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Full text of "Catalog of Copyright Entries 1946 Books New Series Vol 43 Pt 1"

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Part I, Group 1 






OF JUNE 30, 1906, AND OF MARCH 4, 1909 






The Catalog of Copyright Entries is published in four parts. Part 1, Group 1, formerly issued monthly, 
but issued as an annual for 1946, contains the titles of books proper, including the titles of books registered 
for ad interim copyright; a list of renewal registrations; and an index. 

In the first section, books proper registered in Class A in 1946 are arranged alphabetically by the names 
of the authors, or if anonymous, by title. The abbreviations used in the copyright statement in this Group 
are as follows: A , Books manufactured in the United States; "A for." (or AF), Foreign books in foreign 
languages; "A ad 'int. (or AI) designates ad interim copyright registration of a book published abroad in the 
English language. In the copyright data the symbol "© ' is followed by date of publication, the name and 
address of the copyright proprietor and the registration number. (In some entries, date of publication is pre- 
ceded by the abbreviation "Pub." instead of ©). When the author and copyright proprietor are the same, or 
when the publisher and proprietor are the same, the word "author" or "publisher" is substituted for the 
..-me of proprietor in the copyright statement. In some cases an asterisk (*) is used after the author's 
name to indicate that he is also the copyright proprietor. "2c" for 2 copies or "lc" for 1 copy is followed 
by date of receipt in the Copyright Office. The date of receipt of copies is given when copies are deposited 
prior to date of publication and when the deposit of copies is in a different year from that of publication or 
of the year covered by this catalog. Dates are given in the order of month, day, year, except when the style 
"27Nov46" is used. 

The second section consists of a list of renewal copyright registrations made for books under the pro- • 

visions of section 23 of the act of March 4, 1909 (17 U. S. C. 23) This list is arranged by the names of the 
authors of the works renewed, and includes cross-references from joint authors, etc. Abbreviations (in 
parentheses) after the name of the renewal owner indicate the following: A - Author, W - Widow of the 
author, WR - Widower of the author, C - Child or Children of the deceased author, E - Executor (s) of the 
author, NK - Next of kin of the author, who is not living, there being no will, PPW - Proprietor of a post- 
humous work, PCW - Proprietor of a composite work, PCB - Proprietor of a work copyrighted by a corpor- 
ate body otherwise than as assignee or licensee of the author, PWH - Proprietor of copyright in a work made 
for hire. 

The last section of this volume consists of an index to joint authors, illustrators, and the like, of the works 
listed in the first section. It contains no references to the renewal section, in view of the fact that that sec- 
tion is self-indexed. 

The Catalog of Copyright Entries, Part 1, Group 2, contains the titles of pamphlets, leaflets, and contri- 
butions to periodicals, and all other productions registered under the designation "book" (Class A) not 
found in Group 1. Group 2 also contains in a separate alphabet the titles for the entries made for Maps. 
(Class F) 

In the case of every copyright entry listed in this Catalog the deposit of copies (or copy) as required by 
Sec. 12 and 21 of the Copyright Act of March 4, 1909, as amended (17 U. S. C. 12, 21) has been made. 

Section 56 of the Act of March 4, 1909 (17 U. S. C. 56) provides that the Catalog of Copyright Entries 
"shall be admitted in any court as prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein as regards any copyright 

The cost of Part 1, Group 1, shown below, is payable in advance to the Superintendent of Documents, Wash- 
ington 25, D. C, by postal money order, express order, or New York draft. The prices of the several parts 
of the Catalog of Copyright Entries for 1946 are as follows: 

Part 1, Group 1, Books proper $3.00 

Part 1, Group 2, Pamphlets, Contributions to Newspapers or 

Periodicals, and Maps 3.00 

Part 1, Group 3, Dramatic Compositions, Lectures and Motion 

Pictures 3.00 

Part 2, Periodicals 3.00 

Part 3, Musical Compositions 6.00 

Separately: Group 1, Unpublished Music $3.00 

Group 2, Published Music 3.00 

Group 3, Renewals 1.00 

Title Index to Group 1 and 2 — 2.00 

Part 4, Works of Art, Photographs, Prints, and Pictorial illustrations, including 

Prints and Labels used for articles of merchandise 3.00 

All parts for complete calendar year ■» 10.00 




A. L, R. blue book of supplementax 
decisions for annotations in the 
American law reports. First permanent 
volume ... Rochester, N. Y., The Law- 
yers co-operative publishing company; 
San Francisco, Calif.', Bancroft- 
Whitney company, I9I4.6 . 

© 23SepI(.6 ; Lawyers co-operative pub- 
lishing co., Rochester, N. Y. and 
Bancroft -Yftiitney co., San Francisco; 

A. L. R. cumulative index to annota- 
tions and digest of cases, v. 151- 
162. Table of cases. Supplement- • 
ing A. L. R. digests for v. I-I50. 
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directory, v. 36. I9I4.7. 
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Aadahl, Thorvald, 1882- 

... Efterklangen. Oslo, T. Aschehoug & co. (W. Nygaard) 
1945 [i. e. 1946, 

287, [li p. 20-. 
"Copyright 1945." 

Pub. I8jan46; publisher; AF5063. 

Aadahl, Thorvald, 1882- 

... Gardsklokken. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co. (W. Nygaard) 

221 p. 20-. 

©280cti|l; lc l80cti|6; publisher, 

Aage, prince, 1887-1940. 

... Le regiment des nuits rouges; recits presenters par Jean- 
Pierre Dorian. [Parisj Les Presses de la cite, 1945. 

2 p. 1., 7-174 p., 1 1. 23". 

At head of title : S. A. le prince Aage de Danetuark. 

© 300ctlj.5; lc 8Mayii.6; publisher; AFlij.87. 

Aaronsohn, Michael, 1895- 

Broken lights, by Michael Aaronsohn ... Cincinnati, O., 
The Johnson & Hardin company, 1946. 

xil p., 2 1., 337 p. incl. front., 1 lllus. 22". 

"Limited edition." 

©20NovI|6; author, Cincinnati; A8857. 

Abaya, Hernando J 1909- 

Betrayal in the Philippines, by Hernando J. Abaya, with an 
introduction by Harold L. Ickes. New York, A. A. Wyn, inc., 

272 p. 21- 

©12Novl+6; publisher; A8658. 


Abaza, Alphonse. 

Acquisitions medicales recentes dans les pays allies par A. 
Abaza . . . Paris, G. Doin & c", 1946. 

3 p. 1., ( 9>-706 p., 1 1. illus., dlagrs. 22-. 

Includes bibliographies. 

©10Marl+6; publisher; AF1252 . 
Abbot, Charles Greeley, 1872- 

The earth and the stars, by C. G. Abbot ... New York, D. 
Van Nostrand company, inc. r 1946j 

xli, 288 p. front., lllus. (Incl. charts) plates, ports., dlagrs. 23 J— . 
First edition published 1925. 

© 6Sepk6; publisher; A6856. 

Abbott, Charles Cortez, 1906- 

... Financing business during the transition, by Charles C. 
Abbott. 1st ed. New York and London, McGraw-Hill book 
company, inc., 1946. 

xli, 141 p. incl. tables. 23—. (Committee for economic development 
Research study) 

(c) 26Apr46; Committee for eoonomio development, 

New York; AS092. 

Abbott, Charles Cortez, 1906- 

Management of the federal debt, by Charles Cortez Abbott 
... 1st ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, 
inc., 1946. 

lx, 194 p. diagr. 21- 

Bibllographleal foot-notes. 

© 9Aug4.6; 2c 2Aug^6; publisher, New York; 
Abbott, Harry P 

The Nazi "88" made believers, by Chaplain H. P. Abbott ... 
[Dayton, O., The Otterbein press,1946] 

150 p. incl. plates, ports., map. front. 19}—. 

The author's experiences as a chaplain of the 13th armored regiment 
of the TJ. S. Army in the North African campaign. 

© 30Aprij.6; H. P. Abbott and L. L. Huff- 
man, Dayton, 0.; A2872. 
Abbott, Leonard Dalton, 1878- ea. 

Masterworks of economics ; digests of 10 great classics, edited 
by Leonard Dalton Abbott. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday & 
company, inc., 1946. 

lx p., 1 1., 754 p. 22—. [Masterworks series) 

"First edition." 

©l8Aprk6; 2c 9Aprlj.6; publisher, New 
York; A2623. 

Abbott, Nabia, 1897- 

Two queens of Baghdad, mother and wife of Harun al- 
Rashid, by Nabia Abbott. Chicago, 111., The University of 
Chicago press r 1946] 

ix, 277 p. front., fold, map, fold, geneal. tab. 20-. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 15Jul4€; 2c 12Jul46; Univ. of Chicago) 

Abderhalden, Emil, 1877- 

Die grundlagen unserer ernffhrung 
und unseres stoffwechsels, von Emil 
Abderhalden ... 5., vollstSndig 
neubearbeitete aufl. Bern, H. Huber 

202 p. 20 l/2 cm - 

©7May[).6; Verlag Hans Huber; AFII65. 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Abel, Charles, 1891- 

Professional photography for profit ; detailed plans for the 
installation, equipping, and successful operation of various 
types of photographic studios c by : Charles Abel . . . New York, 
Greenberg [1946] 

xil, 466 p. incl. illus., forms. 23i~ 

"A suggested studio library" : p. 443-444. 

1. Photography, Commercial. 

1. Title. 

770.69 46-11840 

© 150ct46 ; Greenberg : publisher, New York ; A6609. 

Abele, Rudolph Radama yon 
see Von Abele, Rudolph Radama, 1922- 

Abell, Kjeld, 1901- 

Silkeborg; skuespil af Kjeld Abell. 
Kp'benhavn, Thaning & Appels, I9J4.6 . 

103 p. 21 l/2 cm . ■ 

© lMarlj.6; author, Charlottenlund, 
Denmark; AF903. 

Abella, Francisco Segura 
see Segura Abella, Francisco. 

Abend, Hallett Edward, 1884- 

... Mes annees en Chine (1928 ( i. e. 1926]-1941) traduit do 
l'anglais par Jeanne Fournier-Pargoire. Paris, J. Tallandier 

2 p. 1., t 7|-318 p. 19*". (Temolgnages sur notre temps) 

At head of title : Hallet Abend. 

1. China— Hist.— Republic, 1912- 2. Eastern question (Far East) 

3. Journalists — Correspondence, reminiscences, etc. 1. Fournier-Par- 
goire, Jeanne, tr. n. Title. 

DS777.47.A612 951.042 46-23396 

© lMar46; Societe d'editions et de publications, Paris; 

Abend, Hallett Edward, 1884- 

Reconquest, its results and responsibilities, by Hallett Abend. 
Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

5 p. 1., 305 p. 20J-. 

"First edition." 

(© 8Seplj.6; 2c 20Jull^6; author, Hyde Park, 

Abney, Louise. 

From life to me ; poems by Louise Abney . . . New York, H. 
Harrison ( 1946] 

63 p. 20-. 

■© 29JUII4.6; author, Kansas City, Mo.; 


... Pirki Aboth. The tractate 
"Fathers," from the Mishnah, commonly 
called "Sayings of the fathers." Edited 
with introduction, translation and com- 
mentary by R. Travers Herford . . . New 
York, Jewish institute of religion, 19^-5 • 

h p-. ■&., [v]-vii p., 1 j?., 176 p. 

22 1/2™. 

"First edition I925 ... Third re- 
vised edition I9I4.5." 

Title also in Hebrew. 

^HDecl+5; 2c 8FebJ+6; publisher; A892. 

About, Noele Edmond. 

. . . Sommedieu. Paris, J. Tallandier ( 1946j 
252 p., 1 1. 19-. 
I. Title. 

©3U an M>; Societe d'editions et de 
publications, Paris; AFI627. 

Abraham, Gerald Ernest Heal, 1904- ed. 

The music of Tchaikovsky, edited by Gerald Abraham. New 
1'ork, W. W. Norton & company, inc. ,1946, 

277 p. front, (facsim. (music)) lllus. (music) dlagrs. 22". 

"First (American) edition. Published in England under the title 
•Tchaikovsky' In Music of the masters series." 

Pub. 18Nov46; 2c 9Nov46; publisher; A8494. Prev ree 

Abraham, Gerald Ernest Heal, I90I4.- ed. 
... Tshaikovsky, a symposium, editeoT" 
by Gerald Abraham. London, Lindsay 
Drummond [191+.6] 

252 p., 1 ).. 23 p. illus. (music) 
22 l/2 6m « (Music of the masters [v.l]) 

"First published ... 1945." 
Bibliography: p. 238-2I42. "List of 
compositions": p. 2\\?>-2^2» 

Pub. llJani).6; lc 17Juli4.6; publisher; 

AI 345. 

Abraham, Pol, 1891- 

Architecture prefabriquee, par Pol Abraham ... Paris, 

Dunod, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 140 p. incl. illus. (Incl. plans) tables, dlagrs. 21- (On cover: 
fitudes de synthese et de documentation, l'actuallte technique) 

©15Febl+6; publisher; AF1595 . 

Abraham, Sam J 

Real property law in New Jersey. 

Volume I, By Sam J. Abraham of the New 

Jersey bar. 1st ed. ... Newark, N. J., 
Associated lawyers publishing company 

xyi, 512 p. forms 2i| cm . 

©l|MayU6; publisher; A2888. 

Abraham, Willard. 

Get the j ob ! By "Willard Abraham . . . Illustrations by Fred 
Arnott ... Chicago, 111., Science research associates [1946j 

198 p. incl. illus., forms, dlagrs. 21". 

© 150ctl+6; Science research associates, 
inc.; A8U05. 

[Abrahams, Doris Caroline) 1901- 

Six curtains for Natasha [by, Caryl Brahms { pseud.j & S. J. 
Simon tfseud.} Philadelphia, New York, J. B. Lippincott 
company ( 1946] 

256 p. 21-. 

"First [Amerlcani edition." 

London edition (M. Joseph ltd., 1945) has title: Six curtains for 

Pub. I7JUIJ4.6; Doris Abrahams k Simon 
Jasha Skidelsky, c/o Curtis Brown, ltd., 
New York; A5I4.0I+ . Prev. reg. AI 83. 

[Abrahams, Doris Caroline] 1901- 

Six curtains for Stroganova [byj Caryl Brahms [paeud.j & 
S. J. Simon tfseud.) . . . London, M. Joseph ltd. ( 1945] 

190 p. 19-. 

"First published 1945." 

Pub. 3D«o46; lo 8Feb46j Doris Abrahams & 
Simon Jasha Skidelsky, London) AI 83. 

Abrahamsen, David, 1903- 

The mind and death of a genius, by David Abrahamsen .. % 
New York, Columbia university press, 1946. 

vlli p., 3 1., ,3|-228 p. front., illus. (facslms.) ports. 21J-. 

Biography of Otto Welninger. 

"Bibliographic note": p. ( 197|-199; bibliographical foot-notes. 

©300cti|6; 2c 230ctl+6; publisher; A8295 . 

Abramowitsch, David, 1905- 

Treatment by ion transfer (iontophoresis) by D. Abramo- 
witsch . . . and B. Neoussikine . . . New York, Grune & Stratton, 

sii, 186 p. 22i- 
Bibliography : p. 163-176. 

© 8JU11I46; publisher; aL,6Ui . 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Abramowitz, Isidore, 1001- ed. 

The great prisoners . . . the first anthology of literature written 
in prison, selected and edited by Isidore Abramowitz. With 
analytical introductions to the time and place and circumstances 
of each prisoner and imprisonment, a general preface to the 
whole, and a selected bibliography. New York, E. P. Dutton 
& company, inc., 1946. 

xxxvll, 879 p. 24-. 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 861-872. 

©29MarU6; 2c Ij.Marl|6; publisher; AI996, 

New York 

Abrams, Charles, 1901- 

The future of housing ,byj Charles Abrams 
and London, Harper & brothers ( 1946] 

xlx, 428 p. plates, diagrs. 24-. 

Bibliography : p. 415-419. 

©llDecl+6; publisher, New York; A9IIO. 

Abrams, Mark Alexander, 1906- 

The condition of the British people, 1911-1945; a study pre- 
pared for the Fabian society, by Mark Abrams, with a fore- 
word by G. D. H. Cole. London, V. Gollancz ltd., 1945 c ie. 19-46 

119 p. 19". 

Pub. 21Jani).6; lc 20Mari;6; Fabian soci- 
ety, London, Eng.;. AI llj.8. 

Abrasive machine and supply co. 

... Industrial supplies and equip- 
ment, carborundum products. Newark, 
N. J. [19^6] 

xv, [1], 50I4. p. illus. 28 cm. 

© 8Aprl+6; Weinberg & McKee, inc., 
Chicago; A2762. 

Abzug, Martin, 1917" 

Spearhead, by Martin Abzug. New York, The Dial press, 

272 p. 21- 

© 9Sepi;6; author, New York; A61I4.5. 
Accart, Jean. 

Evadeg de France; prisons d'Espagne. Grenoble, Paris, 
' J[1945j 


B. Arthaud 
154 p., 2 1. 

title: J.-M. Accart. 

On cover : ■ t. edition. 

© 30De|ol45; lo 8MayL|6; publisher, Grenoble; 


Accent anthology ; selections from Accent, a quarterly of new 
literature, 1940-1945, edited by Kerker Quinn and Charles 
Shattuck. New York, Harcourt, Brace and company t 1946] 

xlv, 687 p. 21- 
"Flret edition." 

1. Literature, Modern— 20th cent. 2. American literature— 20th cent. 
1. *Qulnn, Kerker, ed. n. Title. 
PS536.A3 810.82 46-8520 

© 7Nov46 ; Harcourt, Brace & co., inc. ; A8466. 

Acevedo, Cristobal de. 

... A notre corps defendant; impressions et vicissitudes d'un 
diplomate en France, 1939-1944, precede d'une lettre-preface de 
s. e. monsieur de Souza-Dantas ... [Paris] P. Dupont [1945j 

202 p., 2 1. incl. front, (facstm.) 18i~. 

At head of title : C. de Acevedo. 

© 30Mar45 ; lc 9Aug46 ; Editions Paul Dupont; AF2142. 

Achard, George. 

... Le sable et l'ecume; roman. ,[Parisj Gallimard ( 1946j 
4 p. 1., ,11,-196 p., 1 1. 18i". 

© 50May[^. Librairie Gallimard; AF2058. 

Achard, Paul. 

... La grande epreuve ... Paris, Les 
Editions de la nouvelle France [I9J4.5] 

3 p. $., [111-253, HI P-# 1 1. incl. 
front., illus., plates. 19 l/2 cm . 
( His Le soldat de la neige. [2] 

"La Vie exalt ante." [30] 
The illustrative matter is colored. 
© 10Deci|5; lc 8fcIayi+6; publisher; 

Achard, Paul. 

... Le heros des Alpes ... [Paris, Les Editions de la nouvelle 
France ,1945, 

3 p. 1., [llj-277, (1, p., 1 1. Incl. front., Illus., plates. 19J-. (Hit 
Le soldat de la neige. ,1,) 

"La Vie exaltante." ,24, 

The Illustrative matter is colored 

© 30Aug45 ; lc 2Mar46; publisher; AF654. 
Ackerson, John. 

Anchor with laurM wreath, by John Ackerson ... Dallas, 
Tex., The Kaleidograph press [1945, 

x p., 1 1, i3-<53, (1, p. I9i". 


© 21Dec45; 2c lApr46; publisher; A1948. 

Acland, Sir Richard, bart., 1906- 

Public speaking, by Richard Acland. London, V. Gollancz 
ltd, 1946. 

153 p. 19™. 

"Book list" : p. 64-70. 

Pub. 17Junl4.6; lc 13Augl4-6; author, 

Exeter, Eng.; AI 375. 
Acree, Edward C 

Golf simplified, by Edward C. Acree, Jock Hutchison ,andi 
Bill Hutchison. Chicago, New York, Ziff-Davis publishing 
company { 1946j 

vl p., 2 1., 118 p. incl. front, (group port.) illus. 24i~. 
© 31t'ay46; publisher, Chicago; A 4836. 

Actuarial tables. Commissioners 191+1 
standard ordinary mortality table 
(I9J4I CS0); vol. V— CR, 3%> premiums 
and reserves by commiss loners re- 
serve valuation method. Compiled 
and published by the Actuarial 
society of America and American 
institute of actuaries. [New York? 
© 29Augl+6; compilers, New York & 

Chicago; A5621. 

Actuarial tables. Commissioners I9I4I 
standard ordinary mortality table 
(191+1 CS0); vol. V--MV, 3% minimum 
cash valued and non-forfeiture bene- 
fits, as defined in standard non- 
forfeiture law. Compiled and pub- 
lished by the Actuarial society of 
America and American institute of 
actuaries. [New York? I9I+6] 
© 27Sepl+6; compilers, New York & 

Chicago; A6210. 

[Adam, George] 

... A l'appel de la liberty. 
[Paris] Editions de Mlnuit [191+1+] 

91, [1] p., 1 1. 16 1/2 cm. 

Author's pseud., Hainaut, at head 
of title. 

w Les volumes de la present* collection 
constituent la premiere Edition 
publique des Editions de Minuit." 

© 30Decl4+» lc 2MarM>; publisher; 
AF667 . 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Adamic, Louis, 1899- 

Dinner at the White House, by Louis Adamic. New York 
and London, Harper & brothers [1946] 

6 p. 1., 3-276 p., 1 1. 21J-. 

"Flrst edition." 

© 28Aug46; author, Milford, N.J.; A5833. 

Adams, Clifford Rose, 1902- 

How to pick a mate, the guide to a happy marriage, by 
Dr. Clifford R. Adams ... and Vance O. Packard ... New 
York, E. P. Dutton & company, inc., 1946. 

215 p. 21- 

"First edition." 

"Books you may wish to read" : p. 206-210. 

© 22Jul46; 2c SJun46; publisher; A5230. 

Adams, Fay (Greene) 1903- 

Educating America's children ; elementary school curriculum 
and methods, by Fay Adams ... New York, The Ronald press 
company [1946] 

* 3 p. 1., v-xv, 490 p. inc). forms, front., plates. 21*". (Half-title: 
Series in education) 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

© 13May46; publisher; A3168. 

Adams, George A 

What goes with what ; a new playbook in color photography, 
designed by George A. Adams ... New York, N. Y., Lothrop, 
Lee & Shepard co., inc., "1946. 

(31) p. col. illus. 21xl7i". (On cover: A Lothrop color book) 

Pub. l8NovI).6; publisher; A8659. 

Adams, James Donald, 1891- ed. 

The treasure chest, an anthology of contemplative prose, 
edited by J. Donald Adams. New York, E. P. Dutton & com- 
pany, inc., 1946. 

xxvl, [li p., 1 1., 402 p. 18-. (Half-title: A Dutton companion, t. 1) 
"First edition." 

© ^Janlj.6; publisher; A267. 
Adams, James McKee, 1886-1945. 

Ancient records and the Bible; a survey of archaeological 
evidences in their bearing on the integrity of the historical 
narratives of the Bible ... ( By] J. McKee Adams ... Nash- 
ville, Term., Broadman press ( 1946? 

I v. front, illus. (incl. maps) plates. 23- 

Bibliography : pt. 1, p. 357-361. 

Contents.— pt. 1. The Old Testament. 

1. Bible. O. T.— Evidences, authority, etc. 2. Bible. O. T.— Antio. 
I. Title. 

BS1180.A3 221.93 46-8630 

© 280ct46; publisher; A8727. 
Adams, James Truslow, 1878- 

The record of America, by James Truslow Adams ... and 
Charles Garrett Vannest ... New York, Chicago [etc.] C. 
Scribner's sons [1946] 

xl, 980 p. col. front., illus. (incl. facsims.) col. plates, col. port., maps, 
dlagrs. 21 J— . 

"Books to read" at end of each topic. 

© revisions, 27May!j.6; Charles Scribner f s 
sons, New York; A5U+0* 

Adams, Joey, 1911- 

... From gags to riches. [New York] F. Fell, inc., 1946. 
6 p. 1.. 336 p. Illus. 21-; 
"First edition." 

©26Sepl+6; author, New York; A655O. 

Adams, John, pres. V. S., 1735-1826. 

The selected writings of John and John Quincy Adams, ed- 
ited and with an introduction by Adrienne Koch and William 
Peden. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

3 p. 1., xxxlx (i. e. 41), 413, xxix p., 1 1. 2 port. (incl. front.) 22-. 

"First edition." 

"Bibliographical note: John Adams": p. 219-221. 
note : John Quincy Adams" : p. 411-413. 


© 30Augi|6: 2c lAugi|6; Alfred A. Knopf, 
inc.; A618I+. 

Adams, John Paul. 

Milton Caniff : Rembrandt of the comic-strip, by John Paul 
Adams. Philadelphia, David McKay company [1946] 
3 p. 1., 9-64 p. illus. (incl. ports., facsims.) 28x21i~. 

© 6May46; publisher? A 3256. 

[Adams, Laurence Stowell] 1875- 

Three pals on the desert, by Sande Miles ipseud.j illustrated 
by Kent Nesslage. New York, R. M. McBride & company 

248 p. illus. 21 J-. 
"First edition." 

© 5Novi|.6; Robert M. McBride & co.;A8967. 

Adams, 'Marguerite Fay, (Greene) 
see Adams, Fay (Greene) 1903- 

Adams, Mildred, 1894- 

The American legion Auxiliary, a history: 1934-1944, by 
Mildred Adams. Indianapolis, Ind., American legion Auxili- 
ary, 1945. 

xi, 296 p. ports. 23}". 

© 21Kov45; 2c 22Feb46; publisher; A1968. 

Adams, Myron Whitlock, 1892- 

A62 guide for modular coordination ; a guide to assist archi- 
tects and engineers in applying modular coordination to build- 
ing plans and details, by Myron W. Adams and Prentice 
Bradley. Prepared under the direction of American standards 
association Project A62, sponsored by the American institute 
of architects and the Producers' council, inc. Boston, Mass., 
Modular service association [1946] 

7 p. 1., 271, ( 4 ( p. illus. (incl plans) 51 diogrs. 31 x23J- 

©l80cti|.6; publisher; A6$6j> . 

Adams, Orville L 1895- 

Diesel operation and maintenance, by Orville L. Adams, sr. 
... New York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1946. 

xlv p., 1 1., 366 p. Incl. front, illus., forms, dlagrs. 24". 

"References" at end of some of the chapters. 

©500ctl(.6; publisher; A8327. 

Adams, Ruby Lee. 

Much in little on the United States Navy; the origin and 
history of the Navy's three-way stretch — ships, planes and subs 
and the men who manned them, from the time of Noah's ark 
through world war 11. By Ruby Lee Adams ... Nashville, 
Tenn., Author, 1946. 

106 p. Incl. front., illus. (Incl. ports.) 24-. 

© !OApr46; author, Nashville; A .5785* 

Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803. 

Samuel Adams ; selections from his writings, edited, with an 
introduction, by Elizabeth Lawson ... New York, Interna- 
tional publishers [1946, 

96 p. 20™. 

"Reference notes" : p. 93-96. 

© 15Apri|6; 2c 30!,!arL(.6; International 
publishers company, inc.; hZli^l^., 

Adams, Waldemar J ed. 

Sohlman guide, illustrerad samtalsordbok for resandetrafiken 
i alia lander. Engelska, franska, tyska, svenska. Utarbetad 
av Waldemar J. Adams. Illustrerad av Holger Wiedersheim- 
Paul. Stockholm, Sohlman, 1945. 

xvii, 2-223, [1| p. illus. (part col.) 17-. 

Added t.-p. in English. 

Maps on lining-papers. 

"Original English text revised by ... William Cameron ... and Fran- 
clna Cameron ... French translation by ... Marcel Bouvier ... German 
translation by ... Gisbert Klingemann." 

"Forsta upplagan sept.J945. 11.-18. tusendet nov. 1945." 

©220cti|5; lc ll;Mari|6; FfJrlagsaktie- 
bolaget A. Sohlman & co.; AF517. 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Adamaon, Hans Christian. 

Eddie Rickenbacker, by Hans Christian Adamson. New 
York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 
6 p. 1., 3-309 p. pi., porta. 22-. 
"First printing." 

3) 19FetM; author, New- York; AIO93. 

Addis, Harold Ahmed Noureddin, 1884- 

Arrow of flame, by Noureddin Addis. Pasadena, Calif., 
Dunya press, 1946 [ i . e . 19/4.5 ] 

84 p., 2 1. lncl. front. 20J-. 

© 2^Decl4.5; 2c li^.Janl+6; author, Sierra 
Madre, Calif.: A306. 

Addis, Noureddin 
see Addis. Harold Ahmed Noureddin, l8bV 

Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719. 

The Sir Roger de Coverley papers, by Joseph Addison, 
Richard Steele and Eustace Budgell, from the Spectator, Lon- 
don: 1711-1712, with some prefatory notes by W. M. Thack- 
eray, and illustrations drawn for this edition by Gordon Ross. 
[New York] The Limited editions club, 1945. 

2 p. 1., lx-xxviil 198 p., 1 1. col. front., col. plates. 24-. 

(g) illus. > 27Pec46; 2c 17Jan46; Gaorge Maoy 
companies, inc.. New York: AS81. 

Adelson, Leone. \ 

The blowaway hnt, by Leone Adelson ; pictures by Dorothy 
Wagstaff. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock t 1946, 

( 32] p. col. lllus. 26} x 19i~. 

©l80ctl|6; author, New York; A6662 . 

Adelson, Leone, 1908- 

Who blew that whistle? A story by Leone Adelson; pic- 
tures by Oscar Fabres. New York, W. R. Scott, inc. £ 1946j 

2 p. 1., [9)^5 p. col. lllus. 24*-. 
©15Sepi|6; author, New York; A60I+O. 

Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937. 

Understanding human nature, by Alfred Adler, translated 
by Walter Beran Wolfe, m. d. ; introduction by Leland E. 
Hinsie, m. d. New York, Greenberg [1946, 

xill, 286 p. 21-. 

©introd., 150c tlj.6; publisher; A827O. 

Adler, Cyrus, 1863-1940. 

With firmness in the right; American diplomatic action af- 
fecting Jews, 1840-1945, by Cyrus Adler and Aaron M. Mar- 
galith. New York, The American Jewish committee, 1946. 

xxvii, 489 p. 23i- 

An enlarged edition of the authors' "American Intercession on behalf 
of Jews in the diplomatic correspondence of the United States, 1840- 
1938," published 1943, which was based on Cyrus Adler's "Jews In the dip- 
lomatic correspondence of the United States," published 1906. cf. Pref. 

©12Jull+6; publisher; A351+2. 

Adriani, Bruno. 

... Pegot Waring; stone sculptures. New York city, Nieren- 
dorf editions [1945] 

41 p. 19 (». e. 18) pi. ( incl. front., ports.) 28 x 22". 

© lDeci|-5; 2c 5DecU5; Nierehdorf gallery, 
New York; A3135 . 

Adriani, John, 1907- 

The chemistry of anesthesia, by John Adriani ... Spring- 
field, HI., C. G. Thomas, 1946. 

x, 536 p., 1 1. Ulna., dlagrs. 24-. 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. [451]-493. 

<£) 2J*nli/&i Charles C. Thorns; A357. 

Aesoulapiad. The I9I4.6 Aesculepiad. 
v. 23. Edward P. Radford, Jr., and 
Leslie Corsa, Jr., editors. Boston, 
Harvard medical school, I9U6 • 

© lMarlj.6; editors, Boston; A2296. 

Fables of Aesop, handwritten by Philip Grushkin ... New 
York, Archway press ( 1946j 

« p. 1., 36, (1] p. lllus. 22J-. (The Scribe) 

©illus,, 280ctij.6; publisher; A83lj.O. 

Agate, James Evershed, 1877- 

Around cinemas, by James Agate. [London, Home & Van 
Thai ltd., 1946. 

280 p. front, (col. port.) 22-. 
"First published 1946." 

Pub. 21Mayl4.6; lc 15Julij.6; publisher; 
AI 329. 
Ageton, Arthur Ainsley, 1900- 

The naval officer's guide [by, Arthur A. Ageton ... New 
York, London, Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company, 
inc. [1946, 

xviii, 588 (1. e. 590) p. incl. front., illus., forms, dlagrs. col. plates, 
fold. tab. 23". 

Includes extra numbered pages 252a-252b. 
"Third edition." 
Bibliography :,p. 575. 

2; lFebi4.6; McGraw-Hill book cc, inc., 
New York; A906. 

[Agid, Bernard Stephane ] 

Tac-ty, regie du jeu. [Paris, B.R.A., 


[8] p. illus. 21 cm . 

Caption title. 

©30SepU5; lc 6Mari|.6; B. R. A. 
[pseud.] Paris; AF837. 

[Agnes de Jesus, mother^ 

A novice of Saint Therese . . . biography of Sister Marie of 
the Trinity and of the Holy Face, by a Sister of the Little 
Flower. [Allentown, Pa., 1946, 

cover-title, xii, 68, [3| p. illus. (incl. group port.) plates. 21-". 

"Translation of the work from the ... French pen of Mother Agnes of 
Jesus, o. CAuir., by the Carmelite sisters of Allentown, Pennsylvania." — 
p. ix. 

@ 27Apr46; Carmelite sisters of St. Therese' s 
valley, Allentown, Pa.; 12960. 


Agrain, d', Mme. 

see Porthal, Cendrine de/ 

Agricultural producers labor committee. 

Agricultural producers labor committee 
manual. Rev. ed. I9I4.6. Los Angeles, 
Calif., Agricultural producers labor 
committee, - c 19i|6. 

1 v. 29x25cm. 


Prepared by Edward William Ford. 

© l8Deci|6; publisher; A9^20. 

Aguilard, Andre 
see Armandy, Andr3, 1882- 

Agus, Jacob Bernard, 1911- 

Banner of Jerusalem ; the life, times, and thought of Abra- 
ham Isaac Kuk, the late chief rabbi of Palestine, by Jacob B. 
Agus. New York, N. Y., Bloch publishing co., 1946. 

7 p. 1., 3-243 p. port. 23J-. 

"A sequel to 'Modern philosophies of Judaism' which appeared Id Sep- 
tember, 1941."— Pref. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Kook, Abraham Isaac, 1865-1935. 1. Title. 
BM755.K66A5 922.96 

© I0ct46 ; author, Dayton, O. : A6818. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Ahl, Frances Norene. 

Audio-visual materials in the high school, with special appli- 
cations to the social studies. By Frances Norene Ahl. Bos- 
ton, The Christopher publishing house [1946] 

lG5p. 20 J™. 

"Selected references on audio-visual education" : p. 160-161. 

© 190ct46 ; publisher ; A6603. 

Ailleret, Henri Louis. 

Simples pages de la vie des betes. Paris, Stock (Delamain 
et Boutelleau) 1945. 

204 p.. 2 1. 18i-. ( On cover: Les Livres de nature, pub. sous la direc- 
tion de J. Delamain. [66j) 

On cover : 3" edition. 

© 30Decl+5; lc 8Mayl|.6; Editions Stock, De- 
lamain et Boutelleau; AFI625. 

Ainsworth, Edward Maddin, 1902- 

... Eagles fly west. New York, The Macmillan company, 

4 p. 1., 447 p. 22-. 

At head of title : Ed Ainsworth. 
"First printing." 

© 2l+Sep!;6; 2c 28AugI|.6; author, South 
Pasadena, Calif.; 'A39llj.. 

Air market values, incorporating 
The Aircraft finance manual ... 
I9J+6. Los Angeles, I9I4.6. 

© 19Marl|6; George Leonard Stromme; 

The Aircraft annual. ^d ed. I9U6, 
Edited by David C. Cooke. New York, 
R. M. McBride & company, 19^6. 

© 12MarU6; Robert M." McBride & co.; 

Aistrop, Jack Charles Richard. 

Backstage with Joe ( byj Jack Aistrop. [London] D. Dobson 
ltd., 1945. 
108 p. 19". 

Pub. 31May45; lc 6Jun46; author, London; 
AI 262. 

Aistrop, Jack Charles Richard, 


Backstage with Joe [by] Jack 
Aistrop. New York, Roy publishers 


167, [1] P. 21cm. 

Pub. 210ctl4.6; author, Blackheath, 
London; A8265. Prev. reg. AI 262. 

Akeley, Mary L. (Jobe) 1886- 

Rumble of a distant drum ; a true story of the African hin- 
terland, by Mary L. Jobe Akeley, illustrated by Arthur August 
Jansson . . . New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

ill, 364 p. illus., fold. map. 21-. 

©llNovlj.6; author, New York; A9225. 

Hkers,. Iris (Carpenter) 
see Carpenter, Iris, 1906- 

Akhilananda, swami t I89I4- 

Hindu psychology, its meaning for the West, by Swami 
Akhilananda ... Introduction by Gordon W. AJJport ... 
Foreword by Edgar Sheffeld Brightman ... New York and 
London, Harper & brothers [1946, 

xvili p., 1 1., 241 p. 21*-. 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 229-232. 

© 25S 8 rJ46; publisher, New York; A5R82- 

Alabama . Laws, statutes, etc . 

General laws ( and joint resolutions ) 
of the Legislature of Alabama, pass- 
ed at the session of 194-5 •• • 
Birmingham, Ala., Birmingham print- 
ing co., 19^5 [i.e. 1914.6] 

© l|Aprl4.6; State of Alabama, 
Montgomery, Ala.; A3001. 

Alabama. Supreme court . 

Report of cases argued and determined 
in the Supreme court of Alabama during 
the October terms, I9I4I4, I9I4.5. By 
Noble H. Seay, reporter of decisions, 
v. 2I4.7, St. Paul, Minn., /vest publish 
ing co, , I9I+6. 

© JlAugl46; Chauncey Spark3 , governor 
of Alabama, for use of said state, 
Montgomery, Ala.; A5818. 

Alain, pseud, 
see Chartier, Emile, 1868- 

Alan, Marjorie, 1905- 

Murder in November, by Marjorie Alan . . . London, R. Hale 
limited, 1946. 

216 p. 19-. 

Pub. 28Mayl|.6; lc 27Augl4_6; author, Lon- 
don; AI I4.I9. 

Alan, Marjorie, 1905- 

Rue the day, by Marjorie Alan ... New York, M. S. Mill 
co., inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 248 p. 19i~. 

"Mill Circle mysteries." 

"Published in England under the title of Murder in November." 

Pu *?. I3N0VI4.6; 2c 120ctl|6; author, London; 
A861I4. Prev. reg. AI I4.I9. 

Alanic, Mathilde, 1864- 

... Contes d'entre-ciel-et-terre. Paris, Flammarion ( 1945] 
193 p., 21. 19-. 

©13DecI(.5; lc 8Mayi(.6; Ernest Flam- 
marion; API5I4I1. 

Alaska reports. v. 10. Cases argued 
and determined in the District courts 
of Alaska, as well as U. S. Circuit 
court of appeals and Supreme court 
of the United States in cases arising 
in Alaska. September, I9I4O to 
October, I9I4.5. St. Paul, West pub- 
lishing co., I9I4.6, 

© 17Jull|6; publisher; A5I4.72. 

Alb an, Luc, pseud . 
see Walle, Albert van de, I898- 

Albert, Abraham Adrian, 1905- 

College algebra, by A. Adrian Albert ... 1st ed. New York, 
London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xii, 278 p. diagrs. 21J-. 

© 5Augb,6; publisher, New York; A55I42. 

Albert, Jean 
see Jean, Albert, 1892 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Albert, Thomas, pseud. 

Manufacture of Christianity, by Thomas Albert. Philadel- 
phia, Dorrance & company { 1946] 

Til, 9-177 p. 20". 

© 15Feblj.6; Dorrance & company, inc.; 

Albrecht, Frederick Kenneth, 1910- 

Modern management in clinical medicine, by F. Kenneth 
Albrecht ... Baltimore, The Williams & Wilkins company, 

lr, 1288 p. lncl. illus., forms, dlagra. col. plates. 26". 

Chapters it, rm, and xxi by Seward E. Miller. 
Bibliography at end of each chapter except the twentieth. 

© 27Mari ) .6;publisher;Al8i + 9. 

Albright, Horace Marden, 1890- 

"Oh ranger!" A book about the national parks. Rev. ed. 
By-Horace M. Albright and Frank J. Taylor. Illustrated by 
Ruth Taylor. New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

xvi p., 1 1., 299 p. front., lllus., plates, port. 21™. 

Maps on lining-papers. 

"Published May 1934 ... Ninth printing March 1946." 

© 18Jun46; 2c 16Jun46; authors, New York and 
S»n Francisco; A4629. 

Albright art gallery, Buffalo, y,Y. 
aaa Buffalo fine arts academy. 

Albus, Harry, 1920- 

Concentration camp hero; the story of Martin Niemoellei 
for young people, by Harry Albus. Grand Rapids, Mich.. 
Zondervan publishing house [1946] 

2 p. 1., 7-82 p. 20-. 

©22Jull|6; publisher; A9lj.03. 


Poems of Alcman, Sappho [and] Ibycus, rendered from the 
Greek by Olga Marx and Ernst Morwitz. New York, A. A. 
Knopf, 1945. 

2 p. 1., 32, ,50, p. 23$-. 

"First edition." 

"The translations of Sappho's poems first appe^vod in the Quarterly 
review of literature." — p. [2| 

Greek and English on opposite pages. 

©8Novi|5; 2c 170ctU5; Alfred A. Knopf, 
inc.; A211I+. 

see Aluminum company of America. 

Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888. 

Chronicle of the March family ... 
Illustrations by Elinore Blaisdell. 
Boston, Little, Brown and compariv, 

2 v. col. fronts., plates 
(part col. ) 21 cm. 

Contents. -1. Little women. -2. Little 
men, and Jo's boys. 

©lllus., lMayii6; 2c ea. 20Apri^6; 
publisher; A2858. 

Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888. 

Little women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, by Louisa M. 
Alcott. Illustrated by Hilda van Stockum. With an intro- 
duction by May Lamberton Becker. Cleveland and New York, 
The World publishing company r 1946] 

537 p., 1 1. col. front., lllus., col. plates. 22-. (.Half-title: Rainbow 

"First printing August I9I4.6. n 
©.matter other than text. 25Augi+.6; 
publisher, Cleveland; A5l|82. 

Aldama, Manuel Garrido. 

From Roman priest to radio evangelist, by Manuel Garrido 
Aldama. Grand Rapids, Mich., Zondervan publishing house 

114 p. plates, ports. 20-. 

© 13Karlj.6; publisher; AI4.33O. 

Aldan rubber company. 

Your America. Philadelphia, Aldan rubber company ( 1945] 
3 p. 1., 120 p., 11. lllus. 23- 

©21Decii c 3; 2c 29Beci|5: publisher; AII4. 

Al d e , Edmond , p s eud . 
see Braggiotle, Aldo. 

Aldebert, Bernard. 

... Chemin de Croix en 50 stations, de Compiegne a Gusen ir, 
en passant par Buchenwald. Mauthausen, Gusen 1. [Paris, A. 
Fayard, 1946j 

112, ,1) p„ 1 1, ilius. 27-. 

Illustrated by the author. 

1. World war, 1939-/1945— Prisoners and prisons, German. 2. World 
war, 1939-1945— Atrocities. 1. Title. 

D805.G3A39 47-16822 

© 20May46; F. Brouty, J. Fayard et cie., Paris; AF2155. 

Aldebert, Max. 

... Aditi, recit 8. ed. [Parisj Gallimard t 1945] 

3 p. 1., 9-137, [1, p., 1 1. 19-. 

© 30Sepij.5; lc 2Mari+6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF711. 

Alden, Lee. 

Because I have no choice; a collection of some of the "odds 
and ends" written from the age of fifteen to the present time. 
By Lee Alden. [Hollywood, Calif.] Hearts road [1946] 

2 p. 1, ll-v , 86 numb. 1. 21J-. 
"Flrst edition." 

©27Mayi].6; publisher; A3I+66. 

Alden, Raymond Macdonald, 1873-1924. 

Once there was a king, a tournament of stories, by Raymond 
Macdonald Alden ... Indianapolis, New York, The Bobbs- 
Merrill company t 1946j 

176 p. col. front., lllus. (lncl. music) col. plates. 24—. 

Published in 1922 under title : The boy who found the king. 

"Illustrations by Evelyn Copelman." - 
Dust jacket. 

©illus., l^Octk.6; 2c lOctij.6; publisher, 
Indianapolis; A8013» 

Aldington, Richard, 1892- 

The romance of Casanova, a novel by Richard Aldington. 
New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce ( 1946j 

3 p. 1., 3-844 p. 21-. 
"First printing." 

© l3Jtm46; author, Lcs Angeles; A5111. 

Aldridge, James. 

... Of many men . . . London, M. Joseph ltd. [1946] 

207 p. 19-. 

"First published 1946." 

Pub. 21Jan46; 28Mar46; author, London; AI 144. 

Aldridge, James. 

... Of many men. Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1946. 
5 p. 1., 3-307 p. 19J-. 
"First edition." 

Pub. 6Mar46; 2c 17Feb46; author, London; 
A2157. Prev. reg. AI 144. 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Alegria, Fernando, 1918- 

Lauiaro, joven libertador de Arauco, by Fernando Alegria, 
■with an introduction by Arturo Torres-Rioseco and eight line 
' drawings by Santiago Alegria. New York, F. S. Crofts & co., 

xil, 163 p. illus. 21™. 

Bibliographical references included in the preface. 

© 19FebM>; F.S. Crofts & co., inc.; 

Aleichem, Sholoin, £3_eud. 
see Rabinowitz, Shalom, l359~19l6. 

Alelio, Gaetano Francis uv 
see D'Alelio, Gaetano Francis, 1909- 

Alexander, Charles W 

Nurnberg, by Charles W. Alexander. t Nurnberg, Printed b 
K. Ulrich & co., 1946 j 

2 p. 1., 53 pi. 321™. \ 

Pub. lOJullj.6; lc $Sepl4.6j author, 
Lawrence, Kan.; AI 384. 

[Alexander, Conlin 

The life and mysteries bf the celebrated Dr. "Q," dedicated 
to magicians for the betterment of magic and the truth of 
psychic phenomena. Columbus, O., Nelson enterprises c 1946| 

167 p. Illus., diagrs. 23*-. 

Author's name from cover. 
"Third printing." 


(c) 31J a n46; Robert Alan Nelson, Columbus, 0.; 

Alexander, Mrs . D. C. 
see Allen, Elaine. 

Alexander, Franz, 1891- 

Psychoanalytic therapy; principles and application, by 
Franz Alexander, m. d. and Thomas Morton French, m. d. with 
Catherine Lillie Bacon, m. d. c and others, ... New York, The 
Ronald press company t 1946j 

xill, 353 p. dlagr. 22™. 

"Contains the results of an Investigative work ... of the staff of the 
Chicago Institute for psychoanalysis." — Pref. 

"Selected reading list" : p. 343-346. 

1. Psychoanalysts. 2. Psychiatry. 1. French, Thomas Morton, 1892- 
joint author, n. Chicago. Institute for psychoanalysis, in. Title. 

\ (PttH name: Franz Gabriel Alexander 

©7Mari;6; publisher; Al621. SG46-116 

Alexander, Jerome, ed. 

Colloid chemistry ... Vol. 6. 
General principles and specific indus- 
tries. Synthetic polymei s and plastics. 
New York. Reinhold publishing corpora- 
tion, I9I4.6. 

vii, 1215 p. illus. 23 cm . 

© 8Mar^6; publisher; A1521. 

Alexander, Rolf, 1891- 

The voice of Talking valley, by Eolf Alexander. t New York, 
Printed by Stratford house, inc., 1946] 
6 p. 1., 155 p. 21". 
"Limited private edition." 

©10ctl4.6; author, Boulder City, Nev.; 

Alexander, Walter Richardson, 1889- 

All out for God; the challenging career of John C. Cowell, 
trophy of grace, by Walter R. Alexander. Chicago, 111., 
Moody press ( 1946] 

140 p. front., plates, ports. 20™. 

©290ctl|6; Moody Bible institute of 
Chicago; A805I4.. 

Alexander, Walter Richardson, 1889- 

Holy hours in the Holy Land, by Walter R. Alexander, d. d. 
Grand Rapids, Mich., Wm. B. Eerdmans publishing company 
t 1946, 

160 p. plates. 20™. 

©2Novl|6; publisher; A8OO3. 

Alexander federal tax course and guide. 
19U6. New York, The Alexander pub- 
lishing co., inc., I9I4.5. 

© 7Sepl|5; publisher; Al+06. 

Alexandre > Alice. 

... Le Stradivarius. Paris, S.E.P.E, 

190 p., 1 Q, 19cm, (on cover ; 
Collection "Le Labyrinthe"T~ 

© 25Sepl|5; lc 2j+A P rl+6; Societe d< edi- 
tions et de publications en exclusivite, 
Paris; AF926. 

Alexandre, Maurice. 

... Echos intimes; poemes. Preface de Rene Alexandre ... 
Paris, Societe generate d'imprimerie et d'edition, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 7-182 p., 11. 2 port. (inel. front.) 201™. 

© 30JanM>; lc 8Mayi|.6; author, Paris; 

Alger, Catharine Jackson, d. 1945. 

Romany rhymes and domestic ditties, by Catharine Jackson 
Alger. (Schenectady, Union star press, 1946] 

134 p. illus. (incl. ports.) 22™. 

© 3Marl|6; Philip Langdon AL^er, Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. ; A20S1. 

Alger, Joaepii. 

Get in there and paint ( by, Joseph Alger, illustrated by. 
Alfred S. Piane & Norman Tate. New York, Thomas Y. 
Crowell company [1946] 

2pri., 59 p. illus. 28". 

On cover : How to paint pictures for fun. 

© 4Jun46; 2c 26«ay46; A4315. 

Alheinc, Roger. 

... Federalisme economique: essai sur l'avenir des democra- 
ties dans les giandes cites industrielles ... Paris, A. Michel 

3 p. 1., (9,-340 p., 1 1. 20™. 

On cover: 3 e mille. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Economic policy. 1. Title. 
HD83.A47 338.91 

© 27Jan46; Albin Michel; AF1331. 

A F 47-760 

Alinsky, Saul David, 1909- 

... Reveille for radicals ... Chicago, 111., University of Chi- 
cago press [1946, 

228 p. 21J™. 

, © 14Jan46; 2c 9Jan46; Univ. of Chicago; 

[Allaben, Anne E] 

Dear diary. [New York, Printed by 
Neff lithograph co,, 1946] 

1 v. illus. 21 l/2x29 cm . 


Blank diary and album. 

© HJul46; C. R. Gibson & co. , 
Norwalk, Conn.; A3572. 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Allais, Maurice. 

... Economic pure & rendement social; contribution de la 
science economique moderne a la construction d'une economic 
de bien-etre. Paris, Sirey ( 1945j 

72 p. dlagra. 2S-. 

At head of title : M. Allais ... 
'•OuTrtgea cites" : D. TO. 

"Extrait des Annales dps mines e.t des 

carburants.- Janvier- fevrier, 19*4-5 • 

© 170cti(.5; 3rc 2Mayl+6; author, Saint Cloui 

Allan, Dennis, pseud . 
see Denniston, Elinore. 

Allan, Doug. 

How to write for television, by Doug Allan. Now York, 
E. P. Dutton & company, 1946. 

244 p. plates. 21". 
"First edition." 

© lP.Varl4.6t 2c llFeb^; E. P. Dutton & 
-co. , inc. ; AI7I4.6. 

Allan, Glenn, 1901- 

Boysi himself, by Glenn Allan. New York, S. Curl, inc. 

267 p. 21- 

"Theae stories appeared originally In the Saturday evening post" 

© lAorlj.6; 2c 20Marlj6; author, Sumracr- 
ville, S. C; A36IO. 

Allard, Jean. 
... Grammaire grecque A 1' usage des 
. classes de la i^eme & la l^re, par Jean 
Allard ... Paris, Hachette H$kk] 
viii, 255 p. illus. 21 l/2cm. 
(Cours de langue grecque, par J. 
Allard et E. Feuillfitre) 

© JODecl+l;; lc 2ljAprIj.6; Librairie 
Hachette; AP1001. 

Allary, Jean. 

. . . Un.petit-fils de Marlborough, Winston Churchill. ( PariS] 
Hachette ( 1945, 
252, ( 2, p. 20J-. 
Portralt on cover, 
(c) 26Jul45;'lo 24Apr46; Librairia Hachette; 

Alldredge, Eugene Perry, 1875- 

The new racial situation; the way out, by E. P. Alldredge. 
Nashville, Tenn. t 1946, 

5 p. I., 3-80 p. dlagrs. 20*". 

"The twelve beat recent books on the racial situation" : p. 65-66. 

© 17Seplj.6; author, Nashville; A8329. 

Allen, Ada (York) 

Moods and moments ( byj Ada York Allen. New York, H. 
Harrison t 1946j 
95 p. 22i m . 

©280ctlj.6; Henry Harrison; A8702 . 

Allen, Edgar van Nuys, 1900- 

Peripheral vascular diseases, by Edgar V. Allen ... Nelson 
W. Barker ... ( andj Edgar A. Hines jr. ... with associates in the 
Mayo clinic and Mayo foundation. 386 illustrations, 7 in color. 
Philadelphia, London, W. B. Saunders company, 1946. 

xll p., 1 I., 871 p. incl. illus. (part col.; Incl. facslm.| dlagra.) ports. 


"References" at end of each chapter except chap. xxvn. 
(C)lJuU6; publisher, Philadelphia; U96^. 

Allen, Edith Louise, 1880- 

Rugmaking craft ( by, Edith Louise Allen. Peoria, 111., The 
Manual arts press [ c 1945] 

96 p. Incl. front., illus. 19i~ 

Bibliography : p. 92-93. 

© 10Jan46; author, Delavan, 111.; A636. 

Allen, Edward Frank, 1885- 

Allen's Dictionary of abbreviations and 
symbols; over 6000 abbreviations and sym- 
bols commonly used in literature, science, 
art, education, business, politics, re- 
ligion, engineering, industry, war, by 
Edward Frank Allen. New York, Co ward - 
McCann, inc. [19i|i>] 

x, I89 p. illus. 19 l/2 cm . 

©l8Novi+6; publisher; A81j.62. 

Allen, Elaine. 

Watkins salad book, by Elaine Allen 
c etc.) The J. R. Watkins company, c 1946. 
251, (12j p. col. front., col. plates. 21i". 

Newark, Memphis 

© lMayl4.6; 2c lli!ayi|6; publisher, 
Winona, Minn.; A3J4-62 . 

Allen, Gay Wilson, 1903- 

Walt AVhitman handbook, by Gay Wilson Allen. Chicago, 
Packard and company, 1946. 

2 p. 1., iii-xviii, 560 p. 20". 

"Selected bibliography" at end of each chapter. 

© 15Janl^6; publisher; A910. 

Allen, Hattie Bell (McCracken) 1896- 

David, by Hattie Bell Allen. Nashville, Tenn., Broadman 
press [1946] 

1 p. 1., 29, (1, p. Illus. (part col.) 24". (On cover: Little treasure 

21Novij.6; publisher; A8725. 

Allen, James Stewart, 1906- 

World monopoly and peace [byj James S. Allen. New York, 
International publishers .1946] 

288 p. 22i". 

"Reference notes" : p. 274-284. 

© 7Augk6 ; International publishers co., 
inc.; A8975. 

Allen, John Robins, 1869-1920. 

Heating and air conditioning [byj John R. Allen ... James 
Herbert Walker ... t and] John William James ... 6th ed. 
New York and London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

vil, 667 p. Illus., diagrs. (part double) 23i"". ' 

Bibliography at end of most of the chapters. 

1. Heating. 2. Air conditioning. 1. Walker, James Herbert, 1890- 
Jolnt author, n. James, John William, joint author. JJ7 . T.'-t/e.. 

TH7223.A35 1946 697 46-7984 

© 3lOct46; publisher, New York; A8058. 

Allen, Merritt Parmelee, 1892- 

Red heritage, by Merritt Parmelee Allen; decorations by 
Ralph Ray. New York, London [etc.] Longmans, Green and 
co., inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-314 p. illus. 21". 
"First edition." 

©2Auglj.6; publisher, New York; A5261. 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Allen, Raymond Bernard, 1902- 

Medical education and the changing order ( byj Raymond B. 
Allen ... New York, The Commonwealth fund, 1946. 

xl p., 3 ]., 142 p. 21J'*. [Studies of the New York academy of medicine. 
Committee on medicine and the changing order] 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 27Junif6; publisher; AI4.6I4.3. 

Allen, Walter Ernest, 1911- 
... Rogue elephant. London, M. Joseph, ltd. [1946] 
256 p. 19*-. 

At head of title : Walter Allen. 
"First published 1946." 

Pub. 26Aug[|.6; lc 6NovI(.6; author, Lon- 
don; AI 510. 

Allen, Walter Ernest, 1911- 

... Rogue elephant. New York, W. Morrow & co., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-310 p. 21-. 

At head of title : Walter Allen. 

First published abroad in August 19l).6. 

Pub. 230ctij.6; author, London; A671+4. 
Prev. reg. AI 510» 

Aller, Paul, 1902- 

IUiild your own adobe,'by Paul and Doris Aller. Stanford 
University, Calif., Stanford university press [1946j 

xi, 110 p. incl. col. front., illus. ( incl. plans) 29™. 

1. Architecture, Domestic. 2. Building, Adobe. 1. Aller, Doris, 

1909- joint author, n. Title. 

N A7165.A4 728.63 A 47—99 

© 2Dec46; Board of trustees of the Leland Stanford junior 

university, Stanford University, Calif. ; A9039. 

AUhands, James Lewellyn, 1879- 

Boll Weevil; recollections of the Trinity & Brazos valley 
railway, by J. L. Allhands. Houston, The Anson Jones press, 

7 p. 1., 279, (48, p. incl. front, (facsim.) Illus. plates. 25i~. 

Map on lining-papers. 
"Sources" : p. 265-266. 

1. Railroads — Texas. 2. Burlington-Rock Island railroad company 
3. Trinity and Brazos valley railway company. 1. Title. 

HE2771.T4A7 385 47-15497 

© l\ov46; author, Dallas; A9086. 

Allied tool & abrasive supply company, 

Los Angeles . 

. . . Catalog no. k& ... Metal cutting 
tools, abrasives, shop equipment. Los 
Angeles, Calif. [19J+6] ' 

© lSepi+6; Weinberg & McKee, inc., 
Chicago; A7112. 

Allison, Samuel Dudleston, 1911— 

VD manual for teachers, by Samuel D. Allison ... and June 
Johnson ... in collaboration with W. Tate Robinson ... and 
Elmer J. Anderson ... New York, Emerson books, inc., 1946. 

xllip.,ll.,l7-149p. lJH". 

"A modification and amplification of a VD manual for teachers, pre- 
pared by the Venereal disease division of the Board of health ... and the 
Division of health education, Department of public instruction, terri- 
tory of Hawaii." — Pref. 

Includes bibliographies. 

© 15Feblj.6; publisher; AlOJI. 

Allred, John Burnis . 

Sentimentally yours, by John Burnis 
Allred. San Antonio, Naylor [I9I4.5] 

55 p. 20 cm . 

© 19Decl4.5; 2c 31Dedj.5; author, 
Wichita Falls. Tex.; A21l. 

Almanac for the year of Our Lord ... 
19)4.5. Horizon of hock Island ... 
Edited by Eirger Swenson. Astronomi- 
cal calculations by Peter >/'. Eenzon. 
hock Island, 111., Augustana book 
concern, 19i+5« 

©15DecL(-5; lOJanIj.6; publisher; A50J4.. 

Almanac for the year of our Lord . . . 
I9I4.6. Minneapolis, Augsburg publish- 
ing house, I9J4.5 . 

© l8Deci;5; 2c H\.Janl\.6; publisher; A358, 

Almanack for aret efter Jesu Kristi 
F'ddelse ... I9J+6 . Rock Islands 
Horisbnt ... Edited by Birger Swenson. 
Rock Island, 111., Augustana book 
concern, 19^5< 

©15Decl;5; 2c lOJanl+6; publisher; 

[Almon, Albert William] 1873- 
"The almo," the world's rarest 

bouquet. TGlace Bay, Nova Scotia, 


ti+] P- 1 illus. 

Caption title. 

Pub. ll4.Octi4.6j lc IN0VI4.6; author, 
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia; AI 508. 

Alofsin, Dorothy, 1898- 

Happiness for sale ; stories of Jewish life, by Dorothy Alof- 
sin, illustrated by Shirley Knoring. New York, Bloch pub- 
lishing company, 1946. 

vil, 168 p. illus. 23i~. 

©.29N0VI4.6; publisher; A90I49. 

Alonso, Joaquin, DIcenta 
see Dicenta, Joaquin, 1893- 

Alp6rine, Paul. 

Ombres sur le Thibet, roman ... 
Paris, Editions du Myrte, I9I4.5. 

229 p. 18 1/2 cm. 

©Blarlj.5; lc 29Auglj.5; publisher; 

Alpers, Bernard Jacob, 1900- 

Clinical neurology ( byj Bernard J. Alpers ... Philadelphia, 
F. A. Davis company, 1946. 

ill, 797 p. illus., dlagrs. 26J'". 

©revisions, 15Juli|.6; publisher; aI^SU. 

Alpha delta phi. Peninsular chapter, University of Michi- 
The history of Peninsular chapter, Alpha delta phi ; a record 

of one hundred years, 1846-1946, written and edited by Delos 

G. Smith ... secretary -treasurer Peninsular society, 1920-1946. 

t Ann Arbor, Mich., Printed by the Ann Arbor press, 1946] 
xiv p., 1 1., 360 p. incl. front, plates, ports. 25*". 

1. Smith, Delos Grosvenor, 1893- 

LJ75.A55 1946 371.855 47-826 

© 3Aug46; Peninsular society of Alpha delta phi, Washing- 
ton, D. C. ; A8692. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Alsop, Mary 
sea Sture-Vasa, Mary (Alsop) 1885- 

Alsop, Stewart J 

Sub rosa j the O.-S.-S. and American espionage, by Stewart 
Alsop and Thomas Braden. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock 

4 p. 1., 237 p. 21- 

©25Febi46; 2c 20Febi4.6; authors, Wash- 
ington, D. C. : AI615. 

Alter, Karl Joseph, bp., 1885- 

A bishop's rostrum; occasional addresses illustrating social 
viewpoints of the church, by the Bishop of Toledo, the Most 
Reverend Karl J. Alter, d. d. Milwaukee, The Bruce publish- 
ing company ,1946] 

vlli p., 1 1„ 213 p. 24". 

1. Catholic church— Addresses, essays, lectures. 2. Church and so- 
cial problems — Catholic church. I. Title. 

BX890.A45 261 47-U59 

© HDec46 ; author, Toledo ; A9414. 

Altick Richard Daniel, 1915- 

Preface to critical reading, by Richard D. Altick ... New 
York, H. Holt and company ( 1946j 

xir p., 2 1., 321 p. 19J-. 

© 2liSepi].6j Henry Holt & co t| inc.; A6296. 

Altman, George Tilden, 1897- 

Allocation of income in state taxation, by George T. Altman 
... and Frank M. Keesling ... New York, Chicago [etc.] Com- 
merce clearing house, inc. [1946] 

263 p. 24- 

© 12Augl|.6; publisher, Chicago; A5I4.52. 

Aluminum company of America. 

Alcoa structural handbook. Pittsburgh, Pa., Aluminum 

company of America, 1945 { i.e. 19M> J 

215, [1] p. lncl. tables, diagrg. 21- 

A reissue, with a few changes in the text, of the second edition of the 
company's Structural aluminum handbook published In 1938. 

© 7Junl*6; publisher; AJ02, 

Aluminum research institute, Chicago. 

... Report of nationwide survey among aluminum foundries, 
prepared by Merchandising and research department. Chi- 
cago, Goldman and Gross, 1946. 

129 1. lncl. fold, map, forms, dlagrs. 29 x 22-. 

Results of a survey conducted by Goldman and Gross for the Alu- 
minum research institute, cf. leaf 3. 

1. Aluminum founding. 2. Aluminum Industry and trade — IT. S. 
L Gross (H. M.) company, Chicago. 

TS555.A688 671 47-416 

© 29May46; Carl Henderson Burton, Chicago; A6096. 

Roma, O. E. T., Edizioni del 

Amadori-Virgilj, Giovanni 

... La guerra e la pace . 

secolo [1945] 

3v. 1DJ-. (Half-title: Semaforl, 2-4) 

Contents. — 1. La clvilta llberale e 11 prefascismo. — n. La guerra 
fascista. — III. La civilta nuova, la nuova pace, l'ltalia. 

1. Italy— Pol. & govt.— 1914-1943. 2. Fascism— Italy. 1. Title. 
DG571.A78 47-16624 

© Uul45 ; lc 20Je46 ; Organizzazione editoriale tipografica ; 

Amateur telescope making, advanced; a sequel to Amateur 
telescope making; Albert. G. Ingalls, editor ... A collection 
of contributions to amateur precision optics by numerous 
authorities. (New York, Mvmn and co. inc., 1946. 
vl, 660 p. IIIus. (lncl. ports.) dlagrs. 20". 

On cover : Scientific American. 

"Sixth printing, 1946." 

Includes bibliographical references. 

1. Telescope, Reflecting. 1. *Ingalls, Albert Graham, ed. 

QB88.A62 1946 681.412 47-16443 

© revisions, 16Dec46; publisher ; A7390. 

Ambelain, Robert. 

... Au pied des menhirs; introduc- 
tion a* l'&tude des doctrines celtiques. 
Paris, Niclaus, 19^5 • 

156 p., 1 0. illus. 25cm. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

"References bibliographiques" : p. [8] 

© 30JulU5; lc 8Mayi<.6; Editions Nic- 
laus; AF12I4.3. 

Paris, Niclaus, 1946. 

Ambelain, Robert. 

... Le martinisme, histoire et doctrine. 

227 p., 1 1. lncl. front., illus., tables. 24J-. 

At head of title: La franc-magonnerle occultiste et mystique (1643- 

Errata slip Inserted. 

1. Order of MartinistB. 
mystique (1643-1943) 


Title : La franc-maconnerie occultiste et 

© 15May 40; publisher; AF2138. 


American art annual ... v. 5°« 
Edited by Florence N. Levy. 
Washington, D. C, American federation 
of arts, 1945 . 

© 30NovI|.5; 2c 8janM>; publisher; 

American association for the advancement of science. Sec- 
tion on medical sciences. Subsection on dentistry. 
Dental caries and fluorine ... Ed. by Forest Ray Moulton. 

Washington, 1946. 

Ill p. illus. 26J-. / 

"Based on a symposium presented at the Cleveland meeting of the 

Association in September, 1944:" 

1. Teeth — Diseases. [1. Teeth — Cariesj 2. Fluorine. 3. Fluorides. 
I. Moulton, Forest Ray, 1872- ed. n. Title. 

RK331.A49 617.6 Med 47-307 

© 12Dec46; American association for the advancement of 
science, Washington, D. C. ; A9333. 

American bank attorneys; published 
semi-annually ... No. 74> J&n. 19M>- 
Cambridge, Mass.; 19J4.6 . 

© 2Janlj.6; John Favill Capron, Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; A191. 

American bankers association. American 
Institute of banking 
see American institute of banking. 

American bankers association. Committee on service for 

war veterans. 

Loans to war veterans under title m of the Servicemen's 
readjustment act of 1944 (as amended) Manual of procedure. 
New York, N. Y., Committee on service for war veterans, Amer- 
ican bankers association, 1946. 

1 v. forms, dlagrs. 29i x 25i". 


J&. 1 23Sepl+6; American bankers association; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

American bankers association. 

credit dept. 


American camellia yearbook, 19^6 • 
Edited for the American camellia 

Consumer installment lending direc- 
tory. I9I4.6 ed. New York, N. Y. , Con- 
sumer credit department, American ban- 
kers association, 019I4.6. 

© 2JSep46; American bankers associa- 
tion, New York; A696I. 

The -American bar; the professional 
directory of leading lawyers of the 
United States and Canada ... v. 28. 
1946. Edited by Reginald Bishop 
Faster. Minneapolis, The James C. 
Pifield co., 1946. 

© 15Janl|.6; publisher; A715. 

'American bar association. Section of real property, probate 

and trust law. 

Problems in probate law, including a model probate code, 
prepared for the Probate law division of the Section of real 
property, probate and trust law of the American bar associa- 
tion by its Model probate code committee in cooperation with 
the research staff of the University of Michigan Law school, 
and monographs by Lewis M. Simes ... and Paul E. Basye ... 
Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan press; Chicago, Cal- 
laghan & company, 1946. 

II, 782 p. 24™. (Half-title: Michigan legal studies) 

© 15Nov46 ; Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor; A8590. 

American book-prices current. ( Indexes ) 

American book-prices current Index, 
194l-194b> compiled from the annual 
volumes and edited by Qolton Storm. 
New York, R. R. Bowker co,., 19^+6. 

© l6SepL|_6; publisher; A 62 74. 

American booktrade directory; lists of 
publishers, booksellers, periodicals, 
trade organizations, book clubs:, 
literary agents, etc., 1946. New 
York, R. R. Bowker co. , 1946* 

© 30Sep46; publisher; A64o8. 

American bureau of shipping, New York , 

Record of the American bureau oT 
shipping, [1946] "American Lloyds", 
established 1867 to provide a standard 
American classification of vessels ... 
New York [Chicago, Lakeside pre3s, 
R. R. Donnelley & sons co.] 1946. 

© 8May46; American bureau of ship- 
ping; A2951. 

American bureau of shipping, New York . 
... Rules for the classification, and 
construction of steel ships, 1946. New 
York, 1946. 

© l6Aug46; American bureau of shipping, 
New York; A5231. 

, ,. American business education yearbook 
v, J. 1946. [Appraising, business 
education] Published jointly by the 
Eastern commercial teachers associa^ 
tion and the National business taach- 
ers association.. Robert Finch, editor 
[New York,. 1946] 

© 5Jun46; publishers, New York; A5009 

society by R. J. Wilmot. Gaines* 
ville, Fla.. American camellia 
society [I946] 

© 15Nov46; publisher; A7311. 

American concrete institute. Committee 315. 

Proposed manual of standard practice for detailing rein- 
forced concrete structures. Report of American concrete in- 
stitute, Committee 315, A. J. Boase, chairman, E. P. Allabach, 
F. H. Beinhauer ... t and others] with the cooperation of the 
Concrete reinforcing steel institute. Detroit, Mich., American 
concrete institute, c 1946. 

1 v. illus., fold, plates, tables, dlagrs. 28J x 23™. 

© JJul46; publisher; A- 7121. 

American council on education. 

Hawaiian schools, a curriculum survey, 1944-45. Conducted 
for the 1943 House Holdover committee of the Hawaiian legis- 
lature by the American council on education. Edgar M. 
Draper . . . director of survey and Alice H. Hayden . , . Wash- 
ington, D. C, American council on education, 1946. 

xvli, 176 p. front, (group port.) plates, dlagr. 22". 

Includes bibliographies. 
© 2 3Jun46; publisher; A5366. 

American council on education. Commission on teacher edu- 

The improvement of teacher education, a final report by the 
Commission on teacher education. Washington, D. C, Amer- 
ican council on education, 1946. 

xvl, 283 p., 1 1. 23J". 

"Publications' : p. 277-283. 

© 17Jun46; publisher; A4858, 

American cystoscope makers, inc., 

New York . 

A. C. M. I. cystoscopic, urologlc 
and allied diagnostic instruments and 
high frequency apparatus ... New York, 
American cystoscope makers, inc. [1946] 

1 v. illus. 29 l/2cm. 


© 15Jul46; author; A5476. 

American digest. 

General digest. American digest sys- 
tem ... A digest of all current deci- 
sions of the American courts as report- 
ed in the National reporter system and 
the state reports, continuing the fourth 
decennial digest, v. 25-26. St. Paul, 
West publishing co., 1946. 

© v. 25, l6Apr46. v. 26, 9Sep46; pub- 
lisher; A 3103, A5819. 

The American ecclesiastical review. 

( Index ) 

Index of The American ecclesiastical 
review, a monthly publication for the 
clergy ... v. 51-100, July 19l4~June 
1939. Washington, D. C. , The Catholic 
university of America press [1946] 

1 y. 26 cm . 

© Uul46; publisher; A566I. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

American economic association. 

Readings in the theory of income distribution, selected by a 
committee of the American economic association. Philadel- 
phia, Toronto, The Blukiston company, 1946. 

xvl, 718 p. dlagrs. 22". ( Blaktston series of republished articles 
on economics, vol. ni| 

"Classified bibliography of articles on national Income and distribu- 
tion, complied by Frank E. Norton, jr." : p. 661-710. 

© 13AugM>; publisher, Philadelphia; 

The American educator encyclopedia, a thoroughly modern 
work designed to meet the needs of every age ; chairman, Edi- 
torial board, Gcrdon J. Laing ... associate editor, Harry 
Orrin Gillet ... managing editor, Bertha Maude White ... 
assistant editor, Eunice W. Thompson ... Chicago, The 
United educators, inc., 1946. 
10 v. col. fronts., lllus., plates (part col.) ports., maps (part fold.) 

dlagrs. 24J-. * 

Paged continuously. 
Includes bibliographies. 

• © revisions, 3^ an 46; American educator 
encyclopedia, Chicago; A106. 

American electroplaters ' society, 

... Proceedings of educational sess- 
ions of the 32d annual convention; aus- 
pices of Cleveland branch ... Cleveland, 
Ohio, June 12th-, 15th, ll+th, 19l|i+ ... 
[Jenkintown, Pa.] c 19l4i . 

© 20Novl|i).; 2c 21AugIj.6; author, Jenkin- 
town, Pa,; A8li|i|., 

American federal tax reports; a con- 
venient collection of unabridged court 
decisions from every American court, 
state and federal, that has had before 
it problems arising under the federal 
tax laws . . yKNew York, Prentice-Hall, 
inc. , 19i+6. £Vot3Sj 

© il+Aug[|_6; West publishing co., 
St. Paul; "A5550. 

American foundrymen's association. 

Handbook of cupola operation. Chicago, 111., American 

foundrymen's association t 1946] 

xxl, 470 p. lncl. illus., tables, dlagrs. 23J". 

"First edition." 
"Bibliography on cupola practice" : p. 430-459. 

© 6Mayi+6; publisher; Ajl$l. 

American foundrymen's association. 

Transactions of the American foundry- 
men' s association. Proceedings of the 
forty-ninth annual business meeting, 
Chicago, Illinois, July 18, 19*1-5.' 
v, 53* Chicago, 111., American foundry- 
men's association, 19Uo« 

xxxyiii, 1|21 p. lncl. illus., col. 
plates, tables, diagrs. front . (port . ) 
29 1/2 cm. 

Includes bibliographies. 
© l8Novlj.6; publisher; A8822. 

American horse shows association, inc. 
The American horse shows association 
rule book, I9I+.7. New York, N. Y. , 
American horse shows association, inc., 
cl9l^6 . 

© 10ctl4.6; publisher; A8567. 

American Institute of accountants. 
Yearbook ... I9I+I1-I9I4.5 • New York 

© 3Junlj.6; American institute of 
accountants, New York; AI4.918. 

American institute of banking. 

Home mortgage lending. New York, N. Y., American in- 
stitute of banking, section American bankers association ( 1946j 
v, 354 p. incl. forms, dlagrs. 21i". 
"First printing, April 1946." 

©revisions, 15Aprl|6; publisher; A2i|5"1 - 

American institute of banking. 

An introduction to the study of trusts. New York, N. Y., 
American institute of banking, section American bankers asso- 
ciation [1945j 

v,130p. 22™. 

"First printing, November 1945." 

© 5Jani+6; publisher; AI37. 

American institute of banking. 

Savings banking. New York, N. Y., American institute of 
banking, section American bankers association t 1946j 
x, 518 p. lncl. Illus. (incl. plan, facsims.) forms, dlagrs. 22". 

"First printing, September 1946." 

"Other sources of information" : p. 453-454. 

©100ctl+6; publisher; A6136. 

American institute of banking. ' . 

Trust business. Trusts II. [Rev. ed.] 
New York [19J+6] 

© JlJuli+6; American institute of bank- 
ing, section [of] American bankers 
association, New York; A^097. 

American institute of cooperation* 

American cooperation, 19U2-19U5; Q 
collection of papers summarizing the 
problems of farm cooperatives during the 
war period, and how they were met, 
Philadelphia, Pa,, American institute 
of cooperation [I9U6] 

xvli, lj.32 ?. fold, table. 2$ cm . 

"Copyright 1945." 

"Publication of annual editions of 
American cooperation is being resumed 
with this volume." - p. 7- 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 
Pub. 8Junij.6; publisher; A&118. 

American institute of mining and metal- 
lurgical engineers. 
Geophysics 19k5» ( Its Transactions, 

v. 161). ) 

©l|J3epi(.6; American institute of mining 
and metallurgical engineers, inc., New 
York; A7.O23. 

American institute of mining and metal- 
lurgical engineers . 
Institute of metals division 194-5 • 

( Its Transactions, v. l6l) 

©25Marljj6; American institute of mining 
and metallurgical engineers, inc., New 
York; A2435- 

American institute of mining and metal- 
lurgical engineers . 
Iron and steel division 1945* ( Its 

Transactions, v. l6Z) 

©6Aprij.6; American institute of mining 
and metallurgical engineers, inc., New . 
York; A2ltf6. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

American institute of raining and metal- 
lurgical engineers . 

Mining practice ljk5- ( Its Transac- 
tions, v. 163) 

© lj£>epl|.6; American institute of mining 
and metallurgical engineers, inc., New 
York; A7022. 

American institute of mining and metal- 
lurgical engineers . 
Petroleum development and technology 

I9I4.5. (Its Transactions, v. l60) 

© 15Febii.6; American institute of mining 
and metallurgical engineers, inc., New 
York; kZltfk- 

American institute of steel construction. 

Steel construction, a manual for architects, engineers and 
fabricators of buildings and other steel structures. 5th ed. 
1st printing. New York, N. Y., American institute of steel 
construction, 1946. 

432 p. Incl. lllus., tables, diagrs. 23J™. 

© 27Sep46: author, lev York: s.7105. 

American iron and steel institute. 

Directory of iron and steel works of 
the United States and Canada. 24th ed, 
191+5. New York, 1945. 

© llDeci|5; American iron and steel 
Institute, New York; A333.. 

The American Jewish year book, 5707 
(I9I4.6-U7) v. 48. -Prepared by the 
staff of the American Jewisr committee, 
under the direction of Harry Schneider- 
man and Julius B. MaMer ■ editors ... 
Philadelphia, Ihe> Jewish publication 
society Of 'America, .1946. 

© lNovi+b; publisbwr; A687O. 

American jurisprudence; 2 comprehensive 
text statement of American case law, 
as developed in the cases ^hnc annota 
tions in the Annotated reports syster. 
being a rewriting of Ruling case law 
to reflect the modern developments 
of the law, by the editorial staff of 
the publishers ... v. 55* 
San Francisco, Calif., Eancroft- 
Whitney company; Rochester - , N. Y. , 
The Lawyers co-operative publishing 
company [I9J+6] 

©8jul46; Jurisprudence publishers, 
inc., Rochester, N, Y,; A521J. 

American law and procedure, v. 2-llj.. 
Prepared under tne editorial super- 
vision of James Parker Hall ... 
[Chicago, La Salle extension uni- 
versity, 1946] 
13 v. 23 l/2 cm . 

Vols. 13-1J+ prepared by James De Witt 
Andrews and v. 12-li; revised by the 
publisher's editorial staff. 

"Copyright 19kb- n 

Pub., revisions, 5Janij.6j publisher; 

American law institute. 

Restatement in the courts. Permanent eiL ... St. Paul, 
Minn., American law institute publishers, 19451^ • © . 1946 J 

viii, 1018 p. 23J™. 

On cover : Permanent edition, 1932-1944. 

"Covers ... all cases published in the National reporter system down 
to January 1, 1945." — Pref. 

Periodical references to reviews of Institute work, listed at the begin- 
ning of each subject. 

Contents. — Glossary of words and phrases defined in the Restate- 
ment. — History of the American law institute and the first restatement 
of the law, by W. D. Lewis. 

©28flar46; American law institute, 
St. Paul; Al4i35. 

American law institute. 

... Restatement of the law. Permanent General index, cov- 
ering agency, conflict of laws, contracts, judgments, property, 
restitution, security, torts, trusts. St. Paul, American law in- 
stitute publishers, 1946. 

vii, 1090 p. 24~ 

On cover : General index. 

Edited by H. B. Skillman. cf. Pref. 

Supersedes temporary General index published in 1941. cf. Pref. 

©28i.iarJ.i-6; American law institute: 

American law reports annotated ... 
v. 159-165. Rochester, N. Y., 
Lawyers co-operative publishing co . ; 
San Francisco, Calif., Bancroft- 
Whitney co., I9J+6. 
7 v. 25cm. 

Editors: Ceorge Hiram Parmele, Edwin 
Stacev Dakes . . . 

© publishers. 

v. 159, 10JanJ+6, aJ+97 

v. 160, 13Mari|6, A2118 

v. l6l, 27Hayl|.6, A3334 

v. 162, 12Au^46, A^klk 

v. 163, 280c tl;6, A6935 

v. 164, 9060)46, A9395 

•7. 165, 26Deci4.6, A9U35 

The American lawyers annual 1946 (27th 
ed.) Cleveland, 0., The American 
lawyers annual company; [etc.] c 194 r ''< 

© 22JunJ+6; publisher; A5159. 

American medical association. Council 

on pharmacy and chemistr y. 

New and non-official remedies, 1946, 
containing descriptions of the articles 
which stand accepted by the Council on 
pharmacy and chemistry of the American 
medical association on January 1, I9J+6 
... Chicago, American medical associa- 
tion [I9I4.6] 

©l8junl|6; publisher; A3433. 

American mutual liability insurance company. 

Surface construction without accidents ... Boston, Mass., 
Engineering dept., American mutual liability insurance com- 
pany, c 1946. 

1 p. L, 81 p. incl. lllus., forms, diagr. 19J'*. 

"The author Is H. Edgar Beaven ... of American mutual staff." — 

Bibliography : p. 79. 

©9JU1J+6; publisher; A3523. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

American optical company. 

Training manual for the prescription 
laboratory, compiled and edited In 
cooperation with the Department of 
vocational education, State of 
Connecticut, under direction of 
August S. Boynton ..., Richard Howes ... 
Edited by T. Edwin Keyes, Manuel 
A London, H. P. Ritterbusch. [South- 
bridge, Mass.] American optical co., 


lx, I3I4. p. Illus. 29 cm. 

© ^Marl4.6j American optical co., 
Southbridge, Mass.; AII4.8I4.. 

American pharmaceutical association. 

The national formulary. 8th ed. ... Official from April 1, 
1947. Washington, 1946. 
xxxviii, 850 p. Illus. 23}~. 

© 25N0VJ4.6; American pharmaceutical 
assn., Washington, D. C; A896O. 

American psyche-pathological association. 

Current therapies of personality dis- 
orders, Bernard Glue6k, M. D., editor. 
The proceedings of the thirty-fourth 
annual meeting . . . held in New York 
city, April, 19I4.5. New York, Grune & 
Stratton, I9I4.6 . 

k p. 1., 296 p. 22 cm . 

"References" at end of most of the 

© 15AprJ+6; Grune & Stratton, inc.; 

American race horses ... A review of 
the breeding and the performances 
of the outstanding thoroughbreds 
of the year engaged in racing, 
steeplechasing and hunt races. 
lykk- By Joe H. Palmer;. Vaughn 
Plannery, editor. Belair, Md., 

©lMarlj.5; 2c 30Jao46; Sagamore 
press, Belair, Md. ; A67I. 

The American racing manual. 19^6 e ^. 
Compiled and edited by Daily 
racing form ... [Philadelphia] 
Triangle publications, inc., 019^.6. 

© 8Apri^6; publisher; A2630. 

American railway engineering association 

Proceedings of t he 14.5th annual con- 
vention ... v. I4.7.; I9I4-6. 
Chicago, The Association [I9I4.6] 

© lAugi(.6; American railway engineer- 
ing association, Chicago; A7217. 

American register of exporters and 
importers, I9I45/I46 ed. New York, 
American register of exporters & 
Importers, inc., I9I4.6. 

©2Janl+6; publisher; A933- 

American rose society. 

The American rose annual; the I9I4-6 
yearbook of rose progress, prepared . .♦ 
by R. C. Allen, editor. Harrisburg, Pa., 

© 7Aprij.6; American rose society, 
Harrisburg, Pa.; AJ219. 

American saddle-horse breeders associa- 

The register of the American saddle- 
horse breeders association (incorporated) 
... v. 25. Louisville, Fetter printing 
company, inc., I9I4.5 [i. e. I9I4.6] 

©21Marl|.6; 2c' 19Mari|.6; American saddle- 
horse breeders association, Louisville. 

... The American shorthorn herd book 
(New series) v. 1J2 ... Chicago, 
American shorthorn breeders' associa- 
tion, 19)4.6. 

© 2Decl|.6; publisher; A7I4.IO. 

American society for metals. 

A. S. H. review of metal literature; 
an annotated survey of articles and 
technical papers appearing in the en- 
gineering, scientific and industrial 
journals and books here and abroad, 
v. 1, 19i44. Cleveland, 0. [ I9I4.5] 

© 28Decl4.5; 2c 5Febl(.6; American 
society for metals, Cleveland; A825. 

American society for metala. 

Transactions ... v. 36-37, I9L.6- 
Ray T. Bayless, ed. Cleveland [I9I4.6] 

© v. 36, 15JUIJ4.6, v. 37, lAugi|.6; 
American society for metals, Cleveland; 
A5823, A5824. 

American society for testing materials, 

,,. A.S.T.M, methods of chemical 
analysis of metals. [1946 book] Phila- 
delphia, Pa., [I9I46] 

© l4.Sepi4.6; American society for test- 
ing materials , Philadelphia, Pa,; A3886. 

American society for testing materials. 

[Book - of A.S.T.M. standards, includ- 
ing tentative s] 19^5 supplement ... 
Philadelphia, I9J4.5-I46. 

Contents.- pt. 1. Metals.- pt. 2. Non- 
metallic material s-constructlonal.-pt. 3 
Nonmetallic materials - general. 

©pt. 1, l8Marl+6, pt. 2, 28Declj.5, pt. 3, 
25Pebi4.6; 2c pt. 2, 2PebU6; AI725, A67, 
American society for testing materials. 

... Proceedings, v. I4.5. 19^-5* 
Committee reports, technical papers. 
Philadelphia, [1946] 

© 15Juni4.6; American society for 
testing materials, Philadelphia, 
American society for testing materials. 

Symposium on stress-corrosion cracking of metals, held at 
Philadelphia, Pa., November 29-30 and December 1, 1944, under 
the joint sponsorship of A. S. T. M. and A. I. M. E. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Pub. jointly by American society for testing materials 
and Institute of metals division, American institute of mining 
and metallurgical engineers, New York, N. Y. [1945] 

vlii, 495 p. Illus., dlagrs. 23*". 

"Errata" slip Inserted. 

Bibliography at end of most of the papers. 

1. Corrosion and anti-corrosives. I. American Institute of mining 

and metallurgical engineers. Iustitute of metals division, n. Title: 
Stress-corrosion cracking of metals. 

© 28Decl4.5; 2c 2janl|.6; American 
society for testing materials, 
Philadelphia; a68. 

749448 0—47- 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

American society of civil engineers 
Transactions ... v. 109-110, 1944- 
... New York, The Society, 1945-4 

2 v. 

©v. 109, 9JUII4.5, 2c lk Decl+5; v. 110, 
28Aug46; American society of civil en- 
gineers.: A6J+0, A7066. 

American society of heating and venti- 
lating engineers. 
Transactions, v. 28, 4l-45» 47-48» 

50-51. New York, The Society [192li-462 

© American society of heating and 
ventilating engineers, New York, 
v. 28, 15Sep24, 2c 9JU146, A4775* 

4l, 16Aug37, 2c 9Jul46, A4776. 

1+2, 15Sep37, 2c 9Jul46, A4777- 

k3, 25JUI39, 2c 9Jul46, Aif778. 

Uk, 7Aug39, 2c 9Jul46, A14.779. 

4.5, iooct4o, ao 9JU14.6, Ai+780. 





v. J+8; 23 Junltf; 2c 9Juli|^,'A4782» 
v. 50, 27DeoIj.5, 2c 29Dee45, A12. 
v. 51, 15Noviij6, 2c 9Deck6, A9000 

'. 4.7, 15DeciJ2, 2c ?Julij.6, A478I. 

American society of newspaper editors. 
Proceedings; 23 rc *- 'annual convention 
April 18-20, 1946, Hotel Statler, 
Washington, D. C. [1§46] 

On cover: Problems of journalism. 

© 5Nov46| American society of news- 
paper editors, c/o Dwight Young, secre- 
tary, Dayton, 0.5 A8792. 

American wholesale hardware company, 

Long Beach , Calif . 

... Catalog no. 1+Y 5 general hardware, 
mill supplies, tools, contractors' 
supplies ... Long Beach, Calif. [1946] 

© 25Nov46; R. R. Donnelley & sons. 
Chicago; A8990. 

American writing . . . the anthology and 
yearbook of the American non-commercial 
magazine, 1944- Edited by Helen Fergu- 
son Caukin and Alan Swallow. Boston, 
Bruce Humphries, inc., 1945- 

© 31Dec45; 2c 27Jan46; publisher; A627 . 

The American year book; a record of 
events and progress, year 1945 ••• 
edited with the cooperation of a 
supervisory board representing nation- 
al learned societies, New York, 
Thomas Nelson, 1946. 

Editor: William M. Schuyler. 

© 29Jul46; American year book corpor- 
ation, New York; A5l4l. 

The Americana annual; an encyclopedia 
of the events of 1§45« New York, 
Chicago, Americana corporation 1946. 

Editors: A. H. McDannald and others. 
Includes cumulated index, 1942-1945. 

©27Jun46; Americana corporation, 
Chicago; A5370. 

Amerman, Lockhart. 

Wheat for a penny, by Lockhart Amerman ... t n. p.] Thistle 
house (Pittsburgh, Printed by Davis & Wardej 1945. 

2 p. 1., vii-viii numb. 1., 1 1., 44 numb. I., 1 1. 231™. 

Printed on double leaves with uncut fold at top. 

Illustrated on t.-p. 


© 15Dec45; 2c 23Peb45; author, 
Sewickley, Pa.; A1210. 

Ames, Jesse Hazen, 1875- 

Our land and our people ; the progress of the American na- 
tion ... by Jesse H. Ames . . . Merlin M. Ames . . . and Thomas S. 
Staples ... St. Louis, San Francisco t etc.] Webster publishing 
company t 1946] 

xiv, 704 p. lllus. (incl. ports., faesims.) maps (1 double) dlagrs. 211*". 
(The American life history series) 

"Books to read" at end of most of the chapters. 

©revisions, 14AugU6; publisher, St. 
Louis; A5245- 

Ames, Merlin McMain, 1879- 

My country ... by Merlin M. Ames, Jesse H. Ames and 
Odille Ousley, illustrated by the Royts. St. Louis [etc.] Web- 
ster publishing company [1946] 

vil, 472 p. incl. col. front., illus. (part col.; incl. maps) 21}™. (The 
American life history series) 

© 16Jan46; Wabster publishing co. , Inc.; 

Amico, Silvio d', 1887- 

... Dramma, sacro e profano. [Roma] Tumminelli [1942] 

3 p. 1., ( 9]-251 p., 2 1. 19™. (Half-title: Nuova blblioteca italiana, 
diretta da Arnaldo Bocelli, 6) 

"Prima edizione glugno 1942-xx." 

© 5Jun42; lc 230c t45; Calogero 
Tumminelli: AF2203. 

Amidon, Edna Phyllis, 1895- 

Good food and nutrition for young people and their families 
[by] Edna P. Amidon, Dorothy E. Bradbury [and] Vivian V. 
Drenckhahn, illustrated by Edith M Bradbury. New York, \ 
J. Wiley & sons, inc.; London, Chapman & Hall, limited [1946] 

xviii, 323 p. illus., col. diagr. 21™. 

"Some good refer- 

;on, Va. anH 

Bibliography at end of each cnapter except two. 
enees" : p. 311-316. 

wfsnSlfen 1 ! l^&TAlM* 118 * 

Amiss, John Milton, I887- 

New careers in industry, by John M. Amiss and Esther Sher- 
man, illustrated by Sidney W. Seeley. New York, London, 
Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company, inc. [1946] 

xxr, 227 p. front., plates. 21™. 
Includes "Suggested reading." 

©8Apr46; 2c 15Kar46; McGraw-Hill book 
co., inc., New York; A2349. 

Vmiss, John Milton, 1887- 

Safety and supervision, by John Amiss and Lloyd R. Walker. 
Detroit] Dept. of industrial education, Chrysler corporation 

1 p. 1., iv, 125 p. incl. col. Illus., forms, ciiagrs. coL front. 20™. 

@ 15Augi|6; Chrysler corporation, Highland 
Park, Mich.: A562I4. 

Amiss, John Milton, 1887- 

Supervisory paperwork, by John M. Amiss, Traver C. Sutton 
and Wayne E. Grimm. [Detroit] Dept. of industrial education, 
Chrysler corporation t 1945] 

vi, 158 p. incl. illus., forms, diagrs. front 20™. 

"Copyright 1945 •" 

Pub. l8Mar46; Chrysler corp., Highland 
Park, Mich.; AI837. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Amoss, Harold Edwin 
see Amoss, Harry, 1880- 

Amoss, Harry, 1880- 

Rhythmic arithmetic. Work book 1 
[-2] ... Toronto, Rverson press 


2 v. Illus. 27cm. 

"Designed to accompany Section two of 
•Rhythmic arithnetic in the primary 
school." 1 

Pub. book 1, 20Mari+6, lc 29Marl*6; 
book 2, 30Mayi|6, lc I9JUII4.6: publisher: 
AI 11*2, AI 331. 

Amoss, Harry, 1880- 

Rhythmic arithmetic in the middle 
school. Grades 3 and I4.. [By] Harry 
.Amoss. Toronto, The Ryerson press 

viii, 198 p. illus. 20 cm . 

"Copyright 191+5." 

Pub. 2Feblt6; lc 29Mari|6; publisher; 
AI lij.1. 

L « Amour de 1 1 art . © Edi ti on Paul 

Dupont, Paris. 
Ann6e 26, 

No. 5 j n.s. no. 12, Uun2|.6; 
lc 9Aug46; AF2156. 

Amsden, John Page, 1899- 

Physical chemistry for premedical students, by John Page 
Amsden ... 1st ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book 
company, inc., 1946. 

ii, 298 p. diagrs. 21*-. (International chemical series) 
"Table of logarithms" on p. ( 3i- 1 4] of cover. 
© 12Wnr4€;' publisher, New York; A1772. 

Amy, Albert 

... Evenements; roman. Geneve, Paris, Jeheber ( 1946, 
2 p. 1., ,7]-254 p., 1 1. 19°". 

©26Sepi|6; Edition J. H. Jeheber, s. 
a.; AF1802. 

Ancel, Jacques. 

... Manuel g£ographique de politique 
europeene. t. 2 ... Paris, Delagrave, 


2 v. illus. 25 1/2 cm. 

"Bibliographie" at end of most of the 

Contents . -pt. 1, L' Europe germanique 
et ses bornes.-pt. 2, L'kllemagne, 

Ancel, Jacques, ... Manuel gSographique 
... I9I+O-I9I4.5. (Card 2) 

©pt. 1, 30Deci|0, pt. 2, 30Junij.5; 
lc ea. 300ctlx c 5; Librairie Delagrave; 

Anchor sanitary company. 

Your catalogue for plumbing, 
heating [and] industrial supplies ... 
Pittsburgh [19U6] 

1 v. 27 1/2 cm. 

© 21Novlj.6; R. R. Donnelley and 
sons co., Chicago; A8773. 

Andersen, Christian. 

. . . Hvor er den sne som f aldt i 
fjor; roman om Francois Villon ... 
Kjfzfbenhaven, A. Busck, 191+4 • 

2 v. 23 l/2cm. 

© 21Sepl4l+.; lc ea. 9Jaj^.6; Nyt nordisk 
forlag-Arnold Busck; AF872. 

Andersen, Christian. 

... Traeerne vokser ikke ind i himlen; 
roman fra Holbergtiden ... Kj^benhavn, 
A. Busck, 19i+5. 

2 v. 23 l/2CHi. 

© 22Novl|5; lc ea. lOjanl^; Nyt 
nordisk forlag-Arnold Busck; AF873. 

Andersen, Hans Christian, 1805-1875. 

Andersen's Fairy tales, by Hans Christian Andersen, trans- 
lated by Mrs. E. V. Lucas p. e. Mrs. Edgar Lucasj & Mrs. H. B. 
Paull. Illustrated by Arthur Szyk ... New York, Grosset & 
Dunlap (1945, 

4 p. 1., $43 p. col. front., Illus., col. plates. 21". ( Illustrated Junior 

ID illus., 15Novi(.5: 2c 13J)ealj.5; C-roeset 

'.- Dunlap, inc.- ASQ'-J. 

1. Fairy tales. 1. Lucas, Alice, "Mrs. Edgar Lucas," tr. 11. Paull, 
Mrs. Henry H. B., joint tr. in. Szyk, Arthur, 1894- illus. 

Andersen, Hans Christ 
Andersen' s Fairy t 
ian Andersen, transla 
Lucas [1. e_. Mrs. Edg 
H. 3. Paull. Illustr 
... New York, Grosse 

k P. ft.,' 327 P. t 
col. plates. 23 1/2 
junior library) 

Special edition. 

© illus , , 15Nov[|.5 ; 
Grosset & Dunlap, inc 

ian, 1805-1875. 
ales, by Hans Christ- 
ted by Mrs. E. V. 
ar Lucas] and Mrs. 
ated by Arthur Szyk 
t & Dunlap [19J+5] 
col. front,, illus., 
cm . (Illustrated 

2c 13Decl+5; 

; A59J. 

Andersen, Hans Christian, I805-I875. 

Andersen's Fairy tales, by Hans Christ- 
ian Andersen, translated by Mrs. E. V.' 
Lucas [i_. _e. Mrs. Edgar Lucas] and Mrs, 
H. B. Paull. Illustrated by Arthur Szyk 
... New York, Grosset & Dunlap [19^5] 

h V- Q« , 327 P» col. front., illus., 
col. plates. 23 l/2 cm . (Illustrated 
junior library) 

Dc luxe edition, 
©illus., 15NovI|.5; 2c 13Deci|5; 
Grosset & Dunlap, inc. 5 A592. 

Andersen, Hans Christian, 1805-1875. 

Fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Jean 
O'Neill, with an introduction by May Lamberton Becker. 
Cleveland and New York, The World publishing company 
[1946, / 

318 p., 1 1. col. front, illus., col. plates. 22™. (Half-title: Rainbow 

"First printing August 1946." 
©matter other than text. 25Augl+6; 
publisher, Cleveland; A5J+83. 

1. Fairy tales. 1. O'Neill, Jean, illus. 

Andersen, Hans Christian, 1805-1875. 

Andersen's Fairy tales, illustrated by John Taylor, adapted 
by Lillian Day. New York, The Hyperion press and Duell, 
Sloan and Pearce c 1946j 

56 p. incl. col. front., illus. (part col.) 27i™. 

© 26Jun46} Hyperion press, in-.; A5107. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Andersen, Hans Christian, 1805-1875. 

Favorite fairy tales from Andersen, retold by Marie Holz: 
pictures by Sharon Stearns. Chicago, Wilcox & Follett co 

,33) p. illus. (part col.) 25x2U~. 

©3KayU6; publisher; A70I17. 

Andersen, Hans Christian, 1805-1875. 

Tales from Andersen, retold by Sarah 
K. Wright [ pseud . ] illustrated by Roberta 
Paflin. Few York, E. P. Dutton & co., 
inc.. 19U6* 

7o, [2] p, ' illus. (part col. ) 
25 1/2x20 l/2° m . 

"First edition." 

© 27Augi|6; publisher; A5538.- 

Anderson, Anita Melva, 1906- 

... Fur trappers of the old West, by A. M. Anderson, illus- 
trated by Jack Merryweather. Chicago, Wheeler publishing 
company [1946j 

2 p. 1., 252 p. Illus. 19". (The American adventure series) 

© l6Jani;6; publisher; A822.' 

Anderson, Arthur von Krogh, 1890- 

Laboratory experiments in physiological chemistry, by 
Arthur K. Anderson ... 1st ed., rev. printing. New York, 
J Wiley & sons, inc.; London, Chapman & Hall, limited ( 1946, 

vii, 236 p. illus. 22". 
Some of the pages blank. 

1. Physiological chemistry — Laboratory manuals. I Title. 
QP519.A45 1946 612.015072 Med 47-171 

© 20Dec46: author, State College, Pa.; A9350. 

Anderson, Clarence William, 1891— 

Tomorrow's champion ; text and lithographs by C. W. Ander- 
son. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

|84, p. Illus., pi. 22$ x 29™. 

©29NovIl6; publisher;. A8802. 

1. Horse-racing. ,1. Race horsesj 2. Horses— Pictures, illustrations, 
etc. i. Title. 

SF334.A6 636.1 

© 29Xov46; publisher; A8802. 


Anderson, Edna L 

... Through the ages, a book of 
poems by Edna L. .^nderson. Philadelphia, 
Dorrance & company [19I4.6] 

58 p. 19 l/2cm # (contemporary 
poets of Dorrance [317)) 

© 15Aug[|.6; Dorrance & co.. inc.: 

Anderson, Florence E 

Modem fairy tales, by Florence E. Anderson ... New York, 
N. Y., The Hobson book press, 1946. 
3 p. 1., 85 p. illus. 23". 

©12NovIi6; author, Deerfield, 111.; 
Anderson, Foster 

see Anderson, Herbert Foster, 189O- 

Anderson, Harry Bernhardt, 1887- 

Public health the American way, by H. B. Anderson. New 
York, N. Y., Citizens medical reference bureau, inc. ( 194 6 ] 

238 p. 23". 

"Copyright 19^5." 

Pub.' 9Jani|6; publisher; A2J5. 

Anderson, Helen Foster, 1891- 

The cousins; or, Astrid's happy summer, by Helen Foster 
Anderson, illustrated by Laura Bannon. Rock Island, 111., 
Augustana book concern (1946) 

4 p. 1., 198 p. col. front., illus. 20". 

©21AugU6; publisher; A8229- 

Anderson, Herbert Foster, 1890- 

What I saw in Poland — 1946. By H. Foster Anderson ... 
Slough ( Bucks, Eng., The Windsor press ( 1946) 

.3 p. 1., 194 p. 18". 
"First edition 1946." 

1. Poland — Descr. & trar 
x. Title. 

DK441.A7 1946 

World war, 1939-1945— Poland. 

943.8 47-471 

Pub. 20Sep46; lc 70ct46; author, London ;' AI 587. 

Anderson, John Ansel, 1903- ed. 

Enzymes and their role in wheat technology, edited by J. 
Ansel Anderson ... New York, Pub. for the American asso- 
ciation of cereal chemists by Interscience publishers, inc., 1946. 

lx, 371 p. illus., diagrs. 23J". (American association of cereal 
chemists. Monograph series, vol. i| 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

© Uul<i6; American assn. of cereal chemists, 
?t. Paul; A48?9. 

Anderson, Kenneth, 1917- 

Deep is the furrow (by. Ken Anderson. Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Zondervan publishing house ( 1946] 

254 p. illus. 20". 

©2Deel|6; publisher; A9153. 

Anderson, Kenneth, 1917- 

Tom Huntner, sophomore forward, by Ken Anderson. 
Grand Rapids, Mich., Zondervan publishing house [1946) 

2 p. 1., (7,-73 p. illus. 20". 

©8julJ4.6; publisher: A9J4.0I1.. 

Anderson, Kenneth, 1917- 

Winky, mountain detective ... by Ken Anderson. Grand 
Rapids, Mich. Zondervan publishing house [1946, 

2 p. 1., 7-66 p. illus. 20". 
"Number two In the series." 

© 9Sepii.6; publisher; A9U06. 

Anderson, L M 

... The flight and the song, a tale of old Devon. New York, 
London (etc.) Longmans, Green and co., 1946. 

3 p. 1., 175 p. 21}". 

At head of title: L. M. Anderson & S. M. C. 
Illustration on t.-p. 
"First edition." 

© 29May46; 2c 26May46; Longrr.ana, Green k 
to., inc., New York; A4277. 

Anderson, Martin, 1882- 

Planning and financing the new church, by Martin Ander- 
son. Minneapolis, Minn., Augsburg publishing house ( 1946| 

104 p. lncl. Illus. ( loci, plans) form. 281 1 22". 

Bibliography : p. 80 ; p. { 96] 
"Revised and enlarged edition." 

© 25Aprl+6; publisher; Aj+653. 

Anderson, Newton H 

Aircraft layout and detail design, by Newton H. Anderson 
. . . with a foreword by C. T. Reid. 2d ed. New York, London, 
McGraw-Hill book company inc., 1946. 

xxii, 437 p. incl. illus., tables, diagrs. 21J". 
Includes "References." 

1. Aeroplanes — Design and construction. 2. Mechanical drawing, 
t. Title. 

TL671.25.A6 1946 629.1341 

© 30Oct46 ; publisher, New York; A6931. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Anderson, Ralph Oliver. 

Applied photogrammetry, by Ralph O. Anderson ... 4th 
ed. ... Chattanooga, Tenn. ,Ann Arbor, Mich., Lithoprinted 
by Edwards brothers, inc., 1946. 

xix, 518 p. incl. front., lllua., dlagrs. 23J". 

"Errata sheet" Inserted. 
Bibliography : p. 518. 

© 6May^6; author, Chattanooga; A5103. 

Anderson, William, 1888- 

American government, by William Anderson ... 3d ed. New- 
York, H. Holt and company ( 1946) 

xlv, 922 p. dlagrs. 24". (Half-title: American political science se- 
ries ; general editor, E. S. Corwln) 

"References" at end of each chapter. "Suggested readings and refer- 
ences" : p. 898-896. 

»oJ?„ ^P 1 " 46 ' ^"V Holt and company, inc.; 

Anderson, William, 1888- 

The national government of the United States ,by, William 
Anderson ... New York, H. Holt and company ( 1946j 
x p.. 1 1., 593 p. diagr. 24i"". 
"References" at end of each chapter except the first. 
© 9Aug46; Henry Holt * coj A 6025. 

Anderson, William, 1888- 

Research in public administration: Part i. Report of the 
Committee on public administration of the Social science re- 
search council, 1934-1945, by William Anderson. Part n. Re- 
search in public administration, 1930-1945, by John M. Gaus. 
Chicago, Pub. for the Committee on public administration of 
the Social science research council by Public administration 
service, 1945. 

xiv, 221 p. 23$*". (Half-title: Committee on public administration 
Social science research council. Studies in administration. Vol. xm) 

Bibliographical foot-notes. "Publications" : p. 198-201. 

*• Public administration— Research. i. Gaus, John Merrlman, 

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publishers [1946j 

80 p. 20J". 

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1. *Myrdal, Gunnar, 1898- An American dilemma. 2. Negroes, 

r. Title. 
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BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

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Reproduced from type-written copy. 


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"First published, September, 1808 ... New edition, 1946." 

©foreword & illus., 8l>.lay2j.6; 2 c l8Aprlj.6; 
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Arabian nights. 

The Arabian nights, illustrated by Earle Goodenow . . . New 
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"Popular edition."- — Dust jacket. 

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Arabian nights. 

The Arabian nights, illustrated by Earle Goodenow ... New 
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Arabian nights. 

The Arabian nights, illustrated by Earle Goodenow ... New 
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2 p. L, 7-28, ilj p. 17". 

Author's pseud., Francois la Colere, at head of title. 

"Ce volume en tous points conforme a celui public par les 'Editions de 
minuit' sous l'oppression ... Les volumes de la presente collection con- 
stituent la premiere Edition publique des Editions de minuit." 

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minuit, AF765. 

... L'Arc de Trajan a. Benevento; introduction de Charles 
Pieranges. [Paris, Editions Alpina, 1943] 

2 p. 1., xl pi. (1 double) on 20 1. 35". (Athenseum, les documents 
photographiques. [15] ) 

Caption title. 

The double plate is counted as two. 

Illustrated covers. 

Issued in portfolio. 

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Arcangeli, Francesco. 

... Tarsie, con cinquantasei tavole. 2. ed. [Romaj Tummi- 
nelli [1943, 

2 p. I., 3-24 p., 1 1. illus., 56 pi. on 28 1. 24-. (Half-title: Quadernl 
d'arte, a euro di Emilio Cecchl. 3) 

"Blbliografla sommarla" : p. 24. 

1. Marquetry. 1. Title. 

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The Book says, by Edmund William Archer. [Massillon, 
O., Priv. print., 1946] 

2 p. 1., 75 p. 18J-. 

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Archer, John Clark, 1881- 

The Sikhs in relation to Hindus, Moslems, Christians, and 
Ahmadiyyas. A study in comparative religion, by John Clark 
Archer. [Princeton] Princeton university press, 1946. 

xl,358p. plates. 22J-. 

Blbltographlcal foot-notes. 

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Caiibbean, sea of the new world [by } German Arciniegas, 
translated from the Spanish by Harriet de Onis. New York, 
A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

xi, 464, xiv p., 1 1. plates, ports., fold. map. 22"". 

"First American edition." /" 

Bibliography : p. 450-458. 

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Ardel, Colette Henri- 

. . . Confidences. Paris, J. Tallandier ( 1945 j 
4 p. 1., [11,-219 p., 11. 19". 
On cover : Roman. 2. (A. 

2>10Decii-5; lc 8May^6; Soclete d'edi- 
tions et de publications, Paris; AF1611. 

Arey, Leslie Brainerd, 1891- 

Developmental anatomy, a textbook and laboratory manual 
of embryology, by Leslie Brainerd Arey ... 5th ed. With 590 
illustrations, many in color. Philadelphia and London, W. B. 
Saunders company, 1946. 

ix, 616 p. illus. (part col.) tables (1 fold.) diagrs. 25 }-. 
Includes bibliographical references. 

©<?Sep46; publisher, Philadelphia; 

Arger, Jane. 

... Nouvelle initiation a. l'art du chant. (Ed. rev., corr. et 
augm.) Paris, Rouart, Lerolle et cie; vente exclusive: Edi- 
tions Salabert, Paris [1946j 

3 p. 1., v, t 7]-280 p., 1 1. illus. (incl. music) vrn pi. on 4 1., diagrs. 
15} x 12J-. 

Published, 1924, under title: Initiation a l'art du chant. 
"CEuvres citees" : p. 265-267. 

©!5Sepl+6; publisher; AF2271. 

Argonne, pseud . 
see Debu-3ridel, Jacques, 1902- 

Arizona welding equipment co. 

... Catalog no. I4.5 . Welding equip- 
ment, industrial supplies ... 
[Chicago, Photologue publishing co., 

1 v. illus. 28c m » 

"Copyright 191+5." 

Pub. IJU11I4.6; publisher; A7113. 

Arkansas. Laws, statutes , etc . 

I9U6 annotated supplement to Pope's 
Digest of the statutes of Arkansas, 1937 > 
containing the laws passed by the regu- 
lar session of the 55th General assembly 
(19U5 ) of the state of Arkansas ... St. 
Louis, Thomas law book co . , I9I+6. 

©29Augi|6; C. Delitala, St. Louis; A3829. 

Arkansas decisions reported in South 
western reporter, 2d series ... 
188-191 S. W. 2d - 192-195 S. W. 
2d. St. Paul, West publishing co., 

Key number system. 

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27N0VI4.6; publisher; AI4.385, A920tj.. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Arlitt, Ada Hart, 1890- 

Psychology of infancy and early childhood, by Ada Hart 
Arlitt ... 3d ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book com- 
pany, inc., 1946. 

xiii, 475 p. illus., diagrs. 21". (Half-title: McGraw-Hill home eco- 
nomics series) 

Bibliography at end of each chapter except one. 

@15Mayi|6; publisher, New York; Al+217. 

Arma, Edmee. 

Entrez dans la danse avec Edmee Arma. 29 danses popu- 
lates franchises avec notation des pas, illustrees par Jacqueline 
L. Gaillard. Preface de Paul Delarue. Paris, Bruxelles, H. 
Lemoine & c 16 [1943] 

88 p. illus. 18}~. 

Includes music. 

'Bibltographie" : p. 84-85. 

1. Dancing — Folk and national dances. 2. Dancing — France. 
i. Title. 

MT950.A6 793.31 47-3509^ 

© 30Nov43; lc 26Apr46; publisher, Paris; AF1680. 

Armandy, Andre, 1882- 

... Le paradis de Satan, roman. 
Paris [Tallandier, I9I4.I] 

22l| p. l8 cm '. (Collection "Pour 
oublier la vie," 27) 

© 15Sepi|lj lc 29Augi+5; Societe 
d'lditions et de publications, Paris; 

Armandy, Andre, 1882- 
. . . Le renegat. Paris, J. Tallandier ( 1946] 
2 p. 1., [7,-256 p. 19". 

© HPebi|6; Societe d' editions et de 
publications, Paris; AFll|.S0. 

Armandy, Andrd, 1882- 

...Les r^prouves, roman, 
Tallandier [19I4.5] 

I89 p. 18 1/2 cm. 

Paris, J. 

"Couronne par l'Academie francaise." 

© 7Augl;5; lc 300ctii5; Societe d'edi- 
tions et de publications, Paris; AF149 • 

Armchair companion [2^] New York, 
Lantern press, 19^6. 
viii, 9-351 p. 21 crn . 

© 24Jun46; A. L. Furman, Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y.J Alj.719. 

Armco international corporation, Middle - 

town, 0. 

Handbook of culvert and drainage prac- 
tice for the solution of surface and sub 
surface drainage problems . . . Middle- 
town, 0.. Armco international corpora- 
tion, I9I4.5 [i.e. 19U6] 

5 p. p., kl5, [36] p. illus. 
18 1/2 cA . 

Prepared with the aid of the technical 
staff of the Armco drainage products 

©revisions, 21Marlj.6; publisher; A2657. 

Armellini, Quirino, 1889- 

... La crisi dell' esercito. Roma, Casa edit rice "Priscilla," 
Edizioni delle catacombe, 1945. 

8 p. L, 9-169, [lj p. 21J-. 

©lApr) + 5; lc 230cti|-5; Calogero Tum- 
minelli, Rome; AF2193. 

Armour, Richard Willard, 1906- 

Golf bawls, by Richard Armour. Cartoons by Herb Middle- 
camp. New York, The Beechhurst press ( 1946j 

3 p. I, [9,-77, [1, p. illus. 24". 


© l80ctl+6: Beechhurst press, inc.; A6869 

Armour, Richard Willard, 1906- 

Leading with my left, by Richard Armour; caricatures by 
Joseph Forte, with an introduction by Max Eastman. New 
York, The Beechhurst press t 1946, 

60 p. illus. 24". 

Verses which appeared originally in the New leader. 

© lNovij.6; Beechhurst press, inc.; A8219. 

Armour and company, Chicago. 

Armour foreign code . . [Chicago, 1946] 

846 p. 29 x 33*". 

© 25JunJj6; author, Chioago; k$Q3Q. 

Armstrong, Charlotte. 

The unsuspected, a novel by Charlotte Armstrong. New 
York, Coward-McCann, inc. [1946j 

3 p. 1., 217 p. 21". ' 

Illustrated lining-papers. 

Serialized in eight instalments In the Saturday evening post of. 
Publisher's jacket 

© 21Jank6: Charlotte Armstrong Lewi, 
New York; AI4 S I4. . 

Armstrong, Harold Barry. 

How to draw ami Easy lessons in 
caricature by Armstrong's "Simple Sim- 
eon" shorthand system of drawing . . . 
Melbourne, Sydney [etc.] The Lothian 
publishing co. pty. ltd. [19M+-J 

[2k] p. illus. 18 x 25 l/2cm. 

Pub. 6Jullj4; lc 21Juni44.; author, 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; AI 606. 

[Armstrong, Norma G ] 

Personal vital statistics. 
[Los Angeles] 019^6. 

1 v. 16 1/2 cm. 

Elank record book. 

© 2l|Jun!|.6; author, Los Angeles; 

Armstrong's West Warwick and Pawtuxet 
Valley, Rhode Island directory, 
1914.6-47, including Anthony, Arctic, 
Arkwright, vol. IV . . . Cranston, 
R. I., J. H. Armstrong co., CI9I4.6. 
1 v. 2i| cm. 

© 2Decl4.6; Joseph Harold Armstrong, 
Cranston, R. I.; A7339. 

Armytage, Flora. 

Sebastian, by Flora Armytage. Garden City, N. Y., Double- 
day & company, inc., 1946. 

5 p. ]., 246 p. 211". 

"First edition." 

© 5Sep46; 2c 28Aug^6; author, New York; 

Arnall, Ellis Gibbs, 1907- 

The shore dimly seen, by Ellis Gibbs Arnall. Philadelphia 
and New York, J. B. Lippincott company [1946] 

312 p. 22". 
, "First edition." 

© 30ctl*6; author, Atlanta, Oa.; A 6J4.09. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

^S^dWrn^ W. Bos,o»,Th 6 Ch ri »o- 
pher publishing house ( 1946, 

112 p. 20-. 


©l60ctlj.6; author, Carthage, Mo.; A8169- 

[Arnesen, David Dietrichs Swensen, 1884- 

... N&r enden er god. 18. tusen. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co. 
(W. Nygaard) 1942. 

227 p. 20-. 

Author's pseud., Peter Bendow, at head of title. 

©27Febl+2; lc l80ctli.6; publisher; 

Arnholz, Walter William, 1897- 

The adjustment of spastic tissue ... West Los Angeles, 
Calif., The author, 1946. 
* 58 p. Ulus., port. 22-. 

2) lSepM>; author; A6101. 

Arnold, Sarah Louise, 1859-1943. 

The see and say series; the royal road to reading. Book t s, 
one ( -three] ... By Sarah Louise Arnold, Elizabeth C. Bonney 
and E. F. Southworth. Syracuse, N. Y., Iroquois publishing 
company, inc. ( 1946j 

3 v. Ulus. 19-. 

Cover-title: The new see and say series. 

1 Readers and speakers— 1870- 1. Bonney, Elizabeth Cath- 

erine (White) 1866- n. Southworth, Edward Franklin, 1872- 

m. Title, iv. Title : The new see and say series. 

PE1121.A74 372.4 47-1307 

© bk. 1, lNov46, bk. 2, 15Nov46, bk. 3, 5Nov46; publisher; 
A7336, A7335, A7337. 

Arnold's practical commentary on the 
international Sunday school lessons, 
uniform series: course for lShl ••• 
By Benjamin L. Olmstead ... 53d 
annual vol. Winona Lake, Ind., 
Light and life press [I9I4.6] 

©210ctli.6; publisher; A8lij.9. 

Arnolfo di Cambio, 13th cent. 

... Arnolfo di Cambio, con cinquantasei tavole. [Roma] 
Tumminelli [1943, 

2 p. 1., 3-24 p., 1 1. Ulus., 56 pi. on 28 1. 24". (Half-title: Quaderni 
d'arte, a cura dl Emlllo Cecchl, 6) 

At head of title : Valerlo Marlanl. 
"Blbliografla sommaria" : p. 23-24. 

© 15Aprl|.3; lc 9Novi|5; Calogero 
Tumminelli; AF2170. 

Arnoux, Alexandre, 1884- 

... Helene et les guerres. Paris, 
B. Grasset [1945] 

202 p., 1|. 19™. 

(c) 150ct45j lc 2Mar46; Editions 
Bernard Grasset; AF751. 

Arnulf , Ingrid. 

... Krigen koinmer til gards. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 

140 p. 20-. 

© 100ctl+5; lc 27Juli|6; publisher; 
AP 11*11. 

Aron, Raymond. 

... De l'armistice 4 1' insurrection 
nationals. [Paris] Gallimard [I9I+.5] 

2 P. l.» [71 - 363 p., 1 JP. 22cm. 
(Problsmes at documents) 

© 300c tL,5; le lMari;6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF587. 

Aronin, Ben, 1904- 

Remington-Morse Mother Goose and Father Gander ; rhymes 
by Ben Aronin, pictures by Fridolf^ Johnson. New York, 
Chicago, Pub. by Lexington press, 1945. 

128 p. IncL col. front, Ulus. (part col.) 28J-. 
© 5Sap46; 2o 4Not46; R««ington-Mors« 
division of Hamilton Ross industries, Chicago; 

Arpee, Leoa, 1877" 

A century of Armenian Protestantism, 1846-1946, by Leon 
Arpee. New York, N. Y., The Armenian missionary associa- 
tion of America, inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 96 p. 22i- 

abliographlcal foot-notes. 
lOctij.6; 2c 29Sepl^6; publisher; A9I78. 

Arpee, Leon, I877- 

... A history of Armenian Christianity from the beginning 
to our own time, by Leon Arpee. New York, N. Y., The Ar- 
menian missionary association of America, inc., 1946. 

xii p., 1 1., 386 p. 22i". 

At head of title: A centennial volume marking the one hundredth 
anniversary of Armenian Protestantism, 1846-1946. 
Bibliography : p. ,371,-377. 

© Uanlj.6; publisher: A666. 

Arrigon, Louis Jules. 

... Une amie de Talleyrand, la duchesse de Courlande (1761- 
1821) Paris, Flammarion t 1946, 

233 p.. 2 1. 18i m . ("L'Histolre et les hommes") 

At head of title : L.-J. Arrigon. 

"Princlpales sources imprimees" : p. [225)-233. 

© 2l±JanL\.6; Ernest Flammarion, Paris; 

Artemis verlag, a.g., Zurich . 

Das erste Jahr aua der werkstatt des 
Artemis-verlages. [Zurich] Artemis 

111 p. lllus. 15x10 l/2cm. 

© 15Decl44; lc 300cti^5; Artemis 
verlags-a.g.; AFI5. 

Arthur, Grace 
see Arthur, Mary Grace, 1883- 

Arthur, Mary Grace, 1883- 

Tutoring as therapy, by Grace Arthur ... New York, The 
Commonwealth fund, 1946. 

ix, 125 p. lllus. (facsims.) 23i". 

© 9Decl4-6; publisher; A7386. 


see Shipman, Natalie . 

Arthur, William, pseud . 
see Neubauer, William Arthur, 1916- 

Artus, Louis Charles, 1870- 

... La plus belle histoire d'amour du monde. Paris, Denoel 
t 1945j 

275, (li P- 18i- 

At head of title : Louis Artus. 

• © 31Marl4-5; lc 2Mayi|.6; Editions DenoSl; 
AF94l . 

c Asbj0rnsen, Peter Christenj 1812-1885. 

East o' the sun and west o' the moon, with other Norwegian 
folk tales, retold by Gudrun Thome-Thomson. New York, 
Evanston, HI. ( etc.j Row, Peterson and company r 1946j 

144 p., 11. lllus. (part col.) 20Jxl9-. 

Prom Asbj0rnsen and Moe's Norske folke^ventyr. 
"Revised edition." 

(6) 7JUBI461 publisher, B-vanston, 111.; A3I4I+8. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Asch, Shalom, 1880- 

... East river, a novel. Translation by A. H. Gross. New 
York, G. P. Putnam's sons t 1946] 

3 p. 1., 3-138 p. 22-. 

© I80ct46; 2c 60ctl4.6; Sholem Asch, 
Stamford, Conn.; A6726. 

Asch, Sholem 
see Asch, Shalom. 1880- 

Aschner, Bernhard, 188&- 

Treatment of arthritis and rheumatism in general practice, 
particularly in women; a different approach to the problem, 
with 230 case histories and a list of useful drugs, by Bernard 
Aschner . . . New York, Froben press, 1946. 

9 p. I., 3-340 p. 23*-. 
Bibliography : p. 317-340. 

2) 10Mayij.6; publisher: Al±590. 

Asdell, Sydney Arthur, 1897- 

Patterns of mammalian reproduction ( by, S. A. Asdell ... 
Ithaca, N. Y., Comstock publishing co., inc., 1946. 

x p., 2 1., 437 p. xn pi. ( incl. dlagrs.) on 6 1., diagr. 24™. 

Includes bibliographies. 

© 150cti;6; publisher; A6611. 

[Ashbrook, Harriette, 1898-1946. 

Diamonds in the dumplings, by Susannah Shane (pseud.^ 
Garden City, N. Y., Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday <£ 
company, inc., 1946. 

3 p. 1., ( 5]-282 p. Illus. (plan) 18i<". 

"First edition." 

© 25JulM>; 2c 13JulU6; Doubleday & 
company, inc., New York; A5197* 

Ashcom, Benjamin Bowles, 1903- 

Functional Spanish review grammar and composition ( by, 
B. B. Ashcom ... [and, Blanche E. Goodell ... New York, The 
Macmillan company, 1945. 

x, 320 p. 21". 

©260601+5; 2c 29PecL+5; publisher: A10. 

Ashe, Marjorie Dugdale. 

... Adam's first day, and other poems. New York, H. Harri- 
son ,1946, 
126 p. 22J-. 

© 20Seplj.6; Henry Harrison; A5807. 

Ashley-Montagu, Montague Francis, 1905- 

Adolescent sterility ; a study in the comparative physiology 
of the infecundity of the adolescent organism in mammals and 
man, by M. F. Ashley Montagu ... Springfield, 111., C. C. 
Thomas (1946j 

ix, 148 p.. 1 L incl. tables, dlagrs. 23". 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 129-141. 

©22SeoU6; Charles C. Thomas:' A8281].. 

Ashley-Montagu, Montague Francis, 1905- 

An introduction to physical anthropology, by M. F. Ashley 
Montagu . . . Springfield, 111., C. C. Thomas, 1945. 

xiv, 325 p., 1 1. illus., fold, tab., dlagrs. 21J-. 

"First edition." 
Bjbllography: p. ( 277}-286. 

© JNo-vi45; 2o oJanJ^bj Charles C. Thomaa; 

Askham, Francis. 

A foolish wind ( by] Francis Askham. London, John Lane 

295 p. 19-. 

Pub. 2300^6; lc 17Decl+.6; author, Lon- 
don; AI 608. 

Aspe , Madeleine . 

... II est difficile d'Stre une 
femme. [Lyon] I.A.C. [19i+3] 

137 P- 19cm. 

©30Decl+3; lc 29Augi+5; Editions I.A.C; 
AF2 2 ;8. 

Asso, Raymond. 

. . . Chansons sans musique. Paris, Salabert, 1946. 
163, [lj p. 18J-. 

© 15Sepl+6; lc 3Deci|6; Editions Sala- 
bert; AF2272. 

Associated lawyers publishing co., 

Newark , II . J . 

Special proceedings in chancery sup- 
plementary to Chancery procedure in 
New Jersey; a treatise on chancery pre- 
cedents as a comprehensive guide for 
equity procedure, with forms in the 
New Jersey courts, including chancery 
rules to date and commentary, by Ray- 
mond F. Brady, Herbert G. Rohn and the 
staff of Associated lawyers publishing 
co. Newark, N. J.. Associated lawyers 
publishing co. [194.6] 

xvi, kn, [51 p. 24 i/2 cm : 

© 21Augk6; Associated lawyers pub- 
lishing co.; A3826- 

The Associated press news annual. 
v. 1. I9I4.5. Compiled by Russel 
Landstrom. New York [etc.] Renehart 
& company, inc. [I9I4.6] 

© 20Junl4.6; 2c lOMayij.6; Associated 
press, New York; Ah6o9. 

Association for supervision and curricu- 
lum development. 

Yearbook. I9I4-6. Leadership through 
supervision. Washington, D. C, Associa- 
tion for supervision and curriculum de- 
velopment of the National education asso- 
ciation [I9L6] 
3 p. 1., 163 P- Illus. 23cm. 

© 9Mayl4.6; publisher; A5173- 

Association of American railroads. Mechanical division. 

... Car builders' cyclopedia of American practice; definitions 
and typical illustrations of railroad and industrial cars, their 
parts and equipment; cars built in America for export to for- 
eign countries; descriptions and illustrations of shops and 
equipment employed in car construction and repair. 17th ed.- 
1946. First edition— "Car builders' dictionary"— 1879. Com- 
piled and edited for the Association of American railroads — 
Mechanical division (formerly Master car builders' associa- 
tion) Editor, Roy V. Wright ... managing editor, Robert C. 
Augur ... editor, Shop section, H. C. Wilcox, associate editor 

© 21Nov46 ; publisher, New York ; A8925. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Association of official agricultural chemists. 

Official and tentative methods of analysis of the Association 
of Official agricultural chemists; editorial board, Henry A. Lep- 
per, chairman : Committee on editing methods of analysis: H. J. 
Fisher (chairman), L. E. Warren, J. W. Sale ( and othersj ... 
6th ed.; 104"). Washington, D. C, Association of official agri- 
cultural chemists ,1945] 

xii, 932 p. incl. Illus., tables, diagrs. 24". 

©31DecU5; 2c 12flark6; Association of 
official agricultural chemists, Washing- 
ton, D . C . ; A1U72 • 

Astier, Emmanuel d ' . 

... Sept jours. [Paris] Editions de 
Minuit fohtaine [I9U5] 

88 p., 2 1. 19cm. 

© 30AprL|.5; lc 2Mark6; Editions de la 
Revue fontaine, Paris; AF66O. 

Astorg, Bertrand d 1 . 
.... Introduction au monde de la 
terreur. Paris, Editions du Seuil 

122 p., 2 i. 19cm. (On cover : 
Collection "Pierres vives Tr ) 

"Closes et references": p. 111-122. 

©20ctk5; lc 2MarM>; publisher: 

Astrov, Margot Luise Therese (Kroger) 1908- ed. 

The winged serpent; an anthology of American Indian prose 
and poetry. Edited, and with an introductory essay, by Mar- 
got Astrov. New York, The John Day company ( 1946] 

xi, 366 p. 18". 
Bibliography : p. 345-359. 

© 100ct46; 2c 29Sepij.6; author, Albu- 
querque, N. M.; A6576. 

Astruc, Alexandre. 

... Les vacances, roman. [Paris] 
Gallimard [19k5] 

173 p. 19 cm. 

© 70ctk5; lc lMark6; Librairle 
Gallimard; AF75L 
Athanasius, Saint, patriarch of Alexandria, d. 373. 

The incarnation of the Word of God, being the treatise of 
St. Athanasius, De incarnatione Verbi Dei; newly translated 
into English by a religious of C. S. M. V.,"S. Th. With an 
introduction by C. S. Lewis. New York, The Macmillan com- 
pany, 1946. 

95, [1. p. 19". 

"First printing." 

Pub. 19Febij6; 2o 23Janl40; publisher; A1090. 

Prev. rag. AI 281432. 

1. Incarnation — Early works to 1800. 1. A religious of C. S. M. V., tr. 

Atherton, Gertrude Franklin (Horn) 1857- 

My San Francisco, a wayward biography by Gertrude Ather- 
ton. Indianapolis, New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company 

334 p. front, plates. 22J™. 

"First edition." 

© 180ct46 ; author, San Francisco ; A6700. 

Athol directory ... v. 31. I9I4.6 . 

New Haven, lJk-6 . 

© 29Janli.6; Price and Lee company, 
New Haven; A856 . 
Atkins, Willard Earl, 1889- 

The regulation of the security markets, by Willard E. Atkins, 
George W. Edwards (andj Harold G. Moulton. Washington, 
D. C., The Brookings institution, 1946. 

vl, 126 p. diagrs. 211". 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 5Augi|.6; publisher; A 388*- 

Atkinson, Arthur D S 1903- 

Fluorescent lighting, by A. D. S. Atkinson ... Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Chemical publishing co., inc., 1946. 

vlli, 9-144 p. Illus., diagrs. 22-. 

Bibliography : p. 140. 

First published in England in I9I4I;. 
Pub. 23Sepl4.6; publisher; A5791. 

Atkinson, Henry. 

Shakespeare in Lypiatt ... [London, 
Henry Atkinson, 19U&] 

2 p. £. , 80 p. 22cm. 


"First impression ... 19U6. U 

Pub. 15Jank6; lc 27Febk6; author, 
London; AI 208. 

Atkinson, Henry. 

Shakespeare in Lypiatt, by Henry Atkinson. [Brooklyn, 
Empire subscription booksellers, 1946] 
2 p. 1., 80 p. 22}™. 


"First American edition June 1946." 

Pub. 30junl|6; author, London; AS092 . 
Prev. reg. AI 208. 

Atkinson, Margaret F 

Care for your kitten. New York, 
Greenberg [ 19k&] 

[56] p. illus. 16 1/2 x 23 1/2 cm. 

© 27Febk6; author, New York; 

Atlanta, Ga . , street address telephone 
directory, July I9J+6 ... [Atlanta, 
Ga., Southern Bell telephone and 
telegraph co., I9I4.6] 

© Uulk6; Southern Bell telephone 
and telegraph co., inc.; A3537* 

Atlantic digest, I9L1-6 .annual , covering 
volumes 1^2— L|_6 , Atlantic reporter, 
second series ... St. Paul, Minn., 
West publishing co. [19i|6] 

© 23SepI|6; publisher; A6128. 

Atlantic reporter. Second series ... 
v. i|3-ij.7. Cases argued and deter- 
mined in the courts of Connecticut, 
Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, 
Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, 
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island [and] 
Vermont. St. Paul, West publishing 
co., I9J+6. 

"Key number system." 
© publisher . 

I4.3, 27Decl4-5, 2c 10Jank6, A5I4.8. 
I4I4., 19Marii.6, A2186. 
k5, 27Mayk6, Ak38k. 
k6, l?Augk6, A58lk. 
k7, ikoctk6, A6511. 

Atteberry, George C 

Introduction to social science, a survey of social problems. 
Abridged one-volume ed. [Byj George C. Atteberry ... John 
L. Auble ... f and] Elgin F. Hunt ... Foreword by Louis 
Wirth ... New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

xii p., 1 1., 787 p. illus., diagrs. ( 1 fold. ) 22"". 

"For further study" at end of each chapter. 

©revisions. 26Mari+6: publisher; AlB^O. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Attwood, Stanley Bearce. 

The "length and breadth of Maine, by Stanley Bearce Att- 
wood ... Augusta, Me., Kennebec journal print shop [1946] 
2 p. 1., 3-279 p. hit pi. ( maps) on 12 1. 26}". 

"First edition." 

"Key and bibliography" : p. 6-8. 

1. Maine — Descr. & trav. — Gazetteers. 2. Names, Geographical — ■ 
Maine. 3. Botany — Maine. 4. Zoology — Maine. I. Title. 

F17.A8 929.4 47-465 

© 260ct46 ; author, Auburn, Me. ; A7182. 

Atwood, Wallace Walter, 1872- 

The American nations, by Wallace W. Atwood and Helen 
Goss Thomas. Boston, New York [etc.] Ginn and company 

ili, [1], 387, [1] p. col. front., illus. (incl. maps) diagrs. 26 x 21". 

© revisions, !j.0ctl).6; publisher, Boston; 

Atwood, Wallace Walter, 1872- 

Nations overseas, by Wallace W. Atwood and Helen Goss 
Thomas. Boston, New York [etc.] Ginn and company ( 1946] 

vil, ,1], 391, [1, p. illus. (incl. maps) diagrs. 26 x 21". 

©23Augit6; publisher, Boston; A8139. 

Atwood, Wallace Walter, 1872- v 

The United States in the western world, by Wallace W. 
Atwood. Boston, New York [etc.] Ginn and company [1946] 

Til, [1], 311, [1] p. Inns. (Incl. maps) diagrs. 26 1 21". 

© revisions, 25Havi|.6; publisher, 
Boston; A5669. 

Aubert, Louis F 

... Securite de l'occident: Ruhr, Rhin. Paris, A. Colin, 1946. 
2 p. 1., 139, [lj p. 18}". 

© 15Febli.6; Max Leclerc et cie., Paris; 

Aubert, Marcel, 1884- 

... Rouen, photographies de Jean Roubier, preface de Marcel 
Aubert ... Paris, A. Fayard ( 1946] 

[8| p. 48 pi. (part double) on 24 1. 31x24". (L'Art francals dans 
la guerre. [1, ) 

Illustration on front and on back cover. 

© 30Marl+6; F. Brouty, J. Fayard et 
cie., Paris; AF1171. 

Aubier, Dominique. 

... Contes de verte foi. Paris, Editions du Bateau ivre ( 1946j 

2 p. 1., 7-142, ,1, p., 2 L 19". 

Contents. — Cinq et trols. — Premiere liaison. — Le gammonier. — Joli- 
veau, garde champfitre. — Un heros. — Le rol mage de Pitouche. — Fll-de-fer 
et boule-de-gomme. — L'hdpltal de la Capucinllre. — Vellle d'executlon. 

© 10Mayi(.6; publisher; AF19^5. 

Aubrac, Lucie. 

... La resistance (naissance et organisation) par Lucie 
Aubrac. [Paris] R. Lang, 1945. 

3 p. 1., [9)-114 p., 1 1. 18}". (Mlsesau point) 

© 230cti(.5; lc 2l4Aprlj.6; Robert Lang, 
Paris; AF 968. 

Aubry, Octave. 

... La revolution francaise. [t. 2] 
La republique ... [Paris] Flammarion 

2 p. 1., [5] -1^92 p., 1 j?. 19 cm . 
(Collection "L'histoire") 

© l80ct[|.5; lc lMarlj.6; Ernest Flam- 
marion; AF59&* 

Aubry, Octave. 

... Les soldats de 1 ' an II, variete 

(In Les OlCuvres libres. Paris ["1 9)|)[ ] 
19 cm . no. 227, p. [1733-192) 

© 3iDeci4.I1.; lc 29a.ugi+5; author, Paris; 

Auchampaugh, Philip Gerald, 1897- 

James Buchanan : a political portrait, 1856, according to his 
friends and enemies, by Philip G. Auchampaugh ... [Reno? 
Nev., 1946] 

42 p. front, (port.) pi. 24™. 

"Edition limited to two hundred copies ... Number 8." 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© lit-Mayl+c; author, Reno, Nev.: A3I4.68 . 

Audemars, Pierre. 

Hercule and the gods, by Pierre Audemars. New York, 
Rinehart & company, inc., 1946. 
4 p. 1., 3-302 p. 19}". 

© l8Jul)+6; 2c 6juni|.£; author, Lcrdon; 

Audier, Marius. 

La pratique des medications cardio-vasculaires, par M. 
Audier... Paris, G. Doin & c'% 1944. 

2 p. 1., (7i-253 p., 1 1. diagrs. ( 1 fold. ) 21}". 

© 30Deci[J4.; lc BMaylj.6; publisher; AFI578. 

Audin, Amable. 

... Les fetes solaires; essai sur la religion primitive, par A. 
Audin. Paris, Presses universits ires de Fraice, 1945. 

2 p. 1., 153, (2) p. 19". (Mythes et religions; collection dlrlgee par 
P.-L. Couchoud. [15]) 

"1™ edition, 31 mai 1945." 

© 31Maylj.5; lc lMarl+.6; publisher; AF 638, 

Audisio, Gabriel. 

... Feuilles de Fresnes. Les Editions de minuit ( 1945] 

3 p. 1., 9-115, [1, p., 2 1. 17}-. 

©15Juni4.5; lc 2.[ari).6; publisher; AF665. 

Audisio, Gabriel. 
... Ulysse ou 1 'intelligence. [Paris] Gallimard [1945] 
3 p. l., [9]-i88 p., 1 1. 19-. 
At head of title: Les essals ... 

©30Deci4-5; lc 8lvIayJ+6 : Librairie Gal- 
limard; AF1618. 

Audouin-Dubreuil, Louis, 1887- 

... La guerre de Tunisie (novembre 1942-mai 1943) ... Avec 
deux cartes. Paris, Payot, 1945. 

2 p. 1., [7,-212 p., 1 1. Illus. (maps) 22}". (Collection de memoires, 
etudes et documents pour servir a l'histoire de la guerre) 

At head of title: ... Au prestigieux rendez-vous de Carthage. 
"Prix de Carthage 1944." 
Errata slip inserted. 

©lpecij.5; lc lMarlj.6; publisher; AP77I4.. 

Audubon, John James, 1785-1851. 

...Audubon birds from the original water colors in the New- 
York historical society ; Audubon's text with notes by Donald 
A. Shelley. New York, Hastings house ( 1946j 

40 p. illus. (part col. ; Incl. ports.) 17x13". (Hastings house Ameri- 

* "The text ... contains generous quotations from Audubon's Ornitho- 
logical biography, the descriptive text which he wrote to accompany his 
Birds of America." 

1. Birds— Pictorial works. l Shelley, Donald A., ed. II . Title • 
QL674.A95 598.2084 46-8489 

© 30Oct46; Hastings house, publishers, inc.; A8413. 


BOOKS - GROUP 1-1946 

Auerbach, Ephraim, 1892- 

Ya'akov's gezeltn. New York, Far lag 
M atones, I9I+5 . 

232 p. 23 l/2cm. 

On verso of t.-p.: ... The tents of 
Jacob, by Ephraim Auerbach. 
Poems . 
Text in Yiddish; title transliterated. 

©27Janlj.5; 2c 26Febi|6; publisher; 
Augur, Helen. 

Passage to glory ; John Ledyard's America, by Helen Augur. 
Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

5 p. L, 810 p. plates, ports. 21J-. 

Map on lining-papers. 
"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 295-300. 

• © 10Janl4-6; author, New York; AI4.63. 

Aujay. Edouard. 
... Talleyrand. Paris, J. Tallandier [1946] 
3p.l., ( 9j-286p., 11. 19". 

"Bibllographie" : p. [285,-286. 

©22Mari|6; Societe d'editions et de 
publications, Paris; APIBI+O. 

Aulaire, Ingri (Mortenson) d', 1904- 

Pocahontas, by Ingri & Edgar Parin d'Aulaire. 1st ed. 
Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., c 1946. 

[40j p. Illus. (part col.) 81- 

© 2l|.Octlj.6j 2c l80cti|6; publisher; 

Ault, Warren Ortman, 1887- 

... Europe in modern times. Boston, D. C. Heath, and com- 
pany t 1946j 

xvl p., 1 1., 859 p. lncl. geneal. tables, plates, ports., maps. 23". 

At head of title : Warren O. Ault. 
"For further reading" : p. [821 r 838. 

©17Seplj.6; publisher; A6537. 

Aurel, pseud . 
see Mortier, Aurelie (de Paucamberge) 

Aurell, Walter, 1913- 

The cookbook for ulcer patients t by] Walter Aurell; fore- 
word by Dr. Co Tui. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell company 

4 p. U 88 p. 19J-. 

©lOSeplj.6; author, Nev/ York; A672I4.. 

Aurenche , Henri . 

... La BrelandiSre, ambassadrice du 
Roi Soleil, roman historique. Paris, 
Nouvelles Editions latines [19)4.5] 

221, [2] p. 19°m. 

At head of title: Henri Aurenche et 
Louis Coquet. 

© 30JunJ4.5; lc 2l+AprI^6; publisher; 
AP922 . 

Aurobindo, Shrf • 
see Ghose, Aurobindo, 1872- 

Aury, Bernard. 

... La delivrance de Paris, 19-26 aofit 1944; d'apres les photos 
de J. Dortes et de madame Desroches-Noblecourt, mademoiselle 
Marcelle d'Heilly [etc.] ... Grenoble, Paris, B. Arthaud t 1945] 

1 p. 1., (5]-128 p., 1 1. lncl. front, lUus. (incL ports., facslma.) 25-. 

© 29Auglf5; publisher; AP 87. 

Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. 

... Catherine Morland (Northanger abbey) Roman, traduit 
par Felix Feneon. ( PariS] Gallimard [1946] 

^ p. 1., [9,-253 p., 1 1. 19-. (Les Classiques anglais) 
© lApr46; Librairie Gallimard, Paris; AF1598. 

Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. 

... Pride and prejudice, by Jane Austen, adapted by Mabel 
Dodge Holmes . . . edited by Grace A. Benscoter . . . New York, 
College entrance book company t 1946, 

xl, 276 p. front., lllua 19*-. (CBBOO classics for enjoyment) 
^ 3Jul46; College entrance book oo., inc.; 



Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. 

Pride and prejudice, by Jane Austen, illustrated by Edgard 
Cirlin, with an introduction by May Lamberton Becker. Cleve- 
land and New York, The World publishing company [1946, 

435, (1, p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 22-. (Half-title: Rainbow 

©matter other than text, 25Augi+6; 
publisher, Cleveland;^ A5I4.8I4.. 

Austin, Anne, 1895- 

. . . Le pigeon noir, traduction de 
Pierre Belperron. [Paris] Hachette 

253 p. 18 cm. 

© 30Deci|.0; lc 2Mayl+6; Librairie 
Hachette; AF927 . 

Austin, Gladys Peters. 

Along the century trail (early history of Tyler, Texas) ( byj 
Gladys Peters Austin. Centennial ed. Dallas, Tex., Avalon 
press [1946] 

3 p. I., 9-79 p. Illus. ( lncl. ports. ) 23J-. 

© lFeb46; author, Tyler, Tex.; A1144. 

... Automobile cases, v. 2i+. ... The 

full texts of all higher court decis- 
ions, state and federal, in insurance 
and negligence cases involving auto- 
mobiles, with case table and index ... . . 
New York, Chicago [etc.] Commerce 
clearing house, inc., I9I4.6. 
(Insurance case series) 

©19Nov^6; publisher; A8906. 

Auxois, pseud . 
see Thomas, "Edith. 

Aveline, Claude, 1901- 

Dequoi encore? Par Claude Aveline. Images de Franchise 
Estachy. [Parisj Gallimard t 1946] 
40, [1, p., 1 1. col. illus. 24i- 

© 30Aprij.6; Librairie Gallimard; AP2081. 

Aveline, Claude, 1901- 

... Les devoirs de l'esprit. Paris, 
Grasset [19k5] 

xiii, 290 p. 18 l/2cm. 

© 30Junl+5; lc 300cti|5; Editions 
Bernard Grasset; AF20. 

[Aveline, Claude] 1901- 

... Le temps roort. Paris, Aux Edi- 
tions de Minult, 19ijl|. 

Ik, [1] p., 1 x . 16cm. 

Author's pseud., Minervois, at head 
of title. 

"Les volumes de la presente collection 
constituent la premiere Edition publique 
des Editions de minuit. 1 * 

©30DecluV; lc 2F;ar^6; publisher; AP658. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Averill, Esther. . 

Daniel Boone, written by Esther Averill; illustrations by 
Feodor Rojankovsky. New York and London, Harper & 
brothers (1945, 

56, |4, p. col. Illus. 28J-. 

Includes the illustrations in the original French edition: Daniel 
Boone \?es aventures d'un chasseur americain parmi {« pea^roug« ; 
lithographies en couleurs par Fedor Rojankovsky. P^Vj^iJ™ 
same publishers issued au English edition the same year, edited by Esther 
Averill and Lila Stanley. In the present edition Miss Averill has re- 
written and enlarged the text. 

"First edition." 

©27DecU5; 2c 28Dec4^>; author, New 
York; A729- 
Averill, Lawrence Augustus, 1891- / 

Psychology applied to nursing, by Lawrence Augustus Ave- 
rill ... and Florence C. Kempf ... 3d ed., illustrated. Philadel- 
phia and London, W. B. Saunders company, 1946. 

xv, 490 p. illus. (incl. diagrs.) 20$™. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. "Suggested readings" at end of each 

© 25Apr46; publisher, Philadelphia; A2884. 

Avery, Al, pseud . 
s_ee Montgomery, Rutherford George, 1896- 

Avery, Madalyn. 

Household physics; a textbook for college students in home 
economics (by, Madalyn Avery ... Rev. ed. New York, The 
Macmillan company, 194C. 

xlv, 470 p. illus.,, diagrs. (1 fold.) 22". 

© 26Novl(.6; publisher; A8788. 

Avout, Jacaues d». 

... La querelle des Armagnacs et 
dea Bourguignons ... [Paris] Gallimard 

[ 19U5 ) 

[*23 p. illus. 22 l/2cm. ( La 

Suite des temps, 9) 
, 'Bibliographie ,, :] p. 596-I4.O2. 
€) 30Deci4.3; lc JOOcti^; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF253. 

Axling, William, 1873- 

Kagawa, by William Axling. Rev. ed. New York and 
London, Harper & brothers ( 1946] 

vil, (3), 195 p. 19J-. 

"Seventeenth printing." 

Includes selections from Kagawa's writings. 

© 8May46; publisher, New York; A4141. 

Axtell, Carson Augustus, 1868- 

Axtell genealogy, 1945, compiled by Carson A. Axtell ... 
[New Bedford, Mass., The Darwin press, printers, 1945j 

303 (t. e. 307), ( 76i P. front., plates, ports., fold, faesims., col. coat of 
arms. 11 fold, geneal. tab. (in pocket) 234*". 

© 20Dec45; 2c 12Feb46; author, Fairhaven, Mass.; 
Aydelotte, Frank, 1880- 

The American Rhodes scholarships; a review of the first 
forty years, by Frank Aydelotte ... Princeton, N. J., Prince- 
ton university press, 1946. 

xvl, 208 p. ports. (1 fold.) 20J-. 

"Alphabetical list of American Rhodes scholars" : p. 134-208. 

3)2l|.Jun46; publisher; A5971. 

Ayer, Alfred Jules. 

Language, truth and logic, by Alfred Jules Ayer ... Lon- 
don, V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

160 p. 19J-. 

"First published January 1936 ... Second edition (revised and reset) 

1. Experience. 2. Philosophy. 3. Knowledge, Theory of. 4. Language 
and languages. 1. Title. 

B53.A9 1946 101 46-8544 

Pub. 30Sep46; lc 27Nov46; author, Oxford, Eng.; AI 560. 

Ayer, firm, newspaper advertising agents . 

N. W. Ayer & son's Directory of news- 
papers and periodicals, 19^6; a guide 
to publications printed in the United 
States and possessions, the dominion of 
Canada, Bermuda, Cuba and the West In- 
dies; including ... maps; descriptions 
of the publications, the states, cities 
and towns in which they are published; 
complete classified lists. J. Percy H. 
Johnson, editor. Philadelphia, N. W. 
Ayer & son, inc. [I9J4.6] 

©15Marl4.6; N. W. Ayer & son, inc., 
Philadelphia; A2959. 

