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173rd Commencement 

December 20, 1974 

University of Maryland 
College Park Campus 




173rd Commencement 
University of Maryland 
College Park Campus 
December 20, 1974 


* * . * 


Order of 

December 20, 1974 

2:00 p.m. 

Cole Student Activities Building 


Dr. John W. Dorsey 
Acting Chancellor, 
College Park Campus 


Dr. Thomas J. Aylward 
Chairman, Department of 
Speech and Dramatic Art 


University Symphony Band 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend L. James Downs 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 


Led by 

Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 
Chairman, Board of Regents 


Psalm 148 For Mixed 
Chorus and Band 

University Singers 
Conductor, Dr. Traver 


Dr. Stephen K. Bailey 

Dr. Elkins, Honorary Degree 
Dr. Dorsey, College Park Campus 


Martha Lynn Innocenti 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Dorsey 


Hail to thee, Marylandl 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee \Ne stand. 
Love tor the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 
Led by 
Dr. Traver 


The Reverend Robert 0. Burdette 
United Campus Ministry Chaplain 


University Symphony Band 

The C olloge 
Park C ampus 
and the 

The Students 

College Park is dedicated to young 
people. The Campus gives all students 
the chance to encounter new persons, 
new ideas and new interests, all of 
which they could hardly find elsewhere 
in such variety. Students may discover 
ancient Greece for the first time; they 
try their hand at art; or they may 
use a computer to help design a better 
environment for man. 

But whatever they investigate, 
whether it is under a microscope, or 
out in space or within the human mind, 
their experiences sharpen their vision 
and improve their judgment. They learn 
in and out of class, by relating to 
many people of their own age and by 
dealing with a cultured faculty. They 
are able, in these many ways, to better 
define their directions and their 

The Faculty 

Men and women of varied personali- 
ties and interests instruct our students, 
scholars whose work ranges from the 
study of physical forces to the study 
of man in all his complexities. One 
biologist studies the properties of 
poisonous fish in the Red Sea while 
a colleague explores the effects of 
oil on the marine environment of the 
Chesapeake Bay; a group of professors 
probes the possibilities of life on the 
giant planets while others use high 
speed photography to find better ways 
for blasting in the urban renewal of 
our cities; one professor's long-term 
project is to edit the Booker T. Wash- 
ington papers while his colleague 
studies the environmental causes of 

One way to describe this Campus is 
through the interaction of students to 
the faculty, but other points of view 
are interesting too. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland just 
nine miles from the Nation's Capital, 
the College Park Campus offers a 
diversity of cultural, political and 
scientific resources to its students. 

The Campus is a spacious one of 
1,300 acres. Some of its 228 Georgian- 
style buildings overlook playing fields, 
the tree-lined central mall, or roll- 
ing lawns, while one or two border the 
few remaining open fields of grazing 
land belonging to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is among 
the 10 largest Campuses in the country. 
Undergraduates enrolled in fall, 1974 
numbered over 27,000 and graduate stu- 
dents over 7,000 for a total enrollment 
of over 34,000. This year's College 
Park operating budget is $11 9,337,429, 
and the University assisted over 7,000 
College Park students with scholarship 
aid in 1974-75. 

Undergraduates may choose from 71 
programs for a major and graduate stu- 
dents from 61 graduate programs. In 
number of doctorates granted annually, 
the University ranks among the top 
thirty in the nation. 


The University had its beginnings in 
1807 with the establishment in Balti- 
more of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution 
granting the M.D. degree. When its 
name was changed to the University of 
Maryland five years later, it was given 
power to confer additional degrees. 
The first dental school in America, 
the Baltimore College of Dental Sur- 
gery, became a part of the University 
in 1840. Subsequently, the University 
opened schools of pharmacy, law and 

Under a charter secured by a group 
of Maryland planters, the College Park 
Campus of the University, then called 
the Maryland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1856 and became one of the 
original land-grant schools in 1865. 
After a disastrous fire in 1 91 2, the 
State acquired control of the College 
and bore the cost of rebuilding. In 
1920 the State took over the faculty- 
owned University in Baltimore, merging 
it with the State-owned institution at 
College Park to form the present day 
University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference 
Academy was founded by the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. 
The State acquired this institution in 
1926, making it a division of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland in 1948. It was 
made a Campus of the University system 
in 1970 as the University of Maryland 
Eastern Shore (UMES). A new Campus 
known as University of Maryland Balti- 
more County (UMBO was opened at 
Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include approxi- 
mately 1 ,400,000 volumes on the College 
Park Campus, 1 5,200 subscriptions to 
periodicals and newspapers, plus nearly 
750,000 microform units, as well as 
many slides, film strips, prints, music 
scores, and recordings. The new Under- 
graduate Library has a seating capacity 
of 4,000 students and is among the 
nation's largest. The library features 
a reading collection of 5,000 paper- 
backs and a book capacity of 200,000 
volumes. Facilities include a quadro- 
phonic concert room, color video tape 
players and playback units, enclosed 
rooms equipped with instructor's con- 
soles for the use of nonprint media 
materials, and wireless stereo headsets 
for tapes of lectures, plays, speeches, 
and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research 
facilities are: a 140 MeV cyclotron; a 
nuclear reactor; scanning electron 
microscopes; subsonic, supersonic and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; an electron 
ring accelerator; a precision encoder 
and pattern recognition device; a gravi- 
tational radiation detection system in- 
cluding a gravimeter on the moon; a 
quiescent plasma device (Q machine); a 
psychopharmacology laboratory; three 
retro-reflector arrays on the moon; 
rotating tanks for laboratory studies 
of meteorological phenomena; Van de 
Graaff accelerators; a laboratory for 
basic behavioral research; an assort- 
ment of computers; the Astronomy Ob- 
servatory, Center of Materials Re- 
search, Institute for Fluid Dynamics 
and Applied Mathematics, Institute for 
Molecular Physics, and the Water Re- 
sources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also owns 
and operates one of the largest and 
most sophisticated long-wavelength 
radio telescopes (located in Clark Lake, 
Calif.) and a cosmic ray laboratory 
(located in New Mexico). 

In addition to these research oppor- 
tunities in the biological, mathemati- 
cal and physical sciences, research 
programs in the behavioral sciences, 
social sciences and education exist in 
many bureaus and institutes including: 
the Bureau of Business and Economic Re- 
search, Bureau of Educational Research 
and Field Services, Bureau of Govern- 
mental Research, Institute for Child 
Study, Institute for Criminal Justice 
and Criminology and the Institute for 
Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the 
students and faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient origin. They 
have been the traditional costume of 
the scholar since medieval times and 
probably represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress, since many of the 
scholars of that period were members of 
monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 
1893 drafted a uniform code for cos- 
tumes which has since been adopted by 
the majority of colleges and universi- 
ties in the United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees 
—bachelor, master, and doctor— has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is distinguished by its 
long pointed sleeve. The master's gown 
has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee; the arm is 
passed through a slit at the elbow. In 
contrast the doctor's gown has a full 
bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of 
velvet. The opening of this gown is 
faced with wide velvet bands. The 
velvet trim may be black or of a color 
indicating the general field of learn- 
ing of the wearer, for example, blue 
for philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive 
item of the academic costume is the 
hood which passes around the neck and 
extends down the back. The doctor's is 
the largest of the hoods and the bache- 
lor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood 
Is often omitted. The color of the 
velvet edging indicates the field of 
learning. Below is given a list of de- 
partment or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, Commercial 

Education, Pedagogy/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 


Library Science/Lemon 




Oratory/Silver Gray 




Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 

Social Service/Citron 

Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 

Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining ex- 
posed in the center of the hood are 
those of the college or university 
which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uni- 
form in design for all degrees. The 
tassel may be either black or the color 
of the field of learning. The tassel of 
the doctor's cap may be gold. 

