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D -- 1. iV:C35 ^'J.]c 


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The pernor Qlass Presents . . . 

THE 1940 



Annual of . . . 

ISlgrtheastern University 

Boston, Massachusetts 

i A I I. II It O > H O A II II 



Business Manager . . DAVID KLSHXKR 

Managing Editor . . JAMES G. CASSAXOS 

Managing Editor . . CALVIX S. CROXAX 

Photographic Editor . GARXET L. GIBSOX, JR. 

Photographic Editor . DOXALD W. VAXTUYL 

Informal Pictures Editor . ROXALD C. DA\IS 

Faculty Adviser . PROF. l-AERETT C. M.XRSTOX 

Trot. .\Iar>t,,n 

J^ro)?i the -very start the Board decided 
that this xea7''s Cauldrfm would he the best one ever published. 
This decision we hasten to admit was probably not origi?ial with 
us. Other Boards which have preceded us no doubt entertained 
similar ideas a?id have efijoyed varying degrees of success .... 
'We hoped to preserve the best material from past Cauldrons; 

a?id yet we wanted Volume XIX to be dijferent 

'^ei?ig different, of course, is ?iot e7iou^h 

^4^e have tried 7tot to upset any of the accepted Cauldron tradi- 
tio7i, but rather, to give this Cauldron added life through a new 
interpretatio?i a?id presentation, 

'We like now to think that we have been at least moderately 
successful. Just how near we have come to attaini?ig this e?id 
is now up to you. 



A r K X O \V I. K U U K M K .X T S 

.:/ yetirhook is the product of knoicliuJ^/t' , I'xpericnci' , patience, 
taste, argument and prayer. JJ' e . the Board , have aniply taken care 
of the arguments and prayers. JJ'itlioul the other essential elements 
a yearbook would he a sorry thini/ indeed. I'or supplying these 
other requisites and for immeasurably li{/htenin// our task, we owe 
a major debt to Prof. Everett C. Marston, who has (liven so gen- 
erously of his time in the preparation of this book. His years spent 
as Faculty Adviser to the Cauldron have t/iven him a thoroiit/h 
knowledge of its problems and a facility for deaHnq with them. 

For his expert advice and personal interest in the desii/n and lay- 
out of this volume we are deeply t/rateful to Mr. Russell C. Knit/ht 
of the Stohbs Press. 

We are indebted also to the Messrs. JJ'aid of Jiaid Studios for 
their splendid cooperation and photoi/raphical advice. 

JF e sincerely appreciate the assistance {/iven us by the Cauldron 
Junior Staff, the Student .Activities Department . the Press Bureau, 
and the many other offices and imlividiials in the V niversity who 
have contributed to the puhlis/iiiu/ of Foliime A/A'. 

T^edicated to . . . 


Frank Pulnier Speare. the first President of Northeastern Uni- 
versity, icill retire from that office and from active duty on J line ^O, 
IQfO. after forty-tico years of service. 

Because of /lis vision, /lis leadership, his courage, and his enthu- 
siasm, there has groicn up a university, dedicated to the purpose of 
providing exceptional educational opportunities for ambitious young 

Over this lone/ period of years, thousands of alumni have gone 
forth from the University, adequately prepared for positions of 
responsibility. Many of them are now leaders in widely varying 
fields of public and private enterprise. Great is their indebtedness 
and that of the community to the founder and head of the institution. 
It is with sincere appreciation that the members of the Class of l().fO 
dedicate this volume of the Cauldron to Dr. Frank Palmer Speare. 

©;•. Cjfrank T^almer (^peart 

T R IT !S» T E E S 

P R 

E S 








A N 




i: IJ 





Robert Gray Dodfje, Chairman 

Frank Lincoln Richardson, Vice-Chairman 

Galen Da\id Light, Secretary and Treasurer 

Charles Francis Adams 

^Vilman Edward Adams 

Arthur At\x'ood Ballantine 

George Louis Barnes 

Farwell Gregg Bemis 

Walter Channing 

AVilliam Coinerse Chick 

Paul Foster Clark 

William James Davidson 

Frederic Harold Fay 

Edward J. Frost 

Franklin AVile Ganse 

Harvey Dow Gibson 

Henry Ingraham Harriman 

Maynard Hutchinson 

Chandler Hovey 

Arthur Stoddard Johnson 

John Russell l\L-icomber 

lr\ing Edwin A'loultrop 

Augustin Hamilton Parker, Jr. 

Frederick Sanford Pratt 

Stuart Craig Rand 

James Lorin Richards 

Charles Milton Rogerson 

Leverett Saltonstall 

Frank Palmer Speare 

Francis Robert Carnegie Steele 

Charles Stetson 

P2arl Place Stevenson 

Robert Treat Paine Storer 

Frank Horace Stuart 
Edward ^Vatson Supple 

P K O F . H E > IC V B I <^ S E L I. A L V O It U 

1SS5 - nw 

0?i April 20, IQ3Q. Northeastern University suffered the loss of 
one of its older faculty mevibers. Professor Henry Bissell Alvord . 
for nineteen years a member of the Civil Engineering Department 
and for eighteen years its head, passed away after an illness of only 
a few iveeks. 

Professor Alvord was graduated from Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology in IQO', and remained there as an assistant in the De- 
partment of Civil Engineering for three years. Following this term 
of service, he became instructor and then Assistant Professor of Civil 
Engineering at Bowdoin College. In June, IQI j, he accepted a 
position with the Aberthaw Construction Company , which he left 
in igiQ to join the faculty of Wentworth Institute. He was ap- 
pointed Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at A ortheastern 
University in JQ20. A year later he ^vas made Professor of Civil 
Engineering and Chairman of the Department. 

T^rofessor A/vord -was knoiicfi to us all as 
a fine and kindly <J^entlenian. His passing 
is a loss to students and faculty alike. 


President ut the University 

CARL STEPHENS ELL, a.b., m.s., ed.m.. sc.d. 

Vice-President of the University 
and Uean of the Collefje of Engineering 



Vice-President of the University 


Secretary-Treasurer of the University 




Executive Secretary of the Day Division 
and Assistant Dean of Engineering 

Dean of Students 



Dean of the College of Business Administration 

WILFRED STANLEY LAKE, a.b., m.a., ph.d. 

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts 


John B. Pugsley 

Director of School Administration 
and Professor of Geology 

Milton J. Schlagenhauf 

A.B., B.D., M.A. 
Director of Admissions 

J. Kenneth Stevenson 


Purchasing Agent 



Winthrop E. Nightingale 

A.B., S.B., Ed.M. 

Director of Co-operative Work 

George W. Towle 


Associate Professor of 


Albert E. Everett 

S.B., M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor of 


John C. Morgan 


Assistant Professor of 


Rudolf O. Oberg 

S.B., Ed.M. 

Assistant Professor of 


Verner O. Nelson 
Instructor of Co-ordination 

Ellis M. Purinton 

Instructor of Co-ordination 



Edward S. Parsons 

S.B., Ed.M. 

Director of Student Acivities 

Gerald R. Tatton 

S.B., M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor of Physical 


Henry A. Kontoff 

College Physician 

Donald H. MacKenzie 

S.B., Ed.M. 

Assistant to the Director of 

Student Activities 

Instructor in Chemistry 

I -^ flr". 


JL. 0Slt^ 

Am m^ gfSk 


^wf*^ 1^ 

James W. Dunn 

Instructor in Physical Education 

Head Coach of Football and 


Herbert W. Gallagher 


Head Coach of Hockey and 


Harold W. Kopp 

Instructor in Physical Education 

Robert E. Laveaga 

B.P.Ed., Ed.M. 

Instructor in Physical Education 

William C. Hullgren 

Instructor in Physical Eilucation 



Emil A. Gramstorff 

S.B., S.B. 

Professor of Civil Engineering 

and Chairman of the Department 

Charles O. Baird, Jr. 


Assistant Professor of Civil 


John J. Devine 

SB., Sc.M. 
Instructor in Civil Engineering 


Joseph W. Zeller 

S.B., M.E. 

Professor of Mechanical 

Engineering and Chairman 

of the Department 

Alfred J. Ferretti 

S.B., M.S. 

Associate Professor of Mechanical 


Frederick A. Stearns 

S.B., M.S. 

Associate Professor of Mechanical 


Wayland S. Bailey 

S.B., M.S. 

Assistant Professor of Mechanical 


Albert E. Whittaker 

S.B., Ed.M. 

Assistant Professor of Mechanical 


Chester H. Wolowicz 


Instructor in Mechanical 




Roland G. Porter 

B.E.E., M.S. 

Professor of Electrical Engineering 

and Chairman of the Departmem 

William L. Smith 

S.B., Eng.D. 

Professor of Electrical Engineering 

Henry E. Richards 

S.B., M.S. 

Associate Professor of Electrical 


Laurence F. Cleveland 

S.B., M.S. 

Assistant Professor of Electrical 


George E. Pihl 

S.B., M.S. 

Instructor in Electrical 


Martin W. Essigmaun 


Instructor in Electrical 




Asa S. Knowles 

A.B., M.A. 

Professor of Industrial 

Engineering and Chairman of the 


William T. Alexander 

S.B,, M.A. 

Assistant Professor of Industrial 


Robert D. Thomson 


Assistant Professor of Industrial 


Henry M. Cruickshank 

S.B., M.B.A. 
Instructor in Industrial 




Chester P. Baker 

S.B., M.A. 
Professor of Chemical Engineering 
and Chairman of the Department 

Peer J. Cody 


Instructor in Chemical Engineering 



Arthur A, Vernon 

S.B., M.S., Ph.D. 

Professor of Chemistry and 

Chairman of the Department 

Samuel A. S. Strahan 

Professor of Chemistry 

Waldemar S. McGuire 

S.B., M.A. 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Saverio Zuffanti 

S.B., M.A. 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Bertram M. Brown 

S.B., M S. 
Instructor in Chemistry 

William F. Luder 

A.B., Ph.D. 

Instructor in Chemistry 



Asa S. Knowles 

A.B., M.A. 

Dean of the College of Business 


Robert Bruce 

B.C.S., M.C S. 
Professor of Accounting 

Alfred D'Alessandro 

B.C.S., LL.B., C.P.A., M.B.A. 

Professor of Accounting 

Julian E. Jackson 

A.B., LL.B., MB.A. 

Professor of Business Management 

George R. Fennell 

S.B., M.B.A. 

Assistant Director of Admissions 

Assistant Professor of Marketing 

Sidney R. Bloomfield 


Instructor in Business 


John W. Tuthill 
S.B., M.B.A. 
sistant Professor of Banking 
and Finance 





Harold W. Melvin 

A.B., M.A. 

Professor of English and 

Chairman of the Department 

Frederick W. Holmes 

A.B., M.A. 

Associate Professor of English 

Everett C. Marston 

A.B., M.A. 

Assistant Professor of English 

William T. Cloney. Jr. 


Directpr of the Publicity Bureau 

Instructor in English 


% ^M 

R. Lawrence Capon 

S.B., M.A. 
Instructor in English 

Randall W. Hoffman 

Instructor in English 

Robert S. Hunting 

S.B., M.A. 

Instructor in English 

Franklin Norvish 

S.B., M.A. 

Instructor in English 

Paul E. Reynolds 

A.B., Ph.D. 

Instructor in English 



Joseph Spear 

A.B., M.A. 

Professor of Mathematics and 

Chairman of the Department 

Elmer E. Haskins 

S.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of 


Wilfred J. Combellack 

A.B., M.A. 

Instructor in Mathematics 

Warren C. Dean 

Instructor in Mathematics 

.-.-••e IP* 


Recinald G. Lacount 

S.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Instructor in Mathematics 

Charles A. Sewell 

S.B., M.S. 

Instructor in Mathematics 

Thomas H. Wallace 

S.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Instructor in Mathematics and 


Edward M. Cook 


Instructor in Mathematics 



Eliot F. Tozer 


Professor of Drawing and 

Chairman of the Department 

George H. Meserve, Jr. 

Assistant Professor of Drawing 

Otis F. Cushman 

S.B., M.S. 

Instructor in Drawing 

Gustav Rook 


Instructor in Drawing 

Albert E. Sanderson, Jr. 


Instructor in Drawing 


Stanley D. Miroyiannis 

S.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Biology and 

Chairman of the Department 

Alfred J. Thomson 

Instructor in Biology 



Carl F. Muckenhoupt 

A.B., S.B., Ph.D. 

Professor of Physics and 

Chairman of the Department 

Joseph A 

. Coolidge 


of Physics 

Carl D. 


Assistant Professor of Physics 

S. B., 

B. Welsh 

Assistant Professor of Physics 

Byard C. Belyea 


in Physics 


B. Heilprin 


in Physics 

Paul A. Hilli 


in Physics 


Wilfred S. Lake 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Economics and 

Chairman of the Department 

Roger S. Hamilton 

A.B., M.A. 

Associate Professor of Economics 



Stanley G. Estes 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Psychology and 

Chairman of the Department 

Charles W. Havice 

A.B., M.A., S.T.B., Ph.D. 

Professor of Sociology and 

Chairman of the Department 

Executive Secretary, Northeastern 

Student Union 

Norris W. Potter, Jr. 

A.B., M.A. 
Associate Professor of History 

and Government and 
Acting Head of the Department 

Thomas M. Harris 

A.B., M.A., Ed.M. 

Instructor in Education 

Thomas B. Larson 

A.B., M.A. 

Instructor in History and 


Rudolph M. Morris 

SB., Ed.M. 

Instructor in Education 

Frank E. Duddy 

A.B., S.T.B., Ed.M., Ph.D. 

Lecturer in Sociology 



Charles F. Barnason 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Modern Languages 

and Chairman of the Department 

Louis Cooperstein 

A.B., M.A. 

Instructor in Modern Languages 

Calvin W. Tenney 


Instructor in Modern Languages 



Robert W. Cole 

S.B., M.S. 

Graduate Assistant in Mechanical 


Adam M. Cook 


Graduate Assistant in Physics 

Laurent O. Dubois 

Graduate Assistant in Chemistry 

Mario Giella 

Graduate Assistant in Chemistry 

Joseph Golemme Harold T. Regan 

S.B. S.B. 

Graduate Assistant in Office of the Graduate Assistant in Economics 

Dean, College of Business 

Robert H. Hansen 


Graduate Assistant in Chemistry 

Lyman A. Keith 

SB. Francis E. Vinal 

Graduate Assistant in Business A.B., M.A. 

Administration Graduate Assistant in Chemistr 

Maxwell Rosnov 


Research Associate in the College 

of Business Administration 










1916 — 1936 


1913 — 1938 



Few Among Us will ever forget our first 
day at Northeastern. We walked around 
with attempted expressions of worldliness, 
but the straw in our hair and our fresh- 
man caps betrayed us. Upperclassmen for- 
ever delighted in reminding us of our lowly 
status with, "Hello, Froshie!" We bore 

the stigma for the year, but had our re- 
venge when the class of '41 arrived and 
we heckled them as we had been heckled 
before them. 

We raked the Student Activities Depart- 
ment over the coals the day it issued our 
first activities cards. Passport photos were 
gems of artistry in comparison. But 
whenever we felt wronged at the way in 
which we were portrayed, we merely stole 
a glance at a fellow student's card and 
laughed ourselves sick. 

As sophomores we learned what the 
co-op system was all about. There were 

as many different jobs as there were stu- 
dents. Assembly, inspection, foundry 
work, testing, maintenance, selling, ac- 
counting, drafting — each one had his own 
startling experiences to tell. Some of us 
could never stomach theme writing — and 
work reports raised havoc with our di- 

We started building activity records. 
The gridiron, the diamond, the board- 
track and the rest saw us do and die. We 
were first-string quarter and we carried the 
bass drum. The literarily-inclined joined 
the News and dreamed of by-lines, or sim- 
ply wrote reform letters to the editor. 
Professional societies, musical organiza- 
tions, and clubs demanded our talents, and 
we were there in varying degrees with the 

supply. How well we performed is now 
on the records to acclaim or us. 


Then every year, along toward the end 
of April, when the croci began pushing 
their way out of the turf, we grew listless. 

We attributed the feeling to a number of 
causes — the smell in the air, baseball, the 
turning of a young man's fancy, or an 
overdose of sulphur plus. But regardless 
of the reason, as soon as the old Winter 
thawed out of our joints, the desire to just 
loaf gained the upperhand. So we yawned 
in each other's faces, waited for the fever 
to pass, and prayed that the warning 
grades would not get home to father. 

Culture came to college with the class 
of 1940 with the inauguration of the Col- 
lege of Liberal Arts. When the Adminis- 
tration decided that all good Engineers 
must dabble a bit in Shakespeare, Art, His- 
tory, and related subjects. Northeastern 
had just about all the culture it could 
stand. However, even engineers must 

have some background, some culture, and 
be gentlemen with drawing-room graces. 

The L.A.'s, looked upon with suspicion 
at first by Engineers and B.A.'s alike, 
proved to be decent fellows, and soon all 
curricula were on speaking terms. 

The social committee outdid itself in our 
Middler year. A "Blowout," that's what 
they called it then, was run in Bates Hall 
for each Division, and to cap off the sea- 
son a Middler Shuffle blossomed in the 

Then one morning in the Fall of '37 we 
were mildly excited to see a mess of hiss- 
ing, grunting machinery steam-shovelling 
its way into the bowels of Back Bay. 

"P"^-'* ■^'^h^ 


The oft heralded building program had 
given birth. The days were counted by 
the number of truckloads of dirt removed, 
the yards of concrete poured, and the tons 


of girders riveted. Bricks, plaster, pipes, 
glass. ^Vire and wood and work and 

The September classes filed in and filled 
their nostrils with the newness of it all, 
then settled down to let it wear off. Now 
and then someone would draw a compari- 
son between the new West Building and 
the rambling Huntington Building. It 
was the hardy student among us who could 
remain healthy after a session in 52-H, 
the room with no windows and the ventila- 
tor that always stuck. 

Annually we dug up the bookstore prob- 
lem, demanded that the Student Council 
get to work. Great charges of powder 
were set off, lovely flashes were seen, but 
no one was ever hurt. The latest song hit 
would catch our attention and the book- 

store would be forgotten — until the next 

A parade of nickels kept the record- 
player in the Husk\- Hut red-hot, and more 
than one case of indigestion resulted from 
trying to eat and leap at the same time. 
There \vas a continual debate as to just 
how many sandwiches a Husky Hut manu- 
facturer could whip into shape from one 
loaf of bread. 

The out-door gym always provided en- 
tertainment. We could watch the boys 
getting in trim for coming meets, and we 
never failed to lend encouragement by tell- 
ing them how terrible they looked. They 
paid us but little attention and doggedly 
continued to hurl javelins at one another. 

People had been eating fish for years and 
no one grew excited about the fact until a 
lad from Harvard decided to swallow the 
things raw. In the few short weeks fol- 
lowing its well-publicized debut, fish-gulp- 
ing invaded every campus in the country. 
A Northeastern sophomore, with all the 
school spirit he could muster, put away 36 
outraged gold-fish, but succeeded in hold- 
ing the record for only one hour. Some 
glutton from M. I. T. swallowed 40. 


The awesome, the spectacular, the beau- 
tiful, the lavish Junior Prom was upon us. 
^Ve had been brought up to view this occa- 
sion with a special reverence, and we were 
properly pious. We mortgaged our future 

and our room-mate's future to attend, but 
it was worth it. 

Who among us will ever forget Mass 
Meetings? It was at these Wednesday 
noon-time gatherings in Jordan Hall that 
we learned to eat our lunches undetected 
even in the front rows. Some of us studied 
or read the News, while others slept in 
the darkened rear of the hall. Then, too, 
on occasion we absented ourselves from 
these functions for any good reason that 
came to mind at the time. It was all part 
of the fun. But we did have the oppor- 
tunity to hear many learned men give their 
views, experiences, and solutions to many 

of the world's and our problems ; and we 
profited through our attendance. 

We will always be indebted to the 
Student Union for the noon-hour movie 
programs and the opportunity to hiss and 
cheer the screen stars of the old silent days. 

The depression that started in '29 was 
still rattling around, ten years old. We 
had grown almost immune to it even as 
freshmen. One of us heatedly maintained 
that the country was going to the dogs. A 
glance at the parking area filled to over- 
flowing at nine in the morning told a very 
different story. And most of the cars had 
radios, too. 

We were all back again in September- — 
Seniors. Somehow we did not feel that 
we had changed over the four years that 
had passed. Suspicions of advancing age 


were felt now and then when someone re- 
marked that our foreheads were getting 
higher, or when we were introduced to a 
fellow-senior's fiancee. It being leap-year 
we, who had always strained at the leash 
in the Eternal Pursuit, decided to run the 
other way. 

September found a second World War 
threatening in Europe. An ex-corporal 
with a trick moustache had reached too far 
in to the fire and had singed his shirt- 
sleeves. Nasty words and nastier bombs 
were hurled. Munich, munitions, mobili- 
zation, annihilation drifted about the 
campus and provided topics for lively de- 
bate. As Seniors we wondered how long 
it would last and what the outcome would 
be. Would we become involved? Col- 
legiate Dolls assured the nation that we 
wanted nothing to do with the crash and 
bang over there. We had jobs to think 
about and wives and families and grocery 
bills. We weren't going to graduate into 
a trench 

Not only that, but we had Senior Week 
to consider. And the amount of class dues 
we owed. Class rings, class pictures .... 
important things. Even the habitually 

passive Senior fixed us with his good eye 
and demanded to be heard. Officers and 
committeemen awoke to find more than 
ordinar\' interest centered around them. 
The class grew encouragingly panicky 
when informed at the first class meeting 
that the treasury nest-egg amounted to a 
scrawny $153.00 and a few left-over 
charms from the Junior Prom. Figures 
rarely bothered us but this was no me_re 
figure; this was a threat to our Senior 
Week. Choking dust rose from many bill- 
folds as the class rallied to increase the 
treasury to $1,843.00 by the end of March. 

And in the background the Cauldron 
Board droned monotonously threatening, 
begging the class to "go down and get yer 
pitcher took." 

One morning we awoke to find that the 
rather mild 1939-40 Winter had done a 
complete about face and dumped the big- 
gest snowstorm (since the Portland went 
down) right into our laps. To say that 
we were caught with our shoes off would 
be a masterpiece of understatement. But 
by the time the snow thawed we found tiie 
end of the year practically in our hair. 
Studies gave way to the more impcjrtant 


task of job-hunting. Application blanks, 
letter writing, and interviews kept our at- 
tention, while we chewed mental finger 
nails and pondered the future. 

With Commencement but a short time 
away, we stopped for a moment and re- 
viewed the five years that sped past. Some- 
how or other, the exclamations of "boy! 

we made it," seemed a bit hollow. Quietly 
we admitted in our own circle that all the 
sweat and worry was worth it, that the 
fun we had and the friends we made 
more than compensated for the burdens of 
the moment. The realization that never 
again, perhaps, would we be together as a 
group threw a bit of cold water on our 
enthusiasm to graduate. 

Ten years or forty years from now 
what will Northeastern think of us? We 
know there are good men among us. Prob- 
ably the only real test of our worth, the 
only true sign that our influence in the 
world has been felt, is in what the Class 
of 1980 will say about us. What, then, 
shall we give them to talk about? 

T. E. M. 


Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. 

When as Freshmen we were intro- 
duced to a startling array of new courses, 
we were at first a bit bewildered. Tbe 
Engineers among us came tbrougb the first 
year, howe\er, with the firm conviction 
that any subject could be readily absorbed 
if it was attractively presented. Prof. 
George H. Meserve's courses in Graphics 
and Descriptive Geometry had pro\en this 
quite conclusively. 

The fact that he won for himself an 
eager following was borne out by these 
same Engineers when, on returning as 
sophomores, they selected, almost to a man, 
his History of Art course. 

If our interests were of an extra-curricu- 
lar nature — art, architecture, photograph}-, 
tropical fish — we found in Prof. Meserve 
a willing listener and a competent in- 
structor. Others among us who ha\e 
worked as class officers and committeemen 
readily appreciate the earnest and sympa- 
thetic manner in which he has guided the 
Class through these short years. He has 
ever encouraged the Class to choose its 
own course of action, preferring to remain 
behind the scenes, always on call, but in a 
purely advisory capacity. 

A popular teacher, a wise counselor, a 
real friend, Prof. George H. Meserve has 
more than earned our sincere thanks for 
his fine work as Adviser to our Class, the 
Class of 1940. 



mdiit^: Thompson, Nve, D;i\'i 

On Tail.-: Ctot 

Seated: Prof, Meserve. Johns, 

James E. Johnson 
James H. Nye 
Loring M. Thompson 
Ronald C. Davis 





WaUace E. MacQuarrie 
Calvin S. Cronan 
Hartley F. Hutchins 
Henry F. Silsby, Jr. 



Third Rom: Maclntyre. Hardy. Boudrcau, V.ump 
Second Row: Dearstyne. Carpano, Barrasso, Zalowski. VanTuvl 
first Row: McDonough, Johnson, Prof. Meserve, MacOuarrie 

Albert E. Baker 
John S. Boudreau 
Ronald C. Davis 
Thomas C. McDonough 
Victor S. Maclntyre 
Henry V. Zalewski 

Ernest V. Barrasso 
Vincent A. Carpano 
Frederick J. Dearstyne 
William L. Hardy 
Donald W. VanTuyl 
Bruce W. \'oung 



Second Row: Thompson. MacQua 

McCarthy, Baker. Ba 

George W. Beale 

Calvin S. Cronan 
V ice-Chairman 

Loring M. Thompson 

Ronald C. Davis 

Robert J. Anderson, Jr. 

Albert E. Baker 

Ernest V. Barrasso 
Wilmot H. Decker 
Donald O. Ferguson 

Emery E. Freeman 
James E. Johnson 
Ralph D. Kodis 
Wallace E. MacQuarrie 
William T. McCarthy 



-* /tH' 

Carl F. Almgren 

Electrical Engineerinij 
572 Harland St., Milton 
A.I.E.E. 5 

Harold L Applebaum 

Liheral Arts (English) 
175 Rawson Rd., Brookline 
Keivs, Photographic Editor,!, 2, 3, 4, 5; Camera Club, Presi- 
dent 2, 3 ; University Wits 5. 

Erik G. Almstrom 

Mechanical Engineering 
4 \\'hito\v Ave., Quincy 

Dean's List 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2,; A.S.M.E. 
4, 5. 

Plii Gamma Pi 

Nathan Aron 

Electrical Engineering 

Linden Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; Cross- 

News 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 


Senate; Freshman Honi 
Country 3; Track 2; Student Union 
Cauldron Junior Staff; A.LE.E. 3, 4. 
Kal>/>a Zeta Phi 

Richard E. Anderson 

Electrical Engmecrinq 
Stockholm, Me. 

Band 1; Orchestra 2; A.LE.E. 2, 3, 4, 5. 

Irving H. Atwood, Jr. 

Mechanical Engineering 

10 Liberty St., Haverhill 

Glee Club 1; Astronomy Club 1; A.S.M.E. 3, Secretary 4, 5. 

Robert J. Anderson, Jr. 

(ihrmical E^ngincerinij 
64 Becket Road, Belmont 

Class Secretary 4; Class Dance Committee I; Junior Prom 
Committee; Student Council 4. President 5; Neics 1, 2, 3, News 
Editor 4; Freshman Handbook 2, 3, Editor 4; Cauldron Junior 
Staff; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.I.Ch.E. 4, President 5; Who's Who in 
American Colleges and Universities 5. 

George H. Ba 

Electrical Enginee 

7 Heath St., Somer 

Dean's List 3; A.LE.E. 3, 4, 5 ; Civilian Pilot Training 


John J. Apolis 

Mechanical Engineering 
225 Bowen St., South Boston 

Dean's List 2, 3, 5 ; A S.M.E. 2, 3, 4, 5. 

Albert E. Baker 

Chemical Engineering 
24 North Milton St., Maiden 
Junior Prom Committee; Senior Week Committee; A.C.S. 3; 
A.I.Ch.E. 4, 5. 



Alvin M. Berlowe 

Business Management 

36 Greenridge Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

News 1, 2, 3; Empire State Club 1, 2, 3; Cheer Leader, 1, 2, 

3, Captain 4; Law-Accounting Club 2, 3; Banking and Finance 

Society 3, 4'; Sales Management Club 4, 5; S.A.M., B. A. 

Branch 5. 

Ernest V. Barrasso 

Banking and Finance 

15 Everett St., East Boston 

Baseball 1, 2, 3 ; Senior Week Committee; Class Vice-Presi- 
dent 5, Class Dance Committee 3; Junior Prom Committee; 
Student Union 5; Banking and Finance Society 3, 4; S.A.M. 5. 

Andrew C. Bierenbroodspot 

Mechanical Enainecrmg 
254 Bedford St., Lexington 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3 ; Track 1, 2, 3; Base- 
ball 1, 2; A.S.M E. 3, 4, 5. 

George W. Beale 

Banking and Finance 

58 Greewood Ave., Needham 

Student Council 5; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 5; 
Banking and Finance Society 4, President 3 ; Class Dance 
Committee 2, Chairman 3; Junior Prom Committee Chairman. 
Nu Epsilon Zeta 

John S. Boudreau 

C/iemical Engineering 

28 Mt. Vernon St., Gloucester 

Senate; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 4, 5; Basketball 

1; Senior Week Committee; Chess CKib 5; A.C.S. 2, 3; 

A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

John L Bean 

Ci'vil Engineering 

131 Washington St., Aver 

B.S.C.E. 3, 4, Clerk 5; N.U.C.E S., Secretary 5. 

Jack R. Brennan 

Electrical Engineering 

Mineville, N. Y. 

A.LEE. 4. 5. 

Ralph G. Benson 

Chemical Engineering 

104 Bateman St., Roslindale 

Football 1; Track 1; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

Nu Epsilon Zeta 

Richard J. Brennan 

Civil Engineering 

Mineville, N. Y. 

N.U.C.E.S. 5. 

Vincent F. Benson 

Mechanical Engineering 
5 Burgoyne St., Dorchester 

Glee Club 2, 3; A S.M.E. 3, Treasurer 4, 5. 


George E. Bronson 

Chemical Engineering 
Rock a way, N. J. 

Chess Club 4, 5; A.C.S. 3, 4. 

S. Joseph Cannava 

Banking and Finanir 
245 Fulton St., Medford 
Track 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Banking and Finance Society 
3, 4, 5; Law and Accounting Club 4, 5; Economics Club 4. 

Harold F. Brown 

Chemical Engineering 

117 Intervale St., Roxbury 

Freshman Honor List; Track 1, 2; Student Union 2, 3, 4, 5; 
Assistant Manager Bacchanalians 1; Banjo Club 1, 2, 3; A.C.S. 
2, 3 ; A.LCh E. 4, 5. 

Vincent A. Carpono 

Chemical Engineering 
54 Chavenson St., Fall River 
Freshman Honor List; Track 1; Student Union 1, 2; Glee 
Club 4; Camera Club 3; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

Lawrence H. Bruce 

Chemical Engineering 

71 Pleasant St., Wakefield 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2; Interfraternity Basket- 
ball 2, 3, 4; Class Dance Committee 1; Student Council 2, 3; 
A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 5. 

James G. Cassanos 

liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
7 Wade Ave., Woburn 
Academy, Vice-President 4, 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean's 
List 2, 3, 4, 5; Student Union 4, 5; Neius 3, News Editor 4, 5; 
Cauldron Junior Staff, Managing Editor 5 ; Mathematics Club 
2, 3, Secretary 4, President 5 ; Greater Boston Mathematics 
Clubs Association, President 5; German Language Club 4; 
University Wits, Secretary 5; A.C.S. 2, 3; N.U.C.S., Vice- 
President 5; Who's Who in America Colleges and Univer- 
sities 4. 

Jacob R. Bukala 

Business Management 
104 Orleans St., Lowell 

Sigma Society; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 4, 5; 
News 1, 2; Sales Management Club 3, 4. 

Emmett G. Cleveland 

Liberal Arts (Ecnnnmics-Snciologyj 

35 Park Drive, Boston 

Basketball I, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3. 

John R. Byrne 

Liberal Arts (English) 

81 Gloucester St., Arlington 

Hockey 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Baseball 1, 2; Class Treasurer 
2, 3. 

Penneth M. Cline 

('ii'it Engineering 

37 Howland St., Roxbury 

N.U.C.E.S. 5. 


Alfred N. Comstock 

Electrical Engineering 
8 Warren St., Norwalk, Conn. 
Interfraternity Basketball 3, 4, 5 ; Fraternity Vice-President 
4, 5; Interfraternity Council 3; A.I.E.E. 5. 
Gamma Phi Kappa 

Clifford H. Coffin 

Indusirial Engineering 

248 Edgell Rd., Framingham Center 

Freshman Honor List; Fraternity President 4; Student Union 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5; S.A.M. 5. 
Alpha Kappa Sigma 

Daniel J. Conlin 

civil Engineering 
19 Wycliff Ave., West Roxbury 
Football 1, 2; Hockey 1, 2; N.U.C.E.S. 5. 

Albert J. Cole 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 

23 Wycliff Ave., West Roxbury 

Freshman Honor List; Camera Club 2, 3; German Club 4; 
A.C.S. 2, 3; N.U.C.S. 5. 

George F. Connolly 

3907 Washington St., Boston 
Football 1 ; Law and Accounting Club 5 ; Civilian Pilot 
Training 5. 

Arthur E. Cole 

Liberal Arts (English) 
209 Essey St., Lynn 

Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Glee Club 3 ; North Shore Club, 
Vice-President 1, 2; Chess Club 4, 5, Secretary 1, President 2, 3. 

James J. Connolly 

Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 
240 Newton St., Waltham 
Kontoff Cup 1939; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Cap- 
tain 4; Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4; Class Secretary 2. 

Walter B. Colmes 

Liberal Arts (English) 

235 Chestnut Hill Ave. 

Dramatics Club 5. 


William J. Corcoran 

civil Engineering 
17 Bentley St., Brighton 
Hockey 1, Assistant Manager 2, 3; Baseball, Assistant Man- 
ager 2, Manager 3; B.S.C.E. 4; N U.C.E.S. 5. 

Earle M. Combellack 

Electrical Engineering 
Augusta, Me. 

Freshman Honor List; Fraternity Treasurer 3, President 4; 
Band 1; Orchestra 1; Bacchanalians 3, 4, 5; Dramatic Club 2; 
Radio Club, Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3; A.LE.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Alpha Kappa Sigma 


Roger L. Corey 

Mrckanical Engineering 
Turnpike St., Canton 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 5; Football ], 2; 
A.S.M.E., Secretary 4. 

Howard R. Cushman 

Chemital Emjineerino 

May St., Adamsdale 

Student Union 1, 3, 4, Intercollegiate Chairman 2, President 

5; Cauldron Junior Staff; Fraternity President 5, Interfrater- 

nitv Council 4, 5; Mathematics Club 1; Rifle Club 1, 2- A.C.S. 

2. 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

Beta Gamma Epsilon 

L Peter Cornwall 

Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 
11 Fcnwick Rd., Winchester 
Neil's 5 ; Camera Club 2, 3, 4, 5. 

Arnold E. Daum 

Business Management 
258 Seaver St., Roxbury 
Sigma Society; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List, 4, 5; 
Student Council 4, 5; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, President 5; 
News 1, 2, News Editor 3, Managing Editor 4, Editor-in-Chief 
5; Football Dance Committee 4; Campus of the Air, Contribut- 
ing Editor 5 ; Sales Management Club 5 ; Who's Who Among 
Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. 

W. Bradley Corson 

Banking and Finance 

7? Wakefield St., Rochester, N. H. 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 4; Student Union 2, 3; 
Neivs 1, 2, 3, Business Manager 4; N.U. Press Conference 4; 
Dean's Cabinet 5; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, 5; Law 
and Accounting Club 2, 3; Banking and Finance Society 3, 4, 5; 
University Wits 5; Who's Who Among Students in American 
Colleges and Universities 5. 

Ronald C. Davis 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
99 Upland Rd., Quincy 
Dean's Cabinet 5 ; Student Council 5 ; Student Union 3,4. 5 ; 
News 3, 4, 5; Cauldron Junior Staff, Informal Pictures Edi- 
tor 5 ; Class Treasurer 2, 4, 5 ; Junior Prom Committee, Treas- 
urer; Senior Week Committee; Camera Club, Secretary 2, 3, 4; 
Mathematics Club 2; German Language Club 4; A.C.S. 2, 3; 
N.U.C.S. 5 ; Who's Who in American Colleges and LTniver- 
sities 5. 

Calvin S. Cronan 

Chemical Engineering 

43 Central Ave., Newtonville 

Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 4; Track 1, 2; 
Class Vice-President 4, 5; Class Dance Committee, Chairman 
2; Junior Prom Committee, Vice-Chairman ; Student Council 3, 
4, Secretary 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; Cauldron, Managing 
Editor; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.I.Ch.E. 4, 5. 

Frederick J. Dearstyne 

Business MiinagemenI 
69 South Allen St., Albany, N. Y. 
Student Union 1 ,2, 3, 5, President 4; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil, Vice-President 4; Interfraternity Basketball; S.A.M., B.A. 
Branch 5. 

Nu Epsilon Zeta 

John J. Cunningham 

Industrial Engineering 
17 Appleton St., Saugus 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2; S.A.M. 4, 5. 

Wilmot H. Decker 

civil Engineering 

48 Harrison Ave., CJreenwood 

Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Dance Committee 2, 3; Junior Prom 

Committee; Fraternity Secretary 4, 5; Membership Chairman 

4, 5; B.S.C.E. 4; N.U.C.E.S. 5. 

Beta Gamma Epsilon 

Robert B. Drinkwater 

Mechanical Engineering 
14 Holland Terrace, Needham 
Freshman Honor List; A.S.M.E. Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice- 
Chairman 4, Chairman 5. 

Eugene J. DeLoria 

Liberal Arts (English) 
Canton St., Dedham 

Student Union 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3 ; Astronomy Club 4; Uni- 
versity Wits 5. 

William H. England 

Electrical Engineering 

34 Hartford St., Dorchester 

Mathematics Club 2, 3; Chess Club 2, 3; A.I.E.E. 2, Treas- 

Joseph M. Devine 

Chemical Engineering 
5 Walnut St , Somerville 

Freshman Honor List; Track I; Astronomy Club 1; A.C.S. 
2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5; Civilian Pilot Training 5. 

Bernard N. FalkofF 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
376 Wilkins St , Rochester, N. Y. 
Dean's List 4, 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; A.C.S. 2; N U.C.S., 
Vice-President 5; German Language Club 4, 5. 

Ernest J. Diette 

Industrial Engineering 

472 Dixwell Ave., New Haven, Conn. 

Dean's List 2; Football 1; Track 1; Cauldron Junior Staff. 

Donald O. Ferguson 

Electrical Engineering 

371 Ocean Ave., New London, Conn. 

Dean's List 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Interfraternity Basketball 2, 3, 

4; Fraternity President 4; Interfraternity Council 3; Nutmeg 

State Club; Junior Prom Committee; Class Dance Committees 

1, 2, 3; A.I.E.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Gamma Phi Kappa 

Sevo J. Dimitri 

Chemical Engineering 

13 Leonard Court, Taunton 

Senate; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3, 4 5- Rifle 
Club 5; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

John J. Fitzgerald 

Liberal Arts (Englisih) 
34A Monument Sq., Charlestown 
Dean's List 4, 5; Cross-Country 4; Nenus 2, 3, Sports Editor 
4, 5; University Wits 5. 

Rollins E. Dobbin 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
Jonesport, Me. 

Cauldron Junior Staff; Band 1, 2, 3; German Language 
Club 4; A.C.S. 2, 3; N.U.C.S. 5. 


John E. FitzGibbon 

Chemical Engineering 
91 School St., Taunton 
A.CS. 2, 3; A.I.Ch.E. 4, 5. 

Wilfred N. Gagne 

Electrical Engineering 
193 James St., Fairfield, Conn. 
Dean's List 2; Interfraternity Council 5; Rifle Club 2; 
Astronomy Club 1 ; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4, Executive Committee 5. 
Phi Gamma Pi 

Emery E. Freeman, Jr. 

Industrial Engineering 
Summer St., Cohasset 

Junior Prom Committee; S.A.M., Vice-President 4, President 

Curtis R. Ganong 

I ndustnal Engtnecrint/ 
70 Madison Ave., Arlington 
Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Student Council 4, 5; Orchestra 1; Class Secretary 3; S.-'^.M., 
Secretary 5; Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- 
sities 5. 

B. George Frizzell 


238 Salem St., Wakefield 

Sigma Society President 5; Freshman Honor List, Dean's 
List 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Hockey 1 ; Law and Accounting Club 2, 3, 4, 
President 5; International Relations Club 4, 5; Banking and 
Finance Society 3. 

Edward Gould 

Mechanical Enginecrini/ 
22 Linden Place, Brooklinc 
Dean's List 5; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Everett H. Fuller 

Chemical Engineering 

259 Coney St., East Walpole 

Freshman Honor List; A.CS. 2, 3; A.LCh E. 4, 5. 

Garnet L Gibson 

Liberal Arts (Economics) 
385>< Lafayette St., Salem 
Baseball 1, 4; Basketball 1; Cauldron Junior Stafl^, Photo- 
graphic Editor 5; Class Social Committee 2, 3. 

Bernard J. GafFney 

Chemical Engineering 

54 Hemingway St., Winchester 

Senate; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; Cross- 
country 1; Mathematics Club 4; Executive Committee 5; Dra- 
matic Club 3; A.CS. 2, Secretary 3; A.LCh.E. Secretary 4, 
Vice-President 5. 

James E. Giles, Jr. 

Mechanical Engineering 
44 Olive St., Newburyporl 
Fraternity Vice-President 4, President 5 ; News 1, 2, 3 ; 
A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5; Civilian Pilot Training 5. 
Phi Beta Alpha 


Frederick E. Gorman 

Mechanical Engineering 
789 Worcester St., Wellesley 
Freshman Honor List; Hockey 1; Camera Club 2, 3, 4; Rifle 
Club 2, 3, 4; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

John J. Gill 

Ciml Engineering 

310 Market St., Brighton 

Football 1; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cauldron 
Junior Staff; B.SC.E. 2, 3, 4; N.U.C.E.S. 5. 

Walter T. Grady 

civil Engineering 
4093 Washington St., Roslindale 
Dean's List 4, 5; Baseball 1; B.S.C.E. 4; N.U.C.E.S., Execu- 
tive Committee 5. 

Robert J. Ginther 

Chemical Engineering 

138 Horton St., Lewiston, Me. 

Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 3, 4, 5; A.C.S. 
2, 3; A.I.Ch.E. 5, Vice-President 4. 

Sydney Green 

Liberal Arts (English) 
29 Ridgewood St., Dorchester 
Dean's List 3; Concert Orchestra, Manager 4; University 
Wits 5. 

Sigma Kappa Psi 

Hyman A. Glass 

Chemical Engineering 
433 Warren St., Roxbury 

Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; Band 
3; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

Noriar N. Hagopian 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
77 Templeton Parkway, Watertown 
Football 2; Basketball 1; Baseball 2. 

Matthew Goddess 

Chemical Engineering 
18 Duke St., Mattapan 

Interfraternity Basketball 3, 4, 5 ; Fraternity Corresponding 
Scribe 5; Student Union 2; Chess Club I, 2; A.C.S. 2, 3; 
A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

Kappa Zeta Phi 

Robert O. Hallen 

Mechanical Engineering 

951 Broadway, Everett 

Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3 ; Football 1, 2, 3 ; 

International Relations Club 3- Civilian Pilot Training 5; 

A.S.M.E. 4, 5. 

Charles J. Gordon 

Liberal Arts (Mathematics) 
187 Cabot St., Roxbury 

Baseball 1; Basketball 3; Concert Orchestra 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 
4; Mathematics Club 5; German Language Club 3, 5, Presi- 
dent 4. 

Sigma Kappa Psi 



John J. Halloran 

Liberal Arts (Psycholugy-Sociolooy) 
66 Norwood Ave., Manchester 
Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 

Freshman Honor List; Track 

James F. Hartley 

Industrial Engineerintj 
Snipatvit Rd., Rochester 

Herbert C. Hammond 

Mechanical Engineering 

24 Collins St., Newbiiryport 

A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Ueta Gamma Epsilon 

Russell A. Haskell 

Electrical Enaineerini/ 
18 Winchester Place, East Haven, Conn. 
Football 1; Basketball 1; A.l.E.E. 5; Fraternity President 5. 
Eta Tan Nu 

Donald C. Hardie 

Industrial Engineering 
1017 S. Franklin St., Brookville 
Dean's List 5; Tennis Club 3. 

Alvin C. Hatfield 

Mechanical Engineering 

16 Dixon Ave., Dedham 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; 

Baseball 1; Interfraternity Basketball 3, 4; News 3, 4; Student 

Council 1, 2; A.S M.E. 4, 5. 

Beta Gamma Epsilon 

William L Hardy 

Cii'il Engineering 

42 Main St., Cochituate 

Football 1 ; Class Treasurer 3 ; Class Dance Committee 3 ; 
Senior Week Committee; Cauldron Junior Staff; Band 1, 2, 3; 
Orchestra 1; B.S.C.E. 3, 4; N.U.C.E.S. 5. 

Sigma Phi Alpha 

Frank H. Hazelwood 

51 Osceola St., Mattapan 
Football 4; Hockey 2, 3; Student Union 2, 3, 4; Law and 
Accounting Club 5 ; Class Vice-President 2. 

Edward J. Harraghy 

Liberal Arts (English) 

7 Cooper Sq., Taunton 

University Wits 5. 

Sherwin P. Helms 

liberal Arts (English) 
119 Palfrey St., Watcrtown 
tJlee Club 1 ; University 

News 2, 3, 
Wits 5. 

Makeup Editor 4, 5 ; 


John T. Hourihan 

Meclianical Engineering 
12 Jacobs St., Peabody 

A.S.M.E. 4, S. 

John D. Henderson 

Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 
4 Windemere St., Dorchester 

Academy; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 3, 4, 5. 

Clayton W. Hunter 

Chemical Engineering 

Mt. Vernon St., Newport, Vt. 

Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 5 ; Band 1, 2; Vermont State Club 1; 

Rifle Club 1, 5, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 

4, 5. 

Howard V. Hennigar 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
19 Wilmot St., Whitman 
Orchestra 2; N.U.C.S. 5. 

Hartley F. Hutchins 

Liberal Arts (English) 

113 Highland St., Marlborough 

Dean's List 3, 4, 5; Neios \, 2, News Editor 3, 4, Managing 

Editor 5; Cauldron Junior Staff^; Class Secretary 5; Class 

Social Committee 3 ; University Wits, Secretary 5. 

John A. Herring 

Liberal Arts (English) 

469 Broadway, North Attleboro 

Paul W. Jack 

Liberal Arts (English) 
7 St. William St., Dorchester 
Dean's List 4, 5. 

Elias B. Hiltunen 

Liberal Arts (Economics) 
145 Main St., Maynard 

Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 1; Banjo Club 1, 2, 3 ; Glee 
Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Economics Club, Chairman 5. 

