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Full text of "A catalogue of the manuscripts preserved in the library of the University of Cambridge. Edited for the Syndics of the University Press"

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7//C' I ^uivcrsity of Cambridge 

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/" ./(<; /// replacing:, the loss caused />v the Disastrous Jnir 
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The Index, which is contained in the present volume, completes 
the Catalogue of the University MSS., with the exception of those 
styled ' Oriental,' which are kept and will be catalogued separately 
from the rest. An apology is scarcely needed for the length of time 
that has elapsed between the publication of the first volume and 
the appearance of the Index, which alone can give it general utility; 
for it was felt that to index volume by volume would give needless 
trouble to the literary inquirer ; and as the concluding volume of the 
Catalogue only appeared in February of the present year, that the 
whole index should be published before the end of the year, is 
probably as much as could have been expected. The index to the 
first four volumes was made some years ago, and was placed in 
MS. in the Library, both for the convenience of inquirers, and also 
with a view to its own examination, so that any deficiencies or errors 
might be pointed out and corrected. Since the whole was com- 
pleted, the correctness of every reference has been tested in two 
ways, and in all cases of doubt application has been made to the 
MSS. themselves. And as all the corrigenda are referred to in the 
index, it is hoped that the errors in the Catalogue itself will not be 
of serious importance, as in every case where an error has been 
ascertained to exist, the index refers to the correction at the same 
time as it gives a reference to the description of the MS. sought. 

The Index itself, it is believed, will be found sufficiently full— 
and so that any MS. can be discovered without difficulty; when- 
ever there seemed any doubt under which of two titles a MS. might 
be looked for, it has been given under both. No pains have been 
spared to secure accuracy; and while the Editor has had too much 



experience in this kind of literary labour to hope that there are no 
errors in his work, he trusts that none of great importance will be 

A few words are perhaps called for in thus completing the Cata- 
logue of a collection of MSS. of so very miscellaneous a character. 
Coming as they do from different benefactors — and the greater por- 
tion from so indiscriminate a collector as Bp. Moore, — this character is 
only what we should expect : and as no attempt was made to class 
them when they first came into the Library, but they were placed 
on the shelves in the most careless manner, no regard being had 
to age, subject, or value, and very little even to size, this character- 
istick is the more marked to any one who turns over the pages of the 
volumes of the Catalogue, Poetry and History, Law and Theology, 
Service-books and collections of Letters, are placed side by side, 
utterly regardless of any connection or discrepance between them. 
The whole arrangement gives the idea, which was probably the fact, 
that after the printed books of the bishop's library had been ar- 
ranged and placed on the shelves, the librarians of the time were so 
utterly wearied out, that they took no pains of any kind with 
the MSS. 

Differences of opinion will exist as to whether it would not 
have been better to have made a new arrangement before begin- 
ning the catalogue. My own belief is, that it is best as it is : that 
the present arrangement has existed too long, and the MSS. have been 
too frequently quoted by these shelf marks, for any sudden alteration; 
the object of a catalogue is to enable persons to find any MS. they 
may desire and to describe it when found, as well as to show what 
the library contains ; and this is obtained by the preservation of 
the present arrangement better than by any fresh one. Of course 
if at any future time the whole collection should be re-arranged, a 
table, like that which is given in pp. IG 1—168 of the present volume, 
will obviate any difficulty. 

I proceed to point out under different heads what are the chief 
treasures of the collection. 


Versio)is of the Scrijytures. Here, of course, the well-known Codex 
Bezag, or Codex D, (Nn. ii. 41) luust always take tho first place. 
Since the account of it in the 4th volume of the Catalotnio 
was puLlished, Mr Scrivener's edition has appeared — where it is 
believed every thing known about the MS. will be found. Of the 
other Greek Testaments the references given in the Index to 
Scholz's numbers will enable any one, who knows them only by his 
numbers, to find them at once. 

Of Latin Bibles there is of course a large collection ; from these 
may be selected for especial notice Ee. iv. 28, which contains the 
fourth book and the older version of the third book of Esdras; 
Ee. I. IG, which contains the first two chapters of the fourth book ; 
and tbe beautiful specimen of minute writing, Ii. vi. 22. 

Of more ancient copies the small four Gospels in Irish characters 
(Ii. VI. 32) and the grand specimen of early Saxon or Irish writing 
(unfortunately imperfect) Kk. I. 24, may be mentioned. The Anglo- 
Saxon Gospels (Ii. II. 11), the Anglo-Saxon Psalter (Ff. I. 23), both 
given to the University by Archbishop Parker, Bp. Bedell's Irish 
Bible (Dd. ix. 7, see Vol. V. p. 587), the Vaudois ver.sions of some 
books of the Old Testament and Apocrypha (Dd. XV. 29, 31) and of 
the New Testament (Dd. xv. 34), and the early Flemish Harmony of 
the Gospels (Dd. xil. 2.5) are of especial value. 

Greek MSS. In these the Library is weak ; there were but few 
in the Moore collection, and most of those which the University pos- 
sesses were obtained at Dr Askew's sale in 1785 \ The most valuable 
of those in the Library before this date are perhaps the collection of 
Canons and other Synodical Documents of the thirteenth century, 
marked Ee. IV. 29, and the copy of the Testaments of the twelve 
Patriarchs (Ff i. 24), which it is not improbable was the identical 
MS. owned by Grosseteste, and brought to him from Athens in 1242'. 

Theolofjij. In collections of works of the Latin fathers and school- 

1 Of these the most important is the Thueydides (Nn. in. 18). 
^ See the present writer's preface to Grosseteste's Letters, p. liii. Rolls series of 
Chronicles and Memorials, 1801. 


men, the Library is very rich ; and the same may be said of the 
EngHsh devotional works of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries ; 
there being a large number of tracts attributed to Hampole and 
Wye] if 

History. Here too the collection is very extensive. Capgrave's 
Chronicle (Gg. iv. 12), The Bulk of the Chroniclis of Scotland (Kk. 
II. 16), The French Metrical Life of Edward the Confessor (Ee. III. 59), 
Richard of Cirencester (Ff. I. 28), Pecock's Repressor of over blaming 
of the Clergy (Kk. iv. 26) have been recently published from MSS. 
in this Library in the Rolls series of Chronicles and Memorials. 
There are also MSS. of Gildas, Nennius, Henry of Huntingdon, 
Higden, William of Malmesbury, Robert de Monte, Simeon of* Dur- 
ham, Giraldus Cambrensis, the Itinerarium regis Ricardi (here in- 
correctly given to Geoffrey Vinsauf), and others of the chief English 
historians, while the earliest known MS. of Bede's Ecclesiastical 
History, from which Smith published his edition in 1722, is also 
preserved here (Kk. V. 16). 

Poetry. Besides the MSS. of Chaucer, Lydgate, and Piers Plow- 
man, there is a great deal that comes under this head among the 
MSS., Latin, English, and French. The anonymous pieces will be 
found in the index, alphabetically arranged as far as possible in their 
several languages under the head of Poetry. How rich the collec- 
tion is in Early English romances, both in prose and poetry, will 
be eaisily seen by observing how much that the Early English Text 
Society has published comes from it. The curious collection of metri- 
cal Sei-mons (Dd. i. 1), which has been used by Mr Small in his 
recent edition (Edinb. 1802), may be especially singled out for 
notice. Of Scotch poetry, the most important is the volume tran- 
scribed by John Roidpeth (LI. v. 10), apparently from the MS. in 
the Pepysian Library. Of Italian poetry, with the exception of three 
fine MSS. of Dante (Gg. iii. 6, Mm. ii. 3), there is scarcely any- 

Service Boohs. Here also the Library is rich. The very beauti- 
ful early Winchester Pontifical, possibly used at the coronation of 


Richard I. (Ee. Ii. 23) and that of Bishop Riissol of Liim.hi (^[rn. 
III. 21), also a very splendid MS., though nmch later, have funiishcd 
Mr Maskell with some of the most valuable portions of his Monu- 
menta Ritualia Ecclesice Anglicance. There is also a fair number 
of Breviaries and Missals, and a few Manuids and other Service 
Books. Of the Breviaries, that (unfortunately imperfect) executed 
for Mary de Valence, Countess of Pembroke, in France, in the reign 
of Edward III. (Dd. V. 5), and the beautiful English one (Dd. x. GG), 
written in 1435, are the most valuable: of the Missals, perhaps the 
Tewkesbury one (Gg. III. 21) is the most interesting, its Kalcndar 
containing a number of valuable obituary notices. There is one 
very fine Antiphonary of Salisbury use (Mm. ii. i)). 

Of Monastick Cartularies, the Library contains the whole or por- 
tions of those of Ouston (Dd. iii. 87, § 20)," Combwell (Dd. ill. 88, §7), 
S. Edmundsbury (Ee. ill. 60, Ff ii. 29, Ff ii. 33, Gg. iv. 4, Mm. iv. 
1.9), Christ Church, Canterbury (Ee. V. 31), S. Gregory's Priory, Can- 
terbury (LI. II. 15), Bromholme (Mm. Ii. 20), and Deer (Ii. VI. 32), 

Law. Under this head are many collections of ancient Statutes, 
both English (especially the well-known Lufiield MS. Ee. l. 1) and 
Scotch (Ee. IV. 21). Most of the MSS. of the Statutes have been 
used for the edition published by the Record Commission. Among 
the Year-books, Dd. \ai. 14, which contains the cases of the 20th 
and 21st years of Edward L, is the earliest known MS. of this 
description. They have been recently published from it by Mr Hor- 
wood in the series of Chronicles and Memorials. 

Treatises on Astronomy, Astrology, and Alchemy abound in the 

Of Anglo-Saxon MSS., besides the Gospels which have been 
already mentioned, the most important are King Alfred's translation 
of Bede (Kk. III. 18), from which Wheelock edited that work, his 
translation of S. Gregory de Cura Pastovali {l\. II. 4) of the lltli 
century, and the volumes of Homilies and Passions of Saints (Gg. 
III. 28, Ii. I. 33, Ii. IV. G). 

Of the Waldensian MSS., given by Morland, the more modem 

portion will be found very fully described in the Catalogue; the 
earlier and more valuable, though they had remained in their places 
on the shelves since he gave them, had been supposed to be lost 
from their being of a different size and therefore placed on a differ- 
ent shelf to the rest. And Nasmith's error in not perceiving their 
connexion with the others and supposing them to be Spanish, led his 
successors into the same ; and they remained thus undiscovered and 
uncared for till their identification by Mr Bradshaw in 1862. His 
description is so full and is so readily to be obtained, both in the Cam- 
bridge Antiquarian Society's publications and in Dr Todd's reprint 
(see Vol. V. p. 589), that it has not been thought necessary to give it 
here, especially as the descriptions in the Catalogue with all their 
errors shew what the contents of the volumes are. 

Miscellaneous. Of the very curious collection of precedents and 
warrants under the Great Seal (Dd. III. 53), drawn up it has been 
supposed for the use of the keeper of the Great Seal, there is a very- 
full description in the Catalogue. Every article that it was found 
possible to place under a definite head will be found in the index, so 
that it is hoped reference to any portion of its contents will be easy. 
The curious MS. of Juvencus (Ff iv. 42), with the specimen of the 
ancient British language, of which M. de la Villemarqu^ has given 
some specimens, merits a passing notice. The collection of docu- 
ments and Statutes relating to S. Paul's Cathedral (Ee. V. 21) is of 
especial value ; — and the process of the legates in the divorce case of 
Henry VIII. and Katharine of Arragon (Dd. xiii. 26) may be men- 
tioned among the most curious MSS. 

Of specimens of the art of the illuminator and designer, there 
are not very many of a very high order. The beautiful life of 
Edward the Confessor (Ee. iii. 59), mentioned above, with elaborate 
coloured pictures in every page, written probably for Queen Eleanor 
in 124.5, may be singled out as the best specimen in the Library 
of English art of the time, as the volume of allegorical poetry and 
letters of Jehan Robcrtet, secretary to the Duke of Bourbon (Nn. 
III. 2), is a very elaborate and beautiful specimen of late French 


illumination. Tlic two volumes of S. Bonavcntura's Commentary on 
the Sentences (Gg. ill. 22, 23) have very elaborate and richly paintr<l 
borders; these were executed in Italy in 14St. Of Saxon art, the 
curious book of Cerne (LI. i. 10) may be instanced. Of Irish, the 
book of the Clericks of Deer (li. vi. 32), of which a facsimile has 
been given in the volume of facsimiles of national MSS. of Scotland, 
is a remarkable specimen. The only instance of Portuguese illumi- 
nation is in the Breviary executed at Horta in the Azores in 1489 
(Mm. V. 21). The Commentary on the Apocal}'pse by Alexander 
de Hales (Mm. v. 31) has been pronounced by Professor Westwood 
an almost unique specimen of the kind of illustration. The Bene- 
dictionale (Nn. iv. 1), executed for Robert le Clerc, abbat of the 
Dunes in the 16tli century, contains a number of very beautiful 
Flemish pictures. Of a different class are the drawings in the 
different copies of the Liber Bestiarum of Hugo of S. Victor (Gg. vi. 5, 
li. IV. 26, Kk. IV. 25, § 10), the last of which are coloured. 

Of the collections of Letters^ a sufficiently full description has, it 
is believed, been given in all cases; the collection of K. James's 
letters (Ff. iv. 25) is among the most curious, as none of them seem 
to have been printed. 

Of the Strype Correspondence, a separate index has been given 
in Vol. V. of the Catalogue, which contains the account of them ; 
reference to this index has been given under each of the names in 
the general index. Of the Baker MSS. it is hoped that no entry 
deserving of notice has been passed over. 

The present index also contains references to every book de- 
scribed in the separately printed volume of Adversaria, which gives 
an account of all the printed books Avith MS. notes in the Librar>'. 

I cannot close this preface without expressing my sense of the 
great assistance I have had from H. Bradshaw, Esq. Fellow of King's 
College and Librarian of the University. His intimate knowledge of 
the MSS., his widespread acquaintance with the literature relating to 
almost all of them, and his readiness at all times to give assistance, 


are known too well to require any additional mention on my part : 
but there must of necessity be a pleasure in acknowledging how 
much the labour of making this index has been alleviated by thp 
sympathy and assistance I have had from him in the process. 

Lastly, I can only express a hope that the usefulness of the 
Catalogue and the index will at least in some degree be com- 
mensurate with the time and pains it has cost : how great these 
have been, those only who have ever done anything of the sort 
can appreciate. I shall not however regi'et my share in them, if 
the index is the means of making the contents of the MS. Library 
of the University more accessible to scholars, and more known to 
literary inquirers generally. 


Dec. 14, 1867. 

Contents of the six volibies of the Catalogue. 

I. Dd. 

IL Ee, Ff. 

IIL Gg, Hh, li, Kk. 

IV. LI, Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp, Qq. 

V. Baumgartner Papers, containing the Strype Correspondence 
with separate index and Patrick Papers, Baker MSS., Additional 
MSS., Corrigenda. 

A. Catalogue of Adversaria, i. e. of printed books with MS. 
notes, with separate index. 

The names of the authors of the descriptions of the diflferent 
^ISS. are given at the beginning of each volume. 


To Ancharano, Jacobus de, add i. 20 

Ben-edictis, Jacobcs de, „ IV. 29y 

^"^"O^ ., V. ELIZABETn, QCEEN. 


The mt7nhers refer to the volumes a7id pages of the Cataloffue. 
pages in Vol. IV. arc designated l/y a • {pp. 357* — 372*). 
is denoted by A. 

The erroneously numbered 
The volume of Advertana 

PE Abbate, Abbatliia, et Abbatissa, in. 227 
Abbatis Villa, Johannes de. Expositio 

Epistolanim et Evaugeliorum, in. 6(53 
Abbey AND Church Lands, grants of, i. 355 
Suirender of abbeys uiider Henry YIII. 
V. 380 
Abbotsbury : Processus in vi«itatione S. 
Mepham (1331), in. 279 [v. Coit. v. 599] 
Abbott, George, Archbp. of Canterbury': 
Correspondence with Bishop Jegon 
about W. Sayer's case (1612), iv. 439 
Do homicidio casuaU ad negotium do- 
mini archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, 
III. 36 
Faculties, absolutions, dispensations, 

granted by, v. 391 
Letter in behalf of the priests in the 

CUnke, iv. 285 
Letter to a Bishop, 4 Sept. 1622, v. 263 
Letter to James I. on the illegality of 
divorce propter maleficium, 5 July 
1613, I. 294, III. 159 
Letters to Jegon, v. 355 
Speech to James I. on the Spanish 

match, 1623, v. 583 
Dispensation to (1621), v. 398 
Abbotts Ripton, institutions of rectors, 

&c. V. 489, 490 
DE Abbreviaturis Gr^cis, TV. 510 

A-B-C-DARIUS, I. 406 

Abdy, Robert, letter to P. del Sera, v. 387 
Abelard, Peter. Sic et non, in. 633 
Abendana, Isaac. See Covel's Correspond- 
Abgarus. See Apocryphal writings. 
Abingdon Chronicon, v. Hcmingburgh. 

Monastery, survey of lands for- 
merly belonging to, 2 and 3 Phil, and 
Mary, in. 166 

martyrologium of, in. 591 

Abington, Great, grant of, to P. Parris, 

V. 378 

Little, appropriation of, to Pentney 

Priorj-, V. 291. 457 

grant of, to P. Parris, v. 378 
the true patron of, v. 322 


casus in quibns absolulio sedi Aposto- 
licfc rcservatur, in. 408 
Abuohtim Sayd. Liber de menaurntione 
tigurarum superficiahum et corporea- 
riimi, IV. 134 
Acc.ADENSis [i.e. of Achoury" Simon epi- 
scopus : Commission to act as suffragan 
for the Bishop of Ely, v. 484 
Accounts, books of, i. 530, 531 
AccuRsius. Apparatus in Justiuiannm, 
I. 12 

Apparatus in Constitutiones Feudo- 
rum, I. 12 
AcHARDUs. Sermo super Evangelinm Duc- 
tus est Jesus, in. 508 
Achilles Tatius. to. iwl AevKlTrinjv Kal 

K\€LTO(pwina, III. 234 
Acle, orders agreed upon for the House 

of Correction at, 1611, i. 272 
Acre, monastery of. Compositio cum 

monastt'iio de Bromholm, in. 410 
Action, forms of. A treatise on, i. 485 
Acton Burnel, Statutum de, ii. 3. Vide 

Adams, Thomas (sen.). Letters to Wbee- 
lock, I. 74 

(jun.). Letters to Wheelock, i. 74 

Adamus Carthusiensis. Scala Clanstra- 
lium, ni. 537 (? by Guigo^ 
De xii utilitatibus tribulationis, in. 
537, IV. 295 
Ademea. Liber de mensuratione, iv. 134 
Admiralty, rates of, for the manshal, 
temp. Eliz. i. 406 

Court. De modo inchoaudi ac- 

tiones, i. 58 
Adrianus Carthusiensis. Liber dc rome- 

diis utriusqne fortuuas iv. 103 
Advowsons, warrants rcsprcting, I. 108. 142 
Forms for presentations to, i. 45 


tibus et miracuUs ejusdcm ecclesin?, 
n. 324 
.a^GiDius RoMANUs. Dc rcgiminc princi- 
pum. 1. 102, 11.411, in. 378. 457.471. 606 

In Englisli by Occleve, in. 222. 291. 

In French, n. 33 

iEciDirs RoMANTS. De Eegimine princi- 
pum. Index to, by J. Ihaj-tou, ii. 471 
Tlieoreiuata de existeutia Corporis 

Cliristi in Hostia, iii. 655 
De peccato originali, iii. 655 
De esse et essentia, iii. 655 

CoKBEiENSis : De Urinis cum com- 

meutario, ii. 37, in. 212 

fkater: Tractatusdecometis ,111.647 

JiLFRic. Liber catboliconim sermonun 
(Anglo-Saxon), iii. 71—81 
Minor works, extracts, &c. (Anglo- 
Saxon), in. 81 
Dc temporibus anni, in. 81 
De penitentia, in. 81 (Anglo-Saxon) 
Epistola de Cauonibus, in. 82 (Anglo- 
Translation of Genesis into Anglo- 
Saxon, in. 358 
Latin Grammar, in. 261 
^LIAX. raKTiKa, in. 700 
Aelrep, S. De vera amicitia, in. 536 
^scniNES. Oratio iu Ctesiphoutem et Epi- 
stolaj (Lat.) a Leonardo Aretino, in. 368 

Notes on, by Taylor, A. 16 

(Pseud.) iwLaToKri, in. 720 

Notes on, by Dobree, A. 67, 69 

^scuYLCS. Tevos, iv. 483 

Upofi-riBiVi, IV. 488 (bis) 
■ETTTd iirl Qv^as, IV. 488, 489 
lUpjai, IV. 488, 489 
Anonjmous notes on, A. ICT. 61. 63 
Notes, collations, &c. by 
Askew, A. 6. 11. 20. 26 
Bentley, A. 27 
Bourdelot, A. 22 
Casaubon, A. 26. 34 
Castelvetro, A. 11 
Dobree, A. 71. 78 
Jacob, H., A. 5. 34 
Needbam, A. 5. 11 
Pearson, A. 5. 34 
Eobortello, A. 11 
Scaliger, A. 12. 21 
Stanley-, ni. 66, A. 2. 61 
Voss, G. J., A. 12 
Walker, .J., A. 12 
Scholia, notes on, by Stanley, A. 61 
Index verborum to, A. 9 
Mbop. Mvffoi, III. 510 

in Anglo-Norman verse by Marie de 

France, n. 261 
at Tunbridge (1698), iv. 479 
^Tiiici CosMooRAi'HiA : notcs on, by Cas- 
aubon, A. 35 
/Etna, in. 706 [edited from this MS. by 

H. A. J. Munro. Camb. 1867J 
ArFiNiTATia Fir.tJRA, I. 326 
Akuicaxus. Airtyrjfftt wepl tQv iv Tlfpcrioi 
yivofx^vwp 6(4 ttjs ifayOpwnriueus 'ItjctoC 
Xp«(TToG, IV. 79 
AfiATHA, H., convent of, near Rugemont. 
License to the Cliancellor to give lands, 
&c. to, I. 116 

Agathemerus. tov 'OpdZvos y€uypa(f>lai 


Agilon, Walter. Judicium uruiariimi, 

I. 301 

Aglionby, William. Copies of letters of, 

Journal of a voyage into France, i. 457 
Agnesi, Maria Gaetana. The plan of the 

lady's system of analyticks, by Colson, 

II. 74 

Analytical Listitutions, translated by 
Colson, n. 74 
AiLMER. Liber scientialis et sacramen- 

talis. III. 455 
AiNswoRTH, Robert. Letters to Strype, 

r. Index, v. 141 
Akehurst, Alexander. Charge against 

(1614), I. 214 
Alabaster, William. Eoxana, Tragcedia, 
n. 340 
mandate for his degi'ee, v. 312 
Letter from the ecclesiastical commis- 
sioners to Dr Jegon respecting, v. 201 
Absolution of, by Abp. Abbott, v. 391 
Alanus de Instjlis. Summa de arte pras- 
dicaudi, n. 491, in. 340 
De sex alis cherubim, n. 491, in. 16, 
315. 671, IV. 360*. 380; figm-e from, 
in. 177 
Liber Pcenitentialis (extr. fr.), n. 491 
Enchiridion de conquestu natm-a;, ii. 

Anti-Claudianus, ii. 516 ; summary of, 
n. 516 
Alanus, Gulielmus (Cardinal). Prfelec- 

tiones in Sentent. Lib. 1, 2. in. 26 
A Lasco Johannes. De tollendo vestium 
peculiarium usa in ministerio ecclesise, 
IV. 221 
Alban, Roger. A genealogical table from 

Adam to the Apostles, i. 151 (bis) 
Alban's, S., Monastery of. Foi-mulary of, 
n. 126 
Accounts, memoranda of lands, &c. ii. 

129, 130 
Extracts from the registers, ii. 84 
Memorandum de processions facienda, 

I. 425 
Citation by the abbat (1338) to a chap- 
ter of Benedictines, i. 390 
Courts of, held at different i)laces, n. 129 
Letter of an abbat [John] to the Bishop 
of Salisbury, n. 130 
Albemarle, George Monck, duke of: 
Narrative concerning the miscarriages in 
the late war, in. 474, iv. 318 
Letters to Lonthall, v. 410 
Prcamlilo to the patent creating him 
diiko, V. 429 
CinusToi'iiER MoNCK, duke of : Man- 
date for his election as Chancellor of 
Cambridge, v. 223 
Ai-BERTANUB Brixiensis. Dc doctrina di- 
ccudi et tacendi, n. 134, in. 537 


Alukrtan'us Buixiensis. Liber conso- 
latiouis et couailii, ii. 134 
De amoro Dei et Ue ililoctione Dei ct 

proxiiui, II. IHo 
Scimones, ii. 135 
Alberti, Glossauium in Novi Foederis li- 

bros : notes on, by Dobrec, A. 75 
Alrertus Magnus. De commendatione 
di\-iuffi misericordias, m. 733 
In eomposituni de composito, ii. 449 
?De lapide pbilosophoruni, i. 241 
De lapidibus, i. 77 [Corr. v. 584], ii, 

Par^nilus tractatus de Sacramento Al- 

taris, II. 98 
Recta seniita, ii. 543 
De naturis sij^iornm, iii. 327 
Liber veritatis Theolof,'ije, ii.294, iii.712 
Alrinus. Doj^'uiata ad Caroluni impera- 
torem, iii. 203 
Disticba ad eiindem regem, iii. 203 
ALBucnASiiT. Tacnj-nnm sive regimen 

S.initatis, iii. 374 
Albumasar. Liber Florum, iii. 325 

Liber qui est major introductorius ad 
scientiam jndiciorum astrorum, iii. 
Albyon (tbc instrument so called), ii. 114, 

III. 215 
Alchemy. Works on, i. 240—243, ii. 13. 
446—454. 540-543, in. 423. 726, 727 
Recipes in, in. 423 

Drawings in illustration of the pro- 
cesses of. III. 20 
Axchebus Cabteusiensis. Tractatus de 

anima, ii. 308, iii. 168. 344. 348 
Alcidajias : notes on, by Dobree, A. 67 
AxciPHRON', notes on, by Valckeuaer, A. 49 

by Van Goens, A. 49 

AiiCOCK, John (Bishop of Ely). The abbey 
of the Holy Ghost and of good con- 
science, I. 481, III. 449, IV. 100 
Exhortatio facta Cartusieusibus et aliis 
rehgiosis [printed 1497], v. 421. 528 
Notices of, V. 307. 528 
V. Ely 
Alcuin. Sermon to Guy, Earl of Wai-wick, 
in English metre, i. 482 [v. Coit. v. 588] 
various extracts from, m. 363 
Liber de virtutibus et vitiis, in. 717, 

IV. 386 
Alphabetum Catholicum ad rcgcra Ar- 

ragonum, iv. 386 
Epitaphium, in. 204 
Alda. Epitaphium Aldre virginis, in. 250 
Aldhelm. De laude virgiuitatis, in. 202 
De virtutum pugna cum vitiis, in. 202 
Enigmata mille versibus currcutia, in. 
Alkred, Thomas. Letter to the Marquess 
of Buckingham against the Spanish 
match (1620), i. 189 
Ale-Hocses, letter from the Star-chamber 
(1637) to suppress, v. 164 

Alencon, Carmnai, : litters of Rirhnrd H. 
desiring the furtbt niiice of IiIh rtqiUHt 
to the I'ojH', I. Ill, 115 
Aleyn the good leech. KuIch of heulth, 

n. 5 
Alexander the Great. KpiHtola ad 
Dindimum, i. .347. 420, iv. 358» 
Epistola ad Aristotelem, i. 4'2<>, in. 620. 
670, IV. 11. 358» 
Gesta Valerii. i. 420, in. 671, iv. 11, 

321. 358" 
Prima recapitulatio de, i. 420, iv. 358* 
Sapientia, in. 515 

Epitaphium super tumulum, in. 515 
Consilium Darii ad, in. 515 
Alexander III., Pope. Bull and Confir- 
mation of the possessions of the Abbey 
of Reading (1175), i. 394 
Letter to the Berksliire clerks on their 
duties to the Archdeacon, v. 187 

IV. Letter on procurations (1257), 

I. 394 

VI. Bull of absolution for the 

Waldeuses, i. 87, 88 
Alexander II. king of Scotland. Leges, 

H. 131 
Alexander, Ai-chbp. of Alexanchia. xa- 
6alp€<ns 'Apdov /cat ruy avv avT(f, iv. 
Alexander Aphrodisiensis. $y<ri#ci irpo- 
^Xrffxara, n. 428 
eis TO. wepl irpovolas rlva awnXox^vra, 

IV. 90 
<j)V<nKQv airopTiixdTwv Kal larptKwv trpo- 
^Xri/xdriiM' eKXoyal, IV. 110 
Alexander, Edward. Letters to Strype. 

V. Index, v. 141 
Alexander Lycopolites. Collation of his 
treatise against the Manichffiiins with a 
Vienna MS., iv. 81 
Alexander, Peter. Collectanea ex libris 
Origeuis Adamantii, Athanasii, et Epi- 
phanii, n. 27 
Alexander de Villa Dei, r. Villa Dei. 
Alexandria, Catalogue of the Bishops of 

(Gr.), n. 159 
Alfonso V. of AiTagon. Litera diflida- 
tionis contra Florentinos (June 1452), 
III. 248 
Alfonso X. of Castile. Canones super ta- 
bulas, in. 347. iv. 182 
Tabula", in. 347, iv. 183, 184 

Petris : Lilnr ex dictis pliilosopho- 

rum (Disciplina Clericalis), in. 50H, iv. 
382 [v. Corr. v. 605] 
Alford, Roger: Letters to Lord Biirghlcy, 

v. 392 
Alfounder, Robert : Letters to Sancroft, 

V. 387, 388 
Alfraganos, Muhamed. Chronologita et 
Astronomica Elenitiita, in. 550 
Theorica, in. 325. 405 
Alfred, King. A. S. Translation of S. 
Gregorj- de Cura Pastorali, in. 372 


Alfred, Kisg. Translation of Bede's 

Cliurch History, in. 628 
AiGoiusMCS, in. 404. 501 ; in metro cum 
oommento, in. 321, iv. 181 
miiuitiarum, in. 321, iv. 182 
cautehe, in. 322 

regulie ad solvendas quffistiones, in. 
Ali Abeniugel. Liber dc judiciis Astro- 

logise, IV. 300 
Axi Bex Alhassen Albccassen Alida. 
Liber sccimdus in electionibus particu- 
laribus, iv. 300 
Alienations, answer of James I. on the 

Act for passing of licenses of, i. 203 
Alington, Baron of Wymondley, patent of 
the peerage of, v. 190 

of Horsetb, particulars concerning 

the family of, v. 342 
Alkinpus. De Pluviis, rv. 301 
All-indale (Cumbcilanil). Grant of free 
chase «fec. in to Gilbert de Umfraviil, 
Allegiance, Oath of, twenty argmnents 

against, i. 259 
Allegori-e, II. 133 
Allestry, ALvry. Letter to Bishop Moore 

(1699), I. 168 

Allington, Sir Giles. Reasons for the 

legality of his marriage with his half 

sister's daughter, in. 39 [r. Corr. v. 597] 

Allix, Peter. Letter to Patrick, v. 573 

Ally-n, Ricn.vRD. Account of Syllogisms, 

II. 280 
Allyngxon, Richard. Confession of (Nov. 

1561), in. 687 
Ajlmanack, I. 300 
Medical, ii. 15 
English for cycles commencing 1463, 

1482, 1501, in. 728 
Canon super (Oxonirn 1348j, in. 345 
tabula; pro civitate Oxon., in. 346 
Alphabetcm Gothicdm et Anglo Saxoni- 
cuM, IV. 367 

Slavonicdm, II. 511 

AxPHONsi, Petrcs, r. Alfonso 
Altarium Scpi'Ressio, v. 324 
Altissiodorensis, Gcillei.mus. Siimma 
super libros Sententiuniiii, i. 526 [cn'o- 
neously given in the Catalogue to Inno- 
cent V.]. Tabula snjjer, i. 527 
Alvekma, Petrus de. Cur Deus homo, 

in. 334 
Alvernus (or Arversus, or de Alquina), 
GuLiELMts (Parisien.sis). Expositio 
snper Apocalipsin, in. 598 
P^xpositin super EceloRiasten, ii. 295 
Hiininia de fide ct legibus, in. 6()6 
I)( iVa-lK-ndis, ni. 641 
Liber de Scptcni Sacramentis, ii. 97 
Bemiones super Epiwtolas per annum, 

I. 413. Tabula, n. 471 
£3umma de virtutilms, n. .30.5, in. 447 
Ue vitiis et peccatis, n. 134 

Alykgton, Robert. Tractatus de Imagi- 

uibus, in. 639 
Ambrose, S. Sermo in Annunciaticne 
beatfe Mariae Virginis, in. 659 
De dignitate conditionis humanae, v. 
S. Augustinus de imagine et simili- 
EpistoL-e, II. 436 ; ad Vercellensem ec- 

clesiam, ii. 435 
Exameron, in. 592. 617 
de Fuga Sicculi, iv. 22 
de Isaac et Anima, in. 617 
de Jacob et vita beata, i. 421, iiL 618 
Liber de lapsu virginis cousecratie, in. 

de Officiis ininistrorum, in. 22. 467. 

de Paradise, i. 421, in. 617 
Pastoralis, i. 28 
de Pcenitentia, i. 421, in. 592 
de Sacramentis, extract from, i. 492 
de obitu Theodosii majoris, ii. 436 
de obitu Valeutiniani junioris, ii. 436 
Ambrun, Ai-chbishop of : Verbal process 

against the Waldenses, i. 82 
All erica. Discourse on a voyage for 
planting Christianity in the North West, 
I. 192 

Treaty of peace between the French 
and English Governors of the Ameri- 
can islands (1678), i. 518 
Ames's Typographical Antiquities, ad- 
ditions to, by M. C. Tutet, A. 63 
Amicus et Amelius, SS. Vita et Passio, 

IV. 382 
Amiens, names of the Bishops of, in. 53 
Ammonas. TrapayyeXla, iv. 497 
Ammomus. Vita Ai-istotelis, in. 382 

De adfinium vocabulorum differentia, 
notes on by Dobree, A. 77 
Ammutinati, Relatione degli, ii. 23 
Amyraldus, Moses. Prfelectiones in Rom. 
cap. 3, 4, I. 431 
Prrelectiones in diversos libros Sacrae 
Scriptune, i. 210, 211 
Anacreon, notes on, by Hermann, A. 42 
Anarchy Unveiled, by J, H., ii. 456 
Anastasius Sinaiticus. eh rijv irvev/jLari- 
KT}!/ dvayiiiyrjv ttjs i^ar]/x^pov KTiaews, II. 
collation of, A. 36 

I., Pope. Ad Joannem Hierosol., i. 

ToO ' AvaroXiKOv vo/nlfiov /3i^X/a rpla, notes 

on by Casaubon, A. 59 
Anatolius, Archbishop of Constantinople. 

iTTiaToXyj, i. 298 
Ancharano, Jacoiius de. Consolatio Pec- 

catoruni, n. 342 
Ancyra. Canons of the council of (Gr.), 

n. 148 
Anderston, Edmund. Letter to Sir F. 

Bacon, ii. 186 
Andocides, notes on, by Dobree, A. 67. 79 

Andreas, Johann'ks. Olossa de arlniro 

cousangiiinitatiset allinitatis, iv. 2'J8 

Glossa iu sextiim libium Decrutalium, 

I. 328 
Tractatiis de sponsalibus et matrinio- 
uiis, III, 375. -408 
Andrew, S. Pncdicatio peudcntis in criice 

(vers.), I. 471 
Andrewes, Lancelot, Bishop of Ely. Dis- 
course against second marriage after 
divorce, i. l'.)5 [r. Corr. v. 585] 
Concerning abstinence from meats, &c, 

against Trask, ii. -488, iii. 35 
Speech concerning vows in the Coun- 
tess of Shrewsbuiy's case, ii. 488, 
III. 37 
Concio ad clerum, ii. 488 
Consecratio et dedicatio capella; Jcsu Eidgway Heath, ii. 488, in. 37 
On the ten commandments, in. 48 
Letter to his Ai-chdeacon, iv. 552 
Letters to by P. MoUnsus wth an- 
swers, III. 35 
funeral certificate of, v. 307 
Letters from the University of Cam- 
bridge to, v. 167. 374 
notes respecting his Greek devotions,. 

V. 491 
Knight's collections for his biography, 
V. 187 
Andrewes, Thomas (Lord Mayor), and 

others, order for knightmg, v. 413 
Andrews, Thomas. Letter to Bp, Park- 
hurst, II. 63 
Angels, of the fall of the, i. 490 
Angers, Abbat of. Letters of Kichard II. 
to respecting a pension from Spalding 
priory, i. 121 
Anolesea Abbey, confirmation of a chantry 
in, V. 481 

elections of priors, v. 318. 320 
mandate to, for a visitation, v. 320 
Anglia. De nomine insula^ i. 292 

Tractatus declarans quomodo Anglia 

primo vocabatur Albion, in. 687 
Tractatus de regibus Angli£e, lu. 687 
De primis habitatoribus, iv. 12 
Tractatus compendiose extractus de 
divcrsorum historiagraphorum li- 
bris (1444), iv. 102 
De nominibus regum in metro, iv. 102 
Breviarium regum, iv. 102 
Anglo-S.\xon : Gospels, in. 384 

A sermon on S. Paul's language, Gal. 

V, 16, in. 362 
Psalter and Canticles, ii. 312 
Gospel of Nicodemus, and embassy of 

Nathan, in. 384 
Homilies and Passions of Saints, in. 

71—81. 358. 442 
Sermon of S. Augustine, in. 363 
Prose : De falsis Diis, in. 362 
De tribus ordinutionibus sa;culi, in. 

Anolo- Saxon: 

Mitricul. A Horica of moral apo- 

phtlugnis, in. .Uhi 
De visionibus Drithclnu, in. 36.'$ 
Ciedmon's Hymn, ni. (IS'.J 

and Latin Dictionar}', collections 

for, in. 48 [by Whtelock, Corr. v. 597], 
IV. 1 
Glossary, iv. 527 
Ex^jositiones vocabiilorum Saxonico- 

rum, IV. 73 
V. Alfred, S. Gregouv, Cerne B<M)k of. 
Animals, natural historj' of (Lat.), i. 495 
Anne of Denmark, Q. of James I. Inven- 
tory of her wardrobe, i. 35 

note of Carmina iu obitum Annno 

reginiB excusa an. 1619, v. 530 

Q. d. of James II., list of Chaplaing 

inordinary (1706), iv. 403; poem on her 
coronation (Lat.), iv. 404 
de Annunciationibds, I. 410 
Annus. De anno et ejus partibus tracta- 
tus, I. 260 
Anselm, S. Achuonitio morionti, in. 286-; 
(in English), n. 176. 499. 527 
de anima, v. Alcherus. 
de Antichristo, i. 30 
de azimo, i. 31. 373, in. 456 
de bona occupatione, i. 30, in. 298. 

de casu diaboli, i. 30. 374, in. 656 
disputatio inter Christiauum et Genti- 

lem, I. 32, in. 201 
de Christi Passione, in. 287 
de conceptione beata? Virgiuis, i. 31 
de conceptu Virginali et originali pec- 

cato, I. 30. 232. 373, in. 657 
de concordantia pra'destiuationis et 
gi-atia;ciim hbero arbitrio, i. 32. 374, 
ni. 657 
Confessio generalis, in. 286 
de Corpore et Sanguine Christi, i. 30 
Cur Deus homo, i. 28. 232. 373. iii. 

200. 656 
Elucidarium, in. 338. 378. 643, iv. 389; 

in English, ni. 526 
EpistoL-e, I. 373, 374. 405, ad Emul- 
fum, in. 436; ad Hugonem, i. 374 
de vana voluntate, ii. 299, in. 286, 
IV. 363* (Omnia actio laudabilis) 
de exccllentia beatre Virginia, i. 31 
ad excitandiun tiniorem, ni. 2H7 
exhortatio lul coutiinptum tempora- 

lium, I. 546 
de tide Triuitatis, i. 29 
de incaruatioue Verbi, i. 32. 873, ni. 

Intravit Jesus, i. 31 
Imago mundi. n. 294. 544 
dc lil)oro arbitrio. i. 29. 374. in. 657 
A litany of our Lady (Eug.l, n. 548 
Meditations, i. 31. 374. 479. iiri, u. 
308, HI. 333. 512. 657, 658, 718. iv. 

AifSELM, S. Mcditatio ad beatuin Marti- 
uuni, III. 287 

de examinatione mortis, ii. 257 
redemptionis hnmanffi, i. 374 
de Sancto Spiritu, ii. 308 
de meditationibus (called S. Augus- 
tine's), I. 33 
Monologion, i. 30. 372, in. 200. 456. 

Objectio pro insipienti, i. 372 
Oratioues, iii. 541. 657 
de Processione Spiritus Sancti, i. 32. 

232. 372, HI. 656 
Proslogion, i. 29. 372, iii. 286. 656 
de Sacrificio Graecorimi, i. 31 
de Similitudinibus, v. Eadmer. 
dialogus de Veritate, i. 32. 374, in. 657 
ad Waleranni querelas respoiisio, i. 373 
qusedam de dictis Anselmi, iii. 667 
index to, in. 674 
Anselm of Havelberg. Liber de Homo- 
ysyon, et homoeysion, in. 464 
Liber de diversitate naturte et persons 
proprietatumque persoualium, iir. 
De ignorantia, in. 464 
AxsLowE. Law readings of, ii. 485, in. 267 
AxsTis, John. Letters to StrjiDe, v. Lid ex, 
V. 141 
copies of the Pri^'y Seals concerning 

Cambridge, v. 229 
letter with grant of arms to Jo. Caius 

and Caius College, v. 288. 305 
Baker's notes on his register of the 
Order of the Garter, A. 29 
Anthems, collection of for Choir use, by 

Fairfax, Prowet, &c., v. 588 
Anthology, Gbeek. Extracts from^ (G*.), i. 

notes on, by Hermann, A. 43 
Valckenser, A. 43 

of Constantinus Cephalas : notes on 

by Valckenffir, A. 43 
Anthony, S. Commandcry of: confirma- 
tion of Richard Brigghouse as chaplain, 

I. 1.33 

Antichrist. De Antichristo, i. 245 

Pedigree of, in. 159 
Antimony. Seientia ad extrahendum 5'*° 

essentiam de Antimonio, iii. 727 
Antioch, Canons of the Council of (Gr.), 

II. 149 

Antiochcs Monachus. 'OfjLiXlai, rv. 497 
Antiphon: Notes on byDobroe, A. 67. 79; 

Valckenrer, A. 79 
ANTiphoNABicM secundum usum Sarum, 

IV. 129 
Antiquitates Bbitannic.e, notes of John 
Parker on, v. 344 ; notes from Sir 
R. Twysden's copy, v. 346 
Antoninith. Iter Britannianim, i. 211 
AnnotationcH Robert! Talbot, i. 211 
Antoninith. Vita Sancti Symeonis qui in 
columpna stetit, iv. 276 

Antonio, II libro del maestro, iv. 109 
Aphthonius. TipoXeydfJieva rwj' irpoyv/j-vatT- 

fxcLTiov, I. 266, in. 12 
Apocryphal Gospels, &c. De miraculis 
infantile, n. 547, iv. 552 
Evangelium Nicodemi, n. 340. 344. 
547, HI. 319, IV. 390. 552 ; in EngUsh, 
III. 319, IV. 122, in Anglo-Saxon, in. 
Evangelium S. Jacobi (Engl.), in. 319, 

Lat. ih. 
Letters of Pontius Pilate, Abgarus, &c. 
(Engl.), in. 319; Pilati Epistola ad 
Claudium, n. 345 
Gesta Domini Salvatoris quse invenit 

Theodosius, in. 169 
Narratio de Abagaro rege Edissenfe ci- 

vitatis, n. 547 
De origine Proditoris, iv. 553 
De poena et origine Pilati, in. 7, iv. 

Passio S. Thomfe Apostoli, in. 30 
Sermo de Viudicatione Christi, iv. 554 
De forma et statura Jesu Christi, iv. 

De requie sabbati et de poenis inferni 
(St Paul's descent into Hell), iv. 13 
Apollodoeus. troXiopKTjTiKa, extr. fr. iv. 

Apollonius. iirLCFToX-fi, in. 13 

Ehodius, notes on, A. 36. 39 

notes on by Casaubon, A. 34 

Hermann, A. 43 
Tavlor, A. 7. 8. 14. 15. 70 
Upton, A. 15. 24 
Wasse, A. 15. 24 
scholia : additions to authors quoted by, 

by Porson, A. 65. 70 
collation of a MS. of, A. 64 
Apologetical Narration submitted to the 
Houses of Parliament (1643), additions 
to, A. 64- 
Apostolick Canons (Gr.), n. 147 

notes on by Casaubon, A. 5G 
Constitutions, extr. fr. (Gr.), n. 143 
Apostolius, M., 21 centuries of GreekPro- 

verbs: notes on by Dobrce, A. 77 
Apparitions, stories of, i. 158. 168 

of Gnido de Corvo, i. 230, in. 496, iv. 

of Severinus, Bp. of Cologne, ii. 299 
Appian. De rebus gestis per Romanos et 
Carthagincnses in Hispania (Lat.j, n. 
De rebus gestis per Hannibalera in 

Italia (Lat.), n. 173 
Bella civilia (Lat.), a P. Condido, iv. 
Apbyrtus. irtpl 'iinrwv Oepavdai, in. 696 
Apuleiuh. De Deo Socratis, ii. 412, in. 627 
Aqua villa, Nicholas ue. Sermoues, ii. 

Aqu/K. Aqua vit,;e jifrcnnis pro omnibus 
segritudinibus, n. 542 

Aqu.e. Libor tic aquis nlbis ct rubris, ii. 
Libor (Ic xii a<iuis, ii. HIH, in. -423 [Ii. 
iii. 17] 
Aquinas, S. Thomas. OpusciUa, i. 103, iv. 
1'2C)— 1-2U 
de Articulis fidei, iii. 567 [i*. Corr. v. 

600]. 734 
Couclusiones Sacramentonim, iii. 310 
Trnctatiis super decern jircecpta, in. 

567 [v. Corr. v. 600], iv. 384 
Contra imptiguantes religiouem, ii. 

4'.I2, in. 606 
Expositio in Job, in. 728 
Expositio ■ in Orationem Domiuicam 
in. 567. 734 [r. Corr. v. 600], iv. 384 
de perfeetionc spiiitalis vite, n. 492, 

in. 606 
Oratio (in English), in. 536 
de regimiue regum ad regcm Cypri, in. 

422. 457, IV. 385 
de regimine subditorum, in. 422 
de officio Sacerdotis, iv. 206 
Tractatus super salutationem Angeli- 

cam, IV. 384 
de Sacramentis Ecclesije, in. 734 
Expositio Svmboli, in. 566 [v. Corr. 
V. 600]. 735 [r. Corr. v. 603], iv. 384 
Sumnia Theologiise. Pars prima, n. 423; 

Prima pars 2'''"' partis, n. 418 
fragments of, i. 41, n. 277, iv. 335 
Tabula librorum famosiorum, in. 463, 
IV. 120 
Aquitaine, Duchy of, royal letters on the 
affairs of, i. 120. 145 
Declaratio quomodo ducatus A. sit ad 
regem Angliis devolutus, in. 442 
Abatou. EcclesiaeEomansehistoria aposto- 

lica, in. 201 
Aratus, notes on, A. 37 
Arbor Consanguinitatis, iv. 115 

virtutum et \dtiorum, in. 178 

Arbuthnot, Alexander. A poem, ' Ceys 

heart and ti-ouble me no more,' iv. 97 
Archdeacons : Ai-ticnli in quibus ai-chi- 
diacoui habeut iuquirere in visitatione 
sua, in. 227 
de visitationibus Archidiaconorum, in. 

coni]iosition with the Bp. of Salisbury, 
super probationibus testamentorum 
(1203), V. 187 
Archer, Thomas, notes concerning Hough- 
ton Conquest, v. 421 

William, Letters to Strj-pc, r. 

Index, V. 141 
Archers, one of the king's. Warrant to 

pay arrears of wages due to, i. 140 
Arches, Court of. Collection of libels, 
sentences, &c. in the reign of Q. Eliza- 
beth, I. 361 
Archimachei Practica, II. 38 
Archimedes. KvKXo/x^Tpijffn, ni. 59 
Archons of Athens, list of, iv. 508 

AucHONS OF Atiikns, notcs on, by Rtanley, 

HI. 67. IV. 50H, A. 3 
Alien I'ltusT. I'rodfH tliiit tlic .Anli I'rieHt 

iiatli autliurity Id di-IcK'nfi', iv. i'>'2'i 
AiHii>iA( UNO Daniki.k, ])iHc<>rHci di divcrxi 
nicinorabili nccidiiiti iivvcnuti al, i. 2Ml 
Ardeun, IIenuv, death of, v. 6. IK) 
Arueune, John. ItuiUx Medicimirum ct 
alia opera, i. 274 
Extraeta do libro in pruftica contra 
omiioni guttain, itc, i. 274 
Ardfert. Wiirruiit for restitution of tlio 
temporalities of the see to li\). William 
Bull, I. 112 
Areno.t; sive Orationes habitsc Anrelianjg 
et Parisiis Lucreatione doctonim in jure, 
in. 560 
Aretino, Leonardo. Aristotelis Ethicor- 
um nova trimslatio, i. 492, in. 242 [v. 
Corr. V. 500] 
Translation of S. Basil de legendis 

libris secularibus, in. 258, iv. 3 
of Demosthenes, ^schiues, &c., iii. 

of Xenophontis liber tyrannus, rv. 3 
Fabula de Tancredo in Latinura ex 

Bochacio conversa, in. 249 
Invectiva contra Hypocritas, iv. 2 
Oratio habita coram rege per dominum 
Julianum de antefatis, iii. 253 
Argyrus, Isaac. Grammatical Fragment 
(Gr.), HI. 60 
2xi5\ia e/s rh €vpi<rK6fievoi' ivr^ ytdrypa- 

<pLq. wpCiTov axrina, in. 60 
M^^oSos eh T7)v ...KaTaypa<p^v TovYlTo\t- 

fialov, III. 60 
2x<5Xta els EvKXeiSrjv (v.) in. 60 
irepi evp^crews tQv TerpayuiviKwv irKevpwv 
Ti2v fj.r] prp-uii> TeTpaywvup dpiOfiwy, 
in. 61. 695 
ABIST.ENETUS, uotcs ou by Boissonade, A. 

Aristides. Ai6vv(Tos, i. 224 
eh 'Erewi/^a iTriKrjoeios, I. 451 
'llpaK\i)s, I. 223 
AevKTpiKol \6yoi, iv. 500 

Sopatris Pra'fatio in (Gr.), iv. 85 

Aristides Quintilianvs. irepi piov<nKijs, 

ni. 676 
Aristophanes, notes on, by 
Anon., A. 43 
Biseto, A. 32 
Dobrce, A. 67. 72. 73. 78 
Hcmstcrhuirt, A. 70 
Valckcnier, A. 40. 80 
nXovTos, IV. 474. 484. 485, 486; ^x^Xia, 
I. 461, IV. 484. 485 

irepi fxirpuv iv t<^ IlXoiJr^, I. 462 

Notes ou, bv Anon.. .\. 17 

I)ol)ree, A. 73 
Hcrniaiin, .\. 14 
Valckcnar, .\. 14 
Ne0Ao«, IV. 474.481, 48.',. 1h6: Sx-^Xto, 
I. 162, IV. 484, 48.5; vwbOiais. i. 4f,2 


Aristophakes. Xe^Ao*. repl fiirpwv iv T(p 
'S«p(\ais, I. 462 

Notes on, by Dobree, A. 73 

Hermaim, A. H 
Eeiz, A. 44 
^aTpaxoi, IT. 485, 486 ; ^xf>>^K^' I- 462, 
TV. 486; vw66eais, i. 462; irepi fjLirpwv 
ev ^arpaxois, I. 462 
Achamians, notes on, by Anon., A. 19 
Boissonade, A. 28 
Dobree, A. 72 
Knights, notes on, by Hemsterhuis, A. 
Valckenaer, A. 80 
Fragmenta, notes on, by Dobree, A. 73 
Sanxay's Lexicon to, notes on, by 

Dobree, A. 74 
Bios, by Thomas Magister, iv. 474. 485 
Abistotle. Epistola ad Alexandrum de 
conser\-atione humani corporis (Lat.), 
I. 285, III. 425 
Analj-tica Posteriora (Lat.), iv. Ill 
de anima (Lat.), ii. 48, iii. 380 ; Extr. 
from (Gr.), i. 218 ; Lect. of Caesar 
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422 ; notes on, iv. 555 
de motu auimalium (Lat.), iii. 380; de 

progressu animaUum, in. 381 
repl iperCiv, extr. fr., i. 218 
(Pseud.), de causis et proprietatibus 

rerum (Lat.), in. 381 
de coloribus (Lat.), in. 381, extr. (Lat.), 

IV. 183 
Epistolffi (Gr.), I. 220 
'H^Kcd, III. 495 

(Lat.), per Leonardum Aretinum, i. 

492 ; cum commento, iii. 242 [v. 
Corr. V. 599], extr. (Gr.), i. 218, 219. 
223; summa, in. 710 
de generatione et corniptione, in. 380 

(Lat.), extr. fr. (Lat.), iv. 22 
de inundatione Nili (Lat.), in. 381 
de joventute et senectute (Lat.), in. 

Tipl KOfffiov (extr.) i. 219 (Lat.), in. 382, 

extr. fr., iv. 183 
de memoria et reminiscentia (Lat.), 

n. 48, ni. 380 
Metapliysica (Lat.), n. 48, in. 383; 
8chol.(Gr.)on, ni. 678; by Syrianus, 
IV. 89 
Meteorn (Lat.), n. 47, in. 380 
de UntiH indiviHibilibus (Lat.), in. 381 
de morte et vita (Lat.), in. 381 
dc longitudinc et brevitate vita (Lat.), 

in. HH() 
de mirnhilihus, extr. fr. (Gr.), i. 219 
PhyHica (Lat.), n. 47, in. 379 
Ttpl ovpavov (extr.), i. 218 (Lat.). n. 

47. ni. .379 
Phy-ionomia (Lat.), m. .S81 
de Plantia (Lat.), in. 383 

Aristotle. OkopofiiKds, in. 496 

(Pseud.), De Porno (Lat.), ni. 169. 382 
iroXiTiKo., extr. fr. , i. 223 
Liber Problematuni secundum speciem 
compihitioiiis (Lat.), in. 602; com- 
ment, in, n. 18 
T^X*"? prrropLKTi, n. 481; extr. fr. (Gr.), 
1. 219, 220, bis, 221. 223 ; comment, 
in Lib. n. by Hardinge, n. 264 
pTjTopLKr] Trpbs ' AX^^avSpov, I. 220 — 223 

(Lat.), m. 382 
irepl crr]/xdwv, extr. fr., I. 219 
(Pseud.), Secreta Secretorum (de re- 
gimine principum) (Lat.), n. 98, in. 
168. 175, IV. 185 ; Conclusiones de, 
IV. 554; (Fr.), n. 335 
de sensu et sensato (Lat.), in. 380 
de somnio et vigilia (Lat.), in. 380 
de spiritu et respii-atione (Lat.), in. 381 
Quo cibo nutriatur in corpore conceptus 

(Lat.), in. 2 
Extr. var. (Lat.), iv. 181 
Notes of Alexander Kos on the Cate- 
gories, I. 409 
Notes on the De Poetica, by Dobree, 

A. 77; by Taylor, A. 24 
Lectures on, iv. 528 
Trept 7^»'oi'S 'ApiaroriXovs, in. 14 
De intelligentia Aristotelis, in. 382 
V. Lery 
Aristoxenus. 'Ap/xovLKci CToix^'ia, in. 694 
Arhhmetick. Treatise on the higher 
rules of, n. 487 
Tract on (Lat.), in. 215, (Gr.) iii. 696, 

(Fr.) I. 430 
Exercise book in, i. 377 
Tabula minutiarum proportionalium, 
ni. 345 

Canon super prtedictam tabulam, in, 

Arlington, Lord. Case of (1673), i. 192 
Armandus de Bello Visu. Kesponsioues 
ad 10 aiiiculos de visioue beatifica, in. 
Epistola de visione beatifica, in. 417 
Armenia, Lyon king of. Letter of Kichard 

II. to, I. i46 
Arminianism and Anti-Arminianism, a 

sj-nopsis of, in. 156 
Arms. The blason of, n. 39. 122 

Of English nobles from William I. to 

James I., i. 34 
Of noblemen and gentlemen, in. 596 
Grant of, by Clarencieux king-at-arms 

(1612), I. 46 
Of the lords in parliament (1515), i. 

Office of a king of, i. 503 
Fees due to the officers of, i. 603 
Armynk, W. Letters to Speaker Lenthall, 

v. 299. 408 
Abnoldus, abbat of Bonneval. Tractatus 
de sex verbis Domini in cruce, in. 


AuNOLTUS OF Cluony. Scmio iu cuucilio 
Biisiliensi, u. 445 

PK Villa nova. Do liipido Pkiloso- 

pboriim, I. 241 

Novum Innu'u, n. 44(1 
Visio nivsticii do libro 7 sigillis signato, 
II. 44'7 
Abragon, king of. Letter of credeuce of 

Eicbard II. to, i. 118 
Akrlvn : Epictctus, notes on, by Casaubon, 
A. Gl 
De Veuatione, notes on, by Hermann, 
A. 52 
Aktabasdus, Nicholas, irepi 'Apidp-TyriKTii, 
III. 695 
irapahocLS ffvvTOfj.oi Kal (ya(peaTaT-r] t^j 
il/r)(f>opiK7)S iirKTTTjfxrjs, III. (595 
Artemidokus : Oueirocritica, notjes on, A. 60 
Arthir, King, and tbe knigbts of the 

round table. History of, ii. 415 
Arundkl, Thomas,. Ai-ebbp. of Cant, made 
Cbaneellor, v. 484; Constitutioues, iii. 
226 ; Eegistr. r. Ely 

EicHARD FiTz.\LAN, Eail of. Brevo 

ad orandvun pro, v. 484 

Thomas Fitzalan, Earl of. Pardon 

granted to John Clon, i. 167 

■ . Henry Fitzalan, Earl of. Letter 
to tbe keepers of Nonsuch Park, v. 

Philip Howard, Earl of. Letter 

to Queen Elizabeth (1585), v. 583 

. Thomas How.uid, Earl of. Apology 

of, being restrained for accepting the 
title of Comes imperii, ii. 49, v. 353 
Humble remonstrance and petition of 
the peers relating to his imiDrison- 
ment (1626), iv. 288 
The lords' petition touching his resti- 
tution, and the king's answer (1626), 
rv. 290, 291 
Order signed by (1638), i. 162 
Commission signed by Charles I. for 
him to be general of his army, i. 517 
Earls of, pedigree, ii. 28 
— — Sir John d'. License to enclose 
and fortify his house at Betchworth, 
Surrey, i. Ill 
License respecting certain manors, i. 

Letter ordering him to give credence to 
a king's messenger, i. 121 
As.vph, S. Eevocation of the confirma- 
tion of the Deanery of, granted to Howel 
ap Madoc, i. 112 
Warrant and writs to the Justice and 
chamberlain of Chester to enquire 
into the right of patronage of the 
Deanery, i. 142 
Note on the right of Archbps. of Cant, 
to ring, signet, &-c. of bishops of S. 
Asaph, at their decease, v. 347, 348 
AscHAM, Anthony. A treatise on mar- 
riage, III. 15 ; order to go agent into 

Spain, V. 413; lettiT to LontliuU, V, 

Letters respecting liia murder, v. 105. 
ASCUAM, (ilLKS. Lfttirs of, V. 510 

E()(ii:u. Letturs of. i. 'MH [ r. Corr. 

V. 588], n. 1M6 [r. Corr. v. 592;, v. 1M2. 
367, 368. 548; Letters to, i. 3H0 v. 32, 

AscHWELL, Thomas. Mass by, v. 5h9 
AscuLANus, Jacobus. Quastioues Ordi- 
nariffl, ii. 420 
Quaestioncs de quodlibct, ii. 421 
Ashby (Asheby, Assheby), Sib James. Or- 
ders he is to observe in k-N'jing bis 
regiment, iii. 156 

vicarage of : presentation of Arthur 

Hildersbam to, v. 187 

Eemonstranac of ministers against the 
prohibition of exercises, i. 379 
Ashley, Sib Anthony. Case of, in the 

Star-chamber, 9 Jas. I., iv. 48 
AsHTON, Charles : Letter containing a list 

of livings belonging to colleges, v. 453 
Askew, Anthony: Notes and collations oa 
^schvlus, A. 6. 11. 20. 26 
Boetbius, A. 23, 24 
Isocrates, A. 18 
Sophocles, A. 22. 
Theocritus, A. 16 
Transcript of Bentley and Leclerc's 

letters, A. 23 
Sale catalogue, -with prices and notes, 
A. 18 
AsPULDREFELD. WaiTaut for the support 

of a chaplain iu, i. 109 
Asset. Tractatus patris Asseti filii Chore 
Thebith in motu accessionis et recea- 
sionis. III. 549 
AssHBV, George. De activa pollecia 
principis (Eng. poem), iv. 299 j-. Corr. 
V. 605 J 
Dicta et opiniones diversorum philoso- 
phorum (in Eng. veree), iv. 299 
[r. Corr. v. 605] 
Asshehurst. Expenses of enclosure of 
the Parks at, allowed to Adam Pj-nk- 
hiu-st, keeper, i. 138 
Grant of three-pence a day for keeping 
them, I. 138 
AssiiETON, Robert de (one of the king's 
admirals). Letttjr to accoimt for his 
expenses, i. 135 
Warrant for a grant to, of tlic warib^hip 
of Edmund Hogsbawe, i. 116 
AssisARUM liber temp. Ed. UI., n. 265, it. 

Assise of bread and beer, i. 325. 398. 400, 

II. 3. 7. 34; V. Statuta. 
Assizes, i. 430 

AsTELEY, John. Letter to Asclmra, v. 32 
Astrolabe. Do astrolabio compondiuni, 

III. 302. 324. 548. 549; r. Messahala. 
Drawing of, and directions for use. 


I. 104; r. Philoposus, Alexander, 

Astrology. Tracts on, in. 423. 727 
Tabula fortunae secundum xii. signa, 

IV. 301 
Signa et domus, rv. 301 
Astronomy. Tracts on (Lat.), in. 215. 
814, n-. 182 
The wj-se boke of, ii. 164, iv. 67 
Physical, abstract of (Lat.), in. 670 
Extracts, notes, &c. on, in. 302. 326 
Compositio astrorum speculi pjeneralis, 

in. 322 
Canones de equatione planetaiiim et 

edipsinin solis et lunje, in. 302 
Motus medii planetanim in 36000 annis, 

IV. 1S3 
De uominibus variorum instrumento- 

rum. III. 303 
De ascensiouibus nubium, in. 324 
De qiiautitate longitudinis capitis Arie- 

tis et Librae, in. 405 
De Terrae occultationibus et apparitio- 

nibus stellarum, in. 324 
Radices stellarum fixarum, in. 326 
Theorica de motibus lunae et planet- 
arum, in. 327 
Tabulae Astronomies, ni. 215. 302, 303 ; 

for Chronological use, ii. 174 
Lunar and Planetaiy tables, in. 302 
Tabulze ad inveniendum locum Solis, 

III. .328 

Tabulae latitudinum Planetarum, in. 

Tabulae mediorum motuum argument! 

Solis et Planetarum, iv. 182 
Tabulae revolutionis solis et lunae 

aliarumque planetarum variae, in. 

Tabula ad ecicndum quis planeta do- 

niinetur omni hora cujuslibet diei, 

ni. 329 
Table for finding the Sun's place from 

leiip-year to leap-year, in. 332 
vepl ToD iv T-g ffeXrii/r] opufxivov f/.iXai>os, 

IV. 65 

irtpl ovpavov Kal rOiv iv avTi2 ^wSitav re 

Kal Tr\avriTwi', iv. 65 
vepl Karapx^v Ik twv SwoeKa rpbirov 

'Op<piws Karit. ftiota, iv. 65 
irtpl auva<pT)% t^j atXijvrj^ Trpbs tovs ttXci- 

vrjrai, iv. 66 
trepl fftpaipat r/ irfpl ovpavov, IV. 91 
Ttpl (pva(w%, iTfpl Thnov Kal xp^fov, irepl 

itreipov K.r.\., iv. 91 
Atitanakil'h, S. 'Ejrt(T7'oX7j irp6s 'A/j./xovi>, 
u. 156 
'Kjrt(rroX7j irpbi'Pov<f)iai'6i', u. 162 
«/f t6 rdOof tCjv Tilmrripoi, iv. 79 
iK TTji 39 (opTaaTiKrj^ i-rriaToXiit, ii. 156 
Vila H. Antonii (Lat.), ab Kvagrio, iv. 


dc Kx)iortatione monachorum (Lat.). 
IV. 275 

Athen.iius. irepl ny)xavrinaT(j}v, iv. 83 

Notes on, by Dubree, A. 68. 78 

Hermann, A. 40 
Athexagokas, notes on, by Pearson, A. 39 ; 

Morell, A. 17 
Athol, Elizabeth de Strabolgi, Countess 

of, license to marry, i. 131 
Athoma, Johannes de. Annotationes in 
Othonis et Ottoboni Constitutiones, in. 
420; tabula, in. 227 
Atte Hethe, John. Complaint of his 
suborning a juiy on the inquest on John 
T.nitot, I. 126 
Attics Famili.??, notes on, by Taylor, A. 9 
Attmue, Matthew. Proceedings against 

(1667), I. 357 
Attekbury, Francis. Letter to Strype, v. 
Index, V. 141 ; letter to Pope, v. 402 ; 
speech on presenting Lord Harley for 
his degree, v. 426 
Attorney, note-book of an (1618^ i. 486; 
(1633—1670), in. 212 
Notes and instructions for practice in 
the Court of Common Pleas, i. 437 
Atwood, Eichaed. a poem in imitation 

of Milton, IV. 404 
Auctoritates, in. 8 
Auctions. Catalogue of Books sold at, ii. 

AuDELEY, Thomas. Eeadings on the Sta- 
tutes of Westminster and Marlborough, 
n. 179 
AuDLEM School : report from Haberdash- 
ers' Hall respecting, v. 413 
Audley End : reception of the Universities 

attending the Queen at (1578), v. 197 
Augusta, David de. Instructions of No- 
vices (in EngUsh), i. 59 
Augustinus, S. De xii. abusionibus S£e- 
cuH, II. 310. 470, in. 349. 370. 467, iv. 
15. 335 ; (Eng.), in. 546 
De Academicis, i. 57, in. 403 
De Adam, in. 654 

Admonitio ut non solum lingua, sod et 
moribus et oi^ere, laudetiu- Dcus, ii. 
De Adulteriuis Conjugiis, in. 352. 365. 

Contra adversarium legis et Propho- 

tarnni, in. 461 
In agnitione verse vitsp, in. 44. 652. 

de Agone Christiano, n. 356. 441, in. 

.3.50. 414. 611 
Epistola ad Armentarium et Pauli- 

nam, in. 593 
contra Arrianorum pcrfidiam in ser- 

mone, iii. 402. 466 
Senuo Arrianorum, in. 402. 466 
dc asKuinptione Virginis gloriosae, in. 

de I'uiitisnio iiarvulornin, n. 465 
dc uiiico I5a)itisiii(), n. 466 
Senno do Baptismo, in. 413 


AuorsTiNcs, S. lie Cantico novo, ii. 350, 
III. 349. 437. 014 
Liber de Ctiritiite, in. G18; Sermones 

de C!aritiitc, in. 4r)8 
de quutxior virtutibiis Caritatis, in. 
298; Sernio de laudc Caritatis, n. 

437, in. 437. 458. 593. till. ()13. 050 
de Cataclvsmo, in. 349. 413. 437 

de Civitate Dei, i. 28, n. 419, in. 028, 

IV. 315. Index to, i. 33, n. 471 
Collatioues ad fratres suos iu ercmo, ii. 

de Concordia Evangelistarum, iv. 20 
CoQfessioues, in. 394. 001. 019 
de conflictu virtutiun ct vitiorum, ii. 

de bouo coujugali, in. 352. 304. 001. 

de X. cordis, ii. 409, in. 352. 511. 054 
de correptione ct gratia, in. 012, iv. 09 
de cruce, in. 352 
de ciira pro mortiiis gerenda, in. 402, 

de decern plagis et praeceptis, n. 440, 

in. 353. 053 
de decimis reddendis, in. 354. 517. 054 
de differentia spiritns et animse, i. 233. 

235. 491. 527, n. 435 
de diffinitionibus rectse fidei, ii. 43. 53. 

250 [v. Corr. v. 593] 
de disciplina Christiana, ii. 437. 409 
de divinatione Demoniuu, in. 353 
de doctrina Christiana, ii. 438, in. 

412. 001. 052. 055 
adversus Donatistas de Baptismo, ii. 

de duabns animabus, ii. 440, in. 413. 

602. 610. 050 
de ebrietate, in. 352. 054 
de ecclesiasticis dogmatibtis (Genna- 

dii), I. 28, II. 357, in. 438. 009. 053 
Enchiridion ad Laurcutiiim, i. 29, n. 

439, in. 428. 002. 052 
Epistolje, III. GOO 
de essentia divinitatis, i. 422, rv. 10. 

103 (called Hieronymus de membris 

QnaestiouesE vangeliomm, n. 21, in. 407 
Senno de Excidio iirbis Eoiuie, in. 

438. 459. 507. 593 

de facixltatibus ecclesifc, in. 353 
contra Fanstnm, in. 400 
contra Felicem in aetibns, in. 402 
contra FcUcianiim Arrianiuu, i. 331, 

II. 356, ni. 350 
Sermo de fide, in. 437. 458. 593 
de fide ac synibolo, in. 430. 592 
de tide ad i'ctrum (FiUgeutii), n. 411. 

470, in. 412. 651 
de filio prodigali (extr. fr. Qnjest. E- 

vangel.), in. 703 
Actus contra Fortunatnni, in. 403 
Expositio super Epistolam ad Gala- 

thas, IV. 21 

AronsTiNi's, S. de Genpsi ad liternm. i. 

375, n. 437, in. .•tH7. (;49, iv. 2(>; In.Kx 

to, n. 425 

Gnicfs for each day in the week, ii. 525 

de (triitiii et liliero nrbitrio, iv. 09 

de tribus Imbitaciilis, i. 47^, n. 251. 

293, in. 23H. 400. 732 (Liber I'a- 

de hieresibufl, in. 612 
contra (juinque haereses, i. 319, ni. 41-1. 

EpistoloD ad S. Hieronj-mntn cum rc- 

sponsiouibua et ad I'nesidiuni, ni. 

Epistohi ad Cirillum do transitu Ilicro- 

nynii, i. 405, in. 151. 512 
de honestate muliernm, in. 299. 353 
de huiuilitate et obedientia, in. 350 
Hypomnesticon, n. 356. 438. 441, in. 

349. 354. 508. 611 (Lib. vi.) 
de igne purgatorio, n. 469, in. 44. 460. 

507. 618. 732, iv. 20 
de imagine et similitudine (bv S. Am- 
brose?) n. 44. 53, III. 44. 239. 299. 

410. 400; (Eng.), m. 530. 546 [r. 

Corr. v. 600] 
de immortalitato anima;, i. 58, ii. 439. 

408, III. 610 
de vera innocentia, n. 441, in. 050 
ad inquisitiones Januarii, n. 438, iii. 

438. 511. 593 
Epistola ad Italicam, in. 652 
Tractatus 124 in Evangelium S. Jo- 

hannis, in. 430. 642 
Sermo de beato Joseph, in. 602 
Liber ad comitem Juhanum, in. 351, 

IV. 393 
Contra Jiilianum, in. 403 
Sermo de non jurando, in. 461 
de laudc Dei, in. 351 
de beato latiouc, n. 4.39, in. 238. 353 
de libero arbitrio, n. 350. 440. 409, in. 

de litera et spiritu, n. 356, in. 613 
de magistro, i. 58 

contra epistolam Manich;corum, n. 435 
Epistola ad Marccllinum, n. 357. 466 
contra Maximinum hsereticiim alterca- 

tio, in. 403 
Meditationes, i. 492, n. 259, in. 44, iv. 

contra mendacium, n. 350, in. 461. 610. 

de mendacio, n. .355, in. 461. 610. 650 
de militia spiritnali, n. 297, mi. 351 
de mirabilibus divinie Scrii>turio, ii. 

440, in. 612. 650 
de moribus ecdesite, ii. 355 
de musica, in. 654 
do natura boni, n. 355. 468, in. 612 
de natura et gratia, iv. OH 
de natura et voluntate, in. .353 
de nuiitiis et coucupisccutia, til. 364, 

IV. 68 


ArocsTiKTS, S. Senno de obedientia, in. 
de observationibus ecclesiasticis, ii. 53 
de opere monachonim, in. 612 
Admomtio de Oratione Dominica, ii. 44 
Sermo super Oratiouem Dominicam, 

III. 150. 460 
de Ordine rermn, i. 57 
responsioues ad Orosium, i. 375, ii. 

468, III. 162 
de vi qiHEstiouibus Paganorum, in. 461 
exceptiones de tribus libris contra Par- 

menium, in. 438 
de Pastoribus, i. 320 
contra Pelagium et Celestiiim de gratia 

Christi et de originali peccato, in. 403 
de perfectione justitiae bominum, iv. 68 
sermo de perjurio, n. 437, in. 351. 438. 

de dono perseverantise, i. 331, m. 651 
Sermones de poenitentia, i. 478, n. 250. 

468, in. 3.53. 467. 592. 611, iv. 528 
de vera et falsa pctniteutia, i. 477, n. 

469, in. 306. 351, iv. 336 

de praedestiuatione divina, in. 353 

de prajdestiuatione Sanctorum, i. 331, 

II. 468, in. 651 
Enarrationes in Psalmos, i. 9. 322. 337 
Tractatiis in Psalmos 1 — 51, in. 28; 

in Psalmos 101—150, in. 617 
de utilitate Psalmorum, in. 653 
Psalterium causa suae matris Monicae, 

II. 525 
de pugna animae, n. 43 
Quam bonum sit lectiones divinas le- 

gere, in. 511 
Qnasstiones 83, n. 439, ni. 601. 609 
de qiuestionibus veteris et novi Testa- 
ment!, n. 21 
de quantitate animae, i. 58. 235, n. 435. 

de quarta feria, in. 413. 437. 614 
Eegula ad servos Dei, i. 541, iv^24; 

(Eng.), II. 535 
cum expos. Hugonis de S. Victore, 
IV. 24 
de Kcsurrectione, in. 654 
Ketractationes, i. 57. 320, n. 436. 468, 

in. cm. 632. 652 
Pars prima florum in Epistola ad Eo- 

mauoH, I. 330 
Liber in quasdam propositiones in 

p4)istola ad Komanos, iv. 20 
de Sennone Domini in monte, n. 419, 

ni. 28 
Strmonefl, ii. 292. 439, in. 388, 389. 

391. 438. 458. 507. 613. 654. 659— 

662. 732, IV. 386 

do verbis Domini, in. 28. 

.347. 427. 613 
de verbis Apostoli, in. 28. 

.347. 427. 613 
de tempore, i. 527 

AuGusTiNus, S. Sermones in Pascha, in. 
365; de Octavis Pascbas, in. 593 
Sermo de eo quod nibil est gloria 
muucli, in. 652 

de Epipbauia, in. 432 

de faciendis eleemos;ynis, in. 438. 


in Natali Apostolorum Petri et 

Pauli, III. 433 

ad populum in Paraseeue (de tem- 

pore Barbarico),iii. 413. 437. 459. 614 
in 1 Cor. iii. 11, i. 415 [v. Corr. 

V. 588],. in. 602 
Stoliloquia, i. 58,. n. 356. 440. 470, in. 

610. 651 
de spiritu et anima, in. 43; Tabula 

super, per Crome compilata, in. 348 
de substantia dilectiouis, n. 469 
Expositio symbol! contra Judaeos, Pa- 

ganos et Arriauos, in. 415 
d€ Symbolo, ii. 440, in. 350. 413. 436 
Symbolaun dictatum a beato Augustino, 

I. 331 
Sermones de timore Dei, n. 437, in. 

437. 459. 593. 611 
de Trinitate, in. 385. 397 
de Unitate et Trinitate, n. 355 
de Unitate Ecclesias (inEnglisb), ii.538 
de utilitate credendi, in. 436. 592 
Epistolae ad Valentium mouachum, iv. 

de vera religione, in. G09. 650 
de videndo Deo, in. 612. 651 
de Sancta Virginitate, i. 343, in. 352. 

364. 601 
de virtute animas, ii. 53 
de visitatione infirmorum, ii. 296, in. 

350. 634. 719; (in Englisb), in. 545 
de vita Christiana, in. 460. 652. 718 ; 

(in English), in. 546 
de beata vita, i. 57, in. 602. 609 
epistoliB ad Volusianum, n. 357. 419, 

III. 613 
Exxserpta ex Augustino, n. 54, iv. 394 
Flores ex Augustino, n. 545, in. 529. 

634, IV. 383 
List of the Works of, i. 28 
in translatione S. Aug. lectiones, n. 20 
AoousTiNus DE Ancona. Suniiua de ec- 
clesiastica potestate, in. 551 


AuuEiE notuliE, II. 447 

AuitELius Victor. Liber illustrium, i. 

346, 347 
AuREOLi, Petrus. Dieta Salutis. v. S. 


Collationes de tempore et de communi 
Sanctorum, i.e. Appenilix Dietse 
AusoNiDs. Carmina, in. 703, 704 
Cento nuptialis, iv. 404 
versus de Caisaribus, i. 4.32, in. 693 
Austen, Hewe, Anthem and Mass by, v. 


ArsTiN, James. Letter to Strype. I'.Imlex, 

V. 141 
AuTosciiKDiASMATA dG Studio Theologio!, 

(1674), I. 178 
AvELEY (Alwithly). Cartulnrv of lands in, 

I. 37« 
AvEKRHOES, de intelloetu possibili, Loc- 
turesofCaesarCremoninun on,i. 430,431 
AvioENNA. Art'iinnin de rhilosopborum 
lapide, I. 241, ii. 448. 542 
Canones, iv. 198 
Cantica cum commento Averrovs, iii. 

liber de cnusis cum commento, iii. 383 
de di\isioue practice, iii. 331 
de origine lapidis Philosopborum, ii. 

448. 541 
de re tecta, ii. 447 
tracts of. III. 423 
AviENUs, EuFus Festus: notes on, A. 30 
AvKANCHKS, Henry of. Super vita beati 
Fraucisci, i. 470 
Versus de Corona Spinea, &c., i. 471 
de generatioue et corruptione materise, 

I. 474 
de milite et clerico, i. 474 
de trauslatione veteris ecclesite Sarum 

et constructione novte, i. 472 
Hexameters of, iv. 11 
Aylmer, Brabazon. Letter to Sti'j'pe. 
t\ Index, V. 141 

John (Bp. of London), letters of, v. 

311. 535 
Atlsham, letter recommending Robert 
Harrison to be schoolmaster at, and Bp. 
Parkhurst's answer, ii. 68 
other letters respecting this, ii. 68, 69 
Ayscogh, "William (Bp. of Salisbury), 

notes respecting and will of, v. 417 
AzARCHEL. Tabulae Astronomicae, iii. 332. 
405. 549 
Canones super tabulas, iii. 332. 405. 


Babinoton, Anthony. Account of his con- 
spiracy against Q. Elizabeth, in. 87, iv. 
letter to Q. Elizabeth, ii. 188 
letters to the Q. of Scots, in. 86, 87 
letter to Mr How, in. 86 
Babraham, extracts from the Church 
Register, v. 305 
foundation of a chantry in, v. 321 
Cragge admitted vicar in place of 
Hullicr burnt for heresy, v. 324 
Bacharach. Manner of cultivating vines 

at, I. 403 
Bacon, Frvncis. Advertisement touching 
a holy war, i. 194 
Considerations touching a war with 

Spain, IV. 267 
Essays, iv. 493 

Bacon, Fr.\nci8. RuIch and niaxiinH of tlin 

coninion laws of England, n. I't'), m. 3<»I 

Briif diiclanition couceniing tho uh« of 

the law, rn. 47 
A preparation toward the uninn of 

tin; laws (if Eiigluiul and Sc«itijuul, 

III. :!()1 
Answer to queries rrspecting Ovcr- 

burvH murder, i. 157 
Speech delivered in the Star-cbambcr 

to tlic judges (1617), IV. 4H 
Speech to the Parliament (1621), in, 

Charge at the sessions of tho Veirgo, 

III. 70 
The passages in Parliament against, 

with his confession and submission, 

I. 298, III. 475 
Wraynham's ease in tho Star-chamlwr 

for slandering the Ld. Chancellor 

Bacon of injustice, i. 'H^l, iv. 49 
Letters to the University of Cambridge, 

V. 329; Letter to Sir R. Cicille, v. 

390 ; to the Lord Keeper, v. 390 
grace for his degree, v. 368 
Bacon, Nicholas. Speeches of, i. 79 [For 
MS. 1828, read MS. 1843, i.e. Ii. v. H], 
III. 476 — 479; notes of these papers, v. 
Effect of his oration in the Star-cham- 
ber (1566), II. 48 i, in. 85 
Defence of the House of Scotland 

against the title of the House of 

Suffolk, I. 529 
epitaph of, v. 433 
Bacon, Roger. Tractatus de quibusdam 
aquis alkymicis, ii. 451 
Tractatus expositorius enigmatum al- 

kymin?, n. 450 
Comi)endiura alk\-nii(P, n. 450 ; Specu- 
lum alkymia', n. 449 
Breve brcviarium, in. 727 
Cedula declarativa, ii. 450 
Super Geberem de 3 ordinibns medi- 

cinae, n. 450 
Tres epistolre ad Johannem Parisieu- 

sem, II. 449 
de operibus secretis naturan et artia et 

nullitate magicaj, n. 449 
Practica, v. Richardus Anglicus. 
Tractatus de quinta essentia, iv. IIS 
De rctardatione senectutis, i. 274 
Rosarium Johannis, n. 446 
Speculum socretorura, n. 450 
de Somuo et Vigilia. in. .">01 
Epistola de spiritu occulto in Bulpliura 

et arsenico, n. 450 
Bapo AfREo, Johannes de. Tractatus do 

armis, i. 437 
Bagford. John: historj- of TjTwgraphy, 
I. 439 
account of the first impressions of the 

Bible in English, i. 439 
notes concerning printers, v. 328 


Bagshaw, Epwabp. Speech in Parliament, 

7 Nov. 1640, IV. 216, v. 182 

artmmeut whether an act mif;ht pass, 

the spiritual Lords disasseuting, iv. 


B.viNEs, Bishop. Notes on Eomsee's Praxis 

cclebrandi missam, A. 19 
Baker, Thomas. List of the contents of 
vol. XXXI. of his MSS., iv. 354 
notes of the contents of his MSS., iv. 355 
Letters to Str^-pe, iv. 408, v. 125—139 
Catalogue of his MSS., v. 193—506; of 
the transcripts from those in the 
Brit. Mus., V. 506—567 
Extracts from and errata in his MSS., 

IV. 359. 361, 3(!2 
Additions to Maunsell's catalogue of 

English printed books, v. 474 
notes respecting, v. 27. 491 
notes on Anstis's order of the Garter, 
A. 29 

Burnet's Reformation, A. 29 
CheviUier's Origine de I'im- 
primerie de Paris, A. 30 
Gimton's history of Peter- 
borough, A. 30 
Wood's Athense Oxonienses, 
A. 29 
B.VLDOK, Radulphus DE. Registrum sta- 
tutorum S. Pauh Londoniae, ii. 180 
Statuta edita a E. de B. (1298), ii. 
Baldwints de Marrochio. Tractatus com- 

poti manuahs, in. 404 
Bale, John. OflBcium in festo communi 
beatte Mariae specialis Carmelitarum 
patronse, ii. 531 
Historia Sancti Cirilli, ii. 531 
Historia Sancti Angeli, ii. 531 [v. Corr. 

V. 596] 
Historia raptus sanctissimi Heliae pro- 
phetse, II. 531 
Baliol, Johk. De homagio Johannis Ba- 

liol regis Scotorum, i. 325 
Bai.kins, Hebrandus: testimonial of Bp. 

Parkljurst for, ii. 61 
Ballaiiii and BAnixaTON's conspiracy, brief 

declaration of, in. 87 
Balnea, Henriccsde. Speculum spiritua- 

lium, I. 247, 248 
Balsham, Hcoh de: notes respecting, v. 

307. 859 
Balzac. Letter to Da Moulin, in. 70 
Bancroft. Kicttard, Archbp. of 'Ca-nierbury : 
Circular to the Bp. of Norwich respecting 
proliibitions, i. 168 
manner of creating SirC. Hatton Chan- 
cellor of Oxford, V. 197, 198 
letters to Jegon, v. 202, -203. 256. 309. 

354. 397 
letters to the V. C. of Cam})ridgc and 
(,th(TH re.npccting the translation of 
tbe 15il)k-, v. 309 
oxtracts from his will, v. 347 

B.iNCROFT, Richard, reasons for his promo- 
tion to the See of London, v. 441 
Library of, i\ Cambridge, University of . 
Bangor, See of, Congd d't^lire to the dean 
and chapter of, i. 113 
letter regarding a safe conduct for John 
Bp. of, ambassador to the Pope, 1. 117 
letter of Richard II. respecting, i. 144 
Banks, Sir John : ai'gument on ship-mo- 
ney, III. 488, 489 
Bannier, jom-nal of a campaign of (1638), 

v. 170 
Banners, Standards, &c. sise of, i. 502 
Queen's, length of, i. 503 
discommodity that may happen to an 
army for the want of, i. 502 
Baptista Mantuanus : Bucolica, in. 260 
Parthenice, in. 258 
Ad divam Virginem votum, in. 255 
Barbican, Walls of, letter of respecting, 

I. 122 
Barbour, John. Lives of Apostles and 
Saints in English verse, in. 49 [v. Corr. 
V. 597] 
Translation of Guido de Colonna's De- 
struction of Troy, v. 600 
Barclay, Sir Henry, proposed exchange 

of, II. 285 
Bakdolf, William. License to exchange 
the manor of Walton at Stane for that 
of Stow Bardolf, i. 116 
Bardolp, Esmon. Order for two oaks 

from certain forests, i. 128 
Bardsey Abbey, warrant for the confirma- 
tion of the abbat elect of, i. 129 
Baeett, John, lands belonging to, in Avely 
and Wenuington, temp. Hen. VIII., i. 
Baeham Priory, grant of to P. Parris, v. 

Barker, Edmund Henry. Collections for 
his Greek Lexicon, A. 64; Dobree's notes 
on his tracts, A. 76 

R. Letter to Strype. v. Index, v. 141 

Barksdale, C. Monumcnta littcraria ex 

historiis Thuani, notes on, A. 58 
Barlow, Thomas, Bp. of Lincoln, letter 
upon the English historians, i. 360; 
Letter concerning the King's declara- 
tion (1688), II. 283 
Letters to Lowe and Strype. v. Index, 
v. 141 
Barlow, William, Bp. of Lincoln : Man- 
ner of consecrating Fulmer churchyard, 
Bucks, III. 34 
Inquiry* respecting his consecration, v. 

26. 52 
Letters of, in. 36, v. 202. 256 
Speech on a bill for laymen to be 
assistants to Bishops, in. 39 
Barnai!AS, S. IleptoSot Kal fj-apT^fiiov roii 

dylov liapvdfta, iv. 85 
Barnes, Joshua. Letter to Laughton, i. 
163 ; epitaph of, iv. 355 


Baunks, JosnuA, notes on tbo roetso 

Cintci priiicipes, A. 3 
Bahnwkli, AniiKY. Process of the election 
of the prior, v. 318 
grants to iind hv, v. 268, 269. 289. 295. 

305. 425. 428 
grant of a four days fair, v. 384 
notes respecting, v. 318. 320. 322. 325. 
345. 437. 484. 547 
B.VRNW00D, forest of : couiis held for, i. 

Bako, Peter. Cnr frnetns mortis Christi 
ad onines Adami posteros nou per\e- 
niet ? III. 37 
particulars concerning, v. 301 
trial of, V. 535 ; account of from a MS. 
in Trin. Coll., v. 90. 132 
Baeocciax MSS. Extracts from, iv. 84, 85 

[r. Corr. v. 604] 
Bakoxets, question of precedency of, by 
Hackwell, i. 351 
Collections by John Brooke, giving a 
list with armorial bearings to 1622, 
I. 407 
case touching, by R. Lloyd, iv. 436 
Barons. The names of certain places of 
barons after the manner of the alpha- 
bet, III. 595 
A booke of (1601), v. 162 
Barret, Sir Edwaep, ambassador at 

Paris, letters to, i. 175 
B.VRRETT and Baro, proceedings against, v. 

Barringtox, fomidation of a chantry in, 
V. 323 
appropriation of, to Michael House, 

V. 364 
manumission of a serf of the maaior, 
V. 364 
B.vRRiNGTOK, SiR Charles. Letters to 

Strype. v. Index, v. 141 
Baerow UPON Humber, roll of the court 

of the manor of, iv, 541 
Barrow, Henry. Exammation before the 
Queen's commissioners about " The de- 
scription of the false church," ii. 30 

Isaac (?) Discussion whether the 

damned after the last judgment shall 
live in everlasting torments, iv. 546 

Commencement sermon (1664), v. 188 
Notes respecting, from Trin. Coll. con- 
clusion book and register, v. 450 
Babrow, IsA-iC, M.D. Election to and re- 
nimciation of the office of Vice-Chancel- 
lor (1600), V. 368, tractatus de armis, i. 

de Urinis (in Enghsh), iii. 513 

Brixiensis. Liber quaestionum, ii. 


capitula extracta a florario, i. 479 

V. Glanville. 

Bartholomew, S., massacre of, brief note 
concerning, i. 189 

Bartholomew, R., mnssacro of, lettorB o( 

Walsinghani ctnictniiiig, v. 35t» 
BAiai.i-.TT. Kradings on the Htiituto .'J*2 

Ihii. VIII. c. M. 111.274 
Barton, Manor of, indt iiluro of riliimc by 
Dr Ashton to the UuiverHity of Cam- 
bridge, IV. 515 
rectory of, appropriation of to the 

convent of Mcrton, v. 291. 4^3 
lordship, conditions of its purchotic, v. 
Barton iton Himher, roll of tlio court of 

the manor of il649), iv. 541 
Basel, Council of : senno in concilio Hasi- 

lieusi factus, ii. 445 
Basil, S. 'EiriaToXai, ii. 156, 157, 158, 
HI. 13 
Trepi Tov dylov irvivixaTo^ (extr. from), 

II. 158, 159 
X(S70S 7rp6s TOLT viov%, irws h.v ^I'EXXTji't- 

Kwv dxptXoivTO Xii-yw*', I. 219 
\6yoi eh rrjv ayiav XpiffToO yivvrjaiv, IV. 

Liturgiffi in Latinum ex Arabico con- 
versa; a V. Scialaeh, i. 250 
Monita (Lat.), in. 23H. 297 
de leg«ndis libris secularibus (Homil. 
22), Lat. a L. Aretino, iii. 258, iv. 3 
Quibus studiis opera danda sit ad 
vitia repelleuda ex vers. L. Aretiui, 
IV. 3 
Tractatus in Exameron, ex vers. Eus- 
tacii, HI. 348 
Basilica. iKXoyij Kal (riVo^is of, iii. 680 
Basilicus. Aiaipeffis, rv. 508 
Basilius Patricius Cubicularics. Nou- 

yuaxiKci, IV. 84 
Basinius P.vrmensis. Astronomicon, i. 

255 [v. Corr. v. 585] 
Bassinoruioi, Eoelina de. Of her dower, 

III. 282 

church of, appropriation of to S. 

Martin's Deanery, London, v. 291 ; 
admissions to, v. 294. 324 
Bassue, John Bernard. De medicina, i. 

Bastarpi.t; summa, i. 326. 413, ii. 7, in. 

278, 279. 285, iv. 73 
Bastwick, John, and others, bill in tho 
Star-chamber against (1636), v. 169 
Censure of the Star-chamber on (1637), 
II. 23; letter of, v. 441 
Bath Abbey, prior of. Letter desiring hira 
to keep a servant and a greyhound for 
Richard IL, i. 125 

and Wells, Catalogue of the Bishops 

of by Pp. Godwin, v. 379 
BATRACHOMYoMAcniA, Continuation of (Lat.) 
called Murium et Ilananim .\oyoiuixi<*^< 

IV. 530 

Batrkiisey Manor (Middlesex), rental of 

in 1619, II. Hi 
Battely, Nicnou\s. Letters to Strjpe. i". 

Index, V. 141, 142 


Batten, Bexjamis. Letter to Strype. v. 
Index, V. 142 

Battie, Willl\m. Letter to Bp. Moore, 
I. 1G3 

Battle Abbey, roll of, iii. 703, iv. 102 
license to take a messuage, <tc., i. 110 
transcripts from a ledger book of, v. 

Baumgabtn-er, John Percy, papers pre- 
sented to the University by. v. 1 

Bayfius. De re vestiaria epitome, i. 317 

Bayford, John. Letter to Sti-ype. v. In- 
dex, V. 142 

Bayi-ey, Lewis, Bp. of Bangor, informa- 
tion against, exhibited to the House of 
Commons, iii. 153 

Bayonne. Letter on the fortifications of, 
I. 121 

Letter on the defence of, against Henry 
of Castile, i. 143 

Beaconsfield. De villa de, i. 521 

Beale, Egbert. On the validity of the 
maiTiage of Charles Duke of Suffolk 
>vith the Lady Mary (Lat.), i. 195 

Beaesley, AiLisoN. Letter to Stiype. v. 
Lidex, V. 142 

Beauchamp, John. Warrant for a general 
release to, i. 131 

EoGER DE, Captain of Calais, letters 

respecting, i. 137. 139 

Beaufort, Caedin^u.. Breve de non as- 
sociando Cardinal., v. 382 
licence to convey £20000 to Basel with- 
out search, v. 382 
Beaulieu, C. (?) Notes on Terence, A. 62 
Beaumont, Francis. Stanza on Melan- 
choly, HI. 15 
Salinacis and Hermaphroditus, rv. 221 
poem by T. P. on his death, v. 178 

Sir John. Bosworth-field, a poem, 

III. 56 
Poems, v. 178 

Joseph, Prselectiones in S. Pauli 

Epist. ad Eom. et Phihpp., in. 627 

Letter to Sancroft, v. 388 

Mandate for his election to the reg. 

prof, of Divinity, v. 222 ; note of his 

election, v. 222 
Biographical notices, &c. of, v. 373 

Egbert, letter of, v. 365 

Beacvais, names of the bishops of, in. 53 
Beacvale, abbat and convent of, order for 

ten oaks to the keeper of Sherwood 

forest, I. 127 
Beccles, Dr Buckley, parson of, articles 

against, ii. 72 
Bechampton, presentation to the church 

of (1308), II. 3 
Beckenham, rectoria de, controversia de, 

III. 410 
Becket, Thomas, S., of Cant. De vita et 

passione (vers.), i. 469 ; Life of, by Zach- 

ary Grey, ii. 284 
De translatione (vers.), i. 470 

Becket, Thomas, S., of Cant. De quibus- 
dam revelationibus post martyrium 
(vers.), I. 470 
versus de, i. 473 
Prophecies of, iii. 169. 560. 715. 
Passio, in. 633 

Vita, n. 475 (in English), n. 405 
Becon, John. Collection of documents 
relating to Q. Elizabeth's visit to Cam- 
bridge (1564), IV. 293 
Beda. Chrouologia, n. 322, iv. 357* 
Super Cantica Canticoram, iv. 208 
Expositio super Canticum Abacuc, ii. 

de capite mundi, n. 322 
in Epistolas Catholicas, in. 160, iv. 22 
Enigmata, in. 204 
Homiliaj in Evangelia, in. 658 — 663 
Historia Ecclesiastica, in. 688 ; Anglo- 
Saxon, by King Alfred, in. 628 
versus de die Judicii, in. 204 
Expositio diversorum eiTorum Juliani 

heretici, in. 170 
Expositio de triginta qusestionibus, ii. 

Expositio super Lucam, i. 37; extr., 

I. 338 
Expositio super Marcum, i. 251 
Libellus de muliere forti (in festo S. M. 

Magd.), III. 414. 460 
De uatura mundi, in. 53. 357 
Prayer on the seven words of om- Lord, 

III. 180 
Sermones, in. 388—393 
Expositio TempU Salomonis, ii. 426 
de Temporibus, n. 321, in. 53 
Bedell, William, Bp. Irish Bible, i. 375 
[v. Corr. V. 587 J 
Letters to Lady Wray, v. 472 
Bedes, old foi-m of bidding, v. 371. 420 
Bedesmen, King's. Appointment of Ni- 
cholas Herblot to be one, i. 139 
Bedford, county of, assessment of the 
hundreds and towns in, towards the 
money granted by parliament in 1640, 
1642, n. 81 

town, siege of in 1224, notes of, in. 


burgesses for, 7 Edw. IV., v. 383 

S. .John's hospital, Eegula, i. 425 

S. Leonard's hospital, Eegula, i. 425 

S. Paul's church, epitaphs in, v. 333 

S. Peter's and St Mar\''s churches, 

statement respecting, v. 468 

Bedfghd Level. Proposals for regulating 
the work, i. 356 
Directions to be observed by the sur- 
veyors, V. 183 
Petitions and orders respecting the 
acres given to the E. of Bedford, for 
draining the fens, v. 169; order in 
council on this, v. 169 
Bedford, Francis Eussell, E. of. Letter 
to Sir H. Spelman, i. 159 


Bedford, Isabella, Countess of, oouCnua- 
tion of n grant niadi' liy, i. 184 
Wiirnint to pay a London goldsmith 
for lur jc'Wt'ls, i. 110 

William, collections from his MSS., 

V. 4k) 
Bedwell, Willlvm. Letters to A. "\^Tieo- 
lock, I. 71 

Legacy of his Arabick Lexicon to tho 
University of Camliridge, letter of 
John Clerko respecting, iv. 527 
Bekkeu's Anecdota Grreca, notes on, by 

Dobree, A. 70. 71> 
Beleth, John, Snmma de institutioui- 

bus Ecclesite, ii. 491 
Belgium, live articles disputed in, iii. 

31. 38, V. 185. 191 
Bell, Sin Rc^hekt. Oration for the suc- 
cession, I. 182 
Law reachngs of, iii. 207 

TuoMAS. Letter to Mr Yornig, v. 

Bellafago, EoBLRTrs DE. Ycrsus de com- 

mendatioue cei-visix% in. 233 
Bellaye, Siu William of. Instructions 
of the wars drawn out of I'olybius, Fron- 
tiuus, itc. translated from Fr. into Eng. 
by J. Sj-tern, ii. 417 
Belle CLEiucrs, Henricus de. De 7 
^^tiis capitalibus, &c., in. 567 

De 7 sacramentis, iii. 5G7 

Bellingham Chai'el, Northumb., v. 447 
Bellwood, Mark. Magica disputatio sen 

inquisitio de unguento Armario, i. 294 
Beloe, Willlvm. The Sexagenarian, al- 
phabetical index to, iv. 400 
Bembow, Admiilvl, Life and character of, 

V. 447 
Benedict, S. Codex peccatoris Benedicti, 
I. 251 

Eegula mouachorum, i. 393, in. 310. 
591. 035. 710, IV. 9; expos, a Sma- 
ragdo, II. 20 [v. Corr. v. 590J ; ex- 
pos, a Bernardo Cassineusi, iii. 010 
Eeformationes reguhe ab abbatibus in 
provincia Cantuarieusi (1278), in. 
Memoriale qualiter in monasterio con- 

versari debemus, iv. 9 
Indicium rcgulae quomodo in diebus 

anni domiuicis vel feriis, ite., iv. 9 
Ordinationes abbatum ordinis S. Beno- 

(Ucti factre (817), iv. 9 
Ordo ad clericum faciendum cum qui 
ex laico habitu recipitur, iv. 9 
Benedict of Nuksia (physician to tho D. 
of Milan). Opus ad sauitatis conseiTa- 
tionem, in. 84 
Benedict XII., Pope. Bull " Patemte 
considcratiouis aciem," i. 390 
Constitutio super quota procuratiouis 

percipicndaj, i. 391 
Constitutiones do Apostatis et regula- 
ribus fugitivis, i. 391 

Benedict XII., Popf.. CoiiBtitutioucB do 
llcligiosis, I. .S91 
l>('ilanitio de benoficiis oxilibiifi, i. 891 
Disiu'iisiitioiicH, \. 391 
Coiistitutii) df seeiindis nuptilH, iv. 115 
Bknedictionalk, IV. 491 [r. Corr. v. fi06] 
Benedictis, Jacoisis dk. Poenm Jo Voiii- 

tato mundi, n. 250. 207 
Benefices in England and Wales, valua- 
tion according to taxation of litnry 
VIII., J. 34S 
Benefices in the Qu. and Ld. Kcoix-r'H 
disposition, project respecting (15CU), v. 
In tho patronage of tho crown, letter 

of Charles I. respecting, v. 407 
Notes relating to tho disal)iUty of a 
B. C. to present to, v. 109 
Benet, Sir Levin, note of his funeral, v. 

Bennet Holme, Abbey of. Act of Parlia- 
ment annexing it to the Seo of XorRich, 

IV. 180 

Notes, charters of confirmation, &c. 

relating to it, iv. 180. 188 
William lUigg or Bepps, last abbat of, 

IV. 192 ; verses on, iv. 192 
Bennett, Thomas. Letters to Strj-pc. r. 

Index, v. 142 

Bentuam, James. Letters, advertisements, 
&c. relating to the Cambridgeshire Fens, 
and navigation of the Cam, iv. 400 

Bentivoglio, CuiDiNAL. Lcttcrs and pa- 
pers respecting tho condition of Flan- 
ders, Genoa, &c., and their connexion 
with England (Ital.), 1597—1009, ii. 22 

Bentley, IticuARD. Qucstions for an act, 

V. 31 

Account of his visitation, petition o- 
gainst, &c., v. 180 

Condemnation of his attack on Col- 
batch, v. 255 

Bp. of Ely's sentence of deprivation, 

V. 424 

Question with Dr Brookbank, as to 

tho probate of wills, v. 5ii2 
Grace thankuig him for his answer to 

Collins, V. 371. 502 
Suggested alterations in the statutes 
for the Plumian Professorship, IV. 350 
Notes on .lEschylus, A. 27 

Cicero's Tusculan Questions, A. 17 
Ileiihrcstion, A. 80 
I'ersius, A. 59 
Seneca Phil., A. 50 
Servius de pedibus vorsunm, A. 25 
Silius Italicus, A. 05 
TerentianuH Maurus, A. '2'> 
Victorinus de i>rthi.gniphia, A. 25 
Letter to Le Cliro, A. 23 
Catalogue of his books with MS. notes, 

A. 80 
Catalogue of his books bought for tho 
British Museum, A. 80 



Bentlet. RirnvrD. Notes on the Answer 
to Collins, by Dobree, A. 76 
Notes on the emend, in Menandrnm et 

Pliilemonem, by Dobree, A. 76. 78 
Notes on the epistola ad Millium, by 

Dobree, A. 70, 77, 78 
Notes on the dissei^ation on Phalaris, 

by Dobree, A. 76 
Autofcraph copy of Barrow's discussion 
on fiitnre torments, iv. 516 
Bexwick, S. Jas. Chapel, indulgence grant- 
ed to, V. 295 
Bercher, "William, collection of Epitaphs, 

V. 189 
Berexgartus. Conversio ab haeresi sua de 

Sacramento altaris, iii. 435. 605 
Berkeley, Edward de. Letter to the 
mayor and bailiffs of Southampton to 
aid, I. 123 

George, verses of, i. 281 

Gilbert (Bp. of Bath and Wells), 

letter to Bp. Parklmrst about the Ai-ch- 
deaconiy of Noi-wich, ii. 64 

Sir Eobert. Argument concerning 

ship money, iii. 488, 489, ii. 46 
Berks., tenure of lands in, extracted from 

the Tower rolls, ii. 27 
BERLixrox.\, Egbert, prior de. Compila- 
tiones in epistolas S. Pauli, i. 341 
De operibus sex dienim, i. 342 
De poE-nitentia, i. 342 
Bermoxdsf.y. Eobert de Dunton, letter re- 
commending him for the priory, i. 148 ; 
his appointment, i. 113. 131 
Berxard, S. Super Cantica Canticorum, 
H. 480, IV. 836 ; Tabula sermonum, in. 
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Peter in, to E. de Chesterfield, i. 112 
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])lfdge in manor of B. in Stafford, i. 
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A. 64 
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of insufficiency of learning. Har- 
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case concerning the power of, in grant- 
ing the office of Chancellor, v. 449 
Obits of several, and clergy, who com- 
ply'd not with the revolution, v. 376 
protest resjjecting their right to sit and 
vote in the Lords' house, v. 416 


Bisnops, account of tho iutormcnt of, from 

their wills, v. '2'^^^ 
sons of, iiilniitteil M.A. nt Cambritlgo, 
V. 4'J(5 
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to Stnije, IV. iOd 
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Pampisford church to, v. 4S2 
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mercantile letters, i. 334, v. 5119 

E. M. Ciphering book, i. 337 

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change of manor of Staustcdc Abbot and 

Bowerhouse with Henry VIII. for, v 

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V. 142 
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dex, V. 142 
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V. 414 
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in. 300 
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on Wills, III. 207 
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(TTOix^iov Tuv efnrepuiXyjfj.^i'ui' awaauv 

vtroOiaewv Toh iei^oli Kal OdoL% Kavoai, ii. 

iK Tov KovoviKou ToO aylov, 'ludyvov tou 

J^ijareuToO, ii. 411 
irifa^ aKpi^rjs ri2v viroOeo'euv Trjs 6tiai 
'ypa<prjs, u. 411 
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Heuricum Abrincensem, ii. 517 
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be erected at, by the emp. Leopold, v. 

42 tj 
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Blois, Charles de. Letter respecting bis 

ransom, i. 130 
expenses of the maintenance of his 
sons, I. 137 
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Eegimeut of Lyfe, i. 183 
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respecting, v. 391 


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et hymni, i. 184 
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metrical version of, by W. Stewart, hi. 
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men, i. 548 
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tus pra-nlicentm" de Deo substauti- 
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A. 23 
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V. Index, v. 142 
BoHiN, Hi'Mi'iiRY DE, E. of Hereford. 
Warrant of the grant of tho custody of 
bis castles to Thomas E. of Bucking- 
ham, I. 110 
letter on tho appointment of a receiver 
of tho rent of, i. 137 
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A. 29 
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Eunapius, A. 28 
Euripides, A. 19 
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A. 7 

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characteribus, et imaginibus planeta- 
nim, I. 446 

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cence to absent hiinself from Parlia- 
ment, I. 131 
BoLixGBROKE (Lincolusliire), account of 
the revenues of the honor of. 3G Eliz., 
B0LL.UID, Nicholas. Treatise on trees, ii. 

Bolton, in Wenslerdale, licence to the 
Chancellor to enclose his manor of, i. 
Bona FoitirxA, Fr.vxciscus de. Sermones 
dierum Domiuicalium et Festivahum, 
III. 439 
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Meditatio in Ave Maria, iii. 334 
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151, IV. 295 
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III. 333 

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ttntiarum, in. 68 [i'. Corr. v. 597] 

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497, III. 280. 669 

Translated by Nicholas Love, iv. 

56. 321. 545 
A portion of, in English, in. 262 
Manual of Devotion, compiled fi-om, 
in. 261 
Boniface VIII., Pope. Litera inter Ed- 
wardum I. regem Angliie et regem Fran- 
cis;, II. 4 
Litera papalis pro clero (i. e. the bull 

Clericis laicns), ii. 4 
Litera papalis contra religiosos mendi- 

cantf'H, n. 4 
Capitulum Dndum in quo patet aucto- 
ritaH fratmm de coufcssione audi- 
eiifln, HI. 425 
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IV. 297 
Capitulum ad restringendum capitu- 
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arch. Cant, et Ebor., iv. 297 
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stitutiones, i. 393, in. 224. 377. 420, iv. 
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BoNNELL, members of the family of. Let- 
ters to Sti-j-jDe and others, v. Index, v. 
142, 143 
BoNNEB, Edmund, bp. of Loudon. In- 
junctions thi'oughout his diocese, 1542, 
IV. 473 [r. Corr. v. 606] 
Mandate for prayers, and processions 

for peace, 1557, v. 294 
Eetm-n respecting a writ for convoca- 
tion, V. 390 
Mandates for convocation, &c., v. 294 
BoNwicKE, Heney. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 144 
Books prohibited in 1542, list of, iv. 473 
BoRASTONA, Simon de. Compilatio de or- 
dine judiciario, in. 440 
Libellus de mutabilitate muudi, in. 442 
Tractatus de imitate ecclesiastieae po- 
testatis, ni. 442 
BoEDESLEY, abbat and convent of. Letter 
to restore a corrody to Henrv Otterhimt, 
I. 127 
Grant of free warren in their lands in 

Wai'wick and Worcester, i. 131 
Grant of a corrody to Denys Fauconer, 
I. 132 
BoRESTALL. Extcuta mauorii 15 and 26 

Hen. VL , I. 385 
BoRTHWicKE, John. Aiiiculi xii in Joan- 
nem Barthorcum cimi sui ijisius vindi- 
catione, in. 220 
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ni. 331 

Computus, nr. 176. 322. 328. 331. 404 
Theorica Planetarum, iii. 323. 332 
Tractatus de sphcra, in. 176. 322. 328. 
332. 404, IV. 185 
BosTocK, Adam de. Wan-ant for an in- 
quisition of the lands of, i. 113 
Botanical Dictionary, a, ii. 15; com- 
mencement of, I. 273 
BoTUWELL, James Hepburn, Earl of. Let- 
ters of Mai7 Q. of Scots to, IV. 549 ; her 
sonnets to, iv. 551 
Acceptance of his challenge, iv. 550 
Proceeding of certane herdis of the 
Earle Bothwell's Day of Law, 12 Ap. 
1567, IV. 547 
Letter of Q. Elizabeth to the K. of 
Denmark requiring his extradition, 
v. 348 
Boulogne and Guisnes, pay to the offi- 
cers and soldiers sorviug at, I. 387 


BounnoN, Louis pe. Ijcttor to tho Eu^;- 

lish Parliiiment, v. 40") 

BouDKAUX, letter of lUclmnlll. to tlio mayor 

of, thiiukinf^ tliom for their ilofoiico, and 

proniis;in!4 cortain ordiiiaiicort, &c., I. 14(> 

Letter of Rielianl II. to the [governor 

of, thanking him for services, i. 121 
Abbey of Holy Cross at, grant of a cor- 
rody from, i. lifi; letters respecting 
the promotion of Bennu'd Salomons, 
I. 114, 115 
Arehbishoprick, royal letter thanking 
the I'ope for the promotion of Ray- 
mnnd de Eequerus, i. 114 
BouRDELOT, notes on ..Escbylus, A. 22 
BouRocHiER (bp. of Ely), installation of, 
V. 290. 322; Bull of translation from 
Worcester, v. 290. r. Ely 
Boutique doree des amateurs de la podsie 

par T. L (Haarlem, KwO), ii. 528 
BowYER, William. Letter to Strj-pe. v. 
Index, V. 144 
notes to Chapman's Essay on the Eo- 
man Senate, A. 65 
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and orchestra (17 i9), iv. 503 
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lariiim, iii. 241 
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suetudinibus Angliae, i. 326. 329, ii. 
121 ; extracts fi-om, ii. 2 
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before their deaths, iv. 175 

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to Strype, iv. 409 

church of, v. 444 

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trimi Carmelitarum ordinis, ii. 515 [r. 
Corr. V. 596 1 

Bkadsuaw, John- (the regicide), notes re- 
specting, V. 402 

Richard, order to go as agent to 

Hamburg, v. 413 

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pers, V. 380. 381 

Br.vkkele, Thomas de. Compilatio bre- 
vis, ri. 307 

Brame, chapel of, v. 457 

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to M. Honnywood, v. 388 

Brampston, Sir John. Arguments con- 
cerning the case of Ship-money, i. 197. 
381, III. 489 
readings on the statute 27 Eliz. c. 4, 
III. 274 

Bramston, Sir John. Letter to Sir W. 
Holcroft. V. Index, v. 144 

Brand, Thomas. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 144 

Brandenbourg, President of. Memoir to 
the Duke of York (French), i. I(i6 

Brandon Bridge, presentation to the her- 
mitage on, V. 316 

BiiANT, Skuvstian. Elo^'iftOtt collftudatio 
divi Scha.Mtiani nuirtyri-^, til. 2.'i7 
Ode, itc. nd diviiin SubuMtliiniun. iii.'J.'>7 
Do nnmna cadcsti ut de ingratitiidiuu 

omnium illu<l edeiitiiini, lit. 2.'>7 
vita San<'tissiiiu Oiioplirii, in. 257 
BnANriN(.UAM, TiioMAH, bp. of lixttor, li- 
cence to erect a fortresH in bis luauur 
of Chudele, i. 111. r. Exktkii 
Br^vthwait, Thomas. CoUectimen, t. I'.IS 
Bray, John. Warrant for liverj- of tho 

lands of, i. 113 
Brayi!uooke, UoiiEiiT i>K, b]). of N'onvii'li, 
mandatum ad orandmu prodoiniiiu Ni>r- 
wiceusi et exercitu suo.. .contra ^Vntil'a- 
pam, V. 484 
Bread, Assise of, in. 703. 710, iv. lis, 

V. 164 
Brecon, inquisition at (4 and 5 Phil, and 

Mary), i. 174 
Breddon Forest, grant of, to Mr Chaun- 

cellor, I. 171 
Bredon, Simon de. Expositio super qujc- 
dam capitula Almagest! Ptbolomai, ii. 

Ars metrica, ii. 118 
Computus anni cum expositione, iv. 
Bkenkhurn (Brinkburue), prior and con- 
vent of, warrant for tho advowsou of 
Harley to be given to, i. 108 
Brerewood, Edward. De pondcribus et 
pretiis vcterum nummorum, i. 317 
Logical works of, iv. 526 
Breton, John, letter to Sancroft, v. 388 
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Index, V. 144 
to J. Wagstaffe, li. 284 
Beevia. Aiticuli qui narrando imligent 
observari, iv. 73. 122 
DilBnitiones, i. 324 
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III. 285, IV. 73 

Exceptiones contra, iii. 279, iv. 73 

Forma, iv. 122 

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334; (French), iv. 122 
Natura (sumnia quaj vocatur), in. 279, 

IV. 73. 208; (French), iv. 73. 122 
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in. 22. 196. 271. 279. 2*2. 301. 509. 