From Europe the use of academic 
degrees spread to English univer- 
sities. Harvard University, William and 
Mary, and Yale followed the British pat- 
tern in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the success- 
ful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1 ,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred 
by American colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was a doc- 
torate conferred by the University of 
Bologna in the middle of the 12th Cen- 
tury. Originally, the doctor's and 
master's degrees were used interchange- 
ably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or baccalau- 
reate degree indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study preparatory to 
the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's degree came to 
mean successful completion of one 
level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or 
instructor, applied by ancient Romans 
to those who delivered public lectures 
on philosophical subjects. In the 
Middle Ages, from the 12th century, it 
came into use as a title of honor borne 
by men of great learning. It was first 
made an academic title at the Uni- 
versity of Bologna, in Italy, which 
received from the emperor the right of 
appointing doctores legum (doctor 
of laws). The University of Paris fol- 
lowed in 1 145. Soon after, the popes 
granted the universities the right of 
appointing doctors canonum et decre- 
talium (teachers of the canon law); 
and when the study of civil law came to 
be combined with that of the canon law, 
the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both 
laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in con- 
ferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and 
science, and occasionally in theol- 
ogy and law, is given beyond the bacca- 
laureate degree, and requires two to 
five years, the writing of a thesis, 
and the passing of written and oral 

The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two 
distinct types: the professional or 
practitioner's degree, and the research 
degree. The first type represents ad- 
vanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally; 
Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. 
These degrees carry no implication of 
original research and are classified by 
the U.S. Office of Education, with 
bachelor's degrees, as the first pro- 
fessional degrees. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first two dental 
degrees in history, on March 9, 1841, 
and invented the name of the degree, 
D.D.S. as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree 
is classified as research doctorates 
representing prolonged periods of ad- 

vanced study, usually accompanied by a 
dissertation which is designed to be a 
substantial contribution to existing 
knowledge on the subject. The most im- 
portant of these, the Doctor of Philos- 
ophy, no longer has an implication of 
philosophy for its holder, but repre- 
sents advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was first 
awarded in the United States by Yale 
University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded at the 
University of Maryland in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor conferred upon students who have 
successfully completed work in advance 
of the baccalaureate. A thesis and an 
oral examination are usually required. 
The word magister connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; but its 
present meaning must be traced to the 
time of the establishment of the old- 
est universities. Regularly organized 
faculties were not then known as they 
now exist in the universities. The 
whole circle of academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts, and 
those who received public honors on the 
completion of their course of studies, 
for their diligence and knowledge, and 
had already received the degree of bac- 
calaureus (bachelor) were called 
magistri artium (master of the liberal 

In 1920 the new University of Mary- 
land awarded its first M.A. and M.S. 
degrees in fields other than agricul- 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course of 
study of collegiate grade and is the 
oldest academic degree used by Ameri- 
can institutions of higher learning. 
The degree Bachelor of Arts was first 
conferred in America in 1642 on the 
first nine graduates of Harvard 

Maryland Agricultural College, which 
was later to become the University of 
Maryland College Park, awarded the 
first Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of 
Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park Campus 


John W. Dorsey (Acting) 

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 
George H. Callcott 

Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning 

and Policy 
Thomas B. Day 

Vice Chancellor for Administrative 

William L. Kendig (Acting) 

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at 
College Park 

Division of Agricultural and Life 

Francis C. Stark 

Division of Arts and Humanities 
Robert Corrigan 

Division of Behavioral and Social 

Mary F. Berry 

Division of Human and Community 

George J. Funaro 

Division of Mathematical and Physical 

Sciences and Engineering 
Joseph M, Marchello 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 
John W. Hill 

College of Agriculture 
Gordon M. Cairns 

College of Business and Management 
Rudolph P. Lamone 

College of Education 
Robert L. Emans 

College of Engineering 
Robert B. Beckmann 

College of Human Ecology 
Elizabeth W. Brabble (Acting) 

College of Journalism 
Ray E. Hiebert 

College of Library and Information 

Margaret E. Chisholm 

College of Physical Education, Recrea- 
tion and Health 
Marvin H. Eyier 

Administrative Dean for Graduate 

David S. Sparks 

Administrative Dean for Summer Pro- 
Melvin N. Bernstein 

Administrative Dean for Undergraduate 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Administrative Dean of Academic 

Services and Facilities 

Central Administration 
of the University 

Wilson H. Elkins 

Vice President for General Administra- 
Donald W. O'Connell 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 
R. Lee Hornbake 

Vice President for Graduate Studies 

and Research 
Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 

Vice President for Agricultural Affairs 

and Legislative Relations 
Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 

Board of Regents 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 

Vice Chairman 
Richard W. Case 


B. Herbert Brown 


F. Grove Miller, Jr. 

Assistant Secretary 
Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

Assistant Treasurer 
L. Mercer Smith 

Mrs. Mary Broadwater 

William G. Connelly 

Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr. 

George C. Fry 

Young D. Hance, ex officio 

Edward V. Hurley 

James S. Jacobs 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Joseph D. Tydings 

Emerson C. Walden, M.D. 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Assoc. Dean, 

College of Agriculture 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, Horti- 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, Assistant Vice- 

Chancellor for Academic Affairs 


Dr. Eugene Troth, Professor and Chair- 
man, Music 

Committee Members 

Mr. Ulysses S. Glee 
Office of Student Aid 

Mr. James R. Collier, Director, Univer- 
sity Relations (College Park) 

Mr. Robert J. Belter, Asst. Professor, 
Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, 
Physical Plant 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean, College of 

Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, Admissions and 

Mr. John A. Goecker, Director, Food 

Ms. Joanne Janus, UMporium 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, Professor, Horti- 

Dr. George Marx, Professor, Counseling 
and Personnel Service 

Mr. William Reith, Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, Athletic 

Mr. Charles Jantho, Director, Physical 

Ms. F. Carol Grain, Nurse Chairman, 
Health Center 

Mr. Alfred J. Hanlon, Assistant Direc- 
tor of Athletics 

Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Director, Public 

Mr. L. B. Jankowski, University Police 

Stephen Kemp 
Doctor of Last's 

During a troubled time in our nation's 
history when U.S. citizens and courts 
of law are examining the power and in- 
fluence of politicians and Congress, 
Stephen Bailey's contributions in the 
field of public affairs assume a great 
significance. Stephen Kemp Bailey, Vice 
President of the American Council on Ed- 
ucation, is a distinguished educator and 
author of books on the ethics of poli- 
tics and the role of Congress. Not only 
has he devoted over thirty years of his 
life to higher education, but he has 
served as a public servant himself. 

A respected scholar in the field of 
public affairs and public administration, 
Bailey served for twelve years as a mem- 
ber of the faculty of the Maxwell Gradu- 
ate School of Citizenship and Public 
Affairs at Syracuse University. From 
1961 to 1969 he served as Dean of the 
School and spent three years as Chairman 
of the Policy Institute of the Syracuse 
University Research Corporation. Before 
that time. Professor Bailey was on the 
faculty and director of the graduate pro- 
gram of the Woodrow Wilson School of 
Public and International Affairs at 
Princeton University. He was on the 
faculty and on the Board of Trustees of 
Hiram College from which he received his 
B.A. degree and spent eight years at 
Wesleyan University on the government 

A Rhodes Scholar from 1937 to 1939, he 
was a Senior Fulbright Lecturer in Ameri- 
can government at Oxford University. 
Bailey's work in the field of politics 
and public administration has taken on 
an added import in light of recent in- 
quiries into abuses of presidential 
power and the resulting congressional 
investigations. His books and articles 
on politics, government and education 
are numerous: Congress Makes a Law, 
1950 winner of the Woodrow Wilson Prize 
of the American Political Science Asso- 
ciation; The New Congress, 1966; 
Congress in the Seventies, 1970; 
ESEA: The Office of Education Admin- 
isters a Law, 1968, co-authored by 
Edith K. Mosher. His articles in the 

field of politics include: " The Condi- 
tion of Our National Political Parties," 
1959; "Ethics and the Politician ," 
1960; and 'The Office of Education and 
The Education Act of 1965," 1966. 

He is co-author of Congress at Worl<, 
1952; Government in America, 1957; 
Schoolmen and Politics, 1962; and 
The Problems and Promises of American 
Democracy , 1965. 