Roger E. Jeanfavre 

Mechanical Engineering 
17 Travis St., Torrington, Conn. 
Cross-Country 1, Track 1; Fraternity President 5; A.S.M.E. 
3, 4, 5. 

Phi Gamma Pi 

Normand P. Holcomb 

Mechanical Engineering 
Warehouse Point, Conn. 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

^j M 


Everett A. Johnson 

Lihfral Arts (Engl'uh) 

69 Granite St., Worcester 

Dean's List 2; German Language Club 5. 

Alfred Keck 

Electrical Enginccriiin 

9 Lexington Ave., Hyde Park 

Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; Radio 

Club 1; Astronomy Chib 1; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4, 5; Civilian Pilot 

Training 5. 

Howard E. Johnson 

Business Management 

19 Concord St., Maynard 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 3; Banking and Finance 
Society 3 ; Sales Management Club 4. 

Joseph I. Keesan 

Chemical Engineering 

59 Johnston Rd., Dorchester 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Rifle Club 1; 

Tennis Club 1, 2; Chess Club 1, 2, President 3, 4, 5 ; A.C.S. 

2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5; Fraternity Secretary 5. 

Kappa Zeta Phi 

James E. Johnson 

Industrial Engineering 

45 Robillard St., Gardner 

Freshman Honor List; Basketball 1, 2; Student Council 2, 3, 
4, President 5 ; Cheer Leader 1 ; Class President 2, 3, 4, 5 ; 
Junior Prom Committee; Class Dance Committees 2, 3, Chair- 
man 1; Senior Week Chairman; S A.M. 4, 5; Who's Who in 
American Colleges and I'niversities 5. 

William J. Kelley 

Liberal Arts (English) 
22 Francis Ave., Cambridge 
Rifle Club 1, 5; Camera Club 2, 5; Dramatic Club 5. 

Raymond V. Johnson 

Liberal Arts (English) 

90 Edge Hill Rd., East Braintree 

Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
News 2, Sports Editor 3, News Editor 4, Managing Editor 5; 
University Wits 5; Varsity Club; Dean's Cabinet 5. 

Charles W. Ketchen 

Industrial Engineering 

43 Pinkham Rd., Medford Hillside 

Assistant Basketball Manager 1; Band 1, 2; CJlee Club 2, 3. 

Arnold D. Kaufman 

civil Engineering 

32 Porter St., Maiden 

Freshman Honor List; Football 2, 3, 4; Class President 1, 
Vice-President 2, 3, 4; N.U.C.E.S. 5; Who's Who Among 
Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. 

Earl W. King 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
80 Cedar St., Maiden 
Rifle Club; N.U.C.S. 5. 


Carl A. Lanzilli 

Mechanical Enyinecriinj 
1205 Bennington St., East Boston 

A.S.M.E 3, 4, Secretary 5. 

Russell F. Kippen 

Electrical Engineering 
12 Plum St., Gloucester 

Freshman Honor List; Cross-Country 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 4; 
Mathematics Club 5; Astronomy Club' 5; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4, 5. 

Frederick W. Lee 


Nottingham, N. H. 

Baseball 1; Football 1, 2, 4; Law and Accounting Club 4, 5. 

Ralph D. Kodis 

Electrical Engineering 

22 Howard St., Portland, Me. 

Senate, President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List, 2, 3, 
4, 5; Co-Winner Senate Scholarship 2; Dean's List Scholarship 
2, 3, 4; Freshman Football Manager; Rifle Team 3, 4, 5; 
Student Council 3, 4, Vice-President 5 ; Fraternity Vice-Chan- 
cellor 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; Junior Prom Committee; 
Class Secretary 3; Interfraternity Council 4; Mathematics Club 
2, 3; Radio Club 3, 4; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4, 5 ; "Who's "Who in 
American Colleges and Universities 4. 

Kappa Zeta Phi 

Nathan Lepinsky 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 

21 Milton Ave., Dorchester 

Cross-Country, Assistant Manager 2; Student Union 2, 3, 4, 

"Vice-President 5; News 1, 2, Sports Editor 3; Cauldron Junior 

Staff; German Language Club 5; A.C.S. 2, 3; N.U.C.S. 5. 

Wesley A. Kohl 

Liberal Arts (English) 

73 Baker St., "West Roxbury 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4. 

Paul M. Levenson 

Civil Engineering 

494 Norfolk St., Mattapan 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3; Assistant Hockey 

Manager 2, 3; Freshman Hockey Manager 3, 4; Varsity 

Hockey Manager 4; Assistant Baseball Manager 3; Varsity 

Baseball Manager 4 ; Track 1 ; Football Trainer 5 ; N.U.C.E.S. 5. 

Alfred Korejwa 

Chemical Engineering 

74 Train St., Dorchester 

Football 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 3, 5; Camera Club 2; A.C.S. 
2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

Benjamin Levin 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
122 Cottage St., Chelsea 
Student Union 2, 3; Concert Orchestra 1; German Language 
Club, Secretary 4, Treasurer 5; ACS. 2, 3; N.U.C.S. 5. 

David Kushner 

Electrical Engineering 

365 Amboy St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 3; 
ball 2, 3, 4; Fraternity Secretary 4, 
Union 4, 5; Cauldron Junior Staff, 
Mathematics Club 4, 5; Rifle Club 4, 5; 
mittee 4; A.LE.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Kappa Zela Phi 

Interfraternity Basket- 
President 5 ; Student 
Business Manager 5; 
Student Refugee Com- 


^'^ John D. Lindner 

Business Management 

28 Chapin St., Canandaigua, N. Y. 

International Relations Club 4, 5; Sales Management Club 
4, 5. 

Julius J. Maccini 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
98A Shute St., Everett 
Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 3, 4, 5; German Lan- 
guage Club, Secretary 4, President 5; A.C.S. 2, 3; N.U.C.S. 5. 

Frederick A. Little 

Mechanical Engineering 
9 Granger St., Wollaston 

Football 1; Yacht Club 4, 5; .^..S.M.E. 5. 

Beta Gamma Epsilon 

William R. MacDonough 

Liberal Arts (English) 

19 Orchard St., Jamaica Plain 

Football 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; German Language Club 3, 4. 

William H. Little 

Liberal Arts (Mathematics) 
26 Taibot St., Maiden 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Senior Week Committee; Mathe- 
matics Club 4, 5 ; Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- 
versities 5. 

Alexander MacEwan 

Electrical Engineering 
20 Allen St., East Braintree 
Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5 ; A.LE.E. 
3, Treasurer 4, Executive Committee 5. 

John S. Lund 

Liberal Arts (Economics) 

76 California St., Watertown 

Baseball 1, 2; Basketball, Manager 1, Assistant Manager 2. 

Victor S. Maclntyre 

Mechanical Engineering 
13 Artvvill St., Milton 
Senior Week Committee; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

George A. MacCallum 

Mechanical Engineering 
82 County St., Taunton 

Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Horace G. MacKerrow, Jr. 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
36 Bayard St., Allston 
Track 1; Band 1, 5; Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3 ; A.C.S. 2, 3; 
N.U.C.S. 5. 


Arthur R. Mattioli 

Chemical Engineering 
72 Oxford St., Arlington 
Dean's List 4; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.I.Ch.E. 4, 5. 

Wallace E. MacQuarrie 

Business Management 
Brownville Jet., Me. 

Brownville Jet., Me. 

Hockey 1; Interfraternity Baslietball ; Class 
+, 5; Student Union 3, 4, Secretary 5; Cauldron jumui oLan, 
\fo;„o f^iub, Vice-President 1; Sales Management Club 4; 

. A. Branch, President 5 ; Who s Who Among Students 
;an Colleges and Universities 5. 


President 2, 3, 
Junior Staff; 

Arthur F. Maynard 

Electrical Engineerimj 
13 Forest St., Lake Placid, N. Y. 
Dance Committee 3; Bacchanalians 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Empire 
State Club 1, 2; A.LE.E. 5. 

Albert S. Makas 

Liberal Arts (Physics) 

547 Columbia St., Hudson, N. Y. 

Academy, Secretary-Treasurer 4, President 5 ; Freshman 
Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Student 
Council 2, 3, 5, Secretary 4; News 2, 3, 4, 5; Cauldron Junior 
Staff; Mathematics Club 3; Empire State Club 1; A.C.S. 2; 
Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. 

William T. McCarthy 

Banking and Finance 

278 Faneuil St., Brighton 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2; Student Union 3, 4, 5; 

Dramatic Club President 3, 4; Tennis Club 2; Junior Prom 

Committee ; News 3, 4. 

Henry Manoogian 

Electrical Engineering 

78 Bromfield St., Lawrence 

Cross-Coumry 1; Twin State Club 1, 2; A.LE.E. 2, 3, 4, 5. 

Thomas C. McDonough 

Mechanical Engin\eering 
16 Appleton Place, Arlington 
Dean's List 4, 5; Hockey Manager 1, 2, 3; Senior Week 
Committee; A.S.M.E. 3, Vice-President 4, President 5. 

Reubin J. Margolin 

Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 
54 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury 

Academy, Secretary 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 

2, 3, 4, 5; Student Union 1, 2, 3; Freshman Boxing Instructor 

3, 4, 5 ; Debating Society 2, 3. 

Ernest W. McKenzie 

Liberal Arts (English) 

119 Oakland Ave., Methuen 

Academy; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; 

News 1, 2, 3, Feature Editor 4; Cauldron Junior Staff; Dean's 

Cabinet 5; University Wits, President 5; Who's Who in 

American Colleges and Universities 5. 

Roland J. Martin 

Chemical Engineering 
Fryeburg, Me. 

Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 


1^^ m H 

Thomas E. McMahon 

InJustr'uil Engineeriny 
171 Milton St., Dorchester 

Baseball 1; Netus 1, 2, Feature Editor 3, Managing Editor 4; 
Cauldron Junior Staff, Editor-in-Chief 5; S.A.M. 3, Director 
of Publicity 4, 5; Class Social Committee 3; Civilian Pilot 
Training Program 5 ; Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- 
can Colleges and Universities 5. 

Elden J. Morton 

Chemical Engineering 
53 Russell Park, Quincy 
Freshman Honor List; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.I.Ch.E. 4, 5. 

Daniel W. Miles 

civil Engineering 

33 Willow St., Norwood 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2; Track 1, 2, 3, Captain 
4; Student Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 5; Cauldron Junior 
Staff; B.SC.E. 2, 3, 4, Chairman 5; N.U.C.E.S., Vice-President 
5; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. 

Alpha Kappa Sigma 

Thomas M. Murray 

Electrical Engineering 
4 Hodges St., Taunton 
Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2; A.I.E.E. 5. 

Russell Milham 

Liberal Arts (Biology) 
16 Clarendon St., Boston 

Academy; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; 
Student Union 4, 5; Class Dance Committee, 1; A.C.S. 2. 

Joseph M. Nee 

Mechanical Engineering 

2 Maple Park, Dorchester 

Dean's List 4, 5; Hockey 1, 2, 3 ; Baseball 1, 2, 3 ; A.S.M.E. 5. 

John C. Moore, Jr. 

Liberal Arts (English) 
West Falmouth 

Ne'ws 4; Radio Club 

3, 4; Rifle Club 1. 

Robert G. Newton 

Industrial Engineering 
2 Summer St., Sharon 

Rifle Club 2, 3; S.A.M. 3, 4, 5. 
Phi Gamma Pi 

Harold B. Morris 

Liberal Arts (English) 
11 Ashton St., Dorchester 

Academy; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; 
Student Union 2, 3, 4, 5; Fraternity Corresponding Scribe 4, 5; 
Neivs 2, 3, Sports Editor 4, 5. 

Kappa Y.eta Phi 

Sebastian J. Nicolosi 

Mechanical Engineering 
118 Haverhill St., Lawrence 
Band 1, 2; Debating Society 3; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 


Donald B. Pearson ' 

Electrical Engineering 
New Sweden, Maine 
Senate; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Hockey, 
Assistant Manager 2; A.LE.E. 2, 3, 4, 5. 

James H. Nye 

Electrical Engineering 
249 Boylston St., Brockton 

Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 4; Student 
Council 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; Class Vice-President 5; 
Radio Club 1, 2, 3, President 4, 5; Civilian Pilot Training 5; 
A.LE.E. 2. 3, 4, 5; Who's Who in American Colleges and 
ITniversities 5. 

Thomas J. Pearson 

Elecrtical Engineering 
71 Nesmith St., Lawrence 
Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 3, 4; Football 1; A.LE.E. 
2, 3, 4, Chairman 5. 

Vincent A. Palombo 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
10 Elven Rd., Roslindale 

Astronomy Club 1; Radio Club 2; N.U C.S. 5. 

William J. Perkins 

Chemical Engineering 
27 Chase St., Danvers 

A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 5. 

Donald S. Pattershall 

Mechanical Engineering 

29 East Brinkerhoff Ave., Palisades Park, N, J. 
Dean's List 4, 5 ; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Nickos V. Petrou 

Electrical Engineering 
70'/2 Linden St., Springfield 
Senate; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Radio 
Club 2, 3; Chess Club 1; Mathematics Club 5; Astronomy 
Club 1 ; A.I E.E., Executive Committee 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Pres- 
ident 5. 

Maurice A. Pass 

Business Management 

263 Normandy St., Dorchester 

Sales Management Club 4, 5 ; 
President 3, President 4, 5. 

Sigma Kappa Psi 

A.S.M.E. 5. 

Fraternity Secretary 2, Vice- 

Henry J. Piotrowski 

Mechanical Engineering 
79 Fuller St., Dorchester 

Richard N. Peale 

Liberal Arts lEnglish) 

30 Park St., South Hamilton 

Dean's List 5; Student Union 1, 2; Debating Society 1, 2, 3, 
4, 5; University Wits 5; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Fraternity Sec- 
retary 4. 

P<hi Beta Alpha 



Maurice J. Polner 

Liberal Arts (English) 

522 Blue Hill Ave., Roxbiiry 


Yacht Club 5 ; Radi( 
Treasurer 5; A.l.E.E. 

Club 1, 2, 3, 

3, 4, 5. 

William F. Richardson 

Electrical Engineering 
26 Jacob St., Maiden 
Treasurer 4, Secretar\'- 

Herbert W. Pottle, Jr. 

Mechanical Engineering 
104 High Rd., Newbury 

Dean's List 3, 5; Interfraternity Basketbal 
ternity Vice-President 5; A.S.M.E. 3, 5. 

Beta Gamma Epsilon 

2, 3, 4, 5; Fra- 

Dean's List 4, 5; Chess Club 1, 2, 

Harold L. Pratt 

Mechanical Engineering 
9 Highland Park, Newtonvil 
Band 1 ; A.S.M E. 3, 4, 5. 

Manuel Rimer 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
21 Halborn St., Mattapan 
3; A.C.S. 2, 3; N.U.C.S. 5. 

Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 

Stanley L. Rogers 

Liberal Arts (English) 

Great Meadows, N. J. 

2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 3; Track 3. 

Robert T. Pritchard 

Business Management 

North Shore Rd., Algonquin Park, Norfolk, Virginia 

Cross-Country 1, 3, Captain 4; Track 1, 2; Interfraternity 
Basketball; Class Secretary 1; Cauldron Junior Staff; Sales 
Management Club 4. 

A';; Epsilon Zeta 

William H. Rogers 

Industrial Engineering 
56 Division St., Maiden 
Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 4, 5; S.AM. 4, 5. 

Louis G. Reiniger 

Civil Engineering 

47 Denver St., Saugus 

Senate; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Cross- 
Country 1; International Relations Club 3; Rifle Club 1, 2; 
Astronomy Club 1; B.S.C.E. 4, Chairman 5; N.U.C.E S., Pres- 
ident 5. 

Irving S. Rosenberg 

Mechanical Engineering 
65 Cottage St., Chelsea 
Interfraternity Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5; Baseball Manager 1; 
Band 1, 2, 3; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5; Refugee Committee 4; Fra- 
ternity Comptroller 4, 5. 
Sigma Kappa Psi 



C. Harold Schroder 

Industrial Engineering 
21 Thomson Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 
Track 1; Interfraternity Basketball 2, 3, 4 ; Fraternity Sec- 
retary 2, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4, 5 ; Empire State Club 
1; Nutmeg State Club 2, President 3; S.A.M. 5; A.S.M.E. 3. 
Phi Gamma Pi 

Frank A. Rosenkrans 

Electrical Engineering 

327 Huntington Ave., Boston 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 5 ; Hockey 1; A.LE.E. 
3, Executive Committee 4, 5. 

Henry G. Seeley 

civil Engine.eri7ig 
438 East Eighth St., South Boston 
B.S.C.E. 3, 4; N.U.C.E.S. 5. 

Frank E. Ryan, Jr. 

Mechanical Engineering 
85 Billings St., Sharon 
A.SM.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Edward Segal 

Liberal Arts (Mathematics) 
8 Verrill St., Dorchester 
Academy; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Bas- 
ketball 3, 4; Baseball 1; Mathematics Club, Treasurer 5; 
German Language Club 4. 

Andrew Y. Samuelian 

Mechanical Engineering 
1290 Dorchester Ave., Boston 

Freshman Honor List; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

W. Lee Sellon 

Mechanical Engineering 
74 Frost Ave., Melrose 
Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2; Class Vice-President 
3; Class Dance Committee 3; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Philip N. Savage 

Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 
64 Ridgewood St., Dorchester 

Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Sigma Phi Alpha 

Stephen G. Sevougian 

Chemical Engineering 
101 Harvard St., Brockton 
Senate, Vice-President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 
2, 3, 4, 5; Senate Scholarship 1; Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; As- 
tronomy Club 1; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 

S. Stowe Sayward 

Electrical Engineering 
30 Nowell Rd., Melrose 

Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Rifle Club 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 3; 
Radio Club 1, 4, 5, President 2, 3; Yacht Club 5; A.LE.E. 2; 
Executive Committee 3, 4, 5. 


Malcolm H. Shailer 

Industrial Entiineering 
Chester, Conn. 

Fraternity Secretary 4, 5; S.A.M. 4, 5. 

Beta Gamma Epsilon 

Lorin C. Skiff 

Business Management 

Walton, N. V. 

Track 1, 2; Cross-Country 1, 2, 3 ; Fraternity Treasurer 4, 

President 5; Camera Club 2; Banking and Finance Society 3; 

Sales Management Cluh 4. 

A'« Epsilon Zria 

Saul Shapiro 

Chcmii'al Engineering 

49 Jones Ave., Dorchester 

Football 1; Hockey 1; A.I.Ch.E. 4, 5. 

Frazer T. Smith 

Liberal Arts (Economies-Sociology) 
88 Howard Ave., Dorchester 

Morton Shopnik 

Mechanical Engineering 
20 Irma St., Dorchester 
Basketball 1; Band Leader 1, 2; Banjo Club 

A.S.M.E. 3, 4. 

John L Smith, Jr. 

Industrial Engineernig 
274 East St., Islington 

S.A.M. 5, Treasurer 4. 

Nu Epsilon 7. eta 

Henry F. Silsby 

Chemical Engineering 

455 High Rock St., Needham 

Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3; A.C.S. 2, 3; 
A.LCh.E. 5, Secretary 4; Class Treasurer 4, 5; Civilian Pilot 
Training 5. 

Lothrop Smith 

Industrial Engineering 
91 Hamilton St., Wollaston 

Yacht Club 5; S.A.M. 4, 5. 

John J. Sinton 

Mechanical Engineering 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, Bedford 

Student Union 2, 4; A.S M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

John F. Solovey 

Mechanical Engineering 
Milson Lodg?, Harrison Ave., Harrison, N. V. 
Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 3; Interfraternity Basket- 
ball 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Fraternity Secretary 3, 4, Vice-President 5 ; 
A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 
Phi Gamma Pi 


John H. Tausch 

Mechanical Engineerint/ 
34 Fairmount Way, Quincy 

Sigmund W. Stawicki 

Electrical Engineering 
61 Chestnut St., Chelsea 

Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 4, 5 ; Rifle Team 1, 2, 
3; Interclass Baseball 1, 2; Rifle Club 1, 2, 3; Mathematics 
Club 2, 3; Astronomy Club 1; A.LE.E. 3, 4, Executive Com- 
mittee 5. 

Paul Tavilla 

21 Bennett St., Everett 
Law and Accounting Club 4, 5 ; Banking and Finance Society 
4, 5. 

Clifford R. Steeves 

Business Management 
47 Mellen St., Needham Heights 
Sales Management Club 5. 

Stanley R. Tebbetts 

Business Manaoemcnt 
354 Waltham St., Lexington 
Freshman Honor List; Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, 5; Base- 
ball Manager 1; Track 4; Cheer Leader 1, 2; Student Union 
1, 2, 3, 4; Camera Club, President 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
S.A.M. 5. 

Maxwell D. Stone 

Liberal Arts (English) 
127 Summer St., Waltham 

Track 2, 3, 4; Fraternity Secretary 3. 

Sigma Phi Alpha 

Loring M. Thompson 

Industrial Engineering 
62 Parsons St., West Newton 
Senate, Secretary 5 ; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3, 
4, 5; Cross-Country 3, 4; Track 4; Student Council 5; Student 
Union I, 2, 3j News 1; Class Secretary 2, 4, 5; Class Dance 
Committee 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee; Dramatic Club 1; 
S.A.M. 3, 5, Secretary 4. 

A. Thomas Sundborg 

Industrial Engineering 
19 Baldwin St., Newton 

Hockey 1 ; S.A.M. 4, 5. 

Alpha Kappa Sigma 

William S. Toubman 

Liberal Arts (Economics) 
12 Wayland St., Hartford, Conn. 
Nutmeg Club 1, 2; Debating 1, 2; Assistant Basketball Man- 
ager 1, 2, 3. 

Walter Swain 

Chemical Engineering 

394 South Main St., Haverhill 

Football 1; A.C.S. 2, 3; A.LCh.E. 4, 5. 


Charles A. Tracy 

Liberal Arts (English) 

12 Hilltop Ave., Lexington 

Dean's List 5 ; Ne<vjs 2, 3, Make-up Editor 4, Managing 
Editor 5; University Wits, Treasurer 5; "Campus on the Air," 
Contributing Editor 5. 

Elmer W. Walton 

Industrial Engineering 
20 Chestnut St., Newburyport 
Freshman Honor List; S.A.M. 4, 5. 
Beta Gamma Epsilon 

James B. Trefethen 

Liberal Arts (English) 
133 High St., Wareham 

Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 4; News 1, 2; University 
Wits 5. 

Richard D. Warren 

Liberal Arts (Economics) 
22 Ridge Rd., Lavfrence 
Football 1 ; Track 1, 2, 3. 

Robert W. Trottier 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 
210 Coburn St., Lowell 

Nenus 3, 4, Feature Editor 5 ; University Wits 5 ; Civilian 
Pilot Training 5; N.U.C.S., Treasurer 5. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

John H. Weatherby 

Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 

8 Florence St., Natick 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 4, 5; President of 

Class I ; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Cauldron Junior 

Staff 4; A.C.S. 2, 3; N.U.C.S., President 5. 

Carl Van Bennekom 

Electrical Engineering 
600 Summer St., Arlington 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 2, 3, 
5; Radio Club 5. 

; Astronomy Club 

Morris Weiderhorn 


20 Greendale Rd., Mattapan 

Dean's List 4, 5; Cross-Country 1; Fraternity Comptroller 

2, 3, Potentate 4; Lavp and Accounting Club 4, 5; Banking and 

Finance Society 3. 

Sigma Kappa Psi 

Donald W. Van Tuyl 

Civil Engineering 

North Rd., Greenport, L. L, N. Y. 

Senate, Treasurer 5; Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 
3, 4, 5. Interfraternity Basketball; Cauldron Junior Staff, 
Photographic Editor 5, Band 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Em- 
pire State Club 1, 2; B.S.C.E. 4; N.U.C.E.S., Treasurer 5; 
Student Union 1. 

Beta Gamma Epsilon 

William Weintraub 

- • Liberal Arts (English) 

134 High St., Newburyport 

Academy; Dean's List 3, 4, 5 ; Carl Schurz Memorial Prize 
in German; Neivs 5; Glee Club 4. 


-4* *^ 

J ^*»^ k 

Allan Wilson 

Chemical Engineering 
114 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury 
A.C.S. 3; A.I.Ch.E. 4, 5. 
Kappa Zeta Phi 

Richard S. Whipple 

Mechanical Engineering 
30 Madison Ave., Newtonville 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4; A S.M.E. 5. 

Francis Wisgirda 

Mechanical Engineering 

914 Washington St., Norwood 

Freshman Honor List; Football Manager 1; A. S.M.E. 4, 5. 

Robert L. Wilbur 

Industrial Engineering 
43 Commonwealth Ave., Marlboro 
S.A.M. 3, 4. 

A.I.E.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Everett M. Woodward 

Elecrical Engineering 
Winterport, Maine 

Russell L Williams 

Industrial Engineering 
42 Elm Ave., Wollaston 

Track, Assistant Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Manager 5, 
Cross-Coimtry Manager 5; Student Union 1, 2, 3; Class Dance 
Committee 3; S.A.M. 5. 

Alpha Kappa Sigma 

William D. Yancey 

Chemical Engineering 
83 Martland Ave., Brockton 
Football 1 ; Track 1, 2. 
Phi Gamma Pi 

Richard J. Wills 

Mechanical Engineering 
358 Main St., Medfield 
A. S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 

Bruce W. Young 

Chemical Engineering 

2 Selwyn Rd., Belmont 

Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2, 3; Class Nominating 

Committee 2; Cauldron Junior Staff; A.C.S. 2, 3- A.I.Ch.E. 

4, 5. 

Wilfred H. Wills 

Mechanical Engineering 
358 Main St., Medfield 
A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5. 




Henry V. J. Zaiewski 

Electrical Engineering 

33 Rawson St., Dorchester 

Freshman Honor List; Dean's List 5; Mathematics Club 2, 

3, 4, 5; Radio Club 3, 4, 5; Mechanic Arts High Club 1, 2, 3, 

4, 5; Senior Week Committee; Class Nominating Committee 5; 
A.LE.E. 2, 3, 5, Executive Committee 4. 

Wilbur C. Ziegler 

Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 
40 Warren St., Arlington 
Dean's List 4. 5. 

Edward J. Zardeskas 

Liberal Arts (English) 
41 Rosemont St., Dorchester 
Football 1 ; Hockey L 

Joseph Zimmerman 

Electrical Engineering 
32 Starbird St., Maiden 
Freshman Honor List, Dean's List 2; News 2, 3; Orchestra 
1, 2, Leader 3; Band 1, 2, 3; A.LE.E. 
Kappa Zeta Phi 

A. N. Tse 

Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 
29 North Margin St., Boston 
Dean's List 5; Debating Society 2; German Language Club 
3 ; International Relations Club 2. 

Joseph R. McGonigle 

Liberal Arts (English) 
51 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Boston 
Dean's List 4 

John J. Apolis 
Nathan Aron 
John S. Boudreau 
Jacob R. Bukala 
Roger L. Corey 
Arnold E. Daum 
Sevo J. Dimitri 
Bernard N. Falkoff 
B. George Frizzell 
Bernard J. Gaffney 
Edward T. Gauld 
Robert J. Ginther 
Walter T. Grady 
Donald C. Hardie 
John D. Henderson 
Elias B. Hiltunen 
Hartley F. Hutchins 
Paul W. Jack 
Alfred Keck 
Ralph D. Kodis 
Julius J. Maccini 
Albert S. Makas 
Reubin J. Margolin 
Thomas C. McDonough 

Alexander MacEwan, Jr. 
Ernest W. McKenzie, Jr. 
Russell Milham 
Harold B. Morris 
Joseph M. Nee 
Donald S. Pattershall 
Richard N. Peale 
Donald B. Pearson 
Nickos V. Petrou 
Herbert W. Pottle, Jr. 
Manuel Rimer 
William H. Rogers, Jr. 
Frank A. Rosenkrans 
Stephen G. Sevougian 
Sigmund W. Stawicki 
Loring M. Thompson 
Charles A. Tracy, Jr. 
Albie N. Tse 
Carl Van Bennekom, Jr. 
Donald W. VanTuyl 
Morris Weiderhorn 
William Weintraub 
Henry V. Zalewski 
Wilbur C. Ziegler 






' '"'^'t|MHB|^^' 

7> -<^l 

■,«^-. .■■• •- 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k >^- ^_^^^^^^^^ 


^u ^"' 




: Siiiilli. Clleason. Kelley, DeNapoli 
Un Table : AIcAuley 
Seattfd: Gerry, Anderson 

Arthur S. Anderson 

Presidents David C. Gerry 

Gerard R. DeNapoli Vice-Presidents Lewis B. Smith 

Robert W. Irehmd 

Secretaries Walter B. Kelley 

Thomas M. McAuley Treasurers Thomas L. Gleason 

Mr. Rudolph M. Morris 
Faculty Adviser 



Sanborn. Chipman, Laakso, Hill. Dacey, Prof. Tatton 

Edward F. Dacey 

Presidents Rudolph A. Laakso 

William E. Sanborn Vice-Presidents John C. Chipman 

Eugene H. Garlick 

Secretaries Dana L. Hill 

James F. Sanford 

Treasurers George E. Tuffin 

Prof. Gerald R. Tatton 
Faculty Adviser 



leker. Shirley, Hill, Morse, Austin, Leonard 

H. Russell Austin, Jr. Presidents Roger J. Leonard 

Ernest J. Colantonio Vice-Presidents Richard A. Morse 

Tillman C. I'harp Secretaries Rowland B. Hill 

Roger J. Broeker Treasurers George C. Shirley 

Prof. Albert F. Whittaker 
Faculty Adviser 



ond Row: W;ird. Cameron. Horn. Prof. Haskins 
First Row: Greenwood, Chesley 

Earle M. Chesley 

Edwin E. MacFarland 

Robert D. Home 

Paul W. Cameron 

Francis F. Ward 

Prof. Elmer E. Haskins 
Faculty Adviser 





Dean's List Scholarship 
Highest ranking student in the Junior Class, l938-39 


Dean's List Scholarship 
Highest ranking student in the Middler Class, i938-39 


Dean's List Scholarship 
Highest ranking student in the Sophojnore Class, l938-39 


Senate Award 

Highest ranking student in the Engineering Freshman 
Class, 1938-39 


Sigma Society Award 

Highest ranking student in the Business Administration 

Freshman Class i9 38-39 




Academy Award 

Highest ranking student in the Liberal Arts Freshman 
Class. I Q 38-39 


Desmond Fitzgerald Award 
Oustanding ability in Civil Engineering 


Kontoff Cup 
Good sportsmanship 


Alumni Track Trophy 
Excellence in track 


First Prize Winner 
Annual Public Speaking Contest 










Ralph D. Kodis, '40 

Stephen G. Sevougian, '40 

Loring M. Thompson, '40 

Donald W. Van Tuyl, '40 

Dean William C. White 
Faculty Adviser 


Prof. Albert E. Everett 

Mr. Mario Giella 

Prof. Elmer E. Haskins 

Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. 

Mr. George E. Pihl 

Prof. Edward S. Parsons 

Prof. Albert E. Whittaker 

Dean William C. White 

The Senate is the honor society of the Col- 
lege of Engineering of Northeastern Univer- 
sity. Election to this society is based primarily 
upon scholastic achievement and character, 
with personality and participation in extra- 
curricular activities having a supporting but 
secondary part in the consideration for can- 
didacy. Consequently, its members regard 
their election to the society as the highest 
honor that could be bestowed upon them. 

The Senate is the oldest of the honorary 
societies at Northeastern, having been estab- 
lished in 1921 under the leadership of the late 
Professor George F. Ashley. Since that time, 
it has been self-perpetuating, honoring ap- 
proximately fifteen students in each gradu- 
ating class with membership. 

Its outstanding objective is to foster and 
promote high scholarship and to further in- 
tellectual interests among the engineering stu- 
dents at Northeastern. This objective is 
carried out by means of periodic meetings of 
a professional and social nature during the 
year, and the awarding of an annual scholar- 
ship to the highest ranking student of each 
Freshman Class. 




T^ W W^ ^ f^r^ fT 1^ f^ fT 

nee. Ginther, Pearson, Sn 

ell, Benson, Cronan, Schmieder, Boudreau, Lafferty. 


McManus, Reiniger, Johns( 

Dn, LIpman, Hurley, Petrou, Silsby. First Row: 


•ian. Dean White, Kodis, 

Van Tuyl. Thompson, O'Neii, Kelley, Glass 

CLASS OF 1940 

Nathan Aron 
John S. Boudreau 
Calvin S. Cronan 
Sevo J. Dimitri 
Bernard J. Gaffney 
Robert J. Ginther 
Hyman A. Glass 

Alfred Keck 
Ralph D. Kodis 

Alexander MacEwan 

James H. Nye 

Donald B. Pearson 

Nickos V. Petrou 

Louis G. Reiniger 

Stephen G. Sevougian 

Henry F. Silsby, Jr. 

Loring M. Thompson 

Donald W. Van Tuyl 

CLASS OF 1941 

Warren M. Benson 
Walter J. Bonnanno 
Earl L. Chatterton 

Ralph A. Coleman 
Albert E. Goodwin 
Raymond B. Hurley 

Albert D. Johnson 
Israel Katz 

George A. Snell 

Walter B. Kelley 
Robert H. Lafferty 
Lloyd S. Lawrence 
Robert N. Lipman 
Charles F. Marsh 
Richard O. McManus 

Stephen J. O'Neii 
Albert K. Schmieder 


S E X A T E 



B. George Frizzell, '40 

Laurence S. Uhland, '41 

Thomas L. Gleason, '41 
Secretary -Treasurer 

Dean Asa S. Knowles 
Faculty Adviser 


Mr. Sidney R. Bloomfield 

Prof. G. Raymond Fennell 

Mr. Rudolph M. Morris 

Prof. Gerald R. Tatton 

The Sigma Society is the honor society of 
the College of Business Administration. Can- 
didates who have met the high scholastic re- 
quirements laid down by the constitution of 
the society are accepted into membership by 
vote of the current undergraduate members. 
Highest honors in the College of Business 
Administration are conferred by election to 
this society. 

The Sigma Society was founded in 1925 by 
Dean Turner F. Garner, the Dean of the 
College of Business Administration. Orig- 
inally known as Sigma Delta Epsilon, the so- 
ciety has adopted the more common name. 
Each year about ten students in each gradu- 
ating class are honored with membership. 

Its function is to encourage and reward 
scholastic attainment among the students of 
business administration at the University. A 
feature of this objective is the granting of a 
scholarship each year to the highest ranking 
business administration student of the Fresh- 
man Class. 




CLASS OF 1940 

Jacob R. Bukala Arnold E. Daum 

B. George Frizzell 

CLASS OF 1941 

Thomas L. Gleason 

Arthur A. Harper 

Edward F. Hennessey 

Calvin E. Josselyn 

Thomas M. McAuley 

James A. Morris 

Stanley Sandarg 

Hallam W. Turton, Jr. 

Laurence S. Uhland 

CLASS OF 1942 

Joseph P. Andrews 
Saul Hahn 

James M. McCracken, Jr. 
Robert D. McNally 




Albert S. Makas, '40 

James G. Cassanos, '40 

Reubin J. Margolin, '40 
Secretary- Treasurer 

The Academy- is the honor society of the 
College of Liberal Arts. As in its brother or- 
ganizations in the Colleges of Engineering 
and Business Administration, election to this 
society is based upon high standards of schol- 
arship and character. Election to this honor- 
ary body is a sign of distintive achievement. 

The Academy, the youngest of the honor 
societies, was founded in 1937. Its member- 
ship is as yet small, but is increasing with the 
growth of the College of Liberal Arts. Its 
constitutional standards are to be kept intact, 
however, even though the membership remain 

The purpose of the Academy is to promote 
scholarly activities among the students of lib- 
eral arts and sciences. Part of this objective 
is stimulated by the offering of an annual 
scholarship to the highest ranking Freshman 
in the College of Liberal Arts. 

Dean Wilfred S. Lake 
I'aciiltv Adviser 


A C A D K M Y' 


CLASS OF 1940 

James G. Cassanos 
John D. Henderson 

Albert S. Makas 
Reubin J. Margolin 

Ernest W. McKenzie 

Russell Milham 

Harold B. Morris 

Edward Segal 

William Weintraub 

CLASS OF 1941 
John H. Boyajian Russell T. Kennefick 

CLASS OF 1942 
Richard F. Raymond 




James E. Johnson, '40 

Presidents Robert J. Anderson, Jr., '40 

Ralph D. Kodis, '40 

Vice-Presideii ts 

Daniel W. Miles, '40 

James H. Nye, '40 


Calvin S. Cronan, '40 

Edward F. Dacey, '42 


Thomas L. Gleasnn, '41 

Dean Harold W. Melvin 
Faculty Adviser 



CLASS OF 1940 

Ronald C. Davis 

Curtis R. Ganong 

James E. Johnson 

Ralph D. Kodis 

James H. Nye 

Loring M. Thompson 

Robert J. Anderson, Jr. 
George W. Beale 
Calvin S. Cronan 
Arnold E. Daum 
Albert S. Makas 
Daniel W. Miles 

CLASS OF 1941 

Arthur S. Anderson 

Gerard R. DeNapoli 

James A. Morris 

Stanley Sandarg 

Ralph A. Coleman 

Thomas L. Gleason 

Walter B. Kelley 

Milton H. Leonard 

CLASS OF 1942 

John H. Caswell 

Frederick M. Cusick 

Edward F. Dacev 

John C. Chipman 

Francis L. Dwyer 

William W. Robinson 

CLASS OF 1 943 

H. Russell Austin 
George L. Richardson 

Edward C. Stearns 
Ernest E. Whitney 




Second Ro:,:: Lord, Card. Glcason, Rirn:crv 
flrsl Rom: Saiidarg. McAuley, Dean Knowles, Beaie, 1-iizzcll 

Dean Asa S. Knowles, Faculty Advhfr 

CLASS OF 1940 

George Beale W. Bradley Corson 

B. George Frizzell 

CLASS OF 1941 

James H. Cullen 

Thomas L. Gleason 

Donald H. Lord 

Thomas M. McAuley 
E. Stuart Rumery 
Stanley Sandarg 

CLASS OF 1 942 

Joseph P. Andrews Harry A. MacQuarrie 

Frederick M. Cusiclc George E. Richardson 

Richard Wadleigh 

CLASS OF 194.^ 

Edward T. Barry 
Fred S. Card, Jr. 

Robert E. Hogaii 
Ernest E. Whitney 

College of Business Ad?ni7iistratio7i 



Dean Wilfred S. Lake, Faculty Adviser 

CLASS OF 1940 

Ronald C. Davis 
Raymond V. Johnson 

Albert S. Makas 
Ernest W. McKenzie 

CLASS OF 1941 

Arthur S. Anderson 
Russell T. Kennefick 

James A. Morris 
Raymond S. Yetten 

CLASS OF 1942 

John H. Caswell 
Edward F. Dacey 

Thomas H. MacDonald 
Simon Nathenson 

CLASS OF 1 943 

H. Russell Austin 
Donald L. Ellison 

Thomas F. Gogan 
Francis W. McKenzie 

College of Libe?~ai Arts 




Howard R. Cushman, '40 


Arnold E. Daum, '40 

Nathan Lepinsky, '40 

Vice-Presidents William T. McCarthy, '40 

John J. Cogan, '41 

Secretaries Wallace E. MacQuarrie, '40 

Dr. Charles W. Havice 
Faculty Adviser 


Dean Carl S. Ell Dean Harold W. Melvin 

Dr. Newton C. Fetter Prof. Edward S. Parsons 

Dr. Charles W. Havice Dean William C. White 


r N I O ]\ 

Sanboni. McNeil, Sibley. IVeedle. Robbins. Goodman. Stcond Ro 
. Nathenson. Goodwin, Waide. Sutliff. Monl(. First Row: 
Cushman. Daum. Beale, McCarthy, Kushner 


William E. Sanborn, '42 
Robert H. Willis, '43 
Francis W. McKenzie, '43 
David Kushner, '40 
C. Browning Hamilton, '43 
George E. Deneke, '42 
Charles W. Jackson, '41 
James G. Cassanos, '40 
Clinton P. Mott, '42 








Freshman Relations 

Walter I. Kennedy, Jr., '42 

Russell T. Kennefick, '41 

Russell Milham, '40 

Leo Cidulka, '41 
Henry Twedle, Jr., '42 

Harold P. Morris, '40 
George E. Deneke, '42 


Stanley W. Beecher, '+1 
Roger A. Bisbee, '43 
Roy K. Bjorkman, '41 
Walter A. Bong, '43 
Roger J. Broeker, '43 
Harold F. Brown, '40 
George D. Cameron, '44 
Paul W. Cameron, '44 
Alfred J. Chalow, '43 
Walter M. Chase, Jr., '43 
Constantine Collatos, '41 
Ronald C. Davis, '40 
John W. Ferguson, '43 
Arthur E. Forbes, '43 

H. Stanley 

Walter C. Gardner, '42 
Albert E. Goodwin, '41 
Philip D. Goodman, "43 
Saul Hahn, '42 
Roy A. Juusola, '42 
Leonard Linsky, '43 
David W. Lovering, '44 
Roger F. Macomber, '44 
Leslie H. MacMullen, '41 
Charles E. Marsh, '41 
William McNeil, '42 
Arthur J. Monk, '43 
Richard A. Morse, '43 
C. Richard Noble, '42 
Worrey, '44 Dorrance 

William J. Ogle, '41 
Ernest G. Oxton, '43 
Melvin H. Pedell, '43 
Edward D. Reynolds, '44 
Graham T. Riggs, '44 
Leroy F. Robbins, Jr., '43 
Alexander H. Rutledge, '43 
Richard A. Sibley, '41 
Richard D. Sutliff, '41 
Hyman Tarr, '44 
David L. Thompson, '41 
Robert A. VanHorne, '43 
Robert L. Wadland, '43 
Walter E. Waide, '41 
F. White, '44 




"Step right up and look at the stars — but you better make your own 
telescope" would probably be a good slogan for the Astronomy Club; 
for the making of astronomical instruments is the principal concern of 
this group, with a secondary purpose of giving general instruction about 
the heavenly bodies to its members. 

The first task of every new member is to make a small Newtonian 
telescope, the so-called "poor man's telescope." The beginner is thus 
initiated into the art of grinding a telescope mirror without undue loss 
if a mistake is made. The second step is the grinding of a six-inch 
Pyrex mirror, which when finished will enable the user to see the rings 
on Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, blazing nebulae, and other celestial wonders. 

The club's work is not restricted to telescopes. Some of the members have constructed a Foucault 
testing apparatus which can determine the accuracy of a mirror to one-millionth of an inch. The latest 
achievement of the group is the construction of an apparatus for coating mirrors with an extremely thin 
layer of aluminum instead of silver. 

Raymond B. Hurley '41 is president of the club; Herbert C. Alexander '41, vice-president; Hurire E. 
Melkonian '41, secretary; and Robert W. Pierson, treasurer. Prof. C. David Johnson has been adviser 
to the Astronomy Club since its inception. 


9 9 

"Hello, Pilot. How many hours have you got.'" Since October, 
1939, this has been the otticial greeting of thirty Northeastern students, 
members of the Civilian Pilot Training Program sponsored by the Civil 
Aeronautics Authority. Students outside of this special group are enter- 
tained with the exploits of these future pilots and in a language colored 
by their study of aeronautical subjects and hangar talk picked up at 
the airport. 

When Prof. Winthrop E. Nightingale, director of the program at 
Northeastern, announced that students were to be selected for ground 
school and flight training, every air-minded student in school grabbed 
at the opportunity. 

The chosen thirty were given a thorough physical exam by a medical examiner and were immedi- 
ately launched on a ground school course covering 72 hours, four hours per week. The course, given by 
Mr. William N. Batty of E. W. Wiggins Airways, Inc., included such subjects as: navigation, meteorol- 
ogy, theory of flight, engines, instruments, radio aids, history of aviation, and civil air regulations. The 
seniors who averaged 90 percent or over for the full course were: Joseph M. Devine, Thomas E. 
McMahon, George H. Baillie, Alfred Keck, James H. Nye, Robert W. Trottier, and Robert O. Hallen. 
The class average was 86 percent. 

Twenty students fly at the East Boston Airport, while the other ten fly at the Boston Metropolitan 
Airport in Norwood. The flight course includes such maneuvers as stalls, spins, slips; precision work 
and cross-country flights are included, also. During the winter months some of the group experienced 
the novelty of flying ski-equipped Piper Cub training planes. 

By the end of June it 

expected that the thirty will have fully qualified for their private pilot 



With a hypothetical fund of a million dollars to invest in securities 
in the stock and bond markets, the members of the Banking and Finance 
Society have an opportunity to apply some of the theories of the class- 
room to the actual conditions in the business world. 

Although the Middler members of the group do all the investing, they 
base their selections on reports on several of the important industries 
and on weekly resumes of financial conditions made by the upperclass 
members of the society. These are followed by informal discussions of 
the various factors which influence the current market. 

As a supplement to its weekly meetings the society has had one 
special evening meeting during each ten-week period. Outside speakers 
invited to speak on some phase of their work. 

The officers of the Banking and Finance Society are: Thomas M. McAulev '41 
H. Cullen '41, vice-president; and Charles R. Patterson '42, secretary-treasurer. Prof, 
is the adviser. 

from the financial world are 


-lent; James 
W. Tuthill 

nbers of 
A chain 


Cultural organizations, based on the pursuit and development of 
hobbies while in college, fill a definite need among future profes- 
sional men. Such an organization is the Camera Club, formed five 
years ago under the guidance of Prof, (ieorge H. Meserve. 

With participation in several exhibitions and contests as incen- 
tive, the Camera Club promotes an interest in photography among its 
members. Through its educational program of lectures and instruction 
it gives the beginner an opportunity to learn fundamentals and at the 
same time offers a chance for the more advanced students to learn 
new and better methods in photographic technique, 
the executive committee of the Camera Club for the past year were: John D. Lane 
an; Martin B. Russell '42, Division B chairman; and Clifford B. Goodie '43, Paul 
rd D. Stirchfield '44, and William H. Watt '41. 


"No, Junior, those men are not wooden Indians, they're just play- 
ing chess." Dull as it seems to the uninitiated, chess is a fascinating 
game to those who understand it. 

Northeastern's Chess Club was formed five years ago to give 
students an opportunity to learn the game from scratch or to improve 
their techniques in competition with other students. The club holds 
yearly tournaments among its members to determine the top-ranking 
players. In past years the best men have engaged in inter-collegiate 

If anyone feels astute and hungry at the same time, Prof. Joseph A. 
Coolidge, the club's adviser, has a standing offer of a free meal to the student who wins two games in 
a row from him. Many enthusiasts have gone hungry, for "Joe" is rarely beaten twice in succession. 

The two presidents of the club, one in each division, are Joseph I. Keesan '40 and Mark Sigismund 
'41 ; the secretary-treasurers, Norman S. Silsby '42 and Gerard R. DeNapoli '41. 



