adise. Bost. Houghton J Mifflin and Co, 1886. 
220 pp. 16° [98,081; 89.] (The Kiverside pa- 
per ser., 14.) 38:4393 

Reade, Charles. The white elephant. A story. 

N. Y. Gibson and King, [1884.] 88 pp. 12° 

[97,819; 89.] 39:173 

SCttddaPi Horace Elisha. Stories and romances 
Bost Houghton, Mifflin and Co, 1886. 298 pp 
16*^ [98,179; 89.] (Kiverside paper ser., 16.) 


Omtenti: Left oyer from the last century.— A bouse of entertain- 
ment.— Aookienully oyerheard.— A hard bargain.— A story of the oieffo 
of Botton.— Matthew, Mark, Lake and John.— Do not even the puD- 
lieuM the flame?— Nobody's business. 

Sergeanty Adeline. No saint. A study. N. Y, 

H.Holt, 1886. vi-f403pp. 16*^ [98,160; 89.] 

(Leisure honr ser., 187.) 39:1559 

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(John Strange Winter,) Army society: life in 
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(Harper's handy ser., 79.) 39:2167 

TIdbaliy Mary Langdon. Barbara's vagaries. 

N.Y. Harpers. 1886. 175 pp. 12° 

Wallothy Wilhelm. The king's treasure house : a 

romance of ancient Egypt. From the German 

by Mary J. Safford. N. Y. W, S. Gottsberger. 

1886. ii+-353pp. 16° [98,162; 89.] 40:61 

Winter, John Strange, (pseud.) See Stannard, 

Mrs. H. B. V. P. 

Witnass my hand. A Fenshire story. By the 

author of "Lady Gwendolen's tryst." N. Y. 

CasseU. [188-.] 193 pp. 12^ [98,085; 89.] 

(CaaaeU's Kainbow ser.) 40:2754 

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1886. vi+9-247 pp. 16° [98,163; 89.] 


Woolson, Miss Constance Fenimore. East Angels. 

A novel. N. Y. Harpers. 1886. 591 pp. 

16*^ [98,166; 89.] 40:841 


Anquetil du Perron, Abraham-Hyacinthe. Me- 
moire dans lequel on etablitque les livres zends, 
deposes a la Bibliotheque du Eoi le 15 mars 1762, 
sent les ouvrages de Zoroastre, ou que du moins 
ils sont aussi anciens que ce legislateur. Par. 
1777. (Acad. Inscript. France, v. 38, (M.) pp. 
167-268.) In *62:1538 

Dacier, Andre. Examen de Thistoire de la Ma- 

trone d'^^phese, et des differentes imitations 

qu'elle a produites. Par. 1780. (Acad. Inscript. 

France, v. 41, pp. 523-45.) In *62:1541 

Dacier, Andr^. Notice d'un manuscrit grec de 

la Bibliotheque du Roi; ecriture du xvi* siecle, 

sur papier in 4° cote 2912. Par. 1780. (Acad. 

Inscript. France, v. 41, pp. 546-62.) In ♦62:1541 

Deli8le,I^6opold-Victor. Kecherches sur Tancienne 

bibliotheque de Corbie. Par. 1861. (Acad. 

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1877. 3. ed. Lond. Paul, Trench and Co, 

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Guignes, Joseph de. Observations sur quelques 
points concernant la religion et la philosophie 

des ^gypticns et des Cbinois. Par. 1780. 

(Acad. Inscript. France, v. 40, (M.) pp. 163-86.) 

In *62:1540 

Hedge, Frederic Henry. Hours with German 
classics. Bost. Roberts. 1886. (.8+)531 pp. 

12° [98,187; 89.] 10:4089 

Johnson, Charles F. Three Americans and three 

Englishmen. Lectures read before the students 

of Trinity college, Hartford. N.Y. T, Whittaker. 

1886. vii+245 pp. 12° [97,305; 89.] 10:3498 

Contents: Wordsworth.— Coleridge.— Shelley.— Hawthorne.— Em- 
erpoD .-Longfellow. 

Le BeaUy Jean-Louis. Memoire sur les tragiques 

grecs. Par. 1770. (Acad. Inscript. France, 

V. 35, pp. 432-74.) In *62:1535 

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Arabian poetry, chiefly prsB-Islamic, with an 

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pp. 12^ [98,037; 89.] (Intern, scientif ser., 54.) 


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Tobjet de la tragedie chez les Grecs. 2 me- 
moires. Par. 1777. (Acad. Inscript. France, v. 

39, pp, 125-71.) In *62:1539 




Silvestre de Sacy, Antolne-Isaac, baron, Memoire 

sur le Djavidan khired, oa livre de Teternelle 

raison. Par. 1831. (Acad. In8cript. France, 

V. 9, (M.) pp. 1-30.) In *62:1559 

Silvestre de Sacy, Antoine-Isaac, baron. Memoire 

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Dante Alighieri. Opere minori. 2. ed. Firenzi. 
G. Barbera. 1861-2. 3 v. (4+)449 pp.: (4+) 
451 pp.; (4+)537 pp. 12*^ [34,727; 89.] 


Note. Title taken partly from half-title. 

Contents: Vol.1. Dissertazione suite poeaie liriche di Dante.— II 
canzoniere, annotato e illustrato da Pietro Fraticelli, aggiuntovi le 
rime sacre e le poenie latme. 

Vol. 2. Dissertazione suUa Vita nuova. — La Vita nuova, i trattiti 
De vnlgari eloquio, De monarchia e la uiiestione de aqua et terra, con 
traduzibne italiana delle opere scritte latinamente, e not« e illustra- 
zioni di Pietro Fbaticklli. 

Vol. 3. Dissertazione sul Ck>nvito.— II Conrito e le epistole, con 
illuBtrazioni e note de Pietro Fbaticklli e d*altri. 

Galilei, Galileo, Le opere di. Prima edizione 
completa, condotta sugli autentici manoscritti 
palatini. [Direttore Eugenio Albcri.] Firenze. 
Soc. editr. fiorent, 1842-56. 16 v. 8° [44,034; 
89.] *56:5540-55 

Oontenti: Vols. 1-6. Opere astronomiche. 
.Vol. 1. Dialogo dei massimi sistcmi. 5 pis. (4 fold.) 

Vol. 2. Lettere di Galileo intomo al sistema Copemicano. — Escr- 
citazioni filosofiche di Antonio Rocco contro il Dialogo dei massimi 
sistemi.— Postille di G. alle Esercitazioni del Rocco. — Discorso di Lo- 
dovico DELLK CoLOMBc contro il moto della terra. — Postille di G. al 
Discorso di L. dolle Colombo. — Discorso di G. a Monsig. Orsino intomo 
il fluHSo e rcfluuso. 2 fold. pis. 

Vol. 3. Trattato della sfera. o cosmografia. — Siderous nuncius. — 
Lettere intomo le apparenze della luna.— De ph«enomenis in orbe lunn 
et de luce et lumine aispututio, a Julio Csesare La Galla. — Postille 
di G. al Discorso del La Galla. — Lettere intorno alle macchie solari. 
10 fold. pis. 

Vol. 4. De tribus cometis anni 1618 disputatio astronomica.— Dis- 
corso dclle comete di Mario Guiducci.— Libra astronomica ac philo- 
Hophica, qua Galiltei opiniones de cometis a .Mario Guiduccio expo- 
sitae examinantur a Lothario Sarbio. — Postille di G. — II saggiatore, 
nel quale si ponderano le cose contenute nella Libra astronomica e 
filosofica di Lottario iSarsi.— Ratio ponderum libree ac simbcllip, in qua 

Suid a Lotharii Sarsii Libra astronomica quidque e Galilei Galilei 
imbellatore do cometis statuendum sit proponitur a Lothario Sarsio. 
— Postille di G. alPopera suddetta. 4 fold. pis. 

Vol. 6. Tabulio mediorum motuum satellitum Jovis. — Observa- 
tiones et calculi in Jovis satellites.— Calculi et ephemerides.— Patris 
Vincentii RENiRaii circa Jovis satellites lugubrationes.—Le opera- 
sioni astronomiche di G. — Lezioni di G. intorno la Stella nuova del 
1604. — Frammenti astronomici di G, — Scritture varie relative alle 
opere o alle opinioni astronomiche di G. 4 fold, pis., 1 fold. facs. 

Vols. 6-10. Lettere. 6 fold, pis., 1 facs. 

Vols. 11-14. Opere fisico-matematiche. 

Vol. 11. Sermones de motu gravium. — Delia scienza meccanica. 
— Note intorno le meccaniche di G. — Proposizioni meccaniche di Vin- 
cenzo ViviAXi. — TrattAto di fortificazione. — Le operazioni del com- 
passo geometrico e militare.— Usus et fabrica circmi ci\jusdam pro- 
portionis, opera B. CapkjIC.— Difesa di G. contro il Capra. 12 fold, pl^». 

Vol. 12. Discorso di G. intorno i galleggianti.— Lett«ra di Tolo- 
meo NozzoLiNi a Monsig. Marzimedici. — i-.ettera di G. a Tolomeo 
Nozzolini.— Discorso apologetico di Lodovico dkllk Colombk.— C-on- 
siderazioni di Vincenzo di Grazia. — Risposta di G. alle opposizioni 
del Colombo e del Grazia.— Note al discorso dei galleggianti. — Espe- 
rimenti del oaT. G. Vmtubx intomo i galleggianti. 2 fold. pis. 

Galilei, (^. — {Continued.) 

Vol. 13. Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche intomo a due 
nuove scienze attenenti alia meccanica ed ai movimenti locali. 8 
fold. pis. 

Vol. 14. Illustrazioni del Viviaki e del Gramdi ai Discorsi delle 
nuove scienze.— Componimenti minori e frammenti diversi m materie 
scientitiche di G. 12 foldi pis. 

Vol. 15. Opere letterarie : Due lezioni intomo I'lnfemo di Dante. 
— Postille e correzioni alPOrlando furioso.— Considerazioni alia Geru- 
salemrae liberata.— Due lettere a Francesco Rinuocini, nelle quale si 
paragona il Tasso colPAriosto. — Discorso di Giuseppe Iseo sopru il 
poeniu del Tasso. — Poesie : Capitolo in biasimo della toga.--Qnattro 
sonetti.— Abbozzo di una commedia. — Vita di Q. scritta da Vincenzo 
ViviANi.— Bibliogratia galileiana. 

Vol. 16. Supplcmento: Delia biografia di G. soritta da F. Arago. 
Esame di Eugenio ALSdRi.— Leitere inedite dirette a 6. negli auni 
1592 a 1641. — Appendice relativa al processo di G. — DelPoroIo^io a 
pendolo di G., e ui due recenti divinazioni del meocanismo da lui im- 
maginato.— Due lettere importantissime di G., Tuna relativa alia siu 
condanna, Taltra ai tentativi da lui fatti par la misura della cicloide. 
2 fold. pis. 

Hamilton, Alexander, The works of; ed. by Henry 

Cabot Lodge. Vol. 7. N.Y. Futnams. 1886. 

viii+587 pp. 8<» [98,136; 89.] 34:1318.7 

Note. Of this letter-press ed. 6(>0 copies have been printed for 
sale. No. 180. 

Contentit: Miscellaneous papers (contin.). — Private correspond- 
ence. ^ 

Horstmann, ^- Henry. Consular rerainiscenees, 

1869-85. Phil. Lippincott, 1886. xii-f420 

pp. 12*^ [98,030; 89.] 33:2113 

INanzoni, Alessandro. Osservazioni sulla morale 

cattolica. Mil. Frat. Rechiedei. 1869. 297 pp. 

16*^ [34,723; 89.] 56:5629 

Note. Contairw also: Lettera sulla lingua italiana. — DeirunitA 
della lingua e dei mezzi di diffonderla.— Lettera intomo al libro De 
vulgari eloquio di Dante Alighieri. — I.ettera intomo al vocabolario.— 
Appendice alia relazione intomo alKunit^ della lingua e ai mezzi di 
dinonderla. — Saggio comparativo del dizionario deirAccaderoia fran- 
cese col vocabolario degli accademici della Crusca. (3-f )8-16y pp. 

Manzoni, Alessandro. Prose varie. Mil. Frat. 
Rechiedei, 1869. 258 pp. 12** [34,725; 89.] 

In 56:5630 

Note. Bound with : Tragedie e poesie, bv the same author. 

Contents: Lettre & M. C "^ <* "^ sur l'unit4 de temps et de lieu dans 
la tragedie, etc.— Del romanzo storico e, in^enere, de'compooimenti 
misti di storia e dMnvenzione.— Deirinvenzione, dialogo. — Lettera al 
prof. Girolamo Boccardo intomo a una questione di cosl detta propri- 
etd letteraria. 

MiclciewiCZ, Adam. Pisma. Nowe wyd. zap. 

Leip. Brockhaus, 1862. 6 v. in 3. 12** [39, 

454; 89.] 56:5780-82 

Contents: Vol. I. Ballady i romanse.— Sonety.— Sonety Krymakie. 
— Powiastki i bejki. — Wiersze r6zne. 

Vol. 2. Wiersze r6zne.— Giaur.— Grazyna.— Konrad Wallenrod.— 
Zdania i uwagi. 

Vol. 3. Dziadj 

Vol.4. PanTi 

Vol. 6. Artvkuly literackie.— Artykuly politycsne.— Ksiegioaroda 
polskiego i pielgrzymstwa polskiego.— Korespondencya. 

Vol.6. Pisma posmiertne: Pierwsze wieki historji poHkiej.— 
Zywila. Powiastka z dziej6w litewskich.— Hymny : Najsvrietsxej nn* 
ni i Chrystusa Pana.— Elekcja Nerwy.— Do przyjaciol galicyjskich.— 
Mysli moie o sejmie polskim. — Nekrolog Stefana Garczynakiego. — 
Projekt oDroni.— Przemowa. — Tlomaczenie. 

Ustep (Petersburg). 

Morieyt John. Critical miscellanies. Vol. 1. 

Lond. Macmillan, 1886. xiv+347 pp. W 

[98,234; 89.] 33:3079.1 

Contents: Robespierre.— Carlyle.— Byron.— Macaulay.— Emerson 

Nordau, Max. Paradoxes. From the German. 

Authorized Kng. ed. Chic. L. Schick. 1886. 

377(+2) pp. 12° [98,082; 89.] 33:3139 

Contents: Optimism and pessimism. — Majority and minority.— A 
retrospect.— Success.— The psycho-physiology or genius and talent. 
—Suggestion.— Gratitude.— The import of fiction.— The natural his- 
tory ot love.— Evolution in testhctics. — Symmetry. — Generalization.— 
Where is truth ?— The state an aunihilator of character.— Nationality. 
—A glance into the future. 

Perlcins, Peppermint (pseud,), The familiar letters 

of. Kepr. from the Boston '^ Saturday evening 

gazette." Bost. Ticknor, 1886. (44-)4ll pp., 

additional vignette t. p., 7 pis. 16*^ [98,028; 89.] 



No. 90. SEPTEMBER— OCTOBER. 1886. 

^^^S?ciSe?55=^ a BOARD OF MANAGERS 

GBOBOB BUIO, Prttidmt, 184 W. Sicond btriit (319 Gliptom atsvuk). 

THOMAS LBE, StertUtrg, .......... 48 Rack btriit. 

LOUIS L. SADLER, Trtaaurtr, ..... Uniok Stock Yards (108 Etbbbtt Stkebt). 

HOWARD DOUGLASS, . . . 8. w. o. Fourth and Main sts. (SottxRERN avb, Mt. Auburn), 

DANIBL FINN, ....... Oab Co.'e Uffici (18& East Sixth street; 

L. M. HADDBN, . . . h. B. c. Fourth and Vine sts. {34 Dayton street). 

OEOBQB O. DBORBBACH, .... Codnti Cox mission es's Office (320 York Stebbt). 

CUBSTBB W. HBBBILL, 15 Albion Place, Mount Auburn. 

«Tery itj in the year, Sundays included, from S a. M. to 9 
F. If . The special departm^nta are open ni follows : 

Dblitert Hall, (eicept SiindayB] B a. u. to 9 f. M. 
Main Hall, (every day) 8 a. u. to 9 p. M. 
Periodical Room, (every day) 8 a. m. to 9 f. u. 
Newbfafer Boom, (every day) 9 a. u. to 9 f. h. 
Art Booh, (eicept Bundsya) 8 a. u. to 6 f. m. 
" " (on Sundays) 9 A. H. to 4 F. H. 

BBASIHa Roous. — Any person of good deportment 
■nd Iiabib, whether residing in Oiucinnati or not, may 
eoiuidt hooka, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

Hour dbe or Books. — Besidenta of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
ftirnishing aatisfactory security in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (lu lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollars ot of the value of the work desired may be made.) 
Mo»-re9ident9 may withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
ot Ave dolUrs. 

two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to the same person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cenU a day, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charges. 


1. The Librarian is at all times ready to assist per* 
ions in the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
the sources of information so far as the Library contain! 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter yinn; (Ae lums 
and TtitideiKe of the person aggrieved. Anonymous commu- 
nications can not be uoticed. 




Bbligion, ktc. 


Aristophanes, The AcharniaDS of, performed by 
undergraduates of the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, in the Academy of music, in Philadelphia, 
May 14 and 15, 1886. [Phil. University. 1886.] 
(7-f)136pp., illus. sq. 12<» [100,010; 90.] 1:283:2 

Note. Text and translation. 

Bardsley, Charles Wareing. English surnames, 

their sources and significations. 3. ed., rev., 

with a new preface. Lond. Chatto and Windus, 

1884. xxv(+ii)+612 pp. 12° [99,998; 90.] 

CurtluS, Greorg. Principles of Greek etymology. 
Tr., with the sanction of the author, by Augus- 
tus S. WiLKiNs and Edwin B. England. Vol. 2. 
Lond. Murray, 1876. vi+533 pp. 8° [99,947; 
90.] 1:1688.2 

Garianda, Frederic. The philosophy of words. 
A popular introduction to the science of lan- 
guage. NY. Garianda and Co. 1886. vii+287 
pp. 12° [98,188; 90.] 1:155 

Groin, Christian Wilhelm Michael. A handy dic- 
tionary of Anglo-Saxon poetry: based on Gro- 
schopp's Grein. Ed., rev., and uorr., with gram- 
matical appendix, list of irregular verbs, and brief 
etymological features, by James A. Harrison and 
W. M. Baskervill. Lond. Trubner. 1886. 
iv, 318 pp. 8*^ [98,043; 90.] |:5217 

James L, king of Scotland, The kingis quair; to- 
gether with a ballad of Good counsel. Ed. by 
Eev. Walter W. Skeat. Edin. Blackwood. 1884. 
lv+113 pp. 8^ [98,075; 90.] (Scottish Text 
Soc.) *l:4352 

Jonas. Charles. Slovnlk cesko-anglicky, s iiplnou 
anglickou vyslovnosti. 3. vydani, scela pre- 
pracovane a doplnene, v nemz vyslovnost nazna- 
cena jest spusobem novym. Okamzite pochopitel- 
n^m. A dictionary of the Bohemian and English 
languages. 2. ed., thoroughly rev. and enl. Ea- 
cine, Wis. Ndkladem a tiskem ^'Slavic." 1886. 
(4-f-)608 pp. 16° [98,457; 90.] *|:4987 

Juvenalis, Becimus Junius. The sixteen satires 
of Juvenal. A new transl., with an introd., a 
running analysis, and brief explanatory notes, by 
S. H.Jetes. Oxf J.Thornton, 1885. (4-f)206 
pp. 12° [99,948; 90.] 1:3803 

LiviUS, Tit,u8. Livy. Book xxi. Ed. with introd., 
notes, and maps by the Eev. Launcelot Down- 
ing Dowdall. Camb. Deighton^ Bell and Co. 

1885. xvi+238pp. 12° [100,222; 90.] |:3594 

Livius, Titus. Livy. Books 21, 22, 23. With 

introd. and notes, by M. T. Tatham. Oxf 

Clarendon press. 1886. xxiv-|-375 pp., 1 fold. 

map. 16° [99,949; 90.] (Clarendon press ser.) 

Lucretius CarUS, Titus. De rerum natura libri 
i-iiL Ed. with introd. and notes by J. H. War- 
burton Leb. Loud. Macmillan. 1884. xliv+ 
234 pp. 16° [100,369; 90.] |:3588 

Many mistakes mended, containing two thousand 
^ve hundred corrections in speaking, pronounc- 
ing, and writing the English language; with 
practical hints on composition and pun<;tuation. 
N. Y. N. Tibhalls and sons. [1886.] vi-f315 
pp. 12° [98,558; 90.] |:1241 

Mehren. A. F. Die Khetorik der Araber, nach 
den wichtigsten Queilen dargestellt und mit ao- 
gefiigten Textausziigen nebst einem literatur-ge- 
schichtlichcn Anhange versehen. Unter der Au- 
toritiit der Deutschen morgenlilndischen Gesell- 
schaft gedruckt. Copen. 0, Schwartz. 1853. 
viii+303+140 pp., 1 cord pi. 8° [98,552; 90.] 


Meyer, Kuno. See strong, H. A. and Meyer, K. 

Rolland, John. Ane treatise callit The court of 
Venus, deuidit into four buikis. Newlie com- 
pylit in Dalkeith, 1575. Ed. by Bev. Walter 
Greoor. Edin. Blackwood. 1884. xxxii4-231 
pp., 2 facs. 8° [98,076; 90.] (Scottish Text 
Soc.) *|:4363 

Saalfeld, Giinther Alexander E. A. Tensauras 
Italogrsecus. Ausfiihrliches Iiistorisch-kriti- 
sches Worterbuch der griechischen Lehn-uod 
Fremdworter im Lateinischen. Wien. C.Gerold's 
Sohn. 1884. (4 pp.-|-)l 184 cols. (592 pp.) 8° 
[98,549; 90.] |:5703 

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endon press ser.) |:1793 

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Tacitus, ed. with introd. and notes by Henry 
FuENEAUX. Vol. 1. Books 1-6. Oxf Claren- 
don press. 1884. x(-f i)-|-612 pp. 8° [100,301; 
90.] (Clarendon press ser.) 1:3647.1 

Terentius Afer, Publius. Eunuchus, comcadia. 
Terence's comedy the Eunuchus, with English 
notes, critical and explanatory, by the Itev. James 
Da VIES. For the use of schools and colleges. 
Lond. Strahan and Co. 1869. viii-|-105 pp. 16° 
[100,224; 90.] (Weale's classical ser., 11.) |:3645 

Waites, Alfred. Forgotten meanings; or, an 

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for languages, cerebral localization and the na- 
ture of genius. 2. ed., greatly enl. Lond. J. 
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Religion and Theology. 

Abbott, Lyman. In aid of faith. N. Y. E. P. 

Button and Co. 1886. xii, 188 pp. 12° [T. 

4,676; 90.] 3:3347 

!Keligion, EtO. 115 

I ■ < 111 

Alerdina, -R^v. H. A history of the catholic 

charch in the diocese of Vincenncs. Indian. 

Author, 1883. 636 pp., 8 ports. 12° [98,231; 

90,] 4:3155 

Oontefttn: Tradition and history. — The bishops of Vincennes.— 
The priests and congregations.— InstitutionH of the diocese. 

Amherst, W. J. The history of catholic emanci- 
pation and the progress of the catholic church 
in the British isles (chiefly in England) from 1771 
to 1820. Lond. Paul, Trench and Co. 1886. 
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ed. for young readers as an introd. to the study 
of thQ bible. Vol. 1. N. Y. Putnams. 1886. 
xii-f545 pp. 12° [T. 4,673; 90.] 3:324 

Contents: Hebrew ^tory : from creation to the exile; comprising 
material from the following booki* of the Old Testament: Genesis, 
£zo<lus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judjjfs, 1. Samuel, II. 
Samuel, I. Kings, II. Kings, I. Chronicles, II. Chronicles, Fsalms, 
-Pro^ertM, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Uosea, Amos, Micah, Nahum, 

Blake, -Bev. Mortimer. Soundings. Ed. by his 
. daughter, Mrs. Evelyn L. Morse. With pre- 
paratory note by Rev. Jacob Ide. Bost. Co7)g. 
S.-S. and Pub. Soc, [1886.] 226 pp., 1 port. 12° 
[T. 4,685; 90.] 5:4829 

Content*: Prefatory note; Rev. Jacob Idk. — Biographical sketch 
of Rev. M. Blake; H.'P. 1)e Fobkst. — Animate nsiure: a t«uinmer 
sermon. -r-Christian light-houses. — Pilgrims.— Meaning of Solomon's 
soDg.— Origin of salvation. — Christ a gift to the world. — Christ the 
first fruits. — Inner strength of Christianity. — Existing antagonisms 
approved of God. — The dream of Pilate's wife.— Plea for the little 
ones. — Weak kinglings. — Night service. — Christian assurance of 
heftveo. — Do the dead know of us? 

Burnham, Benjamin Franklin and Celeste Shute, 
compilers. The life of lives: being the records 
of Jesus reviewed by a throng of recent biblical 
scholars, teachers, and thinkers. 2. ed. Bost. 
Cleavps, Macdonald and Co. 1885. (iv-f )xi+ 

iii+)9-372 pp., 3 pis. (containing 21 ports.), 1 
old. map. 12*^ [T. 4,680; 90.] 3:3269 

CEtholiC memoirs of Vermont tmd New Hamp- 
shire, with sketches of the lives of Rev. Wm. 
Henry Hoyt, and Fanny Allen. Also with ac- 
cpants heretofore unpub. of the lives of Eev. 
Daniel Barber, Rev. Horace Barber, and Jerusha 
Barber, named in religion Sister Mary Augustin. 
Also with many of their letter?. Burlington, Vt. 
\_Louis de Goesbriand, bp. of Vermont\ 1886. 167 
pp., 1 port., illus. 12° [98,232; 90.J 4:5181 

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ian symbols and stories of the saints as illus- 
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Sanskrit mss. in Cambridge and Paris. Ed. for 
the syndics of the University press. Camb. 
University press. 1886. x+(ii-f )712 pp. 8° 
[98,289; 90.] *I0:2178.22 

JKbligion, Etc. 

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logical lexicon of .New Testament Greek. Tr. 
from the last German ed. by William Urwick. 
Edin. T. and T. Clark, 1886. 588-943 pp. 4° 
[T. 4,668; 90.] *3:6348 

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N.Y. A. C. Armstrong and son, [188-.] viii-(- 

286 pp. 12° [T. 4,666; 90] 5:4402 

De Schweinitz, Edmund, bp, of the United brethren. 
The history of the church known as the Unitas 
fratrum or the Unity of the brethren, founded 
by the followers of John Hus, the Bohemian re- 
former and martyr. Bethlehem, Pa. Moravian 
pub. office. 1855. xxv+693 pp., 7 porta. 8° 
[100,302; 90.] 4:4273 

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science. Lond Burns and Oates. 1884. viii 
+ 186 pp. 12° [99,964; 90.] (Quarterly ser., 
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Contents: Preface. — Success and failure of exegesis. — Rabbinic 
exegesiH. — Alexandrian exegesis. — Patristic exegesis. — Scholastic 
exejjesis.— The reformers, — Post-reformation epocn. — Modern exe- 
gesis.— Notes. — Bibliography. 

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Halcombe, J J. 

placed section 
and son. 1886. 
[T. 4,683; 90.] 

Contents: Preface- 
prescribed by S. Luke 
ranged forconumrison 
presiTibod by S. Luke 
vised edition. 

Gospel difficulties; or, the dis- 
of S. Luke. Lond. C, J, Clay 
cciv-f 475 pp., 2 fold. tabs. 12° 


-The gospels self-arranged ; or, the "order*' 
. — Gospel difflcultien. — The four gospels ar 
and consecutive reading in the order originally- 
; printed by permission in the text of the re- 

Hennessey, B,ev. £. M. Familiar conferences on 

the theology of the sacred heart of Jesus. 

Chic. Union Cath. Pub. Co, 1882. xv, 483 pp., 

1 pi. 12° [99,960; 90.] 4:3330 

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Kuenen, A. An historico-critical inquiry into the 
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with the assistance of the author, by Philip H. 
WicKSTEED. Lond. Macmillan, 1886. xl-f344 
pp. 8° [T. 4,696; 90.] 3:1104 

Beligion, STa 


Philosophy, etc. 

Liguori) Alfonso Maria de, saint. Preparation for 
death ; or, considerations on the eternal troths, 
useful for all as meditations and serviceable to 
priests for sermons. (Maxims of eternity. — Bule 
of life.) Ed. by Rev. Eugene Grimm. N. Y. 
Benziger. 1886. 473 pp., 1 port. 12® [98,192; 
90.] (Ascetical works, 1. Centenary ed.) 

Liguori, Alfonso Maria de, saint The way of sal- 
vation and perfection. Meditations. — Pious 
reflections. — Spiritual treatises. Ed. by Rev. 
Eugene Grimm. N.Y. Benziger. 1886. 515 pp. 
12** [98,192; 90.] (Ascetical works, 2. Cente- 
nary ed.) 5:2730 

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prehensive view of the principal doctrines of 
the christian religion. Rich. J. W. Randolph. 
1865. viii+336 pp. W [98,361; 90.] 4:3449 

McWhinneyy R^- T. M. Heavenly recognition. 

Discourses on personal immortality and identity 

after this life. N. Y. Fords, Howard^ and Hul- 

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Contents: Dedication sermon ; ReT. J. F. Clakkk, of BostoD.-- 
A century of unitarianism in America ; Rev. Joseph Henry Allen, of 
Cambridge.— Ismers inspiration and our relation to it; Rev. Samuel 
R. Galthbop, of Syracuse. — Christianity in the presence of modem 
criticism ; Rev. Brooke HBaroBD, of Boston. — The eternal goodness ; 
Rev. John White Chadwick, of Brooklyn. — The debt of religion to 
aoience ; Rev. Minot J. Savaob, of Boston.— The church in its relation 
to public charity ; Rev. Edward E. Halb, of Boston.— The church as 
a school of ethics ; Rev. Thomas R. Slicbb, of Providence.— Religion 
and democracy; Rev. Howard N. Bbown, of Brookline, Mass. — The 
simplicity of the gospel ; Rev. Andrew P. Pbabodt: of Cambridge. — 
Visions and patterns ; Rev. Robert Colltbb, of K. Y. — A liberal 
christian church ; Rev. Joseph Mat, of Philadelphia. 

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Ckmtents: Massachusetts. 

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Contents: The bible of Amiens. 

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Spurgeon, Rev. Charles Haddon. The treasury 
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Contents : The motive of Berakhoth. 

Tardy, Rev- Lawrence. Life of St. Clare of Mon- 
tefalco, professed nun of the order of Hermits 

of St. Augustine. Tr. from the Italian by Rev. 

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Philosophy and Education. 

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Pbilosopht. 1 

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(Bohh'BphiloB. lib.) 2:27 

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JBlituto di studi suporion pratici e di perfesio- 
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of interpretation, criliuism, and reconstruction. 
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8" [99,9:»0; 90] 2:73829 

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OimtatU: Frtbel— Ihe man and his worli; Anne L. Piok.— The 
' thwry at FrObel'i kindergiirWD KjBtein; Anwline Bwwu.— TJiB gilla 
■ndowapuhDMofthf klmlfrnanen; A. Unonia.-The uMorkltiaET- 

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eysiemo dea horaeomeries, ou parties similnires, 
d'Anaxagore. Par. 1759. (Acad. Inacript. France, 
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Le Batteux, Charles, abbe. Developpemeut d'un 
principe fondamental de la phj'sique desancicns, 
d'oil naissent les repooses aux objections d'Ari- 
etote, do Lucrece, do Bayle, contre le systerao 
d'Anaxagore. Par. 1759. (Acad. Inscript. 
France, v. 25, (M.) pp. 68-98 ) In *62:1525 

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Umlaili: Vol. 3. Crilicism nl IhE KHutUn r>i>lo>op'>I. u>ii ihe 

SneH, Friedrich Wilbelm Daniel, Lehrbuch fiir 
den ersten Unterricht in der Philosophie. 4., 
verb. Aufl. Giessen. G. F. Heyer. 1806. 2 
pia. in t to). xx(-|-iv)-f278 pp.; 136 pp. le" 
[97,944; 90.] 2:738.26 

Conlmit: Pi. 1. ErtuhrunRBwelenlrhra. Loglk, Mftiiphf sik uod 

Pt. 1. Moral, Nolurri^hl. monilisctie Religions! ehrc. 

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sectea philosophiques. Par. 1743. (Acad, 
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[Yale college.] Catalogus senatns academici et 
oorum qui munera ot officia academica gesse- 
rant, quique aliquovis grada exornati faerunt, in 
collegio Yalenai, in Novo-Portu, in republica Con- 
neclicutensi. Newp. 1886. xviii+1684-lxxx 
(-f ii) pp. 8° [100,050; 90] *2:3985 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

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Lond. liemiiigton. 1886. x+2M pp. 8° \\m, 
251; 90] 28:i34(i 

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ologtcal research in Nepal and norlhurn India, 
during the winter of 1S84-5. Camb. Uiiivemti/ 
press. 188t!. xii-|-IOO pp., 16 pis., 2 fold. laba. 
8° [100,248; 90.] IO:ltHj8 

Bender, Hermann. Rom nnd romiscben Loben 
ira Alterthnm. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen 
nach Zeichnungen von A. tinauih, Prof. Kiess, A. 
Schill u. A. Holzschnittausdem xylogrnphisthen 
Institut von A. Closa. Tiib. Laupp. 1879. viii 
{4-iii)4-599 pp., ti pis., 1 double plan, illna. 4° 
[98,547; 911] *1Q:C487 

Bonwick, James. The British colonics and Iheir 
vesourcea, including the British possesoiona in 
America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and £urope. 
Lond. Low. 1880. iv + 1074-iv + 1244-iv+llC 
+iv+108 pp., 1 fold, col'd map, 12° [100,277; 
90] 60:2329 

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N.Y. Putnams. 188(5. xxiii+556 pp., illua. 
12" [100,003; 90.] (The story of the nations.) 
Brooks, Henry M., compiler and editor. The olden 
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papers of Boston and Salem, Massachusetts, se- 
lected and arranged, with brief comments. (No. 
4.) Quaint and curious advertixementa. Bost. 
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and work. Boet. Boughton, Mifflin and Co. 
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rev. and enl, edited by Hoberl Edmund Graves. 
Vol. 1. Lond. Bells. 1880. vii+755 pp. 4° 
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OmlenUi A— K. 

Clay, Casaius Mnrcellas, The life of Memoirs, 
writings, and apoechea, showing his conduct in 
the overthrow of American slavery, the salvation 
of the union, and the restoration of the autonomy 
of the states. In two vols., written and compiled 
■ by himself. Vol.1. Cin. J. F. Brennan and Co. 
1886. xiii, 600 pp., 7 pla. 8° [99,946; 90.] 


Collins, John Churlon. Bolingbroko : a histor- 
■ I study; and Voltaire in England. Lond. 
'" ~ " 147; 9r' 


Conder, Alfred. The discontent of Ireland: ilH 
origin and cause. Lond. W. H. Allen and Co. 
1886. iv-l-227 pp. 12° [100,252; 90.] 28:947 
dimming, mss Constance Frcdereku Gordon. 
Wanderings in China. Illus. by the aalbor. 
New ed. Edin. Blnc/twood. 1886. 2 v. vi-i- 
{ii + )382 pp., 5 pla. (I pholo.); vi-(-(ii-l-)3T0 pp., 
5 pis., 1 foid. map. 12° [98,351; 90.] 22:159.1-3 

Deloche, Maximin, Dissertation (tur nne m^daille 
d'or merovingienne, porlant a la fbis le nom 
gallo-romuin et le nom plus recent d'une ville 
gauloise. Observations sur le changement do 
noms do villo dans la Gaule, du ill* au Vli' siecle. 
Par. 1879, (Acad. Inscript. France, v. 29, (M.) 
pp. 33I-J6.) In*62:1579 

Doyle, Richard. Scenes from English history. 
Lond, '• Poll Mall gmette" off . 1886, (16pp,,) 

1 port,, 10 col'd pis, obi. 12° *A:8437 
Duruy, Victor. History of Rome, and of the 

Romitri people, from its origin to the invasioD 
of the barbarians and fall of the empire. Ed. by 
the Rev. J. P, Maqvvppt, Vols. 1-4. BoHt. 
Estes and Lauriat. 1884-6. 4 v. in 8, illua, f ° 
[93,087; 93,220; 93,837; 94,771; 93,425; 96,202; 
98,:^88; 90.J *26;3224-l-8 

K'-<r.. V.iiWou de Inic. This ml.. pnntHl tra lluni veUum f^vrt, 
ii siri.tiy liTiMlnl 10 l.WU numbcrfd Hnd wgialtred popipB. which »re 
polrl II, *iji,ygribiT.- for uomiiU'te seH nnly. Thl« 1» cop. Nn, asa. 
Vol, l,S.-^lU>dl ir, hT W,J, tuBKK.IheolbprTols. bTM. B. Rlrul. 
Encli vol. of :f spctiono. 

ttoiitoh.- Voi. 1, Introdnotlon: The prp-Romm *pooh. — Bnnie 
QDdcr tlinkinwlTa-1-.'iKiB. C.|. Formmian of the Roman pmplr.— 
Borne iindrr the pulrtoiun cobiuIk (.'iDD-aeT). Slrugglra vithln. wnk- 
nrm wittaollt. — War of lliilitin io'leprndence. or roDnnpFl aX liilj 
|,M:i-2(J.'i).— ThH Puore wnm (20t-a)l), &1 pi*, (« ool'd). a poVd mtft 
(2 doulilPt. 

\n\. i. TliB PtinLp wivra Itanlin.) — ConqiiPsl of the wrorld (»1- 
t:ci1.-Th»an><^chi,MHriuaandSulln(133-7U|. Eflort.-< Hi reforin. It 

Vol. 3, _ Tin- Gmi-clii, eta. (omfiii.) — The Iriumviniles «nd Ih< 

L plnn. 

tI, *. The triunnitBtca, eM, (M , - 

Edwardes, Mrs. Emma. Memorials of the life 
and letters of Mai. -Gen. Sir Herbert B. Edwar- 
des, It. C. B., K. U. S. I., a C. L. of Oxford; 
LL. D. of Cambridge. By his wife. Lond. 
Paul. Trench and Co. 1886. 2 v. x-f(ii-i-)408 
pp., 6 pis., 1 fold, faca., illus.; vi-j-(ii-H) 489 pp., 

2 pis., illus. 8° [100,233; 90,] 24:820.1-2 

Science, Art and Industry. 

Allen, l^'rcd. H. Masterpieces of modern GermaD 
art. One hundred photogravures and etchings 
from the works of the most illustrious painters 
and sculptors of Germany and Austria, With 
portrait nnd biographical sketch of each artist 
Bnsl, Estesand Lauriat. 1884. 2 v, (299 pp,,) 
50 pis.; (203 pp.,) 50 pis. f [98,455; 90.] 


Brannt, William T, 'ind Wahl, William Q., editors.^ 

The techno-chcmical receipt book : containing 

several thousand receipts, covering the latest, 


Srannt, W. T. and Wahl, W. R.— (Continued-) 

moet important nuU moat usorul diBcoverieg in 
chemical tectinology, and their practical applica- 
tion in tlie arts and the industries, Ed. chiefly 
from the German of Drs. Wjnki.EB, Elsnek, 
Heintze, MiEttziNBK[, Jacobsen, Koi.LNPE and 
Heiszeblino, with additions by William T. 
• JlBANNTand William H.VVaql. Phil. H.C. Bahd 
and Co. 1886. xxxii-f-495 pp., illua. 12" [100, 
027; 90.] 52:1236 

Bronnan, Joseph Fletcher, compiler. A popular 
illoHirati^d history of the fine arte of painting 
and sculpture, (Vom the earlicat ages to llie pres- 
ent century. With sketches of the lives and 
"works of the most eminent painters and sculptors. 
IlluB. with 45 full page pis., comprising about 2'i{i 
engrs. typical of the best art works of Asia and 
Africa, and of Europe prior to the present century. 
Compiled from rare and expensive authorities on 
the subject«,-and arranged in this concise and 
popular method. Cin, [Author. 1884.] xvii, 
32U pp. 8° [100,326; 90.] |0;2B84 

Cameron, James, editor. Oils and varnishes. 
Phil. Blakiston. 1B86. (8+)376 pp. 12° 
[99,9115; 90.] 52:1721 

Campbell, Lt.Cd. John R. The theory and prac- 
tice of the slide-rule; with a short explanation 
of the properties of logarithms. Lond. E. and 
F. N. Span. 1886. (4+)32 pp. 12° [100,303; 
90.] 52:1009 

Carpenter, William Benjamin. The microneope 
and its revelations. 6. ed. N. Y. W.Wood 
and Co. 1883. 2 v. xi-f-:-i88 pp., 1 eol'd pi., 
illus.; iv-4-354 pp., illns. S^ [98,496; 90.] 
{Wood's lib. of standard raed. authors,) 

CavalUCCt, C. J. Vita ed opere del Donalello. 
Trenta tavole in platinolipia dei fratelli Alinuri 
di Firenze, e il ritralto del Donatello escquilo all' 
ocquaforte dal dipinto di Paolo Uccellp nel 
Louvre. Mil. U. Hoepli. 1886. 39C+52) pp., 
31 pis., illus. i" [98,556; 90.] (Pel v centena- 
rio dalla nascita.) *A:6839 

Ko!e. The abovp ia No. tm of nn «1. of 200 c.ipio!. 

Champlin, John Denlson.jV., editor. Cyclopedia 
of painters and paintings. Critical editor: 
Charles C. Perkins. Vol. 1. N. Y. Smbners. 
1886. xxsix+443pp,,ll plB.,illue. f [98,390; 
90.] *A:5319.1 

Nott. Ko, 01 of BO fi. llmiUd lo SOU copies. 