In addition to his work as a writer 
and educator. Dr. Bailey has been an 
active participant in public affairs. 
From 1967 to 1973 he was a member of the 
Board of Regents of the State of New 
York. From 1967 to 1970 he was Chairman 
of the National Advisory Committee on 
Educational Laboratories under the De- 
partment of HEW. In 1964 he was a mem- 
ber of the Presidential Task Force on 
Government Reorganization, and in 1965 
he headed the U.S. Bureau of the Budget 
Task Force on Intergovernmental Program 
Coordination. He also served as a Staff 
Associate to Task Force #1 on the 
Presidency of the First Hoover Commis- 
sion. In the field of politics, Bailey 
headed the Connecticut Democratic State 
Platform Committee in 1950, and in 1951 
he was Administrative Assistant to Sena- 
tor William Benton of Connecticut. He 
was elected mayor of Middletown, Connec- 
ticut in 1952. 

A founding member and Secretary-Trea- 
surer of the National Academy of Educa- 
tion, he is past President of the Ameri- 
can Society of Public Administration and 
a past Vice President of the American 
Political Science Association. 

He has earned a Bachelor of Arts from 
Hiram College and Oxford University and 
a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philoso- 
phy from Harvard University. 

He is awarded the Honorary Doctor of 
Laws from the University of Maryland. 

for Degrees 

^ August 23, 1974 
Graduate School 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Barbara Arlene Ainsworth 

Secondary Education: Stated Percep- 
tions of Teachers Regarding In-Ser- 
vice Programs 

John Jefferson Ambrose 

Measurement and Statistics: An 
Application of the Intuitive-Theore- 
tical and Group-Discriminative Tech- 
niques in the Construction of a 
Multi-Dimensional Scale for Measuring 
Religious Commitment 

Alice Lee As! in 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Feminist and Community Mental Health 
Center Psychotherapists' Mental 
Health Expectations for Women 

Peter Mark Aufsesser 

Physical Education: Effects of 
Repeated Trials on the Reliability 
of Physical Fitness and Perceptual- 
Motor Performance Scores of Institu- 
tional Mentally Retarded Subjects 

Rajender Auluck 

Mechanical Engineering: Mass Trans- 
fer to Rising Air Bubbles in Water 

Ray Morris Ayres 

Secondary Education: Evaluation of 
Training: An Experimental Study Test- 
ing the Effects of Human Relations 
Training on Supervisors' Knowledge 

Stephen Philip Barrilleaux 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Effects of Gestalt Awareness 
Training on Experiencing Level 

Gail Ann Bleach 

Psychology: An Evaluation of Hot- 
line Services: Process and Outcome 

Nathan Bluzer 

Physics: An In-Situ Study of the 
Optical and Electrical Properties of 
Amorphous Germanium as a Function 
of Thermal History 

Ronald Henry Bojarski 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: A Study Investigating the 
Differential Effects of Feedback in 
Producing Changes in Principals ' Be- 
havior as Perceived by Teachers 

Margaret Huling Bonz 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Effects of Pictorial Modeling 
Stimuli on the Achievement Behavior 
of Women 

J. Barry Cammarata 

Physics: A Study of Crossing Sym- 
metry in Pion-Nucleus Scattering 

Enrique Antonio Caponi 

Physics: A Three-Dimensional Model 
for the Numerical Simulation of 

Hal Victor Cartwright 

Government and Politics: Revolu- 
tionary Algeria and the United Na- 
tions: A Study in Agenda Politics 

Michael James Caughlin, Jr. 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: 
A Microanalytical Simulation of 
Eight East Indian Villages 

Ute Reich Cezeaux 

German and Slavic Language and 
Literature: Die Theaterlustspiele 
von J. C. Brandes im Ubergang von 
Typenkomodie zu burgerlichem 

Joseph John Charbonneau 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: 
A Spatial Analysis of Selected Im- 
pacts on the South Atlantic Process- 
ing industry 

Grace Harlow Chickadonz 

Human Development: Mothering and 
Illness in Young Apache Children 

Bette Sandra Coplan 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: An Application of the 
MacKenzie Model to Educational 

Gregory Marsh Cramer 

Chemistry: Reactions of Methylene- 
cyclooctatrienyl Anions and the Bio- 
cyclo(6.2.0) decatetraene Dianion 

Ellen Cunningham 

Mathematics: Chain Models for 
Infinite-Quantifier Languages 

George Harold D'Addamio 

Animal Science: Plasma Progesterone 
and Luteinizing Hormone Concentration 
in Beef Heifers Following Estrous 
Synchronization with Hormonal Im- 

William Davis Daniels 

Secondary Education: An Investiga- 
tion of Student's Attitudes Toward 
Geography Through the Use of the 
Strategies of the High School Geo- 
graphy Project at the College Level 

Julia Perrin Davidson 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Empirical Development of a Measure 
of Black Student Group Identification 

Paul H. Del Nero 

Human Development: Parents' Percep- 
tion of the Self-Concept of their 
Physically Handicapped Children 

Wolfgang Peter Johann Dittus 

Zoology: The Ecology and Behavior 
of the Toque Monkey, Macaca s. sinica 

Robert Francis Doherty 

Chemistry: The Principle of Least 
Motion and E2 Elimination Reaction; 
The Thermal Reorganization of 
9-Chlorobicyclo-(6. 1.0) nona-2.4,6- 

James Allen Doilney 

Economics: Equity, Efficiency, and 
Intertemporal Resource Allocation 

Lawrence Earl Dowler 

History: The New Idealism and the 
Ouest for Culture in the Gilded Age 

Thomas Frederick Endress 

Human Development: The Relation- 
ship Between Handedness and Cerebral 
Dominance in Language Processing 

Arthur Michael Feldman 

Zoology: The Effects of 3, 3', 5- 
Triiodo-L-Thyronine on the Renal 
Handling of Citrate 

6 August /Doctors 

John McMaster Finn 

Physics: Integrals of Canonical 
Transforma tions and Normal Forms for 
Mirror Machine Hamiltonians 

Steven Jay Fischer 

Horticulture: The Effects of Two 
Plant Growth Regulators and an Insect 
Growth Regulator on the Growth, 
Flowering and Whitefly Infestation 
of Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia 

Arnold Frances 

Chemical Engineering: Kinetics of 
the Radiation Induced Decomposition 
of Sodium Nitrate 

Patricia Ann Freiberg 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Modeling and Assertive Training: The 
Effect of Sex and Status of Model on 
Female College Students 

Russell Clock, Jr. 

Electrical Engineering: Parameter 
Estimation in the Presence of Phase 

Frank Hamilton Godley 

Sociology: Cigarette Smoking, 
Social Factors, and Mortality : New 
Estimates from Representative 
National Samples 

Edwin John Grayzeck 

Astronomy: Investigation of the 
Spiral Structure of the CruxCen- 
taurus-CircinusNorma Region of the 
Milky Way by Means of Long-Period 

Margaret Elaine Greenbaum 

Economics: The Poverty Problem: A 
Merit Want Approach 

Joanne Marie Greer 

Measurement and Statistics: Predic- 
tion of Learning Disability by Com- 
puterized Pattern Analysis 

Bart Karl Gruzalski 

Philosophy: Act Utilitarianism and 
Utilitarian Generalization: The 
Equivalence Thesis 

Shirley Louise Hale 

Human Development: An Investigation 
of Patient Satisfaction and Psycho- 
social Aspects of Nursing Care 

Frances Alda Alexander Harper 
Social Foundations: Tracing the 
Course of Growth and Development in 
Educational Policy for the Canal Zone 
Colored Schools, 1905-1955 

Henry Jacob Haussling 

Meteorology: A Numerical Study of 
Viscous Flows of Stably Stratified 
Fluids over Barriers 

Charles Carl Larson, Jr. 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Reinforcement Effectiveness as a 
Function of Incentive Value and Sub 
ject Responsiveness to Informative 

Tien-Yien Li 

Mathematics: Dynamics for 

\) + i 



David Bruce Heard Robert Charles Lynch 

Human Development: The Effect of Counseling and Personnel Services: 

Immediate Focused Videotape Feedbac Effects of A ttending Behavior Micro- 

Upon Self-Concept in an Encounter 

Michele Harway Herman 

Psychology: Stereotyping: Some 
Effects on the Stimulus Person 

Agnes Catherine Higgs 

Psychology: An Investigation of 
the Similarities between Altruistic 
and Moral Judgments 

Nancy Slocum Hornick 

History: Anthony Benezet: Eigh- 
teenth Century Social Critic, Educa- 
tor, and Abolitionist 

Tsun-Shih Rosanna Hsieh 

Agronomy: Genetics and Physiology 
of Air Pollution on Maryland Tobacco, 
Nicotiana tobacum, L. 