The activities of the Debating Club this year have been devoted to 
laying the foundation for the development of a society which in the 
future may become a vigorous participant in intercollegiate debates. The 
procedure followed has been that of training men through the medium 
of intra-club debates. By this means members have developed pro- 
ficiency in expressing themselves clearly before an audience while at 
the same time conveying the clearest interpretation of their ideas to 
their opponents. 

This year, at the nineteenth annual speaking contest in Jordan Hall, 
Elias B. Hiltunen, '40, was awarded first prize for his address, "Fate of 
Finland." Fred M. Cusick, '42, won second prize with "Business Comes to Life;" Charles E. Gates, '42, 
was third with "Taxation Without Information;" Gcgrge a. Shanker. '41, was fourth with "The Quality 
of Mercy Is Strained." Dean Harold W. Melvin presented awards of forty, thirty, twenty and ten dol- 
lars respectively to the winners. 

Activities in both divisions are planned by a single council with Samuel J. D'Agata, '41, as chair- 
man and Mr. Franklin Norvish as adviser. 


The Dramatic Club made great advances in its work this year un- 
der the new name of the "Spotlighters." The appearance of the ver- 
satile Walter Colmes '40LA sparked the organization into greater activ- 
ity and the presentation of the mystery-comedy "Post Road" was the 
result. Under the direction of Colmes the staging of this two-acter, 
with Dr. Paul E. Reynolds and Mr. Sidney Bloomfield representing the 
faculty in the cast, was successfully presented for two nights at the 
Peabody Playhouse. This production was well staged and well directed 
by the students who learned a great deal about staging, directing, and 
acting from this performance. 

For the past few seasons the Dramatic Club has not presented any 
members hope to continue next year where they left off this year and es 
at least one full-length play a year. 

Simmons College collaborated with the "Spotlighters" in presenting 
for the play. They also participated in a one aa play, "The Valiant," 
March. Dancing in Bates Hall followed the presentation of the play. 

Louis Michaelson was the president of this year's organization and 
treasurer. Dr. Paul E. Reynolds acted in an advisory capacity. 

large productions and the club 
tablish a precedent of producing 

"Post Road" by supplying girls 
which the club presented in 

Leo Jerzyk served as secretary- 


Foolish indeed is the mariner who sets out to cross an unknown 
sea without first mastering the rudiments of navigation. Foolish too 
is the bewildered Frosh who sets forth on his college career without 
the aid of a Freshman Handbook in charting his course. Many are 
the pitfalls which lie in wait for the newcomer who does not have 
available a ready source of information on Freshman regulations, activ- 
ities, organizations, and other general data. 

Organized and distributed by the Student Union, the Freshman 
Handbook was edited this year by Robert J. Anderson '40 with Profes- 
sor Waldemar S. McGuire acting as adviser. 



Almost everyone cherishes a desire to be "Bohemian" in cultural 
tastes, choice of food, mode of living, and knowledge of foreign lan- 
guages. The German Language Club helps students in fulfilling this 
desire by giving them an opportunity to use their knowledge of German 
in ways that give them entertainment and a greater appreciation of 
foreign customs and literature. 

The members of the club enjoy themselves at evening meetings while 
gaining a better understanding and speaking acquaintance with the 
German language. At semi-monthly meetings moving pictures are 
shown, recordings played, and German plays are presented by the club 
members. Although this group is only a year old, it has grown steadily under the guidance of Prof. 
Charles F. Barnason. It is an attractive organization in that it offers an opportunity for cultural devel- 
opment in a way that is entertaining. A group of this sort helps to develop lasting values and tastes in 

Julius J. Maccini '40 and Bernard N. Falkoff '40 are the two presidents of the club; Bernard Pome- 
rantz '41, the secretary; Benjamin Levin '40, the treasurer; and William Wallace '41, the chairman of 
the social committee. 


Under the capable guiding hand of Professor Hamilton the Inter- 
national Relations Club has progressed with great strides. The prin- 
cipal purpose of the club is to study and discuss those national and 
international problems and events which vitally concern our American 
economic life and institutions. 

A new plan for conducting meetings was adopted this year where- 
by four men were chosen to prepare talks on a particularly timely eco- 
nomic subject. After these men gave their speeches there followed a 
period of an hour devoted to a question and discussion session. 

Activities of the club were not confined to the limits of intra-club 
debates. Representatives were sent by the I. R. C. to several intercollegiate conferences at New England 
colleges. The procedure followed at these conferences is much the same as that used in the new discus- 
sion method of the Northeastern society. 

The keen interest in economic relations, the "boiling pot' of European economic activity, and the 
chance to adapt certain theories learned in the classroom were the main causes for the success of the club 
this year. 


Discussion meetings pertaining to some phases of law and account- 
ing practices, with special emphasis on problems which might be faced 
by the young accountant, are the main interests of the Law and Ac- 
counting Club. 

In the meetings this year students have given talks on several 
accounting problems, discussions were held on several famous law cases, 
and Prof. Alfred D'Alessandro, the club's adviser, devoted two meet- 
ings to Savings Bank Life Insurance. The topics of interest covered a 
wide scope and resulted in general participation by all members. 

The officers of the club are: Donald R. Sellers '41 and Kenneth 
Brierly '42, presidents; Robert F. Reid '42 and Robert D. McNally '42, vice-presidents; William J. Cobb 
'42 and Arne F. Lofgren '42, secretary-treasurers. 


M A T H E »I A T I C S 

Most important of the activities of the Mathematics Cliih during 
the 1939-40 season was the meeting at Northeastern of the Greater 
Boston Mathematics Clubs Association, which about 120 students from 
eight colleges attended. Prof. Elmer E. Haskins is permanent faculty 
adviser of this intercollegiate group, now in its second year, and James 
G. Cassanos, '40, was president of the association for the past year. 

The increased activity of the Mathematics Club this past year is 
due, in part, to the fact that for the first time in its history freshmen 
were admitted to membership. The club, founded in 1931, is one of the 
oldest non-professional societies in the university. 

Cassanos was president of the Mathematics Club; the other officers were: Gregory Nazarian, '43, 

vice-president; Abraham E. Landsman, '41, secretary; and Edward Segal, '40, treasurer. The members 

of the executive committee were: Bernard J. Gaffney, '40, Hans V. Bach, '44, and Edwin Burger, '44. 
Professor Haskins was adviser. 

RADIO ' ' ^V 1 K B M " 

The new spacious quarters of the Radio Club, in the Penthouse of 
thTWest Building, seem to be an incentive for the club members to make 
station 'WIKBN one of the foremost amateur stations in New England. 
This year the control system has been completely remodeled and several 
new pieces of equipment have been purchased. With the new control 
system an operator can switch from the receiver to the transmitter or to 
a telephone connnection from a single panel control board. The trans- 
mitting equipment has been greatly improved and in tests has been very 
strong. Several calls from Northeastern have been picked up clearly as 
far avray as the 'West Indies. 

The interest in the Radio Club for the current year is shown by the large increase in members who 
are working for their amateur licenses. At present twenty out of the fifty members are licensed and have 
their own call letters. 

Through contacts with other universities the Radio Club performs a service in promoting intercol- 
legiate goodwill and gives its members an opportunity to make friends throughout the nation. James H. 
Nye, '40, and Louis H. Schall, '42, are the presidents; William F. Richardson, '40, and Walter M. Chase, 
Jr., '43, are the secretary-treasurers. Dr. Carl F. Muckenhoupt is the faculty adviser. 

The president of the Rifle CI 
served in the other executive pos 
treasurer; Vernon Carpenter '42 
yea is the adviser. 


Pure competition, uncolored by cheering spectators or ballyhoo pub- 
licity is the lifeblood of the Rifle Chib. Under the guidance of Mr. Belyea 
this organization carries on an active program which aims at main- 
taining a successful varsity Rifle Team which enters intercollegiate 

This past year the Rifle Team became affiliated with the New 
England College Rifle League. Although winning only five of its fifteen 
matches, the team was able to win fourth place in the League shoulder 
to shoulder tournament which was held at the end of the season with 
ten teams competing, 
ub during this year was Robert E. Chaffee '41. The following men 
iitions: Rupert Grahn '44, vice-president; Albert Goodwin '41, secretary- 
, ordnance officer; and Hugh Simms '42, publicity. Mr. Byard C. Bel- 



The past winter an embryo organization appeared in Northeastern 
but as yet it has not gathered sufficient protoplasm unto itself to be- 
come outstanding among the other amoebas. Nevertheless, the Univer- 
sity Wits are cultured. 

The literati of the University assembled on two occasions at the 
Colonial Kitchens on Beacon Hill for supper meetings. At the first 
meeting John Ritchey, writer for the Christian Science Monitor, spoke 
to the group on the subject, "What is Writing?" The second meeting 
consisted of a lecture by Mr. Kentza, curator of the Widener Library of 
Harvard Library. He spoke on the essence of poetry to a fascinated 
audience, who marveled at the speaker's knowledge of literature. 

Dean Melvin procured these two outstanding speakers who led the group in sparkling discussions of 
the art of writing. Next year the Wits will attempt a more varied program, but the meetings this year 
were very successful and enlightening for a starter. ! 

The members of the group included Raymond V. Johnson '40LA, Hartley F. Hutchins, '40LA, Harold 
B. Morris HOLA, James G. Cassanos '40LA, H. Russell Austin •+3LA, William R. Ziegler '41LA, W. 
Bradley Corson HOBA, Richard N. Peale '40LA, Simon Nathenson '42LA, and Charles A. Tracy '40LA. 

Navy, and others 


A strong smell of the sea, tarred hemp, and old grog wafted across 
the campus October 3, 1939, as a large group of students and faculty 
gathered in true regatta spirit to launch a new Northeastern University 
Vacht Club. Several attempts had been made in the past to build up 
a club, but so many problems arose that these early efforts were beached. 

However, it was inevitable that the yachting blood coursing through 
the University should find a common channel. Sixty-five active mem- 
bers, half of whom own their own boats, attest to this fact. The club 
has taken steps to enter the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association, 
an organization made up of such colleges as M. L T., Harvard, Yale, 
already under way to procure boats to further strengthen the club's 

A wide variety of informal meetings, rocking-chair sessions to lectures by well-known yachtsmen, 
keeps up a lively interest during the winter months. An insignia, a black "N" interlocked with an 
arrow pointing northeast against a red and white background, has been designed and adopted after 
much deliberation. 

The officers this year are: Raymond O. Dion '41, commodore; Carter Fillebrown '41, vice-commodore; 
Arthur F. Hartford '41, secretary-treasurer; George N. Dexter '44, ass't. secretary-treasurer. Prof. Rudolf 
O. Oberg is adviser to the club. 


Third Row: Pruter. Austin. Kilcv, Cimobcil 
Second Ron-. Aron. Carleton. CuUen. McAuley. Johnso,, 
■St Row: McKenzle. Davis, Colhtos. Feinberg, Rubin, Pedcll 

Ronald C. Davis, '40 
Saul Hahn. '42 
Edmund A. Mroz, '42 
Gardner E, Campbell, '44 

Rubin Shnaper, '44 
Constantine N. Collates, '41 

H. Russell Austin, '43 
Thomas M. McAulev, 
Hugo R. Pruter, '44 

Carl H. Johnson, '41 
Clarence VVainwright, '44 

John Stepasiuk, '41 
Melvin Pedell, '43 
Dwight C. 'Woodruff, '43 
Sidney McCartney, '44 

Donald Schein, '43 

News Staff 
Ernest G. Oxton, '43 
Albert S. Makas, '40 
Alvah E. Prescott, '43 
Nathan Aron, '40 

Sports Staff 
Alan Bikofsky, '44 
Edward Steacie, III, '43 

Feature Staff 
fames H. Cullen, '41 
Henry O. Rose, '44 
Francis W. McKenzie, '43 

Advertising Staff 
Stuart Woodworth, '43 
Dorrance White, '44 

Circulation Staff 
Stephen Agocos, '41 
John H, Russell, '44 
Harrv Rubin, '41 
W. Raymond Chase, '41 

Photographic Staff 
Milton Feinberg, '41 

Phillip E, Johnson, '44 
John T. Kiley, '44 
Thomas E. Stretton, '43 
George Crowdis, '42 

Edward Colt, '42 
William Knowles, '44 

Charles V. Haas, '41 
John C. Moore, Jr., '41 
Robert S. Dovle, '44 

James Morr 
Walter Pol 

Russell Carleton, '44 
James MacCullum, '44 
Charles Marsh, '41 

Joseph Feinberg, '44 


X E W S 



Arnold E. Daum, '40, Editor-in-Chief 
Stanley Sandarg, '41, Business jManager 

Charles A. Tracy, Jr., '40 

Hartley F. Hutchins, '40 
Managing Editors 

Raymond V. Johnson, '40 

Mr. Randall W. Hoffmann 
Faculty Adviser 

Mr. William T. Cloney, Jr 
Technical Consultant 

James G. Cassanos, '40 

Sheiwin P. Helms, '40 
Robert W. Trottier, '40 
John J. Fitzgerald, '40 
Robert H. Marshall, '41 
Harold L. Applebaum, '40 

Raymond V. Johnson, '40 
Neivs Editors 

Makeup Editors 

Feature Editors 

Sports Editors 

Circulation Managers 

Photographic Editors 

Richard F. 'Wadleigh, '42 
Advertising ^lanager 

Hartley F. Hutchins, '40 

Simon Nathenson, '42 

William R. Ziegler, 41 

Harold Morris, '40 

Roy K. Bjorkman, '41 

Martin B. Russell, '42 


> E W S 



Thl'd Ro'.e: Rofcrs. Glci-on S.niih DcX i 1 
Siioiid Roiv.VhUni.Tonas Liffern Tibbcu Gooduin 
fir_i( /?<,n': Kennefick, Barllut Mc.rris Feinberir Mc^uley 


Herbert C. Alexander 
Charles W. Barbour, Jr. 
Gerard R. DeNapoli 
Raymond O. Dion 
Thomas L. Gleason 

Albert E. Goodwin 
Russell T. Kennefick 
Arthur W. Ketcham 
Robert H. Lafferty 
David A. Lockerby 
William R. Ziegler 

Thomas M. McAuley 
Louis B. Smith 
Robert E. Toucey 
Laurence S. Uhland 
\\'alter E. Waide 

David C. Gerry 


Edward F. Hennessey 

Milton H. Leonard 


Arnold S. Bartlett 
Ralph A. Coleman 
Norman H. Eckler 

Miiton L Feinberg 
Paul S. Jennings, Jr. 

Russell J. Rogers 
Orren Tibbetts 
Maurice Zallen 

C A I I. II IK O ]\ .1 I X I O It ST A F F 


Third Row. Joy. Austin. CarJ. Dacey 
Second Row: CoUatos, Leto, Carpenter. Plaisted. T)i 
First Rovi: Nathenson. Cook. Hamilton, Mr. Sewell, 


Herbert A. Hamilton, "4.5 

Donald B. Emerson, 44 

Ernest Cook, '44 

Wilder Parks, '44 

Mr. Charles A. Sewall, Adviser 

Bertram T. Abrams, '43 
Fester K. Bolton, '43 
Kenneth Briefly, '42 
Fred S. Card, '43 
Lawrence H, Carpenter, '43 
Alfred J. Chalow, '43 
Emmett G. Cleveland, '40 
Ernest M. Cook, '44 
Edward F. Dacey, '42 
Robert C. Daceyl '44 
Roger B. Dormandy, '44 
Ernest L. Earle, '44 
Donald B. Emerson, '44 
Herbert A. Hamilton, '43 
Arthur C. Haskell, '42 


fames C. Hebard, '43 
Howard T. Hill, '43 
William M. Irving, '44 
Carl F. Jenkins, '44 
Daniel A. Joy, '43 
Paul C. Keir, '44 
Carl O. Larson, 44 
John R. Lavender, '43 
J. '\\^alter Leaf, '44 
Leonard Leto, '44 
Gilbert A. Marshall, '43 
Arthur R. McKay, '44 
Robert D. McNally, '42 
Frederick A. Moore, '43 
Lewis T. Nelson, '44 
Wilson, '43 John N. 

Wilder Parks, '44 
David A. Pearson, '41 
Lucien B. Phinney. '44 
Richard B. Plaisted, '43 
Alvah E. Prescott, '43 
Russell A. Pyros, '44 
Charles H. Randall, '43 
Leonard E. Ravich, '44 
Henry T. Rondeau, '44 
Howard A. Samnelson, '43 
Robert W. Saumsiegle. '44 
Richard L. Sprague, '44 
George W. Walsh, '43 
Arnold P. Weiner, '44 
Lawrence T. Wilson, '43 
Wright, '44 

f» 1^ ¥a ¥. 



Combellack, ParasUvas Cl.ipp, Sproul. Sibley. Van Tuyl. Shepherd. Mayn.ird, DcRoche 

Mr. Otis F. Cushman 

Faculty Adviser 


Ralph W. Thomas, '44 

Arthur F. Maynard, '40 

Stanley E. Sproul, '43 


Fred S. Card, '4,3 

Roderick VanTuvI, '44 

William H. Thomas, '41 

Anastasios Paraskevas, '42 

Richard A. Sibley, '41 


Ridgely Shepherd, '43 


Earle M. Combellack, '40 
Donald K. Clapp, '44 

Francis R. DeRoche, '42 

IB A C € H A .^ ALIA .^ S 


Leonard F. Wood, '41 

Robert C. Campbell, '44 

Russell Hirtle, '44 

Abraham A. Rich, '43 

Wilbur J. Hogan, '43 Grant S. Jensen, '41 

Assista7it l\Ianngers 

Douglas M. Waddell, '44 

Prof. Albert T. Whittake 

Richard Cassidy, '44 
Charles Collazzo, '44 
Bernard R. Nelson, '44 
Stanley Sproul, '43 
Merrill M. Stone, 42 
John Thompson, '44 
David L. Webber, '44 

Gene Burton, '44 
Herbert Flatto, '44 
Hector E. French, '41 
Sumner Goldsmith, '44 
Robert B. Heller, 44 
Horace G. MacKerrow, '40 
Frederick W. Robbins, '43 
Udel K. Rosenberg, '44 

Daniel J. Buckley, '42 
Phillip Navin, '43 


Arthur E. Davis, '41 

James H. Brigham, '44 
Joseph J. Callahan, '44 

Faculty Advisers 

Fred Card, '43 
Spencer Cary, '44 
Carl L. Finnegan, '43 
Guy R. Hartford, '44 
Warren Howard, '43 
Marshall E. Kulberg, '42 
Theodore Meriam, '42 
Alfred O. Roberts, '44 
Paul L. Robinson, '44 
Leo E. Rogers, '44 
George G. Ross, '42 
Carlton C. Schmidt, '44 
Ernest F. Slavin, '42 
Melvin A. Steinberg, '44 
Albert Swenson, '44 
Robert T. Thorpe, '43 
Roger S. Whalen, '44 
Robert W. M'atts, '44 


John H. Austin, '44 
Ralph E. Buck, '44 
Sumner E. Hirshberg, '' 
Robert R. Owen, '44 
Eugene A. Shute, '44 
Charles W. Wallis, '44 

Mr. Sidnev R. Bloomfield 

Richard Akerovd, '44 
Tames W. Babb, '44 
Robert W. Daley, '42 
James A. Dicklow, '43 
Richard Hagberg, '44 
David W. Hartwell, '42 
Ralph J. Jewell, Jr., '44 
Norman R. Lane, '43 
John B. Rogers, '41 
L. Gerald Wahl, '42 

Jack Dizer, '44 
Ernest L. Earle, '44 
Gregory H. Nazarian, '43 
Edwin R. Bayley, '44 
David Lovering, '44 

Thomas D. Mullin, '44 
Donald E. Ross, '43 

Llovd P. Crumb, '41 
Leonard S. Rubin, '44 




Croup: Paulson. Rozacka. Badala. Mudge. Wadell, Grecnleaf, Oxman. Prof, Wlilttaker, Uj 

Vincent Badala, '42 

Martin H. Oxman. '43 

Douglas Waddel 

Francis D. Greenleaf, '42 Walter Davidzick, '43 

Frek Kozacka, '44 Robert G. Mudge, '42 

John Paulson, '44 

Prof. Albert E. Whittaker 
Faculty Adviser 

B A X J O 1 L II B 


Smitli. Chalow 

Reubon B. Giitcheon, '4+ 
Charles R. Hewson, '41 
Robert Wasserman, '43 


Knowlton B. Brown, '42 

Alfred J. Chalow, '43 
Harry M. Hilton, '44 
Donald W. Robinson, Jr., 
Robert S. Smith, '43 


Carl M. Frutkoff, '43 

Bertram Spiller, '43 
David L. Webber, '44 
Arthur F. Weber, Jr., '44 

Leslie E. Priestman, '42 


Bertram Spiller, '43 
Donald L. Ellison, '43 

John T. Dizer, Jr., '44 

Earl L. Chatterton, '41 

George A. Pothier, '43 
Phillip N. Savage, '40 


William D. Pletro, 42 

Sidney Green, '40 

Weston F. Prior, '42 

Prof. Frederick W. Holmes 



Miles. Grady. Reinifcr, Bamhcr, 

Louis G. Reiniger, '40 Daniel W. Miles, '40 

President Vice-President 

John L. Bean, '40 Donald W. VanTuyl, '40 

Secretary Treasurer 

Prof. Emil A. Gramstorff 
Faculty Adviser 

A stride forward in the department of Civil Engineering was made this year with 
the formation of the new student organization, the Northeastern Uni\ersity Civil En- 
gineering Society. Membership in the society embraces both the local Boston Society 
of Civil Engineers and the Northeastern Section of the national American Society of 
Ci\il Engineers. 

Activities include meetings to which local practising engineers and other prominent 
men bring their knowledge and experiences to the students, and the presentation of 
papers by the members themselves on some phase of their cooperative work. 

Beginning in 1939 the student chapter has sent delegates to the Annual Conference 
of chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers, at which activities are com- 
pared, papers are presented, and engineering students are brought together by their 
mutual interest. 

This chapter was admitted as an associate member in 1939, and in Marcii of 1940 
was formally inducted as an active member at a banquet held at Northeastern and 
attended by delegates from se\'en neighboring colleges. Student members also attended 
the Conference at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in April 1940. 

Northeasteiii Ujiiversitv 
CIVIL K X U I .If E E n I > U S O i I li: T Y 


Thomas C. McDonoiigh, '40 
Norman H. Eckler, '41 
Roger L. Core}', '40 
Vincent F. Benson, '40 





Prof. Albert J. Ferretti 
Itunliy Adviser 

Robert B. Drinkwater, '40 

Richard O. McManus, '41 

Carl Lanzilli, '40 

Harry J. Ferguson, '41 

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a professional society organized 
to bring members together for discussion and observation of professional objectives. 
These many objectives are integral parts of mechanical engineering, both theoretrical 
and practical. Founded in 1880, the organization now has a membership of 19,300. 
Its many benefits, such as Student Branch support, student loan funds, cash prizes 
for papers, and use of the Engineering Societies Library, are open to all members of 
the Student Branches. The type of work which has been done in the past, and is 
still being done, by the A.S.M.E. is best exemplified in the research and standardiza- 
tion projects such as the A.S.M.E. Boiler Construction Code. Its publications, 
which members receive regularly, are the Transactions, "Mechanical Engineering," 
which the student members receive, the "Mechanical Catalog," Society Records, and 
Membership List. 

America?i Society of 



Third Rote: Cluttcrtoti, Dickoy. S.i 
Second Row: MacEivan. Stawickl, Robins. 
Fint Roto: Malioncy. Klemm. Benson. 1 

ns, Howard 
Barmarkian. Fos 
O'Nell. Lapham 

Thomas J. Pearson, '40 
Warren M. Benson, '41 
George H. Klemm, '42 



Prof. Roland G. Porter 
Faculty Adviser 

Nickos V. Petrou, '40 
Stephen J. O'Neil, '40 
Edmund Lapham, Jr., '42 

Research is the lifebhiod of science. The Northeastern chapter of the American 
Institute of Electrical Engineers in recognizing this fact encourages members of the 
organization to do original work in the field of electrical engineering. Papers on this 
type of work are presented at weekly meetings. The best paper selected from those 
presented during the year is then eligible to compete with papers from other colleges 
in New England and New York state for a regional prize. 

Through affiliation with their student chapter men of Northeastern come to realize 
early in their college careers that the\' belong to a large body of men whose aim it is 
to improve and develop the science of electrical engineering. Membership entitles the 
men to benefit from employment and library service, to hear lectures by outstanding 
men in the profession, and to participate in plant inspection trips. 

Meetings of the chapter are planned by an executive committee composed of the 
chapter officers and two men from each division of each class. 

American Institute of 

K L E C T R I € A I. 

E X O I X E E R <>i 


Sfi-onJ Row: Stoddard. Rand. Bailey, Besse, Bou. 
Fir,t Row: Prof. Baker. G.iffney, .Anderson. Smi 


Robert J. Anderson, '40 


Bernard J. Gaffney, '40 


Henry J. Silsby, '40 


Prof. Chester P. Baker 
Faculty Adviser 

Lewis B. Smith, '41 


Samuel Drevitch, '42 


The Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers has now 
completed three successful years as a Northeastern organization. Each year there has 
been a marked increase in membership. Membership is open to all Chemical Engi- 
neering upperclassmen while Liberal Arts students may become associate members. 

Meetings are held at monthly intervals during the school year. The speakers at 
each meeting are guests from some particular industrial concern and cover a wide 
range of topics. The most popular event of the year is the annual banquet at which 
the officers for the coming year are announced. The speaker at the annual banquet 
usually is from a non-chemical field. Also, at the banquet, an award of a pin and a 
certificate of merit is given by the parent society to the chemical engineering student 
with the highest scholastic average during his first two years of school. 

The business of the society is carried on at council meetings. The council consists 
of the officers of the society and a Division A and Division B representative from 
each class. 

At the annual Open House of Northeastern, the members of the society have 
charge of the exhibits and experiments shown in the Chemical Engineering Laboratory. 

American histitute of 



Emery E. Freeman, '40 
AVillfam R. Flowers, '41 
Curtis R. Ganong, '40 
Arthur F. Hartford, Jr., '41 
Thomas E. McMahon, '40 





Publicity Directors 

Prof. William T. Alexander 
Faculty Adviser 

Orren A. Tibbetts, '41 

Robert T. Holland, '41 

Roy E. Monson, '41 

Erwin N. Taylor, '41 

Thomas Hollis, ]v. '41 

The Northeastern chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management is 
the professional society serving the interests of students studying Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Organized for the purpose of advancing the theory of management, the society 
is chiefly interested in those problems dealing with production and administration in 

Specific activities of the student branch of the S. A. M. include monthly meetings, 
round-table conferences on such subjects as time and motion study, personnel, produc- 
tion control, and job evaluation. Added features are the student chapter conferences 
and the R. I. Rees annual essay contest in which a prize of $50.00 is awarded for the 
best paper on some management subject. 

Society for the 

A W V A iV t E 31 E X T OF 31 A ^ A U E 31 E .> T 




Robert F. Reid, '42 
Carl H. Johnson, '41 
Leonard K. Adams, '41 
Richard E. Brown, '41 
Stanley Sandarg, '41 


Vice-Presiden ts 



Publicity Directors 

Mr. Henry M. Cruickshank 
Faculty Adviser 

Wallace E. McQuarrie, '40 

Joseph P. Andrews, '42 

Kenneth Brierly, '42 

Leslie H. MacMullen, '41 

George B. Crowdis, '42 

The newest addition to the roster of professional societies at Northeastern is the 
student chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management organized in 
the College of Business Administration. Although similar to the chapter of this 
organization which exists in the engineering school, this new group will fill a definite 
need in dealing with management as it concerns the non-technical business man. 

The three-fold purpose in organizing this chapter is briefly as follows: 

1. To provide Business Administration students with a branch of a national so- 
ciety in a field where there is no such organization at present. 

2. To extend to Business Administration students the privilege of attending as 
student members the regular meeting of the Boston Chapter of S. A. M. 

3. To establish in the College of Business Administration a branch of the busi- 
ness professional society most frequently found in other colleges of business adminis- 

Society for the 




Srro,ul Rozi,: Tr( 

Falkoff. fini Ro:i-. Wealhcrhy. Prof. \>rnnn Raymond 

John H. Weatherby, '40 


James G. Cassanos, '40 Bernard X. Falkoff, '40 

J'ice-Presideiit Vice-President 

Richard F. Raymond, '42 Robert W. Trottier, '40 

Secretary Treasurer 

Prof. Arthur A. Vernon 

Five years ago a handful of stalwart members of the first entering class in the Col- 
lege of Liberal Arts decided to major in chemistrw They found themselves a small 
minority surrounded on all sides by chemical engineers and without a professional 
society of their own, at times feared they were losing their identity. 

With the establishment of the Northeastern University ChemicaF Society this year, 
made possible by the enlarging of the Department of Chemistry and the increased en- 
rollment of chemistry majors, this small group, now seniors, felt themselves vindicated. 

The meetings of the society throughout the year give the members an opportunity 
to hear problems in pure chemistry discussed by guest speakers. The ultimate aim of 
the society, w-hich attracted about seventy members in its first year, is affiliation with 
the American Chemical Society. This aim will probably be attained in the next year 
or two, according to Prof. Arthur A. Vernon, adviser. 

Northeaster?! U?ii'versity 

• II K ^i I c: A L 

S « r I E T Y 



......,.., ...i:^^., ] 







r " ^ 

r T>T , 

I ' 






IK ' 


.J.. ' 

f .^" 

■ "''"• 

-' j||||'-:-;i* 


P '? 

f ': ■ 


- ISsliUlil;!-:;: >,": 

/ ;j;;;-J''';|:..:S"#» 


v>'-;^, ;%•.;;;■-■■ 


Ijfe X;"S;. 






S^'fonrf Roui: Johnson. Stone, Gagne. DowlinR. Cushman. Pottle, Rvmsha 
Fmt Ro:v: Irish. Patterson, Garlick, Caswell, Snyder, Gordon. Feinberg 

Alpha Kappa Sigma 
John H. Caswell, '42 
Charles Tongue, '42 

Beta Gamma Epsilon 

Howard R. Cushman, '4 

Herbert W. Pottle, '40 

Eta Tau 'Nu 
Michael J. Rymsha, '41 

A^^a Epsilon Zeta 
Frederick Rosberry, '41 
Charles W. Jackson, Jr., 


Sigma Kappa Psi 
Emanuel Gordon, '41 
George J. Snyder, '41 

Phi Beta Alplia 

James E. Giles, '40 

Charles O. Anderson, '42 

PJii Gamma Pi 

Wilfred H. Gagne, '40 
John Q. Urban, '42 

Sigma Phi Alpha 

Alfred G. Irish, '42 
Walter E. Stone, '42 

Kappa Zeta Phi 

Milton I. Feinberg, '41 
Harold Morris, '40 

Gamma Plii Kappa 
Eugene H. Garlick, '42 


Frederick Rosberry, '41 

John H. Caswell, '42 

Eugene H. Garlick, '42 
Secretary- Treasurer 

Prof. Edward S. Parsons 
Faculty Adviser 



TliirJ R<K-: Pierson, Bjnlctl. Ford. Bartds, AleMnder De\ ipnh S,.»„J R„ i Willi 
Morrissey. F,rst Row: Prof Ziitlinti t .swell MonM.n Holli. P 

Earle M. Combellack, '40 
Grand Councillor 

Thomas Hollis, Jr., '41 

Grand Scrihe 

\Villiam B. Ravbuck, '42 
Grand Marshal 

Edward Shortell, '41 
Vice-Grand Councillor 

Charles R. Patterson, '42 
Grand Questor 

Prof. Saverio Zuffanti 
Faculty Adviser 

Clifford F. Coffin 

CLASS OF 1 940 

Earle M. Combellack 
Russell L. Williams 

A. Thomas Sundborg, Jr. 

Herbert C. Alexander 
James H. Cullen 
Arnold F. Hillier 
Joseph H. Nordstrom 

Charles F. Abend 
Charles E. Ford 
David J. Morrissey 

Ignace J. DaborowskI 


Prof. Chester P. Baker 
Prof. Joseph W. Zeller 

CLASS OF 1941 

Robert W. Bartlett 
Cierard R. UeNapoli 
Thomas Hollis, Jr. 
Robert W. Pierson 
Robert J. Wagner 

CLASS OF 1942 

Otto G. Bartels 
James J. Kilroy 
Charles R. Patterson 

CLASS OF 1943 

William S. Beecher, Jr. 
Charles R. Hewson 
Roy E. Monson 
Jack R. Sharpe 

Edward F. Laphair 
John H. Caswell 
Charles H. Tongue 

Lawrence T. Wilson 


Dr. W. Lincoln Smith 

Prof. Samuel A. S. Strahan 
Prof. Saverio ZufFanti 

A L I* II A K A P P x\ <!» I 4p M A 



Third Roil-. Sh.iw. Tiveddle, Siinborn. Whitney, Hill. Sicond Row: Hatfield. Ellis. Decker, Little. Ward. Ci.nninEiiam, Baisnett, Chils< 
First Rna-. Varner. Rogers, Pottle. Cushmaii, Shailer. Walton. Tibbetts 

Howard R. Cushman. '40 

Malcolm H. Shailer, '40 

Howard B. Cushman 
Alvin C. Hatfield 
Malcolm H. Shailer 

Dr. William F. Luder 
Faculty Adviser 

CLASS OF 1 940 

Wilmot H. Decker 
Frederick A. Little 

Herbert W. Pottle, '40 
1' ice-President 

Gordon B. Whitney, '42 

Herbert C. Hammond 
Herbert VV. Pottle 
Elmer VV. Walton, Jr 

Gerald F. Cunningham 
Russell J. Rogers 

CLASS OF 1941 

Robert VV. Ireland 
William M. Shaw 
Richard Wright 

Ralph F. Johnson 
Orren A. Tibbetts 

Stanley E. Babcock 
Robert O. Ellis 
John J. Morton 
CJordon B. Whitney 

CLASS OF 1942 

Alden Burghardt 
Paul D. Haynes 
John F. Mulock 

Homer E. Chilson 
Dana L. Hill 
William E. Sanborn 
Dean E. Williams 

Arthur J. Bassnett 
Henry Tweddle, Jr. 

CLASS OF 1 943 

James F. Jefferson 
Albert F. Varner, Jr. 

Richard F. Robie 
Harvey R. Ward 


Prof. William T. Alexander 

Prof. Emil A. Gramstorff 



Srcovd Roui: Rvmsha. Sncll, Page. Dr. Haskins 
first Ro:u: Dowling, Hall, Haskell, Eckler, Madde 

Russell F. Haskell, '40 
Grand Tau 

Norman H. Eckler, '41 
Tau Secretary-Treasurer 

Richard M. Madden, "41 

Prof. Elmer E. Haskins 
Faculty Adviser 

John H. Dowling 
Richard M. Madden 

Clifford B. Goodie 

CLASS OF 1940 

Russell A. Haskell 

CLASS OF 1941 

Norman H. Eckler 
Michael J. Rvmsha 

CLASS OF 1942 

Richard B. Hinkley 

CLASS OF 1943 

John F. PaE;e 

Ian L. Hall 
George A. Snell 

CJardner L. Havward 

Edward F. Qiiigley 


Prof. Albert E. Everett Prof. Albert J. Ferretti Prof. Edward S. Par>ons 



a a a o a o ^ 


IHMHlpr'll^ mf bH/ IK «6' TV 951 1^ 

p f I 1 t 1 f \ 

* w ^ ^ ■** ■«»- %r V V 



an. Juusola, Shepherd, Jackson, Gardne 
First Row: Mr. Devlne, Willis, Br, 

Johnson, Waide, Mott, 
en, Sibley 

Lorin C. Skiff, '40 Walter E. Waide, Jr., '41 

Grand Master Mr. John J. Devine Vice-Grand Master 

Charles W. Jackson, Jr., '41 Faculty Adviser Frederick W. Roseberry, '41 

Grand Scribe Grand Chancellor 

George W. Beale 
Wallace E. MacQuarrie 

CLASS OF 1 940 

Ralph G. Benson 
Robert T. Pritchard 

Frederick J. Dearstyne 
Lorin C. Skiff 

Leonard K. Adams 
Clifford A. Mason 
Richard A. Sibley 

CLASS OF 1941 

Charles W. Jackson, Jr. 
Thomas M. McAiilev ' 
Walter E. Waide, Jr. 

David A. Lockerby 
Frederick W. Roseberry 
Alfred R. Wilcox 

Knowlton Brown 
Roy A. Juusola 

CLASS OF 1942 

George E. Deneke 
Clinton P. Mott 

W. Curtis Gardner 
Richard D. Sutliff 

Roger Bisbee 
Robert S. Johnson 
H, Proctor Ogden 

CLASS OF 1943 

Kay S. Blackman 
Francis McKenzie 
Alexander H. Rutledge 
Robert H. Willis 

Walter A. Bong 
Richard A. Morse 
Ridgley Shepherd, Jr. 


Mr. John J. Devine 

Mr. Albert E. Sanderson 

Dean Harold W. Melvin 
Prof. George \^^. Towle 

Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. 
Dean William C. White 



Srcond Ron-: Sny 

Marks, Miislker. Wolf. Siuismund. Borofskv, Rothkopf. Kendall. Fox. First Row: Landsman 
Pass, Mr. Cooperstein. Rosenberg. Gordon 

.Miller, Weiderhc 

Maurice A. Pass, '40 
High Potentate 

Irving S. Rosenberg, '40 

Faculty Adviser 
Mr. Louis Cooperstein 

Morris Weiderhorn, '40 

Harvey S. Miller, '41 

Maurice A. Pa 

Leo Cidulka 
Charles J. Gordon 
Abraham E. Landsman 
Irving Shulman 

Meyer Fox 

Arnold Borofsky 
Charles H. Newpol 

CLASS OF 1 940 

Irving S. Rosenberg 

CLASS OF 1941 

Leonard B. Cohen 
Emmanuel Gordon 
Bernard S. Pomerantz 
Mark Sigismund 

CLASS OF 1942 

CLASS OF 1943 

Leon R. Horenstein 
Herbert Rothkopf 
Herbert Weller 

Morris Weiderhorn 

Irwin Elkins 
Julius Kendall 
George A. Shanker 
George J. Snyder 

Murray Marks 

Daniel Lasovick 
Seymour Rutberg 


Mr. Sidney R. Blrjomfield Prof. Charles O. Baird 

S I €^ M A K A P !• A l» S I 








' ^^^H^^ ' '^^^^^^Kf^ 


r^ >«^H^hH 



Vjf "'"S^WJM. -it M^W 


^^B» aV 

^^^P -'>> '^^■H 






I^Hr^ ^^. 

r/nVfi Roa-: Akell. N:ithens( 

. Sattm. Lew. Second Rozv. Sicnil.crK. Pedcll. Sladt-r. FrcuiKin. Lt-chter, Aron. Fint Ram: Fe 
berg. Kodis, Mr. Hellprin. Kushncr, Keesan, Goddess 

David Kushner, '40 Matthew Goddess, '40 Joseph I. Keesan, '40 

Chancellor Corresponding Scribe Recording Scribe 

Maurice Katz, '41 Ralph D. Kodis, '40 Mr. Laurence B. Heilprin 
Bursar Vice-Chancellor Facultv Adviser 

Nathan Aron 
Ralph D. Kodis 
Allan C. Wilson 

Harold Diamond 

CLASS OF 1940 

Matthew Goddess 
David Kushner 

CLASS OF 1941 

Milton I. Feinberg 
Maurice Zallen 

Joseph I. Keesan 
Harold B. Morris 
Joseph Zimmernnan 

Maurice Katz 

Robert B. Akell 
Simon Nathenson 

CLASS OF 1942 

Max M. Lechter 
Frank Sattin 
Merrill M. Stone 

Oscar R. Millman 
Ernest F. Slavin 

Albert A. Freeman 

CLASS OF 1943 

Melvin H. Pedell 

Alvin M. Steinberg 



James E. Giles, Jr., '40 

Richard N. Peale, '40 

James E. Giles, Jr. 

W. Raymond Chase 
Aldo Figlioli 
Stanley Sandarg 

Charles O. Anderson 
Edward Sproul 

Mr. Otis F. Cushman 
Facility Adviser 

CLASS OF 1940 

CLASS OF 1941 

William D. Clark 
Carl H. Johnson 

CLASS OF 1942 

Ru>sell S. Hallett 

CLASS OF 1943 

Ernest E. Whitney, Jr. 

Stanley Sandarg, '41 

Donald R. Sellers, '41 

Richard X. Peale 

Samuel J. D'.'^gata 
Richard A. Limdquist 
Donald R. Sellers 

Henry W. Martin 
Edward S. Tavlor 


Prof. George R. Fennell Mr. Herbert W. Gallagher Dr. Charles W. Havice 

Prof, Everett C. Marston 

■•HI BET A A 1. 1* II A 


Su-ond Row. Sltarz. Wrightgarden, Dabrowski. Mahei 
First Ro-jj: Gagne. Schroder, Jeanfavre, Solo^ey. Farm 

Roger E. Jeanfavre, '40 

Charles D. McCarty, '41 

Wilfred N. Gagne 
C. Harold Schroder 

Bernard J. Coiighlin 

Joseph Barone 

Robert C. Darling 
George W. May 

Mr. George E. Pihl 

Faculty Adviser 

CLASS OF 1940 

Roger E. Jeanfavre 

CLASS OF 1941 

Leonard C. Farney 

CLASS OF 1942 

Ronald Tubbs 
John P. Urbon 

CLASS OF 1943 

F. Wright Gardner 
Leon P. Piatelli 

John Solovey, '40 

C. Harold Schroder, '40 


Robert G. Newton 
John Solovey 

Charles D. McCartv 

George E. Tuffin 

John E. Maher 
Walter J. Sitarz 


Prof. Henry E. Richards Prof. Milton J. SchUgenhauf Prof. .Albert E, Whittaker 



n ^ 

!Lt JL9. t 

rAiVi Rot,;: Briand, Dacey. Richardson. Donaldson, Drummond, Hardv. MacFadcn. Savaec I'avlor. J-Vro,,,/ Ro 

Rogers, Mann. Cook. Urbandt, Vreeland. Thomas. Smith, Weighlman. Ross, Rumerv, Moe.ssner. firil Row: Whit 

Francis, Uhland, Irish, Loiselle, Dr, Lacount, W. Stone, Hcfron, Burns 

Paul E. Hefron, '41 

Alfred G. Irish, "42 

William L. Hardy 

Charles W. Barbour 
Frank B. Cook 
Paul E. Hefron 
William S. Peppard 
John J. Stepasiuk 
Kenneth G. Vreeland 

Charles H. Loiselle, "41 

Walter E. Stone, '42 



Phillip N. Savage 

CLASS OF 1941 

Robert L, Briand 
C;. Robert Donelson 
Charles H. Loiselle 
E. Stuart Riunery 
John Telowetski 
Herbert C), Weightman 

Laurence S. Uhland, '41 

Dr. Reginald C. Lacount 
Faculty Adviser 

Maxwell D. Stone 

Joseph J, Cegelski 
Gerald A. CJriffin 
Irving Mann 
Lewis B. Smith 
Laurence S. Uhland 
.'\ndrew W. Whites 

Ralph Burns 
David B, Drummond 
Alfred G. Irish 
Herbert J. Rogers 
William I. Taylor 

Thomas E. FrancI 

CLASS OF 1 942 

lidward F. Dacey 
Henry Elksnin 
Delbert W. MacFaden 
(jeorge A. Ross 


Herbert Moess 

1 9 4.S 

Paid E. Dinstiiore 
Victor L. Hnpkinson 
Kenneth W. Richardson 
Walter E. Stone 
Walter C. Urbanik 

Edward T, Panci 


Prof, Cierald R. Tation 

S I lji M A l» II I A L V II A 


Sicond Razf. Smith. Trail. Lewis, Lord. Conistocli. G.idick. Kins 
First Roa: Handy. Starck. Crumb. Johnson, Stone 

Donald H. Lord, '41 

Henry S. Trail, '43 

Mr. Rudolph M. ]Morris 
Faculty Adviser 

Alfred N. Comstock, '40 

Eugene H. Garlick, '42 

Alfreti N. Comstock 

Llovd P. Crumb 
Donald H. Lord 

Altamount J. Cornwell 
Douglas C. Handy 

Marcus Boyle 
Thomas F. O'Brien 

CLASS OF 1940 
CLASS OF 1941 

Carl B. Johnson 

CLASS OF 1 942 

Merrill D. Furman, Jr. 

CLASS OF 1 943 

.'ilfred B. Hayes 
Robert S. Smith 
Henry S. Trail 

Donald O. Ferguson 

Gardner H. Lewis 
Adelbert R. Reynolds 

Eugene H. Garlick 
Russell C. Wright 

Joseph V. King 
Russell Starck 


Prof. Stanley G. Estes 
Mr. Donald H. MacKenzie 

Prof. Rudolf O. Oberg 
Mr. Rudolph M. Morris 












Charles F. Abend, Jr., '42 
Arthur S. Anderson, '41 
Edward T. Barry, '43 
Joseph P. Beaton, '41 
Marcus J. Boyle, '43 
Gerald F. Bracken, '41 
William F. Callahan, '43 
John F. Campbell, '43 
Richard H. Carpenter, '43 
John H. Caswell, '42 
Arthur H. Chechames, '41 
Charles Chipkin, '42 
John C. Chipman, '42 
Ernest J. Colantonio, '43 
Edward Colt, '41 
James L. Cunningham, '42 
Frederick Ciisick, '42 
Samuel J. D'Agata, '41 
Chauncey Del Grosso, '43 
Gerard R. De Napoli, '41 
Samuel Drevitch, '42 
Paul C. Durup, '43 
John O. Eckert, '41 
Arthur B. Field, Jr., '42 
Charles P. Foster, '42 
Joseph H. Gallant, '42 
David C. Gerry, '41 
Gerald A. Griffin, '41 
Robert Gurnev, '41 
Donald R. Hansis, '43 
Kenneth L. Harding, '41 
Gardner W. Holmes, '41 
Joseph F. Howlett, '41 
James F. Jefferson. '43 
Carl B. Johnson, '41 
Colby Kelly, '42 
Abraham E. Landsman, '41 
Leo Lennon, '41 
David A. Lockerby, '41 
Edwin H. Lovequist, '41 
Francis S. Mascianica, '41 
Alan McCarthy, '41 
Dean P. Morrison, '43 
Arthur M. O'Connor, '41 
Alphonse Pajonas, '43 
William S. Peppard, '41 
George A. Ross, '42 
James F. Sanford, '42 
George H. Shanker, '41 
Philip F. Sheridan, '43 
Sidney J. Siegel, '42 
Sylvan S. Simon, '42 
Lewis B. Smith, '41 
Alex J. Struzziero, '41 
Cornelius M. Sullivan, '41 
Wallace F. Sullivan, '41 
Samuel Swardlick, '41 
Robert E. Toucey, '41 
Ronald E. Tubbs, '42 
Walter C. F. Urbanik, '42 
Dean E. Williams, '42 
Jacob Wiren, '42 
Raymond S. Yetten, '41 


Traditions take time. This page 
launches -what, perhaps, in the distant fu- 
ture will be a Cauldron tradition. The 
Cauldron has selected Cornelius M. Sulli- 
van, '41, football captain and track star, 
as the typical Northeastern athlete in ac- 
tive varsity competition. A real team man, 
with spirit to spare, thoroughly liked by 
his classmates, "Connie" retires this year 
from the field of sports. 