527. 540. 702. 709, iv. 73. 76. 117 
Tractatus, in. 279, iv. 122. 333 
Collection of briefs, pleadmgs, and 

mandates, n. 5 
Breve do anno bisaextili, ii. M 
BuKViARiuM secundum usum llomanre cc- 
ciesite, lit. 739, iv. 332 
Sarum, i. 257 [r. Corr. V. 5^7]. 

442, in. 456. 719 
Cistercicnsem, I. 356 [o. Corr. v. 



BnEvi.uiirM, fragment of, iii. 451 
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Inilex, V. 144 
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sion of, II. 46 
Bridoeilix, John, bp. of Chester, estate 

of the diocese in his time, v. 298 
Bridges, R.vLrn. Letters to Stiype. v. In- 
dex, V. 144 
— — William. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 144 
Bridget, S., extract from the revelation3 

of. III. 733 
Bridgewater, D. Letter to the bp. of 

Ely, V. 508 
Brienne, Henri Augusta and Louis Henri 
LomtJuie, Counts of. Table par mati- 
feres des MSS. dc, iv. 130, 131 [v. Corr. 
V. 605] 
BniG, Hospital of S. John the Baptist, 
licence to take four messuages, &c., i. 
Brthsac, journal of the sun-ender of 

(1638), V. 170 
Brikelsworth, presentation of Dr Cray- 

forde to, v. 540 
Brile, burgomaster of, letter of the coiiio- 
ration of Loudon to, on the seiziue of 
some wine, i. 149 
Bristol, John Digey, Earl of. The Lord 
Digbie's entertainment in Spain, 1622, 
IV. 834. 435 
Letter to the king 12 Jan. 162^^, iv. 284 
answer to the lord Conway, 30 March 

1(326, IV. 287 
answer to the lord keeper, 12 Apr. 

1626, IV. 288 
petition to the Lords, 26 Apr. 1626, 

IV. 288 
interrogatories against, by virtue of a 
commission, and his answers, iv. 288 
articles against the Duke of Bucking- 
ham, 1 May 1626, iii. 155, iv, 289. 
articles concerning the lord Conway, 

1 May 1626, iv. 289. 313 
articles of high treason against, iv. 

289. 312 ; answer to, iv. 291 
speech in Parliament, 6 May 1626, iv. 
289. 313, and 19 May 1626, iv. 291. 
address of the attorney-general respect- 
ing, IV. 291 
reasons why the Lords should not givo 
way of judgment against, till &c., 
IV. 291. 313 
Letter to the king, 17 Aug. 1626, iv. 

vindication of, in relation to the treaty 
with Spain, iv. 318 

GEorifiK DiGiiY, Earl of. Speeches 

in Parliament, 1640, iv. 215. 217 
Notes on John Schoner do judiciis 
nativitatum, ni. 48, A. 2 

Bristol, S. James's, rolls of the court leet 
and court baron of the manor of, 
27—38 Hen. VIII., iii. 273 
Britanny, Duke of, letter of Eichard II. 
to, respecting plate pledged to and ran- 
som for hostages for Brest, i. 143 
other letters respecting, i. 145 
British Ceitick, list of Ai'ticles in, by 
S. Partridge, v. 576 

Language, specimens of the ancient, 

II. 473 [i>. Corr. v. 595] 
Beittan, Brian, articles delivered by to 

John Da^des, v. 372 
Beitton. Summa de legibus Anglio?, i. 
326. 401; [g 86], ii. 408, in. 193. 290 

John. Collections for a memoir of 

Lady Margaret, Countess of Kichmond, 
IV. 505 
Authors and their works, A. 63 
Additions to Brown's Catalogue of 

Bishops, A. G4 
to Dibdiu's Specimen of an Eng- 
lish De Dure, A. 64 

to Gough's British Topography, 

A. 63 

notes on his Articles in Kees's Cyclo- 
paedia, A. 63 
Bro.vd, Henry, petition to the king, ii. 189 
Brocardica, I. 258 
Beocas, Sir John. Warrant respecting 

his lands seized for debt, i. 140 
Beockmann, Thomas. Letter to Wheelock, 

I. 74 
Broekhuisen, J., notes on Valerius Flac- 

cus, A. 55 
Beomeiiale, letters relating to the disso- 
lution of the monastery of, v. 562 
Bromeyard, Johannes. Exhortationes, in, 
? sermones do tempore et Sanctis, in. 
Bromflete, Sir Henry. Summons to 

Parliament, 27 Hen. VI., i. 160 
Bromholm, Monastery of. Cartulary, iv. 
compositio cum monasterio de Acra, 
III. 410 
Bromley, Baron. Arguments in the Com- 
mondam case, Oct. 1616, i. 201 

T. Letters to Bp. Chaderton, v. 297 

Brookrank, Dr, question of the probate 

of wills, v. 502 
Brooke, David, letter to the University of 
Cambridge, v. 552 

FuLK Geeville, Loed. The Tragedy 

of Mustapha, n. 403 [Printed, Lond. 
1609, and in Lord Brooke's works] 

Heney, case of (1738), ii. 'W3 

John. Collections of the knights 

bannerets, i. 407 

Ealph, genealogy of the family of 

the Fawconers, v. 190 
— Samuel. Scyros, fabula pastoralie, 
II. 177 


Brooke, Samuel. Thosi.s on (iraco ftiul 

Froe-Will, v. 18G 
Mr. Abriilgomont of Lea divisions 

del title d'ostiitos et do distrcsse, in. 

Brotuf.rtone, Thomas (E. of Norfolk), 

manner and custom of the usages of,. 

the otllco of the Marsbnlsca, iv. 320 
Bkouguton, Huoii, brevis niirratio eorum 

qu£B GenevtB sunt ab H. B. patruta, v. 442 
letters of, v. 512; letters respecting, 
lb. v. Camhuidue, Christ's College. 
John. Letter to Sti-j'po. v. Index, v. 

Brouncker, William, notes on Charleton's 

Pbj'siologia, Epicuro-Gassendo-Cbarlto- 

uiana, A. '62 
Browx, J. S. Catalogue of Bishops; ad- 
ditions to, by John Britton, A. 04 
KoBERT, letter for hi^ admission to 

the freedom of the city of Loudon, i. 

Thomas, letters to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 144 ; letter to Honywood, v. 388 
Browne, Anne. Letter to Btrvpo. r.Indcx, 

V. 144 
Edw.ved. Catalogus Librorum, 1G87, 

I. 238 
Edward (Chaplain at Constantino- 
ple), letter to Strs-pe. v. Index, v. 144 
John, do uaturis regionum et mori- 

bus gentium diversarum et earimdem 

causis, I. 525 
NicHOL.\s. Ai'ticles objected against, 

V. 510; Letter to Lord Burghley, ib. 

■ William. Medical receipts, i. 408 

Major-Genoral. Order to attend ou 

Parliament, v. 411 
Browning, Dr, proceedings against, v. 509 
Bruce, Bobert (King). Letters of Poido 

John XXII. citing him for brealdng the 

truce, III. 409 
Lord. Letters between him and Sir 

E. Sackx-jll, n. 184 
Bruges, mayor, &c. of, letter of the corpo- 
ration of London to respecting a debt, 

I. 148 
Brundell, licence to the parson of, to 

admit some parishioners of Brasou to 

the Communion, ii. 71 
Brunne, IloBERT OF, notcs rcspcctlng, v. 

Bruno, Gabriel. Tabula alphabetica ex 

singuUs libris et capitulis totius Bibliije, 

— — Leonardo, v. Aretino. 
Brute Chronicle of England (English), 

to Henry IV., ii. KM); to 1 Edward III., 

n. 346; to 12 Hen. VI., in. 303 (Fragm.), 

III. 557 [v. Corr. v. COO]; to Hen. V., 

HI. 570 
(French), to 1307, ir. 18; to Ed. I., 
III. 7 ; toEd. II., III. 23 ; to 1326, iv. 123 
Brutus (Pseud.), ' Ein<TTo\al, i. 219 

Brydall, John, conJomnation o( (U'Ar>), 

V. 412 
BRYr>i.iNGTON, John of, ProphccioH of, iii. 

56(». 715 
Bryexnius, Michael. Aiaypa(pal novaiKol, 

HI. 07(5 
BucER, Martin. Letters to A Lasco ami 
Hoojier on Vestments, iv. 221 
Consilium Tlieobij^ieuni, iv. 211 
apiiointmcnt to read tlio lectiiro of 
iluly Scripture at Cambridge, v. 329 
letters to Ivlward VI. fr. Ciimbridgo 
announcing his death and prayin;^ 
for a successor, v. 501 
account of his funeral by Sir J. Cheke, 

IV. 370* 
grace for restoring degrees and titles 
of honour to, iv. 378 
Buchanan, Claudius. Anec<liitca of tho 
country of Malabar, from Hebrew MSS., 
IV. 505 
Buck, John. Collection of some material 
things concerning tho University and 
Town of Cambridge, iv. 3O0 
Extracts from his book, v. 495 
Thomas. Letter to Sancruft, v. 388 

BUCKERIDGE, JOHN, Bp. of Ely. ISotCS of, 

v. 307 
Buckingham, Thomas Plantagenet, E. 
of: brevo adorandum pro ^4 liich. II. l, 
v. 315. 484 

George Villiers, Duke of. Letter 

to the Spanish ambassador touching tho 
k. of Bohemia, 1620, v. 390 
Eoports of his negotiations in Spain, 

1(;23, I. 204 
Letter of luigoso to k. James against, 

III. 30. 482 

Speech in the upper house, 8 Jiuie, 
1620, IV. 292 

intended remonstrance of tho Commons 
against, June 1026, iv. 313 

letter to the v. c. of Cambridge, 7 Aug. 
1020, v. 526 

forerunner of revenge upon for poison- 
ing James I., by G. Eglisham, i. 
535, II. 51, III. 157, V. 353 

vindication of himself, iv. 2S7 

Lord Conway's speech in vindication 
of, IV. 287 

answer touching tho affair of RochcUo, 

IV. 287 

the speech of tho Lord Chamberlain on 
the affair (.f BocheUe. iv. 2.S7 

answer to tho charge of selling Bishop- 
ricks, IV. 288 

articles of the E. of Bristol against, iii. 
155, IV. 2S'.). 313 

Declaration of tho Commons, and im- 
peaehment, 10 May, 102f'), in. 153, 
IV. 2H'J. 313 

Schedule annexed to tho grievances, 
IV. 289; answer to this, iv. 292. 


Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of. 
Speeches of various persons on the im- 
peachment, III. 481, -482, IV. 289, 290 
message to the Lords touching his 

commitment, iv. 290 
short notes of the proceedings of Par- 
liament relating to him and the E. 
of Bristol, IV. 291 
Turner's queries against, rv. 284, 285 
questions concluded by general vote of 
the House touching the last com- 
plaint against, rv. 284 
humble aiaswer and plea to the im- 
peachment, IV. 58. 292. 314 
Speech on 4 April 1628, in. 38. 154, 

rv. 270 
Consideration on the choice of, as 
Chancellor of the University of Cam- 
bridge, III. 481 
Letter to the University of Cambridge 
on his election as Chancellor, rv. 292. 
307, V. 174. 487 
Answer to the Senate of the University 
of Cambridge, 30 July 1628, iv. 308, 
V. 558 
Letter of Charles I. commending the 
University for his election, in. 482, 
IV. 292. 307, V. 174. 487 
remonstrance of the lower house as to 

his excessive power, in. 154 
Fleetwood's \iew of his behaviour at 

the isle of Eee, iv. 49 
discourse of his first coming into 

favour. III. 194 
note found about John Felton, hia 

murderer, in. 155 
prayer and confession of John Felton, 

HI. 157 [i'. Corr. v. 598] 
Satirical verses on, i. 467, in. 155. 157 
verses on the letters of numbers con- 
tained in his name, ni. 155 
Wotton's parallel of with Robert 
Devereux, E. of Essex, i. 293, in. 480 
letters to S. John's College, v. 267; 
notes of his life, v. 401; life of, by 
B. Fairfax, v. 461 

Duchess of, answer to the University 

of Cambridge, v. 374 

Georoe Vn.i.iEus, Duke of, letter of 

thanks to Cambridge for his election as 
Chancellor (28 May 1671), v. 222 

John Sheffield, Duke of. Will of, 

V. 401 
BucKiNfiHAM, County of : perambulation of 
the king's forest in, 26 Ed. I., i. 385 
rules and orders agi-eed unto by the 
ministers in, touching the exercise 
of themselves in Scripture, ii. 483 
status fimianim of various chantries 
and fraternities in, iv. 540 
BucKwoRTH, epitaphs in, v. 447 
Buru.EN Manor. Notes of a surrender of 
a messuage and lands at (1609), iv. 

Bull, George, Bp. of S. David's. Con- 
dition of the palace at Abergwilly, and 
petition for arrears of rent, iv. 438 
Burges, Anthony. Sermon at Paul's 

Cross (1617), n. 280 
Burgess, Mr. Sermon before K. James, 

1604, with petitions respecting, v. 582 
BuRGHLEY, William Cecil, Baron, life of, 
by Hickes, v. 392; proceedings at his 
mother's funeral, i. 504 
letter to Ascham, i. 380 
letters to the heads at Cambridge, 
Jegon, &c., IV. 407, v. 127. 200, 
201. 308, 309, 310, 311. 313. 329. 
395, 396, 397. 437. 533. 536. 553, 
554, 555, 556 
letters to the town of Cambridge, 

V. 198. 312. 556 
letters chiefly to Sir E. Cecil, 1593— 

1598, II. 90—97, V. 348 
letters to Bp. Chaderton, v. 296, 297 
letter to Abp. Parker, v. 444 
letter to the Spanish Ambassador 

(1569), IV. 180 
treatise against Jesuits and Eecusants 

to Q. Elizabeth, iv. 50 
advertisements to his son Eobert Cecil 
before his death, v. 183 [for 1558, 
read 1598] 
reception by the University of Cam- 
bridge in 1571, V. 197 
BuRGO, Johannes de. Pupilla Oculi, n. 
177, III. 558. 569 ; Fragm. of, in. 280. 
512 ; Tabuhe super, n. 174 
Burgundy, Duchess of, letter to Cardinal 

Beaufort (French), in. 515 
Burien, S. (Cornwall). Register of the 

Collegiate Church of, ii. 251 
Burley, Walter. Tractiitus de Sensubus, 
in. 296 
in octo hbros Politicorum Aiistotelis, 
in. 378 
Burnet, Gilbert, Bp. of Salisbm-y. Ee- 
marks upon a case put and resolved by 
Bp. Stilliugflcet, iv. 437 
Letter to Strj-pe. v. Index, v. 144 
resolution of two cases of conscience 
(respecting Charles lid's divorce), v. 
Burnham (Bucks), rental of manors in 

(1619), II. 81 
BuitTON, Drue. Ecmtdies collected out of 
Dr John Baverius, iv. 92 
Ludi)vicus Mcrcatus, n. 463 
J. G. Schenk of Grilfuubm-g, i. 62, iv. 

Dr Sinnertus, i. 59 
Zacutus Lusitanus, i. 70 
Zecchius' Consultationes Medica;, iv. 

from different sources, i. 64 

Hknry, bill in the Star-chamber 

against, v. 169; censure of the Star- 
chamber on (1637), n. 23 


BunTON, J. Letter to Wood Bonndl. c. In- 
dex, V. 114 
Bi'UY S. Edmund's, v. Edmundsiu-uy, S. 
BiiuwKLi.. List of ])ersoiis biirut at ii 
imjipot show at (1727), ii. 2>^2 
particulars of the income of tho 

churcbos, v. 341 
notes relating to, v. 175. 216. 402 
V. Cambridge, University of. 
Bury, S. Jamks's, inscriiitions in, v. 4^5 
BuscH, Hermann. Eosariuni, Sapi)liict)n, 
Elegiacum, Cborianibicum, ad beatam 
V. Mariam, iii. 255, 256 
Butler, James. Letter to Strj'pe. v. In- 
dex, V. 144 

Veke, petition to Judge Jeffreys for 

ber fatbcr's estate, iv. 514 

^YlLLIAM, medical receipts, i. 349 

notes on Pretiosa margarita novella de 
Tbesauro ac Pbilosopborum lainde, 
IV. 4y'J 
Byll, Charles. Hymnus Deo, iv. 121 
Byne, Edward, submission of, v. 217 
Byeom, John. Letter respecting Bp. Pat- 
rick's catecbetical lectures, v. 191 
Bybon, Sir John. Cbarges of tbe funeral 

of, I. 503 
Bysshop, Bartholomew. Testamentum et 
inventarium bonorum, i. 521 

NicnoL-\s. Registrum cartarum te- 

nemeutorum et redtlituum (1432), i. 
520, 521 

Caco-d.^mon, or tbe Hob-goblin, i. 190 
C.ujBURY, North, decree respecting tbo 

advovrson of, i. 203 
Cadie, Alice, examination of, ii. 62 
Cadit assisa, summa, i. 413, ii. 7, iii. 

278. 282. 285. r. Statnta 
C.EDMON, Hymn of (Anglo-Saxon), iii. 689 
C^s.vR. De Bello Gallico, witb Pansa's 
8tb book, IV. 476 
De Bello civili, with Pansa's 3 books, 

IV. 477 
notes on, A. 38 
C.ESARIBCS, versus de, i\ Ausonius. 
Caius, Thomas, notes from his cxamcn of 
Dr Caius of Cambridge bis book, v. 296 

John, grant of arms to, v. 288. 305 ; 

annales collegii, v. 305 
Extract from letters to Hatcher and 

B. Clerk, v. 453 
Notes on (ialen, .\. 57 
Calais : Letter of llicbard XL, proposing 
an alliance with the E. of Flanders for 
its secm-ity, i. 121 
Money for tbe cannons for tbe use of 

the gan'ison of, allowed, i. 137 
Letter to tbe Treasurer, &c. of the Ex- 
chequer, to account witb Jolm Ilan- 
kyn for expenses for victualling the 
garrison, i. 138 

liottorof Uiclmrd H.totlie Captain, .<■<•. 
not tu nivf Ifiivi'iif iiljMi'nci' to iiny <>( 
till' garrison, i. 1 11 
Litter of Hicliard II. t<> tlio TrpfiHiirer 

to account witli tbe cnpUiin, i. 144 
reasons for tlie restitutinn of (1567), 
V. 455; letter of Sir J. Kiiiith reH|H!ct- 
iug, v. 455 ; his instructions ulxjut 
its repetition, v. 452 
S. Marv's: jtrescntation of Ocoflroy do 

Westwick to. i. 112 
voyage : r. Wimiilepon, Visct. 
Caldecote, notes respecting, v. 289. 295. 

805. 323 
Calderinus, Johannes. Tabula senteiitift- 
riim Bibliie in comi>ilati(>nibus decreto- 
rum et decretalium, in. 463 
Call, M.\.rtin. Letters to Str\'po. v. Index, 

V. 144 
C/Vllimachus, notes of Stanley on, i. 360, 
II. 548, A. 1 

notes of Casaubon on, A. 34 
Callis, Robert. Readings on the statuto 
and commission of sewers, in. 475, iv. 
53. 93. 
Calverley, Sir George : Arguments of 
Plowden and Popbam in the case of, 
23 Eliz., HI. 160 
C.uiBRiDGE, Coimty of : 

Abstract of tenths, in receipt of oc- 

compts, I. 355 
Ai-ticles exhibited against sundry mi- 
nisters in, V. 285 
Cambridge and Cambridgeshire wor- 
thies, from Mr Worthiugton, v. 392, 
Deed concerning lands in Wisbech, 

Leverington, and Emnctb, i. 35i) 
Extract from court rolls of Leverington 

and Wisbech, i. 350 
Fens, drainage of tbe, and navigation 
of the Cam: petitions, letters, &c. 
relating to, iv. 400. 438, v. 169 
Forma perambulationis circa buiidas 
et cU\-isas inter com. Cant, ac Him- 
ting. factiT), V. 4t)0 
inquisitiimes post mortem for 1633— 
l(i40, I. 350 

concerning estates, 1630 — 1644, 

I. 352 
Knigbfs history of clinrches in, v. 163 
Lan7ls of the Earls of Oxford and 

Westmerland in, i. 355 
notes of the session of an escheator in, 

1639—1641, 1.354 
particulars conciniing, from Mr \\or- 

tbington's collections, v. 305 
reformation or pri>faniition of chiirchoa 

in, by W. Dowsing, v. 473 
rental of lands belonging to tho Religi- 
ous houses in, i. 364 
CAMnnnxiE, To^^^l of: 

Aldermen's attire, order resiwctiug, 
V. 437 


Cambridge, Town of {coiitiiiued): 

ambij^uities and donbtrf in tho compo- 
sition \s-ith the University (1534), 
V. 2'2o; (1580), v. 556 

articles against the University, v. 200 

articles relating to the quarrel between 
the Vice-chancellor and Mayor, v. 

augmentation of arms to (1575), v. 233 

burgesses for. Hen. V. — Edw. IV., v. 
383 ; order for the election of, v. 437 

calendar of prisoners in the gaol deli- 
very (1G37), V. 168 

Cam river, faU of the, ii. 430 

charters and privileges, ii. 430, v. 224. 

Chesterton ferrj-, notes respecting, v. 

composition with Barnwell priory for 
Stourbridge and Midsummer fairs, 
11. 430, v. 437 

composition with Lynn, ii. 430 

composition with tho University, ii, 

conduit in the market-place, buikling 
of, V. 498 

contributions of tho colleges to the poor 
of, V. 489. 493 

Coventry's (Ld. Keeper) order for the 
quiet of, v. 437 

de dominio soU in villa Cautebrig., 
V. 341, 342 

Ditch between Trumpington and Cam- 
bridge, scom-iug of, IV. 368* 

Documents relating to, collection of, 
II. 4,30 

Encroachments on tho University, ar- 
guments respecting, v. 198. 556 

Extracts relating to, iv. 305 

Historical and topogi-aphical descrip- 
tion from the map of, v. 346 

Hobson's house of correction, building 
of, IV. 368* 

juramenta senescalli, v. 486 

leases by and to, v. 425, 426 

letters of Q. Elizabeth, Ld. Burghley, 
&c. to, V. 198 

K. Charles I. on tho sewers and 

drains, v. 167 

on the attempt to make it a city, 

V. 174. 490 ^ 

market, proclamation of the, iv. 355 

mayoralty, letter respectmg the succes- 
sion to the, V. 437 

mayors, &c., list of, ii. 430, v. 543 

notes respecting, v. 437 

oath sworn by tho mayor, &c., notes 
respecting, v. 198, 199. 201, 202. 437 

oflifium clerioi mercati, v. 486 

orders of James II. for displacing alder- 
men and putting others in their 
room, V. 461 

order in council (1629) to the mayor to 
submit, V. 487 

Cambridoe, Town of (continued): 

order in council on the sale of tobacco, 

&c., V. 167. 177 
orders of the Star-chamber on various 

points, V. 166 
orders and letters relating to the rating 

of certain parishes, v. 177 
particulars from a terrar of all the 

lands within the boiuids of, v. 433 
petitions touching the charters, v. 341, 

petition respecting the workhouse(1630), 

V. 262 
plague in 1629 and 1630, notice of, 

IV. 368* 
pontage, ii. 430 

proclamation for Jan. 30, 1664, v. 263 
religious houses, inns, and hostles for- 
merly existing, account of, iv. 372* ; 
list of, V. 542 
Stourbridge : plea for the town's con- 
trol of the chapol-field, ii. 430 

fair: cry of, ii. 430, v. 486. 547 

Hill's verses on, 403 
charters concerning, ii. 430 
custom and toll to be taken at, 

II. 430 
letters respecting search in, v. 553 
letters patent giving the chancellor 
the right of examining the weights 
and measures in, iv. 304, 305 
notes respecting, v. 167. 175. 437. 

489. 494. 554 
smnmouses and submission of vari- 
ous townsmen (1564), v. 554 
Tabor's liljer privilegiorum, transcript 

of, V. 206 
tobacco licences, v. 498 
Watercourse from Trumpington to 

Cambridge, iv. 368* 
Churchcx, &c. 
All Saints : reconciliation of the chiu"ch- 

yard, v. 482 
S. Andrew tho Great, appropriation of 
to Ely, V. 289. 359 
incumbents of, v. 359 
C. Kose's wiU and charity to, v. 301 
S. Andrew the Less, v. 458 
S. Benet : appropriation of to C.C. Coll., 

V. 321. 525 

admission of incumbents, v. 525 
brlls of, used for the University in 

1655, v. 489 
reconciliation of the churchyard, 

V. 482 
extract respecting tho advowson, iv. 

sequestration of the vacant beuefico 
of (1565), V. 296 
S. Botolj)!! : appeal of CK Cuper, vicar, 
to the Aljp. against his excommu- 
nication by the V.C., v. 347 
notes respecting, v. 303. 325. 
presentation to, right of, v. 525 


Camhripok, Towii of (co)itiinu'(l) : 
S. Clfuient: chautry in, v. -158 
S. Edward : gi-aut of to Tiiuity Hall, 
V. 2(!'J. 2'JO 

particulars concerning, v. 2G8. 289 
S. John : endowment of a new church 
in place of that demolished, v. 32:5 
union witli S. Edward's, v. 2',)0. 
500 [fov EdiiiiDurs readi'J(/((V(;-<ri] 
particulars coucernmg, v. 2G8, 2G'J. 
289. 481 
S. John's Hospital : admissions to the 
mastership, v. 339, 3i0 
grants by, v. 423 

matters relating to, v. 459. 480, 481. 
500, 501 
S. Lucy's Chapel : v. 501 
S. Margaret's Hospital : Uccnce to the 
oratory, v. 339 

S. MaiT the Great : Account of the 

building, copies of faculties, &c., iv. 

372*, V. 196. 341. 34G 

appropriation of to Iving's Hall, v. 


beginning of the building of (1479), 

V. 233 
bell of, used as the University bell 

since 16G0, v. 489 
bequest for a stained glass vrindow, 

V. 537 
Bernard, N., case of, writh the ser- 
mon preached 6 May 1G32, iv. 429 
chuix-hyard, indentures concerning 
pai-t of, V. 35G 
clock, will of John Hatcher respect- 
ing, IV. 372* 

faculty to appropriate the pit of to 
the University, iv. 372* 
faculty for a new pulpit, &c., iv. 358 
faculty for alterations (1779), iv. 377 
furniture bouglit for (1583), v. 486 
inscription to Bp. W. dc Wittlesey 

in, V. 501 
obit for T. Barrow, donor of £240 

towards the building, v. 547 
persons who voted for and against 
the pewing, n. 282 
payments connected with the organ 
and west door, (tc, it. 370*. 372* 
pulpit and seats removed from the 
Augustinian church to, v. 499 
pulpit and doctors' gallery, notes 

respecting, v. 437 
repewing — articles to bo proposed 
to the parishioners for (1737), iv. 
roof of chancel, v. 497 
subscriptions for, v. 498, 499 
svndicate appointed with respect to 

the vestiy (1GG3), v. 218 
B^-ndicks for organ and psalms, v. 

vestry: articles of agreement be- 
tween the University and mayor as 

C'AMnninoE, To\vn of (mutiminl) : 

to the repair and right UHO of, 
IV. 372* 
£50 ]<aid to the parish (or tbo 

vestiy, V. 489 
extract respecting the aJvowHon, iv. 
S. Mary the Less : mutatio dici dedica- 
tion is, v. 4h3 

purchase of the clinntrv' of, v. 42.3 
Minorite convent : Uceuce for the con- 
secration of the church, .tc, v. 481 
S. Peter: execiuies of J. de Botylsham, 

to be cek'bratrd in, v. 501 
S. Rhudegund's ninmery : tlarlick fair 
granted to, v. 4s9 
resignation of the j^rioress (1377), 
and election of another, v. 482, 483 
royal hcenco for its su])preHsion, 
and the founding of Jesus college, 
v. 530 
epitaphs from, v. 332 
S. Sepulchre : f uudatio cantarin? in, v. 
Trinity : day of dedication changed, v. 

Guilds of: All Saints. Statutes, d-c. 
of, v. 224. 435 

Corpus Christi : to have the coimtess 
of I'embroke's rights to S. Bo- 
tolph's church, v. 303 
SS. Peter and Paid : statutes, &c. 
of, V. 224. 435 
CAMBmDGE, University of: 

Accoimts from IGGO to 1G82, v. 477 
Actions for debt, notes respcctmg, iv. 

3G2. 376 
Adthesses : to Charles H. at "VMiito- 
hall (IGGO), IV. 308, v. 375; on the 
bii-th of a daughter of the P. of Wales 
(1737), V. 464 
Ad eundem degi-ees : rcgxdations re- 
specting, V. 491) 
Admissions, absolutions, &c. forms of, 

V. 491. 493 
Agreements, foundations, grants, &c. 
notes of, V. 462 
Anglo-Saxon Lectureship, proposal of 

Sir H. Spelman to found, i. 72. 74 
Annals of, v. 542 

Antiquity of, various extracts, &c. con- 
cerning, IV. 3(')7* 
Appeals, decree respecting, v. 199 
forms of, IV. 307, v. 495 
to delegates : opinion of Sir P. Yorko 
on, IV. 3G1 
Arabick Professor: letters and notes 
respecting SirT. Adams' donation, Ac, 
V. 175. 216. 264. 397 
Archiepiscopal visitation : Utters and 
notes respecting the right of, v. 171, 
172. 176, 177. 220. 374. 375. 534 
reasons why the UniviTsity is ex- 
empt from, V. 172. 374. 534. 5:iG 


CAiiBBiPGE, Fniversity of (contimird) : 

Arcbiepiscopal yisitatiim : the king's 
charter and determination respect- 
ing, V. 375. o'di 
citation of Card. Pole for a visita- 
tion, V. 534. 553 

Arms of chancellors, vice-chancellors 
and roval persons admitted to de- 
grees {1*500—1632), V. 191 

grant of to the University, iv. 


Articiili ad informandum regem (Rich. 
II.) de antiqnis consuetudinibus (con- 
tra Occamum), i. 237 

Assertio de antiquitate Cant. Acad, ex 
MS. Cosin, V. 557 

Association, orders of the committee 
for the, V. 559 

Audit hooks, extracts from, iv. 370* 

AuiUey End: accoimt of the reception 
of the Universities at (1578), v. 197 

Bachelors, notes on the order of senio- 
rity of, IV. 354 

Banks : case of, in the Vice-chancellor's 
court (1780), iv. .^Rl 

Barton : release of the manor to the 
University by Dr Ashton (1744), iv. 515 

Bamaby lecturers, v. Eede. 

Bedells : statutes and graces respect- 
ing, V. 197. 199. 497. 500 

Bell, 489 

Benefactors to the Schools and Li- 
brary, list of, IV. 353 
graces respecting, v. 370; 477 
missa pro benefactoribus, v. 196 

Benefices belonging to E. C. patrons : 
opinions concerning the conveyance 
of for a single turn, iv. 369* 

Bonrgchier, Abp. : remission of claim of 
£100 bequeathed by, v. 538 

Buckle book, notes from, iv. 359 

Buck's book, iv. 806; extracts from, 
v. 495 

Burgesses in Parliament : letters pa- 
tent of .Tames I. for granting, v. 139 ; 
memorandum of the elections of 1625, 
1627, 1640, 1660, iv. 308; Poll in 
1727. IV. 354 

Burleigh, Lord, v. Burleigh. 

Burwell : terms of agreement between 
the University and their tenant, Sir 
W. Russell, v. 175. 374 

graces respecting, iv. 378, v. 216. 219 

Butts, William : notes respecting, v. 383 

Candles, price of, right of the Vice- 
chancellor to set, IV. 369* 

Cantalupi, Nicholai, Historia Originis 
Academiffi, iv. 365* 

Capellanus : note of its foundation by 
N. de Thorndon and E. de Hcydon, 
V. 462 ; office traced from its foun- 
dation to its abolition, v. 489 

Caput, partifularsof the election of the 
'^r,?,r.,, v. 160 

Cambridge, University of {continued) : 
Causes before the Vice-chancellor to be 

ended in three days, v. 164 
Ceremonies and proceedings of through- 
out the year, ly. 306 
Chancellors : 

suit against Stephen de Heppe- 

worth for false imprisonment, 27 

Edw. L, IV. 360 
admission of John Donwyck (1374), 

V. 482 
confirmation of E. le Scrop (1378), 

V. 483 
. oath of canonical obedience waived 

in Ivo la Souch (1379), v. 483; his 

confirmation (1382), ib. 
confirmation of Joh. de Burgh 

(1384), V. 483; oath of Tho. Ha- 

treset (1386), v. 483 
oath of canonical obedience taken 

by W. CohTUe (1388), v. 339; his 

confirmation (1391), v. 340 
confirmation of J. Necton (1392), 

V. 340 
Letters respecting Sir W. Cecil's in- 
tention of resigning (1562), v. 127 
Election of the Earl of Essex (1598), 

V. 368 
letters concerning the election of 

the Earl of Northampton, v. 523 
Considerations on the choice of the 

Duke of Buckingham (1626), iii. 481 
note of Dr Sm^i;h on this, v. 174 
Letter of the Duke of Buckingham 

on his election, iv. 292. 307, v. 487 
Letter of Charles I. commending 

the University for the election, iii. 

482, IV. 292. ,S07, v. 174. 487 
Letter of the Earl of Berkshire (2 

June 1626), thanking for support 

in the election, iv. 291 
Letter from the University to the 

king (1626), iv. 292 
Letters from the Vice-chancellor to 

the Duke of Buckingham, iv. 552, 

v. 490. 558 
Letters on the Duke of Bucking- 
ham's death as to his successor, 

V. 175. 487. 558 
manner of installing the Earl of 

Holland (1628), iv. 308, v. 37(). 495 
letters of the earl of Holland, iv. 308, 

V. 175. 376 
order dei)riving the Earl of Man- 
chester and putting 0. St John in 

his room (1651), v. 217 
letters of thanks for his election by 

the Duke of Buckingham (1671), v. 

letters, &c. respecting the election 

of the Duke of Monmouth (1674), 

V. 222. 341. 559 
election of tho Duke of Albemarle 

(1682), V. 223 


CAMnniPOE, University of (contimted) : 
Cliaucollors : 

conosjxiiuloiico rolatiiifj to tlio elec- 
tion of the Duke of Somerset 
(l(!SS-()), IV. 415 
commissio ad custodionilinn et ex- 
ercendum jurisdictioneiu U., du- 
rante vacatione canccUaria^ v. 483 
Charters, letters i)ateut, &c., iv. 304, 
30), HOC). 305*. 3G7*. 355. 430, v. 224. 
35'J. 4fi2 

of Queen Elizabeth (a. 3), v. 490 
of James I. (a. 2), v. 488 
Charters to be confirmed, v. 546 
resistrum chartarnm, compiled by 

Rysley, v. 359. 462 
as to privileges within the precincts, 
n. 430 
Chests : statute and gi'ace respecting, 
IV. 379, V. 199, 200 
descriptio status cistarum (1550), 
V. 557 
Chronica quredam, ni. 687 
Citation of W. LAnuie (Trin.) into court 

for debt, iv. 3G2. 377 
Clerkship of the market, observations 
on, IV. 367* 
Combinations for sermons and acts, iv. 

Commendatio Benefactorum, forms of, 

IV. 309, V. 187. 190 

Commissary of the Chancellor : Ucence 
to, from the Bishop, to absolve scho- 
lars laying violent hands on clerks, v. 

Commission of Hen. VIII. for enquiring 
into the revenues, iv. 361 

Commissio pro subsidio levando (1377), 

V. 484 

Commission for visiting, letters patent 
of EUzubeth for, iv. 370* ; citation, v. 

Commission of the peace, directions 
for renewing, v. 204 

Composition with the town, ii. 430, v. 
494; new composition, ii. 430 

Compositiones et concordiro, v. 359 

Compounders, interpretation of the 
statute of, V. 492 

Corporal punishments on scholars, ex- 
amples of, IV. 307* 

Courts leet, modes of proceeding at, iv. 
369*. 358 

Crafoot, Thomas : submission before 
the chancellor, v. 258 

Crane, John : will, bequests, &c., iv. 
306, V. 220 

Cromwell, Oliver: order for the pro- 
tection of the colleges, v. 434 
grace for erasing his acts and or- 
ders, IV. 308, v. 218. 493 

Crouched Hostel: grant of for new 
schools, IV. 353 

Cycle of colleges, new, v. 547 

C'AMniiinoK, University of {mntinurd): 

Decrees: lollcctionM of, iv. 205. 301. 
309. v. 492. 494 

decntuin hujkt tilulo ordinia Car- 

nu'litaruin, ii. 515 
orders and regiilations about ap- 
parel, IV. 431 
dccntii ]iriifcrtonnn, iv. 3nl 

Description of in Q. Anne's roi>?n, se- 
vere, V. 607 

D'Ewcs, Sir Simonds: speech on the 
Antiipiity of Cambridge, iv. 367* 

Discommuning, right of the University 
to, IV. 372* 

Disorders, common (1636), v. 533 
divers, rectified (1595), v. 495 

Disputationibus, de, v. 494 

Distances of various parishes from, 
certificates of, iv. 362, v. 195 

Divers parcels, things, and furniture 
belonging to (1583), v. 486 

Documents relating to, collection of, 
II. 430 

Doket, Andrew, letters to, v. 193 

Drain, gi-ace for repairing, iv. 379 

Ejectments, v. 381 

Elections, notes of, v. 165; to stand 
over till after the visitation (1 Eliz.), 
V. 553 ; licences for, v. 553 

Elizabeth, Q. Letter to the mayor on 
infringing the pririleges of the Uni- 
versity, concerning licensing and cor- 
recting \'ictuallers, iv. 370* 

Excommunications, v. 552 

forma bannitionis fienduD, v. 200 

Exequies and masses, v. 199. 359. 

Fees for degrees, table of, iv. 362. 376. 
403, V. 494. 497; notes on, iv. 359. 

Forestalling, engrossing, and reprat- 
ing : steps taken for tlie suppressing, 
IV. 354; order to search for (171K)), 

IV. 359 
FormuLf, iv. 304 
Fomidation of, notes of the, v. 557 
Francis, Alban: proceedings in the 

case of, IV. 370, 377 

Fulke, William: grace for his D.D. de- 
gree, IV. 360 

Fuller, Thomas: transcripts from his 
MS., V. 542 

Fundi, V. 359. 462 

Fimerals, v. 307. 376 

GeiTard's hostel bridge, indenture re- 
specting land near, iv. 353 

Glomeria' magister: notes on, iv. 370*. 

V. 190. 199. 4H7. 494 

Grace books, transcripts of, and col- 
lections of graces, iv. 2ilt. 304. 3H'.». 
355, 356. 358, 359. 302. 37H. 379. 
V. 175. 177. 193. 19 J. 195. 216. 21'.i. 
233. 254, 255. 336. 375. 376. 491. 492. 
494, 495, 496. 498 


Cambridge, University of (continued): 
Graces : 

index of, in Junior Proctor's book, 
V. 492 

for degrees, forms of, iv. 354 

interpretation of the statute De 

gratiis coucedendis, v. 492 

by Colbatcb, ii. 280 [cut out] 

Graduates, names of, v. 198. 265. 373. 

habits of: collections relating to, ii. 

graces respecting, v. 199 

Greene, Dr, case of, v. 175 

Habits, improper for scholars, injunc- 
tions against, iv. 301 
Hatcher-'s Hall. iv. 372* 
Henry VII. : Oratio habita coram, iv. 
Hervey, Lady Anna, exhibition, grace 
respecting, iv. 309* 

Hcvdon, Eoger de: notes relating to, 
v."'359. 402 
High Steward: patent of E. Dudley 
(1563), V. 195 
letter appointing the Duke of New- 
castle (1737), V. 463 
Hildersham, Arthur: proceedings a- 

gaiust, V. 130 
Histories of: Nicholai Cantalupi his- 
toria Acad. Cant., iv. 305* 

historiola de origine Acad. Cant. 
from Trin. Coll. MS., v. 557 
short histoiy of the foundation, v. 
summary of Brian Twyne's history, 
V. 100 

Scott's accoimt of the foundation, 
with a catalogue of the principal 
founders, &c. (1621), iii. 197 
notes relating to, in the reign of 

EUzabeth, v. 502 
extracts from Eoss, Polydorc Ver- 
gil, Lcland, &c. relating to the 
history of the University, iv. 360*, 
extract from Tet. Blesensis,iv.367*. 

notes of Wall for a history of, iv. 368* 
History lecture, founded by Fulke, Lord 
Brooke, v. 433 

grace allowing the Professor to lec- 
ture out of term, :v. 379 
Hobson : grant of the site of the work- in S. Andrew's parish, iv. 353 
Hodgeskin, William: examination of, 
V. 108 

Iloiiorius I. Confirmatio pri^ilegio- 
rum, IV. 365* 

responsio ad objectiones Twini con- 
tra bullaui Honorii, iv. 370* 
HoHtlcs, list of, V. 542 

order of Henry III. for assessing 
the rent of, iv. 371* 

Cambhidge, University of (coiithiued) : 
Hubbard's book, extracts from, iv. 356. 


Huddlestou, Hugh, sentence against, 
V. 202 
Hughes, Francis, notes from a book 

of, V. 488 
Hurst, John, submission of, v. 195 
ludulta regiim et i^ontilicum, v. 359. 

Ingram (Beadell), particulai'S from his 

book, V. 368 
Instruments from the black parchment 
book, V. 540 

circa privUegia quredam Academite, 
V. 343 
Interpretationes, iv. 204. 304. 308, v. 

Ironmongers' company: will of M. 
Dane for two scholarships from, iv. 
Jegon, John, coiTespondeuce of, v. 200. 
Jurisdiction : proof that the University 
hath ecclesiastical jurisdiction, i. 
extent of, iv. 305; notes on, iv. 
Justices of the peace, writ to the V. C. 

and mayor to swear the, v. 552 
King, promise of obedience to (1535), 

V. 533 
Lambeth degrees admitted, v. 224 
doctors, V. 4'JG 
doctors ad eiiudem, v. 496 
Lauds, lease of, v. 220 
Land-tax, agreement with the town re- 
specting, V. 369* ; bills for the several 
colleges, IV. 354 
Letters concerning, v. 262. 307. 329. 
556. 558 

to Bp. Andrewes, v. 167. 374 
to the Duke of Buckingham, v. 165. 
169. 490; to the Duchess of Buck- 
ingham, V. 374 
to Sir J. Cffisar, v. 490 
to K. Charles I., v. 108, 109. 374 
to Sir J. Cooke, v. 107 
on Cudworth's intellectual system, 

v. 373 
to Ai-chbp. Harsnet, v. 167. 374 
to the Earl of Holland, v. 107, 168, 

109. 374 
to the Earl of Essex on his elec- 
tion as Chancellor, iv. 371* 
to the Earlof Kclls, v. 167 
to Bp. Laud, V. 165. 167, 168. 374. 

to Abp. Parker, v. 127; to Abp. 

Whitgift, V. 131 
from the Orator's book, v. 131. 558, 

559, 500 

to various persons, v. 168, 109. 


Cambridge, University of (continui'il): 
Lcttor and note books of Dr Sinylli, 
master of Ma!:;il. Coll., v. KM — 177. 
374. o3-l 
heads of letters from the Vice-Chan- 
cellor's letter book, v. 497, i\)S 
Eoval, colkctiou of, iv. 304, v. Ifi.T, 
1G6, 1(57. 173. 175. 2i\). -J-il, 2'2'2, 
223. 4;t3. 5r}H, r)59; notes of, v. ICo 
of Edward II., rv. 451 
llifliard II. : letter of resi)ectiiig 
the right of sizing and sealing 
bushels, IV. 371* 
two letters of Edward IV., iv. 19 
of James I., iv. 359 
of James I. refusing a new char- 
ter to the town, in. 31 
of Charles I. respecting chstmh- 
ers of the government of the 
University (16'25), v. 487 

for restoring discipline to the 

University (1626), v. 173 

of Charles U. granting equal 

privileges to Magd., Emm., and 

Sid. Coll. with the ethers, 

IV. 309, v. 218. 327. 493 

prohibiting destruction of 

game by students near Cam- 
bridge, IV. 378 
from Archbp. Paiker and others, 

V. 535 
of Bp. Sherlock about gi'anting a 
degree to Johnson, chaplain to the 
Princess of Wales (17.21), iv. 430 
Lever, Thomas: sermon (1550) giving 
an account of the state of the Univer- 
sity, IV. 367* 
Librarj-: Librarian exempted from 
preaching at S. Mary's, v. 218 

articles for the oflice of keeping 

(1582), V. 486 
gi'ace respecting the Librarian's sti- 
pend, IV. 379, V. 233 
catalogue of (including the Lambeth 
collection), iv. 209 [r. Corr. v. 605] 

■ about 1620, a. 215 

before the restoration, accord- 
ing to the names of the donors, 
IV. 556, V. 506 

the MSS., ly. 504. 556 

numbers of the MSS. as they 

appear ui the Oxford Catalogue, 
IV. 556 

MS. additions to the old Li- 

brary, IV. 556 

books given by various bene- 

factors, V. 359. 462. 498 
select books, iv. 556 

Askew MSS. : grace thanking fr 
Farmer for the labour bestowed 
on, IV. 361 
Bancroft's books, petition for, v. 559 
order for their removal to Cam- 
bridge, V. 434 

Camdridoe, Univcruily of (routinui-d) : 
Library: Biiiicrnft'H ImmiKh : 

tlie (ireek scIu><>1h tu bo given 
up for, V. 217 
letter of thaiikH to BclJen for 

this, V. 559 
notes, itc. concerning their rc«ti- 
tution, V. 218, 219 
Erpeuiiis' Library: petition (or, v. 

Latin speech on the receipt of, 
V. 490 
Holdsworth's books: thanks of the 
Senate to Bp. ^V^en for, v. 518 
catalogue of, i. 357, a, 462; »fe 
V. 219 
Lucas's books, catalogue of, rv. 274 ; 

n-c V. 


Lumley's (Lord) books : correspond- 
ence relative to, v. 203 

thanks of the Senate for, v. 203 
Parker's books, catalogue of, in. 148 
Bustat's donation, graces respect- 
ing, V. 219 
graces and indentures relatmg to 
the building and enlarging, iv. SIK) 
Licenses : to celebrate divine service, 
V. 481 

to preach, v. 293 

royal, to confer the degree of M.A. 
on any (16 May 1615), with the 
names of those aihuitted, v. 2(i6 
Lumley, Viscountess, accoimt of her 

benefactions, iv. 369* 
Manchester, Earl of: reformation of 

the University, v. 286. 449. 503 
Mandates, collection of, v. 220. 309. 
312. 327 
letter of the Eurl of Holland re- 
specting, V. 262 
letter of James I. respecting, v. 
Maigaret, Lady: reader and preacher, 
manner of choosing, v. 495 
decree respecting, v. 546 
note bv Buckmaster on his appoint- 
ment, V. 199 
Markaunt's book: extracts from, iv. 

376, V. 234. 291 
Marriage of fellows, injunctions against, 
V. 554 
no head or member of a college, 
being married, to keep his wife in 
college, IV. 305 
Meres, John: hsts of his gifts, v. 187 
iiis chronicle of University matters, 
V. 234 
particulars concerning, v. 462 
will of, V. 542; notes relating to, 
IV. 371' 
Middeudon>. Excer]>tum e libro Aca- 

dem. celebrinm, iv. 366* 
Middlcton Rectory appropriated for n 
Saxon Lecturer, v. 263 


Cambridge, Universitv of (continued) : 
Miscellanea, v. 184. 49-4 
Moiintaiue, George : testimonial in fa- 
vour of, V. 195 
Musick speeclies, i. 302, iv. 356 

doctors of : notes respecting, v. 489 
Mnsterings of the University, v. 553 
Oaths : forms of, iv. 205. 304. 354. 379, 

V. 172. 491, 492. 496 
Obits, V. 502. 547 
Oppositions in Theology, resolutions in 

1406—7, to restore, v. 199 
Orator: elections of, iv. 430, v. 217. 
376. 495. 502 
privileges of, v. 487. 496 
resignation of Bridgewater, v. 508 
Statutum de eligeudo, &c., v. 487 
list of orators, v. 488 
Ordinations of Cambridge men by Bp. 

Compton (1672—1722), v. 472 
Ordinations for the government of the 
University (1623), v. 170 
for the reformation of the Univer- 
sity, V. 217. 559 
Ordo procedendi in die comitiorum, 

V. 489 
Orders of the Star-chamber respecting, 
V. 166 

in council, v. 167 

O\nngton : grace for a purchase to sup- 
ply the defect of, v. 496 
Oxonienses iucorporati, v. 378. 491 
Particulars to he considered and offered 
in order to be confirmed by Act of 
Parliament (1690), v. 546 
Payments to Officers, v. 197 
Pern (Bedell), particulars from his 

book, V. 375 
Petitions : v. 202. 397 

for relief of grievance from draining 
the fens, v. 336 
against draining the fens, v. 559 
for the protection of cathedral lands, 
v. 559 

upon inclosing of commons, exer- 
cise of trades, &c., iv. 359 
Plague : orders and regulations to be 
obsened during, v. 166 
Graces for discontinuing sermons 
and exercises during, v. 495 
Praj-crs for peace (1377), order for, 

V. 482 
Preachers : catalogue of licensed (1604 
—1714). v. 264 

■ University: notes relating to, 
v. 488 
Presentations to livings, v. 195. 343 

offices, V. 343 

PrevaricatorB, Hpeeches of, &c., i. 302, 

IV. .Ho6 
Printers: University case concerning 
printing, Utters, Ac. relating to, v. 
167. 26H. 374. 489. 498 
•opinions of the Judges on the Uni- 

Cambeidge, University of {continued} : 
Printers : 

versity's privilege of printing, iv. 
notes on the Acts of Parliament 

relating to, iv. 360 
letters patent for T. Thomas, v. 195 
Bog. Daniel's patent as printer to 
be sealed, v. 219 
Prison, University: appointment of 

W. BeU, keeper of, iv. 361 
Privileged persons, iv. 306, v. 489. 495 
Privileges of the University : notes re- 
specting, V. 173 
granted by Queen Elizabeth (1561), 
V. 488 
Privy seals concerning, v. 229 
Processus contra majorem et burgenses, 

5 Rich. II., IV. 304 
Proctors, list of, iv.403, v. 193.359.542 
duties of regarding fees, and their 
bond, IV. 354 

statutes on the election of, v. 199. 
gi-ace against seeking the office by 
bribery, v. 200; regulations re- 
specting (1784), IV. 371* 
cycle for, iv. 354 

extracts relating to their election, 
powers and duties, iv. 354. 358 

book, old: transcripts from, iv. 

370*, V. 198. 499 

Professors, list of, v. 543. 567 

of History: King's letter for, 

and address of the University in 
answer, v. 327 

papers relating to, v. 330 
— — Lowndean : notes on the foun- 
dation of, IV. 368* 

Mathematical : literae patentes 

circa officium, v. 314 

Plumian: letters patent and 

statutes for, v. 327 ; notes on, iv. 356 

5 Begins: grant of arms to, 

V. 233 

and Orator : manner of choos- 
ing, IV. 307 

Puritanism : names of several proceed- 
ed against for, v. 130 

Qua-stionistarum nomina (1603, 1604, 
1607), V. 195 

Qusestiones comitiis magistr. dispu- 
tanda>, 1581, iii. 31 

Eede lecturers, statute for founding, 
V. 193 ; grace for making statutes for, 
IV. 378 
extracts relating to, iv. 354 

Regent masters, notes on, iv. 361 

Registers : extracts compiled from by 
M. Wren, v. 498 

Registry : l)r Caryl's catalogue of writ- 
ings in, IV. 371* 
certain fees to be imposed for the 
benefit of the Registrary, v. 217 


CAMrRinr.E, University of {continued) : 
l\cgisti7 : 

uotes from various books and papers 
in, IV. 359 
commission for airanfiing tbo mu- 
niments (KVil), V. 2V) 
the muniments to be presenoil in a 
room between the Tbeol. unci Tbil. 
Schools, V. 218 
order of the Re^istrary's subscrip- 
tion book, IV. 359 
Reformation in manners and studies, 

propositions for, v. 173 
Resignations of otKces, preferments, 

&c., V. 342 
Restoration : proceedings at, iv. 308 
manner of proclaiming K. Charles 
II., V. 375. 503 
Richard III., benefactions of, v. 199 
Rokerey and Hildersham, proceedings 

against, v. 136 
Roe, declaration respecting his pro- 
ceedings against Dr Smyth, v. 170 
Royal visits : documents relating to 
the visit of Queen Elizabeth (15C4), 
II. 484, IV. 293, V. 500. 551 
speeches delivered on the occasion, 
V. 551 
disputationes Theologicre coram re- 

gali majestate (15t>4), iv. 473 
reception of the French Ambassa- 
dor, Lord Burghley, &:c. (1571), v. 
visits of James I. , Charles I. , Charles 

II., IV. 307, 308, V. 375 
wari'ant to see the scholai's set in 
order at the king's coming (6 Mai'ch 
1615), V. 263 
order at the coming of the Count 
Palatme, &c. (1613), v. 263 
degrees conferred at the king's 
coming in 1717, ii. 282 ; degrees 
in 1728, V. 373 
orders at. v. 334. 341. 533 
solutiones pro gi'adibus in regiis 

comitiis (1728), iv. 379 
letter of the Duke of Somerset on 
this, IV. 379 
Rudd, John : account of his sermon 
full of eiToneous doctrine, v. 397 
his retractation, v. 536 
Rustat, Tobias : gift of £1000, v. 220; 
letter to Dr Wilford, v. 299 
donations of, 436. 489 
Scargell, Daniel, expelled for Atheism : 
his recantation and absolution, v. 
Schools : Latin inscription with plan 
designed by the Duke of Bucking- 
ham, V. 558 
notes respecting the building of, 
IV. 353, 354, V. 543. 557 
Seals : de sigilUs acaderaiffi, v. 496 
Seaton, Thomas : indenture relating to 

CAMnninoE, University of {continufd) : 
Seaton, Thnnms : 
his estutes bequeathed to the Uni- 
versity, IV. 360 
Senate-hiiuso: account of the Inyini; 
tlir foundation stone, iv. 376, v. 'Ml 
iudi'iiturcs relating to ttnonientM on 
the site required for building', iv. 
353. 360. 362 
Sentences against six undergraduates 

for an assault, iv. 377 
Sennons : do Sermone ad clcrum, v, 

Ship money : reasons for the exemp- 
tion of the University from its pay- 
ment, v. 164 
Sigebert, king of the E. Angles: ex- 
tracts relating to, iv. 361 
Siguificavit, a, v. 552 
Skinners' Company: notes of exhibi- 
tions from, IV. 368'. 360 
Solutiones quarundam dubitationum, 

V. 547 
Somersham tithes : petition Eespectuig, 

V. 263 
Stangroimd vicarage : copy of tlie com- 
position of, V. 264 
Star-chamber, orders of, on various 

points, V. 166 
Statue of George I.: letter to Lord 
Townshend on the receipt of, v. 333 
Statutes: collections of, iv. 204. 803, 
304. 378, V. 199, 200. 547 
of a. 12 Elizabeth, in. 470, iv. 358, 
359, V. 485, 486 
(extracts from, iv. 360, 361 
articles in King Edward's not in 

Elizabeth's, iv. 362 
respecting Hostles (1279), iv. 296 

'r. Con: v. 605] 
Cardinal Pole's, iv. 379 
Stokys, Matthew : lists of his gifts, 
V. 187 
transcript from his register, v. 194 
from his Uher rerum viemorabi- 
lium, V. 395 
his almswomen, v. 488 
Students, number of in 1570, v. 346; 

in 1574, IV. 368» 
Style and title of the University, 

IV. 371* 

Subscriptiones prnf>fectorum, professo- 

rura, sociorum.&c. 1662—1719. v. 'MM) 

Sul)sidy in 1556: letters respecting, 

V. 552 

Supplicats, forms of. iv. 354, v. 491 ^ 
Supplicationcs facta P. Bonifacio IX., 

V. 499 
Sujircmacy, determination rc-jpecting 

the, V. 552 
Tabor. John: cxtrftcts from his register 
and IxH.ks. V. 195. 293. 3H». 311. .500 
transcript of bis ' Burgus Canta- 
brigia;,' v. 206 



Cambridge, Uuiversity of {continued): 
Taverns : order of the Vice-Chancellor 

against frequenting, v. 381 
Taxors, graces respecting, iv. 371*, 
V. 200 ; resolutions, notes, &c. re- 
specting their office, iv. 369*. 358 
case of concernhig the right of 
weighing hops at Stourbridge fair, 
IV. 369* 
Theology-, disputations and oppositions 

in, V. 106. 199 
Thomdon, Nigel de : notes relating to, 

V. 359. 462. 489 
Threader and ^Yhituel^s case (1580), 
rv. 355, V. 198. 312. 555 
documents relating to, v. 198 
Travelling Bachelors : letters of the, 
IV. 515—521 
cycle for. iv. 371* 
Trials before the Yice-Chancellor, v. 

535, 536 
Utinam liber, references to, rv. 362. 376 
Vespers, disputatious, commencements, 

&c., IV. 379, v. 196 
Vice-Chancellors : list of, iv. 403 

grace that the Vice-Chancellor may 
be a doctor ipso facto, and protest 
against this, v. 195. 216 
office limited to a \"ear, v. 199 
grace that the Archdeacon of Ely 
mav not be Vice-Chancellor, v. 376. 
precedency of, rv. 305 
order observed at the funeral of, 
IV. 307 
Vintners, case of the, v. 434 
Visitation, archiepiscopal : f. Archi- 
episcopal visitation, 
royal: visitation in 1549, v. 551 
reasons to authorize commis- 
sioners for a royal visitation, 
V. 534 
Visitatorial power : opinion of Lord 

Mansfield on, iv. 370* 

Vi.sitors: order of the visitors for all 

colleges except Trinity to observe 

King Edward's statutes (1559), v. 401 

Vouchers of the Vice-ChanceUor, notes 

from, IV. 359 
Wall, Adam : collections, extracts, &c. 
by, IV. 364*— .357, 358—362. 376 
obBer\'ations on the old statutes, 

IV. 367* 
papers of ceremonies, Mathew's 
notes on, iv. 362 
Waller. William : grace ior his degra- 
dation, IV. 362 
Watercourse at Nine WeUs, ^ace re- 
specting, IV. 379 
Weights and measures : examination 
of by the Proctors and Taxors, iv. 
Windsor Chay)laiu8 : ordinance of Ed- 
ward IV. respecting, v. 395 

C.4.MBEIDGE, University of {contimied) : 
Wolsey, Cardinal : submission of the 
University to, iv. 367*, v. 533 
giace giving him the power of 
making and abolishing statutes, 

IV. 378 

Women, loose : usage of the Proctors 
and Vice-Chancellor in regard to, 
and opinions on, iv. 372*. 355 
letters patent of Edwai-d III. re- 
specting, IV. 355 
Workhouses, grant of £250 from the 
chest towards rebuilding, iv. 353 
in S, Andrew's Parish : Hobson's 

gi'ant of the site, iv. 353 
University authority over, iv. 362 
Colleges : arms of, v. 346 

Epitome chronogi'aphica collegio- 

rum, v. 533 
Cli. Just. Hale's papers relating to, 
transcripts from, v. 533 
Magdalene, Emmanuel, and Sidney 
Colleges to have equal privileges 
with the rest, iv. 309, v. 218. 327. 493 
Masters of : lists of, v. 567 ; value 
and augmentation of the master- 
ships (1650), V. 226 
new orders for rating the Colleges, 

V. 177 

number of livings, fellowships, &c. 
with the Uuiversity petition re- 
specting them, V. 453 
founders, and dates of, iv. 380 
quarterly contributions of to the 
poor, V. 489. 493 
4 quseres, on the power of a master 
of a college to grant dispensation 
from the statutes, v. 177 
S. Botolph's Hostel : particulars re- 
specting, V. 423 
Caius College (or Aula Annunciationis 
heatfE Mariffi) : admissions, v. 522 
annales .Johannis Caii, v. 305. 522 
appropriationes ecclesiarum, v. 304 
arms, grant of, v. 288. 305. 522 
Batchcroft's election as master : 

letters respecting, v. 165 
Branthwayte's election as master, 

v. 195 
Cosin's gift, ezemplification of, v. 

foundation of, v. 481, 482 
Frankland fellows, correspondence 

relating to, v. 204 
Gooch's case that others beside na- 
tives of Nor\vich diocese can be 
Senior Fellows, v. 424 
Gosling's history of, v. 303 
indenture of the covenant with 

Trinity Hall, in. 148, v. 304 
licence f(jr a chapel, v. 304. 339. 

460. 4K2 
Earl of Manchester's warrant for 
ejecting various fellows, v. 381 


Camhridoe, University of {continueil): 
Cuius Collc};!e : 
obits, V. 801 
rmiiaii's case, v. 521 
I'reachcrs : liccntia pro pra^dicato- 

ribiis, V. 522, 523 
statnta, iv. 2(i5, v. 301. 488 
letters and papers relating to, v. 
303. 331. 513. 521. 533. 513 
Catharine Hall : particulars concern- 
ing, V. 258. 533. 513 
election of Sibbes as master, notes 
of, V. 165 
Christ's College (God's Honse) : appeal 
of seven fellows to Dr Peckard the 
visitor, IV. 358 
Bainbrigg and Johnson, trial and 
imprisonment of, and appeal, 
IV. 371*. V. 31)7. 512. 535, 536 
Broughton, Hugh : letter of on 
being deprived of his fellowship, 

IV. 3(51, V. 512 ; see iv. 363. 365, 

V. 510 

Bm-nham S. Marj''s : suit respect- 
ing, IV. 362 
Burrell, Henrv : extract from the 

will of, IV. 368* 
Cotteuham, resignation of two closes 

in to Sir F. HjTide, v. 163 
Covel, John : letter from the fellows 

on his behalf, iv. 113 
Helpeston, church of : liters testi- 

moniales de et super appropria- 

tione, IV. 432, v. 518 
Honywood's account of benefactions 

to, V. 551 
Injimctiones Johannis episcopi Eof- 

fensis, v. 550 
Letters of fellows to Lord Burghley, 

&c., V. 510 
Letters recommending persons for 

fellowships, v. 556 
Masters of, notes of, iv. 363 
MS8. in the Library, list of, 

IV. 371* 

Osbom, Thomas, case of, rv. 371*. 

V. 511 

Koydon Manor : notes of the grant 

of, V. 512 
Shepherd, Dr: answers of the 

canons of Windsor in the case of, 

IV. 361 

reply of Dr Thomas in the case 
of, IV. 368* 
Stisted : process of Dr Seale with 

regard to the living of, iv. 372* 
Wall's collections relating to, iv. 

357. 358. 363—373 
the ancient foundation of God's 

House, IV. 374 
notes relating to, v. 533. 543 
papers relating to from a MS. book 

of Mr Honywood, iv. 365, 366, 

V. 548 

CAMiminoE, University of {continued): 
Christ's Ciillege: 

references to in Mead'a lottcnt, 

V. 361 
Btatiita, IV. 357 

statutes of GihI's House, rv. 375 
See Covel'a CorreHi>ondence. 
Clare Hall : 

foundation of, with the names of 

the masters, fellowH, A'c. (1617), 

V. 465 
H. Homcby's gift of lands for hia 

anniversary, v. 502 
licence to celebrate divine scrvico 

while their parish ch., H. John's, 

lies under an interdict (1352), 

v. 481 
livings appropriated to, return of, 

V. 322 
Litlington church, confirmation of 

to, V. 459 
Mass for K. Edward and Lady de 

Clare to be said weekly, v. 460 
Smith, W., nomination of to the 

mastership, v. 2;'>7 
statuta et ordinationes, iv. 175 
Tapton, John : obit of, v. 423 
notes respecting, v. 533. 543 
Coqnis Christi College : 
arms, grant of, in. 116 
Beaumont, Dr: extracts from his 

oration on Dr Spencer, v. 526 
S. Benet's church: appropriatioa 

of to, V. 321. 525 
Butts, Dr, details respecting, v. 

526, 527 
confirmatio gild.e Corporis Christi 

et beatfP Marirr. v. 161 
consecration of the chapel, note of, 

V. 525; actus consecrationis, v. 525 
covenant to keep in repair parts 

of University Street, and to repair 

the books given by Parker to the 

University, iv. 353 
decretum de locis commuuibus et 

concioniljus, v. 527 
decretum synodi Basileensis confir- 

maus buliam Eugenii IV. (1434), 

III. 425 
documents relating to, iii. 146 — 149 
Grantchester church. ai<i>n>i>riation 

of to, V. 318. 525; charter relat- 
ing to. III. 147 
Librarj': oath of admission to, v. 

catalogue of books, in. U8 
catalogus libroruin cimi nominibus 

benofactorum. v. 525 
extracts from tiie MSS., v. 334. 551. 


extracts from Dr Stanley's Cata- 
logue of MSS., v. •2'24 

indentnra «iuadripartita do libria 
Bibliothectp. iii. 147. 148 


Cambridge, University of (continued) : 
Corpus Christi College : 

licence for founding, v. 481 524 
licence of Edward III., v. 524 
mastership : elections to, protests, 

&c., V. 526 

petition of 5 fellows against the 

election of Munday, with letters 
on the subject, v. 166 

list of masters, iii. 147 
memoranda edita per Jo. Botright, 

V. 325 
notes of various members, v. 526 
order to sell the college plate, v. 524 
order respecting the new stables, 

&c., V. 527 
private foimdations in, from Cory's 

MSS., v. 370 
status collegii, v. 525 
statuta. III. 146, v. 524. 527 

interpretationes, v. 524 

papers relating to, v. 512. 524. 533. 

Emmanuel College : 

decree as to the advowson of North 

Cadbury, i. 203 
chapel, consecration of the, note 

of, v. 525. 531 ; 
actus consecrationis capelia?, v. 
list of contributi£>ns to, v. 532 
disorders in (1603), fr. Ch. Juet. 

Hale's papers, v. 531 
Holdsworth's books and plate, v. 

masters and fellows, catalogue of, 

V. 531 
names of the communicants and 

non-communicants from 1588 to 

1619, v. 530 
petition on the validity of a statute, 

and the V. C.'s answer to the D. 

of Buckingham, v. 165, 166. 259. 

statutum de camera consanguineia 

fuudatoris reservauda, v. 530 
note on the college statutes, v. 530 
WTiichcott, Benjamin : gifts of, epi- 
taph, &c., v. 232 
papers relating to, 530. 543 
particulars concerning, v. 259. 331 
(rod's House, v. Christ's College. 
Jesus College : 

founding of, v. 530 
Alcock, T., admission to the mas- 
tership, and resignation, v. 293, 

294. 319 
Anflrews, Dr: particulars of the 

grievances of the fellows against, 

v. 2-58 
Audely, Sir T., grant of the next 

presentation of the mastership to, 

v. 321 
Capon, W., admission to and resig- 

CambeidCtE, University of (continued) : 
Jesus College : 

nation of the mastership, v. 294. 
admissions to and entreaty for fel- 
lowships, V. 293—295. 319. 321 
candidates presented to the Bp. of 

Ely for fellowships, v. 530 
order of the Privy Council con- 
cerning the euclosiug of Jesus 
Green (1579), iv. 367* 
royal letter to, i. 101 
statuta, I. 100 
Worthington's will, v. 472 
papers relating to, v. 528. 543 
particulars concerning, v. 331. 502. 

See S. Bhadegimd's, Kustat. 
S. John's College : 

Appeal against the Master (1542), 
determination of the Bp. of Ely 
on, V. 324 
Chark, William, proceedings in the 
case of his expulsion, v. 130 
disturbances in 1647, account of, 
V. 261 

Dokett, E., foundation of two scho- 
larships, V. 378 
Bp. of Ely's fellowship: nomina- 
tion of W. Sterne to (1700), 
I. 168 
institution of T. Arthur to, v. 319 
Bp. Fisher's foundation, indenture 

respecting, v. 314 
Hill, B.: donation of livings, v. 368 
Mastership : scrutiny in the elec- 
tion of Dr Lambert, v. 300 
proceedings in the controverted 
election between Lane and Holds- 
worth, V. 165. 260 
plate: account of the sending to 

the king, v. 559 
primitive state of, v. 503 
status proportionis sive oneris, v. 

statuta, V. 300 

particulars concerning altering 
the statutes in Dr Whitaker's 
time, V. 259 
letters concerning, v. 265 
notes relating to, v. 533. 543 
particulars concerning, v. 331 
King's College : 

Sir F. Bridgman's bequest for a 
musick professorship, &c., note by 
W. Brockett respecting, v. 509 
commission to the Bp. of Lincoln, 

return of (1674), v. 509 
complaint of certain fellows against 
provost Goad (1565, 1569), v. 507 
his answer, v. 507 ; their submis- 
sion, v. 508 
composition with Trinity Hall, v. 


CAMnniDOE, University of {continued): 
King's Colk'go : 

compositiou with tho Uuiversitv 

IV. 304, V. 48() ^' 
deed of fouudiition, v. -127 
glossary to MSS. iit, v. 1S!» 

grimt of lands in Isleham and Tiid- 

low, V. Hii;{ 
iuseriptiou on the foundation stone 

of the W. side of the great comt, 

V. SSi 

Letters of the fellows to Henrv 
VIII., V. 44-2 ^ 

Letters to Lord Bnrghley, Q. Eliza- 
beth, &c., V. 507, 508 

Lilesse, Eobert, case of, v. 508. 544 

notes of events relating to, v. 508. 
543, 544 

presentations, &c., grants of, v. 315. 


privy seals concerning, v. 229 
statuta quredam, v. 357 
visitation of (12 Eliz.), v. 293 
particulars concerning the site, 

building and finishing, v. 427 
list of benefactors, eminent mem- 
bers, cfec, v. 533 
King's Hall: 

appropriation of Chesterton chm-ch 

to, v. 323 
carta fuudationis, v. 563 
eminent members of, v. 533 
list of fellows and fellow common- 
ers, V. 300 
grant of the mastership to T. Sain- 

triste, V. 489 
grant of a scholar's place to J. Ex- 

cester, LLB., i. 134 
letter for Nicholas Heth to be a 

.scholar, i. 139 
letter to allow N. Eoos to read in 

the canon law, i. 122 
letter to K. Rounhale to remove 
all scholars preferred and non-re- 
sidents, I. 139 
Parn's account of the foundation, 

V. 402 
pri\7 seals concerning, v. 229 
notices relating to, v. .543. 558 
surrender to Henry VIII., v. 5G3 
Magdalene College : 

benefactions, v. .330. 521 
case of respecting the title to Co- 
vent Garden, v. 331. 367. 433. 520 
certificate respecting the adminis- 
tration of the Eucharist, v. 443 
letters and papers respecting, v. 520 
notes on the foundation, v. 1(J7 
notes relating to, v. 543 
particulars concerning, v. 330 
Pepys's disposition of his library, 
V. 521 
S. Mary of Grace, Hall of, v. Peter 

CASinniDOE, University of (fontinuat) : 
Michaci Houhc : 

acts and instnimentH, A-c. concern- 
ing, V. 336. 480. 6-13. 5f>H 
carta) quiednm circa, v. ATtl 
coUectiones e Ubro Tucato OtrjTig- 

ham, V. 363 
eminent nioiiil>ors, v. 5.33 
licence fur founding, v. 5C.1 
licence for tln' chapel, v. 310 
licciuf for service, v. 481 
hst of fellows, V. 300 
notes of the statutes, v. 564 
Parn's account of the foimdation, 

V. 402 
testamentum Her\ei do Stanton, 

V. 563 
surrender to Henry VIII., v. 563 
pensions to the master and fellows, 
V. 564 
OvjTig, Hospitium de: carta> qua?dam 

circa, v. 357 
Pembroke Hall : 

confirmation of, v. 481 

fellows and ma.sters, catalogao of, 

v. 347 
fellows, list of preferments of, 

v. 432 
Framhugham parish, lease to, v. 

(ireek scholars of, v. 436 
Linton church, appropriation of, 

V. 291. 322 
Sohara lands, grant of, v. 167 
World's end farm, letters respect- 
ing, terrier, &c. of, v. 570 
Yonge, John, master, citation of, 
to appear before the roval visitors, 
V. 345 
letters and papers referring to, 

V. 518 
particulars concerning, v. 423. 432. 
533. 543 
Peter House, or the HjUI of S. Mary 
of Grace: 
benefactors to, v. 500 
Beaumont, Dr, appeal of certain 

fellows against, iv. 430 
chapel, Hcence to the, v. 339 
churches appropriated to, v. 289. 

322. 340. 45!t. 501 
composition with the vicar of Trip- 
low, V. 31.S. 481 
Cosiu, Bp., exemplification of his 
gift, V. 514 
his commemoration of bene- 
factors, V. 417, 4 IS 
ejected, list of those, v. 517 
fellows, list of, V. 517 
notes of admission to fellowships, 
8cholarshi))K, and mastersliip, v. 
315. 317. 319, 3-20, .321. 3'J3. 517 
Hale, Bernard, master, account of, 
v. 373 


CaIibuidoe, University of {continued): 
Peter House: 

Newton, John de, master, election 

of, V. 483 
Ramsey, Lady M., will of, v. 41'J 
Preachers, five senior, grant for the 

benefit of, v. 401. 418 
Kefrister, extracts from, by Matthew 

Wren, v. 500 
Shorten, Dr: obiit, v. 423 
statutes, decrees, &c., collections 

from the book of, v. 400, 401 
statutum de distributione comita- 

tuum, Arc, rv. 429, 430, v. 418 
statutes granted by Bp. Patrick, 

V. 189 
Wiitgift's benefactions to, v. 34 
notes respecting, v. 459. 533. 543 
papers relating to, v. 516 
Physwick Hostel : 

surrender to Henrj- VIII., v. 5fi3 
annuity of £3 granted to Gonvile 

Hall in return for the surrender, 

V. 522 
Queens' College : 

Banckes, W., letter from, giving an 

account of a vohune in the library, 

IV. 512 

Ingaldesthori), Jane, grant of, v. 

presentation to S. Botolph's, v. 317 
privy seals concerning, v. 229 
register in Dr Davies's hands, par- 
ticulars from, v. 227 
series fiuidationis ex ant. monum. 
coHeeta (HiU), v. 187. 430 
Sir T. Smith's benefactions to, 

V. 31 

Sjiarrow, Anthony, master, election 

of, V. 390 
statuta, V. 358 
trees, letter about the cutting down 

of the (1580), V. 313 
letters from, and papers relating to, 

V. 518 
notes relating to, v. 226. 533. 543 
Sidney College : 

admissions, v. 5^6 

conveyance of the Grey Friars, now 

Sidney College, v. 232 
declaration of the estate of, v. 566 
tabula Sidneiana ex adversariis J. 

Sherman, v. 563 
Wurd'H adversaria, notes from, 

v. 5G6 
letters and papers respecting, v. 519. 

527. 543. 566 
8. Thomas's Hostel : particulars re- 

Hjiecting, V. 423 
Trinity College: 

Mr Alexander Akehurst's charge 

(1654), ,. 214 
Bubington, Dr, articles of agreement 

with, V. 460 

Cambkidge, University of {continued) : 

Trinitv College : 

Beiitley, Dr, letters of Wliitfield 

respecting the petition against, 

V. 186 
Bromley, Lady A., foundation of 

five scholars by, v. 565 
Burghley, Lord, letters to, v. 371. 

Carta donationis regis Henrici VIII., 

V. 264 

Cecil, SirE., appointment of as pa- 
tron, V. 371 
Chapel and library, building of, 

V. 564 
Colbatch, Dr : the case of Trinity 

College, II. 281 
Cosmo de Medicis, memorandum of 

the visit of, v. 371 
Dullingham, order of Bp. Wren for 

13.S'. 4d. to be distributed to the 

poor of, v. 435 
ejectments at (1649, 1650), v. 362 
letters to Q. Elizabeth, Walsingham, 

Lord Burghley, &c., v. 509, 510 
enclosui'e beyond the river, v. 564 
fellows and scholars, list of, v. 565 ; 

to 1726, by Mason, v. 377 
• chambers of various (5 Ed. 

VI.), V. 373 

conformity of, certificate of 

Dr Neville of, v. 510 

first plan, with names of the first 
fellows, v. 355 

Icing's letter to the electors of the 
royal Professorships, v. 565 

king's letter revoking aU grants in 
reversion, v. 565 

masters, list of, v. 564, 565 

Dr Metcalfe's pica to have a fellow- 
ship on relinquishing the Hebrew 
Professorship, i. 458 

MSS. given by Whitgift, catalogue 
©f, V. 90 

catalogue of, by Claget, v. 90 

Dr Neville, portrait of, given to, 
V. 104 

notes respecting members, v. 665 

notes relating to, v. 371. 533. 543. 

notes from the paper office con- 
cerning, V. 371 

statuta, V. 301. 344. 564 

preface to Q. Mary's, v. 347 

visitor, petition respecting the, 
V. 356. 373 

Westminster scholars: reasons a- 
gainst the late obtained grant for 
Westminster School, v. 371 
names of, from 1561 to 1629, 

I. 183 
Bp. Neile's memorial of simdry 
things performed by the D. and 
C. of Westminster, v. 510 


CAMitKiPCK, ruivorsity of (contiuneil): 
Trinity (.'ollei,'c: 

Westminster selu)liirs : 

extract from the Q. letters pti- 
teut relatiug to, v. 510 
jireeeilenee of, v. 501 
letter excusing the college for 
uot electing a third Westmin- 
ster scholar, v. 50'.) 
Whitgift, gifts of, V. IH'J 
^■<'<' King's Hall, iliehaol House, 
Pbyswick Hostel. 
Trinity Hall: 

charter of, v. 299 

competition with lung's College, 

V. 1U3 
agreement with the Hall of the An- 
nunciation (■/.('. Caius College), in- 
denture of, III. 148, V. 30-1 
Expulsion of P. Nichols, v. 402 
suit against T. Atte Poudc of Kyrt- 
hiige, V. 48H 
particulars concerning, v. 225. 268, 
269. 333. 428, 429. 514. 533. 543 
grant to by Ely priory, v. 461 
Cambridge, Edmund Plantagenet, Earl 
of: letter for the delivery of haudmills 
to, I. 129 
license to trim and sell the cuttings of 
his oaks in his manor in the lung's 
forest of Braidens, i. 132 
order to a lady to repair to Walling- 
ford on occasion of his marriage, 1. 134 
Camden, William : Collectanea ex MSS., 

V. 544 
Campano of Novaka. Tractatus de quad- 
ratiu-a circuli, ii. 119, iii. 215 
Tractatus de Catha conjimota et dis- 

juncta. III. 215 
Theorica de motibus planetarum, iv. 
Campion, Edmund. Two books of the 
histories of Ireland, iii. 409. 553 

Richard. Letters to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 144 
Campsall, Vicarage of, presentation of 

John Wraye to, v. 195 
Candia, narrative of the siege of in 1667, 

II. 258 
Canham, Paul. Letter to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 144 
DE Canonio, IV. 184 [v. Corr. v. 605} 
Canon Law, Ai-ticles of on election of 
Bps., benefices, ifec, i. 386 
extracts from the Code and Digest, 

I. 306 
fragment of a treatise on, i. 345 
Canon Miss.e, i. 346 [This is in Italian 

writing], ix. 424. v. MissjVLE. 
Canonization, notes of requests for, v. 

382. 384 
CiNONS, Ecclesiastical, i. 527, ni. 345 
of 1640. Argument in Parliament 
against (Dec. 9, 1640), i. 4U7 

Casoss (niu tiintitl) : 

queries respfcting the oath enjoin- 
ed by Canon VI., iii. HI) 
judgment of a jirivato <livin(i on 
the oatli. III. 39; ground of ex- 
ception against it, iii. 39 
Provinciates de iMinitentiis ot ro- 

missionibus, iii. 227 
Greek, iv. 510 

C.VNOVA, MoNSEIGNEUR DE. Copio flo la TO- 

monstrancc niiso entre les maina do 
[concerning Koehelle], i. 176 
C.\NrEnni'UY. Synod of (1571), signatures 
to certain articles of, v. 128 
Answer to the articles in the institu- 
tion of (1559) V. 138 
Names of the Archbishops of, in. 53 
Registrars, appointment of. v. 391 
S. Augustine's. Enumeration of im- 

l)ropriations belonging to, iv. 439 
Christ Church. Cartulary of, ii. 190. 
250 [r. Corr. v. 592] ; Catalogue of 
the Library of, in. 419, v. 41 
visitation of by Abp. Parker, v. 35 
S. Gregory's priory. C;irtiilary of, iv. 

28 [r. Corr. v. 604] 
S. Martin's: note respecting a dis]iuto 
between Bp. Godwin and Liuifiauc, 
V. 346 
Cantelupe, Nichol.\s de: extracts, itc. 
concerning, iv. 366*. r. Cambuidoe. 
University of. 

TuoMAS DE, Bp. of Hereford, request 

for his canonization, v. 382; Bull for 
it, in. 408 
Cantica, II. 307; in Latin and Anglo- 
Saxon, n. 312 


Cantipratensis, TnoMAs. Bonum uni- 
versale de proprietatibus apum, ni. 637 
Cantus Collateralis, IV. 504 
Capgrave, John. Chronicle of England to 

1417 (Eng.), in. 152; specimen of, v. 370 
Capixolatione fatte fra diversi poutefici 

et priucipe Christiani, Soinmario di, 

(1510—1557), n. 23 
Caple, Ricuakd. Description of Palestine, 

I. 246 
Capon, Willlim, memoir of by S. Tynmis, 

V. 571 
C.uiDENAS> Don de : speech of in 

Parliament, 26 Dec. 1650, v. 414 
Cardinalis, Magisteu. Libcllus docena 

purgare quatuor humores, i. 445 
Carii., Mr, of Lincoln's Inn, Sermon by, 

I. 269 
Cari.eton, Stn Dudley. Speech in Par- 

hament. 13 May 1626, iv. 290 
Cahlile, Cuuistopueb. The Psalms of 

David in English with annotations, 

n. 479 
Carlisle. Hospital of S. Nicholas. Order 

for Edith do Fentou to be a sister in, 

I. 123 


Caklisle (continued): 

battle of : names of Scotch noblemen 
taken prisoners, and English gentle- 
men present at, ii. 170 
Cabmelite Offices, by John Bale, ii. 531 
[v. Corr. V. 596] 

De lustitutione fratriim, by Thomas 
Bradley, ii. 515 [v. Corr. v. 596] 
Carmixa elegantissima ex vai'iis authori- 

bus, I. 184 
Carpenteu, John (Bp. of Worcester), letter 
to the clergj- respecting the customs of 
Hok-days (1450), v. 442 

J. Letters to Strj-pe. v. Index, v. 


KicHABD. Poem on Alchemy, i. 243 

[r. Corr. v. 585] 
Cabr, Nicholu\s. Orationes aliquot De- 
mostheuis translatie, i. 249 
De Scriptorum Britannicorum pauci- 
tate et studiorum impedimentis ora- 
tio, I. 528, 529, v. 452 
Cabtesu Meditatioues, notes on, i. 488 
Carthage, Coimcil of (419) ; KaiiSi'ej, 

II. 153 
Carthusians. De crudeli mactatioue 
diversormn jDro veritatis testimonio, 
u. 457 

Passio 18 Carthusianorum in regno 
AnglijE, II. 457 
Cartuabidm, II. 128 

Cartwright, Thomas. Preface to the 

confutation of the Ehemists' translation 

of the Scrijitures, abridged, iii. 305 

proceedings against at Cambridge, 

V. 130; admission of at S. Joh. and 

Trin., v. 130 

William. Letters to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 144 
Carye, Sir George, causes in chancery 
(1001), I. 384 

Grace, Visions and revelations to, 

V. 179 
Casaobon, Is.^ac. Notes on 
.a:8chylus, A. 26. 34 
.Sthici Cosmographia, A. 35 
Tou di/aroXiKov yo/xl/j.ov /SijSXia rpla, 

A. 59 
Apollonius lUiodius, A. 34 
Apostolick Canons, A, 56 
Arrian's Epictetus, A. 61 
Calhmachus, A. 34 
Ctesias, A. 38 
Cyril, S., A. 31 
Dionysius Periegetes, A. 35 
Herodotus, A. 38 
Homer, A. 31. 34 
Lycophron, A. 34 
Plinii Hist. Natural., A. 30 
Plutarch, A. 59 
Poetffi Graei I'iincipes, A. 31 
Pollux, Julius, A. 36 
Polybius, A. 30 
Pomponiua Mela, A. 35 

CAS.iUBON, Is.iAc: Notes on 

Scaliger's Thesaurus Temporiim, 

A. 31 
Sohnus, A. 85 
Terence, A. 62 
Theocritus, A. 12 
Tzetzes, Is., on Lycophron, A. 34 
Tzetzes, John; Chiliades, A. 34 
Greek Letters by, ii. 290 
statement respecting the marriage 
of the clergy as concluded at the 
Council of Trent, iii. 34, 35 
V. I. 163 
Casibus, Summa de, exceptioues de, ii. 270 
Cason, Timothy. Letter to Strj^je. v. 

Index, V. 144 
Cassander, George : de articulis religionis 
inter Cathohcos et Protestautes con- 
troversis, iv. 394 
Cassianus. Collationes 11 — 24, iii. 688; 
Exceri3ta, iii. 45 
Institutiones. Excerpta, iii. 45 
Cassiodorus, Aueelids. De anima, ii. 53. 
expositio super Cantica Canticorum, 

II. 250 

Deinstitutionibus divinarum literarum, 

III. 645 

expositiones in Psalmos 1 — 100, iii. 
Cassius Felix, iii. 83 
Castalino, John de, Bp. of Pavia, Exlior- 
tatio in Turcos, 1455 [c. Corr. v. 599], 
III. 243 
Oratio in facto Turcorum, iii. 243 
Castel, Edmund. Note books and Cor- 
respondence of, I. 290. 311, 443. 483 
Will of, V. 248 

letters of, v. 442, 443 ; petition of, 
V. 443 
Castelli: Siciliae vet. inscript. collectio: 

notes on by Dobree, A. 66 
Castelveteo, L. : collections on iEschylus, 

A. 11 
Castile,, Eling of, v. Gaunt, John of. 
Castlehavkn, Earl of: speech at his 

death (1631), v. 581 
Castrk, Simon, parson of, warrant to, re- 

sjiecting an advowson, i. 108 
Catalogue of Books, i. 44, 66. 386. 403. 
442, IV. 92, v. 41 
of Commentaries, i. 76 
Librorum Laurentii Sadler, i. 270 

in Bibliotheca Joannensi, 

I. 270. 275 
in a Loudon Library', iv. 522 
Catalonia, letter respecting the rehtitutiou 
of goods belonging to the merchants of, 

I. 124 

Catha, conjuncta anddisjuncta : tracts on, 

HI. 215 
Catharine, S. The lyfe of Seynt Kateryn, 

II. 406 
Passio, III. 29 


Catil\rine's, S., on Mount Sinai: brief 

for ft collection for the monks of, 

V. 2i)0 
C'atholic.i-: lidoi Roinanm ecclesioe, do 

xiv iU'ticulis, II. '2o'2 
Catholicum. (Glossary of Latin and 

French), i. 207 
Cato. Disticha, iii. 204 

in Greek, by Maximus Planudcs, 

II. 47(), IV. 481 
in rvthmicos versus couversa, n. 

parajihrase in English verse, ii. 
104. 442, III. 292 
Cattox, ^YAI/rEU, v. Schaton. 
Caulhiaco, Grino de. The inventorye of 

(on human anatomy), i. 100 
Cavendish, Geokge. Life of Wolsey, 

IV. 175 
Caxton, Church of: appropriation of to 

S. George's, Windsor, v. 401. 481 
C.4XT0N, William. Translation of the Life 

of Jason, I, 101 [('. Corr. v. yS4J 
Caytiff, the poor. Treatise of, ii. 536. 

Cecil, Eobert, v. Cranborne, Robert 

Cecil, Baron. 

William, v. Burleigh, Lord. 

Cexsorinus dc ilie natali, notes on, A.. 52 
Censur-e de Graecis et Eomanis aaictori- 

bus, I. 311 
Cerne. The book of, iv. 5 ; PiivUeges of, 

IV. 6 

Sequentiarius secundum iisum Ceme, 
IV. 6 
Cerularius, Michael. Epistolaad Ptetrum 

Antiochenum contra Latinos (Gr.), iv. 

Cesarius Episcopus. Extr. from his Ser- 

mones, ii. 439 
Cesena, Michael de, Bull of John XXIL 

against, ii. 337 
Cespedes, Valentin de. Summulse, iii. 

Cessolis, Jacobds de : French translation 

of the book of Chess by J. de Vignay, 

II. 336 
Cevalerius : notes respecting, v. 432 
Chablais, Duchy of, accoont of the 

conversion of to the Holy Catholick, 

Apostolick, and llonian religion, ii. .532 
Chad, S., note of his death, v. 404 
Chaderton, William (Bp. of Chester). 

Letters to, v. 290—298 ; letters of, v. 519 
Chalcedon, Council of, 8pos, ii. 145 

Kavdvts, &c., II. 152 
Chalcidius. Versio Latina Platonis 

Timaei, ii. 277 
Chamberlain, Lord High, office of the, on 

the Coronation Day, ii. 73 
Chamberlayn, John, of Lynn. Examina- 
tion of (1643), V. 412 
John. Letters to Strype. r. In- 
dex, v. 144 

Chamrerlayn, SiiiTiroMAR. Oflicial letters 

on Simnish iifluir« (1500), iv. 177 
CiiAMiiKits, Dr. SubiaiNrtive uiiHWer of, 

n. 190 
HoiiERT. Memorandum book con- 
cerning lands purchoHed in 1630 — 2, 
Champagnolle, Phil, de la: letter to 

Hildersliam, v. 573 
CuAMrERTiE, Statutum do, i. 540 
Chancellor, letters to, empowering to 
proceed in suits, i. 133 
prefectio Domini Eliensis in cancellu- 
rium Angliie, v. 4H4 
Chancery, Court of : on the constitution 
and practice of, iv. 446 

causes in 1001, i. 381; in 1027, 
IV. 452; in 1079—1690, iv. 447; 
in ir)()5, IV. 514 
ancient usual fees,... and now (1029) 

what fees are demanded, iv. 52 
Gaza CancellariiE, iv. 52 
jununentum examinatorum, i. 172 
registrum Cancellariie, i. 400, ii. 7, 

III. 284, IV. 73 
rules, orders and forms of proceed- 
ing in. III. 57 
Chandler, Samuel. Notes on Hesj'chius, 

A. 15 
Chantries, petition of the rectors of Lon- 
don against C'haplains of, iii. 181 
Chapel, the king's. Wan-ant to account 
with Wm. Hanney for his expenses iu 
keeping the plate belonging to, i. 130 
the same with John de Derbey, 
I. 130 
Chapman, James, baker to Westminster 
CoUcge, accounts of, 1040 — 1048, i. 356 

Philip, letters to Strj'pe. v. Index, 

V. 144 

Thomas : essay on the Bomoa 

Senate: notes on, by William Bowver, 
A. 05 
Chappel, John : agreement for sums to bo 
paid to as preacher at ^Vll Saints, Derby, 
V. 573 
Chappelow, Leonard. The Sentimental 
Naturalist, a poem, iv. 40(5 

ClIAlLVX, JoHANNKS. Tfpl iyKXlTlKUIV dfOfJ^d- 

t<j3v Kod prffjArijiv, I. 4()3 
Chaudstocke, rolls of the court baron of 

the manor of, 1()74— lOHO, iv. 447 
Charitable Society. Private admouitiona 

of a, IV. 528 
for relief of poor widows and children 

of clergvmen, petitions to, and bills and 

receipts respecting, iv. 377 
Charles the (Jueat: Libor Tuqiini do 

gestis. r. Tubpinus. 
de Statura Caroli Magni, i. 17 
Charles v.. Emperor: Ciunmission from 

to concert with Henry VIII. against 

France, i. 179 
treaty of Mathrid (1520), ii. 140 


Chakles v., Emperor (coittinucd): 

obligations to Henry VIII., n. 140, 141, 

V. 433 
memorial of such debts as are due to 
Henry VIII., n. 141 [r. Corr. v. 592], 
V. 43i5 
rough di-aft of the English ambassa- 
dors' petition to the Emperor, n. 
141, V. 433 
seven alternatives offered to by 

Hemy VIII., ii. 141, v. 433 
protocol of his reply to the nuncio and 

other ambassadors, ii. 141 
capitula in quibus lidem uon servavit 

CaBsar, ii. 141 
agreement respecting his journey to 

Italy, II. 141, V. 433 
discourse upon the resignment of his 
government and state to Philip II. , 
translated by L'^. H. Howard, iv. 117. 
440, v. I'Jl ' 
Chaeles IX., K. of France, treaty with 

Q. EUzabeth (1572), i. 370 ^ 
Charles I. while Prince of Wales : 

Lands, &c.: particulars of lauds gi-ant- 
ed to in 1610, i. 513 
value of fee farm rents to be granted 

to in 1610, I. 513 
Status reventionum, 8-Jae. I., iv.536 
survey of Kiiion in Lindsey (1616), 

II. 463 
Supervisus maneriorum Blewberie 

et Shippon, 1617, i. 340 
Accounts of the cofferer of the 

household, 15 Jas. I., ii. 120 
rolls of the court baron of Sutton 

Courtney, 1619, 1620, iv. 536 
Computa balhvorum in 7 counties, 

1620, IV. 537 
notes of books, surveys, and other 
records dehvered to the Commis- 
sioners of his revenue, 1617 — 
1623, IV. 197 
rolls of the court baron of Steeple 

Ashtou, 22 Jas. I., iv. 537 
Lands and rents granted to by 

James I., i. 348 
nomina maneriorum, <fec. belonging 

to, I. 385 
certificates of the value of parcels of 
land granted to in 1619, i. 388, 380 
names of livings in his gift, i. 389 
account of lands granted to in 1624, 

I. 389 
certificate of forests, &c. granted 

to, I. 389 
indentures concerning lands held 
by, II. 76 
Marriage: Breve Papte Gregoriae XV., 
Ap. 20, 1623, III. 34 
CommissLon granted to Lord Hais 
and Sir T. Edmonds to conclude 
a marriage with Princess Chris- 
tian of France, i. 203 

Chaeles I. (continued): 

Aiiiculi matiimonialis conventus 
with the Infanta of Spain, iii. 
35. 39, V. 368. 581 
Letter to the Abp. of Canterbuiy 
by certain divines on the dispen- 
sation required for, v. 575 
Considerations upon the treaty of 
marriage between England and 
Spain, IV. 397 
discom-se in favour of an alliance 
between England and Spain, v. 
a politick dispute about the happiest 

match for, iv. 397 
letter of Abp. Abljott to James I. 

respecting, v. 583 
articles agreed upon touching his 
marriage with Henrietta Maria, 
III. 35 
Aldred (Thomas). Letter against 
the Spanish match, 1620, i. 189 
Speech of, 24 Feb. 1623, i. 536 
Visit to Cambridge, 1612: 

mandate of James I. to confer de- 
grees during, 2 March 1612, iv. 
The Prince's and Palsgrave's 
speeches on this occasion, iv. 307 
Chables I., after his accession: 

Proceedings at Cambridge on his pro- 
clamation, IV. 307 
Knights of the Bath made at his coro- 
nation, I. 504 
Articles du traits d'alliance entre la 
roy de la grande Bretagne et les 
Sieurs estats (1625), iv. 435 
Proclamation declaring ships caiTying 
corn, &,c. for the Kini? of Spain law- 
fiU prizes (1625), i. 176 
Proclamation forbidding trade with 

Spain (1625), i. 176 
Speech on the openijig of Parliam.ent, 

18 Jime 1625, i. 203, iv. 309 
first draught of the petition to con- 
cerning reUgion, 29 Jime 1625, 
III. 36 
Speech in Christ Church Hall, 4 Aug. 

1625, IV. 310 
petition of the Lords and Commons 
for conformity of religion, and the 
king's answers, iv. 310 
report of the message delivered to both 
Houses of Parliament from the king, 
8 Aug. 1625, IV. 310 
protestation of the Commons' House 

before its dissolution, iv. 310 
letter to the chancellor of Cambridge 
concerning the disturbers of the 
University government, 1 Jan. 162^, 
V. 487. 558 
answer to the Earl of Bristol's letter, 

20 Jan. 162^, iv. 284 
letter to the Earl of Suffolk for re- 


Charles I. (coutiniii'tT) : 

storiu}^ clisi'ipliuo to the University, 

Jau. 2t), 1023, V. 173 
Speech iu rarliimiont, G Feb. 162J, 

IV. 28H 
Committee of privileges, 9 Feb. I625, 

IV. 284 
Heads of the message sent to the 

House of Commons touching further 

supply, 10 March lH2g, iv. 285 
message to Parliament, 14 March 162^, 

and answer of the House of Commons, 

III. 158, IV. 285 

reply of the kmg to the House, 15 March 

162^, III. 153, IV. 28(5 
Consultations in Parliament, 1625, 

IV. 292 

Letter to the Commons to hasten the 
supply, 20 Marcli 1()2^, iv. 286 

orders iu the House of Commons, 
March 27, 28, 29, 1026, iv. 284 

Speeches at Whitehall, 29 March 1626, 

III. 153, IV. 287 

Explanation from, 30 March 1626, 

IV. 287 

Marshal of Middlesex, his petition of 
grievances, 6 Apr. 1626, iv. 285 

Humble remonstrance of the Com- 
mons, 5 Apr. 1625, i. 389, iii. 153, 
IV. 288. 313 

Answer of the king, 13 Apr. 1626, 
IV. 313 

humble remonstrance and petition of 
the peers relative to the Earl of 
Arundel's imprisonment, 18 Apr. 
1626, IV. 288 

Message sent from the king to the 
House of Lords relative to the Earl 
of Arundel, 28 Apr. 1620, iv. 288 

short proceedings of the House of 
Lords on May 6, 8, 9, 1626, iv. 289 

message relating to the imprisonment 
of Sir Dudley Diggs, iv. 290 

remonstrance of the Commons on the 
committal of Digges and EUiot, 
IV. 290. 444 

Speech to the Lords, 12 May 1620, 
IV. 290 

answers relating to the restitution of 
the Earl of Anindel,24, 26 May 1626, 
IV. 291 

petition of the House of Commons 
against recusants, .Tune 1020, iv. 292 

Letter commenduig the University of 
Cambridge for electing the Duke of 
Buckingham as Chancellor, 6 Jmie 
1020, III. 482, IV. 292. 307, v. 174 [for 
Charles II. read Charles I.], v. 487 

Letter from the University iu answer, 
IV. 292 

Letter to Sir Heneage Finch to hasten 
the subsidy, 9 June 1626, iii. 37, iv.292 

Eeport of the committee of the House 
of Commons for a general fast, iv. 291 

CiiAiu.Ks I. (iniilhiui'(l): 

' A letter to my noble frimdH in tlip 
lower liousu relating to griivancfs,' 
HI. 480 

Petition of tlio lords intcndttl to linvo 
bill) prist ntcd for stay i-f tlio diHHo- 
lutidii, 15 Jinie ir)26, iv. 293 

Commission for dissolving tlie Purtia- 
lueiit, 15 June ICrii;, iv. 293 

remonstrance of the Houxe of Com- 
mons upon the dissolution of Par- 
liament, III. 480 

Journal of ]>roci'edings in the second 
l)arliam(iit of, 1620, i. 4H5 

Co))y of a letter from the devil to the 
Pope, 1020, III. 153 

Letter and instructions for supply of 
money, 7 July 162(), iv. 313 

Proclamation diclaring liis intention 
in rofiuiriug aid by way of loan, 
7 Oct. 1020, III. 153 

instructions to be followed by the 
Commissioners for the loan of monev, 
III. 480 

Lettre de M" les Ambassadeurs dii 
roy de la Gr. Bret, a M" de la Ro- 
ch'elle, 11 Feb. 162;, i. 175, 170 

Le grand cas de habeas coq^iis in 
banco regis, 22 Nov. 1027. iv. 446 

Speech in Paihament, 17 March 102^, 

III. 38. 153 

8 articles, the ground of the remon- 
strance of the lower house (f>n the 
Duke of Buckingham) and the king's 
speech thereon, iii. 154 

Propositions to be considered in Par- 
liament, 1628, III. 154 

orders and resolutions in the House on 
the liberty of the sul)ject, 26 March 
and 4 April 1028, iv. 270 

petition of botli houses against Jesuit-!, 
recusants, Ac, March 1028, iv. 270 

answer to the petition, iv. 270 

message to the House of Commons, 
31 March 1028, iv. 270 

Propositions for tlie present necessary 
8Ui>plies, 102K, in. 37 

Speeches at the debates conccniiiig 
supplies, 2 Apr. 1628, iv. 270 

Heads of grievances in Parliamwit, 
1028, III. 37 

Petition of both houses to, witli the 
king's answer, .\pril 1028, in. 154 

Kelation of tlie king's content, touch- 
ing the proceedings of Parliunniiit 
(voting of 5 subsiiUes), 4 Apr. 1()2^, 
iiL 154, IV. 270 

message to the houses, 11 .\pr. 1G28, 

IV. 271 

Speeches and arguments at tlie con- 
ference of the Commons with the 
Lords, April 102M, 11. 34 

Heads f>f the Speaker's speech, 1 ^ 
April 102s, and the 8i)ecch, iv. 272 


Ch.uiles I. (continued) : 

Petition of the Commons on the billet- 
tins of soldiers, 14 April 1628, iv. 271 

Speech of the king in answer, iv. 271 

Petition for rights and liberties pre- 
ferred May 1628, with the king's 
answer, iii. 154 

Remonstrance of Parliament to, 17 
June 1628, with his answer, iii. 38 

Second remonstrance of ParUament, 
III. 38 

Speeches, June 7 and 26, 1628, in. 37 

Letter to Cambridge, naming the E. of 
Holland as Chancellor, 28 Aug. 1628, 
V. 175. 487. 558 

Speech to the two houses, 24 Jan. 162f , 

III. 154, IV. 310 

Petition for a pubUck fast, 28 Jan, 
162^, with the king's answer, iii. 154, 

IV. 310 

Declaration of the House of Commons, 
2 Feb. 162§, with the king's answer, 

III. 154 

Letter to Cambridge on some errors 
of opinion, 4 Feb. 162|, iv. 308 

Protestation of the Commons in Parlia- 
ment, Feb. 162«, III. 38 

Protestation of some of the lower 
house, refused to be read by the 
Speaker, and verses on this, in. 1 55 

Answers of the four paiiiament-men 
imprisoned about the disorder to 
questions asked them in their exa- 
minations, III. 155 

Speech in the upper house dissolving 
the Parliament, March 162|, iii. 155, 

IV. 311 

Relation of the proceedings of the Par- 
Uament, 20 Jan.— 10 March 162|, 
I. 61. 520, IV. 310, 311 

Instructions to the Archbp. of Canter- 
bury for praying for the king of 
Denmark's success in his wars, 
III. 156 

Letter of the Ai-chbp. to tlie Bishops 
touching the above instructions, 
III. 156 

Order made in the Star-chamber, 29 
May 1629, iv. 311 

Articles of peace with France, 1629, 
III. 156 

Injunctions for the govcnimcnt of the 
University of Cambridge, 4 March 
16|g, V. 559 

Copy of the Privy Council's letter to 
lieutenants of Northampton, Hunt., 
Camb., and Middlesex, 8 June 1631, 
III. 1.56 

Letter to the Earl of Exeter, lord-lieu- 
tenant of Northamptonshire, with 
his letter to his deputy lieutenants, 
19, 25 .June 1631, iii. 156 

Accoimt of liis visits to Cambridge, 
1631—2, and 1641—2, iv. 308 

Ch.\eles I. (continned) : 

Letter respecting benefices in the crown 

patronage (1632), v. 467 
Speeches to, by Withrington, recorder 

of Berwick, 1633, 1639, in. 157. 159 
Letter from the Privy Council to the 

sheriff of Norfolk, on levying of ship- 
money, Aug. 12, 1635, in. 39 
Letter to the Judges on ship-money, 

with the Judges' answer, 2 Feb. 1636, 

in. 39, IV. 210 
Council's letters to the sheriff of Kent, 

28 Dec. 1636, in. 39 
Petition of the Scots against the ser- 
vice-book, 1637, IV. 273 
The Scots' reasons against the service- 
book, IV. 273 
Letter of the Privy Council of Scotland, 

25 Aug. 1637, IV. 273 
Acts of deposition against Scotch bi- 
shops, 1638, V. 385 
News from the Scottish assembly, 1638, 

V. 385 
'Answer to a gentleman who sent to 

enquire after the Scottish business,' 

April 1639, in. 159 
Verses on the said rebellion, and his 

majesty's just arms for its supi^res- 

sion. III. 159 
Commission to the Earl of Arundel to 

be general of the army, 7 March 

163f, I. 517 
prayers for the King in his Northern 

expedition, 1639, 1640, v. 164. 475 
proclamation concerning a scandalous 

paper, 11 Aug. 1639, v. 170 
oi'der of the House of Lords for the 

performance of Divine Service, 16 

Jan. 1640, v. 174 
address in rhyme to the House of 

Commons, Ap. 14, 1640, v. 580 
petition of nineteen peers for a Parlia- 
ment, Aug. 1640, V. 580 
letter about the first skirmish between 

the English and Scots, Aug. 27, 1640, 

V. 580 
letter sent to Mr Worrall about this, 

12 Sept. 1640, V. 580 
letter from the recorder of York, 11 

Sept. 1640, V. 580 
meeting of the Lords with the King, 

Sept. 24, 1640, v. 581 
Quferes of the London clergy on the 

oath enjoined by the Synod, canon 

6, 1640,' IV. 214 
paper of intelligence sent to Bishop 

Wren, 24 Sept. 1640, v. 385 
intentions of the army of Scotland, 

1640, IV. 214 
lawfulness of the Scots' expedition into 

England, v. 181 
Speech, 23 June 1640, iv. 219 
Speeches in Parliament, Nov. 3, 5, 

1640, IV. 217; 16 Feb. 164J, ii. 188 


Charles I. (continued) • 

petitiou of tho City of London, 11 Die. 

1G40, IV. 21i> 
particulars of p'icvances caust'(l...l)y 

tho Prelacy and their deiHiulauts, 

IV. 2 lit 
message to the Lords, rehitin},' to tho 

reprieve of Goodman, 25 Jan. 1G4J, 

IV. 219 

Scotch petition, 5 Sept. 16-10, and an- 
swer, V. 580 

Pahner's Journal of the House of 
Commons at the Parliament begun 
3 Nov. 1640, III. 730 

Diurnall occurrences, or heads of pro- 
ceedings in Parliament, 3 Nov. 1640 
—27 March 1641, iv. 220 

Speech in Strafford's case, 1 May 1641, 
III. 730 

Protestation of the House of Commons 
for the maintenance of the reformed 
religion, 3 May 1641, iii. 730 

Case of Percye and others, on their 
conspiring to bring up the anny to 
awe the Parliament, in. 730 

information by T. L'Oachard and R. 
Endley, with verses, 1642, v. 411 

orders of the Lords with respect to the 
French Ambassador (March, July 
1642), V. 406 

Letters to various persons, 1642 — 1645, 

V. 403, 404. 406; to the Parliament, 
V. 405 

Letters to the Speaker of the House of 

Peers, Lord Goring, &c. (1642), v. 

398, 399 ; to Marquis of Ormoud, 

V. 399, 400 
Letter to the Queen, 2 March 1642, v. 399 
Diurnall occnn-ences in Parliament, 

18 to 25 April, 1642, iv. 436 
Collections taken since his leaving 

Parliament and coming do-svu to 

York, 1642, iii. 158 
Letters to Dr Farmerie of Lincoln, re- 
questing a contribution from the 

clergy (1642), v. 468 
Declaration of the Lords and Commons 

assembled in Parliament, 8 Aug. 

1642, III. 158 
answer of the king to this, iii. 158 
letter to Cambridge requesting a loan, 

1642, v. 559 ; requesting college 
plate, V. 559 

messages to Parliament, 1642, v. 412 

notes of publick atfairs, 1641, 1642, v. 

accounts of the Scottish army in Ire- 
land till 1 Feb. 1642, n. 82 

Letter to the mayor of Bristol, 29 May 

1643, V. 411 

ordinance for davs of relaxation, 4 Jan. 

1644, V. 412 

prayer of thanksgiving for the victory 
of Edgehill, v. 475 

Charlks I. (continued) : 

protest of tlio king'H CoramisHionrm 
against Lovo's preucLiug, Feb. UAi, 
v. 410 
list of the pay and cntcrtuinnirnt of tho 
colont'l general and oflicerH of tho 
army raised for Inland, 161.'>, ii. H2 
reasons for i>utting hiniBelf into tho 

hands of the Scots, v. 399, HM) 
Declaration of the king at Hampton 

Court, 2 Nov. 1647, iii. 158 
giievances of, v. 446 ; instructions to 
Colonel Hammond from both Houses, 
v. 446; propositions for peace (1647), 
v. 446 
message to the Houses on prosecution 
of peace by a personal treaty, 6 Dec. 
1647, III. 158 
Druniuiond's acquittance for the Scots' 

army, v. 410 
letters and orders respecting the king 

(1647), V. 411 
Seasonable queries propounded, in. 159 
Considerations on tho declaration of 
the aimy to stand to the two Houses, 
1 Feb. 1641, n. 282 
Treaty at Newport, 1648, v. 410 
Letter to the Clergy, 14 Nov. 1648, v. 390 
Letters and declarations, 1644 — 1648, 

V. 568 
order about the king's corpes, 8 Feb. 

164J, V. 400 
allowances to be made to sheriffs for 
extraordinary disbursements, 1647, 
u. 78 
letters to Cambridge, v. 165. 331 ; let- 
ters to P. Maurice, Bishop Juxon, 
Sir B. Granville, &c., v. 379 
Oath of the gentlemen of his pri\-y 

chamber, i. 161 
Warrant for 100 marks, &e. to be paid 

to S. Crow, I. 172 
a list of the monies given by the Lords 

of the Comicil to, v. 175 
reports respecting his children's affairs, 

V. 412. V. Elizabeth. 
Lands, Manors, iSrc. : 

Certificates of estates heretofore 
mortgaged to the citizens of Lou- 
don, 1627, II. 83 
certain honors, castles, &c. parcol 
of the ancient revenue of the 
crown, to bo in charge in tho 
Pipe, II. 83 
certificate of lordships, itc. in cer- 
tain counties not gninted in fee- 
farm, 1629, 11. sa 
manors, ilc. not granted in fee-form, 

1629. II. 79 
notes of the rents of crown lands in 

several c<iuntie9, 1629, iv. 4 12 
survey of lands, rents, Ac. belonging 
to tho crown in various counties, 
IV. 441 


Charles I. (conthvtfid) : 

a sale in fee-fann to W. CoUyns, 
and E. Fenn, and Sir W. Eiissell, 
1630. lf)31, I. 512 
to E. Freeman, 1630. i. 518 
to Sir W. KusseU, 1631, 1632, 
II. 76, 77 
Certificate of manors, lands, <tc. in 
certain counties belonging to the 
crown not granted in fee-faron, 
1629, II. 81 
Knights' fees for the diicliy of Lancas- 
ter for certain counties, 1638,11.40 
Computus of W. Collins for the 
duchy of Lancaster for 1633 and 
1640." 11. 40 
Liber omnium declarationum com- 
putorum...reveucionum for 1G40, 

I. 512 

accounts of receivers in certain 
counties for 1641, ii. 88 ; for 1642, 

II. 76 

rental in Wales, and of parks in 
Surrey and Kent, 1642, ii. 83 

receivers' accounts of the Queen's 
revenues in divers counties, 17 
Car. L, II. 83 

Eedditus omnium fii*marum et 
feodi-finnarum in onere coram 
clerico Pipfc, in certain counties, 
II. 83 

rents belonging to the King, Queen, 
and Prince, in certain counties, 
11. 83 

names of parks and chases, late 
part of the revenue of which Sir 
H. Holcroft and others were trus- 
tees, II. 84 

computus of the royal revenues in 
various coimties for 1648, ii. 75. 78 

certificate of honors, manors be- 
longing to which are not granted 
in fee-farm, 1648, ii. 78 

arrears of fee-farm rents certified, 

1649, II. 77 

Comijutus of revenue in the county 
of Lincoln for the year ending 
Michaelmas, 1649, iv. 19 

account of sums of money for sale 
of honors, manors, &c., 1649, 

1650, I. 513 

particular of contracts made by 
tenants who have purchased ma- 
nors, (fcc. belonging to, 1649 — 

1651, I. 351 

particular of honors, manors, &c. 
sold by assigned bills, 1650 — 1652, 
I. 351 

certificate of contracts made by cre- 
ditors who have purchased ma- 
nors, (tc. belonging to, 1650 — 

1652, I. 351 

crown lands sold between 1649 and 
1655, 1. 512 

Charles I. (cont'ni^ied): 

status reddituum parcellamm pos- 

sessionum Coronje, etc. in Cornub., 

Devon., etal. comit., 1649 (a roll), 

IV. 542 

List of High Commissioners, &c. in his 

reign, ii. 190 
Letters patent of, with various appoint- 
ments, IV. 434 
Tom Tell-troth, or a free discourse 
touching the murmurs of the time, 

III. 482, IV. 312 

Letter of advice sent to King Charles 
against the seditious Ubelling of Tom 
Tell-troth, in. 480 

A reconciliation made between the king 
and his subjects, touching the de- 
mand of his right in old debts and 
lands quietly enjoyed time out of 
mind, ii. 51 
Charles II. Prince Charles' Litany, 
v. 476 

Accoimt of his visit as Prince of Wales 
to Cambridge, 12 March 164.1, iv. 

Letters to Lord Goring, (fee, v. 403, 
404, 405, 406 

.order requiring him to reside at Eich- 
mond, V. 411 

order of special prayers to be use 1 for 
(1654), V. 476 

manner of proclaiming at Cambridge, 

IV. 308, V. 503 

accoimt oi the proceedings at White- 
hall, June 1660, iv. 308 

lu.structions ior the government of the 
University, 6 Feb. 166-J , iv. 308 

Letters to the Earl of Southampton on 
the ordering of the militia, with other 
letters (1664—1666), iv. 436 

order in council to assemble trainbands 
ior the defence of the Isle of Wight, 
1666, IV. 436 

orders of the committee appointed to 
enquire into the miscarriages of 
the late war, 13 Feb. 166|^ , in. 474, 

IV. 318 

CQi^iss of letters patent of, with various 
appointments, iv. 434, 435 

letters to Cambridge, v. 221, 222, 223. 

Letters and declarations of, 1644-1648, 

V. 568 

Charleton, Walter. Additions to Phar- 

macopaia Londinensis, A. 32 
notes on his works, A. 32. 35 
CnARLETT, Arthur. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 145 
Charlton, Nicholas. Letter to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 145 
Charms and Incantations, book of, i. 301, 

IV. 7 
Charta, Maona: i. 323. 399. 413. 423. 540. 

543, II. 2. 6. 34. 183. 272, in. 22. 222. 