Paul Lawrence Irwin 

Mathematics: Weakly Almost Periodic 
Vector-Valued Functions 

Lacy Burnette Jeffreys 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Relationship between Self-Concept 
and the Perception of Positive 

Patricia Mavis Jenkins 

English: Coleridge's Literary 
Theory : The Chronology of its Devel- 
opment, 1780 1817 

Edward Joseph Kelsey 

Physics: Quantum Electrodynamic 
Corrections to the2'^S^ - 
1 ' Sq Transition Rate in 
Helium and Helium-Like A toms 

Margaret Anne Kingdon 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
A Cost/Benefit Analysis of IPR 

training on College Faculty Advisors 

Kenneth Jay Manges 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Relative Reinforcing Efficacy 
of Stimuli from Three Different 
Sense Modalities 

Betty Jean Martin 

Music: The Ephrata Cloister and 
Its Music, 1732 1785: The Cultural, 
Religious and Bibliographical Back- 

Richard Alden Mathers 

Sociology: Class and Politics 
in the First New Nation 

Astrid McHugh 

Psychology: Encoding Variables 
in Recognition Memory: Rule Dis- 
covery and Induced Meaningfulness 
of Nonsense Syllables 

John Mendelsohn 

History: Trial by Document: The 
Use of Seized Records in the United 
States Proceedings at Nuremberg 

Charles Lee Miller 

Chemical Engineering: Design Opti- 
mization with Risk in Dynamic Com- 
petitive Markets 

Dharitri Misra 

Physics: Role of Long and Short 
Range Potentials in Vibrationally 
and Electronically Inelastic Colli- 
sions of Diatomic Molecules 

Godfred Ndika Ngoh 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: Sports Interests of High 
School and College Students at 
Yaounde in Cameroon 

Virginia Lee Parrish Norton 
Nutritional Sciences: A Nutri- 
tion Education Program for Selected 
Third Grades and Its Effect on Nu- 
trition Knowledge, Attitudes, 
Practices and Iron Nutriture 

Dennis James O'Brien 

Civil Engineering: Kinetics of the 
Oxidation of Reduced Sulfur Species 
in Aqueous Solution 

Michael Donald Orzoiek 

Horticulture: The Effect of Cli- 
matic Factors and Ethephon on Fruit 
Quality of Processing Tomatoes 
(Lycopersicon esculentum L.) 

Young Ho Park 

Electrical Engineering: Quantum 
Linear Recursive Minimum Mean- 
Square-Error Estimation 

Wilma Eldersveld Phillips 

Human Development: The Motive to 
Achieve in Women as Related to Per- 
ception of Sex Role in Society 

Ira Fernando Plybon 

English: John Morley: The Vic- 
torian Rationalist as Literary 

Dwight Alexander Porter 

Economics: The Four-Day Workweek: 
An Examination of Experience and 

David Bruce Rindler 

Psychology: The Effects of 
Vicarious and Direct Reinforcement 
on Pre-interview Models 

Charles Alfred Roswell, Jr. 

Geography: Water Gaps and Drainage 
Evolution in the Folded Appalachians 
between the Potomac and Susquehanna 

Anthony Louis Rowek 

Chemical Engineering: The Electri- 
cal Conductivity Behavior in the 
System CaO-La20yHf02 

Les J. Schiller 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
A Comparative Study of the Differ- 
ences between Client Continuers and 
Dropouts at Two Counseling Centers 


Martin Norman Schulman 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: Selected Variables Pre- 
dicting A ttendance of High School 
Students with Previous Records of 
High Absenteeism 

Michael David Shalter 

Zoology: A Semiotic Analysis of 
Acoustic Alarm Communication in 
Selected Galliformes 

Portia Holmes Shields 

Elementary Education: Investiga- 
tion of the Relationship between the 
Use of Certain Black English and 
Standard English Features in a 
School Setting and the Oral Reading, 
Silent Reading, and Listening Com- 
prehension Levels of Black Title 
One Children in Washington, D. C. 
Public Schools 

Barry B. Shultz 

Physical Education: The Role of 
Proprioceptive Feedback in Percep- 
tual Anticipation and Coincident 
Response Timing 

Robert Dewey Simpkin 

Zoology: Acquired Thermotolerance 
in Suspension Cultures of L-929 
Mouse Fibroblasts as Demonstrated 
by the incorporation of Labeled Pre- 
cursors into ON A, Protein and A TP 

Buster Lewis Slaten 

Chemical Engineering: The Effects 
of Weathering and Atmospheric Pollu- 
tants on Cotton Fabric and Cotton 
Fabric Treated with Selected Flame 

Raymond William Smock 

History: The Booker T. Washington 
Papers, September 1899-March 1901 

Theodore Glenn Stastny. Sr. 

Mechanical Engineering: Stresses 
in a Helical Spring Due to Dynamic 

George Franklin Sterman 

Physics: Aspects of the Fermion- 
Scalar Bethe-Salpeter Ladder Model; 
Rotational Analyticity of the 

Michael Loren Swaney 

Secondary Education: A Study on 
the Relative Merits of a Summary and 
Two Summarizers -Variants of David 
P. Ausubel's Organizer -with Respect 
to Student Achievement in Elementary 

John William Swann 

Zoology: Cardoac Norepinephrine 
Depletion During Two Forms of Experi 
mental Hemolytic Anemia 

Scott Logan Thomson 

Mechanical Engineering: A Theoreti- 
cal Investigation of the Electrode 
Boundary Conditions in Magnetohydro 
dynamic Generators 

Larry B. Tsai 

Botany: The Metabolism of Poten- 
tial Phytosterol Precursors in 
Chlorella ellipsoidea 

Donald William Turner 

Microbiology: The Development of a 
Model System for Investigating the 
Role of the Cell-Mediated Immune 
Response in the Pathogenesis of 
Periodontal Disease 

Norman Leiand Ulsaker 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: 
Differential Returns to Alternative 
Investments in Irrigated and Dryland 
Agriculture among Small Farms in the 
Coastal Plain Area of Morocco 

Nancy Ruth Vandenberg 

Astronomy: Meter-wavelength Obser- 
vations of Pulsars Using Very -Long- 
Baseline Interferometry 

Mary Ford Waldrop 

Human Development: Minor Physical 
Anomalies and Inhibited Behavior in 
Elementary School Girls 

Yuh-ying Lin Wang 

Physics: Drag Force on Objects in 
the Nearly Free Molecular Flow 
Regime as a Function of Speed Ratio 

Earl Stephen Warden 

Physics: Experimental Measurements 
of the Radial Density Distribution 
in a Non neutral Plasma 

John Morris Weaver 

Animal Science: The Establishment 
of Ruminococcus flavefaciens in 
Gnotobiotic Lambs 

Robert Joseph Werrlein 

Zoology: Density Dependent Oxygen 
Microenvironment and Respiratory 
Oscillations in Attached Cultures 
of Mammalian Cells 

James Shiapin Whang 

Civil Engineering: Real-Time Char- 
acterization of Particulates Emitted 
by A Coal-Fired Power Plant 

Gene Child Whaples 

Agricultural and Extension Educa- 
tion: Attitudes of White 4-H Pro- 
fessionals Toward Blacks 

Doctor of Business 

Terence Aubrey Shimp 

Business and Management: An Analy- 
sis of the Structural and Content 
Characteristics of National Tele- 
vision Advertising: Implications for 
Communication Effects Researchers 
and Public Policy Officials 