As a representative of the group of let- 
termen herein listed, Connie is presented 
leaning easily on the "Northeastern 
Fence," a symbol of those young men who 
have brought a greater honor to North- 



Sad appears the plight of that athletic oddity' 
unique to Northeastern — the former star who still 
is a student, still is eligible for most extra-curricula 
activities, but no longer is permitted to represent 
the University in sports. For his freshman year 
he attracts attention because of his promise, for the 
next three years he fulfills that promise and be- 
comes a well-publicized leader in collegiate activi- 
ties, for his fifth year — what ? 

In that fifth year he appears just as frequently 
in the corridors, possesses just as much intelligence 
and common sense as he did twelve months before, 
but does he attract as much attention? Does he 
enjoy as much prestige ? Does he automatically 
qualify as a forgotten man ? 

The negative answers to all three of these ques- 
tions appear paradoxical because they apparently 
contradict each other. The fifth-year athlete defi- 
nitely does not attract so much attention, definitely 
does not enjoy so much prestige, but just as defi- 
nitely he is not a forgotten man. The point may 
be clarified by reference to outstanding athletic 
members of the Class of 1940. 

Take James Joseph Connolly as the first and best 
example. James Joseph won widespread recogni- 
tion as a high school baseball and football player. 
He added to his fame during his undergraduate 
years at Northeastern, captaining the football team 
and playing as a regular in both basketball and 
baseball. His huge chest provides a fitting back- 
ground for the big red "N" that marks him as a 
varsity letter winner. 

James Joseph's lot is quite contrary to that of 
Gilbert and Sullivan's famed policeman, for James 
Joseph is singularly happy as he completes his col- 
legiate career without benefit of athletic competi- 
tion. He no longer is an active participant, but he 
still is a major figure in college because he built his 
reputation so firmly. He lacks glamour to fresh- 
men and sophomores, but he still is popular, still is 
a friend to those with whom he came in contact 

Take the quiet, unassuming John Byrne, whose 
sensational hockey career made him one of the most 
publicized athletes in New England circles. Life 

is progressing for him now just as it progressed 
last year ; he still rates as a grand hockey player, 
and as such he still commands admiration from his 

Take Danny Miles, the track captain, who 
jumped higher than any other athlete in North- 
eastern history; Bill Little, the baseball captain, 
who led an extremely successful team last fall ; 
Arnold Kaufman, the tiny guard who made big 
football opponents shiver. In fact, take any athlete 
whose name appears in the honor roll on the ad- 
joining page. 

Each one misses the actual competition, but none 
misses the applause. Athletic deeds live after col- 
lege generations have died. The only difference 
here at Northeastern is that the former stars are 
on the scene for a year to see the legends develop. 
Will Cloriey 





























o o 


J. J. Fitzgerald 

"The spirit is willing and the flesh is 
not weak but such major items as a good 
passer, a good kicker, and an outstanding 
runner are missing." 

Thus Will Cloney summed up the 1939 
football situation in a pre-game writeup in 
the Alumnus. But what was merely a dis- 
tressing situation to most students was 
a two-month headache to Coach Jimmy 
Dunn and staff, for malevolent gods con- 
tinued to hurl misfortunes on Jim's sunny 
thatch so that by November the gold had 
a silvery tint. 

For the students the 1939 season will be 
remembered primarily as the one in 
which the \vorld's record for jinx holding 
was in permanent possession of the school 
at 360 Huntington Avenue. Jim Dunn must 
have had a premonition of the dark days 
to come when he sat with the 1938 team 
at the annual post-season banquet and real- 
ized that such stars as Jimmy Connolly, 
Stan Rogers, Arnie Kaufman, Bill Pome- 
roy, Foxy Flumere, Bill Little, and Baron 
Bierenbroodspot had donned the Red and 
Black jersey for the last time. 

It was unfortunate that the Huskies 
opened the season with their strongest op- 
ponent. A star-studded, confident eleven 
from the wilds of Manchester was to in- 
augurate the turf-churning season at the 
Kent Street stadium. It was virtually the 
same team which a year before had shat- 
tered the Rose Bowl visions of a high- 
flying Boston College outfit by battering 
the Eagles to a scoreless deadlock in a 
swirling rainstorm at University Heights. 

The 1939 St. Anselm team was no ex- 
ception to the fast, tricky elevens Cleo 
O'Donnell had turned out in the past, and 
with leading small-college quarterback 
Ray McLean barking signals for the 
Hawks the outcome was inevitable. The 
Saints gave the Huskies a thorough rub- 
down, 36 to 7, but Ramblin' Ray was bot- 
tled up for the greater part of the after- 
noon and the Hawks' vaunted running 
attack was stopped cold. A rapid-fire 
aerial barrage by the Hawks paved the way 
for four touchdowns and set up a fifth. 

Exactly eight minutes after the kickoff 
the Hawks scored their first touchdown 



,^«^i*<w»'«r«»t!j^ < 

with Charlie Jaworek snaring a McLean 
pass for the tally. Before the period had 
ended St. Anselm had scored two more 
touchdowns and the Husky side of the 
scoreboard still contained a lone cipher. 

The Huskies rallied in the second period 
with Sonny Yetten, workhorse of the 
afternoon, sparking a 63 yard drive which 
placed the leather on the Saints' four yard 
stripe. On the next play Ducky Holmes 
made a circus catch of a Ken Harding pass 
to chalk up six points for the Dunnmen, 
and Ronnie Tubbs arched the pigskin over 
the goal post for the conversion. After 
this scoring spree the Husky stands were 
silent for the greater part of the afternoon 
with Jimmy Dunn tasting his first bitter 
vetch of the season when Harding went 
out in the third period with a cracked 
collarbone. A Husky rally in the final 
period was cut short and Jack Caswell's 
interception of a pass was the lone gloom- 
dispeller of the closing moments of the 
game. The O'Donnellmen added another 
triple in the third period and at the final 
whistle the Red and Black were on the 
short end of a 36 to 7 score. 

The next Saturday found the Red and 
Black eleven at Lewis Field, N. H., with 

vengeance in their hearts and pictures of 
Ramblin' Ray McLean in their minds. It 
was perhaps over-anxiousness which cost 
them the game, for despite a Husky tally 
the Wildcats capitalized on errors to score 
a brace of touchdowns and a field goal to 
give them a 15 to 6 victory. The Dur- 
hamites opened the festivities with a 46 
yard advance in six plays sparked by Hall 
and Clark, "mighty mites" of the Blue 
and White, who ripped the Husky line to 
shreds. Hall slammed off tackle for the 
initial touchdown of the day and the Wild- 
cats were out in front by a six point 

Late in the same period Jack Caswell 
raced around left end behind perfect block- 
ing to drive 38 yards down the field before 
being brought down. A series of rushes 
by Ed Barry and Alec Struzzierio brought 
the ball to the N. H. five yard marker 
with "Struzzie" scoring on the next play. 
The try for point was wide and the score 
was deadlocked at six all at the start of 
the second quarter. 

Horace Martin, substitute guard for 
New Hampshire, pulled the surprise play 
of the day when he place kicked a field 
goal from the twenty yard marker and the 


Cats clinched the game in the third frame 
when Gordon crashed over from the seven 
5"ard marker after reeling off 28 yards in 
the two preceding plays. Jim Jefferson and 
Captain Connie Siilli\an joined Ken 
Harding on the injured list with the 
former suffering from two cracked ribs 
while Sully was hobbling around school 
the following Monday on a cane as a 
result of a wrenched ankle. 

The Bates game, scheduled for the fol- 
lowing Saturday, loomed darkly on the 
football horizon that blue Monday after 
the N. H. tilt. "Struzzie"' joined the 
growing list of cripples, and this blow, 
coupled with the realization that this same 
Bates team had played a bang-up game 
against Harvard two weeks previously, did 
little to brighten Husky hopes of victory. 
The Bobcats expected little trouble in stop- 
ping the locals' attack as Dunn, a former 
Harlow aide, employed a similar ground 
offensive to that of the Harvard mentor. 

A light drizzle and a raw wind swept 
Garcelon Field the following Saturday 
when Carl Johnson, acting-captain in place 
of injured Sullivan, led the Red and Black 
warriors out onto a muddy gridiron. A 
few minutes later the gloom of the sky 
was mirrored in the faces of the assembled 
Husky fans as Jim O'Sullivan kicked a 
30 yard placement to give the Bobcats a 
three-point lead which was later to prove 
the margin of victory. 

The Cats made it 9 to in the third 
stanza when Johnson blocked Tubbs' kick 
and Plaisted pounced on the leather as it 
rolled over the goal line. Buccigross con- 
verted and the Garnet and Black were ten 
points ahead. Northeastern retaliated later 
in the same frame when Barry, playing 
inspired football, intercepted a pass on his 
own 25 and romped 50 yards down a 
muddy field without mudcleats. A Yetten 
to Colantonio pass clicked for 16 yards 
and two plays later Yetten whaled center 

for a score. Tubbs' kick was good and 
the score read 10 to 7 at the end of the 
third quarter. 

The Dunnmen threatened on three sep- 
arate occasions in the final period opening 
up a desperate but futile passing attack in 
the last few minutes of play. North- 
eastern showed considerable improvement 
in this fray with both the offensive and 
defensive clicking. A week of hard work 
on pass defense had done wonders for the 
Husky aerial defense and the Cats com- 
pleted but one pass out of eight attempted. 
The loss of Gerry De Napoli, who 
smashed his knee in this tilt, was one of 
the bitterest blows of the entire season, 
and the coaching staff had to solve the 
problem of finding a guard to fill the shoes 
of this veteran of three years of varsity 

Tufts was next on the list and as in 
former meetings between the two the 
fracas proved to be a spine-tingler with the 
Huskies playing their best game of the 
season. This marked the first time since 
1935 that the Jumbos had faced the Hus- 
kies and they were an.xious to wipe out 
the 6 to 6 tie chalked up on that occasion. 
As the Medford team had beaten a strong 
Williams team they entered the game 
heavy favorites. However, they were 
driven back a total of 69 yards in the first 
period but the Huskies failed to reach pay 
dirt. For three consecutive quarters the 
two teams battled for a score but neither 
side was able to penetrate the opponent's 
ten yard stripe. 

In the final moments of the game 5000 
assembled fans came to their feet with a 
roar when late substitute Jack Caswell 
snared a Harding pass and ran 45 yards 
before being nailed on the Tufts 25. 
Northeastern opened up on passes in the 
closing seconds but the attack stalled as the 
final whistle blew. Caswell's brief en- 
trance was a costly one for the Ilion, N. 


Y., track star suffered a sprained ankle 
necessitating his removal from the game. 
The final score: 0-0 — paving the way for 
a rubber game next year. Both the line 
and the backfield played heads-up football 
with Harding and Barry sparking the 
Backs while Abend, Joe Howlett, and 
Dean Williams outstanding in the line. 

The last Saturday in October will go 
down as a red letter day in Northeastern 
annals. For Connie Sullivan it goes down 
as the day he scored his only touchdown in 
eight years of gridiron warfare ; for North- 
eastern graduates it will be remembered as 
the 21st annual Alumni Day; but for 4000 
assembled fans at Huntington Field it will 
be remembered as the day a dazzling Ram 
eleven smashed a four year jinx by beating 
the Huskies 7 to 6 in a game which, true 
to the tradition of former N. U.-R. I. 
battles, was packed with 60 minutes of 
spectacular football. 

Although the colorful Al McCoy-Frank 
Keaney feud had ended when the former 
Husky went to Colby, the Ram coach dis- 
played his usual bag of tricks with a vari- 
ety of unorthodox formations including a 
flanker which had the Husky line worried 
for the first few plays. Coach Dunn had 
a few tricks of his own, however, and the 
Huskies opened up a passing attack on the 
first play of the game which caught the 
Rams flatfooted. 

The Husky attack stalled, however, and 
midway in the initial period Duke Ab- 
bruzzi nabbed a six yard pass from Warner 
Keaney and sideline-scampered 37 yards 
down the turf for his eighth touchdown of 
the season. Keaney lived up to his reputa- 
tion as dean of small-college converters by 
booting the oval between the uprights to 
give the Rams a 7 to lead. 

Northeastern's score came in the second 
quarter with Harding heaving a 15 yard 
pass to Sullivan for a score. The try for 
point failed and the Rams' one point lead 

looked bigger and bigger as the game pro- 
gressed. The last minutes of the half 
were devoted to a running duel between 
Yetten and Abruzzi with the latter being 
carried off the field in the last play of the 
period after being hit hard by Joe Beaton 
and Phil Sheridan. 

In the third period the Huskies marched 
58 yards to the Ram 30 yard stripe but on 
the next play Duff intercepted a Yetten 
pass and the Rams held on to the ball for 
the greater part of the frame. The last 
period turned out to be a kicking duel be- 
tween Keaney and Harding with the latter 
twice kicking the oval from under the 
shadows of the Northeastern goal posts. 
The Huskies, reaching a new high in this 
tussle, outrushed and outpassed the Rams 
but a couple of muffed aerials cost them 
the game. That one point lead was suffi- 
cient to warrant a victory parade down in 
Kingston, R. I., that Saturday night and 
another hairline defeat was inscribed on 
the Husky books. Harding and Sullivan 
shared playing honors of the day but the 
line of Boyle, Howlett, Anderson, Abend, 
Williams, and Johnson come in for their 
share of laurels. 

The first Saturday in November was 
"sophomore day" at Huntington Field for 
the Red and Black eleven with backs Ed 
Barry and Abe Winograd plus linesmen 
Marc Boyle, Phil Sheridan, and Bill Cal- 
lahan seeing action against the Springfield 
Gymnasts. And, when I say action, it's an 
understatement. Two Maroon and Gold 
jerseyed backs, Johnson and Grinnell, 
pulled about every spectacular play out of 
their respective helmets with Johnson pull- 
ing six hip weaving runs for a score in the 
first quarter and then adding his second 
with a 65 yard gallop through center. A 
try for point was good. Grinnell, not to 
be outdone, jived his way down to the 
Husky 23 yard stripe in the second frame 
and then smashed through Northeastern's 
forward wall to score standing up. 


The Back Bay eleven scored in the sec- 
ond and last frames with Alec Struzzierio 
spinning a 16 yard pass to Ducky Holmes 
for the first six pointer and Ken Harding 
plunging over the line for the second tally. 
A Harding to Holmes pass was good for 
an additional point but the score at the end 
of the tilt gave the Gymnasts a 19-13 vic- 
tory over the Huskies. 

jVIel Warshaw was the big gun in the 
Husky line while Holmes turned in the 
best game of his varsity career. Ken Hard- 
ing again bore the brunt of the ball-toting 
burden while Struzzie carried off honors 
for defensive playing. 

Armistice Day marked the cessation of 
N. U. grid hostilities and retirement day 
for eleven fourth-year men. The season's 
finale at Huntington Field with the Up- 
sala Vikings rang down the curtain on the 
football careers of Captain Sullivan, Joe 
Hewlett, Art Anderson, Ken Harding, 
Ray Yetten, Ducky Holmes, Alex Struz- 
zerio, Joe Beaton and the injured Gerry 
Di Napoli and Bob Gurney both of whom 
had been sidelined for the greater part of 
the season with leg injuries. 

The Vikings rolled up an early 20 to 

lead which the Huskies vainly tried to 
overcome. Northeastern was on the short 
end of a 22 to 13 score at the final whistle. 
Bob Lennon was the individual star of the 
game as the East Orange frosh had the 
3000 assembled fans in an uproar by his 
spectacular playing. Lennon scored two 
touchdowns and tossed the pass which re- 
sulted in a third, kicked two placements, 
and tossed eight passes of which five were 

The Huskies' attack got underway late 
in the second period with Struzzerio 
pouncing on a fumble on the Vikings' 15 
yard stripe and in three plays the Red and 
Black chalked up six points as Ken Hard- 
ing sped over the goal line. Ken kicked 
the point. In the third frame the Huskies 
threatened several times but it wasn't until 
the last quarter that the Dunnmen reached 
paydirt again. This time it was Sonny Yet- 
ten who lugged the leather over after he 
and Ed Barry had sparked a 30 yard drive. 

So there lies the story of the '39 season. 
From the standpoint of wins and losses the 
results were definitely on the red side of 
the ledger but from the standpoint of en- 
joyable ball games the season was a success. 


Third Row: Colanti 
(trad. Caswell. Strii; 

Ryder, Montimaggi, Starck, Wiren, McCarthy, Smith Levy Boyle, Earth Cusick Srcotid Ru-.r: I ikicIi Mc 
:n. Hardins. Barry, Tubbs, Holmes, Hewlett, i'atterson D Agata Firit Row Coach Gallagher, I- lumere 
V Abend. Anderson, Sullivan. DeNapoli, Warshaw. Johnson, Sanford, Olsen, Coach Kopp, Coach Dunn 

T H E T E A M 

Cornelius M. Sullivan, '41 (N) 

Mr. James W. Dunn 
Head Coach 

Assistant Coaches 

Samuel J. D'Agata, '41 (N) 

Mr. Harold W. Kopp 

Mr. Herbert W. Gallagher 

Mr. Peter Merge 

Arthur S. Anderson, '41 (N) Philip F. Sheridan, '43 (N) 

Charles F. Abend, '42 (N) 
William F. Callahan, '43 (N) 
Gerard R. DeNapoli, '41 (N) 

Marcus Boyle, '43 (N) 
Arthur Handler, '42 

Ernest J, Colantonio, '43 (N) 
Gardner W. Holmes, '41 (N) 

Edward T. Barry, '43 (N) 
Milton S. Barth, '43 
Joseph P. Beaton, '41 (N) 
John H. Caswell, '42 (N) 

Russell E. Starck, '43 

Joseph F. Howlett, '41 (N) 
Charles D. McCarthy, '41 


Fred M. Cusick, '42 
James F. Jeflferson, '43 (N) 
Dean E. Williams, '42 (N) 


Carl B, Johnson, '41 (N) 


Robert Gurney, '41 (N) 
Kenneth Harding, '41 (N) 
Charles R. Patterson, '42 
Dean F. Short, '42 

Albert D. Olsen, '43 (N) 
Leon E, Rasenen, '42 
Jacob Wiren, '42 

James F. Sanford, Jr., '42 (N) 
Lewis B. Smith, '41 

Nathan H. Murphy, '43 
Cornelius M. Sullivan, '41 (N) 

Alex J. Struzziero, '41 (N) 
Ronald E. Tubbs, '42 (N) 
Abraham Winograd, '43 
Raymond S. Yetten, '41 (N) 

Constantine C. Collatos, '41 


Dwight C. Woodruff, '43 

F O 






E T 

Harold 15. Morris 


Northeastern's hardluck varsity basket- 
ball team staggered through one of the 
toughest schedules in N. U. hoop history 
during the 1939-40 campaign. The Hus- 
kies salvaged only four wins out of 17 
games, and none of these were with the 
consent of the opposition. 

Harvard, Brown, Tufts, Rhode Island, 
and Worcester Polytech were just some of 
the court circuses on the agenda that al- 
most prompted Coach Jimmy Dunn to 
settle the whole thing by signing non- 
aggression pacts with each of these poten- 
tial powerhouses. 

When Captain Bob Gurney, Lou Smith, 
Bob Toucey, Tom Gleason, Art Che- 
chames, and Soph Al Pajonas reported for 
practice early in November, Coach Dunn 
breathed easier. In these men he had the 
most capable regular outfit in recent years. 
Gurney had been a leading point-getter in 
two previous years of varsity play. Smith 

had been first string since his sophomore 
>'ear. Toucey, Gleason, and Chechames 
had two years of varsity e.xperience while 
Pajonas had caused a mild sensation on 
the freshman team a semester before. 

Opening the season the Huskies paid a 
neighborly visit on Coach Wes Fesler's 
Jawn Hahvahds. Supposed to be the 
weakest team to represent the Crimson in 
years, Captain Charley Lutz, Bud Finne- 
gan, Ed Buckley, and company took just 
about five minutes of the first period to 
erase that supposition in summa cum laude 
fashion. After Tom Gleason had dropped 
a foul shot for the first Northeastern point 
of the year, the Cantab courtmen went out 
to an early lead over the nervous, unsure 
Dunnmen and stood off a brilliant second 
half surge of the Huskies to win, 51-38. 
Pajonas, playing his first varsity game, 
sank 20 points. He collected most of these 
when N. U. put on the heat in the latter 
half of the contest in a vain attempt to 
catch the Crimson. 

Less than a week later Captain Gurney 
and crew went to Medford to engage the 
strongest Tufts five in a decade. Unlike 
Harvard Captain Charley Tibbs and his 
Jumbos failed to disappoint pre-season pre- 
diction and took advantage of their supe- 
rior power, 57-43. The lone consolation 
for the Huskies in this encounter was that 
Pajonas continued in his disregard of var- 
sity opposition by scoring 14 points, two 
more than the Jumbos' top man, Tibbs. 

The Husky hoop men opened their home 
season against Colby on December 16. The 
Pine Tree Staters outroughed and out- 
scored their hosts, 40-23, in a sloppy 

Having lost three straight encounters 
Coach Dunn's charges met powerful 
Brown on the evening of December 18 at 


Providence. The Bears towered over the 
comparatively small Huskies. The N. U. 
dribblers vi^ere forced to play themselves 
off their feet to keep up vv^ith the smooth 
combination play of the Brunonians. A 
series of sensational shots from quarter- 
court by Pajonas kept the score even for 
the first half. Most of his two pointers 
came when he was covered, unable to pass, 
and forced to shoot off-balance. 

In the second stanza the Dunnmen used 
sheer heart and nothing more to stave off 
the weaving, never-ceasing attack of the 
Bears. At the three-quarter mark the vis- 
itors could hold out no longer, and a flurry 
of baskets, three of them from the skilled 
hands of Jack Padden, gave the home 
team an eight point lead which proved to 
be the margin of victory, 66-58. Again 
Pajonas was high-scorer for the evening ; 
this time he accounted for 30 of the Husky 

Following the Christmas vacation the 
Red and Black dropped its fifth straight 
to Connecticut, 61-38. Forwards Herb 
Peterson and Bob Donnelly collected two 
points less than the Husky total between 
them while Gurney and Pajonas led the 
meager N. U. offensive with eight points 

With a visit to the Rhode Island how- 
itzers next on the lineup Coach Dunn de- 
cided to shake up his outfit. In an effort 
to secure more scoring punch he sent Tou- 
cey, who had been playing the guard posi- 
tion since he came to Northeastern, to for- 
ward and brought Captain Gurney from 
the front line to the rear guard. Toucey 
had always been a high-scoring guard 
while Gurney's old facility for finding the 
basket had fallen off considerably. 

Although the change did not produce a 
win against Rhody — and it was hardly 
expected to — Toucey garnered 18 points 
and Gurney's speed strengthened the 
Husky defense. 

On January 13 Northeastern's first tri- 
umph came at home when Pajonas and his 
new running-mate, Toucey, put on a great 
exhibition to down Maine, 44-38. While 
these two were the main cogs in the scor- 
ing column with 16 and 14 points respec- 
tively, it was the fluent, fast passing of the 
entire team, the best floor work the Hus- 
kies had shown to date, that set up most 
of the tallying plays. 

At their top game the Huskies set out 
confidently for Maine where they were to 
meet Colby, Maine, and Bates on suc- 
cessive nights starting January 18. Jump- 
ing to an early lead on the shooting of 
Pajonas the Red and Black avenged its 
previous defeat by Colby, 41-36. The 
Huskies led all the way and were threat- 
ened only in the closing minutes when 
Colby closed with a rush. 

The N. U. five then went from Water- 
ville to Orono and vented their wrath on 
the University of Maine. Pajonas con- 
tributed 33 points, 15 baskets and three 
fouls, to the Red and Black's 67-50 grand 


slam victory. For the greater part of this 
contest the Husky hardwood hurricanes 
were without the services of Captain Gur- 
ney. Bob fouled out early in the first 

Cause for jubilation was shortlived as 
Bates put a damper on the glory of N. U.'s 
venture into Maine by edging the Husky 
quintet, 47-43. Pajonas again led his team 
in the counting column with 17 markers. 

The Red and Black dipped again as 
Captain Al Werner and his Springfield 
Gymnasts disregarded Pajonas's score of 
points to stay 25 single tallies ahead of 
N. U. The home team was behind only 
in the opening minutes of play when the 
Huskies jumped to a three point lead. 

The New Hampshire Wildcats found 
the Dunnmen way off form at Durham in 
the first game of a home and home series. 
High-scoring Pajonas netted only two 
points, as the Huskies went down to de- 
feat, 53-37. Smith and Gleason made 
nine points each for the Huskies to head 
their team's scoring. Four nights later on 
February 7 Clark gave the travelling 
towners no better reception and trounced 
them, 70-32. 

When New Hampshire played its re- 
turn engagement with the Dunn squad, 
Gleason broke into the limelight to aid 
the Huskies in a 46-38 triumph over the 
Wildcats with 18 points. Pajonas, after 
having gone on a point strike in his last 
two games, found his eye again and gath- 
ered up 15 counters including six baskets 
of his patented one-hand variety. 

Three defeats in a row closed the season 
for the N. U. basketeers. Connecticut 
played spider and the fly with the Huskies 

at Storrs on February 14. The visiting 
five played spectacular basketball in the 
first half and led at the close of the period, 
25-22. Coming out for the second half 
the Connecticut quintet turned on a furi- 
ous attack that gave them victory, 67-43. 

Rhode Island returned N. U.'s early 
season visit on February 17. The Dunn- 
men went out at the opening whistle to 
return the Rams' misdirected hospitality 
and played wide open basketball. The 
game developed into an old-fashioned scor- 
ing duel. In the leading roles were Stutz 
Modzelewski for Rhode Island and Pa- 
jonas for Northeastern. Three times the 
Rams went ahead of the Huskies and three 
times the N. U. five came back to tie the 
score. A late second half spurt put the 
Rams far ahead of the home team, and the 
game ended with the Red and Black striv- 
ing vainly to overcome R. I.'s lead. The 
final score was 77-63. Modzelewski ac- 
counted for 34 of his team's points, Fred 
Conley got 15, and Bill Rutledge ran up 
a total of 17. Pajonas was Northeastern's 
high man with 28 counters. 

Worcester Polytech was the last, and 
by no means the easiest, opponent on the 
Husky schedule. Composed mostly of vet- 
erans, the visitors had almost the same 
team that had lost only three games a sea- 
son ago and each of these by only one 
point. In addition Coach Pete Bigler's 
outfit had played nine games previous to 
the Northeastern encounter and had won 
them all. With Johnny Wells, 6'4" center 
of the visitors, leading the attack the 
Worcester aggregation gave the Huskies 
no chance and won out, 56-46. Wells led 
Tech in scoring with 21 points while Pa- 
jonas topped Northeastern with 18. 


Pi i ju\ \ rt 

Lmch Dunn. First 


Robert Gurney, '41 (N) 

Stanley R. Tebbetts, '40 (N) 

Mr. James W. Dunn 

Abraham Tobin, '41 
Assistant Manager 

Donald Alston, '43 

Arthur H. Chechames, '41 (N) 

Ernest J. Colantonio, '43 

Robert Cort, '43 

John H. DeLuca, '42 

Eugene H. Garlick, '42 
Thomas L. Gleason, '41 (N) 
Joseph Grinkis, '43 
Robert J. Kiley, '41 
Frank B. O'Neil, '41 


Games won, A — Games lost, 13 


Alphonse Pajonas, '43 
Elmer E. Smith, '42 
Lewis B. Smith, '41 (N) 
"Wallace F. Sullivan, '43 (N) 
Robert E. Toucey, '41 (N) 





















Rhode Island 
























New Hampsh 











New Hampshire 






Rhode Island 




Worcester Po 



Total Poi 

nts Scored 




N. U. 







H O 


By Ray Johnson 

Introducing — Northeastern's 1939-'40 var- 
sity hockey team. To get a picture of this 
team imagine yourself stepping into the Arena 
locker rooms almost any morning last winter 
at 6:30 A.M. The practice session is just 
about to begin and the boys are hurrying to 
get on the ice. 

Stand at the entrance to the overcrowded 
room, and look around you. '^'ou'll recognize 
some of these men, because they are veterans 
who have been with the club two or three 
years. The rest will be pointed out to you 

Watch out. You'll get bowled over by 
some of these late comers. That fellow who 
just gave \ou the hip check is Gerrv Griffin. 
He's the captain of this year's outfit, and a 
darned good one, too. He doesn't expect his 
mates to do anything he can't do, so as an 
example he does just about everything. He's 
a true Irishman — a fighter, rough and tough 
as they come, but at the same time he has 
plenty of hockey savvy. Watch him when 
the squad starts scrimmaging. He seldom, if 
ever, makes an error of omission on the de- 
fence. He weighs onlv 160. but he can hand 
out body checks with the best in the league. 
Gerrv's no slouch on the offence, either. He 
leads all the nower plavs, and his shot is 
feared by all the goalies who come up against 

Anv of the players caught loafine have to 
answer to him, and manv would rather have 
a three-hour exam than have to account for 
themselves to Gerrv. In fact he was picked 
as captain of the league All-star team because 
of his abilitv to get the most out of his team. 

There's Gerry Bracken, that tall, slim fel- 
low over in the corner talking to the coach. 
He s the first one on the ice every morning. 
Gerry would rather play hockey than eat. 
When he discovered earlv this winter that all 

one has to do to be a hockey player is score a 
few goals he received a promotion to the first 
line and stuck to it. "Brack" is one of the 
hardest workers on the squad. Stamina is his 
middle name. He's the kind of a player who 
doesn't believe in waste motion. The game 
is a science to him. If j'ou don't think so 
just watch him bump the opposing forwards 
in the center zone and get away with it. 
Gerry's at his best on the receiving end of a 
pass, cutting down his right wing boards and 
in on the goal, or checking back to cut down 
a fast rush of his rivals. 

Who's the one who just slipped that cough- 
drop in his mouth? That's Johnny Eckert, 
the left wing on the second line. He's an- 
other work horse who can skate equally well 
both ways. He's the flash on that second line. 
If something looks impossible, then Johnny 
tries it. His motto is "get near that net 
somehoiv, whether you have to go through, 
over, around, or under." When he's well 
fortified with his inevitable coughdrops 
Johnny is one of the fastest skaters on the 

There's another member of the ^-econd line 
over there in the corner; the fellow who isn't 
saving much. That's George Ross. He looks 
business-like and is just the same ^\■;\^■ on the 
ice. George gave the scoring punch to the 
second wave, be'ng a good play-maker and 
exceptionalh' tricky around the nets. He's 
perhaps the fastest man on the squad. George 
never seems upset over an\' bad break, but 
plugs along and makes the breaks come to 
him — the real team pla>er. 

The third member of the line is here get- 
ting his stick taped. Bill Peppard. "Pep" is 
a straight-away player — not very big, but 
dangerous to anyone who gets in his way. 
He's about the best defensixT wing Coach 
Gallagher has this \ear. Once lie sticks him- 


self on his man, it's almost impossible to 
shake him off. Bill is a brainy player who 
sees things coming before they happen — a 
qualification of any good plaj^-maker. 

Your education is not complete until you 
meet Leo Lennon, the bespectacled, happy-go- 
lucky member of the team. Don't let his 
glasses fool you, though. He's very capable 
of handling himself in any competition. Leo 
is the stylist of the squad — a smooth, fast 
skater. He's another one of the boys who is 
clever around the opponent's net, with a hard 
shot and plenty of hockey knowledge. 

That one over there combing his hair be- 
fore he puts on his helmet is Ray Yetten, de- 
fenseman deluxe. A flashy player, he likes 
nothing better than to lead rushes from his 
backline post. "Sonny" is rugged, too, and 
can hand out his share of the checks. 

Step aside and let this little fellow through. 
He's the one who has been tossing those jokes 
around the room for the last ten minutes. 
The smallest player on the squad, yet one of 
the hardest workers. You guessed it — Alan 
McCarthy, "Mac" can give out everything he 
takes, and more. You can bet he has to take 
plenty because of his size, yet he eats up the 
rough stuff. Combine that with brains and 
you have a player who is an asset to anv 

Last, but by no means least, is Art O'Con- 
nor, who shares this year's net-minding duties 
with sophomore Don Hansls. Art has the 
makings of a fine goalie, but he reported for 
duty for the first time this year. Despite his 
lack of experience he can give a good exhibi- 
tion in the strings. 

That includes all the ones who are through 
this year. Now for a quick look at those who 
will be back next year. You can't miss that 
quiet, serious-looking fellow coming our way. 
He's Johnny Chipman, the outstanding scorer 
of the team. "Chippie" has about everything 
a good hockey player needs — speed, agility, 

brains, a fine shot, and he's a clever stick 
handler, too. Chip finished second in New 
England scoring last year and sixth this year. 

Then there's Fred Cusick, Chipman's left 
wing on the first line. Fred used to be a 
defenseman but was shifted to a forward po- 
sition because of his ability to score. He's big 
and fast, and can set up plays like a veteran. 
Chipman, Cusick, and Bracken make a 
smooth passing trio with scoring power good 
enough for anyone's team. 

Lou Cunningham must come in for his 
share of the introductions. He's Griffin's 
partner on the po'nts. One of the biggest 
players on the squad and just as anxious for 
body contact as Griffin, Lou is a typical de- 
fenseman. Together the two form about the 
best defense pair in the league. Lou can skate 
well and he clears from In front of the nets 
with the accuracy of a new Garand rifle. 

For sophomore material Gallagher has for- 
Avard Dean Morrison, defenseman "Butch" 
Del Grosso, and goalie' Don Hansis. Each 
is giv'ne a eood account of himself this year. 
Under Gallagher's tutelage and with a bit 
more experience any one of the trio can go 
places next season. 

Leaving the locker room to these early 
birds, we jump back to the present and give 
the season and the games played a once-over. 
Gallagher's sextet, before the winter was verv 
old, became known for Its nreclsion passwork 
and Its knowledge of the finer points of the 
game. Flashy at times and always consistent, 
the Huskv puckchasers finished fourth In the 
New England Intercollegiate Hockey League, 
the competition being the toughest since the 
inception of the loop four years ago. 

Against New Hampshire the puckmen 
fared well, taking the two game series 4 to 3 
and 4 to 2. The first game, the year's opener, 
gave notice of what was to be expected in 
further Husky contests. Griffin and Cun- 
ningham on defense shattered the Stater's 


rushes time and again by vicious body checks, 
while Johnny Chipman had his hand in all 
four of the Red and Black goals, scoring 
three and assisting in the other. 

Boston College proved to be the biggest 
barrier in front of this year's Huskies. Due 
to the fact that the Heights team was in 
much better condition when the two teams 
met first, it waltzed to an 11 to 3 victory, 
after being held to a 2 goal tie during the 
first period. The second tilt was much closer 
and one of the fastest on Arena ice during 
the winter. Although the Gallaghermen were 
on the small end of a 5 to 2 score when the 
final whistle blew, N. U. fans went away 
satisfied that they had seen a hockey game. 
B. C. scored four times in the first period, 
but goalie Hansis, who started the second pe- 
riod, held the Eagles to one goal while giving 
a remarkable net-minding exhibition. 

After losing the first Bowdoin game in 
overtime, the Husky skaters came back strong 
to hand the Polar Bears a stinging 9 to 4 
defeat. Cusick. from his left wing post, tal- 
lied five times, in an individual performance 
which rivalled all others for top honors of 
the year. 

Colby also succeeded in getting a split of 
its two-game series. The first, in Maine, was 
won in overtime on a goal by Ed Barry after 

Chipman had soloed to tie the score at three- 
all in the closing minutes of the third period. 
In Boston, the Mules proved to be a little 
bit tougher and came out the victors, 9 to 7, 
in a wild and woolly battle. Ross was the 
outstanding scorer for the Huskies in this 
tilt with one goal and two assists to his credit. 

Ross also gave a good account of himself 
by scoring twice in the 3 to win over Mid- 
dlebury. This was the Huskies' only shut- 
out of the year, with O'Connor and Hansis 
getting in on the fun. 

A better than usual and rugged si.x from 
Technology dropped two tilts to the Huskies. 
The second game, a knock-down, dragout 
affair, was the better of the two with the 
Gallaghermen coming through in the closing 
minutes to score three times and win 6 to 4. 

At the banquet held at the end of the year 
Johnny Chipman, who ended up in sixth place 
in New England scoring this year, was elected 
to captain next year's club. The manager- 
ship went to Howie Munday, who succeeded 
Sid Siegal. 

As usual the manager took the brunt of all 
the abuse during the year and will continue 
to do so in the next hockey season, so it is only 
deserving that we should end with their 
names — the unsung heroes of those early 
morning sessions. 


N f K 1 

**««k #o 

Sicond Row: Seigel (Mgr.), Coach Gallagher, Lennon, Cusick. H 


Chipman. Feppard, Tobey, Ecke 

Ross, Munday (Asst, Mgr.). First Row: Cunningham. McCarthy, 


Gerald F. Griffin, '41 (N) Mr. Herbert W. Gallagher 

Captain Coach 

Sidney J. Siegel, '42 (N) 


Howard P. Munday, '42 Assistant Managers Melvin A. Levinson, '43 

Edward T. Barry, '43 
Gerald F. Bracken, '41 (N) 
Harold R. Boliver, '43 
James C. Brennan, '43 
John C. Chipman, '42 (N) 
Carl E. Cole, '43 
Louis F. Cunningham, '42 (N) 

Fred M. Cusick '42 (N) 

Frank Davis, '43 

Chauncey DelGrosso, '43 (N) 

John O. Eckert, '41 (N) 

Donald R. Hansis, '43 (N) 

Leo Lennon, '41 (N) 

Alan 0. McCarthy, '41 (N) 

Dean P. Morrison, '43 (N) 
Arthur M. O'Connor, '41 (N) 
William S. Peppard, '41 (N) 
George A. Ross, '42 (N) 
William R. Shank, '43 
George E. Tobey, '43 
Raymond S. Yetten, '41 (N) 

Games won 7 — Games lost 4 

Northeastern — 4, New Hampshire — 3 
Boston College — 11, Northeastern — 3 
Northeastern — 5, M. L T. — 4 
Bowdoin — 7, Northeastern — 6 
Northeastren— 5, Colby — 3 

iames tied 

Boston College — 5, Northeastern — 2 
Northeastern — 4, New Hampshire — 2 
Northeastern — 3, Middlbeury — 
Northeastern — 6, M. \. T. — 4 
Northeastern — 9, Bowdoin — 4 

Colby — 9, Northeastern — 7 





Torbell. Ra-aiicn. Anderson, Field. I'eterson. Canll. Sullr 

revitch. Kirkaldy, Dump, Lockerbv, Carpenter, Pedell. F 

Mascianica, Holmes, Coleman, C 

o Campbcil. Sfrond Rou 
Prohodsky. Chipkin, Win 

Williams, Fitzpatrick. Kelley, 
. McDonough, Coach latton, 

Francis S. Mascianica, '41 (N) 

Mr. Chester N. Wolowicz 


Stanley R. Tebbetts, '40 (N) Prof. Gerald R. Tatton 
Manager Head Coach 

Assistant Coaches Prof. Edward S. Parsons 

Robert L. Briand, '41 
John F. Campbell, '43 
John H. Caswell, '42 (N) 
Richard E. Cavill, '43 
Francis A. Corcoran, '43 
Elbridge G. Davis, '43 
Samuel Drevitch, '41 (N) 
Paul Durup, '43 
Gardner W. Holmes, '41 (N) 
Colby E. Kelly, '42 (N) 
David A. Lockerby, '41 (N) 
Francis S. Mascianica, '41 (.N) 

Philip Newman, '43 
Leon E. Rasanen, '42 
George Shanker, '41 (N) 
Robert S. Tarbell, '43 
James T. Vahey, '43 
Abraham Winograd, '43 
Chester W. Bush, '43 
Richard H. Carpenter, '43 
Charles Chipkin, '42 (N) 
Ralph A. Coleman, '41 
Arthur B. Field, '42 (N) 
Harold E. Fine, '43 
(Letters are for the 1938-1939 season) 

John Fitzpatrick, '43 
Robert E. Gardner, '43 
James F. Jefferson, '43 
Robert B. Kirkaldy, '43 
William McDonough, '41 ( 
Carl J. Peterson, '43 
Michael Prohodsky, '43 
Arnold E. Saunders, '42 
Cornelius Sullivan, '41 (N) 
Eugene Tangherlini, '42 
Herbert G. Weightman, '41 
Jacob Wiren, '42 (N) 















Mass. State 






Wins— 2 Losses— 3 








Harold B. Morris 

Coach Gerry Tatton's 1940 varsity track 
team finished its indoor season with three vic- 
tories in five dual meets while none of its in- 
dividual stars fared very well in invitation 
meets. In true Northeastern track tradition 
this year's edition of board pounders was for- 
tified in each event. But, having victim'zed 
Bates, Brown, and Mass. State the Husky 
aggregation found Tufts and Maine too 

To open the season the tracksters packed 
their short spikes and journeyed to Lewiston 
to meet Bates on January 20. With Jake 
Wiren, dim-nutive weightman, taking two 
firsts and a third N.U. romped over Bates, 
62^ to 45j^. In all the Tattonites topped 
eight events. After Captain Frank Masci- 
anica and Bill MacDonough finished one-two 
in the 600 the meet was definitely clinched for 
the Red and Black. Wiren 's two wins came 
in the 35 pound weight event, which he 
clinched with a heave of 47 feet 10 inches, 
and the broad-jump which he took with a 
leap of 20 feet five inches. Mike Prohodsky, 
star soph distance man, won the mile by sheer 
dint of stamina. Having set too fast a pace 
in the early stages of the race Prohodsky was 
forced to grind the last lap to win. 

A week later the N.U. forces were invited 
to take part in the Prout Games at the Bos- 
ton Garden. A two-mile varsity relay team 
of Johnny Fitzpatrick, Mike Prohodsky, Paul 
Durup, and Sam Drevitch could do no better 
than finish third to Boston College and Yale. 
The Huskies were trailed by Connecticut 

On February 10 the Huskies were again in 
the Boston Garden. This time they were 
taking part in the Boston Athletic Associa- 
tion. Individual competitors. Jack Caswell 
and Fred Corcoran, failed to qualify in the 
dash. In the varsity one mile relay North- 
eastern was entered against Boston Univer- 
sity and the University of Maine. At the 
starting gun Harris of B.U. jumped to a 
short lead over Ducky Holmes, N.U.'s lead- 
ofif man, while Conti of Maine trailed. 

Bill MacDonough who, after having been 
an in-and-outer for two seasons, came into 
his own this year and ran the best pre-anchor 
leg of the night. He blistered around the 
track, passing Byron on the first turn. He 
handed anchorman. Captain Frank Mascianica 
a ten yard lead. Big Frank, under no pres- 
sure, stretched his lengthy stride to win han- 
dily by a 30 yard margin over Jones of B.U. 



Maine -was third, 40 yards back. The time 
was 3 minutes 3 1 .8 seconds. 

Cousens gym was the scene of the Huskies 
first dual meet defeat on February 20. They 
fell before the Tufts tracksters, 52-29. AVith 
such stellar performers as Walter Hall and 
Ed Dugger on the Jumbos representing the 
Medford outfit in two and three events, the 
Huskies read the handwriting on the wall be- 
fore they started the first event. This com- 
bine netted a total of four firsts and a second. 
Northeastern's only high spot in the meet 
was a single first taken by husky Jake Wiren. 
Jake heaved the shot 46 feet 3^4 inches to 
establish a new record at the Medford cage. 

Where finesse and grace take precedence 
over speed Laurie Grant of Tufts and Art 
Field of Northeastern placed the greatest 
emphasis on grace by refusing to beat each 
other in the high jump and tying in the high 
jump at 5 feet 9 inches. 

Walter Hall, former Boston College hur- 
dles star, who transferred to Tufts, displa\ed 
his versatility by a new record for the 600 
yard run as he jaunted the distance in 1.16 
for another new cage record. 

The Brown Bears played host to North- 
eastern's travelling kangaroo and steel kings 
on Februarv 24 and lost a thriller to the Red 
and Black,' 38-34. With Jake Wiren as 
N.U.'s only hope in the shot-put the meet 
was to be decided on this, the last event. 
Each team needed a first to win the meet. 
Jake's main worry was powerful Tuss Mc- 
Laughry, Jr., famous blocking qualrter of 
Brown's gridiron machine. Wiren rose to 
the occasion when he got off a magnificent 
heave of 46 feet 8^4 inches which McLaughry 
could not meet. The distance was a full five 
inches longer than his toss at Tufts whicli set 
a new cage record. 

Finding that Kenny Clapp was not en- 
tered in the meet was enough to assure dapper 
Jack Caswell of a first in the 40 yard dash. 

Ducky Holmes' victory in the 300 and 
Mike Prohodsky's triumph in the mile were 
the other Northeastern highlights in the meet. 

Captain Frank Mascianica was the only 
member of the varsity to be sent to tiie I.C. 
4 A's to compete for the national champion- 
ships in New York. Frank failed to qualify 
in the first heat of the 600 trials. 

Not included on the indoor schedule the 
Huskies had an engagement with Mass. State 
for an outdoor meet on March 6. Inclement 
weather forced the rivals to seek the hospital- 
ity of Tufts, and the meet was held in the 
Cousens gym. Apparently the drubbing the 
Huskies had received in this same gym several 
\\-eeks before still weighed heavily on the 
minds of the Tattonites for they took out 
their A-engeance on the Staters, 56] 2 to \5}'2. 

With three wins in four dual meets to their 
credit the Huskies journeyed to Orono to en- 
counter the University of Maine. This ven- 
ture into the Pine Tree State was hardly as 
successful as the tracksters opening meet with 
Bates. The Maine athletes downed the Back 
Bay crew, 62yi to 54 j!/;. Although his team 
was not victorious, Northeastern's track 
Gloryiana, Arky Shanker, finished his indoor 
career in championship style as he established 
a new Maine record in the 70 yard low hur- 
dles, won the broad jump, and placed second 
in the high hurdles. 

Shanker co\ered the low hurdles distance in 
8.1 seconds, a tenth of a second better than 
the previous mark held by Ray Henderson, 
former N.U. track great, and Johnny Gowell 
of Maine. 

Mike Prohodsky, who bids fair to become 
one of the greatest distance runners in N.U. 
track history, had another field day as he took 
the two mile event. He lapped the field to 
win in 10 minutes I'Vio seconds while Colby 
Kelly of Northeastern finished second. 

Maine's Stan Johnson copped himself some 
laurels when he flung the 35 pound hammer 
58 feet 2^4 inches to establish a new col- 
legiate record. 