Church, Irving p. Statics and dynamics for en- 
gineering students, 2, ed. N.,Y. J.Wiley and 
sons. 1880. vi+194 pp., illus. 8° [100,074; 
90] 51:2372 

Cusack-Smllh, Sir William. Onr warships: a 
naval essay. Lond. Pnvl, Trench and Co. 
1886. viii-!-154pp. 13= [98,363; 90.] 52:1114 
Cyclopedia of painters and paintings. See 
Champlin, J. [>',;>' 

Del Mar, Alexander, A history of the precious 

metals from the earliest limes to the present. 

liond. Bells. 1880. xxii-f 373 pp. 8° [100, 

023; 90.] 42:2121 


Dumas, F.-G. Catalogue iliustre da salon, con- 
tenant environ 300 reproductions d'apres lea 
dessins originaux des artistes. 8" annoe. 1886. 
Par. L.Baschet. [1886.] (2+)271(+4) pp. 8° 
[98,216; 90.] *53:2404.2 

Facey, James William. Practical bouse decora- 
tion: a guide to the art of oroamcntal painting, 
the arrangement of colours in apartments, and the 
principles of decorative design; wUh some re- 
murks ujion the nature and properties of pig- 
ments. Lond. C. Lockwood and Co. 1886. xii 
+ 184 pp., illus. 12° [100,297; 90.] 53:699 

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John. Horses and stables. 3. ed. Lond. 
Longmans. 1886. ix+761 pp., illus. 8° [100, 
2«4; 90.] 52:2812 

Hemiup, Urs. Maria Remington, Law of heat. 
Original observations, Expansion of ice in 
harmony with the general law. General law of 
beat in connection with hypothesis of planetary 
movement. Geneva. [Author.} 1886. 120 pp. 
8° [100,318; 90.] 41:2448 

Parkinson, Richard. A treatise on paper, with 
an outline of its manufacture, complete tables 
of sizes, etc. For printers and stationers. Pres- 
ton. S. Parkinson. 1886. 83 pp., 1 fold, pi., 1 
fold. tab. 12° [100,263; 90.] (Technological 
ser. on printing.) 52:1677 

Patterson, dipt. Howard. The yachtsman's 
guide; a book in three parts, written speoially 
for yachtsmen. N. Y. N. Y. Navigation scfioM. 
[1885.] 174 pp. 8° [100,262; 90.] 52:1116 

Perkins, Charles C. See Champlin, J. !>-;>. 
Rivers, Tbomaa. The miniature fruitgarden ; or, 
the culture of pyramidal and bush fruit trees; 
with instructions for root-pruning, etc. Ed. by 
T. Francis Rivers. 19. od. Lond. Longmans. 
1886. xv+188pp., illus. 12° [98,372; 90.] 52:2492 
Rose, Joshua. Modern steam engines: an ele- 
mentary treatise upon the steam engine, writ- 
ten in plain language; for use in the workshop 
as well as in the drawing office. Giving full ex- 
planations of ibo construction of modern steam 
engines; includingdiagrams showing their actual 
operation ; together with complete but simple ex- 
planations of the operations of various kinds of 
valves, valve motions, and link motions, etc, 
thereby enabling the ordinary engineer lo clearly 
understand the principles involved in their con- 
struction and use, and to plot out their move- 
ments upon the drawing board. Pbil. S. 0. 
Bairdand Co. 1886. xii+11-321 pp., frontis., 
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Tea planter's vado meciim, The: a volume of im- 
portant articles, corruspondence, and informa- 
tion of permanent interest and value regarding 
tea, tea bligbt, tea cultivation and manufnclure, 
tea machinery, timbers for boxes and other pur- 
poses; with a practical Ircatiso on the uee and 
care of steam engines in tea factories. The whole 
work brought up to the latest date, and having a 
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OmUnd: iDtroductioD.— Period! of Hrt : Athenian unci modern.— 
BomanSDil modfro.— From Greek to Oothic.-EngUah teMhing, e>- 
amloatiop and working-— <HeJD<triii] chart. 

United States army cavalry tactics, assimilated 

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Pt. i. Oealog; treaMi] arBtematicBiry. 

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yotK. Eneh plate ^b preceded by a page or explanatory tfxt. 
Omlmla: \o(. 1, DieeaeeB of Ihe kidney, liter, aemiluur Tal™, 

Hamniation of (he brain and iI8 inembranes. — Acute hydrocepbolnl. 
— DEliriumlremeQ".— Apoplexy.— Para plegia.— ConousslOB.— Chroolt 
hydrocephalus. — Spina hiSda. Pt. i. Hysteria. — Chorea. — PallJ 
from me rfury,— Neuralgia, — Epilepev, — TetBDUl. — Bydropbobia. 
Together with a coociae atatemeut oi ine diseased appaarances of Iha 
bram and its membranes. 

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phlegmasies ou inflammations chrDniqnea.fondee 
sor de noavelles observations de clinique et d'a- 
natoraie patbologiqae; onvrage pr^eeotant no ta- 




BroUSSaiSj F.-J.-Y.— (Continued.) 

bleau raisonne des varietes et dee combinaiBOns 
diverges de ces maladies, avee leurs differentes 
methodes do traitemont. 4* ed., rev. et augm. de 
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exhibiting a view of the different varieties and 
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B. sur les phlegmasies gastriques, ditcs fievres 
continues essentiellcs des auteurs, et sur les phleg- 
masies cutanees aigues. Par E. de Caionou et 
A. QueMONT. 2'ed.,rev. etcorr. Par. Mequignon- 
Marvis, 1823. xiv+310 pp. 12° [47,875; 90.] 

Broussais, Fran^ois-Joseph-Victor. Recherches 
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pendanto d'une lesion d'action des differens sy- 
st^mes, sans vice organique. Par. Mequignon 
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army, The medical department etc. 

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OanltnU: Vol. 1. Life of Dr. Brown.— Explfination of some of the 
ftrndAmentnl principles of the new doctrine.— Observations on former 
systems of medicine, and outlines of the new doctrine. 

Vol. 2. A refutation of the doctrine of spasms. — The elements 
of medicine. 

Vol. 3. The elements of medicine {eond.). 

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States; but more particularly as it has prevailed 
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viii, 112 pp. 8° [30,092; 35,807; 90.] 46:2774 

BrOWOy William Cullen. See Brown, John. 

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Boylston prize for 1847, on the following question: 
'^Is there any certain and safe manner of accom- 
plishing the cure of common inguinal hernia?" 
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pital, and pub. according to their request. To 
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Buchanan, Thomas. Physiological illustrations 
of the organ of hearing, more particularly of 
the secretion of cerumen, and its effects in render- 
ing auditory perception accurate and acute; with 
further remarks on the treatment of diminution 
of hearing, arising from imperfect secretion, etc. 
Being a sequel to the Guide and to the Illustra- 
tions of acoustic surgery. Lond. Longman. 1828. 
xviii(+ii) + 160 pp., 10 pis. 8*^ [47,815; 90.] 

Buck, Albert H., editor. A reference handbook 
of the medical sciences: being a complete and 
convenient work of reference for information up- 
on topics belonging to the entire range of scien- 
tific and practical medicine, and consisting of a 
series of concise essays, and brief paragraphs, 
arranged in the alphabetical order of the topics of 
which they treat, prepared by writers who are 
experts in their respective departments. Illus. 
by chromolithographs and fine wood engravings. 
Vols. 1-2. N. Y. W. Wood and Co. 1885-6. 
vi+808 pp.,4 col'd pis., illus.; (6+)814 pp., 6 pis. 
(5 cord), illus. 4° [96,160; 97,021; 90.] 


Note. The t. p. of vol. 2 reads : A reference book of the medical 
sciences, embracing the entire range of scientific and practical medi- 
cine and allied science. By various writers. 

Contents: Vol. 1. Aachen->Cataract. 

Vol. 2. Catarrh— Eye. 

Burns, John. Dissertations on infiammation. 

Alb. E. F. Backus. 1812. 2 v. in 1. v-xii, 

213 pp.; 214 pp. 12° [47,856; 90.] 46:2489 

Contents: Vol. 1. On some oflhe laws of the animal economy. — 
On the history, causes, and consequences of simple inflammation. 

Vol. 2. Dissert. 2 contin.— Cure of simple inflammation, and its 
consequences.— Phagedenic, and some other species of inflammation. 
— Spongoid inflammation. — Scrophulous inflammation. — Cancerous 

Burns, John. The principles of midwifery; in- 
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7. ed., rev. and enl. Lond. Longman. 1828. 
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90.] 46:1378 

Medicine. \ 

Costsr, Jacqoee. The practice of medicine, ac- 
cording lo tlie principles of the phytiiologicnl 
doctrine, Tr. from the French. Pbil. Carey and 
Lea. 1831. viii+5-319 pp. 8° [47,907; 90,] 


CoXfl, John Redman. The American dispenBalory, 
contuining the natural, chemical, pharmaceu- 
tical and medical history of tlie different aab- 
atances employed in medicine; together with the 
operations of pharmacy ; illua, and explained, ac- 
cording to the princii)lefi of modern chemistry: 
to which are added, toxicological and other tablcn; 
the prescriptions for patent medicines, and vari- 
ous miscellancoiiB preparations. 6. ed. Phil. 
Carey and Lea. 1825. iv-1-766 pp. 12" [47, 
900; 90.] 46:5:ioi 

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the American ambulance. Lond. Low. 1873. 
[n. t. p.] 91-574 pp., illiiB. 4" [41,534; 90.1 

In *46:K081 
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and origin of mental derangement. Compre- 
hending a concise system of the physiology and 
pathology of the human mind. And a history of 
the passions and their efTects. Lond. T. Cadell, 
jr., and W. Dailies. 1798. 2 v. (iv+)xxix(+iv) 
^- 407 pp.; (4-[-)455(+10) pp. 8° [47,939; 90] 


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logique en general, et ear ies transformations et 
productions organiques en pnrticulier. Par. Au- 
thor. 1816. 2 V. xxviii-|-400 pp.; (4+)4tll pp. 
12" [47,938; 90] 46:1220-21 

Cullen, William. First lines of tbe practice of 
physic. With notes and observations, practical 
and explanatory, a preliminary discourse, in de- 
fence of classical medicine, and an appendix, by 
Charles Caldwell. 2. ed., rev. and enl, Phil. 
E. Parker. 1823. 2 v. xviii-|-520-i-xcvii pp.; 
(17J.)420+lxxxiv pp. 8" [47,940; 90] 

The same. With practical and explanatory notes, 
by John Rothebam. Vol. 1. N. Y. E. Duy- 
ckinck. 1806. xxii, 582(+10) pp. [43,534.] 


Cullen, William. Treatise of the materia medica. 
With large additions, including many new 
articles, wholly omitted in the original work. By 
Benjamin Smith Babton. Phil. E. Parker. 
1812. 2 T. xxiv+319 pp.;(4-|-)424 pp. 8° 
[47,941; 90.] 46:5204-5 

Cullsn, William, The works of Containing his 
physiology, nosology, and first lines of the 

Eractice of physic; with numerous extracts from 
in ms. papers, and from bis Treatise of tho ma- 
teria medica. Bd. by John Thomson. Edin. 
Blackwood. 1827. 2v. iii-viii-|-v^viii + 676pp.; 
(2-|-)660+xx pp. 8° [40,860; 90.] 46:769-70 

Cullerier, Auguste. Atlas of venereal diseases. 
Tr. from the French, with notes and additions. 
By Freeman J. Bumstead. Phil. Lea. 1868. 
xii, 328 pp., 26 cbVd pis. aq. t° [44,300; 90] 



Currio, James. Medical reports od the effects of 
water, cold and warm, as a remedy in fever and 
other diseases, whether applied to the surface of 
tho body or used internally. Vol. 1. Including 
an inquirj- into the circumstances that render cold 
drink, or the cold bath, dangerous in health. To 
which are added, observations on the nature of 
fever; — and on the effect* of opium, alcohol, and 
inanition. Vol. 2. Consisting of tbe author's 
experience of this remedy subsequent to the 2. ed. 
of vol. 1. And of important commaDica,tion8 from 
others on the same subject. To which are added, 
four letters ; — one on the sphere of febrile conta- 
gion ;^two on tbe establishment of a lunatic 
asylum in Liverpool; — and one on the effects of 
nitrous acid in lues venerea. From tbe 4. Lond. 
ed., corr. and enl. Pbil. J. Sumphreys. 1808. 
2 V. in 1. xvi, 250 pp.; 251^30 pp. 8° [47,930; 
90.] 4$:2650 

Curtis, Alva. A fair examination and criticism 
of all the medical systems in vogue. Cin. jIu- 
thor. 1855. iv, 208 pp. 8° [40,863: 90.] 

Cutbush, James. Lectures on the adulteration 
of food and culinary poisons, tbe detection of 
poison in general, and of adalteratione in sundry 
chemical preparations, etc. used in medicine and 
the arts, with the means of discovering them : and 
rules for determining the purity of substances. 
Delivered in the United States military academy. 
Newbnrgh,N. Y. [Author.] 1823. xii-|-3-464 
pp. 16° [40,864; 90.] 46:5431 

Czerniak, Juhann Nepomak. On the laryngo- 
scope, and its employment in physiology and 
medicine. Tr. from the French ed., by i&eorge 
IX GiBB. With corrections, additions, and an ap- 
pendix on rhinoscopy, by the author. Lond. 
NeiD Sydenham Soc. 1861. xiv-|-80 pp., illus. 8" 
[44,345; 90] (New Sydenham Soc, 11. Selected 
monographs.) In *46:2I 

[J*** Traite do la dyssenterie, precede d'un roe- 
moire sur lo signe infaillihle de la mort; extrait 
des nouveaux memoires de I'Academie imperiale 
et royale dea acionces et belles-lettres de Bruxelles. 
Brux. Lemaire. 1789. 2 v. (ii+)xxxii-!-322+ 
iii pp.; C2+)425+ili pp. 12° [47,966; 90.] 

Dareinbflrfl, Charlea. £tat de la medectne entre 
Homere et Hippocrate : Anatomie, pbyeiologie, 
pathologic, medecine militaire, hietoire des ecoloa 
medicaica, pour fuire suite a la Medecine dana 
Homere. Par. Didier. 1869. viC-i-ii)+67 pp. 
8° [60,975; 90.] 46:468 

Daremberg, Charles. Histoire des aciencea me- 
dicates, compreuant I'aDatomie, la pbyaiol<%ie, 
la medecine, la chirurgie et lea doctrioea de pa- 
tbologie generate. Par. BaillUre. 1870. 2 v. 
xxviii -1-680 pp.; (4-(-)577-1303 pp. 8° [60,973; 
90] 46:464-5 

Omtenli; Vol. 1. DupuiB lei temps biatoriqnra jusqu' i H»nfJ. 
Vol. 2. Depuis Haric;Jii>i|u' hu li)*BifK:ls. 

Daremberg, Charles. Notices et cztralts dee 

manuacrits medicaux grecs, latins et franfais 

des priocipalea bibliotb^ues de I'Europe. 1" 

Uedioink. 1 

Daremberg. C.—iCotitinued.) 

partie. Par. Jmprim. imperiale. 1853. (8 f ) 
243 pp. 8" [60,974; 90.] 46:-i70 

Ontltnlt: HBoaKriM grecad'Angletcrre. 

Davey, James George, The ganglionic nervous 

system 1 its striietare, fiinctiunB and diseases. 

Lorid. J. CkurckiU. 1858. vii+309 pp. R" ■ 

[44,173; 90] 46:Hi94 

Davies, John. Selections in pathology- and sur- 
gery; or, an cx)Kisition of the nature and treat- 
ment of local disease; exhibiting new patholog- 
ical views, and pointing out an important prnc- 
tieni improvement, lilus. by cases. Phil. A. 
WalJie. 1839. 119 pp. 8" [48,234; 90.] 
(Dunglison'a Amer. med. lib.) In 46:948 

Daviot, D.-Zacharie. On diplitherile. ^Relation 
bistorique d'une epidemie de diphtheropatbie 
observes dans )e departcmcnt de Sao ne- el- Loire 
et de la Nievre, pendant les annees 1841, 1842, 
1843 et 1844.) Tr. by Robert Hiinler Semple. 
With a bibliographical append is, by John Ciiatto, 
Lond. New Hydendam Soc. 1859. [n. t. p.] 
345^04 pp. 8° [14,345; 90] In *46:17 

Davis, David D. Elements of operative mid- 
wifery ; comprising a description of certain 
new and improved powers for assisting difBcult 
and dangerous labours; illus. by plates: with cau- 
tionary strictures on tlie improper use of instru- 
ments. Lond. Burst, Robinson niul Co. 1H25. 
(7-i-)345 pp., '20 double pis. 4° [47,983; 90.] 


Sou. PlaUWismiBaing. 

Davis, Nathan Smith. History of the American 
Medical Association, from its organization up to 
January, 1855. To which is appended, biograph- 
ical notices, with portraits of the presidents of 
the association, and of the author. Ed. by S. VV. 
Butler. Phil. Lippincoti. 1855. xi-f 17-191 
pp., 9 ports. 8° [311,779; 90.] 46:406 

Day, Henry. Clinical histories with comments. 

Lond. J. Churchill and sons. IStiC. xx4254 
pp. 8° [46.006; 90.] 46:785 

Dq Becic, David. Hard chancre of the eyelids 

and conjunctiva. Uin. J{. Clarke and Co. 1886. 
51pp., 1 eol'd pi., illus. 8" [100,006; 100,047; 
90.1 (Contributions from the ophthalmic clinic, 
Medical college of Ohio, 3.) 46:3883 

Deroubaix. L. Traile dee fistulee urogcnitalcs 
de la femme, comprenant lea fistiiles vesico- 
vaginales, urelhro-vaginales, veBicnles cervico- 
nterines, vesico-uterinea, uretero-vnginales eture- 
teralee cervico-uterines. Brux. H. Manceaitx. 
1870. xix, 823 pp., illus. 8° [60,989; 90] 


DaspayroUX, Henri. £tude sur les ulcerations 

du col de la matrice et sur Icur traitcment. 

Par. Bailliere. 1872. 128 pp., 1 coI'd pi. 8° 

[60,992; 90.] 46:4936 

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and therapeutics. N. Y. IK. Wood and Co. 

1867. 201 pp. 12" [44,557; 90.] 46:795 


Dobeli, Horace. Lectures on the germs and 
vestiges of disease, and on the prevention oi 
the invasion and fatality of disease by periodical 
examinations. Delivered at the Royal infirmary 
for diseases of the chest. Lond. J. Churchill. 
1861. xii-|-198pp. 8° [44,251; 90.] 46:799 

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and stimulants for women. N. Y. National 
Temperance Soc. pub. house. 1874. 96 pp. 12° 
[44,502; 90.] 46:5477 

Emmat, Thomas Addis. Vesico vaginal fistula 
Irom parturition and olher c^iuhcs: with cases 
of recto-vaginal fistula. N. Y. IF. Wood and Co. 
1868. Civ+}xii, 250 pp., illus. 8° [44,133; 90.] 
EmpiS, Georges-Si monis. On diphtherite. Re- 
searches on dijihtherite, founded upon an epi- 
demic of this disease observed at the Hdpital 
Ncoker, in 1848. (Archives generales de medo- 
cine, 1850.) Tr. by Robert Hunter Semple. With 
a bibliographical appendix, by John Chatto. 
Lond. New Sydenham Soc. 1859. [n, t. p.] 
301-42 pp. 8= [44,345; 90.] In *46:n 

Esmarch. Johann August Fricdrich. On the use 
of cold in surgery. Tr. by Edmund Mont- 
ooHERY. Lond. New Sydenham Soc- 1861. 
277-329 pi>. 12'' [44,345; 90] (New Syden- 
ham Snc, 11. Selected monographs.) In *46:21 
Farre, John Richard. An apology for British 
anatomy, and an incitement to the study of 
morbid anatomy; being an abstract of a lecture, 
introductory to a course of illustrations of the 
morbid anatomy of the heart and aorta, delivered 
to the profession in ibe autumn of 1826. Lond. 
Longman. 1827. 10(+2) pp. f ' [48,687; 90.] 
Flint, Austin. Medicine of the future: an address 
prepared for the annual meeting of the British 
Medical Association in 1886, NT Y. Appleton. 
1886. 37 pp., 1 port. 12° [100,015; 90.] 46:637 
Faroordalned : & stor)* of heredity and of special 
parental influence. By an observer. N. Y. 
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count of the discoveries in magnetism and elec- 
tricity, the progress of medical science, and brief 
sketches of the lives of eminent practitioners, 
from t ho earliest ages to the present century; also 
a thorough system of hygiene; to which are ad- 
ded pluiti directions for the treatment of disease 
by the author's system of electrical applications. 
5. ed , rev. and corr. Phil. Lippincoti. 1886, 
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Vol. 2. Chronic infective, toxic, parasitic, septic and constitu- 
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Kiicksicht anf die wichtigsten europaischen 
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5ffentlichen und der Haus-Apotheken, Dispensir- 
und Mineral wasser-Anstalten, Drogen- und Ma- 
terialwaaren-HandlangeD. Zum Gebrauch fiir 

Hirsch, B.— (Continued.) 

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Contents: On the serous membranes ; and, as appended subjects, 
parnftitical animals, malignant adventitious structures, and the indi- 
cations afforded by colour. 

HofTbauer, Johann Christoph. Medecine legale 
relative aux alienes ot anx sourds-muetB, ou les 
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In 46:3375 

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prodaite par les retrecissemens da canal de 
I'oretre, ou paralldle des trois princi pales methodes 
qui ont ete employees, jusqu* a ce jour, pour le 
traitementdecette maladie; parallele dans lequel 
on prouve, par des faits, la preeminence et Tinoc- 
cuite du traitement par le caustique perfection ne 

Jar Tauteur; lu a Tlnstitut de France. Par. 
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an appendix, comprising an explanation of the 
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anatomy, pharmacy, etc.; together with the neces- 
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Contents: Military hygiene And therapeutics; Alfred Post and 
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eases; Elisha Hasris.— Quinine as a prophylactic a^inst malarious 
diseases ; W. H. Van Bi'ren. — Vaccmation in armies; F. G. Smith 
and Alfred 8till£. — Rules for preserving the health of the soldier; 
W. H.Van Burem.— Scurvy; William A. Hammond.— Miasmatic fevers; 
John T. Metcalf. — Continued fevers; J. Baxter Uph am. — Yellow 
fever; J. T. Mbtcalp. — Pneumonia; Austin Flint. — Dysentery ; A. 
8till6.— Pain and anesthetics ; Valentine Mott. — Hemorrhage from 
wounds, and the best means of arresting it (illus.); V. Mott.— Treat- 
ment of fractures in military surgery (illus); John H. Packard.— 
Amputations (illiu).); Stephen Smith. — The excision of joints for 
traumatic cause ; R. M. Hodoxs. — Venereid diseases ; Freeman J. 

f icTios (English). 

Fiction {English), 

Van Buren, VVilliam B..aiid Keyes, P^- ^■'- A prnc- 

lical trealiau on the suryiuul diaoaaes of the 
genilo-nririury organs, including syphilis. Du- 
iUigned una manual lor atudcnls and practitioners. 
With engravings and cases. N. Y. Ap/iteton. 
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Fiction.— English. 

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Thornton's ambition. Phil, Porter and Coates. 
{18S6.J }:->0 pp., 4 pis. 16° [100,176; 90.] 

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serit'B: adapted to children i-oading the third 
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CbnlmM; Inlrodnulion, — Mi 
rilf.— Mr. SeguJD's ifont,— The 

. mchfr'HrliiTr.— Thenanwoo/ _... 

of the duuphiD. — The iiiih-pn4^i in the counirr, — The aurf of Cu- 
Cllifnnn, — The lieht'housf si Ihe Saniruiiuinu, - The wrei-k of Ida 
-^mlllHnle,"— XeKendiif the miin with goM bnin>, — BiiiiW* 
S!Kine!."ick^pi^ "" """' '""""' '~ """'''"'■"' ""» ■ 

Du Boisgobey, Fortune. Arliele722; or, Roger's 
inheritonee, (Le bac, the ferry-boat.) Tr. 
from the French by A, D. H. Chic, Rand, Mc- 
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90.] 35:2307 

Salt. Slime i>ij Ihf- ferrj-lwM. 

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collection of storicB. N. Y. Pustet. . [1885.] 
(ix+)409 pp. 12° [99,954; 90,] 37:158* 

CbalraiK AiniKl-eomedj, — Lilie«»mong thora*. — Phili»i».— » 

—A inrHKitri'lppa m,— John NelMm's mirriiuf!— Ariods the "Olire 
'.r.iuohef." the «lurv of a New York boy. — Al lh# Gate of DHih.- 
Tlii' fiiiMiiEml crRHh.— A xtiiry Dflodiiy.-The Lialev,— Inei,— "A wr- 
n,u 'e urowu of Motrow,'-— Rope.-The Jhwx of Dealh,— CHmiel, 

Egan, Maurice Francis, Stories of duty: a book 
(or boyaand girls. Phil. Fasy, Cornier and Co. 

1885. 225pp. 16° [99.955; 90] 37:'5y:i 

tlin'tnd; How [hry worked ihpir war.— The boys Id ihe hUck,— 
Thv hiiuxe ilial Jol.n liuill,— A chinJ of iho Hood*,— Mr. KalbfleiKh. 

Fenn, George Manville. Double cunning. The 
taleof a transparunl mystery. N.Y. Appleton. 

1886. 392 pp. 12" [100,203; 90,] 37:2089 
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FosdiCk, Charles A, {liarry Casllemon.) Joe 

Wayring at home ; or, the adventures of a fly- 
rod. Phil. Porter and Coates. [1886,1 4t3'pp., 
4 pis. 16° [100.177:90.] (ForeBl and Btrenni 
ser) 37:34M 

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Fiction (MnglisK), 


Fiction {English), 

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LiER. N. Y. D. and J. Sadlier and Co. 1886. 
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adapted from the German. By Agnes Sadlier. 

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12° [100,081; 90.] (By sea and shore ser.) 


Herchenbach, Wilhelm. Lucy Harding. Tr. and 
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The story of a summer's loitering on the Gre6;t 

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1751 : how he was kidnapped and cast away ; his 
sufferings in a desert isle, his journey in the wild 
Highlands; his acquaintance with Alan Breck 
Stewart and other notorious Highland Jacobites ; 
with all that he suffered at the hands of his uncle, 
Ebenezer Balfour of Shaws, falselj" so-called. Writ- 
ten by himself And now set forth by S. N. Y. 
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bel F. Hapgood. N. Y. T. Y. Crowell and Co. 
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ish. With an inirod. by the author, written 
specially for this ed. N. Y. Appleton. 1886. 
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Saratoga incident. N. Y. Cassell. [1886.] 

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Appleton. 1886. 194 pp. 12° [100,012; 90.] 


Fiction (^French, etc.). 


Fiction QFrench^ etc.). 

Wharton, Thomas. Hannibal of New York. 
Some account of the financial loves of Hanni- 
bal St Joseph and Paul Cradge. N.Y. H. Holt. 
1886. 326 pp. 16^ [100,194; 90.] (Leisure 
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N. Y. Carleton. 1886. 296 pp. 12** [97, 

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Frances Younohusband. N. Y. Harpers. 
1885. vi+242 pp., illus. 12^ [96,444; 90.] 


Nole. A prose version of Homer*s Odyssey ; adapted for young 

Wood, ^TS. Charlotte Dunning. Cabin and 

gondola. N. Y. Harpers. 1886. 203 pp. 

16** [96,748; 90.] (Harper's handy ser., 48.) 


Wood, Mrs. Ellen Price. (Johnny Ludlow.) The 
surgeon's daughters. By Mrs. W. — A man of 
his word. By William E. Norris. N.Y. G. Munro. 
35 pp.; 36-84 pp. 16^ [96,314; 90.] (Seaside 
lib., pocket ed., 277.) 40:745 

Woods, Mrs. Kate Tannatt. That dreadful boy. 

An American novel. Bost. I)e Wolfe^ Fiske and 

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Yonge, Charlotte Mary. Chantry hou8e. Lond. 

Macmillan. 1886. x+405 pp. 12° [98,539; 

90.] 40:1318 

Yonge, Miss Charlotte Mary. Nuttio's father. 

Lond. Macmillan. 1885. ix+427 pp. 12° 

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Fiction.— French, German, itaiian, Spanisli. 

Bourget, Paul. Un crime d'amour. Par. A. 

Lemerre. 1886. (iv+)ii+299 pp. 12° [98, 

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Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. L'ingegnoso 

idalgo Don Chisciotte della Mancia, trad, da 
Bartolomeo Gamba ed ora rived, da Francesco 
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-f583(+3) pp., frontis., illus.; (4-t-)650 pp., front- 
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Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. El ingenioso 

hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha. Par. Cor- 
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hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha. Nueva ed., 
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90.] 78:2211 

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72« raille. Par. Charpentier et Cie. 1885. 

(4+)337 pp. 12° [98,543; 90.] *57:359 

l^nault, Louis. Carine. N. Y. W. R. Jenkins. 
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fiances de Grinderwald. — Les amoureux de 

Catherine. N. Y. W. R. Jenkins. 1886. 104 

pp. 16° [98,178; 90.] (Contes choisis. No. 8.) 


Feuiliet. Octave. La morte. 62* ed. Par. C. 

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Lesueur, Daniel. Le mariage de Gabrielle. 

Ouvrage couronne par TAcademie fran^aise. 
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Undau, Paul. Herr und Frau Bewer. 7. Aufl., 

mit einem Briefe von Emil Augier an den Ver- 

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milanese del sccolo xvii. 19a ed. Mil. Frat. 
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Note. Contairu aUo : Storia della colonna infame. 617-727 pp. 

Gertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. (W. 0. von 

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185-. [n. t. p.] 136 pp., 4 pis. 18° [96,771; 

90.] In 58:2826.5 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wrlhelm. (IT. 0. von 
Horn.) Der Herr ist mein Schild. Eine Ge- 
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18° [96,771; 90.] In 58:2826.3 

Oertei, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. ( W. 0. von 
Horn.) Ein Kongo-Neger. Eine Geschicbta 
aus Sanct Domingo, der deutschen Jugend und 
dem Volke erzahlt. 3. Aufl. Wies. J. Niedner. 
[185-.] 125 pp., 4 pis. 18° [96,771; 90.] 

In 58:2826.2 
Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. ( W. 0. von 
Horn.) Eine Korsarenjagd im indischen Insel- 
meere. Eine Geschichte, dem Yolke und der 
Jugend erzahlt. 2. Aufl. Wies. J. Niedner. 
[185-.] 101 pp., 4 pis. 18° [96,771; 90.] 

In 58:2826.5 
Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. (W. 0. von 
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Egypten. Eine Erzahlung fur die Jugend und 
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In 58:2826.18 
Oertei, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. (W. O. von 
Horn.) Die Pelzjiiger der Hudsonhaicompagnie. 
Ein Buchlein filr die Jugend und das Yolk. 2. 
Aufl. Wies. J. Niedner. 1870. 112 pp., 4 pis. 
18° [96,771; 90.] In 58:2826.16 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. {W. O. von 
Horn.) Die Spinnstube, ein Yolksbuch fur das 
Jtthr 1857. 12. Jahrg. Frankf a. M. J. D. 
Sauerldnder. [1857.] iv+222 pp., frontis. 16° 
[94,479; 90.] 58:2827 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm. {W. 0. von 
Horn.) Yon Einem, der das Gliick gesucht 
Eine wahre Geschichte, dem Yolke und der Ju- 
gend erzahlt. 2. Aufl. Wies. J. Niedner. 1870. 
114 pp., 4 pis. 18° [96,771; 90.] In 58:2826.7 


OEOROB EHIO, Praident, 
TBOHAS LEE, Sterelary, 
I/)UIS L. 8&DLBR, Trtanirtr, 


(^ontlilj ^ullettn. 

No. 91. 




4B Rack stbebt. 

Union Stock Yakdb (108 EvEBEn Stbbet). 

B. w. c. FoDBTH AND Maik sth. (Soutbbrk atb., Mt. Aubitbh). 

Gab Co.'b Ufficb (185 East Sixth btbbbt). 


CuUKTX Cokuissiobbb'b OFriCE (220 Tobz Strbbt). : 

CLirroN Ate., Uliftor. 

•Tflij dm; in tlie ;ear, Saadays included, from 8 a. u. 1 
p. H. The ipecial depmrtments are open m follows: 
Deutert Hall, (except Siindsja) B A. u. to 9 f 
Main Hall, (every dny) 8 a. M. to 9 p. h. 
FouoDtCAL Room, (evory day) 8 a. m. to 9 p. U. 
Nbwbfafbb Room, (every day) S a. U. to 9 F. U. 
Abt Booh, (except Sundays) 8 a. u. to 6 p. m. 
« " (on Sundays) 9 a. m. to 4 p. ii. 

Rbadiko Rooms. — Any person of good deportn 
Mid habits, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, i 
ooniall books, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

Home use ot Bookfi. — ReBidenta of Cincinnati 
may withdraw booka by ragistoring name and residence and 
famishing satisfactory security in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In Heu of other security a depowt of three 
dollars or of the value of the work desired may be ninde.) 
Xon-reaidenta may withdraw books by making a de- 
pout of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of Ave dot Ian. 

two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
wbicb they can not be reissued to the same person until tbey 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a day, and after a 
week, coet of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or cbargei. 


1. The Librarian is at all times ready to aasiit per- 
sons in the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
the sources of information so far as the Library containi 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
pUcalion to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 
against it. 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter jrtpinjr Iht turn* 
aud residttiet of tht ptTKM aggrieved. Anonymous commu- 
nications can not be noticed. 

Philosopht, etc. 

Philosophy and Education. 

BstZi Carl. A syBtem of phTBJcal culture, deeifitned 
&s a manual of inetriiciion fur the ase of schools. 
Free gymnaeticd. Kansas City, JIo. " Kansas 
City Presae." 1886. 66 pp. 12° [100,453; 91] 
Giadman, F. J. School work. 1. Control and 
teaching. 2. Organization and principles of 
education. Lond, Jarrold and sons. [18B5,] 
2 pts. in I vol, (2+)306 pp.; 5-234 pp., 1 fold. 
Ub. 12° [99,946; 91.] (Jurroid'B teachers' and 
pupil teachers' ser.) 2:-16<>7 

Halfl, Sarah J. Infant school management; with 
notes of lessons on objects and on tlie phcnom- 
enaofnatnreand common life. Lond. E.Stanford. 
1886, xi + 264pp. Vl" [100,275; 91.] 2:4708 
Hobhouse. Walter. The theory and practice of 
ancient education,bGing the chancellor's English 
essay, 1885. Oxf B. H. Blackwelt. 1885. (8 + ) 
55 pp. 8° [100,567; 91.] 2:4759 

JeVOnS, William Stanley. Studies in deductive 
logic. A manual for students. 2. ed. Lond, 
Macmillan. 1884, xxTiii-i-304 pp., frontia. 12° 
[100,516; 91.] 2:1258 

LotZO, Hermann. Microcosmua: an eeitmy con- 
cerning man and his relation to the world, Tr. 
from the German by Elizabeth Hamilton and E. 

B. Constance Jones. Edin. T. and T. Clark. 
1885. 2 V. xxTii+714 pp.; x+(ii+)740 pp, 8' 
[100,585; 91.] 2:1383.1-2 
LotzO, Hermann. Oallinesof [esthetics. Dictated 

portions of the lectures of L,, tr. and ed, by 
George T. Ladd, Boet, Ginn. and Co. 188ti, 
ix+113pp. 12» [100,509; 91,] 2:1358 

Mainlander, Philipp, Die Philosopbie der Er- 

losung. Ber, T. Hofmann. 1879-86, 2 v, 

viii+e23 ppi Tiii(-fi7)+655 pp. 8" [100,35:i; 

91.] 2:1432.1-2 

Soil. Vol. 1. 2, Aull. Vol. a. FrsDlif. s. M. C, Koenitter. Vol.1. ArmlTlit dcs ErkennlniBsifrinftgfns.-Phyiik. 
— AFPiheiik.— Elbih.— Polilik- Hrtiiptt]iaik.— AobBng : Kritik der 
LehrcD Kuiib unci HchofH-nhmicr'", 

Vol.1. ZiiflirphilOHipliiKhrEnuy*. I. Reallrmutund Idpnll*- 
mUH, Siebpn Eun yn : I>r Kcnlioniii!!.— Drr Pnolhpi<iniiB,— l)pr l<)e- 
■lienius, - Drr ItndliaismU!<, — LH* DogmH dpr UrelilDlgkrit. — Die 
PbilOMphie dtt KrIftBunii, — Das WBhre Vtrtmuen, i. &n SociHlis- 
mui<. inrtErtnya: D«rtheor»liiich«Sacliilisnius. — Der prakliBche 
SwinlKrnue,— DllErpEulAIiveP^incipd?8BocialillnlUB,~Aeh^('D]fl•«,— 
KIitik d«r UflrtmsDD'Khen FhilOBOphlp deit Unbeviiii^VD. 

Payno, William U. Contributions to the science 

of education. N. Y. Harpers. 1886. xiv+ 

358 pp. 12° [100,424; 91.] 2:5127 

Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer. Lectarcs in the 

training schools for i<indergartnera. Boat. D. 

C. Heath and Co. 1886. (6+)226 pp.. 12° 
[100,491; 91] 2:5126 
"S , F. T." Can matter think? A problem 

in psychics. Kd., with a preface and notes, by 
[Elliott] CouEfl. Host. Estes and Lauriat. 18S6, 
3-82 pp, sq. 18° [100,008; 91,] (Biogen scr. 
4.) 2:7.^8 28 

Sandison, Howard. The theory of the school, 

3, ed , rev. and enl. Tcrre Haute, Ind. 6'. If. 
&«w». -1886.-484-PP. 16° [100,437; 91.] 


History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Aberigh-Mackay, George. Twenty-one daj-s Id 

India : being the tour of Sir AH Baba, K. C. B, 
4. ed. Lond. W. B. Allen and Co. 1886. viii 
+210 pp, 12° [98,352; 91] 22:308 

Adams, John Quincy and Charles Francis. The 

life of John Adams. Hev. and corr. Phil. 
Lippincott. 1871. 2 v. xiii, 499 pp,; 416 pp. 
12° [26,233; 91.] 23:2166-7 

Bayley, Sir Edward Clive. The history of India 

as told by its own historians. The local Mu- 
hamniadun dyiiflsiies. Gujarat. Partially based 
on a tianal. by the late Prof John Dowson, Pub. 
under the patronage of H. M.'s secretary of stale 
for India. Forming a sequel to Sir H. M. Elliot's 
history of the Muhammadan empire of India. 
Lond, W.H. Alien and Co. 1886. xi+519pp, 
\ fold, map, 8° [98,347; 91.] 26:1752 

Birch, Samuel, Biographical notices of, from the 

British and foreign press; portraits, and a bib- 
liography of hia principal works. With an in trod. 
by Walter DeGrayBiEcu, Lond. Tmbner. 188li. 
xii +95 pp., 3 ports. 12° [98,356; 91.] 23:2533 

Burroughs. Stephen, Memoirs of the notorioas 

B,, containing many incidents in the lifeof this 

wonderful man, never before publiahed. Stereot 

cd., newly corr. and rev. Boat. C. Oaylord. 

1832-5. 2 V. in 1. vi, 356(+4) pp., fronti». 18° 

[26,840; 91.] 23:2839 

Campbell, Thomas and others. Lives of British 

dramaiists. Phil. Caret/. 1846. 2 v. in 1. 

C10+)2(l-232pp.; (4+)24l-479 pp. 12° [92,849; 

91.] (Curey and Uarl's library for the people.) 


OnXnirt,- BemBTkBon thf lift iind writingBof William ah»li-pMre: 

and n*t. 

Lrigh HtriT. 

Dsbretf, John. Peerage, baronetage, knightage, 
und companionage. Comprising information 
concerning all persons bearing hereditary or 
courtesy titles, of companions of the ordei* of 
knighthood and of the Indian empire, and of all 
collateral branches of peera and baronets, lllas. 
with 1400 armorial bearings. Ed. by Robert H, 
Mair. Royal ed. Personally rev, by the nobility. 
(Pub. annually, 173. year.) Lond. Deans. 1886. 
(iv-|-)xxviii+8l6+764 pp., illus. 12° [98,236; 
91.] *L:6515 

Do Cosson, JV"/ E, A. Days and nights of ser- 
vice with Sir Gerald Graham's field force at 
Suakin, Lond, Murray. 1886. x-J-(ii+Vi43 
pp., 4 pis., 1 plan. 12° [100,029; 91.] 26:1957 
Doran, John. Monarchs retired from business. 
2. ed. Lond. Bentlty. 1857. 2 v. viii+409 
pp., 1 pijrt. ; iv+408 pp., 1 port. 12° [24,751; 
91.] 23:593-4 

Ointenli: Vol. 1. The kins! —Scripture kingaand piwtFrn mcn- 

BriUiint Uftliroripd Uriligh and Saxon kioga.— liepoii«l kingB. - 
JuiiifB II. al fic, Ucrmniii,— ticpoBcd monarchs of Snillnnd.— Irrliiad- 
— Wslrs und Man.— Fniiti.v : Tiifl.U«nivlnKiaD race ami IbeUiy.kiiv), 
— Tlie CotlovinitiMiB und ChsricB the Fal.— Houbo o( Cajwi and Lonu 
Ihe SainC— Kioi JahD in Uie Savoy.— Tba Boai-bosa nod Obariea X.— 

ChiirlM V. - 

._.. ..ftuniljofkingi.— Hollnnd; 

. . .. i!—BoheiTiiH: The winter kinjj,— 

angarj: Fourdepoiied kiuan. — Bavnrii: Ludwift. the lorir, — Ki- 
Uad: eUriT khdivmions.— Jolm Cwimir V.—Stuni^laiu LreiiiKki.— 
Btanislkus Pnnialamkl. 

Vol. a. Borne. — Enatnarmpin: flmw oroloiKter.-Btianline 
Onmn of Ihe icaanclHslia period. — BiiHilliiTi djMMtjr. — MimHri'hs 


-Monk An 


.— Th 

« pu.rR 

»■■: The 


Siuicho II 



The two Bijt 

Du Oeff^nd, Hario du Vichy-Chamrond, marquise, 
Letters of, to ibe Hon. H. Wulpole, afterwards 
earl of Orford, from the year 17tiG to the 
year 1780. To which are added letters of Ma- 
dame du Deffand to Voltaire from the year 1759 
to the year 1775. Pub. from the originals at 
Strawberry-Hill. Lond. Longmmis. 1810. 4 v. 
0+360 pp., 1 port., 1 faes.; (4+)620(+2) pp.; 
(4+)-178(-f2) pp.; (4+)30tf pp. 12° [30,531; 

91.] 25::iii4-i7 

Eliiot, Frances. Old coart life in Franco. New 
cd. lllns. by Alfred Fredericks. Lond. Ward 
and Downey. 1886. (ti+)254 pp., 20 pis. 8'' 
[100,090; 91.] 26:2928 

Eminent women of the age : being n narrative of 
the lives and deeds of the most prominent women 
of the present generation. Hart. S. M. BettS and 
Co. 1869. ijc, 028 pp., 14 ports. 8° [97.982; 
91.] 23:48 

CbilniU: Florence NiithtlDgale: J»me> P«itoii.— Lvdm MHna 
Child; T. W. HioQiMnn.— ,Hri. Piirinn iFn.inv f(r«l ; Mrs. B l.ip- 
FiBCTtT. (GraMOeewimal,)- Ljrdin H. Lijroumey; Hpt. E. B. Hvst- 

empreta at the French ; John S. C. AiHurr.- Mrs, Snrn Li|ii>mco<t 
tUraet OreemcoBd) ; Joa. B. Lthaii.- Alice and i'hcbe Oarv; Horncie 
UirkUT.-Miwiret Puller Osxolii T. W. HiiiaiH.oii.-Mi>* M. A. 
Dodge {QaaBamMoi\; Mrs. S. Paitdh. {Fnnfiy Fetn.^—¥.\\z«1•Mii 
BHiretl BrowaJng; Edw. T. HiniK^.-Jennv l.ind ualdwhinidt ; 
Jftmee Paitoh.— Uur pioneer edncnton: Krv. E. B. Hiiktimotu-i.— 
HaiTiet Beecher Slnnre; Ker. K. I'. P»rker,-Mra. EliiHbeth (-udy 
StautoDi Theodora TiLTnii.— Tha«on)n'i> rislit'i. movemeni nnd iu 
(bkinpiom in Ihe United SUlea; Elliabplh Uuly 8takt<.^.— Vic^tcirin, 
aoeen of EniUnd : JameH Padtoii.— Emineiit wninen uF the dmnjH ; 
Wm.WinTu.- ADDaEliiubetbDh>khiK>ti;Hni.E.C.St>>Tov,— Wiiinun 
u phrtlciaa \ Bee. U. B. BLLiitr.-Ciiinilla Vnw i Mari A. Bitti.— 
Harriet O. Hosmer; Re>. R. B. Thih'uh.— Koj>ii Bonlieur: JnB.M. 
U0Fr».— Mr*. Julia Ward Uo»e ; Uta. Luei* Uilberl Cilhuuh. 