CnARTA, Magna (continued): 
III. 277. 281. 2'.»0. 521. 702. 735, iv. 12. 
15. 70. 74. 11<) 

in French, i. 328. 423, ii. 253 
nrticnli iu, iv. 298 
roiidintjs of, iii. 222. 282. 495 
CnAUTAitrM fc>niml?e, iv. 119 
CiiAUiKiis, from "Williiuii I. to TTenry IV., 
summary of articles foiitaiiied in, iv. 152 
Chartier, Alain. La belle dame sang 
mercy, in English, ii. 289 (attributed to 
Chase, John. Letter to Strs-j^e. r. Index, 

V. 145 
Chaccer, Geoffret. a. B. C. ii. 493 [v. 
Corr. V. 595, 596], in. 172 
.^tas prima, in. 293. 424 [inserted in 

Boethius after Lib. ii. met. 5] 
on the Astrolabe, i. 151. 495 [v. Gorr. 

V. 588] 
Balade of Fortune, iii. 424 [inserted in 

Boethius after Lib. ii. met. 5] 
Balade of good counsel, in. 173, III. 560 

[art. 12, V. Corr. v. 600] 
Boethius de Consol. Phil., translation 

of. III. 367. 424 
Canterbury Tales, i. 228, in. 173. 429, 

IV. 126 [r. Corr. v. 605] 

Man of lawe's tale of Constaunce, 
n. 31 [v. Corr. v. 590] 

Fragm. of Prioress's tale, in. 557 
Complaint of Annehda, n. 288 
Complaint of Venus, n. 288 
Complaint to his purse, ii. 288 
the Cuckow and the Nightingale, n. 287 
Death of Pity, n. 287 
Jack Upland, n. 510 
Legend of good women, in. 173 (v. Corr. 

V. 598] 

Legend of Thisbe, ii. 288 
Lenvoy to Scogon, in. 173 [v. Corr. v. 598] 
Parhament of Fowls, ii. 287, m. 173. 

295 [r. Corr. v. 599] 
Troilus, III. 173 

account of the life and writings of, by 
Heame, i. 194 
Chaworth, Viscount. Petition in a chan- 

cerj' suit, i. 172 
Cheek, Edward. Letters to Strype. r. In- 
dex, V. 145 
Cheek, Mrs. Letter to Stn"i>€. v. Index, 

V. 145 
Cheisnall, law readings of, n. 485 
Cheke, Sir John. Letter to EogerAscham, 
I. 381 
letter to Queen Marj-, v. 33 
specimen of his translation of S- Mat- 
thew's (Jospel, V. 33 
account of the funeral of Buoer, rv. 370* 
de superstitione, v. 575. r. v. 70 
Latin translation of Plutarch de Super- 
stitione, V. 575 
Cheny, Richard, Bp- of Gloucester, excom- 
munication of, V. 26 

CitENYF, Matrice. On tlie mnrtyrdiiin<i of 
Fisher, More, and tlie 18 CiirtliUHJanH 
(Lat.). II. 457 
Chkuhim,, court rolls of the royal manor 

of, I. 69 
CHEuitY, Francis. Letters to O. C. Goetz, 

V. 187 
Chertsky, abbat and convent of : warrant 
to exchange lands with the Bishop of 
Chichester, i. 107 
Chess. [Jacobus de Cessolis] Le livre do 
eschez translate par Jehan do Vignay, 
II. 336 
Chester, wonderful delivery of a maiden 
at, from sickness, in 1564. n. 30 
warrant for i)ayment of wages to tho 
ranger [read chirachonr for chiun- 
clour] of a forest in, i. 143 
chief justice of : certificates of his prece- 
dence at the coimcil in the 'Welsh 
marches, i. 161 
diocese of, letters respecting, v. 207,298 
estate of in the time of Bishop 
Bridgeman, v. 298 
petition of the Bishop (27 Hen. VI.) to 

cite adulterers, itc, v. .382 
dean and chapter of, things granted 
and not granted to, by Queen Eliza- 
beth, I. 186 
Chesterton, assignment of a seat in the 
church, V. 295 
camp, note of B. Bell respecting, v. 392 
subject to University jurisdiction, v. 494 
Chetwood, John. Passages in the life of 
Wentworth, Earl of Roscommon, v. 428 
will of, V. 429 

Knightley. Order for him to be 

archdeacon of Canterbury, v. 391 
extracts relating to, v. 429 
Chevillier, Andh^. Notes by Baker on 
his Oriijinc de rimprimrrir dr Pari.^, A. 30 
CincuELEY, Henry, Archbishop of Canter- 
bnry. Constitutiones, in. 226. 421 
pedigree of, v. 345 
Child, Joshua. Letter to Strj-pe. r. Index, 
v. 145 

Sir Richard. Letters to Strj-pe. r. 

Index, v. 145 
Cnii-MNfiwoKTH, William. On the infalli 

bility of the Roman rhwrch, v. 185 
China, conquest of by the Tartars, notes 

on, v. 182 
CnirPENHAM. Case between the vicar and 

the patron, v. H75 
C'HiriMNd Waldf.n manor *nd otlirrs. ac- 
count of tlie bailiffs of. 1650. ii. HI 
CiMUotiUArHrM. Modus rirovrrnfTundi in 
curia rcp^s de omninjiMlis pliioitis, i. HOo, 

IV. 76 
CuisENHALL. JoHN. Lcttcr to Str>p«. r. 

Index, V. 145 
CinsMiLL, Edmund. Letters to Strj-pe. r. 

Index, V. 145 
notes on Horace, A. 6 


Chiswell, Eichabd. Letters to Stn-pe. r. 

Index, v. 145 
CH<EnoBoscHrs and others, X^|«s ^paxeiai 

fiom. III. 10 
Choik Book, i. 515 [v. Corr. v. 588] 
Chreshold, Mr. Speech and argument 
concerning subjects" grievances by im- 
prisonment, 1628, IV. 269 
Chkistian I\. King of Denmark: letters 

to the Commons of England, v. 405 
Chkistiax, Princess of France, commission 
for her marriage with Prince Charles, 
1616, I. 203 
Christina, Queen of Sweden. Letters to 
the EngUsh Picpublick, v. 405 ; letter of 
the ParUament to, v. 414 
Christina de Pisan. The boke of Polocye, 

III. 558 
Christmas. Les diuinemenz de le jur de 

Nouel, II. 1 
Christopherson, John. Plutarchus de fu- 
tiU loquacitate a Gneco in Latinum 
conversus, i. 309 
Letter to Dr Scot, v. 396 
Chronicles of England : 

Successio regum BritannoninL Jilneas 
to Cadwaladnis, ii. 32('); Lucius to 

Hen. VII., I. 295; William I 

Eichard I. (French), iii. ij20; Edw. 
Conf. to Elizabeth, iii. 544 
De regibus et regnis et episcopatibus 

totius AnglifB, ii. 324 
Chronological table of Saints and Kings 

of England (Eng.), ii. 289 
(Lat.) to 1125, III. 670 
(French, brief abstract) to 1273, ii. 1 
(Eng.) Emperors and Popes to 1276, 

II. 165; (Lat.) to 1217, i. 427 
(French) to 1306, iv. 302 
metrical, called Principium Anglise, 

I. 522, II. 508 
(French) to 1333, in. 503 
breve rerum Anglicarum, to 1381, i. 18 

[v. Corr. V. 584] 
(Lat.) to 1399, ii. 524 
(Lat.) to Henry VI., i. 440, iv. 332 ; 

(Eng.) Edw. I. — Henry VI., ii. 165 
(Lat.) to 1432, i. 521 
(Lat.) to 1447, in. 167 
(Lat.) to Ed. IV., III. 168 bis 
(Engl.) to Eich. II., iv. 28 
Index to a chronicle, i. 537 
monarcharum Angliae (belonging to S. 

Edmund's bury), v. 205 
r. Brute Chronicle. 
Chronolooia, i. 42 

Aimotatio temporum pro ratione an- 

norum mundi et Christi, in. 327 
Table from the Creation to 1600, i. 500 
Of the state of the church, i. 529 
ad Ptolemfei Astronomiam, i. 179 
Clironologiif demonstratio, i. 536 
A private, by W. Whiteway, i. 467, 
v. 444 

Chrysologus, S. Peter. Sermones qua- 

tuor de nati^atate Domini, in. 462 
Chrysostom, S. 'OfiiXiai, in. 428, iv. 454 
— 461 
"Koyos varr?x'7'''">:os e^s to aycov irdaxo- *^S 

Tbv acnratTfxov, iv. 465 
\6yos els rbv i/XTreirdi'Ta els roiis XTjcrrds, 

IV. 497 
Homelise super evangelium S. Johan- 

uis, II. 415; in S. Job. i. 1, in. 392 
De pceuiteutia compendiosa, i. 478 
Quod nemo Iffiditur nisi a semet ij^so, 

in. 611 
De septem vitiis c.apitalibus, in. 43 
Sermo in S. Matth. ix. 1, ni. 391 

in Natali Innocentium, in. 392 

Sermones 5 de Nativitate Domini, in. 

Extract from (Lat.), in. 435 
(?)Expositio super evangelium Coyi- 
venerunt Fliarisei in unum, n. 522 

Pseud. Opus imperfectum in S. Mat- 

thffium, I. 410, in. 193. 619 
Chubbe, William, Declaratio super Sco- 

tum in secundo, in. 589 
Church of England, a mean to com- 
pound the civil dissention in, n. 121 
A proof that they who write for refor- 
mation do not offend against the 
Statute 23 Eliz. cap. 2, n. 121 
An advertisement touching the con- 
troversies of, n. 123 
certain considerations touching the 
better pacification and edification of, 
by F. B., 1604, n. 487 
seven suggestions for reforming, in. 470 
attemi)t to reconcile the doctrines of 

with those of Eome, v. 186 
puritan treatise against, v. 189 [v. 
Corr. V. 607] 
Church Government under the Law and 
Gosjjel, difference between, i. 491 
notes of a statement concerning, iv. 530 
considerations touching, by J. W., v. 186 
Church Eeparations. Opinion of the doc- 
tors of the arches, iv. 195 
Church Mynshull, Myse, rental, ordi- 
nances of, 1559, n. 28 
Churchill, A. Letter to Strj'pe. v. Index, 

v. 145 
Cicero. De amicitia, iv. 126. 323 
de divinatione, i. 507 
de fato, I. 507 

iuvectiva in Sallustium, i. 509, n. 494 
Lucullus (i. 0. Acadcm. Prior, lib. ii.), 

de natura Deonim, i. 507 
de ofliciis, i. 509, n. 481, iv. 323 

notes on, by Taylor, A. 23 
orationes, i. 508, 509 

in Catilinam, i. 509, n. 494 
pro Ligario, i. 509, n. 494 
pro Marccllo, i. 508, n. 494 
Philippine, i. 509 


Cicero (roiithiucd) : 
(le oratoro, iv. 125 
ad oriitorem, iv. 125 
do pariidoxis, i. 508, iii. 714, iv. 125 
rbetoritii tul HtTeiininin, iii. 502; 

CirOi'k translation of Lib. 3, i. 221 
rbetorica votus, iii. 502 
de seuet-tute, i. 507, in. 713, iv. 12f;.323 
somnium Scipionis, in. 21. 171. 533. 722 
syuonynia, i. 201 
fimii'iis, I. 508 
Tusculana' disputationes, i. 509 

notes on, by Bintloy, A. 17 
verba Willehiii de ^blhnesbury collccta 

ex libris Ciceronis, i. 508 
Index to some of tbc letters, in. 171 
notes on, by Peter Faber, A. 30; by 

Porsou, A. 79 
epitapbs on, i. 507 
CiRExcESTEu, KicHARD OF. Specttlum his- 

toriale, ii. 330 [v. Corr. v. 594] 
Cistercian Order, history of, by EenS 

Guybert, i. 181 
Cl-uie, Richard de, Earl of Gloucester. 
Asreenient with the archbishop for lauds 
held iu Tuubridge (1259), v. 345 
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of. Let- 
ters to the Duke and Duchess of York, 
V. 377. 572; speech at a conference of 
both houses, 6 July 1641, v. 568 
Clark, J. Liber quarundam quisstionum 
omnium Auctoribus bonis tractarum, 
III. 544 
Clarke, Edward Daniel. Notes by Do- 
bree on his Greek Marble><, A. 75 

Francis. Praxis omnibus qui in 

foro ecclesiastico versantur utilis, i. 58, 
HI. 280, IV. 279 
Modus procedcndi in curia admirali- 
tatis Anglise, in. 280 

M. Letter to Strvpe. v. Index, v. 145 

Robert. Letter to Stiype. v. Index, 

V. 145 
Cl.\ude, John : Art of preaching, i. 59 

[v. Corr. v. 584]. 402 [v. Corr. v. 588] 
Cl.\udian. De natura aniniir, n. 53 
Clayton, F. Additions to Pharmacopoeia 

Londinensis, i. 515, A. 1 
Clear, Elizabeth. Letter to Strj-pe. v. 

Index, V. 145 
Thomas. Letters to Strj-pc and 

Crafort. r. Index, v. 145 
Cleland, Archibald. Additions to the 

defence of his conduct at Bath, A. 65 
Clement, S., of Alexandria. iK tljv crpw- 

ndrwv, transcribed from an Oxford MS., 

I. 298 

Extr. from (Lat.), in. 435 
notes on, by Scaliger, A. 39 
Clemest v., i'ope. Bulla super revoca- 

cione ordinationum extortanun temp. 

reg. Edwardi I., i. 424 
Clement VI., Pope, a dispensation of, 

June 1, 1342, i. 391 

Clement VL, Pope, Ij-ttor of the Engli"h 
I'arliuineiit to itHli), i. HW 
bulla ]iro reconciliatioiiii eccleBUB Lin- 
coliiieiiHis (1351), i. 126 
Clement VII., \',>],v. Letter to Henry 

VIII. (7 May 1525), v. 170 
Clement XIV., Pope, letter of. v. 575 
Clement of Lantosy. Concurdiu qua- 
tuor Evangelistarum, i. 25 
Super Evangelift. extr. from. iv. 1.35 
Clemkntis Ejiistohe expositio. n. 541 
Clf.mentine Constitutions, the, in. 408 
Cleomedes. Meteora, notes on, by Dobrcc, 

A. 71 
Cleonides. 'Eijayuyij apfioviKri, in. 63 
Clerc. John, letter of credence from Ri- 
chard II. for, I. 121 
Cleuoy, instructions for tlie (1630|. v. 263 
Parochial, ejectments of the, v. 274 — 

285. 287, 288. .-,03—506 
married, proceedings against (1553), 

v. 36 
Articles exhibited against sundry minis- 
ters in the county of Cambridge, v. 
list of, with degrees, &c. in 1592, v. 420 
statutnm pro clero, ii. 2 
Cleri delici.e, Uber qui nuncupatur, 

II. 275 
Clerk, Bartholomew. Letter to the Cam- 
bridge Senate, v. 309. v. v. 310 
verses, ' Cantiie status ab adventn Ctc- 

saris,' v. 345. 357 
Letter to Sir W. Cecil, v. 508 
Clerke, Edward, A sermon on Rev. xii. 
1, 2, I. 533 

John, letters of, i. 74 

Clerkenwell, Court Rolls of the manor 

of, 1 Mar>--27 EHz. iv. 57 
Cleves, Philip of. Letters between him 
and the king of the Romans, 1488, v. 
Clifford, Richard de (Bp. of London). 
Letters of the corporation of London 
complaining of his absence, iVrc, i. 148, 
letter to the corjioration on the elec- 
tion of Pope Martin V., i. 149; tlieir 
answer, i. 149 
Climacus, Johannes. KMfia^ sive Scnia 
Paradisi (Greek), i. 104. 438; Ix*'^"* 
on, I. 105 
TpAs t6v TToi-ixiva, I. 105 
Ci.oiTON and C'uawdkn. Proceedings for 

their union (1561), v. 295 
Clyfford, John de (sberifT of filoncestor), 
warrant to discbarge of a fine of lOt'*., 
I. 140 
Coasts of England, France. Xc. BearingH 
and soundings of. i. 104 
inhtructions for defence of. v. 189 
CoBHAM, college of. Hoynl letter appro- 
priating to tbem a church given by the 
foimder, i. 114 



CocKERnx, Thomas. Letters to Strype. 
r. Iiulex. V. 145 


probanda atate, i. 132 
Coinage, Discussion of a free, i. 191, rr. 

of Flanders, &c. Agreement made by 
ambassadors touching currency of 
coins in their States, ii. 29 
Cones of the Eoman Empire, descriptive 
catalogue of, ii. 337 
Roman, found at Whitbome, ii. 485 
of Septimius Severus and of Edessa, 

catalogues of, iv. 547 
Saxon, representations of two, ii. 485 
Coke, Sir Edward. Treatise of baUe and 
mainprise, i. 459, iii. 480 
Law Common Place book of, iii. 289 
Eeports, 4—6 Jas. I. (in French), iv. 
abridgement of, iv. 386 
of causes heard by, ii. 258 
Law Common Place book on, iii. 
Speeches of, at Oxford, 4 Aug. 1625, 
III. 36 
25 March 1628, iv. 269; 2 April 

1628. IV. 270 
on the liberties of the subject, iii. 
491, IV. 60 
A letter writ to, ii. 185, iv. 397, v. 583 
his sequestring from office and council 

table, 1616, v. 367 
Letters of the Lords of the council 

respecting, v. 367 
opinion as to the oath taken by the 

mayor of Cambridge, v. 202 
Letter to Cambridge, v. 312 
CoKEHAJi, manor of. Warrant to dis- 
charge the receiver of arrears from, i. 
CoLBATCH, John. The case of Trinity Col- 
lege, n. 281 
Colchester, S. John's monastery: Abbat 
William de Gratton. Royal letter of 
assent to his election, i. 113 
royal letter enforcing the payment of 
the arrears of a pension, i. 126 
CoLET, John, dean of S. Paul's, portrait 
of, prefixed to his transcript of two MSS. 
of S. Matthew and S. Mark, i. 321 
in Epistolam ad Roraanos, iii. 171 ; in 

Epist. 1 Corinth., iii. 172 
epistola abbati Winchincumbensi, iii. 
de compositione saneti corporis 

Chri.sti mystici, iii. 171 
de Angelorum onlinibus, in. 172 
de Angelis calestique hierarchia se- 
cundum Dionysiuin, m. 172 
draft of the life of, by S. Knight, 
V. 1H7; notes on, v. 164; will of, 
V. 189 
Coi.iN. Tractatns de accentu, iv. 391 

CoLirs, JACOBrs Ortelianus. Fasti tri- 
umphorum et magistratuiuu Romauorum 
ex H. Goltzio, iii. 217 
Gr;rca numismata externorum regimi 

ac populorum, iii. 218 
notes on Occo's numismata imper. 
Roman. A. 56 
Collections out of various printed books, 

I. 63 
Collier, Jeremiah. Letters to Strype. 

i\ Index, V. 145 
Collins, Anthony. Discourse of the 
grounds and reasons of the Christian 
religion, notes on, v. 577 

Arthur. Letters to Strype. v. Index, 

v. 145 

Mr. Private account book of, i. 352 

CoLLTNS. Pious meditations, i. 386 
Cologne, Severinus, Bp. of, apparition of, 
II. 299 
Congress of, instructions, &c. of Urban 

VnL for, II. 87 
Three kings of. Historia et vita iii 
regum ludise (Eng.l, ii. 166, iii. 555, 
V. 185 
CoLONNA, GuiDO DE. Historia destruc- 
tionis Trojae, i. 19, rv. 321; translation 
of, by Barbour, v. 600 
Colores rhetorici, i. 235 
de Coloribus, i. 260 

nominale diversorum colorum et nii- 
merorum in Gallicis, ii. 128 
CoLSON, Francis. Letters to Strype. r. 
. Index, V. 145 

John. Translations of Agnesi's 

Analytical Institutions, &c., ii. 74 
Colt, Sir Henry. Voyage to the islands 

of the Antillas, iv. 180 
Coltishall. Privilegia pro villa de, i. 

CoLUMBANus. Vcrsus de bonis moribus 

observandis, in. 204 
CoLUMPNA, Landulphus DE. Tractatus 

brevis de Pontificali Officio, iv. 387 
Coluthub: notes on, by Boissonade, v. 

CoMBWELL, Prioi-y of, fragment of the 

Cartulary, i. 211 
Comer, Jonathan. Contracta Renati des 
Cartesii Feltoneana, or Physica inci- 
pientium, i. 306. 488 
De meteoris et ventis, l 488 
CoMESTOR, Peter. Allegoriie, i. 15, ii. 
Historia Scholastica, i, 14, ii. 413, 

III. 145. 228. 607 
Sermones, iv. 114 

Versus in laudem B. V. Maria), in. 
Cometis, tractatus de, in. 647 

of 1298, judicium de, in. 406 
Commendatio animae, i. 336, in. 5.34 
CoMMENDAMs. Caso discusscd at the 
council, 6 July 1616, i. 201 


CoMMENDAMS {continne({) : 

Btvroii Bioiuloy's Ai^^umcnts in tlio 

ExcluHiucr, Oct. KJIC, i. 201 

livint^s bt'stuwfil by the Kiiij^ or Lord 

Keeper upou the death of Bishops 

leaviiif;; them iu cominendaui, v. ii'.ll 

Common Place books, i. 214. 24(). 2H). 277. 

2S4. 350. a57. 383, 384. 403. 407. 477. 

498. 523, 524. 531, ii. 183, iv. 541), v. 

IGO [vide Corr. v. G07]. 191 

Common places on Humility, etc., iii. 158, 

IV. 293 
Common Puayeh, a minister's plea upon 

an indictment for reading, i. 187 
Commons, House of, iu 1688 — 9, and 1705, 

IV. 403 

A treatise on the rights and privileges 
of, 1. 519 
Compendium Theologicye veritatis, i. 484 
CoMPTON, Henry, Bp. of London. Letters 
to Strype. v. Index, v. 145, 146 

Lady Maby. Reasons for making her 

Countess of Buckinghana, ii. 188 
CoMPTON Martyn (Somerset), warrant touch- 
ing the advowson of, i. 142 
Computus Anni cum expositione Si- 
monis Bredun, iv. 183 
ecclesiasticus, iii. 550 
De computo ortliuaudo, ii. 3, iv. 119 
Botulus expensarum Bromuudi comitis 

de S., II. 128 
modus et ars jactandi compotum cujus- 
dem propositi..., iii. 278 
CoNCHis, AViLLiAM DE. Flos philosopliise, 

III. 175 
CoNCOBD.ANTiuM LiBER. Tractatus brevi- 

ter exceptus de, ii. 537 
CoNDUiTT, F. Letters to Strj'pe. v. Index, 

V. 146 

Confession. Tractatus varii de Confes- 
sione, i. 244. 478, ii. 8. 43, iii. 179. 568 
modus confessionis, iv. 389 
On (French), in. 6. 8 
inquisitiones gencrales in confessioni- 

bus, III. 6, IV. 513 
Tractatus varii ' Quomodo sacerdos se 
debet gerere in confessione,' in. 179. 
337, I. 478, II. 9 
form of, in English, ii. 17 
of faith, &c., documents relating to, i. 

Taxatio legitima pro peccatis confessis, 
III. 375 
CoNiERS, James, curate of Stratford Bow, 

articles against, v. 416 
CoNiNGSBY, rectors of, v. 468 
CoNNiNGTON Manoe, dcsceut of, v. 438 ; 
epitaph in, v. 453 ; church notes of, 
V. 490 
Connor, Bishoprick of. Letters of Ed- 
ward II. recommending Adam de Sancto 
Laudo for, iv. 444 
Consecrating Churches, Chapels aud 
Churchyards, a form of, i. 165 

CoNsisTouY CoDRT, note of feea paid for 
citations, &c. in, ii. 73 

CoNSTAiii.K, I'liii.ii'. An alphubet of Gen- 
try, 1655, III. 493 


rights beloiu^ing to, iv. '200 
Constantinople, councils of : 
A.D. 381. Kayitfts, ii. 150 
A.D. 394. ix Tuiv irpaxO(vrij)¥, ii. 153 
A.D. 448. Proceedings agaiuHt Euty- 

ches (Cir.), ii. 147 
A.D. 536. 8poj...AcaTd 2)«in)poi/, ii. 145 
Judgment of Menas (Or.), ii. 145 
A.D. 680. S/505, II. 146 
A.D. 691. Kavi>9{i, II. 153 
A.D. 861. KOivbixi, II. 154 
A.D. 879. Kovoces, n. 155 
synod of, a.d. 920. On the fourth 
marriageof Leo the Wise (Cir.), ii. 146 

TO, d<p(piKta Tov iraXarlov, ttjs fxtyd- 

Xrjs iiiK\T]a'ias, &c., I. 6() 

ConstantinusC.esar. Bi^Xlov irpQrov irtpl 
yewpylai... I. 199 

Cassinensis. Viaticum, iii. 500; 

Glosea super, ii. 35, iii. 330 


I. 65 

N6;uoi yeu), yiKol, i. 65 
iiriToixT) tCiv UpCiv Kol dtlwv Kavovwy, 

I. 65, II. 433 
irtpl TrtVreuis dpdobo^ov, I. 66 
iTfpi wv ol Kara. Kaipous alpiTiKol iSo^a- 
(Tav, I. 66, II. 434 
Medices. Vita S. Dominici, iv. 212 

Constitutiones, I. 391 — 393 

Provinciales Augliae, i. 392, ii. 270, 271, 

III. 224. 376, 377. 420 
Othouis et Ottoboni, i. 392, ii. 271 
de Fratribus concordans cum capitulo 
Dtidum, III. 377 
CoNSULTATio CathoHca de emendatione 

rerum humananini. i. 185 
Contemplation. Tractatus de contempla- 
tione ' Scrutemur Scni)turas...' i. 9 
Of the golden calf. i. 501 
De Passioue Christi, ii. 300 
(in Flench), i. 235 
Convocation, form of jirocccdings on the 
opening of, at S. Paul's, iv. 479 
names of, in 1562, v. 29 
account of, in l(i03 — 6, v. 394 
mandates for, v. 294 
Conway, Edward Loud. Letter to the 
Earl of Bristol, iv. 2H7 
Speech in vindication of the Duke of 
Buckingham, iv. 287 
Conway, Boger. Libelliis de confessioui- 

bus contra Armachainun, in. 441 
CoNYiiEARE, W. Ailditions to Britton'a 

article on Oxford, A. 63 
CoNYERS, John. Letters to Strj-pc. v. In- 
dex, v. 146 
Cooke, Joun. Letters to Strj-pe. r. Index, 
v. 146 


Cooke, Sir John-. Speeches: 20 March 
1625, IV. 286; Aug. 1625, iv. 310; 28 
March 1628, iv. 269 
letters of, v. 299 

Thomas. Letter to Strj-pe. v. In- 
dex, V. 146 

Cooper, Henry. Letter to Strj'pe. r. In- 
dex, V. 146 

Thomas. Latin Poems, i. 447, 448 

Thomas, Bp. of Lincoln. Letter 

respecting King's College, v. 544 

CopcoT, John. Letter to Lord Burghley, 

V. 526 
Cope, Sir Walter. Apology on behalf of 

Sir Robert Cecil, ii. 51 
Copts. Traduction de la confession de 

foy des Copies, rv. 88 
Corrett, Eicharp, Bp. of Oxford. Verses 
directed to ladies of the new dress and 
the ladies' answer, iii. 157 
CoRDY.vL, the book named, iv. 479 
CoRiTON, William. Passages with the 
council on his refusing to pay the loan, 
1627, II. 50 
CoRXELics Nepos (^milius Probus). Vitse, 
IV. 480 

^•ita Pomponii Attici, iii. 317 
notes on, by Taylor, A. 16 
CoRxocK, Samuel. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 146 
Cornwall, Duchy of, discourse of the 
estate of, by Sir John Doderidge, iv. 213 
acts of parliament relating to, iv. 213 
certificate of revenues belonging to, in 

1643, II. 76 
warrant for letters testimonial to Wm. 
Pym and another of theii- having 
done homage for a manor in, i. 132 

■ justices of the peace, letter to, to 

hear the complaint of John Oisell, 1. 128 
Orgovic, Archdeacon of, letters to 

the clergy respecting the procurations 
due to, I. 119 

custom of measuring land in, iv. 


CoRNWALLis, Sir Charles, note of privy 
seals for the county of Norfolk received 
by, I. 356 
manner of sickness and death of Prince 

Henry (1612|, ii. 48 
letters to King James I. (1614), ii. 184 
Corona. Capitula spectantia ad coronam 
domini regis, iv. 118 
Leyre de, de Kente, London, Notting- 
ham, Derby et Bedford, in. 275 
articuli coronae, in. 282 
coronatonim officium, i. 401, ii. 128, 

in. 524 
tractatus coronae, ii. 7, in. 279. 285. 

736, IV. 72 
plafita coronae, ii. 7. 285, iv. 121 
Bumma de antiqno dominico coronaj, 

IV, 76 
possessions of the crown, i. 304 

Coronation, form of, for King and Queen, 
I. 518 
tractatus de coronatione regis et re- 

ginffi, IV. 320 
names of the principal officers on the 

day of, II. 74 
offices claimed to be executed at that 

of Richard II., ii. 170 
memoranda of claims of Bps. of Dur- 
ham and Bath, and Dean and Chap- 
ter of Westminster (1661), v. 476 
notes on the coronation office, 1 Edw. 

VI., v. 476 
office used by Sancroft for James II., 

V. 476 
notes on the coronation office by Abps. 
Laud and Sancroft, v. 476 
Corra, Antonius de. Epistola ad Philip- 
puiu II. de tumultibus Belgicis compo- 
nendis, in. 557 
Corvo, Guido de, apparition of, i. 230, in. 

496, IV. 390 
Cory M-u^et, license to Wm. de Goumay 
to enfeoff certain persons in the manor 
of, I. Ill 
CosiN, John (Bp. of Durham). Rents and 
charitable disbursements, v. 329 
letters of, v. 369. 388, 389. 534 
John (son of), letter of, to Sancroft, v. 

proposition made on his behalf and 

has successors (1665), v. 391 
commemoration of benefactors in Peter 
House, Cambridge, v. 417, 418 

R. Letters of, v. 200, 201 

CosMAs Indicopleustes, Topogi-aphia 

Christiana, fragment of, iv. 89 
Extracts from, iv. 512 
Cottenham, presentation to, v. 291 
Cotton, Bartholomew de. Extracts from 

his historv') gi^'ing the account of the 

fire at Non\ich Cathedral (1272), i. 182 

[v. Corr. V. 585] 
Cotton, Sir John. Letter to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 146 

Sir Robert. Short view of the 

reign of Henry III., i. 535, in. 56 

The danger wherein the kingdom now 
staudeth and the remedy, iv. 212. 
272. 311 

Treatise how the king may lew monies, 

I. 196, IV. 445 

That the kings of England consult with 
their peers in Parliament of mar- 
riage, peace, and war, i. 520, ii. 51 

Of the offices of Lord Steward, liOrd 
High Constable, and Earl Marshal, 

II. 73 

Speech to the lords of the council 
(1628), III. 153 
Mr. Order for the searching of his 

house for unlawful books and armour, 
II. 62 
CoTUM, Roger de. Canones, in. 324 


Council, African (424). Acta, ii. 402 
CourEULKE, William i>k, letter of jnotcc- 

tiou for, as builiff-ernuit iu LiiicoliisLiio, 

I. 129 
CouKTENAY, Edward, Earl of Devonsliiro. 

Tnuishitiuii of I'lileiirio ou the beuetit 

of Christ's death, iv. 501 
Courts Baron. Order of keeping, i. 40(!, 

III. 235. 557, IV. 121 
guide to, III. 213 

Christian, fonnulje in, iv. 298 

Ecclesiastical, r. Ecclesiastical. 

Exchequer, r. Exchequer. 

Hustings, I'. Hustings. 

Leete, order of keeping, i. 40G, iii. 

guide to, III. 213 

of this lU'ulin, of the, i. 436, ii. 456 

Koyal, III. 235 

CovEL, John. Transcript of his corre- 
spondence from the originals iu the 
British Museum and Trinity College, 
IV. 410 
Letter to Lord Clarendon in behalf uf 

the Cambridge Press, iv. 411 
Letter to John Lock about a MS. in 
the University Library, and ou Ed- 
wards's Sociiiiunigm unma.-iked, iv. 
413. 419 
Lidexes to the originals of his corre- 
spondence, IV. 428 
Letter to Wanley on the sale of Lord 

Harley's MSS., iv. 428 
Journal of his travels in Asia Minor 
(1670), IV. 428 
of his journey to Adrianople, 

IV. 428 

Letters to Bancroft and Paman, v. 388 
CovENEY, manor of, v. 291 
Coventry, Thomas, Lord. Speeches in 
Parliament, in. 37, 38. 153, iv. 283, 284. 
286, 287. 309 
arguments of, in various cases, iv. 281 
observations of his life, ii. 125 
CovERDALE, Myles, letter of, v. 345 
Cowell, John. The interpreter, v. 577 

concerning his Anti-Sandf^nis, v. 

Cowley, Aijraham. ' Come, poetry, and 

with you bring along,' i. 305 
Cowse, Benjamin. Letter to Strj'pe. v. 

Index, v. 146 
Cox, John. Letter to Strype. v. Index, v. 

146; sermon on Ps. cxix. 71, v. 1H8 
Coxe, Eiciiard (Bp. of Ely). Letters to 
H. Bullinger, v. 186 
letter on the licenses of preachers, v. 
CoxoN, M. Letter to Strype. i\ Index, v. 

Craggs, James. Description of his monu- 
ment, with Pope's epitaph, iv. 531 
particulars concerning the family of, 

V. 446 

Cramp Kinos, certain prtiyorH to bo n«od 
by the Queen at the coiiHecrutiori of, v. 
185. 475 
Cranhoune, Rdiiekt Ckcil, Baron. Let- 
ters to Abp. Matthew HuttoM I., ii. 1h7, 
v. 351. 5H1 
Letters to Jcgon, Cambridge, Arc, v. 
256, 257, 25H. 312 
CiUNMER, Thomas (Abp.). Lettcni for 
prayers against the Turks, ftc, v. 321 
Letter to Cronnvell, v. 380 
Letter to Parker, v. 30 
declarution, v. 32 

visitation in the chapter-honse, v. 137 
declaration concerning the progeny 
and manner of bringing up of, v. 33 J ; 
notes resjicctiug, v. 335 
journal of the years 1550 — 1553, ro- 
Liting to, V. 37 
Crasset, Ii. F. John. A new form of medi- 
tations for every dav in the vear, Eu- 
ghshed by A. H. F. M.. iii. 711 
CiuwFoRin, James. Letters to Strj7)C. i'. 

Index, v. 146 
Crawley, Francis. Argument concerning 

ship money, iii. 4M.S, 1X9 
CRAYFoitn, Thojias. Words with Mary, 
Queen of Scots, i. 1()4 
Words said to, by Habrowne and Hey, 
on the scafifold, i. 170, v. 440 
Cremoninus CiESAR, collectiou of Tracts 
and Lectures by, i. 430, 431 
Lecturre in Aristotclem de anima, i. 

263. 383. 430 
Introductio in logicam Aristotelis, i. 
Crespon, Jehan. La calamity de Beame, 

I. 296 
Ckeswell, Mr. Argument on the liberty 

of the subject, Iii. 490 
Crewe, Sir Banulph (Lord Chief Justice). 
Notes of his speech, 27 Jan. 162|, i. 

Sir Thomas. Speech on his elec- 
tion as Speaker, 1625, iv. 310 

Creyouton, Boeert. Letter to Sancroft, 

v. 388 
Creyk Abbey, account of, iv. 363. 367 
Crisp, Sajicel. Letters to Stnpe. r. In- 
dex, V. 146 
Crisping et Crispiniano, SS., de, i. 473 
Croke, (iEOROE. Argument against Hamp- 
den (1638), III. 64. 4KH, 4«9 

John. Law readings on the statute 

14 Eliz. cap. K, IV. 447; reports (Jaa. I.), 
in. 1H3, IHi 

charge to the great inijuest.S Nov. 1615, 
V. 5H2 
Cromwell, Sir Henry, and otliers, charges 
of the funerals of, i. 503 

Henry. Surrender of lauds in 

Wicken manor, v. 4t')5 

Oliver. Orace for erasing his acts 

and orders at Cambridge, iv. 308 


Cromwell, OLrvzR (continued) : 

order of council regarding order of 
proceeding after the sermons, &c., 
V. 413 
verses on, v. 413 
order for the protection of the colleges 

at Cambridge, v. 434 
birth and family of, v. 465 
admission at Sidney College, v. 567 
list of his pri\7 council, baronets, and 

knight3, IV. 403 
letters of, v. 299. 400. 408, 409, 410 
lord protector's oath, v. 410 

Thomas. Letter to the king, v. 

Cross, The. De hguo vitae, ii. 296. 340, 
III. 170, IV. 296 
Inventio sanctae Crucis sub Helena re- 

gina, &c., IV. 382 
Sermo quomodo primitus sancta arbor 

cre^^t, &c., iv. 359* 
Paragraph respecting its capture by the 

Saracens, i. 405 
La romance del seuite croyz e de Adam, 

III. 5 
De lecto crucis, ii. 53 

■ S., hospital of. Appointment of 

Peter Young, master, v. 391 
Cross, Nicholas. Letter to Strj-pe. v. In- 
dex, V. 146 
Crossgrove, Henry. Letters to Strype, 

V. Index, V. 146, 147 
Crowe's Catalogue of English writers on 
the Old and New Testament, adcUtious 
to, A. 65 
Croyland, Abbat of. Letter of Richard 
II. desiring him to keep a servant and 
12 dogs for the king, i. 125 
Ctesias, notes on, by Casaubon, A. 38; by 

Scaliger, A. 33 
Cudworth's Intellectual System. Letters 
to and from the University upon, v. 371. 
CucuzELES, John. ZijyudSta rrji wevTaSi,- 

KJjs [or iravToSairrjs] t^x""?*' m- 9 
CuFKE, Mr, execution of, v. '^72 
CuLi'EPER, Sir John. Sjiccch in Parlia- 
ment (1640), IV. 215, V. 181 
Cumberland, Richard. Letter to Strype. 

V. Index, v. 147 
Cunningham, Alexander. Letter to his 

nephew, i. 163 
CuRLE, Walter, Bp. of Winchester, ser- 
mon by, I. 268 [v. Corr. v. 586] 
Claim on one Cholmley's hanguig 
himself, ii. 282, v. 412 
Customs, the scheme of the management 

of (London, 1671), iv. 318 
Cdthbert, S. Vita, ii. 324. 416 

HiHtoria Translationis, ii. 54 [v. Corr. 
V. 590] 
Cutler, Egerton. Letter to Strj'pe. v. 
Index, V. 147 
Mary. Letter toStrjpe.r. Index, y.147 

Cydonius, Demetrius. De contemnenda 

morte, notes on, by Boissonade, A. 28 
Cylindro, Tractatus de, iii. 325. 328 
Cynus de Sigisbuldis de Pysterio. Ex- 

positio in codicem Justiniani, i. 332 
Cyprian, S. De ligno salutiferie crucis 
carmen heroicum, iii. 256 
Sermo super Orationem Domiuicam, 

III. 460 
De Coeua Domini, Sermon on, trans- 
lated by Bp. Watson of Lincoln, iii. 
Cyriac of Ancona. Commentariorum nova 

fragmenta, notes on, by Dobree, A. 68 
Cyril, S. of Alexandria. 'EttkttoXt] irpbs 
Neo-riptOJ', II. 151 

II. 151 

'ETrturoX?} A6/J.VU}, ii. 161 

'EtticttoX'^ Tois Kara Ai^vrjv Kal Jlevrd- 

iroXiv iiTLCKbTcois, ii. 161 
Liturgia in Lat. ex Arabico conversa, a 
V. Scialach, i. 250 
Cyril, S. of Jerusalem. Epistola ad Au- 
gustinum de miraculis post mortem 
Hieronymi, iii. 151. 512 
Quaih-ipartitus apologeticus, iv. 103 
notes on his catechetical lecture by 
Casaubon, A. 35 

D.iLCOCKE, Mr, law readings of, ii. 485 
Dallinghoe (Suffolk), proceedings in the 
com-t of arches (Canterbury) in appeal 
respecting (1613), iv. 440 
Damascenus, Johannes. De duabus vo- 
luntatibus in Christo, iii. 629 
De hffiresibus, collated with a Bodleian 

MS., IV. 512 
introductio dogmatum elementariorum, 

III. 628 
de orthodoxa fide, ii. 6, iii. 628 
Rosarium Phebi, ii. 454. 543 
Quod facti suinus secundum imaginem 
Dei, III. 629 
Damian, S. Peter. Rithmus de omnibus 
ordinibus, ii. 135 
Dominus vobiscum, ii. 293 
Laus hcremiticre vitic, ii. 293 
Damietta. Historia captiouis Damietto9, 

II. 317 
Danck, Johannes, de Saxonia, a treatise 
on the use of Astronomical Canons \Lat.), 
II. 120 
Daniel, the Prophet. Sententiie Danio- 
lis. III. 5 
interpretations of prognostications as- 
cribed to. III. 516 
Danish Ship, A, appeal against jjroceedingt) 
in the Admiralty com't respecting, 1. 165 


Dante, La divimi coimnodin, witli ii Lulin 
CoiniiU'utiiiT, III. t)."), IV. 125 
Ejiitiiph oil liiinself, iii. 05 
Syiubolum tidci, iv. I'io 

I'iKUo Aliokho. Ciuito ncl quale 

espouo 111 diviua coinnu'iliii, iii. do 

souiu'tti (li, III. (■)() 

Bosouo ili Of^obbio. C'uuto sopra la 

espositioue e tUvisiono della coiu- 

media, in. (iG 

Dantzic, Protestant Synod of. Jus cvan- 

gelicoriuu et gruvamma reformuturum, 

IV. 438 

Letters and extracts relating to the 
trade of, i. 36() 
Danyell, Harry. Libri tres uiicrisiarum 

(Eug.), II. 338, III. 82 
D.AKBY, Charles. Oratio prrevaricatoria, 
CantabrigiiE habita, KJdO, iv. 35(5 

John. Letter to Strype. v. Index, v. 

Darell, Marmaduke, computus of, 19 — 20 
Jas. I., IV. 539 

William. Abridgement of Malmes- 

burj' de Antiqiiit. Glastoniensis EcclesiiE, 
IV. 205 
Darks Phrygius, de Excidio Troja), i. 

427, IV. 33G 
Darnell, Sir Thomas, case of, ii. 418 
Darnley, Henry, Lord. Account of bis 
death, rv. 548; elegj' on, iv. 550 
E. of Lennox's remembrance after what 
sort he was used by his wife, iv. 549 

accidence or new grammar, and the 

principles of the same, &c., iv. 550 
D.arrundell, Sir John, v. Arundel. 
Dastinus, Johannes. Epistolaad Stapiil- 
tonum Cardiualem de lapide philoso- 
phorum, ii. 451 
Epistola ad Pap. Johann. XXII. , ii. 
Datchett and Dytton Mvnors, rental of, 

in 1619, II. 81 
Davenport, Hujiphry. Argument on ship 
money, in. 489 

Kobert. Survey of the sciences in 

their virtues and vanities, &c., i. 420 

G. Letters to Sancroft, v. 388, 389 

John. Letter to Sancroft, v. 389 

Daventry. Documents relating to, i. 425 
Davers. Keadiugs on the statutes on 

Partitions, in. 274 
David, Kinc. Davids sins, a Poem, ii. 487 

S. Vita, II. 329 

Jacob. Letter to Strj-pe. i\ Index, 

V. 147 

■ Leonora. Letters to StrjTie. r. Index, 

V. 147 
Davies, Elizabeth. Letters to Strj'pc. v. 
Index, v. 147 

Thomas. Letter to Archbp. Ussher 

(1G24), I. 71 

Thomas. Agur's wish, a sermou 

(1699j, II. 456 

Davis, Sir Geoiioe. CauBcs in Clmncrrv, 
in. 55 

Sir John, Argnmi-nt upon tho 

question of iinpoKitioii upon giHxlH nitli- 
out assent of Parliament, 1.54, ii.4lH. 
4Ht;, m. 5(1, IV. 210 
charge to tlie grand jury at York ia 

1G2(), I. VM\. 522 
43 English Epigrams, in. 552 
Davy, IIuhard, anthems by. v. 5H8, 689 
Dawes's Miscellanea Critica, uoteu on, 

by Doljree, A. 75 
Dkane, forest of. Order to tho keej>er to 
deliver 4 oaks to Thomas Levesou, 
I. 127 
proceedings at the justice seat lield for, 
at Gloucester castle, 10 July 1634, 
IV. 49. 57 
Deane, Esther, petition of, iv. 361 
Deaneries of England, valuation of, 
temp. EHzabcth, i. 194 
list of Deans, 1708, iv. 403 
Debt, a treatise on, n. 41 
DE Decimis, IV. 523 

Decretoki'm et decretalium summcla, 
IV. 2'.m;, 297 
Liber vi. Decretalium cum glossa Jo- 

hannis Andreie, i. 328 
Extr. from Lib. vi., n. 26 
Tabula super toto corpore decretonun, 

III. 463 
Tabula in libros decretalium, in. 385 
Lectura Cardiiialis Hostiensis super 

quarto decretalium, in. 400 
Decreta metriticata, n. 546 
De Croy, FiLVNCis. The three conformi- 
ties, translated by W. Hart, v. 179 
Dee, John(?). De lapide philosophorum, 

I. 242 
Deer, cartulary of the Clericks of, in 

Gaelick and Latin, in. 531 
Dekuinc, Sir Edwaud. Sjicechcs in Par- 
hament, 1640, iv. 215. 219. v. 1H2 
expulsion of, for his speeches, v. 412 

Edward, articles signed by (1571), 

V. 441 
Degare, Sir, ii. 408 
Degrevaunt, Sir, ii. 289 
Deguilleville, (iiiLLArME DE. English 
version of his IVl^rinage de la vie hu- 
mame, ii. 492. 532 [v. Corr. v. 595, 596] 
De LoNorEviLLE, Henry Yelvkrton, 

liaron. Letter t<> Strype, iv. 4tt7 
Demktiuus, Archbishoj) of Bulgaria, to- 

ftj/xara 5td(/)0/>a, if. t.'J.'i 
DEMoritiTi'S. 'EviffToXri irpoi'lTwoKpdrrip, 
IV. 64 
Secrctum super corjjus, 8i)iritum, et 
auimam, n. 541 
Demons. .\n demones coguoscant cogita- 
tiones liominuMi, n. 44 
Vita demonum, i. 236 
Demosthenes. 'ETird^ioi "Koyot, iv. 492 
^iXiwniKd. Extract from, i. 225 


Demosthenes (coxtinued): 

Onitioiies in Lat. vers, a N. Carr., i. 249 
Oh-ntliiaca, in Lat. vers, a Leonardo 

Aretiuo, in. 367, 368 
Orationes de Pace, de Chersonese, pro 
Ctesiphonte, Lat. a L. Aretino, in. 
irepl av/jL/xopiuv. Notes of Stanley on, 

III. 67, A. 2 
notes on Eeiske's Scholia, by Dobree, 

A. 70 
Additions to Eeiske's Indices, by Do- 
bree, A. 69 
notes on, by Dobree, A. 67. 79 
Hemsterhiiis, A. 79 
Tavlor, A. 16 
Valckeuffir, A, 79, 80 
Dene, Count of, taken prisoner at the 
battle of Najera. Letter respecting his 
ransom, i. 121 
Denham Chuiich, Monuments, &c. in, 

V. 485 
Denham, John. Certificate of his judg- 
ment for ship money, in. 488, 489 
Denishill, John. Readings on the sta- 
tute 4 Hen. VII., in. 267 
Denmaek, John, King of. Treaty of peace 
■with Hen. VII., i. 361 

Fredehick II., King of. Negotiations 

with EUzabeth for freedom of trading, 
I. 362-364. 369 

Christian IV., King of. Directions 

of Charles I. for prayers for success in 
his wars, in. 156 

Constitutiones Ecclesiasticae regni 

Danic-B et Norivegifie (1629), i. 185 
Denney Abbey, grant of Histon to, v. 
289 ; relaxatio abbatissae, &c. of all claim 
to certain lauds, v. 461 
Dennis, John. Account of, v. 514 
Denny, Sir Anthony. Letter in behalf of 

Parker, v. 127 
Denton, James (Canon of "Windsor). In- 
ventory of the furniture of the college of 
Windsor, i. 55 
sufifrages to be kept by the choristers, 

I. 56 
charges and costs made by, i. 56 
will of, I. 56 
Denys, S., William, Abbat of. Vita Secun- 
di philoso))hi de Gneco in Latinum 
versa, i. 215 
Deo, Johannes de. Liber Pcenitentiarum, 

ui. 666, IV. 296 
Depino Priory. Order of the Duchess of 
Somerset for the com to be restored, 
V. 273 ; transcripts for the chartulary 
of, v. 421, 422 
Deputes ue la religion (1625), cahj^er 
general des, et la response, i. 174 

acte bailie par les ambassadeurs d'- 
Angleterre aux (1626), i. 177 
Derby (James Stanley], Earl of, petition 
of, V. 416 

Derham, Dr W. C. Letter to Stryj^e, iv. 

Dertford, priory of, warrant to nuns in, 
to impropriate the church of Nortoun, 
I. 108 

Descents, law of ; collection of cases illus- 
trating the, IV. 6 

Despencer, Thomas le. Grant of Sudbury 
during his minority to Eobert de Asshe- 
ton, I. 130 

Hugh le. Exilium, iv. 326 

ne quis occasiouetur pro f eloniis ... in 
prosecucione H. Despenser, iv. 326 
Despes, Don Guekau, the Spanish Am- 
bassador in 1569 ; official letters of, iv. 
179, 180 
Determinations on Theological Sub- 
jects, I. 295 

Doctoris B., 17 June 1616, ii. 489 

D"ewes, Simonds. Letters to Wheelock, 

I. 75 

Dialogues in French and English, in, 

DiBDiN, Thomas Frognall. Notes on early 

printed books, books on large paper, &c., 

IV. 405 

Britton's additions to his Specimen of 
an English Dehure, A. 64 
Dicastillo, J. de. Tractatus de censuris 

ecclesiasticis (abridged), iii. 300 
Diceto, Eadulphus de. De pertinentibus 
ecclesise S. Pauli, n. 182 
Constitutiones et Statuta, ii. 182 
Dictionary, r. Lexicon. 
Diephold, Rudolph. Notes on Herodo- 
tus, A. 40 
DiGBY, Lord, V. Bristol, Earl of. 

• Kenelm. Observations on Spenser's 

Fairy Queen, 2, Canto 9. 22, i. 194, 

II. 455 

Letter respecting his liberation, v. 400 
Digest, a commentaiy on the books 

and titles of the, i. 484 
DiGGS, Sir Dudley. Speeches in Parha- 
ment, iv. 270, 271. 289 
Arguments at two conferences of com- 
mittees concerning the liberty of the 
person of every freeman (1628), i. 
619, III. 490 
protestation of Parliament, and mes- 
sage from the king relative to his im- 
prisonment (1626), IV. 290 
Dilapidations, opinions respecting, iv. 

Dilatationes, communes ad sermones, n. 

Dillingham, Theophilus. Collections 
from his papers, v. 433; letters of, 

V. 218. 434 

William. Letter to Sancroft, v. 389 

DiMissioNUM Liber, 29 Eliz. — 5 Jac. I., 

I. 404 
DiNARciius. Notes on, by Dobree, A. 67. 

69. 79 


DiNDiMus, Epistolie ail Aloxaiulruin, i. 317, 

IV. 358* 
DiNLKY, John. Oration at Sir R. Morton's 

funeral, i. 484 
PiDCKSKS totiiis luundi, in. 703 
PiocLKS. 'Airny6yt(i ^aaiXfi, ii. 4'28 
DiocLESiAN, Tin; Ejii'Kuoit, or the seven 
siif^es, I. "25, II. 408; (Frt'iich), iii. ('». '231 
DiosiKDKs GiuMMAi'icus. Extr. from, in. 

Diogenes L.u:rtius, Coll. of a MS. of, 
I. 2G7 

notes on, by Stanley, A. 34 
Dion Cassics, notes on, by Gale and 

Oililey, A. 4 
Dion Cukvsostom, emendations of, A. (51 
DiONYSirs OF Alex.\nduia. 'EiricToXri vpbs 
Ba<Ti\eidT)i', ii. 155 
'ETTKTToXrj TT/Jos KoXuvu, II. 148 [v. Corr. 

V. 5',t2] 
'Ek tov Kara 'Opiyivrjv, from an Oxford 
MS., I. 21)8 
_— Areopagita. 'ETTicrroXa/ (from a 
Vicuna MS.), iv. 511; (Lat.), ii. (i, 
in. 435 
'IffTopta, transcribed from an Oxford 

MS., I. 298 
De mystica Tbeologica (Lat.), a 
J. Scoto Erigena, ii. 5, in. 434 
cum comment. Grosseteste, in. 640 ; 
(Eng.), I. 505, in. 724 

. Byza2«tinus. 'AvdirXovs Boffiropov, 

in. 69 


KvdiSov ffvyypa(piws iSiufidruv, 111,091 
irepl ffvvdeaeois dvop.d.Twv, I. 2()7 
I Periegetes. 'AXelavSp^wx oUovfU- 

VTjs TTfpirryricns, in. 725 
Eustathius' comment, on (Gr.),in. 726 
notes on, by Casaubon, A. 35 
DioscoRiDES, Tfiva^ to, IV. 109 
DiRECTORiuM Sacerdotum, iv. 298. 392 
Disbursements, index to a book of, i. 172 
Discovery of the Old World, a new, i. 

Dissenting Preachers, list of, in 1680, v. 
dispute between a Baptist and a 
Quaker (1699), v. 575 
Distk\in : de injustis distinctionibus per 

vicecomitem, n. 2 
DiuRNALE, in. 737 

Divines, Assembly of. Journal of thtir 
proceedings upon discipline and the 
litiu-gy, 1643, 1644, i. 528. 535, v. 445 
approval of House's Psalms, v. 414. 
416; opinion respecting Barton's 
Psalms, v. 416 
petition for arrears, v. 415; petition 
respecting excommunicatiuii, and 
discussions of the Committee ap- 
pointed to consider this, v. 416 
note concerning a longer and shorter 
catechism, v. 416 

DiviNKS, AsHPnibly of (rontitiuftf) : 

order of piirliunicnt rt'fiTriiig the cove- 
nant to, with tlie (ipinion of tho 
Assembly ujMin it, iVc, v. 528 
answir to tlio CoiunionH' HonHO, 
1646, V. .'•,(;9 

. assembly of mwlerate, a Hatyhcal 

poem, IV. 630 
DiviMTATis, de tBsentia, n. 43.*; 
Dixie, John, epitu|)b of, v. 432; Sir Wol- 

stiiu, parentage of, v. 438 
DoiiUEE, Peter Pacl: 

Praelectio in Psendo-Lysiffi Orationcm 

fimebrem, A. 78 
Notes on 

iEschines, A. 67. 69 
^schylus, A. 71. 78 
Alberti's Gloss, in Nov. F<rd. lib., 

A. 75 
Alcidamas, A. 67 
Ainmouius de adfiniiim vocabulorum 

differentia, A. 77 
Andocides, A. 67. 79 
Antipbon, A. 67. 79 
Apostolius, 21 centuries of Greek 

Proverbs, A. 77 
Aristophanes. A. 67. 72, 73. 78 

Sanxay's Lexicon to, A. 74 

Aristoteles de Poetica, A. 77 

Athena-us, A. 68. 78 

Attica, A. 79 

Barker, E. H., Tracts, A. 76 

Bekker's Auecdota(rra;ca, A. 70. 79 

Bentley's Answer to Collins, A. 7<) 

. Epistola ad Millium, A. 76, 77, 

on Menander and Philemon, A. 

76. 78 

on Phalaris, S:c., A. 76 

transcript of his notes on 

Hcpluistion. A. 80 
hst of books with MS. notes, 

&c., A. 80 
Blomfield, C. J., Reviews, A. 76 
Burgess's Musei Oxoniensis, Speci- 
men, A. 76 
Bumey, C, Re\news, A. 72. 76 

Appendix to Scajiula, .\. 74 

Castelli's Siciliie et obj. insul. iu- 

script. nova coUectio, A. 66 
Clarke's (Ireek marbles, A. 75 
Cleomedcs' meteora, A. 71 
Cjriac of Ancoiia, \. 68 
Dawes's Miscfllanea Critica, A. 75 
Demosthenes. A. 67. 69. 70. 79 
Dinarchus. \. 67. 69. 79 
Dobree'fl Revit-ws, A. 76 
Elmsley, P.. Reviews, A. 72. 76 
Epicliannus, A. 78 
Etyiuologicon Magnum, A. 68 
Euripides, A. 71, 72. 78 
Fabricius, BibUotheea Grteca, A. 71. 

Fasti, A. 79 


DoBEEE, Peter Pacl : notes on 

Gaisford's Catalogue of Clarke's 

MSS., A. 69 
Harpocration, A. 74. 79 
Hellenica, A. 79 
Hemsterbuis. Transcript of liis 

notes, A. 79, 80 
Catalogue of his books at 

Leyden, A. 80 
Hepbffistion, A. 75 
Hermann, J. G. J. Tracts, A. 76 
Herodotus, A. 77, 78 
Hodgkin's Calligrapbia Grajca, A. 

Homer's Iliad, A. 66 
Horace, A. 69 
Inscriptions, A. 79 
Isaeus, A. 67. 69. 77. 79 
Isocrates. A, 70. 79 
Kidd's Dawes's Misc. Crit., A. 75 

Opuscula Kubnkeuiana, A. 76 

Keviews, A. 76 

Tracts and Criticisms of Por- 

son, A. 75 
Lycurgus, A. 67. 79 
Lysias, A. 67. 79 
Malala's Historia Chronica, A. 77 
Marsh's Horte Pelasgicae, A. 75 
Meineke's Curse Secimdas in Comi- 

corum Fragmenta, A. 76 

Tracts, A. 76 

Menander and Philemon, A. 73 
Miscellaneous authors, A. 79, 80 
Montfaucou's Biblioth, Coisliniana, 

A. 67 
Museum Criticum, A. 76 
Museum Ant. Stud, by Wolf and 

Buttmann, A. 77 
Novum Testamentum, A. 69 
Oratores Attici, A. 67. 70 
Osann's Tracts, A. 76 
Philemonis Lexicon, A. 77 
Photii Lexicon, A. 68. 7-4 
Plato, A. 68. 77, 78 
Plutarch, A. 77 
Pocock's Inscr. liber, A 67 
Person. Adversaria, A. 76 
Aristophanica, A. 73 
Iteviews, A. 76 
Tracts and Criticisms, 75 
Travis, letters to, A. 75 
Xenophon, notes on, A. 75 
list of the reserved part of his 

library, A. 68 
transcript of his notes, A. 79 
Eeisig's tracts, A. 76 
Ithetorum sermones, A. 69 
Boberts' Marmoriun Oxon. Ins. 

Graec, A. 77 
Kosetta Stone, A. 70 
Scapulte Lexicon, A. 68 
Scbleusnor's libellus animadv. ad 

Phot! urn, A. 68 
Sophocles, A. 71, 72. 78 

DoBEEE, Peter Paul : notes on 

Spon's INIiscell. eruditae antiquitatis, 

A. 68 
Stobc-eus, A. 78 
Suidas, A. 68 
Theophrastus, A. 78 
Thucydides, A. 67. 79 
Timsei Lexicon, A. 74 
Valckeuaer's notes on Demosthenes 
and Antiphon, transcript of, A. 
Wakefield's Diatribe in Hecubam, 

A. 72 
Walpole's Comicorum Fragmenta, 

A. 75 
Xenophon, A. 79 
Zenobius, A. 69 

Lexicon Rhetoricum Cant., tran- 
script of, A. 80 
Catalogue of his books by HoUing- 
worth, A. 78 
DoDD, William. A Latin thesis of the 
nature and extent of the Hebraisms in 
St Paul's writings, iv. 400 
DoDEHiDGE, Sir John. Discourse of the 
estate of the Principality of Wales, 
duchy of Cornwall, and Earldom of 
Chester, iv. 213 
Study and practice of the common law 

of England, i. 76 
The lawyer's light, i. 104 
Law of nobility and peerage, i. 191 
Office and duty of a herald, i. 197 
Preamble to a charge at the Sessions, 
III. 70 
DoDFORD, Advowson of, question as to, 

II. 4 
DoDWELL, H. Letter to Bentzel, v. 187; 

to Ken, v. 477 ; to Sherlock, v. 478 
DoDYNGTON, Henry de, letter in favour of, 
to the mayor and recorder of London, i. 

Barthoi,omkw. Canvassing letter for 

the Oratorship to W. Cecil, v. 371 
notes on Hermogenes, A. 58 
Doogett, rolls of the Court of Common 

pleas, temp. Chas. II., iv. 542 
DoLius, Daniel. Letters to Strj-pe. v. 

Index, v. 147 
Domesday Book, extracts from, ii. 3 
Do.MiNic, S. Vita a Constantino fratre, iv. 

Dominicans. Constitutiones fratrum Prae- 

dicatorum, iv. 24 
DoMiNis, M. A. DE. Dispensation to hold 
the deanery of Windsor, v. 391; letters 
of, V. 465 
DoNATus, iELius. Conjugationes (Fr. et 
Lat.), II. 129 
Libellus de nomine, i. 471 
Pra?fatio et argumeutum in Andriam 
Terentii, i. 184 

HiERONYMus. De processione Spi- 

ritus Sancti, i. 189 


DoNATPS Devotionia, i. 359 
DoNNK, John. Fun-well to the Worlil, i. 
305; Eli';^ips and I'Di'ins of, v. 17H 
collections out of his IcttiTs, i. ^V^ 
dispensation to hokl lUiinhuni rocton-, 
(to., V. 3'.)1 
DoNYNOTON (Lichfii'lil). Letter in favour 
of John Pris, in possession of the church 
of, I. 128 
Dorchester. Charters pranted to the 
Lurf,'esses of, 2 Hen. YTII., and S Jas. I., 
I. ■1()7 

Holy Trinity rarish, act for annexing 

the rectory of I'roonie Whitetield to, i.-l()7 
minister of the Franciscans at, letter 

reqnirinp him to correct a brother, John 
Gery, i. 12(5 
DouDUECHT. Letter of the corporation of 
. London to, i. 148 

Synod of: notes on, in Latin and 
Dutch, V. 577 
DoRE, abbat and convent of, letter of pro- 
tection for, I. 128 
DoRisLACS, Dr, Information against WTiit- 
ford, murderer of, v. 41H, 414; tirst histoiy 
reader under Lord Brooke's will, v. 434 
Dorothea, S. Passio, ii. 43 ; Life of (in 

English), IV. 101 
Dorset, Thomas Sackville, Earl of. Letter 

to Oxford University, v. 313 
Dorset and Somerset, names of the 
Sheriffs of, i. 4(57 

extract from the Tower Rolls respecting 
teniire of lands in, ii. 27 
Dositheus, patriarch of Jerusalem. Ex- 
tracts from his To/xoi dyav'^s, iv. 77, 78 
Extracts from his work against Cyi-il 

Lucar, iv. 78 
Glossarium (Gr. et Lat.), iv. 83 
DocAY, English College at, abstract of 
the money subscribed to, i. 168. 517 
note book of the gifts and bequests to 
the convent, iv. 453 
Dover, mayor and bailiffs of. Letter 
commanding them to arrest certuin 
ships, I. 121 

Henry Carey, Earl of. Letter to 

Sir H. Spelman, i. 159 
Dowcett, Abraham, information of, v. 413 
DowLAND, John, v. Musick. 
DowNES, Andrew. Letter to Dr Smith, 
V.C. and heads, v. 374; Greek letters 
by, II. 290 
DowsiNO, William. Reformation or pro- 
fanation of churches in Cambridgeshire, 
V. 473 
Drake, Richard, autobiography of, v. 435 ; 
epitaphs of his relations, v. 436 

S. epitaphs on Needham and Raw- 

linson, v. 506 ; epitaph on, v. 506 
Dreams. Le interpretacioun de songes, 

II. 1 
Drithelm. De visionibus Drithelrai 
(Anglo-Saxon), in. 363 

Drummond of TIftwthomdcn (?) Bonnets 

by, V. 602, 603 
DuYDK.N, JoHS. Letter to, oocnnioucd by 

tlie king's ]>apt■^^^, l(;n5, v. 1H7 
Duiii.iN, fi)undatioii of the colleK«i by, 
v. 440; sjuecli of Aihini LoftUH rfM|MTt- 
ing, V. 440; the lirHt provowt ami felloWH, 
^:c., V. 440 
Drnois, Pnii.inERT Emantei,. ^[^•m(>ir^3 
de la fortirtcatiou et architecture luili- 
tairc, IV. 274 
Duck, Artuur. Letter to the speakor, v. 

411, 412 
DucKETT, Tinkler, trial, &c. of, ii. 281, v. 

DucKFiELD, Daniel. Letters to Strypc. r. 
Index, v. 147 

John. Letters to Strypc. r. Index, 

V. 147 
DoDDLEY'E, Robert. Letters to Cambridge, 

V. 553, 554 
Dudley, Edmund. Law readings on 1 
Rich. III., cap. 1, in. 276 
Sii! RonEHT. Proi)ositions for secur- 
ing his majesty's estate and bridling of 
parliaments, i. 353 

William. Verses on the Duke of 

Buckingham, in. 155 
DuDO. Gesta Normannorum, rv. 322 
Duels, the way of, before the king, in 
ubi jacet duellum et ubi magna assisa, 
in. 737 
Duke. Verses spoken to Queen Elizabeth 

in Trinity College, n. 184 
DuLLiNOHAM, statutcs of the guild of S. 
James at, v. 435 ; order of Bishop Wren 
for the distribution of 13.V. 4*/. to the 
poor of, by Trin Coll., v. 435 ; notes from 
the register, vicars of, v. 435; rectory 
confon-ed on Thetford prior>-, v. 525 
DuNRAR, George. Collections for his Greek 
Lexicon, A. 64 

William, poems by, iv. 94 — 98 

DuNFERMELiNE, LoRD. Letter to Lenthall, 

V. 409 
Duns Scotus. Opusculum super aliquos 
canones .\r7.achel, n. 115 
Primus tractatus do primo principio, 

II. 420 
Quodlibctft n. 420; abbrc^-iata per 

Shaqio, II. 424 
in primnm librum scntentiarum, 11. 42.1 

in secundum ii- <"9 

in tertium 11. 416 

in quartnm m. 422 

De perfectione statuum, i. 103 
Dunstable, rental of manor of (1619), n. 

DuroRT, James. Pralectiones in Theo- 
plirasti Churaotrres, n. 466 
gift of £200 for improving the stipends 
of the .schoolm.ister and u.>iher at 
Peterborough, v. 272 


DupPA, Dr. Sermon preached before 

Charles I. at New-port, i. 268 
DcRANDrs, GuLiELMUs. Eationalc divi- 
norum ofiBcionun, iii. 399 
Eepertorium aureiim, i. 13, iii. 400 
Speculum juris, i. 13 
PcKHAM, church of, declaration of the 
ancient monuments, rites and customs 
belonging; to, by J. Davies, iii. 51 
notes of prebends in, v. 485 
origo episcopatus Dunelmensis (1603), 

III. 52 
historj- of some particular windows in 

the Cathedral, iii. 51 
letter from the Committee of (1645), 

11. 282 
land of the Bishoprick alienated (1648), 
V. 137 

University, petition of Cambridge 

against (1659), v. 218 
address of the college to Eichard, Lord 
Protector, v. 471 

county of, petition of the inhabitants 

of fl650),'v. 416 
address of the mayor, aldermen, &c., to 
Eichard, Lord Protector, v. 471 
DuBiE, John. Letters on the union of 
the Calvinistick and Lutheran chiurches, 
I. 533 
Dutch Churches, Corpus disciplinae of, iv. 
in London, address of to Bishop Ban- 
croft, V. 395 

Poetry, i. 307; Prayers, i. 486. 496 

Du Vait, speech of, on delivering the seals 

to the French King, ii. 187 
DuxFORD, institution to, v. 295 
Dyer, James. Eeports, iii, 159 
Beadings on the statute 34 Hen. VIII. 
on wills. III. 267 
Dymmok, Eooer, contra xii errores et 
haereses Lollardorum, iii. 439 


Eachard, John. Letter to Strype, iv. 406 
Laurence, minister of Yoxford, arti- 
cles againstjWith testimony in his favour, 
V. 502 ; notes respecting, v. 551 
E.u>MEK. De similitudinibus S. Anselmi, 

I. 33, II. 474, III. 43. 286. 350. 657 
Eabl, Thomas, note and commonplace 

book of. IV. 122, v. 274 
Earles, John. Letter to Sancroft, v. 386 
EASTBRinoE Hospital, statutes and papers 

respecting, v. 34, 35. 37 
Easter. Cyclus magnus Paschalis, iii. 702 
Ebrai'.di Bituricensis Gracismus, ii. 272 
Ecclesiastical Courts AND Causes. Eegis- 
ter of the Acts of the Court of the Lord 
Commissioners, 1631 to 1633, i. 47 
High commission for 1634, ii. 189 
collection of libels, sentences, &c., in 
Elizabeth's reign, i. 361 

Ecclesiastical Courts, tSrc. [contimted] : 
casus quibus habet judex ecclesiasticus 

intromittere..., i. 400 
forms of proceeding in, i. 430 
fees in, iii. 280 
Ecclesiastic.e Historiae Liber, r. Hugo 

Eclipses, a table of, i. 302 

tables for the calculation of, iii. 215 
Utrum a pyramide umbrae terras luna 
possit eclipsari, iv. 182 
EcLiPTicK, on the obliquity of the, iii. 548 
Eden, Thomas, Master of Trinity Hall. 
Extracts from his funeral oration, v. 465 
Edinborough. Accoimt of keeping a day 
of humiliation to crave a blessing on 
the Assembly, 1639, v. 579 
Edmund, S. (K.). Account of his transla- 
tion, V. 464 

S., Abp. of Canterbury. Constitu- 

tiones, iii. 225 
Exposition of the Lord's Prayer, iii. 541 
Speculum Ecclesiae, ii. 497, in. 288, 

IV. 393 
The seven sacraments shortly declared, 

II. 405 
Vita, IV. 212 
Edmundi Liber. On medicine (Eng.), 

I. 434 
Edmundsbury, S., Abbey of. Begistrum 
Vestiarii, W. Pinchebeck, ii. 99 [v. Corr. 
V. 590] 

Eegistrum sacristae, E. de Denham, ii. 
357 [v. CoiT. V. 594] 
CeDerarii, in. 89 [v. Corr. v. 597] 

nigrum, iv. 222 

Chartulary, ii. 347 

grant to the abbat to hold the rectory 

of Elveden, v. 394 
Extracts from rolls, charter, &c. to 

prove the rights and liberties of, 

II. 467, v. 394 

account of a consuetudinary belonging 
to Lord Cornwalleys, v. 376 

Chronicon monarcharum Anglise, v. 205 

ecclesiae in quibus abbas habet jus pa- 
tronatus, v. 205 

teneutes et tenementa et redditus in 
Cantebrigia, v. 205 
Edward the Confessor. La estoire do 
seint Aedward le rei, ii. 98 [i'. Corr. v. 590] 

narratio de. Eng. prose from Aelred, 

III. 449 
Laws of, in. 702 
Forest charter of, in. 544 

Edward I. Submission of the claimants 

for the crown of Scotland to (Luffield 

copy of), II. 4 

The voyage of the king into Scotland 

with all his lodging briefly expressed, 

IV. 207 

Placita coram rege anno 21, i. 377 

in Parliameuto. Extracts from, 

II. 189 


Edwahp I. (couthnird) : 

Oiitb of his coimcillors, a. 23 (French), 

I. KiO 

Excerpta ex rot., iv. 451 

List of justices of the peace fiucd by, 

II. (i4 

Statutii pro rcligiosis, ii. 523, iii. TM'i, 

novi iirticuli in ParliauK'uto, a. 3, ii. 31 
Edward II. (as Prince of Wales). La lettre 
du tiz le Key (12«)7), i. 423 
(as Kin;^) Sacramentum tempore snie co- 

ronationis, i. 325 ; coronatio, iv. 31it 
Comniissiou to the baronage in the 

case of Piers Gaveston (French), a. 5, 

I. 329 
Bolls of Parliament for the 5th, 8th, 

9th, and 19th years of his reifrn. i- 54 
Cai-ta eontirniationis for the liberties 

of IleadiuK', a. 8, i. 394 
notes of petitions to Parliament, a. 8, 

Breve de bonis ecclesiasticorum (1316), 

III. 421 

Nova; ordinationes, i. 401 

Concordia inter rcgem et episcopos de 

regis prohibitione (1319), in. 421 
Conservatio libertatis (a. 17), iv. 451 
Excerpta ex rot., iv. 451, 452 
Form of renunciation of homage and 

fealty to, pronounced by Wm. Trus- 

sel on his deposition, in. 504 
Satire on the times of, ii. 268 [This 

may be of later date. It is printed 

in Wright's PoUtical Songs, i. 279— 

Edward III. Breve contra congregationes 
et conventicula illicita, in. 411 
Breve ecclesiasticis transraissum de 

jimsdictione in malefactores (1334), 

I. 392 
Acts passed a. 8, i. 376 
The vovage of into Scotland, a. 9, 

IV. 207 

Letter to the abbats of S. Alban's and 

S. Mary's, York, May 12, 1338, i. 390 
Confirmation charter respecting liead- 

mg (1339), I. 395 
Letter respecting his claims on France 

(1339), I. 396 
Manifesto addressed to the peers, pre- 
lates, and commons of France 

(French), i. .397 
Lettre au viscoimte de Oxeneford et do 

Berks, i. 397 
Letter to the sheriffs, 10 Dec. 1340, 

I. 397 
Prohibitio pro rege (a. 15), iv. 452 
Letter to the Emperor, Louis IV., 18 

July 1342, I. 398 
Truce with Philip VI., Jan. 1343, i. 398 
Letter to B. de Burghersh to prohibit 

Papal Bulls entering the country, 

a. 18, I. 398 

Edward III. {(••nitimifiD: 

LittiT to Uulph Stratford, Up. of I>on- 

don, I. 397 
Particulars of the nccoimt of the col- 
lectors of tlif aid i^Tuiiti'd fur intikiii^ 

his eldest Hon a kiiii^lit, n. 20, in 

Hertfordshire, n. 13t) 
Statute of u. 25. Of cliililren bom l>c- 

yond the sea, certain errourx u|K>n 

(1588), IV. 453 
Letter of homage made by David, Kin(? 

of Scots, a. 26, v. 3h I ■ fourteen years' 

truce with David, v. ."IHt 
Letter to the mayor of Beading (a. 33), 

I. 399 
Letter to (Iregury XI. with thanks for 

the favour shewn to his Ambassadors, 

I. 114 

Letter to his son respecting a truco for 
3 years with France, i. 12') 

breve ne publicentur litera' legi et regno 
prejudiciales (a. 50), v. 484 

Impositions or grants in aid, a. 13—50, 

IV. 449 

Letters patent of for various appoint- 
ments, &c., IV. 433. 444. 448 
Liber assisanim et placitonun corona;, 

II. 2(i5 

Excer])ta ex rot., iv. 451 

liecords of Parliament, i. 376, 377 

Statuta, I. 400. 543 
Edward IV. Letters patent for varicus 
appointments, iv. 433, 434 

ordinance concerning Windsor chap- 
lains, V. 395 

Two letters to the University of Cam- 
bridge, IV. 19 

Chronicle giving the account of the In- 
surrection concerted between the 
Earl of Warwick and the Abji. of 
York, V. 444 
Edward VI. Letter to Hen. VIII.( 1546), v.31 

Letters patent of, a. 4. iv. 431 

Petit traite a I'encnntre de la primaut^ 
du Papc (Autograph), i. 499 [v. Corr, 

V. 588] 

Autograph prefixed to the translation 
of Paleario on the Benefit of Chrisfa 
Death, iv. 501 
letters to the University of Cambridge, 

V. 395 
proclamations of, v. 432 
visitation of Cambridge (1549), v. 551 
letters mandator,- to the clergj- of the 
diocese of Ely, v. 552 
Edward, thk Black Prince, extenta ma- 
neriorum belonging to, 19 Edward III., 
I. 3H8 
Eedes, Richard. Epilogiw Cwsaria intcr- 

fecti, V. 456 
EoKRTos, Sir Tnoiixa. Letters to the 
Earl of Essex (159rt, 1599K n. 1«5. v. 372 
sijcech on the removal of Sir E. Cook, 
1616, V. 579 


Egidius, v. JEfiiDirs. 

Eglisham (or Eglikgham), Geobge. The 
forenanncr of revenge upon the Duke of 
Buckingham for poisoning King James I., 

I. 535, II. 51, III. 157, V. 353 
supplication of, in. 157 

Egtllamoure of Artas, Sir, ii. 407 
Ejacflatioxs to God and the Virgin, 

II. 501 

Ejectments of the Pabochlvl Clergy, 
V. 274—285. 287, 288 
and sequestrations in the counties of 
Cambridge, Lincoln, and Suffolk, by 
J. Nalson, v. 503 — 506 ; also in 
Norfolk, Essex, and Hampshire, v. 
Elbixg, city of: documents relating to 
the negotiations vrith the govemmeut of 
Queen Elizabeth, i. 364, 365, 366. 368, 
Elementa. Traetatus moralis super qua- 

tuor elementa, m. 398 
Eliot, Sir John, speeches of, i. 203, 

III. 153. 481, IV. 288. 290. 311 
Humble petition of, concerning the 

loan, II. 418 

information in the Star-chamber a- 
gainst, IV. 311. 435 

John, Apostle to the Indians, 

notices of, v. 530 
Elizabeth, S., a life of, iil 263 
Elizabeth, Queen, the christening of, 
I. 518 

A speech in Parliament in the begin- 
ning of her reign, v. 378 

Petition of the Commons as to her 
marriage, with her answer (a. 1), 
III. 85 (a. 5), V. 383 

Petition of the Lords, with her speech 
in answer, iii. 85 

Letter to Sir W. Cecil respecting the 
visitation of Cambridge, 27 May 
(a. 1), V. 553 

instructions for Sir J. Smith sent to 
the King of France, 1556, v. 452 

various papers respecting the succes- 
sion, (fcc, HI. 86 

An oration in the Parliament that re- 
ligion is not to be forced, iii. 686 

Instructions to [Sir Richard] Shelley 
sent to the King of the Romans, 11 
Dec. 1558 [see Stevenson's calendar 
of State Papers, Eliz. N". 74], in. 210 

Treaty with Henry II. of France (1559), 
I. 370 

letter to the Lord Keeper respecting 
Hockington vicarage, Dec. 1560, v. 

Correspondence relating to Spanish 
affairs (1560—1571), iv. 176—179 

consultation about receiving a nuncio 
from tJie Pope (May 1, 1561), v. 454 

Sir T. Smith's repiort of the Discourse 
of four gentlemen at Montholl in 

Elizabeth, Queen (continufd) : 

Essex, respecting hermaiTiage (1561), 

I. 378, in. 85 
Letters to Abp. Parker, Aug. 1563, 

V. 30 
Matters to be treated of at Bruges be- 
twixt her commissioners and those of 

the King of Spain (1564), in. 205 
account of her reception at Cambridge 

(1564), II. 484, IV. 293 
Letter to the Town of Cambridge, 1 

July 1564, V. 198 
A lewd pasquill set forth by certain of 

the Parliament men (1566), n. 483 
Letters of to various sovereigns (1568 

—1585), I. 79, V. 348—353 
Letter dissuading her from the mar- 
riage with the Duke of Aiijou, in. 

Instructions given to Heniy Kelligi'ee, 

sent to the Count Palatine (26 Feb. 

1568), m. 210 
Placita concilii in Farnamensi castello 

(1569), I. 78 
Answer to the Articles of the Spanish 

Ambassador (1569), i. 78 
petition of the Duke of Norfolk to 

(1571), in. 86 
responsum summarium eorum quse re- 

gina. . .proposuit in colloquio cum ora- 

toribus Christianissimi regis (1571), 

V. 579 
Instructions to Henry Kelligree, sent 

into France to svipply the place of 

Francis Walsingham (1571), in. 210 
Instructions to Sir T. Smyth sent to 

the French King, 3 Dec. 1572, v. 579 
Treaty of Blois with Charles IX. (1572), 

I. 370 
Letter to Walsingham, 29 March 1573, 

v. 356 
A prayer made by (15 Aug. 1574), 

n. 484 
Oratio reginaj habita 15 Martii 1575, 

I. 284 
Instructions given 8 June 1575 to 

Daniel Rogers, in. 205 
Letter from the Lords with instruc- 
tions sent to Sir Humfrey Gilbert, 

in. 206 
A memorial for Pickman, a captain at 

Berwick, in. 206 
Instructions given (1575) to Daniel 

Sylvester, sent to the Emperor of 

Russia, III. 206 
Instructions given, July 1575, to Sir 

Henry Cobham, sent to the King of 

Spain, in. 206 
Instructions given, 29 Oct. 1575, to 

lioljert Corbett, sent into the Low 

ConutricH, ni. 206 
Instructions for Jolin Hastings, sent 

into Holland, 29 Oct. 1575, in. 207 
Instnictions for William Davison, sent 


ELiZAnF.Tii, QuKKN {contiiuii'tl} : 

into tlio liow Countries, 29 Jfiirch 

luTfi, 111. '207 
Instructions for Tbomus llundolpli, 

siiit to till' Trondi King, 2 Ajiril 

l'.7G. III. '207 
Instruct ions for llobort Bcalc, sent to 

the I'rince of Orange, 11 April 157G, 

HI. 207 
Instructions for Sir Anijas Paulct, 

ambassador to the French King, ui. 

Instructions for Mr Dr Willson, sent 

into the Low Countries, 22 Oct. 157(5, 

III. 208 
Instructions for Sir John Siuj-th, sent 

to the King of Spain, 28 Nov. 157(>, 

III. 208 
Instructions for Edward Horsey, sent 

to Don John of Austria, H Dec. 

lo7(). III. 208 
Instructions for Philip Svduey, sent to 

the Emperor, 7 Feb. lo7(J, in. 208. 556 
Instructions for Eilmund Huggius, sent 

to the king of Marocco and Fez, 

April 1577, III. 200 
Instructions for William Davison, sent 

to the Low Countries, 2 Aug. 1577, 

HI. 209 , 

Instructions to Mr Dr Rogers and Mr 

Jenkinson, sent to Embden, in. 209 
Letters to Dr Chaderton and others, 

1576—1580, V. 2U(), 297 
Negotiations with Denmark and Poland 

for freedom of trading (1576 — 1585), 

1. 361—369 
Things excepted out of her grant to the 

gentry (1580), i. 186 
Things granted to the Dean and Chap- 
ter of Chester (1580), I. 186 
Negotiations with the city of Elbing 

(1583), I. 364. 365. 366. 368. 369 
Letter to the sheriff of Lancashire 

(16 Aug. 1584), V. 298 
Speech in Parliament (1585), ii. 186 
Letter to Sir Amyas Pawlett. iii. 86 
I'rayers for, 1586, &c., v. 476 
Latin edition of the Liturgy collated 

with "Wolf's edition, v. 476 
A council of war, 27 Nov. 1587, n. 50 
Prccatio confecta 1588, against the 

Spanish invasion, iv. 447 
Prayer on the discovery of Parry's trea- 
son, 1588, V. 476 
Letters relative to the Irish rebellion, 

1590_1603, III. 572—588 
Advertisement by an English intelli- 
gencer... concerning a book against 

the proclamation for search and 

apprehension of seminarj- priests 
(1592), IV. 315 
extract and abbreviation of the book of 

John Philopatris against the procla- 
mation (1592), IV. 315 

Eli/.\iiktii, QiKr.N [citnliiiucih: 

declaration of the oauHen of the troubb* 

prcstijipoHcd to bo iTitfudi'J n(^aiii"t 

thi' niiliii (l.">'.t2), IV. 'M't 

obserMitionson tlic iiliovc ( l.'»'.)2l, iv. 316 

brief of the •'iitcrtaiiiinent kIvou to, at 

Oxford (l.')'.»2|, V. IHO. lU) 
treaty with Hcnn,- IV. l.','Ji;. i. :\70 
transcript of letters to the Lord.M of tho 

Council, 1579—1596. v. 161, 102 
Journal of Parlianunt lield 1597, ii. 51 
Letters to Abp. Hutton, 1598— l«';Ol. 

V. 398 
Parliament of 1601, notes of, by 11. 

Townsend, i. 61 
Speech to tho Parliament, 30 Nov. 

1601, V. 579 
Copy of letters patent, with on ap- 
pointment (1601), IV. 434 
Grants under the great seal, Ac, a. 2 — 

43, II. 190 
Certain reasons to move her to accept 
the Sovereignty of tho Low Coun- 
tries, III. 87 
Considerations touching tho peace, 

now in speech, iv. 268 
Praver said in the Parliament House 

for the Queen, in. 87, v. 136 
Lands, &c.: notes of lauds Ij'ing in 
various Shires granted by letters 
patent (1575), iv. 442 
Computa ballivorum, itc. in comi- 
tatu Stafford in possession© re- 
ginns (1598—9), iv. 536 
Eevenue of the crown for five years 
ending Michaelmas 1600, iv. 213 
List of high commissioners, oflScers of 
the household, forces, navy, (tc. in 
her reign, n. 190 
Proceeding at the funeral of, i. 5<i3 
Oratio in memoriam, i. 178 
Translation of Xenojdion's dialogue 
between Hiero and Simonides by, 
n. 510 
r. Essex, Robert Dkveuicl'X, Earl of : 
Mauy, Queen of Scots: Fitzoeilvlk, 
Elizaretii, daughter of James I., levying 
of the aid for her marriage in Lincoln 
diocese, v. 467 

daughter of Charles I.: request of 

Bumiston and her other senants for a 
settlement of their claims, v. 409 
order for her and her brothers to bo 

brought to S. James's, v. 411 
report regulating' affairs of Charles I.'s 

children, v. 412 
£7450 to be paid to the Earl of North- 
umberland for her and tho Duke of 
(iloucester, v. 413 
order to go to the Princess of Orange, 

V. 413 
legacy of a jewel to Lady Leicester,v.41fi 
examinations about this, v. 410 


Ellington', cbitrch of, v. 501, 502 
Ellsixo, Henry. Modus tenentli Parlia- 
meutiun apiid Anglos (Eng.), iv. 46 [v. 
Corn V. 604] 
Elsie cum Emxeth, admission to, v. 294 
Elmslet, Peter : notes on his reyiews by 

Dobree, A. 72. 76 
Eloquence. Brevis et facilis ad eloquen- 

tiam isagoge, i. 283 
Elrtngton, Simon. A collection of briefs, 

pleadings, and mandates, ii. 5 
Elsixg (Norfolk), grant of a market and 
two fiiirs in, to Sir Hugh de HastjTig, 
I. 131 
Elstob, William. Letters to Strype, v. 

575. r. Index, v. 147 
Elton, Edw.ved. Censure of his book 

God's Holy mind, in. 36, v. 368 
Elteden, manor and rectory of, deeds 

relating to, v. 394 
Ely, Diocese of : 

Acta, iustrumenta, &c. statum eccle- 

sife vel diocesis Ehensis attingentia 

e Ubro Eoberti Newcome, v. 288 — 290 

Charter of Henry I. estabUshing, v. 

288. 306 
Charta fundationis ecclesias, 33 Hen. 

Vm., V. 377 
Clergy, arms of the, v. 165; return in 
1560 by tlie Bishop of them and 
theii' quaUfications, v. 264 
CoUectious for Trin, Hospital and S. 
Thomas of Canterbury at Eome, 
V. 483 
Extracts from the Eegisters : 
Simon Montacute, v. 480 
Thomas de Lisle, v. 481 
Thomas Arimdel, v. 314. 482 
Jolm Fordham, v. 339 
Thomas Bourgchier, v. 322. 428 
Wilham Gray, v. 315 
Nicholas West, v. 319 
Thomas Goodrich, v. 320. 323 
Thomas Thirlby, v. 294. 320. 323 
Eichard Cox, v. 323 
Lancelot Andrewes, v. 292 
funeral inscriptions in the Cathedral, 

V. 306 
Hatton Garden, case with Lord Hatton 

respecting, v. 390. 572. 573 
libertates episcopi Elyensis, v. 460 
livings in, v. 491 
mandate for prayers for the Duke of 

Lancaster in 1383, v. 483 
mandatum ne admittantur episcopi 

nullatenus in dioc. Elyensi, v. 483 
mandatory letter to the Clergy from 

Edward VI., v. 552 
mtmorandum respecting the jurisdic- 
tion of the Archdeacon and Bishop, 
V. 291 
miscellaneous papers on, v. 184 
notes, charters, (fee. respecting elections 
of tbo Bishops, v. 300. 307. 359 

Ely, Diocese of {continued) : 

ordinations, v. 318. 323. 340. 484 
ordines celebrati et institutiones con- 

cessas ab episcopo, v. 464 
patronorum, &c. nomina, v. 318 
rental of, in 1683, iv. 442; in 1684, 

IV. 443 

right of hostilage of the Bishop in the 
New Temple, v. 500 

royal letter respecting leases, v. 359 

statutes, V. 184. 359 

de successione episcoporum, v. 289 

taxatio ecclesiarum, v. 318 

visitatio metropolitica Ecclesiae Ehen- 
sis, V. 340 

Knight's collections for a history of, 

V. 188 

Liber Eliensis, a portion of, i. 348 
Tabor's book relating to presenta- 
tions, deprivations, &c., transcript 
of, V. 293 
Worthington's collections of Church 

matters relating to, v. 292. 305 
Deans of, v. 359 

Archdeacon of. Agreement with the 

Bishop after the burning of the 

registers, v. 498 

grace to prevent his being Vice- 

Chancellor of Cambridge, v. 376. 


jurisdiction, memorandum as to 

his, v. 291 
John Parker appointed coadjutor to 
Archdeacon Wisdom, being of un- 
sound mind, 1567 — 8, v. 293 
—— Priory of : 

excerpta e veteri registro, v. 456 — 461 
gi-ant of Jane Ingaldesthorp to, v. 401 
protest against gi'ants made in the 

time of Nigel, v. 500 
roll of, with history of the knights and 
monks, v. 360 

Hospital of SS. John Baptist and 

Mary Magd. Appointment of John Holt, 
Bishop of Lydda, to be master, v. 
293. 319 
isle of. Letter of Ch. Just, Popham 

respecting its draining, i. 256 
coins found in, v. 187 

farthings, v. 187. 306. 498 

Emmanuel, Bartholomew. A treatise on 

letting blood in i^leurisy (Lat.), ii. 466 
Empires of Greece, Eome, &c., brief his- 
tories of, I. 487 
Enciieiridion ex Patrum scriptis et sen- 

tentiis collectum (1581), i. 539 
Endfield Chase, survey of (1656), i. 385 
Enfeoffments, licences for, i. Ill 
England, a short descrij)tion of, i. 500 
Arguments for the succession of the 
kings of England to the kingdom of 
France, ii. 27 
A short view to be taken of Great 
Britain and Spain, ii. 51 


ENOL.\Nn (i-oiitiiiitc(!): 

Uuion with Scotliiuil prejudicial, unless 
Ireland is also inchnlcd, by (i. S. 

(i7or.), IV. -i^s 

number of jmrisli ehurcliea and military 

fees in, in. r)23 
History of, r. Ciiuoniclks of Enol-vm). 
Kin{j;3 of: mcmoria tcchnica for, ii. 

'2C)3; table of, in. 217. 737, iv. 513 
militaiy fe(Hla in, i. 7 
ExoLEFiELP, Thomas. Readings on tlio 
2nd statute of ^Yestminste^, c. 30, in. 275 
On the active and contemplative life, 

II. 537 

English Poetry, r. Poetry. 
English Prose, Anonymous: 

*A my brother if thou covcitist to 

wvte,' in. 547 
Of tiie fall of the Anj^els, i. 490 
Liber de bon governance, iv. 17 
On the Commandments, in. 281. 448. 

557, IV. 499 
A Christian man's belief declared by 

Holy Writ and doctors' sentence, in. 

' Coutynuel meditacioun of the Pas- 

syon of Christe,' i. 276 
De Corpore Christi, iv. 322 
The craft of dj-ing, n. 502, in. 560 
The dayly dictz in lordes and ladies 

bowses, IV. 18 
The vii dedes of mercy bodily and 

gostely and the v wittes outwardo 

and inwarde, in. 557 
A devoute meditation, in. 281 
Dialogue between adversity and reason 

on the evils of Ufe, in. 537 
Dialogue between wysdam and the 

disciple on the Sacrament, in. 262 
Dicta Salomonis, in. 501 [v. Corr. v. 

On fasting, in. 545 
How man's sowle is made to the ymage 

and the likenes of the Holy Trinite, 

III. 723 

How men that bee in helo sholde visito 

sike folk, i. 24 
How the myjtes of man's saule stonden 

in the noumbre of fyfe, in. 723 
Lamentatio Sancttc Marin?, in. 448 
A lytell short tretys of the direction 

of a mannys life, n. 535 
On the Lord's prayer. Hail Mar>', 

Creeds, &c., 1.489. 506, in. 178. 179, 

IV. 499 

Against Lutlier's doctrine of justifica- 
tion by faith witliout works, i. 490 

'Marke well thees foure errours wbicho 
letten the verrey knowyng of holy 
writt,' n. 534 

On Matrimony, in. 545 

The Mawndy of our Lord, in. 448 

Meditations on the Eucharist, &c., in. 

English Piiohk, AnonjTnouH (continurd) : 
Do nomine .Fesii, ii. 536 
Notabli' sayngs of holy doctors of tho 

vertue of billy pniyer, n. .'i3.'i 
A l'aragra]>li eonceniing goiUy life, i. 


Of the pestilence, iv. 17 

A i)istlo of discretion in styrryngcH, 

in. 723 
A pistlo of prayer, in. 723 
A pistle of private comisell, li. 538, 

III. 530. 724 
Prognostications about tho seasons of 

the year, n. 508 
On the xxi Passions of onr Lord, in. 

On the reading of tho Scriptures, itc, 

II. 533 [r. Curr. v. 596] 
The rewyU of Bcyiit Savioure, n. 535 
Of tho Sacrament of Pemuice, in. 

Of the seven Sacraments, i. 491 
The Prince Sathanas commission unto 

his well-beloved sects of perdition, 

n. 510 
On having tho Scriptures in the \-idgar 

tongue, III. 524 
On the vii deadly sins, n. 533 
Of the vii \-irtues, i. 489 
' Si quis \nilt venire post me,' ii. 536 
A soverejTi comfort for a soul diseased, 

in. 263 
A sovereyn and a notable sentence to 

comfort a person in temptation, ni. 

The sowle and the flesh, ii. 536 
A tretys of three divers thoughts that 

comen often to men, itc., or a tretys 

of discrecion in knowj-ng of spirites, 

II. 534, in. 723 
Tho tour of olio toures, extracts from, 

II. 502 

De tribulationo secundum vi doctorcs, 

III. 449. 560 

On tribulation and temj^tation, i. 490 
Vita trium regum Colom;B, ii. 166, ui. 

555, V. 185 
The virtewis of the ^lass, in. 561 
The fyvo w>les that kynge Pharao did 

to the chiklren of Israel, ii. 535 
Of wedded men and their wj-ves and 
childer, i. 489 
Enoi.isii toxote, Buney of, according to 

Lillye's rules, i. 187 
Eniomas in Latin, in. 204 
Enjedin, George, of Clausenbnrg. Ex- 
plicationes locorum V. et N.Testaraonti 
ex quibua Trinitatis dogma stabiliri so- 
let, v. 190 [This is a transcript of a 
printed book which ajijicarod without 
date or place aUmt 15H0. The author, 
a Sociuian, died in lV.t7] 
ExNius, notes on, by Hcrmauu, .\. 52 
Ephescs, council of. *rai'6i'ei, n. 150 



Ephori Fragmeutmn ex Apographo Yos- 

siano, it. 83 
Ephraim Syrus. \6yoi, iv. 494 — i97 

Liber, continens sex liomelias, ii. 19 
Epicharmus, notes on, by Dobree, A. 78 
EprcTExrs. 'Eyx^i-pl-Si-op. iii. 540 
EpiGRAiiiiATA de nominibus, i. 474 

Grjeca, notes on, by Taylor, A. 25 
Epiphakia Domini, Traetatus de (vers.), 

Epiphaxius. irepi fiirpwv kclI (TTadjj.Qiv, 

HI. 12 
Episcopact, some considerations concern- 
ing, I. 536 
Epistles and Gospels. Intitulationes 

qn» docent tempora, loea, principia, et 

fines, sec. usiun Samin, ii. 44 
Epistola. ' Scio enim quantus angor,' 

III. 253 
Epistola Pontificum et canones, i. 10 [r. 

Corr. V. 584] 
EpisTOLARUii liber illustriiim et epigram- 

matum, autbore J. C. (1638), i. 531 
Epitaphs, collections of, it. 365. 404, t. 184. 

189. 332. 341. 392. 430. 436. 438. 447. 

453. 473. 485. 515, 516. 526. 527. 528. 

529. 530. 531. 543. 544. 545 
Epworth, roll of the courts baron of, rv. 

Erasmus, S., a metrical passion of, i. 5 

Desiderics. On the magnitude of 

God's mercT, Englished by E. Warren, 
111. 198 

notes on his Apologies by himself and 
others, A. 37 
Erdeswicke, Sampson. Surrey of Staf- 
fordshire, IV. 267 
Eric, King of Norway. On the rents as- 
signed him towards paying the marriage- 
portion of Margaret of Scotland, it. 
Erigena, Johannes Scotus. Traductio li- 
brorum 4 S. Dionysii AreopagitEe, ii. 5, 
III. 434 

Fragment of the Homily on the Pro- 
logue to S. John's Gospel, ii. 332 
[v. Corr. T. 594] 
Ernald (a hermit), Tision of, ii. 254 
Ekotlvnus. tC)v trap 'iTriroKparei X^^euu 

ffwaywyi^, HI. 677 
Escheat cases in the reigns of Hen. IV. — 
Hen. Vin., III. 160 


Eschendenensibus, iii. 346 
EsgciRE, definition of an, i. 503 
EssEBY, "William de. De artificioso modo 
■ prnedicandi, iii. 341 

Meditationes sive Sermones, iii. 44 
[v. Corr. V. 597]. 341 
Essex, tenure of lands in, from 27 Hen. 
in. to 2 liich. III., III. 64 

Rop>ert Deverecx, Earl of. Let- 
ters from the Senate of Cambridge with 
the presentation of the Chancellorship 

Essex, Robert Deverecx, Earl of {cant.) : 
(1598), V. 203 ; formal appointment, v. 

thanks to the University for the ap- 
pointment (1598), V. 203 

Letters respecting Cambridge matters, 
V. 203. 204. 397 

Letter to Queen Elizabeth on his com- 
mand to go to Ireland (1599), ii. 184 

Letter to Queen Elizabeth, ii. 185 

Speeches in the Star-chamber on his 
impeachment (29 Not. 1559), iii.551 

Letters written to, by the Lord Keeper 
Egerton, with his answer, ii. 185, 
III. 552, V. 372 

Apology of, III. 552, et. 268, v. 191 

Letter from Air Anthony Bacon to, 
with his answer, iii. 552 

aiTaignment of, 19 Feb. 1600, iv. 535, 
V. 583 

Letter of Lady Rich to the Queen in 
his behalf, ii. 185 

Letter to the Earl of Southampton, 

II. 186 

account of his death, iii. 552, v. 372 
parallel with Yilliers, D. of Buckingham, 
by Sir H. Wottou, i. 293, iii. 480 

Robert Detereux, Earl of (son of 

the last). Charge against Viscount 
Wimbledon, general of the Cadiz voyage, 
1625, II. 49 

articles laid down in hbell by the Lady 
F. Howard against (1626), i. 293. 488 
letter to the Eaii of Manchester, v. 407 
order for the protection of the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge, 2 March 164f, 
v. 559 
EssoNioRUM Summa, i. 413, ii. 7. 34 

modus calumpniandi, i. 413, ii. 34. 272, 

III. 277. 285. 522. 735, it. 17. 327 
judicium, in. 278. 285, rv. 72. 76. 120 
de essoniis, plegiis, &c., iii. 283 

EsTLiNGTON ViCARAGE. Letter from Wm. 
Saunderson to Bp. Parkhurst, recom- 
mending GriTes for the hTing, ii. 62 
EsTRATONiCA, in Spanish, i. 441 
Ethelwaldi episcopi Uber, it. 5 
Ethelwulf, v. ^Edilwlfus. 
Ethici philosophi Libri duo, it. 134 
Eton, royal letters confirming franchises 
and hberties of, ii. 189 
rental of manor of (1619), ii. 81 
Etymologiabum Uber, in. 450 
Etymologicum magnum, notes on, by Do- 
bree, V. 68 
notes on, by Porson, v. 79 
Eucharist. Quod non manet panis ma- consecrationem, iii. 718 
De vase aureo in quo continetur Eu- 

charistia, in. 234 
Notes on the disputations between 
Cranmer, Weston, Chedsey, &c., in. 
Disputationes habitae Oxonia 22 Apr. 


Eucharist (continufd) : 

15'>3 iiiterWeston, IlarpsfyliU', Cran- 
mer, \r., iii. (IH? 
DisputiitiDUos inter doctores Treshain 
et retrum Miutyrtm, iii. GK7 
EccHEUius, S. Instructionum liber ilo 
qntestiouibus ditVuilioribus vet. et uov. 
Testiimenti, ii. 1:51 
Euclid. Elemeuta (Lnt.), iii. 25 

Statements i)f the Proposi- 
tions ((ireek), ii. 534 
B. 5. ZxoXta, by Isaac Ar^v'- 
rus, 111, (JO; Auon., iii. (52 
'Ev6v/xeTpiKd, I. 1'.)'.) 
Kararo/iJj Kavofoi, iii. 63 
KaroTrrpud, iii.(>2, iv.478 ; (Lat.), IV. 185 
'OiTTiKa, III. 02 (bis), iv. 478; (Lat.), 

IV. 185 
^aivoufva, IV. 478 
r. Evesham, Walter de. 
Edsapius, notes on, by Boissonade, A. 28 

Grouovius, A. 29 
Reiuesius, A. 28 
Wa{:Ciitr, A. 28 
Wytteubacb, A. 29 
Euphorion, notes on, by Heruiauu, A. 45 
Euripides. 'EKaSn, iv."l()(i. 481. 482 (tis), 
483; ^x<>'>^to- f'i>, i- "^61, iv. 481. 482 
'OpiffTTts, IV. 100. 481. 482. 483 ; i;x6Xta 

on, I. 401, IV. 481. 482 
^oiuiaaai, iv. lOG. 483; ^x<'^^<'^ oii> i- 

401, IV. 483 
couplet attributed to, 1.224; lines from 

the Hecuba, i. 218 
notes on, v. 45 
notes on, by Boissonade, A. 19 

Dobree, A. 71. 72. 78 
Hermann, A. 40. 45. 40 
Poison, A. 45 
Taylor, A. 10 
irepi fiirpuv oh ^XP'?"'''^" Ei'/mtti'otjs ii> 
'EKa^ri, 'OpicTTi, A^oiviccais, i. 401 

PsECD. 'E7rt(7ToXai, i. 21'.) 

EusEBics C.ES.uiiENSis. 'E(c T^s dpx*'"- 

Xo7tK^s IjTopia^, transcribed from an 
Oxford MS., I. 298 
'EKXoyal irpo<f)-nTiKal, extr. from, iv. 80 
Ecelesiastica historia, collated with a 

Bodleiim MS., iv. 508 
irphi yiapivov, extract from, iv. 511 
Liber Chroniconim a S. Jeronimo in 

Lat. translatus, ii. 333, iv. 173 
Sermoues duo de nativitate Domini, 

IV. 4<)1 
Enigmata, iii. 203 
notes on, A. 38 
notes on, by Pearson, A. 31. 32 

Cremosensis. De morte S. Hiero- 

nymi, i. 320, iii. 151 

Emesexus (seu Gallicanus). Ho- 

EusTATHivs [cnntimuif) : 
Extract from, i. 205 
notes on, by Ileinsterhui!!, A. 40 
I'orson, A. 7y 
Vulckeuoir, A. 40 
EuTHYMius Zioauendb. In pHolmofl et 
Cantica (Gr.), ii. 318 
Panoplia (Liit.), fraj^mont of, iv. fW; 
collated with a Greek MS., iv. 511 


EvAORius. Historia Scboloatica, notc9 

on, A. 38 
EvANdELiA. Pro diebiis Dominicis et fea- 
tis jier aniuim, iv. 24 
Ilubric.e do tabula scribenda, iv. 24 
Nieodemi, At., r. Ai'ociiYriiAL Gospels. 
Evangelical Cantons. Letters to and 

from, I. 90 — 99. r. Waldenses. 
EvANOELisTARiUM (Grcck), I. 348. 358; 

(Lat.), III. 51 
EvANTniis. Ex libello de Tragtedia et 

C'omu'dia, i. 184 
Evelyn, John. Extracts from his diarv, 

V. 441 
Everard, John. A short dialo)?ue between 
a learned divine and a begjjar, i. 505 
Translations fri>m S. Denis the Areo- 

l>aj.jite, I. 505 

Translations from Tauler's German 

IMviuity, I. 505 

EvERSDEN, Little. Presentation to, v. 293 

Evesham, abbat and convent of. Licence 

to empark 300 acres in Ambresley, 1. 1.33 

monk of. Extract from his vita Ki- 

cardi II., iv. 102 

■\V.\LTER DE. Dc multijilicationo 

meliae, iii. 622 
Homeliffi de Paschate, in. 2.38 
Ecstathius. ETrtoToXTj inl rah liovvalov 
rod HfpiiryFO*^ TrapiK^oXah, ill. 720 

specierum in visu secundum oiuiiem 
modum, iii. 323 
Ars metrica, in. 323 
Liber (luintus Euclidis per nmueroa 
loco ijuantitatum. iii. 323 
Evesham, ])rocessus belli de, iv. 118 
epochs of the world up to, iv. 118 
EvRELX, Archbishop of. Infonnations and 
examinations at;ainst the Waldenses, 
147H_ir,01, I. 83 
Ewelme (Oxford), rental of the manor of 

(1019), II. 81 
ExiuRY, manor of. Form of the chanfc to 

be Riven at the court of stirtey, in. 70 
ExcHEgiEU, The. The ancient rcvenao 
of the crown, i. 333 

Court of. Short compendium of 

what everj- officer ou^'lit to do, in. 50 
ExcLiaios Hill. Debates in tlio Uouso 

of Commons on (ir>HU), i. HV) 
ExcoMMiNiCATioN, iifliiluvit of Mrs Susan 
Handley, respecting her (17<Hti, n. 2h0 
case (if Catharine Hudson, iv. 302. 

sentence of, v. 371. 420 
casus duo de excommunicatiouo lata 
ab hoiuinc, iv. 298 


Exemption from serving on juries, or 
being appointed mavor, &c., granted to 
Til. Sutton, I. 140 
Exercises, remonstrance from certain 
ministers of Assheby against the pro- 
hibition of, I. 379 
Exeter. ^Yar^aut3 of impropriation to 
the Bishop (Thomas Brantingham), i. 
108, 109 

royal letter allowing 3 chaplains to be 
established in the cathedi-al for the 
souls of the king and bishop, i. 122 
exchange made between the subdean 
and penitentiary, and the parson of 
Hathlegh, i. 126 
benefices belonging to the church of, i. 

Statute of, V. Statut.4. 
Exeter (Thomas Cecil, Earl of). Confes- 
sion of Sir T. Lake and Lady Roos of 
libelling (1619), ii. 187 
Exmeuse, William. Divine cloud of un- 
knowing. V. Hilton, Walter. 
Expences allowed for various things, 

letters of Eiehard II. on, i. 136, 137 
Extkavagantes Bouifacii VIII., Ur- 
bani IV., Johanuis XXII., in. 227 
[v. Corr. V. 598] 
Eye, S. Peter's monastery of : demise of 
certain lands and premises belonging to, 
IV. 442 
Eynsham, de, I. 521 

abbey. Order to augment Histon 

vicarage, v. 323 
Ezra, signs of the weather attributed to, 
III. 307 

Faba, Gcido. Summa dictaminis, n. 545, 

IV. Ill ; Dicta, iii. 629 
Faber, Basil. Thesaurus eruditionis scho- 

lasticae. Notes on, A. 42 

Peter. Notes on Cicero, A. 30 

Tanaqcil. Notes on Juvenal, A. 57 

Fabian, George. Letters to Strj-pe. v. 

Index, v. 147 
Fabri, Claude. Les diares et almanach 

calculez pour 1572, i. 541 
Fabricius' Bibliotheca Graeca, notes on, 

by Dobree, A. 71. 74 
Fabulje (vers. Lat.), i. 473 [v. Corr. v. 

Facetcs, a Latin Poem, ii. 546 
Fagius, will of, v. 127. 541 
Fairfax, Brian, notes relating to, v. 461 
George. Notes on the opus Pala- 

tinum de triangulis, A. 33 

Dr, anthems and masses by, v. 

588. 589 

Sir TnoMAS, memorial of, writ- 

ten by himself, i. 528; life of, by 
B. Fairfax, v, 461 

Fairfax, Sir Thomas {continued} : 

A short memorial of the Northern ac- 
tions during the war, 1642 — 1644, i. 
Letters to Lenthall, v. 409 
Commission as Commander of the 
Parliamentary Forces, v. 410. 412 
Faith, Hope and Charity. A parable of, 

II. 30, III. 554 
Falconberge, Thomas, Eeceiver of royal 
revenues, accounts of, fi-om 1645 to 
1646, II. 77 
Falconer, John. Fontis D. Winifredae 

sacri descriptio, v. 433 
Falconry. Liber de universis passionibus 
falconum, accipitrum, &c., ii. 518 
Medicines ven-aies de garir falcons, 
osturs, &c., II. 518 
Falki^vnd, Henry Carey, Viscoimt. Pe- 
tition on behalf of his son, in. 157, iv. 
551, V. 369 

Lucius Carey, Viscount. Speeches 

in Parliament, iv. 215. 216 
Fallacie, different kinds of (Lat.), in. 

Fareham, forma licentiae concessa ab 
episcopo Wint. unius sedilis in ecclesia 
de, V. 327 
Fasting. Notabilia de jejunio bona, in. 

on (Eug.), III. 545 

Fat M.VN, note of an extraordinary, in. 

157 [('. Corr. v. 598] 
Faustinus, S. Sermo, in. 388 

Sermo de Nati\atate Domini, in. 462 
Faventinus, Benedictus Victobius. Em- 
pyrica, in Dutch, i. 304 
De morbo Gallico, in Dutch, i. 304 
Favorinus. 'EvOvfj-rifiaTa tpiXoaoipuv, iv, 

Fawconers, genealogy of the family of, 

v. 190 
Fees, brief collection of, paid into diverse 
courts or offices, &c., 1009, iiL 553 
for knighthood, and for the garter, iv. 
Feld, Margery. Eevocation of the grant 

of restitution of her dower, i. 113 
Felix, S., of Burgimdy, account c»f, v. 464 
Felsted School, diary of a master of, 

and List of scholars in, v. 180 
Felton, John, note found on, in. 155; 
prayer and confession of, in. 157, v. 
Femelius, transcripts from, by P. Hol- 
land, IV. 22 
Fennel, effects of, in. 305 
Fennystrange, Brocard de, letter of 
compliment from Richard II. to, i. 117 
Fenny Stratford, historiola de f uudationo 

capellae de, v. 463 
Fenton, Roger. Do iEquivocatione, ii. 
Determination whether a man may 


Fenton, Rooer (cnntiuurd) : 

niiinv his cousin t,'iriimn'8 dftughtcr, 
I. 2(i;» 
Notes of Sermons, i. '2CiH 
Two theses to Dr Overall, iii. 30 
Sermon bv Pr Felton on his funeral, i. 

Fenwick, Sir John, certificate of (lG-15), 
V. 412 

Fenwicke, Robert. Letter to Lenthall, 
V. 40y 

Ferdinand II., Emperor. Answer to 
Louis XIII. (1629), ii. 23 

Ferle, copy of a letter said to be written 
by. III. 8(5 

Fernando, Archduke of Austria, instruc- 
tions to the embassy for giving the 
garter to, ii. 137; letters patent for 
the ambassadors, ii. 142 

Ferne, John. Extracts from the Blazon 
of Gentrie, i. 1(52 

Feriur, Nicholas, directions for collecting 
materials for the life of, v. 424 ; inscrip- 
tions of the family at Little Gidiliug, 
V. 438. r. GiDDiNG, Little. 

Feriluiics. Liber de Febribus, ii. 38 

Ferrers, Ciurles (Pbylchimist) , collec- 
tions of, IV. 93 

Festivalis Liber, the English, i. 437 
[v. Corr. V. 588] ; a portion of, ii. 31, 
IV. 479 

Festivals. De diebus festis per annum, 
II. 173 

Feudorum Constitutiones cum apparatu 
Accursii, i. 12 

Fezhew, George, dean of Lincoln, privi- 
leges of the Augustiniau order con- 
ferred on, V. 423 

FiENNES, Nathaniel. Answer to the Earl 
of Forth, V. 411 

Finch, Sir Heneage. Speeches in Par- 
liament, 8 Feb. 102f , iv. 283. 284 

Sir Henry. Law, or a discourse 

thereof, iv. 47 

Sir John. Speech on liis election in 

Parliament (1G27), iii. 154 
Argument concerning Ship Money 

(1638), in. 489 
Copy of the patent of precedence of, 

IV. 4.35 
Speech at the opening of Parliament 

(1640), V. 181 
Letter to the Senate of Cambridge, v. 
219. .5.58 
Fines, treatise on, ii. 41 
Finingham, RoiiERT. De excommunica- 

tionibus et casibus rescrvatis, ii. 174 
FiRMicus, Jdlius. Astrouomica, iii. 722 
First fruits of vacant benefices, ques- 
tion as to the Pope's right to, iii. 
Fisher, John, Bp. of Rochester. Licitum 
fuisse matrimonium Henrici VIII. cuin 
Cathariua, ii. 490, v. 420 

Fisher, John, Dp. of RnclioRtor (mnt.): 
opinion on marriage witli n wifo'n •la- 
ter, 11. 4.S9 
notice of, iv. ;i73 
De ejus mnrtyrio, ii. 4.57 
FisiiKKiKs, extriitt.-« roll.s of parlia- 
ment relating to, i. 46(1 
Discourse concemiug finh and fish- 

ponds, I. 193 
at Rysand, letter respecting, i. 133 
FisTUL.E cura, i. 445 

FnzoEiuLD, Francis, articlcn presented 
by to Queen Elizabeth from tlif King of 
I'ortugal, and their answer (1571), i. 79 
Fi.Acus Ii.i.YRUis. Disputatii) de origi- 
nali peccato et libero arbitrio, cum 
Victorino Strigelio, ii. 41 
Flamesiu-kia, Rohert de. Liber Pani- 

tentialis, in. 516 
FLAMMiN(;rs, .Johannes. Ad imaginem 

Salvatoris Cnicifixi Elegia, in. 25H 
Flandeiss, war in. Private instructions 
to a noblemim about to accomi)any the 
Duke of Alva, iv. 532 
Louis II., Count of. Letter of Ri- 
chard II. to, praying restitution for 
wools and cloths driven into Sluys, 1. 143 
Fleece, Golden, statutes of the order of 

the, I. 423 
Fleetwood, William, Bp. of S. Asaph. 