Bill MacDonough duplicated his meritori- 
ous relay leg at the B.A.A. games by nearly 
setting up a new meet record in the 600 when 
he breezed through the middle distance event 
in 1 minute 14.8 seconds. 


March has its winds, April its showers and 
September its — cross country teams. The 
turnout for the 1939 harrier team must have 
been gratifying to Coach Gerry Tatton, for 
along with the veteran quartet of Arky 
Shanker, Eb Landsman, Dave Lockerby, and 
Sam Drevitch were sophomores Paul Durup, 
Don Linnell, Dick Carpenter, and Johnny 
Campbell, all ex-members of the '38 frosh 
team which had set up such an enviable 

The first meet with Connecticut was a dis- 
astrous beginning for the Huskies as the Blue 
and White rolled up a 21 to 35 win despite 
the fine running of Drevitch and Carpenter. 
Robbins of the visitors led the pack over the 
Franklin Park course to break the tape 300 
yards ahead of Drevitch. Wheaton and Har- 
old of the Nutmeggers finished in third and 
fourth places respectively with fifth place go- 
ing to Carpenter. Connecticut snared sixth 
and seventh places to clinch the meet as 
Campbell, Lockerby, and Durup garnered the 
next three spots. 

The Huskies broke into the win column the 
following week as the hill-and-dalers repeated 
their '38 triumph over the Maroon and White 
of Mass. State with the final tally reading 24 
to 31. Captain-elect Lockerby, running the 
last race of his cross country career, sped over 

the four mile course at Amherst in 23 :20, 
crossing the finish line in a tie for first with 
Dick Carpenter. Captain Chet Putney and 
Bill Kennedy of the Staters were deadlocked 
in third place, but the Husky trio of Dre- 
vitch, Campbell, and Durup sewed up the 
meet, winning 5th, 7th, and 9th places re- 

At Franklin Park on the following Satur- 
day' the Tattonites bowed to Bates 25 to 31 
although Carpenter set a record of 22 min- 
utes 12^/.-, seconds for the course and Drevitch 
finished second. At that point it seemed as 
if a Husky win was inevitable but the Bob- 
cats garnered the next five places and victory 
as well. 

Rhode Island handed Northeastern its third 
loss of the season the following Saturday as 
the Rams sped over their familiar Kingston 
course to win the meet with a perfect score 
of 15 to 47. This was the last dual meet 

The Huskies met Tufts and Tech in the 
annual triangular affair at Franklin Park. 

The Northeastern season wound up with 
the New England meet in which the Huskies 
copped ninth place which was no surprise to 
anybody considering the calibre of the com- 

P^''''°"- J. J. Fitzgerald 






E B 

Ed Colt 

It was in '39 that Northeastern Univer- 
sity established an offensive baseball average 
of '.303, which was never reached before b\' 
any Red and Black aggregation in the great 
American pastime. To make this more sig- 
nificant, the Dartmouth College nine, which 
led the Ivy league in batting, hit for .277. 

Surprisingly enough this Gallagher-coached 
outfit had only four seniors: Captain Bill 
Little, "Foxy" Flumere, Jim Connolly, and 
Garnet Gibson. The last mentioned com- 
pleted his first and only year in varsity base- 

"There's nothing much I can say about 
this quartet that you don't know already,' 
stated the varsity mentor when asked to com- 
ment on the departure of these seniors. 

"Bill Little was a steady, consistent ball 
player having finished the season with a .400 
average. I'll admit I was slightly disturbed 
when he reported with a sore right wing, 
which necessitated my shifting him to the out- 
field, but once the arm healed. Bill went back 
to his regular shortstop position, which he 
filled very nicely." 

"Flumere," reminisced the ex N. U. ath- 
lete, "was ousted from his second base post 
by a bad cold but, after he returned to duty, 
I shifted him to the first base spot." The 
"Fox" finished the season just below the .350 
marker which was not bad considering his 
late start. 

"Jim Connolly and carrot-headed Garnett 
Gibson were my battery men and both worked 
together nicely. Connolly had been first 
string catcher since his sophomore year, while 
Gibson had played only in his frosh year." 

Connolly completed the season with an 
average just below the .300, while the pill- 
tossing Gibson was by far the leading twirler 
for the Huskies, defeating Conn. State, New 
Hampshire, Colby, and Boston College, 
among others. 

Lending a bit of succor to Bill and the trio 
were the '40 co-captains, Sammy Swardlick 
and Alex Struzziero. Sammy played both 
the double "s" position and third base, while 
his pal covered both infield and outfield posts. 
Both men hit well over .300. 

Syl Simon, Joe Beaton, Ray Yetten, Ed 
Lovequist, Ken Harding, Charlie Foster, 
Dave Gerry, and Ed Colt also helped the 
cause. Colt led the team in batting with an 
average of .432, while all the boys, not ex- 
cluding twirlers Foster, Gerry, and Harding, 
hit the pill for a sizeable average. 

Now that we've got the personalities out 
of the way, let's shoot back to that time in 
the season when the N. U. ball club won 
seven of its last eight games. 

It all started when Gibson beat Conn. 
State on five hits, five to four. For the first 
time since the start of the season, a new in- 
field was carefully installed. Swardlick went 
to third. Captain Little went to Sammy's 
former spot, shortstop Beaton went to second 
via the third base post, and Flumere took first 
in place of Lovequist. 

It was this new infield that pulled one of 
the sweetest double plays on record, during 
the Clark game. It went like this: the bases 
were loaded with no outs when Swardlick 
smothered a grounder and whipped it to Bea- 
ton. Joe flipped the ball to Flumere, who 
snapped it to Connolly. After the double 
play was made, the runner on third decided 
to leg it for home. Connolly waited for the 
Fox's peg, caught the apple, and politely 
tagged the runner. 

Northeastern won tliis game over Clark, 
15 to 3, as Captain Little starred with three 
hits and a couple of spectacular plays. Beaton 
batted for 1.000 and everybody was happy. 

The Crimson of Harvard was too much 
for the boys in their next encounter and they 


^^ ^f'^'''^ f'%1 f^^% |^^-^S^>v ,_,.E«.<r^ ^ |A^-^«S''f., ^^USj^ ,^#r/^| 

S<-i-on<i Rom: Coach Gallagher, Kopp. Harding. Lovequist. Gibsc 

Urbanlk. Swift, Ge 

fint Ro-ui: Colt, Fosi 


William H. Little, '40 (N) 

Mr. Herbert W. Gallagher 

Paul M. Levenson, '40 (N) 

Alfred Irish, '42 
Assistant Manager 

Joseph P. Beaton, '41 (N) 
Edward Colt, '42 (N) 
James J. Connolly, '40 (N) 
Emanuel A. Flumere, '39 (N) 
Charles Foster, '42 (N) 

David C. Gerry, '41 (N) 
Garnet L. Gibson, '40 (N) 
Kenneth L. Harding, '41 (N) 
Charles Loiselle, '41 (N) 
Edwin H. Lovequist, '41 (N) 
Raymond Yetten, '41 (N) 

Sylvan S. Simon, '42 (N) 
Alex J. Struzziero, '41 (N) 
Samuel Swardlick, '41 (N) 
Charles Swift, '42 (N) 
'Walter C. Urbanik, '42 (N) 

lost by a six to four score. This defeat, how- 
ever, did not stop the Gallaghermen. They 
hit the open road for Maine one bright 
Thursday afternoon to engage the Colby and 
Maine baseball clubs on successive days. They 
beat Colby eight to seven. Lovequist's pinch 
hit single and a tw^o-run single by Foster 
settled the conflict. 

At Maine the story was a little different 
but the Huskies vi^on six to five behind the 
nine hit twirling of Dave Gerry. N. U. led 

until the seventh when the Pine Tree staters 
tied the score at five all. In the ninth, how- 
ever, Colt singled, stole second, went to third 
on a sacrifice, and scored the clincher on an 
infield tap. 

In this same game, little Struzziero had a 
great time with the umpire. In the fifth inning 
he walked to the plate and waited. When he 
was called out on strikes on dubious pitches, 
"Struzzi" was furious. The ump threat- 
ened to throw him out of the game when he 
became too vociferous so Alex gave ground. 


"Struzzi" carried his ire into the N. H. tus- 
sle in which he scored t\\'ice and helped defeat 
the Wildcats bj' a 5 to 2 score. Gibson gave 
a good demonstration in the box, allowing 
only six scattered hits. His teammates won 
the ball game with three hits. 

After this almost hitless display of batting 
strength, the boys traveled back to the city 
with fire in their hearts. Their next victim 
was Tufts College. This game went thir- 
teen innings but the Gallaghermen came out 
of a nine to six score. 

N. U. was trailing going into the ninth, 
six to five. Colt walked, went to second on 
a sacrifice, reached third and scored on an in- 
field error. That tied the score and in the 
thirteenth the Red and Black clinched the 
ballgame when Harding, who had relieved 
Gerry in the box, drove in the winning runs. 

After taking the Jumbos, the Huskies went 
after the Eagles of B. C. in the final game 
of the season. Gibson pitched the club to a 
five to three victory allowing thirteen scat- 
tered hits. 

Foxy Flumere played the greatest game of 
his entire career, slapping out a four for four 
average, while driving in most of the runs. 
There were plenty of fielding gems. Sward- 
lick's dive into the atmosphere to pull down 
a labeled drive was a standout. Colt climbed 
the left field fence to haul down a home run 
drive. Captain Little raced for the locker 
room, Flumere went for his jacket, Connolly 
kissed the sod a tearful farewell, Gibson kept 
the winning pill, and the managers picked up 
the bats. It was the end of the game and 
the season. 

In all this writing about the players and 
their deeds, through oversight on my part, 
I've overlooked a few of the boys ; namely. 
Coach Herb Gallagher and Paul Levenson, 
senior manager. 

You all know about the young mentor's 
capabilities, but little has been said about 
Levenson. Paul was the boy who made sure 
that all the players were on the bus or train. 
It was he who hit fungoes in batting practice 
and spent a great deal of his time on the 
bench keeping the box scores in good order. 
It was he who passed out those refreshing 
packages of gum to his "charges." Unheralded 
and unsung he did an excellent job. 

So seniors, when the years roll by and your 
undergraduate days at N. U. become just a 
memory, in relating tales of those by-gone 
days, remember Gallagher's Gunners! 








les won, 11 — Games lost, 






Rhode Island State 






American International 


Boston College 












liversity of 




New Hampshire 




Connecticut State 





Worcester Polytech 








icut State 





ark Univers 
















ity of 







;w H 
























Edward Colt 










Charles Loiselle 










William Little 











Edwin Loveqiiist 










Charles Foster 










Joseph Beaton 











Emanuel Flumere 











Sylvan Simon 










Samuel Swardlick 











James Connolly 











Alex Struzziero 











Kenneth Harding 









Raymond Yetten 











David Gerry 









Charles Swift 











Walter Urbanik 











Garnet Gibson 








S,-c-or:J Row: Mr. Belyea. Ray. Moody. Straight. Je 

Murphy. First Row: Kodis. Carpenter. Chaffee. Sir 

Robert E. Chaffee, '41 rNt 

Vernon F. Carpenter, '41 '*Nt 
Norman S. Crossley, '42 i^Nt 
Grant S. Jensen, '41 "Nt 

Ralph D. Kodis, '40 "N^ 
Nathan H. Murphy, '43 "N' 
Elwood R. Myers, '42 "Nt 
Arthur F. Ray, '41 "Nt 

Mr. Byard C. Belyea 

E. Stuart Rumery, '41 i^N^ 
Hugh P. Simms, '43 "N^ 
David M. Straight, '43 "Nt 

Number of matches won, 5 Number of matches lost, 10 


Northeastern, 16,409 All other teams, 17,527 


No. of Places taken 

Total points matches First Second Third Fourth F 












Chaffee (Captain) 
































































Reginald C. Thomas, '41 

Stanle.v E. Babcock, '42 
Stanley M. Buchanan, '44 

Prof. John W. Tuthill 
Faculty Adviser 

Edward R. Eaton, '44 
Walter E. Stone, '41 

William R. Ziegler, '41 



F A r V I. T Y II I It E C T O R Y 

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Cruickshank, Henry M. 338 Commonwealth A\enue, Boston 

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Cushman, Otis F. 316 Huntington Avenue, Boston 

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D'Alessandro, Alfred 46 Radcliffe Road, Belmont 

B.C.S. and LL.B., Northeastern University; M.B.A., Boston University; C.P.A. 
Dean, Warren C. 43 Symphony Road, Boston 

A.B., Boston University 
Devine, John J. 27 Park Drive, Boston 

S.B., Rhode Island State College; Sc.M., Brown University 
Dubois, Laurent O. 1200 Great Plain Avenue, Needham 

S.B , University of New Hampshire 
Duddy, Frank E. 112 Upland Road, Cambridge 

A.B., DePanw University; S.T.B., Boston University; Ed.M., Harvard University; 

Ph.D., Hartford Seminary 
Dunn, James W. 12 Mason Road, Watertown 

A.B., Western Maryland College 
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A.B., DePauw University; M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 

Ed.M., Harvard Universitv; Sc.D., DePauw Universitv 
Essigmann, Martin W. ' 27 Rock Street, Wohurn 

S.B., Tufts College 
Estes, Stanley G. 60 Pinckney Street, Boston 

A.B., Colby College; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Harvard University 
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Abbott. George C. '41 LA., 151 Lowell St.. Pcabody 
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Augis, John M , '44 E,. 453 Main St,. Clinton 
Austin. John H., '44 E,, 3 Remington St,. Dorchester 
Austin. H. Russell. '43 LA,. 29 Allendale Rd.. Binghamton. 

N. Y 
Ayers. Elwyn Eugene. '42 E.. 65 Essex St.. Beverly 
Azzone. Michael J,. '44 LA.. 27 Goden St., Belmont 

Bobb, James Warren. '44 B A,, 37 Ilunlingtou Road, 

Babcock. Stanley E,. '42 E„ 5 Riverside St.. Bingham- 

ton. N. Y. 
Bach. Hans, '44 E., 1740 Hollan<l Ave,. Bron.v New 

York. N, Y, 
Bacon, 0.. '44 E , 569 Main St,. Middletown, 

Bacon. Lewis H . TIL '44 E.. 40 Congress St.. Weymouth 
Badala. Vincent. '42 E.. 14 Chandler St.. Arlington 
B.aer, Albert G.. '43 E„ S3 Parkside St.. Loncmeadow 
Bahry, Frank, '41 E„ 127 Derby St„ Salem 
Bailey, David W,, '44 E , 42 Woodsidc Ave,. Brockton 
Bailey. Philip H.. '42 E,, Ode Ter,. Randolph 
Baltler. Leonard It . '44 L.A,, 37 Alpha Rd., Dorchester 
Bajoras, George V,. '43 E,. 204 South Leonard St., 

Waterbury. Conn, 
Bakanauskas. Sam. '43 LA . 166 Wilson St,. Haverhill 
Baker. Bradford M,. '43 B,A,. 22 Sleadman St. Wakefield 
Baker. Harold R,. '43 LA . West Elm St,. Pembroke 
Baldasaro. John B,. '41 B,A,. 21 Avon Place, Newton 
Baldwin. Gedney H,. '44 B A,, 58 Washington St,, Belmont 
Balmforth, Edmund E., '44 L.A„ 26 Sherwood Road. 

Balzer. George C. Jr,. '44 L.A,. 156 Appleton St.. 

Bamber. John E,. '41 E,. IS Gardner, Norwood 
Banks. Frederick, "41 LA . 16 Grove St., Belmont 
Barbadoro, Nelson, '43 E-, 51 Russell Si,, New Haven, 

Barber. Eliot F., '44 L,A„ 22 South Ave,, Melrose 
Barber, Frank J., '44 L,,\,, St, Clcmeuts Rd,, Medford 
Barber. Dcanc P., '44 B A.. 2S Robinson St.. Somcrville 
Barblcro. Dominick O.. '42 B,A,. ISl High St.. Nauga- 

tuck. Conn. 
Barbour, Charles W.. Jr.. '41 E„ 71 Catlcton St,, Port- 
land. Maine. 
Barclay. John E.. Jr,. '42 E,. 24 Lexington St,. Brockton 
Bardwell. C. Lamont. '43 B.A,. Mount Vernon. N. H. 
Barmaklan, Edward C. '42 E,. 52 Salisbury Road. 

Barnes. Leonard B.. '42 L.A., 17 Brookfield Rd , Waltiiam 


Compliments of 



Barnes. Howard P., "44 E.. 20 Blrcliwood Ave , Rutland. 

Barnara. David L.. Jr., '43 L.A.. Mill St.. Burlington 
Barone. Joseph. '42 E., 322 Willow St., Waterbury, Conn. 
Barr, Robert D.. '44 L.A.. Fairhaven Road. Concord 
Barry. Edward T.. '43 B A.. 3 3 Cedar St.. Wellesley 
Barron, Selwyn Zisklnd. '44 B.A.. 160 University Road, 

Bartels, Otto G.. '42 E., 376 Amostown Rd.. W. Springfield 
Bartelson. Roger J., '42 E., 77 Suantum St., East Milton 
Barth, Milton S.. '43 E , 94S Morton St.. Mattapan 
Bartlett, Arnold S., '41 B A.. Eliot. Maine. 
Bartlett. Arthur Leonard. '44 B,A., 107S 'Whitney Ave., 

New Haven, Conn. 
Bartlett, Robert 'W., '41 E.. 765 Broadway. South Boston 
Bartlett, Ray H., Jr„ '42 E., 98 Thornton Rd . Waltham 
Barzelay, Arthur R.. '42 E., 58 Porter St., Maiden 
Bassett, Nilsson S,. '41 E.. 30 Jersey St., Marblehead 
Bassnett, Arthur J.. Jr., '43 E., 34 Clark St., Saco. Me. 
Batastini. Eugene 0.. '43 L.A.. 42 Summer St.. Danvers 
Bates, Byron D., '43 E., 38 Pearl St., New Bedford. 
Bates, Everett E , '42 E., 29 Ruby Ave.. Marblehead 
Batey, Arthur J.. '42 E., 83 High St., Newton Upper Falls 
Baxter, Douglas F., '42 E., S3 Chaske Ave., Auburndale 
Bayley. Edwin. '44 E., 27 Alden St, Whitman 
Bayley, Robert. '44 E., 312 High St.. Westwood 
Beake. Laurence 1., '41 E., 37 Bay State Ave.. West 

Beal. Edward, '44 LA., 11 Hyatt Ave., Harrison, N. Y. 
Beale, Joseph E., '44 B.A., 45 Norton Road. Quincy 
Bean, Bertram L, '44 B.A. 434 Concord St.. Framingham 
Bearcovitch, Aaron, '41 E., 281 No. Main St., Mansfield 
Hearse, Chester A., '44 B.A.. 7 Britton St.. Raynham 
Beaton, Joseph P., '41 B.A., 4 Hecla St., Dorchester 
Beaudoin, Gerard Leo, '44 E., 14 Claremont Ave., Quincy 
Becherer, Frederick R., '43 E.. 35 Ruskindale Road. 

Bechtel, John H., '44 E., 35 Bradford Road, Newton 

Bedell, Albion R., '44 E.. 42 Chase St.. Danvers 
Beecher, W. Stanley, Jr., '41 E-, 246 South Huntington 

Ave.. Jamaica Plain 
Beer, Gerard R, '41 E., 86 Whitman St.. Maiden 
Begley, Edward, '43 B A., 2 Belton St.. Arlington 
Begley, John J., '43 E., 17 Cufflin St., Brighton 
Bclastock, Edward, '44 E., 25 Wilmington St., Brockton 
Belcher. Paul W., '44 E.. 56 Putnam St., Somerville 
Bell. Kenneth F., '44 B.A , 20 Fitchburg St.. Watertown 
Bell, Wilbur C, '42 E , 324 Main St., South Portland, Me. 
Bellamacina, Angelo A., '43 B.A., 8 Pickney St., Somerville 
Belmont, Harvey T., '43 L.A., 9 Courtland St.. Middleboro 
Benedetto, Anthony R.. '42 E . 9 Brook Ave., Wakefield 
Bennett, Harrison L., '43 B A., Raymond Road, South 

Bennett, Harry W., '41 E., 165 Hudson. Somerville 
Benson, Alfred N., '43 B.A , 142 Highland Ave., Arlington 
Benson, Warren M,. '41 E.. 9 Jenny Lind St., North 

Bentley, Donald E., '43 B.A., 58 Harbor View Ave, 

Bentley, John M.. '42 E.. S3 Plympton St., Waltham 
Berestka, Edward S., '41 E, 67 Garfield Ave.. Eastharapton 
Berggrcn, John L.. '44 E., 25 Highland St., Waltham 
Bergner, Arthur W., '41 E., 34 McKinley Ave , Lowell 

Bergstrom, Carl Henry, '42 E., 17 Summit St., Hyde Park 
Bcrkland. Irving T.. '43 E.. 44 Cedar St., Norwood 
Berman. Merril. '44 E.. 4403 14th Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

C, New York 
Bernstein, Irwin M., '43 E.. 43 Normandy St , Rosbury 
Bertasz, Michael E.. '42 B.A., Main St., Hinsdale, N. H. 
Besse, Neil K.. '43 E., 36 Washington St.. Fairhaven 
Berry, Benjamin E., Jr., '44 B.A , 84-46 160th St., 

Jamaica. New York 
Better, Paul. '44 E.. 24 Evans Road. Peabody 
Bevis, Edgar A . '43 E,. 43 Harrison St., Newu.n 

Bianco. Francis M., '44 L.A., 37 Faywood Ave, East 

BIcknell. Hall. III. '43 L.A.. 143 Elmwood Ave.. Wollaston 
Bicderman. Robert. '44 E , 952 Morton St., Mattapan 
Bikofsky. Allan M.. '43 L.A.. 43 Waumbeck St., Roxbury 
Billings. Sanford M., '41 E., Hazardville. Conn. 
Binder, Martin S., '43 L.A., 109 Mt. Vernon, Maiden 
Birnbaum. Herbert. '43 L.A.. 306 Hyde Park Ave., Jamaica 

Bisbee, Roger A., '43 B.A.. 16 Grcenough St.. Brookline 
Bischoff, Lewis. '42 E.. 497 Huntington Ave , Boston 
Bitsikas, John, '44 B.A.. 93 Sea St., Hyannis 
Bjorkman, Roy K., '41 E., 95 Jenness St., Lynn 
Blackman, Kay S., '43 E.. Findley Lake, New York. 
Blake. Martin. '43 E.. 57 Stanwood St.. Dorche-ler 
Blake. Robert W.. '44 B A., 259 Center St.. Bangor. Me. 
Blakely. John R.. '44 L.A.. 67 Ashland St.. Medford 
Blanchard, Earle P., '42 E.. South Washington St., 

Blanchard. Glenn E., '44 E., 13 Rustic Road. Stoneham 
Blanchard. Parker N.. '44 E . 5 Ravenscroft 

Bliss, Herbert F., '41 E , 2 Winthrop Ave, Taunton 
Bloch, Leslie, '43 B.A., 377 Prospect St.. Cambridge 
Bloom, Lawrence S., '43 L.A., 46 Brookledge St., Roxbury 
Bodnar, Walter. '43 E.. 16 Highland Park Ave., Roxbury 
Boldizar, Robert J., '43 E., 157 East Ave., Norwalk. Conn. 
Bolivar, Carleton, '43 E, 11 Upland Road, Winchester 
Bolivar, Harold R., '43 E., 179 Governors Ave., Medford 
Bolonsky, Leonard J., '44 L.A., 80 Wellington Hill St.. 

Bolton. Foster K., '43 E., Cabot, Vermont 
Bolz, William R,, '43 B A., Box 183, UncasviUe. Conn. 
Bonnanno. Walter J , '41 E., 4 Lyman Terrace. Dorchester 
Bong. Walter A.. '43 E., 2295 Main St., Springfield 
Bonia, Walter J.. '43 E.. Ill Salem St., North Revere 
Boodro. Robert M., '44 B.A., 116 Russelt Road, West 

Borofsky, Arnold J,, '43 E., 10 Wilcock St., Dorchester 
Borolsky, Sumner L., '44 E., 10 Wilcock St . Dorchester 
Bornstein, David, '43 E., 24 Auduborn Road, Milton 
Bosworth. Gordon A., '43 E., 61 Cohasset St., Foxboro 
Bottiggi. Theodore A., '44 E.. 73 Madison Ave., Quincy 
Bouldr,-, John M.. '41 E., 39 Bradwood St , Roslindalc 
Bouldry, William W., '42 B.A., 39 Bradwood St., Roslindale 
BoutcUe, Warren T., '42 E., 130 Court Road, Winthrop 
Bowen. Harry D., '41 E., 51 Simpson Ave., Somerville 
Bower, Lcroy C, Jr., '44 E., 33 Pearl St , Newton 
Bowry, Donald, '43 E., King Philip Ro.nd, South Sudbury 
Boyajian, John H., '41 L.A., 471 Main St., Melrose 
Boyd, Charles A., '42 E., 10 Kcnrick St., Brightun 
Boyko. Solly, '44 L.A., 56 Kelly St., Biistol, Conn. 


Compliments of 



Boyle. Herbert P.. I.: li.A.. 49 lliilsiae Ro;Ki. Newton 

Boyle. M.ircus J . ' t j B.A.. Clie.tiuil St., HatfieW 
Bracken. Gerald F.. Jr., 'tl E.. 17 Peqtiissetle St.. 

Br.ndley. Charlei V. '4+ L..\.. 29 Common St., West Quincy 
Brady, Francis L., Jr.. '4J E.. 147 Stetson Ave., Swampscott 
Bray, Chester W., '42 E.. .5SS Essex .Ave.. Gloucester 
Braistcd, John M., '44 B.A , Silver Bay. New York 
Breault, Lawrence D., '44 E., 500 Cushing St., Hiilgham 
Brennan. J. Clark, '43 L A.. 27 Grant St., Cambridge 
Briatid, Robert L., '41 L.A., 2S0 Pearl St., South Braintrcc 
Bridgham, AFmot A., Jr , 42 E., 179 Davis Ave.. Brookline 
Brierley. Kenneth. '42 B.A., 45 Blodgett Ave.. Pawtuckct. 

R. I. 
Briggs. Jame, T. 43 B.\.. 627 Pleasant St.. Canton 
Brigham, James H., '44 E.. 54 Wliitney St., Northborough 
Brighara, RoUin W., Jr.. 44 L..\.. 1046 Main St., 

Brigham. Stanley F . 44 B,.\.. 63 Oriole St.. Wc.-t 



Britt, Joseph R.. '44 E.. 175 Larch Road, Cambridge 
Broaderick, Paul D , 44 B.A.. 367 Walnut Ave.. Boston 
Broderick. Robert J.. '44 LA., 42 Summer St , Milford 
Brocker, Roger J.. '43 E.. 451 Foch Blvd., iVIineola, N, Y. 
Brown, Allan R., '43 E., 36 Ellsworth Ave., Beverly 
Brown, Emery E., 42 B..\.. 43 Shirley Road, Waltham 
Brown, Fred 11.. 42 E.. So High St., Marblehead 
Brown, Gordon H., '42 B.A., 3S Bowdoln St., Newton 

Brown, Herbert N., '42 E.. 7 Clay St., Taunton 
Brown, James D., '42 E, 211 St, Botolph St., Boston 
Brown, Knowlton, '42 L..\.. 94 Brook St., Wclleslcy 
Brown, Richard E., '41 B A., 19 Glenwood Circle, Lynn 
Brown, Robert A., '44 E., 40 Linwood St., North U.vbridge 
Brown, Robert 11,. 43 E., .\l.,iu St., Challiam 
Brown, Roger A. '42 E., 71 Ocean St., Dorchester 
Brown, Warren J., '43 E.. liampstead Ave., North Billerica 
Brown, Robert I., '42 E., 10 Reed St., Rockville, Conn. 
Bucci, Richard P., '44 B.A., 64 Wareham St., Medlord 
Buchanan, Stanley M., '44 £., 5 Arion St , Dorchester 
Buchbinder, Harold B., '44 L.A.. 27 Quincy St, Ro.xbury 
Buck, Ralph E., '44 E., 161 Savin Hill Ave., Drcohester 
Buckley, Daniel J., Jr., '42 E., IS Linden Ave., Maiden 
Bunich, Jack J., '44 B.A., 35 Theodore St., Dorchester 
Buonopane, Anth.ny L., '44 B.A., 37 Salutation St., Boston 
Burbank, Richard M., '44 E.. 25 llartstuff St., Rockland 
Burdctt, John, 44 E . 5o Elmwood Road. Swampscott 
Burgamaster, E. Arnold, Jr , '44 E,, 22 Waverly St., 

Burger, Edwin Matthias, '44 E., 49 Cortland St., Springfield 
Burgess, Howard C, '44 E., 47 Carleton St., Newton 
Burgess, Karl B., '44 E., 35 Highland St., Rockland 
Burghardt, Alden M., '42 E , 25 Middle, South Dartmouth 
Burke, Edward L., '43 E,, 18 Winter St, Arlington 
Burhilt. Norman A., '44 B.A . 297 Western Prom.. Port- 
land, iMaine. 
Burnhani, John F., 44 L.A., 71 Perry St., Stoughton 
Burnham, Robert C, 43 L.A., 5 llolten St., Danvers 
Burns, Ralph W., '42 L.A,, 72 Grant St., Marlboro 
Burns, William J , Jr.. '44 L.A.. Bo.x 12, Fort Devens 
Burrell, Willard A., '41 E., 340 Liberty St., Rockland 
Burton, Eugene F., '41 L.A,, 3S Colony Road, Lcxingfui 
Bush, Chester, '43 E.. 139 Beaver St., Hyde Park 

BiishloU. Frank. '43 E.. 26 B.iiid St.. Dorchester 
Buskcy, Felix A., '44 E.. SIA Tremont St., Clarcmont. N. H. 
Bustcad, William J., '41 E.. Wilmington Rd., Burlington 
Butcher. Stanley E.. '43 L.A, 4 Washington Ave.. Audovcr 
Butler. Arthur .M.. Jr.. '43 B..\.. 526 Water St., 

Butterfield, Forrest V.. '42 E.. Springfield. \'t, 
Buxton, David, '43 L.A.. Goodman Hill Read, Sudbury 
Buxton, Harold A.. '42 E., Harwood Ave.. Littleton 
Buxton, Robert W., '41 E.. 10 Freeman St., Arlington 

C:afasso, Anthony J., 44 E, Ull W.vllis .\ve.. .Maiden 
Cahill. Paul R,. '42 LA,. 12 Early Ave.. .Medlord 
Caiola. Guy S., '44 B,A,. 11 Kimball Ruad, Watertown 
Caldwell, Leonard A.. '42 E.. Church St., Canaan, Conn, 
Callahan, Duane L.. '44 E.. to Colfax St., Newport, Vt. 
Callahan, Edward F., '44 L,.\,. 10 Roseway St., Jamaica 

Callahan. Jo.seph J. Jr.. '44 E.. 114 Gardner St., West 

Callahan. Robert, 4 5 L.A.. 20S6 Nelson Ave.. Memphis, 

Callahan, William F., '43 LA,. 25 Kingman Ave.. Brockton 
Cameron, Duncan H., Jr., '43 E,, 306 Dudley St., Roxbury 
Cameron, Francis .\. C. '44 1,,.\.. 25 Hamillou St.. 

Cameron, George D.. '44 I. A.. 275 Pontiac Ave., 

Cranston, R. I. 
Cameron, Paul W., '44 E , 59 Tamworth Hill Ave.. 

Cammarata. Joseph, '43 B.A., 42 Fairmont St., Arlingtoi, 
Campbell, Gardner E., Jr., '44 L.A., 11 Wave Ave., 

Campbell. John D,, 44 B,A,, 70 Pleasant St,, North 

Campbell, John F,, '43 L.A.. 44 Ocean St., Atlantic 
Campbell, Robert C, '44 B.A., 41 Marine Road, South 

Candis, Gregory G., '43 B.A., 40 Isabella St., Boston 
Cann, Francis A,, '43 B.A , 83 Winnepurkit Ave., Lynn 
Cantor, Milton L., '43 L A., 2S Whitman St., Dorchester 
Capobianco, P. Joseph. '44 L.A., 430 McGrath Highway, 

Capone, Joseph, Jr.. '43 E.. 380 Beech St., Roslindale 
Caputi, Joseph J., '42 E, 1123 North Ave,, Bridgeport, 

Caputo, Americo A., '41 E., 25 Gladstone St , East Boston 
Caputo, Paul A.. Jr., '44 L.A., 62 Arborway, Jamaica Plain 
Carangelo. John J.. '44 E.. 63 Anthony St., New Haven. 

Card, Fred S.. Jr., '43 B.A , S5 PUimmer Ave., Winthrop 
Carder, John S., '44 E., 64 Eliot Ave., West Newton 
Carey, Francis W„ '4 3 E., 40 Longlellow St., Dorcliestei 
Carine, Eugene J.. '43 E„ S St. Hobart St., Brighton 
Caris, Robert B., '43 E., 73 Ely Place, East Orange, N. J. 
Carito, William A., '43 E„ 49 Charter St,, Boston 
Carleton, George T., '42 B,A., 134 Kenoza Ave., Haverhill 
Carleton, Russell, '14 E., 3 West St„ Stoneham 
Catling, Albert Ernest, '43 LA., 4 Brookline St., Nashua, 

N. H. 
Carlseu, Merviii L.. '44 L..\.. 103 Rockdale St., Matlapan 
Carlson. Fridolf, '43 E., 54 Seaver St., North Easton 
Carlson, .Melvin E,, '43 L.A., 39 Mansfield St., Gloucester 
Carlson, Quinton, '43 E., 48 Seaver St., North Easton 


Compliments of 



Caro, Joseph H., '43 LA.. 94 Nightingale St., Dorcliester 
Carosi, .Alfred C. '41 E.. 14 Grafton St., Quincy 
Carpano, Pasquale, '43 E., 54 Chavenson St., Fall River 
Carpenter, Edward P., '44 E., IJS Old Colony Ave,, 

Carpenter. Lawrence H., '43 B A.. ^0 Hope St.. Attleboro 
Carpenter. Richard H., '43 B,A., 44 Huttleston Ave.. 

Carpenter, Robert D.. '41 E., ol) Curtis St,, Waltham 
Carpenter, William H.. '4_' B.A., 112 Argyle Road. 

East Braintree 
Carpenter. \ ernon F., '41 E.. Sandy Creek. N. V. 
Carr, Ralph S.. '41 E., 12 Holt St., Concord, N. H. 
Carroll, James J.. '44 L A.. lOS Fuller St., Dorchester 
Carroll, Robert M.. '4+ B.A , 16 Park Road. Belmont 
Carroll. William Francis, '44 B.A., 16 Park Road, Belmont 
Carroll, William J., Jr.. 57 Cambridge St., Lawrence 
Carter, Irving D., '42 L.A., S3 Parsons St., Brighton 
Carter, William N., '42 L.A., 71 Clarendon Ave., West 

Carvill, Richard E.. '43 E., 15 Alaric St., West Roxbury 
Cary, Spencer H.. '44 B A., 36 Winthrop St., Winchester 
Cashman. Albert C. '43 B A , 32 Belcher Circle, Milton 
Cassarino, Sevastian J., '43 E., S4 Endicott St., Boston 
Cassetta, Anthony A.. '44 E., 217 Princeton St.. East 

Cassidy, Ellsworth S,, '41 B.A, 21 Norton St, Braintree 
Cassidy, Richard P„ '44 L.A., 216 South Central Ave.. 

Casty, David, '44 B.A., 41 Hazeltiin St., Mattapan 
Caswell, John H., '42 L.A., ii South Third Ave., Ilion. 

New York 
Cegelski, Joseph J, '41 E„ 17 Daggett St., New Haven, 

Center, William 11,, '44 E., Bo.^ 118, Ravena, N. Y. 
Chaffee. Robert E.. '41 E.. 68 Prospect St., Belmont 
Chalek, Mitchell. '42 L.A., 572 Chestnut St., Lynn 
Chaloff, Richard S , '44 L.A , 25 PrisciUa Road, Newton 
Chalow, Alfred J., '43 L.A., 426 North Ave., Duneelen, 

New Jersey 
Chamberlin, Richard I., '43 E., 4+ Field St., Boston 
Chapman, Donald A., '44 E„ 24 Hazel St., Lowell 
Chapman, Phillip A , '43 L.A., 47 Sudan St., Dorchester 
Charles, Frank V., '44 LA., 91 East St., Melrose 
Charles, Joseph A., '42 B.A.. Ferry Road, Salisbury 
Charles. Willard G., '41 B.A.. Salisbury 
Chase, Kenneth R., '43 B.A , 261 Pratt Ave,, Somerset 

Chase, Waller M., Jr., '43 E., 28 Hillcrest Rd., Needham 
Chase, W. Raymond, '41 B.A., Monument Beach 
Chatterton, Earl L., '41 E., 37 Quincy St., Medford 
Chechames, Arthur H., '41 E., 172 Auburn St., Cambridge 
Chernecky, Edward, '44 E., 5 Meadow St.. Ansonla, Conn. 
Chesley, Earle M., Jr.. '44 B.A,. 108 Summer St.. Auburn, 

Chilson, Flomer E., '42 E., 185 South St., Northampton 
Chin, Henry, '42 E., 477 Broadway, Chelsea 
Chipkin, Charles, "42 E , 79 Kensington St., New Haven, 

Chipman, John C. '42 E., 99 Waverly St., Arlington 
Chisholm, John, '43 E., 3 Bowden St., Marblehead 
Church, Arthur E, Jr., '42 E., 78 Nelson St., Leominster 
Church. Herbert S., Jr.. '43 E., 7 Nelson St., Natick 
Ciarcia, Joseph J., '44 E., 49 Harvard St., Winchester 

Cidulka, Leo. Jr.. '41 L.A.. 33 Allen St.. Boston 
Clancey, Colman D.. '43 E.. 07 Gray St., Portland, Maine 
Clancy, John J . '41 E.. 54 Lavender St., MiUis 
Clapp. Donald K., '44 E., 48 Cohasset St., Roslindale 
Clark, Aubrey E.. '42 B.A., Snell St.. Holbrook 
Clark, Lawrence C. '44 L.A.. 35 Ellis St.. Brockton 
Clark, Robert B., '44 L.A., 30 Tremont St , Weymouth 
Clark, Willard D., '41 E.. 39 Brooks St., West Medford 
Clarke, Cortlandt, '44 L.A., 12 Birch HiU Ave., Wakefield 
Claypole, Arthur H., Jr., '42 B.A., 227 Robbins St., 

Cleary, Paul G , '44 L.A., 59 Goodnough Rd., Chestnut 

Cleveland, Eric G.. '42 E., West Woodstock, N'ermont 
Cleveland, John F.. Jr., '44 E., 9 Ray St.. Beverly 
Cleveland, Leon M., '42 E.,. Reading. Vermont 
Cline, Erwin H., '43 L.A., 379 Walnut St., Stoughton 
Close, Charles iM., '43 B.A.. 2 Lake Ave., Middletown, 

N. Y. 
Close, Richard R., '43 B.A., 10 Horton St., Rye, N. Y. 
Clough, Roy F.. '+4 L.A., Bartlett St.. Chelmsford 
Cobb, Carleton M., '44 B.A., 30 Marathon St., Arlington 
Cobb, William J., '42 B.A., 142 Vernon St., Norwood 
Cogan, John J , '41 LA., 20 Virginia St., Dorchester 
Cohen, Harvey H., '44 L.A.. 12 Mount Bowdoin Terrace. 

Cohen John J.. '43 B A., 577 Norfolk St.. Matt.ipan 
Cohen, Leon, '44 B.A.. 19 Gieendale Rd.. Boston 
Cohen. Leonard B., '41 E., 33 Winston Rd.. Dorchester 
Cohen. Robert, '43 E., 31 McLellan St., Dorchester 
Cohen. Sidney, '43 E., 31 McLellan St.. Dorchester 
Colan, George H., '44 E., 503 Commercial St., Weymouth 
Colantonio, Ernest J , '43 L.A., Adams St., Newton 
Colcord, Sterling B., '44 B.A., 336 Le.\ington St., Auburn- 
Cole, Carl E., 43 E., 112 Quinabequin Rd., Newton Lower 

Cole, David 11., '44 B.A., 59 Superior St., Lynn 
Cole, Harvey i\I., '43 E., 37 Standish St., North Weymouth 
Coleman, Ralph A , '41 E.. 14 Chester St., Quincy 
Collatos, Constantine, '41 L.A., 63 Emerald St., Boston 
Collzaao. Charles J,, '44 LA.. 28 Franklin St., Woburn 
Colmes, Walter B., '41 L.A., 235 Chestnut Flill Ave., 

Colt, Edward, '42 L,A., 78 Wellington Hill St.. Mattapan 
Comninos, George, '41 E., 934 Washington St., Lynn 
Conant, John P., '43 E., 36 Arlington Ave., Beverly 
Concannon, Francis J., '44 L.A., 3 Highland Park, Boston 
Condon, John H., HI, '44 L.A., Great Rd., Bedford 
Connolly, John E., '44 B.A., 12 Ackers Ave., Brookline 
Connor, John M, '42 E., 11 Curtin St., Mansfield 
Consolazio, George A,, 43 L.A., 94 Berkshire St., Cam- 
Constantine, Bilon P., '43 L.A., 455 Park Drive, Boston 
Cook, Ernest AL, '44 E., 15 Albemarle St., Waltham 
Cook, Frank B , '41 E., 12 Pomeroy St., Allston 
Cook, John L,, 41 B.A., 290 Grove St., Wellesley 
Cookson, Albert A., '44 E., 20 Norfolk St., Needham 
Coole, Franklin S., '44 B.A., 8 Dalton Rd., Belmont 
Cooper, George W., '44 L.A., 34 Grove St., West Medford 
Copeland, Charles M., '43 B.A., 30 Spring St., Le.-cington 
Copeland, Gordon E., '41 B.A., 32 Grecnlcaf St., Quincy 
Copithorne, Alton R., '44 E., 54 Garfield Ave, Chelsea 


Compliments of 



Corcoian. Ir-mcis A.. ii B.A . 22 Gr>.enoufli Ave.. 

Jamaica Plain 
Corkum. James L., '44 B.A.. 54 York St.. Springfield 
Cornell. William B , '44 B.A.. 5S Arnold Rd., North Qiilncy 
Cormvell, Altamont J.. '42 E., 24 Orchard Ave,. Blasdell, 

.\. Y. 
Cort. Robert. '4; B.A.. 168 Harvard Si.. Boston 
Coscla. Amlco. '44 L.A.. 131 Maiden St.. Revere 
Coscia, Anthony. '44 B.A.. 47 Cleveland St.. Arllnplon 
Costa. George W . 44 L.A.. 20 Berkelj- Rd.. Nantaskel 

Costa. John J . '44 E.. 244 Washington St.. Ut.m.x. New 

York. N. Y. 
Cotton. Paul E.. '41 E.. 116 Alvar.ido Ave.. Worcester 
Coughlin. Bernard J.. '41 E., IS High St.. Greenfield 
Coughlin. Joseph F.. '42 E.. 53 Saunders Rd.. Norwood 
Coughlin. Kenneth J.. '44 L.A.. 15 Middle St . Stoneham 
Co.x. Everett ¥.. Jr., '43 B.A., 30 Green St.. Hudson 
Cox, George H.. '44 B.A., Box 127. East JafTrey. N. H. 
Co.x. John W., '43 E . 105 Blossom St.. Fitchburg 
Craig, Francis C, '44 B.A.. 37 Horion PI.. Milton 
Crispell, Herbert, '41 E.. 41 Broome St.. Binghamton. N. Y. 
Crocker. Denton W., '42 L.A., 44 Bellevue Rd.. Beach Blull 
Cronin. Francis W,.. '42 LA.. 12 Walnut St., Needham 
Crosslcy. Norman S.. '42 E.. 13 Lyman St.. Laoinia. N. II. 
Crowdis. George B.. "42 B.A.. 16 Randlett St., Wollaston 
Crowther, Ralph I".. Jr., '41 E., 19 Webster St.. Framing- 
Crozicr. Robert. '42 E , 11 Courlland St.. Middlcboro 
Crugnola. Angelo L.. '44 E.. 7 Oakland St., Ro.vLury 
Crumb, Lloyd P., '41 E,, Leonardsvillc. N. Y. 
Cullen. James H.. '41 B.A., 25 Ridgemont St,. Boston 
Cummings. Archer. '44 B.A.. Fen Rod Rd., Rochester, N. H, 
Cummings, Francis W„ '42 E., 57 Ml. Id.i Rd.. Dorchester 
Cummings. Richard S.. '44 E , 304 Humphrey St. Suamp- 

Cummare. Francis H.. '41 E.. 16 Centre St., Waltham 
Cunningham. Gerald F.. '41 E., 9 Union St , Haverhill 
Cunningham. James L.. '42 B.A., Tower Rd.. Lincoln 
Curran. Robert J., '41 L.A,, 28 Parrott St, Lynn 
Curtis, Herman Jr., '44 E., Warren St„ Searsport. Maine 
Curuby, Nicholas G., '44 L A., 35 Blossom St., Lynn 
Cushman, George S.. '41 E., 51 Oliver St.. Fall River 
Cushman, Richard W., '43 LA.. 11 Chase Ave., Lexington 
Cusack, John J., '44 E,, 26 Corona St., Boston 
Cusick. Fred M., '42 B.A.. 23 Oakland St , Brighton 

Daborowski, Ignnce J., '43 E., 49 Denton Circle, Springfield 
Dabkowski, Joseph Stanley. '43 B.A.. 148 Grove St., New 

Britain. Conn. 
Dacey, Edward F., '42 L.A.. 96 Hcmcnw.iy St . Boston 
Dacey, Robert C. '44 B.A.. 81 We.tville St.. Dorchester 
D'Agata, Samuel J., '41 B.A.. 305 Prospect St., Lawrence 
Daggett, Norman L.. '44 E., Railroad Ave., Barnstable 
Dagle. Somes J , '44 B.A.. 19 Ashland St., Medford 
Dahl. John S., '44 B.A., Box 171, Dandown. N. H. 
Daigle, Oscar L.. '43 E., 320 Main St.. Van Buren. Maine 
Daley. Robert W.. '42 E., 68 Hancock Rd.. Maiden 
Darai.ino. Augustion J.. '41 LA., 15 Charmc Ave.. 

D'Amore. Frank G., '44 L.A.. 25 Chelsea St.. East Boston 
Damplo, Anthony J,, '44 L.A,, Pine St,. Medway 
Danburg, Abraham. '41 E., 9 Duke St., Boston 

Dane. Norman B.. '43 B.A.. S4 Londonderrv Road. 