Erman, Adolf. jEgyplon und tegyptisches Leben 
im Altertum. Bd. I. Tiib, Lnupp. [1885.] 

xvi+3§0 pp., 7 pis., illas. 4= [98,548; 91] 


FitZ-Patrick, William John. The lifoof the Very 
Kev, Thomas Nficholas] Burke, O. P. Lond. 

Paul, Trench and Co. 1886. 2 v. viii( + ii)+359 

pp., fronlis.; (6+)414 pp. 8° [99,938; 91.] 


FroebBi, Friedrich August Wilhclm. Autobiog- 
raphy. Tr. and tin rotated by Emilic Uicuaelis 

and H. Eeatley Moore. Lond. Sonnemchein 

and Co. 1886. 14A pp. 12° [100,257; 91.] 


Garnlsr, Jean-Jacques, abbe. Memoire fur une 
pretend ae conspiration contre Jeanne d'Albrct, 

raine de Navarre, et see enfans. Pur. 1808. 

(Acad. Inecript. Franco, v. 50, pp.722-43.) 

In *62:1550 

fieary, Grattan. Bnrma, after the conquest, 
viewed in its political, social, and commercial 

wpects from Uandalay. Lond. Low. 188(). 

XTi-l-345 pp. 12° [100,028; 91.] 26:1781 

1 HlSTOBT, Bfa 

Gilmore, James Roberta. (^Edmund Kirke.) The 

rear-guard of tho revolution. N. Y. Appleton. 

1886. xv+9-317 pp., 1 port., 1 fold. map. 12° 

[99,»90; 91.] 29:2076 

Gneist, Rudolf The history of the English 

constitution. Tr, by Philip A. Asbwobth. 

N.Y. Putnam. 1886. 2v. xvi-|-437 pp.; vii + 

466 pp. 8° [96,954; 91.] 27:1882.1-2 

Gordon, Henry William. Events in the life of 
Charles George Gordon from its beginoing to 
its end. Lond. Paul, Trench and Co. 1886. 
xiv-t-(ii4-)46;i pp., 7 coi'd maps (4 fold.), illus. 
8= [100,230; 91.] 24:1399 

Gootz, Wilhelm. Speise and Trank vergangeoer 
Zeilen in dcutschen Landen, Bas. Schaeig- 
hauser. 1882. 24 pp. 12° [87,808; 91.] 
(Oeffentl. Vortrftge, geh. io d. Sebweiz; VI, 11.) 
In 41:2220 
Grant, James. The cavaliers of fortune: or, 
British heroes in foreign wars. Lond. Rout- 
ledge. 1865, vi+(i-|-)404pp. 16° [13,624; 91.] 

Onttntt.- A. LilU J. Ctimemn.— Sir S. Qrele.- U. M. Brown.- 

M. P. I.Rcy.-F. A. Lucy.- P. LHCy.— W. Butler. -H. J, W. Clarke.— 
C, J. K lima ine.— Count) O'Reilly and O'tMnnel— O. E. Loudon.- A 
O'Beilly.-D. 0'Connell.-8.J. J, MacJonald.-T. Dalyell. 

Griard, Octave. l)e la morale de Plutarque. 

Ouvrage couronne par I'Academie fran^aise. 

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oul and Gabrielle. — The hundred and one picturoM of Tardif, the 
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marchioness.— A romance on the Ixinkft of the Lignon. 

Vol. 2. Chamfort.— Three pages from the life of Mme de Parali^re. 
— Ab^lard and H^lolse.— The death of Andr*^ (-iK^nier.— The Marquis 
de Sainte-Aulaire. — Coll^. — The daughter of Sedaiuc. — Prudhon.— 
Blangini.— An unknown sculptor.— Vandyck.— A lost poet.— Hands 
ftill of roses, full of gold, and full of hloo<iU— The mistress of Corne- 
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OmtenU: Vol. 1. 1488-1796. 

Vol. 2. 1707-1800. 

Vol. 3. 1800-1805. 

Vol. 4. 1806-9. 

Vol. 5. 180^1.3. 

Vol. 6. 1813-27. 

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—The old manor house. — Mrs. RadelifFe.— The .Sicilian romaiH/e.— The 
romance of the forest.— The my.«*teries of L'dolnho. — The italiun.— 
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Vol. i. Sir Alexander Burnes.— Captain Arthur Conolly.— Major 
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In *62;!578 
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OMroih.-C. HoHHrd.-R. BlRkc — a. Monk.— E. MoDtflgiie.-Sir 
O. Roolie.—J. BpDtHiff.— E. Rui-ifU.-». Bios.— Edward, l»nl Hiviif. 
>~SlrC.8aiiDrlrn-.-J. Kpniurnrplt.— Alomiiilr-r, viwount Brldi-irl.— 
J. Cook.— S. Burrinaion.— CuthhPrt. loril VolHngwood.—Vr . Uvkfr.— 
The BnnjGTaeeh t>ieu.-I>fmtiinheKpsDi»h nrmndn.— Viclorj-un 
U*IUDl liy Eiirl Howa.-Viulofjr off the KIib bjr sit U. N..|Hon. 

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37-40.) 23:1101-4 

— L'HOpitol,— TitiBn.-BiicL ■■ -!'■ I.- |.,. M..:,. .._■,„. -^ 

TuwJ.— Drake.— 8[*ii»fT.~EliiiilT0i,.(ii^fn ft Kiiijlnriil.— Hciiliufr,— 
HenwIV. of Fraiwe.— OertunUB.—— rjtili.m.— Hjilfijili. 


IX Adnl; 


JobiwoD.— Bubeiu.— Sully.- Hh'IipI i PI _ . __ , 

liiu.— DeKBrtM.^Sfldrn.— Uluk*,- Hnrvrv.-CroniKFll.- rnBCBL- 
PnuMln.- TaJ-lor.-DeWin.- MpIIiTs.— Cliirpiidon.— Usmbramil.— 
Hiltm.— Tnminfl.— eirll. Uilf.^Uiirrnw.- Ufllibpii.— Clnudv.- Miirll- 
lo. — Col bp ri. —Come iUe.— a V dMiJi«m.— UotIc— fioMenki Iirvdcn.— 

WIUiBin III.—BoafiwI.-Looke.— Kny.— Vmihsn.- tVnt-lon.- £elhniE. 
•-' " Somer*.— Penn.— Addison.— Miir1l»ronuh.~ Wren.— IVlrr 
-Newton .— Drfris.- Bentley.- HnllfJ.— PnfK".— Bwift.- Ito- 
- BSudel — Dollaod. — Bmdicy. — Hngnrlli. — Brmillrv.— 

tlie Grei 

-LoM ( 

T— John 


Maiden, Henry. — (continued.) 

Vol, 4. Gil.lnn.— air W JonM.-LHVoigiPr.— Miiniflel d.— Burke. 
-SitL«,ir(?— lir. B)«ck.— Wn»h Inglnn.— Cfm ptr.— PnCBtlfj.- Ni-Kon. 

— Piit.— Hoinlicr.— Koi.— Porwn — MsKkelrna. — LiRgrange. — Ko•c^- 
u*^.-...-i( jUv.-Wiiit.-Ilnnki'.- NHiHileoii.-Csnovii.- lleUnibre.— 

H,,,..,..,,] ..?.r''-i-7vr,--..-,(™nPr.-Er»kine.-Flaimiin._;Bfl*r»on. 

— I.i;i. ■ ■'■.I. : !■ I ' 11 y. -Bolivar.— BoMliam.-Cuvior.-fliiolt. 

Til.--.;.' ■■ ;- ■■■ions.] N. Y. [1840.] 2 v. 

!-"■ ^-,,;:;li-;;1.] (Harper's fara. Ub., 123-4.) 


Marshall, John. The lifeofGoorgo Washington, 

commander-in-chief of the American forces 
during the war which established the independ- 
ence of this eounlry, and first, president of the 
U. K. Compiled under the direction of the Hon, 
B, Wasliington, from original papers bequeathed 
to him by his deceased relative, To which is pre- 
fixed un introduction, containing a compendiona 
view of the colonies jilanted by "the English on 
the continent of North America. Lond. B. 
Phillips. 1804-7. 5 v. xxxii-f 458 pp., 1 port, 
2 fold, mapa; vii-)-541 pp., 1 pi.; viii-|-460 pp., I 
pi.; vii-f-5H9 pp.; vii-f GG7{-|-2) pp., 10 fold. maps. 
4° [31,353; 91.] *25:3047-51 

Martin, Hev. Felix, The lifo of Father Isaac 
Jogucs, missionary priest of the Society of Je- 
Bus, slain by the Moliawk Iroquois, in the present 
state of New York, Oct 18, 1646. With Father 
Jooukb' account of the captivity and death of his 
companion, Hene Goupil, slain Sept. 29, 1642. 
Tr. from the French hy John Gilmary SiiEA. 
With a map of the Mobawk country, by Gen. 
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203; 91] 25:978 

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Mom.) Uuni.a Conrad Eseher von dor Lintb. 

Lobensbild eines bravon Sehwcizers, dargestellt 

filr die Jugend und das Volk. Wies. J. Med- 

ner. [1862.] 116 pp., 4 pis. 18° [96.771; 91.] 

In 58:2826.12 

Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wiihelm. (W. 0. von 
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weltberiihmtcn Seefubrers und Erdumseglera. 
Dcr Jugend und dem Volke erziiblt 2. Aufl. 
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[96,771; 91.] In 58:2826.1S 

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achim von Zielona. Dor Jugend und dem Volke 
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pp., 4 pla. 18° [96,771; 91.] In 58:2826.6 

HiBTORT, no. 1! 

Oertar, Philipp Fricdrich Willielm. (IF. O.von 
Horn.) Der LebenBgntij; George Washingloim, 
des Begriindera der Freilieit der vercinigten 
Stn&ten JJordanierrka's. Der Jugend und dem 
Voiko erzahll. Wies. J. Ntedner. [1867.] 136 
pp., 4 plB. 18° [96,771; 91.] In 58:2(^26.18 

Oertei, Philipp Friedricb Wilhelm. (W. 0. von 

Born.) Von dem Manne, der una den Weg 
nnch Amerika eewiesen hat Ein Biieblein, fiir 
die Jugend und das Volk geschrieben. ■!. Aufl. 
Wiea. J. Niedner. 1875. 108 pp., 4 pis. 18° 
[96,771; 91.] In 58:2826,4 

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(10+)267 pp., 6 pis., iUoB. 4° [20,819; 91.] 


Omientt: Vol.1. Intrnduillon. — The RrrhiiwIuraE Bciilptorat 

ij LWnstplln.-The i 

.-The Ko?] 

-J. Tmtl.- 

TiWIe.— THresnmongtlieHheX. PnJlHJi 
meo di Mantdupo ani the Ferocci.— ^ 
BuiKB>lo.-B. da Rnveuano and P. TDrrpslniiD. 

Vol. a. HIchrlBDKtfIa und hie ■rholiira.— Tuscan Kulpture under 
OHinia I.— B. Cpllini.-B. Buidinelli uiA hia Ktiolars. — T. and Q. 
fiologiw.— Append lce> . 

Perkins, Jamoa Breck. Franco under Uazarin ; 

with a review of the administration of llicbe- 

lieu. N.Y. Futnama. 1886. 2 v. xiT-f-483pp., 

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nne inscription deconverte a Orleans. Par. 

1867. (Acad. Inscripl. France, v. 26, pp. 119-36.) 


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niscences of Abraham Lincoln. By diaiin- 
guished men of his time. N.Y. North Amer. Pub. 
Co. 1886, Ixix+656 pp., 25 pis., 2 faca. letters, 
8» [99,9^9; 91,] 24:2290 

Safe. Includea biognphlcsl sketches of the authon, 

Richardson, Loandor, The dark city; or, cus- 

toma of the cockneys. Boat, Boyle and Whittle. 

1886, iv+226 pp. 12° [98,585; 91.] 22:2423 

yol: The same u '-Ai Yankee! see ua". 

Robert, Pierre-Charles. Snr la pr^tendue re- 
Blauration du pouvoir de Maurice Tib^ro dans 
la Province et sur les monnaies qui en seraienl la 
preuve. Par. 1883. (Acad, Inscript. France, v, 
30, pt 2, pp. 397-438, 1 pi., I col'd map.) 

In *62:1580 
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there. With illus. by H. C. Ford. Host. .Rob- 
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and flew Guinea: notes on the natives, chris- 
tian and cannibal, with some accoont of the old 
labour trade. Lond. J, Murray. 1886. vii-f- 
242 pp., 1 fold. map. 12° [98,355; 91.] 22:2759 

I PoLinos, na 

Saulcy, Louis-Felicien-Joseph Caignart de. Ma- 

moiro eur la nature et I'Agc respectif dca divera 
uppareila de ma^onnerie employes dans I'enceinte 
e.Merieuro du Hiirnm-ecli-Cherif de Jerusalem. 
Pur, 1867. (Acad, Inscript. France, v. 26, pp. 
1-81. 11 fold, pis.) In *62;15T6 

Schiller, Johann Cbristoph Friedricb von. Aua- 

gcwiihlte Briefe, Selected and edited with an 
inlrad. and commentary by Paulino BuOHHem. 
N, Y. Putnams. 1886. (ii+)xv-l-206 pp. 16» 
[99.936; 91.] 25:2352 

Slflharl, Joaehim. Albert the Great, of the order 

of friar-preuchers: his life and scholuatic la- 
bours. From original dncuments. Tr. from the 
French cd. by the Rev. Fr. T. A. Dixon. Lond. 
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210; 91,] 23:'.i213 

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lite as an author. Lond. Low. 1836. zii-j- 
431 pp , 1 photo. 8° [100,235; 91] 25:1351 

Walker, Walter Frederick. The Azores; or, 

western islands. A political, commercial and 
peograpbical aeeount, containing what is histor- 
ically known of theae islands, and deacriptivo of 
their scenery, inhabitants, and natural produc- 
tions; having special reference to the eastern 
group consisting of St. Michael and St. Mary, the 
Formigas and Doilabaret rocka; including sug- 
gestions to travellers and invalids who may resort 
to the archipelago in search of faealth. Lond. 
Trubner. 1886. viii+335 pp., 3 pis. (1 fold.), 2 
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self. Lond. Sivingtons. 1813. [n. t. p.] (iv 
^-)cxIispp. sq. f ° In*23::i«67 

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an introductory note by W. M. Tayloel N. Y, 
A. B. F. Randolph and Co. [1882.] xiv-f346 pp. 
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Uemoirs of William Wordsworth, poet- laureate, 
D. C. L. Ed. by Henry Reed. Bost. Ticknor, 
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Freunae. Ein Beitrag znr Eulturgcschichte 
der Gegen wart. Mit dem Bildnisse Jost's. Gin. 
The Bloch Pub. and Print. Co. 1886. (8-f )241 pp, 
12° [100,059; 91.] 24:1987 

Politics, Political, Social and Domestic Economy. 

Altyeld, John P. Onr penal machinery and its 

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Artltl, Taconb, pashn. The right of landed prop- 
erty in E^ypl. Frinted under llie HUppiccs of 
the ministry of finance at Cairo, 1883. Tr. from 
the original Kronuh, and now pub., wilh tlio per- 
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.; J. H. Bull 

own.— C-BDC 

nd oilier growlhii nf il 

J. a. B.iiTow..-DHeM< 


■ 1 J.S. BlICTOKl.— Collo; 



— Uy»eiil«7; 

J. W.Bi 







J. K. WAlDt 



J, a 

lh» o 



«Und-: J. 

i. B> 

iGs: J. 

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Knncnrs. t 

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" ■ ■ " ■■ rajV) 

In *46:22 

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r KXDtCtin. 

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■ Au»( ■ 

u'ici-m; C. 

f oi»T»ti»e surgery: Wm. Btokhi.— An«e«hMl» j Joa. 


—Eryii prill 

■; J. IiincAH.— I>]iti>iniB>ndKpt!ccmi>: C. M.Udullir.— 



•hnl •nundi; Jm- C.»Tue.-Burn« bikI kmW,; F. B. 

Kxt. - Tn. 

umallo detiriumi P. 8. Eti.- HrKtert*i F. Tu«u.- 

ophlli'ii; 1'" 

i.-TumouM; H. Trenlli.m Bniw—ligarlM of Wood- 
Pe»n-e Unuir— UIk-ahii of Uood-TrMflii 1 A. P. Oovvb. 

A, J, P«fr 

v««Ib; a 

: A. P. Goi'LD.-lfOurlM ind dii>w<FB of Irmphillm 
■.LiH. — Injarlen and dlHiwB of nertpi ; BrrUn W. 

_ . „ . ikini MiileolmMa»_._ 

M. MnKig.—Anfnia] poixatii; Willimn Anotu-ni. 

Vol. 2. Fraoturos; Frederiek A.SovTBili.-DlilKWSOf Ihehoneiil 
J. Orvle SiiTN.— Injurlea of JoiDU : T. PickrrlnK Picii.—biiipaxri ot 
iolnl>; Hnwiird H.uB.-IiijuriPii and d >»■■»> nf mUKleH. tend oa a. 
tniclit >nd hiinw; W. J. WauiI:IH.— OrlLiapvdic (urgTr; W. 3. 
Wtun.tii.-IliHue> of the head ; P. Tuvu.-Injurim of the heul : 
AtxhuDy H. Cdiut. — Diaeniir* of the epine ; H. W. Paih. — la- 
jiinee at the HpliM \ U. W. Pioi.— Injurlei and dltmiBes of (he neck i 
Viclor Houtm.— UiwHci of the dok and nnul ciiTtii»; W. J. 
WiUMAH.— Di«eA*eaof [heur;Gea. P. FiUD.— Diaeuiesof the eye; 

T f e'nry if iTi 

rheel i A. P. Oduu.— Alltotloni of lb* 
ail-. Walter WnimaAD.— t>i>eii«s of 

■iirgery : fl>Dr)rSairtLi..^IiUurieaai>d 
ihD Canrr.^liyqrleB nod diarai-es at 

Hiiaaiii.— IiOoHeeaad dlwuea of lliv bladder, prostate and urelhni 
C. M. IMouLLia. 

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Poetry, etc. 


Fiction (English). 

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des maladies qui Taffcctent; des observations par- 
ticuliercs sur les medicamens et les operations qui 
peuvent les guerir; enfin uno notice des auteurs 
qu'il convient de consulter; ouvrnge utile aux 
personnes du monde et a celles qui so livrent a 
I'etude do cette branche de la medecinc. Par. 
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PP-; (•*+)287 pp., 23 fold. pis. 12° [48,409; 91.] 

The same. 2 v. in 1. 46:3996 

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PionoB (fflijH»A). 

Fionon (EngliMhy 

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Valwoi'lb's diamonds, and Tbo hnunted uliam- 

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Beauties of German litoruluro, as exemplified 

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Cbilnti: QneniinMmynCnmllni-Piciim.-JohiinnMMi'liDrepl; 
O. PitHLii.— Tlie drslh of nn »ng<'l : Jenn I'hiiI Frii'<lrli:ti lEiinrii.— 
Thr broken cup: Jnl.inn KHnnvh Dnvtd Zatuotxi.— LVinoens; or, 
tbe drstli at tht poet ; Joliann Ludwig Tiici, 

Biiithgen, Victor. See Ewinfl, Mrs. J. H. 
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noire— Tbo black eorceress) Adapted from 
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Omrmh.* Thetnreller'idreiiin.— The i'loLurBamniil.— The roval 
merchnnl.— Thn AhyMinnn Bla.c-Tlie Rnlpool rnnrrlngc-Tho M»- 
bnmediin NimrcKj.— The rivnl lirolhers.-Tlie siege of Ounlinr— The 
purinii.— The defence of rhillor*,— The light o7 (hp world. -The 
prince and Ihe fnkeer.-Tliv Oiiirnh'a iltiuul^tvr,-The revolt of 111* 
{■keen.— The Mnhniia chief. 

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— BeDiiimin Jacqiie*.— llte'i' wife.— An AdlrondBcU nelgliboriiood. 

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f.-t}te. The Iwl but oon iitory (r. tmm the Gcrmmn of Victor 
Bi.aiuai;i by Maj. YiiTam-BiaM. 

.—The triukbird'n 

lyVsi . 

Mid tnoU.— The I 

FarguS, Frederick John. (Hugh Conway.') Bound 

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Picnow (English). 

FionoR {EngUtk). 

Foraiii H. A. The other Bide. A Bot-ial otndy 

bflBt'd on fjK-l. Ctfve. Ingham. Clarke and Co. 
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91.] (Harper's handy ser., 91.) 37:4-219 

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the times of Guslavus Adolphus and the wars 
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Schonberg. Lond. Blackie. 1886. vi, 382 pp. 
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Henty, G. A. The yoang Carthaginian: or, a 

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byC.J.Slaiiiland, N.Y. Scribners. 1887. [1886.] 
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novel. N. Y. J. S, Ogiloie and Co. 18S6. 
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N.Y. Barpers. 1886. 232 pp. 16° [98.560; 
91] (Ilarpcr'a bandy ser., 62,1 37:-1694 

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lost. Travels and adventnrca in the Banda 
Oriental, South America. Lond. Loic. 1885. 
2 V. iv-j-286 pp.; iv4-265 pp. 12° [100,615; 
91.] 37:4T9».i-2 

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Park'B Tavern. A atory of the soDlh shore. 

N.Y. Harpers. 1886. 284 pp. 16° [100.181; 

91.] 37:-iS49 

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T. Y. Crowell [1886.] iv, 306 pp., 3 pis. 12° 
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BtoricB. Boat. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1886. 

(8-t-)254 pp., vignette t. p. 18° [100,636; 91.] 


Cbnlenfi.- Tli» while hpfon. — Tli» grar mui.— Piirni(T Finch.— 
Marph lto»in«rv.-Ttip Dulhiim indies.-A hiiginrH nuka—Xu} ud 
Slnillia,— TliH nrwi' fmin Pileralmin.— The tva Browna, 

Keddie, Hiss Henrietta. (Sarah Tyller.) Her 
gentledocds. N.Y. T.Whiltaker. 1887. [1886] 
viii+344pp.,fronti8. 12° [100,378; 91.] 38:721 
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of two eailor-boya. N. Y. Harpers. 1886. 
vi, 170 pp., illuB. 16° [100,468; 91.] 38:841 

Kingston, William Henry Giles. (Barrington Bea- 
ver, Esq.; Bornaby Brine, Esq.) Fred Markbam 
in liuesia ; or, the boy trnvellora in the land of the 
czar. Witbillus.byR. T. Landella. Lond. Grif- 
flth, Farriin, Okedenand Wdsh. [1886.] 320 pp., 
8ptB. 12° [100,379; 91.] 38:980 

Knatchbull - Hugessen, F,. H.. lord Braboume. 
Prienda and toes from fairy land. Wilb numer- 
one illus. by Linley Sarabourne. Lond. Long- 
mans. 1886. xi+367 pp. 12" [100,595; 91.] 

Cbifrn/j; The gnl-mao,— The «iMhes o( Heodeofn.— Bigm«P3i«; 

Kurschner, Lola. (Ossip Schubin.) "Gloria 

viclis!" A romance. From the German by 

Mary Maxwell, N.Y. IV. S. Gotisberger. 1886. 

(2+}319pp. 16° [100,388; 91.] 38:11^0 

Louis, Arthur. " Dollurs or aenae?" A tale of 

everyday life in England and America. N.Y. 

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91.] 38:1881 

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Itiily. With illaa. by T. Landaecr. Lond. 

F. Warne and Co. [1886] (8+)568 pp. 12' 

[100,400; 91.] (" Chandoa classics.'') 38:2229 

of ih* Lnnitmrd*.- 

iii.-Thewi»id«riiiK king.— The bwl 
lUghter. — ThpoapiirequMn.— Dm 
IT7 or Mount OtrfEKDiir.— Thp biidf* 
IE haltleof Lnnuno.— The OUD ud 
— Ths bUI nupti*ll. — Tbe dooiMd 

king.— Imeldd,— The piUej-llHtil.- The --„ 

liem.— The ivHifnincj at the^ieachi.— The (laherman'i rabelliDB.— 
The Dominiisn. 

Macquoid, Katharine S. Joan Wentworlb. A 
novel. N. Y. Harpers. 1886. 219 pp. 16° 
[100,635; 91.] (Harper's handy ser., 98.) 


Mat hey, A. Dukeof Kandos. From tbe French 

by Prank Pinckney Clabk. Lond. J. and R. 

Maxirelt. [1886.] 35;i pp. 12° [100,568; 91.1 


Jo(«. Far*eqaelM«Math«y, A. Two* ■ 

Fiction {Snglish). 


PionoK (English). 

Mathey, A. Two ducbesBCS. From the French 

by Frank Pinckney Clark. Lond. J. and R, 

MaxwelL [1886.1 214 pp. 12** [100,569; 91.] 


Note. Sequel to Duke of Kandos. 

Matthews, James Brander. (Arthur Penn.) A 
secret of the sea. etc. N. Y. Scribners. 1886. 

(6+)220pp. 12^ [100,387; 91] 


OmtenU: A secret of the sea.— 'Love at first sight.'— Brief— a« 
woman's love. — Perchance to dream. — Perturbed spirits.— Esther 

Meredith, George. Sandra Belloni ; originally 

Emilia in England. New ed. Boat. Roberts. 

1886. vii+462pp. 12*» [100,394; 91.] 38:2910 

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weeks in a life-time. Phil. Lippincott. 1886. 

viii+350pp. 12** [100,642; 91.] 38:3079 

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(Loveirs lib., 779.) 38:3662 

Owen, Fairleigh. Harty the wanderer; or, con- 
duct is fate. A tale. With 28 illus. by John 

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(4+)284 pp., 4 pis., illus. 12° [100,385; 91.] 


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+)ii, 134 pp. 16° [100,:^84; 91.] 38:4082 

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Pichler, Caroline. See Beauties of German lit- 

Please tell me a tale. A collection of short orig- 
inal stories for children from four to ten years 
of age by S. Baring-Gould, Miss C. R. Coleridge 
and others. 6. ed. Lond. Skeffington and son. 
1886. (6+)142 pp., frontis. 16° [100,627; 91.] 


Qmtmts: The magic umbrella; A. M. Hkathcotr. — The Koose 
children; Lucy Masset. — Pixie Lhwd ; Charlotte M. Y«>noe. — Little 
friends; Helen A. Wilmot-Bcxtow.— Under the maypole; L. Mashey. 
— On the mountainii; H. A. Wilmot-Bixtom. — Stoat's nest; Rev. 
Philip Nkalk.— Gottlob'« picture; Rev. 8. Barino-Gould.- Bunny; A. 
M. HiATHcoTE.— GretGlien; or, the enehnnted palace; II. A. Wilmot- 
BcxTOM.— Blanche's maymg; MisH C. R. Colebidok.— Dino of the hill; 
L. MAsatr. —Princess Schockhead ; A. M. Heathcoti.— Little and big; 
Ethel Habdman.— The butterfly and the oaf of the cave ; J. W. Uakd- 


Praed, Mrs. Campbell. See Campbell-Praed, 

Mrs. . 

Richter, Joan Paul Friedrich. See Beauties of 
German literature. 

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bis wife. N. Y. Dodd, Mead and Co. [1886.] 

iv+33:ipp. 12° [100,657; 91.] 39:^14 

Roe. Rev. Edward Payson. Nature's serial story. 

Illus. by W. Hamilton Gibson and F. Dielman. 

• N. Y. Dodd, Mead and Co. [1884.] xiv+486 

pp., illus. 12° [100,656; 91.] 39:611 

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Sheldon, Mrs. Goorgio. Stella Rosevelt. A novel. 

N.Y. G.W. Dillingham, 1886. 419 pp. 12° 

[100,631; 91.] 39:1620 

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The Christmas wreck, and other stories. N.Y. 

Scribners, 1886. (6+)242 pp. 12** [100,630; 

91.] . 39:2312 

Cbntents: The Christmas wreck. — A story of assisted fate. (In 
2 pis.)— An unhistoric page.— A tale of negative gravity.- The Clover- 
fields carriage.— The remarkable wreck of the "Thomas Hyke."— My 
bull-calf.— Tiie discourager of hesitancy.— A borrowed month (east 
and west). 

Stoddard, William Osborn. Red Beauty. A 

story of the Pawnee trail. Phil. Lippincott, 

1887. [1886.] 368 pp., frontis. 12*» [100,629; 

91.] 39:2316 

Tieck, Johann Ludwig. See Beauties of German 


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Bost. Lee and Shepard. 1887. [1886.] viii, 

230 pp., 10 pis. 16° [100,628; 91.] 39:3306 

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romance of history. Spain. With illus. by 
J. K. Meadows. Lond. F. Warne and Co. [1886.] 
viii+579 pp. 12° [100,399; 91.] ^^Chandos 
classics.") 39:3578 

Contents: The Gothic king.— The cavern of Covadonga.— The pass 
of Roncesvalles.- The maiden tribute.— The Count of Castile.— The 
infants of Lara.— The poisoned goblet.— The knight of Bivar.— The 
fair Jewess.— The Spanish crusade. — The conquest of Seville. — Gu»- 
man the good.— The brothers Cnrvajal.— A legend of Don Pedro.— The 
masl<^r of Santiago.- The retributive banquet.— The fate of Luna.— 
The dethronement.— The downfall of Granada.— Padilla and the co- 
muneros.- The mountain kmg.— The secretary Peres.— The fortunes 
of Calderon.— The cardinal's plot. 

Vaientine, Mrs. Jjaura (Jewry), compiler and 
editor. Eastern tales by many story tellers. 
Compiled and ed. from ancient and modern 
authors. Lond. F. Warne and Co. [1886J (4+) 
540 pp., illus. 12° [100,402; 91.] (" Chandos 
classics.") 39:3634 

Otntmtti: Jalaladdeen of Bagdad.— The story of Haftchem.— The 
pantofies. — Story of the prince and the lions.— The city of the demons. 
— Jussuf, the merchant of Balsora. — The seven sleepers. — The en- 
chanters; or, Misnar, the sultan of India. — Sadik Beg.— Halechalbe 
and the unknown lady.— The four talismans.— The story of Bohetzad ; 
or, the lost child.— Urad, or, the fair wanderer.— Alischar and Smarag- 

Ventura, I^- D. o,nd Shevitcli, S. Misfits and 

remnants. Bost. Ticknor. 1886. (8+)235 
pp. 16° [100,207; 91.] 39:3672 

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N. Y. Cassell. [1886.] viii, 359 pp. 12° 

[100,389; 91.] 40:94 

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pp. 12° [100,390; 91.] 40:321 

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pp., frontis. 12° [100,391; 91.] 40:600 

Wyman, Lillie Chace. Poverty grass. Bost. 

Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1886. vii(4-ii)4- 

320 pp. 12° [100,396; 91.] 40:925 

Contentft: Hester's dower.— Sainl or sinner.— Luke Gardiner's love. 
—The child of the state.— "A stranger, yet at home."— And Joe- 
Bridget's story.— Valentine's chance. 

Zscholclce, Johann Heinrich David. See Beauties 
of German literature. 




Amod, Franqoig, abbe. M^moire sur le stile 

de Flaton, en general, cL en particulier, sur 
I'objtt que ce philoaopho s'esC propose dans son 
dialogue intitule Ion. Par. 1774. (Acad. In- 
script. France, v. 37, ])p. 1-22.) In *62:15a7 

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Pur. 1736. (Acad. Inacript. France, v. 2, pp. 
80-106.) In *62:I502 

Briquigny, Loaia-George Oudart Feudrix de. 

Memoire sur Ics exemplaires originaux du decret 
d'union de I'eglise grccque avec I'eglise latine. 
Par, 1786. (Acad. Inacript. France, v. 43, pp. 
287^328.) In *62:1543 

Courthope, William John. The liberal movement 

in English literature. Lond. Murray. 1885. 

X7+240 pp. 12° [98,284; 91.] |0:3388 

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exuiuine son origine, sea progr^a, et les change- 

mcnla qui liiy sonl arrivez. Par. 1736. (Acad, 
luscripl. France, v. 2, pp. 187-230.) In *62:1502 

Belisle, Leopold -Victor. Memoire aar lea ouvrages 
do Uuillaumo de Nangia. Par. 1873. (Acad. 
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Blipuyi Erneat. Tbe greet maatcra of Itussian 

literature in the 19. cenlury. Tr. by Nathan 

Haskell Bole. N. Y. T. Y. Crowell and Co. 

[1886-1 445 pp., 3 porta. 12° [100,530; 91.1 


S*rgr>yeviioh Turgen iff.— Count Lyof KikoUytviich Tolatal. 

Ou Resnel, Jenn-Fran^ois du Bellay, sieur. Ee- 

cherchea aur lea combats et aur les prix proposez 
anx poetes ei aux gene de lettrea, purmi lea tiroes 
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Ctmfuh; Ttw nntian'i dul; to aUrprj,— Apainol n Domprutniip nf 
priocijil*. — Our WnnimorthinM!'. — The bi>Mr »rt In urmj. — The 
ulioDjil fljiB.— Tha cminp^ itx rlaofprs and dutl^H. — EatTsnfni iidrnln- 
Idntiim demBnded. — Mod-n nnd iJulleR of pmnnriinrinn. - The 
ohoroti'i dolj la nlmery.— Tli* brginnlp* n( ftsedum.— Tlie siiee™ 
of AniH-iMEidPnirjrraor.— ChriHllnnilrinHnveriimrnl.— SpfiikingeTil 
of dignliies.— N»ti"niil iBJu slice and peniiTiy .— Tlir gromiil und lurnif 
or gnvirninent.-'Onr swid prograaN Bad pnuprclii.— Liberty uuder 
U«i.— The Hiutliern Babylon, 

Bibliothek der TJnterhnltQng und des WisRens. 
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[9li,l«8| 91.J 56:19tl7.53~i;6 

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Hmiiia.^DrTtkindm. N'aTfllP^ Edunrd BouiiiLiT-WiiiMiiiriu,— 
Drr Monch ron Anlwfrpcn, Li-l»>n«Mld ; UM^rich TmimiomT,-. 
Aup drr hOhfn'D ruMixchpn Ge^'li^elinri BiMit aiifdem l,.ebrii lo 

■urhnher Sr?. IlitcoriM 1., i .' ■ m.i - Bllvkc In ein 

Schnttpn, RrliDiiul-Navi'lk', ;^. v, \ 
Usiika'B. AnadfmUben'incsVi' 
Ton drr Naxc. PhiiingnomiKhe Ski 

dene NDrdnutn. Jkmpriluiiiwha E -, 

Onivra LflgpniUlWD mnit und jpiil. Kiilturnwohlchtliehe Sktsip; 
Goltfried Priuiru.— Der ASis uuttr den Vagein. Kin Chankierblld 
»[»der Vogelwelti L. Hikuiit,— UHniiiKnltlsn' 

Vol. S. Der TuliBmnn dee Weil»* (Fbri/.i; O. H»«twio, — In 
leUter8liinda:CiiniilliiK->ai„ IC. tfUd,) — Eine unalnclcliohc Dleh- 
leria. UioannhiiBheakiiH! Thendnr Wii>Ki,».— Daa TH«rheniUL'h 
and eeina GeivhlBhte. KuUurbinconKlia iSkiue; OBttald IIeih,— 
Unirre hlelnxten und sUrkiten Keinile. Eln HUek ouf die bnhit-rio- 

leb-n >a dm KOntrD d«r Nnrmiindie. ElhnnKniphiKhe Skiw; A, 
S. ««■•■.- Die G^orglnB, HorlikulmrinliichBatudie; L.H.iiuiiiT.- 


OroritJAi'natiiii. — Die 6riindre|H'In der nmulij-giene. llcitni([ iiir 
mflsenieinen (ieaandheiUpReire ; II, BuKBRiK-Kiica. — Die ..Kinder 
dM LiohtsB". Niiliirwi»-en«lMniiuh-te(!hDiH-ha Bkinel Allied 
SicLuu, (Snut&dei/oU.)— MBDnlgfiiltlgei. 

Vol. «, Der Titieman dea Weihea (&AlnH) ; 0. Haitvid, — Der 
leuu FalkunKer, HlFtorlacher Hnmnn; Eugen HMmnnn r, Devsn- 
■oiii.-Ein Opfer dfr Leiden^^haft, Noieilei Feodor t, ZunatTiri.- 
!)■* aiiflprrlnleln inn MnrienlllpiiH. Eine UorieKliirlite bus dem 17. 

der raslixcliPn Mnuplsudii w'ilhelniF. BKiXD.-KinM iom Uicrnen- 
Mili. IHjpullr-Bi'ronDmiache ttklnei M, Waru-ii..— Bin winiiger 
Knllnrlriisei. BeitmB inr En[wli'keUinir>in!M:lilchte del Mensclien ; 
O.fnrrrKK.—Kanfgnn Zauns. OmithoragmcbeBkiuei L.UiacHtar. 

Vol. B.- tier leliWt Folkunger (f<.'f . r IT ■■ hi :'■ ni>nn.— 

DnlereioemlMeho. Notello; S, Mh:k _i, , .. i .,.,-. Am 

dem Leben des Befreien- Serbiens; A ~ . h 1>cim 

SAnljt Ton Birmit, HkiiH'i FrieiJii,-), ' „.rliea 

FBmilieonnmen. HpnuihwisBenii-b.ifili. I. - .1. ■,im,il,i,-, 

WienerWaiier, Bifder nu.dw Iush/ji-t, I, . ■■ ■ i ■ i- ,.. i. , l):.jiriHi 
B.». WotFSHOna,— DieMarBclmil-ln-cIn, Li»sr.rpjfiTii(rie trBcrbung 
lin ffilleii Ucesn. Ueogrnptiisuhv Skitwi Ivurl Uxuna.— lluanigrnl- 

DerlettteFilkungerlf^rfi,); E, F 

— Alts poBigewhlohlen. Ein HIii-k mil ■ . "■ V>r- 

,helin; Max Vou. — DieMenwhenn ' " ; 1. Flin 

Blatl ana der Oeachiclita menacblifliei \ > i iv.i n ni.^ i . ■... ivr 

Vol,*, Her leliW Folknnaetf&WuwJ; E. H, >. DrursnorH,— 
BOae Mlioiite, Koman; C. K"Iil,— Einefolenriklin. NnTrlie; Valeaka 
Gnlfio V. BciHOi-Huc. (Monti e. iteirfnilmf*.) — Eine Thenlerprin- 
lei-in, Em Blatl nus dem Kilnatlerleben des lOTigtn Jahrhundrrle : 
R, TaBiKrioKiT— Eio Kampf mit den Mrkonjt-I'lralen, Ana den Er- 
leliniBiteueineBOpium-.MonDpallatpn: F,.M<iiiTaa.— Dna Hpirnthen in 
rrfllierprZeit. Ein BeitnigEiir deuWilienSlilviijie>>cliii:liIe: A,»r>Li- 

Beiiiei A.C. WiBaHH^LebeaBbedarrnl-BeundLebeaaTelie. p]i;*io- 
logtaebaeklnei 1. Stiunu.— IdBiiaiKtBlliita*. 

Bihliothek— (conrinued.) 

- Ein liur 

r Tmum ; 


_ _, _ _ — Aufdem Lord-Maypirt- 

Bunkelt. akiUEaaiEiijilnnd: Wilhelm F. Baaan. (Bolaiut RulwiiUa.) 
-tlnE-er Garlen und neine Opwhichle. KulturhiHtoHKhe Skiue; A. 
GaOMno. — Her Brand elner Weltatadt. HiaCnriaaha Bkiue; Paul 
HinvtirELDiH, — Unaera FrOhllngihoIcn, Belirag lur Nittarga- 
■cliichlederSclioalbeni L. HxciinT.— Hannlghlil^a. 

Vnl. in. BAse Urichte {Fbrti.); 0, Kiirl. — Am Runde dea Ab- 
grundea, Novellc; E. Ha»,— Der Adinlnl deagmaapn Karfflralni- 
Eini;h(imk[prbildauadem»eeiiunn>Ieheni WIIMmaniTiii.-aroaa- 
tlAdtliK'hs Verbroeher-Typen. Ein Eril- and UlttenbUd: Adiiii 
UrrLaa.-IinUiHladrraaaehFBdeD Sonne. KeiaeskiiMAna Japan; 
Paul WawiKU, — Ser Fall ron Manilla. Hialnriiwhr Sklnci P. 
acuwiBriLDia.— Eina Nebi'nhuhlrrin der Boae. UtnnlkulturiatlBob* 
Sludie; L, HtMHIiT.— HBnni)[fiilliB». 

B«ae Maehte lAiiUiun) 1 C. Knni.. — Der Teurrlsaiedikua 

T lioman 


ndeleuie in dpn Vrn>inieien Bi 
men, NBtnrwli>BcnBchaftliclie I 

ilIaniii..'iiiMBy; Sat» 

airhii'hle von VeranlllPB; Haas ». ZoiaLTin 
if onfin.)— Mannigftil tiges. 

Vol. 12, Der Teufelamediku* (FarU.). .. 

HenblAItehen, Noielle; Uuatav HOcara. — MeiXf^r Hana, Ein .«- 
IvnKi'ltd ixiodrr Katuteewhiehtr : K, i. Z"iBi.TiTi,~Juag und Alt. 
Eln UtreitaiiE in dna Uelnel .ler SIntiitIk ; B. j. WoiriHuraa.-Unlef 
h'<lirn Brf ilen. Btldpr nua lalaod und Qrsnland; H, Htavt.— Allerlel 
InlerrKPanlea BU> dentaohrn Archiien. Dkiuei Dr, Waw. —Ana 
dpni ., Kampf um'a Uau-la" In der Nitur. Eia BildaBBdem POu- 
aenlebeni S. K'rr, — UBnnlKfnltines. 