Aymar, Brandt. 

The complete cruiser, by Brandt Aymar. New York, Green- 
berg [1946, 

xill p., 1 1., 272 p. Incl. illus., tables, form, plates, diagrs. (1 fold.) 

© 22Aprl4.6; Greenbergj publisher; A2768. 
Ayres, Clarence Edwin, 1891- 

The divine right of capital ( by] C. E. Ayres. Boston, Hough- 
ton Mifflin company, 1946. 

vili, 214 p. 21- 

© 27AugI(.6; 2c 31Jullj.6; author, Austin, 
Tex.; A 59^9- 
Ayres, Milan V 

Instalment mathematics handbook, with working formulas 
for all types of transactions, by Milan V. Ayres ... New 
York, The Ronald press company ( 1946) 

xvl. 267 p. diagrs. 22-. 

© 17May46; publisher; A3195. 

Ayres, Ruby Mildred, 1883- 

... L'amoureux fantome, version 

fran9aise de E. de Saint-Segond. Paris, 

Tallandier [I9I+6] 
287 p. 19cm. 

At head of title: Ruby H. Ayres. 
On cover: 12. Idition, 

© lll.arl4.6j Societl d' editions et de 
publications, Parisj AF1203. 

Ayres, Ruby Mildred, 1883- 

... Traverses d'a-mour, version fran- 
caise de E. de Saint-Segond. Paris, 
Tallandier [I9I4.5] 

25I4. p. 19 cm . 

Translation of Somebody else. 
© J00ctl+5j lc 2l4_AprU6; Socilte d> Edi- 
tions et de publications, Paris; AF967. 
Ayscough, Florence (Wheelock) 1878-1942. 

Florence Ayscough & Amy Lowell; correspondence of a 
friendship. Edited with a preface by Harley Farnsworth Mac- 
Nair. Chicago, 111., University of Chicago press ( 1946, 
288, t l| p. 2 Illus. (map, plan) pi., ports., dlagr. 231". 
Map on lining-papers. 

^Copyright 1946." 

© 14Jan46; 2c 9Jan46; University of Chicago; 
Azhderian, Mihran Hovhannes , 1877" 

Fruit under leaves, by Mihran H. Azhderian. [Berkeley, 
Calif., The Howell-North press, 1946] 

74 p. 18*- 


"First edition." 

© lAugij.6; author, Fresno, Calif.; 

Azor£n, pseud . 
see Martinez Ruiz, Jose, 1873" 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

B. B», pseud . 
see Watkins-Pitchford, Denys James, 

B. R. A. 

see Afcid. Bernard St£phane. 

Babelon, Jean, 1889- 

... L'orfevrerie francaise, par Jean Babelon ... 48 planches 
hors texte en heliogravure. Paris, Larousse ( 1946] 

123, |1| p. xLvm pi. on 24 1. 17". (Arts, styles et techniques; col- 
lection pub. sous la direction de Norbert Dufourcq) 

"Blbllographle" : p. 118-120. 

1. Goldsmlthing— France — Hist 2. Sllversmlthlng— France — Hist 
L Title. 
NK7149.B23 739.22 47-17704 

© 12Apr46; Auge, Gillon, Hollier-Larousse, Moreau & cie; 


Babio, Felipe Lafita 
see Lafita Babio, Felipe, 1902- 

Bablet, Jean Louis, 1886- 

... La fievre jaune; diagnostic differentiel clinique et histo- 
pathologique. Hepatite amarile. (Paris?) Editions medicales 
Flammarion ( 1945] 

69 p., 21. illus. (part col.) 25". (Collection de l'Institut Pasteur) 

"Technique de coloration du fole sur coupes a la parafflne pour le 
diagnostic hlstologlque de la fievre jaune, par Francolse Bloch et M. R. 
Oodln" : p. [59j-61. 

© 22Novi4-5; lc 6Marl|.6; Ernest Flammarion, 
Paris; AFclO. 

Babor, Joseph Albert, 1895- 

Basic college chemistry t by, Joseph A. Babor . . . New York, 
Thomas Y. Crowell company t 1946] 

xvUi, 70i p. lncl. Illus., tables, dlagrs. fold. coL pi. 22". 

1. Chemistry. l Title. 
QD31.B3 540 

© 31 Aug46 ; publisher ; A6354. 


Babson, Roger Ward, 1875- 

Business barometers and investment, by Roger W. Babson . . . 
New York and London, Harper & brothers, 1945. 

xii p., 2 1., 280 p. tables (part fold.) diagrs. (part fold.) 24". 

"First edition 1940 ... Third edition 1945." 

© lOSepl^; 2c. 26Aprij.6; Babson* s re- 
ports, inc., New York; A266l. 

Bach, Julian Sebastian, 1914- 

America's Germany, an account of the occupation, by Julian 
Bach, jr. New York, Random house t 1946 3 

x, 310 p. 20}-. 

Map on lintng-paper. 
(c) 25Mari46; Random house, ire; A3I4I4I4. 

Bach, Marcus, I906- 

They have found a faith, by Marcus Bach. Indianapolis, 
New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company [1946] 
300 p. 22". 
"First edition." 

© l).0cti^6: 2c lOctIi.6; publisher, Indian- 
apolis; Ab%07. 

Bachelor, Joseph Morris, 1889- ed. 

Current thinking and writing. First series. By Joseph M. 
Bachelor ... and Ralph L. Henry ... New York and London, 
D. Appleton-Century company, inc. c 1946] 

xp.,11., 212 («. e. 382) p. 26". 

Includes extra numbered pages. 
© 22Augl46; publisher; A 5392. 

Bachmann, Lawrence Paul, 1912- 

... The kiss of death. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-275, [1, p., 1 1. 19". 

At head of title : Lawrence P. Bachmann. 
"First edition." 

D 2SJunii.6: author, N*w York; hhlh^ - 

Bachrach, Max. 

Fur, a practical treatise by Max Bachrach. Rev. ed. New 
York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1946. 

xlv, 672 p. Illus. (incl. maps ) diagrs. 23}". 

"First printing February, 1936 ... Revised edition. Fourth printing 
February, 1946." 

Bibliography : p. 651-660. 

S) 28Kari|.6; publisher; A2I4.O8 . 

Backer, Ole Friele, 1907- 

0ya i Ingenmannsland, av O. F. Backer, Per E. Danielsen 
[Ogj Per Waage. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co. (W. Nygaard) 

121 p. plates, ports., maps. 24". 

© 24May46 ; publisher ; AF5039. 

Backhouse, Elizabeth. • 

Day will break, by Elizabeth Backhouse. Perth, C. H. 
Pitman [1945, 
284 p., 11. 21- 
"First edition." 

Pub. 12Deci^5; lc 25Jank6; Enid Elisabeth 
Backhous9, Vt. Lawley, West Australia; 
AI 55. 
Backhouse, Elizabeth. 

Enone and Quentin, by Elizabeth Backhouse. Perth, C. H. 
Pitman, 1946. 

88 p. col. front, Illus., col. plates. 24". 
Pub. 10May46; lc 20Jun46; author, Lawley, 
West Australia; AI 280. 
Backhouse, Enid Elizabeth 
see Backhouse, Elizabeth. 
Bacon, EnoSj I87U- 

Moments of serious thinking, by Enos Bacon. [New York] 
The Paebar company, 1945. 
4 p. 1., 103 p. 21J-. 

© 10Nov45j 2c 30Juni(.6; author, Coving- 
ton, Ky.j A5120. 

Badan, Heiene. 

... Le chateau des douze peupliers; illustration de Mirabelle 
. . . Paris, Editions de l'Amitie, G. T. Rageot [1945] 

202 p., 21. illus. 18}". ("Heuresjoyeuses." ( 33i) 

"ImprimS ... 1946." 

© 30Dec45 ; lc 9Aug46 ; publisher ; AF1864. 
Baer, Alfred Edward, 1915- 

''D-for-dog," the story of a Ranger company, by Alfred E. 
Baer, jr. . . . [Memphis, 1946j 

3 p. 1., 119 p. plates, ports. 23}". 

On cover : 2 nd ranger b n , D for dog. 
"A limited edition of 100." 

© lAuglj.6; author, Memphis; A5078. 

Baer, Dallas Clay, 1895- 

The amazing Christ ; Lenten sermons by Dallas C. Baer . . . 
Burlington, la., The Lutheran literary board, 1946. 

105 p. 20". 

2)I|Jani|6; publisher; Akkl • 

Baer, Dallas Clay, 1895- 

Blue prints for great living . . . By the Rev. Dallas C. Baer 
. . . Burlington, la., The Lutheran literary board, 1946- 
283 p. 22 l/2<sm. 

Contents. — I. Expository sermons on the whole epistles of the ancient 
church for the Sundays and major festivals of the church year from 
the first Sunday in Advent to the Sunday after Ascension. 

© v.l, HAugl+6; author, Norwood, pa.; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Baer, Marian E 

Without fire, a book of experiments, by Marian E. Baer, il- 
lustrated by Frederick T. Chapman. New York, Toronto, 
Rinehart & company, inc. ,1946, 

48 p. illus. 24J-. 

"Some books of experiments" : p. 48. 

1. Science— Juvenile literature. 2. Science— Laboratory manuals, 
i. Title. 

Q163.B25 500 47-30032 

© 14Nov46; 2c 260ct46; author, New York; A8912. 

Baetjer, Anna Medora, 1899- 

Women in industry, their health and efficiency ... Prepared 
in the Army industrial hygiene laboratory by Anna M. Baetjer 
... Philadelphia and London, W. B. Saunders company, 1946. 

xi, 344 p. incl. tables, diagrs. 24™. 

"Issued under the auspices of the Division of medical sciences and 
the Division of engineering and industrial research of the National re- 
search council." 

Includes bibliographies. 

© lkjunlj.6; publisher, Philadelphia; 
AI4.6I16 . 

B&gby, George A., jjseud. 
see Stein, Aaron Marc, 1906- 

Bagnall, Stephen. 

The crater's edge, by Stephen Bagnall. London, H. Hamil- 
ton ,1945, 
140 p. 19". 
"First published 1945." 

Pub. 17Pec!+5,: lc 2JFebI(.6; author, 
f/an Chester, Eng. ; AI 106. 

Bagnall, Stephen. 

The crater's edge, by Stephen Bagnall. New York, W. Mor- 
row and company, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 154 p. 19J-. 

Pub. 28AugA6; 2c 9JuH6; author, Manchester, 
Eng.; A6162. Prev. reg. AI 106. 

Bagnold, Enid. 

... Serena Blandish; or, The difficulty of getting married. 
New York, W. Morrow & company, 1946. 
vli p.. 1 1., 182 p. 21". 
First published in 1924. 

© 230ctlj.6; 2c 30ctij.6; Enid Bagnold 
Jones, Rottingdean, Sussex, Eng.; A9385. 

Bagster- Collins, Jeremy Felix, 1906- 

George Colman, the younger — 1762-1836 — [by, Jeremy F. 
Bagster-Collins. New York, King's crown press, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 367 p. front, (port.) 21- 

Issued also as thesis (ph. d.) Columbia university. 
Bibliographical references Included in "Notes" (p. (328,-356) "Se- 
lected bibliography" : p. [357j-363. 

©15Jul46; 2c 13Jul46; author, New York; A 

Bahuaud, Henri. 

CE dipe-chien; roman, per Henri Bahuaud 
et Anne-Marie Rousseau. Paris, Edi- 
tions du Myrte , 19^5 • 

179 P- 18 1/2 cm. 


10JulU5; lc 300ctij.5; publisher; 

Baif, Jacques, pseud . 

... Les apprentis faussaires. [V. 2] 
L'oiseleur des ombres. Roman. Paris, 
Socie'te' des editions DenoBl U9I+5] 

3 p. 1., 9-365, [1] P., 1 1. 
18 l/2cm. 

© l8Decl+5; lc 8Maylj.6; Editions 
Deno»l; API 325. 

Bailard, Virginia. 

So you were elected ! By Virginia Bailard . . . and Harry C. 
McKown . . . Drawings by Margaret Conrad. New York and 
London, Whittlesey house [1946, 

xi, 264 p. incl. illus., forms. 21". 

© 290ct46; 2c 170ct4G; McGraw Hill book company, inc., 
New York; A6701. 

Bailey, Bernadine (Freeman) 1901- 

The youngest WAC comes home, by Bernadine Bailey, illus- 
trated by Connie Moran. New York, J. Messner, inc. t 1946, 

224 p. illus. 19*-. 

2) kXayii6; 2c 19Aori|6; author, Chicago; 

Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin, 1875- 

Miss Hickory, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, with lithographs 
by Ruth Gannett. New York, The Viking press, 1946. 

120, [3jp. illus. 23- 

"First published ... in September 1946." 

© 20Sepij.6; author, New York; A 6i|90. 

Ba'iley, Grace Revell, I89O- 

A wedding in the chapel, Texas state 
college for women, Denton, Texas, by 
Grace Revell Bailey ... Gertrude Gib- 
son ... [and]. Agnes C. Tramel ... The 
drawings [by] Coreen Spellman ... [Den- 
ton, Tex. , Texas state college for 
women] 19^+6. 

ix, [1] 1+9, [1+] p. illus. 29 l/2cm. 

© 150ctl4.6; publisher; A8366. 

Bailey, Henry Christopher, 1878- 

The life sentence ; a Reggie Fortune novel, by H. C. Bailey. 
Garden City, N. Y., Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & 
company, inc., 1946. 

3 p. 1., 5-250 p. 19J-. 

© 30ct^6; 2c 25Sepi|.6; author, London; 

Bailey, Paul, 190tt- 

Song everlasting, by Paul Bailey. Los Angeles, Western- 
lore press, 1946. » 

266 p. but. 

2, 10Febl46; Paul Dayton Bailey, Los 
Angeles; A113^. 

Bailey, Thomas Andrew, 1902- 

A diplomatic history of the American people [by, Thomas 
A. Bailey ... 3d ed. New York, F. S. Crofts & co., 1946. 

xxvi p., 1 1., 937 p. Illus. (incl. maps) 22". (Half-title: Crofts 
American history series ; D. R. Fox, general editor) 

"Editor's foreword" signed : Dixoh Ryan Fox. 
"Ninth printing, May, 1946." 
Includes bibliographies. 
(C) 21Jun46; F.S. Crofts * oo., ino.; A4721. 

Bailly, Auguste, 1878- 

... La serenissime republique de Venise. Paris, A Fayard 

2 p. 1., [7j-442, [li p. 19—. ( On cover: Les Grandes etudes historiqnes) 
Cover-title: La republique de Venise. 

1. Venice— Hist. I. Title. 

DG676.B3 47-17264 

© l.Tun46; F. Brouty, J. Fayard et cie, Paris; AF1897. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bain, Joe Staten, 1912- 

... The economics of the Pacific coast 
petroleum industry. [Pt. 2] Price 
behavior and competition. By Joe S. Bain* 
Berkeley and Los Angelas, University of 
California press, 19^+5 • 

1 p. 1., xv, U38 p. illus. 2k Cm . 
(Publications of the Bureau of business 
and economic research, University of 

"Publications cited": p. [(.35-^1-36. 

© 3Declj.5; 2c lMaylj.6; Regents of the 
University of California, Berkeley; 

Bainbridge, John. 

Little wonder; or, The Reader's digest and how it grew, by 
John Bainbridge. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock ( 1946j 

6 p. L, 177 p. 191- 

"A considerable portion of this book first appeared In the New 
Torier."— Acknowledgment 
(C) 27Ky46; author, lit. Vernon, N. Y. ; A4249. 

Baird, x\.lbert Craig, 1883- comp. 

... Representative American speeches: 
19^5-19W, selected by A. Craig Baird 
New York, The H. 17. V/ilson com- 
pany. I9I4.6. 

287 p. 20 l/2 cm . (The Reference 
shelf. Vol. 19, no. k) 

"Biographical notes": p. [273] 2P2. 

©230cti].6; publisher; A7152. 

Baird, Josephine. 

Pescadito gazette, by Josephine Baird. Dallas, Tex., W. T. 
Tardy t 1946i 

3 p. l.,73p. 19J-. 

Alternate pages blank. 

© 15Aprl4.6; author, Laredo, Tex.; A3OO9. 

Baissette, Gaston. 

... La clef des sources. Paris, B. 
Grasset [I9I4.5] 

326 p., 1 j|. 19cm. 

2) 15Gctl4.5; lc 2lJarlj.6; Editions Bernard 
Grasset; AF087. 

Baker, Carlotta, pseud . 
see Slottman, Leona. 

Baker, Charles Henry, 1895- 

Blood of the Lamb, by Charles H. Baker, jr. New York, 
Toronto, Rinehart & company, inc. ( 1046, 

5 p. 1., 8-275 p. 21- 

© 18 April 6; 2c 2cFebij6; author, Coconut 
Grove, Fla.; A2572. 

Baker, Charles Henry, 1895- 

The gentleman's companion ... By Charles H. Baker, jr. ... 
New York, Crown publishers, 1946. 

2 v. fronts, (v. 1, port.) dlagr. 24- 

Contents.— i. Being an exoUc cookery book ; or, Around the world with 

i j J?Ji ?. nd spoon — "• Be"^ a° exotic drinking book; or. Around the 
world with Jigger, beaker and flask. 

Baker, Constance Little 
see Little, Constance. 

Baker, Denys VaL 

The white rock, a novel by Denys Val BakerT London, 

Sylvan press [1945] 

196 p. 19-. 

"First published In 1946." 

Pub. 150ot45; lo 18Apr46; author, Wigginton, 

Tring., In?.; AI 180. 

Baker, Frank, novelist. 

Before I go hence ; fantasia on a novel, by Frank Baker. 
London, Andrew Dakers limited t 1946] 

3 p. 1., 233. ,li P- 19". 

I. Title. 

FZ3.Bl702lBe 46-22776 

Pub. 28Aug46; lc 130ct46; author, Newport, Monmouth- 
shire, Eng. ; AI 462. 

Baker, Frank, novelist. 

Embers, a winter tale by Frank Baker ... New York, Cow- 
ard-McCann, inc. ( 1946j 

4 p. 1., 3-213 p. 21- 

® lllVarl^; author, New York; A*10L< . 

Baker, George, 1915- 

The new Sad Sack, by George Baker. New York, Simon 
and Schuster [1946j 

[167] p. illus. 21 x 164- 


© 21Jun46; 2c 7Jun46; author, Loa Angeles; 
. A 4959. 

Baker, Herman 
see Beets, Henry, I869- 

Baker, Laura Nelson, 1911- 

The red mountain, by Laura Nelson Baker. Saint Paul, The 
Webb publishing company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-121 p. 20- 

"Pirst edition." 

r. Title. 


© 290ct46 ; author, Lake Mills, la. ; A8651. 


Baker, Louis Henry, 1883- 

Do you know your football? By Dr. L. H. Baker. New 
York, A. S. Barnes & company t 1946] 

vii,9»p. 23J-. 

1. Foot-ball. 1. Title. 
GV951.B2028 796.33 

© 230ct46 ; author, New York ; A6728. 


Baiter, Louise (Maxwell) 1909- 

Out on a limb, by Louise Baker ... New York, London, 
Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company, inc. t 1946j 

4 p. 1., 213 p. 21- 

© lil.Octl4.6r 2c 25Sepl|.6; author, Prescott, 
Ariz.; A8158. 

749448 0—47- 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Baker, Nina (Brown) 1888- 

Sun "Yat-sen, by Nina Brown Baker. Illustrations by 
Jeanyee Wong. New York, The Vanguard press [1946] 

247 p. nius. 21}™. 

"Authorities consulted" : p. 240-242. 

© 70ctij.6; 2c 20Seplj.6; 

author, Brooklyn; 

Baker, Peter, 1921- 
... Confession of faith. [London] The Falcon press t 1946) 
3 p. l., ( 5i-233 p. 19". 
"First published ... Nineteen-forty-six." 

Pub. 17JunU6; lc 17Augij.6; author, 
Staplehurst, Kent, Eng.; AI 366. 

Baker, Rachel (Mininberg) 1903- 

Dr. Morton, pioneer in the use of ether, by Rachel Baker. 
Illustrated by Lawrence Dresser. New York, J. Messner, inc. 

224p. incj. front, (port.) illus. 22™. 

Bibliography : p. 218-220. 

(c) 20Mar46; Julian Messner, inc.; A1930. 

[Baker, Ray Stannard, 1870-1946. 

More adventures with David Grayson [ pseud. i ... Garden 
City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

x p., 1 1., 5-341 p. 20}™. 

Issued also separately. 

Contents. — Adventures in understanding. — Adventures in solitude. — 
Great possessions. 

I. Title, n. Title : Adventures in understanding, in. Title : Adven- 
tures in solitude, iv. Title: Great possessions. 

PS3503.A5448M6 818.5 46-8339 

© 240ct46; 2c 150ct46; publisher, New York; A8338. 

Baker, Robert A 

J. B. Tidwell plus God, by Robert A. Baker ... Nashville, 
Term., Broadman press t 1946j 

x, lllp 2 port. (incl. front.) 211™ 

© 8Mark6; publisher; A2813. 

Baker, Robert Horace, 1883- 

Astronomy, a textbook for university and college students, 
by Robert H. Baker . . . 4th ed. New York, D. Van Nostrand 
company, inc. ( 1946] 

x p., 1 1., 461 p. incl. front, Ulus. (incl. charts) diagrs. 231™. 

"First published, May 1930 ... Fourth edition, April 1946.'' 
"Reference books" : p. 449-452. 

29Apr46; publisher; A2954- 

Baker, Virginia, 1914- 

Tuckers at Gateshead, by Virginia Baker. Chicago, IU., 
Moody press [1946, 

128 p. Incl. front., illus. 191™. 

© 6Augk6; Moody Bible institute of 
Chicago; A5k22. 

Bakshy, Alexander, 1885- comp. and tr. 

Soviet scene; six plays of Russian life, translated by Alex- 
ander Bakshy, in collaboration with Paul S. Nathan; with an 
introduction by Alexander Bakshy. New Haven, Yale univer- 
sity press, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 348 p. 241™. 

"Published on the foundation ■established in memory of Oliver Baty 
Cunningham of the class of 1917, Yale college." 

© 12Novk6; publisher; A852I4.. 

Balchin, Nigel, 1908- 

Mine own executioner, by Nigel Balchin. Boston, Houghton 
Mifflin company, 1946. 

xiv p., 1 1., 330 p. 211™. 

"First printed in the United States, 1946." 

I. Title. 

[Full name: Nigel Martin Balchin] 

PZ3.B191Mi 2 46-11904 

Pub. 10Sep46; 2c 29 Aug 46; author, Stelling Minnis, Eng.; 

A6151. Prev. reg. AI 29232. 

Baldini, Antonio, 1899- 

... Beato fra le donne. 2. ed. molto accresciuta ma niente 
aggiornata de La dolce calamita <1929> Milano, A. Mondadori 

3 p. 1., 9-317, il) p., 1 1. 19™. (Half-title: "Lo Specchlo." I narrator! 
del nostro paese) 

@2^Jan^0; lc 3Feb41; publisher; Af%. 

Baldini, Antonio, 1899- 

... Se rinasco. . . fatti personali. [Roma] Tumminelli [1944] 

3 p. 1., [9,-176 p., 3 1. 19". (Half-title: Nuova blblloteca Itallana, 
dlretta da Arnaldo Bocelli. 20) 

"Prima edlzione gennaio 1944." 

© 15 Jankk; lc 9Novk5; Calogero 
Tumminelli, Rome; API76I4.. 

Baldwin, Charles lansing, 1912- 

... Nine desperate men, with three pen and ink drawings by 
Dicki. [New York] Gemor press ( 1946] 
3 p. 1., 3-72 p., 1 1. incl. plates. 25™. 


"Limited to one hundred copies." 

©26Augij.6; author, Mt . Kisco, N. Y. ; 

Baldwin, Faith 
see Cuthrell, Faith (Baldwin) 1893- 

Baldw in, Samuel Atkinson, 1862- 

The story of the American guild of organists, by Samuel 
Atkinson Baldwin ... New York, N. Y., The H. W. Gray co., 
inc. [1946] 

80 p. front, (port.) 22}™. 

"First appeared ... In the Diapason, October, 1945 through March, 
1946."— Foreword. 

© 21Julk6; publisher; ^5yf.U 

Baldwin, William Edward, I883- ed. 

Patent, copyright, trade mark cases, 
adjudged in the Supreme court of the 
United States; containing briefs of coun- 
sel (points and authorities) statement 
of cases, and syllabi of the cases by 
the official reporter, as c ontained in 
the Official edition of the Reports, 
volumes 311 through 325. Edited by 
William Edward Baldwin. v. 13. Cleve- 
land, Banks -Baldwin company, 19k6. 
© 13Wovk6; 2c 130ctk6; editor, Cleve- 
land; A8666. 

Balensi, Jean. 

Revelations sensationnelles sur les 
derniers instants de Pierre Laval. 

( In Le National midi P?ris, 3 nov- 
embre, 19^5 , P- ill) 

© 3Novli5; lc 2Kark6; Midi-Paris (le 
National), Paris] AF836. 

Ball, Armlne von (Tempski) 
3ee Tempski, Armlne von, 1899-1943. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Ball, Zachary> pseud . 

Pull down to New Orleans, by Zachary Ball. New York, 
Crown publishers ( 1946) 

3 p. 1., 292 p. 21- 

© 170ctl|.6; 2c 90ctij.6; Frankie-Lee Weed 
and Kelly Masters, Hollywood, Fla.; 

Ballard, Francis Drake. 

The appreciation of rare violins, by Francis Drake Ballard 
... Troy, Pa., F. D. Ballard, 1945. 

2 p. 1., vll-xxtv p., 1 1., 103 p. Incl. plates. 22". 
"First edition." 

^2SDeclr5: 2c 3Jan!|.6; author, 
Troy, Pa.; A76. 

Ballard, William R 1880- 

There is no mystery about patents, by William R. Ballard 
New York, J. M. Barrett corporation, 1946. 

xv. 17-120 p. 15i-. 

1. Patents— V. S. 1. Title. 
T223.Z1B16 608 

© 80ct46; publisher; A7358. 


Ballard, Willis Todhunter, 1903- 

... Hurder can't stop ... Philadelphia 

David McKay company [194-6] 
5 p, i, 3-207 p. 20 cm . 

At head of title: W. T. Ballard. 
"An armchair mystery. Jl • 

© 150ctli6; 2c 30cti|6; author, Phila- 
delphia; A6715, 

Ballenger, Thomas Lee, 1882- 

Around Tahlequah council fires, by T. L. Ballenger. Rev. 
ed. Oklahoma City, Okl., Cherokee publishing company, inc. 

4 p. 1., 11-164 p. Incl. plates, ports. 19i e ". 

"Traditional and historical stories about Tahlequah." — Pref. 

"Copyright I9U5." 

Pub. l8Aprij.6; publisher; A5769. 

Ballinger, Rose J 

Brain waves; healing and rejuvenation by magnetic currents 
of brain waves, by Rose J. Ballinger. Boston, Meador pub- 
lishing company (1946) 

3 p. 1., 11-52 p. ill 11s. 20 s ". 

vJ 19J un46; author, )9nver; A 6666. 

Baltimore. Eastern high school. 

Through the years at the Eastern high school, by a committee 
of the faculty. Baltimore, Md., H. G. Roebuck & son, 1944. 
xvii, 237 p. incl. front., illus. plates, ports., facsims. 24™. 
"Graduates" : p. ( 159j-237. 

© 15Mari|ij.; 2c 15Juni|l<.; publisher; 


Balzac, Honore de, 1799-1850. 

Pere Goriot and Eugenie Grandet. By Honore de Balzac. 
Translated from the French by E. K. Brown, Dorothea Walter 
and John Watkins ... New York, The Modern library ,1946, 

xili, 496 p. 184°°. (Half-title: The Modern library of the worid"s best 
books. (24oi) 

"First Modern library edition." 

Pere Goriot translated by E. K. Brown ; Eugenie Grandet, by Dorothea 
Walter and John Watkins. 

1. Brown, Edward Killoran, 1905- tr. 11. Title, in. Title : Eug<5nie 

PZ3.B22Per28 843.73 47-802 

© 23Dec46; 2c 13Nov46; Random house, inc., New York; 

Bambrick, Winifred. 

... Keller's continental revue, by Winifred Bambrick; deco- 
rations by John V. Morris. Boston, Houghton Mifflin com- 
pany, 1946. 

7 p. 1., 462 p. Illus. 21™. 

© 15Nov46 ; 2c 8Nov46 ; author, Montreal ; A8503. 

Bamford, Francis. 

... Return to Cottington. London, New York t etc.j Long- 
mans, Green and co. [1946] 

221 p. fold, geneal. tab. IS". 
"First published 1946." 

Pub. 3JunI|.6; lc 17Augi|6: author, 
Reading, EerkF, Eng.; kj ' '^ . 

Bancroft, Frederic Wolcott, 1880- ed. 

Surgical treatment of the nervous system. Supervising edi- 
tor, Frederic W. Bancroft ... associate editor, Cobb Pilcher ... 
With 293 illustrations and 5 color plates ... Philadelphia, 
London [etc., J. B. Lippincott company [1946] 

xvii, 534 p. Illus. (incl. diagrs.) col. plates. 20™. 

Bibliography at end of each chapter except the ninth and seventeenth. 

© 25Mari|6; publisher, Phildelphia; 

Bancroft, Frederic Wolcott, 18S0- ed. 

Surgical treatment of the soft tissues; supervising ed., Fred- 
eric W. Bancroft ... associate ed., George II. Humphreys, 11 ... 
Philadelphia [etc.] Lippincott [1946] 

xiv, 520 p. Illus. 26™. 

1. Surgery, Operative 
joint ed. n. Title. 

RD32.B32 617.9 

© 15Nov46; J. B. Lippincott co. ; A8591 

1. Humphreys, George Hoppin, 1903- 

Med 47-118 

Bandini, Baldo. 

... Ragionamenti sulla scenografia. Milano, Poligono so- 
cieta editrice, 1945. 

178 p.. 2 1. illus. (incl. plans) 24°". (On cover: Biblioteca cinemato- 
graflca. [1. sex. : Saggl crltlclj 2) 

At head of title : Baldo Bandlnl e Glauco Vlazzl. 
"Bibliografia essenziale" : p. ( 153j-164. 

1. Moving-pictures — Setting and scenery, 
author. 11. Title. 


© 20Jan45 ; lc 1Nov46 ; publisher; AF5144, 

1. Viazzi, Glauco, joint 

Bangert, Ethel "E 

A time to dance, by Ethel E. Bangert. New York, Gramercy 
publishing co. ( 1946j 

255 p. I9i™. 
© 6May46; publisher; A4008. 

Bangs, Loris Corcos 
see Corcos,- Loris. 

Banine, pseud . 
... Jours caucasiens, roman. Paris, R. Julliard t 1945] 
4 p. 1., [13]-313 p., 1 1. 18i°". (Sequana) 

© 3Uuli|5; lc 300cti|5; Rene Julliard; 

Bankers national life insurance company. 

Memo for air-minded executives re 
life insurance policy restrictions. 
Montclair, N. J., Bankers national life 
Insurance co. [I9I4.6J 
2 1., 7-19, [1] p. 21cm. 

© 2Mayi4.6; Bankers national life 
insurance company, Montclair, N. J. * 
A2868 . 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Banks, James, 1883- 

Wing of scarlet, by James Banks, as told to Irving Wallace, 
illustrated by Warren A. Ruby. Washington, D. C, Pioneer 
publishing co. ;1946] 

3 p. 1.. 9-144 p. illus. 18}™ 

© 2l4.Junl|.6; author, Mason nity, la.; 

Bannerman, Helen. 

Little Black Sambo, by Helen Bannerman, 
illustrated by Marjorie Romyns ... New 
York, Harrison co. [19^51 

132] P ; col. illus. 19 1/2°% (The 
Lamplighter series) 

©illus., 5Novlf5; 2c ll|Mar^6; Domes-, 
day press, inc.. New York; A2535. 

Bannick, Jack 
see Bannick, John, I9OI4.- 

Bannick, John, 1904- 

How to make a living off a 20-acre farm, by Jack Bannick. 
Limited ed. New York, The Hobson book press, 1946. 

4 p. 1., xl-xiii, 62 p. 21i~. 

1. Country life. ■ Title. 

S521.B22 630.1 46-23225 

© 12Nov46 ; author, Detroit; A8763. 

Banning, William Peck, 1880- 

Commercial broadcasting pioneer; the WEAF experiment, 
1922-1926, by William Peck Banning ... Cambridge, Mass., 
Harvard university press, 1946. 

xxxili, 308 p. front., plates, ports., faesims., diagrs. 23J". (.Half- 
title: Publication of the Business historical society) 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. New York. Radio station WEAF. 2. Radio broadcasting— U. S. 
I. Title. 
HE8698.B3 621.384193 47-811 

© 18Dec46; President and fellows of Harvard college, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. ; A9357. 

Bannon, Laura. 

Patty paints a picture; story and pictures by Laura Bannon. 
Chicago, 111., A. Whitman & company, 1946. 

( 48i p. illus. (part col.) 24x21". 

i. Title. 

PZ7.B229Pat 47-366 

© 2Dec46; author, Chicago; A9024. 

Banti, Anna. / 

... Le monache cantano. ( Romaj Tumminelli ( 1942j 

3 p. 1., t&i-139 p., 2 1. 19™. (Half-title: Nuova biblloteca itallana, 
dJretta da Arnaldo Bocelll, 14) 

"Prima edizione dlcembre 1942-xxi." 

© lDeclj2; lc 9Novlj.5; Calogero 
Tumminelli; AP2215. 

Banyai, Andrew Ladislaus, 1893— 

Pneumoperitoneum treatment, by Andrew Ladislaus Banyai 
... With 74 illustrations. St Louis, The C. V. Mosby company, 

3 p. 1., 9-376 p. Illus. ( incl. diagrs.) 25". 

"References" : p. 349-366. 

© 9Mayl4.6; publisher; A3277. 

The Bar rcgis.tor ... 19U6. summit, 
N . J . , • 19i4-6 . 

© lL|.Jan[|.6; Bar register co . , Summit, 
N. J.; A9l|3. 

Baranger, William. 

... La pensee de Nietzsche. ( Parisj Bordas (1946, 

125, (1, p., 1 1. 22$™. (Pour connaltre) 

At head of title: W. Bafanger. 
"Bibliographie" : p. t 126j 

1. Nietzsche, Friediich Wilhelm, 1844-1900. 

B3317.B28 A F 47-628 

© 10Mar46; publisher; AF1964. 

Barat, Philippe. 

... Paves sanglants. 11. cd. Paris, A. Fleury [1.945] 
89 p., 3 1. maps, plan. 16"™. 

© 30Aprl+5; lc 29Aug^5; Editions 
Armand Fleury; AF2I4.2. 

Barat de la Jesse, Christian. 

... Au fil du Mozambique. Paris, La Nouvelle edition ( 1945j 
3 p. 1., 9-196 p., 1 I. plates, port., fold. map. 19". 

© 7Novl+5; lc lMarU6; publisher; 

Baratier, Albert Ernest Augustin, 186L- 


... Souvenirs de la mission I'iarchanc 1 
[Vol. Ill] Fachoda. Paris, Grasset 

225 p. illus. 19cm # 

At head of title: General Baratier. 

©300ctUl; lc 29AugU5; Editions 
Bernard Grasset; AF370. 

Barazzetti-Demoulin, Suzanne. 

... Maurice Denis, 25 novembre I87O- 
13' novembre 19i|3- Preface de Robert 
Rey. Paris, Grasset [I9I4.5] 

3l6 p. illus. 21cm. 

"Bibliographie": p. [305J-308. 

© 36Juni|5; lc 300ctl|5; Editions Ber- 
nard Grasset; AF506. 

Barbault, Andre. 

... Astrologie meteorologique, suivie de Contribution a l'as- 
trologie agricole ; preface et avant-propos de Robert Ambelain. 
Paris, Editions Niclaus, 1945. 

3 p. 1., [9,-136 p., 4 1. illus. (map) diagrs. 25". 

1. Astrology. 1. Title. 

BF1702.B3 47-16689 

© 30Oct45; lc 8May46; Editions Jtficlaus; AF1523. 

Barber, Elsie Marion (Oakes) 1914- 

The wall between, by Elsie Oakes Barber. New York, The 
Macmillan company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 356 p. 2ll~. 

"First printing." 

© 10Sep46; 2c 7Aug4.6; author, Methuen, Mass.; 
A 3866. 

Barber, Estelle Blanton. 

Guiding intermediates in worship, by Estelle Blanton Bar- 
ber. New York, Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press [1946] 

176 p. 20J". 
"References" : p. 167-171. 

© 10SepH:6; Stone & Pierce, Nashville; 
A 5 639. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Barber, Marshall Albert, 1868- 

A malariologist in many lands, by Marshall A. Barber, with 
a foreword by Paul F. Russell. Lawrence, Kan., University 
of Kansas press, 1946. 

7 p. 1., (3)-158 p. plates, group port., map. 2Si". 

<Q) Uteyl^j publisher; Ai4507» 

Bar bet, Jean. 

... Hygiene, par le dr. Jean Barbct 
et lo Dr. Jacques Moulin. [Paris] 
Flammarion [ 19U5 ] 

68 p. illus. l8 cm . (Collection 
des manuels d'enseignement de la Croix- 
rouge franca is e ) 

At head of title: Enseignements 
compl6mentaires du secourisme de la 
Croix-rougc francaise. 

© 22Novl;5; 1c lMar/|6; Ernest Flam- 
marion; AF755* 

Barbey, Frederic, 1879- 

... Un homme d'etat Suisse, Gustave 
Ador, 18AJ.5-1928. Geneve, J.-K. 
Jeheber [I9I4.5] 

258 p. 19cm. 

© lSeplj-5; lc 2i4J , ebi+6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFij.29. 

Barbier, Jean, doctor. 

... La sedimentation sanguine en pratique medicale courante; 
preface du professeur J. Froment. Paris, Masson et c' 9 , 1940. 

135 p., 2 I. Illus., diagrs. 20". (On cover: M6decine et chlrurgle; 
recherches et applications. [27] ) 

At head of title : Jean Barbier ... et Gabriel Piquet ... 
"Table de lecture pour la sedimentation sanguine" attached to perfo- 
rated slip. 

"Bibllographie" at end of some of the chapters. 

© 22Novlf.O; lc l6NovI|-5; publisher; 

Barbier, Pierre. 

... Saint- Amour. t Paris j Bordas ( 1945j 
105, (1) p. 18J-. 
A novel. 

© 30Dec45; lc 9Aug46; Editions Bordas; AF1965. 

Barbier, Rene, novelist. 

... Marie Pietrot; roman. Paris, Calmann-Levy [1945 j 
3 p. 1., 9-262 p., 1 1. 181". 

© 50Decl4-5; lc 8Mayij.5; Calmann-Levy, 
editeurs, Paris; AF 1262. 

Barbour, Nevill, 1895- 

Nisi dominus; a survey of the Palestine controversy, by 
Nevill Barbour. With three maps. London, Toronto [etc.] 
G. G. Harrap and company ltd. [1946] 

248 p. illus. (maps) diagr. 20i~. 

"First published 1946." 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Palestine— Pol. & govt. 2. Zionism. 1. Title. 
DS149.B325 956.9 47-918 

Pub. HSep46; lc 9Dec46; author, South Newington, Ban- 
bury, Oxford, Eng. ; AI 589. 

Barbour, Thomas, 1884-1946. 

A naturalist's scrapbook t by] Thomas Barbour ... Cam- 
bridge, Harvard university press, 1946. 

1, 218 p. front., plates, ports. 20i™. 

2) 21Mar^6; President and fellows of 
Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass.; 

Barchasz, Georges 
see Dubonville, Pascal G 

Barclay, Gaylord, » 

Smart-form fashion foundations. 

© 16Auglj.6; Smart-form, inc., Newark, 
N. J.; A377O. 

Barclay, R E 

Ducktown back in Raht's time, by R. E. Barclay. Chapel 
Hill, The University of North Carolina press ( 1946j 

xl p., 1 1., 286 p. front, (port.) illus., plates (1 double) maps, facslnis., 
2 profiles on 1 1. 24J-. 

"A note on sources" : p. 267-270. 

© 29Junl|6; publisher; AI4.6I+I . 
Barclay, Rhoda S 

Girl of yesterday, by Rhoda S. Barclay. New York, House of 
Field-Doubleday, inc. ( 1945] 

119 p. 20"*. 

© I80ct45; 2c lOSepl^; author, Pasadena, 
Calif.; A2J4.6. 
Bard, Andreas, 1873- 

Broadly speaking [byj Andreas Bard ... Burlington, la., 
The Lutheran literary board, 1946. 

72 p. 20-. 

© 30Sepl4.6; author, Kansas City, Mo.t- 
A 6O3O. 
Bardet, Gaston. 

... L'urbanisme, par Gaston Bardet .... Paris, Presses uni- 

versitaires de France, 1945. 

135, [I, p. illus. (plans) dlagr. 17i". ("Que sais-je?" Le point 
des connaissances actuelles. [187j) 

"1™ edition." 

© 3Uull|.5; lc lMarij.6; publisher; 

Bardi, Dona to di Nice old di Betto 
aee Donatello, I.e. Donato di Nlccold 
dT"Bstto Bardi ,"15^6 (ca^ -lii.66. 

Bardin, John Franklin. 

The deadly percheron, by John Franklin Bardin ... New 
York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 212 p. 19J-. 

"Red badge detective." 
"A Red badge mystery." 

2) 21Maylj.6; 2c liuYayij.6; author, New York; 


Bardoux, Jacques, I87I1-- 

... £estin de Prance; des cimcs aux 
abiines, le rythme des invasions ... 
Paris, Editions Medicis [19^5] 

xxxii, 252 p., 1 (j. 19 l/2 cm . 

© 15NovI)-5; lc lMarlj.6; publisher; 


Bardy, Gustavo, l88l- 

... Les premiers jours dc l'figliso, 
par G. Bardy. [Paris] Bloud & Gay 

[ 1941 3 

,192 p. 19 cm . (Bibliothcque catho- 
lique des sciences religieuses) 

"Notes bibliographiquos": p. 188-189. 

© 30NOV1+1; lc 29Augl+5; publisher; 
Barea, Arturo, 1896- 

... The forging of a rebel, translated from the Spanish by 
Ilsa Barea. New York, N. Y., Reynal & Hitchcock [1946, 

ix,739p. 22i". 


Each part published separately in London under the titles : The forge, 
The track and The clash. 

1. Spain— Soc. life & cust. 2. Rlf revolt, 1921-1926. 3. Spain— Hist — 
Civil war, 1936-1939 — Personal narratives. 1. Barea, Ilsa, tr. n. Title. 

DP236.B3A28 928.6 46-8536 

© 25Nov46 ; Reynal & Hitchcock, inc. ; A8922. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bareham & Saunders, Rochester , N. Y. 
. . .- Price guide for plumbers and"" 
steamf itters . (l+2d ed.) ... [Compiled 
by Harry J. Bareham] Rochester, N. Y. 


© 22Seplj.6; compiler, Rochester, N. Y.; 
A 6815. 

Baret, Francois. 

.«• L' Evolution du capitalisme japon- 
ais. Tome I. L' evolution de la struc- 
ture capitaliste: trusts, cartels, con- 
centration et societes d'5conomie 
mlxte. Paris, Editions sociales [19^5] 
• 299 p. tables. 2ij. cm 

© 30Novi).5; lc HAa.vk.6', publisher; AF700, 

Bargellini, Piero, 1897- 

... Amor prof ano. Roma, Azienda libraria ltaliana, 1946. 
142 p., 1 1. 19™. 

1. Love. 1. Title. 


© 25Mar46 ; publisher ; AF5113. 


Barham, Patricia. 

Pin-up poems, by Pat Barham, illustrated by Shelby Coon 
. . . Caldwell, Id., The Caxton printers, ltd.. 1945. 

122 p. tllus. 20°*. 

2)l8Decl45; 2c 10Jani|6: author, 
Lcs Anpeles; A72l r . 

Barile, Enzo. 

... I nuovi versi del la primavera 
1 9U 6 / del maestro Enzo Barile: Collabor- 
ator!: Francesco Fiore, B. U. Canetti, 
V. de Crescenzo [e] E. Vitale ... 
Napoli, Edizioni musical! della casa 
editrice "Rimi" [I9I4-6] 

cover-title, 16 p. 22 l/2° m « 

© 15Marl|.6; Edizioni musicali "Rimi"; 

Barjavel, Rene. 

. . . Tarendol, roman. Paris, Societe des editions Denoel ( 1946, 
4 p. 1., ,11,-J25 p., 2 1. 19-. 

1. Title. 


© 29Mar46 ; Editions Denoel ; AF1918. 


Barke, James, 1905- 

The wind that shakes the barley, a novel of the life and loves 
of Robert Burns, by James Barke. London, Collins, 1946. 

384 p. 20}™. {His Immortal memory, v. 1) - 

1. Burns, Robert — Fiction. i. Title. 

PZ3.B2397Wk 46-7801 

Pub. 17Jun46; lc 160ct46; author, Bearsden, Dumbarton- 
shire, Eng. ; AI 499. 

Barker, Elliott Speer, 1886- 

When the dogs bark "treed' ; a year on the trail of the long- 
tails, by Elliott S. Barker. Albuquerque, The University of 
New Mexico press, 1946. 

xviii, 209 p., 1 1. lllus., plates, porta. 23J"\ 

Map on lining-papers. 

1. Hunting — New Mexico. I. Title. 
SK109.B3 799.29789 

©23Sep46 ; publisher ; A6659. 


Barker, George. 

Why Teddy bears are brown, by Inga- 
Lill and George Barker. New York, 
T. Y. Crowell [19U6] 

[32] p. col. illus. 17 1/2 x 
20 1/2 cm. 

© 25Junij.6; 2c l<?Junl|6; Else Inga 
-Lill Barker, Portland, Me.; Al+535. 
[Barker, John S , ed. 

The flight of the Liberators ; the story of the Four hundred 
and fifty-fourth bombardment group. ( n. p., The Flight of 
the Liberators association, 1946, 

172 (i. e. 1S2) p. illus. (1 col., incl. ports.) diagrs. 27}™. 

Maps on Uning-papers. 

"John S. Barker, jr., editor-in-chief." „ ,. 

'^ HFeb7;5; editor, Rocnestpr, M. Y. ; 


Barker, John William. 

Teach yourself Portuguese, by J. W. Barker ... [London, 
Pub. by Plodder & Stoughton limited for the English uni- 
versities press ltd. ( 1945, 

vill, 9-190 p. illus. (maps) plates. 18™. [The EUP teach yourself 

"First printed 1945." 
Bibliography : p. 183. 

Pub. 17Sep45; lc llDec45; English universities 

1. Portuguese' language— Composition and exercises. 2. Portuguese 
language — Grammar — 1870- t. Title. 

Barksdale, Lena. 

Daring riders, and other tales of young America, by Lena 
Barksdale, illustrated by Frank Nicholas. New York, A. A. 
Knopf, 1946. 

6 p. 1„ 3-86 p. lllus. (part col.) 20™. 

"A Borzoi book." 
"First edition." 

©l8Sepij.6; Alfred A. Knopf, inc.; A6318, 
Barlow, Thomas Eric, 1910- 

Cupola operators' manual, by T. Barlow and D. E. Krause . . . 
[Columbus, O.j Gray iron research institute, inc., Battelle 
memorial institute, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 215 ( i. e 217) numb. 1. plates, diagrs. 29 x 23™. 
On spine: GIRI cupola manual. 

© 2Augl4-6* Gray iron research institute, 
inc.; A5085. 
Barnard, Floy. 

Bible friends to know, by Floy Barnard. Nashville, Tenn., 
Broadman press [1946] 

1 p. 1., 29, [lj p. lllus. (part col.) 24i°". (On oover: Little treasure 

"In the temple" (words and music) : [lj p. at end. 

1. Bible stories, English. i. Title. 

BS551.B353 220.95 47-15081 

© 20Nov46; publisher; A8724. 
Barne, Kitty, 1883- 

In the same boat, by Kitty Barne, illustrated by Ruth Gervis. 
London, J. M. Dent & sons ltd. ,1945, 
3 p. 1., 218 p. col. front., lllus. 19™. 
"First published 1945." 

Pub. HOctlj.5; lc ?JanJ+6,- Kitty 3arne 
(Varion Catherine Streatfeild) New York; 
AI 23. 


• BOOKS - GROUP 1-1946 

Barne, Kitty, 1883- 

Listening to the orchestra, by Kitty Barne. Indianapolis, 
New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company t 1946, 

299 p. front., lllus. (music) plates, ports., dlagrs. 21". 

"First [American] edition." 
"List of records" : p. 259-288. 

Pub. 28MarI|.6; 2c 22Harl|.6; Marlon 
Catherine Streatfeild, New York; Al+270. 
Prev. reg. AI 2689O. 

Barnes, Carman Dee, 1912- 

Time lay asleep, by Carman Barnes. New York, London, 
Harper & brothers t 1946] 

4 p. 1., 243, (1, p. lllus. (music) 21 J". 
"Flrst edition." 

(Q K)Ct4-o; 2c 80ct4.6; publisher, Nev; York; 

Barnes, Grace, 1889- 

General American speech sounds, by Grace Barnes ... Bos- 
ton, D. C. Heath and company ( 1946] 

vi, 129 p. lllus., diagrs. 23". 

1. English language — Pronunciation. i. Title. 

PE1137.B34 421.5 46-8677 

© 290ct46; publisher; A8459. 

Barnes, Harry Elmer, 1889- 

New horizons in criminology ; the American crime problem, 
by Harry Elmer Barnes and Negley K. Teeters ... Foreword 
by Frank Tannenbaum ... With revisions. New York, 
Prentice-Hall, inc., 1945. 

xivl, 1069 p. lncl. lllus. (lncl. ports., maps, plan) tables. 
iPrentlce-Hall sociology series, ed. by Herbert Blunierj 


"First printing, March 1943 
December 1945." 

With revisions: fourth printing, 

© llDeclj.5; 2o 3Uanl+6; publisher: 

Barnes, Margaret Campbell, 1891- 

My lady of Cleves, a novel by Margaret Campbell Barnes. 
Philadelphia, Macrae-Smith-company, 1946. 

851 p. 21". 

© 25Febi|.6; 2c l|.Febl;6; author, Epson, 
Surrey, Fng. : Al609. 

Barnes, Nancy. 

The wonderful year, by Nancy Barnes, illustrated by Kate 
Seredy. New York, J. Messner, inc. c 1946) 

4 p. 1., i3j-185 p. illus. 22". 

© 9Augi;6; 2c 29Julk6; Julian Messner, 
inc., New York; A 6l6*6. 

Barnet, — 

... M^moires de Casou, chien de 
police; illustrations en couleurs de 

Loy"s Petillot. Paris, Editions de la 

nouvelle France [I9I4.5] 

221 p., 2 g. illus. 19 cm . 

("Fier lap in." [1]) 

© 20Decl4.5; 1c 8Maylj.6; publisher; - 

Barnett, Albert Edward, 1895- 

The New Testament, its making and meaning, by Albert E. 
Barnett ... New York, Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press 
t 1946, 

304 p. dlagrs. 21J-. 
Bibliography : p. 293-296. 

© 2l±Jxm}±6; Stone and Pierce, Nashville* 

Barnett, Grace Treleven, 1899- 

The mystery of the missing wallet, by Grace ajid Olive Bar- 
nett. New York, Oxford university press, 1946. 

188 p. illus. 21". 

i. Barnett, Olive Elizabeth, 1911- Joint author, n. Title. 
PZ7.B266Myk 46-8062 

© I70ct46; Oxford university press, New York, inc. ; A6973. 

Barnett, Minyard Merrell. 

Building a life, by Minyard Merrell Barnett. Kansas City, 
Kan., Central seminary press, 1946. 

131 p. front, (port.) 211". 

© IJUII4.6; publisher; AJ598. 

Barnhart, Martha Rebecca 
see Harper, Martha Rebecca (Barnhart) 

Baron, Etienne. 

... L'aigle sur le rocher; illustrations de Jean Michel Carton. 
Gueret, France, Editions du terroir c 1945] 

240 p. lncl. front, illus. 19}™ 
collection de romans hlstoriques) 

(On cover: Mousquetaires ; nouvelle 

1. Napoleon 1— Fiction. 1. Title. 

PQ2603.A4545A7 843.91 

© 7Dec45; lc 8May46; publisher; AF1574. 


Baron, Jacques, 1905- 

. . . Le noir de l'azur, roman. Paris, Editions du Bateau ivre 

3 p. 1., 9-234, ,1; p., 2 1. 19™. 

(6) 20Jani l o; ouhlis'-or; AFlLj58. 

Baroncelli, Jean de 

... N£ en ll). ... Paris, B. Grasset 


[3J-269 p. 18 l/2cm. 

Contents. -t. 1, Gilbert. 

© 30JunIj.5; lc 30Octi|.5; Editions 
Bernard Grasset; AF213. 

Barou, Noah, 1889- 

Co-operation in the Soviet union, a study prepared for the 
Fabian society, by N. Barou . . . London, V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

123 p. 19". 

Pub. 19Augl4.6; lc l60cti|6; author and 
Fabian society, London; AI 528. 

Barquin, Orlando Lopez-Hidalgo y 
see Lopez-Hidalgo, Orlando, 1899- 

Barranx, Serge, 1867- 

... Mouleydier, village martyr; avec 6 planches, hors-texte et 
3 compositions d'Emile Beaume . . . Bordeaux, Editions Biere, 

90 p., 1 1. illus. (incl. facsim.) plates. 16". [Collection "Temoi- 

On cover : 3. mllle. 

"Grand premier prix de Rome," 

© 15Jur45; lc 29Aug^5; publisher; AF314.5. 

Barrett, Dean. 

The Van Dean system of beauty culture, 
by Dean Barrett ... Indianapolis, Ind., 
The Van Dean company, c 19lj.5. 

2lj.O p. illus. 29 x 24 cm . 


©I0cti±5; 2c 29Jul46; Van Dean co., 
inc.; A5652. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

[Barrett,. Isabel Way] 1880- 

Incidents from life, in verse, by 

Geary Kline Cross [ pseud . ] [Pomona, 

Calif., Progress bulletin publishers, 


3 P. fl. ? 153 P. 18 1/2C*. 

© l«.ugi|6; Isabel Kay Barrett, Glen- 
dale, Calif.; A6988. 

Barrett, Jack. 

Self -entertainment ; a collection of nowl "amuse yourself" 
features originated by Jack Barrett. Philadelphia, David 
McKay company t 1946j 

127 p. IncL forms, dlagrs, 19™. 

3) lVayli.6; author, Philadelphia; A2Q21. 
Barrett, Monte. 

Tempered blade, by Monte Barrett ... Indianapolis, New 
York, The Bobbs-Merrill company l 1946 1 

5 p. L, 9-317 p. 21™. 

Plans on lining-papers. • 

"The story of Jim Bowie." — Dust jacket. 

"First edition." 

©29Marlj.6; 2c 17Marij.6; author. San An- 
tonio, Tex. ; A2198. 
Barrett, Oliver Glen, 1903- 

The fascinating art of landscape painting, by Oliver Glen 
Barrett. ( Los Angeles, The author, 1946j 

3 p. 1., 81 (i. e. 96, p. lllus.. col. dlagrs. 28J-. 
Ten colored plates In pocket. 

1. Landscape painting — Study and teaching. i. Title. 

ND1342.B3 • 758.1 47-15707 

© 3Dec46 ; author, Los Angeles ; A9197. 
Barrett, Stephen Melvil, 1865- 

Sociology of the American Indians, by S. M. Barrett ... 
Kansas City, Mo., Burton publishing company t 1946j 

142 p. incl. front., lllus., plates, 7 port, on 1 1. 20}~ 
Maps on lining-papers. 

© 15Augi|.6: publisher; AjfM+J. 
Barrja, Lotti 
see Barzel, Charles. 

Barrows, Harlan Harland, 1877- 
Man in his world; essential elementary 
geography, by Harlan H. Barrows ... 
Edith Putnam Parker ... [and] Clarence 
Woodrow Sorensen ... New York, Chicago 
[etc.] Silver Burdett company [19^0] 
2 v. illus. (part col., incl. maps) 
27 x 21cm. 

Contents. -Book 1. Our big world. -Book 
2. The American continents. 
©Book 1, 7Jan46; Book 2, 28Jun!(.6; 
publisher, New York; A221, AI4.705. 
Barrows, Marjorie, comp. 

The family reader, compiled by Marjorie Barrows. Peoples 
book club ed. Chicago, Consolidated book publishers [1946, 

V.506B, 23". , 

©26Juli4-6; Consolidated book publishers, 
a division of Book production industries, 
inc., Chicago; A3805. 

Barrows, Marjorie. 

Lancelot, by Marjorie Barrows; 
pictures by Sue Simons. Chicago, New 
York [etc.] Rand McKally 4 company, 

126] p. ool. lllus. 19 1/2 x 17 cnu 

"a •Glowing-eye 1 book." 

© 20Mayl|.6; publisher; A5203, 

Barrows, Ruth Marjorie 
see Barrows, Marjorie, comp . 

Barry, Mack Carlton. 

Every wind of doctrine . . . [At- 
lanta, Printed by R. H. Johnston, 

2 p. J. t 10 p. 16 l/2cm. 

©5Peb46; author, Atlanta; AI368. 

Barsis, Max, 1894- 

Ski whiz! Bottoms up, old and new. By Barsis. c New 
Fork] Stephen Daye press t 1945] 

2 p. 1., t 124] p. of col. illus. 24". 

0) ll+Decl+S* 2c; author, Boston; 
Bartalini, Ezio. 

. . . Pietro Nenni. Roma, Partenia t 1946] 

109 p., 1 1. 19". (Half-title: Collana Uomini polltlci d'oggi) 

1, Nenni, Pietro, 1891- 

DG575.N4B3 923.245 47-19472 

© lMar46 ; Casa editrice Partenia ; AF5117. 
Bartholomew, Curtis Alford, 1910- 

Medical technology jurisprudence, by Curtis A. Bartholomew 
... 1st ed. Red Bank, N. J., Printed and distributed by the 
Commercial p^ess t 1946] 
192 p. 19J-. 

"Accepted as a medical technology text book by the American college 
of medical technologists, Council on education, qualifications and stand- 

(C\ 5&pri|6; author. Red Bank, N.J.; AL.195. 

Bartlett, Roland Willey. 

The milk industry; a comprehensive survey of production, 
distribution, and economic importance, by Roland W. Bartlett 
... New York, The Ronald press company ( 1946] 

xii, 282 p. illus. (incl. maps, plans) dlagrs. 24". 

Bibliographical foot-notes. "General references" : p. 101, 229. 

3) 21Jani(.6; publisher; A7l|2. 

Bartlett, T R j 

The black apostle; ancient Biblical history of the black or 
Negro race, proven by the Holy Bible, by J. Justice ipseud.\ 
Shreveport, The Shreveport journal, 1946j 

200 p. 23J-. 

g) 30Anrl+6; author, Alexandria, La.; 


Bartman, Mark. 

Yank in France, by Mark Bartman ... illustrated by Diana 
Thorne. Chicago, 111., A. Whitman & company, 1946. 

30 p., 1 1. incl. col. front, col. illus. 24 x 18J". 

2>8AprU6; Albert Whitman &. co.; A22S5. 

Bartolini, Luigi, 1892- 

... II cane scontento, ed altri racconti. ( Roma] Tumminelli 

3 p. 1., [9i-245 p., 2 1. 19". (Half-title: Nuova blblloteca italiana, 
dlretta da Arnaldo Bocelll, 4) 

"Prima edizione aprile 1942-xx." 

© 25MarIt2; lc 230ctl+5: Calogero 
Tumminelli, Rome; AF 2189. 

Bartolini, Luigi, 1892- 

... Delia sottomissione. Roma, OET [1945] 

87, (1, p. 14i x 8". (Half-title: Confidenze, 1) 

©220ctl45; lc 9Sepl|6; Organizzazione 
editoriale tipografica; AFI752. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bartolini, Luigi, 1892- 

... Vita di Anna Stickler, con 20 acqueforti e 2 disegni del 
l'autore. [Roma, Tumminelli [1943, 

2 p. 1.. [7)-182 p., 3 1. 19-. (Half -title: Nuoyb blblloteca Italians, 
dlretta da Arnaldo Bocelll, 19) 

"Prima edlzlone lugllo 1943-nx" 

© Uulk3; lc 9Novk5; Calogero 
Tumminelli; AP222J. 

Barton, Floyd Melvin. 

Thus he took his pilgrimage, by Floyd Melvin Barton, sr. 
Philadelphia, Dorrance & company ( 1945j 

363 p. 19*-. 

® 29Deck5; 2c 5Jank6; publisher; A58O. 

Barton, William Henry, 1893-1944. 

Starcraft, by William H. Barton, jr. ... and Joseph Maron 
.Joseph ... New York, London, Whittlesey house, McGraw- 
Hill book company, inc. [1946j 

ril, 250 p. col. front, illus. (lncl. ports.) it maps on fold. 1., charts 
(lfold.) dlagrs. 23- 

"Second edition." 

"Advanced reading activity" at end of each chapter. 

1. Astronomy. 2. Stars. 1. Joseph, Joseph Maron, Joint author, 
n. Title. 

QB44.B3 1946 523.8 

© 280ct46 ; 2c I70ct.46 ; publisher; A6799. 


Bartow, Harry Edwards. 

Superintendent's guide, I9I4.7, by 
Harry Edwards Bartow . . . and Hannah 
C. Bartow ... Philadelphia, American 
Sunday-school union [I9I4.6] 

80 p., 3 1. maps. 13 1/2 x 7 l/2 0m ' 

© 5Novk6; publisher; A80itf . 

Baruch, Dorothy (Walter) 1899- 

Five in the family, by Dorothy Baruch and Elizabeth Mont- 
gomery. William S. Gray, reading director. Illustrated by 
Miriam Story Hurford ... Chicago, New York [etc.j Scott, 
Foresman and company t 1946j 

192 p. illus. (part col.) 20J-. (Health and personal development: 
Curriculum foundation series) 

^) 8Feb46; 2o 14 Dec 45} publisher, Chicago? 


[Baruch, Dorothy (Walter) ] 1899- 

The girl next door. Chicago, Atlanta [etc.] Scott, Foresman 
and company c 1945] 

254 p. 20 J". (On cover: Health and personal development D) 

"Copyright 1946." 
"Preliminary printing." 

By Dorothy Baruch and Elizabeth Montgomery, of. Copyright appli- 

1. Readers and speakers — Hygiene. 
Rider, joint author, n. Title. 

PE1127.H98B32 , [613] 372.4 

© 13Nov45; publisher; A6491. 

1. Montgomery, Elizabeth 


Baruch, Dorothy (Walter) 1899- 

... Glass house of prejudice. New York, W. Morrow and 
company, 1946. 

ix p., 2 1., 205 p. dlagr. 21.-. 

At head of title : Dorothy W. Baruch. 

"References and supplementary materials" : p. t 185,-205. 

© 20c tk6; 2c l8Sepk6; author, Beverly 
Hills, Calif.; A67k6. 

Baruch, Dorothy (Walter) 1899- 

You're out of the service now ; the veteran's guide to civilian 
life, by Dorothy W. Baruch and Lee Edward Travis. New 
York and London, D. Appleton-Century company, inc. t 1946j 

ix, 238 p. 20-. 

3) 17 Junk 6; 2c 30Mayk6; authors, Beverly 
Hills, Calif>., and Santa Ana, Calif.: 

[Baruch, Hugo, 1907- 

No heaven-no hell, human conclusions, by Jack Bilbo ( pseud.j 
London, The Modern art gallery ltd. c 1946j 

55 p. front, (port.) illus. 19— 

"First edition 1946." 

Pub. 30Aprk6; lc lljunk6; Jack Bilbo, 
London; AI 571. 

[Baruch, Hugo, 1907- 

Out of my mind; strange stories by Jack Bilbo l pseud.- i illus- 
trated by the author. London, The Modern art gallery ltd. 

124 p. lncl. Illus., plates. 25 x 19-. 

"First edition April 1946." 

X, Title. 

PZ3.B2903Ou 47-100 

Pub. 30Apr46; lc llJun46; Jack Bilbo, London; AI 573. 

[Baruch, Hugo, 1907- 

Toulouse-Lautrec and Steinlen, by Jack Bilbo { pseud.- i Lon- 
don, The Modern art gallery ltd. t 1946j 

2 p. 1., 12 p., 2 1., 32 pi. ( 11 mounted col. ) 28 x 22*-. 
"First edition (London) April 1946." 

Pub. 30 A Prko» lc llJunko; Jack Bilbo, 
London; AI 570. 
Baruk, Henri, 1897- 

... Psychiatric morale experimentale, individuelle et sociale. 
Haines et reactions de culpabilite ... Paris, Presses universi- 
taires de France, 1945. 

277 p., 11. 28-. (BIbltothequedepsychlatrie) 


©290ctk5; lc 9Augk6; publisher; AF2132, 

Barusha, Masachele Opa 
see Price, Con, 1869- 

Barzel, Charles. 
• ... Hon mari lapon 

polaires. Paris, flontjoie [19k6] 
>,, 1 t, 18 1/2 CI \ 

rowan de moe urs 
iris, flont 
210, [11 p, 

© 20Febk6; Editions tfontjoie; AF128'9, 
ttista, 1575 (ca.)- 

Basile, Giovanni 


. . .Wunder ma'asoth. Baarbet oif 
Yidish von Isaac Horovitz. New York, 
Farlag Matones, 19k5» 

135 P. 22 1/2 cm. 

Text in Yiddish; title transliterated. 

On verso of t.-p.: ... Gian Battista 
Basile's 'Wonder tales; adapted into 
Yiddish by Isac Horowib?. 

Translations of several stories from 
II Pentamerone. 

© 5Novk5'; 2c 26Febk6; Isac Horowitz, 
New York; A1251 . 
Baskind, Ber. 

. .. La grande epouvante; souvenirs d'un 
rescape du ghetto de Varsovie, traduits 
et adaptes par E. Brunet-Beresovski , 
Paris, Calmann-Levy [I9I4.5] 

3 p. jf., 135, [1] P. illus. 19cm. 

©20Sepk5; lc 2kAprk6; publisher* 

Bassett, Sara Ware, 1872- 

The beacon t byj Sara Ware Bassett. Garden City, N". Y., 
Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

223 p. 19}-. 

"First edition." 

© 20Jan46; 2c 5Jun46; author, Boston; A4710. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bast, Herbert. 

New essentials of upholstery [by] Herbert Bast . . 
kee, The Bruce publishing company [1946] 

ix,301p. lllus., diagrs. 20™. 


© 15Febi+6: publisher; A121+6. 
bastia, Pascal. 

... Quand l'air vint a manquer; roman d'a ventures policieres. 
Paris, Les Editions generates [1945] 

220 p., 2 1. 18J™. (His Les A ventures de Ted Dollar. 1. livre) 

On cover : Collection "Detective." 
Errata slip inserted. 

i. Title. 

PQ2603.A653Q3 47-16632 

© 30Dec45 ; lc 9Aug46 ; author ,Paris ; AF1978. 
Bastid, Paul, 1892- 
. . . Frederique, roman. Paris, Flammarion ( 1946] 

259, [1) p., 1 L 19". 

l. Title. 

PQ2603.A656F7 843.91 A F 47-S5 

© 24Jan46 ; Ernest Flammarion ; AF1589. 
Bas*Wey Georges. 

... Les grands themes moraux de la civilisation occidentale. 
Grenoble, Les Editions frangaises nouvelles, Bordas freres 

367, ( 2, p., 1 l. 23™. [Collection de morale et de philosophic 
"Petit memento bibllographique" at end of each chapter. 

1 Ethics— Hist. I. Title. 

BJ72.B3 47-33908 

© 30Dec43; lc 9Aug46; Editions Bordas, Paris; AF1973. 
Bataille, Georges. 

... L'orestie. Paris, Les Editions des Quatre vents, 1945 
t*. e. 1946] 

3 p. 1., 9-86 p„ 1 1. 22™. 

•J60 copies printed. 

i. Tine. 

PQ2603.A695O7 47-16397 

© 2Jan46; publisher; AF2048. 

Batcher, Ralph R 

The electronic control handbook, by Ralph R. Batcher ... 
and William Moulic ... New York, N. Y., Caldwell-Clements, 
inc. t 1946] 

vii,344p lllus., diagrs. 23J™. 

"References" at end of some of the chapters. "Selected bibliography" : 
p. 336-338. 

((f) 8Mar46j publisher; A1925. 
Bate, Walter Jackson, 1918- 

From classic to romantic; premises of taste in eighteenth- 
century England, by Walter Jackson Bate. Cambridge, Har- 
vard university press, 1946. 

vltip.,ll.,197p. 22™. 

"Presented as the Lowell lectures, In Boston, in the spring of 1945."— 
Pref. \ 


T8May46; President and fell owe of Harvard 
college, Cambridge. Mass.; A4758. 

ttateman, Doris I 1897™ 

The secret of Allenby Acres t by] Doris I. Bateman. Phila- 
delphia, "Hie Westminster press [1946 3 
224 p. 21-. 
Plan on lining-papers. 

© *0Sepi+6; 2c 2Jull+6; author, Phila- 
delphia; A8796. 

Uaten, Charles E 

The law stenographer, by Charles E. Baten ... Samuel P. 
Weaver ... and Raymond P. Kelley ... 2d ed. New York, 
Chicago [etc.] The Gregg publishing company [1946, 

v, 312 p. incl. illus. (lncl. ports.) forms, front. 19™. 

"Shorthand plates written by Charles Zoubek." 

(5) 2Jui; 4 h; publisher, l T ew York; A3507. 

Bates, Clement, 181+5-19J1, ed. 

Bates' compact digest of TJKio. 
I9I4.6 decennial supplement, prepared 
by William Edward Baldwin. 

© 8Novl+6; William Edward Baldwin, 
Cleveland; A72I4.5. 

Bates, Herbert Ernest, 1905- 

. . . The cruise of the Breadwinner. London, M. Joseph ltd. 

63 p. 20*™. 

At head of title : H. E. Bates. 
Illustrated lining-papers. 
"First published 1946." 

Pub. 8jull+6; lc 9Sepl+6; author, 
Ashford, Kent, Eng.y AI 388. 

Bates, Walter Gurney. 

Our Lord's great sermon, with an introduction, The kingdom 
of heaven, by Walter Gurney Bates. New York, N. Y., The 
Hobson book press, 1945. 

vill p., 1 1., 147 p. incl. front, (port.) 21J™. 

Reproduced from type-written copy. 

(£ 12-10-1+5; 2 c 1-11-1+6; Walter Gurney 
Bates, Portsmouth, Va.; A 2J2. 

ateson, Frederick Wilse, 1901- ed. 

Towards a socialist agriculture ; studies by a group of Fabi- 
ans, edited by F. W. Bateson, with a foreword by C. S. Orwin 
. . . London, V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

xfl, 186 p. 19™. 

Contents. — The problem stated, by F. W. Bateson.— The international 
framework, by P. L. Yates. — Britain's nutritional requirements, by G. 
Fraenkel. — Price and import policy, by R. S. G. Rutherford. — Farm sizes 
and layouts, by F. W. Bateson. — Co-operation in agriculture, by R. S. G. 
Rutherford and F. W. Bateson.— The farm-worker, by J. B. Butler. — The 
democratization of control and The ownership of agriculture land, by 
F. W. Bateson. 

Pub. 25Mari+6; lc 21Mayl+6; Fabian 
society, London; AI 2l+0. 

Bathe, Greville. 

Citizen Genet, diplomat & inventor, by Greville Bathe ... 
Philadelphia [Press of Allen, Lane and Scott] 1946. 
65 p. Incl. front, (port.) illus., plates. 29x23J~. 

"Limited edition." 

"Foreword" (bibliographical) : p. [7] 

1. Genet, Edmond Charles, 1763-1834. 1. Title. 

E313.B3 923.273 

© 180ct.46; author, Philadelphia; A7167. 


The Bathroom reader. Introduction by Earl Wilson; pic- 
tures by Ervine Metzl. [New York] William Penn pub- 
lishing corp. [1946] 
2 p. 1., 7-405 p. lllus. 21J™. 

1. Wit and humor. 

PN6161.B338 81 

© 23Nov46; publisher; A7287. 


Battle, Florence. 

Jerry, by Florence Battle ... 'ictures by Mildred Lyon 
Hetherington. Chicago, Beckley Ca; Jy Company [1946] 

48 p. illus. (part coL) 20™. 

© 15Febl+6; publisher; AlSl6. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Battle stations! Your Navy in action; 
a photographic epic of tho naval oper- 
ations of world war II, told by the 
great admirals who sailed the fleet 
from Norfolk to Normandy and from the 
Goldon Gate to the Inland sea. New 
York/ 17. H. Wise & co. ; inc., 191+6. 
ij.02 p. incl. col. front,, illus. (part 

col., incl. ports., maps) 25 l/2 cm . . 

Prepared by Editorial department, Wm. 
H. Wise & co,, inc., and Public relations 
office, U. S. Navy department. 

© 7Maylj.6; Wm. H. Wise & cc, inc.; 

Bauchinger, Matthaeus, 1851- 

A modern saint, Clement Mary Hof bauer, c. ss. r., by the ReV. 
J. E. Maerder ... Two hundred and ten sketches based on the 
celebrated work ( Der heilige Klemens Maria Hofbaueij by 
Monsignor Matthew Bauchinger and adapted for English read- 
ers .. . [Tiffin, O., Advertiser press, printers, 1946] 
2p. 1., 339, t 4] p. illus. (port.) 24". 
(£) lApr46; J. E. Maerd«r, Bellevue, 0.; A2370. 

Bauclas, Helene de 
see Cotard de Bauclas, He"lene. 

BaudoUin, rienri Thomas. 

... Lioubo tchka. Paris, Calmann- 
Levy, 19^5. 

I89 p. 


© 20Sepl4-5; lc 2i|_rt.pri|.6 ; publisher; 

Bauer, Marion, 1889- 

Music through the ages ; a narrative for student and layman, 
by Marion Bauer ... and Ethel R. Peyser ... A new ed., com- 
pletely rev. New York, G. P. Putnam's sons [1946] 

xlli,632p. illus. (music) 201*". 

"Suggestions for further reading" at end of each chapter. 

© 25Jan46; authors, New Y<jrk; A9fi8. 

Bauer, Ralph Stanley, 1883- 

The law of business, a text on business law for use in colleges, 
by Ralph S. Bauer ... and Laurence P. Simpson ... 2d ed., by 
Ralph S. Bauer. St. Paul, Minn., West publishing co., 1946. 

xiii, 907 p. 23i- 

Flrst edition published in 1936. 
"Table of eases" : p. 869-889. 

© 14Kar46; publisher; A1908. 
Bauerfeind, George L 

Maelstrom, a novel by George L. Bauerfeind ... Philadel- 
phia, Dorrance & company t 1946] 

224 p. 19i- 

Illustrated lining-papers In color. 

© Uuni^.6; publisher; Al+q^P. 

Baughan, Raymond John, 1912- 

Undiscovered country ; morning thoughts to brace the spirit 
of the common man, by Raymond John Baughan. New York, 
The Macmillan company, 1946. 

7 p. 1., 3-401 p. m~. 

"First printing." 

© 19Nov46 ; author, East Orange, N. J. ; A8372. 

Baum, Vicki, 1888- 

... Marion; roman traduit de l 1 anglais 
par H6l3ne Godard. Geneve, J.— H. Jcheber 
[etc., etc., 191+3] 

511 P. 19 . 

Translation of: Marion alive. 

©10ct^3; lc 2i|Pebl|6; Edition J. K. 
Jcheber, s.a.; AF086. 

Baum, Vicki, 1888- 

... Mortgage on life. Garden City, New York, Doubleday 
& company, inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 277 p. 20J-. 

"First edition." 

"Serialized in Collier's under the title of 'The long denial'." 

Q ?6Sep46; author, Pasadena, Calif.; A6572. 

Baume, Eric 
see Baume, Frederick Ehrenfried, 1900- 

Baume, Frederick Ehrenfried, 1900- 

... I'll always be with you. New York, Dodd, Mead & com- 
pany, 1946. 

2 p. I., 251 p. 201-. 

At head of title : By Eric Baume. 

© 20Auglj.6; 2c 9Auglj.6; Dodd, Mead & 
co., inc.; A5822. 
Baumgarten, Franziska, 1883- 

. . . Beratung in lebenskonflikten. Zurich, Rascher, 1943 [«'. e. 

3 p. 1., 5-131 p. 21". 
"Copyright 1943." 

1. Psychology, Applied. i. Title. 

BF636.B34 47-34692 

Pub. 25Sep42; lc 30Oct45; Rascher & cie. a.-g.; AF2273.' 

Baumgarten-Tramer, Franziska 
see Baumgarten, Franziska, 1883- 

Baumont, Maurice. 

... La faillite de la paix (1918-1939) 
.... [t. 1] Paris, Presses universitaires 
de France, 19^-5 • 

2 p. j„ 817 p., 1 J?. 22 1/2™. 
(Peuples et civilisations, histoire 
g6nSralc, pub. sous la direction de 
Louis Halphen et Philippe Sagnac. [xx]) 

Includes bibliographies. 

© 15Jullj.5; lc lMarlj.6; publisher; 
Baur, Betty. 

This is goodbye, by Betty Baur. Philadelphia & New York, 
J. B. Lippincott company t 1946] 

325 p. 20i- 
"First edition." 

(C) 3Apr46; author, New *ork; A2346. 

Bausch & Lomb optical company. 

Job coach for prescription shop 
operations. [Rochester, N. Y., Printed 
by Bausch & Lomb print shop, iyl+6] 

1 v. illus. 2k cm . 


©l4.FebL|_6; "Bausch & Lomb optical co., 
Rochester, N. Y. ; AIOO9. 
Baxter, C. Stewart, comp . 
Lawyers handy book, 19U°» 

© l8Decl4-5; 2c 6jan46; National bank 
of Detroit; A538. 
Baxter, Edna Dorothy, 1902- 

... An approach to guidance. New York and London, D. 
Appleton-Century company, inc. ( 1946] 

xii, [2], 305 p. 21". 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. "Annotated references for story 
and story interpretation" : p. 251-299. 

1. Personnel service in education. i. Title. 
LB1027.B26 371.422 

© 7Nov46 ; publisher, New York ; A8471. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Baxter, James Phinney, 1893- 

Scientists against time, by James Phinney Baxter 3rd ... 
Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1946. 

xv, 473 p. front., illus., plates, ports., diagr. 22™. 

"An Atlantic monthly press book." 
"First edition." 

(g) INovJjO; 2o 60otli6; pubUs) er; A6861. 

Bay, Andre. 

... Oil sont noa amoureuses? Illus- 
trations de Mario Prassinos-i' [Paris] 
Stock, I9I4.5. 

II4.9, [1] p., 10. illus. 19cm. 

"Exemplaire no. 36." 

<D 20Declj.5; lc lMarlt-6; Librairie 
Stock, Delamain et Boutelleau; 
AF6J+5 . 

Bay, Jens Christian, 1871- 

In the house of memories (table talk) by J. Christian Bay ... 
Cedar Rapids, la., PrivT print, for the friends of the Torch 
press, 1946. 

37 p. front, (port.) pi. 2<H~. 
"Four hundred copies printed." 

1. Books and reading. r. Title. 

Z10O3.B33 028 47-2613 

© l7Dec46 ; author, Chicago ; A7401. 

Bayen, Maurice. 

... Passage de lignes. ( PariS] Gallimard ( 1946j 

2 p. 1., 7-171 p., 1 1. 19-. 


1. World war, 1936-1945 — Pergonal narratives, French. 2. World war, 
1939-1945— Prisoners and prisons, German. 3. Escapes. i. Title. 

D811.B375 940.548144 47-16371 

© 30Apr46; Librairie Gallimard; AF2056. 

Bayer, George. 

George Wollsten, expert stock and grain trader, by George 
Bayer. Curmel-by-the-Sea, Calif., 1946. 
6 p. 1., 234, v. p. diagrs. (lfold.) 22". 

© ct $bDeo46; 2c 7Jen46; author, Cermel, Calif. 

Bayles, Ernest Edward, 1897- 

Biology for better living [by, Ernest E. Bayles ... ( and, R. 
Will Burnett ... Scientific drawings by Ted R. Miller, other 
drawings by Edmund Monroe. New York, Chicago [etc.] Sil- 
ver Burdett company [1946j 

xiv, 754 p. illus., col. pi., diagrs. 23i~. 

"You will enjoy reading" (bibliography) at end of each chapter. 

1. Biology. 
n. Title. 

i. Burfiett, Raymond Will, 1912- 

joint author. 

QH309.B35 1946 574 

© revisions, 18Nov46 ; publisher; A8589. 

Bays, Alice (Anderson) 1892- 

Worship services for youth, by Alice Anderson Bays. New 
York, Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press [1946] 

272 p. 20i- 

Bibllographical references Included In "Notes" (p. 257-263) "Selected 
bibliography" : p. 264-265 "Sources for hymns" : p. 267-272. 

© 6Mar46j Whitmore & Stone, Nashville; A1579. 

Bays, Bertie (Cole) 

Some preachers do 1 By Bertie Cole Bays. Chicago, Phila- 
delphia [etc.] The Judson press [1946] 

8 p. i., 93 p. 20*-. 

© revisions, 17Jul46; author, Parsons, Kan.; 

tiazelaire, Paul, 1886- 

. . . L'enseignement du violoncelle en France. Paris, Editions 
Salabert, 1944. 

44 p. front, (port.) pi. 23*". 

"(Euvres de Paul Bazelalre" : p. 30-58. "Ouvragea d'enselgnement et 
oeuvres pour le violoncelle de divers auteurs" : v. 38-44. 

3) 31Decl|ij.; lc ?6Aprlj.6; Editions Sala- 
bert, Paris; AF911. 
Bazin, Germain. 

... Le crepuscule des images. t PariS] Gallimard ( 1946j 
■ 3 p. 1., ,9,-112 p., 2 l. 2r™. 

Contents. — Certitudes et incertitudes du diHermlnlsme.- — La crlse de 
l'esprit. — Le dratne. — La tour de Babel. — Le crepuscule. — L'aube. 

1. Art— Philosophy. I. Title. 

N70.B29 701 47-1396 

© 15Apr46; Librairie Gallimard, Paris; AF2078. 
Beach, Rex EUingwood, 1877- 

The world in his arms c by] Rex Beach. New York, G. P. 
Putnam's sons [1946] 

3 p. 1., 3-214 p. l&i". 

Previously published in the Cosmopolitan, 
January 1946. 

(£) 12JU146; 2o 30Jun46; author, Sebrlr.g, Fla.; 
Beacher, Lawrence Lester, 1905- 

Contact lens technique; a concise and comprehensive text- 
book for practitioners, by L. Lester Beacher ... 4th ed., rev. 
and enl. . . . Newark, N. J., L. L. Beacher [1946] 
296 p. incl. illus. (forms, diagrs.) plates. 21$"". 

"List of articles written by L. Lester Beacher on scientific subjects": 
p. 285-290. 

© 26Apr46; author, Newark, N.J.; A2856. 
Beals, Frank Lee, 1881- 

... The rush for gold, by Frank Lee Beals; illustrations by 
Jack Merry-weather. Chicago, Wheeler publishing company 

2 p. I., 252 p. 19*". (The American adventure series) 

1. Bidwell, John, 1819-1900. I. Title. 


© 20Nov46; publisher; A9131. 


Beals, Frank Lee, 1881- 

. . . The story of Lemuel Gulliver in Lilliput land, as adapted 
and retold by Frank L. Beals . . . Illustrations by E. E. King. 
Chicago, B. H. Sanborn & co. [1946j 

3 p. 1., 102 p. front., illus. 20i x 15J™. (Famous story series) 

(S) 8&ugl46; Benj. H. Sanborn k oo.; A3728. 
Beals, Frank Lee, 1881- 

... The story of Robinson Crusoe, as adapted and retold by 
Frank L. Beals... Illustrations by E. E. King. Chicago, B. H. 
Sanborn & co. ( 1946] 

3 p. 1., 86 p. front., Illus. 20$"". (Famous story series) 
® Uul46; Benj. h. Sanborn k oo.; A3466. 

Bealu, Marcel. 

... L 'experience de la nuit; roman. ( PariS] Gallimard t 1945] 
3 p. 1., [9,-221 p. 1 1. 18*-. 

<D 2Jul45; lc 300c tk5; Librairie 
Gallimard, Paris; AF293. 

Bean, George Washington, 1831-1897. 

Autobiography of George Washington Bean, a Utah pioneer 
of 1847, and his family records, compiled by Flora Diana Bean 
Home . . . [Salt Lake City, Utah printing co., 1945j 

377 p. Incl. front., Illus. (Incl. ports.) 20J". 

© 6octl4.5; 2c 15NovL5; Flora Diana Home 
for the family of George Washington Bean, 
Salt Lake City; A632. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bean, Leon Lin wood, 1872- 

Hunting, fishing and camping [bjj L. L. Bean ... t Freeport, 
Me., L. L. Bean inc., 1946, 

104 p. illus. (incl. ports.) 23i~. 

Maps on lining-papers. 
"Sixth edition." 

2) 2Febi(.6: author, Freerjort, Me.; A1290. 

Beard, Annie E S d. 1930. 

Our foreign-born citizens, what they have done for America, 
by Annie E. S. Beard, revised and enlarged by Frederica Beard. 
New York, Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946j 

vii p., 1 1., 466 p. 21-. 

"Fifteenth printing, July 1946 (fifth printing of fourth edition)" 

(g) 5nug£&; publisher; A6612* 

Beard, Charles Austin, 1874- 

» American foreign policy in the making, 1932-1940 ; a study 
in responsibilities, by Charles A. Beard ... New Haven, Yale 
university press, 1946. 
8 p. 1., 336 p. 24J". 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 19Augl4.6; publisher; A5620. 

Beard, Charles Austin, 1874- 

The presidents in American history, by Charles A. Beard. 
New York, J. Messner, inc. ( 1946] 

vl p., 1 1., 212 p. incl. ports. 22". 

"Revised edition." 

"Biographical digest" : p. ( 157j-212. 

1. Presidents— U. S.— Blog. I. Title. 

E176.1.B35 1946 923.173 46-7843 

© 150ct46 ; 2c Il0ct46 ; Julian Messner, inc. ; A6386. 

Beard, Mary (Ritter) 1876- 

Woman as force in history ; a study in traditions and realities, 
by Mary R. Beard. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

viii p., 2 L, 369 p. 22". 

"First printing." 

"An illustrative bibliography" : p. 333-358. 

tl8Nar46j 2e 21F«M6j author. Hew Mil ford, 
nh. < A1BS7. 

Bear dsley , J H 

Broken bows and arrows, by J. H. Beardsley ... New York, 
House of Field-Doubleday inc. t 1945] 

300 p. 20i". 

© 180ct45; 2o 10Sep45j author, Monterey, Calif, 

Beattie, Edward William, 1909- 

Diary of a kriegie [byj Edward W. Beattie, jr. . . . New York, 
Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946] 

vi, 312 p. Incl. front., illus. 24i". 

(c) 25Bfer46i 2c 15Mar46; author, Sarasota, Fla. 

Beattie, John Walter, 1885- ed. 

The American singer. Book 5« By 
John W. Beattie . . . Josephine Wolver- 
ton ... Grace V. Wilson ... [and] 
Howard Hinga ... New York, Cincinnati 
[etc.] American book company [I9I+6] 

1 p. 1., 21I4. p. illus. 21 x 16°*. 

Includes music. 

©25AprU6; 2c 19Aprlj.6; publisher, 
New York; A275J+. 

Beatty, John, 1828-1914. 

Memoirs of a volunteer, 1861-1863, by John Beatty. Edited 
by Harvey S. Ford. Introduction by Lloyd Lewis. Illustra- 
tions by Howard W. Willard. New York, W. W. Norton & 
company, inc. r 1946j * 

817 p., 1 1. Illus., double map. 21". 

Published in 1879 under title: The citizen-soldier ; or. Memoirs of a 

"First edltton." 

© introd. & editorial matter, l8Novl|6; 
2c 9Novl^6; publisher; A81i97. 

Beaty, John Yocum, 1884- 

The ocean book t byj John Y. Beaty. Chicago, Beckley- 
Cardy company t 1946j 

240 p. incl. front., illus. (Incl. maps) 20J". 

©20Junif6; publisher; A3lj.ll;. 
Beau, Raymond. 

... 4 annees de guerre sur tous ies fronts. La croisiere he- 
ro'fque. Du Tchad a Strasbourg. De Bir-Hakeim a Paris. 
Preface de m. le gouverneur P. O. Lapie ... iPariS] Recueil 
Sirey [1945] 

3 p. 1., 9-69 p., 1 1. plates, ports., facsim. 26". 

© l?Tulii5; lo JOOotl^; Libr-airi'e du P«oueil 
Siney, Jkris; *F56. 

Beau de Lomenie, Emmanuel. 

... Le debat de ratification du traite de Versailles a la 
Chambre des deputes et dans la presse en 1919. Paris, Denoel 

238, i2i p. 18". ( On cover: "Perspectives") 

At head of title : E. Beau de Lomenie. 

(C) 30Jul45; lc 2May46; Editions Denoel; AF995. 

Beauchamp, Wilbur Lee, 1891- 

... Everyday problems in science, by Wilbur L. Beauchamp, 
John C. Mayfield and Joe Young West. Chicago, Atlanta [etc.] 
Scott, Foresman and company ( 1946] 

xvi, 752 p. incl. front., Illus., dlagrs. 28". (Basic studies in scienqe) 
"Books to read" at end of each "unit." 

© revisions, 23Augij.6; publisher, 
Chicago; A5887. 

Beauchamp, Wilbur Lee, 1891- 

... Science problems for the junior high school, by Wilbur 
L. Beauchamp ... John C. Mayfield ... [and] Joe' Young West 
Chicago, Atlanta [etc.] Scott, Foresman and company 

3 v. fronts., Illus., dlagrs. 21}". (Basic studies in science) 

"Readings in science" at end of each volume. 

1. Science — Problems, exercises, etc. i. Mayfield, John Cunliffe, 

joint author, n. West, Joe Young, 1904- joint author. 

Q182.B42 507.61 46-8010 rev 

© revisions, v. 1, 180ct46; v. 2, 260ct46; v. 3, 16Nov46; pub- 
lisher, Chicago, A6688, A8453, A8387. 

Beaumont, Henry, 1902- 

Psychology applied to personnel, by Henry Beaumont ... 
New York, London ( etc.] Longmans, Green and co., 1946. 

▼ill, 167 p. Incl. forms. 21". 

"First edition." ' 

"The second part contains notes and references pertaining to 'The 
psychology of personnel,' arranged under the same chapter headings as 
in that volume, together with questions and applications designed to 
test ability to apply the information contained in the text." — Pre* 

© 10Jull|6; 2c 2JulU6; publisher, New 
York; A^OIO. 

Beaupoil de Saint -Aulaire, Auguste Fe'lix 
Charles de 

see, Saint-Aulaire, Auguste Felix Charles 
de Beaupoil. comte de. lPf>6- 

Beauvoir, Simone de . 

... Le sang des autres , roman. 
[Paris] Gallimard U9I4.5] 

22i|. p. 21«m. 

©20AugU5; lc 300ctl|5: V^raipie 
Gallimard; AF289 . 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Beaven, Robert Haddow. 

In Him is life ; a fresh approach to the Christian faith, by 
Robert Haddow Beaven. New York, Nashville, Abingdon- 
Cokesbury press [1946] 
188 p. 19i- 

(£> Uan46; Whitmore * Stone, Nashville, Tenn.; 

Beaver, William Carl, 1896- 

General biology, by William C. Beaver ... With 321 text 
illustrations and 14 color plates. 3d ed. St. Louis, The C. V. 
Mosby company, 1946. 

820 p. illus., Hf coL pi. on 12 1., dlagrs. 22". 

Previous editions published under title: Fundamentals of biology, 
animal and plant. 
©lAug46; publisher} A5227. 

Bebenroth, Charlotta M I89O- 

Meriwether Lewis, boy explorer, by Charlotta M. Bebenroth, 
illustrated by Edward Caswell. Indianapolis, New York, The 
Bobbs-Merrill company [1946] 

182 p. Ulus. 20™. (The Childhood of famous Americans series) 

"First edition." t 

© 3Sepl|6j 2c 21A.ugl4.6; author, Cleveland; 

Bechdolt, Frederick Ritchie, 1874- 

Drygulch canyon, by Frederick R. Bechdolt ... New York, 
Phoenix press [1946j 

265 p. lfli". 

© 15AprA6; 2c 12Apr46; publisher; A5362. 

Becherer, Walter. 

... Die grundbegriffe der deutschen sprachlehre ; ein hilfs- 
buchlein fur repetition and vorbereitunsr auf priifungen. 
Zurich, Rascher, 1946. 

39 p. 21- 

"1. bis 4. tausend." 

1. German language — Grammar — 1870- 

PF3105.B38 435 

© 2Jul46 ; Rascher & cie, a. g. ; AF5175. 


Bechhofer, Carl Eric 
see Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer, I89I4.- 

Becbliofer-Roberts, Carl Eric 
see Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer, 189a- 

Bechtel, John. 

Perla of the walled city, by John Bechtel . . . Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Wm. B. Eerdmans publishing company r 1946, 

119 p. illus, (plan) 20". 

O 25Sepli.6; publisher; A58I4.5. 
Bechtel, John, 1899- 

The year of the tiger, by John Bechtel ... Chicago, UL, 
Moody press t 1946] 

218 p. Hius. 18J-. 

1. Title. 

PZ3.B38742Ye 46-8054 

© 40ct46; The Moody Bible institute of Chicago; A6414. 

[Bechu, Marcel Ernest] 1&79- 

... Napoleon et ses grognards. 
[Paris] Hachette [ I9I4.5 ] 

2 p. $., [91-255, [1] P. 20 l/2cm # 
[Le rayon d'histoire] 

Author's pseud., Marcel Dupont, at 
head of title. 

"Bibliographic": p. 25^-255- 

© 12Aprl+5; lc 2llaylj.6; Eibrairie 
Hachette; AP981. 

Beck, Frederick K 

Second carrot from the end, by Fred Beck; foreword by H. 
Allen Smith, illustrations by Emax. New York, W. Morrow 
& company, 1946. 

160 p. 21- 

"The story of Roger Dahlhjelm and ... (the author's. Farmers market 

© 13Feb46: 2c 27Jan46; author-, Los Angeles; 


Beck, Henry Charles, 1919- ed. ^ 

The 397th bomb group (M), a pictorial history, edited by 

Major Henry C. Beck, jr. Original photos by: Beck, Snow. 

Official photos by: Berger, Coxey, Cullen t and others, ... 

[Cleveland, Printed by C. Howard, 1946j 

[122] p. of illus. (1 col., incl. ports., maps) 29 x 22J-. 

On cover : The 397 th bomb group ( M) , bridge busters. 

© 30JulJj6; author, Cleveland; A 5 006. 

Beck, Samuel Jacob, 1896- 

Rorschach's test. II. A variety of 
personality pictures. By Samuel J. 
Beck ... Foreword by Roy R. Grinker .. 
New York, Grune & Stratton, 19^4-5 [i» e « 

xii, 1+02 p. illus. 2l+ cm . 

"Copyright I9U5." 
''Bibliography": p. 393-ij.OO. 

Pub. 2Feblj.6; publisher; A895. 

Becken (A. C.) company. 

The 19^7 Becken book; annual whole- 
sale catalog ... Chicago [etc.] 

© 2JOctl4.6; Austin N. Clark, Chicago; 

Becker, Carl Lotus, 1873-1945. 

Freedom and responsibility in the American way of life ; five 
lectures delivered on the William W. Cook foundation at the 
University of Michigan, December 1944, by Carl L. Becker, 
with an introductory essay by George H. Sabine . . . New York 
A. A. Knopf, 1945. 

4 p. 1., vll-xlil, 1°2, iv, ,1, p. 22". 

C5 lrS 8ltovi$; 2o Ib0otli5; Alfred A. Knopf, ino., 
N«?w York A. Univ. of Mioh., Ann Arbor: A2. „ '. 

1. U. S.— Civilization. 1. Michigan. University. William W. Cook 
foundation, n. Title. 

Becker, Carl Lotus, 1873-1945. 

... Modern history; the rise of a democratic, scientific, and 
industrialized civilization, by Carl L. Becker ... New York, 
Chicago [etc.] Silver Burdett company [1946] 

xiii, [1], 889, xxiv p. incl. illus., maps (part double) diagrs. 20}™. 
(The Becker-Duncalf-Magoffln history series) 

"Revised and brought up to date."— Foreword. 

"Selected readings" at end of each chapter except the first. 

1. History, Modern. 

D209.B4 1946 940.2 47-15037 

© 3Dec46; Estate of Carl L. Becker (Executor — Frederick 
D. Becker, White Plains, N. Y.) ; A8904. 

Becker, Carl Lotus, 1873-1945. 

Story of civilization, showing how, from earliest times, men 
have increased their knowledge and mastery of the world, and 
thereby changed their ways of living in it [byj Carl L. Becker 
... [and] Frederic Duncalf ... New York, Chicago t etc.] Silver 
Burdett company [1946] 

xv, 907, xx p. illus. (Incl ports., maps) col. plates, coL facslms., 
dlagrs. 21i"". 

"Selected references" at end of each chapter. 

©revisions, l6Sepij.6; publisher; A8079, 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Becker, James A 

Evolution and the Bible, by James A. Becker. Los Angeles, 
Calif, De Vorss & co. ( 1946) 
l p. 1., ,9,-231 p. 20J-. 
"Notes and bibliography" : p. 221-229. 

1. Evolution. 2. Bible and science. 8. Religion and science — 1900- 
I. Title. 

BL263.B38 213 47-15401 

© 15Nov46; Progressive science institute, inc., Los Angeles; 

Becker, Lucien. 

Le monde sans joie, par Lucien Becker. Avec un portrait 
de l'auteur par Fraggi ... [Paris, Gallimard [1945, 

3 p. I., 11-8T, [1, p. front, (port.) 181". (One ffiuvre, un portrait 
Nouv. ser. 2) 


© 10Jullj5; Ic300ct) + S; Librairie 
Oaillimard, Paris; AF70. 

Becker, May (Lamberton) 1873- 

Adventures in reading. New ed. By May Lamberton 
Becker ... Philadelphia and New York, J. B. Lippincott com- 
pany [1946, 

2 p. 1., ( Hl,-vill p., 1 L, 250 p. 19*-. ( Stokes books for boys and girls) 
Includes bibliographies. 

Q) i7te?46; publisher, Philadelphia; A&403. 

[Beckh, Gustav Francis, 1886- 

The American Prometheus, by Francis Blake [pseud.j New 
York, The Fine editions press, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 11-41 p., 1 1. 22-. 

"Five hundred copies." 

(C) 15May46; publisher; A4071. 

Beckman, Frederick William, 1873- 

Technical ' journalism, by F. W. Beckman . . . and Harry 
R. O'Brien ... (A revision of Technical journalism, by Beck- 
man, O'Brien, and Blair Converse ...) 3d ed., rev. Ames, la., 
The Iowa state college press, 1946. 

vill, 443 p. 23§- 

First published, 1927, under title: Technical writing of farm and 

1. Journalism, Technical 
joint author, n. Title. 

PN4784.T3B4 1946 070.4 

© 30Oct46: publisher ; A8600. 

i. O'Brien, Harry Russell, 1889- 

A 47-787 

Bedell, Clyde Orvis, 1898- 

Let's talk retailing, by Clyde Bedell. [New York, Retail 
division, Bureau of advertising, American newspaper publish- 
ers association [1946, 

xlii, 129 p. 23}-. 

© 9Dec46; publisher; A9044. 
Bedford, James Hiram, 1893- 

The veteran and his future job, a guide-book for the veteran, 
by James H. Bedford ... Los Angeles, Society for occupa- 
tional research, ltd., 1946.[ i^. e_. 1945 J 

vil, 263 p. incl. front., diagrs. plates. 24". [The Occupational rela- 
tions series. 

Bibliography at end of each chapter except one. 

©15Dec45; 2c 22Dec45; publisher, Glen- 
dale, Calif.; A817. 

Bedouin, Jean Louis, 1920- 
see Trapp, Bobby. 

Beebe, Catherine, 1898- 

The pet show ; story by Catherine Beebe, pictures by Robb 
Beebe. New York, Oxford university press, 1946. 

46, [1, p. coLlUus. 20izl6-. 

© 22Auglj.6; Oxford university press, 
New York, inc.; A5697. 

Beebe, Lucius Morris, 1902- 

The Stork club bar book, by Lucius Beebe. New York, 
Toronto, Rinehart & company, inc., 1946. 

xiii p., 1 1., 17-136 p. 21-. 

O ?lNcv/ 4 6; To :r(.ct46; tuthcr. Nev icrk; 
-3 f j.6. 

Beeding, Francis, pseud. 

There are thirteen, by Francis Beeding. New York and 
London, Harper & brothers [1946, 

4 p. 1., 275 p. 19J-. 
"First edition." 
© 27F«b46; 2c 26Feb46; publisher, N«w York; 

Beer, Ferdinand. 

Pour continuer le calcul differentiel; exercices et problemes 
resolus, par Ferdinand Beer ... Preface de l'abbe Moreux. 
Avec 59 figures dans le texte. Paris, G. Doin & c'*. ( 1940] 

2 p. 1., [Vll)-ix, 244 p. diagrs. 17-. (Half-title: Bibliotheque d'Sdu- 
cation sclentifique. [Collection des "Pour comprendre". Pub. sous la 
direction de l'abbe' Moreux) 

1. Calculus', Differential — Problems, exercises, etc. 

QA305.B4 517.2 A F 47-271 

© 30Dec40; 1c 8May46; Gaston Doki et c le ; AF1435. 

Beer, Michel. 

... L'art de pecher une friture; 15 illustrations de Sangerold. 
Paris, Flammarion c 1945] 

60, [2, p. Illus. 20=°. (Collection La terre ... Chasse' et peche) 

1. Fishing— France. i. Title. 

SH619.B4 799.12 47-17436 

© 13Dec45; lc 8May46; Ernest Flammarion; AF1594. 

Beerbohm, Sir Max, 1872- 

Mainly on the air, by Max Beerbohm. London, Toronto, 
W. Heinemann, ltd ( 1946, 

4 p. 1., 3-132 p. 20J-. 

"First published 1946." 

Pub. 2Sepij.6; lc JlOctl^; author, Abinger 
Common, Dorking, Eng.; A I 5^5 • 

Beerbohm, Sir Max, 1872- 

Mainly on the air, by Max Reerbohm. New York, A. A. 
Knopf, 1947. 

vii, 142 p., 1 1. 19™. 

"A Borzoi book." 

"First American edition." 

I. Title. 

PR6003.E4M3 1947 824.91 47-847 

Pub. 26Dec40 ; 2c 20Dec46 ; author, Abinger Common, Dork- 
ing, Eng. ; A9424 Piev. reg. AI 515. 

Beers, Clifford Whittingham, 1876-1943. 

A mind that found itself; an autobiography, by Clifford' 
Whittingham Beers. Garden City, New York, Doubleday, 
Doran & company, inc., 194-1. 

xi p., 1 1., 402 p. front, (port) 20J-. 

"First edition, March, 1908 ... 25th anniversary edition, issued March, 
1935, with additions ... reprinted February, 1944." 

Appendix: I. The mental hygiene movement and its founder ... Ad- 
dress by C. E. A. Winslow. — n. The National committee for mental 
hygiene. — m. The American foundation for mental hygiene. — iv. State 
and local societies for mental hygiene; directory of societies. — v. The 
International committee for mental hygiene. — vi. First International 
congress on mental hygiene. — vn. Reprint of booklet: A mind that found 
itself and Its author. — vm. Historical references, quoted from the pro- 
gram of the 25th anniversary meeting. 

<^f) additions, 21Mer44; 2c 17Kov44; American 
foundation for mental hygiene, inc.. Hew York; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Beetle, David Harold, 1908- 

West Canada creek, by David H. Beetle 
Utica observer-dispatch, 1946j 

5 p. ]., 158 p., 1 1. incl. front, plates, port. 19}-. 

[Utica. N, Y., 

Map on t.-p. 

"Reprinted from the Utica observer-dispatch, Utica, New York." 

rtekessy, Emery, 1887- 

Barabbas, a novel of the time of Jesus, by Emery Bekessy, 
with the collaboration of Andreas Hemberger ; translated from 
the German by Richard and Clara Winston. New York, Pren- 
tice-Hall, inc., 1946. 

viii p., 1 1., 324 p. 21°°. 

1. West Canada creek. 

F127.W48B4 974.76 47-15598 

© 2Dec46; 2c 24Xov46; Utica observer-dispatch, inc.; A8865. 

Beets, Henryi 1869- 

The Christian Reformed church, its roots, history, schools 
and mission work, a. d. 1857 to 1946, by Dr. Henry Beets. 
Grand Rapids. Mich., Baker book house ( 1946j 

174 p. tllus., plates, ports., maps. 20". 

© 30ctli&; Herman Baker, d.b.a. Baker 
book house; A6J4.60. 

Behan, John M 1919- 

Dogs of war, by John M. Behan . . . New York, C. Scribner's 
sons [1946j 

i 5 p. I., 80, [38] p. lllus. 24 x 21". m 
© 4Jeb46; Charles. Scribner's •one; J1070. 

Beijer, Harald Eugen, 1896- 

... Britta in der stadt ... [Ziirichj Artemis- verlag [1946] 

383, [1] p. 19". (Gloekenbiicher) 

At head of title : Harald Beijer. 

"Aus dem schwedischen iibertragen von Lotte Perndt." 

I. Perndt, Lotte, tr. n. Title, 

Translation of Brlta 1 gross- 

PT9875.B425B84 839.736 

© 17Apr46 ; Artemis verlag, a. g. ; AF1393 

[Beilfuss, Prank H.] 

Mental vitamins in verses, by Uncle 
Frank. [Chicago, Printed by Clark 
Mc Elroy co., 19^6] 

125, [k] p. illus. 17 1/2 cm. 

© 8Marij.6 ; author, Chicago; AI978. 

Beim, Jerrold, 1910- 

Twelve o'clock whistle, by Jerrold Beim and Ernest Crich- 
low. New York, W. Morrow and company t 1946] 

[61] p. illus. (part col.) 21x17". 

(L&) llSepkb; 2c 23Aug)4.6; author, New 
York; a61Il2. 

Beim, Lorraine (Levey) 1909- 

... Triumph clear. New Yorir, Harcourt, Brace and com- 
pany [1946] 

4 p. 1„ 3-200 p. 20}-. 

At head of title : Lorraine Beim. 

© 18Apr46j 2c 10Apr46; author, New York; 

Bek, Aleksandr A 

... La chaussee de Volokolamsk, traduit de russe par R. Hof- 
mann. [Paris] Bordas [1946) 

2 p. L, (7,-380 p., 2 I. 18*. 

At head of title : Alexandre Beck. 

Baurdzhan Momysh-Uly is the narrator of this story. 

1, World war, 1039-1945 — Personal narratives, Bussian. 2. World war, 
1939-1945— Regi lental histories— Russia— 8. gvardelskafa divizlft lm 
Panfilova. 3. Russia (1923- U. S. S. R.) Armlfa. 8. gvardelskafa 

dlvlzifa im. Panfilova. 1. Baurdzban Momysh-Uly. n. Hofmann 

Rostislav, tr. m. Title. Translation of BojiOKOJiaiwcKoe uiocce 

(transliterated: Volokolamskoe shosse) 

D764.6.G8 8th.B43 47-18195 

© 30Apr46; Bordas, Editions France nouvelle; AF1972. 

1. Barabbas — Fiction. 1. Hemberger, Andreas, d. 1946. n. Winston, 

Richard, tr. in. Winston, Clara, joint tr. 

PZ3.B39855Bar 46-7817 

.© 80et46 : author, Beverly Hills, Calif. ; A6894. 

Bekessy, Emmerich 
see Bekessy, Emery, 1887- 

Be'kessy, Imre 
see Bekessy, Emery, I887- 

Belding, George Angus, 1899- 

Tales from the Presque Isle woods, by George Angus Bel- 
ding. New York, The Exposition press ,1946] 

124 p. 23". 
\£) 203ep46; author, Dear-barn, --ich.; AH80t>. 

Belding, Mary Ellen (Dowell) 1869- 

Mollie Belding's Memory book. Long Beach, Calif. [Los 
Angeles, The Ward Ritchie press] 1945. 

xl, 105 p., 1 1. illus., ports. 23}-. 
"200 copies." 

© 25Janl|.6; author, Long Beach, Calif,; 
' 390. 

Be If rage, Mrs . Cedric 
see Castle, Kolly. 

Belger, Mary Josita, sister. 

Sing a song of holy things, by Sister M. Josita Belger, o. s. f., 
illustrated by Sister M. Maxine Malopolski, 0. s. f. Milwaukee, 
Wis., The Tower press, 1945. 

6 p. ]., Ill p. incl. col. front., illus. (part col.) 21}—. 

© 6Deci+5; 2c lii Janl|.6 ; publisher; 

Belgian Con^o anu United States of Amer- 
ica economic handbook. 19U&. 
i-.exi York, The lAorctus press incorpor- 
ated, c 19l+6. 

Running title, I9I4.6: Congo-U.S.A. 

economic handbook. 

© 27Sepl|.6; publisher; Au791, 

Beliard, Octave, I876- 

••• Prothdse dentaire conjointe (In- 
lays, onlays, couronnes et bridges) par 
le dr. Beliard ... la collaboration des 
docteurs Dalbanne ... Humbert . . . R« 
Thibault ... [et] Vilenski ... Paris, 
Masson et cle, l§ij.l» 

vi, [l]-]-15, xxlv, 1300 p. illus. 
23cm. (La Pratique s tomato log! que, pub. 
sous la direction du dr. Chompret ... 

© 2i).JanlA; lc l6Novif5; publisher; 

Beling, Oscar. 

Profitable insurance agency management, by Oscar Beling ... 
New York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1946. 
rx, 376 p. incl. illus., forms, dlagr. . 23}-. 

© 21Jun46; publisher; A4953. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bell, Clifford, 1898- 

•Essentials of plane and spherical trigonometry. Rev. ed. 
[By, Clifford Bell ... ( andj Tracy Y. Thomas ... New York, 
H. Holt and company f 1946, 

lx p.. 1 1., 246, 163, [1, p. pi., dlagrs. 22-. 

Protractor In pocket 

"Answers to odd-numbered problems": p. 145-156 (2d group) 

© liLMayU6; Henry Holt 3c co., Inc.; 

tiell, Elexious Thompson, 18S0- 

Renal diseases, by E. T. Bell ... Illustrated with 115 en- 
gravings and 4 color plates. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 1946. 

434 p. Illus. (lncl. tables, dlagrs.) it col. plates. 24™. 

Includes "References." 

(c) 241fay46; publisher; A4173. 
Bell, Eric Temple, 1883- 

The magic of numbers, by Eric Temple Bell. New York, 
London, AVhittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company, inc. 


vlil p., 1 1., 418 p. front, (port.) 21" 

1. Numbers concept 2. Mathematics — Philosophy. 3. Mathematics — 
Hist 1. Title. 

QA9.B393 510.1 46-8012 

© 280ct46; 2c 180ct46; author, Pasadena, Calif.; A6731. 
(Bell, Eric Temple, 1883- 

The time stream, by John Taine ^pseud.j [Providence, 
Buffalo book company and G. H. E. [1946, 

4 p. 1., 251 p. 19J-. 

©18Jan46; Eric Temple Bell, Pasadena, Calif. 

Bell, Euphemla Young, I8I4.I-I915. 

... Beautiful Bermuda, by Euphemla 
Young Bell and associates. The Bermuda 
blue book, 19^6 ••• off icia! directory, 
buyer's guide. 9*h ed., rev. and enl. 
by S. E. Bell and William E. Bell, B.A., 
editors. New York and Bermuda, Beauti- 
ful Bermuda publishing company, inc. 
1 191*6] 

© 2ON0VI4.6J Prank Ross Bell, Teaneck, 
H. J.; A8565. 

Bell, George Kennedy Allen, bp. of 

Chichester , 1883- 

If thine enemy hunger . . . London, 
Gollancz, 19^-° • 

8 p. l8cm. 

Pub. 8Apri^6; lc 6Junlj.6; George 
Kennedy Allen Bell, Chichester, England; 
AI 26l. 
Bell, Harrie Alonzo, 1885- 

Getting the right start in direct advertising, by Harrie A, 
Bell; with an introduction 'by Henry Hoke. New York, 
Graphic books, inc., 1946. 

5 p. 1., 9-161 p. fold, dlagr. 24". 

"First edition, June 1946." 

First published In serial form In the Reporter of direct mall adver- 
tising, 1945. cf. Introd. 

© I9JUI46; publisher; A503O. 
Bell, Sir Henry Hesketh Joudou, 1864- 

Glimpses of a governor's life, from diaries, letters and memo- 
randa by Sir Hesketh Bell . . . London, S. Low, Marston & co., 
ltd. [1946, 

xt, 212 p. ports. 22-. 


Pub. 20Junlf6; author, London; AI 551. 
Bell, Janet, pseud * 
see Clymer, Eleanor Liowent on, 1906- 

Bell, Thomas, 1903- 

There comes a time, by Thomas Bell. Boston, Little, Brown 
and company, 1946. 

4 p. L, 288 p. 19i- 

"Flrst edition." 

© l8Jullj.6; 2c Uullj.6; author, New York; 

Bellah, James Warner, 1899- 

Ward twenty (by, James Warner Bellah. Garden City, 
N. Y., Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

vi p., 1 1., 160 p. 19J-. 

"First edition." 

(0) 3Jan46; author, Arlington, Va. j A215. 

Bellairs, George, 1902- 

Death in the night watches, by George Bellairs ... London, 
J. Gifford limited ( 1945, 

208 p. 18 i". 

"First published 1945." 

Pub. 230ct45; lc 19Mar46: author, London; 
AI 131. 
iellairs, George, 1902- 

Death in the night watches, by George Bellairs. New York, 
The Macmillan company, 1946. 
vi p., 1 1., 223 p. 19}~. 
"First printing." 

Pub. 19Nov46 ; 2c 7Nov46 ; author, Prestbury, Cheshire, Eng. ; 
A8371. Prev. reg. AI 131. 

Bellamy, Edward, 1850-1898. 

Looking backward, 2000-1887, by Edward Bellamy, with 
an introduction by Paul Bellamy and decorations by George 
Salter. Cleveland and New York, The World publishing com- 
pany [ 1945, 

311 p. 22°°. 

(D 25Dec45; 2c 20May46; publisher, Cleveland; 

Bellamy, Edward, 1^50-1898. 

Looking backward, 2000-1887, by Edward Bellamy; intro- 
duction by Frederic R. White . . . Chicago, Packard and com- 
pany [1946, 

xxxviii, 233 p. 181". (University classics) 

Sequel : Equality. 

"Selected bibliography" : p. xxxvii-xxxviii. 

© introd., r Jl]a-jli r b ; 2c kl.tayij.6j publish- 
er; AblOO. 

Belleau Wood (Aircraft carrier) 

"Flight quarters." The war story of the U. S. S. Belleau 
Wood. (Los Angeles, Cole-Holmquist press, 1946, 

192 p. illus. (part col., incl. ports.) diagr. 29x22°"'. 

Maps on lining-papers. 

"Editor: Lt. John W. Alexander." — p. 6. 

© 28Junk6j- author, Los Angeles; AJ655. 

Belleville [and] Nutley directory 191+6. 
Newark, N. J., The Price & Lee co., 

Folded map mounted on p, 

[3] of 

© 2kJunk6j publisher, New Haven; 
A 5221;. 
fielloc, Hilaire, 1870- 

The servile state, by Hilaire Belloc ... 1st American ed. 
With an introduction by Christian Gauss. New York, H. Holt 
and company [1946, 
xxvil, 188, (1, p. 19i". 

Pub. llj.Octlj.6; 2c ll|Seplj.6; author, King's 
Land, Shipley, Horsham, Eng.; A82lj.O, 

749448 0—47 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bellonzi, Fortunate. 

... iue illusioni tramontane). Roma, Edizioni Astrea ( 1946] 

3 p. I.. !)-10-' p., 1 1. 19™". (Half-title: Narratori italiani contem- 
poraiiei, n. 2) 

First published, 1939, under title: Cammini. 

© l8Decl^5; lc 26Aprlj.6; Casa editrice 
Astrea; AF c >12l|.. 
Bellonzi, Fortunate. 

... Kagionamento sulle sventure d'ltalia. Roma, OET [1945] 

55, t l| p. 14$ s8- {naif-title: Confldenze, 2) 

1. Italy— Pol. & govt.— 1922-1945. i. Title. 


© 240ct45; lc 9Sep46 ; publisher ; AF1755- 


Belot, Paul. 

... Aux lueurs des fours electriques. Grenoble, Paris, B. 
Arthaud ( 1944] 

285 p., 11. 18™. 

© 15Nov14j-; lc 29Augi^5; publisher;' 
AFJ52 . 

Belot, Paul. 

... Trente ans de baroud; histoire militaire du general Colom- 
bat. Grenoble, Paris, B. Arthaud [1945] 

3 p. 1., [9,-317, [2j p. maps (1 fold.) 20". 

1. Colombat, Paul, 1866- 2. France— History, Military— 19th cent. 

3. France— History, Military— 20th cent. I. Title. 

DC47.B4 923.544 # 47-17375 

© 30Dec45; lc 9Aug46; publisher, Grenoble; AF1908. 

Belove, Benjamin, 1880- 

The split atom; last human pair on earth; the whirling of 
ideas, by B. Belove, u, d. Los Angeles, Calif., B. Ackerman 
t 1946j 

478 p. incl. front., illus. 21J™. 

On cover : An amphibian novel. 
"First edition." 

i. Title. 

PZ3.B4204Sp 46-8411 

© 20Nov46 ; author, Los Angeles, Calif. ; A7271. 

Belperron, Pierre. 

... La deuxieme guerre mondiale; 
pr6cis des op6rations a* I 1 Occident, avec 
huit cartes dans lc texte. Paris, Plon 

[19U5] , 

ii, 2I4.O p. illus. 20 1/20". 

At head of title: Pierre Belperron ct 
Georges Andersen. 

© 2l|JulU5; lc 300cti4.5; Librairic Plon; 

. Belpre, Pura. 

The tiger and the rabbit, and other tales, told by Pura Bel- 
pre, illustrated by Kay Peterson Parker. Boston, Houghton 
Mifflin company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 118, (1, p. incl. illus., plates. 19-. 

Cft 14Mar46; Pura Belpre' White. New *ork; A3167. 

Belves, Pierre. 

... Belles poterles a colorier. 
[Paris] Flammarion [I9I4.5] 

cover-title^ p. 1 illus. 23 l/2cm. 
(Les Albums du pere Castor) 

© JOSepl+5; lc 2i+Apr[|.6; Ernest Flam- 
marion; AF963. 

Belves, Pierre. 

... Le platre . , 


cover-title, 39 > [l]p« col 
l8cm. (Kanuels du pere Castor) 

[Paris] Flammarion 
illus . 

© 30Sepu5; lc 2MayI).6; Ernest Flam- 
marion; AF989. 

Bemelmans, Ludwig, 1898- 

Hotel Bemelmans, by Ludwig Bemelmans. New York, The 
Viking press, 1946. 

380 p. illus. 22™. — 

Au tobi ographical . 

(5) 6Sep4-6; author, New York; A6U7. 

Ben-"ordecai, C. A., pseud . 
see Starr, Hyman, l861).-19l42. 

Bencliley, Belle (Jennings) 1882- 

Shirley visits the zoo; story by Belle J. Benchley, photo- 
graphs by G. E. Kirkpatrick. Boston, Little, Brown and com- 
pany, 1946. 

[64] p. incl. front., illus. 22". 
"First edition." 

(g> 25Sepl46; 2o 8AU6I163 author and illustrator, 
Sar Die^o. Calif.; A5796- 

Benda, Clemens Ernst, 1898- 

Mongolism and cretinism ; a study of the clinical manifesta- 
tions and the general pathology of pituitary and thyroid de- 
ficiency . . . New York, Grune & Stratton, 1946. 

iv, 310 p. Ulna. 

1. Mongolism. 2. Cretinism, j^ Title. 
RC628.B37 * 132.24322 

© 6Nov46 : Grune & Stratton, inc. ; A8562. 

Med 46-207 

Benda, Julien; 1867- 

... La France byzantine; ou, Le tri- 
omphe de la littSrature pure; Mallarme 1 , 
Gide, Val£ry, ^lain, G-iraudoux, Suards, 
les surr£alistes. Essai d'une psycholo- 
gie originelle du litterateur ... [Paris'] 
Gallimard [ I9I4.5 ] 

290 p., 3 fi. 22 l/2 cm . 

© 20Juli4_5; lc 300ctU5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF200. 

Benda, Raymond, 1896- 

Le granulo-diaguostic de la tuberculose, par R. Benda ... 
Paris, G. Doin & c">, 1945. 

96 p. illus., tables (2 fold.) diagrs. 21i~. 

"Addendum" : leaf Inserted. > 

"BIbliographle" : p. (91,-94. 

1. Tuberculosis— Diagnosis. r. Title. 

RC311.B46 Med 47-230 

© HODeclS; lc 8May46; publisher; AF1471. 

Bender's forms of pleading of the state 
of Hew York, with suggestions for 
drafting pleadings, explanatory 
notes, citations of reported cases 
and cross-references, by Cscar Le Roy 
Warren ... Albany, N. Y., New York, 
N. Y., M. Bender & company, incor- 
porated, 19^-6 . 


© v. 1/ 3Aprij.6, v. 2, HJul46, v. 3, 
10DecI(.6; Matthew Bender & company, inc., 
Albany; A2213, A370lj., A92^9. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bender's lawyer's diary and di- 
rectory . . . Reference book for 
the state of New York ... v. 55. 
194.6. Albany, 1946 . 

© 12Jan46; Matthew Bender & co,., 
Inc., Albany; AijJ.7. 

Bendow, Peter, pseud . 
see Arnesen, David Dietrichs Swensen, 


Bendrodt, J C 

A man, a dog, two horses, by J. C. Bendrodt. [Seattle, 
Printed by F. McCaffrey at the Dogwood press, 1946j 

6 p. 1., 76 p. Illus. 23". 

"First American edition." 

I. Title. 

PR6003.E49M3 818.5 47-16143 

© 11Nov46; John Gartner, Victoria, Australia; A7282. 

Bendure, Zelma. 

America's fabrics; origin and history, manufacture, char- 
acteristics and uses [by] Zelma Bendure [and] Gladys Pfeiffer; 
photographic layout by Crystal Stephen, fabric photographs 
by Nat Messik. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

xr, [lj, 688 p. col. front., illus., col. plates, diagrs. (part col.) 24™. 
"The silent partners" (bibliography) : p. xi-xil. 

2) 17Sep46; 2c 28Augii6; publisher; A389I. 

Benedek, Therese (Friedmann) 1892- 

Insight and personality adjustment, a study of the psycho- 
logical effects of war, by Therese Benedek . . . New York, The 
Ronald press company [1946] 

xl, 307 p. 22". 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© ?9J"li-i6j publisher; -3738. 

Benedict, Howard George, 1883- 

Yardsticks of management, a company 
performance measurement handbook for 
top management, administrative, finan- 
cial, sales and production; an operating 
tool in the application of the princi- 
ples of scientific management in indus- 
try. By Howard G. Benedict ... with a 
preface by Harlow S. Person ... 2d ed. 
Los Angeles. Calif., Management book 
company, 194-6 • 

xxiv, I4.8, [163 p. incl. forms, 
diagrs. 29 1/2 x 2I4. l/2cm. 

© 10ctM>; 2c 30Decl4-6; publisher; 

Benedict, Ruth (Fulton) 1887- 

The chrysanthemum and the sword; patterns of Japanese 
culture, by Ruth Benedict. Boston, Houghton Mifflin com- 
pany, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 324 p. 21J™. 

1. Japan— Soc. life & cust. 2. Japan— Civilization. I. Title. 
DS821.B46 915.1 46-11843 

© 19Nov46 ; 2c 4Nov46; author, New York; A8743. 

Benet, Marjorie Flack 
3ee Flack, Marjorie- 1897- 

Benet, Stephen Vincent, 1898-1943. 

The devil & Daniel Webster, by Stephen Vincent Benet. 
Now printed with an appreciation by Henry Seidel Canby and 
wood-engravings by Fritz Eichenberg. Kingsport, Tenn., 
Kingsport press ( , 1945 1 

xv, ,1,, 32, ,1, p., 1 1. illus. 23". 


© 15Jan45; 2c 28Jan46; publisher; A1178. 

Benet, Stephen Vincent, 1898-1943. 

The last circle, stories and poems by Stephen Vincent Benet 
... New York, Farrar, Straus and company, 1946. 

viil, 309 p. 21". 

Introduction signed : Rosemary Iien<H. 

I. Benet, Rosemary (Carr) 1900- comp. jj. Title. 
PS3503.E5325L3 813.5 46-11844 

© 18Nov46; Rosemary Carr Benet, New York; A8670. 

Benet, William Rose, 1880- ed. 

An anthology of famous English and American poetry, 
edited, with introductions, by William Rose Benet and Conrad 
Aiken. New York, The Modern library [1945] 

xxvl p., 1 l., 5-951 p. 
world's best books) 

21™. (Half-title: The Modern library of the 

"First Modern library giant edition, 1945." 

©revisions 27Decl;5; 2c 12Deci|.5; Random 
house, inc., New York; A605. 

Benge, Eugene Jackson. 

You — triumphant! A guide to effective personal living, by 
Eugene J. Benge ... New York and London, Harper & broth- 
ers [1946, 

xx p., 1 1„ 294 p. pi., diagrs. 22" 
irst edition." 


10Jul46; author, Chicago; A4980. 

Benham, William George. \ 

The laws of scientific hand reading; a practical treatise on 
the art commonly called palmistry, by William G. Benham. 
Over 800 illustrations from life. New York, Essential books, 
Duell, Sloan and Pearce [1946, 

2 p. 1., xxiv, 644 p. incl. illus., plates, diagrs. 21™. 
"Revised edition." 
(£> 13Jfor46; author, Now York; A2322. , 

Benjamin, Mary A < 

Autographs : a key to collecting, by Mary A. Benjamin. New 
York, R. R. Bowker co., 1946. 

xviii, 305 p., 1 1. incl. fold. tab. xxxv facsim. 23™. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

(C) 25Mar46; author, New ^ork; A1992. 

Bennett, Clifford Alvin, 190I4.- cd. 

Catholic choirmasters course, editfed 

Second quar- 
Toledo, Gregor- 


28x22 cm .' 

by Clifford A. Bennett 
ter [-I|.th quarter] ... 
ian institute of America 

3 v. illus. (music) 

Various pagings. 

© HAugI(.5; 2c ea. 2Jan46; Clifford A. 
Bennett, t.a. Gregorian institute of 
America, Toledo; AI4.9-A51. 

Bennett, Dorothy Agnes, 1909- 

The golden encyclopedia, by Dorothy A. Bennett, illustrated 
by Cornelius De Witt. New York, Simon and Schuster [1946j 

1 p. 1., 7-125 p. illus. (part col., incl. maps, chart, music) 33x26™. 
( On cover: A Giant golden book. De luxe ed.) 

"First printing." 

1. Encyclopedias and dictionaries. I. De Witt, Cornelius Hugh. 
1905- illus. ii. Title. 

AG5.B47 031 ■ 46-11939 

© 210ct46; Simon and Schuster, inc., New York; A6753. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bennett, Hall, pseud . 
see~ Hall, Bennie Caroline. 

Bennett, Harry, 1895— comp. 

Chemical specialties, a symposium compiled by H. Bennett 
. . . Brooklyn, N. Y., Chemical publishing co., inc., 1946. 

xlv, 826 p. Incl. Wub., forms, dlagrs. 22J-. 

"A guide to ... build up a chemical specialty business." — Pref. 

1. Chemicals — Manufacture and industry. 2. Drugs — Laws and legis- 
lation— U. S. . I. Title. 

TP201.B4 658.96 46-8P81 

© 20Nov46; publisher; A8482. 

Bennett, Jean Francis, pseud . 
see Dorcy, '«Iary Jean, sister , 191L\.- 

Bennett, John, 1865- 

The doctor to the dead ; grotesque legends & folk tales of old 
Charleston, by John Bennett. New York, Toronto, Rinehart & 
company, inc. ( 1946j 

xv, [2j, 260 p. 1 UIus. 19- 

© 23May46; 2c l6Mar4.6; author , Charleston, 
S.G.; A5510. 

Bennett, John Mirza, 1908- 

Letters from England, written by John M. Bennett, jr., 
colonel, Army at th» TTnited States Air forces. San Antonio, 
1945. ,i. e. 1946"v 

2 p. I., ix-xii. 132 p. illus., plates. 22}-. 

"One hundred copies ... nave been printed of which this is number 100." 
© 13Junljfc; author, Can Antonio; A^2r . 

Bennett, Margaret Elaine, 1893- 

College and life; problems of self -discovery and self-direc- 
tion, by M. E. Bennett ... with the editorial cooperation of 
Lewis M. Terman ... 3d ed. New York and London, Mc- 
Graw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

t p., 1 1., 530 p. illus., dlagrs. 21J-. 
"Selected references" : p. 471-483. 

© lJSepl^; publisher, New York; A63J7. 

Bennett, Margot. 

Away went the little fish, by Margot Bennett. London, 
Nicholson & Watson ( 1946] 

236 p. 19-. 

"First published in 1946." 

i. Title. 

PZ3.B43934Aw 46-22361 

Pub. 23Jul46; lc 18Sep46; author, London; AI460. 

Bennett, Margot. 

Time to change hats ( by, Margot Bennett. London, Nichol- 
son & Watson [1945] 

253 p. 19-. 

"First published In 1945." 

Pub. 20Jun45; lc 19FeM6; author, London; 
AI 103. 

Bennett, Margot. 

Time to change hats, by Margot Bennett. Garden City, 
New York, Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, 
inc., 1946. 

5 p. I., 9-282 p. 19}-. 

"First American edition." 

Pub. 9Mayi|6; 2c 26Aprl*6; author, London: 
Al+099. Prev. reg. AI 10J. 

Bennett, Peggy, 1925- 

The varmints [byj Peggv Bennett. New York, A. A. Knopf, 
1947 ( 2. e. 1946] 

v, 2S7, ,1] p. 10". 

"First edition." 

I. Title. 

PZ3.B43964Var 46-8190 

© 20Nov46 ; Alfred A. Knopf, inc. ; A8490. 
Bennett, Rowena (Bastin) 1896- 

Happy hour stories, by Rowena Bennett, illustrated by Sally 
De Frehn. Racine, Wis., Whitman publishing company ( 1946] 

3S2p. illus. (part col.) 26}-. 
(C) 8Way46; publisher; A4581. 

Bennett, Russell H 1896- 

The compleat rancher [byj Russell H. Bennett, with draw- 
ings by Ross Santee. New York, Toronto, Rinehart & com- 
pany, incorporated ( 1946] 

ix, 246 p. illus. 21}-. 

Bibliography : p. 245-246. . , 

© 25Aprlj.6; 2c lbMarl+o; author, Minneap- 
olis; A2717. 

Bennett's Svansville (Vanderburgh 
county, Ind. ) city directory ... 
v. 65. 19i^5. St. Louis, 19I4.6- 

© 7J an ^6; Bennett directory co., 
St. Louis; A7G3. 

Benoit-Guyod, Georges. 

... La deesse de Vaugirard, Dieu & 
cie., histoire d'un coup de pistolet, le 
refugie dee feuillantinos deux cente- 
naires historiques. Paris, J. Tallandier 

Jl8 p., 1 x . 19cm. (Recits du Paris 

d» autrefois ) 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 23Decl+5; lc 8u«jkdi Societe d'edi- 
tions et de publications, Paris; AF1268. 

Benoit-L6vy, Jean Albert, 1888- 

The art of the motion picture [byj Jean Benoit-Levy, trans- 
lated by Theodore R. Jaeckel. New York, Coward-McCann, 
inc. t 1946, 

ivii. 263 p. plates, ports., diagrs. 21-. 

© 19Augi^6; author, Hew York; A5518. 

Bentley, Eric Russell, 1916- 

... The playwright as thinker, a study of drama in modern 
times ... New York city, Reynal & Hitchcock [1946] 

vlli p., 1 1., 382 p. 21}-. 

At head of title : Eric Bentley. 

© 27May46; author, Minneapolis; A4248. 

Bentley, Phyllis Eleanor, 1894- 

The rise of Henry Morcar, by Phyllis Bentley. London, 
V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

308 p. 19-. 

Pub. 6May46; lc 3Jul46; author, Halifax, 
Yorkshire, Eng. ; AI 293. 
Bentley, Phyllis Eleanor, 1894- 

The rise of Henry Morcar [by, Phyllis Bentley. New York, 
The Macmillan company, 1946. 
viil, 415 p. 22-. 

1. Title. 

PZ3.B4446Ri2 46-3522 

Pub. 3Dec46; author, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng.; A8867. 
Prev. reg. AI 293. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bentley, Phyllis Eleanor, 1894- 

Some observations on the art of narrative, by Phyllis Bent- 
ley. London, Home & Van Thai, 1946. 

3 p. i., 41 p. 19- 

"First published 1946." 

1. Fiction — Technique. i. Title. 

PN3358.B45 1946 808.3 47-912 

Pub. 40ct4G; lc 4Dec46; author, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng.; 
A.I 584. 

Benton, Elbert Jay, 1871- 

. . . Under the shadow of a Civil '.Var 
and reconstruction, I85O-I877 ... 
Cleveland, Western reserve historical 
society, 1°46. 

91 P. illus. 2k cm . (Cultural 
story of an American city, Cleveland, 
pt. 3) 

Map on lining papers . 

© lFeb46: author, Cleveland; AII4.37 . 

Benton, Thomas Hart, 1389- 

Thomas H. Benton- New York, American artists group 
f 1946, 

i64) p. Illus. 16~. (On caver: American artists group. Monograph 
no. 3) 

Illustrations : p. t5]-i63] 
Portrait of the artist on cover. 

'•Copyright 19I4.5." 

Pub. 15Pebl|6; author, New York; kl r j^2. 

Bentwich, Norman De Mattos, 1883- 

Froin Geneva to San Francisco, an account of the interna- 
tional organisation of the new order, by Norman Bentwich. 
London, V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

ill p. 19". 

Bibliography : p. 110-111. 

Pub.27!day4.6; lc 24J11I46; author, London; 
AI 339. 

Bentwich, Norman De Mattos, 1883- 

Wanderer in war, 1939-1,945, by Norman Bentwich. Lon- 
don, V. Gollancz ltd., 1946. 

196 p. 19-. 
Erratum slip inserted. 

Pab. 27Hayl^6; lc 24Jullj.6; author, 
London; AI 3I4.O. 

Berchtold, Karl. 

Russisch lernen gar nicht schwer! 
Von Karl Berchteld. Hit I4.3 handzcich- 
nungen von B. v. Ledebur. Ztfrich, 
Rascher, 19i(-5» 

viii, 2hk p. illus. l8 cm . 

"1. bis 5- tausend." 

©23Augi;5; lc 1 5i:aylj.6 ; Rascher & cie, 
a.g.; AFIO56. 

Berens, Conrad, 1889- 

Diagnostic examination of the eye, step-by-step procedure, 
by Conrad Berens ... and Joshua Zuckerman ... 410 illustra- 
tions, including 48 in full color on 13 plates. Philadelphia, 
London ( etc.] J. B. Lippincott company c 1946] 

nl p., 1 1., 711 p. Incl. Illus., tables, forms, diagrs. col. plates. 24". 
Includes bibliographies. 
(Cf) 7Augl46; publisher, Philadelphia} A5907. 

Beresford-Howe, Constance. 

The unreasoning heart, by Constance Beresford-Howe ... 
New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 236 p. 21- 

"Intercollegiate literary fellowship prize novel." 

"First edition." , 

Previously published in condensed form 
in Redbook magazine In March, 19^4-6. 
©3. 9 liter 1+6; publisher; A210J. 

Berg, Edward. 

Mechanical drawing problems, by Edward Berg and Emil 
F. Kronquist ... Completely rev. ed. Peoria, 111., The Manual 
arts press ( 1946] 

vl, 188 p. illus., diagrs. 15$ x 21-. 

© l8s«plj.6; authors, Milwaukee; A6092. 

Berg, Karin Benedicte (Andersen) 1897- 

... Familien far sjokk. 2. opplag. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & 
co. (W. Nygaard) 1942. 

177, [1, p., 1 1. 20J-. 

At head of title : Karin Benedicte Berg. 

1. Title. 


© 9Jun42 ; lc 180ct46 ; publisher ; AF5081. 


Berg, Roland H 1908- 

The challenge of polio; the crusade 
against infantile paralysis, by Roland 
H. Berg. Introduction by Basil O'Connor 
... New York, The Dial press [I9I4.6] 

208 p. 21 cm . 

© lOAugl+6; author, New York; A5668. 

Berge, Wendell, 1903- 

... Economic freedom for the West. Lincoln, University of 
Nebraska press, 1946. 

xiv p., 1 1., 168 p. illus. (maps) 22™. 

"Selected bibliography" : p. 164. 

(?) 25May46; publisher; A3680. 

Berger, Josef, 1903- 

Counterspy Jim, by Josef Berger, with illustrations by Jack 
Coggins . . . Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1946. 

xli, 308 p. front, plates. 20J-. 

"An Atlantic monthly press book." 
"First edition." 

^ £2Aug4.6; ?c 13Juli6; author, niexi'narin, Va.; 

,.: >U« 

Berger, Maxwell. 

Beneath the surface, by Maxwell Berger. New York, Bloch 
publishing company, 1946. 

xiii, 169 p. incl. illus. (maps) geneal. tables. 21—. 

(c) 13Mar46; author, Washington, Ba. ; A1723. 

[Bergeron, Victorj 

Trader Vic's Book of food & drink, with an introduction by 
Lucius Beebe; water-color illustrations by Guy Huze, line 
drawings by William F. M. Kay. Garden City, New York, 
Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

272 p. incl. illus., double col. plates. 20-. 

"First edition." 

Q) ?6Sep£6; publisher, Mew York; A6*33« 

Bergh, David E . 

Your child and tho summer camp, by David E. Bergh. New 
York, The Odyssey press ( 1946, 
ix, 166 p. 21-. 
"First edition." 
(£) 15Mar46; Odyssey press, inc.; A2065. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bergh, HaaKon. 

Sleeping beauty; music composed and 
directed by Haakon Bergh. Harmonia 
5001-03 [I9I+6] 

6 s. 10" 

Album HR 25. 

Poem, printed on inside front cover, 
and narration by Leslie Biebl. 

Illustrations by Magda Barcinski. 

© l6MayL|-6; Harmonia distributing &, 
pub. co., New York; Ai|.8ll. 

Berghe, Louis van den. 

... Le sang, par Louis van den Berghe ... Paris, Presses 
universitaires de France, 1946. 

126, |2, p. illus. 17J-. (Que sals-je? Le point des connalssances 
actuelles. (No. 194)) 

"1™ edition." 

"Bibliographle sommaire" : p. [127| 

1. Blood. i. Title. 

QP91.B437 Med 47-410 

© Uan46; publisher; AF2041. 
Bergler, Edmund. 

Unhappy marriage and divorce; a study of neurotic choice 
of marriage partners, by Edmund Bergler, m. d., with an 
introduction by A. A. Brill, m. d. New York, N. Y., Inter- 
national universities press [1946] 

167 p. 21i". 
© lKay46; publisher; A4471. 
Bergson, Henri Louis, 1859-1941. 

The creative mind, by Henri Bergson ... translated by Ma- 
belle L. Andison. New York, Philosophical library ( 1946] 

307 p. 22- 

"This collection comprises ... two Introductory essays written espe- 
cially for It, and ... articles or lectures, mostly out of print, which 
appeared In France or In other countries. Taken as a whole, they date 
from the period between 1903 and 1923 ... Jti is a sequel to [8 book 
which appeared In 1919 under the title L'energle splrltuellej" — Pref. 

© 2Janlj.6; Philosophical library, inc.; 

Berke, Helen. 

Winnie Winkle and the diamond heirlooms; an original 
story based on Martin Branner's famous newspaper strip 
"Winnie Winkle''; story by Helen Berke, illustrated by Martin 
Branner. Authorized ed. Racine. Wis., Whitman publishing 
co. ,1946, 

2 p. 1., 9-248 p. illus. 201™. 

1. Branner, Martin Michael, 1888- Illus. n. Title. 

PZ7.B4524Wi 46-8187 

© 10Oct46 ; Chicago tribune, A6776. 
Berkshire knitting mills, Reading , Pa, 

Berkshire presents American ballads 
• •• in colors for fall, I9I4.6. [Read- 
ing, Pa., Berkshire knitting mills, 


cover title, 10 p. illus. 29cm. 

Text on lining papers. 

© 26Junl4.6; publisher; -A581+i4-« 
Berl, Emmanuel, 1892- 

. . . Histoire de l'Europe . . . [Paris, Gallimard t l945j 
1 y. illus. (maps) fold, tables. 20$-. 
"Bibliographle" : v. 1, p. r 305j-308. 
Contents. — [t. 1] D'Attlla a Tamerlan. 

1. Europe— Hist 

D102.B4 940 A F 46-1407 

© v. 1, 30Dec45 ; 8May46 : Librairie Gallimard ; AF1585. 

Bermejo, i'omas Borrfis 
see Borrds y Bermejo, Tomas, 1891- 

Bern. Universitat. 

Mensch und gottheit in den religionen ; kulturliistorische vor- 
lesung gehalten im wintersemester 1940/41 von Helmut d£ 
Boor, Albert Debrunner, Ernst Gaugler t u. a., ... herausgegeben 
von der Universitat Bern. Bern, Leipzig, P. Haupt, 1942 

478p. 24J". . 

"Zwka^a 1 ^ 1 ^." 
Includes bibliographies. 

Pub. 19N0VI4.I; lc lNovij.6; Paul Haupt, 
verlag: AP 5160. * ' 

1. Religions. 2. Man (TEeologv) 3. Gods. I. Boor, Helmut Anton 
Wilhelm de. 1891- n. Title. 

Bernanos, Georges, 1888- 

... Joy. Translation by Louise Varese. ( New York, Pan- 
theon books [1946, 

3 p. 1., 3-296, (1, p. 21- 
"First edition." 

<S) 20Sep46; 2c 13Sep4.6; Pantheon books, inc.; 
A6080. ' 

Bernanos, Georges, 1888- 

. . . Monsieur Ouine, roman. Paris, Plon 1 1946, 
3 p. I., 246 p., 1 1. 19-. 
On cover : 12. mille. 

I. Title. 

PQ2603.E5875M6 1946 843.91 

© 2May46 ; Librairie Plon ; AF2116. 

A F 47-1242 

Bernard de Clairvaux , Saint , 1091?-1153. 
... Conseils au pape; textes traduits 
du latin, choisis et classes par Pierre 
Dalloz, pour un essai sur l'exercice du 
pouvoir. Paris, Editions de Minuit, 19^4-5- 
• 91 p., 2 jj. l8 cm . 

© 21Juni|-5; lc 2Harij.6; publisher; 
Bernard, Etienne. 

... Phtisiologie humaine, aspects cliniques et medico-sociaux ; 
preface du professeur F. Bezancon. Paris, Masson et c", 1946. 

2 p. 1., vl, 242 p., 1 1. incl. tables, diagrs. 24- 

Blbllographlcal foot-notes. 

1. Tuberculosis. 1. Title. 

RC311.B5167 Med 47-491 

© 28Feb46; publisher; AF1521. 
Bernard, Eugene David- 
see David- Bernard, Eugene. 

Bernard, Jean Jacques, 1888- 

The camp of slow death, by Jean-Jacques Bernard; trans- 
lated from the French by Edward Owen Marsh. London, 
V. Gollancz ltd, 1945. 

132 p. Incl. front, (port.) 19- 

Pub. 21JanJ46; lc 20Mar!jc; author, Paris; 
AT 22Q. 
Bernard, Jean Jacques, 1888- 

... Theatre; Louise de La Valliere. Le jardinier dTspahan. 
Paris, A. Michel [1946, 

344 p., 2 1. 181- 

On cover : 3° mllle. 

© 5Aprl*6; Albin Michel; AF20?0. 

Bernaudin, Maurice Henri. 

Coraptabilite a signaux de securite, 
par Maurice H. Bernaudin. Bois-Colombes 
(Seine) France, Societe d'ltudes tech- 
niques commerciales [ 19^4-5 ] 

126 p. 5 fold. pi. 27 l/2cm. 

© $0Deci4.5; lc 8MayI|.6; author, Paris; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bernaudin, Maurice Henri. 

La comptabilite en six exposes (m6- 
thode catenale) par Maurice H. Bernau- 
din. Bois-Colombes (Seine) SociSte 
d'Studes techniques commerciales [19k5] 

115 p. 27 cm . 

©30Decl|5; lc 8May]+.6; author, Paris; 

Bernaudin, Maurice Henri. 

... La comptabilite industrielle : comptabilite des prix de 
revient, comptabilite matiere. Bois-Colombes (Seine) France, 
Societe d'etudes techniques commerciales [1942] 

70 p. 24- 

At head of title : Maurice H. Bernaudin. 

1. Cost — Accounting. r. Title. 


© 30Dec42 ; lc 8May46 ; author, Paris ; AF1432. 


Bernaudin, Maurice Henrx. 

Methode catenale, grande pratique, par 
Maurice H. Bernaudin. Bois-Colombes 
(Seine) Societe d'etudes techniques com- 
merciales [194^] 

71*., [Ji] p. 27cm. 

© 30Deckk; lc 8Mayk6; author, Paris; 

Bernaudin, Maurice Henri. 

... La technique catenale de detection des fraudes en compta- 
bilite. Bois-Colombes (Seine) France, Societe d'etudes tech- 
niques commerciales [1942] 

2 p. 1., 3-60 p., 1 1. 24- 

At head of title : Maurice H. Bernaudin. 

1. Accounting. 2. Fraud. 1. Title. 

HF5657.B43 47-33917 

© 30Dec42 ; lc 26May46 ; author, Paris ; AF1568. 

Bernay, Henri. 

... La bataille de Tarente. [Paris, 
Rouff, 19I4.5] 

cover-title, 2k p. illus. 20 l/2 cm 
(Collection ''Patrie iiberee' 1 , no. 0) 

© 31Julk5; lc 300ctk5; Editions Rouff; 

Bernay, Henri. 

... La victoiro uu cap Matapan. 
[Paris, Rouff, 19L5] 

cover-title, 2i+ p. illus. 20l/2 cm . 
(Collection "Patrie libcr6c." [no. 13]) 

©2lDcck5; lc 6Mark6; Editions Rouff; 


Berr, Henri, 1863- 

... Le mal de la jeunesse allemande. Paris, A. Michel [1946] 

105 p., 2 1. 181°". (Collection Descartes. Pour la verity ... Problemes 

Contents. — Le mal de la jeunesse allemande, essai de 1940. — Reflexions 
de 1045, avant l'armistice.— Notes addltionnelles. — Note bibliographique 
(p. 104-105) 

©2$Febk6; Albin Ilichel; AFI239. 
Berrini, Nino, 1880- 

... II villaggio messo a fuoco, romanzo. 1. ed. [BoveS] 
Tnstituto grafico Bertello, B. S. Dalmazzo t 1945j 

4 p. 1., [llj-686 p., 1 1. 21- 

1. Italy— Hist— 1922- 
tton. 1. Title. 

PQ4807.E76V5 853.91 

© 3lDec45 ; author, Boves, Italy; AF5110 

Fiction. 2. World war, 1989-1946— Flc- 

Berry, Erick, £seud. 
see Best, Allena (Ohamplln) 1892- 

Berry, Hugues. , 

Les yeux sees, roman par Hugues B^rry. 

Paris, Editions du Myrte, 19k5. 
209, [1] p. 18 l/2cm # 

©26Deck5; lc 8Mayk6; publisher; 

bertail, Inez. 

Summer and vinter, by Inez Bertail; 
pictures by Rosemary Davis. New York, 
Veritas press, c 19k5- 

[36] p. illus. 18 1/2 x 26 cm . 

© 3Deck5; lc 5Deck5, lc lFebk6; 
Inez Bertail, New York; A720 . 

Berteaux, Eugene. 

... En ce temps-la (souvenirs) preface de Jean Cassou. Paris, 
Editions du Bateau ivre [1946] 
3 p. I., ix-xiii, [lj, 15-310, t 2j p. 19- 


© 20May46; publisher; AF1946. 


Bertrand, Leon, 1869- 

... Histoire geologique du sol frangais ... Paris, Flam- 
marion 1 1944-46, 

2 v. illus. (incl. profiles) maps, diagrs. 19J-. (Bibllotheque de 
philosophie scientifique) 

Based on the author's Histoire de la formation du sous-sol de la 

Contents.— I. Les materiaux et les types structuraux du sous-sol.— 
n. Le plan architectural et la genese de nos grandes regions geologiques. 

1. Geology — France. 

QE268.B43 554.4 47-16442 

© v. 1, 30Dec44; lc lMar46; Ernest Flammarion; AF754; 
v. 2, 16M'ay46 ; Ernest Flammarion ; AF1904. 

Besselievre, Edmund Bulkley, 1887- 

Going abroad for business [by, Edmund B. Besselievre ... 
New York, Reinhold publishing corporation, 1946. 

vi p. 1 1., 242 p. 23™. 

Maplon lining-pipers. 
Includes bibliographies. 

© 9Sepli6; publisher; A5593. 

Besson, Rene. 