D'Angeli. Joseph D.. '44 E.. 7 Minot St., Boston 
Darling. Robert. '43 E.. 464 Ash St., Brockton 
Datz, ALixwell W.. '43 B.A.. 955 Morton St., Mattapan 
Davidzick, Walter. '43 E.. 126 Congress Ave.. Chelsea 
D.ivies. Charles S . '44 LA.. 62 Main St.. Stoneham 
Davis. Arthur E., '41 B.A.. 3 3 Wheclock Ave.. Norwood 
Davis. Carl C. '41 E.. 35 Pulsiler St.. Newtonville 
Davis. Frank J.. '43 B.A.. Codman Rd.. South Lincoln 
Davis. L. Burnham, '42 B.A, 14 Sherman Rd . Greenwood 
Davis. Elbridgc. '42 L.A.. 2 Maple Rd.. Winchester 
Davis, William A., '43 B.A.. 40 Federal St.. Reading 
Dawson. Francis Henry. '44 B.A.. 55 Munroe St.. Belmont 
DeAvellar. Joseph I., Jr , '41 LA.. 220 Atlantic St.. Quincy 
Dean. Harold L.. '43 E., Farrar Rd.. South Lincoln 
De Bery. Edward. '44 LA.. 32 Ashford St., Allston 
DeCotis. Mich.acl C. '41 L.A., 9 Bell St.. Danvcrs 
Deering. Sylvester D., Jr.. '44 E . 2 Middle St.. Gloucester 
DelGrosso. Chaunccy. '43 B.A.. 31 Elm St., Cohasset 
DcLuca. John H., '42 B,A., 76 Scofield St,, Stamford, Conn. 
DcLuc, Willard F„ '41 L.A., 28 Weyanoke St, Dorchester 
Dcmbowski, Leonard S., '44 I. A,, 18290 Praric St., 



DcMontier. Herbert. '44 B.A.. 19 Appleton St., Melrose 
DeNapoli, Gerard R., '41 E,. 34 Manet Rd., Newton 
Deneke, George E., '42 L,A., 48 Pearl St.. Mystic, Conn. 
DePiccolcllis. John P.. '42 E.. 38 Hemenway St.. Boston 
Dennis. Richard. '43 E.. 58 Hillside Ave.. Revere 
DeRoche. Francis R.. '42 L.A., 58 Madison St.. Madison. 

DcSantis. Joseph, '45 E. 4 Bicklord Rd., Maiden 
Deschcnes. Robert E , '4.; L.;\., East Arlington. 'Vt. 
D'Eugenio. Tersino Mario, '44 E.. 304 Langlcy Rd.. 

Newton Centre 
DeVeuve. Ernest. '44 E., 77 Augustus Ave.. Roslindale 
Dewey. George W.. '43 B A., R.F.D. 3. Winstod. Conn. 
Dewirc, Francis M.. Jr., '44 B.A , 40 Ch,inning Rd., 

Dexter, Eugene F.. '43 B.A.. 61 Winslow Rd., Belmont 
Dexter, George N., '44 E.. 8 Clarkson St„ Dorchester 
Diamond, Harold S,. '41 LA.. 35 Armand St.. Mattapan 
Dias. Joseph. '44 LA,. 361 County St.. New Bedford 
DiCara. Salvatore V., '41 B.A., 6 Greennjount St,, 

DiCicco, Valentino, '43 E,, 93 Winthrop St,, Brockton 
Dickey, Gilmore, '42 E., 28 Bay Stale Rd.. Belmont 
Dicklow, James A„ '43 E.. 67 Lower Boulevard St . New 

London. Conn. 
DiFrancesco. Charles J., '44 E.. 43 Charter St , Boston 
DiGiorgio. John A„ Jr,. '44 L.A.. 116 Everett St., East 

Dignes. William T., '43 E.. 3 West Canton St . Boston 
Dillon. Carl Raymond. '44 B.A,, Main St„ Brownville Jet , 

Dillon James 1I„ Jr„ '44 L.A., 12 Georgia Rd., South 

DiMaggio. Anthony J., '43 E , 8 Milton St,, Arlington 
Dindio. Antonio. Jr., '43 L.A . 60 Cornell St„ Roslindale 
DiNozzl, Guido, '41 E., 252 Bro.idway, Boston 
Dinsmore, Paul E., '42 B.A.. 78 Ash St., Waltham 
Dion, Arthur F., Jr., '44 E,, 14 Glendale St„ Salem 
Dion. Norman Joseph, '44 L,A,, 32 Floyd St, Waltham 
Dion, Raymond O., '41 E,, 14 Glendale St,. Salem 


Compliments of 










DiPietro, Paul A.. '43 E.. 59 Broadway, Somerville 

DiPietro. William O.. '42 E., 24 HiUcrest Circle. Watertown 

Director. Philip R, '42 E.. US Trowbridge St.. CambridBO 

Divoll. Richard L . '43 E . Darton St.. Concord 

Di.^on. Robert A., '41 E.. 20 Cliff St.. Maiden 

Dizer. John T.. Jr.. '44 E., 24 School St.. Bellows Falls. Vt. 

Dobbins. William K.. '44 E., Winn St.. Burlington 

Dodge. Malcolm F . '43 L.A , 16 Walnut Ave, Beverly 

Doe. Warren A., '44 B.A., 398 High St.. Dedham 

Doherty. Francis C. '44 L.A., 31 Weld Hill St.. Forest Hills 

Doherty. Leo F.. '41 E.. School St.. Revere 

Donahue. Patrick H.. '41 E. 100 Blue Hill Ave.. Milton 

Donahue. William T . '44 E.. 26 MagiU St.. Waterbury. 

Donahue. William K., -45 E,. 19 Murray Hill Park, Maiden 
Donaldson. Russell. '44 L.A.. 47 Crescent St.. Cambridge 
Donelson. G. Robert. '41 E.. State Rd.. North Hatfield 
Donkin. Alan N.. '44 E , 24 Beechwood Rd.. East Braintree 
Donlan. Raymond J.. '43 L.A . 61 Dale St.. Waltham 
Donlon. Stephen J.. '42 B A.. 37 Salem St.. Swampscott 
Donohue. Thomas J.. '44 B.A.. 13 Pearl St.. Manchester. 

Donovan. James Richard. '44 L A.. 33 Granite St.. 

Dormandy. Roger B . '44 E., 867 Third Ave.. Troy, N. Y. 
Dorosz. Adolph S., '42 E., 353 South St.. Bridgewater 
Dow. Ralph R.. '44 B.A.. 574 Lexington St.. Waltham 
Dowcett. Frank E., '44 E.. 1015 Washington St.. Newton 
Dowd. James W.. '42 E.. S Bradford St.. Taunton 
Dowling. John H. '41 E.. 20 Whitten St.. Dorchester 
Djyle. Robert S.. '44 E.. 61 First St.. Medlord 
Drake. Weldon. '43 E.. 97 Charles St.. Boston 
Drevitch. Samuel. '42 E.. 36 Wilder St.. Dorchester 
Drew. Robert G.. '44 L.A.. 41 Bromfield St.. Newburyport 
Druce. Winne. '44 B.A.. Central Ave . Albany. N. Y. 
Drummond. David B.. '42 B.A.. 22 George Anna St.. 

South Braintree 
Dniry. H. Blake. '42 L.A., R.F.D. 2. Athnl 
Dudley. Benjamin A.. '42 E . Farm Rd,. Marlborough 
Duffy. Thomas H.. '44 E,, 123 Lindsey St,. Fall River 
Dugas. Vincent J„ '44 L A.. 49 Clark St., Waltham 
Duling. Arthur F.. '44 E.. 106- Phillips St.. Fitchburg 
Dumas. Leland B,. '43 B.A , 127 Playstead Rd,. West 

Dunlavy. Frank J . '41 E., 190 Pine St.. Wollaston 
Dunn. Albert D,. '42 B,A,. 44 North Wellington St,, New 

Britain. Conn. 
Dunphy. John V.. '44 E,. 51 Maxfield St,. Boston 
Duquette. Vincent J., '44 L A,. 1 10 Fayerweather St,. 

Dump. Paul C. '43 E.. 11 Newfield St, Wollaston 
Duttlng. John B . '44 E., 402 Main St.. Portland. Conn. 
Dwyer. Francis L,. '42 E,. 227 Fanuil St.. Brighton 
Divyer. Frederick T.. '42 L.A.. 314 Main St,. Melrose 
Dyer. Charles F,. '41 E,. 30 Lynde St,. Melrose 



'44 E,. 27 Bclm 
Earle. Ernest L.. Jr.. '44 E,. 99 Hillside Rd., Watertown 
Eaton. Edward R.. '44 E,. 34 Orange St., Springfield 
Eberhardt. George W . Jr.. '44 B.A.. 237 Cottage St.. 

Pawtucket. R. I. 
Eckert. John 0.. '41 E,. 29 Greenwood St. Greenwood 
Eckler. Norman H.. '41 E.. Hegins. Penn. 

Edwards, Norman F., '44 L.A,. 15 Grecly St.. Port Henry, 

N. Y. 
Edwards. Stanley A , '44 E,. 32 ^L^nchester Ter., Springfield 
Egles. Douglas R . '44 E., Plymouth St.. Holbrook, Mass. 
Ehrenzeller. Wesley S.. '44 E.. 23 Parklawn Rd.. West 

Ekiund, Ernest A.. '43 E,. Myrtle St,. Ashland 
Elbling, Irving N., '43 L.A., 107 Palm St., Nashua. N, H. 
Elksnin. Henry. '42 E.. 173 Winter St.. Brockton 
Elliott. Edgar H . '42 E,. Thompson. Conn. 
Elliott. Rcbert H.. '44 L.A.. 34 Foster St.. Arlington 
Ellis, Franklin F,. '41 E, 6 Philbrick St.. Norwood 
Ellis, Robert 0,. '42 E,. Main St., Rangeley. Maine 
Ellison. Donald L,. '43 L.A.. 7 Crafts St.. Waltham 
Emerson. Francis W, '44 B.A.. 13 Windsor Rd., Somerville 
Eng. Walter, '43 E., 34 Harrison Ave,. Boston 
Engle. George I . Jr., '44 E., 133 Arnold Rd.. Newton 

Erickson. Leonard. '44 L.A,. 2 Bellevuc Ave.. Waltham 
Ericson. Harry L.. '43 E.. "Eaglehead." Manchester 
Estelle. Weems E,. '43 E., 23 Wellington Rd„ Manchester, 

Estrich. Irving A.. '44 L,A,. 9 Foster St.. Lynn 
Everett. William C, '42 E . 25 Pine St.. Taunton 

Fairbanks, Boyd C. '44 E., 61 Monument St.. West 

Faletra. Benjamin A.. '44 L.A,, 22 Averton St.. Roslindale 
Fallows. Ernest M,, '41 E,. 21 Robertson St., Quincy 
Fantony. Joseph A., '44 L.A., Turnpike Rd.. Fayville 
Faretra. Vincent J., '43 L.A., 182 Franklin St,. Allston 
Farnan. James T., '44 B.A., 19 Elm St., Lynn 
Farney, Leonard C. '41 E„ R F D, 2. Lowville. N. Y. 
Farrell. James Henry. Jr.. '44 B.A,. 37 Charlotte Rd., 

Newtcn Center 
Farrell, Vincent B., '44 E„ 268 Gallivan Blvd.. Dorchester 
Fay. George B.. '44 E.. Whittier St., Dover. N. H 
Fay. Joseph H . Jr.. '44 L.A.. 49 Lake Ave.. Melrose 
Feener. Donald H.. '44 E., 54 Lindall St.. Danvers 
Feeney, Thomas J.. 44 B.A , 15 North St.. Newton 
Feinberg. Albert J,. '44 L,A,. 32 Dcckhard St,, Boston 
Feinberg. Julius. '44 L.A., Minnewaska Ave.. Kershonkson. 

N, Y. 
Feinberg, Milton I., '41 L.A., 32 Deckard St , Roxbury 
Feinberg. Sidney L.. '41 B.A., 24 Shore Drive. Winthrop 
Fcllman. Harold S.. '44 B.A,, 177 Scituate St., Arlington 
Ferguson. Harry J., '41 E,. 243 Metropolitan Ave,. 

Ferguson. John W,. '43 E.. 20 Harriet Ave,. Belmont 
Fernberg. Robert. '44 B.A.. 40 Wcntworth St.. Boston 
Ferraro. Francis H., '44 E., 89 Faywood Ave,, East Boston 
Ferraro. Joseph, '44 E.. 71 Elmwood St.. Revere 
Fiantaca. Joseph S.. '44 E., 186 Cottage St.. East Boston 
Fiedler. A. Harry. '43 B.A.. Elysian Ave.. Falmouth 
Field. Arthur B., '42 L A.. 20 Chase Ave , Lexington 
Field, Wesley M,. '44 E,. 20 Chase Ave.. Lexington 
Figlioli. Aldo R., '41 B,A , 67 Yale Parkway. Meridcn. 

Filkins, Elmer S., '44 B.A,. 141 Hartford Ter.. Springfield 
Fillebrown. Carter. Jr., '41 E,. 43 Elm Ave,. Wollaston 
Fillion. Richard Walter. '44 B,A,. 16 Chestnut Hill Ave., 

Fine. Harold E,. '43 E. 36 Upham St.. Maiden 


aib ^tubio 


School and College Photographers 

Completely equipped to render the highest 

quality craftsmanship and an expedited 

service on both personal portraiture and 

photography for college annuals. 

Photographers to the Class of 1940 


FInkle. Earl. '41 E.. 11 Nahant Ave. Ri^vcrc 
Finn. Paul K.. '-44 L...\., Prospect .\ve.. Northampton 
Finncgan. Carl L , '43 E , SO Stoiipluon St.. Dorchester 
Fiocca, William. '44 L..\., 375 Willow .Ave. Lone Branch. 

\. J. 
Fiorc, Anthony S,. '43 B.A., Chetwvnd Rd.. Somervillc 
Fischer. Robert B., '44 E., Lowell St.. West Pcibody 
Fisher. Harland S., '42 E . 34i.< Phillips St . Greenfield 
Fisher. M.ilcolm E.. '42 E., 145 Conway St.. Greenfield 
Fitzpatrick. John F., '43 E., 39 Mechanic St., Foxboro 
Fladger, Robert H.. '44 E.. S Avon St.. Saugus 
Flanigan. George W.. '43 LA.. 33 Union St . Braintrec 
Flato. Jerome C . '42 E.. 65 Rogers Park Ave. Boston 
Flatto. Herbert M.. '44 B.A.. 20 Ferndale St.. Dorcheslci 
Fletcher. Stanley L.. '44 L.A.. 256 Kenduskeag Ave . 

Bangor. Maine 
Flowers, William R.. '41 E.. 155 Scwell St., Augusta, Me. 
Forant. Paul R.. '42 E.. 30 Centre St., Dorchester 
Forbes. Arthur E,. '43 E.. 241 Washington St., Holliston 
Forcellati. Guy J . '44 B.A.. SI North Margin St.. Boston 
Ford. Charles E , '42 E.. 66 Arthur St.. East Braintrec 
Ford, Richard J.. '43 E., 63 Washington Ave, Waltham 
Ford, William J.. Jr.. '44 E.. 480 Lowell Ave. Newlonvillc 
Foss. Donald G.. '44 B.A , 19 FowcU Ave, Nashua. N. H. 
Frederick A.. Jr.. '42 E, 337 Central St.. Auburndalc 
Foster. Ch.lrles F., '42 E.. 15 Lookout Ter.. Lynn 
Foster. Gale '43 B.A., 497 Huntington Ave. Boston 
Fowle. Herbert L.. Jr. '44 B.A.. Box 123-B. Rockland. Me 
Fox. Mycr. '42 E . 89 Maiden St.. Everett 

X. William. '42 E., 101 W. Ashland St.. Brockton 
Fradsham, Edward J.. '43 E.. 27 Wheeler St.. Boston 

ager, Albert. '44 B.A.. 35 Washington St.. Dorcl e tcr 

ancis Eben T.. '44 E., 172 School St.. Watcrlown 

ancis, Thomas E.. '43 E., 400 West Main St.. No. Adams 
'ranzosa. John C. '43 E.. 12 Lowdcn Ave. Somervillc 
'ranklin. Eugene K.. '44 B.A., 25 Strong Ter.. WinMed, 


:r. Dougla- O. '44 L.A.. 77 Moreland Si.. Boston 
Frazier. Andrew D. '42 L.A.. 1774 Columbia Rd.. S".itl. 

Fredin. Lawrence B, '44 E.. 14 Kcrnwood Ave. Worcotcr 
Freedman. Harry. '44 E., 108 H St., South Boston 
Freeman, Albert A., '42 B.A.. 141 Ormond St., Matt.ipan 
Freeman. Albert W. '41 E.. Hollis. N. H. 
Freeman. Dean. '42 E . 98 Porter St., Somervillc 
Freeman, Donald H., '44 LA., 19 Harding Ave. Belmont 
French, Hector E.. '41 E.. River Rd.. Carlisle 
French. Ralph W.. '44 E.. 266 Vermont St.. West Roxbury 
Fretch. Gardiner N.. Jr. '44 E., 50 Webster St, Medford 
Frcundlich. Richard. '43 LA.. 12 Prospect Ave. Winthrop 
Fribcrg. Hugo. '44 E.. Belmont St.. Wcstboro 
Friedman. Bern.ird L.. '44 LA.. 70 Nottinghill Rd.. 

Friedman. Stanley, '44 L.A.. 24 Wellington Ave, Haverhill 
Fritz. Grrin C. '44 E.. 36 Taylor St.. Tarrington. Conn 
FrutkolT. Carl M.. '44 E., 162 Glcnway St.. Dorcl.cstcr 
Furman. Mcrritt D.. Jr.. Steep Falls. ALiinc 
Furrer, Jack, '44 E., 55 East Hudson St , Long Beach, 

N. Y. 

Gaetani, Robert A.. '43 E.. 186 Pierce Rd.. Weymouth 
Gallagher. John C, '42 B.A.. B-Barnes Ave. Brookline 
Gallagher. John J., Jr., '43 B A., 19 Bullcnwood Lane 

Gallagher. Thomas C, '41 L.A.. 1 Slow St.. S"Ulh Acton 
Gallant. Herbert, '44 B.A., 16 McLellan St.. Boston 
Gallant. John L.. '44 E.. 342 Broadway, Maiden 
Gallo. Patrick. '4 3 E., 226 Sea St.. Quincy 
Gamble, Reginald E.. '41 L.A., St. Martin's St., N. B.. 

Gantman. Sidney D.. '43 E.. 117 Howland St.. Roxbury 
Garner. Francis W., Jr.. '43 B.A.. 1 Butternut St.. 

Middlctown. Conn. 
Gardner. Robert E.. '43 B A,, 49 Myrtle Ter.. Winchester 
Gardner, Walter C, '42 E . 56 Hartsuff St.. Rockland 
Garlick. Eugene H.. '42 B.A.. 906 Grand Central Ave. 

Horschead's. N. Y. 
Garnett, Robert C. '44 E.. SO Munroc St., Roxbury 
Gates, Charles E., '42 E., 12 Alma Ave. Belmont 
Gates. Harold W., '44 E , 14 Esty St., Ashland 
Gavitt. Harold I., '44 E.. 47 Hatfield St.. Pawtuckct. R. I. 
GefTen. Milton J.. '44 L.A.. 36 Crawford St.. Roxbury 
Cellar. Irving. '42 LA., 31 Howland St., Boston 
Geller, Sidney N,, '41 E, 512 Harvard St.. Dorchester 
Gendron. Gerard J.. '44 B.A.. 147 Maple St.. Attlcboro 
Georgalos. James. '41 E., 33 New St.. East Boston 
George. Ralph E., '43 £.. 231 Park St.. Medford 
Gerr>-. David C, '41 E . High St., Topsficld 
Gerry. Joseph Harrison. '44 B.A . French Ave. South 

Getchcll. Robert E., '43 E.. 279 L.ifayetie Si.. R.indolph 
Getchcll. Walter A.. Jr.. '43 E, 270 Laf.ucttc St.. 

Gianoulis, Daniel A.. '44 B.A.. 2S Highl.nid Ave . Salem 
Gibbons. Edward C. Jr.. '44 B A.. 16 ll.iU Axe. 

Gibbs. David W.. '42 E.. 49 Burden Ave. Framingham 
Giddings. Arthur L.. '43 E.. 152 Terrace Ave. B iston 
Gidez. Melvin D. '44 E., 116 Devon St., Roxbury 
Gieschi, Thomas L., '44 E., 29 -Spring St.. Springfield 
Gillespie. William H,, Jr.. '44 B.A,. 121 Adams Ave. 

Gillette Edward S.. '44 E.. R K D. 1. Bridgeport. Conn. 
Gilmore, Stuait N. '44 L.A.. 195 Orchard St.. Belmont 
Gingras. Vernon E.. '44 B.A.. 645 Canton Ave, Milton 
Giovanangclo. Leo. '44 E. 21 Andrews St.. Medford 
Glasker. Louis L. '43 B A.. 22 James St.. Brookline 
Gleason. Thomas L.. '41 B,\.. 44 Plymouth Ave. 

Stratford, Conn 
Gleason. Walter. '43 B.A.. 26 Lawson Rd.. Winchester 
Gliddcn. James P.. '41 E., 90 Washington St. Belmont 
Glincs. Arthur B.. '42 E.. 63 Barllct St.. Andovcr 
Glucck. Albert G.. '44 E., 75 D ly St.. Jamaica Plain 
Gogolin. Robert T.. '41 E.. 95 Summer St.. Maynard 
Goldberg. Raymond. '44 L.A.. 27 Rose St.. Boston 
Golden, Maurice I., '42 E.. 15 Lome St.. Dorchester 
Goldsmith, Sumner D,. '44 E.. 56 Sparhawk St.. Amcsbury 
Goldstein. Milton. '4 3 E.. 9 Gladstone Si.. East Boston 
Goldstein, Robert. '43 L.A . 193 Rawson Rd.. Brookline 
Gomes. Anthony A.. '42 E.. 12 Lowland Ave. Cambridge 
Goodell. Melvin G.. '44 L.A.. 102 Che-ler Ave. Chelsea 
Goodie. Clifford B., '43 E,. 50 Buckingham Rd., Wollaslon 
Goodman, Philip D.. '43 E.. 4 Howland St., Roxbury 
Goodwin, Albert E . '4 1 E.. 30 Blakely St.. Lynn 
Gordon, Eliot, '44 B.A.. 263 Mountain Ave . Maiden 
Gordon. Emanuel. '41 E., 16S Mills St.. Maiden 
Gordon. James D.. '41 E.. 5S Prospect Si.. Weymouth 
Gordon, Martin 11,, '44 LA,, 571 Norfolk St.. Boslon 


/ -J. 







Gorhara, John F.. '44 E., 12 Gibson St , Medford 
Gorman, Harrison A., '4+ L.A., 17 Gay St.. Nantudcct 
Gorrill. William R.. '44 E.. State St.. South Hanover 
Gouse, Julian B.. '44 L.A.. 55 Ormond St.. Mattapan 
Gove. Robert A . '41 E.. 74 Purchase St.. Newburj'port 
Govern. Howard. '44 E., 650 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. V . 
Govoni. Augusto M.. '44 E.. 146 Warren St.. Needharn 
Gowen, Ralph H.. '42 E.. 17 Tower Ave.. Lynn 
Grace. Donald F.. '41 LA.. Harrineton. Maine 
Graham, Francis J.. Jr., '44 E., 2S4 Huron Ave., 

Gr.aham, John S.. '44 E.. 16 Auburn St.. Woburn 
Graham, Norman B.. '44 E.. 5 Center St.. Amesbury 
Grahn. Rupert W., '44 L.A., 17 Chase St.. Lynn 
Grant. George W , Jr., '44 E.. Chestnut Hill Ave.. Athol 
Graswicz. Edward, '41 E.. 5S Princeton St., Mcdford 
Graves, Bradford. '44 E.. Townsend St.. Pepperell 
Graves, Lawrence P.. '44 E.. 52 Circuit Park. Melrose 
Green. Milton. '43 E., 1352 Dorchester Ave.. Boston 
Green. Lawrence H.. '43 E., 167 Washington St.. Arlington 
Greene, Merrill H., '43 B.A., 54 OIney St.. Dorchester 
Greene. Herbert L.. '43 E. 24 Crescent Ave.. Bedford 
Greenhouse. Milton S.. '44 E., 40 Fairfield St.. New 

Haven. Conn. 
Grecnieaf. Francis D.. '42 E.. South St.. Foxboro 
Greenside. Myron. '43 LA.. 431 Washington St.. 

Greenwood. Richard W., '44 E . 9 Vogcl St., West 

Grella, John W., '44 B.A., Magnolia St.. Hartford. Conn. 
Grenis, Albert F., '44 E., 29 Story St.. South Boston 
Grey, A. Richard. '44 B A., 31 Upland Rd , Quincy 
Griffin. Gerald A., '41 B A.. 10 Brogan Rd.. Medford 
Griffin. Robert E.. '44 B.A.. 21 Harvard St.. Belmont 
Griffith. Sherwood B., '43 E., 26 Plympton St., 

Grindle, Paul Davidson, '44 L.A.. Farm Rd., Sherborn 
Grinkis, Joseph. '43 E., Sterling Jet.. Worcester 
Gross, Robert A., '44 E., 19 Townsend St., Roxbury 
Gross, William Henry, '44 E.. SS Holland St., Lewiston. 

Grossbard. Saul. '42 B.A., 112 Winthrop Rd.. Brooklinc 
Grover, Frederick R., '43 E.. 1 Broadway Ave., Rockport 
Grover, John T.. '42 E., Palmer Rd., Halifax 
Guastella, Samuel. '42 E.. 225 Canton St.. Fitchburg 
Gubcllini. Carl E.. '44 B.A., 473A Dudley St., Boston 
Guertler, John M., '44 EM., 60 Moselcy St., Dorchester 
Guidara, Joseph F., '44 L.A.. 942 South St., Roslindale 
Gunther. Walter J., '44 L.A.. 36 Murray Hill Rd., Maiden 
Gurney, Robert. '41 L.A., 106 Otis St., Medford 
Gustavson, Robert, '41 LA., 9 Beacon St., Lslinpton 
Gutcheon. Reuben B,, '44 B.A., 35 Adams St., Hartford. 

Haas. Charles V.. '41 L.A., 47 Bellaire Rd.. Roslindale 
Hackett, Warren H., '44 E., 5 Kilmer Ave., Taunton 
Hadley. Richard E., '43 E., 178 Marlboro St., Boston 
Hagberg, Richard S., '44 E.. 28 Marshall St.. Brooklinc 
Haggis, Theophilos, '44 E , 34 Junior St., New Bedford 
Hahn. Saul, '42 B.A., 1 1 Crawford St.. Roxbury 
Hainer, Herbert Milton, Jr.. '42 L.A., 6 Marion St., 

Haire. Emery T., '44 L.A., Rush, Pa. 

Hakanson, Richard A.. '44 B.A , 44 Lincoln St., 

Haley. D. Norman. Jr.. '44 E., 10 Thomp>on St., Quincy 
Haliburlon, George M., '43 E.. 204 Hemenway St.. Boston 
Hall. Albert B., '43 E.. 45 Oak Grove Ave,. Brattlcboro. Vt. 
Hall. Harold W, '44 E., 10 Boynlon St.. Jamaica Plain 
Hall. Ian L.. '41 E.. 42 Dakota St., Dirchestcr 
Hall, Lennard C, '41 B.A., 88 Newport St., Arlington 
Hall. Leon E.. '41 E., 141 Langdon St.. Newton 
Hall, Wellington J., '44 B.A., 750.\ Huntington Ave . 

Hallbero, Carl L. E.. '43 L.A.. 12 Berkeley St., Quincy 
Hallett, Allen H., '43 E., 281 Glen Rd., Wellesley Farms 
Hallett, Russell S,, '42 E.. IS Neponset Ave.. Walpole 
Halsall, Kenneth C, '44 B.A., 33 Sewall Ave., Winthrop 
Hamilton. Bernard L., Jr.. '44 E., Main St , East Pepperell 
Hamilton. Charles B., '43 E., 45 Harding Ave.. Belmont 
Hamilton. Herbert A.. Jr., '43 E., 198 Main St.. Stoneham 
Hamilton, R-berf A.. '42 L.A., 91 Weston Ave., Braintree 
Hamilton. William W.. '44 E., 115 Somerset Ave.. Dighton 
Hampatian. John J.. '43 E., 154 Norfolk St.. Dorchester 
Hampton. William R.. '43 B.A., 7 Sapphire Rd.. Saugus 
ITanchett. George D . '42 E.. Glen St.. Natick 
Hand. Arthur T.. '44 B.A., 1008 South St., Boston 
Hand. Lynwood E . '43 L.A., New Limerick. Maine 
Handler. Arthur. '42 E.. 173 Winchester St., Brooklinc 
Handy, Douglas C, '42 E.. Box 54. North Springfield. Vt. 
Hanksinson. George W.. '43 E.. Weymouth St . DIgby 

County. Nova Scotia 
Hansis, Donald R., '43 B.A.. 10 Lehigh St.. Arlington 
Haran, Patrick B.. '44 L.A., 15 St. ^^3rk's Rd , Dorchester 
Harding. Kenneth L. '41 B..\., 60 Hamden Cir., Wollaston 
Hargreaves. James. '42 E.. 340 Osgood St.. North Andover 
Harlow, Theodore F., '44 E.. 140 Bcltran St., Maiden 
Haron, Carl I., '43 E., 51 Florence Rd.. Waltham 
Harper. Arthur A.. '41 B.A., 44 Nahant St.. Wakefield 
Harrington. Francis. '44 E.. 57 Emcline St, Randolph 
Harrington. Frederick T., '44 E., 287 Tremont St., Newton 
Harrington, Robert F., '41 L.A , 120 Essex St„ Beverly 
Harris, Frank J., '44 B.A.. 9 Amoka Place, Lynn 
Harris, Maceo, '43 E.. 71 Windsor St., Boston 
Harris, Roger W., '44 B A., 185 Highland Ave., 

Harrison. Marvin A.. '43 L.A., 21 Vcrndale St, Brooklinc 
Hart. Gordon M.. '42 E., 12 Columbus Ave., Cambridge 
Hart. John E., '43 E.. 31 Allen St.. Bradford 
Hartford. Arthur F., Jr., '41 E.. 70 Marlborough St.. 

Hartford. Guy R,. '44 E. 15 Ranecley Rd.. Watertown 
Hartford. Waller W,. Jr.. '44 E., 40 Clarendon St., 

Hartwell, David W.. '42 E,, 3S Charlemnnt St.. Newton 

Tlarvie. Ernest A., '43 B A., 9 Leiand St.. Grafton 
Harwood. Alan. '44 E., 104 Overlook Rd., Arlington 
Haskell, Arthur C. Jr.. '42 E.. 21 Cedar St.. Marblchead 
Haskell, Richard F., '44 E.. 39 Pearson Rd., Soraerville 
Haskian. Charles R.. '44 E., 109 Hillside Rd., Watertown 
Hastings. Stanley R., '41 E, 14 Linden St,. Marblehcad 
Hastings, Robert R.. '41 E., 26 Freeman St., Arlington 
Hatch. Harry B., '43 B.A , 39 Grandview St., Wollaston 
Hatch. Richard M.. Jr.. '43 E., 40 Carver Rd., Watertown 
Haufler, Robert C, '41 E., 65 Sedgewick St., Jamaica Plain 
Hawes. George H.. Jr., '43 E., 15 Fells Ave. Ter.. Medford 




Offers a broad program of college subjects serving as a foundation for the understanding 
of modern culture, social relations, and teebnical achievement. Students may concentrate in 
any of the following fields: Biology, Chemistry, Economics-Sociologj', English (including an 
option in Journalism), and Mathematics-Physics. Varied opportunities available for voca- 
tional specialization. Degree: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. 


Offers curricula in Civil. Mechanical (with Diesel. Air-Conditioning, and Aeronautical 
options). Electrical, Chemical. Industrial Engineering, and Engineering Administration. Class 
room study is supplemented by experiment and research in well-equipped laboratories. Degree: 
Bachelor of Science in the professional field of specialization. 


Offers six curricula: Acconnting, Banking and Finance, Marketing and .Advertising, Indus, 
trial Administration, Journalism, and Public Administration. Each curriculum represents in 
itself a broad survey of business technique, differing from the others chiefly in emphasis. 
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. 


Offers day and evening undergraduate programs admitting those who present a minimum 
of two years of college work, each program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Also 
graduate program in the evening leading to the degree of Master of Laws. Co-educational. 


Offers curricula through evening classes in .Accounting. Management — with Industrial and 
Merchandising majors. Law and Bu>incss iVIanagement and Engineering and Business leading 
to the degree of Bachelor of Business Adniinislration in specified fields or the Bachelor of 
Commercial Science in Law and Business Management. Preparation for C. P. ,A. Examinations. 
Shorter programs may be arranged. Coeducational. 


Offers a three-year evening program equivalent in hours to one-half of the requirement 
for the A. B. or B. S. degree. Provides general education and preparation for admission to the 
School of Law. Associate in Arts title conferred. Co-educational. 

The Colleges of Liberal Arts Engineering, and Business Administration offer day pro- 
grams for men only and are conducted on the co-operative plan. After the freshman year 
students may alternate their periods of study with periods of work in the employ of business 
or industrial concerns at ten-week intervals. Under this plan they gain valuable experience 
and earn a large part of their college expenses. 

In addition to the above schools the University has affiliated with it and conducts: the 
Lincoln Technical Institute offering through evening classes, courses of college grade in 
various fields of engineering leading to the title of Associate in Engineering; and the Lincoln 
Preparatory School, an accredited evening school preparing for college entrance and offering 
other stanclard high school programs. 

For further injormalion repardiitii iiny oj the above schools, address 

All schools except Northeastern University School of Law 

School of Law BOSTON, MASS. 47 Mt. Vernon Street 

36n Huntington Avenue Telephone KENmore 5800 Near Slate House 

Connecting' all schools 


Il.iwlhornc. N.nlKinicl. '4: E,, t C.irvcr St.. W.acnowii 
Hayos. .Mfrcil B.. '42 B..\.. 127 Arlinflon St.. Hyiic l';nk 
Hayes. Richard C '41 L..\.. 11 Aslilaiul St. .\rlingtoii 
riayncr. Alex W.. 44 B.A,. 74 The Fenway. Bo.ston 
Haynes. Paul D.. '42 E.. 33 Delano .\ve.. Ouincy 
Hays. Walter I.. '42 L.A., 113 Ellison Park. Waltham 
Hayward. Gardner L.. '42 E., 25 Pay.son Rd , Belmont 
Ilayward. Herbert .\.. Jr.. '44 E., 2(16 Fairmount St.. 

Hyde Park 
Hcaney. John Francis. '43 E . 31 Chase Ave.. Lcxinpton 
Heanue. John P., '44 B.A.. 177 Belmont St.. Bchnont 
Heaps. John F.. Jr., '44 L.A.. 22 Le.xinirton St., Everett 
Hearsey. W. Warren. '44 E.. 226 Cornell St.. Boston 
Hebard. James C. Jr . -43 E.. 54 Woodrow Ave.. Medford 
Heffcrnan. Richard P.. '43 E.. 36 Arabella St., Salem 
Heidel. Robert N.. '43 B.A., 53 Grove St.. Winchcndon 
Hclbig, John W.. '42 L.A., 18 Union St.. Greenfield 
Hellender. Arthur R.. '44 B A.. 17 Concord Ave. Bdm..nt 
Heller. Leon. '4i B.A.. 104 Toxtcth St.. Brookline 
Heller, Robert B.. '44 E.. S W.ilnut St.. Rockville, Conn. 
Henderson. Austin B., Jr., '42 E., S Lake View Ave . 

Henderson. R.ibert D,. '42 E . Main St., Siierb.,rn 
Hendricks. John G.. '43 E.. 151 East High St.. Avon 
Hendrickson. Rudolph. '41 L.A.. 9 Rock View Rd , Quincy 
Hennessey. Charles A.. '43 E., 121 Harvard St.. Quincy 
Hennessey, Edward F.. *41 B.A., 275 Tromont St.. Newton 
Hentershec. Ralph A.. '44 E., 564 Aronlgomcry St., Fall 

Herbert, Gcorpc E.. Jr.. '42 E,, 47 B.iliimorc St.. Havcrliill 
Herbert. James S.. '44 E,. 311 North Main St, Milltown, 

N. J. 
Hergstrom. Robert P., '4.; B..\., 1073 Corbin Ave, New 

Britain, Conn. 
Herlihy. John E.. '42 E.. 73 Houghton St.. Dorchcsler 
Herman. Sidne>, 44 B A., SI Wavcrly St, Roxbury 
Hershman, Herbert J.. '44 E., 6 Vesta Rd.. Dorchester 
Heslam, Richard T.. '44 B A., Pearl Hill Rd., Fitchburg 
Hewson, Charles R., '41 E.. 23 Glen Rd.. Wcllcsley Hills 
Hickey, Edward T.. '41 B.A. 39 Bcccher Pl.icc. Newton 

Hickey, Waller J,. '44 E.. 50 Maywood St.. Roxbury 
Higgins. John A., '42 E.. 1S4 North Main St.. Andover 
Higgins, Robert F . '43 B.A.. 124 Dickcrman St.. Newton 

Higgs. Lawrence L.. '43 E . 25 Quincy Ave.. Quincy 
Hill, Dana L.. '42 E.. 21 Cheriton Rd.. Wolhiston 
Hill. Howard T.. '43 B.A., 22 Fairfield St.. Brockton 
Hill. Robert C. '43 L.A.. 115 Walnut St. Brookline 
Hill. Rowland B.. '43 E. 1269, Main St., Leominster 
Hillier, Arnold. '41 E. 19 Aberdeen St., Boston 
Hilton, Harry M.. '44 LA.. 30 Cinlerbury Rd.. Newloti 

Hinckley, Kenneth M,. '43 I. A., Blue Hill. Maine 
Hinckley. Richard B.. '42 Iv, :i liixlwell St.. Dorchcsler 
Hirshberg. Sumner. '43 L..\.. 11 Ouincy St.. Medford 
HIrtle. Russell C. '44 E.. 130 Granger St.. Wollaston 
Hisamoto, Masayuki. '41 E.. 1 Arlington St.. Somerville 
Hoch, Harold S.. '44 E . 3S2 .South Broadway, Lawrence 
Hochman. Morris '43 LA.. 69 Branscomb St.. New 

Hodge. Burton A., '44 B.A., 1756 Richmond Tcr . Statcn 

Island, N. V. 
Hodgkins. George L,. '43 B.A.. I,S7 Lowell St.. Reading 

llocll, George R.. '43 B..\., 64 Court St., Medford 
HolTuran. Carl, '42 E . 40 Cabot St , Hartford, Conn, 
llnlluian. Irwin I.. '44 I., A.. 120 East Ave.. West Haven 

Hoffman. Michael .1.. '42 E.. 1127 Commonwealth Ave.. 

Hogan. Robert E,. '43 B.A.. 27 Elmwood Ave.. Ilaverhil 
Hogan. Wilbur J. '43 E, 1173 Liberty St.. Springfield 
Hogan. William L., '44 B.A., 30 Place. Middlelown 

Ifojem. Robert. '42 E,. 5 Grove Si., Wot Concord 
Holbrook. Minor Ward. Jr,, '44 E., 742 Main St., SoutI 

Ilolden, Bruce R„ '43 E.. 60 Trapelo Rd.. Belmont 
Holder, Gordon P.. '44 LA.. 123 Front St.. Weymouth 
Holland, Robert, '44 B.A , 118 Newton St,, Meriden, Conn 
Holland, Robert Thomas, '41 E., II Arlington Rd.. Woburi 
Mollis, Thomas, Jr.. '41 E., 12 Sudbury Rd.. Concord 
Holm, John W„ '43 E„ 76 Everdean St., Dorchester 
Holman. Robert C . '42 E.. 8 Belmont St.. Norwood 
Holmes, Gardner. '41 LA.. 9 Perkins Rd.. Gloucester 
Holzman, Henry G., '44 B.A., 897 Washington St.. Bostor 
Hopkins, Paul M., '43 E., 18 First St., Melrose 
Hopkinson, Victor L,, '42 E., 3 Franklin St,, Lynn 
Horenstein, Leon, '43 L.A., 566 Beach St., Revere 
Horgan, Frederick R, '42 E., 874 Chestnut St.. Wabaii 
Home. Robert D.. '44 LA.. 68 Hillside Rd., Arlington 
Horner, William A.. '44 B.A . Route 2. Conc.ud. New 

Houghton, Harold R.. '44 E., 47 R..beit St.. North 



Hillside Rd.. South 

Houston, Edwin E,, Jr.. '44 E.. 

Howard, Thomas E,, '42 B A., 14 P,,rk Ave, Derry, Nev 

Howard, Warren H., '44 LA.. 104 Wyoming Ave.. Malde 
Howard, William .\[ . '43 E-. Clinton St., Clark Mills. Nci 

Howie, A'LilcoIm P.. '42 E.. 68 Standish Rd., Walerlow 
Howland. Louis S.. Jr.. '44 L.A.. 10 Central St.. South 

Howlett. Joseph. '41 E.. 51 Metcalf St.. Medford 
Hubbard. Harrison W.. '43 E., 278 Maine St.. Brunswick. 

Huddleton, Robert D.. '43 L.A . IS Reed Place. Whitman 
Hudson, Donald W., '44 E . 9 School St., Qui.ncy 
Hudson C, TIarland, '44 B A., 176 Waltham St.. West 

Iluey. Ralph. '44 E.. 220 llnlden St.. Worceslcr 
Hughes. Alfred F., '42 E.. 200 Lewis St.. Lynn 
Hughes. Smart M,. '44 E.. 21 Kemper St.. Wollaston 
llulse. Miles L., '43 B.A.. 138 Melrose Ave., Nccdham 
Ilultcrcn. William C, '42 LA„ 8(1 Woodsidc Ave, 

llnllman, Eugene Crafl. '44 B,\.. SS Elm Si,. Quincy 
Humphrey, John F., '42 L.A., 96 Melbourne St„ 

Waterbury, Conn, 
Hunt. Ernest M., '44 L.A., 3 Harold Park. Boston 
Hum. Harry C, '44 E., 28 Hale St., Leominster 
lluukr, Charles B„ '44 E-, 59 Montclair Ave,. Roslindale 
Hunter, Donald, '43 B.A., 26 Parkman St., Dorchester 
Hunter, Hannibal R , '44 \\A.. IS Linn.-t Si,. West 


1 80 

Hunting, Elmer R , '42 E., 148 P-nk St., Springfield. 

Hurley, John £., '44 E., 7 Madison Ave.. Wakefield 
Hurley, Raymond B-, '41 E., 934 Watertown St., West 

Hurley, Warren A., '43 E., 73 Knoll St., Roslindale 
Huse, George 0., '43 E, 133 Vernon St.. Newton 
Hussey, Elmer E., '42 E., 10 Dartmouth St., Everett 
Hutchins. Lyman. M.. Jr., '43 B.A., 14 Angier Circle, 

Hutchinson, William, '44 B.A., 41 Holbrook Rd., Quincy 
Hyde, Harold, '43 E., 505 Prospect St., Mcthuen 

Igidbashian, Astor P.. '44 E., 211 Elm St. Cambridge 
Ikerman, Charles E.. '43 E., 38 Henry St., Edgewood. R I- 
Ireland, John W., '44 E., 28 HiUcrest Circle, Swampscott 
Ireland, Robert W., '41 E., 28 HiUcrest Circle, Swampscott 
Irgon, Joseph, '43 E., 65 Phillips St., Boston 
Irish, Alfred G.. '42 B.A., 142 King St , Falmouth 
Irving. William M., '44 E.. 1 Greenwood Ave . Needham 
Isherwood, William D., '44 L.A , 518 Park Drive, Boston 

Jackson, Charles W.. '41 E., 82 Harold St., Hartford, Con 
Jackson, Frederick Bennett, '44 E., 129 Rowe St., 

Jakimldes, George L., '43 E., 9 Haviland St , Boston 
James, John A., '43 B.A., 10 Garden St., North Andover 
Jameson, Richard S.. '44 E., 1112 Broadway, Somerville 


J., '43 E., 1836 Columbia Rd., South 

Jarzylo, Alphonse V., '44 L.A., 36 Cottage St , Lynn 
Jaycock, Charles, G.. Jr . '43 E.. 569 Franklin St.. Melros 
Jellerson, James F., '43 E , 47 Bay State Rd., Belmont 
Jenkins, Carl P., '44 E., 68 Bradford Rd., Watertown 
Jenks, Peter E., '43 E., 66 Channing St., WoUaston 
Jennings, Edward W., '43 BA, 13 Azel Rd., South 

Jennings, Paul S., '41 E, 15 Azel Rd., South Braintree 
Jensen, Edward O., Jr., '44 B.A.. 142 Westville St.. 