Doctor of Education 

Lyie Wilson Cornforth 

Human Development: A Comparison of 
Autonomic Responses of College Stu- 
dents While Viewing Human Crisis 
Events in Simulated Video Telecasts 
with Actual and Staged Audial In- 

Elizabeth Hill Moores 

Industrial Education: The Develop- 
ment of a Multivariate Formula to 
Predict Occupational Work -Experience 
Success of Distributive Education 

Haroldie K. Spriggs 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: Developing Instructional 
Modules for Planning and Imple- 
mentation of Plans in a CBTE Pro- 
gram: A Doctoral Project 

Geraldine Roberts Waters 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: A Model for a Competency - 
Based Social Studies Methods Course 
for Prospective Elementary School 

8 August/ Doctors 

Master of Arts 

Heeja Ahn 

Mary Miller Aldridge 

Geraldine A. Allen 

Lawrence Robert Allen 

JohnW. Allin 

Helen Louise Annecillo 

Rebecca Anne Huss Ashmore 

L. E. Babits 

Robert Cullen Bailey 

Vickie May Beard 

James Neil Benson 

Dorothy Payne Boerner 

Thomas Arthur Bogar 

Alta Campbell Bowersox 

Gayle Vernette Pearson Bradley 

Thomas Dean Brand 

Ruth Dillon Brock 

George Bartlett Brown III 

Rodney Marcella Burton 

Linda Jean Cades 

Linda Jane Cates 

Randall I. Charles 

Wei William Chen 

Betsy McGregor Cooley 

Glenn E. Crellin 

Arnold Bob Danzig 

James Oliver Day 

Albert Anthony DelMapoli 

John Francis Dickson 

Lawrence Joseph Duzor 

Chris D. Dyer 

Susan Caruso Eberst 

Rosemary Rattigan Eisenhauer 

Edward Rudolph Ettner 

William Alfred Fioretti 

Neil Joseph Fitzpatrick 

John Briscoe Forrest III 

Mary Ann Freedman 

Joel Roger Friedman 

Bert B. Haloviak 

Richard W. Hardy 

Anne Katherine Harrington 

Marsha Watkins Harris 

Donna May Hastings 

Meldon Stonewall Jackson Hollis Jr. 

Nancy Mary Horstmann 

William Henry Howard Jr. 

Nguyen Thi Hue-Khanh 

Sandra R. Huff 

Everson Warren Alarick Hull 

Dorothy Virginia Huss 

Sallie Middleton Ives 

Fred William Jacoby 

Paraskevoula Demeter Johnson 

Dawn Marie Jones 

Kathleen Bernice Jordan 

Matthew I. Kahal 

John Philip Katosh 

Glenn Bryan Kelly 

Michael Joseph Kendrick 

Patrick Albert Langan 

Lucie T. Lapovsky 

Timothy Raymond Lazaro 

Young Sun Lee 

Andrew Jay Leiter 

Raymond Walter Lemberg 

Robert James Leonard 

Janice Marlene Lissy 

Jacqueline Beatrice Little 

Susan Marie MacKowiak 

John Thomas Maiek 

Thomas Charles Mascott 

Virginia Grove Matthias 

Robert Neil McDowell 

Pervis McKenney Jr. 

Elizabeth Sharon Melcher 

Richard Kurtz Miller 

Saeed Farshid Mohamadi 

Natalie Ann Munson 

Timothy Charles Muzzio 

Miguel Fernando Negron Jr. 

Maureen Jane Nemecek 

Kathleen Therese O'Brien 

Judith Sprei Ott 

Lucile F. Otton 

Irene Kalandros Papas 

Michael George Pfetsch 

Lois Pottorff 

Alan Eugene Ptak 

Minoo Rafiei 

Victor Reasoner 

Joan Lee Richards 

Aldema Anne Ridge 

Karen Lemoyne Roberts 

Susan Reichgott Robinson 

Allan Howard Rotman 

Robert Scott Rycroft 

Susan P. Schachtel 

Marlene Judith Deckelbaum Shapiro 

Madeleine Sherak 

Jeffrey Mark Siedenberg 

William Robert Simpson 

George Eugene Smith Jr. 

Mark Steven Steinitz 

Joseph Sumilas 

Kathryn Bernadette Summa 

John Alan Talbot 

Ernest W. P. Thayil 

Mary Scarlett Steele Thomas 

Sue Brown Toler 

H. Warren Topelius 

Nancy Karen Torrieri 

Melissa Durvin Trevvett 

Carole R. Unger 

Phyllis Lee Viccellio 

Dolores Elaine Victorian 

Eric Vlahov 

Richard E. Weaver 

Kendrick Wayne Wentzel 

James C. Wright 

Ruth Mary Wright 

Jeanne C. Yarmey 
Robert Leroy Zehner 
Stephen Michael Zemyan 

Master of Business 

James P. Allen 
Raymond Alfred Allen 
Joseph Anthony Bennett Jr. 
Ronald Gene Blunck 
Leslie L. Brouillard 
James Wesley Chaires Jr. 
Paul B. Dahl 
John Colvin Emery III 
Ralph Thomas Flaherty 
Wayne E. Galinat 
Grace Ann Greenberg 
William Howard Johnstone 
Terry Eugene Kridler 
Ronald A. Matovcik 
Sander Mednick 
Mary Louise Rider 
William Alan Starr 
William C. Turnbull Jr. 
Susan Rawson Zacur 

Master of Education 

Joyce D. Adams 

Felix 0. Agun 

Evelyn Hansen Allin 

Cathryn Linda Ambrose 

Charlotte Deborah Anderson 

Kenneth George Ayton 

Marie JoEllen Bee 

Catherine Kaifer Boyer 

Dianne Florence Brown 

Mary Ann Pizza Browning 

Rose Anne Buchmoyer 

Elva F. Burns 

Linda K. Burns 

Maxine Marietta Caldwell 

Martine Helene Car 

Patricia Gail Chesler 

David Ray Cheslock 

Barbara Jean Meyer Conley 

Kathleen Elizabeth Counihan 

Linda Sue Craven 

Betty Jean Crisp 

Henrietta M. Dahlstrom 

Marjorie W. Davis 

Glenn Dorsey 

Barbara Elaine Early 

Patricia Maureen Finnerty 

Marjorie Ann Abbott Fioramonti 

Harold Glenn Franklin 

Richard Taylor Friedl 

Joseph G. Fudjack 

Thomas Courtney Garton 
Steven Gibson 
Cathy Lynn Gilliland 
Ruth Gollan 

Marilyn Connolly Gonzalez 
Wren Cronan Gregus 
Marcia Diane Gruss 
Bruce Roy Guinn 
Jeffrey William Hahn 
Muriel H. Hailstorks 
Andrew Lee Havis 
Patricia Ann Heinz 
Kathleen L. Helt 
Dorothy Burrows Johnson 
Erica-Jean Elizabeth Johnston 
Leah Johnston 
Cynthia Cavenaugh Jones 
Meryl Levine Karchawer 
John Edward Kasuda 
Carol Ann Kempske 
Ann Marie Keyfauver 
Carol Winston Kidd 
Elizabeth Katherine Kilgus 
John Arthur Knupp 
Mary Fatima Kosar 
Martha Elizabeth Kruse 
Agnes Diminga Labor 
Barbara Ann Landefeld 
Joan Bette Larson 
Mary Raymond Logue 
Sarah Cox Marisic 
Vincent Michael Mazz 
Kathleen Kelly McMahon 
Raymond Frank Meyer 
Dayton Eugene Meyers 
Lenora Louise Mitchell 
Daniel W. Mitchum 
Sunday June Morgan 
Lois Ellen Myers 
Joan Elizabeth Nelson 
Karen K. Nordahl 
Joyce Rosalie North 
Harold Herbert George Oliver 
Brenda Harriet Peterson 
Alice Genevieve Czech Porkert 
Michele Ann Porzel 
William Bruce Reiber 
Barbara June Reitz 
Antoinette Rene Reutemann 
Susan Lynne Robertson 
Michael Grant Robinson 
Carolyn McDaniel Rogers 
Diane Barrie Rose 
Betty Bennett Ruthe 
Hinda Freda Sacks 
Sekip Sahin 