... Destins en yra 

Jeheber [19k3l 

f 222 p., 1 (. 19 
reci ts. Serio irancaise) 

Geneve, J,-H. 
: (Romans et 

© IMark.?-; lc 2kFebk6; J. H. Jeheber, 
s.a.; APk5k. 

Besson, Rene. 

L ' epouvantall. Geneve, J.-H. Jehe- 
ber [19ki|.] 

229 p. 19 cm . (Romans et recits. 
Series francaises) 

© IMarkk; lc 2kFebk6; Edition J. II. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFk38 . 

t Best, Allena (Champlin)j 1892- 

A pretty little doll, by Erick Berry { pseud. : New York, Ox- 
ford university press, 1946. 

[30, p. col. illus. 19J x 18J-. 

© 22Julk6; Oxford university press, 
New York, inc., New York; A5698. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Best, Charles Herbert, 189S- 

The'physiological basis of medical practice, a University of 
Toronto text in applied physiology, by Charles Herbert Best . . . 
and Norman Burke Taylor ... 4th ed. Baltimore, The Wil- 
liams & Wilkins company, 1945. 

xlii, 1169 p. col. front., lllus., 2 col. pi. on 1 1., diagrs. 26-. 
"References" : p. 1059-1116. 

© 7Dec45; 2c HDeo45; oublisher; A3039. 

Best, Evangel Allena (Champlin) 
see Best, Allena (Champlin) 1892- 

The Best American short stories, 19/4.6 , 
and the Yearbook of the American 
short story, edited by Martha Foley. 
Boston, Houghton Mifflin company, 

© 26N0VI4.6; 2c l6Novl+6; publisher; 

Beat cartoons of the year I9I+6. Edited 
by Lawrence Lariar . . . New York, 
Crown publishers [I9I+6} 

©15Novl+6; lc 10NovU6, lc 29Novl|6: 
Lawrence Lariar, Preeport, L. I.; Ao81j.l. 

Best detective stories of the year [19^5] 
Edited by David C. Cooke. New York, 
E. P. Dutton & company, inc., 19U&. 

©25Sepl+6; 2c 17Juli;6; editor, Valley 
Stream, N. Y. ; A6OI9. 

Best film plays, 19lj.5, edited by John 

Gassner and Dudley Nichols. New York, 
Grown publishers [I9I4.6] 

© l0cti+6; 2c 8Sepl+6; publisher; A5928. 

The Best plays of I9I+5-I9I4.6 and the 
Yearbook of the drama in America, 
edited by Burns Mantle ... New York, 
Dodd, Mead and company, I9I4.6 . 

© 25Novlj.6; Dodd, Mead & company, inc.: 

Best sermons; 19^6 ed. Edited by 
G. Paul Butler. New York, Har- 
per [I9I4.6] 

"First edition." 

© 22Maylj.6; editor; k\&7Z. 

Best sports stories of 19U5» with 
sixteen of the year's best sports 
pictures ... [Edited by Irving T. 
Marsh and Edward Ehre] New York, 
Button, 19l|.6. 

© 27Mayi4.6; E. P. Dutton & co., inc., 
New York; AJ+21+2. 

Besterfeld, Eli3abeth de. 

La merveilleuse histoire de la Sainte 
Vierge; illustrations en couleurs de 
Jeanne Hebbelynck; texte de Elisabeth 
Wauters de Besterfeld. [Paris] Desclee, 
de Brouwer et cie [I9U0] 

35 p., 1 <?. illus. 23x30 cm . 


31Decij.O; lc l6NovL|.5; publisher; 


test's A. & H. buyers' guide . . 
annual ed.; I9I-P . 
New York, Alfred M.' B G st company, 

inc , , 

'19^6 . 

© lOcti^.6; publisher; A70I4I1... 

Best's digest of insurance stocks. 
16th annual ed., I9I+6 New York, 
N. Y., Chicago [etc.] Alfred M. 
Best company, inc., 19^4-6) « 

© 26Sepl4.6; publisher, New York; 

Best's directory of adjusters & investi- 
gators. l6th annual ed. , I9U6 • 
New York, Alfred M. Best company, 
inc. [19k6] 

© l[|May[|.6; publisher; A3176. 

Best's fire and casualty aggregates and 
overages. 7th annual ed. ... 19^6... 
New York, Chicago [etc.] Alfred M. 
Best company, inc., c 19i|6. 

© 220ctti.6; publisher, New York; 

Best's illustrations of dividends, net 
costs, cash values, premium rates, 
policy conditions, of most legal re- 
serve life insurance companies oper- 
ating in the United States, together 
with other miscellaneous information 
useful to the life insurance salesman, 
I9I4.6. New York, Alfred M. Best 
company, inc., 19^4-6. 

© 8Maylj.6; publisher; A3175. 

, ., Best's insurance guide with key 
ratings ... I9I4-6 ... New York, A. 
M. Best company, c 191+6. 

At head of title; ij.0th annual edition, 

© 28MayIj.6; publisher; A3199. 

Best's insurance reports (casualty and 
surety) upon American and foreign 
stock companies, American mutual 
companies, reciprocal organizations, 
Lloyds, state funds, assessment 
associations and hospital service 
associations; transacting all classes 
of business except life, fire and 
allied lines, and marine insurance, 
in the United States and Canada. 
33d annual ed., 191+6-1+7 ... 
New York, Alfred M. Best co., inc., 

c 19l+6. ' 

© 15Juliv6; publisher; A3655. 

Best's insurance reports (fire and 
marine edition) upon American stock 
companies United States branches of 
foreign stock companies, American 
mutual companies, reciprocal or inter- 
insurance associations, and 
individual under-writing (Lloyds) 
organizations ... l+7th annual ed., 
19l+6-19i+7 •.. New York, Alfred M. 
Best co., C19I16. 

© 12Jull+6: Alfred M. Best company, 
inc.; A3568. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Best's life insurance reports upon 
legal reserve companies, fraternal 
benefit societies and assessment 
associations operating in the 
United States. annual ed., 
I946-I9/4.7 ... New York, Alfred M. 
Best co., c 19U-6. 

© IUUII4.6; Alfred M. Best company, 
inc.; A365J+. 

Best's recommended insurance 

attorneys with digest of insurance 
laws. 18th annual ed. 19I46-I9U7 ••• 
Biographical data and verified 
insurance company clientele. 
Edited by C. Obed Carlson ... 
New York, Alfred M. Best company, 
inc., C19J+6. 

© 2lj.Octi4.6j publisher; A7157- 

Best's reproductions of the principal 
schedules from the 1 914.5 annual con- 
vention statements of 12J insurance 
companies writing casualty and surety 
business. I9I4.6 , ljth annual ed. 
New York. Alfred M. Best co., inc., 

c l9l+6. 

©22MayI).6; publisher; A3200. 

Best's safety directory of safety, hy- 
giene, first-aid and fire protective 
products. 1st annual ed. ; 19^6* 
[New York, I9I4.6] 
1 v. 28 1/2™. 

Issued by Safety engineering magazine, 
a division of Alfred M. Best company, 

© 19Augl4.6; Alfred M. Best co,, inc., 
New York; A3856. 

Bethlehem, Pa. Ordinances, etc. 

Code of ordinances of the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 
1946, containing the general and permanent ordinances of 
the city (to and including February 26, 1946) ... Published 
by order of the City council. Charlottesville, Va., Michie city 
publications company, 1946. 

vl p., 1 1., 314 p. fold. tab. 23i". 

"Codlfled, edited aod Indexed by the editorial staff of Michie city 
publications company." — Pref. 

©20SepI|.6; publisher; A7067 

Bethlehem steel export corporation, 

New York .* 

sTeel products ... Catalog l80. 
New York [ I9J+6] 

559 p. illus. 29 cm . 

© 7May!j.6; Alj.l80. 

Bettelheim, Charles. 

... Les problemes theoriques et pratiques de la planification. 
Cours professe a l'Ecole nationale d'organisation economique 
et sociale. Centre national d'information economique. Paris, 
Presses universitaires de France, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 349 p., 1 1. 24". 

At head of title : Ch. Bettelheim. 
"l re edition." 
"Bibllographle" : p. ( 335]-336. 

© 28Marlj.6; publisher; AF 2129. 

Better homes and garaens. 

Better homes & gardens Baby book, a handbook for mothers; 
from prenatal care to the child's sixth year, by the Better homes 
& gardens Child care and training department. Des Moines, 
la., Meredith publishing company [1945, 

3-258 p. illus. (part col.) 26x20'". 

First edition, 1943, by Gladys Denny Slmltz. 

Includes bibliographies. _ , _ ,_ . , , 

©additions, 28Decl+5; 2c l6FebJ|6; 
publisher; AIO78. 

Better homes and gardens. 

Better homes & gardens cook book; every recipe tested in 
Better homes & gardens' tasting-test kitchen; edited and de- 
signed by the foods and equipment editors of Better homes & 
gardens. [Des Moines, Meredith publishing company, 1946] 

lv. illus. (part col.) 244x20". 


First published In 1930 under title : My Better homes & gardens cook 

"Seventh printing of de luxe edition, February 1946." 

Bettman, Alfred, 1873-1945. 

City and regional planning papers, by Alfred Bettman; 
jdited by Arthur C. Comey; with a foreword by John Lord 
O'Brian. Cambridge, Harvard university press, 1946. 

xix, 294 p. front, (port.) 25". (Half-title: Harvard city planning 
studies, xrn) 

"Bibliography, by Katherlne McNamara" : p. ( 279]-287. 

© 10Sepi4.6; President & fellows of 
Harvard college, Cambridge, Mass.; 
Betts, Emmett Albert, 1903- 

Foundations of reading instruction, with emphasis on differ- 
entiated guidance, by Emmett Albert Betts ... New York, 
Cincinnati [etc.] Ajnerican book company [1946] 

xlli, [1], 757 p. incl. front., illus., forms, diagrs. 24". 
Includes bibliographies. • 

© 14Mar46; 2c 9Mar46; publisher, New "Wk; 
Betz, Betty, 1921- 

... Your manners are showing; the handbook of teen-age 
know-how, with verses by Anne Clark. New York, Grosset & 
Dunlap [1946] 

95, [li p. col. Illus. 21i x 18". 

1. Etiquette. i. Clark, Anne, 1921- n. Title. 

BJ1857.C5B4 395 46-11833 

© 150ct46 ; 2c Il0ct46 ; author, New York ; A9035. 

Betz, William, 1879- 
Algebra for today, second course. New ed. By William 

Betz ... Boston, New York [etc.] Ginn and company [1946] 

xil, 532 (t. e. 554) p. illus., diagrs. 19i~. 

1. Algebra. i. Title. 

QA152.B52 1946 512 46-7983 

© 30Sep46 ; author, Eochester, N. Y. ; A8137. 

Betz, William, 1870- 

Everyday algebra, elementary course, by William Betz ... 
Boston, New York [etc.] Ginn and company [1946] 
xii, 597, [1] p. incl. col. front., illus., diagrs. 21". 

© 29Marli.6; publisher, Boston; A253I4.. 

Betz, William, 1879- 

Everyday junior mathematics. Book 
three, by William Betz ... Boston, 
New York [etc.] Ginn and company [19I4.6] 

xii, 563 p. front, illus. diagrs. 


20FebI(.6; publisher, Boston; AI632. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Beorhaus, George H 

Know your real estate, by George H. Beurhaus ... Seattle, 
Wash., San Francisco, Calif. [1946] 
xi, 196 p. Incl. forms, diagrs. 204™. 
"First edition." 
(5) 12Apr46; author, San Francisco; A2483. 

The Beverly city directory, including 
Manchester and Essex. v. 1+2. , 19U°. 
BJeverly, Mass., Crowley & Lunt, c 19U6 

© 29Jani|.6; publisher; A3231. 

Bevington, Helen Smith, 1906- 

Dr. Johnson's waterfall, and other poems ( by] Helen Beving- 
ton. Boston, Houghton Mifflin company, 1946. 

vili, ill, 164 p. 19i~. 

1. Title. 

PS3503.E924D6 811.5 46-8235 

© 240ct46; 2c 130ct46 ; -author, Durham, N. C.; A6981. 

Beyer, Evelyn, 1907- 

All babies have mummies and daddies just like you. Copy- 
right ... by Evelyn Beyer. [New York, W. R. Scott, inc.] °1946. 

[20] p. col. illus. 23Jx2r-. (On cover: Young Scott books) 
"With Illustrations by Dahlov Ipcar." 

t'lpcar, Dahlov (Zorach) illus. n. Title. 

PZ10.3.B459A1 47-422 

© 150ct46 ; author, Rochester, Minn. : A8778. 

Beyer, William Gray. 

Eenie, meenie, minie — murder! By William Gray Beyer. 
New York, Mystery house, 1945. 

288 p. I9i". 

©190ctlr5; 2c 190ctl4.5; Arcadia house, 
inc . , New York ; A1109 . 

[Beyle, Marie Henri] 1785-18^2, 

... Le rouge et le noir, chronique 

du xix e siecle; texte etabli, present! 

et annote par Henry Debraye. Grenoble, 

[etc.], B. ..rthaud [191|1l] 
2 v. 19 l/2cm. 

Author T s pseud., Stendhal, at head 

of title. 

"Bibliographic" : v. 1, p. [xxx]-xxxii 
© 30Decl4i; v.l, lc 2MarIj.6; v. 2, 

lc 2.Tulk6: Dublisher; AF1226. 

Beyle, Marie Henri, 1783-1842. 

... The shorter novels of Stendhal ... translated from the 
French by C. K. Scott-Moncrieff. New York, Liveright pub- 
lishing corporation t 1946] 

• 7p.l., 13-282 p., 11., 11-269 p. 224". 
At head of title : Marie-Henri Beyle (de Stendhal) 
"Black and gold library edition." — Publisher's pref. 
Published In 1926 under title : The abbess of Castro and other tales. 
Contents. — Armance. — The abbess of Castro. — Vittoria Accoram- 
bonl. — The Cencl. — The Duchess of Palliano. — Vanina Vnnini. 
1. Scott-Moncrieff, Charles Kenneth, 1889-1930, tr. 
PZ3.B468Sh 46-7901 

© 210ct46; publisher; A6991. 

Bhagavad Gita. The song of God; a new 
translation in prose and poetry by 
Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher 
I sherwood. 

© lOSeplilj.; lc 12Febi|6, lc 6Mayl+6; 
Swami Prabhavananda, Hollywood, Calif.: 

Bianchi, Vitaly 
see Bianki, Vitalil Valentinovich, 

Bianki, Vitalil Valentinovich, 1894- 

The tale of the fly, by Vitaly Bianchi. Illustrations by 
Y. Vassnetsov; translation by N. Orloff. [Philadelphia, 
Colonial house, 1946) 

illus. (part col.) 21x18$™. 

,23, p. 

1. Orloff, Nicholas W., 1895- 
m. Title. 


© 30Sep4G; publisher; A8271. 

tr. n. Vasnetsov, ftj., Illus. 


Bianki, Vitalii Valentinovich, 1894- 

Tales of an old Siberian trapper, by Vitaly Bianchi, illus- 
trated by Y. Vassnetsov. Philadelphia) Pa., Colonial house 
t 1946] 

[32, p. illus. (part col.) 26x21™. 
"Translated by N. Orloff." — Dust jacket. 

L Orloff, Nicholas W., 1895- 

1. Animals, Legends and stories of. 
tr. n. Vasnetsov, lb., Illus. m. Title. 
PZ8.1.B52Tap 591.5 

© 30Sep46; publisher; A8273. 

Bibby, Cyril 
See Bibby, Harold Cyril. 

Bibby, Harold Cyril. 

How life is handed on ( byj Cyril Bibby . . . Illustrations by 
Ian T. Morison ... London, New York [etc.] T. Nelson and 
sons ltd ,1946] 

(Half-title: The Modern 

vii, 96 p. Incl. front., illus,, diagrs. 181" 
school series ... No. 31) 

"First published 1946." 
"Supplementary section" : p. 85-96. 
"Other books to read" : p. 72-73. 

Pub. lFebl^.6; lc 27Junl|.6; author, 
Edinburgh; AI 286. 

Bibby, Harold Cyril. 

Sex education: a guide for parents, teachers and youth 
leaders, by Cyril Bibby ... New York, Emerson books, inc., 

xlv p., 1 1., 17-311 p. l&i- 

Edlted by L. J. F. Brlmble. cf. Pref. 

First American edition, cf. p. Ix. 

"Sources of material and advice" : p. 245-247. "Guide to further 
reading" : p. 290-311. 

1. Sex instruction. 1. Brlmble, Lionel John Farnham, 1904- 
ed. 11. Title. 

HQ56.B45 1946 612.6 46-7990 

© 230ct46 ; publisher ; AJI77. 

Bibesco, Martha Lucie (Lahovary) 

princesse , 1887- 

In memoriam, par la Princesse 

(In Les Oeuvres libres. Paris [19/|6] 
19 cm. n.s. no. 10 (236) p. [5H-92) 

© Uunii6; author, Paris; AFI936. 

Bible. English. 19.L5. Authorized. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments 
(Authorized or King James version) self-pronouncing, words 
spoken by Christ printed in red, to which is added an alpha- 
betical and cyclopedic index, a unique set of charts from Adam 
to Christ, leading doctrines, harmony of the Gospels, parables 
and miracles all alphabetically arranged for practical and 
every day use ... Chicago, The John A. Hertel co. t 1940] 

,1632, p. plates (part col., part double) maps. 25". 

Various pagings. 

On spine: Cyclopedic Indexed Bible. Good Shepherd ed. Self pro- 

New Testament has special t.-p. : ... The self -pronouncing New Testa- 
ment of Our Lord and Sav- iour Jesus Christ, translated out of 
the original Greek tRed letter art e<3 • 

"Copyright 191+5." 

Pub., revisions, lMayIj.6; publisher; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bible. English. 1946. Authorized. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments. 
Authorized King James version, to which has been added in- 
formation of great value to all Masons. Philadelphia, The 
National Bible press ( 1946j 

3 p. 1.. 96, vlll, 1462 p., 1 1., 82, ,4, p. lncl. col. front, illus. coL plates 
(1 double) ports., 15 maps on 6 1., forms. 25". 

New Testament has special t.-p. : The New Testament of Our I^rd and 
Saviour Jesus Christ translated out of the original Greek ... Self -pro 
nounclng reference edition. 

"National masonic edition." _ ^. 

© 13Dec46; National publishing company, Philadelphia; 

Bible. English. Selections. 1946. 

A Bible for the liberal, edited by Dagobert D. Runes, with 
a foreword by Lin Yutang. New York, Philosophical library 

xU, 368 p. 22-. 

Contents.— Prom the book of law of the Israelites.— The ballad of 
Job.— From the book of Psalms.— The parables of King Solomon.— The 
eermon on vanity.— The vision of Isaiah, the martyr.— The Lamenta- 
»Uons of Jeremiah.— From the wisdom of Solomon.— The writings of 
Jesus, son of Slrach — From the gospel of Levi (Gospel of Matthew)—- 
A letter by Saul (Paul, the apostle) 

©15Aprl|6; Philosophical library, inc.; 

Bible. English . Selections . 19J+6 - 
My Bible book; verses selected by 

Janie Walker; pictures by Dean Bryant. 

New York, Chicago [etc.] Rand McNally 

& company, c 19lp. 

[Ip.] p. illus. (Part col.) 

20 x 17cm. 

© 15JulyU6; 2c 2l+Junlj.6; publisher, 
Chicago; A5202. 

Bible. N. T. English. 1946. Revised standard. 

The new covenant, commonly called the New Testament of 
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Revised standard version, 
translated from the Greek, being the version set forth a. d. 1611, 
revised a. n. 1881 and a. d. 1901, compared with the most ancient 
authorities and revised a. d. 1946. New York, T. Nelson & sons 
t 1946, 

vi p., 1 1., 553 p. 19-. 

Cover title : New Testament Beylsed standard version. 

© llFeblj.6; 2c 29Declj.5; International 
council of religious education, Chicago; 
AI673. 46-12740 

Bible. If. T. English. 1946. Bheims. 

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 
translated from the Latin Vulgate, diligently compared with 
the original Greek and first published by the English college 
at Rheims a. d. 1582. With annotations and references by 
Dr. Challoner and Dr. H. J. Ganss; an historical and chrono- 
logical index, index of proper names and places. Preface by 
Rev. J. M. Lelen, ph. d. ( New York, Catholic book publishing 
company, 1946) 

670 p. incl. front, illus. 2 maps on 1 1. 141=°. 

With this is bound, as issued : Imltatio Christi. English. The follow- 
ing of Christ. (New York, 1946) 

©28Pebl+6; Dublisher; AI367. 

Bible. N.T. Italian. 1944, 

D Nuovo Testamento, la vita e l'insegnamento di N. S. Gesu' 
Cristo. New York, N. Y., Vatican City religious book co., inc. 

885 p.. ilj p. HI"*. 21- (Half-title: Ccllana Azlone cattolica, no. 1) 
(5) U)eo44; 2e 27ltay46; publisher; A622. 

Bible. N. T. Epistles and Gospels, Liturgical. English. 

1946. Knox. 

The Epistles and Gospels for Sundays and holy days; trans- 
lation and commentary by Ronald Knox. New York, Sheed 
& Ward, 1946. 


1,374 p. 22". 
<5}9Aufr,48; Sheed and Ward, <nc. j A5190. 

Bible. N. T. Epistles of Paul. French. 1946. Osty. 

... LesEpitres de saint Paul ; traduction nouvelle sur le texte 
original. Paris, Editions "Siloe" ( 1945] 

2 p. 1., vli-xxlv, 383, |li p. fold. map. 21". 

Translator's name, Chanolne Em. Osty, at head of title. 
"Blbliographle": p. xxlli-xxlv. 

1. Osty, Emlle, tr. 1 1 . Title. 

BS2644.F808 227 

© 30Dec45 ; lc 8May46 ; publisher ; AF1459. 


Bible. N. T. Gospels. English. Harmonies. 1946. 

The three Gospels, printed side-by-side, compiled by Law- 
rence W. Neff ... Emory University, Ga., Banner press [1946, 

171 p. 18". 

© 6Sep46 ; compiler, Emory University, Ga. ; A7210. 

Bible. N. T. Gospels. English. Selections. 1946. 

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, the teachings of Jesus of 
Nazareth, compiled from the four Gospels of the New Testa- 
ment, by Joseph Richard Snavely, f. r. c. [Hershey, Pa., The 
Hershey press, 1946) 

xxvl,153p. col. front. 30". 
"Five hundred copies." 

£) Uanlj.6; compiler, Hershey, Pa.; 

Bible. N. T. Luke. French. 19^5 • 

G-ourbillon . 
•n Evangile selon saint Luc. Introduc- 
tion, traduction et notes par le r. p. 
Gourbillon, O.P. Paris, Editions du 
Seuil [191+51 

127 p. 16 1/2™. 

©20ctl4-5; lc 2liApri;6; publisher; 

Bible. N. T. Matthew v-vn. English. 1946. Authorized. 

The Sermon on the Mount. Everett Shinn illustrated ed. 

Philadelphia, Toronto, The John C. Winston company [1946] 

(40) p. Illus. (part col.) 26x21- 
"Flrst edition." 

© llMarl^; publisher; A1912. 

Bible. O. T. English. Selections. 1946. 

Pathways through the Bible, by Mortimer J. Cohen; illus- 
trations by Arthur Szyk. Philadelphia, The Jewish publica- 
tion society of America, 5706-1946. 

xxv p., 1 1., 548 p., 1 1. col. front, illus. (maps) plates. 22". 
Bibliography : leaf at end. 

© Uul46; publisher; A3477. 

Bible. O. T. Ecclesiastes. English. 1946. Authorized. 

Ecclesiastes, with an essay by Irwin Edman. New York, 
Odyssey press, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 58 p. 24i". 
"First edition." 

1. Edman, Irwin, 1896- 

BS1473 1946 223.8 47-931 

© 10Dec46 ; Odyssey press, inc. ; A7381. 

Bible. O. T. Genesis. English. 1945. Smith. 

The lost book of Genesis, translated by Joseph Smith ; edited, 
with an introduction and finale, by Linden Dalberg. [Kent, 
Wash., J. Victor t c 1945] 

100 p. 2li~. 

"A part of a Bible called the 'Inspired version' and published by the 
Reorganized church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints." — Introd., p. 11. 
"Finale" (poems) : p. (831-100. 

© 26Nov45; 2o lMsr46; editor, Kent, Wash.; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bible. O. T. Job. English. 1946. Authorised. 

The 'boo' of Job, from the translation prepared at Cam- 
bridge in 1611 for King James i, with a preface by Mary Ellen 
Chase and illustrations by Arthur Szyk. t New Yorkj The 
Limited editions club, 1946. 

148 p., 1 1. incl. mounted col. front., mounted col. lllus. 31™. 

© illus . , 28Mari|.6; George Macy companies 
inc., New York; A2JS8. 

Bible. 0. T. Pentateuch . Hebrew . 

Selections . Ijk6 ~. Scharf stein . 

. . .Tikun lakorim cholel hamishah 
humeshei torah im hahaftoroth. New 
York, "Ktav", I9J+6 . 

28 l^om^ 7 *" 513 ' 2 ^-315, 31U-315 P. 

Arranged by Fannie Scharfstein- 
Copyright application. 

Text in Hebrew; title transliterated. 

© 15Mari|.6; Fanrtie Scharfstein, New 
York: a 1719- 

Bible. O. T. Psalms. English. Paraphrases. 1946. 

Harp and psaltery: a group >f paraphrases of favorite 
Psalms, by Rev. Frank P. T^let^er ... Concord, N. H., The 
Sugar ball press f 1946j 

, 125 p. 20™. 

"Sponsored by the New Hampshire annual conference of the Metho- 
dist church." 

3) 22Aorij.6; Frank P. Fletcher, Laconia, 
K.H. ; A277/5 

Bible. O. T. Psalms. Latin. Selections. 1945. 

Paul Claudel traduit librement les sept Psaumes de la peni- 
tence, avec un examen de conscience. [Paris, Editions du 
Seuil [1945, 

3 p. 1., 9-64, [1, p., 2 1. 16JX13" {Hall-title: Collection poStique, 
dirigee par Pierre Leyris) 

Latin and French 

© WDec&5; 1c lMarlj.5; publisher; AF511. 

Bible. 0. T. Song of Solomon. English. Selections. 1945. 
Authorized. ■ 

The Song of songs which is Solomon's, arranged from the 

King James version. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell company 


(45] p. illus. 184*". {On cover: Half -hour classics) 
Printed on double leaves with uncut fold at top. 

Ornamental borders and decorated end pa- 
pers by Susan Thul. 

. ©illus., 31DeckS; 2c 29Febi;6; publ.loh^ 

The Bible picture book, illustrated by 
Florian [ pseud . ] Garden City, Garden 
City publishing co., c 19l;5. 
[lj.6] p. illus. (part col.) 28 CK1 . 

© 26Novlj.5; 2c 2Dec!(.5; Duenewald 
printing corp., New York; A6I4.. 

Biblionorme; documentation aeronauti- 
que moderne, Sections 1-5. 
[Paris, Blondel la Rougery, 1945] 
1 v. 25cm. 

Caption title. 

© 30Deci4-5; lc 8Mayl|6; publisher; 

Biby, Mary Alice, 1887- comp. 

Sunday school programs for intermediates, compiled by 
Mary Alice Biby ... Nashville, Term., B roadman press t 1946i 

276 p. diagr. 19J-. 

"The material for the programs ... was taken from the Intermediate 
counselor." — Pref. 

1. Religious education — Text-books for adolescents — Baptist. 
1. Titje. 

BV1548.B5 268.433 46-7974 

- © 20ct46; publisher; A6567. 

Biddle, Harry Clarence, 1885- 

Chemistry for nurses, with laboratory manual, including cer- 
tain essential principles from inorganic, organic and biochem- 
istry, by Harry C. Biddle ... With 204 illustrations. 3d ed. 
Philadelphia, F. A. Davis company, 1946. 

xi, 427 p. illus., diagrs. 22i°*. 

© 26Nov46 ; publisher ; A8848. 

Bidou, Henry, I873-I9I4.3. 

... L'Afrique. Paris, Flammarion, 

lj.1 3 P- illus. 21 l/2cn. 

© 31Juli + 5; i lc 300ctl|5; Ernest Flam- 
marion; AF319'. 

Bie\ Andre. 

Aviation ; soixante performances franchises, par Andre Bi6 
. . . Illustrations de Claude Staudenmeyer. Paris, La Nouvelle 
edition ( 1945j 

127 p. Illus. fold. map. 24 x 18*". 
(C) "150c!t45| lc 61vDir46j publisher; Ai i ' 849. 

Bienfang, Ralph David, 1905- 

The subtle sense [by, Ralph Bienfang. Norman, University 
of Oklahoma press, 1946. 

ix, 157, (1, p. incl. form, diagrs. 21™. 

"First edition." 
Bibliography: p. 151-152. 

© 8Apr46; 2c 7Apr46; publisher; A2279. 

Biette, Smile, 

Commandant Olaf Podersen; roman. 

( In Les GEuvres libres. Paris [19l|5] 
19 cm . n.s. no. k (230) p. [15U -234) 

© 3Uull|.5;' lc 300ctl4.5; author, Rouen, 
France; AFl^lj., 

Bigham, Truman Cicero, 1896- 

Transportation : principles and problems, by Truman C. 
Bigham ... 1st ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book 
company, inc., 194(>. 

xvili, 626 p. maps (part double) diagrs. 23J™. 

"References" at end of each chapter. "Correlated list of visual aids" : 
p. 601-603. 

©19Jull|6; publisher, New York; A5323. 

Migiaretti, Libero. 

. . . Roma borghese. Roma, O. E. T. 1 1 945] 
78 p., 11. 14J-. ( Half-title: Confldenze. 7) 

© 22octl[.5; lc 9Sepl}.6; publisher; AFI757. 
Bilbo, Jack pseud . 
see Baruch, Hugo, 1907- 

Bill, Alfred Hoyt, 1879- 

The beleaguered city, Richmond, 1861-1865 ... by Alfred - 
Hoyt Bill. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

^jiv p., 1 1., 313, xvlil p., 1 1. front., plates, 2 port on 1 L, fold. maps. 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 810-313. 


17Jan46; 2c 14Dec45; author, Princeton, N. J.; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Billeter, Julius Caesar, 1903- 

The temple of promise, Jackson county, Missouri, by Julius 
C. Billeter. Independence, Mo., Press of Zion's printing and 
publishing company t 1946j 

vlll, 155 p. lllus. (incl. map, plan) 20". 

1. Mormons and Mormonlsm In Missouri. 2. Reorganized church of 
Jesus Christ of latter-day saintB. i. Title. 

BX8615.M8B5 289.3778 46-8546 

© 70ct46 ; author, Salt Lake City ; A8626. 

Billig's philatelic handbook. v. 6... 
Jamaica, N. Y;; F. Billig [I9I4.6] 

© 28Augl+6; F. Fritz Billig,- Jamaica, 
N. Y.; A 381+1. 

Billings, Lydia (Rader) 1872-1945. 

Remembering roses [byj Lydia Rader Billings. [Hollywood, 
Calif., Printed by Hollycrofters, 1946j 

4 p. 1., 13-155 p., 1 1. front., lllus. ( incl. ports. ) 21J". 

"Biographical notes" (p. 131-155) signed: 6. B. (i. «. Geraldlne 

"Memorial edition." 
"One hundred copies were printed." 

© 25JUII4.6; Geraldine Billings, Los 

Billy, Andre, 1882- - 

... La pr^sidente et ses amis. 

Paris, Flammarion [19I+53 

260 p., 1 $ . illus. 19 1/2 cm. 

© 20Novl+5; lc 8Mayl+6; Ernest Flam- 
marion; AF1236 . 

Binder, Jenane (Patterson) 

One crowded hour; the saga of an American boy, by Jenane 
Patterson Binder . . . New York, The William-Frederick press, 

171 p. port. 22-. 

© 5JulU6; author, New York; A5559* 

.Binet, Jean Auguste Gustave 
see Blnet -Valmer, Gustave, I875-19I4.O. 

Binet, Leon Rene, 1891- 

... Nouveaux aspects de la lutte contre la mort, par Leon 
Binet ... Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

158, [2, p. iv plates on 2 1., dlagrs. 19". (La science vlvante; col- 
lection dlrlgfe par Ren« Auduberr. i5)) 

Half-title: Nouveaux aspects de la lutte contre la mort (essais de 
physlologle m&Itco-chlrurgicale) 

"Blbliographle" at end of each chapter. 

© 15Jan45: lc 300ct45; publisher; AF268. 

Binet, M. E. 

... Un m£decin pas ordinaire, le 
docteur Veron. Paris, Michel [1914.5] 

32lj. p. illus. 20 l/2cm. 

"Bibliographie" : p. 319-321. 

© SJull^; lc JOOetl+J?; Albin Michel j 

Binet-Valmer, Gustave, I875-I9I+O. 

...Les esprits de tlnSbres, roman. 
Paris, Flammarion, [19I4.O] 

250 p. 19cm. 

©310ctl|.0; lc 16N0VI4.5; Ernest Flamma- 
rion; AF25. 

Bingay, Malcolm Wallace, 1884- 

Detroit is my own home town, by Malcolm W. Bingay. In- 
dianapolis, New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company ( 1946] 

360 p. front., plates, ports. 22™. 

"First edition." 

© lApr46; 2o 25Mar46j publisher, Indianapolis j 

Binghamton city directory, including 
Johnson City, Endicott, Vestal and 
Port Dickinson [19l|6] ... Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. , Calkin-Kelly directory 
co., CI9I+6 . 
1 v. 27cm. 

©220ctl;6; publisher; A7295* 

Bining, Arthur Cecil, 1893- 

This our world, a pageant of world history, by Arthur C. 
Bining, Arthur C. Howland and Richard L. v i. e. H.j Shryock . . . 
New York, Newson & company, 1946. 

xv, 664 p. Incl. front., lllus. (Incl. ports., maps) dlagrs. 25J™. (Half* 
title: Newson social studies series) 

Includes bibliographies. 

(C) lApr46; publisher, New York; A2771. 

Biographical encyclopedia of the world. 3d ed. New York, 

N. Y., Institute for research in biography, inc. ( 1946j 

2 p. L, Hi p., 1 1., 51, 1216 p. illus. (ports.) 32x24J-. 

© l8Marl(.6; publisher; A2I4.77. 

Eiondi, G 

. . . .L' assistenza agli ammalati, con 
nozioni di anatomia, fisiologia e 
patologia, Manuale ad uso degli infer- 
mieri. Berna, H. Huber [I9U6] 

2I4J4., [16] p. illus., tables. 23cm, 

©l+Apri+6; Verlag Hans Huber; AFlOi^. 

Biondini, Vincent. 

World war n and the end of my son's journey, by Vincent 
Biondini. New York, N. Y,, The Hobson book press, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 92 p. front, (port) illus. (facslms.) plates. 22". 

© SJUI46; author, Buffalo; A/896. 

Birabeau, Andre. v 

Acide . . . 

( In Les Oeuvres libres. Paris [I9I4.6] 
19 cm. n.s. no. 8 (23^) p. [llj.5]-202) 

© 2 3Febl;6; author, Paris; AF1378. 

Bircher, Ralph, 1899- 

... Huns a, das volk, das keine krank- 
heit kennt. Mit 18 abbildungen auf kunst- 
drucktafeln und 3 geographischen kart- 
en im text. 2. aufl. Bern, H. Huber 

2 p. j., 3-135, tl] P. illus. 23cm. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 
© l8Novl|2; lc 8Janl+6; Verlag Hans 
Huber; AF86O. 
Bircher-Rey, Hedy. 

... 100 suppen und 100 saucen, herausgegeben von Hedy 
Bircher-Rey. Zurich und Leipzig, Rascher, 1942. 
80 p. 20i~. (NeueBlrcher-rezepte) 

1. Soups. 2. Sauces. 1. Title. 

TX757.B53 ' 47-33988 

© lMay42 ; lc 30Oct45 ; Rascher & cie, a.-g., Zurich ; AF5151. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 » 

Bircher-Rey, Hedy. 

... 150 salatspeisen, herausgegeben von Hedy Bircher-Rey. 
Zurich und Leipzig, Rascher, 1942. 
87 p. 20$-. (NeueBIrcher-rezepte) 
"1, bis 4. tausend." 

1. Salads. i. Title. 

TX807.B5 v 47-33990 

© 3Jul42; lc 30Oct45; Rascher & cie, a.-g., Zurich; AF5148. 

Bircher-Rey, Hedy. 

... 200 obstspeisen, herausgegeben von Hedy Bircher-Rey. 
Zurich und Leipzig, Rascher, 1942. 
90 p. 20}"". (NeueBlrcher-rezepJe) 

1. Cookery (Fruit) 2. Fruit. i. Title. 

TX811.B6 * 47-33989 

© 12Mar42 ; lc 30Oct45 ; Rascher & cie, a.-g., Zurich ; AF5149. 

Bird, Cyril Kenneth 
see Bird, Kenneth, 1887- 

Bird, Dorothy Maywood. 

Mystery at Laughing Water, by Dorothy Maywood Bird. 
Illustrations by Gertrude Howe. New York, The Macmillan 
company, 1946. 

8 p. l., 20S p. lllus. 22=. 

Map on llnlng-papers. 
"First printing." 

© 7Uay46j 2c 23Apr46; author, Baton Rapids, 
Mich.; A293<?. 

[Bird, Kenneth, 1887- 

... Family group. Westwood village, Los Angeles, W. L. 
McNaughton [1946] 

2 p. 1., 92 p. of lllus. 19}-. 

Author's pseud., Fougasse, at bead of title. 


"Reproduced from Punch." 

© 31May46; V&yne L. McNaughton, Los Angeles; 
A 3306. 

[Bird, Kenneth, 1887- 

... Home circle. Westwood village, Los Angeles, W. L. Mc- 
Naughton (1946, 
2 p. 1., 92 p. of lllus. 19J-. 

Author's pseud., Fougasse, at head of title. 


"Reproduced from Punch." 

© 31JUay46; Wayne L. McNaughton, Los Angeles; 

Bird, Zenobia, pseud , 
3ee Le Pevre, Laura Zenobia. 

Birkhaug, Konrad, 1892- 

... Telavag — fiskevteret som tyskerne slettet ut i 1942. Oslo, 
Gyldendal norsk forlag, 1946. 

295, [2, p. incl. front, (map), plates, ports. 24™. 
"6.-10. tusen." 

1. Norway — Hist. — German occupation, 1940-1945. 2. Telavag, Nor- 

D802.N7B48 940.5348i 47-15269 

© 20Mar46 ; publisher ; AF5028. 

Birman, Fakir, pseud . 
gee Fossez, Charles. 

Birmingham. Poetry society of Ala- 
see Poetry society of Alabama. 

Birnbaum, Martin, 1878- 

Jacovleff and other artists; Alexandre Jacovleff, William 
Blake and other illustrators of Dante, Thomas Rowlandson, 
Aubrey Beardsley, Marcus Behmer, Arthur Rackham, Her- 
mann Struck, Anne Goldthwaite, by Martin Birnbaum. New 
York, P. A. Struck, 1946. 

xlr, 235 p. Incl. 60 pi. 26J-. 
"Bibliographical note" : p. 23-24. 

© 30Jull+6; Paul A. Struck: A59lj2. 

Bisch, Louis Edward, 1885- 

... Be glad you're neurotic. New York, London, Whittlesey 
house, McGraw-Hill book company, inc. [1946, 

x,230p. 21- 

At head of title : Louis E. Bisch .. 
"Second revised edition." . 

<£> 23Sep46; McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 
New York; A6964. 

Bishop, Curtis Kent, 1912- 

By way of Wyoming, by Curtis Bishop. New York, The 
Macmillan company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 190 p. 21- 

"First printing." 

Appeared in part in Lariat story magazine under title Bucko-Blxes — 
Wyoming bound. 

1. Title. 

PZ3.B540214By 46-8193 

© 19Nov46; 2c 7Nov46; author, Austin, Tex.; A8370. 

Bishop, Curtis Kent, 1912- 

Sunset rim, by Curtis Bishop. New York, The Macmillan 
company, 1946. 

8 p. l., 200 p. 21- 

"Flrst printing." 

© 7May46; 2o 17Apr46j author, Austin, Tex. 1 

Bishop, Elizabeth. 

North & south ( by, Elizabeth Bishop. Boston, Houghton 
Mifflin company, 1946. 

v, [1, p., 1 1., 54 p. 23J-. 

(c) 20Aug46; 2c 3UuU6; author, New York; 

Bishop, Kay. 

Chris, by Kay Bishop ; pictures by Martha Powell Setchell. 
London, New York [etc., Oxford university press ( 1946, 

#2, p. lllus. 22- 

©15Karl+6; publisher, New York; A1630. 

Bishop, Mrs . Morris 
see Kingsbury, Alison Mason, 1898- 

Bisson, Thomas Arthur, 1900- 

Japan's war economy, by T. A. Bisson ... New York, In- 
ternational secretariat, Institute of Pacific relations, distributed 
by the Macmillan company, 1945. 

xv, 267 p. dlagrs. 24- 

Blbllographlcal foot-notes. 

2)29Novi4-5j 2c 8Jan!].6; Intern'l secre- 
tariat, Institute of Pacific relations, 

Bistran, Warren John, 1915- 
Physician's prescription manual 

Pointe, Mich., Woods, 1946. 
212 p. 191- 

1st ed., 1946. Grosse 

4. Medicine — Formulae, receipts, prescriptions. [1. Formularies, 
1. (Title) 

SS125.B5 615.13 Med 47-154 

© 7Nov46 ; author, Grosse Pointe, Mich. ; A8277. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bittinger, Desmond Wright, 1905- 

An educational experiment in northern Nigeria in its cul- 
tural setting, by Desmond W. Bittinger ... Elgin, 111., The 
Brethren publishing house, 1941. 

xvl, 843 p. lncl. lllus., tables, dlagrs. 23}~. 

Issued also as thesis (ph. d.) University of Pennsylvania. 

© 26Nov^1; 2c JDecljJ.; author, McPherson, 
Kan.; A2$6f . 

bittinger, Desmond Wright, 1905- 

Snowball comes to the Early family, 

by Desmond W. Bittinger; pictures by 

Zeta 0. Rodgers. Elgin, 111., Brethren 

publishing house [ 19^+5 ] 

92 p. illus. 20 1/2 x 19 cm . 

© 10Deci).5j 2c lJ4_Jani(.6; publisher; 
A3 50. 

Bixler, Julias Seelye, 1894- 

Conversations with an unrepentant liberal, by Julius Seelye 
Bixler. New Haven, Yale university press; London, G. Cumr 
<berlege, Oxford university press, 1946. 

x p., 1 1., 133 p., 1 1. 21™. 

"Based upon the twenty-second series of lectures delivered at Tale 
university on the foundation established by the late Dwlght H. Terry." 1 

© 7Mayi|6; Yale university press; 

Bizzarri, Aldo. 

... Mauthausen, citta ermetica. Roma, O. E. T., Edizioni 
Polilibraria [1946j 
117 p., 11. 19-. 

1. Mauthausen (Concentration camp) 2. World war, 1939-1945 — Per- 
sonal narratives, Italian. 

D805.A8B5 A F 47-1310 

© 23Jan46; Organizzazione editoriale tipografica; AF5103. 

Black, Harold Garnet. 

The true Woodrow Wilson, crusader for democracy, with an 
introduction by Franklin D. Roosevelt ... By Harold Garnet 
Black . . . New York, London ( etc.) Fleming H. Revell company 

270 p. 21". 
(£) HFeb46; publisher, New York; A1497 

Black, Irma (Simonton) 1906- 

... Barbara's birthday, illustrated by Nicholas Takis. t New 
Yorkj W. R. Scott, inc., 1946. 

2 p. 1., 7-44 p. col. lllus. 22ixl8i». 

1. Takis, Nicholas, 1903- lllus. n. TlUe. 

PZ7.B5288Bar 46-7943 

© 15Sep46 ; author, New York ; A6041. 

Black, Irma (Simonton) 1906- 

Off to a good start, a handbook for modern parents ( byj 
Irma Simonton Black, illustrated by Lydia Cooley. New York, 
Harcourt, Brace and company [1946] 

xll, 256 p. lllus. 21- 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 249-250. 

2) 5Sepi4.6; 2c lSAugi|6; publisher; A595I].. 

Black, John, 1893- 

... Release the lark. New York, 
Fine editions press, l$k.6 . 

kl [1] P.. 21°m. 

Poems . 

©lj.Harij.6; 2c 26Febi[.6; author, Ne^ 
York: A 286 5. . 

Black, Max, 1909- 

Critical thinking; an introduction to logic and scientific 
method, by Max Black . . . New York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1946. 

xv, 402 p. dlagrs. 23}—. [Prentice-Hall philosophy series, 
"Suggestions for further reading" : p. 390-391. 

1. Logic. 2. Language and languages. 1. Title. 

BC71.B55 160 47-348 

© 5Dec46 ; publisher ; A9364. 

Black, Nelms Henry, 1909- 

How to organize and manage a small business, by Nelms 
Black. Norman, University of Oklahoma press, 1946. 

xtv, 367 p., 1 1. incl. tables, forms, diagrs. 21". 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 351-360. 

1. Business. 1. Title 
HF5351.B49 658 

© 160ct46; publisher; A6468. 


Black, Thomas B 1910- 

. . . The 3-13 murders. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock [1946] 
4 p. 1., 215 p. 20-. 

I. Title. 


© 2!Oct46 : author, Des Moines ; A6582. 


tsiack, Thomas B 1910- 

Tlie whitebird murders, by Thomas B. Black. New York, 
Reynal & Hitchcock [1946, 

3 p. 1., 201 p. 19}-. 
(5)l8Mar46; author, Des Moines; A1905. 

Black mask. 

The hard-boiled omnibus; early stories from Black mask, 
edited, and with an introduction, by Joseph T. Shaw. New 
York, Simon and Schuster [1946] 

xil, 468 p. 21-. 

1. Detective and mystery stories. 1. Shaw, Joseph Thompson, 1874- 
ed. 11. Title. 

PZl.B55Har 46-8293 

© 4Nov46 : 2c 260ct46 ; Simon & Schuster, inc. ; A8509. 

Blackmore, Peter. 
Pinch of salt, by Peter Blackmore. [London] Comyns ltd. 


3 p. 1, 3-238 p. 19}-. 

Based on the author's play, Lot's wife. o/. v Publisher's Jacket. 
"First published 1945." 

Pub. 28Nov^45; lc 3Feb46; author, Sandon, 
nr. Huntingford, Herts, Sag.? AI 78. 

tilackmore, Richard Doddridge, 1825-1900. 

Lorna Doone, by R. D. Blackmore, adapted by Henry I. 
Christ ... and Jerome Carlin ... New York city, Globe book 
company [1946] 

1 p. 1., vi, 231 p. illus. 20}^. 

©revisions, 6Auglj.6; publisher; A5253. 

Blackstock, Walter. 

A creed for darkness, by Walter Blackstock, jr. Mill Valley, 
Calif., New York, N. Y, The Wings press, 1946. 

61 p. 22-. 


©" 5JUII46; publisher. Mill Valley, Cdif.j 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Blackwell, Charlton Bspass, 1878- 

Blackwell's Business mathematics, by C. D. Blackwell. New 
York, R. R. Smith, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 235 p., 1 1. IncL tables. 24-. 

{jj) 15May46;' 2c 4May4.6; author, ^est Palm 
heuoh, Fla.; A5177. 

Blackwood, Algernon, 1869- 

The doll, and one other, by Algernon Blackwood. Sauk 
City, Wis., Arkham house, 1946. 

4 p. 1., ,3i-138 p., i 1. 19-. 
Contents.— The doll.— The Trod. 

(5} 2Apr46; author, London; A3287. 

Blackwood, Andrew Watterson, 1882- 

Preaching from Samuel [by, Andrew W. Blackwood ... 
New York, Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press t 1946, 

256 p. 20J-. 

"Books for further study": p. 243-245. "Ackaowledgments" (biblio- 
graphical) : p. 246. 

(£) 15Junl46j Stone and Pieroe, Nashville; 

Blair, Glenn Myers, 1908- 

Diagnostic and remedial teaching in secondary schools t byj 
Glenn Myers Blair ... New York, The Macmillan company. 
1946. " 

xv, 422 p. incl. illus., diagrs., forms. 21*". 
"References" at end of each chapter except the last. 
© 26Feb46; 2c 14Feb46; publisher; A1276. 

Blair, Walter, 1900- ed. 

The literature of the United States, an anthology and a his- 
tory ... ( edited by, Walter Blair ... Theodore Hornberger ... 
( and, Randall Stewart ... Chicago, New York [etc., Scott, 
Foresman and company ( 1946 ] 
lv. illus. 26x21i- 

Includes music. 

Contents. — v. 1. From the colonial period through the American 

© v. 1, 3Mayl^6; publisher, Chicago; 
AI4.C-9* - 

Blair county (Pa.) historical society. 

Blair county's first hundred years, 1846-1946 ... George A. 
Wolf, editor-in-chief. A symposium prepared by the Blair 
county historical society in commemoration of the one hun- 
dredth anniversary of the establishment of Blair county, 
Pennsylvania. Altoona, Pa., The Mirror press, 1945. 

xv, 526 p. front., plates (1 double) facslm., coat of arms. 281". 

Map on lining-papers. 

© 100ct45; 2o 2lMar46; Blair county historical 

society, Ho Hi days bur e. Pa. 5 A1982. 
1. Blair co., Pa.— Hist. 1. Wolf, George Anderson, 1883- *<l. 

Blais, Roger, 1905- 

... Flore pratique, par Roger Blais ... Paris, Presses uni- 

versitaires de France, 1945. 

2 p. 1., 296 p. illus. (incl charts) 19". (Les Travaux et les jours) 
"1™ Edition." 

1. Botany — France. 1. Title. 

QK313.B62 581.944 47-16698 

© 15Dec45 ; lc 9Aug46 ; publisher ; AF2103. 
Blake, Aldrich. 

You wear the big shoe, by Aldrich Blake. An inquiry into 
tlie politics and government of the American city, with a case 
study of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. c Los Angeles, 

4 p. 1., 11-111 p. 20J«*. 

^© lNov.45; 2c 26Nov45; & u Jior, Los Angeles; 

Blake, Francis, paeud . 
see Beckh, Gustav Francis, 1686- 

Blake, George, 1893- 

The westering sun, a novel by George Blake. London, Col- 
lins, 1946. 

351 p. 20J- 

Pub. 23Sep46; lc 6Nov46; author, Dollar, Clackmannan- 
shire, Scot. ; AI 513. 

Blake, William, 1757-1827. 

The portable Blake, selected and arranged, with an introduc- 
tion, by Alfred Kazin. New York, The Viking press, 1946. 

rii, 713 p. incl. Illus., plates, facsim. 17". (On cover: The Viking 
portable library) 

1. Kazin, Alfred, 1915- ed. n. Title. 

PR4142.K3 821.79 46-7886 

© 3lOct46 ; 2c 280ct46 ; Viking press, inc. ; A6941. 

Blake, William, 1757-1827. 

Selections from Songs of innocence and experience, by Wil- 
liam Blake, penwritten by Reynard Biemiller ... New York, 
Archway press ( 1946] 

44 p. 22J- (The Scribe) 
Title vignette. 

©calligraphy and illus., 280ctlj.6; 
Archway press, inc.; A7172- 

Blakemore, Arthur Walker, 187:5- 

Massachusetts motor vehicle law. 2d ed. By Arthur W. 
Blakemore . . . Boston, E. W. Hildreth, inc., 1946. 

xi, 829 p. 24~. 

"Table of cases" : p. 261-293. 

© Hjnugl|6; author, Boston; AJ790. 

Blanc, Emmanuel. 

. . . Regards sur l'Europe pacifiee. Paris, Editions du Bateau 
ivre [1946, 

2 p. 1., vil-x, 114, (1, p., 1 1. 19". 

"II a gtS tir6 de cet ouvrage 100 exemplaires numerotes de 1 a 100 et 
constituant l'Sdition originale." 
Errata slip inserted. 

1. Europe— Politics— 1938- 2. World war, 1939-1945— Displaced 

persons. 3. World war, 1939-1945 — Territorial questions. 1. Title. 

D843.B55 47-18208 

© 15Feb46; publisher; AF1633. 

Blanchard, Clyde Insley. ( 
80 lessons In typing for business, 

by Clyde I. Blanchard and Harold H. 

Smith, with the collaboration of 

Lucile Young Hummel. New York, Gregg 

publishing co.; [etc.] cl9i+6« 

iv, 12^ p. illus. 28 x 21 cm. 

© 5Mari|6; publisher; A2291. 

Blanchard, Clyde Insley. 

Typing for business. One-year course. 
By Clyde I. Blanchard and Harold H. 
Smith, with. the collaboration of Lucile 
Young Hummel. New York, Chicago {etc] 
The Gregg publishing company, 01946 • 

1 p. 1., ii-vii, 2l+8 p. incl. illus., 
forms. 28 x 21cm. 

© 17Juni|6; publisher, New York; k^kZl • 

Blanchard, Clyde Insley. 

Typing for business ... by Clyde I. Blanchard and Harold H. 
Smith, with the collaboration of Lucile Young Hummel. New 
York, Chicago ( etc. The Gregg publishing company, C19l(.6. 
1 p. 1., II -IV, 249-371 p. 21 x 28c*. 

Contents. — 
'!*?) Advanced course. . 

©>.2, lbAugJ+b; publisher, New York; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Blanchard, Clyde Insley. 

Typing for business and personal use. One-year course. By 
Clyde I. Blanchard and Harold H. Smith, with the collabora- 
tion of Lucile Young Hummel. New York, Chicago ,etc., The 
Gregg publishing company, 1946. 

1 p. 1., il-vil, 248 p. lncl. illus., forms. 28 x 21". 

© lJAugij.6; publisher, New York; 

Blanchard (Fred K. ) Inc., Troy , N. Y.. 

... Abrasive materials, mill 
supplies, machine shop supplies, garage 
supplies. Catalog P. Troy, N. Y. , 

1 v. illus. 28cm. 

©25Sepl|6; R. R. Donnelley & sons co., 
Chicago; A62i|8 . 

Blancpain, Marc, 

, •■ Contes do la lampe a graisse, 
» Paris, Flammarion [19U5] 

208 p., 2 J?. 18 1/2™, 

© 15Novi;5; lc lMarl+6; Ernest Flamma- 
rion; Af627» 

( Blanding, Don, 1894- 

Today is here. Illustrations by the author. New York, 
Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

3 p. 1., [5|-143 p. incl. front. ( port.) illus. SOU". 

Author's name from cover. 

@ <£aepi6; ?c roSey+6; author, Hoiiy^ccd, 
Calif.; A63G4-. 
Blank, Clair. 

... Beverly Gray's journey, by Clair Blank. New York, 
Grosset & Dunlap ( 1946j 

vli p., 1 1., 209 p. lncl. front. 19}". (Her The Beverly Gray college 
mystery series) 

© 15Juli|.6; Grosset k Dunlap, inc.; 

Blank, Mattie Payne, 1881^- 

What a man ! By Mattie Payne Blank. Los Angeles, Calif., 
Mattie P. Blank [1945] 

3 p. 1., 9-205 p. plates, ports. 20}-. 

© 6Augk6; authcr, Los Angeles; A6l3?. 

Blankenship, Albert Breneman, 1914- ed. 

How to conduct consumer and opinion research; the sam- 
pling survey in operation, edited by Albert B. Blankenship ... 
New York and London, Harper & brothers ,1946] 

xi p., 1 1., 314 p. illus., diagrs. 24}-. 

iThe American council series of public relations books, R. F. Harlow, 

"First edition." 

© 25Sepij.6; publisher, New York; A5378. 

Blankenship, George. 

An afternoon chat, by George Blankenship. New York, 
N. Y., The Hobson book press, 1946. 

2 p. L, 67 p. 23- 

© 30Marl4-6; author, Atlanta: A3O7I1-. 

Blankfort, Michael, 1907- 

... The widow -makers, by Michael Blankfort. New York, 
Simon and Schuster, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-249 p. 21}-. 

At head of title : A novel of suspense. 

"A condensation of this novel has appeared In Auierlcan magazine." 

1. Title. 

PZ3.B6108Wi 46-8185 

© 7Nov46; 2c 260ct46; author, Beverly Hills, Calif.; A8510. 

Blanton, Catherine. 

The three miracles, story by Catherine Blanton ; pictures by 
Leo Politi. New York, The John Day company t 1946j 

47 p. illus. ( part col. ) 22} x 18}-. 

© 170ctl|6; 2c 80ctU6; author, Tucson, 
Ariz.; A87U6. 

Blaschke, Wilhelm, 1885- 

Vorlesungen iiber differentialgeometrie und geometrische 
grundlagen von Einsteins relativitatstheorie, von Wilhelm 
Blaschke . . . New York, Dover publications, 1945. 

1 v. diagrs. 22}—. (Added t.-p.: Die Grundlehren der mathenm- 
tischen wissenschaften in einzeldarstellungen ... hrsg. von R. Courant ... 
Bd. 1 ) 

"First American edition." 

Contents. — I. Elementare differentialgeometrie. 3. erweiterte and., 
bearbeltet und hrsg. von Gerhard Thomsen. 

© v. 1, 30Decl4.5; 2c 26jani|6; pub- 
lisher; A625. 

Blashfield, De Witt Clinton, I892-I932. 
Blashfield's cyclopedia of automobile 
law and practice, with forms. Permanent 
ed. v. l±, part 1 & 2 ... Kansas City, 
Mo., Vernon law book company; St. Paul, 
Minn., West publishing co . [I9I4.6] 

© revisions, 7N0VI4.6; publishers; 
A85lj.9 . 

Blau, Joseph Leon, 1909- ed. 

American philosophic addresses, 1700-1900, edited by Joseph 
L. Blau. New York, Columbia university press, 1946. 

xii, 762 p. 23—. (Columbia studies In American culture, 17] 

Bio-bibliography at beginning of each address. 

1. Philosophy — Addresses, essays, lectures. 2. Philosophy, American. 
1. Title. 

B851.B5 191.04 A 47-784 

© 13Nov46 ; 2c 3Nov46 ; publisher ; A8296. 

Bleecker, Mary Noel, comp. 

Big music; or, Twenty merry tales to tell, chosen by Mary 
Noel Bleecker, illustrated by Louis S. Glanzman. New York, 
The Viking press, 1 946. 

256 p. incl. illus., plates. 22-. 
"First published ... in March 1946." 

© l8Mari;6; 2c 23Febi|.6; compiler, New 
York; A227&. 
Blesh, Rudi, 1899- 

Shining trumpets, a history of jazz by Rudi Blesh ... New- 
York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

3 p. 1., ix-xvi, 365, [26], rvil p., 1 1. plates, ports., diagr. 24}-. 

"First edition." 

"List of records cited in the text" : p. 362-365. "Musical examples re- 
ferred to in the text" : t 26] p. following p. 365. 

(2) 303ep46; 2c 28oeo46; Alfred A. Knopf, inc.; 
A 6182. 

Blicher, Steen Steensen, 1782-1848. 

Twelve stories by Steen Steensen Blicher, translated from 
the Danish by Hanna Astrup Larsen, with an introduction by 
Sigrid Undset. Princeton, Princeton university press for the 
American-Scandinavian foundation, New York, 1945. 

3 p. ]., 305, [lj p. 20}-. 

© 28Decii.5; 2c 12Janlj.6; American Scandi- 
navian foundation; A2J8. 

Blickman (S.) inc. 

Handbook of food service equip- 
ment, for institutional, commer- 
cial and industrial kitchens > 
cafeterias, restaurants and lunch- 
rooms. Catalog i|5 • weehawken, N >. J., 

©22Deci+5; 2c JlMarl^; S. Blickman, 
inc., Weehawken, N. J.; Al ^.' 

749448 0^t7- 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bliss, Gilbert Ames, 1876- 

Lectures on the calculus of variations, by Gilbert A. Bliss. 
Chicago, 111., University of Chicago press t 1946] 

ix, 296 p. diagrs. 23J-. 

"A bibliography for the problem of Bolza" : p. 287-291. 

© 9Sopit6i publisher; A5983* 

Bliss, Jane. 

Campaign for love, by Jane Bliss. New York, Gramercy 
publishing co. [1946] 

255 p. 19*-. 

(£) 6Sep46; publisher; A 5952. 

Bliven, Bruce, 1889- ed. 

What the informed citizen needs to know, edited by Bruce 
Bliven and A. G. Mezerik. New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce 
1 1945] 

1111,377 p. 22-. 

"First printing." 

"Guide to additional reading and bibliography, prepared by Elsie B. 
French" : p. 355-368. 

©2l1.Octl4.5j lc 270ct45, lc 27Janl(.6j edi- 
tors, New York; A6I42. 

Blizard, Marie. 

The late lamented lady;- an Eve MacWilliams mystery, by 
Marie Blizard. New York, Mystery house, 1946. 
256 p. 19J-. 

© 21Juni|.6; author, New Haven; Al^06. 

Bloch, Ernst, 1885- 

... Freiheit und ordnung, abriss der sozial-utopien. New 
York, Aurora verlag ( 1946] 

189, ,1, p. 22-. , 

"1. auflag. n 
© 15Marlj.6; publisher; A2156. 

Bloch, Marie Halun. 

Danny Dofler, by Marie Halun Bloch; pictures by Jessie 
Robinson. New York and London, Harper & brothers [1946] 

viii p., 1 1., 103 p. incl. front., lllus. 21J-. 
"First edition." 

1. Title. 

PZ7.B6194Dan 46-7805 

© 30Oct46; author, Denver; A6883. 

Block, Libbie. 

Wild calendar, by Libbie Block. New York, A. A. Knopf, 

vill p., 11., 356 p., 11. 22-. 
"First edition." 

?i^ e Allo7 2C 2Decl +5; author, Los An- 

Blocklinger, Betty, pseud . 
see O'More, Peggy, 1897- 

Blodgett, Ralph Hamilton, 1905- 

Principles of economics. Rev. ed. c Byj Ralph H. Blodgett 
... New York, Rinehart & company, inc. [1946j 

xvl,668p. diagrs. 231"." 

"References for further reading" at end of most of the chapters. 

© 5Aug46; author, Chaupaign, 111.; A5863. 

Bloom, Raymond R 

Principles of tool engineering, by Raymond R. Bloom ... 
1st ed. New York and London, McGraw-Hill book company, 
inc. t 1946, 

rt, 234 p. Ulna., diagrs. 23*". 

©28teag-46i publi«hw% New York; A5665. 

Bloomfield, Howard. 

... Sailing to the sun; illustrated from photographs taken 
by the author. New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

6 p. 1., 231 p. plates, ports. 21". 

Maps on lining-papers. 

An account of a trip by inland waterway from Long island to Florida. 

"Revised and brought up to date." — Dust jacket. 

5) 21MayJ.|.6; 2c li|May[|.6; author, New York; 

Blough, Glenn Orlando. 

The monkey with a notion t by] Glenn O. Blough, illustrated 
by John F. De Cuir. New York, H. Holt and company [1946, 
3 p. 1., 88 p. lllus. 24- 

(3) 30ct4.6; "r.c 14.Sep46; Henry Holt & co., inc., 

Blucher, Harry, 1882- 

Yes, it is curable, by Dr. H. Blucher ... New York, N. Y, 
The Hobson book press, 1945. 

3 p. 1., 189 p. 2ii~. 

"Originally ... lectures delivered to patients ... Later ... each lecture 
(printed, in the form of a pamphlet." — Pref. 

© 300ctlj.5; 2c l8Novb,5; author, Coplague, 
L. I., N. Y.; A121. 

Blue and gold. v. 75* 19^-6. [Berkeley, 
Calif., Printed by Lederer, Street & 
Zeus, 1°46] 

Yearbook of the Associated students 
of the University of California. 

© 19Jun!j.6; Associated students of 
the University of California, Berkeley, 
Calif.; A3i^71. 

Blue book of Brooklyn ... v. 6; 19i+6. 
300th anniversary ed. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Brooklyn blue book associa- 
tion [191+6] 

© 30Jul46; publisher; A6112. 

The Blue book of optometrists, 19M>» 

18th ed. 

A register of legally qualified op- 
tometrists of the United States, Alaska, 
Cuba, Hawaii, Porto Rico, Canada and 
i'Jewf oundland , arranged by states and 
provinces ... Chicago, Professional 
press, c 19l+6. 

<£> 1 


lMay|i6; Professional press, inc.; 

Blue Ridge hardware and supply company, 


Catalog A . . . Portable electric 
tools, cutters and cutterheads ... 
Pine tools and industrial supplies, 
transmission equipment ... Bassett 
and Martinsville, Va. [19^6] 

©13Junij.6; R. R. Donnelley & sons 
co.* Chicago; Al|530. 

Blum, Andre, 1881- 

... Le costume en France ... [Lausanne, Guilde du livre, 

2 p. L, 7-143, |1] p. IncL plates. 18i". (Collection Gal sayolr. dlrigee 
par Jacques Guenne ... v. 2, 

C) 6Sep44; le 26Feb46; publisher; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Blum, Andrt, 1881- 

... Le mobilier francais. (Lausanne, Guilde du livre, 1945. 

2 p. ].. 7-124 p.. 1 1. incl. plates. 184". [Collection Gal savolr, dlrlgfe 
par Jacques Ouenne ... t. 7, 

© JAuek5', lc 26Feblj.6; publisher; AF8olj.. 
Blum, Andri, 1881- 

... Tresors de l'art florentin, xiv-xv* s. Lausanne, La Guilde 
du livre [1944j 

229, { 3) p. lncl. lllus., plates. 24". 
"fidltlon originate." 

1. Art — Florence. 2. Architecture — Florence. x. Title. 
N6921.F7B55 47-496 

© 18Dec44; lc 26Feb46; publisher; AF1657. 

Blum, Leon, 1872- 

For all mankind (A l'echelle humaine) by Leon Blum, trans- 
lated by W. Pickles. London, V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

143 p. 19-. 

Erratum slip Inserted. 

Pub. 22 Jull|6; lc l6Aug^6; author, 
Paris; AI 371. 

Blum, Leon, 1872- 

For all mankind, by Leon Blum, translated by W. Pickles. 
New York, The Viking press, 1946. 

186 p. 22-. 

Pub. i9Augl4.cS; author, Paris; A5865. 
Prev. reg. AI 371. 

Blumenthal, Gertrude. 

Tales about Timothy, by Gertrude Blumenthal, illustrated 
by Corinne Malvern. Racine, Wis., Whitman publishing com- 
pany [1945] 

2 p. 1., 9-66, ,2, p. col. lllus. 2SJ-. 

©51DecU5; 2c 19Febl+6; publisher; A1082. 

Blunden, Godfrey, 1906- 

A room on the route, a novel by Godfrey Blunden. Phila- 
delphia and New York, J. B. Lippincott company, 1947 t i. e. 

827 p. 21- 
"First edition." 

i. Title. 

PZ3.B62835RO 47-491 

© 13Dec46; author, % Curtis Brown, ltd., New York; 
Bluth, John V comp. 

Concordance to The doctrine and covenants, compiled by 
John V. Bluth. Salt Lake City, Utah, The Deseret book com- 
pany, 1945. 

8 p. l., 501 p. 284-. 

"First edition 1945." 

© 50ctl+5; 2c l8Apr!j.6; publisher; A2775. 
Blyton, Enid. 

The castle of adventure, by Enid Blyton ; with illustrations 
by Stuart Tresilian. London, Macmillan and co. ltd., 1946. 

mi, 818, ( 2, p. lncl front, lllus. 204". 

Pub. 22Febl+6; lc 2 3Aprl|.6; Macmillan co., 
New York; AI 198. 

Blyton, Enid. 

The castle of adventure, by Enid Blyton, with illustrations 
by Stuart Tresilian. New York, The Macmillan companv, 

4 p. I., 251 p. front., illus. 21- 
"Firet [American] printing." 

Pub. 6Aug46; 2o 26Jul46; publisher; A3707. 
Prer. rag. AI 198. 

Blyton, Enid. 

The mystery of the burnt cottage; the first adventure of 
the five find-outers and dog, by Enid Blyton, illustrated by J. 
Abbey. Westwood village, Los Angeles, W. L. McNaughton, 
inc. ,1946] 

3 p. L, 160 p. lncl. front, lllus. 19}-. 

1. Title. 

iFullname: Enid Mary (Blyton) Pollock) 

PZ7.B629Mz 5 46-8615 

© 27Nov46; 2c 3Dec46; Wayne L. McNaughton, inc.; A7323. 

Boak, Arthur Edward Romilly, 1888- 

World history, by Arthur E. R. Boak ... Preston Slosson ... 
and Howard R. Anderson ... Editor, William L. Langer ... 
[Boston] Houghton Mifflin company ( 1946] 

ix, [1], 554, xvl p. lncl. front., illus. (lncl. ports., maps) dlagrs. 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

© revisions, 2lj.Junl4.6; Arthur E. R. 
Boak and Proa ton Slosson, Ann Arbor, 
Mich., and Howard R. Anderson, Arlington, 
Va.; Alj.839. , 

Board of home missions of t he Minis- 
terium of Pennsylvania and the adjacent 

see Evangelical Lutheran ministerium of 
Pennsylvania and adjacent states. 
Boar d of home missions . 

Boatright, Mody Coggin, 1896- 

Gib Morgan, minstrel of the oil fields, by Mody C. Boatright 
Illustrated by Betty Boatright. [Austin] Texas folk-lore so- 
ciety [ 1945] 

3 p. L, ix-xl, 104 p. front (port) Illus. 284". (Texas folk-lore 
society publication, no. xx. J. Frank Doble, general editor) 

© 20D©cij.5j 2c 17Feblj.6} author, Austin, 
Tex.; A1121. 

Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. 

The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio, translated from the 
Italian into English by John Payne, with illustrations by 
Flameng, Gravelot, Boucher, and Standfast. New York, N. Y., 
Stravon publishers [1946] 

607 p. lncl, front, (porf.y plates. 224". 

Edited by Henrietta Rosenberg. 

1. Payne, John, 1842-1916, tr. n. Title. 

PQ4272.E5A36 1946 853.15 46-8479 

© pref. & revisions, 210ct46; publisher; A6823. 

Bockus, Henry Le Roy, I89J-I-- 

'Gastro-enterology ... Volume III. 
By Henry Li Bockus . . . Philadelphia 
and London, W. B. Saunders company 


Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

© 13Febij.6; publisher, Philadelphia; 

Bockus, Henry Le Roy, 189^- 

Gastro-enterology. General index ... 
Complete index to vols. I, II, III. 
Philadelphia, I9I4.6. 

© 5Marlj.6; W. B. Saunders co., Phila- 
delphia; A1791. 

Bodenheim, Maxwell, 1893- 

Selected poems of Maxwell Bodenheim, 1914-1944 ... New 
York, B. Ackerman, inc. t 1946] 

5 p. 1., 13-193 p. 224-. 

© HJun46; author, Brooklyn, M. Y.j ASS66. 

Bodenreuth, Friedrich, pseud . 
see Jaksch, Friedrich, 189I].- 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bodin, Edward, 1894- 

Give me liberty, by Ed 'Vagabond' Bodin ... New York, 
Rockport press, inc., 1946. 

190 p. 2ij™. 
Verse and prose. 

(2) 15Jul46; 2c 2Jul46; author, Mew York; A4951. 

Bodin, Paul. 

. . . Les aventures extraordinaires de 
Didier Lambert, illustre par Guy Sabran. 
Paris, Editions du Seuil [I9I4.5] 

2 p. IV, 7-H3 p., 3 1. illus. 

;8 i/2 cm . 

© 20Decl+5; lc lMarij.6; publisher; 

Bodley, George Ray, 1883- 

... North America and South America, by G. R. Bodley ... 
and E. L. Thurston . . . New ed. Syracuse, N. Y., New York 
[etc.] Iroquois publishing company, inc. ( 1946] 

vll, [1], 247 p. front., illus. (maps) plates, dlagrs. 27Jx21J m . (Iro- 
quois geography series) 

1. Geography— TeSt-books— 1870- 
1873- joint author. II. Title. 

'G127.B664 1946 917 

r. Thurston, Ernest Lawton, 

© 30Sep46 ; publisher, Syracuse, N. Y. ; A7149. 

Bodley, George Ray, 1883- 

... The old world continents, by G. R. Bodley ... and E. L. 
Thurston ... New ed. Syracuse, N. Y., New York c etc.] Iro- 
quois publishing company, inc. t 1946j 

front., plates. 27i 1 21J". (Iro- 

vli, [1|, 268 p. incl. maps, diagrs 
qu ois geography series ) 

1. Geography— Text-books— 1870- 
1873- joint author, n. Title. 

G127.B667 1946 910 

Thurston, Ernest Lawton, 

© 25Sep46 ; publisher, Syracuse, N. Y. ; A7148. 

Bodley, Ronald Victor Courtenay, 1892- 

The messenger ; the life of Mohammed, by R. V. C. Bodley . . . 
Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

xiv p., 1 I., 368 p. 22". 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 360. 

© 71fer46; author, East Hampton, L.I..H.Y. ; A1866. 
BShl, Eduard, 1836-1903. 

The Reformed doctrine of justification, by Dr. Edward 
Bx>ehl, an authorized translation from the German by Rev. 
C. H. Riedesel. Grand Rapids, Mich., Wm. B. Eerdmans pub- 
lishing company [1946] 

308 p. 20J- 

© 5Sepl;6; publisher; A550O 

Boehmer, Arthur Heinrich 
see Boehmer, Heinrich, 1869-1927. 

Boehmer, Heinrich, 1869-1927. 

Road to reformation ( by) Heinrich Boehmer ; Martin Luther 
to the year 1521, translated from the German by John W. 
Doberstein and Theodore G. Tappert ... Philadelphia, Pa., 
Muhlenberg press, 1946. 

xlii, 449 p. incl. front ( port. ) 22$-. 

"A translation, with minor revisions to bring it up to date, from the 
second German edition of Heinrich Boehmer's Der junge Luther." 

©5Jull4.6; publisher; A^Ol^.. 

Boesch, Hans Heinrich, 1911- 

Wasser oder oel ; ein buch iiber den Nahen Osten, von Hans 
Boesch. Mit 42 figuren auf 16 bildtafeln und 9 abbildungen 
im text (5 karten, 2 profile und 1 planskizze) Bern, Kummerly 
& Frey ,1943, 

208 p. illus. (incl. maps, diagrs.) plates, fold. map. 23'". 

"Copyright . . . 191+4? 

Pub. 150c tk3i lc 29May46; publisher; 


Boettcher, Henry John, 1893- 

Instructor's manual for Luther's Small catechism, by H. C. 
[i. e. J.j Boettcher. Saint Louis, Mo., Concordia publishing 
house, 1946. 

lvli, 352 p. 231™. 

Includes bibliographies. 

© 15Apr46j publisher; A2548. 

Boe\x, Seraphin Justin Franjois 
see Rosny, J. H., jne., pseud , of 
S. J. F. Boex, 1859- 

Bogan, Samuel D 

Let the coyotes howl, a story of Philmont scout ranch, by 
Samuel D. Bogan. New York, G. P. Putnam's sons ( 1946j 
xiv, 159 p. plates, ports., map. 191". 

(c) 15Feb46j 2c 8Feb46; author. Now Havan, Conn.; 

Bogart, William G 

The Queen City murder case; a Johnny Saxon mystery, by 
William G. Bogart. New York, Mystery house, 1946. 

256 p. 19°*. 

© lMayij.6; 2c l8Aprl|6; author, Chicago; 

Bogen, Emil, 1896- 

What about alcohol? ... By Emil Bogen ... and Lehmann 
W. S. Hisey ... Los Angeles, Angelus press ( 1946] 

112 p. illus. 25". 

1. Alcohol — Physiological effect. [1. Alcohol — Effectsi 2. [Alcoholism! 
1. Hisey, Lehmann W. S., joint author, n. Title. 

QP915.A3B6 1946 612.01446 

© 20Sep46; publisher ; A3948. 

Med 46-95 

Bogert, George Gluason, I88J4.- 

Tho law of trusts and trustees; a 
treatise covering the law relating to 

trusts and allied subjects affecting 
trust creation and administrate on, with 
forris, by George Gloason Boaert ... v. 3, 
pts. 1, 2. Hansan City, I;o., Vernon 
law book company; 3t.' Paul, Minn., '/est 
publishing co. [I9U6] 

2 v. 25 cm . 

© revisions, 2Jul[i.6: author, Chicago; 

Bogert, Lotta Jean, 1888- 

Fundamentals of chemistry, by L. Jean Bogert ... 6th ed. 
Philadelphia and London, W. B. Saunders company, 1946. 

xvlil, 571 p. incl. front, (group port.) illus., diagrs. 20J < ". 

3) 15Auglj.6; publisher, Philadelphia; 

Boggs, Winthrop Smillie, 1902- 

The postage stamps and postal history of Canada, a hand- 
book for philatelists, by Winthrop S. Boggs ... Kalamazoo, 
Mich., Chambers publishing company t 1946, '45 3 

2 v. fronts., illus. (Incl. ports., map, facslms.) dlagra. 23J"*. 
(Chambers handbook series) 

Bibliography : v. 1, p. 750-751. 

1. Postage-stamps — Canada. 2. Postal service — Canada — Hist 
HE6185.C2B6 383.22 46-29902 rev 

© v. 1, 10Sep46; v. 2, 29Dec45; 2c 2Jan46; publisher; 
A8779, A46. ^ 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bogomolefs. Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, 1881- 
The prolongation of life, by Alexander A. Bogomolets. 

Translated by Peter V. Karpovich, m. d., and Sonia Bleeker ... 

New York, Essential books, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, inc. ( 1946, 
xvll, 08 p. front, (port.) 19J". 
"A Robinson foundation publication." 

© lliJunlj,6; Essential books; A5110. 

[Bohy, Juliette] 

Martin et Tommy, hiatoire d'un ours 
et d'un elephant, avec 18 gravures en 
couleurs. Nouvelle ed. Livres l[-2] 
Lausanne, Spes [19IJ.5] 

2 v. illus. 19x27cm, 

© lSap45; lo ea. 12JanI|.6;. Editions 
Spes, s. a.; AFlj-73# 

Boie, Mildred Louise, 1907- 

... Better than laughter. Minneapolis, University of Minne- 
sota press; London, G. Cumberlege, Oxford university press 
t 1946, 

4 p. l.,«8p. 22-. 


1. Title. 

PS3503.O26B4 811.5 A 46-6176 

©16Nov46; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; A8571. 

Boileau, Pierre. . 

... Les trois clochards ... Paris, 
A. Fayard [19i|5J 

211 p., 1 £>. 19cm, 

"Les nouveaux romans policiers." 

© 10ctU5; lc 2kkprk(>; F. Brouty, J. 
Fayard et cie, Paris; AF960. 

Bois, Andre. 

... Canalisations, eclairage, chauffage, lignes aeriennes, par 
Andre Bois... [Paris, 1945] 

138, [I, p. Ulus., diagrs. 23i". 

At head of title : Cbemin de fer metropolitan de Paris. Direction du 
personnel. Cours preparatoires aux concours et examens [Session 1944- 

"References bibllographlques" : p. [137j 

1. Electric railroads. 1. Compagnle du chemin de fer m6tropolltaln 
de Paris, n. Title. 

TF855.B7 621.33 47-19277 

© 30Sep45; lc 8May46; Jacques Leroy for Chemin de fer 
metropolitan! de Paris, Vincennes, Paris; AF1276. 

Boisard, P 

... De la diplomatie a l'episcopat 
monseigneur Chaptal, $v§que d'Isionda, 
I86l-19i4.3. Paris, Flatnmarion [19U5] 

203/ [1] p., 1 J?. 19 cm . (Collection 
"Notre clerge*") 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 13Dec!±5; lc 8MayJ+6: Ernest Flamma- 
rion; AF1266. 

Boisen, Anton Theophilus, 1876- 

Problems in religion and life, a manual for pastors, with 
outlines for the co-operative study of personal experience in 
social situations ( by, Anton T. Boisen. New York, Nashville, 
Abingdon-Cokesbury press [1946] 

169 p. 19J-. 

"The minister's professional library on the understanding of human 
nature" : p. 152-159. "Readings" at end of most of the chapters. 

1. Theology, Pastoral. 2. Psychology, Pastoral. 8. Social surveys, 
t Title. 

BV4012.B57 253 46-7910 

© 140ct46 ; Stone & Pierce, Nashville ; A6556. 

Boissois, Maurice. 

... A l'ombro du mirabollior; illus- 
trations do Pierre Collot ... Paris, 
G. T. Rageot [19U51' 

21*3, [1] P., 1 ^ Ulus. 19 cm . 
("Heures joyeusos" [29]) 

© l60ctlj.5; lc 8Mayl*6; Editions de 
l'amitie, G. T. Rageot; AFH9I4- 

Boiasais, Maurice. 

... La poste'rite' d'Icare; illustra- 
tions de G. S te Croix. Paris, Editions 
de la nouvelle France, 19^4-5 • 

2 p. 1.-, [91-363, [2] p., 2 
illus. 19 l/2 cftl i ("La vie exaltan^e ,•" 

©27JUII4.5; lc 2Marl|6; publisher; 


Boisset, L. de, pseud. 

. . . Plaisir des jours . . . [Parisj Librairie des Champs-Elysees 

3 p. 1., [9j-158 p., 1 1. 25J-. 


1. Title. 

CT1018.B6A3 47-15218 

© 10Oct45; lc 8May46; publisher; AF1452. 

Boissonnas, Edith. 

... Paysage cruel ... [Paris] Gallimard [1946, 

4 p. 1., 11-167, [1] p., 2 I. 19-. (Collection Metamorphoses. (XXXi) 


1. Title. 

PQ2603.O363P3 841.91 47-16945 

© 2May46; Librairie Gallimard; AF2072. 
Bok, Curtis, 1897- 

I too, Nicodemus, by Curtis Bok. New York, A. A. Knopf, 

Til, 349 p.. 1 1. 22-. , 

"A cross-section of the array of situations that a trial Judge meets 
in his work." — Pref. 
"First edition." 

© 15Augk6; 2c 15JUU4.6; author, Radnor, 
Pa.; k%2k. 

Bok, William Curtis 
see Bok, Curtis. 1897- 

Boles, Beatrice Maud 
see Liddle, Beatrice Boles. 

Boley, Jean, 19li|.- 

The restless, a novel by Jean Boley. New York^E. P. Dutton 
& company, inc., 1946. 

251 p. 20J-. 
"First edition." 

© l6Auglj.6; 2c 31Mayij.6; author, Buenos 
Aires, Argentina, S. A.; A5?76. 

Bolick Hurd, Charles Wesley von 

see Hurd, Charles, I9O3- 
Bolitho, Hector, 1898- 

Command performance; the authentic story of the last bat- 
tle of Coastal command, R. A. F., by Squadron Leader Hector 
Bolitho . . . [New York] Howell, Soskin [1946, 

262 p. plates, ports., map. 21—. 

1. Gt. Brit. Royal air force. Coastal command. 2. World war, 1939- 
1945— Aerial operations, English. 1. Title. 

[Full name: Henry Hector BollthO) 

D786.B615 940.544 46-8184 

© 210ct46 ; author, New York ; A7161. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Boli^ho, Henry Hector 
see Bolitho, Hector, 1898- 

Boll, Marcel, 1886- 

. .. La loterie. Monaco, "Le Tribou- 

lot" [I9kh] 

83 p., 1 J;. illus. 19 cm . (Nou- 
velle academie des jeux) _ 

© 15SfepUl-; lc 29Auglt5; Triboulet- 
Monaco, Monaco; AP$6l. 

Boiler, Ernst. 

... Mathematische formelsammlung. Aarau, H. R. Sauer- 
lander & co., 1946. 
88 p. 20-. 

1. Mathematics — Formulae. i. Title. 

QA41.B6 510.83 46-8443 

© 29Mar46 ; publisher ; AF1686. 

Bollinger, Lynn Louis, 1912- 

Terminal airport financing and management ( by, Lynn L. 
Bollinger ... Alan Passen... [and] Robert E. McElfresh ... 
Boston, Division of research, Graduate school of business ad- 
ministration, Harvard university, 1946. 

xlv, 385 p. tncl. tables, diagrs. 21J-. 
"Abstract" ([4| p.) laid in. 

@ 5Sep46; President and fellows of Harvard col- 
lege, Cambridge, Mass.; A5708. 

Bolstad, 0ivind. 

... De gylne tanker, roman. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 

349 p. 20". 

I. Title. 


© 15Dec45; lc 27Jul46; publisher; AF1410. 


Bolte, Charles Guy, 1920- 

... The new veteran. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock [1945j 
6 p. 1., 212 p. 21-. 

At head of title : Charles G. Bolte. 
"Second printing." 

(5) 19Hot46j 2c 16Dec46; author, Hew York; A315. 

Bolton, Ivy May, 1879- 

Son of the land, by Ivy Bolton, illustrated by Lorenca F. 
Bjorklund. New York, J. Messner ,1946, 

6 p. 1.. 211 p. illus. 19}- 

1., Gt Brit.— Hist.— Richard n, 1377-1389— Fiction. x. Title. 
PZ7.B636So 46-S398 

© 15Nov46; 2c 9Nov46; author, Peekskill, N. Y., A8474. 

Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916. 

Famous men of science c by] Sarah K Bolton, revised by Ed- 
ward W. Sanderson, illustrated by Constance Joan Naar. New 
York, Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946, 

▼, [2j, 806 p. illus. (porta.) 21-. 

"Copyright, 1826 ... Twentieth printing, October, HM6. (First print- 
ing of third edition ) " 

CoNTsirrs.— Nlcolans Copernicus. — Galileo Galilei. — Sir Isaac New- 
ton.— Carl Linnaeus.— Sir William HerscheL— Michael Faraday.— Louis 
Agassis.— Charles Robert Darwin. — Louis Pasteur. — Lord Kelvin.— 
Thomas Alva Edison.— The Curies.— Gugllelmo Marconi.— Luther Bur- 
bank.— Walter Heed.— The Comptons.— Sir Alexander Fleming.— Albert 
Einstein. — Harold C Urey. 

© 19Nov46; publisher; A8826. 

Bombardiers de nuit, les groupes lourds sur l'Allemagne ... 

Paris, A. Michel t 1946, 

2 p. 1., 7-86 p., 1 1. illus. 25 x 19". 

Contents. — ■ Bombardiers lourds, par Jules Roy. — Ruhr, par Em- 
manuel Robles. — Objectif : la Ruhr, par Louis Bourgain. — De nuit sur 
la Ruhr, par commandant Wrrier. — Bombardier, par lieutenant de 
Gennes. — Extraits du journal personnel du capitaine F. I., pilote au 
groupe "Guyenne" : 1. Une belle serie. 2. Retour h l'aube. — Un Halifax 
n'est pas rentr£, par Ph. Millet. — Historique. — Citations des groupes 
"Guyenne" et "Tunisie" pour le bombardement lourd de nuit. — Lexique. 

1. World war, 1939-1945 — Aerial operations, French. 2. World war, 
1939-1945 — Personal narratives, French. 

D788.B65 940.44 47-18210 

© 5Apr46 ; Albin Michel ; AF2134. 

Bona ventura, Saint, cardinal, 1221-1274. 

Breviloquium, by St. Bonaventure, translated by Erwin 
Esser Nemmers ... St. Louis, Mo. and London, B. Herder 
book co., 1946. 

xxii, 248 p. 21-. 

"Bibliographical notations" : p. xvli-xvllL 

1. Theology, Doctrinal. 2. Catholic church— Doctrinal and contro- 
versial works. I. Nemmers, Erwin Esser, 1916- tr. n. Title. 
BX1749.B62 230.2 46-23336 
© 21Nov46 ; publisher, St. Louis ; A8599. 

Boncompain, Claude. 

. . . Sybillt. [Paris, Jtordas [ 1946, 

4 p. 1., li-243, (1] p.. 2 L 16*-. 

© 15Apr46 ; Bordas, E. F. N. ; AF1952. 

Boncour, Joseph Paul- 
see Paul -Bone our, Joseph, 1873- 

Bond, Agnes. 

The r.iagic lamb, by Agnes Bond; illus- 
trated by Judy Varga. Hew York, Merry- 
Day house, 19^-6. 

[32] p. illus. 20 x 25 l/2 cra . 
( On cover : The Merry-Day house juve- 
nile library) 

© lAprL).6; Merry-Day house, inc.; 
Bond, Nelson S 

Mr. Mergenthwirker's lobblies, and other fantastic tales, bj 
Nelson Bond. New York, Coward-McCann, inc. t 1946, 
vii,243p. 21*-. 

© 20Seplj.6; author, New York; A,633ij.. 
Bondioli, Pio, 1890- 

Storia del comunismo [per, Pio Bondioli. [Milano, Boni, 

2 p. 1., 7-266, [2, p. 20}-. 

L Communism— Hist. 2. Socialism— Hist. 

HX626.B6 47-16224 

© 30Apr45; lc 16Aug46; Edizioni Boni; AF5107. 

Boni, Margaret (Bradford) 
see Bradford, M ar garet. 

Boniface, Mar jorie. * 

Wings of death, by Marjorie Boniface. New York, B. M. 
McBride & company [1946, 

208 p. 21- 

"Flrst edition." 

<S> 8sVpr48} author, II Paso, Tex.; A2286. 
Bonino, Louise. 

The cozy little farm, by Louise Bonino, illustrated by Angela 
ipseud .j New York, Wonder books [1946, 

r42, p. lncl. front, Illus. (part col.) 25 x 18-. 

(J) 250otl*6j 2o UOotii*; Wonder books, inc.; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bonnacd, Maurice. 

... Mandrin, le bandit bien-aimd; grand recit historique. 
Chambery, Editions "Lire" ( 1946) 

172 p., 2 l. 19"-. 

At head of title : Maurice Bounard et Jean Pommler. 

1. Mandrin, Louis, 1725-1755. 
1893- joint author, n. Title. 


i. Pommler, Jean Joseph Marie, 

© 25Api46 ; authors, Chambery, France ; AF1881. 

Bonnard, H\aurice. 

... Le pastis electoral; roman ... 
d'avant-guerre\, Chambery, Editions 
"Lire", 19^5. 

228 p. 19 


© ?0D«cit.5> 1° 8l.laylj.6 ; author, Cham- 
bery, France; AF12l|.0. 

BonneU, Clarence, 1873- . 

The Illinois Ozarks, by Clarence Bonnell. [Harrisburg, 111., 
Register publishing company, 1946] 

2 p. 1., 150, ( 6] p. illus. 23J-, 

Map on llnlng-paper. 

© 3Auglj_6; author,- Harrisburg, 111.; 

Bonner, Charles, 1896- 

Ambition, a novel by Charles Bonner. New York, Coward- 
McCann, inc. [1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-278 p. 21*. 

"A shorter version ... appeared In Good housekeeping under the title 
The love of two women." 

© 70ctij.6j author, New York; a61+1l2. 

Bonner, Margerie. 

The shapes that creep t byj Margerie Bonner. New York, 
C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 

4p.L,202p. 19". 

CD 14J«n46) author, Dollarton P.O., B.C., Can.; 

Bonner, Mary Graham, 1890- 

Something always happens, by Mary Graham Bonner, illus- 
trated by Avery Johnson. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-136, ( 2) p. Illus. 21- 
"First edition." 

© 15Augl4.6; Alfred A. Knopf, inc.j A5ij.62, 

Bonnet, Georges Etienne, 1889- 

... Defense de la paix ...s Geneve, Les Editions du Cheval 
aile, C. Bourquin r 1946j 

1 v. ports., facsims. 20J°*. (On cover: Bibliotheuue du Cheval 

At head of title : Georges Bonnet. 

Contents. — t. 1. De Washington au quai d'Orsay. 

1. France— For. rel — 1914- 2. Europe— Politics— 1914- 1. Title. 

DC396.B598 327.44 47-15268 

© 31Aug46; Constant Bourquin, Geneva ; AF1776. 

Bonsai, Stephen, 186§- 

... Une affaire manquee. . . la paix de 1919. Traduit de 
l'anglais. Paris, J. Tallandier [1946] 

2 p. 1., [7|-349 p., 1 1. 18—. (Temolgnages sur notre temps, pub. 
sous la direction de Wladlmir d'Ormesson) 

Excerpts from the author's diary written when he was President 
Wilson's confidential Interpreter at the Peace conference of 1919. of. 

1. Paris. Peace conference, 1919. 2. Versailles, Treaty of, June 28, 
1919 (Germany) 3. League of nations. Covenant x. Title. 
Translation of Unfinished business. 

D644.B652 940.3141 A 46-6184 

© 23Jan46; Societe d 'editions et de publications, Paris; 

Bonsai, Stephen, 1865- 

Suitors and suppliants; the little nations at Versailles, by 
Stephen Bonsai. Introduction by Arthur Krock. New York, 
Prentice-Hall, inc., 1946. 

xili p., 2 1., 301 p. 23if. 

"Documented by the records of the author in his official capacity at 
Parts In 1919."— Introd. 

© 2Mayl4.6; 2c 28Apr/+6; author, Washing- 
ton, D. C; AJ+O38. 

Bonsanti, Alessandro, 1904- 

...' Introduzione al gran viaggio, racconto seguito da Fine 

dell' adolescenza. [Roma] Tumminelli [1944] 

4 p. 1., [11]-314 p., 3 1. 19-. (Half-title: Nuova blblloteca ltallana, 
dlretta da Arnaldo Bocelli. 22) 

"Prima edizione maggio 1944." 

© IMayluV; lc 230ctlj.5; Calogero 
Tumminelli; AF2222. 
Bonsirven, Joseph. 

... Saint Paul, fipitre aux Hcbrcux, 
introduction, traduction et commentairc, 
par le p. Joseph Bonsirven ... Paris, 
Beauchesne et ses fils, 19^3 • 

551 p. l8 cm . (Verbum salutis, XII) 

©50DecI|.5; lc 300ctij.5; publisher; 


Bonte-Dehon, Leon. 

... Le salaire productif dans un 

tissarre de roubaix. Tourcoing, Georges, 

frere [19^5] 
/,- ni cm 

65 p. 2m, , 

©15Apri|.5; lc 29Augl)-5; Editions 
Georges. frere; AF202. 
Bontemps, Arna Wendell, 1902- 

Slappy Hooper, the wonderful sign painter, by Arna Bon- 
temps and Jack Conroy ; pictures by Ursula Koering. Boston, 
Houghton Mifflin company, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 44 p. incl. col. front., col. illus. 22 1 24". 

I. Conroy, Jack, 1899- 
m. Title. 

Joint author, n. Koering, Ursula, Illus. 

PZ7.B6443S1 46-8242 

© 12Nov46; 2c 4Nov46; authors, Nashville and Chicago; 
Bonzon, Paul Jacques. 

... Loutsi-chien et ses jeunes maitres; illustrations de Louis 
Laf ond. Paris, Bourrelier et c" ( 1945] 

189 p., 11. Illus. 18-. (Collection prlmevere] 

©30Nov1+5j lc 8MayU6; Editions 
Bourrelier & cie; AFI360. 
Boo, Sigrid (Holmesland) 1898- 

... Daglig strev i norden, med tegninger av G0sta Hammar- 
lund. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co. (W. Nygaard) 1942. 

174 p., u illus. 21- 

At head of title : Sigrid Boo. 

1. Title. 

PT8950.B67D35 47-36161 

© 18Nov42 ; lc 180ct46 ; publisher ; AF5069. 
... The Book of knowledge; the children's encyclopedia that 
leads to love of learning; editor-in-chief, E. V. McLoughlin 
... educational consultant, Leonard Power ... with an intro- 
duction by Alexander J. Stoddard ... New York, The Gro- 
lier society inc. [1946-47] 

20 v. In 10. fronts, (v. 1, 3, 8, 13, 16, 18) illus. (incl. maps) plates 
(1 double) ports., charts, facsims., diagra. 25". 
Paged continuously. 

Some of the Illustrative matter is colored. 

1. Encyclopedias and dictionaries. i. McLoughlin, Ellen Veronica, 
1893- ed. n. Power, Leonard. 

AG5.M4 1946 031 47-290 rev 

© revisions, v. 1-10, 9Dec46, v. 11-20, 30Jan47; publisher; 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

The Book of knowledge. 

Who's who in the Book of knowledge. New York, Toronto, 
The Grolier society t 1946j 

It. IUus. (incl. ports.) 25J". 

"This volume, in addition to portraits and biographical sketches, In- 
cludes sample contributions taken from the main work Itself, conveniently 
placed opposite each contributor's page ... The looseleaf binder also 
makes It possible to add or take out contributors as future editions of the 
Book of knowledge and its annual may require." — Foreword. 
©18F«M«; Grolier aooi»ty, tno. , Hew York j 

1. V. s!— Biog. 2. Canada— Biog. i. Title 

The Book of knowledge annual, 19^6 . 
Editor: E. B,. McLoughlin. New York 
[etc.] Grolier society [191+6] 

Illustrated lining-papers. 

© 8Mayl4.6; Grolier society, inc., New 
York; A292l<.. 

The Bookfellow poetry annual, 19^6. 
The 9*h issue. Presenting the work 
of members of the order of 
Bookfellows. Chicago, Bookfellows 
J 1&6] 

© llpecl^: Flora Warren Seymour, 
Chicago; A7l4.ll. 
Boomer, Percy. 

On learning golf, by Percy Boomer; foreword by the Duke 
of Windsor. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

xii, 257, [1] p., 1 1. front., plates, dlagr. 19". 
"First American edition." 

© 12junk6; author, Sunningdale, Berks., 
Eng.; AI4.0I0. 

Booth, Edward Townsend, ioou- 

God made the country, by Edward Townsend Booth. New 
York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

xxv, 330, xx p., 1 1. illus. 19". 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. [322,-330. 

<9 14Peb46; 2c 20Jan46; Alfred A. Knopf, ino.j 

Borchard, Edwin Montenore, 1884- 

American foreign policy, by Edwin Borchard ... Indian- 
apolis, National foundation press, 1946. 

rill, 69 p. 22". s • 

On cover : 1776 to 1946. 

"Edition published for National foundation for education in American 

© 25FebL|0; National foundation for eduoetion 
in American citizenship, Indianapolis; A210?. 

Bordeaux, Henry, 1870- 

... Un crime sous le directoire; roman. Paris, PI on c 1946j 

4 p. l., vil, 366 p., 1 1. 19". 

On cover : 6* mllie. 

"Sources historiques" : p. 363-364. 

© 2MayM>; Librairle Plon; AF2117. 

Bordeaux, Henry* I87O- 
Le refuge; nouvelle ... 

( In Lea Oeuvres libres. Paris [I9U6] 
19 cm. n.s. no. 10 (236) .p. [33-50) 

©Uunl+6; author, Paris;, ^P 1935- 

Bordeaux, Henry, 1870- 

... Le remorqueur,. romany. Paris, 
Plon [191+5] 

ii, 299 p. 19 cm . 

© 15Junl45; lc 300ctlj.5; Librairie 
Plon; AP22I4.. 

Borden, Mary. 

... Journey down a blind alley. New York and London, 
Harper & brothers [1946] 

4 p. I., 3-364 p. 22J-. 

Map on lining-papers. 
"First edition." 

© llSepI(.6; Mary Borden Spears, London; 

Borden, Neil Hopper, 1895- 

National advertising in newspapers [byj Neil H. Borden ... 
Malcolm D. Taylor ... ( and) Howard T. Hovde ... Cambridge, 
Harvard university press, 1946. 

xiv, 486 p. Incl. tables, dlagrs. 21J". , 

"Source references" : p. 471-476. 

©21Mar46; President and fellows of Harvard 
oolleRe, Cambridge, Mass.; A2193. 

Borden, William Liscum. 

There will be no time; the revolution in strategy, by Wil- 
liam Liscum Borden. New York, The Macmillan company, 

1 p., 2 I., 225 p. 21". 
"First printing." 

1. Strategy. 2. U. S.— Defenses. 1. Title. 
U42.B57 355.4 

© 26Nov46; publisher; A8633. 


Borders, William Holmes, 1905- 

Seven minutes at the "mike" in the deep South, by William 
Holmes Borders. [Atlanta, B. F. Logan press, 1943] 
83 p. lllus. 22". 

"Second edition." 

"These radio sermonets originated in the main auditorium of Wheat 
street Baptist church over station WAGA." — Foreword. 

(2) 20Jan43; 2o 31Mar45; author, Atlanta; A597. 

Bordes, M R 

. . . Quartier allemand ; la vie au fort du Ha, sous 1 'occupation. 
Bordeaux, Editions Biere, 1945. 

112 p., 2 1. 16". [Collection "Temolgnages", 

© 15Febl4.5; lc 29Augi|-5; publisher; AP3lj.6. 

Borel, Mme . Emile 
see Borel, Marguerite (Appell) 

( Borel, Marguerite (Appell)] 

... Le buisson de lilas. Paris, J. Tallandier ( 1945j 

2 p. L, ,7,-252 p.. 2 L 19". 

Author's pseud., Camllle Marbo, at head of title. 
On cover : Roman. 

I. Title. 

PQ2603.O625B8 47-17512 

© 12Dec45 ; lc 8May46 ; Societe d'editions et de publications, 
Paris; AF1231. 

[Borel, Marguerite (Appell)] 

... La nidce du boucanier, roman. 

Paris, Flammarion [ 1 9U 5 ] 
236 p. 19 cm . 

Author's pseud., Camille Marbo, at 
head of title. 

©15Novl+5; lc lMarlj.6; Ernest Flamma- 
rion; AFI4.8I4.. 

Borely, Pierre. 

... Mon ami amlricain, roman, Paris, 
F. Sorlot, 1936. 

189 p. 19 cm . 

© 30Dec36; lc 2i|AprU6; Fernand Sorlot; 


BOOKS - GROUP 1-1946 

Borgen, Johan, 1902- 
... Dager pa Grini. Oslo, Gyldendal, norsk forlag, 1945. 
227, ill P- Plates. 20~. 
"11.-15. tusen." 

1. Grlni ( Concentration camp) I. Title. 

iFull name: Johan Collett MUller Borgeni 

D805.N6B6 47-18376 

© 28Aug45; lc 27Jul46; publisher; AF1416. 
Borgen, Johan, 1902- 
... Ingen sommer. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag t 1946) 
292. ,l| p. 22*-. 

x. Title. 

(Full name: Johan Collett MUller Borgen] 

PT8950.B713 1 5 . 47-19229 

© 2Apr46; publisher; AF5022. 
Borgen, Johan, 1902- 
... Nordahl Grieg. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 1945. 
87, tl, p. 23-. 
Portrait on cover. 

1. Grieg, Nordahl, 1902-1043. 

iFvll name: Johan Collett MUller Borgen] 

PT8950.G76Z63 47-19230 

© _HNov45; lc 27Jul46; publisher; AF1423. 
Borland, Hal G 1900- 

An American year ; country life and landscapes through the 
seasons, by Hal Borland ... New York, Simon and Schuster 
( 1946, 

5 p. 1., [3j-200 p. Incl. front., illus. 22°". 

"Some of the essays ... appeared first on the editorial pages of the 
New York times." — 3d prelim, leaf. 

© 22Jullj.6; 2c 19Junij.6; author, Stan- 
ford, Conn.; A5271. 

Borras , Tomas 
see Borras y Bermejo, Tomas, 1891- 

Borras y Bermejo, Tomas, 1891- 

Polichinelita, novela para ninos; original de Tomas Borras. 
Ilustrada por Zaragiieta. Madrid, B. Bureba [1946] 

1 p. 1., 5-159 p. illus. 22xl8J~. 

© 15Jani|.6; author; AP887. 
Bory, Jean Louis. 
Le chevre-pied . . . 

( In Les (5euvres libres. 
19 cm. n.s. no. 9 (235) p 

Paris [I9I4.6] 

© 15Apri|6; author, Magueneau, 
France; AF 191+2. 
Bory, Jean Louis. 

... Mon village a llieure allemande, roman. Paris, Flam- 
marion [1945] 

307, [l] p., 1 1. iff-. 

(C) 16Aug45; lo 300ot4S; Ernast Flammarion, 
Paris; AF377. 
Borzilleri, Eleonora Josephine, i»inr- 

The royal road, by E. J. Borzilleri ... Rev. ed. New York, 
Tyrrell hygienic institute, inc. [1946] 

viii, [2,, 308 p. incl. illus., 2 pi. (incl. port.) on 1 1. 19~. 

First published in 1894 under title: The royal road to health ... by 
Chas. A. Tyrrell ... 

"This three hundred and ninety-fourth edition of The royal road has 
been entirely rewritten and brought up to date. In fact, it Is more than 
a revision — it Is an original and new book." — Pref. 

© 31Jani|6; Tyrrell's hygienic insti- 
tute, inc., New York; A859. 

Bosley, Harold Augustus, 1907- 

On final ground (by; Harold A. Bosley. New York and 
London, Harper & brothers ( 1946, 

xi, 200 p. 194™. 

1. Methodist church — Sermons. 2. Sermons, American. 1. Title. 
BX8333.B565055 252.07 46-8166 

© 13Nov46; publisher, New York; A8246. 

Bossard, Marcus, 1864- 

Eighty-one years of living ... Minneapolis, Midwest print- 
ing co., 1946. 

77 p. illus., ports. 21J-. 

1. Title. 

R154.B74A3 926.1 Med 47-323 

© 3Dec46; publisher; A7369. 

Bost, Jacques Laurent. 

... Le dernier des metiers ... [Paris] Gallimard t 1946j 
4 p. 1., [11,-247 p., 2 1. 18J™. (Collection Espoir) 

1. World war, 1939-1945— Fiction. 1. Title. 

PQ2603.O636D4 843.91 47-17028 

© 8Apr46 ; Librairie Gallimard ; AF2127. 

Bost, Pierre, IjGI- 

Un an dans un tiroir, par Pierre Bost ... [Parisj Gallimard 

2 p. 1., 7-115, [1] p., 1 1. 18i~. (Les Essais, xvm) 

©2Decl+5; lc lMari+6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF585. 

[Bost, Pierrej 1901- 

... La haute fourche. [Paris] Les Editions de minuit ( 1945] 

2 p. 1., 7-76, [1] p. 16i~. 

Author's pseud.. Vivarias, at head of title. 

© 30Declji4.; lc 2Mart|.b; publisher; 

Bost, Pierre, 1901- 

... Monsieur Ladmiral va bientot mourir ... [Paris] Galli- 
mard [1945] 

2 p. 1., [7j-158 p., 1 1. 16J-. 
"9 s edition." 

© 2Dec45; lc lMar46; Librairie uallimard; 
AF 509. 

Bostick, Daisy F 

Carmel— today and yesterday, by Daisy Bostick. Carmel, 
The Seven arts, 1945. 

123 p. incl. illus. (incl. ports.) 2 pi., port, front. 19i~. 

Taken in part from Carmel — at work and play, by the author and 
Dorothea Castelhun. cf. p. 123. 

© 28Dec45j 2c llMar46; author, Carmel, Calif.; 

Both, Jessie Marie de 

see DeBoth, Jessie Marie. 
Bothereau, Robert. 

... Histoire du syndicalisme frangais, par Robert Bothereau 
. . . Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

127, tl] P- 17J-. ("Que sais-je?" Le point des connalssances actu- 
elles. [180]) 

"1™ Edition— 30 avrll 1945." 

© 30Aprl+5; lc 300ctl+5; publisher; 
AF 215. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

BothweU, Jean. 

River boy of Kashmir, by Jean Bothwell, illustrated by Mar- 
garet Ayer. New York, W. Morrow & company, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 246 p. incl. front, Illus., plates. 21". (Morrow Junior books, 

© 20c t^6; 2c 9Sepl+j6; William Morrow 
& co., inc.; A 6771. 

Bothwell, Jean. 

The thirteenth stone; a story of Rajputana, by Jean Both- 
well. Illustrated by Margaret Ayer. New York, Harcourt, 
Brace and company c 1946j 

6 p. 1„ 3-225 p. Inci. front, illus., plates. 20J". 

5) 18Apr46; 2o 10Apr46; Harcourt, Brace & Co., 
■a©.; A2704. 


Botkin, Robert James. 

Face value, by Robert James Botkin ... Denver, Col., The 
Marshall Adrian company [1946, 

4 p. 1., |ll]-203, [li P- Hlus. 18^. 
© revisions, 16Apr46j author. Denver; 14080. 

Botkin, Robert James. 

Priceless personality, by Robert James Botkin ... Denver, 
CoL, Marshall Adrian company [1946] 
201, (1, p. 18". 

(C) revi»iomi, 15Apr46j author, Denver? A4081. 

Botsford, Harry, 1890- 

The valley of oil, by Harry Botsford, with illustrations by 
Harry Hoehn. New York, Hastings house t 1946j 

Till, 278 p. Illus. 21". 

1. Petroleum — Pennsylvania — Venango co. 
TN872.P4B6 622.338 

© 160ct46 ; author, New York, A8142. 


Bottacchiari, Rodolfo, 1885- 

... La Germania e il suo demone. [Roma] Apollon [1945] 

335, [1] p. 18i~. 

An enlarged edition of the author's Da Worms a Weimar, first pub- 
lished In 1919. cf.p. 7. 

"Appendlee blbllograflca" : p. [S05]-318. 

©22Pebl;5; lc l6Augl+.6; "Apollon" 
Society editrlce tipografica, Rome; 
AP2229 . 

Bottal, Alessandro. 

... La citta" nuova; creazione origi- 
nale per lo Schermo. Firenze, A* 
Conti & c, I9I4.6. 

15 p. 

© 5JU11I4.6; author, Florence; AF5II5. 

Bott^ieau, Constant. 

... Tra9age des constructions metal- 
liques et de chaudronnerie general! tes 
cours pratique a 1' usage des Sieves des 
ecoles professionnelles, des traeeurs, 
dessinateurs, contremaltres et chefs de 
service, par Constant Bottieau ... 2. ed. 
Paris, Dunod, 1945 • 
■ 2v« in 1. tables, diagrs. 27cm. 

(Bibliotheque de l'enseignement technique,, 
l er cycle, pub. sous la direction de 
James Renaud) 

© lAugl^; lc 300ctl4.5; publisher; AF29. 

Bo t tone, Phyllis, 188I4.— 

... La cite resiste; roman traduit de 
-1' anglais par J. Hubler et E. Delile. 
Geneve, J. H. Jeheber, s.a. [etc., etc., 


2i|/| p. 19cm. 

At head of title: Ph. Bottome. 
Translation of: London pride. 

© lMari^; lc 2l+Pebi|.6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AP885. 

Bottome, Phyllis, 1884- 

The life line [by, Phyllis Bottome. Boston, Little, Brown 
and company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., [3J-352 p. 20J". 
"First edition." 

© 5Mar46; 2o 21Feb46; Phyllis Forb«-D*nni« , 
London; A1428. 

Bouchez, Robert. 

... Hitler que j'ai vu naitre. Couverture et frontispice de 
Louis Le Page. Paris, J. Melot [1945] 

141, [2] p. lUus. (Incl. facslms.) 18". (Hal! -title: Dans les coulisses 
de l'hlstolre) 

© IJUH4.5; lc 500ctU5; Editions 
Jacques Melot; AF 5&. 

Boudot-Lamotte, Emmanuel. 

... Athdnes et l'Attique, cent 
-quarante photographies inedites de 
l»auteur. Paris, Editions Tel 

[128] p. illus. 

© 30Decl|l; lc 2J+AprI|6; publisher; 

Bouillier, Jean du 
see Du Bouillier, Jean, I89IJ.- 

Bouissounouse, Janine. 

... Maison occupee. [Paris, Gallimard t 1946, 
3 p. 1., |9j-350, (2, p. 19". 

1. World war, 1939-1945— Fiction. 1. Title. 

PQ2603.O735M3 47-17510 

© 2Apr46 ; Librairie Gallimard ; AF1634. 

Boulestin, M. 
see Boulestin, Xavier Marcel. 

Boulestin, Xavier Marcel 

Paris, Londres aux environs de 
1900; souvenirs ineclits. 

(In Les Oeuvres libres. Paris 
[19143"] 19 cm. n.s. no. 6 
(no. 232) p. [135J-1610 

© 15Decl4-5; lc lMarlj.6; M. Boulestin, 
Paris; AF76I. 


Bourcier, Emmanuel, 1880- 

... La mort a passe dans la maison, roman ... Paris, Lea 
Ordres de chevalerie t 1945j 

/ t. map. 18". 
Contents. — 1. 1~ gpoque, 1939-1940. 

1©26NovI+.5; lc lMarlj.6; publisher; AF 561, 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bourdan, Pierre, pseud . 
see Maillaud, Pierre, 1909- 

Bourdel, L£one. 

... La connaissance des hommes par la psychobiologie. 1. Au 

service des entreprises et des institutions. 11. Classification 

des tendances et des aptitudes. Paris, Editions Medicis, 1946. 

3 p. 1., ith-109 p.. 2 1. forms (part fold.) 25". (La Science de 

1. Ability— Testing. 2. Psychology, Physiological. i. Title. 
BF431.B6316 131 47-17426 

© 15Apr46; publisher; AF2083. 

Bourdel, Leone. 

... La mission de la France, precede de L'etat organisme 
vivant et de Notes pour une revolution. Paris, Editions Me- 
dicis, 1945. 

4 p. 1., (7,-81, (2) p. pi., dlagrs. (part fold.) 25-. 

©15JU11+5; lc 300cti^5; Editions Medi- 
cis, Paris; AF89. 

Bourgat, Marcelle. 

... Technique de la danse, par Marcelle Bourgat; preface de 
Leandre Vaillat. Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1946. 

125, [2, p. lllus., dlagrs. 17J— . ("Que sals-je?" Le point des con- 
nalssances actuelles. [196]) 

© 10Janl4.6; publisher; AF2109. 

Bourget, Paul Charles Joseph, 1852-1935. 
. . . Le demon de midi . . . Paris, A. Fayard ( 1946j 
2 p. 1., Iv, 401 p., 2 1. 19-. 
At head of title : Paul Bourget. 

© revisions, 20May46; F. Brouty, J. Fayard et cie., Paris; 

Bourget, Paul Charles Joseph, 1852-1935. 
... L'etape. Paris, A Fayard [1946] 
8p.l., (9)-848p.,21. 19-. 
At head of title : Paul Bourget 

© revisions, 15Apr46; F. Brouty, J. Fayard et cie., Paris; 

Bourget-Pailleron, Robert. 

• •• La honte de la f ami lie, roman. 
Paris, Flammarion [19^53 

219 p. 19cm. 

© 15Sep^5; lc 500ct^5; Ernest 
Flammarion; kF^fk* 

Bourget-Pailleron, Robert. 

Les messieurs de Rochef ault . . . 

(In Les 6euvres libres. Paris [I9I4.5] 
'19cm. n.s. no. 7 (233) P. 1793-150) 

© 30Decl4-5; lc 8May^6; author, 
Paris; AFI37I4.. 

Bourguignon, Jean, ed. 

Napoleon; 6euvres~ 3"' art et documents, 
pre'sente's par Jean Bourguignon. [Paris] 
Editions "Tel" [19^33 

cover-title, xv, [1] p., 129 pl« on 
38 1. 32 l/2cm. 

In portfolio. 

"LSgendes des illustrations'*: p. ii- 

© 23Declj.3; lc 2Marlj.6; publisher; 
AF786 . 

Bourillen, H. L. 
see Hamp, Pierre, 1876- 

Bourillon, Henri 
see Hamp, Pierre, 1876- 

Bourliaguet, L6oncc. 

... Par monts ot par vaux. Dcssins 
originaux de R. Bresson. Paris, Soci6t6 
universitairc d'6ditions et de librairic 


lJ+2 p. illus. 18 l/2cm, 

©'15Sep)4-5; lc 2Marlj.6; publisher; 


Bourne, Henry Eldridge, 1862- 

The Church of the covenant, the first hundred years, bj 
Henry E. Bourne ... Cleveland, O., The Church of the cove 
nant ( c 1945] 

83 p. plates. 23". 

Cover-title : The first 100 years. 

"William P. Champney, jr. ... compiled the annotated list of minister 
which forms the Appendix." — Note. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

©15Dec45| 2c 16Apr4Cj publisher; A2314. 

Bousquet, Joe. 

... Le medisant par bonte. Histoires d'avares, de fols, de 
peulucres, de pouillacres, contarailles et contaraignes, comple- 
tees par une note de Frerot sur la medisance. [Paris] Galli- 
mard t 1945] 

3 p. I., [9i-237, (ll P- 21". 

© 30Juli^5; lc 300ct^5; Librairie Galli- 
mard, Paris; AF 199. 

Boutaric, Augustin Marius Arsene, 1885- 

... La physique de la vie, par A. Boutaric . . . Paris, Presses 
universitaires de France, 1945. 

136 p. illus. 18—. ("Que sats-je?" Le point deB connalssances 
actuelles, 184) 

"ire edition 15 Juillet 19L.5."' 
© 15Jull+5;. lc lMarlio; publisher; AF 7^0 . 

Boutell, Clarence Burley, 1908- 

The fat baron, written By Clip Boutell ; pictures by Frank 
Lieberman. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1946. 

(48) p. incl. front, lllus. 24". 
Map on lining-papers. 

/f_150ctlj.6; 2c 25Sepl|6; author, New York; 

Boutell, Clip 
see Jbutell, Clarence Burley, 1908- 

Boutonier, Juliette. 

... L'angoisse ... Paris, Presses 
universitaires de France, 19^5. 

3 p. 1., 314 p., 2 1. 22 l/2cm. 
(Bibliotheque de philosophie contempo- 
raine. Psychologie et sociologie, 
section dirigle par Maurice Pradines) 

© 15Junif5; lc lMarif6; publisher; 

Bouttier, Edwige. 

... Belle par le sport, par Edwige 
Bouttier, preface de Lucien Francois. 
Paris, Societe d' editions modernes 
parisienne [I9J+5] 

97 p. illus. 22 l/2cm. (L 1 Encyc- 
lopedic de votre beaute, collection 
dirig6e par Edwige Bouttier et Lucien ' 
Francois ... IV) 

© 15Jani4-5; lc 29Augl;5; publisher; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bouttier, Edwigc. 

... L'ecolier bien portant, par Edwige 
Bouttier, preface de Lucien Francois, 
Paris, Socie'te' d 1 editions modernes paris- 
icnne [I9I+I1] 

97 p. illus. 23 om . (LVEncyclo- 
p6die de votre beaute",' collection dirig6e 
par Edwige Bouttier et Lucien Francois 
... Ill) 

© ]j;arl+i(.; lc 29Augl;5; publisher; 


Bouvet, Jean 

see Satanil, Jean. 

Bouvier, Rene. 

... Les migrations vegetales. Paris, Flammarion [1946] 

306 p., 3 1. 19-. (Bibliotheque de philosophic scientiflque. Dlrec- 
teur : Paul Gaultier) 

Includes bibliographical references. 

1. Plant Introduction. 2. Plants, Cultivated. 3. Botany — Geograph- 
ical distribution. i. Title. 

SB109.B6 • t 581.5226 A F 47-2593 

© 14Mar46 ; Ernest Flammarion ; AF1905. 
Bove, Arthur Philip, 1911- 

First over Germany, a -story of the 30Gth bombardment 
group, by Arthur P. Bove. San Angelo, Tex., Newsfoto pub- 
lishing co., °1946. 

|148| p. illus. (part col. ; incl. ports., facsims.) 28™. 

1. U. S. Army air forces. 306th bombardment group. 2. World war, 
1939-1945 — Aerial operations, American. 3. World war, 1939-1945— Pic- 
torial works. i. Title. 
D790.B6 . 940.544973 47-17142 

© 1Nov46; 2c 280ct46; author, Putnam, Conn.; A8425. 

Boven, Adriaan van, pseud . 
see Kamp, Wolter van der, 1913- 

Bovet, Theodore, 1900- 

... Die ehe, ihre krise und neuwerdung; ein handbuch fur 
eheleute und ihre berater, von Th. Bovet ... 2. unveriinderte 
aufi Bern, P. Haupt, 1946 { i. e. 1945] 

248 p. 21 i". (His Der mensch und seine ordnung, bd. n) 

"Schrlf ttum" : p. 233-239. 

1. Marriage. I. Title. 

HQ739.B68 1945 47-17217 

Pub. l7Dec45; lc 3lOct46; Paul Haupt, verlag; AF5152. 

Bovet, Theodore, 1900- 
... Die person, ihre krankheiten und wandlungen; ein leit- 

faden fiir studierende und arzte, von Th. Bovet ... Bern, P. 

Haupt, 1946 t i. e. 1945] 

199 p. 21 J" - . (Hit Der mensch und seine ordnung, bd. x) 
"Schrlfttum" : p. 185-192. 

"Copyright I9I4.6." 

1. Psychology, Pathological. 2. Personality. 3. Personality, Disorders 
of. i. Title. 

RC601.B767 616.85 Med 47-804 

Pub. 150ct45; lc 3lOct46; Paul Haupt, verlag; AF5158. 

Bowden, Aberdeen Orlando, 1881- 

The day before yesterday in America ( by] A. O. Bowden ... 
Carmen Gonzalez de Porter ... Prudence Cutright ... t and) 
W. W. Charters ... Illustrated by Lorence Bjorkland. New 
York, The Macmillan company [1946] 

xi, 283 p. Illus. (Incl. maps) 21". (Half-title: Macmillan In ter-Amer- 
lcan series, ed. by G. I. Sanchez) 

© 19F«b46; publisher; A1092. 

Bowden, William Sheldon. 

The dawn of day ; or, Hope for tomorrow, by Rev. William 
Sheldon Bowden ... New York, N. Y., The Hobson book 
press, 1946. 

6 p. 1., 151 p. 21- 

© 5Jull|6; author, Clarkston, Wash.; 

Bowen, Albert E 

Constancy amid change, by Albert E. Bowen ... Radio ad- 
dresses delivered over station KSL from the Tabernacle in 
Salt Lake City, Utah. [Salt Lake City, The Deseret news 
press, c 1944j 

211, [1, p. front, (port.) col. Illus. 24-. 

© 40ot44; 2c 9Jan46; publisher; A265. 

Bowen, Barbara (MacDonald) 1876- 

Through Bowen museum with Bible in hand, by Barbara M. 
Bowen. Grand Rapids, Mich., Wm. B. Eerdmans publishing 
company, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 184 p. plates. 20i". 
© 5Jun46; publisher; A4309. 

Bowen, Dana Thomas, 1896- 

Memories of the lakes, told in story and picture by Dana 
Thomas Bowen. Daytona Beach, Fla., D. T. Bowen, 1946. 

2 p. 1., [Vii|-xv, 292 p., 6 1. incl. plates, ports., facsims., tables. 23J— . 

Map on lining-papers. 
Bibliography : p. 278-281. 

1. Great lakes— Hist. 2. Shipping— Great lakes. 
F551.B692 977 

©2Dec46; author; A8820. 


Bowen, Elizabeth, 1899- 

Anthony Trollope, a new judgement ( byj Elizabeth Bowen. 
London, New York [etc.] G. Cumberlege, Oxford university 
press, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 22 p., 1 1. pi., port, map, facslm. 19". 

"First broadcast by the BBC on 4 May 1945." 
Bibliography : p. 21-22. 

Pub. l6l.Iayi|6; lc 12Jullj.6; Elizabeth 
Cameron, Regents Park, London; AI 3l8» 

Bowen, Elizabeth, 1899- 

The demon lover, and other stories by Elizabeth Bowen. 
London, J. Cape [1945] 

189 p. 19}-. 

"First published 1945." 

Pub. 220ot46; lo 8Jan4€; author, London; AI 39. 

Bowen, Elizabeth, 1899- 

Ivy gripped the steps, and other stories by Elizabeth Bowen. 
New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

xiv p., 1 1„ 233 p., 1 1. 19-. 

"First American edition." 

Contents. — In the square. — Sunday afternoon. — The inherited clock. — 
The cheery soul. — Songs my father sang me. — The demon lover.— Care- 
less talk. — The happy autumn fields. — Ivy gripped the steps. — Pink 
May. — Green holly. — Mysterious Kor. 

©HApri|6; 2c 2i|Nari|6; author, London; 

Bowen, Louise Hadduck (de Koven) 1859- 

Open windows; stories of people and places, by Louise de 
Koven Bowen. Chicago, R. F. Seymour, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 9-272 p. Incl. front (2 port.) Illus. 22J-. 

© 1Ju146; author, Chicago; A4878. 

Bowen, Richard Le Baron. 

Early Rehoboth, documented histori- 
cal studies of families and events in 
this Plymouth colony township, by 
Richard Le Baron Bowen. [v. 2] Reho- 
both, Mass., Priv. print, [by the Rum- 
ford press, Concord, N. H.] 19^-6. 

x, 177 P» front., plates, facsims. 
23 1/2 cm. 

© 13Novl|.6; author, c/o Coated tex- 
tile mills, inc., Pawtucket, R. I.: 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bowen, Robert Sidney, 1900- 

Make mine murder, by R. Sidney Bowen. New York, Crown 
publishers [1946, 

2 p. 1., 252 p. 20-. 

© 10ctl|6; 2c 8Sepl+6; publisher; A5927. 

Bowen, Robert Sidney, 1900- . . 

Red Randall's one-man war, by R. Sidney Bowen. New 
York, Grosset & Dunlap [1946, 

v p., 1 L, 215 p. incl. front. 19™. 
(5) 16Jan46; Grosset A Dunlap, Inc.; A1028. 

Bower, Barbara Euphan (Todd) 

Miss Ranskill comes home, a novel by Barbara Bower. New 
York, G. P. Putnam's sons [1946, 

„ 4 p. 1., 247 p. 21- 

First published In the Saturday even- 
ing post, May 1914.6. 

O 12Jul46; 2c 27JU11I4.6; author, Blew- 
bury, Berks., Eng.; A4955. 

Bower, William Clayton, 1878- 

The living Bible, by William Clayton Bower ... Rev. ed. 
New York and London, Harper & brothers [1946, 

ix, 229 p. I9i~ 

"A selected bibliography" : p. 217-219. 

© 50Jan46j publisher. Hew York) A777. 

Bowers, Edwin Frederick, 1871- 

Know your prostate ; the dangerous age of man, by Edwin F. 
Bowers. New York, Knickerbocker publishing company t 1945j 

152 p. incl. front 20". 
(?) 28Dee46; 2c 29Dee45; publisher; A7. 

Bowers, Inez (Kogan) 
see Hogan, Inez, 1900- 

Bowers, Russell Louis, 1902- 

Basic accounting; principles and 
procedure, Part II. [Pittsburgh, 
Mimeographed by the author] CI9J+6. 
8 0.» 213-I4.O8 numb. P. 28 l/2cm. 

Paged continuously with the first 

© lOJullj.6; author, Pittsburgh; 

Bowersox, Fred C 1889- 

Our government: Iowa and the TJirited States; a text book 
for use in the schools of Iowa, by'Fred C. Bowersox ... and 
Clarence T. Benson . . . Masor^City, la., Klipto loose leaf com- 
pany (1946, 

193 p. illus. (tncl. port, maps) 22J— . 

© 18Apr46) authors, Clinton la. and Mason City,, 
la. j A6032. 

Bowker, Benjamin Cushing. 

Out of uniform, by Benjamin C. Bowker. New York, W. W. 
Norton & company, inc. ,1946, 

xlil,15-259 p. illus. (Incl. maps) diagrs. 21-. 
"First edition." 

1. Soldiers— U. S. 2. Veterans— TJ. S. 3. U. S. Army— Military life. 
4. World war, 1939-1945— U. S. 1. Title. 

D769.1.B68 355.115 46-8182 

© 8Nov46; publisher; A8242. 

Bowman, Cecily. 

Forever yours, by Cecily Bowman. New York, Arcadia 
house, inc., 1946. 

255 p. 19-. 

© HJani|.6; publisher; A362I+. 

Bowman, Jeanne, pseud . 
see 0ti,: ore> Peggy, 1897- 

Bov/yer, Nina 
see Hoy, Elizabeth, pseud . 

Boxer, Emily (Halm) 
see Hahn, Emily, 1905- 

[Boy, Paolo] 

... L'aereo delle 8, 15» creazione 
originale per lo schermo. [Cagliari, 
E. Granero, I9U6] 

79 [1] p. 2icm. 

© lSeplj.6; autnor, Gagliari (Sar- 
degna) Italy; AF5311. 

Boy scouts of America. 

Adventuring for senior scouts. [New 
York] Boy scouts of America, c 19^6. 

4 p. / . , 6i>G p. illus. (incl. maps) 
diagrs. 17 l/2™. 

Revisions compiled under supervision 
of Lome W. Barclay. 

previsions, 12Aprij.6; publisher; 
Boy scouts of America. 

Handbook for scoutmasters ... New 
York, Boy scouts of America [19^6] 
2 v. illus. 17 l/2 cn . 

"Copyright 19^5." 

On cover: A manual of leadership. 
^Third handbook for scoutmasters," 
Prepared by Lome W. Barclay. 

2, p. II25-HI4.2. 
1, 12I.Iarij.6j v. 2, 

Bibliography: v. 

Pub .y revisions , v 
28Hayl|6; publisher;' AI9H+., aI|_81+<). 

Boyd, Neva Leona. 

Hospital and bedside games, by Neva L. Boyd ... Rev. ed. ... 
Chicago, 111., H. T. FitzSimons company, inc., "1945. 

71 p. Illus., diagrs. 20J™. 

<C) 16Jul45; 2c 14Dec45j publisher; A330. 

Boyd's Pottsville (Schuylkill county, 
Pa.) city directory, v. 56, 191+5-Ij.o, 
including Mechanic sville, I,:t. Carbon 
and Palo Alto ... Boston, R. L. Pole 
& co., 19^6. 

© 22Apri|.6; R. L. Polk & co., inc., 
Boston; A3211.' 
Boyd's Reading (Berks county, Pa.) city 

directory, v. 83, 19^4-5 • Including 
Grenfields, Hyde Crest, Hyde Park ... 
Boston, R. L. Polk & co., inc., c 19lj-6, 

© lMayij.6; publisher; A5826. 

Boyd's Williamsport (Lycoming county, 
Pa.) city directory, v. 68, 19^-5* 
including 1 South Williamsport, 
Du Boistown, and Montoursville ... 
Boston, R. L. Polk & Co., c 19i|6. 

© 30Jani|6; R. L. Polk & co., inc.; 
A201? . 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Boyor, Andrl, I889- 

. .*. p£dago3ie chretienne; problSmes 
et mfithodos. Paris, P. Lethielleux, 

vii, 312 p. 22 cm . 

On cover: 2. rnille. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 
© 30Mayl±5j lc 2I.iayli.6; publisher; 
AF9i|0 . 

Boyer, Lee Emerson, 1900- 

Matheniatics, a historical development, by Lee Emerson 
Boyer ... New York, II. Holt and company ( 1946j 

xvii, 478 p. illus., diagrs. 22"°. 

Bibliography at end of each part except one. 

"Answers to odd-numbered exercises and problems" : p. 461-467. 

Previously published under title: An 
introduction to mathematics for teachers. 
©2Kayl+6; Henry Holt & co., inc.; Aij.168. 

Boyer, Noel. 

... La guerre des bouffons et la 
musique francaise (I752-I75I1.) 3uivi 
de Le mal des chevres, Irois por- 
traits, Boussaingault et Loucat, Les 
fondements biologiques. Vergennes, 
par Madeleine Fugairon, Claude Vallee, 
Jacques Wilhelm, Philippe Aries [et] 
Francois Leger. Paris, Editions de 
la nouvelle France [ 19^4-5 3 

281 p., 2 i. 18 l/2cm. (On cover: 
Cahiers de la restauration francaise. 

©25Junl+5; 2Marlj.6; publisher; AF579. 

Boyers, Bettina, I89I- 

The white mazurka, by Bettina Boyers. Garden City, New- 
York, Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 

191 p. 18J-. 

"First edition." 

© 20Junii.6; 2c 5Junl|.6; Bettina Bruckner, 
New York; AJ4.67O. 

Boyle, Kay, 1903- 

... A Frenchman must die. New York, Simon and Schuster, 

5 p. I., 213, [li p. 21J™. 

"A somewhat shorter version ... appeared serially In the Saturday 
evening post." 

© lAjr46j 2c 3F«M6j author, Hew York) A4S42. 

Boyle, Kay, 1903- 

Thirty stories by Kay Boyle. New York, Simon and 
Schuster [1946] 

x, 362 p., 11. 21- 

I. Title. 

PZ3.B69796Th 46-11845 

© 20Nov46; 2c 240ct46; author, % Ann Watkins, inc., New 
York; A9327. 

Boyle, Louis Morris, 1890-" 

Orchid town is America's foremost Cynibidium orchid 
grower, El Rancho Rinconada, Ojai, California. Copyright Louis M.Boyle... Ojai, Calif., 1946. 

ilOl) p. illus. (part col., lncl. maps) 304™. 

Cover-title : El Rancho Rinconada. 

"This Is book no. 106." 

1. Cymbldtum ((Orchid)) 2. El Rancho Rinconada, Ojai, Calif. 

©15Augi4.6; author, Ojai, Calif.; A531+1. 

Boyle, Mary Electa, sister. 

Mother Seton's Sisters of charity in western Pennsylvania 
[byj Sister Mary Electa Boyle. t Greensburg, Pa.] 1946. 

1 p. 1., x, 251 p. front., plates, ports>, farsims. 23J™. 
liibHographical foot-notes. 

© Uulli.6; Sisters of charity, Greens- 
burg, Pa.; A3I4.92. 
Boylston, Helen (Dore) 1895- 

Carol on tour, by Helen Dore Boylston. Illustrated by Major 
Felten . . . Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1946. 

6 p. 1., 3-205 p. front., plates. 19J-' 

"An Atlantic monthly press book." 
"First edition." 

(Q 150ctlj.6; 2c 21SepJi.h; author, West- 
port, ^onn.; A6258. 

Brace, Ernest. 

Buried stream [byj Ernest Brace. New York, Harcourt, 
Brace and company t 1946) 

4 p. 1., 3-290 p. 20i-. 

"First edition." 
(C) 19Apr46j 2c 10Apr46j publisher; A2706. 
Brachin, Pierre. 

... Les 13 cles de la grammaire allemande. Paris, Hachette 
( 1945) 

30 p., 1 1. 191". 

©26Ju1[l5; lc 2Mayi4.6; Librairie Hachette: 

,Brackett, Esther M ] 

The valiant little tailor ... illustrated by Dolli Tingle tf>seud A 
Kenosha, Wis., John Martin's house, inc. [1946] 

[32, p. col. Illus. 21 x 17™. 

"A Bonnie book." 

An adaptation by Dolll Tingle of Grimms' Das tapfere schnelderleln. 

1. Grimm, Jakob Ludwlg Karl, 1780-1863. Das tapfere schnelderleln. 
n. Title. 

PZ8.B646Val 47-85 

© 25Mnr46; James & Jonathan co., Kenosha, Wis.; A7050. 

Bradbury, Dorothy Edith. 
... Learning to care for children, 1946 ed. New York, D. 

Appleton-Century company, incorporated |1946j 

ix, [I,, 153 p. Illus. 22™. 

At head of title: Dorothy E. Bradbury and Edna P. Amidon. 
"Some books for children" : p. 139-145. "Songs for children" : p. 146. 
"Some references for teachers" : p. 147-150. 

© 12«ar4«; publisher; A1«6S. 

Braddock, Joseph, 1902- 

Swanhild, a play in three acts, by Joseph Braddock. Lon- 
don, Chaterson ltd. [1946j 

vll, 56 p. 19". 

In verse. 

"Based largely upon the last four chapters of William Morris's trans- 
lation of the Volsunga saga." — Dust Jacket. 
"First published 1946 " . , 

Pub. 21FebIi.6; lc lJMarl+o; author, 

P^tesai^SVtfe.^- AI 158 « 
Bradford, John. 

Retail merchandiser's handbook, by John Bradford, Bos- 
ton, B. Humphries, inc. [1945j 

73 p. 20J~ 

© 29Novlj.5; lc 25Novb,5; lc 15JanI).6; 
author, Boston; AllOiJ.. 

Bradford, Margaret, comp. 

Keep singing, keep humming ; a collection of play and story 
songs by Margaret Bradford, accompaniments by Barbara 
Woodruff, illustrated by Lucienne Bloch. New York, W. R. 
Scott, inc. [1946] 

2 p. 1., [9)-66 p. illus. (part col.) 21* x 25". (Young Scott books) 
For solo voice with piano accompaniment, 

©15Mar46; Margaret Bradford Boni* New 
York; A2476. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bradley, Charles B 

Design in the industrial arts, by Charles' B. Bradley ... 
Peoria, 111., The Manual arts press [1946, 

254 p. IdcI. front, lUus., dlagra. 22- . 

Bibliography, at end of each part _ 

© 17Janlj.6; author, Buffalo; A835. 
Bradley, Cliff. 

Building the small boat, written and illustrated by Cliff 
Bradley. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

Till p.. 1 1., 222 p. illus. 21- 

(C) 71fey4S { 2c 10Apr46, publisher; 12937. 

Bradley, Ora (Lewis) 1869- 

A rose by any other name, by Ora Lewis Bradley. Boston, 
The Christopher publishing house t 1946) 

lx, 11-202 p. front, (port.) Illus. 20}-. 

l Title. 

PZ3.B72654BO 46-22638 

© 2lOct46; publisher; A6602. 
Bradshaw-Isherwood, Christopher 
see Isherwood, Christopher, 190^4.- 

( Braggiotte, Aldo, 

... Le glacier de Mortcombe, roman policier ... [Paris, Edi- 
tions francaises nouvelles, 1945] 

255, [1] p. 19—. (Le Roman policier moderne) 

Author's pseud., Edmond Aide, at head of title. 

i. Title. 

PQ2603.R266G6 47-17755 

© 30Dec45 ; lc 9 Aug46 ; publisher ; AF1929. 
t Braggiotte, Aldo, 

... La mort du peintre . . . [Paris, Bordas, 1945] 
210 p., 1 1. 19-. ( Le Roman policier moderne) 
Author's pseud., Edmond Aide, at head of title. 

1. Title. 

PQ2603.R266M6 47-17754 

© 30Sep45 ; lc 9Aug46 ; publisher ; AF1931. 

Brahmfinanda, awami , I863-I922. 

*.. Discipline monastique, commen- 
taires de awami Yatiawarfinanda. Prlface 
de Jean Herbert. Traduction francaiae 
par Odette de Sauaaure et Jean Herbert 
... (2. id,) Paris, A* Maiaonneuve 
[etc., etc.) 19k5» 

2 p. jf., [71-llrlr P. iHua. 19 cm . 
(Lea aranda mattres apirituela dans 
l'Inde oontemporaine . Collection pub. 
aoua la direction de Jean Herbert et 
Liselle Raymond) 

"Copyright I9I4.3." 

© ljullj.5; lc 27Augl+5{ Jean Herbert, 
Oonfaron (Var) Prance; AFll. 

Brahms, Caryl, pseud . 
see Abrahams, Doris Caroline, 1901- 

Braive, Jean. 

Aide-memoire de l'ingenieur-constructeur de beton arme, par 
Jean Braive ... preface de L. Suquet ... 4. ed. Paris, Dunod, 

2 p. 1., (VH)-xli p., 2 1, 888 p. incL illus., tables, dlagrs. 21}-. 

© 22Juni+2; lc 29Augi+5; publisher; 

Bralliar, Floyd Burton, 1875- 

The southern gardener, by Dr. Floyd Bralliar, with illustra- 
tions by Lewis L. Stanley. Nashville, Rich printing company 
press [1946j 

227 p. illus. 23}-. 

© 17JunI|.6: Tennessean newspapers, inc., 
Nashville; AI4.512. 

Brame, Isaiah Jefferson, 1893- 

The kingdom relationship, by Isaiah Jefferson Brame, m. a. 
Nampa, Id., Priv. print. [Caldwell, The Caxton printers, ltd.] 

141 p. 20}-. 

Errata slip Inserted. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 21Jun46j author, Nampa, Id. ; A3439. 

Brameld, Theodore Burghard Hurt, 1904- 

... Minority problems in the public schools; a study of ad- 
ministrative policies and practices in seven school systems [by] 
Theodore Brameld ... New York and London, Harper & 
brothers [1946, 

lr p., 1 1., 264 p. 21—. „ ([Bureau for intercultural education, New 
York] Problems of race and culture In American education, irvj) 

"First edition." 
(£) 22Uayl t 6; publisher, New York; AI4367. 

Brammall supply company. 

... Industrial supplies, pipe, valves 
and fittings. Catalog no. 73. Benton 
Harbor, Mich., [19^6] 

© 2LMayi^.6; R. R. Donnelley & sons 
company, Chicago; A3U-39 • 

[Bramson, Elyj 1889- 

This is the road to stock market success, by George Seamans 
ipseud. : ... Chicago, 111., Seamans-Blake, inc., 1946. 

3 p. 1., 237, [l! p.* 25}-. 

"Second printing, revised edition 1946." 

"This edition of the book-begun in 1937 as 'The seven pillars' and 
rewritten in 1939 and again in 1943-now comprises not only the best of 
all previous editions but also the essence of all my written lectures 
(Trade as you learn course) during the period 1938-1941." — Author's 

© lMarlj.6; publisher; A2983. 

Bramson, Roy T 

Highlights in the history of American mass production, by 
Roy T. Bramson ... Illustrations from the Carl W. Drepperd 
collection. Detroit, Mich., The Bramson publishing company, 

2 p. 1., ,7,-144 p. Illus. 19-. 
Bibliography : p. 143-144. 

(C) 22Dec45; 2c 2Jan46; publisher; A41. 

Branch, Florenz, pseud . 

see Stonebraker, Florence. 
Branch, Frederick William, 1886- 

Land of the Yankees, by Frederick W. Branch. Man- 
chester, N. H. [Granite state press, inc.] 1946. 

112, ,2, p. 21-. 


i. Title. 

PS3503.R2567L3 811.5 47-559 

■ © l7Dec46; author, Goffstown, N. H. ; A9385. 
Branch, William George, 1867- 

By unknown ways ... by W. G. Branch. Philadelphia, The 
Westminster press t 1946] 

172 p. 16". 

London edition (Lutterworth press) has title: They also serve, 

© 30*eplj.6; W. L. Jenkins, Philadelphia; 

Brand, Christianna, pseud . 
see Lewis, Mary Christina. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Branderiberger, Ernst, 1906- 

Rontgenographisch-analytische chemie; moglichkeiten und 
ergebnisse von untersuchungen mit rontgeninterferenzen in der 
chemie, von dr. E. Brandenberger . . . Basel, Birkhauser [194fa 

287 p illus., diagrs. 24J°*. (Half-title: LehrbUcher und mono- 
graphien aus dem gebiete der exakten wlssenschaften, 7. Chemische 
relhe, bd. n) 

Bibliographies at end of each chapter except the first. 

© 19Feblj.6; Verlag Birkhauser, a.g.; 
AF87O . 

Brandt, Heidi. 

. Doing things. Cleveland and New York, The World 
publishing company ( 1946j 

(53) p. illus. (parted.) 21i~. 

"First published September 1946." 
On cover : A Rainbow book. 

© 25SepU6; Duenewald printing corp., 
New York j A596O. 

Brandt, Herman Francis, 1895- 

The psychology of seeing, by Herman F. Brandt ... New 
York, The Philosophical library ( 1946^ 

xvi,240p. illus. (incl. facsims.) diagrs. 21 J*". 

"Mainly n report of the Visual research laboratories [Of Drake uni- 
versity)" — p. 111. 

Bibliography: p. 221-225. 
"Copyright 1945." 
Pub. 28Jan4«} Philosophical library, ine.$ A3461. 

Brandt s Johanna. 

The grape cure ... [11th ed. ] New 
York, Harmony center. CI9I+6. 

206 p. illus. l8 l/2cm. 

Brant, Irving Newton 
see Brant, Irving, I885- 

Brant, Vinca. 

. . . Nummer 7, en roman f ra 
dal, 1944. 


K0benhavn, Gylden- 

180 p. 21i~. 

r. Title. 



© 9Sep44; lc 29Jan47; Gyldendalske boghandel 
f orlag, Copenhagen ; AF5033 


Brantzeg, Nils, 1913- 

... F0r sol gar op, roman. 
Nygaard) 1941. 

Oslo, H. 


& co. (W. 

228 p. 20". 

©27Feblj.6; publisher; A278I. 

Brandt, Willy, 

Forbrytere og andre tyskere, av "Willy Brandt. Oslo, H. 
Aschehoug & co. (W. Nygaard) 1946. 
323 p. 24- 

1. Germany— Hist.— Allied occupation— 1945- 1. Title. 

DD257.B7 47-20340 

© 27Jun46; publisher; AF5061. 

Brandt, Willy, pseud. 

Krigen i Norge ... Oslo, II. Aschehoug & co. (AV. Nygaard) 

2 v. 24™. 

Published in part in Sweden in 1941, under title: Kriget i Norge. 9 
april-9 junl 1940. 

1. World war, 1939-1945--Campalgns— Norway. 1. Title. 
D763.N6BG5 940.542 47-18198 

© 24Aug45 ; lc 180ct46 ; publisher ; AF5034. 

Branford directory. 19^-6* New Haven, 

<g) 28Feblj.6; Price & Lee co»,New 
Haven; AI578. 
Branson, Henry C 

... The fearful passage, by H. C. Branson. New York, 
Simon and Schuster, 1945. 

3 p. 1., 249 p. 20™. 

At head of title : An Inner sanctum mystery. 

© 7Dec46; 2o 18Nov45; author, Ann Arbor, Mich. t 
Brant, Irving, 1885- 

The new Poland, by Irving Brant. New York, N. Y., Uni- 
verse publishers; distributors, International universities press 

116 p. 21 i°". 
<£> 25Mar46i tJniTere* publishers; A2742. 

1. Title. 


© -_'6Xov41 ; lc 180ct46; publisher; AF5078. 


[Brasky, Joseph E] 

Fish tales picked up here and there 
by King Fisher [ pseud . ] Port Washing- 
ton, Wis., J E B publications [ I9I4-5 3 

111 p. illus. 20 1/2 cm. 

In spiral binder. 

© 20Decl4_5; 2c 3Feblj.6; JEB publications 
(Joseph E. Brasky, sole owner) Grafton, 
Wis.; Alii-90. 

Bratt, John H 

New Testament guide, by John H. Bratt ... Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Wm, B. Eerdmans publishing company [1946, 
153 p. 201™. 
© 5Sepl4.6; publisher; A5501. 

Brauchu, Mme. 
see La Guerrande, Jos 6, pseud . 

Braude, Morris, 1883- 

Scriptural psychiatry ... New York, Froben press, 1946. 
159, 18, p. 23-. 

1. Bible — Medicine, hygiene, etc. ( 1. Psychiatry — Hist.) 2. Medicine, 
Jewish. 3. Talmud. 1. (Title) 

BS640.B67 220.861 

Med 46-162 

© I0ct46 ; publisher ; A6630. 

Braun (C. F. ) and company, Alhambra , 

Calif . 

Braun standard f Ired-heaters, 
field-assembly type. Alhambra, 
Calif., C. F. Braun, cl9l+5 . . 
19 P. illus. 50cm. 

© 15Dec45; 2c 19*Febl4.6; C. F. Braun 
& co.; A1128. 

Braun (C. F.) and company, Alhambra , 

Calif . 

Braun standard maintenance tools 
for heat -exchangers. Alhambra, 
Calif., C. F. Braun & co . [I9I4.6] 


30 p. illus. JOcm. 

Pub. 15Marij.6; publisher; A2I4.57. i 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Braun (C. P.) and company, Alhambra , 

Calif . 

Thermofor catalytic-cracking plant 
for Union oil company of California 
at Wilmington, California ... 
Alhambra, Calif., C. P. Braun & co., 

59 P» illu3. 30cm. 

© lJunl4.6; author; A3371. 

Braun, Carl P 

Contractual relations in engineering construction, by Carl F. 
Braun . . . Alhambra, Calif., C. F. Braun & co., 1946. 
5 p. I., 13-38 p., 1 1. illus. 20i~. 

© Uunl+6; author, Alhambra, Calif.; 

Braun, Carl P 
Fair thought and speech, by Carl F. Braun ... Alhambra, 
.Calif., C. F. Braun & co., 1946. 

5 p. ]., 13-50 p. 20J-. 

On cover : A letter to an Industrial organization. 

© 25Nov46; author, Alhambra, Calif .; A9441. 

Braun-Menendez, Eduardo. 

Renal hypertension, by Eduardo Braun-Menendcz, Juan Cur- 
ios Fasciolo, Luis F. Leloir t and others, ... Translated by 
Lewis Dexter ... Springfield, 111., C. C. Thomas, 1946. 

xxx, 451 p., 1 1. incl. front, (port.) illus., diagrs. col. pi. 231°". 

"First edition." / 
Bibliography : p. ,357,-441. 

©20AugJ+6; Charles C. Thomas; A5561. 

Brauner, Fred. 

Huipatte et Hurrar ; histoire des a ventures de deux vaillantes 
souris, racontee par A. Nuchi, illustree par Eu. Gire, et com- 
poses par Fred Brauner. [Paris, La Nouvelle edition, 1945, 

2 p. 1., 53 p. incl. illus., col. pi. col. front 15ixl8~. (On cover: 
Collection "Chiche !") 

Cover-title : Histoire de Huipatte et Hurrar. 

1. Nuchi, A. n. Title. 

© 21Dec45; 1c 8May46; La Nouvelle edition — Collection 
"Chiche!"; AF1201. 
Brauner, Fred. 

Jim, John et la jeep . . . par Fred Brauner, illustree par Erik 
ipseud.j . . . [Paris, La Nouvelle edition t 1945 3 

3 v. in 1. Illus. (part col.) 24x214'-. (Collection "Chiche!") 

1. Kohmann, Erik Faulk, Illus. n. Title. 

PZ24.7.B725 47-16389 

© 21Dec45 ; lc 26May46 ; publisher ; AF1177. 

Brauner, Fred. 

Jim, John et la Jeep, histoire 
authentique, illustree par Erik 
[ pseud . ] 

© I6JUII4.5; lc 6Mark6; La Nouvelle 
edition, Paris: AF8O8. 