Letter to Strvpe. r. Index, v. 147 
Fleetewoode (Recorder). Historical and 
legal discourse on a case from 26 \&a. 
fol. 20, I. 382 
Fletcher, Giles. Letters to Lord Burgh- 
ley, &c., v. 507; note of, v. 527 

Richard (Bp. of London), Letter 

to Bp. Chaderton, v. 297 ; note of, v. 527 
William. Letter to Strypc. r. In- 

dex, V. 147 
Flete, Wn.LiAM. De remediis contra 

tcmptationes, in. 529 
Fleur, de la. Letters to Sir E. Barrett, i. 


Accounts for sums received and spent 
by, I. 177 
Fleury, Cardinal de. Letter to Lord 

Oxford with his answer, v. 379 
Flodden, names of the Scotch noblemen 

slain at, n. 170 
Fl(U{ence, i.e hone, of Rome, ii. 408 
Flores ex Sanctis Patribus, ii. 545 

ex Poetis Latinis, n. 546 
Florice and BLArNcuKKLouK, a i><irtion of 

the romance of (Eug.). ni. 174 
Flouio, Michel Anoelo. Regolc do la 

lingua Toscana, i. 117 
Flouis, B. iv., in English, i. 458 

notes on, A. 55 
Flynt, Henhy. Case respecting an estate 

demised bv A. Sparrow, Bishop of 

Nonvich (1('580), i. 517 
Foix, Count of. Letter of Richard II. on 

his illness and proposed alliance, i. 141 


FoLiES, les xxxii., iii. 8 

FoLiETo, Hugo de. De claustro animae, 

in. 355. 370 

De duodecim abusivis, in. 306 
FoLKixGHAii, Nicholas. Paper respecting 

South Weald Vicarage, v. 413 
FoNTAiN, Mk de la, speecli of, to Dr 

Vaughan, v. 395 
FoNTEXAY. Letter (French) to Mary, Queen 

of Scots, 25 Nov. 1584, i. 170 
FoKTiBus, Gaufridus DE. De infautia 

Sancti Edmundi, ii. 329. 
FooKTHE, John. Letters to "'kMieelock, i. 74. 

Ford, J. Suffolk collections, v. 569 
FoRDHAM, John de, kee^jer of the pri^-y 

seal, letter of Eichard II., soliciting the 

promotion of, i. 114 
FoRDHAii Priory, grant of to P. Parris, v. 

FoRDiNGTON (Dorsct), manor of, abstract of 

the fines levied in the courts of, 15 

Jas. I., IV. 539 
For:.yce, George. Notes of his lectures, 

IV. 405 

Foresta, Charta de, r. Charta, RIagna. 
causes, articles given in charge to the 

grand jury respecting, iv. 49 
laws and ordinances of, from Cnut to 

Henry VIII., iii. 544 
Extracta e rotulis de i^lacitis, i. 488 

Articles relating to, ii. 3 
Forfeitures, grants of, i. 140 
Forms. Exceptiones omnium brevium, 
III. 217 
of Latin letters, &c., i. 147—150, in. 

of petitions (French), in. 217 
of proceedings in actions of trespass, 
replevin, and assise of novel dis- 
seisin, III. 214 
of indentures, articles, agreements, &c., 

I. 44. 404 
of the reign of Edw. III., i. 396 
Formulary, or book of precedents for the 
use of the keeper of the privy seal, 
temp. Rich. IL, i. 106 
■ I. 396 

Cartarum regiarum, iv. 73 

Foreigners. A discourse... to erect an 

office for registering the names of all 
strangers and free denizens, quarterly, 
ni. 312 
Fouster, William. De pronominibus silla- 
bicatis, in. 212 

W. Letters to Strj-pe. v. Index 

V. 147 

Fortescue, Sir John. De laudibus Anglise, 
n. 486 

Jus regale et jus politicum et regale 
(in English), iv. 52 
Forth, Earl of. Letter to the Commander- 
in-chief at Bristol, v. 411 

Fortification, a treatise of, in. 706 

a treatise of several geometrical pro- 
blems necessary for the regular and 
UTegular fortifications, in. 706 
Fortune's Wheel, a moralization of, iv. 

FoscAEO, Francesco (Doge of Venice). 
Epistola Nicholao V. in destructione 
Constantinopolis, in. 252 
Foster, Samuel. Sermons preached at 
Eedgrave, Suffolk, 1670—1680, i. 303 

William (Bp. of Sodor and Man), 

Dispensation to hold certain Uvings, v. 
Fountains Abbey. Opusculum de Orighie 
Mouasterii, iv. 445 

A. Letter to Edw. Thwaites, v. 443 

Four, Louis du, Abbat of Longrue. Vita 
Athenagora?, iv. 76 
Vita S. Justini Martyris, iv. 77 
De origine Valentini, Cerdonis, et 

Marcionis, iv. 77 
De tempore quo nata est hferesis Mon- 
tani, IV. 77 
Fournyvall, William de, letters of 
Eichard II. to a judge, to do right in 
a case of, i. 124 
Fox, F. Letter to Strype. v. Index, v. 147 
FoxE, John, Acts and Monuments, extracts 
from, III. 157. 158 
Pandecta^ locorum communinm, iv. 176 
Comparison of the liegister of the 
Privy coimcil (Edw. VI.) with the 
extracts given byFoxe, v. 36 
Fraissinere, Waldenses of, processes and 
inquisitions against, i. 83 — 87 
Arrest du grand conseil in favour of, 
I. 88 
Framlingham and Loes-hundred, History 

of, by R. Hawes, Extracts from, v. 346 
France. Chronicle from Pharamoud to 
Henry IV. (French), ii. 462 
Compendiosum Chronicum de regibus, 

n. 326 
La geste de France, in. 520 
French chronicle from 1403 to 1454, v. 

curieuses recherches en I'estat de 

France, in. 230 
remarques sur la, i. 217, iv. 395 
merchants of, questions to be inquired 

after amongst, i. 177 
trade of, notes of the, i. 177 
itinerary to Lyons and Paris, in. 305 
France and the Netherlands. Articles 
agreed on at Compiegue, 1624 (Fr.), 
I. 176 
declaration for the demolition of cas- 
tles and fortifications, 1626 (French), 
I. 176 
Franci pleoii Visus, v. Statuta. 
Francis I. Treaty of Madrid (1526 1, n. 140 
acknowledgement to Henry VIII. (1529), 
v. 470 


Francis, S. Vitii, iv. 'ill 

Francis, Aliun, papers relating to the 

case of, V. 545 
FnAxriscAxs. Epistola do rebus Cbristia- 
noriim in India, iii. 410 
Bulla Jolianuis XXII. de privilegiis in 

partibus intidelium, iii. 410 
Utera imperatoris Tartarorum frntribus 

eoncessa, m. 410 
Litera fratrum pro Deo peregriuantiuni 
missa generali luinistro (1377), in. 
Petitio reetoiiim Londoniensium to tbo 
Abp. Canterbury against, iii. 181 
Franciscus putricins Senensis de auimi 

natura, in. 245 
FuANcius, P. Notes ou Pba)dius, A. 63 
Franck, M. Letter to Bancroft, v. 386 
Fkeculphus. Liber bistoriarum, iii. 387 
Frederick II., Emperor, 3 Latin Poems 
to, I. 470 

III., Emperor. Oratio cnjusdam mi- 

litis Senensis in introitu civ. Senarum, 

III. 248 

Oratio pro laudibus un])tiarum impe- 

ratori;^ et uxoris, in. 249 

FREDEKicii v., Palatine of tbe Rhine. Se- 

cretissima instructio, 1620, 1626, ii. 124 

Freeman, E. Letter to Bouuell. r. Index, 

V. 147 
Free-xu.u)!:, a brief discoui'se concerning, 

II. 125 
Freke, Edmund, Bishop of Rochester. 

Letter to Bishop Parkhiirst, n. 71 
French accidence and vocabulary, in. 
Orthographia GaUica, n. 128 
Salutatio sive modus dictandi in Gal- 

licis, II. 129 
nominale cum expositione in Anglicis, 

n. 129 
Poetry, v. Poetry. 
Friezl.vnd, East, letter of W. C. to the 

Lords and Earls of, 1572, v. 192 
FuoNTiNUS [so read for Fortimts], Jclics. 

De limitibus libri duo, ii. 173 
FnoNTiNCs. Lucics. Strategemata, iv. 135 
Frontonics, S. Vita, iv. 275 
Fr.owEKE, Sir Thomas. Readings on the 
statute 17 Edw. II., m. 267 ; readings 
delivered in 10 Hen. VII., in. 274 
Fry, John. Exceptions taken by the com- for plundered ministers against 
the book entitled ' The accuser shamed 
by the accused John Frj',' v. 414 
Fryer, G. Copy of two letters on some 

points of Christianity, in. 159 
FuLBouRN, rectors of, from 1349 to 1554, 
V. 305 ; sententia definitiva de ecclesiis 
de, V. 460 
a layman of, cited to appear in the 
publick schools for an assault, v. 296 
FuLCHERius de captione Jerusalem, in. 
440. 713 

FuuiENTiffl. Mythoiogiu' cum CoinnifUttt- 
rio, IV. 1 13 
(.'oiiiint iitariiini in, a Juhanno do Itidu- 

wall, III. 394 
Sermones, n.523; in. :}91. :J92. 393. GG2 
De fide ud IVtrum, r. S. At'opsTiNUH. 
Do prisco Hcrinono, iiote.^ ou, A. 63; 
notes on, by Vali-k< iiar, A. 53 
Fuller's Holy War and Holy Statk, 

noti'ti out of, I. 479 
Fui.MAN, William. Paper concerning Dr 
Hammond, v. 443 ; letter re.siK-ctiug au 
edition of early historians, v. 443 
FuLTUoRPE, C. Letter to Lenthall, v. 409 
Fundenh.vll, rectorv', grant of, n. 73 
Funerals, regulations for proceeding at, 
charges, &c. of knights, earls, Ac. — i. 
502. 504 
Furnaces for alchemical purposes, draw- 
ings of, II. 543 
FuRNEss, monastery of. Computa firma- 
riorum, &c. in domiuio, iv. 538 


G.^RiAS. MCOoi, I. 455, in. 540 
Gainsforde, Thomas. The one and twenty 
battailes of York's Plantagenet, &c., in. 
Gaisford's C.\talogue of Clarke's MSS., 

notes on, by Dobree, A. 69 
Gale, Thomas. Notes on Dion Cassius, 

A. 4; notes on Herodotus, A. 4 
Galen, wepl Sia/njs xoi depaweiuv, ir. 428 ; 
irepl TUP drrXwi' (abridged), ii. 427 
Comment, in Pronostiea Hippocratia 

(Lat.), III. 373 
Tegni (r^x*"?) cum commeuto Haly 

(Lat.), III. 373 
irepl dplffTt]^ KaTacTKfVTJi rov ffufiarot 

i]fiu)v (in I'jnglislil. i. 533 
ntpl ei5e^/as (in English), i. 533 
irepl XP^'*** '^'^'' ^*' o.vdpdirif) noplwv, 

II. 500 lin English) 
vyuivQiv \6yos a', (in English), u. 500 
notes on, by Cains, A. 57 
notes on, by N. Morangcllus Vitellia- 
nieus, A. 37 
Galienus Alfakinus. Commentar. in 
Herm. de lapide pliilosojilioruin, ii. 4t7 
Galileo. Trattato di fortificntione, i. 3sl 
Gallia Christiana, notes on, by J.F. Mar- 
tin, v. 578 
Galterus Alexandripes. Do gcstis Alex- 

anilri magni, in. 141 
Gamlinoay, particulars respecting, v. 305. 

Gancra, council of. Kav6u(f, ii. 149 
Gansell, David. Letter to Strj-jio. r. In- 
dex, v. 147 
Garrrand, William. Letter to the presi- 
dent of Magd. Coll. Oxou., i. 537 
Gardiner,!?. Letter to Str\'pe. r. Index, 
V. 147 


Gardiner, George. Eesponsiones perso- 
n.iles factffi articiilis miuistratis in visi- 
tatione M. Parkeri, iv. 513 

Dr. Letter to Bp. Parkhitrst with 

minute of Kilbume's examination, ii. 

Letters to and from, on the Arch- 
deaconry of Norwich, n. 67 — 72 
Stephen, Bp. of Wiachester. Let- 

ter to the Lord Protector, ii. 30 
Letter on the pronunciation of Greek, 

v. 395 
Letters to Cambridge, v. 3-40. 396 
missive letters for prayers duruig the 

vacancy of the Popedom, v. 39 
Letters in his handwriting, ii. 138. 139 
savings in Parliament, Nov. 1554, v. 

notes respecting, v. 335 

Sahuel. a plattfonne of prayer, 

IV. 105 
Garlandus. Computus manuaUs, or Com- 
positio duarum tabularum, iii. 329. 404 
Astronomical tables, iii. 332 
Garter, order of the. Statutes and Ordi- 
nances of, I. 436. 440. 447, iv. 205 
instructions to certain who were sent 
with to the French king (Henry 
IV.), I. 370 
instnictions for giving to Fernando, 
Archduke of Austria, ii. 137 
Gascoyne, Sarah. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 148 
Gataker, Thomas. Letter to his cousin 

concerning his spiritual state, i. 187 
Gaudek, Elizabeth. Correspondence with 

Bishop Patrick, v. 162 
Gaufredus physicus. Liber de Lapidi- 
bus, I. 438 (seu Lapidarius metrihca- 
tus), II. 546 
Gaunt, John of, Duke of Lancaster, 
King of Castile. Letter respecting his 
embarkation at Plymouth, i. 128 
letter to, respecting persons indicted 

before him, i. 129 
letter for the deUvery of handmills to, 

I. 129 
letter to account for the expenses of 

his expedition to Aquitaine, i. 138 
plate to be given to, in part payment, 

I. 139 
warrant to the Justices of S. Wales to 

stay all suits and claims on, i. 141 
descendants of, to Queen Mary, ii. 30 
V. Ely. 

Simon de. Bishop of Salisbury. 

Meditatio, iv. 201. 363* 
Gaveston, Piers. Commission of Edward 
II. respecting (French), i. 329 
Sententia lata super, i. 829 
Statutum de captione et morte ejus, 

IV. 325 
ne quia occasionetur pro redditu ejus, 
IV. 325 

Gawginge Rodde, content of the, ii. 28 
Gebeno of Eberbach. Speculum futuro- 
rum temporum sive Pentacronon super 
prophetiam HUdegardis, iii. 506 
Geber Hispalensis. De astrologia, iv. 
Secreta secretorum, ii. 453 
De temporis mutatione, iii. 324 
On the catha coujuncta and disjuncta, 
in. 215 
Gelasids, Pope. Ex decretis de libris 

authenticis et apocrj-phis, iii. 632 
Gemistus, Georgius. Trepi aperuv, i. 218 
Kard. Tivixiw tov 'ApicTTOT^Xovs \4^fuv Kal 

virkp nXdrojj'os, I. 221 
TT/jos Ttts TOV "ZxoXapiov virip 'ApiffTori- 
Xous avrCKrixj/eLi, i. 221 
Genealogy : EoU of the kings of England, 
from Egbert, iv. 543 
from Ethelbert to Henry IV. (French), 

I. 151 
from Harold to Henry VI. (Fr.), i. 152 
from William I. to Ehzabeth, in. 290. 

470 ; to Eichard III., n. 31 
from Alfred to Henry III. (Lat.), 1. 152 
from Henry III. to Edward IV., in. 217 
of the Dukes of Normandy, from SoUo 

to Henry II., in. 193 
of Bishop Davenant, Andrew Bing, and 

Charles Wright, v. 333 
pedigrees of royal families, &c., i. 498. 

tables of various families, iv. 545 
notes on descents of EngUsh families 

to 1645, I. 460 
fourteen tables of persons descended 
from the Antediluvians, Patriarchs, 
&c., V. 192 
Geneva, paper relatuig to the collection 
for, 1604, V. 190. 369 
contributions asked for at Cambridge, 
V. 309 
Gennadius, patriarch of Constantinople : 
'ETTicrroXTj Trepi rod /irj iirl xpij/^af' Xei- 

pOTOVilv, II. 161 

''EtTnaToKrj ^laprvplu) iwi(TK6ir(f. ' KvTio- 

Xeias, II. 162 
Liber de ecclesiasticis dogmatibus, i. 

28, II. 357, III. 438. 609. 653 

C^sARiENsis, extract from (Gr.), 


Massiliensis. Catalogus virorum 

iUustrium, in. 645 

Genoese, letter respecting the restitution 

of vessels taken from, i, 115 
Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia Brito- 
num, I. 15. 234. 293. 295. 427. 428, ii. 
20. 317, in. 327. 440. 451. 454. 714, iv. 
124. 357* 

French continuation of, i. 429 
Vaticinium MerUni, i. 522, ii. 329, 
in. 232 
Geographical Dictionary, collections for 
a, I. 442 


Geomaxct, tract on, in. 827 

(Ikometiu.k riarricA, iii. ii'22 

Geougk, William dk S. Litter of protec- 
tion for bis castles in Aiiuiliiine, i. 115 

Geilvrdi Piuctica Summa, II. as 

GEavsisus, NiciiOLAUS. ' Apid/xTiTiKT] fia-a- 
yc^ifl, HI. 097 
HvdayopiKov apuoviKri^ iyxfipiSiof, ill. 


Gerbeuge, Sik Joiix, trial of, iv. 417 
Gerdes, Daniel. Addemlii to 'Instnic- 
tions ct lettres...concemaut le concilo 
de Trent,' A. 18 
German Divinity, The. i. 505, v. 178 
Germanus Aqcil.\. Adilress to the Senate 
of Cambridge on Hebrew Studies, v. 186 
Germany. Jugemens et observations po- 
litiques sur I'estat, i. 353 
Relatione dello stato dell' imperio ct 

della Germania (1()28), ii. 1G7 
De subveniendo aSlictaj Germania; con- 

sultatio, I. 18(5 
Emperors of : lyricks in honour of, in 

the 11th century (Lat.), iii. 205 
Some accoimt and observations con- 
cerning, V. 181 
Gekson, Johannes. Opera, ii. 443 — 5 
Gervase of Canterbury. Tractatus de 
combustione et reparatione Dorobomen- 
sis ecclesine, ii. 330 
Imagiuationes de discordiis inter mo- 
nachos Cantuar. et Archiep. Bald- 
winimi, II. 330 
Chronica de tempore regmn Stephani, 
Henrici II. et Eicardi I., ii. 330 

OF Tilbury. Dialogus de Scacca- 

rio, I. 243, ii. 28 

Gesta Komakorum, III. 229 (bis). 497, iv. 
(in English), in. 565 
Giants. De origine gigantiim in insula 

Albion olim habitantium, i. 292 
GiRH, Lady Ann. Order respecting her 

jointure, v. 416 
Gibson, Sin Alex.\.nder. Sum of two 
volumes of practicques, alphabetically 
digested into titles, in. 693 

Edmund, Bishop of Lincoln. Letters 

tu btr\T)e. V. Index, v. 148 
letter to E. Thwaites, v. 443, 444 
addition by Tanner to his Codex Jiirin 
Ecclesiastic i, A. 7 

John. Word of caution to the in- 

hal)itants of England, v. 183 
GiDDiNO, Little, relation of the reported 
nunnery at, i. 468. r. Ferr.vr, Nicholas. 
Gilbert, Ambrose. Readings on tho 
Statutes on Wills, in. 267 

Thomas. Apology for the Noncon- 
formists (Lat.), II. 278 

GiLBERTus d'Aquila. Compcndium Mo- 
dicinas, li. 403 
Tractatus de minis, ii. 37 [for visceri- 
bus read urinis] 

UiLnF.RTrs MAOvrs. DiHtinctionos, ii. 2'ii 

or (iii.i.A (liisbop ..f I.iiiK rick). Do 

.''tutu iccK'siii', II. .'{25 'This in prititiil 
from this MS. in UHshcr'n SijUmjf Kpitt. 
lliliirn. Ei>iHt. 30. Works, od. Elrin){- 
ton, IV. 5(M)] 
Gilby, Anthony, letters from Bcvorol 

noted puritims to, v. 364 -3(;(j 
Gii.DAS. Lib< r (jueniluH de excidio Bri- 
tannia', II. 320; cum ei>istolu, i. 23. 24 
De gestis Angloruni, v. Nenniuh. 
Gilding and Colouring, rcceiptH for, of 

the 15th century, i. 300 
GiLMouR, Sir .\ni>rew. Abridgement of 
the form of process before the Lord.s and 
of the most material Acts of Parliament 
(Scotch), II. 18 
GiR-VLDus Cambrensis. Dcscriptio Cam- 
briiP, II. 327 
Descriptio Hibemine, n. 326, iv. 359* 
Itinerarium, ii. 328 
De mirabilibus, iv. 136 
Vaticinalis bistoria, ii. 327 
Tractatus retractiouum, &c., ii. 328 
Giii.\LDUs Cremonexsis. Liber in quo 
terrarum et corporum continentur men- 
Burationes Ababuchri qui dicebatur Ileus, 
IV. 133 

Canones Avicennn?, iv. 108 
Geber de Astrologia translatus in Lat., 
IV. 133 
GiRTON, notes respecting, v. 483 
Glanvill, Bartholomew de. De proprie- 
tatibus rerum, in. 395; EngUshcd by 
Trevisa, in. 494 

John. Speeches against the Duke 

of Buckingham, in. 481, iv. 290 

argument on tho liberty of the sub- 
ject, III. 491 

Balpii de. Tractatus de legibusi 

et consuetudinibus regui Angliie, ii. 1, 

III. 509. 702, IV. 117; in Frencli, 

IV. 17 

Glastonbury Abbey, licence to Jo. Blomo 
to dig in for the body of Joseph of 
Arimathea, v. 384 
V. M.\lmesbuby, William of. 
(}li;skinski, Conrad. Alphabeticum Sla- 
vonicum, n. 511 
S. Paul's Epistle to Pbilenion, &c. 
translated into Slavonick, ii. 512 
Gloria I'atri, on the, i. 303 
Gi.ossA ordinaria in Epi.stolas S. Pouli ci 
Pss. 50, tabula for, in. 463 
V. Bible. 
GLOfis.vRY. Latin, i. 492, iv. 4 
Saxo-Latin, iv. 1 

of words in Media«val dt^cnments, n. 484 
of legal and other words, in. IMM 
to the MSS. at King's Coll., Cambridge, 
v. 189 
Glosses on sundry points (Lat.^, n. 259; 
on texts, n. 258 
of things, n. 259 


Ctlodcester, Statute of, r. Statuta. 

Egbert of, uoies respecting, v. 491 

(Gilbert a>E Clare), Earl of, recon- 
ciliation -nath Henry III. (French), ii. 2, 
§ 21 [r. Corr. v. 590] 

Eleanor Cobham, duchess of, la- 

ment of. III. 294 ; arrest of, v. 557 

William, duke of (son of Queen 

Anne), Vota Britannise for, by John 
Graile, rv. 524 
Glover, Eobeet. Catalogue of Honour, 

additions to, A. 39 
Glynn, Sir Thomas. Letters to Strype. 

r. Index, v. 148 
Gnesen, Abp. of, letters of and to, i. 367. 

Gnoii.e. Tfuj/xai ixovboTixoi. e/c bia<p6pwv 

iroirp-tSv, II. 476 
Goad, Kogee. A poem to Sir WUliam 

More, II. 483 
GoDARD, John. Apostropha Peccatoris in 
Virginem Gloriosam, iv. 380 
Epistola ad sororem suam, iv. 382 
GoDiiANCHESTEE ScHooL, Orders respecting 

inheritance, v. 438 
GoDOLPHiN, Sydney. The history of 
^neas and Dido's love, translated out 
of Vii-gil, B. IV., I. 305 
GoDEic, S., legend of the apparition of 
the B. V. to, with the prayer in English 
and musical notes, iv. 277 
GoDWHEN, A. Poems, ii. 289 
Godwin, Francis (Bp. of Hereford). Speci- 
men of his first essay, in a catalogue of 
the Bps. of Bath and WeUs, v. 379 
additions to his De PrcBsulihus AnglicB, 
by John Walsall, A. 58 
Goetz, G. C. Letters to Cherry-, v. 187; 

letter to Covel, iv. 419 
GoLDCLiFF, Abbat and Convent of, letter 
to, respectuig a corrody, i. 126 [read 
Goldclyve for Goldelyns"\ 
GoLDiNGHAM, WiLLiAM. Hcrodes, Tragog- 

dia, IV. 116 
GoLiAS, poems attributed to : 

De conjuge non ducenda, iii. 282 
Disputatio inter membra regalia homi- 

nis, II. 207 
Disputatio inter vinum et aquam, ii. 

in Romanam curiam, iii. 283 
' viri venerabiles sacerdotes Dei,' ii. 268, 
XV. 363* 
GoLKiiORouGH (or Gouldsboeough), Law 
collections of, i. 69 
Notes taken in the Common Pleas, 
temp. Jas. I., iv. 450 
GoLTZius, Hubert. Extracts from his 

Fasti Romanorum, iii. 217 
GoNERBY AND Manthorp (Lincolnshire), 
terrier of lauds in the parishes of, iv. 
Gooch, Bp. Thomas, remark on Kennet's 
complete history, ii. 281 

Gooch, William, letters, memoranda, and 

journal of, iv. 405 
GooDALL, Chaeles, letters of. r. Index, v. 148 
GooDERicK, Captain, commission of, April, 

1631, III. 156 
GooDLADD, James. Exposition of the 

Eomish catechism, i. 524 
GooDSUN, Cheistophee, recantation of, 

V. 441 
GoDFEEY (Bp. of Gloucester), notes 

concerning, v. 373; will of, v. 471 
Goodrich, Thomas, Bp. of Ely. Deeds 

granting certain lands in Wisbech, &c., 

I. 350 
Goodwin, John. Speech in Parliament, 

22 March 1627, iv. 269 
Some further considerations about 
Common Prayer, v. 185 
Goodwyn, Eobeet. Petition to the king to 

erect an office for receiving monies for 

fines, &c., ii. 189 
GoEDON, Bernard de. Libellus deGradua- 

tione. III. 312 
de Astronomia m^dicorum, iii. 325 
Eatio computaudi per digitos, iv. 298 
GoEE, Bp. Hugh, depositions in a case to 

try the validity of the will of, iv. 447 
GoRHAM, Nicholas de. Distinctiones, iii. 

45, IV. 69 
GosBECK, benefice of. Letter respecting 

Eichard Heywode, who had been dis- 
possessed, II. 64 
Gosling, Egbert. Letter to Strj-pe. v. 

Index, V. 148 
GosTLiN, John. Extracts from his diary, 

&c., V. 296; letter to James I., v. 535 
Gough, Eichard. Additions to Literary 

memou's of living authors of Great 

Britain (1798), A. 65 
British Topoqraphy, additions to, by 
Britton, A, "63 


GowER, John. Confessio Amantis, i. 344, 
IV. 173 [v. CoiT. V. 605] 
Extracts from, ii. 32 [v. Corr. v. 590]. 
286. 287. 289 

Dr. Answer to dean Spencer's book 

about Ely, v. 188 
Geace Dieu. Liber qui nuncupatur, in 
English verse and prose, iii. 505 

abbey of (Leicester), uomiuatiou of 

Marion Hervey to be a uim in, i. 132 
Geace, our Lady of, convent of (near the 
Tower), letter respecting some tenements 
in S. Martin's to be given to, i. 129. 130 
Geammar, Treatises on. Greek : 
'Apcrei/iKal Kavdves, I. 439 
eTTi'Xuins tQu arepriTLKuiv [lopldjv Kol 

iTTI.TaKTiKl2v, III. 13 

OrjXvKal Kav6ves, I. 439 
■jrepl Xoyoypacpias... 1.266. 456, iii. 12 
Trepl /cXi'crews nvv laoavWd^uf dp<revi- 
Kuv dfo/xaTuv, II. 477 

I I 

GiUMMAR, Treatises ox. Grock (ntut.) : 

TrapayyfXfiara IStKd. ffvyTf\ovirra fit 

6pOoypa(piav, ill. 11 
7r6ffot ficrlv ol ttoit/tu'oJ rpiwot, I. l.'il 
irepi TrpoOifffwf .., i. iijii 
on tlio Greek Diiilccts, i. 454 
ou the i>repositiou3 aud persons, in. 

12. 13 
miscellaneous, without title, i. 453. 

455. 456, IV. 513 
collectanea de linguarum differentia 
et aliis, i. 405 
Latin : Compendium of Greek Gram- 
mar, II. 518 
On Grammar, i. 551, in. 18; metri- 
cal, II. 174 
' Appellata Veritas,' iv. 528 
Ou the inflections of nouns and 

verbs, iii. 608 
De quantitate syllabarum (verse), i. 

Vocabulary, Grammar, list of syuo- 

njTns, &c., IV. 8 
grammatical remarks, i. 538 
notices by Taylor of the ancient Greek 

and Eomau grammarians, A. 8 

French : A treatise on grammar, i. 485 

Gr.vntchester Church, appropriation of 

to Corpus Christi Coll., v. 318. 483. 525 ; 

admission of incumbents of, v, 525 ; or- 

dinatio vicariae de, v. 294. 483 

Grantham School. Mandate for S. Bm-- 

nett to be master, v. 468 
Gr-axts of custody of manors, royal let- 
ters respecting, i. 130 

OF markets, roval letters respecting, 

I. 131 

OF WAKEEN, foT Jolin de Beverley, i. 


docquets of, from 1628 to 1630, i. 43 

Grantsox, William de. Letter of lUch. II. 

acknowledging his sen-ices, i. 143 
Grape, E. J. Description of Enoutekis, 

Lapland, ii. 252 
DE Gratia, i. 248 

Gratlvx. Decreta cum apparatu, i. 332 
Graves, Richard, v. Greaves, family of. 
Gray, Gilbert. Communis locus do An- 
gelis, I. 410 

Lady Katharine. Essay concerning 

her right to the throne, in. 85 
Documents relating to the marriage 
between her and the Earl of Hert- 
ford, III. 473 
THE ]\L\ster of. Discourse, warning 

the Scots agauist Philip II., in. 211 
Grave, Mr. Sermon on S. Matthew )d.21, 

22, 1. 539 
Greaves, J. Notes on Plautus, A. 3.» 
Greaves, family of, collections relat- 
ing to, by Richard Graves or Greaves, 
V. 190 
Grebxer, Paul. Censura, notes out of a 
Trin. Coll. MS. respecting, v. 170 

(illKCK .\N()NVMOt« TtlUT ^ 

Gil the tlr»t riiUif, I 1' ■ 

on ofliceH, ofliri-m, Ac. at Cuniit*nti- 

nople, I. 66, 67 
rl rSiOf Xi'iiTriafoi/, IV. HCt 

Du episoiipiH HfJe rnia imincrito cUpul- 

Big, IV. a') 
irepl KtKuXvfjJfuy -^d)tuw jtaJ wtpi rtTf 

fivtiat (iaOfiuif, i. 67 
irtfl Kivi^rut ^I'XTt, I. I'i't 
rtpl Kufiu5la% i. KVJ 
irtpl Xoyoffiaiplai, wtpi i- ^tfl 

(TtIx^vv (Iff a-) or/ IK UK, I. , 
oSoiiroplat dirb ' Kiift rov llapaitlaov lit 

TTi)v 'PdJ^af, IV. H.3 
memoirs of illustrious |H*ntonii, iii. 1.1 
Tfpi iroitfTCiv KoX tCiv airrCi* VMiy^rwr, 

I. 462 
irfpl Tuv iroTap.Z'v, i. 265 

irtpl TToXlOpKTJTlKU/l' ^U7X<»»''7M<1 '<•'•'. IT. *^» 

irtpl tQv Ttaadpwy ffrojx^/uii'..., I. ■{'>'> 
various transcripts from Oxford MSS., 

I. 297 
Gloria in Excelsis and Niccno Creed, 

III. 204 
De actionibus wtpl ISikup dyuryur, 

III. 684 
r. Gr-^mmar, Treatises ox. Grook. 

verses, axon, tl Kv^oy /J 6\iyou Ji- 

irXi}(rtoi» uyade Tt&xf^, "'• 59 

Cnrncn Service-books. Ht^X/or rov 

AtKtfiiipiov fn)v6s, I. 239 
The deacon's part of the hjinnii in 
Slavonick, n. 528 
Letter of Bp. Ganliner on tho pro- 

nimciation of, v. 395 
Greex, Thomas (mayor of Norwich). I,< tt. r 
to Bishop Parkhurst on the StraiiK'<r:.' 
congregation at Norwich, ii. 58 
CiuEEXE, Frax< IS. Letter to the ' " 
staldes of the hundred of V. 
V. 257 

Thomas. Letters to Strypc. r. 

Index, V. 148 
Greoextics, S. }\ofio0t<xta, IT. HO 

AidXoyoi M«Ti 'K^palou rtjit 'Y.,\iar 
dvoixa^ofiivov, iv. 512 
Greoorius EcclcsiMtic* 
Historia in Lat. a MS. S\Tinc., it. 609 
r. Corr. V. 6)06] 

CoRIXTUUS. Vtpl Til'r i^a\ifTUT, 

I. 164 
notes on, bv Hermann, A. 50 
by P.-rscM. A. 79 
Gbeoory, S., of Nu/.iuiizuin : 

\6yoi, IV. 461- 165 

rb Iffor TJjf Siaifri*ri^. HI. fM 

irpht Nnf6,"}oi'\or, I. TH 

Liber n|><ili»)?elicui) ex vcr». Bafini, ii. 53, 

in. 6-20 
LiturRift ex Arabic^> in Lat. convcrM, 

ft V. S ■ I. 250 

Orotioii. -1. ffi-J 


Gregory, S., of Nazianzum (continued) : 
Sermo de nativitate Domiui, iii. 462 
Opera ex versione Eufini, ii. 52, 53 
^vva-)(jj^r] Kal e^^77jcrts. . . ef Ti^ irpwTCf) 

ffTr]\iTevTiK(^y I. 453 
e^riy7j(Tis laTopiCjv tuv iv tQ eh Baai- 

Xelov iTTLTarpiiii, I. 453, III. 13 
Fragmentiim Testamenti, i. 265 
Gregory, S., of Nyssa. 'EtticttoXt? navoviKri 
Trpbs Xrirb'Cov eiri<TKOirov ISieXiTTjVTJs, U.159 
X670S TrpwTos, IT. 64 
Gregory, S., Thaumaturgus. 'EiriffToXr) 

KavoviKTi, II. 156 
Gregory, S., of Touis. Extract from his 

Vita S. Martini, in. 29 
Gregory I., Pope, S. 

De conceptu mulieris, iii. 16 
Decretales, i. 492 ; cum Glossa, i. 331. 

340 ; extr. from, in. 54. 592 
Liber dialogoriim, 11. 250 
Homiliffi in Evangelia, 11. 132, in. 388. 
389. 390, 391. 392. 418. 633. 658. 
661. 662 
Homiliae in Ezechielem, i. 250, 11. 414, 

III. 605 ; tabula in, 11. 471 
Moralia in Jobum, i. 38, in. 395 ; 

extr. fi-om, n. 25 
Epistola ad Jobannem Episcopum 

Coustantinopolitanum, iv. 472 
Decretum de immunitate mouasterio- 

rum, in. 471. 633 
Liber Pastoralis Ciu-ae, 11. 132, in. 42, 
471. 633, IV. 22 

in Anglo-Saxon, by King Alfred, 
III. 372 
Psalterium, in. 716 
Eegistrum Epistolarum, in. 435. 605 ; 

Tabula super, 11. 471 
Liber testimonioriun vet. et nov. Test, 
quern PateiTus de opusc. S. Greg, 
excerpere curavit, in. 407. 599 
Deflorationes ex libris a Willelmo Mel- 
dimensi, in. 424 
' De Gregorio Papa, n. 293 

III., Pope. Excerpta ex decretis, 

ni. 689 

v.. Pope. Bulla de quantitate de- 

nariorum per singulos episcopatus An- 
gliaj solvend., v. 329 

IX., Pope. Liber decretalium, 11. 


X., Pope. Constitutiones, i. .332 

Edict respecting tithes at the council 
of Lyons, in. 236 

XV., Pope, Sonetto Bernesco sopra'I 

conclave per la creatione di, n. 23 
Breve principi WaUite (1623), iii. 34 
Greilles, John de, warrant to deliver up 

a castle in Aquitaine to, i. 142 
Gresham, Sir Thomas. Letter to Lord 

Burleigh, 1571, iv. 177 
Professors, letter of the corpora- 
tion of London to the University re- 
Bpecting, V. 314 ; hst of, v. 424 

Grethaji, Robert de. Les evangiles de 
tuz les Dominikes par ane od leur espo- 
sitions (Fr. vers.), in. 3 

Greville, Sir Fotjlk. Actions done in 
England about the beginning of King 
James I.'s reign, i. 196 
notes respecting, v. 565 

Grey. Sayings in verse to the Lord Pro- 
tector Somerset, i. 387 

Mr. Writ, letters, judgments, &c. 

relating to his mariiage. 11. 59. 61. 69 
Zachary, commonplace books of. 

n. 278—286 
notes on Shakespeare and other poets, 
II. 283 
Greystock church, royal letter respecting 

the impropriation of, i. 114 
GraFFiN, Sir Thomas, elegy on the death 

of, I. 384 
Grigg, Williasi. Letter to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 148 
Grimsby, warrant to the sheriff of Lincoln 
to take surety of Wm. Belesby towards 
the burgesses and tenants of, i. 141 

abbat and convent of. Carta con- 

cessa Willelmo Colbern, i. 425 

S. James's church. Obligatio fra- 

trum heremitarum S. Augustini pro 
indemnitate, i. 425 
documents of Bishop d'Alderby re- 
specting, I. 425 
Grimston, Harbottle. Speeches in Par- 
liament 9, 20 Nov. 1640, iv. 214, v. 182 
Grindal, Edmund (Bp. of London). Let- 
ter against unhcensed preachers, 10 
Jan. 1567, iv. 122 
Letter to Cambridge, v. 308 
Letters of, v. 128. 397. 535. 555 
biographical notices of, from Bishop 
Wren's MS., v. 128; portrait of, v. 128 
Griti, Andrea (Doge of Venice). Instruc- 
tions to Viucentio Zatani (Lat. and Ital.), 
1524, I. 419 
Grocinus, William. Letter to Aldus, 

V. 447 
Gronovius, James. Notes on Eunapius, 

A, 29 ; notes on Suidas, A. 41 
Groome, John. Letter to Strype. v. Index, 

v. 148 [v. Corr. v. 140] 
Grosseteste, Robert (Bishop of Lincoln) : 
De cessatione legalium, in. 639 
De confessione, iv. 14 
De coujugio, in. 337, iv. 360* 
Doctrina cordis, n. 422 
De arte computi, in. 550 
Dicta Theologica, 11. 417, m. 398 
inDionysium Areopagiticum de mystica 

Theologia, in. 640 
de dotibus, in. 335 
Epistola ad Innocent. IV., in. 335 [v. 

Corr. V. 599] 
Exameron, in. 599 
Octo signa Humilitatis, in. 289 
Kalendarius, in. 329. 331 


GnossETESTE, RonF.RT {contiitncd): 
De sumina jnstitia", ii. 422 
De lingua, ii. 4'2'2 
in uiamliita. in. 'M'^ 
Mcilitiitidiies, iii. '2^7 
? Le luiraclo de Siirdcuai, iv. 391 [v. 

Corr. V. 605] 
? De officio Missa), iv. 14 
Compeudiimi moralitatiun super Evan- 

pclia, in. 599 
Oculus moralis, rv. 10; caintula do, 

III. 398 
de Poenis purgatorii, in. 599 
de Pceuiteutia, in. 066 
Siirama Philosophise, in. 424 
Tboorica plauetarum, in. 347. 404. 550 ; 

Johannis de Sacro Bosco, in. 323 
do potentia, iii. 335 
de scala paiipcrtatis, in. 335 
compendia sciontianim, in. 295 
de sphera, n. 517, in. 215. 322, iv. 184 
Statuta facta domui sanctxe Triuitatis 

extra Northampton, i. 425 
Temphim Domini, in. 33G.369 [r.Corr. 

V. 599]. G67, IV. 14 
Testameuta xii Patriarchartim, i. 20, 

II. 46. 260, IV. 381 
? dc Veneno (/. e. de 7 peccatis mortali- 

hiis), I. 414 [v. Corr. v. 588]. in. 343 
? de Vitiis, ii. 295, iv. 14 
Knight's collections for his biography, 

v. 187; letter of Lewis respecting, 

v. 574 
account of his MSS. at Prague, iv. 521 
account of papers relating to, at Lin- 
coln, V. 186 
On Dodsworth's transcripts of his regis- 
ter, V. 187 
Grosvenok, Sir Eicn.uiD. Speech touch- 
ing religion (1628), iv. 311 
Gkuter, J.\n. Notes on Philostratus, A. 32 

notes on Seneca, mor., A. 55 
GuALTERius. Liber de conjngio, iv. 360* 
Guarinus Veroxensis. Epistola in Ora- 
tionem Isocratis, iv. 4 
De assentatoris et amici differentia ex 

Phitarcho, rv. 4 
Epistola Poggio, with a preface to Leo- 

nellus Estrensis, in. 46 
GcAZAL Cora (an astronomical instru- 
ment), de. III. 501 
GuELPRES, William, Duko of. Letters 
patent relating to his convention with 
Eich. II. and Henry- IV., iv. 446 
Guernsey. Letter to the inhabitants from 
Eichard II., i. 145 


GuESCLiN, Bertran-d du. Letter respecting 
his conduct in Jersey, i. 1 13 

GuiGO Carthusiensis (seu GuERBicrs ab- 
bas). Scala claustralium, iv. 393; (in 
English), n. 536 

Gdildfobd, Monastery of. Obituary Ka- 
lendar, iv. 23 

Grn.niiM.L. Extracts from Liber Cnatn* 

nmruin, i. 4h.') 
Booko of tlio T,i)rd Muyor'M fcft-nt in. 
32 Hen. VIII.. ii. 2M ' 
GiNxiNo, I'KTKii, U\\ (if Ely. L«tt<r re- 
signing tlio lU'g. Prof, of Divinity at 
Cambridge, v. 222 
certified coi)y of the la-st will and tcata- 
mont of, IV. 512 
GuNPowKEU Plot. Account of the sciznro 
of Fanx's lantern, v. Ih4 
Latin and Englisli vermrt on, v. 170 
Gdnton's Jlistiini of I'ftirhorouijh, 
notes on, by Baker, A. 30 
notes on, by Kennctt, A. 'AO 
GusTAVCs AnoLriirs. Relation of the 

battles of Leii)sic and Llltzen, iii. 155 
GnnLAC, S. Vita (vers.), i. 472 
CirvBERT, Eeni5. Historical account of 

the Cistercian order, i. I8l 
(iWYX, Edward. Controversy with Phil- 
lips concerning bnooi<no%, i. 387 
Gybiion, John. Letters to Str^iie. r. In- 
dex, V. 14.S 
Gyldas, Abbat of Glaatoubury. Prophctia. 
HI. 715 

ILvBMAM. Liber augmcnti ct diminutionis, 

IV. 134 
Hackwell, Mr. Case between Baronets 
and younger sons of Viscounts and Ba- 
rons for precedency, i. 351 
Haddenham, appropriatio ecclesiir do, to 

the Archdeaconrj- of Ely, v. 340 
Haddington, Thomas Hamilton. Earl of. 
Book of Practicks alphabetically digested 
into titles, in. 675. 693 
Haddon, Walter. Letter to Parker, v. 3.35 ; 
notes on ' Hieronjtui Osorii in (i. Had- 
donum libri tres,' A. 55 
Hadlee. Expenses in enclosing the park 

to be allowed to Walter W., i. 133 
Hadley (Suffolk), letter to people of, not 

to overrate certain jierson.'*, i. 127 
Hale. Thomas de l.v. Eoyal letter respect- 
ing his canonization, i. 114 

Ch. Just. Transcripts from his 

papers relative to the colleges at Cam- 
bridge, v. 533 
publick ilisordera in Emmanuel CoU. 
1603, V. 531 
Hales, .\lexandeb de. Commcntar. in 
Aix)calvpsin. iv. 359* 

John. Letters to A»cbam. i.3>«>. 381 

Eobert de (prior of S. John's. Jeru- 
salem), letter of Richard II. tn, i. ll'J 
[v. Corr. V. 5^5] 
refusal of Richard II. to allow him to 
quit the kingdom, letters respecting, 
I. 117 


Halifax, Geokge Saville, Marquis of. 

Accoimts (as Earl), 1679, 1680, iv. 4-42 

Etrennes ou conseils d'lin bomme de 

quaUt^ a se fiUe, i. 286. 296. 403. 457 

Catalogue of his libraiy at Kufford 

(1683), I. 404; of liis lower library, 

I. 43 

Hall, John (T3p. of Bristol). Articles, &e. 
exhibited against, while Master of Pem- 
broke CoU. Oxford, II. 279 

Joseph (Bp. of Exeter). Letter to 

the lower house of Parliament, iii. 155 

EoBERT. Fimeral oration for Ha- 

bakkuk Crabb, v. 576 

Hallet, Edmond. Letter to Jaraes II. on 
Newton's Priucipia, ii. 498 

H.'iLTWESTLE Eectoet, V. 447 

Haly filius Tazith. Liber de secretis 
philosophonun in opere alkj-mico, ii. 451 

Hammond, Dr, paper of Fulman respect- 
ing, V. 443 

■ Egbert. Letter to Sir E. Dilling- 

ton, V. 409 

narrative respecting Charles I. in 

the isle of Wight, v. 447 

Hampden, John. Arguments respecting 

the case of ship-money, iii.485. 488.489 

Justice Crook's argument ou the case 

of the scire facias against (1638), 

III. 64 

John, copy of a paper written by, 

1688, V. 301 

Hampole, Eichahd Eolle of : 
Of baptising, iii. 546 
Of binding and assoiling, iii. 546 
? The crafte of dej'inge, ii. 502 
Super Cantica, iv. 362* 
A charter of remission, iii. 539 
xii Chapiters, or Contemplacyons, 

in. 538 
Cantus compassionis Christi et consola- 

tionis etemi (a collection of 13 short 

poems in English), i. 280, v. 586 
Contemplation, treatise on, v. 587 
De diviuis mandatis (Eng.), or ' Propur 

wille,' I. 276, ii. 499. 533 
De discretione habenda (Eng.), i. 248 
De emendatione vitse sive peccatoris 

(sen Eegula vivendi), i. 247. 278, 

II. 496, III. 43. 299, iv. 363* 

De emendatione vitte sive peccatoris 
(Eng.), II. 493 [v. Corr. v. 596]; 

II. 498, by E. Misyn [r. Con-, v. 596] 
Forma vivendi (Eng.), i. 279. 499. 501, 

III. 450. 545 

How we Bchul love God on al wise, 

III. 539 
De incendio amoris, i. 278 (called Me- 

lodia amoris), iv. 362* 
Capitulum de judicio Dei, iv. 393 
Lamentatio S. Bcrnardi (in Eng. vers.), 

I. 2; in French, in. 3 
A tretis of loving Jesus Christ, i. 279 
Super lectiones mortuorum, i. 248, 

Hampole, Eichaed of (continued) : 

II. 496, ni. 344; Eng. (called Pety 
Joob), II. 406 

On the Lord's Prayer and Creed (Lat.), 

I. 245. 278 
A tretis of mayndenhod, in. 535. 546 
Matutiuie in veneratioue nominis Jesu, 

in. 717 
Mechtatioues, iv. 394 ; A devout (Eng.), 

III. 539 

Memoriale credentium, i. 4 
Missa de nomine Jesu, in. 717 
Orationes excerptje de diversis tracta- 

tibus, III. 717 
Orilogium sapieutiae (Eng.K n. 502 
Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi (Eng. 

vers.), I. 1, in. 2. 200. 448; (Eng. 

prose), IV. 4 
A tretis of Pater noster, in. 539 
Treatise beginning ' The comawnde- 

ment of Godes that we lufe oure 

lorde,' I. 279 
A tretys of perfyt love, in. 539 
Quomodo pervenerit ad incendium a- 

moris, n. 299, in. 286, iv. 363* 
Poems (Eng.), Thy joy be ilk a dele... 

I. 280 [v. Corr. v. 587] 
Scala perfectionis (? Hilton's), Eng., 

I. 275, II. 164. 499 
Sermons, metrical, i. 3 

Speculum vitte (The Myi-our of Life), 
Eng. verse, n. 442, in. 19. 23. 365, 

IV. 4 

approbation of the Univ. of Cam- 
bridge of, III. 366 
Speculum Peccatoris, i. 545, n. 257. 
297. 344. 497, in. 263. 297. 356. 510. 
732; (Eng.), The myrour of sinners, 

II. 502. 548 

Stimulus Conscientipp, i. 244; (Eng. 

verse). The Prick of Conscience, 1.481. 

506, II. 168, IV. 44 

De tribulatione, iv. 394; (Eng.), in. 539 

De vita activa et contemplativa (Eng.), 

n. 498 
Miscellaneous paragraphs in English, 

II. 499, V. 586. 587 
Extracts from, i. 530 
Hampton Court, rentals of, belonging to 
the Queen's jointure (1624), n. 82 

Conference, acts in, v. 389 

Hanging, note as to an experiment on, 

III. 490 
Hanley, Joshua. Letter to Strj'pe. r. In- 
dex, V. 148 
Hanneya, Thomas de. Memoriale junio- 

rum, in. 239 
Hanover, House of, genealogical table of 

the, V. 578 
Hanse Towns, privileges given to, by En- 
glish kings from Henry III. to Henry IV. 
(Lat.), I. 365 
Letter of Eichard II. to a Prince of 
Poland on a treaty with, i. 116; to 


Hansk Towns (continue<l) : 

tlio consuls of tlic cities of PrnsHia 
nnd Lulx'ck on tlio siuiio, i. llCt 
Letters of Itithanl II. to the merchauts 

of, I. 118 
Negotiations of Queen Elizaboth witli, 
for freedom of tradiu}^, i. 'MU). 'MM 
Hanwortii, Manor of, accounts of, ir.;jH, 

1639, IV. 174 
Harcourt, Hknbt. Receipts for Cookery, 
I. 354 

Sir Simon. Proainblo to the iustni- 

ment creating him a peer, v. 488 
Harding, William, kin^;'s niessen^;er: let- 
ter to the mayor of Ijondon that surety 
of peace be <:a'antcil to, i. ]'2(> 
Hardinok, John. Conimentariolus iu Ari- 

stotel. llhetor. II., ii. 2(i4 
Hark, John. Uu briefo collection de touts 
tiels decrees fait in lo court do Gards 
Ed. VI.— EHz., in. 271 
H.VRINGTON, Sir Jamks, of Exton, descend- 
ants of, with their coats of arms by 
J. Tilston, I. 333 
Harison, Anthony. Collections relating 
to the revenues of the bishoprick of 
Norwich, i. 491 
Repertorium Episcopale Noi-vicenso, 

lf,03— 1()32, IV. 18() 
English verses 'de monasteriis dirutis,' 

IV. 1S7 
account of, iv. 187. 190 
Harley, Lord, v. Covel, John, corre- 

spondence of 


Speech to Sir G. Eooko, 

v. 426 


juris civilis (Latine), iv. 303 
Harpocration. A4^iKov, i. 254 

notes on, by Dobree, A. 74. 79 
Harrington, Mr. Argument on a quaro 

impedit in banco regis, i. 192 
Harrison, Hester. Letters to Strj-pc. 

V. Index, v. 148 

John. Letters to Strj-pe. v. Index, 

V. 148 

S. Letters to A. Seller, iv. 512 

TnEOPniLrs. Letters to Strypo. 

V. Index, v. 148, 149 

Thomas, proceedings against, at tho 

Kings's Bench Bar. Juno ICHS, i. 299 
letter to Speaker Lcuthall, v. 299 
Thomas (fellow of Sid. Coll.). Let- 
ters to Str-^iie. V. Index, v. 149 
Thomas (of Trin. Coll.), notes re- 
specting, v. 565 
Harsnett, Dr. Sermon on Universal 
Grace, ii. 489 
Abp. Additions to Maunsell's Cata- 
logue of English printed books, v. 474 
Hart, W. Translation of ' The three con- 

formities ' by F. de Croy, v. 179 
Hartley, John. Letters to Strj-pe. 
dex, v. 149 


Hauti.iii. Mil. Letters to Pr Worth Inttton, 
v. 31 »2 

IImiviv, (lAiiniKr., notoH rcHiHTtinr '■"' 
MiiKdnim Lficri/mir, Ac, v. ifl'i ; %• 
on, v. 433; it ttcnt of and t<>, v. I.t.i ; 
nott's of his lifi>, v. I.i.'t 

U. LitUr to U. Hanty. p. Index, 

v. 1 1'.( 

Wii.Mui. Letter to Strypo. r. In- 
dex, v. 1 19 

Harwood, John. Letter to Strj-po. r. In- 
dex, v. 149 

Harynoton, John, sonnitfl and cpifrrani<i 
by, V. 583 

Hasmngfield, ftuidatio cnntari/r in, v. 321 
lease of, from S. Mnrj'a abUy, York, 

V. 355 
Wendv's charity for tho endowment of, 
V. 300 

HASELWoon, Francis. Letter to Strypo. 
r. Index, v. 149 

Hastings, Thomvs, procoodinga ngninHt, 
for adidter>- (IC'.IO). i. 3mh 

Hatcheu, John. liCttors to Ijonl Dtirchior, 
v. 308. 309. 313. 556 
Letters to, v. 311. 556 

Thomas. Littir to nar\-ey, v. 432 ; 

to I)r Wilson, v. 452, 153 

Hathkisleigh, church of, proposal for an 
exchange respecting, i. 126, 127 

Hatton (iARDEN, caso respecting, v. 39<\ 
572, 573 

Hatton, Sir CnniSToriiER. Lettoni to 
Bishop Chaderton, v. 297; to others, 
v. 556 

Haukesworth, Walter. Labjninthns, Co- 
mu'dia, II. 178 

Haikwood, Sir John pe, and other am- 
bassadors, letter of credeuco for, from 
Richard II., i. 118 

Hawks, Rorert. History of Framlinghani 
and Loos hundred, extracts from, v. 317 

Hawes's Collection of Sermons, printtnl 
and sold for 1</., 2./. and 3</., adilitions 
to, A. 66 

Hawks. Letters to tho Shoriffs of T/ind. n 
to pay for all exposed for sale iu L<'n- 
don or near, for the king's us© (Ri- 
chard ID, I. HI. 112 

Haymo. Expositio in Isaiam, i. 343 
super Epistolas S. I'auli. in. 61>< 

Hayto. Flos historiaruin torra- ()rientii», 
I. 22, in. 47 

Hearne, Thomas. Acconnt of tho life and 
writings of Chancer, i. 194 
on the effects of time and tides on tho 

coast <)f Hover, v. l'<3 
life of, V. 439; »(i>itaph on. v. 439 
will of, V. 453; notes of his birth, death 
and buriiil, V. 453; letter to Baker, 
V. 523 

Heath, Sir Rorert. Information against 
a seditious discourse divulged by Fr. 
Earl of Bedford and others ( 1 629), in. 156 



Heath, Sir Eobekt {continued) : 

Letters for proceeding against recu- 
sants, IT. 284. 285 
Heath, Nicholas, Abji. of Tort. Letter 

to Jo. Munsye, v. 552 
Heathcote, SiE GiLBEET. Letter toStrji^e. 

V. Index, v. 149 
Heatox, Maktin (Bishop of Ely). Letter 

to the heads at Cambridge, v. 309 
Hebeew. Grammatics compendium, ii. 
expositio super Alphabeto, iii. 17 
Hebra?orum nomiunm interpretationes, 

II. 501, III. 1(3; (Greek), iii. 13 
de Hebrffiorum Poesi, ii. 280 
Hederici Lexicon Maxuale, notes on, bv 

Hermann, A. 53 
Heerjian, Francis. Golden annotations 

in English, i. 311 
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Prophecy of the places of his sons' 

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He.nrv VI. (coiiliintfd) : 

sion for the coiiscM-vation of the peace, 

Dec. 1470. 111. 1<J3 
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appdintuu'iits, iv. IX\ 
letter to Aiulrew IIuIjo ami others nt 

lit line, V. 382 
petitious of viirious abbats to, v. 382 
letter to the baroua of the cvcheqiier, 

V. 382 
rejection of bulls grautiiiK to Lewis 

Abp. of K. the prolits of Ely, v. 382 
writ do hieretico coiubiux'Uilo (a. 1), 

V. 382 
Breve de non associaudo Cardinal, an. 9 

Hen. VI., V. 382 
licence to the curd, to carry £20,000 to 

the council of Uale, v. 3S2 
List of events in the reign of, ii. 45 
Pedit,Tee of, iv. 102 
Treatise on his horoscope, ii. 11'.) 
missa) et exeqiua\ v. 423 
commission to enquire into his claims 

to canonization, v. 382 
IIenry VII. Treaty of jieacc with John, 
kiuf; of Denmark, i. 3(J1 
Oratio habita coram rege, Cantabrigiae, 

IV. 372* 

Bull confirming his title to the crovsTi, 

V. 383 

will of, V. 392. 508; note respecting 

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V. 4(52 
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restore the King of Denmark (1523), 

V. 470 
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(1524), V. 470 
instructions to Knight, v. 470 
instructions to Toustal and Wingfield 

ambassadors to the emperor (152j), 

V. 470 
instructions to Edward Lee, ii. 137 
copy of the letter to the ambassadors 

in Spain, 1525 [so read for 1G25J, 

II. 138 
articles concluded between the English 

and French commissioners, 30 Aug. 

1525, II. 140 
Instructions to Francis Toyntz, ambas- 
sador to France, ii. 13'J 
instructions to Bryan and Vannrs 

(1528), V. 470 
instructions to Paget, v. 471 
Instructions to the ambassador to the 

emperor, setting forth the groiuuls of 

the divorce, v. 2(58 
Process of the legates in the divorce 

case (1533), i. 514 [r. Corr. v. 588 j 
letters respecthig the University's reply 

in the case, v. 50O 

"t oonoeming Um 

llENnv VIII ' 
Dr Hml. 

divorct', \. uoi 
uotici'H of Iho (•X|H-<liti' n to rr&ric« 

(a. r. 'M')), I. 537 
LottcrM imtoiit givii ' 

manor to Sir J. < 

lliche. IV. I.'U 
Letter to Abp. I'urkor (164l>, ▼, U7 
OOlr ' * ■ 1. 


divorce, v. '^i-^ 
proclanmtion al ~_. „ Jur 

ing hur^i'Ht, S. 
opistola tnidita i :i' iii.i ot LftOrBOtio 

cardinal ibuH, v. 327 
will of, I. 380, III. 85 

V. FlSHKU, .loIIM. 
IIkXRV II. OK FlUN< E. ! •■ 

treatv with (juecQ 1 ,. .„, ._.^J, 

I. 370 

IIknuy IV. or Fr.A. ■ ^ ' - *« 

the Evang 'heal I'. 

of I'ir.llllMllt ( l.'.'.l-Jl, I. .-.J 

Li tti I.- I ut( h! Ill thi'ir fnvonr. i. W 
Treaty with (jiiecn Elizabctb (16 May 

1596K I. 370 
Instructions to tliooe Rent to him with 

the order of the gnrtor, i. 37<» 
Treatv with James I. (24 Feb. lft)f>), 
I. 370 
Henry, Prince, son of Jnmo«t I. Com- 
puta iiiinistromm in 

ford, Middlx., Suff. e; ' 

Accoimt of his sickuefis and dtatli 
(1012), by Sir C. Coniwalliu. ii. 48, 
V. 353 
manner of ' funeral at 

SurMy of iiiiiuor.i Ulunt:iiig to, hj 
John Nordiii, iv. I'.W 
Henshaw, Joseiii, I5p. of l'« I 

count of, by Bishop While !»■ ..n... ..-^l 
Hei'ILBstion. <>xt«/>Wtoi', I. 40C 
notes and c ' A. 50 

noted on, b; . A. 80 

1 'iiiiit I-, A. 75 
Puuw, .\. 51 
Vulckrii;rr. A. 50 
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disus dicitur, ii. 4'.H>, in. 471 
De pni'fatione in liliro qui dicitar Para- 
disus, III. 45 
III i.Mi'KV. Collectioiifl and notra, i. 314. 
J.'i-i. 5(»1 

coibctions cone 70 

Al|.). 1.. * ..f >■ 
I)i I 
V. 1'. i . 
IIeuhi'.ut, I \trv t^ from. 

III. 15'.) 
l'.|<igrani on the Spanis«li rint«'h. nf. W 
III ::ri III, Mil. SjxiTh on ■ ' • 

ini. at of the Duke of Bucki; ^ -J 



Herbs, alphabetical catalogue of, i. 27-i. 
434. 446, II. 12. 15 
Discourse on, in rhyme, i. 434 
Tractatus de herbis", i. 285. 496 
Hekeford, county of, royal letter to the 
collectors of the 10th and loth in be- 
half of E. of Eoudon, over-assessed, 
I. 127 
Accoimt of the property of the church 

of, I. 416 
Licence to the Bishop to unite a pre- 

beudship with the deanery, i. 110 
Bulla pro canouizatione Thoma3 Here- 
fordensis episcopi, iii. 408 
Hereford, Kogeh de. De judiciis siderum 
et astrologife, iii. 215. 313 
Liber de tribus generalibus judiciis 
Astronomiip, iii. 313 
Hereticks. Writ de hseretico comburendo, 
case of W. TayUour, v. 382 
order for the apprehension of W. Eus- 
sell of the friars minors for heresy, 
V. 382 
De proclamatione facienda contra hrere- 

ticos et LoUardos, v. 382 
proclamatio contra hferesium pra^dica- 

tores, V. 384 
mandatum ad dcnunciaud. Herford et 
EeiDjnigdon excommimicatos, v. 484 
Sygar tried at Cambridge, v. 499 
trials for heresy, v. 293. 324 
Herixga, Adrian. Notes on Orpheus, A. 4? 
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Hermann, J. G. J., notes on 
Anacreon, A. 42 
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Aidstophanes, A. 44 
Arrian, A. 52 
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Bion, A. 44 
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ische Sprachlehre, A. 53 
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de metris, A. 54 
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scriptores quosdam, A. 54 
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saurus, A. 42 
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co poetisque cyclicis, v. 583 
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notes on his Tracts, by Dobree, A. 76 
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Capitulum, ii. 542 
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Trutina, ii. 117 
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IV. 506 ; notes on, by Dodjaigton, A. 58 
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Prologus Tzetzis et Scholia cum var. 
lect. (Gr.), IV. 87 
Hero of Alex.\ndria. Terj-n-oviKov ^l^XIov, 
I. 198. 199 
elaa'yuyal tCov yecofierpovfiivup, I. 198 
Trepl Tu>v T^s yeufierpias Kal ffrepeufie- 

rplai ovoixaTwv, I. 198 
fxerpiKd, I. 198 
Trepl ixirpwv, I. 198 
vvevuaTiKicv ^ijSXlou irpwrov, ill. 62 
Herodian. TTipl efKkivoixivwv Koi eyK\iTi- 

KWV KOU. (TWeyKXlTlKLCV /jLOplwU, IV. 483 

Herodotus, 'laroplai, iv. 467 

emendations on, and various readings, 

A. 22 
notes on, by Casaubon, A. 38 
Diephold, A. 40 
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Gale, A. 4 
Hermann, A. 40 
Markland, A. 10 
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Scaliger, A. 33 
Taylor, A. 10 
Herolt, Johanne.s. Discipuli Sermones, 

IV. 364* 
Hertford, County of. Eentals of vari- 
ous manors in, ii. 75 
rental of the manor of Tewing (1641), 

II. 76 
rental of the manor and castle of Hert- 
ford (1639), II. 76 
Assessment of hundreds and towns 
towards the money gi-anted by Par- 
liament 1640-2, II. 81 
Hertford, Edward Seymour, Earl of. 
Documents relating to his marriage 
with Lady Katharine Gray, iii. 473 


HEnTFoui>, Edwauk SKYirotn, E. of {cont.y. 
Do clftiuleatiiiis spousiilibus ct umtri- 
inoniis, i. IS'J 
^Vll.I,I.vM SKYMoun, Marquis of. Let- 
ter of, V. 407 
IlEitvKY, LoKD John, rroumblo to lii-i 

patent, i. lOG 
IIesiod. 'Epya kuI Tj/x^pat, iv. 487 
various readiut^s of, A. 20 
uotcs on, by Casaubon, A. 31 
Heriuauu, A. IG 
IlESYCiiirs. iirlypafifxa laroplai tls ^oXtt)- 
piov, II. 418 
irpoi QfodovXov \6yoi nepl vfixpcus, 

IT. 80, 87 
'OfJ.i\iai els ypdXfiov! Ixxvii — cni, cxviii, 

II. 410. 41H; Latino, it. 413 
Notes on bis Lexicon by 
Chandler, A. 15 
Meibomius, A. 41 
Porson, A. 79 
Scaliger and others, A. 7 
Valckenajr, A. yl 
Westerhof, A. 41 
Hetley, Sik Tho.mas. Reports of cases 
in tlie Common Bench, Chas. I., iii. 41)2, 

IV. 450 

Reasons why he should be restored to 
his place among the Serjeants, i. Ifil 

Heun, Oscar. Additions to a pamphlet 
(German), v. 57G 

Hewytt, John. Letters to Strypc. t'. In- 
dex, V. 149 

Hexhaji, Eichard, prior of. De moderuo 
et antiquo statu Hagustaldensis ecclcsiro, 
II. 325 [r. Corr. v. 594] 

Heytord Mill, document relating to, ii. 4 

Heywood, Edward, letters of. v. Index, 

V. 149 

HiCKES, Dr. Letters out of Scotland to 
Dr Patrick, v. 420. 421 

M. and Michael, letters of. r. 

Index, V. 149 

Sir "William. Life of Lord Burghley, 


V. 392 

H1ER0CLE.S, notes on, by Taylor, A. 23 
HiERONYMCS, S. Adliortatioues sanctorum 

Patrum perfectiouesqiie mouachorum, 

IV. 27(5 
Altercatio Luciferi ct Orthodoxi, i. 319 
Expositio Uteralis super Apocalvpsim, 

ir. 4G4 
Super Apocaljiisim ad Anatholium, 

II. 404 
de Assuraptione B. Virginis, i. 320. 003 
Libellus Bemctoli, iv. 357* 
Comment, in Cantica, i. 320 
in Canticum Debbora-, in. 044 
de castitate mulicnim, in. 538 
Chronicon, 11. 333 

de corpore et sanguine Christi, i. 320 
Explanatio in Danielem, i. 210 
De vii. gradibus Ecclosiic, i. 320 
in Ecclesiasten, in. 039 

-47. ftia. fiaa. 

0(i;>. (>trt. liiliiiiu miiwr, III. 403; 

c'Xtr. from. v.. "",1'. 
Epistola ud 1 

* J ; 1 uiua> t fc •.iiit''^ nil ii>i ,fiib[i iiiutii, 

IV. 112 
EuHfbii Lib«r tompormn. it. 83S, iv. 

De fidii . 
Explimu ' um, m. h7. 

Exjiositio fidei Niconi concilii, 1. 819 
Interiiretationcs Ilcbraiconim nomi- 

num, ni. t'A.i 
Liber quiestionum ncbmicanim, lit. 

042; Priifatio in, i. 320 
De situ ct iiomiiiibus locoruni Hcbrai- 

conim, I. 320, in. VA.i 
Adversu.s llelvidium, i. 41. 319 
Vita Sancti Hylarionis, i. 320, iv. 275 
Invcctiones facta> frutribus Huin luuiia- 

chis, in. l.'il. 010 
ad Pail!' II cnntm Johanncni 

Hiero- um, i. 319 

contra Joviiiiauuui, 1. 210. 319, in. 

Liber apologoticus pro libri« contra 

Jovinianuni, in. 031 
Actus Sancti Mnlobi mouachi rAptiri, 

I. 320. IV. 275 
de mansionibus liliorum Israel, in. 042. 

Super S. Marcum, in. 407 
Matthauiu, n. 4C>3, in. 407; 

extr. from, i. 320, in. 391. 392. 009. 

Secrcta Mrditatio, in. 732 
de membris I>oinini. r. ArocBTixcs, S. 

de essentia I>i. 
ad Oceauum do % nun, 1. 41 

Dialogus du origine nniina;, 1. 320 
Dun) omolin; ex Ohgene in Cauiica, 

I. 41. 320 

Dchononin.T *" . m. 219 

Brovissiui.o buiht Epi- 

stolas S. ratili, ii. 4til 
Expositio in S. Paulum ad Galata«. 

II. 404 

Ephesios, n. !(>.'> 

Titiiin, n. 401, ni. .'89 

,., , ... ... -_., 

Vita S. i . 

IV. 27.'> 
Dialo;^iis rnntni IVhTifin"". »■ 819 
in Proi.b ' 171 

ExiH)Miti.. 1 1 . Hi. 017 

P89. xli. cxvii, I. 820 

abbroviated Psalter of. ll. 175. 618. 

in. 1X0 
Do (pin stionibuM Rogntn ct Paralipo- 

monoi), in. I>13 
ll.gulft vivonili ad Eust<K^hium, I. 320 
bcrmoncs, i. 320, ui. GJ9 


HiERON-YMUS, S. (cont!mie(T) : 

Exhortatoria ad Susaunam lapsam, iii. 

Syinboli esplanatio ad Damasmn, i. 41 
De tribus viitutibus, i. 41 
De X. tentatioribus Israel populi, i. 320, 

III. 643 
Epistola ad Tyrasiiun, i. 41 
In Vigilantitim hfereticum, i. 41. 319 
De institutione Yii'gimim, i. 320 
De viris illustribus, i. 320, iii. 645 
De vii-o perfecto, i. 320 
extract from, iii. 6 
on the four Gospels (Anglo-Saxon), 

in. 360 
De transitu ejus, S. Augustini, in. 151 
De miraciilis quse acciderunt post ejus 

mortem, S. Cyrilli, in. 151 
De morte ejus, Eusebii Cremonensis, 

I. 320 
Exhortatio de caritate, de miraeulia 
S. Hieronynii et de morte S. Eusebii, 
n. 296 
Vita a Gennadio, rv. 275 ; Vita, i. 319, 

in. 663 
Petri Pauli Vergerii sermo de laudibus, 
S. Hieronj-mi, i. 320 
HiERONTMUS, Magistee. Oratio Ferraris 
ad Frederieum tertium imperatorem 
(1453), in. 244 
HiGDEN, Kalph. Polichronicon, i. 26 
[v. Coix V. 584]. 339 [v. Corr. v. 587], 
n. 39, ni. 396. 401 
Speculum curatorum, ly. 115 

W. Letter to StrjTJe. r.Index, v. 149 

HiGGOXS, Edward. Geograpbia, in. 466 
HiGHAM, nunnery of. Letters relating to its 

dissolution, v. 562. 563 
HiGHGATE School. Paper respecting the 
foundation, v. 178 (in Patrick papers, 
HiL.iRirs. Epistola ad S. Augustinum, 

I. 331 
HiLDEBERT, S. De ffidificio animse, n. 269 
Epistola, II. 264 
Compendium Philosophise Moralis, 

n. 264. 523, ni. 316 
Hymnus de Trinitate, ii. 53 
HiiDEGARD, S. Prophetia de novis fratri- 

bus, I. 471 
HiLDEwiMus, S. Sermones, in. 340. 341 
Hill, Anthony. Letters to StrjTje. v. In- 
dex, V. 149 

Thomas. Letter to Wlieelock, i. 75 

Thomas. Nimdinaj Sturbrigienses, 

IV. 403 
HiLLES, Henry, of Hinxhill. On the pro- 
pagation of the soul of man, in. 165 
Hilton, Walter. S. Bonaventura's Sti- 
mulus Amoris, in English, in. 265 
The divine cloud of unknowing, ii. 538, 

III. 535. 724 
Epistle of private counsel, ii. 538, in. 
530. 724 

Hilton, Walter (continuecT) : 

Scala perfectionis, in English, i. 275, 

n. 164. 499 
note from, i. 248 
EiMMioBEN-, Jacobus. Casus conscientise, 

m. 317 
Hippocrates. 'En-to-roXTj xpbs AapLayrtrov, 

IV. 63 [r. Corr. v. 604J 

TTfpl SiaiTT]S, IV. 64 

irepl ivvtrviaiv, iv. 64 ; notes on, by N. 

Moraugellus Yitellianffius, A. 37 
Kar iTjTpiov, IV. 90 
irepl Twt> efrbs iradu'v, Lat. cum annot. 

a Martinio, iv. 392 
irepl vvperQy, iv. 64 
ds TO. Tov'lTnroKpaTOVs Kpr](rfi6ST}/ia, II. 

Pronostica cum commcnto Galieni, 

ni. 373 
De flatibus et passionibus, Lat. a Philel- 

pho, III. 84 
The tokyns that Ypoeras the leche 

wrot, 301 
Liber de Hj-pocrase (Eng.), i. 434 
Le livre du gouveruement de Saute que 

Ypoeras fist, n. 335 
Astrouomia, in. 326 
HiPPOLYTUS. 'Ek tov eh dafxa t<Sv dfffid- 
Twv, I. 298, from an Oxford MS. 
Tt icTTiv 7] (xocpLa..., I. 298, from an Ox- 
ford MS. 
^L\ocro(povp.ei'a. Extract from, rv. 84 
and Irenasus, ttc, extract (Gr.) from, 

IV. 80 

of Thebes. Extract from, iv. 81, 82 

HispALENSis or HisPANrs, Johannes. Spe- 
culum elementorum, n. 449. 540 [called 
Johannes Vienuensis] 
Theoria Alfragani, in. 325 
Liber major introductorius Albumasari 

(Latine), in. 547 
Aristotelis liber de secretis secretorum. 

V. Aristotle. 

Gebek, v. Geber Hispalensis. 

HispANus, Peteus. Thesaurus Pauperum, 
I. 445, III. 374 
in English, i. 434 
HiSTON, notes respecting, v. 289. 295. 323 
HoADLEY, Benjamin. Letters to Sti'ype. 

V. Index, v. 149 

HoARE, Henry. Letters to Strj^pe. v. 
Index, V. 149 

HoBART, Sir Henry. Eeports of cases in 
the reign of James I., in. 491, iv. 55 
Law note book, n. 339 

HocKiNGTON Vicarage. Notes respecting, 
V. 294. 324. 519 

Hodges, Sarah. Letter of. d. Index, v. 150 

Hodgkin's Calligraphia Gileca. Addi- 
tions to, by Dobrcc, A. 79 

Hodgson, John. Letters to Strpye. v. In- 
dex, V. 150 

Hody, Humphrey. Letters to Strype. v. 
Index, V. 150 


HoLBOKXE. ArKUiui'iit on the of sliip- 

money, ni. IH.j. 488. IS!) 
HoLRiJOKE, Astronomieal tftMcs by, n. 117 
HoLDswouTii, Du, r. C.vMuniiKiE, Univer- 
sity of: Library. 
Hoi.cor, llonEKT. Tractatus do vii vitiia 
capitiilibus, ii. 4G. 1)8 
Tractatus ile serjionto anb conipendio 
breviloqnii, i. 212, ii. 151 
HoLLAXP, Henuy Rich, Kavl of, manner of 
iu'stalling as Chancellor of Cambridge 
(1628), IV. 308, V. ;J7(). 405 
letter of, ou the occasion, iv. 308, 

V. 175. 376. V. V. 487 
other letters to Cambridge, v. 165. 168. 
169. 171. 174. 176 
HoiXAXD, Henry. Carmina in advcntum 
principis Elizabethan Wodstokium, I II. 6S7 

SiK John. Speech in Parliament 

(1640), IT. 218 

PHiLEiioN. Transcripts from Femo- 

lins, IV. 22 
HoLLAXDEES, Treatise for assisting, against 
the Spaniard, i. 105 
a discovery of their trade and fishing, 

&c.. III."' 195 
revolt of ; observations which happen- 
ed before 1558, shewing by whom 
the revolt was accomplished, iii. 
Apoccalisse d'Olauda, ii. 23 
HoLLis, John. Letter to Lord Treasurer 

Cecil, II. 185 
Holme, S. Benedict's abbey, v. Bennet 

Holmes, George. Letters to Strj-pc. r. 

Index, V. 150 
HoLPES, PHiLosornrs. Propliecia, in. 715 
HoLWORTHY, Matthew. Letter to Strype. 

V. Index, v. 150 
Holy Cross Abbey, r. Bourdeaux, Wal- 


Homer. 'IX/aj, xx. xxii., ii. 476 ; 2x<5Xta, 
I. 462, II. 477 
'OSuffffeia, Zx<5X<a in lib. 8, iv. 90; 

Versio Latina, iv. 175 
Bios, I. 219 

A tract on (Greek), iii. 14 
notes on, A. 40 
notes on, by Barnes, A. 3 

Casaubon, A. 31. 31 
Dobree, A. 66 
Taylor, A. 4. 8 
Valckena'r, A. 40 
Scholia Moschopnli, notes on, A. 40 
Seber's Index to, notes on, by Hermann, 
A. 40 
Homilies. Anglo-Saxon, in. 358. 412 
Homiliffi in Evangelia per totnm an- 
num, III. 658 
HoNOKius II., Pope. Confinnntion of the 
foundation charter of Heading abbey, 
I- 394 . 
III., Pope. Confirmation of tho 


TIT )• 



■non.f IrtI, fT 4^*1 


V. 38(5. r. CAMiinitH. 


logicnm ' ' 


on, by 111 I'liialiii, .\. .'>! 
HooKKu, Jdhn, iiK'int to Sir P. Carrw fn 
Ireland. Mrmomndiuu book in ' 
1560, IV. 123 
Diary of tho Parliament iic<4.siun in 
Ireland. Fob. 156;, iv. 123 
Hope, Sir Thomas. Tho practick before 
the lords of coimcil and Bcssrou in Soot- 
land, I. 103 
IIoi'Tox, Charles. LcttGrti to Strj-pc. r. 

Index, V. 150 
Hou.E beat.e Mari.k VimiixiH, i • 

[Sariim], 288. 310. 313. 336. , . 
[Monreale;, 542. 511. 516. 517. ; 
2C)2. 512. in. 22«. 407 r. ('..rr. v. .v.'.i . 
400. 502. 510. 604. 711. 738 b,j, iv. 3-'V*. 
40S, in Butch, iii. 534 
HoR-VTiis. Opera, i. 510, iv. 493 
notes on, A. 56. 57. 58. 59. O) 
notes ou, by Chishull, \. 6 
Dobree, A. 69 
Taylor, A. 4. 14 
Horn, the Rcsto of KinR, in Fr«>uch rfnc, 
II. 525; in English verso, in. 174 [r. Corr. 
V. 598] 
HoRNE, TuoMAS. Lettera to Strype. r. 

Index, V. 150 
Horses, a collection of recipes and charm* 
for, I. 240 
on the dixonap" of, i. 360 
Chirur l 

royal, !• no expenses of. 

I. 138 

letter to A!"" '^'■■T---' »■• A,r,.tii>l 
with tho 1. 
Horsham, priory vi ^- i iiwi, t^i^i"* "f. 

II. 73 
Horsheath, patronngo, commission to try, 

V. 204 
IIoRT. Jeremiah. Letter to Strj-po. r. In- 
dex. V. 149 
Hostiensih CAnniNAUB. I »" 

quarto Decretaliuni do r|- •.-.... ' 

nintrimoMiis. ni. lo<> 



IIoTHAM, John. I ' 

N.>w.-(»>*ti.'. I.<ii'' ■•*. 

4117. liH. tl">. 116 

IIoToMAS. ! Ml .^MioncsdcTctc- 
ribus U' '• •''7 
Notc8 by bcttii^tr tu ms Francogmllw, 

A. 60 


HouBLON, James. 
Index, V. 150 

Letter to Strj-pe. v. 
Letters to Strype. v. 

Lidex, V. 150 
Houghton, Adam (Bp. of S. David's). 
Warrant to exchange 15 acres of land, 
I. 108 
Warrant to give certain advo-wsons in 
Wales to the master and chaplains 
of a chantry, i. 108 
HouGHTON-CoxQUEST. Petition of the in- 
habitants against the schoolmaster, ii. 
licentia regia super ivnione 2 rectoriarum 

de Conquest, v. 326 
presentation to, by Cromwell, v. 369 
notes concerning, from T. Archer's 
book, V. 421 
Howard, Lord Henry. Translation of 
Charles's discoiurse on his resigna- 
tion, IV. 117. 410 

L.U3Y Frances. Proceedings with 

the Earl of Essex, i. 293. 488 

Howe, Henry. Collection of Heptads, i. 

Howell, James. Memoi-ial concerning the 
apijoiutment of a minister of state with 
the title of Historiographer general, iv. 

Hoy, Thomas. Piepresentation concerning 
the manufacture of sal-ammoniac, 1. 185 

HuBB.tRD, Henry. Collection of Cambridge 
University Statutes, &c., iv. 303. Ex- 
tract from, IV. 356 

Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury. Li- 
cence to change lands held in gavelkind 
to militaiy fees, v. 345 

Hudson, Michael, examinations of, and 
of others, v. 400. 412, 413 

Thomas. Epitaph of Sir R. Mait- 

land, IV. 97 

William. Treatise of the Court of 

Star-chamber, iv. 45. 60 

Hudson's Bay Company. Memoire pour 
les S" interessez en, &c., i. 517. 518 

Hugbaldus. De laude calvorum, iii. 203 

Hughes, Martha. Letter to Strype. v. 
Index, v. 150 

Hugo, Abbas BAitzELLiE. De cohabitatione 
fratrum, ii. 437 

Candidus. Historia Ccenobii Bur- 

gensis, i. 536 

DE S. Caro. 

98, IV. 296 

Floriacensis. Liber ecclesiastica; 

historiffi, i. 417 [This is dedicated to 
Adela, Coimtess of Chartres, daughter of 
William I. Extracts are printed in 
Pertz, vol. IX., Migne's Patrologia, vol. 
163. This is the edition in 6 books. 
This volume was given to Chichester 
Cathech-al by Bp. Seffrid Pelochiu] 

DE FoLiETO. Do claustro animie, ii. 

309. 480, III. 470. 620 

Speculum ecclesia?, ii. 

Hugo Paeisiensis. In Lamentationes 
JeremiiE, ii. 266 
De anima Christi, iii. 624 
Hugo de S, Yictoke. De collationc inter 
auimam et rationem, iii. 623 
De archa Noe, in. 597. 623. 644 
De arrha anima% i. 492, in, 40. 163. 

333. 597. 626 
Liber de Bestiis, iii. 215. 463. 672, iv. 

De laude caritatis, in. 163. 651 
De conscientia, in. 536 
Ex dictis. III. 163 
Didascahon, in. 626 
Exceptiones tractatus super Ecclesi- 

asten, in. 17 
De cpiatuor judiciis, in. 598 
De meditatione, in. 40. 164. 624 
De iustructioue uovitionim, in. 42. 

289. 306 
De obh\ione malorum prmteritorum 

et memoria et ira [i.e. Miscellanea, 

1. 74, V. Corr. v. 597], in. 41. 529. 
De modo orandi, ii. 308, in. 44. 163. 

287. 460. 529 
De oratione Dominica, ii. 98 
De pceniteutia, in. 336, iv. 528 
Expositio regulas S. Augustini, iv. 24 
De refectione verbi Dei, in. 40. 624 
De Sacramentis, hb. 1, iv. 360*; Jib. 2, 

pars 8, n. 54 
De quiuque septenis, in. 163. 624 
Sermo de dilcctione, in. 625 
Sermo de sponso et sponsa, in. 238. 

Speculum ecclesia;, ii. 294, in. 623. 639 
De substantia dilectiouis, in. 41 
De sjieculatione rerum, in. 624 
Expositio super Tota pulclira cs, in. 40. 

De Virginitate Beatce Marife, in. 623 
Miscellanea, in. 164. 624. 625. 626 
Expositio super Jeronimi Prologum in 

Pentateuchum, in. 627 
Notte ad literam de Genesi, Exodo, 

Levitico, Judicibus, in. 627 
A tretys, teaching a man how he ought 

to have him in all temptations, n. 

Huguenot Poetry, &c. (French), i. 432, 
Le guide de la terre aux cieux (prose, 

from English), i. 432 
Le ccBur du ccem- Chretien, i. 433 
Le flageolet Chrestien du berger do 

Lucerne, i. 433 
Le coeur froissc ou derniers pensCos de 

Mons. Jollyvet, i. 433 
Aux peres du sjTiode de la province 

d'Orleans et Beri-y, i. 433 
Testament paternel, i. 433 
HuGuiTio PisANus (Uguccionc). Etymo- 
logicum Latinum, n. 495 
Libellus dc dubio accentu, in. 241 


IIuLuuic, John. Letter to \Mioduck, 

IV. -Ai 

Hull, Utters rospectiug the nffiiira of, in 

1(U2, l(ii;$, V. 3'J<J 
Hull, Alyaxouk. Exposition of the vii. 

psiilmes wLifh she trimsluted out of 

French into Ent,'lish, ni. 'liV.i 
Me.litations ujton the vii. iliiys of tbo 
week (out of i'reuch), in. 5()3 
HuLTON, Heoinald de, Controller of tlio 

Household, royal letter soliciting tho 

promotion of, i. 114 
HuMBEUTus i)E EoMANis. Lihcr cruJitionis 

rcligiosorum, in. 4."<8. (J'iO 
Hume, Alex-VNDEr. The day cstivall, v. fiO.'J 
HuNCHALDUS. Vcrsus in memoria supi- 

eutissimi Hunchuldi, in. 433 
HuNGAiuAN Wai{, declaration of, by Michael 

Apathy, v. 184 
HuNGERFORD, SiR Edward, chargcs of the 

funeral of, i. 503 
HuKT, KiciiARD. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 150 
Hunting. 'The Maystir of tho Game,' u. 


and hawking, treatises on, iv. 18 

Huntingdon, County of, inquisitions con- 
cerning estates in, 1630 — 1044, i. 352 

rental of lauds belonging to rehgious 

h.ouses, I. 355 
abstract of the tenths in the receivers' 

aecompts, i. 355 
note of the Earl of Oxford's lauds in, 

I. 355 
extracts respecting, from MS. indorsed 
Cotton, V. 437 
Huntingdon, Henry of. Historia Anglo- 
rum, ni. 53. 372, (Lib. 1) iv. 357' 
De modemis Sanctis Augliie, ii. 335 
De provinciis Angliie, ii. 334 
Epistola ad Hcnricum regem de serio 

regum potentissimorum, i. 16 
Epistola ad Wariuum de regibus Bri- 
tonum, II. 334 
Huntingdon, Henky Hastings, Earl of. 
Letters to Bishop Chaderton, v. 297 

IloiiERT, Bishop of Bai)hoe. Epi- 

stohe. III. 708 

HuNTLY, Marquis of. Speech to the Cove- 
nanters in Scotland, 1040, v. 580 
HuNTON, PniLir. Animadversions by J. H. 
on his book entitled ' a trctise of mon- 
archy,' II. 450 
Husbandry. Le ordeinemont do hoso- 
bonderie, x. 401, in. 27'.) 
Housebonderia major, iv. 121 [§ 53, r. 
Corr. V. 604] 

V. Henley, Walter de. 
Hustings, Court of, mode of procceiling 

in. III. 260 
HuTTON, IMatthew I. (Abp. of York). Re- 
sohitious to divers questions for the use 
of Whitgift, V. 103 ; letter on the Hamp- 
ton Coiurt Conference, v. 103 ; letter on 

HlTTON, XfATTIlKW (<-i>flli;iii.i/) : 

Wbitnift'H di'iitli, V " ■! •• ' t^ 

on, V. rjH; litliT to I .„. 

boniii, II. 1--" 
o]>inii>n on • 


Corr. V. 11(1]. I,. , ., 

V. 150; letter to fovfl. IV. 420 

Sni UtciiAUD, anninicut conoeminR 

ship money, in. -IHH, .|ny 
Hyde, Aiihat ok, ! ' 

tenths grtinttd i 
deacotiry of Wiml.. -t. i, i. UJ 
HvMNAUUM, n. 305, IV. Vj'.t; (Surutn). IT. 

Hy.mxs, II. 4;i0, m. 12. 203. 2(>l. 2nr,. 300 
Gra'ci Ecclesiastici ex Cod. MS. NVunlciy, 

Greek, i. 238 [r. Corr. v. 5Ha] 
Hypsicles. tA (('j EvK\€iitiv dfaifitpSfitra, 
111. 00 

luiiOTT, Benjamin. Letters to StrjTXJ. r. 

Index, V. 150 
Idle, I'kteu. lustructioDS to Lis doo 

(verec), II. 100 
Iklington. Election of A. Pyrryo as prior- 
ess, V. 201 ; notes respecting the priory, 
V. 305 
Ilford Hospital, transcript out of tbo 

Tower records nspi cting, v. 70 
Image du moxde (l-'niich verse), i. 8, in. 4 
Imago mundi, ii. 204. 544 
de Imitations Chuisti (Eng.), ni. 21 
Incendiu-mamouis, contents of (F-- ' m 29 
Index ali'IIaiieticus to variou.- al 

works, in. 30 
India. Epistola do rcbns Cbriationomm 
in India, 1323, in. 410 
' L'ambassudeiir vert onvoyi'' an rov... 
verds des Indes' ( French \ "12 

Proceedings of tbo Eust lud;.. ^ ..., -ny 
in the case of Skinner, ii. 175 
Industrial School for poor cbildrcu, pro- 
ject for, I. 350 
Infokciati tertia ] ' 

Iniooso. Letter i > ■'"» 

Duko of Buekiugbiini. in. M. I-'J 
Innocent HL, Poie. two bniK , f n. 416; 
Bulla 'Dignis laudibus ^ mag- 

uificeutiani." • ' ' ■ 
versus de :. p»' 

bus inter p.ip.nii i *. Kciiniiu.-,, i. il'i 
do conlemplu iinni Ii. iv. 1 1 
Epistola nd A " m. »1« 

elcctionibus i 

do modo cliKoudi prwlatos ccdcaiw. 

II. 505 
ad priorcm et convcntiim DudcI- 
meuscui, ii. 432 


Innocent III. (continued): 

de miseria eonditionis hmnanfe, i. 29. 

2^8, III. 41 
de officio missiB, iii. 337 
Letters confirming the liberties of Ox- 
ford, V. 292 
Innocent IV., Pope. Bulla de advoca- 
tione ecclesia3 de Sywell, i. 169 
Bulla contra Patarenos, &c., ii. 424 
Constitutiones, i. 331 
Epistola ad Robertum Grosseteste, iii. 

335 [v. Corr. v. 599] 
Summa, i. 509 
Innocent V., Pope, in Epistolas S. Pauli, 
III. 457 
Quajstiones sujoer primum librum Sen- 
teutiarum, m. 590 
Innocent VIII., Pope. BuU against tho 

Waldenses (1487),. i. 82 
Innocent XI., Pope. Letter to Louis XIV., 

v. 573 
Insckiptions, notes on, by Dobree, A. 79 
Institution of a Christian Man, first 
di-aught of, V. 380 ; two editions of, com- 
pared, V. 38 
Intep.peetatio verborum, i. 325, iv. 328 
Ipswich, bailiffs of. Letter to Lentball, 

V. 407 
Ireland. Declaratio quomodo dominium 
Hiberniai sit ad regem Anglise devolutum, 
III. 442 

on the cantreda of, iii. 7 
ordinatio pi'o statu teiTas Hibernire 

(7 Edw. II.) , IV. 329 
John Hoker's diaiy of the Parliament 

session, Feb. 15()J, iv. 123 
Collection of Letters and State papers 
relating to the rebellion in Elizabeth's 
reign, iii. 572 
Judgment of the Abps. and Bps. con- 
cerning a toleration of the Popish 
religion (1027), iii. 150 
Acts of the council, respecting the Scots' 

oath (1040), I. 102 
account of the Scottish army in, till 

Feb. 1042, ii. 82 
Letters patents, warrants, &c., relating 

to, 1670, 1071, II. 337 
Collection of Irish rentals, iv. 174 
Description of tho shires and towns 
from the study of Sir E. Waterhouse, 
I. 187 
Irish affairs, 1041 — 1040; notes re- 
specting, V. 415 
official letters on the pacification of, 

1040, V. 509 
collection of the state of the 7th pro- 
portion... for the escheated lands in 
Ulster, IGIG, v. 581 
letter to an hon. Lord concerning 
Ireland in Q. Elizabeth's days, 
V. 582 


Iren^us, extracts from, iv. 80. 84 

Irland, Simon de. Latin verses on the 
theft of an ok., iv. 123 

Ieonsyde Ealph. That a man may not 
m.arry his wife's sister, ii. 489 

Ietlingburgh, sm-vey of the dissolved col- 
lege of, V. 272 

IsA.\cus Catholicus of Armenia. Invectiva 
in Armenos, extract from, iv. 81 

Lateeculus, virorura illustrium 

quorum meminit, iv. 512 

abbas de Stella. Epistola de Canone 

Missre, III. 161 
De anima, iii. 590 

Syeus. Excerpta de contemptu 

mundi, ii. 529 

Excerpta ex operibus, iv. 86 
- — • Magistee. De Febribus, ii. 37 

Isabella, Q. of France, letter of (French), 

III. 515 

of Arragon. Letter to Mary, widow 

of Louis XIL, V. 442 
Is.EUS, notes on, by Dobree, A. 67. 09. 
77. 79 
collation of a MS. of, by Porson, A. 77 
IsiDORUs, S. Allegoriaj super Peulateu- 
chum, et libros Josue, Judicuni, Iluth, 
II. 425, in. 597 
EpistoliB ad Braulionem (9 — 13), ii. 

409, III. 007 
Seiitentia de consanguiuitate, in. 689 
De catalogo virorum illustrium, iii. 640 
De ditTerentiis, i. 421 
Do divcrsitate auimre, ii. 53 
Liber Etymologiarum, ii. 409, in. 25. 

607; extract from, iv. 114 
Glossa3 ampliores et meliores quam qua) 
sunt edita; per Eustat. le Vignon, 

IV. 1 
De uatura rerum, in. 608 
De oratione, in. 512 
De ortu et obitu patrum, in. 646 
In libros vcteris ac novi Testament! 

Prooemia, in. 645 
Sententiaj, in. 571; extract from, i. 

240. 247 
de significationibus quorundam virorum 

sanctorum, in. 046 
Liber soliloquiorum, i. 534, in. 238; 

extract from, n. 505 
Synouomia, in. 296 ; 2ud book of, 
called Imploratio sen qujedam de- 
precatio animffi, in. 297 
Testimouia de Christo, in. 344 
Excerpta ex, in. 645. 072 
Isidoeus Pelusiota. 'ETTicTToXaf, iv. 511 

Caemnalis Rutenus. De cxjiugna- 

tionc Constautinopolitana! urbis, 

in. 244 

IsLip, SntoN, Archbp. of Canterbury. 

Constitutiones, in. 225. 226 

Siieculum Edwardi regis tertii, in. 040 

IsocEATES. Orationos ad Demouicura ct 

Nicoclem trad, a Lapo Castclliunculo, 

IV. 3 


Isocn-VTES (continufiT): 

Oration to Deinonicus in EngliHli, 

III. 301 
Notes on, by 
Askew, A. 18 
Dobree, A. 70. 79 
Hermann, A. 51 
Morj^ixn, A, 28 
IviNGHOE (Bucks.), presentations to, i. 112 
Ivo Carnotexsis. Panoruiia do omnibua 
regiilis, II. 473, iii. 4(j5 

J.VBLOXSKI, D. E., letters of, v. 422 
Jackson, John. Historical extracts, iii. 55 

J. Letter to Strj-pe. r. Index, 

V. 150 

Thomas, five sermons of, ii. 490 

William. Note book, iv. 534 

Mr, notes and heads of sermons by, 

Jacob, Henry. Notes on ^schylns, A. 5. 3 1 
Jacobite Poems, iv. 404 
James, S. (the gi'eater). Translatio cor- 
poris in GalfBciam, i. 7 
De miraculis, i. 17 

(the less). 'Eac t^j Xeirovpyla^ roO 

ayiov 'laKil-^ou tov dTrocrroXoi', ii. 433 
James I. Docnmeuts relating; to the con- 
fession of faith signed by him as James 
YI. of Scotland, i. 530 
A treatise declaring his just right and 
title to the succession of the Crown 
of England, iii. 469 
A book containing a declaration of the 
succession of the Crown of England, 
III. 469 
Of the five principal houses or lineages 
that do or may pretend to the Crown 
of England, iii. 469 
proceetlings of the Coronation of, i. 

503. 504 
answer at his first coming to England 

(1603), V. 582 
Advertisements of a loyal subject to 

his gracious sovereign (1603), ii. 49 
letter to the nobility and council, 5 
. Apr. 1603, V. 390 
letter to Abp. Button, 10 Apr. 1603, v. 

Charter of, to Cambridge, v. 488 ^ 
Letters patent respecting the oflico of 
marshal of the Marshalsca, a. 1 and 
8, IV. 434 
letter to Cambridge against idle games 

(a. 2), V. 558 
Names of such to whom privy seals 
have been directed in the late loan 
(1604), II. 347 
Letters respecting the collection for 
Geneva (L604), v. 369 

Jamks I. {cvitiiiiifir\: 

Journnl of roiiforcnrm rr«ncetinff « 

treaty «ilti i 

Arliclfs iif I 

Spui?i (1C.(IJ). n. I.}.', 
Apology of tlie HouKO of Comii 

toudiing their privilege (30 J 

1601), IV. 397 
Letter to BiMhop Bancroft r^ 

the tran.sIutioii of the Biblo ('.JJ Jal> 

16041, v. Ho'.t. 3-.4 
Collection of all r 'aim 

of England w. [uj 

to tht'in, in the king's gift 

194, IV. 61 
preparation for his vLsil to Oxfonl in 

1605, V. ISO; accoimt ■ ' ' : ' 

treaty with Iltiiry IV. of i 

I. 370 
treaty with Louis XIII. l\no>. r. 171 
Ilemonstrances respectin 

on goods (1610), 1. 51. .... .. 

III. 56, IV. 210. r. Davis, Srii J 
Arguments and -i ' • > >• 

Earl of Salisl, 
Collections out of tl. 

ing how tlio kii 1 

have supplidl their «> 

money without a ParL...... ... ,... j,, 

in. 479 
letter to the University of C ' ' - ' - 

respecting the Earl of Xorli 

10 June, a. 10, v. 523 
Answer to Abji. .\bbot respecting the 

illegality of divorce projyter ninlvfi- 

cium, July 1613, i. 294, in. l.VJ 
The proceeding to tlio Parliament at 

Westminster, 5 April 1614. i. 501 
letter to Sir II. Cotton and Wiliiim 

Camden. • 

Latin of t 

Feb., a. 12. v. 544 
letter to the Fellows of Cofkih rliri-ti 

College, Cambridge, r. 

Pr I?%'ng as master, 2i> .niu. i'.i'., 

V. .Tii; 
Letter to the T'niversity ■ ' ' " ' • 

on the refusal of a i > 

town, March 1615, iv. .0)7, v. 171. 

Speech in Parliament nt EJJnbnrv,h 

(1617), II. ixii, V. 579 
Satirical verses on tbo comet of 16H, 

IV. 3'.W 

artio!f-< "ent for tlio roTnlalion of Iho 
I t) in malt«ni 


Petition of the < 

blessed Saint 1 -. i 

memory, iv. 398 
Petition of !' ; • •• ». 

hi'~'b, mi i 


noiii - men- 


James I. (continued) : 

turn ap. Westmon. xyI. die Jan., a. 
18, I. 389 

The proceeiliug to the rarliament at 
Westminster, 30 Jan. 1G20, i. 504; 
names of the members, i. 389 

Speech on the opening of Parliament, 
30 Jan. 1620, v. 568 

Eecai5iti;lation sommaire de la con- 
ference... h, Londi-es, 5 and 9 May 

1620, IV. 533 

Letter to the University of Cambridge 

■with a copy of his works, 1620, v. 

Letter to the University of Cambridge 

for a Doctor's degi-ee for Walter 

Balconquall, 15 Apr. 1621, iv. 307 
Protestation of the House of Commons 

against the restraint of freedom of 

debate (a. 18), iv. 444 
address of the House of Commons 

on the increase of recusants, Dec. 3, 

1621, IV. 444' 

letter to the speaker, 3 Dec. 1621, with 

the answer of the house, iv. 444 
Account of his visit to Cambridge, 12 

March 1622, iv. 307 
Notes of his speech, 19 Feb. 1623, i. 

Speech, March 1, 1623, with the rea- 
sons of breaking both treaties, iii. 

declaration of Lords and Commons, 

14 March 1623, i. 535 
Letters of exiilanation read in the 

House, 17 March 1623, i. 535 
resolution of Parliament, 20 March 

1623, on granting subsidies, i. 535 
declaration at "White Hall, 23 March 

1623, I. 535 
notes of his speech, 29 May 1624, i. 

letters to Cambridge on various mat- 
ters, V. 312. 558 
relation touching matters of privileges 

ordered in Parliament (a. 21), iv. 58 
answers to the bills read by the clerk 

of the Parhament (a. 21), i. 202 
Memorials which the ambassador of 

the King of Great Britain gave the 

King of Spam, 29 July 1624, iv. 334 
Considerations on the levy of 8000 

foot and 1600 horse for the recovery 

of the Palatiuate, iv. 272 
Discorso del Valeresio, ambass'iadore 

Vencto, sopra il naturale humore del 

re d'Ingleterra (1624), i. 353 
Collection of all the warrants to be 

paid by the treasurers of the subsidy 

money (1624), iv. 284 
Speech to 'my Lords' by a prisoner 

unto justice, i. 204 
Letter of Inigoso to, against the Duke 

of Buckingham, iii. 36. 482 

James I. (continued) : 

Letters of, to the kings of Denmark 
and Poland, the Sultan of Tm-key, 
and others, n. 458 
Letters of, to Prince Charles and Buck- 
ingham, V. 379 
Opinion about the dissolution of reli- 
gious houses, 1. 159 
note of hia death and the proceedings 
at Cambridge on the proclamation of 
Charles I., iv. 307 
manner in which his funeral was so- 
lemnized at Cambridge, iv. 307 
forerunner of revenge on the Duke of 
Buckingham for poisoning him, by 
G. Eglisham, i. 535, ii. 51, in. 157, 
V. 353 
Sir F. Greville's account of actions 
done in the beginning of his reign, 
I. 196 
List of fees and allowances paid to offi- 
cers connected with the revenues of 
the cro\\Ti, v. 579 
relation of divers occurrences in his 

reign, ii. 124 
names of his majesty's ships, with the 
number of men requisite, &c. , v. 579 
Discoiu'se of passages between the Earls 
of Essex, Somerset, Northampton, 
&c., with other affairs in his reign, 
III. 194 
An abusive letter to, v. 178 
Advertisements of a loyal subject to 

King James, v. 581 
Lands, revenues, &c. : 

Computa ballivorum &c. in comi- 
tatu Cumbr. in possessione regis, 
a. 1, IV. 537 
inventories of ancient court rolls 
of the manors of Chertsey, &c. 
in Surrey (1606), iv. 537 
survey of his manor of Fragesthorpe, 

York (1609), iv. 588 
survey of his manor of BridUngton 

(1609), IV. 538 
survey of his manor of Bridlington 

Key, York (1609), iv. 539 
articles of agreement for the sale of 
lands in Norfolk, Cambs., Suf- 
folk, Lincoln, and York, 12 Oct. 
1611, IV. 441 
computa ballivorum &c. in comi- 
tatu Lancast. (a. 11 and 12), iv. 
computa ballivorum &c. in comi- 
tatu Eadnor (a. 12 and 13), iv. 
collection of the yearly assignments 

of his revenues, &c., i. 43 
ordinary annual receii)ts and issues 

of the Exchequer, ii. 50 
indenture for annexing certain 
lands and honors to the crown, 
II. 76 


James II. : order for him to bo in custody 
of the Earl of Nortliuiubcrlimd, v. 11:1 
debates on the exclusion bill ^KJHO), i. 

attempt of the conversion of his daugh- 
ters to his own religion, v. 471 
proclamation of, at Cambridge, v, 497 
coronation office for, v. 47(i 
act for granting libci'ty of conscience 
without imposing Oaths or Tests 
(1(587), IV. 437 
reasons of the clergy against subscrib- 
ing the Bishops' address (1687), i. 
letter of Bishop Barlow touching the 

King's declaration (1688), ii. 283 
extracts from letters of Dean Stuart 

respecting him at Brussels, v. 411 
letter of Innocent XI. thanking the 
King of Franco for welcoming him, 
V. 422 
speech of Clement XI. on his death, 
V. 422 
James I. of Scotland. A balade attributed 

to, ' Sen trew vertcw,' v. 600 
James III. of Scotland. Proceedings of 
the ParUament of Scotland (1469), iii. 
Januensis, Johannes de Balbis. Catho- 
licon, I. 38 

Jacobus, v. Voragine. 

Jason, hfe of, translated by Caxton from 

Kaoul le Fevre, i. 101 [r. Corr. v. 584] 
Jeffery, John. Letter to Bishop Moore, 

I. 163 
Jegon, John, correspondence of, iv. 187, 
V. 200. 255—258. 397 [i'. Con-, v. 607] 
Kegistrum continens fragmcnta tan- 
gentia episcopate negotium tempore 
J. Jegon, v. 354 
correspondence with Abp. Abbot about 

W. Sayer's case (1612), iv. 439 
Pri\^ seal for composition of the first- 
fmits of the Bishoprick of Norwich 
gi-antod to, iv. 186 
dilapidations after his death, iv. 189 
fees taken by, iv. 195 

Robert "(?). Supplement to the 

Faery Queen, ii. 89 

Jenings, John, sennon by, i. 532 
Jenisos, ILarn. Letter to Lenthall, v, 

Jenkin, Eohert, Margaret Profes-sor, m- 

augural lecture of, v. 468 
Jenkins, David. Apology for the army 

(1647), III. 159 

Jill!. Notes of his trial, v. 416 

Jergis. Liber de significationc planotft- 

rum in domibus, in. 213 
Jerome, S., v. Hieronymi-s, S. 
Jersey, letter of Richard II. to the Pope 

on the extortions of Bcrtraud du Gues- 

clin in, i. 143 
Letter of Richard II. thanking the 

Jersey (rontinueil): 

bailifTM, .Vc. for lluir iH^bavinnr, 
I. Ill, 145 
Registry conti'niknt b>M m-Wn dr^ col- 
lotpieHdus K^^li.•(^'M, |."»77 1611, 1.411 
Jeri'sm^em, an itinerary of (French), in. 
description of. in French, iii. Ml 
Jesuits, lldati. il <>( tho Jo- 

suits, by P. T. 1'. 

Advertiseiiienln l<i i 

concenung tbf way 

guide their ufTiiirs (Id 17 
The dangerous pnlicicsof . ;. _ ''< 

Letter to the father rtctur iit 

found among sinno taken in Luiiduii 
(1628), III. 38, IV. 312 
Arrest do la cour do Parlement contro 

(1626), I. 177 
Responaio ad epistolam homiili8...fac- 
tionis Jesiiitie a coguato sno A. C, 
I. 533 
A discourse between a recnHont taxi 

a Jesuit, v. 178 
treatise against, by Lord Burleigh, it, 

and seminarj' priests, ojunionH con- 

ceniing tlie procetding with, v. 412 
Jewell, John, Bp. of Salisburj-. Ix'tton 
to Bp. Parklnirst, ii. 57 
Reply imto M. Uardiuge'a answer, 



Concerning his death, from Humfrcy'a 
life, II. 59 
Jews. Processus contra Jud.xoa at Read- 
ing (18 Edw. I.), I. 396 
Oath, &i> dfivvovffiv ol 'lovSaTot (two 
forms of), II. 434 
JoAcniM, .\bl>at of Corazzo. Prophetin*, 

in. 523. 715 
JouN XXII.. Pope. Bulla pro 1. g;\tH in 
Angliam destinnndis ad jmciiii int« r 
Angliam et Scotiam refonuandam, in. 
Bulla Arch. Cant, dirpctn. nt clornm 
Angli.Tj a ve\ per rogpiu 

illatis liberare ■ iii. I'"* ••i-'. 

Letter citing HoluTt liriu'i' t 
before him for violating ti.. 
in. 409 
Bulla contra Michaclcm do Ceteam, 

II. 337 
Coiir^tith tns Hunt 

percipieiiili. iii. 410 
Coustitutiones do voto ot do (mlribuj* 

minoribus, in. -KX) 
Extrava„'nnM. ■•■ "7. v. 235 
Uuila d<' pn I rntnim minomni 

i,, III. 110 

Pri.i ' "ling a cer- 

tain praM'P, ii 
Eilictuin <le pre-- . icenlibns 

Bccundofl nuptift.M, iv. 294 


John XXII. (continued) : 

Contra Phu-alitatem beneficiorum, iii. 

408, 409 
Literaj cle primitiis, iii. 408 
Bulla cle Jobanne cle Stratford, in ejii- 
scopiimcle Wyntonia promoto, iii.410 
Bnlla pro subsiclio, iii. 411 
Bulla de Temi^lariis, in. 411 
BuUa pro canonizatione Thomaj Here- 

fordensis Episcopi, in. 408 
Sermoncs circa Yisiouem Beatificara, 

III. 416 
Provisions, note respecting, v. 206 
Coufirmatio Uniyersitatis Cautabrigias, 

V. 235 
Acquittance for 1500 marks, v. 384 
JoH-v, KiXG. Carta per c[uam regnum et 
coronam Angliffi Innocentio III. re- 
signat, II. 504 
Forma pacis inter Jobannem regem et 

sacerclotium, ii. 504 
Cbarter to tlie Abp. and Bishops, 
V. 345 
Johannes Anglicus in monte Pessulano. 
Quadrans, in. 328. 404 

■ Gk.\mmaticus. Poetria de arte pro- 

saica metriea vel rbytbmica, iv. 8 
Extr. from, iv. 512 
■ Heeemita. Propbetia quam vidit 
in Caucaso monte, iv. 108 

Pauper. Brevdlotiuium, n. 446 

DE Porta ClU'doeum. De lapide 

pbilosopborum, i. 242 

Sarisbukiensis. EioistolEe, in. 401 

Enteticus, in. 400; abbreviatio, iv. 136 
Metalogicon, in. 400 ; extr. from, iv. 136 
Policraticus, in. 401; extr. from, in. 
671, 672 
S. John's, Jerasalem (England). Letter 
of Eicbard II. to the prior, i. 119 
noniina prionim, v. 377 

(Ireland). Letter to excuse the prior 

from going to Avignon, i. 117 
Johnson, George, Bond to Eicbard Sbel- 
ton, II. 65 

Hester. Letter to Strype. r. In- 
dex, V. 150 

William. Valetudinarium, i. 179 

Johnston, Joseph. Sermon preacbed at 

tbe Yorksbire feast, v. 188 
JoLLYVET, Monsieur. Le coeur froisse, ou 
demiferes beures de Mons. Jollyvet 
(1662), I. 433 
Jones, William. Opinion touching the 
commissions by which the justices sit 
at Newgate, iv. 52 
argument concerning ship money, in. 
488. 489 
JoNSON, Christopher. Ortus et vita Gu- 

lielmi de Wickbam (Poema), in. 686 
Jordan. Ars metriea demonstrativa, in. 
Ue PonderibuH, iv. 184 
De Cauonio, iv. 184 [v. Corr. v. 605] 

JosEPHA. Expositiones status, n. 451 
Josephus. ■7repl'Apxai.6T7jToi'lovSalwi>, iv. 
62 ; Versio Eufini, i. 6. 36 
Quae desuut apud Vers. Eufini ex Apo- 

gi-apbo Vossiano (Gr.), iv. 82 
notes on, A. 38 


fii^Mov, II. 313 
Josephus, Patriarch of Constantinople. 

Epigi-amma, in. 46 
Jousts, ordinances, &c. for, made by John, 

Lord Tiptoite, Earl of Worcester, 6 Edw. 

IV., 1. 502 
Jubilee. Tbe articles of the Bull of the 

holy Jubily, temp. Hen. VII., v. 383 
Judges, things agi-eed upon at the meeting 

of, in 1636, i. 537 
JUDICII SiGNA, IV. 108. 357* 
JuLiANUs. 'ETrtoToX-Jj TT^os Al^clvlov, in. IB 

De Coesaribus sermo, notes on, A. 25 
JuLiANus, Bp. of Toledo. Prognostica, 

III. 337 
JuLiEEs, William, Duke of, letters to, 

I. 118. 144 

Oratio cum rector in- 
Lectures upon Jonah, 


augiu-aretur, i. 
Junius, Francis. 
I. 287 

Collation of a MS. of 

S. Cyril, A. 35 
Jus. CoUectarium Juris (fragment of), 
I. 41 
Eubricaj juris civilis et canonici, ii. 9 

Civile, by Taylor, A. 7 

Justification, a treatise ou, i. 529 
JusTiNi Historia ex Trogo Pompeio, i. 215, 

in. 622 
Justin Martyr. Ex 'AvarpoTrrj seu ever- 
sione dogmatum Aristot. (piaj edit. vulg. 
desunt, from a Vienna MS., iv. 78 
notes on, by Pearson, A. 39 
Justinian. Codicis Ubri ti-es cum appa- 
ratu Accursii, i. 12 ; libri novem, i. 831 
Digestum vetus, i. 332 
Inforciati tertia pars cum Glossa, i. 840 
Institutiones cum apparatu Accursii, 
I. 12 
notes on, A. 54 
notes on, by Taylor, A. 14 
NoveUarum libri IX, cum apparatu 
Accursii, i. 12 
collection of, bearing on ecclesiasti- 
cal matters (Greek), n. 163, in. 
77th (Greek), n. 163 
Pandectte, libri 39—44 et 48—50, 
I. 328 ; Expositio in, in. 709 
Justinian, son of tbe Emperor Maurice, 

fragment (Greek) relating to, i, 449 
Juvenalis Satirai, iv. 4',)0 
notes on, A. 13. 56. 59. 60 
notes ou, by Beverland, A. 15 
T. Faber, A. 57 
Taylor, i. 334, A. 1. 8 


JcvKNCfS. Qiifttuor Eviingcliix pjcno iil 
verbum trausluta, ii. -173 [c. Corr. v. 695J, 
HI. 201 


Iv.\KRi.Yox. Lewis. Tractatus ilc arto coni- 
positiouis tabiilarnm Astronomic;, ii. Ill 
Calculations of solar eclipses, ti. 115. US 
Canons for prejiaring tables for calcu- 
lating, II. 118 
Tables for calculating eclipses, ii. IT.I 
Tabuhe signorum Humfriili JucisGlou- 

cestrite, ii. 118 
Tabula contiuens quadrates et cubicos 
cum radieibus eorum, ii. 118 
K.VLENPAitiuM, III. 14y. 17tj. 401. 51l». 701; 
(Greek), iv. 512; ciu'iosum et canon 
super, III. 346 
Directions in verse on the, iv. 298 
Tract on the Cluu-ch Kalendiu, iii. 701 
with a rule to hnd the gospels, epistles, 
and lessons all the year, iv. 7 
Kalid. QniEstiones ad ilorienum Eoma- 

nimi, II. 542 
Kahpaga. De inventione sinus et decliua- 

tioiiis per Kaidagas, iii. 549 
Keckermaxx. Extr. from his Systema 

logicum, de Voce, i. 499 
IvELLisos, Matthew. ' Gagge of the Re- 
formed Gospel,' notes on, A. 27 
Kemes, lordship of, iv. 433 
Kemish, Cai'Tain. Letter to Storie, ii. 18G 
Kemp, John, Abp. of York. Licence to be 

Cardinal, v. 382 
Kempe, Thomas (Bp. of London). St.'itu- 

tum jiro capis emendis (1455), ii. 183 
Kenilwortii, dictum de, ii. 34, in. 277, 

IV. 70. 75. 328 

Kexkedle, Andrew. ' Pious coimsale,' 

a poem, iv. 97 
Kennett White (Dean, aftenvards Bishop 
of Peterborough). Letters to Strype. r. 
Index, v. 150 
account of his election, conseci'ation, 

&c. , V. 273 
his collections relating to Peterborough, 

V. 270—274 
notes on Gunton's history of Peter- 
borough, A. 30 
account of Bp. Henshaw, v. 254 
historical collections, v. 5()8 
notes on his llegister, A. 29 
Kent, John. Letter to Strji^e. r. Index, 

V. 150 

Kerdeston, William. Licence to fortify 
his house at Claxtoun, i. Ill 

Kessell, Laurence van. Letter to Hester 
Strype. v. Index, v. 150 

Kettilry, H. Letters to Strj-pe. v. In- 
dex, V. 150 

Keynsham, Monastery of. Boll containing 
the election of an abbat, 152G, i. 152 

KiKi), Thomas. Notes on liis Books by 

Dobreo, A. 75. 7i\ 
KiDi.r.R, UiciiAun, Bp. of Bath and Wtlln. 