Jensen, Grant S., '41 E.. 37 High St.. Portland. Maine 
Jensen, Harold C, '44 E., 35 Parmenter Rd.. Waltham 
Jerauld. Gordon 0., '44 E.. Hyannis Rd.. Barnstable 
Jerzyk, Leo C. '42 L.A.. 135 Derby St., Salem 
Jewell, Ralph L.. Jr., '44 E., 12 Tyndale St., Roslindale 
Jewett, George W., '42 E., 77 Atkinson St., Bellows Falls, 

Johnson, Albert D., 41 E., 24 Lunt St., Norfolk Downs 
Johnson, Axel I., '44 E , 33 Burncoat Terrace, Worcester 
Johnson, Carl B, '41 B.A.. 35 Concord Ave., Belmont 
Johnson, Carl G.. Jr., '43 E., 152 Mary St., Arlington 
Johnson, Carl H., '41 B A., 386 Benefit St., Pawtucket, 

R. I. 
Johnson, C. Harold, '41 B.A., 45 Fountain Rd , Arlington 
Johnson, Howard F , '43 E., Second St., North Grafton 
Johnson, Philip E., '44 B.A., 24 Lunt St.. Norfolk Downs 
Johnson, Philip E., '41 E. 24 Leighton Terrace, Lynn 
Johnson, Ralph D., '42 E.. 45 Second St., North Grafton 
Johnson, Ralph F., '41 E., 4 Vernon Ct , Newburyport 
Johnson, Robert S., '43 E., 4045-73 St.. Jackson Heights, 

New York, N Y. 
Johnson, Winston H., '42 E.. IS Howard St., Belmont 
Jones, Paul Be.. '44 E., 218 Arborway, Jamaica Plain 

Jones, Stanley E., '44 B.A . 92 Grove St., Ilion, New York 
Joslin. Robert P., '44 E., 33 Westminster Ave.. Arlington 
Josselyn, Calvin E, '41 B.A, 125 Granger St.. Wollaston 
Joudrey. Harold E.. '44 B.A., HI Ocean St.. Worcester 
Joy. Daniel A.. Jr., '43 E., 606 Trapelo Rd , Belmont 
Joyce, Richard A., '43 E., 25 Pleasant Ave., East 

Joyce, Richard S., '44 L.A., IS Congress St., Stonehara 
Juusola, Roy A., '42 E., 219 Water St.. Fitchburg 
Juskalian, John R , '44 E . 153 Boylston St., Watertown 

Kagan, David, '44 B.A., 15A Tremont St., Cambridge 
Kalafatas, Nicholas, '42 L A., 282 Columbus Ave., Boston 
Kalayjian, Charles H., '42 E.. 123 Marine Rd., South 

Kaplan, Benjamin J., '44 E., 37 Abbotsford St., Ro.^bury 
Karlsberg, Rubin, '41 E., 82 Erie St., Dorchester 
Kasambalis, William. '44 E , 285 Dudley St., Boston 
Katsogianis, John G., 43 E., 85 Central St., Waltham 
Katz, Israel, '41 E., 139 Brighton St., Boston 
Katz, Maurice, '41 E.. 632 West Park St.. Dorchester 
Kaufman. Harvey H., '44 E.. 121 Hutchings St.. Boston 
Kawagy. Richard F., '43 E., 59 East Brookline St., Boston 
Kearney, Gerald B.. '44 LA., 19 Aldrich St., Roslindale 
Keating, Owen V., Jr., '44 E., 8 Montvale Ave., Stoneham 
Keating, John P., '43 E., 217 Forest St., Medford 
Keir, Paul C . '44 E., 6 Pine St.. Windsor, Vermont 
Kelle, Wilder E.. Jr., '43 E., Rockland St., Canton 
Kelley, Edward M., '44 E., 430 Charles St., Maiden 
Kelley, Walter B., '41 E, SS East Cottage St., Dorchester 
Kelly, Colby, '42 L.A., 33 Clarke St., Lawrence 
Kendall, Julius, '41 E., 30 Harlem St., Dorchester 
Kennedy, Clayton W., Jr., '44 L.A., 87 Pleasant St., North 

Kennedy, Donald E. C, '43 E , 29 Victory Ave,, Haverhill 
Kennedy, Edmond I., '43 E., 9 Locust Ave., Lexington 
Kennedy, Richard H., '43 L A., 28 River Road, Weston 
Kennedy, Walter I., '41 L.A., 93 Glover Ave., North 

Kennefick. Russell T.. '41 L.A., 1313 Short St., Gloucester 
Kenney, Charles P., '43 B.A., 101 Conwell Ave., Somerville 
Kenney, Peter J., '43 B A., 42 Highland St., West Medway 
Kent, George E., Jr., '44 E., 28 Peak Hill Rd., West 

Kent, William J., Jr., '44 E., 36 Washington St., 

Kerr, John H., Jr., '44 E , 69 Howard St., Brockton 
Kerr, John J., '43 E , 4 Calumet St., Roxbury 
Kctcham. Arthur W., '41 E., Salisbury, Vemront 
Ketchen, Ernest Butler, '42 E., 43 PInkham Rd., Medford 
Keyes, Norman A., '43 B.A.. 1168 Boylston St.. Boston 
Khederian. Oscar, '44 B A, 121 Nichols Ave., Watertown 
Khoury, Esa M., '43 E., 135 Hudson St., Boston 
Kiley, John T., '44 E., 57 Seymour St., Roslindale 
Kiley, Robert J.. '41 E., 90 Claybourne St., Dorchester 
Killam, Edward R., '41 B.A.. 48 Union St., Manchester 
KiUam, Paul D , '43 E., 19 West Ave , Salem 
Kilroy, James J., '42 E., 7 Christopher St., Boston 
King, Calvin A., '44 E., 472 Main St., West Medway 
King, Joseph V., '43 E., 9 Viola St., Milton 
Kingsbury, Henry A., 44 E., 1 Curve St., Medfield 
Kinsler, Frederick C , '44 LA , Massachusetts Ave., 

KIrby. Donald B., '44 E., 102 Highland Ave., Dedham 


Kiik.ilJ;. Rubcii U., Ml E., 4.! Wcifluw St., Duiclicsicr 
Kispert. Henry Frederick. '44 B .\.. -'16 Warren St.. F.iil 

Kleczck, Waller St.inley. 44 E.. 16 Althea St., Boston 
Klemm, George 11.. 4: E., 1S9 Belleville Rd., New Bedford 
Rlickslein, Herbeit S, ii E., 15 -Ma> wood St., Ro.\bury 
Knigl.t. Lawrenec E.. 43 B..\.. J4 Central Rd., SomerviUe 
Knight, Winfield. B., '41 E., 6 Everett St.. Taunton 
Knowles, Charles E,. 44 B...\., ly .Miinroe St , Ro.xbury 
Knowlcs, William J.. Jr.. '44 E., 10 Buchanan St., Nashua, 

N. H. 
Knowlton. Moses, Jr., '44 E, 17 Whitney Ave., Beveily 
Kodis, Robert D., '44 L A., 96 Lawrence Ave., Ro.vbury 
Komskis, Joseph F., "41 £., Southold, i\ew York 
Korb. Roland C. 44 L.A., 142 East St., Methuen 
Kordalski, John, 4j E., S Beacon St., Salem 
Kosias, George, '43 E., IS3 Primrose St., Haverhill 
Kozacko, Frederick J., '44 LA.. SI Cedar St., Amcsbury 
Kramer. Sherman M.. '44 E,, II .Mem .ri.d Park Ave., 

Krasnor, Leo, '43 E., 50 Allen St.. Boston 
Kravitz, Abner, '43 L. A., 12 Glenway St., Dorchester 
Kredcntser, Bernard, '44 LA., 131S Sth St. West, Calg.iry, 

Alberta, Canada 
Kress, Harold W., '43 E., 139 Tyler St., Methuen 
Kronfelt, Walter J., 215 .Mountain Ave., Arlington 
Kulberg, Marshall E.. '42 E., S Northern Ave., Beverly 
Kusavicius, Alfred P., '44 E., fa Brewster St., South Boston 

Leakso, Rudolph A., '42 E.. 241 Marshall St., Fitchburg 
Labowicz, Vincent P. Jr.. '42 B.A., 2 Florida Rd., 

Lacerda, Donald, '4 3 E.. 40 Northampton St.. Boston 
Lafterty, Robert H., '41 E.. 501 LaReinc Ave., Bradley 

Beach, New Jersey 
Lafin, William L., 43 E, R.F.U. 2. Hillsdale, New Voik 
Laider, Louis Hyman. '44 L.A., 12 Ferndale St.. Dorchester 
Lamb, William X. Jr.. '42 E.. 149 Norton Ave., Taunton 
Lammi, Heimo R., '42 E., 9 Elks Parkway, Norwood 
Lancaster, Carl R., '42 B.A., 59 Charlotte Rd.. Newton 

Landers. R.'bert G, '43 B.A., Ib4 Baker St.. West 

Landman. Saul, '42 E., oS Fay^lon St., Ro.xbuiy 
Landry. Albert J , "44 L..\ , 1S6 Brattle St., Athol 
Landsman, Abraham E., '41 E.. 25 Leroy St., Bo,ton 
Landy, Morris, '44 L.A., 7 Dalkieth St.. Boston 
Lane, John D., '43 E., 28 Harrington St., Newtunville 
Lane. Norman R., '43 E., S3 Halsey St., Southampton 
Lannary, Jack, '43 E , 22 Stoneleigh Circle, Watertown 
Lapham, Edward F.. '42 E., Central St., Norwell 
Lariviere, Frank J , '42 E., 268 Cartier St., Manchester, 

N. H. 
Larsen, Fred R.. '41 E., 26 Fairmount Ave., SomerviUe 
Larson, Carl 0., '43 LA., ISO Linwood St., Lynn 
Lasovick. Daniel, '43 E., 41 Stanwood St., Ro.ibury 
Lathrop, Paul A.. '44 E.. 300 McKinley Ave., Kenmoie, 



Latkowitch, 0.~t,ir L.. '43 E., 75 Aldic St.. Allston 
Laughey, Albert. '44 B.A.. 4 Union St.. Methuen 
Lavender, John R . '43 E., 45 East Foster St., Melro.-e 
Laverty, Harold 11.. '42 E., Brownvillc. Maine 
Lavin, Joseph W., '44 E., 21 Dunlap St., Dorchester 
Lavine. Lewi,. '43 L A.. 147 Rebekah St.. Woonsocket, R. 1. 

L.aeler, Joseph C, Jr , '44 E., 89 Emiure St., Lv n.i 
Lawless, Joseph K , '43 B.A.. 22 Jcness St.. Lynn 
Lawrence. Llo.vd S. '41 E.. La FargeviUe. New York 
Leaf. J. Walter. Jr.. '44 E., S66 Gay St„ Westwood 
Leahy, Joseph E.. '44 L.A.. 27 Br.adfnrd St.. Quincy 
Leary. Paul A.. '44 L.A., 3 74 School St., Belm .nt 
LeBeau, Irving C, '44 B.A , 67 Lowell Rd.. Wellesley Hills 
LeBeau. Sterling G.. '45 E.. 59 Commercial St.. Adams 
Lcchter. Max M.. '42 E., 32 Press Ave., Norwood 
Legal, Chapin, Jr., '43 E., 97 Sylvan St.. Danvers 
Leland. Richard 11.. '43 L.A., 17 Cutler St , Belmont 
LeGrand, Vernon R.. '43 E.. 361 Alewife Brook Parkway, 

West SomerviUe 
Lennon, John J., '44 B.A.. 70 Glencoc St.. Brighton 
Lennon, Leo.. '42 LA.. Lincoln Rd.. Lincoln 
Leon. James. '41 L .\ . 35 Alleync St., West Rosbury 
Leonard. Fred P.. '41 E., 81 County St, Taunton 
Leonard, Miltcm H.. '41 E., Barker. New York 
Leonard, Robert E., '44 E., Church St., Raynham 
Leonard. Roger J.. '43 B..\., IS Fernald Terrace. Boston 
Leone, Roxie E.. '44 B.A , 735 Silver Lane. East Hartfor.l, 

Leong, Fred, '42 E . 09 Holland St., West Somerxille 
Lepore. Ralph, Jr., 44 E., 19 Randnlph St., Noah 

Leto, Leonard. '44 E.. 371 Le^inBlou .\ve.., 

Levine. Albert I., '44 L.A.. 46 West Selden St.. Mattapan 
Levine. Joseph, '44 1..A.. 47 Park Ave., Allston 
Levine, Sumner M , '44 L.A., 236 Foster St.. Brighton 
Lcvinson. Melvin A.. '43 E., 77 Westminster Ave. Ro.xbury 
Levitan, Martin S.. '44 B.A, 8bl West Rosbury Paikway, 

Levy, Alan, '43 E. 120 Shore Driie, Wlnthiop 
Levy, Joshua P.. '41 E., 106 Glenway St., Dorchester 
Levy. Milton, '43 E., 92 Mercer St.. Jersey City, New 

Levy, Robert 11, '44 E., 120 Capcn St., Dorchester 
Lewis, Cedric E., Jr.. '44 B.A.. 106 Hillside Ave.. Arlington 
Lewis, Gardner FI., '41 E., Hampton, Conn. 
Lewis. John B., '44 L.A., 6 Buswell St., Boston 
Lewis, Joseph £., '42 B.A., 198 Warren Ave., Whitman 
Liberlarb. Samuel Melvin, '44 L..\.. 31 Hiawatha Rd , 

Libon, Bernard L.. '42 B,.\., 58 Brunswick St.. Ro.vbury 
Lickteig, John II.. '43 E., 8 Colonial PI., We--t Haven, 

Likos, Thomas A , '42 E., 45o Broadway, South Boston 
Lind, Gustav .\., '41 E., 1869 Beacon St, Brookline 
Lindgren, Coic, G.. '44 E., 6 Baker St., Saugus 
Linncll. Donald J,, '43 B.A.. 15 Everell Rd.. Wijichestcr 
Linskey, Leonard. '43 B.A., 3o Dcckard St.. Ro.\bury 
Lipman, Robeit N.. '41 E, II .Michigan .Vvc . Lynn ■ 
Littlchale. Artliu, W ., Jr.. '43 E., 1075 Highlaiul Ave. 

Litvack, Leonaid, '43 B..\.. 14 .Nichols Ave., Lynn 
Lobacz, Edward F.. '44 E., 161 Salem St,, Wakefield 
Lockerby, David .\ . '41 LA., 265 HoHis St., Framingham 
Lofgren, Arne, F.. 42 B.A.. 2S Webster St., Hyde Park 
Loiselle, Cha.le, II.. '41 B A,, 24 Sumner Ave.. Springfield 
Lomas, William Wai.en, '42 B.A.. Bo.i 120, Ocean Grove 
Lombard, John P., '44 L.A.. IU6 Chelsea St.. Chariest, wn 
Lopez, Albeit F. '44 E,, 24 Havre St., East Boston 


Lord, Donald H.. '41 B.\.. llighl.mJ Ave., Dover, New 

Lovequist, Edwin IL, '41 B.A., 52 Galen St., Waltliain 
Lovering, D.ivid W . '44 L,A., 20 M.irked Tree Rd., 
Lovett, John F., '41 E., 34 Garfield St., Cambridge 
LovewcU, Loring P.. 43 E.. High St., HoUiston 
Lov-gren, Carl A., '42 E., 46 School St., Rockport 
Lukaszck, Stanley S., '44 L A., 253 Market St., New 

Britain. Conn. 
Limdqnist. Richard A. '41 E. 79 Clarcmont Ave, 

Limdstedt, Linden V.. '44 B.A., 37 Ridge Ave.. Lynn 
Lynch, Daniel S.. '44 E.. U Barton St.. Newburyport 
Lynde, Fairfield F., '42 E., 47 Orchard St., Waldcn. 

New York 
Lynn, A-Ielvin Russell, '43 B.A.. 6S Qiiincy St.. Medford 

Macaulay, Chester L . 43 E . 30 Bisson St.. Beverly 
MacBarron, Philip C, '44 B.A., 2 Blossom Court, Boston 
MacCaffray, Stuart A., 41 E., 711 Nantasket Ave., Hull 
MacCallum, James M., '44 B.A., 9 Durham St., Boston 
MacDonald, Frarcis J., '44 E., 106 Dustin St., Brighton 
MacDowell, Kenneth M . '44 L.A., 278 Waltham St., 

West Newton 
.MacFaden, Delbcrt W., '42 E , 65 Pope St., North Quincy 
Macfarland, Edwin E., '44 L,A.. 135 Highland Ave., 

Macfarlane, George M, '44 E., 12 Wedgemere Rd.. 

^L^cGrcgor, Wallace S., '43 E., 116 St. Stephen St, 

Maclnnes, Harold E., '44 E , 11 Cliltondale Ave., Saugus 
Mackay, Donald, '43 B.A., 256 Euclid Ave., Lynn 
MacKay, Kenneth G M , '44 B.A., 23 Myrtle St., Jamaica 

MacKenzie, Harvey, '44 E . 59 Overlook Rd., West Roxbury 
Mackys, Bronis W., '44 E.. 26 St. James Ave., Norwood 
MacLean, Arnold A., '43 B.A., 2 Lynn St., Woburn 
MacLeod, James A., '41 E., 82 Park St., Braintree 
Macmann, Edward, '41. E. 65 Cross St., Reading 
MacMath, Warren E., '41 E., 21 Orris St., Auburndale 
NLacMulIan, Leslie H., '41 B.A., 19 Webster St., 

Macomber, Roger F.. '44 B.A., 2009 Robeson St. 

Fall River 
ALacQuarrie, Harry A., '42 B.A , Norlh St , Brownville 

Junction, Maine 
Madden, Richard M., '41 E., Pleasant St., Rangely, Maine 
Maddock, Albert T.. '42 E., 257 Walnut St., Brookline 
Magadini, Charles R., '44 £., Christian Hill, Great 

Maguire, James R., Jr., '43 B.A , 26 McKinley Ave , 

Maguire, John H., '42 E,, 135 Lasell St., West Roxbury 
Maguire, John P., '44 L.A., 56 Goodenough St., Brighton 
Maguire, Joseph M., '44 L A , 125 Moreland St., Boston 
Maher, John E„ '43 E., 270 Warren St., Wilson, Conn. 
Mahler, Lloyd P., '44 B.A., 79 Hutchins Rd., Medford 
Mahoney, George L., '41 E., 61 Washington St., Taunton 
Mahoney, John J , '44 L A., 38 Glide St., Boston 
Mahoney, Thomas Francis. '44 E., 251 East St.. West 

Maicr, William R., '43 E.. 260 Moss Hill Rd., Boston 

Mailhot, Edward H., '44 L.A., 27 Trowbridge St., 

Makrys, James George, '44 L.A.. 14 Waban PI., Onset 
Maneatis, James A., '42 E., 6 Hobson St., Lawrence 
Maneatis, John A., '43 E., 6 Hobson St., Lawrence 
Manganelli, Francis C. '43 B.A., 105 Gove St., Cambridge 
Mann, Alfred W , '43 B A., Union St., North Marshfield 
Mann, Irving H., '41 L.A., Union St., North Marshfield 
Mann, Paul, '43 B.A., 15 Ransom Rd., Brighton 
Mann, Reginald L., '44 B.A, 91 Claybourne St, 

Manning, Ralph W., '43 E., 42 Aldrlch St., Somerville 
Marcus, Sumner J.. '44 B.A., 82 Park Ave., Newton 
Marcy, Donald S., '44 E., 60 Fourth St., Medford 
Marden, Harry Wells, Jr., '44 B A , 11 Wyman St., 

Mardirosian, Milton M., '43 E., 144 School St., Watertown 
Maree, Edward J., '43 E., Pleasant St., Cohasset 
Marino, Felix, '41 E., 76 Barnstable St., Swampscott 
Mariolis, Michael K , '43 E , 40 Sunnyside St., Methuen 
Markham, Leslie, '41 E., Essex, Conn. 
Marks, Macey P., '43 L.A., 55 Rock Ave., Lynn 
Marks, Murray, '42 E., 55 Grove St., Chelsea 
Maron, Harold, '43 E., 11 Glenwood Rd., Lynn 
Marsh, Charles F., '41 E,, 27 Warwick St., Lynn 
Marshall, Gilbert A , '43 E , R.F.D., Lancaster, N. H. 
Marshall, John E., '42 E., 216 Charles St., Fall River 
Marshall, Robert H„ '41 E., 134 HiUcrest Rd., Needham 
Marston, James W., '42 E.. 40 Addison St., Brockton 
Marston, Robert S., '41 E., 4 Van Brunt Ave,. Dedham 
Martensen, Carl E., '44 LA., 135 Glendale St., Everett 
Martin, Harry W., '42 B.A., 48 Jameson Rd., Newton 
Martino, Joseph H., '44 L.A., 87 Standard St., Dorchester 
Martis, John PL, '44 E., 5 Russell St., Medford 
Mascianica, Francis S., '41 E., 53 Pearl St, Everett 
Mascianica, Joseph F., '44 B.A., 53 Pearl St., Everett 
Mason, Willard A., Jr., '44 B.A., 63 Vesey St., Brockton 
Materese, Vincent, '41 E., S Cottage St., Melrose 
Matheson, Stuart B., '42 L.A., 40 Fletcher Rd., Belmont 
Matorin, Maurice Joseph, '44 E., 353 Seaver St., Boston 
Matthewman, Rodger B., '43 E., 4 Brooks St., Maynard 
Maxwell, William Brendan. '44 E, IS Averton St, 

May, George W., '43 B.A., 21 Miller Ave., Tarrytown, 

New York 
Mayo, Paul H., '44 E., Fairmount Ave.. West Somerville 
Mazmanian, Peter, '43 B.A., 30 Chester St., Somerville 
Mazzotta, Edward B , '44 E., 265 Houghton St., 

North Adams 
McAleer, Robert E , '44 B A., 24 Fairfield St., Cambridge 
McArdle, Henry, '43 B.A., 79 Oakland St., Brighton 
McAuley, Thomas M., '41 B.A,, 1 Prairie St., West Concord 
McBride, John E., '43 LA., 11 Clyde St., Chelsea 
McCann, John J., '44 E., 384 Broadway, Lawrence 
McCarthy, Alan 0., '41 LA.. 370 Crescent St., Waltham 
McCarthy, Charles R., '44 L.A., 21 Glade Ave., Boston 
McCartney, Sidney W., '44 B.A., Drumlin Lodge, 

Berneveld, New York. 
McCarty, Charles D., '41 E., i3 Roy St., New Bedford 
McClaren, Donald E., '44 L.A., 49 Elm St , Charlestown 
McCole, John J., '42 E., 854 East Broadway, South Boston 
.McCone, Thomas R., '42 L.A., 6 Wyvern St., Roslindale 
McConnell, James W., '44 L.A., 54 Woodside Rd., 



McCourt. Robert E.. '44 B.A.. 120 QumobcquMi Rd.. 

McCoy, Robert Riley. '44 E.. 348 Village St.. Medway 
McCracken. James M . Jr.. '42 B.A.. 220 Nchoiden St.. 

McDonald. John L.. '42 E.. 600 Huron Ave., Cambridge 
McDonald. Richard F., '44 E., Elm St., Scituate 
McDonald. Thomas H , '42 L.A., 304 Esscj: St., Salem 
McDowell. Irving T.. '44 LA., 19 Cottage St.. West 

Med ford 
McGarry, Robert W., '41 E,, 10 Lincoln St., Maynard 
McGeoch, Harold R., '44 E.. 77 Thaxter Ave.. Abingion 
McGeoghegan, Philip Patrick. '44 B-A., S White Ave., 

McGinn, Francis J. 43 B A.. 76 Robinson St., 

West Lynn 
McGoohan, William M.. 42 E.. 3S I^Lirginal St.. Lnwcll 
McGourty, Lawrence E,, '44 E . 12 Morgan St., Melrose 
Mclnerney, Francis W., '44 B.A.. 22 Bellingham Rd., 

Mcintosh. Richard M.. '44 B.A.. S4 Line St , Somerville 
McKay. Arthur R., '44 B.A., 147 Walnut St., Dedham 
McKcen. Robert G.. '42 E . 40 Dee Rd., Quincy 
McKenney. Charles L.. '44 L.A., 41 Westbournc St., 

McKenzie. Allan M-, '41 E.. 140 Wrcntham St., Dorchcstc 
McKenzie. Francis W., '43 LA., 23 Garrison Ave., West 

McKinnon, Ronald F., '44 L.A.. 4 Pcabody Rd.. Stonehai 
McKinnon, Roy A., '43 B.A., 60 Waverly St , Brookline 
McLane, Hugh W., '41 E., 140 Beaver St.. Waltham 
McLaughlin. Edward J , '44 L.A., 33 Seymour St.. Boston 
McManus, John Lawrence, '43 E.. S6 East Howard St., 

McManus, Richard , '41 E.. 464 Ashmont St., Darchestf 
McMurrough. John L.. '44 B A., 187 College Ave., 


22 Ledyard St., 

McNally, Robert D., '42 

Welteley Hills 
McNeil, William, '42 E.. 172 Beacon St.. Boston 
McQuestion. Richard, '44 E.. Slate Line. New Hampshire 
McShane, Thomai J., Jr., '43 B.A., 43 Hazel St., 

McTernan, James F,. '41 B,.\,, 37 Mendelssohn St., 

Meade, Peter J., '44 E, 731 Washington St., Boston 
Meimaris, George. '44 L.A., 48 Capen St., Dorchester 
Meisner. John B,, '43 B.A.. Dovcr-Fo.xcroft, Maine 
Melkonian, Hurirc. '41 E . Bo^ 49. Route 5, Pcnacook. 

New Hampshire 
Melville, Norman. '41 E.. 45 Newcomb St., Quincy 
Melville, William A., '44 E., Garden St., West Newbury 
Menzies, Donald W., '43 E. 58 Marshall St., Medford 
Merdinyan, William A.. '42 E., 143 Cottage St., 

Pawtucket, R. I. 
Mcriam, Theodore B., 42 B A., 34 Beech St., Ruthcrlord, 

New Jersey 
Merrill, Charles W., '44 E., 1759 Northampton St., 

Merrill, Nelson P., Jr., '44 E., 385 Gushing St., South 

Metaxatos, Louis, '43 E., 58 Central St., Pcabody 
Metcalf, Ralph L., '44 E.. 450 Plymouth St., Bridgewaler 
Metcalfe, Irwin J.. '-13 E, 9 York Terrace, Brookline 

Meycnbeig. Anthony J., Jr., '44 E.. 1S92 McGraw .\ve.. 

New York 
Michaelson, Louis J., '42 E., 1242 Blue Hill Ave, 

Midgeley, Robert H., '44 E.. 78 West Main St.. 

Migliaccio, Albert, '44 LA.. 4 Royal Si.. Winchester 
Millen, Curtis W, '41 B.A., 16 Rawson Rd.. Quincy 
Miller, Albert C, '44 L.A., 170 Lexington Ave.. Cambridge 
Miller, George B.. '42 L.A., 252 Common St., Watcrtown 
Miller, Harvey S., '41 E., 6 Foster St., Brookline 
Miller. Murray, '43 E., 82 Gardner St., Peabody 
Miller. Richard C„ '42 E , 3I7A Eastern Ave., Lynn 
-Miller. Kenneth B . '44 B.A., 769 Edgcwood Ave., 



Miller, Linwood M., '44 L.A.. 63 Borland Ave.. Somerset 
.Miller. Stanley W., '44 L.A., 45 Wales St., Dorchester 
Miller, Sumner D , '43 B.A., 14 Montrose St.. Maiden 
Miller. Thomas M., '44 L A., 27 Harold St., Roxbury 
.Miller, William B., '44 E., 99 Esmond St., Dorchester 
-Millman, O. Robert, '42 E., 8 Ashton St., Boston 
.Mills. Russell 0., '43 L.A.. 78 Prescott St., Chelsea 
-Milo. Henry L, '43 E., 31 Whittier Rd., Medford 
Minder, William L., '44 B.A., North Creek, New York 
.Miner. Newton L., '44 E., 11 Washington St.. Mexico, 

New York 
Mlnkwitz. Russell E., '44 E,. 169 Murray St.. Meriden, 

Mitchell. William H., '44 E., 114 EdgchiU Rd.. Braintrcc 
Mockler, Hubert B., Jr., '44 E.. Colrain, Mass. 
Moessner, Herbert, '43 E, 511 Central Ave.. New Haven. 

Molica. Anthony J., '43 E., 7 Emmet St., South Boston 
.Molino, Nono M., '44 E.. 611 Bennington St., East Boston 
Moll, Samuel, '43 E.. 79 Shirley Ave., Revere 
Molyn, Michael, '43 E., 36 Whiton St.. Windsor Locks, 

Monk, Arthur J., '43 LA , 1 I Rhinecliff St.. Arlington 
Monson, Roy E., '41 E., 118 Kecney Ave., West Hartford. 

Montague, Robert J., '43 B.A., 5 Summer St.. West Acton 
Monteith, Howe C, '41 L.A., 141 Sagamore St, North 

Montgomery. William A., '43 E, 222 Houghton St., 

North Adams 
Monti, Edmund C. '42 E., 137 Cross St., Quincy 
-Montimaggi, Mario, '42 E., 32 Aldcn St., Plymouth 
Moody, Richard E., '43 B.A., Center St , Granby 
Mooney, Nervin. '44 B.A., 126 Nichols Ave., Watcrtown 
Moore, Donald II., '44 E , 365 Newport Ave., WoUaston 
Moore, Frederick A , '43 E., 118 Elm St., Amesbury 
Moore, James C; '44 E., 1 10 West St . West Bridgewaler 
Moore, Thomas J.. Jr., '43 E., Main St., Marion 
Moraski, Edward. '41 E, 1525 Centre St., Roslindale 
Morey, Douglas, Jr., '43 B.A., 37 Ross St, Medford 
.Morlitt, John W., '43 E., 70 Bell Rock St., Maiden. 
Morgan, Edward Waller. '41 E., 500 Main St., Gardner 
.Morgan, Harold D., '41 B.A.. 20 Robbins Rd., Lexington 
-Morgan, Harold K., '41 E., Bare Hill Rd., Topsfield 
Morgan. Wayne T.. '44 B.A., 20 Robbins Rd., Lexington 
.Moriarty. Albert, '44 E., 911 Shirley St., Wiuthrop 
Morrill, Frederick L., '44 B.A.. SO Tyler St., Wollaston 
Morris, James A.. '41 L.A , 17 Whitman St , Lawience 
Morris. Howell G.. '11 LA., Common St.. Dedham 


Morris, John, '4+ E., 729 S.ilcm St . Soudi Gruvcl.inil 
Morris, John I., '44 B.A., 97 Bromfield Rd., Somerville 
Morris, Robert C. '44 LA , 140 Rich Ave., Mount 

\'crnon. New York 
Morrison, Clyde \V.. '42 E,, 555 Liberty St., South 

Morrison, Dean P., '45 B.A.. 26 Sunset St.. 
Morrison, Lincoln W., -43 B.A., 5 Canterbury St., Andover 
Morrissey, David J., '42 E., 3 Englewood Ave., Brookline 
Morrissey, James S., '44 B.A., IS George St.. Lynn 
Morrow, Harold F., '42 E., 23 Perry St., Somerville 
Morse, Charles P., '42 E., 243 Weld St,. Roslindale 
Morse. Donald M., '43 B.A., Wells, Maine 
Morse, Frank H , '42 E , Waterlord, Maine 
Morse, Gordon S., '44 E., Danville, Vermont 
Morse, Reginald, '41 E., 205 Grove St., Auburndale 
Morse, Richard Allan, '43 E., 602 June St., Fall River 
Morse, Richard A., '44 E.. 13 Doane Ave.. Beverly 
Morton, John J.. '42 E.. 32 Colonial Ave., Lowell 
Mosler, Daniel B.. '44 B.A.. 47 Holl St., Manchester, Conn. 
Moss, Robert W., '43 E., 43S Summer St., Brldgewater 
Mott, Clinton P.. 42 E., 94-60 224th St., Queens Village, 

New York 
Moulton, Richard G.. '43 E , 30 Reynolds St , South 

Portland, Maine 
.Moy, Frank N. W., '42 E., 4S5 de Sieyes, Shanghai. 

Mozzicato, Joseph A.. "42 E., 49 Hancock Ave., Medford 
Mroz, Edward J., '43 E., 59 Fulton St., Lowell 
Mroz, Edmund A., '42 E., 149 Derby St , Salem 
Mudge, Robert G , '42 E., 2S Rockaway St., Lynn 
Mudgett, Arthur, '42 E i 438 Hollis St.. Framingham 
.Muise, Percy D., '44 E., 60S South St., Quincy 
Mullin. Tom D., '44 E., P. O Box 1403. Roanoke, 

Mulock, John F., '42 E., 20 Harrison St., Brookline 
Munday, Howard P., '42 LA., 134 Grant St., Lexington 
Murphy, David Joseph. '44 B.A., 43 Gardena St , Boston 
Murphy. Howard J., Jr„ '44 L.A., 2S Oak Ledge Rd., 

Murphy, James David, '43 E., 56 Bristol Rd., Bedford 
Murphy, John P.. '44 B.A.. S30 Canton Ave., Milton 
Murphy, Joseph S.. '44 E., 12 Johnswood Road, Boston 
Murphy, Nathan H., '43 E., 420 Newton St., Chestnut Hill 
Murray, Cornelius, '44 E.. 2 Haspell St., Beverly Farms 
Murray, Francis Joseph, '44 B.A., 23 Salem St., Winchester 
Murray, Robert H., '42 E., 5S4 Centre St.. Newton 
Murray. Walter P., '42 E.. 1465 Main St.. South Weymoutli 
.Vfusiker, Harold R., '43 L.A., 16 Roxton St., Dorche>ter 
Myers, Elwood R., '42 E., S4 Robbins Drive. 

Wethersfield, Conn. 
Myers, Murray I.. '44 B.A., 184 Washington St., Brighton 
Myers, Seymour L.. '44 L.A., 43 Winston Road, Dorchester 
Myrbeck, Sven G., '44 E., 45 Curtis St., Quincy 

Naiman, Robert, '42 E., S Haley St., Roxbury 
Nalbandian, Haig S., '44 E., 29 Donnybrook Road, Brighton 
Nangeroni, Ambrose B., '43 E., 17 Eastman St.. Dorchester 
Nathenson Simon, '42 L.A., 105 Waumbeck St., Roxbury 
Navin, Philip, '43 E„ 124 East Elm Ave., WoUaston 
Nazarian, Gregory, '43 L.A., -Mishawum Road, Woburn 
Negrini, Vincent A.. Jr., '43 E.. 27 Beloit Road. Dcdham 
Nelson, Bernard R„ '44 E., Norfolk St., Millis 
Nelson, James H., '42 B.A.. 9 Harrison Ave., Gloucester 

Nelson, Lewis F., '44 L..A., 142 Holland St., West Somerville 
Nerneberg, Martin L., '44 E , 79 Cedar St., Wakefield 
Nesto, Bruno, '44 E., 12 Brook Ave., Boston 
Newcomb, Hermon F., '43 L.A., 16 Story St., Cambridge 
Newcomb, Mark R , '44 B.A., 141 Park Ave.. Ext., Arlington 
Newman, Philip W., '43 E., 202 Ridge St.. Winchester 
Newpol. Charles IL, '43 L.A., 210 Brunskick St., Roxbury 
Newton, Richard A., '41 B.A., 2 Summer St., Sharon 
Newton, Richard F., '44 E., 45 Kenwood St., Dorchester 
Nichols, George E., Jr., '43 E., 35 Dutcher St.. Hopedale 
Nickerson, Winsor, '44 E,. IS Grove St„ Winchester 
Niconchuk, Alec W.. '41 E., 204 Lynn St., Peabody 
Niles, Alva N., '44 E., 304 Ferry St„ Everett 
Niles, Otis I., '44 L.A., 304 Ferry St., Everett 
Nimmo, James C, '43 B.A., 26 Almont St.. Methuen 
Nish, Harry T., Jr.. '43 B.A., 36 Myrtle St., Saugus 
Noble, C. Richard, '42 E.. South Longyard St., Southwick 
Noble, George Corbin, '44 B.A., 49 Lexington St., 

New Britain. Conn. 
Nolan. John P.. '43 E., 12 Hayward St., North Easton 
Noonan, Hugh J., '42 E.. 10 Ayer St., Peabody 
.N'oonan, Malcolm I . '43 E.. 62 Greenwood Road, Brockton 
Nordstrom, Joseph A,. "41 E , 532 Buena Vista Road. 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
Nutting, William C, '42 B..\.. 33 Glen Rd.. Wellesley 

Nyman. Russell S.. '44 B.A., 47 Russell St., Manchester, 


Oakman, Karl N., '44 E.. Highland St.. Alarshfield 
O'Brien, James G., '44 E.. 651 Meriden Road, Waterbury, 

O'Brien, James P., '44 B.A., 3S Ames-St., Worcester 
O'Brien. Robert G„ '44 E., 3 Elsinorc St., Concord 
O'Brien, Thomas F., Jr., '43 E., 82 Train St., Dorchester 
O'Brien, William J„ '44 L A., 23 Winter St., Northampton 
O'Connell, Philip, '41 E., 4 Day St., North Easton 
O'Connell, William J., '43 E., 93 Academy St., South 

O'Connor, Arthur M., '41 E., 15 Harrington'St., Revere 
O'Connor, Ralph C, '44 LA., 15 Harrington St., Revere 
O'Flahavan, James M., '43 E., 62 Colonial Ave.. Lowell 
Ogden, Harold P„ '43 B.A., Box 232, Springvale, Maine 
Ogle, William James. '41 LA.. 67 Clark St., Maiden 
Ogonik, John, '42 B.A., 33 Worcester St.. Boston 
Oksanen, Owney D., '42 E., 233 Main St., Danielson, Conn, 
Olsen, Albert D., '43 B.A., 127 Capen St., Dorchester 
O'Neil, Frank B., '41 B.A., 8S Grove St., Lynn 
O'Neil, Stephen J., '41 E., 1165 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester 
O'Neill, Frederic D., '44 B.A., 49 White St.. Taunton 
Onichuk. Julius L., '44 B.A., 13 Hartford St., Norwood 
Ordway. David W., '42 E , 21 Fern St., Auburndale 
Osberg, Norman L., '44 E., 17 Hilda St.. Quincy 
Otis, James D., Jr., '44 L.A., 1107 Adams St., Dorchester 
O'Toole, John F., '44 L.A., 29 Banks St., Somerville 
Ounanian, Hardin M., '43 L,A., 27 Dover St., Boston 
Owen, Robert R., '44 L.A., 8 Woodland St., Claremont, 

N. H. 
Oxman, Martin H., '43 E., 15 Lindwood St., Maiden 
Oxton, Ernest G., '43 E., 1302 Commonwealth Ave., Allston 

Page. John F., '43 E.. 106 Narragansett Road, Quincy 
Page, Robert H.. '44 E , Elm St., Bucksport, Maine 
Paige, Robert W., '44 L.A., 162 Lowell Ave., Newtonville 


Paine. Joseph L.. '43 E., 26 Summer St., Tilton. N. H. 
Pajonas. Alphonse. '4j B.A., 68 Morris St.. Hartford, Cmiii. 
Palardy, Francis II.. '4+ B..\.. 497 East Main St., .'Xvon 
Palmer. Donald K.. '44 LA.. Eggmont Ave. BiUcrica 
Palmer, Quentin. '45 L. A.. 65 Pearl St.. North Wcymoi.tli 
Palmgren. Rich.ird P.. '41 L.A.. 45 Eustis St., Wollaston 
Panowich, Edw.ird T.. -43 E.. 2IS West Main St.., N. V 
Pape, Frederick B.. '44 B A., 1615 Holland St.. Utica. N. I'. 
Pappas, James, '45 B..\., 90 Mar.athon St.. ;\rlington 
Paradis, John B.. '44 L.A.. 36 High St., Rockporc 
Paraskevas. Anastasios J.. '42 E., 726 Parker St.. Ro.-^bur.v 
Parish, Robert L., '44 B.A., 15 Winthrap St., Winchester 
Park, Charles B.. '44 E., 77 Orchard St., Cambridge 
Parker, Burton. '44 E.. 162 Franklin Ave., Chelsea 
Parker, Edward F. '44 E., 20 School St., Arlington 
Parker, Stanlc> C. '43 E., 20 Fern St., Auburndale 
Parks, Wilder. '44 E.. Old H.dlord Rd.. Concord 
Parone, Harry Robert. '44 B..\.. IS Dean St.. Hartlord, 

Parrotta. Ralph, '43 E., 7 Sheafe St.. Boston 
Parsons, Roy L., '41 E., 6 Myrtle Square, Glouce>lci 
Parsons, William B., '43 E., 200 Adams St.. Dedham 
Parssinen, Edwin J.. '42 E., 1 Factory St.. Sandwich 
Partridge, William T., '44 B.A., 10 Orient St., Winchester 
Parziale, Joseph A., '44 E., 2 Garden Court St., Boston 
Paskal, Joseph, '44 B.A., 272 E St., South Boston 
Passler', Herbert Edwin, '44 E., 2S5 Cross St., Belmont 
Patev. Nikola C, 41 E., 152 Nilsson St.. Brockton 
Patterson, Alfred J., '42 E.. 132 Day St., Jamaica Plain 
Patterson, Charles R., '42 B.A.. 154 Keelcr Ave.. 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
Paul, Bryant M.. Jr., '44 E., 291 Otis St., We-t Newton 
Paul, C. Craig, '41 E., 144 Fr.inklin St., South Braintree 
Paul, Murray D., '43 E., SS Liberty Ave., SomerviUe 
Paulson, John U.. '44 E., 4 Overl. ok Road. Melrose 

Pearlman, Erne--t L.. 44 B.A., 12S Homestead St., Boston 
Pearson, Arnold R., '44 E., 41 Perthshire Road, Boston 
Pearson, David A., '41 E., 316 Park Ave., Medina, N. V. 
Pearson, John A., '44 E., 31 High St., E.ieter, N. H. 
Peck, Clifford K., '44 B.A., .Montro.e Ave.. Wakefield 
Peck, Marshall 11., Jr.. '44 L..\., 12 University St.. New 

Haven. Conn. 
Peck. Winfield. '44 E., PeckvlUe Road, Shclburne Falls 
Pedell. Melvin 11.. '43 L.\.. Ill Meridian St., East Boston 
Penned, Walter F.. '44 B.A.. 13 Bright Road, Belmont 
Peppard. William S., '41 B.A.. 7 Cray Circle. Arlington 
Perakis, Peter M.. '44 E.. 5S Main St., Hull 
Poretti. Robert A.. '44 B.A., 15 Jackson Road, Belmont 
Peridier. Paul Herman, '43 L.A.. Palmer Pyhsical Lab.. 

Princeton. N. J. 
Perkins, James A.. '44 E., 124 Pine St., Danvcrs 
Perkins, W. William, '42 £., 32 Lalayctle Ave., llingham 
Pcrles, Benjamin M.. '44 B.A.. 36 Mountain Ave.. 

Perils, Daiid B., '44 E., 522 Blue Hill Ave., Ro.xbury 
Perry, Kenneth E., '43 E., 109 Thornton Road, Walthain 
Perry. Stanley E.. '44 E.. 503 Main St.. Stoneham 
Pescosolido. Ernct J., '44 B.A., 20 Broadway Terrace. 

Peter, Sokrates, '44 E., 16 Enfield St., Jamaica Plain 
Peterson, Carl J., '43 E., S74 Warren Ave.. Brockton 

Peterson. Edward 1.. '43 E.. 10 Fnuilh St.. Ea^t Norwalk. 

Peterson. Eugene F., Jr.. '13 E., 71 Baitlelt Ave.. Arlington 
Peterson. Henry, '42 E., 17 Lincoln, East Natick 
Peterson. Stanley R.. '42 E., 12 Springhill Rd.. Hyde P.irk 
Peterson. William C. '4 3 E.. 140 North St.. Medford 
Petitti. John F.. Jr.. '44 E., 57 Redfield St.. Ncponsct 
Petrie, Roger A.. '44 E., Cottage Road. Island Pond. N't. 
Pcverly. Arthur W.. '43 E., 145 Rowe St., Melro.e 
Phillips, William H., Jr., '43 B.A.. 196 North St., Somcrvilk- 
Phinncy, Lucicn B.. '44 E.. 35 Middle St.. Fairhavcn 
Piatelli. Leon P., '43 E.. 56 Rockdale St.. Mattapan 
Piche, William .\.. '43 B.A., Middle St., Lancaster. N. H. 
Piekos, Thaddeus J.. '44 E., 36 Fairmonnt St.. 

WoL.nsockct, R. 1. 
Pierce, John Arthur, '43 1,..\.. 190 Summer St.. .Maiden 
Pierce, Martin E., '44 B..\.. 35 Winthrop St.. Charleaown 
Pierson, Robert P.. '41 E., 156 Lake St., Brighton 
Pillsbury, Charles B.. '43 E., 54 Quint Ave.. Allston 
Pinkham, Carl W., Jr., '44 E., 12S Pleasant St.. Reading 
Pinkham. Franklin S.. '43 E.. Highland St., Weston 
Pinkham. Newell W., '44 E., CordaviUe Road. Southboro 
Pitman, Paul A., Jr., '43 E.. 37S Belmont St., Wollaston 
Plaisted, Richard B., '43 E., 35 Barnard Road. Belmont 
Plakias, Paul A., '44 B..V., 3S Jamaica Road, Bruokline 
Plumb, Frank J., '44 E., Prospect Chesire Road, Prospect, 

Polansky, Alfred, '43 B..\., 92 Loring Ave., Salem 
Polishook, Samuel. '43 E.. 39 .Millmont St.. Roxbury 
Policy, Waller E., Jr., '4 2 B. A.. Highland Ave.. North 

PoUeys, Owen F.. '44 E., 579 New Britain Ave.. Hartford, 

Pollina. Chaides. '44 LA., IIS Mason Terrace. Brookline 
Polonsky, Abraham. 42 E.. 232 .Myrtle St., New Bedford 
Pomerantz. Bernard S., '41 L.A., 565 Albany Ave., 

Hartlord, Conn. 
Pomeroy, William D., '43 E.. Foster's Pond, Ando\cr 
Porter, Fred C. '43 E., 68 Maple St., Stoneham 
Porter, Roger W., '43 L.A., 45 Moraine St., Brockton 
Posluslmy, Stanley J., '42 L.A., 617 18th Ave.. Newark, N. J. 
Posovsky, Milton, '43 B.A., 235 Newton St., Athol 
Pothier, George A., '43 L.A., 255 Brown St., Waltham 
Potter, John S., '43 L.A., 16 Le.\ington Road. Concord 
Powell. Br.idford. '44 E.. 151 Salem St., Wakefield 
Powers, Richard, '44 L.A., o97 Bennington St., Boston 
Pratt, Robert E., 44 E., 17 Greylock Ave., Taunton 
Prescott, Alvah E., '43 B.A., 14 Edgemere Road. Lynn 
Press, Newton, '44 E., 52 Fairmount St., Maiden 
Preston, Edward, '44 L.A., 54 West Newton St.. Boston 
Preti, Leo L., '43 E., 24 West Grove St., Middleboro 
Price, William K... '43 L.A., 619 East St.. Walpolc 
Priest. Bernard. '43 E.. 74 Parker St.. Maynard 
Priest, Irving .\.. '43 B.A,, Landham Road, Sudbury 
Priestly, David Walker, '44 E., 57 Hewlett St„ Boston 
Priestman. Leslie. '42 E.. 92 Main St., Ashland 
Prior, F. Weston, '42 B.A., 354 Wolcott St., Auburnd.ilc 
Prizio, Thomas Anthony. '42 E., 3 Floyd St., Revere 
Probst, Arthur E. '41 B.A., S5 Pierpont, We.-t 

Prohodsk). Mlch.acl. '43 E,, School St., Mansfield 
Prue, Frank J., '43 E., 4S Mcndon St„ Flopcdale 
Pruler. Hugo R., '44 LA.. 210 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Przybyla. .\doU S.. '44 E,. 136 .Norman St., New Bedford 


Pucci. Josepli E., '4+ E., 25 Elm St., Westerly. R. I. 
PuUcn. O. Varney, '43 E., North Amity, Maine 
I'yros, Russell A., '44 LA., 491 New Britain Ave. 
Hartford, Conn. 

Quceney, Paul G., '44 E.. 15 Dyer Ave., i\4ilton 
Qiiigley. Edward F., '45 E., N. Liberty St., Nantuckei 
Quirk, John D., '42 L.A., 26 Grove St., East Weymc 
Quirk John F.. '44 L.A.. 254 Mt. Auburn Si., Wat( 

Race, Harry Carlton, '42 E., 54 Bond St., Norwood 
Rachmilovitz, Ruben D., '43 L.A., 3 Intervale St., Roxbury 
Radziewicz, Leu J., '43 E., 38 Boston St., Boston 
Raiklen, Matthew A., '44 L.A., 65 Weston St., Boston 
Rand, Arthur 1., '41 E., 170 Maple St., Danvers 
Rand, Hazen B., '41 E., 98 Pond St., Avon 
Rand, Stuart C, '43 E., 58 Nonantuni St., Newton 
Randall, Charles FL, Jr., '43 E., 73 Cohasset St., Roslindale 
Rappoli, Nicholas E., '43 E., Iii9 Ledar bl.. Somerville 
Rasanen, Leon E., '42 E., 132 Roosevelt A\'c.. Norwood 
Rathgeber, William H., '43 E., 69 Wolcolt Kuad, Cne.tnut 

RauUerson, Calvin FL. '44 L.\.. 304 Common«c,.llh Ave.. 