Brauner, Fred. 

Londa, Brouille et Petrouchka ... 
dessinee par Eu. Giro". 

<£) 16 Jul45 ; lc 6Mark6; La Nouvelle 
edition , Paris; AP8ij.6. 

Brauner, Prea. 

Tele et Pone, petits messagers ... 
dessinee par Eu. Giro". 

©I6JUII4.5; lc 6Marl+6; La Houvelle 
edition, Paris; AP809. 

Bray, Alexander. 

Russian-English scientific-technical dictionary, compiled and 
edited by A. Bray. New York, N. Y., International universi- 
ties press [1945) 

xiv p., 1 1., 551 p. 23J-. 

Added' t.-p. : PyccKO-aHnmficKHft HayHHO-TexHuiecKHfi cnouapb; co- 
CTaBwi m peAaKTHpoBan A. Bpaft. 
Bibliography : p. x-xiv. 

©lDec45; 2c 3Deci^5; International uni- 
versities press, inc.; A86. 

Braymer, Daniel Harvey, 1883- 

Repair-shop diagrams and connecting tables for lap-wound 
induction motors; practical step-by -step information and in- 
structions for connecting all types of windings for two-phase 
and three-phase motors of 2 to 24 poles, by Daniel H. Braymer 
... and A. C. Roe ... 2d ed. New York and London, McGraw- 
Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xvii, 387 p. incl. illus., tables, diagrs. 22J-. 

© 9Jan46; publisher, Heir Yorkt A367. 

Brayton, Alice. 

George Berkeley in Apulia, by Alice Brayton. Boston, The 
Merrymount press, 1946. 

4 p. I., 113 p. incl. front., illus., plates. 28i x 22™. 

Based on Berkeley's Journal of a tour In Italy In May and June 1717. 

1. Berkeley, George, bp. of Cloyne, 1685-1753. Journal of a tour In 
Italy. 2. Apulia — Descr. & trav. 

DG975.A65B7 914.575 47-1184 

© 10Dec46 ; author, Portsmouth, R. I. ; A7408. 

Brazeal, Brailsford Reese. 

The Brotherhood of sleeping car porters, its origin and de- 
velopment, by Brailsford R. Brazeal ... Foreword by Leo 
Wolrnan . . . New York and London, Harper & brothers t 1946j 

xiv, 258 p. incl. tables, front, pi., ports. 22". 

"This study has been undertaken ... to qualifv for a doctorate at 
Columbia university." — Pref. 
Bibliography : p. 245-250. 

© 27Marl}.6; 2c l6Marl+6; publisher, New 
York; A2002. 

Brazza, Alvise Savorgnan dl 
see Savorgnan dl Brazza, Alvise. 

Bready, John Wesley, 1887- 

Faith and freedom, the roots of democracy, by J. "Wesley 
Bready ... New York, American tract society [1946, 

3 p. 1., 9-149, i3, p. plates, ports. 19J". 

"Radio lectures delivered over a national hook-up for the Canadian 
broadcasting corporation." 

Previously published in Canada under 
title: Wesley and democracy. 

Pub. 29Apri+6; publisher; Ai|697. 

Brecht, Arnold, 1884- 

Federalism and regionalism in Germany; the division of 
Prussia [by, Arnold Brecht. New York, London ( etc.j Oxford 
university press, 1945. 

xvi, 202 p. illus. (maps) 22 m . (Balif -title: Institute of world affairs. 
Monograph series) <■ 

© lNovij.5; 2c li+Declj.5; Oxford universi- 
ty press, New York, inc.; A88O. 

Brecht, Bertolt, 1898- 

... Furcht und elend des ni. reiches, 24 szenen. New York 
Aurora verlag ( c 1945, 

ill, il,p. 22- 

(C) 14Nov46; 2c 8Dec45; publisher; ao«5. 

Breed, Frederick Stephen, 1876- 

My word book ... by Frederick S. Breed and Ellis C. Seale. 
[Grades 2-3 , The pictures were drawn by Ernest E. King. 
Chicago, New York ( etc.] Lyons and Carnahan, c 1946. 

Z. v. illus. (part col.) 21™. 
(£) revisions, grade 2,5Feb46, grade 3^ 6Feb46j 
publisher, Chicago; A1807 - A1806.- 

'49448 0—47 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Breen, Patrick, d. 1868. 

The diary of Patrick Breen, recounting the ordeal of the 
Donner party snowbound in the Sierra, 1846-47. Introduction 
& notes by George R, Stewart. San Francisco, The Book club 
of California, 1946. 

38 p., facsim. : ( [30! p. ) , 1 1. illus. ( port. ) 21i~. 

Includes facsimile of original manuscript. 

"One of three hundred copies, the sale of which Is restricted to mem- 

^mi$Srp^W&r; A38581 

Brelot, Marcel. 

... Les principes mathematiques de la mecanique 
Grenoble, Paris, B. Arthaud t 1945] 
62 p., 1 1. 25J-. 
At head of title : M. Brelot ... 

© 30Novl45; lo lMarli6; publisher, Grenoble, 
Fr&noe; AF750. 

Brennan, Dan. 

Never so young again, by Dan Brennan. New York, Bine- 
hart & company, inc. t 1946] 

5 p. l., 3-273 p. I9j m . 

(§) 7Mar46; 2o 6Peb4e*; author. Minneapolis) 

Brennan, Gerald Thomas, 1898- . 

The man who never died ( byj Rev. Gerald T. Brennan. Mil- 
waukee, The Bruce publishing company ( 1946] 

96 p. Ind. front., Illus. 19i~. 

1. Jesus Christ — Blog. — Juvenile literature. 2. Peter, Saint, apostle, 
i. Title. 


BT302.B62 232.9 

© 13Dec46 ; publisher ; A9413. 

Brenner, Henry. 

Climbing up to Heaven, by Henry 
Brenner . .« St. Heinrad, Ind., [Grail, 

127 P- I5 cm . 

© lSeplj.5; 2c ij.Janl|6; St. Meinrad's 
abbey, inc., St. Meinrad, Ind.; A93 . 

Brent, Harrison, 1885- 

Pauline Bonaparte, a woman of affairs, by Harrison Brent. 
New York, Toronto, Rinehart & company, inc. [1946j 

vili, 279 p. 22". 
Bibliography : p. 271-272. 

1. Borghese, Maria Paollna (Bonaparte) prlnclpessa, 1780-1825. 
DC216.87.B7 920.7 47-809 

© 14Nov46; 2c 160ct46; publisher, New York; A8909. 

Brentano, Lowell, 1895- 

Ways to better hearing, by Lowell Brentano. Diagrams by 
Ralph Graeter ... New York, N. Y, F. Watts, inc. t 1946] 

95, rljr- HIus. 284x22". 

With contributions by Laura Stovll, Mary C. New, Ralph J. Crosby, 
and others. 

(g) 22Ifar46; Franklin Watts, inc.; A1820. 

Brereton, Lewis Hyde, 1890- 

The Brereton diaries; the war in the air in the Pacific, Mid- 
dle East and Europe, 3 October 1941-8 May 1945, by Lewis H. 
Brereton, lieutenant general, u. s. a. New York, W. Morrow 
and company, 1946. 

6 p.J., 3-450 p. 22-. 
Maps on lining-papers. 

©25Sepk6; 2c 19Seplj.6j author, New 
York; A586O. 

Bresle, Valentin. 

... Thesaurus magiae ; encyclopldie du 
poltisme et des sciences occultes ... 
V. Du symbole a la magie ... [Paris, 


WJ p. illus. 2l|. cm , 

"Edition hors commerce, exclusivement 
reservSe aux adeptes du poltisme." 

■© USepi^.5; lc 2lj.AprI(.6; author, Paris; 

Bresle, Valentin. 

Thesaurus magiSe.; encyclopedie du 
poetisme et des sciences occultes . . . 

VI. Des facultes telepathiques . 
[Paris] Edition hors commerce [191+5] 

J+7, [1] p. illus. 2k am . 

© 22Declj.5; lc 8Augl(.6; author, Paris; 

Bresle, Valentin. 

Thesaurus magiae; encyclopedie du 
poetisme et des sciences occUltes ... 

VII. Sommeil et telesensualisme . 
[Paris] Edition hors commerce [19I+6] 

kl p. illus. 2lj. cm . 

© 5Aprlj.6; author, Paris; AFI957. 

Breslin, Patricia. 

Freddie, the firefly who couldn't light up, by Patricia Bres- 
lin. Pictures by Charles Philippi. Los Angeles, Calif., K. 
Miles, [1914.5] cl^6. 

(35, p. Illus. 28 1 21f*. 

Pub. li|Decl4.5; 2c 12Febb,6; Kenneth Miles, 
Beverly Hills, Calif.; A950. 

Breton, Andre, 1896- 

... Young cherry trees secured against hares. Jeunes 
cerisiers garantis contre les lievres. Translations by Edouard 
Roditi, cover by Marcel Duchamp, drawings by Arshile Gorky. 
New York, View editions; London, A. Zwemmer; [etc., ete.j 

[56ip. Illus. 24". 

French and English on opposite pages. 


1. Koditl, Edouard, tr. n. Title, m. Title : Jeunes cerisiers garantis 
contre les lievres. 

PQ2603.R35J4 841.91 46-8585 

© 30Aug46 ; View, inc., New York ; A8042. 

Breton, Andre, 1896- 

Yves Tanguy, par Andre Breton; English translation by 
Bravig Imbs. New York, Pierre Matisse editions ( 1946j 

3 p. 1., 9-94 p. IncL mounted col. front., Illus. (1 mounted col.) plates. 


French text followed by English translation. 

1. Tanguy, Yves, 1900- 
1904- tr. 

2. Surrealism. 

i. Imbs, Bravig, 

ND553.T26B7 7fi9.4 

© 20Dec46 ; Pierre Matisse editions, inc. ; A7415. 

Breton, Jean, mathematician. 

Pour comprendre le calcul vectoriel, par Jean Breton ... 
Preface de l'abbe Moreux. Avec 83 figures dans le texte. 
Paris, G. Doin & c'°, 1943. 

2 p. 1., |7]-175 p. dlagrs. 18™. (Half-title: Blbliotheque d'education 
scientlfique. (Collection des "Pour comprendre") Pub. sous la direction 
de l'abbg Moreux) 

1. Vector analysis. i. Title. 

QA261.B66 512.89 

© 30Dec43 ; lc 8May46 ; publisher; AF1434. 

A F 47-272 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Brett, George Monroe, l875~ 

Pundamental accounting. Part I. By 
George Monroe Brett . . . Revised and 
dedicated to his memory by his asso- 
ciates in the Department of accountancy 
of the City college of the College of 
the city of New York. [New York, I9I4.6] 

xii, 182 p. forms. 22°*. 

"This revised work was written by James 
E. Tallent." - Foreword, signed: Harry 
L. Kuntzleman, editor-in-chief. 

© 3Sepi(.6; editor-in-chief, Flushing, 
New York; A699O. 

Breuil, Roger 
For works written in collaboration 
with Roger Leenhardt 
see Chartreux, Jean, pseud. 

Brevick, Harald, I892- 

It is happening ( by] Harald Brevick. Minneapolis, Minn., 
Thule publishing co. t 1946j 

3 p. 1., 174 p. lllus. (maps) 21". 


© 20MarM>; publisher; A950l|.. 

Brewer, Arthur Livingstone, 1892- 

Leuv-we of Kalmogorr (Light-of-the-Storm) A romance 
of the north Australian bush, by Arthur Livingstone Brewer. 
Glendale, Calif., A. L. Brewer (1946, 

3 p. 1., 298 p. 21J". 
"References" : p. 295-296. 

i. Title. 

PZ3.B7566Le 46-8186 

© 6Nov46 ; author, Glendale, Calif. ; A8263. 

Brewster, Eliot, pseud . 
see (xifford, James Noble* 

Bricaud, Pierre. 

... Quel temps fera-t-il demain? Prevision naturelle du 
temps par le vent . . . Paris, Flammarion [1946] 

145, f8i p., 2 1. lllus. (charts) dlagrs. 20". (La Terre, encyclop^die 
paysanne, dirlgfe par J. Le Roy Ladurle) 

1. Weather forecasting. i. Title. 

QC995.B7 551.5 47-19280 

© 14Mar46; Ernest Flammarion ; AE1850. 
Brice, father, 1905- 

Spirit in darkness ; a companion to book two of the "Ascent 
of mt. Carmel" by the Rev. Fr. Brice ..•/ New York and Cin- 
cinnati, Frederick Pustet co., inc., 1946. 

4 p. I., 356 p. dlagrs. 221". 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 
® Slfay46} publisher, New York? A2999. 

Brice, Jean 
feee Brice de Bary, Jean. 

Brice, Tony. « 

Little Hippo and' his red, bicycle, D Y 

Tony Brice. Chicago, Rand McNally, 

[etc., 19^5] cm 

k0 p. illus. 23 cm . 

© 22Deci^-5; 2c 5DecIj.5; Rand IvIcITally 
& co.; A39ii. ; 
Brice de Bary, Jean. 

... Colonnes, roman. Paris, Plon 

2?tf p. 19 cm . 

At head of title: Jean Brice. 

© 2i|.Juni|.5; lc 300cti)_5; Librairie Plon; 

Brickhill, Paul. 

Escape to danger, by F/Lt. Paul Brickhill and Conrad Nor- 
ton, illustrated by Ley Kenyon. London, Faber and Faber 
limited [1946, 

841 p. front., plates, map. 22". 

"First published in Mcmxlvl." 

Stories of prisoners of war at Stalag luft ni at Sagan, Germany, and 
the tunnel escape of March 1944. 

Pub. 21Juni|6; lc 17SepI|.6; authors, 
Greenwich, New South Wales, Australia 
and London; AI 365. 

Bridel, Jacques Debfl 
see Debu- Bridel, Jacques, 1902- 

Bridge, Ann, pseud . 
see O'Malley, Mary Dolling (Sanders) 

Bridgeport, Fairfield, Southport, 
Stratford directory, v. 79* 
I9I1-6. New Haven, I9J4.6 . 

© i|l'larli6; Price 
New Haven; Allj.07. 

Lee co., 

Bridges, Clark D 

Job placement of the physically handicapped, by Clark D. 
Bridges ... 1st ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book 
company, inc., 1946. 

xiii, 329 p. illus., forms (part fold.) diagrs. 23". (Half-title: Mc- 
Graw-Hill industrial organization and management series; L, C. Mor- 
row, consulting editor) 

"Directory of the principal national voluntary organizations interested 
in rehabilitation of the handicapped" : p. 259-267. 

Bibliography : p. 303-306. "Visual aids" : p. 307-309. 

©8AprI(.6; publisher, New York; A2 i|2 1 . 

Brier, Howard M 

Skyblazer [byj Howard M. Brier, illustrated by Dwight 
Logan. New York, Random house t 1946j 
vll, 3-265 p. IncL front (map) lllus., plates. 22". 
"First printing." 

(<J) 27Ifay46; Random house, inc.} A4326. 

Brier, Royce, 1896- . 

Western world ; a study of the forces shaping our time t by] 
Royce Brier. Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, 
inc., 1946. 

xi p., 1 1., 272 p. 20i". 

"First edition." 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

(§) 21Mar46; author, San Francisco; A2108. 

Brigante Colonna, Gustavo, 1878- 

... Favole; illustrazioni di Sto ypsevd.^ ... [Romaj REDA 

3 p. 1., 5-56 p., 1 I. col. illus. 17". (On cover: Collana rosa. [5]) 
AX head of tlUe : Brigante.Colonna. 

©ljull|5; lc 110ct5-5; Ramo editoriale 
degli agricoltori, Rome; AF2196. 

Brigante Colonna, Gustavo, 1878- 

... Filastrocche; illustrazioni di Sto ipsevd. : , ( Romai RED A 
t 1945j 

3 p. 1., 5-54 p., 2 1. col. lllus. 17". (On cover: Collana rosa. (1,) 
At head of iitle: Brigante Colonna- _ ,. . . , 

© Uul45; lc 110ctl+5; Ramq editoriale 
degli agricoltori, Rome; AF219U-. 

Brigante Colonna, Gustavo, 1878- 

... Storielle; illustrazioni di Sto : pseud.j ... c Roma] RED A 

3 p. 1., 5-56 p., 1 1. col. Illus. 17". (On cover: Collana rosa. t 3j ) 
At head of title : Brigante Colonna. 

© Uulij.5; lc llOctlj.5; Ramo editoriale 
degli agricoltori, Rome; AF2195. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Briggs, Barbara, 19l8- 

Tobias, story and pictures by Barbara Briggs. New York, 
A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

,24, p. col. illus. 26 x 21". 

"First edition." 

f) 30Sepl+6; Alfred A. Knopf, inc.; A680I. 
Briggs, Charles Willers, 1903- 

Tho metallurgy of steel castings, bj' Charles Willers Briggs 
... 1st ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, 
inc., 1946. 

x. Gol? p. incl. illus., tables, diagrs. 23™. (Half-title: Metallurgy and 
metallurgical engineering series; R. F. Mehl ... consulting editor) 

"Deferences" at end of each chapter except one. 

© 6Apr46; publisher. New Yorkj A26U. 
Briggs, Susan Lennox. 

Home nursing with confidence [byj Susan Lennox Briggs, 
r. n. New York, C. K. Heck, inc. ( 1946] 

6 p. 1., 130 p. illus.. diagrs., 22"". [The Garland homemaking books, 

(5) lFeb46j Chester R. Heck, inc.; A1298. 
Bright, Robert. 

The intruders [byj Robert Bright. Garden City, N. Y., 
Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

5 p. 1., 306 p. 19J 1 ". 
"First edition." 

© 7i&rij6; author, \anohos He Taos, 1T . ,&. ; 
Brilhac, Jean. 

... detour par l'U.R.S.S., recits 
d' evasions. Illustrations de Louis 
Mittelle. Paris, Calmann-Levy, 191+5 • 
217 p., 1 £. illus. 18 1/2™. 

© 300cti|5; lc lMarJ+6; publisher; 
Brill, Abraham Arden, 1874- 

Lectures on psychoanalytic psychiatry t byj A. A. Brill ... 
New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

vlil p., 1 1., 292, xlll p., 1 1. diagrs. 22-. 

"First edition." 

"First given In 1924 in the old Pathological institute (Ward's Island) 
... Repeated annually from 1929 to 1943, In the New York state psy- 
chiatric institute as part of the postgraduate courses in neurology and 
psychiatry at the College of physicians and surgeons, Columbia univer- 
sity." — Introd. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

©12Juni|.6; Alfred A. Knopf, inc.; 

Brill, Ethel Claire, 1877- 

Madeleine takes command, by Ethel C. Brill, illustrated by 
Bruce Adams. New York, London, Whittlesey house, Mc- 
Graw-Hill book company, inc. { 1946] 

3ti/i p., 1 1., 204 p. incl. front., Illus. 21". 

"First printing."' 
Bibliography: p. 203-204. 

1. Verchferes, Marie Magdelalne Jarret de (afterwards Mme. Tarieu 
de la Perade) 1678-1747— Fiction. 1. Title. 

PZ7.M766Mad 46-11941 

© 80ct46; 2c 40ct46; publisher, New York; A6445. 
Brillouin, Leon, 1889- 

Wave propagation in periodic structures ; electric filters and 
crystal lattices, by Leon Brillouin ... 1st ed. New York, Lon- 
don, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

3d!, 247 p. diagrs. 21J™. (Half-title: International series In pure 
and applied physics. L. A, Du Bridge, consulting ed.) 

© 12Augl4.6; publisher; New York; A55ij.O. 

Br ion, Ilarcel. 

... Catherine Cornaro, reine de Chypre, 
Paris, Michel [I9I4.5] 
288 p. 19 cm . 

©lAuglj,5; lc 300ctU5; Albin Michel; 

Brisco, Norris Arthur, 1875-1942. 

Buying for retail stores, by John W. Wingate ... and Norris 
A. Brisco ... Rev. ed. New York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1946. 

xvlii, 6S5 p. incl. illus., forms, diagrs. 23J *. [Prentice-Hall retailing 

"First printing July 1946." 

In the first edition, 1937, the name of Norris A. Brisco appears first 
on t.-p. 

"Selected bibliography" : p. 670-672. 

1. Retail trade. 2. Buying. 1. Wingate, John Williams, 1899- 
jolnt author. 11. Title. 

HF5437.B68 1946 . 658.87 46-8181 

© 240ct4G ; publisher ; A6892. 

Bristol, Plainville, Terryville 
directory ... v. 57. I9I4.6. 
New Haven, I9K6. 

© llllarlj.6; Price & Lee co., 
New Haven; AI563. 

... Britannica book of the year [19^6] 
Prepared under the editorial direc- 
tion of niter Yust, editor of Ency- 
clopaedia britannica. Chicago, Ency- 
clopaedia britannica; [etc., 191+6] 

© 3MayU6; Encyclopaedia britannica, 
inc.: A51 5 56. 

... Britannica junior, prepared under the supervision of the 
editors of the-Encyclopsedia britannica ... [Chicago, Uni- 
versity of Chicago; London [etc.] Encyclopaedia britannica, 
inc. [1946, 
12 v. col. fronts., illus. (part col.) col. plates, ports., maps (part 

double) diagrs. 26™. 

At head of title: The boys' and girls' encyclopaedia. 

"Britannica junior is published with the advice and consultation of 

the faculties of the University of Chicago and the University laboratory 


"Walter Yust, editor." 
Includes bibliographies. 

©revisions, 28Febi).6; publisher, Chica- 
go; A2559. 

[Britcher, Phyllis] 1900- 

The Rcmney Gay [pseud. 3 ABC, New 
York, Grosset & Dunlap - Il c *l|6] 

[30] p- col. illft.i. 21+ l/2 cra . 

© lSepl+6; author, New York; A6675. 

Britt, Joseph Twomlow 
see Twomlow- Britt, Joseph 

Broadman comments on the International 
Bible lessons for Christian teaching. 
Uniform series. 19^7- By w - R« 
White ... Nashville, Broadman press 
5 P . l., 1+37 P. I9 cm> 

© 250ctl+6; publisher; A8721. 

Brobeck, Florence Richards, 1895— 

The lunch box and every kind of sandwich, by Florence 
Brobeck. New York, M. Barrows & company, inc. [1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-266 p. 21". 

"First printing." 

f^)ima3p46j author, Hew *orki A3B67. 

Brochmann, Georg, 1894- 

... Mennesket og lykken. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & 00. (W. 
Nygaard) 1945. 

259 p. 25i~. 

1. Happiness. 1. Title. 

BJ1486.S5B7 171.4 

© 28Nov45 ; lc 180ct46 ; publisher ; AF5092. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Brock, Emma Lillian, 1886- 

The birds' Christmas tree, written and illustrated by Emma 
L. Brock. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

i64| p. col. Illus. 13$ x 18". (Borzoi books for young people) 
"First edition." 

© 15Auglj.6; Alfred A. Knopf, inc.; 
A 514.59. 

Brockway, Albert L 

Tax accounting simplified; an easy 
and accurate method of keeping the 
records ... especially adapted to tax 
accounting requirements in the state of 
Washington and city of Seattle... 
[Seattle] C 1?U5. 

1 v. 30 em . 


©20Decl;5; 2c 5Febl4.6; author, Seattle; 

Brod, Max, 1884- 

... Franz Kafka, souvenirs et documents traduit de l'allemand 
par Helene Zylberberg. t Parisj Gallimard t 1945] 

3 p. L, ( 9|-270 p., 1 1. plates, port., facslm. 181". ("Leurs figures") 

© 20Augi+5; lc 300ctl4.5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF288. 

Brodie, Bernard, 1910- ed. 

The absolute weapon : atomic power and world order, by 
Frederick S. Dunn ( and others] . . . Edited by Bernard Brodie. 
New York, Harcourt, Brace and company [1946] 

3 p. 1., 214 p. 21". 

"First edition." 

Half-title: Institute of international studies, Tale university. 

© 6 Junl;.6 ; 2c 28Mayl>£; Yale institute of 
international studies, Hew Haven; kl\l±£Q» 

Brodel, Max, 1870-1941. 

Three unpublished drawings of the anatomy of the human 
ear, by the late Max Brodel, assisted by P. D. Malone, Stacy K. 
Guild, and S. J. Crowe. Philadelphia, London, W. B. Saunders 
company r 1946] 

i19j p. Incl. col. front (port) plates. 28—. 

At the time of Mr. Brodel's death, two of the series of three drawings 
had been completed. The third was In the stage of preliminary sketches 
based on his research studies to that date. P. D. Malone has com- 
pleted the research and has executed the third drawing, and the 
labelled outline sketch. The two non-artist authors (S. R. G. and 
S. J. C.) provided the material and otherwise assisted Mr. BrBdel. 
cf. p. ,11,-,12, 

© 10Apri+6; publisher, Philadelphia; 

Broeg, Robert M 

Don't bring that up ! Skeletons in the sports closet. [By) 
Bob Broeg & Bob Burrill. Illustrated by Vic Donahue. New 
York, A. S. Barnes and company [1946] 

5 p. 1., 262 p. Illus. 24- 

1. Sports— TJ. S. 1. Burrill, Robert, Joint author, n. Title. 
GV53.B7 796.0973 46-2521$ 

© 17Jun46 ; A. S. Barnes & co., inc. ; A5310. 

Broeg, William E 

Roll & hot breads make-up; here's how 
(Chicago, Clissold publishing co., 1946j 
4 p. 1., 119 p. Illus. ( incl. port.) 28i x 22}-. 

by W. E. Broeg. 

1. Bread. 2. Baking. 

1. Title. 



© 1Nov46; Clissold publishing co., Chicago; A7219. 

t Br0gger, Mai (Lindegard), 1919- 

... S0nn av f0rste ekteskap. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 

313 p., 11. 20-. 

Author's pseud., Synnffve Chrlstensen, at head of title. 

1. Title. 


© 8Nov45 ; lc 27Jul46 ; publisher ; AF1414. 


Brjrfgger, Margit (Lindegard) 
see Br^gger, Mai (Lindegard) 1919- 

Brjtfgger, Mrs . Waldemar 
see Brjrfgger, Mai (Lindegard) 1919- 

(Broffoni, Socratej 

Au profit de leurs oeuvres sociales, les Evades de France, 
"L'avant-garde de la resistance" presentent Les conquerants et 
souvenirs d'evasion, vus par p. Socrate [pseud.j [Paris, L'Union 
des evades de France, 1945] 

2 p. 1., 15 col. pi., 2 1. 32J-. 

Cover-title: Les conquerants et souvenirs d'evasion, par l'Unlon des 
evades de France. 

OlITov45; lc &..:ajk6; V/. R. Girard & 
Pi. Dambrine, Paris; AF1179* 

Brogan, Denis William, I9OO- 

French personalities and problems, by 
D. W. Brogan. London, H. Hamilton 


"First published 19^6." 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

Pub. 19Augl|6; lc 21Auglj.6; author, Cam- 
bridge, Eng.; AI Ij.87 . \ 

Brogan, Denis William, 1900- 

French personalities and problems, by D. W. Brogan. New 
York, A. A. Knopf, 1947 t ?. e. 1946] 

ix, 240, [1, p., 1 1. 22-. 

"Copyright... 1947." 
"First American edition." 

1. France — Hist — Addresses, essays, lectures. 2. French literature — 
Addresses, essays, lectures. 3. France — Nationality. r. Title. 

DC33.7.B84 1946a 944.004 . 47-2796 

Pub. 26Dec46 ; 2c 20Dec46 ; author, Cambridge, Eng. ; A9426 ; 
Prev. reg. AI 487. 

Brogan, Denis William, 1900- 

... Le probleme americain, traduit par Charles Cestre; pre- 
face de Raymond Las Vergnas. Paris, Stock (Del am am et 
Boutelleau) [1946j 

2 p. 1., t7)-233 p., 2 1. 19—. (On cover: Aspects du monde) 

At head of title : D. W. Brogan. 

L U. S. — Civilization. 2. National characteristics, American. 
l Cestre, Charles, 1871- tr. n. TlUe. 

E169.1.B79733 917.3 47-460 

© 28Mar46; Editions Stock, j Delamain et Boutelleau; 

Broglie, Louis, prince de, 1892- 

Discours de reception de m. le prince 
Louis-Victor de Broglie a 1 'Academic 
francaise et rlponae de m. le due de 
Broglie. Paris, A. Michel [I9I4.5] 
65 p. illus. 19 l/2cm. 

© 30Auglj.5j lc 300cti;5; Albin Michel; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bromfield, Louis, 1896- 

. ..'Le delta sauvage; roman traduit de 
1' anglais par Michel Epuy. Geneve, J.H. 
Jeheber [I9J1.3] 

J>hjo p. 19cm. 

"Cet ouvrage a ete publil en anglais 
sous le titre: Wild is the river". 
© lOctii-3; lc 2J+Febk6; Edition. J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; APl+Oo. 
Bromfield, Louis, 1896- 

The farm,i)y Louis Bromfield, with drawings by Kate Lord, 
introduction by Winfield H. Rogers. New York and London, 
Harper & brothers t 1946, m 

xxxvil p., 1 1., 345, (1) p. lncL front., illus. plates. 22". 
"First printing.Jllustrated edition." 

<P90ctU6j 2c 80ctl;6; author, Lucas, 0.: 

Bromfield, Louis, 1896- 

A few brass tacks c by, Louis Bromfield. New York, London, 
Harper & brothers (1946, 

5 p. 1., 303, [li p. 2U°*. 

"First edition." 

(c) 5Jun46) 2c 31May46; author, Lucas, 0.; A4444. 

Bronfield, Louis, 1896- 

... Mrs. Parkington; roman traduit 
de I 1 anglais par Jean BUhler. Geneve, 
J. H. Jeheber, s.a. [1914k] 

3I4.8 p. 19cm. 

© lOctl+k; lc 2kFebl|.6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFl|22. 

Bronson, Wilfrid Swancourt, 1894- 

Coyotes (ki'yotes or ki-yo'tays) written and illustrated by 
Wilfrid S. Bronson. New York, Harcourt, Brace and com- 
pany [1946] 

( 83ip. illus. 21- 

© 22Augl+6; 2c lQAugJj.6; Harcourt, 

Brace & co., inc.; A5&82. 

Bronte, Charlotte, 1816-1855. 

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. Illustrated by Nell Booker, 
introduction by May Lamberton Becker. Cleveland and New 
York, The World publishing company t 1946j 

504 p., 1 1. col. front, Illus., col. plates. 22 s . (Half-title: Rainbow 
classics. General editor : Ma^ L. Becker) 

"First printing April 1946." 

© in trod. & illus., 25Junk6j publisher, 
Cleveland; AL566, 

Bronte, Charlotte, 1816-1855. 

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, adapted by Jerome Carlin . . . 
t and] Henry I. Christ . . . New York city, Globe book company 

2 p. L, lll-vll (i. e. vl) , 220 p. lncl. plates, plates. 21". 

1. Readers and speakers — 1870- i. Carlin, Jerome, 1913- 

n. Christ, Henry Irving, 1915- m. Title. 

PE1127.L6B7 428.6 46-8477 

© 4Sep46 ; Globe book company, inc. ; A8141. 

Bronte, Charlotte, 1816-1855. 

... Le sortilege, roman; introduction de George Edwin Mac- 
Lean, traduit de l'anglais par Yvonne Ryall. Paris, Les Edi- 
tions des Quatre vents, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 197 p., 1 1. 19". ( On cover: "Hors les murs" ) 

i. Ryall, Yvonne, tr. n. MacLean, George Edwin, 1850-1938. 
m. Title. 


© 12Apr46 ; publisher ; AF2024. 


Bronte, Emily Jane, 1818-1848. 

Les hauteurs tourmentees (Wuthering heights) ; traduction 
nouvelle de Georges-Michel Bovay. Lausanne, La Guilde du 
livre t 1944, 

401, [lj p., 1 1. mounted front, (group port) 22". 
At head of title : Emily Bronte. 

I. Bovay, Georges Michel, tr. n. Title. 

PR4172.W7F7 823.89 47-19936 

© 29Jan44; lc 26Feb46; publisher; AF1656. 

Bronte, Emily Jane, 1818-1848. 

Wuthering heights, by Emily Bronte, with wood engravings 
by Fritz Eichenberg. [New York, Random house, inc., 1946] 

xx, 400 p., 1 I. illus., plates. 19". (The Illustrated modern library) 

I. Eichenberg, Fritz, 1901- illus. n. Title. 

PZ3.B7902W 39 46-11857 

© additional illus., 6Dec46 ; publisher ; A9125. 

Brook, Alexander, 1898- 

Alexander Brook. New York, American artists group 

, 1946, ' 

( 64| p. illus. 16". (On cover: American artists group. Monograph 
no. 9) 

Includes 53 pages of illustrations. 
Portrait of the artist on cover. 

"Copyright I9I4.5." 

Pub. 15Febl4.6; author, New York; A2032. 
Brookes, Vincent J 

Poisons, their properties, chemical identification, symptoms, 
and emergency treatments, by Vincent J. Brookes . . . and Hubert 
N. Alyea . . . New York, D. Van Nostrand company, inc. [1946, 

x p., 2 1., 209 p. 10 pi. on 6 1. 22". 

<g) 25Peb46; publiahsn A18S4. 

Brooklyn real estate board, inc. 

... Year book and diary ... I9I4.6. 
Brooklyn, I9I4.5. 

©2i£>eclj.5; 2c 8Jan46; Brooklyn real 
estate board, inc.; AI65. 

[Brooks, Anne (Tedlock), 1905- 

I take this man, by Cynthia Millburn tf»eud.} New York, 
Gramercy publishing co. [1946, 

256 p. l&i". 

1. Title. 

PZ3.B79198 1 46-22360 

© 140ct*6 ; publisher ; A6251. 

Brooks, B Marian. 

Music education in the elementary school ( by) B. Marian 
Brooks, a. m. t and, Harry A. Brown, ph. d. New York, Cin- 
cinnati t etc.] American book company [1946, 

viil, 376 p. Illus. (music) plates. 23". 

"Selected references for reading and study" : p. 329-349. 

© 28Jan46; publisher. New York; A869. 
Brooks, Edward, 1876- 

American letter express company, Louisville and Nashville, 
1861, by Edward Brooks; Sam Adkins, associate. Louisville, 
Ky., The Standard printing co., incorporated, 1946. 

60, [1, p. illus. (incl. ports., facsims.) 26". 

1. American letter express company. 2. Postal service — U. S. — Hist 
3. Postal service — Confederate States of America. i. Adkins, Samuel 
Clayton, 1910- 

HE6375.B82 383.4973 47-17050 

© 27Nov46 ; author, Louisville, Ky. ; A8772. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Brooks, Helen Morgan,. 

Prom these my years, by Helen Morgan 
Brooks; illustrations by Betty Hoag 
Collins. [Wilmington, Del., Printed 
by Hambleton printing and publishing 
company, 19^53 

29 p. illus. 19 cm . 

© UDecl^; 2c 2i;Jan[|.6; author, 

Wilmington, Del.; A52% 

Brooks, Keith Leroy, 1888- 

IUustrations for preachers and speakers, especially adapted 
to the quiet hour, by Keith L. Brooks . . . Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Zondervan publishing house [1945] 
128 p. 20-. 

"Copyright MCMXLVI." 
Pub, 22Decl4.5j 2c lOJunlj.6; publisher; 

Brooks, Robert Lee, ±929-* 
Hillife, I9I4.6. 

© 23Maylj.6; Chapel Hill, N. C.J AJ+7914- 

Brooks, Walter Rollin, 1886- 

Freddy the pied piper, by Walter R. Brooks, illustrated by 
Kurt Wiese. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

2 p. L, [3i-253, A p. lncl. front., Illus. 20J-. 

"First edition." 

© l8Sepl4.6; author, New York; A6317. 
Brophy, John, 1899- 

City of departures, a novel by John Brophy. London, Col- 
lins, 1946. _ 

287, t lj p. l&i" 

1. Title. 

PZ3.B79492Ci 47-600 

Pub. 280ct46 ; lc 22Dec46 ; author, London ; AI 621. 
Brophy, John, 1899- 

The human face, by John Brophy. London, Toronto t etc., 
G. G. Harrap and company ltd. [1945, 

240, (8j p. mn pi. (incl. front.) on 12 1. 22". 

"First published 1945." 

Pub. 5Dee45| lo 31Jan46; author, London; AI 73. 
Brophy, John, 1899- 

The human face, by John Brophy. New York, Prentice- 
Hall, inc., 1946. 

vl, 250 p. xxm jjL ( incl. front. ) on 12 1. 21- 

Pub. 25pct46; publisher; A6893. Prev. 
reg. AT 73. 
Brophy, Loire. 

There's plenty of room at the top, a practical guide to suc- 
cess in business, by Loire Brophy. New York, Simon and 
Schuster [1946] 
xi, 158, [2j p. 21-. 

©3Janlj.o; author, New York; A9329. 
Brotherton, M 

Capacitors, their use in electronic circuits, by M. Brotherton 
... New York, D. Van Nostrand company, inc., 1946. 
vl p., 1 1., 107 p. illus., diagrs. 23J-. 
Includes "References." 

© 19Auglj.6; publisher; A5lj.02. 
Brough, Robert Earl. 

The choice of Don Luis, a great first novel by Robert Earl 
Brough. New York city, N. Y, The Southern authors literary 
guild [1946, J 

Sp. 1., 101 p. 22-. 

©29Jul46; author, Beaumont, Tex.: 

Brougher, William Edward. 

The long dark road. [Port McClellan, 
Ala. J The Author, CI9J4.6. 

88 p. illus. 18 1/2 cm. 


© 26Marl|6; author, Port McClellan, 
Ala.; A1913. 

Brouillard, Andre 
see Nord, Pierre. 

Brovald, Walter H 1928- 

In the beginning; the early work of Walter H. Brovald. 
Eau Claire, Wis., The Deluxe press [1946, 

x p., 2 1., 52 p. Incl. front (port.) 201". 


©llOctlj.6; author, Eau Claire, Wis.; 

Brown, Alvin. 

Organization, a formulation of principle, by Alvin Brown. 
New York, N. Y, Hibbert printing company [1945, 

Sp.l.,v-vIlip.,lL,308p. 22J-. 

© 21D«o45; 2e HJan46j author. Hew Yorki A234, 

[Brown, Benjamin Floyd, 1920- 

Engineering materials and processes. Annapolis, Md., 
United States naval institute, 1946. 

ix, 200 p. illus., tables (1 fold.) dlagrs. 25i". 

"Prepared under the direction of the head of the Department of 
marine engineering to fill the need of the department for a text to be 
used for a course In materials and processes given to the midshipmen 
of the Naval academy. The text was written by Lieutenant B. F. Brown, 
v. s. n. e." — Pref. 

© 2i|Sepl|.6; publisher; A5975. 
Brown, Charles Barrett, 1897- 

The contribution of Latin to English, with special attention 
to medical and other scientific terms and review exercises for 
self -instruction, by Charles Barrett Brown ... Nashville, 
Term., The Vanderbilt university press [1946, 

x,246p. 20}™. 

© 8Junlj6; Vanderbilt universitv, Nashville; 
Brown, Charles Ewing, 1883- 

Ad ventures in' the spiritual life, by Charles E. Brown ... 
Anderson, Ind., The Warner press [1946, 
ix, 10-212 p. 19J-. 

© 21Feblj.6; Gospel trumpet co., 
Anderson, Ind.; AI23I4.. 
Brown, Clifford Adams, 189Q- 

Forty years of silence, by Clifford A. Brown. Francestown, 
N. H., Marshall Jones company t 1946, 

80 p. 22-. 

(q) 22Jun46t author, Chaeham, H. H. j A4998. 

Brown, Clinton. 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow; a 
record of yesterday's achievements, 
today's responsibilities, tomorrow's 
appointments, with a compilation of 
facts, figures and timely rimes ... 
Chicago, J. G. Ferguson, I9J4.7 [i. e. 

19¥] ~ " 

1 v. Illus. 21cm. 

Calendar and blank record book. 

© HJulij.6j J. G. Ferguson & associates, 
Chicago; A358It. 
Brown, Dorothy Foster. 

... Grimm death. t New York, Smith and Durrell t 1946, 

6 p. i., 227 p. 21- 

© 22Apr46j 2c llApr46> publisher] A4402. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Brown, Edith Mae^ 

Moon under, by Edith "M. Brown. New York, Exposition 
press [1946] 

62 p. 1&J-. 

In verse. 

^) 20Sep46; cienry 'iarrison, New York; A5805. 

Brown, Eleanor Frances, 1908- 

Golden Lady, the story of an American show horse, by Elea- 
nor Brown, illustrated by Bers Crowell. t New York] Howell, 
Soskin [1946] 

252, [2, p. illus. 21™. 

(5) 26Augi).6; author, Bend, Or.; A3787. 

Brown, Ernest Francis, 1903- 
The war in maps, an atlas of the New York times maps; 

text by Francis Brown. New York, London t etc.] Oxford 

university press, 1946. 

Till, 197, [2, p. 91 (i. e. 93) Jllus. (91 maps, 2 dlagr.) 24- 
"First edition 1942 ... Fourth edition, revised and enlarged, 1946." 

© 20Jan46; 2c l&fan46; Oxford university press, 
Hew York, ino.t A455S. 

[Brown, Gwethalyn Graham Ericksenj 

... Entre ciel et tetre; version franchise de Renee Jourdain. 
Paris, J. Tallandier ( 1946 
287 p. 18*™. 
Author's pseud., Gwethalyn Graham, at head of title. 

1. Jourdain, Renee, tr. 11. Title. Translation of Earth and 

high heaven. 

PR6003.R442E23 . 47-19774 

© 10May46; Societe d'editions et de publications, Paris; 

Brown, Harrison Scott, 1917- 

Must destruction be our destiny? A scientist speaks as a 
citizen [by 3 Harrison Brown. New York, Simon and Schuster, 

xiil, 158 p., 2 1. 214- 

"Suggestions for further reading" : p. [159] 

© 2Jull|6; author, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; 

Brown, Hilton, 1890- 

Rudyard Kipling, by Hilton Brown, with a foreword by 
Frank Swinnerton ... New York and London, Harper & 
brothers ( 194tj 

xlv p., 1 1., 237 p. front., ports. 22"*. 
, "First (American] edition." 

"^pOTrf^"^- 231 - 232 - 

Pub. loJanlio; 2o 15<JanI|6; author, London; 
A730. Prev. res;. AI 2Q200. 

Brown, Jeanette (Perkins) 1887- conp. 
A little book of singing graces, 
collected by Jeanette Perkins Brown; 
pictures by Lloyd Dotterer. New York, 
Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press 


[2b] p. illus. (incl. music) 
17 x 19cm. 

©lOSepl^; Stone & Pierce, Nashville; 

Brown, John Mason, 1900- 

... Seeing things. New York, London, Whittlesey house, 
McGraw-Hill book company, inc. c 1946] 

vUi, 341 p. 21-. 

Selections from "Seeing things," a department appearing each week in 
the Saturday review of literature, cf. p..[Vli 

(C) 16Sep46; 2c 22Aui>;46; McGraw-Hill book co., 
inc., New York; A 6242. 

Brown, Kenneth Irving, 1896- 

Margie, the story of a friendship as told in part through her 
letters [by, Kenneth Irving Brown. New York, Association 
press, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 255 p. 21". 
(5) 24May4€; International committee of Young 
men* 8 Christian associations, New Yorki A3688. 

[Brown, Margaret Wise] 19IO- 
t The little island, by Golden Mac- 
Donald [ pseud . ] With illustrations by 
Leonard Weisgard. Garden City, N. Y. , 
Doubleday & company, inc., » c 19l|-6. 

TJ4I4.] p. illus. (part col.) 
21 x 26 cfe . . 


30ctl(.6; 2c 27Sep[|.6; publisher. 


Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910- 
For works written in collaboration 
with Edith Thacher Hurd 
see Sage, Juniper, pseud . 

Brown, Marion Francis, I887- 

High flung banner, by Marion Francis Brown 
Ark., Avalon press t 1946j 

3-46 p. 23}™. 

© 2U0ctl(.6; 2c 80ctlj.6; author, Center 
Harbor, N.H.; A86I4.7. 

Brown, Morna (Staniland) 
see Ferrars, Elizabeth, p s eud . 

Brown, Paul, 1893- 

Merrylegs, the rocking pony ( by] Paul Brown. New York, 
C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 

i64j p. illus. (part col.) 20$ x 17™. 

(5) 4Feb46; Charles Soribner's sons; A1069. 

Brown, Philip Mathias, 1906- 
Beloved memories. 

© Uunl4.6; Harold E. Reynolds, St. 
Charles, 111.; A481$. 

Brown, Ralph Morse. 

The singing voice, by Ralph Morse Brown. New York, The 
Macmillan company, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 167 p. front (port.) Illus. (incl. music) dlagrs. 19J~. 
"First printing." 

© 211fay46; publisher; A3235. 

Brown, Roderick Langmere Haig Haig- 
see Haig-Brown, Roderick Langmere 
Haig, 1908- 

Brown, Rose (Johnston) 1883- 

The land and people of Brazil, by Rose Brown ... Phila- 
delphia and New York, J. B. Lippincott company t 1946) 

via, 120 p. plates, double map. 21". [Portraits of the nations 

© 30ct4.6; author, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 

Brown, Warren, 1894- 

The Chicago Cubs [byj Warren Brown. New York, G. P. 
Putnam's sons c 1946j 

vil, 248 p. front., ports. 15J™. 

CD 19Augi].6; 2c 6Augl|.6; author, Chicago; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Brown, William John, 1394- 

Success — your birthright ! By W. J. Brown, m. p. 1st ed., 
October, 1945. London [etc.) Postal libraries ltd., 1945. 

187 p. 22-. 

"A Postlab publication." 

Pub. 23lfar46; lo 20Apr46; publisher ; AI 192. 
(Brown, Zenith (Jones), 1898- 

Honolulu story, by Leslie Ford tpseud.) New York, C 
Scribner's sons, 1946. 
4 p. 1., 252 p. 19". 

Published serially under title"Man 
from Japan" in Saturday evening post, 

© 3Junlj.6; 2c 28Mayi|.6; author, Annapolis 
Md.; A5U5. 
Brown instrument company. 

Flow meter engineering handbook; 
compiled and edited by Louis Gess and 
R. D. Irwin ... 2d ed. ... Philadel- 
phia, Brown instrument co., [19^6] 

viii, 151 p. illus. 27cm. 

©6Marl^6; publisher; A2555. 

Browne, Elizabeth. 

Crucible of life, by Elizabeth Browne . . . Cedar Rapids, la., 

The Torch press [1946, 

135 p. 20J-. 

"A Bookfellow book." 

©6Nov1^6; author, Uniontown, Pa.; A7207. 

Browne, Frederick Maurice 
see Browne, Maurice, l88l- 

crowne, Howard, 1908- 

see Evans, John, pseud . 
Browne, Lewis, 1897- ed. 

The world's great scriptures; an anthology of the sacred 
books of the ten principal religions, compiled and annotated 
with historical introductions and interpretive comments by 
Lewis Browne ... With decorations and maps by the editor. 
New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

xvl, 559 p. Illus. (Incl. maps) dlagr. 24—. 

"First printing." 

1. Sacred books ( Selections : Extracts, etc.) 1. Title. 

BL70.B7 290.82 46-8512 

© 26Nov46 ; author, Santa Monica, Calif. ; A8631. 
Browne, Maurice, 1881- 

The atom and the way, by Maurice Browne ... London, 
V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

8 p. 1., 79 p. 19". 

1. Title. 

(Fvtt name: Frederick Maurice Browne, 

BD701.B85 110 47-15080 

Pub. 19Aug46; lc 160ct46; author, Winsford, Minehead, 

Somerset, Eng. ; AI 478. 

Browne, Waldo Ralph, 1876- ed. 
Leviathan in crisis; an international symposium on the state, 

its past, present, and future, by fifty-four twentieth century 

writers, compiled and edited by Waldo R. Browne ... New 

York, The Viking press, 1946. 
xvl, 430 p. 22-. 

1. State, The— Collections. 1. Title. 

JC249.B7 320.82 46-8354 

© 4Nov46 ; editor, Warwick, N. Y. ; A8712. 
Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

... Active and alert, by Clifford Lee Brownell ... and Jesse 
Feiring Williams ... New York, Cincinnati [etc., American 
book company [1946, 

311 p. Illus. 21-. (Health of our nation, book 6) 

©revisions, 29JulL|.6; publisher, New 
York; A50lj.6. 

Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

... Clean and strong, by Clifford Lee Brownell ... and Jesse 
Feiring Williams ... Illustrations by Priscilla Pointer and 
Jean Morse. Now York, Cincinnati ( etc., American book com- 
pany (1946, r 

180 p. Illus. (part col.) 21x16-. (Health of our nation, book 2) 

©revisions, 12Augk.6; publisher, New 
York; A5193. 
Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

... Fit and ready, by Clifford Lee Brownell ... and Jesse 
Feiring Williams ... Illustrations by Mildred Lyon Hether- 
ington. New York, Cincinnati (etc., American book company 
t 1946, 

243 p. Illus. (part col.) 21-. (Health of our nation, book 3) 

©revisions, 10Mayl4-6j publisher, New 
York; Ali.069. 

Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

... Hale and hearty, by Clifford Lee Brownell ... and Jesse 
Feiring Williams ... Drawings by Priscilla Pointer and Terry 
Day. New York, Cincinnati ( etc.j American book company 

303 p. Illus. (part col.) 21 x 16™. (Heath of our nation, book 5) 

© revisions, lljull|6; publisher, New 
York; AI4.809. 
Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

The human body, how it is built and how it works ( by, 
Clifford Lee Brownell ... [and, Jesse Feiring Williams ... 
Drawings by Felix Traugott. New York, Cincinnati [etc., 
American book company r 1946, 

lx, 310 p. Incl. front, ulus. 20$-. (Half-title: Health of our nation) 

© 8Auglj.6; 2c 6Aug!+6; publisher, 
New York; k^lkk. ) 

Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

. . . Living and doing, by Clifford Lee Brownell . . . and Jesse 
Feiring Williams ... New York, Cincinnati [etc., American 
book company [1946, 

v, 346 p. illus. (incl. port.) diagrs. 21x16". (Health of our nation, 
book 7) 

(c) revisions, 29Apr46; publisher, New 
York; A2912. 
Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

... Safe and sound, by Clifford Lee Brownell ... and Jesse 
Feiring Williams ... Illustrations by Priscilla Pointer and 
Jean Mor?e. New York, Cincinnati [etc., American book com- 
pany [1946, 

279 p. illus. (part col.) 21x16". (Health of our nation, book 4) 

© revisions, 2Uunl|.6; publisher, New 

York; Alj.519. 
Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

... Training for living, by Clifford Lee Brownell ... and 
Jesse Feiring Williams . . . New York, Cincinnati ( etc., Ameri- 
can book company ,1946, 

iv, 347 p. illus. (incl. ports., diagrs.) 21—. (Health of our nation, 
book 8) 

First published 1943. 

©revisions, 19Jullj.6; publisher, New 
York; Al;912. 
Brownell, Clifford Lee, 1895- 

... Well and happy, by Clifford Lee Brownell ... and Jesse 
Feiring Williams ... Illustrations by Priscilla Pointer and 
Jean Morse. New York, Cincinnati [etc., American book com- 
pany (1946, 

156 p. Illus. (part col.) 21". /(Health of our nation, book 1) 

First published in 1942. 

© 9Augij.6; publisher, New York; A5172. 

Browning, Sarah Louisa, I873- 

Poems [by] Sarah Browning. Mountain 
Lakes, N. J. [Bogota, N. J. Dancey 
printing company] I9IJ.5 [i.e. 19i+6j 
29 p. 19 l/2cm. 

"Copyright 19^5' w 

Pub. 31Jull].6; author; A6397, 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Brownlee, Frederick Leslie, 1883- 

New'day ascending r by) Fred L. Brownlee. Boston, The 
Pilgrim press t 1946j 

x, 310 p. front., plates, ports., map. 22". 

(g) l4Sepl46} publisher; A5755. 

Brownley, Albert^ 19 07- 

How to paint and stencil textiles, by Albert Brownley ... 
Bropklyn, N. Y., Alby studio, °1946. 
88 p. illus. 21 j- 

© 30Aprlj.6; Oscar Bovin, Brooklyn; A655^« 

Brown's directory of American gas com- 
panies ... Statistics of gas com- 
panies ... 1946-47 ed. ... New 
York, Robbins pub. co., inc. [I9I4.6] 

© l4Augl|6; publisher; A377I4.. 

Bruce, Florence Guild, 1899- 

Lillie of Six-Shooter Junction; the amazing story of Lillie 
Drennan and Hempstead, Texas, by Florence Guild Bruce. 
San Antonio, Tex., The Naylor company t 1946] 

4 p. L, vil-x p., 1 1., 232, t 2] p. plates, ports. 21". 

"Texas edition." 

© 30Apri|6; publisher; A3028. 

Bruce, William George, 1856- 

Builders of Milwaukee t by ] William George Bruce . . . Writ- 
ten in commemoration of Milwaukee's hundredth anniversary 
as an incorporated city. Milwaukee, The Bruce publishing 
compan} 7 , 1946. 

x p., 1 1. 115 p. 244°". 

© 7Novl^6; publisher; -A815I;. 

Bruckmann, William D 

Keystones & theories of philosophy ; -a handbook to aid in 
the study of philosophy containing definitions of terms, a gen- 
eral explanation of theories, a glossary of technical terms, and 
a brief historical conspectus, with a chart "General diagram- 
matic survey of philosophy," by Rev. William D. Bruckmann, 
s. t. l. New York, Boston r etc.] Benziger brothers, inc., 1946. 

vlii, 230 p. fold. tab. ( In pocket) 20$-. 

(6) ll|Ifcyl46; publisher, Hew York; AV793. 

Bruckner, Bettina 
see Boyers, Bettina, 1891- 

Bruckner, Ferinand, pseud . 
see Tagger, Theodor, 1891- 

Brueggerhof f • 3 Shrereport ( Caddo parish, 
La.) city directory, v. 37, 19^-6, 
including Bossier City (Bossier par- 
ish) La» ♦•• Dallas, Tex., R. L. 
Polk & co., cl9^6. 

© l6Augij.6; publisher; A3943. 

Bruehl, Anton, 1900- 

Photographs of Mexico, by Anton Bruehl; text by Sally Lee 
Woodall. New York, U. S. camera publishing corporation 

[54) p. lUus. 311x30-. 
Qf) 10Sep4S; 2e 22Mar46; publisher; A1721. 

Brues, Charles Thomas, 1879- 

Insect dietary; an account of the food habits of insects, by 
Charles T. Brues S. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard university 
press, 1946. 

xxri, 466 p. illus., xxn pi. on 11 1. 21J-. 
"References" at end of each chapter. 
© SFeb46j President & fellows of Harvard 
college, Cambridge, Mass. } A904. 

Bruff, Nancy. 

... My talon in your heart. New York, E. P. Dutton & co., 
inc., 1946. 

60 p. 22J-. 


"First edition." 

© HMar46; 2o 28Feb46; Naney Bruff (lire. B. 
Thurston Clarke) New York} A1692. 

Brngi, Biagio, 1855-1934. 

Instituciones de derecho civil, con aplicacion especial a todo 
el derecho privado, por Biagio Brugi ... traduccion de la cuarta 
edition italiana porJaime Simo Bofarull ... Mexico [etc.j 
Union tipograficareditorial hispano-americana [1946, 

xlv p., 1 1., 614 p. 24J-. 

Blbliographlcal foot-notes. 

1. Civil law— Italy. i. Slmd Bofamll, Jaime, tr. n. Title. 

Translation of Istituzionl di diritto civile italiano. 

© 20Fp.b46: publisher; AF2165. 

Bruhat, Jean. 

... Histoire de l'U. R. S. S., par Jean Bruhat ... Paris, 

Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

136 p. illus. (map) 171". ("Que sals-Je?" Le point des connais- 
sances actuelles. t 183j ) 

"l re Edition." 
© 30Jur45; lc lMarlj.6; publisher; AF7I4.7. 

Bruhn, Elmer Franklin, 1899- 

Analysis and design of airplane structures, by E. F. Bruhn ... 
5th printing, rev. August, 1945. Cincinnati, O., Tri-state 
offset co. [1945] 

1 v. front., Illus., tables, diagrs. 28i x 22". 

Various pagings. 
"Reproduced by photo-offset." 

Originally published under title: Airplane structural design. 
Includes bibliographies. 

(£) revisions, 24Nov45} 2c 14Deo45} author 
W. Lafayette, Ind.; A129. 

[Bruller, Jean] 1902- 

... La marche a l'etoile. Paris, 
Aux Editions de Minuit, 19^3 . 

92, [1] p. 16cm. 

Author's pseud., Vercors, at head of 

"Les volumes de la presente collection 
constituent la premiere edition publique 
des Editions de Minuit." 

©25Decl].3; lc 2Marl4.6; publisher; AF669. 

[Bruller, Jean] 1902- 
... Le silence de la mer. Paris, Les Editions de minuit, 1944. 
3 p. 1., 11-89, [1, p., 1 1. 16J-. 

Author's pseud, Vercors, at head of title. 

"Ce volume, en tous points conforme & celul public par les Editions 
de minuit' sous l'oppression ... Les volumes de la presente collection 
constituent la premiere Edition publique des Editions de minuit" 

Published in New York 1943 under title : "Les silences de la mer." 

"Copyright I9I42." 

© 30Declj2; lc 2Marl+6; publisher; AF66I. 

[Bruller, Jean] 1902- 

... Le songe. Paris, Editions de 
Minuit, 19l|5. 

U3, [1] P., 1 J?. 17 l/2 cm . 

Author's pseud., Vercors, at head of 

"Le songe ... a ete publil pour la 
premiere fois dans la revue Traits en 
Suisse, au dlbut de lSkh> puis dans le 
premier num£ro non clandestin des 
Lettres francaises , en septembre, l^Ul^--" 

© 25Mayi|5; lc 2Mari|.6; publisher; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Brumbaugh, Sara Barbara, 1883- 

Deiftocratic experience and education in the National league 
of women voters, by Sara Barbara Brumbaugh . . . New York, 
Teachers college, Columbia university, 1946. 

2 p. 1., vli-x p., 1 1., 115 p. 23J-. (Teachers college, Columbia uni- 
versity. Contributions to education, no. 916) 

Issued also as thesis (pa. d.) Columbia university. 

Bibliography : p. 112-115. 

L National league of women voters. 2. Woman — Suffrage — U. S. 
i. Title. 

JK1881.B7 1946 324.306273 A 47-350 
Copy 2. LB5.C8 no. 916 

© 18Nov4G ; author, "Washington, D. C. ; A9012. 

Brunei* , B H 

Man has forever; assurances of 
immortality . St. Louis, Bethany 
press {19i4.6] 

6k p. 22 1/2 cm. 

© 26Marl4.6; CD. Pantle, St. Louis: 

Brunhes, Jean, 1869-1930. 

La geographic humaine, par Jean Brunhes ... ]5d. abregee, 
mise au point par mme. M. Jean-Brunhes Delamarre et Pierre 
Deffontaines ... 40 cartes, 117 photographies hors-texte. Paris, 
Presses universitaires de France, 1942. 

xvi, 345, il| p. illus. (maps, plans) xl pi. on 20 1. 24™. 

"1™ edition." 

r Antfiropo-geogVaphy. 2. Geography, Economic. ' 1. Defamarre, 
Marl el (Brunhes) ed. n. Deffontaines, Pierre, 1894- joint ed. 

Brunini, John Giliand, 1899- 

Whereon to stand, by John Giliand Brunini, with an intro- 
duction by Francis cardinal Spellman ... New York and Lon- 
don, Harper & brothers t 1946] 

xvll, 302 p. 22-. 

"First edition." 
© 253ep46; publisher, New York; A6021. 

Brunner, Hans, 1893- 

Intracranial complications of ear, nose and throat infec 
tions . . . Chicago, Year book publishers t 1946] 

xil, 444 p. illus. 23}-. 

©280cti|.6; Year book publishers, inc.; 

Brunner, Heinrich Emil, 1889- 

Justice and the social order, by Emil Brunner, translated by 
Mary Hottinger. London and Redhill, Lutterworth press 

257 p. 22-. 

"First 'published tin London j 1945." 

Pub. 12Junij.5; lc l6Febl4.6; Harper 4; 
brothers. New York; AI I0J4.. 

Brunner, Heinrich Emil, 1889- 

... Justice and the social order, translated by Mary 
Hottinger. New York and London, Harper & brothers [1945] 

vl p., 2 I., 304 p. 22-. 

At head of title : Emil Brunner. 

"First [American] edition." 

Bibliographical references Included In "Notes" (p. 263-287) 

Pub. l6Jailj.6; 2c 15Jani{.6; publisher, 
New York; AIO99. Prev reg. AI lOij.. 

Brunner, Robert Kendricfc, 1888- ed. 

Shocking tales, edited by Robert K Brunner. New York, 
Current books, inc., A. A Wyn, 1946. 

vni,323p. 22-. 

©12Novlj.6; Current books, inc.; A8920. 

Brunner, Robert Kendrick, 1888- 

Treasury of gambling stories, selected and presented by 
Robert K. Brunner, with an introduction by Ely Culbertson. 
Chicago, New York, Ziff-Davis publishing company t 1946j 

xxil p., 1 1, 382 p. 24". 

List of additional gambling stories : p. 379-382. 

(2>2Decljj6; publisher, Chicago; A8895. 

Brunschvieg, Leon, l869-19luV. 

... Heritage de mots, heritage 
d'idees. Paris, Presses universi- 
taires de France, 19^4-5 • 

xi, 85, p. 2Jcm. (Biblio- 
theque de philosophie contemporaine. 
Histoire de la philosophie et philoso- 
phie generals, section dirige'e par 
fimile Bre'hier) 

© 15Mayl<.5; lc 500ctlj.5; publisher; 

Bryant, Bern ice Morgan « 19 08- 

Trudy Terrill : eighth grader, by Bernice Bryant . . . Indian- 
apolis, New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company ( 1946j 

273 p. illus. 21-. 

"First edition." 

© 30S«pl4.6; publisher; A6266. 

Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878. 

William Cullen Bryant, selections from his poetry and prose, 
edited, with an introduction, by Samuel Sillen. New York, 
International publishers [ , 194e 1 

94 p. 21- 

"Copyright 1946." 

Pub. 4Feb46; International publishers 00. , inc.; 


Brynes, Asher. 

Government against the people, by Asher Brynes. New 
York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 265 p. 21-. 

© 191lar46; Dodd, Meed * company, inc.; A2104. 

Bryson, Gladys, 1894- 

Man and society : the Scottish inquiry of the eighteenth cen- 
tury, by Gladys Bryson. Princeton, N. J., Princeton uni- 
versity press, 1945. 

ix p., 1 1., 287 p. 22}-. 

"Notes" (bibliographical) : p. t 247)-274. "Principal works of the 
Scottish authors under discussion" : p. [275]-279. 

©220cti|.5; 2c 12Jani+6; publisher; A2I4.O. 

Buchanan, Alice. 

... Blood in the East, by Alice Buchanan. Philadelphia, 
Dorrance and company t 1946] 

117 p. 19}-. (Contemporary poets of Dorrance. 301) 
(g) 15tey46; Dorranoe & 00., inc.; A42S2. 

Buchanan, Jean M 1872- 

Poems by Jean M. Buchanan. t Los Angeles, Printed by 
Ford-Ellis co., 1946] 

2 p. 1., 7-116, [3] p. 20}-. 

©3Declj.6; author, Los Angeles; A9378. 

Buchanan, Rosemary. 

House of friendship, by Rosemary Buchanan; decorations by 
Margaret Ayer. London, New York t etc.] Longmans, Green 
and co., 1946. 

vU,165p. 21- 

IUustrated lining-papers. 1 

"First edition." 

© 15May46; 2e 19Apr46; author. Hew York; 

A 4065. 

cBucher, Victor G icomp. 

Franciscan parish prayerbooFT. . [Paterson, N. J., St. 
Anthony guild press, 1946] 

vi, 258 p. incl. front. 18-. 

"Property of Franciscan parish." 
Includes hymns with music. 

© 3JUII4.6; Franciscan fathers of Califor- 
nia, Oakland; Al+785. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Buck, Frederick Silas. 

Horse race betting; a complete ac- 
count of Pari-fflutuel and bookmaking op- 
erations, by Fred S. Buck. New York 
Oreenberg [1946] 

© ll+Nov46; author, c/o Greenberg; 
publisher, New York; A836I. 

Buck, Pearl (Sydenstricker) 1892- 

Fils de dragon; roman traduit de l'anglais par Jane 
Fillion. Geneve, J. H. Jeheber c 1943] 

3 p. 1., t 9)-*l2 p., 1 1. 19". 

At head of title : Pearl S. Buck. 

© 300ctltf; lc 2l+Feblj£; Edition J. H. 
jeheber, s. a.; AF1743* 

Buck, Pearl (Sydenstricker) 1892- 
Nick et Loi'sj nouvelle inedite. 
Translated by Jeanne Fcurnier- 


(In Les CEuvres libres. Paris [19451 

19cm. n .s. no. k (230) P« [21]-4°) 

© 31JUJJ+5; lc 300cti|5; Jeanne 
Foumier-Pargoire, Rueil, France; AFI30. 

Buck, Pearl (Sydenstricker) 1892- 

Pavilion of women, by Pearl S. Buck. New York, The John 
Day company [1946] 

2 p. 1., 316 p. 21i~. 

Appeared In part In serial form In the Woman's home companion. 

©21Nqv1l6; 2c 15IJovlj.6; author, Perkasie, 
Pa.; A8593. 

Buckingham, Nash, 1880- 

Ole Miss', by Nas!. Buckingham. New York, G. P. Put- 
nam's sons [1946j 

sii p., 1 1., 178 p. front., plates, ports. 21'". 

Short stories and sketches. 

©additions. 15Nov1l6; 2c 6Novk6; author, 
Memphis; A85O8. 

Buckley, Jerome Hamilton. 

William Ernest Henley ; a study in the "counter-decadence" 
of the 'nineties, by Jerome Hamilton Buckley. Princeton, 
N. J., Princeton university press, 1945. 

xl, 234 p. ports., facsim. 22". 
Bibliography : p. 214-224. 

©220ct]+5j 2c 12Jan46; publisher; 
A239. . 

[Buell, Marjorie (Henderson)] I90I+.- 
Marge's Little Lulu and the organ 

grinder man. Springfield, Mass., 

McLoughlin bros. , inc., CI946. 
[LuVJ p. lllus. (part col.) 

22 1/2 x 19cm. (on cover ; Westfield 


© 7Sep46; author, Malvern, Pa.; 

[Buell, Marjorie (Henderson)] 1904- 

Marge's Little Lulu at grandma's 
farm. Springfield, Mass., McLough- 
lin bros., inc., c 19^4-6. 

[1+4] P. illus. (part col.) 
22 1/2 x 19cm. (on cover ; Westfield 

© 7Sepi+6; author, Malvern, Pa, 
A 5610. 

[Buell, Marjorie (Henderson)] I90I4.- 
Marge's Little Lulu at the circus'. 

Springfield, Mass., McLoughlin bros. , 

inc.. 0191+6. 

[1+4] P. illus. (part col.) 

22 l/2 x 19cm. (p_n cover ; Westfield 

classics ) 

© 7 s «p46j author, Malvern, Pa.; 

[Buell, Marjorie (Henderson)] I90I+- 
Marge's Little Lulu at the seashore, 

Springfield, Mass., McLoughlin bros. , 

inc.. C1946. 

[1+4] p. illus. (part col.) 

22 l/2 x 19cm. (p_n cover ; Westfield 


© 7Sepl+6; author, Malvern, Pa.; 

[Buell, Marjorie (Henderson)] 1901+- 
Marge's Little Lulu, her train ride 

to grandma's. Springfield. Mass., 

McLoughlin bros., inc., CI9I+6. 
[1+1+ J P» illus. (part col.) 

22 l/2 x 19cm. (On cover ; Westfield 


© 7Sepl+6j author, Malvern, Pa.; 

[Buell, Marjorie (Henderson)] 190I+- 
Marge's Little Lulu plays pirate. 

Springfield, Mass., McLoughlin bros., 

inc.. CI94.6. 

[1+4] p. illus. (part col.) 

22 1/2 x 19cm. (p_n cover ; Westfield 


© 7Sep46; author, Malvern, Pa.; 

Buell, Marjorie Lyman (Henderson) 
see Buell, Marjorie (Henderson) 1904- 

Buenano, Eduardo Alejandro. 

... Family bridge. Buenos Aires t 1946] 

7 p. 1., 17-59 p., 1 1. 20J-. 

At head of title : Eduardo A. BuenaQo. 

©29Mar46; author, Buenos Aires; 

Bueno, Lillian De la Torre 
3ee De La Torre, Lillian, 1902- 

Buenzod, Emmanuel, 1893- 
. . . Les iles de memoire. Lausanne, La Guilde du livre [1944] 
210 p., 21. 22-. 

© LJ+Novl+4; lc 26Feb46; publisher; 
AF1662 . 

Biittiker, Werner. 

Praktische warenkunde der nahrungsmittel, wurzmittel, ge- 
nusanittel und haushaltartikel, unter beriicksichtigung der 
ernahrungslehre und der schweizerischen lebensmittelverord- 
nung in popularer darstellung, von dr. W. Biittiker . . . Zurich, 
Kascher, 1945. 

xvl, 247 p. ulns., dlagra. 24J-. 

"1. auflage." 

© 7Feb45; lc 15May46; Rascher & cie., 
a. g.; AF1060. 


BOOKS - GROUP 1-1946 

Buff, Mary (Marsh) 1890- 

Big tree, by Mary & Conrad Buff. New York, The Viking 
press, 1946. 

79, ,li P- mum- 28-. 

"First published ... September 1946." 

© 20Sepi4.6; Mary Marsh Buff and Conrad 
Buff, Los Angeles; A 6I4.89. 

Buffalo fine arts academy. 

... British contemporary painters ... Introduction by An- 
drew C. Ritchie. (Buffalo, Printed by the Holling press, inc., 

97 p. lncl. front, 1 lllus., 61 pi., ports. 28}". 

At head of title : Albright art gallery, the Buffalo fine arts academy. 

O l6Novi^6; Buffalo fino arts academy, 
Albright art gallery; A72I4.7. 

Bugbee, Willis Newton, 1870- 

Echoes from the north, a collection of legends, yarns and 
sagas, by Willis N. Bugbee ... Syracuse, N. Y., Willis N. 
Bugbee company t 1946] 

8 p. 1., 168 p. lllus. (facslm.) plates. 21". 

©210ctl4.6; author, Syracuse, N. Y. ; 

Bugge x.ianrt, Haakon 
see Mahrt, Haakon Bugge, 1901- 

Buhler, Edith Elna, 1905- 

... Dolls around the world, by Edith 
E. Buhler. Oklahoma City, Okla., Crosby 
house [I9I4.6] 

50 p. col. illus. 28 1/2x23 1/cm. 
(The adventures of Idabell and Wakefield, 
designed, produced and edited by Betty 
S. Fix [v. k] 

©27SepU6; Betty S. Fix, Oklahoma 
City; A9146. 
Bulkley, Lorenzo Hill. \ 

In tune with time, by Lorenzo Hill Bulkley. New York^ 
H. Harrison ( 1945] 

98 p. lncl. front, (port.) 20i~. 

(§) 19Jul46; 2c 16Feb46j Hsnry Harrison j 
Bull, Francis, 1887- 

... Tradisjoner og minner. Oslo, Gyldendal nocsk forlag, 

3 p. 1., 9-398, (2j p. illus. (lncl. ports., facslms.) 22J-. 

©22Deci}.5; lc 27Jullj6; publisher; 

Bull, Francis, 1887- 

... Tretten taler pa Grini, med tegninger av Per Krohg. 
Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 1945. 

158, (li P- coL front, UIub. 20". 

£> I8JUII4.5; lc 27Juli;6; publisher; 
AF l!+17. 
Bull, Sleeter, 1887- 

Principles of feeding farm animals, by Sleeter Bull ... and 
W. E. Carroll ... Rev. ed. Danville, HI., The Interstate 
printers and publishers, 1946. 

xl, 395 p. lncl. illus. (lncl. diagrs.) tables. 22™. 

©90ctlj.6; publisher; A7135. 

Bulla, Clyde Robert. 

The donkey cart, by Clyde Robert Bulla; drawings by Lois 
Lenski. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946] 
3 p. L, 89 p. lllus. 21 x 18". 
Includes musfc.. 

©2AugU6; author, King City, Mo.; 

The Bulletin almanac 
Philadelphia, I9I4.6. 


© Uaril^; Bulletin co., Philadelphia; 

Bulletin de l'l. D. H. E. C. 
©Institut des hautes Etudes 
cinema tographiques, Paris. 

No. 1, Mayk6. © 20May*46; 
lc 9AugI(.6; AF2017. 

Bullinger's Postal and shippers guide 
for the United States and Canada and 
Newfoundland ... I9J4.6 ed. 'New York 

© 12Mari+6; Bullinger's guides, inc., 
New York; AI65I4.. 

Bullitt, William Christian, 1891- 

The great globe itself, a preface to world affairs, by William 
C. Bullitt . . . New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 

vll p., 1 1., 310 p. diagrs. 20". 

Map on lining-papers. 

© 15Julli6; author, Washington, D.C.; AI4923. 

Bullock, Oliver, 1885- 

A method of solving problems of the spherical triangle 
graphically, with special solutions for certain problems of the 
astronomical triangle found in nautical astronomy. (Not 
published) ... Copyrighted ... by Oliver Bullock. Pedro 
Miguel, C. Z., c 1946. 

36 1. diagrs. on 39 1. 284 x 22". 

Text and diagrams bound separately and inserted in pockets on p. [2j 
and p. (3) of cover respectively. 

"10 copies made. This is copy no. 1." 

©2 ) 9Apri|:6; author, Pedro Miguel, C. Z.; 
Bullot, Ivan. 

Air travel guide to Latin America, including the U. S. A. 
territories of the Canal zone, Puerto Rico and the Virgin 
islands ; Bermuda ; and British, French and Netherlands pos- 
sessions in the West Indies and the Guianas, by Iban Bullot ... 
New York, F. Watts, inc. t 1946j 

xl, 369, [1] p. illus. (maps, plans) 19i". 

"Index of air lines" on lining-paper. 
"Recommended reading and maps" : p. 71-72. 

(C)29JuL46| Franklin Watts, inc.; A3639. 

1. Spanish America — Descr. & trav.— 45ui de-books. 2. West Indies — 
Descr. & trav. — Guide-books. 3. Air lines. 1. Title. 

Bulosan, Carlos. 

America is in the heart, a personal history, by Carlos Bulo- 
san. New York, Harcourt, Brace and company [1946, 

4 p. 1., 8-326 p. 21- 
"Flrst edition." 

© 7i&rli6; Karcourt, Braoo & 00., ino.; 

Bunce, William Harvey, 1903- 

Dragon prows westward, by William H. Bunce, illustrated 
by Lorence Bjorklund. New York, Harcourt, Brace and com- 
pany [1946j 

x, 199 p. lncl. front., lllus., piates. 21". 

Map on lining-papers. 

©22Augij.6; 2c 10Aug]+6; Harcourt, Brace 
& co., inc.; A5678. 

Bunch, Taylor Grant. 

Prevailing prayer, by Taylor G. Bunch ... Washington, 
D. C, Review and herald, 1946. 

124 p. 191". 

© 8Augi;6; Review and herald publishing 
assn., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C: 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Bundy, Roy Dalton, 1887- 

How to teach a job, by R. D. Bundy ... New York, Deep 
River, Conn. ( etc.] National foremen's institute, inc. [1946] 

63 p. pi., dlagrs. 21i~. 
"Third printing." 

£ revisions, !Seplj6; publisher, Deep 
River, Conn.; A5930. 

Buranelli, prosper, I89O- ed. 

The cross word puzzle book . . . 
by Prosper Buranelli, F. Gregory 
Hartswick [and] Margaret petherbridge. 
57th series. New York, I9I4.5. 

© 7Decl^5; 2c lOjanl^.6; Simon and 
Schuster, inc., the Plaza publishing 
co.; New York; A222. 

Burbank, Addison, 1895- 

Addison Burbank and Covelle Newcomb present Narizona's 
holiday. Drawings by Addison Burbank. New York, Lon- 
don t etc.] Longmans, Green & co., 1946. 

5 p. 1., 13-155 p. lllus. 21-. 

"First edition." 

1. Newcomb, Covelle, 1908- joint author, n. Title: Narizona's 

[F«M name: Addison Buswell Burbank] 

PZ10.3.B795Ad 46-7723 

© 220ct46; 2c 180ct46; Covelle Newcomb, New York; 

Burbank, Covelle (Newcomb) 
see Newcomb, Covelle, 1908- 

Burby, William Edward, 1893- 

Cases on community property, by William E. Burby ... 2d 
ed. Los Angeles, Parker & company, 1946. 

1 p. 1., v-xii, 467 p. 254-. 

©7Seplj.6; author, Beverly Hills, 
Calif.; A6992. 

Burby, William Edward, 1893- 

Law refresher, by William E. Burby ... Los Angeles, 
Parker & company, 1946. 

arfv,866p. 26J-. 

Blbltographical foot-notes. 

(6) 25Apr46i author, Beverly Hills, Calif.; 

Burch, Gladys, 1899- 

Famous violinists for young people, by Gladys Burch. New 
York, A. S. Barnes & company ( 1946] 

vli, [1], 232 p. illus. (incl. ports.) diagrs. 22i~. 

(5) 20Mayi46; A. S. Barnes and oorapany, ino.; 

Burchfield, Charles Ephraim, 1893- 

Charles Burchfield. New York, American artists group 

( 63) p. lllus. Iff*. (On cover: American artists group. Monograph 
no. 13) 

Illustrations : p. i6]-t61) 
Portrait of the artist on cover. 

"Copyright 19^5. " 

Pub. 15Febit.6; author, New York; A?l. t l|8. 

Burchfield, Faye. 

What a character, by Faye Burchfield ... illustrations by 
Anne Burchfield. New York, N. Y., The Hobson book press, 

4 p. 1., 54 p. illus. 23". 

© 12Sepl4.6; author, Johnstown, Pa.; 

Burden, B. C, ed . 

Handbook for telephone managers and 
engineers. B. C. Burden, editor. 
Chicago, 111., Automatic electric company 

© lSepit.6; publisher; A59J-5- 

Burdick, William Livesey, 1860-1946. 

The law of crime, by Wm. L. Burdick . . . Albany, N. Y., New 
York city, M. Bender & company, incorporated, 1946. 

Vols. 2-3 have Imprint: Albany, N. T., M. Bender & company. Incor- 
porated ; New York city, Fallon law book company. 
"Table of cases" : v. 3, p. 460-700. 

1. Criminal law— U. S. 

© 30Sep46 ; author, Lawrence, Kan., and Matthew Bender & 
co., inc. ; A6855. 

Burger, Samuel. 

Careers in aviation, by Samuel Burger ... in collaboration 
with Vocational guidance research. New York, Greenberg 
{ 1946] 

xii p., 1 1., 209 p. 21". 
Bibliography : p. 201-202. 

© 2lAug^6; Greenberg: publisher; A5295. 

Burger, William Harold, 1883- 

A million miles in New York state, by Billy Burger. New 
York, N. Y., Association press, 1946. 

87 p. 2 port. (incl. front.) pi. 191". 

@ 22Wsr46; International committee of Young 
•*n'i Christian associations, New York; AS682. 

Burgess, Thornton Waldo, 1874- 

The crooked little path, a book of nature stories by Thorn- 
ton W. Burgess, illustrated by Harrison Cady. Boston, Little, 
Brown and company, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 3-184 p., 1 1. Incl. col. front., lllus., plates, col. plates. 21} x 

"First edition." 

<g) 2Apr48j 2o 191fer46; author, Springfield, Mms.j 

Burgess, Walter B. 

Quips and quondams, by W. B. 

Burgess. Green Bay, Wis., Reliance 
pub. co. [019^6] 
86 p. 18 1/2 cm. 

© 6Feblj.6; author, Grant Park, 
111.; A1095. 

Burgess, Warren Randolph, 1889- 

The reserve banks and the money market, by W. Randolph 
Burgess. Rev. ed. New York and London, Harper & brothers, 

xlx, 380 p. lllus. (maps) dlagrs. 22". 

"Third edition." 

©27Novlj.6; publisher, New York; A8717. 

Burgin, Miron, 1900- 

The economic aspects of Argentine federalism, 1820-1852, 
by Miron Burgin. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard university 
press, 1946. 

xlv, 304 p. incl. tables. 22}™. (Half-title: Harvard economic studies, 
vol. lxxviu) 

Bibliography : p. ,288]-294. 

© 19Juni|.6; President & fellows of 
Harvard college, Cambridge, Mass.; Ali.707, 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Burke, Eugene Charles, 1905- 

Modern store design, by Gene Burke ... and Edgar Kober. 
Los Angeles, Calif., Institute of product research ,1946) 

7 p. 1., t 7)-161 p.. 5 1. lllus., dlagrs. 31 x 23i~. 

©l+Novl^.6; authors, Los Angeles; A898I+. 

1. Mercantile buildings. 
author, n. Title. 

NA6220.B8 725.213 

© 4Nov46 ; authors, Los Angeles; A8984. 

1. Kober, Edgar Irving, 1804- joint 

Burke, Gene 
see Burke, Eugene Charles, 1905- 

Burke, Kenneth, 1897- 

A grammar of motives, by Kenneth Burke. New York, 
Prentice-Hall, inc., 1945. 

ixlll,530 p. 24- 

(5) 10Dec46j 2o 26Nov45| publisher; A56. 

Burke, Richard, 1886- 
... Reluctant hussy. New York, S. Curl, inc. [1946, 

336 p. 21". 

© 16May*6j author, M«wport Beach, Calif.} A4900. 

Burket, Lester William, 1907- 

Oral medicine: diagnosis, treatment, by Lester W. Burket ... 
With a section on Oral aspects of aviation medicine, by Major 
Alvin Goldhush ... 350 illustrations, 60 in color on 10 plates. 
Philadelphia [etc.] J. B- Lippincott company [1946j 

xxvli, 674 p. incl. illus., col. plates, forms, diagrs. fold, plates. 23i~. 

"References" at end of each section except the last 

© 23Feb46j publisher, Philadelphia} A1607. 

Burkhalter, Frank Elisha, 1880- 

A world- visioned church ; story of the First Baptist church, 
Waco, Texas t by, Frank E. Burkhalter ... Nashville, Tenn., 
Broadman press c 1946) 

x, 301 p. plates, ports. 20™. 

Bibliographical references included in the preface. 

©29Mayl+6; publisher; Al+557. 

Burkhardt, Eve 
For works written in collaboration 
with Robert Ferdinand Burkhardt 
3ee Eden, Rob, pseud . 

■ Burkhardt, Robert Ferdinand 

For works written in collaboration 
with Eve Burkhardt 
see Eden, Rob, pseud . 

Burks, Lorna Doone, 1900-1945. 

I die daily ; the story of a woman whose love will live forever, 
by Lorna Doone Burks, edited by Arthur J. Burks. New York, 
Rockport press, inc., 1946. 

208p. 22-. ' 

"First edition." 

1. Cancer. 1. Burks, Arthur J., ed. n. Title. 
RC263.B8 616.994 

© 5Dec46 ; 2c 4 Dec46 ; publisher ; A9306. 

Med 47-802 

Burleson, David Sinclair, I87I- 

Adventures in English. Grade eight. 
By David Sinclair Burleson . . . Chris- 
tine Burleson ... [and] Anna Darby 
Merrill ... Boston, New York [etc.] 
Allyn and Bacon, I9I+6. 

vii, 258, I4. p. front., illus. 
19 l/2 cm . 

© 25Junl;6; publisher, Boston; A9O5O. 

Burling, Donald Oscar, 1901- 

Beloved Jew, by Donald O. Burling ; a historical novel about 
a great man. 1st ed. (Brockton, Mass. j 1946. 

21., 7-296 p. 24- 

©7Deci+6j author, Brockton, MasS.; 

Burlingame, Clarence Charles, 1885- 

Charburough ... Hartford, New York ( etc.j Priv. print, for 
Dr. C. C. Burlingame, 1946. 

(22, p. illus. 22i x 13J-. 

"A fantasy In philosophy." — p. (22| 
"Illustrations drawn by Ruth Allen Weld." 

1. Conduct of life. 1. Weld, Buth Allen, lllus. n. Title. 
BJ1595.B79 170 47-16316 

© 9Dec46 ; author, Hartford ; A9288. 

Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo 
city directory ... with added sec- 
tion for Millbrae residents ... 
22d ed. 19l|_5 . San Mateo, Calif., 

© lOctl+5; 2c 21Dec!4-5; Coast direc-, San Mateo, Calif.; A1216. 

Burloud, Albert, 1888- (1. Id.) 

... La caractere, par A. Burloud ... A Paris, Presses uni- 
versitaires de France, 1942. 

165, t2j p. 19". (Nouvelle encyclopeclle phllosophique, collection ... 
dirigge par Smile Br^hler ... [32]) 

© 30Aprl+2; lc 29Augl+5; publisher; AF333. 

Burn, Michael. 

Yes, farewell, by Michael Burn ... London, J. Cape [1946, 

432 p. 20J~. . 

"First published 1946. Second impression 1946." 

Pub. 25iIarl+6; lc 28Augi+6; author, Lon- 
don; AI 1+1+7 • 

Burnand, Tony. 

... Laissez venir a moi. 
et Boutelleau) [1946, 

roman. Paris, Stock (Delamain 

2 p. I., ,7,-212 p., 1 1. 18J-. 

© 5Mayl+6; publisher; AFl8l8. 
Burnand, Tony. 

. . . Les tribulations du pecheur a. la mouche ; illustrations en 
couleurs de Delarue-Nouvelliere ... Paris, Les Editions de la 
nouvelle France t 1946) 

2 p. 1., 9-216, [1] p., 2 1. col. illus. 19". (Par monts et par vaux. ( 1]) 

©26Aprlj.6; publisher; AF2088. 

[Burnell, George Edwin] 

... Chronicle of reality ll^lij - 11+61+- 
Carol of contemplation. [Los Angeles, 
Mimeographed by G. E. Burnell, -191+53 
various pagings . 26 1/2 cm. 

Title from cover. 

At head of title: Volume I. 

© 30Decl+5; 2c 20Febk6; author, 
Arcadia, Calif.; A113o. 

[Burnell, Mary Lamoreaux] 

... On the Aphorisms 113-111+-115, The 
hundredfold pledge 152-161+, Identity, 
Serenity. [Los Angeles, Mimeographed 
by G. E, Burnell, -19^5] 

various pagings. 2o 1/2 cm. 

Title from cover. 

At head of title: Volume I. 

© 30Decl+5; 2c llFeblj.6; author, 
Arcadia, Calif.; A1139. 


BOOKS - GROUP 1-1946 

Burnett, Peter Hardeman, 1807-1895. 

An old California pioneer, by Peter H. Burnett, first gover- 
nor of the state ; with maps and index ; foreword by Joseph A. 
Sullivan. Oakland, Calif., Biobooks, 1946. 

1 p. 1., iv p., 1 L, 287 p., 2 I, fold, faesim., fold, maps (2 in pocket) 
27". [The California centennials. V) 

Iwo Jlma commemorative stamp mounted on leaf following p. iv. 

First published, 1880, under title, 
Recollections and opinions of an old 
pioneer. " 

© 20Jullj.6; Joseph A. Sullivan, 
Oakland, Calif.; A5098. 

Burnett, Raymond Will, 1912- 

To live in health ( by] R. Will Burnett . . . Scientific drawings 
by Zhenya Gay, other drawings by Edmund Monroe. New 
York, Chicago t etc.] Silver Burdett company ( 1946j 

vii, [lj, 332 p. incl. front., illus., diagrs. plates, ports. 24**. 

"Further readings" : p. 316-324. 

(g) revisions, llfer46i publisher. Mew Yorkj A1611. 

Burnett, William Riley, 1899- 

... Romelle ... New YQrk, A. A Knopf, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-253, t l] p., 1 L 10". 

A.thead of title : W. H. Burnett. 
'First edition." 

©; author, Glendale, Calif.; 
26 0. 


Burney, Christopher. 

The dungeon democracy, by Christopher Burney. New York, 
Duell, Sloan and Pearce'[1946j 
xiii, 164 p. 19- 

© llApri|6; author, New York; Ai|200. 

Burnham, Anita (Willets) 1880- 

Round the world on a penny. Rev. ed. By Anita Willets- 

Burnham. Illustrated by the family. ( Winnetka, 111.] 1946. 

270, r 10i p. incl. front., illus. 22*-. 

"First edition published 1933 ... Seventh edition revised published 

© 6Novl|.6; author, Winnetka, 111*; 

Burnham, Smith, 1866- 

America, our country, by. Smith Burnham ... and Theodore 
H. Jack . . . illustrated by Eunice Stephenson and Alberg Cugat. 
Philadelphia, Chicago [etc.] The John C. Winston company 
t 1946] 

rv, [I,, 656 p. col. front, illus. (part col.) maps, diagrs. 201". 

"Books" and "Topical readings" at end of each chapter. 

1. U. S — Hist. 1. Jack, Theodore Henley, 1881- Joint author. 
n. Title. 

E178.1.B93 1946 973 46-8071 

© revisions, 29 Jul46 ; publisher ; Philadelphia ; A6805. 

Burnod, Elisabeth. 

... Le miracle des violettes. 
Geneve [etc.] Jeheber [ I9I+6 ] 

226 p., 1 ^. 19cm. 

© lUMarij.6; Edition J. K. Jeheber, 
s.a.; AF88J. 

Burns, Arthur Frank, 1904- 

Measuring business cycles [by, Arthur F. Burns and Wesley 
C. Mitchell. New York, National bureau of economic research, 


xxvil, 560 p. incl. tables, diagrs. (1 fold.) 30i". (Half-title: National 
bureau of economic research. Studies In business cycles. No. 2) 

"Sources of data" : p. 540-550. 

© 28Jun46; publisher; A3480. 

[ Burns, Ralph J ll901- 

An angel on horseback, by Ralph Byrne (psextA.^ (Clinton, 
Mass., Priv. print, at the Colonial press inc., 1945, 
6 p. 1., 237 p. 21". 

© 7N0VI4.5; 2c 13Pebi4.6; author, Boston; 
Burns, Samuel Thompson, 1894- 

Harmonic skills used by selected high school choral leaders, 
by Samuel T. Burns ... New York, Teachers college, Colum- 
bia university, 1945. 

viii p., 1 1., 116 p. incl. tables. 23}™. (Teachers college. Columbia 
university. Contributions to education, no. 905) 

Issued also as thesis (ph. d.) Columbia university. 

(g) 50Hoy45j 2e 25Jan46; author, Oberlin, Ohio; A952 
Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875- 

Escape on Venus, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, illustrated by 
John Coleman Burroughs. Tarzana, Calif., E. R. Burroughs, 
inc. [1946] 

347 p. front., plates. 20". 

Map on lining-paper. 
"First edition." 

1. Title. 

PZ3.B944Es 46-8465 

© 150ct46; Edgar Rice Burroughs, inc. ; A7208. 

Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875- 

Land of terror, by Edgar Rice Burroughs ; jacket design by 
John Coleman Burroughs. Tarzana, Calif., E. R. Burroughs, 
inc. [ 1944, 

3 p. )., 9-319 p. 19}". <* 

"First edition." 

(£) lMay44; 2o 5Jan46; Edgar Rice Burroughs, inc., 
Tarsana, Calif.; A88. 

Burroughs Wellcome and company. 

1914.6/1914.7 price list of fine products. 
New York, Burroughs Wellcome, I9I4.6. 

91 p. illus. 22 cm. 

© lAprl|.6: Burroughs Wellcome & co., 
inc.; A2588- 

Burt, Katharine (Newlin) 1882- 

. . . Lady in the tower. Philadelphia, Macrae-Smith company, 

284 p. 20". 

© lLKar46; 2c lMar46; author. Southern Fines, 
N. C.j A1776. 

Burt, William Henry, 1903- 

The mammals of Michigan, by William H. Burt, illustrated 
by Richard Philip Grossenheider. Ann Arbor, The University 
of Michigan press, 1946. 

xv, 288 p. illus. ( incl. maps) rm col. pL, diagrs. 26". 
Includes "References." 

1. Mammals— Michigan. 

QL719.M5B78 599 46-8686 

© 30Sep46; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; A7227. 

Burt & Lee's Baton Rouge (East Baton 
Rouge Parish, La. ) metropolitan city 
directory, '19^-6, Baton Rouge, Baton 
Rouge directory co., c 19^6. 

© 7Junl|6; publisher; A338I+. 

Burtis, Edwin, ed. 

All the best dog poems, collected by Edwin Burtis. An an- 
thology of poetry about dogs. Illustrated by Nils Hogner. 
New York, Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946] 

11 p. I, 231 p. Illus. 23J" 

©15N0VI4.6; publisher; A9182. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Burton, Eli Franklin, 1879- 

The electron microscope, an introduction to its fundamental 
principles and applications, by E. F. Burton ... and W. H. Kohl 
... Drawings by Dorothy Stone. 2d ed. New York, Reinhold 
publishing corporation, 1946. 

325 p. front., illus.. diagrs. 234-. 

"A bibliography of electron microscopy, compiled by Claire Marton ... 
and Samuel Sass" : p. 299-318. 

(5) 25FehI)6; publisher} AI2I48. 

Burton, Joe, 1907- 

Prince of the pulpit, a pen picture of George W. Truett at 
work, by Joe W. Burton ... Grand Rapids, Mich., Zondervan 
publishing house ( 194r6j 

87 p. pi., ports. 20". 

Appeared in part in serial form in 
Southern Baptist home missions, cf . 

X Truettp(?eorge Washington^ 1867-^944. L Title. 

Burton, Katherine (Kurz) 1890- 

According to the pattern; the story of Dr. Agnes McLaren 
and the Society of Catholic medical missionaries, by Katherine 
Burton. New York, Toronto, Longmans, Green and co., inc., 

3 p. 1., 3-252 p. 21". 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 243-244. 

<g) 20Fob46j 2e 15Jan46; author, Bronxville, N.Y. ; 

Burton, Katherine (Kurz) 1890- 

His mercy endureth forever; by Katherine Burton, with a 
foreword by Francis cardinal Spellman, archbishop of New 
York. Tarrytown, N. Y., Sisters of mercy, 1946. 

vii p., 1 1., 273 p. 21". 

© 29May46; Sisters of Mercy of tha Union in tha 
Unitad States of America, Provinoe of New York, 
inc.} A5239. 

Burton, Miles, 1903- 

Accidents do happen, by Miles Burton. Garden City, N. Y., 
Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

223 p. 19". 

"First edition." 

London edition (pub. for the Crime club by Collins) has title: Early 
morning murder. 

Pub." 2lj.Jani].6 ; lc 10Janl|6; lc 26janij.6; 
author. London j A 771 • Pre v. reg. 
AI 29162. 

Burton, Miles, 1903- 

Situation vacant, by Miles Burton. London, Pub. for the 
Crime club by Collins [1946] 

192 p. 19". 

Pub. 29Jull^6; lc 21Sepl^6; author; 
London; AI JL4.5O . 

Burton, Ruth Guthrie (Thomson) Harding, 1882- 

Three parts Scotch ; an informal autobiography by Guthrie 
Burton. Indianapolis, New York, The Bobbs-Merrill com- 
pany [1946] 

288 p. 19J". , * 

"First edition." 

@) 2Aug2|6; 2o 26Juli|6: publisher, Indianapolis; 

Burtscher, William John, 1878- 

The romance behind walking canes, by William J. Burtscher 
... Philadelphia, Dorrance & company ( 1945j 

ziil, [1] p., 1 1., 17-220 p. plates, ports. 19J". 

© 10Dec45j 2c 20Beo46» author, Santa Monica, 
Calif. t 1677. 

Burtt, Edwin Arthur, 1892- 

Right thinking, a study of its principles and methods, by 
Edwin Arthur Burtt ... New York and London, Harper & 
brothers [1946, 

xl, 764 p. illus., 2 port, on 1 1., diagrs. 22". 

"The third edition of the book originally published under the title, 
Principles and problems of right thinking." 

Bibliography at end of each chapter except one. 

©3Uul46j publisher, New York; A5419. 

Busch, Niven, 1903- 

... Day of the conquerors, a novel. New York and London, 
Harper & brothers [1946] 

4 p. 1., 276 p., 1 1. 21". 
"First edition." 

2) 2*2I.Iay/4_6 ; aut.ior, cCncino, Calif.; 

Bush, Christopher, 1885- 

The case of the missing men, by Christopher Bush. London, 
Macdonald & co. ltd. ,1946, 

v, 7-191 p. illus. 19". 

Pub. 29Janlj.6; lc 20ctl;6; author, Beckley, 
Rye, Sussex, Eng. ; AI U<3l. 

Bush, Vannevar, 1890- 

Endless horizons, by Vannevar Bush; introduction by Dr. 
Frank B. Jewett. Washington, D. C, Public affairs press 

vlil p., 1 1., 182 p. front, (port.) 24". 

"The material ... Is drawn chiefly from-the author's recent writings, 
speeches, and reports with regard to the problems and opportunities con- 
fronting science." — Acknowledgments. 

2) 13FebI|.6; American council on public 
affairs, Washington. D. C.; A3li70. 

1. Science — Addresses, essays, Hectures. 2. Tecnnology — Addresses, 
essays, lectures. i. Title. 

Bushnell (II. T. ) company, New Haven . 

... Catalog C. Now Haven, Conn. 

1 v. illus. 28cm. 

On cover: Hardware, industrial and 
contractors supplies. 

® 2l|.Sepi|6; R. R. Donnelley k sons co., 
Chicago; A6562. 

Buss, Truman C 

Simplified architectural drawing, with examples and graded 
problems, by Truman C. Buss, jr. . . . Chicago, American tech- 
nical society, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-258 p. illus. (incl. plans) col. pi., diagrs. 28Jx21J". 
"Supplementary reading" : p. ,250, 

(?) 20Feb46; publisher; A1339. 

Bustanoby, Jacques H 

Power of thought . . . New York, 
Pyramid publications [1914-6] 

60 p. illus. 16 cm. 

© 25Aprl|6; publisher; A2752. 

Butcher, Harry Cecil, 1901- 

My three years with Eisenhower ; the personal diary of Cap- 
tain Harry C. Butcher, tjsnr, naval aide to General Eisenhower, 
1942 to 1945. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1946. 

xvil, [15,, 3-911, ,1, p. front., Illus. (incl. ports., facslms.) 22J". 
Maps on lining-papers. 

© 25AprIj.6; 2c I4A 
Barbara; Calif.; 

.6: author, Santa 

Buteau, Max. 

... Le signe L. Apres le signe V, victoire, le signe L, liberie. 
[Paris, SPID ,1945] 

3 p. 1., 9-110 p., 1 1. 19". (Collection "Le Monde nouveau", 

@ 15Not46; lo lMar46; Editions Spid, Farisj 

749448 O— 47- 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Buthad, Paul. 

Class outline for LP-gas training 
course; a study of the principles 
and practices employed in the install- 
ation and servicing of LP-gas equip- 
ment. Basic fundamentals of engineer- 
ing, equipment, and safe practice ... 
Tulsa, Okla., National L-P gas insti- 
tute [ 19I4.6] 

I85 p. illus. 29 1/2 cm. 

Loose-leaf, in binder. 
© 8PebI(.6; publisher; A1100. 

Butka, Hersel Eugene. 

Poetic Pop philosophizes on life [by, Hersel Eugene Butka. 
New York, Exposition press [1946, 
192 p. 22*°*. 

©15Novl|.6; publisher; A8703. 

Butler, Charles, 1870- 

Hospital planning t byj Charles Butler . . . jand, Addison Erd- 
man ... New York, F. W. Dodge corporation, 1946. 

xlx, 236 p. Incl. front., Illus. '(incl. plans, diagrs.) 28i~. 

"First edition." 

© I/4JU11I46; publisher; A3I4I9. 

Butler, Frank Arthur, 1894- 

The improvement of teaching in secondary schools. Rev. ed. 
By Frank A. Butler ... Chicago, 111., The University of Chi- 
cago press [1946, 

xll, 390 p. illus., diagrs. 23J m . 

"Copyright 1939 and 1946 ... Second edition 1946." 
"Belated readings" at end of most of the chapters. 

1. Teaching. 2. Education, Secondary.- 3. Learning, Psychology of. 
1. Title. 

LB1607.B87 1946 371.3 A 46-6079 

© 13Sep46 ; University of Chicago ; A6158. 

Butler, Gerald, I908- 

Kiss the blood off my hands, by Gerald Butler. New York, 
Farrar & Rinehart, inc. [1946, 
4 p. 1., 3-216 p. 19J". 
First published in England In 1940. 

© 7War46; 2c 9Feb46; author, Oxon, E n g. ; 

Butler, Gerald, 1908- 

Mad with much heart t byj Gerald Butler. New York, Rine- 
hart & company, inc. t 1946] 

4 p. I., 3-244 p. 19i- 

Pub. 22Aug^6: 2c 27JuM6; author, Turville, 
near Henly-on-Thames, Oxon, Eng.; k$U55- Prev. 
reg. AI 29090. 

Butler, Mrs. Hugh De Witt 
see Butler, Jessie Haver, 1886- 
Butler, Jessie Harer, 1886- 

Time to speak up; a speaker's handbook for women [by, 
Jessie Haver Butler (Mrs. Hugh Butler) Foreword by Nancy 
Astor (the Viscountess Astor, c. h.) New York and London, 
Harper & brothers [1946, 

xxii p., 1 1., 264 p. diagrs. 21i- 

"Representative speeches delivered by nationally Important women 
during the war years, 1940-1946" : p. 211-253. 

1. Oratory. 2. Speeches, addresses, etc. 1. Title. 
PN4121.B9 808.5 46-8232 

© 13Nov46; publisher, New York; A8250. 
Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862- 

The world today ; essays and addresses by Nicholas Murray 
Butler . . . New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 
xl, 225 p. 19i". 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© I5JUII4.6; author, New York; A520I4.. 

Butler, Raymond Renard. 

Building science for junior technical schools of building, by 
R. R. Butler ... London, The English universities press ltd. 
( 1946, 

204 p. illus., diagrs. 22i<". (On cover: Junior technical series) 
"First printed March, 1946." 

1. Science. 1. Title. 

Q161.B89 1946 500 46-23324 

Pub. 19Aug46; lc I70ct46; author, Liverpool; AI521. 

Butsch, Russell Lewis Carl, 1897- 

How to read statistics [by, R. L. C. Butsch 
The Bruce publishing company t 1946, 

v p., 1 ]., 184 p. illus. (maps) diagrs. 203™. 

(C) 4Jun46; publisher; A4336. 


Butterfield, William Henry, 1910- 

How to write good credit letters, by William H. Butterfield 
... St. Louis, Mo., National retail credit association, 1946. 

2 p. ]., 47 p. 20". 

© li(.0ctl(.6; publisher; 7108. 

Buttrick, George Arthur, 1892- 

Christ and man's dilemma [by, George Arthur Buttrick. 
Nashville, New York, Abingdon-Cokesbury press [1946, 

224 p. 20 J". 

"References" : p. 205-217. 

(£) llM»r46; Stone end Pierce, Neehville; A1580. 

Buxton, Bessie Wilson (Raymond) 1877- 

Begonias and how to grow them, by Bessie Raymond Buxton. 
New York, Oxford university press, 1946. 
x p., 1 1., 163 p. front., illus., plates. 21"". 

"Issued under the auspices of the Massachusetts horticultural so- 
ciety."— p. [i, 

© 7Fehi 4 6; 2o oDecii 1 }; Oxford university press, 
1r ew York, ino.; A10JC. 

Buzzard, Charles Norman, 1873- 

Shining hours, by C. N. Buzzard, illustrated by J. Yunge- 
Bateman. London, Collins, 1946. 

192 p. plates, diagrs. 20J™. 

"Some of the chapters ... have appeared in their original form in ... 
'Country life,' and are reproduced with additions and amendments." — 
p. ,6, 

Pub. i.5Feb46; ic HApr<+6; *>m. Collins sons & co., 
ltd., London; AJ 176. 

Buzzati, Dino, 1906- 

... La f amosa invasione degli 
orsi in Sicilia; disegni dell'autore. 
Hilano, Roma, Rizzoli [I9I4.5] 

k P. J?-, 11-150, [1] p., 2 j?. illus. 
(part col. ) 28 l/2cm. 

© 30Decl]-5; Rizzoli 

& CO., 


Buzzati Traverso, Dino 
see Buzzati, Dino, 1906- 

Byrne, Ralph, pseud . 
see Burns, Ralph J 


[Bytniewska, Irena, 

Silent is the Vistula; the story of the Warsaw uprising, by 
Irena Orska { pseud.-i translated from the Polish by Marta Erd- 
man. New York, London t etc.j Longmans, Green and co., 1946. 

3 p. 1., 275 p., 1 1. 21". 

"First edition." 

(6) 29May46; 2c 3May46; author, New York} 

© 2< 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

C. B, Pago directory company's Alice, 
Texas, city direotory, 19lj.6-19l|.7. 
(2d ed. ) Corpus Christi, Tex., e 19lj.6. 
1 v. 

<S) 15 Junl4.6; C. B. Page, owner, C. B. 
Page directory co., Corpus Christi, 
Tex.; A&766, 

C. B. Page directory company's Corpus 
Christi Texas, city directory, I9I4.6. 
(11th ed. ) ... Corpus Christi, 

Tex., c 19k6. 
1 v. 24° m . 

© 15Maylj.6; C. B. Page, owner, C. B. 
Page directory co., Corpus Christi, 
Tex.j A8767. 

C. B. Page directory company's Lufkin, 
Keltys and Herty, Texas, city directory, 
1914.6-1914.7 ... Corpus Christi, Tex., 
C. B. Page directory co., CI9I1.0 . 

© 29Jullj.6; C. Bv Page, owner, C. B. 
Page directory co., Corpus Christi, Tex.; 

C. B. Page directory company's Temple, 
Texas, city directory, 1914.6-1914.7 ••• 
Corpus Christi, Tex., C. B. Page 
directory company, cl9lj£. 

©280ctl4.6; C. B. Page, owner, C. B. 
Page directory cdmpany; A929I4.. 

Cabell, James Branch, 1879- 

There were two pirates, a comedy of division, by James 
Branch Cabell ; decorations by John O'Hara Cosgrave n. New 
York, Farrar, Straus and company, inc., J.946. 

x p., 2 L, 3-121 p. tnd. front, Illus. 21". 

"First edition." 

© 12Augl).6; 2c 10Augl4.6; author, Ophel- 
ia f Va.j A5509. 


Cable, Emmett James, 1876- 

The physical sciences, by Emmett James Cable ... Robert 
Ward Getchell ... and William Henry Kadesch ... 2d ed. 
New York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1946. 

xvll, 684 p. col front., Illus., dlagrs. 231*". , 

"References" : d. 661-668. 

© 8?ebi4.o; publisher; AI0pO- 

Cabot. Philippe Sidney de Q 

Juvenile delinquency, a critical annotated bibliography, com- 
piled by P. S. de Q. Cabot ... New York, The H. W. Wilson 
company, 1946. 

166 p. 28". 

© 18Dec46 ; author, Los Angeles ; A7399. 

Cadell, Elizabeth. 

My dear Aunt Flora [byj Elizabeth Cadell. [London] R. 
Hale limited, 1946. 

252 p. 19". 

Pub. 29Aug46; lc 190ct46; author, Osbaldwick, York, Eng.; 
Al 501. 

Cadell, Violet Elizabeth 
see Cadell, Elizabeth. 

Cadwallader, Brooke, 1908- 

Original designs, created by Brooke Cadwallader ... Lim- 
ited ed. [New York, Printed by Lenox service press, inc., 

5 p. 1., 15 col. pi. 28". 

© 20ctJi6; Brooke Cadwallader, inc., New 
York; A665I4.. 

Cady, Walter Guyton, 1874- 

Piezoelectricity ; an introduction to the theory and applica- 
tions of electromechanical phenomena in crystals, by Walter 
Guyton Cady ... 1st ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill 
book company, inc., 1946. 

xxlll, 806 p. lncl. front. (2 port.) illus., dlagrs. 22i". (International 
series In pure and applied physics; L. A. DuBridge, consulting editor) 

©20Mayij.6; publisher, New York; AI422I. 
Caesar, Irving, 1895- 

Sing a song of friendship, by Irving Caesar. New York, 
N. Y., I. Caesar [1946, 

64 p. Illus. 30J". 

"Musical arrangements by Leo Russotto, Illustrations by Albert Bar- 

A collection of songs with piano accompaniment. 

© 3Sep46 ; author, New York ; A6155. 
Cahiers du monde nouveau. © Editions 

• du Temoignage Chretien, Paris. 
Vol. 1. 

No. ks-: 19J4-5. ©253epl4.5; 
lc 2l4Aprl4.6; AF962. 
Vol. 2. 

No. 5, I9I4.5. © JOOctli.5; 
^ lc Marlj.6; AFl&l. 
No. 6, I9I4.5. © 3ON0VI4.5; 
lc 8Mayl|.6; AFI3I4I4.. 

Annee 2. 

No. 1, Janl4.6. © 30Decl4.5; 

lc 8Mayl4.6; AFI3I4.5. 

No. 2, Febli.6. © lFebl4-6; 

lc 9Augij.6; AF22I4.8. 

No. 3, Marlj.6. © 12Marl4.6; 

lc 9AugiJ.6; AF22I4.5. 

No. I4., AprJi6. © 2Aprl4.6; 

lc 9Augl4.6; AF 22I4.6. 

No. 5, Mayli.6. © l^May^; 

lc 9Augl4.6; AF22lj.7. 
Caillet, Juliette. , 

.'.. Figures de campagne. Rennes, Imprimeries reunies 
(societe cooperative) 1946. 

3 p. 1., t 5]-293 p., 1 1. 18". 
At head of title : Juliette et Ren6 Caillet. 
© 15Mar46; authors, Issy, France; AF1332- 

Caillois, Roger, 1913- 

... Circonstancielles, l$l\0~19l\5* 
[Paris] Gallimard [ I9I4.6 ] 

£ p. jf., [73-151 P.* 2i. 19 cm . 

© 15Aprl|.6; Librairie Gallimard; AF2061j.. 

Caillois, Roger. 1913- 

••• Les impostures de la poesie. 
[Paris] Gallimard [I9L.5J 

87 p., 3/. 19 1/2^. (Collection 
Metamorphos es [ 26 ] ) 

©30Decl;5; lc 8May46; Librairie Gal- 
limard; AF1213. 
Caillois, Roger, 19 13 - 

. . . Le rocher de Sisyphe. t Parisj Gallimard r 1946j 

3 p. 1., 9-179 p., 11. IT". 

"Cet ouvrage est paru d'abord en 1942, a Buenos Aires In espagnoi" : 
p. 145. 

© 15Feb46; Librairie Gallimard; AF1615. 
Cain, James MaUahan, 1892- 

The butterfly [by, James M. Cain. New York, A. A. Knopf, 

xvi, [1], 165 p., 1 1. 19". 

"First edition." 

© 26Dec46; 2c 14Dec46, author; Los Angeles; A9427. 
Cain, James MaUahan, 1892- 

Past all dishonor, by James M. Cain. New York, A. A. 
Knopf, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 232, [1] p., 1 1. 19". 

"First and second printings before publication." 

(C) 83Apr46j author, Santa Monica, Calif. 1 A4115, 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cairns, Mary Lyons. 

Grand Lake : the pioneers, by Mary Lyons Cairns. Denver, 
Col., The World press, inc., 1946. 

xvxl (*. e. xxl), [2 Jt 25-295 p. incl. front, illus., plates, porta., facslm. 

© 2Mayk6; author, Grand Lake, Colo; 
A3011 # 
Calahan, Harold Augustin, 1889- 

Geography for grown-ups, by Harold Augustin Calahan, 
illustrated by Stephen J. Voorhies, diagrams by the author. 
New York and London, Harper & brothers [1946, 

vlli p., 1 1., 351, [li p. Incl. Illus., dlagrs. 22-. 

"First edition." 

© 13Nov46; author, New York; A8249. 

Calamandrei, Piero, 1889- 
... Inventario della casa di campagna. [Eomaj Tumminelli 


4 p. 1., |ll)-263 p., 1 1. 19i". (Half-title: Nuova biblioteca Italiana, 
diretta da Arnaldo Bocelll. 23) ■ 

"Prima edlzione." 

© Uan45; Calogero Tumminelli; AF2225. 
Calcagno, Ettore. 

... Contract bridge; ponte a contratto; un nuovo metodo per 
dichiarare ... Torino, Societa anonimo tipografico editrice 
torinese, 1946. 

3 p.,1., 9-255, [li P- tables (part double) 19J~. 

©26l.iark6; author, Turin; AF5125. 

CaldweU, Cyril Cassidy, 1892- 

Speak the sin softly, a novel by Cy Caldwell. New York, J. 
Messner, inc. [1946] 

3 p. 1., 3-332 p. 21J-. 

© 15Julk6; 2c 5Julij.6; author, Island 
Park, L. I., N. Y.; A5138. 
Caldwell, Erskine, 1903- 

The Caldwell caravan y novels and stories by Erskine Cald- 
well, with an introduction by the author. Cleveland and New 
York, The World publishing company t 1946] 

436 p. 2li°\ 

"First printing March 1946." 

© 25Mark6; 2c 22Mark6; author, Tucson, 
Ariz.; Ak09k« 
CaldweU, Erskine, 1903- 

A house in the uplands, by Erskine Caldwell. New York, 
Duell, Sloan and Pearce [1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-238 p. 20J". 
. "First edition." 

© 26Apr«; author, Tuo«on, Arli.j A4032 

caldwell, James Ralston. 

John Keats' fancy ; the effect on Keats of the psychology of 
his day, by James Ealston Caldwell. Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell 
university press, 1945. 

ix, 206 p. 22j- 

© 2kDeck5; 2c kAprk6; Cornell univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N. Y.; A801. 
Caldwell, Janet Taylor 

see Caldwell, Taylor, I9OO- 

Caldwell, Lewis A H 

The policy king, by Lewis A. H. CaldweU. Chicago, HL, 

New vistas publishing house t 194fi] 

2 p. 1., It, 303 p. Illus., pL 22J-. 

"Copyrlght I9U5." 

Pub. lkFebk6; author, and Joseph A. 

Bailey, Chicago; A1126. 
CaldweU, MabeUe (Molder) 

Wind-blown leaves, by MabeUe Molder CaldweU. Cover 
design by Blanding Sloan. Dallas, Tex., The Kaleidograph 
press ,1946] 

xU p., 1 1„ 15-72 p. 18i°\ 

Compiled by Melita Knox Fendley. of. p. [lxj 

© xMarij.6; author, Corsicana, Tex.; Al9k6. 

Caldwell, Otis WiUiam, 1869- 

Everyday science, by Otis W. CaldweU ... and Francis D. 
Curtis ... Boston, New York t etc.] Ginn and company t 1946j 

xiii, 664 p. illus., dlagrs. 24^. 

"Incorporates the distinctive features of the authors' earlier Science 
for today ... Has been planned to serve independently as a text, or as 
the first book of a two-volume series with Everyday biology." — Pref. 

"Books for reference" at end of each chapter. "Reading for pleas- 
ure" : p. ( 624]-626. 

©21Jank6; publisher, Boston; AI636. 

CaldweU, Taylor, 1900- 

This side of innocence, by Taylor CaldweU. New York, C. 
Scribner's sons, 1946. 

4 p. L, 3-499 p. 21J-. 

Serialized in Ladies home journal, 
November, lyi^-I-arch, 19^6 . 

© 8AprI|.6; 2c JAprko; Reback & Reback, 
Eggertsville, K.Y.; A506O. 

Calet, Henri. 

... Les murs de Fresnes. [Paris] Aux Editions des quatre 
vents [1945] 

109 p., 11. illus. (incl. front, facslms.) 21". 

©15Deci{.5; lc Blark6; publisher; AF5I4.O. 

Calhoon, Richard P 

Moving ahead on your job, by Richard P. Calhoon ... 1st ed. 
New York, London, McGraw-HilTbook company, inc., 1946. 

xll, 295 p. 21- \ 

© 10Jan46; publisher, Mew YorJC; A467. 

Calhoun, Donald Gilmore, 1914- 

The little president, by Don Calhoun. New York, Thomas 
Y. Crowell company [1946j 

[32) p. col. illus. 26*". 

© 3Mayk6; 2c l8*prk6; author, New 
York; AkOOl. 

CaBco, Forrest. 

A story of four churches, and reminiscences of Poosey ridge 
in Madison county, Kentucky, by Forrest Calico. New York, 
N. Y., The Hobson book press, 1946. 

2 p. 1., vii-ix p., 1 1., 100 p. 2iy. 

©28Augi;6; author, Lancaster, Ky. ; 

California. Attorney general's office . 

Opinions of the attorney general of 
California, with index digest. V. $-6 
... 19U5. Edited by Warren L. Hanna. 
[Berkeley, Calif.] California legal 
publications [19k6] 

©v. 5, 30MarU6, v. 6, 15Sepk6; 
publisher; A2251, A3956. 

California. Constitution. 

Constitution of the state of California, annotated, 1946. 
Compiled by Paul Mason. Published by direction of the 
California Legislature ... [Sacramento] California state 
printing office ( 1946) 

2 p. 1., 7-1728 p. 26$-. 

© 3Sepk6; Paul Mason, Sacramento. 
Calif.; A3875. 

California. District courts of appeal . 
Reports of cases determined Tn the 
district courts of appeal of the state 
of California, v. 6J+. [68-71] 2d ser. 
San Francisco, Bancroft -Whitney co., 

© publisher. 

v. 6k, 25Jank5, 2c kAprk6, A2180. 
v. 68, 7Jank6, 2c 21Febk6, A1088. 
v. 69, 27Mayk6, 2c 5Junk6, A 3252. 
v. 70, Uulk6, 2c 2Augk6, A3656. 
v. 71, 2Augk6, 2c 30ctk6, A3952. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

California. Law3, statutes, etc . 

Chase California codes, oth 
biennial ed. Containing civil, 
probate, penal codes and code of 
civil procedure, with multiple in- 
dex, as revised by legislative enact- 
ments to and including the 56th ses- 
sion. Originally edited by the late 
Edmund Samson Green ... S*n Francisco, 
Chase law book co., 191+5 iLil' Wl 

k v. in 1. 25c*. 

Each code has special t.-p. and 
separate paging. 
<D28Marl4.6; publisher; A2J73. 

California. Laws, sta tutes, etc. 

The Civil co^eofthestate of 
California, approved March 21, 1072, 
'with amendments to and including the 
fifty-sixth session of the California 
Legislature, 1945- •• San Francisco, 

<© lJjDeci^; 2c l6Janlj.6; Bender-Moss 
co., San Francisco; AI4.7I. 

California. Laws, statutes, etc . 

The Code of civil procedure of the 
state of California, approved March 11, 
1872,- with amendments to and including 
the fifty-sixth session of the Calif- 
ornia Legislature, I9J4.5 ... San 
Francisco, 19^4-5- 

© lUDecl+5; 2c l6jan!+6; Bender-Moss 
co., San Francisco; AI4.72 . 

California. Laws, statutes, etc . 
The Penal code of the state of 
California, approved February lij., 
1872, with amendments to and in- 
cluding the fifty-sixth session of 
the California Legislature, I9IJ.5 ... 
San Francisco, 1943* 

O lljDeol^; 2c l6Janlj.6; Bender-Moss 
co., San Francisco; AltfO. 

California. Superior court (Los Angeles co.) 

California jury instructions, criminal ; a companion book to 
"California jury instructions civil" ... Prepared under the 
direction of the Superior court of Los Angeles county, Califor- 
nia, with the cooperation of the attorney general of California. 
Edited by a board of judges and members of the California 
bar, especially appointed to the task by successive presiding 
judges of the court. St. Paul, Minn., West publishing co., 

xlvi,791p. 26J-. 

"This book may be cited aa CAUIC." 
"William J. Palmer, editor-in-chief." 

©290ctl+6; publisher; A819I. 

California. Supreme court . 

Report of cases determined in the 
Supreme court of the state of California, 
February 17, I9I4.5, to April 4, I9I4.6. 
B. E. Witkin, reporter of decisions... 
Vital. Nankervis, jr., assistant reporter. 
v. 26-27, 2d... San Francisco, Bancroft- 
Whitney company, ljk.6. 

On cover 2d series. 

©v. 26, 3Aprij.6; v. 27, 12Sepl|6; pub- 
lisher; A 3072, A3951. 

California reporter, covering oases 
reported in Pacifio reporter, Second 
series; v. 159-170 P2d ... St. Paul, 
West publishing co., I9I4.5-I1.6. 

© publisher, 

v. 159-160 P2d, 10Deol4-5» 2o UFebl4.6, 

v. 161-162 P2d, 15Mari|.6, lc 
26Marl+6, lo 27Marl4.6, A2025. 

v. l63-l6ij. P2d,.22Mayij.6, 2c 2Jun^b, 

v. I65-I66 P2d, 17Julij.6, 2c 5Auglj.6, 

v. 167-168 P2d, 26Sepi^6, 2c 70ctlj.6, 

v. I69-I7O P2d, 26Nov46, 2c 9Deci|.6, 

California tax service; portions of revenue and taxation code 
relating to California sales and use tax law as in effect July 1, 
1943. Berkeley, Calif., Ingrim printing co. [194-5 

1 v. 22i". 

Loose-leaf. * 

© revisions, 29Deci|-5; 2c lAprk6; E. A. 
Ingrim, Berkeley, Calif.; A2088. 

Callaghan, J Dorsey. 

Music off stagfe, by J. Dorsey Callaghan. [Detroit] Conjure 
house [1945j 

2 p. 1., lv, [2,, 150 p. 24". 
©17Deo4E; 2c 24Deo45; Conjure house, 

Business news publishing co.; A383. 

Callahan, Genevieve Anne, 1897- 

The California cook book, for indoor and outdoor eating, by 
Genevieve Callahan; decorations by Philip Little. New York, 
M. Barrows & company, inc. [1946] 

x,38lp. ilius. 21". 

"First printing." 

© 15Mayl+6; 2c 2Mayl|6; author, San 
Francisco; A^l^r 

allari, Luigi, 1874- 

N ... I palazzi di Roma. m. ed. riveduta ed ampliata (con 
67 illustrazioni) c Romaj Apollon [1944, 

546 p., 1 1. ltx pi. 25". 

© 2i;Juni+i|.; lc l6Augl|6; "Apollon" 
Societa" editrice tipografica, Rome; AF2227 

Calleja, Rafael, novelist. 
... Amor, no; novela ... Madrid, R. Calleja [1946] 

2 p. 1., 7-246 p. 18-. (Boga. (8)) 

© 16Mar46 ; author, Madrid ; AF2235. 

Gallender, Harold, 1892- 

... Prologue pour' la paix, traduit de 
1' anglais par M. L. Camus -Clavier . Paris, 
Tallandier [I9I1.5] 

356 p., 1 {. 18 l/2 cm « (Temoignages 
sur notre temps) 

©130cti|.5; lc 2i|AprI|.6; Socilte d'edi- 
tions et de publications, Paris; AF928. 

Cabnette, Joseph Louis Antoine, 1873- 

... Charlemagne, sa vie et son ceuvre. Paris, A. Michel [1945] 

2 p. L, [7]-318 p., 1 1. vn pi. (lncl. port.) fold. map. 21- 

At head of title : Joseph Calmette. 

Bibliographical references Included In "Notes" at end of each chapter. 

© lAuglj.5; lc 300ctl4.5; Albin Michel; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Calme*tte, Joseph Louis Antoine, 1873- 
.,.. Charles V. Paris „ A. Fayard 


368 p.., 2 £. 19 cm . (On cover: Les 
Grandes Etudes historiquesT 

At head of title: Joseph Calmette. 

© 10ct45; lc 2i|Aprij.6; P. Brouty, J. 
Fayard et cie„ Paris; AF939.* 

Calmette, Joseph Louis Antoine, I873- 

. . . Les dernieres Stapes du moyen 
fige francais ... [Paris] Hachette 

[ 19443 

255 p. 19 cm . (De l'histoire) 

At head of title: Joseph Calmette. 

© 3Feb44; lc 20Aug45; Librairie 
Hachette; AF304. 
Calmette, Joseph Lcuis Antoine, 1B73 - 

... La formation de l'unitl espagnole, 
Paris, Flammarion [194&] 

266 p., 2 0. incl. geneal. tables. 
19 l/2 cm . ("L'Histoire") 

At head of title: Joseph Calmette. 

<£> lliMar46: Ernest Flammarion; AF18U.8. 
GltLvert, John, pseud . 
gee Leaf, Munro, 1905" 
Calvert school, Baltimore. Home instruction deft. 

"Kindergarten at home," a work-play course for the pre- 
school child. [Baltimorej Calvert school, incorporated i1945j 

177 p. lllus. 28}x22-. 

Reproduced from type-written copy. 
Includes bibliographies. 

Ba^ii^f 5 inl?; 2 jJ^i Calwt P ri ** r y ««*»olV 
Oilvin, Ross, 1889- 

Eiver of the sun ; stories of the storied Gila, by Ross Calvin. 
Albuquerque, University of New Mexico press, 1946. 

5 p. L, xv-xlx, 153 p. plates. 24". 

Colored illustration on t.-p. 

© lApr46; publlshtr; A2814. 

3alvin, Ross Randall 
see Calvin, Ross, 1889- 

Cambio, Arnolfo dl 
see Arnolfo di Cambio, 13th cent . 

Cambois, Maurice, 

... Considerations sur la conduite et 
l 1 exploitation des essais de qualitSs de 
vol des avions ... Preface de M. Roy ... 
°aris, Dunod, I9I+5. 

xv, 126 p. illus. 25 1/2™. 
(Les Essais en aeVonautique, 1) 

©lAugi|5; lc 300ct^5; publisher; AF325, 

Cambon, Paul, 1843-1924. 

... Correspondaace, l370-1924« Tome 
II (I898-I9II) La tension franco- 
anglaise. L* entente cordiale. Le3 
querelles allemandes. Le coup d'Aga- 
dir. Avec un commentaire et des notes 
par Henri Cambon. Paris, B. Grasset 
U940 ] 

368 p., 1 jf. 20 cm . 

_ © 30Jul40jJLc 300c t45; Editions Ber- 
nard Grasset; AF714* 
Cameron, Donald Clongh. 

Dig another grave, by Don Cameron. New York, Mystery 
louse, 1916. 


I»y4«j 2e 18A»r46: author, «ew Torkj 

Cameron, Elizabeth Dorothea Cole (Bowen) 
see Bowen, Elizabeth, 1899- 

Cameron, James Ross, 1886- 

Basic electronic electricity, by James R. Cameron ... Coral 
Gables, Fla., Cameron publishing company [1946] 
5 p. I, [15i-320 p. lllus., dlagrs. 19J-. 

© 16Jan46; publisher; A1208. 

Cameron, Owen. 

The antagonists, by Owen Cameron. Garden City, New 
York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

3 p. 1., 328 p. 20J-. 
"Flrst edition." 

© 19Sep46; 2c I|Bep46, author, Whitmore, 
Calif.; A6227. 

Cami, Henri, 1884- 

... Un beau jour de printemps. [Paris] P. Dupont t 1948] 
3 p. 1., (9|-239, [1) p. 19". (Collection "Romans gals") 
At head of title : Caml et G. Dolley. 

1. Dolley, Georges, joint author, n. Title. 

(full name: Pierre Henri Caml] 
PQ2605.A35B4 47-16920 

© 30Mar46 ; Editions Paul Dupont ; AE2143. 

Cami, Henri, 1884- 

... Krik-robot, "detective-a-moteur" ; l'enigme des 5 pavil- 
ions. [Paris] P. Dupont [1945] 
2 p. 1., [7i-l09 p., 1 1. lllus. 19i~. 

At head of title: Caml. 

I. Title. 

iFull name: Pierre Henri Caml) 

PQ2605.A35K7 47-16923 

© 30Dec45; lc 9Aug46; Editions Paul Dupont; _AF2144. 

Caal, Pierre Henri 
see Cami, H«nrl, l88ij.- 

Cammaerts, Emile. 

The peace that is left [by, Emile Cammaerts. New York 
and London, Harper & brothers 1 194&] 

x, 150 p. 19J". 

London edition (The Cresset press) has title: The peace that was 

"Copyright 1945." 

Pub. 24Aprlj.6; author, Radlett, Herts, 
Eng.; A2721. 

Cammaerts, Emile.. 

The peace that was left [byj Emile Cammaerts. London, 
The, 1945. 
x, 11-141 p. 19- 
"Flrst published mcnixlv." 

American edition (New York and London, 
Harper & brothers) has title: The peace 
;hat is left. 

Pub. 26Augi4-5; lc 22Decl4.5; author, 
Radlett, Herts, Eng.; AI 25. 

Camoes, Luiz de, 1524 '-1580. 

Os Lusiadas, by Luis de Camoes; edited with introduction 
and notes by J. D. M Ford ... Cambridge, Harvard university 
press, 1946. 

lx, 451 p. 23}". (Half4itle: Harvard studies In Romance languages 
... voL xxn) 

Bibliographical references in Introduction. . 

© editorial matter, JApWio; President 
and fellows of Harvard college, Cambridge, 1 

Mass. ; A30lj.9. 

1. Ford, Jeremiah Denis 

Camp, Madeleine L'Engle 
see L'Engle, Madeleine. 

Matthias, 1878- ed. n. Tide. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cam pa, Arthur Leon, 1905- 

Spanish folk-poetry in New Mexico, by Arthur Leon Campa. 
Albuquerque, The University of New Mexico press ( 1946j 

5 p. I., 224 p. 24-. 
Bibliography : p. 221-224. 

1. Folk-songs, Spanish— U. S. 2. Folk-songs— D. S— New Mexico. 
i. Title. 

PQ7336.C3 861.04 46-8092 

© 5Aug46; publisher; A6948. 

Campari, F 

... Milieu nature!, milieu humain; les sciences natu relies et 
la geographic dans le cadre de la reforme de l'enseignement. 
Paris, S. U. D. E. L. t 1946, 

127, il) p., lllus., dlagr. 19". (Pour nne p&lagogie vivante) 

At head of title : ... F. Campan ... Pierre George ... 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Geography— Study and teaching. 2. Natural history — Study and 
teaching. 3. Education — France. i George, Pierre, Joint author. 

^n. Title. 

G73.C3 910 47-18157 

© 5Apr46; Societe universitaire d 'edition et de librairie, 
Paris; AF1836. 

Campbell, Alfred Chesher 

... Good farm accounting, wherein are 
exhibited not only the value and impor- 
tance of recording all farm transactions 
but also those simple methods by which 
the busy farmer can keep the necessary 
books connected with his business ... 
By A. C. Campbell ... London, Pub. by 
Hodder and Stoughton limited for the 
English universities press limited [ 1 9U5 ] 

x, 11-192, [8] p. incl. forms. l8 c ™. 
(Teach yourself farming: general editor: 
S. G. Brade-Birks) 

Pub. 31JU1J+5; lc 25Janl+6; English 
universities press, ltd., Seven-oaks, 
Kent, Eng. ; AI 6J4.. 

Campbell, Alfred Stuart, 1900- 

Applejack for breakfast, by Alfred S. Campbell and Helen 
Monteith Campbell ; illustrated by Alice Harvey. New York, 
C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 

4 p. 1, 191 p. lUus. 20". 

(g) 18F«b46; 2o 10P«b46; authors, Larobtrtrllle, 

N.J.j A1796. 

Campbell, Alice (Ormond) 1887- 

With bated breath, by Alice Campbell. New York, Random 
house [1946] 

4pti, 8-fl0»p. 20- 
"First printing." 

Published serially in Chicago tribune 
in 19^5. 

. © 27Jun46; 2c l6jvink6; author, JNew York; 

Campbell, Archibald Donald, 1887- 

Gynecology for nurses, by Archibald Donald Campbell ... 
and Mabel A. Shannon ... Philadelphia, Davis, 1946. 

vii, 274 p. lllus. (part col.) 22". 

1. Gynecology — [Textbooks] 2. Nurses and nursing. ( 2. Nursing, 
Gynecological) 1. Shannon, Mabel A., 1906- joint author. 

RG101.C23 618 Med 46-47 

© 19Sep46 ; F. A. Davis co., Philadelphia ; A6289. 

Campbell, Bruce D 

Where the high winds blow, by Bruce D. Campbell, illus- 
trated by Philip Bear. New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 
6 p. 1., 3-215 p., 8 1. lllus., pi. 21" 

© 22Aprl4.6; lc 5Apr!+6, lc 7Augl+6; 
author, Quebec; A3725. 

Campbell, Camilla. 

Star mountain and other legends of Mexico, by Camilla 
Campbell, illustrated by Ena McKinney. New York, London, 
McGraw-Hill book company, inc. ( 1946] 

82 p. col. lllus. 24". 

"First printing." 
Bibliography : p. 77-80. 

© 19Augl+6; 2c 10Au#li.6; publisher, New 
York; A5559. 

Campbell, Dortch, 1880- 

How to solve your problems by prayer, by Dorothy Camp- 
bell. New York, J. Felsberg, inc., 1946. 

206 p. 22". 

1. Prayer. l Title. 

BV210.C27 264.1 47-15402 

© 30Nov46; author, Clarksdale, Miss.; A8989. 

Campbell, Fay Strawn. 

... Bamboo songs, by Fay Strawn Campbell. Philadelphia, 
Dorrance & company [1945] 

109 p. 19J". (Contemporary poets of Dorrance (309) ) 

Foreword signed : Lora Henlon Sutherland, editor. 

(£) 20D«c4E; 2c 5<Jan46j publisher; A578. 

Campbell, Frances W 

Men of the Enchantress, a novel by Frances Campbell. In- 
dianapolis, New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company t 1946j 

835 p. 21" 
"First edition." 

1. Title. 

PZ3.Cl523Me 46-7705 

© 160ct46; 2c 130ct46; author, Stamford, Conn.; A6699. 

Campbell, Harriette (Russell) 1883- 

Crime in crystal, by Harriette R. Campbell. New York and 
London, Harper & brothers ( 1946] 

3 p. 1., 232 p. 19 J-. 

"Flrst edition." 

© 16Jan46, 2c 15Jan46; author, Kent, England; 

Campbell, Helen Jones. 

Diary of a Williamsburg hostess, which recites the every day 
events of life in the restored capital of colonial Virginia as 
seen and recorded by a lady of that city in an entirely fictitious 
manner so that any resemblance to any individual living or 
dead which may be fancied by any reader of this chronicle will 
result in the utmost astonishment to the writer, Helen J. 
Campbell. Drawings by Alison Mason Kingsbury. New 
York, G. P. Putnam's sons [1946, , 

3 p. 1., 177, [1] p. lllus. 22". 

© 5Mayij.6j 2c 21Apri].6; author, Yorktown, 
Va.j AljJ.30. 

Campbell, Horace Wilbert, 1903- 

Fundamentals of contract bridge, by Horace Campbell. New 
York, N. Y, The Hobson book press, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 96 p. 21". 
Bibliography : p. 95-96. 

(c) 2Uun4.6; author, Santa Maria, Calif.; 

Campbell, Horace Wilbert, 1903- 

An' introduction to military law, by Horace Campbell ... 
New York, N. Y., The Hobson book press, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 131 p. 22". 

© 120ct46; Horace Campbell, Santa Maria, Calif.; A6767. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Campbell, Levin Hicks, 1886- 

The industry-ordnance team, by Lt. Gen. Levin H. Campbell, 
jr. ... New York, London, Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill 
book company, inc. [1946, 

ad 461 p. incl. front., Illus. (incl. ports., maps, facsims.) dlagrs. 23J™. 

(Q 22Auglj.6; publisher, New York; A5I4.5I+. 

Campbell, Marie, 1907- 

Folks do get born [by] Marie Campbell. Illustrated by Clare 
Leighton. New York, Toronto, Rinehart & company, incor- 
porated [1946] 

x, 245 p. illus. (incl. facsims.) 21™. 

(C) 20May46; So 17Apr46; author, Carrol lton, Ga. ; 

Campbell, Robert Clifford, 1888- 

Keeping the foundations, by R. C. Campbell ... Nashville, 
Tenn., Broadman press [1946] 

6 p. 1., 190 p. 194°". 

© 25Mar46; publisher; A2142. 
Campbell, Samuel Arthur, 1895- 

A tippy canoe and Canada.too ; an adventure in animal antics 
and wilderness wisdom, by Sam Campbell ... Indianapolis, 
New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company [1946j » 

250 p. illus. 21-. 

© 3Sep46; 25Au°;46; publisher, Indianapolis j 
A 6191. 

Campbell, Walter Stanley 
see Vestal, Stanley, I887- 

Campbell hardware and supply company, 
Seattle. » 

Catalog no. 56 ... Wholesale hardware, 

machine shop and Industrial supplies. 

Seattle [I9I+6] 

© 6 Juli|6 ; R. R. Donnelley & sons 
company, Chicago; Alj.88l. 
Campredon, Jean, 1900- 

Le bois, matcriau de la construction moderne, par J. Campre- 
don ... Preface de M. Leloup. Paris, Dunod, 1946. 

vl p., 1 1., 153 p. Illus., dlagrs. 21*". (On cover: Etudes de synthase 
et de documentation, l'actuallte technique) 

Bibllographle : p. [139j-149. 

1. Wood. 2. Woodwork. 

[Full name: Jean Pierre fimlle Campredon] 
TA419.C34 47-1006 

© 18Apr46; publisher ; AF1926. 
Campus, Antonio, 1884- 

... Malattie degli ovini. (2. ed.) Roma, Ramo editoriale 
degli agricoltori [1945] 

75, [lj p. illus., col. pi. 201™. (On cover: Blblioteca per l'insegua- 
mento agrario professional. [138) ) 

At head of title : t A. Campus, G. Pisu. 

1. Sheep — Diseases. 1. Pisu, G., Joint author. 

SF968.C3 47-18149 

© 2Jul45 ; publisher; AF2211. 

The Campus. I9I+6. [Pasadena, Calif.; 
Associated students of Pasadena 
junior college, 19)4.6] 

© Uunlj.6; Associated student body bf 
Pasadena junior college; A7220. 
Camus, Albert. 

The stranger, by Albert Camus, translated from the French 
by Stuart Gilbert. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 154 p., 11. 19". 

"Originally published as L'etranger . . . 1942." 
"First American edition." 

© lUpr4€j Alfred A* Knopf, inc.* A2636. 

Canada. Royal Canadian air force. 

The R. C. A. F. overseas, the fifth year, with a foreword by 
Colonel the Honourable Colin Gibson ... Toronto, Oxford 
university press, 1945. [ i . e . I9I+6 ] 

xviii, 404 p. front., plates, ports. 23$™. 

Prepared by the Air historian of the Royal Canadian air force. 
of. Pref. 

Sequel to the B. C. A. F. overseas, the first four years. 
"First published, October 1945." 
"Glossary" : p. xiii-xvlii. 

Pub.. 2Aprl;6; lc 23Marlj.6; Oxford univer- 
sity press, Canadian branch, Toronto, 
Can.;_AI 187. 

Canadian mines handbook, 1946 ••• Com- 
piled, printed and published by North- 
ern miner press limited ... [Toronto] 

Pub. 150ctl4.6; lc 2Novij.6; Northern mi- 
ner press ltd., Toronto: AI 509. 

Canan, Elsie Deane. 

A key to the ferns of Pennsylvania. Includes a non-technical 
key for identification of each of the fifty-nine species found in 
the state; directions for use of the key; an outline for aid in 
identification of ferns by sterile fronds alone; distribution of 
species through the state ; and a list of ferns found in the vicin- 
ity of Johnstown, Cambria county. t By) Elsie Deane Canan. 
Illustrated by Elizabeth Trent. [Lancaster, Pa., The Science 
press printing company] 1946» 

3 p. 1., 112 p. illus. 21-. 

© I5JUI1I4.6; author, Johnstown, Pa.; 

Caner, George Colket, 1894- 
It's how you take it ( by, G. Colket Caner ... New York, 

Coward-McCann, inc. [1946] 

Till, 152 p. 194". 

(2) 8Apr46; author, Boston; A2426. 

Canetti, Elias. 

Auto da fe, by Elias Canetti, translated from the German 
under the personal supervision of the author by C- V. Wedg- 
wood. London, J. Cape [1946] 

464 p. 20i- 

"Flrst published 1946." 

Pub. 6MayM>; lc 3IJUII4.6; author, 
London, AI 355 • 

Canfield, Dorothy 
see Fisher, Dorothea Frances ( Canfield) 

Canfield, Inez Nellie 
see fcicFee, Inez Nellie (Canfield) 1879- 

Canfield, Leon Hardy, 1886- 

The United States in the making, by Leon H. Canfield ... 
Howard B. Wilder . . . and Frederic L. Paxson . . . Ellis Merton 
Coulter ... Nelson P. Mead ... Boston, New York ( etc.j 
Houghton Mifflin company [1946] 

vil p., 1 1., 892, xxili, [1,, xxvll p. front, illus. (Incl. facsims.) ports., 
maps (part double) dlagrs. 21 i". 

"Suggestions for further reading" at end of each chapter. "Supple- 
mentary readings" at end of each unit 

©revisions, 22Mayi|6; authors, Cos Cob, 
Conn., Melrose, Mass., Berkeley * Calif . , 
Athens, Ga. and New York; AI4.293. 
Caniff, Milton Arthur, 1907- 

Terry and the pirates, adapted from the famous comic strip 
by Milton Caniff. New York, Random house [1946] 

3 p. 1., 115 p. illus. 26-. 

1. Title. 

PZ7.Cl67Te 46-8618 

© 20Nov46 ; 2c 9Nov46 ; Random house, inc. and the Chicago 
tribune-N. Y. news syndicate, inc., New York ; A8606. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cannon, William Ragsdale, 1916- 

The theology of John Wesley, with special reference to the 
doctrine of justification, by William Ragsdale Cannon. New 
York, Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press t 1946) 

284 p. 21J-. 

Bibliography : p. 257-278. 

© 2i4.Juni(.6; atone and Pierce, Nashville; 


Cansellet, Engine. 

... Deux logis alchimiques en marge de la science et de llris- 
toire; ouvrage illustre de onze planches d'apres dessins origi- 
naux et photographies. Paris, J. Schemit, 1945. 

8 p. L, (Ixr-xll P.. 1 L. il5r-166 p., 1 1. lncl. pi., facsim. plates, facslms. 

Errata slip Inserted. 

Contents. — La villa Palombara de Rome.— Le chateau du Plessls- 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Alchemy— Hist. i Title. 

QD13.C3 540.1 47-15749 

© 18Dec45; lc 8May46; author, Blicourt, par Saint-Omer- 
«n-Chaussee, France ; AF1312. 

Cant, Gilbert. 

The great Pacific victory from the Solomons to Tokyo r by] 
Gilbert Cant, with maps and battle diagrams. New York, The 
John Day company ( 1946, 

vui p., 1 L, 422 p. lllus. (maps) 21°*. 

© 17Jan46j 2c 4Jan46; author, Samlt, H. J.,| 

Cantor, Alfred Joseph, 1913- 

Ambulatory proctology, by Alfred J. Cantor ... with a fore- 
word by Beaumont S. Cornell ... New York and London, 
P. B. Hoeber, inc. [1946, 
xv p., 1 1., 524 p. lllus. 24". 

Bibliography at end of each chapter except the fourth. 
© 131far46; 2c 12Mar46; Paul B. Hoeber, inc, 
New York; A1768. 

Cantor, Alfred Joseph, 1913- 
Cancer can be cured . . . New York, Didier t 1946j 
x, 175 p. 19i~. (Sun health books, v. 1) 

1. Cancer — (Popular worksj i. Title. 
RC263.C3 616.994 

© 3lOct46; Didier, publishers; A8048. 

Med 46-183 

Cantor, Nathaniel Freeman, 1898- 

Dynamics of learning, by Nathaniel Cantor ... Buffalo, 
N. Y., Foster & Stewart publishing corporation [1946] 

1,282 p. 23i". 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Education — Alms and objectives. 2. Learning, Psychology of. 
t TlUe. 
LB1025.C2 370.15 46-S494 

© 150ct46; author, Eggertsville, N. Y; A7151. 

uape Girardeau, mo. southeast Missouri an 
see Southeast Mis3ourian. 

Capen, Louise Irving. 

... Across the ages [byj Louise I. Capen ... New York, Cin- 
cinnati [etc.] American book company [1946] 

lx, 844, xl-ll p. lncl. front., lllus. (incL ports., maps) diagrs. 284". 

At head of title : The story of man's progress. 
Bibliography at end of each unit 

©revisions, 6junlj.6; 2c 6juli;6; 
publisher. New York; AI4.358. 

Capitol radio engineering institute, inc., 

Washington , D. C_» 

... Practical radio engineering ... 
Washington, D. C, c 19lj.6. 

8 v. illus. 27-29 1/2 

Prepared by Eugene Henry Rietzke. 

T.oose-lefif . 

©revisions, Capitol radio engineer- 
ing institute, inc. 

Sect. I, v. 1, 28liarij.6, 2c 2Apri^6, 

A19 Sect. I, v. 2, 28llarij.6, 2c 2Apri|6, 

Sect. II. v. 1, 28riar]+6, 2c 2Aprl+6, 

A196 °Sect. II. v. 2, 28llar^6, 2c 
2Aprij.o, AI96I. . , 

Sect. II, v. 3, 15Aprl+6, 2c l+Aprl+b, 

Aij " 602 Sect. II, v. 5. 28l;lar^6, 2c 1+Aprl^, 

Sect. II, v. 7, 15Aprl+6, 2c I|Apr[|.6, 

Sect. II, v. 8, 28Mari|.6, 2c l+Aprl+6, 

Capitol radio engineering institute, 

inc., Washington, D. £. 

Specialized television engineering, 
[v. 1-2] Washington, D. C, Capitol 
radio engineering institute, c ljl±6. 

2 v. 29 cra . 


On cover: CREI practical radio engi- 

© v. 1-2, 20Novlj.6; publisher; A861&, 
A8614.5 • 

Cappuccio, Albert Joseph 
see Darlto, Albert, 1916- 

Cappy Dick, pseud . 
see Cleveland, Robert, 1903" 

Caracciolo, Giovanni. 

Giovanni Caracciolo presenta: II maniaco della romanita 
(Mussolini) Creazione originale per lo schermo. Dalla di- 
chiarazione di guerra all' Inghilterra ed alia Francia fino alia 
caduta del f ascismo. Salerno, Tip. F. Sirio, 1946. 

114 p. 20- 

1. Mussolini, Benito, 1883-1945— Drama. 1. Title: II maniaco della 



© 12Aug46 ; author, Salerno, Italy ; AF5126. 

Carco, Francis, 1886- 

... Nostalgie de Paris. Paris, J. Ferenczi & fils t 1945] 
3 p. 1., (9,-218 p., 11. 19-. 

© 5Decl*$; lo lMarlj.6; publisher; AP 570 • 

Carcopino, Francis 
see Carco, Francis, 1886- 

Carcopino-iusoli, Francois Marie 
see Carco, Francis, 1886- 

Cardenal, Leon 
see Cardenal Pujals, Le6n, 1878- 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cardenal Pujals, Leon, 1878- ed. 

... Diccionario terminologico de ciencias medicas. 3. ed., por 
E. Capdevila Casas ... Barcelona [etc., Sal vat, 1945. 

xl, 1824 p. lllus. (part col.) 25i". 

© 3Nov45; lc 3Sep46; Salvat editores, s. a., Barcelona; 

Cardonne, Jean. 

. . . Enquete privee. Paris, S. E. P. E. [1946, 

191, (1) p. 19™. (On cover: Collection "Le Labyrlnthe") 

I. Title. 

PQ2605.A56E5 843.91 47-17204 

© 15Apr46 ; Societe d'editions et de publications en exclusi- 
vity Paris ; AF1837. 

Carew, Jean, pseud . 

First girl, by Jean Carew. New York, Arcadia house, inc., 

272 p. 19J-. 

(Ol0Novi;5; 2c lNovi+5; publisher; A7239. 

Carey, John L 1904- 

Professional ethics of public accounting, by John L. Carey. 
New York, N. Y., American institute of accountants, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 136 p. 22-. 

© lJuli*6; publisher; A 5305. 

Carfrae, Elizabeth. 

Penny wise, by Elizabeth Carfrae. New York, G. P. Put- 
nam's sons [1946] 
3 p. 1., 238 p. 21 J-. 

© 3.5Febi|.6; 2c 28Declj.5; Elizabeth Carfrae 
(Cradock), Hants, Eng. ; .AI785* 

Carhart, Arthur Hawthorne, 1892- 

Hunting North American deer ( byj Arthur Hawthorne Car- 
hart. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

vi, [2|, 232 p. lllus., plates. 21-. (Olympic editions, 

"First printing." 

(g) I6JUII4.6; 2c 26Junl;6; author. Denver; 

Carington, Walter Whately 
see Carington, Whately, 1892- 

Carington, Whately, 1892- 

Thought transference ; an outline of facts, theory and impli- 
cations of telepathy, by Whately Carington. New York, Crea- 
tive age press, inc. ( 1946] 

x, 287 p. 21- 

London edition (Methuen & co. ltd.) has title: Telepathy; an outline 
of Its facts, theory, and implications. 
"References" : p. 281-284. 
© 26Mar46; author, Oamen S«nn Cot*-, Cornwall, 

r. %tt>u^n-?f ansf erence, 

Carini, Louis Frank Bartholomew, 1911- 

Draftingfor electronics, by L. F. B. Carini ... 1st ed. New 
York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

lx,211p. lllus., dlagrs. (part double) 24—. 

"List of visual aids" : p. 186-206. 

1. Electric machinery — Drawing. 2. Drawing-room practice. 
1. Title. 
TK431.C3 744.42 47-1007 

© 6Dec46 ; publisher, New York ; A9077. 