Letters to Stryiie. r. Index, v. l.V) 
Kii.wAitiiY, BoiiEUT, Abp. of Cauterburj'. 
C'onstitutiones, i. 393 
Letters patent of, i. 42 1 
in Priscianuni, iii. ('i29 
KiNo, an essay of n, iii. 3(5 
Kino, I-^dwaiu) (Lycidus), notes respecting, 
V. 550 

Henry. Verses of man's mortality 

(1G2C.), III. 155 

John. Letter to Stry]>e. r. Index, 

V. 150 

Sir John, memoir of, v. 401. 4C5. 519 

Sir Peteu. Letter to Str\-po. r. In- 
dex, V. 150 


Collection of forms of 
licences, citations, sequestrations, issued 
in his name, i. 351, 352 

William. Sermon on Ps. c%ii. 2, 3, 

V. 188 

William, report of, respecting the 

Bp. of Worcester. &c., v. 412 

KiNiisTON, Isle of Wight, letter of Henry 

HI. respecting the advowst>u of, iv. 119 

KiRKitY, burgage in, letter respecting a suit 

touching a, i. 124 
KiRSTEN, Peter. Letter to W.Bedwell. i. 71 
KiRTON IN LiNnsEY. General sm^ey of 

(KJKl), II. 4(;3 
KiTciiiN, ^Ir, Law readings of, ii. 485 
Knatcurill, Sir D. Norton. Notnlro 
criticm ill Novum Testamentum, in. 1G6 
Kniout, Samfel. Adversaria, v. 574 
Biographical collections, v. 187 
notes on Culet, Erasmus, etc., v. Ifi4 
Draft of tlie life of dean Colet, v. 187 
Connnon-jilace book, v. 190 
HistoiT of Chmches in Cambridgeshire, 

V. 1G3 
Collections for a histon,' of Ely, v. 188 
letters to Bp. Moore, i. 1G3 
letters to StrAjie. r. Index, v. 151 
Life of Bj). Patrick, v. 1G3 
I'oems, Ei)igiaius, Ac, v. 184 
Memoir of Stnpe, v. 190 
Sermons, v. 1(13. 181. 1H8. 190. 191 
Theological notes, v. 180. 181 
Knichthood, instructions touching (1630), 

III. 15G 
Knkuiiley, EnMUNn. Fte.idings on tho 

statute 1 Bi<'li. II., iii. 27(i 
Knichts, oatli of, in Scotland, i. 353 
funeral of, in London, i. 503. 501 
the making a knight baimeret in tho 

field, I. 502 
fees due from, i. 502 

of the Garter, iii. 596 

Knox, Korert. Letters to Strype. ?-. In- 
dex, V. 151 

Thomas. Letter to E. GriOith, 

I. 105 


Kntttett, Sir Thomas, English and Latin 
verses by, i. 384 
Index librorum in Musfeo, ii. 354 
Macaronick verses agaiust, ii. 484 
Poems on subjects connected ■with the 

Ufe of Christ, i. 523 
Epitaph, I. 440 
KoKAN, The (Latine), iv. 220. 335; Liber 

decern senteutiaruni Alkaurani, ii. 452 
KcFFELER, AuGUSTrs, Collections of, iv. 93 
KcKELEMTNGTOX (? Kikklinton), presenta- 
tion of Eobert de B. to, i. 112 
Kylltngwoeth, John. Algorismus, ii. 116 
Kyngesmtlle, William. De forma et 

compositione cartarum, i. 270 
Kyxgtox, Monastery of, obituary kalendar 
of, by Katharine Moleyns, i. 334 

Lactaxtius. Divime Institutiones adver- 
sus Gentiles, in. 1C7. 6G4 
Libellus de Fenice, Paradisi habita- 

trice, III. 202 
De ira Dei, iii. 167. 664 
De opificio Dei, in. 167. 664 
L.Eus, EciiuND. Commou-iDlace book, 

V. 571 
Lake, Sie Thomas, submission of, ii. 187 
Lambakd, "William. Archion, a commen- 
tary on the High Courts of Justice in 
England, iv. 210 
on the office of compositions for aheu- 
ations, in. 527 
Lambert, Egbert. Lectures on the arti- 
cles of the Chm-ch of England, iv. 472 
Lambeth Ai-ticles, in. 31, v. 185 ; Historia 
de, in. 34, v. 185. 192 

Library, catalogue of, ii. 402, iv. 556 

notes respecting its restitution, v. 218. 
t'. Cambridge, University of : Library. 
Bibliotheca Biblica of, iv. 100 

degrees, admitted at Cambridge, 

V. 224. 496 
Abp. Abbot's faculties for, v. 391 
Lamego, Bp. of. Arguments as to his 
reception by the Pope as ambassador 
from Portugal (Ital.), ii. 87 
Lamothe, Charles de. Letters to Strype. 

V. Index, v. 151 
Lamuell or Launfal, Sib, Romance of, 

v. 602 
Lancaster, Duchy of, extracts from the 
records concerning the lands of, i. 101 
Survey of the woods, &c. of, 1575 — 1580, 

n. 79 
Collection of the names of the castles, 

&c. within the sui-\'ey, ii. 76 
list of manors, &c. belonging to, ii. 76 
receivers' accounts of the revenues for 
various years frfim 23 Hen. VIII. to 
13 Eliz., and 1633, ii. 78 

Lancaster, Duchy of (continued) : 

receivers' accounts for 18 Charles I., 

II. 77 
receivers' accoimts for 1636 — 1638, 

1640, and 1648, it. 78 
inquisitioues jjost mortem, relative to 
tenures under, EUz. and Chas. I., 
II. 79 

priory of. Collectanea e veteri ro- 

gistro sive Cartulario, v. 419 
Lancaster, Dulce of, r. Gaunt, John of. 
Lancaster, Richard de. Warrant to abate 
the arrears of the farm of the manor of 
Stoke Bardolf due to, fi-om the king, 
1. 136 
Lancea, William de : Dieta Salutis. v. 

Bonaventura, S. 
Lancelot of the Lake (metr. romance in 

English), III. 561 [r. Corr. v. 600] 
Landbeach, admissions to, v. 295. 324 
Lands, disafforesting of, wan-ants for, 

1637—1639, in. 407 

Lane, Thomas. Certain choice chapters 

from Pedi-o Mexia, Fr. Sansovino, &c., 

I. 469 

Lanfranc. De officio monachorum, iv. 114 

Langbain, Ger.uid. Letter to Ussher, 

V. 441 
Langham, Simon, Abp. of Canterbury. 
Lands &c. impropriated for the support 
of a chaplain to celebrate daily for his 
soul, I. 108 
letters of safe conduct to his messenger 

at Rome, i. 119 
constitutiones, in. 225 
notes respecting, v. 307. 359 
Langhorn, William : My Garden, and other 

devotional treatises, v. 178 
Langtoft, Peter, Chronicle of (French), 

in. 4 

Langton, Stephen, Abp. of Canterbury: 

Concilium in Oxonia eelebratum, in. 421 

Constitutiones, i. 328. 392, in. 224. 

225. 376 

Constitutio super jure decimarum, 

IV. 115 
Expositio Ecclesiastici, ii. 87. 445 

[v. Corr. v. -595] 
Super xii Prophctas, in. 665 
Sermoncs, n. 259 
Langworth, John (Ai'chdeacon of Wells), 

extracts respecting, v. 300 
Lanreith, manor of, office copy of caso 

respecting in 1685, iv. 513, 514 
Laodicea, Council of. Ka^ii'es, ii. 150 
de Lapide Philosophorum, v. Philoso- 
pher's stone. 
do virtutibus lapidum pretiosorum, 
I. 274 
Lapland. Description of the parish of 

Enontckis by (Jrape, n. 252 
Lapus Castelliunculus. Coinparatio stu- 
diorum et rei niilitaris, iv. 2 [v. Corr. 
V. 603] 


LAPrs CASTEi.i.nNcrr.vs (<'onl!nuf(f) : 

Isocrntis et NiciK-lis oratioin's tnnliictii', 

IV. 3 [r. (.'..IT. V. (ioaj 
Lascklles, Ei>\VAun. Lettcia to Stnpo. 

r. Index, v. I'll 
Lasco, Johannes a, r. A Lasco, Jouannes. 
Lavd, William, Abp. Onlt-i-s in (lio 
course of his visitation, v. 27:5 
letter to tbo I'nivirsity in tho King's 

unmo, Au^. '27, 1<')27, v. KM 
when 15p. of London, letters from tho 

University of Ciiinhridtje to, v. 510 
passage of his letter to Dr Brooke, 

V. 871 

letter coiiceruing Mr Heme and, v. 372 

letters to and fi\>m res])e<-tinK tlie riiTlit 

of -visiting the Universitv, v. 171. 

172. 17<i. 177. 374. 534 

commission respecting the deanery of 

Bockiug, V. 391 
dispensation to hold bis eanonrv- of 
Westminster in commcndjini, v. :5!)1 
dispensation frranted hv, v. :i'.)2 
letter to Selden, v. 44l' 
letter to the Archdeacon of Lincoln, 

V. 4tJ8 
prayer for Charles I., v. 475 
notes on the coronation otlice, v. 47<*) 
letter to Trinity College, v. 173 
prayers at the beginning of Parlia- 
ments, &c., V. 475 
Lafderdaill, Earl of, and others. Letter 
to the Speaker of the Ho. of Peers, v. 4<>».) 
Lacghton, John. Letter to W. Gouge. 
i\ Index, V. 151 

EicHARD. Speech in the Bachelors' 

schools (170(1), IV. 524 
Laughton School. Declaration by the Bj). 
of Lincoln that it is free to BIyton chil- 
dren, V. 468 
Lavardin, Marciiese i>e, Osscr\'ationi 

sopra il manifesto del {lt)H7), iv. 533 
Lavenham, Hichard : libellus de causi^ 

naturalibus, iii. 2'.)6 
Law, Canon, theoriae et Postillaj on, by 
Martin of Navarre, ii. 341 
Cases in Edward the Third's reign, iv. 
448; note-book of, i. 2.V.); notes (f, 
in the reigns of Ed. VI., and Eli/., 
I. 272; Eliz., Jas. I., and Chas. I., 
III. 183, IV. 453. 454 

forio-s of, II. 2 

Civil, summarj- of, i. 03 
Collections, i. 104. 305 
Common-place Books, i. 174. 239. 25n. 
259. 261. '262. 376. 4'23. 447. 4 1-^. 
480. 5'22, II. 17. 75. 87. 1'22. 2<,J. 
III. 55. 56. 65. 183. 275. '282. 4s I. 
489. 7*28, IV. 26. 44. 57. 210. b'.l. 
Lectures, notes of, i. 288 
Moot cases, i. 514. 536, iv. 439 
notes, II. 251. 261. 262, in. 192, iv. 48. 
453. 454. 5.30 

Law I'leadint^, H. ii. IV. — EU*., til. 


I'rec.dint'. i. H. 65. AM, iti, iHi. 

4'.i.!, IV. r,o. '2^3 
lira llli;.;-., I. \w. 

III. 192. '2'i-J. 267. J..... i,„. Hi, i,... 
276. '282 
IV. H. " : ■ \ 

niitl III .>.ni 

1613 I.) Itijl. III. l.ii 
on rents, iv. 119 
on the ancicut stataUm, lit. 49ft, 

IV. 314 
on Magna Charta, r. Charta. 
Rej>orts, 19 Hdwiurd I., ii. 4 
1-2—18 Edward III., in. '285 

7, H H,n. VI.. I. 310; ft f, w OUM, 

lien. VI.— ^L^^^•. iv. 17 
1— -23 Hen. VI I., "111.70 
38 Hen. VIII.— '27 Eliz.. nr. 64; 

Hen. VIII.— .In.M. I.. lu. 4Hfi; 

Hen. VIII., I. 4:M).r.l4 
EUzabeth, i. 430. 514. 437. S.'W. 

526. 4.V.», M. 74. 2i",3. 311. 47'«. 

4S5. 4s6. 4'.M), III. i'.t. IVJ. 6U. 7o. 

119. 1S3. '231. 270. 4H:1 biH. 4H4. 

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44. 47. '280; CWxIfrvca, 2*2; 43V>. 

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4h4. 4h6. 487 bis. iW ; HoUrtn. 

491; Winch's. 491; 492. iv. 4*. 

47. 55. 115. '2^0; {nHlfrvc'»,3»«; 

449. 452. 454. .M3 
Charles I., i. 102. 310. S77. 494. 

495, II. 178, HI. 52. 56. 267. 4-6 

bis; Hetlev'H, 492 ; iv. 44. 54. 'i^o. 

Charles II., of tlie court of m><>»m>ii 

in Scotlaiul, v. 571 
George II., v. 376 
index to. 1. .SX. iv. 3'20 
table< f.fromUcu. Ill.tollichanlll.. 

I. 305 
of cases in the Court of ^ 

in Scotland. H'.30 1612, ; 
Roman, Taylor'n iiot«'s on. A. m 
Terms. diclioimrA- of, i. 310. 312 
Treatises. Abridk'< nieiit cki I* Irjr, 
fsoin Magna Chartii to 12 EJ. IV. 
cap. 3, ij. 4.'>4 
]., '7 

tione et 
Dc re-ititui. ... «»• 

tate. IV. lOfl 
On Scotch l4»w. 1. lUl, IT. 45a 
I-. Ykai -Books. 
J,v«, Wiri.iAM. ftiUlitions Ui tho liftof, by 

C. Walton, v. 577 
Lawbem K r. Ill" iiAiin«»os. I<«>ttcr r** 
siH'cling the action ^17'i6), t. 571 



Lat-impeopeiations, concerning the law- 
fulness of, I. 382 
Layton, Kichaed, Letters to Cromwell, 

V. 380 
Leandee, a play, ii. 178 
Le Cleec, John. Letter to Bp. Moore about 
an edition of the Anthology, iv. 523 
Letter to Bentley, A. 23 
Lectiones for Saints' Days, with a verbal 

English version, iv. 116 
Lee, Edwaed, instructions to, from Henry 
VIIL, Wolsey, <tc., ii. 137. 138 
letters patent for a safe conduct for, 
II. 142 
Leeds, rental roll of, 3 Hen. VI., iv. 535 
Legesda, II. 526; Aurea, r. Voeagine. 
Legge, Thomas. Eicardus Tertius Tra- 

gcedia Trivespera, iv. 293 
Legeant, Jacques. Le livre de bonnes 
meurs, ii. 336 [printed in the xvth 
Legeeyn, Joan. Privilegios que S. M. 

concedeo a (1585), i. 429 
Leicestee, coimty of, letter of John 
Foxcroft respecting, iv. 430 
Poll for the election of an M.P., Dec. 

1707, IV. 443 
S. Mary's, bull respecting the canons 
of, V. 290 

(RoBEET Dudley), Earl of. Letter 

to Bp. Parkhurst resijeetiug the depri- 
vation of Dr Willoughby, ii. 63 
letters on the Archdeaconry of Norwich, 

II. 69 
letters to Dr Chaderton, v. 296, 297; 

to the University, v. 307, 308 
discourse to Q. Elizabeth on the Low 
Countries, v. 191 
— — DoEOTHY, Countess of, petition of, 

v. 416 
Leicestee's Commonwealth, ii. 337, iii. 

56. 468. 472, iv. 281. 396. 445 
Leigh, Edward, note-book of, i. 315 
Leipsic, battle of (1631), relation of, iii. 

Leland, John. Antiphilarchia, ii. 177 
Lemovicensis, Joh.annes. Somniale di- 
lucidarium Pharaonis, i. 237, m. 532 

Peiee. Judicium de stella cometa, 

1298, III. 406 [v. Corr. v. 599] 
Lendenaea, commission of a governor 
of, in 1600, from Marino Grimano, Doge 
of Venice (Ital.>, ii. 290 
Le Neve, John. Letters to Baker, v. 347. 
Biographical collections of, v. 570 
Lennox, Duke of. Speech of, on Scotch af- 
fairs, I. 167 

Eael of. Usage of his son Darnley 

by Marj' Queen of Scots, i. 170, iv. 549 
Talk with Darnley, iv. 548 
Lenot, John. Warrant to Uberate him, he 
having been committed on suspicion of 
the death of John Spalding, i. 123 

Lenthall, Feancis, accompts of, for 
Surrey and Sussex, 23 Car. I., i. 42 

William. Speech in Parliament, 

5 Nov. 1640, IV. 216 

letters from and to the mayor of Hull, 

V. 399 ; to CromweU, v. 400; to Grim- 

ston, &e., V. 410. 411 

Leo, S. 'Eitio-toXtj wpos iXa^iavov against 

Eutyches, ii. 147 

Sermones, in. 388. 389. 393. 432. 

Epistolae, in. 542 
Leo VI., Empeeoe. Atviyfia, ii. 314 

Sr^xot «ts Tov irXoi'aiov Kai els tov Aa- 
tapov, II. 314 
Leo Aemenus, Tragoedia, in. 533 
Leominster. Confirmation of the manor 
and church to Reading by Hugh, Bishop 
of Hereford, i. 395 
confirmation of the liberty of moving 
the monks by Honorius HI., i. 
Leonaedus, S., life of, i. 230 
Leonaedo. Oratio domini Leonardi ha- 
bita coram rege per dominum Julianum 
de antefatis, in. 253 
Leonellus Estensis. Oratio ad Sigis- 
mundum, dum Ferrariam a Roma di- 
vertisset, in. 252 
Oratio in protestatione sibi facta aM.D. 
dum esset capitaneus Florentiae, in. 
Leopold, Regent of Flanders, congi-atu- 

lations sent to, v. 413 
Lepton, John. Petition as patentee for 

making bills of complaint, &c., i. 180 
Leey, Coenelius. Commentarii in Ari- 
stotelem, in. 447. 468 
Conclusiones ex universa philosophia, 
III. 447 
Le Sauvage, Minister. Petition to the 

Abp. of Canterbury, i. 164 
Lesceop, Sie Heney. Letter to account 
for his expenses, i. 137 
order to repair to the marches of Scot- 
land, I. 145 
Lesley, John (Bishop of Ross). Articles 
given to, by the Lords of the Council, 
and his answer, iv. 550 
Leslie, David. Letter to the Committees 
of England and Scotland, v. 408 
letter with the Assembly's declaration, 

V. 411 
speech to his soldiers, v. 580 
Lesteange, Sir Rogee. Letter to Sir C. 
Calthorp, i. 158 [v. Corr. v. 585], v. 
447 ; notes respecting, v. 447 
Levee, Thomas. Letters to Ascham, i. 380 
Leveeington. Notes respecting, v. 305 
Lewes. Processus belli habiti apud 
Lewes, iv. 118 

Peior of. Certificatio de duabus 

vicesimis concessis in subventionem ab- 
batiie Cluniacensis (1322), in. 409 


Lewis, George. Letters to Stnpo. r. In- 
dex, V. 151 

John. Letters to Strvpe. v. Iiuli x, 

V. 151 

letter to Knii^lit rospcetiug the life of 
(irosseteste, v. 57i 
Lewkenoh, Siu Ekwaiid, niul others, 
epitaphs ami fuueral sermou of, 
V. 485 
Lexicon. 'Ep/x-qfuai rwy vaXaiuiv 6i>ofidTU¥ 
{O. T. names), in. 1:5 
dWor d\(f>d3r]To^, A. 7'.) 
Ae^t\oi' irepi TrvfVjxaTwv, from Trj'pho, 
Choeroboschus, Theodoret, &c., in. 
A^^etj Ppaxuai, from ChLrroboschiw, 

Thomas Magister, .tc, iii. 10 
Affets "Pa>juai\-a/, i. '2('i5 
^vWoyr] X^ffwi' airo toO v6hov. iii. '.) 
(ireek, i. 221. 222. 2C>8, iv. 507 
Gra;co-Latinum, i. 33(), 337. 521) 
A Latin Dictiouarj' [For ex Iniduro 

read secundum Isiilonim], i. 538 
Latino-GrfBCum, i. 402 
Ehctoricum (Greek), i. 254 ; transcript 

of, by Dobree, A. 80 
Codex de siguiUcatiouo verbonmi, in. 

Latin. Augelus — Vultiir, in. 224 
Romaick, Kara arotx^toy, i. ti7 
Ley, Sia James. Speech on the king's 
estate, 1G25, iv. 310 
Treatise on Wards and Liveries, iv. 
45. 50. r. Warps. 
Leyden, University of. On the history 

and government of (Diitcli), v. 575 
Leyloxd, John. De coguitiono generum 
uominis, in. 240 
De concordantiis grammaticir, in. 241 
De decUuatiouibus nominum, in. 240 
De uominibus heteroclitis. in. 210 
LibeUus parv'iilorum, in. 240 
De praeteritis et supinis verborum, in. 

Pratum flomra, in. 240 
De regimiue casumu, in. 240 
LiBANirs, dechirations of (Greek), i. 451. 
452. 4.53 

TTtpl iiriffTokTlKOV XO/3a»CT^/)05, III. 721 

'Eiri<fTo\od, in. 13 
fragment of (Gr.), iv. 90 
Liberty of the Sib-iect, arguments and 
speeches on, April, May, lt;2H, i. 5r.», 
in. 490. 401 
LiBiuRY. Catalogue of a London, 1C83, 
1G84, IV. 522 

Catalogue of a private, iv. 92 
V. Cat.vlogue of books. 
Licences for impropriations, exchanges, 
&c., I. 108 seqfi. 

painting the effigies of the Apostles 

in a church, allegations against, v. 183 
Lichfield. Collectanea e vetcri cartn- 
lario ecclesife Cath., v. 448 


the Steward of tliti ownvr ■ o. 

VIII.). I. 537 
Like. Ammai.. Trenlino on (Latin), ill. 

LiiiiiTKooT, John. Juiininl of iho pro- 
cecdings of tho Aiirionilily of I>i«inM, 
li;43. lt>44. I. 52K. V. 115. v. v. Gi 
dedication of hin ri'iiiaiiin, r. 31 
LioNAXo (Lmusuio), Juiu.nnks t»B. Pro- 

phetia. i. 19 
LniNUM Vit.e, r. Cross. Tin: 
LiLBUBNK, JoH.v. Ordiiiiinro for £3000 
to bo paid to, v. 413; coniinittc« of, 
v. 413 
LiLi.iE, John. Petitions to tho yu«H«n 
(Ehzabcth), n. 185 

CiEoRtiE. Letter to Diahop Cathb. 

Scott, v. 552 
LlMIlEUT, STEniEK. IjCtttT to Bi»hop 

rarldiurst, n. ('.7 
LiMiioitcH, I'liiLir. Letters to 01. Doilrj, 

V. 232 
Lincoln Cathedral. Confimmtion of Uio 
prcbiiid of Norton in, to Kit-hard do 
Chesterfu'ld. i. 112 
royal letters by force whereof tho 
shrines and other jewels were t«ken 
away, iv. 527 
Bishoji'a visitation of, in Ifill, v. 407 
order of Sir N. Urent for the payment 
of sums due to vicars chunU and 
choristrTs. v. 4tV8 
commission of the .\bp. of Canterbury 
for a visitation at (UkHi',), v. UV.H 
City of, charter granted to, 4 Cliorkv* 
I., I. 385 

ilisposal of £1000 raised for tho re- 
lief of, lt«f, v. 4r>8 
Coimty of, ItoJls of tlio court of 
various manors in ltV19, ItlSO, 
IV. 541 
noted on, IV. 431 
Dioceso of, Norwich taxation of, liW, 
1.42 4 

CO) ie.i of bulls and episcopal letters 

belonging to. I. 424 
visitation of, in 1"'.14. v. 107. lOrt 
ton a 1 ' 
]>riatto Hainl'ledon 

Re|vrt4)riuin doorduiat.- : 

riaruni. i. 425 
award of t' " hr>p of Ely aa to 
the inr of tho Virar- 

Ar< I 
institutions nil 
Register, v. 1' ■ 
gistro. V. 4ri7 ; n 

licence for pointing:-; ;■ .- -,v.. . 

licence to a inidnife, v. 467 
trnnsliitions or consecrations of 
Rishops. v. 4()7 



Lincoln, Diocese of (contimiecT): 

charge by Sir N. Breut to the clergy, 

V. 468 
notes of relaxation of visitation, &c. , 
V. 468 
S. Katharine's Convent. Commissions 
for collections of tenths, &c., 1291 
— 1307, I. 424 
confirmation of the church of S. to, 
I. 110 

Statutum de, I. 540. 543 

LiNDiSFAENE. Liber J^^dilwlfus de abba- 

tibus et miraculis, ii. 324 
LiNEEiis (or Lynekiis), Johannes de. Ele- 
ments of the epicyclick orbits of the 
superior planets (Lat.), iii. 215 
Canones super tabulas Alfonsi, in. 346 
Canones Eclipsium, ii. 118, iii. 346 
Algorismus de minuciis vulgaribus, ii. 
Ling, Samuel. Relation of the sea fight 
between the Spaniard and Hollander, 
1639, V. 579 
Linton, alien priory of, api^ropriated to 
Pembroke Hall, v. 518 
approj^riation of the church of, v. 291 
notes of vicars, &c., v. 305 
Lisbon (Ollexbon). Letter of the cori^o- 
ration of London respecting the ex- 
portation of corn there, i. 148 
Liskeeeth (Liskard), charter of inspexi- 

mus confirming charters to, v. 384 
Litany (Lat.), i. 229. 546 
DE Liteeaeum Compositione Tractatus, 

I. 326 

LiTTLEPOET CnuECH, uotes respecting, v. 

Littleton, Sie Edwaed. Argument on 
the case of ship monev, m. 485. 488. 
489, IV. 445 
argument on Hampden's commitment, 

rv. 445 

arguments on the liberty of the person 

of every freeman, i. 519. 520, iii. 491 

arguments on the habeas corpus for 

the prisoners touching the loans 

(3 Chas. I.), IV. 446 

John. Letter to his brother, i. 160 

- Richaed. Readings on the West- 
minster statute of Appeals, in. 274 

Sir Thomas. De natiu-a brevium, 

II. 5 

Tenures, i. 458, ii. 5, iv. 314, abridge- 
ment of (French), ii. 266 
notes on, iv. 60. 454, A. 27 
— - Toby. Letter to Lord Whitlock. v. 

Lively, Edward. Commentationes in Mar- 

tinium, ii. 265 
Liveries. Questions and answers tending 
to discover the impediments.... to the 
profits of the Queen's liveries, in. 290 

of lands, rules for, 4 Edw. IV., in. 70 

LivERjiERE, Little (Suffolk), warrant to a, 
convent to impropriate the church of, 
I. 108 
Livingston, John. Notes of his life writ- 
ten by himself, in. 692 
LrvEE de bonnes meurs, II. 336 
Lleyn, William. Traethu am hen Wae- 

doliaeth kenedl Kymru, iv. 105 
Llewellyn. Treaty with Henry HI., i. 
Excommunication of, return by the 
Bp. of Exeter respecting, v. 345 
Lloyd, Hitmfeey, Bp. of Bangor. Letter 
to A. Wood, V. 376 

Richard. Proposal to raise money 

by creating baronets, 1650, iv. 436 
William, Bp. of S. Asaph. Letters 

Index, V. 151 
Liturgy. Liturgiae SS. Basilii, Gregorii, 
et CyriUi ex Arabico conversffi a V. Scia- 
lach, I. 250 
concerning the using or forbearing of 

the, I. 382 
difference between the English and 
Scotch, V. 171 

to Dodwell and others, in. 707 

. William, Bp. of Norwich. Short 

memoirs of the Parliament held at West- 
minster, 1685, V. 478 ; letter to Patrick, 
V. 572 
Lock, John, v. Covel, John, correspond- 
ence of. 
LoGicK, treatises on, i. 271. 302 
LoGUEAVAN, castle of, warrant to the 

keeper of, i. 137 
Lollaeds. Acta contra LoUardos, v. 318 
De proelamatione facienda contra ha;-- 

reticos et LoUardos, v. 382 
De Lollardis arrestandis, v. 384 
LoLWOETH, notes respecting, v. 306 
Lombard, Peter. Sententite, i. 68, ii. 
418, in. 386. 472 
Seutentiarum epitome, n. 306, in. 711 
Exceptiones ex sententiis, in. 16 
Commentarius in sententias, iv. 129 
in Psalmos, in. 428 
in Epistolas S. Pauli, in. 366 
London and Westminster, notes to Brit- 
ton's account of, A. 63 
S. Augustine's convent, letter of cre- 
dence to what G. de Herdcby should 
shew on the king's part relating to, 
I. 123 
S. Bartholomew's, Smithfield, letters 
for the protection of the prior and 
convent of, i. 120 
Christ Church, act resigning the estates 

of the priory to Hen. VIII., v. 205 
City of. Extracts from charters relat- 
ing to its privileges, i. 201, n. 90.183 
liberties, franchises, and customs 

of, II. 258 
recommendations for its freedom, 

1. 126, 127 
duties payable to porters for car- 
riage of merchandize from the 


London, City of {continued): 

Thiiracs to housoH of btraiigors, 
U Ed. IV., II. -M) 
rectorii's within tlic city iiml subnilis 
with the uiuiH's of tho Piilruiis, 
Parsons, and lucumbeuts, l(;:i.'), 

IV. 412 

names of the patrons within tho 
bills of mortality, with the present 
iuciunbouts. 170;j, i. 2.").S 

list of men at arms in, 1563 — 1588, 

V. 18'.» 

Coi-poration of, Muvor and sheriffs of, 
1189— KvM, I. 407 
letters, certificates, testimonials, &c. 
from the Mayor and aldermen, i. 
forms of Latin letters of, i. 1 1? 
reprimands to a mayor and uldcr- 
men for not attending the hus- 
tings, I. 120 
adtlress of the recorder to the lords 
of the exchequer on presenting a 
Lord Mayor, i. 202 
letter to the mayor and aldenuen 
to do justice in a claim of ward- 
ship, I. 128 
report of, as to a child's share of 
an estate in the case of Newburgh 
r. Fenu (1G41), i. 17H 
list of aldermen, 1707—8, iv. 403 
Diocese of. Carta de tcmporalibus va- 
cante episcopatu, ii. 183 
recitate of lands and tenements 

belonging to (1448), ii. 5 
certiticate as to its extent by the 

Bishop. I. 16f5 
grant of the annual pension due 
from the Bishop on his creation 
to Eoger Rateseroft, i. 131 
complaint of the corporation of the 
absence of the Bishop (Ii. de Clif- 
ford), r. 148 
letter of the Bishop (R. de Clifford) 
to the corporation on the election 
of Pope Martin V., and their 
answer, i. 14!) 
nomina et tituli incninbentinm e 
registro Lond. 151.') ^150'.), v. 251 
S. Margaret Pat\-ns, warrant respect- 
ing a tenement in, i. IKJ 
S. Martin in Vintrj'. .\rrangement be- 
tween the rector and the chajilain of 
the chantry bounded there, iii. \xl 
S. Paul's Cathedral, documents relating 
to, II. 179—183 
Liber statu tonim, ii. 180, v. 439 
dimensions of, iv. 74 
Letter to the Bishop of Ely for the 
rebuilding of, with instructions 
for collecting from the clergj- 
(1503), V. .324 
articles of enquiry at the metropo- 
litan's visitation of (1636), v. 167 

Lo.NuoS, S. PuuI'h (i-imfiiiufJi'. 
liir. Siini|<>«>ii !■. ! 

to I)i'iUi I'll. . , 

(1529). V. 293 
Strand, rental of, ii. TH 
Tower of, lettvnt for dolivcnr of 3 at. 
gines for thu workn of, i. ITJ 
letter to pay wu((fii to tln' ki'C)M<r of 

tht< kitiK'"" lion-4, i. l:t,'» 
warrant to drlivir t<un.H and powdrr 
to Jidiu du Slvfonl, kcvp«r of, 
1, 136 
warrant to John do Sb'ford to re- 
count for the ex)H>i;Hi'!4 (ur tL« 
guns and jxiwder, i. \'M 
LosoiNr.s. Ttpi v\f/ovt. III. 729 

notes on, by Taylor, A. 22 
Long Sta.vton, notes r' -v. .Tlo4M3 

LoNoiTiDE AT Ska, tvu I Mr Hiirri- 

son's watch for discovenng, iv. 431 
Long Stow, notes respecting, v. 3iM', 
LoRiKNsis, Kauri Jisciiak. Exigcitifl of 

Liber Occultationis, ii. 478 
Louis, Anukf.w. Petition to the King, t. 177 
liOiiUAiNK, CnAiu.Rs. Letter Ui the English 

Parliament, v, 405 
L0S.VN0 (Lausanne), Jacoucs db. Sermonc*. 

II. 21, III. 335 
LosiNOA, Hekbeut. Sermone*. in. 393 
LoTHYNOToN, Skcrf.tauy. Worvl* to Mr 
Ilcnrv' Pouewis about Mars' y«. of Scot*. 
I. 17<'>, V. 410 
Loiis IV., EMTEnoB, Letter to Edward 

III., I. 397 
Loris XII. OF FuAXCK. Edict for tho 
restitution of the good.s of thu WiildfUav* 
of Fraissinere (1501). 1. as 
letters patent given to them, I. 88 

XIII. OK FiuNCE, treaty with JuDM 

I. (1610). I. 371 
Admonitio ad, par uu JeHUite do B*- 

vieres, i. 177 
Letter to Ferdinand II. (1629,, 11. 23 
Answer to the petitions o( the Waldcn- 

ses of Val I'erosa (lO^JO). i. H9 
Articles of cu])itulation grouted to tbo 
same (l(;;!ih. I. H9 
XIV. OF I'luNcr. I 'in 

favour of tlie NValdinse^ 
Louth, statutes of Saint James kirko of, 

V. 371 
LouvAiN, ' Epistoloren qua^ljiiu fomiul* 

quas correotoria vocant," in |HhUi^<(^o 

Lilii, lit. 211 

LoLVAIN, ^ •"• 

the nil • "* 

Hugh Cbatiilou lo i ■ 
LovK, Ni< Hoi.vs. Trui 

vcntum's Life of Cbnnt, it. 60. a*il. 6*6 
LovKi.L, anthem by. v. 589 
Lowe. LctU>rs to Slrrpfl. i-. 

Index, v. 151 
Edward. Letters to Slrrpo. r. 

Index, V. 151 


Lowe, Maby. Letters to Strvpe. v. Index, 

Y. 151 
LowKT, John. Letters to Lenthall, t, 408 
LowTH, Db. Letter to Bp. Beveridge, v. 478 
LcBECK AND SiETTiN, bivrgomasters, ma- 
gistrates &c. of, letters of Eichard II. 
to, I. 117, 118 [read Stettin for Stade] 
LccAS. Pbarsalia, iii. 145 

notes on, by A. SchiUtens, v. 577 
Lucas, Charles, Bakon, speech of, on the 
subsidy biU, 22 Feb. lG7f , iv. 436 

HxNRT. Letter to the Y. C. of 

Cambridge on the archbishop's right of 
visitation, v. 375 
LcciAX. Opera (Grsece), i. 449 — 451 
LrciLirs, notes on, A. 52 

notes on, by Hermann, A. 52 
Eeiz, A. 52 
LrcEETirs. De rerum natura, iv. 470 
LuDEB, Peter, de Pillaw. Oratio coram 
Univ. Heydelbergensi (1456) de com- 
mendatione artium himiilitatis, iii. 243 
[v. Corr. V. 599] 
Praecepta rhetorica, iii. 254 
LcDLow, Geobge. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 151, 152 
LcDOLPHUS. De ^ita Christi, in. 434 
LuDoviccs, Petbus. Commentarii in ter- 
tiam partem D. Thomte summse, iii. 26 
LcFFiELD MONASTEBY, documents Connected 

Avith, II. 1 — 4 
LvMEX intelligenti», ii. 453 

luminum, ii. 452 

LciiLEY, John de (Baron Lvmiley), cor- 
respondeuce relative to his gift of books 
to Cambridge, v. 203. 329 
LuxN, WiLLUM. Letter to Strype, v. 

Index, V. 152 
Lusox, Sir Richard. Charges of his fiine- 

ral, I. 503 
Luther, Mabtin, history of, in. 220 

works of, burnt at Cambridge, v. 499 
Lutterell, Johannes. Epistola de visione 

faciali, in. 417 
Lutterworth, Regula HospitaUs S. Jo- 

hannis de, i. 425 
LuTZEN, battle of (1632), relation of, in. 

Luxemburg, Duke of, letters of Eichard 

IL to, I. 144. 146 
Lycophron. 'A\i^av5pa, cum versione 
Canteri, i. 316; cum Scholiis, n, 477 
notes on, byCasaubon and others, A. .S4 
Lycukgus, notes on, by Dobree, A. 67. 79 

Taylor, A, 15 
Lyt)ecroft, park of, near Windsor. Ex- 
penses for the Bujiport of the game 
allowed, i. 139 
Lydgate, John : 

Cato in English [by Bennet Burgh], n, 

164. 165. 442, in. 292 
Chorle and the Bird, in. 293. 565 
Horse, Goose, and Sheep, in, 293 
Life of S. Edmund, n, 32 

Lydgate, John (continued) '. 
Life of S. Fremond, ii. 32 

S. Margaret, iv. 101 

S. Mary the Virgin, in, 554, iv. 

'Staus puer ad mensam,' in English, 

in. 292 
Temple of glass, in. 173 \v. Corr. 

T, 598] 
Troy-Book, in. 699, v. 600. 601 
Verses on the foundation of the Uni- 

versitv of Cambridge, v, 197 
Minor Poems, n, 289, ni. 292—294. 

Thomas. Letter to Sir H, Spel- 

man, i. 158 
Lyneeiis, Johannes de, v. Linebiis, J. de 
Lynham, Ealph de. Art de Kalendere 

(Fr. verse), in. 1 
Lyons, council of. Capitula, in. 386; 

Prooemium, in. 386 
Lyra, Nicholas de. Opera, i. 327 

Quod mysterium Christi... sit imple- 

tum, II. 133 
De potefoiate remittendi peccata, n. 

De privilegio virginali, ii. 134 
De visione divinse essentife, n. 133 
Eesponsio ad quendam Judaeum, ii. 

PostiHa; super vetus Testamentum, i. 40 
super Evangelia, in. 40. 452 
super Apocalypsiu, in. 339 
Tabula super, n. 471 
Lysias : Prselectio in, by Dobree, A. 78 
notes on, by Dobree, A. 67. 79 
Markland, A. 10 
Taylor, A. 5. 10 
L'ysle, William, letter of, to Sir H. Spel- 

mau, I. 159 
Lytileton, V, Littleton. 


Mabillon, John. Letter to Gale, v. 473 
M.\CAiRE, S., town of, letters for assistance 

to be gi-anted to, i. 122 
Maceb de viribus Herbarum, n. 276. 547, 

in. 673 ; in English, ii. 15 
Macharius, S. Epistola ad monachos, 

ni. 288, IV. 276; in English, n. 586 
Macrobius. Saturnalia, n. 412; Extr. 

from, IV. 135 
in Somuium Ciceronis, in. 21. 722 
Madrid, treaty of (1526), n. 140 
Magdalen, S. Mary, life of, n. 405 
Magdeburg, Henricus de. Summula, in. 

Magi, adoration of, drawing of, in. 182 
Maoirus, Johannes. Physiologia Peripa- 

tetica, I. 281 
Magnete, Tractatus de, in. 323 


Maiiomkt. Trnctiitua de ortii, proccssu, et 
ttctibiis, I. '2'.\ 
Qiiiu liim liistoricii do Miicliumoto, iv. 

V. Tuiron, William of. 
Maimonidks, Moses. Dux Dubiornm, 

Lftt. ftb AuRiistino Justiniano, iii. ii'.H 
Maitland, Silt liiciiAitP. Certaino i)rac- 
tiques ftnd doeretis of tbo College of 
justice and se.ssione, in. 63 
Poems by, iv. Do. 90 

Samukl lloFFEY. Notes oil Strvpo, 

V. 577 
Malabar, Cbristiaus iu, ou the bistorj- of 
^Dutcb), V. 575 

Anecdotes of, collected by Buchanan, 
IV. 505 
Malala, John, notes on, by Pobree. A. 77 
Malcolm Mackexeth, king of Scotland. 

Statuta et leges, ii. LSI 
Malden, lands in, letter respecting, i. 

Malden, Daniel, notebook of. i. 316 
Malines, M. de, oliiciiU letters from, 

V. 569 
Malketon, notes of, v. .SOO 
Mallet, Thomas. Readings on tbo statute 

18 Eliz. c. 13, III. •27-4 
Malmesbcby, William of. De pestis re- 
gum Anglorum, iii. 372; Extr. from, 
II. 322, 323 
Historia novella, ii. 316 
De gestis Pontificum, ii. 315 
De antiquitate Glastoniensis ecclesitc, 
abridged by William Darrell, iv. 205 
Terba collecta ex libris Augustini et 
Ciceronis, i. 508 
Man, true and false opinions respecting 

the beginning of, iii. 275 
Manasseh Ben Israel. Notes on his Con- 
ciliator, A. 57 
Manasses, Constantinus. 2yvoi/'is xpoj't'c^ 

Sia a-TLxuv, m. 707, iv. 509 
Manchester, Edward Montagu, Earl of, 
letters to Cambridge, v. 221 
Reformation of Cambridge, v. 286. 419. 

ejectments bv, v. 381 
letters, v. 408. 411 

collections out of his memoirs, v. 428 
Mandeville, Sir John, travels of, i. 21, 

II. 495, III. 46 

Manduth, John. Astronomical tables, 

III. 215 

Manes. Fragmcnta, iv. 88 

Manetho, notes ou, by Ruhnkcn, A. 47 

Manfred. Prologue to the Pomum Ari- 

stotelis, III. 382 
Manilius, notes on, by Sir E. Sherburne, 

A. 57 
Manley, Thomas. The book of Job in 

Heroicall verse, i. 538 
Mann, John. Ambassador in Spain iu 1567, 

official letters of, iv. 178, 179 

Manors, a troatiMO of, iii. 70 

letttrx )>nt*'iit niid (;raiil« of, by Licury 

VIII., a. .17, MI. 70 
Extiiita iiiniurii, r. St\ti't\. 
Mans, Lk, iiaiiiis of the liiBhopa of, tii. 53 

[r. Corr. v. 697 1 
Maxski., John. Scrmo mnis duobtDi cynir- 
gicis teuicrariis i)nrHuniinlibiis rnraro 
crus couipactum Juhaiiniri Muii.ii-l 
(vers.), I. 175 


Brevis annotutio de duobtis riiiiiiii, i. 
Mantua and ^foNTEFERRATo. Dello prrtrn- 

sioni di diversi principi Hopra 11 ducati 

di, iL 23 
Manuale secundum nsum EUjrari, ii. 12fi 

secundum usum Sarum, iv. lo7 

[r. Corr. V. 6(14]; oflices frnin, ii. 527 

Manual for the use of priests and con- 
fessors, II. 8 

Manutids, Paulus. Notes on Suetonius, 
A. 60 

Maxwarixo, Sir Henry. Discourtie on the 
beginnings and prix-eedings of the Py- 
rates (1618), m. 475 

Dr Rooer, tenets of, in. 154; ren- 

Bure or judgment <if, iii. 154, v. 368; 
submission of, in. 38. 154, v. 3r>8 

Map, Walter. Controversia inter Cor ct 
Oculnm, I. 476 
Dinli>pu8 inter corpus et animam, ii. 

21. 267 
Valerius ad Rufinum do non ducenda 

uxore, II. 516, iv. 15. 112 
f. Golias. 
Mapletoft, Joirs. Inaugural l(>cture a.i 
Gresham Professor of Pliysick, iv. 629 

Robert. Dean of Ely, account of, 

by Hugh Maitletoft, v. 432; notes re- 
specting, V. 461 

Marrodius. Liber Lnpidnm, 1.496, in. 672 
Marcellinus. tU fioiKv6i5T]w, m. I'.yl 
March, Edmund, Earl of. Letter to ac- 
count for his expenses in his journey to 
the marches of Scotland, i. 137 
Marcus Paulus de Vexetis, r. Polo, 

Marcus Diadociius, Kard '.Kpttafur. iv. 79 
DE Mare clauso (Fr. and Lat.t, i. 48y 
Mahoaret, S. Legend of ^Freiicli, verge), 
n. 260 
Life (Eng. prose\ n. 405, r. Ltdoatt. 
Passio, III. 622, iv. 212 
Maroaret, Countess of Richmond. Rrit- 

ton's collections for a life of, iv. .')05 
Maroarkt, sister of Henrj- VI II. Exi>enf>c« 

of flesh at her marriage (l.')03K n. 167 
Maria, Paul de, S. (Pp. of RurRos). Scrn- 

tinium Scripturanim. 11.443 
Marianus Scotus. Chronica do gesti« 

Anglorum, i. 20 
Marie de France. Liber qui dicitur Efopo 
(French, versed, n. 261 


Marika, S. Vita, iv. 276. 382 
Maeisco, Kichabi) de, Bishop of Durham. 
Versus ad, i. 474 


catalogue of, ii. 458 
Makkham, Sir Griffith and others, ai"- 

raigument of (1603), v. 581 
Marklaxd. Jeremiah, notes on Herodotus, 
A. 10 ; Lvsias, A. 10 ; notes respecting, 
V. 418 
JiIarlborough, statute of, v. Statuta. 
Audley's readings on, ii. 179 

JoHx, Duke of. Letters on the 

movements of his army, 1704, v. 183 
Mabxix, Jaques de. Album of sonnets, 

(tc, I. 445 
Marlorate, AcorsTiN. Eecommendation 
of his commeutarv on S. Matthew, ii. 
58, 59 
Maroxis, Fraxcisc;;s DE , r. Matroxis, F. 

Marriott, Charles. Letter respecting a 

memoir of Bishop Patrick, v. 163 
Marro^-e, Thomas. Prima leetura, 18 Hen. 
Til., II. 179 ; readings on the first sta- 
tute of Westminster, iii. 274 
Marsdex, Egbert. Letters to J. Wor- 

thington, v. 418 
Marsh's Hor^ Pelasgic^, notes on, by 

Dobree, A. 75 
Marshall, Earl, the lights of the, 
. IT. 208 

notes relating to the office of, it. 432 

Court of Honour held before, i. 161 

case of Warner r. Lynch, tried before, 

I. 161 
return, appeals, &c. relating to this, 
I. 162 

Knight, ordinance for the office and 

due attendance of, iv. 320 
Marsh-u.l, William (prior of Merton). 
Practica de infirmitate equorum (Eng.), 
I. 240 

Mr. Thanksgiving sermon, v. 188 

Marsh.u,sea, Marshal of the. Letters 
patent of James I. granting the office to 
various persons, iv. 434 

pleas of the ; appointment of a clerk 

to hold, I. 138 
Martial. Epigrammaton Lib. i. ab al- 
tero Constructiones, iii. 216 
Epigrammata, iv. 136 
Comment, in Lib. ix. Epigi-. 23, i. 302 
Martiall's Treatise ox the Cross. Ex- 
tract from (]564>, iv. 550 
Martiaxus Capeli.a. De nuptiis Philologia; 
et de septem liberalibus artibus, in. 396 
Commentarius in, iv. Ill 
Martix, S. Vita a Sulpicio Severo et 

Gregorio Turonensi, in. 29 
Martix, S. Versiculus de transitu, in. 54 
Maktin, v.. Pope. Letter to the Duke of 
Bedford, complaining of the imprison- 
ment of J. de Opizis, the nimcio, v. 382 

MvRTixirs. Comment, in Rippocratem', 

IV. 392 
Maktixus Dumiexsis. Libellus honestse 

vitfe, I. 545, in. 298. 315 
Constitutio de moribns, i. 545, in. 
Martix, Gregory. Letter to Dr White, 

v. 456 
Sir Henrt, Speech on the petition 

of right. III. 491 
J. F. Notes on the Gallia Chris- 

tiana, V. 578 

Robert. Letter to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 152 

Martival, Roger de (Bishop of Salisbury), 

Letter to the Archdeacon of Berkshire 

(1329), I. 390 
Martyr, Peter. Letters to Hooper and 

Bucer on vestments, iv. 221 ; argumeuta 

de apparatu vestium, iv. 221 
Letters to Bucer, v. 29 
]\L\rtyrologium per totum annum, in. 591, 

IV. 23 
Martyrs, the mirror of, iv. 475 
Mary, The Blessed Virgix. A sermon 

on the Assumption of, in. 263 
On the Assumption of (Eng. verse), 

II. 406, in. 174 (French verse), in. 3 
series of Aves to, ii. 175. 521, in. 179 
Hymns to (Lat.), i. 292, ii. 175. 2.76. 

519—521, in. 42. 179. 309. 343. 519, 

IV. 14; (in Dutch), i. 486 
De les cinq joies nostre Dame, in. 3 
The seven joys and sorrows of, in. 

A lamentation of (bis), n. 407 
De miraculis, n. 299, ni. 8.497, iv. 381. 

391. 392 
Une bele miracle de nostre Dame, 

III. 6 

Prayers, &c. to, i. 545, ii. 254. 5-20, 
in. 8. 519; (Eng. verse), n. 289 

Prayers and praises on occasion of 
Queen Mary Beatrice's pregnancv, 
I. 213 

Prosa de beata Virgine, i. 475 

Psalteria, i. 544, n. 519. 520 

llomaunce del Ave Maria, in. 3 
Mary I., Queex. Letter to Henry VIII,, 
while princess, v. 469 

Pedigree of, ii. 30 

Instructions given to the Earl of Bed- 
ford and Lord Fitzwaters sent to the 
Prince of Spain, 12 March 1553, 
in. 209 

a Te Dcum to be sung for her preg- 
nancy, V. 390 

poem respecting, v. 390 

letter to Bishop Gardiner, v. 39G 

Instructions for the Scottish iniip- 
tions. III. 210 

Instructions for Sir Thomas Challener, 
sent to the dowager of Scotland, 
Feb. 1555, in. 210 


Mauy I., Qdees (continiud): 

Literre missivii" ilominoriun ilc i)rivato 

concilii) (ir)r)4), v. 'M>\ lip. ^Vhito'B 

seniuin at tlie fiinoral of, v. 455 

Maky Bkathre, QiEEN. Couf^rattilatioii8 

on her prejijiiani-y nucl tbauks^'iviiig to 

the lUesseil Vir^'iu, i. "213 

M.viiY II., Queen. Ekgia ou her death, 

I. 287 
Mauy, Qceen of Scots. Talk between 
I'amh'v and liis father, the Earl of 
Lennox, iv. 548 

Account of her marriage and estrange- 
ment with Daniley, and Daruley'a 
death, iv. 548 

Proeiamatiou of Mary and Damlev, 
19 March 1506, iv. 548 

The kiug's band to the nobility, iv, 549 

Saying of the queen to the king, 
IV. 549 

Account of the miudcr of Eizzio, 
IT. 549. 550 

Note of remembrance concerning the 
Q. of Scots, IV. 549 

Letter from the Queen, 18 Jan. 1566, 
IV. 550 

words between her and Thomas Cra- 
ford. I. 164 

principal points exhibited against her 
for the murder of Daruley, i. 164 

arguments that she was guilty of Darn- 
ley's murder, i. 169 

usage of Daruley, brief discourse of, 
by the Eai"l of Lennox, i. 170, 
IV. 549 

French sonnets written to Bothwell be- 
fore her marriage with him, rv. 551 

Letters to Bothwell, iv. 549 

Proceeding of certain herdis of the Earl 
Bothwell's day of law, 12 April 1567, 
IV. 547 

Evidence of Kobert Conjnigham, 12 
April 1507, iv. 547 

Deposition of John Hay, 13 Sept. 1567, 
IV. 547 

Confession of John Hepburn, 8 Dec. 
1567, IV. 548 

Incidents causing suspicion of the 
Queen, iv. 548 

Names of the Parliament, 15 Dec. 1567, 
IV. 548 

Letter to from Pope Pius V., 13 July 
1570, I. 169, V. 440 

declaration of the Duke of Norfolk's 
omissions in liis examination touch- 
ing the proceedings, 10 Nov. 1571, 
I. 190 

draft of the will of (1577), i. 170, v. 439 

Letter to Q. Elizabeth, 8 Nov. 1582, 
III. 480 

letter of Fontenay urging her to es- 
cape, 25 Nov. 1584, i. 170 

extracts of Morgan's letters to (1585), 
I. 103 

Mauy, Qi-kes of Sc oth (r/i;i/i«H/-rf) : 

inventory of letten* and pitp^TM rvlnting 

to, I. iiA 
lettern to Anthony niibin;(tnn, iii. M 
petition to Q. I'.li/.uhftli to proceed 

criminally a^ain:^!, iii. Hf, 
Proceedings in I'arliuinent againxt, 

III. 86 
Arguments from the civil and cominon 

law and the ScriptnreN, cxhibilod tn 

the Queen against, iii. 86 
answer by our ipicen to tin' petition of 

Parliament for the cfieodv execution 

of, II. 30, III. 86 [§ lit) 
Dialogue between n traveller ami a 

civilian on the right of bringing her 

to trial, II. 455 
Proceedings against at Fotheringay, 

III. 87 
account of the death of, in. h7, v. 

justitication of her execution, iii. 556 
order for the burial of, i. 51)3 
manner of proceeding to the funeral of, 

I. 171 
allowances for servants and blacks at 

the fimeral, i. 5(»3 
reasons for, taken out of the memoirs 

of France, in. 87 
extracts respecting her right to the 

crown of England, i. 3^1 
allegations aj^ainst the surmised title 

to the English crown, i. 379, in. 85 
a coi\v of an answer to a little buuk 

herein mentioned, i. 379 
a letter on this subject, i. 380 
answer to the former allegations against 

her title, in. 85 
allegations in behalf of, against the 

opinions and books set forth in 

favour of the Lady Katharine, 

III. 85 

Dutani Patricii Knockfargcnsis r}-thmuit 
satyricus in, i. 284 
Mason and Caiipentei:, the king's, dis- 
charge of a sum iin])rest to them, i. 139 
Mason, Alice, letters of administration 

from Dr Tanner to, in 1711. iv. 431 
Massinoham, (iiiEAT, letter to Sir Adam de 

Clifton in favour of. i. 126 
Masteu, Kuhard. Letter to StrT]>e. r. 

Index, V. 152 
Mathematicai. Tkacts (.\non.). Liber do 
numeris et lineis rationalibas, iv. 133 
Do probis, n. 116 
on progression (Lat. vers.^, iii. 321, 

IV. 181 

On perimeters and surfaces, iv. 185 

De j)roportione, in. 548 

Livre des Mathennitiques, iv. 5"25 

On mensuration and trigonometry, 

in. 215 
Liber ([uantitatum mensurandanim per 

numeros, in. 322 


Mathematical Tracts {rontinued) : 

On the ai-t of uoiimbring (Eug. prose), 

IT. 67 
Tractatus quadripartitus de corda 

recta et versa, iii. 324 
Trigonometrical tables, &c., iii. 215 
Matthew, Tobie (Abp. of York). Letter 
to the Earl of Leicester, ii. 187 
Letters to Abp. Hutton, v. 104. 398 
Letter to E. Campion, v. 582 
Letter of Tripp to, y. 582 
Oratio, v. 45i; Precatioues, v. 454 
Mathiew, p. Historj' of ^lius Sejanus, 

I. 253 

Mathfes, D. Letter to the E. of Leicester, 

V. 455 
Matilda, S. Liber Spiritualis Gratise, 

II. 810 

Matrimony. Qusestiones de jure matri- 
monii, IV. 452; English, iv. 545 
Pe contractu matrimoniali, iv. 299 
Dissertationes de nui:)tiis, iv. 439 
De authoritate principis in contra- 
hendo matrimouiimi, iv. 513 

JLi.TTH.EUS MOXACHUS. "EX€7X0S Trjs ir\d- 

fTjs rdp Aarivuv, I. 67 
Matthle's Greek Grammar, notes on, by 

Hermann, A. 53 
Maudcit, Peers. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 152 
Maussell, Andrew. Catalogue of English 
printed books (1595), additions to, v. 
Maurice, Emperor. 'Eirirdcpiov, i. 448 

Prince. Letter to the Earl of Essex, 

V. 404 
Mauritania, Walter de. Inquisitio pre- 
fixed to Hugo de S. Victore de anima 
Christi, m. 624 
Maurus, Magister. Recipes, v. 585 

Tractatus de flebotomia, ii. 38 [§ 20] 
Maxims, Lat. and Eng., i. 249 
Maximus Monachus, S. Opera (Grsece), 
I. 48—53 
'E|-^T7<n5 TTfpl Tov iriffx^i ^- 1^9 

Planudes. Greek translation of 

the third book of the Auctor ad He- 
rennium, i. 221 
Trepi fMeTaftaTiKwv Kal d/j.fTa^dTui' p7}/J.d- 

Ttiic, I. 254 
I^X*^^"' (ii'^pp-oy^vovi (TTaaus, I. 266 
wpo\(y6p.ti>a rOiu ffrdaewv, i. 266 
^r]</)oipopla Kar 'Ij'5oi)s i] Xeyo/J.^vrj fieydXr], 

III. 695 
Greek Translation of Cato's distichs, 
II. 476, IV. 481 

■ Taurinensis, S. . Sermones, ii. 

292, III. 388. 389. 391. 392, 393. 660. 
661. 662 
Hormones de nativitate Domini, iii. 462 
Sermo in festo S. Stephani, ii. 523 
Mayerne, Theodore Turquet de, case 
book and .Journal of, i. 227 
on the lues Venerea, i. 480 

Mayerne, Theodore T. de (continued) : 
morbi partium nutritiarum, i. 234 
medicameuta ad instruendam officinam 

chymicam, i. 262 
note-book, i. 442 

Pharmacopoeia and receipt-book; i. 262 
Adversaria physica, i. 262 
RL^YNARD. H. Letter to Jegon, v. 256 
Mayeonis, Franciscus de. De communi- 
catione idiomatum in Christo Deo, 
III. 513 

In conflatu de prsedestinatioue, iii. 150 
Formalitates, ii. 421 
De Indulgentiis, ii. 421 
De modo quo Apostoli habuerunt do- 
minia in communi cum aliis, i. 103, 
n. 421 
Quaedam qujestio bene disputata, i. 103 
De virtutibus moralibus, i. 102, ii. 421 
QujBstiones de virtutibus moralibus, 

I. 103 

in Libros Sententiarum, ii. 420. 424 
JLtzARiN, Cardinal. Lettres et memoires la paix des Pyrenees, 1659, ii. 170 
Mead, Joseph. Extracts from letters to 
Sir M. Stuteville, v. 360 

Dr R. Letters to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 152 
Measures, on, ii. 3 

Medicine, Tracts on (Anonymous), col- 
lection of, I. 433. 445 ; from Cai)ivaccius, 
I. SO 

Collectiones qusedam, i. 358 
Notes of, I. 446, iv. 18 
Rjcipes, prescriptions, &c., i. 9. 57. 
281. 282. 294. 296. 301, iii. 205. 
514. 727. 728, iv. 18 
Commou-jilacc book, i. 349 
Fragments, iii. 501 
De setate hominis, iii. 5 
Qualiter caput hominis situatur, iii. 8 
De flebotomia, i. 446, ii. 38 [The last is 

by Maurus] 
Tabula ingeniorum curandi, iii. 330 
Tractatus sive summa de medicinis, 

n. 36, III. 204. 373. 514 
De aequipoUentiis mediciuarum, ii. 37 
On scientifick medicine (Lat.), iii. 331 
On practical medicine (Lat.), iii. 501 
De simplici medicina, ii. 36. 278, 

III. 330 
De gradibus simjilicium medicinarum, 

II. 36 

De necessariis ad differcndum in prac- 

tica, I. 445 
Precious waters for divers syknessis, 

I. 435 
De pulsibus, ii. 36 
De receptionc medicinarum, m. 5 
Quando puer nascitur, m. 5 
De sanguinis minutione, iii. 5 
De regimine salutis, i. 275 
De regimine sanitatis, i. 434 
Secretions, on the diaguosticks of, i, 285 


Mepicine, Triicts on {coutiniii'iJ): 

Liber do luoiliciiiis ct uiinuiutis, i. if^.l 

Teiu'brositiis viMUs, i. -l-lt) 

A book uiiulo by ii woiuiiu uamed Rota 

of the sii'knosses of womeu, iii. C'.i'l 
On tbe diseiises of women, iii. oM'i 
On the treivtmeut of woiuids, i. 2M"), 

•-".) 1 
' in-iriaTpla. A modest exercitation and 

intjuiry into tho subject of riiysick, 

I. 315 
Sii, tIvwv (vp46-q T) larpiKT) eTricT-qfiT], 

I. 449 

laTptKwv dOpoifffia tCiv avTiSoruv, ii. 

al davfxaalai ti2v ifjiirXidTpuiv awOian^, 

II. 427 

MEnicouiM Londiucnsium Collegium. 

Statuta, I. 283 
Medmas, Peter. Notes on the Old and 

New Testament, A. 33 
Meibomius, Maucis. Notes on Heliodorus, 

A. 18 ; on Hesychius, A. 41 
Meineke, Augustus. Notes on liis works 

by Dobree, A. 76 
Melancthon. Letters to J. Acoutius, 

V. 180 
Melchiob, Guilandinus. Notes on bis 

Papyrus, by Scaliger, A. 37 
Melforu, Loxg (Suffolk). Case of tbe 
rector and churchwardens against Tho. 
Winkfield (1092), iv. 440 
Melvinus, Andrew, epigrams by, iii. 31 
Memor-\xduji book, a, i. 314 
Mexander and I'hilemon, notes on, by 
Dobree, A. 73 
by Hemsterhuis, A. 80 
Menaxder Rhetor, notes on, by Bois- 

sonade, A. vii 
Mendicant Friars, petition of the London 
rectors to the Abp. of Cant, against, 
III. 181 
Menologium. BtjSXtoj' tou AtKefi^piov p.-qvbs, 

I. 239 
Mensurationes terrarum iuAnglia, i. 3.")H 
De modo mensuraudi terram, i. 400, 
II. 34 
Menta, Gerald de. Royal letter rccorn- 
mending him for a Bishoprick in Aqui- 
taine, i. 114 
Mepham, Simon (Abp. of Cant.). AUegatio 
pro ecclcsia Anglicana in concilio Lugdu- 
nensi, iii. 380 
The chai)ter ' Circumspecte agatis,' 

a portion of, ii. 173 
Confirmation of certain benefices to 

Reading monastery, i. 395 
Constitutiones, i. 393, iii. 22.">. 226. 

377. 410. 420. 421 
Decretum super diem Dominicam, 
II. 170 
Mera, fundatio hospitalis de, i. 425 
Mercury. Nomina quam plurima Mar- 
curii philosophorum, ii. 448 

Ml-.IIICKE, SlU GlELLY, cwcution vl, X. 

372, romance of, n. 415 {v. Corf. 

V. 595] 
Meri.ini, do prophctii.i, iv. 525 (Froncb), 

III. 2 
Mektos, ConstitutioneH in roncilio dc, 

III. 421. Htiituta (If, r. HtvTUTA. 
Mess.miai.a. Libor de rutiimc circuli ct 
Htellaruin ct (lualitcr oi>truutur iu boo 
Ba-culo, III. 313 
compositio et oporatio Astrokbii, lit. 

302. 324. 404. 54s 
Epistola iu Eclipsibus Lnnn", iii. 326 
Met(, RoiiKiiT. I'lca to have a ftllnw- 
nhip in Trinity College, on relint[uisbiug 
his place as Hebrew rrofensor, i. 45H 

Thomas. Book of Compositions, 

orders, (tc, relating to the town of 
Cambridge, v. 436 
Methodius, S. Liber de principio Rn?cnli 
et de regnis gontimn ct tine KH>culoruui, 
I. 541. II. 332, III. 160. 169. 641 
Metinouam, John de. Dicta iu banco 
coram, iii. 278 
fines et concordia' before, iv. 73 
Judicium Enaouionuu, r. Ehsosu. 
Placita coram, iv. 76 
Metres, Greek. ir«/>i fx^Tpuv, m. 14 
Metz, Gautier dk. Image du inondo, iii. 

4 ; Fragment of (?), i. H 
Meursius, Johannes, notes on, by Taylor 

and others, A. 24. 26 
Meziriac, Claude (iASPAK Baciiet de. La 

vie d'^Esope, i. 530 
Michael, S. Rcvelatio in monte Gargauo, 
in. 071 
Rcvelatio in monte Tnmbra, iii. 671 
H,%-innus ad, iii. 58 
Michael, Patriarch of Constantinople. 

'ETTilTToXo/, IV. 5(»9, 510 
^rjfJLfiuKTii Vtpl TOV pUpifTOS TlTTOKiOV, 

IV. 510 

DE HUNOARIA. 13 ScnUOnCS, 111. 

Syncellus. irepl Tjjt dpOM^ou xi- 

(7T«WJ, II. 141 

Micuell, John. Letters to Strj-pc. r. In- 
dex, V. 152 

Micklethwait, Dr. Answer about bowing 
before the altar, i. 2t)9, iv. 273 

Mickleton, VicuuoE OF, papers relating 
to, V. 190 

Middlesex. Rentals of manors of South 
Myms and S. Martius, ii. 75 ; of Ed- 
monton, II. 75, 76 

Middletos, Hesby. Lttter to Lentboll, 
V. 410 
Lord. Letter of, on his conversion, 

V. 423 

Mvrmadukf. (Hisbop of S. David'!*), 

particulars conccniiug, v. 104. 122. 
Midwifery, receipts in, ii. 13 


■MiLAX, Barnaban, Lord of. Letter of Ri- 
chard II. desiriug a safe conduct for his 
• ambassadors, i. 118 

MiLBorRN, Luke, notice of, v. 544 

MiLDEiiAY, Sir H. Letter to Lenthall, v. 

MiEDERT, Daniel van. Letters to Strype. 
r. Index, v. 152 

MiLETirs Strigus. Extracts from his 
treatise against the Calvinists, iv. 78 

Military Array, treatise on, ii. 341 bis. 

Militia, a discourse to prove the legality 
of the ordinance of, by R. F. (1642), iv. 

MiLLiNGTON, J. Letters to Strype. r. In- 
dex, V. 152 

MiLNER, Isaac. Jacksonian Lectures, ii. 

• John. De igne purgatorio ex sen- 

tentia Hebraeorum adversus Valverdium, 
1. 190 

MiLO MoNACHUS. Liber de laude pudici- 
tiffi vel sobrietatis, iii. 203 

MiLO, procurator vallium Spoleti et Anco- 
niae (Bishop of Beauvais) : versus in, i. 

Ministers of London and "Westminster. 
Petition for leaving excommunication to 
the Presbyteries (1645), v. 416 

Milton, John. Notes respecting, v. 551 
corrections to Lycidas, v. 578 
Letter to the King of Spain on As- 
cham's murder, v. 414 

Minster (Pkiouy of). Grant of a corrody 
to Peter Cantrell, i. 131 

Mint of Flanders. Instructions for the 
general of the mint of Bruges, and 
particular assayer, of what they shall 
Bhew to the King of England (1512), ii. 

London. Report of the assays of 

gold and silver, 5 Hen. VIII., ii. 29 
reasons against brass money for the 
coining of which a new mint was 
prepared, ii. 49 

MiR.\ccLA, collection of short stories, 
and accounts of, iv. 11 

MiitANDVLA, Johannes Picus de. Depre- 
ciitDfia ad Deum, in. 257 

MiKCTB, John (Prior of LilleshuU). Ma- 
nuale sacerdotis, ii. 298 


453. 542 
Miscellanea. Ad genus omne scriptionis 
prseceptiones et exempla servato ordine 
rerum quse in vita geruntur, in. 216 
CoUectiones ex Cicerone, Terentio, Se- 
neca, &c.. III. 216 
Relatio gratiarum pro nato filio facta 

Altissimo, in. 254 
Notes, &c., I. 47 
Notes from Christian Fathers, &c., i. 

63, 64 
Enles for Study (Lat.), i. 531 

Miscellanea {continued): 

Inquiry what we are to say of wicked 

thoughts, itc. , I. 534 
notes from Chaimcy, Burnet, (fee, v. 
Missa. Canon Missa, i. 346, ii. 424 
Expositio canonis, in. 317 
Glossa in canonem, i. 415 
De explicatione cserimoniarum sacri- 

ficii missae (Eng.), i. 178 
Sermo cujusdam Prremonstratensis de 

canone, in. 161 
Utilitates missie, in. 1 
Missa de infirmis, in Irish characters, 
in. 531 
Miss.i: Triginta, iy. 119 
Missale, in. 237, iv. 26 
Cistercian, i. 356 
Sarum, i. 14, n. 24. 354. 474, in. 199. 

456. 603 
Rykel, in. 235 
Tewkesbury, in. 67 
MissENDEN, royal letter to the Bishop of 

Lincoln to visit, i. 121 
MoDESTUs. Rei inilitaris libellus, in. 318 
MtERis Atticista. X^^eis 'Attlkuiv Kal 
'EWrjviijv Kara (jTOixiiov, iv. 507 
notes on, by Porson, A. 79 
Taylor, A. 7 
Mohammed Ben Musa Khuarezmita. A1- 
choarismus de algebra et almuchabala, 
IV. 133 
MoHEN, Johannes. Paradigma metapho- 

ricum de lapide philosophico, n. 452 
MoLiN.EUs, Peteus. Letters to Bishop 
Andi-ewes, in. 35 
notes of, V. 526 
Monaldi, Giovanni. Istoria delle famiglie 

Florentine, iv. 502 
Monasteries. Valor omnium dominio- 
rum, etc., of the dissolved monasteries, 
&c., in Somerset, Dorset, Devon, and 
Cornwall (36 Hen. VIII.), i. 513 
rental of lauds belonging to in Somer- 
setshire in possession of the crown 
(Eliz. and Jas. I.), n. 31 
rental of revenues belonging to the 

crown from (1638), ii. 77 
letters on the suppression of, v. 380 
Money, table of ancient and foreign, iv. 

Monks. Tractatu^ do professione mona- 
chorum, in. 636 
carta do religiosis, ii. 34 
Monachorum regula, iv. 114 
extracts de statu monachorum, in. 316 
notes on the different orders of, i''. 359 
iustructio de vita monastica, iv. 294 
statutum contra religiosos, n. 2 
Monmouth (Robert Carey, Baron), grant 
of lands to (1630), i. 172 

James, Duke of. Thanks for his 

election as Chancellor of Cambridge (22 
Jul. 1674), V. 222 


MoNMorrn, James, Pnkc of {co)itiiiui(l) : 
Utter ap\iust loii^ hiiir, v. 222. 41KS 
grace for buriiiii},' hia picture and 
cancelling his name (July lC..s5), 
V. 49G 
MoNTAGNONE, Jeremiah de. Compendium 

morulium dictorum, ii. 12 
Montaoue, James (Bishop of Bath and 
Wells), form of dispensation given bv, 
V, 354 
Montagu, Simon, notes of, v. 307. 359 

Waltek. Letter to the Speaker, 

V. 409 

Monte, Gnuo de. Excerpta ex libro, ii. 

Petrus de. Epistola Poggio, in. 4G 

De virtutiim et vitiorum inter sc ditTu- 

reutia, iv. 2 
Oratio pro sapicntissimo viro Johanne 
et funebris, iii. 2.53 
EoBKiiT de. Chronica, ii. 333 

WiLLELMis DE. Sermonci), i. 230. 

231. 243, III. 339 

Compendium Poenitentiale Glossatum, 
III. 342 
Monte Caleuio, PniLipprs de. Postilla 
super Evangelia Domiuicalia, in. 1G5. 


Montfaucon's Bibliotheca Coisliniana, 

notes on, by Dobree, A. C7 
MoNTFORT, Simon de. Versus et preces 
de, in. r,G7 
fi'agmeut concerning his quarrel witli 
the Archbishop of Bourdeaux in 
1253, I. 475 
Montgomery, Alexander, sonnet by, v.602 
sonnets by (?), v. G02 
'Displesour with his deadlie dau't,' 

V. G03 
Solsequium, v. 603 
Montgomery Castle. Order to be delivered 

to Lord Herbert of Cherburj-, v. 413 
Months, ovofiaala fxrivujv, in. 11 
characteristicks of the, n. 15 
Montmorency, Mr, eloge pour, i. 353 

names of the gentlemen who ac- 

compauiid hia coming into England 
(1572), V. 346 

Moore, Sir Fr.\ncis. Readings on the 

Statute 43 Eliz. c. 7, m. 272 
Moore, John, Bishop of Norwich. Al- 
phabetical catalogue of his library, 
IV. 555 
Additions to his librarj-, in Tanner's 

handwriting, iv. 555 
Bibliotheca Biblica of his library, by 

John Tavlor, iv. 557 
Letters to,"i. 163. 165. 166. 16>! 
Letters to Strype. r. Index, v. 152 
Notes in his almanacks, A. 27 
Private accounts of, i. 171 
Sermons, i. 524. 525 bis [r. Corr. v. 

Moore, Thdsias. 


Letter tu Liri brother, i. 
CataloguB Libroruin. i. 


Note-book of, I. 316 
Moranoelh s, N. : 
Notes on (ialen. A. 37 

Hii>pocrates, A. 37 
Morant, Philip. Letter reHpcctiug Bishop 

Patrick, v. 163 
More, Hkxry, letter to, rospectinK hiti 
Eiichi'iridinn MttuphyHicuni, in. 21^ 
I'liilosopbical colU-cliuus, uot«'H on, i. 

Sir Thomas. Decaptivitato.bononini 

confiscatione, et ultimo supplicio, n.4j7 

Life of, by William Rojier, iv. 266 

William, i)Ofms of, n. 4h2. 4h4 

Morell, Francis. Notes on Atheuagoras, 

A. 17 
Mores, Edward. Letters to Strj-po. r. 

Index, v. 152 
Morgan, Sylvani'S. Catalogue of his he- 
raldick l^ooks and MSS., i. 315 
Mutlumatical .Mariner, i. 315 

T. Notes on Isocrates, .\. 2rt 

MoRicE, James. A remembrance of certain 

matters conceniing the clergv' and their 

jurisiUction, v. 47H; his proposed bim, 

letters and notes concerning, Ac, v. 47'J 

Moris, Colonel John. Notes of the trial 

of, V. 416 
MoRLANi), Sir Samhel. Wuldensian MSS., 

I. H1_U9. 548—552 [r. Corr. v. 5K9 , 
Letters to, respecting the massacre of 

the Waldenses. Ac. i. 93 
Mop.L.\YE BENEFICE, a qunre impftlil, ami 
notes respecting, by Bishop l'arkhur.-<t, 

II. 58 

MoRLEY, Daniel. De creatione mnndi, 
ni. 548 

(Hknry Parker, Lord). Cause in 

the star-chamber, 17 Oct. 1634, in. 15'.t 

Thomas, Sire de, et Johax, Count 

de Saniin, appelle entre (14(^)), iv. 439 
Morocco, Kino of. Letter to the King of 

England, v. 170 
Morris, James. Letter to StnT)o. r. In- 
dex, v. 152 
MoiiiiYS, Thomas. Letters to Strjiie. r. 

Index, v. 152 
Mortimer, Marcjaret. Petition to tho 

Queen, i. 163 
Morton, J. Letter to Bishop Moore, i. 16H 
DE >foRTrARns, IV. 294 
Mi>stnii)S. "lC■roOrj^al, Ac, I. 265 
MoscHoprLCs, Mantel. "K^wr^/iara Tu* 
i-iri^iopOwOivTuv, I. 438, in. 11 
notes on S<j)h<Hdes, .\. 56 
notes on hia Scholia iu Uomerum, A. 
MoscHus, notes on, K. 47 

notes on, by Hermann, A. 44 
MosHKiu, J. L. Letter to the Uuivemiiv 


MosHEiii, J. L. {continued): 

concerniug Dr Cud-worth's intellectual 
system, v. 371 
MossE (Deau), poems of, ii. 284 
Moulin, Petek du, communicatious -with 
Balzac, in. 70 
Oppositions against the word of God 
with the doctrine of the Koman 
church, translated by B. Sargeaut, 
V. 179 
Letters to Sancroft, v. 386 
MouNTAGUE, Anthony Browne, Viscount: 
Official letters on Spanish affairs (1560), 

IV. 177 

John (master of Trin.). Correspond- 
ence with Sancroft, v. 388 
EicHAiiD (Bp. of Chichester). Dis- 
pensation to hold a fellowship of Eton 
and prebend of Windsor, v. 391 
certain considerations touching recu- 
sancy, III. 38 
Knight's collections for his biography, 

V. 187 

Articles exhibited by the Commons 
agamst, iv. 288 
Sir Sidney. Case with the lords of 

the manors of Somersham and Eamsey, 
V. 184 

S.U!geant. Answer to Keeper, v. 


Mr. 22 erroneous points main- 
tained by, III. 150 

MouNTGOMERYE, JoHN. The manner and 

order of a watch to be used in London 

on S. John Baptist and S. Peter's days, 

IV. 56 

MoYTER, Lawrence. Letters to Stryi:)e. v. 

Index, V. 152 
Mozart. The Seraglio, iv. 503 
MuLCASTER, Earl of. Translation of Le 

Temple de la mort, i. 518 
MuNSTER. Articles for disposing of the 
Queen's lands in, ii. 29 
plot for the peopling of, ii. 29 
establishment of the army in (1645), ii. 
MuRGUNius, Maximus. Preface (Greek) to 
the work on the Astrolabe of Alexander 
Philoponus, i. 548 
MuRis, Johannes de, a trigonometrical 

instrument invented by, iv. 302 
Murray, Sir James, of Tibbermuir. 
Catalogus librorum, v. 601 
Englislie dyare, v. 601 
Murrayis dyare, v. 601 

James, Earl of. Articles agreed on 

with the lords of the secret council 
and otliers of the nobility of Scotland 
(1567), I. 510 
Mus.Eus, notes on, A. 47 

notes on, by Hermann, A. 47 
ValckenaiT, A. 47 
Museum Criticlm, notes of Dobrcc on, A. 

MusGKAVE, Sir Thomas, and John de Ap- 
PULBY, letter of credence for, 1. 128, 129, 
r. I. 124 
MusiCK, I. 388. 528 

Book, containing a mass, iv. 504 

for the base vyall, i. 261; recorder part 

of this, I. 261 
dance tunes, and airs, i. 307 
exercise book, i. 288 
Galliards, songs &c. by Dowland and 

Holburne, i. 42. 77. 227. 228 
lute, a collection of (by Dowland, &c.), 

IV. 503 
two part vocal, in. 485 
Tractatus de Musica, iii. 202 
Mystic-Uj Tract, a, ii. 446 


Nalson, John. Account of sequestrations 
and ejectments, from the Committee 
books, V. 503—506 
Names op Men in alphabetical order (Lat. 

and Eug.), i. 404 
Nantes, names of the Bishops of, in. 53 

edict of, grievances of the French 

Protestants from the infraction of (Fr.), 
I. 510 
Narrationes novjB (Ed. III.), iv. 334 

in placitis, in Quod Permittat et Prohi- 

bitio, IV. 55. 58 
proprietates narrationum, in. 217. 279 
Nasmith, James. Catalogue of the MSS. 

in the Library, iv. 504 
Nasseburgh, notes respecting, &c., v. 271. 

272. 273 
Nassyngtone, William de, v. Speculum 


Natural and revealed religion, discourse 

on the agreement of, i. 435 
Navarre, king of, letters of Eichard II. to, 
I. 145 

Martin of. Theorife et Postillse on 

Canon Law, n. 341 
Navy, list of, in 1064, 1606, i. 403 

names of the ships used against France, 

30-38 Hen. VIII., i. 514 
Extrait dcs reg. du conseil d'estat, re- 
specting some English vessels de- 
tained in France, 1678, i. 516 
Nayler, James. Letter to the Parliament, 

V. 416 
Neassh, Thomas. Letter to Mr Joyo, ii. 72 
Neave, Thomas, proceedings against, in 

bankruptcy, i. 357 
Neath. Letter respecting a will in which 
two monks of Neath were executors, ii. 
Neckham, Alexander. Novus Arrianus, 
III. 233 
de differentia spiritus et animae, in. 383 
Eegulfc Theologife, in. 17 
De uaturis rerum, in. 642 


Neckham, Alf.xavpkr (continued): 
Sermoni's, in. 'MO 
Hunmiii, iir. ti7'.) 
Su|U'r C'luitii'ii, ui. 401 
Vorsus do vino, iii. 233 
I'ocraa (U> vitii Cliristi, ii. '209 
Tractiilus, extracted from his works, 
III. 231 
Needham, rKTEit, sarcastick epitaph on, 
by Drake, v. 50G 
notes and collections on ^sehvlus, 
A. 0. 11 
Neile, Kiciivrd. Letter to Jegon, v. 257; 

to Cowell, V. 312 
Nenxil-s. Histoiia Britonnm, ii. 320.321, 

III. 507, IV. 357* 
Neoc.esarea, council of. KavSvei, ii. 11'.) 
Netherlands, The, brief history of, i. •ls7 
Certain reasons to move Queen Eliza- 
beth to accept the sovereignty of, 
III. 87 
Propositions made by the ambassadors 
of the King of France to the Assem- 
bly of the states-general of the Uni- 
ted Provinces (12 Nov. 1018), ii. 49 
Politia, or government of the United 

Pro^•inces, ii. 51 
Discourse concerning the change of 

government in, iv. 208 
Consultation for the king (James I.) 
concerning the retaining of the Ne- 
therlands in society and protection, 



ai-ticles agreed on with France at Com- 

pi^gne (1024), i. 170 
The repartition what each province 

payeth part to £100, i. 194 
The proportions to be raised of 100,000 
gilders secimdum Sir W. Temple, 
I. 195 
memorial of the ambassadors of the 
states of United Provinces, 30 Jan. 
1048, v. 405 
letter of Vvan Raeffelts to the English 
Parliament by order of the states, 
4 Aug. 1051, v. 405 
Extracts from the registers of, v. 414 
Netter, Thomas, r. Waldensis. 
Neve, F. Liber valorum omnium bencfi- 
ciorum ecclesiasticorum in Anglia et 
WaUia, i. 6 

John le. Letters to Strj-pe. v. In- 
dex, v. 152 

Peter le. Letters to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 152 

Nevile, Thomas, letter of, v. 309 
Nevyll, Geoiuie (Abp. of York), arconnt 

of the great feast at the installation of, 

II. 483 
Newark, Robert Pierrepont, Lord. 

Speeches in the House of Lords, 21 and 

24 May 1041, v. 508 
Newbcroh, Lord. Depositions in the case 

of Newburgh r. Fenn, i. 172 

NEWRORon, Lord (eontinui-i[) : 

report of tin- iiiuyor and rorporntion of 
London on this case, i. 17.'1, 171 
Newcastle, Wii.i.iau Cavkxdi.hii, Marl of, 
letter of, v. 399 

John Marley, Mayor of, letter of, 

11. 282, V. 411 

Newcastle, S. Nicbola-*, pre><entation of 

Matthew de Holtmi to, i. 112; bltcr to 

the mayor and i)ailitTs to protrcl him 

after an attempt to eject him, i. 121 

Grant of a chantry in, to Peter An- 

grv'ine, i. 112 

Newcome, Peter. Letters to Strype. r. 
Index, V. 152 

Newett, Elizaueth. Letter to Pp. Moore, 
I. 108 

Newman, Henry. Letters to Strype. r. In- 
dex, V. 152, 153 

Newmarket, fire at, v. 497 

Newi'lack (in Sherwood forest), monastery 
of. Letter commanding tho premised 
to be surveyed, i. 122 

Newport I'ond (Essexl, manor of, letters 
patent with various apj>ointnunts to, 
IV. 434. 435 

News-books, references from the, v. '»(V4 

Newton, Henry. Letter to Le Clcrc, iv. 

Sir Isaac. Do motn corpornm 

(Lib. i), I. 401; (Lib. i\), i. 220 

Lucasian liCctures on .Mgebra and 
Arithmetick, i. 411; on ()|llick^^, i^. 

suggested alterations in the statutes 
for the Plumian Professorsliip, iv. 356 

letters to Covel, iv. 414 — 410 

notes respecting, v. 505 

John (fellow of C. C. Coll. Camb.l, 

instrument of the expulsion of (1379), 
III. 149 

William, inquisition after the death 

of, II. 30 

Newton, Cambridgeshire, notes respect- 
ing, V. 29.'). 300 
NicANDRo and Lucilla, ru English Poem, 

II. 457 
Nice, council of (1st). Kav6v€i, ii. 148 
(2nd). Spot, II. 140; Kcw6vet, n. l.")4 

^TTKrroXij irp&s tV ' Wt^cwSp^uP 
iKuXriaiav, II. 140 
NiCEPnoRi's Hasilaca. difaaKev)] ri. «ord 
tV AraXdiTTjv, III. 14 
KaTa(TK(vyj t6. vara ttji" '.VraXdxTTji', MI. 14 

Dlem HIDES. Vturfpa(pla cvfowriK^, 

1. 298 

CallistCS. Uepl Twv iv ttj KuparaP- 

Tivov-irSXd iwtCKdTwf Kal Tarpiapx^if, '• 
297, IV. H3 

Cypuiexsis. iri<TTo\al. IV. 8.S 

Nicetas STri>iTES. rtpl d.\vp.uv, &>'., extr. 

from, IV. Hi 

Catena in S. Lncam, extr. fr 'in, iv, 81 
Other extracts, iv. 86 
NicHoi.vs, S. Vita, iii. 29 


Nicholas III. or IV., Pope. Constitutiones, 

I. 332 
Nicholas IY., Pope, ecclesiastical taxation 
of, IV. 199, V. 273 
BuU in favour of Reading abbey, i. 394 
Nicholas V., Pope. Quinque liistoriffi 

Eomse in capella, iii. 250 
Nicholas. Summula Antidotarii, ii. 38 

Summa rosarii, ii. 446 
Nicholas, Edward. Letter to the Earl of 
"Warwick, v. 407 

Henry. Mirabilia opera Dei (i. e. 

bis Ufe), I. 307 [r. Coit. v. 587] 
An evangelye or joyfuU message of the 
kingdom of God and Christ, i. 318 


91; Extracts from, iii. 9 
Nicocles. Oratio ad snbditos, tradita a Lapo 

Castelliunculo, iv. 3 
Nicodemites, letters of and respecting, 

I. 98, 99 
NicoDEMcs, Gospel of, i\ Apocryphal 

NicoLSox, Bp. William, letters of, v. 443; 
letters to Covel : v. Covel, John, corre- 
spondence of. 
original letters in a copy of his corre- 
spondence, A. 13 
Niger, Roger, Bp. of London. Statuta 
inter rcctores Archidiaconatus Londoni- 
ensis, iii. 181 
Noah. J2tas Noachi rediviva, i. 290 

life of, after the flood, by E. L., i. 290 

Noble, persons that are, accoimt of, 1. 197 

Nobility of En<;land, catalogue of. 16th 

centuiT, II. 2H; iu 1577, precedence of, 

I. 502 • iu 15S4, II. 29 ; in 1605, iv. 61 ; 

in 1624, I. 504; temp. Jas. L, i. 197, 

HI. 596 

treatise concerning, ii. 90. 132 

Nonconformist, A, copy of the prayer of, 

Aug. 1622, v. 185 
Nonius Marcellus. De varia significa- 
tione sennonum, iv. 333 
notes and collations on, A. 53. 58 
notes on, by Valckenser, A. 53 
Nonjurors, particulars respecting, from 

Bp. Lloyd's MS. book, v. 447, 448 
NoRBOURGH, William, letter of recom- 
mendation to, for a Bishoprick in Nor- 
way, to the King of Denmark, i. 117 
NoBBUBY, town of. Letter on a dispute 

with the king's falconers, i. 127 
Norden, John. Survey of the manors of 
the Prince of Wales (Henrj' and Charlesj, 
IV. 198 
Norfolk. Feoda miUtum et liberi te- 
nentes (Hen. III.— EHz.), iv. 200; 
(Edw. III.), IV. 314; (1585), iii. 474 
Letters patent for granting lands iu, 

by Hen. VIII., ii. 73 
Instructions given to the Commissioners 
for taking general musters iu (EUz.), 
IV. 316 

Norfolk {continued) : 

Status reddituum of various priories, 
&c. in, IV. 540 
Norfolk, Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of, 
iuventoiy of his property, taken by 
John Seint-Clere (1524), i. 196 

3rd Duke of. Act declaring 

his attainder to be of none effect (1553), 
V. 394 
letter after he was committed (1546), 

V. 444 
Specimen of his household book, &c., 

V. 394 
letter to Cambridge, v. 396 

4th Duke of. Declaration 

touching the proceedings with the 
Queen of Scots (1571), i. 196 
arraignment of, ii. 29, v. 681 
accoimt of lands and possessions of the 
late, I. 511 
Normandy. De abbatiis in Normannia, 
II. 334 
History of the Dukes of (Trench), iii. 

Genealogy of the Dukes of, from EoUo 
to Henry II., in. 193 
North, Edward, 1st Baron, notes concern- 
ing the life of, ii. 171 

Roger, 2nd Baron. Letters to the 

V. C. of Cambridge, v. 308. 313. 555. 556 
Dudley, 4th Baron. Occasioualls, 

n. 171 

Sir Francis (Lord Guildford), life 

of, by Roger North, v. 449 

Sir Dudley, case of, v. 451 

John (Master of Trinity College), 

life of, V. 450 
Roger. Ad\ice to a voimg lord 

entering the University, v. 449 
instructions to Mr Theobalds, travelling 

tutor to Lord Guildford, v. 449 
life of, v. 450 

Examen of the compleat history and 

notes upon Mr Eachard's history, 

v. 451 

Northampton, citation to a chapter of 

Benedictiones at (1338), i. 390 

Constitutiones in general! capitulo 

(1343), I. 392 
Statuta, V. Statuta. 
Archidiaconi, v. 271 
hccntia iuchoandi disciplinam scholas- 

ticam in (45 Hen. III.), iv. 305 
literse quod universitas apud N. annul- 
letur, IV. 305 

S. Andrew's priory, of a corrody iu, 

I. 131 
bull of Innocent IV., for the church of 
Sywell. I. 196 
Hospital of the Holy Trinity, foun- 

dation of, I. 425 
Northampton, James Compton, Earl of, 
petition respecting his composition, 
V. 413 


NonrnvMrTON, FTENnY IIowAnp, Earl of, 
Utters of, I. l.-.l— 157. v. 313. IT.i; 
letters rcspi-ctiiit;; Lis election as Cliou- 
cellor of C'lunbriiljje, v. o'iH 
NoRTHrMBEKI.AM), AlAlEIlNON Percy, Eiirl 
of, letter of, v. Ill; Dnke of York to 
remiiin in custody of, v. 4115; iticonie to 
be paid to, for tlie duke of Cilouccster 
and princess Eliziilieth, v. 118 
Norton, Bonham, pleadini;a and speeclies 
on the sentence on, for slandering Lord 
Keeper Coventry, i. 107 
PjDw.vud. Letters to Strj-pe. v. In- 
dex, V. 153 
NoRTorN, church of, licence, &c. to tho 
prioress and sisters of the convent in 
Dertford to impropriate, i. 108 
Norway, king of, and his ministers, let- 
ters of Richard II. to, respecting trading, 
I. 117. 118 

Constitutiones Ecclesiasticm regui 

DaniiE et Norwegiie (1(520), i. 185 
Norwich. S. Benedict's monastery. Bulla 
Alexandri IV. de privilcgiis, iii. (JHG 
Contirmatio Collegii scholarium S. 

Trinitatis, v. 4t;(t 
Cathedral. Extracts fi-om the Statutes, 
L 1*55 
MSS. relating to, ii. 97 
Extracts from various MSS. relative 

to, I. 182 
Catalogue of the Deans, by Thomas 
Searle, i. 35*5; of the Bishops, 
by T. Searle, v. 578; by A. Ha- 
rison, iv. 18(5 
Account of the fire of (1272), by 
Bartholomew Cotton, i. 182 
City. Names of the Sheriffs and 
Mayors from 1 Hen. IV., to 1674, 
IV. 535 
petition of the French church in, to 

Bp. Jegou, V. 354 
list of Aldermen, 1707—8, iv. 403 
S. Clement's Hospital. Certificate of 
Mayor Parker that he had appointed 
S. Warner keeper, ii. ()(5 
letters respecting, ii. (57 
Chapel of the Palace. Negotium eon- 
secrationis sacclli palatio episcopali 
pertinentis (1(')72), v. 478 
Diocese, commissioners for, in 1572, 
Valor ecclesiasticus for, i. 185. 22G, 

II. 482 y. Corr. v. 505], iii. 52 
Survey of the Bishoprick of (Chai'les 

I.), n-. 138—144 
Anthony Hanson's collections rela- 
tive to the episcopal revenues, 
I. 491, IV. 186 
Computus omnium hallitorum, &c., 
19 Hen. VIII., i. l.-)3 
2(5 Hen. VIII., i. 153 
1 Car. I., I. 197 
1G90-1691, I. 354 

Norwich Dioceflo (miitinn^d): 

accountH pnynblo to tbi> Up. from 

certain pbiceM, UV.KJ, 1»)'.I4, iv. 31H 

audit b.xikfor 1705 of the rcntM, 4-c., 

IV. 443 
certificiite of proliibitimiH to tlie Abp. 

of Ciinttrbiiry ilt.4>si. iv. 4:V2 
letters patent di-terininiiiK th<* rat« 
of assosHincnt of certain houMoii 
in Norwich to l>e paid to tlio 
ministers of the poriahcs (14 ChM. 
I.K IV. 434 
Constitutiunes of Bps. Wiilt»r and 
Simon, III. 375; of Hp. \Valt«r 
Sulhtield (12.'.5), m. 4<»'.>; of Bp. 
John Salmon (1299), iii. 4<>8 
Registmm vagum in Bp. Jegon'd 

time, V. 354 
livings in, v. 491 

names of suspended and deprived 
dergj- in, v. 478 
S. Leonard's ]mrish, letter of Bp. 
Parkhurst rebpecting a disorder in, 
II. (>4 
School, judicial process in the case of 
John Kiibinson ejected fmm tho 
school, because he held also the 
rectorv of Beepham, 1700, 1701, iv. 
437. 438 
Strangers' congregation at, letters re- 
specting, II. 58 
extracts relating to, v. .394 
Norwich, Ekwark Dexsy, Earl of. Letter 

to Dr Smith, v. 174 
NoTA, Antonio, Secretary of the amlia.s- 
sador of Ferrara, letter of (Itol.), 
IV. 180 
NoTARiLiA philosophomm, iii. 726 
DE NoTis SEXTENTiARiM xii. (a.stcriska, 

obeU, &c.). III. 398 
N(>TTiN(iHA>r, continnation by Queen 
Elizabeth of the charter granted to, by 
Henry II., iii. 556 , 
Stat'utum de, i. 544, iii. 187 


Manner and form how he ha«l tho Cou- 
stableship and .Mar>-halship of England, 

IV. 207 

WiLMAM i>E. Exiw.ititio Evangp- 

lionim Doniinicalium, iii. 82. 636; 

Tabula in, n. 471 
NoTTixoiiAM, Maiuiarft. Letter sent to tho 

king of Denmark's Secretary-, ii. 1x7 
NovEi.i.s [ytapal), collection of, of Jufitiiiian, 

II. 1(53, iii.('».Si;;of tbeCon.otBi ' ' '•■in 

Emperors ((»r.>, i. 2('«5. iii. ' 


notes on, r. DonnrK, KxATcnnCLL, 
Merman, Stanley, Tavi/>b. 
NowEi.i., Alexanpku. Correspondence re- 
specting Mr Francklands fellowships at 
Caius College, v. 204 
NoY, NViLMAM. will and epitaph of. i. 467, 

V. 326. 444; notes respecting, v. 4U 



Nrxs, order of consecration of, iv. 196 

KuPTiis, de, r. :MATRiiioNY. 

NuKEMBEKG Cheosicle, uoto respecting, 

V. 314 
Nypsius, M. Juxius. De limitibiis libri 

duo, II. 173 

Oaths. Dccretnm deperjuris, iii. 410 lis; 
de perjurio, iii. 2 
jurameutum examinatorum Cancellaf., 

1. 172 
forms of, to be administered to tlie king 
at his coronation, and to all officers 
within the realm, ii. 52, iii. 737 
Obediextia, sermo de, ii. 523 

Sermo de mann obedientije, m. 162 
Obitcs virorum illustrium, 1625 — 1690, 

V. 503 
Obligationes, indenturse, &c., forms of, 

IV. 18 
O'Bkien family, account of, for Collier's 

Dictionary, i. 183 

OccLEVE, Thomas. Litera cupidinis, ii. 288 

Translation of yEgidius Eomanus de 

regimine principum, iii. 222. 291. 


Occo's NuMiSMATA, notes on, by Colius, 

A. 56 
OccuLTATioxis liber, ii. 477; exegesis of, 
translated from K. Jiscbak Loriensis, 
II. 478 
OcTAviAN, a tale of the Emperor, ii. 407 
OcTATiANi camiina, iv. 43 [v. Corr. v. 604]. 

Oddey, Obadiah. Notes on Dion Cassius, 

A. 4 
Odington, Walteb. Almanack for Evesham 

from 1301, ni. 326 
Odo, abbat of Battle. Super quinque li- 
bros Moysi, i. 330* 
Tractatus in Ubris regum, iii. 163 

(of Shirton). Sermones, iii. 426. 

Pcenitentialis, i. 478, in. 570 
De vitiis et virtutibus animae, i. 405 
Offa. Vita, I. 293 

Officers, placing of, according to the act 
of 31 Hen. VIII., i. 502 
what officers noblemen of different rank 
may have, i. 503 
Offices in England, book of (1610), ii. 
188; (1611), I. 406. r. James I. 

Church, treatise on (Lat. ), i. 421 

in dedicatione ecclcsije, &c., ii. 170 

OiSELius, PuiLip. Letter to Stiype. v. 

Index, V. 153 
OLnFEiLD, BiR Anthony. Letters, com- 
missions, and orders, 1660—1667, with 
lists of the navy for 1664, 1666, i. 403 
Oleiion, the roll of, iii. 559 

Oliver, George. Collections illustrating 

the history of the Catholick religion in 

Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset, 

IV. 401 

Oliveto, Lupus de. Kegula monachorum, 

I. 320 
Olympiodoeus. SxiXm els rbv TlXdruvoi 

'A\KL^id5riv, III. 697 
Onosander. ^TpaTTjyiKd, in. 700 
Oppian. Sx(5X'a f's ' AXtevriKa, in. 677 
Opticks. Speculorum mirabihum com- 

positio, in. 323 
Orange, Prince of, coronells, reiters, and 
captains, in the service of, n. 30 
articles agi-eed upon with the magis- 
trates of Antwerp, n. 484 

(1646). Letter from the States' 

Ambassador to the Houses of Parliament 
respecting his death, v. 400 
Oratio supplicantis et confitentis, ii. 
Pceuitentis . . . pro peccatorum remis- 
sione, in. 553 
Oratio, in. 253 

equitis ad summum Pontificem, in. 

nuptialis, in. 254 
ad principem pro commendatione per- 

orantis, in. 249 
facta in pra^sentatione ad examen, iii. 

facta principi ob venerationis commo- 
dum destinatum, in. 253 
Oratores Gr.eci, notes on, by Dobree, 

A. 67. 70 
Ordnance, order book of the board of, 

1636-1639, IV. 124 
Ordo ad Visitandum Infirmum, n. 176. 

Oeford [so read for Oxford], Edward 
EussELL, Earl of. Letter to Queen 
Anne, v. 574 
Oeibasius Practica, in. 83 ; extr. from, 

IV. 109. 110 
Origenes : in Cantica, i. 41. 320 

super Evangelium, ' Omnis arbor bona 

bonos fructus saiit,' ii. 523 
Comment, in Exodum, extr. from, i. 231 
HomiUai in libros Jesu, Judicum, Re- 
gum, Canticorum, Isaia2, Jeremiae, 
Ezechiel ex vers. Euffini, in. 663 
Homiliffi in libros Judicum, Eegum, 

Isaiffi, Jcremia3, in. 452 
Expositio libri Jesu Nave, in. 588. 618 
Homilia^ in diversos, in. 391. 393 
Homilia de Maria Magdalcna, in. 427 
Dialog! adversus Marcionistas, et Epi- 
stola; ad Afrieanum var. led. e Cod. 
Coll. Trin. Cant., iv. 87 _ 
Sennones ex Comment, in S. Mat- 
thaium, in. 661 ; in S. Matth. viii. 
24, in. 718 
Oratiunculas in Numcrorum libro, in. 


Orioenes (continut'd) : 

Cumnieiit. in S. ruul. tid Romanos, i. 

H20, II. IK) 
Dc siiij^uliiritato clcricormn, iii. 4r>7 
Orknky, IvoiiKiiT Bauon, Bishop of, rc- 

cautatioii of (l('>:i'.l), i. I'.tl 

OuLKANS, names of the Bishops of, iii. 53 

OnMoxp, Jamks vk Butlku, Eiirl of. 

\Yjirnuit for a grant of iaiuls in IrelamI, 

I. 11(5 

Orosius. QujEstiones ad Augustiiium, i. 

H75, HI. 1()2 
Oiti-HEUS, notes on, by 

Casanbon, A. 31 
Heringa, A. -47 
Hermann, A. 47 
Valckenjpr, A. 47 
Wise, A. 47 
OnrnErs, Poem (Greek), on, i. 1S5 
Orton Waterville. Nptes from the re- 
gister concerning the rectors, v. 432 
Osann's Tracts, notes on, by Dobree, A. 

OsLER, Robert. Letters to Strypc. i: In- 
dex, V. 153 
OsMo, NicoLO i>A. Quadriga Rpirituale 

(Italian), i. 308 [v. Con-, v. 5.S7J 
Osnet, abbey of. De diversis querelis 
erga WiUelmum "Wendovere abbatem, 
I. 521 

De redditibus diversis extra sohitis per 
abbatem diversis i)arochii3 Oxonite, 
I. 521 
De abbate, i. 521 

Letters of Richard II. to the abbat, 
desiring him to keep a servant and a 
greyhound for him, i. 125 
Historv- of, I. 183 
OsoBirs, HiEKONYsirs IN Haddonum, notes 

on, by Haddon, A. 55 
Osw.\i,D, S. Vita et Passio, i. 474 
Oswix, S. Account of his reUcks, ii. 130 
OxHo, L. V. 0})ux Pnldtiinim df trinngu- 

lis : notes on, by Fairfax, A. 33 
Othoxis Constitctioxes, I. 328. 392, ii. 

271, III. 377. 420 
Ottoboni Cokstitutiones, I. 328. 3i)2, ii. 

271, III. 376. 420 
Ottoman War, two documents in Italian 

relating to, iv. 532 
Ouston, Abbey of, cartulary of (frag- 
mentary), I. 205 
Outlaw, warrant respecting the goods 
and chattels of an, i, 142. 143 ; writ of 
ontlawrv, i. 45 
Over: Bishop of Ely's order for the poor 
of, V. 564 ; particulars from the register, 
V. 435 
OvEEAix, John (Bishop of Lichfield and 
then of Nons-ich). Case of Cnult and 
Glover r.Bishopof Lichfield I lOlC), i. 201 
Hill's letter against, with his answer, 

to the Bishop of London, iii. 34 
Praelection on Heb. vi. 4, 1. 102, in. 32 

OvKRAi.T,, John (rrnttinuftJ): 

Tlu'si'S, dctcrniinationcfl, qnflMitioncfi. 

i^c. wliich lieg. Prof, of Oivinitv and 

I'rnliHMitor ill Coiivocntion, i. I'.Ci, m. 

31 34, V. 11(1. l'J2. 251.252.3CH.4-I5 
E])itii)ili, III. 35 
KnightH colk'ctionH for bia biography, 

V. 1H7 
Orationes ct scripta o co<l. MS. R. I>ani- 

bert, v. 251 
dispensation to bold certain liTings, 

V. 3'.»2 
particulars concerning, v. 445 
OvERBURY, Sin Thomas. Lcttcni to, and 
concerning, i. 156. 157 
answers of Bacon to the qneriefl pro- 

poiuuled by the King on the jirosi-t-n- 

tion of Somerset for his murder, i. 

proceedings against Richard Weston 

for his murder, i. 4K9, v. 5H2 
trial of Sir Jervis Elwes as accessory, 

II. 456, IV. 53; apologj- of, ii. 1H4 
arraignment of Anne Turner as accea- 

sor^% IV. 53 ; confession of, and of 

J. i'rancklin, v. 5k2 
procee(hngs against Sir .John IloUis 

and others for speeches nscd to 

Weston at his execntion, m. 194 
articles laid down l)y Lady F. Htiward 

against Robert, Earl of Essex, and 

his answers, i. 293. 4Hrt 
Ovin. Metamorphoses, rv. 5 [r. Corr. t. 
Metamorphoses moraliter pxpositir, 

III. 395 ; Lib. xv. abbre\iutu3, iv. 

super Epistolas, iv. 137 
notes on the Fasti, by Reiz, A. 52 
0^^NOTON, graces resixcting, v. 219. iOC, 
Owen, .John. Letter to Strj]>c. r. Indix, 

V. 153 
Owsley, Mary, proceedings relative to 

the will of (1666). i. 404 
Oxen for the Royal Household, war- 
rants for directing the of, i. 
Oxexepes, John of, extracts from tho 

Chronicle of, v. 205 
Oxenstiern, Axel. Letter to Sir T. Roe. 
narrating the occnrrcnco of prodigies in 
Poland. IV. 435 
Oxford, University of. Do consucta- 
dinil)us I'nivers. Oxon. i. 521 
case between the Bishop and tho Vice- 
Chancellor (173H). V. 472 
Coinjwsitio facta inter Archiiliaconnm 
OxouiiD et Universitatein (I»45), i. 
concio de miracnlo pannni babita Oxo- 
niis, regnante Henrico VIII., i. 212 
dccretuiu pro registrario. v. 197 
graduates, catalogue of. I'tft^) — ir»09, 
V. 379; adtlitious by Wall, A. 13 



Oxford, UNirERsm: of (continued) : 
incorporation, v. 468 
letter respecting John Wasteneys, a 

friar minor, inceptor in Divinity, i. 

letter to Cambridge University (15o-4), 

T, 396 
letters and bulls confirming privileges, 

&c., V. 292 
letter of the Yiee-Chaneellor to Vice- 

Chaucellor of Cambridge (16Jtl), re- 
specting an appeal on grievances, v. 

letter of Earl of Dorset respecting the 

Di\"iuity chair, v. 313 
letter to James I. (1620), v. 490 
royal letter to the Chancellor and 

Masters for the repression of riots 

in the election of proctors, i. 121 
library, building of, and gifts to it, v. 

linea publicoram professormn Theolo- 

giae, I. 183 
manner of creating Sir C. Hatton 

Chancellor, v. 197 
names of those for whom each gi-aduate 

of Oxford ought to pray, i. 212 
note of the Divinity School and Li- 
brary, V. 197 
petition of, 202 
prayer for the preservation of (1614), 

V. 475 
proceedings against John Burges, v. 

170. 219 
regraciatio cujusdam scholaris ad 

quendam episcopum pro collatis 

beneficiis et exhib. eleemosinas, i. 

speeches by Prevaricators, &c., i. 302 
state of the affairs of printing in (1680), 

V. 226 
Tisits of Elizabeth and James I., v. 

180. 446 
■warrant for a confirmation of the grant 

of 50 marks yearly to the Dominican 

convent, i. 110 


Christ Church : collections for a history 

of, I. 183 

linea dccauorum, &c., i. 183 
supphcatio pro D. Jamesio ut de- 

canus esset, v. 454 

names of the scholars elected from 

Westminster (1561— 1629), 1.183 

Cathedral of : linea episcoporom 

et archidiaconorum, i. 183 

Exeter : argument in the case of Dr 

Bury, rector, deprived, iv. 433 
Oratio Imanii Junge, cum rector 
inauguraretur, i. 286 
S. John's : Statuta, i. 101 

letter to ^^^iitgift, v. 367 
Lincoki : Statuta, i. 385 

Oxford, Lincoln College {cotithiwd) : 

l^rayer of commemoration of bene- 
factors (1739), V. 475 
Magdalene : case between the visitor 

and ten fellows (1684), iv. 437 
Mertou : ordiuatio domus de, i. 425 
Statuta, II. 280; explanation of 

some, I. 286 ; f. v. 325 
catalogue of celebrated men belong- 
ing to, I. 283 
Pembroke : petition of the fellows 
against John Hall, the master, and 
his answer, ii. 279 
Queen's : oratio in, pro grad. mag. 6 

Mai. 1647, i. 499 
Magnse Anise Universitatis : eviden- 
tiae, I. 521 

City and Parishes of : De libertate 

villae Oxouiae, i. 521 
S. Edward's. E^ddentiiB, i. 521 
S. Giles's. EvidentiiE, i. 521 
S. Mary Magdalene. Evidentife, i. 521 
S. Michael Aquil. Evidentife, i. 521 
S. Peter. Evidentias, i. 521 
S. Thomas the MartjT.". Evidentias, i, 

Attestreete. Evidentiaj, i. 521 
Conybeare's additions to Britton's ac- 
count of, A. 63 

S. Frideswide's priory : letter to 

the Bishop of Liucohi concerning inju- 
ries to a canon by the prior and con- 
vent, I. 147 
History of, i. 183 

Greek MSS. at : transcripts from, 

I. 297, IV. 80 seqq. 

magna sententia qute data fuit 

apud Oxoniam, ii. 2 

provisions of, iv. 119 

Statuta, i\ Statuta. 

County of, extract concerning 

pleas of the forest in, i. 444 
Oxford, John de Verb, 14th Earl of, ar- 
bitrimeut of Cardinal Woisey respect- 
ing, V. 367 
case in chancery against Magd. Coll. 
V. 367 

Edward de Veee, 17th Earl of. 

Note of his lands in Cambridgeshire and 
Huntingdonshire, i. 355 

Henry de Verb, 18th Earl of. 

Case for the High Chamberlainship of 
England, i. 519 

speech to the Lower House, 7 March 
162^, IV. 285 

Edward Harley, 22d Earl of. Letter 

to the Cardinal de P'leurj', v. 379 
Oxford, James. Medical receipts, i. 

Oxford, John of. Fasciculus de cartis et 

contractibus, ii. 3 
Oyer of poisoning, the great, i. 488 
V. Over BURT, Sir Thomas. 


Pace, Richard. Letters to Henry VIII., 

V. 4(59 
Packeu, the London, duties of, ii. "28; 

names of nierehnnt strangers a paeker 

had to do with, ii. 2'.) 
Packinoton, Sin John. Notes out of his 

life, by T. Tomkius, v. 2i>9 
Packington, IjAdy. Certitic'iite tliat she 

wrote the Whole Dutv of Man, i. 157, 

V. 42() 
Padua, Johannes de. Lilium inter spinas, 

II. 452 
Specnhim Elementorum, ii. 449. 540; 


Page, John. Testimonial to his wife, 
II. GO ; letter of, ii. 61 

Thomas. Letters to Bancroft, v. 38G 

Paget, "William, verses of, i. 284 
Letters to Henry VIII. and Crom- 
well, V. 471; instructions to, v. 471 
Pagula, Gulielmus de. Oculus Sacer- 

dotis. III. 22. 150. 219. 375, iv. 360* 
pAKYNTON, William de, treasurer of the 
household, royal letter soliciting the 
preferment of, i. 114 
Palatine, Elecxob, abstract of allowances 
made to, Sept. 1648, v. 400 
Eevenues assigned by Parliament in 
Middlesex, SuiTev, London, and 
Kent (1646), ii. 80^; for 1647, n. 80 
accoimts of receivers of rents of seques- 
tered estates assigned by ParUament, 
1G45— 1648, 11. 27 
Letter to the Duke of Savoy on behalf 
of the Waldenses (14 July 1655), 
I. 95 
Letters of, v. 404 

memorial for Sir E. Cave from, v. 406 
official letters from, v. 5()9 
Index of Greek MSS. in the Ubrary of, 
I. 507 
Palavicino, Horatio. Letter to Mr Hubert, 

V. 184 
Pai.eario, Aonio. On the benefit of Christ's 
death, translated by Edward Courtney, 
Earl of Devon, iv. 501 
Pall. Forma daudi pallium (Jul. II.), 

v. 383 
Palladius Ectilus. Opus agriculturffi, ii. 

276, III. 686 
Palmer, Gkokfrey. Journal of the House 
of Commons at the Parliament begun 
3 Nov. 1640, III. 730 
Palmekanus, Thomas. Manipulns Florum, 

II. 537, III. 535 
Palmistry, Tract on (Latin), in. 321 
Paman, Henry. Letters to Bancroft, v. 386. 

Pampisford, notes respecting, v. 482 
Pampisworth, notes respecting, v. 306 
P.VN0RMITA ad Lamolum, in. 251 

Papias. Ehnieiitarinni Hecnndum ordinem 
alphabetica- ortliugraphiie, iii. C>'M 

Papinian, (ireek version of. Digest I. tit. 3, 
S 1, 1. 224 

Pappus. rd^it kuI x**/'<"'P7'* fitpurfioO, 

III. 62 

Papwokih S. Agnes. Certifieato o( an 
iui|uisition respecting tlie prcHentation, 
v. 290. 322; notes respecting, v. 293. 31)6 

Papwokih Eveuard, notes rewiKfcting, 
v. 293. 2.(4. 31 li; 

Parable of fuith, hope, and charity, 
II. 30, III. 554 

Pardons, i. 113. 133. 134 

I'aris. Names of the Dishops, iii. 53 

Paris, letter to, in Spanish, i. 441 

P.\RisH, William. A thesis. An sola fides 
justiliet (l(i56). ii. .538 

Pai'.ishes, opinions of the judges of assize 
upon divers questious concerning (1633), 

IV. 51 

Parisiensis, Johannes. Memoriale histo- 
riarum a diluvio in amium 1321, in. 387 

Gulielmus, r. Alvernus. 