Ravich, Leonard E., '44 L.A., 208 Cornwall St., Hartlord, 

Ravven, Floward, '43 L.A., 47 Pasadena Road, Ro.vbury 
Rawley, Ralph A,, '43 E., 120 Limerock St., Rockland, -Me. 
Ray, Arthur F., 41 E., 158 Sc.iool St., Watertown 
Raymond, Richard F., '42 L.A., 1704 Common St., Lynn 
Raymond, Roger A., '43 L.A., 1S9 Everett St., Wollaston 
Reardon, John M., '44 E.. 217 Sargent St., Fiartlord, Conn. 
Reed, Iheodore W., '43 E., 94 Madison Aic., NewtonviUe 
Reed, Warren L., '41 E., U Flighland Ave., btoneham 
Reid, James 1. F., '44 L.A., 156 IJlale St., Beverly 
Reid, Robert F., '42 B.A., 3 Prospect Place, Taunton 
Reid, Robert L., '44 L.A., 163 Oakley Road, Belmont 
Reilly, James Francis, '44 B.A., 4 Winship Place, iJrignton 
Reinhart, Albert J., '44 E., Shirley Road, Lancaster 
Reising, Gilbert, Jr.. '44 L.A., 494 Mass. Ave., Cambridge 
Rekola, Viljo W., 44 E., Box 130, Brooklyn, Conn. 
Remby, Henry T., '44 L.A., 176 Circuit Road, Winthrop 
Resnick, Bernard T.. '44 E., 4 We.tmore Road, Mattapan 
Reucll, Gordon, '42 E., 220 School St., Woburn 
Reyraolds, Edward D., '44 B.A., 395 Newport Ave., 

Reynolds, Adelbert R., '41 E., 36 Irving St., PonUuid, Me. 
Reynolds, William F., '44 B.A., 229 Bradslreci Ave.. Revere 
Rhodes, John E., '43 E., Thompson, Conn. 
Rice, Frederick M., '44 B.A., 84 Highland St., Bangor. Me. 
Rice, Frederick Q., '44 L.A., 14 Monmouth Court, Brookline 
Rich, Abraham M., '43 E., 37 Central Ave., Chelsea 
Rich, William N., '41 L.A.. 1947 Beacon St., Waban 
Richard, Norman B., '44 L.A., 19 Titcomb St., Newburyport 
Richards, Irving S., '4+ B.A., 38 Bellinghara Rd., Worcester 
Richardson, Franklin T., '44 E., 15 Mt. Pleasant St., 

Richardson, George E., '43 B.A., S7 Flopedale St., Hopedale 
Richardson, George L., '43 E., 824 Concord St., Framingham 
Richardson, Kenneth W.. '42 E.. 824 Concord St., 

Richardson. Randall FL. '44 B.A., Northwood, N. H. 
Richmond, William J., '43 E., 1019 iVLain St., Reading 
Rick, Charles A., '43 B.A.. 9 Ingersoll Road, Wellesley 
Ricker, Paul J., '43 B.A., 69 Laurel Drive, Needham 
Ricketson, Austin C, '44 B.A., S Seaborn St.. Dorchester 
Riggs, Graham T., '44 B,A., 37 Sargent St., Boston 
Riley, John J., Jr.. '44 E., 270 Parker Hill Ave.. Boston 
Ring. Frank A., '42 B A., 19 Wellington St., Waltham 

Riola, Michael M,, '42 E.. 3035 Main St.. Bridgeport, Conn. 
Robbins, Frederic W., '43 E., Frye, Maine. 
Robbins, Lcroy F., Jr., '+3 B.A., 4 Western Ave, 

FLillowell, Me. 
Robbins, Prescott D,. '44 E., Railio.nd St., Troy, N. H. 
Roberts, Alfred Owen, '44 E.. 3 Allen Ave., Fairhaven. Vt. 
Roberts, Ernest A., '44 L.A., 9 Fellows St., Danvers 
Robertson. John T.. '43 E., 48 Alexander St., Boston 
Robertson. Stewart S., '4+ E., 215 Cedar St., Dedham 
Robie, Richard F., '43 E.. 249 Grove St., Wollaston 
Robinson, Donald W,. Jr., '44 E,, 3 Wesley Park, Somerville 
Robinson, Paul L., "44 E., Garland. Maine 
Robinson. Saul, '44 E., 97 llazelton St., Mattapan 
Robinson, Theodore Bliss, '43 E., 29 Highland Ave., 

Robinson, Victor L, '42 E., 233 Lafayette St., Salem 
Robinson, William W., 42 B.A., 17 Beach Road, Lynn 
Rocnelord, Raymond. 44 E., 151 Coburn Ave.. Worcester 
Rodgers, Wilfred C, '43 li.A.. 170 Commonwealth Ave., 

West Concord 
Roger, R. Maurice, '44 L.A., 34 Purcha.e St., Newburyport 
Rogers, Herbert J., '42 B.A., 152 Newport St., Arlington 
Rogers, Jonii B.. '41 L.A., 534 Prospect St.. Metnuen 
Rogers, Joseph F., 44 E., 24 Filt.i St., Medlord 
Rogers, Leo E., '44 E., 14 Stedman St., Wakelield 
Rogers, Russell J., 41 E.. West Pawlet, Vt. 
Romano, Joseph C, 43 E.. Crand St., West SulTicId, Conn. 
Romano, Mario Id.. '43 E., 22 iiinur.,se St., Keveie 
Rondeau, Fienry i.. 44 i-,A., 78 Grove St., Norm Brookheld 
Root, Stephen E., +2 E., 27 Mt. Pleasant St.. Winciiester 
Rosberry, Frederick, 41 E., 6 Grand Ave., Millers Falls 
Rose, 1-lenry O., '44 L.,\., 32 Robinson St., Dorchester 
Koaenberg, rierbert i., (4 L -V., 9V Wooutuester Uri\e, 

Chestnut Hill 
Rosenberg, Udel K., '44 B.A., 71 Gieenlawn Ave., Newton 
Rosenfield, Myer J., '44 E., 18 Pen in St., Ro.ibuiy 
Rosenthal, Seymour M., '41 E., 53 Mascot St., Dorchester 
Rosequist, John, '44 L.A., West Main St., Avon 
Ross, Donald E., '43 B.A., 64 Flamilton Ave., North Quincy 
Ross, Grant Duncan, '44 L.A., IS Myrtle St., Everett 
Ross, Eugene A., '44 L.A., 12 Webster St., Somerville 
Ross, George A., "42 B.A., IS Dusdn St., Brighton 
Ross, George G., '42 E., 338 Tiapelo Road, Waltham 
Rosselli, Anthony C, 42 B.A., 28 Heath St., Somerville 
Rothkopf, Herbert, '43 B.A., S4 Center St.. EUenviUe, N. Y. 
Rotman, Walter. 44 E., 39 Wave Ave., Revere 
Roukes, Warren FL, '4+ B.A., 55 Damon Ave., Melrose 
Roundy, Wayne A., '41 E., 247 Elm St., Gardner 
Rowell, Howard P., '43 E., William St.. Holden 
Roy, Arthur. 41 E,, 20 Clayton St., Fall River 
Rubin, Albert A., 43 B.A., 195 Pine St., Bangor, Me. 
Rubin, AlvanD., '43 L.A., 11 Feneno Terrace, Brookline 
Rubin, Harry, '41 E., 124 Harvard St., Brookline 
Rubin, Leonard S.. 4+ E., 145 Babcock St., Brookline 
Ruggiero, Francis J., '41 E., 299 Albany St., Boston 
Rumery, E. Stuart, '41 B.A., 17 Harold St., Medford 
Rumrill, Edward L, '43 E.. 75 Orchard St., Maiden 
Rumsey, Abraham 11., '42 B.A., 181 Woodrow Ave., 

Runk, Wilfred FL, '43 E., 118 Bassett St., New Haven 

Russell, Francis A., '44 L.A,, 15 Feneno Terrace, Brookline 
Russell, George E., Jr., '43 E,, 71 Prospect St.. Pcabody 
Russell, James W., '43 L.A., 276 Highland .St., Dedham 
Russell, John H., '44 E , 23 Gibson St., Needham 
Russell. Malcolm L., '44 E., 14 Chestnut St., Wakefield 
Russell, Martin B., '43 L.A., 26 Mansfield St., Allston 
Russell, Richard E., '44 E„ Shirley St., Boston 
Rust, Kenneth W., '43 L.A., 22 Reservoir Ave., Chestnut 

Rutberg, Seymour, '43 L.A.. 28 York St.. Dorchester 


Rulledec Alex.inJcr, '43 L.A., 85 ClevclnnJ Rd, Marblehead 
Ryan, Edward F., '43 B.A.. 42 Union St., Wolnirn 
Ryan, John J.. '44 E , 91 Robin St., West Rosbury 
Ryan, Robert C. '41 E.. 16 Norfolk St., Haverhill 
Ryder, Raymond B., '41 E., S9 B.nw St.. Saugus 
Rydzel. Joseph S., '44 L..\., S Alpine St.. Worcester 
Rymsl.a. Michael J., '41 E,. 34 Harding St.. Cambridge 
Ryther. John H.. '44 E.. 21 licnninglon St.. Newton 

Sabotnak. George D., '44 B.A., S" St. Botolph St.. Boston 
Sack, Albert, '44 E., 5 Quincy Terrace, Boston 
S.icknoff, Norman A,, '42 B.A., 61 Pleasant St., Brookline 
Sager, Richard H., Jr., '43 E., 308 Quincy Ave., Quincy 
Sakovitz, Edward J., '44 B.A., 13U Lincoln St., Framingham 
Salerno, Alfred R., '43 L.A., 144 Pleasant St., North Adams 
Salerno, Lucian Ralph, '44 L.A.. 43 Charter St., Boston 
Salo. Carl '44 E., Main St., West Barnstable 
Samet, Herbert A., '41 E., IS Irving St., Boston 
Sammonds, Robert I,. '42 E., 431 Cabot St., Beverly 
Sampson, Mitchell, '43 E., 525 \arnum Ave., Lowell 
Samuelson, Howard A., '43 E., 99 Beach Ave., Nantasket 
Samuelson, Ralph H., '41 E., 65 Tanager St., Arlington 
Sanborn, William E., '42 E , 4 Cogswell Ave., Cambridge 
Sandarg, Stanley, '41 B.A., 6':; Oak St., Inkcrman, 

Pittston, Pa. 
Sander, Charles G., Jr., '44 E., 72 Cabot St., Newton 
Sands. Robert A.. '44 L.A., Old Billerica Road, Bedford 
Sanlord, James F., '42 E., Water Mill, New Yrok 
Santolini, 0., Harold, '44 E., 2S5 Taylor St., Springfield 
Sarno, Arthur S., '43 E.. 32 Prince St., Boston 
Sattin, Frank, '42 E., 43 Franklin St., Revere 
Saumsiegle, Robert W., '44 E.. 103 Riverview .\vc.. Waltham 
Saunders, Arnold E,, '42 E., loOl Gorham St.. Chelmsford 
Saunders, Raymond A., '44 L.A.. 23 Wachusett St., Mattapan 
Sawyer. William L., '44 L..\.. Newmarket Road, 

Exeter, N, H. 
Savage, George A., '43 B A., 64 Ridgcwood St.. Dorchester 
Savage, Kenneth N., '41 E., 66 Butler St., Dorchester 
Savage, William E., Jr., '43 E., 27 Washington Ave., 

Thompsonville, Conn.. 
Scaglione, Anthony L., '44 B.A.. IS Sewall St.. Somerville 
Scanlon. Walter E., Jr., '44 B.A., 90 Wales Ave., Randolph 
Scarpa, Ernest J., '43 E., Ponikin Vale, Lancaster 
Scarpo, Francis B., '44 E., 1520 Dixwell Ave., Hamden. 

Schall, Louis Ft.. '42 E., 64 Fairfield St., Dedham 
Schcin, Donald E.. '43 L.A., 172 Harvard St., Brookline 
Schmidt. Carlton C. '44 B.A., 101 East Main St., Corfu, 

New York 
Schmieder, Albert K., '41 E., Randolph St.. Canton 
Schober, Frank R . '43 B A., 892 Shirley Si.. Winlhrop 
Scholfield, Eldon N., '44 E., 8 East Hastings St., West 

Schuster, Walter W,, '43 E.. 110 Derby .\vc. Sevmour, 

Schreiber, Robert. '43 E., 57 Winn St.. Belmi.nt 
Scigliano, Edward A„ '43 L.A., 58 Austin St.. Hyde Park 
Sciore, Edward, '44 E., 24 Newton St., Brockton 
Scott, Ernest H.. Jr., '43 E., 7 Charlotte Road, Marblehead 
Scott, Lewis K., Jr., '43 E., 260 Tremont St„ Melrose 
Scuddcr, Roger Earle, '43 L.A., 47 Audubon Road, Wellesley 
Scully, Thomas F., '43 E., 185 .Main St., Ansonia, Conn. 
Scurto, Nicholas, '4 3 E., 57 Salem St., Boston 
Sears, Paul W., '43 L.A.. 9 Bay View Ave., Plymouth 
Seaverns, Charles Freeman, Jr., '44 LA.. 14 Goodway Road. 

Jamaica Plain 
Scbring, Robert E., Jr., '43 E., 51 Lorraine St.. Roslindale 
Sellers, Donald R., '41 B.A., 17 Hall Ave., Watcrtown 
Semonian, Ralph G., '42 B A.. 67 Foster St., Brighton 
Sennett, Arthur J.. '43 E-, 114 St. Andrew Rd., East Boston 
Scrafini, Lflio, '42 E.. 112 Lancaster St., Quincy 

Sercda, John. Jr., '44 B..\., 108 Orange St., Chelsea 
Serotta, Norman, '43 E., 63.-\ Washington St., Dorchester 
Seymour, Herbert K., '43 E.. 10 Depot St., Buckland, Conn, 
Shackford, Robert W., '42 E., 217 Boston Ave., Medtord 
Shaffer, Martin, '44 L,A., 3S Evelyn Road, Everett 
Shan.ihan, Philip R., '43 L.A., 20 Crocker Ave., Turners 

Shane, Edwin Mclvin, '44 L..\., 51 Woolson St,, .\Lnttapan 
Shank. William R., '43 E.. 19 Bradlee St.. D,nchester 
Shanker, George A., '41 L.A., 60 Goodale Rd.. Dorchester 
Shapiro, Myer M., '44 B.A.. 482 Norfolk St . Boston 
Sharp, John R., '41 E., 140 East Elm Ave.. Qunicy 
Sharp, Warren A., '43 E., 140 East Elm Ave., Quincy 
Shaw, Donald J., '44 B.A., Hamblen St.. Lexington 
Shaw, Henry R., '44 E., 3 Breamore Rd,, Newton 
Shaw, William M„ '41 E., 305 SaHord St,, Wollaston 
Shay, Edward J., Jr., '43 E.. 53 Maple St., Framingham 
Shea, James Francis, '44 B.A., 78 Chestnut Hill Ave., 

Shea, R. Brendan, '41 B.A.. 240 Center St., South Grovcland 
Shepard, Frank L., '44 E., 1221 Worcester Rd., Framingham 
Shepherd, Joseph N,, '43 LA., 22 Lawton Ave., Lynn 
Shepherd, Ridgley, Jr., '43 E., 1069 Highland Ave.. Needham 
Sheridan. Philip F., '43 E., 12 Wyoming Place. Maiden 
Sherr. Earle, '42 B.A., 52 Tolman St.. Canton 
Sherwood. Ralph L.. '44 L.A., WallkiU, New Vork 
Shiers. Richard G., '44 B.A., 7 \iew South Ave., Boston 
Shimbreg, Milton L . '43 L.A.. 138 Lucerne St.. Boston 
Shirlev. George C. 43 B.A., 124 Billings Road. North 

Shnaper. Rubin. '44 E.. 5 Ced.u St., Charlestown 
Shonfield. Hyman S.. '44 L.A.. 101 Lawience Ave., Boston 
Shore. Harry G.. '44 E . 10 .Maylluwer Terrace. Newton 

Short. Dean F., '42 B.A.. 44 East Britainnia St.. Taunton 
Showstack, Max., '42 E., 81 Bainbridge St., Roxbury 
Shrago, Louis I., '43 E., 51 McLellan St, Boston 
Shucher, George, '44 B.A.. 73 Walnut Park. Roxliury 
Shuffain, Stanley M., '43 L.A., 190 Mormandy St., 

Shulman. Irving, '41 E.. 15 Bicknell St.. Dorchester 
Shute, Eugene A., '44 E.. 388 Warren St., Roxbury 
Sibley, Richard A., '41 B.A.. 112 Walton St., Fitchburg 
Siegel, Harold, '43 E., 231 West Selden St., Mattapan 
Siegel, Sidney J., '42 E., 48 Congress St., Lawrence 
Sigismund, Mark. '41 E.. 146 Parsons St.. Brighton 
Silsby, Norman S., '42 E., 455 High Rock St., Needham 
Silva, Joseph A.. '43 E., 59 Reed St., Lexington 
Simmons, Gorham G., '44 L.A., 94 Lincoln St., Winthrop 
Simms, Hugh P., '43 E., 177 Webster St., East Boston 
Simon. Melvin S., '44 LA., 17 East Buiilcvaril St.. Newton 

Simon. Sylvan S., '42 E.. 17 East Boulevard Rd.. Newton 
Simpson. William L.. '44 E.. 70 Parker Hill Ave.. Roxbury 
Sinclair, Donald C. '44 LA., 2S Carcw St.. South Hadlcy 

Singer, Hershell L., '44 B.A., 36 Richfield St., Ilion. N. Y. 
Sistis, Peter A., '44 L.A.. 556 Tremont St., Boston 
Silarz. Walter J.. '43 E.. 75 Kcnyon St.. New Bedford 
Sitek. Alexander S., '43 E., 21 ',a Hardy St.. Salem 
Skambas. George E., '42 B.A.. 1267 Tremont St., Roxbury 
Skoglund, Walter, '42 E., 290 Whitwell St., Quincy 
Skwarck. Francis J.. '43 E.. 69 School St.. Roxbury 
Slavin. Ernest F.. '42 E., 140 Cliff Ave., Winthrop 
Sliney, Edward J., '44 B.A.. 368 Arlington St., Watcrtown 
Smith, Arthur C, '42 E., 5 Plymouth Road. Lexington 
Smith, Bill K.. '42 E.. 10 Orlando St.. Winthrop 
Smith, Eugene F., '43 E., 229 Foster St.. Palmyra, N. Y. 
Smith. Duane S.. '42 L.A., 5 Plymouth Rd.. Lexington 
Smith, E. Judson, '43 E., 19 Chardon Road. West Medford 
Smith, Everett, '43 B.A.. 14 Pratt St.. Melrose 

Smith, Elmer E.. '43 E.. Indian Lake, New York 
Smith, Frazer T., '41 LA.. 8S Howard Ave.. Dorchester 
Smith, Joseph A.. '43 E., 27A Dickens St., Dorchester 
Smith, Leonard W.. '43 E.. 25 Train St., Dorchester 
Smith, Lewis B.. "41 E., 221 West Second St., Berwick, Pa. 
Smith, Minard N., '44 L.A.. 40 Royal St., Wollaston 
Smith, Nelson, '43 B.A.. Hospital Road. Concord 
Smith, Raymond D., '44 E . 562 Main St.. Saco. Maine 
Smith, Robert S.. '43 E., 253 Willctts Ave.. New London. 

Smith, Richard Y., '44 L.A., 12 Oak St., Reading 
Smith, Robert G., '44 B.A,, 351 South St., Fitchbi.rg 
Smookler, Jack J., '42 B.A., 8 Montana St., Boston 
Snell, George A., '41 E., 1 Lowell Place, Nantucket 
Snow. Arnold E., '41 E., 219 High St.. Greenfield 
Snow, Holly L., '43 L.A., 47 Claflin St., Milford 
Snyder. George J., '41 E., 84 Fayston St.. Boston 
Snyder, Ralph H.. '44 B.A.. 24 Summitt Ave., Brookline 
Solomon, Max. '44 LA.. 7 Davis St., Turners Falls 
Sonia, Joseph A.. Jr.. '43 E.. Still River Road, Lancaster 
Sorgi, Pacquale \ .. 44 B.A.. 59 Dover St.. Boston 
Sortevik, Robert, 44 E., 66 Breck Ave.. Brighton 
Soucy, Oliver F., 43 E., 57 Ashland Ave., West Roxbury 
Speers, George A.. '44 B.A., 90 Wliitcomb Ave., Boston 
Spencer, Richard J., Jr., '44 E., Central St., Saugus 
Spidell, Emery P., '41 E., 120 Wilmington Ave.. Dorchester 
Spilelos, Louis A., '43 E., 2 Mcdlord Court. Boston 
Spiller, Bertram, '43 L.A., 116 Lewis St., Lynn 
Sprague, Charles E., '44 B.A., 248 Shutc St., Everett 
Sprague. Frederick B., '43 E., 4 Holman St.. BaldwiniiUc 
Sprague, Richard L.. '44 E., 219 Mendon St., Usbridgc 
Spriggs, James R., '43 L.A., 19 Jackson St., Attleboro 
Sproul, Stanley E . '43 B.A.. I Fairview Ave.. Augusta, Me. 
Sprowl, Edward M., '42 B.A.. 10 Phillips St.. South Natick 
Stahl, Karl Leonard, '44 B.A., 168 Emerson St., South 

Stahl, Walter F., '43 B.A.. 168 Emerson St.. South Boston 
Staller, Jack J., '42 E.. 25 Shore Drive, Winthrop 
Standke, Herbert W.. '44 L.A., 9 Granite St.. Cambridge 
Stanton, Frank G., '43 E . 99 Lincoln St.. Ncedham 
Stanton, Myron H., '44 B.A., 3 Greenwav Court. Brookline 
Starck, Russell E., '43 E.. Centerville. Mass. 
Starr, James J., '44 B.A., 534 Hillside Ave.. Hartford. Conn. 
Steacie. Edward, Ul, '43 B.A., 47 Ave., Newtonville 
Stead, Norman A.. '42 E., 79 Pleasant St.. North Andover 
Stearns, Edward C, Jr., 43 E., 110 Dale St., Waltham 
Steele, Charles E., '42 E., 162 Harvard St., Quincy 
Steeves, Edward A., '44 L.A., 133 West Newton St., Boston 
Steiman, Martin, '44 E., 12 Thornton St., Revere 
Steinberg, Alvln M.. '43 E , 36 Whitman St.. Dorchester 
Steinberg, Melvyn A., '44 B.A., 121 Glenville Ave.. Brighton 
Sten. Kenneth 0., '44 E., Pleasant St., Conway, N. H. ' 
Stenberg, Eric R., '44 E., SO Gordon St.. Allston 
Stenberg, Nyyrikki, '43 E., High St., Gloucester 
Stepasiuk. John. '41 B.A., 57 Bellvale St.. Maiden 
Stewart, John P., '43 B.A., 30 Hamilton St., Medford 
Stewart, J. Rodgers, '41 E., 11 Long Ave., Belmont 
Stewart, Malcolm W., '44 L A., 53 Hamdcn Circle, Wollaston 
Stewart, William R.. '44 E., 17 Madison St.. Belmont 
St. Germain, Bernard W., '44 E., 53 Mechanic St.. Fitchburg 
Stinchfield, Richard D.. '44 E., 51 School St.. Skowhegan. 

Stoddard, Stuart V.. 41 E., 150 Exchange Si.. Rockland 
Stolbcrg, John F., '43 L.A., 72 Mill St.. Worcester 
Stone, Abraham A., '43 B.A., 132 Franklin Ave., Chelsea 
Stone. Everett E., '43 E., 9 Ruggles St., Westboro 
Stone, Clarence E., '41 E., 840 North Montello St.. Brockton 
Stone, Clyde Callahan. '41 E., 840 North iMontello St., 

Stone, Leon, '44 LA.. 175 Callendar St.. Dorchester 
Stone. Merrill M,, '42 E., SI Harvard Ave. Allston 

Stone. Raliih \V,. '42 E.. 402 Wilbraham Road, Springfield 
Stone, Waller E., '43 E.. 98 Livingston Pl.tcc. Bridgeport. 

Straight, David M.. '43 E.. Marble Dale. Conn. 
Streechon. George. '44 £.. 1 Valley St.. Norfolk 
Strecter, Milton H., 42 E.. Union St.. Greenfield 
Stretton. Thomas E., '43 E.. 7 Woodward Park St.. 

Stroud, Ronald E., '44 E., 39 Temple St.. Boston 
Strum, Howard P., '44 E.. 69 Grove St.. Waltham 
Struzziero, Alexander J., '41 B.A.. 24 Neptune Road. 

East Boston 
Stuart, Robert M.. '44 L A.. Taft St.. Uplon 
Styron, Elmer P.. 44 LA., 124 Broad St.. New Bern, N. C. 
Styron. Howard S.. '42 E.. 126 Broad St., New Bern, N, C. 
Subach. Anthony. Jr.. '44 E.. 22 Willow St.. Methucn 
Sullivan. Arthur L., Jr.. '43 E., 252 Temple St.. West 

Sullivan, Cornelius M., '41 L.A., 80 O.xford St.. Cambridge 
Sullivan. Frederick. '41 LA., Peach Orchard Rd.. Burlington 
Sullivan, James W.. '43 B.A.. 94 Alban St.. Dorchester 
Sullivan, John R,. '44 E., 342 East ^Llln St.. Three Rivers. 

Sullivan. Ralph W., '44 L A.. 60 Rockwell St.. Dorchester 
Sullivan. Wallace P., '43 B.A.. 23 Villa Ave.. Cranston. 

R. L 
Sundstrom. Franklin V.. '43 E.. Elm St . North Berwick. Me. 
Suter, Russell E., '43 E.. 51 Willow St.. Waltham 
Sutliff, Richard D.. '42 E., 69 East State St.. 

Glovcrsville. N. Y, 
Sutton, Richard, '43 B.A.. 119 Chestnut St.. Andover 
Swan. Burton D.. '43 B.A., Sturbridge 
Swardlick. Samuel. '41 B.A.. 13S High St. Canton 
Swartz. Benjamin. '43 E.. 19 Cro<s St.. Winthrop 
Swenson, Albert G., '44 B.A.. 69 Perthshire Rd., Brighton 
Swift, Charles B.. Jr.. '42 E.. 6 Belvoir Ave.. Taunton 
Szablewicz. John IT., '41 E.. 46 Austin St., Hyde Park 

■44 E.. 15 Be 

Road. Ne 

Tailby. Allen R., Jr. 

Tait. Harry H., Jr., '43 B A,. 30 South Border Rd.. Medford 
Tangherllni. Eugene F.. '43 E.. 6S \erchild St.. Quincv 
Tarbell. Robert S.. '43 E. 17 Flornece St.. Hudson 
Tarr, Hyman, '44 B.A., IS Trident Ave.. Winthrop 
Tatel, Oscar, '44 B.A.. S Parker St.. Chelsea 
Taub. Irving M., '44 E.. 10 lola St., Dorchester 
Taylor, Alexander, '43 E.. 7 Paul St., Taunton 
Taylor. Edward S., '42 B.A., 106 Benvenue St.. Wellesley 
Taylor. Erwin N.. '41 E., 48 Porter Road, Waltham 
Taylor, Francis W., '43 E.. 251 Pearl St.. Cambridge 
Taylor, William I.. '42 B.A.. 532 Fairmonnt St.. Fitchburg 
Tei.xeira, Joseph R., '43 L.A.. 23 Chipman St.. Dorchester 
Telowetski. John. '41 B.A.. DeLanson. New York 
Tevlin. Thomas J., '42 E., 26 Burlington Ave., Lowell 
Tharp. Tillman C. '43 E.. S3 Rivervicw Road. Brighton 
Theroux, Gerard, '44 L. A.. 70 Oakhill Ave., Waterburv. 

Thomas. Harold C, '43 E.. 30 Spooner St.. North Easton 
Thomas. John K., '44 B.A.. 75 Carl St.. Newton 
Thomas, Reginald C, '41 L.A., 236 Bay Slate Rd.. Boston 
Thomas, Ralph W., '44 B.A.. 236 Bay State Rd., Boston 
Thomas, William H.. '41 B.A.. 140 Billings St.. North 

Thomasian, Berge, '44 B.A.. 39 Parker Ave.. Newton 
Thompson. David L., '44 B.A., 20 Thurston St., Wrenlham 
Thompson, John H., Jr., '44 E., West Simsbury, Conn. 
Thompson, Warren H.. '41 E., 185 Beaver St., Framlngham 
Thornberg, Joseph E„ '44 E., 183 Spark St„ Brockton 
Throndike, James A.. '44 E.. 99 Front St , Marblchcad 
Thrope, Paul P., 41 E., 25 Pond St., Fr.cmingham 


Thorpe. Robert T.. '43 E.. 136 Vin,il St.. Revere 
Thorsen. Scverin M.. '42 E., 3S7 Hai^'ard St., CimbrJdpe 
Tlirondscn. Everett O.. '4+ E., II M,nrion Belmont 
Tibbctis. Orren. '41 E.. R.ingclcy. M.linc 
Tidd. Ellsworth H., '42 E., S5 St.. Georcctoivn 
Tinkham. Malcolm L.. '43 E., 24 Frost Ave.. Brockton 
Tinsler. Francis R., '44 E., R. F. D. 2, Lubec. Maine 
Tifj5. Ernest W., '42 E.. Randolph St.. C.inton 
Tobey, Benjamin C. '42 L..^.. F.ilmouth 
Tnbcy. George E., Jr., '43 E., 30S Lake St., Belmont 
Tobln, Abraham. '41 E., I S3 W.ilnut St.. Chelsea 
Tobin, Richard .1.. '43 B.A.. 22 Newport St.. Dorchester 
Todd. Frederick W., '43 L.A.. 226 Wilson Ave.. Wollaston 
Tonpue. Charles H., '42 B.A.. Poller Blvd.. Briehlwaters. 

L.I.. N. Y. 
Tormey. Leonard S.. '44 E.. 41 RMwell Ave, Beverlv 
Torres. Francis E.. '44 E.. 19 Carberrv St.. Medford 
Torrisi. Sebastian A.. '44 LA.. 57 Mech.mic St.. Lawrence 
Toncey. Robert E.. '41 E.. 412 Laughlin Road. Stratford. 

Towne. Allen N'.. '43 E., 17 ALiplc Ave.. North Andover 
Trail. Henry S.. '43 E.. 131 Bridge St.. Groton. Conn. 
Trainovicus. Alphonse. '43 E., 123 Clierrv St.. Cambridge 
Trask, Rocer B.. '44 E.. 30 Gardner St.. Peabody 
Tripp. William F.. .Tr.. '44 B.A.. 25 Conntv St.. Dedham 
Trullson. Clarence N.. Jr.. '44 B..\.. 20 Duncklee St.. 

Tubbs. Ronald E.. '42 B.A., SSS Farmington Ave.. West 

Hartford. Conn. 
Tuffin. Georee E.. '42 E.. 51 Argvle Ave.. West Hartford. 

Tnllv, Edward L.. '43 L.A.. 64 Fav St.. Lowell 
Turek. Stephen J.. '44 E., 13 Alpine St.. Worcester 
Turner. Arthur D.. '43 E.. 163 Forest St.. Melrose 
Tnrton. Hallam W.. Jr.. '41 B.A.. 39 Graham St.. Gardner 
Twiddle. Henry. Jr.. '43 E.. 3 Bradburv .\vc.. Medford 

Uckerman, Aaron. '44 L A.. 42 Eslelln St.. Dorchester 
Uhland. Laurence S.. '41 B.A.. R. F. D. 3. Briehton. N. J. 
Urban Jol-n A.. '42 E,. 33 Banforth St.. Pittsfield 
I'rbanik Walter C. '42 B.,.\.. !0 Beckett St.. Dorchester 
Urbon. John P.. '43 E.. 6 Hatch St.. South Boston 

Vaccaro. Philip, '43 E.. 179 Princeton St.. East Boston 
Vagramian. Aram. '44 LA., 65 Murray St.. Chelsea 
Vahey. James T.. '43 B.A.. 33 Prescott St.. Waterlown 
VanCor. Frederick B., '43 E.. 90 Sargent St.. Melro-e 
Van Home. Robert A., '43 E., 7 Andrews St., Bethel. Conn. 
Van Stry. Robert F.. '43 E., 71 Narrangan ett Rd., Quincv 
Van Tuyl. Roderick. '44 E.. North Road. Greenport, N. Y. 
Van Vessem. Alvin D.. '43 E.. 66 West St., Warwick. N. Y. 
Varner. Albert F., '43 E.. 206 Wachusett St., Jamaica Plain 
Varney, Fenton W., '42 E., 382 First Parish Rd., Scituatc 

Vartabedian. Boghas. '44 E.. 23 v'entral Ave., Medford 
Veduccio, William R.. '44 B.A., 30 Riverdale Ave.. Newton 
Velenage, John B., '44 E., 294 Park St.. Dorchester 
Vespaziani. Albert. '42 E.. 20 Ea^Ion St., East Milton 
Vincent, Emanuel. '41 E.. 104 William St.. Fall River 
Virchow. William R., '44 L.A., S Midvalc Road, West 

V,.sgerchian, Goren. '44 E.. 74 Boylston St., Walertown 
Voymas, James S., '43 E., 91 Water St., Danvers 
Vozzella, Stanley A., '44 E., 3 Thachers St., Boston 
Vrceland, Kenneth G., '41 E.. 163 West 8 St.. Bayonnc, N. J. 
Vuona. Louis P., '44 E., 13 Groton Place, Worcester 

Waddell. Douglas M., '44 B.A., 19 Cross St., Westbo 
Wadland, Robert L.. '43 E., II Lyndc St., Melrose 

Wadleigh, Richard F., '43 B.A., Treble Cove Road, North 

Wagner, George W.. '44 L.A., 3S6 Riverway St., Boston 
Wagner, Paul M.. Jr.. '44 B.A.. 142 .Montvale Ave.. 

Wagner. Robert J.. '41 E.. 12 Conlston Road, Rosllndale 
Wahl, Louis G.. '42 E.. 32S Lynn St., Maiden 
Waide. Walter E., Jr., '41 E., 40 Linden Ave., Greenfield 
Wainwright, Clarence D., Jr., '44 E., Elm St., East 

Waldman. Jason J., '43 E., 3 Page St.. Dorchester 
Walen. Roger S.. '44 L.A.. 36 Billings Park. Newton 
Wall. George E.. '42 E., 36 Tudor St.. Lynn 
Wall, James, '44 B.A., 56 Welli-ngton St.. Nashua. N. H. 
Wallace. Duncan P.. '44 B.A.. 327 Concord St.. 

Manchester. N. H. 
Wallace. William. '41 LA.. 90 Winslow St.. Everett William L.. '41 L..\.. Newport. Nova Scotia 
Wallace. William O.. '42 E., 5 Nonantum St.. Newton 
Wallis, Charles W., '44 L.A., 38 Ober St.. Beverly 
Walsh. George W.. '43 E.. 28 Winn St.. Belmont 
Walsh. James J., '43 L.A., 13 Blossom Rd., North Westport 
Waltonen, Onni W.. '44 E.. 29 Gray Ave,, Walpole 
Ward. Francis F.. '44 B.A.. 177 Hillside Ave.. Nutley. N. J. 
Ward. James. Jr.. '44 B.A., 46 Park St., Maiden 
Ward, Harvey R.. '43 E., 460 Massau Blvd., Willislon 

Park. N. Y. 
Ware. Carl E., Jr.. '44 E.. 53 Marion Ave.. North Adams 
Ware. Fred. '44 B A.. Hancock. N. H. 
Warshaw, Melvin. '42 L.A.. 153 Intervale St . Roxburv 
Washburn. James E., '43 B.A.. 20 Parkwood Blv.l.. 

Hudson. N. Y. 
Washington. John W.. '44 L..\.. 76 Harold St . Rcnbiirv 
Wasserman. Robert. '43 LA,. 30 Lome St.. Dorchester 
Waterman. Charles H., '42 E., 152 Kelscv St.. South 

Portland, Maine 
Waterman, Harold L.. '43 E.. Silver Bav on Lake Georee. 

N. Y. 
Waters. Thomas W.. '44 LA., 139 Lake St.. Haverhill 
Watson. Charles N.. '44 B A.. 6S Saunders St.. ..\llston 
Watson, Robert L.. '44 LA., 35 Forest St.. Welleslcv Hills 
Watson. Robert St. John., '44 E,. Shoreham Blvd,, BulTalo. 

N, Y, 
Watt, William H,. '41 E., 65 Lawton Ave.. Lynn 
Watts. Paul F.. '44 L.A., 88 Church St.. West Roxbury 
Watts, Robert W.. Jr.. '44 B.A.. 7 Norway Rd.. IMilton 
Weaver. T. Rav, '42 E.. 106 Skiff Ave.. Frankfort. N. Y. 
Webber, David L. '44 L.A.. 37 Na.raganelt St.. 

Webber, Roland A.. '42 E.. 79 Camden St.. Boston 
Weber. Arthur P.. Jr., '44 E.. 54 Andcrsm St.. East 

Wcener. Sumner S.. '44 LA.. 435 Walnut Ave.. Rovbiirv 
Woightman Herbert G.. '41 E., Burke Foundation. White 

Plains. N. Y. 
Weiner. Arnold P.. '44 E.. 99 F.lm Hill .\>e.. 
Weiner, Mar»hair. '44 E.. 12 Rasselt Rd.. Brockton 
Weiner. IMartin. '43 E.. 40 Hancock St.. Maiden 
Wcinrebe. .Toseph 1.. '44 L.A . 41 Anccll St.. Boston 
Welnstein. Richard S.. '43 E.. 423 W.ishineton St.. 

Weinz. Frank T.. '44 E., 11 Saunders Ter.. Welleslev Hills 
White. Ralph P.. '44 E.. IS .Abbott St.. Worcester 
Welch. Thomas S.. '43 B.,\., lOS Beaumont Ave., 

Welier. Herbert. '43 B.A.. 51 Verndalc St.. Biookline 
Wells, Edward L.. '42 E., 15 Union St.. Randolph 
Wells, Richard L., '43 E.. 15 Union St.. Randolph 
Wcnnbers, Norman A„ '41 B.A., 39 Hilda St., Quincy 
Wcnnerberg. Roland C, '43 B.A., 9 Oxford St., Worcester 
Werstcd, Saul S.. '44 L.A., 10 Nahant Ave , Reveic 


Wesobskl. Henrv J.. '+4 E.. 21 McKon 
West. Kenneth P., '43 B.A., 1542 Comn 

St., Dorchester 

rl E., '44 B.A. 
ana Gale, '44 : 

111 Elm St.. Bel 

... 44 Avon St.. 
54 Franklin St., 




Weygand. William J., '43 ' 
Wharton, Robert S., '43 E. 
White, Anthony J.. '44 E.. 16 Sth Ave.. Wo: 
White, Dorrance A.. '44 B.A., Highland St.. 
White, John P., '42 E., 29 Brent St.. Dorchester 
White, Joseph J., '43 B.A., 22 Tolmon St., Canton 
White, Ralph W., '4+ E., 134 Edmunds Rd., Wellesley 
White, William J., '44 E.. 29 Weslev St.. Somerville 
Whitehouse. John H.. '44 E., 1 38 Wilbraham St.. 

Whites. Andrew W., '42 E., 1S2 Greenwood St.. Marlbo 
Whitiord. John R., '43 E., 30 Salem St., Wakefield 
Whitman. Neal L.. '44 L.A.. 39 Walnut St., Everett 
Whitney, Ernest E., Jr., '43 B.A.. 3S Lovell Rd.. Melrose 


, Gardner 

;.A.. 38 Lowell St.. Me'. 

'42 E-. Won 

Rd.. Weil 

Wiggin. Donald A., '41 E., 1700 Biovx 
N. H. 

).d Cent. 

Wiita, John W., '44 E., Cor. 

South Ashburnham 
Wilbur, Merle R., Jr., '43 B.A., 59 Pearl St., Ame/.bury 
Wilder. Roger C, '42 B.A.. 17 Oakland St., Melrose 
Wilkins. John H.. '44 E., 11 Endicott St.. Newton 

Wilkins, Roger F., '41 E.. 10 Forrest PL, North Attlebo 
Wilkinson, James. '44 L.A.. 47 Yale St.. Winchester 
Wilkinson. Richard N., '43 LA.. 6 Lincoln Court. Sang 
Willard. Emery U., '42 E., 107 Redington St . Swampscc 
Willette, Chester E., '43 L.A , Patten, Maine 
Willey, Herbert F., '43 E., ALain St., Milton. N. H. 

Williams, Dean E., '42 E., 

IS Langmaid Av. 

:.. SomerviP 

Williams, Eugene R., '42 E., 

42 Harbor View 



Williams, Harold G., '43 E., 

Calpb.iard Hill. 



Williams, Richard A., '44 E 

., ISA Prospect S 

t., Milford 

Williams, Roger H., '44 E., 

Wilton Rd., We 

stport. Conr 

Willis, Robert H.. '43 LA., 

34 Buffinton St.. 

Fall Rive: 

Williston, Robert L., '43 E. 

, 485 Washingtor 

. St., 


Wilson. Albert T.. '42 L.A , 

187 \-illage St.. 


Wilson, Lawrence T., '43 E., 

Ill Province St. 

, Richford, 

Wilson, Malcolm A„ '43 L.A., 124 Clara St., New 

Winograd. Abraham, '43 E„ 27 Lome St.. Dorche.-ter 
Winslow. John E., '43 B.A., 39 Ridgeway Drive, Quincy 
Winton, Matthew B., '44 E.. IS John St.. Chelsea 
Wiren, Jacob, '42 E., 124 Oak St.. Westwood 
Wisner, Raymond R., Jr., '44 E.. 15 Duncklcc St.. 

NeWLOn Highlands 
Witis, Edward A., '44 E., 46 Waldo St., Brockton 
Wittenauer, Albert C„ '44 L.A,, S4 Garnet Rd., Boston 
Woewucki, Anthony, '43 E., 6 Kinsman Place. Natick 
Wolf, John M., '43 B.A., 149 Lake Ave., Greenwich. Conn 
Wolf, Joseph, '44 L.A., 19 Heath Place, Jamaica Plain 
Wolf, Saul, '42 E., 60 Wales St., Dorchester 

Wolfe, William H., '44 L.A., Mcath. Lyme, N. H. 
Wolfendon. William. '42 E., 254 Oakland Ave.. Methuen 
Wolff. Arthur G., '43 B.A,, 32 Long Ave.. Allston 
Wolfson, Jason L., '42 B.A., 70 Abbotsford Rd., Brookline 
Woloshu'k, Walter, '42 E„ 25 Rugby Rd„ Mattapan 
Wolozin, Matthew, '41 E,, HI Mt, Vernon St., Maiden 
Wong, Chatson, 44 E., 65A Beach St., Boston 
Wong, Henry, '44 L.A., 10 Oxford Place. Boston 
Wood. Herbert L., '43 B.A., 247 Highland Ave,, Winchester 
Wood. Leonard F.. '41 L.A.. Plymouth St.. Middleboro 
Wood, Robert S., '44 L.A., 292 Bremen St„ East Boston 
Wood, Stanley G., '43 E.. 6 Worcester St.. Taunton 
Woodruff, Dwight C. Jr.. '43 B.A.. Fairvicw Rd., 

Woods. Gordon G.. '44 E.. 5 Mt. Vernon St.. St. 

Johnsburv. Vt. 
Woodward, William B., '44 E.. 315 Allston St., Brighton 
Woodworth, John D.. '42 E.. Edminds Rd.. Framingham 
Woodworth. Stewart C. Jr.. '43 B.A.. 64 Allendale St.. 

Jamaica Plain 
Woollacott, Robert A.. '41 E„ 17 Argyle St.. Melrose 
Worrey. Herbert S.. '44 B.A.. 16 Brewster Rd.. Framingham 
Wright, Crcighton B., '44 B.A.. 420 Marlborough Rd., 

Yonkers, N, Y. 
Wright, Gardener, '44 L.A.. 337 Sciiool St.. Bennington. \'t. 
Wright. Tolm N„ 44 E„ 95 Maple St., Burlington, Vt. 
Wright, Richard E., '41 E„ 315 Farrington St, Wollaston 
Wright, Russell C. '42 B.A., 716 Franklin St.. Melrose 
■\Vyszynski, George P„ '44 E., 630 Dorchesler Ave.. Boston 

Yacovone, Carmine A.. '42 E., 431 Ceiitral St., Springfield 
Yaffe, Benjamin S.. '41 E., 12 Sixth St., Chelsea 
Yaffee, Phillip, '42 E., 9 Seaview Ave., Maiden 
Yellin. Hyman, '43 E,, 79 Myrtle St., Boston 
Yeremian, George J., '43 E., 173 Fellsw,ay West, Medford 
Yetten, Raymond S., '41 L.A., 27 Liberty St., Waltham 
Yiannacopoulos, Andrew N., '44 E., 415 Columbus Ave., 

York, George J.. '44 B.A., 112 Union Park St., Boston 
York, Leighton H., '43 L.A., 3S King St., Rockport 
Young, Donald J.. '42 E., 36 Ashfield St., Roslindale 
Young, Gerald R., '44 E., 58 Steele Ave,, Gloversville, 

N, Y, 
Young, John S., '42 E., Selwyn Rd., Belmont 
Young, Robert G., Jr„ '44 E., 36 Dalton Rd., Belmont 
Yudin, Alfred S., '44 B.A.. 148 Callender St., Dorchester 
Yuryan, Joseph B., '43 E., 9 .Marjorie St., Hudson 

Zallen, Maurice, '41 E.. 11 Abbott St.. Dorchester 
Zardeskas, Edward J., '40 LA., 41 Rosemont St., 

Zaxman, Harry, '43 E., 14 Wile St.. Chelsea 
Zelinsky, Richard M, '43 L.A.. 4 Lamoille St., Haverhill 
Ziegler, William R., Jr., '41 LA., 44 Wendover St., 

Doi Chester 

Edward L,, '44 B.A.. S8 Columbia St., 

Zisson, James P,, 103 Lafayette St., Salem 
Zmijewski, Boleslau F., '44 E., 156 Elliott St., Danvers 
Zmijevvski, Walter J., '44 E., 50 Derby St,, Salem 
Zonn, Lincoln M., '44 L.A., 181 Meadow St., Naugatuck, 

Zwick, Melvin, '43 L.A., 1003 Columbus Ave,. Roxbury 
Zwicker, Leon, '43 E., 404 Blue Hill Ave., Milton