Caries, A* L. Ifareel 
see Carles, L Marcel, 1903- 

Carles, L Marcel, 1903- 

... Agents pathogenes du climat. Les element! contre 
l'homme. Preface du p r . Laignel-Lavastine. Paris, Masson 
et c 1 ', 1945. 

338 p., 1 1. lllus. (incl. maps) dlagrs. 19". 

At head of title : L.-M. Carles. 
"Bibliographle" at end of most of the chapters. 

1. Climatology, Medical. 2. Man — Influence of environment. 
I. Title. 
RA793.C28 Med 47-273 

© 30Dec45; lc 8May46 ; publisher ; AF1454. 

Carlevale, Joseph William, 1890- 

Leading Americans of Italian descent in Massachusetts, by 
Joseph William Carlevale . . . Foreword by Daniel L. Marsh . . . 
Plymouth, Mass., Printed by the Memorial press t 1946j 

861 p. 20-. 

"Companion volume to ... ( the author's] Who's who among Americans 
of Italian descent in Connecticut." 

O 17SepU6; author, Hyde Park, Mass.; 

Carlisle, John M 

Red arrow men, stories about the 32nd division on the Villa 
Verde, by John M. Carlisle. Drawings by Joe Ash. Detroit, 
Arnold-Powers, inc. ( 194fS| 

5 p. L, 13-215 p. incl. front., lllus. 23J-. 

"Copyrlght 1945." 

Pub. 6Feb4«j author, Detroit; AS017. 

Carlisle, Kathleen (Smith) 

... The rampant refugee ... New York, E. P. Dutton and 

company, inc., 1946. 

251 p. 2li- 

At head of title : By Kathleen Carlisle. 
"First edition." 

((J) £5Jan46; £c £71jov45; publisher; A684- 

Carlisle, Norman V 

The modern wonder book of trains and railroading, by 
Norman Carlisle. Philadelphia, Toronto, The John C. Win- 
ston company [1946] 

3 p. 1., 289 p. lllus. (incl. facslm.) dlagrs. 25". 

"First edition." 

© HJunii.6; publisher, Philadelphia;Ai44l7. 

Carlisle, William L 1890- 

Bill Carlisle, lone bandit, an autobiography ; illustrations by 
Charles M. Russell, introduction by J. R. Williams, endpapers 
by Clarence Ellsworth. Pasadena, Calif., Trail's end publish- 
ing co., inc. (1946] 

220 p. lllus., plates, ports., facslm. 21— 

Map on end-papers. 
"First edition." 

© 271fayl46j publisher; AJ290. 

Carlson, John Roy, pseud. 
see Derounlan, Arthur, 1909- 

Carlson, Oliver, 1899- 

How to get into politics; the art of winning elections, by 
Oliver Carlson ... and Aldrich Blake ... New York, Essential 
books, Duell, Sloan & Pearce ( 1946] 

5 p. 1., 3-210 p. 19J-. 

1. Politics, Practical. t Blake, Aldrich, joint author, n. Title. 
JF2051.C3 : . 329 46-8047 

© 9Nov46 ; publisher ;. A8448. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Carlson, Paul Adolph, l»»a- 

20th century bookkeeping and accounting. 19th ed. By 
Paul A. Carlson ... Hamden L. Forkner ... [and) Alva Le Roy 
Prickett ... Cincinnati, New York [etc., South-western pub- 
lishing company [1946) 

vtil, 468 p. Incl. lllus.. forms, col. pi. 24i~. 

On cover : First-year course. 

First edition written by James William Baker. 

© 12Sepl;6; publisher, Cincinnati; 

Carlson, Valdemar. 

An introduction to modern economics, by Valdemar Carlson 
... Philadelphia, Toronto, The Blakiston company [1946j 

xvii, 337 p. 22™. (Half-title: Blakiston books on economics) 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

@ 17JuL'|6; publisher, Philadelphia; MjQBJ. 

Carlsson, Karl Alex. 

I ost- och vasterled, berattelser av K. Alex Carlsson. Chi- 
cago, 111. [Sold through Dalkullan publishing and importing 
company, 1946] 

199, [1] p. incl. front. 20}™. 
"First edition." 

© 13Apri46; author, -Chicago; A2832. 

Canner, Carl Lamson, 1893- 

The Jesse James of the Java sea, by Carl Carmer. New 
York, Toronto, Farrar & Rinehart, inc. [1945] 

4 p. 1., 3-119 p. 19-. 

The story of the submarine Sturgeon. 

© 27Deci^5; 2c 12Decij.5; author, New York; 

Carmichael, Hoagland 
see Cannichael, Hoagy, 1899- ' 

Carmichael, Hoagy, 1899- 

The Stardust road [by, Hoagy Carmichael. New York, To- 
ronto, Rinehart and company, inc. [1946] 

3 p. 1., 3-156 p. ports. 21™. 

© ll|Novi|6; 2c 120c ti|6; Hoagland Car- 
michael, Los Angeles; A8908. 

Carmichael, Leonard, 1898- ed. 

Manual of child psychology, edited by Leonard Carmichael 
... Contributors: John E. Anderson, Leonard Carmichael, 
Ruth M. Cruikshank ( and others, ... New York, J. Wiley & 
sons, inc. ; London, Chapman & Hall, limited [1946, 

vlll, 1068 p. lllus., dlagrs. 21 J™. 
Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

(6) 19Aprli6; John Wiley & sons, ino.j A2626. 

Carnegie endowment for International 

peace. ■ * • t 

Year book ... 19I4.5 [-1?1±6] Washing- 
ton, The Endowment [191+5 -40] 

2 v. 

© 19l|5 issue, 27Decl+5; 2c 28janl+6; 
19U6 issue, 7Novlj.6; Carnegie endowment 
for international peace, Washington. 
D. C.; A668, A9I450. 

Carnegie- Illinois steel corporation. 

... Management unity; definition, 
method of determination and procedure 
for establishment. [Pittsburgh] Carne- 
gie-Illinois steel corp., cio^.6. 

1 v. illus. 29 l/2cm. 


©13Mayl;6; author, Pittsburgh; A3511. 

Carnegie-Illinois steel corporation. 

Steel plant design, general plant layout. [Pittsburgh) Car- 
negie-Illinois steel corporation ,1946, 

1 v. plates, maps, plans, tables, dlagrs. 29 x 23™. 


Loose-leaf ; various paglngs ; part of the Illustrative matter Is folded. 
"Summary of lectures ... given by M. W. Reed and associates, gradu- 
ate work In industry, CS-131." 


YJj!M\i\.6} publisher; A3509' 

Carnegie-Illinois steel corporation. 

... Steel research & development, C. S. 112, given by Edgar 
C. Bain & associates. Pittsburgh, Chicago, Carnegie-Illinois 
steel corporation, c 1946. 

2 v. plates, tables (part fold.) dlagrs. (part fold.) 29x23™. 

At head of title : Graduate work in Industry program. 
Lectures given In the spring semester of 1946 by the Research and 
technology department, cf. v. 1, 2d prelim, leaf. 
Includes bibliographies. 

©*l|.Junli6; publisher; A3510. 

1. Steel — Addresses, essays, lectures. 1. Bain, Edgar Collins, 1891- 
n. Title. 

Carnelutti, Francesco , 1579" 

... Interpretazione del Pater noster. Roma, Milano, Edi trice 
A. V. E., Tumminelli e. c. [1942, 

2 p. I., 7-62, [1, p. 18™. 

1. Lord's prayer. 1. Title. 

BV230.C2 47-83408 

© 31Jan42; Calogero Tumminelli, Rome; AF1768. 

Carnelutti, Francesco, 1879- 

... Meditazione su l'Ave Maria. ( Roma, Tumminelli ( 1945, 

2 p. l„ 7-66 p., 3 1. 17™. 

At head of ti tie : F. Carnelutti. 

© lJarJ+5; lc 230ctJj.5; Calogero Tum- 
minelli; AF2219. 

Carnelutti, Francesco, 1879- 
... Meditazioni ... Roma, Milano, Tumminelli [1942, 

2v. 19™. 
"Prima edlzlone." 

(?; 300ctl(2; lc ca. 230ctij-5; Calogero 
Tuixiinelli, Hone; AP21G8, AF2208. 

Carnelutti, Francesco, 1879- 

... Mio fratello Daniele. 2. ed. Roma, Milano, Tumminelli 

3 p. I., 9-181 p., 1 1. 21™. 

1. Lawyers — Italy — Correspondence, reminiscences, etc. 1. Title. 

© Uul43 ; lc 230ct45 ; Calogero Tumminelli, Rome; AF2179. 

Carnelutti, Francesco, 1879- 
... II problema della pena. Roma, Tumminelli c 1945, 
l p. 1., 5-87 p., 3 1. 1»J™. 
"Seconda edlzlone." 

- 1. Punishment. 1. Title. 

HV8675.C35 1945 364.6 47-17634 

© 15Mar45; lc 230ct45; Calogero Tumminelli; AF2190. 

Carnelutti, Francesco, l879~ 

... La storia e la fiaba. Roma, 

Tumminelli [191+5 ] 

1 p. Q., 5-210 p., 3 fi. 19 cm . 

©15AprIj.5; lc 230ctl].5; Calogero 
Tumminelli; AF2199. ' 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Carnelutti, Francesco, 1879- 
... La strada. 2. ed. Roma, Milano, Tumminelli [1943-, 
3 p. 1., 0-263 p., 1 1. 20". 

1. Lawyers — Italy — Correspondence, reminscences, etc. i. Title. 

© 1 Jun43 ; lc 230ct45 ; Calogero Tumminelli, Rome ; AF2221. 

Caroussis, George. 

Poetopoeia : the romance of Euripides, by George Caroussis. 
New York, The William-Frederick press, 1946. 

3 p. l., 322 p. 22J~. 

"Reference sources and notes" : p. 295-322. 

(3) 5JuM6; author, New York; A5058. 

Carpenter, Frances, 1890- 

Canada and her northern neighbors r by) Frances Carpenter, 
f. r. o. s. [New Yorkj American book company t 1946j 

lx, ilj, 438 p. lllus. (Incl. ports., maps) diagrs. 20". 

© 24Jan46; 2c 23Jan46; publisher; A629. 

Carpenter, Frances, 1890- 

Our neighbors near and far, by Frances Carpenter, f. r. o. s. 
New York, Cincinnati ( etc., American book company [1946] 

lx, [1], 222 p. incl. col. front, lllus. (Incl. maps) 251 x 20". 

© revisions, 133fcp4.6; publisher, Sev; York; 
A 5772. 

[Carpenter, Francis F ] 

Ski log. [San Francisco, Carpenter, 


cover-title, [7I4.] p. illus. 

111. x 21 1/2 cm. 

Illustrated lining-papers. 
Includes ski tests. 

©21Febi + 6; Carpenter publications, 
San Francisco; AI985. 

Carpenter, IriSj 190°- 

No woman's world, by Iris Carpenter. Boston, Houghton 
Mifflin company, 1946. 

lx, [1] p., 1 1., 337, (1, p. 21J-. 

© 29Augl|.6; author, Washington, D. C: 

Carr, Edward Hallett. 

The Soviet impact on the western 

Pub. 15Novij.6; lc l8Daci|.6; Macmillan 
co., New York; AI 603. 

Carr, John Dickson. 

i.. He who whispers, a Dr. Fell mystery story. New York 
and London, Harper & brothers [1946] 

3 p. 1., 250 p. 191- 
"First edition." 
© 27Mar46; 2c 14Mar46; author, London; 

[Carr, John Dickson] 

My late wives, another adventure of Sir Henry Merrivale, 
by Carter Dickson tpseud.) New York, W. Morrow & com- 
pany, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 282 p. 19-. 

©230otl|6; 2o 26Sepl|6; William Morrow 
& co., Inc.; A 67I4.9 • 

Carr, Malcolm Wallace. 

Dentistry, an agency of health service [byj Malcolm Wallace 
Carr ... New York, The Commonwealth fund, 1946. 

xxiv p., 2 L, i3j-219 p. illus. (diagrs.) 211". studies of the New 
York academy of medicine, Committee on medicine and the changing 

"References" at end of most of the chapters. 

© 12Sepi|£; publisher; Aj87i|.. 

Carr, William George, 190i- 

One world in the making; the United nations, by William G. 
Carr ... Boston, New York ( etc.] Ginn and company f 1946, 

v, 100 p. lllus. (Incl. ports., facslms.) diagrs. 211x29". 

Maps on lining-papers. 
"More reading" : p. 99-100. 

1. United nations. i. Title 
JX1977.C27 341.1 

© 26Sep46 ; publisher, Boston ; A8138. 


Carral, Francisco Guerra P6rez- 
see Guerra Perez-Carral, Francisco. 

Carrera Andrade, Jorge, 1903- 

... Secret country, poems; translated by Muna Lee. Intro- 
duction by John Peale Bishop. New York, The Macmillan 
company, 1946. 

xvi, 77 p. 22—. 

Spanish and English on opposite pages. 
"First printing." 

g) l6julJ|.6; 2c 19Jun!;6; publisher; 

Carrington, Here ward, 1880- 

The invisible world, by Hereward Carrington . . . New York, 
The Beechhurst press, B. Ackerman, inc. ( 1946j 

190 p. 211- 

©29Junl|6; 2c 25Junl|6; author, Holly- 
wood, Calif. ; A37i|0. 

Carroll, James Milton, 1852-1931. 

Dr. B. H. Carroll, the colossus of Baptist history, pastor 
First Baptist church, Waco, Texas, and first president of S. W. 
B. T. seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, by his brother, Dr. J. M. 
Carroll and several others. Compiled and edited by J. W. 
Crowder ... t Fort Worth, Printed by Seminary Hill press, 

192 p. ports. 21". 

1. Carroll, Benajab Harvey, 1843-1914. i. Crowder, Joseph Wade, 
1873- ed. 

BX6495.C33C3 922.673 47-16461 

© 20Dec46 ; compiler, Fort Worth, Tex. ; A9373. 

Carroll, Ruth (Robinson) 1899- 

The flying house, by Ruth and Latrobe Carroll. New York, 
The Macmillan company, 1946. 

127 p. lllus. 21 x 231". 

1. Carroll, Latrobe, joint author, u. Title. 


© 3Dec46 ; authors, New York ; A8868. 


Carrucci, Jacopo 
see Pontormo, Jacopo Carrucci, known 
ajg Jacopo da, b. lU$l\.. 

Carruthers, Olive. 

Lincoln's other Mary, by Olive Carruthers. Appendix by R. 
Gerald McMurtry. Chicago, New York, Ziff-Davis publishing 
company [1946, 

4 p. 1., 229 p. front, (facslm.) port. 21- 

Illustrated lining-papers In color. 

Bibliographical references included In the appendix. 

© 8jun46; publisher, Chicago; Ai|J|27» 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cars,- Guy des 
see Des Cars, Guy. 

Carse, Robert, 1903- 

Deep six, by Robert Carse. New York, W. Morrow & com- 
pany, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 311 p. 21-. 
© 12Jun46j 2c 4Jun48; author, *0V York; A4563. 

Carson, Julia Margaret (Hicks) 1899- 

Home away from home; the story of the USO [by, Julia 
M H. Carson. New York & London, Harper & brothers ( 1946j 

xiv p., 1 I., 221 p. Incl. front, (facsim.) plates, diagr. 21J-. 

Map on lining-papers. 
"First edition." 

© 28Auglj.6; author. Rye, N. Y.; A583I4.. 

Carson, Walter W 

Change of life in women . . 
539 p. 23*-. 

[Evansville, Ind., 1946] 

1. Menstruation— Cessation. (L Menopause) 1. 

RG186.C3 612.662 

© 26Sep46 ; author, Evansville, Ind. ; A3983. 

Med 46-94 

Cart, Alex. 1 

... Uniformcs des regiments francais 
de Louis XV a nos jours; illustrations 
en couleurs et en noir de mm. Maurice 
Toussaint et J. E. Hilpert.... Paris, 
Editions militaires illustrles [ 19jU-5 3 

2 p. J?., viii, 225 p., 1 $. illus. 
(part col. ) 28 l/2cm # 

© 5Augl+5; lc 300ctl|.5; publisher; AF91, 

Carter, Herbert Dyson, 1910- 

... Sin and science. New York, Heck-Cattell publishing 
company, inc. ( 1946j 

4 p. 1., 216 p. 21-. 

At head of title : Dyson Carter. 
Bibliography : p. 214-216. 

© 7May46j author, Winnipeg; A2910. 

Carter, Paul Emory, ed. 

My favorite poems, edited by Paul E. 
Carter. New York, Exposition press 

2 v.' 2$ cm . 

© 27Aprl4j-; v. 1, 2c 23Sepl4;; v. 2, 2c 
100cti|4; publisher; AI57. 

(Carter, Percy VerriDj 1894- 
Sixteen and five. t Roxbury, Mass., 1945) 
(113) p. Illus. (1 col., Incl. ports.) 27J-. 

Tltle from cover. 

"Pictures, records and biographies of sixteen marines of 'Bed devil' 
squadron 232 and five Army air corps men, crew members of the C-47 
Sky train transport which left New Caledonia for New Hebrides on the 
morning of November 23, 1943." — Foreword, signed : P. Verrlll Carter. 

1. World war, 1939-1945— Blog. 2. World war, 1939-1945— U. S. 
1. Title. 

D736.C3 923.573 47-16382 

«> 15Jun45, ; author, Pembroke, Mass. ; A828SL 

Carter, Ralph, pseud , 
see Neubauer, William Arthur, 1916- 

Carter, Winifred. 

Sarah; roman traduit de 1' anglais par 
HelSne Breuleux. Geneve, J. H. 
Jeheber H9I4.5] 

389 P. 

© lSepi;5; lc 2l*Febl|.6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFI4.O3. 
Cartmell, Van H comp. 

Famous plays of crime and detection, from Sherlock Holmes 
to Angel street, compiled by Van H. Cartmell and Bennett Cerf. 
Introduction by John Chapman. Philadelphia, The Blakiston 
company, 1946. 

xv, 910 p. 22-. 

"First edition." 

©12Augl;6; publisher; A6011. 

Carton, Jacques, 1903- 
. . . Le mistral. Grenoble, Paris, B. Arthaud [1945j 

3 p. 1., (9]-304 p., 2 1. 18i". 
On cover : 5. 6&. 

(5) 15Sepi45; lc 2iiAprl|6; publisher, Grenoblo, 
Fr-rce; APQ77* 

Carver, George, 1888- 

Alms for oblivion: books, men and biography [byj George 
Carver. Milwaukee, The Bruce publishing company [1946) 

x, 325 p. 20J-. (Half-title: Science and culture series ; Joseph Huss- 
leln ... general editor) 

Bibliography : p. 302-308. 

©20Maylj.6; author, Pittsburgh; A3118. 

Carver, Harry Clyde, 1890- 

An introduction to air navigation, by Harry C. Carver ... 
(Ann Arbor, Mich., Edwards brothers, inc., lithoprinterS) 1943. 

4 p. 1., 230, il,, 42, [3] p. incl. illus. (charts) tables, dlagrs. 28x21i". 

"This text is an elaboration of notes on dead-reckoning that the writer 
prepared for a course in air navigation that he gave at the University 
of Michigan during the 1942-1943 academic year." — Pref. 
© 14Not43; 2c 7Jan46; publisher; A179. 

Carver, William Owen, 1868- 

Why they wrote the New Testament, by William Owen 
Carver ... Nashville, Tenn., The Sunday school board of the 
Southern Baptist convention ( 1946j 

147 p. 19-. 

©.27Junlj.6; publisher; A5I+23. 

Cary, Arthur Joyce Lunel 
see Cary, Joyce, 14388- 

Cary, Joyce, 1888- 
... The moonlight. London, M. Joseph ltd. D 1946, 
307 p. 19-. 
"First published 1946." 

Pub. 15MayI|6; lc 290ctl+6; Arthur Joyce 
Lunel Cary, Oxford, Eng. ; AI 575« 

Case, Arthur Ellicott, 1894- 

Four essays on Gulliver's travels, by Arthur E. Case. Prince- 
ton, Princeton university press, 1945. 

5 p. 1., 133 p. fold map. 22- 
Bibliographical references in "Notes" (p. [127j-133) 

© 30Nov^5; 2c 12Jani).6; publisher; 

Case, Josephine (Young) 1907- 

Freedom's farm, by Josephine Young Case. Boston, Hough- 
ton Mifflin company, 1946. 

xl,73p. illus. 23J-. 

"Woodcuts by Clare Lelghton."— Dust jacket. 

The poem Freedom's farm (p. (61]-73) was published separately in, 
Hamilton, N. T., 1944. 1 

a^TO'S^W^; author, Hamil- 
ton . N.Y.; J.53.25_. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Case, Shirley Jackson, 1872- 

The origins of Christian supernaturalism, by Shirley Jack- 
son Case. Chicago, 111., The University of Chicago press 
( 1946j ( 

vil,239p. 20-. 

"A survey of historical data previously used In ... Experience with 
the supernatural in early Christian times, published In 1929." — p. vi. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Supernatural. 2. Christianity and other religions. 

BR128.A2C3 230.09 A 46-5976 

© 2lOct46 ; University of Chicago ; A6802. 

Casey, Francis, 1926- 

The axe in my head [by, Francis Casey. [Stillwater, Okl.j 

Redlauds press, 1946. 

2 p. L, 17 p., 1 1. 27x20i- 


"Fifty copies printed." 

© 20JuU6; author, lurners Falls, Mass.; 

Casey, Gavin Stodart, 1907- 

Downhill is easier, by Gavin Casey. Sydney, London, Ang us 
and Robertson ltd, 1945. 

3p.l., 228 p., 11. 19-. 

Pub. 6Uar46; lo 3QApr46; Gavin Casey, ltd., 
Sydney, Australia^ AI 216. 

Casey, Lee Taylor, 1889- ed. 

Denver murders, by William E. Barrett t and others) „. and 
edited by Lee Casey. New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce 

1 4 p.' 1., 3-217 p. 21J- [Regional murder series — yo1 - ra > 
"First printing." 

2i|Aprij.6; publisher: AljJL55« 

Casey, Robert Pierce, 1897- 

Religion in Russia, by Robert Pierce Casey ... New York, 
London, Harper & brothers [1946j 

viiip., 11., 198 p. 19J-. 

"First edition." 

"Contains the Lowell lectures, delivered at King's chapel in Lent, 
1945."— Pref. 

<© 10Apr46; publisher, New York; A2415. 

Casiraghi, Ugo. 

... Umanita di Stroheim, ed altri saggi. Milano, Poligono 
societa. editrice, 1945. 

137 p., 2 1. Illus. 24". (On cover: Blblloteca clnematograflca. (L 
ser. : Saggi critici] 1) 

Portrait on cover. 

1. Moving-picture plays— Hist. * crit. i. Title. 

PN1995.C38 791.4 47-19294 

© 16Jul45 ; lc 1Nov46 ; publisher ; AF5139. 

Casner, Mabel B 

The story of American democracy c byj Mabel B. Casner ... 
[and] Ralph H. Gabriel ... New York, Chicago, Harcourt, 
Brace and company, 1946. 

xvi, 656 p. illus. (part Col. ; lncl. ports., maps) diagrs. 24J— . 

"Based on ... lt he authors'] Exploring American history and The rise of 
American democracy."— p. vi 

"Liberty song" (words and melody) : p. 106. 
Includes bibliographies. 

© lOAprl^j Harcourt, Brace and company, 
inc., New York; AJ4.O28. 

Caspary, Vera, 1904- 

Stranger than truth, a novel by Vera Caspary. New York, 
Random house [1946] 

5 p. 1, 3-319 p. 21". 

"Flrst printing." 

J. Title. 

PZ3.C27l4St 46-11808 

© 14Nov46 ; 2c 3Nov46 ; author, New York; A8407. 

Cassidy, Henry Clarence, 1910- 

... Moscou (Moscow dateline) I9I4I- 

19l+3» tr adult de 1' anglais par Con- 

stantin de Grunwald. Paris, Calmann- 

Levy [19U31 

286, [2] p. 19cm. 

At head of title: Henry C. Cassidy. 

© 30Deci|.3; lc 8Mayi|6; author, Paris; 

Cassirer, Ernst, 1874-1945. 

Language and myth, by Ernst Cassirer ... Translated by 
Susanne K. Langer ... New York and London, Harper & 
brothers [1946, 

1 p., 2 1., 103 p. 21- 

"Orlginally published in German as number vi of the 'Studien der 
Bibltothek Warburg,' under the editorship of Fritz Sail." 
"First edition." 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

©2Janh,6; publisher, New York; A272. 

Cassirer, Ernst, 1874-1945. 

The myth of the state, by Ernst Cassirer. New Haven, Yale 
university press; London, G. Cumberlege, Oxford university 
press, 1946. 

xii, 303 p. front, (port.) 24- 

Edited by Charles W. Hendel. cf. Foreword. 

"Published on the Louis Stern memorial fund." 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. State, The. 2. Political science. 3. Mythology. i. Hendel 
Charles William, 1890- ed. n. Title. 

JC251.C3 320.1 A 46-5936 

© 150ct46 ; Yale university press, New Haven ; A6698. 

Cassius, pseud . 
see Foot, Michael, 1913- 

[Cassou, Jean] 1897- 

... 33 sonnets composes au secret, presentes par Francois La 
Colere tfseud.) Paris, Aux Editions de Minuit, 1944. 

3 p. 1., 9-79 p., 2 1. 17-. 

Author's pseud., Jean Nolr, at head of title. 

© 2ONOVI4J4.; lc 2Mari].6; Editions de 
Minuit, Paris; AF657. 

Castagna, Edwin, 1909- 

The history of the 77lst tank battalion, by Edwin Castagna 
. . . Berkeley, Calif. [Printed by Lederer, Street & Zeus co., inc.] 

4 p. 1., 110 p. Incl. 1 illus., plates, ports, maps. 27J— . 

On cover : The history of the 771" tank battalion, Rht oeland, Ardennes, 
central Europe. 

© 22?feyl46; author, Reno, Ne-r. ; A32?3 . 

Castelboux, Jean, pscucU 
see Gravereau* Frans* 

Castelnau, Jacques Thomas de . 

... Edgar Poe . Paris, J. Tallandier 


252 p. 19cm. 

At head of 'title: Jacques Castelnau. 

"Bibliographie des ouvrages consultes": 
p. 251-252. 

© lAugU5; lc 300cti|5; Societe d' edi- 
tions et de pub] ications , Paris; AF68. 

Castiglioni, Arturo, 1874- 

Adventures of the mind, by Arturo Castiglioni, m. d. Trans- 
lated from the Italian by V. Gianturco. New York, A. A. 
Knopf, 1946. 

xviii p., 1 1., 428, v p., 1 1. plates, ports, facsims. 22T 

"A part [Of this book] ... was published in Milan (Mondador) 1934) 
under the title Incantesimo e magia." -P*ef. 
"First American edition." 
Bibliography, : a 423-428. . , 

© HAprl|6; Alfred A. Knopf, inc.; A2636, 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Castillo Najera, Enna. 

Will-o'-the-wisp, by Enna Castillo Najera. (Baltimore, 
Reese press, 1946, 

Till, 388 p. 22-. 

Copyright date 1945 changed In manuscript to 1946. 

© 23Janl|.6; Francisco Castillo Najera, 
Washington, D. C.j Alj.78. 

Castle, Marian. 

Deborah [by, Marian Castle. New York, W. Morrow and 
company, 1946. 

8 p. I., 372 p. 20J". 
© 16Jfcy46; 2c 17Apr46; author, Dsnwr; A4466. 

Castle, Molly. 

New winds are blowing, by Molly Castle. New York, 
.Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946] 

2 p. 1., 282 p. 21-. 
© 13Augij6; publisher; A5258. 

Castries, Rene de . 

... Mademoiselle de Me'thamis, roman, 
Paris, Calmann-Le'vy [I9I15] 

309 p. 18 l/2 cm . 

© 15Mayi|5; lc 29AugU5; Editions 
Balzac, Paris; AF332. 

CastriUo, Eilene Lamb* 1897" 

A Pan American journey, by Eilene Lamb Castrillo .. 
Boston, D. C. Heath and company [1946, 

xil, 301 p. lllus., plates. 20J-. 

Maps on lining-papers. 
Includes bibliographies. 

© 12Augij.6; publisher; A58I4.O. 

Castro, Agustln de Medina y Fernandez de 
see Medina y Fernandez de Castro, 
Agust£n de, 1905- 

Castro, Americo, I885- 

Iberoamerica, su presente y su pasado. Rev. ed. t Byj 
Americo Castro ... New York, The Dryden press (1946, 

ilv p.. 1 1., 304 p. Incl. plates, facsim. 2 fold. maps. 21". {Half-title: 
The Dryden press. Modern language publications) 

(g) 15Aprl|6; Dryden press, ino.; A53>oe. 

Caswell, Hollis Leland, 1901- ed. 

. . . The American high school : its responsibility and oppor- 
tunity ( by, Hollis L. Caswell, editor, Stephen M. Corey, Donald 
P. Cottrell, Hamden L. Forkner ... ( and others. New York 
and London, Harper & brothers (1946, 

vlii, 264 p. 21i~. (Eighth yearbook of the John Dewey society) 

"First edition." 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© lOJullj.6; publisher, New York; Alj.822. 

La Cath&lrale de Strasbourg. [Paris, Editions "Tel" [1939, 

cover-title, r*i P-. 36 pi. (53 lllus.) on 18 1. 39". [Collection des 
catheclrales et des sanctuaires du moyen age ; 6d. sous la direction scien- 
tinque de Paul Deschamps ... et la direction artlstlque et technique de 
Francois Haab, 

In portfolio. 
French and English. 
"Texte de Gabrielle Thibout.** 
"Lea photographies sont de Marc Foucault." 
"The English translation Is by R. Schoedelin." 
© 30Jun39; lc 2Mar46; publisher; AF789. 

La Cath&lrale de Strasbourg. (Paris, Editions "Tel" ( e 1941, 
cover-title, 38 pi. 19 x 18". 

Illustration on p. [4| of cover. 

Each plate has descriptive letterpress. In French and English. 

© 30Deci|l; lc lMarU6; publisher; AF 695. 

Catholic church. Byzantine rite. Liturgy and ritual. 


Liturgikon sir'ifi' Sluzebnik dl'a greko-kath. mirjan staro- 
slavjanskaho obrjada. Soder/.a56 vo seb'i publicnu cast' Bozest- 
vennoj liturgiji, so vs'imi sluzbami ned'ilnymi,prazdnicnymi, 
obscimi svjatym i razlienymi nam'irenijami. Na osnov'i ur- 
jadovych vydanij greko-kath. ordinarijatov staro-slavjanskaho 
obrjada. Sostavil: Rev. Julius Grigassy ... Braddock, Pa,, 
1945 [i.e. 1946] 

x, 614 p. lllus.. 13". 

© revisions, 20Aug46; Julius Grigassy, Braddock, Pa.; 

Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual. 


Misal diario y vesperal, por dom 
Gaspar Lefebvre; traduccion castellana 
y adaptaci6n del rdo. p. German Prado. 
6. ed., corregida y aumentada. 

© 21Mayi4.1; lc 26Janl4.6; A. S. B. L. 
Abbaye de Saint-Andr6, Bruges; AF1397* 

Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual. Missal. 

Misal diario y vesperal, por dom Gaspar Lefebvre ... Tra- 
duccion castellana y adaptacion del rdo p. German Prado ... 
Brujas, Belgica, Desclee, de Brouwer y cia t 1946, 

2200, 104* p. illus. (incl. maps) 16 J". 

Latin and Spanish in parallel columns. 

With music. 

"Septima edlcl6n, corregida y aumentada." 

© 18 Jul46 ; Abbaye de Saint- Andre, A. S. B. L., Saint- Andre- 
lez-Bruges, Belgium ; AF5010. 

Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual. Missal. 

Missale romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii tridentini 
restitutum, s. Pii v pontificis maximi jussu editum aliorum pon- 
tificum cura recognitum a Pio x reformatum et Benedicti xv 
auctoritate vulgatum. Editio iv juxta typicam vaticanam am- 
plificata n . . . Neo Eboraci, Bostonise [etc., Benziger brothers, 
inc. [1945, 

cxi, [I,, 756, 208 (». e. 210) , 43», 7**, 13 p. illus., pi. 17". 

With music. 
<"'U. S. A. liturgical editions." 

© 200cti|5; 2c 6Augi+6; publisher, New 
York; A5373. 

Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual. Missal. English. 

I pray the mass; Sunday missal. For all Sundays and the 
principal f eastdays, with a treasury of private prayers . . . Dia- 
logue mass ed. Edited by Rev. Hugo H. Hoever ... [New 
York, Catholic book publishing co., 1946, 

383 p. illus. (parted.) |13". 

© 29Augl|6; publisher; A 6075. 

Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual. Missal. English. 

Saint Andrew daily missal, by Dom Gaspar Lefebvre ... 
Pocket ed. ... Liturgical apostolate. Bruges, Belgium, Abbey 
of St. Andre ; Saint Paul, Minn., The E. M. Lohmann co. t 1946, 

4v. illus. I3i". 

Contents. — 1. From the first Sunday of Advent to Ash Wednesday. — 
11. From Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday. — m. From Holy Saturday to 
July 15. — rv. From July 15 to the first Sunday of Advent 

© 6Aprij.6; A.S.B.L. Abbaye de St. Andre", 
Bruges, Belgium; A2580. 

1. Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual. English, n. Lefebvre, Gaspar, 
1880- m. Title. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual . 
1 Missal . French . 

Missel des petits amis de Jesus. 
[Paris-, Editions de Fontenelle, I9I4.5] 
6I4. p. illus. lU- x licm. 

© 30Declj-5; lc -8May46; publisher? 
AF 1553. 

Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual. Office of the Blessed 

Virgin Mary. 
/The Little office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also the Office 
^f the dead and the penitential Psalms, in accordance with the 
most recent Latin version of the Psalms with a new English 
translation, edited by Rev. J. M. Lelen, ph. d. ( New York] 
Catholic book publishing company, 1946 : 

448 p. incl. front. 14 m . 

Text on lining-papers. 

Latin and English. 

© l8SepIj.6; 2c 15Sepl|.6; publisher; A6076' 

Catholic church. Liturgy and ritual. Psalter. 

The Psalms, a prayer book ; also, the canticles of the Roman 
breviary, New English translation with ecclesiastical approba- 
tion including the new Latin version from the Hebrew by the 
professors of the Pontifical Biblical institute, authorized by 
Pope Pius xn, also containing preface, explanatory introduc- 
tions, verse summaries, reflections, commentaries and topical 
guides by Rev. William H. McClellan ... Rev. John A. Rowan 
... Rev. James E. Coleran ... ( and othersj New York, Boston 
tetc.j Benziger brothers, inc., 1945. 

xvl, 416, 29* p. front 18-. 

Added t-p. In Latin. 

"The Latin version in this book, entitled 'The Psalms and canticles of 
the Roman breviary' is in agreement with the authorized Latin edition 
of the 'Liber Psalmonim cnm cantlcis brevlaril romanl nova et textlbus 
prlmlgenlls Interpretatlo Latina, cura professorum Pontlflcil lnstltutl 
blbUcl edita, Roma? 1945." 

© l3Deci|5; 2c 5Janij_6; publisher; A72. 
Catholic church. Pope, 1903-19U (Pius z) 

Catechetical documents of Pope Pius x, translated and 
edited, with a biographical note, by Joseph B. Collins ... In- 
troduction by Most Reverend Edwin V. O'Hara ... Paterson, 
N. J., Saint Anthony guild press, 1946. 

lxviii, 204 p. front (port.) 24". 

English and Latin. 

Bibliographical references included In "Biographical note (p. xlll- 

1. Catechetlcs— Catholic church. 2. Plus x, pope, 1835-1914. I. Col- 
lins, Joseph Burns, 1897- ed. and tr. n. Title. 

BX1968.C35 238.2 47-50 

© 220ct46 ; translator, Washington, D. C. ; A8594. 

[Catholic university of America. Committee for the revision 

of English curricula^ 
, English voices ... New York, Chicago, W. H. Sadlier, inc. 
t 1946, 

xvi, 842 p. illus. (incl. ports., map, faeslms.) diagrs. 234x18*". (Its 
Catholic high school literature series, book 4) 

Roy J. Deferrari, director; Sister Mary Theresa Brentano, editor. 
cf. p. v. 

Includes "Suggestions for reading." 

1. English literature (Collections) 2. English literature— Hist. & crlt. 
I. Deferrari, Roy Joseph, 1890- n. Brentano, Mary Theresa, sister, 

1902- ed. m. Title. 

PR1109.C35 820.82 46-8091 

© 30ct46; William H. Sadlier, inc., New York; A6837. 

Catlin, Mary. 

Building your new house, by Mary and George Catlin. New 
York, N. Y, Current books, inc., A. A. Wyn ( 1946j 

267 p. illus. (Incl. plans) 2V. 
Includes bibliographical references. 

© 271ky4$; authors. Hew York) M612. 

CattelL Raymond Bernard, 1905- 

... Description and measurement of personality, by Raymond 
B. Cattell ... Yonkers-on-Hydson, N. Y., World book com- 
pany t 1946j 

xx, 602 p. diagrs. 21i" 
by L.M.Terman) 

(Measurement and adjustment series, ed. 

aphy : j>. 573-588. . 

eplj.6; publisher; A557I4.. 

Catulle-Mendes, Jane 
see Mendes, Jane (Primitive-Mette) 

Caubet, Jean. 

Chanson flamenca, roman. Paris, 
A. Michel [191+51 

190 p. 19 cm . 

©lAugU5; lc 500ctU5; Albin Michel; 

Caullery, Maurice Jules Gaston Corneille, 1868- 

... Biologie des jumeaux (polyembryonie et gemellite) 
(Avec 27 figures et 4 planches) Paris, Presses universitaires 
de France, 1945. 

168 p. Illus., rv pi. on 2 L 19™. (La Science vlvante; collection 
dlrigee par Rem? Audubert (6j) 

"References blbllographiques" : p. [159]-166. 

© 30Sep]4.5; lc lMarl+6; publisher; AP 673. 

Caussade, Jean Pierre de , d. 1751* 

Abandonment; or, Absolute"~surrender 
to divine providence, posthumous work 
of Rev. J. P. de Caussade, S. J. Re- 
vised and corrected by Rev. H. Raraiere, 
S. J. Translated from the eighth French 
edition by Ella McMahon. New York, 
Boston [etc.] Benziger brothers, inc. 


192 p. I3 cm . 

"Copyright 191+5." 

Pub. 20Seplj.6; 2c 6Augl^6; publisher, 
New York; A537I. 

Cauvin, Gaston. 

... L'homme clair. ( Avignon) E. Aubanel [1945] 

4 p. 1., 11-316 p., 1 1. 19™. (On cover: Les Romanclers francais) 

©30Decl4.5; lc 8Mayi|6; publisher; 

Cavalcade. ©Cavalcade, Paris. 

Vol* *• ~ 

No. 2, 12Aprlj.6. © 12Aprlj.6; 

lc 8Aug46; AF2007. 

Cavanah, Frances. 

Benjy of Boston, by Frances Cavanah, illustrated by Pauline 
Jackson. Philadelphia, David McKay company ( 1946j 

31, tlj p. col. illus. 24*-. 

© lFeblj.6; publisher; A81j-3. 

Cavanah, Frances. 

Our country's story, by Frances Cava- 
nah; pictures by Janice Holland. Chi- 
cago, New York [etc.] Rand I.icllally & 
company [I9J+6] 

71, [1] p. illus. (part col.) 
26 1/2 x 20 l/2 cm . 

Map on lining-papers. 

© i4Jaruj.6; 2c 12Deci^5; publisher, Chi- 
cago; A393. 

Cavanah, Frances. 

Sandy of San Francisco, by Frances Cavanah, illustrated by 
Pauline Jackson. Philadelphia, David McKay company 
c 1946, 

30, [2, p. col. illus. 24f". 

© lF*b4C; publisher 1 A844. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Philadelphia, The 

Cavanna, -Betty, J9o<}- 

Going on sixteen, by Betty Cavanna. 
Westminster press t 1946] 

220 p. Incl. plates. 21- 

(cT) 20Apr46; 2c UMar46; publisher; U770. 

Previously serialized in Gateway, April-June 

Cav£, Madeleine, 1908- 

... L'ceuvre paradoxale de Freud (essai sur la theorie des 
ne'vroses) par le d r . Madeleine Cave ... Paris, Presses univer- 
sitaires de France, 1945. 

8 p. 1.. [ixj-xl, 108 p., 2 1. 23*". (Bibllotheque de phllosophle contem- 
poralne. Psychologie et soclologle; section dirigee par m. Maurice 

"1™ Mltlon. 15 octobre 1945." 

Published also as thesis. University of Paris, 1943. 

"Ouvrages cites": p. |107,-108. 

1. Freud. Slgmund, 1856-1939. 2. Psychoanalysis. I. Title. 

BF173.F85C3 1945 131.3462 47-16706 

© 290ct45; lc 9 Aug46 ; publisher ; AF2130. 

Cavicchioli, Giovanni, 1894- 

... Bambino senza madre, romanzo. 

[Romaj Tumminelli 

h. S J' - b i? 1 "" 3 ^ % 2 L 19 ~- Walf-title: Nuova bibUoteca ltaliana 
dlretta da Arnaldo BoceM, 17) ^ 

"Prima edizlone magglo 1943-xn." 

© lMayl^; lc 9Novlj.5; Calogero 
Tumminelli; AF 2233. 

Cavin, Carrie V 

Spontaneous combustion, v. 2. By Carrie 
C. V. Cavin. New York, Exposition press 

■4P. £., 11-96 p. 

© 20Sep46; publisher; A660I+. 

Gavins, Harold M 

National health agencies, a survey with especial reference to 
voluntary associations, by Harold M. Cavins; including a de- 
tailed directory of major health organizations. [Washingtonj 
Public affairs press ( 1945] 

2p.l.. ( 3r-251p. 22J-. 

Blbllographical foot-notes. 

®15IJaylf.5; 2c 20Juii]5; publisher'; AI2S3. 

Cayce, Edgar, I878-I9I4.5. 

What I believe, by Edgar Cayce. 
Virginia Beach, Va., Edgar Cayce pub- 
lishing company, 191J.6. 

3 P.I., 79 P. 18 l/2cm. 

© 10Mayi|.6; Association for research 
and •nlightenment, inc., Virginia 
Beach, Va.; A9251. 

... Ce que la France a apporte a la 
mSdecine depuis le d6but du XXe 
siecle; conferences faites a la 
clinlque medical e de l'hSpital Blchat 
pendant 1' occupation allemande. Pre- 
face de Georges Duhamel. Paris, Flam- 
marl on [I9IJ.6] 
276 p., ij. J. 19cm. (Bibllotheque 

de phllosophle scientifique. Dlrecteur: 

Paul Gaultier) 

At head of title: ... Alajouanine, 
Bezancon, Boivin [et d'autres] ... 

A series of lectures sponsored by 
the Chair of medical pathology, 
Faculty of medicine, University of 
Paris, cf . p. [5] 

© 2JanIjl>; Ernest Flammarion; AFI503. 

Cecil, Lord David, 1902- 

Ilardy, the novelist; an essay in criticism, by David Cecil .. 
London, Constable and co. ltd. ( 1943j 

157 p. 19- (The Clark lectures given at Cambridge In 1942) 
"First published 1943." 

Pub. 29Marl+3; lc 27Junl4.6; Lord 
Edward Christian David Gascoyne Cecil, 
Fordingbridge, Hampshire, Erg.; AI 281+. 

Cecil, Lord David, 1902- 

Hardy, the novelist; an essay in criticism, by David Cecil. 
Indianapolis, New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company t 1946j 

235 p. front (port.) 21". 

Orlginally delivered as the Clark lectures at Trinity college. Cam- 
bridge, cf. Prefatory note. 

Pub. 19..ug4o; uord ^d^ara Christian David 

Gsscoyne-Cecii, London; A5439. Prev. reg. AI Z8U- 

Cecil, Lord Edward Christian David 
see Cecil, Lord David, 1902- 

Cecil, Russell La Fayette, l88l- ed . 

Tratado de medicina interna por au- 
tores nort earner icanos, publicado bajo 
la direcci6n de Russel L. Cecil ... 
co-director para las Enfermedades del 
sistema nervioso, Foster Kennedy ... 
Traducido de la oa. edicion, totalmente 
revisada, bajo la direcci5n del dr. 
Ram6n Rodriguez de Ma^a . . . por los 
doctores: Urbano Barnes, Ram6n Bertran 
... [y otros] Mexico, Editorial 

inter -americana, s.a.; distribuidores, 
The University society, 19^+5 [i.e. 19M>] 

2 v. col. front., illus., diagrs. 

Paged continuously. 
"Primera edici6n espanola." 
Includes bibliographical references, 

© 25AprU6; lc ea. 31Mayl^6; publisher; 

Ceillier, Remi Louis, 1883- 

... La cryptographie. par Remi Ceillier 
... [1. ed. ] Paris, Presses universi- 
taires de France, 19^4-5 • 

134 p. illus. 17 l/2cm, (Q ue sa is- 
je? Le point des connaissances actuelles. 

"Bibliographic": p. [135] 

© 15l.layli.5; lc 300ctU5; publisher; 

Celina, Ohio ConSurvey city di- 
rectory. 19^6 master edition, 
vol. 1, ABCD, no. 226. 

© 30Sep^6; Sara Mullin Baldwin, 
Columbus, 0.; A6504. 

Cellini, Benvenuto, 1500-1571. 

The autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini, translated by John 
Addington Symonds, illustrated by Salvador Dali. Garden 
City, N. Y., Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

3 p. 1., 442 p., 1 1. col. front, illus., col. plates. 25— 
© illui.;22Augif6; publisher, New York; A5W7. 

749448 O— 47 8 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cellini, Benvenuto, 1500-1571* 

... Vita e arte nei sonetti di Shakespeare, col testo dei sonetti 
riordinati e cnmmentati. Ron™. S. a. editrice Tumminelli 
"Studium urbis" t 1943j 

1 p. I., [V,-vli, 384 p., 1 1. 20J". 

© 19Mayl4-3; lc 9Novl).5; S. a, Tumminelli 
editrice "Studium urbis"; AP2210. 

Cendras, Blaise, 1887- 

Dans le silence de la nuit; nouvelle 

( In Les OEuvres libres. Paris [191+5] 
I9 cm . n.s. no. k (230) p. [933-118) 

©31Jullj.5; lc 300ctl+5; author, Aix-on- 
Provence, France, AFI32. 

Central conference of Aaerican rabbis. 
... Annual convention ••• edited by 
Isaac E. Marcueon. t. 55. June 25-27, 

0a spinas. Yearbook. 

© 25Mar46; Central conference of American 
rabbis, Macon, Ga.j A1342. 

Central con f ere nce of American raobis. 
see Its Annual convention. 

Centre d'orientation sociale des etrangers, Paris. 

... A la recherche d'une patrie, la France devant l'immigra- 
tion. Paris, Editions Realite ( 1946j 

4 p. L, 11-251 (1] p., 2 L 19-. (Iti £tudes xenologlques) 

© 15MarI(.6: Centre d'orientation 
sociale des etrangers et fiditions realite} 

Ceri , Andre". 

... Si jeunesse savait, nouvelle. 
[Paris, Grou-Radenez] c 19^4-5 - 

13, [1] p. l8 cm . 

© li|Decl;5; lc 3<DJanl4.6; author, Neuilly 
-sur-Seine, France; AFJ4.72 . 

Cerf, Bennett Alfred, 1898- comp. 

Famous ghost stories; compiled, and with an introductory 
note, by Bennett Cerf, with illustrations by Hugo Steiner-Prag 
and William Sharp . . . t New York, Random house, 1946] 

Ix, 436 p., 1 I. Mus., double plates. 19". (The Illustrated moderL 

©illus ., 6Dec46 ; Random house, inc. ; A9374. 

Cerf, Phyllis Maurine (Fraser) 
see Fraser, Phyllis Maurine, 1915- 

Cerio, Edwin, 1875- 

... Guida inutile di Capri. Roma, O. E. T., Edizioni del 
secolo [1946] 

271, [3] p., 1 I. 20-. (Half-title: BlbUoteca del glardlnl. 2) 

At head of title : Cerlo. 

1. Capri — Descr. 1. Title. 


© 25Jul46 ; publisher ; AF1770. 


Cerrantei, Miguel de 
■•• Cerrantea Saavedra, Miguel de, 

Cervantes de Saayedra, Miguel de 
■•• Cerrantea Saavedra, Miguel de, 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616. 

... Don Quixote, designed to be read as a modern novel by 
Richard Emery Roberts, from the translations of P. A. Mot- 
teux, 1712, and Charles Jarvis, 1742, and the Spanish edition 
of the Casa editorial Sopena, Barcelona. New York y The Book 
league of America [1946] 

vi, 345 p. 20". 

At head of title : Miguel de Cervantes. 
© 10Apr48; Richard ftaery Roberts, New York; A2844, 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616. 

The first part of the life and achievements of the renowned 
Don Quixote de la Mancha ( by] Miguel de Cervantes' Saavedra, 
translated by Peter Motteux, illustrated by Salvador Dali ... 
New York [Random house, inc., 1946) 

xviii, 587 p. Incl. front., illus. 10 col. double pi. 19". (The Illus- 
trated modern library) 

On spine : Don Quixote de la Mancha. 

1. Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1663-1718, tr. n. DaH, Salvador, 1904- 
lllus. nr. Title : Don Quixote de la Mancha. 
PQ6329.A2 1946 a 863.32 46-11859 

© illus., 6Dec46 ; publisher ; A9127. 

Cerveny, George Robert. 

Facts and judgments, a new approach to college writing, by 
George R. Cerveny ... New York, Harcourt, Brace and com- 
pany [1946, 

xvl, 456 p. illus., diagrs. 21-. 
Includes bibliographies. 

© HFeb4«) Harcourt, Brace * co. , ino.t A1696. 

Cesaire, Aime, 
... Les armes miraculeuses. [Paris] Gallimard t 1946] 
2 p. 1., 7-195, [1, p., 1 1. 19-. 
© 30MayU6; Librairie Gallimard; AF2059. 

Cesana, Otto, 1899- 

... Voicing the modern dance orchestra. New York, N. Y., 
Modern music publications [1946, 

4 p. 1., 112 p. illus. ^music) 251". 

© 7Augl+6; author, New York; A3719. 

Cesbron, Gilbert. 

... Les innocents de Paris, roman. Lausanne, La Guilde du 
livre [1944] 

233, [1, p., 2 1. 22-. 

"Deuxieme edition." 

1. Title. 

PZ23.C38 1 5 843.91 

© 3Apr44; lc 26Feb46; publisher; AF1654. 


Cesbron, Gilbert. 

The innocents of Paris, a novel by Gilbert Cesbron; trans- 
lated from the French by Marguerite Waldman. Boston, 
Houghton Mifflin company, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 212 p. 31 i- 
Illustration on t.-p. 

© 26junl|6; 2c 31Maylj.6; author, Paris; 

Cestre, Charles, I87I- 

... La litterature americaine, par 
Charles Cestre ... Paris, Colin, 19^-1-5 • 

218 p. 17 cm . (Collection Armand 
Colin; section de langues et littera- 
tures, no. 2l|l ) 

© 15Augi|5; lc 300cti|5; Max Leclerc 
et cie, Paris; AF267. 

cSvennes, pseud . 
see Guehenno, Jean. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chaboseau, Jean. 

Le tarot; essai d'interpretation selon les principes de 
l'hermetisme; introduction par H.-M. de Campigny; dessins 
de l'auteur. Paris, Editions Niclaus [1946] 

88 p., 2 1. Illus., plates. 19". 

"Ouvrages consultes" : p. [91|-93. 


1. Tarot. 


© 15Apr46; publisher; AF2087. 

Chabot, Ernest Daniel, 1902- . 

Greenhouse gardening for everyone, by Ernest Chabot. New 
York, M. Barrows and company, inc. ( 1946, 

xlv p., 1 1-, 17-266 p. col. front., Illus. (lncl. plans, dlagrs.) plates, 
port 21". 

"First printing." 

i. Title. 

1 Greenhouses. [1. Greenhouse cultivation, 

SB415.C45 635.982 Agr 47-71 

© 2Dec46; 2c 24Nov46; author, Tarrytown, N. Y.- A8998. 

Chabrier, AgnSs. •. 

... Le royaume intermediaire, roman. 
Paris, Grasset [19U53 

269 p. 19 cm . ' 

©3ON0VI4.5; lc lMarlj.6; Editions Bernard 
Grasset; AFJ4.96. 

Chadwick, Henry Dexter, 1872- 

The modern attack on tuberculosis c byj Henry D. Chadwick 
... and Alton S.' Pope ... .Rev. ed. New York, The Common- 
wealth fund, 1946. 

vlli, 134 p. Illus. (dlagrs.) 21i". 

Bibliography : p. |124]-128. 
© 171«ay46 ; publisher; A3 394. 

Chaffee, ^etltia. 

Can you? Story by Letitia Chaffee. 
Pictures by Marian* Thro ck Morton. New 
York, P. Fell, CI9I4.6. 

[2I4.] p. illus. 17 1/2 cm 

© 21MarI(.6: Frederick Fell, inc., 
New York; AI815. 

Chaffurin, Louis, 1881- 

Petit dictionnaire franc ais- anglais donnant pour les deux 
langues simultanement : la prononciation figure©; le genre des 
noms; la place de l'accent tonique; la conjugaison des verbes. 
Par Louis Chaffurin . . . Paris, Larousse t c 1941] 

2 v. m 1. 11". 

Paged continuously. 

Vol. ( 2, Inserted, has title : English-French dictionary. 

© 30Decia; lc 29Av.gi4.5j Librairie 
Larousse; AFI58. 

Chagall, Bella (Rosenfeld) 1895-1944. 

... Burning lights; thirty-six drawings by Marc Chagall. 
t New York 3 Schocken books t 1946] 

868 p. Ulna. 23i". 

At head of title : Bella Chagall. 

"Translated by Norbert Guterman." 

1. Jews— Soc. life 4 cast 1. 'Guterman, Norbert, 1900- tr. 
V. Title. Translation 0/ B3'^ ypnaw& itratuUteraUd: Brenen- 


PJ5128.C48B72 892.48 46-8515 

© translation and additional illus., <7Nov46; 2c 160ct46; 
Schocken books, inc. ; A8276. 

Chaim Weizmann, a tribute on bis seventieth birthday, edited 
by Paul Goodman ; with foreword by the Rt. Hon. the Earl 
Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, o. m., and preface by the Rt. Hon. 
L. S. Amery . . . London, V. Gollancz ltd, 1945. 
318 p. front, ports., facslm., dlagrs. 20". 
Addendnm slip Inserted. 
Bibliography : p. 127-130. 

Pub. 150ctl+5; lc ZZDeckd; Victor 
Gollancz, ltd.; AI 68. 

Chair, Somerset de 
see De Chair, Somerset Straben, 19II- 

Chalmers, Audrey. 

A kitten's tale, written and illustrated by Audrey Chalmers. 
New York, The Viking press, 1946. 

i45j p. Illus. 23J". 

"First published ... In November 1046." 

1. Title. 


© lNov46 ; author, New York ; A8805. 


Chamberlain, Frederick Edinborough. 

The lighted pathway, by Frederick Edinborough Chamber- 
lain ... Los Angeles, Calif., ^he Willing publishing company 
, 1945, 

6 p. 1., (15i-176 p., 1 1. 2 port. (lncl. front.) dlagrs. 20J". 

(C) 31Dec46} 2c 21Jan46; Franc*" B. Chamberlain, 
Los Angeles; A448. 

Chamberlain, Lawrence Henry, 1906- 

The President, Congress and legislation, by Lawrence H. 
Chamberlain ... New York, Columbia university press; Lon- 
don, P. S. King & Staples, ltd., 1946. 

478 p. 23™. (Half-title: Studies in history, economics and public law, 
ed. by the Faculty of political science of Columbia university. No. 523) 

Issued also as thesis (ph. n.) Columbia university. 
Bibliography : p. 465-473. 

© 21+ Jull].6 ; Columbia university 
press; AJ642. 

Chamberlain, Samuel, 1895- 

Fair is our land, designed and edited by Samuel Chamber- 
lain ; introduction by Donald Moffat. New York city, Hastings 
house [1946j 

3 p. 1., 9-252 p. incl. front., illus. 24". 

"Published, July 30, 1942 
Illustrations : p. 25-240. 

Seventh printing, June 14, 1946." 

© 53ep]+6; author, Iv^arblehead, Mass., 
and Donald Moffat, i3rookline,I.'ass.; 

Chamberlin, Edward, 1899- 

The theory of monopolistic competition ; a re-orientation of 
the theory of value, by Edward Hastings Chamberlin ... 5th 
ed. Cambridge, Harvard university press, 1946. 

xiv, 282 p. dlagrs. 22i~. (Half-title: Harvard economic studies, vol. 

X XX Vlli) 

"Awarded the David A. Wells prize for the vear 1927-28, and pub- 
lished from the income of the David A. Wells fund." 

This study was submitted in 1927 as a doctor's thesis In Harvard 
university. Since that time it has been completely rewritten, cf. n. r xt, 

Bibliography: p. ( 251,-275. . r ' 

1. Value. 2. Competition. 3. Monopolies. 4. Prices. 5. Economics 

© 27Marl|6; President and fellows 01 Har- 
vard college, Cambridge, Mass.; A250lj.. 

Chambers, Bernice Gertrude, ed. 

Keys to a fashion career, edited by Bernice Gertrude Cham- 
bers ... for the Fashion group, inc. 1st ed. New York and 
London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xvi, 238 p. Ulna. (lncl. porta.) 234". 

1. Clothing and dress. 2. Fashion. 1. Title, rt. Fashion group. Inc. 
TT507.C485 646.069 46-8070 

© 10Oct46; publisher; A6734. 

Chambers, nana, paeua . 
eee Lefflngwell. Albert, 1895-19^. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chambers, Maria Cristina (Mena) 

The three kings, by Maria Cristina Chambers, illustrated by 
Janice Holland. New York, Oxford university press, 1946. 

38, [1] p. Ulus. (part col.) 20}-. 

i. Holland, Janice, 1913- lllus. n. Title. 


© 21Nov46 ; author, Brooklyn ; A9112. 


Chambersburg, Pa. Chamber of commerce. Community 

development committee. 

Chambersburg, its record and its prospect ; an economic his- 
tory and inventory prepared by the Chambersburg community 
development committee. Chambersburg, Pa., The Chamber 
of commerce, 1945. 

xl, 164 p. front., lllus. (maps) dlagrs. 231**. 
"Bibliography and references" : p. 153-154. 
© 8S«p45j 2o 2Jan46j publisher: A28. 

Chambers's mineralogical dictionary, with forty plates of 
coloured illustrations. Edinburgh [etc.] W. & R. Chambers, 
ltd. [1946, 
82, (2, p. col. lllus. 21- 

"Published 19I4.5 [ I.e . 19^6]" 
Pub. 23Aprij.6; lc Tpunlf6; publisher; 
41 352. 

[Chambrelent, Andrl Auguste Paul] 1886- 

... Aux temps heroiques de Jeanne Hachette. Paris, A. 
Fayard (1945] 

238 p., 1 1. front, double map. 18J-. 

Author's pseud., Andre 1 Florent, at head of title. 
"Blbllographie et documentation" : p. i217j-235. 

© 19Novlj.5; lc lMarlj.6; F. Brouty, 
J. Fayard et cie, Paris; AF56I4.. 

Chambrun, wiarie de. 
...Cinq dames de coeur et une jolie 
laide, Paris, Flammarion [19I+5] 
219 p. 19cm, 

© l6Augk5; lc 300c tl;5; Ernest Flamma- 
rion; AF376. 

Chamine, pseud. 
. . . Vent jaune, Paris, Les Presses de la Cit4, 1945. 
2 p. l., ,7,-264 p., 1 1. 18J-. 

©lNovij.5; lc lMarlj.6; publisher: 

Champetier, Georges, lyuo- . 

... La chimie generalefpar Georges Champetier . 
Presses universitaires de France, 1946. 

Le point des connalssances 

136 p. dlagrs. 17*-. ("Que sals-je?" 
actuelles. [207] ) 

"1" edition." 
"Bibllographie" : p. [134] 

© 28Marlj.6; publisher; AF210U. 

Champion, Pierre Honore Jean Baptiste, 


... Paris au temps de Henri III. 
Paris. Editions C.-L., 191+2. 

2l8 p., 1 jL illus. 19 1/2™. 
( His Paris sous, les derniers Valois). 

At head of title: Pierre Champion. 

On cover : "Notice vieux Paris" [Collec- 
tion pub. sous la direction de Marcel 

©30JulIj.2; lc 29Augl+5; Editions 
Calmann-Levy, Paris; AF297. 

Champlin, John Denison, 183^-1915 • 

The Champlin encyclopedia ... Chica- 
go, Consolidated book publishers, 19^6 . 

12v. fronts., illus. (incl. ports.) , 
plates (part col.) maps, diagrs. 23 . 

Vol. 1-6 edited by Lincoln MacVeagh, 
revised by Frances E. Wood; v. 7 - 8> 
edited by Deette Rolfe, revised by 
F. Dorothy Wood; v. 9-12 edited by CM. 
Aoklom, revised by F. Dorothy Wood. 

© revisions, 23Auglj.6; publisher; 

Champly, Rene, 1865- , 

... Comment on devient ajusteur et monteur-mecanicien ; 
manuel pratique pour apprendre seul et sans maitre le dessin 
industriel, les mesures, le tragage et la verification des pieces 
mecaniques, l'ajustage, le montage, le demontage des machines 
et l'installation des transmissions de mouvement. Nouv. ed. 
entitlement rev. et augm. par E. Delb ... Avec plus de 300 
gravures et de nombreux tableaux de mesures dans le texte. 
Paris, Desforges, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 258 p. illus., dlagrs. 23". 
© 15Feb46; publisher; AF1673. 

Chamson, Andre, 1900- 

Fragments d'un liber veritatis (1941-1942) par Andre Cham- 
son. [Parisj Gallimard ( 1946j 

3 p. 1., 9-128, [1, p., 1 1. 19- (Les Essals, xxi) 

[Full name: Andre 1 jules Louis Chamson) 
PQ2605.H327F7 848.91 47-17203 

© 15May46 ; Librairie Gallimard; AF2128. 
Chamson, Max 
see Aldebert, Max 

Chan, Shau Wing 
see Ch'en, Shou-jung, 1906- 

Chance, John Newton. 

Death stalks the cobbled square, by John Newton Chance. 
New York, R. M. McBride & company t 1946] 
312 p. 20J-. 

"First [American] edition." 

"Originally published in England ( ln 1944, under the title Screaming 

Pub. 30Apr4«; author. Brockenhurat, Hants, Bng. j 


Chandet, Henriette. 

... Charlotte et Maximilien. Paris, Les Editions des Quatre 
vents, 1945. 

3 p. I., 247, (1, p., 1 1. 18}-. (On cover: "Belle hlstolre") 

- 1. Charlotte, empress consort of Maximilian, emperor of Mexico, 1840- 
1927— Fiction. 2. Maximilian, emperor of Mexico, 1832-1867— Fiction. 
1. Title. 

PQ2605.H3325C5 A F 47-638 

© 30Dec45 ; lc 8May46 ; publisher; AF1356. 

Chandler, Alfred Noblit, 1858- 

... Land title origins, a tale of force and fraud. New York, 
Robert Schalkenbach foundation, 1945. 

xvl p., 1 1., 550 p. 22- 

At head of title : Alfred N. Chandler. 
Bibliography : p. 521-529. 

© 20Deo46{ 2c 24Jan46; Robert Schalkenbach 

foundation, ino.j A656. 

Chandler, Raymond, 1888- 

... Red wind, a collection of short stories. Cleveland and 
New York, The World publishing company [1946] 

253 p. 20i- 

"Tower books edition. First printing." 
© 26Har46; publisher, Clerelandj M0S5. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chandler,. Raymond, 1888- 

Spnnish blood, a collection of short stories by Raymond 
Chandler. Cleveland and New York, The World publishing 
company [1046] 

221 p. 201~ 

"Tower books edition. First printing July 1046." 

Stories previously published in 
Black Mask and Dime Detective, 

© 25Juli;6; 2c 7AugU6; publisher, 
Cleveland; A5720. 

Chandler, Stedman. 

Front-line intelligence, by Lieutenant Colonel Stedman 
Chandler ... and Colonel Robert W. Robb ... Washington, 
Infantry journal press [1946] 

183 p. illus., maps. 21J-. 

1. Military Intelligence. 1. Robb, Robert W. n. Title. 
UB250.C45 355.34 47-769 

© 30Sep46; authors, San Francisco and Hollywood, Calif.; 


Chandos, Dane, pseud . 

... Abbie. New York, G. P. Putnam's sons t 1946] 

4 p. L, 3-245 p. 21-. 

©28Junl+6; 2c 26Junlj.6; publisher; 

Chandrasekhar, Sripati, 1917- 

India's population, fact and policy, by S. Chandrasekhar; 
with an introduction by Warren S. Thompson ... New York, 
The John Day company [1946] 

2 p. 1., (3,-117 p. 234". 

"First printing." 

"An Asia press boofc" 

Bibliography : p. ( 113]-116. 

Contents. — Demographic fact — Public health. — Toward a national 
population policy. 

Parts 1 and 2 are based on the author's The population problem of 

<£) 27J\ini^6; Asia press, New York; Al+835. 

Chaney, Robert Galen, 1913- 

Mediums and the development of mediumship, by Rev. 
Robert G. Chaney, portraits by Gretchen. t Eaton Rapids, 
Mich., Psychic books, 1946] 

Ix, [1,, 11-215 p. illus. (ports.) 19™. 
"First edition." 

© 15Jul4i; author, Baton Bapids, Mich. 1 A48S5. 

Chang, Kai-shek, 1886- 

... Chung kuo chih ming yOn. [Chun- 
king] Ch§ng- chung shu-chtt [1943] 

1 p. i., 4, 2llj. p., 1 £. fold. map. 

Title-page and text in Chinese char- 

© lMarlj.3; lc 110c t^6; author, Nan- • 
king, China; AF5OI7. 

Chanlaine, Pierre, 1885- 
... Monette tricolore. Paris, J. Tallandier [1946] 
256 p. 19-. 

1. Title. 
/ PQ2605.H333M6 47-19669 

© 28May46; Societe d'editions et de publications, Paris; 

Chantal, Suzanne. 

... La caravelle et les corbeaux: Lisbonne. (Parisj Editions 
du Rond-point (1945) 

385 p., 2 1. 19-. 
"Bibllographle" : p. [387j 

1. Lisbon— Hist. 2. Lisbon— Descr. 1. Title. 
DP756.C5 946.94 47-2564 

© 30Dec45 ; lc 9Aug46 ; S. E. M. P. (Societe d'editions mo- 
dernes'parisiennes) ; AF1808 

Chantal, Suzanne. 

... Dieu ne dort pas, roman ... Paris, Plon [1946j 
S p. L, 349 p., 1 L 20J-. 
On cover : 8. mille. 

1. Title. 

PQ2605.H3333D5 1946 843.91 

© 5Mar46; Librairie Plon; AF2114. 

A F 47-1249 

Chant, Jean de 
see De Chant, Jean. 

Chanteraine, Philippe d'Estailleur 
see Estailleur-Chanteraine, Philippe 
d', I85I+- 

Chapel, Charles Edward, 1904- 

Aircraft electricity for the mechanic, by Charles Edward 
Chapel . . . New York, Coward-McCann, inc., 1946. 

xv p., 1 L, 477 p. front., illus., diagrs. 21- 

(5) 15Feb4€; author, Inglewood, Calif.} A1180. 

Chapelot, Rene". 

... Les rendez-vous de l'assassip; 
roman policier. Limoges, Perfracl 

19U5. • ■ ■ ' 

112 p. 21; l/2cm. 

© 30Augli5; lc 2i|Aprl|6; author, 
Limoges, France; AF1005 . 

Chapman, Andrew Charles, 1903- 

Opportunities to share, by A. C. Chapman. Kansas City 
t Mo., The Inventors guild] 1945. 

629 p. I9i- 

"Trade publications" : p. [592,-627. 

© l&D»e45} 2c 14Jan46; author, Kansas City, Mo. 5 


Chapman, Andrew Charles, 1903- oomp. 

Thoughts 'round the clock, compiled by A. C. Chapman. 
Independence, Mo., Press of Zion's printing and publishing 
co. [1946] 

192 p. 16-. 
Verse and prose. 

1. Quotations, English. 1. Title. 

PN6331.C38 808.8 

© 18Dec46 ; author, Kansas City, Mo. ; A7402. 


Chapman, Barbara. 

Escape from the nuisances, by Barbara Chapman; pictures 
by Suzanne Dodge. New York, Oxford university press, 1946. 
165 p. Incl. front., illus. 21-. 
Plan on lining-papers. 

r. Title. 

PZ7.C3663Es 46-7877 

© I70ct46; Oxford university press, New York, inc.; A6833. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chapman, Charles Frederic, 1881- 

Piloting, seamanship and small boat handling; a practical 
treatise dealing with those branches of motor boating with 
which every yachtsman should be familiar. A complete illus- 
trated course on small boat work with many suggested ques- 
tions and problems to be solved. 1946 ed. By Charles F. 
Chapman . . . New York, Motor boating il946j 

x, 11-412 (». e. 456) p. Illus. (part col.; lncl. charts) dlagrs. 29Jx 
221™. (Motor boating's Ideal series, vol. v) 

Includes extra numbered pages. 

"Questions and answers" : p. 382-899. 

"Reference list of government publications" : p. 400-403. 

1. Motor-boats. 2. Navigation. l Title. 

© 15Aprlj.6; Hearst magazines, Inc., 
New York; A2661j.. 

Chapman, Hester W 1899- 

I will be good [by, Hester W. Chapman. Boston, Houghton 
Mifflin company, 1946. 
vlii p., 1 1., 476, |lj p. 21". 

© 12FeM6j 2e 7Feb46; author, London; A1185. 

Chapman, Margaret Storm Jameson 
see Jameson, Storm, 1897" 

Chapman, Sigismunda Mary Frances, 1869-1943. 

A history of Chapman and Alexander families, by Sigis- 
munda Mary Frances Chapman. Kichmond, Va., The Dietz 
printing company, 1946. 

8 p. 1., ( 3]-305 (t. e. 311) p. 1 lllus., xxrx («'. e. 26Xpl. (lncl. ports.) on 
15 1., fold, plan, 2 col. coats of arms ( lncl. front) 244". 

Cover-title : Alexander, Brown, Chapman and associated families. 
"Completed for publication ... (by) Miss Helen Chapman Calvert and 
Mrs. Helen Chapman Conlyn." — 3d prelim, leaf. 

© lUSeplj.6; publisher; A3911. 

ChappeD, Clovis Gillham, 1882- 

And the prophets ... [by, Clovis G. Chappell. New York, 
Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press t 1946j 

208 p. 20-. 

© l6Sepl|6; Stone & Pierce, Nashville; 

Charasson, Henriette, 1890- 

... Attente de la delivrance, 1939-1944. Paris, Flammarion 

66 p., 2 1. 17i- 


© 3UU1U.5; lc 300c tl^; Ernest Flammarion; 

Charbonneau-Lassay, L 

m Le bestiaire du Christ ... 
[Paris] Descl£e, de Brouwer efc cie [ 1 9^0 ] 
997 P. illus. 29 l/2cm 

© 31Decl4.0; lc 16Nov[|.5; publisher; 

Charbonneaux, Jean. 

... La sculpture grecque archai'que. Lausanne, La Guilde du 
livre [1942, 

99, ,2] p. illus., 112 pi. on 56 1. 24- 

At head of title : J. Charbonneaux. 
"Deuileme Edition." 

"Copyright ... 1938." 

© 20Dec38; lc 26FebJj.6; publisher; AF1666. 

Chardon , Claude . 

... Couleurs de neige, podmes; frorit- 
tispice de Michel BeVet. Grenoble, B. 
Arthaud [19l|4] 

182 p. illus. 19cm. ! 

© 30Decl|4j lc 8May^6; publisher; 
AF1270 . 

Charles, Joan, pseud * 
see Underwood, Charlotte. 

Charles, Thomas Burr, 1890- 

Commercial poultry farming, by T. Burr Charles ... and 
Homer O. Stuart ... Danville, 111., The Interstate [1946] 

xl, il] p., 1 1., 544 p. incli illus. (lncl. plans, forms, dlagrs.) tables. 

On spine: Edited by L. L. Scranton. 
"Fifth edition." 

© 9Febq.6; Interstate printers and publish- 
ers, Danville, 111.; A1006. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Year book, 19^3. Charleston, S. C. ; 

Prepared by August J. Tamsberg. 

"History of the first hundred years of 
the High school of Charleston, I839-I939, 
by Eugene Clifford Clark"; p. [19fj-2lf7. 

© 10MayU6; City council of Charleston; 

Chariot, Ga3ton. 

... Nouvelle m^thode d« analyse quali- 
tative des cations. Paris, Presses 
documentaires, I9I4.3 • 

27 p. 17 l/2cm. 

©150ctl+3; lc 29Augii.5; publisher, 
Paris; AF3I1J4.. 

Chariot, Louis. 

... Stan Voirin, roman. Bruxelles 
[etc.] Marshal [191+3] 

221, [1] p. 18 1/2 cm. (Collection 
n Le spinx") 

© 30DecU3; lc 2Mayi4.6; Editions A. 
Marshal, Paris; AF98I).. 

Charme, agenda de poche pour dame.s pour 
19lj.6. [Zollikon, Switzerland] Editions 
Charme, CI9I1.5. 
1 v. C(Ol. illus. (inc. ports.) 

10 1/2x7 cm. 

© 29Sep45; lc 3CMayi+6; Fritz Arnold 
Bopp, Zollikon, Switzerland; AFI739. 

Charnay, Geoffroy de. 

... Synarchie; panorama de 25 annees d'activite occulte, avec 
la reproduction integrate du Pacte synarchique. Paris, Edi- 
tions Medicis [1,946] 

xllil, 138 p., 1 1., 167, [lj p. 19i". 

1. Secret societies — France. 2. Fascism — France. x. Title. 
HS2312.S93C5 47-17332 

©25Apr46; publisher; AF2033. 

Charpentier, Henri, 1880- 

Food and finesse; the bride's bible, 
by Henri Charpentier. Chicago, 111. 
[Printed by W. B. Conkey company, 1946] 

xxiv, 981, [5] p. front., plates, 
ports. 26 x 20cm. 

"Copyright I9J+5 . " 

Pub. 31Jan46; author, Chicago; A838. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Charteris, Leslie, 1907- 

... Le Saint contre le marche noir (The Saint on guard) 
adapte de l'anglais par E. Michel-Tyl. Paris, A. Fayard t 194Gj 

221 p., 11. 19". (Hi» Les aventures du Saint) 

Contents. — Le Saint contre le marchg nolr. — Le saboteur grilled 

i. Michel-Tyl, Edmond, tr. n. Title, m. Title: Le saboteur grille. 
PR6005.H348S42 46-23088 

© HFeb46; F. Brouty, J. Fayard et cie., Paris; AF1624. 

Charteris, Leslie, 1907- 

. . . Le Saint joue ... et gagne; 
adaptation de l'anglais par E. Michel- 
Tyl. Paris, A. Fayard [19k6] 

22T( p. 19cm. (On cover : His 
Les aventures du Saint") 

The first American edition, 1938 (New 
York, Published for the Crime club, inc., 
by Doubleday, Dorn & co . , inc.) has 
title: Prelude for war. 

A later American edition, 19^4-2 (New 
York, Triangle books ) has title: The 
Saint plays with fire. 

© 10Marlj.6; lc 8Mayl4.6; F. Brouty, J. 
Fayard et cie., Paris; AF1281i. 

Charteris, Leslie, 1907- 

The Saint sees it through [byj Leslie Charteris. Garden 
City, N. Y., Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, 
inc., 1946. 

223 p. 20-. 
"First edition." 

1. Title. 

PZ3.C3855Sahr 46-7995 

© 7Nov46; 2c 240ct46; author, Hollywood, Calif.; A8118. 

Charteris, Leslie, 1907- 

«.. Le Saint s'en va-t-en guerre; 
adapte" de l'anglais par E. Michel-Tyl... 
Paris, A. Fayard [19k$] 

210 p, 19cm, (on cover ; His Les 
Aventures du Saint) ~~"" 

"Les nouveaux romans polibiers." 

©27Becl|.5; lc lMar46; F. Brouty, J. 
Fayard et cie, Paris; AF51+1. 

t^nartier, EmUe, 1868- 

... En lisant Dickens... [Paris, Gallimard r 1945j 

189 p., 2 L I8i- 

Author's pseud., Alain, at head of title. 
"Slxieme edition." 

© 3OJUII4.5; lc JOOc ti+5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF276. 

Chartreux, Jean, pseud. 
... Une fille dans la montagne. 
218 p., 1 1. 18*-. 

(Parisj Bordas freres, 1944. 

1. Title. 

[Jean Ohartreux paeud. of Roger Breull 
and Roger Leenhardtj 
PQ2605.H395F5 843.91 47-17752 

© 30Dec44 ; lc 9Aug46 ; publisher ; AF1953. 

Chase, Edward L 1884- 

Intelligent drawing, an approach for the student (by, Ed- 
ward L. Chase. New York, Cowurd-McCann, inc. [1946] 

vill, 88 p. Incl. front., illus. 25 x 19". 

© 22Apr46; author, Woodstock, H. Y. ; A2609. 

[Chase, Estherj 

Anna Luhanna, by Anneke de Lange l pseud. i New York, 
Greenberg c 1946) 
4 p. 1., 3-281 p. 21- 

5MarU6; Greenberg: publisher; AII1I7. 

Chase, Gilbert, 1906- ed. 

Music in radio broadcasting, edited by Gilbert Chase ... 
Contributors: Samuel Chotzinoff ( and others] ... 1st ed. New 
York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xi, 152 p. 21™. (Half-title: NBC-Columbia university broadcasting 

"Based on the course Music for radio given by Columbia university 
extension in cooperation with the National broadcasting company." — 

Contents. — Music in radio, by Samuel Chotzinoff.— Building the 
musical program, by Ernest La Prade. — Production of musical programs, 
by E. L. Dunham. — Composing for radio, by Morris Mamorsky. — Con- 
ducting for radio, by F. J. Black. — Arranging music for radio, by Tom 
Bennett. — Musical continuity for radio, by David Hall. — Music rights In 
radio, by T. H. Belviso. — Musicology and radio, by Gilbert 

Chase. — Opera In television, by Herbert Graf. 

© 3Seplj.6j 2c 22AugM>; publisher, 
New York; A5857. 

Chase, Ilka, 1905- 

... I love Miss Tilli Bean. Garden City, N. Y, Doubleday & 
company, inc., 1946. 

3 p. 1., 400 p. 20i™. 
"First edition." 

©21Feb46; Ilka Chase Murrey, ^ew Yorkj A1868. 

Chase, James Hadley, paeud . 
aee Raymond, Rene* 

Chase, Stuart, 1888- 

For this we fought; guide lines to America's future as re- 
ported to the Twentieth century fund by Stuart Chase. New 
York, The Twentieth century fund, 1946. 

x p., 2 1., [3,-123 p. 20™. (Hti When the war ends. 6) 

1. TJ. S.— Economic policy. 2. Reconstruction (1939- )— TJ. S. 
1. Twentieth century fund. n. Title. 

HC106.5.C53 338.973 46-25284 

© 70ct46; publisher; A7081. 

Chase, Thomas George, I9I6- 

The story of Lithuania, by Thomas G. Chase, with a fore- 
word by William Henry Chamberlin. New York, Stratford 
house, incorporated, 1946. 

xlll, 392 p. Illus. (maps) 221™. 

Map on lining-papers. 
Bibliography : p. 351-359. 

© 12Augl4.6; author, Great Neck, N. Y.; 

Chase, Parker & company 

... Heavy hardware, bolts, nuts, 
screws, washers, nails, marine hard- 
ware. Supplies for machinists, mills 
and factories, blacksmiths, woodwork- 
ers, contractors, boat builders. 8th 
ed. Bos ton r 19i4-o. 
li, 820 p. illus. 28cm. 

© &Aprk£; R. R. Donnelley & sons 
company, Chicago; A2J+56. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chasles, Raymond. 

... Israel et les nations. Paris, Lamarre, 1945. 
2 p. 1., |7j-253 p., 1 1. 19*-. 

(g) 30NOVU5; lo lUarit6; Librairie Ianarre, 
Fkrlij AP532. 

Chastenet, Jacques. 

..rLe Farlement d'Angleterre. Paris, A. Fayard [1946] 

224 p. Incl. front. 19". 

"Edition originate." 

"Aper<;u bibllographlque" : p. [219|-221. 

1. Gt. Brit. Parliament. 

JN543.C55 328.42 47-17340 

© 10May46 ; F. Brouty, J. Fayard & cie ; AF1893. 

•Cha3 tenet , Jacques • 

... Rites constitutionnels d'Outre- 

man che • 

( In Les Oeuvres libres. Paris [19^51 
l^cm. n.s. no. 7 (233) p. [I5U-180) 

©30Decif-5; lc 8Mayi+6; author, Paris; 

Chateau, Gilbert. 

Le debarquement. 6 Juin Ijkk- 
[Paris, Rouff, I9IJ.5] 

cover- title, 2k p., illus. 20 l/2 cm . 
(Collection "Patrie liberee" no. 7) 

© 20Julij.5; lc 3O0cti;5; Editions 
Rouff; AF73. 

Chateau, Gilbert, 

... La division Leclerc d£livre 
Strasbourg. [Paris, Rouff, I9U6] 

cover-title, 2k p. illus. 20 l/2 cm . 
(Collection "Patrie liberie" [no.19]) 

© 29Marl4.6; Editions Rouff; AFl31;3. 

Chateaubriand, Francois Auguste Rene, vicomte de, 1768- 


... Itineraire de Paris a Jerusalem. Edition critique ... 
avec un avant-propos, une bibliographie, des notes, etc., par 
Smile Malakis . . . Baltimore, Md., The Johns Hopkins press ; 
London, Humphrey Milford, Oxford university press; [etc., 
etc.] 1946. 

2 v. plates, maps (part fold.) plans (1 fold.) 24™. 

\ © HOct46; The Johns Hopkins press, Baltimore; A6966. 

Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400. 

The Canterbury tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer ; done into mod- 
ern English verse by Frank Ernest Hill and newly revised for 
this edition; with miniatures by Arthur Szyk. New York, 
The Heritage press [1946j 

4 p. I., [Xl,-xx, 550 p., 11.2 col. illus., col. plates. 26". 

© 28Augi).6: George Macy companies, inc., 
New York; A3889. 

Chauchard, Paul. 

... Le moteur vivant, par le dr. Paul Chauchard ... (23 fig- 
ures) Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

127, |l, p. Illus., diagrs. 17J". ("Que sals-je?" Le point des con- 
nalssances actuelles. [181] ) 

"1™ 6dltlon-15 Juln 1945." 

© 15Junl|-5; lc 300c tl+5; publisher; 

Chaumet, Andre. 

. . . Les Juif s et nous, preface de Serpeille de Gobineau. Paris, 

Jean-Renard, 1941. 

200, [2, p., 1 1. 184". 

At head of title : Andre Chnumet ( et) H.-R. Bellanger. 
"Bibliographle" : p. [197j-200. / 

© 26Jani(.lj lc loNovlj-5; Editions Jean- 
Re nnrd; AF26. 

Chaumette, Gerard 
see Deschaumes, Guy. 

Chayka, Louis. 

Inventing for profit, by Louis Chayka ... Boston, B. Hum 
phries, inc. ; Toronto, The Ryerson press ( 1946j 

205, [2, p. 20V. 

"New edition ... completely revised and brought up to date." — Dust 

© 3Sepl4.6; 2c lUAugl+6; Bruce Humphries, 
inc.; A5738. 

The Cheerful cook and the rainy day; verses in the book by: 
Laura E. Richards, Christina Rossetti, Mary Mapes Dodge 
. . . and others. Black and white drawings by : Florence Sarah 
Winship. Color by: Marion Smith. Kenosha, Wis., John 
Martin's house, inc. ,1946) 
,28, p. illus. (part col.) 28". 

1. Children's poetry. 

1. Richards, Laura Elizabeth (Howe) 1850- 

PZ8.3.C42 46-22512 

© 13Feb46; James & Jonathan co., Kenosha, Wis. ; A7054. 

Chek-chart corporation. 

... Chexall accessory manual, 19^6. 
Chicago, Chek-chart corporation, Chex- 
all dept., I9I4.6. 

© ll+ilayl(.6; Chek-chart corporation, 
Chicago; A32I1I. 

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904. 

... The cherry orchard, a comedy by A. P. Chekhov. Edited, 
with introduction, biographical, literary and translations notes 
and a glossary, by Nicholas N. Sergievsky ... New York, N. Y., 
International universities press t 1946] 

nxiv p., 1 1., 175 p. 21". (Series of Russian reading texts, classics 
and modern) 

© editorial matter, 15Aug[|.6; editor, 
Beechhurst, N. Y.; A5252. 

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, l860-190lj.. 
Les feux, nouvelle inidite d'Anton 
Tchekhov. [Traduit du russe par 
Denis Roche] 

(In Les Oeuvres libres. Paris 
USIP?) 19 cm. n.s. no. 6 (no. 232) 

© 15Deci|-5; lc lMar^6; Denis Roche, 
Paris; AF758 . 

Chekhov, Michael, 1891 - 

TexHHKe aKTepa. Phcvhkh H.B.Peiur- 
30Ba. tLoz Angeles, 1946s 

235 p. plates. 20 co. 

At head of title t UMXaHJI HexOB. 

"KHiirH no 8BPHTMXX x xyflOKecTBeHHolt 
pew" : p. 233. 

Title transliterated I tekhnike aktera. 

© l6Sepij.6; author, Reseda, Calif.; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chemical engineering catalog, the pro- 
cess industries' own catalog ... 
data about equipment, machinery, 
raw materials ... 1946-14-7. 31st ed. 
New York, N. Y., Reinhold publishing 
corporation [I9J4-6] 

Published annually by a committee 
appointed by the American institute of 
chemical engineers, the American chem- 
ical society, the Society of chemical 
industry, and the Salesmen's associa- 
tion of the American chemical industry. 

©20Seplj.6; publisher; A66l6. 

cnemical rubber company, Cleveland. 

Mathematical tables from Handbook of chemistry and 
physics. 8th ed. Compiled by Charles D. Hodgman ... Cleve- 
land, O., Chemical rubber publishing co. ( 1946] 

vL354p. dlagrs. 18J-. 

© 5QApr46; publisher; A3230. 

Ch'en, Shou-jung, 1906- 

A concise English-Chinese dictionary ; with romanized stand- 
ard pronunciation ( by, Shau Wing Chan (Shou-jung Ch'en) 
Stanford University, Calif., Stanford university press (1946] 

xvili, 390 p. llllus. (music) Iff*. 

©revisions, 15Mayi4-6; Board of trustees 
of the Leland Stanford junior university, 
Stanford University, Calif.; Aj+722. 

Chen, Stephen. 

Sun Yat-sen, a portrait by Stephen Chen and Robert Payne 
. . . New York, The John Day company t 1946j 

5 p. L, 242 p. front, (port.) 21- 

An Asia press book. 
Bibliography : p. 235-236. 

© IIJUII4.6; 2c llJunlj.6j Asia press, New 
York; AI4.96I. 

Ch'en, Ta, 1896- 

Population in modern China, by Ta Chen ... Chicago, 111., 
The University of Chicago press t 1946] 

lx, 126 p. lncl. tables. 25- 

i, 15JulI(.6; Uni varsity of Chicago, A55J2, 

Chenault, Richard S 

Advertising layout, the projection of an idea, by Richard S. 
Chenault ... Wrapper and cover designed by Toni Bonagura 
and Frank Bartuska. New York, Heck-Cattell publishing com- 
pany, inc. [1946j 

06 p. Ulus. (part col.) 33x26-. 
Bibliography: p. 96. 

© 8Mar46; publisher; A1841. 

Chene, Paul, 1899- 

... Les regimes alimentaires, par le d r Paul Chene. Paris, 

Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

126, ( 2] p. Iff". ("Que sals- Je?" Le point des connalssances actuelles. 

"l" Edition, 15 Janvier 1945." 

© 15J»nl45; lo 300otl45; publisherr AF 185. 

Cheney, Sheldon, 1886- 

A primer of modern art, by Sheldon Cheney. With 179 
illustrations. 11th ed.. rev. and enl. New York, Tudor pub- 
lishing company [ 1946, 

zIt, 388 p. lncl. front, Ulus. 28}-. 
"Note on bibliographies" : p. 382. 

"Copyright I9I4.5. " 

Pub. 19Febl4.6; Liveright publishing 
corp., New York; A3I4.31. 

Cheng, T'ien-hsi, 1884- 

China moulded by Confucius; the Chinese way in western 
light, by Cheng Tien-Hsi . . . Published under the auspices of 
the London institute of world affairs. London, Stevens & sons 
limited, 1946. 

264 p. front, (port.) illus. (map) plates. 22*-. (Half-title: The 
Library of world affairs ... no. 2) 

"First published In 1940." 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. China— Civilization. 2. Confucius. 1. Title. 

DS72-1.C48 1946 915.1 46-8183 

Pub. 10Sep46; lc 140ct46; publisher; AI 500. 

Chenneviere, Daniel 
aee Rudhyar, Dane, 18 95- 

Cherel, Albert, 1880- 

... Basse Auverf,ne. I5I4. heliogra- 
vures. Bordeaux, R. Picquot {I9J1.I1.] 

92, [k] p. illus. 2k cm . ("Les 
Belles provinces de France") 

© JODecJ+4; lc 2l\Aprl\.6 ; Raymond Picquoi; 

Chernowitz, Maurice Eugene, 1909- 

Proust and painting, by Maurice E. Chernowitz, ph. d. New 
York, International university press, 1945. 

x, 261 p. 22J-. 

Issued also as thesis (ph. d.) Columbia university. 
Bibliographical references included In "Notes" (p. [187j-228) Bibli- 
ography : p. ;229,-243. 

© 15Junii5; 2o 7Junl45; author, TJow York; A6116. 

ChSronnet, Louis, 1899- 

Paris tel qu'il fut; I0I4. photographies 
anciennes, introduction et notes choix et 
presentation de Louis Cheronnet. [Paris] 
Editions "Tel" [I9I4.3] 

99 P. illus. 29cm. 

©30Deci|3; lc 6MarJ+6; publisher; AF816, 

Cheronnet, Louis, 1899- 

... Petit musee de la curiosite photographique. 
tions "Tel," c 1945. 

[Parisj Edi 

128 p. Illus. (lncl. ports.) 18x27-. 

© 15Aprl^5; lc 2^Aprli.6; Editions "Tel", 
Paris; AFIOI5. 

Chertova, Nadezhda Vasll'evna. 

... Klavdia; roman traduit du russe 
par Michel Hatveev et Diane Canlvet. 
Paris, B. Grasset [I9J4.6) 

2i<.8 p., 1 X' 19 cm . (On cover: 
Romans Strangers) 

At head of title: Nadejda Ts chertova 

<0 lOFebJ+o; Editions Bernard Grasset; 
AFII89 . 

Chesser, Eustace. 

The practice of sex education; a plain guide for parents 
and teachers, by Eustace Chesser, m. d., and Zoe Dawe. New 
York, Roy publishers t 1946] 

x, 227, & p. lUus., dlagrs. 21-. 

Published In England In 1945. 

1. Sex Instruction. i. Dawe, Zoe\ 

HQ56.C54 1946 612.6 

Pub. 25Nov46 ; Roy publishers, a. n. ; A8780. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chester, Christine. 

South to heaven, by Christine Chester. New York, Arcadia 
house, inc., 1946. 

256 p. 19 s ". 

© 15Feblj.6j publisher; A-363O. 

Cheswright, Patricia. 

The farmyard book in color photography, by Patricia Ches- 
wright: drawings by Patric O'Keeffe. New York, Lothrop, 
Lee & Shepard co., inc. ( 1946] 

[48, p. ilhis. (part col.) 18x18™. (On cover: A Lothrop color book) 

1. Title. 


Pub. 18Nov46; publisher; A8661. 


Chevalier, Auguste, 1873- 

' ... Le caoutchouc, par Auguste Chevalier ... et Jean Le Bras 
... Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

126 p., 1 1. 1 illus. 171". ("Que sais-Je?" Le point des connals- 
sances actuelles. (186] ) 

"1™ edltion-30 juln 1945." 
"BIbllographie sommaire" : p. [125)-126. 

© 30Junl;5; lc lMari^.6; publisher; AF7IJ.5. 

Chevalier, Auguste, 1873- 

... Forets vierges et bois coloniaux, par Auguste Chevalier ... 
et Didier Normand. Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 

127, [1] p. lllus., dlagrs. 17 J™. ("Que sais-je?" Le point des 
connaissances actuelles. [143] ) 

"1" edition." 

"BIbllographie sommalre" : p. [125j-127. 

© Uanl+6; publisher; AF 2112. 

Chevalier, Jean. 

. . .Organisation, par Jean Chevalier ... 5 ed. Paris, Dunod, 

2v. lllus., dlagrs. 25". 

Previous editions have title: La technique de l'organisatlon des entre- 

Contents. — 1. Gouvernement de l'entreprlse. — 11. Organisation dn 

© llJunlj.5; lc ea. 300ctlj.5; publisher; 
AF 152, AF 151. 

Chevalley, Claude, 1909- 

... Theory of Lie groups. [Vol.] 1. 
Princeton, Princeton university press, 

ix, li., 217 p. 2k Cm . [Princeton 
mathematical series] 

© 8Aprlj.6; publisher; A2261+. 

Chevallier, Andre. 

Teietransmissions par ondes porteuses clans les reseaux de 
transport d'energie a haute tension, par Andre Chevallier ... 
Preface de E. Mercier. Paris, Dunod, 1946. 

1, 111 p. illus., dlagrs. 25*". 

Colophon dated 1945. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Telecommunication. 2. Signals and signaling. 3. Remote control 
r. Title. 

TK5101.C48 621.381 47-1321 

© 15Mar46; publisher; AF1981. 

Chevallier, Gabriel. 

... Ma petite amie Pomme. 170. ed. Paris, Presses univer- 
sitaires de France, 1941 [i. e. I9I4.O] 
2p.l., [7j-221, [2, p. 18". 

© 3C-Dec);0; lc 2 9Augi|5; author, Lyon, 
France; AFI79. 

Chevigny, Hector, 1904- 

My eyes have a cold nose, by Hector Chevigny. New Haven, 
Yale university press, 1946. 

xlll p., 1 1., 273 p. 21". 

1. Title. 

HV1792.C53A3 362.4 

© 150ct46; author, New York; A6697. 

A 46-32 

Cheyne, Wanda Helen, 1Q21- 

... Nectar the giraffe; Oolie the owl; stories and pictures by 
Wanda Cheyne. [Detroit, Con j ure house, 1946j 

30 (( 1| p. col. illus. 22x181". 

At head of title : A Conjure house two-story book. 

© 27Jull;6; Business news publishing 
company, owner of Conjure house, Detroit: 

Cheyney, Peter, 189I- 

... Get nomine est ilangereux (This man 
is dangerous) Traduit de 1' anglais par 
Marcel Ounamel ... [Paris] Gallimard 

iDi P« J-y . (Sene noire, sous 
la direction de Ilarcel Duhamel) 

© 20Augi|.5; lc- 300ctl«.5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF271. 

Cheyney, Peter, I89I- 
Dark hero, by Peter Cheyney. London, Collins, 1946. 
192 p. 19". 

Pub. 26Kar46; \o 21May46; at**-- London; 
AI 2S8. 

Cheyney, Peter. 

... Dark hero ... New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 216 p. 19". 

"A Red badge mystery.' - 

Pub. 24oep4.6; Tc 20Sep46; c-.uthor, London; 
k6428. Prev. reg. fcl ?38. 

Cheyney, Peter. 

... I'll say she does ! . . New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 

vUl p., 2 1., 225 p. 19i". 
"A Red badge mystery." 

Pub. 26Febi|6; 2c 20Feblj.6; author, London; 
A1595. Prev. reg. AI 29207. 

Cheyney, Peter, I89I- 

... La vert-de-^ris (Poison ivy) 
Traduit de 1 'anglais par Marcel Duhamel. 
[Paris] Gallimard [ISk^] 

262 p.', 1 £. 18 l/2 cm . (Serie 
noire, sous la direction de Ilarcel Duhamel) 

© 20Aug/j.5; lc 300cti).5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF387. 

Cheyney, Peter, 1891- 

Uneasy terms, a novel by Peter Cheyney. London, Collins, 

192 p. 19" 

1. Title. 

PZ3.C4316Un 47-15247 

Pub. 30Sep46; lc 27Nov46; author, London; AI552. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chiang, Chieh-shih 
see Chiang, Kai-shek, 1886- 

Chiang, Chung -cheng 
see Chiang, Kai-shek. 1886- 

Chiang, Kai-shek, 1886- 

The collected wartime messages of Generalissimo Chiang 
Kai-shek, 1937-1945, compiled by Chinese Ministry of informa- 
tion... New York, The John Day company [1946j 

2 r. ports., facslms. 22}~. 

"Edited ... by Mr. George Kao." — v. 1, Foreword. 

"Bibliographical Index" : v. 2, p. 877-881. 

Contents. — v. 1, 1937-1940. Prologue. China resists Japan. China 
fights on. China fights and builds.— v. 2, 1940-1945. China fights and 
builds (continued) China fights on with allies. China fights on to 
victory. Epilogue. 

© 100ctl4.6; 2c 26Sepk6; Chinese news 
service, New York; A8592. 

Chicago. University. Graduate library school. Library 
' institute. 

Library extension, problems and solutions ; papers presented 
before the Library institute at the University of Chicago, Au- 
gust 21-26, 1944, edited by Carleton B. Joeckel. Chicago, 111., 
University of Chicago press ( 1946, 

260 p. 23}*". (The University of Chicago studies in library science] 

"Selected reading list": p. 241-248. 

©kFebk6; 2c l8jank6; publisher; A870. 

Chicago. University. Graduate library school. Library 


Personnel administration in libraries ; papers presented be- 
fore the Library institute at the University of Chicago, Au- 
gust 27-September 1, 1945, edited with an introduction by 
Lowell Martin. Chicago, 111., University of Chicago press 
( 1946] 

xi, 168 p. 23i~. [The University of Chicago studies in library science] 

© 5Augk6; University of Chicago; 

Chichester, George Kennedy Allen Bell, 
pp. of 

see Sell, George Kennedy Allen, bp. of 
Chichester. 1883- ' 

Chidester, Ann, 1919- 

The long year, by Ann Chidester. New York, C. Scribner's 
sons, 1946. 

€>' i8Mer46;' author, Stillwater, Minn.; A6061. 

Chidsey, Donald Barr, 1902- 

... Panama passage. Garden City, New York, Doubleday & 
company, inc., 1946. 

5 p. 1., 558 p. 21i". 

At head of title : A novel by Donald Barr Chidsey. 

"First edition." 

© 21Feb46; author, Dalray Baaoh, Fla.; A1859. 

Chief Tahachee 
see Cypert, Jeff Davis. 

Children's fund of Michigan. 

Nutrition and chemical growth in 
childhood. Vol. II. Original data [by] 
Icie G. Macy ... with a foreword by 
Lawrence Reynolds . . . and a supplement 
by Julia Outhouse Holmes ... Spring- 
field, 111., Baltimore, Md., C. C. 
Thomas [ 19kb ] 

3 p. 1., xxxi-xlii, k33-lk60 p., 1 ft. 
incl. front., illus. 

© 2Jank6; Children's fund of Michigan, 
Detroit; A552. 

Chiles, James Alburn, 1877- 

German composition and conversation, with a review of the 
elements of German grammar, by James A. Chiles ... (Boston] 
Ginn and company ( 1946] 

Ir, 412 p. illus.. double map. 181". 

Published, 1914. under title : German prose composition. 

1. German language — Composition and exercises. 2. German lan- 
guage—Grammar — 1870- i. Title. 
PF3111.C43 1946 438.242 , 46-22866 
© revisions, 16Aug46; author, Spartanburg, S. O.J A8136. 

Chiles, John Russell, 1879- 

Beauty for ashes, by John R. Chiles. [Jefferson City, Tenn., 
Carson-Newman college; 1946. 

169 p. 21}*". 

© 8Jul46; author, Lookhart, Fla.; AS646. 

China in black and white; an album of woodcuts by con- 
temporary Chinese artists, with commentary by Pearl S. 
Buck ... New York, The John Day company [1945] 

95 p. incl. front, illus. 26J~. 

"An Asia press book." 

"The woodcuts ... were selected under the joint auspices of the China 
woodcut association and the Chinese Ministry of information." — p. 10. 

© 29Novlj.5; lc 23Novlj.5, lc 29Jank6; 
Asia press, inc., New York; Al87« 

Chiotis, John C 1921- 

How to become a policeman ; a study aid to help pass exami- 
nations, by John C. Chiotis ... and Joseph C. Pell ... Dia- 
grams by John C. Chiotis. New York, Funk & Wagnalls com- 
pany [1946] 

x, 262 p. illus. 20}-. 
' "Bibliography on police" : p. 251-262. 

1. Police. 2. Civil service— Examinations. j. Pell, Joseph C, 

1908- joint author, n. Title. 

HV7923.C5 351.3 47-336 

© 18Nov46; 2c 17Nov46; publisher; A8523. 

Chittenden, Russell Henry, 1856-1943. 

The first twenty-five years of the American society of bio- 
logical chemists, by Russell H. Chittenden. New Haven, Conn. 
[American society of biological chemists, inc.] 1945p. e. i <J <Jfej 

v, 109 p. illus. (ports.) 23 J*". 

© 9Jan46; publisher; A378. 

Chizzali-Musso, Erminia. 

... La leggenda dei canarini. Roma, 
Fratdlli Palombi [19k5] 

2 p. /., 7-20 p., 1 jf. illus., col. 
plates. 31 Gm . 

© lNovk5; lc 28Janlp; author, Rome; 

Chlapowska, He'lene, comtesse de. 

L'emouvant j our nal de ma dame de 
Chlapowska . 

(In Le Petit parlslen. Paris, 19k0. 
Nos. I-XII) 7M " 

© 2kMaykO, 26-28Mayko, 30-3lMaykO, 
l-6JunkO; lo ea. 29Augltf; Le Petit 
parisien & author; AP310. 

Chonz, Selina. 

Schellen-Ursli, ein Engadiner bilderbuch. Erzahlung: Se- 
lina Chonz, bilder: Alois Carigiet. Zurich, Guggenbiihl & 
Huber, Schweizer-spiegel-verlag [1945] 

[44] p. col. illus. 241x32}". 

©150ctk5; lc 21Jank6; publisher; 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chomsky, William. 

How to teach Hebrew in the elementary- 
grades, by William Chomsky ... New York, 
The United synagogue commission on Jewish 
education, 5706 - I9I4.6. 

. xiv p., 1 1., 295, [1] p. 21 1/2™. 

"References" at the end of most of 
the chapters. 

© 2kSepk&; publisher; A5798. 

Chopard, Lucien, 1885- 

... La vie des sauterelles, par L. Chopard ... (Pari 8 ! Galli- 
mard [1945] 

2 p. L, t 7]-204 p„ 1 1. illus., inn pi. on 1. 19J-. (Histolres na- 
turelles — 6 ; collection dirigee par Jean Rostand ) 

"Prlnclpaux ouvrages a consulter" : p. I 197]-198. 

©2Decl4-5; lc lMarlj.6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF586. 

Choquette, Arthur, l88l- 

Statistical chart of the elements, 
revised up to 19^6*. Montreal, The 
author, I9I1.6. 

sheet. 27 1/2 x l|2 cm . 


Pub, 2JulI(.6; lc 2Augi).6; author, 
Montreal; AI i|.08 - 

Chorley, Edward Clowes, 1865- 

... Men and movements in the American Episcopal church, by 
E. Clowes Chorley . . . New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 

ix, 501 p. 21™. (The Hale lectures) 

Bibliography : p. 445-174. 
©18M&r4t; Crerle* Scribner's sons; A2668. 

Choulant, Johann Ludwig, 1791-1861. 

History and bibliography of anatomic illustration, by Lud- 
wig Choulant, translated and annotated by Mortimer Frank. 
Further essays by Fielding H. Garrison, Mortimer Frank ( and) 
Edward C. Streeter, with a new historical essay by Charles 
Singer, and a bibliography of Mortimer Frank, by J. Christian 
Bay . . . New York, Schuman's, 1945. 

xxvll, 435 (i. e. 453) p. illus., plates, 2 port. (inel. front.) facstms., 
dlagrs. 26". 

Includes extra numbered pages, 21-a-21-b. 
^Revised edition, October 1945." 

© 240ct45 ; 2c 240ct46 ; publisher ; A8840. 

Choulant, Ludwig 
see Choulant, Johann Ludwig, 1791-1861 

Christ-Janer, Albert, 1910- 

Boardman Robinson, by Albert Christ-Janer, with chapters 
by Arnold Blanch & Adolf Dehn. (Chicago, The University 
of Chicago press t 1946j 

xv, 131, [I, p., 1 1. col. front, Illus., 126 pi. (part col.; lncl. ports.) 
on 63 1. 33-. 

Bibliography : p. 79-80. 

1. Robinson, Boardman, 1876- 

iFull name: Albert William Christ-Janer] 
ND237.R654C5 [759.13] 927.5 A 46-5906 

© 70ct46 ; University of Chicago ; A6402. 

Christensen, Asher Norman, 1903- ed. 

Running the country; an anthology of American politics in 
action, by A. N. Christensen and E. M Klrkpatrick. New 
York, H. Holt and company ( 1946j 

x, 1001 p. 24- 

"Copyrlght, 1941, as "The people, politics, and the politician'." 
"Biographical notes" : p. 987-1001. 

©prof, and revisions, 12Seplj.6; Henry 
itolt Jt cosine; A6297. 

Jhristensen, SynnOve, pseud , 
see Bre'gger, Mai (Lindegard) 1919- 

Christensen, Thomas, 1894- 
... Opbrudd. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co. (W. Nygaard) 1942. 
200 p. 20-. 

i. Title. 

PT8950.C52O6 839.8236 

© 12Jun42; lc 180ct46 ; publisher ; AF5073. 


Christian hymns. New York, The North river press [°1945j 

xv, 544 p. 22-. 

Preface signed : E. Wayne Berry, Clementine Miller, music editors ; 
Edwin R. Errett, editor of responsive readings. 

"Sponsored by the Christian foundation of Columbus, Indiana." 
With music. 

©15Declj.5; 2c 25Janl4.6; Christian 
foundation, Columbus, Ind.; A7I4.6. 

Christiansen, Sigurd Wesley, 1891- 
... Menneskenes lodd, roman. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 

576 p. 20-. 

At head of title : Sigurd Christiansen. 
"6.-10. tusen." 

1. Title. 

PT8950.C55M4 47-19300 

© 290ct45 ; lc 27Jul46; publisher; AF1429. 

Christie, Agatha (Miller) 1891- 

Come, tell me how you live, by Agatha Christie Mallowan. 
New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

xi p., 1 1., 225, t l) p. 21-. 

Illustrated lining-papers. 

1. Excavations (Archaeology)— Syria. 2. Syria— Soc life * cust. 

1. Title. 

iFull name: Agatha Mary Clarissa (Miller) Christie Mallowan, 
DS94.5.C5 915.69 46-11957 

© 80ct46 ; Agatha Christie Mallowan, Torquay, Devon, Enir : 

A6390. • *«» 

Christie, Agatha (Miller) 1891- 

. . . The hollow ; a Hercule Poirot mystery. New York, Dodd, 
Mead & company, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 279 p. 21- 

At head of title : Agatha Christie. 
"Red badge detective." 

.l Sn ~ rter Ter8lon -was published serially In Collier's under the title 
of the Outraged heart." 

© 2i|Sepij.6; 26 20Sepij.6; author, 
Torquay, Eng.j A6285. 

Christophe, Jacques. 

La bague d'herbe. Paris, Plon [19I1.5) 
214.6 p. I9 cm . 

© 2lj.Junl + 5; lc 300ctl|5; Librairie 
Plon; AF120. 

Christophe, Jacques. 

... Soeur Catherine Laboure. Paris, Gallimard t 1940] 
54 p., 1 1 18J-. (On cover: Collection cathollque) 
"Blbllographle" : p. (55] 

© lDeclj.0j Librairie Gallimard; AF19. 

Christophe, Paul, I8I4.2- 

Pour un solidarisme danubien, 

(In La Tribune des nations ... Paris, 
ll; de'eembre 19I4.5, p. [1]) 

© ll|.Decl).5; lc 6Larl;6; Tribune des 
nations, Paris; AF835. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

The Chronicle. No. 21+7 , May, 191+6. By 
William Inglis Merse ... Cambridge, 
Mass., 19M> • 

© JMayl+6; William Inglis Morse, Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; AI4.O8I4.. 

Chroniques de minuit [cahier 1-2] ••• 
Paris, Aux Editions de minuit [19^5-14.6] 

2v. 21cm. 

© v.l, 30Apri±5; lc 2Marl^6; v.2, 15Febi|6; 
publisher; AF656, AFli+63. 

Chroniques interdites. Paris, Aux Editions de minuit, 

2 v. 16," 

Vol. 2 has cover-title : Nouvelles chroniques. 

Each volume has note: Ce volume ( esti en tous points conforme a 
celul publle par les 'Editions de mlnulf sous l'oppresslon ... Lea volume* 
de la presente collection constituent la premiere edition publlque des 
editions de minuit. 

1. France— Hist— German occupation, 1940-1945— Addresses, essays, 
lectures. i. editions de minuit 

DC397.C48 '• 944.08 47-19217 

© v. 2, 30Dec44; lc 8May46; publisher; AE1215. 

Chumos, James G. 

Wisdom's spray ... New York, 
Paebar co., 19^5* 

5 J^., 26 p. 20 l/2 cm . 


©30May[|_5; 2c 22Mari+6; publisher; 

Chunn, Calvin Ellsworth, 1915- ed. 

Of rice and men; the story of Americans under the Rising 
Sun, edited by Major Calvin Ellsworth Chunn . . . [Los Ange- 
les, Tulsa, Veterans' publishing company, 1946] 

3 p. 1., II, 230 p. front, plates, group porta., tab., dlagr. 21". 
Plan on lining-papers. 

1. World war, 1930-1945— Prisoners and prlaong, Japanese. 2. World 
war, 1939-1945— Personal narratives, American. I. Title. 

D805.P6C5 940.547252 47-16381 

© 19Dec46 ; author, Tulsa, Okl. ; A9398. 

[Church, Cornelia Coleman, 1879- 

The entity of man ( by] JC-CC ipseud.) Los Angeles, Calif., 
Willing publishing company [1946] 

4 p. 1., 11-157 p. 194". 

1. New thought. I. Title. 

BF639.C49 131.324 47-16258 

© 3Dec46 ; publisher ; A9036. 

Church, Richard, 1893- 

A squirrel called rufus, by Richard Church, illustrated by 
John Skeaking. Philadelphia, Toronto, The John C. Winston 
company c 1946] 

6 p. L, 196 p. lnd. lllus. ( 1 col. ) coL plates. 22". 

© l-JMayl^; publisher, Philadelphia; 

Church of Christ, Scientist. 

Gezangboek van Christian science (Christian science hym- 
nal) Waaronder zeven gezangen van the Reverend Mary Baker 
Eddy ... With seven hymns written by the Reverend Mary 
Raker Eddy ... Netherlands ed. ( rev. and enL } Boston, Mass., 
The Christian science publishing society ( 1946] 

v,615p. 21J". 
jWith music ; words In Dutch and English. 

© 13Maylj.6; Christian science board of 
directors, Boston: A3226. 

Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. Primary asso- 

A story to tell, for teachers, parents and children, compiled 
by the Primary association General board and the Deseret Sun- 
day school union board. ( Salt Lake City, Deseret book com- 
pany, 1945] 

zlv,506p. lllus. 22". 
© 16D#c46| 2c S0Jan46; publisher; A1441. 

Church of the brethren. General ministerial board. 

Minister's manual, Church of the brethren [by] H. L. Hart- 
sough, Raymond R. Peters, M. R. Zigler, Foster B. Statler. 
Authorized by General ministerial board, Church of the 
brethren. Elgin, 111., Brethren publishing house ( 1946j 

196 p. I6i~. 

©6sep46; General ministerial board, 
Church of the brethren, Elgin, 111'.;, 

Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer, 1874- 

The dawn of liberation; war speeches by the Right Hon. 
Winston Churchill ... compiled by Charles Eade. London, 
Toronto ( etc.] Cassell and company ltd. ( 1945] 

zl, 327 p. front., ports. 22". 
"First published 1945." 

Pub. 2«Jul45| lo 26Not46i author, Ix>ndon; AI 1. 

Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer, 1874- 

Victory; war speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. 
Churchill ... 1945. Compiled by Charles Eade. London, 
Toronto [etc.] Cassell and company ltd. [1946] 

zl, 239 p. front, plates, group ports. 22". 

"First published, 1946." 

p-j'b. ^7Jun46; ic 3Aug4.6; author, London; 
AI 3S3- 

Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer, 1874- 

Victory; war speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. 
Churchill . . . compiled by Charles Eade. Boston, Little, Brown 
and company, 1946. 

zil, 307 p. 20J". 

Speeches made between January 1 and August 16, 1945. 
"First edition." 

Pub. 7Auglj.6; 2c 30Junij.6; author, London; 

1. World war, 1939Kl945-=&. BrR. 3? World war, 1939-1945— Ad- 
dresses, sermons, etc. 1. Eade, Charles, 1903- comp. n. Title. 

Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer, 1874- 

Winston Churchill's secret session speeches, compiled, and 
with introductory notes, by Charles Eade . . . New York, Simon 
and Schuster, 1946. 

vlil, 114 p. incl. facslm. 21". 

© 22Aug]+6; 2c J+Augij£>; Simon and 
Schuster, inc.; A6132. 

Chute, George M 

Electronics in industry, by George M. Chute... lsted. New 
York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 
zli, 461 p. lllus., dlagrs. 21i". 
"Answers" : p. 459-461. 

© 221fey4«j publisher, New York; A4219. 

Chute, Marchette Gaylord, 1909- 

Geoffrey Chaucer of England, written and decorated by 
Marchette Chute. New York, E. P. Dutton and co., inc., 1946. 

347 p. 22". 

Map on lining-papers. 

"First edition." 

"Selected bibliography" : p. 323-332. 

© 22Mar4g; publisher; A1881. 

Chute, Marchette Gaylord, 1909- 

Rhymes about the city, written and illustrated by Marchette 
Chute. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

3 p. L, 57, ,1, p. lllus. 21- 

© 30Jul46) 2o 10Jul46| publisher; A3678. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Chute, Verne. 

Flight of an angel, by Verne Chute. New York, W. Mor- 
row and company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 246 p. 19". 

£) CTPeMlj 2c 27Jaa46; author, Hollywood, Calif, ji 

Chatorash, Gustave. 

Automobile body engineering and surface development, in- 
troducing the "replicator method," by Gustave Chutorash. 
Detroit, Mich., Technical copywriters of America, e 1946. 

1 p. L, [Hi-v, 74 p. illus., dlagrs. 25x311". 

© llSeplj.6; author, Detroit; A3905. 

Ciano, Galeazzo, conte, 1903-1944. 

The Ciano diaries, 1939-1943; the complete unabridged dia- 
ries of Count Galeazzo Ciano, Italian minister for foreign af- 
fairs, 1936-1943 edited by Hugh Gibson; introduction by Sum- 
' ner Welles. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday & company, inc., 

ml, 584 p. 24- 

"First edition." 
Map on lining-papers. 

O revision*. 10Janl4.6; publisher, 
New York; AI4.66. 

Cingria, Charles Albert. 

... Stalactites, orne de huit dessins de Rene Auberjonois. 
Lausanne, La Guilde du livre [1941] 
206 p., 11. lnd. front plates. 22". 

"fidltlon otlginale." 

© 3'SepljJ.; lc 26Pebl^6; publisher; AFI663. 

Cingria, Helene. 

... L6gendos et armoiries dcs XXII 
cantons, [Lausanne] Guilde du livre, 

12J+ p. illus. 19cm. [collection 
Gai savoir, dirigee par Jacques Guenne... 
v. 6] 

©7AugI|.5; lc 26Febi+6; publisher; 

Cir.ti, Ugo de. 

Ugo de Cinti presenta : Vendetta sublime; creazione originale 
per lo schermo. Eoma, 1946. 

96 p. 16J-. 

1. Title: Vendetta sublime. 


© 3May46; author, Rome; AF5116. 


City directory of Newport. 19^4-6. 

Newport, R. I., Eastern publishing 
co . , cl9i|-6 • 

© 19Augi^6; Eastern publishing co., 
Newport, R. I.; A5626. 

The Claim service guide ... com- 
bined with Quickfinder atlas ... 
edited by R. W. Martindal© and 
Kenneth R. Ford. No. 6. I9I4.5. 
Evanston, 111., 1945 • 

<S)£taarl|.5; 2c 5Febij.6; Bar list pub- 
lishing co., Evanston, 111.; A8Ij.O. 

The Claim service guide; a directory of 
independent insurance adjusters and 
investigators, chosen with particular 
regard to experience and reliability. 
Combined with a quick-finder atlas, 
designed especially for the conven- 
ience of those concerned with claims 
arising in unfamiliar localities. 
'T^h annual edition; January, 19^6. 
Edited by H, .j. iiartindale and K. R, 
?ord. ^vsnston. Ill,, The Dar lisr 
publishing co. 119^1 
© 17Apri|-6;- publisher; A7038. 

Clair, Rene, 1898- 

... Entr'acte; a cura di Glauco 
Viazzi. Milano, Poligono societa 
edi trice, 19^5. 

6 5 P»> 3J2« illus. 2i4. cm . (On 
cover : Biblioteca cinematografica. [2. 
ser. Sceneggiature] 1) 

© 10ctlf5; lc lNovij.6; publisher; AF51J4.I.. 

Claire, Malcolm, 1898- 

Little Lord Fauntleroy, as told by Uncle Mai (Malcolm 
Claire) for today's boys and girls. Illustrated by Marion Kohs. 
Sandusky, O., New York, Prang company t 1946j 

i62) p. lllns. (part col.) 28". 

"An Old Faithful book."— Dust jacket 

(8> lAugii.6; American crayon co., Sandusky, 

0., A5921. 

[Claire, Malcolm, 1898- 
Story hour with Uncle Mai ... Sandusky, O., New York, 
The American crayon company t 1946] 

[681 p. Illus. ( part coL ) 28 x 21J-. 

On cover: As told by Malcolm Claire (Uncle Mai) on his popular 
radio program. 

"An Old Faithful book." 

© lAugI|.6; publisher, Sandusky, 0.; AS916. 

( Claire, Malcolm] 1898- 

"Story time" with Uncle Mai ... Sandusky, O., New York, 
The American crayon company ( 1945] 

(48, p. Illus. (part col.) 28x21 J". 

On cover: As told by Malcolm Claire (Uncle Mai) on his popular 
radio program. 

"An Old Faithful book." 

©6Augi(.5; 2c 30Sepij_6; publisher, Sandusky 
0.; A5920. ' 

[Claire, Malcolm, 1898- 

Uncle Mai's always new tales ... Sandusky, O., New York, 
The American crayon company t 1946] 

(63, p. Illus. (part col.) 28* x 21 J- - 

On cover: As told by Malcolm Claire (Uncle Mai) on his popular 
radio program. 

"An Old Faithful book." 

© lAugIj.6; publisher; A 5917, 

[Claire, Makoun, 1898- 

Uncle Mai's favorite "Tell it again" tales ... Sandusky, O., 
New York, The American crayon company [194J| 

[48, p. Illus. (part col.) 28x211- 

On cover: As told by Malcolm niaare^ Uncle Mai) on his popular 

"An Old Faithful booki" * 

Pub. 5May)4-5; 2c 30Seplj.6; publisher, 
Sandusky, 0.; A5918. 

Clapper, Olive (Ewing) 

... Washington tapestry. New York, London, Whittlesey 
house, McGraw-Hill book company, inc. [1946] 
5 p. 1., 303 p. 21- 
"Flrst printing." 

(g) 28Jan46j 2o 17 Jan46 } author, Washington » A691. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Clark, Benjamin Frederick, 1873- 

Fiddlers 'n fishermen, by B. F. Clark, "Sandia Bill." New 
York, Crown publications ,1946] 
91 p. 20-. 

© 20Sepl].6; publisher; A580I4.. 

Clark, Dale, pseud . 
see Kayser, Ronal. 

Clark, Delber Wallace, 1889- 

The world of Justus Falckner, by Delber Wallace Clark. 
Philadelphia, Pa., The Muhlenberg press [1946] 

8 p. I., 189 p. Incl. front ( map) 21J-. 

Illustrated llnlng-papers. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

"Source material" : p. 179-180. 

1. Falckner, Justus, 1672-1723. 1. Title. 
BX8080.F3C57 , 922.473 

© 1Nov46; publisher; A8111. 

Clark, Dorothy (Park) 1899- 

Before ever the earth, a' novel by Dorothy Clark. 
Johnsbury, Vt, The Newell post t 1946j 

200 p. 20-. 

© 23Sepi|.6; author, Saint Johnsbury. Vt.j 



Clark, Eleanor, 1913- 

The bitter box jbyj Eleanor Clark. Garden City, New 
York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

5 p. L, [3]-280 p. 19)-. 

"First edition." 
© 4Apr46j 2e 27Mar46; author. New York; A2424. 

Clark, Eve Maria 
see Langley, Eve. 

Clark, Gene Emmet. 

The plot to tear the statue down [by. Gene Emmet Clark; 
designs by Edmond V. Malnate. t New York] R. Speller t 1946j 
4 p. L, 38 (i. e. 43) p. Ulus. 21". 
Badlo play. 

©Uunii6; author, New York:A5015. 

Clark, George H 

The life of John Stone Stone, mathematician, physicist, elec- 
trical engineer and great inventor, by George H. Clark ... t San 
Diego, Calif., Lithographed by Frye & Smith, ltd., 1946] 

2 p. L, 7-175 p., facsim. ([20j p. dlagrs.) lllus., plates, ports. 22J— . 

1. Stone, John Stone, 1869-1943. 
TK6545.S8C55 926.213 

© 27Sep36; publisher; A9299. 


Clark, Glenn, 1882- 

The way, the truth and the life, by Glenn Clark. New York 
and London, Harper & brothers f 1946j 

Tl p., 1 L, 178 p., 1 1. 19*-. 

"Flrat edition." 

© 13Mar4«) 2e 9Mar4€i publisher, New York) A1598. 

Clark, Gordon Haddon. 

A Christian philosophy of education, by Gordon H. Clark. 
Grand Rapids, Mich.; Wm. B. Eerdmans publishing com- 
pany [1946] 

217 p. 20-. 

©llNovlj.6; publisher; A8l82. 

Clark, John Anson. 

Science on the march t byj John A. Clark ... Frederick L. 
Fitzpatrick . . . ( and) Ed;th Lillian Smith . . . Boston, New York 
t etc.) Houghton Mifflin company ( 1946] 

xiv, tl], 618, [1|, lx, ( 1| p. Incl. front, lllus., dlagrs. 22—. 

Bibliography : p. 605-[607i 

On spinet Book III. 

© revisions, QSeplj.6; authors, Bluff 
Point, N. Y., New York, and Marble- 
head, Mass.; A6983. 

Clark, John Thomas, 1885- ed. 

Stepping-stones, edited and arranged by John Thomas Clark. 
New York, Greentree press, inc. [1946] 

xxix, 834 p. 24- 

"Narratives taken from the Bible, and written In the words of the 
Bible." — Foreword. 

"First published March 1941. Second edition (5th printing) 1946." 

© 170ct46 ; editor, New York ; A8426. 

Clark, Stanley Killam, 1888- 

What to eat — and when, by Stanley K. Clark ... San Jose, 
Calif., Supreme grand lodge of AMORC [1946] 
120 p. 21J*". (Rosicrucian library, vol. m) 

"First edition, June, 1946." 
Pages 107-120, advertising matter. 

© 28junl|.6; Supreme grand lodge, A.M.0. 
R.C., inc.; A5O9O. 

Clark, Sydney Aylmer, 1890- 

... All the best in Central America 
Mead & company, 1946. 

xii, 288 p. illus. (maps) plates. 21—. 

At head of title : Sydney Clark. 
"A Sydney Clark travel book." 

© 26Feb4«; 2o 20Feb4<; author, Cape Cod, Mass.; 

Clark, Sydney Aylmer, 1890- 

... All the best in Cuba ... New York, Dodd, Mead & com- 
pany, 1946. 

x, 235 p. plates. 21-. 

New York, Dodd, 

At head of title : Sydney Clark. 
"A Sydney Clark travel book." 
Maps on lining-papers. 

1. Cuba— Descr. & trav. 1. Title. 

F1765.C56 917.291 46-11942 

© 80ct46 ; Sydney Clark, Cape Cod, Mass. ; A6389. 

Clark, Thomas Curtis, 1877- comp. 

300 favorite poems, compiled by Thomas Curtis Clark. Chi- 
cago, New York, Willett, Clark & company, 1945. 

l p. 1., 124 p., 11. 19*-. 

(© lODeclj.5; 2c 7DecIi5; compiler, May- 
wood, 111.; A8OO8. 

Clark, Walter, 1899- 

Photography by infrared, its principles and applications, by 
Walter Clark ... 2d ed. - New York, J. Wiley & sons, inc.; 
London, Chapman & Hall, fimited [1946] 

xvll, 472 p. Incl. front, (port), lllus. (Incl. plans, facslms.) dlagrs. 22". 

"First edition copyright In England, 1939." 
Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

A. Photography,. Infra-red. l Title. 

TR755.C55 1946 778.34 

© 290ct46 ; John Wiley A sons, inc. ; A8091. 


Clark, Walter E 1867- 

Quabbin reservoir; memories of conditions that existed in 
the Swift and Ware river valleys while Quabbin reservoir was 
being developed, by Walter E. Clark. New York, N. Y., The 
Hobson book press, 1946. 

2 p. 1., vii-viii p., 2 1., 272 p. plates. 21*-. 

Reproduced from type-wtltten copy. 
© llApr46; author/. West Boylaton, IkM-i AS077. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Clark, William Horace, 1901- 

... Farms and farmers; the story of American agriculture 
t by, William H. Clark ... Illustrated from photographs and 
old prints. Boston, L. C. Page & company (inc.) t 1945j 

xx, 346 p. front., plates. 22J-. (His The American cavalcade 

"First impression, October, 1945." 
"An agricultural chronology" : p. 329-336. 
Bibliography : p. 337-341. 
© 6Dec45; 2c 18Jan4«j publisher] A398. 

Clark, William Smith, 1900- ed. 

Chief patterns of world drama, Aeschylus to Anderson, with 
introductions on the history of the drama and the stage by 
William Smith Clark n ... [Boston] Houghton Mifflin com- 
pany [1946j 

x p., 1 1., 1152 p. Ulus. 25-. 

"Under the editorship of Robert Morss Lovett." 
Includes bibliographies. 

© lSAprl^o; author, Cincinnati; Al^0i|.6. 

Clark, Dodge and company. 

Clark, Dodge & co., 1845-1945 ; a brief history, marking the 
completion of a hundred years of activity in Wall street. New 
York, Priv. print, for Clark, Dodge & co. L 1945, 

2 p. 1., ,7)-45 p. lllus. (1 col. ; Incl. facslms.) 25i m . 

© 25Deo45j 2c 7Mar46; Clark, Dodge A oo. , 
New York; A1391. 

Clarke, Isabel Constance. 

Subject to authority, by Isabel C. Clarke ... New York, 
Longmans, Green and co. [1946] 
287, (1, p. 21-. 

© 17Apr4«j 2c 7Apr46; Longmans, Green and 
co.. Inc., A3140. 

Clarke, Maurice, 1882- 

Little children's praises ; services of worship for kindergarten 
and primary children, by the Reverend Maurice Clarke, d. d. 
Foreword by the Very Reverend John W. Suter, d. d. New 
York, Morehouse-Gorham co., 1946. 

64 p. incl. front. 21- 

Includes music. 

"First edition of 1929 Issued under the tltle_WorshIp services for 
kindergarten and primary children ... Second edition. First printing, 
September, 1946." 

© 16Dec46 ; publisher ; A7385. 

Clarke, Nancy (Bruff) 
see Bruff, Nancy* 

Clarke, Rosan. 

Wings for Ruth, by Rosan Clarke. Boston, W. A. Wilde 
company t 1945] 

183 p. front., plates. 19i~. 

© 15J&n45; 2c 19Jtm4«; publisher! A414. 

Clason, George Samuel, 1874- 

Gold ahead ; the book of cures for lean purses, by George S. 
Clason ... Denver, Col., Financial education publishers ( 1946 ) 

286 p. ulus. I9i- 

Flrst edition, 1937, has title : Gold ahead, a saga for practical treasure 

"Third edition." 

(§) 20May4« I publisher} A3221. 

Classical essays presented to James A. Kleist, s. j. Edited 
with an introduction by Richard E. Arnold, s. s. ... t St. 
Louis) The Classical bulletin, Saint Louis university [1946] 
5 p. 1., ix-xx, 122 p. front, (port.) facslms. 22J-. 

© 6Apri4.6; publisher; A7277. 

[Claude, Gaston] 

... La composition francaise; tin 
conseiller avise pour 1'homme d'affaires, 
un guide parfait pour la preparation aux 
examens, Bruxelles, Editions comptables, 
commerciales et financi&res [19^5] 

jUl p. 25 1/2°™. (Bibliotheque 
ge"n£rale des sciences economiques. [1?]) 

"La matiere du present ouvrage 
constitue la base du cours de composition 
francaise inscrit au programme de 
l'Institut national de comptabilit6 et 
de l'Institut professional des sciences 
bancaires et boursi&res." 

© 30Sepl4.5; 1c 2l^Aprl+6; publisher; 

Claudel, Paul, 1868- 

Dodoitzu; poemes de Paul Claudel. 
Peintures de Rihakou Harada. [Paris, 
Gallimard, 1945) 

[61+] 1. illus. 28 cm . 

Double leaves, Japanese style. 
English, French & Japanese text. 

©30Marl|5; lc 300ctl+5; Librairie 
Gallimard;, AF211. 

Claudel, Paul, 1868- 

... Poemes & paroles durant la guerre 
de trente ans. [Paris] Gallimard [19^4-5] 

210 p. 19 cm . 

© 30Juli+5; lc 300ctl|5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF278. 

Claudel, Paul, 1868- 

... Three plays: The hostage, Crusts, The humiliation of the 
father, translated by John Heard. Boston, John W. Luce com- 
pany [1945] 

223 p. 23i". 

Vj l^Liec!^ ; 2c ^Dec) 1 ^; John W. Luce co., 
inc.; A375. 

Claudius, Matthias, 1740-1815. 

Matthias Claudius, aus dichtung und prosa, liebe und ehe 
des Wandsbecker boton imd seiner guten frau Rebekka. 
Dargestellt von Kurt F. Riedler. Zurich, Rascher, 1946. 

117 p. 18 j- 

"1. bis 3. tausend." 

1. Riedler, Kurt Franziskus, ed. 

PT1837.C5A6 1946 838.6 

© 30Apr46 ; Rascher & cie, a.-g. ; AF5193. 


Claudy, Carl Harry, 1879- 

" Where your treasure is..." Twelve masonic plays, by 
Carl H. Claudy. Washington, D. C, The Temple publishers 

xi, 271 p. illus., diagrs. 19J-. 

1. Freemasons — Drama. I. Title. 

HS431.C575 366.1 

© 120ct46 ; author, Washington, D. C. ; A6507. 

[Claussen, W Edmunds] 

Devil's mesa, by Clem Edmunds 

[ pseud .] New York, Phoenix press 


256 p. 19 l/2 cm . 1 

© Uulij.6; 2c 30Junl+6; publisher; 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Claussen^ W Edmonds. 

Lawdog of Skeleton canyon, by W. Edmunds Claussen. New 
York, Phoenix press ( 1945, 

254 p. 19". , 

© lDecl^; 2c 8Decl4.5; publisher; All+U. 

Claussen, W Edmunds. 

Rustlers of Slabrock, by W. Edmunds Claussen. New York, 
Phoenix press ( 1946j 
258 p. 19J-. 

© 6Jun4«i publisher} A4339. 

Gavel, Maurice, 1899- 
... Derniere saison. Paris, Editions Denoel t 1945j 
2 p. 1., 7-55, [1] p. 18-. 

1. World war, 1939-1945 — Underground movements — France. 
i. Title. 


© 13Dec45; lc 8May46; publisher; AF1330. 


Clawson, Joseph, 1916- 

Psychology in action, by Joseph Clawson. New York, The 
Macmillan company, 1946. 

xt, [1| p., 1 1., 289 p. tllus., plates, diafcrs. 24-. 

"First printing." 

"Key to references and acknowledgments" : p. 275-280. 

© 290ctlj.6; 2c 20ctl4.6; publisher; A699lj.. 

Clay products association, Chicago. 

Clay pipe engineering manual; engineering reference data 
applicable to the design and construction of sanitary sewer 
systems, storm water drainage systems, subsoil drainage, road- 
way drainage, airport drainage, railroad drainage . . . Chicago, 
111., Clay products association, 1946. 

159 p. incl. illus. (incl. plans) tables, diagrs. 231". 

1. Sewer-plpe. 2. Clay. I. Title. 
TP839.C48 628.24 

© 230ct46 ; author ; A7144. 


Cleeton, Glen Uriel, 1895- 

fexecutive ability, its discovery and development, by Glen U. 
Cleeton ... and Charles W. Mason ... Yellow Springs, O., The 
Antioch press, publishers, 1946. 

9 p. 1., 3-540 p. Incl. tables, forms. 22i". 

Bibliography : p. 513-521. 


1. Executive ability. I. Mason, Charles Wllkins, 1888- 


HF5500.C625 1946 658.3124 

© 15Nov46 ; The Antioch press co. ; A9293. 

CI eland, Dorothy 
see Ogley, Dorothy (Cleland) 1902- 

Cleland, Robert Glass, 1885- 

California pageant; the story of four centuries, by Robert 
Glass Cleland, illustrated by Raymond Lufkin. New York, 
A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

x p., 1 1., 257 p., 1 1. Incl. col. front, illus. (part col. ; incl. maps) 22*". 

"First edition." 

© 34Marif6; 2c 29Declj.5; Alfred A. Knopf, 
inc.; A2112. 

Clemens Romanus. 

The epistles of St. Clement of Rome and St. Ignatius of 
Antioch, newly translated and annotated by James A. Kleist, 
s. j. ... Westminster, Md., The Newman bookshop, 1946. 

ix, 162 p. 22—. [Ancient Christian writers, the works of the fathers 
lntranslatlon T . ,No. ii 

© 30Juli|i>; Johannes Quasten and 
Joseph C. Plumpe, Washington, D. C; 

Clemens, Cyril, 1902- 

The man from Limehouse : Clement Richard Attlee, by Cyril 
Clemens ... Foreword ( by. Right Honorable Lord Strabolgi. 
Introduction ( by. Right Honorable Ellen Wilkinson. Webster 
Groves, Mo., International Mark Twain society; J. P. Didier, 
distributors, New York, N. Y., 1946. 

xlv p., 1 1., 159 p. front, Illus. (incl. facsims.) ports. 22$—. 

"First edition." 

"A selected bibliography" : p. 151-152. 

© 10Sepi|.6; 2c 17Augi|6; International i 
Marie Twain society; A5797. 

(Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910. 

The adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain x psevd.] 
Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin. Introduction by May Lamber- 
ton Becker. Cleveland and New York, The World publishing 
company ( 1946] 

302, |2] p. incl. col. front, illus., col. plates. 22-. (Bait-title: Rain- 
bow classics) 

©matter other than text, 25Auglj.6; 
publisher, # Cleveland; k^hfiy. 

[Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910. 

The adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain i -pseud.- i 
Illustrated by Donald McKay ... New York, Grosset & Dun- 
lap [1946, 

6 p. 1., 317, [1, p. col. front., Illus., col. plates. 23J-. (Illustrated 
Junior library^ 

"Special edition." — Copyright application. 

r. McKay, Donald, 1895- illus. n. Title. 

PZ3.C59Ad 52 

© illus., 150ct46; publisher; A7031. 


[Clemens, Samuel Langhorne] 1835-1910. 

The adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain ypseud.^ 
Illustrated by Donald McKay ... New York, Grosset & Dun- 
lap [1946, 

p. 1., 317, (1, p. col. front, illus., coi: plates. 234-. (Illustrated 
junior library) 

"De luxe edition." — Copyright application. 

1. McKay, Donald, 1895- illus. n. Title. 

PZ3.C59Ad 53 46-22586 

© illus., 150ct46; publisher; A7032. 

[Clemens, Samuel Langhorne] 1835-1910. 

The adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain ^psetid.j 
Illustrated by Donald McKay . . . New York, Grosset & Dun- 
lap [1946, 

6 p. 1., 304, [1, p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 21-. (Illustrated 
junior library) 

"Popular edition." — Dust jacket 

r. McKay, Donald, 1895- illus. n. Title. 

PZ3.C59Ad 54 

© illus., 150ct46 ; publisher ; A7174. 


[Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910. 

Mark Twain, business man, edited by Samuel Charles Web- 
ster . . . Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1946. 

xii p., 1 1., 409 p. incl. illus., geneal. tab. front, ports., facsims. 21J-. 

"An Atlantic monthly press book." 

Contains a collection of family and business letters, most of which 
have not previously been published, largely concerned with Mark Twain'g 
publishing venture with the editor's father, Charles L. Webster of 

"First edition published February 1946." 

© 5Febi;6; 2c l8janlj.6; Mark Twain co., 
New York; A867. 

[Clemens, Samuel Langhorne] 1835-1910. 

The portable Mark Twain, edited by Bernard De Voto. New 
York, The Viking press, 1946. 

vll, 786 p. 17*?. (On cover: The Viking portable library) 

© new material, 22julij.6; Mark ^wain co. 
New York; A5327. 

749448 0—47 9 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Clemensen, Jessie (Williams) 1901- 

Your health and safety, by Jessie Williams Clemensen and 
William Ralph La Porte. Rev. ed. New York and Chicago, 
Harcourt, Brace and company ( 1946, 

Till, 502 p. lllus. (Incl.diagrs.) 22$-. 

"Suggested references" at end of each chapter. "General references" : 
p. [559,-666. 

© 15Mayl;6; Harcourt, Brace & co., Inc., 
New York j Alj.6i+8. 

Clement-Grandcourt, Abel Jean Ernest. 

... La coupe d'amertume. Beyrouth, Les Lettres francaisee, 

vlii, 105 p., 1 1. 17J-. 

At head of title : General Clement-Grandcourt. 
On cover : 1940-1942. 
"EditioD originate." 

1. Aphorisms and apothegms. i. Title. 

PN6272.C5 848.91 47-15291 

© HApr46; publisher; AF5008. 

Clements, Raymond D 

Ironically yours; an anthology of social thoughts, by Ray- 
mond D. Clements. New York, N. Y., The Hobson book press, 

5 p. 1., 140 p. 22-. 

© 19JU.346; author, Louisville, Ky.j 

Clenet, Basile. 

... Notre-dame, reine de France. [Fontenay-le-Comte, P. & 
O. Lussaud freres, 1945] 

155 p., 11. plates. 211- 

At head of title : B. Clenet. 
"Ouvrages consultes" : p. A of cover. 

1. Mary, Virgin— Cultus. 2. Catholic church In France. 1. Title. 
BT645.C5 47-16071 

© 20ct45; lc 8Aug46; author, St. Florent des Bois, France; 

Clermont-Tonnere, Elisabeth (de Gra- 
mont) duchess e de, 1875" 
... Un grand poete. A Germaine 


( In Les Oeuvres libres. Paris [l$k.6] 
19cm. n.s. no. 8 (23k) P« [203]-230) 

At head of title: Elisabeth de Gra- 

©23Febi^6; author. Paris: API 379. 

Cleveland, George Robert 
see Cleveland, Robert, 1905" 

Cleveland, Reginald Mcintosh, 1886- 

Air transport at war, by Reginald M. Cleveland; foreword 
by Lt. Gen. Harold L. George ... New York and London, 
Harper & brothers (1946j 

Ix p., 1 L, 324 p. plates. 22~. 

"First edition." 

© 90ctl±6; 2c 80otlj.6j publisher, New 
York; A69IO. 

Cleveland, Reginald Mcintosh, 1908- 

Jobs ahead! By Reginald M. Cleveland and Frank B. 
Latham, in collaboration with Vocational guidance research. 
New York, London, D. Appleton-Century company, inc. ( 1946] 

xl, 259 p. 20-. 
Bibliography : p. 247-248. 

© 22Marl+\6j 2c 3Marli.6; publisher, New 
York; A2385. 

(Cleveland, Robert] 1903- 

Cappy Dick's Pastime book for boys and girls . . . New York, 
Greenberg t 1946] 

6 p. I., 211 p. lllus. 231*-. 

© 30AprJ4.6: Vanguard features syrfdicate, 
Chicago; AI4.OOO. 

Cleveland. James Ford Rhodes high school. 

South Brooklyn; a brief history of that part of the city of 
Cleveland which lies south of Big creek and west of the Cuya- 
hoga river. Cleveland, O., James Ford Rhodes high school, 

113 p. incl. plates, maps. 23J— . 

"A contribution ... to the Cleveland sesqulcentennlal celebration."— 

Bibliographical references included in "Acknowledgments" (p. 111- 

© 5Junlj.6; publisher; A328l. 

The Cleveland blue book; a social 
directory of Cleveland, Ohio and 
subu-bs ... 1945. Cleveland, 19I4.5. 

©270cti+5; 2c 30Nov45; Cleveland blue 
book, Cleveland; A600. 

The Cleveland directory co.'s Parma 
(Cuyahoga county, Ohio) city di- 
rectory, v. 1, 1914-6. Including 
Parma Heights ... Cleveland, 
Cleveland directory co., c 19ii-6. 

© 8AprI|.6; Cleveland directory co., 
Cleveland; A2807. 

Cleveland heater company. 

Enthusiasm, personality and friendships. Cleveland, O., The 
Cleveland heater co. 1 1945] 

vi p., 1 1., 102 p. 18J-. 

© 31Doc46j 2c 22Feb4S; publisher; A1146. 

Cleveland twist drill company, Cleveland, 


TCatalog no. 1+5] Cleveland, 0. c 19i;6. 

© 2I4.JUII4.6; Cleveland twist drill 
company, Cleveland, 0.; A3608. 

Clevenger, Joseph R 

Annulment of marriage, being a treatise covering New York 
law and practice with composite forms, by Joseph R. Clevenger 
... Albany, N. Y, New York, N. Y, M. Bender & company, 
incorporated; New York city, Fallon law book company, 1946. 

512 (i. e. 507) p. 26-. 
© 15Apr4« t author, and Matthew Bonder & eonpany, 
inc. Mow York] A2491. 

Clewes, Dorothy. 

The cottage in the wild wood, by Dorothy Clewes, illustrated 
by Irene Hawkins. London, Faber and Faber t 1945] 
47 p. lllus., col. plates. 22-. 
"First published In Mcmxlv." 

Pub. lMayl|.5; lc 29Augij.6; Dorothy Mary 
Clewes, Beckenham, Kent, Big.; AI k^5» 

Clewes, Dorothy. 

The stream in the wild wood, by Dorothy Clewes, illustrated 
by Irene Hawkins. London, Faber and Faber limited [1946] 
52 p. lllus., coL plates. 22-. 
"First published in Mcmxlvi." 

Pub. 10Mayi4.6; lc 12Jullj.6; Dorothy Marj 
Clewes, Beckenham, Kent, Eng.; AI 322. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Clewes, Dorothy Mary- 
see Clewes, Dorothy. 

Clewes, Howard, 1912- 

Dead ground [by, Howard Clewes. New York, E. P. Dutton 
& company, incorporated, 1946. 

211 p. 21-. 

"First edition." 

Pub. 100cti4.6; 2o 19Augij.6; author, 
Beckenham, Kent, Big.; A6552. Prev. 
reg. AI 29291. 

Clewes, Winston. 

... Sweet river in the morning, a novel. New York and Lon- 
don, D. Appleton-Century company, inc. [1946] 
5 p. 1., 227 p. 20-. 

(C) 10Sep46; 2c l6Aug46; author, Beckenham, 
Kent, Eng.; A5713. 

Clic-clac images presente ... No. 3"8*, 
[Paris] Les Editions Andre-Renan, 
6 v. illus. 20cm. 


Contents. — No. J, 6, Madame Potinard, 
concierge-detective, by A. Cassin. — No. lj., 
7, Les aventures de Plamberge, gentilhomme 
gascon, by Em-R6-Vil. — No. 5> 8> Cornadec, 
le petit lutin, by P. Mart el. 

© no. 3, 30Deci|.5, lc 8Mayl+6. AFllj-50; 
no. U» 28DecL.5, lc BMaylf6., APlUJ+9-j no. 
5, 6. 15Mark6, AFlkkB, AFlltfl; no. 7, 8, 
5Junii.6. AF1821, AF1822; publisher. 

Clifford, Ernest Gail 
see Clifford, Gail, 

Clifford, Gail. 

But rabbits are charming! By Gail Clifford. Illustrated by 
Robert S. Walling. Designed by Musso-Clifford. Los Ange- 
les [Clifford, inc., 1946] 

[28, p. col. Illus. 28x22-. 

© 26Augl4.6; author, Long Beach, Calif. ; 

Clifford, Kathleen. 

The enchanted glen, a fairy tale by Kathleen Clifford, illus- 
trated by Kim Weed. Los Angeles, Calif., Beverly publish- 
ing co. [1945] 

[48) p. Illus. (part col.) 29x22}-. 
In verse. 

©3Dec!+5; 2c 1+Jani|6; publisher; A11S. 

Clifford, William Kingdon, 1845-1879. 

The common sense of the exact sciences, by William Kingdon 
Clifford; edited, and with a preface, by Karl Pearson; newly 
edited and with an introduction by James R. Newman ; preface 
by Bertrand Russell. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

IitI, 249 p., 1 1. Illus., dlagrs. 22-. 
"First Borzoi edition." 
© 23Apr4«; Alfred A. Knopf .inc.; A4096, 

Cline, Joseph Leander, 1870- 

When the heavens frowned, by Dr. Joseph L. Cline ... An 
autobiography. Dallas, Tex., Matins, Van Nort & company 
t 1946, 

9 p. 1., 221 p. front, Illus. (loci, ports.) 22}-. 
(6) 26FoM6j publish**, A2070. 

Clinton, Lancaster directory ... com- 
bining five distinct directories ... 
v. J±8. I9I+6. New Haven, Conn., 


© 19Mari|.6; Price & Lee co., New 
Haven, Conn.; AI825. 

Close, Paul Dunham. 

Building insulation ; a treatise on the principles and applica- 
tion of heat and sound insulation for buildings, by Paul Dun- 
ham Close ... 3d ed. Chicago, American technical society, 

3 p. 1., 372 p. lncl. Illus., tables, dlagrs. front. 21}-. 

© 13Maylj.&; publisher; Ai+07/4-. 

Closs, Hannah Priebsch. 

High are the mountains, by Hannah Closs. London, A- 

Dakers limited [1946] 

302, ( 2] p. 19". 

"First published 1945." 

"Some books bearing on the subject" : p. [304i 

Pub. 25Jar46; lc 15Apri|6; author, Bris- 
tol, Eng.; AI 179 • 

Clouet, Andre. 
... Les heros de Nimegue et d'Arnhem. [Paris, Rouff, 1946) 
cover-title, 24 p. Illus. 20-. (Collection "Patrle llberee." [No. 17|) 
At head of title : A. Clouet 

1. Arnhem, Battle of, 1944— Fiction. 1. '. 


© 14Feb46 ; Editions Rouff; AF1461. 


Clough, Shepard Bancroft, 1901- 

A century of American life insurance ; a history of the Mu- 
tual life insurance company of New York, 1843-1943, by Shep- 
ard B. Clough. New York, Columbia university press, 1946. 

xlll, [1], 402 p. lncl. Illus., tables, dlagrs. pi., port., facslms. 24-. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 23Aprlj.6; 2c 3Apri|.6; publisher; A2730, 

Gough, Shepard Bancroft, 1901- 

Economic history of Europe, by Shepard Bancroft Clough 
[and] Charles Woolsey Cole. Rev. ed. Boston, D. C. Heath and 
company, 1946. 

2 p. I., [Hl]-xx, 884 p. front., xvm pi. (lncl. plan, facslm.) on 9 1., 
maps (part double) dlagrs. 23—. 

"Suggested readings" at end of each chapter. 

1. Europe — Econ. condlt. 
author. 11. Title. 
HC24&C55 1946 
© 30ct46; publisher; A6430. 

i. Cole, Charles Woolsey, 1906- Joint 
330.94 46-8151 

Clow (James B. ) & sons. 

Industrial piping & accessories. 
Catalog no. 68... Chicago, 111. [19l|.6] 

1 v. illus. 28cm. 

© 5N0VI4.6; C. F. Beezley, jr., 
Chicago; A8^22. 

(Clymer, Eleanor Lowenton, 1906- 

The Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday book, by Janet Bell 
tpseud.j Hlustrations by Mary Stevens. New York, R. M. 
McBride & company [1946, 

(32) p. lilus. (partcol.) 23}xl9}-. 
"Flrst printing." 

1. Title. 


© 8Nov46; Janet Bell, pseud., New York; A8971. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

[Clymer, Eleanor Lowenton, 1906- 

Patch, by Elizabeth Kinsey ipseud.i pictures by James H. 
Davis. New York, R. M. McBride & company ( 1946, 

[82, p. col. Illus. 271x28}-. 
"First printing." 

i. Davis, James H artist, Illus. n. Title. 