Mary Patricia O'Grady Sand 
Stephen E. Schappert 
Roberta Joan Scheer 
Cynthia Catherine Schlude 
Jane Marie Sharnoff 
Eleanor Elizabeth Shook 


Alan Matthew Silberman 
Bernard Peter Silverberg 
Steven Bruce Silvern 
Ann Katherine Skamarycz 
Judith Ellen Slye 
Michael Solonevich 
Clifton Moffett Stoneburner 
Linda F. Teplitzky 
Renee Tevelow 
Billy Howard Thompson 
Robert James Tuholski 
Gerald Aloysius Vazzana 
Helen M. Vexler 
Patricia Clark Vogelsang 
Louise Ethel Warren 
Shelby Davis Weingarten 
Ruth Kern Wieben 
Cheryl Hiers Wilhoyte 
Betty C. Williamson 
Beth G, Wisecup 

Master of Fine Arts 

Patricia Elizabeth White 

Master of Library Science 

Elaine Catherine Alligood 

Kay Holeman Baily 

William Henry Baker 

Linda Anne Barnes 

Carol Shore Berman 

Carolyn Woodard Bibault 

Susan M. Blevins 

Ellen Virginia Boissevain 

Christina E. Bolgiano 

Tina L. Burke 

Janet Lee Bynum 

Bonnie Sue Moroch Colcher 

Mary Elese Colvin 

Ruth E. Corkill 

Oma Jean Crosier 

Sharon Louise Richey Crutchfield 

William DeCosta 

J. Michael Donnelly 

Edmund Patrick Edmonds 

Wanna May Ernst 

Janet Elaine Ertz 

Nina Merriman Fedalen 

Anne-Marie Gabor 

Denise Darnell Gletten 

Ruth Anne Graham 

Stuart Greenberg 

Loretta Ann Greiner 

Gail Lynn Griffith 

Michael Francis Handy 

Beverley Ann Harison 

Jane Hawkanson 

Elizabeth J. Hayes 

Holly Nosker Henley 
Sarah Brigham Howell 
Hisayuki Ishimatsu 
Edward Ellsworth Jones 
Sharon Mae Kalbarczyk 
Gail Lynn Kantor 
Mamie Pan Kao 
Judith Alk Karren 
Dianne Joyce Kasten 
Abdur Rahman Khan 
Linda Kim 

Robert MacDonald Kline 
Sharon Smart Koury 
Philip Joseph Kromnick 
Colleen Nora Lahan 
Isabelle Teresa Laucka 
Lucille Baptist Leavy 
Frances P. Lederer 
Frances Lefkowitz 
Nancy Hall Lewis 
Denise Marie Liard 
Kinney Littlefield 
Elizabeth Reynolds Lyman 
Dolores M. Maminski 
Lynell Jean McKnight 
Elizabeth Nyang 
Richard Lee Omerso 
Peyton Lewis Penkowsky 
Charles Arthur Phillips 
James Dodson Poe 
Mya Thanda Poe 
Johanna Powers 
Winifred Susan Pruitt 
Margaret Garvey Purcell 
Susan Elizabeth Randolph 
Howard Bruce Raskin 
Joyce Cortright Richmond 
Susan Warren Robinson 
Vicky Loretta Rogers 
Nathan Rosenbaum 
Patricia Ann Stafford 
Mary Moncure Starke 
Donna Lang Study 
Michael P. Supple 
Judith Carol Sweney 
Deborah D. Taylor 
Carol Jean Thomas 
Lynn Gallagher Tienken 
Mary Garlington Trefry 
Alan Kay Virta 
Katherine Moore White 
Dene L. Wilson 
Rosa Mae Wilson 
Rosalie Louise Woodard 
Taeko Terashima Wu 
Melora Davis Zeisberg 
John William Zitnyar 

Master of Music 

Joan Kunselman Cordes 
Ralph Mark Gaedicke 
Elizabeth Lingrell McWilliams 

Master of Science 

Akinsehinde Ola Akinsorotan 
Steven Paul Aust 
Barbara Ann Baczewski 
Wayne Clifton Barnes Jr. 
Eugene I. Baskin 
James Allen Belknap 
Zvi Bergreen 
Wayne Berman 
Abraham Biadgelgne 
Charles Robert Binkley 
Diane Elizabeth Brockman 
Stephen James Brodeur 
Kenneth Mark Brown 
Linda Marie Brown 
William Mitchell Burch 
Paul George Bystrak 
Rodrigo G. Castro 
John Joseph Cornyn Jr. 
David Paul Crowl 
Thanh Hung Dao 
John T. Deaton 
John Paul Devereaux 
Thomas Edward Dobry 
Lewis August Dokmo 
Diane M. Dowdell 
Joel Steven Faden 
Gaston Carlee Finney 
Alton Leonard Fleming 
James Richard Franklin 
John Philip Freeman 
Rosalind Dwyer Friedman 
Mary Manning Galloway 
Susan Elaine Gebhardt 
Loyal Michael Goff 
D., Edgar A. Gonzalez 
Gary Lane Green 
Frank Andrew Hagen 
Ellen Sue Hartenstein 
Dorothy Ann Hester 
Charles Lamar Hilterbrick 
Joanne Merson Holden 
Jick Hyun Kim 
Ravi Chandar Krishnan 
Betty Jean Layman 
James Lefter 
Elizabeth Anne Majane 
Sze Ngai Mak 
Patricia Anne McGrath 
John McHugh 
Nancy Laura Middleton 
Barbara J. Mills 

Jane Mirro 

James Oleary Montgomery 

Linda Ann More 

Yasuo Motoyoshi 

Elizabeth Jean Newman 

Betty Ann Newton 

Paul W. Nichols 

Dianne De Pue Odiand 

Rachel L. OIney 

Paul F. Ottinger 

Jorge A. Pacheco 

Philip Teh Pan 

Walter Allen Payne 

Henryk Perelsztein 

Anh Le Phung 

Steven Howard Pravdo 

Andrew Edward Ramisch 

William Edmond Reichmuth III 

Garaldine M. Riggs 

David Israel Rosenbloom 

Marianne Emerson Russek 

Susumu Sakakibara 

George Michael Samaras 

Craig Charles Sheaffer 

Ronald R. Shields 

Janice L. Shivers 

Judith Sachs Shulman 

Patricia Cook Sinclair 

Marcia S. Sloger 

Steven Avery Smith 

Norman Scott Spencer 

Eloise Loos Styer 

Dah Wei Sung 

Catherine Ann Surra 

Thomas Lee Tatum 

Kingsley Prentiss Thompson 

James Richard Wardell 

Frederick E. Wasserman 

Carol Umans Weber 

Jeffrey Lawrence Weiler 

Andrew Eric Weiser 

Ronald Clarence Willard 

Alfred Smith Williams III 

Denny Lee Wilson Sr. 