Parker, Charles (Captain). Letter to Al- 
ley, II. 186 

John. Notes on Antiquitatea 

Britannicae, v. 344 

notes resi)ecting, v. 36. 346 

Matthew (Abp. of Canterburv' 

Articles to be intpiired into in the 
metropolitical visitation t>f. iv. 432 

concerning his letter on Art. XX., v. 95 

correspondence, v. 345 

documents relative to Corpus Chriati 
College, Cambridge, in. 147. 148 

letters to Cambridge, v. 308. 555 

letters to Sir W. Cecil, v. 524. 53.> 

letters to Jewel respecting King Al- 
fred's MS., in. 373 

letters to Up. Farkhurst, ii. 59. 63. 64. 
65. 70. 71. 72 

literte pro precibus et jejunio tempore 
pestis, V. 293 

his book on the marriage of priests, 
V. 38 

metrical version of the Psalms, preface 
to, V. 137; collects by. v. 138 

statutes for EastbridKe Hospital, y. 34 

table of consecratii'iis and confirma- 
tions under, v. 316 

visitation of Christ Church, Canterbury, 
V. 35 

tnie estate of the Archbishopriek, v. 345 

check-roll of his household servanta, 
V. 345 

copies of papers respecting his coDse< 
crution, v. 347 

annals of his life, v. 30 

historia de vita, in. 147 

historiola Josselini, v. 344 

notes respecting, v. 34. 35. 36. 345 

Thomas. Letter to Leuthall, 

V. 408 


Paekes, p. Letter to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 153 
Paekhckst, John (Bp. of Norwich), letters 
of, and to, ii. 55 — 73 
remonstrance with, for a sermon, ii. 56 
wan-ant for release of John Fisher, 

11. 58 
charge to commissaries to cite those 

who do not come to church, ii. 58 
order for exercise of prophesying in 

the diocese, ii. 65 
answer concerning the use of the 
liturg\' and articles, end ceremonies 
of the church, ii. 67 
minutes of an examination respecting 
objections to the performance of 
Baptism, ii. 69 
expostulation with, for suffering non- 
conformists to catechize, ii. 70 
injunctions to the Dean, Prebendaries, 

&c., IV. 432 
list of persons who had in their keep- 
ing his copy of Cart^vrite's book, 
II. 55 

Naxha>-iel. Letter to Bp. Moore, 

I. 166 
Parlance le commune, i. 485 
Paelliment, EoUs of Edw. I. — Eich. III., 
IV. 450. 451; extr. fi-om, ibid. 
rolls of, in Edward II. 's reign, i. 54 
petitions to, 8 Edw. II., i. 376 
proceedings in, and the writs of sum- 
mons for, Edward II. — Edward IV., 

IV. 200 

records of (Edw. III.), i. 376. 377; 

(Eichard U.), i. 377; (Hen. IV.), 

Lords and Commons Joimials, extracts 

from, V. 381 ; Hen. VIII. and Edw. 

VI., V. 383 
Sevmour's Journal Book, Ed. VI. — 

18Eliz., V. 383 
collections out of the Journals, temp. 

Eliz., V. 383 
notes of a resolution on the authority 

of, 8 Jas. I., IV. 48 
miscellaneous speeches, &c. hi (1628), 

V. 178 

qua-res concerning the elections (1640), 

IV. 443 
Extr. from journals of House of Lords, 

1641, V. 568 
Observations occasional and emergent 

acts, 1641, 1642, v. 383 
notes from Parliamentary journals, 

1640—1645, V. 569 
instructions from the Parliament to 

the Judges, 1646, v. 568 
petitions to, 1646, v. 569 
Official letters to and from the Speaker 

of the House of Commons, v. 568 
catalogue of persons summcmed by 

"writ (1657) to sit in the other house, 

Y. 471 

Parliament (continued) : 

of 1685, short memoirs of, by Bp. 

Lloyd, V. 478 
division on the bill against occasional 

confoiToity, iv. 403 
candidates and numbers on the poll 

for various places in 1708, iv. 403 
form and manner of keeping of, iv. 207. 

lex ijarliamentaria in domo superiori, 

I. 526 

rough draft of an act concerning some 

liberties of, iv. 444 
Usts of Burgesses for various places, 

V. 383 
Proceeding to the Parliament at West- 
minster from Whitehall, i. 501 
remembrances for order and decency 
to be kept in the upper house wheu 
his majesty is not there, i. 537, 538 
Selden's notes on, iv. 443 
A treatise on, i. 504 
writs for various counties, v. 384 
Parody on an epitaph, iv. 403 
Paeris, Philip, grant of the i^riories of 
Fordham, Barham, &c. to, v. 377 
inquisition taken at Cambridge after 
the death of Eob. Pan-is, v. 378 
Parsons and Parsonages, 30 queries of, 
questions to rating, v. 177 
Parsons, Eobert. Extract and abbrevia- 
tion of the book of John Philopatris 
against her majesty's proclamation 
(1591), IV. 315 
Advertisement concerning this book, by 

an EngUsh iuteUigencer, iv. 315 
Leicester's Commonwealth, v. Lei- 
Partenay, le rommant de (French metrical 

Eomance), iv. 21 \_v. Corr. v. 604J 
Partheeiche, E., letter of, v. 187 
Partridge, Samuel. List of his articles 

in the British Critick, v. 576 
Parvus, Gulielmus. Super Cantica, 111.I6I 
Pasch^U; II., Pope, letters of, iii. 436 
de Paschate, IV. 510 
Pasche, William, mass by, v. 589 
Passionale, III. 431; Anglo-Saxon, iii. 

Passionarium, hi. 237. 354 

Squares made with the names of the 
instruments of the Passion, iil 177 
Passive Obedience, epitaph on, v. 478 
Pastor fidus, Tragi-Comadia, 11. 240 
Paterrus or Pateicius. Liber testimonio- 
rum vetei-is ac novi Testameuti de opus- 
cuUs S. Gregorii, iii. 407. 599 
De tribus habitaculis, v. Augusti- 
NUS, S. 
Pateick, S. Vita, 11. 327 

De purgatorio Sancti Patricii, 11. 328 
[v. Corr. Y. 594 J ; French verse, 

II. 260 


rATRiCK, JoTTS, Clftvin TbcoloRin?, v. IdO 
Commoii-placo liookii, V. 100. l(il. ISH. 

11)1. 1!>2 
Collectious on tbo ciiltus of the B. V. , 

V. IGl. 181 
Tiibuliv Horariiu Biitannicir, v. 177 
Note3 out of Crassot'a book, &c., 

V. 181 
Exiilicatio loconim Scriptiirae, v. 187 
will ami i)rol)ate of, v. 101 
diploma of D.D. conforrod ou by Abp. 

of Cauterbiiry, v. 191 
appoiutmcut to the precentorship of 

Cbicbcstcr, v. li)l 
letter aud note of bis institution to a 
prebeud iu Peterborougb, v. 572. 573 
sermons, v. 188 
testimonies of tbe fatbers against tran- 

substantiation, v. 181 
metrical version of tbe book of Psalms, 
V. 192 
Patrick, Simon (Bp. of Ely). Abstract of 
catechetical lectures, v. 191 
advice to a friend, v. 188 
appointment to the vicarage of Batter- 
sea, V. 191 
autobiogi-apby, v. 181 
catalogue of his books, v. 192 
common-place Book, v. 177 
discourse on 2 Tim. iv. 8, v. 190 
expostulatory letter to, v. 182 
historical notes of, v. 182 
lease of tbe priory aud parsonage of 

Swavesey, v. 191 
letters to Mrs Ciauden, v. 1G2 
letters written to, v. 573 
letters patent of appointment to a pre- 
bend at Westminster, v. 191 
letters patent of appointment to the 

deanery of Peterborough, v. 191 
notes in almanacks, v. 192 
notes ou Images, &c., v. 573 
notes to his sermon on ' the Hj-pocri- 

tical nation,' 1(557, v. 578 
notes on the New Testameut, v. 190 
paraphrase of Horn, ix., i. 178 
patent restoring the temporalities of 

the see of Chichester to, v. 191 
pedigiec of, v. 307 
private devotions, v. 192 
sermons, v. 188. 190 
statutes granted to Peter House, V. 189 
Life of, by Dr Knight, v. 1(13 
Patten, W. Names expounded of certain 

regions aud places... i. 1-13 
Paul V., Pope. Bull of ItiOfi, forbidding 
the English llomau Catbulicks to take 
the juramentum lidelitatis to Jiuucs I., 

in. 34 

Paul, George. Letters to Strj-pc. i'. In- 
dex, V. 153 

Paulus Diaconus, notes on, A. GO 

P.4.UPERTAS, Uber qui dicitur, iil. GG9 

Pausanias, notes on, A. 41 

Pauw, I.e. DE.,.\.ril 

I'KAI K C'(IMMISSIi>S, list o( llim.' ill tlic, 

for every county iu KiiKlaud iu lt>.>3, i. 
Pkak, Hion, manor of, conipntiiH Johan- 
nis HhiilcroHso for, IG- 17 Cha«. I., 
IV. 510 
Pi'.AucK, ^[AnTI^•, concerning lambj belong- 
ing to (12 C'lias. I.), I. 350 
Peausun, .loiix; 

Notes ou .Eschylua, A. a. 3 1 
Athenagoras, A. 39 
Eusebiu.M, A. 31. 3'J 
Ju.-,tiii Martvr, A. 39 
Photii Hibli.', A. 31 
Tbeophilus of .Vntiocb, A. 39 
notes on his Vindiciante Iifitatiuna, 
A. 3G 
Peccham, JonN (Arcbbp. of Cant.). Con- 
stitutiones, i. 392, n. 270, iii. 221. 225. 
37(). 38G. 399. 120. 421 
DilVniitio tbeologiii', lit. 178 
Statutuiu do oruamcutis ccclesianim, 

IV. 115 

Pocmata. Defcnsio fratnim mendican- 
tium, I. 527 
Humiliter confitentis compilata, ii. 

Philomela, mcditatio, i. 23G, ii. 255 
Psalteriuui bout.e Yirginis, i. 514, 

II. 519, IV. 3G2' 
Do vauitate muudi, it. 255 
Knight's collections for his biography, 

V. 187 

Peter de. Lumiere as Lais (French 

verse), iii. 1 
Pecocke, Reoin.vld, Bishop of Chichester. 
Tbo Repressor of overmuch blaming of 
the clergy, in. G73 
mauilatum domiui Cantuariensis ad in- 
quirendum de libris 11. I'ecok. v. 
317; exccutio eju.sdem mandati, ib. 
Pediouees of the 15th aud IGth centuries, 

III. 87 

Pkki-.s, pri\-ilegC8 of, i. 501; list of, in 170G, 

IV. 403 

Peiresc, de. Letter to Sir H. Spclman, 

I. 159 
Pel.\oiu3. Epistola ad Demetriadein, i. 41 
Peluam, Peteh. Letter to Lord ^\'hit- 

locke, V. 410 
Pei.lin.i, Is.v.^c. Litter to Str>po. iv. 40? 
Pkmhuokk, .John i>k Hastinos, Karl of. 

Warrant for reniis,-*ion of £1 paid from 

the rent reserved during bis minority, 

I. 130 
Piiii.iP IlEnnEiiT, Earl of. Letter 

to Dr Pink, v. 299 
Penekk he, manor of. Clrant of view of 

free jjledge to John do Bovorley, i. 113 
Pexuitii, honour of. Visu.scomputationum 

firmariorum, iVc. 19 Ja-t. I., iv. 53'J 
Pensuurst. moniuueiital inscriptions from 

the church of, v. 574. 


Pexsions, arrears of, warrants for paying, 

I. 140. 141 
Pkrambulationibus, Carta de, ii. 3 
Pkrcy, Thomas de. Letters of EicharclII. 

respecting his being sent to the Duke of 
Brittany, i. 145 
Peregrination, a treatise of Christian, i. 

Perizonius, J. Dictata in Suetonium, v. 

Pebxe, Andrew. Letter to Archbp. Parker, 
III. 148 
letters of, v. 309. 444. 516. 517. 520. 

534. 553 
particulars concerning, v. 301 
atbuissionto mastership of Peter House, 
y. 293. 324 
Perrin, Paul. Attestation concerning the 

MSS. mentioned in his history, i. 93 
Peksius, notes on, A. 56 
by Bentlev, A. 59 
by Taylor,' i. 334, A. 1 
Pertus. ''EpuTrj/j.ara, i. 66 
Peter, S. A blow at ihe root; enquiries 
whether S. Peter were at Eome, by H. C, 

II. 169 

Peter, S. of Alexandria. Kavoves, ii. 155 

'E/c ToD \6yov Tov eh rb Trdoxo-, H- 155 
Peter, J., jji-iest and parson of Hepworth. 

Warrant for his apprehension, ii. 55 
Peterborough. Hugonis Cautlidi Historia, 
charter of Eichard I. granting tithes of 
game in HuntiagdonsMre to the Ab- 
bey, V. 43<S 
Computus ]Mag'^. Christopheri Hopson 
for the Cathedral, 1567—1569, ii. 82 
particulars concerning the church from 

Bp. Kennett's MSS., v. 270—274 
deans of, list of, v. 271 
succession to the various prebends and 

livings, V. 271. 272 
notes respecting the monaster}', v. 271 
S. .John Baptist, institution of W. de 
Watford to, v. 272 


Petite, Peter, minister of Geneva. Ac- 

coimt of his conversion, ii. 532 
Petrarch. Ad Johannem de Columna de 

Podagra, i. 347 
Petre, William, Lord (and the late Eobert 
Lord). Computus balhvorum, &c. for 
1640, II. 80 

account of revenue sequestered for the 
Count Palatine of the Ehine, 1645, i. 
accounts for 1648, iv. 442 
Petrottus, Nicholas. Oratio in adventum 
Frederici III. Bouoniara (1452), iii. 244 
Versus cum post orationem imperator 
eum laurea coronasset, in. 244 
Petruh Blesensis. De conversione Sancti 
Paul], n. 257 
De arte dictandi rethorice, i. 398 

Petrus Blesensis (continued) : 
EpistolfB, n. 504, iii. 526 
Epistolffi de miseria vitse curialis et in 

laude vitffi curialis, iii. 254. 255 
De Hierosolymitana peregrmatione, in. 

Expositio super Job, ii. 256. 266. 496, 

in. 499. 507 
Magistro Philippo, in. 527 
Eemediarium couversorum, ii. 470 
De Transhguratione Domini, ii. 257 
Versus de coinmeudatione "sdni, in. 232 
Eesponsio ad E. de Bellofago de cer- 

yisia, in. 233 

Cellensis. De disciplina claus- 

trali, III. 161 

igneus. ISIiraculum de Petro igneo, 

II. 480 

lectUM doctor. Oratio Paduae ex- 

posita coram Euperto de Bavaria (1400), 
III. 254 

PicTAviENSis. Tractatus de Tropis 

loquendi, iii. 162. 341. 598 
? Postillfe super epistolas S. Pauli, in. 591 
Peyton, Sir John. The first part of the 
observations of, during his travels, in. 674 
PH.EDRUS, notes on, A. 62. 63 
Pharetra Sacramenti, II. 539 
Pharmacopceia Londinensis (1677), addi- 
tions to, I. 515, A. I. 32 
Philelphus, Franciscus. Translation of 
Hippocrates de Flatibus et de Passioni- 
bus, in. 84 
Philemonis Comici Fragmenta, notes on, 
by Dobree, A. 73 

Lexicon, notes on, by Dobree, A. 77 

Philip II. or Macedon. Epistola ad Athe- 

nienses, trad, a Leonardo Aretino, in. 368 

Philip II. of Spain, genealogy of, fi-om 

Alphonso of Castile, ii. 30 

papers relative to his marriage with 

Q. Elizabeth, ni. 210 
A discom-se wherein is set down his 
design against the whole isle, in. 211 
The king Philip's camp at S. Quin- 

tin's, Aug. 1557, ii. 484 
letter to the University of Cambridge, 
v. 396. 561 
Philip IV. or Spain. Eeply to Blake's 

letter, v. 414 
Philip VI. of France. Truce with Ed- 
ward III., I. 398 
Philipps-Norton, ancient customs of the 

manor of, ii. 81 
Phillips, E. Letter to Strype. v. Index, 
v. 153 

■ Sir Egbert. Petition of his brother 

Francis to James I. for his release, Jan. 
162A, II. 188 [where he is called Thomas] , 
IV. 396 

Speeches in Parliament, 22 March 162|-, 
IV. 269; 2 Apr. 1628, iv. 270 
Sami EL. Controversy with Gwyn 

about 6/jioov(nos, i. 387 


riiit.o. rifpt ttJj 5eKd5os tlprj/xtvuv ipfnjvua, 

IV. 511; extract from, iv. S5 
Pnii.opoNus, JouANNKs. Advcrsus Aco- 
]>liiilos, IV. 87 
wfpi Twv ' Ayap-jvuv, collntion of an ex- 
tract, IV. 51 "2 
TTfpi T^i ToO &<jTpQ\d3ov xP'J'J'ews, I. ;">-17, 

III. (51 
dequatuorcarilin.alibusvirtntibiis, rv. 87 
fl(Trtyr)cns iU y iKO/xaxov YtpaffrjvoO ipiO- 

lxr]TiKd, IV. ',11 
adversns Monothelitas, iv. 87 
(Pseud.) iu .\ristotel. de Ciulo, excerpta 
ex. IV. 91 
Philosopher's stone, treatises on, i. 211, 

n. 13; Lat., iv. 526 
Philosophers, dictes or saj-ings of, i. 382, 

III. 46 
Philosophy, on (French), n. 25-t 
PliilosopbiiP liber, ii. 517 
Variii? philosojihia' coujectanea de ani- 

ma mundi, iv. 36-1* 
dialogues and notes, iii. 672 
Philostr-^tus. 'EiriiXToXal, in. 720 
notes on, by Boissonade, A. 7 
Gruter, A. 32 
Saliuasius, A. 32 
Philoxexus. Glossarium Giffico-Latinum, 

III. 685 
Phoben"CS,Georgius. UepldvoTvxia-s, 1.67; 

wepl viro^6\ov, I. 67 
Ph(Exix, poem on (Lat.), ii. 451 
Photius. 'Ayu)yal nal diroSei^eis irepl ^jrt- 
aKbtrwv Kal nrjrponoXiTuf, iv. 80 
Fragment of the preface to the Nomo- 

cauou (Gr), ii. 143 
Index titulorum to the Nomocanon 

(Gr.), II. 143 
Catena in S. Pauli Epistolas (Gr.), 

II. 830 
transcripts of part of an Oxford MS. of, 

I. 207 
Bibliotheca, notes on, by Pearson, 

A. 31 
Lexicon, notes on, by Dobree, A. 68. 74 
Physicis, Fragmentum de, ii. 518 
Physiognomy. De Phisenemie, iii. 6 
The tretis of the bookc of Phisunomj-o, 

IV. 67 

PiccoLHOMiNi, Archangel. Collectiones 
expra'lectionibus anatomicis, v. 571 

PiCTAOOR^ Documenta, ii. 543 

Pie-Powher, Pleas in the Court of, 30 Hen, 
VIII.— 3 Edw. YI., m. 273 

Piers of Fulham. A doctrine of fishing 
and fowling, iv. 67 [v. Corr. v. 604] 

Piers Plowman, the Vision or dialogue 
of, I. 24. 75, II. 495, in. 177, iv. 66; 
Glossary to, iv. 67 

PiooE, Oliver. Mcilitations, &c., con- 
cerning the Spanish invasion, 1588, 
I. 468. 469 

PiGNEROL, grievances of the treaty of, i. 95. 

Pii.i;uiMK, tlie, or Pilgrininiito of man in 
this world, r. Dkoiillkvillk, Ci. vr.; 
(irace DiEr. 
PiLKiNOTON, .JAJiEH(Hp. of Durham). Lot- 
tiT to the I''..'irl of Ii<'icfHt«T, circa 
adi:i|ih(ini, v. 455; ISuktT'b uecuuut uf, 
V. 126. 127 
PiLLOiuM judicia, i. 399 
Pink, Dr. Letter to the Earl of Pembroke, 

V. 299 
l'iNi>AR, various readings of, \. 2) 
notes on, .\. 4H 

notes on the Fragments, bv Hermann, 
A. 48 
Pipe Office. A book containing such 
custodye, lands, tenements, .tc. in charge 
in the Pipe Oflice, grunted to the Lord 
Treasurer (KVJO), in. 675 
accounts relating to, for the city of 
London, 2 — 14 Chas. I., iv. 55 
Piquet, rules for i)laying at, i. 282 
Pirkiieimeu, BiLiitALK. Vita a seipso 

scripta, in. 708 
Pisecius, Thomas. An doctrina Trinitatia 

sit mysterium, A'c, i. 303 
PissiKES, Georoius, eli rbv fukraiov /Sior, 
IV. 63 
i^ar)ixtpo^ -qo' r]paK\tidi, iv. 63 
(h Trjv Koj/xovpyiav, iv. 63 
Pus II., Pope. Oratio coram domino 
Calisto facta in obedientia, nomine 
Ca?saris, in. 218 
Epistolade miseria vitie curialis, in. 251 
Pirs v., Pope. Letter to Mary, Queen of 

Scots, I. 169 
Pl.\cita, I. 326. 330, iv. 451; in itinere, 
I. 305; apud Cautabrigiam, v. 458 
in Parliamento (Ed. I.), notes and ex- 
tracts from, n. 189 
mo<lus placitandi, i. 325. 326, n. 34 

placitorum narrationes (Edw. I.), i. 329 
placitorum rotuli, transcripts from 
(Hen. VI.), I. 78 
PL-UiUE. Dieta pro sanitate corporis con- 
servanda contra morbum pestileutiaj 
(1382), in. 356 
Litter to the mavt)r of London on 

(8 Hen. IV. I. IV.' 18 
receipt for a perfume against, i. 386 
Planets. De influeutiis plauetarum, 
n. 117, ni. 212. 321 


Plantaiienkt, KunARP, account of, V. 429 
Platfaums, .Tohannks. Siuuma suiht 
Antidotariuin, i. 105 [r. Corr. v. 581], 
ni. 21 
Breviarium. n. 38. 278 
Liber simplicis mediciuip, n. 27*^, in. 21 
De Passioiiibtis et eurum curis (Prac- 
tica), in. 535, v. 5-<t; in English, 
I. 4.33 [v. Corr. v. 5ss) 
Tractatus de siiioco, sinoclia, causou, 
tertiana continua, v. 5S5 


Platina. Dialogiis do vera nobilitate, 
III. 259 

Dialogiis contra amores, iii. 259 

Dialogiis de falso et vero bono, libb. 

1 and 2, in. 259 

Plato, iTri(7To\al, i. 224; els rhv Udva, 

I. -132 ; UpwTay6pas, extract from, i. 22-4 

Alcibiades. ^x^^'-'^ ^'"'^ (puvijs 'OXu/u.- 

TrioSwpov, III. 697 
Timaeiis. Chalcidii versio Latiua, 

II. 277 
notes on, by Dobree, A. G8. 77. 78 
Heruiauu, A. 51 
Porson, A. 79 
Eeiz, A. 51 
Platonis libri tres, ii. 452 
Plautcs. Comoediae, iv. 467 
notes on, by (Jreaves, A. 35 
Hermann, A. 41 
Euarus, A. 62 
Plestxgtox, EoBEitT DE, cbicf baron. 
Warrant to pay bis fee and pension, 
I. 140 
Plinics. Historia Natm-alis, i. 346 
notes on, A. 31 
notes on, by Casaubon, A. 30 

Eeiz, A. 53 
Principinm pbysicse, i. 347 
Liber illustriiini (Amx'lii Yictoris), 
I. 346 
Brevia annotatio do duobus Pliniis 
Verouensibus per JoLannem Mansio- 
narium, i. 347 
Plumbi, de emptione, i. 235 
Pluiuxities and Advowsons, readings on 

the statute of, i. 64 
Plctabch, Il6Tepoi' 4'^XV^ V ffci^uaTos... tran- 
script of, by Taylor, A. 9 
'Zvp.iToai.aKa., IV. 469 
de assentatoris et amici differentia 

(Lat.), a Guarino, iv. 4 
de futili loquacitate (Lat.), a J. Chris- 

topberson, i. 309 
De superstitiono (Lat.), a Cbeke, 
V. 575 
notes on, A. 17. 49 
notes on, by Casaubon, A. 59 
Dobree, A. 77 
Taylor, A. 4. 10 
additions to Eei.ske's index Grfficitatis, 
A. 51 
PocKLiNGTOK, JoHN, particulars concern- 
ing, V. 423 
PococK, Edward, Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 153 

Letter to Scldon, v. 442 

' Eicuard, notes on bis luscriptionum 
liber, by Dobree, A. 67 
PoET.K Graci principes, notes on, by 
Eames, A. 3 
CasauUjn, A. 31 
Poetry, Anonymous: 

Anglo-Saxon. De injustis, m. 301 
De ilaccaba-is, m. 3G2 

Poetry, Anglo-Saxon {continued) : 

Exaltatio Saucta; Crucis, iii. 362 
English. Address to the Virgin, ii. 507 
Adultery, on, ii. 167. 407. 507 
' And as thy worde '... i. 285 
' And ye will please God gretly,' 1.289 
Apostles and Saints, lives of, v. 

Bakbouk, John. 
Arthur, on king, iii. 700 
Augustine, S., of Canterbury, on, 

II. 33 
Ballads, various, ii. 508 
Bason, story of a, ii. 507 
' Begone sueit nicht and I sail call 

the kj-ud,' V. 602 
Bellman's sound, the, in. 155 
Boke of Cortesey, ii. 168 
Bone Florence of Eome, le, ii. 408 
Carmen secundum ordinem Al^Dha- 

beti, i. e. Chaucer's A. B. C. q. v, 
' Cassamus roos after this talkynge,' 

II. 290 [v. Corr. v. 594] 
Chartiu- of Christ, the, ii. 33, 407, 

III. 429. 448 

• Chaunge not thi freend,' ii. 290 
Cheylde and hes step-dame, the, 

III 167 
Compleynt of God, the, ii. 406 
Consail and teichiug that the vys 

man gaif his sone, the, in. 561 
Creed the, in verse, in. 179 
' in Cruce sum pro te,' in. 294 

[('. Corr. V. 599] 
'Cupid qm shall I byt bot the,' 

V. 603 
Cushion plot, the, n. 285 
Destruction of Jerusalem, iv. 321 

[r. Corr. v. 605] 
Dicta sanctorum de virtute altaris 

et de fructu et effectu devotionis 

Missa;, in. 281 
Dictamcu vel lugnbre carmen terri- 

bilissimse mortis, n. 502 
Different temperaments, on, ii. 290 
Difficulty of choosing a profession, 

III. 294 . 
Diogenes and Alexander, iii, 294 

[v. Corr. V. 599] 
Directions to Parish Priests. 

' Womaus servyco thou must for- 
sake,' n. 506 
' Do way fore that may not awail- 

jhe,' V. 600 
Edmunde, S., n. 32 (Lydgato) 
Edward, King, and the shepherd, a 

tale of, II. 50() 
The eight tokeuys of mekeuess, 

II. 405 

Eucharist, a story on the, n. 508 
Explanation of the Mass. ' The 
wortliicst thyng mast of gudness,' 

III. 199 

Exi)OKitious on some of the Church 
festivals, ii. 508 


PoETKY, English {continued) : 

' The fals fox caminc uiito oiiro 

croft,' 11. 1-2 
Fiftet'U tokeuya before the day of 

Dome, the, ii. 407 
Five boiMy wj-ttys, the, ii. 404 
Five giHistly wyttys, the, ii. 404 
Foly of fulys iind the thewis of wys 

lut'ii. the. III. 5(»1 
Frenioud, S.. ii. 32 (LydRate) 
Heuding, le livre de, in. 7 
History of our Lord. ' Ou Estenie- 

day in the davring,' i. 2 
Horns cast away, iii. 294 [c. Corr. 

V. o[)[)] 
How the goode man taught hys sone, 

II. 407. 
' I am the sevint I was the fj-ft of 

twelve,' V. C02 
Incestuous daughter, a tale respect- 
ing, II. oOG 
' In May when every herte is lyjt,' 

in. 173 
Just Judgment, ou, 'And therfor 

the lording is that lovedays wilo 

holde,' I. 5, 
KjTig and the barker, the, ii. 168 
Lady that was in dj-speyre, a good 

ensample of a, ii. 107 [r. Corr. 

V. 592 \ 407 
Lady and Thomas,a storyof the.ii.508 
Lament of Duchess Eleanor Cobhani 

of Gloucester, in. 294 
Lamentritiou of the Virgin, ii. 

407. 507 
Lavandres, a tretisc for, u. 290 
Lent, on, i. 5 
'Leve me love (luhilk rechis hot 

to dust,' v. 602 
Love verses and songs on all occa- 
sions, II. 183 
Markys of Meditaciouns, the, ii. 40(> 
Meditations at the celebration of 

Mass, III. 448 
Melchizedech and the Sacrament, 

ou. III. 281 
Memento homo, ii. 500 
Merchant and his son, a gode mater 

of, n. 407 
Merchant did his wife betray, how a, 

II. 407 
Merchants, story of two, in. 293 
Mirrour of vices and virtues, ii. 400 
Miscellaneous, ii. 124. 2S.3 
Mischance reigneth iu England, how, 

n. 289 
Moral rules, ii. 506 
Mortahty, on, in. 449 
Momiiing of the Hare, the, ii. 508 
Nightingale, the song of the, n. 507 
Nine virtues, a good lesson of, i. 5, 

11. 295, in. 449 
Parliament of Love, n. '287 [r. Corr. 

V. 593J 

roKTHY, T' 'Iniud): 

Va II. .VM'i; How ich 

C lin-<ti'ii iiiHU owe for to have a 
reuu-uibruncu of the rassioo, 

I. 4H2 

Pater uoster and Ave Maria, i. 482, 

in. .H08 
Pope [S. (lreg<iry L], and his mother, 

story of, in. 56."i 
Prognostication from the day of the 

week on which the year bi-giux. 

* A man that will of wisdom lere,' 

II. 507 

Prophecy in alliterative verse, iv. 18 
Proverbis of Salamon. the, n. 4iMj 
' Quhen feirce Achilles att the sego 

off Troyc,' v. 002 
• Quhen I say in my myud the lyff of 

all sorts,' V. 603 
' Quliat may be compared tuLx labour 

and luitT.' v. 603 
'Quhat giflf a day or a nycht or a 

jeir,' v. (M)3 
Quia amore langueo, in. 293 [r. Corr, 

v. 599J 
Katis raN-ing, in. 561 [r. Corr. v. 600] 
Kobert of Sicily, n. 408 
Kobin Hooil, a"tale of. n. 168. 508 
' Salamon sat and sayde many sawys,* 

III. 42 

Salutaciouu of our Lady, a, ii. 404 

Scrap-book, Poetical, i. 284 

' Sen in waist natur ua thingo mais,* 

V. 600 
' Sen so itt is that quho so ever tuik 

lyffe,' V. 602 
Seven deatUy sins, on the, ii. 167. 

288. 401. 506. 522, in. 450 
Seven Psalms, the, n. 404 
Seven virtues, ou the, u. 167. 404. 

Seven werkia of mcrcl bodili, the, 

11. 404 
Seven werkia of merci gostli, the, 

11. 404 
Seven wise masters, the, i. '2o, 

II. 408 
Song of the three children, para- 
phrase of, 1. 2M0 
TabuJl of diverse moneths in tbo 

yeare, if thunder be heard, what 

it betokeiieth, ii. 500 
Ten commandments, ou the, n. 167. 

401. 522, in. 449 
Thewis of gud women, the, in. 561 
' Thyuko man ijwaro off thou art 

wrought,' III. 42 
Tolous. the Earle of, n. 107 
Tournament of Tottenham, n. '07 
Travel, a Pindariiiuo Ode, i. 2st; 
Tryamoure, Sjr, n. 407 
Twilve articles of the Beleve, 11. 401 
Twelve jtrotit.-^ tliat meu may get in 

suffering of boilily anger, 11. 405 


PoETBT, English (continued): 

' When Sunday gothe by D and C,' 

III. 508 
.1 French, du Boiinte des femmez, 
ui. 5 

' Chier frere, or oiez mareson,' iii. 520 
Chivalers, le ordre de, iii. 230 

[v. Corr. V. 598] 
Credo in Deum, Pater noster, Ave 

Maria, in. 5 
De amico ad amieam, and Eesponcio, 

III. 173 [French, English, and 

Dix-sept points que deivent estre en 

confession, in. 6 
les Enfantesces nostre Seignur, iii. 7 
' Li sage gens jadis este;sTit,' in. 230 
Le miracle de Sardenai, iv. 391 

[v. Corr. V. G05] 
Mercy, truth, justice, and peace. 

' De quatre sorurs vus voil dire,' 

III. 667 
la nature de home par sa naissance, 

III. 6 
On the first inhabitants of England, 

III. 23 

Prognostications from the day of the 

week on which Christmas falls, iii.S 
les Propretes des femmes, in. 8 
Proverbs, in. 1 
Quel vaut meuz a amer gentil clerc 

on chivaler, in. 7 
de les quinze signes devaimt le jour 

de jugement, in. 2 
Romaunce de Amour, in. 2 
liomaunce del Ave Maria, in. 3 
Komance, metrical, fragment of a, 

in. 2.30 
Septem Psalmi pcenitentias, in. 3 
Short poems in a Romance dialect, 

Songs, four, i. 467 
Tristan and Iseult, fragment of, 

IV. 383 

Urbane curtois, in. 1 

Ymugo du Mounde, in. 4; fragment 

of, I. 8 
. Greek. Possibly by Athanasius of 

Mount Athos, i. 455 
anon. in. 59 
— — Latin, de Acerbissimis mails, 
in. 203 

Alphabeto, versus cujusdam Scoti de, 

in. 203 
altercatio corporis et animfc, ii. 267, 

in. 569, IV. 3H8 
ad angeloH, ut S. Joh. Bapt. parvu- 

Inm in eremo invisaiit, in. 533 
Apostolis, versus de sauctis, in. 434 
Aptationes veteris et novi Testa- 

menti, in. 679 
' Arbore sub quadam dictavit clericus 

Adam,' ii. 546 
de Bestiis et avibus, iv. 553 

Poetry, Latin (continued): 

Borgiffi Francisci Deliberatio de mun- 

do linquendo, in. 533 
'Ciesaris imperium per tempora 

longa latebit,' in. 234 
' Clerice dypticas lateri ne dempseris, 

imquam,' in. 203 
Colloquium Gabrielis et Virginis de 

lucaniatioue. in. 679 
Contra fures et latrones, n. 506 
' Cur muudus militat sub vana glo- 
ria,' with an English translation, 

IV. 299. i\ Benedictis, Jacobus de. 
Decern pra?cepta, rv. 389 
Dialogus de conflietu vitiorum et 

virtutum, ii. 268 
'Ecce dolet Aiiglia luctibus imbnta,' 

n. 268 [Printed in Wright's Poli- 
tical Songs, I. 279] 
de electione cujusdam de qua in 

fine defuit consensus, at S. Al- 

ban's, I. 470 
'Est homo res niira,' n. 269 
' Esto memor mortis,' ii. 268 
Events of Scripture History, in. 428 
Facetus, n. 516 
de festo Omnium Sanctorum, i. 474, 

ni. 203 
de Filomela, in. 203 
de fletu compunctionis, n. 268 
' Floreuti cespite campos,' iv. 13 
on God and nature, in. 705 
de gradibus humilitatis, n. 522 
' Grammata Niliacis cum prima de- 

dere papiris,' iv. 13 
' Hsee scriptura brevis vilis tibi non 

videatuv,' n. 307 
Hamone de quodam, i. 470 
' Heu doleo de te quoque non dis- 

cente,' n. 524 
' In mota lite mihi det procedere 

rite,' I. 473 
Irrisio cujusdam scholastic! contra 

Calvos, III. 203 
Jorbert seu Jorvert, versus de, in. 

704. 705 
Luminaria compilacio docens quid 

Maxims, misciellaueous, ii. 269 
Dc Melchiscdcch et Sacramento Al- 

taris, in. 281 
' Mundi volo vanitatem,' i. 236 
Nereids, on the, &<•., ii. 45 
Nomina arbonun, in. 307 
Nummus ubique regnat et imperat, 

in. 307 
de Officio ecclesiastico, in. 180 
de omnibus ordinibus honiiTnim in 

hoc uiiserabili sciculo, n. 269 
Ad Pandoram ut pyxidem fatalem 

claudat, in. 533 
de Passione Salvatoris, in. 234 
Paternoster, Credo, Te Deum, <fec., 

in. 204 


Poetry, Latin (conlinufd): 
IMin'nix. on tlw, ii. 454 
' PivnitcaH cito pei'cator, cum sit 

niisfrator,' iv. ;i')8 
Pro qiiiliusclam falsis imiHlicatoiibiis, 

I. 476 
Projniosticntidii fn^m tlio day of tlin 

woek on whicliCliristnias falls,ii.5(l7 
Prof^iiostications on tbuntler, in. 308 
Provorbia. iii. 17 
ynerinionia ile i)riore Cautuaiiensi, 

I. 470 

Saws, collfotion of, ii. ;)'22 

' Scotia phiiiKi' quia periit tiia gloria 

eara,' ii. 424 
' Sit mibi talis arnica velim,' in. 706 
'Yiri veiicrabiles sacerdotes Dei,' 

II. 268, IV. 863* 

'Vita mori voluit ne vivero mors 

potuisset,' IV. 389 
'Vos qui concnpiscitis statum ves- 

triim scire,' ii. 268 
Votum telluris ad uascentem Chris- 
tum, III. o83 

Ancient Scottish, iv. 94; Prophecy 

in. III. .560 
P(ENiTENTi.E taxata) secundum canones, 

III. 448 
PcEMiTESTi.vRUM liber, III. 180 
PoGGio, letters to and from, in. 46 

Orationes, epistolje, etc., in. 244 — 248 

[r. Corr. v. 599] 
De nobilitate vera, ii. 481 
De avaritia, n. 482 
Poitiers, names of the Bishops of, in. 53 
PoL, CocNT DE St. Direction as to his 

ransom by Richard II., i. 119 
PoL.\ND, Stephi:n B.iiTTnoRi, kinf; of. Ne- 
gotiations with Queen Elizabeth for 
freedom of trading, i. H65 — :5t)9 
Memoriale in causa omnium... ab ec- 
clesia Catholica llomana in Polonia 
dissidentium, iv. 526 
Pole, Cardinal. Oration in Parliament, 
Nov. 1554, V. 268; Faculty granted by, 
V. 396; Letters to Cambridge, v. 396. 
5.52. 553; to Sir E. Hastings, v. 573 
status familia* cardinalis Poli, v, 32 ; 
instructions to the Bishops, v. 36; 
commission of, v. 37. 294 
PoLiAco, Johannes de. Sententia aposto- 

lica adversus ejus errores, in. 409 
Policrates, Letter to Victor, extract from, 

III. 435 
Pollux, Julius, Notes on, by Casaubon, 

A. 36 
Polo, Marco. De conditionibus et con- 
suetudinibus Orientaliuni regionum, 1.22 
Historia Tartarorum, i. 338 
PoLONUs, Martinus. Chronica, i. 17, 

n. 344, in. 407 
PoLYBius, ex lib. vi'". (Lat.), ii. 173; Extr. 
from Grimeston's translation, i. 249 
notes on, by Casaubon, A. 30 

PoMPoNAzzo, Pietro, Do nutura animic 

buinana', i. 4H1 
I'oMi'ONus L.ETus. De urbis niagistrati- 
bus, in. 318 
Antiiiuarum legnm urbis Ilomn) li- 
belhis, in. 3lK 
PoMi-oNius Mela, Collation of a MS. of, 
A. 57 
notes on. by Casaubon, A. 35 
PoMi'.M Amiir.k, n. 35 
PoNDKUA Medicinalia, IV. 299 
DE PoNDERiRus et meusurih, i. 325. 422, 
II. 53. 524, in. 185. 710; Statuta, 
T. 540, n. 4. 7 
PoNTEFiucT Castle. Historj- of the siegea 
in 1644, 1645, with other notes, n. 458 
[r. Corr. v. 595] 
PoNTHus. Le livre du vaillant Clievalier 
I'onthns (verse), n. 429; (prose), in, 284 
PoNTn-KALE. Ely, IV. 25; of John Russell, 
Bp. of Lincoln, iv. 200; Salisburj-, 
n. 513; Winchester, n. 24; York, n. .509 
Poole, Mr. Considerations on his design 
for registering of illustrious providences, 
I. 168 [v. Corr. v. 585], iv. 531 
Letters on this, i. 158. 168 
Pooley, Giles. Letter to Strj-pe. r. In. 

dex, V. 153 
Popes. Pontificura Epistolae et Canones, 
I. 10 
De potestate papali et regali, iv. 129 
De vitis pontificum Romanorum usque 

ad Calixtum II., in. 646 
Liber de gestis suuunorum Pontificum, 

extr. from, i. 526 
Treutise against the Supremacy of the 

Pope, I. 532 
Act restraining the payment of annates 
to the Bp. of Rome and of the selecting 
and consecrating Abps. and Bps., 

IV. 444 

Pope's Essay on man, strictures on, 

IV. 430 
PopHAM, Sir John (Chief Justice). Read- 
ing on stat. 23 Hen. VIII. on sewers, 
I. 256 
Letter to Sir T. Lambert, i. 256 
Letter to the mayor of Cambridge, 

V. 257 

PoRPinRT. ^K Twv ' kvTi6xov Oriffavpwv, 
TTfpl Tov yvlvai naO' ^xotrrof ^nai/rii/ 
TTolov l^wSioy... IV. 66 
Grammatical treatise (Greek) from, 

I. 222 
de Universalibus cum coinmentario 
(Greek), iv. 465 
PoRSON, Richard. Addenda to the index 
of authors quoted by the Scholiast on 
AjioUonius Rhodius, A. 65. 70 
Notes on Cicero, A. 79 

Etyniologicum magnum, A. 79 
Euripides, A. 45 
Eustatbius, A. 79 
Gregorius Coriuthus, .\. 79 


PoKSOS, EicH.VRD (continued): 
Notes on Herodotus, A. 79 
Hesycliius, A. 79 
Isffius, A. 77 
Ma?ris, A. 79 
Plato, A. 79 
Siiidas, A. 79 
Timanis, A. 79 
notes on his works by Dobree, A.73.75.76 
Catalogue of the reserved portion of 
his Ubraiy bv Dobree, A. 68 

of his MSS. dravm up at Mc 

Inlay"s, A. 80 

■ of his -works in chronological 

order, A. 80 

■ of books of Dobree -with his 

notes, A. 80 
PoKTEE, Ekdtmion, Icttcrs of, T. 407 
PoRTirs, JoHANXES Martinus. Oratio 
habita in Acadeniia Marpurgeusi, i. 303 

SiMox. De humana mente dispu- 

tatio, IV. 282 

Portugal, Axthony, king of. Disputation 
amongst certain ministers of the London 
chm-ehes touching the voyage for re- 
storing him to his kingdom, Nov. 1588, 
ni. 30i 

• John, king of, letters to, from 

Eichard II., i. 117. 118 

Ambassador, demand of, in a case 

of murder, v. 414 


PosixrRA, DE, III. 398 

Potter, Dr John. Letter to Abednego 
SeUer, i. 1C6 

Letter to Strj-pe. v. Index, v. 153 
Sermon by, i. 209 

PorND, James. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 153 

PoT^-Ei.L, Thomas. ' The breath of an un- 
feed lawjer or beggars round,' i. 213 

PriICTIca Philosophomm, ii. 542 

Prayer, on the sacrifice of, i. 402 

Prayer, a bidding, in French, in. 306 

- Common, book of, with the signa- 
tures and seals of the commissioners 
(1002), A. 30 

(1001) with the additions of 1662, 

A. 38 

not common forms of, collected by 

Abp. Bancroft, v. 475 
form of common, with fasting (1503), 

V. 40 
Prayers for the Canonical hours, iii. 518 
for one at point of Death, i. 498 
Latin, i. 545 
in Dutch, i. 486. 496 
and meditations, i. 299; Lat., i. 213 

on our Lord's History (French), 

rv. 500 

Greek, fragments of, i. 359. 412 
and hymns, manual of, in. 541 
with Vigilijr; Mortuorum, penitential 
Psalms, &c., III. 534 

Trxyejis (continued): 

manual of, in French, i. 546 
miscellaneous, iii. 180. 534 
devout and godly, made of the Pater- 
noster, III. 554 
and Psalms for private use, iv. 387 
on the seven words of our Lord on the 

Cross, III. 262 
arranged for each day of the week 
(Lat.), II. 525 
Preacher, duties of a, in. 182 
Preachers, directions for (1023), v. 263 
Precedence. The placing of all estates of 
men and women according to their 
degrees, i. 501 
ordinance for the precedency of all 
states according to their birth and 
calling (1594), ii. 73 
question as to, n. 73 
Precedents, a book of, i. 384. 388. 466, 
n. 8. 120, ni. 56 
relative to the office of a justice of the 

peace, i. 272 
for indentures of leases, iv. 450 

Of grants, warrants, and letters that 

passed the signet office (temp. Rich. II.), 
I. 106 
Predestination. An essay of God's good- 
ness and justice... in opposition to the 
Super- and Sub-Lapsarians, i. 240 
dela (French), i. 260 
stirs respecting, in Holland, from 1597 
downwards, in. 37 
Prepositivtjs magister. Summa super 

sententias, n. 434 
Preeogativa regum, i. 400, ii. 183; notes 

respecting, iv. 449 
Peestee John. Of his country and its 
discovery (Latin), iv. 552 
Epistola, IV. 552 
Price, George. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 153 
Prideaux, Dr, letters of, i. 157. 163 
Priest ,'Whadcock, correspondence of , v. 186 
Prime, Thomas. Letters to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 153 
Peijiitive Christianity, remarks on a MS. 

entitled, v. 186 
Principia practicalia, in. 727 
Peinne, William, censm-e of the Star- 
chamber upon, 1037, II. 23 
degradatio, v. 255 [v. Corr. v. 607] 
petition of, iv. 217 
Printing and printing-presses, draught of 
an act for regulating, iv. 514 
petition from the poor freemen and 

jom-neymen printers, v. 255 
notes on, by Baker, v. 474 
Peiscianus. Librixviii., in. 58. 371; libri 
xvi., n. 274.431, in. 470 

Comment, in libb. 17 and 18, in. 379 
notul;n excerpta; de 18 libris, n. 524 
De accentibus, ii. 274; Fragm. of, 
III. 371 


Pbisciants (contitiurd) : 

Piirtitiones vcrsuum xii. iEneidoa priu- 
cipiUinni, in. oS 

Thkodouus. Libri tres, in. 83 

Prodis, Triictatusi ilo, ii. IKJ, jiortion of a, iv. 388 
Proclus. irepl roO Tiva XPV k"-^ irbaa, 

IV. By 
inroTvir(ii<n% tC)v aarpoKoyiKuiv viroOiaeoiv, 

HI. 5!), IV. 91 
Extr. from his comment, on Plato, 

IV. 84 
fragm. of the comment, on the Timreus, 
IV. 90 
Pbocopius. 7) ds Trfv yiveaiv twv €K\oyQ)v 
iiriTOfi-ri, II. 432 
de wdifieiis Justiniaucis Epitome lib. i 
(Gr.), from a Cuius Coll. MS., iv. 90 
DE Production E homiuis ad corpus et 

animam, i. 244 
Profacius, Compositio novi 

quadiantis, in. 328 
Proonostications, III. 557 
Of famine, iii. 648 
de tonitruo, in. 5 
Prohibitions, oflicial circular on the grant- 
ing of, I. 108 
abuses to be reformed in granting, 
I. 194 
PROPHEciEf, collection of, in. 169 

on English and Scotch History, ii. 252 
for 1570—1580, iv. 283 
fragment of an English Prophecy, iv. 18, I. 475 

super Psalmos, iii. 429 
DE Prosodia (Vers.), iv. 523 
Prosper, S. CathoUcse confutationes, 
HI. 354. 654 
Chronicon, ii. 333 
Epigrammata super dicta S. Augustini, 

ni. 201 
Epigi-ammata, ii. 273 
Epistola ad Eufinum contra Pelagianos, 

I. 421 

Epistola ad Rufinum contra Pelagianos 
obtreetatores suos, i. 422 

Epistola ad Rufinum contra Pelagianos 
obtreetatores S. Augustini, i. 422 

Epistola ad Rufinum contra obtreeta- 
tores S. Augustini, i. 422 

Epistola ad S. Augustinum, i. 331 

Exhortatio ad uxorem, in. 202 (by 
Paiilinus, Bp. of Nola) 

Liber sententianim ex S. Augnstino, 

II. 441 [v. Corr. v. 595] 
Eesponsiones ad capitula objectionum 

Vincentianarum, n. 438 
De vita contemplativa et activa, iii. 370 
(? Julianus Pomerius) 
Protection, royal letters of, i. 141 ; revo- 
cation of, I. 132 
Protestants. Liste des Protestants qui 
restent encore sur les galeres de France 
ou dausles prisons ..1685 — 1713, iv. 525 

PnoTosoETic.E Pliiloflopbio) sclagraphia, 

IV. 529 

pRovKuns, collection of, iv. 391 
pROviDKNcKs, illustrious, I'oolu'HdoHign for 

registering, r. Pooi.k, Mr. 
Provincialk vetns omnium occlesiorum 

Cathedralium, temp. Pipiui, iii. 708 
I'rowett, Stei'Iikn, anthems by, v. 588. 

Pridentiits. Historiarum liber (Dipty- 

chon utriusque tcstamentil, ii. 275, 

III. 202 
Psjchomachia, in. 202 
Tractatus super edificium, m. 17 
Prussia, King of. Letter to Abp. Sliarp, 

giving an account of his design of intro- 
ducing the English Liturgj-, v. 422 
notes of proposals for union with 
Geneva, v. 422 
Prymer, the English, of Salisbury use, 

PsALTERiuM cum Canticis, itc, i. 7. 27. 

256. 292. 344. 417. 504. 513, n. 135. 

176. 434, ni. 54. 227. 603. 712. 731. 738. 

V. Bible. 

Slavonick, with Canticles, n. 9 

Pars secuuda de tioribus Psaltcrii, 

III. 84 

PsALTERiA beatne Marire Yirgini.?, i. 544, 

II. 519. 520 
PsELLUs, Michael, els ttjk \l/i>xoyovl<u> rod 
nxdruvos, III. 218 
i^'qyrjffi^ irtpl ffvfTa^ews, in. 11 
iiriTOfial irepl t^j larpiKuiv 0euprip.aTut> 

(nvaywyrjs, n. 427 
iiriffroXal, ill. 13 
irepl TTJi'lpiSos, II. 428 
Carmiua, from aLincoln Coll. Oxi. MS., 

IV. 91 

Ptolemy, Claudius. "MadrjfjLariKrjs a-wrd- 
lews jSi'pfXta rpla. III. 58 
iiriTeTpirininov iyKWfuov riji fiaO. ffwr., 

III. 58 
irpoKaTaaKevT) els ttjv KariXrjff'U' Trjs fia.0. 
ffVVT., III. 61 

Trp6\ey(>fi(va els ttjc p.a.9. ffivr., in. 61 
Centiloquium cum commeuto Haly, 

III. 325. 405. 648, iv. 301 
Liber quatuor partium, in. 405 [v. Corr. 

V. 599]. 547; cum commcnto Haly, 
in. 647 

Tract on the Catlia conjuucta and 
disjuucta, in. 215 
PrcKERiNo, Lord Keeper. Extr. from his 

MSS., V. 134. 135. 508. 
Puritans, letters of noted, to A. Gilby, 

V. 364—366 
Puritanism. A dialogue betwixt the Ladie 
Vinegcr, widow, MrCamelion, a puritan 
minister, and MrlHceaver, a coimterfeit 
Jew, II. 123 
Pym, John. Speeches in Parliament, 
ni. 155, IV. 51. 216.217. 218. 290, v. 182 
letter to the Earl of Holland, v. 400 


PTTHAGOitis. Scale of numbers (Gr.), 
HI. 10 
Kal vvv Kal ael, ill. 10 
yiKTj KOI -fJTTa, III. 10 

Qr.vDRAxrRA CiRCULi, r. Campaxo of 
TTuJs TfTpayoivi^eii' rhv kvkXov, ill. 60 
QuAPRANS. Traetatus quadrautis, iii. 332 
De compositione et ejus officio, ii. 517 
Qc^sTiosES Phtsice, i. 2S2 

Sophistics, &c., i. 269 
QcARLES, shoi-t extracts from, iii. 159 
QcEENS' Gold. De supersedeudo pro W. 
Courtney, Ai-chiep. Cant., iv. 451 
memorandum to the sheriff of Devon 

on, IV. 451 
mandate of Edward III. for the levj' 
of, IV. 452 
QnxTi.ocus Stoa, Epographia, notes on, 

A. 17 
QriXTiLiAN, notes on, by Tonstall, A. 64 
QroiTTE, Mary. Letter to Stnpe. v. In- 
dex, V. 153 


Babancs Maurus. Super Genesim, ii. 88 
Buper libros Piegum, ii. 431 
super libros Maccabaeorum, ii. 88 
in S. Mattbasum, i. 339 
super Actus Apostolorum, ii. 88 
libri quutuor de exceptionibus, iii. 597 
de laude Sanctae crucis, iii. 202 
de Universo, i. 37. 341. 509 
Radulphus Flandrensis. Expositio in 

Leviticum, in. 598 
Raikes, Thomas, mayor of Hull. Letters 

of, V. 399 
Raleigh, Gary. Petition to the king, ii. 187; 
case of, v. 413 

Dr Walter. Account of his mur- 
der, I. 306 

Sip. Walter. The prerogative 

of Parliaments in England, i. 191, 
IV. 317 [v. Corr. y. 605] 

Discourse touching a war with Spain 

(1602), II. 50 
letters of, ii. 184. 185. 186, v. 392 
letters to Cambridge, v. 308 
process agauist, ii. 187, v. 581 
last speech of, i. 204, iv. 397, v. 392 
verses by, v. 392 
Rami'ton : notes respecting, v. 306. 324. 

Ramsey Abbey, notes relating to, in. 305. 
307. 308 
letter desiring the abbat to keep 12 of 
Richard II. "s dogs, i. 125 

. Town, destruction of, in 1206, by 

N. de Segrave, in. 306 

Ramsey, William of. 

Vita S. Fredemuudi, i. 472 

S. Birini, i. 473 

S. Edmimdi, i. 473 

Ramsey, David, iDroceedings at the trial of 

(1631), III. 195 

John. Notes of his life, v. 419 

Randoll, Edward, epitaph of, in. 155 
Rasis : flores secretorum, n. 453. 541 

liber radicum de alkymia, ii. 541 
Liber expositionis elementorum, in. 
423 [Ii. iii. 17] 
Rationes Styli, I. 311 
Ratisbox. Relation of the proceedings at 

the Imperial diet in 1640, 1641, i. 353 
Ravexxa, Archbishop of : directions as to 

his reception at Calais, i. 120 
Rawlixson, R. : letter to Baker, v. 448. 

sarcastic epitaph on, by Drake, v. 506 
Raymuxd, Abbat of Cluny. Decretum de 

corrodiis non coucedendis, in. 408 
Raymuxd of M.ujseilles. Traetatus de 

Astronomia, iv. 302 
Reach (Reche), notes respecting, v. 306. 

Reade, Edward. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 153 
Reading, constitutiones de, i. 393 

Abbey. Carta Henrici I. de fun- 

datioue, i. 394 

Charters and bulls, &c. respecting, 

I. 394—396 
agreement with the townspeople, 

I. 399 
Puncta Gildaj, i. 399 
extracts from rolls 16 and 19 Hen. VI. 

relating to, i. 400 [Dele and Wlujtc- 

Reading, William. Letters to Strj'pe. 

r. Index, v. 153 
Receipts, medical, i. 301. 434. 435. 446. 
468. 500, n. 12. 13. 544, iv. 18. 546 
miscellaneous, i. 273, n. 13. 15 
for domestick medicines and cookery, 

I. 255. 201. 285. 354 
for lime, beer, &c., i. 440 
physical, i. 354 
Records, Tower, abridgement of, from 

Edward II. to Richard III., in. 69 

Recusants. Commissioners' certificate on 

behalf of one, touching the composition, 

in. 157 

resolutions of the judges upon several 

questions against (2 Chas. I.), iv. 48 

Rede, John. Notes on Julian's Sermo de 

Cnesaribus, A. 25 
Redman, William, Bishop of Norwich : 
letter to the heads at Cambridge, v. 204 
Redmayne, Robert, letter to Bishop Jegon, 

v. 355 
Reed, William. Canones super tabulas, 
in. .345 
Tabulie, in. 345 



ScoTi.\Ni>, tulditions to, A. (>l 
RK(iiN.\i,i)i:s. l>o Ui'j^iimhli thcologi mivr- 

tyrio, Ac, ii. l.">7 
REcri.^ Jiiiis, II. '271, III. 514 
Kkinksius, Thom.\s. Notes ou Eiinnpius, 

A. 28 
Reipublic.e, de Institutione, III. 315 
Heisio's TiucTS, uotos on, by Dobree, 

A. 7<) 
Beiz, F. W. Notes on Aristophanes, A. 44 
Lucilius, A. 52 
Ovid, A. 52 
riuto, A. 51 

Pliny's Natural History, A. 53 
Terence, A. 42. 52 
Viger de Idiotismis, A. 54 
Relioion, method to airive at satisfaction 

in, V. 185 
Remington, Samuel. Letter to Strype. 

V. Index, v. 154 
Remonstr-vsce, secret historj- of the, by 

the Earl of Manchester, v. 428 
Reneu, Peter. Letters to Strj-pe. r. In- 
dex, V. 154 

William. Letters to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 154 

Rent-charge, the security for, i. 259 
Responsio Inventouis Juvenilis ap Pe- 

regrincm, ii. 447 
Revenue, Pcblick, accounts of, 5 Nov. 

1688—29 Sept. 1691, i. 519 
1691, reports and papers relating to, 
I. 511 
Revett, Eldred, common-place book, &c. 

of, I. 249. 277, 278 
Ret, Don.4ld, Lord, proceedings at the 

trial of (1631), iii. 195 
Retburtz, Henry de, letter of Richard 

II. in favour of, i. 115 

Retmund. Narratio mirae temptationis 

cujusdam novitii RejTnundi, iv. 382 
Reymundus de Pennaforti. Sunima, 

III. 566. 666. 715 

RiriNELL, Richard. Observations sur 32 
Hen. VIII. c. 28 (French), iv. 54 

Reynolds, G., on papers relating to Grosse- 
teste at Liucohi, v. 186 

John, letters to Strype. r. Index, 

V. 154 

Walter (Abp. of Canterbury). 

Decretum, iv. 2'J4 
Const i tut iones, m. 225 
Rh^ Isle of, oxjK tlition to, in 1627, ac- 
count of, I. 193, II. 51 
A poem ' in cladem Rheensem,' v. 178 
names of officers slain or taken pri- 
soners at, III. 156, V. 369 
V. Buckingham, George Villiers, 
Duke of. 
Rheticus, G. J. Opit.<< Pahitiiunn dr tri- 

anr/ulis, notes on, by Fairfax, A. 33 
Rhetores Gr^eci, notes on, by Scaliger, 
A. 37 

RiiKTouuM Shumonks, iititoHon.byDobreo, 

A. 69 
RiiiiiKSFoup, udvowMon of, b-tter to the 

C'lmmt'llor respocling, i. 1.53 
RicHARiJ I. De cornnutiuno regis Ricardi 
l)rinii, iv. 319 

Itiiurarium a Ricanlo Canonico, ii. 316 
Richard II., coronation of, the process 
done at, iv. 206 

offices cballiiiRod and claimed to bo 
executed bv divers noblemen, 
II. 170 
breve de veniendo ad regis corona- 
tionem, v. 484 
statutes, ordinances, d'c, to be holden 
in the host at Durham, June 17, 
a. r. 9. IV. 207 
letters patent for the restoration of 
estates to R. Bealknap and others, 
a. r. 12, IV. 444 
rovftl letters, warrants, &c. of, i. 106 — 

letters patent respecting Reading mo- 

nasterj', i. 395 
letters patent relating to the conven- 
tion with the Duke of Gueldres, 
IV. 446 
letter to the sheriff of Norfolk and 
Suffolk against traducers of the 
Menchcant Friars, v. 384 
breve regium ut clerici sint armati, 

v. 484 
engagement for the repayment of 10,000 
marks to Richard, Earl of Arundel, 
I. 119 
Resignatio, iv. 102 
English poem on the deposition of, 

IV. 67 
A review of the reign of, i. 300 
records of Parliament of (a. r. 21, 22), 

I. 377 

Richard III. Proceedings in Parliament 
as to his title to the crown, iv. 200 
Statutes of the first parliament of, ii.41 
Benefactions to the University of Cam- 
bridge, V. 199 
note respecting his burial, v. 462 
RiCHARDus Anglicub. Dc modo medendi, 
II. 35 
Practica, ii. 38, ni. 329 (Rogeriana, 

i. e. Rogeri Bacon) 
Repressiva, ii. 36 

dc Signis morborum, ii. 36, in. 330 
de XJrinis, iii. 330 
RicHARDUS Canonicuh. Itinerarium regis 
Ricardi (attributed to G. Vinsauf), ii. 316 
[r. Corr. v. 694] 
Richard (Abp. of Canterbury). Constitu- 

tioncs, HI. 225 
RiciiAia> of S. Victor. Opuscula, ii. 300 
Benjamin minor (sou do xii. Patriar- 
chis), II. 528, III. 43; in Enghsh, 

II. 534, III. 536. 723 



JBiCHARD of S. Victor (continued) : 
De gratia contemplationis, iii. 635 
De statu interioris liomiuis post lap- 
sum, III. f)55 
De Trinitate, iii. 655 
KicHARDSON, John. Lectiones de Prsedes- 
tinatione, iii. 35 

■ EicHARD. Letters to Sti-ji^e. v. In- 
dex, V. 154 

William, biographical collection of, 

II. 429 

Mr. Charge of his funeral, v. 574 

EicHELiEC, CvKDiXAii. Testament Poli- 
tique, II. 171 
EiCHMoxD, HjiNKY FiTZROY, Earl of. Letter 
to Wolscy, V. 442 
James Stuart, Duke of. Acknow- 
ledgment of his ojBfence, 6 Jan. 1G41, 
V. 412 
EiDEWALL (or Eidewas), Johannes de, 
Comment, super Fulgentium, iii. 394, 
rv. 113 
Comment, super Valerii Epistolam de 

uxore non ducenda, ii. 516 
Ovidii Metamorphoses moraliter ex- 
positse, III. 395 
EiDLEY, Nicholas (13p. of London), Case 
in chaucery of conveying Eidmarley 
Park aud ilill in Worcestershire, i. 444 
Brief declaration of the Lord's Supper, 
II. 482 
Eioa, Petrus de. Versiones metricse Act. 
Apostolorum, Jobi, et Canticorum, iv. 99 
De veteri et novo Testamento (Aurora), 
IV. 99 
EiGGS, E. Letter to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 154 
EiNGS, cramp, v. Cramp rings. 

gold, found near Sherbom, with Eunic 

characters, v. 426 
Serjeants', mottoes for, i. 204 
Eipley, George. Compendium of Al- 
chemy, n. 345, III. 726 
Rivet, Andrew. Critici Sacri Lib. iv., 

notes on, A. 60 
Bizzio, account of the murder of, iv. 549. 

Roberdebmek, Statutum de, i. 640 
EoBERT II., King of Scotland, hymn of, 
I. 229 
Statuta, II. 131 

Letter to his chamberlain, 1371, v. 384 
Letters of Eichard II. to, 1. 144. 145. 146 
EoRERT, King of Sicily, a metrical ro- 
mance, II. 408, III. 449 
IloiiEBTUs DE Monte. Chronica, ii. 333 
IloisERTUs Anolicus. Pcrscrutator Ebora- 
censis, de impressionibus aeris, iii. 312 
EoDERT OF Gloucester. History of En- 
gland in verse, ii. 165 
RonEUTET, Jehan. Letters and poems 

(French), iv. 473 
RonKRTB, William. Marm. Oxon. Imrr. 
Grccc, notes on, by Dobree, A. 77 

EoBESAET, Sir Canon, letter of credence to 
the Duke of Juliers for, from Eichard 
II., I. 144 
EoBiN HooD, tales of, ix. 168. 508 
EoBiNsoN, J. Letter to Strype. v. Index, 
V. 154 

N. Transient view of Flanders, 

II. 281 

E., of King's Lynn. Letter to 

"SVheelock, i. 75 
Eobortello, Fea. Emendationes in 

^schylum, A. 11 
Eochelle. Historia defectionis Eupella- 
norum, i. 227 
gi-ant of timber from Aquitaine for the 
repair of the fortifications of, i. 119 
letter to the clerk of the navy to deli- 
ver a ship to certain persons in 
recompense of 3 ships burnt before, 
I. 128 
copy of a letter touching the passages 
of our fleet for the aid of, 9 Nov. 
1628, III. 156 
conditions of peace for (French), 1. 176 
verses respecting (Lat.), ii. 271 
EocKiNGHAM, liceuce to Symkyn Symeon 
to bunt in the forest of, i. 119 
licence to Eichard Stury to take a load 
of fuel weekly from the forest of, 
I. 132 
Eodeney, Cjesab. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 154 

Sir Edward. A form of prepara- 
tion against receiving the Lord's Supper, 
I. 190 

Controversife Christianas fidei inter 
veraB religionis professores et adver- 
saries, I. 269 
EoE, Sir Thomas, letters of, iv. 527 [v. 

Corr. V. 606]. 545 
EoGER, D. Notes on Statins, A. 55 
Rogers, Sir Anthony. Cause heard in 
the Star-chamber, 10 Oct. 1634, iii. 159 

D. Letters to J. Acontius, v. 186 

Henry. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 154 

Jacob. Letter to Mr Towersey, with 

his answer, ii. 285 
EoGERsoN, Thomas, correspondence of, 

V. 183. 184 
EoLANDiNus de Passageriis. Summa artis 

notarise cum notulis, in. 364 
RoLLANDus of Lisbou. Epistle dedicatory 

to John, Duke of Bedford, v. 380 
EoLLS, close, fine, and patent, Ed. III. — 
Hen. VIII., extracts from, in. 485 ; 
Ed. I.— Eich. III., extr. from, i. 61, 
IV. 449. 450. 451 
patent and escheat rolls. Hen. VI. — 

Hen. VIII., extracts from, in. 490 
patent, calendar of the, Edward III. — 
Eichard II., in. 494 
Roman Catholick Religion, answers to mo- 
tives for entering, i. 382 

liOMAN Ciitholick lloligion {cuiitintifd): 
Scriptio i»ncificft to destroy tlio dilTor- 
c'lices between it niul tlie Anj^lican, 
I. 1!)() 
Strictures on tlic Bp. of O.'s book for 
abrof^iitinti the test, v. 18*2 
K051ANIS, Hi'mukktiis pk. Liber ermli- 

tionis relifjiosornm, iii. 310 
Rome. Qiirediim capitula iu liistoria Ro- 
ninna, in. 507 
Divisio noniinis Roma, in. 233 
De mirabilil>us Roma' civitatis, in. IfiO 
A ilescriptiou of the city of, by P. Toni- 
kinsou. III. 15 
RoiiSEE, R. D. J. Praxis cclcbrandi mis- 

sam, notes on, by Bp. Baines, A. 19 
RooKi:, SiK Geouge, speech of, v. 420 
Roos. family of. Pedi^i^ee declaring their 
affinity to sundry families, i. 213 

Lady Anne, submission of (1619), 

II. 187 

RopEu, W1LL1.VM. Life of Sir Thomas 

More, IV. 266 
Ros, Alexander. Adversaria, i. 312. 409 
note-book of, i. 489 

The first centuiy of divine, natural, 
and moral exercises in Genesis, 
IV. 101 
RosAEiuJi Johannis, n. 446 

Medicum, in. 423 

PhcEbi, II. 454. 543 

Theolosise, in. 517 

Roscommon, W'entwoktii, Earl of, passages 

of the life and death of, by Dr Chet- 
wood, V. 428 
Rose, Roman de la, in. 145 
RosETTA stone, notes on, by Dobree, 

A. 70 
Rota altercationis oppositonim, in. 178 
orationis Dominica;, sacramentoiouu, 

&c., III. 178 
verse religionis, 11. 310 
RoTHERAM, Thomas (Abp.). Additameuta 
ad dicta Roberti Grosseteste, n. 417 
Wm of, V. 372 
RoTHEUHAM, Statuta collegii de, v. 372 
Rothes, Earl of, and others. Letter to 

the Lord Mayor, 8 Sept. 1640, v. 580 
Rous, Adam, surgeon to Richard II. Let- 
ter discharging him of 20 marks for 
medicines for the king's use, i. 1.37 
letter allowing him a tim of Gascony 
wine, I. 138 

John, extract from Leland respect- 
ing, V. 426 

hexameters respecting, v. 426 
Rouse, Thomas. Letter to Str}-])^ r. In- 
dex, v. 154 
Rowe, .James. Notes of a sermon preached 
at S. Giles', Edinburgh, 1638, v. 171. 
RowsE, Francis. Speech in Parliament, 
28 .Jan. 162,5, in. 155; speech, Apr. 
1640, v. 580 ■ 

Uoxmiuiit, Utter of Uidiurd II. to tlie 
King of Scotland riHpecting injurieH 
done at, 1. 1 14 
Royal Kocikty. Additions to the Biblio- 

tlieca Norfok-hiana, .\. 12 
RuAitus, Mauiin. Notes on PlautuH, A. 62 
liiKYKUD, Sir Benjamin. Hpccches in Par- 
liament, IV. 214. 209, v. 181 
RuKKoRD, catalogue of Lord Halifax's 

library at (1693), i. 404 
RuFiNus. Apologia, i. 32(1 

Expositio iu symbolum Apostoloruin, 

I. 319 
Invectivus, i. 320 
Vita' Sanctorum Patrum, iv. 275 

Res de jjonderibus et mensuris, 

III. 705 

RuFus, Sextus. Breviarium, in. 317 
Ruhnken, David. Notes on Manctho, A. 47 
ineilita, A. 80 
notes on his epistles to Valckena'r and 

Emesti, A. 46 
notes on Kidd's opuscula Ruhnkeuiana, 
by Dobree, A 76 
RdpelluV, Johannes de : Libellus de anima 

rationali, in. 296 
Rupert, Prince. Narrative concerning the 
miscarriages in the late war, in. 474, 

IV. 318 

letters to Lord Goring, Charles I., &c., 

V. 403. 404. 411 
orders respecting a pass for, v. 412 
RupEscissA, Johannes de. Magistcriiim 
lucis, in. 727 
Tractatus de quinta essentia, iv. 113 
Rushworth, J. Letter to Sir J. Trevor, 

V. 409 

Russel, John, Bishop of Lincoln, ponti- 
fical of, IV. 200 

Russell, Thomas. Letter to Strjpe. r. 
Index, V. 154 

William. Letter to Strj-pc. v. In- 
dex, V. 154 

Russian Letter, v. 578 

Rustat, Tobus, charitable donations of, 

V. 436 
accomit of, by Tanner, v. 462 
his gift, V. 489 
epitaph of, v. 529 
Rutebeuf. Les ix. joics de nostro Dame, 

I. 471 
RuTHWEN, Patriche. Letter to the Earl 

of Northumberland, 11. 185 
Rutland, rental of manor of Essendcn in, 

n. 75 
RuYNUS, Carolus. Law Leetiirca at Bo- 
logna. I. 6(t 
Ryck, Katharine. Petition to Sir Robert 

C'atlyn, chief justice, 11. 62, Thomas. Letter to Wheclock,i. 75 
Ryi.ey, William, clerk of the records, pc- 

titicm of, V. 416 
Ryman, James. I,il(er Hyiunomm et can- 

ticoriuu ad laudem Dei et niatria ejus 



Ktmax, James (eontinufd) : 

Mdhii unmiumqne sjanctoruru (1492), 

II. 11 
Rtmtoix, Wiluam. Stimulus Peecatoris, 

HI. 2X8 
KvNEviLE, Samuel. Collections of tnie 

natural magick from Hermes Trime- 

gistus, and others, in. 552 


S.s.Br>-i. S.. Passio, iii. 20 

S.vcKEY, Kicn.aiD. Letter to TMaeelock, 

I. 75 
Sack^tli., Sir Epward. Relation of his 

fij;ht with Lord Bruce (1623), ii. 184 
Sacr-vmexts, notes on the, ii. 259 

A discourse of the Lord's supper in 

tt-n sayiuf^s, ii. 482 
Pe Sjicrauuutis ecdcsite, iii. 5 
Tnatisf on, in Dutch, i. 480 
Sacrifices. De uiitiis Levitici et de sa- 

crificii>rum ritu, iii. 336 
SacroBosco, Johannes de, v. Bosco, 


Sadleir, Richard. De procreandis, eli- 
Benili8...equis...experientia, ii. 125 

Sakler, Ij.vrRENCE. Catalogue of his hooks 
by John Df rkin, i. 270 

Sir Thomas, charge of the fimeral 

of, I. 503 

S.vocxDixo, NiccoLo ofNegeopont, Greek 
MS. of, 1. 217 
letter of, i. 225 [r. Corr. v. 585] 
Salerxitaxcs, Johannes. De urinis, ii. 37 
Salisbury. De translatioue veteris eccle- 
sijT it constructione novje, i. 472 
grant of a prebend in, to Thomas of 

Sudbury, i. 112 
Dean and chapter of: report on the 
petition of the Dean (Thomas Peirce) 
' • the jurisdiction of the Bishop 
ii Ward) as visitor of, and other (1082—1), I. .'517, iv. 437 
Salisrcry, William de Moxtacute, Earl 
of. (tront of a pension to John Bray, 
hifl physician, i. 134 

lloRKRT Cecil, Earl of. Speech 

before I'arlianiont (1609), ii. 50 

Colhfctidii fif nrrniments and speeches 
^ ting calling a Par- 

Salliht. tatihna, n.4'j4, in. 517, iv. 478; 
in EnKliHh, iv. 477 
de l>fllo Jugurthhio, ii. 494, in. 517 

IV. 47« 
iDTcctiva in Ciccronem, i. 509, ii. 494 
^ '■ ' "n Philostratus, A. 32 

^ '■ iiomebtrgh : meiuoran- 

"K, II. H 

^ ■ '•". Letters to Strype. v. 

Indrx. V. 151 

Saltkrt. Hkvrt dk, De purgatorio sancti 
Patricii, II. 328 [r. Corr. v. 594] 

S.vLUTATioNES (forms for letter writing), 

II. 546 

Salveston, John de, royal grant and en- 
quiry relating to the property of, ii. 3 

manor of. Granted to the prior of 

Luffield, II. 4 

Samuel, Rabbi. EiHstola de civitate regis 
Morochiani, in. 261 

Sancroft, William (Abp. of Caut.), forms 
of prayer not common, collected by, 
V. 475 
cleruiu for B.D. on 2 Cor. ii. 16, 

I. 531 

letter to Dr Covell, v. 254 
collections of, v. 885—392 
commission to Lloyd, v. 478 
coronation office for James II., v. 476 
notes relating to, from registers, v. 392 
demand for his expulsion, v. 478 
Sanctorale, III. 311 
Sanctorius. 'EyKUfxiaffTiKoi' in Sanctorium 

Sauctorium de medicina statica, i. 358 
Sanderson, Robert, Bishop. Prtelectiones 
de juramenti promissoria obligatione, 
IV. 384 
opinion and practice as to the Liturgy, 

V. 377 
Knight's collections for his biography, 

V. 187 
monument of, at Bugden, v. 437 

William. A treatise of state 

merchant and of merchandizing state, 

III. 195 

Sandwich, mayor and sheriffs of. Order to 
prepare their barge for war, i. 123 

Sandy, Rectory of, rolls of the court- 
baron of, 8, 18, 22 Chas. I., iv. 541 

Sandys, Edwyn, Bishop of London (Abp. 

of York). Letter to Bishop Parkhurst 

respecting Maiiorate's comment, on S. 

Matthew, ii. 58 

letter respecting the prophesyings, 

II. 71 

letters to Bp. Chaderton, v. 296. 297 
dispensation with respect to the 

Wetwang prebend, v. 391 
letter to Ld. Burghley, v. 395 
will of, V. 135 
epitaph on, v. 134 
Santenius. Notes on Suidas, A. 41 
Sapcote, chantry at, warrant to Ralph 
Basset to support tlu-ee chaplains for, 
L 109 
Saracens. Saracenorum fides, i. 22 

Les custumes de la tere de Sarazins, 
ni. 231 
Sardica, council of. Kavoves, ii. 152 
Sardinia, allegationes et cousilia juris 
consultorum, respecting the kingdoni of, 
III. 690 
Saroeant, Bezaleel. Translation of P. du 
Mouhn's 'Oppositions against the word 
of God with the doctrine of the Roman 
church,' V. 179 


S.vRiM, New, cbiu-tcr restoring the rights 
of a free city to, v. 383 

Satuun'i liber, ii. -118 

Saundkuson, Wh.i.iam. Iietter to Bp. 
I'arkliurst respecting Estlingtou Vicar- 
age, II. 62 
, Letters of, v. 26'2 

Savaoe, Fr-vncis. Exposition of Eev. 
xvii. 12, V. 186 

Savili-e Family, account of lands sold by, 
1634—1605, I. 351 

Thomas, Lord, paper of, v. 412 

account of proceedings of, v. 412 

Savoy, Charles Emanuel I., Duke of. 
De Carolo Emauuele Duce Sabaudia; 
(1629), I. 353 

Concessions to the Evangelical Profes- 
sors of the valleys of Piedmont, 1602, 
1603, I. 8D 

CiiAiiLEs Emanuel II., Puke of. 

Confirmation of the above concessions 
(1653), I. 90 

Letters to the Evangelical cantons in 

1655, I. 90. 91 
Edicts of, respecting the Waldenses, 1. 94 
Patent of grace and pardon, 18 Aug. 

1655, I. 94 
order concerning the tax due from his 
Protestant subjects, 1655, i. 96 
Savoy. Petition for the continued use of 
the chapel by the congregation of High 
German Lutheran Protestants, iv. 438 
Sawston, notes respecting, v. 295. 306 
Saxfleet, account of ih-agous seen near, 

II. 524 
Say, F. Letter to Sti-j^je. v. Index, v. 154 

Lord. Defence of usury, v. 186 

S.VYER, TnoMAS. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, v. 155 

William. CoiTCspondence between 

the Abp. of Canterbury and the Bp. of 
Norwich with the jutUcial process re- 
specting (1612), IV. 439 
ScAccAKiuM, Districtiones et statuta, v. 
Dialogus de Scaccario, v. Gervase of 

nomina officiariorura in Scaccario 
domini regis, ii. 170 
ScvLiGER, Joseph. Notes on 
^schylus, A. 12. 21 
Clemens Alcxandiiuus, A. 39 
Ctesias, A. 33 
Herodotus, A. 33 
Hesychius, A. 7 

Hotomann's Francogallia, A. 00 
Ehetores Grreci, A. 37 
Septuagiut, the, A. .38 
notes on his Thesaurus Temporum, by 
Casaubon, A. 31 
Scapula's Lexicon, notes on, by 
Dobree, A. 68. 74 
Hermann, A. 42 

ScuAToN, Walter de. Qurostio utrum 

Deus possit crearc, ii. 423 
Scheers, John A. Letter to Strj'jic. 

('. Index, V. 155 
Schklleu's Observatioucs in priscos scrip- 
tores quosdam, notes on, by Hermann, 
A. 54 
ScuoLASTici Poette, 28 lines by, ii. 172 
SciioNER, John. De judiciis nativitatum, 
additions to, by G. Digby, Earl of 
Bristol, III. 48, A. 2 
ScHOLASTicus, Johannes. Collection of 

novells of Justinian, ii. 163, in. 686 
ScHULTENS, Albert. Notes on Lucan, 

V. 577 
SciALACH, VicTORius. Litm-gio! ex Arabico 

couversffi, i. 250 
Scipio, Lentulus, letter of, concerning 
the persecution of the W^aldenses, i. 95 
Scotland. Collection of Laws and Statutes, 
II. 131 [r. Corr. v. 591]; extracts from 
laws, statutes, &c., in. 562. 563 
fees of the king's officers, in. 563 
The grete lawis of the gude king 
David (Kegiam Majestatem), in. 
559. 562 
The law of Burcli mayde throw Idng 
Da^■id, Malcolmc sone, and Saynt 
Margeret, in. 560 
De houore et conductu qui fieri solet 
regi Scotorum quotiens venerit in 
Angliam ad mandatum regis Anglise, 

IV. 319 

Transcriptum literarum baronagii An- 
gliac ad Papam de regno Seotia\ i. 3'29 

Kemonstrance of the nobility, &c. 
against the proclamation of 27 Feb. 
1638, I. 416 

General act of the Assembly (1639), 
for abolishing Episcopacy, i. 194 

letters respecting the proceedings in the 
general assembly, 1039, v. 170. 171 

note of the principal acts of Parlia- 
ment, 11 June 1040, v. 580 

substance of the petition after the acts, 

V. 580 

petition of the commons and others, 

5 Sept. 1040, V. 580 
Scotch ailairs, 1040 — 16/52, notes re- 
specting, V. 414. 415 
general assembly of the Church touch- 
ing the director)-, and propositions 
for Church government, 1045, v. 415 
communications between the Scotch 
commissioners and the Parliament, 
1647, V. 509 
names of archbishops and bishops of, 
V. 170 
Scott, D. Appendix to Stephens's Tho- 
saarns, notes on, by Hermann, A. 42 
John. The foundation of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge, with a cata- 
logue of the principal foimders, &c., 
HI. 197 


Scott. Michael. Aristotcli? liber cle ua- 
tura auiiualium in Latiuimi versus, 
L 233 
Robert pean of Eochester), epi- 
taph of. III. 35, V. 368 

Thomas. Vox populi, or ne^vs fi'om 

Spain, I. 188 
A relation of the murtbering of, 

III. 153, V. 368 [r. Corr. v. 598] 
William. Letter to Strype. r. In- 
dex, V. 155 

ScRivEKics, Peter. Notes on the Tragi- 

corom Frapmenta, A. 52 
ScuiPTfRE clifliculties, remarks on, v. 186; 

gentral view of, v. 578 
ScKf>'i<;«, Sin William, speech to the Lord 

' : -r, 31 May, 1678, iv. 437 

S' , royal, letter ordering John 

Perry to be discharged of the plate lost, 
as he was pardoned, i. 135, 136 
Seaule, Thomas. Catalogue of the Deans 
of Norwich, i. 356 
Catalogue of the Bishops of Norwich, 
V. 578 
Sectsdcs Philosophus. Yita de Grajco 
translata a Willelmo abbate Sancti 
Dionysii, i. 215, ii. 546, iv. 12 
Gnoma> Latine, in. 176 
Sedclus. Acrostick hjTnn, ii. 275, in. 201 
Canticum, ii. 275, iii. 201 
De Carmine Paschali, ii. 274, in. 201 
Exhortatio monachoium, ii. 275 
Seoa. Cakkinal, Bp. of Placentia. Vi- 
hitatio collegii Anglicani de m-be, 1596, 
Seigxouet, Rerecca. Letter to Strype. 

r. Index, v. 155 
Selkox, ,Jonx. Argimients concerning 
the liberty of the j)ersou of every free- 
man, I. 520, III. 490 
The privileges of the baronage of Eng- 
land in parliament, i. 190. 519, 

IV. 440; with illustrative notes, 
IV. 443 

Speech on the impeachment of the 

Duke of Buckiiighaiii, iv. 289 
Lett«rs of. III. 708 
'uiU>nnnli<m in tlio Star-chamber 

aniiiunt, 7 May 1629, iv. 311 
Pita and demurrer of, iv. 311; addition 
to, IV. 311 
Sklkvcvh de nativitate Sancta) Mariie, 

anMwt-r to, in. 435 
Seller, AiiKi.sK<io, collectanea of, i, 264 
IV. 76—91, 506 
SylloKf <|iist(.!iinnn, in. 707 
tran-M rii.t of Stunlr y's notes on Culli- 

machu.H, A. 1 
notfn on VoH8. do poetia Gracis ct 

IjatiniH, A. 56 
notcuon LiH antiquitieH of Palmyra, 
A. 57 
Skmhmh. On tlie instriuneut so called, 
MI. 215 

SemprinctHam, litera manumissionis of 

Adam Clowe, prior of, v. 484 
Senator's Remembrancer, the, i. 304 
Seneca, L. (Moral.). De debita 
liberalitate, iv. 112 
EpistoliE 1—38, 89—124, in. 406 
Exordia cum conclusion ibus, in. 538 
ad (jallionem de remediis fortuitorum, 

in. 406. 515 
(Pseud.) in Proverbiis, in. 514 
extract from, in. 714 
Tabula librorum, in. 463 
notes on, by Bentley, A. 56 
Gri;ter, A. 55 
V. Maetintts Dumiensis. 

(Tragic). Tragcedi*, i. 390, iv. 43. 


notes on, A. 42 
SENESCH.U.LUS, baillivus et prajpositus, 
on the duties of (French), i. 401, in. 
279 ; (Lat.), ii. 3 
Senlis, names of the Bishops of, in. 53 
Sennekt, Daniel. Meditations on the 
manner of living well and dying hap- 
pily (translated by R. S.), n. 512 
Sens, names of the Bishops of, in. 53 
Sententi.'E Doctorum : aphorisms with 

translations in English verse, iv. 67 
SequentijE, collection of, n. 474 

' Alma chorus Domini nunc pangat 
nomina summi,' exposition of, 
in. 182 
' Unus est in Triuitate,' i. 229 
' Veni sancte spiritus et emitte cffili- 
tus,' I. 229 
Seqtjentiaeius secundum usmn ecclesias 

Cemeusis, iv. 6 
Sequentiakum expositio secundum usum 

Sarum, i. 201 
Sequestrations, inventory of the accompt 

of (1644), I. 171 
Seremerston, John de, royal letter to the 
Pope, asking for a dispensation for, 1. 114 
Serjeant-at-arms attending the House of 

Commons, on the office of, iv. 435 
Sermons (Ajionvmous). (Latin), i. 263. 
492, II. 19. 54. 260. 307, in. 18. 412. 
439. 455. 499, iv. 392; (EngUsh),i. 306, 
IV. 405 
(Latin), in alphabetical order of sub- 
jects, IV. 130 
Dominicales et de Sanctis, in. 229. 

389. 343. 426; (English), in. 221 
in diebuH festis, i. 495, in. 17 
Quadragesimales, n, 514, iv. 533; 

fratris servi Dei, in. 542 
Tractatus et expositio evangeliorum in 
Dominicis et fe.stis per annum, 
I. 412 [v. Corr. v. 588], n. ,306 
Metrical (English), i. 3 [i\ Corr. v. 
584], II. 508, m. 199; (Erench), 
III. 3 
Funeral, list of, arranged in counties, 
l>y W. Upcott, IV. 405 


Sermons (conthnted): 

Do Adveutibus Domini, iii. 1H2 
De ik'cem plagis .E^vpti, i. -122 
De niimculo (iiiiiujue panum, i. 212 ; 
de obodientiii, ii. 523; do mauu obe- 
dieiitiiv, in. 1()2 
De symbolo, ii. 293 
On Exod. xvi. 12, in. 16 
1 Kings ii. 28, ii. 259 
Ciuit. vi. 9, II. 259 
Isaia. ix. 2, ii. 292 

xxxii. 17, I. 429 
Lament, i. 1, ii. 43 
Hos. xiii. 14, ii. 524 
Zech. ix. 9, i. 523 
Baruch iii. 34, ii. 259 
Sap. X. 10, III. 16 
S. Matt. V. 13, I. 544 

xi. 28 (French), iii. 729 

xii. 58 (Portuguese), [i;. Corr. 

V. 589], I. 534 
S. John i. 1, III. 182 

V. 39, I. 438 

XV. 16, III. 16 

xvi. 23, I. 244 

Eom. xiii. 12, i. 499 
1 Cor. iii. 12, iii. 719 

xiii. 13, I. 244 

Gal. iv. 4, 5, i. 522 
Eph. V. 8, I. 244 

1 Tim. vi. 3, i. 532 

2 Tim. i. 8, ii. 439 
Bev. V. 1, II. 54 
Kev. xii. 1, i. 527 

abstracts of, ii. 336 

heads of, i. 215. 217. 531, ii. 524 

notes of, I. 299. 307. 313. 318. 406. 

485. 487. 525. 528, iv. 402. 545 
fragment of a, in. 170 
Servetus, Michael. Christiauismi Resti- 
tutio, III. 320 
Service Books (Latin) : 
V. Antiphonarium. 








Sequektiakum expositio. 
(Greek), v. Greek Church Ser- 


Servics Honoratus, notes on, by Bent- 
ley, A. 25; by Taylor, A. 25 

Sethus, Simeon, vepl rpocpQv SwdfKus, 

II. 427 
Seton, j)edigrec of the House of, i, 166 
Seven Wise Masters, The, i. 25, n. 408; 

(French), iii. 6. 231 
Severus. fxfXeraL, i. 451. 452 
Sewers, Stat. 23 Hen. VUI. cap. 5, read- 
ings on, I. 256; by Robert Callis, ni. 475 
Sevmour, Sir Francis. Speech in Parha- 

ment, 22 March 162|, iii. 154 
SH.\i"rESBUUY, abbess and convent of. Let- 
ter of Richard II. to R. do Wythyford 
to prevent his harassing them, i. 125 
similar letter to Th. de la Berc, 

I. 127 
order to pay arrears of a certain pen- 
sion, I. 126 
wan-ant for a jurj' in a case of trespass 
between them and Alice Stoure, 
I. 143 
Shakespeare, notes on, by Zachary Grey, 

II. 283 

Shaep, John (Abp. of York). Letter to 
Bp. Moore, i. 168; notice of his career, 
IV. 373 
Sharps, John. Quodlibeta doctoris sub- 

tUis abbre\aata, ii. 424 
Sheldon, Gilbert (Abp. of Canterbury). 
Receipt book of his executors, iv. 454 
Letter to the dean and chapter of 
Peterborough for a subscription for 
the captives in Algiers, v. 273 
Letter to Bancroft, v. 388 
Letter declining the Chancellorship of 
Cambridge, v. 388 
Shelly's case, report on (1581), i. 514 
Sherburne Castle, the curse belonging to, 

III. 37, V. 368 [v. Corr. v. 597] 
Sherburne, Sir E. Notes on Manihus, 

A. 57 

Sherland, Mr. Speech on the impeach- 
ment of the Duke of Buckingham, iv.290 

Sherlock, Thomas. Letter to Dr Cross 
about granting a degree to one Johnson, 

IV. 430 

strictures on a book of his, v. 182 
V. CovEL, John, correspondence of. 

William. Letter to Bancroft, v. 477 

Shervill, Mr. Censure, i. 466, v. 444 
Sherwood forest, keeper of, royal letters 

to, I. 127. 132 
Ship money, instructions addressed to the 
Commissioners for raising, by the lords 
of the council, iv. 50 
Letters respecting the levying in Nor- 
folk and Kent, in. 39 
copy of verses (Feb. 1634) occasioned 
by the eager prosecution of and im- 
prisonment therefore, ii. 50 
arguments of counsel and judges in 
Hampden's case, i. 197. 384, in. 485. 
488. 489, IV. 46. 445 
the king's letter to the judges and the 
judges' answer, iv. 210 


Ship money (continited) : 

bumble remonstrance to his majesty 

iHOunst (by W. Prynne?), i. 443 
to be provided by tbe counties of Cam- 
bridge, Huntingdon, and Northamp- 
ton, V. 170 
reasons for exemption of the University 
of Cambridge from, v. 164 
Shipping. Calendar of those lost at sea or 
taken by the enemy, in. 38 
names of such ships as served against 

France, 3f>— 88 Hen. VIII., i. 514 
articles of agreement for building a 

ship, I. 47 
order to equip a ship against the enemy 
(llich. XL), I. 119 
Shippox, suney of the manor of, i. 340 
SuRcwsBCUY, charter of Henry YIII. to, 
L 238 

Dames of the villages within the fran- 
chises of, I. 238 
names of the bailiffs from 1372 to 

1614, I. 238, V. 445 
select annals of, v. 445 

ubl^y of. Copies of deeds from the 

registr}-, i. 407. 408 

SHroBrnoii, BicH.uiD. Petition for the 
restoration for a cargo of com, seized 
by France, July 1677, iv. 437 

Shcte, Dr, notes of sermons by, 

I. 269 

Henry. Letter to Strj'pe. v. In- 
dex, v. 155 

Robert, letter of, v. 311 

Sibber, Richari), hfe of, by Zachary Cat- 

lin. v. 472. 574 
SiBYLL.« Prophetia, iv. 357* ; defence of, 

IV. 108 
Sicily. Liber regise monarchiae regni 
Siciliff, II. 346 
Extracts from various authors on the 

hiiitory of, n. 500 
Breve compendium rerum Sicanarum 

usque ad Martinum, ii. 501 
Chronica renim Sicanarum a Federico 
II. usque ad Fcdericum Aragonium 
Petri filium, n. 501 
SiciLT, Robert of. A jioom, ii. 408 
SirroK, .lo., exul lioliemus. Letter to 

the Piirlianieiit, v. 409 
Sidney, Ai.okunon, petition of, v. 184 

Sib Henry. Letter to Bp. Park- 

humt on behalf of his chaplain, R Dixon 

II. 58 

answer of Bp. Parkhurst, ii. 64 

Sir Philip. The Countess of 

Pembroke's Arcfwlia, iii. 559 

Letter to bis brother, Robert Sidney 
II. 50. m.5 ■" 

In • of Queen FJi/.abeth to, on 

'' • -y. III. 2()M. 556 

SioKBEiiT of Gembloiix. Chronica, ii. 3.33 
[r. Corr. V. .VJ4]; Exceptione do Chro- 
niciR, II. 328 

SiGiSMUNu. Summa de pcenitentia, ii. 310 

Signet oflSce, book of warrants, &c. which 
passed through the, i. 106 

SiLius IT.U.ICUS, notes on, by Bentley, 
A. 65 

SiLVA, Guzman de, Spanish ambassador 
in 1564, oflScial letters of, iv. 179 

Silvester, Joshua. Elegies on Lady 
Isabel, Countess of Rutland, and Dame 
Hellen Branch, i. 287 

SiMONDS, William. Readings on the 
statute, 32 Hen. VIII. c. 28, iii. 70 

SiMONETTA, Cardinal. Instructions to Don 
Pedro Cajetauo concerning civil, poli- 
tick, and military discipline, iv. 316 

SiMPHOSius. Enigmata, in. 204 

SiMPLicius in Epictetum, emendations of, 
A. 37 

Simpson, Edward. Sermon preached bo- 
fore James I. at Royston (1617), with 
the censure of it, ii. 488 

Singleton, Beth. Letter to StiyiDe. v. 
Index, V. 155 

SiNocus, SiNOCHA,... treatise on, v. 585 

SisiNNius (Abp. of Constantinople). Judg- 
ment on marriage mth 2 brothers 
or 2 sisters (Gr.), iii. 684; epitome of, 
II. 162 
SjTiodica adv. nuptias illicitas, i. 265 

Skelton, John. Vox Popnli Vox Dei, 

IV. 492 

Latin verses of, ii. 178 
Skeltonical observations of Bishops' 

visitations (Norwich diocese), iv. 194 
Skinner, Thomas. Proceedings of the 
houses of Parliament in his case with 
the East India Co., ii. 175 
Slavonick Psalter and Canticles, ii. 9 
Russian ser\-ice-book in, ii. 528 
Alphabet and translation, by C. Gles- 
kinski, ii. 511, 512 
Slingsby, Sir Henry. Commentaries 

from 1638 to 1648, iv. 399 

Smaragdus. Diadema monachorum, ii. 473 

Expositio regulfE S. Beuedicti, ii. 26 

[v. Corr. v. 590]. [This will be found 

in Migne's Patrologia, vol. cii] 

Smart, John. Letters to Strype. v. Index, 

v. 155 
Smith, Charles. Letter to Strype. v. 
Index, v. 155 

Hugh. Philosophia Universalis 

vulgo Metaphysica, in. 710; viJgo E- 
thica. III. 710 

John. Letters to Strype. v. Index, 

V. 155 

Common-place book, i. 403 

Richard (of the Poultry Compter). 

Of the art of printing, i. 483, v. 368 

ObituaryCatalogue, 1628— 1675, iv. 282, 

V. 3(;7 
transcript of Cowell's interpreter, 

V. 577 
Thomas. Letters to Sancroit, v. 387 


Smith, Dr Thomas. Letter to Strji^e. v. 
Index, V. 155 

SiK Thomas. Dialogue repoi-ted by, 

about Q. Elizabeth's marriage, i. 378, 
HI. 85 
Two lectures by, v. 451. 452 
Letter to Corrauus, v. 452 ; instructions 
for, as ambassador in France, for the 
restitution of Calais, v. 452 
letter to the Queen on this, v. 455 

William. Letters to Strj-pe. v. 

Index, V. 155 

William. Petition for the reesta- 

bhshmeut of the Stannary Laws, ii. 530 

SsryRXA. Mo^'wSia ^7r2 "^nvpvqs, iv. 109 
Smyth, Sir Edward. Letters to Stiyjie. 
V. Index, v. 155 

KicHAKD (of Harpolt), will of, iii. 30 

Henry (Masterof Maf^d. Coll. Camb.). 

letter and note books of, v. 164 — 177. 
Letter to Siuicroft, v. 387 
Smythe, a. Letters to Stiype. v. Index, 
V. 155 

William. Copy of a letter to the 

Queen (Ehz.), ii. 31 

Smythies, William. Letter to Strypc. 

r. Index, v. 155 
Socrates, Historia Ecdesiastica, notes on, 

A. 38 
SoHAK LIBER. S^•nopsis a E. lisaschar F. 

Naphtali, ii. 477 
SoK ET Sak, tractatus de, i. 400 
SoLANDER, Daniel Charles. Notes on 

the Flora Suecica of Limit-eus, v. 577 
SoLiNUS, JuLirs. De mirabiUbus miindi, 
I. 476, III. 622, IV. 134 
Pol yhistor., notes on, by Casaubon,A. 35 
Somercote, Laurentius de. Summa de 

electiouibus episcoponun, iii. 338. 514 
SoMERS, Mr, collections of, i. 529 
Somerset, county of. Sui-vey of manors 
in the reign of EHzabeth, ii. 81 
Letter on the subsidy in the hundreds 
of AbdickeandBulstone(1635),iv.435 
Presidents objected against the Justices 
of, (fee. with regard to the musters 
(1636), IV. 435 
Somerset, Edward Seymour, 6t]i Duke 
of. Style written to the Scots after Mus- 
tleborrowe field, i. 387 
Letters to Cambridge, v. 395 
Sayings of his servant Grey to (1550, 
1551), I. 387 

Ch.\rles Seymour, 11th Duke of. 

Letters to Cambridge, v. 328 

Robert Carr, Earl of, arraignment 

of (1620), 11. 123 
order for enquiry into the state of the 
peerage of (1045), i. 160 
Somersuam, presentation of Dr Collins to, 
v. 195. 497 ; commission respecting, 
V. 460 
to be confirmed to the Divinity Profes- 
sorship, V. 174. 546 

Sonde, John, general pardon granted to, 

I. 113 

Son N INGE (Berks), rental of manor of (1619), 

II. 81 

Sopater. ZxiiXta eli'Epfioy^vijv, i. 267 
SoniocLES. Afas fiaariyotpSpos, ill. 274; 

ISx^Xta els 'll\4KTpav, I. 464 
i'X^X'a TpiKXiviov, I. 463. 464 
riiiloctetes, notes on, by Stanley, 

III. 67, A. 3 
notes on, A. 26 
notes on, by Askew, A. 22 

Dobree, A. 71. 72. 78 
Hermann, A. 48 
Moschojiulus, A. 56 
Tavlor, A. 6. 7. 14. 24 
Valckemcr, A. 48. 49 
Sooth, Robert. Oratioues habitic OxonijB, 

I. 302. 303 

SouTiiAM, manor of, sur\'ey of, 4 Jas. I., 

II. 79 

Southampton, letter to mayor and bailiffs 

of, to impress ships and marines, i. 128 

Southwai'.k, S. Marj-'s abbey at, two 

inquisitions ad quod dainniun relating 

to, IV. 453 

Southwell Church, grant of prebends in, 

I. 112 
Southwell, Edward. Letters to Stryjie. 

r. Index, v. 155 
Sowerby, Daniel. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 155 
SozoMEN. Historia Ecdesiastica, notes 

on, A. 38 
Spain. Considerations sur un traite de 
paix, 1587, i. 371 
La anatomia deEspanna, 1598, iii. 222 
Journal of conferences respecting a 

treaty with, 1604, i. 371 
Conscjo de estado de Espa&a (1605), 

I. 177 
Proclamations against trading with 

Spain, &c. (1625), i. 176 
Journal of a voyage to Spain (by Tho- 
mas Williams?), i. 316 
Spanish and English Ch-animar, i. 459 
Spaldinc. Benefactors to the library 
begun Michaelmas, 1628, i. 403 

manor of, rolls of the court of Sir 

E. Barkeham of (1649, 1050), iv. 541 
tokens, v. 187 

Sparrow, Anthony (Bp. of Norwich), 
oi>iniou respecting an estate formerly 
belonging to, i. 517 

Letter to Saucroft, v. 387 
Speculum wtatis hominis, in. 178 

Christiani, i. 245, ii. 296, in. 266 

Devotorum (EiigUsh), in. 18 

humani generis (Eughsh), in. 179 

jnniorum, ii. 475 

juratoris, in. 369 

peecatoris, r. Hampole, Richard of. 

ppiritualium, i. 247. 248 


Speccluu N-itffi (English verse), ii. 442, 

III. It). 23. 365, IV. i 
Spelm.v.\, Sii! H£XRY. Arcbaismus gra- 
pLicus, IV. 335 
Letters to ■^Ticelock, i. 71; to and 

from various persons, i. 158 — 160 
De Sepiiltura, i. 100, rv. 281 
Account of his death, i. 7-1 
A treatise in answer to his 'De non 

temerancUs ecclesiis,' ii. 84 
Order respecting his proposal to found 
an .\nglo-Saxon lectiu-eship at Cam- 
bridge, I. 75 

JoHX. Letter to "\;Micelock, 

Spenser. EimrND. View of the present 
state of Ireland, i. 440. 535 
Sapi)lemeut to the faeiy queene (? by 

Jegon), II. 89 
Digbys comment, on Lib. II. c. ix. 
St! 22 of the Faery queene, i. 194 
_— William. Commentaiy on the 
Ai)ocalypse, i. 34 
Christ and his Apostles; a harmony 
of the Gospels and Acts, i. 337 
Sphera, de, IV. 184. On the stereoscopick 

projection of (Lat.), iii. 584 
Spicer, John. Fasciculus morum, cou- 

tinens 7 particulas, i. 414 
Spos's Miscellanea eruditse antiquitatis, 

notes on, by Dobree, A. 68 
Spy, the, discovering the dangers of Ar- 
menian heresy and Spanish treachery, 
by J. R., 1G28, ii. 123 
St.utord, coimty of, sm^-ey of, by S. 

Erdeswicke, iv. 267 
Stafford, Hugh, Earl of. Licence to hmit 
in the king's parks, &c., i. 131 

John of Tolston. lirevia originalia 

ct oCQcialia judicialia, iii. 216. 235 
Stamford, S. Michael's nunnery, lease of 
a mill to, V. 273 ; right of visitation of, 
v. 272; reception of Joan de Mortimer 
Of) a nun in, v. 272 
rovul letter for a convent of Austin 

"friars at, v. 272 
S. (iiles'fi hospital, appointment of W. 

I'oncyn to, v. 273 
burgesses for, 7 Edw. IV„ v. 383 
Browne's almshouse, Bp.'s visitation of, 

V. 467 
8. Thomas's hospital, note of the 
master baving received his books, 
jewels. Arc, from the abbat of Peter- 
borough, V. 274 
Sta.ndish, F. Letter to Symon Patrick, 

V. 1H3 
Stashope, Georoe. Letter to W. Bowyer. 

r. Index, v. 155 
Staxlky, Joshua. Letter to Strype. v. 
Index. V. 155 

Thomas. Adversaria, in. 66, A. 2 

Dotea on the Archons of Athens, 
IV. 508, A. 3 

Stanley, Thomas (continued) : 

anuotata in Callimachum, i. 360, 

II. 548, A. 1 

commentary on .lEschylus, iii. 66, 

A. 2. 61 
exercitatio in Epist. ad Heb. vii. 4, 

III. 67, A. 2 

notes on Demosthenes, iii. 67, A. 2 
notes on Sophoclis Philoctetes, iii. 67, 

A. 3 
notes on Diogenes Laertius, A. 34 
Opuscula Philologica, iii. 67, A. 2 
Stannaede, Nicholas, opinions of, ii. 61 
Staknabies, Court of, rules and orders 
for 1632, I. 167 
petition of William Smith for the re- 
establishment of the Stannary Laws, 
II. 530 
resolution of the judges concerning, iu 
Devon and Cornwall, 3 Chas. I., 
in. 487 
Stanton, Hervet de, de testamento et 
fimere, v. 343; extracts relating to, 
V. 347; charters of Michael House, 
V. 357 
Staple, statutes respecting, iv. 329 — 331 
Stapleton, Egbert. Letter to E. Floyd, 

1. 158 
Stapulton, William de, prophetia de 

(1379), III. 715 
Staptlton, Miles. Letter to Saucroft, 

v. 387 
Star-chamber, forms of proceeding in 
all causes in, i. 457, iv. 60 
Compendiirm of the course of the 

court, I. 457 
Treatise on the jurisdiction and prac- 
tice of, III. 544. 720. V. Hudson, 
Oath of the council, and list of fees 

taken in, iv. 320 
Copies of orders, temp. Eliz., i. 477 
Notes of cases, 17 — 20 Jas. I., in. 543; 

in 1632, 1633, i. 298 
Decree of the court, touching hay and 
oats (1633), I. 167 
Staekey, Ralph. Discourse of the high 
com-t of Parliament, and of the autho- 
rity of the same, ii. 49. 90 
Statham, Nicholas. Abridgement of the 
year-books downa to Henry VI., in. 674 
Statius. Thebais, in. 419 
notes on, A. 62 
notes on, by D. Eoger, A. 55 
Statuta, collections of, i. 323 [v. Corr. v. 
587]. 329 [v. Corr. v. 587]. 399. 540. 543, 
II. 2. 3. 6. 7. 34. 183. 253. 272, in. 22. 
276. 282. 284, 290. 503. 521. 702. 735, 
IV. 12. 15. 70. 74. 117. 324 
abbreviata, in. 181 
synodalia, in. 375 

fi-om Edw. I. to Edw. IV., m. 184—191 
Edw. IIL, ni. 709 
Edw. III. and Eichard IL, in. 192 


Statuta (rniitiinicd): 

from liiclmrd II. — Henry VI., n. 110 
1 Hen. v.— 23 Hen. VI., i. 210 
Eepertorinm sive Ekuehus, for Edw. 

III.— Edw. IV., III. 731 
Index to, II. 130 
of the reign of Heu. VIII., extracts 

from, I. 310 
observiitions ou 11 Heu. VII., c. 20, 

n. 251 
readings on, iii. 495 
De prerogativa regis, iv. 123. 334 
Cousnctuilines Canting iv. 334 
Statutorum notabilia et de damnis, 
III. 217 
Staundon, free cliapel of Salbourn in, 

grant of, to Kobcrt de Lincoln, i. 112 
Staunton Hakcoukt, extenta maucrii 

de, I. 401 
Stay, John. Schoole exercises, i. 77 
Steele, Giles. Letter to Sti-j-pe. v. In- 
dex, V. 155 

KoBEKT, on the characteristicks of 

the months (Latin), ii. 15 

Stephanus. Generalitates contra pigros, 

II. 306 

Stephanus. Epistola invcctiva contra 
Stephanum in peccantiis sacrilegii, 

III. 251 

Stephen, King, a proclamation of, i. 377 

Stephens, Jekemy. Letter to Sir H. Spel- 
man, i. 159 

Steury, Peter. Letter to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 155 

Stevens, E. Letter to Strype. v. Index, 
V. 155 

Stew.irt. ' Of hap at court,' rv. 96 

William. Metrical version of the 

chronicle of Hector Boece, iii. 016 

Stiles, Ezra. Letter to Sir W. Jones on 
Inilian Chronology and Mythology, 

IV. 504 

St John, Oliver. Argument on ship 

money, iii. 488. 489 
Stoba:us, notes on, by Dobree, A. 78 
Stockholm, extracts from letters written 

at, respecting the English and Swedish 

churches, i. 180 
Stoke-ry-Clare, grant of the custody of 

the alien priory of, i. 113 
Stone, Ambrose. Recognizances, &c. in a 

case of adultery, ii. 60, 61 
Stones. Versus de xii. lapidibus pre- 

tiosis. III. 203 
Liber de sigillis lapidnm et de virtnti- 
bus eorum quciu fccenmt Israelita) 
in deserto, ii. 540 
Story, George Walter. Part of his case, 

Jan. 28, 1706, iv. 450 
Stourbridge Chapel, patent for, v. 340 

fair, V. Cambridge, Town of. 

Stowe-Quy Church. Appropriatio, v. 317 

fimdatio cantari.o; de, v. 318 
grant of Barnwell abbey, v. 428 

Stowell, Sir John, report from the high 

court of ju.stice on, v. 413 
Straki-ord, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 

sj)eech of, in Parliament, 1628, in. 154, 

IV. 270 

Speech to botli houses of Parliament 
at Dublin, 15 July l(i34, iv. 51 

Speech of, when created Earl of Straf- 
ford, III. 15 

articles of the commons against, rv. 216 

Pym's speech against, iv. 218 

humble petition of, 27 Nov. 1640, 
IV. 218 

case of. III. 730 

verses before he suffered, in. 15 [v. 
Corr. V. 597] 

Thomas Wentworth, 2nd Earl of. 

Copy of the statutes and ordinances of 
the garter belonging to, iv. 205 

Strange, Ferd. Stanley, Lord. Letters to 

Bp. Chaderton, v. 297 
Stilvngways, Sir John. Letter to Lenthall, 

V. 408 

Stratford, John (Abp. of Cant.). Con- 
stitutiones, i. 393, in. 225. 226. 376. 
420, IV. 294. 299 
Bull of John XXII. about his promo- 
tion to Winchester, in. 410 
Letter to Eobert, Bishop of Salisbury, 
on tenths, i. 397 
Straw, Jack. Hexametri rhythmici de 
seditioue Jaeki Straw, i. 236 [Printed 
in Wright's Pol. Soii;]x, i. 227] 
Street, Robert. Letter to G. Elliot, 1. 173 
Strengnas, John Matthi.e, Bishop of. 
Letter to Charles X. of Sweden urging 
a council of Protestant divines (1656), 
n. 279 
Strickland, Walter, envoy to the Nether- 
lauds, letters respecting, v. 414 
Strengfellow, Willi.ui. Letter to 

Stiype. V. Index, v. 155 
Striouil, Gilbert. Manner of occupying 
the office of marshal of England, iv. 320 
Stringer, Philip. Letter to Jcgon, v. 202 
Strype, John, correspondence of, iv. 406, 
V. 1—140. 183 ; index to, v. 141—159 
case of, Aug. 1714, v. 182 
members of his family : letters of. r. 

Index, V. 155, 156 
memoir of, by Knight, v. 190 
exercises and verses, v. 190 
notes on, by S. II. Maitland, v. 577 
Stuart, disquisition on the origin of the 
family of, iv. 551 

i)R, Dean of S. Paul's : extr. from 

letters concerning the Duke of York, 
v. 411 

Lady Arabella, papers relating 

to, V. 545 
Stylianus Mappa. Trepl ttjs aylas TpidSos, 

II. 144 
Subscription in the Universities, notes 

respecting, v. 264 


SccKLixu, Siu John. Letter to my noWe 
friends in the Lower House of Parlia- 
ment, IV. 312 
notes respecting, v. 565 
verses agiiinst, and his answer, v. 170 
answer... respecting the Scottish busi- 
ness, V. 170 
ScDBUKT, warrant to exchange messuages 
in London for the advowson of the 
choreh of S. Gngorj- at, and to found a 
college of chaplains, i. 107 
Taxation of benefices in the Arch- 
doaconr>-of (1500), i. 429 
ScDnuHY. Simon (Abp. of Cant.). Cou- 
stitutioues, ii. 174 
Letter ordering certain jewels to be 
delivered to, as seen ity for 200 
marks lent to Kichard II., i. 138 
Poem on his murder, i. 236 [Printed 
in Wright's Political Songs, i. 227] 

WiLLiA.M. Tabula super Pupillam 

Oculi, II. 174 

ScKTONius. Vitffi Caesanim, i. 431, m. 

Extr. e Terentii vita, i. 184 
dictata J. Perizouii in, v. 569 
notes on, by Paul Manutius, A. 60 
Suffolk, Feoda militum et Uberi tenen- 
tes in. Hen. III.— EUz., iv. 200 
Letters patent of Henry VIII. granting 

lands in, ii. 73 
Taxation of benefices in the Arch- 
deaconry of (1500), r. 429 
rates of wages in (1630), v. 168 
collections of the Eev. J. Ford, v. 569 

WiLLUM DE UiFOED, Earl of, 

letter to, to account for the expenses of 
his vo^-age to France, i. 135 

Countess (widow of), votum castitatis 
(1.382), V. 483 

Chakles Brandon, Duke of. Ar- 
gument on the legitimacy of his mar- 
riage with the Latly Marj', i. 195 

Thomas Howaud, Earl of. Letter 

to Sir T. Overbury, i. 157 
letters to and respecting Cambridge, 
V. 173. 174. 313. 331. 187. 558 

Theophilus HowAiin, Earl of, 

letters to and from, v. 16H. 169. 175. 177 ; 
my Lord and Lady Suffolk's business 
in the Star-chamber, 30 Nov. 116221. 
V. 17H ■- ■" 

.Iameh Howaud, Earl of. Sale of 

lands for the payment of the debts of 
the latf Karl Tbeophilus, ii. 80 

accoimts of the receiver general of 
(1650), 11. 80 

accounts of .J. La^y, his clerk of the 
kitchen, for 1650^ ii. 84 
DnchoBs of, account of the suffer- 
ings of, in the time of Queen MaiT, 
V. IHO ■" 

SurnuoAS IJisriops. Consecration, &c. of 
Ilichard Rogere, v. 391 

SuFFi{.\G.\N Bishops (cotitinued) : 

whether they have the title of Lords, 

II. 284 
Bishop Gibson concerning, v. 109. 110. 
SuiDAS, notes on, by Dobree, A. 68 
Grouovius, A. 41 
Porson, A. 79 
S;intenius, A. 41 
Taylor, A. 3 
SuLPicius Sevekus, S. Vita S. Martini, 

III. 29 
SuMMA aurea, iv. 296 

de casibus exceptiones de, ii. 270 

fet a saver, i. 324. 829, ii. 2. 7. 34, 

HI. 278. 285, IV. 72 
cadit assisa, i. 329, ii. 7, iv. 76 
theologije magistralis, iii. 635 
circumspecte agatis, i. 543, iii. 277. 