PZ10.3.C6125Pat 47-424 

© 8Nov46; Elizabeth Kinsey, pseud., New York; A8972. 

[Clymer, Eleanor Lowenton] 1906- 

Sunday in the park, by Janet Bell 
[oseud.] Pictures by Aline Appel. 
York] R 

M. McBride & company, I9I4.5 [i.e 

2k 1/2 cm. 


[26] p. col. illus. 

"Copyright, l$k5 • 
"First printing." 
* © 26Augk6; 2c 26Aprk6; author, New 
York; A5888. 

[Clymer, Eleanor Lowenton] 1906- 

Teddy, by Elizabeth Kinsey [ pseud . ] 

illustrated by Jeanne Bendick. [New 

York] R. M. McBride & company, l§k5 

[i.e. 19^6] 

[28] p. col. illus. 2k 1/2 cm. 

"Copyright, I9I4.5. " 
"First printing. " 
Pub. 26Augk6; 2c 26Aprk6; author, 
New York; A3887. 

Clymer, Reuben Swinburne, 1878- 

The book of Rosicrucise; a condensed history of the Fra- 
ternitas Rosse crucis or Rosy cross, the men who made the 
order possible, and those who maintained the fraternity 
throughout the centuries, together with the fundamental teach- 
ings of these men according to the actual records in the 
archives of the fraternity. By R. Swinburne Clymer ... Is- 
sued by La Federation universelle des ordres, societes et fra- 
ternites des inities. Quakertown, Pa., The Philosophical pub- 
lishing company [19463 

I v. port. 244*-. 
© 16Dec46; Beverly Hall corporation, Quakertown, Pa.; 

Clyne, Geraldine. 

The ]ollj Jump-ups zoo book, by Gerald- 
ine Clyne. Springfield, Mass., McLough- 
lln bros., Inc., CI9L6. 

cover-title, [12] p. col. illus. 

Text runs parallel with back of cover. 

©l8Novk6; publisher; A8698. 

Coates, Robert Myron, 1897- 

The bitter season (byj Robert M. Coates. New York, Har- 
court, Brace and company ( 1946j 

5 p. 1., 8-180 p. 21- 
"First edition." 

©30ctlj.6; 2c 2kSepk6; author, Bayside, 
N. Yr; A~&$26. 

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane, 1893- 

The kitten stand ; story by Elizabeth Coatsworth, pictures by 
Katherine Keeler . . . New York, Grosset & Dunlap t 1945j 

( 28] p. incl. coL front, 111ns. (part col.) 
picture book) 

23 1 20J-. (A Story parade 

© illus., 15Febk6; Artists and 
writers guild, inc., New York;A28l6. 

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane, 1893- 

The wonderful day, by Elizabeth Coatsworth. Pictures by 
Helen Sewell. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 
xllt, 126 p. Incl. front., Illus. 28i~. 
"First printing." 

(5) l6Apri46; publisher; A2837. 

Cobb, Mabel. 

Old Phoebe; the story of an elephant, by Mabel Cobb, illus- 
trated by Claude Allen Lewis. New York, B. Ackerman, inc. 
t 1946j 

128 p. Incl. mounted col. front, Illus. plates. 23}—. 

© 8JUII46J 2o UUII46; Bernard Aokerman, inc.; 

Cobb, Mabel. 

The story of Pocahontas, by Mabel Cobb and Claude Allen 
Lewis. Sandusky, O., The American crayon company, "1945. 

1 p. 1.. 15, il) p. col. Illus. 281". (Plcfade series) 

Map on Unlng-paper. 
"First printing." 

© 15Novk5; 2c 7Jank6; Duenewald print- 
ing corp., New York; AlkO. 

Cobb, Stanwood, 1881- 

Symbols of America, by Stanwood Cobb. Washington, The 
Avalon press [1946! 

108 p. 20T*. 


1. Title. 

PS3505.O143S9 811.5 

© HNov46 ; author, Chevy Chase, Md. ; A7298. 


Coblentz, Catherine (Cate) 1897- 

Scatter, the chipmunk ( by] Catherine Cate Coblentz, illus- 
trated by Berta Schwartz. Chicago, Childrens press, inc. 

[25] p. col Illus. 23i x 181- 

© 9Aprk6; publisher; A2567. 

Coblentz, Catherine (Cate) 1897- 

Sequoya, by Catherine Cate Coblentz ; decorations by Ralph 
Ray, jr. New York, London [etc.] Longmans, Green and co., 

Till, 199 p. Illus. ( Incl. map, facslms.) 21". 

"First edition." 

"Selected bibliography" : p. 196-199. 

1. Sequoya, Cherokee Indian, 17707-1843. 

E99.C5C67 970.2 46-11831 

© 220ct46; 2c 160ct46; author, Washington, D. C; A6600. 

Coblentz, Stanton Arthur, 1896- 

The mountain of the sleeping maiden, and other poems, by 
Stanton A. Coblentz. Mill Valley, Calif., New York, N. Y., 

The Wings press, 1946. 

104 p. 23J-. 
Illustrated lining-paper. 

© 10c tk6; 2o 17Sepk6; publisher, Mill 
Valley, Calif.; A6578. 

Cochet, Gabriel Roger, 1888- 

Appels a la resistance, lances par le general Cochet, 1940- 
1941, preface de Jean Nocher. [Paris] Gallimard [1945j 

180 p., 2 1. Incl. 2 front. ( port., f acslm. ) on 1 1. 18J~. 

©2Deck5; lc lMark6; Librairie Galli- 
mard; AF670. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cochran, Martha (Cooney) 1870- 

Fur, feathers and fun (a book for children) by Martha C. 
Cochran ; silhouettes by Anne Fernald. ( San Antonio, Carle- 
ton printing co., 1946] 

62 p. mug. 23}". 


©7Decl|5; 2c 8Janlj.6; author, San Antcnio 

CockrelL Marian, 1909- 

Something between, by Marian Cockrell ... New York, 
London, Harper & brothers ( 1946j 

4 p. I, 261 p. IIlus. (plan) 21*-. 

PuDl£she& serially in Good housekeeping, March 
and April 1%6* under the titlet The amateur* 

© 8HayA6; 2c 7May46; Hurst magazines, inc., 
lev Tort, and Marian B. Cockrell, Bi rmingham , Ala., 

AA136. , 

Cocteau, Jean, 18^1- 

. i. Llone, [Paris, Gallimard] 19^5» 
3 p. Jl., 120 (i.e. 128) p., 1 J?. 

lllus,. 20x26 cm . 

Poems . 

© 30Novi|5; lc 6Mari|6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AP82l^.. 

Cocteau, Jean, 1891- 

... Poesie critique; textes choisis par Henri Parisot. Pans, 
Editions des Quatre vents, 1945 t i. e. 1946] 

3 p. I, 9-217, ilj p., S L rod. front 21i". 

"H a ete Ore de cet ouvrage cent dlx" exemplalres snr velln pur fll 

x Parteot, Henri, ed. n. Title. 

PQ2605.O15A6 1946 

© 6Mar46; publisher; AF1564. 


Coder, S Maxwell 

Dobbie, defender of Malta, by S. Maxwell Coder ... Chi- 
cago, 111., Moody press [1946] 

144 p. front (group ports.) 19i~. 

© 27Mari|.6; Moody Bible institute 
of Chicago; A23^7. 

Cody, Al, paetsd > 
eee Joseelyn, Archie, 1899- 

Coe, Douglas, pseud. 

The Burma road; story by uouglas Coe, illustrations by 
Winfield Scott Hoskins. New York, J. Messner inc. [1946j 

192 p. IncL front, (map) lllus. 21". 

(6) i4Jun!j6; Samuel Epstein. New York; A14391. 

Coe, Lloyd, 1899- 

Charcoal, written and illustrated by Lloyd Coe. N ( ewj 
Y ( ork] Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946] 

(32] p. .Uus. (partcoL) 17x26". 

© 29Marlj.6; 2c 25Mai46; publisher; 

Coffey, James Reginald, 1908- 

Pictorial history of the Dominican province of Saint Joseph, 
U. S. A., by Rev. James Reginald Coffey, o. p. New York, 
N. Y., National headquarters of the Holy name society [1946] 

6 p. L, 8-524 p. front, lllus. < ports. ) 23 J". 

© Win ov46 ; publisher ; A8873. 

Coffin, Henry Sloane, 1877- 

The public worship of God, a source book [by] Henry Sloane 
Coffin. Philadelphia, The Westminster press t 1946, 

208 p. 21™. (The Westminster sourcebooks) 

"A selected bibliography" : p. [199i-205. 

© 30SepIjj6; 2c l8Ju246; W. L. Jenkins, 
Philadelphia; A8797. 

Coffin, John E 

Coffin's Interest tables, one dollar to ten thousand dollars, 
including a master table showing interest at various rates from 
one-eighth per cent to ten per cent; timetable, compound in- 
terest table, interest laws, digest of business laws, business 
forms, postal rates. Rev. ed. Philadelphia, Toronto, The John 
C. Winston company [1946] 

lp.l.,139p. 22J-. 

"Brought up-to-date by the addition 
of new material. "-Foreword. 

© 15MarIi.6; publisher, Philadelphia; 

New York, Coward- 

Coffin, Joseph, 1899- 

Coins of the popes, by Joseph Coffin . 
McCann, inc. ( 1946] 

3 p. 1., 169 p. front., xvi pi. on 8 1. 22". 

Bibliography : p. 157. 

© 22Apr4S; publisher; A2608. 

Coffin, Robert Peter Tristram, 1892- 

People behave like ballads, by Robert P. Tristam Coffin. 
New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

x p., 11., 100 p. 22". 


"First printing." 

© 150ctli.6; 2c 20ctlj.6; author, Brunswick, 
Me.; A70-U2. 

Coffin, Robert Peter Tristram, 1892- ed. 

t Seventeenth-century prose and poetry, selected and edited 
by Robert P. Tristram Coffin ... t and] Alexander M. Wither- 
spoon ... New York, Harcourt, Brace and company t 1946j 

xxl, 805 p., 1 1., vlll, 310 p. Ulus. 23i". 

"A revision and expansion of the editors' earlier Book of seventeenth- 
century prose." — Pref . 

© 10Janlj6; Harcourt, Praoe & oo., inc.; A873. 

Coffman, George Raleigh, 1880- ed. 

Studies in language and literature, edited, with a foreword, 
by George R. Coffman ... Chapel Hill, The University of 
North Carolina press, 1945 [i,.©. 194°] 

vlll, 344 p. 24". (Bait-title: The University of North Carolina 
centennlal publications) 

First Issued as no. 3, vol. (1945) of Studies In philology as Its 
contribution to the sesqulcentennlal celebration of the University of 
North Carolina. The contributors are members of the graduate staff of 
the departments of language and literature, of. Foreword. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

©2Peb46; publisher; A855. 

Coffman, Ramon Peyton, 1896- 

Famous pioneers for young people, by Ramon Peyton Coff- 
man and Nathan G. Goodman. New York, A. S. Barnes & 
company ( 1945j 

vl, 129 p. lllus. (incl. ports.) 23x20". 

Map on lining-papers. 
(§) 17Dec46i 2c llJan46; authors, Hew York; 
A 439. 

Coguiec, Claude la 
eee Le Coguiec, Claude. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cohen, Gustave, 1879- 

. .. La grande clart€ du moyen-Sge. 
[Paris] Gallimard [19U51 

l8l p. 19cm, 

"Ce volume ne peut Stre vendu aux 
Etats-Unis avant 1914.8." 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

Errata slip laid in. 

© 15JUII4.5; lc 29Augl+5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF652. 

Cohen, Israel, 1879- 

The Zionist movement, by Israel Cohen, edited and revised, 
■with supplementary chapter on Zionism in the United States, 
by Bernard G. Richards. New York, Zionist organization of 
America, 5707-1946. 

400 p. 22}-. 

"Flrst published in 1945 in Great Britain." 
Bibliography : p. t 378]-386. 

1. Zionism— Hist. I. Richards, Bernard Gershon, 1877- ed. 

DS149.C57 1946 956.9 46-8448 

Pub. 15Nov46; publisher; A7257. 

Cohen, Julius Henry, 1873- 

They builded better than they knew, by Julius Henry Cohen. 
New York, J. Messner, inc. t 1946j 

Till, 378 p. 24- 

Blbliographical references Included In "Notes" (p. i343)-358) 

1. Lawyers— New York (State) — Correspondence, reminiscences, etc 

© 20Nov46; 2c 9Nov46; author, New York; A8475. 

Cohen, Max, pseud . 

I was one of the unemployed, by Max Cohen, with a foreword 
by Sir William Beveridge. London, V. Gollancz ltd, 1945. 

x, 244 p. 19-. 

Pub. 3Decl4.5; lc 29Janl+6; Max Cohen, 
London; AI 101. 

Cohen, Morris Raphael, 1880- 

The faith of a liberal ; selected essays by Morris R. Cohen. 
New York, H. Holt and company [1946] 

lx, 497 p. 22-. q 

"First printing." 

© 25Febk6; 2c 7Febl4.6; Henry Holt & co., 
inc.; AI605. 

Cohn, Alfred Einstein, 1879- 

Minerva's progress; tradition and dissent in American cul- 
ture ;by) Alfred E. Cohn. New York, Harcourt, Brace and 
company t 1946) 

8 p. 1., 3-101 p. 19}-. 

"Flrst edition." 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 7Marl4.6; author, New York; AI75O. 

Coiffures lj.6. © Socl^te d« Editions 
modemea parlslenne (Editions du 
Rond-polnt) Paris. 

15Janli.6; lc 9Auglj.6; AP2012. 

Coker, William Chambers, 1872- ed. 

Studies in science, edited, with a foreword, by W. C. Coker . . . 
Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina press, 1946. 

5 p. 1., 375 p. lllus., 12 pi., dlagrs. 26- (Halt-title: The University 
of North Carolina sesqulcentennlal publications) 

"Original contributions from members of the scientific faculty of the 
university ... with a few by alumni ... The bibliography at the end of the 
volume Is a continuation of the one compiled by Mrs. Alma Holland 
Beers and published In the Journal fit the Ellsha Mitchell scientific so- 
ciety] (vol. l) In 1934 ... The present volume ... has appeared as volume 
va of the Journal." — Foreword 

Bibliography at end of most of the contributions. "Publications In the 
field of science from the TJnlTerslty of North Carolina -(1934-19441": 
p.801-376. ■ ^ 

©27Apr46; publisher; A2SL9. 

Coker, William Chambers, 1872- 

Trees of the southeastern states, including Virginia, North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and northern 
Florida, by William Chambers Coker ... and Henry Roland 
Totten ... 3d ed. Chapel Hill, The University of North Caro- 
lina press, 1945. 

Till p., 1 L, 419 p. front, lllus., plates. 20}-. 

Blbllography : p. 401-403. 

©26Janlj.6; publisher; A5723. 

Colby, Stoddard Benham. 

. . . The scholar and the sprout, illustrated by Dorothy McKay. 
New York, London, Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book com- 
pany, inc. [1946] 

4 p. 1., 195 p. lllus. 26}-. 

At head of title : Stoddard B. Colby. 

© 5Augl}.6; 2c l6Mayl4.6; publisher, 
New York; A5206. 

The cold frame; an anthology of verse 
by the senior class, Our Lady of 
mercy high school, [v. 15] Roches- 
ter, N. Y., I9I+6. 

© llJunl4.6; Sisters of mercy, Roches- 
ter, N. Y.; AI4.637. 

Cold Spring granite company, Cold Spring , 


Mausoleum facts . . . Cold Spring, 
Minn., Cold Spring granite co., CI9I4.6. 

157, [2] p. illus. 29cm. 

©15Febl4.6; author, Cold Spring, 
Minn.; A3782. 

Cole, Mrs . B. G. 
see Cray, Carmen > 

Cole, Genoa. 

God's peace for this new era, by Genoa Cole. New York, 
N. Y., The Hobson book press, 1946. 

2 p. 1., vli-vili p., 2 1., 91 p. 21}-. 

© 29Junl4.6; author, Sweetwater, Tex.; 

Cole, Jackson, pseud * 

The devil's legion, by Jackson Cole, 
New York, Arcadia house, inc., 19^4-6 • 

255 p, 19 l/2 cm , 

© 21Junij6; publisher; AJ4995. 

Cole, Luella, 1893- 

The elementary school subjects, by Luella Cole. New York, 
Rinehart & company, inc. [1946] 

xxi, 455 p. lncl. lllus., forms, dlagrs. 22—. 
"Deferences and problems" at end of each part 
(?) 20F»b46, publisher j A1223. 

Cole, Margaret Isabel (Postgate) 1893- 

Beatrice Webb, by Margaret Cole. With 8 illustrations. 
London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co. [1945] 

197 p. front, ports. 22-. 

"First published 1945." 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

Pub. 170CU.5; lc 8JanA6; author, London; 
AI 16. 

Cole, Margaret Isabel (Postgate) 1893- 

Beatrice Webb, by Margaret Cole. New York, Harcourt, 
Brace and company [1946] 

Tl p., 2 1., 229 p. front, ports. 21-. 
"First American edition." 

Pub. l6Mayl^6; 2c 9Mayl|6; Harcourt, Brace 
& co., lno.;/AUll|4. Prev. reg. AI 16. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cole, Wa*ren Henry, 1898- ed. 

Primeros auxilios quirurgicos y medicos, por Warren H. 
Cole ... y teniente coronel Charles B. Puestow ... Ilustra- 
ciones por Carl Linden, en colaboracion con Tom Jones . . . 
Traduccion al espafiol de la 2. ed., por el dr. Ramon Rodriguez 
de Mata ... New York, Londres, D. Appleton-Century com- 
pany incorporated, 1946. 

xxvlll, 474 p. Illus. (part coL) 22-. 

© 17Mayl+6} publisher, New York; Aljlj.95- 

Coleman, Christopher Bosh, 1875-1944. 

The undying past and other addresses by Christopher Bush 
Coleman, published as a memorial by the State library and 
historical board & Indiana historical society. Indianapolis, 

3 p. L, 169 p. lncl. port. Croat 231- 

BlbUograpbical foot-note*. 

1. XT. S.— Hist— Addresses, essajB, lecture*, l Title. 

E178.6.C6 973.04 46-7920 

© 10Oct46; Indiana Historical bureau, Indianapolis; A6999. 

Coleman, Inabelle Graves. 

The march of missions [by] Inabelle 
Graves Coleman. Nashville, Sunday 
school board of the Southern Baptist 
convention [19^5] 

139 p. 19 • 

"A brief bibliography": p. 139 . 

© 27Novl;5; 2c 8JanJ+6; publisher; 
A223 • 

Coleman, Satis Narrona (Barton) 1878- 

... Volcanoes, new and old, with 97 illustrations and two 
maps. New York, The John Day company t 1946] 

Til, ,2,, 222 p. coL front, 111 us. (lncl. maps) 24". 

At head of title : Satis N. Coleman. 
"References for further reading" : p. 216-216. 

© kAprk.6; 2c 3Aprlf6; author, New York; 

Coleno, Alice. 

... Le quai des Indes, roman. Paris, Plon [1946] 

8 p. 1., 246 p., 1 1. 19-. 

i. Title. 


© 5Mar46; Librairie Plon; AF2115. 


Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834. 

The rime of the ancient mariner, by Samuel Taylor 
Coleridge. New York city, Reynal & Hitchcock [1946] 

5 p. 1., 3-148 p. illus. 26-. 

"Illustrated by Alexander Calder.'V 

"A poem of pure imagination: an experiment in reading, by Robert 
Penn Warren" : p. [59)-117. 

"Notes" (chiefly bibliographical) : p. 119-148. 

i. Calder, Alexander, 1898- 
m. Title. 

illus. n. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905- 

PR4479.A1 1946 821.72 46-8480 

©essay and illus., 2Dec46; Reynal & Hitchcock, inc; A9111. 

Coles, Cyril Henry 
For works written in collaboration 
with Adelaide Frances Oke Manning 
see Coles, Manning, pseud . 

Coles, Manning, pseud. 

The fifth man, by Manning Coles. Garden City, New York, 
Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

258 p. I9i- 

"Flrst edition." 
© lOJanift Dcrobloday e eo., inc., lejr Yorkj 

Colette, Sidonie Gabriel le, 1873- 

... La dame du photographs, nouvelle 


(In Les OEuvres libros. Paris [I9I4I4.] 

19007 no . 227, p . [553-85) 

At head of title: "Collet te." 

© 31Deei|l|.; 1c 29Auglj.5; Collette 
(pseud, de Gabrielle Sidonie Goudeket), 
Paris; AFltfk- 

Colette, Sidonie Gabrielle, 1873- 

... Gigi. Paris, J. Ferenczi & fils [1945] 

2 p. 1., (7,-251 p., 2 1. 19-. 

At head of title : Colette. 

Contents. — Gigi.- — L'enfant malade. — La dame du photographe. — Flore 
et Pomone. i. Title. 

© 5Jullj.5; lc 300c tl+5; publisher; AF 53. 

Colette, Sidonie Gabrielle, 1873- 

... Gigi, et autres nouvelles. Lausanne, La Guilde du livre 

217 p., 2 L inel. front (port) 22-. 

At head of title : Colette. 
"Edition originate." 

Contents.— Gigi. — La dame du photographe. — Flore et Pomone. — 

i. Title, 

PQ2605.O28G5 1944 843.91 

© 20Jul44 ; publisher; AF1655. 


Colien, Francis Edward, 1894- 

Principles of microbiology, by Francis E. Colien ... 2d ed. 
With 150 text illustrations and 25 color plates. St. Louis, The 
C. V. Mosby company, 1946. 

530 p. lncl. front, illus. xxr col. pi. (lncl. map) 22i~ . 

Includes "References." 

© 19Junlj.6; publisher; A5795. 

Colin, Edward Cecil, 1890- 

Elements of genetics; Mendel's laws of heredity, with special 
application to man, by Edward C. Colin ... 2d ed. Philadel- 
phia, Toronto, The Blakiston company f 1946] 

xill, 402 p. incl. illus. (lncl. ports.) tables, dlagrs. 24—. 

1. Genetics. 2. Mendel's law. I. Title. 

QH431.C674 1946 575.1 

© l7Dec46 ; publisher, Philadelphia; A9260. 


Colin, Galen C 1890- 

The BX trail, by Galen C. Colin. New York, Phoenix press 
t 1946, 

258 p. 19J-. 

© 5Auglj.6; publisher; A535I4.. 

Colin, Henri, 1880-1943. 

... La chimie des plantes. 31 illustrations. Paris, Flam- 
marion [1945] 

313, [1, p., 1 1. Illus., dlagrs. 19-. (Bibllotheque de pnllosophle 
sclentiflque. Directeur: Paul Gaul tier) 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Plants — Metabolism. i. Title. 

[Full name: Henri Ernest Colin] 
QK881.C64 A F 47-616 

© 30Dec45; lc 8May46; Ernest Flammarion; AF1354. 

Collas, Clare. 

A penny for the guy, a real story, by Clare Collas ... illus- 
trated by Dod Procter, b. a. London, P. Davies [1945] 

3 p. 1., 225, [1] p. col. front, Illus. 19". 

"First published 1945." 

Pub. 26Novij.5; lc 27JanJ^6; author, Lon- 
don; AI 65. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cofle, Henry. 

Heritage of pharmacy in Asia, by Henry Colle ... r San 
Francisco?] "1946. 

2 v. In 1. map. 28". 

Includes bibliographies. 

Contents. — v. 1. India, Persia, and the Islamic world (Arabia) — ▼. 2. 
China, Russia, Japan, Korea, the Dutch East Indies. 

© |9Mu46) author, San Franeieooj A2257. 

Collens, William S 1897- 

The modern treatment of diabetes mellitus, including practi- 
cal procedures and precautionary measures, by William S. Col- 
lens . . . and Louis C. Boas . . . Springfield, 111., C. C. Thomas, 

xx, 514 p., 1 1. incl. front, illus. (part col.; incl. ports.) diagrs. 24". 

"First edition." 

"Collens diet calculator devised by William S. Collins ... 2d ed. 1946" 
In pocket. 

©lOJunlj.6; Charles C. Thomas, publisher 

see Colette, Sidonle Gabrielle, 1873- 

Collette, Elizabeth, 1888- ed. 

Beyond the seas, by Elizabeth Collette ... Tom Peete Cross 
... [andj Elmer C. Stauffer ... Boston, New York t etc.) Ginn 
and company ( 1946j 

x, 566, [1, p. col. front, illus. (Incl. maps) col. plates (1 double) 
24". (On oover: The World In literature) 

Includes songs with music (unaccompanied melodies) 

Includes bibliographies. 

1. Readers and speakers — 1870- \ 1. Cross, Tom Peete, 1879- 
Jolnt ed. n. Stauffer, Elmer Clayton, 1885- Joint ed. m. Title. 

PE1121.C63 808.8 46-8228 

© 29Aug46; editors, Pittsburgh, Aylett, Va., Chicago; 

Collette, Elizabeth, 1888- ed. 

Within the Americas, by Elizabeth?" 
Collette ... Tom Peete Cross ... [and] 
Elmer C. stauffer ... Boston, New 
York [etc.] Ginh and company [19^6] 

2 p.l., iii-ix, 539, [1] P. incl. 
col. front., illus. (incl. ports., 
maps) col. plates. ( Half - title ; 
The World in literature) 

Includes music (unaccompanied 
Includes bibliographies . 

,<D 9Maylj.6; editors, Pittsburgh, 
Aylette, Va., and Chicago; A5672. 

Collier, firm, publishers, New York. 

(1946. P. F. Collier <& son corporation) 

Collier's World atlas and gazetteer; a comprehensive geo- 
graphical, physical, commercial and historical presentation of 
the world, by means of a complete series cf maps in full color, 
explanatory text, tables, statistics, charts, and an encyclopedic 
gazetteer of towns and cities of all countries ... New York, 
P. F. Collier & son corporation [1946j 

888 p. Incl. 166 maps (part col.) illus., tables, diagrs. (part col.) front 

Relief map of the world on Unlng-papers. 

© revisions, ll^eplj.6; publisher; 

Collier's, the national weekly. 

I meet such people 1 A careful collection of more than 200 
carefree cartoons, edited, and with revealing text, by Gurney 
Williams. New York, Farrar, Straus and company, inc., 1946. 

128 p. Ulus. 26jx20J m . 

"Colled from recent Issues of Collier's weekly.'*— Dost Jacket 

L American wit and humor, Pictorial. 
ed. n. Title. 

L Williams, Gurney, 1908- 

NC1428.C66 1946 741.5 46-7966 

© 3lOct46 ; editor, New York; A682& 

Collier's photographic history of world war n; over eight 

hundred pictures with twenty pages in full color. Album ed. 

New York, P. F. Collier & son corporation 1 194^ 

270, ( 2) p. Illus. (part col., Incl. ports.) 26Jx391«". 

"Rand McNally special map of the world" on lining-papers. 
'Copyright 1946." 

Pttb. 29Jan4«; P. P. Collier ft son corp.. New 
TorkjA 1143; new natters new and retiaed 
text material. 

Collier's photographic history of world war n; action and 
events in all theaters recorded by camera and arranged in 
sequence. New York, P. F. Collier & son corporation t 1946] 

272 p. Illus. (part coL, Incl. ports.) 37 x 29". 

Q lQJull|6; publisher; A3?83 . 

... Collier's year book, [I9I4.6] cover- 
ing events of the year 19U-5, prepared 
by leading authorities under the 
supervision of Charles P. Barry ... 
New York, P. F. Collier [I9J4.6] 

©29Mayi4.6; P. F. Collier 1 & son corp- 
oration, New York; A3675. 

[Collin Delavaud, Marie (Moreal de 

Brevans)] I895-I938. 

Histoire du tigre an bois; conte 
de tiarie Colmont [ pseud . ] Images d* 
Andre Paul ... [Paris] Flamnarion, 

c i9i+5. 

[24] p. illus. 16 1/2 x 19cm. 
(Albums du pere Castor) 

© 15Decfi5: lp lMarlj.6; Ernest 
Flammarlon; AF5IJ.3. 

[Collin Delavaud, Harie (I'lorSal de 

Brevans)] 1895-1938. 

Poulet des bois, conte de Marie Col- ; 
mont. [ pseud. ] Dessins d'Andre" Paul;.. 
[Paris] Flammarion, C 19U5» 

[21+] p. illus. 16 1/2x18 l/2 cm . 
( albums du p§re Castor) 

© 13Decl4.5; lc lliarl|6; Ernest Flamma- 
rion; AF552. 

Collins, Alan Copeland, 1902- 

The story of America in pictures, arranged by Alan C. 
Collins; introduction by Claude G. Bowers. New York, Dou- 
bleday & company, inc., 1946. 

xlv p., 15-471 p. of Illus. (Incl. ports., facslms.) 23J-. 

©revisions. 22Auglj.6; 2c l6AugU6; 
publisher; A54J+6. 

Collins, Archie Frederick, 1869- 

Science for young men, by A. Frederick Collins . . . With 146 
diagrams and illustrations. New York, London, D. Appleton- 
Century company, incorporated ( 1946j 

vUl p., 2 1., 257 p. Illus., diagrs. 20-. 

© lMar4« 5 2o l«Feb46 t publisher, Hew York: A1S88. 

Collins, Frederick Lewis, 1882- 

Money town, the story of Manhattan toe: that golden mile 
which lies between the Battery and the fields, by Frederick L. 
Collins. [New York] G. P. Putnam's sons t 1946j 

vUI, 827 p. col. front, plates. 22-. 

Plan on lining-papers. 

1. New York (City)— Hist. 2. Wall street. 1. Title. 

F12&3.C7 974.71 46-8828 

© 8Nov46 ; 2c 5Nov46 ; author, West Falmouth, Mass. ; A8507. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Collins, George William. 

Intermediate accounting, by George 
William Collins ... assisted by the 
staff of the Department of accounting 
of Northwestern university ... 3d ed. 
New York, The Ronald press company [I9I+6] 

1 v. (Complete accounting course, 
David Hlramelblau, editor, [v. l±] ) 

©100ct46j Northwestern univ., Evan- 
ston, 111.; A6J+00. 

Collins, Howard N 

Your literary I. Q. [by] Howard Collins. New York, Thomas 
Y. Crowell company t 1946) 

vili p., l L, 86 p. 19J" 

On cover : Tests of your Intelligence and memory, ftom the Saturday 
review of literature. 

1. Questions and answers— Literature. T- Title. 

AG195.C57 793.73 46-8090 

© lOct46 ; author, Ann Arbor, Mich. ; A6559. 

Collins, Norman, 1907- 

London belongs to me, by Norman Collins . . . London, Col- 
lins, 1945. 

G39p. 20*-. 

"Flrst impression, October, 1945. Second impression, December, 1945." 

I. Title. 

[Full name: Norman Richard Colllnsj 

PZ3.C6958Lm 47^26 

Pub. 290ct45 ; lc 5Nov46 ; author, Nicholas Way, Northwood, 
Middlesex, Eng. ; AI 516. 

Collins, Virginia Grant, I89I4.- 

The cricket and the star, poems by Virginia Grant Collins. 
t East Orange, N. J., Abbey printing company, 1946] 

r. 120 p., 11. 22i~. 

© 5Auglj.6; author, East Orange, N.J.; 

Collins publications company. 

[Collins' business record] Newark, 
N. J., c i9U-6. 

l v. 27 l/2x37 cm . 

Title from cover. 
Loose-leaf record book. 

© 19Sepl}.6; Collins publications co., 
Newark, N. J.; A6205. 

Collins publications company. 

Collins 1 special service station 
record. Newark, N. J., c ljL\.(>, 

1 v. 27 l/2x37cm. 

Title from cover. 
Loose-leaf record book. 

© 19Sepk6; Collins publications co., 
Newark, N. J.; A620lj.. 

Collodi, C, pseud . 
see Lorenzini, Carlo, 1826-I89O. 

Collot, Pierre. 

KG; trente-quatre lithographies originales de Pierre Collot 
... presentees par Jean Muray ... Paris, Tiranty [1946] 

(27| p., 1 1. IncL front xmv pi. 33™. 

"Copyright 1845." 

"Les dessins que Pierre Collot, prlsonnier de guerre evaded a rapportes 
d'AUemagne apres quarante-deux mols d'exil." — p. (7j 

1. World war, 1939-1645— Pictorial works. r. Muray, Jean. 

Colman, Elizabeth. 

Chinatown, U. S. A.; text and photographs by Elizabeth 
Colman . . . New York, The John Day company t 1946] 
31, [88] p. lllus. 21J 1 181". 
"An Asia press book." 

© 19AugI).6; 2c 2l;Junl|.6; author, New 
York; A5515. 

Cdlmont, Marie, pseud , 
gee Collin Delavaud, Marie (Moreal de 
Brevans) I895-1938. 

Colomb, Catherine. 

. . . Chateaux en enf ance. Lausanne, La Guilde du livre ( 1946j 
244, [1| p., 1 1. lncl. mounted plates. 22". 
"fidltion origlnale." 

© 8l.laylj.5j lc 26?eblj.6; publisher; A?l652. 

Colombi, Hugo Paul, 1901- 

It's time for actionl A plan for real 
social security through full employment. 
Rev. ed., including Taxation for pros- 
perity ... New York, S. F. Vanni [I9I1-6] 

l £., 57, [l] p. I8 cm . 

© l6Marlj.6; author, New York; Alj.276. 

[Colombo, Franco] 

... Xmas cards production 19I4.6. 
Milano, A. & R. Lotteri, Edizioni 
d»arte, CI9I4.6. 
li-6 \. t incl. plates. 11 1/2 x 32cm. 

© lOcti+6; author, Milan; AF51I1.5. 


Sup reme court . 

and determined in the 

NE2451.C6M8 763 

Pub. 18 Apr46 ; Editions Tiranty ; AE2250. 


Cases arguec 
Supreme court of the state of Color- 
ado . .. Newton C. Garbutt, reporter, 
v. II2-III4.. Denver, The A. B. Hirsch- 
field press, I9I4.6. 

© v. 112, 12Aprlj.5, v. 113, lODeel^, 
v. lllj., 20Aug46; v. 113, 2c 5Junlj.6; 
State of Colorado, Denver; A2833, 
A368I4., A3885. 

Colt, Clem, pseud . 
see Nye, Nelson Coral, 1907- 

Colt, ^artin, pseud . 
see Epstein, Samuel, 1909- 

[Columbia broadcasting system] 

... Radio alphabet. New York, Hastings house, 1946. 

2 p. i., 85 p. col. lllus. 21". 

At head of title : A glossary of radio terms. 

"Copyright ... by the Columbia broadcasting system, inc." 

"Edited by Paul Eesten, Paul Holllster, Robert Strunsky ( and others]" 

© 15Febl4.6; Columbia broadcasting 
system, inc., New York; A3l|.02. 

Columbia university. 

Columbia university honorary degrees awarded in thfo years 
1902-1945; appreciations by Nicholas Murray Butler, twelfth 
president of Columbia university. t New Yorki Columbia uni- 
versity press, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 301, (1, p. 22". 
"University medals" : p. 248-276. 

©additions, ll+Oct^; 2c l4.0ctl|6; pub- 
lisher: A92lk, 

1. Columbia university — Degrees. 2. Columbia university — Registers. 
i. Butler, Nicholas Murray, 18«2- n. Title, m. Title : Honorary 

degrees, Columbia university. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Columbia university. 

Introduction to contemporary civili- 
zation in the West; a source book, pre- 
pared by the Contemporary civilization 
staff of Columbia college, Columbia 
university ... New York, Columbia 
university press, 19^6. 

2 v. 2k cm . 

Earlier editions have title: Con- 
temporary civilization source book. 

© v. 1, 7Febl|_6; v. 2, l8NovM>; pub- 
lisher; -A1217, A9216. 

Columbia university. Committee on college plans. 

A college program in action, a review of working principles 
at Columbia college, by the Committee on plans. New York, 
Columbia university press, 1946. 

3d, 175 p. 20". 

Edited by Jacques Barzun. 

©20May[(.6; 2c 5Maylj.6; publisher; A319I4.. 

Columbia university. Statistical research group. 

... Sequential analysis of statistical data: Applications. 
Prepared by the Statistical research group, Columbia univer- 
sity, for the Applied mathematics panel, National defense re- 
search committee, Office of scientific research and development. 
[New York] Columbia university press [1945] 

1 v. tables, dlagrs. 29i". 

Title from cover. 

At head of title: SRG report 255 (revised) ..." AMP report 30.2R 

©27Novi;5; 2c 30Deci|5; Trustees of 

Columbia university, New York; A$20. 

Colver, Alice Mary (Ross) 1892- 

Three loves are mine, a novel by Alice Ross Colver. Phila- 
delphia, Macrae-Smith-company, 1946. 

239 p. 20-. 

x. Title. 

PZ3.C7253TJ 46-8402 

© 18Nov46; 2c 14Nov46; author, Tenafly, N. J.; A8679. 

Colyer, Lucile (Nickerson) 1890- 

... Thy neighbor. . . by Lucile Colyer. Los Angeles, 
Calif., Willing publishing company [1946] 

128 p. lncl. front. ( port ) tllua. 24". 

L Title. 

PS3505.O385T5 811.5 

© 15Nov46; author, Los Angeles; A8638. 


... Combats sur mer; preface du vice-amiral A. Lemonnier ... 
Paris, Editions France-empire t 1945j 

2 p. 1., [7r-242, [2j p. 181*". (On cover: Collection "Mers et outremer") 
At head of title : Jean Raynaud ,-etc. i 

Contents. — La route da fer est coupee, par Jean Raynaud. — La 
batallle des "codvoLb," par Jean Levasseur. — La liberation de la Cone, 
par A Lepotler. — Une histolre de la 10* division de crolseurs legers, par 
Jacques Oger. — Le detoarquement de Provence, par Jean Renou. 

1. World war, 1868-1945— Naval operations, French. 2. World war; 
1939-1945 — Personal narratives, French. x. Raynaud, Jean. 

D779.F7C6 940.545944 47-16753 

© 30Sep45 ; lc 8May46 ; publisher ; AT1355. 

Combot, Yves. 

... Les hommes lacustres; illustre 
par Dupuy-Pranck. Paris, Editions du 
Seuil [I9I4.5] 

[31-188 p. illus. 19cm. 

©20Deci;5; lc lMarl|6; publisher; 

Combs, Estelle H 

Poems about this and that, by Estelle H. Combs. New 
York, The Paebar company, 1945. 

8 p. L, 84 p. 20J-. 

(© 5Apr56; publisher; A5121. 

Comert, Marguerite. 

Nelly, roman de l'au-dela. Toulouse 
[etc.] Chantal [19U4) 

169 p. 18 l/2cm. 

© 30Deci4i|; lc JOOctl^- Editions 
Chantal, Paris; AP3lj.8. 

Comfort, Florence Crocker. 

Time turns under, by Florence Crocker Comfort. Prairie 
City, 111., The press of J. A. Decker, 1945. 

132 p. 22-. 

© 12Aug46j 2c 23Feb4«; E. D. Comfort, Chicago, 

Comfort, Mildred Houghton, 1888- 

Meet Tom Cooney, by Mildred Houghton Comfort; verses 
by Edward Collins Downing . . . Minneapolis, The Lund press, 
inc., 1945. 

164 p. lncl. front, (port.) Illus. 22-. 

"Special edition limited to five hundred copies." 

"This story of the life of Tom Cooney Is presented in autobiographical 

© 7Dee46| 2c 28Jan4«; author, St. Paul) A562. 

Comin, Donald. 

Onion production, by Donald Comin . . . New York, Orange 
Judd publishing company, inc., 1946. 

186 p. illus. 20}-. 
"References" : p. 181-184. 

© 3OJUII4.6; publisher; A3679 . 

Cornish, Newel Howland, 1888- 

Small scale retailing, by Newel Howland Comish ... Port- 
land, Or., Binfords & Mort ,1946j 

397 p. dlagrs. 22J-. 
Blbllographlcal foot-notes. 

© 27<Jun4b; author, Eugene, Or.; A3651. 

... Commentarius cantabrigiensis in 
epistolas Pauli e s-chola Petri Abaelardi 
... by Arthur Landgraf. Notre Dame, 
Ind., [University of Notre Dame] 19^-5 
[i.e. I9J+6] 

~ 7 £., 653-8614- p. 23 l/2 cm . (Pub- 
lications in mediaeval studies, The 
University of Notre Dame; editor: P. S. 
Moore, II [v. Il] ) 

© 5Marij.6; 2c 15Febij.6; University of 
Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind.; Al'jhS • 

Commerce clearing house. 

Blue sky law reporter. State blue 
sky laws, legal investment laws, 
regulations-- forms, lists. New York, 
Chicago [etc.] Commerce clearing 
house, inc., c 19lj-6. 

2 v. 25° m . 


On cover: Topical law reports. 

© 26Junij.6; publisher,, Chicago; A.5189. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Commerce clearing house. 

CCH automobile cases ... the full 
texts of all higher court decisions, 
state and federal, in insurance and 
negligence cases involving automobiles, 
with case table and index. v. 23. 
Chicago, I9I4-6 . 

1 v. (Insurance case series) 

© 13MarM>; Commerce clearing house, 
inc., Chicago; A1733. 
Commerce clearing house. 

CCH federal tax course, I9I4.6 - 194-7 > 
by George T. Altman ... New York, 
Chicago [etc., 19^6] 


With Teacher's manual. 
© 19Augl^6; Commerce clearing house, 
Chicago; A59&5* 

Commerce clearing house. 

CCH life cases (including health 
and accident) v. .10. Chicago, 
19W. , 

1 v. (Insurance case series) 

© 6MarL|.6; Commerce clearing house, 
inc., Chicago; AI532. 

Commerce clearing house. 

CCH tax court memorandum de- 

©Commerce clearing house, inc., 

v. 1, 20ci46; A61p-7. 
v. 2, 10Jullj.6; AJjl^. 
v. ?, 6Junk§; AMoJ. 
v. ht 22Juli|.6; A5lj.53. 

Commerce clearing house. 

Federal administrative procedure. 2d ed. Practice and 
procedure before federal agencies . . . Chicago, New York [etc.] 
Commerce clearing house, inc., 1946. 

2 r. Illus., forms, dlagrs. 25 x 23}". 

Loose-leaf ; to be kept up to date by current reports. 
Includes official publications of eacb agency. 

©22Marlj.6; publisher; A9ip-9» 
Commerce clearing house, inc. 

Federal carriers cases, v. [|_ ... 
New York [etc.] 19I4.6. 

© 12Marl;6; Commerce clearing house, 
Chicago; AI993. 

Commerce clearing house. 

Federal estate and gift tax reporter. 
Laws, regulations, rulings, and deci- 
sions, completely organized and anno- 
tated, currently supplemented and 
thoroughly indexed. New York, Chicago, 
[etc.] Commerce clearing house, inc., 

1 v. 25 l/2 cm . 


On cover: Topical law reports. 

© 5Augi4_6; Commerce clearing house, 
Chicago; A5188. 

Commerce clearing house* 

Federal tax guide. 19^6. 
New York, Chicago [etc.] C 19U5. 


(£) 3Novl;5; Commerce clearing house, 
inc., Chicago; A125J. 

Commerce clearing house. 

Federal tax guide, 19U-7 • 
New York, Chicago [etc.] 6 19i<.6. 


© 29Novi|.6; Commerce clearing house, 
inc., Chicago; ASIC'S. 

Commerce clearing house. 

Federal tax guide service. 
Chicago [etc.] CI9I15. 



© 3Novi(.5; 2c 3 Ma yl|-6; Commerce clear- 
ing house, inc., Chicago; A3227. 

Commerce clearing house. 

Food, drug, cosmetic law reporter. 2d ed. Laws, regula- 
tions, rulings, and decisions completely organized and anno- 
tated, currently supplemented, and thoroughly indexed ... 
New York, Chicago ( etc, Commerce clearing house, inc., c 1946. 

2 v. 25i x 23J™. ( On cover: Topical law reports) 


First edition, 1938-42, has title : Food, drug, cosmetic law service. 

Contents. — v. 1. Federal laws. Index. — v. 2. State laws. Product 

© l8Decl+6; publisher, Chicago; A9391. 

Commerce clearing house . 

Government contracts reporter. 
Chicago, I9I4.6. 

2 v. 


© 28Febl^.6; Commerce clearing house, 
inc., Chicago; Alli.51. 

Commerce clearing house, 

... Labor cases, v, 10... A selective 
reporter of decisions rendered by feder- 
al and state courts throughout the 
United States on federal and state labor 
problems with case Cable and topical in- 
dex. New York, Chicago [etc,] 19U&. 

"Court decisions reported from June 
22, 19i|5, throu-h April 11, I9F1.6." cf . 

© 150c tl)6; Commerce clearing house, 
inc., Chicago; Ao51l4-. 

[Commerce clearing house] 

Payroll tax guide . . . Chicago 
[etc., 1946] 

On cover: Topical law reports. 

© 9Maylj.6; Commerce clearing house, 
inc., Chicago; AI4.I71. 

Commerce clearing house. 

Pennsylvania tax reporter; state and 
local, all taxes ... all taxables ... 
New York, Chicago [etc.] Commerce clear- 
ing house, inc., c 19l4.6. 

3 v. 25 1/2™. 


© 15Augij.6; publisher; A5335. 

Commerce clearing house. 

Standard federal tax reporter . . . 
v. 1. Chicago, I9U5. 

Loose-leaf. (6v. - 1-3, 3A , 4 & index) 
©V13Decl4-5; 2c llJanlj.6; Commerce clear- 
ing house, Chicago; AI4.U3. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Commerce clearing house. 

.., Standard federal tax reporter. 
I9I4.7. [v. I-I4. and index] Chicago, 
New York [etc.] Commerce clearing 
house, inc., c 19l4.6. 

5 v. in 10. 


© revisions, 1+Decl|.6; publisher; 

Commerce clearing house. 

U. S. Supreme court docket. 0cto~ 
ber terms, f lji>-'lj.7. Chicago, CI9J4.6. 


© 110ctl4.6j Commerce clearing house, 
inc., Chicago; A6029. 

Commerce clearing house. 

... U. S. tax cases, v. l|5-2 - I4.6-I... 
New York, Chicago Letc, c 19k6] 

©v. lj.5-2, 22May]+6, v. ij.6-1, ll+Nov!^; 
Commerce clearing house, inc., Chicago: 
A5187, A839I;. 

Commercial education association of the 
City of New York and vicinity, New 

York . 

Business education in transition, 
fifteenth yearbook, 19I4I4.-I9IJ.5 . . . Char- 
lotte Deegan Chickering, editor. New 
York, Commercial education association 
of the city of New York and vicinity 

"Copyright 19^5. " 

Pub. 28janlj.6; publisher; A1395. 

Committee for economic development. 

... Jobs and markets, how to prevent inflation and depression 
in the transition, by Melvin G. de Chazeau, Albert G. Hart, 
Gardiner C. Means t and others] ... 1st ed. New York and 
London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xl, 143 p. 23". (IU Research study) 

On spine : C. E. D. research staff. Jobs and markets. 

© 20Mar46; Committee for economic de- 
velopment, New York; A201I4.. 

Committee on cooperation in Latin America. 

Indians of the high Andes: report of the commission ap- 
pointed by the Committee on cooperation in Latin America to 
study the Indians of the Andean highland, with a view to 
establishing a cooperative Christian enterprise. W. Stanley 
Rycroft, chairman of the commission and editor of the report. 
New York, Committee on cooperation in Latin America, 1946. 

xlil, 330 p. incl. front, (map) plates. 221". 

Includes bibliographies. 

©2b,Jullj.6; publisher; A3659. 

Committee on tuberculosis in industry. 

Industry, tuberculosis, silicosis and compensation, a sym- 
posium. Current papers for physicians and administrators 
interested in industrial medicine and workmen's compensation, 
prepared by Committee on tuberculosis in industry of the 
National tuberculosis association and American Trudeau so- 
ciety, Leroy U. Gardner, m. d., editor. New York, National 
tuberculosis association, 1945{ i . e . 1 94-6] 

4 p. L. 126 p. illus. (Incl. dlagrs.) 23J-. 

"Beferences" at end of some of the chapters. 

Commonwealth club of California, San Francisco. 

The population of California, a report of a research study 
made by authorization of the Board of governors of the Com- 
monwealth club of California . . . San Francisco, Parker print- 
ing company, 1946. 

xi, 235 p. incl. tables. 23"". 

© l4.Junl4.6; publisher; A3322. 

© l6Sepl4.6; author; A6356. 

Communist International. 

Blueprint for world conquest, as outlined by the Communist 
International, with an introduction by AVilliam Henry Cham- 
berlin. Washington, Chicago, Human events, 1946. 

7 p. 1., 263, [li p. 234™. 

Erratum slip inserted. 

© 20SepLr6; Human events, inc., 
Chicago; A0J4.06. 

Comnene, Marie Anne, 1897- 

... France, roman. 9. ed. [Parisj Gallimard [1945] 
282 p., 1 1. 21-. 

© lOjullt-5; lc 300ctl4-5; Libra irie 
Gallimard; AP279. 

Compendium of official life insurance 
reports ... 58th annual ed., 19M>. 
Philadelphia, The Spectator [1946] 

© 10Sepl;6 : Chilton co., inc., Phila- 
delphia; A3869. 

The Composite catalog of oil field and 
pipe line equipment, 15th ed. 
(I9I4.6-I4.7) ... Houston, Tex., The 
Oil weekly, a Gulf publishing company 
publication, 019^6. 
2 v. illus., diagrs. 2b l/2cm. 

© 17Dec46; Gulf publishing company, 
Houston, Tex.; A7q.00 . 

The Comprehensive pictorial encyclopedia. Editor-in-chief 
and American editor, Nella Braddy. British editor, Law- 
rence H. Dawson. European editor, Dr. Richard Frieden- 
thal. Introduction by John Erskine. Revisions by William 
Hendelson. New ed., rev. by Robert E. Sherman. With 32 
pages of illustrations and maps in full color. Cleveland, 
New York, The World publishing company ( c 1942j 
xvll, 1262 p. illus., col. plates, maps. 24™. 
First edition, 1934, published under title : Facts. 

© 250etl+2; 2c 8Aprl4.6; Doubleday, 
Doran & co., inc., Garden City, N. Y.; 

The Comprehensive pictorial encyclopedia. Editor-in-chief 
and American editor, Nella Braddy. British editor, Law- 
rence H. Dawson. European editor, Dr. Richard Frieden- 
thal. Introduction by John Erskine. Revisions by William 
Hendelson. New ed., rev. by Robert E. Sherman. With 32 
pages of illustrations and maps in full color. Cleveland, 
New York, The World publishing company ( 1943] 
xvll, 1262 p. illus., col. plates, maps. 24™. 
First edition, 1934, published under title : Facts. 

© 250ctli.3; 2c 8Aprl4.6; Doubleday, 
Doran & co., inc., Garden City, N. Y. ; 

Comstock, Dora (Hagemeyer) 
3ee Hagemeyer, Dora, 189I- 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Conant, W H 

Business administration ; the art of management, by W. H. 
Conant ... New York, Chicago ( etc., The Gregg publishing 
company ( 1945j 

vl, 839 p. front., plates, dlagrs. 21". 

© 13Dco46| 2e 24J*n4«j publisher, H«w Xorki 
A 645. 

Condoide, Mikhail Vladimir, I898- 

Russian- American trade, a study of the Soviet foreign-trade 
monopoly. By Mikhail V. Condoide ... Columbus, O., The 
Bureau of business research, College of commerce and admin- 
istration, the Ohio state university ( 1946, 

rill, 160 p. tables (2 on fold !•) dlagrs. 234". 

Bibliography : p. 150-154. 

© 6Sepij.6: Ohio state university, 
Columbus; A826I4.. 

Condroyer, Emile. 

... Malgorn le baleinier^ illustrations en couleurs de Pierre 
Watrin ... Paris, Les Editions de la nouvelle France ( 1946j 

S p. L, [ll|-269, ,2, 
t No.36,) 

p. col. lllus. 191rl4i~. ("La Vie exaltante." 

l Title. 

PQ2605.O46M3 843.91 

© 12Apr46; publisher; AF2086. 


Conference on diagnosis in sterility, New York, 1945. 

Proceedings. Conference on diagnosis in sterility, sponsored 
by the National committee on maternal health, January 26-27, 
1945, New York city. Edited bv Earl T. Engle. Springfield, 
HI., C. C. Thomas, 1946. 

xi, 237 p. illus. (incl. dlagrs.) 231". 

"Flrst edition." 

On spine : Diagnosis In sterility. 

Includes bibliographies. 

©20Juli|6; National committee on 
maternal health, New York; A3797. 

Conference on research and regional welfare, University of 

North Carolina, 1945. 

Research and regional welfare; papers presented at a con- 
ference on research at the University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill, May 9-10-11, 1945, edited by Robert E. Coker ... 
With a foreword by Louis R. Wilson . . . Chapel Hill, The Uni- 
versity of North Carolina press, 1946. 

xvl, 229 p. 24". (Half-title: The University of North Carolina ses- 
quicentennial publications) 

© 25Mayl+6; publisher; AI1I85. 

1. Research. 2. Southern states. I. Coker, Robert Ervin, 1876- 
ed. n. Title. 

Conference on the scientific spirit 

and democratic faith. 

Papers. 3d. Science for democracy 
New York, King's crown press, I9I4.6. 

© 27Mayli.6; Conference on the scien- 
tific spirit and democratic faith, inc., 
New York; A^3li.5. 

Conference on urban mortgage lending, New York univer- 
sity, 1945. 

Twelve lectures comprising the New York university Con- 
ference on urban mortgage lending, held in New York c i ty ^ 
June, 1945, in cooperation with the Mortgage bankers associa- 
tion of America [by, Homer Hoyt, John Koenig, Arad RWs 
t and others, ... New York city, Fallon law book company; 
Albany, N. Y, New York; city, M. Bender & company, in- 
corporated, 1945 [j.e * 1946] * " 

xl, 306 p. illus. (maps) tables, diagrs. 26". 

© 3Jani|.6; New York university, New 

Confraternity of Christian doctrine. 

A symposium on the life and work of 
Pope x, commemorating the fortieth an- 
niversary of his encyclical "Acerbo ni- 
mis"... prepared under the direction of 
the Episcopal committee of the Confrater- 
nity of Christian doctrine. Preface by 
Most Reverend Amleto Giovanni Cicognani 
... Washington, D. C, Confraternity 
of Christian doctrine, I9J+6 . 

xiii p., 1 J}., 30^ p. col. front, 
(port.) 24 cm . 

"Bibliography, arranged by R. M. 
Huber": p. 297-3OO. 

"References" at end of each chapter 
except one. 

©220ctif6; publisher; A908I. 

Congdon, Herbert Wheaton, 1876- 

Old Vermont houses, by Herbert Wheaton Congdon; illus- 
trations by the author, selected from the Wilbur library col- 
lection. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

xiv, 192, vii, (1) p. col. front., illus. 25i". 

"An outgrowth of the Old buildings project initiated by the Robert HuU 
Fleming museum and sponsored by the James Benjamin Wilbur library 
fund, both of the University of Vermont."— Introd. 

"First published elsewhere 1940 ... New edition, revised and enlarged, 
July 1946." 

© l5Augi4.6 ; 2c lAugJ±6 ; 
Arlington, Vt.; A5I4.6J4.. 

author , 

Conger, Elizabeth Mallett. 

Ships of the fleet, by' Elizabeth Mallett Conger. New York, 
H. Holt and company 1 ( 1946, 

7 p. 1., 178 p. incl. frf/nt, illus. 234". 
"Chapter references" : p. 167-169. 

© 14Jan46; Bsnry Holt * co.. inc.! A491. 

The Congressional. [19^6] vol. 5. 
Washington, D. C, Capitol page 
school, United States Capitol, 

Edited by Christopher C. Larimore. 
©8Jun!|.6; Capitol page school; Ai+568. 

Conil, Madeleine Violet- 
see Violet-Conil, Madeleine. 

Conklin, Groff, ed. 

The best of science fiction, edited with an introduction by 
Groff Conklin. Preface by John W. Campbell, jr. ... New 
York, Crown publishers ( 1946, 

xxviii, 785 p. 22". 
© llFob46» 2e 20Jan46; publish*-; A1024. 

Conn, Harold Joel, 1886- 

Biological stains ; a handbook on the nature and uses of the 
dyes employed in the biological laboratory, by H. J. Conn, New 
York agricultural experiment station, president, Biological 
stain commission; prepared with the collaboration of J. A. 
Ambler, R. W. French, W. C. Holmes, S. I. Kornhauser, F. B. 
Mallory [and, L. W. Sharp. 5th ed., revised with the assistance 
of John T. Scanlan, Anis P. Bradshaw and Mary A. Darrow. 
Geneva, N. Y., Biotech publications, 1946. 

346, [4] p. incl. tables, dlagrs. 21". 
Bibliography : p. 315-338. 

(£) 23Apr46j Biological stain commissi on, Geneva, 
H. Y.i A4605. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Connecticut. Supreme court of errors . 

Cases argued and determined in the 
Supreme court of errors of the state 
of Connecticut ... v. 131; Apr. 19I4I+- 
Apr. I9I+5. By Richard H. Phillips . -. 
Hartford, 19M>» 

© l+Febl+6; Charles J„ Prestia. secre- 
tary of state of the state of Connecti- 
cut, Hartford; A89I+. 

Connecticut reporter, covering cases 
reported in Atlantic reporter. Sec- 
ond series ... L|.0-I[i4- A. 2d ... Bo3 " 
ton, Boston law book co.; [etc.] 194-6 • 

©29Marl+6; West publishing co., St. 
Paul; A?l|)il| . 

Connold, R M. 

The "Faxim" system of copying, 
reducing and enlarging drawings, de- 
signs, plans, maps, etc. without 
measuring or scaling ... 
[London, I9I+6] 

7 cards and celluloid sheet in 
portfolio, 29 1/2 x 25 cm. 

Pub. 12Augl+6; lc 110ctl+6; R.M. 
Connold, London; AI 1+6 5. 

Connolly, Cyril, 1903- 

... The condemned playground; essays: 1927-1944 ... New 
York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

xiti p., 1 1., 287 p. IncT. front. ( port. ) 21- 

"First (American] printing." 

Published abroad in 1945* 
Pub. 9Jull+6; 2c 12Junl+6; author, Lon- 
don; A35 2 5» 

Conrad, Simon. 

Master and model, by Rev. Simon Conrad . . . Westminster, 
Md., The Newman bookshop, 1946. 

123 p. Incl. mounted col. front. 20i'~. 

©9F«b4€s publishsrj A1579. 

Considine, John Joseph, 1897- 

Call for forty thousand [byj John J. Considine, m. m. To- 
ronto, New York, Longmans, Green & company [1946j 

vl p., 1 1., 9-819 p. lllus. (maps) plates, ports. 21i-. 
"Authors consulted" : p. 307-313. "Periodicals" : p. 314. 

1. Spanish America — Descr. & trav. 2. Spanish America — Soc. condlt. 
3. Catholic church In Spanish America. l Title. 

F1409.C74 918 47-143 

© 27Nov46; Catholic foreign mission society of America, 
Maryknoll, N. Y. ; A7309. 

Constantin, Yves George de, baron , 1897- 

... La douleur et la joie. Paris, 
finile-Paul freres [I9i4.ll 

250 p. 19cm. (His La tragedie de 
la defaite) 

At head of title: Yves de Constantin. 

La version originale publiee en 1930 
dans le "Mercure de France" et editee 
chez Plon sous le titre Don Juan-les- 
Pins est desavouSe par l'auteur. 

© 60cti+l; lc 29Augi45; author, Paris; 

Constantin- Weyer, Maurice, 1881- 
L'ame allemande. Paris, B. Grasset t 1945j 
2 p. 1., (7,-147 p., 1 1. 18J-. 
On cover : 3* Edition. 
© 30Dec45; lc 8May46; Editions Bernard Grasset; AF1562. 

Constantin-Weyer, Maurice, l88l- 

. . . Le grand Will, drame historique 
en 3 actes; illustrations de Remy 
H<§treau ... Paris, Editions de la 
nouvelle France, 1945* , 

2 p. &. 9- 21+1+ p., 1 i. . i llus - „ 
19 l/2cm. (Collection "Preferences" 

At head of title: Constantin-Weyer 
et Long worth Chambrun. 

© 27Mayl+5; lc 8Mayl+6; publisher; 
AF1196 . 
Constantino, Samuel August, 1920- 

Tale of the twain, by Sam Constantino, jr. New York, 
London, Harper & brothers ( 1946] 

4 p. 1., 295 p. 21-. 
"First edition." 

© 28Augl+6; publisher, New York; A5836. 

Contenau, Georges, l877~ 

... Les civilisations anciennes du 
Proche-Orient ... Paris, Pres'ses 
universitaires de France, 19l+5« 

128 p. illus. 17- 1/2™. (io ue 
sais-je?" Le point des connaissances 
actuelles. [185]) 

"l re Idition 15 Juillet 19U5 • " 

"Bibliographie sommaire"; p. [126] 

© 15Jull+5; lc lMarl+6; publisher; AF71+3. 

... Contes' bretons, illustr6s par R. 
Joncour. Biarritz, Plumon [19I4I+] 
59 p. illus. 17 1/2™. (Collection 

"Les Beaux oontcs de chez nous 1 ', no. 1+) 

© 50Decl+l+; lc 300ctl+5; Editions E. 
Plumon, Bayonne; AF85. 

Contractors register ... Annual 
ed. v. 33. I9I+6. New York, 

©29Jani+6; Sub-contractors regis- 
ter, inc., New York; A81+1. 

Contrepoints. © Editions de 
minuit, Paris. 

No. 1. Janl±6. © 2Janl+6; 
lc 8Mayl+6; AFI277. 

Converse, Paul Dulaney, 1889- 

The elements of marketing, by Paul D. Converse ... and 
Harvey W. Huegy^ ... 3d rev. ed. New York, Prentice-Hall, 
inc., 1946. 

xvlli, 795 p. Incl. forms, dlagrs. 23J". 
Includes bibliographies. 

1. Marketing. x. Huegy, Harvey Wllborn, 1903- joint author. 
HF6415.C55 1946 658.8 46-8205 

© 7Nov46 ; publisher; A8325. 

Conway, James Franklin. 

Weighed in the balances with Scripture, by His servant, 
evangelist James Franklin Conway. Kansas City, Mo., Brown- 
White-Lowell press [1946] 

246 p. 20*-. 

© 2F«bM| author, lanaas City, Mo. t A891. 

Cook, Alonzo Laker. 

A study of the gospel of Our Savior, 
v. 1. [Independence, Mo., Zion's 
printing and publishing company] I9I+6. 

1 v. front, (port.) 19 cm . 

©v. 1, 7Decl+6; author, Tremonton, 
Utah; A7375. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cook,' Canf ield. 

... The flying wing, by Canf ield Cook, 
illustrated by Cordon Dean Smith. New 
York, Grosaet & Dunlap [19^4-6] 

v, 216 p. incl. front. 19 cm . 

At head of title: A Lucky Terrell 
flying story. 

© l5Jul46; Grosset & Dunlap, inc.; 

Cook, Donald, 1907- 

Ulcer, the primary cause of gastric and duodenal ulcer; diag- 
nosis, medical and surgical treatment, prevention ... Chicago, 
Medical center foundation and fund ( 1946j 

ilii, 187, ( 4) p. Ulna. 22J-. 


© 10Oct46 ; author, Chicago; A7200. 

Cook, Ethel (Henry) 

William Hilton, Pilgrim, by Ethel Henry Cook, b. sc, as- 
sisted by genealogists, historians and descendants; illustrated 
with six full page drawings from photos and material asso- 
ciated with the background -of this family ... Saint Paul, 
Ramaley printing company ^944) 

4 p. 1., 5-157 p. plates, coat of arms. 23}*". 

Alternate pages blank. 
Bibliography : p. 153-157. 
© 27Aug44j 2c 4F«MS; author, St. Paul; A1173. 

Cook, Fannie. 

Mrs. Palmer's Honey, by Fannie Cook. Garden City, New 
York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 280 p. 20i". 
"First edition." 
© 7P«b4«| author, St. Loul*} A938. 

Cook, Glen Charles. 

Farm mechanics text and handbook, by G. C. Cook ... L. L 
Scranton ... and H. F. McColly ... [Danville, 111., The Inter- 
state) 1946. 

744 p. incl. front., illus. (incl. diagrs.) 23J~. 

"Revised and enlarged edition." 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

(S\ 8Junl46: Interstate cr inters & publishers, 
DanVillo, 111.; A3378. 

1. Agricultural engineering. i. Scranton, Laurell Lacey, 1896- 
Jolnt author, n. McColly, Howard Franklin, 1902- joint author, 

m. Title. 

Cook, Marion Belden, comp . 

Children of the U. 57~A. Book 2, 
3 ... Compiled by Marion Belden Cook 
... Hew York, Chicago [etc.] Silver 
Burdett company [I9U5-U6] 

2 ▼. illus. (part col., incl. 
maps ) 20 CB . 

©book 2, 26Declj.5; 2c 29Declj.5; book 
3, i7janl4.cS; publisher, New York; A57, 

Cook, Ramona (Graham) 
see Graham, Ramona 

Cook, William Henry, 1812-1885. 

Letters of a Ticonderoga farmer, selections from the corre- 
spondence of William H. Cook and his wife with their son, 
Joseph Cook, 1851-1885, as edited by Frederick G. Bascom. 
Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell university press, 1946. 

ill p., 11., 134 p. Incl. front, (facslm.) 22-. 

® 21May[j.6; Cornell university, Ithaca, 
N.Y.; AJllji). 

Cooke, David Coxe, 1917- ed. 

Guide to model aircraft, edited by David C. Cooke, illus- 
trated with many photographs and drawings. New York, 
R. M. McBride & company t 1945] 

287 p. Incl. front., illus., diagrs. . 24". 
"First edition." 

© 3lDecl4.5; 2c 6janij.6; publisher; A92. 

Cooke, Elliot Duncan, 1891- 

All but me and thee; psychiatry at the foxhole level ... 
Washington, Infantry journal press ( 1946, 

215 p. 22- 

1st ed. 

© 5Nov46; author, Washington, D. C; A8831. 

Cooke, John Esten, 1830-1886. 

Poe as a literary critic, by John Esten Cooke, edited with an 
introduction and notes by N. Bryllion Fagin ... Baltimore, 
The Johns Hopkins press, 1946. 

x,15p. front, (facslm.) 19 i". 

"A publication of the Edgar Allan Poe society of Baltimore." 

1. Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849. I. Fagin, Nathan Bryllion, 1892- 
.•d. n. Edgar Allan Poe society, Baltimore, m. Title. 

PS2638.C6 811.32 A 46-6081 

© 30ct46 ; publisher ; A6099. 

Cooke, Morris Llewellyn, 1872- 

Organized labor and production; next steps in industrial 
democracy, by Morris Llewellyn Cooke . . . and Philip Murray 
... Rev. ed. ... New York, London, Harper & brothers [1946] 

xvl, 277 p. diagrs. 221-. 

"Notes and references" : p. 266-270. 

© 2^ep^6; publisher, «ew York; A6905- 

Cooke, Sarah Hammond (Palfrey) 1912- 

Winning tennis and how to play it, by Sarah Palfrey Cooke. 
Photographs by George Adams. Garden City, N. Y., Double- 
day & company, inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1.. 247 p. Illus. (Incl. plans) 20-. 
"First edition." 

<g) 25Jul46; 2c 17Jul46; author, New York; 

Cooler, Henry Bell, 1899- 

Freight transportation for profit ( byj Henry B. Cooley ... 
New York, Cornell maritime press, 1946. 

xlx p., 1 1., 206 p. diagrs. (1 fold.) 23J-. 

A companion volume to the author's Transportation management. 

1. Freight and freightage. i. Title. 
HE151.C86 385.24 

© 4Nov46 ; publisher; A8317. 


Cooley, Henry Bell, 1899- 

Transportation management t byj Henry B. Cooley ... New 
York, Cornell maritime press, 1946. 

iv, 183 p. 23i- 

. Transportation. i. Title. 
HE151.C87 387 46-8300 

© 4Nov46 ; publisher; A8864. 

Coolidge, Edgar David, 1881- 

Clinical pathology and treatment of the dental pulp and 
periodontal tissues, by Edgar D. Coolidge ... 2d ed., thor- 
oughly rev. Illustrated with 350 engravings. Philadelphia, 
Lea & Febiger, 1946. 

511 p. illus., col. pi. 24". 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© <jFebl4-6; publisher; A81+2. 

Cooper, Alfred M 

. . . How to conduct conferences. 2d ed. New York, London, 
McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 
lx, 207 p. form, dlagr. 19J-. 

© 6AugI|.6; publisher, New York; A 5^07 . 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cooper, Alfred M 

.... How to supervise people. 2d ed. New York, London, 
McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

ix, 162 p. 19J-. 

© 25 Juni4.6; s publisher, New York: AI4.609. 

Cooper, Anice Page 
see Cooper, Page. 

Cooper, Charles William, 1904- 

Preface to poetry ( by] Charles W. Cooper .... in consultation 
with John Holmes ... New York, Harcourt, Brace and com- 
pany ( 1946j 

xxill,737p. illus. (facsims.) 21™. 
Includes music. 
© 26Mar4«; Harcourt, Brace & 00.. lno.i A2S38. 

Cooper, Dan, I90I4.- 
» Inside your home, by Dan Cooper ... Drawings by Teresa 
Kilham. New York, Farrar, Straus and company, inc., 1946. 
S p. 1., 8-126, ,1, p. col. front, lllus. (Incl. plans) plates. 26"\ 

O 19Jul46; author. New York; A5250. 

Cooper, David Lipscomb, 1886- 

. . . The God of Israel. ( Eev. and enl. ) By David L. Cooper 
... Los Angeles, Calif., Biblical research society, inc. ("1945] 

xi, [1], 164 p. Incl. front (map) fold, dlagr. 20}-. 

Bibliography : p. 164. 
© 29Jua46| 2c S0D»o46j author, Los Angel**; 

Cooper, Herbert John, I89.I- ed . 

Scientific instruments, edited by Herbert J. Cooper ... 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Chemical publishing co., inc., 1946. 

5 p. 1, [9,-305 p. lllus., dlagrs. 22~. 

Bibliography at end of some of the chapters. 

© l6Aug46; publisher; A5338. 

Cooper, James Fenimore, I789-I85I. 

Bas-de-cuir; adaptation nouvelle de 
Charles Tritten; illustrations de Pierre 
Noury. Paris, Flammarion^ [I9I4.O] 

1 p. Jl't 112 p., incl. col. front., 
illus. 26 cm . 

At head of title: Fenimore Cooper, 

© 21Novl;0; lc l6Novl|5; Ernest Flamma- 
rion; AF79. 

Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851. 

. . . Le dernier des Mohicans; tra- 
duction nouvelle par £11 se Rosssig- 
nol, illustrations de Rob d'Ac. 
Grenoble [etc.] B. Arthaud [1914-5] 

31k p. illus. 18 l/2cm. (col- 
lection "Les amis des jeunes") 

© 30Novij.5; lc lMarlj.6; publisher; 

Cooper, Kent, 1880- 

Anna Zenger, mother of freedom, by Kent Cooper. New 
York, Farrar, Straus and company, 1946. 

4 p. I., 3-345 p. 21-. 

1. Zenger, Anna Catherine (Maulln) 1704?-1751— Plctloar % Zenger, 
John Peter, 16807-1746— Fiction. 

PZ3.C78633An 46-7863 

© 15Nov46; author, Irvington-on -Hudson, N. Y; A8251. 

Cooper, Mabel Pyland. 

A lone star gleams; a poem about Texas, the Lone star state 
( by, Mabel Pyland Cooper. (Dallas, E. J. Storm printing co., 

[13! p. 22-. , 

©21Decij.5; 2c 27Marlj.6; author, Dallas; 

Cooper, Morley. 

Cruising to Florida via the intracoastal waterway, by Morley 
Cooper. New York, London, Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill 
book company, inc. [1946) 

vll, 201 p. plates, fold. tab. 23J". 

Map on lining-papers. 

1. Atlantic coast— Descr. & trav. 2. Yachts and yachting— U. S. 
1. Title. 
F106.C77 917-5 46-8562 

© 27Nov46; 2c 26Nov46; McGraw-Hill book co., inc., New 
Cooper, Page, comp. 

Great horse stories, selected by Page Cooper; drawings by 
Paul Brown. Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, 
inc., 1946. 

x p., 1 1., 366 p. lllus. 22-. 
"First edition." 

© ljJIaylf6; 2c 50Apri+6; author, New York; 


Cooper, Page. 

... Navy nurse. New York, London, Whittlesey house, Mc- 
Graw-Hill book company, inc. t 1946] 
x p., 2 1., 226 p. front, plates, ports. 21-. 
"First printing." 

© 25Jan4«j 2o 17Jan4«; MoOraw-rUll book 00., 
ino., Hew Yorki A736. 

Cooper, Virginia M 1897- 

The Creole kitchen cook book, by Virginia M. Cooper ... 
San Antonio, Tex., The Naylor company t 1946] 

xli, 248 p. lllus., plates. 21- 

Revised edition. 

© 30AorA6; publisher; A5064. 

Coordinating research council, inc. Co - 
o rdinating fuel research committee , 
Cft' C 'handbook. l9U& ed. ... Compiled 

by the Coordinating research council. . . 

[New York, Coordinating research council] 


© 6MarU6; Coordinating research coun- 
cil, inc.; A2213* 

Cope, Theodora Morris 
see Stanwell-Fletcher, Theodora Morris 
(Cope) 1906- 

Copeland, Lewis, ed. 

The handy encyclopedia of useful information, edited by 
Lewis Copeland. Research editors: Robert Rahtz, Leonard 
D. Abbott ( andj Paul Doring . . . Philadelphia, The Blakiston 
company c 1946] 

x, 438 p. 21—. (The New home library) 

© 15PeM«j publisher 1 AM61. 

Copeland, Lewis, ed. 

High school subjects self taught, edited by Lewis Copeland 
... Introduction and suggestions for studying by William L. 
Schaaf ... Philadelphia, The Blakiston company ( 1946] 

xxvl, 1254 p. lllus. (incL maps) dlagrs. 22-. 

^Fourth revised edition, October, 1946 ... Formerly published under 
the titles High school self taught and The practical outline of high school 
subjects for home study." , ' 

"Examination questions" and "For further study" at the end, of each 
chapter. "Answers to examination questions" : p. [1189)-1225. 

X. Education, Secondary. 2. Self-culture. 1. Schaaf, William 

Leonard, 1898- n. Title. 

LT305.C6 1946 374.1 46-8041 

© 7Gct46 ; publisher ; A6482. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Copleston, Frederick. 

... A history of philosophy ... By Frederick Copleston ... 
[Londonj Burns, Oates & Washbourne ltd. ( 1946j 

*,5Hf. 22". (Half-title: The Bellarmlne series, pub. by the Jesuit 
fathers of Heythrop college. General editor: B. F. Sutcllffe. ( rsa) 

Series title In part at head of t.-p. 
Bibliography : t. 1, p. 507-816. 

Coirrnrrs. — t. 1. Greece and Home. 

pub. X2Aprk6; lo 28nayU6; Newman book- 
shop, Westminster , Md.f AI 256. 

1. Philosophy— Hist. 

Copleston, Frederick. 

A history of philosophy ... by Frederick Copleston . . . West- 
minster, Md., The Newman bookshop, 1946 . 

lv. 22-. 
"A few books" : v. 1, p. 512-516. 
Contents. — v. 1. Greece and Rome. 

1. Philosophy— Hist. 

B72.C62 109 47-875 

Pub. v. 1, 6Dec46 ; 2c 24Dec46 ; publisher ; A9411. Prev. reg. 
Coppard, Alfred Edgar, 1878- 

Fearful pleasures ( byj A. E. Coppard. Sauk City, Wis., 
Arkham house, 1946. 

xlll, 301, (1) p. 19J-. 
Supernatural tales. 

i. Title. 

PZ3.C792Fe 46-22778 

© 2Nov46; author, Great Easton, Dunmow, Essex, Eng.; 
A 8281. 

Coquart, Soline 

see Sainte-Soline, Claire, 

Coquet, James de, 1898- ed. 

Choses vues et entendues :~1L Daladier 
et le Ge'nSral Gamelin a la Cour supreme 
de Riom. 

(In Les SEuvres libres. Paris [19I4I1.] 
19 cm . no. 227, p. [1931-220) 

© 31Decl4i+; lc 29Augi|5; author, Paris; 
(Coquet, James de, 1898- 

Nous sommes les occupants. Paris, A. Fayard et c" [1945] 

210 p., 2 1. 1SJ-. 

On cover : James de Coquet 

© 22Novl4-5] lc lMarlj.6; F. Brouty, J. 
Payard et c*«., Paris; AF 571. 

Corbett, Elizabeth Frances, 1887- 

Lady with parasol [by] Elizabeth Corbett. Garden City, 
N. Y., Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

4 p. L, 279 p. 20J-. 

"Flrst edition." 

t. Title. 

PZ3.C797Lad 46-8002 

© 7Nov46: author, New York; A8117. 

Corbett, James Edward, 1898- 

... Man-eaters of Eumaon, with an introduction by Sir Mau- 
rice Hallett ... and a preface by Lord Linlithgow ... New 
York & Bombay, Oxford university press, 1946. 

2 p. I, rll-ili, 3-285 p., 1 1. illue., plates, port 21}-. 

At head of title : Jim Corbett 
Hap on lining-papers. 

"First American edition. First published in India In 1944. Second 
printing before publication." 

© 3Jan46j Oxford university press. 
New York, inc., New York; A26lj.. 

Corbett, Percy Ellwood, 1892- 

Britain: partner for peace, by Percy El wood ( «tC] Corbeti. ... 
New York, Harcourt, Brace and company t 1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-177 p. 21- 

Half-title: Institute of International studies, Tale university. 

"First edition." 

Bibliographical references included In "Notes" (p. [163j-168) 

© 2lMsrl4.6; 2o 13Marb,6; Haroourt, Brace 
& co. . inc.; Al88k. 

Corby, Jane 
see Carew, Jean, pseud , 

Corcos, Loris. 

Jonathan Bangs said "No-o-o-o-0-0-0-0 ! ( By] Loris Cor- 
cos. ( New Yorkj Lothrop, Lee and Shepard co. ( 1946] 

i35jp. coMUus. 15x23- 

© 12Auglj.6; author, New York: A5220. 

Corell, Mildred Madeleine 
see Luckhardt, Mildred Madeleine (Corell)l 

Cores, Lucy 
see Cores, Lucy Michaella, I91I4.— 

Cores, Lucy Michaella, 1914- 

Let's kill George, by Lucy Cores. New York, Duell, Sloan 
and Pearce [1946, 

3 p. 1., 3-251 p. 19J-. 

"First printing." 
© 17May46j author, Mew York; A4210. 

Corey, Paul, 1903- 

Acres of Antaeus rbyj Paul Corey. New York, H. Holt and 
company t 1946] 

6 p. L, 3-388 p., 1 1. 21- 

"Flrst printing." 

© 5Sepii6; 2c lSepij.6; author. Cold 
Spring -on-the-Hudson, New York; A8090. 

Corey, Paul, 1903- 

Build a home, by Paul Corey, illustrated with line drawings. 
New York, The Dial press, 1946. 

xlll, 234 p. iUus. (lncl. plans) dlagrs. 19J™. 

© 13Mayij-6j author, Cold Spring-on-Hudson, 
N. Y.; A4123. ■ 

Corey, Paul, 1903- 

Five acre hill, by Paul Corey, illustrated by James Mac- 
Donald. New York, W. Morrow & company t 1946] 

5 p. L, 273 p. lllus. 2V. 

First published in November and December 1945 
issues of Girls today. 

© 3UuU6; 2c 9Jul46; author , Cold Spring- 
on-Hudson, H. I.j A5151. 

Corey, Paul, 1903- 

The little jeep, by Paul Corey, illustrated by Jack Zander. 
Cleveland and New York, The World publishing company 
t 1946] 

51, [1] p. IUus. (part col.) 24J-. 

On cover : A Rainbow book. 
"First published September, 1946." 

© 25Sepl*6; Duenewald printing corp., 
New York; A3959. 

1. Zander, Jack, lllus. n. Title. 

749448 U— 47 10 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

[Corgarroff, Corgarian de] 

... Influence de l'asthme sur l'ceuvre 
de Marcel Proust; preface de Henri Mon- 
dor. Paris, La Nouvelle Idition [19451 

186 p., 1 J}. 19 cm . 

Author's pseud,, Georges Rivane, at 
head of title. 

"Bibliographic": p. [179J-186. 

© 150Ct45; lc lMarl+6; publisher; 
Coriola, pseud. 

... La feuille au vent. Paris, J. Tallandier ( 1946) 

2 p. 1., |7|-265 p. 19". 

I. Title. 

PQ2605.O66F4 843.91 47-15302 

© 22Feb46; Societe d'editions et de publications, Paris; 

Corle, Edwin, 1906- 

Listen, bright angel, by Edwin Corle. New York, Duell, 
Sloan and Pearce [1946] 

Fill, 312 p. Illus. (maps) diagr. 21 J- 

"First edition." 

© 2i|Julij.6; author, Santa Barbara, 
Calif.; A5130. 

Corley, Viola. 

The G I r s traveled Texas. New York, 
Hobson book press, 1945 [i«©» 1946] 

3 J^., IOJ4. p. illus. 22cm. 


©4 Jan 46; author, Del Rio, Tex.; 
Cormack, Maribelle, 1902- 

Underground retreat, by Maribelle Cormack and Pavel By- 
tovetzski, illustrated by Margaret Ayer. New York, Reynal & 
Hitchcock [1946, 

5 p. L, 241 p. illus. 21J-. 

© 19J"ll|6; authors; Providence; A 5331. 

Corman, Louis, 1901- 

... L' education dans la confiance, 
illustrl de 20 portraits par A. Proto- 
pazzi. Paris, Stock (Delaraain et 
Boutelleau) 1§44 [i.e. 1945] 

222, [1] p. illus. 18 l/2 cm . 

^©30Junl|.5; lc 2i|AprIj.6; Editions Stock, 
Delamain et Boutelleau; AF924. 
Cornell, Felix M ed. 

American merchant seaman's manual, for seamen by seamen, 
edited by Felix M. Cornell and Allan C. Hoffman ... 4th ed. 
rev. and enl. New York, Cornell maritime press, 1946. 

xxv, [2, p., 1 1„ 834 p. lncl. front, Illus., tables, diagrs. plates (part 
col., part fold.) 19". _.—•.» >»" 

©l6Sep46; publisher; A3896. 
Cornell university. 

... Abstracts of theses accepted in 
partial satisfaction of the requirements 
for fee doctor's degree, 19ij4-1945 to 
which is appended a list of titles of 
theses accepted in 1944-1945 fortke 
master's degree. Ithaca, N. Y., 1°45" 

©19%, 21Dec45; 2c 17Jan46; 1945 
150ct4o; Cornell university, Ithaca, 
N. Y.; A337. A83J44. 

Cornwallis, Sir William, 1579J-1614. 

Essayes, by Sir William Cornwallis, the younger, edited by 
Don Cameron Allen. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins press, 

xxlll, 265 p. front, (facslm.) 231"". {Htflf-Utle: The Oslerlan texts, 
pub. by the Tudor and Stuart club of the Johns Hopkins university) 

1, Allen, Don Cameron, 1904- ed. 

PR2236.C5A12 824.3 A 47-764 

© 22Nov46; publisher; A8940. 

The Corporation manual ... with 
forms and precedents, classi- 
fied arrangement by John S. 
Parker, kfth ed. , 1946. New 
York, 1946. 

© 6Feb46; Corporation manual co., 
New York; A939. 

Corpus juris; 194^ annotations ... 
Supplementing " and continuing- Cor- 
pus juris 1945 annotations ... 
New York, American law book co., 
2 v. 

© 22Mar46; publisher; A3157. 

Corpus juris secundum; a complete re- 
statement of tae entire American law 
as developed by all reported cases, 
by the editorial staff3 of the Amer- 
ican lav; book co. and West publish- 
ing co. v. 45-47... Brooklyn, N. Y. , 
The American law book co. [1946) 

©v. 45 » 12Jan46, v. 46, l4«Jun46, 
v. 47, 7Nov46; publishor; A698, A4928, 
Corrigan, Barbara. 

Voyage of discovery [by] Barbara Corrigan. New York, 
C. Scribner's sons, 1945. 

-6 p. 1., 302 p. 20-. 

© 12NovIt5; 2o 310otLi5; author, Robles del Rio, 
Calif.} A1101. 

Corrosion of metals [by] C. W. Borgmann, C. P. Larrabee, 
W. O. Binder t and others] ... A series of five educational 
lectures on corrosion of metals presented to members of the 
A. S. M. during the twenty-seventh national metal congress 
and exposition, Cleveland, February 4 to 8, 1946. [Cleve- 
land, 1946, 

2 p. 1., 181 p. Illus., diagrs. 234". 
Bibliography at end of each article. 

© HFeb46; American society for metals, 
Cleveland; A2515. 

Corthis, Andr£, pseud . 
see Lecuyer, Andree (Husson) 1885- 

Corwin, Edward Henry Lewinski, 1885- 

The American hospital [by] E. H. L. Corwin ... New York, 

The Commonwealth fund, 1946. 

xl p., 2 1., 226 p. Illus. (diagrs.) 21 J". (Studies of the New York 
Academy of medicine. Committee on medicine and the changing orderj 

"References" at the end of each chapter. 

© 3JJuH6; publisher; A3737. 


Corwin, Edward Samuel, 1878- 

The Constitution and what it means today, by Edward S. 
Corwin. Princeton, N. J., Princeton university press, 1946. 

xvlil, 263 p. 20J-. 

"Published 1920 ... Eighth edition, 1946." 
"Table of cases" : p. 239-256. 

© 4Mar46; 2c 12Apr46; publisher; A 2261. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 194« 

Cosby, Violet Sturgis, 1905-1925. 

Selected writings of Violet Sturgis Cosby, edited with a 
memoir and notes by Virginia Dousman Bigelow and Paula 
Kurth ... [Saint Paul, Priv. print. ,by the Webb publishing 
company, Book division] 1945. 

xi, 234 p., 1 1. Incl. front, pi., ports., facslms. 22J~. 

"Five hundred copies." 

<S> 30Novi|-5; 2c 8Decli5; Virginia Dousman 
Bigelow, St. Paul; A850. 
Cosgrove, Eugene Milne, 1886- 

The high walk of discipleship, by Eugene Milne Cosgrove. 
Chicago, The Ashram press, 1945. 

1 p., 1 1., 412 p. pi. 23J-. 

Bibliography : p. 411-412. 
<8> 20D»o46| 2c 7Jan46| publisher; A2393. 
Cossetta, Al. 

Natural gestures and postures in speech ( by, Al Cossetta. 
Kansas City, Mo., Natural gestures & postures association 

151 p. Incl. front (port) lllus. 10-. 

© 26jullj.6; author, Kansas City, Mo.; 
Cotard, Henri. 

... La pensee de Claude Bernard. Grenoble, Editions fran- 
chises nouvelles [1944] 

111, ,1, p. 23". f Pour connaitre) 

1. Bernard, Claude, 1813-1878. 1. Title. 

QP26.B5C6 Med 47-555 

© 30Dec44; lc 8Aug46; Editions Bordas, Paris ; > AF1967. 

Cotard, Jean. 

... L'opale de Shezady. Paris, 
BaudiniSre [I9I& } 

2kk p., 1 ». 19 cm. 

© 30Mayij.5; lc lMarl^; Editions 
Baudiniere; AP569. 
Cotard de Bauclas, Helene. 

... Le mort s'est trompe d'etage ... t Paris, Editions fran- 
chises nouvelles, 1945] 

2 p. L, 7-164 p. 18i™. ( Le Boman pollcler moderne) 

At head of title : Helene de Bauclas. 

L Tide. 

PQ2605.O737M6 47-17658 

© 30Dec45; lc 9Aug46; E. F. N., Bordas, Paris; AF1930. 

Cote, Phyllis N 1921- 

The people upstairs, by Phyllis N. Cote, illustrated by the 
author ... Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, 
inc., 1946. 

5 p. L. 214 p. lllUS. 21- 

" Junior books." 
"First edition." 

Appeared aerially in Trails for 
Juniors, July 8-September 23, 194-5 • 

© 19Sapk6; 2c 7Sep^6; author, New 
York; A8II9. 

Cotel, Pierre, 1800-1884. 

Catechism of the vows for the use of religious, by Peter 
Cotel, s. j. Carefully revised and harmonized with the Code 
of canon law, by Emile Jombart, s. J. 2d ed. New revised 
translation of the thirtieth French edition (the fourth since 
the Code) by William H. McCabe, s. j. New York, Boston 
[etc.] Benziger brothers, inc., 1945. I i,« •,• 19^4° ] 

1 d. 1.. v-xv, 17-88 p. 16-. 

"Copyright I9J+5 . n 

Pub, 2lMaylj.6; publisher, New York; 

Cothren, Marion (Benedict) 1880- 

This is the moon (by, Marion B. Cothren, illustrated by Kurt 
Wiese. New York, Coward-McCann, inc. ( 1946, 

5 p. 1., 3-«7 p. lllus. 24J-. 

1. Moon. 2. Interplanetary voyages. 1. Wiese, Kurt, 1887- 
lllus. n. T! tie. 

QB581.C7 523.3 46-8168 

"© 4Nov46 ; author, Westport, Conn. ; A8022. 

Cott, Ted. 

How to audition for radio; a handbook for actors, a work- 
book for students, by Ted Cott . . . New York, Greenberg [1946] 

xiii p., 1 1., 142 p. lllus. 23*-. 

Blbllography : p. 141-142. 

@ 8..1ay4.6; Greenberg: publisher; A4.O64. 

Cotte, Jules, engineer. 

. . . TJn ingenieur f rangais en U. R. S. S. Autrefois et main- 
tenant : la vie, la technique, les resultats, la guerre, U. R. S. S. 
et France. Paris, Calmann-Levy [1946] 

6 p. I., (9|-361, [1] p. Incl. front, illus. (Incl. maps) dlagrs. plates, 
facslm. 21-. 

"References a des ecrlts precedents" : p. (357j 

1. Russia— Descr. & trav. 2. Russia — Econ. condit. — 1918- 
3. World war, 1939-1945— Russia. 1. Title. 

© 30May46; publisher; AF1986. 

Couch, George James, l88l- 

Couch cyclopedia of insurance law. 
19^5 cumulative supplement, v. 1-3, 
by William S. Anderson, assisted by 
publisher's editorial staff. 

© revisions, Lawyers cooperative 
publishing co., Rochester, N. Y. 

v. 1, l8Decl^5; lc 6jan46; lc 7Janlj.6; 

v. 2, l8Decl<.5; 2c 6Janlj.6; A276. 

v. 3, l8Decl4-5; lc 6janlj.6, lc 7Janl±6; 

Couderc, Paul. 

... Le calendrier, par Paul Couderc ... Paris, Presses uni- 
versitaires de France, 1946. 

127, ,1, p. diagrs. 17J-. ("Que sais-je?" Le point des connais- 
sances actuelles. [203]) 


"Bibllographle sommalre" : p. 127. 

© 8Mar)+o; publisher; AF 2105. 

Couderc, Paul. 

... Les etapes de l'astronomie, par Paul Couderc ... Paris, 
Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

127, (1) p. dlagrs. 17J-. ("Que sais-Je?" Le point des connais- 
sances actuelles. [165] ) 

"1™ edition." 

"Bibllographle sommalre" : p. 127. 

<£) 15Jan45; lo 300ct45; publisher; AF284. 

Coudray, Jules, 1878- 

Elements de -commerce, par^J. Couv 
... et L. Maure. ... 6. id. 
Paris, Ounod, 19^-1 • 

1^5 p. 20 cft . (Bibliotheque de 
l'enseignement technique) 

© 2-Janl+lj lc 28DecI).5; publisher; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Coulomb, Jeanne de, l86ij.- 

.... Les souffles du large ... Paris,, 
Gautier-Languereau, l°ij-5» 

255 p. 19 cm . (On cover : Blblio- '• 
thSque de ma f ille ) 

©30Mayi|5; lc 29Auglj.S; Editions 
Gautier-Languereau; AF2IJ.9. 
Coupland, Sir Reginald, 1884- 

Livingstone's last journey, by Sir Reginald Coupland ... 
London, Collins, 1945. 

271 p. illus. (maps) 2 port. (lncl. front.) 22J-. 

Map on lining-paper. 

"Most of this book was written several years ago as a sequel to Kirk 
on the Zambesi." — Pref. 

"Notes and references" : p. [258)-266. 

Pub. 3DecZ;5; lc 3Aprk6; Wm. Collins 
sons & co., ltd.; AI I05. 

Duplicate: Pub. 3Decl|.5; lc l8Sepi|6; 
author, Wootton Hill, nr. Oxford, 
Eng.; AI U67. 
Courant, Pierre. 

... Au Havre pendant le siege; souvenirs du 1" au 12 sep- 
tembre 1944. Paris, A. Fayard [1946] 

91 p., 2 1. front, plates. 19". 

"Edition originate." 

On cover : 5. 6&. 

"An chevet de la ville martyre" : p. [71j-91. 

1. World war, 1939-1945— France— Havre. l Title. 
D762.H3C6 47-17378 

© 15Apr46 ; F. Brouty, J. Fayard & cie ; AF1891. 
Courrier, Robert, 1895- 

Endocrinologie de la gestation, par Robert Courrier ... 
Paris, Masson & c 1 ", 1945. 

ix, [1), 399, [1) p. illus., n pi., dlagrs. 25J". 
"Bibliographle" : p. [345)-396. 

1. Pregnancy. 2. Endocrinology. 1. Title. 
RG551.C6 Med 47-237 

© 30Nov45 ; lc 8May46 ; publisher ; AF1468. 
Courtade, Pierre. 

... Lapensee de Charles Darwin. 
Grenoble, Editions fran9aises nou- 
velles [19J4|.] 

95, [1] p. diagr. 22 1/2 " 1 . 
(Pour connaltre) 

"Bibliographle des principales 
deuvres de Charles Darwin": p. [I4.] 

© 30Declj4i lc 8Augij.6; Editions Bor- 
das. Paris; AFI968. 
Couaoa, siphons 9 

••• Jov««Yal«, A C 

Couture, Emile. 

... De Paris a Montevideo; ou, L' extra- 
ordinaire aventure de deux enfant s. 
Dessins originaux de Sim Bougl6. Paris, 
Socie'tS universitaire d'Sditions et de 
librairie [1914+] 

198 p. illus. 18 l/2cm # 

© IJulijii; lc 29Augi+5; publisher; 
Covarrubias, Miguel, 1904- 

... Mexico south, the isthmus of Tehuantepec ... Paintings 
and drawings by the author, photographs by Rose Covarrubias, 
the author, and others. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

5 p. L, (ixi-xxviii, 427 «. e. 429) ( 8i, vill p„ 1 1. 2 col. front (lncl. fold, 
map) illus. (lncl. maps, plans) plates (part col.) ports. 24i*". 

"A Borzoi book." 

"First edition." 

Bibliography : p. 412-427. 

1. Tehuanfepec, Isthmus of. 2. Indians of Mexico— Tehuantepec 
Isthmus of. 8. Mexico — Antlq. t Title. 

F1359.C6 972.7 46-8111 

© 30Sep46 ; Alfred A. Knopf, inc. ; A8730. 

Covert, Alice Lent, 1913- 

And answer none, by Alice Lent Covert. New York, S. Curl, 
inc., 1946. 

264 p. 19i". 

"A shortened version ... appeared in Redbook magazine."' 

(g) 2LJun4.6; author, McAlester, Okl.; 

Cowen, Ray Howard. 

His perfect recompense; sermons in the service, by Ray H. 
Cowen ... Boston, Meador publishing company t 1946] 

93 p. 20*-. 

Bibliographical references Included in "Notes" (p. 88-92) 
(g) 261pr46t Bdward K. M.ador, Bos ton j A3006. 

Cowles, Edward Spencer, 1879- 

Don't be afraid! How to get rid of fear and fatigue. ( Byj 
Edward Spencer Cowles . . . Foreword by Maurice Maeterlinck. 
New York, Chicago, Wilcox & Follett co. (1946, 

xv, 254 p. dlagrs. 21". * 

First published in 1941 ; revised 1944, 1946. 

© 20Feb46; author, New York: A 3527. 

Cowley, Abigail Wells. 

Under twenty, by Gail Cowley ... Boston^ Meador publish- 
ing company [1946] 

235 p. front (port.) 20 J*". 

® 28Jan4«? Edward K. Uoador, Boston; A19S6. 

Cowley, Gail 
see Cowley, Abigail Wells. 

Cox, Euan Hilihouse Methven, 1893- 

Plant-hunting in China ; a history of botanical exploration in 
China and the Tibetan marches t byj E. H. M. Cox. London, 
Collins, 1945 [ 1#e# 1946 ] 

2 p. 1., 3-230 p. col. front, illus. (maps) xuv pi. (lncl. ports.) on 12 
1., diagr. 22J-. 

Pub. 28Jan46| lo 3Apr46i At. Collins sons A 
company, ltd., London) AI 1*4. 

Cox, Ignatius Wiley, 1883- 

Liberty, its use and abuse, being 
the principles of ethics, basic and 
applied, by Ignatius W. Cox ... 3d cd., 
rev. New York, ^ordharn university press, 
19W. cm 

xii p., 1 0., 14^2 p. 22 . 

© 5Sepl;6; publisher; A38I15. 

Cox, James Middleton, 1870- 

Journey through my years, by James M. Cox. New York, 
Simon and Schuster, 1946. 

xi, 463 p. front (port) 22-. 

1. U. S— Pol. & govt.— 20th cent 1. Title. 

E748.C88A3 , 923.273 47-58 

© 9Dec46; 2c 21Nov46; author, Dayton, Ohio; A9325. 

Cox, Rachel Dunaway, 1904- 

Counselors and their work, a study of one hundred selected 
counselors in the secondary school [by] Rachel Dunaway Cox- 
Philadelphia, 1945. 

x p., 1 1., 248 p. incl. tables. 23J**. 

Issued also as thesis (ph. d.) University of Pennsylvania. 
"Selected bibliography" : p. 239-243. 

Q) 7Jul46j 2e U«n4«j author, Smrttsaor*, P*.f 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cox; Warren Earle, 1895- 

Chinese ivory sculpture, by Warren 
E. Cox ... New York, Crown pub- 
lishers [I9I4.6] 

xiii p., 1 jp., 17-112, [6] p. illus. 
3k 1/2 c& . 

© 10Jan46; 2c 27Declj.5; publisher; 

Coxe, George Harmon, 1901- 

Dangerous legacy [by] George Harmon Coze. New York, 
A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

3 p. 1, 3-231 p., 1 1. 19". 
"First edition." 

Q 26Jul4«{ author, Old Lyme, Conru$ A5166. 

Coxe, Kathleen Buddington, pseud. 

Murder most foul, by Kathleen Buddington Coxe. New 
York, Phoenix press [1946] * 

256 p. 20". 

[Kathleen Buddington Coxe, pseud, of Amelia Reynolds Long 

and Edna MeHugh, 


© 140ct46; publisher; A6257. 


Coxere, Edward, 1633-1694. 

Adventures by sea of Edward Coxere, edited by E. H. W. 
Meyerstein. Oxford, The Clarendon press, 1945. 

xlx, 123, [li p. 4 pi., fold.^neal. tab. 19". 

Map on lining-papers. 

"The manuscript here printed ... was described in Catalogue 609 (no. 
315) of Bernard Quarltch ltd. In June 1943, having been bought by them 
privately in 1940." — Intiod. 

pub. 15Declj.5; lc 10Febl^6; Oxford uni- 
versity press, New Ycrk, inc.; AI 99* 

Coxere, Edward, 1633-1694. 

Adventures by sea of Edward Coxere, a relation of the several 
adventures by sea with the dangers, difficulties and hardships I 
met for several years . . . Foreword by H. M. Tomlinson. Ed- 
ited by E. H. W. Meyerstein. New York & London, Oxford 
university press, 1946. 

xxxvlll, 190 p. incl. geneal. tab. front, (fold, map) facslms. 15J x 121". 

"First American edition." 

"The manuscript here printed ... was described In Catalogue 609 (no. 
315) of Bernard Quarltch ltd. in June 1943, having been bought by them 
privately In 1940."— Introd. 

Pub. 29Nov46; Oxford university press, New York, inc.; 
A9078. Prev. reg. AI 99. 

Coxhead, Nona. 

The heart has reasons, by Nona Coxhead ... New York, 
C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 
6 p. 1., 8-287 p. 20-. 

© 2l4.Junl4.6; author. New York; A5205. 

Coyne electrical school, Chicago. 

Coyne radioman's handbook, a reference and data book ... 
compiled and prepared by the technical staff, Coyne electrical 
school, Chicago. [Chicago, 1946] 

xl,355p. Illus., dlagrs. 18i- 

© lSepIj.6; Coyne electrical school, inc., 
Chicago; A7006. 

Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884- 

Lodging at the Saint Cloud, a tale of occupied Nashville, by 
Alfred Leland Crabb. Indianapolis, New York, The Bobbs- 
Merrill company [1946] 

255 p. 21- 

Map on lining-papers. 
"First edition." 

© 12Apr4fj 2e *7Mar4«j publisher, Indianapolis j 


Crabbe, Ernest Howard, 1896- 

General business, with applied arithmetic, by Ernest H. 
Crabbe... and Paul L. Salsgiver ... 5th ed. Cincinnati, New 
York t etc.] South-western publishing company ( 1946, 

x, 660 p. incl. illus. (part col.; incl. maps) forms, dlagrs. 22-. 

First published In 1927 under title: General business training. 

© 91layi*6; publisher* Cincinnati; a4355« 

Cradock, Elizabeth Carfrae 
see Carfrae, Elizabeth. 

Craig, Clarence Tucker, 1895- ed. 

The challenge of our culture; Clarence Tucker Craig, editor 
... New York and London, Harper & brothers ,1946] 

xl p., 1 1., 205 p. 19i". (The Interseminary series, v. 1) 

Prepared under the direction of Commission i-a of the Interseminary 
committee, C. T. Craig, chairman, of. Pref. 

"Further reading" at end of each chapter except the first. 

© 13Nov46 ; publisher, New York ; A8247. 

Craig, Georgia. 

Four in Paradise, by Georgia Craig. New York, Arcadia 
house, inc., 1946. 

256 p. 19-. 

(fi) llJaMij publisher j A3618. 

Craig, Gerald SpeUman, 1893- 

. . . Exploring in science, by Gerald S. Craig . . . and Beatrice i 
Davis Hurley ... illustrated by Heman Fay, jr., Forrest Orr, 
Thomas W. Voter, and Jacob B. Abbott. Boston, New York 
(etc.] Ginn and company [1946] 

318, [lj p. illus. (part col.; incl. maps, plan) 21—. (Our world of 
science. [V. 4j ) 

© 29Mar4«; publisher, Bostoni A2336. 

Craig, Gerald SpeUman, 1893- 

... Science all about us, by Gerald S. Craig ... and Agnes 
Burke ... Illustrated by David Hendrickson, Jacob B. Abbott 
and Harold Sichel. Boston, New York [etc.] Ginn and com- 
pany [1946] 

159, [1) p. col. Illus. 21". (Our world of science. (V. 1]) 

(5) 5Febl|0; publisher, Boston; Alt£5. 

Craig, Gerald SpeUman, 1893- 

... Science every day, by Gerald S. Craig ... and Sara E. 
Baldwin ... Illustrated by Janet SmaUey, Jeanne McLavy 
and Else Bostelmann. Boston, New York t etc.] Ginn and 
ompany ( 1946] 

251, [1] p. coL illus. 21—. (Our world of science. |T. 3]) 

© 15Apri|.6; publisher, Boston; A5673. 

Craig, Gerald SpeUman, 1893- 

... Science through the year, by Gerald S. Craig ... and 
Etheleen Daniel ... illustrated by Albert Jousset. Boston, 
New York t etc.] Ginn and company t 1946] 

224 p. col. Illus. 21x16—. (Our world of science. ( v. 2j) 
© 90ct46; publisher, Boston; A8184. 

Craig, Gerald SpeUman, 1893- 

... Working with science, by Gerald S. Craig ... and Kathe- 
rine E. Hill ... Illustrated by Harold Sichel, Loretta and 
Prentice Phillips and Alma Froderstrom. Boston, New York 
r etc.i Ginn and company r 1946] 


:, [lj p. illus. (part col., incl. maps) 21—. (Our world of science. 

8Aprl4.6; publisher, Boston; A5676. 

Craig, Hazel Thompson 4 I90J4.- 

Clothes with character, by Hazel Thompson Craig ... and 
Ola Day Rush . . . Rev. ed. Boston, D. C. Heath and company 
t 1946] 

viil p., 1 I, 277, (lj p. illus., plates (2 col.) 21J-. 

^Selected references" at beginning of each unit 

© 20Kay4.6; authors, Edgewood, Pa. and 
Washington, D. C; Aif2$7. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Craig, Samuel G 1874- 

Christianity rightly so called, by Samuel G. Craig . . . Phila- 
delphia, The Presbyterian and Reformed publishing company, 

Slip., 11., 270 p. 20i". . / 

> 20Mayl4.6; publisher; AltfbZ. 

Craigie, Hamilton. 

Hair-trigger hombre, by Hamilton Craigie ... New York, 
Phoenix press [1946] 
256 p. 19*-. 

llFebij.6; publisher; A1020. 

Crampton, Gertrude, 1909- 

Scuffy the tugboat, and his adventures down the river, by 
Gertrude Crampton, with pictures by Tibor Gergely. New 
York, Simon and Schuster [1946j 

[42j p. lllus. (part col.) 20x17". (On eover: The Little golden 
library, 30) 

L Gergely, Tibor, 1900- lllus. n. Title. 

PZ7.C8466Sc 47-260 

© 29Nov46; Simon & Schuster, inc., New York, Artists & 
writers guild, inc., New York; A9015. 

Crandall, Frank Guilford, 1896- 

It's an allergy ... Hollywood [Cal., Murray & Gee, 1946. 
813, [4, p. lllus. 21J-. 

© lOSeplj.6; author, Los Angeles; A3877. 

Crandall, Julie V 

The story of Pacific salmon, by Julie V. CrandalL Port- 
land, Or., Binfords & Mort [1946] 

6 p. 1., 09 (i. 0.681 p. plates. 22-. 

20Peblj.6; publisher; AII456. 

Crane, Clarkson, 1894- 

Mother and son t byj Clarkson Crane. New York, Harcourt, 
Brace and company [1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-244 p. 20V". 
"First edition." 
(g> 24Jan4«i author, Oakland, Calif. t A871. 

Crane, Frances (Kirk wood) 

The cinnamon murder, by Frances Crane. New York, Ran- 
dom house [1946] 

4 p. 1„ 3-244 p. 19J-. 

"Flrst printing." 

© 19AugJ^6; 2 c llAugii.6; author, Lawrence* 
ville, 111.; A5627. 

Crane, Frances (Kirkwood) 

The shocking pink hat t by] Frances Crane, New York, 
Random house [1946] 

3 p. 1., 3-251 p. 19J-. 
"Flrst printing." 

(]3) SOJan4«j 2o 25Jan46; author, L«rrenc«Till« r 
111.) AMI. 

Crawford, Albert Beecher, 1891- 

Forecasting college achievement; a survey of aptitude tests 
for higher education, by Albert B. Crawford ... and Paul S. 
Burnham ... New Haven, Yale university press; London, G. 
Cumberlege, Oxford university press, 1946 . 
lv. illus. (lncl. dlagrs.) tables. 24$-. 

"Publlshed on the Louis Stem memorial fund." 

"References" : p. i274j-287. 

Contents. — pt. I. General considerations In the measurement of aca- 
demic promise. 

© v. 1, 9JUII4.6; Yale university 
press; A630I. 

Crawford, Laura (Macpherson) 

Dear family : the travel letters and reminiscences of Laura 
Macpherson Crawford, edited by Ruth Saunders. Claremont, 
Calif., Priv. print. [Saunders press] 1946. 

rvii, [Si, 359, di p., 1 1. lncl. lllus. (port.) coats of arms. 24-. 

"First edition, 250 copies ... printed." 

© 12Juli).6; Saunders press; A5958. 

Crawford, Percy Bartimus. 

Whither goest thou? A series of radio messages preached 
on 250 stations over the Mutual network by Percy B. Crawford 
... East Stroudsburg, Pa., The Pinebrook book club ( 1946j 

138 p. I9i- 

A revision of the author's Salvation full and free. of. Copyright 

1. Sermons, American. 1. Title. 

BV4241.C78 1946 252 

© revisions, 15Sep46 ; publisher ; A8650. 


Crawford, Phyllis, 1899- 

The Blot : little city cat, by Phyllis Crawford, illustrated by 
Barbara Cooney. New York, H. Holt & company [1946] 

56 p. lllus. 20J-. 

1. Title. 

PZ10.3.C858B1 6 46-8276 

© illus., 240ct46; 2c 180ct46; author, New York; A6853. 

The Credit book; St. Paul's who's who 
for credit [I9i4.6-I4.7j ... Saint 

Paul, Minn., Credit book, inc., 

© 2lj.Sepl4.6; Credit book, inc., St. 
Paul; A3920. 

Credit bureau of Lincoln, Nebraska, inc. 

... Blue book. 57th annual ed. [I9U6- 
1947] Compiled and published by the 
Credit bureau of Lincoln, Nebraska, inc.. 
Lincoln, Neb. 019146. 

2 p. 1., 597 p. 2 fronts. 22cm. 

Text on p. [2] of cover. 

© 25Sepl46; Credit bureau of Lincoln, 
Nebraska, inc.; A7OI8. 

Credit Banual of eoaaereial laws ... 1946* 
Editorial board: Henry H. Heiaann ... W. 
Randolph Montgomery ... Richard G. Tobin. 
Hew Tork, 1945* 

(g) 26Dea45) 2c 30Deo45; National association 
of credit men, Hew lork; A77. 

. . . Credit reference book for Des 
Moines, West Des Moines and Polk 
county, Iowa. [I9i4.6-i9i4.7j Des 
Moines, Credit reference & report- 
ing co., cl9i46. 

<2> 250ctl46; Retail credit associa- 
tion of Des Moines, d.b.a. Credit 
reference & reporting co.; A6925^ 

Credle, EUis, 1902- 

Johnny and his mule; story by Ellis Credle, photographs by 
Charles Townsend. New York, Oxford university press, 1946. 

,44, p. illus. 191x19-. 

© 22Augl46; Oxford university press, 
New York, inc.; A5696. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Creekmore, Hubert, 19 7~ 

The fingers of night, by Hubert Creekmore. New York and 
London, D. Appleton-Century company, inc. c 1946, 

4 p. 1.. 208 p. 20-. 

© 171fey*«j 2o 18JLpr4«j author. Hew York; A4172. 

Creekmore, Hubert 

"The stone ants," by Hubert Creekmore. Los Angeles, Calif., 
The Ward Ritchie press t 1943j 
4 p. 1., 3-40 p. 22-. 
© 30lug45; 2c 30A.vg44j author, Jaokson, Iftaa.j 
Creekmore, Raymond, 1905- 

Lokoshi learns to hunt seals ; story and lithographs by Ray- 
mond Creekmore. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946 

[48] p. incL front., lllus. 26i r 21-. 

1. Eskimos — Juvenile literature. i. Title. 

PZ7.C862LO 46-8620 

© 26Nov46; 2c 20Nov46; publisher; A8628. 
Crehore, Albert Gushing, i868- 

Electrons, atoms, molecules, with twenty-six illustrations, by 
Dr. Albert Cushing Crehore. Boston, The Christopher pub- 
lishing house c 1946j 

133 p. dlagrs. 22-. 

Q) 27May4«5 publisher! A32§7. 

Cremieux, Jean 
see Brilhac, Jean* 

Crerar, Adams and company. 

... Tools and machinery, indus- 
trial, railroad, contractors' equip- 
ment and supplies. Chicago [I9I4.6] 

xliv p., 1 Jf., 756 P. illus. 
28 1/2°*. 

On cover: [Catalog] no. 88. 

© 2Mayi4-6; Cuneo press, inc., Chi- 
cago; A2933. 
Cresson, Andre, 1869- 

... Bergson; sa vie, son oeuvre, avec un expose de sa phi- 
losophic, par Andre Cresson. Paris, Presses universitaires de 
France, 1941. 

2 p. 1., 158, ( 2j p. 18i". (Phllosophes; collection dlrlgee par fimlle 

"Extralts" : p. [81,-155. 
"BIbllographle" : p. ( 156i-158. 

© 28NovUl; lc 2QAugi;5; publisher; 

Cresson, Andre; 1869- ' 

... Leibniz; sa vie, son oeuvre, avec un expose de sa philo- 
sophic, par Andre Cresson. Paris, Presses universitaires de 
France, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 154 p., 2 1. 18}-. (Phllosophes; collection dlrlgee par fimlle 

"l" edition." 
"Bxtralts" : p. [691-154. 
"BIbllographle" : p. [155] 

© 25Jani|.6; publisher; AF2101. 
Cresson, Andre, 1869- 

... Schopenhauer; sa vie, son oeuvre, avec un expose de sa 
philosophie, par Andre Cresson. Paris, Presses universitaires 
de France, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 140 p., 2 L 18i". ( Phllosophes; collection dlrlgee par Emlle 

"l" edition." 
"Bxtralts" : p. [75,-140. 
"BIbllographle" : p. [141j 

© 25Janlj.6; publisher; AF2102. 
Cretin, Roger 
see Vercel, Roger, I89I4.- 

Crews, Albert R 

Professional radio writing [by, Albert Crews ... Boston, 
New York [etc.] Houghton Mifflin company [1946j 

ill. 473 p. forms. 22J-. (Half-title: The Houghton Mifflin radio 
broadcasting series; Albert Crews, editor) 

Bibliography : p. 464-466. 

1. Radfo authorship. i. Title. 

PE1479.R2C716 [791.4] 029.6 46-8236 

© 220ct46; National broadcasting company, Chicago; 

Crialesi, V 

. . . De Gasperi. Roma, Partenia ( 1946] 

3 p. 1., (9,-109 p., 1 1. 19-. (Half-title: Collana Uomlni polltici d'oggl) 

At head of title : V. Crialesl-A. V. Bossl. 

© 4Mar46 ; Casa editrice Partenia ; AF5127. 
Crico, Tina. 
. . . Berretto rosso. c Roma] Tumminelli [1944] 

3 p. 1., [9,-279 p. 19-. 

"Prima edlzlone dicembre 1944." 

2 leaves of prelim, matter inserted 
before p. [7] 

© lDeciili-; lc 9N0VI4.5; Calogero Tumminelli, 
Rome; AF2l8l. 

Crile, George, 1907- 

... Hospital care of the surgical patient; a surgeon's hand- 
book, with an appendix on the treatment of wounds, by George 
Crile, jr. ... and Franklin L. Shively, jr. ... Foreword by 
Evarts A. Graham ... c 2d ed\ : Springfield, 111., C. C. Thomas, 

xvli, 288 p., 1 1. illus. (incl. dlagrs.) 21- 
Bibllographical foot-notes. 

(© 16Jani|6; Charles C. Thomas; A1971. 

Cripps, Sir Richard Stafford, 1889- 

Towards Christian democracy, by Stafford Cripps. New 
York, Philosophical library [1946] 

4 p. L, 101 p. 22i- 

First published In London In 1945. 

Pub. 10ct46; 2c 6Sep46; Philosophical library, inc.; A8421. 
Crisp, Katharine Bruderlin. 

Health for you t by] Katharine Bruderlin Crisp . . . Chicago, 
Philadelphia f etc.] J. B. Lippincott company ( 1946] 

xv, 576 p. illus. (1 col.) dlagrs. 21- 

"A production of the Department of instruction of the Denver public 

"A completely rewritten ... text, based on the author's earlier work. 
Be healthy." 

"This 1946 revision ... was prepared by Helen A. Burnham, teacher 
in South high school, Denver." — Pref. 

"References" at end of each chapter. "The health library" : p. 525-529. 

1. Hygiene. 1. Denver. Public schools, n. Burnham, Helen A 

m. Title. 

RA431.C75 1946 613 Med 46-146 

© 250ct46; publisher, Philadelphia; A6945. 

Crispin, Edmund, pseud . 
see Montgomery, Robert Bruce. 

Crispin, Frederic Swing. 

Dictionary of technical terms, containing definitions of com- 
monly used expressions in aeronautics, architecture, woodwork- 
ing and building trades, electrical and metalworking trades, 
printing, chemistry, etc. (By] Frederic Swing Crispin ... 
(7th ed.-rev.) Milwaukee, The Bruce publishing company 

4 p. L, 427 p. illus., dlagrs. 20". 

<g) 25Sepl46j publisher! A5892- 

The Critics' prize plays; introduction by George Jean Nathan, 

Cleveland and New York, The World publishing company 


377 p. 22-. 

These plays were selected for the annual award of the New Xork 
drama critics' circle, of. Introd. 

"First published November 1945." 

© introd., 5N0VI4.5; 2c 17DecIj.5; 
publisher, Cleveland; A5. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Crock, Clement Henry, 1890- 

America on trial before a prostrate world, by the Reverend 
Clement Henry Crock ... New York city, J. F. Wagner, inc. 
t 1946j 

128 p. 20J-. 

©25Febk6; Joseph F. Wagner, inc., New 
York; A 6175. 

Crocker, Lester Gilbert. 

Les a ventures de Robert Martin, par 
Lester Gilbert Crocker ... et Simon e 
David ... TJn drame en f rancais en JO 
chapitres, en combine! son avec dea 
disques phonographiques. [New York] 
Decca records, inc. [1946] 

126 p. illus. 20 l/2cm. (Dec- 
ca language series) 

© lAprl+6; publisher; A2J21. 

Crocker, Lester Gilbert. 

French study book, by Lester Gilbert 
Crocker . . . and Simone David ... A 
modern French language course with 
texts and records. [New York] Decca 
records, inc. [19M>] 

265 p. 20 1/2 cm. (Decca lang- 
uage series) 

"First printing." 

© lAprIj.6; publisher; A2320. 

Crockett, James, pseud. 

Lullaby with lugers, by James Crockett. New York, Crown 
publishers [1946] 

5 p. L, 9-250 p. 19J-. 

[James Crockett, pseud, of Cornelia Warrlner 
and James A. MacPbaili 

PZ3.C87l3Lu 46-8581 

© 15Nov46; 2c 9Nov46; Cornelia Warriner and James A. 
MacPhail, New City, N. Y.; A8374. 

"Crocus", pseud . 
see Leonard, Gharles G, iQltf-lQlk* 

Croft, Terrell Williams, 1880- ed. 

Steam power plant auxiliaries and accessories ; Terrell Croft, 
editor ... Kevised by D. J. Duffin ... 2d ed. New York, 
London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xv, 583 p. fold, front., illus., dlagrs. 21". (On cover: Power plant 

© 25Junlj.6; publisher, Hew York: Alj.6o8. 

[Croidys, Pierre] de 

... Ceux du maquis; coups de main et 
combats i 1' epopee d'une compagnie d'F. 
F. I. du Vercors. Grenoble, Paris, 3. 
Arthaud [I9I15] 

202 p. illus. 19 cm . 

Author's pseud., Jean Racier, at 
head of title. 

© 30Novl|.5; lc lMari(.6j publisher, 
Grenoble; AF753. 

La Croix violet te. © Jacques Guinat, 

Paris . 
Vol. 15. 

No. 1, April©. © 2Aprl*D; lc 8Augl*6; 

( Croll, Edward Everett] comp. v 

Hymnal for American Sunday schools. [Philadelphia, 
American Sunday-school union, 1946] 

1 p. 1., 160 p. 22-. 

With music. , 

"Selection ... made on the basis of the results of a survey conducted 
among missionaries of the American Sunday-school union." 

1. Sunday-schools — Hymn-books. 2. Hymns, English. 1. American 
Sunday-school union, n. Title. 
M2193.C94H91 46-8429 

© 20ct46 ; publisher ; A8423. 

Cromwell, Gertrude E 

The health of the school child, by Gertrude E. Cromwell . . . 
Philadelphia, London, W. B. Saunders company, 1946. 

xl, 256 p. lncl. front, Illus. (Incl. plan) forms. 20J~. 
Bibliography at end of each chapter. 
@ 20Jun4«j publisher, Phi la dolphin; A4706. 

Crook, George, 1828-1890. 

General George Crook, his autobiography ; edited and anno- 
tated by Martin F. Schmitt. Norman, University of Oklahoma 
press, 1946. 

xvlll, 326 p. front, illus. (maps) plates, ports. 22—. 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 310-317. 

<£) 4«ar4«j 2c 23Feb4«; publishers A1394. 

Croquez, Albert, 1886- 

... Fouquier-Tinville, l'accusa- 

teur public. Paris, R. Julliard 


27J4. p. 19cm. 

At head of title: Albert Croquez 
e, Georges Loublie. 

3l8Decl|5; lc 8Maylj.6; Rene Julliard; 

Crosby, Edward J 

The story of Bing Crosby, by Ted Crosby, with a foreword 
by Bob Hope. Cleveland and New York, The World pub- 
lishing company ( 1946j 

239 p. fronts., plates, ports. 21". 

"Forum books edition. First printing, April 1946." 

A revised edition of "Bing, by Ted and Larry Crosby," published in 

"List of BiDg Crosby's motion pictures" : p. 227. "List of Bing Crosby's 
recordings" : p. 229-239. 

© Z5Apr4€] publisher, Cleveland] A4087. 

Crosby, Everett Uberto, 1871- 

Nantucket in print ( byj Everett U. Crosby. (Nantucket, 
Mass., Tetaukimmo press, 1946, 

225 p. lncl. facslms. pi., fold. maps. 23}—. 

"Check lists of writings about Nantucket" : p. 159-212. 

© 26Jul46; author, Nantucket, Mass.; A5477. 

Crosby, Jane Snowden. 

The Seatons of western Pennsylvania, by Jane Snowden 
Crosby. New York, N. Y., The Hobson book press, 1945. 

2p.l., vil-viii, 63 p. 21i". 

Reprodueed from type-written copy. 
Bibliography : p. (61,-63. 

© 17Dee46| 2c 2SFeb4«; author, Bradford, Pa.; 

Crosby, Katharine. 

Blue-water men and other Cape Codders, by Katharine 
Crosby. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

6 p. 1., 288 p. front., plates. 21- 

Map on lining-paper. 
"First printing." 

© l«Jul4«j 2c 19 Jun46j Katharine Crosby 

kkolnnis, Seattle j 13581. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Crosby, Raymond Moreau, 1377-1945. 

Raymond Moreau Crosby, an appreciation from the class 
of *98. New Haven, Priv. print. ( by C. P. Rolling 1946. 

21, ( 1| p. 1 illus., plates, port. 24J-. 

Letters by the author to Stuart W. Jackson and Peter H. Holme. 
"Two hundred copies, twenty In cloth." 

© 2i|JSepli6: Edith T. A. Crosby, Santa Pe 
N.M.; A58U8. 

Crosby, Ted 
see Crosby, Edward J. 

Cross, Ethan Allen, 1875- ed. 

... Heritage of world literature, by 
E. A. Cross ... and Neal M. Cross ... 
George M. Richards, illustrator. New 
York, The Macmillan company [ I9I4.6 ] 

xii, 628 p. incl. front., illus., 
maps. 2ij. cm . (Literature, a series 
of anthologies. [v.* 7]) 

©9JUII4.6; publisher: A35Jjlj.. 

Cross, Geary Kline, pseud, 
see Barrett, Isabel May, 1880- 

Cross, John Keir. 

The angry planet, an authentic first-hand account of a jour- 
ney to Mars in the space-ship Albatross, compiled frpm notes 
and records by various members of the expedition, and now 
assembled (together with illustrations) and edited for publi- 
cation by John Keir Cross, from manuscripts made available 
by Stephen MacFarlane. The illustrations are by Robin 
Jacques. London, P. Lunn, 1946. 

200 p. Incl. front, illus. 19-. 

"First published In October 1945." 

Pub. 20Deci^5; lc 28Mar^6; Coward- 
McCann, inc., New York; AI II4.6. 

Cross, John Keir. 

The angry planet, an authentic first-hand account of a jour- 
ney to Mars in the space-ship Albatross, compiled from notes 
and records by various members of the expedition, and now 
assembled and edited for publication by John Keir Cross, from 
manuscripts made available by Stephen MacFarlane. The 
illustrations are by Robin Jacques. New York, Coward- 
McCann inc. ( 1946] 

viii p., 3 4., 239 p. incl. front., 
illus. 21cm. 

Pub. 70cti|.6; publisher; A6I+J4.O. Prev. 
reg. AI lij.6. 

Cross, John Keir. 

The other passenger, by John Keir Cross. Philadelphia, 
New York, J. B. Lippincott company t 1946] 
320 p. 21- 

Short stories. 

"First (American) edition." 

' Pub. 19Jun4«t author, London j A46S2. 

Cross, Tom Peete, 1879- ed . 

American writers. Rev. ed. By Tom 
Peete Cross ... Reed Smith ... Elmer C. 
Stauffer ... and Elizabeth Collette ... 
Boston, Now York [etc.] Ginn and company 

«xii p., 1 jp. f 701 p. incl. col. 
front., illus. (incl. ports., maps. 
facslms.) col. plates, facsim. 24 om . 
[ On spine ; Good reading] 

<D 7Aug46; Tom Peete Cross, Aylett, 
Va., Elmer C. Stauffer, Chicago, 
Elisabeth Colletta, Pittsburgh; A6050. 

Crossen, Harry Sturgeon, 1869- 

Synopsis of gynecology, based on the textbook, Diseases of 
women, by Harry Sturgeon Crossen ... and Robert James 
Crossen... 3d ed. St. Louis, The C. V. Mosby company, 1946. 

253 p. Illus. (incl. dlagrs.) m coL pi. (incl. front.) 20-. 
© 7Jan4«. publisher; A2977. 
Crossen, Robert James, 1898- 

Gynecologic nursing, by Robert James Crossen ... and Fran- 
ces W.'Hoffert ... 3d ed., with 194 illustrations, including 
eight m color. St. Louis, The C. V. Mosby company, 1946. 

256 p. col. front., illus. (Incl. dlagrs.) col. plates. 22J-. 

First and second editions, 1927 and 1936, by Harry Sturgeon Crossen 
appeared under title "Gynecology for nurses." 
"References" at end of some of the chapters. 
<2> Uan46j publisher; A2980. 

Crossman, Richard Howard Stafford, 1907- 

A Palestine Munich? By R. H. S. Crossman, m. p. and 
Michael Foot, m. p. London, V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

31, a, p. 18J-. 

Pub. 9Juli|6; lc 5SepIi6; authors, Cross- 
man, Radnage, nr. High Wycombe, En?., and 
London; AI 393. 

Crouse, William Harry, 1907- 

Automoti ve mechanics, by William H. Crouse . . . New York 
and London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc. [1946j 

xii, 673 p. Illus., dlagrs. 23J-. 

"Correlated list of visual aids" : p. 653-658. 

1 £ lt ^ utomobi)e8 - 2. Automobiles— Repairing. 3. Automobiles— Testing. 

TL205.C86 629.28 46-8284 

© 18Nov46; 2c 16Nov46; publisher, New York; A8328. 

Crouse, William Harry, 1907- 
Everyday automobile repairs, by William H. Crouse ..'. 1st 
• 1946 ' L ° nd0n ' Mc Graw-Hill book company, inc. 

x, 296 p. Illus., diagrs. 21-. 

(5) I2JUII461 publisher. New York; A5J22. 

Crouvezier, Georges. 

... La vie de Voltaire (avec hyit gravures) Paris, Nouvelles 
editions latines ( 1937) 

3^p. 1., ( 9j-163 p., 1 1. 1 illus., 8 pi. (Incl. ports., facsim., coat of arms) 

At head of title : G. Crouvezier. 
Portrait of Voltaire on cover. 
"Sources" : p. [157j-163. 

© 30Dec37? lc 2Maylj.$; Fernand Soriot, 
Paris; AF980. 

Crow, John Armstrong. 

The epic of Latin America, by John A. Crow. Garden City, 
N. Y., Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

xxlv p., 1 1., 756 p. incl. front., Illus. (maps) 2SJ-. 

"First edition." 
"References" : p. 724-729. 

A ?200? Ul ^ 6; 2 ° 2lMayl ^ 6; aut *or, New York; 

Crowell, Dorothy (Walworth) 
see Walworth, Dorothy, lJOO- 
Crowell, Grace (Noll) 1877- 

The wind-swept harp, by Grace Noll Crowell). New York 
and London, Harper & brothers, 1946. 
xiil p., 1 1., 76 p., 1 1. 20—. 


"First edition." 

1. Title. 

PS3505.R9456W55 811.5 

© 30Oct46; publisher. New York; A6885. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Crowell, Pers. 

Beau Dare, American saddle colt, by Pers Crowell. New 
York, Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company t 1946j 

57 p. illus. ( part col. ) 22 x 27i". 

$) 29Apr4Cf 2c 18Apr48| McGraw-Hill book 
company, ine.t A4223. 
CroweD-CoBlier publishing company, New York. 

The story of selling, yesterday, today & tomorrow. New 
York, The Crowell-Collier publishing company [1946j 

75 p. Illus. (Incl. ports., map, facslms.) dlagr. 30-. 
<£> llFeb4«t 2o «Peb46j publisher! A1460. 

Crowley & Lunt's Exeter, Hampton. N. H. 
and coast directory, v. 21, V)l±(>-1$, 
Including the townships of Brentwood, 
East Kingston, Exeter, Greenland, 
Hampton ( including Hampton Beach) , 
Hampton Falls, Kensington, 4Tewfields, 
North Hampton, Rye (including Rye 
Beach, Rye North Beach and West Rye), 
and Stratham ... Beverly, Mass,-, 
c 19lj.6. 
© 26Aprl;6; Crowley and Lunt, Beverly, 

Mass. j A5786. 

Cruess, William Vere, 1886- 

The principles and practice of wine making, by W. V. Cruess 
... 2d ed. New York, N. Y., The Avi publishing co., inc., 1947 
t i. e. 1946] 

xll, 475 p. Illus. (Incl. plans) dlagrs. 20J-. 

"Selected references" at the end of most of the chapters. 

1. Wine and wine making. 
TP548.C72 1946 663.2 

© 19Dec46; publisher; A9449. 


Crum, William Leonard. 

Rudimentary mathematics for economists and statisticians, 
by W. L. Crum "and Joseph A. Schumpeter ... 1st ed. New 
York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xl, 183 p. dlagrs. 211- 

A revised and enlarged edition of the work by W. L. Oram published 
as a supplement to the Quarterly Journal of economics In May 1938. 

$28Jun46: publisher, H«w York; A4833. 

Cruso, Solomon. 

Two trillion immortals. Romance? Novel? Prophecy? 
Reality? Revelation? By Solomon Cruso ... New York, 
N. Y., The Hobson book press [1946] 

2 p. 1., vii-x p., 1 1., 291 p. 23-. 

Reproduced from type-written copy. 

"A sequel to ... Messiah on the horizon and The last of the Japs and 
the Jews."— Pref. 

© 26J«n4«; author, Mtm Tork» A1274. 

Cruz Michel, Andres de la.- 

... Idioma internacional. Leno gi- 
nasu. [Por] Andres de la Cruz Michel. 
Mexico, D.F. [Impresora Mena] 19^4-5* 

6i+ p. 17 cm . 

© 30Novij.5j lc 17Declj-5; author, I.Iexico, 
D. F.; AF1. 

Culbertson, Ely, 1893- 

Bidding and play in duplicate contract bridge, by Ely Cul- 
bertson. Edited by Josephine Culbertson and Albert H. More- 
head. Introduction by William E. McKenney. Philadelphia, 
The John C. Winston company t 1946] 

xill, 271 p. Incl. forms, dlagrs. 21". 

"The laws of duplicate contract bridge. 1946 revision" (p. |219]-271) 
has special t.-p. 
© 271fcr4«{ publisher i 12148. 

Cullen, Stuart Chester, 1909- 

Anesthesia in general practice, by Stuart C. Cullen . . . Chi- 
cago, The Year book publishers, inc. [1946] 

260 p. illus. (incl. form, dlagrs.) fold. tab. 21- {The Oeneral prac- 
tice manuals] 

"References" at end of some of the chapters. 

© 17Juru|6; publisher; A5I4.03. 

Cumberland, Marten. 

A dilemma for Dax, by Marten Cumberland. Garden City, 
New York, Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, 
inc., 1946. 

6 p. 1., 11-280 p. 19-. 
"First edition. tt 

© 22AugI(.6j 2c 10Augl4.6; author. Glen- 
beigh, County Kerry, Eire; A5858. 

Camming, James Coale. 

Sales promotion in the textile industry, by James C. dim- 
ming ... New York, N. Y, Fairchild publishing co. t 1946j 

3 p. 1., 5-132 p. 22J-. 

©12Augl|6; publisher; A.38^5. 

Cummings, Edward Estlin, 1894- 

Santa Claus; a morality by E. E. Cummings. New York, 
H. Holt and company t 1946, t 

6 p. 1., 3-18 p. Incl. front. 28". 
"250 copies." 

i. Title. 

PS3505.U334S3 812.5 

© 4Dec46 ; author, New York ; A9074. 


Cummins, Cedric Glisten. 

Indiana public opinion and the world war, 1914-1917, by 
Cedric C. Cummins. Indianapolis, Indiana Historical bureau, 

xvli, 292 p. plates, facsim. 24- (Half-title: Indiana historical col- 
lections, vol. xxvm) 

Bibliography : p. [263,-272. 

{£) 110ct45j 2c 20J«n46| publlehert A410. 

Cunningham, Albert Benjamin, 1888- 

... Death rides a sorrel horse. New York, E. P. Dutton & 
company, inc., 1946. 

222 p. 19". 

At head of title : A. B. Cunningham. 
"First edition." 

© 5Aprlj.6; 2c 17Feblj.6; publisher; A2327. 

Cunningham, Albert Benjamin, 1888- 

One man must die, by A. B. Cunningham. New York, E. P. 
Dutton & company, inc., 1946. 

223 p. 19*-. 
"Flrst edition." 

© IN0VI4.6; 2o 20Sopl4.6; publisher; A685O. 

[Cunningham, Albert Benjamin] 1888- 

Strait is the gate, a novel by Garth Hale ipseud.j ... New 
York, E. P. Dutton & company, inc., 1946. 
316 p. 21-. 
"First edition." 

© llFebl4.6; 2c llJanij.6; publisher; A97% 
Cunningham, Bess Virginia, 1882- 

Psychology for nurses; designed and written for student 
nurses by Bess V. Cunningham ... New York, London, D. 
Appleton-Century company incorporated [1946] 

xx, 336 p. illus., plates, diagrs. (part col.) 22-. 
Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

© 2Jan4«j 2e 1«Not 46; publisher. Hew Y ork; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Cunningham, Mayme Baker. 

I saw an elf, and other verse by Mayme Baker Cunningham, 
illustrated by Leon Tebbetts. Portland, Me., Falmouth pub- 
lishing house, 1946. 

(27) p. col. Illus. 31x24- 

i. Tebbetts, Leon, illus. n. Title. 

PZ8.3.C93 I 

© 21Nov46 ; author, Casper, Wyo. ; A7270. 


Cunningham, Virginia, 

Some day, by Virginia Cunningham, 
illustrated by Sari [ pseud . ] New York, 
Pied Piper books, 13k^5~. 

[32] p. illus. 19 l/2 cm . 

© 15Dec!j.5; 2c li|llarl|.6 : Domesday 
press, inc., New York; AI57O. 

The Cup, published by the Senior 
/class of 19^6 of Central Bible 
institute, Springfield, Missou- 
ri, v. 8. [Springfield, Mo.] 
180 p. illus. (incl. ports.) 

©27Maylj.6; Keith J. Hill [and] 
Alvin Weiss, Tulsa, Okl.; AJ286. 

Curiel, Andre Weil- 
see Weil-Curiel, Andre... 

Curran, Francis X 

Major trends in American church history, by Francis X. 
Curran ... New York, The American press [1946] 

xviil p., 1 1„ 198 p. 20}-. 

"Llst of books cited" : p. 182-190. 

Q 191far46} 2o publishers A2063. 

Current biography; who's news and why. 

19U5. , , 

New York, H. Y», The H. kJ. K/ilson 
company [I9J+6] 

"A cumulation of all the material in 
the monthly numbers of Current biogra- 
phy."— Prcf. 

Edited by Anna Rothe. 
© 8JUII4.6; publisher? A5207, 

Curry, John Steuart, 1897- 

' John Steuart Curry. New York, American artists group 

,■ 168] p. Illus. Iff". (On cover: American artists group. Monograph 
DO. 14) 

Illustrations : p. if i-[62j 

Portrait of the artist on cover. r- 

© 15FebL|6; author, New York; A2L|JjY. 

Curry, Thomas Albert, 1900- 

Marshal of Wichita, by Tom Curry. New York, Arcadia 
house, inc., 1946. 

256 p. 19}-. 

© 2«Apr4«; 2c 18Apr4«; publisher; A3628. 

Curry, Tom 
see Curry, Thomas Albert, 1900- 

Curti, Merle Eugene, 1897- 

The roots of American loyalty, by Merle Curti. New York, 
Columbia university press, 1946. 

x p., 2 1., r 3)-267 p. 22}-. 

"Bibliographical note" : p. [249j-256. 

© lJUay^; 2o 15Aprl46; publisher; A3163. 

Curtis, Arthur Hale, 1881- 

A textbook of gynecology, by Arthur Hale Curtis . . . 5th 
ed. with 455 illustrations, chiefly by Tom Jones, including 36 
in color. Philadelphia and London, W. B. Saunders company, 

xlv p., 1 1., 755 p. illus. (part col. ; incl. diagrs.) 25—. 

"References" at end of each chapter. 
© 17ifcy4«; publisher, Philadelphia; A4660. 

Curtis, Edith Roelker. 

Lady Sarah Lennox, an irrepressible Stuart, 1745-1826, by 
Edith Roelker Curtis. New York, G. P. Putnam's sons t 1946j 

vlil p., 1 1., 346 p. 23-. 

Bibliography : p. 336-340. 
© 16FeM«s 2c 9Feb4€; publisher; A1614. 

Curtis, Francis Day, 1888- 

Everyday biology, by Francis D. Curtis ... Otis W. Cald- 
well . . . and Nina Henry Sherman . . . Boston, New York [etc.] 
Ginn and company ( 1946] , 

xi (t. e. xiil) , 3-698 p. illus., col. plates, diagrs. 24". 

"Developed from the authors' earlier Biology for today; in addition 
to the distinctive elements of that book, it presents new features." — Pref. 
Includes bibliographies. 

@ 13?eb4«; publisher, Boston; A1CS6. 

Curtis, Lionel, 1872- 

_ World war, its' cause and cure. 2d ed. The problem recon- 
sidered in view of the release of atomic energy. By Lionel 
Curtis . . . New York, G. P. Putnam's sons t 1946j 
xxxii, 274 p. front. 19}-. 

© 28Jua46j 2c 14Jun46; publisher) A4753. 

Curtis, Mary Isabel. 

England of song and story; a picture of life in England 
and a background for English literature of the 16th, 17th, and 
18th centuries, by Mary I. Curtis Boston, New York [etc.] 
Allynund Bjic^ri, 1945. 

xix, |2,, 495, 15 p. front., illus. (Incl. maps) plates, ports. 19}-. 
) rerisions, 15Nov46; 2c 3lJan46; publisher, 
Boston; A756. 

Curtis, Paul Allan, 1889- 

Guns and gunning ( byj Captain Paul A. Curtis; introduc- 
tion by Nash Buckingham. New York, A. A Knopf, 1946. 

3 p. 1., v-xxxil, [lj p., 3 1., 11-383, [li, v, ( lj p. col. front., Illus., 
plates, ports. 22—. [Borzoi books for sportsmen) 

"Published November, 1934 ... Fourth printing ... July, 1946." 

©introd., lAugl+6; Alfred A. Knopf, 
inc.; A5996. 

Curtis companies, inc. 

Woodwork by Curtis. Clinton, la., Wtfusau, Wis. [etc.] 
Curtis companies incorporated ( 1946j 

1 p. 1., 100 p., 1 1. illus. (part col.) diagrs. 49 x 39}-. 

© 15Aprlj.6; Curtis companies, inc., 
Clinton, la.; A2862. 

Curtiss, Mary Louise. 

Physical education for elementary schools, by Mary Louise 
Curtiss . . . and Adelaide B. Curtiss . . . Milwaukee, The Bruce 
publishing company [1945j 

x, 286 p. incl. front., illus., diagrs. 22}-. 

Includes music. 
Bibliography : PS281-282. 

© HFeb4S) publisher) A 2135. 


BOOKS - GROUP 1 - 1946 

Curts, Paul Holroyd, 1884- 

Basic German; a brief introduction to the German language, 
by Paul Holroyd Curts ... Eev. ed. New York, Prentice- 
Hall, inc., 1946. 

rv, 128 p. 19-. 

"First printing June, 1938 ... Twelfth printing, January, 1946." 

© llFebl^; publisher; A2135. 

Curwood, James Oliver, 1878-1927. 

... La piste danger euse; traduit par 
V. Po'r'bin; illustrations de A» Pecoud, 
[Paris] Hachette [19^0] 

v 191 P . illus. 17 cm . [Biblio- 
theque verte] 

-© 12Declj.O; lc l6Novi^5; Librairie 
Hachette; AF23. 

Cushman, Ralph Spaulding, bp,. 1879- 

The message of stewardship, a book for daily devotions and 
class study. A complete revision. [Byj Ealph Spaulding 
Cushman. New York, Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press 

256 p. illus. 17". 

O 27ao.&A6; Gtone & Pierce, Nashville; 
Cushman, Robert Eugene, 1889- 

Leading constitutional decisions, by Robert Eugene Cush- 
man ... 8th ed. New York, F. S. Crofts & co., 1946. 

xvii, 385 p. 22™. 

"Eighteenth printing, June, 1946." 

(g) lOS-apl^; publisher} A5771- 

Cusset, Francis. 

English-French and French-English technical dictionary; 
metallurgy, mining, electricity, chemistry, mechanics, sciences, 
by Francis Cusset. Brooklyn, N. Y, Chemical publishing co., 
inc., 1946. 

3 p. 1., 15,-590 p. 17-. 

© 2li.Junlj.6; publisher; AI4.52O. 

Custom house guido «., 19U6 ed, [Edit- 
ed by John b\ BuddJ New York, Cus- 
tom house guide, c 19,l|.6, 

© 28Mayl|.6t Import publications, lnc». 
New York; A3528, 

CuthreU, Faith (Baldwin) 1893- 

No private heaven, oy Faith Baldwin. New York, Toronto, 
Farrar & Rinehart, inc. [1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-245 p. 19- 

"Most of this book appeared in Collier's under the title : 'The expend- 

© ll^Febli&j 2c 5Jar46; author, New 
Canaan, Conn.; A2329. 

CuthreU, Faith (Baldwin) 1893- 

Woman on her way, by Faith Baldwin. New York, Toronto, 
Rinehart & company, inc. c 1946] 

5 p. 1., 3-309 p. 21- 

Serialised in Cosmopolitan magazine, December 

1945-May, 1946. 
(Jl) 22Aug46; 2o 26May46; author. New Canaan, Conn* 


Cutting, Windsor Cooper, 1907- 

Actions and uses of drugs ; a textbook for nurses, by Windsor 
C. Cutting ... Stanford University, Calif., Stanford univer- 
sity press, 1946. 

xlv, 326, ,10, p. illus., dlagrs. 22J-. 

Ten blank pages for "Notes" at end. 

"List of reference works" : p. 311. 

1. Drugs. 2. Pharmacology. 3. Therapeutics. 1. Title. 

RS187.C96 615.1 Med 46-150 

© 25Sep46 ; Board of trustees of the Leland Stanford junior 
university, Stanford University, Calif. ; A6921. 

The Cyclopedia of medicine; revision 
service, 19^6, George Morris Pier- 
sol ••• editor-in-chief, and Edward 
L, Bortz ••■ assistant editor .•• 
Philadelphia, F. A. Davis comoany, 
19 U6. 
© 8wovli.6; publisher; A8206. 

The Cyclopedia of medicine, surgery and 
specialties; George Morris Piersol... 
editor-in-chief, and Edward L. Bortz 
... assistant editor... v.ll|-15. 
Philadelphia, F^ A. Davis company, 

©revisions, v. lift 29MarU6, v.15, 
21May^6; publisher; A2285, A3119* 

[Cypert, Jeff Davisj 

Poems of dreams, by Chief Tahachee. Los Angeles, Calif., 
De Vorss & co. [1945j 

4 p. L, 134 p. front, (port.) 21- 

©2kOct)^5; 2c lAprlj.6; Chi efi Tahachee 
(Jeff Davis Cypert) Los Angles; APlrfQ . 

Cyril Robert, brother, comp. 

Glorious St. Joseph, guardian of God's lilies, compiled by 
Brother Cyril Robert of the Marist brothers of the schools. 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., The Marist brothers, 1945. 

xiii, 162 p. front., plates. 19-. 

Cover-title : Guardian of God's lilies. • 

© 15Jun 1+5; 2c 5Decl;5; author, Now York; 

Czeke, B Vilma 
see Czeke, Vilma B. 

[Czeke, Vilma B ] 

Christ and His little friends ... 
[v. 5-6] [New York, Children's pub- 
lishing co., I9J4.6 ] 

2 v. illus. (part col.) 2ij. cm . 

© I8N0 vlj.6; publisher; A7350, A7351. 

Dache, Lilly. 

... Talking through my hats; edited by Dorothy Roe Lewis. 
New York, Coward-McCann, inc. ( 1946] 

vi, 265 p. front, (port.) 21-. 

©20Mayi|6; author and editor, Mew York; 

[Dachs, David) 1922- ed. 

A treasury of sports humor, edited by Dave Stanley ipseud.j 
Introduction by Ted Husing. New York, Lantern press ( 1946, 

it, 487 p. illus. 22-. 

1. Sports — Anecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc. 1. Title. 
PN6231.S65D3 817.5082 4&-MB1 

© 240ct46; publisher; A8051. 

Dacier, Emile, 1876- 

... La gravure franchise, par Emile Dacier ... 48 planches 
hors texte en heliogravure. Paris, Larousse [19*% 

182, ( 2) p. avm pi. (incl. ports., facsims.) on 24 1. 17". (Arts, styles 
et techniques; collection pub. sous la direction de Norbert Dufourcq) 

"7» au 12* mille." 
"Blbliographie" : p. 176-179. 

© 20Aprljll.; lc 29Augl4.5; Auge, Gillon, 
Hollier-Larousse, Moreau et cie, Paris; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

see Croidys 


erre de. 

Daele, Rose Marie, 1S99- 

Nicolas de Montreubr (Ollenix du Mont-Sacre) arbiter of 
European literary vogues of the late . renaissance, by Rose- 
Marie Daele. New York, The Moretus press incorporated 

5 p. 1., [13|-362 p., 1 1. Incl. tllus. (Incl. facsims., music) ports, fold, 
map, mounted col. coats of arms. 28*". 

Issued also as thesis (ph. d.) Columbia university. 
"Vita auctorls" : p. [361|-362. 
Bibliography i p > -283|-334. 

Daesen, John R 

Galvanizing handbook, by John R. Daesen ... New York, 
Reinhold publishing corporation, 1946. 

Till, 166 p. Illus. (Incl. plans) dlagrs. 26**. 

"References" at end of some of the chapters. "Bibliography: hot 
tinning" : p. 161. 

1. Galvanizing. 

TS660.D25 671 

© 21Nov46; publisher; A8558. 


Daggett, Harriet (Spiller) 1891- 

The community property system of Louisiana, reprinted 
with addenda c by] Harriet Spiller Daggett. Baton Rouge, 
Louisiana state university press, 1945 [i.e. 19*4-0 ] 

6 p. 1., [3,-410 p. 
studies. No. 1) 


(Half-title: Louisiana state university 

"First printing, 1931." 

"Index to ... sources" : p. [394j-410. 

© 15Pebl4.6; author, Baton Rouge, La.; 

Da Grosa, John, 1902- 

Functional football, by John Da Grosa . 
New York, A. S. Barnes and company [1946j 

iv, 341 p. Inol. front, (port.) lllus., dlagrs. 24". 

1. Foot-ball. i. Title. 
GV951.D232 1946 796.33 

© 28Sep46 ; publisher ; A6444. 

3d ed., rev. 


Dahl, Francis, 1907- 

Dahl's Boston ; cartoons by Francis W. Dahl, text by Charles 
W. Morton ... Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1946. 

157, (2) p. front., illus. 201x26-. 

"An Atlantic monthly press book." 
"First edition ... November 1946." 

L American wit and humor. Pictorial. 2. Boston — Soc life & cost — 

Illustrations. x. Morton, Charles W., 1899- 

NC1429.D14 741.5 46-7967 

© lNov46; 2c 130ct46; illustrator, Newton, Mass., and au- 
thor, Cambridge, Mass. ; A6860. 

Dahl, Roald. 

... Over to you; 10 stories of flyers and flying. New York, 
Reynal & Hitchcock [1946, 

5 p. l., 182 p. 19J-. 

©23Janlj.6; 2c 21Janl|6; author, New York; 

Daikeler, Josef, 1901- 

The Salesman from Nazareth, by Josef Daikeler. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Dyco institute of tested selling ( 1946] 

224 p. 21- 
"First edition." 

Q 6JuL46; author, Bala-Oynwyd, Pa.; A3593- 

Daily, Charles Jay. 

This is the life-long history of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jay 
Daily. t n. p.j Priv. print, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 76 p., 1 1. lllus. ( incl. facslm. ) ports. 231- 
"Two hundred copies." 

© 31Mayi4.6; Mr. and I/Ira. Charles Jay 
Daily, Camarillo, Calif.; A3U30. 
Daily reminder for 1946. Desk secretary 
for the batman ... Hew York, 1946. 