Eric Vassar Witt 

William Edward Yanovitch 

10 August/Masters 

C ollege of 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard Wilson Collins 

Donna Kay Demange 

John Francis Fiedor 
"Robert Clarkson Fry 
tGary Martin Goldstein 

Kemper Lee Holt 

William French Holt 

Bruce Alien Lawson 
*Lee Stephen Malone 

Carter Benson McCamy 

Mark Edward McKevitt 

Alan Drew Rubinstein 

David Michael Snyder 

Gary Wayne Stearns 
tJustin Harvey Straus 

Roger Allen Warthen 

Robert Coddington Weber 

!§»4*liool of 

Bachelor of Arts 

Marjorie Ciccone 
Jeffrey Eric Gilbert 

t ollo^«^ of 
Arts SI lid 

Bachelor of Arts 

Raymond Lloyd Baumler 
•Pamela E. Bell 

David Brian Binder 

Andrew Richard Braitman 

Neil Lee Brodsky 

Howard C. Brown III 

Victor Cummings 

Janellen Cunningham 

John Fernand Dechaene 

Michael Patrick Dimmick 

George C. Ford Jr. 
tWilliam Graves III 

Melvin Raymore Greene III 

Dale Guiffre 

Maureen Merrow Harris 

Jacqueline Alice Horton 

Elizabeth Klein 

Donald Stephen Kline 

Kim Alison Kriegel 

Amy Ellen Leekoff 

Domenica C. Lopez 
Ricardo Lopez 

tHarry John Loss 
Nancy Eileen Maginnis 
Jonni Marie Marquardt 
Stewart Lee Martinez 
Peter Joseph McKenna 
Daniel Willis McKerrow 
Robert Bruce McKibbin 
Lisa Rappaport Melman 
Raymond Paul Montgomery 
Monica Louise Nowak 

"Peggy Christine Nowels 
Paul Lyndon Phillips 

"Janice Poland 
Kathleen Marie Popper 
Richard Alan Radeloff 
Wanda P. Robinson 
Dominick Servadio Jr. 
Kathleen A. Sheehan 
Stephen Shemelynec Jr. 
Suzanne Jeanne Silber 
James Howard Silverman 
Rita Mandel Stein 
Jeffrey P. Timins 
Japeth Clifford Trimble 
Andrew Charles Vlahakis 
Alfred Ronald Walters 
John Samuel Weiner 
Edward William Wetterman 
Sharon Lee Wheeler 
Sylvia A. Wright 

College of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Science 

tDarold Kevin Beard 

Carol Jane Brier 

Steven Matthew Brooks 

Clay Stuart Campbell 

Lauren Kay Corbitt 

David Alan Crow 
tElliot Keith Fishman 

Gene F. Frazier 

Richard Bieber Friese 
"Beverii Sue Goldberg 

Phyllis Louise Greenwald 

John Cecil Gridley 
"John Edwin Hartman 
"ita Marguerite Killeen 
"Bruce William Markoff 

Marc Steven Nasoff 

Larry Jay Ochfeld 
tRona Beth Rubin 
"Richard P. Singer 

Michael D. Sokoloff 

Marilyn Terri Werthamer 

Nelson EricWiegman 
tBarry Alan Wohl 

Bachelor of Music 

Michael F. Boule 

College of 
Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

"David Eugene Arnold 

Maury Allen Baer 

Howard Steven Bernheim 

John Michael Bishop 

John Braddy 

Kenneth Riley Brittin 

James Merton Calder 

Roger Linwood Cary 

Wyade Leo Christner 

Remo Ciccone 

Elton Dennis Clohecy 

James M. Collins 
t James Graff Connor 

William Edward Davis 

James Craig Def ibaugh 

Steven Michael Denenberg 

Gilbert Bryan Devey Jr. 

Ronald Lee Dieterich 

Edward Arthur Doebler Junior 

Rosemary Downing 

Paul Francis Earley 

Stephen Ranee Emme 

Robert Jennings Flaherty 

Kenneth W. Freeh 

Warren Robert Galinat 

Steve Allen Gibbs 

Preston John Godfrey 
tRoger S. Goldman 

Ted E. Goldman 

Kenneth David Hackman Jr. 

John Brady Haines 

Mary Noble Heath 

John Patrick Heimbecker 

Ronald David Hessenauer 

Steven Gary Hirshenson 

Kenneth Neal Hopkins 

James Archer Ingel 
"Ian Charlton James 

David Christopher Jones 

Clifford George Kane 

Susan May Khair 
"Donald Philip Klein 

Steven Nelson Klenk 

James Edward Komaromy 

Craig Korvin 
tAndrew Gary Levy 

Mark D. Loop 

Christopher Stanley Maika 

Christian Francis Matthiessen 

Frank William Mauric 

James Wilson May Jr. 

James Kirk McBride 

Joseph Michael McCathran 

Michael Thomas McDonald 
tRichard David Mend 

George Robert Neureither 
tWilliam Patrick Newman Jr. 

John Joseph OConnell Jr. 

Teddy Lee Okum 

Robin Reed Owens 

Peter Andrew Paff 

Michael Andrew Parker 

Danny Ray Patton 
tEugenia Christina Perros 
tPaul Joseph Quattrone 
tMartin A. Rabenovets 

Stuart Alan Rabkin 

Patrick Allen Richards 

Pamula Robinson 

Richard Alexander Robuck 

Barry Alton Root 

Albert Franklin Rowles Jr. 

James Michael Schultz 

Alan Lee Schupp 
tGordon Edward Shults 

Donald Richard Siegel 

William Lloyd Singer Jr. 

Hal William Slaton 

Ellen Carol Sobol 

Bruce Howard Stevens 

Gary Lee Stup 

Owen E. Swartman 

Walter Watson Tingley 

Joseph Edwin Trimmer 

David Allen Ulanow 

Susan Uszerowicz 

James Sam Vance 

Bruce John Varker 

Richard Leo Vitek Jr 

John Richard Wagner 

Daniel Ligon Ward 

Philip John Wegman 

David James White 

James Knott Williams III 

Malverta Doyle Williams 
tAlbert Wilbur Woodfield III 

Edward Mill Yee 

James R. Young 

Sang Yohl Yu 

Michael John Zahra 

CoUege of 
Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

David Michael Cox 
Francis Joseph Crandell 
Larry Stuart Enten 
Norman Paul Fink 

• with honors; t with high honors 



Stephen Douglas Gill 
Peter Horace Hamilton 
tP. Janee Jacobs 
Sharon Maureen Little 
George E. IVIarucci 
Harlon Scott Roman 
Richard Barry Singer 
Barbara Hagen Smeby 
Richard John Sumner Jr. 
Dennis Randolph Thomas 
Eli Thomas Williams Jr. 

College of 

Bachelor of Arts 

Joanne Pearce Arthur 

Francis Lorin Brown Jr. 

Bonnie Jean Brune 

Elaine Castilow 

Rosemarie D. Craven 

Paul Norman Garner Jr. 

Melanie Bridget Gary 

Roger Byron Giles 

Glenda Ann Gillan 
*Jane Ann Hannon 

Rebecca Jo Hare 
'Virginia K. Hilmy 

Edward Lawrence Hubbard 

Doris Anne Lobb 
'Louise Wilson Margolies 
tJudith Spector Warwick 

Maureen McKay 

Katherine Mockus 

Bruce Cunningham Murray 
tSusan Patricia Perry 

Reinhard James Pohlen 

Gerard Francis Sewell 
"Linda J. Sweeting 

Marianne Kathryn Szwec 

Sharyn Beth Tarason 

Merrie Robin Woolf 

College of 

Bachelor of Science 

Stephan David Alterman 
Cynthia Irene Barnhouser 
Beverly Mae Beattie 
Deborah Judith Berlin 
Judith Lenore Biaiek 
tDouglas Joel Bilbo 
Susan Scott Billmyre 
Mary Elizabeth Woycik Bilowus 
Gayle Yvonne Blevins 
William Richard Bogley 
Joyce Patricia Boisvert 

Terry Lynn Bowen 
tJudith James Brown 

Donna Lynne Carroll 

Margaret Ann CArter 

Judith Lynne Cohen 

Mary Kathleen Collins 

Patricia Ann Conner 

Vivian Elisabeth Dieterich 

Frances Justina Dillon 

Gary Michael Eslin 

Martha Farkas 
tGregory Patrick Field 

Bette Ann Frederick 
tSusan Grace Fritz 

Robert Morris Goldfinger 

William Trimble Hall Jr. 
'Suzanne Poff Hathaway 

Verlee Kay Hitzhusen 

Rebecca Louise Horner 

Jill Anne Iskovitz 

Marion Amy Isserman 

Donna Christine Istvan 

Frances Ann Jensky 
'Christine Barbara Johansson 
Sandra Jeane Keiffer 
Barbara Ann Kleinknecht 
Karen Sue Knickrehm 
Maxine Paula Kornstein 
'Barbara Lane Kreager 
Nancy De Simone Laycock 
'Tedd Leighton-Hermann 
Diane Schreiber Lipskind 
Gail Lorene MacMillan 
tEllen Leissner Margolius 
Shoshana S. Margulies 
Michael Joseph Maxzczenski Jr. 
Paul Robert McGinley 
Kathryn Ann McKenzie 
Maureen Kathryn McLain 
'Timothy Brendan McManus 
'Stuart Sigmund Melnikoff 
Jennifer Lynn Metelits 
Linda Powell Middleton 
Sylvia B. Miller 
Amy Ruth Mitchell 
Betty Kay Morris 
Gary Mel Nelson 
Carolyn Maureen O'Donnell 
Rena Pensky 
Maureen Theresa Pergal 
JoAnn Marie Pesce 
David Joseph Phillips 
'Vicki Lynn Pinkos 
'Juliann Katherine Reilly 
tJudy Joy Wannan Rein 
Charles Wayne Riggleman 
tLori Sandbeck 
Linda Jolene Schilling 
David Alfred Schwarzmann 
Deborah Elaine Sengstack 
Joseph K. Sheya 
Kathleen Marie Slagle 