284, IV. 71. 75. 121. 328 
cum sit necessarium, i.e. Parva Heng- 

HAII, q. V. 

de Bastardia, i\ Bastaedi.e Summa. 
SuMMAKiuM historicum sacrum, i. 487 
Surat, description of, by Thomas Walker, 

V. 181 
SuKPLiCE, in the University of Cambridge. 
Expostulatian of Tobie Mathew as to its 
use, II. 187 
Surrey, extracts from the records relat- 
ing to, from John to Edward III., 
III. 291 
rentals of the manors of Bermoudsey 

and Eederife, ii. 75 
writs for the election of a kuight for, 
in i^lace of T. Camoys, and J. Benies, 
V. 384 
Sussex, Thomas Eatcliffe, Earl of. 
Prayer to Bishop Parkhm-st to induct 
John Hilton to Disse, ii. 66 
Sutton (tliocese of Lincoln). Warrant 

touching the advowson, i. 142 
Sutton, John (convicted of murder in 5 
Edw. VI.). Deeds, &c. respecting his 
lauds, I. 350 
Swaffham Bulbeck priory, particulars 
respecting, v. 305. 306; notes respecting 
the school, epitaphs, etc., v. 392 

Prior, notes respecting, v. 392 

Swarton, Sarah, confession of, ii. 187 
Swavesey, lease of the priory and parson- 
age of, granted by Bp. Patrick, v. 191 ; 
notes respecting, v. 306. 340 
Sweden. Eegiminis Suecici constitutio 
(1635), I. 353 

Extracts from letters, for an union 
between the churches of England 
and Sweden (1636), i. 180 
Letter from the Bislioj) of Strcnguas to 
Charles X. to bring about a council 
of protcstant divines (1636), ii. 279 
SwEDENBORo, EjiANUEL, d'apres plu- 
sicurs autcurs, par G. C. Norling, iv 


Swift, Jonathan. Spocimon of Martial, 

II. 285 
SwiNKsiiKAO, writ of ftssize do mort 
d'aiu-estor (15 E<l\v. III.) respecting a 
nies.^uagc at, iii. 521 
S\viTZEitL.\ND. Histories in English and 
French of the war between the Catliolick 
and Prote^itaiit cantons (1()55), i. !»B 
Sydenham, Floyi:i!. Tlicologia ratioualis, 

I. 180 
Syphac. Livre de la fontaignc dc tontcs 

sciences, in. 8, Bartholo. Giardiuo cosmogi-afico, 

m. 192 
Sysieon of Durhaji. Historia de Dimcliu- 
ensi ecclesia, ii. 323 
Continuatio historiaj Dunelmensis ec- 
clesia% ii. 323 
Symmachps. Eplstola, various readings of, 

A. 35 
Symons, William. Readings on the statute 

32 Hen. YIII. c. 28, iv. 53 
Synesius, Bp. of Ptolemais. 'EirKrroXat, 
HI. 13 
KaraaraaLi pyjOeicra (tri ryj fieyLcTrj rCjv 

^ap^dpuv ((f>J5ui, IV. 02 
Kara ' AfSpofUov Kal irepl ttjs tov Qeov 

irpovoiai, IV. (52 
■>) Kara 'Av5poulKov iirt(TTo\-^, IV. 63 
notes on, A. 34 
Synods, irepl rCiiv ayluv Kal oIkov/mo'ikCji' f| 
ffvvoduv, II. Hi 
Modus celebrandi syuodum, in. 227 
Sykianus, son of Philoxcnus. Scholia on 
Aristotle's Metaphysicks (Clr.), iv. 8!) 
SyUahus auctorum cited by, iv. 90 
Stwell, advowson of, bull of Innocent 
IV. respectmg, i. 69 

Tabor, James, v. Cambridge, Univer- 
sity OF. 

Tabulae to various works, in. 463 

Tacitus. Germania, in. 260 

Hi.stor. Lib. 1, in Italian, i. 441 

Taius, Gul. Notes on Heliodorus, A. 18 

Talbot, Kobert. Annotationes in itine- 
rarium Antonini, i. 211 

Tancreus, Rogercs. Sermones, in. 339 
Sermones de Spiritu Sancto, in. 340 

Tanfikld, Robert. Readings on the sta- 
tute 2 Hen. VII. c. 20, in. 274 

T.\nner, Thomas, Bp. Letter to Bp. Moore, 
I. 165. List of additions to Bp. Moore's 
Library, iv. 555 
adchtions to (iibson's Codex Jur. eccle- 
siast., A. 7 

Tarasius. 'EwkttoXt] on Simoniacal ordi- 
nation, n. 154 

Tarrant, abbess and convent of. Letter 
ordering fines due to be paid, i. 135 

Tate, Francis. The antifpiity, use, and 
privilege of citit^s, boroughs and towns, 
II . 49 
Tatwini Eniomata, III. 203 
Tauler, John. TranslatiimsbyJohn Ever- 
ard of The Letter and the Life, German 
Divinity, and the Vision of (rod, i. 5(J5 
Tavernkr, John, anthems by, v. 589 
Ta.\es, a discourse respecting, i. 195 
Taylor, Jeremy. Nominatio ad locum 
socii in Coll. Omn. Anim. Oxon., v. 390 

John (the water poet). A conference 

held in the castle of S. Angelo by the 
Tope, Emperor, and K. of Spain, ii. 487 

John. Notes on 

iEschines, A. 16 
Antiquitates varine, A. 9 
Apollonius Rhodius, A. 7. 8. 14. 15. 

Ai-istoteles de Poetica, A. 24 
Atticie familiie, A. 9 
Cicero, A. 9. 23 
Cornelius Nepos, A. 16 
Demosthenes, A. 16 
Epigrauimata GrfEca, A. 25 
Euripides, A. 10 
Grammarians, Greek and Roman, 

A. 8 
Herodotus, A. 10 
Hierocles, A. 23 
Homer, A. 4. 8 
Horace, A. 4. 14 
Jus Civile, A. 7 
Justiniani lustitutioncs, A. 14 
Juvenal, i. 334, A. 1. 8 
Longinus, A. 22 
Lyciu'gus, A. 15 
Lysias, A. 5. 10 
Meursius, .Tlschyhts, Sojjhoclea and 

Eiiripidfs, A. 24 
MiscelLmeous authors, A. 20 
Mceris, A. 7 

No^au^l Testamentum, A. 13 
Persiiis, i. 334, A. 1 
Plutarch, A. 4. 10 
Roman Law, A. 8 
Servius Marius Honoratus de pedi- 

bus vcrsuum, A. 25 
Sophocles, A. 6. 7. 14. 24 
Suidas, A. 3 

Taylor's elements of civil Law, A. 14 
Terentianus Maurus, A. 8. 16. 25 
Tlieocritus, A. 22 
Victorinus de Orthogiaphia, A. 25 
Xenophon, A. 48 
List of select books in the University 

Library, iv. 556 
List of the BibUotheca Bibhca of Bp. 

Moore's Library, iv. 557 
Transcript of Plutarch's v6Tfpoi> \f/irxfi^ 

rj awfiaroi, k.t.\., A. 9 
Varia analecta critica, A. 8 

John. Relation of his negotiation 

in Germany to Apr. 1639, i. 354 


Tatlob, John, of Norwich, additions to the 

life of. A. Go 
W. Letter to Strype. r. Index, 

V. 156 

TEBArn. John. Translation of Boethius 
ile Cousolatione I'hilosophite into Eug. 
verse, lu. 164. v. Boethius. 

Tecten, John. Opus, ii. 453 

Telemachcs, a burlesque, v. 571 

Temminck. Collections on Heliodorus, 
A. 18 

Tempest, Thomas. Readings on the sta- 
tutes of Merton and Westminster, iii. 282 

Tempuvrs. Bulla (1320), 

De terris templariorum statutiun 17 
Edw. II., III. 523, IV. 325 

Temple, The. Noctes templaria?, i. 204 

Middle. Readings on various 

statutes by the readers appointed, from 
1585—15%, 11.122; from 1613—1620, 
II. 253 

Temple, Sin Willl\m. The proportions to 
be raised in the United Pronnces of 
100,000 guilders, i. 105 

Te.vch, Sir Fisher. Letters to Strype. 
r. Index, v. 156 

Tesche, N.\TnANiEL. Letters to Strj-pe. 
r. Index, v. 156 

Texison, Edward (Abp. of Canterbury). 
Letter to Stryjie, iv. 409 

Tessison, Richard (Bp. of Meath). Let- 
ter of. V. Index, v. 156 

Tentkes, on, I. 485, in. 69. 216. 235, 
IV. 73. 281. r. Littleton. 

The old, IV. 208 

Tekenthncs Maurcs, notes on, by 

Bentley, A. 25 
Taylor, A. 8. 16. 25 
Terestics. Comoediffi, ii. 472; cum 
Commentariis, ii. 511 
Sententiaj et phrases, 1. 184 
vita Suetonii, 1. 184 
Ex ^Elio Donato in Andiiam, i. 184 
noUa on, A. 59. 62 
notes on, by Casaubon, A. 62 
Reiz, A. 42. 52 
TEnnisoTON, presentation of Dr Wards 
Ui, v. 195; confirmation of, to Margaret 
Professorof Divinity, v. 174. 546; giaces 
respecting, v. 216 
Tkht, reasons against the repealing the 

acta of Parliament conctniing, v. 183 
Tehtamenta xii. Patriarcharum (Gr.), 
II. 314, IV. 508 (with collations) 
(Lat.), I. 20, II. 46. 260, iv. 381 

novum, V. Bihle. 

Tf.ttklye, grant of tlic alien priory of, to 

William Jones, i. 120 
Tettf.nhale, confirmation of the prebend 

of Pcrton in, to Thomas Dufford, i. 112 
Teltoskk order, grand master. Letter 

of Richard II. rcsfn-cting the treatment 

of Englishmen in Prussia, i. 116 

Teutonick Order, grand master (cont.): 
Letter of Richard II. thanking for a 
present of falcons, i. 117 
Tewivesbury Abbey, missal formerly be- 
longing to, mth obituary kalendar, in. 67 
Texts, references to, on various topicks, 

I. 487 

Thais Mereteix, S. Vita, i. 230, iv. 277 
Thalel-EUS, S. Murj/MT] Tou ayiov fidp- 

Tvpos QaXeXalov, iv. 109 

Thebit. De motu oct&Vc'E spherre, iii. 404 

de expositionibus eorum qiia3 

requiruntiu" ante Almagesti, 

III. 405 

de quantitatibus stellarum, 

III. 405 
de imaginibus, in. 549 
Themata Domiuicalia, ii. 133 
Themistius, notes on, by Boissonade, A. 13 
Themylthorp, Geoege and Thomas. Notes 
of the tenths of Hemesbye received by, 

II. 55 

Letters respecting their defalcations, 
n. 59. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 68. 69. 
70. 71 
Letters fi-om, to Parkhiurst, &c., n. 60 
Theocritus. Bov/coXt/cd, i. 432 [Warton 
saw this MS. but did not collate it for 
his edition. See his preface, p. ix. ] 
Bios, III. 677 

notes on, by Askew, A. 16 
Barnes, A. 3 
Casaubon, A. 12. 31 
Hermann, A. 49 
Taylor, A. 22 
Valckenaer, A. 49 
vai-ious readings of, A. 20 
Theodoret, Historia Ecclesiastica, notes 

on, A. 38 
Theodoeic, astronomical tracts by, in. 423 
Theodorus (Archbp. of Cant.). Pocniten- 
tiale, in. 708 

AsiN.EUs(?). Extract TTc/jt fvxv-i^ 1.222 

Gaza. Tpafx/jLariKT] eiaayuyTj twv th 

ricrcrapa, in. 453 
Johannes Aeceeius. Letter to 

Casaubon, i. 165 

Meleteniotes. 'Ek tou TTJs aarpovo- 

fj.iKTJi /3i/3Xou, in. 61 

Ptociioi'rodeomus, 8 verses (Greek) 

of, IV. 63 

of Scythopolis. At/3eXXos giving his 

recantation of Origonian doctrines, ii.l44 

Studita, Trepl dvayicaiwv ^'TjTrjp.drcai', 

I. 297 
irepl irpoffKVVTjffeuis eMvuv, 
I. 297 
Tiieofrastus. Libellus, n. 45 
Tractatus de nuptiis, n. 516 
Theouohuih Grammaticus, ire/)i TpoffuSiuiv, 

III. 10. 678 

Theodosius, junior. Emperor. Fragmen- 
tum historicum de tcmporibus (Greek), 

IV. 83 


TnKor.oriicv JfiscKLLANEA: 

do croiitioiie \d>v et Evro, ct cxpulsionc 

ooniin, III. 170 
traetatus ordinc Alpliabctico, iii. 355 
do natiiris An^joloruiii, iii. ()71 
traetatus do Aiiima, iii. S-18 
traetatus do l^ajitisnio, in. 1 
traetatus do Boatitudinil>us, in. 333 
notabilia de Cantu, iii. 512 
verba ad excitaudum Compuuctioncm, 

III. 718 
de Confessione, r. Confessiox. 
traetatus super 1 Cor. ix. 2, in. 175 
traetatus de Creatis, in. fi41 
de criruiuibus simoniacis et de aliis 

ecclesiiB regiilis, in. 171 
Cur omnes non susteutautur a Christo, 

in. 37 
traetatus de Deo et Angelo et homine, 

III. 455 

ad destrucndiun snperbiam, &c., ii. 297 

quid est Deus, in. 349 

traetatus de variis dictis Domiiii iu 

Evangelic, in. 341 
de die judicii, iv. 394 
disciplina pugnandi contra hostes, 

IV. 13 

de diversis notabilibus, ii. 298 

notabilia diversorum doctonim, iv. 103 

' Doleutor refero,' n. 299 

de Domiuieis diebus, iv. 392 

de dupliei oratione, n. 298 

de poena coinmuuicautium excoinmu- 

nicatis, itc., in. 5()8 
de exemplis naturalibus, abundantia 

exemplorum et similitudiniun, &c., 

n. 530 
de exercitio spudtuali sacerdotibus, 

I. 178 

figurffi Bibliffi secundum Alpliabeti 

ordinem, in. 426 
Heremitarum regula, iv. 394 
qualiter horaj canonicEe debent diei, 

II. 299 

de ignorantia sacerdotum, iii. 496 
nota de indulgentiis et remissionibus, 

HI. fi40 
de integritate Eueharisticse, ii. 544 
de integritate pauitentije, ii. 544 
interrogationes de scripturis et canoni- 

bus in foro pcenitcntiffi, in. 5(58 
dex. mandatis, ii. 8. 475, m. 343. 411. 

730, IV. 31)1 *. 389 
Mercy, trutb, justice and peace, an 

allegory on, in. 607 
Miscellanea, ii. 306. 475, in. 17. 180. 

182. 219. 517. 644. 645 
Missa de nomine Jesu, iii. 262 
exhortatio ad monacbum, ii. 258 
quomodo monachus expendet tempus 

suum. III. 288 
de morte et morituris, ii. 9 
uotabilitatcs et qusestiones diversae 

necessarise, in. 329 

Tiir.oi.odiCA MiRfETJ.ANE.v {continued) : 
iiovcm liliio diaboli, i. 2U') 
ordincs clcriconim, iv. 389 
de I'acis ceclesiastica? procuranda; mc- 

diis, I. 178 
de I'aradisi gaudiis, ni. 4 
meditatioues de Passiono Domini, 

I. 479, III. 288 
Paternoster. Credo, Ave Maria, &e. (in 

French), iii. 179 
qualiter Pater Noster est inteUigon- 

dum, I. 244, in. 497 
compibitio super Pater Noster, itc, 

III. 7. 640, IV. 392; in English, 

III. 086 

do vii. pcccatis mortalibus (seu vitiis 
cai>italibus), n. 8. 9. 295, in. 150. 
176, IV. 12. 361*. 389 

de pa^nitentia, n. 539, in. 310, 

IV. 555 

de ptrnitentia, de matrimonio, et de 

sacris ordinibus, in. 708 
de pti'nitentia, de verbo Domini et 

efficacia ejus, in. 348 
ordo qualiter pcenitentia sit danda, 

III. 337 

de pontifieis officio, ii. 307 

collatio priTccptorum et exhortationum 

sacrae Scripturae, ni. 291 
summa bona de arte predicandi, 

m. 511 
traetatus de arte praedicandi, in. 411, 

IV. 197 

contra rcliogosos de austeritate reli- 

gionis murmurantes, &c., in. 345 
remedia contra iram alienam, &c., 

n. 522 
revelatio notabilis valde... in. 733 
de ritibus ecclesiae, &c. , ii. 413 
de officio saeerdotis, i. 244, in. 569 
de sacerdotum dignitate, i. 479 
de Sacrameutis, in. 329. 414, iv. 361*. 

de quibusdam casibus qua? possiuit 

contingere circa Sacramentum alta- 

ris, IV. 390 
de sapientia Dei, ii. 544 
in laudem sapientire, iii. 671 
de scparatione ^arorum ecclesiastico- 

rum a laicis, in. 409 
de speeulatione Dei, in. 357 
do spiritalibus, ii. 9 
de spiritualibus medieiuis, in. 499 
de substantia interiori, in. 414 
summa Theologiio, in. 528 
do tribus symboli.H, in. 640 
contra temptationes et tribulationes 

cordis, II. 298. 540 
de utilitate temptationum et tribula- 

tionum, iii. 733 
traetatus ex concilio Toletano, in. 390 
de Sancta Trinitate, ii. 309, in. 415 
de utilitate visionis Corporis Christi, 

in. 1 


TmeoLOGicA Miscei^ianea (contiiuwd) : 
tractatus de ^•i^tutibus, ii. 305, in. 4.^4, 

IV. MA* 
de quatuor ^-irtTitibns cardinalibus, 

IV. :MV.i* 
de \-itiis, ii. 305, in. 447 
de vitiis et \-irtutibus, i. 541, ii. 336. 

491, III. 223 
dialo;,iis iuter nrtutes et vitia, in. 316 
\iridarimu cousolatiouis de virtutibus 

et vitiis. III. 508 
de Virtutibus auiruae et glorificatione 

corporis, Arc, by W. <le M., n. 259 
de voluntate Dei, ii. 544 
Thkologicu. Commoii-place Book, i. 525. 
52y. 530. 536 

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41K). 527. 534. 536, ii. 20. 44. 53, iv. 18. 

de eelcbrante infra aetatem legitimam, 

IT. 294 
de ilis])en.';ationibus et excoromunica- 

tionibus, iv. 298 
dubia circa Baptismum et celebra- 

tiouem Missanim, iv. 296 
de oblationibus in civitatibus et burgis, 

IV. 294 

de KucLaristia, n. 20 

Pbrases, dictionary of, n. 16 

Theses, I. 531 

Theox. Zx^Xia fU ttjv fiadiqiiaTiKTjv fi€yd\r]i> 

ffinrra^iv IlroXf^cu'ou, in. 59 

TTTofttrrinaTa (^ e^rjyriffii) «s rb trpicTOv 

jiifiXiov TTjs /ityaX^i avfrd^eus, in. 60. 


TnEopHiLcs of Antioch, notes on, by 

Pearson, A. 39 
TiiEOPHiLcs. Liber de divinis artibus, 
n. 277 

Liber de iiriuarum differentia, 

II. 37 

Tuiir.pHiLcs. PBalterium beatje Marise de 
siicris Psalmis sumptum, n. 520 

Theoi-iiiustcs. Prasilectiones in Thco- 
pbrasti characteres a J. Duport, ii. 466 
notes on, by Dobrce, A. 78 

TnKopnvLACTUS Simocatta. AidXo^os 

III. 078 
'EriaToXal, in. 720 

TiiKiLoio, or Anciiaiiano, Jacobus de. 

C'liiisolutio Peccatorum, i. 20, n. 342 
TiiKHAunus EcclcHia;, in. 394 

pauporum (Enf^lisb), i. 434. 445. 

r. HiKPANfs Petkuh. 

thcHaurorum, give medicina aurea 

III. 20 ' 

TiiEiFoni. Priorj-, letter respecting the 
KTnui i,{ H corrody in, i. 126; notes re- 
H|>fctiuK, V. 306 
composition witli the rector of Burjih 

V. 574 ^ ' 

declaration of the appropriation of 

the charchcH in, v. 394 

deeds and grants respecting the 

Thetfokd (continued): 

churches, &c. in, v. 394; Extr. from 
registers relating to, v. 394 

TniNNE, Fkanc'IS. Concerning the Bath 
and Bachelor Ivnights, iv. 448 

Thimelby [so read for TIiunnilbij],B,OBEB.T, 
letter respecting, i. 115 

Thiklby, Thomas, Bp. of Westminster. 
Letter to Parker, v. 30 ; notes of, v. 307 

Thikty years' war, fragment conceruiug, 
IV. 544 

Thobias. Oratio de matrimoniali con- 
tractu, III. 254 

Thojias of Bologna. Commentar. in Vir- 
gilii ^ueid., iv. 475 

Thomas, Dorothy. Letter to Stryj^e. r. In- 
dex, V. 156 

Petetjs. Sententia de esse intelli- 

gibili, II. 422 

Formalitates, ii. 422 
Liber veritatis theologiae, ii. 294, in. 712 
Thomas, S., Marquis of. Letters to Sir S. 

Morland, i. 92. 93 
Thompson, Nathaniel, notice of, v. 544 
Thoeesby, Ealph. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 156, 157 
Thorndike, Hekbekt, notes respecting, 

IV. 360, v. 295. 565 
Thorne, Henry. A sermon on Proverbs 

iv. 2, II. 485 
Thornebeegh, memorandum respecting 
the sale of salt at, ii. 3 
note respecting tenants of land at, ii. 3 
presentation to the Vicarage of, n. 3 
Thoeney Abbey. Eoyal licence to appro- 
priate the churches of Jakle and Stan- 
ground, v. 272 
gi-ant of S. Mary's Whittlesea to, v. 274; 
notes respecting, v. 306. 318. 482; 
visitation of, v. 482; election of Wm. 
de Haddon as abbat, v. 482 
Thoeoton's Antiquities of Nottingham- 
shire, extracts from, ii. 458 
Thorp, Adam de, royal letter to the 
provost of Beverley (John Thoresby) on 
behalf of, i. 123 

Sir John de, cartulary of the lands, 

. rents, tenements, &c. of, iv. 361* 

Thorpe (Surrey), survey of the manor of, 

IV. 537, 538 
Thorpe, Sir Eobeet de, will of, in. 147 
TuROKMORTON, SiE N. Lcttcr to Sir N. 

Strange, i. 159 
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1654, coram Acad. Gantabr., iv. 529, 530 
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Lat. a Laurentio Valla, in. 638 
pio-:, in. 691 

notes on, by Dobree, A. 67. 79 
Hermann, A. 41 
Thurgarton, Priory of. Collecta e veteri 

cartulario, v. 360 
Thurkilby, Roger de. Capitula spectantia 
ad coronam regis, iv. 118 


TicoNii, de repiilifl, m. 455 
TiEi,, LoKF li. VAN, letter of. r. Iiulex, 
V. 157 

Tii.i.oTSdn, John {\hp. of Cant.)- rniyers 
and meditations for the use of William 
of Oranfce, i. 456. 524 
TiM.Ei Lkxicon, notes on, by 
Pobree, A. 74 
Poi-son, A. 7'J 
TiMOTHEUS of Alexandria. d-rroKplffeis Ka- 
poviKal, n. 1")'.) 
Tujc Oeo(f>avLu}v iirKyravrdiv iv KvpiaKrj 

irpoct(pibvr)<ns, ii. 160 
viroixvqffTiKo. and notes to Ammon, 
Aphjnigius, Agathus and Menas, 
II. 160. 161 
Tims, William. Letter to Sti-ype. r. 

Index, V. 157 
Tithes, notes of sundry readings on, i. 258 ; 
notes on, ii. 43. 46; certain annual 
tithes paid quarterly (1689), i. 530 
Utrum Pai>a inissit alieui pro utilitaie 
ecclcsia' eoncedere decimas de bonis 
laicomm..., ii. 44 
TiTUS, Silas. Killing no murder, iv. 440 
Toft, resignation of, v. 324; notes re- 

speeting, v. 306 
ToLET, Cardinal. Annotationes de scicn- 
■ tiarum et artium divisione, i. 499 
ToLors, the Erie of, ii. 407 
Tom Tell-tuoth, or a free discourse 
touching the murmurs of the time, 
III. 482 [r. Corr. v. 599] ; iv. 312 
ToMKiNSON, P, A description of Eome 

and of the Jesuits, ni. 15 
Tonnage and Poundage, extracts relating 
to, from the Customers' accoimts in 
the custody of the clerk of the Pipe, 

I. 171 

speeches on, in the Parliament of 
1628, IV. 311 

ToNSON, J., letter of. v. Index, v. 157 

Tonstal, Cuthbert, and others, letters to 
Henry VIII. etc., v. 469 
notes on Quintilian, A. 64 

TooKE, Thomas. Letter to Str3T)e. v. In- 
dex, V. 157 

Torre, Phil. Ger. de la. Letters to the 
English Parliament, v. 404. 405 

Tottenham, Tournament of, ii. 507 

Touchstone of Truth, the, i. 533 

ToDRNAY, Bishoprick of, royal letter 
recommending William of Kanderbergh 
for, I. 114 

Stephen of. Rithmus ad laudem 

et honorem beatte Virginis, ii. 519 

TouRNER, Timothy. Letter to Speaker 
Lenthall, v. 299 

Toii\-ER, grant of a place in, for keeping 
the lions, by Hen. VI. to K. Manfeld, 
V. 70 

TowERSEY, Mr (rector of S. John's Bed- 
ford). Answer to Rogers, a methodist, 

II. 285 

TowNSEND, Heyward. Notes of the Par- 
liament of 16(»1, T. 61 

ToYHAS, M. Letter to the Duko of 
Buckingham, v. 184 

TitAciEDY, A., V. Brooke, Folk Greville, 

Tragicoruji GrfTCorum Frngmenta, notes 
on, by Scriverius and Hermann, A. 52 

Latinorum Fragmenta, notes on, 

A. 42 

Traherne. Reading on the statute de 
foresta, i. 100 

TRANQUiLLusphisicus. Versus dexii.ventis, 
II. 276 

Trav^elling Bachelors of the University 
of Cambridge, letters of, iv. 515 — 521 

TiiAYLHASTON, articuli in, i. 325, ii. 129 
[v. Corr. V. 591] 

Treasury, v. Scaccarium. 

Tredington, acta curiae ecclesiastic8B 
held at, 1576—1686, iv. 277 

Trees. Tractatus de arboribus, i. 495 

Trelcatius, Lucas. On the brevity of 
the life of man, translated by R. B. , 
I. 531 

Tremellius, Imman. Letter to Parker, t. 31 

Trent, Council of. A copy of the new 
Trent creed, i. 160 
The catechism of, disposed into short 
discourses, i. 214 

Tresilian, Robert, letter to, respecting 
persons indicted before, i. 129 

Tretisa, John. Translation of Bartholo- 
manis de Proprietatibus rerum, iii. 494 

Trevor, Thomas. Argument concerning 
ship-money, iii. 489 

Triplow. Declaration of a pension pay- 
able to the vicar, v. 481 
grant of, to Peter-house, v. 501. 502 

Tripoli, William of. De Machometo, 
I. 23 

Tripp, Mr. Letter to T. Matthew, after- 
wards Archbishop of York, v. 582 

Tristan and Yseut, fragment of the ro- 
mance of (French), iv. 383 

Trithemius, Joh.\nnes. Compendium pri- 
mi voluminis Chronicorum, iii. 259 

Trivet, Nicholas. Expositio iu Boethium 
de Consolatione Philosophic, i. 11, 

IV. 138 

Sir Thomas. Letter of Richard II. 

to a ladv desiring her to marry him, 
I. 140 

Troilus Sophista. Excerpta (Gr.), i. 265 
Trotula. De passionibus mulierum, i. 445 
Trumpington, appropriation of, v. 480 
Tryamoure, Syr, ii. 407 
Trypho. irtpl Twi/ iv \ii,«TL irdOup, I. 454 
Fragment on accents from a Baroccian 
MS., IV. 84 
TocKNEY, Anthony. Letter to Bancroft, 

V. 387 

Tumralenia, Robertus de. De Canticis 
Canticorum, ii. 292 



TrBBA philosopbonim, ii. 543, in. 72G 
Lil)«r turba', ii. 448 

Turk, W'.u.teb. Warrant for gifts to cele- 
brate his auniversar^-. i. 109 

TcKXER, AxNE. a breviate of the arraigne- 
mcut of (1015), II. 455 

Doctor. Queries delivered to the 

House of Commons touching the Duke 
of Buckingham, iv. 284. 285 

'Explanation after,' iv. 285 
Lttttr to the Speaker, 16 March, 1626, 
IV. 286 

Francis, Bishop of Ely, pedigree 

of, V. 307 

Dr J. Letter to Strype, iv. 409 

John, rector of Ejiiesbury, high 

character of, v. 437 

Thomas (.\i-chdeacon). Letters to 

Strype. r. Index, v. 157 

XcBPiNvs. Liber de gestis Caroli magni, 

I. 16, in. 307 

fragment of, iv. 553, (in French) 
III. 520 
Tcrrecbemata, Johannes de. Eesponsio 
in invectivam ad canonem condemna- 
tionis congreg. Basilieusis, in. 551 
TrRRis sapientiiD, in. 177 
Tuscany, grand duke of. Discorso del, 

II. 23 

Eelatione dello state, forze, e governo 
del, II. 87 

TcTET, M. C. Additions to Ames's Typo- 
graphical Antiquities, A. 63 

TcTTY, William, notes respecting, v. 279. 

Tw-YFORD, Kathebine, letter of. v. Lidex, 
V. 157 

Tvp-yne, Brian. Summarj- of the contents 
of his history of the University of Cam- 
bridge. V. 166 

Tyery, Nicholas. Treatise on coins cur- 
rent in England, n. 345 

TYMEsm-iiY, prebend of, yearly accounts 
of the revenue from the tithes of, iv. 442 

Tyndall, Humphry, eijitaph of, v. 431, 
letters of, v, 519 

Ttsemouth, John of. Sccunda pars his- 
tori/f aureffi, i. 418 [v. Corr. v. 588] 

Tyrrell, Sir Edward. Endeavour to sur- 
render his baronetcy, i. 162 

TzKTZES, Isaac, on Lycnphron, notes on, 
by Casaubon, A. 34 

John, hroplai, ii. 273 

(ttIxoi lanliiKol, n. 273 
iiricToXaL, n. 273 

notes on the Chiliades, by Casaubon, 
A. .34 


Ubaldini, Charles. Letter to the Dean 
and Canons of S. Paul's, v. 387 

Ugg, W., an abusive character of, ii. 55 
Uguccione. Libellus de dubio accentu, 

in. 241 
UinKiNus, Aeetinus. Historia de Scien- 

tia J^igyptorum et de Neptanabo rege 

eorum, in. 47 
Uleeioun (Olebon), the copies of the 

roll of, in. 559 
Uniformity, Act of, certified copy of, 

V. 273 
Unton, Sir Henry, instructions for, as 

ambassador to France, 25 Dec. 1595, 

n. 123 
Upcott, William. List of funeral ser- 
mons, arranged in counties, iv. 405 
Uphulle, John, pardon for, i. 113 
Upton, J. Notes on Apollonius Ehodius, 

A. 15. 24 

Nicholas. De officio militari, i. 437 

De armis, extr. from, iv. 18 
Urban IV., Pope. Extravagans, in. 227 

VI., — Coustitutio pro festo S. 

Annae, in. 226 

VIII., Pope. Instruttione alio 

Card. Ginetti per trattare la pace uni- 
versale nel congi-esso di Colonia, ii. 87 

Urbane Cukteis. A romance in French, 

in. 1 
Urines, treatises on, i. 301. 435, ii. 12. 
37. 338, ni. 514. 516 
De coloribus urinarum, n. 338 
Uesinus, Joedands. Oratio pro universi- 
tate juristarum Paduie ad Fred. III., 
ni. 251 
Oratio ad Nicholaum Papam V., 
in. 251 
UssHER, James (Abp. of Armagh). Sermon 
on 1 Cor. xiv. 33, i. 268 
Extracts from, i. 257 
A body of divinity taken from the pen 

and mouth of, iv. 431 
Eesolutiou to both houses of Parlia- 
ment concerning the Liturgy and 
Episcopal government, ii. 455, v. 185 
Effect of the speech delivered at Dub- 
lin, 30 Apr. 1627, in. 37, iv. 317 
brief narrative of, v. 440 
Ai'machanus rcdivivus, an anniversary 
speech delivered at Oxford by P. 
Fisher, v. 456 
Usury. Contra usuram, in. 35 
UiHESiiE ad Mariam interrogationes, 

II. 541 
Uthred. Una devota meditatio, in. 151 

Vacarius. Tractatus do assumpto hominc, 
in. 415 
Summa de matrimonio, in. 415 
Vaciie, Jon. DE LA. Expositio doctrinse 
Christian.'E, i. 501 
Summarium do vanitato et falsitate 
sectariorum, &c., i. 531 

n:, L. C, notes on 
Alfiphron, A. I'J 
Autholo^in Grircii, A. -13 

of Coiistautiuo Cepbalas.A. 13 

Antipbon, A. Id 

Aristoiihiiues, A. 40. 4-i. 80 

Demosthenes, A. 79. 80 

EustiitLius, A. -iO 

Ful;j;eutius, de prisco sermone, 

A. 53 
Heplia^stion, A. 50 
Hesycbius, A. 51 
Homer, A. 40 
Musanis, A. 47 
Nonius Marcollus, A. 53 
Orpheus, A. 47 
Sophocles, A. 48. 49 
Theocritus, A. 49 
Valeresio (Venetian Ambassador). Dis- 
corso sopra il naturale bumore del 
Ee d'Ingleterra (1024), i. 353 
V.VLEiiius. Epistohx ad Kutinum de uxore 
nou duccnda, iv. 15. 112 ; cum comment. 
Job. liidewas, ii. 51G 
Valeuivs P'lacccs, notes on, by 
Broekbuisen, A. 55 
Heinsius, A. 55 
Valerius, Julius. Historia Alexandri 

Magni. r. Alex.\nder the Great. 
V.vLERirs iL«iMUs. Memorabilium fac- 
tor um atque dictorum Ubri novem, 
III. 214. (531, IV. 137 
Vale Eoyal (Cheshire), abbat and con- 
vent of, letter to, to contract the plan 
for building their church, i. 123 
Valori, Latxantio. Collection of Italian 

sonnets, ii. 11 
Valoris, Sir Korert de. Manifesto con- 
cerning his journey out of France into 
England (1657), i. 186 
Valoruji hber, omnium beneficiorum ec- 
clesiasticorum in Anglia et Wallia, 
I'. Neve, F. 
for all benefices above £20, iv. 443 
of the first fruits of all benefices in 
England, 26 Hen. VIII., iv. 124 
Valteline, league for the recovery of 
the (1623), (French), i. 176 
Capitulatione fatta in Spagua per la 
pace de la Valtelliua et di Genova 
(1626), I. 177 
Vane, Charles. Order to go agent to 
Portugal, V. 413 

H. Letter to Lentball, v. 409 

Van Goens, Ii. M. C. Notes on Alciphron, 

A. 49 
Varaduensis [i.e. of Waradein, or Nagy 
Varad, Hungary], Johannes Episcopus. 
Oratio coram Fred. III. pro facto 
Turcorum (1455), in. 243 [v. Corr. 
V. 599] 
replicatio facta, in. 243 
Varro, M. Terentius, de lingua Latina, 
notes on, by Hermann, A. 53 

VASiLooRAPnos, oxccrpta do libro qui 

dicitur, iv. 108 
Vasperius liuudOMENSis. Dc nominibus 

magistratuum llomanorum, ii. 45 
Vatican, catalogue of the Greek MSS. in, 

by T. Ilyekius, i. 239 
Vaudois, I'. Waldenses. 
Vai-kiian, IlicuAiu) (15p. of Clicster and 
London). Answer to M. do la Fon- 
tain, v. 395; letter to Abp. Hutton, 
V. 398 
Veoetius, de cbevalerie, translated into 

French by J. de Viguay, ii. 33 
Velleius Paterculus. Elegia virorum 
illustrium ex Velleio Paterculo de- 
prompta, i. 283 
Venice. Articles of the league with 
France, England, and the Duke of 
Savoy, III. 36 

copies of documents relating to, in 
1629, II. 86. 87 
Venturinus de Bergamo. Epistola contra 

spiritum blasphemia;, iil 738 
Vergerius, Petrus Paulus. De ingenuis 
moribus, in. 258 
Sermo de laudibus, S. Hieronymi, 
I. 320 
Vernam, Richard, extract from his Me- 

thodus Geograpbica, v. 453 
Vernon, George. Argument concerning 

ship money, in. 488. 489 
Vertue, George. Letter to Strype, 

IV. 410 
Vervins, state papers referring to the 

peace of, iv. 531 
Vestments, ecclesiastical, documents and 

letters respecting, iv. 221 
Vestries, a draught for an act for regu- 
lating select, IV. 514 
Viaticum, glossa super, n. 35, ni. 330 
VicTORiNUS, dc Ortlwgraphia, notes on, 
by Bentley, A. 25 
Taylor, A. 25 
Viele, "William. Letter to W. Hawkins, 

II. 284 
Vigani, John Francis. Cours de Cbjinie, 

I. 496 
ViGER, Francis, de Idiotismis, notes on, 

by Reiz, A. 54 
V101LI.E mortuorum, in. 534. 731 
ViGNAY, Jeiian de. Lo li^Te de Vegece de 
Cbevalerie, n. 33 
Livre des eschez translate par, 11. 336 
Villa Dei, Alexander de. Algorismus in 
metro cum commento, in. 321. 327. 329 
Doctrinale, i. 415 [For Nirkham read 
de Villa Dei], iv. 522 [v. Corr. 
V. 606] 
Poema, iv, 522 

Summa capitum omnium bibliorum 
utriusque Testamenti, in. 149 
Villa nova, Arnoldus de. Speculativa, 
in. 727 
Practica, ni. 727 



Vnuisrs, Johaxses. Sennones Dominica- 

les (1346), II. 311 
Vincent, ArccsTixE, on the descent of 

baronies, ii. 498 
ViNCENTirs. Specnlum bistoi-iale, ii. 420 
Vines, on the management of, n. 12 
VixES-KCF, Geoffuey de (Pseud.). Itine- 
rarium regis Ricardi, ii. 316 
versus de rege Rieardo, ii. 317 
ViRGiLirs. Opera, II. 172, iv. 475; Thomas 
of Bologna's Commentary on the ^neid, 
IV. 475 
JEtn&, III. 706 
Culex, III. 705 
Morettim, in. 252 
Pe Wro bono et prudenti, iii. 253 
Carmen Cirsaris Augusti, per quod 
mmjntur testamentnm Viigilii, 
III. -252 
Versus a Proba excepti et in Catholi- 
cum sensum redacti, iv. 8 
Visio Beatipica, sermons, tracts, &c. on, 

III. 416 
VisioNES, II. 324 

Libellus sive series super visionem 
cujusdam rustici quse contingebat in 
Essexia, iv. 3S1 
Visitations from 1548 to 1600, notes of, 

IV. 122 

ViT.K Saxctobcm Patktjm, rv. 274 [v. Corr. 

V. 605] 

ViTELLi Ciai-pini, Marquis of Cetona. Let- 
ter to Sir W. Cecill (1569), iv. 180 

ViTKiAco, jAcoBrsDE. Historia HLerosolj- 
mitana, i. 19, in. 417 

Vladislas VII., King of Poland. Account 
of his election (1632), in. 476 

VocABCixARY, Latin, iv. 529 

VoNDELs, J.V. Notes on his poems (Dutch), 
v. 577 

VoR.^oINE, Jacobus de. Aurea legenda, 

I. 229 Tc Corr. v. 585], ii. 270 [v. Corr. 
V. 593], 344. 493 [v. Corr. v. 5961, ni. 52. 
342, IV. 546 

Sennones, ii. 42 [v. Corr. v. 590], 
in. 426. 6.30, iv. 19. 197; index to, 
in. 398 
Tftbnlii super historia Biblias, in. 27. 
266. 3.54. 426 ; supplement to, 
in. 427 
VosKYN, SiK Warner. Letters of Richard 

II. for his releaHe, i. 144 

Voss, P. J. Catalogus Codieum MSS., 
IV. 1(K) 

a.. J. Two ktttTs to S. Ward, rv. 544 

Conjecture in /Eschykuo, A. 12 
df poftix Grcpcin et LaUnis, notes on, by 
A. Seller, A. 56 

Ihaac. EpiHtola de lite sua cum 

D. Heveninghamio (25 May 1676), 

III. 219 

Lfttrrs to Salmasins on the state of 
iJisliojm in the Primitive Church, 
IV. 480 


Waddington, Edward. Letters to Strype. 

V. Index, v. 157 
Wade, William. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 157 
Wadhus, S. Sermons, i. 501 
Wadsworth, James, information of, respect- 
ing Oxford, V. 413 
Wadington, William de. Le manuel de 

Pechez, n. 17, in. 4, iv. 380 
Wages, royal warrant for payment of ar- 
rears of, I. 142 
Wagner, Philip. Notes onEunapius, A. 28 
Wake, Wilmam (Archbp. of Canterbury). 
Letters to Strype. v. Index, v. 157 
Letter to the Pastors and Professors 

of Geneva, v. 369 
Letter to Du Pin, v. 422 
notes on his State of the Church and 
Clerfiij of England, A. 30 
Wakefield, Gilbert. Notes by Dobree 
on his Diatribe in Hecubam Porsoiii, 
A. 72 

Henry (Bp. of Worcester). Royal 

assent to his election to Ely, i. 113 
Royal letters to pay the profits of the 

see during the vacancy to, i. 120 
licence to fell and sell his wood in the 

forest of Feckenham, i. 132 
royad letters respecting his accounts as 
treasurer, i. 136. 138. 139 
Waldeby, Johannes de. In Orationem 
Dominicam, in. 431 bis. 
in salutationem Angelicam, in. 431 
in SjTnbolum Apostolicum, in. 431 
Speculum vitse, c.Hampole; SpEcuLtiM. 
Walden, school and fraternity of, v. 33 
Walden, John. Letter to Wheelock, i. 74 

Roger (Abp. of Canterbury). Con- 

stitutiones, in. 226 
Waldensis, Thomas Netter. Doctrinale 
antiquitatum ecclesife, i. 343 
De Sacramentis, i. 343 
Waldenses, documents respecting, i. 81 — 

versions .of the Scripture, Poems, theo- 
logical treatises, &c. in Vaudois, 

I. 548—552 [v. Corr. v. 584. 589] 
Origo et processus contra eos facti, 

attestations respecting the massacre, 

&c. of (1655), I. 93 
copies of letters from, i. 95 
supplications of, &c., i. 96. 97 
history of (Ital.), i. 97 
Walks. Declaratio justitise regis Anglia) 
ad Walliam et ejus dominium, in. 442 
names of the lords presidents of the 

marches of, ii. 28 
notes on lands and fee farm rents in, 

1592, 1593, n. 83 
account of crown lands in, about 1620, 

II. 79 


Wales {continued): 

RentiUo reveucionum domini regis in, 

1642, II. 7!» 
Genealof?ies of the Welsh, by W. Lleyu, 

IV. 105 
Englisli words usual in the marches of, 

II. 48.5 

account of eminent men iu Welsh 
dioceses, v. 233. 376 
Waleys, Thomas (or Wallexris). De 
modo coiuponcndi sermones, iii. 223 
Epistolii do instantibus et momentis, 

III. 416 

Serrao in Eecl. xv. 5 (against Pope 

John XXII.), III. 417 
Actus inquisitionis contra eum, et re- 

sponsioues ejus, iii. 417 
Summa do rcpubhca, iii. 6015 
Tabula vocabulorum Wallonsis super 
certiis libros antiqui Testamenti, 
II. 471 
Walkeley, T. Catalogue of Dukes, Mar- 
quesses, Earls, itc, notes on, A. 28 
W.VLKER, John. Collections on Jischylus, 
A. 12 
letter to Needham, A. 12. 22 

John. Letters to Str}T)e, Sec. r. 

Index, V. 157 

John (Archd. of Hereford), epitaph 

on, by his wife, ii. 284 
Robert. Letter to Strvpe. r. Index, 

T. 157 

TnoiiAS. Log of the ship Mary 

from Surat (1700), v. 181 

Wall, Adam. Collections relative to the 
University of Cambridge, iv. 365* — 357. 
358—362. 376 
Collections relative to Christ's College, 

IV. 357. 363—373 

Collections relative to God's House, 

IV. 374 
Customs and ceremonies of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge, iv. 375 
Collections of statutes, graces,&c.iv.378 
^— Dk. Additions to the Oxford gi-adu- 
ati, A. 13 
Wallace, Adam. The manner of his ae- 

cusaticm at Edinburgh (1550), in. 220 
Wallenstein. Relatione delle heroicke 

qualite, I. 353 
Waller, Rich.\rd. Tabula colorum phy- 

siologica, iv. 545 
Wallingford, Richard. Canon tabidse 
corda; versae, ii. 115 
Exafrenon, in. 313 
Tractatus novi quadrantis et do rnstni- 

mento Albyon, iii. 215, iv. 182 
Tractatus de compositiono rectanguU 
et ejus utilitatibus, ii. 114 
Wallis, John. Notte super opera ejus, 
I. 488 
letters to M. Toole, v. 402 
note respecting his book of deciphering 
the king's letters, v. 427 

WALiiisLFY, TnoMA3 Attwood. Full scoro 
of tlio Installation Ode, 5 July, 1842, 

IV. 503 

Waij'oi.e'.s Covncontm G reecorum f ragmen,' 

t(t, UDtofi on, by Dobree, A. 75 
Walsall, John. Notes on Godwin's de 
prffisuiibus Anglia^, A. 85 

Letitia. Copy book, i. 272 

Walsinoiiam, Francis, letters of, i. 364. 
366. 368, V. 296. 297. 298. 353 
negotiations in France, 1570 — 1572, 
V. 35(5 
WA?..siNr.HAM, prior and convent of. Lease 
of lauds iu Holkham to John Pepis, 
II. 62 

Thomas, extracts from, v. 206 

Walter, Sir William. Occasion of all 
the grievances, 20 March, 162J, iv. 286 
speech in Parliament, 1626, in. 153 
W.ALTERi, Johannes. Tabula diversitatis 
ascensionis siguorum pro omni terra ha- 
bitabili, ii. 117 
W.VLTHAM Abbey (Holy Cross). Letter of 
Richard II. requesting indulgences to 
the contributors to the rebuilding of the 
church, I. 114. 115 
grunt of pension of the abbat to a 

clerk, L 131 
letters to the abbat, assuring him that 
ho is n€>t to be made collector of 
subsidies, <S:c., i. 131 
licence to the abbat to hunt in the 

royal forests of Essex, i. 132 
grant of a manor belonging to, by Ed- 
ward VI. to Lady J. Denny, iv. 514 
transcripts from the ledger book of 
Robert Fuller, last abbat, v. 205 

Forest, court of, collection of charges, 

presentations, warrants, itc. of, temp. 
Jas. I. and Chas. L, i. 304 
W.VLTON, West. Copia consultationis regis 
(Edward III.) de West-Walton, address- 
ed SjTnoni de Clare, persona), in. 409 
Walton, John. Translation of Boethius 
de Consolatione into EcgMsh verse, 
in. 164 
Wandalberti Opera, i. 497 
WANDEsroRi>, Mr. Speech on the impeach- 
ment of the D. of Buckingham, iv. 290 
Wandsworth, survey of the manorof (1619), 

II. 81 
Wanley, Humphry. Letters to Strype. 

V. Index, v. 157; letters to Covel, v. 
CovEL, John, correspondence of. 

WaR;U)Ein, John, Bishop of, v. Yailvduen- 

Wakburton, Peter. Letter to Ld. Burgh- 
ley, II. 9 

Waki), Georoe. Letter to Strj-pfr. v. 
Index, v. 157 

John. Letter to Str^7>e. v. Index, 

V. 157 ; list of Greshara Professors, 
V. 424 
Seth. Life of faith in death, ni. 159 


Ward, Samcel, letter of, v. 182; notes 
from his Adversaria, v. 566 
oratio inaugiiralis, v. 566 
Wards axd li\-eries, Court of, instruc- 
tions for the master of the, ii. 457, iii. 69 
presentations made and granted by the 

master of the, iii. 64 
collection of rules and decrees of, 
7 Ed. VI.— 10 Jas. I., i. 6'.), in. 484 
cases m, 3—10 Jas. I., iii. 70; 13—20 
Jas. I., in. 64 
18 Chas. I., II. 189 
regulations and decrees of, in. 290 
reports, Jas. I., i. 515 
1-. KiRE, John ; Ley, Sir James. 
Ware, warrant to Blanch de W. to give 
4 acres of land to the Franciscans at, 
I. 109 
Warser, Francis. Judgement on a peti- 
tion on a case in the Lord High Mar- 
shal's Court of honour, i. 161. 162 

John. Additions to his revision of 

the conference betweenilorley andDarcy, 
A. 35 
additions to his Anti-Goliah and Anti- 

Haman, A. 61 
Persecutionis Catholicorum Anglicanse 
et coujurationis Presbyterianaj his- 
toria, III. 88, v. 420 
Minutes of letters and speeches by, 
IV. 19 
Warneki Gregorianum, III. 590 
Warrants under the great seal for letters 
patent, i. 107—110 
for pajTuent of various pensions, 1. 172 
Warren, Robert. Translation of Erasmus 
on the magnitude of God's mercy, in. 198 

Thomas. Letter to Strype. v. 

Index, v. 157 

Warwick, Robert Rich., Earl of. Letter 

to Bancroft, v. 387; letters to Chas. I., 

&c., v. 407 
Warwick, Guy, Earl of, ii. 408 
Warwickshire, order for the suppression 

of wakes in (1630), v. 573 
Wasse, Joseph. Notes on Apollonius Rho- 

diufl, A. 15. 24 
W^tkubeach, particulars respecting, v. 

305 ; foundation of the nmiuery, v. 498 
Wateruouse. Songs of two parts, &c., 

I. 252 

Edward. Notes on his Discourse 

and defence of arms and armoury, A. 27 

Wateridoe, Thomas, divers and uncer- 

tayne discourses del ley, i. 259 
Watkinson, Henry. Account of various 

Nonjarors, v. 478 
Watson, Anthony, Bp. of Chichester. Cor- 

resiKmdence with Jegon, v. 203 
Thomas, Bp. of S. David's, articles 

alleged against, i. 490, iv. 438 

- Thomas, Bp. of Lincoln. Transla- 
tion of St Cyprian's sermon on the 
Lord's Supper, m. 654 

Letter to Sir H, Spel- 
Letters to Strype. v. In- 

Watts, George, Latin letter of, ii. 282, 
V. 572 

Robert. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 157 


man, i. 160 

W^augh, John. 

dex, V. 157 
Waynfleet, royal letters respecting the 

damage done to, i. 125 
Weather. Experta cogitatio imbrium et 

ventorum, in. 648 
Weickardt, John. Casus conscientiae 

dictati a Jacobo Himmioben exccpti a 

J. W., III. 317 
Weiss, Col. Account of his commission 

to intercede with the D. of Savoy on 

behalf of the Evangelical Cantons (1655), 

I. 91 
account of his reception at the court 

of Savoy, i. 91 
Letters to Sir S. Morland, i. 93 
Wells, treasureship of. Royal letters 

requesting the Pope to coutirm it to 

Thomas Lyntou, i. 115 
Wenceslaus, K. of Bohemia. Letter to 

Richard II., i. 115 
letter of Richard II. to, to give credence 
to his ambassadors, i. 118 
Wendelin, Godfrey. Epistolse, in. 707 
Wendover, royal letter to Alice Perers to 

enfeoff John de Bemers in, i. Ill 
Wenman, Lady. Translation of Zonaras, 

I. 26, IV. 209 [y. Corr. v. 584. 605] 
Wennington (Essex). Cartulary of lands 

in, belonging to JohnBarett (temp. Hen. 

VIII.), I. 376 
Wentworth, Peter, certain questions 

exhibited by, to the Speaker, in. 87 

Richard de (Bp. of London). Ac- 
count of his death, v. 346 

Wesenham, John de, letter certifying he 
had resigned all claims to a certain 
tenement, i. 122 
letter to, to account for his expenses, 
1. 137 
Westacre, priory of, account of the pro- 
perty of, in the reign of Hen. VII., i. 357 
Westerhof, F. G. Notes on Hesychius, 

A. 41 
Westfayling, Herbert (Bid. of Hereford), 

poems of, II. 482. 484 
Weskffield.Dr, notes of sermons by, i. 268 
Westham Burnell, customs, rentals, &c. 

of the manor of, ii. 343 
Westminster, city of, register book of, 
ni. 20 

S. Peter's abbey of, history of, i. 355 

Collections of notes and extracts relat- 
ing to the early history of, i. 186 
Surveys of manors belonging to, 
III. 698 
College, accounts of (1645), n. 188, 

(1648) II. 82 


Westmissteb College (contimtedj : 

accounts of James Chapman (baker to 

the College), 1()44— 1G48, i. 356 
names of scholars elected to Christ 

Church and Trinity College, i. 183 
school exercises sent by Edward 

Hannes to Bp. Moore, i. 287 

Hall, letter to allow the abbat to 

take certain oaks for the beams of, 
1. 124 

letter ordering the delivery of 3 engines 
for the work of, i. 129 

Statutes, II. 41. r. Statcta. 

Audeley's readings on, ii. 179 

writs for parhament at, 34 Edw. I., 

V. 384 

Westmobzlakd, Ralph Netille, Earl of, 

note of his lands in Cambridgeshire 

(1425), I. 355 

Heniiy Neville, Earl of, de matri- 

monio ejus (Eng.), ii. 489 
MiLDMAT Fake, Earl of, letters to 
Bancroft, v. 387 
Westok, Eich.aed, Judge, Jirgument con- 
cerning ship money, iii. 488. 489 
Westwood, roll of the courts baron of, 

IV. 541 

West Weattikg, agreement resi)ecting a 
payment to the Vicar, v, 291 ; notes re- 
specting, V. 314. 315 

Wetekhall, Edward (Bp. of Cork and 
Ross). Letters to Bp. Moore, i. 166, 

V. 184 

Letters to Str^-pe, &c. v. Lidex, 
V. 158 
Wetheeset, Richaed. Summa, in. 451 
Wetstein, LrKE. Letters to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 158 
Whaddon, Church of, note of its appro- 
priation to S. George's, Windsor, v. 461, 
Whall, Henry, presentation of, to West 

Lynn, i. 166 
Wharton, Henry. Letters to Strype, &c., 
V. Index, v. 158 
book on the errors of Burnet's Refor- 
mation, V. 38 

P. letter to Lord Gray of Warke, 

V. 408 

■ Thomas, notice of, v. 544; addi- 
tions to the Phannacopceia Londinensis, 
I. 515, A. 1 
Wheeler, Thomas. Compendium Graecse 
Grammaticse, i. 459 
Compendium Latinse Grammaticse, 
I. 460 
Wheelock, Abraham, correspondence of, 
1. 71. 74. 158 
testimonial of the University of Cam- 
bridge to his qualifications as master 
of Lynn School, i. 75 
preparations for a Saxo-Latin Lexicon, 

III. 48 [r. Corr. v. 597] 
life or character, v. 381 

Whiston, William. Loctiones de eclipsi- 
bus, I. 68 
Letters to Strj^pe, rv. 409 
? Letter to Bp. Moore, i. 156 
account of his hercRy, bv W. Eeneu, 
V. 76. 82 
White, Francis, Bp. of Ely, on the Sab- 
bath, a reply to, i. 532 

John, Bp. of Winchester. Sermon 

on the funeral of Queen Mary, 
V. 455 

LccY. Letter to Strype. r. Index, 

V. 158 

Sir Thomas, gift of £100 to 24 

cities and towns, ii. 430 

Whitelock, Bulstrode. Brocardica, i. 258 
collection of Law Precedents, ii. 8 
grants of lands and premises in Ireland 

to. IV. 435 
petition to the King, ii. 8 
sent ambassador to Queen Christina, 

V. 414 

Sir James. Readings on the Statute 

de Facultatibus beneficiorum, iv. 54 

The Antiquity, variety and reason of 

mottoes, rv. 534 
Whiter, Walter. Collections for his 
Etymolo-rical Dictionarj-, iv. 521. 543 
Sanscritiana, rv. 521 
Notitiae Celticae, rv. 521 
Meditationes Mythologicse, rv. 521 
Additions to his Specimen of a Com- 
mentary on Shakespeare, rv. 521 
Notes on Shakespeare, rv. 521 
Collections on Pageants, Bonfires, 

Masks, (tc, IV. 521 
Etymological Dictionary, re\-ised first 

volume of, rv. 543 
portion of the 2nd vol. revised, 

rv. 544 
Nova tentamina mythologica, iv. 544 
Whiteway, W. a common-plaee book, 

I. 466 
Whitfield, John. Letters to S. Knight, 

V. 186 
Whitgift, John (Abp. of Canterbury) : 
Apocalypse, lectures on the, ii. 403 
articles published by (1584), v. 131 
reasons for subscribing to these, 

V. 131 
benefactions to Peter House, v. 34 
catalogue of books given to Trinity 

College by, v. 90 
epistola Archiepiscopo Gnesnensi [t.<. 

of Gnesen in Poland", i. 368 
faculty granted to, by the University to 

preach, v. 137. 195 
letter for contributions for Geneva, 

V. 354 
letters to and from various persons, 

V. 103. 108. 131. 200—204. 256. 297. 

309. 366. .391. 397. 398. 401. 520. 

526. 535. 536 
MSS. of. in Trinity College, v. 103 


■Whitgift, John (continued) : 

orders for the better iucrease of learu- 

ing in the inferior miuisters, v. 324 
ordinance touching Eastbridge hos- 
pital, V. 34 
Theses, ii. 291 
Death of. letter of Abp. Hutton on, 

V. 104 
Life of, by Bp. Wren, v. 131 
notes concerning, v. 35. 8o. 128. 131. 132 
portraits of, on, v. 94. 96 
r. Cam BRIDGE, University of, under Peter 
House and Trinity College; Hutton, 
Whitley, manor of, warrant for a jury to 
emiuire whether it were held of the 
king in capite, i. 141 
Whittlese.\, notes respecting, v. 30(5 
WniTTLESFORD, uotes respecting, v. 306 
Whittleswood forest, perambulation of, 

II. 4 
Whole duty of Man, particulars con- 
cerning the author of, i. 157, v. 426 
WicKHAM church appropriated to Colue 

priory, v. 525 
WiCKHAM, William, Bp. of Lincoln. Let- 
ters respecting King's College, v. 544 
WiCKLE (Northampton), licence to William 
Vavasour to enfeoff certain persons in 
the manor of, i. Ill 
WiDDOWES, Daniel. Natural Philosophy, 
or a description of the world, &c., iii. 19 
Wife : case and opinion on the power of a 

wife to dispose of property, v. 177 

Wight, Isle of, letter to the Sheriff of 

Southampton to surcease execution of 

writs in, while the inhabitants are 

guarding against a French invasion,!. 146 

Sur\-ey of the manors and tenements 

belonging to Queen Elizabeth, Oct. 

1583, III. 676 

WioMORE, Gilbert. Letter to "WTieelock, 

WiLBRAHAM, LiTTLE, notes respecting, 

V. 294. 306. 525 
WiLBCRTON, extracts from the Kegister of 

the parish clmrch of, v. 453 
Wn.i.F.NBEUfi, .Jehome (of Golberg). De 

moralibuB virtutibus epitome, i. 281 
WiLLELMUH Meldunensis. Deflorationes 

ex hbris beati Gregorii Papae, iii. 424 
William I. The names of chevytaynes 
that came with him, iii. 703, iv. 102 
LcH leys e les custumes ke li reys 
Willamo establit en Engleterre ii. 1 

III. Letters patent of, appointing 

a commiss^ion for promoting to Church 
preferment, iv. 435 
upeech of, v. 402 

amendments of the Lords to the hill 
for ({ranting an aid to, with the 
ComrnonB' reasons against them 
(17(Ki). V. 572 
pocma in obitnm, iv. 404 

William the Lion, king of Scotland. 
Statuta, II. 131 

De diseordia inter eum et Hugonem 
Duuelmensem Episcopum, iv. 319 
William and the Werwolf, glossary to, 

V. 189 
Williams, Edward (Vicar of Tarring). 
Letters to Strj-pe. v. Index, v. 158 
John, Bp. of Chichester. Let- 
ters to Strype. v. Index, v. 158 

John (Bp. of Lincoln, Abp. of 

York), notes of cases tried before him in 

Chancery, 1622—1623, iii. 474 

speech of, appointing a day for the 

Commons to choose a Speaker (1623), 

I. 202 

Letter to the king on resigning the 

great seal, iii. 36 
Letter to king Charles I., iii. 36, 

IV. 284 
decree of the Star Chamber against 

(1637), II. 23 
censure of the priory council upon 

(1637), II. 23 
speech in the chancery, 1621, v. 185 
letters to and from S. John's College, 
T. 265—267 

J. (Steward of Tarring). Letters 

to Stiype. V. Index, v. 158 
— — Philip, collections of, v. 398. 403 
Kebe.cca. Letter to Strj'pe. v. In- 
dex, v. 158 

EoGER, additions to Elton's life of, 

V. 576 

Theophilus. Letters to Strype. 

V. Index, v. 158 

Thomas. Journal of a voyage to 

and travels in Spain, i. 316 
Williams or Essex. Balaam's asse, 

I. 188, III. 543 
Williamson, Sir Egbert, Letter to 

Strype. v. Index, v. 158 
Willis, Browne. Letters to Strype. v. 
Index, V. 158 
letter with lists of Bishops' wills, 
V. 288 
Willoughby, Dr, letters between the 
■ Earl of Leicester and Bp. Parkhurst 

respecting his dei^rivation, ii. 63 
Wills, list of Bishojis' wills from Lam- 
beth, beginning 1300, v. 288 
several relating to Cambridge, ii. 430 
modus ordinandi et scribendi Testa- 

menta, iv. 118 
nova constitutio quantum solvi debeat 
pro probatione Testamentorum, 
III. 421 
readings on the statutes respecting, 

III. 267 
extracts from the Calendar in the 
Prerogative Office from 1660 to 1713, 
with directions where to find certain 
wills, V. 347 
from the University Eegister, v. 536 


Wii.r.s of 

Arroyde, Ambrose, v. 242 
Ailiiioml, Jo., V. 323 
Adiuiis, Thorn., V. oil 
Adtini. Win., B.C.L., v. 537 
Aldrich, Fnvncis, Master of Sixl. 

Sus., V. 23.S. 527 
Alien, Jo. , V. 240 
Allen, Wm., v. 51G 
AUot, Edw., V. 241 
Allot, Rob., V. 242 
Alvey, Hen., v. 240 
Amcotts, Piiul, V. 541 
Aninu>nias, Andrew, v. 164 
Anderton, Hob., v. 540 
An^'uish, lli., v. 239 
Argeutein, Jo., v. 393 
Ashton, Mr, v. 538 
Ashton, Peter, v. 242 
Attwood, Ki. , V. 430 
Aungier, Jo., v. 240 
Ayuesworth. Olyver, v. 540 
Ayscogh, Rob., v. 417 
Ayscough, Wm. (Bishop of Salis- 
bury), V. 417 
Babiugton, Humphrey, v, 249 
Bagge, Wm. , v. 244 
Baiiibrig. Thom., v. 243. 250 
Baker, Wm., v. 430 
Baldwin, Wm., v. 24» 
Ball, Sam. (Christ's), v. 241 
Ball, Sam. (Pet.), v. 250 
Bamburgh, Rob., v. 254 
Bancroft, Ri. (Abp.), v. 347 — 
Bardware, Thom., v. 540 
Barker, Cireg., v. 540 
Barker, Rob., v. 537 
Barnarde, Jo., v. 541 
Barrowe, Isaac, M.D., v. 238 
Bartun, Leonard, v. 539 
Barysford, Thom. , v. 538 
Barwell, Edm., v. 238 
Bawdrye, Thorn., v. 538 
Bayles, Rob., v. 239 
Bayubrigge, Cuthbert, v. 239 
Baynton, Ds, v. 539 
Beale, Amy, v. 240 
Beaumont, Jos., v. 24S 
Beck, Sam., v. 250 
Becke, Wm., v. 241 
Bedham, Jo., v. 254 
Beecher, Wm., v. 243 
Bell, Jo., V. 539 
Bemownto, George, v. 540 
Beuett, Jo., v. 254 
Beningworth, Hugh, v. 541 
Berford, Wm., v. 448 
Bernys, Jo., v. 538 
Beveridge, Wm. (Bishop), v. 401 
Blackamoiir, Rob., v. 537 
Blanks, Wm., v. 24r> 
Blnraefield, Jo., v. 242 
Blyth, Jo. , V. 239 
Bljihe, Ei., v. 250 

Wii.r.s of (rnntiiiiir<T) : -Jf 

Blythe, RugiT, V. 510 
BJldero, ImIiu., v. 217 
Boorne, Wm., v. 237 
Borede, Jo., v. 537 
Boswell, Thom., v. 241 
Botylsham, Jo. de, v. 501 
Boughton, Jo., V. 249 
Bowghe, Wm., v. 540 
Brackeubury, Pierce, v. 248 
Brady, Rob., v. 249 
Branthwaite, Wm., v. 239 
Brattell, Dan., v. 249 
Breton, Jo., v. 24(i 
Breynans, Peter, v. 537 
Bridgmau, Sir F., v. 509 
Bromley, Roger, v. 538 
Brooke, Eulk, Lord, v. 433 
Brooke, Sam., v. 240 
Brooke, Thom. (Beuct), v. 239 
Brooke, Thom. (Bedellj, v. 240 
Brown, Jo., v. 538 
Browne, Jo., v. 537 
Brow-ne, Thom., v. 250 
Bruton, Wm., v. 538 
Bryan, Ri., v. 248 
Buck, Thom., v. 245 
Buckingliam, Edmund Sheffield, Duko 

of, V. 401 
Buckmaster, Wm., v. 540 
Burbauke, Thom., v. 541 
Burgh, Katerine de, v. 417 
Burgoyn, Rob., v. 537 
Burgo}Ti, Wm., v. 502 
Burreil, Hen. , iv. 368* 
Burton, Wm., v. 239 
Bmv, Hen., i. 252 
Butterfeild, Swithune, v. 238 
Bvgrave, Walter, v. 541 
Caius, Thom., v. 522 
Cambridge, Jo. de, v. 253 
Carke. Rob., v. 538 
Carr, Jo., v. 246 
Case, Jo., V. 249 
CasteU, Edw., v. 248 
Catcher, Edw., v. 240 
Challoner, Jacob, v. 240 
Chek, Agues, v. 540 
Cbek, Peter, v. 539 
Chestrefeld, Thom., v. 449 
Chetwood, Jo., v. 429 
Christopherson, Jo. (Bishop), v. 252. 

Clarke, Hen., v. 541 
Clarke, Rob., v. 246 
Clarebolt, Peter, v. 320 
Clerke, Nat., v. 244 
Clerke, Wm., v. 244 
Clyftou, Rob., V. 533 
Coates, Ba., v. 242 
Cob, Thom., v. 540 
Cobbe, Step., v. 254 
Coker, Thom., v. 237 
Colet, Jo., V. 189 


Wrixs of (continueiD : 
Colfer, Fra., v. 246 
Colier, TLom., v. 537 
Collier, Thorn., v. 244 
tV.llius, Jo. (Chr.), v. 239 
Collins, Jo. (Job.). V. 241 
Collins, Sam., v. 243 
Coh-QS, Jo., V. 537 
Cooke, Sir Thorn., v. 444 
Cooke^ Thorn., v. 246 
Cooke, Wm., v. 250 
Copland, Jo. , V. 537 
Cordell, Thorn., v. 238 
Cotworth, Jo., V. 539 
Cowell, Jo., V. 238 
Crane, Jo., it. 306, v. 220 
Crofts, Ki., V. 244 
Crome, Walter, v. 253 
Crompton, Wm., v. 244 
Cropley, Thorn., v. 238 
Croslaud, Theod., v. 245 
Croslev, Hen., v. 538 
Crouch, Thom., v. 247 
Daffttorth, Thom., v. 254 
Damlet, Hugh, v. 253 
Dane, Mar(,'aret, iv. 359 
Davers, Jer., v. 239 
Da\7X"s, Thom. (Bishop of St Asaph,) 

V. 22(! 
Davy, Mr, v. 540 
Day, Thom., v. 248 
Dekinson, Ri., v. 541 
Dent, Peter, v. 248 
Denton, James, i. 56 
DUliugham, Theoph., v. 247 
Dobson, Isaac, v. 247 
Dod, Jo., V. 241 
Donewich, Jo. de, v. 417 
Ducket, Lionel], v. 238 
Dunmowe, Ri., v. 417 
Duport, Jo., V. 239 
Durrant, Thom. , v. 239 
Dyllocke, Hen., v. 541 
Edmonds, Jo., v. 540 
Edwards, DaWd, v. 540 
Ellys, Jo., V. 250 
Eyland, Hen., v. 541 
FaRius, Paul, v. 127. 541 
Fabbe, Jo., v. 537 
Faucouborge, Hen., v. 225 
Fflton, Jo., V. 246 
Feme, Hen. , v. 245 
Field, Jo., V. 245 
Firebrace, Hen., v. 250 
Fletcher, Ri., v. 238 
Fof>ke, Edw., v, 538 
Fowlbery, Geo., v. 539 
Fowlfcr, Is., V. 244 
Fowltr, Thom., v. 247 
FojHby, Jo., V. 537 
Franiini;ham, Wm., v. 539 
Freeman, Edw., v. 271 
FHllx^unic, Wm., v. 305 
Fuller, Wm. (Bp. of Lincohi), v. 574 

Wills of {co7itimied) : 
Furtho, Jo., V. 240 
Gager, Wm., v. 239 
Garuette, Wm., v. 254 
Gaytou, Eoh., i. 14 
Gibson, Chas., v. 246 
Glauvill, Jo., V. 248 
Goche, Barnabe, v. 240 
Godbald, Hen., v. 539 
Goldfinch, Thom., v. 240 
Goodman, Godfi'ey {Bp. of Gloucester), 

V. 471 
Gostliu, Jo., V. 240. 296 
Gostling, Hen., v. 246 
Gostling. Thom., v. 243 
Gould, Wm., V. 248 
Green, Oliver, v. 240 
Greene, Wm., v. 253 
Grene, Ri., v. 252 
Griffith, Geo., v. 248 
Grimbaldson, Wm., v. 360 
Grimstou, Thom., v. 237 
Gunning, Peter (Bp. of Ely), iv. 542 
Gwin, Owen, v. 2-11 
Gyll, Leon., v. 540 
Gylpin, Jo. , v. 539 
Haeumbleyn, Rob., v. 427 
Hale, Jo., V. 316 
Halford, Ei., v. 253 
Hall, Ant., v. 541 
Hall, James, v. 542 
Hall, Step., V. 244 
Harrison, Wm., v. 241 
Hartley, Thom., v. 542 
Haspyse, Reynold, v. 539 
Hatcher, Jo., M.I)., iv. 372* 
Heame, Thom., v. 453 
Helperlye, Thom., v. 541 
Henry VII. , v. 392. 508 
Henry VIIL, i. 386, iii. 85 
Heme, Sam., v. 238 
Heron, Sam., v. 243 
Heryson, Mr, v. 538 
Herryson, Ri., v. 540 
Heterset, Thom., v. 348. 417 
Hicson, Sam., v. 242 
HiU, Thom., v. 244 
Hilles, Jo., V. 240 
Hitcham, Sir Rob., v. 169 
Hodge, Mr, v. 539 
Holbech, Thom. , v. 247 
Holland, Wm., v. 237 
Honeywood, Mich., iv. 370 
Hopton, Wm., v. 538 
Hotchkin, Wm., v. 240 
HotersaU, Jo., v. 254 
Hudson, Ri., v. 254 
Himckes, Jo., v. 539 
Hunt, Jo., V. 253 
Hutchinson, Theoph,, v, 241 
Hutton, Tim., v. 242 
Huyme, Jo., v. 539 
Jackson, Jas., v. 248 
Jackson, Wm., v. 248 


WiM.8 of (roritinui'd): 
James, Heu., v. KiS 
Jaxon, Chr., v. 538 
Jciikts, Hon., V. 251 
Jenkin, Hob., v. 301) 
Johnson, Arthur, v. 238 
Johnson, Jo., v. 241 
Juxon, Wni. (Archbp.), v. 390 
Keuipo, Ethv., v. 210 
Kinaston, Frns., v. 213 
King, Edw., v. 212 
King, Kob., v. 246 
Kingston, Jo., v. 215 
Kvddall, Brian, v. 537 
Kyngo, Ki., v. 320 
Kytbalde, Benedict, v. 510 
KujTet, Sir Thorn. , v. 31G 
Lambert, Rob., v. 439 
Lane, Eob., v. 211 
Lauy, Benjamin (Bp)., v. 330 
Landesdale, Eob., v. 237 
Langton, Jas. , v. 448 
Lcgge, Thorn., v. 237 
Lewes, Elj-uor, v. 254 
Lewis, Wm., v. 248 
Love, Ei., V. 238 
Lownde, Jo., v. 537 
Lightwin, Jo., v. 430 
Lister, Lawrence, v. 537 
Lucas, Eob. v. 252 
Lj-nnett, Wm., v. 249 
Lychefeld, Wm., v. 164 
Lynton, Thorn, de, v. 393 
Lynton, Wm., v. 254 
Lyon, Edm., v. 237 
Macany, Johanna, v. 253 
Machin, Jo., v. 215 
Mansell, Jo., v. 240 
Mansell, Mary, v. 241 
Maplesden, Peter, v. 240 
Mapletoft, Eob., v. 246 
Margaret, Lady, iv. 367 
Markaunt, Thorn., v. 291 
Marshall, Ant., v. 217 
Mary Queen of Scots, i. 170, v. 439 
Marys, Jo., v. 538 
Martin, Wm., v. 538 
Matham, Jo., v. 542 
Mathews, Edm., v. 248 
Maj'field, Owen, v. 453 
Mede, Jos., v. 242 
Mennall, Eob., v. 537 
Mere, Jo., v. 542 
Meredall, Anne, v. 254 
Metcalf, Eob., v. 243 
Midford, Bertram, v. 239 
Moptid, Lawr., v. 542 
Moore, Edw., v. 539 
Mordeu, Wm., v. 247 
Morloy, Eob., v. 538 
Morton, Jo., v. 417 
Morton, Thom., v. 417 
Morjs, Thorn., v. 417 
Mobs, Eob., v. 430 

Wiu.s of {ronthiucd): 

Mountstephcn, Edm., v. 273 
Mowtlowe, Hen., v. 211 
Moyle, Eob., v. 250 
Mnlcaster, Chris., v. 542 
Muiiday, Jo., v. 211 
IMyddylinore, Jo., 448 
Kaylor, Jo., v. 250 
Nevill, Clement, v. 248 
Nevill, Thom., v. 238 
Newconie, Ei., v. 430 
Newcomc, Thom., v. 240 
Newel, Jo., v. 512 
Nicliols, Jo., V. 213 
Nidd, .Jo., V. 244 
Noy, Wm., i. 467, v. 326. 444 
Oclv, Thom., V. 539 
Oldham, Ei., v. 219 
Owsley, Mary, i. 401 
Page, Hen., v. 537 
Parr, Hen., v. 541 
Parry, Ei., v. 239 
Pashley, Wm., v. 250 
Patrick, Jo., v. 191 
Pawlmer, Jo., v. 540 
Pearson, Matthew, v. 44G 
Peele, Thom., v. 217 
Peirse, Martin, v. 213 
Peirse, Step., v. 238 
Pendreth, Chas., v. 214 
Peunynge, Wm., v. 218 
Perkins, Wm., v. 237 
Peipoynte, Edm., v. 512 
Petyt," Wm., iv. 370. 373 
Pickard, Ei., v. 538 
Pickerell, Jo., v. 539 
Porter, Geo., v. 211 
Porter, Wm., v. 510 
Preist, Jo., v. 244 
Probv, Dr., v. 332 
Proby, Sir Thom., v. 332 
Pm-gold, Jo., V. 538 
Pyckerynge, Eob., v. 541 
Pylson, Thom., v. 540 
Quarles, Eob., v. 214 
Quarles, Wm., v. 246 
Eanisey, Lady Mary, v. 419 
Eandoiph, Thom., v. 239 
Eavenger, Jo., v. 417 
Eayne, Sir Eic, v. 401 
Eede, Thom., v. 537 
Eedmayne, Wra., v. 541 
fieson, Ames, v. 538 
Reson, Eob., v. 538 
Eeynolds, Eic, v. 538- 
Bidding, Amins, v. 245 
Riddinge, Ei., v. 240 
Eichardson, Jo., v. 239 
Eobarts, Jo., v. 245 
Eobius, Fra., v. 270 
Eobinson, Jo., v. 216 
Robynson, Wm., v. 540- 
Rome, Jo., v. 417 
Roper, Jo., v. 541 


Wills of {continued): 
liose, C'liris., V. 301 
liutLerham, Thorn. (Archbp.), v. 372 
Rush, Sam., v. 245 
Rutlauil, Paul, v. 539 
Eychard, Ryehard, v. 254 
RvcLardsou, Sir Romane, v. 531> 
Salt, Jo., V. 542 
Sidter, Jo., v. 253 
Saudcroft, Win., v. 241 
Sandys, Sir Edw., v. 340 
Sandys, Edwin (Archbp.), v. 135- 
Sammes, Wm., v. 246 
Sargeaunt, Jo., v. 537 
Sawndersou, Hen., v. 540 
Saj-Nvell, Wm., v. 250 
Scales, Roger, v. 4S4 
Seamier, Edm. (Bp. of Norwich), v. 574 
Scott, Rob., V. 249 
Scrivener. Mat. , v. 248 
Sen George, Wm., v. 53& 
Seutuarj-, Jo., v. 538 
Shargell, Simon, v. 53? 
Shaxton, Bp., v. 541 
Sheriugham, Robert, v. 247 
Sherwood, Wm., v. 462 
Sitwell, Thom., iv. 371 
Sixtin, Jo., V. lOi 
Skarlett, Jo., v. 537 
Skelman, Wm., v. 826 
Skynnar, Hen., v. 538 
Smith, Geo., v. 241 
Smith, Jo. (Magd.), v. 242 
Smith, Jo. (Qu.), v. 244 
Smith, Thom., v. 245 
Smithson, Jo., v. 241 
Smyth, Hen., v. 243 
Smyth, Ri. (of Harpolt), in. 30 
Smyth, Ri. (Trin. Hull), v, 538 
Smyth, Rob., v. 539 
Smythe, Thom., v. 539 
Soresbie, Roger, v. 540 
South, Thom., v. 252 
Sownde, Wm., v. 540 
Spell, Thom., v. 242 
Spencer, Jo., v. 249 
Spondon, Hen. de, v. 252 
Staubanke, Ri., v. 538 
Stanhope, Sir Edw., v. 252. 564. 565 
Stanton, Hervey of, v. 343. 563 
Stavert, George, v. 538 
Staverton, Johanne, v. 254 
Stejihyns, Jo., v. 253 
Ste\-yiiHon, Alan, v. 5.37 
Stevynnon, Wm., v. 538 
StiUington, Jos., v. 250 
StokcH, Thom., v. 254 
SU^kyfl, Matthew (Bedell), v. 251. 430 
SUjkyH, Matthew (Cai.), v. 241 
Htfiwo, Thom., V. 254 
" ■ y, Thom., IV. 370 

AgntK, V. 239 
Siul)ljH, Jo., V. 537 
Sutttll, Jo., V. 537 

Wills of (contimied): 

Swayn, Godfrey, v. 538 
Swayn, Thom., v. 538 
Sympson, Jo., v. 541 
SwjTiborue, Rob., v. 539 
Swyubiu-ue, Rowland, v. 542 
Sycling, Jo., v, 537 
Taucred, Christ., iv. 373 
Tayler, Jo., v. 540 
Thornbrowgh, AVm., v. 320 
Thoruey, Roger, v. 530 
Thorpe, Jo. de, v. 305 
Thorpe, Sir R. de, iii. 147, v. 557 
Tiudiill, Humfrey, v. 238 
Torner, Rob., v. 253 
Tool, Jo., V. 254 
Toiilson, Hellen, v. 237 
Towers, Frances, v. 273 
Traiip, Mrs, v. 522 
Truman, Dr, v. 538 
Tuustall, Reiuold, v. 253 
Twyar, Nic, v. 538 
Ughtred, Anthony, v. 539 
Urmston, Jam., v. 539 
Vaysy, Jo., v. 540 
Veesy, Heu., v. 537 
Yyncent, Jo., v. 542 
Wake, Thom., v. 244 
Wakefield, Wm., V. 248 
Walles, Jo., V. 539 
Walsyngham, Thom., v. 417 
Waltham, Wm. de, v. 417 
Ward, Sam., v. 242 
Warkworth, Jo., v. 500. 517 
Washington, Godfrey, v. 430 
Watson, .To., v. 541 
Watson, Thom., v. 540 
Weldon, Maude, v. 254 
Welles, Rob., v. 240 
Wells, Wm., V. 246 
Wendy, Sir Thom., v. 300 
West, Ben., v. 245 
W^estwrav, Thom., v. 541 
Whalley,' Thom., v. 242 
Wheelock, Abraham, v. 245 
Whitgrave, Walter, v. 238 
Whogan, Philip, v. 539 
Widdriugton, Ra. , v. 248 
Widyr, Roger, v. 537 
Wilbye, Jonas, v. 239 
Williams, Lewys, v. 538 
Willow, Ri., V. 539 
Winterbmiie, Wm., v. 243 
Wiseman, Jo., v. 239 
Withers, Rob., iv. 370 
Wolfe, Michael, v. 238 
Wood, Anthony, v. 439 
Wood, Wm., V. 538 
Woodward, Dr, v. 373 
Worlech, Wm., v. 240 
Worthington, Gilbert, v. 252 
Worthington, Jo., v. 472 
Worts, Wm., v. 250, 339 
Wragg, Nic. , v. 246 


Wn.i.s of {ciintimifd) : 
Wmy, Hon., v. 1('.4 
Wvor, .!(>., V. T)!! 
Wykhiim, Wiu. (Bp. of Winchester), 

V. 454 
Wyllis, Nat., v. 245 
Wylsou. Geo., V. 540 
Wylu','lil)y. Briim, v. 417 
Yiito, Dauii'l, V. 24(5 
Yonge, Jo., v. 1(>4 
TViLU'iuiiiY, FiiANcis. Letter to Cromwell, 

V. 4(H) 
WiLMET, J., Adversaria, v. 570 
Wilson, Henry. Letter to Sti-j^ie. v. In- 
dex, V. 158 
Dr. Letter to Parkburst on a com- 
mission for the punishment of offenders, 
II. 62 
letters on Parklmrst's epigrams, n. 64 
Arthur, memoirs of, v. 180; diii- 

logiie between a justice of the peace 
and a councellour, v. 178 
Essay on Ps. ciii. 14. v. 180; notes on 
Scriptures, letters by. itc, v. 180 
Wiltshire, rentals of various manors in, 

II. 75 

"Wimbledon, Edmund Cecil, Viscomit, de- 
scription of bis voyage to Calais, ii. 12.^ 
Charge delivered against, by the Earl 
of Essex and !) other Colonels, 
respecting the Calais voyage, and 
bis answer, ii. 49. 124, iii. 19t) 
WiMPOLE, fundatio cantariie de, v. 318 ; 
question of the right of presentation to, 
V. 484 • 
Winch, Sir Humphrey. Reports of capes 
in the Common Bench, 19 — 22 Jas. I., 

III. 491 

WiNCHELSEY, EoBERT (Abp. of Canterbury). 
Constitutiones, ii. 175, iii. 224. 225. 

226. 420. 421 
Decretum ' quid parochiani invenire 
debent,' &c. iv. 294 
Winchester, Abbey of, letter respecting a 
manor to be given to, i. 129 

Statutes of, r. Statuta. 

WiNDEB.VNK, Francis. LettertoLaud, v. 371 
Winder, Samuel. Letter to Strype. r. In- 
dex, V. 15S 
Windesor, Thomas, Lord. Letters to 

Dr Smith, v. 174 
Windsor, College of. Statutes for the 
chanters and choristers, &.c., i. 55, 56 
commissio ad cognoscendum in causa 
testamentaria, v. 484 ; mandate for a 
visitation of, v. 484 
notes of, from its foundation, and of 

the duty of the Canons, iv. 360 
Warrant to G. de Fiston to give 
4 messuages, &c. to the warden and 
canons of the Chapel of, i. 109 
ordinance of Edward IV. respecting the 
chaplains preachers, v. 395; notes 
relating to the canons of, iv. 362 

Windsor, Con?tabln of (Ilelinyng Leget). 
Letters to allow his expeiices for hay, &c., 

I. 189 

manor of, snn-ey of, in 1619, n. 81 

treaty of (1522), notes, &c. on, 

II. 140, 141 

Winifred's Well: descriptio a Johanue 

Falconero, v. 433 
account of lior murder, &c., v. 464 
WiNsi.ow, extracts from tlio Registry of 

Courts Baron held at, i. 333 
Wisbech, petition of tlie parishioners of, 

to the Bisliop, v. 183 

grammar school, appointment of 

James Cressen to the mastership, v. 29(». 
322 ; notes respecting, v. 306. 460. 461 
?'. Cambridok, County of. 

Wise, A. Notes on Orpheus, A. 47 
WiTHENED, RoiiERT, royal letter recom- 
mending him for a Bishoprick, i. 115 
Wither's Campo Musa;, extract from, 

III. 159 
WiTHRixGTON, SiR Tho>l\s. Speech to 

Charles I., at Berwick, iii. 157. 159 
Wodforth, William. Defensio fratrum 
mendicantium contra Ricardum Arma- 
chanum, ii. 311 
De erroribus Armachani, ii. 311 
WoLLASTON, Francis J. H. Jacksonian 
Lectures, ii. 251 

William, epitapli &c. of, v. 527 

WoLMER, Samuel. Letter to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 158 
WoLSEY, Cardinal. Letter respecting the 
garter to be given to Fernando, Archd. 
of Austria, II. 137 
letter to Edward Lee respecting pen- 
sions due to him, ii. 138 [for Pa- 
lettcc read Faience], v. 370 
instructions to Edward Lee, ambassa- 
dor with the Emperor, lu 138. 139, 
V. 370 
instruetiocsto F. Poj-ntz, ii. 139, v. 370 
conviction of, in prtemunire, v. 384 
indenture between Henry VIII. and 

Wolsoy, V. 384 
dispensation granted by, to Jo. Went, 

V. 449 
letters to Tonstal and other ambassa- 
dors, V. 470 
other letters of, v. 470. 546. 560. 562 
submission of the University of Cam- 
bridge to (1524), IV. 367*, v. 533 
Life of, by G. Cavendish, iv. 175 
r. Cambridge, University of; Henry 
Wolverton, curia de, memorandum re- 
specting, II. 2 
Wood, Anthony, verses sent to, v. 426 
will of, v. 439 

notes by Baker on the Athenre Oxo- 
nienses, A. 29 
WooDE, Andrew. The Litany in Latin 
Hexameters, i. 181 


WooDE, Andrew {conti7iue(f) : 

Petitii'U to Charles I., i. 181 
Woodstock, warraut for workmen for the 
repair of the king's manor of, i. 119 
ancient demesne of the manor of, by 
inquisition taken 4 Edw. VI., iv. 50 
WooDWAKD, John. Letters to Strype. v. 
Index, V. 158 

JosiAH. Letters to Strype. v. In- 
dex, V. 158 

Worcester Cathedral, statutes of, ii. 33 
notes on the redditus of, iv. 115 

battle of, account of, v. 413 

Worcester, William of. Moral Sayings of 

Philosophers, corrected by, iii. 46 

Bishop of (Henry Wakefield), con- 
secration of, by the Bishop of Ely, v. 482 

World, declaration of the division and 
properties of the whole, iii. 157 
De septem mirabihbus miindi, iii. 672 

end of : De signis, iv. 108 

Worthixgton, John. Notes on the Old 

Testament, iv. 203 

grammatical notes on Scriptm-e, iv. 530 
letter to Strj-pe. v. Index, v. 158 
correspondence with Hartlib, v. 302. 

528. 531. 566 
collections of Church matters relating 
to the diocese of Ely and County of 
Cambridge, v. 292. 305 
extracts from his almanack, v. 242 
transcripts from the Bishop of Lon- 
don's registers, v. 252 
notes from his collections, v. 526. 528. 

account of Mr Horrox, v. 531 
Cambridge and Cambridgeshire wor- 
thies, V. 392, 393 
notes respecting, v. 529 
will of, V. 472 
Wotton, Sir Henry. Parallel of Eobert 
Devereux, Earl of Essex, and George 
Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, i. 293, 

III. 480 

Wray, Sir CHinsTorHER. Argument upon 
Chantries, ii. 120 
letter to Chaderton, v. 296 

Sir John. Speeches in Parliament, 

IV. 217. 220 

Wkaynuam's case, or a vindication of the 

Lord Chancellor Bacon, i. 202 
Wren, Matthew (Bp. of Ely), sermon by, 
I. 269 
account of his lives of Grindall and 

Whitgift, V. 128. 131 
letters to Sancroft, v. 386 
letter to Bargrave, v. 518. 572; to 

VosH, V. 518 
paper of intelligence sent to, 24 Sept., 

1640, V. 385 
thanks of the Cambridge Senate to, 

V. 518 
notes respecting, v. 307 
r. V. 219 

Wright, Ann, experience of God's gra- 
cious dealings with her soul, ii. 286 

Charles, Professor of Arabick, 

genealogy of, v. 333 

J. (Vicar of \Valthamstow). Letter 

to Stryi^e. v. Index, v. 158 

Sir Nathan, account of, v. 301 

Writs, a treatise on, ii. 3 

collection of, iii. 524; ?>. Brevia. 
WiJLLNER's commentatio Philol. de Cijclo 
epico poetisqne cycUcis, notes on, by 
Hermann, v. 583 
WuRTEJiBEKG, Dukc of, letter of, to the 
Duke of Savoy on behalf of the Evan- 
gelical churches of the Valleys, 1655, 
I. 95 
Wyat, John. Letters to Strype. v. Index, 

v. 159 
Wyche, St Eichard de (Bishop of Chi- 
chester), writ of Hen. VI. prohibiting 
pilgrimage to his tomb, v. 383 
Wyclif, John. A treatise of three arrows 
that schullen be schett on Domesday, 
&c., II. 405. 502. 548 
The chartre of Heven, ii. 503. 536 
The couusaiU of Jesus Christ, ii. 503 
Desyre of Jesus, il 503 
Love of Jesus, ii. 503. 537 
Expositio in decern maudata, iii. 430 
[r. Corr. v, 599], iv. 98 Iv. Corr. v. 
Of mekenesse, ii. 503 
A treatise of patience, ii. 503. 536 
The poor caitiff's treatise, ii. 536. 547 
De quffistiouibus variis contra clerum, 

II. 510 

Tracts on having the Scriptures in the 

vulgar tongue, iii. 524 
Sermons on the Epistles and Gospels 

for Sundays, iii. 369 
Commentary in English on S. Luke, 

III. 604 [v. Corr. v. 600] 

? Sermons on the Gospels through the 

year, iii. 708. 725 
A short tretis of temptation, ii. 503. 

Discourse in the style of, on 2 S. Pet. 

ii. 1, I. 537 
proclamation against, v. 384 
letter of Lewis respecting, iv. 410 
Wykeham, William of, Ortus et vita, by 
Christopher Jonson (1564), Poema, iii. 

will of, V. 454 
Wymondham, cell of, extracts from the re- 
gisters of S. Alban's monastery relating 
to, II. 84—86 

William de, physician to Eichard 

II., letter to the 13ishop of Chichester 
in favour of, i. 121 

Wyntershulle, Willlui: registnim de 
diversis commissionibus, &c., ii. 127 

Wyttenbach, Daniel, notes on Eunapius, 
A. 29 


Wtvtllk, Peter (Bisliop of Exttor). 
Constitntio do coUiitioiic oflicii nquiubii- 
culiitiis, HI. '22(5 
KmiKUT (Bishop of Salisbiirj). Let- 
tor rospoctiiig lovying a tax ou incomes 
(1337J, I. 31)7 

Xenophon. fli 'Ayrja-iXaov iyKw/iiov, i. 220 
oUovo/xiKis, I. 223 
'lipixiv i) TvpavvLKbs, I. 223 
The choice of Hercules by Prodiciis 
(Gr.), from the Mem. Socr., in. 721 
Apologia iu Latinum conversa. i. 534 
Tyrauuus, ex versione Leouanli Areti- 

ni, IV. 3 
Dialogue between Hiero and Simonides, 
translated by Queen Elizabeth, ii. 
notes on, by Dobree, A. 75. 79 

Hermann, A. 51. 52 
Taylor, A. 4. 8 

Y.vRDLEY, AsPREW. Lcttcr to Strype. v. 

Index, V. 159 
Yakmouth, warrant to the bailiffs to do 
justice to the commons of the town, 
I. 142 
warrant to execute the king's writ 

granted to the commonalty, i. 142 
directions for a collection through Nor- 
folk for finishing the harbour at, 
II. 67 
letter of Bishop Parkhurst to the bai- 
liffs of, II. 68 
names of the bailiffs of, from 5 Hen. 
VI. to 1695, IV. 534 
Yder, Eom.^nz du reis, II. 136 
Year Books. 1 — 47 Hen. III., extracts 
from, I. 305 

Edwardl., i. 329 [r.Corr. v. 587], ii. 264 
Edward II., in. 273, ii. 416; cases 
from, IV. 122 
2—7, I. 410 
2—13, n. 341 
3—18, III. 197 
Edward III., in. 273 
1—10, III. 182 
1—11, IV. 132 
1—36, III. 268 
5—9, II. 41 
15—20, III. 268 
20—45, IV. 132 
21, III. 271 

25 (Extr. from), n. 178 
31, in. 271 

Year Books, Edward III. {continued) : 
3H, I. 33 
39-45, in. 260 
40 — 15, in. 192 
40—46, in. 269 
40—50, I. 481 

44, II. 41 

45, III. 275 
Richard II., 2, in. 270 

II, n. 41 

Hcmy lY.. 3—14, in. 192 

3. 11, in. 271. 275 

7, 8, cases from, iv. 132 

in. 273 
Henrj' v., 1.5.9, in. 192, 1, 2. 5, in. 271 

2, in. 270 

9, IV. 314 

III. 273 

Henry YI., 1. 2. 7. 10, n. 41 
2, IV. 314 
1. 2. 19, III. 271 
2—9, in. 192 
22, III. 271 
39, in. 275 
Edward IV., 12, in. 273 
Alphabetical digest of law points in, 
H. 178 
Yelvertox, Sir Henry. Submission to 

the Star Chiimbor, iv. 551 
Y'etminster, Vicar of. Proposed exchange 

with the parson of Mintern, i. 123 
York, Archdeacourv of, confu'mation of, 
to John Thoern, 'i. 112 
Cathedral of. Confirmation of the 
prebends of "Wystow and Driffield to 
certain persons, i. 112 
letter requesting the Pope to con- 
firm J. de Stacy in the prebend 
of Masham, i. 115 
nomina diguitatum, prjebendanim, 
&c. infra eccl. Eboracensem, i. 345 
City of. Grant to the mayor and com- 
monalty to levy a tax for the repair 
of the walls, i. 134 
summons to the sheriff of Lincoln 
for a parliament in, 15 Edw. II., 
V. 383; to sheriff of Oxford, 26 
Edw. I. , V. 384 
Close of, book of the ancient honourable 
service within, used in the time of 
K. Edw. IV., II. 483 
S. Mary's Abbey. Letter of the abbat 
(1338), citing to a chapter of Bene- 
dictines, I. 390 
restoration of the temporalities to 
William WeUs, 1 Hen. IV., 1. 115 
Sheriff of. Warrant to execute the 
King's writ on William de Duttoii, 
I. 141 
Statutes of, v. Statuta. 
Liber Eboraccnsis, i. 345 
York, Duchess of (1668), Copy of a paper 
written by, on embracing the Roman 
Catholick faith, v. 572 


Yorkshire, extracts from Dodsworth MSS. 
relating to, v. 444 

YoxHAJLE, William de, request to the Pope 
to recall his reservation of certain pre- 
bends obtained by, i. 113 

YxiB, diversitas sententiarum de, ii. 448 

Zacharias CHRTSoTo■LITA^^Is (Goldsbo- 
rough). Uuum ex Quatuor sive de Con- 
cordia evangehstarum, iii. 600 

Zael, liber de, in Astronomia et Judiciis, 
III. 215. 313, IV. 301 
de Revolutionibus, iii. 647 

Zeno Philosophus, ii. 447 

Zeno, Tragoedia, iii. 533 

Zesobius. Adngia Grceconim, notes on, by 
Dobree, A. 69 

ZoDUCK, Notes on the signs of the, 
ni. 406 

ZoNARAS. iraKaiQv ndw Xi^euv ffvvaywyfj, 
III. 694 
Annals of, translated by Lady Wen- 
man, I. 26, IV. 209 
ZoucH, Sir Hugh. Royal letter to com- 
mand him to desist from threatening 
N. Brakele, i. 125 

De E. A treatise concement le 

ley, II. 46 

William la. Licence to enlarge 

his park, i. 113 
■grant of free chase in his lands and 

woods, I. 134 
letter to the chamberlains to account 
with, for the expenses of his voyage 
to Cherbourg, i. 135 
ZoziMus, S. Vita, iv. 186 
Zurich, letter from the ministers of, 
touching the negotiation of Durfeus for 
the unity of the church, i. 90 
letter from the ministers of, concerning 

the massacre of 1655, i. 91 
letter from the canton in favour of the 
Nicodemdtes (1655), i. 98 

Collation of the numbers by tvhich the MSS. have been men- 
tioned in printed lists, with the 2)resent shelf-marks. 

I. Tlie first printed catalofciie is in the Ecloga Oxonio-Cantabrifciensis of Thomas 
James, Loud. 1(U)0, wliich givis the MSS. from 1 to 259. The MS. Supplement to 
James, now classed as Oo. vii. 59, goes from 260 to 494. This is given below. 

II. Morland's Catalogiie of his Waldeusian MSS. was given in his " Historj- of the 
Evangeheal Churches of the valleys of Piedmont," Lond. 1658. They are classed from 
A to X. This is given below. 

III. The Oriental MSS., formerly belonging to Erpenius, are given in the " Manes 
Erpeuiani," 1(}26. For the collation of these numbers see the Catalogue of Oriental 

IV. The Oxford Catalogue of 1697 reprints James's Catalogue, gives a Ust of the 
MSS. of Erpenius, and gives the Catalogue of the MSS. formerly belonging to Bp, 
Moore. These are numbered from 1 to 830. This is given below. 

I. Collation of James's numbers and the present shelf -marks. 

1. Kk. II. 20 

2. Dd. VIII. 5 

3. li. II. 19 

4. Kk. II. 15 

5. Kk. II. 19 

6. = 433 

7. Kk. VI. 29 

8. Kk. I. 29 

9. li. I. 35 

10. Ff. IV. 32 

11. Ff. IV. 37 

12. Ff. IV. 8 

13. Kk. II. 5 

14. Kk. II. 14 

15. Ff. IV. 6 

16. li. III. 2 

17. Kk. II. 4 

18. Kk. 11.12 

19. Kk. II. 2 

20. Kk. II. 3 

21. Dd. VII. 5 

22. Dd. XIII. 6 

23. Dd. VII. 15 

24. Dd. VII. 16 

25. Dd. I. 29 

26. Kk. II. 1 

27. Kk. IV. 16 

28. Kk. IV. 6 

29. Kk. I. 13 

30. Ff. IV. 7 

32. Kk. IV. 19 

33. Kk. II. 11 

34'. Ff. IV. 38 

35. Kk. II. 10 

36. Kk. IV. 4 

37. Kk. IV. 17 

38. Dd. \^II. 8 

39. Kk. IV. 15 

40. Kk. IV. 14 

41. Kk. I. 14 

42. Ff. IV. 1 

43. Ff. III. ]3 

44. Cig. TX. 15 

45. Ff. III. 21 

46. Ff. III. 22 

47. Ff. III. 23 

48. li. IV. 24 

49. li. IV. 21 

50. li. IV. 28 

51. LI. V. 13 

52. = 66 

53. li. IV. 25 

54. Dd. I. 32 

Ff. III. 18 
Ff. III. 24 
5H. Kk. II. 18 

59. Ff. III. 25 

60. Ff. IV. 11 

61. Ff. III. 26 

62. Ff. III. 27 

63. Ff. III. 14 

64. Ff. II. 41 

65. (Jr. IV. 24 

66. Ff. III. 15 





Dd. I. 31 
Ff. IV. 39 

70. Ff. V. 12 

71. Gg. IV. 5 

72. Gg. IV. 5 

73. Dd. XIII. 4 

74. li. III. 13 

75. li. III. 4 

76. li. III. 21 

77. li. III. 15 

78. li. II. 30 
7i). li. III. 14 

80. Dd. VIII. 10 

81. Dd. VII. 13 

82. Dd. VII. 17 

83. Dd. VII. 12 

84. Dd. VII. 18 

85. Dd. VIII. 11 

86. Dd. I. 12 

87. Dd. VII. 21 

88. Dd. VII. 19 

89. Dd. viL 20 

90. li. II. 8 

91. = 3.30 

92. li. in. 19 
9.'i. Dd. XIII. 2 

94. Dd. I. 28 

95. li. II. 9 

97. Kk. III. 29 

98. Kk. I. 27 

99. Kk. IV. 27 




Klf. m. 20 


Kk. IV. 21 


Dd. vii. 9 


Kk. HI. 21 


Kk. IV. 22 


Dd. vii. 10 


Kk. IV. 7 


Kk. III. 27 


Dd. vii. 11 


li. II. 1 


Kk. HI. 28 


Dd. VII. 4 


Kk. IV. 1 


Kk. III. 24 


li. III. 25 


Kk. IV. 2 


Kk. III. 26 


Dd. VIII. 16 


li. II. 10 


li. IV. 37 


Dd. VIII. 17 


li. 11. 21 


li. 11. 15 


Dd. 1. 10 


Kk. IV. 5 


li. IV. 38 


Dd. 1. 11 


li. III. 30 


li. IV. 8 


Dd. 11. 5 


li. III. 31 


Kk. IV. 8 


li. 11. 24 


li. III. 32 


li. IV. 17 


li. 11. 18 


Kk. 111. 22 


Kk. IV. 23 


Gg. III. 28 


li. II. 20 


li. 111. 9 


Kk. III. 18 


li. III. 29 


li. III. 9 


li. IV. 6 


li. IV. 10 


li. III. 10 


Ff. 1. 24 


li. III. 28 



Ff. 1. 25 


Kk. III. 19 


Ee. VI. 11 


Ff. I. 25 


Kk. IV. 20 


li. IV. 20 


Ff. 1. 26 


Kk. I. 24 



Ff. I. 27 


Kk. III. 25 


Dd. xiii. 5 


Ff. I. 28 


li. III. 33 


Kk. IV. 3 


Ff. I. 29 


li. 11. 31 


li. 11. 2 


Ff. I. 30 


li. III. 16 


li. 11. 6 


Ff. 1. 31 


li. IV. 12 


li. in. 1 


li. 11. 3 


li. IV. 13 


Kk. 111. 23 


li. 11. 4 


li. IV. 14 


Kk. IV. 26 


li. II. 23 


li. IV. 15 



li. 11. 11 


li. 1. 24 


li. 11. 22 


Ff. I. 23 


li. I. 18 


li. 11. 28 


Nn. 11. 41 


li. 1. 19 


li. 111. 24 


= 350 


li. 1. 20 


Kk. 11. 22 


= 459 


li. 1. 21 


Kk. 11. 21 


li. I. 27 


li. I. 22 


Kk. 11. 13 


li. 1. 16 


= 372 


li. 11. 25 


li. I. 17 


li. I. 23 


li. 11. 26 


li. I. 1 


li. I. 25 


li. 11. 27 


Ee. 1. 22 


li. I. 26 


li. 11. 13 


Ee. 1. 24 



Dd. viii. 6 


li. 1. 6 


li. IV. 31 


li. IV. 23 


li. 1. 13 


li. IV. 5 


li. 1. 28 


li. 1. 14 


li. IV. 36 


li. IV. 29 


li. 1. 3, 4 


Ee. 1. 23 


li. 111. 11 


li. I. 12 



li. IV. 34 


li. 1. 15 


li. IV. 18 


Kk. IV. 24 


li. IV. 32 


li. IV. 19 


li. III. 18 


li. IV. 7 


Ee. I. 25 


li. 111. 7 


li. IV. 16 



li. IV. 1 


li. IV. 11 


li. II. 29 


li. IV. 2 


Kk. IV. 25 


li. II. 5 


li. IV. 3 


li. I. 2 


n. II. 17 


li. IV. 35 


li. IV. 26 



li. 1. 29 


li. IV. 27 


li. 11. 7 


li. I. 30 


li. 111. 17 


li. III. 22 



li. 111. 12 


11. III. 23 


li. I. 31 


li. IV. 30 


li. III. 6 


li. I. 32 


li. IV. 4 


li. II. 16 


li. IV. 22 


Ff. IV. 12 


Kk. IV. 9 


Dd. VIII. 7 


Ff. IV. 13 


Kk. IV. 10 


Dd. I. 30 


Ff. III. 3 


Kk. IV. 18 


Dd. VII. 1, 2 


Ff. 111. 4 


Kk. IV. 11 


li. III. 3 


Ff. III. 5 


Kk. IV. 12 


Dd. VII. 3 


Ff. III. 6 


Kk. IV. 13 


Dd. VII. 7 


Ff. III. 1 


li. II. 14 


Dd. VII. 8 


Ff. III. 2 



Ff. III. 30 


Ff. VI. 2 


Kk. VI. 47 


Ff. n. 40 


Ff. V. 48 


Kk. VI. 48 


(}«. IV. 25 


Kk. VI. 26 


(ig. I. 18 


Ff. in. 7 


Ee. VI. 10 


(ig. I. 19 


Ff. III. 8 


Kk. II. 6 


Hh. I. 5 


Ff. III. 9 


Kk. II. 7 


Hh. I. 6 


Ff. III. 20 


Kk. I. 22 


tig. I. 20 


G'y. IV. 18 


Kk. I. 23 


Hh. I. 7 


Ff. IV. 9 


Hh. I. 14 


Hh. I. 8 


C;k. IV. 28 


(Jg. V. 24 


Hh. I. 9 


Gg. IV. 26 


Ff. IV. 44 


Ee. VI. 33 


Ff. IV. 10 


(ig. III. 21 


li. I. 7 


Ff. III. 10 


Ff. IV. 45 


Ee. VI. 34 


Ff. IV. 31 


Ff. IV. 46 


Ee. VI. 35 


Ff. III. 11 


Ff. ^^. 1 


Ee. VI. 36 


li. III. 27 


Ff. VI. 13 


Ee. VI. 37 


li. III. 26 


Ff. VI. 14 


Ee. VI. 38 


li. II. 12 


Ff. VI. 15 


Ee. VI. 39 


li. III. 20 


Ff. VI. 16 


Ee. VI. 40 


Kk. I. 12 


Ff. VI. 17 


Ee. VI. 41 


Kk. I. 17 


Ff. VI. 18 


Mm. VI. 15 


Kk. I. 16 


Kk. VI. 14 



Ff. IV. 5 


Kk. VI. 15 


Ff. VI. 11 


Kk. I. 15 


Kk. VI. 8 


Ff. VI. 12 


Kk. I. 20 


Kk. VI. 16 


li. VI. 20 


Kk. I. 18 


Kk. VI. 17 


Ff. VI. 50 


Kk. I. 19 


Kk. VI. 18 


Ff. VI. 52 


Ff. IV. 4 


Ff. VI. 24 


Ff. VI. 53 



Ff. VI. 27 


Ff. VI. 54 


Kk. I. 21 


Ff. VI. 28 


li. III. 8 


Kk. I. 1 


Ff. VI. 21 


Kk. I. 3 


li. I. 41 


Kk. VI. 19 


li. III. 5 


Kk. I. 28 


Kk. VI. 20 


Kk. I. 4 


Mm. V. 4 


Kk. VI. 21 


Kk. I. 5 


Mm. III. 9 


Kk. VI. 46 


Kk. I. 8 


Dd. I. 4 


Gg. IV. 16 


Kk. I. 6 


Del. I. 21 


Ff. IV. 40 


li. IV. 33 


Dd. VIII. 12 


Gg. IV. 17 


Kk. I. 7 


Dd. VIII. 13 


Ff. IV. 41 


li. I. 36 


Dd. VIII. 14 


Ff. IV. 42 


Hh. I. 10 


Dd. VIII. 15 


Ff. IV. 43 


Hh. I. 11 


Dd. XIII. 3 


Gg. IV. 32 


Hh. I. 12 


Dd. II. 7 


Gg. IV. 33 


Gg. I. 34 


Ff. III. 19 


Gg. I. 27 


Mm. VI. 4 


Ff. HI. 28 


Gg. I. 21 


^Im. VI. 5 


Ff. m. 29 


Gg. I. 22 


Ff. VI. 33 


Kk. II. 8 


Gg. I. 23 


Ff. VI. 34 


(Jg. IV. 27 


Hb. I. 2 


Ff. VI. 55 


Kk. I. 25 


Hh. I. 3 


Kk. I. 2 


Kk. I. 26 


Hh. I. 4 


Kk. I. 9 


ICk. II. 9 


Gg. I. 24 


Kk. I. 10 


Gg. IV. 29 


(ig. I. 25 


Kk. I. 11 


Gg. IV. 30 


(ig. I. 26 


Mm. V. 34 


Gg. IV. 31 


Ee. VI. 23 


Ff. I. 11 


li. I. 37 


Ee. VI. 26 


(ig. I. 13 


li. I. .38 


Ee. VI. 27 


Ff. I. 12 


li. I. 39 


Ee. VI. 28 


Ff. I. 13 


li. I. 40 


Ee. VI. 29 


Ff. I. 14 


li. I. 33 


Ee. VI. 30 


Ff. I. 15 


li. I. 34 


Ee. VI. 31 


Ff. I. 16 


Gg. V. 34 


Ee. VI. 32 


Ff. I. 17 


Gg. V. 35 


Ff. VI. 19 


Ff. I. 18 


LI. V. 21 


Ff. Aa. 20 


Hh. I. 13 


Ff. V. 47 


Ff. VI. 45-49 


Ff. I. 19 


484. Gg. I. 30 

485. Ff. I. 20 

486. Gg. I. 31 

487. Gg. I. 32 

488. Gg. I. 33 

489. Ee. VI. 20 

490. Ee. VI. 7 

491. Mm. VI. 7 

492. Ff. VI. 35 

493. Ff. VI. 36 

494. Ff. VI. 51 

A. Dd. XV. 29 

B. Dil. XV. 30 

C. Dd. XV. 31 

D. Dd. XV. 32 

E. Dd. XV. 33 

F. Dd. XV. 34 

G. Dd. III. 25 
H. Dd. III. 26 

II. Slorland. 

I. Dd. III. 27 
K. Dd. III. 28 
L. Dd. III. 29 
M. Dd. III. 30 
N. Dd. III. 31 
O. Dd. III. 32 
P. Dd. III. 33 

Q. Dd. HI. 34 
E. Dd. III. 35 

T. Dd. III. 36 
V. Dd. HI. 37 
W. Dd. III. 38 

I"\'. Collation of the numbers by which the Moore MSS. are mentioned in the Oxford 
Catalogue o/1697, u-ith the present shelf -marks. 

1. Dd. I. 14 

2. Ee. IV. 28 

3. Gg. VI. 15 

5. Gg. I. 3 

6. Dd. XV. 15 

7. Dd. XV. 13 

8. Dd. X. 32 

9. Dd. III. 53 

10. Dd. III. 51 

11. Ee. V. 4 

12. Ee. IV. 29 

13. Hh. VI. 15 

14. Dd. IX. 69 

15. Mm. V. 21 

16. Mm. V. 19 

17. Mm. III. 13 

18. Dd. II. 21 

20. Dd. vin. 23 

21. Dd. XV. 21 

22. li. VI. 1 

23. Mm. V. 16 

24. Mm. V. 14 

25. Mm. II. 5 

26. Dd. I. 25 

27. Gg. III. 84 

28. Mm. III. 20 

29. Dd. VIII. 18 

30. Mm. V. 20 

31. Dd. V. 53 

33. Ee. IV. .30 
.34. Dd. VIII. 49 
3.5. Ee. IV. 31 

36. Ee. III. m 

37. Ee. IV. 32 

38. Ff. VI. 8 

39. Gg. I. 7 

40. Gg. IV. 12 

41. Mm. V. 35 

42. Ee. V. 13 

43. Ee. III. 56 

44. Dd. VIII. 2 

45. Ee. III. 51 

46. Mm. III. 14 

47. Ee. V. 15 

48. Dd. I. 20 

49. Ee. III. 52 

50. Mm. HI. 4 

51. Mm. II. 7 

52. Mm. II. 8 

53. Gg. III. 32 

54. Mm. V. 31 

55. Ee. V. 32 

56. Gg. IV. 10 

57. Ff. VI. 25 

58. Ee. V. 14 

59. Ee. IV. 20 

60. Ff. I. 6 

61. Ee. IV. 26 

62. Dd. VIII. 50 

63. Mm. V. 36 

64. Ee. III. 53 

65. Ee. IV. 25 

66. Ee. I. 20 

67. Ee. V. 11 

68. Mm. V. 28 

69. Ee. V. 16 

70. Mm. II. 9 

71. Ee. IV. 24 

72. Gg. III. .33 

73. Mm. V. 32 

74. Mm. II. 18 

75. Ee. HI. 58 

76. Mm. V. 33 

77. Ee. IV. 23 

78. Dd. I. 7 

79. Dd. I. 8 
m. Mm. III. 16 

81. Dd. I. 6 

82. Gg. IV. 11 













li. VI. 23 
Ee. III. 50 
Dd. XV. 19 
Mm. III. 2 
Dd. III. 86 
Gg. V. 37 
Ee. III. 55 
Ee. III. 54 
Ee. IV. 22 
Mm. V. 29 
Mm. V. 30 
Mm. II. 20 
Gg. I. 11 
Gg. III. 31 
Dd. I. 5 
Ee. IV. 35 
li. VI. 40 
Dd. XV. 18 
li. VI. 36 
LI. I. 14 
Dd. IV. 56 
Ee. II. 20 
Ee. II. 28 
Ee. I. 4 
Hh. VI. 14 
Ff. I. 21 
Ee. II. 23 
Dd. IV. 25 
Ee. II. 32 
Ee. II. 9 
Dd. II. 26 
LI. I. 10 
LI. I. 18 
Mm. I. 25 
Ee. VI. 6 
li. VI. 8 
Gg. VI. 28 
Ee. II. 3 
Mm. I. 3 
LI. I. 13 
li. VI. 7 



Ee. I. 14 


li. VI. 4 



Ee. IV. 37 


Mm. I. 15 


Dd. III. 16 


Eo. II. 34 


Kk. VI. 12 


LI. I. 12 


li. Yi. 39 


li. VI. 38 


li. VI. 33 


li. VI. 19 


Ee. II. 17 

2". I. 