Vol. 13. Der Teurelamedikus (ScAlui) ; Fran L. Ahlmu. — DM 
Drama i ID KaiHPndldnai. NoTellei E, HcuaiDT-WaiHUinui. — Eitl 
vielspltin* Urale. Hiai'irlschea Charskcerblld : P, Si'DWAvraLDia,— 
In der Heimalh der Waldimrer, Ein Bllek auf die Entoli-kelungdef 

PtaTaioVniEiwIio Wue i A. STCLaxaa'.-SehalTuttReden, KuKurhialo- 
-riache SkiiHi A, LOrttta.— (Jn^ere ElbkDnlii>n, BUder ana Uam- 
bur){t Geacliiehte; U. v, Zdbiltiti,— Uanulgliilligea, 

BIsset. Andrew. EesayB on historical Irath. 

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FlorediCB, W. H. Memories of a month among 
tilt) miTU Irish. Containing legunds, storiiis, 
and flnccdotes about suinln, ecrpenls, otters, bod- 
(rers, to|i-boots, tax-gatherers, dispensary doetorB, 
iuiries, brownies, witches, lepreciiauns, Jemmy 
Canny, Johnny Mafjrory, the making of Lough 
More, the Queen's wit and mnny other matiertj. 
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Ihinkeri, <Jot.,l«W. 

le CleveUad uoogreas of Ii;«a- 




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Hills, Alfred C. (James B, Macpherson.) Mac- 
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Contents: Saint Guido. — Golden-brown. — Wild flowers. — Sunny 
Brighton. — The pine wood. — Nature on the roof. — One of the new 
▼oter».— The modem Thames.— The single-barrel gun.— The haunt of 
the hare.— The bathing season.- Under the acorns.-Downs.— Forest. 
— Beauty in the country.— Out of doors in February.— Haunts of the 
lapwing.— Outside London.— On the London road.— Red roofs of Lon? 
don.— A wet night in London. 

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contents: Notizie salla vita e Tingegno di V. Monti.— Lettera a 
nome di Francesco Piranesi al generale D. Giovanni Acton.— Fatto 
storico della carcernzione di Vincenzo Mori, citato neir antccedente 
lettera. —Fatto storico della carcerazione di Pictro Pasquini, citato 
neila precedente lettera. — Discorso recitato in Arcadia la sera del 
Venerdi Santo. — Introduzione storica alia lettera di Vincenzo Monti 
air ab. Bettinelli. — Lettera air ab. Saverio Bettinelli. — Discorso sopra 
an passo della Ghioma di Berenice, poema di Callimaco, trad, da 
Valerio Catullo. — Considerazioni suUa aifficolt^ di ben tradurre la pro- 
tasi deir Uiade.— Discorso ad Ennio Quirino V i scon ti.— Lettera di 
Urbano Lamprbdi al Sisnor Raflbele Liberatore.— Per la naseita del 
reale delflno, figlio di Luigi XVL Componimento drammatico. — 
II Prometeo. — La Feroniade. — Teseo.— Giunone placata. — Per sua al- 
tezza D. Pietro de' Principi Than, eletto vescovo d! Trento.— Lezione 
d* eloquenza : Delia necessitji deir eloquenza.— Dell' eloquenza e di 
Onnero. — Omero. Episodiodi DioniedeedUlisse.— Virgilio.— I sofisti. 
— Socrate. — Antistene.— Diogene. — Dante. — Frammento di lezione. — 
Del Cavallo alato d'Arsinoe, lettere filologiche. — La pietA filiale. — 
I Pittagorici, dramma.— Per la promozione alia sacra porpora del car- 
dinale Guido Calcagnini. — Canzone, ode ed inni.— Altri versi inediti. 
— Bellezze poetiche. — Sonetti. — Ottave inedite. — Lettere inedite.— 
Lettere senza data. 

Morley, John. Critieal miscellanies. Yol. 2. 

Lond. Macmillan. 1886. x+338 pp. 12° 

[100,014; 91.] 33:3079.2 

Cbntenta: Vauvenargues. — Target. — Condorcet. — Joseph de 

Old ' miBcellany ' days. A selection of stories 

from *Bentlej*s miscellany*, by various authors. 

lUus. by George Cruikshank, 1837-43. lllus. 

£rinted from the original etchings on the steel, 
lond. Bentley. 1885. xi+(iv+)350 pp., 33 
pis. 4° [98,446; 91.] *33:6000 

Contents: The barber of Beaulieu.— Marcel's last minuet.— Don't 
be too sure; or, the disasters of a marriage-day.— The self-playing 
organ ; Mrs. C. O. F. M. Gork. — Hunting John twry ; John Soank.— 
Mmor Bodkin's cure for conceit. — Orlando Griffin ; Charles Whitr- 
HRAD.— Regular habits. — The handsome clear-starch«^r : a legend [in 
Yerse] of the days of Queen Elissabeth.— The secret, from the French 
of Paul de Kock. — Wat Sannell's ride to Highworth: a Wiltshire 
legend.— The autobiography of a good joke ; Dr. Mackav.— The band 
or the Forty-seven: a romance or the Pyrenees; Henry Cublino.— 
The duellists ; George Soank. — Sir Archiljald ; R. Dalton Babham.— 
The romance of a day.— The two interviews ; Isal>ella F. Romkb.— 
The disappointed man.— The elderly gentleman. — The good-for-noth- 
ing; Edwanl Mayhkw. — Midnight mishaps. — A manne courtship; 
Michael Burke Honan.— Jack in disguise ; W. H. Babkkb.— The devil 
skipper; W. H. — Jack among the mummies ; W. H. Babkeb. 
—The duel ; W. H. Babkkb.— The battle of the Nile ; W. H. Babkkb. 
—•Sling the monkev'; W. H. Babkkb.— The black robbers.— The har- 
monious owls. — Giles Chawbacon ; Paul Pindab. — Dick Dafter ; Paul 
PixsAB.— Paddy Carroll, the piper; Bryan O'Hallobam. 

Paget, Mrs. Violet. (Vernon Lee.) Baldwin: be- 
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and Co. 1886. 85 pp. 18° [98,557; 91.1 


Contents: Of misfortune.— Of charity. — Of conduct of life.— Of 
speech and silence.— Of truth. — Of wisdom and folly. — Of pride and 
humility.— Of self-reliance.— Of love.— Observations. 

Rees, J- Kogors. The pleasures of a book-worm. 

N.Y. G.J.Coombes. 1886. (6+)201 pp. 12' 

[98,104; 91.] 33:3475 

Contents: Concerning books and lovers of books. — Home and 
books: Glimpses of earthly paradise.— The romance and reality of 
dedications. — An odd corner in a book lover's study. — Genius and 
criticism.— On the pursuit of literature in odd moments. 

Ruskin, John. Miscellanea: a collection of the 

minor writings of R. N.Y. J. Wiley and sons. 

1886. 2v. 12° [99,988; 91.] 33:3544.1-2 

Note. The contents taken from the special title pages. 

Contents: Vol. 1. Giotto and his works in Padua: being an explan- 
atory notice of the series of woodcuts executed for the Arundel Society 
after the frescos in the Arena chapel. (4+)75 pp. — The relation be- 
tween Michael Angelo and Tintoret. Seventh of the course of lec- 
tures on sculpture delivered at Oxford, 1870-71. (4+)27 pp.— Notes 
on some of the principal pictures exhibited in the rooms of the Royal 
academy, 1 875. iv-t-37 pp.— Notes on Samuel Prout and William Hunt, 
ill us. by a loan collection of drawings exhibited at The Fine Art 
Society's calleries, 1879-80. (4+)79 pp.— Catalogue of the drawings and 
sketches by J. M. W. Turner, at present exhibited in the National gal- 
lery. Revised and cast into progressive groups, with explanatory 
notes by John Ruskin. iv+4.'s pp.— Guide to tne principal pictures 
in the academy of fine arts at Venice. Arranged for £nglisn travellers. 

Vol. 2. Fiction, fair and foul. (2+)67 pp. — In montibas Sanctis: 
studies of mountain form and of ita visilne causes. Collected and 
completed out of ** Modem painters.** iv+40 pp.— Inaugural address 
delivered at the Cambridge School of art, Oct. 29, l£'>8. New ed. 
(2+)2l pp.— Cceli enarrant: studies of cloud form and its visibto 
causes. Collected and completed out of "Modem painters." iv + 
16 pp.— The opening of the Crystal palace, considerea in some of its 
relations to the prospects of aft. (2+)14 pp.— The kinjg of the Golden 
river; or, the Black brothers: a legend of Stiria. lllus. by Richard 
Doyle. (38 pp. — Notes on the construction of sheepfolds. 40 pp, 

Ryder, Annie H. Hold ap your heads, girls! 
Helps for girls, in school and out. BosU Lo- 
throp. 1886. xv+197 pp. 12** [97,972; 91.] 


Tosti, Luigi. Opere complete, corr. ed aomentate 
dali autore, ed. da Loreto Pasqualttcci. Vol. I., 
li.elll. Koma. Tip. della Camera dei Deputati. 
1886. xvii+403pp.; (4-|-)314 pp.; (4+) 344 pp. 
8^ [97,149; 97,810; 98,551; 91.] *56:5735.1-3 

Contents: Vol. 1. La contessa Matilde e i romani pontefici. 
(Pubbl. la prima volta nel 1869.) 

Vols. 2-3. Storia di Bonifazio VIII e de* aaoi tempi. Vols. 1-1 

Wessenberg, Ignaz Heinrich Karl, Frhr. von. 
Uoher den siltlicben £influss der Schanbuhne. 
2., sehr verm, und verb. Ausg. Constanz. W. 
Wallis. 1825, 115 pp. 16^ [85,972; 91.] 


Wheatley, Henry B. How to form a library. 

Lond. E. Stock. 1886. vii-f-24S pp. 12* 

[100.240; 91.] (Book-lover's lib.; H. B. Wheal- 

iey.) 33:4306 

Whiting, Charles Goodrich. The saunterer. 

Bost. Ticknor. 1886. (ii+)x+(ii+)302 pp. 

16° [98,029; 91.] 33:4328 

Note. Miscellaneous writings in prose and verse. 

Wiikins, Charles, translator. Fables and proverbs 

from the Sanskrit: being the Hitopadesa. With 

an inirod. by Henry Morlby". Lond. Routledge. 

1885. 277 pp. 12*^ [98,194; 91.] 33:462 



The figures in parenthesis ( ) indt'eaie the number of the page qf this volume on which the full titles of (he books may 
he found. 

The figures at the end of each line are the call-kuhbsrs of the books to which they are attached. 

• ♦ • 

Abbot (F.E..) Scientific thoism. (50) 3:3346 

Abbott (C.C.) Upland and meadow. (55) 43:1041 

(L.) In aid of faith. (114) 3:3347 

A study in human nature. (19) 2:18*>1 

Abeille. Maladies & urines albumineuses. (01)..46:ir>90 
Abercroxnbie (J.) Diseases of the brain. (91)...46:1755 

Same 46:1 7r,6 

DUea^^es of the 8t<.)mach, etc. (91) 46:1441 

Guide to medical jurisprudence. (11) 46:')777 

Aberifirh-Maokay. 21 days in India (130) 22:^08 

Abemethy (J.) Origin of local diseases. (91)..46:165 

(J.) Surjrical and ph^'siolocj. essays. (11) 46:168 

Abu l-Walid M. ibn J. Hebrew rooU. (2). ...♦1:5801 

Acton (W.) The reproductive organs. (11) 46:4020 

Adam (A.) A geographical index. (4) In 60:310 

Summary of geography and history. (4) 60:310 

Adams (J) Morbid poisons. (91)...*.... M6:C025 

(J.Q.) atid (C.F.) John Adams. (1.^0) 23:2166-7 

(O.F.) Through the year with poets. (109)..3 1:2051 

(W.) Pract. observat. on ectropium. (9Pi....46:3865 

Reparative process in human tendons. (91)...46:3H80 

(W .H.D.) Buried cities of Campania. (34)...6O:3025 

Egypt past and present. (67) 21:749 

—■^ England on the sea. (98) 27:1318 

Famous caves and catacombs. (67) 10:1274 

Shore and sea. (4) 21:210 

(W.T.> Stem to stern. (31) 36:304 

Addison (T.) Disorders of females. (91) 46:4920 

Writings. (91) *46:26 

Affassiz (K.C.) See A^assiz (J.L.U.) 

(J.L.R.) Louis Agassiz, his life. (34). ..23:2100.1-2 

Affnel (H.R.) The book of chess. (88) 10:6265 

Airnew (A.) From under the cloud. (120) 46:2H89 

Ablwardt (W.) Divans of Arabic poets. (82).... 1:3984 

Aikin (.1.) England described. (34) 60:2354 

Ainsworth (W.) Pestilential cholera. (91) 46:2848 

Aitken (.1.) Essays and cases in surgery. (45)..46:3510 

Principles of midwifery. (45) 46:476.') 

(W.) Science and pract. of medicine. (91)... 46:662 

Alton (W.) Malaria and cholera. (01) 46:2580 

AlC0tt(L.M.) Jo's boys. (138) 36:447 

Lulu's library. (15) 36:446 

Alden (Mrs. I. M.) The Rrowning boys. (63). ..36:584 

Mrs. Solomon Smith looking on. (46) 36:583 

Alerdingr (H.) Cath. church in Vincennes. (115)..4:3155 
Alexander ( Mrs ) (pseud.) See Hector (Mrs.A.F.) 

(W.L.) Zecharia: his vi.sions. (50) 3:1579 

Alfiieii (V.) Lettere inedite. (98) 66:5525 

Alford (MM., lady.) Needlework as art. (80) *63:4 

Alffer (H ,;>.) Hector's inheritance. (15) 36:569 

Helping him.*elf. (126) 36:570 

Allbert (J.L.) Malignant intermittenU. (91)....46:272l 

Nouveaux Elements de th^rapeuiique. (91 )..46: 5166-8 

Allbutt (T.C.) The ophthalmoscope. (45) 46:3868 

Alldrldgre (L.) Florence NightingHle, etc. (34)...23:189 
Allen (A H.) Commercial organ, analysis. (42)..61: 511 

(F.H.) Masterp. of mod. German art. (118)..*A:965I 

(G.) Babylon. (15) « 36:596 

Allen (G.) Charles Darwin. (83) 24:586 

(.I.G.) Topical studies in Amer. hist. (98)..29:1419 

(J.H.) Outline of christian history. (2)..... 4:390 

(P.) Lectures on aural catarrh. (91) 46:3800 

Alnia-Tadema ( Aiww L. ) Love's martyr. (77)..39:2725 

Altgreld (J.P.) Our penal machinery. (134) 64:2382 

Althaus (J.) Medical electricity. (91) 46:5510 

Ames (C.G.) G. Eliot's two marriages. (117) 24:518 

Amherst (W.J ) Hist, of cath. emancipation. (115) 4:3156 

Amiel (H.F.) Amiel's journal. (48) 33:832 

Amos (S.) The science of politics. (41) 64:818 

Amussat (J.Z^ Retentions d' urine. (45) 46:4111 

Anderdon (J.L.) The life of Thorn. Ken. (4)..24:2030 

Andersen ( H.C ) Fairy tales. (126) 86:644.1 

The white swans, and other tales. (63) *A:844l 

Anderson (J. W.) Prospector's handbook. (104)..62:374 

( M.) See Anderson (T.M.) 

(T.M.) Lectures on clinical medicine. (92)...46:198 

And6s(L.E.) Die trocknenden Oele. (24)..*62:3303.18 

Andral (G.) Clinique m^dicale. (92) 46:667 

A pathological anatomy. (92) 46:1200-1201 

Same ♦46:1202-3 

Pathological hsematologv. (92) 46:1320 

Andr6 (N.) Les maladies de I'ur^thre. (45) 46:4114 

Andrews (J.) Ten boys on the road. (34) 23:193 

(S.J.) God's revelat of himself to men. (66)..3:3I55 

Angrell (H.C.) Disease* of the eye. (92) 46:3869 

Angrer ( B.) Nouv. (ilements d'anat. chirurg. (92)..»46:3020 

Atlas de planches dessin. d'apr&s nature. (92)..*L:8005 

Angflada (C.) Les maladies ^teintes. (92) 46:456 

Anquetil du Perron. Leslivres zends. (111).*62:1538 

Ansted (D.T.) Physical geography. (4) -...60:16 

Antonucci (G.) Prospeito clinico. (92) 46:671 

Anvers (N.rf*.) (pseud.) See Bell (N.R.E.) 

Anvllle. Descript. du golfed'Ambracie. (83)..*62:1532 

L'empereur Heraclius en Perse. (84) In *62:1532 

Limites du mondeconnu des anciens. (83)..In *62:1532 

Recherches geogr. sur lisle de Cypre. (84). In *62: 1 532 

La Sdrique des anciens. (84) In *62:1532 

Appel (T.) College life at Marshall college. (116)..2:4062 

Archer (T.) By fire and sword. (77) 36:700 

Argles (3/rs M.) In durance vile, etc. (15) 36:722.b 

i^dy Branksmere. (110) 36:710 

Lady Valworth's diamonds. (139) 36:712 

A mental struggle. (110) 36:711 

Mildred Trevanion. (15) 36:709 

"That last rehearsal", etc. (15) 36:723 

Aristophanes. The Acharnians. (114) 1:2832 

Arlidfire ( J.T. ) On the state of lunacy, etc. (92)..46: 1 905 

Armatagre (G.) Cattle. (42) 62:2874 

Every man his own cattle doctor. (U) 46:5689 

Every man his own horse doctor. (11) 46:5690 

Armitt (A.) In shallow waters. (11) 36:731 

Armstrongr (G.) Diseases of children. (92) 46:4995 

(.1.) Morbid anatomy of diseases. (92) 46:675-6 

Scarlet fever, measles, etc. (92) 46:2737 

Typhus fever. (92) 46:2750 

Arnaud (F.) Le stile de Platon. (142) In *62:1537 




Arnold (E.) India revisited. (118) 22:^09 

(E.L.) Coffee, its cultivation and profit. (104)..62:204.5 

.^— (F.) Robertson of Brighton. (;)8) 26:T1.5 

rr.) Nature and prevent, of insunity. (10G)..46:li»08 

-^— (W.T.) Roman sy!«i. of provinc.Hdministr. (22)..64:H12 
^rthuis. Treatment of nervous affections. (92K.46:r>r)r2 
Arthur! J. C.)o7irfoM«?'.9. Plant dissection. (105)....43:26 
Artln(Y.) Right of landed prop, in Egypt. (145)..66:i:ui 

Ashhurst (J.) Injuries of the spine. ' (92) 46:3692 

Ashmont {pseud. ) See Perry ( J • F. ) 

Ashton (J.) Dawn of the 19. cent, in Eng. (9R).. ID: ! 14 

Old times. (4) «10:f»r>07 

-^— (T.J.) Diseases of the rectum and anus. (58)..46:4337 

Astor (W.W.) Valentino. (46) 35:^45 

Astruc (J) Diseases of women. (24) 46:4075-7 

Auerbach(B.) Spinoza. A novel. (63) 36:89»5 

Au^er (A.) Memoire surLyeurgue. (78)...In ^62:1'>46 

Restit. faites au tcxte dun disc, de Lysias. ( 78).*62: 1 546 

Avicebron. See Salomon ibn-Qebirol. 

Ayre (J.) Dropsy of the brain, chest, etc. (92)..46:23:)0 

— Nature of marasmus. (92) 46: 1»'35 

Bach (A.B.) The principles of singing. (109)....63:2092 
Bachauinont(L.) Extraitdes M<iin. histor. (4)..In 23:^29 
Baoourt (A.rf«.) (4)...21:18so 

Bacquez (N.L.) The divine office. (98) 6:-^'>-6 

Badeau (A.) Aristocracy in England. (98) 22:2275 

Conspiracy : a Cuban romance. (77) 35:13i3 

BagehOt ( W.) Postulates of Eng. polit. econ. (22)..64:172 

Bailey (3/ws.) Donovan. (46) ., .38:1911 

In the golden days. (63) 38:1946 

We two. (63) 38:1947 

Won bv waiting. (139) 38:1948 

Baillie(M.) Morbid anatomy. (92) 46:1208 

Bailly (C.) Trait«'ment di-s ovari(»tomisees. (92)..46:4922 
Baird andoihers. Water birds of N. Amer. (89).«44:3076 

Baker (A/imE M.) Clover-loaves. (62) 31:2371 

Putm his thumb and pulldouta plum. (139)..36:1373 

(G. M.) The globe drama. Orig. plays. (29)..32:716 

The popular speaker. (83) 2:3703 

(J.G.) A flora of the Eng. lake district. (24) 43:29 

(W.M.)flnrfHarri8(V.D.) Physiologj-. (135)..45:S64 

Balestier ( W.) A victorious defeat. (96) 36:1447 

Ball (T.) The life of Doctor Preston. (98) 25:604 

Ballin (A.S.) The science of dress. (93) 45:1351 

BallOU(M.M.) Due south. (98) 21:2634 

Edgetoolsof speech. (80) 33:349 

Balzac (H de.) After dinner stories. (77) 36: 1520 

C^sar Birotteau. (63) 35:1519 

— — The Duchess de Langeais, etc. (31) 35:1518 

Eugenie Grandet. (110) 35:1521 

Bampfleld ( R.W.) Curvatures of the spine. (93)..46:3693 

Tropical dysentery. (93) 46:15.")5 

Bancal. Manuel pratique de la lithotr. (58) 46:4211 

Bancroft (E.N.) Yellow fever. (93) 46:2769 

(G.) A plea for the constit. of the U. S. (41)..64:173 

Bandelier (A.F.) Archfeol.tour in Mexico. (98)..*10:972 

Banister (H.C.) Music. (77) 63:2095 

Barbler. Traits de mati^re medicale. (93) 40:5172-4 

Barbour (D.) The theory of bimetallism. ( 135)..64:609 
Bardsley (C.W.) Engli>h surnames. (114) 1:4499 

— (J.L.) Hospital facts and observations. (93)..46:5600 

Baring-Gould (S.) Court Royal. (110) 36:1574 

Little Tu'penny. (139) 36:1575 

Our parish church. (50) 5:4777 

The story of Germany. (118) 28:1334 

Barnaby (S.W.) Marine pr.^pellers. (89) 62: II 12 

Barnard (C.) Talks about the weather. (55) 61:2876 

Barnes (C.R ) See Arthur (JC.) 

Baron (J.) Orig. of changes of structure. (93)..*46:5960 

Barr(A.E.) A daui:;hter of Fife. (77) 36:1639 

The last of the Macalli>ters. (63) 36:1638 

(W.M.) Combustion of coal. (42) ^ 42:2302 

Barratt (A.) Physical ethic.«. (83) 2:738.23 

Barrlere. Mem. de Mme du Hausset, etc. (5)..23:829 
Barrow (J.) Mount, ascents in Westmorel. (1 18). .22:2280 
Barth61emy. Explic. d'un bas-relief. (52)..In *62:l53i 

— Remarques sur quelques medailles. (52)..ln *62:1532 
Bartholomew (J.) The student's atlas. (34)..«6O:3960 
BartholOW (R.) Hypodermic medication. (93)..46:5473 

Bartlett (E.A.) Cholera. (11) « 46:2849 

(E.T.) onrfP. Scriptures: Heb.and chriat. (115)3:324 

(G.H.) A commercial trip, etc. (139) 36:1679 

(J.G) Edith Dayton. (139) 36:1680 

(J.R.) Bibliography of Rhode Island. (47)..-*L:93l 

Bartley (E.H.) Medical chemUry. (24) 61:2005 

Barton ( B.S.) See Oullen. 

(E.H.) The cause of yellow fever. (25) 46:2771 

Barwell ( R. ) Lateral curvature of the spine. (93).,46:3695 

On the cure of club foot. (93) 46:3694 

Bary. Vegetationsorg. d. Phanerog.u. Fame. (25)43:189.3 

Vergl. Morphol.und Biologic d. Pilze. (25)-. ..43: 189.2 

flwrf'Woronin. Morphol der Pilzc. (89) .•43:2499 

Bassett (J.) Persia: the land of the imams. (67)..22:6U 
Bastian. Culturlander d. alten America. (20).*10:132 

Bateman (T.) Cutaneous diseases. (ll)~ 46:4390 

Delineations of cutaneous diseases. (93) •46:6033 

Bates (A.) A wheel of fire. (15) « 36:1698 

(C.) Pleadings, parties and forms. (72)..66: 1054.1-2 

(-DN.) Acute abdominal infiammation. (93)..46:1445 

•Batteux (C.) L' (EdipedcSophocle. (I42)...ln *62:I542 
Baudelocque (A.C.) Puerperal p.ritonitis. (93)..46:4974 

(J.L.) Abridgment of B.'s Midwifery. (106)..46:4775 

L'art des accoucherncns. (93) « 46:4772-3 

Bax (E.B.) Hist<»ryof philosophy. (117) 2:27 

Baxley (IR.) The temple of Alanthur. (138)..3 1:2374 
Bayle (G.L.) La phthi.sio pulmonaire. (93)..^. ..46:2168 

Bayley (E.C.) The history of India. (130) 26:1752 

Baylor ( MissF.C.) See Belzer ( Mn.F.C.) 

Bayly (G.) Sea life sixty years ago. (77) 36:1748 

Bazln ( K.) Le9on8 sur la scrofule. (75) 46:2432 

Le9ons sur la .^^yphilis et les svphilidcs. (75)..46:4272 

Beale (L.J.) A on deformities. (93) 46:3697 

(L.S.) Urinary and renal derangements. (59)..46:1596 

Beard (W.H.) llum<.r in animaK (55) »44:612 

Beardsley(E.E.) Lifeof W.S.Johnson. (20)..24:191l 
Beaucaire. Me^all. in house of Brunsw. (118)28:1.346 

Beauchtoe. Influence des affections. (93) 46:4925 

Beaupr6 ( M.) Effects and properties of cold. (93).46:5603 
Bebel(A.) Woman in the past, present, etc. (72)^64:1841 

B6champ. Lesmatieres albuminoi'des. (25) *61:1978 

Beck (J. B.) Essays on infant therapeutics. (93).. ..46: 5000 

(T R.) and(J.H.) Med. jurisprudence. (94)..46:5781 

Becker (G.F.) See Emmons nnd B. 

Bede ( C. ) (psnid ) See Bradley ( E.) 

Bedingrfleld (J.) Compend. of med. practice. (94)..46:681 

Beebe oW Lincoln. Ohio citations. (72) *66:6Gb*l 

Beecher (H.W.) Evolution and religion. (2) 3:3430 

(50) 3:3430.2 

Freedom and war. (143) ^ 33:f«34 

Beers (H. A.) English literature. (142) 10:3382 

The thankless (02) 31:2380 

Behm. Nachtr. pro 1882 zu der Statistik. (75)..*46: 457.4 

Behrends. Socialism and Christianity. (135) 64:2137 

Beigel. Die Krankh. d. weihl. Geschl. (25). — ♦46:4681-2 
B6jot(F.) MemoiresurlesEparoetes. (52)..In *62:1532 
Bell (C.) lilus. of operations of surg. etc. (94)...*L:8010 

Same ♦46:5995 

(N.R E.) Heroes of Amer. discovery. (20)...23:247 

(T.) Anatomy and diseases of the teeth. (1 1 )..46:4460 

Belley. L'^re de Germanicop. et de N6oclaud. (52)^62: 1530 
BellOC. Medec. legale, theorique et prat. (94). ..46:5785 

Belot (C.) La fievre jaune k la Havane. (94) 46:2772 

Belzer (A/rs.F.C.) On both sides. (31) 36:1939 

Bendall (C.) A journey in Nepal. (118) 10:1668 

Bender (C.B.) Metnllic bridgei. (25) 62:190 

(H.) Rom u.rom. Leben im Alterth. (118)„^10:6487 

Benedikt. Chem. of the coal tar colours. ( 1 05)..6 1 :2009 
Bennett (J. H.) Pulmonary tuberculosis. (94)..46:2l73 

Bennlngf. Hope Heed's upper windows. (126) 36:2011 

Benrath (H.K.) Die Glasfabrikation. (25)..^62:3.'i03.16 

Bent (S. A.) Hints on language, etc. (S'S) 2:4443 

Bercheure. Reduct. moral, super bibl. (66)..„«Ij:72i3 
Bergr(A.E.) The drama, painting, etc. (29). ...♦10:^500 

Berghaus (A.) Das Glycerin. (73) 62:1224 

(H ) Supplem. zu Stieler's Schul-Atl. (34)..*60:3963 

Berington anrf K. Faith of catholics. (18) 3:4655 

Beijeau (J.P.) Early printers' marks. (47) ♦L:29 

Bernutz ojid G. Diseases of women* (84) ♦46:30-31 

IiiDSx or Authors. 


Index ov AuTHOfta 

Bersch (J.) Die Essig-Fabrikation. (2r.) 62:1851 

Fabrikat. von Malz, Malzcxtr. u. Dextrin. (25)62: U96 

Berthelot. Lcs origines de ralchimie. (67) 10:134 

Bertherand (A.) Maladies veneriennes. (ll)..46:4274 

Berthorius ( F.) See Bercheure. 

Bertin (R.J.F.H.) DiseaBes of the heart. (94)... .46:1373 

Bertrand (L.) Traits du suicide. (94) 46:1911 

Besant (W.) In luck at last. (I5) 36:2060 

Besse (H.) Diploteratology. (94) 46:3700 

Betz (C.) System of physieal culture. (130) 2:4480 

Beugnot. Spoliation des biens du clerg6. (5)...*62: 1569 

Bew (C.) *'Tic douli'ureux." (11) 46:4462 

Bhartrihari, The Satakas of. (98) 10:217K20 

Bichat (X ) Pathological anatomy. (94) 46:1212 

Biddle. Amateur sailing in open bouts. (89)...62:1113 
Bififelow ( H.J .) See Clarke ( K H.) 

(J.) American medical botany. (94) 46:5380-82 

Billard. De la membrane muqm'U<e. (94) 46:1448 

Billingr (A.) First principles of medicine. (94)...46:685 

BillinSTB (J.S.) Mortality of the U. S. (59) *84:850 

Keport on barracks and hospitals. (94) *46:6069 

Same «60:5583 

Sef caarke(E.H.) 

Billroth (O. A. T.j Surgical pathi.loiry. (94)... .♦46:32-3 
Binney ( VV.G.) Bibliog. ot N. A. conthology. (47)..'^L:936 
Binz (K.) Grundzuge d. Arzneimittellehre. (94)..46:518l 
Birch (J.) Me<l. application of electricity. (94)..46:5517 

Birkbeck. Distrib. of land in England. (185) 64:613 

Bi8ChOff(R.) Clinical medicine. (94) 46:688 

Bishop (H.H.) Architecture. (55) 63:386 

Bissell (E.C.) The pentateuch. (2) 3:407 

Bi88et(A.) Essays on historical truth. (143) 33:863 

Black iC.B.) The south of France. (98) ..«22:28H0 

(CO.) Michel Ani^olo Buonarroti. (34) 24:2(544 

(W.) White hejither. (31) 35:2195 

Blackadder. Fhagediena gani^roen(»SH. (2.'») 46:>{618 

Blackall (C.K.) A story ofSix" decades. (18) 4:2701 

(J.) Nature and cure of dropsies. (94) 46:2^53 

Blackie (.i.S.) What do<'8 hi>tory teach? (84) 26:16 

Blaine ( J.G.) Twenty years of congress. (98)..29: 1 4;M.2 

Blair (L.H.) Unwise laws. (72) 64:183 

Blake (M.) Soundings. (115) 6:1829 

(W.) Poems. (29) 31: -073 

BlakistOn (J.K.) The teacher. (19) 2:4444 

Bland. Uunian and comparnt. pirturition. (25)..46:4778 

Blandford. Insanity and its treatment. (25) 46:1913 

Blane. Dissert, on subj<Mts of med. science. (95)..46:5100 
Blankaart. Lexic. nov. medic Gr.-Lat. (95)....*46:245 

Blind (M.) Madame Koland. (67) 26:776 

Blome. Geograph. descript. of the world. (34)..*60: 4 540 

Blow (S.E.) A study of Dante. (78) 10:4397 

Blundell (J) Diseases cf women. (25) 46:4683 

Blunt ( J. H.) Reformat of the church of Engl. (82)4:1290 

(W.S.) The love s<.nnets of Proteus. (62)....31:2390 

Bluntschli (.J.K.) The theory of the state. (103;..64:2853 
Bliithgen (V.) See Ewingr^.UnJ.H.) 

Blyth. PoiiM^ns: their etlW-ls and detect. (13r))..46:5559 

Boaseanc^C. Biblioth. Cnrnubiensis. 47) *L:29(»5 

Bobertagr (F.) Geschichtedos Romans. (34)..10:2h93.2 

Bock (.1.) Zincography. (39) 62:1251 

Bockniann(F) Die explosiven Stoffc. ^25) 62:1252 

Bodrhaave (H.) Institutiones medicae. (95) 46:694 

Materia medica and pre.-criptions. (95)....In 46:1080 

Theory of physic. (95) 46:696-701 

BoisseaulF.G.) Nos(^jjrrnphieorganique. (95)..46: 705-8 

Physiological pyret'loiry. (95) 46:2640 

Boivin. Un fragm. de Diodore de Sicile. (142).*62:I502 
Boivin de V. Querdle dt-s philos. du 6e siecl^. ( 19 )*62: 1 502 
BoUey (P. A.) Das Bcleuchtungswesen. (25U..«62:H303.1 
Bolton (S.K.) Social studies in England. (41)...64:2I69 

Bompas (G.C.) Life of F. Buckland. (20) 23:2773 

Bonar (J.) Malthus and his work. (98) 24:2405 

Bonnemaison. De la febricule typhoide. (95)..In 46:709 

Essais de clinique medicale. (95) 46:709 

Traitem. de I'ulcere chron de lestomac. (95).46:709 

Bonwick (J.) The British colonies. (118) 60:2329 

Bookwalter. Homo and intemat. trade. (72) 64:610 

Borffmann (E.) Chem. Anal, des Weines. (89)..61:2011 
Bom(ti.) Lord Byron. (98) In 41:2221 

Boscawen. Conversations on geography. (20)...6O:409 
Bosgroed ( M.D.) See Mulder Bosgoed (D.) 

Bouchardat(A.) Therapeutics, etc. (95) 46:5183 

Bouchut. Atlas d'ophthalmoscop. med. (95)...»46:6121 

Maladies des nouveau-n^s. (95)...- 46:5001 

On croup. (95) - In*46:l7 

Bonis (J.) See Briand and Ohaud6. 

Bourgret ( F.) Un crime d'amour. (128)...- ♦67:109 

Bourke (J.G.) Apache campaign. (84).. 29:1463 

Bourne (E.G.) Surplus revenue of 1837. (22) 64:189 

Bowen. A layman's study of the Eng. bible. (2)....8:323 

Bowie. Hydraulic mining in California. (55) 62:386 

Bowker (li.U.) The economic fact-book- (72) — 64:208 

Economics for the people. (103) 64:219 

Bowman. Structure of the wool fibre. (25) 62:1518 

Boyd ( A.K.H.) Gharacteristicof mod. life. (66)..6:4868 

(J.) The teachers' blue book. (52) ♦2:2411 

Boyesen (H.H.) The story of Norway. (118)..28:2040 
Boyle (J.) Medico-hitt. account of Africa. (95).46:5103 
Bradley (D.B.) Treatise on midwifery. (25) — 46:4781 

(E.) Fotheringhay and Mary. (99) 24:2548 

(G.G.) Lectures on Ecclesiastes. (66)... 3:1437 

(M.) Hidden sweetness. Poems. (29) 31:2089 

Braeme (.Vrs.C.M.) The marriage vow. (31)..36:4384 

BrsLgge (W.) Bibliotheca nicotinna. (47) ♦L:3213 

Brande ( W.T.) A manual of pharmacy. (95)..46:5186 
Brannt a;«rfW. Techno-chem. receipU. M 18)..... 62: 1236 
Bransford. Researches in Nicaragua. (34)....*41:1524 

Braun (K.R.) (J rsemic convulsions. (95).... 46:4928 

Brayley (E.W.) Londiniana. (34).. 60:2491-4 

andoihera. London and Middlesex. (34)..*6O:2370-74' 

Br6hat (\.de.) A dark deed. (139) 36:2729 

Brennan (J.F.) Hist, of paint, and sculpt.( 1 19).. 10:2584 

(J.J.A.) History of Ireland. (20) 28:929 

Brentano (C ) Fairy tales. (31) 35:2773 

Br6quifirny. Dud^T.d'union del'^gLetc. (142)..*62:1643 

Brera (V.L.) Verminous diseases. (96).. 46:1572 

Brereton (A.) Shakespearean scenes, etc. (138)..*A:4137 

Bretonneau (P.) On diphth^rite. (96) ..In ♦46:17 

aiul others. Diphtheria. (120) ♦46:71 

Brewster (E.E.) Parlor varieties, etc. (109)...32:2:4-5 
Briand and Chaud6. M^decine legale. (96)....46:5786 

Bright (J.W.) Cancer. (59) 46:3619 

(li.) Abdominal tumours. (120) ♦46:36 

Keports of medical cases. (120) ♦46:59H3-6 

and Addison (T.) Practice of med. (120)...46:714 

Brinkerhofif (H.H.) Nah nee-ta, a tale. (126)...36:2829 
Briuton(D.G.) Annals of Cakchiquels. (20)..^lO:3187.6 

( VV.) Diseases (»f the stomach. (120) 46:1456 

Brisseau (M.) Six objfervations chirurg. (59)...46:3227 
'BTi&tOVieandoiheri. Diseases of the intest. (136) .46:1437 
Britton and others. Beauties of Eng. (35)..^60:2361-86 

Brodie (B.C.) Works. (11) 46:174-6 

Brookes (R.) General gazetteer. (20) ..^60:349 

Brooks (K.S.) Historic b.)ys. (21) 23:289 

In Leisler's times, (llo) 36:2944 

(H.M.) Curiosities of the old lottery. (80)....33:917 

Days of the spinning-whe«*l in N. Eng. (84)..10:5631 

New England Sunday. (99) 10:5633 

Quaint and curious advertisement.*^. (118) 10:3196 

( P.) The oldest school in America. (19) 2:4061 

Broussais. De la theor. medic, pathol. (120)...46:2*86 

Kxamen des doctrines m^dicales. (120) 46:460-63 

Histoire des phlf-gmasies. (120) 46:2480-83 

History of chronic phlegmasi®. (121). 46:2483-4 

Le9.»ns .^ur les phlegmasi»*s gastriques. (121)...46:1462 

Kecherches sur hi lievre hectique. (121) 46:2715 

Brown (CO.) Battle-fields revisited. (67) 29:2650 

( E.E.) Life of Ulysses Simpson Grant. (84)..24: 1 396 

(K.W.) The life of society. (23) 64:2168 

(H.D.) Two college giris. (46) 36:2998 

(H.N.) Life of Jesus for young people. (18) 3:2993 

(.1.) Fever, inflammat, rheumat., etc. ( 121 )...46: 2643 

John Bunyan. (118) .• 23:2813 

Works. (121) 46:722-4 

(J.C.) Ethics of George Eliofs works. (16)...33:930 

Forests and forestry in Poland. (42) 43:591 

(J.G.) Medical diagnosis. (59) 46:726 

( M.T.) Synthetic pkiilos. of expreasion. (1 17)^2:3737 



Index of Authobs. 

Brown (S.) Ori^ of the yellow fever. (121). ..46:2774 

(T.K) Studies in modern socUlism. (135)...64:2179 

(W.F.) and B. The people's farm cycl. (25)..*62:2005 

(W.O.) 6>« Brown ( J.) 

Browne (F.P.) Bugle-echoes. (109) 31:2092 

(I.) Iconoclasm and whitewash. (48) 33:949 

(J.R.) Yusef ; or, journey of the Frangi. (5)...2 1:263 

(L.) Voice use and stimulants. (11) 46:1374 

(W.H.) The art of pyrotechny. (42) 62:1699 

Browninff. Pomegran. from an Eng. garden. (29)..3 1:473 
Bruce (W.N.) Life of Gen. Sir Chas. Napier. (S'9)..26:l 

Brunton (T.L.) Pharmacology, etc. (II) *46:5190 

Bryan. I>ict. of painters and engravers. ( 1 18)..*26:3104 

Bryant (H.) Cure of inguinal hernia. (121) 46:3703 

(T.) Clinical surgery. On ovariotomy. (121)..46:4930 

(W.C.) Letters of a traveller. (5) 21:270 

Bryoe (J.) Student's atlas of phys. gpogr. (36)..*60:3968 

Bryson (3/rs.M.I.) Home life in China. (21) 22:143 

Buchan (A. P.) Symptomatology. n21) 46:729 

Buchanan (R.) The master of the mine. (126)..36:30^5 

IT.) Acoustic surgery. (121) 46:3805 

Fhysiol. illus. of the organ of hearing. (121 )..46: 3806 

(T.B.) A plea for silver coinage. (23) 64:612 

Buchanan (Hamilton) (F.) Dindjpiir. (35)..60:2l 18 

Buck. Refer, handb. of med. sciences. (121) *46:5915 

Buckland(F.T.) Notes from animal life. (105)..43:I674 
Buckler. Larvae of butterflies and moths. (56)..*44:1987 

Budge (E.A.W.) Babylonian life. (84) 26:1611 

Bulkley (L.D.) Acne: its etiology, etc. (59) 46:4393 

Bullen ( A.H.) Collect, of old Eng. plays. (29)..*32:276.4 

Bunner(H.CJ The Midge. (96J 36:3305 

Bunon (R.) Essai sur les mal des dents. (45)..In 46:4474 

Les mauzde dents des femmes erosses. (45)..In 46:4474 

Burke (B.) A geneal. and heraldic diet. (99}....*L:6504 
Bum (R.S.) Systematic small farming. (89)..'.. ..62:2085 

Burnaby (F.) Our radicals. (126) 36:3370 

Burnet (J.) Composition in pictures. (26) 63:737 

Burnett (P.H.) Little Lord Fauntleroy. (139)..36:3397 
Burnham(B.F.)anrf(C.S.) The life of lives. (115).3:3269 

(C.L.) Next door. (96) 36:3392 

Bums. Anatomy of the gravid uterus. (121) 46:4789 

Dissertation on inflammation. (121) 46:2489 

The principles of midwifery. (121) 46:*785 

Burr (E.F.) Celestial empires. (26) 42:101 

(S.D.V.) Tunneling under the Hudson. (73)..*&2:3024 

Burrill. Nature of circumst evidence. (23) 66:793 

Burroughs (J.) Signs and seasons. (73) 41:2319 

(S.) Memoirs of the notorious B. (130) 23:2839 

Burrows(G.M.) Causes of insanhy. (121) 46:1917 

BurseriusfJ.B.) In.stit.of pract.ofmea. ( 121 ).,..46: 732-6 
Burton (E.F.) Reminisc. of sport in India. (88).. 10:5856 

Butler (S.) An atlas of modern geogr. (35) *60:3971 

Outline maps. (84) *6O:4000 

(W.) Boston to Rareilly and back. (50) 4:2554 

(W.A.) Domesticus. (46) 36:3425 

Butlin (H.T.) Diseases of the tongue. (59) 46:2257 

Butterfleld ( W.) See Heart (J.) 