Cover- title: Hat life year book. 
© 5Mar46; Hat life, inc., New York; 

Dailyaide; the silent secretary. 
191+7 ... New York, F. W. Woolworth 
co., CI9I4.6 . 
1 v. 

© 210cti|6; publisher; A8l88. 

Daireaux, Max, 1883- 

... Melgarejo, un tyran romantique. 
Paris, Calmann-Levy [ I9I4.5 3 

283, [2] p. front., illus. 19 l/2 cm . 
(On cover: Nouvelle collection histo- 

©20Sepi+5; lc 2Marlj.6; publisher; AF599. 
Dairy credit bureau, Chicago . 

...Dairy credit book . .7 [I9I4.6-I+7] 
12th annual ed, Chicago, 111., Dairy 
credit bureau [I9U6] 

© lAprij.6; publisher; A51I+6. 

Dairy industries supply association, inc. 

DISA dairy industrial market guide, 
I9I4-6— i+7 . . . Compiled and issued as a 
reference feature of the non- commercial 
DISA dairy industrial market data ser- 
vice. Washington, D. C, CI9I4-6. 

Combines their former publications, 
Association guide and Association credit 
data book, 

© lk.0ctl±6; Dairy industries supply 
association, inc., Washington, D. C; 
l Dakers, Elaine (Kidner)) 1905- 

His fight is ours, by Jane Lane ( pseud. } London, A. Dakers 
limited [1946, 

311 p. 19-. 

"First published 1946." 

1. Scotland— Hist.— 1689-1745— Fiction. i. Title. 
PZ3.D1512Hi 46-23141 

Pub. 28Aug46; lc 6Nov4C; Jane Lane Dakers, Rickmans- 
worth, Buckinghamshire, Eng. ; AI 512. 

(Dakers, Elaine (Kidner)] 1905- 

Madame Geneva, by Jane Lane ^pseud.j New York, To- 
ronto, Rinehart & company, inc. [1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-376 p. 211- 

London edition (A. Dakers limited) has title: Gin and bitters. 

Pub, lOOctij.6; 2c 8Auglj.6; Jane Lane, 
London; A6539. Pre v. reg. AI 29228. 
-Dakers, Jane Lane 

see Dakers, Elaine (Kidner) 1905- 

Dakin, Arthur, 1884- 

Calvinism, by A. Dakin ... Philadelphia, The Westminster 
press [1946] 

228 p. 21-. 

© 15Apri|6; 2c lOAprlj.6; publisher; A294V 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dakin, Emma Sahtei. 

. . . Figure and landscape. New York, The Fine editions press 

6 p. L, 16-32 p. 21". 

© 15Augl4.6; author, Amherst, Mass.; 

Dakin, Laurence. 

Marco Polo, a drama in four acts, by Laurence Dakin. Port- 
land [Me.] Fsdmoutb publishing house, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-53, ,1, p. 23i~. 

© 17Augii.6; author, Vancouver, B. C; 

Dal, Roger 

. . . Ce sont da nouveaux Jeux. 
Illustrations de J. -P. Vernay. 
[Paris] Society d' editions modernes 
"parisienne CI9I+5] 

I2I4. p. 16 1/2 cm. (Collection 

© ll+Auglj.5; lc 300c tk5i publisher; 

Dale, Virginia. 

Honeyfogling time, by Virginia Dale. New York and Lon- 
don, Harper & brothers [1946] 
4 p. L, 262 p., 1 L 21-. 

"Published serially under the title of The pleasure of the time." 
"First edition." 

© 13Marl*6; 2c 9Mari+6; author, New York; 

D'Alelio, Gaetano Francis, 1909- 

Experimental plastics and synthetic resins, by G. F. D'Alelio 
... New York, J. Wiley & sons, inc.; London, Chapman & 
Hall, limited t 1946j 

lx, 185 p. lllus., dlagrs. 27J-. 

"Extends the purpose of (the -author's) A laboratory manual of 
plastics and synthetic resins, published In 1943." — Pref. 

© 26JulU6j author* Cleveland; A5512. 

Dalgin, Ben. 

Advertising production ; a manual on the mechanics of news- 
paper printing, by Ben Dalgin ... New York and London, 
McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xvl, 243 p. lncl. lllus. (part col. ; lncl. facslms.) forms, dlagrs. plates 
(part col.) 21-. 

© 12Sepl|b; publisher; A6336. 

Dalgliesh, Alice, 1893- 

Along Janet's road, by Alice Dalgliesh; decorations by 
Katherine Mflhous. New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1946. 

6 p. L, 208 p. lllus. 21- 

<g> 13fciay46; 2c 25Apr#>; Hew York; A5184. 

Dalgliesh, Alice, 1893- 

... Reuben and his red wheelbarrow. New York, Grosset & 
Dunlap, 1946. 

t28i p. lncl. coL front, lllus. (part col.) 23 x 21". (Oft cover: A Story 
parade picture book) 

At head of title: Story by Alice Dalgliesh, with pictures by Ilse 

©illus., 15Feblj.6; Artiste and writers 
guild, inc., New York; A2815. 

Dalma, Giovanni. 
... La verita sugli Ebrei. Roma, OET [1945, 
154 p., 11. 14ix8-. {Half-title: Confldenze, 4) 

© 17Apri|.5; lc 9Sepli6; publisher; 

Dalton, Van Broadus, 1885- 
The genesis of dental education in the United States .. 

Cincinnati, 1946. 

216 p. illus., ports. 23i°*. 

1. Dentistry— Hist— TJ. S. 2. Dentistry— Societies. t 2. Dental socle- 
ties— U. S.] 3. Dentistry — Study and teaching. 4. Ohio college of dental 
surgery, Cincinnati. 1. Title. 

RK34.U6D3 617.6 Med 46-131 

© 1 Sep46 ; author, Cincinnati ; A8046. 

Daly, Elizabeth, 1878- 

... Somewhere in the house ... New York, Toronto, Rine- 
hart & company, inc. ( 1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-213 p. 10-. 

"A Murray Hill mystery." 


©28Feb/|6; author, New York; AI617. 

Daly, Elizabeth, 1878- 

... The wrong way down ... New York, Toronto, Rineh&rt 
& company, inc. [1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-2U p. 19*-. 
"A Murray Hill mystery." 

© lOOctlj.6; 2c ljSepij.6; author, New York; 


Daly, Sheila John. 

Personality plus ! By Sheila John Daly, illustrated by Ger- 
trude Howe. New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

xii p., 1 1., 139 p. col. plates. 191". 

© 20Augl4.6; 2c 9Augl4.6; Dodd, Mead & CO., 
inc.; A 5821. 

Daly, Thomas Augustine, 1871- 

Late lark singing [byj T. A. Daly ... New York, Harcourt, 
Brace and company [1946] 

x p., 2 L, 3-61 p. lncl. front 10-. 

"First edition." 

©lj.Aprlj.6; Harcourt, Brace & co., inc.; 

Daly (Destroyer) 

U. S. S. Daly (DD 519) Charleston, S. C, The Presses of 
Walker, Evans & Cogswell company, 1946. 

1 p. 1., 5-94, ( 8j p. lllus. (lncl. ports.) fold. map. 26J-. 

"Hank Weiss ... editor."— p. 84. 

1. World war, 1939-1945 Naval operations, American. 2. World 

war, 1939-1945— Pacific ocean. 1. Weiss, Henry David, 1026- ed. 

D774.D28A5 940.545 47-15774 

© HApr46 ; editor, San Francisco ; A6866. 

Dalzell, Jame£ Ralph, 1900- 

Architectural drawing & detailing, including rendering in 
pen and ink and landscaping. A text and reference book on 
general practice and technique, by J. Ralph Dalzell ... and 
James McKinney ... Chicago, American technical society, 
1946. ' 

3 p. I., 212 p. illus. (lncl. plans) 21*-. 

© revisions, 20Febi;6; publisher; AI338. 

Dambermont, Georges. 

... Le cyclope, roman policier. 
Lilge, Paris, Mare'chal [ 19I+5) 

252, [2] p. 19 cm . (Le Sphinx) 

Printed in Belgium. 
"Prix du Jury I9J+2". 
(£) 30Decl+3; lc 29Augi|5; Editions 
Marechal, Paris; AF35°. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Damesek, Solomon. 

Be-gorali. New York, Bitzaron [I9I4.0J 
156 p., 22 1/2™. 

"Copyright 19U5." 

Text in Hebrew; title transliterated. 

© 15JanI|.6; author, Lakewood, S, J.; 

(Dampierre, Leila de, comtessej 
... De I'ambassade au bagne nazi. Paris, Flammarion ( 1946j 
164 p., 1L plates. 18J-. 
At head of title : C tmm Robert de Dampierre. 

L World war, 1939-1945 — Prisoners and prisons, German. 2. World 
war, 1939-1945 — Personal narratives, French. I. Title. 


© 24Jan46 ; Ernest Flammarion ; AF1514. 


Dampierre, Comte Robert de, 1888- 

... L'equipee d'une legation de France (Norvege ,1940) avec 
trois croquis dans le texte 'et huit dessins originaux de Leila 
hors texte. Paris, Plon ( 1945j 

3 p. 1., 11, 180 p., 1 1. Ulus. ( maps ) plates. 18J-. 

1. World war, 1939-1945 — Personal narratives, French. 2. World 
war, 1939-1945 — Norway. I. Title. 

{Full name: Comte Robert Gaston Marie Aymar de Dampierre) 

D811.5.D29 47-18209 

© 3Dec45 ; lc 8May46 ; Librairie Plon ; AF1273. 

Dampierre, comtesse Robert de 
see Dampierre, Leila de, comtesse . 

Damrosch, Frank, 1888- 

The faith of the Episcopal church [byj Frank Damrosch, jr. 
New York, Morehouse-Gorham co., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 146 p. 19-. 

© 30 s epU6; publisher; A7OI7. 

Dana, Richard Henry, 1815-1882. 

Two years before the mast, a person- 
al narrative of life at sea, by Rich- 
ard Henry Dana, jr., illustrated by 
Alexander Dobkin, with an introduction 
by May Lamberton Becker. Cleveland 
and New York, The World publishing com- 
pany [1914.6] 

*A5» tH P« col. front., illus., 
col. plates. 22 cm . ( Half-title : 
Rainbow classics) 

"First printing April 1946." 

© illus. & editorial matter, 25Junlj.6j 
publisher, Cleveland; Al4.5i4.9- 

Danbury, Bethel directory [I9I4.5-] 19M>» 
[v. 32-33] ... New Haven, Conn., 
The Price & Lee co., c 19l;6. 
2 v. 

©v. 32, 2Janl4.6; v. 33, ll4-Novi|.6; 
publisher j A292, A8557. 

Dauby, Hope. 

The illustrious emperor, by Hope Danby. Chicago, New 
York, Ziff-Davis publishing company [1946] 

3 p. 1., 281 p. Illus. 21". 

X. Tang Haflan-tsung, emperor of China, 685-762— Fiction. 1. Title. 
PZ3.D194H .47-1264 

© 20Dec46 ; publisher, Chicago ; A9353. 

( Daniel, Glyn Edmund, 

The Cambridge murders, by Dilwyn Rees tfseud.) London, 
V. Gollancz ltd, 1945. 

223 p. Illus. (plan) 19-. 

Pub. 150ctl|5; lc 22Decij.5; author, Cam- 
bridge, Eng.; AI 23. 
Daniel, Howard. 

Australia, the new customer; a commercial and economic 
guide for American business men, by Howard Daniel and Min- 
nie Belle ... with a foreword by A. C. Moore ... New York, 
The Ronald press company [1946] 

xiil, 369 p. illus. (maps) 22*". 
"Bibliographical note" : p. 357-359. 

©28Febi4.6; publisher; AI79O. 
Daniel-Rops, Henry, 1901- 

... Histoire sainte; Jesus en son 
temps. Paris, A. Fayard [I9I4.5] 

1 p. Jt. t 638 p. illus. 19cm. 
( On cover : Les Grandes etudes his- 
toriques ) 

At head of title: Daniel-Rops. 
"Indications bibliographiques": 
p. [6273-631. 

©30Declj.5; lc 8Mayl^6; F. Brouty, 
J. Fayard et cie., Paris; AFI267. 
Daniels, Jonathan, 1902- 

Frontier on the Potomac, by Jonathan Daniels. New York, 
The Macmillan company, 1946. 

4 p. l, 262 p. 22™. 
"First printing." 

1. U. S.— Pol. & govt.— 20th cent. 2. Washington, D. C— Soc life & 
cust. 3. Washington, D. C. — Descr. i. Title. 

iFull name: Jonathan Worth Daniels] 
F196.D25 973.917 46-11943 

© 220ct46 ; author, Raleigh, N. C. ; A7116. 
Daniels, Josephus, 1862- 

The Wilson era ; years of war and after, 1917-1923, by Jo- 
sephus Daniels .,. Chapel Hill, The University of North Car- 
olina press, 1946. 

xvili, 654 p. front., Illus., plates, ports., maps, facslms. 24$—. 

©25Mayl|6; publisher; Ai|l86. 
Daninos, Pierre. 
. . . Meridiens, roman. Paris, R. Julliard [1945j 
242 p. 19- (Sequana) 

©260ctl4-5; lc 8Mayij.6; Rene 
Julliard- sequana; AFII97. 

Danis, Marcel. 

... Les aspects normaux et les 
anomalies congSnitales du fond de 1'oeil; 
atlas ophtalmoscopique; rapport .prlsentS 
a la SocietS d' ophtalmologie, le 25 mai 
19i4.0 ... Paris, Masson & cie, 19^0. 

276 p. illus., XXXVIII col. pi.' 

© 22Novl+0; lc i6Nov1j.5; publisher; 

Dank, Michael Carlton. 

Adventures in scrap craft, written and illustrated by Michael 
Carlton Dank ... New York, Greenberg [1946] 

Till, 376 p. front., illus., plates. 24- 

© 2l4.Seplj.6; publisher; A6637. 

'Dannay, Frederic, 1905- 
For works written in collaboration 
with Manfred Bennington Lee 
see Queen, Ellery, pseud. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Danne, Harold Alexander, 1886- 

The life energy of species, by Harold Alexander Danne ... 
Kev.ed. New York, 1946. 

82 p. lncl. lllus., forms. 23J-. 

© 18Sep46; author, New Kork; A7075. 

Dansette, Adrlen. 

La division Leclerc dfilivre Paris, 
23-25 aofit 19ij.5 ... 

(In Les 6euvres libres. Paris 
[19^6] 19cm. n.s. no. 10 (236) p. 

©lJunl^6; author, Paris; AFI937. 

Dansette, Adrien. 

Histoire de la liberation de Paris. Paris, A. Fayard 
t 1946j 

3 p. L, [5,-516, [2j p. Illus. (maps, plan) fold, map, dlagrs. 18i". 
"Sources et blbllographle" : p. ( 501i-504. 

© ljunii.6; P. Brouty, J. Fayard et cie., 
Paris; AFI878. 

Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321. 

... The Divine comedy, illustrated by Umberto Romano. 
Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

4 p. L, 475, (lj p. col. front, lUus., col. plates (part double) 25*". 
Translated by Henry Francis Cary. 

©illus., 9Mayi+6; publisher; AljJ.56. 

Darby, Mme. 
see La Roche, Line de. 

Darcourt, Edmond. 

Ivan Vasileff, by Edmond Darcourt . . . Boston, Meador pub- 
lishing company ( 1946j 

200 p. 201-. 

© 19SepJ+6; Edward K. Meador, Boston; 
A 39 62. 

Darcy, Paul. 
... Crimes a Montmartre ... Paris, P. Dupont ( 1946, 
2 p. L, (7,-187 p„ 1 1. 18". (Collection CEdlpe) 

1. Title. 

PQ2607.A55C7 47-1T258 

© 30May46 ; Editions Paul Dupont ; AF2145. 

Dardel, Eric 

... Les peches maritimes, par Eric Dardel ... Paris, Presses 
universitaires de France, 1946. 

126, [2, p. illus. (lncl. maps) 17i~. ("Que sals-je?" Le point des 
connalssances actuelles. [199, ) 

"1™ edition." 

"Blbllographle sommaire" : p. [127, 

© 28Marlj.6; publisher; AF2107. 

Dardel, Genevieve. 

. . . Sur les traces du "Pourquoi 
pas?" ... Paris, Editions de 1' 
Amitie, G. T. Rageot [19*4-5] , 

208 p. illus. (incl. maps) 
18 l/2 5m . (Collection "Heures . 

joyeuses." [20]) 

©13Sepi4.5; lc 8MayM>; publisher; 

D'Arfey, William, pseud. 

Curious relations, by William D'Arfey; edited by William 
Plomer . . . London, J. Cape [1945, 

175 p. 20". 

"First published 1945." 

Pub. 5Novi;5; lc 110ctl;6; editor, London; 
AI U.90. 

Darien, Noroton, Noroton Heights, 
N«w Canaan directory, 19^6 . . . 
New Haven, Price & Lee, cl9lj.6. 

© 17Jull).6; Price & Lee co.; Alj.909. 

The dark side of the moon, with a preface by T. S. Eliot. 
London, Faber and Faber limited [1946] 

232 p. 20}-. 

A history of the relations between Poland and the U. S. S. R. from 
1939 to 1945. 

"First published in Mcmxlvl." 

pub. 7Junl4.6; lc 2Augi|.6; Charles Scrib- 
ner's sons, New York; AI 357* 

Darlto, Albert, 1916- 

The ballad of Big Ben (saga of the U. S. S. Franklin) The 
pageant of Coney island and other poems. By Albert Darlto. 
New York, "Cosmos" printing company, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 73 p. 19J-. 

Errata slip mounted on fly-leaf. 
"First printing." 

© 19AugU6; author, New York; A57^8. 

Dartey, Leo. 

... La danse aux etoiles. Paris, J. Tallandier ( 1946j 
2 p. 1., (7,-202 p., 2 1. 19-. 
On cover : Roman. 4. 6i. 

1. Title. 

PQ2607.A68D3 47-17660 

© 30Mar46; Societe d'editions et de publications, Paris; 


Dartnell's personal record book N 
see A Personal book for executives. 

Darwin, Charles Robert, 1809-1882. 

Charles Darwin and the voyage of the Beagle, edited, with 
an introduction, by Nora Barlow. New York, Philosophical 
library [1946, 

■1 p. 1., 279 p. front, (group port.) plates, maps (1 fold.) 2 facslm. on 
1L 21J-. 


Contains the author's note-books of the voyage and his letters home. 
cf. Pref. 

Bibliography : p. 4-6. 

©2kjun46; Philosophical library, inc. ; 


Dashiell, Randolph Grayson, 1888- 

The door of rock [byj R. Grayson Dashiell. [Richmond, 

xn, 78 p. 21-. 

© 15Junl|.6; author, Richmond j A 59^-5 • 

D'Astorg, Bertrand 
see Astorg, Bertrand d'. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Daudet, ieon, 1867-I9U2. 

... L'neure qui tourne; orneraents 
graves sur bois de Kerve Bailie . . . 
Paris, Editions de la nouvelle France 

397, [l] P.»,M- illu3 ' 1N x 9 V2 cm . 
(Collection Preferences. [J]) 

Criticisms of literary works. 
(D 27Jul45 J lc 2Marij.6; publisher; 

Daughters of the American revolution. Georgia. 

Membership roll and register of ancestors, Georgia society, 
Daughters of the American revolution, 1946. Mrs. Ober D. 
Warthen, state regent. Compiled by Mrs. James Newton (Nel- 
lie Barksdale) Brawner, state consulting registrat, 1944-1946. 
[Atlanta] The Georgia society, Daughters of the American 
revolution ( 1946, 

1 p. 1., ,5,-188 p. 24". 

1. Brawner, Nellie (Barksdale) 1881- comp. n. Title. 

E202.5.G34 369.135 47-1551 

© 18Sep46 ; publisher ; A5847. 

Daumier, Honors Victorin; 1808-1879. 

Daumier ; theater und publikum ; sechzehn wiedergaben in 
kupfertiefdruck nach originallithographien. Mit einer bio- 
graphie und bilderlauterungen von Janos Erenyi. Zurich, 
Rascher, 1945. 

20,xiip. 16 pi. 38-. 

In portfolio. 

i. Erenyi, Janos. 

NE2451.D3E7 763 47-17357 

© 5Dec45; lc 3lOct46; Rascher & cie., a. g.; AF5189. 

Daumier, Honore Victorin, 1808-1879. 

Honore Daumier; 240 lithographs. New York, Reynal & 
Hitchcock t 1946j 

12 p. 1., 240 pi. (2 double) on 120 1., ( 8, p. illus. 39J~. 

"Introduction by Bernard Lemann." 

"The captions and explanatory notes by Dr. Wilhelm Wartmann were 
translated by James Galston." — p. ,1] at end. 

L. Lemann, Bernard, n. *Wartmaun, Wilhelm, 1882- m. Galston, 

James Austin, 1881- tr. 

NE2451.D32 763 47-193 

© 25Nov46 ; Reynal & Hitchcock, inc. ; A8813. 

Dauzat, Albert, 1877- 

... T^aite" d'anthroponymie francaise; 
les noms de famille de Prance. 
Paris, Payot, 19I15. 
I4.5I4. p. 23 cm. (Bibliotheque 

"Bibliographic": p. C3971-I4.00. 

© UD*ck5l lc lMarl4.6; publisher; 

Daval, R 

. . . Le raisonnement mathematique, par 

R. Daval . . . et G.-T. Guilbaud ... 
[1. ed.] Paris, Presses universitaires 
de franc e, 19^4-5 • 

152 p. 18 l/2 cm . (Nouvelle encyclo- 
pedic philosophique. [36]) 

©31Mayi|.5; lc 300ctl^5; publisher; 

Davenport, Gwen, 1910- 

Return engagement, by Gwen Davenport ... Indianapolis, 
New York, The Bobbs-Merrill company ( 1946] 

286 p. a- 
"First edition." 

© 2Augl4.6; 2c 6Juli|6; author, Louisville* 
Ky.; A5U10. 

David, Maurice. 

... Initiation a Charles Peguy. Paris, La Nouvelle Edition 

3 p. 1., 9-127 p., 2 1. 18J~. (Collection "Initiations") 
"Blbliographle sommalTe" : p. 125-127. 

1. Peguy, Charles Pierre, 1873-1914. 


© 28Dec45 ; publisher ; AF1601. 

i. TiUe. 

A F 47-1734 

David-Bernard, Eugene. 

... Ramose; ou, La vie aventureuse de Jean Laborde (1805- 
1878) Lettrines et culs-de-lampe par l'auteur ... Paris, Le 
Liseron ( 1946j 

202 p., 1 1. 19". (Bibliotheque de l'Instltut maritime et colonial) 

Les Pionnlers colonlaui. 

1. Laborde, Jean, 1805-1878. 2. French in Madagascar. x. Title. 
DT469.M34D3 47-15911 

© lApr46; Editions Le Liseron ; AF1879. 

Davidoff, Henry. 

A world treasury of proverbs from twenty-five languages: 
African, Arabic, Chinese t etc., ... collected by Henry Davidoff. 
New York, Random house r 1946, 

2 p. 1., vit-if*p., 1 I., 526 p. 23i". 

"First printing." 

Bibliography Included in foreword. 

& 27Jun46; 2c 23Jun46; Random house, inc.; 

Davidoff, Leo Max, 1898- 

The normal encephalogram, by Leo M. Davidoff ... and 
Cornelius G. Dyke ... 2d ed., thoroughly rev., illustrated with 
155 engravings. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 1946. 

232 p. illus. Unci, diagrs.) 24™. 

Bibliography: p. 215-226. 

© 15JulI|.6; publisher; Al+855. 

Davidson, Carrie (Dreyfuss) 1879- 

Out of endless yearnings, a memoir of Israel Davidson, by 
C. Davidson . . . New York, Bloch publishing company, 1946. 

xyi, 198 p. front., ports., facslms. 21". 

©l;Mar!|.6; Bloch pub. co., inc.; A1^29. 

Davidson, Clare 
see Davidson, Carrie (Dreyfuss) 

Davidson, Clinton. 

Your cost of postwar tax proposals; estimates of the post- 
war federal budget and tax rates necessary to balance it ( byj 
Clinton Davidson, jr. ... jSearcy, Ark., Harding college, 1945] 

xiii, 76 p. illus., diagrs. 221". 

©15SepJi5; 2c 12Jani;6; author, New 
York; A263. 

Davidson, Clinton Franklin, j r. 
see Davidson, Clinton. 

Davidson, David Ered. 

The master key to life, 
couver, 19^5 j 

sheet 22x36 cm . 


Reproduced from typewritten copy. 
Pub. 20Novi^5; lc 2Declj.5; author, 
Vancouver; AI 93 • 

749448 O— 47 11 159 

BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Davidson, Donald, 1893- 

The Tennessee ... by Donald Davidson, illustrated by Theresa 
Sherrer Davidson. New York, Toronto, Rinehart & company, 
inc. { 1946J ' 

1 v. illus. (lncl. maps, music) 21°". [Rivers of America, ed. by 
Hervey Allen and Carl Carmer, as planned and started by Constance L. 

"A selected bibliography" : v. 1, p. 327-333. 

© v. 1, 2lj.Octl4.6; 2c 26Seplj.6, author, 
Nashville; A8I4.33. 

Davidson, Levette Jay, 1894- 

Literary experience ; how to select, read, and criticize works 
of literature, by Levette Jay Davidson ... [Denverj Univer- 
sity of Denver press, 1946. 

64 p. 231- 

"References" at end of each chapter. "A shelf of reference books" : 
p. 57-60. 

1. Literature — Study and teaching. 
PN61.D38 802 

© 23Nov46 ; publisher ; A8754. 


Davidson, Wilson Thompson, 1868-1944. 

Years of an army doctor, an autobiography by Wilson T. 
Davidson ... Foreword by General James G. Harbord. San 
Antonio, Tex., The Naylor company, 1944. 

xlv, 189 p. front, plates, ports. 21*". 

© 5Augi|4; 2c 26Augi4i.; Mary H. D av i dson> 
executrix of the estate of Wilson T. Da- 
vidson, Belton, Tex.; A2985 . 

Davies, Arthur Powell. 

The faith of an unrepentant liberal, by A Powell Davies, 
Boston, The Beacon press, 1946. 

ir, 122 p. 20J-. 

© 15May46; author, Washington, U.C.; AA177. 

Davies, Ernest, 1902- 

National enterprise ; the development of the public corpora- 
tion, by Ernest Davies. London, V. Gollancz ltd, 1946. 

173 p. 19-. 

1. Corporations, Government — Gt Brit. I. Title. 

(Full name: Ernest Albert John Davlesi 
HD4145.D3 1946 380.162 47-15947 

Pub. 2lOct46; lc 19Dec46; author, London; AI 611. 

Danes, Ernest Albert John 
, see Davlea, Ernest, 1902- 

[Davies, Gladys Mabel] 

... Query-auctions (Quiz auctions) 

(In Bristol evenins world. Bristol 
[Ens.] [19/J.5] U 1/2™. no. i.953, 
Sept. 7, 1945. p . 6) * -' 

At head of title: Preliminary 

Pub. 7Sepl;5; lc 27Declj.6; Gladys 
Mabel Davies, Stratton, Cirencester. 
Eng.; AI 130. 

Davies, Horatio C I892- 

Verses and rhymes of our times, by Horatio C. Davies, illus- 
trated by lone MacLean Bowman. New York, The Paebar 
company, 1945. [i.e. I946] 

8 p. 1., so, ( i, p. uius. 20i- 
"Copyright, 19l|.5." 
AsSS" 5Apr ^ 6j Publisher, Newburgh, N. Y.; 

Davies, Raymond Arthur, 1908^ 

Odyssey through hell, by Raymond Arthur Davies. New 
York, L. B. Fischer, 1946. 

235 p. 21". 

© JOAugl^; author, Toronto; A5752. 

Davies, Rhys, 1903- 

The black Venus, a novel by Rhys Davies. New York, 
Howell, Soskin [1946] ^ 

325 p. 21- 

Flrst published In London, 1944. 

Pub. l8Feblf.6j author, New York; A1976 
Prev. reg. AI 28999. •*■»■» f<>. 

Davies, Rhys, 1903- 

^^K} . London '" series ^ Rtys Davies. London, To- 
ronto, W. Heinemann ltd [1946, 

2 p. 1., 128 p. 19-. 

"First published 1946." 

Pub. l8Feb^6; lc 21Mayi|6; author, Lon- 
don; AI 239. 

Davies, Rhys, 1903- 

The trip to London; short stories by Rhys Davies New 
York, Howell, Soskin ( 1946, 
214 p. 20i- 

Prev!-reg? 6 ^ 6 | 5 ^ th0r ' London ^ A 7<^. 

Davies, Wilfred Waechter, 1911- 
Cargo aircraft, by W. W. Davies. New York, Chicago, Pit- 

man publishing corporation t 1946, 

,„h™ 216 a?- l DCl front - " lus " dlaRrs - 24 " iP'tman aeronautical publl. 
cations. Air transport operation and management series, 

1. Aeronautics, Commercial — Freight. 1. Title 

TL720.7.D3 387.743 , 47-30074 

© 3Dec46 ; publisher, New York ; A8941. 

Davis, Betty Elise. 

Scotchtown tale, by Betty Elise Davis, illustrated by Mar- 
garet Ayer. New York, Toronto [etc., T. Nelson & sons t 1946, 
144 p. Incl. front., Ulus. 21". 

©ll£ep/ + 6; author, Cherlottesvilxf ?a • 

A 5634. 

Davis, Clyde Brion, 1894- 

The stars incline, by Clyde Brion Davis. New York, Toronto, 
Farrar & Rinehart, inc. ( 1946, 

4 p. 1., 3-280 p. 21- 

©22Jani^6; 2c 5Decl|5; author, Ancram- 
dale, N. Y. ; A695. 

Davis, David Melvin, 1886- 

Urological nursing, by David M. Davis ... 4th ed illus- 
trated. Philadelphia and London, W. B. Saunders company 
1946. L •" 

vl, 212 p. illus., diagrs. 20". 
Bibliography : p. 53. 

A ©l? Peb ^; publisher, Philadelphia;. 

1. Urinary organs— Diseases. 2. Nurses and nursing. 3. Medical in- 
struments and apparatus. 1. Title. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Davis, Peering. 

Alexandria houses, 1750-1830, by Deering Davis, a. i. d., 
Stephen P. Dorsey & Ralph Cole Hall. Special article by 
Nancy McClelland, a. i. d. t New York, Architectural book 
publishing co., inc., 1946. 

128 p. incl. front,, lllua. (incl maps, plans) dlagra, 281 x 22". 

©lAprlj.6; publisher; A2222 . 

Davis, Edwin Adams, 1904- 

Of the night wind's telling; legends from the valley of 
Mexico, by E. Adams Davis, with drawings by Dorothy Kirk. 
Norman, University of Oklahoma press, 1946. 

xxlv, 276 p., 1 1. lllua. (Incl. maps) 21". 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 274-276. 

©8juli|.6; publisher; Ai+807 

Davis, Florence (Boyce) 1873-1938. 

Selected ballads and poems by Florence Boyce Davis. (Bur- 
lington, Vt., Free press printing co., 1946j 

T7 p. Ulus. (incl. port) 25,". 

PS3507A.723S4 811.5 47-16099 

© 8Nov46; Mrs. Clayton M. Richardson, Waitsfield, Vt; 

Davis, George. 

An animal tour; color photographs by W. Suschitsky, story 
by George Davis, drawings by Patric O'Keeffe. New York, 
Lothrop, Lee & Shepard co., inc. [1946] 

(47| p. lllua (part col.) 18-x 18". ( On cover: A Lothrop color book) 

l Suachitxky, W. n. Title. 

PZ10.3.D292An 46-8404 

Pub. 18Nov46; publisher; A8662. 

Davis, Gladys (Rockmore) 1901- * 

Gladys Rockmore Davis. New York, American artists 
group (1946] 

(64] p. Ulna. 16". (On oover: American artists group. Monograph 
no. 10) 

Includes 66 pages of illustrations. 
Portrait of the artist on cover. 

<© 2-15-li6; 2 c 3-13-1*6; New York;A 1558 

Davis, Harry E dward, 1882- 

A history of freemasonry among Negroes in America, by 
Harry E. Davis . . . (Cleveland ? 1946] 

884 p. 22J". 

"Publlshed under auspices of the United supreme, council, ancient & 
accepted Scottish rite of freemasonry, Northern jurisdiction, U. S. A. 
(Prince Hall affiliation), Incorporated." 
- Includes bibliographies. 

<D ll+Sepij.6; United supreme council, 
ancient * accepted Scottish rite of 
freemasonry, Northern Jurisdiction, 
U. S. A. (Prince Hall affiliation) 
inc., Philadelphia; A652U. 

Davis, Hassoldt, 1907- 

... Feu d'Afrique. Paris, A. 

Fayard [I9J4.5] 

350 p., [1] $. 18 l/2<*i. 

Translated by Pierre MSlon. 
<D 15Augl4.5; lc 300ctlj.5; F. Brouty, 
J. Fayard et cie, ParJ,s; AFI25. 

Davis, Hilda Pauline. 

Love me, love my thoughts; poems by Hilda Pauline Davis. 
New York, Exposition press (1946] 

68 p. 20". 

O 20Sep46j publishers A 5800. 

Davis, John Eisele. 

Rehabilitation, its principles & practice ... Rev. and enl. 
ed. New York, Barnes t 1946] 

rx, 264 p. Ulus. 23i~. 

1943 ed. published under title: Principles and practice of rehabilita- 

1. Disabled — Rehabilitation, ( etc.) 2. Mental (physiology and) hy- 
giene. 3. Occupational therapy. 1. Title. 

RC361.D3 1946 616.8 Med 46-164 

© 28Feb46 ; A. S. Barnes & co., inc. ; A6584. 

Davis, John Merle, 1875- 

... New buildings on old foundations; a handbook on stabiliz- 
ing the younger churches in their environment, by J. Merle 
Davis ... New York and London, International missionary 
council, 1945. 

xlv, 320 p. 22". (Studies in the world mission of Christianity. 
[Occasional papers] No. v) 

Bibliography : p. 303-312. 

©29DecJiS; 2c 21Mari|6; publisher , New 
York; AI683. 

Davis, Kenneth Sydney, 1912- 

Soldier of democracy, a biography of Dwight Eisenhower, 
by Kenneth S. Davis. Garden City, New York, Doubleday, 
Doran & company, inc., 1945. 

x, 566 p. lllus. (maps) 22". 
"First edition." 

©29Novi|5; lc 17Novii5; lc llJanl+6; 
author, New York; Alj.05 . 

Davis, Lavinia (Riker) 1909- 

Barren heritage t by] Lavinia R. Davis. Garden City, New 
York, Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 

208 p. 18J". 
"First edition." 

©21Febi|6; author, Brookfield Center, 
Conn.; AI69I. 

Davis, Lavinia (Riker) 1909- 

Taste of vengeance [byj Lavinia R. Davis. Garden City, 
N. Y.. Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 
1947. li-e. 19iroT 

5 p. 1., 0-185 p. 20". 
"First edition." 

Pub. 5Deci^.6; 2c 20Novk6; author, Brook- 
field Centre, Conn.; A8915. 
Davis, Loyal Edward, 1896- 

The principles of neurological surgery, by Loyal Davis ... 
3d ed., thoroughly rev. With 192 engravings, containing 348 
illustrations and 5 plates, 4 in color. Philadelphia, Lea & 
Febiger, 1946. 

540 p. Ulus., plates (part col. ; 1 double) dlagra. 24". 

First edition, 1936, published under title : Neurological surgery. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 19Augl;6; publisher; A5233. 

Davis, Mary Gould, 1882- 

Randolph Caldecott, 1846-1886; an appreciation by Mary 
Gould Davis. Philadelphia & New York, J. B. Lippincott 
company (1946] 

46, (lj p. incl. front (port) lllua. 25J". 

Bibliography : p. 45-[47j 

1. Caldecott Randolph, 1846-1886. 

NC242.C3D3 927.4 46-11806 

© 10Oct46 ; author, New York ; A6650. 
Davis, Maxine. 

Through the stratosphere; the human factor in aviation, by 
Maxine Davis. New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

vUl, 253 p. 22". 

© 25JuruV6; 2c 2ljJ!ayl4.6: author, 
Washington, D. C.J A3518. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Davis, Robert L 

Applied plastic product design, a simplified presentation of 
plastic product design principles for use by engineers and stu- 
dents in plastics, by Robert L. Davis ... and Ronald D. Beck ... 
New York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1946. 

3d p., 1 1., 285 p. Incl. col. front, plates, diagrs. 23i~. 

Map on lining-papers. 

1. Plastic materials. 2. Design, Industrial. i. Beck, Ronald D„ 
Joint author, n. Title. 

TP986.5.A2D3 668.4 47-1025 

© HDec46; publisher; A9363. 
Davis, Sam, 1902- 

Davis tax tables, 1946 rates ( by 3 Sam Davis ... exact fed- 
eral taxes on amounts subject to tax (in round sums) ... Los 
Angelesj Chelsea publications, inc. [1946] 

23, [li p. 18i- > 

© 3Junlj.6; publisher j A 3669. 

Davis, Stuart, 1894- * 
► Stuart Davis. New York, American artists group [1946] 

(64] p. illus. 16*". (On cover: American artists group. Monograph 

no. 6) 

Includes 45 pages of Illustrations. 
Portrait of the artist on cover. 

©2-15-1+6; 2 c 3-13-l|6; New York; AI555, 

Davison, Archibald Thompson, I883- ed . 

Historical anthology of music, by 
Archibald T. Davidson and Willi Apel. 
[v. 1] Oriental, medieval and renais- 
sance music. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard 

university press, l^l+b . 
51 cm 

Bibliographical references: p. [213]- 

© 17Sept|.6; President and fellows of 
Harvard college, Cambridge; A5825. 

Davison, Frank Dalby, 1893- 

Dusty, a novel by Frank D. Davison. New York, Coward- 
McCann, inc. t 1946j 

4 p. 1., 3-211 p. 21- 

© 22Jullj.6; author, New York; A5^37. 
Davison, Marguerite Porter. 

A handweaver's pattern book for four-harness looms, by 
Marguerite Porter Davison. Swarthmore, Pa., The author 

6 p. 1., 128 p. illus., diagrs. 28 x 22". 

"First printing, May, 1944 ... third printing ... 1945." 
Bibliography : p. 7-10. 

^Copyright I9U5." 

© 27Febij.6; author, Swarthmore, Pa.; 

Davison, Wilburt Cornell, 1892- 

The compleat pediatrician ; practical, diagnostic, therapeutic, 
arid preventive pediatrics. 5th ed. ... Durham, N. C, Duke 
univ. press, 1946. 

1 v. 23J-. 


The first draft of this work appeared In 1926 as Pediatric notes. 

1. Children— Diseases. 2. Children— Nutrition. 1. Title. 

RJ45.D3 1946 618.92 Med 47-153 

© 18Nov46 ; author, Durham, N. C. ; A8863. 
Davison's cordage, twine and duck trade; 
a register of the cordage, twine, duck, 
canvas and linen manufacturer's of the 
United States and Canada . ., and in- 
cluding classified lists of manu- 
facturers .... 38th ed. ... Ridgewood, 
N. JV, Davison publishing co., 19^6. 
322 p. illus. 19cm. 

© 12Apri|.6; publisher; A2I4.8O. 

... Davison's knit goods trade; "The 
Standard", the original and only com- 
plete directory and register of all 
knit goods manufacturers in the United 
States and Canada ... 56th annual, 
October, 19^6. Office ed. Ridgewood, 
c* )V Davison Publishing company, 
1 v. 22 l/2 cm , 
© 6Deci;6; publisher; A73lj.O. 

... Davison's knit goods trade, "The 
Standard"; the original and. only 
complete directory and register of 
all knit goods manufacturers in the 
United States and Canada ... 
56-th. annual ... pocket ed. 
[October, 19I4.6 ] Ridgewood, N. J., 
Davison publishing company, c 19ko. 
1 v. 20 l/2 cm . 

© 13Declj.6; publisher; A9210. 

Davison's mattress directory, including 
manufacturers of bedding, cushions and 
upholstered furniture ... 3^th annual 
ed. , 19ij.6. Ridgewood, N. J., Davison 
publishing co., c 19i;6. 
229 p. illus. 21 l/2 cm . 

■ © 27Mayij.6; publisher; A31t+5. 

Davison's rayon and silk trades, inclu- 
ding nylon and other synthetic tex- 
tiles. The standard guide ... De 
luxe office ed. ... 51st annual ed. 

194D. Ridgewood, N, J., I9I4.6. 

© 20Marlj.6; Davison publishing co . 
Ridgewood, N. J.; AI708. 

Davison's rayon and silk trades, 
including nylon and other synthetic 
textiles. The standard ... pocket 
ed. ... 51 st annual ed. Ridgewood, 
N. J., 19IJ.6. 

© 22Marij.6; Davison publishing co., 
Ridgewood, N. J.; Al82lj.. 

Davison's textile blue book, United 
States and Canada, with which is con- 
solidated Dockham's American report 
and directory ... July, I9I4.6. Handy 
ed. Cotton, woolen, worsted, silk, 
rayon and nylon manufacturers ... 
Ridgewood, N. J., Davison publishing 
co., c 19^6. 
1 v. 20 l/2 cm . 

© 30Auglj.6; publisher; A38LJ.7. 

Davison's- textile blue book, United States 
and Canada, with which is consolidated 
Dockham's American report and direc- 
tory ... July, I9I4.6. Office ed. 
Cotton, woolen, worsted, silk, rayon 
and nylon manufacturers . , . New 
York, Davison publishing co., c 19i|6. 
1 v. maps. 23 cm . 

© 30AugI|.6; publisher, Ridgewood, N. J.; 

Davison's textile directory for execu- 
tives and salesmen. 36th annual ed. 
July 19l(.6 ... Ridgewood, N. J., 
Davison publishing co., c 19l|.6. 
1 v. ll|. cm . 

© 5Augij.6; publisher; A37H. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Davri-1-Holdlng, Cynthia 
sea Holding, Cynthia Davril. 

Dawson, Lionel, 1885- 

Lonsdale, the authorised life of Hugh Lowther, fifth earl 
of Lonsdale, x. o., o. c. v. o., by Captain Lionel Dawson ... 
London, Odhams press, limited, 1946. 

Ii p, l l., 13-288 p. front, plates, porta., fold. map. 23}-. 

Errata allp inserted. 

1. Lonsdale, Hash OcU Lowther, 6th earl of, 1857-1944. 

(PaU name: Lionel George Dawaonj 

DA566.9X65D3 1946 923542 46-22466 

Pub. 6Aug46; lc 20Oct46; author, Bradford Peverell, Dor- 
setshire, Eng. ; AJ 445. 

Das, Hubert E 

Arrest, search and seizure, by Hubert E. Dax ... and Brooke 
Tibbs ... (Milwaukee, Printed by Hammersmith-Kortmeyer 
co., 1946, , 

tUI, 195 p. 24". 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 9Augij.6; (Robert) Brooke Tibbs, 
Milwaukee; A37U 8: " 

Day, Celia. 

Light for the lamps. New York, Hob- 
son book press, 194&* 

k l. f 62 p. 2Lcm. 

©l6Mayl4.6; author, Scarsdale, N.Y. ; 

Day, Lena Hall. 

... The clearer view, by Lena Hall Day. Philadelphia, Dor- 
rance & company ( 1945] 

51 p. 19}—. (Contemporary poeta of Dorrance (306) ) 

©10DecU5; 2c 20Decl+5; publisher: A575- 

Day, Lillian, .1893- 

Grieg, by Lillian Day, illustrated by Alida Vreeland. New 
York, The Hyperion press, inc., and Duell, Sloan & Pearce, inc. 
t 1946j 

40 p. lncl. col. front (port) lllus. (part col.) 21}-. [The Hyperion 
music series) 

©' U 17Mayl|.o r ;' 2c 22Maylj.6; Hyperion press, 
inc . , New York ; A 50I4.5 . 

Day, Lillian, 1893- 

Paganini, by Lilllian Day, illustrated by Andre Dugo 
tfsevd.} New York, The Hyperion press, inc., and Duell, 
Sloan & Pearce, inc. ( 1946] 

40 p. lncl. col. front, (port.) illus. (part col.) 21}—. [The Hyperion 

music series) 

For Juvenile readers. 

<© 17MayU.6; Hyperion press, inc.; A3OI1.3. 

Day, Richard Ellsworth, 1884- 

Breakfast table autocrat; the life story of Henry Parsons 
Crowell, by Richard Ellsworth Day. Chicago, Moody press, 

xlv, 317 (4, «. 821) p. col. front, lllus., plates, porta., facalms, 23}—. 

©29Marl;6; Moody Bible institute of 
Chicago; A2j$lj.8. 

Day-Lewis, Cecil, 1904- 

Poetry for you, a book for boys and girls on the enjoyment 
of poetry, by C. Day Lewis. Oxford, B. Blackwell (1944] 

vil, 112 p. 19-. 

"First published, October, 1944." 

Pub. lSDeol^j lo l«Sepl46; Oxford university press 4 
New York, inc.; AI 390. 

Day-Rancon, pseud. 

... Come, roman; preface de Georges David. Niort, Nicolas 

3 p. L, ,9)-187 p., 1 1. 18}-. 

1. Title. 

PQ2607.A957C6 843.91 47-15300 

©'20Dec45; lc 8May46; A Nicolas, Niort, France; AP1472. 

Dazergues, Max Andr6. 

... Le noyl bleu, par Max-Andre" Dazer- 
gues. Monaco, L' Intercontinentale d' Edi- 
tion [19^5] 

309 p., 1 Jf. 19 cm . (Le Roman de 
minuit . ) 

©15Novij.5; lc lMarii.6; publisher; 

Deaderick, Barron, 1886- 

Strategy in the civil war, by Barron Deaderick ... Harris- 
burg, Pa., The Military service publishing company, 1946. 

*6p. 1., 200 p. lllus. (ports., maps, plans) 21}—. 

"Appendix" (biographical sketches) : p. 155-193. 
Bibliography : p. 154. 

©27PebIj.6; publisher; AII167. 

Dean, Amber. 

Call me Pandora t by] Amber Dean. Garden City, New 
York, Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 

5 p. 1., 9-220 p. 18}-. 

"First edition." 

©7Pebl|6; publisher; A931+. 

Dean, Amber. 

Wrap it up, by Amber Dean. Garden City, N. Y., Pub. for 
the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

6 p. 1., ( ll,-222 p. 19-. 
"First edition." 

©5Sepk6; 2c 28Augl4.6; publisher; New 
York; A6I93. 

Dean, John Peebles, 1914- 

The book of houses, by John P. Dean and Simon Breines. 
150 photographs, 100 plans, many other illustrations. New 
York, N. Y, Crown publishers [1946, 

x, 11-143, [1] p. lllus. (lncl. plans) 28} x 22-. 

©1-10-U6; 2 c 12-30-1+5; Crown 
publishers. New York; A 297. 

Dean, Leon W 1889- 

Guns over Champlain [by] Leon W. Dean. New York, To- 
ronto, Rinehart and company, inc. ( 1946] 

5 p. 1., 3-245 p. 19-. 
Illustration on t-p. 

©25Aprlj.6; 2c l6Marl;6; author, Burling- 
ton, Vt.; A2718. 

Dean, Vera (Micheles) 1903- 

... The four cornerstones of peace. New York, London, 
Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company, inc. [1946] 

xxiv, 267 p. 20}-. 

"First prlntinc," 

©9Jan46: McGraw-Hill book co . , inc., 
New York* A501 . 

1. International organization. 2. Washington, D. C. Conversations on 
international organization, 1944. 3. Crimea conference, Yalta, Russia, 
1945. 4. Inter-American conference on problems of war and peace, Mex- 
ico, 1945. 5. United nations conference on international organization, 
San Francisco, 1945. I. Title. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Deane, Hazel. 

Powerful is the light, by Hazel Deane . . . The story of Nona 
Brooks and of that mighty power which completely revolu- 
tionized her life. [Denver, The Divine science college, 1945j 

vIH, 207 («. e, 218) p. tad. front pL, ports. 23". 

©13Decl4.5; 2c 7Janlj.6; puhlieher; Aij.00. 

De Angeli, Marguerite (Lofft) 1889- 

... Bright April ... Garden City, New York, Doubleday & 
company, inc. [1946] 

86, [2, p. tad. front, iltas. (part col.) 22 x 22". 

At head of title : Marguerite de Angdl. 
"Junior books." 
"First edition." 

©llJullj.6; 2c 20Junl4.6; author, Toms 
River, N. J.; Alj.978. 

Deans, Marjorie. 

Meeting at the Sphinx, by Marjorie Deans^ Gabriel Pascal's 
production of Bernard Shaw's Caesar and Cleopatra, with fore- 
words by both the author and producer, Bernard Shaw and 
Gabriel Pascal. London, Macdonald & co. ltd c 1946] 

x, 11-146 p. tad. front (group port.) Illus., plates (part col.) 22 J*". 

Pub. 30MarU6; lc 23Marl».6; publisher: 
AI i+75. 

De Armond, Fred. 

Executive thinking and action, by Fred De Armond ... 1st 
ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 

xll p., 2 ]., 251 p. 21-. 

"Acknowledgments" (bibliographical) : p. 235-244. 

1. Executive ability. 2. Leadership. 1. Title. 

HF5500.D35 658.01 46-8662 

© 9Dec46 ; 2c 3Dec46 ; publisher, New York ; A9054. 

Debee , Georges . 

... L 1 acrobat ie en vingt-six se- 
maines, par Georges* Debec ... pre- 
face de Luoien Francois. Paris, 
Socilte' d' Editions modernes pari- 
sienne [I9I4.3] 

9J1 p. illus. 23cm. (L'Encyc- 
lopedle de votre beautl, collection 
dirigee par Edwige Bouttier et Lu- 
oien Francois ... I.) 

© lAugl|3; lc 29Augl4-5; publisher; 

De Bell, John M 1895- 

German plastics practice ; a record, rewritten and amplified, 
from the Quartermaster reports by John M. De Bell ... Wil- 
liam C. Goggin ... ( and] Walter E. Gloor ... Springfield, 
Mass., Pub. with permission of the Dept. of commerce by De 
Bell and Kichardson, 1946. 

vli, 554 p., 1 1, incl. Illus., ports., diagrs. 24J". 

"References" at end of most of the chapters. 

1. Plastic materials. I. Goggin, William C, 1904- Joint author, 
n. Gloor, Walter Brvin, 1907- joint author, m. Title. 

TP986.A2D37 668.4 46-8279 

© 12Nov46; publisher; A8314. 

Debenedetti, Giacomo, 1901- 

... Saggi critici. Nuova serie. Roma, O. E. T., Edizioni 
del secolo [ c 1945] 

4 p. h, [Xir-xxiv, 290 p., 1 L 18J*". (Half-title: Cultura d'oggl) 
"Brrata-corrige" : slip inserted. 

© 5Julij.">; lc 9Sepl|.6; Organizzazione 
editorial e tiDografia, Rome; AFI758. 

Debenedetti, Giacomo, 1901- 

... 16 ottobre, 1943. Roma, OET ( 1945, 
82 p., 1 1. 14J x 8~. ( Half-title: Confldenze, 9) 

©150ct^5; lc 9Sepij.6; OrganizzaTzione 
editoriale tipografica; AFI756 

De Berge Doll, William 
see Doll, William, 1897- 

De Both, Jessie Marie. 

Modern household encyclopedia, by Jessie De Both ... With 
over two hundred illustrations by Frances Dayton. Chicago, 
J. G. Ferguson and associates, 1946. 

2 p. 1., 347 p. illus. 26i~. 

©26Aprij.'6; publisher; A2865. 
Debre, Robert, 1882- 

... Des Franc.ais pour la Frunce (le probleme de la popula- 
tion) t PariSj Gallimard ( 1946j 

3 p. I., [9,-264 p., 1 1. illus. (maps) diagrs. 18J-. (Problemes et 

At head of title : Robert Debr6 et Alfred Sauvy. 

©15Aprl4.6; Librairie Gallimard; AF2060. 

De Broglie, Louis, prince 
see Broglie, Louis, prTnce , de, 1892- 

Debrunner, Hans, 1889- 

Lumbalgien; eine darstellung fur den 
praktischen arzt ... Mit 25 r&'ntgen- 
bildern und lj. zeichnungen von Lucie 
Scherrer ... Bern, H. Huber [19^6] 

106 p. illus. 22 l/2 cm . ( Half- 
title ; Praktische beitrfige zur orthopa'- 
die, herausgegeben von dr. Hans Debrun- 
ner und dr. Max R. Francillon, hft. I) 

"Copyright ... 1914.5. •» 

"Literaturverzeichnis": p. IOI-IOI4.. 

Pub. 5Jan^6; Verlag Hans Huber; AFIOI4.5. 
iDebu-Bridel, JacqueSj 1902- 

... Angleterre (d'Alcuin a. Huxley) Paris, Aux Editions de 
minuit, 1943. ( Londres, 1944] 

61 p. I6i- 

Author's pseud., Argonne, at head of title. 

"Cet ouvrage est la reproduction facsimile de Forlginal publW dan- 
l'annee m3 "— Fr i DCe S0U8 1,occupatlon a"emande dans le courant de 

© 22Seplj.3; lc 2Marl4,6; Editions de 
minuit; AF662. 

Debfl-Bridel, Jacques, 1902- 

... Deroute, roman. [Paris] Gallimard 

3I4.6 p. 21 cm . 

© 30Juli].2; lc 300ct/+5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF719. 
Debu-Bridel, Jacques, 1902- 

Les Editions de Minuit historique, 
par Jacques Debu-Bridel et bibliographic 
Paris, Aux Editions -de Minuit, 194-5* 

[1] p. 16 l/2 c *\- 

"Bibliographic": p. 95-9^. 

© 2i+Aprl)-5; lc 2i.Iarl4.6j publisher; 
The Debutante register I9I4.5 [I9I4-6] ... 
New York, N. Y., The Debutante regis- 
ter association, limited [19l|-5**l4-6] 
2 v. 28 1/2™. 

©1914.5 ed., 28Novq.5, lc 30Novi4.5, lc 
3Decij.5, A251; I9I4.6 ed., 5Decl;6, 2c 
7Deci).6, A8§Lj.2; publisher. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

De Castries, Rene 
see Castries, Rene de. 

Decatur city directory: Decatur, Macon 
county, Illinois, 191J.& ... Decatur, 
111., Huston-Patterson corporation, 
1 v., 

©25N0VI4.6; publisher; A7283. 

De Cauaaade, Jean Pierre 
aee Cauaaada, Jean Pierre de, d. 175I0 

De Chair, Somerset Struben, 1911- 

A mind on the march, by Somerset De Chair. London, Faber 
and Faber ( 1945, 

125 p. plates, ports. 22i~. 

"First published In Mcmxlv." 

Pub. 7Deci|-5; lc 19Marl4.6; author, Canter- 
bury, Kent; Eng.; AI 155* 

De Chant, Jean. 

I'm letting my hair down; adventures in hair dressing by 
Jean De Chant; illustrations by Massenburg and Ross. New 
York, The William-Frederick press, 1946. 

96 p. Ulus. 22J-. 

© 9Jun46; author, tiew York; A5360. 

Dechesne, Laurent, l873~ 

... Economie commerciale ... I4.. 6d. 
rev. et considlrablement augm. Bruxelles, 
Editions comptables, commerciales et 
financi§res [19^51 

199 p. diagrs. 25 1/2 cm, (Biblio- 
thSque gSnerale des sciences e"conomiques. 

"Bibliographie" at end of chapters 
1 to 15. 

© 3'0Sepi4-5; lc 2i4A.pri4.6j publisher; 
Dechesne, Laurent, l873~ 

... Economie geographique. Principes 
de glographie 6conomique. La nature et 
l'homme - production - circulation - 
produits commercables ... I4.. Sd. rev. 
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ales et financiSres, 19U-I-* 

306 p. illus. 25 cm . (Bibliotheque 
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Bibliographical foot-notes. 
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"Bibliographie" at end of each chapter. 

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192 p. Ulna., diagrs. 181". 

1. Firearms — Maintenance and repair. l Title. 
TS535.D36 623.442 

© 4Nov46; publisher; A8939. 


De Coquet, James 
see Coquet, James de, I898- 

DeCou, Kathleen 
see Thain, Kathleen (DeCou) 

De Creeft, Jos£, 1884- 

Jose de Creeft, by Jules Campos. New York, E. S. Herr- 
mann, 1945. 

32, ( 1) p., 1 1. Inch 2 pi. froDt. (port.) 80 pi. on 40 I. 31 x231~. 

The introductory text Is a translation of the manuscript which was 
originally written In French, cf. Acknowledgement. 

©27Decl4.5; 2c 17Janl+6; Jules Campos, 
New York; A321. 

Dedeyan, Christian. 

. . . Le vivier d'etoiles, roman. 
Paris, B. Grasset [1945] 

329 p. 18 1/2™. 

©150ctl4.5; lc 2Marl4.6; Editions Ber- 
nard Grasset; AF605. 

Dedmon, Emmett. 
... Duty to live. Boston, Houghton Mifflin company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 271, t li p. 21". 

©7Uari|.6; 2c 7Febl4.6; author, Chicago; 

Deeping, George Warwick 
aee Deeping, Warwick, 1877- 

Deeping, Warwick, 1877" 

...La demeure obscure; roman traduit 
de 1' anglais par Jean Btthler. Geneve, 
J.-H; Jeheber [I9I44.] 

I4.05 p. 19 cm . 

"Cet ouvrage a etl publi'6 en langue 
anglaise sous le titre: 'The dark house'. ' 

© lMay^; lc 2l4.Febl4.6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFI4.O9. 

Deeping, Warwick, I877- 

... Dernier refuge; roman traduit de 
1! anglais par Georges Duplain. Geneve, 
J.-H. Jeheber [etc., etc., I9I+5] 

237 p. 19cm, 

"Cet ouvrage a etl publie en langue 
anglaise sous le tfcitre : 'The secret 
sanctuary' ". 

©.lliayii.5; lc 2l4.Febi4.6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFI4.O7. 

Deeping, Warwick, 1877- 

... L'impasse des cordiers; roman traduit de l'anglais par 
R. L. Geneve, J.-H. Jeheber, s. a. [1942] 

334 p., 11. 18i- 

At head of title : W. Deeping. 

1. Loepfte, Raymonde, tr. n..Tltle. Translation of Roper's row. 

[Fidl name: George Warwick Deeping] 

PR6007.E25R62 47-35438 

© 1Nov42; lc 6Nov46; Edition J. H. Jeheber, s. a.; AF2266. 

Deeping, Warwick, 1877- 

The impudence of youth t by] Warwick Deeping. New York, 
The Dial press, 1946. 
3 p. I., 3-284 p. 21". 

© l6sepi).6; author, Weybridge, Surrey, 
Eng.; A6231. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Deeping, Warwick, 1877- 

...Rancune; roman traduit dc 1' an- 
glais par Jeannette Hubler. GenSve, 
J.-H. Jeheber [l^UUl 

360 p. 19 cm . 

"Cet ouvragc a et£ public en langue 
anglaise sous le titrc: 'The malice of 

© IScpljifJ lc 2l4.PcbI|.6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFl4.ll. 

I. Hubler, Jeannette, tr. II. Title. 

Defoe, Daniel, 16G1?-1731. 

The life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, 
illustrated by Roger Duvoisin ; introduction by May Lamberton 
Becker. Cleveland and New York, The World publishing com- 
pany t 1946] 

287, ili p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 22- (Half-title: Rainbow 

Map on lining-papers. 
"First printing April 1946." 

© introd. and illus., 25Junlj.6; 
2c 21*. Junli.6 ; publisher, Cleveland; 

Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731. 

The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson 
Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, illustrated by Lynd Ward ... New 
York, Grosset & Dunlap [1946, 

4 p. 1., 371, (li P- 
junior library) 

col. front., illus., col. plates. 21°". (Illustrated 

"Popular edition." — Dust jacket. 

1. Ward, Lynd Kendall, 1905- Illus. n. Title. 

PZ3.D362Li 3 

© illus; 150ct46; publisher; A7036. 


Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-l731. 

The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson 
Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, illustrated by Lynd Ward ... New 
York, Grosset & Dunlap [1946, 

3 p. 1~378 p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 23}-. ( Illustrated Junior 

"Special edition." — Copyright application. 

1. Ward, Lynd Kendall, 1905- Illus. n. Title. 

PZ3.D362Li 2 4o-22598 

© illus., 150ct46; publisher; A7037. 

Defoe, Daniel, 1661 ?-l731. 

The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson 
Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, illustrated by Lynd Ward ... New 
York, Grosset & Dunlap c 1946, 

3 p. 1,378 p. col. front, illus., coL plates. 23 J". ( Illustrated Junior 

"De luxe edition." — Copyright application. 

1. Ward, Lynd Kendall, 1905- illus. n. Title. 

PZ3.D3<^Li 4 

© illus., I?>0ct46; publisher; A7038. 


Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731. 

... The meditations of Daniel Defoe, now first printed. 
[Cummington, Mass.] The Cummington press, 1946. 

lx, 25, (lip. 26". 

At head of title : Edited by George Harris Healey. 

"The earliest known writings of Daniel Defoe. The text Is printed 
from a notebook written in his hand ... and dated by him 1681. Of this 
195-page manuscript, now In the Huntington library, the greater part 
consists of Defoe's transcripts of six sermons ... by Mr. John Collins. 
But the last twenty-three pages, that portion of the manuscript printed 
here, contain seven verse meditations of Defoe's own composition." — 

"This first edition consists of Just 280 copies ... thirty copies on Geor- 
gian paper being for review, the rest, numbered 1 to 250 and on Tuscany 
handmade paper, being mostly for sale ... Number 179." 

l Healey, George Harris, ed. 

©15lteyli.6; publisher; A3578. 

Defoe, Daniel, 1661 1-1731. 

Roxana ; or, The fortunate mistress [byj Daniel Defoe, illus- 
trated by Andre Dugo ^fseud.^ Cleveland and New York, The 
World publishing company ( 1946j 

318 p. Illus., plates. 191". (Bait-title: The Living library) 

©illus., 100ctlj.6; publisher, Cleve- 
land; A8068. 

i. Title, n. Title : The fortunate mistress. 
PZ3.D362Rk 823.51 

© illus., 10Oct46 ; publisher, Cleveland ; A8068. 


De Forest, John William, 1826-1906. 

A volunteer's adventures; a Union captain's record of the 
civil war, by John William De Forest. Edited, with notes, 
by James H. Croushore. With an introduction by Stanley T. 
Williams. New Haven, Yale university press; London, G. 
Cumberlege, Oxford university press, 1946. 

xviil, 237 p. front, (port.) illus. (maps, facslms.) 24°". 

"Published on the Mary Cady Tew memorial fund." 

A narrative of service in the 12th regiment, Connecticut volunteer In- 

"The narrative sections ... appeared In Harper's new monthly maga- 
zine or Galaxy between 1864 and 1868." — Editor's pref. 

1. U. S. — Hist. — Civil war — Personal narratives. 2. Connecticut infan- 
try. 12th regt., 1861- 1864. i. Croushore, James Henry, 
ed. ii. Yale university. Mary Cady Tew fund. m. Title. 

© 25JU11I4.6; Yale university press, 
New Haven, Conn.; A5000. 

De Fourchambault, Jacques 
see Fourchambault, Jacques de. 

De Francis, John Francis, 1911- 

Beginning Chinese, by John De Francis, edited by Henry C. 
Fenn ,andj George A. Kennedy. New Haven, Yale university 
press, 1946. 

4 p. 1., [Viij-lx, [1,, 197 p. illus. (diagr.) 26™. (Ball-title: Yale 
linguistic series) 

1. Chinese language — Grammar. 2. Chinese language — Conversation 
and phrase books. 1. Fenn, Henry Courtenay, 1894- ed. 

PL1111.D36 495.18242 A 47-466 

© 3Dec46 ; publisher ; A9289. 

Degaast, Georges. 

... Les supports de la pensee, his- 
torique ... [Paris, G. Lang, ljk2] 

1 p. JL., 1665-1887, [l] p., 1 J*. 

illus., 2 pi. 32 cih . 

At head of title: Georges Degaast 
et Germain e Rigaud. 

©30Decij2; lc 2Marlj.6; Gerrr.aine Ri- 
gaud, Paris; AF787. 
Degering, Edward Franklin, 1898- 

An outline of organic nitrogen compounds, by Ed. F. De- 
gering ... Ypsilanti, Mich., University lithoprinters, 1945. 

vi, 752 p. dlagrs. 23}°*. 

"Previous editions, 1938, 1940, 1942." 
"Literature cited" at end of each chapter. 

• ©28Novl+5; 2c llDecl|5; author, Lafay- 
ette, Ind.; A209. 

Degoix, Pierre. 

La refrigeration electrique automatique (de 1/6* a 3 CV) 
guide du monteur, par Pierre Degoix. 2. ed., rev. et augm. 
Paris, Girardot & c", 1946. 

255, (lj p. Illus., tables, dlagrs. 24". 

© 15Marli.6; publisher; AFlij.86. 

De Gramont, Elisabeth 
see Clermont-Tonnere, Elisabeth (de 
Gramont) duchesse de, 1875- 

De Groot, John Henry, 1902- 

The Shakespeares and "the old faith" t byj John Henry de 
Groot. New York, King's crown press, 1946. 

▼Hi p., 1 1., 258 p. 23}-. 

Issued also as thesis (ph. n.) Columbia university. 
Bibliographical references included In "Notes" (p. [225)-243) Bibli- 
ography : p. (244r-250. 

©25Feblj.6; 2c 23Feb46; author, New York; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

De Gruchy, Clarej l879~ 

Creative old age, by Clare de Gruchy ; foreword by Raymond 
G. Kuhlen. San Francisco, Old age counselling center, 1946. 

4 p. I., It, 143, [lj p. plates, ports. 191". 

© 20Aug46; author, San Francisco; A5750, 

De Grunwald, Constantin 
see Grunwald, Constantin de. 

De Haan, Martin Ralph, 1891- 

Revelation ; 35 simple studies on the major themes in Revela- 
tion, by M. R. De Haan ... Grand Rapids, Mich., Zondervan 
publishing house t 1946] 

308 p. 20-. 

© llAprl+6; publisher; AI1789. 

Deharme, Lise. 

... Cette annee-la... Preface de Paul Eluard ... [Paris, 
Gallimard ,1945, 

2 p. 1., 7-133, 1I1 p., 1 1. 19-\ 

"2 .edition." 

© 30Seplj.5; lc 2Marlj.6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AP603. 

De Hesse, Phillips, 1900- 

A text on joint movements ... [Prescott, Ariz., The author, 

Tip. Iltas. 22J-. 

On cover : Chlrotherapy, a text on joint movements. 

1. Massage. 2. (Manipulation, 3. (Chlrotherapy) I. Title. 
RMT21.D37 615.82 Med 46-138 

© 4 Jun46 ; P. De Hesse, Prescott, Ariz. ; A6091. 

Dehon, Eraile. 

... La nouvelle politique coloniale 
de la Prance. Preface du general 
Leclerc. Paris, Plammarion [1945] 

185 p. 19cm. 

© 15Novl+5; lc lMarij.6; Ernest Flam- 
marion; APii^U. 

Dehon, John Leo. 

The life of love towards the Sacred 
heart of Jesus; thirty- three meditations 
for the month of the Sacred heart by the 
very Rev. John Leo Dehon ... Translated 
from the French by Sister M. Jocelyn, 
O.P. [Milwaukee, Seraphic press, I9J4.6 ] 

ix, 229 p. 15 1/2™. 

© 6May[|.6; Priests of the Sacred h'eart 
of Jesus, Hales corners, Wis.; A3188,' 
I. Jocelyn, sister, tr. II. Title.' 

Dehon, Leon Bonte- 
see Bonte- Dehon, Leon. 

De Horvath, Felice, 1896- 

String quartet; poems, 1939-1946, by Felice De Horvath. 
Columbia, S. C, The R. L. Bryan company, 1946. 

xl, 46 p. 24-. 

1. Title. 

PS3507.E3776S8 811.5 

© 19Nov46 ; author, Philadelphia ; A8707. 


De Huff, Elizabeth (Willis) 1892- 

Little-Boy-Dance; story by Elizabeth Willis DeHuff, pic- 
tures by Gisella Loefflor. Chicago, Wilcox & Follett co. t 1946j 

1 p. 1., 42 p. col. lllus. 22J x 25J-. 

©l8Junl+6; publisher; Ak&k2. 

De Huff, Elizabeth (Willis) 1892- 

Toodle's baby brother, by Elizabeth De Huff. Pictures by 
Meg Wohlberg. Albuquerque, The University of New Mexico 
press, 1946. 

8 p. 1., 98 p. lllus. (parted.) 21". 

©15Mayl|6; publisher; A5500. 

De Huszar, George Bernard 
see Huszar, George Bernard de, 1919" 

De Jong, David Cornel, 1905- 

Snow-on-the-mountain, and other stories by David Cornel 
De Jong. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock [1946, 

3 p. 1., 217 p. 20-. 

L Title. 

PZ3.D3664Sn 46-7690 

© 210ct46; author, Providence; A6581. 
De Jong, Dola, 1911- 

The picture story of Holland, by Dola De Jong; pictures by 
Gerard Hordyk. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock ( 1946, 

[36, p. lncl. front, (map) col. lllus. 28 x 23". 

1. Netherlands— Descr. & trav. 1. Hordyk, Gerard, 1899- lllua 
11. Title. 

DJ39.D37 914.92 47-30012 

© 150ct46; author, New York; A6660. 

De Jong, Dola, I9II-* 

Sand for the sandmen; story by Dola de 
Jong, pictures by Natalie Norton. New 
York, C. Scribner's sons, I9I4.6. 

k P. 1., 87, [1] p. illus. (part col.) 
21 cm . 

©6-3-46; 2c 5-28-i+6; New York; A 5132. 

De Jong, Meindert, 1910- 

Billy and the unhappy bull, by Meindert De Jong; illustra- 
tions by Marc Simont. New York, London, Harper & brothers 


6 p. 1., 206 p. lllus. 21- 
"Flrst edition." 

1. Title. 

PZ7.D3675Bi 46-S064 

© 90ct46; author, Grand Rapids; A6915. 
De Klein, Jeny, pseud . 
see Klein, Jennie Dethloffs, 1895- 

Dekobra, Maurice, 1885- 

Paradise in Montparnasse, by Maurice Dekobra, translated 
from the French by Henry Noble Hall. New York, B. Acker- 
man, inc. [1946, 

222 p. ~21- 

©29Mayi|6; author, Hollywood, Calif.; 


Dekobra, Maurice, 1885- 

Shanghai honeymoon, by Maurice Dekobra. New York, 
Philosophical library [1946, 

3 p. 1., 316 p. 22-. 

© 28Sep46; 2c 6Sep46; Philosophical 
library, inc.; A8172. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

De Koven, Louise Hadduck 
see Bowen, Louise Hadduck (de Koven) 

Delacour, Jean Theodore, 1890- 

Birds of the Philippines, by Jean Delacour and Ernst Mayr, 
with line drawings by Earl L. Poole and Alexander Seidel. 
New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

xv p., 1 1., 309 p. illos. Unci, map) 21". [The Pacific world series, 
under the auspices of the American committee for International wild life 

"First printing." 

© 27Aug^6; 2o iMug^; authors, New York} 

De Lacretelle, Jacques 
see Lacretelle, Jacques de, 1888- 

Delafield, Clelia C (Benjamin) 

Mrs. Mallard's ducklings ; text by Clelia Delafield, pictures by 
Leonard Weisgard. New York city, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard 
company, "1946. 

[24j p. coUllus. 26-. 

© 12Aug46; publisher; A5221. 

De la Fuye, Maurice 
see La Fuye, Maurice de. 

De la Jesse, Christian Barat 
see Barat de la Jesse, Christian. 

Delamain, Jacques, I87U- 

... Les oiseaux s'installent ... et 
s'en vont ... Paris, Stock (Delamain et 
Boutelleau) 191+2. 

223 p. 19 cm . (Les Livres de nature, 
dirig£e par Jacques Delamain) 

© 15DecL|.2; lc 29Augl+5; Editions Stock, 
Delamain et Boutelleau; AF39U* 

Delamain, Maurice. 

,.. La double ascension. Paris, Stock 
(Delamain et Boutelleau) 19^5 • 

183 p., 1 ;. 19 cm . 


© 28Sepl+5; lc 2Mari;6; Editions Stock, 
Delamain et Boutelleau; AF686. I 

Delamare, George, 1886- 

. . < Voici les libres propos de George 
Delamare. Radiodif fusion franchise, 
chaine parisienne. [No, 1-I+] No. 5*8. 
Paris 1 , Les Ordres de chevalerie [19453 

8 v. l8 cn V. 

© publisher. 

v. 1, 190c tl+5, lc 2)4AprJ+6, AF932. 
v. 2, 250ctli5, lc Uiarlj.6, AF521. 




15Decil5, lc 

5, 30Decl+5, lc 

6, 30Deci+5, lc 

7, 30Decii5, lc 

8, 30Decii3, lc 

ll:ari|6, AF522. 
H-Iarl+6, AF523. 

8riayl|6, AFlIu+5- 

8May]+6, APII1I4.6. 

8nayli6, AFlbOli. 

8Mayi+6, AFllu+7- 

De La Mare, Walter John, 1873- comp. 

... Love. [New York) W. Morrow & company, 1946. 

mil, 822 p. 22-. 

At head of title : Walter de la Mare. 
An anthology of prose and verse. 

First ubli'.hea in Lc.iaca, November ^9.'.3. 

1. Love poetry. 2. Literature — Collections. 3. English literature 
( Selections : Extracts, etc. ) I . T i tl e . 

PR1111.L7D4 1946 808.8 47-103 

Pub. 13Nov46 ; 2c 120ct46 ; author, Penn, Buck, Eng. ; A8740. 

Delaney, Eleanor C 

Spanish gold ( b y] Eleanor C. Delaney ... George I. Sanchez 
... Prudence Outright ... ( and, W. W. Charters ... Illustrated 
by George M. Richards. New York, The Macmillan company 

xii, 426 p. incl. front., illus. (incl. maps, plan) 21— (Half-title- 
Macmillan inter-American series, ed. by G. I. Sanchez) 

© l8junl|.6; publisher; A3360. 

Delaney, John P 1894- 

In Him was life; short sermons for Sundays skillfully 
linked to the mass, by John P. Delaney, s. j. New York The 
American press t 1946j 

xli, 179 p. 21-. 

Am 1 er{can'; Ch 'tw^** * Uath ° Uc cnur <*-Sermons. 3. Sermons. 
BX1756.D38 1 5 252.02 47-1158 

© 6Dec46 ; publisher ; A7341. 

De Lange, Anneke, pseud . 
see Chase, Esther. 

Delano, Daniel Webster, 1893- 

Franklin Roosevelt and the Delano influence, by Daniel W. 

Delano, jr. Pittsburgh, J. S. Nudi publications t 1946j 

368 p. incl. front., illus. (charts, facsims.) plates, ports., geneal. tables. 

Bibliographical references In "Acknowledgments" (p. [333)-336) 

1. Eoosevelt, Franklin Delano, pres. U. S., 1882-1945. 2. Delano fam- 
ily (Philippe de la Noyer, 1602-1681?) 1. Title. 

E807.D4 923.173 46-8044 

© 140ct46; author, and James S. Nudi, Pittsburgh; A8653. 

Delarbre, L^on. 

... Dora, Auschwitz, Euchenwald, Ber- 
gen-Belsen; croquis clandestins. 
Paris, M. de Romilly, 19I4.5 . 

xii, [92] p. incl. I4.O plates. 
2J4. cm. 

© lODecl^J lc 6Mari+6; Editions 
Michel de Romilly; AF806. 

De La Roche, Mazo, 1885- 

... La jeunesse de Renny; roman 

traduit de 1' anglais par Simone Sallard. 

Geneve, J* H. Jeheber, s.a^ [19I+5] 
318 p. 19 cm * 

© lSepl+5; lc 2i|PebU6; Edition J. H* 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFlj.l8* 

De La Roche, Mazo, 1885- 

. . . Le maitre de Jalna; roman tra- 
duit de 1» anglais par G. Lalande. 
Geneve, J.-H. Jeheber [1943] 

350 p. 19cm. (Romans et recits. 
Series 6trang£res) 

©1Nov1|3j lc 2kFebk6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, s. a.; AF43o. 

De La Roche, Mazo, 18S5- 

... La moisson de Jalna; roman traduit 
de 1' anglais par Cf. Lalande. Geneve, 
J.-H. Jeheber [191)4] 

3lk p» 19 Cn . (Romans et recits. 
Series etrahgeres) 

Translation of Whiteoak harvest* 

© 10cti|4; lc 2i).Feb[|.6; Edition J.-H. 
Jeheber s.a.; AFl+3% 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

De La Roche, Mazo, 1S85- 

ReturntoJalna,byMazoDeLaRoche. Whiteoak ed. Bos- 
ton, Little, Brown, and company, 1946. 
vlll, 462 p. Incl. geneal. tab. 20". 

"An Atlantic monthly press book." 
"First edition." 

© l60ctli.6; 2c 30SepJ+6j author, Toronto; 

Dfclarue-Mardrus, Lucie, 1875-1945. 

... Un garcon normand <L'enfant au coq> Abbreviated and 
edited, with introduction, exercises, and vocabulary, by Roy 
Temple House ... [and, Fritz Frauchiger ... Boston, D. C. 
Heath and company ( 1946, 
xrl, 208 p. plates. IT*. 
© 8Augl46j publisher j A5839. 
Delarue-Mardrus, Lucie, l875-19i+5- 
... Le roi des reflets* Paris, J. 
, Ferenczi et fils [19^5] 

2 p. i., [73-232 P., 1 i. 18 l/2 cm . 

© 30Dec45; lc 8Mayi|.6; publisher; 

Delater, Gabriel Auguste, 1883- 

... Avec la 3* D. L. M. et le Corps de cavalerie. Belgique. 
Flandre, Dunkerque, Seine, Loire; 1" janvier-25 juillet, 1940. 
Grenoble, Paris, B. Arthaud [1946j 

S p. 1., [9)-234 p., 2 1. maps (1 double) 18 J". (Collection Temolg- 
nages, 19) 

1. World war, 1989-1945— Regimental histories — France— 3. dlvlelon 
legere mecanlque. 2. France. Armee. 3. division legere mecanlque. 
8. France. Armee. Corps de cavalerie. 4. World war, 1989-1940 — 
Campaigns — Western. 

D761.2 3d.D4 47-16376 

© 2Jun46; publisher; AF1909. 

i)e La Torre, Lillian, 1902- 

Dr. Sam : Johnson, detector; being, a light-hearted collection 
of recently reveal'd episodes in the career of the great lexicogra- 
pher narrated as from the pen of James Bos well ... By Lillian 
De La Torre. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

Jd, 257, |1] p. col. front., Ulus. 19". 

"First edition." 

© 15Aug46; author, Colorado Springs; A5997. 

De la Torre Bueno, Lillian 
see De La Torre, Lillian, 1902- 

De Laubenfels, Max Walker, 1894- 

Life science, a survey of the various fields of biology, by 
M. W. de Laubenfels ... With 1024 illustrations, of which 
745 are drawings by the author, and 279 are photographs. 3d 
ed. rev. [Pasadena, Calif., The author, 1946, 

lv, 340 p. lllus., dlagrs. 28* x 23". ' 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

©lj.SepI).6; author, Pasadena, Calif.; 

1. Biology. 1. Title. 

Delavaud, Marie' (Mo rial de Brevans) 

see Collin Delavaud, Marie (Mortal de 
Brevans) I895-1938. 

De Lavigne, Jeanne 
see Lavigne, Jeanne de. 

Delay, Jean Paul Louis, 1907- 

... La psycho-physiologie humaine, par le dr. Jean Delay ... 
Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

118 p., 1 1. illus., diagrs. 17}™. -("Que sals-je?" I.e point des con- 
nalssances actuelles. |183| ) 

"l™ edition." 

"Bibliographic sommalre" : p. [115i-116. 

© 50Augij.5; lc lMarlio; publisher; 

Delbars, Yves. 

Le bagne d'Aurigny. 

(In Les OEuvres libres. Paris [19U5J 
19 cm . n.s. no. k (230) p. [119J-150) 

© 31Juli4-5; lc 300cti|5; author, Paris; 

Delbet, Pierre Louis Ernest, lB6l- 

... L 1 agriculture et la santfi. Paris, 
Denoe'l [19^51 

3 P. #• , [93-lllj [1^ P- (On cover : 
"Perspectives" ) 

At head of title: Pierre Delbet, 

"Edition originale." 

©30Decl4.5; lc 9Aug^6; Editions DeNogl; 


Delcourt, Karie. 

... Jean Schlumberger ; essai critique. 
[Paris] Gallimard [19U5] 

27U p. 19 cm . 

"Bibliographie sommaire" : p. [267]- 272. 

© 30Dect|5; lc 8Maylj.6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF1126. 

I. Schlumberger, Jean, I877- 

Delcourt, Marie. 

... M^thode de cuisine a 1' usage 
de3 personnes intelligentas, avec 
la collaboration de Marie-Claire 
Helin-Magnette. Bruxe3/le3, Baude 


272 p. 20cm. 

© 30Decl4lj.J lc 2^Aprij.6; Editions 
Baude; AF923. 

De lecture en lecture; des nouvelles, des contes, des poemes, 

par Paul Valery, Georges Duhamel, Frangois Mauriac ietc.j 

... Des reportages, des echos, etc. t PariS] Les Editions du 

Rond-point [1945, 

cover-title, 96 p. lllus. 82J". 

Text on p. (3) of cover. 

"Les textes de cet album ont 6ti reunls par Jean Beande."— p. [81 
of cover. 

Advertising matter Interspersed. 

1. Beande, Jean, ed. 

AC20.L4 1945 

© 28Dec45; lc 9Aug46; publisher; AF2015. 


De Leeuw, Adele Louise, 1899- 

Future for sale, by Adele De Leeuw. New York, The Mac- 
millan company, 1946. 

3 p. I., 211 p. '21-. 
"First printing." 

1. Clothing trade — Juvenile literature. 1. Title. 

PZ7.D38Fu 46-8241 

© 3Dec46; 2c 27Nov46; author, Plainfield, N. J., A8871. 

De Leeuw, Adele Louise, 1899- 

Nobody's doll, by Adele de Leeuw, illustrated by Anne 
Vaughan. Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1946. 

3 p. 1, 3-85, [1, p., 1 1. col. front, lllus., col. plates. 22". 
"First edition." 

©lMayi+6; 2c 10Aprlj.6; author, Plain- 
field, N. J.; A2871. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

[De Leeuw, Cateau] 

The doctor on Elm street, by Kay 
Hamilton [ pseud .] Philadelphia, 
Macrae-Smith company, 19^>. 

272 p. 20 cm . 

©20Mayl^6; 2c lQHaylj.6; author, Plain- 
field, N. J.; Al|262. 

Delehanty, Elizabeth. 

Year one, by Elizabeth Delehanty. New York, E. P. Dut- 
ton & company, inc., 1946. 

215 p. 21- 

"Flrst edition." 

© 10Mayi|.6; 2c HMari|6; author, New York; 

De Lemos, Pedro 
see Lemos, Pedro Joseph, 1882- 

De L'Estoile, Pierre 
see L'Estoile, Pierre de, 15J+6-I6H. 

Deletaille, Albertine. 

At the top of the house, by Albertine Deletaille. New York, 
Harcourt, Brace and company c 1946] 
[27, p. col. nius. 14 1 191". 
© 22Augl+6; 2c 10AugU6; Harcourt, 
Brace & co., inc.; A5677* 

De Levie, Dagobert. 

Basic language, English, French, German, Russian ; a selec- 
tion of 2000 current words arranged in parallel columns and 
a new pronunciation key, by Dagobert De Levie, fh. d. New 
York, S. F. Vanni ( 1946, 

155, [2, p. 19-. 

© 2-10-14.6; 2c 2-21-46? S.F. Vanni, 
New York; A 112 3. 

De Levie, Dagobert. 

Business phrases in six languages, for writing letters in Eng- 
lish, Spanish, French, Dutch, German [and) Russian, compiled 
by Dagobert de Levie. New York, Chicago, Pitman publish- 
ing corporation [1946j 

2 p. 1., vil-lx, 135 p. 19-. 

"An expanded and enlarged book based on the author's The corre- 
spondent, published at The Hague In 1940." — Publisher's note. 

O 3-12-l|6j 2 o 3-l64j6| Pitnan pub. oorp.. 
New York; A 15&i. 

1. Business — Terms and phrases. i. De Levie, Dagobert. The 

correspondent, n. Title. 

[Delhaye de Marnyhac, Th£r£se] 1875- 
... A tout p^che 1 misSricorde; roman. 

Paris, Flammarion, [191+5] 
205 p. 19 cm . 

Author's pseud., T. Trilby, at head of 

© l6Augl+5; lc 300ctlj.5; Ernest Flamma- 
rion; AF375. 

( DeIhaye de Marnyhac, The'rese, 1875- 

... Totor et c"; illustrations de Manon Iessel. Paris, Flam- 
marion ( 1946j 

164 p., 11. Illus. 18". {On cover: Pour lesjeunes) 
Author's pseud., T. Trilby, at head of title. 

L Title. 

(Fid) name: Marie Thereae Delhaye de Marnyhac] 

PZ23.D35T6 47-18800 

© 14Mar46 ; Ernest Flammarion ; AF1871. 

Delhez., Victor, 1902- 

,.. L'auborge do Bougival. [Paris, 
Editions Fournier, 19^.5 ] 

cover-titlo, 17, [1] p. 22 cm . (Los 
Aventures de Rocambole) 

''Adaptl par Victor Delhez": p.l. 

© 3dJunl+5; lc 2i|[).6; Leon Ruth et 
author, Paris: AF9I1.7. 

Delhez, Victor, 1902- 

. ... Le olub des valets de coeur. 
[Paris, Fournier, I9I4.5] 

cover-title, 55, [1] p. 22 Cm . (Les 
Aventures de Rocambole) 

"Adapte" par Victor Delhez": p.l. 

,.© 30Junl4.5; lc 2l4Aprij.c>; author, Paris: 

Delhez, Vietorjl902- 

La revanche de baccarat, adapt! par 
Victor Delhez. • [Paris, Fournier, I9L.5] 

18 p. 22cn. (L es Aventures de Ro- 
cambole ) 

Caption title. 

''Ce recit est ecrit d'apres le melo- 
chwne radiophonique de Leon Ruth inspire 
par 1'oBuvre de Ponson du Terrail" : p. 1, 

© 50ctl;.5; lc 6M;:.rl^.6; Leon Ruth et 

Victor Delhez, Paris; AF'839, 

IT Title: Les Aven- 
c am o I e . 

1. Title, 
'es cle Ro- 


De Lomenie, Emmanuel Beau 
see Beau de Lomenie, Emmanuel. 

De Lubac, Henri 
see Lubac, Henri de. 

De Luca, Marie C 190l|- 

The valley of golden dreams, a book of poems. By Marie C. 
De Luca. [New Yorkj The Paebar company, 1945L 1 • e . 194.6 ] 

3 p. l., 17 p. 20J-. 
"Copyright, 19^5." 

Pub. 5AprI|.6; publisher, Newburgh, N. Y.; 

Del Vasto, Lanza 
see Lanza del Vasto, 1901- 

Demangeon, Albert, l872-19l|-0. 

... Geographie glnerale, classe de 
seconde des lyc£es et colleges. Paris, 
Hachette [19l|l] 

I|-68 p. illus. 20 l/2 cm . (Nouveau 
cours de geographie, pub. sous la direc- 
tion de m. Albert Demangeon) 

At head of title: - Albert Demangeon... 
Aime Perpillou. 

© 50Decl|l; lc 29Augl|.5; Librairie 
Hachette; AF111. 

Demarle, Maurice. 

... Le livre de mon fils; ou, L'initiation paternelle des petits 
garcons au probleme sexuel. Lettres prefaces de m. le dr. Mon- 
saingeon ... m. le chanoine Viollet ... f et] le r. p. Tesson ... 
Paris, Flammarion t 1945] 

125 p., 1 1. illus. 16J-. 

1. Sex instruction. i. Title. 

HQ56.D35 612.6 47-17338 

© 30Dec45; lc 8May46; Ernest Flammarion, Paris; AF1629. 

De Meetls, Adrien 
see Meetts, Adrien de. 

De Megyery, S£ri 
see Megyery, Sari, 1903- 


BOOKS - GROUP 1-1946 

De Ment, Jack Andrew, 1920- 

Rarer metals, by Jack De Ment ... and H. C. Dake ... wrth 
foreword by Professor Colin G. Fink ... Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Chemical publishing company, inc., 1946. 

xIt, 892 p. Illus., diagrs. 22-. 

••Literature cited" at end of each chapter. "Abridged bibliography of 
rarer elements, by R. B. Gordon" : p. 340-355. 

1 Metals. i. Dake, Henry Carl, 1896- joint author, n. Gordon. 
Reginald Brodrlck. m. Title. 

TA459.D39 669 46-8198 

© 30Oct46; publisher ; A8261. 

De Ment, Jack Andrew, 1920- 

Uranium and atomic power, by Jack De Ment ... and H. C. 
Dake . . . with appendix on the atomic bomb. Brooklyn, N . X ., 
Chemical publishing co., inc., 1945. 

x, 343, (li p. lmis., diagrs. 22J-. 

"Second edition." 

Bibliography : p. 297-813. 

© appendix, 8ootl<.5; 2c 9D00I4.5; 

fSSSH^l R^i-tl'vity. 8. Atomic bomb. , Dake, Henry 
Carl, 1896- Joint author, n. TlUe. 

De Menthon, Francois 
see M«rithon, Fraipois de. 

De Mere, Joe. 

Alice in letterland : ABC. Story & pictures by Joe De Mere. 
[Hollywood, Calif., The Marcel Rodd company [1946, 
(22) p. lncL col. front, coL Uhu. 271x22", 

©HMayl+6; author, Hollywood, Calif.; 

De Mere, Joe. 

Sugarfoot and the merry-go-round ; story & pictures by Joe 
De Mere. (Hollywood, Calif., The Marcel Rodd company 
t 1946, 

<24, p. inrl. col. front., col. illus. 27J x 22°*. 

©lj.Aprl;6; author, Hollywood, Calif.; 

Demetriades, Phokion, 1894- 

Shadow over Athens ( by, Phokion Demetriades. Jv ew York, 
Toronto, Rinehart & company, inc. [1946, 

xlU, 155 p. Ulus. 28- 

"Somethlng of what I observed and set down ,ln drawings, while the 
Germans were In Athens." — p. xHl. 

©llAprl±6; 2c 12MarU6; author, Athens, 
Greece; A26J2. 

De Mille, George Edmed, 1898- 

A history of the diocese of Albany, 1704-1923, by George . E. 
De Mille . . . with foreword by the Bishop of Albany . . . Phila- 
delphia, The Church historical society ,1946, 

6 p. 1.. 151 p. front, plates, ports., map. 23 J- ( (Church historical 
society, Phlladelphiai Publication no. 16) 

Bibliography : p. (137,-142. 

©2Maylj.6; author, Ticonderoga, N. Y. ; 

Deming, Dorothy, 1893- 

Pam Wilson, registered nurse, by Dorothy Deming, r. n. ... 
New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

5 p. L, 277 p. 21". (Career books) 

©26Febl+6; Dodd, Mead & co., inc.; 


Deming, Phyllis (Baker) 1913- comp . 

A history of Williamsburg in Massachusetts, compiled by 
Phyllis Baker Deming. 175th anniversary. Northampton, 
Mass., The Hampshire bookshop, 1946. 

xvl, 416 p. front, plates, ports. 231*". 

©7-1-U6; 2c 6-28-1+6; Town of Williams- 
burg in Massachusetts; A U-95 2 . 

Deming, William Chapin, 1869- 

Collected writings and addresses of William Chapin Demiug, 
edited by Agnes Wright Spring ... Glendale, Calif., Priv. 
print, by the Arthur H. Clark company, 1946. 

2 v. fronts. (Incl. port.) 24J-. 

Coat of arms on t.-p. of each volume. 
"Limited edition." 

© v, 1, lMarlj.6; v. 2, 3Apri^6; author, 
Cheyenne, Wyo.; AI596, A2205. 

Demisch, Arthur. 

Der werkstoff in der zahn'arztlichen 

prothetik... Bern, H. Huber [I9U6] 

188 p. illus. 23 cra . 

"Quellenangabe" : p. 185. 
© 2Mayi|6; Verlag Hans Huber; AF1166. 

Demolon, Albert. 

... Croissance des vegetaux cultives, par Albert Demolon ... 
3. ed. Paris, Dunod, 1946. 

xlv, 362 p., 3 1. Illus., col. plates, diagrs. 25**. (Hit Prlnclpes d'agro- 

nomle, t. n) 

"Ouvrages gene>aux a consulter" : p. (Xllli-xiv. 

© l8Apri;6; publisher; AF 1982. 

Demolon, Albert. 

... L'evolution scientifique et l'agriculture francaise. Paris, 
Flammarion (1946, 

329, |1| p., 1 1. illus., diagrs. 191". (Blbliotheque de philosophic 

1. Agricultural research. 2. Agriculture — France. i. Title. 

{Full name: Albert Omer Eugene Demolon, 

S463.D4 47-16480 

© 18Apr46; Ernest Flammarion; AF1903. 

Demombynes, Jean Gaudefroy- 
see Gaudefroy-Demombynes, Jean, I898- 

De Montalais, Jacques 
see Montalais, Jacques de* 

De Morjtfalcon, Louis 
see Montfalcon, Louis de. 

Demerge, Alfred. 

... Les comperes democrates. Lausanne, F. Rouge & cie., s. a, 

5 p. I., 13-264 p. 19i-. 

1. Civil service. 1. Title. 

JF1601.D4 47-16222 

© 2lOct46; Librairie F. Rouge & cie; AF5095. 

Dender, Jay. 

Tom Harmon and the great gridiron plot, an original story 
featuring Tom Harmon, famous football star, as the hero, by 
Jay Dender, illustrated by Henry E. Vallely. Authorized ed. 
Racine, Wis., Whitman publishing co. t 1946, 

2 p. 1., ,9,-251 p. illus. 20J-. 

I. Title. 


© 31Aug46; publisher; A6783. 


Deneveure, Jean, pseud . 
see Gebrovsky, Uswelod S. de, 1909- 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dengel, Anna, 1892- 

Mission for Samaritans; a survey of achievements and op- 
portunities in the field of Catholic medical missions, by Anna 
Dengel ... With a foreword by the Rt. Rev. John M. Cooper 
... Milwaukee, The Bruce publishing company ,194^, 

x, 128 p. plates, port. 20J". (Half-titl-e: Problems of the livine 
church series) B 

Bibliography : p. 116-121. 

"Copyright I9I4.5." 

Pub. HFebi|6, author, Philadelphia; AI2I4.7 

1. Missions, Medical. 2. Catholic church— Missions. i. Title. 

[Jeniar, Iinurice] 

Asinr ot Sato chez les i ? . F. I. 
[Paris, Geux die la resistance, 19^-51 

[^O] p. col. plates. 33° m . 

On cover: Sanson [ pseud . ] et Roined 
[ pseud . ] 

© 15Jani|5; lc 2l[iiprl|.6; Sanson et 
Reined.^ pseud.j Grasse, Prance; AF1016. 

Deniker, P 

... Aide-memoire des secouristes de 
la Croix-rouge fr'ancaise; redig6 avec 
le concours du dr. P. Deniker et du 
dr. R. Legendre. [Paris] Plamraarion 

k& p., U. illus. 17 l/2 cm . 
(Collection des manuels d'enseignement 
de la Croix-rouge francaise) 

©22Hovlj.5; lc Btarlj.6; Ernest Flamma- 
rion; AF583. 

Denis, Henri. 

. . . Le monopole bilateral, par Henri Denis . . . Paris, Presses 
universitaires de France, 1943. 

2 p. 1., 101, (1, p., 2 1. dlagrs. 22 J-. (Theoria ; etudes sur la theorie 
moderne de l'economie, publiees sous la direction de Francois Perroux. 

"1™ edition." 

© 3QJanl|3; lo 29Augl45; publisher j AF 1£2. 

Denis -Papin, Maurice 
see Papin, Maurice Denis. 

Denise, pseud . 
seje Uit rani, ThSr&se (Mizrahi) 

Denlinger, Milo G 

The complete collie, by Milo G. Denlinger ... Drawings by 
Edwin Megargee. Washington, D. C, Denlinger's, 1946. 
255 p. Inci. front., illus., plates, group port. 23$-. 

A3§52f 6pl|£; author » Washington, D. C.; 

Dennis, Clyde H 1913- ed. 

These live on; the best of true stories unveiling the power 
and presence of God in world war n, edited by Clyde H. 
Dennis. Chicago, Good books, inc. ( 1946] 

xiv p., 1 1„ 204 p. 20™. 

© ?Febij.6; publisher; A1120. 
Dennis, Morgan, 1891- 

The Morgan Dennis dog book (with some special cats) New 
York, The Viking press, 1946. 

i72, p. illus. 28J~. 

1. Dogs— Pictures, Illustrations, .-tc. 2. Cats— Pictures, illustrations, 
eta i. (Title) 

SF430.D4 636.77 Agr46-18 

© 8Nov46 ; author, White Plains, N. Y. ; A9342. 

Dennis, Robert, pseud . 
see Dumm, Robert Dennis. 

Dennis, Wesley. 

Holiday ; story and pictures by Wesley Dennis. New York, 
The Viking press, 1946. 

[61) p. Illus. 21Jx26~. 

"First published ... October 1946." 

i. Title. 


© 250ct46 ; author, Warrenton, Va. ; A6898. 


[Denniston, Elinore, 

Dead to rights, by Dennis Allan tfseud.) New York, M S. 
Mill co., inc., 1946. 

4 p. L, 213 p. 19J-. 

"Mill Circle mysteries." 

© llSepi4.6; 2c 3Sepl4.6; publisher; A6267. 

Densford, Katharine Jane, 1890- 

Ethics for modern nurses. Professional adjustments 1. r Byj 
Katharine J. Densford ... [and] Millard S. Everett ... Phila- 
delphia and London, W. B. Saunders company, 1946. 

x, 260 p. 20i~. 

"Books to read" at end of each chapter. 

©17Janl|6; publisher, Philadelphia; 

Dent, Edward Joseph, 1876- 

A theatre for everybody ; the story of the Old Vic and Sad- 
ler's Wells, by Edward J. Dent, illustrated by Kay Ambrose. 
London and New York, T. V. Boardman and company limited 

151, |1] p. col. front., Illus., plates, ports. 21^x17'". 

"First published 1945." 
Bibliography : p. (152) 

Pub. 3-19-14.5; lc I4.-25-I4-6; Joshua B. 
Powers, inc., New York; A int. 2i\l. 

1. London. Old Vic theatre. 2. Sadler's Wells theatre, London. 
1. Title. 

Dent, Lester. 

Dead at the take-off [byj Lester Dent. Garden City, New 
York, Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 

223 p. 18J-. 
"First edition." 

©i|A P r46- 2c 26l.iar/;6; author, La Plata, 
Mo . ; A22i|6 . 

Dent, Lester, 1904- 

... Lady to kill. Garden City* N. Y, Pub. for the Crime 
club by Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

192 p. 19™. 

"First edition." 

1. Title. 

PZ3.D4335Lad 46-7666 

© I70ct46; 2c 120ct46; author, La Plata, Mo.; A6570. , 
Denver, Drake C, pseud. 
see Nye, Nelson Coral, I907- 

Denver. University. National opinion research center. 

Interviewing for NORC. Denver, Col, National opinion 
research center, University of Denver, c 1945[i.e. I946] 

ix, 154 p. lncl. illus., forms. 23i t °. 

"First edition."— Foreword. 

"Bibliography : public opinion polling" : p 147-148 

Prepared by Harry H. Field, Louis Van 
Patten, and NORC staff. 

©2-l-ij.6; 2 c 2-27-^6; National opinion 
research center, Denver; A 1337 . 

1. Public opinion polls. i. Title. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Deon, Michel. 
. . . Amours perdues. t Paris, Bordas c 1946j 
2 p. 1., ,7,-248 p^ 2 L 19". 
On cover : Roman. 

i. Title. 

PQ2607.E525A8 47-16400 

© 30May46; lc 9Aug46; Bordas, Editions franchises nou- 
velles; AF2000. 

Department of food economics and 
nutrition, Kansas state college 
of agriculture and applied science 
see Kansas. State college of agri- 
cuTture and applied science, Man - 
hattan * Dept . of food economics 
and nutrition. 

De Polnay, Peter 
see Polnay, Peter de, 1906- 

De Pury, Roland 
see Pury, Roland de. 

De Quincey A 

Little giant, by A. De Quincey, illustrated by Jon Nielsen. 
(New York, Howell, Soskin ,1946] 

199 p. lllua. 21- 

1. TlUe. 

© 2lOct46 ; author, Stowmarket, Eng. ; A7160. 


Derbes, Vincent de Paul Joseph, 1912- 

The treatment of bronchial asthma, by Vincent J. Derbes ... 
and Hugo Tristram Engelhardt ... with chapters by a panel 
of contributors. 61 illustrations. Philadelphia, London [etc.] 
J. B. Lippincott company t 1946j 

xv p., 1 1., 466 p. illus. (incl. ports.) maps (1 fold.) diagrs. (part fold.) 

"References" at end of each chapter except the eighth. 

© 22 Julli6;publis tier, Philadelphia ;A5215. 

Derblay, Claude. 

. . . Un drame sous Louis xrv ; l'affaire du chevalier de Rohan 
. . . Paris, La Nouvelle edition t 1945] 

3 p. 1., i9r307. [1] p. 19-. 

"Sources et bibliographle" : p. [303]-307. 

© 3a',u§li5; lo 8Jteyl46; publisher; AFlIi^. 

Deribere, Maurice. 

. . . Les meteorites. Paris, Prisma ( 1946] 

48 p. Incl. Illus., plates. 15J-. (On cover: Les Cahlers Prisma de la 
Jeunesse. 1) 

Cover-title : Les meteorites ; des plerres tombent du del. 


1. Meteorites. 

QB755.D4 523.51 

© 29May46 ; publisher; AF2029. 

Deribere, Maurice. 

... Le ver luisant. Paris, Prisma t 1946] 

40 p. Incl. illus., plates. 15J— . (On cover: Les Cahlers Prisma de la 
Jeunesse. 2) 

Cover-title : Le ver luisant, lumlere vlvante. 

1. Fireflies. 


© 29May46; publisher; AF2028. 


Derleth, August William, 1909- 

... The edge of night. Prairie City, 111., The press of J. A. 

Deckei-, 1945. 

6 p. 1., 3-101 p. 21- 

At head of title : August Derleth. 

©15Apri+5; 2c 2Novli.5; author, Sauk City, 
Wis.; Aij.76. 

Derleth, August William, 1909- 

... Evening in spring. Sauk City, Wis., Stanton and Lee 

x p., 1 1., 308 p. 21- 

At head of title : August Derleth. 

© editorial matter and foreword, 
27N0VI4.5; 2c llpecif.5; author, Sauk City, 
Wis.; A122. 

Derleth, August William, 1909- 

... Habitant of dusk, a garland for Cassandra; illustrations 
by Frank Utpatel. Boston, Walden press, 1946. 

[41) p. incl. 1 illus., plates. 18J-. 

"Three hundred copies ... printed, each signed by author and artist ... 
Number 38." 

1. Title. 

PS3507.E69H2 811.5 

© 16Dec46 ; author, Sauk City, Wis. ; A9412. 


Derleth, August William, 1909- 

"In re : Sherlock Holmes" ; the adventures of Solar Pons, by 
August Derleth, with an introduction by Vincent Starrett. 
Sauk City, Wis., Mycroft and Moran, 1945. 

xv, 238 p., 11. 19J-. 

©510ctl+5; author, Sauk City, Wis.; A713. 

Derleth, August William, 1909- ed. 

Who knocks? Twenty masterpieces of the spectral for the 
connoisseur. Edited and with a forew.ord by August Derleth. 
Illustrated by Lee Brown Coye. New York, Toronto, Rine- 
hart & company, inc. [1946] 

ix, 391 p. Illus. 22-. 

© l8Aprl+.6; 2c 9Marlj.6; author, 
Sauk City, Wis.; A2J71. 

Derleth, August William, 1909- 

... Writing fiction. Boston, The Writer, inc. [1946, 
x p., 11, 201 p. 20- 

©2AprU6; author, Sauk G ity, Wis.;. 

Der Meersch, Maxence van 
see Meersch, Maxence van der, I9O7- 

Dern, Peggy 
see Gaddis, Peggy, 1896- 

Dern, Peggy Gaddis 
3ee Gaddis, Peggy, 1896- 

De Rousemont, Jean 
see Rougemont, / Jean de. 

[Derounian, Arthur] 1909- 

The plotters, by John Roy Carlson tpseud.) New York, 
E. P. Dutton & company, inc., 1946. 

ill p., 2 L, 408 p. illus. ( 1 acslms. ) 22-. 
"First edition." 

1. Fascism— V. S. 
i. Title. 

2. Veterans— U. S. 8.(1. S.— Pol. & govt— 1945- 



© 15Nov46; 2c 140ct46; author, New York; A8231. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Derse, Joseph C 

Machine operation times for estimators; standard data and 
methods, by Joseph C. Derse ... New York, The Ronald press 
company ( 1946, 

si, 156 p. illus., tables, dlagts. 24". 

© 28Junlj.6; publisher? A3I4.98. 

De Saint- Aulaire, Augusts Felix Charles 
de Beaupoil, comte 

see Saint-Aulaire, Auguste Fe'lix Charles 
de Beaupoil, comte de, 1866- 

De Saint Exupery, Consuelo 
see, Saint Exupery, Consuelo de. 

De Sauze, Emile Blais, 1878- 

... Nouveau cours pratique de francais pour commengants, 
by E. B. de Sauze ... Philadelphia, Chicago [etc.. The John C. 
Winston company [1946, 

xxv, [1) 262 V-/ illus. (incl. map, plan) 24". (The Winston modern 
language series, E. B. de Sauz4 editor-in-chief) 

Includes music. 

© revisions, l6Mayl|6; publisher, Phila- 
delphia; AI4.61I4.. 

De Sauze, Emile Blais, 1878- 

... Nouveau cours pratique de francais pour commencants, 
by E. B. de Sauze ... [Phonetic ed.j Chicago, Philadelphia 
retc., The John C. Winston company t 1946j 

xxv, il|, 262 p. illus. Unci, map, plan) 23}". (The Winston mod- 
ern language series ; E. B. de Sauz£, editor-in-chief ) 

X. French language — Grammar — 1870- x. Title. 

PC2111.D477 1946 a 448.242 47-16568 

© 240ct46 ; publisher, Philadelphia ; A8060. 

Des' Barges, Jean, 

.,. Ossian et les bardes d*Ecosse, par 
Jean des Barges; illustrations de Andre 
Galland. ' Paris, Publications techniques 
et artistiques [ 19^-1-5 ] 

220 p. illus. 22 cm . (Legendes 
immortelles ) 

Bibliographie: p. 219-220. 

© 2Junlj.5; lc 29Augi^5; Publications 
techniques, Paris: AFloO» 

Desbois, Jean. 

La position de la France dans la question 
alleaande; les interets materials ... 

(In La Tribune des nations. Paris [1946] 
59x43°". a. s. no. 27, 22Har46, p. 1, 3) 

<£) 22Slar46; Tribune des nations, Paris; AF1121. 

Des Brosses, Jean. 

... Le secret du poignard d' argent; 
illustrations de J. de Rosbo. Paris, 

esp [19I1.5] 

190 p., 10. illus. 20 l/2 cm . 
(Collection ''Les Romans des jeunes") 

© lSepij.5; lc lMarl+6; Editions sociales s; AF5I4.2. 

Des Cars, Guy. 
. . . Memoires d'un jeune. Paris, A. Fayard 1 1945 j 
2 p. L, [7r-820 p. Iff". 

© 30Dec45; lc 8Mayl4.6; P. Brouty, J. 
Fayard et cie, Paris; AFII98. 

Des Cars, Guy, 

.... Toni, roi du cirque; illustre par 

Jean A. Mercier. Paris, Marcus, 1 9 )1 ) | . 

[26] p., 1 £. illus. 25x25 cm . 

© 30Julljl|-; lc 2MarJ+6; Etienne Marcus; 

[Deschamps, Paul] 1888- 

La cathedrale d'Amiens ; photos par Marc Foucault. [Paris, 
Editions "Tel" t 1942, 

cover-title, [4j p. plates (part double) 39x28$"*. [Collection Cathe^ 
drales et sanctuaires du moyen age, publlees sous la direction de m. Paul 

French, German and Spanish. 
Issued in portfolio. 

© J0DecU2; lc 2Marl|6; publisher; AFI4.63. 

[Deschamps, Paul, 1888- 

... La cathedrale de Sens, photographies par Marc Foucault. 
[Paris, Editions "Tel" , 1943, 

cover- titie, c 4| p. plates (part double) 38}**. [Leg Cath&lralea et lea 
sanctuaires du moyen age, collection dlrigee par Paul Deschamps, 

Issued In portfolio. 

Text signed : Paul Deschamps. 

© 30Decl4.3; lc 2Marlj.6; publisher; AF 79^. 

Deschamps, Philippe. 

... La composition francaise, combinee avec l'enseignement 
pratique du vocabulaire, les exercices de grammaire et d'ana- 
lyse, l'explication fransaise. Enseignement secondaire, classes 
de sixieme et de cinquieme. Montreal, Librairie Saint- Viateur 

5 p. 1., 368, |2, p. lUus. 23". 

Cover-title : Comment decrlre. 

"Copyright 1939." 

Pub. 19Aug38; lc 12Sept46; Les clercs de Saint- Viateur. 
Montreal; AF2279. 

Deschaumes, Guy. 

... Vers la croix de Lorraine. Paris, 
Flammarion [I9L1.5] 

235 P- 19 l/2 cm . 

© 13Sepi|.5; lc 300cti^5; Ernest Flam- 
marion; AF27I+. 

De Selincourt, Aubrey, 1894- 

... Calicut lends a hand, illustrated by Guy de Selincourt 
London, G. Routledge & sons, ltd. t 1946j 

3 p. L, 309 p. Incl. front., Illus. 19°*. 
"First published 1946." 

Pub. 5Jull4-6; lc 22SepU.6; author, 
Blandford, Dorset, Eng.; AI 14-36. 

De Selincourt, Irene Rutherford (McLeod) 1891- 

Six o'clock and after, and other rhymes for children by 
Irene and Aubrey de Selincourt ; illustrations by John Morton- 
Sale. London, F. Muller ltd. t 1945, 

64 p. Incl. front, Illus. 19°*. 
"First published ... In 1945." 

Pub. 13Dec^5; lc 3Feblj.6; authors, Blan»J- 
ford, Dorset, Eng.; AI 77. 

Des Gachons, Jacques, 1868- 

... Le Berry; couverture d' Andre des Gachons; ouvrage 
orne de 215 heliogravures. Grenoble, Paris, B. Arthaud [1945, 

3 p. L, 11-194, [1, p. illus., fold. map. 23**. ("Les Beaux pays." Nh 

1 Berry, France — Descr. & trav, 

\Full name: Jacques Stephane Peyrot des Gachons, 

DC611.B532D4 1945 914.455 46-23456 

© 30Nov45; publisher; AF1542. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Desgrayes, Denise. 

... Le manoir de Kemeno, roman. 
Paris, M. Daubln [19^4-5] ^ 

223 p. 19cm. (Cta cover ; Lea Oeuvres 
litteraires flmlnTnesl 

©JOSep^; lc lMark6; Lea Editions 
Marcel Daubln; AF538. 

De Sherbinin, Betty, 1917- 

The challenged land (byj Betty de Sherbinin. New York, 
W. Morrow & company, 1946. 

8 p. l, 241 p. 20J". 

© 7Janl4.6; 2c 6Decl+5; author, New York; 

The Desk "Standard" dictionary of the English language, 
designed to give the orthography, pronunciation, meaning, 
'and etymology of about 83,000 words and phrases in the 
speech and literature of the English-speaking peoples. 1,200 
pictorial illustrations. Abridged from the Funk & Wag- 
nails New Standard dictionary of the English language. 
New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls company t 1946, 
vlii, 918 p. thus. 22i°*. 

Cover-title: Funk & Wagnalls Desk Standard dictionary. Ready ref- 
erence ed. . 

©revisions, 26AprM>; publisher, 
New York; Alj-559. 

Deslandes, Pierre, pseud. 
see Duplain, Justin, 1885-19^3 • 

Desmarest, Marie Anne. 

... Jan Yvarsen, suite de "Torrents" 
... Bruxelles [etc.] Mare'chal [ 1914-5 1 
215 P., IV- l8 cm . 

© 20 Jull+5; lc 2Maylj.6; Editions A. 
Mare'chal,' Liege, Belgium; AF975- 

D'Esme, Jean, pseud . 
see Esmfinard, Jean d', vicom-ce , 1893- 

Desmond, Alice (Curtis) 1897- 

... Glamorous Dolly Madison. New York, Dodd, Mead & 
company, 1946. 

zi p., 1 1., 274 p. ill us. (Incl. facstm.) plates, ports. 22". 

Map on lining-papers. 
Bibliography : p. 278-274. 

© 22Aprl^6; Dodd, Mead & co., Inc.; 

Desoffle, Robert. 

... Le reve eveille' en psychotherapie; essai sur la fonction 
de regulation de l'inconscient collectif, par R. Desoille ... 
Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

388 p. illus. 23". (Bibliotheque de philosophle contemporaine. 
Psycbologie et sociologle) 


© 50Junl4-5; lc lMarlj.6; publiaher; AF739' 

Dea3aignes, Georges Ribemont- 
aee Ribemont-Deaaaignea, Georges. 

Dessauer, Friedrich, 1881- 

... Weltfahrt der erkenntnis; leben und werk Isaac Newtons. 
Mit 8 tafeln und 23 textfiguren. Zurich, Rascher, 1945. 

429, (1) p. illus., ports., diagrs. 23". 

"L bis 4. tausend." 

Bibliographical references in "Anmerkungen und erganzungen" 
(p. (117J-171, (339]-396) and "Anhang 3" (p. 424-428) 

©27Marl<.5; lc 15Maylj.6; Raacher & cie.., 
a.a., verlag; AFIO67. 

17 Newton, Sir Isaac, 1642-1727. 2. Newton, Sir Isaac, 1642-1727— 
Fiction. i. Title. 

Dosselle, Alice 
see Alexandre, Alice* 

Destaing, Philippe. 

... Missions en France ... (Parisj Les Editions de minuit, 
1945 [i e. 1946, 

2 p. 1., (7)-212 p., 1 1. 18J". 

Colophon dated 1946. 

© 15Marl4.6; publiaher; AF 1570. 

D'Eate, Stefano 
aee Eate, Stefano d'. 

Desteines, Jean. 

... Clairiere de la vie; roman. t PariS) Gallimard ( 1946j 
4 p. I., |ll)-229 p., 1 1. 18J". 
"Troisieme Edition." 

© 15Febi|6; Llbralrle Gallimard; AFI366. 

Destler, Chester McArthur, 1904- 

... American radicalism, 1865-1901, essays and documents, 
by Chester McArthur Destler. New London, Conn., Connecti- 
cut college, 1946. 

ill, 276 p. incl. front., Illus. 23J". (Connecticut college monograph 
no. 3) 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 3Mayl+6; publiaher; A5759. 

Destriau, Georges. 

Physique appliquce des installations 
& rayons X; production et dosimetric 
... Preface de liarcel Pauthenier ... 
Paris, Dunod, I9I+5.. 

209 p. illus. 25 l/2 cm , 

© llJunl^; lc 300ctlj.5; publisher; 

Des ValliSres, Jean, 1895- 

... Sa grandeur 1' infortune . Paris, 
A. Michel [19^5 J 

312 p., ljj. 19cm. ( Hia Sou3 le 
drapeau de la Legion etrangSre) 

©lOFebi^; lc 29Augl|5; Albin Michel; 

De Tolnay, Charles, 1899- 

The Sistine ceiling, by Charles de Tolnay. Princeton, 
Princeton university press, 1945. 

xil, 285 p., 1 1. plates (1 double) 30}". ( Hit Michelangelo, u, 
"Bibliographical abbreviations" : p. 250-253. 

© 3Decl;5; 2c 12Jani;6; publisher; A2I4.I. 

Deucher, Sybil, I898- 

Edvard Grieg, boy of the Northland, by Sybil Deucher, 
illustrated by Mary Greenwalt. New York, E. P. Dutton & 
company, inc., 1946. 

165 p. illus. (Incl. music) 24". 

"First edition." 
Music : p. 147-165. 

© l6Sepl4.6; 2c 50Augl4.6; publisher; A6l^3. 

Deutsch, Babette, 1895- 

The reader's Shakespeare, by Babette Deutsch, with decora- 
tions by Warren Chappell. New York, J. Messner ( 1946- 

xlli, 510 p. illus. (incl. music) 22". * 
"Reading list" : p. 509-510. 

i. Shakespeare, William. Paraphrases, tales, etc n. Title. 
PR2877.D4 822.33 47-444 

© 25Nov46; 2c 23Nov46; author. New York; A8829. 

749448 0—47- 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Devaulx, Noe'l. 

..'. L'auberge Parpillon, nouvelles; 
post-face de Jean Paulhan. [Paris] 
Gallimard [ 191+5 1 

195 P., 2 \. 19 cm . 

© 30SepU5; lc 2Marlj.6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF712. 

Devaux, Pierre. 

... Les trains; illustrations de Bonandre. Paris, A. Bonne 
t 1946, 

82 p col illus., diagrs. 23". (Balf-title: Images d'aujourd'hul, no. 

1. Railroads— Juvenile literature. I. Title. 

TF148.D4 47-1320 

© 15Apr46; Editions Andre Bonne; AF1869. 

Devaux, Pierre. 

... Uranium, roman. Paris, Editions Medicis, 1946. 

251 p., 1 1. 19". 


i. Title. 


© 10May46; publisher; AF2069. 

Deville, Paul Sainte-Claire 
see Sainte-Claire Deville, Paul. 

Devine, Louise Lawrence. 

Mumpsy goes to kindergarten, by 
Louise Lawrence Devine; illustrated 
by Dorothy Grider. New York, Chicago, 
[etc.] Rand McNally & company [194-51 

60 p. illus. 17 cm - 

©22Decl+5; 2c 5Dec!+5; publisher. 
Chicago; A3§1. 

Devineau, Louis, 1911- 

... Le grand retour de Notre-DaAe .. 
tions techniques et artistiques [1946, 

3 p. 1.. 9-109, (li p. 18~ (Les Trols nets) 

At head of title : R. p. Devineau, o. k. i. 
"Copyright 1945." 

1. Mary, Virgin— Cultua. I. Title. 

BT645.D4 232.931 

© 30Dec45 ; lc 9Aug46 ; publisher ; AF2044. 

Paris, Aux Publica- 


Devon, Denis, 1908- 

... Lough Derg and other poems. New York, Reynal & 
Hitchcock [1946] 

4p.l„79p. 211". 

© 20Mayl4.6; author, Washington, D. C.j 

Devney, Edward James, 1913- ed. 

Pictorial highlights from the history of the 460" 1 bombard- 
ment group (H) United States 15th Army air force. Compiled 
and edited by Edward J. Devney . . . (Cleveland, 1946] 

[45] p. Illus. ( lncl. ports. ) 31 x 23i". 

Cover-title : 460th bomb group. 

© lSMayM>; author, Cleveland Heights, 
0.; AltfOO. 

De Voe, Ralph Godwin, 1883- 

Adventures of Midgie, by Ralph Devoe; pictures by Nils 
Hogner. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946] 

[48|p. col. illus. 21x17-. 

© 150ct46 ; Ralph De Voe, New ¥ork ; A6376. 

De Vore, Harry L 1914- 

City of the Mardi gras; drawings by Harry L. De Vore, jr., 
narrative by Martin Yoseloff. New York, The Beechhurst 
press, B. Ackerman, inc. [1946, 

3 p. 1., 13-117 p. Illus. 28} 1 22J-. [Cities of America series, 

© 15Marl^6; Bernard Ackerman, inc., 
New York; AI718. 

De Vries, Louis, 1885- 

German-English science dictionary for students in chemis- 
try, physics, biology, agriculture, and related sciences, by Louis 
De Vries ... Iowa State college, with the collaboration of 
members of the graduate faculty. 2d ed., rev. and enl. New 
York and London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xiv, 558 p. Mi- 
First edition published in 1939 under title: German-English science 
dictionary for students in the agricultural, biological and physical sci- 

"Reference works" : p. xlli-xiv. 

© 90ct46 ; publisher, New York ; A6735. 

Dewart, Donald, 1897- ed. 

Educational institutions of New England, edited by Donald 
Dewart ... Boston, Mass., Bellman publishing company, inc. 

7 p. 1., ,17,-528 p. 231- 

"Educntional information about all schools and colleges, both academic 
and vocational, in each state of New England." — Pref. 

© revisions, 9Mari(6; publisher; A5395. 

De Waters, Lillian 
see De Waters, Lillian (Stephenson) 

De Waters, Lillian (Stephenson) 1883- 

... Light of the Eternal. Stamford, Conn., Hycliff publish- 
ing co. [ 1945] 

5 p. 1., 134 p. 161-. 

At head of title : Lillian De Waters. 

© 28Dec[|.S: 2c 'yJunli.G; author, Stamford, 
Conn.; A32/|f(. 

Dewey, John, 1859- 

... Problems of men. New York, Philosophical library 

5 p. 1., 3-424 p. 22-. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 29Mayi).6; Philosophical library, inc.; 

Dewey, John, 1859- 

The public and its problems, an essay in political inquiry, by 
John Dewey. Chicago, Gateway books, 1946. 

xil p., 2 1., 224 p. 181". 

"Result of lectures delivered during the month of January, nineteen 
hundred and twenty-six, upon the Larwill foundation of Kenyon college, 

First edition published 1927. 

© introd., 2lSepl|6; author, New York; 

Dewey, Thomas B 

As good as dead, by Thomas B. Dewey. New York, Jeffer- 
son house, 1946. 
3 p. L, 218 p. l&j- 

O 20ctk6; 2o l8Sepl4.6; author, Holly- 
wood, Calif.; A 6278. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

De Wick, Ernest S 

Plastic craft ( by, Ernest S. De Wick and John H. Cooper. 
New York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 
ill, 184 p. front., IIlus., dlagrs. 281". 

1. Plastic materials. 2. Handicraft L Cooper, John H., Joint 

author, n. Title. 

TP986.A2D48 680 

© 26Nov46 ; publisher ; A8789. 


De Wilde James C 1896- 

The shadow of the sword, by James C. de Wilde. New 
York, Querido, 1946. 

I68p. 21- ,_,,, 

© 17J11II4.6; Querido, inc.; k^ol^b. 

De Witt, Johanna. 

The littlest reindeer, by Johanna De Witt; pictures by 
Phoebe Erickson. Chicago, Childrens press, inc. c 1946] 

( 28] p. col. lilus. 23J-. 

© 6PebI|.6j puujLi3her; A928. 

Dews, Richard Phillips, 1881- 

Mortuary law, by Judge Eichard P. Dews. t Nashville, Mc- 
Quiddy printing company] 1946. 

xl, 241 p. 23i". 

© l8Seplj.6; author, Nashville; A 5777. 

Dexter, Dave. 

Jazz cavalcade, the inside story of jazz, by Dave Dexter, jr., 
with a foreword by Orson Welles. New York, Criterion, 1946. 

xl, 258 p. 6 front, (ports.) 23i~. 

"First edition." 

"A selected bibliography" : p. 238-246. 

1. Jazz music. 1. Title. 

ML3561.J3D48 780.973 

© 12Nov46 ; Criterion music corp. ; A8844. 


* Dhorme, fidouard. 

... Les religions de Babylonie et 
d'Assyrie, par, fidouard Dhorme ... Les 
religions des Hittites et des Hourrites, 
des Pheniciens et des Syriehs, par 
Rene Dussaud ... Paris, Presses uni- 
versitaires de France, 19^4-5 • 

ij.33 p. 19 l/2 cm . (Collection 
"Mana" ... t. 1. Les anciennes reli- 
gions orientales, ptie. I€ ) 

© 15Febif5; lc 300ctij.5; publisher; 

Dhotel, Andre. 

... Les rues dans l'aurore; ou 7 , Les 
aventures de .Georges Leban; roman. 
[Paris] Gallimard [191+5 J 

31+5 P. 1 £• 21™. 

© 150ctl+5; lc 2Marl+6; Librairie Galli- 
mard; AF65O. 

Diamond, Frank. * 

Murder rides a rocket; a Ransome Dragoon- Vicky Gaines 
mystery, by Frank Diamond. New York, Mystery house, 1946. 
336 p. lftj- t 

21Junlj.6; author, New York; Al+903, 

Diamond, Wilfrid J 

Sunday morning storyland; sermons 
for the children's mass [by] Rev. 
Wilfred J. Diamond. Milwaukee, 
Bruce pub. co. [19I4.6] 

119 P. 20 1/2 cm. 

© 26Marl+6; publisher; AI936. 

Dias, Willys, 1872- 

... MSprise d'amCur, traduit de 
l'italien par E. de Saint-Segond. 
Paris, Tallandier [I9I4.5] 

255 P. 18 1/2™, 

Ce roman a paru en langue italienne 
sous le titre: "L'amore piu grande". 

©28Augl+5; lc 300cti;5; Socilte d' tui- 
tions et de publications, Paris; AF75. 
Diat, Louis, 1885- 

Louis Diat's Home cookbook; French cooking for Amer- 
icans. La cuisine de ma mere. Foreword by Monty Woolley. 
Philadelphia, New York, J. B. Lippincott company t 1946j 

xvll,309p, 22- 

'Jfftrsf edition." 

"Portions of this book were published 
under the title, La cuisine de ma 
mere in Harper's Bazaar and Gourmet." 
-Pub. jacket. 

© llMari+6; author, New York; A1769. 

Diaz, Willy 
see Dias, Willy, 1872- 

Diccionario enciclope'dico Salvat. 2. ed. 
t. 12, TIN-Z. Barcelona, Salvat edit- 
ores, s. a., l9lj-6. 

First edition published under title: 
Liccionario Salvat. 

© 15Janl+6; publisher; AFI396. 

Dicenta, Joaquin, 1893" 

"Ivladre Paz"; drama en tres actos y 
un epilogo, en verso, original de 
Joaquin Dicenta (hi jo). [Madrid, 
Mar i sal, 191+6] 

182 p., 1 f. 19™. 

© lJanl+6; Joaquin Dicenta Alonso, 
Madrid; AF1162. 

Dicenta Alonso, Joaquin 
see Dicenta, Joaquin, 1893- 

Dick, Cappy, p s gud . 
see Cleveland, Robert, I903- 

Dick, Catharine Bond, 1891- 

Trails I've ridden, by Catharine B. Dick, an era in the 
prairie- foothill country of Alberta ... (Calgary, Alta., J. W. 
Dick, 1946, 

63 p. Incl. front, (port.) 1 lllus. 19i". 

On cover : Alberta range rhymes. 
"First Impression, July, 1946." 

Pub. 3OJUII46; lo 10Sepl46; author, Courtenay, 
Victoria Island, B. C, Can.; AI 389. 

Dick, Isabel. 

Country heart t by] Isabel Dick. New York, Thomas Y. 
Crowell company t 1946] 
4 p. 1., 376 p. 21". 

© l8Marlj.6; publisher; AI707. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dick, Opal Wheeler. 

5 little pennies and how they grew, by Opal Wheeler Dick, 
illustrated by Virginia Lohman. Washington, D. C, Review 
and herald publishing association ( 1946, 

90 p. Illus. 23i". 

1. Stewardship, Christian. i. Title. 

BV772.D45 254 47-619 

© 13Dec46; publisher, Takoma Park, Washington, D. C; 

Dicken, Emma, 1873- 

Our Burnley ancestors and allied families, compiled by 
Emma Dicken. New York, N. Y., The Hobson book press, 

vlll, [2., 261 p. incl. front, pi., ports. 23". 

© I0ct46 ; author, Meridian, Miss. ; A6762. 

Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870. 

... Christmas stories: A Christmas carol. The chimes. The 
cricket on the hearth. Illustrated by Howard Simon, introduc- 
tion by May Lamberton Bejcker. Cleveland and New York, 
The World publishing company [1946] 

319, ( 1] p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 22-. (Half-title: Rainbow 

"First printing May 1946." 

©illus., and introd., 25JU11J4.6; 
2c 2l4.Jvml4.65 publisher, Cleveland; A565I+. 

I. Simon, Howard, 1902- illus. n. Title. 

Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870. 

... Histoires de noel; traduction de P. Maynard ... Niort, 
Editions du Vieux marais ( 1945j 

2p.l.. i9 r 128p., 11. illus. 19i-. 

At head of title : Dickens. 

Contents. — Le bagnard. — L'auberge. — Stella. — Le marln. 

1. Maynard, Pierre, tr. n. Title. 

PR4557.A456 47-16406 

© 30Dec45; 1c 8May46; A Nicolas, Niort, France; AF1473. 

Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870. 

A tale of two cities, by Charles Dickens, illustrated by Leo- 
pold Gedo. Cleveland and New York, The World publishing 
company r 1946j 

348 p. Illus., plates. 19*- (Half-title: The Living library) 

1. Title. 


© illus., 10Oct46; publisher, Cleveland; A8073. 


v, 346 p. 

Dickey, George D 

Theory and practice of filtration, by George D. Dickey ... 
and Charles L. Bryden ... New York, Reinhold publishing 
corporation, 1946. 

illus., dlagrs. 23}~. (Modern library of chemical engl- 

Bibliography at end of some of the chapters. 

© 6Mayl^6; publisher; Alj-592. 

Dickinson, Sherman, 1891- 

Poultry enterprises t by] Sherman Dickinson ... t andj Harry 
R. Lewis . . . Edited by R. W. Gregory. Chicago, Philadelphia 
f etc.] J. B. Lippincott company [1946) 

vi p., 1 l„ 424 p. illus. (IncL map, plans, dlagrs.) 22™. 

On cover; Revised. 

"Reference books" : p. 403-404. 

1. Poultry. 1. Lewis, Harry Reynolds, 1885- 
n. Gregory. Raymond William, 1893- ed. 

SF487.D55 1946 636.5 

© 10ct46 ; publisher ; A6449. 

joint author. 
Agr 46-817 

Dickman, Elsa, 1918- 

... Korsveien. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co. ~(W. Nygaard) 

344 p. 211- 

© 22May46; publisher; AF5040. 

Dickson, Carter, pseud . 
see Carr, John Dickson. 

Dickson, Mathes Daniel. 

The way of the transgressor, by Rev. Mathes Daniel Dickson 
. . . New York, N. Y., The Hobson book press, 1946. 

3 p. 1., lx-xvll, [1|, 323 p. lncl. front. 1 Illus. 22-. 

© 29Junli.6; author, Peoria, 111.; 

Diebold, Janet (Mine (Hart) 

Mandrake root t byj Janet Diebold. New York, H. Holt 
and company [1946] 

4 p. 1., 3-227 p. • 21- 
"Flrst printing." 

© 22Aug46; 2c 20Aug46; author, Alexandria, Va.; 

Diehl, Charles, 1859- 

... L'Europe orientale de 1081 a 1453, par Charles Diehl ... 
Lysimaque CEconomos ... Rodolphe Guilland ... r etj Rene 
Grousset . . . Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

2 p. 1., [vHj-viil, 644 p. illus. (maps) 25°*. (Hlstolre generate, 
fondee par Gustave Glotz. [ni Hlstoire du moyen age, t. ix, 1. ptle.) 

"V edition— 15 avrll 1945." 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 15Aprl4-5; lc 300ctl4.5; publisher; 

Diekhoff , John Siemon. 

Milton's Paradise lost, a commentary on the argument, by 
John S. Diekhoff ... New York, Columbia university press, 

4 p. 1., 161 p. 19}-. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

1. Milton, John. Paradise lost. 

PR3562.D5 821.47 

© 12Nov46; 2c 240ct46 ; publisher ; A8391. 

A 46-6092 

Diesel engino catalog, v. 11. Indus- 
trial, marine, transportation. Rex 
W. Wadrnan, editor ... New York. 
N. Y., Diesel engines, inc. c 19lj-6. 

O 22Auglj.6; publisher; A7199, 

Diesel engine manufacturers association. 

Standard practices for low and medium speed stationary 
Diesel engines. Chicago, 111., Diesel engine manufacturers 
association t 1946] 

157 p. illus., dlagrs. 23". 

"Third edition, first printing, 1946." 

First edition published 1930 under title : Standards of the Diesel en- 
gine manufacturers' association ; second edition, 1935, under title : Stand- 
ard practices. 

(5) 9Sepl£; publloher; A5729. 

Dietz, Lena (Dixon) I89O- 

Professional adjustments [v.] 2 ... 
2d ed. Philadelphia, F. A. Davis 
company, 19^-6. 

xvi, 14|.l p. Illus. 22 cm . 

"References" at end of each chapter. 
© 8Aprl).6; publisher; A228l. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Diffie, Bailey Wallys, 1902- 

Latin-American civilization: colonial period, by Bailey W. 
Diflie, with the assistance of Justine "Whitfield Diffie. Harris- 
burg, Pa., Stackpole sons ( 1945) 

9 p. I., 3-812 p. plates, ports., maps, charts, facslm., dlagrs. 23i™. 

"Note to the reader" : slip Inserted. 
"AJjrlef bibliography" : p. 755-764. 
(Pl8Dec4b; Zo 4Jan46; Stackpole sons; A69. 

Dikeman, Margaret. 

Henry's wagon, by Peg Dikeman, illustrated by Margie 
ipseud. } Kenosha, Wis., John Martin's house, inc. [1946, 

i32] p. col. IHub. 27$ x 21J-. 

I. Cooper, Margerla, Ulus. n. Title. 

PZ7.D577He 46-22500 

© 2Apr46 ; James & Jonathan co., Kenosha, Wis. ; A7057. 

'Dikeman, Peg 
see Dikeman, Margaret. 

Dillaway, Newton, 1904- 

Is that all ? [By, Newton Dillaway. Wakefield, Mass., The 
Montrose press [1946, 

,24, p. 18J x 14}-. 

i Title. 

[Fall name.- Newton Learnard Dillaway, 

PS3507.1 52 1 8 818.5 47-15959 

© lDec46 ; author, Wakefield, Mass. ; A7322. 

Di Maggio, Joseph Paul, 1914- 

Lucky to be a Yankee, by Joe Di Maggio (the Yankee clip- 
per) Introduction by James A. Farley, foreword by Grant- 
land Rice. New York. R. Field; Greenberg: publisher, dis- 
tributors [1946, I 

13 p., 1 L, 19-210, (4, p. Incl. front, plates, ports. 20}™. 

© 5Junl|6; author, Rudolph Field, New 
York; A3365. 

Dingman, Harold Williamson, 1884- 

Risk appraisal, by Harry Dingman ... Cincinnati, The Na- 
tional underwriter company, 1946. 

vll, 824 p. tables (1 fold.) dlagrs. 22". 

Includes "References." 

© 28Janl4.6; publisher; AI4.8I. 

Dingman, Harry 
see Dingman, Harold Williamson, ladU- 

Dingwall, Eric John. 

Racial pride and prejudice, by Eric John Dingwall. L01 
don, Watts & co. ( 1946, 
x, 246 p. 20-. 
"First published 1946." 

1. Race problems. 1. Title. 

HT1521.D54 323.1 46-23038 

Pub. 30ct46; lc 250ct46; author, Cambridge, Eng.; AI 530. 

Di Phillip, John, pseud . 

Gunner's diary, by John Di Phillip. Boston, Meador pub- 
lishing company [1946, 

ill p. 21- 

"Deals mainly with the exploits of a gun crew while serrlng aboard 
the S. M. Flager, an oil tanker, owned by the New York Standard oil 
co." — Foreword. 

© 26Aug46; Edward K. Meador, Boston; 

Dipman, Carl William, 1889- 

Self-service food stores, by Carl W. Dipman ... Robert W. 
Mueller ... [and, Ralph E. Head ... New York, The Progres- 
sive grocer ( 1946, 

v, (2|, 299 p. lllus. (Incl. plans) dlagrs. 25" 

© 3Seplj.6; Butteriok co., Inc., New 
York; A 7119. 

Directory giving list of companies 
and officials operating blast fur- 
naces, steel plants, rolling mills, 
by-product coking plants, structural 
steel plants, boiler and tank shops 
in the United States and Canada. 
I9J4.6. Pittsburgh, 1945. 

©24Declj.5; 2c 31Dec45; Steel publi- 
cations, inc.. Pittsburgh; A26. 

Directory giving list of companies and 
officials operating forge shops, heat 
treating plants, stamping and allied 
plants in the United States and 
Canada ... I9I4.6. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
Steel publications, inc. [194-6] 

© 21Mayq.6; publisher; A4.IO4.. 

... Directory of corporations and execu- 
tives (Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and 
Suffolk counties); a social register 
of business and finance, ljth annual 
ed, ... Boston^ Directory publishing 
company, inc.. 


© l80ctq.6; publisher; A80I4I, 

Directory of directors in the city of 
Boston and vicinity, 194-6. 4-Oth ed. 
Bostci, The Bankers' service company, 
c 1946. 

© 29Jull+6; publisher; A5080. 

Directory of directors in the city of 
New York. 19I4.6 ed. ... New York, 
Directory of directors company, c 194-6. 
1 v. 20 cm . 

©6Maylj.6; publisher; A3233. 

Directory of medical specialists hold- 
ing certification by American boards, 
v. 3» Chicago, Pub. for the Adviso- 
ry board for medical specialties by 
the A. N. Marquis company, 194-6. 
1 v. 23 l/2 cm . 

© 6Declj.6; A. N. Marquis co.; A9029. 

Directory of members of the Phila- 
delphia bar ... 194.6. Philadel- 
phia, 19^6. 

©JjJeblji; Charles B. Zimmerling, 
Philadelphia; A8J+8. 

The Directory of Michigan manufacturers, 
I94.6, no. l\., Detroit, Mich., Michi- 
gan manufacturer and financial record, 
Manufacturer publishing co., c 19lj.6. 
1 v. 22 cm . 

©29Marlj.6; Manufacturer publishing CO.; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Directory of Hew England manufacturers 
194-7 • 11th annual ed. Issued 
with the editorial cooperation of 
the New England council c ... Boston, 
Mass. G.D. Hall, inc., 19J4.6. 
1 v. 28 cm . 

© 23Augij.6; George D. Hall co.; 

... Directory of Portland (Maine) South 
Portland and Cape Elizabeth, combining 
five separate and distinct directories 
... v. 87. [19U6] Portland, Mft., 
Fred L. Tower companies, c 19l|.o. 

© 27Hayij.6; publisher; A3385. 

Diserens, Louis. 

... Die neuesten.f ortschritte in 
der anwendung der farbstoffe; hilfs- 
mittel in der textilindustrle. Bd. 
1. Von dr. Louis Diserens ... Neu 
bearb. und verm. 2'-. aufl. Basel, 
BirkhHuser [I9I4.6] 

5 P. P.» 653 p. 23cm. (His 
Neueste forts chritte und ve£fahren 
in der chemischen technologie der 

textilfasern ... 1. t.) 

© 6juni|.6; Verlag BirkhSuser a,-g.; 

Disney, Doris Miles. 

Dark road [by] Doris Miles Disney. Garden City, N. Y., 
Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

6 p. 1., 9-210 p. 18 J-. 
"Flrst edition." 

© lOJanJ+6; 2c 12Jan4$; author, Spring- 
field, Mass.; AJ4.6I. 

Disney, Doris Miles. 

... Who rides a tiger. Garden City, N. Y., Pub. for the 
Crime club by Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 
p. 1., (Hi-254 p. 19-. 

"First edition." 

1. Title. 

PZ3.D626Wh 46-7664 

© I70ct46; 2c 120ct46; author, Plainville, Conn.; A6571. 

Disney (Walt) productions, ltd. 

... Mickey chasseur ... Illustrations 
de Walt Disney. [Paris] Hachette t I9I4.5 ] 

lj.6, [2] p. illus. (part. col») 
23 l/2 cm . 

Adapted by mile. M, Andrieu from The 
pointer. ' 

© 6Deci;5; 1c 8Maytj.6; Walt Disney 
Mickey Mouse, s.a.; AF1113. , 

Disney (Walt) productions, ltd. 

... Mickey et son navire; illus- 
trations de Walt Disney ... (The ship- 
builders) [Paris] Hachette [19^5] 

I4J4., [I4.] p. illus. (part, col.) 
23 1/2^. 

Adapted by mile. M. Andrieu. 

© 6DecU5; lc 8Maylj.6; Walt Disney 
Mickey Mouse, s.a., Paris; AP1112. 

Disney (Walt) productions, ltd. 

Walt Disney's Brer Kabbit rides the fox, as told by Marion 
Palmer ipsevd.j based on the motion picture Walt Disney pre- 
sents Uncle Remus in "Song of the South" and other Walt 
Disney adaptations of the original "Uncle Remus" stories by 
Joel Chandler Harris. New York. Grosset and Dunlap ( 1946 3 

[32] p. illus. ( part col. ) 21i x 17i~. 

1. Geisel. Helen, 1898- n. Harris, Joel Chandler, 1848-1908. 

in. Title : Brer Rabbit rides the fox. 
PZ10.3.D632Waltg 47-211 

©. 1Nov46; Walt Disney productions, Burbank, Calif.; 


Disney (Walt) productions, ltd. 

Walt Disney's The wonderful tar baby, as told by Marion 
Palmer tpseud.) A story from the Walt Disney motion pic- 
ture "Song of the South," adapted from the original Uncle 
Remus story by Joel Chandler Harris. New York, Grosset & 
Dunlap t 1946, 

t 32i p. Illus. (part col.) 21Jxl7J". 

i. Geisel, Helen, 1898- n. Harris, Joel Chandler, 1848-1908. 

in. Title : The wonderful tar baby. 
PZ10.3.D632Wax 47-210 

© lNov46; Walt Disney productions, Burbank, Calif.; 


District of Columbia. Court of appeals , 
United States Court of appeals, Dis- 
trict of Columbia, v. 80, U. S. App . 
D. C; cases argued and adjudged from 
February 28, I9I15 to February 25, I9I4.6; 
Harvey T. Reid, reporter. St. Paul, 
Minn., West publishing co., I9I4.6 . 
1 v. 26 1/2 cm . 

©20Sepii.6; publisher; A5979. 

Divine, Arthur Durham, 1904- 

Dunkirk, by A. D. Divine, d. b. m. London, Faber & Faber 
limited t 1945j 

807 p. 22°*. 

Map on lining-paper. 

"First published In Mcmxlv." 

Pub. l6Novlj.5; lc 8Janl46; author, Lon- 
don; AI 22. 

Divry, George Constantopoulos. 

*0 Somav&s SiodoxaXos Tffe dyy*"")? yXi>am\<;. The living 
teacher of English. By George C. Divry. Neo AnMj u£©ooo? rife 
iyyhkff; fivev SioaoxiXov. "Exoooi? tqIxt\. New York, D. C. 
Divry, 1946. 

144 p. 23- 

© additions, 10Augl4.6; author, New 
York; A7206. 

Dix, Irving Sidney. 

The quiet life, and other verses by Irving Sidney Dix. 
Honesdale, Pa., Citizen publishing company [1945] 

xxl, 228 p. 19J-. 

© 15Sepi}.5; author, Honesdale, Pa; 

Dixon, Franklin W 

... The secret panel, by Franklin W. Dixon, illustrated by 
Russell H. Tandy. New York, Grosset & Dunlap ( 1946] 
vt p., 1 L, 212 p. lnd. front 19 s ". (Hit Hardy boys mystery stories) 

© l5Janlj.6; Grosset & Dunlap, inc.; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Doane, Clarence Eugene, 1874- 

... A workable Christianity, by Clarence Eugene Doane ... 
[Long Beach, Calif., 1946] 

2 p. 1., 7-174 p. Illus. (IncLport.) dlagrs. 22J-. 

© UulL.6; author. Long B»aoh, C*lif.; A 5*493. 

Doane, Pelagie, 1906- Ulw. 

Animals here and there, illustrated by Pelagie Doane. Gar- 
den City, N. Y., Garden City publishing co., inc. t 1945] 

[48ip. ilius. (part col.) 28x21". 

© 26Novi|5; Duenewald printing corp.. 
New York; Ao5« 

Doane, Pelagie, 1906- 

A small child's Bible, by Pelagie Doane. New York, Oxford 
university press, 1946. 

» 142, ,1, p. col. Hlus. 27- 

1. Bible stories. English. I. Title. 

BS551.D55 220.95 47-520 

© 4Nov46 ; Oxford university press, New York, inc. ; A9113. 

Doat, Jan. 

... Architecture et decors de theatre. Maquettes de Carlotti, 
Jacques Meunier et Ratignier. Preface de Raymond Cogniat. 
Grenoble, Les Editions franchises nouvelles, 1943. 

56 p. illus. 21-. 

1. Theaters — Construction. 2. Theaters — Stage-setting and scenery. 
x. Title. 

NA6821.D6 725.82 47-34600 

© 30Dec43; lc 9Aug46; Editions Bordas, Paris; AF1993. 

Doat, Jan. 

... L'expression corporelle du comedien. 1&. ed., corr. et 
augm. Couverture de Carlotti. Dessins originaux et repro- 
ductions de Rene Forest. Grenoble, Les Editions franchises 
nouvelles, Bordas freres [1944] 

72 p. illus. 19-. 

"Table des matieres" : p. [3] of cover. 

"Blbliographle" : p. [71]-72. 

1. Expression. 2. Gesture. i. Title. 

PN4165.D6 1944 808.5 47-19364 

© 30Dec44; lc 9Aug46; Editions Bordas, Paris; AF1866. 

Dobbs, Rose. 

The discontented village, by Rose Dobbs ... illustrated by 
Beatrice Tobias. New York, Coward-McCann, inc. t 1946] 

[31, p. illus. 21- 

© 6Sepij.6; author, New York; A82ip.. 

Documents of surrender, world war n. [Vancouver, B. C, 
Victory publishers, 1946) 

cover-title, [16| p. illus. (ports.) 28ix22~. 
Facsimile reproductions. 

Compiled by M.E. Nuttall. 
Pub. 15FebIi.6; lc lOAprl+,6; publisher; 
AI 21^3. 

Dodd, Charles Harold, 1884- 

The Bible to-day, by C. H. Dodd ... Cambridge [Eng.j The 
University press, 1946. 

ix, 168 p. 19 j- 

" 'Open lectures' given under the auspices of the Divinity faculty of 
the University of Cambridge. " — Pref. 

1. Bible — Criticism, interpretation, etc. I. Title. 

BS511.D568 1946 220.7 47-16905 

Pub. 250ct46 ; lc 18Dec46 ; Macmillan co., New York ; AI 600. 

Dodd, Charles Harold, 1884- 
The Johannine epistles, by C. H. Dodd ... London, Hodder 

and Stoughton limited ,1946) 

Ixxi, 168 p. 23-. (Half-title: The Moffatt New Testament com- 

"First published June 1946." 

1. Bible. N. T. Epistles of John — Commentaries, i. Title. 
BS2341.M6 vol.19 (225.7) 227.94 47-15084 

Pub. 19Aug46; lc 50ct46; author, Cambridge, Eng.; AI484. 

Dodd, Ida Mae, I876- 

In lyric lay. [Centreville, Md., 
Printed by Queen Anne's pub. co., 


lj?., 110, Ik) P. 22 l/2 cm . 

Poems . 

© ll.layij.6; author, Centreville, Md.; 


Dodds, Gideon Stanhope, 1880- 

The essentials of human embryology ( by] Gideon S. Dodds ... 
3d ed. New York, J. Wiley & sons, inc. ; London, Chapman & 
Hall, limited r 1946j 

xii, 314 p. illus., diagrs. 22'™. 

© 7Feb46; author, Morgantown, W. Va.; 

Doderet, Andre. 

... A quoi revent les vieilles filles, roman. [Avignon] E. 
Aubanel [1944] \. 

2 p. 1., 7-227, jlj p., 1 1. 18i- 

2> JOJecqij-; lc 2yAugij.5; Edouard Aubanel: 


Dodge, Constance (Woodbury) 1896- 

In Adam's fall, a novel [byj Constance W. Dodge ... Phila- 
delphia, Macrae-Smith-company, 1946. 

494 p. 21- 

© lij.Octlj.6; 2c 22Sepi4.6; author, Ham- 
den, Conn.; AO678. 

Dodge, Mary (Mapes) 1838-1905. 

Hans Brinker ; or, The silver skates ; a story of life in Hol- 
land, by Mary Mapes Dodge, illustrated by Cyrus Leroy Bald- 
ridge ... New York, Grosset & Dunlap [1945j 

xv p., 1 1., 289 p. col. front, illus., col. plates. 20i". (Illustrated 
junior library) 

Popular edition. 
© illus., 15Novl|5; 2c 12Deci4.5; 
Grosset & Dunlap, inc.; A58I. 

Dodge, Mary (Mapes) 1838-1905. 

Hans Brinker; or, The silver skates; a story of life in Hol- 
land, by Mary Mapes Dodge, illustrated by Cyrus Leroy Bald- 
ridge ... New York, Grosset & Dunlap 1 1945] 

xiv, 314 p. col. front., Illus., col. plates. 23i" . (Illustrated junior 

Issued also with marginal Illustrations. 

Special edition. 

©illus., 15Novl+5; 2c 12DecU5; Grosset 
& Dunlap, inc.; A582. 

r. Baldridge, Cyrus Le Roy, 1889- illus. n. Title. 

Dodge, Mary (Mapes) 1838-1905. 

Hans Brinker,; or, The silver skates; a story of life in Hol- 
land, by Mary Mapes Dodge, illustrated by Cyrus Leroy Bald- 
ridge . . . New York, Grosset & Dunlap ( 1945j 

xiv, 314 p. col. front, illus., col. plates. 23i°". (Illustrated junior 

Issued also without the marginal illustrations. 