Ee. II. 30 


LI. V. 18 



Ee. VI. 5 


Kk. VI. 2 


Ee. II. 27 


li. VI. 26 


LI. I. 11 


LI. I. 7 


Clg. VI. 42 



Dd. IV. 54 


Ff. II. 22 


Dd. XI. 45 



Kk. VI. 28 


Ee. I. 13 


Ee. V. 23 


Dd. XV. 17 


Ec. VI. 15 


Gg. VI. 5 


Cig, VI. 44 


Kk. VI. 10 


Ff. VI. 9 


Hh. VI. 13 


li. VI. 43 


Gg. VI. 11 


Gg. I. 6 


li. VI. 34 


Gg. VI. 26 


Ff. I. 34 


Kk. VI. 43 


Gg. VI. 12 


Dd. IV. 58 


Dd. IV. 36 


Gg. I. 17 


Ee. II. 24 



Ee. V. 34 



Gg. VI. 14 


Gg. I. 15 


Gg. n. 45 


Mm. I. 28 


Ff. VI. 10 


Kk. VI. 37 


Mm. I. 29 



LI. II. 10 


LI. II. 14 


Gg. I. 16 


Ff. II. 23 



Cig. I. 1 


li. VI. 28 


Gg. VI. 19 


Dd. xrv. 20 


Ee. II. 33 


li. I. 5 


li. VI. 14 


Kk. VI. 45 


Mm. I. 18 



Ff. VI. 31 


Ee. IV. 34 



Dd. VI. 62 


Kk. VI. 34 


Dd. V. 65 


li. VI. 2 



Kk. VI. 41 


Kk. VI. 33 


LI. I. 8 


li. VI. 15 


Ee. II. 21 


Ff. V. 46 


Ee. IV. 19 


Ff. I. 33 


li. VI. 17 


Mm. IV. 45 


Dd. I. 27 


li. VI. 37 


Dd. I. 1 


Dd. VII. 23 


Gg. VI. 43 


LI. II. 15 


Ff. VI. 6 


li. V. 6 


Ee. II. 22 



li. V. 7 


Dd. I. 16 



li. V. 9 


Dd. vn. 14 




Dd. VII. 6 


Ee. 11. 15 


li. V. 5 


Dd. VII. 22 


Ee. I. 10 


li. V. 37 


Dd. I. 17 


Ee. I. 15 


li. V. 3 


Ee. I. 1 


Ee. II. 11 


Ee. IV. 36 


Dd. I. 22 


Ee. VI. 4 


li. V. 8 


Mm. II. 16 

Ee. IV. 33 
Mm. IV. 25 
li. V. 2 


li. V. 4 


Mm. II. 17 



LI. I. 15 


Ee. IV. 4 



Gg. VI. 25 


Ee. IV. 21 


Ee. II. 31 


Kk. VI. 39 


Ee. V. 31 


Ee. II. 5 



Ee. I. 2 



Ee. IV. 27 


Ee. I. 3 


Ee. II. 26 


Gg. VI. 21 


Ee. I. 5 


Ec. 11. 4 




Ee. II. 19 


Gg. VI. 20 


Hli. IV. 1 


Dd. IX. 18 


Gg. VI. 3 


Hb. IV. 6 


Mm. in. 30 


LI. V. 17 


(ig. V. 12 


Ee. II. 7 


Ee. V. 12 


Hli. III. 11 


Ee. II. 29 


Ff. II. 3 


Hh. II. 11 


Mm. V. 2 


Ee. II. 35 


Hh. II. 3 


Dd. III. 19 


Ee. V. 21 



Ee. II. 25 


Mm. II. 10 


Ff. III. 12 


Mm. V. 3 


Ff. II. 4 


Hli. II. 10 


Dd. VIII. 9 


Ff. II. 5 


Hh. II. 12 


Dd. XIII. 32 


Ff. II. 6 



Ee. II. 6 


Ff. II. 7 


Hh. III. 5 


Mm. I. 33 


Ff. 11. 8 


Hh. II. 5 



Hh. II. 4 


Mm. V. 8 


Gg. V. 13 


Gg. V. 1 


Mm. V. 9 


Ff. IV. 24 


Gg. V. 10 


Mm. V. 10 


Dd. III. 83, § 20 


(ig. V. 7 


Mm. V. 11 


li. V. 39 


Gg. V. 11 


Mm. V. 12 



Hh. n-. 2 


Ee. IV. 7 



li. V. 42 


Ee. IV. 6 


li. V. 40 


Gg. V. 8 



Gg. II. 25 


Hh. II. 1 



Dd. III. 83, §10 


Hh. III. 6 


Dd. II. 31 


Ff. VI. 29 


Hh. II. 8 


Ee. IV. 3 


Hh. III. 16 


Hh. n. 7 


Ee. II. 14 



Hh. II. 6 


Ee. II. 12 


(Dd. IV. 19 


Ee. V. 22 


Mm. IV. 20 

(Gg-ii- 17 


Gg. V. 9 


Ee. II. 16 


Dd. III. 83, § 3 


Ee. IV. 5 


Ee. in. 44 


Mm. IV. 26 


Ee. V. 18 


Ee. V. 25 



Ee. V. 19 


Ee. V. 26 


(Hh. III. 12 
|Mm. IV. 30 


Gg. V. 2 


Ee. IV. 1 


Ee. V. 20 


Gg. V. 18 


Ff. VI. 44 


Gg. V. 3 


Mm. IV. 41 


Gg. VI. 22 


Gg. V. 4 


Gg. V. 20 



Gg. V. 5 


Dd. XI. 60 


Hh. IV. 4, 5 


Hh. n. 9 


Dd. V. 46 


Mm. II. 21 


Gg. V. 6 


Ee. VI. 18 


LI. II. 2 


Hh. III. 7 


Mm. I. 30 


LI. II. 3 


Ee. III. 49 



li. V. 43 


Hh. III. 8 


Mm. V. 23 




LI. I. 16 


Dd. viii. 19 


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li. VI. 3 



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A printed book 


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> Catalogue of 1697. Appendix, p. 403. 


University Press, Camrridge. 
October. 1888. 


W O R K S 



Cambnngr ^anilierfiitj) ^Sreso. 

Uontion : c. J. CLAY AND SONS, 



GLASGOW: 263, Argyle Street. 

«Camtjrttigf : DEIGHTON, BELL AND CO. 
ILfipjig: F. A. BROCKHAUS. 




thorized English Version, with the Text Revised by a Collation of its 
Early and other Principal Editions, the Use of the Italic Type made 
uniform, the Marginal References remodelled, and a Critical Intro- 
duction prefixed, by F. H. A. Scrivener, M.A., LL.D., Editor of 
the Greek Testament, Codex Augiensis, &c., and one of the Revisers 
of the Authorized Version. Crown 4to. gilt. 21s. 

From the Times. literature of the subject, by such workers as 
"Students of the Bible should be particu- Mr Francis Fry and Canon Westcott, appeal 
larly grateful (to the Cambridge University to a wide range of sympathies; and to these 
Press' for having produced, with the able as- may now be added Dr Scrivener, well known 
sistance of Dr Scrivener, a complete critical for his labours in the cause of the Greek Testa- 
edition of the Authorized Version of the Eng- ment criticism, who has brought out, for the 
lish Bible, an edition such as, to use the words Syndics of the Cambridge University Press, 
of the Editor, 'would have been executed long an edition of the English Bible, according to 
ago had this version been nothing more than the text of 1611, revised by a comparison with 
the greatest and best known of English clas- later issues on principles stated by him in his 
sics.' Falling at a time when the formal revi- Introduction. Here he enters at length into 
sion of this version has been undertaken by a the history of the chief editions of the version, 
distinguished company of scholars and divines, and of such features as the marginal notes, the 
the publication of this edition must be con- use of italic type, and the changes of ortho- 
sidered most opportune." graphy, as well as into the most interesting 
From the A i^n<pum. question as to the original texts from which 
"Apart from its religious importance, the our translation is produced." 
English Bible has the glory, which but few From the London Quarterly Review. 
sister versions indeed can claim, of being the "The work is worthy in every respect of the 
chief classic of the language, of having, in editor's fame, and of the Cambridge University 
conjunction with Shakspeare, and in an im- Press. The noble English Version, to which 
measurable degree more than he, fixed the our country and religion owe so much, was 
language beyond any possibility of important probably never presented before in so perfect a 
change. Thus the recent contributions to the form." 


Edition, on good writiiig paper, v^'x'Oix one column of print and wide 
margin to each page for MS. notes. This edition will be found of 
great use to those who are engaged in the task of Biblical criticism. 
Two Vols. Crown 4to. gilt. 31^. dd. 


DERN representative's. Being the Introduction to the 
Cambridge Paragraph Bible (1873), re-edited with corrections and 
additions. By F. H. A. Scrivener, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., Pre- 
bendary of Exeter and Vicar of Hendon. Crown 8vo. Ts. 6d. 

divided into Sections adapted to the Calendar and Tables of 
Lessons of 187 1. Crown Svo. 3^. 6d. 

rjyndon : C. J. Cla y fir» Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


SARUM. Jiixta Editionem maxiniam pro Cr.AUnu) CllEVAlJ.ON 
KT Francisco Rkcnaui/p a. d. mdxxxi. in Alma I'arisiorum 
Academia imprcssam : labore ac studio Fran'cisci Froc'IKR, 
A.M., ET Christophori Worhswokth, A.m. 

Fasciculus I. In quo continontur Kalendarium, et Ordo 
Temporalis sive Proprium de Tempore totius anni, una cum 
ordinali suo quod usitato vocabulo dicitur Pica sive Directorium 
Sacerdotum. Dcniy 8vo. i8j. 

"The value of this reprint is consider.-ible to cost prohibitory to all but a few.... Messi* students, who will now be able to con- Procter and Wordsworth have discharged their 

suit in their own libraries a work absolutely in- editorial task with much care and judgment, 

dispensable to a right understanding of the his- though the conditions under which they have 

tory of the Prayer-I5ook, but which till now been working are such as to hide that fact from 

usually necessitated a visit to some public all but experts." — Literary Churchman. 
library, since the rarity of the volume made its 

Fasciculus II. In quo continentur Psalterium, cum ordinario 
Officii totius hebdomadae juxta Horas Canonicas, et proprio Com- 
pletorii, Litanma, Commune Sanctorum, Ordinarium Missae 
cum Canone et XII i Missis, &c. &c. Demy 8vo. lis. 

"Not only experts in liturgiology, but all For all persons of religious tastes the Breviary, 

persons interested in the history of the Anglican with its ndxture of Psalm and .-Vnthem and 

Book of Common Prayer, will be grateful to the Prayer and Hymn, all hanging one on the 

Syndicate of the Cambridge University Press other, and connected into a harmonious whole, 

for forwarding the publication of the volume must be deeply interesting." — Church Quar- 

which bears the above title, and which has terly Revieiv. 

recently appeared under their auspices." — "The editors have done their work excel- 

No/es atiii Queries. lently, and deserve all praise for their labours 

"Cambridge has worthily taken the lead in rendering what they justly call 'this most 

with the Breviarj', which is of especial value interesting Service-book ' more readily access- 

for that part of the reform of the Prayer-Book ible to historical and liturgical students." — 

which will fit it for the wants of our time . . . Saturday Review. 

Fasciculus III. In quo continetur Proprium Sanctorum 
quod et sanctorale dicitur, una cum accentuario. Demy 8vo. 15.$-. 
Fasciculi I. II. III. complete, £2. 2s. 
BREVIARIUM ROMANUM a Francisco Cardinali 

QUIGNONIO editum et rccofrnitum iuxta editionem Venetiis A.D. 1535 
impressam curante Johannk Wickham Legg Societatis Anti- 
quariorum atque Collegii Rcgalis Medicorum Londinensium Socio 
in Nosocomio Sancti Bartholomaei olim Praelectore. Demv 8vo. 12^. 

Columns on the same page. Edited by J. Scholeeield, M.A. 
Small Oflavo. New Edition, with the Marginal References as 
arranged and revised by Dr Scrivener. Cloth, red edges. 7J-. 6if. 

dent's Edition of the above, on lan^c luritimj^ paper. \\.o. \2s. 

GREEK TESTAMENT, ex editione Stcphani tcrtia, 1550. 
Small 8vo. 3J. M. 

THE NEW TESTAMENT IN GREEK accordin^jT to the 
text followed in the Authorised Version, with the Variations adopted 
in the Revised Version. Edited by F. H. A. ScRlVENER, M.A., 
D.C.L., LL.D. Crown 8vo. ds. Morocco boards or limp. lis. 
The Revised Version is the Joint Property of the Universities of 
Cambridge and O.rford. 

ENGLISH, being the Authorised Version set forth in 161 1 Arranged 
in Parallel Columns with the Revised Version of 1881, and with the 
original Greek, as edited by F. H. A. SCRIVENER, M.A., D.C.L., 
LL.D. Crown 8vo. I2.$'. bd. The Revised Version is the Joint 
Property of the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. 

London : C. J. Cla v ^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 



TO THE SEPTUAGINT. Edited by H. B. Swete, D.D., 

Honorary' Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. Vol. I. Genesis— 

IV Kinqs. Crown 8vo. r. ./ n 

Volume II. By the same Editor. \hi the Press. 

" Der Zweck dieser Ai.f^gabe. den ganzen Bezuglich der Accente und SpirUus der E.gen- 

in den erwahnten Hss. vorliegenden kritischen namen s.nd die Herausg. ihre e.genen \\ ege 

■; -^-^ 'itlich zu^immerzustellen und dem ^^^^■n^,^'n. — Deutsche LitteraturzeiUing. 

i .. VachschLigen in den Separat- " The Edition has been executed in the very 

■ler Codicc; zu ersp.iren, ist hier best style of Cambridge accuracy, which no 

j. .tester Weise vortrefflich erreicht. superior anywhere, and this is enough to put it 

,. ..^ Kl.irheit, SchOnheit und Cor- at the head of the hst of editions for manual 

rettheit des Drucks gebfirt der .\usgabe das w^&r— Academy. 

hOchste L'^b. Da zugleich der Preis sehr ni-- An edition, which for ordinary purposes 

drie ecstellt ist so ist zu hnffen und zii wun- will probably henceforth be that in use by 

*chen, dass sie auch aufserhalb des englisch-n readers of the Septuagint. '—Guardiati. 
Sprachkreises ihre Verbreitung finden werde. , ,^ , - 

troduction. By the Very Rev. E. H. Plumptre, D.D., Dean of 
Wells. Large Paper Edition. Demy 8vo. Ts.dd. 

Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged: 
with Collations exhibiting all the Readings of all the MSS. Edited 
by the Rev. VV. W. Skeat, Litt.D., Klrington and Bosworth Pro- 
fessor of Anglo-Saxon. New Edition. Demy 4to. \os. 

with the preceding, by the same Editor. Demy 4to. \os. 

with the preceding, bv the same Editor. Demy 4to. \os. 

with the preceding, by the same Editor. Demy 4to. \os. 

" The Gospel according to St John, in Kemble, some forty years ago. Of the par- 

AngloSaxon and Northumbrian Versions: ticular volume now before us, we can only say 

Edited for the Syndics of the University it is worthy of its two predecessors. We repeat 

Press, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A., that the service rendered to the study of Anglo- 

-omoletcs an undertaking designed and com- Saxon by this Synoptic collection cannot easily 

menced by that distinguished scholar, J. M. be overstated." — Contemporary Review. 

THE POINTED PRAYER BOOK, being the Book of 
Common Prayer with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as 
they are to be sung or said in Churches. Royal 24mo. IJ-. ^d. 
The same in square 32mo. cloth. 6^/. 

THE CAMBRIDGE PSALTER, for the use of Choirs and 
Organists. Specially adapted for Congregations in which the " Cam- 
bridge Pointed Prayer Book" is used. Demy 8vo. cloth extra, y. 6d. 
cbth limp, cut flush. 2.r. (-)d. 

THE PARAGRAPH PSALTER, arranged for the use of 
Choirs by Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D., Regius Professor of 
Divinity in the University of Cambridge. Fcap. 4to. ^s. 
The same in royal 32mo. Cloth Is. Leather Is. %d. 

"The Para^raiih Ps.ilter exhibits all the and there is not a clergyman or organist in 

care, thought, and learning that those acquaint- England who should be without this Psalter 

ed wiih the works of the Regius Professor of as a work of reference."— jW()r?i/«^ /"(jj/. 
Divinity at Cambridge would expect to find, 

and edited with an Introduction and Notes, and a facsimile of the 
MS., by RoiiERT L. Bensly, M.A., Lord Almoner's Professor of 
Aral)ic. Demy 410. ^os. 

"It ha» been s.iid r.f thU book that it has Bible we understand that of the larger size 

added a new chapter to the Bible, and. startling which contnins the Apocrypha, and if the 

as the Matemeni rnay at first sight appear, it is Second Book of Esdras can be fairly called a 

no exaggeration of the actual fact, if by the pa.noit\ic \^ocTyp\\&."-Saturday Review. 

London : C. J. Clay ^ Sons. Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


NEW TESTAMENT. By J. Kendel Makkis, M.A. Witli 3 
plates. Demy 410. \os. bd. 

M.mli.iei, Marci, Lucae ad cap. III. 9 coniplectcns, circa septinium 
vel octavum saeculum scriptvs, in Ecclesia Cathedrali Lichlieluiensi 
servatus. Cum codice versionis Vulgatae Amiatino contulit, pro- 
le^-omena conscripsit, F. H. A. SCRIVENEK, A.M., D.C.L., LL.D., 
With 3 plates, ^"i. \s. 


THE GREEK LITURGIES. Chiefly from original Autho- 
rities. By C. A. SWAiNSoN, D.D., late Master of Christ's College, 
Cambridi^e. Crown 410. Paper covers. 1 5J. 

■'Jcder folgende Forscher wird Griechischen Liturgien sicher gelegt hat." — 
anerkciinen, dass Swainson das F'undaiiieiu zu Auni.rn IIaknack, TheologUclie Literatur- 
einer historiscli-kritischen GeMjhichle der Zeititiig. 

sion with the Greek Fragments, edited from the MSS. with Notes 
and an Introduction, by H. B. SWETE, D.D. In Two Volumes. 
Volume 1., containing the Introduction, with Facsimiles of the MSS., 
and the Commentary upon Galatians^Colossians. Demy 8vo. 12^. 

" In dem oben verzeichneten Biiche liegt handschriften . . . sind vortrertliche plioto- 

uns die erste Halfte einer vollstiindigen, ebenso graphische Facsimile's bcigegcben, wie iiber- 

sorgfaltig gcarbeiteten wie schbn ausgestat- haiipt das ganze Werk von der L'niiersity 

teten Ausgabe des Coninicntars mit ausfiihr- Press zu Cambridge mit bekannter Eleganz 

lichen Prolegomena und reichhaltigen kritis- ausgestattet ist." — Theolcgisclie Liieraturzei- 

chen und eriauterndca Anmerkungen vor." — tuiig. 

Literarisclu-s Centralhlatt. "' It is a hopeful sign, amid forebodings 

"It is the result of thorough, careful, and which arise about the theological learning of 

patient investigation of all the points bearing the Universities, that we have before us the 

on the subject, and the results are pre>entcd first instalment of a thoroughly scientific and 

with admirable good sense and mode>iy." — painstaking work, commenced at Cambridge 

Guardian. and completed at a country rectory."- CVt«r<r/4 

■'Auf Grund dieser Quellen ist der Text Quarterly Revievj {y^n. 1881). 

bei Swete mit musterhafter Akrinle herge- " Hernn Swete's Leistung ist eine so 

stellt. Aber auch hat der Herausgeber luclitige dass wir das Werk in keinen besseren 

mit unermiidlichem Fleisse und eingehend- Handen wissen mochten, und mit den sich- 

ster Sachkenntniss sein Werk mit alien den- er^ten Erwariungen auf das Gelingen der 

jenigen Zugaben ausgeriistet, welche bei einer F'ortsetzung entgegen sehen." — Gdttingische 

solchen Text-Ausgabe nur irgend erwartet gelekrte Aiizeigeni^^'^x.. xiZi). 
werden konnen. . . . Von den drci Haupt- 

VOLUME II., containing the Commentary on i Thessalonians — 
Philemon, Appendices and Indices. \7.s. 

"Eine Ausgabe . . . fiir welche alle zugiing- mone Ji bien dans les deux volumes que je 

lichen Hiilfsmittel in musterhafter Weise be- signale en ce moment. ..Elle est accompagnee 

nutzt wurden . . . erne reife Frucht siebenjahri- de notes erudites, suivie de divers appendices, 
gen Fleisses." — T/ieologischf Literaturzeitung . parmi lesqucls on appre'ciera surtout un recueil 

(Sept. 23, 1882). des fr.ignienls des ocuvres dogmatiques de 

"Mit derselben Sorgfalt bearbcitet die wir Theodore, et precedee d'une introduction oil 

bei dem ersten Theile geriihmt haben." — sent traitees ^ fond toutes les questions d'his- 

Literarisc/ies Ceniraibiatt (}u\y 2<), 1882). toire litteraire qui se rattachent soit au com- 

"M. Jacobi. .commcn9a...une edition du mentaire lui-meme, soit i sa version Latine." — 

texte. Ce travail a ete repris en Anglcterre et Bulletin Critique, 1885. 

Pirqe Aboth and Pcreq R. Meir in Hebrew and English, with Cri- 
tical and Illustrative Notes. By Charles Taylor, D.D., Master 
of St John's College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. loj-. 

"The 'Masseketh Aboth' stands at the " A careful and thorough edition which does 

head of Hebrew non-canonical writings. It is credit to English scholarship, of a short treatise 

of ancient date, claiming to contain the dicta from the Mishna, containing a series of sen- 

of teachers who flourished from B.C. 200 to the tences or maxims ascribed mostly to Jewish 

same year of our era. Mr Taylor's explana- teachers immediately preceding, or immediately 

tory and illustrative commentary is very full following the Christian era. . ." — Contempo- 

and satisfactory." — Spectator. rary Review. 

London : C. J, Cla Y &^ Sojvs, Cnnihridge University Tress Warehouse, 

Ave Afaria Lane. 



SHEPHERD OF HERMAS. Together with an Introduction by 
Spvr. p. Lambros, Ph. D., translated and edited with a Preface and 
Appendices by J. Armitage Robinson, M.A., Fellow and Dean of 
Christ's College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. y. 6d. 


Lecturer in Hebrew at Christ's College, Cambridge. Royal 8vo. 2i.r. 
quinque adversus Hcisreses, versione Latina cum Codicibus Claro- 
montano ac Arundeliano denuo coUata, praemissa de placitis Gnos- 
ticorum prolusione, fragmenta necnon Grasce, Syriace, Armeniace, 
commentatione perpetua et indicibus variis edidit W. Wigan 
Harvey, S.T.B. CoUegii Regalis olim Socius. 2 Vols. 8vo. i8.y. 

from the original MS., with an English Commentary, Analysis, Intro- 
duction, and Copious Indices. Edited by H. A. Holden, LL.D. 
Examiner in Greek to the University of London. Crown 8vo. 7^-. 6d. 

TRES AD AUTOLYCUM edidit, Prolegomenis Versione Notulis 
Indicibus instruxit G. G. Humphry, S.T.B. Post 8vo. 5^. 

COMMEXTARIUS, edited by W. G. Humphry, B.D. Prebendary 
of St Paul's, late Fellow of Trinity College. Demy 8vo. js. 6d. 


TACb'LIS, DE IDOLOLATRIA, with Analysis and English Notes, 
by George Currey, D.D. Preacher at the Charter House, late 
Fellow and Tutor of St John's College. Crown 8vo. s^- 

edited by J. Rendel Harris, M.A., Fellow of Clare College, 
Cambridge. With two Facsimiles. Demy 4to. 12s. bd. 

with Facsimile Text and Commentary, by J. Rendel Harris, M.A. 
Demy 410. £^\. \s. 


WORKS OF ISAAC BARROW, compared with the Ori- 
ginal MSS., enlarged with Materials hitherto unpublished. A new 
Edition, by A. Napier, M.A. 9 Vols. Demy 8vo. ^3. 3^. 

Discourse concerning the Unity of the Church, by Isaac Barrow. 
Demy 8vo. "js. 6d. 

by Tempi, kChevallier, B.D. New Edition. Revised by R. Sinker, 
B.D., Librarian of Trinity College. Demy 8vo. 12s. 

"A new edition of IJishop Pearson's famous places, and the citations themselves have been 

work On the Cr<?f</ has just been issued by the adapted to the !.>est and newest texts of the 

Cambridge University Press. It is the well- several authors— texts which have undergone 

known edition ofTempleChevallier, thoroughly vast improvements withm the last two centu- 

overhauled by the Rev. R. Sinker, of Trinity ries. The Indices have also been revised and 

Coileg": The whole text and notes have been enlarged Altogether this appears to be the 

moM c-refullv examined and corrected, and most complete and convenient edition as yet 

»per.ral pains have been taken to verify the al- published of a work which has long been re- innumerable references. These have been cognised in all quarters as a standard one."— 

more clearly and accurately given in very many Guardian. 

London : C. J . Cla y fir* Sons., Cambridge University Press Warehouse., 

Ave Maria Lane. 



CREED written by the Right Rev. John I'karson, U.D. hue Lord 
Bishop of Chester, by W. H. Mill, D.D. Demy 8vo. ^s. 

G. E. CoRRiK, D.D. hue Master ot Jesus College. Demy 8vo. -js. 6d. 

ELIZABETH. Now First Reprinted. Demy 8vo. 6d. 

"From ■ Collections and Notes' 1867—1876, ker Society's volume of Occisional Forms of 
by W. C.irew Hazlitt (p. 340), we learn that — Prayer, but it had been lost sight of for 200 
'A very remarkable volume, in the original years.' 15y the kindness of the present pos- 
vellum cover, and containing 25 Forms of sessor of this valuable volume, containing in all 
Prayer of the reign of Elizabeth, each with the 25 distuict publications, I am enabled to re- 
autograph of Humphrey iJyson, has lately fallen print in the following pages the two Forms 
into the hands of my friend Mr H. Pyne. It is of Prayer supposed to have been lost." — Ex- 
mentioned specially in the Preface to the Par- tract from t/u- Preface. 


TRINITY OF PLATO, and of Philo JudcX^us, and of the effecfls 
which an attachment to their writings had upon the principles and 
reasonings of the Fathers of the Christian Church. Revised by H. A. 
H OLDEN, LL.D. Crown Svo. 4^. 

SELECT DISCOURSES, by John Smith, late F'ellow of 
Queens' College, Cambridge. Edited by H. G. Williams, B.D. late 
Professor of Arabic. Royal Svo. js. 6d. 

"The 'Select Discourses' of John Smith, with the richest lights of meditative genius... 

collected and published from his papers after He was one of those rare thinkers in whom 

his death, are, in my opinion, much the most largeness of view, and depth, and wealth of 

considerable work lei^t to us by this Cambridge poetic and speculative insight, only served to 

School [the Cambridge Platonists). They have evoke more fully the religious spirit, and while 

a right to a place in English literary history." he drew the mould of his thought from Plotinus, 

— Mr Matthew Arnold, in the Coutempo- he vivified the substance of it from St Paul." — 

rary Revieiv. Principal Tilloch, Rational Theology in 

"Of all the products of the Cambridge England in t/u- iTt/t Century. 
School, the 'Select Discourses' are perhaps "We may instance Mr Henry GrifTm Wil- 

the highest, as they are the most accessible liams's revised edition of Mr John Smith's 

and the most widely appreciated. ..and indeed 'Select Discourses,' which have won Mr 

no spiritually thoughtful mind can read them Matthew Arnold's admiration, as an example 

unmoved. They carry us so directly into an of worthy work for an University Press to 

atmosphere of divine philosophy, luminous undertake." — Times. 

THE HOMILIES, with Various Readings, and the Quo- 
tations from the Fathers given at length in the Original Languages. 
Edited by the late G. E. CoRRiF, D.D. Demy Svo. js. 6d. 

decem Oxonii in Schola Theologica habitue a Roberto Sanderson, 
SS. Theologiae ibidem Professore Regio. With English Notes, 
including an abridged Translation, by W. Whewell, D.D. late 
Master of Trinity College. Demy Svo. yj. 6d. 

with other Tracts on Popery. Edited by J. Scholefield, M.A. late 
Regius Professor of Greek in the University. Demy Svo. "js. 6d. 

explaining the New Testament, by the early opinions of Jews and 
Christians concerning Christ. Edited by T. TURTON, D.D. Svo. 5J. 

LECTURES ON DIVINITY delivered in the University 
of Cambridge, by ]oHS Hey, D.D. Third Edition, revised by T. 
TuRTON, D.D. late Lord Bishop of Ely. 2 vols. Demy Svo. 15J. 


OF CHRLSTIAN thought. Being the Hulsean Lectures for 
1885. By W. Cunningham, B.D. Demy Svo. Buckram, 12s. bd. 

London : C. J. Cla v &^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 



THE DIVYAVADANA, a Collection of Early Buddhist 
Legends, now first edited from the Nepalese Sanskrit MSS. in 
Cambridge and Paris. By E. B. CowELL, M.A., Professor of 
Sanskrit in the University of Cambridge, and R. A. Neil, M.A., 
Fellow and Lecturer of Pembroke College. Demy 8vo. i8^. 

With a Metrical Translation, Notes and Introduction, by E. H. 
Palmer, M.A., Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple, late Lord 
Almoner's Professor of Arabic, formerly Fellow of St John's College, 
Cambridge. 2 vols. Crown 4to. 

Vol. 1. The Arabic Text. \os. 6d. 

Vol. II. English Translation. ios.6d.\ cloth extra. 15J. 

"We have no hesitation in saying that in remarked, by not unskilful imitations of the 

both Prof Palmer has made an addition to Ori- styles of several of our own favourite poets, 

ental literature for which scholars should be living and dead." — Saturday Review. 
grateful; and that, while his knowledge of "This sumptuous edition of the poems of 

Arabic is a sufficient guarantee for his mastery Beha-ed-din Zoheir is a very welcome addition 

of the original, his English compositions are to the small series of Eastern poets accessible 

distinguished by versatility, command of Ian- to readers who are not Orientalists." — Aca- 

guage, rhythmical cadence, and, as we have demy. 

posed in Syriac A.D. 507 with an English translation and notes, by 
W. Wright, LL.D., Professor of Arabic. Demy 8vo. io.y. 6d. 

" Die lehrreiche kleine Chronik Josuas hat ein Lehrmittel fiir den syrischen Unterricht ; es 

nach Assemani und Martin in Wright einen erscheint auch gerade zur rechten Zeit, da die 

dritten Bearbeiter gefunden, der sich um die zweite Ausgabe von Roedigers syrischer Chres- 

Emendation des Textes wie um die Erklarung tomathie im Buchhandel vollstandig vergriffen 

der Kealicn wesentlich yerdient gemacht hat und diejenige von Kirsch-Bernstein nur noch 

. . . Ws. Josua-Ausgabe ist eine sehr dankens- in wenigen Exemplaren vorhanden ist." — 

werte Gabe und besonders empfehlenswert als Deutsche Littcraturzeitung. 


BIDPAI ; being an account of their literary history, together with 
an English Translation of the same, with Notes, by I. G. N. Keith- 
Falconer, M.A., late Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic in the 
University of Cambridge. Demy Svo. yj. bd. 

NALOPAkHYANAM, or, the tale of NALA; 
containing the Sanskrit Text in Roman Characters, followed by a 
Vocabulary and a sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. By the late 
Rev. Thomas Jarrett, M.A. Trinity College, Regius Professor 
of Hebrew. Demy Svo. \os. 

NOTES ON THE TALE OF NALA, for the use of 
Classical Students, by J. Peile, Litt.D., Master of Christ's College. 
Demy Svo. \2s. 


MANUSCRIPTS in the University Library, Cambridge. Edited 
by C. Bendall, M.A., Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. Demy 
Svo. 1 2 J. 

"It is unnecessary to state how the com- those concerned in it on the result. . . Mr Ben- 

pilation of the proent catalogue came to be dall has entitled himself to the thanks of all 

placed in Mr Bendall's hands; from the cha- Oriental scholars, and we hope he may have 

racter of his work it is evident the selection before him a long course of .successful labour in 

was judicious, and we may fairly congratulate the field he has chosen."— /J M^«<p?<7;,- 


being the Syriac version of the Pseudo-Callisthenes. Edited from 
Five Manuscripts, with an English Translation and Notes, by 
E. A. W. Budge, M.A., Christ's College. [/« the Press. 

London : C. J. Cla Y ^ SONS^ Cambridge University Press Warehouse^ 

Ave Marin Lane. 



SOPHOCLES: The Plays and Fragments, with Critical 
Notes, Commentary, and Translation in English Prose, by R. C. 
JKHI!, Litt.I).. LL.I)., Professor of Greek in the University of Glasgow. 

Parti. Oedipus Tyrannus. Demy 8vo. New Edition. 12s. 6(/. 

Part II. Oedipus Coloneus. Demy 8vo. 12^. 6(/. 

Part m. Antigone. Demy 8vo. i2j-. 6d. 

"Of his expl.iiiatory .tikI critical notes we " Prof. Jebb's keen and profound sympathy, 

can only speak with admiration. Thorough not only with Sophocles and all the best of 

scholarship combines with taste, erudition, and ancient Hellenic life and thought, but also with 

boundless industry to m.ike this first volume a modem European culture, constitutes him an 

pattern of editing. The work is made com- ideal interpreter between the ancient writer 

plete by a prose translation, upon pages alter- and the modern reader." — Athcnteum. 

nating with the text, of which we may say " It would be difficult to praise this third in- 

shortly that it displays sound judgment and stalmcnt of Professor Jebb's unetiualled edition 

taste, without sacrificing precision to poetry of of Sophocles too warmly, and it is almost a 

expression." — Tlu Times. work of supererogation to praise it at all. It is 

" Professor Jebb's edition of Sophocles is equal, at least, and perhaps superior, in merit, 
already so fully eitablished, and has received to either of his previous instalmenu ; and when 
such appreciation in these columns and else- this is said, all is said. Yet we cannot refrain 
where, that we have judged this third volume from formally recognising once more the con- 
when we have said that it is of a piece with summate Greek scholarship of the editor, and 
the others. The whole edition so far exhibits from once more doing grateful homage to his 
perhaps the most complete and elaborate edit- masterly tact and literary skill, and to his un- 
orial work which has ever appeared." — Satur- wearied and marvellous industry." — Spectator, 
day Ret-iew. 


et brevi adnotatione critica, curante F. A. Paley, M.A., LL.D. 
Demy 8vo. "js. 6d. 

lation in English Rhythm, and Notes Critical and Explanatory. 
New Edition Revised. By Benjamin Hall Kennedy, D.D., 
Regius Professor of Greek, Crown 8vo. 6s. 

"One of the best editions of the masterpiece of Greek tragedy." — Atherueum. 

THE THE^TETUS OF PLATO with a Translation and 

Notes by the same Editor. Crown 8vo. ys. bd. 

CHOLOGY, in Greek and English, with Introduction and Notes, 
by Edwin Wallace, M.A., late Fellow and Tutor of Worcester 
College, Oxford, Demy 8vo. i8j. 

"The notes are exactly what such notes "Wallace's Bearbeitung derAristotelischen 

ought to be, — helps to the student, not mere Psychologic ist das Werk eines denkenden und 

displays of learning. By far the more valuable in alien Schriften des Aristoteles und grOssten- 

parts of the notes are neither critical nor lite- teils auch in der neueren Litteraiur zu densel- 

rary, but philosophical and expositorj' of the ben belesenen Mannes . . . Der schwachste 

thought, and of the connection of thought, in Teil der Arbeit ist der kritische . . . Abcr in 

the treatise itself. In this relation the notes are alien diesen Dingen liegt auch nach der Ab- 

invaluable. Of the translation, it may be said sicht des Verfassers nicht der Schwerpunkt 

that an English reader may fairly master by seiner Arbeit, sondem." — Prof. Susemihl in 

means of it this great treatise of Aristotle." — PhilologUche Wockenschrift. 

Edited by Henry Jackson, Litt.D., Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 6j. 

"It is not too much to say that some of the will hope that this is not the only portion of 
points he discusses have never had so much the Aristotelian writings which he is likely to 
light thrown upon them before. . . . Scholars edit." — Athetutum. 

London : C. J. Cla y ^ So.vs, Cambridi^e University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 




bv the late E. M. COPE. Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge re- 
vs^ and edited bv J. E. Sandys, Litt.D^ With a biographical 
Memoir bv the lateH. A. J. MUNRO, Litt.D. 3 Vols, Demy 8vo. 
Now reduced to 1\s. {ori^rinally published at 31 J. bd.) 

.■T-^.V^nm!rywa>-scrediubI?tothe-' "^ I' Mr. Sandys ^as performed h^^^^^^^^^ 

r- to Mr Cope's supplementing, and completing— he has done 
_ . ■ exceedingly well. " — Examuter. 


Notes Explanatorv and Critical. Introductions and Introductory 
Essays. Edited by C. A. M. Fennell, Litt. D., late Fellow of 
Tesus CoUec^e. Crown Svo. QJ. „ ^., 

deseWes the thanks of all clas- in comparative philology. —A thefupiitn. 

v^al r hi. careful and scholarly edi- "Considered simply asa contribution to the 

npian and Pythian odes. He study and cnticism of Pmdar, Mr Fennell s 

•/the necessar>- enthusiasm for edition is a work of great merit. —Saturday 

ftis J .; . :. s'=->i indu.';tr>% a sound judgment, Reznew. 

and in particular, copiouN and minute learning ...^ ^ ...^ , 


Editor. Crown Svo. 9^. 

" A< a handy and instructive edition of valuable help to the study of the most difficult 

a difficult classic no work of recent years sur- of Greek authors, and is enriched with notes 

iav>«^ Mr Fennell's 'Y\^A3Li."'—Athe>uFjim. on points of scholarship and etymology which 

'•Thli work is in no way inferior to could only have been written by a scholar of 

the previous volume. The commentary affords very high attainments."— 5'«/7/r^aj' Review. 

troductions and English Notes, by F. A. Paley, M.A. Editor of 
Aeschylus, etc. and J. E. Sandys, Litt.D. Fellow and Tutor of St 
John's College, and Public Orator in the University of Cambridge. 

Part I. Contra Phormionem, Lacritum, Pantaenetum, Boeotum 
de Nomine, Boeotum de Dote, Dionysodorum. New Edition. 
Crown Svo. ds. 

"Mr Paley's scholarship is sound and literature which bears upon his author, and 

accurate. hU experience of editing wide, and the elucidation of matters of daily life, in the 

if he i» content to devote his learning and delineation of which Demosthenes is so rich, 

abililiev to the production of such manuals obtains full justice at his hands. . . . We 

as the<e, they will be received with gratitude hope this edition may lead the way to a more 

throughout the higher schools of the country. general study of these speeches in schools 

Mr Sandys i* deeply read in the German than has hitherto been possible." — Academy. 

Part II. Pro Phormione, Contra Stephanum I. II.; Nicostra- 
tum, Cononem, Calliclem. New Edition. Crown Svo. ^s. 6d. 

" It it long since we have come upon a work mosthenes'." — Saturday Revie^u. 

rrttiHr^ more pins, scholarship, and varied " the edition reflects credit on 

ind illustration than Mr Sandys's Cambridge scholarship, and ought to be ex- 

n to the 'Private Orations of De- tensively used."— yi///f«a'«>« 

AGAINST TIMOCRATES, with Introductions and English Com- 
mentar)-. by WiLLlAM Wayte, M.A., late Professor of Greek, Uni- 
r,ity College, London. Crown Svo. ^s. 6d. 

n speeches are highly interesting, as prehended subject matter .... Besides a most 

'^ .•<^-:.i Attic Law, as that law was in- lucid and interesting introduction, Mr Wayte 

t . . • >.v the exigences of politics ... As has given the student effective help in his 

:les of the great orator's style, running commentary. We may note, as being 

V of all admiration ; and they so well managed as to form a verj' valuable 

•age-not inconsiderable when part of the exegesis, the summaries given with 

'"15"'* °' 'f** average school- every two or three sections throughout the 

' cred— of havnng .an easily com- s-p&cch."— Spectator. 

PLATO'S PHi^DO, literally translated, by the late E. M. 
Cope, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, revised by Henry 
Jackson. Litt. D., Fellow of Trinity College. Demv Svo. 5.^ 

P. VERGILI MARONIS OPERA cum ' Prolegomenis 
ct Commentano Critico edidit B. H. Kennedy, S.T.P , Graecae 
Linguae Prof Regius. Extra Fcap. Svo. 5^. 

Uindon : C. J. Clay^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


Critical Notes, and Archjeological Illustrations, by J. E. Sandys, 
Litt.D. New and Enlarged Edition. Crown 8vo. \2s. 6d. 

"Of the present edition of the ^rtA/zf?" by Mr able advance in freedom and lightness of style. 
Sandys we may safely s.ay never before has . . . Under such circumstances it is superfluous 
a Greek play, in England at least, had fuller to say that for the purposes of teachers and ad- 
justice done to its criticism, interpretation, vanced students this handsome edition far sur- 
and archaeological illustration, whether for the passes all its predecessors." — Athencrum. 
young student or the more advanced scholar. "It has not, like so many such books, been 
The Cambridge Public Orator may be said to hastily produced to meet the momentary need 
have t.iken the lead in issuing a complete edi- of some particular e.\amination ; but it has em- 
tion of a Greek play, which is destined perhaps ployed for some years the labour and thought 
to gain redoubled favour now that the study of of a highly finished scholar, whose aim seems 
ancient monuments has been applied to its il- to have been that his book should go forth totus 
lustration." — Saturday Rez>imv. teres atqite rotumius. armed at all points with 

"The volume is interspersed with well- all that may throw light upon its subject. The 

executed woodcuts, and its general attractive- result is a work which will not only assist the 

ness of form reflects great credit on the Uni- schoolboy or undergraduate in his tasks, but 

versity Press. In the notes Mr Sandys has more will adorn the library of the scholar." — The 

than sustained his well-earned reputation as a Guardian. 
careful and learned editor, and shows consider- 


Litt. D., F.S.A. With i6 Autotype plates, containing photographs of 
Coins of all parts of the Greek World. Impl. 4to. Cloth extra, 
^i. lis. 6d.; Roxburgh (Morocco back), £2. 2s. 

"Professor Gardner's book is written with be distinctly recommended to that omnivorous 
such lucidity and in a manner so straightfor- class of readers — 'men in the schools'." — Sa- 
ward that it may well win converts, and it may turday Revieiv. 


STEIN, Litt. U., Phil. D., Reader in Classical Archjeology in the 
University of Cambridge. Royal 8vo. With numerous Illustrations. 
16 Plates. Buckram, 30J. 

" I acknowledge expressly the warm enthu- very valuable contribution towards a more 

siasm for ideal art which pervades the whole thorough knowledge of the style of Pheidias." — 

volume, and the sharp eye Dr Waldstein has The Academy. 

proved himself to possess in his special line of " 'Essays on the Art of Pheidias' form an 

study, namely, stylistic analysis, which has led extremely valuable and important piece of 

him to several liappyand important discoveries. work. . . . Taking it for the illustrations alone. 

His book will be universally welcomed as a it is an exceedingly fascinating book." — Times. 


Part I. The Archaic Inscriptions and the Greek Alphabet by E. S. 
Roberts, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Gonville and Caius College. 
Demy 8vo. With illustrations. iSj'. 

" We will say at once that Mr Roberts ap- notices bearing on each document. Explana- 
pears to have done his work very well. The tory remarks either accompany the text or are 
book is clearly and conveniently arranged. added in an appendix. To the whole is pre- 
The inscriptions are naturally divided accord- fixed a sketch of the history of the alphabet up 
ing to the places to which they belong. Under to the terminal date. At the end the result is 
each head are given illustrations sufficient to resumed in general tables of all the alphabets, 
show the characteristics of the writing, one classified according to their connexions; and a 
copy in letters of the original form (sometimes separate table illustrates the alphabet of Athens. 
a facsimile) being followed by another in the The volume contains about five hundred in- 
usual cursive. References, which must have scriptions, and forms a moderate octavo of about 
cost great labour, are given to the scattered four hundred pages." — Saturday Review. 


A revised text edited with Introductory Essays and with critical 
and explanatory notes, by J. E, Sandys, Litt.D. Demy 8vo. 16^-. 

"This volume, which is adorned with "A model edition."— 6>(YVrt/('n 

several good woodcuts, forms a handsome and "The commentary is in every way worthy 

welcome addition to the Cambridge editions of of the editor's high reputation."— .-itvi^j'cwj'. 
Cicero's works." — A tJienceiim. 


ET MALORUM LIBRI QUINQUE. The text revised and 

explained ; With a Translation by James S. Reid, Litt. D., Fellow 

and Tutor of Gonville and Caius College. 3 Vols. \_In the Press. 

Vol. III. Containing the Translation. Demy 8vo. Zs. 

ginal Analysis, English Commentary, and copious Indices, by H. A. 
HoLDEN, LL.D. Sixth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Cr. 8vo. gi-. 

"Few editions of a classic have found so position of the work secure." — American 
much favour as Dr Holden's De Officiis, and Journal of Philology. 
the present revision (sixth edition) makes the 

London : C. y. Cla v ^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 

T— fi 




With Introduction, Analysis and Commentary, by H. A. Holden, 
LL D. Crown 8vo. zs. ^,.^^ 

tion and Appendices by W. E. Heitland, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of 
St John's College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. Ts.dd. 


Libri Tres, with Introduction and Commentary by Joseph B. 
Mayor, M.A., together with a new collation of several of the 
English MSS. by J. H. SwAlNSON, M.A. 
Vol.1. Demy 8vo. los.^d. Vol.11. \2s. dd. Vol. III. io.y. 

" Such editions a? of which Prof. Mayor N. D. ii. und zeigt ebenso wie der erste einen 

has given us the first instalment will doubtless erheblichen Fortschritt gegen die bisher vor- 

do much to remedy this undeserved neglect. It handenen commentirten Ausgaben. Man darf 

is one on which great pains and much learning jetzt, nachdem der grosste Theil erschienen 

have evidently been expended, and is in every ist, sagen, dass niemand, welcher sich sachlich 

way admirably suited to meet the needs of the oder kritisch mit der Schrift De Nat. Deor. 

student . . . The notes of the editor are all that beschaftigt, die neue Ausgabe wird ignoriren 

could be expected from his well-known learn- diirfen."— P. Schwencke in JB. f. cl. Alt. 

ing and scholarship."— /lc(ii/^wy. vol. 35, p. 90 foil. 

" Der vorliegende zweite Band enthalt 

See also Pitt Press Series, pp. 24 — 27. 


Sir W. THOMSON, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., Professor of Natural Phi- 
losophy in the University of Glasgow. Collected from different 
Scientific Periodicals from May 1841, to the present time. Vol. I. 
Demy 8vo. \Zs. Vol. II. i^s. [Volume 111. In the Press. 

"\\Tierever exact science has found a fol- text-books. His eager fertility overflows into 

lower .Sir William Thomson's name is known as the nearest available journal . . . The papers in 

a leader and a master. For a space of 40 years this volume deal largely with the subject of the 

each of his successive contributions to know- dynamics of heat. They begin with two or 

ledge in the domain of experimental and mathe- three articles which were in part written at the 

matical physics has been recognized as marking age of 17, before the author had commenced 

a sta^e in the progress of the subject. But, un- residence as an undergraduate in Cambridge." 

h.ippilv f'^'r the mere learner, he is no writer of — The Tunes. 

G. G. Stokes, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., Lucasian Professor of Mathe- 
matics in the University of Cambridge. Reprinted from the Original 
Journals and Transactions, with Additional Notes by the Author. 
_ Vol. I. Demy 8vo. 15^. Vol.11. 15^. [Vol. III. In the Press. 

" ...The iiame spirit pervades the papers on which well befits the subtle nature of the sub- 
pure mathematics which are included in the jects, and inspires the completest confidence in 
volume. They have a severe accuracy of style their author." — 7"//^ Times 

the present time. Vol. I. Galilei to Saint-Venant, 1639-1850. 
By the late I. Todhunter, Sc.D., F.R.S., edited and completed 
by Professor Karl Pearson, M.A. Demy 8vo. 25^. 
Vol. II. By the same Editor. f/n the Press 

R S. Hf.ath, M.A., Professor of Mathematics in Mason Science 
College, Birmingham. Demy 8vo. 12^. dd. 

OPTICS. By R. .S. Heath, M.A. Crown 8vo. ^s. 

J. CLLRK MAXWELL. Edited by W. D. Niven, M.A. In 2 vols 
^°y^' 4to. {Nearly ready. 

London: C. J. Clav dr- Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehotise, 

Ave Maria Latie, 



ARTHUR CAYLEY, M.A., F.R.S., Sadlerian Professor of Pure 
Mathematics in the University of Cambridge. Demy 4to. 

1 1 }i the PvcsSt 

LECTION OF BOOKS AND PAPERS written by or belonging 
to Sir Isaac Newton. Demy 8vo. 5^-. 

Sir W. Thomson, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., and P. G. Tait, M.A., 
Parti. Demy 8vo. \(ys. Part II. Demy 8vo. iSj. 

fessors Sir W. Thomson and P. G. Tait. Demy Svo. 9^. 

CAPILLARY ACTION by Francis Bashforth, B.D., and 
J. C. Adams, M.A., F.R.S. Demy 410. ^i. \s. 


nants and their applications in Analysis and Geometry, by R. F. 
Scott, M.A., Fellow of St John's College. Demy Svo. 12^-. 
HYDRODYNAMICS, a Treatise on the Mathematical 
Theory of the Motion of Fluids, by H. Lamb, M.A. Demy Svo. 12s. 


Fourier. Translated, with Notes, by A. Freeman, M.A., formerly 
Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. Demy Svo. 12s. 

TORY. HEAT. Edited by \V. N. Shaw, M.A. Demy Svo. 35. 

Cavendish, F.R.S. Written between 177 1 and 1781. Edited from 
the original MSS. in the possession of the Duke of Devonshire, K. G., 
by the late J. Clerk Maxwell, F.R.S. Demy Svo. iSs. 


By P. G. Tait, M.A. Second Editio7i. Demy Svo. I4J-. 

ROW, D.D. Edited by W. Whewell, D.D. Demy Svo. ^s. 6d. 

COUNTERPOINT. A Practical Course of Study, by the 
late Professor Sir G. A. Macfarren, M.A., Mus. Doc. New 
Edition, revised. Crown 4to. 7s. 6d. 

CHEMISTRY, by M. M. Pattison Muir, M.A. Demy Svo. 15J. 

[A^eTiJ Edition. Nearly ready. 

"The value of the book as a digest of the more cofnprehensive scheme, has produced a 

historical developments of chemical thought systematic treatise on the principles of chemical 

is immense." — Acadoity. philosophy which stands far in advance of any 

" Theoretical Chemistry has moved so rapidly kindred work in our language. It is a treatise 

of late years that most of our ordinary text that reciuires for its due comprehension a fair 

books have been left far behind. German acquaintance with physical science, and it can 

students, to be sure, possess an excellent guide hardly be placed with advantage in the hands 

to the present state of the science in ' Die of any one who does not possess an extended 

Modernen Theorien der Chemie ' of Prof. knowledge of descriptive chemistr>'. But the 

Lothar Meyer ; but in this country the student advanced student whose mind is well equipped 

has had to content him.self with such works .is with an array of chemical and physical facts 

Dr Tilden's ' Introduction to Chemical Philo- can turn to Mr Muir's masterly volume for 

Sophy', an admirable book in its way, but rather unfailing help in acquiring a know-ledge of the 

slender. Mr Pattison Muir having aimed at a principles of modern chemistry." — Athcuceuin. 


MuiR, M.A., and Charles Slater, M.A., M.B. Crown Svo. 4.V. 6^. 
PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY. A Course of Laboratory 
Work. By M. M. Pattison Muir, M.A., and D. J. Carnegie, B.A. 
Crown Svo. y. 

London : C. J. Cla v ^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


Explanator)-. Bv H. J. H. Fenton, M.A., F.I.C., Demonstrator of 
Chemistrvinthe'Universitv of Cambridge. Cr. 4to. New Edition. 6^. 

by S. H. Vines, D.Sc, Fellow of Christ's College. Demy 8vo. 
With Illustrations. 2U. . 

"To say th.-it Dr Vines' book is a most science that the works in most general use m 

»-alu-»blc addition to our own botanical litera- this country for higher botanical teaching have 

lure is but a n.irrow meed of praise : it is a been of foreign origin. ...This is not as it should 

work which will take its place as cosmopolitan : be; and we welcome Dr Vmes' Lectures on 

no more clear or concise discussion of the diffi- the Physiology of Plants as an important step 

cult chcmistT)' of metabolism has appeared.... towards the removal of this reproach.. ..The 

Id erudition it st-inds alone among English work forms an important contribution to the 

books, and will compare favourably with any literature of the subject. ...It will be eagerly 

foreign competitors." Nature. welcomed by all students, and must be in the 

"It has long been a reproach to English hands of all teachers." — Academy. 


Bv J. Gow, Litt.D., Fellow of Trinity College. Demy 8vo. io.y. 6d. 
History of Greek Algebra. By T. L. Heath, M.A., Fellow of 
Trinity College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. ys. 6d. 

"This study in the history of Greek Algebra classification of Diophantus's methods of solu- 

is an exceedingly valuable contribution to the tion taken in conjunction with the invaluable 

history of mathematics." — Acade}iiy. abstract, presents the English reader with a 

" The most thorough account extant of capital picture of what Greek algebraists had 

Diophantus's place, work, and critics. . . . [The really accomplished.]" — Atheiusievi. 

AND BRICKHILL with Plates, being the Sedgwick Prize Essay 
for the Year 1879. By the late W. Keeping, M.A., F.G.S. Demy 
Svo. \os. 6d. 

TOZOA, CCELENTERATES, WORMS, and certain smaller groups 
of animals, published during the years 1861 — 1883, by D'Arcy W. 
Thompson, M.A. DemySvo. 12s. 6d. 

vatory of Cambridge by the late Rev. James Challis, M.A., F.R.S., 
F.R.A.S. For various Years, from 1846 to i860. 

Vol. XXI. Royal 4to. 15^. From 1866 to 1869. Vol. XXII. 
Royal 4to. INe^ir/y ready. 

formed by the late H. E. Strickland, now in the possession of the 
University of Cambridge. By O. Salvin, M.A. DemySvo. / 

graphically and Zoologically arranged, by R. Etheridge, Tun., 
F.G..S. Demy8vo. los. 6d ^ ' ^ , J , 


dents in the Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy. Second 
Edition. Demy 8vo. 2s. 6d. 


I5KIAN AND SILURIAN FOSSILS contained in the Geological 
Museum of the University of Cambridge, by J. W. Salter, F.G.S. 
U ith a Portrait of Pkofe.ssor Sedgwick. Royal 4to. 7s. 6d. 
tamcd in the Anatomical Museum of the University of Cambridge 
Demy Svo. 2s. 6d. ^ 

London ; C. J. Clav Sr- SONS, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 



OF CONTRACT. By Gerard Brown Finch, M.A., of Lincoln's 
Inn, Barrister at Law ; Law Lecturer and late Fellow of Queens' 
College, Cambridge. Royal 8vo. 28^-. 

"An iuvakiable guide towards the best method of legal study." — La7v Quarterly 


THE LAW OF ENGLAND. Being the Yorke Prize Essay for 

1884. By T. E. SCRUTTON, M.A. Demy 8vo. los. 6d. 

" Legal work of just the kind that a learned University should promote by its prizes " — 
Law Quarterly RevieTju. 

LAND IN FETTERS. Being the Yorkc Prize Essay for 

1885. By T. E. SCRUTTON, M.A. Demy 8vo. -js. 6d. 
Yorke Prize Essay for 1886. By T. E. Scrutton, M.A. Demy 8vo. 
los. 6d. 


Being the Yorke Prize Essay for 1887. By W. Easterby, B.A., LL.B. 
St John's College and the Middle Temple. Demy 8vo. js. 6d. 

Clark, LL.D., Regius Professor of Civil Law in the University of Cam- 
bridge, also of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

By E. C. Clark, LL.D. Crown 8vo. 9^. 

"Damit schliesst dieses inhaltreiche und tical Jurisprudence." — Kiimg. Centralblatt/ur 
nach alien Seiten anregende Biich iiber Prac- Rechtswissenschaft. 

Willis-Bund, M.A., LL.B., Professor of Constitutional Law and 
History, University College, London. Crown 8vo. Vols. I. and II. 
In 3 parts. Now reduced to 30s. {originally published at 46.$-.) 

"This work is a very useful contribution to not without considerable value to those who 

that important branch of the constitutional his- seek information with regard to procedure and 

tory of England which is concerned with the the growth of the law of evidence. We should 

growth and development of the law of treason, add that Mr Willis-Bund has given short pre- 

as it may be gathered from trials before the faces and appendices to the trials, so as to form 

ordinary courts. The author has very wisely a connected narrative of the events in history 

distinguished these cases from those of im- to which they relate. We can thoroughly re- 

peachment for treason before Parliament, which commend the book." — Law Times. 
he proposes to treat in a future volume under " To a large class of readers Mr Willis- 

the general head 'Proceedings in Parliament.'" Bund's compilation will thus be of great as- 

— Tlie Academy. ^ sistance, for he presents in a convenient form a 

" This is a work of such obvious utility that judicious selection of the principal statutes and 

the only wonder is that no one should have un- the leading cases bearing on the crime of trea- 

dertaken it before ... In many respects there- son . . . For all classes of readers these volumes 

fore, although the trials are more or less possess an indirect interest, arising from the 

abridged, this is for the ordmary student's pur- nature of the cases themselves, from the men 

pose not only a more handy, but a more useful who were actors in them, and from the numerous 

work than Howell's." — Saturday Review. points of social life which are incidentally illus- 

" But, although the book is most interesting trated in the course of the \.n3Xi."—Athe)tceum. 
to the historian of constitutional law, it is also 


OF SALVIUS JULIANUS, collected, arranged, and annotated by 
Bryan Walker, M. A., LL.D., late Law Lecturerof St John's College, 
and Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo. 6s. 

" In the present book we have the fruits of such a student will be interested as well as per- 
the same kind of thorough and well-ordered haps surprised to find how abundantly the ex- 
study which was brought to bear upon the notes tant fragments illustrate and clear up points 
to the Commentaries and the Institutes . . . which have attracted his attention in the Com- 
Hitherto the Edict has been almost inac- mentaries, or the Institutes, or the Digest." — 
cessible to the ordinary English student, and Law Times. 

London : C. J. Cla v dr' Sons, Cambridge University Tress Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


BRACTON'S NOTE BOOK. A Collection of Cases de- 
cided in the King's Courts during the reign of Henry the Third, 
annotated by a Lawyer of that time, seemingly by Henry of Bratton. 
Edited by F W. Maitland of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law, 
Downing Professor of the Laws of England. 3 vols. Demy 8vo. 
Buckram. £l. y. Net. 

TINIAN'S DIGEST. Containing an account of its composition 
and of the Jurists used or referred to therein. By Henry John 
ROBY, M.A., formerly Prof, of Jurisprudence, University College, 
London. Demy 8vo. 9^-. 


with a Legal and Philological Commentary. By H. J. ROBY, M.A. 
Demy 8vo. 9^. 
Or the Two Parts complete in One Volume. Demy 8vo. i8j. 

"Not an obscurity, philological, historical, tained and developed. Roman law, almost 

or legal, has been left unsifted. More inform- more than Roman legions, was the backbone 

ing aid still has been supplied to the student of of the Roman commonwealth. Mr Roby, by 

the Digest at large by a preliminarj- account, his careful sketch of the sages of Roman law, 

covering nearly 300 pages, of the mode of from Sextus Papirius, under Tarquin the 

composition of the Digest, and of the jurists Proud, to the Byzantine Bar, has contributed to 

whose decisions and arguments constitute its render the tenacity and durability of the most 

substance. Nowhere else can a clearer view enduring polity the world has ever experienced 

be obtained of the personal succession by which somewhat more intelligible." — The Times. 
ihe tradition of Roman legal science was sus- 


ULPIAN. With a Translation and Notes, by J. T. Abdy, LL.D., 
Judge of County Courts, late Regius Professor of Laws in the 
University of Cambridge, and Bryan Walker, M.A., LL.D., late 
Law Lecturer of St John's College, Cambridge, formerly Law Student 
of Trinity Hall and Chancellor's Medallist for Legal Studies. New 
Edition by Bryan Walker. Crown 8vo. i6j. 

" As scholars and as editors Messrs Abdy way of reference or necessary explanation. 

and Walker have done their work well . . . For Thus the Roman jurist is allowed to speak for 

one thing the editors deserve special commen- himself, and the reader feels that he is really 

dation. They have presented Gaius to the studying Roman law in the original, and not a 

reader with few notes and those merely by fanciful representation of it." — Athejiceuin. 

Notes by J. T. Abdy, LL.D., and the late Bryan Walker, M.A., 
LL.D. Crown 8vo. i6j. 

" Wc wclcuine here a valuable contribution the ordinary student, whose attention is dis- 

to the study of jurisprudence. The text of the traded from the subject-matter by the dif- 

/tutitulti is occasionally perplexing, even to ficulty of struggling through the language in 

practised scholars, whose knowledge of clas- which it is contained, it will be almost indis- 

• ical m'jdels does not always avail them in peiisable." — Spectator. 

dealing with the technicalities of legal phrase- " The notes are learned and carefully com- 

ology. Nor can the ordinary dictionaries be piled, and this edition will be found useful to 

expected to furnish all the help that is wanted. students." — Law Times. 
Thi.4 translation will then be of great use. To 

by the late B. Walker, M.A., LL.D. Part I. Mandati vel Contra. 
Digest XVII. I. Crown 8vo. 5J. 

Part II. De Adquircndo rerum dominio and De Adquirenda vel 

amittenda possessions Digest xll i and 11. Crown 8vo. 6j-. 

Part III. De Condictionibus. Digest xn. i and 4 — 7 and Digest 

XIM. 1—3. Crown 8vo. 6j. 

of Barbcyrac and others ; accompanied by an abridged Translation 
of the Text, by W. Whewell, D.D. late Master of Trinity College. 
3 Vols. Demy 8vo. i2j. The translation separate, ds. 

London : C J. Cla v St* Sons, Cambridge Utiiversity Press Warehouse^ 

Ave Maria Lane. 



M.A., Regius Professor of Modern History in the University of 
Cambridge, with Portraits and Maps. 3 Vols. Demy 8vo. 30J. 

" Dr Busch's volume made people think are apt to shtink." — Ti»ies. 
and talk even more than usual of Prince Bis- " In a notice of this kind scant justice can 

marck, and Professor Seeley's very learned work be done to a work like the one before us; no 

on Stein will turn attention to an earlier and an shorl resu»ti! can give even the most meagre 

almost equally eminent German statesman. ]t notion of the contents of these volumes, which 

has been the good fortune of Prince Bismarck contain no page that is superfluous, and none 

to help to raise Prussia to a position which she that is uninteresting .... To understand the 

had never before attained, and to complete the Germany of to-day one must study the Ger- 

work of German unification. The frustrated many of many yesterdays, and now that study 

labours of Stein in the same field were also has been made easy by this work, to which no 

very great, and well worthy to be taken into one can hesitate to assign a very high place 

account. He was one, perhaps the chief, of among those recent histories which have aimed 

the illustrious group of strangers who came to at original research." — Athettceum. 
the rescue of Prussia in her darkest hour, about " We congratulate Cambridge and her Pro- 

the time of the inglorious Peace of Tilsit, and fessor of History on the appearance of such a 

who laboured to put life and order into her noteworthy production. And we may add that 

dispirited army, her impoverished finances, and it is something upon which we may congra- 

her inefficient Civil Service. Stein strove, too, tulate England that on the especial field of the 

— no man more, — for the cause of unification Germans, history, on the history of their own 

when it seemed almost folly to hope for sue- country, by the use of their own literary 

cess. Englishmen will feel very pardonable weapons, an Englishman has produced a his- 

pride at seeing one of their countrymen under- tory of Germany in the Napoleonic age far 

take to write the history of a period from the superior to any that exists in German." — Ex- 

investigation of which even laborious Germans amiiier. 

bassador at the court of Versailles from June 1790 to August 1792, 
to which are added the Despatches of Mr Lindsay and Mr Munro, 
and the Diary of Lord Palmerston in P'rance during July and 
August 1791. Edited by OsCAR BROWNING, M.A., Fellow of King's 
College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 15^-. 


COMMERCE. By W. Cunningham, B.D., late Deputy to the 
Knightbridge Professor in the University of Cambridge. With 
Maps and Charts. Crown 8vo. lis. 

"Mr Cunningham is not likely to disap- merce have grown. It is with the process of 

point any readers except such as begin by mis- growth that he is concerned; and this process 

taking the character of his book. He does not he traces with the philo.sophical insight which 

promise, and does not give, an account of the distinguishes between what is important and 

dimensions to which English industry and com- what is trivial." — Guardian. 


Accompanied by a short narrative of events, with references to the 
sources of information and extracts from the ancient authorities, by 
Carl Peter. Translated from the German by G. Chawner, 
M.A,, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Demy 4to. \Qs. 


by ^. Robertson Smith, M.A., LL.D., Fellow of Christ's College 
and University Librarian. Crown 8vo. "js. 6d. 

"It would be superfluous to praise a book ally throws light, not merely on the social 

so learned and masterly as Professor Robertson history of Arabia, but on the earlier passages 

Smith's; it is enough to say that no student of of Old Testament history .... We must be 

early history can afford to be without Kinship grateful to him for so valuable a contribution 

in Early Arabia."— Nature. to the early history of .social organisation." — 

"It is clearly and vividly written, full of Scotsman. 
curious and picturesque material, and incident- 

London : C. J. Cla v fir» Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse. 

Ave Maria Lane. 


1877. By Charles M. Doughty, of Gonville and Cams College. 
With Illustrations and a Map. 2 vols. Demy 8vo. ;^3. zs. 

" ThU is in several respects a remarkable " We judge this book to be the most re- 

l,. '.^ It rcc.rd- the ten years' travels of the markable record of adventure and research 

.iu:h .- t.".r u^hout Northern Arabi.-i, in the which has been published to this generation.' 

li • I- .iri.J N""cid, from Syria to Mecca. No —Spectator. 

: ih> Tciion has been visited by previous "Its value as a storehouse of knowledge 

t.-.i-..-.i:r-, but none, we venture to think, have simply cannot be exaggerated."— 3"rti'anz'a>' 

done their work with so much thoroughness or Review. 
with more enthusiasm and love." — Times. 

HISTORY OF NEPAL, translated by MuNSHi Shew 
Shunker Singh and Pandit Shr! Gunanand; edited with an 
Introductory Sketch of the Country and People by Dr D. Wright, 
late Residency Surgeon at Kathmandu, and with facsimiles of native 
drawings, and portraits of Sir Jqng Bahadur, the King of Nepal, 
&c. Super-royal 8vo. \os. 6d. 

"The Cambridge University Press have Introduction is based on personal inquiry and 

dooc well in publishing this work. Such trans- observation, is written intelligently and can- 

lations are valuable not only to the historian didly, and adds much to the value of the 

but also to the ethnologist ; . . . Dr Wright's volume" — Nature. 

the Winter of 1884-5. ^Y Cecil Bendall, M.A., Fellow of Gonville 
and Caius College, Cambridge ; Professor of Sanskrit in University 
College, London. Demy 8vo. \os. 



1535, by J. B. Mullinger, M.A., Lecturer on History and Librarian 

to St John's College. Part I. Demy 8vo. (734 pp.), 12s. 

Part II. From the Royal Injunctions of 1535 to the Accession of 

Charles the First. Demy 8vo. i8j. 

"That Mr MuUinger's work should admit activity of its leading members. All this he 

of being rcg.irded as a continuous narrative, combines in a form which is eminently read- 

io which cnaracler it has no predecessors able."— Prof. Creighton in Cont. Review. 
vorth mentioning, is one of the many advan- "Mr Mullinger has succeeded perfectly in 

Uges it possesses over annalistic compilations, presenting the earnest and thoughtful student 

even so valuable as Cooper's, as well as over with a thorough and trustworthy history." — 

A tkenae. " — Prof. A. W. Ward in the A cade my. Guardian. 

"Mr MuUinger's narrative omits nothing "Mr Mullinger displays an admirable 

which i^ required by the fullest interpretation thoroughness in his work. Nothing could be 

jcct. He shews in the statutes of more exhaustive and conscientious than his 

cs, the internal organization of the method : and his style. picturesque and 

I ....^, .;,, its connection with national pro- elevated." — Times. 

bicms, iii studies, its social life, and the 

EVANGELIST, by Thomas Baker, B.D., Ejected Fellow. Edited 
by John £, B. Mayor, M.A. Two Vols. Demy 8vo. ■2\s. 

" To antiquaries the book will be a source "The work displays very wide reading, and 

of aliDoil inexhaustible amusement, by his- it will be of great use to members of the coU 

lorunt It will be found a work of considerable lege and of the university, and, perhaps, of 

•ervice on questions respecting our social pro- still greater use to students of English his- 

gre»« in pa*t limes; and the care and thorough- tory, ecclesiastical, political, social, literary 

'■ ' •^•'' Mayor has discharged his and academical, who have hitherto had to be 

IIS arc creditable to his learning content with 'Dyer.'" — Academy. 
.411 . ii . isit ) . — At/untrum. 

SCHOLAE ACADEMICAE: some Account of the Studies 
at the English Universities in the Eighteenth Century. By Chris- 
topher Wordsworth, M.A., Fellow of Peterhouse. Demy 8vo. 

lOJ. (jd. 

"^'' " ' ■'' fia' collected a great education and learning."— .yrt/^cr^/rt^ A' i-z//(rzt/. 

quantity and curious information "Of the whole volume it may be said that 

'-^'"'"■''Jge institutions in it is a genuine service rendered to the study 

1 an occasional comparison of University history, and that the habits of 

. .; ^tatc of things at Oxford. thought of any writer educated at either seat of 

»■«:.- *'^** """u '■' '* ?l";'''y ^'^°^ °^ ""■ l<=aniing in the last century will, inmanycases. 

Z^rlJ"!^ "t-'."""^ 'I T'" \''J'^ permanent be far better understood after a consideration 

will, for the hijtoncal knowledge of English of the materials here coUecled." -Academy. 

London : C. J. Cla y &* Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


CAMBRIDGE AND ETON, by the late Robert Willis, M.A. 
F.R.S., Jacksonian Professor in the University of Cambridge. Edited 
with large Additions and brought up to the present time by John 
Willis Clark, M.A., formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. Four Vols. Super Royal 8vo. £6. 6s. 

Also a limited Edition of the same, consisting of 120 numbered 
Copies only, large paper Quarto ; the woodcuts and steel engravings 
mounted on India paper ; price Twenty-five Guineas net each set. 


(Incomplete) MS. of the late T. H. Key, M.A., F.R.S. Crown 4to. 

A Ca!tAl6'gUE of ancient marbles IN GREAT 
BRITAIN, by Prof. Adolf Michaelis. Translated by C. A. M. 
Fennell, Litt. D., late Fellow of Jesus College. Royal 8vo. Rox- 
burgh (Morocco back), £2. 2s. 

"The object of the present work of Mich- to the Cambridge Press. It has not been printed 

aelis is to describe and make known the vast in German, but appears for the first time in the 

treasures of ancient sculpture now accumulated English translation. All lovers of true art and 

in the galleries of Great Britain ...Waagengave of good work should be grateful to the Syndics 

to the private collections of pictures the ad- of the University Press for the liberal facilities 

vantage of his inspection and cultivated ac- afforded by them towards the production of 

quaintance with art, and now Michaelis per- this important volume by Professor Michaelis." 

forms the same office for the still less known — Saturday Revifiv. 

private hoards of antique sculptures for which " Professor Michaelis has achieved so high 

our country is so remarkable. The book is a fame as an authority in classical archaeology 

beautifully executed, and with its few handsome that it seems unnecessary to say how good 

plates, and e.xcellent indexes, does much credit a book this is."— The Antiquary. 

RHODES IN ancient TIMES. By Cecil Torr, M.A. 

With six plates. Demy 8vo. lOi-. 6d. 
RHODES IN MODERN TIMES. By the same Author. 
With three plates. Demy 8vo. 2>s. 


B. Mayor, M.A. Demy 8vo. 7s. bd. 

during the last quarter of the Fifteenth Century. In three parts. 
I. History of the Woodcutters. II. Catalogue of their Woodcuts. 
III. List of the Books containing Woodcuts. By William Martin 
Conway. Demy Svo. \os. 6d. 

SANCE. An Introductory Essay. By A. A. Tillev, M.A., Fellow 
and Tutor of King's College, Cambridge. Crown Svo. 6s. 

WINDISCH. Translated by Dr Norman Moore. Crown Svo. ys.6d. 

LECTURES ON TEACHING, delivered in the University 
of Cambridge in the Lent Term, 1880. By J. G. Fitch, M.A., LL.D. 
Her Majesty's Inspector of Training Colleges. Cr. Svo. New Edit. 5^. 

"As principal of a training college and as a schools . . . Mr Fitch's book covers so wide a 

Government inspector of schools, Mr Kitch has field and touches on so many burning questions 

got at his fingers' ends the working of primary that we must be content to recommend it as 

education, while as assistant commissioner to the best existing ivz^/f Wtr«;« for the teacher." 

the late Endowed Schools Commission he has — Pa/^ Ma/^ Gazette. 
seen something of the machinery of our higher 


SUBJECTS. By S. S. Laurie, M.A., LL.D. Crown Svo. 

[Nearly ready. 

For other books on Education, see Pitt Press Series, p. 3 1 . 

London : C. J. Cla y ^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse 

Ave Maria Lane. 



EPISTVLAE ORTELIANAE. Abrahami Ortelii (Geo- 

graphi Antverpiensis) et virorvm ervditorvm ad evndem et ad 
JACOHVM COLIVM Ortelianvm (Abraham! Ortelii sororis filivm) 
Epistvlae. Cvm aliqvot aliis epistvlis et tractatibvs qvibvsdam ab 
vtroqve collectis (1524— 1628). Ex avtographis mandante Ecclesia 
Londino-batava edidit Joannes Henricvs Hessels. Demy 410. 
£1. I Of. Net. 

the causes and phenomena of the rise of Classical Poetry in England. 
by Edmund Gosse, M.A. Crown 8vo. 6j. 

CENTURY. By C. H. Herford, M.A. Crown 8vo. 9^. 

Jan. 1678—9. Edited by J. Venn, Sc.D., Senior Fellow of the 
College, and S. C. Venn. Demy 8vo. ioj'. 

preserved in the University Library, Cambridge. By Dr S. M. 
SCHILLER-SZINESSY. Volume I. containing Section I. The Holy 
Scriptures ; Section II. Commentaries on the Bible. Demy 8vo. 9J. 

in the Library of the University of Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 5 Vols. 
lOJ. each. INDEX TO THE CATALOGUE. Demy 8vo. los. 

A CATALOGUE OF ADVERSARIA and printed books 
containing MS. notes, preserved in the Library of the University of 
Cambridge. 3^. 6d. 

brary of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Catalogued with Descriptions, and 
an Introduction, by W. G. Searle, M.A. Demy 8vo. ys. 6d. 

Documents, and other Papers in the University Registry which 
concern the University Library. Demy 8vo. 2s. 6d. 


Demy 4to. 5^. 

LOGUS exhibens nomina eorum quos ab Anno Academico Admis- 
sionum MDCCC usque ad octavum diem Octobris MDCCCLXXXIV 
gradu quocunque ornavit Academia Cantabrigiensis, e libris sub- 
scriptionum desumptus. Cura Henrici Richards Luard S. T. P. 
Coll. SS. Trin. Socii atque Academic Registrarii. Demy 8vo. 12s. 6d. 

and for the Colleges therein, made published and approved (1878 — 
1 882) under the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1877. 
With an Appendix. Demy 8vo. i6j-. 


With Acts of Parliament relating to the University. 8vo. 3^-. 6d. 

BRIDGE. Demy 8vo., cloth. ys.6d. 

(i) The Professorships of the University. (2) The Scholarships 
and Frizes. (3) Other Gifts and Endowments. Demy 8vo. ^s. 

for the use of persons in Statu Pupillari. Demy 8vo. 6d. 

London: C. J. Clay Sr' Sons, Cambridge Utiiversity Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


%\)t Cambrilige Bible for 
^djool^; anil Colleges* 

General Editor : The Very Reverend J. J. S. Perowne, D.D., 

Dean of Peterborough. 

" It is difficult to commend too highly this excellent series." — Ciiariiian. 

"The modesty of the general title of this series has, we believe, led many to misunderstand 
its character and underrate its value. The books are well suited for study in the upper forms of 
our best schools, but not the less arc they adapted to the wants of all I'ibic students who arc not 
specialists. We doubt, indeed, whether any of the numerous popular commentaries recently 
issued in this country wdl be found more serviceable for general use." — Academy. 

"One of the most popular and useful literary enterprises of the nineteenth century." — Baptist 

"Of great value. The whole series of comments for schools is highly esteemed by students 
ppable of forming a judgment. The books are scholarly without being pretentious : information 
is so given as to be easily understood." — Sword and Trowel. 

The Very Reverend J. J. S. Perowne, D.D., Dean of Peterborough, has 
undertaken the general editorial supervision of the work, assisted by a staff of 
eminent coadjutors. Some of the books have been already edited or undertaken 
by the following gentlemen : 

Rev. A. Carr, M.K., late Assistant Master at Wellington College. 

Rev. T. K. Cheyne, M.A., D.D., late Felloiu of Balliol College, Oxford. 

Rev. S. Cox, Nottingham. 

Rev. A. B. Davidson, D.D., Professor of Heh-rw, Edinburgh. 

The Ven. F. W. Farrar, D.D., Archdeacon of Westminster. 

Rev. C. D. GiNSBURG, LL.D. 

Rev. A. E. Humphreys, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity College, Catnby-idge. 

Rev. A. F. KiRKPATRiCK, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Regius Professor 

of Hebrew. 
Rev. J. J. Lias, M.A., late Professor at St David's ColUge, Lampeter. 
Rev. J. R. LuMBY, D.D., Norrisian Professor of Divini/y. 
Rev. G. F. Maclear, D.D., Warden of St Augustine' s College, Canterbury. 
Rev. II. C. G. MoDLE, M.A., late Fello^u of Trinity College, Principal of 

Ridley Hall, Cambridge. 
Rev. W. F. MOULTON, D.D., Head Master of the Leys School, Cambridge. 
Rev. E. H. Perowne, D.D., Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. 
The Ven. T. T. Perowne, B.D., Archdeacon of Nonuich. 
Rev. A. Plummer, M.A., D.D., Master of University College, Durham. 
The Very Rev. E. II. Plumptre, D.D., Dean op Wells. 
Rev. H. E. Ryle, M.A., Ilulsean Professor of Divinity. 
Rev. W. SiMCOX, M.A., Rector of Weyhill, Hants. 
W. Robertson Smith, M.A., Fello-w of Christ's College, and University 

The Very Rev. II. D. M. Spence, M.A., Dean of Gloucester. 
Rev. A. W. Streane, M.A., Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambndge. 

Londott: C. J Clay ^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 




Now Ready. Cloth, Extra Fcap. 8vo. 
THE BOOK OF JOSHUA. By the Rev. G. F. Maclear, D.D. 

With I Maps. is. 6J. 
THE BOOK OF JUDGES. By the Rev. J. J. Lias, M.A. 

With Map. y. 6ii. 
THE FIRST BOOK OF SAMUEL. By the Rev. Professor 

KiRKi'ATRiCK, M.A. With Map. 31. 6d. 
THE SECOND BOOK OF SAMUEL. By the Rev. Professor 

KiRKPATRiCK, M.A. With 2 Maps. 3^. 6d. 
THE FIRST BOOK OF KINGS. By Rev. Prof Lumby, D.D. T,s.6d. 
THE SECOND BOOK OF KINGS. By the same Editor. 3^. bd. 
THE BOOK OF JOB. By the Rev. A. B. Davidson, D.D. 55. 

Plumptre, D.D., Dean of Wells, ^s. 

THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH. By the Rev. A. W. Streane, 

M.A. With Map. 45. 6d. 
THE BOOK OF HOSEA. By Rev. T. K. Chevne, M.A., D.D. 3.f. 

I'KROWNE. 2S. 6d. 

THE BOOK OF MICAH. By Rev. T. K. Cheyne, D.D. is. dd. 
deacon Perowne. 3^. 

Kev. A. Carr, M.A. With 2 Maps. is. 6d. 

G. F. .Maci.ear, D.D. With 4 Maps. is. 6d. 

F. W. Farrar. With 4 Maps. 4J. 6d. 

.\. ri.iMMER, M.A., D.D. With 4 Maps. 4^-. 6d. 

'I'HE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. By the Rev. Professor 
LU.MBY, D.D. With 4 Maps. ^s.6d. 

.Mofi.E, M.A. 3 J. 6d. 

J.J. Lias, M.A. With a Map and Plan. is. 

Kcv. J. J. Lias, M.A. is. 

M'lii.K, .M.A. is. 6d. 

THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS. By Arch. Farrar. 3.^. 6d. 


K. H. P1.U.MPTRE, D.D., Dean of Wells. i.f. 6d. 

same Kditor. 2s. 6d. 

THE EPISTLES OF ST JOHN. By the Rev. A. Plummer, 

M.A..D.D. y.dd. 

London : C. J. Cla y fin- .9o.v.v, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane, 





THE BOOK OF GENESIS. By the Very Rev. the Dkan of 

NOMY. By the Rev. C. D. Ginshukg, LL.D. 

Prof. Ryi.e, M.A. 

THE BOOK OF PSALMS. By the Rev. Prof. Kirkpatrick, M.A. 

THE BOOK OF ISAIAH. By W. Robertson Smith, M.A. 

THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL. By the Rev. A. B. Davidson, D.D. 

Perowne, D.D. 

AND PHILEMON. By the Rev. II. C. G. Moule, M.A. 

W. K. MouLTON, D.D. 

THE BOOK OF REVELATION. By the Rev. W. Simcox, M.A. 



with a Revised Text, based on the most recent critical authorities, and 

Enghsh Notes, prepared under the direction of the General Editor, 

The Very Reverend J. J. S. PEROWNE, D.D. 

Now Ready. 
Rev. A. Carr, M.A. With 4 Maps. 4J-. dd. 

" Copious illustrations, gathered from a great variety of sources, make his notes a very valu- 
able aid to the student. They are indeed remarkably interesting, while all explanations on 
meanings, applications, and the like are distinguished by their lucidity and good sense." — 
Pall Mall Gazette. 

G. F. Maclear, D.D. With 3 Maps. 4J-. 6d. 
'•The Cambridge Greek Testament, of which Dr Maclear's edition of the Gospel according to 
St Mark is a volume, certainly supplies a want. Without pretending to compete with the leading 
commentaries, or to embody very much original research, it forms a most satisfactory introduction 
to the study of the New Testament in the original . . . Dr Maclear's introduction contains all that 
is known of St Mark's life, an account of the circumstances in which the Gospel was composed, 
an excellent sketch of the special characteristics of this Gospel ; an analysis, and a chapter on the 
text of the New Testament generally . . . The work is completed by three good m.^^^."— Satur- 
day Revie^u. 


Farrar. With 4 Maps. ds. 

Plummer, M.A., D.D. With 4 Maps. ds. 
" A valuable addition has also been made to 'The Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools,' 
Dr Plummer's notes on ' the Gospel according to St John ' are scholarly, concise, and instructive, 
and embody the results of much thought and wide reading." — Exfiositor. 

THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. By the Rev. Prof Lumby, D.D., 

with 4 Maps. ds. 

Rev. J. J. Lias, M.A. y. 

Rev. T- T- I>iAS, M.A. [Prepariii'r. 

THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS. By Archdeacon Farrar. 

[In the Press. 
THE EPISTLES OF ST JOHN. By the Rev. A. Plummer, 

M.A., D.D. 4.f. 

London : C. J. Cla y ^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 



{Copies of the Pitt Press Series may generally be obtained bound in two parts for 
^ Class use, the text and notes in separate volumes.] 


ARISTOPHANES — AVES. With English Notes and 
Introduction by W. C. Green, M.A., late Assistant Master at Rugby 
School. iV'-iu Edition, ^s. 6d. 
"The notes to both plays are exxellent. Much has been done in these two volumes to render 
the study of \ristophanes a real treat to a boy instead of a drudgery, by helping him to under- 
stand the fun and to express it in his mother tongue."— 7"/^^ Exa?>uner. 

ARISTOPHANES— PLUTUS. By the same Editor. ^s.Oc/, 
ARISTOPHANES— RANAE. By the same Editor, ss. 6d. 

Edited by E. Wallace, M.A. (.See p. 30.) 
EURIPIDES. HERACLEID.E. With Introduction and 

Critical Notes by E. A. Beck, M.A., Fellow of Trinity Hall. ^s. 6d. 

ductions, Notes and Analysis. By A. Gray, M.A., Fellow of Jesus College, 
and J. T. HUTCHINSON, M.A., Christ's College. New Edition. 2s. 

HERODOTUS, Book VIII., Chaps. 1—90. Edited with 

Notes and Introduction by E. S. Shuckburgh, M.A., late Fellow of 
Emmanuel College. 3^. 6d. 
" We could not wish for a better introduction to Herodotus."— yournat 0/ Edacntwn. 

HERODOTUS, BOOK IX., Chaps. 1—89. By the same 

Editor. 3^. 6d. 

HOMER— ODYSSEY, Book IX. With Introduction, Notes 
and Appendices. By G. M. Edwards, M.A. 2s. 6d. 


LUCTU, with English Notes by W. E. Heitland, M.A., Fellow of 
St John's College, Cambridge. New Edition, with Appendix. 3^-. 6d. 


Notes and Appendices by J. Adam, M.A., Fellow and Classical Lecturer of 
Emmanuel College, y. 6d. 
"A worthy representative of English Scholarship." — Classical Review. 

CRITO. With Introduction, Notes and Appendix. 

By the same Editor. 2s. 6d. 

" Mr Adam, already known as the author of a careful and scholarly edition of the Apology 
of Plato, will, we think, add to his reputation by his work upon the Crito." — Acaticviy. 

"A scholarly edition of a dialogue which has never been really well edited in English." — 


duclion. Notes and Lexicon by Rev. Hubert A. Holden, M.A., LL.D. 6s, 

PLUTARCH. LIFE OF NICIAS. With Introduction 

and Notes. By Rev. Hubert A. Holden, M.A., LL.D. 5^. 

"'I"his edition is as careful and thorough as Ur Holden's work always is." — Spectator. 

PLUTARCH. LIFE OF SULLA. With Introduction, 

Notes, and Lexicon. By the Rev. Hubert A. Holden, M.A., LL.D. 6.f. 


with Introduction and Commentary, by R. C. Jebb, Litt. D., LL.D., Professor 
of Greek in the University of Glasgow. 45. ()d. 

London: C. J. Clay dr' Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


XENOPHON.— AGESILAUS. The Text revised with 

Critical and Explanatory Notes, Introduction, Analysis, and Indices. By 
II. Hailstone, M.A., late Scholar of Peterliouse. 2J. 61/. 


With a Map and English Notes by Alkkkd Pretor, M.A., Fellow of 

St Catharine's College, Cambridge, is. each. 
"Mr Pretor's ' An.ibasis of Xenophon, Book IV.' displays a union of accurate Cambridge 
scholarship, with experience ol' what is required by learners gained in e.\aniining middle-class 
schools. The te.xt is large and clearly printed, and the notes e.\plain all difficulties. ... Mr 
Pretor'snotes seem to be all that could be wished as regards grammar, geography, and other 
matters." — The Academy. 

BOOKS II. VI. and VII. By the same Editor. 2s. 6d. each. 

"Another Greek te.\t, designed it would seem for students preparing for the local e.xaminations, 
is 'Xenaphon's Anabasis,' Book II., with English Notes, by Alfred Pretor, M.A. The editor has 
exercised his usual discrimination in utilising the te.\t and notes of Kuhner, with the occasional 
assistance of the best hints of Schneider, Vollbrecht and Macmichael on critical matters, and of 
Mr R, W. T.aylor on points of history and geography. . . When Mr Pretor commits himself to 
Commentator's work, he is eminently helpful. . . Had we to introduce a young Greek scholar 
to Xenophon, we should esteem ourselves fortunate in having Pretor's text-book as our chart and 
guide. " — Contemporary Review. 

XENOPHON.— ANABASIS. By A. Pretor, M.A., Text 

and Notes, complete in two Volumes, is. 6d. 

troduction, Notes and Map. By Rev. H. A. Holden, M.A., LL.D. 
_ '1 vols. Vol. I. Text. Vol. II. Notes. 6s. 

"The work is worthy of the editor's well-earned reputation for scholarship and industry."— 
A thenautn. 

— Books III., IV., V. By the same Editor. 5^-. 

" Dr Holden's Commentary is equally good in history and in scholzrship." —Saiun/ay Review, 



III., IV., the Text from the very ancient MS. in the Cambridge University 
Library, collated with six other MSS. Edited, with a life from the German of 
Ehert, and with Notes, &c. by J. E. B. Mayor, M.A., Professor of Latin, 
and J. R. Lumby, D.D., Norrisian Professor of Divinity. Revised edition. 
~,s. bd. 
"To young students of English History the illustrative notes will be of great service, while 
the study of the texts will be a good introduction to Mediaeval Latin."— 7V/^ Notcon/ormist. 

" In Bede's works Englishmen can go back to origuies of their history, unequalled for 
form and matter by any modern European nation. Prof. Mayor has done good service in ren- 
dering a part of Bede's greatest work accessible to those who can read Latin with ease. He 
has adorned this edition of the third and fourth books of the ' Ecclesiastical History' with that 
amazing erudition for which he is unrivalled among Englishmen and rarely equalled by Germans 
And however interesting and valuable the text may be, we can certainly apply to his notes 
the expression, La sauce vaut mieux que le poisson. They are literally crammed with interest- 
ing information about early English life. For though ecclesiastical in name, Bede's history treats 
of all parts of the national life, since the Church had points of contact with all "—Examiner 

Books I. and II. In the Press. 

Maps and English Notes by A. G. Peskett, M.A., Fellow of Magdalene 

College, Cambridge. \s. 6d. 
" In an unusually succinct introduction he gives all the preliminary and collateral information 
that is likely to be useful to a young student ; and, wherever we have examined his notes we 
have found them eminently practical and satisfying. . . The book may well be recommended for 
careful study in school or college." — Saturday Review. 


by the same Editor, -^s. 


and CO.MMENT. VII. by the same Editor. 2s. each. 


COMMENT. VIII. by the same Editor, is. 6d. each. 


Introduction and Notes. By II. Cowie, M.A., Fellow of St John's College, 
Cambridge, is. 6d. 

London : C. J. Cla v ^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


CICERO. DE AMICITIA. Edited by J. S. Reid, LittD., 

Fellow and Tutor of Gonville and Caius College. New Edition, with 

.\dditions. is. 6J. r ■. t 

"Mr Reid has decidedly attained his aim, namely, 'a thorough exaramation of the Latinity 

of the dialogue.' The revision of the text is most valuable, and comprehends sundry 

acute corrections. . . . This volume, like Mr Reid's other editions, is a solid gain to the scholar- 
ihxooi iheconnlry."— A iJieiiieum. ,,„.,, ,, , . - -• • r .u r. 

•'A more distinct gain to scholarship is Mr Reid's able and thorough edition of the He 
Amuilid of Cicero, a work of which, whether we regard the exhaustive introduction or the 
instructive and most suggestive commentary, u would be difficult to speak too highly. . . . When 
we come to the commentary, we are only amazed by its fulness in proportion to its bulk. 
Nothing is overlooked which can tend to enlarge the learner's general knowledge of Ciceronian 
Latin or to elucid.ite the l^Kt."—Sat»riiaY Review. 

CICERO. DE SENECTUTE. Edited by J. S. Reid, 

Litt. D. Revised Edition, ^s. 6d. 
" The notes are excellent and scholarlike, adapted for the upper forms of public schools, and 
likelv to be useful even to more advanced students." — Guardiati. 


PRIMA IN C. VERREM. With Introduction and Notes by W. E. 
IlEiTLAND, M.A., and Herbert Cowie, M.A., Fellows of St John's 
College, Cambridge. 3.;. 


and Notes by A. G. Peskett, M.A., Fellow of Magdalene College. 3^. dd. 

CICERO. PRO ARCHIA POETA. Edited by J. S. Reid, 

Litt. D. Revised Edition, is. 
" It IS an admirable specimen of careful editing. An Introduction tells us everything we could 
wish to know about Archias, about Cicero's connexion with him, about the merits of the trial, and 
the genuineness of the speech. The text is well and carefully printed. The notes are clear and 
scholar-like. . . . No boy can master this little volume without feeling that he has advanced a long 
step in scholarship." — Tlie Academy. 

CICERO. PRO BALBO. Edited by J. S. Reid, Litt.D. 

\s. dd. 
" We are bound to recognize the pains devoted in the annotation of these two orations to the 
minute and thorough study of their Latinity, both in the ordinary notes and in the textual 
appendices." — Saturday Review. 

CICERO. PRO AIILONE, with a Translation of Asconius' 

Introduction, Marginal Analysis and English Notes. Edited by the Rev. 
John Smvth Purton, B.D., late President and Tutor of St Catharine's 
College. IS. 6d, 
"The editorial work is excellently done." — The Academy. 

CICERO. PRO MURENA. With EngHsh Introduction 

and Notes. By \V. E. IIeitland, M.A., Fellow and Classical Lecturer 
of .St John's College, Cambridge. Second Edition, carefully revised, y. 

"Those students are to be deemed fortunate who have to read Cicero's lively and brilliant 
oration for L. Murena with Mr Heitland's handy edition, which may be pronounced ' four-sqi:are ' 
in point of equipment, and which has, not without good reason, attained the honours of a 
second edition." — Saturday Review. 

CICERO. PRO PLANCIO. Edited by H. A. Holden, 

LL.D., Examiner in Greek to the University of London. Second Edition. 

"As a book for students this edition can have few rivals. It is enriched by an excellent intro- 
duction and a chronological table of the principal events of the life of Cicero; while in its ap- 
pendix, and in the notes on the text which are added, there is much of the greatest value. The 
volume is neatly got up, and is in every way commendable."— TV/t; Scotsman. 

CICERO. PRO SULLA. Edited by J. S. Reid, Litt.D. 

" Mr Reid is so well known to scholars as a commentator on Cicero that a new work from him 
icarccly needs any commendation of ours. His edition of the speech Pro SuUa is fully equal in 
merit to the volumes which he has already published ... It would be difficult to speak too highly 
of the_ notes. There could be no better way of gaining an insight into the characteristics of 
Cicero's style and the Latinity of his period than by making a careful study of this speech with 
•»•■• ■•! ■ f Mr Reid's commentary ... Mr Reid's intimate knowledge of the minutest details of 
p cn.ihlcs him to detect and explain the slightest points of distinction between the 
■ diff'-Tcnt authors and diflerent periods . . . The notes are followed by a valuable 
appendix on the text, and another on points of orthography; an excellent index brings the work 
to a close. — Saturday Review. 

London : C. J. Cla y &* .')om, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane, 



and Notes. By W. D. Tkarman, M.A., llciul Master of Potsdam School, 
Jamaica. 2s. 

HORACE. EPISTLES, Book I. With Notes and Intro- 

duction by E. S. Shuckburgh, M.A., late Fellow of Emmanuel College. 
2S. 6d. 

LIVY. Book XXI. With Notes, Introduction and Maps. 

By M. S. DiMSDALE, M.A., Fellow of King's College, ^s. Gd. 


English Introduction and Notes by W. E. Heitland, M.A. and C. E. 

Haskins, M.A., Fellows and Lecturers of St John's College, Cambridge. 

IS. 6d. 
"A careful and scholarlike production." — Times. 

"In nice parallels of Lucan from Latin poets and from Shakspeare, Mr Haskins and Mr 
Heitland deserve praise." — Saturday Review. 

OVID. FASTI. Liber VI. With a Plan of Rome and 

Notes by A. SiDGWiCK, M.A., Tutor of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. 
\s. 6d. 

" Mr Sidgwick's editing of the Si.\th Book of Ovid's Fasti furnishes a careful and serviceable 
volume for average students. It eschews 'construes' which supersede the use of the dictionary, 
but gives full e.\planation of grammatical usages and historical and mythical allusions, besides 
illustrating peculiarities of style, true and false derivations, and the more remarkable variations of 
the text." — Saturday Review. 

" It is eminently good and useful. . . . The Introduction is singularly clear on the astronomy of 
Ovid, which is properly shown to be ignorant and confused; there is an excellent little map of 
Rome, giving just the places mentioned in the text and no more ; the notes are evidently written 
by a practical schoolmaster." — The Academy. 

QUINTUS CURTIUS. A Portion of the History. 

(Alexander in India.) By W. E. Heitland, M. A., Fellow and Lecturer 

of St John's College, Cambridge, and T. E. Raven, B.A., Assistant Master 

in Sherborne School. 35. Gd. 

"Equally commendable as a genuine addition to the existing stock of school-books is 

Alexander in India, a compilation from the eighth and ninth books of (2. Curtius, edited for 

the Pitt Press by Messrs Heitland and Raven. . . . The work of Curtius has merits of its 

own, which, in former generations, made it a favourite with English scholars, and which still 

make it a popular text-book in Continental schools The reputation of Mr Heitland is a 

sufficient guarantee for the scholarship of the notes, which are ample without being excessive, 
and the book is well furnished with all that is needful in the nature of maps, indices, and 
appendices." —Academy. 

VERGIL. AENEID. Libri L, II., III., IV., V., VI., VII., 

VIII., IX., X., XL, XII. Edited with Notes by A. Sidgwick, M.A., 
Tutor of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. \s. Gd. each. 

" Mr Sidgwick's Vergil is we believe, the best school edition of the poet." — Guardian. 

" Mr Arthur Sidgwick's 'Vergil, Aeneid, Book XII.' is worthy of his reputation, and is dis- 
tinguished by the same acuteness and accuracy of knowledge, appreciation of a boy's difficulties 
and ingenuity and resource in meeting them, which we have on other occasions had reason to 
praise in these pages." — The Academy. 

" As masterly in its clearly divided preface and appendices as in the sound and independent 
character of its annotations. . . . There is a great deal more in the notes than mere compilation 
and suggestion. ... No difficulty is left unnoticed or unhandled." — Saturday Review. 

VERGIL. AENEID. BOOKS IX. X. in one volume, ^s. 
VERGIL. AENEID. BOOKS X., XL, XII. in one volume. 

VERgVl. BUCOLICS. With Introduction and Notes, by 

the same Editor. \s. Gd. 


Editor. 2s. 

VERGIL. GEORGICS. Libri III. IV. By the same 

Editor. 2s. 
"This volume, which completes the Pitt Press edition of Virgil's Georgics, is distinguished by 
the same admirable judgment and first-rate scholarship as are conspicuous in the former volume 
and in the "Aeneid" by the same talented editor." — Athetueum. 

London : C. J. Cla y dr" Sons, Camb7-id!^e University Press Warehouse, 

Avi Maria Lane. 


ill. FRENCH. 

in I'ive Acis. Edited with Fontenelle's Memoir of the Author, Vohaire's 
Critical Remarks, and Notes Philological and Historical. By the late 
GrsTAVE Masson. 2J. 


Maps, Introduction and Commentary, by C. Colbeck, M.A., late Fellow of 
Trinity College, Cambridge, is. 


Comedy. With a Biographical Memoir, and Grammatical, Literary and 
Historical Notes. By Gustave Masson. 2j-. 


and Notes Historical and Philological and a Vocabulary by Rev. A. C. 
Clapin, M.A., St John's College, Cambridge, and Bachelier-es-Lettres of 
the University of trance. Enlarged Edition, is. 

DE VIGNY. LA CANNE DE JONC. Edited with Notes 

by Rev. H. A. Blll, M.A. is. 


Introduction and Commentary by the Rev. A. C. Clapin, M.A. 3j-. 


TOIRE. (Considerations sur la Revolution Francaise. Troisieme et 

quatrieme parties.) With a Critical Notice of the Author, a Chronological 

Table, and Notes Historical and Philological, by G. Masson, B.A., and 

G. W. Prothero, M.A. Revised and enlarged Edition, is. 

" Prussia under Frederick the Great, and France under the Directory, bring us face to face 

respectively with periods of history which it is right should be known thoroughly, and which 

are well treated in the Pitt Press volumes. The latter in particular, an extract from the 

world-known work of Madame de Stael on the French Revolution, is beyond all praise for 

the excellence both of its style and of its matter." — Times. 


NEES D'EXIL. Livre II. Chapitres i— 8. With a Biographical 
Sketch of the Author, a Selection of Poetical Fragments by Madame de 
Stael's Contemporaries, and Notes Historical and Philological. By Gustave 
Masson and G. W. Prothero, M.A. Revised and enlarged edition, is. 


Tragedy in Five Acts. Edited with Notes, Genealogical and Chronological 
Tables, a Critical Introduction and a Biographical Notice. By Gustave 
Masson. is. 

die- pallet en Cinq Actes. (1670). With a life of Moliere and Grammatical 
and Philological Notes. By Rev. A. C. Clapin. ij-. dd. 

troduction and Notes by George Saintsburv, M.A. is. 6d. 

"Mr .Saintsbury's clear and scholarly notes are rich in illustration of the valuable kind that 
vivifio textual comment and" — Saturday Review 

PI RON. LA METROMANIE, A Comedy, with a Bio- 
graphical Memoir, and Grammatical, Literary and Historical Notes. By 
G. Masson. is. 

SAINTE-BEUVE. M. DARU (Causeriesdu Lundi,Vol.IX.). 

With Biographical Sketch of the Author, and Notes Philological and Histo- 
rical. By Gustave Masson. is. 

SAINTINE. LA PICCIOLA. The Text, with Introduc- 
tion, Notes and Map, by Rev. A. C. Clapin. is. 


Edited by Rev. H. A. Bull, M.A. is. 

London : C. J. Cla y ^ Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 


SCRIBE. LE VERRE DEAU. With a Biographical 

Biographical Memoir, and Grammatical, Literary and Historical Notes. IJy 
C. CoLHECK, M.A. ^s. 

" It may be niiti'inal prejudice, but we consider this edition far superior to any of the series 
which hitherto have been edited exclusively by foreigners. MrColbeck seems better to under- 
stand the wants and difficulties of an Kn^lish boy. The etymological notes especially are admi- 
rable. . . . The historical notes and introduction are a piece of thorough honest work." — yournai 
of Education. 


Eilitetl wiili Notes hy Rev. II. A. BuLi,, M.A., late Master at Wellington 


XIII.— XXIV.). By Gi'STAVE Masson, B.A. and G. W. I', M.A. 
With Map. IS. Cxi. 


I — III. Edited by Gustave Masson, B.A. Univ. Gallic., and A. R. Ropes, 
M.A. With Map. y. 


SIECLE, Nouvelle Historique, with a Biographical Sketch of the Author, 
a Selection of Poems on Greece, and Notes Historical and Philological. 
By GrsTAVE Masson. is. 


Part I. Chaps. I. — XIII. Edited with Notes Philological and Historical, 
Biographical and Geographical Indices, etc. by G. Masson, B.A. Univ. 
Gallic, and G. W. Protheko, M.A., Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. 

— ^ Part II. Chaps. XIV.— XXIV. With Three Maps 

of the Period. By the same Editors, is. 6d. 

Part III. Chap. XXV. to the end. By the same 

Editors. 2s. 6d. 


LE LEPREUX DE LA CITE D'AOSTE. With Biographical Notice, 
Critical Appreciations, and Notes. By G. Masson. is. 



Annotated by W. Wagner, Ph. D., late Professor at the Johanneum, 

Hamburg. 2S. 
"It carries the reader rapidly through some of the most important incidents connected with 
the German race and name, from the invasion of Italy by the Visigoths under their King Alaric, 
down to the Franco-German War and the installation of the present Emperor. The notes supply 
very well the cnnnecting links between the successive periods, and exhibit in its various phases of 
growth and progress, or the reverse, the vast unwieldy mass which constitutes modern Germany." 
— Times. 

BENEDIX. DOCTOR WESPE. Lustspiel in fUnf Auf- 

zUgen. Edited with Notes by Karl Hermann Bkeul, M..'\.. y. 

®oethe'6 5tnabenjal)re. (1749— 1759.) GOETHE'S BOY- 

HOOD: being the First Three Books of his Autobiography. Arranged 
and Annotated by Wilhei.m Wagner, zs. 


SEN. With Notes. By the same Editor, is. 


tated by the same I->dilor. ^s. 


an Introduction and Notes. By the same Editor. Revised edition by J. W. 
Cartmeli., M.A. 3J. 6d. 
"The notes are among the best that we know, with the reservation that they are often too 
abundant." — Academy. 

London: C J. Clav Qr' Sons, Cambridge University Press IVarehouse. 

Ave Maria Lane. 



fiinf Aufziigen von. With a Biographical and Historical Introduction, English 
Notes, and an Index. By H. J. Wolstenholme, B.A. (Lond.). 3^-. dd. 
"We are glad to be able to notice a careful edition of K. Gutzkow's amusing comedy 

'Zopf and Schwert' by Mr H. J. Wolstenholme. . . . These notes are abundant and contain 

references to standard grammatical works." — Academy. 


by A. .ScHLOTTMANN, Ph. D., late Assistant Master at Uppingham School. 

HAUFF. DIE KARAVANE. Edited with Notes by A. 

SCHLOTTMANN, Ph. D. 3.f. 6(/. 

niMERMANN. DER OBERHOF. A Tale of West- 

phalian Life. With a Life of Immermann and English Notes, by Wilhelm 
Wagner, Ph.D., late Professor at the Johanneum, Hamburg, ^s. 

KOHLRAUSCH. Tag 3af)r 1813 (The Year 1813). With 

English Notes. By W. Wagner, is. 


Edited with Notes by Karl Hermann Breul, M.A., Lecturer in German 
at the University of Cambridge. 3J. 

MENDELSSOHN'S LETTERS. Selections from. Edited 
by James Sime, M. A. 35. 

RAUMER. Der crfte iJreu^^ug (THE FIRST CRUSADE). 

Condensed from the Author's 'History of the Hohenstaufen', with a life of 
Raimer, two Plans and English Notes. By W. Wagner. 2s. 
" Certainly no more interesting book could be made the subject of examinations. The story 

of the First Crusade has an undying interest. The notes are, on the whole, good." — Educational 



With Grammatical, Philological, and Historical Notes, and a Complete 
Index, by H. I. Wol.stenholme, B.A. (Lond.). 4^'. 6d. 


Introduction and Notes. By H. J. W'olstenholme, B.A. (Lond.), 
Lecturer in German at Newnham College, Cambridge. 3J'. ^d. 



THALE.S TO CICERO, by Joseph B. Mayor, M.A. 35. (yd. 

"Professor Mayor contributes to the Pitt Press Series A Sketch of Ancietit Philosophy in 
which he has endeavoured to give a general view of the philosophical systems illustrated by the 
genius of the masters of metaphysical and ethical science from Thales to Cicero. In the course 
of his sketch he takes occasion to give concise analyses of Plato's Republic, and of the Ethics and 
Politics of Aristotle ; and these abstracts will be to some readers not the least useful portions of 
the book." — The Guardian. 


Compiled by Edwin Wallace, M.A., LL.D. (St Andrews), late Fellow 
of Worcester College, Oxford. Third Edition Enlarged, i^s. 6d. 
"A judicious selection of characteristic passages, arranged in paragraphs, each of which is 
preceded by a masterly and perspicuous English analysis." — Scotsman. 

"Gives in a comparatively small compass a very good sketch of Aristotle's teaching." — Sat. 


IIKNRV VII. With Notes by the Rev. J. Rawson Lumby, D.D. is. 

COWLEY'S ESSAYS. With Introduction and Notes. By 

the Rev. J. Rawson Lumby, D.D., Norrisian Professor of Divinity; Fellow 
of .St Catharine's College. \s. 


Sketch of the Commodities and the Countries of the World. By H. R. 
Mill, Sc.I.)., P'.R.S.E., Lecturer on Commercial Geography in the Heriot- 
Watt College, Edinburgh, is. 

London : C. J, Cla v Sr* Soxs, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 



with Notes, Glossary and Index of Names. By J. Kawson LUMiiY, D.D. 
to which is added the coiichision of the History of King Richard III. as given 
in the continuation of Ilardyng's Chronicle, London, 154?. 35. 6r/. 

MORE'S UTOPIA. With Notes by the Rev. J. Rawson 
LUMBV, D.D. 35. 6</. 

"To Dr Lumby we must give praise unqualified and unstinted. He has done his work 

admirably Every student of history, every politician, every social reformer, every one 

interested in literary curiosities, every lover of English should buy and carefully read Dr 
Lumby's edition of the ' Utopia.' We are afraid to say more lest we should be thought ex- 
travagant, and our recommendation accordingly lose part of its force." — T/:i; Teacher. 

" It was originally written in Latin and does not find a place on ordinary bookshelves. A very 
great boon has therefore been conferred on the general English reader by the managers of the 
Pitt Press Scries, in the issue of a convenient little volume of More's Utopia not in the original 
Latin, but in the quaint English Translation thereof made by Raphe Roby/ison, which adds a 
linguistic interest to the intrinsic merit of the work. . . . All this has been edited in a most com- 
plete and scholarly fashion by Dr J. R. Lumby, the Norrisian Professor of Divinity, whose name 
alone is a sufficient warrant for its accuracy. It is a real addition to the modern stock of classical 
English literature." — Guardian. 

THE TWO NOBLE KINSMEN, edited with Intro- 

duction and Notes by the Rev. Professor Skeat, Litt.D., formerly Fellow 
of Christ's College, Cambridge. },s. 6d. 
"This edition of a play that is well worth study, for more reasons than one, by so careful a 
scholar as Mr Skeat, deserves a hearty welcome." — Athena-um. 

"Mr Skeat is a conscientious editor, and has left no difficulty unexplained." — Times. 


COMENIUS. JOHN AMOS, Bishop of the Moravians. His 

Life and Educational Works, by S. S. Laurie, A.M., F.R.S.E., Professor of 
the Institutes and History of Education in the University of Edinburgh. 
New Edition, revised. 3^-. 6d. 


TICE OF. Delivered in the University of Cambridge in the Easter Term, 
1882, under the direction of the Teachers' Training Syndicate. 2s. 

LOCKE ON EDUCATION. With Introduction and Notes 
by the Rev. R. H. Quick, ]\LA. 7,s. 6d. 

"The work before us leaves nothing to be desired. It is of convenient form and reasonable 
price, accurately printed, and accompanied by notes which are admirable. There is no teacher 
too young to find this book interesting; there is no teacher too old to find it profitable." — The 
School Bulletin, Nem York. 


simile reprint from the Edition of 1673. Edited, with Introduction and 
Notes, by Oscar Browning, jNI.A. 

"A separate reprint of Milton's famous letter to Master Samuel Hartlib was a desideratum, 
and we are grateful to Mr Browning for his elegant and scholarly edition, to which is prefixed the 
careful risiitni of the work given in his 'History of Educational Theories.'" — youmal of 


TEACHING OF, delivered in the University of Cambridge in the Lent 
Term, 1887. By C. CoLKECK, M.A., Assistant Master of Harrow School, is. 


MANAGEMENT. Two Lectures delivered in the University of Cambridge 
in the Lent Term, 1883, by .\rchdeacon Farrar, D.D., and R. B. PoOLE, 
B.D. Head Master of Bedford Modern School. \s. M. 


Rev. Edward Turing, M.A., late Head Master of Uppingham School 
and Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. New Edition. 4.?. dd. 
"Any attempt to summarize the contents of the volume would fail to give our readers a 
taste of the pleasure that its perusal has given us." — Journal of Education. 

\Other Volumes are in preparation.^ 

London : C. J. Cla y 6^* Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, 

Ave Maria Lane. 

3Hnibfrs!itp of GTambn^ge. 

* — 


Examination Papers, for various years, with the Regulations for the 
Examination. Demy 8vo. 2s. each, or by Post, 2s. 2d. 

Class Lists, for various years, Boys u., Girls 6d. 
Annual Reports of the Syndicate, with Supplementary Tables showing 
the success and failure of the Candidates. 2s. each, by Post 2s. ^d. 


Examination Papers for various years, to which are added the Regu- 
lations/or the Examination. Demy 8vo. 2s. each, by Post 2s. 2d. 
Class Lists, for various years. \s. By post, \s. 2d. 
Reports of the Syndicate. Demy 8vo. \s., by Post u. 2d. 


Calendar for the years 1875— 80. Fcap. 8vo. ^/^//;. 2^'. ; for 1880— 81. \s. 


Examination Papers for various years, to which are added the Regu- 
lations for the Examination. Demy 8vo. M., by Post 7^. 


Published by Authority. 

Containing all the Official Notices of the University, Reports of 
Discussions in the Schools, and Proceedings of the Cambridge 
Philosophical, Antiquarian, and Philological Societies. }^d. weekly, 


These Papers are published in occasional numbers every Term, and in 
volumes for the Academical year. 

Vol. XV. Parts 21 to 43. Papers for the Year 1885— 86, 155-. f/^/^. 
Vol. XVI. „ 44 to 65. „ „ 1886— 87, 15^. r/^/y%. 

Vol. XVII. „ 65 to 86. „ „ 1887— 88, 15.?. r/^M. 

Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examinations. 

Papers set in the Examination for Certificates, July, 1888. 2s. bd. 

List of Candidates who obtained Certificates at the Examination 
lield in 1887 ; and Supplementary Tables, td. 

Regulations of the Board for 1889. 9</. 

Regulations for the Commercial Certificate, 1889. zd. 

Report of the Board for the year ending Oct. 31, 1887. \s. 

Studies from the Morphological Laboratory in the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. Edited by Afmm Sedgwick, M.A., Fellow and 
Lecturer of Trinity College, Cambridge. Vol.11. Parti. Royal 8vo. los. 
Vol. II. Part II. 75.6^/. Vol. III. Parti. is.()d. Vol. III. Part II. ns.6d. 
Vol. IV. Part I. \^s. 6(1. 

Uontion : c. j. clay and sons, 




CAMbridcb: printed bv c. j. clay. ma. and sons, at the university press. 









Jam bridge. University, 

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