Butterworth. Wonderful Christmases. (84) 26:297 

Zigzag journeys in the Levant. (5).... 21:275 

Buzzard (T.) Syphilitic nervous affections. (106)..46:4275 

Bjrron. Childe Harold's pilgrimage. (138) 31:2397 

O (A.P.) Wahrheitund Dichtung. (67) 24:531 

Cable (G.W.) The silent South. (23) 64:2180 

Oaldwell (C.) Malaria and temperament. (106)..46:2587 
See Allbert M . L.) 

Oallicot (T.C.) Universal geography. (21) »60:365 

Oalmell (J.L.F.) De la folic. (106) 46:1919-20 

De la paralysie consid. chez les ali^n^s. (106)..46: 1825 

Calvert (O.) Bsemorrhoids or piles, etc. (12)....46:4342 
Cameron (3/r«.H.L.) In a grass country. (110)..36:3736 

(J.) Oils and varnishes. (119) 62:1721 

Campbell (C.) Materials for mem. of Burk. (5)..23:2798 

(B..) Miss Melinda's opportunity. (126) 36:3734 

Mrs. Herndon's income. (15) 36:3733 

(J.) The lives of the lord chancellors. (5).23:365-71 

Same 23:382-4 

(J.) White-herring fishery in Scotl. (88)....lO:5901 

(J.F.) Frost and fire. (21) 60:33-4 

{j,K) The theory of the slide-rule. (119)...62:1009 

Campbell (T.) Lives of British dramatists. ( 130)^23:395 
Campbell-Copeland (T.) 5fe«Mottelay (PF.) 
Campbell-Praed. The head station. (139). .—36:3737 
Canaye. Recherchea sur Anaximandre. (19)-*62:1510 

Reoherches sur le philosophe Thalds. (19)..In •62:1510 

Cannan (E.) The Duke of St. Simon. (99) 26:903 

Cannon ( R. ) {pseud, ) See [Figrff ?] 

Oapel (T.J.) 'Catholic." (18) 4:3204 

The pope. (50) 4:2768 

Rejoinder to reply of J. H. Hopkins. ( 18) 4:3203 

Carey (M.) Miscellaneous essays. (106) 46:2778 

(R.N.) Wooed and married. (126) 36:3785 

OeLTnegie (A.) Triumphant democracy. (103) — 64:819 

Oaron{P.) French dishes. (41) 64:2620 

Carpenter. The raicrosc. and its revel at. (119).. 61:2591 
Carpentier. Etude des pr^ent. de la face. (45)..46:4786 

Carrey (E.) L'Amuz<'ne. (5) 21:2873 

Carroll (L) (pseud.) Se^Dodgrson (C.L.) 

Carryl (C.E.) Davy and the goblin. (31) 36:3904 

Carson (J.) Materia med. and pharmacy. (106)..46:5191 
Carter (H.W.) Hospitals of France, etc (106)..46:540 

(R.B.) Diseases of the eye. (107) 46:3874 

Same 46:3875 

Cams (P.) Monism and meliorism. (19) 2:738.19 

Casper (J. L.) Forensic medicine. (107) *46:39-42 

Castlemon (H.) (pseud.) »s;«e Posdick (C.A.) 
Caswell (A.) Kesults of meteorol. observ. (26)..*41:1523 
Caunter (H.) The romance of history. (139)..36:3954 
Caussin de P. L'Optique de Ptolem^e. (78)...*62:1556 
Cavalucci(C.J.) Vita del Donatello. (119)..^»A:6839 
Cavendish, (pseud.) See Jones (H.) 
Cayol. De la gangrene dans les hcrnies. (107)...46:3747 

Cazenave a;ifl? S. Cutaneous diseases. (59) 46:4396 

Oelsu8(A.C.) De medicin'i. (107) 46:743 

Centlivre (A/rs.S.) Dramatic works. (29). ..♦32: 769.1-3 
Cervantes Saavedra. Don Chisciotte. (128)..66:5528 

Don Quijote. (128) 78:2211 

( 1 28) ~ 66:5860-63 

Don Quixote. (64) *36:3981.1-4 

Cervus (G.l.) Cut: a story of West Point. (110)..36:3984 

A model wife, (lb) 36:3983 

Chabert. La malaa. spasmod.-lipyrienne. (59).46:2781 

Ohadwick (J.W.) The two voices. (62) 31:2100 

Chamberlain (P. B.) R. Claxton's story. (3l)..36:4001 
Chambers (J.) Lovers four, maidens live. ( 126)..36:4003 

(T.W.) Companion to rev. Old Test. (18)..„ 3:316 

Chambre. Contin. historiaj Dunelm. (35) *27:1108 

Ohamplin ( J.D.) Cyclop, of painters. ( 1 1 9) ..♦A: 53 1 9.1 

Champney. The bubbling teapot. (126) 36:4023 

Three Vassar girls in Italy. (5) 22:1775 

Channingr (VV.EJ John Brown. (<52) 32:768 

ChapUna/u/H. Little folks of other lands. (80)..33:1133 
Chapman (H T.) Treatment of ulcers. (59). ...46:3625 

(N.) Th^jrapeutics and mat. med. (l07)...46:5194-5 

Charles (3/r«.E.R.) Three martyrs. (21) 23:409 

Charlesworth. Treatm. of the insane. (107)..46:1922 

Chase fl.J.) The Jewish tabernacle. (18)...^ 4:256 

(W.l.) Civil government. (23) 64:817 

Chatto (J.) Bibliography of diphtheria. ( 107)..In »46:17 

Chaucer. Chaucer's stories simply told. (64) 36:4138 

Cheever. Faith and views of Mme Guyon. (66) — 3:3477 

The whale and his captors. (74) 44:250 

Ohorouny (H.W.) Labor and liberty. (23) 64:2182 

Ohervet (Mme M.E.S.) Patira. (31) 38:3519 

Oheselden (W.) La taille lat^rale. (107) 46:4255 

Chesneau (E.) The educat. of the artist. (105)...63:26 
Ohesney a«</0*Donnell. F. R. Chesney. (99)..24:184 

Oheyne (J.) Cases of apoplexy. (107) ^46:1828 

Diseases of children. (107) 46:5004-5 

Hydrocephalus acutus. (107) 46:2357 

(W.W.) Antiseptic treatm. of wounds. (75)..46:3087 

Chlappelli. Intorpetr. pant, di Platone. (n7)..*2:6041 
Ohllds (E.E.) Hist, of the United States. (67)...29:1481 
Chisholm. Diseases of trop. countries. (107)....46:5105 
Cholmondeley-Pennell (H.) Fishing. (41).. 10: 5904-5 
Chomel. El^mens de pathologic g^ndrale. (107) ..46:747 

Same 46:748 

Choparta;iefDe8ault. Maladies chirurg. (45)46:3089-90 
Christ ( H.) Das Pflanzenleben der Schweis. (42).43:9l 

IfiimK OF Authors. 


Index op AitTHOBfl. 

Ohriatiani. Express, in pianof. playing. (20)...63:2109 

Ohristie (A.T.) Treatment of cholera. (107) 46:2852 

Ohristison (R) A treatise on poisons. (107)....46:r)r)00 

ikmie 46:f>r>Gl 

Church (A.H.) En^i^h porcelain. (89).. 63:2786 

(A.J.) Isis and Thamcsis. (84) *23'MT^ 

Two thousand years hco. (139) 36:4258 

With the king at Oxlfrd. (67) 27:1558 

(E.R.) Flower-Ulks at Elmridge. (105) 43:061 

(1-P-) Siatics for engineer, students. (119)..61:2.S72 

(R.W.) Disciplineof ihechrist. character. (0«>)..3::u78 

Ohurchill (K.) Diseases of pn«gn amy. (107). ..46:4789 

(K.) Face and f.'Oi deformities. (12) 46:3700 

Civialo (J.) De la lithotritie. (107) 46:4218 

Discuss, sur la taille et la lithotritie. (10«) 46:4254 

Lettres sur la lithotritie. (108) 46:4219 

Olaretie (J.) Prince Zilnh. (139) 36:4308 

Olark (F.L.) Outlines of surgery. (45) 46:3093 

(J.) The influence of climate, etc. (108) 46:5107 

Pulmonary consumption. (108) 46:2187 

The sanative influence of climate. (108) 46:5108 

(J.R.) Nettie's poems. (109) 31:2435 

Clarke (C.M.) Di^eases of females. (45) 46:4(87 

(E.H.) A century of Arner. medicine. (108)..46:449 

(J.) Diseases of children. (Ij8) 46:.''008 

(J-r\) Every-day religion. (115) 6:44()« 

Classen. Quant. Anal, auf electrol. Wege. (26) 61:2004 
Clay ( B. M. ) {pseud. ) See Braeme ( Mrs. C.M.) 

(C.) Ol»stetric surgery. (45) 46:4792 

(C.M.) Life. (118) 24:288.1 

Cleinent(C.£.) Handb. ofchnVtian f.ymbols. (115). .4:5025 

An outline history of sculpture. * {10) 10:2629 

Clerke. Astronomy during the 19. century. (89)..10:193 

Cleveland (R.K.) The long run. (126) 36:4422 

Clinton. Civil and liter, chront.l. of Rome. (5)»26:111 

Cloud (J.A.) Homoeopathy. (108) *46:5853 

Clutterbuck. Seat and nature of fcvor. (108)..46:2647 

Coan (T.M.) Ounces of prevention. (59) 45:1388 

Coffin (R.F.) The America's cup. (41) 10:6224 

Cohen (J.) Croup, its relat. to trachoptoiny. (1(»8)..46:501 1 

Inhalation. (108) 46:5608 

Same 46:5609 

Colangre. Picturesque Russia and Greece. (5)..=^A:5132 
Cole. Novae hypotheseos hypotyposis. 108)... In 46:958 

Tractatus de secretione animali. (lOH) In 46:958 

Coleman (• Memoir.* of Sam. Phelp."*. (99)..25:512 

(L.) Atlas of biblical groicraphy. (35) *60:3976 

Colenso (F.E.) The ruin of Zululand. (21)....26:1944.2 

Collier (A.L) Lilith. (29) 31:2101 

(R.L.) English home life. (21) 22:2:^06 

Colliffnon (M.j Greek archteology. (99) 10:940 

Collin (V.) Use of the stethoscope. (lOH) 46:2o78 

Collins (C.Il.) From Highland hilL*, etc. (99)....22:H4H 

[J.V.) Bolingbroke. (118) 23:444 

(W.W.) the evil genius. (110) 35:4597 

CoUinSOna/i^Ede. Election law. (104) 66:783 

Colquhoun (M.J.) Primus in Indis. (31) 35:4624 

Oolton aridF, Introd. srh(M)] ge(»gr. (84) -60:3981 

Colyer. Modem Pteam engines and boilers. (89)..*62:3080 
Combes. Delam^dec. en Frunceeten Italie. (108)46:463 

Comesrys (B.B.) How to get on. (16) 33:1219 

Conipayr6 (G.) The history of pedagogy. (52)..2:427l 
Conder (A.) The discontent of Ireland. (1 18)...28:947 
Conklin (3/r«.J..M.) The i-tory of Hannah. (15)37:858 

That Quisset house. (139) 37:^54 

Uncle Seth's will. (46) 37:859 

Conn (H.W.) Evolution of to-day. (74) 44:977 

ConoUy (J!) Indications of insanity. (108) 46:1926 

Conscience (H.) The blue hou>o. (15) In 36:4652 

The fatal duel. (15) In 36:4652 

Flemish life, in four stories. (77) 35:4645 

Veva and the conscript. (31) 36:4643 

Conway (H.) {pseud.) -St« Pargus (F.J.) 
Cook(C.) The Dandie Dininont terrier. (26)..*44:30u7 

(W.H.) Physio-medical surgery. (59) 46:3102 

Cooke (G.W.) Poets and problems. (78) 10:3383 

(J.) Nervous diseases. (108) 46:1690 

(J.E.) Pathology and therapeutics. (108)...46:752-3 

(J.P.) Scieotifie culture. (74) 41:2331 

Cooke (R.T.) Root-b<»und; and other stories. (46)..35:4719 

The Sphinx's children. (77) 36:4692 

( NV.) Derangem. of the digestive organ.s. (108^.46:1466 

Cooley(A.J.) Compound medicines. (1<'9) 46:5198 

(T.M.) Michigan. (35) 30:933 

(W.D.) Maritime and inland discov. (5) 60:375^7 

Ooolid^e {R.U.) Sickness in the army. (109)..*46:6050 

(S.) {psrud.) See "Woolsey (*VmS.C.) 

Cooper (A.) See Hill ( H.) and Oooper. 

(W.W.) On near 8ii;ht, etc. (109) 46:3878 

Ooote (H.) On joint-di8«*ase.*». (12) 46:3546 

OopelK.D.) The contents of a bone cave. (35)..In ♦41:15i4 
Copeland. Disca.»ie» of rectum and anus. (12)..46:4345 
Copeman ( K.) Cerebral affect, of intnncy. ( 109)..46:50I3 
Copland. Dictionarv of pract. medicine. (109)..*46:4ol-.4 

Oorbett (J ) Tho ikll of Asgard. (126) 36:4836 

Corey (H.B.) Amer. jigriculturist law book. (41)..66:1323 
Cormack (J.) See P6nelon. 

Oorneli8(L.) The American republic. (143)....33:iy0 
Cornell (S.S.) Intermediate geography. (99)..*60:3983 

Primary geography. (99) -60:3982 

Corning* (./.L.) LiKalftna-sthisia. (59) 46:5476 

Corson (.i.W.) The treatment of pleurisy. (59)..46:2190 
Oorvisart (J.N.) Les maladies du ca»ur. (121 )..46: 1378 
Coster (J.) Manual of surgical op<'rations. (59)..46:3r20 

The practice of medicine. (122) 46:762 

Coulson (W.J.) Stone in the bladder. (59) 46:4222 

Coulter (J.) Mr. D.'smond, U. S. A. (126) 36:4888 

(J M.) See Arthur ( J.C.) 

Courthope. Liberal movem. in Eng.literat. (142). 10:3388 
Courtney ( W.L.) • Constructive ethics. (1 17)....2: 738.29 

Coventry (J.) After his kind. (64) 35:4887 

Ooverdale. (;)#«m//.) Fall of the great republ. (72)64:1139 
Oowell n;»/ N. The Divyiivadana. ( 115)...*10:2178.22 

Cox ((i.W.) Lives of (JrcVk statesmen. (81) 23:461.2 

(IL) The flm century of Christianity. (82) 4:794 

(S.) Expositions. (50) 6:5022 

Ooxe(J.R.) The Ameiican dispensatory. (122)..46:5201 

Ooxon(E) The long lane. (139) '. 36:4884 

Craigrliill. Army otiicer's pocket ccmipanion. (42)62:1910 
Cramer (J.A.) Doscript. of ancient Greece. (35)60:2931-3 

Dc.-cription of Asia Minor. (35) 60:2127-8 

Orane(E.A.) Organiz.of Amer. ambul. (122)..«^46:6081 

(T.F.) Italian popular tales. (15) 36:5n02 

( W.) The sirens three. (63) »31:320l 

Crawford ( F..M.) A tale of a lonely parish. (64)..36:5028 

aud Balcares ( Earl of. ) See Lindsay. 

Cremer(ll.) Reyond the grave. (2) 3:5192 

Suppi. to Biblico-theol. lex. of N. T. Greek.( 1 15)«3:6348 

Cremona (L) Projective geometry. (56) 61:563 

Orichton (A.) Mental derangement. (r22)...46: 1932-3 

Oroflfut (W.A.) The Vanderbilts. (67) 26:1366 

Oroll (J.) Climate and cosmology. (56) 61:2904 

Orommelin (M.) Goblin gold.^ (15) 36:5049 

Cromwell ( J. H.) On belts and pulleys. (5r,) 62:623 

Oronkhite (H.M.) Reymond : a drama. (138)...32:796 
Crookes. Cnem. analvsis (chiefly inorganic). (89)61:1637 
Orook8hank(C.lI.) '.Methodism in Ireland. (82).4:420«.l 

(K..M.) Practical Lacteriology. (89) 44:2428 

Oruger (M.) Ilypene^thesia. Vl5) 36:5080 

Cruveilhier. Essai .sur I'anatomie pathol. ( 122 )..46: 1220 
Oubas. Cuadrodo lo.s Ehtad. Unid. M<'X. (84)....6O:2022 
CuUen. First lines of the pract. of physic. (122).46: 767-8 

.Same 46:766 

Treatijje of the materia nudica. (122) 46:5204-5 

Works. (122) 46:769-70 

Cullerier (A.) Atla.s of vencn^al diseases. (122)..*46:6(»30 

Cumberland (S.C.) Thr? rabbi's spoil. (31) 36:5132 

Gumming: (C.F.G.) Via Cornwall to Eirvpt. (21)..21:908 

Wanderings in China. (118) i^.". 22:159.1-2 

Oupples (G.) Cupph's Howe, mariner. (77) 36:5167 

Ourrie ( J .) Water as a remedy in fever. ( 1 22)..46:2650 
Curtis (A.) Examinat. of medical systems. (122)..46:773 

fF.B.)<im/W. Army and navy pensi(.n8. (72)..66:1863 

(G.T.) McClellan'*s last service. (84) 24:2393 

(J.S.) Silver-lead of Eureka, Nev. (74)....«42:2352 

Ourtius ( (i. ) Principles of Greek etymology. (114)1:1 088.2 

Ousack-Smith (W.) Our war-ships. (119) 62:1114 

Cuspinian.(J.) Ein ausserlessne Chrouicka. (21)^* A: 206 

Indsx of Axtthorb. 


Iin>ix or AuTHOia 

Outbiish (J.) Adulteration of food. (122) 46:5431 

OyrilluB. Ga«pel according to St. John. (82)..3:2l98.l-2 
Ozermak (J.N.) On the laryngoscope. (122)..In *46:21 

D»** Traits de la dyssenterie. (122) 46:1500-61 

Dabney(V.) The story of Don Miff. (110) 37:8 

Dacier(A.) Dlscoursaur la satire. (142) In «62:1502 

La Matroned' Eph^se. (Ill) In *62:1541 

Notice d" 11 n manu^crit grec. (IM) ln*62:154l 

Dahlgren (M.V.) The Wt name. (77) 37:18 

Dahlstrom (K.P.) The fireman^s guide. (56). ..62:726 

Dahn (F.) Saga of Halfred the Sigskald. (96) 37:23 

See "Wietersheim. 

Dalby. Diseases and injuries of the ear. (59) 46:3811 

Dall. What we know about Shakejipeare. (63).. 32:3045 
Dalla-Torre (K.W.r.) Flcra of the Alps. (I05)..43:96 
Dal Vero (M.F.) A sociulislic romance. (130)... 37:54 

Daly (M.N.) A moral sinner. (126) 37:53 

Dana(\V.F.) ()ptimi.«m(.f R. W. Emerson. (143)..33:1251 
3J>ante Aligrhieri. The Divinacommedia. (138)..31:2106 

Opere minori. (112) 66:5530-32 

The paradise of (63) 31:2472 

Darby (J ) {pseud.) See Qarretson (J.E.) 
Daremberg*. Extr. des mss. m^dic. grecs, etc. ( 122)..46:470 

Histoire des sciences medieules. (122) 46:464 

Med. entre llomere et llippocr. (122) 46:4»'»8 

Darmeeteter (J.) The Zend-avesta. (6h)..*iO:205h.23 
Daubeny (C.) Active and extinct volcanos. (84)..60:49 

Daudet (A.) Sapho. (128) *67:359 

Sappho: Parisian manners. (96) *37:99 

Stories of Provence. (126) 37:100 

Daunt (A.) With pack and rifle, etc. (99) 21:1303 

Davasse. La syphilis, ses formes, son un)t6. (12)46:4281 
Davey (J.G.) The ganglionic nerv. system. (123).46:1694 
DavidB flw</ Oldenbergr- Vinaya texts. (06)*lO: o:>8.20 
Davidson (J. T.) Forewarned-furearmed. (1 15)..5:44n2 

(J.W.) The correspondent. (83) 2:*^506 

(M.M.) The bombyx mori (Linnseus). (26)..52: 1709 

SilK : its history and manufacture. (26) 62:1700 

Davies. Select, in pathology and surgery. (123)..46:048 

Daviot (D.Z.) On diphtht'rite. (123) In M6:17 

Davis (D.D.) Acute hydrocephalus. (59) 46:2361 

Operative midwifery. (123) M6:6100 

(J.F.) The Chinese. (35) 60:2i:i:^4 

(N.S ) Histof the Amer. Med. Assoc. (123j..46:466 

(3/r.«».R.H.) Natasqua. (IIO) 37:151 

(W.T.) Hist.of the town of Plymouth. (21)«30:3229 

Day (H.) Clinical histories with comment*. (123^.46:785 

(K.E.J Ehdric li«:ht arithmetic. (lo5)....62:l'>52.IO 

Dease(W.) observations in midwifery. (12)...46:4706 
DeBeck(D.) Hard chancre of the eyelids. (12.i)..46:3883 
Debrett (J.) Peerage, ban.neta^e.^^etc. (130)....*L:6515 
De Colan^e ( I-..) See Oolange. 

De Oosson. Days and nighls of service. (130)...26:1957 

Deems (CF.) Sermons. (18) 6:5054 

Deite. Die Darstellung der Seifen, etc. (26)*62:-^.{03 10 
Delabarre. Traitede la seconde dentition. (5i»)..46:4471 
Delafleld ffwrf P. Pathol, anat. and histol^'gy. (59)46:1227 
De La Rame ( L.) Ste La Rame ( 
DeldenLaerne(C.F.ra/i.) Brazil and Java (26)62:22n2 
Delefosse. Procedes pour>} urines. (59)..46:4163 
Delisle (l^V.) La bil.liothequede Corbie. ( 111 )..*62:1574 
Mem. sur les recueils de jui^ements. (5).. In *62:1574 

Lt'SouvragesdeGuillaumede Nangis. (142)..^62:1577 

Del Mar. History of the precious metals. ( 1 10)..42:2 1 21 
Deloche. Dissert, sur uno medaille m<?r<»v. (118)^62:1579 

Deming (P.) Adirondack stories. (139) 37:292 

De Morgran (C.) The origin of cancer. (12)....46:36:vj 

71 y [rk..M:.) uovtJb iiinrivr. ^'''J'; Of.oiij 

Dent. Story of the Upper Canadian rebell. (84)..3O:2034 

Deroubaix (L.) Fi^tules urogenitales. (123) 46:4934 

Desault (P.J.) A treatise on "fractures. (45) 46:3550 

De Schweinitz. Hist, of the Unitas fratrum. (115)4:4273 
Desgrangres. Lemons de clinique chlrurg. (59)..46:>5129 
Desniaisons. Asiles d'alienes en Espagne. (59)46:1937 

Desor(E.) Im Urwald. (74) In 41:2220 

Despeyroux. Ul€^rat.daculdeUmatrioe. (123)46:4936 

Desruelles (H.M.J.) Blennorrb^e urdtrale. (12)46:4096 

Treatment of venereal diseases. (12)« 46:4282 

Dewees. Subje<'ts ccmnect. with midwifery. (60).46:4805 

System of midwifery. (59) 46:4802 

Same. (60) « 46:4803 

Dewey (M.) Decimal classification. (47) ♦L:1428 

De Witt (J.) S«;rmohs on the christian life. (2)...6:5060 
Dicey (A.V ) The law of the constitution. (23) 66:1460 

Dickens (C.) Complete poems. (29) 31:2480 

Plays and poems. (109) 32:804.1-2 

(.M.) Charles Dickens. (21) « 24:056 

Dickerson. J. Henry and the magnet telegr. (21)24:1708 
Dickson (JT.) Modieinein relat. to mind. (60)..46:'.938 

(S.H.) Studies in pathol. and therapeut. (123)46:795 

Dietlein. Leseb. zum Unterr. in d. Literaturk. (19)<j:3884 

Dillnberger.- Women's diseases. (45) 46:4691 

Disraeli iB.) Lord Beacon^^fleld's correspond. (84)26:2119 

Dix ( VV.C.) The pattern life. (66) 6:3111 

Dobell(H.) Germs and vestiges of disease. (123)..46:799 
Dobson (.Vr#.8.) The life of Petrarch. (84)...In23:908 
Dodgre ( Miss MA.) See Spencer {H.) and Harrison . 

Dodsrson (C.L.) A tangled tale. (88) 10:6i74 

Dodworth (A.) Dancing. (41) lO:5«50 

Dole (N.H.) Turko Russian war of 1877-8. (5).28:24S3 
Doolittle. Treati>e on pract. astronomy. (43) — 42:138 
Doornkaat Koolman. Ostfries. Worterb. (82)»1:5438 
Doran. Monarchs retired from business. (130). .23: 593-4 

Dorr (J.C.R.) Afternoon songs. (29) 81:2493 

Dostoyevsky. Crime and punishment. (139)«.37:779 
Dot. ( pseud, i See Vaux ( C. B . ) 

Daudney {S.) The family difficulty. (15) 87:784 

Dougrlas (A.M.) A woman's inheritance. (15)„..37:837 
Dowden. Studies in literature, 1789-1877. (111)10:2933 

Dowling (G.T.) The wreekers. (110) 37:841 

Doyle (K.) Scenes from English history. (118).*A:8437 
Dragre. Oiminal code of the Germ, empire. (23)66:1577 
Druzbicki (G.) Tribunal of conscience. (115) — 4:3243 
Dubard (M.) Japenese life, love, and legend. (99}22:153 

Du Boisgobey (F.) Article 722. (126).. 36:2307 

The crime of the opera house. (139) 85:2308 

The .Matapan affair. (78) 36:2306 

The i)ld age of Lecoq. (31) 35:2303.1-2 

Dubuo ( L. A. ) See Bazin ( E.) 

Du Cane. Punisliment and prevent, of crime. (23)64:2442 

Duchenne. Select, from clinical w<»rks. (4.^») — *46:51 

Duchess, The. (psewl.) See ArgleB {Mr8,y\ ) 

Du Defifand ( Aa marquise.) Lett<MS (131 )....26:2114-17 

Dudevant (MmeA.LAD.) Letters. (99)...25:21 10.1-3 

DufBeld (S.W.) English hymns. (115).... 6:3443 

Duhrin^ (LA.) Diseapes of the skin. (60).. 46:4107 

Dujardin-Beaumetz. Clinical therapeut. (60).46:l696 

Dukes (E..I.) Everyday life in China. (84).. 22:174 

Dumas. Catal. ill ustre'du salon, 1880. (1 19)..*63:2404.2 

Dunbar (W.) Poems. (1:^8) « »1:4351 

Duncan (J. M.) Fecundity, and allied topics. (12)46:4811 

.Meehanism of parturition. («0) 46:4809 

Mortality of maternity hospitals. (12) 46:4810 

Dunn (.I.P.,ir.) Mas-^acresof the mountains. (84)29:1309 

Dunning ( C. ) See Wood ( Mrs.C D. ) 

Dupuy(E.) Great masters of Russian literal. (142)10:4525 

(L) Dissert. Purl'CEdipedeSophocle. (lll)»62:1528 

Durand (MmeA.M.CM.) Clwpatra. (46) 37:1103 

(A. M.F.J Dosia's daujrhter. (31) 37:1101 

DuResnel. Prix propos. parmi les Grecs etc.(142)*62:l513 

Duruy (V.) History of Rome. (118) ..♦26:'<224.1-8 

Duryee(8.) Directiims for securing patents. (104)66:1022 
Dussaulx. Les satiriques latins. Horace. (142)*62:1543 
Duyckinck. Nati(»n. portrait gallery of Amer. (5)23:3025 
Dyer(T.H.) Ancient Rome. (35) 6O:3O50 

Pompeii. (35) 60:3030 

Eagles. Construct, geometry of plane curves. (56).51:')»58 
Earle (II.) Practic. observations in surgery. (45).46:3140 

(J ) Fractures of the lower limbs. (12) 46:3554 

Operation for the stone. (12) 46:4226 

iJ.) Dawn of European literature. (142).... 10:3403 

Eastman (C.G.) Poems. (63) „ 31:2499 

Eaton (C.A.) Rome, in the 19. century. (35)..6O:H052-3 

Ebers (G.M.) Lorenz Alma Tadema. (84) 25:1231 

Boilaw (A.) Komance of a Q«rmAo ooort (126)87:14M 

Indiz of Authobs. 


Indiz ov AtiTHOfts. 

Bcketein (E.) Aphrodite. (126) 37:1459 

Th« Chaldean magician. (46) 37:1458 

The will. (15) 37:1457.1-2 

Eddy (A/rs.M.B.G.) Science and health. (98) 6:4101 

Ede (H.P.) See Oollinson a;f</ Ede. 

Edersheim (A.) ilist. of Judah and Israel. (98)....4:285 

Sdfirar (O.) See TuniBon (J.S.) 

Edmunds. Use of aUohol for women. (12.1) 46: '477 

Bdwarde8(3/r«.A.) I'lavwrightV daughter. (i:<y)37:i5il 

(3/r.f.E.) Life of Sir^U. B. Kdwardes. (1 18)..24:820 

Edwards. Fir^ft Epistle to the Corinthians. (98)..3:2295 

Ecran (M.F.) The life around us. (126) 37:1^84 

Stories of duty. (126) 37:1583 

EfiTSrer. Fragm. in^d. de I'ora'. Hyp^Tide. (142).*62: 1576 

— Quelques fragments de poterie antique. (5)..*62:1571 

Les traites publics dans Tantiquit^. (5) ^62:1574 

Effsrleston (G.C.) Strange stories from hist. (36)..26:356 
Bfirle(W.H.) Pennsylvania genealogies. (84)...*23:.{065 
Eliot (W.G.) Story of Archer Alexander. (72)...64:1684 

Elliot (A.) Hood in Scotland. (99) 24:1755 

(F.) Old court life in France. (131) 26:2928 

(F.M.) 11 i.«tory of Omega chapter. (52) 2:4094 

(G.) Tn-atire on future naval battles. (43)..*62:3159 

(G.T.,jr.) Obstetric clinic. (60) 46:4S13 

Ellis (E.S.) Camp-fire and wigwam. (31) 37:1669 

Elphinstone. The kingdom of Caubul. (36)...60: '143-4 
Eisner. Praxis d. Nahrungsmittel-Chemikers. (60)45:1867 

Emerson (W.G.) "Winnini^ winds. (31) 37:17()7 

Emmet (T. A.) Vesico-vaginal fistula. (123) 46:4938 

Emmons aniB. Sbitist. of the prec. metuls. ( 105)^ 84:852 

Empis(G.S.) On diphlhurite. (123) In«46:l7 

finault (L.) Carine. (128) 67:1493 

Enifel ( E.) Psychologic d. franzo:*. Lit«'rntur. (79).10::{84 1 
Ensrlish (T.D.) Boy's book of battle lyrics. (29)31:2120 
Ennery (A.P.<r.) See Dennery (A. P.) 
Brckmann an</ O. Le:? fiances deGrinderw. (128)67:1523 

Erichsen (J.E.) Diseases of the scjilp. (12) 46:^09 

Erman(A.) -^gypten im Altertum. (131) «10:6356 

Emi (H.) Mineralogy simplified. (43) 61:1623 

Esmarch (J.A.F.) \}^^ of cold in surgt^ry. (123)^46:21 
Evans (C.F.) Horticultur. direct, of the U.S. (74)*62:2598 

— (T.W.) Hist, of an ambulance wagon. (26)..46:4559 

SaniUry institutions, (26) 46:4623 

Everett-Green (E.) True to the la.<t. (15) 37:1773 

Everitt(G.) English caricaturists. (89) *A:8345 

Ewingr (3/r»..J.H.) Jackanapes, etc. (15) 37:1799 

Lob Lie-by-the-fire. (46) 37:1783 

Mary's meadow, etc. (i:^9) 37:1784 

Melchior'8 dream, etc. (139) 37:1803 

Pacey (J.W.) Practical hou.-e decoration. (119)..63:699 
Fagret. Monocraphie sur la flevre jaune. (26).. 46:2786 

Pairbairn (A.M.) The city of God. (18). 3:3537 

Palmouth ( Viscountess ) See BOBCawen. 

Parabeuf (L.H.) Ligation of arteries. (26) 46:3348 

Same 46:3465 

Parfirus(F.J.) Bound by a spell. (139) 37:1967 

A cardinal sin. (46) 37:1965 

Living or dead. (110) 37:1966 

Faijeon (B.L.) Christmas angel. (46) 37:1995 

Little Make-Believe. (15) 37:1994 

Love's harvest. (32) 37:1991 

The sacred nugget. (15) 37:1993 

Self-doomed. (32) 37:1992 

Farmer (S.) Hist, of Detroit and Michigan. (5)»30:1672 

Map and manual of Detroit. (99).! 60:1721 

Farquharson ( M . ) (pteud. ) See Finley ( Mrs. .M . F. ) 
Farrar (C.A.J.) Down the West Branch. r96)..37:i002 

(F.W.) History of interpretation. (115) 4:26S5 

Sermons and addresses. (50) 6:5116 

Treasure thoughts. (50) 6:2581 

Farre(J.R.) Apology for British anatomy. (123)M6:6123 
Farrow (E.S.) Military encyclopedia. " (105)...«62:3319 
Fauriel (C.C.) Last days of the consulate. (84)26:2934 

Fawcett (E.) The new King Arthur. (29) 32:681 

Romance and revery. (13H) 31:2513 

(H.) Econom. position of Brit, labourer. (104). 64:691 

Feichtinsrer. M6rtelmatoria!ien (26). *62:3303.9 

Felch (I.K ) Poultry culture. (56). 62:2879 

Fellowes (F.) Astronomy for beginnera. (56) 42:148 

F6nelon. Livesof the ancient philosophers. (52)23:645 
Penn (G.M.) Double cunning. (126) 37:2089 

Morgan's horror. (64) 37:2088 

The parson o'Dumford. (15) 37:2086 

The vicar's people. (64) 37:2087 

Fanner (C.S.) Vision. (26; 46:3891 

Fergusson. Anc. topography of Jerusalem. (21)*60:4325 

Ferry (A.L.) Phrenology made easy. (52).. 2:1894 

Feuillet ((>.) Aliette. (La morte.) (110).. 37:2128 

La morte. (128) 67:1637 

Field (H.M.) Greek islands after the war. (991...22:1402 

(.M.) The father's tragedy. (63) ., 32:829 

Field8(C.C.) Cancellation and how to cancel. (43)*61:229 
[Figg?] **"\Vhere men only dare to gol" (67)...29:2598 
Fifiruier(L.) Vies des savants illustres. (53)..23:647-51 
Finch-Hatton (H.) Advance Australia! (6)...22:2628 

Findlay (.I.R.) Thomas De Quincey. (99) 24:635 

Finley [MrsM.F.) Elsie's kith and kin. (139)..37:2159 

.Mildred's boys and girls. (139) 37:2161 

The thorn in the nest. (139) 37:2160 

The two Elsies. (15) 37:2158 

Fischer (F.) Chem. Technol. d. Wa^sers. (26)*62:3:^03.17 

Fisher (G. P.) Faith and rationalism. (66) 3:3541 

Outlines of universal history. (84) 26:358 

(T.W.) Plain talk about insanity. (26) 46:1950 

Fiske (J.) Darwinism, and other e^^says. (80).33:l575.a 

The idea of God. (19) 2:983 

Fitch (G.W.) Outlines of physical geography. (36)60:77 
Fitz-Patrick. Rev. Thomas N. Burke. (131)..23:2810 
Fitzwygram (F.W.J.) Horses and stables. (119)62:2812 

Flaubert (G.) Snlammbd. (126) 37:2236 

Fleck. Chemie im Diensted.Gesundheit-pfl. (60)45:1224 

Chem. Prod, aus thier. Abfiillen. (27). ...♦62:3303.15 

Fleischer (E.) Die Tiirir-Methode. (74) 51:1624 

Fleischman. Art of compounding liquors. (27)52:1504 

Fleming (G.) False. (15) 37:2241 

(M.A.) The actress' daughter. (15) 37:2243 

The queen of the isle. (139) 37:2217 

Fleta. {psfud.) See Hamilton ( MissK.W.) 

Flint (A., jr.) Chem. examinat. of the urine. (12)46:4165 

Medicine of the future. (123) 46:537 

Floredice. A month among the mere Irish. (143)33:1593 
Flower ( W.ii.) Osteology of the mammalia. (60)45:300 
Flynn (P.J.) Flow of water in open channels. (74).62:184 
Fobes(VV.K.) Five-njinute declamatioqs. (83)....2:3728 

Five-minute recitation:*. (83) 2:3729 

Fontaine (H.) Electrolysis. (27) 52:1754 

( W.M.) Older mesozoic flora of Va. (56)..*42:2351 

Same *84:853 

Foote(M.Il.) John Hodewin's testimony. (96)..37:2310 

Foran (.M.A.) The other side. (14o) 37:2311 

Forbes -Robertson. Painters of christend. (99)*A:8459 

Ford (E.) Disease of the hip joint. (12) 46:3558 

(S.R.) Raids and romance of Morgan. (126)*37:2335 

Forrest(W.S) Great pestilence in Virginia. (27)46:2787 

Forsyth (A.U ) Difforential equations. (56) 61:767 

(K.) The beauties of Scotland. (36) 60:2671-5 

Fort (G.F.) Early builders' marks. (21) 10:5389 

Fortescue (J.) The governance of Eng. (104)....64:1 160 
Fosdick (C.A.) Joe Warying at home. (r26)..37:2404 

The voung wild-fowlers. (15) 37:2403 

(W.W.) [Scrap book.] (63) *A:144 

Foster {Mrs.t.R.) Transformed. (64)..., 37:4864 

Fothergrill (J.M.) A manual of dietetics. (123)..36:1872 
Fourmont. Les mss. h^breux ponctues. (142)..*62:1519 

L'ouvr. d'Evhemere */£/>« ava^'/ja^iy. (142)*60:I515 

Fowler. Drawing in charcoal and crayon. (27)..53:756 

Plates 63:1289 

Oil painting. (43) 63:1204 

Frackelton (S.S.) Tried by fire. (56) *53:2417 

Fraguier. 11 n'y a pas de ptJcmes en prose. (142)*62:1506 
Frankel. Handworterb. der Frauenkrankh. (46)46:4693 
Freeman (E. A.) Greater Greece. (143) 33:1594 

(H.) On speech formation. (117) 2:3903 

Fr6mya/i</ Terrell. Le guide duchimiste. (74)..5 1:1627 
French. New path in electric, therapeutics. (123)46:5522 
Fr6ret (N.) De I'origine des Fran9ais. (6)...In »62:1573 

L' equitation dans la Grdce. (142) *62:1507 

Observ. sur T^tudo de la philos. aac. (142)..*62:1518 

Index of Authors. 


IiTDSX or Authors. 

Fresenius. Qunntitat. chemical analyflis. (105)51:1638 
Friedlaender (K.) Microscopic, technology. (56)61:2622 

The use of the microscope. (27) 61:2601 

Frith (H.) The brave days of old. (6) 26:969 

Under Bayard's banner. (140) 37:2509 

PritSCh(A.) Fauna der Gaskohle Bohmens. (43)*42:2663 

Proebel (F.A.W.) Autobiography. (131) 24:1198 

Frothinerhazn. Siorics from lips of teacher. (50)6: '-*373 

Proude (.f.A.) Oceana. (85) 21:413 

Pry. New York and the conscript, of 1863. (6)29:2790 

Puller (E.; Fellow travellers. (110) 37:2517 

Purness (W.H.) Verses. (63) 31:2527 

Piirst (.1.) Geschichte der bibl. Literatur. (79)..lO:4G03 

Ghage (W.L.) Modern historical atlas. (85) «60:31)91 

Gaillard. .Horace consid. comme fabuliste. (79)*62:1549 

Los Metamorphoses d'Ovide. (79) In *62:15i9 

Galabin (A.L.) A manual of midwifery. (l3G).46:4>il9 
Galbraith(E.) Composit. in the ?chool-room. (83)2:4646 
Galfridus and others. Historia Dunelm. (36)..*27:1 108 

Galilei (G.), Le opere di. (112) *66:5540-55 

Gallaudet (E.M.) International law. (135) 66:520 

Gama (.LP.) Traitc des plnies de tete. (60) 46:34M2 

Gant(F.J.) Diseases of the bladder. (12) 46:4027 

Garden ( ^//•.'< ) Memorials of James Hogg. (G).24:l<'>88 
Gardener (H.H.) Men, women, and gods. (143)33:1630 

Gardner. Hist, of France in rhyme. (99) 26:2950 

Garlanda(F.) The philosophy of words. (114)... 1:155 
Garnier ( J.J.) Le Cratvle de Platon. (79)..In*62:l532 
Dissert, sur ht Tableau de Cebes. (79)... .In «62:1548 

Mem. sur I'art oratoire do Corax. (79)... .In *62:1552 

Les paradoxes phili'Sophiques. (19) In ^'="62:1535 

Une pretendue conspiration. (131) In *62:1550 

Garretson (J.E.) System of oral surgery. (46).46:3436 
Garrison { W.P. and F. J.) Lloyd Garrison. (6)24:1 195 
Gautier de Sibert. Examen de la philos. de Ciceron. (19) 

M6m. 1 In *62:1541 

Mem. 2-3 Tn «62:1.'>43 

Mem 4-5 In «62:1546 

Philosophcs academ. et philos. scept. (19)...*62:1543 

Gay (E ) fcikilful Susy. (27) 63:710 

Gaye (S.) The world's lumber room. (27) 41:2365 

Geary (G.) Burma, after the conquest. (131). ..26:1781 
Geifirer(W.) Civilizat. of the eastern Iranians. (21)10:113 

Geikie (A.) Class-book of geology. (56) 42:1798 

(C.) Old Testament characters. (50) 3:999 

Geldart (E.M.) The modern Greek language. (2) 1:1047 

Genone(H.) Inquirendo island. (40) 37:2926 

Gentry (T.G.) Nestsandeggsof birds of U.S. (.56)*A:613l 

George (H.) Protection of free trade. (104) 64:623 

Gerard (J.W.) The peace of Utrecht. (36) 26:1198 

G6raudly. L'art de consorver les dents. (60)In 46:4474 
Gerber (N.) Chemical analysis of milk. (124)..46:1874 
Gerbier. Lettre a la G.izetto de la sante. (60)...46:3<)37 

Lettres et obs(frvation3. (60) In 46:3637 

Gerdy (P.N.) Traits des bandages. (46) 46:3350 

Gerhard (AV.P.) Sanitary house-in?poction. (12)46:1444 
Getchell (G.H.) Our nation *8 executives. (.^6)...»A:5S28 
Giauque. Laws relat. to roads and ditches. (41 )''^66:3587 
Gibbons. Physics and metaphysics of money. (135)64:622 

Gibbs. (DC.) If love be love. (110) 37:2957 

Gibert (J.B.) L'ann«Je de.^ anciens Perses. (85)«62:153l 

La chronol. des rois d<- Juda et d' Israel. (85)-^62:1531 

Quclques rois de Baby lone et de Perse. (85^.*62:1531 

Gibson (A.M.) Apolitical crime. (23) ...64:1195 

( W.) lnstitute> and pract. of surgery. (46)..46:3150 

Giffen (K.) Essays in finance. (72) 64:634.2 

Gilbert (W.S.) Original comic operas. (109) 32:850 

Gilder. Represent, poems of living poets. (109)31:2145 
Giles. A postol. records of early Christianity. (82)..4:889 
Gillette. Chir. journal, des hopit. de Paris. (60)46: n52 

Gilliam (C.F.) Ix)ve and medicine. (140) 37:3019 

Gillmore. Limes, hydraulic cements, etc. (56)... 62: 91)0 
GillOW (J.) Literary and biograph. history. (2)..''^4:5179 

Gilman (A.) The story of Rome. (36) 26:2259 

Gilmore (.I.R.) Rear guard of the revolut. (131)29:2075 
Gilpin. Picturesque beauty of Gr. Brit. (65)*60:2681-2 
Gisborne. New Zealand rulers and statesmen. (9y)23:721 

Gladman (F.J.) School work. (130) 2:4667 

Glanville (J.) Scepsis scieDtifica. (19) 2:1068 

Gl6tS8 (H.) Marine international law. (135) 65:53:1 

Gzneiner (J.) Modern scientific views. (115). ....8:3600 
Gneisenau. Fieldmarsbal Princo Blucher. (53)23:2569 
Gneist. Hist, of the English constitution. (131).27:1883 
Gobel. Entwicklungsgesch. d. Pflanzenorgane.(27)43:336 

Grundzuge der Systematik. (43) 43:133 

Goblet d' Alvlella ( E.) See Harrison (P. ) and 8. 