De luxe edition. 

©illus., 15Novl+5- 2c 12Deolj.5; Grosset 
& Dunlap, inc.; A583. 

r. Baldridge, Cyrus Le Roy, 1889- illus. 11. Title. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dodge, Mary (Mapes) 1838-1905. 

Hans Brinker ; or, The silver skates, by Mary Mapes Dodge, 
illustrated by Hilda Van Stockum; with an introduction by 
May Lamberton Becker. Cleveland and New York, The World 
publishing company [1946] 

335, [1] p. col. front.. Illus., col. plates. 22". (Half-title: Rainbow 

"First .printing April 1946." _ . , 

© Illus. and xntrod., 25Mar2j,6j pub- 
lisher, Cleveland; A4202. 

Dodge, Peggy Polsky. 

The little dog under the wagon, by Peggy Polsky Dodge. 
New York, J. Messner, inc., 1946. 

(28) p. illus. 19 1 18". 

©27SepU6j author, Neffsvllle, Pa. ; 

Dodson, Owen, 1914- 

Powerf ul long ladder, by Owen Dodson . . . New York, Far- 
rar, Straus and company, inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 103 p. 21". 


© l6Aug46; author, Brooklyn; A5275. 

Doblin, Alfred, 1878- 

... Sieger und besiegte, eine wahre geschichte. New York, 
Aurora verlag t 1946] 

109, [1, p. 22". 

©28Mari|6; publisher; A2155. 

Dicker, Rolf, 1916- 

Gabrielle, av Rolf D0cker. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co. (W. 
Nygaard) 1945. 

189 p. 20". 

1. Title. 

PT8950.D6G2 839.8236 

© 240ct45 ; lc 180ct46 ; publisher ; AF5054. 


Dogbolt, Barnaby, pseud . 

Eve's second apple, by Barnaby Dogbolt. New York, E. P. 
Dutton and company, inc., 1946. 

318 p. 21". 

"First edition." 

© 19Augi).6; 2c IJUU4.6; publisher; A5535, 

Dognon, Andre" du, vicomte 
see Du Dognon, Andre*, vicomte, 1910- 

Dogs in the news, compiled by Dear Dog 
lady. [191+6] 

New York, The Paebar company [I9I4.6] 
1 v. 22 cm . 

© ii^prJ+6; publisher; A276J4.. 

Dohr, James Lewis, 1892- 

Cost accounting, principles and practice, with practice prob- 
lems, by James L. Dohr . . . t andj Howell A. Inghram ... 3d ed. 
... New York, The Ronald press company [1946j 

2 p. 1., lll-x, 752 p. lncl. forms, diagrs. 24". (University accounting 

"References" at end of most of the chapters. 
©26Aug46; publisher; *3816. 

Dolbier, Maurice. 

The Magic shop, by Maurice Dolbier, illustrated by Fritz 
Eichenberg. New York, Random house t 1946] 

3 p. 1., [3i-74, [1] p. col. illus. 22". 

© 10Julk6; 2c 23JU11I4.6; Random house, 
Inc.; Al;8b0. 

Dplivet, Louis, 1908- 

The United nations ; a handbook on the new world organiza- 
tion, by Louis Dolivet; preface by Trygve Lie. New York, 
Farrar, Straus and company, 1946. 

152 p. diagrs. (1 double) 21". 

© 23Sepk6; author, Old Westbury, New 
York; A6020. 

Doll, William, 1897- 

You can make a speech, by William Doll . . . Rev. printing. 
New York, The Ronald press company ( 1946] 

xii, 250 (i. e. 254) p. 21". 

Includes extra numbered pages 181a-181d. 

Appendix (p. [125]-246) Includes speeches by Bruce Barton, Dorothy 
Thompson, Dr. Rock Sleyster and others. 

© 23 Maylj-6; publisher; A3196. 

Dolli Tingle, pseud . 
see Brackett, Esther M. 

Dolloff, Eugene Dinsmore. 

A crowded church, through modern methods, by Eugene 
Dinsmore DollolT ... New York, London [etc.] Fleming H. 
Revell company [1946) 

147 p. lncl. forms. 19™. 

1. Church work. 2. Church attendance. I, Title. 

BVC52.D57 250 

© 10Nov46 ; publisher, New York ; A7394. 


Dolman, John, 1888- 

The art of play production. Rev. ed. By John Dolman, jr. 
. . . New York and London, Harper & brothers [1946] 

xix p., 1 1.. 421 p. illus., plates (1 col.) facsims., diagrs. 24". 
Bibliography : p. 383-391. 

© 10Juli|.6; publisher, New York; Alj.824. 

Dolorita, sister. 

Wisdom for welfare ..; [by, Sister M. Dolorita, a. s. n. d. 
Milwaukee, The Bruce publishing company ( 1946] 

72 p. 22". 

© lI).Mayi4.6; publisher; A3OO6. 

Dolson, Hildegarde. 

We shook the family tree, by Hildegarde Dolson. New 
York, Random house [1946] 

5 p. 1., 3-199 p. illus. 21". 

"First printing." 

© 10Mayl(.6; author, New York; A3030. 

Domestic engineering catalog directory 
and Air conditioning blue book. 
Plumbing, heating, refrigerating, 
insulating, I9I4.6-I+7. 23rd ed. 
Chicago, Domestic engineering co., 
1 v. illus., diagrs. 29cm. 

©l4tfovl|.6; publisher; A7259. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Domestic engineering company. 

Air conditioning manual; the funda- 
mental theories and basic reference 
data necessary to the practice of air 
conditioning have been compiled and 
presented in a manner designed to be 
of moat use to all engaged in thie 
field. [2d ed.] Chicago, Domestio 
engineering oompany [19^53 

256 p^ illua. 28 1/2 cm. 
"Copyright 1937." 

Pub. 220c tl+5; 2c 28Janlj.6; publisher; 


Donahue, Ralph James, 1897- 

Ready on the right; a true story of a naturalist-seabee on 
the islands of Kodiak, Unalaska, Adak, Tanaga, Oahu, Eni- 
wetok, Guam, MogMog (Ulithi) and Okinawa. By Ralph J. 
Donahue ... Kansas City [Kan., Smith printing company 

, 2 p. I., 7-194, [l»i p. plates, potts., map. 21". 

Map on llnlng-papers. , _ , . 

1 World war, 1939-1945— Personal narratives, American. 2. World 
war 1989-1945— Registers, lists etc. 3. World war, 1939-1945— Pacific 
ocean 4 TJ S. Navy. Constriction battalions. i. Title. 

D8U.D63 940.542 , 46-8537 

© 18Nov46 ; author^Kansas City, Mo. ; A8768. 
Donaldson, Lois, 1898— 

Smoky, the lively locomotive; story by Lois Donaldson, pic- 
tures by Wilhelm Schulz. Chicago, 111., A. Whitman & com- 
pany, 1945. [!•£.. 19U6J 

(33) p. coL lUus. 191x211- 

"Slxth printing, revised September* 1945." 

© lllJuniio; publisher; A4527. 
DonateUo, i. e. Donate di Niccojd di Betto Bardi, 1386 (oo.)- 


... DonateUo, con cinquantasei tavole. 2. ed. [Roma] Tum- 
minelli [1943, 

2 p. 1., 3-23 p., 1 1. lllus., 56 pi. on 28 1. 24". (Balf-title: Quadernl 
d'arte, a'cura dl Bmlllo Cecchl. 2) 

At head of title : Emlllo Cecchl. 
"Blbllografla sommarla" : p. 23. 

1. Cecchl, Emlllo, 1884- 

NB623.D7C4 [927.3] 734 47-34880 

© 15Apr 43; lc 9Nov45; Calogero Tumminelli; AF2171. 
DonateUo, i. e. Donate di Niccolo di Betto Bardi, 1386 (ca.)- 


... Donatello; introduction de Francois Gebelin. [Pans, 

,8, p. lllus- xt, pi. (1 double) on 20 1. 36". (EncydopSdle Alplna 
Ulustrte. (23)) 

©lOOctltf; lc 6Mart|6; Alpina, Paris; 
Dondo, Mathurin Marius, 1884- 

French for the modern world, by Mathurin Dondo ... & Mor- 
ris Brenman ... Drawings by Erik Nitsche. New York, Chi- 
cago, Harcourt, Brace and company [1946] 

rvl, 879 p. illua. (Incl. maps) plates, ports. 201". 

Includes music (unaccompanied melodies) 

© 2Janlj.6; Harcourt, Brace & oo., inc. 


Doner, Mary Frances. 

Blue river [byj Mary Frances Doner. Garden City, New 
York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 
6 p. I, 3-274 p. 20J-. 
"Flrst edition." 

© 6JU11I4.6; author, Boston; AJ+ij-50* 

Donn, William L 

Meteorology, with marine applications, by William L. Donn 
... 1st ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, 
inc., 1946. 

xv, 465 p. Incl. front, lllus. (part col.) charts, forms, dicgrs. 23*". 

Bibliography : p. 421-422. "Correlated list of visual aids" : p. 453-456. 

© l6Mayl4.6; author, Brooklyn; AJ4.607. 


Donne, John, 1578-1631. 

A sermon preached at Lincoln's inn by John Donne on the 
ninth verse of Psalm xxxvm, "Lord, all my desire is before 
thee, and my groaning is not hid from thee." Edited, with in- 
troduction and notes, by George Reuben Potter ... jStanford 
University, Calif., Stanford university press ; London, G. Cum- 
ber ledge, Oxford university press ( 1946j 

vil, 71 p. 231". 

"A printing based upon the text of the manuscript numbered 'Nor 
4506' In the Library of Harvard university." 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 25Janl(.6; Board of trustees of 
the Leland Stanford junior university, 
Stanford University, Calif.: A10J5. 

Donnelly, Edward Lawrence. 

President of the United States and the war and victory 
Senate. Donnelly's "Who's who." Copyright by Maj. Ed- 
ward L. Donnelly. Boston, Mass., 1946. 

208 p. Illua. (Incl. ports.) 20}-. 

Cover-tltle: Who's who of the United States Senate. 

© lMayi(.6; author, Boston; A3 217 • 

Donner, Olive Cushlng (Dwinell) 
see Dwinell, Olive Cushing. 

Donovan, Ellen Josephine 
see Margaret Patrice, sister , 1900- 

Donovan, Frank Pierce, 1909- ed. 

Headlights and markers; an anthology of railroad stories, 
edited by Frank P. Donovan, jr., and Robert Selph Henry. 
New York, Creative age press, inc. (1946) 

xii, 406 p. 21". 

© 17Janl4.6; publisher; Aj8o. 

Dooley, Roger Burke, 1921- 

Less than the angels, by Roger B. Dooley. Milwaukee, The 
Bruce publishing company t 1946j 

4 p. V., 261 p. 20-. 

r. Title. 


© 40ct46 ; Roger B. Dooley, Buffalo ; A6032. 


Doran's minis tor's manual 
saa Tha Minister's manual (Doran's) 

Dorcy, Mary Jean, sister, 1914- 

Hunters of souls: Dominican saints and blessed [byj Sister 
Mary Jean Dorcy, o. p. Milwaukee, The Bruce publishing 
company t 1946] 

112 p. Incl. front., lllus. 23}-. 

Bibliography : p. 111-112. 

Contents. — Saint Dominic. — Saint Peter, martyr of Verona. — Saint 
Hyacinth of Poland— Blessed Zedlslava of Bohemia. — Saint Raymond' of 
Pennafort. — Saint Margaret of Hungary. — Blessed James of Voraglne. — 
Blessed Albert of Bergamo. — Blessed Catherine of Racconlgl. — Blessed 
Sadoc and martyrs of Sandomlr. 

1. Dominicans— Biog. I. Title. 

BX3555.D6 922.2 46-7914 

© 220ct46; publisher; A6795. 

Dorf , Elena Wladimirowna. 

... Russisch, schnell und praktisch; leitfaden der russischen 
sprache; kurzgefasste grammatik mit vielen beispielen und 
iibungen, mit liedern, gedichten und lesestiicken aus der litera- 
tur. Zurich, Orell Ftissli ,1945, 

104 p. lllus. 21- 

"Lieder" (with unaccompanied melodies) : p. 102-104. 

1. Russian language — Text-books for foreigners — Germans. 
i. Title. 

PG2129.G4D6 491.78243 47-16926 

© 29Aug45 ; publisher ; AF1737. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dorfman, Joseph, 1905- 

The economic mind in American civilization, 1606-1865, by 
Joseph Dorfman . . . New York, The Viking press, 1946. 

2v. tor. 

Paged continuously. 

■•Bibliographic notes" at end of each volume. 

© lli-Janli.6; author, New York; A395. 

Doring, Paul. 

The home book of money-saving formulas, by Paul Doling 
. . . Philadelphia, The Blakiston company ( 1946j 
▼ill, 440 p. 21". (The New home library) 

© 3Junl+6; publisher; aWj-7* 

Doriot, Jacques, 1898-1945. 

... Le mouvement et les hommes. Paris, Les Editions de 
France [1942, 

2 p. l., 59, (lj p. 18-. 

© 100ct42; lc 29Au*45; publisher; AF 896. 

Dorival, Bernard. 

Du cote de Port- Royal, par Bernard Dorival. t Paris, Galli- 
mard [1946, 

4 p. 1., 11-182, [I, p., 3 L 19-. 

1. Racine, Jean Baptlste, 1639-1699. 2. Port Royal. i. Title. 
PQ1904.D6 842.45 47-1638? 

© 15Apr4G ; Librairie Gallimard ; AF2063. 

Dorival, Bernard. 

... Les Stapes de la peinture fran- 
caise contemporaine . t. 3- Depuis le 
cubisme, I9H-I9J4I4.. [Paris] Gallimard 


1 v. 20 1/2™. 

"Notice bibliographique" : p. [325 J" 

© 8Aprij.6; Librairie Gallimard; 

Dorjahn, Alfred Paul, 1894- 

... Political forgiveness in old Athens; the amnesty of 403 
b. c, by Alfred P. Dorjahn ... Evanston, Northwestern uni- 
versity, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 56 p. 23 j". (Northwestern university studies in the humani- 
ties, no. 13) 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© lMarlj.6; publisher; Alit77. 

Dorland, William Alexander Newman, 1864- ed. 

American pocket medical dictionary, containing the pronun- 
ciation and definition of all the principal terms used in medi- 
cine, surgery, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, and kin- 
dred sciences; with over 60 extensive tables. Edited by W. A. 
Newman Dorland ... 18th ed. Philadelphia and London, 
W. B. Saunders company, 1946. 

1 p. 1., 5-1061 p. 164- 

© fl llApri|.6; publisher, Philadelphia; 

D'Orliac, Jehanno 
see Orliac» Jehanne d» 

Dormdndi, Laszl6, I898- 

... Fievre tropicale; roman traduit 
du hongrois par Andre 1 Serres et Victor 
Moremans. Li6ge [etc.] Marechal [ I9W4- 3 

221 p. 19 1/2™. 

© 30Deci4j.: lc 2Mayi4.6; publisher; 
Paris; AF1018. 

Doronzo, Emmanuel. 

Tractatus dogmaticus de sacramentis in genere, Emmanuel 
Doronzo ... Milwaukee, ex typographia Bruce [1946, 
xvlil, 595 p. 23J". 
Includes bibliographies. 

© 29Mayl+6; Bruce publishing co.j A3275. 
Dorosh, Harry, 1897- 

Russian constitutionalism, by Harry Dorosh ... New York, 
Exposition press [1944, 

A p. 1., 5-127 p. 19-. 

© 20JU11+II.; 2c 30Novi|l|.; author, 
Old Forge, Pa.; AI72. 

Dorson, Richard Mercer, 1916- 

Jonathan draws the long bow, by Richard M. Dorson. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Harvard university press, 1946. 

Till p., 2 1., [3j-274 p. front. 21*-. 

Blbliographical foot-notes. "Note on the printed sources for New 
England folktales" : p. 261-263. 

© 1Aupt46; President and fellows of Harvard 
collee-e, Cambridge, Mass.; A5450. 

Dos Passos, John, 1896- 

... La grosse galette (Big money) roman, traduit de l'anglais 
par Charles de Richter. ( Paris, Gallimard [1946, 

2 p. l., [7J-595 p., 1 1. 19-. 

i. Richter, Charles de, tr. n. Title. 

[Full name: John Roderlgo Dos Passos, 
PS3507.O743B52 813.5 47-19733 

© 2Mar46 ; Librairie Gallimard ; AF1586. 

Dos Passos, John, 1896- 

... Tour of duty. Decorations by Howard Baer. Boston, 
Houghton Mifflin company, 1946. 

4 p. I., 3-336 p. lllus. 21J-. 

(0/ 2QAugij.6; 2c 31Julij.6; author, Province- 
town, L.'ass.; A5985. 

Dos Passos, John, 1896- - , 

U. S. A. ... by John Dos Passos, illustrated by Reginald 
Marsh. Boston, Houghton Mifflin company, 1946. 

3 v. illus. 24- 

"Bound edition of the first printing ... limited to three hundred and 
slxty-flve ... sets autographed by the author and the artist, of which three 
hundred and fifty are numbered and fotsale. „... Number Copyright^ 
copy." A ft ciZg9&2»-». 'lYLZfj^ y *. ctr. OtfC^T 

© illus., 26Nov4C ; author, Provincetown, Masj ; A9231. ' 

Dostoevski!, Fedor MikhaOovich, 1821-1881. 

... The brothers Karamazov, translated by Contance Gar- 
nett, illustrated by William Sharp. ( New York, The Illus- 
trated modern library [1945, 

xii, 939, |1, p., 1 1. illus., plates (part double; part coL) 19". 

At head of title : Fyodor Dostoyevsky. 

©illus., 10otl|5; 2c 25Apr^6; Random 
house, inc., New York; A2601. 

Dostoevskii, Fedor Mikhallovich, 1821-1881. 

Crime and punishment [by, Fyodor Dostoyevsky ; translated 
from the Russian by Constance Gannett, illustrated by Philip 
Reisman ... ( New York, A. S. Barnes & co., inc., 1945, 

3 p. 1., 3-531 (». e. 543), ( 1] p., 1 1. col. front., plates (part col.) 19-. 
(The Illustrated modern library) 

©illus., 10ctl|5; lc 7Novli5; lc llFeblj.6; 
Random house, inc., New York; A9i|8. 

Dostoevskii, Fedor MikhaOovich, 1821-1881. 

The short novels of Dostoevsky, with an introduction by 
Thomas Mann . . . New York, Dial press, 1945. 

xx, 811 p. 22-. 

"A Permanent library book." 

Contents. — The gambler. — Notes from underground. — Uncle's dream. — 
The eternal husband.— The double. — The friend of the family. 

©introd., 3Decl;5; 2c 13Decit5; publish- 
er; A103. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dostoevski!. Fedor Mikhaltovich, 1821-1881. 

The short stories of Dostoevsky, edited, with an introduction, 
by William Phillips. New York, The Dial press, 1946. 

xi, 614 p. 22-. 

On spine : A Permanent library book. 
"Translated by Constance Garnett." 

i. Phillips, William, 1907- 
1862- tr. 

ed. n. Garnett, Constance (Black) 

PZ3.D742Si 891.73 

© 2Dec46 ; Dial press, inc. ; A8881. 

Doubleday and company, inc. 

Doubleday, the story of a combined operation in book pub- 
lishing. Garden City, New York, Doubleday, Doran & com- 
pany, inc., 1945. 

57, (1) p. lncl. front, lllus. 28 x 21*". 

30ctli5; 2c 12Junlj.6; author, New York 

Douel, Jean. 

... Essai de pedagologie musicale; principes techniques d'une 
pedagogie generate de la musique. Paris, Gallet & fils c 1944] 

73, |2, p. 26J x 22i". 

"Ouvrages a consulter" at end of some of the chapters. 

© 3QSepl4j.; lc 5Mari|6; publisher; 

Dougherty, Joseph Mary, 1896- 

A textbook of bacteriology and immunology, by Joseph M. 
Dougherty ... and Anthony J. Lamberti ... with 102 illustra- 
tions. St. Louis, The C. V. Mosby company, 1946. 

360 p. illus., diagrs. 25-. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 27Febij.6; publisher; A298I. 

Dougherty, Merrell Chester, 1910- 

Unsung, by Merrell C. Dougherty. Boston, The Christopher 
publishing house t 1946] 

2 p. I., vil-x, 11-66 p. 20". 

© ll^uglj.6; author, Loa Angeles j A3766. 

Dougherty, Norbert F 

Leadership for tomorrow, by Norbert F. Dougherty. New 
York, House of Field-Doubteday, inc. [1945] 
183 p. 20J-. 

©l80ctl).5; 2c 10Sepi|5; author, Tiffin, 
0.; A2l|8. 

Douglas, Lloyd Cassel, 1877- 

... Les barinieres planches; roinan traduit de l'anglais par 
Claude Moleyne. Geneve, J. H. Jeheber [1943, 

3 p. 1., ( &]-3H, il, p. 19-. 

At head of title : Lloyd C. Douglas. 

© 15Sepi+3; lc 2kFebk&; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, 3. a.; AFl7l+\l« 

Douglas, Lloyd Cassel, 1877- 

... Le miracle de Pygmalion, roman; traduction de Claude 
Moleyne. Geneve, J. H. Jeheber ( 1942] 
3 p. 1., [9j-264 p. 19-. 

At head of title : Lloyd C. Douglas. 

"Cet ouvTage a et6 public en langue anglalse sous le tltre: Invitation 
to live." 

1. Moleyne, Claude, tr. n. Title. 

PS3507.O7573 1 53 813.5 47-36222 

© 10ct42; lc 6Nov46; Edition Jean-Henri Jeheber, s. a.: 

Douglas, Lloyd Cassel, 1877- 

... L'obsession magnifique; roman traduit de l'anglais par 
Claude Moleyne. (4. id.) Geneve, J. H. Jeheber ,1940, 

3 p. 1., ( 9]-276 p., 1 1. 19-. 

At head of title : Lloyd-C. Douglas. 

© 220ct^0; lc 2l*Febl^6; fidition J. H. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AF171+2. 

Douglas, Lloyd Cassel, 1877- 

... Le passage dispute, roman traduit de l'anglais par Claude 
Moleyne. Geneve, J. H. Jeheber ( 1945] 

2 p. 1., [7,-273, ,1, p. 19-. 

At head of title : Lloyd C. Douglas. 
"Copyright 1941." 

1. Moleyne, Claude, tr. n. Title. 

PS3507.O7573D53 813.5 47-19361 

© 1Nov41; lc 240ct46; Edition Jean-Henri Jeheber, s. a.; 

Douglas, Lloyd Cassel, 1877- 

... Le signal vert; roman traduit de l'anglais par Claude 
Moleyne. (3. ed.) Geneve, J. H. Jeheber [1941, 

286 p., 11. 19-. 

At head of title : Lloyd C. Douglas. 

© 21junJa; lc 2l+Feblj.6; Edition J. H. 
Jeheber, 3. a.; AFl7li-7. 

Douglas, Lloyd Cassel, 1877- 

... La tunique; roman adapte de l'anglais par Claude Mo- 
leyne. Geneve, J. H. Jeheber [1945] 

3 p. 1., ( 9|-466 p., 1 1. 19-. 

At head of title : Lloyd C. Douglas. 

© 6MarU5; lc 2i|Febl4.6; gdition J. H. 
jeheber, s.a.; AFI7IJ.6. 

Douglas, Robert Langton, 1864- 

Piero di Cosimo, by E. Langton Douglas. Chicago, Univer- 
sity of Chicago press [1946, 

xv, 142 p., 1 1. lxxxvu pi. (lncl. front.) on 44 1. 25". 
Bibliography : p. 131-136. 

©25Feblj.6; University of Chicago cress, 
Chicago; A1800. 

Douglas-Irvine, Helen. 

Torchlight procession, by Helen Douglas Irvine. London, 
New York [etc., Longmans, Green and co. rl945, 
192 p. 19-. 
"First published 1945." 

Pub. 3Deci^5; lc 5Febif6; author, London; 
AI 81. 

Douglas-Irvine, Helen.* 

Torchlight procession c by, Helen Douglas Irvine. Garden 
City, New York,- Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1., [7)-217 p. 20$-. 

"First [American] edition." 
Pub. l+MarJ+6; author, London; A221+8. 
Prev. reg. AI 81. 

Doukas, Kimon Apostolus, 1903- 

The French railroads and the state, by Kimon A. Doukas ... 
New York, Columbia university press ; London, P. S. King & 
Stapjes, ltd., 1945. 

287 p. incl. tables. 23-. (Half-title: Studies in history, economics 
and public law, ed. by the Faculty of political science of Columbia uni- 
versity. No. 517) 

Issued also as thesis (PH.D.) 
Columbia university. 

© 2i4.Decl4-5; 2c 28Declj.5; Columbia 
university press, New York; Al8. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Doumenc, Joseph Edouard Aime. 

.'. . Le memorial de la terre de 
France; contribution a l'histoire 
militaire de nos provinces. Savoie, 
Dauphine, Provence. Grenoble, Paris, 
B. Arthaud- [I9J4J4.] 

2 v. illus. 20 cra . 

"Bibliographie": p. [62U-625. 

© 30Deci|li; lc ea. 300ctij.5; publisher, 
Grenoble; AFq.5* 

Dow chemical company. Physical research laboratory. 

Table of vapor pressure — temperature charts; a reference 
volume for reading directly the boiling point corresponding to 
the pressures generally used in vacuum distillation for seven- 
teen families of organic chemicul compounds. Compiled from 
Cox charts, by R. R. Dreisbach. 2d ed. Midland, Mich., Physi- 
cal research laboratory of the Dow chemical company, 1946. 

lv. diagrs. 28* x 23i". 

Reproduced from type-written copy. 

© 25Aprij.6j Dow chemical co., 
Midland, Mich.; A3095. 

Dowdey, Clifford, 1904- • 

Experiment in rebellion, by Clifford Dowdey. Garden City, 
N. Y., Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

xxl p., 1 1., 455 p. illus. (maps) plates, ports. 23 J™. 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 436-442. 

2. Richmond— Hist.— -Civil 

1. Confederate States of America — Hist 
war. 3. U. S — Hist.— Civil war. i. Title. 

E487.D6 973.7 

© 27Nov46; 2c 15Nov4t>; author, Richmond; A8739 
Downey, Fairfax Davis, 1893- 

Cavalry mount, by Fairfax Downey, illustrated by Paul 
Brown. New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

6 p. 1., 227 p. illus. (incl. music) 21°". 

1. Indians of North America — Wars— 1866-1895 — Fiction. 2. Texas— 
Hist.— Fiction. i. Title. 

PZ7.D7588Cav 47-574 

© HNov46; author, New York; A9222. 
Downey, Fairfax Davis, 1893- comp. 

Laughing verse, collected by Fairfax Downey. New York, 
Thomas Y. Crowell company [1946, 

x, 86 p. 194"". (On cover: Half-hour classics) 

1. English poetry (Collections) 2. American poetry (Collections) 
3. English wit and humor. 4. American wit and humor. i. Title. 

PN610.H8D6 808.87 47-149 

© 3lOct46; publisher; A8825. 
Downing, Edward Collins, 1862- 

Stairways of the years ( by, Edward Collins Downing ... 
Minneapolis, The Lund press, inc., 1946. 

127 p. 22-. 


© 19Augli£; author, St. Paul; A3872. 
Doyle, Adrian Conan. 

The true Conan Doyle, by Adrian Conan Doyle. New York, 
N. Y., Coward-McCann, inc. ( 1946] 

2 p. L, 3-80 p. lnct front, illus, (ports.) 21- 

First published In England In 1945. 

1. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, 1859-1930. i. Title. 

PR4623.D6 1946 928.2 46-8340 

© 4Nov46; author, Mynstead, Lyndhurst, Eng.; A8311. 

[Drago, Harry Sinclair] 1888- 

Outlaw on horseback [by. Will Ermine tpseud.j Garden 
City, N. Y., Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

4 p. 1., 184 p. 19J-. 

On spine: A Double D western. 

"Appeared serially In Double action western under the title of Guns 
along the Cimarron." 

© 22Augl4.6; 2c ?Augi4.6; publisher, New 
York; A5832. 

(Drago, Harry Sinclair, 1888- 

The phantom corral, by Bliss Lomax ^sevd.y ... New York, 
Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 212 p. 19". 

"A Silver star western." 

© 22Aprij.6; Dodd, Mead & co., inc.; 

Drake, Rollen H 

Aircraft woodwork, by Colonel Rollen H. Drake ... New 
York, The Macmillan company, 1946. 

lx p., 1 1., 197 p. front, illus. (incl. plans) diagrs. 24- (On cover: 
Drake's aircraft mechanic series) 

(§) 17Sepl46; publisher; A5892. 

Draper, Elizabeth Fowler. 

Widow woman, by Elizabeth Fowler Draper; sketches by 
Gene Woods. San Antonio, Tex., The Bibb publishing com- 
pany [1946, 

126 p. illus. 20J-. 

1. Title. 

PS3507.R425W6 817.5 47-16415 

© 2Dec46 ; author, San Antonio; A7319. 

Draper, Mabel (Hob son) 

Though long the trail t by, Mabel Hobson Draper. New 
York, Toronto, Rinehart & company, incorporated ,1946, 

xil, 313 p. front (port) 21J-. 

Based on the experiences of the author's mother. 

©l8juli|6; 2a ll; Juni+6 ; ; author, Joplin, 
Mo.; A5026. 

Draper, Theodore, 1912- 

The 84th infantry division in the battle of Germany, Novem- 
ber 1944-May 1945, by Lt. Theodore Draper. Maps and draw- 
ings by Sgt. Walter H. Chapman, foreword by Major General 
A, R. Boiling. New York, The Viking press, 1946. 

xiv, ,4,, 260 p. illus., plates (part fold., part col.) ports., maps (part 
fold.) 26". 

"First published ... In May 1946." 

© 19Juli|.6; publisher; A5170. 

Drayton, Charles D 

Transportation under two masters; devitalizing vital agen- 
cies, by Charles D. Drayton ; foreword by Bernard M. Baruch 
... Washington, D. C, National law book company [1946, 

xii, 210, [2] p. 21- (Scotus series) 

"Deals with ... the apparent conflict between the Sherman antitrust 
act as administered by the Department of Justice, and the Interstate 
commerce act, as administered by the Interstate commerce commission, 
in their application to the transportation agenclei of the country " — fore- 

© 2Aprij.6; author, Washington, D.C. • A2379. 

Dreifuss, Jerome. 

Furlough from heaven, a novel by Jerome Dreifuss. New 
York, Crown publishers, 1946. 
4 p. 1., 254 p. 20J-. 

"About a visit Leonardo da Vinci paid to New York city on a Wednes- 
day, Thursday and Friday in June of 1941." 

© llFebii.6; 2c 9Janlj.6; author, New York; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dreikurs, Rudolf, 1897- 

The challenge of marriage, by Rudolf Dreikurs ... New 
York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce ( 1946j 

i. 271 p. 21- 

1. Marriage. £ Title. 

HQ728.D68 392.5 46-8048 

© 250ct46; author, Chicago; A8195. 

Dreis & Krump manufacturing company. 

Forming press dies [and their uses] 
Chicago, Drels & Krump manufacturing 
company, r 

127 P. 

C 1945. 

21 cir *. 

©6Peb45; 2c 21Jan46; publisher; Al^. 

Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945. 

... An American tragedy. Introduction by H. L. Mencken, 
Memorial ed. ... Cleveland and New York, The World pub- 
lishing company [1946] 

3 p. I.,lx-xvl,43l409p. 21i". 
"First printing.'' 

©introd*, 25Marlj.6; publisher, Cleve- 
land; AJ+086. 

Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945. 

...The bulwark, a novel. Garden City, New York, Double- 
day « company inc., 1946. 

vlll.837p. 22J-. 
"Firet edition." 

© 2lMarl4.6; publisher; A2109. 

Dreisoerner, Charles. 

The psychology of liturgical music, by Charles Dreisoerner 
. . . Kirkwood, Mo., Maryhurst press [ c 194 6 ] 

3 p. 1., 160 p. diagrs. 231' 
Bibliography : p. 156-160. 

© 28jsnlj.6; author, Kirkwood, Mo.; 
• A1577. 

Drekolias, Adam Themistocles, 1894- * 

The dragon of the revelation, the tragedy of mankind, by 
Adam Th. Drekolias. Washington, D. C, Drekolias house. 

10 p. 1., 700 p. 23i~. 

"Flrst edition, first printing, June 28, 1946." 
"Albert H. Hlghtdn, Theodore P. Vavlltes, editors." 

© 6-28-14.6; 2c 6-28-i|.6; Washington, 
D. C; A 14.539. 

Drepperd, Carl William, 1896- * 

First reader for antique collectors, by Carl W. Drepperd. 
Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

xl p., 1 1., 274 p. lllus. ( lncl. f acslms. ) 22". 

"First edition." 
Includes bibliographies. 

©7-ll-46j 2o 7-9-46; New York, A 4975. 

Dresbach, Katharine Beverley (Githens) 
see Githens, Beverley, I9O3- 

Dresch, J 

... De la revolution francaise a la 
revolution Hitllrienne. Paris, Presses 
universitaires de Prance, 19k5. 

106 p. 23 cra . 

"l re edition." 

© 31Mayl|5; lc 300c tlj.5 ; publisher: 

Dresden, Donald W 

Le chemin de Paris; journal d'un officier americain ,par, 
major D. W. Dresden, traduit de l'anglais par E. Michel Tyl ; 
illustrations du capitaino Milton Marx. Paris, Editions du 
Myrte, 1946. *■ 

8 p. 1., [9,-230 p. lncl. plates. 10". 

Some of the articles originally published In the New York Times magn- 
slne. cf. Avant-propos. 

™,l" ^^ o r^ r ^ 930 "P 5 ~l er8onal narratives. American. 2. World 
war^ 1939-1945— Campaigns— France. 1. Tyl, Bdmond Michel, tr. n. 

D811.D68 940.542 47-16757 

© lApr46; publisher; AF2079. 

[Dresser, Davisj 1904- 

Blood on Biscayne bay, by Brett Halliday ( p.ieud. } Chicago, 
New York, Ziff-Davis publishing company ,1946] 

v,2i3p. 21- 

"A Michael Shayne mystery novel." 

On cover : Ziff-Davis fingerprint mystery. 

x. Title. 

PZ3.D816Bk 46-22596 

© 120ct46 ; Brett Halliday, New York ; A6656 / 

t Dresser, DaviS] 1904- 

... Marked for murder ... New York, Dodd, Mead & com- 
pany, 1945. 

3 p. 1., 210 p. 19- 

Author's pseud., Brett Halliday, at head of title. 

"A Red badge mystery." 

"Published In the Mystery book magazine as The vanishing blonde* " 

©IO-29-I4.5; 2c 10-27-itfj Dodd. Mead 
and company, inc., New York; A I4.86. 

Dresser, Kathleen Rollins 
see Kollins, Kathleen. 

Dreyfus-Le Foyer, Pierre, 1901- 

Les "cas limites" du traitement chirurgical de la tuberculose 
pulmonale, par D. Le Foyer et E. Delbecq, avec la collabora- 
tion du dr. Garcia- Bengochea. Preface du professeur J. Troi- 
sier. Avec 110 figures dans le texte et hors-texte. Paris, G 
Doin et c"\, 1941. 

412 p. lncl. illus., plates, diagrs. 27™. 
"Blbliographie" : p. [381)-410. 

©30Decla; lc 8Mayl;6; publisher; AF1110. 

Dreyfus-Le Foyer, Pierre, 1901- 

Pneumothorax extra-pleural et collapsus equilibre, par D Le 
Foyer et E. Delbecq. Avec 31 figures dont 20 radiographies 
hors-texte. Pans, G. Doin & c", 1943 [ j . e . 191+2] 

fn 2 ;? - , 1 ;; 'V 130 ^^' 1 '■ incl - i,,us - table s. form, diagr. plates 24" 
BourgeoIsT ^ ^^ ** ,a tube ™»<^. collection dirig^ par Pierre 

"Copyright ... I9I42." 
© 30Declj2; lc 8Mayl^6; publisher; AF 1 5 22. 

Drieu La Rochelle, Pierre, 1893-1 9I4.3. 

mard^™^ P ° litiqU6 ' 193 ^ 1942 - * ed ( Pari S] Galli- 

2 p. 1., (7,-390 p., 1 1. 20J-. 

At head of title : Drieu La Rochelle. 

© JOlhrkl; lo 300otl|5j Lihrairie Gallimard, 
Pferis; A>306. 

Drieu ^a Rochelle, Pierre, I893-I9IJ.3. 

... Merits de Jeunesse: Interroga- 
tion, Fond de cantine, Suite dans les 
idee3, Le jeune europlen. [Paris] 
Gallimard [I9I+I] 

2 p. L, [73-286 p. 19cm. 

At head of title: Drieu La Rochelle. 

© 30Declj.l; lc 300ctl;5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF290. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Drieu La Rochelle, Pierre, I893-19IJ.3. 

. .'. L'homme a cheval, roman. [Paris] 
Gallimard [I9I+3 ] 
' 2I4.3 P. 19 cm . 

At head of title: Drieu La Rochelle. 

©30DecI|-3; lc 30Cctl|5; Librairie 
Gallimard; AFI36. 

Drieu La Rochelle, Pierre, 1893-191*3 . 

... Ne plus attendre (notes a leur date) Paris, B. Grasset 

89 p., 21. 19-. 

At head of title: Drieu La Itochelje. 
"8* Edition." — p. [4] of cover. 

©15Janlil; lc I6N0VI4.5; Editions 
Bernard Grasset; AF233. 

Driggs, Howard Roscoe, 1873- 

The Master's art, an activity course in gospel teaching, by 
Howard R. Driggs. t Salt*Lake City, Deseret Sunday school 
union of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints [1946j 

xiv, 325 p. illus. 20 - . 

"General references" : p. 317-320. 

1. Religious education — Teaching methods. 2. Jesus Christ — Teach- 
ing methods. i. Title. 

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Driscoll, Charles Benedict, 1885— 

Country jake, by Charles B. Driscoll. New York, The Mac- 
millan company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 3-256 p. 22-. 

"First printing." 

The second volume In the author's Kansas trilogy, the first being 
Kansas Irish, of. Dust Jacket. 

:. Title. 

PS3507.R775Z513 92&.1 46-8481 

©19Nov46; 2c 30Oct46; author, Yonkers, N. Y.; A8373. 

Dreuin, Henri. 

... L'lle des vertus, roman. Paris,. 
A. Fleury [I9U5] 

H4.7 P. 18 1/2 cm . 

©20Sepl*5; lc 2/+Aprl+6; Editions 
Armand Fleury; AF933* 

Droz, Jacques. 

... Histoire de 1'Allemagne, par Jacques Droz ... Paris, 
Presses universitaires de France, 1945. 

135, [1] p. lllus. (maps) 17J-. ("Que sals-Je?" Le point des con- 
nalssances actuelles. (186)) 

"1™ edltlon-30 Juin 1945." 
"Bibliographie sommalre" : p. [134i-135. 

© 30Jani+5; lc lMari+6,* publisher; AF 637. 

Droze, Claire. 

... Le coffret de satin. Paris, J. 
Tallandier, [I9I+5] 

221 p. 19 cm . 

At head of title: Claire et Line 

©llJull+5; lc 300ctU5; Sociltl d'ldi- 
tions et de publications, Paris.; AF69. 

Drucaroff, Jacobo, I9O9- 

. .. Sucesivas aproxlmaciones en torno 
al esquema cientlfico para la ereccion 
de un "uni verso de laboratorio" e3bozo 
general de una "Weltanschauung" cientl- 
fica. v. 3. Buenos Aires [El Grafico, 

1 v. 20 cm . 

© v » 3* 5Aiigl|.6; author, Buenos Aires; 

Drucker, Peter Ferdinand, 1909- 

Concept of the corporation ( byj Peter F. Drucker. New 
York, The John Day company [1946] 

ix p., 1 1., 297 p. 2T*. 

©29AprU6; 2e l8Aprl|6; author, Benning- 
ton, Vt.j Ala 32. 

Drug and cosmetic .review. 7th ed.; 

Now York, Jirutf and cosmetic Indus- ■ 
try, [19I+6] c 19^5« 

1 v. 30 cm . 

© 20IIavi|6; Drug markets, inc.; Now 
York; A5063. 

Druon, Maurice. 

... La derniere brigade; roman ... Paris, B. Grasset t 1946j 

3 p. 1., A-311, (1) p. 19- ("Les Temolns," collection dlrigee par 
Francis Cremieux. [2]) 

On cover : 11" Edition. 

1. World war, 1939-1945— Fiction. i. Title. 

PQ2607.R75D4 843.91 A F 47-180 

© 10Mar46 ; Editions Bernard Grasset ; AF1365. 

Dryer, Marion M 

Snoopy gets a name ; story by Marion M. Dryer, pictures by 
Mary Gehr. Chicago, The Children's company t 1946) 
t32j p. incl. front, illus. (part coir) 26-. 

©13Seplj.6; publisher; A5896. 

Dubard, Pierre. 

... Patrouilles a la mer, Dunkerque- 
Flessingue, 1939-19+0. Prlface de 
l'amiral Le Bigot; illustrations de A. 
Nivard ... Paris,' Editions de ,1a nou- 
velle France, 19U5. 

2 P. P., [91-237* [1] P-* 2 J>. 
illus. 19 l/2 cm . (ta vie exaltante';? 

©27JUII4.5; lc 2Marl+6j author and pub- 
lisher, Paris; AF593. 

Dublin, Louis Israel, 1882— 

The money value of a man, by Louis I. Dublin . . . and Alfred 
J. Lotka ... in collaboration with Mortimer Spiegelman ... 
Rev. ed. New York, The Ronald press company [1946] 

ivll, 214 p. Incl. tables, dlagrs. 24". 

Bibliographical foot-notes. "Publications on the cost of war" : p. 21. 

1. Insurance, Life. 2. Cost and standards of living— U. S. 8. Wages — 
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Spiegelman, Mortimer, m. Title. 

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3.01] 339.3 


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2 p. L, i7 r 289 p., 1 L lllus., port* 21- 
"Bibliographic" : p. t 2S5,-286. 

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Duboc, Albert Alfred Leon, 1874- 

... Meharistes coloniaux. Illustrations de E. Moreau ... 
Paris. L. Fournier et c" ( 1946j 

2 p. 1., t7)-174 p., 1 1. plates, fold. map. 21-. (CoUection de l'Ancre) 

At head of title : General Duboc. 
On cover : 4. ed. 

1. France. Armee. Mghartates. 1. 
UA704.M4D8 357 

© 15 Apr46 ; publisher ; AF1886. 

A F 47-2585 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Da Bote, Gaylord. 

The Long Rider and the treasure of vanished men, by Gay- 
lord Du Bois, illustrated by Henry E. Vallely. Racine, Wis., 
Whitman publishing company ,1946] 

2 p. 1-0-248 p. lllus. 20i~ 

I. Title. 


© 31Aug46; publisher; A6785. 


Da Bois, John Harry, 1903- 

Plastics mold engineering; the fundamentals of plastics mold 
design and construction, by J. H. Du Bois ... and W. I. Pribble 
. . . Chicago, American technical society, 1946. 

It, [1], 494 p. IncL lllus., tables, dlagrs. col. front 21i". 
Q i_7_46; 2 c 1-27-46: Americsn technics 1 
society, Chicago; A 656. 

Dubois, Marcel, 1893- 

Einfuhrung in die unfallmedizin, unter besonderer be- 
riicksichtigung schweizerischer verhaltnisse, von dr. M. Dubois 
. . . und dr. F. Zollinger . . . Bern, H. Huber [1945] 

668 p. lllus. 25". (Added t.-p.: Sammlong medlzlnlscher lehr- mid 
handbtlcher tllr arzte und studlerende, i. bd.) 

Errata slip Inserted. 
"Llteraturangaben" : p. 654-661. 

© 29<Jun45; lc 8Janlj.6; Verlag Hans 

L Insurance, Acdaent^-Medlcal examinations. 2. Insurance, Employ- 
ers' liability— Switzerland. I. Zollinger, Fritz, 1884- joint author. 

Du Bois, Theodora (McCormick) 1890- * 

Murder strikes an atomic unit ( byj Theodora Du Bois. Gar- 
den City, New York, Pub. for the Crime club by Doubleday & 
company, inc., 1946. 

223 p. 18J-. 

"First edition." 

© 5-21-14-6; 2c 3-26-14-6; New Haven; 
A 2106. 

Dubonville, Pascal G. 

... Lettre "V" recueil historique; 
illustrations de Rpbert Mahelin. [Paris 
The author] C 1°<1|.5. 

[14.1] p. illus. Il4- cn . 

© l?Augl4.5; lc 300ctli_5; author, Paris; 

Du Bouillier, Jean, 1894- 

Outside of time; the credo of Jean du Bouillier. Santa 
Barbara, Calif., J. F. Rowny press, 1946. 

xll p. , 1 1. , 15-165 p. lncl. front. ( mounted port ) 24J*". 

© 2Mayl|.6; author, Thousand Oaks, 
Calif.; A3222. 

Dubreton, Jean Lucas- 
aee Lucas-Dubreton, Jean, 1883- 

Dubreuil, Louis Audouln- 
see Audouin-Dubreuil, Louis, lbby- 

Ducasse, Andre\ 

... Le xvii* siecle; pages choisies des recits et des memoires 
les plus curieux de ce temps, par Andre Ducasse ... Paris, 
Bordas, 1946 ,i. e. 1945, 

2 p. 1., It, 385 p., 1 1. lncl. geneal. tab. plates, ports., map, facsims. 
22i°*. ( Les Memorlallstes francals ; collection dlrlgee par Hene Laparra) 

1. France — Hist. — Louis xin, 1610-1643. 2. France — Hist. — Louis rxv, 

DC123.D76 944.032 47-19209 

© 30Dec45; lc 9Aug46; Bordas E. F. N., Paris; AF1867. 

ZlicassS, Pierre, 1905- 

... Histoire des techniques ... 
PefcPls, Presses universitaires de France, 


136 p. illus. 17 l/2 cm . (>»Que 
sais-je?" Le point des connaissances 
actuelles, [126]) 

"Note bibliographique"; p. [133]-13lj-t 

©3lJull|5; lc lMarl4.6; publisher; AF6I4.O. 

Dudin, Raymond. 

La regie a calcul, par Raymond Dudin ... Paris, Dunod, 

xll, 133, ( 6| p. dlagrs. 16J". 

© llJunl4-5; lc 300ctl4-5; publisher; AF2i4.3. 
Dudley, Dorothy, 1884- 

Dreiser and the land of the free [by, Dorothy Dudley. New 
York, The Beechhurst press t 1946j 

5 p. 1., 485 p. ports. 24". 

"Published In New York In 1932 under the title: Forgotten frontiers: 
Dreiser and the land of the free." — Pref. 

"Sources" : p. 485. 

1. Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945. 2. American literature — 20th cent. — 
Hist. & crlt. 3. American fiction— 20th cent.— Hist. A crlt. 1. Title. 

PS3507.R55Z6 1946 928.1 46-8221 

© illus. and pref., 180ct46; 2c 110ct46; Dorothy Dudley 
Harvey, New York; A8221. 

Dudley, John W 

Examination of industrial measurements, by John W. Dud- 
ley, jr. ... 1st ed. New York and London, McGraw-Hill book 
4 company, inc., 1946. 

Ix. 113 p. diagrs. 21 J~ 
"References" : p. 110. 

3. Factory man- 

irnest Flamnarion; 

1. Mathematical statistics. 2. Industrial statistics 
agement. 1. Title. 

QA276.D8 311.2 

© 16Dec46 ; publisher, New York ; A9261. 

Du Dognon, Andre, vicomte, 1910- 

... Le mal de la rue Juste, roman. Paris, E. Flammarion 

t 1945j 

210 p., 2 1. 18J™. 

© 13Jecli-5; lc 3l.:ayij_6; 

Duemnng, Enno, 1875- 

The Lutheran ministrant, by Rev. Enno Duemling . . . Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Northwestern publishing house, 1946. 
158, ( 2, p. 19J~. 

© lAugL^; publisher; A 6IO7. 

[Duenev/ald printing corporation] 

First nursery stories, illustrated 

by Florence Kent. Garden City, Garden 

City pub: co. [etc, I9I4.5] 
[I4.8] p. illus. 28 cm . 

Created and produced by Duenev/ald 
printing corporation. 

© 26Novli5; 2c 2Declj.5; Duenewald 
printing corp., New York; A63. 

Duerst, Johann Ulrich, 1876- 

Die ursachen der entstehung des kropfes (struma) und 
seiner formen bei mensch und tier mit ausblicken auf ratioiielle 
prophylaxe und heilung; deduktive und synthetisch-experi- 
mentelle studien iiber die variationen des thyreo-thymischen 
systemes der vertebraten und des menschen unter dem einfluss 
der umwelt, von dr. et dr. h. c. Joh. Ulrich Duerst ... Mit 82 
zum teil mehrfarbigen abbildungen im text und auf tafeln. 
Bern, H. Huber [1941, 

539 p. lncl. lllus. (lncl. maps) plates, dlagrs. col. pi. 25™. 

© l+Feb^l: lc 8janl4.6; Verlag Hans 
Huber; AF865. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dufau, He'lene. 

. . *■ Le tragique $t$ normand; illus- 
trations en couleurs de Francois Ganeau 
... Paris, Les ions de la nouvelle 
Prance [I9I+6] 

2 p. D., [93-203, [1] p., 2 J), incl. 
col. front., col. illus . 19 l/2 cm . 
("La Vie exaltante") 

© 10Mayl+6; publisher; AF2085. 

Dufet, Ilichel, ed . 

...Meubles ensembles decors; recueil 
de documents et de commentaires sur la 
decoration d'interieurs moderne contempo- 
raine, preface de Henri Follot. Paris, 
fiditions du Decor d'aujourd' hui [191+53 

258>[1] p. illus., 1+5 pl» 31 cm . 

"Tous les articles non signes et 
toutes les legendes sont de Michel 
Dufet." cf. p. 257.- 

©30Novl+5; lc lMarl+6; Le Dlcor 
d'aujourd" hui; AF578, 

Duffie, Don Hastings, 1880- » 

A book for us diabetics and our doctors, by Don H. Duffie ... 
5th ed. Central Lake, Mich., The author ( 1946, 

1 p. L, 5-100 p. Illus. ( Incl. facslm.) 19}-. 
Bibliography : p. 91. 

© 20Jun46; author; A5096. 

Duffield, Anne, 1895- * 

Repent at leisure, by Anne Duffield. New York, Arcadia 
house, inc., 1946. 

272 p. 191". 

©2-15-1+6; 2c 2-18-1+6; New York; 
A 3626. 

Duffield, Anne, 1895- * 

Taffy came to Cairo, by Anne Duffield ... New York, Arca- 
dia house, inc., 1945. 

256 p. 19}-. 

©10-19-14-5; 2c 10-19-1+5; New York; 
A 1113. 

Dufflocq Galdames, Adrian. 

... Text* de escritura hispano ameri- 
cano. Santiago de Chile, Imprenta.y 
litograf£a Universo, s. a., I9I4.6. 

8o P , 

illus.; 21xl7 ( 

© 20Febl+6; author, Santiago de Chile; 
AF 161+5. 

Dufourcq, Norbert, 1904- 

... Petite histoire de la musique en Europe. 32 planches 
hors teste. Paris, Librairie Larousse (1942) 

163, [1, p. rxxn pL (Incl. ports., facsims.) on 16 L 20—. 

"15 , au20« ralUe." 

"Bibllographle" at end of each chapter. "Dlscographle" at end of 
most of the chapters. "Bibllographle g&ierale" : p. 7. 

© 100ct42; lc 29Aufc45; Auf^e, iiillon, Hollier- 

Lavousso, Moreau et eie., Paris; AF 368* 

Dufournier, Denise. 

... La maison des mortes, Ravensbrtlck; 
preface de Maurice Schumann. [Paris] 
Hachette [191+53 

219, [1] p.-, 1 J}. illus. 19 cm . 

© 6Decl+5; lc 8Mayl+6; Librairie 
Hacftette; AF1235. 

Dufournier, Denise. 

... Saint-Osi.iane, roman. [Paris] 
Librairie des Champ s-£lysles [191+5 3 

223 p. 19™. 

© 30Novl+5; lc 8>4ayl+6; publisher; 

Duhamel, Georges, 1884- 

... La musique consolatrice ... Monaco, Editions du Rocher 

2 p. L, 7-187, [2| p. 181". (L'Hlppocampe) 

©. 30Decl+l+; lc 300ct)+5; publisher, 
Monte Carlo, Monaco; AF 269. 

Duhot, Emile. 

... Les climats et l'organisme humain 
... Paris, Presses universitaires de 
France, 191-I-5* 

127 p. 17 l/2 cm . ("Que sais-je?" 
Le point des connaissances actuelles. 

© 31Hayl+5; lc 300ctl+5; publisher; 

Dujardin, Raoul. 
. . . Orage sur la maison, roman. Paris, Flammarion , 1946] 
202 p., 1 1. 19-. 

l Title. 

PQ2607.U57O7 47-16925 

© 18Apr46; Ernest Flammarion, Paris; AF1888. 

Du Jardin, Rosamond (Neal) 1902- 

... Tomorrow will be fair. Philadelphia, Macrae- Smith- 
company, 1946. 

258 p. 20-. 

At head of title : Rosamond Du Jardin. 

© 12Augl+6; 2c 26jull+6; author. Glen 
Ellyn, 111.; A5269. 

Dukes, Edgar Louis, 1876- 

Yester-years in Edwards county, Illinois; a simple tale for 
simple people, compiled by a simple writer ... Copyright ... 
by E. L. Dukes. [Albion, 111., 1946. 

1 p. 1., 185, (15) p. plates, port., maps (1 double) 22—. 

■First edition ... 1945 ... Second edition, with corrections and addi- 

1. EdVards co., I1L— Hist. I. Title. 
F547.E3D8 1946 977.3791 

© 28Nov46; author, Albion, 111. ; A8765. 


Dull, Raymond William, 1874- 

Mathematical aids for engineers, by Raymond W. Dull ... 
1st ed. New York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 

ill, 346 p. Illus., dlagrs. 21}-. 

© 20otl+6; publisher, New York? A61+1+6. 

Dulles, Avery, 1918- 

A testimonial to grace, by Avery Dulles. New York, Sheed 
and Ward, 1946. 

121 p. 19}-. 

1. Converts, Catholic. x. Title. 

( F«n name: Charles Avery Dulles) 
BX4668.D8 922.273 46-8634 

© 110ct46 ; Sheed & Ward, inc. ; A6864. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dulles, Charles Avery 
see Dulles, Avery, 1918- 

Dulles, Foster Rhea, 1900- 

China and America; the story of their relations since 1784 
ibj) Foster Rhea Dulles. Princeton, N. J., Princeton univer- 
sity press, 1946. 

tii. 277 p. 20J-. 

Bibliography : p. 263-267. 

© 20MayU6; publisher; AU$12. 

Dumarest, Fredenc, 1870- 

Le drainage endo-cavitaire avec aspiration, par F. Dumnrest, 
P. Brette, J. Germain et P. Laval. Paris, Massdn et c", 1940. 

118 p.. 1 1. Ulna. 20™. (On cover: M&Ieclne et chlrurgle; reclierches 
et applications. i2il,) 

"UlWIogruphle" : p. ,110,-llS. 

© 22Nov40; lc 16Nov45; publisher: 

Dumarest, Frederic, 1870- 

... La pratique du pneumothorax therapeutique. Preface de 
F. Bezancon. 5. ed. entierement rev. Paris, Masson et c", 

2 p. I., 416 p. incl. front, (port.) lllus., dlagrs. 25*-. 

At head of title : F. Dumarest, H. Mollard, P. Leftvre et J. Germain. 

First edition, 1919, by Fr6de>lc Dumarest and Charles Murard. -c/. 

1. Pneumothorax. 2. Chest— Surgery. I. Murard, Charles, 1888- 

Jolnt author, n. Mollard, Henri, Joint author, m. Lefevre, P., Joint 
author, it. Germain, Jacques, 1912- Joint author, t. Title. 

RC751.D8 1945 616.25 Med 46-234 

© 30Dec45; lc 8May46; publisher; AF1577. 

Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870. 

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas, adapted by 
Mabel Dodge Holmes ... New York city, Globe book com- 
pany [1945) 

5 p. 1., 341 p. Illus. 20i- 

<£) 12-13-45; 2 c 1-19-46; Globe book co., inc., 
Hew York; A 445. 

Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870. 

The Count of Monte-Cristo t by] Alexandre Dumas. New 
York, London, Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company, 
inc. [1946j 

i, 1365 p. illus. 24-. 

"Complete and unabridged." — Dust Jacket. 

Written In collaboration with Auguste Maquet and possibly P. A 
Florentino. cf. DaTldson, A. F. Alexandre Dumas. 1902, p. 395. 

Foreword by Andre 1 Maurais. 
Illustrated by Norman Reeves. 

© illus. and foreword, HNovi|.6; 
2c 2t(.Octl4.6; McGraw-Hill book company, 
inc., New York; A8096. 

Dumas, Charles Robert- 
see Robert-Dumas, Charles. 

Du Maurier, Angela. * 

Lawrence Vane, a novel by Angela du Maurier. Garden 
City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 
6 p. L, 274 p. 20J-. 
"First edition." 

©l+-l3-i|.6; 2c 14.-2-14-6; Boddinnick-by- 
Fowey, Cornwall, Eng. ; A 2622. 

Du Maurier,, Daphne, 1907- 

... La crique du francais; roman tra- 
duit de 1' anglais par Berthe Vulliemin, 
Geneve, J.-H. Jeheber [19l|2] 

©IN0VI42; lc 2i|Febl4.6; Edition J.-H. 
Jeheber; AF1021. 

Du Maurier, Daphne, 1907- 

The King's general, by Dnphne du Maurier. Garden City, 
New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

6 p. I., 371 p. 22-. 

"First edition." 

©I-5-I4.6; 1 c 12-17-14.5, 1 c 1-7-U6; 
Daphne du Maurier Browning, Hitchin, 
Herts, England; A I4.6I).. 

Du Maurier, Daphne, I9O7- 

... Le nont-Brule; roytan traduit de 
l'anglais par S. Chandolin. Geneve, J.- 
H. Jeheber [19U(.l 

l+22_p. 18 1/2™. (Romans et re- 
cits. Series Strangeres) 

© 1 No vl+k; lc 2l;Fe-bl|.6; gdition J. K. 
Jeheber, s.a.; AFlj.28. 

Du Maurier, George Louis Palmeua Busson, 1834-1896. 

... Peter Djbetson, avec une introduction par sa cousine 
Lady X ("Madge Plunket") Illustre par l'auteur. Traduit 
de l'anglais par Raymond Queneau. Roman. [Paris, Galli- 
mard f 1946, 

4 p. 1., [ll)-835 p., 2 1. Ulus. 20J-. 

At head of title : George Du Maurier. 

r. Queneau, Raymond, tr. n. Title. 

PR4634.P4F7 823.89 47-16931 

© 30May46; Librairie Gallimard; AF2121. 

Dumay, Raymond. 

... Les chaleurs d'aout ... Paris, R. Julliard ( 1945] 
3 p. 1., [9,-82 p., 1 1. 18-. ( Sequana) 

© 15£>eoi45; lo 8!,iayl46; Rene Julliard, Sequana; 

Dumbarton Oaks papers, no. 3» Edited 
for the Dumbarton Oaks research li- 
brary and collection of Harvard uni- 
versity, by Robert P. Blake, Wilhelm 
Koehler, Paul J. Sachs. Cambridge, 
Mass., Harvard university press, I9I4.6. 
© 26Jull|6; President & fellows of 

Harvard college, Cambridge, Mass.; A5I4.5I. 

Dumbauld, Edward. 

Thomas Jefferson, American tourist, being an account of his 
journeys in the United States of America, England, France, 
Italy, the Low countries, and Germany, by Edward Dumbauld. 
Norman, University of Oklahoma press, 1946. _ 

xv, 266 p., 1L. plates, ports, facsims. 23i" . 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 241-260. 

© 6-28-1+6; 2c 6-3O-I4.6; University of 
Oklahoma press, Norman; A I4.699. 
Dumesnil, Rene, 1879- 

. . . L'epoque realiste et naturaliste, par Rene Dumesnil. Paris, 
J. Tallandier [l945j 

2 p. 1., 7-445 p., 1 1. 19J-. (Hlstoire de la vie litteraire, pub. sous la 
direction d'Andre Billy) 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 8Augl4.5; lc 300ctl4.5; Societe d« edi- 
tions et des publications, Paris; AF78. 

Dumezil, Georges. 

... Naissance d'archanges (Jupiter, Mars, Quirinus, in) 
Essai sur la formation de la theologie zoroastrienne. [Paris] 
Gallimard ( 1945] 

3 p. 1., [Oj-190 p., 1 1. 19-. (La Montague Salnte-Genevieve. ( 4j) 

1. Mythology, Aryan. 2. Zoroastrlanlsm. I. Title. 

BL660.D82 47-17387 

© 30Dec45 ; Librairie Gallimard, Paris; AF1608. 

7+9448 0—47- 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dumro, Robert Dennis. 

Alec the Great, by Edwina tpseud.j Verses by Robert Dennis 
^seud.i New York, Crown publishers t 1946] 
vii, t l] p., 1 1., 501 p. illus. 21™. 

© 6-II4.-I4.6; 2c 6-5-14.6; Grown publishers, 
New York; A hk$2. 

Du Iloulin de Labarthete, Henry. 

... Le temps des illusions; souvenirs 
(juillet 19l|.0-avril 19i|2) Geneve, G. Bour- 
quin [ I9I4.6 ] 

^36 p., 1 £. 19 l/2 cm . 

© Uunlj.6; Constant Bourquin; AFll60. 

Dun and Bradstreet, inc., New York . 

Latin America sales index, West 
Indies, Central and South America. 
1924.6. v. 8 ... [New York] Dun 
and Bradstreet, inc., CI9I4.6. 

1 v. 28 1/2™. 

© lMaylj.6; publisher; A3732. 

Dun & Bradstreet, inc., New York . 
Reference book 

see The Mercantile agency. Reference 

Dunaway, Wayland Fuller, 1875- 

History of the Pennsylvania state college, by Wayland Fuller 
Dunaway ... [State College, Pa., The Pennsylvania State 
College] 1946. 

xiv p., 1 1., 540 p. plates (1 fold.) ports. 23J™. 

"Bibliographical note" : p. 494-196. 

Duncan, Ray Oscar. 

Six-man football, by Ray O. Duncan ... New York, A. S. 
Barnes & company [1945 .'j 

4 p. I., 88 p. illus., dlagrs. 23i < ". (On cover: The Barnes sports 

"Fourth printing." — Dust jacket 

"Copyright ^[(.O." 

Pub. revisions, 28Novi}_5; 2c lljani|.6; 

publisher; A3113. 
Duncan, Robert Fuller, 1889- 

A cruising guide to the New England coast, including Long 
island sound and the Saint John river, New Brunswick, by 
Robert F. Duncan and Fessenden S. Blanchard. 3d ed. ... 
New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

xiv p., 2 1., 299, [1] p. lncl. front, plates, charts. 25**. 

The outgrowth of a memorandum prepared by Robert F. Duncan in 
July, 1934, entitled Notes on cruising down East The original memo- . 
randum was enlarged by contributions of members of the Coastwise cruis- 
ing club of Scarsdale, N. Y., and published In mimeograph form In 1936. 
cf. Pref . 

Map on lining-paper. 

© 2Dec46 ; Dodd, Mead & co., inc. ; A8886. 
Duncombe, Frances. 

Eemi, the story of a clown, by Frances Duncombe; pictures 
by Marjorie Hill. New York, H. Holt and company [1946] 

2 p. I., 38, ( 2j p., 1 1. col. Illus. 201". 

i. Title. 

PZ7.D914Ee 47-2537 

© 9Dec46 ; Henry Holt & co., inc. ; A9073. 
Dunham, Katherine. 

Katherine Dunham's journey to Accompong; drawings by 
Ted Cook. New York, H. Holt and company t 1946, 

ix p., 1 1., 162 p., 1 1. illus. 24-; 

© 2OAU45I4.6; publisher; A3773. 

Dunbar, Flanders 
see Dunbar, Helen Flanders, 1902- 

Dunbar, Helen Flanders, 1902- 

Emotions and bodily changes; a survey of literature on psy- 
chosomatic interrelationships, 1910-1945, by Flanders Dunbar 
... 3d ed., with supplementary introductions and additional 
bibliography. New York, Columbia university press, 1946. 

lix, 604 p. 24J™. 

Bibliography : p*. [433)-568. 

©2-9-14.6; 2c 2-23-I4.6; Columbia univer- 
sity press, New York; A 1220. 
Dunbar, Howard Hunter, 1903- 

The dramatic career of Arthur Murphy, by Howard Hunter 
Dunbar. New York, The Modern language association of 
America ; London, Oxford university press, 1946. 

4 p. 1., vli-Ix, 339 p. 23". (Half-title: The Modern language associa- 
tion of America. Revolving fund series, xiv) 

Issued also as thesis (ph. d.) Columbia university. 

© lbSepli.6; Modern language association 
of America, New York; A7021. 

I. Murphy, Arthur, 1727-1805. II. Title. 

PR3605.M9D8 1946 a 822.69 47-146 

Duncan, David. 

The shade of time, by David Duncan. New York, Random 
house (1946, 

5 p. 1., 3-244 p. 19J™. 
"First printing." 

© 210otk6; 2c l4.0ctl±6; Random house, 
inc.; A6839. 

Duncan, John Charles, 1882- 

Astronomy, a textbook. 4th ed. By John Charles Duncan 
... New York and London, Harper & brothers t 1946j 
5 p. 1., 500 p. Incl. front, Ulus., dlagrs. col. pi., charts. 24"". 

"The first edition appeared in 1926." 
Includes bibliographical references. 

© 2l|Aprl4.6; publisher, New York; A2659. 

1. Accompong, Jamaica. 2. Maroons. i. Cook, Proctor Fyffe, illus. 
n. Title : Journey to Accompong. 

F1896.M3D8 917.292 47-30039 

© 12Dec46 ; Henry Holt & co., inc. ; A9175. 
Dunkin, Paul Shaner, 1905- 

Post-Aristophanic comedy; studies in the social outlook of 
middle and new comedy at both Athens and Rome, by Paul 
Shaner Dunkin. TIrbana, The University of Illinois press, 

192 p. 26}". i Halt-title: Illinois studies in language and literature. 
vol. xxn, no. 3-4) 

Bibliography : p. 177-181. 

1. Greek drama (Comedy) — Hist. & crlt. 2. Latin drama (Comedy) — 
Hist. & crlt. 3. Social problems in literature. I. Title. 

PA3028.D77 (408.2) 880.9 A 47-828 
Copy 2. P25.I3 vol. 31, no. 3-4 

© 290ct46; publisher; A8995. 

Dunlap, Frederick Levy, 1870- 

White versus brown flour, by F. L. Dunlap— Bell«ville, 
X. J., Wallace & Tiernan co., inc., 1945] 

vli, 272 p. pi., diagrs. 24™. 

Bibliography : p. 255-267. 

© 3Deoit5j 2o 7Deol45; publisher; A331. 
Dunlap, Knight, 1875- 

Personal adjustment, by Knight Dunlap ... 1st ed. New 
York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xii, 446 p. 2li~. - , 

© 3Sepij.6; publisher, New York; A5699. 
Dunlap, Knight, 1875- 

Religion, its functions in human life, a study of religion from 
the point of view of psychology by Knight Dunlap ... 1st ed. 
New York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xi, 362 p. 23™. (McGraw-Hill publications In psychology, J. F. 
Dashiell, ph. d., consulting editor) 

"Important references on religion and religions", p. 345-358. 

© 20Augl4.6; publisher, New York; A5856. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dunlap, Orrin Elmer, 1896- 

Radar; what radar is and how it works ( byj Orrin E. Dunlap, 
jr. New York and London, Harper & brothers t 1946j 

xlv, (2), 208 p. front, plates, ports., dlagrs. 21". 

"First edition." 

"Suggested reading" : p. 188-203. 

©2-27-l).6; 2 c 2-26-1+6; Harper & broth- 
ers, New York; A 13l|0. 

Dunn, Robert Joseph, 1908- 

Magic for all, by Bob Dunn, famous artist and magician. 
New York, The Citadel press ( 1946, 

6 p. 1., 8-158 p. Illus. 24i". 

© 7Augl46| publisher; AJ733. 

Dunn, Stephen Francis, 1908- 

Management rights in labor relations, by Stephen F. Dunn 
... t Grand RapidS] Woodbeck publishing co. fl946] 

1 p. 1., t1, 304 p. 20J-. 

"Selected bibliography" : p. 289-282. 

1. Labor laws and legislation — U. S. 2. Industrial relations — U. S. 
i. Title. 
HD7834.D8 331.15 46-8356 

© 6Nov46 ; publisher ; A8315. 

Dunn, Thomas Franklin, 1906- 

Learning our language, by Thomas F. Dunn ... and Charles 
A, Ranous ... Dubuque, la., Wm. C. Brown company t 1946j 

it, 878 p. lllus., fold. map. 23i~. 

"Selected blbUography" : p. 377-379. 

© 6-3-1J.6; 2c 7-17-^6; Thomas Franklin 
Dunn and Charles Albert Ranous, Des 
Moines; A 3571. 

Dunne's fire and casualty insurance re- 
port, 19l|.6 ... Louisville, Ky., 
Insurance index, c l9ij.6, 
1 v. 25xll cm . 

© 28JunI|.6; Dunne' K international 
insurance reports, Louisville, Ky.; 

Dunne's international insurance re*- - 
ports; covering legal reserve lire 
Insurance companies and prominent 
fraternal beneficial societies 
operating In the United States and 
Canada ... [New York, The Insur- 
ance Index] cl9M>. 
1 v. 21 l/2cm. 
On cover: Life edition. 

© 15Auglf6; Dunne's International 
Insurance reports, Louisville, Ky.; 

Dunnington, Lewis Leroy, 1890- 

Start where you are, by Lewis L. Dunnington. New York, 
Nashville, Abingdon-Cokesbury press [1946, 

223 p. I9i". 

Sermons delivered at the First Methodist church, Iowa City. 

©17Auglj.6; Stone & Pierce, Nashville; 

see Le Coguiec, Claude. 

Dunoyer, Jean Marie; 

... La bicyclette, roman... [Paris] 
Gallimard [ I9I+5 ] 

186 p. 19 6 . 

© 15Novi|.5; lc lMarl+6; Librairie 
Gallimard; AF500. 

Dunphy, Jack. 

John Fury, a novel in four parts, by Jack Dunphy. New 
York, London, Harper & brothers ( 1946j 

5 p. 1., 3-269, [lj p. 21". 
"First edition." 

90ct/+6; ?c 80ct£6; author, New York; 


DupS, Gilbert. 

... Contes de ma bourrine. 
[etc.] HarSchal [I9I4.5] 
219 p., 1 p. 19 cm . 


© 30Augl|5; lc HV;arl+6; Editions A. 
Mar^chal, Liege, Belgium; AF696. 

Dupe, Gilbert. 

... La ferme du pendu, roman. Paris, Denoel ( 1945j 
3 p. 1., |9]-229, [1] P- 19". 

Accepted for copyright deposit in place 
of the first issue published December 21, 

© 21DecluV; lc 8Maylj.6; fidltiona Deno»l, 
Paris; AF 131*9 . 

[Duplain, Justin] 1885-19^3. 

... Milieu du monde. Lausanne, La 
Guilds du livre [I9J4.3] 

160 p., l\.Jl. illus. (incl. port.) 
2ij. c m. 

Author's pseud., Pierre Deslandes, at 
head of title. 

Map on t.-p. 

© 15Deci|.3; lc 26Febi|6; publisher; 

Dupont, Andre .> 
see Bay, Andre. 

Dupont, Jean. 

... Introduction a la musiquc dc jazz. 
[Avignon, Imprimerie J. Auzac 19^5] 

90 p. 21 l/2cm. 

"Limitee a deux-cent exemplaircs ... 
no. 71." 

"Critique des critiques": p. [73]-79. 
"Discographie sommaire": p. [8l]-90. 

©80ctl+5; lc 2i|Aprl4.6; author, Vedenes, 
France; AF959. 

Dupont, Marcel, pseud . 
see B^chu, Marcel firnest, 1879- 

Dupouy, Auguste, 1872- 

... La Basse-Bretagnej couvertures de 
M. Meheut; . ouvrage orne de 313 helio- 
gravures. Grenoble, 3. Arthaud [19I4IJ-] 

2 v. in 1. illus. 23 cm . 

On cover ; ("Les Beaux pays' 1 [no. 79]) 

© 30Dec!|lj-; lc 2i4.AprI|.6; publisher; 

Dupuy, Paul Marie, 1856- 

... La vita di Evaristo Galois, a cura di Carlo Motti ... 
Roma, Tumminelli, 1945. 

xrvi, 141, (lj p. Incl. front, (port.) 20". (Antologla universale Tum- 
minelli. xv) 

"Apparve In origine negli Annates scientlflques de l'ficole normale 
superieure <terza serle, tomo tttt (1896), pagg. 197-266> e venne suc- 
cesgivamente pubblicata nei Cahiers de la quinzaine (secondo quaderno 
della quinta serle, Parlgl, 27 ottobre 1903) " — p. [Xlvj 

1. Galois, fivariste, 1811-1832. I. MotO, Carlo, tr. 

QA29.G25D815 925.1 47-19281 

© 30Jun45 ; lc 16Aug46 ; Calogero Tumminelli ; AF2173. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Duran-Reynals, Marie Louise (de Ayala) 1908- 

The fever bark tree ; the pageant of quinine, by M. L. Duran- 
Reynals. Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, inc., 

Ix p.. 1 1, 275 p. 21J". 

"First edition." 
Bibliography : p. 259-265. 

© bJunL|.6; 2c 23Mayi|6j M. L. Duran- 
Reynals, New Haven, Conn.; Al+l|-06. 

Durand, Francois 
see Miomandfe, Francis de, l880- 

[Durand-Couppel de Saint-Front, Marin Marie Paul, 1901- 

Wind aloft, wind alow, translated from the French of Marin- 
Marie { pseud.i ... containing narratives of his two single- 
handed Atlantic crossings, under sail in the Winnibelle, and 
under power in the Arielle ... London, P. Davies t 1945, 
vlll, 322, ,2, p. front., illus., plates, port 20i". 

"First published 1945." 

"The original French ms. ... entitled 'Vent dessus, vent dessous' was 
[completed Inj ... 1939 ... No French edition has yet been Issued."— 
Publishers' note. 

Pub. 150ctl4.5j lc 9Deci+.5; Marin- 
Marie Durand de St. Front, Kingswood, 
Eng.; AI 121. 

Durant, John, 1902- 

Come out fighting, by John Durant and Edward Rice. New 
York, Essential books, Duell, Sloan and Pearce t 1946, 

vlll, 245, ( 3] p. Illus. (incl. ports.) 26". 

© 5 Juru +6; John Durant, New York, and 
Edward Rice, Brooklyn; AU676. 
Durlacher, Ed. 

The play party book; singing games for children, by Ed 
Durlacher; pictures by Arnold Edwin Bare, music arranged 
by Ken Macdonald. New York, The Devin- Adair company 
1 1945, 

( 96) p. col. Illus. 23i". 
With piano accompaniment 

© II-29-J4.5; 2c 1-27-U6; Devin-Adair com- 
pany, New York; A 655* 

Darling, Dwight Leonard, 1899- ed. 

A preface to our day. Post-war rev. ed. Edited by Dwight 
L. Durling, Eleanor M. Sickels ( andj Helen Gill Viljoen ... 
New York, The Dry den press t 1946] 

2p.L, vll-xp.,11., [18j-586p. 211- 

© 25Jun£6; Dryaen press, inc.; ^5300 

see Chamine, pseud . 

Dustin, Agnes Barden, 1877- 

The cabin on the Silver Tongue, by Agnes Barden Dustin ... 
Jacket and illustrations by Henry Moore Picken. Boston, 
W. A. Wilde company [1946, 

286 p., incl. front Illus. 21-. 

"Published serially as 'Cry In the night'." 

1. New Hampshire— Hist — Fiction. I. Title. 

PZ7.D944Cab 46-7939 

© 15Sep46 ; publisher ; A6757. 

Duthuit, Georges, 1891- 

... Le serpent dans la galere, illustrations d' Andre Masson. 
New York, Transition C. Valentin [1945, 

100 p., 1L Illus., plates, port 34". 

Author's portrait laid In. 

"Ce volume ... a &4 tire a cinq cents exemplaires." 

© 31Aug]+5; 2c 12Marl).6; Curt Valentin, 
New York; A2178. 

Duval, Colette 
see Vivier, Colette. 

Duverne, Ren£, 1893- 

... Le mystere du chateau Maudit; illustrations de A. Pecoud. 
Paris, Hachette [1945, 

2 p. I.; 248 p. incl. front, Illus., plates. 19". (On cover: Blbllotheque 
rose lllustree) 

At head of title : R. Duverne. 

i. Title. 

PZ23.D88M9 47-19327 

©-20Dec45; lc 8May46; Librairie Hachette; AF1305. 

( Dwan, Robert Edmund, 1915- 

. . . Why do I have to go to sleep ? A why story for children 
who ask questions. [Hollywood, Calif., Graphic educational 
productions inc., 1946, 

cover-title, [16, p. col. Illus. 26x27". (A Graphic educational 
phono-book. AL104) 

"Written by Robert E. Divan." — p. ( 4j of cover. 
Text on p. [3i of cover. 

1. Sleep — Juvenile literature. i. Title. 

QP425.D9 613.79 Med 47-166 

© 26Sep46; publisher; A8167. 

Dwinell, Olive Cushing. 

The story of our money; or, Our currency and credit — its 
sources, creators, control, and regulation of volume and value 
as set forth in quotations from great American historic figures 
and state papers, writings, letters, historians, Congressional 
records, Supreme court decisions and authorities, by Olive 
Cushing Dwinell. Boston, Meador publishing company t 1946, 

208 p. 20J". 
Blbllography : p. 11-12. 

© 9Mayij.6; Edward K. Meador, Boston; 

Dwoskin, Charles, 1921- 

Shadow over the land, by Charles Dwoskin. New York, The 
Beechhurst press (1946, 

285 p. 21". 

© 23Sep46; lc 8Sep4&, lc 40cti6; author, 
Brooiclyn; A630?. 

Dyer, Brainerd, 1901- 

Zachary Taylor, by Brainerd Dyer. Baton Rouge, Louisi- 
ana state university press, 1946. 

vlll p., 2 1., 455 p. front, plates, ports., maps, plan. 22". {Half- 
title: Southern biography series) 

Bibliographical foot-notes. "Critical essay on authorities": p. t420i~ 

1. Taylor, Zachary, pres. U. S., 1784-1850. 

E422.D995 923.173 47-142 

© 20Nov46; publisher; A9011. 
Dyer, Caroline. 

The three famous ugly sisters; story by Caroline Dyer, pic- 
tures by Donald McKay. NewJYork, London, Whittlesey house, 
McGraw-Hill book company inc. ( 1946, 

,51, p. col. Illus. 25}". 

© 3-23-I4.6; 2c 3-I7-I4.6; McGraw-Hill 
book co., inc., New York; A 1889. 

Dykema, Peter William, 1873- ed. 
... Sing outi Editors; Peter W. 
Dykema, Gladys Pitcher, David 
Stevens [and others] ... Art edi- 
tor: Martha Powell Setchell. Illus- 
trators: Virginia Hathers Banks, 
Esther 'Boston Bristol [and others] 
... Boston, C. C. Birchard and 
company [19^6] 
256 p. illus. 26 . 

Student's edition. 

kAprk&l publisher;' A2217. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Dykhuizen, Dorothy. 

Go quickly and tell, by Dorothy Dykhuizen. Grand Kapids, 
Mich., Wm. B. Eerdmans publishing co., 1946. 

231 p. lllus.. plates. 20". 

The author's experiences at the Kehoboth mission schoool. cf. Fore- 

© 2-25-U6; 2 
publishing co , 

3-3-J+6; *te« B. Ferdmans 
Or and Rapids, Kich. ;A135f 

Dykmans, ffommaire Louis, 1909- 
... Introduction critique i. la 

science e'conomique ... Bruxelles, 

Les Editions • compatables, commerciales 

et financieres, i9l4.ij.-U5 • 
2 v. 25 l/2cm. (Bibliotheque 

g^nerale des sciences economiques) 

"Bibliographic " at end of e ach 
"volume . 

© v. 1, 30Decl+4t v. 2, pt. 1, 
30Sepl4.5; lc ea. 2l|Aprlj.o; publisher; 
AP929, AP930. 

Dykstra, Gerald Oscar, 1906- 

The business law of aviation, by Gerald 0. Dykstra . . . and 
Lillian G. Dykstra ... 1st ed. New York, London, McGraw- 
Hill book company, inc., 1946. 

xvi,523p. 221- 

"Table of cases" : p. xi-xvi. 

© l4-l-ii6| 2 h-h-U6t JtoQraw-Kill book 00. , 
inc.. Hew York; A 2351. 

Dykstra, Ralph Ralph, 1879- 

Animal sanitation and diseases control, by R. R. Dykstra . . . 
[Danville, 111., The Interstatej 1946. 
568 p. illus. (incl. diagrs.) 214". 
"Revised and enlarged." 

g) 3-29-U6; 2 c ij.-l-i4.6j The Interstate 
printers and publishers, inc., Danville, 
111.; A 1916. 

Eager, Samuel Watkins, 1900- 

Bender's forms for the Consolidated 
laws of the state of New York, annota- 
ted by Samuel W. Eager ... v. 3. High- 
way-local finance, for use with 
McKinney's Consolidated laws. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Edward Thompson company; Al- 
bany, N. Y. and New York, N. Y. , M. 
Bender and company [19^6] 
1 v. 2i(.cm. 

© revisions 20Auglj.6; Edward Thompson 
co.; A5815. 

Eames, Genevieve Torrey. 

Pat rides the trail, by Genevieve Torrey Eames, illustrated 
by Dan Noonan. New York, J. Messner, inc. [1946] 

146 p. Incl. lllus., plates. 22". 

1. Title. 

PZ7.E12Pat 46-8403 

©25Nov46; 2c 23Nov46; author, Deerfield, Mass.; A8828. 

Earl, A G 

Dinghy cruising, by A. G. Earl . . . London, P. Davies ( 1945j 
vl, 105 p. front., lllus. (Incl. map) plates, diagrs. 19". 
"First published 1945." 

Pub. 12Novi|.5; lc lOJanii.6; author, London; 
AI 30. 

... The Earning power of railroads; 
Floyd W. Mundy, editor. klat 
issue, 19)4.6. Industry statis- 
tics, capitalization, revenues, 
expenses, maintenance, rentals, 
dividends, investments, affili- 
ations, maturities, debt retire- 
ments, maps ... New York, J. H. 
Oliphant & co. [I9I4-6] 
1 v. 18 l/2cm. 
© 5Augl+.6; Jas H. Oliphant & co.; 


, New York, E. P. 

,East, Fredj I895- 

Renegade range, by Tom West t 
Dutton & co., inc., 1946. 

184 p. 194". 
"First edition." 

© 25Sepi4_6; 2c l^Augljo; publisher; 

[East, Fred, 

... Trouble trail. New York, E. P. Dutton & company, inc., 

206 p. 19". 

Author's pseud., Tom West, at head of title. 
"First edition." 

© l-25-ii6; 2 c 12-17-k5; E. P. Dutton & 
co., inc., New York; A 685. 

East, Henry R 

How to train dogs for the home, stage and moving pictures, 
by Henry R. East ... With photographs illustrating sixty-five 
different feats. 2d ed. New York, Chicago, Pitman publish- 
ing corporation t 1946j 

xl, 180 p. Incl. front, (port) lllus. 194". 

© oAuglj.6; publisher, New York; A59I4.6 . 

East, John Leonard. 

Republican precinct worker's handbook, by John Leonard 
East. Washington, Chicago, National precinct workers, inc. 

vlll, 123 p. illus. 224". 

©6-28-i|.6; 2c 7-7-I4.6; National precinct 
workers, inc., Chicago; A 3^-?8. 

Eastern stainless steel corporation. 

A condensed handbook for the engineer 
and layr.ian. 1st ed. ... Baltimore, 
Eastern stainless steel corporation 

96 p. illus. 28. (On coyer : 
Eastern stainless steel sheets . ) 

© 150cti^-5; 2c HJani(.6; publisher: 

Easton, William Burnet, 1905- 

,.. The faith of a Protestant. New York, The Macmillan 
company, 1946. 

xi, 76 p. 194". 

"First printing." 

At head of title : W. Burnet Easton, Jr. 

(fi) 2-19-16* 2 2-6-i46) Maonillan 00., New 
York} A 1091. 
Eastwick, Ivy Olive . 

Fairies and suchlike, by Ivy O. Eastwick, illustrated by Decie 
Merwin. New York, E. P. Dutton & company inc., 1946. 

63, [1) p. col. iUus. 20 x 174". 
"First edition." 

© 20AugM>; 2c 17Jullj.6; publisher; 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Eastwood, La Verne Winfield, 1904- 

Gas in light alloys, by L. W. Eastwood ... New York, J. 
Wiley & sons, inc.; London, Chapman & Hall, limited [1946] 

i. 99 p. lllus., dlagrs. 22-. 

Bibliography : p. 92-96. 

© 9Aprk6; John Wiley & sons, inc., New 
York; A2b3k. 

Eaton, Annie Thaxter. * 

Treasure for the taking, a book list for boys and girls, by 
Anne Thaxter Eaton. New York, The Viking press, 1946. 

248 p. 22". 

"First published ... In March 1946." 

® 3-18-46: 2 c 3-31-46; New ^orkj A 2022. 

Ebaugh, Newton Cromwell, 1907- 

The principles and practices of air conditioning. (2d ed.) 
By N. C. Ebaugh ... Air conditioning handbook, revised 1946. 
Edited by P. William Scott;... Atlanta, Ga., Southern power 
and industry t 1946] 

4 p. I., 26S p. lllus., dlagrs. ( 1 fold. In pocket ) 18J-. 

Cover-title: Handbook of air conditioning ... principles, practices, 
equipment, control. ' 

"First edition ... 1936." 

"Good reference books for air conditioning and refrigeration" : p. 240- 

© 15MarI|.6; w. R. C. Smith 
publishing oo., Atlanta; A1657- 

Ebbraunon, Christilina. 

The epistles of Christilina to Jesus, the Christ, by Christilina 
Ebbraunon. Los Angeles, Calif., DeVorss & co. [1946, 

2 p. l., 9-229 p. 20i=\ 
"Copyright I9I4I." 

Pub. UulJ+6; publisher; A3602. 

Ebbraunon, Christilina. 

Understanding the laws of life, by the spirit author Francis- 
colighte Ebbraunon, transcribed by Christilina Ebbraunon. 
Los Angeles, Calif., DeVorss & co. ( 1946j 

1 p. 1., 7-166 p. 20*-. 

"Copyright 1939." 

Pub. lJuli|6; publisher; A3601. 

Eberbach and son, company, inc. 

Modern tools of science catalog EijJ.. 
Ann Arbor^ Mich, [etc., l$kl] 

1 v. illus. 28cm. 

©lOAugijl; 2c I3JUII4.6; Allied scien- 
tific corporation, Ann Arbor, Mich.; 

Eberhardt, IsabeUe, 1877-1904. 

. . . Au pays des sables ; precede de Inf ortunes et ivresses d'une 
errante. Par Rene-Louis Doyon. Paris, F. Sorlot [1944j 

219 p., 21. front, (port.) Ulus., plates, facsims. 18i~. 

Contents. — Infortunes et Ivresses d'une errante. — Pieces documen- 
talres. — Contes et souvenirs: Doctorat. Yasmlna. An pays des sables. 
Amara le forcat. Le maglclen. Oum Zahur. Pays oublil. L'anarchiste. 
Le major. Le Djich. 

© 30Decl4).; lc 2Marl|.6; Ferrmnd Sorlot; 

Eberhart, Mignon (Good) 1899- 

Five passengers from Lisbon, by Mignon G. Eberhart. 
Wake for a lady, by H. W. Roden. The murder in the Stork 
club, by Vera Caspary. New York, N. Y., Pub. for the Detec- 
tive book club by W. J. Black [1946, 

3 p. 1., 8-168, 164, 127 p. 191". 

1. Detective and mystery stories. i. Roden, Henry Wisdom, 1895- 
Wake for a lady. n. Caspary, Vera, 1904- The murder in the Stork 
club. m. Title, rv. Title : Wake for a lady. v. Title : The murder In 
the Stork club. 

PZl.E2Fi 46-8604 

© 3d story, 19Sep46; Vera Caspary, Los Angeles; A8155. 

Eberhart, Richard, 1904- ed. 

War and the poet ; an anthology of poetry expressing man's 
attitudes to war from ancient times to the present, edited by 
Richard Eberhart ... and Selden Rodman ... New York, The 
Devin- Adair company, 1945. 

xlv, 240 p. 21*-. 
©11-11-14-5; 2 c I-27-I4.6; Devin-Adair co., 
New York; A 65!*.. 

Eberle, Gertrude. 

Charioteer; a story of old Egypt in the days of Joseph, by 
Gertrude Eberle. Grand Rapids, Mich., Wm. B. Eerdmans 
publishing company [1946] 

295 p. illus. 20J-. 

Map on lining-papers. 

© 28Auglj.6; publisher; A555ij.. 

Eberle, Irmengarde, 1898- * 

Basketful, the story of "our foods [byj Irmengarde Eberle; 
illustrated by Marion R. Kohs. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell 
company ( 1946] 

. 256 p. Ulus. 21-. 
"Sources" : p. 250-252. 

© 5-7-14-6; 2c l|.-21-l4.6; New York; A Ij.002. 

Eberle, Irmengarde, 1898- 

Too many shoes and stockings, by Irmengarde Eberle; pic- 
tures by Walton Brashears. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock 

i34] p. lnd. front, fflus. 26". 

1. Brashears, 0. Walton, lllus. n. Title. 

PZ10.3.E17TO 47-30 

© 150ct46 ; author, New York ; A6661. 

Eberle, Irmengarde, 1898- 

The visiting Jimpsons, by Irmengarde Eberle, illustrated by 
Ruth Kreps. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock [1946] 

4 p. 1., 11-188 p. Incl. illus., plates. 21- 

x. Title. 

PZ7.El8Vi 46-7720 

© 180ct46; author, New York; A6685. 
Eberlein, Harold Donaldson. 

The Church of Saint Peter in the Great valley, 1700-1940, 
the story of a colonial country parish in Pennsylvania, by Har- 
old Donaldson Eberlein & Cortlandt Van Dyke Hubbard. 
Richmond, Va., Printed by A. Dietz and his son, 1944. 

4 p. 1., illlj-iv, 167 p. front., plates, facsims. 25—. 

© 170ctU; 2c 3May46; Church of St. Peter-in- 
the-Great valley, Paoli, Pa.; A3255. 

Ebeyer, Pierre Paul. 

Paramours of the Creoles; a story of New Orleans and the 
method of promiscuous mating between white Creole men and 
Negro and colored slaves and freewomen. By Pierre Paul 
Ebeyer ... New Orleans, La., Windmill publishing company 

xll, |2|, 280 p. Incl. front., plates, ports., facsims. 23-. 
"Second edition revised ... 1945." 

© I2-5-I4.5 ; 2 c 12-9-1^5; Pierre 
Paul Ebeyer, Jefferson Parish, La.; A102. 
Eby, Frederick, 1874- 

Newman, the church historian; a study in Christian per- 
sonality, by Frederick Eby ... Nashville, Tenn., B roadman 
press [1946] 

10 p. 1., 203 p. front., plates, ports. 23". 

1. Newman, Albert Henry, 1852-1933. 
BR139.N48E2 922.673 

© 3lOct46; publisher; A8722. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Eby, George S 1898- 

The physical sciences, by George S. Eby . . . Charles L. Waugh 
... Herbert E. Welch ... and Major Burdette H. Buckingham 
... Boston, New York ( etc.) Ginn and company ( 1946, 

rl p., 1 ]., 496, [I, p. loci, front, Ulua. (lncl. maps, charts, plana) dinars. 
2C»rl9-. ^ 

Includes bibliographies. 

1. Science. I. Title. 

Q160.E2 1946 500 46-8444 

© additions. 18SeD46; publisher, Boston; A8128. 

Eby, Lois, 1908- 

... Blood runs cold. New York, E. P. Dutton & company, 
inc., 1946. 

224 p. 19J-. 

At head of title : Lois Eby. John O. Fleming. 
"First edition." 

© lJull*, 2o 29*yl46, authors. Loe Angolw, 

Eby, Lois, 1908- 

The case of the malevolent twin, by Lois Eby and John C. 
Fleming. Ne^r York, E. P. Dutton & co., inc., 1946. 

256 p. 19-?> N 

"First edition." 

©1-25-46; 2 c 12-17-^5; Lois Eby and 
John C. Fleming, Los Angeles; A 683. 

... Ecce orient!; or, King Solomon's 

temple. Steps 1-2-5, I X L. 

Chicago, E. A. Cook, 194.0. 

[6], 15-165, [1] P. 4x9 l/2 cm . 

At head of title: New revised edition. 
- Revision prepared by G. H. Wilkins. 

© 9Marij.6; P. R. C. publications, inc., 
Chicago; A2031. 

... Ecce orient!; or, King Solomon's 

temple. Steps 1 - 2 - 3, M X G. 

Chicago, E. A. Cook, 1946. 

li., Iv, [153-195, [11] P. illus. 
34 x 9 l/2 cm . 

At head of title: New revised edition. 

Revision prepared by G. H. Wilkins. 

© 9Marl4.6; P. R. C. publications, inc., 
Chicago; A2030. 

Eckenrode, Hamilton James, 1881- 

The Randolphs; the story of a Virginia family, by H. J. 
Eckenrode. Indianapolis, New York, The Bobbs-Merrill com- 
pany [1946] 

310 p. front., plates, ports. 22". 
"First edition." 

© 2$Sepi|.6; 2c 6Sepl;6; autnor, Richmond': 

Ecole technique de cinema par corres- 


... Le cinema a vol d'oiseau [Cannes, 
Imp. F. Robaudy, 1945] 

31 p. illus. 2l(. Cm . (Cours no. 1) 

Prepared by Yvan Noe", Henry Laks, and 
Leo Laks. 

©2Janl4.5; lc 29Augl4_5; Yvan Nog, Henry 
Laks, L60 Laks, Nice; AFI67. 

Ecole technique d» cinema par corres- 


i. . Le dicoupage. [Nice, Imp. G. 
Mathieu, 19U5] 

56 p. illus. 2k cm » (Cours ao. JO) 

Prepared by Yvan Not, Henry Laks, and 
L£o Laks. 

© 2Janl+5; lc 29AugJ+5; Yvan No 6, Henry 
Laks, Leo Laks, Nice; AP168. 

Ecole technique de cinema par corres- 


... L' llectricite et la piste sonore, 
[Paris, 19J4.6] 

28 p. illus. (Cours no. 19) 

Prepared by Henry Laks, l£o Laks, and 
Yvan NoS. 

© 30Mayi;6; Henry Laks, LSo Laks, Yvan 
Noe, Paris; AF2082. 

Ecole technique de cinema par corres- 
... Les films en .couleurs; le relief; 

le microfilm ... 1. ed. [Nice, France ** 

-Productions] 19^5. 
cover-title, 33, [2] p. illus. 

2k l/2cm. (Xta Cours, no. 17) 
© l4Sep]+5; lc 2i±AprM>; Yvan Noe, 

Henry Laks and Leo Laks, Nice, France; 


Ecole technique de cinlma par corres- 


.!.. La preparation d'un film. [Nice, 
Imp, G. Mathieu, I9I4.5] 

31 p. illus. 24cm, (cours no. 11) 

Prepared by Yvan Nog, Henry Laks, and 
L£o Laks , 

© 2JanI|.5; lc 29Auglj.5; Yvan Noe> Henry 
Laks, L£o Laks, Nice; AFI69. 

Ecole technique de cinema par correspon- 


... La projection; depart de 1' exploit- 
ation commerciale du film ... lire Id. 
[Paris, Science filmed, 19IJ.5] 

cover-title, 36 p. illus. 2i|.cm. 
( Its Cours no. 18) 

Prepared by Yvan Noe, Henry and L£o 
Two copies of "Cours no. 17" laid in. 

© 6Dec^5; lc 6Marl*6; Yvan N06 (ps. de 
Noetlnger), Henry Laks and Leo Laks, 
Paris; AF81+1. 

Economy advertising co.'s Iowa City 
(Johnson county, Iowa) directory, 
I9I4-6, including Johnson county ... 
Omaha, Neb., R. L. Polk & co., 

C19W. , 
1 v. 24om. 

© l80ntU6; publisher; A8535. 

Economy pumps, inc. 

Pump engineering data. [Hamilton, 
0., Economy pumps inc., 19J+6.] 

1 v. 21 1/2 cm. 

Revised edition; issues previous to 
I9I4.5 entitled: Engineering data and 

© 29JUIJ4.6; publisher; A5587. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Scrits sur la beaute ... Paris, Societe 
d ''editions modernes parisienne, c 19i]_5. 
cover-title, 3~72 p. illus. (part 
col.; incl. ports.) 30 l/2 CR1 . 

"Cot album a etc realis6 sous la di- 
rection artistique do Lucien Francois, 
avec le concours de Jean Hcrvey". ' 

© ll+Auglj.5; lc 300ctl|.5; S.E.M.P., 
Paris; AF206. 

Ecrits sur 1' elegance. . . Paris, Societe 
d' editions modernes parisienne, c 19^4-5 ♦ 
cover-title, [3J"-9 2 > [3] p. illus. 
(part col.; incl. ports.)' col. plates. 
30 1/2CK1. 

"Cet album a etc realise sous la di- 
rection artistique de Lucien Francois, 
avec le concours de Jean Hervey". 

©li+AugU5; lc 300cti|5; S.E.M.P., 
Paris; AF20§. 

Edel, Abraham, 1908- 

The theory and practice of philosophy, by Abraham Edel ... 
New York, Harcourt, Brace and company [1946] 

ill, 475 p. 23J-. 

"Suggested readings" : p. 461-468. 

(5) 14-3446* 2 o I4-IO-I46J Haroourt, 3raoe 
as 00., ino., New York; A 23I4O. 
Edelstadt, Vera, 1903- # 

Oceans in the sky, by Vera Edelstadt, illustrated by Louis 
Bunin. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

[63, p. Illus. 23Jxl8-. ^ 
"First edition." 

© [(.-25-14.6; 2c 3-22-I4.6: Storvv Point, H.Y.; 
A 271I4- 
Edelstein, Emma Jeannette (Levy) 1904- 

Asclepius ; a collection and interpretation ot the testimonies, 
by Emma J. Edelstein and Ludwig Edelstein ... Baltimore, 
The Johns Hopkins press, 1945. [v.2, l^k5 i«e« 1 91+61 

2 v. 26i~. {Half-tine: Publications of the Institute of the history 
of medicine, the Johns Hopkins university. 2d ser. : Texts and docu- 
ments, vol. n> 

"Index locorum": v. 1, p. 453-470. "List of abbreviations" (biblio- 
graphical) : v. 2, p. 259-280. 

©pt. 1. 90ctl4-5; pt. 2, 12Pebl4.6j 
2c ea. 16Febl4.6; publisher; AII4.9I, A1522. 

Eden, Rob, pseud. 

Lucky lady, by Rob Eden. New York, Gramercy publish- 
ing co. [1946] 

255 p. 19i». 

[Rob Eden, pseud, of Robert Ferdinand 
Burkhardt and Eve Burkhardtj 

PZ3.E214Lu 47-177 

© 13Pec46; publisher; A9137, 
Eden, Rob, pseud. 

Miss Reckless, by Rob Eden. New York, Gramercy publish- 
ing co. [1946j 

255 p. 18J-. 

© 7-I-I4.6; 2c 6-3O-I4.6; Grameroy publish- 
ing^ co^^Hew York; A I4.69I. 
Eden, Rob, pseud. 

Other than joy, by Rob Eden. New York, Gramercy pub- 
lishing co. (1946; 

255 p. 19J-. 

<£) J-I4-J461 2 3-9-i»6» Qrawroj pub. 00., 
I«w Tort 1 A 15Q3. 

Edgerton, Alanson Harrison, 1888- 

Readjustment or revolution ? By Alanson H. Edgerton. A 
guide to economic, educational, and social readjustment of war 
veterans, ex-war workers, and oncoming youth. New York, 
London, Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company, inc. 


zl p., 1 1., 288-p. dlagrs. »-. 

1. Social problems. 2. Veterans — tr. S. 1. Title. 

HN18.E3 301.15 46-7987 

© 25Nov46; 2c 16Nov46; McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 


Edginton, Helen Marion, 1883- 

Winds of desire, a novel [by. May Edginton. Philadelphia, 
Macrae-Smith-company, 1946. 

400 p. 21-. 

Pub. 20Mayl4.6; 2c 10Mayl4.6; May Edginton, 
Selsey. Sussex, Eng.; AI+26I4.. Prev. peg. 
AI 29186. 

Edginton, May 
see Edginton, Helen Marlon, 1883- 

Edgley, Leslie, 1912- 

... Fear no more, by Leslie Edgley. New York, Simon and 
Schuster, 1946. 

3 p. 1., 202 p. 20". 

At head of title : An Inner sanctum mystery. 

© 13Sepl±6; 2c lSeplj.6; author, Glendale, 
Calif.; A6298. 

Editions du Rond-point. 

Le cinema en 1 ' an 2000. Le cinquan- 
tenaire du cinema. [Paris, Editions du 
Rond-Point, I9I4.5] 

cover-title, iv, 67, [1] p., v-vii, 
illus. 30 cm . [Album no. 1] 

Director: Francois Mitterand. 

© 3ON0VI4.5; lc 6Marl4-6; publisher; 

[Edmonds, Helen (Woods) j 1904r- 

Asylum piece [by] Anna Kavan t pseud.j Garden City, N. Y., 
Doubleday & company, inc., 1946. 

lv,312p. 20J-. 

"These related stories were published In England In two volumes, 'I am 
Lazarus' and 'Asylum piece'." — Dust jacket. 
"First [American) edition." 

Pub. 8Aug46; 2c lAug46; author, London; A6009. 
Prev. reg. AI 206-207. 

[Edmonds, Helen (Woods) , 1904- 

I am Lazarus, short stories by Anna Kavan ^psevd.j Lon- 
don, J. Cape [1945) 

146 p. 19*-. 

"Flrst published 1945." 

Pub. 15Marl4.5; lc 2l\Aprli.6; author, Lon- 
don; AI 206. 

Edmonson, James Bartlett, 1882- 

Civics for youth t by) James B. Edmonson ... Arthur Dondi- 
neau ... [and] Mildred C. Letton ... New York, The Mac- 
millan company [1946] 

x, 405 p. Incl. front, Illus., dlagrs. 21". 

1. TJ. S. — PoL & govt. — Handbooks, manuals, etc. 1. Dondlneao, 

Arthur, 1887- Joint author, n. Letton, Mildred Cella, joint author, 
m. Title. 

JK274.E4 342.73 

© 10Dec46: publisher; A9100. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Edmunds, Clem, pseud . 
see Claussen, W 

Edmunds - 

Edmonds, Murrell, 1898- 

Time's laughter in their ears, a novel by Murrell Edmunds 
... New York, The Beechhurst press, B. Ackerman incor- 
porated [1946, 

4 p. L, 7-220 p. 21-. 

© lOMaylj.6; 2c 26Apri|.6; author, New 
Orleans; A308^ 

jsaucation. ( Indexes ) 

Index to Education, a monthly magazine 
devoted to the art, science, philosophy, 
and literature of education; volumes 
1-65, September, 1880-June, 1945- 
Boston, Palmer co., I9I+6. 

1 v. 26cm. 

© 12Augli.6; publisher; A3769. 

Educational policies commission 
sj&a National education association of 
the United States. Educational polici es 
commission. ~"~ " ~* 

Edward A. Filene good will fond, inc., Boston. 

Consumer cooperative leadership; organizing and running 
consumer cooperatives. 2d ed., rev. and enl. Boston, Mass., 
Edward A. Filene good will fund, inc., 1945. 

2 p. 1., vli-xv, 176 p. n pi. 24". 

"Annotated bibliography of books on the cooperative movement" : 
p. 170-172. 

- © 27Novij.5; 2c 30Dec^5; publisher; 

Edward A. Filene good will fond, inc., Boston. * 

Manager's manual for cooperative stores. Boston, Edward A. 
Filene good will fund, inc., 1945. 

4 p. L, 175 p. lncl. illus., forms. 23J". 

"Second edition." 

"First published in May, 1940, by Consumer distribution corporation, 
a subsidiary of Edward A. Filene good will fund, inc." — Foreword. 

(?) 12-3-245; 2 12-30-l45» Boatonj A 91I4. 

Edwards, Alberto, 1874-1932. 

Roman Calvo, el Sherlock Holmes chileno, by "Miguel de 
Fuenzalida" (pseudonym of Alberto Edwards) Edited, with 
introduction, notes and vocabulary, by Raymond L. Grismer 
. . . and Mary B. Macdonald . . . New York, The Macmillan com- 
pany, 1946. 

x,154 p. front, (map) illus. 21". 

© 26Febl|.6; publisher; A1275. 

Edwards, Alien Louis. 

Statistical analysis for students in psychology and education 
[by, Allen L. Edwards ... New York, Rinehart & company, 
inc. [1946, 

xviii, 360 p. lncl. tables, diagrs. 22". 
Bibliography : p. 300-306. 

© 13Junl|6; author, Seattle; aJ+1^62. 

Edwards, Corwin D 1901- ed. 

A cartel policy for the United nations, by Corwin D. Ed- 
wards, Theodore J. Kreps t and others, ... New York, Colum- 
bia university press, 1945. 

vi p., 1 1., 124 p. 20i~. 

"Papers ... originally presented as lectures at Columbia university in 
March and April, 1945, under the auspices of the Faculty of political 

"Corwin D. Edwards ... acted as editor." 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

© 13Dech,5; 2c 9Declj.5; publisher; A38I4. 

Edwards, Kenneth. 

Operation Neptune, by Commander Kenneth Edwards ... 
London, Collins, 1946. 

819 p. Illus. (maps, facslm.) plates, plana. 22}". 
Maps on lining-papers. 

Pub. llJaruj.6; lc 3Aprl|.6; 'tin. Collins 
sons & co.; AI 166. 
Efengee electrical supply company, inc., 

Chicago . 

Catalog no. 1|.6. Electrical supplies. 
Chicago, 111., Efengee electrical supply 
co., inc., cl9ij.6. 

1 v. illus. 28cm. 

© lljNovlj.6; Jaqua co., Grand Rapids, 
Mich.; A7252. 

Egediusen,- Harry, 

Takt or rytme; en vejledning i taelle. 
Kjzfbenhavn, W. Hansen [I9I4.5] 

2l+ p. illus. (music) 23 cm . 

© llSepl|.5; lc lOAprl+6; Wilhelr. 
Hansen; AF1032. 

Egge, Peter, 1869- 

... Mennesket Ada Graner, roman. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk 
f orlag, 1945. 

289 p. 20". 

1. Title. 

PT8950.E4M4 47-19344 

© 4Dec45 ; lc 27 Jul46 ; publisher ; AF1402. 

Eggers, Fred F. , 1888- ed. 

Curriculum: Apprentice Training 
program for inside wiremen. 

©17Juni4.6; California state associa- 
tion of electrical workers, Hollywood, 
Calif.; Aij.503. 

Egleton, Dominique, pseud . 
see pettex, Christian. 

Eglof , John H 

Take a tip, by John H. Eglof . . . Cincinnati, O., New York 
( etc.] The National underwriter company ( 1946] 
vil,164p. 22". 

"Each chapter . 
tlon'." — Foreword. 

was originally an article In the Travelers "Protec- 

1. Insurance — Agents. 1. Title. 

HG8091.E5 368 47-16323 

© 25Nov46; publisher, Cincinnati; A9280. 

Egloff, Gustav, 1886- 

... Mononuclear aromatic hydrocarbons 
... New York, Reinhold publishing 
corporation, 131+6. 

xiii, 66l p. illus. 
(Physical constants of hydrocarbons 
v. 3) 

©^arlj.6; publisher; AII4.3I;. 

Ehrenstein, Albert, 1886- 

... Tubutsch, with eleven full-page illustrations by Oskar 
Kokoschka, translated by Eric Posselt and Era Zistel ... N ew 
York, B. Abramson [1946, 

4 p. I., 5-79, [1] p. lncl. plates. 23i~. 
"A Profile press book." 

1. Posselt, Erich, 1892- tr. n. Title. 
PT2609.H724T82 833.91 

© 4Dec46 ; author, New York; A7370. 



BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Ehrmann, Bess Virginia (Hicks) 

"Thenceforward and forever free," by Bess V. Ehrmann. 
New York, Horizon house ( 1945] 
72 p. front, (port.) 21- 

<g) 1Mov45; 2c 12Dec45; Bess Virginia Ehrmann, 
Rockport, Ind.; A1214* 

Eichenberger, Willi 
see Eichenberger, Willy. 

Eichenberger, Willy. 

... Segelflug; grundlagen und technik des 
Aarau, H. R. Sauerlander & co. t 1946] 
127 p. Ulus., plates (1 fold.) dlagrs. 21J-. 
At head of title : Willy Elchenberger/Harald Wldmer. 

1. Gliders (Aeronautics) 2. Aerodynamics. i. Wldmer, Harald, 
Joint author. 

TL760.E42 47-16100 

© Uul46; publisher ; AF1687. 

Eichler, Alfred, 1908- 

Death at the mike, by Alfred Eichler . . . New York, Lantern 
press, inc. t 1946] 

4 p. I., 248 p. 20-. 

©2-19-1+6; 2 c 2-2 3-1+6; Alfred Eichler, 
lMew York; A 120Jj.. 

Eisenberg, Philip, 1912- 

Why we act as we do, by Philip Eisenberg, ph. d., illustrated 
by Ida Scheib. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1947 ( i. e. 1946, 

7 p. 1., 3-261, v p., 1 1. illus. 22™. 

"First edition." 

"Suggested readings" : p. 256-261. 

1. Psychology, Applied. i. Title. 

BF636.E4 150.13 47-719 

© 16Dec46; 2c 8Dec46; author, Bronx, N. Y.; A9254. 

Eisenhower, Dwight David, 1890- 

Eisenhower's own story of the war; the complete report by 
the supreme commander, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, on 
the war in Europe from the day of invasion to the day of vic- 
tory. New York, Arco publishing company ( 1946j 

vl, 122 p. ,111ns. (lncl. ports., maps) 281". n 

© 7JUJJ4.6; publisher; A9038. 

Eisler, Gerhart. 

The lesson of Germany; a guide to her history [byj Gerhart 
Eisler, Albert Norden c andj Albert Schreiner. New York, In- 
ternational publishers [ 1945, 

222 p. 22-. 

"References" : p. 221-222. 

©11-19-1+5; 2 c 1-9-1+6; International 
publishers co., inc., New York; A 166, 

Eisner, Helen Geller. 

The little boy who did not know why, by Helen Geller Eisner. 
Pictures by Marian Cannon. New York, Lothrop, Lee & 
Shepard co. t 1946] 

t 35) p. col. Illus. 19 x 17". 

© 12Augl+6; publisher; A6303. 

Eiten, Robert B 

The apostolate of suffering, by Robert B. Eiten, s. j. De- 
troit, Mich., Mariannhill mission society [1946j 

[Ulj-ill, 108 p. 20*-. 
"Some select books" : p. 108. 

© 14-26.146; 2o 5-19-146; Mariannhill mission 
sooioty. Dearborn, Mioh.; A J035* 

Eitrem, Samson, 1872- 

. . . Mysteriereligioner i antikken. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co. 
(W. Nygaard) 1942. 

216 p., 21. plates. 23J-. 

At head of title : S. Eitrem. 
"Litteratur" : p. ( 217]- ( 218j 

1. Mysteries, Religious. 1. Title. 


© I70ct42; lc 180ct46 ; publisher ; AF5088. 


Ekvall, Robert Brainerd, 1898- 

Tibetan voices, by Robert B. Ekvall. Drawings by Jean 
Hammond. New York and London, Harper & brothers c 1946) 

5 p. 1., 63 p., 1 1. illus. 20-. 


"First edition." 

Most of the poems previously 
published in Alliance weekly, 
Aug., 1939-Peb., I9I+I+. 

© 8Mayl+6; 2c l+Mayl+6; author, New 
York; Al+lJ+3. 

Ela (Richard E. ) company. 

... Catalog 9. Industrial tools and 
equipment, maintenance supplies ... 
Madison, Wis., I9I+6. 

© 3Marl+6; R'. R. Donnelley & sons co., 
Chicago; Alf+73.- 

Elder, Art. 

The Blue Streak and Doctor Medusa, by Art Elder, illus- 
trated by Francis Kirn. Racine, Wis., Whitman publishing 
company t 1946] 

3 p. 1., 11-248 p. Ulus. 201- 

© 6-IO-I4.6; 2c 8-1-1+6; Whitman publish- 
ing co., Racine, Wis.; A 5165. 

Eldridge, Fred, 1911- 

Wrath in Burma; the uncensored story of General Stilwell 
and international maneuvers in the Far East, by Fred 
Eldridge. Garden City, New York, Doubleday & company, 
inc., 1946. 

320 p. plates, ports. 21J-. 

"First edition." 
Map on lining-papers. 

© 9Mayl+6; 2c 26Aprl+6; author, 
Los Angeles; Ai+157- 

Eldridge (Harry) company, Houston. 

23 years of field-selling, including 15 years of research und 
field-testing back of the Harry Eldridge company makes avail- 
able to your firm a proven fiejjd-selling and merchandising plan 
with more profit at Jess cost^* (Houston, 1946] 

1 p. 1., 60 numb. 1. lncl. plates, dlagrs. 28J x 22}-. 
Cover-title : Harry Eldridge co. plan. 

1. Paper making and trade. 2. Salesmen and salesmanship. L Title. 
HF5439.P32E4 47-16241 

<© 15Aug46; Hurry M. Eldridge, Houston; A6960. 

Eldridge, Paul, 1888-* 

Men and women, by Paul Eldridge. New York, B. Acker- 
man, inc. [l£(46j 

224 p. 21-. 

Short stories. 

© U-12-li6: 2c 5-3-1+6; New York; A 2969, 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Eldridge, Paul, 1888- 

Two lessons in love : Master of hearts. Mr. Lowell and the 
goddess. By Paul Eldridge. New York, The Beechhurst press 
( 1946j 

drihSepk&l 'author, New York; A6179. 

Eldridge, Retha Hazel. 

Bombs and blessings, by Retha Hazel Eldridge ... Takoma 
Park, Washington, D. C, Review & herald ( 1946, 
256 p. lncl. front., illus. (lncl. group ports., map) 23™. 

@ 2-11-U6; 2 c 2~1 c Wl6; '-eview and 
herald publishing association, Takona 
Park, D. ;:.; A 10k?. 

Eleazer, Yosef ben 
aee Yosef ben ileazer. 

Electa, sister 

see Boyle, Mary Electa, 3lster . 

. ., Electrical buyers reference; a collec- 
tion of briefalogs of electrical and 
allied products, together with a 
classified directory of manufacturers 
... [19U6] 

New York, McGraw-Hill publishing 
company, inc. [19I4.6] 
1 v. 30 cm . 

© 29HarI|.6; publisher; A2866. 

Electrochemical society. 

Transactions, v. 87 [19^51 

New York city, Electrochemical society, 
inc., 192+6. 

1 v. 23 l/2cm. 

© 22Juni+6; publisher; Al+525. 

Electronic engineering. © Hulton 

press, ltd., London. 
Vol. 18. . 

No. 215, Janlj.6. Pub. 

lc 25Janli6: AI 62. 
No. 216, Feb{|.6. Pub. 

lc 5Marl|6; AI 116. 
No. 217, Marli.6. Pub. lMa.rl4.6j 

lc 20Marlj.6: AI 151. 
No. 218, Aprf|.6. Pub. lAprl+6; 

lc 19AprIj.6; AI 195. 
No. 219, MayU. Pub. lMayl^j 

lc 2UMay46: AI 269. 
No. 220, Jun46. Pub. 31Mayi4.6; 

lc 20JunU6 ; AI 289 . 
No. 221, Jul46. Pub. 30Junl4.6; 

lc 15Juli|6: AI 333. 
No. 222, Augl».6. Pub. 3IJUII4.6; 
, lc l6Augl».6: AI J4.5I. . , 

No. 223, Seplt.6. Pub. 31Augl4.6; 

lc 19Sepl4.6; AI I4.52. 
No. 22i|., 0ctl|.6. Pub. 30Sepl|.6; 

lc 190otU6: AI U85. 
No. 225, Nov46. Pub. 310ctl4.6; 

lc 13N0VI4.6; AI 562. 

No. 22.6, Decl4.6. Pub. 3ON0VI4.6J 
lc 15Deol|.6; AI 597- 


The Electronic engineering master index; a 
subject index to electronic engineering 
periodicals. 1st ed.; Jan. 1925-June 1945. 
New York city, Electronics research pub- 
lishing company, 1945. 

<§) 15Dec45; 2c lOJan/,6; publisher} AI69. 

The Elementary R- O. T. C. manual; a textbook for the 
Reserve officers' training corps. 1st ed. For first and second 
year elementary course, senior division units, Reserve officers' 
training corps. Harrisburg, Pa., The Military service pub- 
lishing company |1946j 

3 p. 1., 841 p. lncl. Illus. ( lncl. tnnps) forms, dlagrs. 24J*". 

1. U. S. Army— Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2. U. S. Army. Reserve 
officers' training corps. 3. Drill and minor tactics. I. Military service 
publishing company. 

U133.E4 355 46-8657 

. © '280ct46 ; publisher ; A886T. 

Eliot, Ethel (Cook) 1890- * 

Roses for Mexico, by Ethel Cook Eliot. New York, The 
Macmillan company, 1946. 

4 p. 1., 119 p. 21-. 
"First printing." 

(J)7_30-i4-6; 2c 7-2-14.6; Northampton, 
Mass. ; A 3676. 

Eliot, George, pseud., i. e. Marian Evans, afterwards Cross. 


The mill on the Floss, by George Eliot, adapted by Mabel 
Dodge Holmes ... New York, Globe book company ( 1946, 

1 p. ]., vlll, 293 p. Illus. (lncl. port.) 20i~. 

© adaptation, 21Juni|.6; Globe book co., 
inc. ; A525I4.. 

Eliot, George Fielding, 1894- 

... The strength we need, a military program for America, 
pending peace. New York, The Viking press, 1946. 

261 p. Illus. (maps) 22™. 

"First published ... In October 1946." 

1. U. S— Defenses. 1. Title. 
UA23.E4 355.45 

© 180ct46 ; author, New York ; A6645. 


Elkin, Bonnie Dinkle. 

This harvest, by Bonnie D. Elkin. Cover illustrations by 
Judith Jordon Hardy. Wichita Falls, Tex., Terry bros. c 1945j 
5 p. 1., 69 ( i. e. 76) p. 1 illus.. port. 19i™. 

O 15Decl45; 2c 2CWayi+6; author, Wichita 
'ills., Tox.: AI48I46. 

Ellicott machine corporation. 
Ellicott dredges; dredging 
machinery. [Catalog] F-730. 
Baltimore, I9I4.6. 

© 15Marl4.6; Ellicott^machine 
Corp., Baltimore; AI59O. 

Ellingson, Carl He man , 1883- 

Manual of office administration, a compilation of the actual 
day-by-day instructions of a modern savings and loan manager 
to his staff; source material [by] C. H. Ellingson ... adaptation 
and arrangement ( by, Paul Westerfield ... Cincinnati, O., 
American savings and loan news [1944] 

136 (i. e. 139) numb. 1. lncl. forms. 281". 

Includes_extra numbered leaves. , 

© lKarf&j- 2c 12DecJ|J|.; publisher; AtiBlj.2. 

Elliott, Stanley B 

The alkaline-earth and heavy-metal soaps, by Stanley B. 
Elliott . . . New York, Reinhold publishing corporation, 1946. 

r, 11-342 p. lncl. Illus., tables, dlagrs. 23i~. (American chemical 
society. Monograph series. [No. 103]) 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

@) lRJull 4 6; publisher; /J4856. 


BOOKS - GROUP \ - 1946 

Ellis, Barnet R 1895- 

"B'ut now I see" . . . Los Angeles, Willing pub. co. [1946j 

90 p. 20$-. 

1. Orthoptics. 2. Eye— Care and hygiene. 3. Bates, William Horatio, 
1860-1931. [3. Bates method, I. Title. 



Med 46-189 

© 250ct46 ; author, Santa Barbara, Calif. ; A6927. 

Ellis, David Maldwyn. 

Landlords and farmers in the Hudson-Mohawk region, 
1790-1850, by David Maldwyn Ellis ... Ithaca, N. Y., Cor- 
nell university press, 1946. 

xiii, 347 p. incl. front., illus. (maps) 22-. 
Bibliographical foot-notes. Bibliography : p. 318-334. 

© 6-20-1)6; 2o 6-23-i46; Cornell university, 
Ithaoft, N. Y.; A 14812. 

Ellis, Hallett West, 1882- 

Fishing for men, including a suggested scheme of organiza- 
tion for bands of "fishermen" together with a plan and pro- 
gram for winning those -who are lost and for enlisting the un- 
enlisted saved in the service of Christ. By H. W. Ellis ... 
Kansas City, Mo., Western Baptist publishing co. ( 1945) 

191 p. 1 illus. 20-. 
"Second edition." 

© 3lDecU5; 2c 3Janlj.6; author, Steele, 
Mo.; A539. 

Ellis, Hallett West, 1882- * 

My ships of memory ( by] Hallett West Ellis. [Steele, Mo., 

123 p. Illus. (incl. ports.) 20$-. . 


©6-29-14.6; 2c 7-5-1*6; Steele, Mo.; 
A 3U-75- 

Ellis, Roy Gilmore. 

The classification and treatment of injuries to the teeth of 
children . . . Chicago, Year book publishers ( 1946] 

258 p. illus. 184-. 
2d rev. ed. 

1. Teeth. 1. (Children— Dentistry) 2. Dentistry, Operative. 
RK502.E4 1946 617.64 Med 46-113 

© 3Sep46 ; Year book publishers, inc. ; A5889. 

Ellis, Vivian Locke. 

Collected lyrical poems by Vivian Locke Ellis, with an in- 
troduction by Walter De La Mare. London, Faber and Faber 
ltd [1946j 

2 p. 1., 3-136 p. 21-. 
"First published in Mcmxlvi." 

Pub. 22Marl|6; lc l8Decl4-6; author, 
London; AI 602. 

Ellis, William Thomas, 1873- 

As the shepherds saw it, by William T. Ellis ... Boston, 
W. A. Wilde company ,1946, 

3 p. 1., 44 p. 1 illus. 19-. 

1. Jesus Christ — Fiction. 1. Title. 
BT309.E55 232.993 

© lSep46; publisher; A6755. 

Ellison, Mary, pseud . 
see Youde, Mary Helen. 


Ellsberg, Edward, 1S91- 

Under the Red sea sun, by Commander Edward Ellsberg. 
New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1946. 

ix p., 1 1., 500 p. illus. 22™. 

Map on lining-papers. 

1. World war, 1030-19-15 — Persona] narratives, American. 2. Massaua, 
Eritrea — Harbor. 3. Salvage. 

D811.E58 040.548173 46-11947 

■© 290ct4(i; l'c 190ct46; Dodd, Mead & co., inc.; A9223. 

Elmer, Robert Potter, 1877- 

Target archery, with a history of the sport in America [byj 
Robert P. Elmer. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1946. 

xii, 524, vi p., 1 1. Illus., plates, ports., facslms., diagrs. 22—. 

"First edition." 

© 15Augij.6; 2c IAUKI4.6; Alfred A. Knopf, 
inc., New York; A5lji>l. 

Elson, Henry William, 1857- 

Modern times and the living past, by. Henry W. Elson ... 
New York, Cincinnati [etc.] American book company ( 1946] 

viii, 732, 732a-732l, 733-748, Ix-xxxvill p. col. front., illus., plates 
(parted.) maps (part double) 21". 

"For further reading" at end of most of the chapters. 

1. History, Universal. 1. Title. 

D21.E55 1946 909 46-8381 

© revisions, 14Nov46 ; publisher, New York ; A8409. 

Elson, Henry William, 1857- 

United States, its past and present, by Henry W. Elson ... 
New York, Cincinnati [etc.] American book company t 1946j 

x, 570, xi-xxxviii p. illus. (Incl. ports.) maps (part double) 21— 

"Further reading" at end of each chapter. 

1. U.S.— Hist. 

E178.1.E52 1946 973 

© revisions, 2Dec46 ; publisher ; A8952. 


Elston, Hattie Phinnette, 1900- 

White men follow after, a collection of stories about the 
Okoboji-Spirit lake region, by Hattie P. Elston. ( Iowa City, 
Athens press, 1946] 

128 p. Illus. ( Incl. ports., maps) 281 x 22J-. 

© 5JuU|6} author, Arnolds Park, la.; A3526. 

Elting, Mary. 

The lollypop factory — and lots of others, by Mary Elting, 
in collaboration with Margaret Gossett; pictures by Jeanne 
Bendick. 1st ed. Garden City, New York, Doubleday & com- 
pany, Inc., c 1946. 

95 p. col. illus. 24 x 18™. 

1. Manufactures — Juvenile literature, 
author, n. Title. 

1. Gossett, Margaret, joint 

TS146.E4 670 

© I70ct46; publisher, New York; A6674. 


Elting, Mary. 

Trucks at work, by Mary Elting; pictures by Ursula Koering. 
Garden City, New York, Garden City publishing company, inc., 
c 1946. 

( 48] p. col. Illus. 28-. 

1. Automobiles — Juvenile literature. 2. Motor-trucks. 1. Koering, 
Ursula, illus. n. Title. 

TL147.E4 629.224 46-7830 

© 70ct46; Duenewald printing corp., New York; A7082. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Elting, Mary. 

We are the government, by Mary Elting, in collaboration 
with Margaret Gossett ; charts and pictures by Jeanne Bendick. 
Garden City, New York, Doubleday, Doran and company, inc., 

90, ,6, p. col. illus. 24J-. 

© 8Novi|.5; 2c 3Febl4.6; publisher; A8l8. 

Elton, Godfrey Elton, baron, 1892- » 

Imperial commonwealth, by Lord Elton ... Foreword by 
Allan Nevins. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock [1946] 

i, 11-544 p. iUus. (maps) 21". 
Includes bibliographies. 

© 6-2J+-I4.6; 2 c 6-26-14.6; Old Headington, 
Oxford, Eng.; A I4.709 . Prev. reg. A int. 
29171 ; pub. 8-20-I4.5. 

Elton, Mark. 

Cocoa, the horse who wanted real 
ehoes, by Mark Elton; illustrated by 
Frank Owen. Mew York, Merry-Day house, 
19/4.6 . 

[32] p. illus. 20 x 25 l/2 cm . 
( On cover ; The Merr3>--Day house juvenile 
library. ) 

© lAprIj.6; Merry-Day house, inc.; 

Eluard, Paul, 1895- 

... Au rendez-vous allemand. Nouv. ed., rev., corr. et augm. 
de Poesie et verite, 1942. Paris, Editions de Minuit, 1945. 

2 p. 1., 9-76, t l| P-. 1 1. front, (port.) 22i"-. 

"Raisons d'ecrire, entre autres, et bibltographie" : p. [63,-72. 

© 7AprI|.5; lc 2Marl4.6; publisher; AF655. 

Eluard, Paul, 1895- 
... Poesie ininterrompue. t Parisj Gallimard t 1946j 
4 p. 1., 11-88 p., 3 1. 19*. 

i. Title, n. Gallimard, firm, publishers, Paris, claimant 
PQ2609.L75P63 841.91 46-23309 

© 15Jan46; Librairie Gallimard; AF1441. 

Elwell, Clarence Edward, 1901l~- 

Toward the eternal commencement . . . 
For the senior year, by Rev. Clarence 
E. Elwell, PH.D., Rev. Anthony N. 
Fuerst, S.T.D., Rt. Rev. James T. L'Dowd, 
PH.D. [and others] ... Chicago, • 
Mentzer, Bush & co., c 1 9I4.6 . 

576 p. illus. 21 l/2 cm . (Our 
quest for happiness ... A textbook 
series for High school religion, bk. I4.) 

Includes bibliographies. 

© 29Augi|6; author, Cleveland; 

Elwell, Fayette Herbert, I8.85- 

Teachers ' key, to accompany Elwell 's 
elementary accounting for colleges ... 
[Boston, New York, etc. ] Ginn and com- 
pany [1914-5] 

22I4. p. 2l|Cm, 

Title from cover. 

.Caption title: Solutions to problems 
in Elementary accounting. 

Reproduced from type-written copy. 

© 2l4.De cij.5 ; ' 2c 8l/larl).6; publisher, 
Boston; AI639. 

Elwyn, Herman, 1885- 

Diseases of the retina, by Herman Elwyn . . . With 170 illus- 
trations, 19 in color. Philadelphia, Toronto, The Blakiston 
company ( 1946) 

xl, 587 p. Illus. (part col. ; lncL dlagrs.) 231". 
Includes bibliographies. 

© 6-ll4.-ii.6; 2c 6-I7-I4.6; Blalciston co., 
Philadelphia: A UiiOR. 

Elyot, Sir Thomas, 1490?-1546. 

Of the knowledge which maketh a wise man, by Sir Thomas 
Elyot, edited by Edwin Johnston Howard . . . Oxford, O., The 
Anchor press, 1946. 

2 p. 1., iii-xxxil, 260 p. Incl. front., Illus. (facslms.) 22J". 

"Limited to two hundred copies ; this Is no. 13." 

A page-for-page reprint of the Henry E. Huntington library copy 
of the 1533 edition. cMntrod. 

© 29ADrli6; editor, Oxford 0.; A2931. 

Elyria, O. Ordinances, etc. 

Revised ordinances of the city of Elyria, Ohio, 1946. The 
general ordinances of the city, enacted as a whole January 7, 
1946, effective March 1, 1946. Published by order of the Coun- 
cil. Charlottesville, Va., Michie city publications company, 

vlll, 306 p. 231"". 

"First revision and codification ... since 1908 ... Codified, edited and 
indexed by the editorial staff of Michie city publications company." — 

©25Febl|.6; publisher; Aloll. 

Emanuel, Cedric. 

Southwest Pacific sketchhook ( byj Cedric Emanuel. New 
York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1945. 

7, ( 56] p. illus. 22i x 28i". 

©II-I2-I4.5; 2c ll-7-lf5; Prentice-Hall, 
New York; A 2503. 

Embree, Cresson Glover, 1896- 

Time in verse, 1946, by Cresson Glover Embree. ,West 
Chester, Pa., 1946, 

77 p. 18™. 

© 170ctlj.6; author, West Chester, Pa.; 

[Embury, Emma Catherine (Manley)] 1806-1863. 
... American wild flowers. New York, Hastings house [1946) 
39, |lj p. illus. (part col.) 17x13™. (Hastings house Americana) 

"The plates and text are selected from American wild flowers In their 
native haunts by Emma C. Embury, with hand-colored lithographs after 
drawings by Edwin Whitefield." 

"Alice Henius Radt did the research and editing." 

1. Flowers — U. S. 2. Flowers in poetry. 1. Whitefield, Edwin, b. 
1816, illus. n. Radt, Alice Henius, ed. m. Title. 

QK115.E6 1946 581.973 46-8373 

© 30Oct46 ; Hastings house, publishers, inc. ; A8414. 

Emerson, Caroline Dwight, 1891- 

The little green car, by Caroline Emerson, illustrated by 
Paul Galdone ... New York, Grosset & Dunlap t 1946] 

[28, p. Illus. (part col.) 23x21". (A Story parade picture book) 

© lSepij-oj Artists and writers guild, 
inc., Mew York; A8027. 

Emerson, Caroline Dwight, 1891- 

Mr. Nip and Mr. Tuck in the air, by Caroline D. Emerson, 
illustrated by W. C. Nims. New York, E. P. Dutton and com- 
pany, inc., 1946. 

160 p. illus. 21- 
"First edition." 

© 22Jullj6; 2o 6Junli6; publisher) A5J16. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Emerson, Charles Phillips, 1912- 

Essentials of medicine, by .Charles Phillips Emerson, jr. ... 
and Jane Elizabeth Taylor ... 15th ed. ... Philadelphia [etc.] 
Lippincott [ e 1946] 

nil, 688 p. illus. (partcoL) 21- 

lst to 7th edltons by C. P. Emerson ; 8th to 18th edltons by 0. P. Emer- 
son and Nellie O. Brown. 

(C) 63ep46: publisher- AS999. 

Emerson, Elizabeth (Holaday) 

The good crop, by Elizabeth H. Emerson; decorations by 
Joseph W. Hopkins. New York, London [etc.] Longmans, 
Green and co., 1946. 

6 p. ]., 3-297 p. Illus. 21J-. 
"First edition." 

1 Title. 

PZ3.E5325Go * 46-7970 

© 13Nov46 ; 2c 310ct46 ; author. Las Vegas, N. M. ; AS217. 
Emerson, Lucien Waldo, 1902- 

Shooting star, by L. W. Emerson. New York, Phoenix 
press [1946] 

255 p. 19". 

© 4llar46; publisher; A1507. 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-18»^. 

The gospel of Emerson, edited by Newton Dillaway ... 
Wakefield, Mass., The Montrose press [1946] 
vtl p., 2 1., 82 p. front (port.) 231- 

"Fifth edition revised." 
"Sources" : p. 80. 

(D 6-IJ4.-I4.6; 2c 6-21-46; Newton Dillaway, 
Wakefield, Mass.-A 314-57. 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882. 

The portable Emerson, selected and arranged, with an intro- 
duction and notes, by Mark Van Doren. New York, The Vi- 
king press, 1946. 

•rt, 664 p. 17-. ( The Viking portable library ) 

r. 'Van Doren, Mark, 1894- ed. n. Title. 

PS1602.V28 814.36 46-11849 

© 180ct46 ; Viking press, inc. ; A8710. 
Emery, Anne, 1907- 

Tradition, by Anne Emery ; drawings by Ruth King. New 
York, The Vanguard press, inc. t 1946) 
250 p. 21- 
Illustratlons on t.-p. and lining-papers. 

1. Title. 

PZ7.E587Tr 47-30021 

© 7Nov46; author, Evanston, 111.; A9245. 
Emery, John Pike, 1905- 

Arthur Murphy, an eminent English dramatist of the eight- 
eenth century, by John Pike Emery. Philadelphia, Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania press for Temple university publications, 

ix, 224 p. front, (port.) 24". 

Blbliographlcal references Included In "Notes" (p. 175-202) "Select 
bibliography" : p. 203-218. 

1. Murphy, Arthur, 1727-1805. 

PR3605.M9E5 928.2 46-11923 

© 30Oct46 ; Temple univ., Philadelphia ; A9047. 

Employers mutual liability insurance company of Wiscon- 

A dictionary of insurance terms; how to understand insur- 
ance and buy it intelligently. Wausau, Wis., Employers mu- 
tual liability insurance company of Wisconsin, Employers mu- 
tual fire insurance company t 1946] 

3 p. 1., 59 p., 3 1. 20-. 

© l?Junl|i; publishers; A 5089. 

Emulsion technology, theoretical and applied, including the 
symposium on technical aspects of emulsions. 2d., enl. ed. 
Brooklyn, N. Y, Chemical publishing co., inc., 1946. 
xiii, 360 p. Illus., diagrs. 22". 

"The symposium on emulsions ( wasi held by the Leather trade* 
chemists ... The papers ... were published [1935] under the title of 
Technical aspects of emulsions."— Pref., 1st ed., 1943, signed : H. Bennett 

Bibliography at end of most of the chapters. 

© 25JUIJ4.6; publisher; A556O. 

The Encyclopedia Americana. Editor in chief, A. H. Mc- 
Dannald ... 1946 ed. New York, Chicago, Americana cor- 
poration [1946] 

30 v. illus., plates (part col., part double, Incl. music) ports., maps 
(part double) facslms., dlagrs. (1 double) 26- 

BJhilography at end of some of the articles. 

© 5-28-^6; 2c ea. 6-2-46; Americana cor- 
poration, Chicago; A 525 j. 
Encyclopaedia britannica. 

The Encyclopaedia britannica collection of contemporary 
American painting, written and edited by Grace Pagano, with 
a new introduction by Donald Bear. Chicago, 111., Encyclo- 
paedia britannica, inc. ( 1946j 

xxlx, |261j p. illus. (part col. ; Incl. ports.) 25 x 24J— . 

Cover-title: Contemporary American painting. 
"Second edition." 

First edition, 1945, has title: Catalogue of the Encyclopedia britan- 
nica collection of contemporary American painting. 

© 3lOctl4.6; publisher; A8982. 

Encyclopaedia britannica. 

Encyclopaedia britannica world atlas; physical and political 
maps, geographical comparisons, a glossary of geographical 
terms, a gazetteer index, geographical summaries, world 
spheres of influence. G. Donald Hudson, geographical editor, 
under the general editorial direction of Walter Yust ... Chi- 
cago, London ( etc., Encyclopaedia britannica, inc. ( 1946] 

xil, lv, 266 (i. e. 267), 151 p. Incl. Illus. (part col., Incl. maps) tables. 
157 col. maps on 70 1. 42—. 

"The maps in this volume are based, with few exceptions, on the state 
of the world as of September 1, 1939." — Foreword. 

Includes bibliographies. 

"Copyright 1945." 

Pub. additions and revisions, HMar46; 
publisher, Chicago; A2042. 

Encyclopaedia britannica. 

Encyclopaedia britannica world atlas; 
physical and political maps, geographi- 
cal comparisons, a glossary of geo- 
graphical terms, a gazetteer index, 
geographical summaries, world spheres 
of influence. G. Donald Hudson, geo- 
graphical editor, under the general 
editorial direction of Walter Yust ... 
Chicago, London [etc.] Encyclopaedia 
britannica, inc. [1946] 

xii, iv, 280, 156 p. incl. illus. 
(part col., incl. maps) tables, diagrs. 
157 col. maps on 70 j/ . 42 cm . 

"The maps in this volume are based, 
with few exceptions, on the state of 
the world as of September 1, 1939." — 

Includes bibliographies. 

©revisions, 22Aug46; publisher; 

Encyclopaedia britannica, a new survey of universal Knowl- 
edge ... Chicago, London ( etc.) Encyclopaedia britannica, 
inc. ,1946) 

24 v. Illus., plates (part col.) ports., maps, charts, plans, facslms. 
(1 col.) tables, diagrs. 28J-. 

Includes music. 

"Editor's preface" signed : Walter Yust, editor. 

"Published with the editorial advice and consultation of the faculties 
of the University of Chicago." 

Bibliography at end of some of the articles. 

<S>8Feb46; publisher, Chicago; A2259. 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Encyclopedia of American biography. New 
series. Under the editorial direc- 
tion of YiJinfiold Scott Downs, Litt. 
D., in association with a notable 
advisory board. [v. 18] New York, 
American historical society, inc., 

1+ p. 1., kkk P-, IJt-, 60 p. illus. 
27 cm . 

, Contains cumulative index, v. 1-18 

10Decl+5; 2c 23Febl+6; publisher: 


Endicott, Frank S 

How to find and succeed in your post-war job; a guidebook 
.designed to meet in a direct and practical way the needs of ma- 
turing youth and adults as they seek to adjust themselves to 
the post-war occupational world. By Frank S. Endicott ... 
Scranton, Pa., International textbook company, 1946. 

x, 147 p. Incl. front., 111ns., forms. 21*". 

© 30Janl+6; publisher; A2627. 

Endres, Franz Carl v 1878- 

.w Selbsterkenntnis und selbsterzie- 
hung. Ztlrich, Rascher ,1°46 [!•£• 19U5J 

v, 77 p. 19 cm . 

"1. bis 3. tausend." 
Includes 6 radio talks given during 
the Winter, 19l+l+-!±5« 
"Copyright I9I+6." 
Bibliographical foot-notes. 

Pub. 13Decl+5; lc 15Mayl+6; Raacher & 
cie, a. g.; AF1055. 

Engel, Jerome D. 
see Worth, Ford, pseud . 

Engelmann, Susanne Charlotte, 1886- 

German education and re-education, by Susanne Charlotte 
Engelmann ... with an introduction by Lewis M. Termart ... 
New York, N. Y., International universities press [1945] 

147 p. 22-. 
Bibliography : p. 144-147. 

© 12-7-1+5; 2 c 12-10-1+5; Susanne Char- 
lotte Engelmann, Weatherford, Tex.; A60I+, 

Engers, James Frederik, 1914- 

Indie in de branding, de geallieerde wereld over de toekomst 
van Nederlansch Indie van Pearl harbor tot Hollandia, door 
J. F. Engers ... met een voorwoord van dr. F. H. Visman ... 
Uitgegeven in samenwerking met den Nederlandsch-neder- 
landsch indischen raad van het Institute of Pacific relations. 
New York, Querido, 1945. 

186 p. 21- 

"Documenten publlcatles" : p. (125, "Blbllographle" : p. ( 126)-130. 

© 150ctl+5; lc l6Decl+5; lc 23Janl+6; 
Querido, inc.; Ai+7l+, 

The Engineering Index ... 191+5. 
New York, Engineering index, Inc. 


1 v* 26cm* 

<D 25Jull+6; publisher; A52I+9. 

England, Jane, pseud . 
see Jervis, Vera Murdock Stuart, 1897- 

England, Stephen Jackson, 1895- 

We Disciples, a brief view of history and doctrine, by Stephen 
J. England ... St. Louis, Mo., Christian board of publication 

80 p. 19J-. 

© 5-20-1+6; 2c 6-8-1+6; Christian board 
of publication, St. Louis; A 3391. 

Engle, Nathanael Howard, 1393- ed. 

Marketing in the West, edited by Nathanael H. Engle ... 
Sponsored by Pacific advertising association. New York, 
The Ronald press company [1946] 

xll, 263 p. Illus. (map) dlagrs. 22-. 

Supplements the Pacific advertising association's two previous studies : 
How war is changing Pacific area markets and Products the West can 
produce and advertising's part In marketing them. cf. Foreword. 

Bibliographical foot-notes. 

©15Mayl+6; publisher; A3169. 

English, Eugene Schuyler, 1899- 

H. A. Ironside, ordained of the Lord ... A biography by 
E. Schuyler English ... Grand Rapids, Mich., Zondervan 
publishing house [1946] 

278 p. front, plates, ports. 21- 

"The complete writings of H. A. Ironside" : p. 265-267. 

, ®J+- 2 5-lr-6; 2c 6-10-1+6; Zondervan pub- 
lishing house, Grand Rapids; A 1+333. 

Enright, Elizabeth, 1909- 

Borrowed summer, and other stories by Elizabeth Enright 
New York, Toronto, Rinehart & company, inc. t 1946] 

5 p. I, 3-275 p. 18|- 

© 170ctl+6; 2c 19Junl+6; Elizabeth 
Enright Gillham, New York; A8I+37. 

Ensor, Robert Charles Kirkwood, 1877- 

A miniature history of the war ( byj R. C. K. Ensor. 2d ed. 
New York, Oxford university press, 1946. 

tx,190p. 16-. 
"First edition, 1945." 

© lAug[>6; Oxford university press, New 
York, inc.; A5I1.31. 

Eparvier, Jean. 

... A Paris, sous la botte des nazis. Paris, R. Schall [1944] 
4 p. 1., 11-27 p. illus., plates, ports., facslms. 27". 

© 30Dec44; lc 8Uay46; Editions Raymond 
Schall; AF1178. 

Eparvier, Jean. 

... Tunisie vivante. 277 photos de Pierre Boucher. 36 
photos de J. D. Bossoutrot. [Parisj Editions du Pre aux clercs 

2 p. 1., [7]-155 p., 1 I, illus. (Incl. ports., maps, facsim.) dlagrs. 
27 x 23-. [Collection 110 millions de FrancalS] 

1. Tunis — Descr. & trav. — Views. 


© lFeb46; publisher; AF2137. 

A F 47-1733 

Ephesian, paeud . 
see Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer, I89I+- 

Epstein, Beryl (Williams) 
For works written in collaboration with 
Samuel Epstein 
see Coe, Douglas, pseud . 


BOOKS - GROUP I - 1946 

Epstein, Jean. 

... L'intelligence d'une machine. Paris, J. Melot [1946, 
4 p. 1., 11-195, |2i p. 23". (LesClasslquesdu cinema. (1,) 
"iSdltion originate." 

1. Moving-pictures. I. Title. 

PN1994.E655 1946 791.4 47-19498 

© 10Feb46; publisher; AF1485. 

Epstein, Sam. 

Peter Platypus; story by Sam Epstein, pictures by Bob 
Montana. New York, E. Speller [1946] 

3 p. I., 28, ( 1] p. col. tUns. 28 x 22-. 

"First edition." 

© 6-I-I4.6; 2c 7-18-14.6; Sam Epstein and 
Bob Montana, New York; A 5 01 7« 

Epstein, Samuel 
For works written in collaboration with 
Beryl (Williams) Epstein 
see Coe, Douglas, pseud . 

[Epstein, Samuel] 1909- 

... The secret of Baldhead mountain, by Martin Colt ( psettd.j 
illustrated by John C. Wonsetler. New York, J. Messner, inc. 

216 p. Illus. 19J-. 

At head of title : A Roger Baxter mystery. 
Map on Unlng-papers. 

© 15Novlj.6; 2c 9Novk6; Martin Colt, 
[ pseud ] New York; A0V78. 

[Epstein, Samuel] 1909- 

Stranger at the inlet, a Roger Baxter mystery, by Charles 
Strong [■p»eud.] Pictures by John Wonsettler t !j New York, 
J. Messner, inc. ( 1946] 

216 p. illus. 18J-. 

© 4May46; 2c 10Apr^6; Julian Messner, inc., 
Mew Torkj U067. 

Epstein, Sigmund. 

Hocka-Geriffa. Story by Sigmund Ep- 
stein. Illustrated by Mary and Marion 
E. [New York, Printed by Dart press, 


cover-title, [1], 25, [1] JU col. 
illus. 27 cm . 

© 6JD ec I|.5; 2c 8Declj.5; author, New York; 

Eranos-Jahrbuch, bd. 12-13 • •• ZOrich, 
Rheln-verlag, 19U5 — 14.6 . 
2 v. 2ic«. 
Edited by Olga Fr&be-Kapteyn. 

Contents. — bd. 12. Studien zum prob- 
lem dee archetypischen. — bd. 13. Der 

©bd. 12, 26Jullj.5; bd. 13, l8Aprl4.6; 
lo bd. 12, 10ctl4-5; Rhein-verlag, a.g.; 
AF8914., AFI399. 

Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536. 

The complaint of peace, by Erasmus, with an introduction 
by William James Hirten ... New York, Scholars' facsimiles 
& reprints, 1946. 

xxvlli p., 3 1., 5-58 p., facslm. : [95, p. 23J-. (Scholars 1 facsimiles & 

A facsimile of the Folger Shakespeare library copy (1559) and a 
modernized version of Thomas Payneli's English translation of Querela 
pads. ^ 

© 27Maylj.6 ; publisher; A3215. 

Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536. 

The praise of folly, by Desiderius Erasmus; a new transla- 
tion, with introduction and notes, by Leonard F. Dean ... Chi- 
cago, Packard and company [1946j 

vll, 152 p. 19-. (Half-title: University classics; Walter Hendricks, 
general editor) 

Bibliography : p. 32-33. 

1. Folly. 1. Dean, Leonard Fellows, 1909- 

PA8514.E5 1946 879.7 

© 3Dec46 ; publisher ; A9233. 

n. Title. 


Erbbiologie und erbpathologie nervBser 
psychlscher zustSnde und funktionen, 
bearbeitet von H. Boetera, C. Brugger, 
K- Conrad [und andere] Mit 275 
abbildungen ... Berlin, J. Springer. 
2 v. illus. 26cm. (Handbuch der 

erbbiologie des menschen ... hrsg. von 

Gunther Just, bd. 5, t.1-2) 
Paged continuously. 

Under the direction of G. Just and 
J. Lange. 

"Vorwort" (1 leaf) inserted. 

"Schrlfttum" after each article. 
©22Dec39; lc ea. 27Marl*6; Julius 
Springer; AFIO7I4. 

Eredia, Filippo, 1877- 

... Lezioni di meteorologia e di aerologia, Roma, S. a. edi- 
trice "Studium urbis" ,1941, 

1 p. 1., (Ti-vil, 618, di p. lncl. Illus. (incl. charts) dlagrs. fold, dlagr. 

At head of title: R. Unlverslta degll studl di Koma. Scuola dl 
lngegnerla aeronautics. 

© 2Augia; lc 230ct]+5; s. a. Tumrainelli 
editrice "Studium urbis"; AF2209. 

Erickson, Clifford Eric, 1907- 

Guidance practices at work, by Clifford E. Erickson ... and 
Marion Crosley Happ ... 1st e d. New York, London, Mc- 
Oraw-Hill book company inc., 1946. 

5 p. 1., 825 p. lncl. forms, dlagrs. 
practical guidance series) 

23- (Half-title: McGraw-Hill 

"Selected bibliography" : p. ( 314j 

©i|Apr46; publisher, New York; A2726. 
Erlanger, Philippe. 
. . . Louis xm . . . [Paris, Gallimard [1946, 
8 p. L, [9,-293 p., 1 1. incl. double geneal. tab. 21- ("Leurs figures") 

1 Louis xm, king of France, 1P /, V1648. 

DC123.8.E7 1946 a 923.144 47-16761 

© 30May46; Librairie Gallima