Godet (F.) Gospel of John. (66) 3:2215.1 

Godfrey (3/r«.) Cureof spinal curvatures. (60)46:3713 

Gogol (N.V.) St. John's eve, etc. (140) 37:3122 

Taras Bulba. (126) 37:3121 

Goodrich (C.A.) Outlines of modern geogr. (21).60:425 

(8.G.) Curiosities of human nature. (53). .....23:747 

Famous men of ancient times. (53)...« 23:753 

Famous men of modern times. (53) 23:754 

Lives of benefactors. (53) 23:755 

Lives of celebrated women. (53) 23:756 

A pictorial geography of the world. (36) 60:427 

Goodwin (G.) How they learned house- w. (104)54:1895 

( W. W. )andLi. Papers Am. school class. 8tud.(2l ) 10:93l 

Gordon (H.W.) The life of C. G. Gordon. (131)24:1399 

(P.) Geography anatomiz'd. (36) 60:428 

Gorman (W.G.) Converts to Rome. (98) 4:3313 

Gosse (E.) From Shakespeane to Pope. (79)... .10:3445 

Goethe (J.W. r.) Poems. (77) 31:2fi6l 

Goetz. Speise u. Trank vergang. Zeiten. ( 131 )..4 1:2220 
Goulard. Etfects and preparat. of lead. (124)..46:5619 

(Euvres de chirurgie. (46) 46:3154-5 

Gould (A. P.) Surgical diagnosis. (60) 46:3167 

Gower (G.G.L.) Despatches. (99) 26:2957 

( K.) La.«t days t»f Marie Antoinette. (99). ...24:2426 

Gowers. Diagn. of diseases of the brain. (60)46:1770 

Gowinff (R.) Richard Cobden. (36) 24:324 

Graefif. L'^coulement des eaux. (27) In ♦61:1978 

Grafe (A.r.) Iridectomy. (124) In »46:19 

Graham (G.F.I.) Lifeof Syed Ahmed Khan. (99)25:1226 

(J.W.) Neajra: a tale of ancient Rome. (140)37:3270 

(T.J.) Treatise on indigestion. (124) 46:1482 

(W.) The social problem. (135) 54:2194 

Grandeau(L.) Agriculturchem. Analysen. (43)51:1670 
Grangrer (J.) Biograph. history of England. (6) .23:768 
Grant (H.) The improve»nent of the senses. (1 17)..2:4677 

(J.) The cavaliers of fortune. (131) 23:773 

(R.) The Knave of Hearts. (46) 37:3.363 

A romantic young lady. (140) 37:3364 

(U.S.) Personal memoirs. (85) 24:1393.1-2 

Graves (A.W.) My pearl. (140) 37:3382 

(R.J.) Practice of medicine. (12) *46:63.1-2 

Gray. Proverbs from Burmese sources. (142)10:2178.24 
Gr6ard (O.) De la morale de Plutarque. (131)...10:543 
Greely. Three years of arctic service. (131) ...21:1581 

Green (W.H.) The Hebrew feast.s, etc. (2; 4:277 

Greene (A//-S.) On ancjel's wings. (32) 37:3426 

(3/»;wA.K.) See Rohlfe (3/rs A.K.G.) 

(.J.H.) geography and topogr. (100).. 60:2580 

Lanigan- testimonial memoir. (100) In 60:2.^80 

(W.T.) Birds I have kept. (27) 44:1749 

Greenleaf. Man. for med. officers of U. S. A. (60)46:4563 
Greer (H.) Recent wonders in electricity. (56)..6 1:2802 

Greey(E.) A captive of love. (16) 37:'^469 

Greg (P.) Across the zodiac. (12»>) 37:3475 1-2 

The devil's advocate. (144) 33:1711.1-2 

Gregrgr (W.S.) ipseud.) See Roblnson (F..M.) 
Grein(C.W.M.) Diet, of Anglo-Saxon poetry. (114)1:5217 
Gresswell (J.B.) Veterinary pharmacol(»gy. (60)46:5714 
Gr6ville ( H . ) {pseud. ) See Durand ( Mine A . M . F. ) 
Griessmayer. Verfalschungd. Nabrungsm.( 60)46:1876 

Griffith (R.) Boys' useful pastimes. (88) 10:6175 

Gronlund. The cooperative commonwealth. (72)54:2205 
Gross. Diseases of the bones and joints. (6u)...4C:3562 
Grosvenor (W.M.) A mmcan securities. (72)... 54:646 
Grube. Charakterbilder aus Gcsch. u Sage. (85)26:850 
Grueber. Roman lawofdamago to property. (135)55:452 
Gu6rard. Explicat du capiiulairo De villis. (0).*62:157l 
Guernsey (A. H.) The world's opportunities. (21)60:777 

(MisaL.'E.) Through unknown ways. (140)..37:3620 

Guignes. Les philos. appeles Samaneens. (117)*62:1526 

Reflexions sur le Bairavadam. (79) In ♦62:1538 

Relig. et philos. des Egypt, et dea Chin. ( 11 1 )*62: 1540 

Indsx of Authors. 


Index op Authors. 

Guild (K. A.) Chaplain Smith and the baptists. (53)25:993 
Quznxuere. Poetics for students of Eng verse. (2)1:1187 
G-unsaulus (F.W.) Transfigurat. of Christ. (115)..3::^195 
Ghiinther. Geophysik u. physikal. Geographie. (36)..60:97 

Guthrie (E.J.) Old Scottish customs. (C) 10:i>654 

(Q.J.) Gun-shot wounds. (61) 46:4560 

On the diseases and injuries oi arteries. (60;..46:3469 

See Desruelles ( H. M .J. ) 

(W.) New geogr.. histor. etc. grammar. (I00).6O:431 

Same *60:43la 

Same 60:432-3 

Same 60:434-6 

Guyon (J.C.F ) Elements de chir. clinique. (61)..46:3158 

Guyot (A.) The earth and man. (85) 60:J»8 

Elementary geography. (131) *6O:3904 

Primary; or, introd. to study of geogr. (13l)*60:3995 

Guzm&n. Topograf. ffsica del Salvador. (36)..6O:202:> 
Hadley (A.T.) Kailroad transportation. (42)....76:2ri00 
Hagren (H.A.) Bibliotbeca entomologica. (47)...*Ij:3661 
Haggrard (H.R.) King Solomon's mines. (110)..37:^829 

The witch's head. (32) 37:3828 

Hahn. Arguments for the existence of God. (50) 3:3643 
Haight. Country life in Canada 50 years ago. (85)2 1:1771 

Haloombe (JJ.) Gospel difficulties. (Ii5) 3:615 

Hale(E.E.) Boys' heroes. (37) 23:837 

and 3. A family flight through Mexico. (6). 2 1:2752 

A story of Spain. (131) 27:814 

(S.J.) Infant school management. (130) 2:4708 

Hall. Book of memories of great men, etc. (6)....23:813 
Halphen. R6duct. des ^quat. different, lin. (27)..*61:197H 

Ham (C.H ) Manual training. (62) 2:4705 

Hamerton (E.) Golden mediocrity. (127) 37:3901 

Hamilton (A.) Works. (80) 34:1318.1-6 

(112) 34:1318.7 

(A.M.) Medical jurisprudence. (61) 46:5806 

( P. ) See Buchanan ( Hamilton) ( F. ) 

(F.H.) Fractures and dislocations. (12) 46:3565 

Same 46:3355 

(AKvi K.W.) Wood, hay and stubble. ( 140)..37:394l 

Hamlin (M.S.) A politician's daughter. (127)..37:3954 
Hammond ( W.A.) A strong-minded woman. (32)37:3962 

and Lanza (L.) Tales of eccentric life. ( 1 10).37:3957 

H.eLnbury and others. Flower painting. (89)...*63:1207 
Hanoook ( W.S.) Letters and addresses. (1 12)*24:3043 
Hansell (C.) The kindergarten children. (19)..,*2:5954 
Hanssen(A.) Fremde Fette im Butterfetto. (74)51:1686 
HapgOOd (I.F.) The epic songs of Russia. (79).. ..10:4526 
Haroourt-Roe. Bachelor vicar of Newforth. (46)37:3976 
Harder (J. A.) The physiology of taste. (104)..*64:2673.1 

Hardion. Y a-t-il eu deux Zoiles? (79) In*62:l508 

Hardy (A.) The dartrous diathesis. (61) 46:4418 

(A.S.) The wind of destiny. (110) 37:3984 

(T.) The mayor of Casterbridgo. (110) 37:4000 

Hare (H.A.) Effects of the use of tobacco. (124).46:1877 
Harlot. De commod. ct incolar ritib. Virgin. (67).*L:7225 

Harland(H.) Mrs. Peixada. (78) 37:3980 

( M.) (pseud.) See Terhune (3fr«.M.V.H.) 

Harley (G.) The urine and its derangements. (13)46:4170 

(T.) Southwardhol (132) 21:2168 

Harlez. Manuel de la langue mandchoue. (2) 1:2043 

Harper, llebrew manual for beginners. (82) 1:1819 

Hebrew method and manual. (82) 1:1819 

Harris. The angler's guide book. (41) 10:")91H 

Harrison (A/rs.C.C.) Brie a-brac stories. (16)..37:4043 

^F.) The choice of books. (80) 33:1896 

and 3, Nature and reality of religion. (66). ..3:3610 

(J.A.) The story of Greece. (37) 26:2065 

(J. P.) Materia med. and therapeutics. (124)46:5243-t 

Harte (F.B.) By shore and sedge. (32) 37:4066 

Snow-bound at Eagle's. (64) 37:4068 

Hartley. The gas analyst's manual. (43) 62:1565.2 

Hartmann ( V.) Das Judenthum. (2).. 4:281 

The religion of the future. (82) 3:3644 

(K.) Anthropoid apes. (56) 44:355 

Hartridfire (G.) The refraction of the eye. (61)46:39o7 
Harvey. VVhereare we and whither tending? (53)10:461 
Hassell (A.H.) Urine in health and disease. (13)46:4172 
HatondelaG. Probl. inverse de^ brachist. (27)*61:1978 
Hatton (F.) North Borneo. (100) 22:2642 

Hatton (H.F.) See Pinch-Hatton (H.) 

Hauok. Meeresalgen Deutschl. u. Oesterr. (43)..»43:524 

Haur^au. L'eglise et TEtat, etc. (22) 62:1576 

Haussermann. Industrie d. Theerfarbstoffe.(27)62: 1322 
Hausskneoht (O.) Lehrb. der Chemie. (74)..61:1687 
Havergal (M.V.G.) Mem. of F. R. HHvergal.( 22)24: 1566 
Hawthorne (J.) John Parmelee's curse. (140)37:4176 

Hay (M.C.) Lester's secret. (127) 37:4223 

A wicked girl. (140) 37:4219. 

Hayden. 12. rep. of U. S. geol. survey. (1 05 )*84: 767-8 
Hayes ( H.) (/>«««/.) Story of Margn ret Kent. (64)37:4244 

Hays (3/r«.H.) Aspirations. (127) 37:4251 

(3/r«.W.J.) City coasins. (32) 37:4249 

( iV/ra. W.J.) See Hays ( ^rrs U.) 

Hayward (S.F.) Elocution for busy people. (83). 2:3730 
Hazen(W.B.) A narrative of military service. (85)29:2835 
Headley and A. Life of Gen. U. S. Grant. (6)..24:139l 
Healey. Painters of the Italian renaissance. (27)10:2587 

Heart (J ) Journal. (68) 29:2091 

Heath (C.) Diet, of practical surgery. (136) »46:417 

Heoker(A.F.) Des differ, especo-s de gonorrh. (13)46:4100 

(J.F.K.) Dancing mania of the middle ages.(37) 10:469 

Hector (Mrs. A. V.) Beaton's bargain. (96) 36:524 

Hedge (F.H.) Hours with German classics. (111)10: i089 

Hedges (K.) Electric lighting. (105) 62:1552.18 

Heinzerling (^'0 Conservi rung des Uolzes. (74)62:1319 

Grundziigo der Lederbereitung. (27) *62:3303.12 

Kautsehuk-und Guttaperchawaaren. (27)*62:3303.13 

Helper (H.R.) Nojoque. (135) 64:1715 

Hemenway (F.F.) IndicntMr practice. (56) 62:727 

Hemiup (xUrsM.R.) I^aw of heat. (119) 41:2448 

Hempel. Neue Methoden zur Anal. d. (27)61:1701 

Henderson (1.) The prelate. (78) 37:4296 

Hennen (J) Military surgery. (61) 46:4572 

Hennessey. Theol. of sacred heart of Jesus. ( 1 1 5)4:3330 
'Henrard. Henri IV et la princ. do Conde (132)26:2987 
Henry. Treatment of venereal diseases. (61). ..46:4288 

Henty (G.A.) The lion of thn north. (140) 37:4301 

With Wolfe in Canada. (140) 37:4298 

The young Carthaginian. (140) 37:4302 

Herbert (W.) Not his daughter, (lio) 37:4367 

Herohenbach (W.) After many days. (127)..37:4377 

Angel Hilda. (127) 37:4378 

Lucy Harding. (127) 37:4378r 

The voynge of the Veronira. (127) 37:4380 

Herford. Literary relat. of Eng. and Germ. ( 1 42) 10:2973 
Hertel. Overprc'ss. in high schools in Denmark. (19)2:4753 
Hey wood (T.) The captives. A comedy. (20)*32:276 
Higrgrin. Commercial and industrial Spain. (100)22:2110 
Hilgrard. Cotton product, in the U. S. (27)...*84:843-4 
Hill (B.)awrfOooper. Venereal diseases. (136).46:4289 

(J.D.) Organic stricture of the urethra. (61)46:4119 

(W.H.) Ethics. (19) 2:1174 

Hills. Macpherson, the great Con fed. philos. (144)33:2013 

Hinton (J.) The mystery of pain. (115) 3:3609 

Hirsch (A.) Geograph. and hist, pathology. (124)*46:74 

(B.) Prufung der Arzneimittel. (124)..46:5250-51 

Hirth (G.) Kulturge.<chichtl. Bilderbuch. (74)...*A:6716 
Hitchoook (J.R.W.) Etching in America. (56).10:2497 

(li.D) Socialism. (104) 64:2208 

Hittell (T.H.) History of California. (68). ...30:350.1-2 
HittorflP. Memoire sur Pompci et Petra. (6) In *62: 1 575 

Hobbes (T.) Leviathan. (135) 64:1254 

Hobhouse (W.) Ancient education. (130) 2:4759 

Hooken. Amaurosis and aniaur»>tic affections. ( 13)46:3908 

Hod8res(R.) Puerperal convulsi«»n8. (12») 46:4824 

Hodgetts (l.F.) Ivan Dobroff. (78) 37:4443 

(J F.) The English in the middle agcjs. (100)10:483 

Hodgkin (T.) Italy and her invaders. (37). 26:2595.3-4 

(T.) Serous and mucous membranes. (r24)..46:1248 

Hoflf. Ansichten iiber die organ. Chemie. (27). ..61:1979 

Hofifbauer (J.C.) Medecine legale. (124) 46:5804 

Hoffman. Science of mind applied to teaching. (r)2)2:4767 
Hofmeister. Ilandb. der phy.siolog. Botanik. (27)43:189 

Hogrben (J.) Obstetric studies. (124) *46:6103 

Holbrook. Reminiscences of a teacher. (100). .26:1743 
Holden ( E.S.) See Newoomb (S.) and Holden. 

Holder (C.F.) Marvels of animal life. (28) 44:361 

Holley (Mr«.M.) Sweet Cicely. (32) 37:4564 

Index of Authors. 


Index or Authobs. 

Hollyday (Afra.M.P.) Domestic economy. (23). 64:2678 
Holmes (Afr«.M. A.) A midnight marriage. (140)37:4559 

(O.W.) A mortal antipathy. (16) 37:4599 

Homerus. See "Witt (C.) 

Hood (W.P.) On bone-setting. (61) 46:3568 

Hopkins (T.) 'Twixt love and duty. (140) 37:4694 

Horn (W.O. von.) [pseud.) See Oertel (P.F.W.) 
Homaday (W.T.) Two years in the jungle. (22)22:389 
Horstmann (A.) and others. Chemie. (89)....*61:1673.l 

(G.U.) Consular reminiscences, 1869-85, (112)33:2113 

Hosmer (F.L.) andO, God in hymns. (30) 6:3453 

(G. W.) '* As we went marching on ". (32). ..37: 4702 

(J.K) The story of the Jews. (50) 4:282 

Hospitaller. Domestic electric, for amateurs. (43)61:2803 
HoUGTh. Universities and colleges of the U. S. (19)2: *096 
HoUBSaye. Philosophers and actresses. (132)23:889-90 
Houston (8. K.) The Houston family. (100)... .23:2121 
Howard (•!.) Physiology of artistii' singing. (61)46:1'»56 

Howe (^A.J.) Manual of eye surgerv. (61) 46:3910 

(E.W.) A moonlight boy. (127) 37:4710 

(M.) Atalanta in the South. (64) 37:4709 

Howells (W.D.) Indian summer. (64) 37:4736 

The sleeping car. (30) 32:H92 

Tuscan cities. (6) *22:I874 

Howship. Spasmodic stricture in the colon. (13).46:-13r)5 
Hoyt (H.M.) Protection versus free trade. (42). ..64:645 

Hozier (H.M.) Turenne. (lOO) 26:1338 

Hubbard. Account of Sa-go-ye-wat-ha. (53) ..»29:296 
Hiibner. Through the British empire. (132) 21:468.1-2 
Hudson (E.) Memorial of Mary Clemmer. (100)24:289 

(J.F.) The railways and the republic. (72)....64:654 

(W.H.) The purple land that Eng. lost. (140).37:4799 

Hughes (T.P.) Ruhainah. (96) 37:4827 

Hummel (J.J.) Dyeing of textile fabrics. (43^62:1320 
Humphrey. Children of Old Park's Tavern. (140)37:4849 
Hunnewell. Bibliogr. of Charlostown, Mass. (47)*Ij:1044 
Hunt ( L.L.) Mem. of Mrs. E. Livingston. (68) 24:2277 

(W.) The Somerset diocese. (50) 4:1813 

Huntington ( F. ) ( paeud. ) Sre Poster ( Mrs. I . H . ) 

(G.) Outlines of congn»gational history. (66)4:4025 

Hiippe. Methods of bacteriolog. in vestigat. (56j.44:2451 

Hussak. Rockforming minerals. (56) — 42:2136 

Hutchinson (J.) The pedigree of disease. (13)..46:9«»2 
(A/r/».L.A.) Life of Col. Hutchinson. (h5)... 23:908 

(6) *24: 1777.1-2 

Huther (J.E.) Epistles of James and John. (2)..*3:1915 

Epistles of Peter and Jude. (2) *3:19I3 

Epistles of St. Paul to Timothy and Titus. (2)*3:1912 

Ibn-Gebirol C^-) See Salomon ibn-Gtebirol. 

Ingalls (J.K.) Social w-alth. (42) 64:2207 

(J.M.) Exter. ballistics in plane of fire. (105)62:1939 

Ingraham (J.P.T.) Why we believe the bible. (18)3:3h57 
Jackson (C.C.) Court of Prance in 16. cent. (100)26:3004 

(A/r#.H.H ) Bits of talk in verse and prose.( 16j33:22 1 7 

Glimpses of three coasts. (68) 21:47i 

Zeph. (46) 38:U9 

(J.) Bibliographies e^ogr. sp^ciales. (47)....»L:3346 

(J.G.) Marocoo, and the district of Suse. (22)^60:4169 

(L.D.) Hydraulic works of Engl «nd, etc. (89) 62:226 

(M.) To America and back. (100) 21:2227 

(S.) Education in Alaska, 1886 (1 7) *2:2114 

(T.) Memoirs of Wesleyan preachers. (6). ...23:917 

Jacobi. GainaSdtras. Tr. from Prdkrit. (66)*lO:205'<.22 
Jaoquenet ( J. B.S.) Life of Joseph Marchand. (98)4:5553 
Jahn(H.) Grundsiitze der Thermochemie. (74)61:1704 

Jak. (paeud.) Birchwood. (32) 38:127 

The Fitch Club. (32) 38:128 

The Riverside museum. (140) 38:129 

James I., kingof Seotl. The kingis quair. (114)....* i : »352 

( The Bostonians. (64) 38:250 

(J.H.) External inflammations. (75) 46:2496 

(VV.) The naval history of Gr. Bnt (132)..2 7:2176 

Jameson (A/r«.A.M.) Celebr. female sovereign8.(6)23:927 

Memoirs of the early painters. (85) 23:928 

Memoirs of the loves of the poets. (85) 23:929 

(E.G.) The Cogswells in America. (6) 23:2114 

(R.) and others. Discoveries in Africa. (68)...60:7o6 

Janes (E.) Human psychology. (117) 2:1239 

Janvier (T.A.) Color studies. (32) 38:^49 

Janvier (TA.) The Mexican guide. (53) «22:2804 

Jaques. Modern armor for national defence. (74)62:1941 

Jefferies (R.) The open air. (144)... 33:2310 

Jefiferys. Spanish islands and settlements. (68)*6O:2058 
Jeiler (1.) Life of Marv Crescentia Hoss. (132)..24:I711 

Jenkins (E.) The secret of her life. (110) 38:305 

(O.L.) British and American literature. (79)10:3495 

Jenks ( W.) The explanatory bible atlas. (68)..»6O:4002 
Jervis. Question of labour and capital. (L04).....64:657 
Jesse. G. Selwyn and his contempuraries. (85)23:941-4 

The pretenders and their adherents. (85) 23:947 

Jettel. Die Zundwaaren-Fabrikation. (28)..»62:3:^03.I1 

Jevons (W.S.) Letters and journal. (132) 26:2178 

Studies in deductive logic. (130) 2:1258 

Jewett (S.O.) White heron, aud either stories. (140)38:349 
Johnson (B.F.j (paeud.) See Riley (J.W.) 

(CF.) Three Americans and three Engl, (i 11)10:3498 

(C P.) Tocolkctorsof C.Dickens' works. (47)»L,:2931 

(S.) Lives of English poets. (85) 23:956-7 

(V.W.) Tulip Place. (78) 38:442 

Johnston (H.H ) Kilima-Njaro expedition. (100)21:1031 
Johonnot. Glimpses of the animate world. (56 )43: 1 792 
Nfij^hbors with claws and hoofs. (56).. 44:373 

Neighbors with wings and tins. (57)^ 44:<72 

Jonas (C.) Slovnik ceskoanglicky. (114) *1:4987 

Jones ( E.G.) Characters of Eng. revol. period. (8<i)23:96l 

(H.) Whist developments. (88) 10:6263 

(H G.) Andrew Bradford. (86) 23:2692 

(J.?\D.) Hemorrh. from divided arteries. (75)46:3473 

(S.P.) Sermons and sayings. (50) 6:5280 

(W.H.) • Labour in contracted pelvis. (75)...46:4828 

Jowett (B.) Politics of Aristotle. (82) 1:2860.1-2 

Juvenalis. The sixteen satires of Juvenal. (114) 1:3803 

Thirteen satires. (2) l:36ol.l-2 

K (C H.) Unitv songs resung. (138) 31:2175 

Kain (.1 J.j The light of life. (9o) 46:862 

K&lid^sa. Sakoontala; an Indian drama. (30). ..32:909 

Kane(VV.F.D.) Euri»pean butterflies. (43) -44:2096 

Karpeles. Grsch. d. jiidischen Literatur. (142)10:4613 
Kavanagh (•!) English women of letters. (132)23:997 
French women of letters. (132) 23:998 

Women of Christianity. (132) 23:996 

Kaye (J.W.) Lives of Indian oflScers. (132)23:999-1000 
Kearton ( K.) See Swaysland ( W.) 

Keats ('i ) Life, letters, and literary remains. (6)24:2023 

Same 24:2021-2 

Kebbel (T.E.) History of toryism. (100) 27:.:243 

Keddie (Miss H.) Her gentle deeds. (140).. 38:721 

Keenan (H.F ) The aliens. (64) 38:718 

Keene. Sketeh of the hist, of Hindustan. (6). ...26: 1788 

Kelley (J. D.J.) A desperate chance. (78j 38:724 

(W.p.) Lincoln and Stanton. (132) 29:2879 

Kelloggr (U.M.) 12 hours with young people. (50i 6:2710 

(S.H.) The light of Asia. (50) 10:2178.19 

Keltie(J.S) The f^tntesman's year-b«»ok. (72).*64: 1344.9 

Kemble (M.) Art recnati- ns. (57) 63:118 

Kennard (3/r«.N.H ) Rachel. (53) 26:«i03 

Kennedy. Sport travel in Newfoundland. (22)21: '^^40 

Ker(D.) [nto unknown seas. (140) 38:841 

King (C.) Famous battles of the world. (132). ...26:380 

Marion's faith. (96) 38:894 

(D.W.) Homes for home-builders. (57) 63:522 

(E.) Th^golden spike. (16) 38:9t»2 

(J.) Cleopatra's nve.lle. (86) « 26:1960 

Discov. on the temple hill at Jerusalem. (Sti) 10:1167 

(T.) Haschisch. (127) 38:920 

Kingsbury. Success; or, hints for living. (I8)...6::i722 

Kingsley ( H.) JSilcote of Silcotes. (16) 38:973 

(J.8.) The standard natural history. (74)*44:3039.1-6 

Kingston. Fred .Markham in Russia. (140) 38:980 

Kinlooh. Large game shooting in Thibet. (88)*10:6r)89 

Kinmont (A.) Natural history ot man. (20) 2:1292 

Kirby (J.) Hemorrhoidal excrescence. (13) 46:4359 

Kirkby. Survey of the county of York. (86)..*27:1 148 
Kirke (E.) (p.^rud.) See Gilmore (J.R.) 
Kirton(J.W.) Dr. [Thomas] Guthrie, etc. (37)... 23:1008 
Klob. Path. anat. of females sexual organs. (75).46:4703 

Knapp (H.) Intraocular tumors. (76) 46:3918 

(J.) Autobiography. (6) 24:2057 

Indsx of Authors. 


Index or Authobs. 

Knapp(WI.) Modern Spanish readings. (82)... 1:2225 
Knatchbull-H. Frii-nd.-. fmni fairy land. (140).38:1070 
Knight (0.) Half hours with letterwriters. (132)23:1014 

London. (tI8) • *60:2r)lG-l8 

Snadows of tho old booksullBrB. (132) 23; H» 5 

(O.W.) Land grants f,)r education. (22) *29:2<8 

(Mrs.H.C) Life of James Montgomery. (r.)..24:2745 

Knighton (DH.) .Mem. of Sir W. Knighton. (7)24:J(»70 

( W.) Strugicles for life. (144) 33:2420 

Knortz(K) Gustav Seyttarth. (132) 26:006 

Knowles (•IH.) Kashiniri proverbs. (82) I:4ti26 

Knox (T.W.) Bov travelers in S. America. (7;21:2m6 
See Polo ( M )* 

Kolbe. Entwi .kelungfjgesch. d. theor. Chemie.( 28)6 1:1742 
Kotzebue, Mo»t r«'mark. year in life of. (7)24:2084-i5 
Krause. Theurie u. Praxis d (ieburtshulfe. {»;i )46:4><37 
KrehbieL New York music. season 1H85-6. ( 10J*)*63:2o28 
Kremnitz(M.) Hon man ia*^ fairy tales. (32). ...38:1114 
Kringle (3/i.'ca K.) Karan Krinirles journal. (16i38:in2 
Kuenen (A.) (\>mposit. of tho- Hexuteuch. ( lir>..3:lH)4 
Kulp. Families of the Wyoming vulley. (100) 23:2123.1 

Kunhardt(C.P) SmallVjichts (28) »A:2244 

Kiirschner (L.) " Gloria* vi.tis I " (140) 38:1130 

Kurtz (CM) Xational academy notes. (74)...53: :5<»y.6 
Kutzner. Kin Weltfahrer. KIi>hK K Knne. (22)21:4^8 

Li . The l*ytthley book of n-fined cook.-ry. ( 135)64:2'>72 

La Barre. Ues jenx publ. dans la (ir^co. (13 •)*'62: 1509 
La Bree ( B.) Pictorial buttles of the civil war.(«8 )*A:4933 
La Oorbinidre {Cde) An ap*»stolic w«»man. ( 10«»)24:22I7 
Lagrange (F.) Lifeof .Mgr. Dupanlnup. (100,24:789.1-2 
Lamare-Pioquot. Etudes exp^rim. de nied.(76).46: ^72 
Lamartine (A.M Lde.) Confident. disclosun;s.( 7)24:2118 

Memoirs of celebrat<>d characters. (86) 23:1021-3 

Lamb (C.) Letters. (132) 25:2193.1-2 

Lambe (W.) Scirrhous tumours. (01) 46:3645 

Landau ( L.) Moveable kidney in woman. (76). In =^46:22 
Lander ( M ) (psetui. ) See Lawrence ( Mr*. M . W . ) 

(R. and J.) Course of the Niger. (7) 21:1045.1-2 

Landols ( L.) Manual of buman physiobkgy. (124)45:872 
** Landseer. " ipsetid.) See Murray ( B.) 

Lang (A.) Books and bookmen. (80) 33:2521 

Letters to d«>ad authors. (8o) 33:2522 

Lankester. Wild flowers worth notice. (28) *43:721 

Lanman (C.) Farthe.-*t north. (37) 21:1647 

Haphazard personalities. (lOo) 23:1027 

Lanza (C.) See Hammond ( W.A.) and L. 

(G.) Appli(>d mechanics. (57) 62:231 

Lappenberg. Eng. under Ang.-Sax. kings. (7)27:2320-22 

England under Norman kings. (7) 27:2322 

La Rame (L.rftf.) (Owirfd.) Othmar. (16) 39:74 

Larcher. Obsorv. astron. env. ii Aristoto. (79)..*62:1554 
Lardner (D.) Cities and towns of the world. (22j6O:300 

La Rive ( Life of Count Cavour. (7) 24:101 

Larkin. Carlyle and the open secret of his life. (133)24:«H 

La Roche (R.) Pneumonia. (76) 46:2216 

La88US(l^) Patholngie chirurgicale. (61)....46:31Hl-2 
Lasteyrie du S. Cne anc. croix dthiop. (133)*62:1578 

Latimer (.Wt.H.yE.) The beautiful. (16) 33:2561 

Laughlin. Hist, of bimetrtlism in the U. S. (23)..54:339 

Laurence o/, />MrA/im. Dialogi. (30) «27:li69 

Laveleye { Letters from Italy. (101) 22:1908 

La Villemarqu6. La clocbc de Stival. (7)..In *62:1574 

Lawless (A/r«.E.) nurri.«.h: a study. (04) 38:1351 

La'wrence (.Ur*..M.W.) The tobacco problem. ( 76 ;45:1901 

Lawson (G.) Injuries of the eye, etc. (61) 46:^926 

Lawton iG.W.) American caucu.'< system. (23)54:1292 

Lay (H.C.) The church in the nation. (66) 3:4385 

Layard(A.H.) ruins of Nineveh, etc.( 7 )*22:684 

Nineveh and its remains. (7) *22:683 

Leader (J.D.) Mary, queen (•fScot^. (7) 24:2546 

Lean (-Vr*.P.) Open sesame. (78) 38:2577 

Leavitt(J.M.) Rea.^ons for faith in this 19. cent. (3)3:3741 

Le Bas (C.W.) Life of Ah p. Cnmmer. (7) 24:454-5 

(P.) Mem. sur une inscript. metrique. (7)In *62:1573 

Le Batteux(C.) L'etude de la philos. anc. (117)«62:1527 

La physique des anciens. (117) ln*62:1525 

L«' systeme des bomeom^r. d' Anaxagore.( 1 1 7 )*62: 1 525 

Le Beau. Mem. sur les tragiques grecs. (111).*62:1535 
"Leber and B,, Dental caries and its causes. (76)..46:4484 

Le Blant (E.P.) Les bourreaux du Christ. (22)»62:1576 

Le Bon(G.) La civilisation des Arabes. (37) *A:560 

Ledebur^A.) Die .Metallurgie. (28) *62:3303.14 

Le Dentu (A.) Des anomalies du testicule. (76)..46:4031 
Lee (A.) Eventful nights in bible history. (BO) 4:345 

(E.B.) Mem. of Rev. Jos. Buckminster. (133)23:2780 

(F.G.) King Edward VL (6h) 24:815 

(A/rsk.) In the Alsat:an mountains. (22)..22:2I20 

Katharine Blvthe. (127) 38:1424 

( R.U.) Mem.'of lifeof Richard H. Lee. (7)24:2177-8 

( V. ) {pfteud. ) S^e Paget ( ^fr8. V.) 

Le Fer de la Motte ( I ) See La Oorbini6re (C de.) 
Legg. Guide to the examinat. of the urine. (76)46:4179 

Same 46:4l79.a 

Le Gouas. Nouveaux principes de chirurg. (76)46:31H9 
LeGraS. Lifeof .Mademoiselle Le Gras. (10l)..24:2218 
Lennox ( W.P.) Drafts on my m»-mory. (7)..24:2l86-7 
Lenc'rmant. Lesaniiqu. du Ho«'phorecimm^r.(7)*62:1574 

Mem. sur la mnniere de lire Pausanias. (7)...*62:157I 

Leo I., pope. Sermons of S. Leo the Great. (82).. 6:5324 

XlU^pfpe. Latin poems. (l.38>r,T.. 31:2673 

Le Plongeon. Myst. among the Mavas. (98).. 10:2 178.21 
Leroy. Pr«H-edi5s empl. pour gu^rir de la pierre.( 13)46:4237 
Leslie (C.R.) Autobiograph! rec»ollections. (7)... 24:2197 

Le8Ueur(D.) Le manage de Gabriella (128) 67:2026 

Letronne (J. A.) Le calendr. des anc. Egypt.(22)*62:1574 

Examcn arch^ologique. (8) In *62:1566 

Letterman (J.) M«*dical recollections. (76) 46:4582 

Lewin (G.) Ihe treatment of syphilis. (13) 46:4295 

Leyland (F.A.) The Bronte family. (101)..23:2734.1-2 
Leypoldt andJoneB. Bot>ks of all time. (47)..*L:2684 

Brief purchase list of books. (47) In *L:2684 

Liddell (H.G ) Life of Julius Caesar. (8) 24:8 

Liddon(H.P.) Easter in St. Paul's. (66) 6:5328.1-2 

Lidell (J A.) Treatise on apoplexy, etc. (76). ..46:1852 

Lieber(F.) Franz Lieber. (37) 24:2246 

Liguori { ) Preparation for death. (116) 6:2729.1 

The way of salvation. (I16) 6:2730 

Lillie (L.C.) Jo's opportunity. (127) 38:1749 

Rolf house. (110) 38:1748 

Story of music and musicians. (138) 10:2547 

Lilly ( W.S.) Chapters in European hist. HOI ) 10:528.1-2 
Lincoln ( A/r«.D. A. ) See Lincoln ( Mrs, M .J.) 

(A/rj».M.J.) Mrs. Lincoln's cook book. (72)..64:2688 

Lind. Means of preserv. health of seamen. (61).46:4645 

Lindau (P.) Ilerr und Frau Bewer. (128) 68:2149 

Linderfelt (K.A.) The game of preference. (4i )lO;6260 
Lindsay. Sketches of the christian art. (90)10:2359.1-2 
Linn and Sargent. Life of Dr. L. F. Linn. (8).24:2265 
Lister. Edward, first earl of Clarendon. (8)24:1810.1-3 
Liszt. Die Zigeuncr u ihre Musik in Ung. (77)66:816.6 

Litchfield (G D.) Criss-cross. (16) ^ 38:1814 

Little (C.E.) Historical lighU. (80) *1 1:2681 

LJvius(T.) Livy. Book xxi. (114) 1:3594 

Livy. Books 21, 22, 23. (114) 1:3604 

Books xxi-xxv. The second Punic war. (2)... 1:3833 

Lloyd (J U.awrfC.G.) Drugs of N. Amer. (76).*46:6182 
LobatO. Estudio del maguey mexicano. (57). ..62:2557 

Lock (C.G.W.) Workshop receipU. (105) 62:1368.2 

Locker (EH.) Celebr. naval commanders. (133)23:3041 
Lockhart (J.G.) Life of Robert Burns. (133)..23:2820 
Lodge (O.) Seat of the electromotive forces. (43)61:2818 

(R.) A history of modern Europe. (86) 26:1277 

Lofbie. Lessons in art of illuminating. (90) *63:1210 

Windsor. (53) ♦A:1724 

Loher (F. v.) Das neue lulien. (101) In 66:2080.11 

Lomas (J.) Manual of the alkali trade. (43)..*6 1:3060 
Lom6nie. Beaumarchais and his tiroes. (133)...28:2467 

Sayne 23:2463-6 

Long (G.) and P. Gcogr. of Gr. BriUin. (101 )..60:2415 

(L ) Twelve months in Andersonville. (69).29:2910 

Longfellow. Life of H. W. Longfellow. (101)24:2286 
Longueville (P.F.T.) Le cholera asiatiaue. (76)46:2888 
Lorain. M^decine clinique et physiol patbol. (61 )46:2866 
Lossing (B.J.) H»st. of New York city. (86).*30:1786 

Lothrop (3/ra.H.M.) The golden West. (8) 21:2279 

A new departure for girls. (96) 38:1864 

Lotze (R.H.) Microcosmus. (130) 2:1383.1-2 

Outlines of esthetics. (130) 2:1358 

Index o? Authors. 



Lotze (R.H.) Outlines of prac. philosophy. (20)..2:1382 

Outlines of psychology. (52) 2:1359 

liOuis (A.) *« Dollars or sense?" (140) 38:1881 

Lover (S.) Poems of Ireland. (109) 31:2177 

Low a/M/Pullingf. Dictionary of Kng. hist. (54)*27:2426 

Lowe (C.) Prince Bismarck. (54) 23:2541.1-2 

(W.H.) Commentary on Zochariah. (Ih) 3:1582 

Lubbock. Flowers, fruits and loaves. (105) 43:245 

Luce(R) Electric railways, etc. (105) 62:1783 

Lucretius Garus. Dererum nat. liDrii-iii. (114)1:3588 
Ludden (W.) The thorough base school. (30)..63:2212 
Ludlow. The captain of the Janizaries. (78)...38:1932 
Liinemann (G.) Epistle to the Hebrews. (3)...*3:I914 

Epistles of Paul to the Thessalcninns. (3)....*3:19l 1 

Lungre. Uanck). der Soda- Industrie. (28)...*62:33u3.4-5 

Industrie d.Steiiikohlentheer-Destillat. (28)*62:3303.2 

Luska (S.) {j)8eud.) See Harland (li.) 

Lutfullah. Autobiography. (H) 24:2347 

Luther (M.) Autobiography. (8) 24:2352 

Life. (8) 24:2354 

Lyall(C.J.) Trtonsl.ofanc. Arabian poetry. (111)10:4612 
(E.) ipaextd.) See Bailey (M,s«.) 

Lyford (C.P.) The mormon problem. (51) 10:2280 

Lyman (H.M.) Insomnia. (76) 46:1717 

Lynch ( J.D.) The bench and bar of Texas. (69)23: ' 072 

Lyons (R.D.) A treatine on fever. (76) 46:2672 

(W.II.) Chessnut burrs. (41) 10:6273 

Macaulay (J.) True tales of travel. (8) 21:514 

(T.B.) See Johnson (8.) 

McCabe (J.D.) The night-express. (110) 38:2124 

McCarthy (J. H.) Doom! Atlantic episode. (78)38:2138 

Our sensation novel. (78) 38:2126 

An outline of Irish history. (8) 28:1015 

McOarty (L.P.) Annual statistician, 1885. (72)»76:680.l 
McOlellaJl (H.B.) Life of J. E. B. Stuart (37).29:2930 

McClelland (M.G.) Oblivion. (32) 38:2140 

Princess. (140) 38:2141 

Mc01ure(A.K.) The South. (104) 64:341 

McCook (H.C.) Women friends of Jesus. (51)...4:4947 
McCosh (J.) Herbert Spencer's philosophy. (20)...2:I60 

Psychology. (117) 2:1415 

M'Oulloch. A diet., geogr., statist., etc. (69)..»60:491-2 
Macdiarmid. Lives of British statesmen. (54)*23:3043 
Maodonald (F.W.) Fletcher of Aladeley. (37).24:999 

(G.) What's mine's mine. (64) 38:2195 

MacFarlane (0.) Life of Marlborough. (8) 24:213 

Romance of history. Italy. (140) 38:2229 

(M.R.) The magic of a voice. (Ill) 38:2227 

McGill (J.) Faith, the victory. (116) 4:3449 

Mack (E.) Life of G. M. de Lafayette. (8) 24:2111 

Mackenzie (R.S.) BiU of blarney. (16) 33:2742 

Mackey (T.J.) The Hazen court-martial. (23).66:4604 

McLaughlin (J.F.) Life of John Kelly. (8) 24:2012 

McLennan (W.) Songs of old Canada. (63). ..31:2229 
Macleod (HD.) Elements of economics. (104)64:346.2 

(N.) The earnest student; J. Mackintosh. (8)24:2381 

Maclisp (J.) Surgical anatomy. (76) *L:8099 

McMicken(C.) Will. (8) *24:3080 

Macmillan (H.) The Riviera. (101) *22:1915 

Macnamara (C.) Asiatic cholera. (136) 46:2867 

A treatise on Asiatic cholera. (61) 46:2868 

Macpherson ( J . B. ) [paeud. ) See Hills ( A . C. ) 

Macquoid (K.S.) Joan Wentworth. (140) 38:2363 

Under the snow. (64) 38:2362 

McRee (G.J.) Life of James Iredell. (8)....24: 1818-1 9 

MacRitchie (D.) Gypsies of India. (133) 10:1651 

McWhinney (T.M.) Heavenly recognition. (116)3:5210 
Maimonides. See Moses ben Maimon. 
Mainlander (P.) Philosophic der Eriosung. (130).2:1432 
Maisch (J.M.) Organic materia medica. (76)....46:5259 

Makepeace (F.) Capital and labour. (104) 54:364 

Maiden. Disting. men of mod. times. (133).23:1101-4 

Same 23:1098-9 

Mandajors. Des limites de la France, etc. (8) In«62:1508 
Mann. Features of society in old and N. Eng. (72)64:2108 
Manners (J.) Easily accessible reading rooms.(80)*L:1469 
Mansfield. Eulogy on life of W. H. Harrison. (8)24:1596 

Manteuflfel (U.Z.v.) Violetta. (96) 38:2506 

Manzoni. Osservaz. sulla morale cattolica. (11 2)66: 5629 

Manzoni. I promessi sposi. (128) 56:5631 

Prose varie. (112) « In 56:5630 

Tragedie e poesie. (109) 66:5630 

Marc6(L.V.) La folic des femmes enceintes. (76)46:1995 

Lh valeur des 6criU des ali^n^. (76) 46:2000 

Maria-Joseph. Lifeof Saint Teresa of Jesus. (51)4:5063 

Marillao (L.f/e.) See LeGras. 

Markham. Life of R. Fairfax of Steeton. (37)...24:892 

Markoe (T.M.) Diseases of the bones. (76) 46:3574 

Marmontel (J F.) M^moires. (8) 24:2489 

Memoirs. (H) 24:2491-4 

Marrast (A.) La vie byzantine au vi« siecle. (9)..10:544 
Marryat (F.) See Lean (3fr«.F.) 

Marsh (J.) TempiTance recollections. (9) 24:2503 

Marshall (A.) Present position of economics. (73)54:363 

(E.) Under the Mendips. (64) 38:2608 

(H.) Enlistening and pensioning. (61) 46:4586 

(J.) Life of George Washington. ( 133 j»26: 304 7-51 

Marston (E.) Frank's ranche. (86) 21:2315 

Martha. Etudes morales sar Tan tiquit^. (69)...In 10:543 
Martin (EtG.) Whom God h«th joined. (1 1 1)..38:2633 

( h .) Life of Father Isaac Jogues. (133) 24:1905 

(H.N.) The human body. (76) 46:178 

(R.M.) Australia. (22) ^ *6O:4520 

Martindale. Coca, cocaine and its salU. ( 124).46:5392 
Marvin ( W.) Authorship of the four gospels. (66)3:3751 
Marx (A.B ) Ludwig van Beethoven. (9)... ..23:248.^4 

Mason (E.V.) Life of Gen. R. E. Lee. (9) 24:2181 

(F.) Story of a working man's life. (8) 24:2558 

Masson. Carlyle and his writings. (9) 24:78 

Mat^aux. George and Robert Stephenson. (37).23:1 124 
Mathews. Charles Mathews, comedian. (9).24:2571-4 

Same 24:2576 

Mat&^ (A.) Duke of Kandos. (140) .• 38:2714 

Two duchesses. (141) 38:2715 

Matthews ( J. B.) The last meeting. (78)^ 88:2729 

A secret of the sea, etc. (141) 38:2731 

a?7rfHutton. Actors ana actresses. (69)...23: 1125.1 

(109) 23:1125.2 

Mattison. Treatment of opium addiction. (76)46:2070 
Maudsley. Natur. causes, supern. seemings. (117)2:1452 

Maunder (C.F.) Operative surgery. (77) 46:3202 

Surgery of the arteries. (77) 46:3479 

Maurer. Dorfverfassung in Deutschland. (23). 66:1589 

Gesch. der Markenverfass. in Deutschl. (23) 65:1588 

Maury (L.F.A.) M6m surServius Tullius. (9)*62:1575 
Maxwell. Life of the Duke of Wellington. (9)^25: 1695 

May (K.) The pirwtes of the Red sea. (Ill) 38:2788 

Mayer (A.) Chem. Tech nologie des Holzes. (28)»62:33o3.9 
Mayhew (H.) Boyhood of Martin Luther. (9).24:2353 
Maynard. Studies and teach, of Soc. of Jesus. (51 )4:3993 
Medicus. Prufung von Nahrungsmitteln. (28).61:1785 
Mehemet All. See Mahmoud. 

Mehren (A.F.) Die Rhetorik der Araber. (114) ...1:51 1 

Meignan (V.) From Paris to Pekin. (101) 22:38 

Meigs (^A. V.)_Milk anal, and infant feeding. (13)45:2618 

(C.I).) Woman : her diseases, etc. (61) 46:4708 

Melvll (J.) Memoirs. (9) 24:2627 

Melville (H.) Battle-pieces, etc. (138) 31:2719 

Menant. Pierres gravdes de la Haute-Asie. (37)*10:6524 
M6nard. M^moire sur Glanum Livii. (54).In *62:1532 

Monumens du comt^ V^naissin. (54) *62:1532 

Meredith (G.) Advent, of Harry Richmond. (78)38:2900 

Evan Harrington. (7ft) ~ 38:2907 

The ordeal of Richard Feveral. (64)« 38:2909 

Sandra Belloni. (141) 38:2910 

Merriam. Life and times of Samuel Bowles. (37)23:2688 
Merrill. Studies in comparat. jurisprudence. (135)56:190 

Merriman (S.) Difficult parturition. (61 ) 46:4848 

Messenger (Airs.L.T.R.) Vision of gold. (138)31:2721 
Meyer ( E.t>.) Explosivk. u. Feuerwerk. (28)*62:3303.1 1 

(H.C.) Water-waste prevention. (77)...^.. ..4*5: 1246 

(K.) See Strongf (H.A.) and M. 

Michael (A. D.) British oribatidie. (74) 44:2136 

Michie (P.S.) Life and letters of E. Upton. (37)26:1367 

Mickiewicz (A.) Pisma. (112) 66:5780-82 

Middleton (J.H.) Ancient Rome in 1885. (101)10:1245 
Mignet (F.A.A.) Mary, queen of Scots. (9)..24:2537-8 
Miller (Afr«.A.M.) Bonnie Dora. (16) ^ 88:2976 

InDix Of Authors. 


Index or Authors. 

(C.H.) Destruction of Gotham. (Ill) 88:2981 

(P.) Interior decoration. (1»0) 53:142 

(iWr«.O.T.) Bird-wnys. (28) 44:1803 

Milne (.1.) Earthquakes. (133) 60:163 

(J.J.) Sol ut. of weekly pn»blem papers. (r)7).6 1:231 

Miner (M.) A memoir. (6y) 24:2691 

Mitchell (J.) Life and times of Levi Scott. (8G)..25:908 

(S.A.) Accorap. to M.'s map of the world. (Gt))6O:")05 

Geographical question book. (09). 6O:r)08 

School atlas. i69) *60:4015 

System of modern geography. (22) 60:509 

Mivart (St.G.) Nature and thought. (20) 2:1493 

Moffat (J.C.) Life of Thomas Chalmers. (9) 24:12« 

Mohr. Weinbau u. WeinbereitungPk. (28)...*62:3303.8 
Molesworth. "Us". An old fashioned story. (32)37:3261 

Mombert (J.L) Great lives. (133) 23:1147 

Mommsen (T.) Romisohe Ge^chichte. (37) 26:2335 

MontafiTUe. Genealogy of Montague family. (31)23:2115 
Monteith. Physical and intermed. geogr. (69).*6O:4019 

Montfiromery (F.) Transf«»rmed. (141) 38:3079 

Monti (V.) Opere inedito e rare. (144) 66:5637 

Moore ( F.) Songs of the southern people. (110)31: 2230 

(H.) Alary W. Shrlley. (133) 26:978 

(J.,jr.) The queen's empire. (86) 22:413 

Morand (S.) Mem. on acupuncturation. (77). ..46:3367 
Mordecai. Terminal facilit. for handl. freight.( 73)76: 2628 

Moreau (LF.) De la rd«ection des os. (77) 46:3577 

Morgran (A.) Venus and Adonis. (77) 32:3047 

(J.) Contagious diseases. (13) 46:4300 

Morison (J.H.) Ptnts as religious teachers. (79)10:3051 
Morley (J.) Critical miscellanies. (112) 33:3079.1 

(144) 33:3079.2 

Morris (E.E.) The early Hanoverians. (54) 28:122 

(H.) Surgical diseases of the kidney. (136)...46:3369 

Morrison (W.A.) Practical engineer, etc. (28)..62:766 
Morse (K.S.) Japanese homes. (28) *63:1117 

Same 63:1117 

Moser (J.) Briefweehsel. See Nioolai (C.F.) 

Stimmtliche Werke. (10) 66:838-47 

Moses ben Maimon. Le guide des 4gar^. (3)..*4:275 

The guide of the perplexed. (116) 4:286 

Mott. Biograph. sketches of persons of color. (54)23:1 169 
Mottelay an(f O. The soldier in the civil war. (9)*A:4934 

Moulin (E.) Cathaerisme rectiligne. (13) 46:4130 

Moulton. Shakespeare as a dramatic artist. (63)32:3046 
VLmXt and'W- Elements of thermal chem. (57)61:1791 
Mulder Bosgoed. Hibliotheca ichthyologica.(47)*Li:3645 
Mulhall (M.G.) Hist, of prices since 1850. (104) 64:388 

Mulholland (R) Murcella Grace. (141) 38:3225 

Miiller. Sacred books of the East. (3).*lO:2058. 1-19,21 
Mullin (S.P.) Moulding and pattcrnmaking. (57)62:1480 
Munk (S.) M<;langes de philos. juive et arabe. (3)..4:276 

Palestine. (37) *60:2165 

Munroe (C.K.) The Florida annual. (69) 21:2355 

(K.) Wakulla. (16) 38:3256 

Miintz (E.) Les precurseurs de la renaissance. (28)=^A:5215 

La renaissance en Italic et en France. (9)...* 10:6523 

A short history of tapestry. (74) 10:2377 

Murftree. The prophet of Great Smoky Mount.(32)38:3278 
Murray (B.) The dog in health and disease. (74).44:H13 
(D.C.) Aunt Rachel. (Ill) 38:3304 

(127) 38:3305.1-2 

Cynic fortune. (127) 33:3306 

Murrey (T.J.) Puddings and dainty desserts. (73)64:2703 

Valuable cooking receipts. (104) 64:2702 

Napheys (G.H.) Mod. surgical therapeutics. (77)46:3213 
Napier (M.) Memorialsof life of J. Graham. (9)24:1353 
Nasmyth and O. The moon, consid. as a plHnet.(90)42:292 

Nau (C.) History of Mary Stewart. (») 24:2547 

Nauche. Malad. propres aux femmes. (62)..46:4712-13 
Naudet(J.) De la noblesse ehez les Romains. (9)^62:1575 

Memoire sur lacohortedu preteur. (10). ..In *62:1576 

Qui a crucifie Jesus-Christ ? etc. (22) In *62:1576 

Naumann(A.) DicGrundlehrenderChomie. (28)61:1802 
Neely. Laws govern, the is^ue of munic. I)ondj4.(23)66:4032 
Neff (37t.s.sE.C.) Rudolf and Jacob Nof. (101)...23:2119 
Neil (R.A.) See Oowell and N. 

Nekrasov (N.A.) Red-nosed frost (138) 31:2751 

Newoomb (S.) Political economy. (23)^ 64:659 

Newcomb anrf Holden (E.S.) Astronomy. (75)42:290 

Newton (R.H.). Philistinism. (3) 3:3813 

Nicholson (G.) lUus. diet, of gardening. (57)*62:3188.1 

Nicolai (C.F.) Leben Justus Mosers. (37) 66:«47 

Nicolay. La vie et les ancest. d'Al. Idolossu8.( 10)^62: 1512 
Nietsohmann. Luther and the cardinal. (78).38:3635 

Ninde (M.L.) We two alore in Europe. (10) 21:549 

Noble ( A.L.) The professor's girls. (46) 38:3637 

Noel (M.) Buz: or, the life of a honey bee. (78)38:3647 

(R.) Poetry and poets. (142) « 10:3056 

Nordau (M.) Paradoxes. (112) 33:3139 

Norman (II.) The broken shaft. (46) 40:2071 

Norris (G.W.) Practical Nurgery. (1.36) 46:3216 

(W.E.) Her own doing. (127) 38:3661 

A man of his word. (32) In 40:746 

My friend Jim. (141) 38:3662 

Norton (A.) A statement of reasons. (3) 4:4736 

Nunez (M.) (pseud.) See Spencer (Mrs.) 
Oberholzer (Afr«.8.L.) Daisies of verse. (110)..3 1:2760 

O'Brien (C.) After weary years. (6*) 38:3795 

O'Connor (T.P.) The Parnell movement. (101)28:1062 

(W.D.) Hamlet's note-book. (77) 32:3048 

Offord(R.M.) Jerry McAuley. (37) 24:2390 

Oldcastle (J.) Cardinal Newman. (86) 26:278 

Oliphant ( A/ra. ) A country gentleman. (127).38:3891 

EffieOgilvie. (127) 38:3892 

Oliver (L.S.) Life of Margaret Clitherow. (101).24:300 
Olney. Atlas : compris. mod. and anc. geog. (54)*6O:4022 

0'Meara(K.) Madame Mole. (38) 24:2713 

Optic (O.) {pseud.) See Adams (w.T.) 

Or6 (C.) Compte rendu des maladies. (62) 46:3219 

Orr. Handb. to the works of R. Browning. (142)10:3623 
Oertel (P.F.W.) Der alte Vincke. (69)....In 68:2826.8 

Die Belagerung von Wien. (69) In 68:2826.7 

Benjamin Franklin. (86) In 68:2826.14 

Die Biberfangor. (128) In 68:2826.6 

Christian Furchtcgott Gellert. (69) In 68:2826.8 

Der Engel der Gefangenen. (86) ...In 68:2826.10 

Die Eroberung von Mexiko. (101) In 68:2826.16 

Franz Drake. (101) In 68:2826.1 

George Stephenson. (86) In 68:2826.11 

Hans Conrad Escher von der Linth.(133)In 68:2826.12 

Hans Joachim von Zieten. (133) In 68:2826.6 

Der Horr ist mein Schild. (128) In 68:2826.3 

James Cook. (133) In 68:2826.16 

James Watt, der Erfinder. (86) In 68:2826.11 

Johann Jacob A>tor. (69) « In 68:2820.9 

Die Kaiserin Maria Therosia. (101) In 68:2826.16 

Ein Kongo-Neger. (128) In 68:2826.2 

Eine Korsarcnjagd im ind. Inselmeere. (128)68:2826.6 

Lebensgang George Washingtons. (134)In 68:2826.18 

Letzte Ghazwah im Sudan. (128) In 68:2826.17 

Der Mann, d. uns nach Am. gew. hat. (134). 68:2826.4 

Eine Meuterei im stillon Mcore. (128)..In 68:2826.18 

Pelzjagcrd. Hudson baicompagnie. (r28)ln 68:2826.16 

Die Spinnstube fur das Jahr 1857. (128) 68:2827 

Vier deutche Heldinnen. (101) In 68:2826.16 

Von d. frischen und muth. Seydlitz. (69) In 68:2826.8 

Von Einem, der das Gluck gesucht. (128)In 68:2826.7 

WasHUs ein. Hirtenb. werden kann. (101).68:2826.16 

»Wei Ausbriiche des Vesuv's. (86) In 68:2826.13 

Ory. L*<itiolog. des syphil. malignes pr^coces. (13)46:4304 

0'Shea(J.A.) An iron-bound city. (101) 27:645.1-2 

Osmun (T.E.j The mentor. (48) 33:432 

Oesterlen. Komik und Humor bei Horaz. (142)10:4505.1 

Oswald (F.L.) Household remedies. (124) 46:2616 

Otis (F.N.) Syphilis, etc. (77) 46:4302 

Otto (F.) (pseud.) See Spamer (J.G.C.F.O.) 

(F.J.) Anleit. zur Ausmittel.der Gifte. (124)46:5816 

Praxis d. land wirthschaftLGcwerbe. (28)*62:3303.6-7 

Ouida. (pseud.) See La Raxne (L. de.) 

Owen (E.) Surgical diseases of children. (136)..46:3374 

(F.) Harty the wanderer. (141) 38:3951 

( W.M.) In camp and battle. (10) 30:37 

Packard (J.H.) Operative surgery. (136) 46:3222 

(L.R.) Studies in Greek thought. (79) 10:4332 

Pafirensteoher. Allgemeine Zoologie. (29). ..44: 4 2 8. 1-4 

Pafiret (Mrs.V.) Baldwin. (144) ^ 33:3266 

A phantom lover. (141) 88:4082 

Index of Authors. 


Index of Authobs. 

Paine (C.) The elements of railroading. (20)....76:2630 

(T.O.) Solomon's temple. (38) , *A:H40 

Painter (F.V.N.) History of education. (117). ..2:4276 

Palfln (J.) Anatomierhirurijicale. (62) 46:3226-7 

Palgrave. Life of our Lord Josiis Christ. (i)0)*'A:H423 
Palmer(A.J.) llist.of 48. rep. N.Y. State Vi.l. (70)30:51 

(J.A.,jr) Mushn»om8 of Anu'rica. (29)...M3:2r)28 

(T.n.) Historical register of the IT. S. (38).29:I778 

Palmerston ( 11 .J .T.) See Gower (O.G. L.) 

Panin (I.) Thoughts. (144) '. 33:3271 

P ansy . {pseud. ) \See Al den ( Mrs. I . M . ) 

Panton (.I.E.) Dear life. (141) 38:4131 

Pardies (I.G.) Eh-ments of geometry. (57) "^61:039 

Parish (K.) A new system of mod. gcogr. (54)...60:54 5 
Parker (F.J.) Church-building. (75) 63:561 

(J.) Apf.stolic life. (18) 6:5.")1G3 

The people's bible. (51) 3:746.1-2 

(J.M.) The midnight cry. (96) 38:4166 

(L.) S^;philitic di.<eases. (13) 46:4305 

(T.) \ iows of religion. (51) 6:5525 

(W.) Cancer. (13) 46:36r,0 

Parkes^E.A.) Urine, in health and disease. (124)46:4183 

Parkinson (K.) A treatise on paper. ( 1 19) 62:1677 

Parley (P.) (pseud.) -See Goodrich (SG.) 
Parthemore. Gencal. of l*arthemorefamiIy.(86)23:2117 
Parton ( J.) Some noted princes, authors, etc. (38)23: 1225 
Patten (S.N.) Premises of political economy. (73-64:432 
Patterson (H.) The yachtman'e guide. ('ll9)..62:l 115 

Patteson ( Mmeli.) Chips from Tunis. (70) 21:1113 

Paxton (W.M.) The Marshall family. (86) 23:2116 

Payan. Des remedes (124). ..46:4306 
Payen. Precis de chimie industriello. (90).61:1838.1-2 

Planches 61:1838 3 

Payne (W.H.) Science of education. (130) 2:5127 

Peabody. Train, schools for kindergartners. (130)2:5126 

Pears (E.) The fall of Constantinople. (10) 26:1015 

Pearson. Flights inside and outside paradise. (134)21:581 

Peck (G.W.) The grocery man, etc. (48) 33:3347 

(J.K.) Seven wonders of the new world. (70;21:2394 

Pegler (H.S.H.) The book of the goat. (90) 44:429 

Peile (S.C.F.) Lawn t. nnis a.- a game of skill. (41)10:6176 
Peirce (B.C.) Newtonian potential function. (105)61:2257 
Pellarin (A.) Hygiene des pays chauds. (62). ..46:2876 
Pelleschi. Eight months on the Gran Chaco.(102)2 1:2957 
Pelletan (P.J.) Cliniquechirurgicale. (62)... 46:3233-5 
PelOUbet. Notes, internat. lessons 1886. ( I8)....6:3872.4 
Pelton. Key toPelton'snewser. of outl. maps. (54)60:546 
Pendleton (E.) A conventional Bohemian. (46)38:4331 
Pennell (J.awrfE.R.) Canterbury pilgrimage.(87)22:2422 

Pennington (A. S.) British zoophytes. (90) 44:2475 

Pentecost. "In the volume of the book." (18).3:3877 
Percy. Pyrotechnic chirurgicale-pratique. (125)46:3375 
Perez (B.) First three years of childhood. (20). .-2:5128 
Perkins (A.J.) awrf P. Origin of geogr. names (lo2)60:548 

(C.C.) Tuscan sculptors. (134) *23:30l9-50 

See Ohamplin (J.D ,,7/'.) 

(J.B.) France under Mazarin. (134) 27:59.1-2 

(P.) (pseud.) Familiar letters. (112) 33:599 

Perringr (IV) Hard knots in Shakespeare. (:^0).32:3042 
Perry (iUr«. E.W.) Woman's Art 31us. Assoc. (105)63:157 
(J.F.) Dogs. (125) 46:5735 

(S.) Rech. sur lecalcul, et la gravelle. (136)46:4251 

(TS.) SeeUeheriV.) 

(W.S.) American colonial church. (116) *4:6014 

Perutz (H.) Industrie der Mineraliile etc. (43)62:1519.1-2 

Peters (J. P.) See Bartlett ( E.T.) 

Petit (A.) Memoire sur la retention d'urine. (125)46:4135 

Petrarca (F.) Lettere. (102) 66:5670-74 

Lettere senili. (102) 66:5075-6 

Petzholdt. Eiscn-u. Stahlschienen. (29).In *62:3303.14 
Peyer (A.) An atlas of clinical micn'scopy. ( 13)^*46:4185 

Peyton (T.) The glasse of time. (30) 31:2789 

Pfeffer (W.) Pflanzenphysiologie. (43) 43:319.1-2 

Phelps (A.) My study, and other essays. (06) 6:3947 

(3/;s.E.B.\V.) Annals of the church of Christ.( 18)4:515 

(iVwaE.S.) Burglars in paradise. (Ill) 38:4393 

An old maid's paradise. (46) 38:4:592 

Philipeaux {B,.) De la cauterisation. (62) 46:3380 

Phillips (B.) A struggle. (16) 38:4400 

Phillips (E.C.) SirH. Havelock, C. Campbell. (22)23:1241 

( W.A.) Labor, land and law. (104) 64:434 

Piatt (3/r.«<S.M.B.) In primrose time. (138) 31:2791 

A vovage to the F<»rtunate isles. ^63) 31:2790 

Picard (G.H.) A mission flower. (32) 38:4428 

Pick (T.P.) Fractur.8 and dishwations. (136)....46:3583 
Pierson. Krankheiten des Nervensvstema. (136)46:1721 
Piflfard (HG.) A guide to urinary analysis. (125)46:4186 

Pillsbury (P.) Tlie church as it is. (42) 64:1757 

Pimblett (W.M.) Stoi-y of the Soudan war. (38) 26:'9H2 

Pinkerton (J.) Modern geography. (54) »60:4151-3 

Pise (C.C.) The founders of the Jesuits. (10)...23:1224 
Pitman ( B.) ayid H. Phonographic reader. (83)... 2:3238 

(3//-«.E.R.) G. Muller and A. Reod. (38)... 23:1243 

Plato. Trnduct. du dial, de PlHton intit. Ion. (20)*62:1539 
Plinius Secundus. Boys' and girls' Pliny. (43)41:2571 
Plum ( W.K.) MiiitHry telcijraph, etc. (l05)..62:17f«2.1-2 

Plumbe (S.) Diseases of the skin. (13) 46:4428 

Polo (M.) Travels, for boys and girls. (10) 21:506 

Pomeroy. Diagnosis of diseases of the ear. (r25)46:3»<26 
Poor. Man. of railroads of the U. S. 1H85. (23)*76:2648 

Porter (C.T.) Mechmics and faith. (51).., 3:3^78 

( D.D.) Incidents of the civil war. (10) 30:66 

(N.) Kant's ethics. (83) 2:1572 

The 200. birthday of Bp. George Berkeley.( 10)23:2510 

(RP.) Bread-winners abroad. (42) 54:2112 

Posnett (H.M.) Comparative literature. (111). 10:3061 
Post (J.) Chemisch-technische Analyse. (43). ..51:1835 

Grundrisfi d. chemischen Technolocie. (43)51:H25.2 

Potter ( B. W.) The road and the roadside. (135)..55:668 
Powell. 3. report of the bureau of ethnol. (38)*10:64h0 3 

Power (J.) A treatise on midwifery. (62) 46:4856 

Praed IMrs.C.) See Gampbell Praed. 

Pratt (D.J.) The regent*?' questions. 1886. (52)..2:4161 
Pray [T.Jr.) 20 years with the indicator. (75)62:788.1-2 

Preetwich (J.) Geology. (90) 42:2018 I 

Preyer(W.) Aus Natur- u. Menschenleben. (75)41:2.566 
Pritchard. Uranometria nova Oxoni<»nsis. (75)*42:2536 

Procter (H.R.) Text-book of tanning. (43) 52:1746 

(J.R.)rtnd^haler. Geoloe. survey of Ky.(105)M2: 1529 

( R.A.) The seasons pict. in 48 sun views. (90)*42:25.33 

Strength and happiness. (88) 10:6108 

Prout. Nature and treatment of diabetes. (125).46:4036 
Puel. Des ulcerations du col de la matrice. (125)..46:4958 
Pulling. Life of marquis of Salisbury, K. G. (38)24:107 

Pusey(E.B.) Daniel the prophet. (3) 3:1557 

Putegnat ( J.D.E.) De la chlorose. (136).. 46:4717 

Syphilis des nouveau-n<js. (136) 46:4307 

Putnam I J. P.) Principles of house drainage. (57)52:1006 
Pylodet (L.) {pxe^ud.) See Leypoldt (F.) 
Qualtrougrh (E.F.) Boat sailor's manual. (106)62:1109 
Quatremere deQ. Du temple de Jupiter. (87)*62:1552 
Radestock. Uabit, and its import, in educat. ( < 1 7 )2:5276 

Radisson (P.E.) Vovagcs. (38) »29:107 

Rae (G.) The country banker. (73) 64:<53 

Raffensperger. Seventeen and twice 17. (127). ..39:33 

Ragozin (Z A.) The story of Chaldea. (54) 26:1697 

Raine (J.) Testamenta Eboracensia. (10)*27: 1103,29,44.52 

Wills and inventories. (10) *27: 1 101,37 

R^endr&lala Mitra. Indo- Aryans. (70)...lO:555.1-2 

Ralfe (C.H.) Diseases of the kidneys. (13) 46:1619 

Rambaud { A.) Popular history of Russia. ( 1 0)28:24.33 
Ramirez (S.) La riqueza mi n era de Mexico. (57)42:2151 
Rammelsbergr. Krystallogr.-phys. Chemie. (44 )5 1: 1831 
Ramsay. A bibliogr. and index to climate. (48).*Li:3240 

Ramsbotham. 01)stetric medicine. (136) 46:4860 

Rand, McNally anrf Co. Indextd business atlas. (70)..»8 
Randall-Diehl (iVr».A.) Recitations, etc, (83)..2:3801 
Rankin (J.C.) The coming of the Lord. (18)«.. 3:3896 
Ranney. Varieties and electric currents. (136)46:5540 
Rau. Prehist. fishing in Europe and N. Amer. (38)*41:1524 

Raum (G.E.) A tour around the world. (87) 21:600 

Raumer (F.r.) England in 1835. (10) 22:2426 

Same • 22:24^7.1-3 

Rayer. Traitedes maladies de la peau. (13)...46:4432-3 

Planches *46:4434 

Raymond (G.L.) A life in song. (138) 31:2827 

Poetry as a representative art. (83) 2:3963 

Reade (C.) The white elephant. (Ill) » 89:173 

Index op Authors. 


Index OF Authors. 

Reolus(E.) Nouvelleg^ogr.universeille.(38)*60:4l 58.1-1 1 
Reea (J.R.) Tho pL-asuresof a book worm. (U4)33:.'^475 

Reeves (K.H.) Bad drains. (44) 62:1007 

Reginald o/ D. De Cuthberti virtutibus. (10^*27: 1 1 00 

Libellus de vita et mirac. 8. (iwirici. (87).. *27:1110 

Reid (A.) A first book of geograpby. (102) 60:r)t;i> 

(T.W.) Alauleverer's millions. (127) 39:277 

Reinaud. La Mesene et la Kharacene. (:^8)In^62: 574 

L(» periple de la mcr Krythree. (38) In*62:1574 

Reischauer (K.) Die Chcmie des Biere.Ji. (44)..62:1505 
Reissmann. Life and works of K Schumann. (70)26:90.3 
Remingrton ( J.P) Practice of pharmacy. ( 1 25).46:5277 

Remlap (M.T.) Select read ing.«». {^2) 2:3031 

R^musat. Des sciences nat. de rAsiiorient. (7!))*62:1500 
Renan. Ij& dynastie des Lysanias d' Abilvne. (38)^62: 157G 

L'hifjtoire phenicienne'de Sanch^»niMthon.(3^<)^62:1573 

Renard (A.) Corps gras : huiles, grais-e.<», etc. (4-1 )62: 1 727 
Renter. Le con?eil de guerre tenu par Titus. (70)- 62: 1 576 

Un« inscription decouv. a Orleans. (134). In *62:1576 

Rennie (A.) Asthma, consumption, etc. ( 13»))..46:2138 
Rettigr v^.) Leitf. d. Bibliothekverwaltung. (-18). ^ L:1478 
Reuter. Kelig. Aufkl. im Mittelalter. (18).. 10:21 78. 15-16 
Rhees. Catal. of publicat. of Smithson. lu^X. (48)..«L:5351 
Rhind. First class-book of phys-icnl geogr. (38)..60:21l 
Rhoidis (E.) Pope Joan (the female pope). (11G)..4:2814 
Ribot (T.) German psychology of to-day. (83 ;..2: 738.22 
Rice ( A.T.) Keminisc. of Abraham Lincoln. (134)24:22iM) 

Rich(E.) Germany and France. (70) *27:3004 

Richards (E.H.) Food materials. (136) 46:1922 

(L.E.) The joyou-i story of Toto. (32) 39:310 

Richardson (J.) Mechanical dentistry. (02). ..46:4400 

(L.) The dark city. (134) 22:2423 

Richter. Chem. of the carbon compounds. (57)61:1854 
Richthofen. Cattle raising on plains of N. A. (44)62:2940 
Rioker(N.C.) Elementary graphic ttatics. (57)..62:287 

Ricord ( P.) Lettres .sur la syphilis. (14) ^46:4308 

Rideinsr (W.U.) A little upstart. (32) 39:409 

Thackeray's I^ndon. (80) 33:3498 

Ridley (M.L.) Sent to Coventry. (78) 39:413 

Ridpath(J.C.) Cyclop.of universal history. (39)«26:3274 

Riehl (W.ll. r.) Freie Vortrage. (39) 10:5i>7.1-2 

Rigby (E.) A system of midwifery. (14) 46:4864 

Riker (J.) Harlem (city of New York). (102)..*3O:l714 

Riley (J W.) The boss girl. (64) 39:420 

Ritch. The history of New Mexico. (70) 21:2420 

Ritchie (Air». A. L) Mrs. Dy niond. (46) 39:2869 

Ritter (F.Ij.) Manual of musical history. (63) ..10:2577 

(K.) Comparative geography. (54) 60:574 

Die Erdkunde im Verhiiltn. zur Natur. (54)..60:726 

Rivers (T.) The miniature fruit garden. (119).62:2492 
Robbins (A/r«.S.S.) Dick. (78) 39:469 

Nan. the missionary. (78) 39;468 

Robert (J. B.) Surgery of the human brain. (130)46:3442 

(.M.) Nouv.traitedesmalad. veneriennes. (14)46:4309 

(P.C.) Dupouvoirde Maurice Tit)ere. (134)*f^2:1580 

Roberts (E.) Santa Barbara, etc. (134) 21:2433 

(W.) Urinary and renal diseases. (14) 46:4040 

Robertson (G.C.) Hobbes. (83) 2:242 

( J . F. ) See Forbes-Robertson. 

Robinson (C.S.) Sermons in 8<»ngs. (18) 6:5013 

(E.) Physical geogr. of the Uoly Land. (54)60:2225 

(F.M.) Irish history for English readers. (87)..28:9f<3 

(H.P.) Picture making by photography. (44)62:1628 

The studio, and what to do in it. (44) 62:1629 

(VV.C.) Philip IL (102) 27:864 

( W.C.) Introd. to early Eng. literature. (79) 10:3650 

Rochefort (G.D.rff.) La morale d'llerodote. (20)«62:1539 

L objet do la traged. chez les Grecs. ( 1 1 l)In -^62: 1539 

Rockstro ( W.S.) General hist, of music. ( ilO) 10:2548 
Rodenbough (T.F.) Afghani.«tan, etc. (10). ...26: 1710 
Rodwell (G.F.) Dictionary of science. (75)....«61:2276 
Roe (E.P.) Ue fell in love with his wife. (141). ..39:614 

Nature's serial story. (141 ) 39:61 1 

(M.A.) A long search. (64) 39:590 

Rogers (J.E.T.) Tho British citizen. (73) 64:^90 

Rohlfe (A/vs.A.K.G.) The mill mystery. (64) 37:3408 

Rolland (J.) . The court of Vcniis. (114) *1:4353 

Rollins ^ A.W.) The story of a ranch. (16) 39:634 

Romanes (G. J.) Animal intelligenco. (57) 44:611 

Romilly. West. Pacific and New Guinea. (134)22:2759 

Roosevelt (R.B.) Love and luck. (127) 39:641 

(T ) Hunting trips of a ranchman. (88) 10:6023 

Ropes (J.C.) The first Napoleon. (39) 26:105 

Roquette (C.) Physiolngie des v^neriens. (14).46:4310 
Rdrer (Mrs.S.T.) Philadelphia cook book. (104)64:2719 

Rose (J.) Modern steam engines. (119) *62:3097 

Rosengrarten. Ger. soldier in wars of U.S. (102)*B:375.1 

Same 29:1835 

Ross (.1.) Disieases of the nervou-s system. (136).46:1727 

( M.) am/S. Highlands of Cantabria. (102)22:2174 

Rossetti ( W. M . ) See Shelley i P. B.) 

Rossig^nol. Le chcDur des Grenouilles. (79)In*62:1571 
Roth. Allgemeine u. chemische (ieologie. (44).42:2032.1 
Roubaud (F.) Impuissance et sterilite. (62). ...46:4041 
Rougr^. Les monuments de Manetht»n. (70)ln*62:1575 
Rousseau. Emil, oiler Uber die Erziehung. (20).2:5371 
Rouvre ( P. B. de.) See Oraighill. 

Rowe (K.) The boy in the bush. (16) 39:684 

Royce. California from the conquest in 1848. (70)30:349 
Royle (('.) Egyptian campaigns, 1882-5. (102).26:1983 
Ruelens. La prem. relat. de C. Colomb (1493). (39)*29: 140 

Ruskin (J.) Deucalion. (119) 41:2628.1-2 

Mis<rellanea. (144) 33:3544.1-2 

"Our fathers have told us." (116) 4:517.1 

Val d'Arno. (106) 10:2387 

Russell (P.) The literary manual. (142) 10:3066 

( W.C.) In the middle watch. (47) 39:759 

Ruysch (F.) Observ. anatom. et chirurg. (62)In 46:3227 
Ryder ( A.U.) Hold up your heads, girls. (144)..33:443 

8 (t>.T.) Mu.«tard leaves. (32) 39:995 

**S ( K.T.") Can matter think? (130) 2:738.28 

Saalfeld (G.A.E.A.) Ten.^aurus Italograjcus. (114)1:5703 

Sachs ( .J . ) See Goebel ( K ) 

Sacy ( A. IS.) See Silvestre de Sacy (A.I.) 

Sadlier ( A . ) See Herchenbach . 

Saint- Amand. Empress Mario Louise. (102). 24:2437 

Sai nt- Marti n de Li. Maladies veneriennos. (14)46:4312 

Sainte-Croiz. Observations surZosime. (79)In *62:1549 

Saintsbury (G.) Marlborough. (87) 24:216 

Specimens of English prose style. ^79) 10:3659 

Sajous (C.E.) Hay fever. (14) 46:2707 

Salmond (C. A.) Memorials of Eliza Fletcher. (39)24:945 
Salomon ibn-Gebirol, La Source de vie de. (3)In 4:276 

Salomons (A.) Diseases of the eye. (136) 46:3958 

Salter (S..I.A.) Dental pathology. (136) 46:4493 

Samuelson. Rou mania, past and present. (102)22:1462 
Sanborn (F.B.) Life and genius of Goethe. (79)10:4177 

The life of John Brown. (39) 23:2746 

{Miss II..I.) Winter in Central Amer. et«i. (102)21:2786 

{Mvis K.) Vanity and insanity of genius. (48)33:3557 

Tho wit of women. (48) \ 33:3558 

Sandison (H.), The theory of the school. (130)..2:5408 

Sangrr6e. (pseud.) Mignonnette. (32) 39:1100 

Sankey. Spartan and Theban supremacies. (87)26:2107 

Saporta (G.) Die Pflanzenwelt. (75) 42:1337 

Sargrent (F.L.) Cryptogams. (119) 43:572 

Saulcy. Divers apparcilsdema9onnerie. (134)In *62:1576 

Line inscription decouv. a Marsal. (70)..In *62:1566 

Les monuments d'Aaraq-el-Emyr. (39)..In *62:1576 

Sept siecles do Thistoire judaique. (3).. 4:278 

Saunders (F.) Pa.sti me papers. (48) 33:3573 

Savage (M.J.) The religious life. (4) 3:3933 

Sayce ( A.H.) Assyria: its princes, priests, etc.(55)26:1714 
Scanzoni (F.W. v.) Sexual organs of women. (62)46:4720 
Schack. l^>e8ie u. Kunst d. Arab, in Spanien. (39) 10:4604 

Schafer ( E.A.) Es-sentials of histology. (136) 46:6.'J3 

Schafif. St. Augu.stin, Melanchthon, Neander. (67)4:4990 

ami Oilman. Library of religious poetry. (31 )3 1:2259 

Schech. Diseases of the mouth, throat, etc."(l 6)46:2281 
Schenk(A.) Handbuch der Botanik. (29...)43:336.1-3 
Scherer(W.) Hist, of German literature. (79)l10:41 78.1-2 
Soherzer. A^'irthschaftl. Leben der Vtilker. (42)*64:527 
Schiller (J.C.F.r.) Ausgewjlhlte Briefe. (134)..26:2352 

Schliemann (H.)artrfD. Tiryns. (55) *10:6355 

Sohmid (A.E.tJ.) Chennscho technologie. (75).62:1403 
Schmidt (E.) Lehrb. derpharmaceut. Chemic.(44)61 : 1 899 

(O.) Mammalia in relat. to primev. times. (57)42:1338 

Schmoffer. Life of Anna C. Emmerich. (87)24:869.1-2 

Index of Authors. 


Indix of Authors. 

Sohoenhof ( J.) Industrial situation, etc. (42)..54:2137 
Schopenhauer. The world as will and idea. (117)2:738.7 
Sohott. Frecipitat. in rain and snow, in U. S.(57)*41:1523 
Schooler (J.) Hist, of the United States. (11)29:1843.2-3 
Schrader. Ursprungderaltbah. Cultur. (70)...* 10:63 19 

Schreiber (G.) Die achattenU-hre. (44) 63:815 

Schubin (O.) (pseud.) See Kiirschner (L.) 

Sohultz. Chemie des St(inki»hlentheei-8. (44)52:1^20.1-2 

Schultze (F.) Fetichism. (102) 10:2178.10 

Schumacher (O.) Across the Jordan. (102)....6O:2226 
Schiirer (£.) Uist. of the Jewish people. (82)4:284.1-2 

116 4:284.3 

Schiitzenberfirer. |Trait^ do chimio. (44)..51:l0l2.l-4 

Schuyler (E.) Anitrican diplomacy. (73) 64:892 

(G.W.) Colonial New York. (3?) 29:1029.1-2 

SchwarzenberfiT. Technol.derchem.'Prod. (29)*62:3303 
Schwatka (F.) Along Alaska's great river. (39)21:2476 

Niinrod in the north. (41) 10:6016 

Sch'Weigsrer. Hand-book of ophthalmology. ( 136)46:3962 
Scott (J.) New and universal gazetteer. (102)*6O: 595-8 

(L.) Sculpture, (l^o) 10:2638 

(S.P.) Through Spain. (87) 22:2160 

(W.) Marmion. (31) 31:1543 

Scriver (C.) Gotthold'a emblems. (116) 5:2903 

Scrope. Days and nights of salmon fishing. (41)10:5945 
Scudder ( H.£.) Stories and romances. (Ml) ...39: 1512 

Seaton (B.C.) Vaccination. (136) 46:2942 

Secousse. Julius SabinusetEpponina. (ll)In *62:1506 
Seddon. Builder's work and the build, trades. (106)62:1008 

Seely (H.) A lone stnr Bo-Peep. (64) 39:1547 

Seeley (H.G.) Fresh-water fishes of Europe. (106)44:801 

(J.K.) Short history of Napoleon I. (87) 25:112 

SefiTuin (E.G.) Myelitis of the anterior horns.( 137)46: 1786 
SefiTura a'!'/ O. El cultivo de aleuna.s plantas. (57)52:2290 

Seinecke (L.) Gesch. des VoTkes Israel. (67) 4:283 

Same 4:216 

Sel88(J.A.) Right life. (116) 3:3932 

Semple (R.H.) See Bretonneau (P.) 

Senator (H.) Albuminuria. (137) In *46:22 

Sergreant (A.) No saint, (ill) 39:1559 

Serre (T.) La triere ath^nienne. (70) In ♦61:1978 

Seth(A.) Scottish philosophy. (83) 2:738.25 

Severn (L.) Heaven's gate. (96) 39:1506 

Seymour ( M.) See Ohaucer. 

Shakespeare (W.) New variorum ed. of S. (110)32:1037 

Shaler (N.8.) See Procter {J.R.) and S. 

Shand (A.I.) Fortune's wheel. (127) 39:1615 

Sharp (J. A.) A new gazetteer. (102) *60:2445-6 

Shaw(F.L.) Col. Cheswick's campaign. (78)...39: 1609 

Shedd. Doctrine of endless punishment. (07) 3:5195 

Sheldon (A/ra-G.) Stella Kosovelt. (141) 39:1620 

(H.C.) History of christian doctrine. (19)4:2670.1-2 

Shelley (P.B.) Poetical works. ^63) ♦31:2867.1-3 

Shepard (U.) Great cities of the anc. world. (87)21:643 

Great citit-s of the modern world. (39) 21:641 

(J.H.) Elements of inorganic chemistry. (44)51:1925 

(W.) Enchiridion of critici. m. (48) 33:3662 

Our young folks' hist, of Koman empire. (30)26:2396 

Sheref-eddin All. Hist, of Timur-Bec. (55)25:1311-12 

Sherman (W.T.) Memoirs. (102) 25:1007.1-2 

Shevitch (S.) See Ventura ( L.D.) and &. 
Shoemaker (CC.) Youne folks' dialogues. (83).2:3827 

(iVr« J.W.J Young folks' speaker. (83) 2:3828 

Shropshire. Knights of Pythiat^ law book. (23)10:5296 
Shumway (E.S.) A dav in ancient Rome. (39)10:1257 
Siddons (J.H.) The Shakespearian referee. (13x)32:3057 
Sidgr^ick. The scope of economic science. (73).54:533 
Sidney ( M .) {pseud.) See liOthrop ( Mrs.U. M . ) 
Siegmund. W under der Physik u. Chemie. (44)51:2292 

Sighart (J.) Albert the Great. (134) 23:2212 

Sil vestre de Sacy (A.I.) Djavidan khired.( 11 2)^62: 1559 

La litterature parmi lea Arabes. (79) In *62:1550 

M<!m. sur Les mille et une nuits. (112) *62:1560 

Quelqucs inscriptions arabes. (87) In ^62:1552 

Simmons. Constitution of courts martial. (135). 55:969 

Simpson (J. Y.) Diseases of women. (62) 46:4723 

Sims. Handb. to library of the Brit, museum. (48)^Li:306! 
Sinclair (A.) Locomotive engine running. (58). 52:809 
Sinnett (A.P.) Karma. (127) 39:1718 

Slade (D.D.) Diphtheria. (62) ^ 46:2.^25 

Sleigh (W.VV.) The science of surgery. (137). ..46:3263 

Sleight (M.B.) Pulpit and easel. (32) 39:1752 

Smart (H.) Bad to beat (127) ..39:1784 

Smith (A.) Thoory of moral sentiments. (20) 2:16«0 

(Mrs E.M.) Woman in sacred song. (03) 63:1800 

(G.B.) Prime ministers of C^. Victoria. (102)23:1399 

Vietor Hugo. (39) ...24:1781 

(G.P.) The law of field sports. (135)« 65::074 

(H.) Practical gynwcologv. (62) 46:472.S 

(H ) See Guild (R.A.) 

(J.C.) Harper's Stat, gazett of the world. (102 ,♦60:603 

(J.E.A.) Hist, of Berkshire co., Mass. (70).^3O:3234 

(Mr«J.G.) Atla: a story of the lost island. (78)39:1917 

lMrs.L.T.) The autocrat of the nursery. (32 i38:2848 

York plays. (31) ..*32:217 

(iWra.M.P.W.) Miss Ellis's mission. (134)....24:853 

(PH.) The Green MounUin boyb. (55) 29:1847 

(R.H.) The science of businesss. (24) 64:668 

(R.M.) Modern eeography. (103) ♦60:4025 

(R.S.) Topographical drawing. (44) 63:827 

(S.) David's repenUnce. (4) *3:1404 

(T.) Examination of anaesthesia. (125) 46:5488 

(W.) A dictionary of the bible. (4) 3:5716 

(W.ll.) Bacon and Shakespeare. (31) 32:3037 

Charles Hammond. (104) 54:1560 

(W.R.) Kinship in early Arabia. (103)., 10:644 

Snead (T.L.) The fight for Missouri. (S.*)).., 30:130 

Snell. Erster Unterricht in der Philosophie. (1 17)2:738.26 
Sola, (ptieud.) See Tyler (J.) 

Solon (L.M.) Art of the old Eng. potter. (5S)«63:282l 
Sophia of Han. and others. Brief wet hsel. (87)^28: 1298.26 
Sorley (W.R.) On the ethics of naturalism. (k3)2: 738.24 
Souchay (J.B.) Los sectes philosophiques. (117)^62:I514 
Southby. Handb. of practical brewing. (90). ...52: 1506 

Souvestre (E.) The chamois-hunter. (127) 39:2068 

Spalding. Prot. reformat, in Germanv, etc. (19)..4:1289 
Spamer(J.G.C.F.().) Auf hohen Thronen. (55).23:1I92 

and others. Deutsche Dichter, etc. (70) 23:1189 

Speed (T.) The wilderness road. (87) ^29:3181 

Speight (T.W.) A barren title. (32) 39:2073 

Spence and others. Thirty thousand thoughts.( I9)*3:6186.4 

Spencer {Mrs.) The story of Mary. (32) 39:2093 

(H.) Ecclesiastical institutions. (42) 64:2240 

Education. (52) ..2:5530 

and Harrison. The insuppressible book. (51)3:4016 

Spenser (E.) Story of the Red Cross knight. (32)39:2091 

Sperino (C.) La syphilisation. (125) 46:4314 

Spon(K.) Workshop receipts. (90) 52:1407 

Spooner(T.) Records of William Spooner. (103J23:2122 

Spring (L.W.) Kansas. (24) ..54:1787 

Spurgeon (C.H.) The treasury of David. (116)3:1400.7 

Spyri (J.) Rico and Wiseli. (64) 39:2139 

Squire (B ) Diseases of the skin. (137) 46:4443 

Stables (W.G.) Stanley Gmhame. (32) 39:2150 

Stafford (W.A.H.) Broken bonds. (64) 39:2154 

Stanley (J.) A daughter of the gods. (127) 39:2162 

Stannard (iVr«. U.E.V.P.) Army society. (111)39:2168 

CavHlry life. (96) ...40:620 

In quarters with the 25. dragoons. (90) 40:6!3 

A man of honor. (47) ...40:619 

Pluck. (Ill) 39:2167 

Stanton (E.C.)a«rf o/Aer#. Woman suffrage. (42)54:2003 
( E. ) (pseud. ) See Hughes ( T. P. ) 

Starr ( L.) Diseases of the digestive organs. (137)46:5055 
Stebbins. Delsarte system of drama t. express. (83)2:3472 

Stedman (E.C.) Poets of America. (79) 10:3287 

Steele ((J.M.) Outl. study of polit. economy. (24). 54: 534 

(J.D.awrf E.B.) Brief history of Rome. (30)26:2401 

( K.) Selections from the Tatler, etc. (48). ..33:3886 

(T.S.) Paddle and portage. (39) 21:2503 

Stein (A.) {pseud.) .S'«<; Nletschmann (H.O.) 

(L.p) DiefrHnzosischeGcsellsch.seit 1848.(24)54:1379 

Gegenw u. ZukunftdwrRechts-u.Staatgw. (24)54:1380 

Die indiLstrielle Gesellschaft. (24) 64:2143 

Die Landwirthschaft in d. Verwaltung. (24)64:1370 

Die Lehre vom Ht»erwesen. (24).. 64:1381 

System der Staatswissenschafl;. (24) 64:1375 

Der Wucher und sein Becht. (24) 54:535 

Index of Authors. 



^teinbacher. Die mannliche Impotenz. (137)46:4046 
Stephen (•JF.) The story of Nuncumar. (24)55:4603.1-2 

(L.) Life of Henry Fa wcett. (f>5) 24:913 

(V.) Wrinkles in electric lighting (58)„52:1552.17 

Btern (S.M.) Studien und Plaudereicii. (82) 1:1621.1 

and{\\.) Studien u. Plauder. im Vaterl. (82)1:1621.2 

Stevenson (J.) Denfness. (125) 46:383«< 

(R.L.) Kidnapped. (127) 39:2258 

Prince Otto: a roniHnce. (78) 39:2265 

Strange ciise of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (47)39:2264 

(T.) Design and construct, of hiirbours. (10'>). 52:310 

Stewart ^A.P.) Typhus and typhoid fever. (l:<7)*46:22 

(T*-^) Diseases of the nervous system. (14).4e: 1725 

Stickler. The Adirondacksas a houUh re8ort.(lH7)46:5Ul 
Stockton (F.R.) The Christmas wreck, etc. (141)39:2312 

The late Mrs. Null. (78) 39:2M11 

Stoddard ( J. T.) General chem. Non-metaK*.(120)6I:iJ»48 

(W.O.) Red Beauty. (141) 39:2:^16 

Two Arrows. {7i<) 39:2H09 

Stokes (G.G ) On li^ht. (90) 61:2:»67.2 

Stone (1< F.) Modern medicine. (137) 46:1051 

Stonehengre. (pffeud.) 5ee Walsh (.IH.) 
Stoney(B.B.) Strength of riveted joints. (90)...52:317 

Theory of stresses in girders. (75) 52:316 

Storrs (C.) The Starrs family. (71) *23:3062 

Story (VV.W.) FmmmettH. (16) 39:^314 

Poems. (63) 31:1604 1-2 

Straub (J.) The consolations of science. (116). ...3:5106 
Straus. Hepublic. form of '.overn. in U.S. (42)..54:1374 
Strickland. Lives «»f the queens of Kngland. (7l)23:l'»30 
Strong (H. A.) flwrfM. Hit. of Ger. Inngungc. (114)1:230 

(,J.) Our country. (1:<5) 54:1558 

Stuart. How to beci»me a sucee^-s. engineer. (120)62:>520 
Stukeley { W.) Family memoirs nf S. (r.).*27:l 172.5 

Stumxn (H.) Russin in central Asia. (55) 26:1715 

Stiirenburg (C.) Klein DeuUchUnd. (71) 21:2.^14 

SturgiS (.1.) John Mnidment. (47) 39:2402 

Sullivan (R.) GeogrHphy genera I i/.ed. (87) 60:<5'.5 

(T.R ) Roses of shadow. (M2) 39:2424 

Sully (•!.) Outlines of psychology. (52) 2:5602 

Psychology. (117) 2:738.30 

Sumner (W.G.) Political and social pciencp. (24)64:672 

Sutherland {Duke of.) :See Gower (G.G.L.) 

Sutton (-KH.) Intn.d. to general pulholo^ry. (125)46:10'>4 

Swaine(S.A.) General Gordon. (55).r 24:1394 

Turner the art'.st. (39) 26:1350 

Swan (A.S.) Adam Hepburn's vow. (06) 39:2436 

Swaysland (W.) Familiar wild bird?. (Oo)*44:i 877.1-2 
Swediaur (F.) Sympttmis of syphilis. (i:n)...46:4>{ll 
Sweet. An Icelandic primer with grammar. (114)1:1793 

Swinburne ( A.C ) Vict.»r Hui^o. (79) 10:39:>9 

Sybel. Geschichto des ersten Kreuzzuij!*. (39)...26:104H 
Tacitus. Annal. abcxroi'gudivi Augusti libri. (114)1:3647 
Tadema [Mis^ L.) See Alma-Tadema {Mias L. ) 

Taft (.1.) Operative dentiftry. (125).... 46:4406 

Taine (HA.) The French revolution. (39).. 27:251 1-3 

Talmage (T.D) Sermons. (51) 5:5779 

Tappan (K.T.) Geometry and trigonometry. (75)51:051 
Tardy ( I-.) Life of St. Clare of Montefalco. ( I li;).4:5057 
Tasso (T.) Dinloghi. (110) 56:5727-9 

Leltere. (103) 

Tauler (.1.) The following of Chri>t. (116) 5:2974 

Taylor (G.H.) Paralysis. (137) 46:1882 

(VV.C.) The modern British Plutarch. (7I).23:1579 

(VV\M.) Joseph the prime-minister. (116) 4:4091 

Tegg(\V.) Wills of their own. (80) 33: <990 

Tegoborski. Productive forces of Ru.ssia. ^87)60:3ri7-18 
Temple ( U.J.) See Gower (G.G. L.) 

**Tenace, Major. " Handb(»ok of whist. (41)... 10:6262 
Tennyson (A.) Tiresia.*, and other poems. (6;h). 31:2911 
Tenon. Mem. sur Tanat. la path, ot laehir. (125)46::>275 . 
Terentius Afer (P.) £unuchus, comoe li.i. (i 14). 1:3645 
Terhune. Common sense in the nursery. (14)..45:l60i9 
Thackeray ( A/w# A.l ) See Ritchie ( A/r«.A.I.) 
( VV.M.) Contributions to *• Punch. " (80)... 33:4028 

Miscellaneous essays. (80)., 33:4027 

Thalheimer. An outline of general history. (55)26:529 
ThausiDg (J.E.) Preparation of malt. (90).....52:1507 
Thayer (K.H.) Wild flowers of Culurado. (58).*A:5816 

Thayer (S.H.) Songs of Sleepy Hollow. (63). ..31:2914 

(W.M.) From tannery to White hous6. (55)24:1384 

Thiers. Atlas des camp, de la revolut fran^. (39)*60:4571 

Thisted (W.A.) Letters from hell. (51) 5:4247 

Thomas (J) Pronouncing med. dictionary. (125)*46:425 

(R.) Divine sovereignly, etc. (61) 5:5800 

Thompson (D.W.) Day dreams, etc. (52) 2:5662 

(H.) Diseases of the urinary organs. (14).. ..46: 4050 

Same 46:4051 

Treatment of calculous disease. (14) 46:4256 

Same 46:4257 

(H M.) The word and the logos. (51) 3:4017 

( M.) By-ways and bird notes. (80) 33: »045 

(R.E.) Pn.tection to home industry. (73) 54:687 

(S.) The humbler p.»ets. (63) 31:2272 

Thomson (A/r/r.K.H.) Celebr. friendships. (71 )23:15Hl-2 

(W.M.) The land and the laiok. (55) *22:579.3 

Thorne ( F.) {pseud. ) Sen Smith ( Mrs. .M.P. W.) 
Thornton ( Mr^.A. W.) Autobiography. (87)..*27:1 161 

(W.P.) On tracheotomy. (137) ...46:3395 

Thurn. Amoncf the Indians of Guiana. (39) ....21:29.30 
Thurston ( Friction in machinery. (44)...52:»I66 

Materials of construction. (44) 52:326 

Tidball (M.L.) Barbara's vafi:aries. (Ill) 39:30:i6 

Tiernan (M.S.) Suzette. (16) 39: t035 

Tiffany. Spec, agents and adjusters assistant. (104)76:2469 
Tilden ( W.A.) See V^atts (H.) 

Tilley (A.) Liternt. of the French renaissance. (79)10:3960 

Tilt (K.J.) The change of life. (125) 46:4731 

Titcomb. Mind-cure on a niatcrial ba*is. (52)..2:73S.2l 
Todd(C.B.) Life and letters of Joel Rnrlow. (71)23:2429 

Todhunter (1) The conflict of studies. (52) 2:^677 

ToUens ( R.) Unterricht in der Chemie. (44)... .51: 1963 

Tolstoi (L.N.) Anna Karenina. (78) 39:3054 

Childhood, bi.yhood, yuuth. (127) 39::^05l 

Christ's Christianity. (82) 3::<268 

Mv religion. (52) 3:4015 

War and p»nco. (47) 39:30:>8.1-2 

Tomes {.J.ondC.S.) Dental surgery. (125).. 46:4499 

Tomkinson (E..M.) Benjimin Franklin. (:^9)..24:I044 
Tonge. Heraldic visitation of the north. (87)...*27:1I40 

Torr (C'.) Khodos in ancient times. (103) 10:965 

Tosti (L.) Opere complete. (144) *56:5735.1-3 

Towle (G.M.) England in Egypt. (39j 26:1988 

Young people's history of England. (71) 28:370 

Towne (H.R.) A treatise on cnmoa. (58) 52:652 

Townsend (L.T.) The bible of the 19. century. (-1)3:584 

Toynbee (J) The diseases of the ear. (14) 46:3843 

Traill (H.D.) Shaftesbury (the fir^ Earl). (10;h)..24:398 
Tredwell. Life of ApoUonius of Tyana. (67).....4:*^»89 

A monogniph on privately illu.^. b<M»k8. ( l^)..*Li:284l 

Treitschke. I9. Jahrh. (71)28:1762.2 
Treuille (A.) Traits des malad. veneriennes. (14)46:4317 
Treves (F.) A manual of surgery. (137)....46:<278 1-3 
Trimble. Pract and analytic, chemiiitry. (5«)..5 1:1980 

Troilius (M.) Chemistry of iron. (44) 51:1962 

Trollops (A.) An old man's love. (16) 39:3226 

Trowbridge (J.T.) The little master. (141) 39:3306 

The saiin-wood box. (16) 39:^305 

Trueba y Cosio. Romance of hist.-Spain. (141)39:3578 
Trumbull (H.C.) The blood covenant. (4)...10:2i7.'^.18 

Tucker {Mrs. C.) Pictures of St. Paul. (67) 5:3140 

( W.J.) Life and society in east. Europe. (1 34)22: l»9l 

Tucker-Macchetta. Life of Gust. Dure. (4'»)..24:69J 
Tulloch. Religious thought in Britain. (4)....10:2I78.17 

Tunison (J.S.) The Cincinnati riot. (71) 30:1634 

Tupper (M.F.) Autobiography. (134) 25:1351 

Turnbull (L.) Diseases of the car. (14) 46:3846 

Turner (Afrs.C.H.) Cyclop, of fl-riculturo. (58)*43:2537 

(F.C.) A short history of art. (90) 10:2397 

Tuthill(W.B.) The suburban cotUg^. (58) 52:991 

Tyerman (T.F.) The nom's rotation. (58) 42:389 

Tyler (J.) Waymarka; or, Sola in Europe. (87)22:1093 

(S.) Memoir of Roger Brooke Taney. (40) 25: 1254 

Tymms (S.) The family topographer. (87)... 60:2461-7 
Tyrwhitt ( R.S.j An amateur art-book. ( 1 20) ... 63:263 

Underbill ( A.F.) Etchings in verse. (77).. 31:2932 

Upmann fJ.) Das Scbiesspulver. (58)...In *52:330<.ll 
Upshur (J.N.) Diflorden of menstruatioo. ( 137)46:4734 

limSX OF AutHOftS. 


iNDiJt or AuTHOBa 

tJpton. The standard operas, their olots, etc. (31)53:2347 
Uricoeoheu (E.) Mapoteca colombiana. (48)... *Ij:3366 
Vacher (S.) 15. cent. Italian ornampnt. (75)...*A:>«861 
Valentine. East, tales by many story tellers. ( 1 41 )89:3(j34 

Valera (J.) Pepita Ximcnez. (127) 39:3636 

VamMry (A.) Coming struggle for India. (40)26:1856 
Van Buren «»</ K. Gen ito-urin. organs. (r26).46:4056 
Vandegrift (M.) Rose Raymond's wards. (32)39::^646 
Van Home. Tent lire in the Holy Land. (55). ..22:572 
Van Rhyn (G.A.F.) What and how to read. (48)*L:3081 
Van Vorst (P.B.) Without a compass. (32). ...39:3662 
Van Zile (E.S,) Wanted— a sensMtion. (127). ..39:3638 

Varley (J.P.) Sylvian; a tragedy. (63) 31:29^0 

Vasili (P.) (p«^t«/.) La society de Londres. (40)22:2501 

The wurld of London. (40) 22:2503 

Vauz (C B.) Canoe handling. (41) 10:5H8l 

Veeder (N.) ComKalllsm. (73) 64:688 

Veitch. Lucretius and the atomic theory. (1 17)..2:1849 
Ventura a^K/ S. Misfits and remnants. (141). ...39:3672 

Verdi (T.S.) The infant philosopher. (137) 46:1784 

Vere (S.E.) Some wise saws, etc. (24) 64:685 

Verfirilius Maro. See Viririlius Maro. 

Verity (JS.) New system of ph<»nogrHphy. (83) 2:3237 

Verne (J) The exploration of the world. (55)...vsl:7oo 

Vemey (F.P.N.) Cottier owners. (104) 64:2873 

Vilmorin-Andrieux. Vegetable gardens. (90).62:2718 
Vincent ( A.J .H.) Le calendrier dcs Liigides.( 7 1 )*62: 1 576 

(E.) andD, Handb. to modern Greek. (2)1:1647.39 

(Mra.H.) 40,(i00 miles over land etc. (103). ..21:686 

— (.J.H.)anrfH. Lesson commentary. 1886. (19)3:1887 

— (M.R.) Christ as a teacher. (67)' 3:3100 

Viningr (E.P.) An inglorious Columbus. (40) 29:152 

Vinton (A.D.) The Pomfret mystery. (96) 39:3747 

Virffilius Maro. Ancient lives of Vergil. ( 79) 10:4503 

— Works. (2) 1:3955 

Vofifel (A.) Diseases of children. (14) 46:5u70 

Waddell. Design, of iron highway bridges. (58)62:338 
Waddinsrton. Du rheteur ^El. Aristide. (71)*62:1576 
Wahl ( W.A.) See Brannt ( W.) and W, 

Wailly (J.N.) M^moircsur Joinville. (112) In ♦62:1578 

Memuire sur saint Louis. (71) In *62:1576 

WaiteB(A.) Forgotten meanings. (114) 1:758 

Waldstein. EsJsays on the art of Pheidias. (58)*10:6r)26 
Wales (P.S.) Mechanical therapeutics. (138).. .46:3400 
Walford (E.) The complete peerage, etc. ( 103).*Ii:6553 

* (L.B.) The history of a week. (127) 40:29 

Walker. The Azores; or, western islands. (134)21:1238 

Wallace (A.R.) Bad times. (73) « 64:2247 

( W.) The action of moxa. (14) 46.3402 

Wallon. Determin.dcs^v^n.aumoyen Age. (7I)*62:1574 

— Mem surles ann^esde J^us-Cbrist. f71)In *62:1*>73 
WallOth (W.) The king's treasure house. (11 1)...40:61 

Walsh (J H.) British rural pporis. (103) 10:58^5 

Walshe. Colloquial faculty for languages. (114)... 1:244 
Walton. Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, etc.(87)23:908 
Walworth. The new man at Rossmere. (14I)....40:94 

Old Fulkerson's clerk. (78) 40:93 

Without blemish. (47) 40:92 

Ward (i/r/».H.) Miss Bretherton. (16) 40:112 

Warden (Mita F.) Doris's fortune. (127) 40::i9 

Ware anrfM. Life of Col. Fred Burnaby. (103)23:281 1 

Warner (K.) Physical expretfsion. (58) 44:946 

(A/m«8.) Daisy plains. (16) 40:198 

Warren (E ) A doctors experiences. (71) 26:1436 

(E P.) andO. V\ anderings of the Beetle. (88)22:2215 

Watson (C.F.) Darius the \Iedian identif. (40)26:1718 

(H.W.)a«rfB. Malhemat theory of elect r.(90)6 1:2866 

Watt (A.) Electro-depi-sitiun. (106) 62:1761 

(G.) Dental surgery. (14) 46:4503 

Watts (H.) Manual of chemistry. (106) 61:1983.2 

Webb ( B.J.) Centenary of catholicity in Ky. (4)4:3662 

Webber (S.G.) On nervous diseases. (14) 46:1806 

Weber (A.) Hester Tracy. (32) 40:276 

Webster (D.) The angler and the loop-rod. (41)10:5956 

Wedl (K.) Pathology of the teeih. (14) 46:4505 

Weeks (C.S.) A textbook of nursing. (14) 46:1630 

-*— U.D.) Labor differences. (135) 64:2152 

^-^ (R.D.) Geneal. of the family of G. Weekes.(71)23:2118 
Weir (H.) ADimal ttoriet. (44) 44:610 

Weisse (F.D.) Haman anatoniT. (138) 46:4S3 

Welcker (A.) It<tmer, king of Norway. (63)....3a:i29T 

Wellesley (A.) Miliury memoirs. (40) 26:1684 

Wellington {Duke oft) See Wellesley (A.) 

Wells (D.A.) Practical economics. (24) 54:6M 

(S.) Abdominal tumours. (14) 46:3670 

Welsh (C.) A bookseller of the last centary. (103)26:2M 
Wentworth. The logic of intrwpection. (117)2:738.27 
WenzeL Manuel de roculiste. (138).. 46:3994-S 

Same 46:399$ 

Wessenberff. Sittl. Einflussd.Schaubfibne (I44)66:v981 
West (C.) Manual of children*s disc-aset. (14)..46:2656 

( K.W.) Pahlavi texU. (67) *10:2u58.24 

(T.D.) Moulder's tex(-book. (58) .*.. 62:1481 

'Westall ( W.) The phantom city. (141 j- 40:321 

Ralph Norbreck's trust. (16) ~40:319 

WestWOOdoni/S. Bibliotheca piscatoria. (48).*Ij:36SS 
Wetherell ( E.) ipnnid.) See Warner (MisH 8.) 
Wharton (G.) (pamd.) See Thomson (Mrs.K.B.) 

(T.) Hannibal of New York. (128) 40:33» 

Wliatly (S.) England's gazetteer. (103) .... 60:2477-« 
Wheatley (H.B.) How to form alibrary. (144)33:4306 
"Whedon. Comment, on the New Testament. (67 )3:2250 
Wheeler (D) Extr. from letters and Journal. (40)22:2806 

Same 4:2523 

(G..M.) and M. Tttbles of geogr. pusitiont. (88)*60:421^ 

(W.A.) Who wrote it? (48) «, *L,:158T 

WTierry (E.M.) Commcntarj- on thequr&n. (82)10:2253.3 
White (C.) Chess problems. (88) lO:630t 

(E.) The fcven gifts. (67) 6:403S 

(J.W.) Dental materia niedica. (14) 46:4507 

( i»/r«.PA.) The Kentucky hoa«^ewife. (24).,64:2769 

( R G.) Studies in Shakespeare. (31 ).. 32:3054 

Whitingr (C.G.) The saunterer. (144) 33:4338 

"Whitney (^/m.A.D.T.) Bonnyborough. (16) 4C:403 

Wliittier (J.G.) Snint Gregory s guest (77)....31:29«a 
Wickersham. Education in rennsylvania. (117)2:4302 
Wiesner. Klementederwissenschaftl. BoUtnik.( 44)43:376 
'Wietersheim. Gesch. d. Volke'-WMnderung. (88)26:1061 
Wilbrand. Ziel u. Methodedeschim Unlerr (44)61:1987 

Wilcox (E.W ) Mai moul^. (128) 40:488 

Wilken. Das Matriarchatbcid.Hlten A rabi-rn. (55)10:733 
Wilkes. U.S exploring exped. 18:<8-42. (»*8)..*60:65l-5 
Wilklns (('.) Fables and pruv. from Sar skrit (144)33:461 
(G.) Growth of the Homeric poems, (li 2)... 10:4365 

(.1.) Mathematical magic. (44) ... *6 1:2446 

Wilkinson (C. A.) Courtof King BrneHi.( 103)28:1879 l-l 

( \V.(\) Class. French course in English (142)10:398» 

College Lalin course in English. (80) 10:4514 

Willey (A.) Hist, of the aniislavery CMUse. (42)64:1806 
William of M, Chronicle of kings of Eng. (40)..28:465 
Williams (A.Jr.) Mineral resourcesof U.S.(45)*42:2177 

(Cii.) Chemical manipulation. (91) 61:1984 

( F.H.) See Brunton (T.L.) 

(H.I English letters and letter writers. (142)10:3726 

(,J. W.H.) On unsoundness of mind. (i:<8)..46:2040 

(S.G.) Applied geology. (58) 42:2067 

Wilson (A.) The aUule of snow. (71) 22:76 

(C.W.) From Korti U» Khartum. (88) 26:1993 

( I). M. ) See Muir ( M M.P.) and W. 

(E ) Cutaneous medicine, etc. (15) 46:4441 

Digenspsof the skin. (15) 46:4441 

(F J.F.) Tvpogrnphic print, machines. (58)62:1673 

(.J G.) Bryant, and his friends. (55).. 23:1798 

(J.G.) Lyrics of life. (138) ..31:2965 

(W.) The bible student's guide. (4) *3:6i9l 

Winchell ( A ) Geological studies. (120) 42:2066 

Walks* in the geological field. (120) 42:206» 

Winchester (M.S.) A crippled robin. (141). ....40:600 
Win^ate. Through Yellowstone park. (103)...21:256« 
'Winkelmann ( A. ) See Horstmann (A.) 
Winkler. Zur chem. Unters. d. Industr.-Gaae.(46)61:l»l 
Winter (J.S.) (paeud.) See Stannard (Afr«.H.K.V.P.) 

( W.) The sUge life of Mary Anderson. (110)lO:179f 

Winthrop (W.) Military law. (73) •55:968.1-1 

Wise ( D.) Boy travelers in Arabia. (71).. 23:751 

Witt (C.) The wanderingt of Ulytwt. (H8)......40:656 

(J. de.) Treatise on life anouiiiea. (Il)....ln d4:UC 

Witthaus (R.A.) Oeaeral mad. cbtailstrj. (lS9)51:lMr 

AvovTuom Works and GoLLSonoim. 



WoIf(L.) Sir Moees Montefiore. (40)..... 24:2743 

Wolff (A. R.) The windmill as a prime mover. (58)52:474 

(L.) Applied medical chemistry. (138) 46:5305 

Wood (A.d.) Life. (134) In ♦23:3067 

(C.) Sauntering!) in Europe. (134) 22:1113 

(JI/r».C.D.) Cabin and gondola. (128)« 37:105:! 

(De V.) The luminiferout ether. (120) 61:2576 

( Mrs. E.P.) The surgeon's daughters. ( 128)..40:745 

(G.B.)<mrfB. Tbedit'pensatoryof U.S. (77)*4e:53l4 

(H.Cjir.) Thermic fever, or sunstroke. (15)46:2558 

(J.G.) Horse and man. (58) 52:2855 

Nature's teachings. (45) 41:2640 

(W.S.) Descendants of Jer. and J. Wood. (71)23:2120 

Wood-Martin. Lakedwellings of Ireland. (88)*10:6467 
Woods ( A.T.)a9M/S. Elementary mechani8m.( 58)51:2445 

-^ — (il/n.K.T.) That dreadful boy. (1^8) 40:796 

Woodweird. Hist, of the 198. Penn. vols. (40). 30:207 

Woolf ( P.) Who is guilty ? ( 1 1 U 40:820 

Woollen. Biogra ph. sketches of Indiana. (7]).23:1807 

Woolman (J.) Journal. (40) 25:1870 

Woolryoh (H.W.) Lifeof Judge Jeffreys. (71)241883 
Woolsey (Afi*iS.C.) A little country girl. (1- ).40:834 
Wool80n(A.G.) O. Eiiot and her heroines. (112)10:37*28 

(3fM»C.P.) East Angels. (Ill) «. .40:841 

Worcester (J.E.) Geograph. dictionary. (88)60:<)67-8 

Wordsworth (C.) Greece. (88) *60:2948 

Memoirs of William Wordsworth. (134)-25: 1875-6 

Wornum. Life and works of Hans Holbein. (72)*24:3041 
Wright (H.G.) Cbildren'sstoricsin Am.hist. (72)29:1906 

(J. A.) People in the niethodist church. (52)..4:4205 

(J.M.) Roland's daughter. (47) 40:881 

(T.L.) Inebriism. (15) 45:2028 

( W.A.) The bible word-book. (4) 3:5643 

Wurtz (G.A.) Traits do chimle biologique. (76).51:200e 

Wyman(L.C.) Poverty grass. (141) 40:925 

Tarlngton. Two lamentable tragedies. (31)ln *32:276.4 
T6n&h. See Aba 'l-TValid Marw&n ibn Jan&h.' 

Tonire (C.M.) Chantry house. (128) 40:1318 

Nuttie*8 father. (128).. 40:131T 

Touman (A.K.) Diet, of every day wants. (45)*52:3396 

Toumans (E.A^ Descriptive bouny. f75) 43:385 

Tounff ( A.W.) The government class book. (42)54:1547 

(.K) Physical geograph v. (72) « 60:.'83 

(W.) Wishmakcrs' town. (77) 31:1988 

Yule tfTuf Bamell. Hobson-Jobson. (82) *1:5314 

Zaoher. The red international. (104) 54:2250 

Zeisberarer (D.) Diary. (41) 4:4275.1-2 

Zeissl. Pathologie u. Therapie der Syphilid. ( 1 5)46:4320 

Zeller (E.) History of Greek philosophy. (83) 2:236 

Zlmdorf (H.) Isaak Mnrkus JosL (134) 24:1987 

Zopf (W.) Die Spaltpilzp. (58) « In 43:336.3 

Zomlin ( R.M.) Pliy>ic«l gpogrnphy. (72) 60:29) 

Ziilzer (W.) Lchrb. der Harn-Analyso. (I3a)...46:4204 


Across the chasm. (31) 40:1994 

[Adriatic sea.] Idrogmfiagenerale. (34) *60:2973 

AUflrem. deutscher Literaturkal. 1879-82. (47)«Ij:6620.1'4 

Amateur work, illustrated. (89) 52:1155 

American Jews* annual, for 5646 A. M. (50) 4:94 

Am. Soc. of Oivil Bngin. Preservat. of timber.(24)52:7 
Annal. d. Chem. u. PhHrmacie. Register. (74).*Ij: 5560- 1-3 
Annuaire des h6pitaux eivils de Paris. (92)...»*46:5937 

Appleton's modem atlas of the earth. (34) *60:3955 

As common mortals. (126) 40:1995 

Beauties of German literature. (139) 40:1514 

BelehrunfiT uber ansteck. Kinder Krankh. (94)..46:4991 

BeO'WUlf : an Anglo-Saxon poem. (138) 31:2293 

Bible. Anglo-Saxon and early Eng. psalter. (2)*27:ni5,18 

Lindisfarne and Rushw. gospels. (2)*27: 1 127,38,42,47 

St. John iii. 16, etc. (50) *1:3420 

The Syrian antilcgomena epistles. (66) *A:189 

Biblioth.derUnterhaltungetc. 1886. (143)56:1997.53-65 

Birch, Samuel, Biograph. notices of. (130) 23:25:^2 

Birthday party. The, and other stories. (126)... .40:2072 

Bourrienne. Bourriennoetseserreurs. (52) 23:2676 

Buildinsr associations, Man. for members of. (23)55:3527 
OatalOffue of the med. library of Penn. hosp.(107)M6:570 
of the U.S. army medical museum. ( 107 )...*46: 5946 

Same *50:5328 

Same *46:5947 

Same *46:5948 

Oatholic mem. of Vermont and New Hamp. (115)4:5181 
Charleston, S.C. Yearbook. 1885. (103)...*88: 1401.5 

Ohautauqua young folks* annual. (48) 84:2571.1 

Ohristison, Robert, The life of. (99) 24:215 

Cincinnati. A guide to picturesque 0. (C7)... ..22:2828 

Class interests. (41) 54:238 

Cluverius (T.J.) ve. Commonwealth of Va. (72)55:4632 

Code pbarmaceuUque. (108) 46:5150 

Comical-oure-all, The. (80) 38:598 

Constance of Acadia. ( 1 10). ^ 40:2102 

Deutscher Litteratur-Kalender. ^47) *L:6620.5-8 

Durham, Monastery of. Catalog! librorum. (35)*27:il06 

Eminent women of the age. (131) 23:48 

En^rland, France, Russia, and Turkey. (36)..ln 26:1993 

Pace to face. (llO) 40:2447 

Final science. The; or, spiritUHl materialism. (19)2:738.20 

Foreordained: a story of heredity. (123) 45:1653 

France. Minist. do la marine. Questions. (46)..46:4638 
Fremont, O. Proceed, at unveil, of Sold. mon. (85)29:2287 
G-r. Britain. Colonial and Indian exhib. 1886 (131)60:2320 
Greek folk-songs from Turkish provinces. (29)... 3 1:2021 

Half-way: an Anglo-French romance. (46) 40:2790 

Handb. for instruct, of attend, on the insane. (124)46:1898 

Here and there in our own country. (37) 21:1844 

Ideal commonwealths. (135).. 54:801 

Immortality. A clerical symposium. (3) 3:5209 

Imperial dictionary of universal biogr. (53)*25:3 1 24.1-6 

International cyclopedia, The. (48) *1 1:2230.1-15 

Jacob Schuyler's millions. (64) 40:2255 

Juilliard vs. Greenman. Legal tender caso.( 104)55:4 599 

Justina. (127) 40:2791 

Kindergarten (The) and the school. (117).. 2:4363 

Land (The) wo live in. (53) .*60:4361-2 

Larned, Edwin Channing, In memory of. (68).24:2160 

L6tst days at Apswich. A novel. (46) 40:2283 

Latin hymns of the Anglo-Saxon church. (30)*27:1122 

Life in heaven. (3) 3:5193 

Life (The) of a prig by one. (80) ^ 83:588 

Lives of remarkable characters. (133) ~ 23:94-6 

Lombardo-V., CarU topogr. del regno. (68)*60:2971-a 
London. Galend. of letters from mayor of L. (8)*28:279 

The pictorial handbook of. (69) « 60:2485 

Post office London directory for 1 883. (69)*60:3251.2 

Same •60:3ifll.4 

London practice (The) of midwifery. (61)^ 46:4761 

Anonymous Works and Collections. 


Anonymous Works and Ck>LLKcnoNB. 

XjOngfellcw collector's hand-book. The. (47) — *Ii:2980 
Look within : a condensed encyclopedia. (104)...64:25G8 
Madison, L. See Oluverius (T.J.) 
Mahmoud, The Sultan, and Mehomet Ali P. (86)26:1993 
Manchester. Conrerence on education. (20).....*2:2039 

Many mistakes mended. (114) 1:1241 

Maryland Hist. Soo. Archives of Md. (86)..*29:3032 
Mass. Hygiene Assoo. School hygiene. (76).46:1202 

Meet for heaven. (3) .3:5194 

Miscellanea biogr.-Oswin us, Cuthbertus, etc.(9)*27:1107 

Mrs. Keith's crime. A novel. (3i) 40:24^9 

Modern unitarianism. (116) 4:4098 

Monte-Cristo's daughter. (Ill) 40: ^463 

Montgomery CO., Pa., Centenn.celebr. of. (22)*30:1326 
Nation, conf. of charities. Proceedings*. (135)*54:225l 
NoturhistoriskTidsskrift. 3. Rsekke. (28)..«41:140i-14 
New Sydenh. Soc, Kep. to 25. nnn. meet of.( 13G)»46:2 i 
N. T., Union defence comm. Minutes. (10)*29:320L 
Ohio school laws, from the revised statutes. (23)*66:3564 

Old England's worthies. (54) «23:30U 

Old * miscellany • diiys. (144) *33:6000 

On land concentration. (135) „ 54:340 

Order (The) of creation. (51) 3:3333 

Oertel, P.F.W. W.O. von Horn. (69) 26:317 

Our littlo Ann. (4H) 40:2476 

Pansy, The. Stories of child life. (48) 34:41 1 l.l 

Paris-guide. 1867. (.38) 22:2005 

Pilgrim (The) of Our Lwdy of Martyrs for 1885. (98)4:3044 
Pittsburgh, and western Pennsylvania. (23). ...76: 1741 

Platform aids. (82) 6:4548 

Plays, Collected. (30) 32:18-33 

Please tell mo a tnle. (141) 40:1661 

Pompeii. (102) 6O:>f02l-2 

Portrait gallery (The) of disting. poets, etc. (10)*23: 131-3 

Profits in poultry. (105) 62:2867 

Progressive oithodoxy. (5l) 3:4651 

Public characters of 17'j9-1800. (54) 23:138 

Rational communism. (73) 54:2170 

Ray Society. List«>f council, oflScen, etc. ( 57 )*44: 1987.1 

Reoent American etchings. (57) *A:820i 

Riel, Louis, the rebel chief. (102) 26:690 

Bipon minster. Memorials. (10).. *27:n73 

Sermons on the IntomaL 8. S. lessons for 1886. (18)5:4628 

Siam and Laos. (1 16) 4:2443 

Siamese twins, Rcp<irt of the autopsy of. (62). ..46:3686 

Soldiers' stories and sailors* yarns. (64) 40:2593 

Spirit (The) of the New Testament. (4) 3:3332 

Standard libniry atlas (The) of cIhss. geogr. (87)*60:3948 
Studia biblica: essays in biblical archaiology. (51)..3:318 

Studies in logic. (2o) 2:708 

Tale (A) of 2 cities. Minneapolis and St Paul. (24)76: 1862 

Tales from many sources. (78) 40:26.M».5-6 

Talmud. The Talmud of Jerusalem. (116) *4:6242 

Tancred: prince of Tiberias. (32) 40:265l 

Tea planter's vado mecum. The. ( 1 20) *52:3 1 72 

Tell your wife. (78)..' 40:2653 

To the mountains of Virginia. (11) *21:31 19 

Tour (Le) du monde. (103) .*63:2035-49 

Towneley mysteries, Tho. (40) *27:1102 

Uncle Danielsstory of "Tom '* Andors<»n, etc.(71)29:i599 

United States army cavalry tactics. ( 1 20) 62: 1 865 

U. S. army, The med. depart, of, 1775-1873. (125)46:4553 

U. S. internal revenue gangers* manual. (58) 62:1588 

U.S. sanit. commiss. Causat. of disease. (137)46:4610 

I t-t purposes and work. (137) 46: 4617 

Military medical and .«urgical essays. (125)...46:4615 

U. S. year book (An annual), for 1885. (73)...* 12:5320. 1 
Verity, J. S. Funeral and memorial services. (40)26:1379 

"Wayward life, A; or, a girl's destiny. (16) 40:2727 

Whitby abbey. Cartnlar. abbath. do W. (40)*27:l 168.71 

Witness my hand. (Ill) ., 40:2754 

Tale co11og:u. Catalogus senatus academ. cet. ( 1 17)*2:-'i985 
York cathedral, iireviarium. (40) *27: 1 170,74 

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