Gwendolyn June Sowa 
Nancy Jane Stevens 
Linda Marie Tennery 
Joan Corrine Thomson 
Harrison Marley Thrasher Jr. 
John Nathan Tillman 
Jacqueline Arleen Vandyke 
Linda Jean Wagner 
Linda Marlene Walleigh 
Mark Richard Wascavage Sr. 
Brian Leslie Wehrheim 
Susan Gretchen White 
Katherine Rose Woodhouse 
Robert Alton Yost 
Kathryn Ann Zeniak 

CoUege of 

Bachelor of Science 

v^hahid Mohammad Anis 

''Boben Louis Burzese Jr. 

"^Earl Preston Easton Jr. 
■/tMichael Stanley Edwards 
^tWilliam L. Feeney 
Robert Alvord Flanders 
Robert Gehman Jr. 
-jl^arian R. Gordon fe'V' 
Shawn Martin Gorman 
Mohinder Nath Goswami 

'Douglas Max Hart 

'Charles A. Irish Jr. 
Francis Atherton Jacocks 

'George Stevenson Kemp I 
Karl Andrew Knutsen 
Alan M. Krichinsky 
John Randolph Maphis 
Barry Stuart Marcus 
John L. Matticks 
Alan Crosby Meese 
Marc Carl Menzie 
Kenji Ryu 

John Edward Schade 
Charles Albert Shaheen 
Russell Gregory Sharpe 
Robert E. Simonds Jr. 
Rogan Stearns 
David Lloyd Tate 

tRobert Phillip Willet Jr. 
Lockett K. Yee 
Michael William Young 
Thomas William Zaiesak 

tVictor Casimir Zwinklls, J 


ewe.- 1 


College of 



Bachelor of Science 

Elizabeth Canton Bayliss 

"Barbara A. Castro 
Carol Cooper 
Donna Rae Denison 
Deborah Jean Drehoff 
Lisa Freeman 
Marsha Anne Freeman 
Gelispie Hallie James II 
Stephanie Yvonne Johnson 

'Mariann Joan Jordan 
Patricia Ann Kane 
Elizabeth Ellen Kerkering 
Kathleen Kerley 

tSusan C. Boman Lazicki 
Frances Ora Malinowski 
Ellyce Bebbs Miles 
Alice Frances Persons 
Julie Ann Saposnekoo 
Faye Shelley Snyder 
Mary Johnson Stephenson 
Diane Cecile Tardif 
John E. Veader, Jr. 

'Martha L.Walker 

tSusan Mae Wyne 

College of 

Bachelor of Science 

Melanie Carr 

Rubye Jacquelyn Corbitt 

Rita M. Foley 

Catherine Anne Hartz 
tJames Kennedy Holwager 

Jo Ann Patton 

Michael Robert Saltarella 

Carolyn Maureena Spears 
tLou Gehrig Swerda 

C. Kelly Wallace 

Carol Ann Zmuda 

12 August/Bachelors 

' with honors; t with high honors 

College of 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Anne Elizabeth Barcus 

David Stewart Beard 

Leslie Guy Brimer 
tCarol Ann Bullock 

Ernes P Burkhart 

Gail Lillian Carpenter 

Patrick Michael Casey 

Elizabeth Anne Cheslosky 

Patricia Margaret Moore Coster 

John Charles Deardorff 

James Ralph Dunn 

Scott Parker Ellison 

Jan Vernene Erickson 

Richard David Evans 

Barbara Jean Garrott 
tJeanne Marie Haffner 

Sharon Anne Hoffmann 

Joyce Louise Humphrey 
tMichael Alan Jarboe 
tNancy McKim Jones 

Larry J. Lombardi 

Scott Charles Loomis 

James Patrick Meyers 

Arthur Reinhold Mieike 

Burke Dennis Mikulis 

Ellen Jo Ann Peters 

Sheila Lorraine Spears 

Themistocles George Theoharis 

Carolyn D. Twohig 

Joseph John Villella 

Lida-Marlaine Holly Witte 

Division of 
and Life 

Bachelor of Science 

Karl Edwin Adier Jr. 

Alan Todd Bradford 
tPeter Michael Corrado 

Sandra Kay Davidson 
'Lawrence Allen Donehower 
tJudith Diane Engleberg 

Anne Gray Finley 
"Linda Jean Flanigan 

Stanley Norman Friedman 

James Dell Fuller 

* with honors; t with high honors 

Catherine Marie Gikas 
Arthur W. Hailer 
Kent Richard Hirsch 
Michael L. Keeliher 
Tristram Coffin Kruger 
Robert John McDonald Jr. 
Robert Edmond Morris 
Robin Linwood Newcomer 
Gregory Charles Ohimacher 
Jane Michele Pitts 
James Charles Plock 
Janine Madeleine Ramsey 
Allan George Savage 
tJonatfian Robert Seeman 
John Michael Shellenberger 
Anna Cecelia Swift 
Emily Savage Thomas 

Division of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Paul Thomas Ahearn 

Kathleen Anne Ambrose 

Timothy D. Arnold 

John L. Bane 

John H. Berkley 

Terri S. Bobb 

Dan Ivan Boor 

Charles David Brovvn 
"Arthur Thomas Burge 

Edwin Joseph Callahan Jr. 

David Bush Canby 

Michael Louis Cavalier 
tDennis Bowman Cooper 

Sandra May Crawford 

Brian L. Dalgarno 
"Jean Lightfoot Dillard 

Adriane Joy Eiseman 

Laurence E. Everett 

Diana M. Rodrfguez de Ferragut 

Rene Ricardo Ferragut 

Nancy Alice Fitzgerald 

Laurence S. Galvin Jr. 

Ernest Leroy Gardner, Jr. 

Lawrence Edward Hamilton 

Loren Thomas Herway 

Mark Charles Jarvis 

Lori Ann Kahl 

Ann Sara Katcef 

Anne Magdalen Killeen 

Richard Joseph Kowal 

Barbara Rabin Kristal 

Marylin Beth Larson 

Nora Angela Leaf 

Sandra Lillian Lee 
tAnthony Stephen Lombardo 

Monica Louise Longen 

Karen Elizabeth Lovaas 

Vita Magos 

Stephen Lawrence Manuel 

Michael Edward Means 

George Contee Moore 
tDiane Patricia Munley 

Thomas McHugh Murphy 

Linda Louise Otto 

Wendy Kimball Pineles 
tNedda Irene Pray 

Vicki Louise Price 

Thomas Joseph Ronayne 
"Kenneth B. Ross 

Daniel William Rouhier 

Mark George Sager 

Dale Esther Schrickling 

Gary Walter Schrock 

Bruce I. Schulman 
"Janice Bergman Schumacher 

Michael Bruce Schwartz 

Patricia Lee Sessions 

Sandra Sheridan 

Susan Gay Sheridan 
*Jane Marie Spradling 
"Nancy Sue Stratton 

James Linwood Strong Jr. 

Jean Carol Teuteberg 

Linda Marie Trezza 

Charles Michael Von Fremd 
tVerna Jean Wefald 

Robert Harrison Wickless 

Mary Christina Wood 

Arthur M. Wright 

Dorothea Maria Zitta 

Division of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Music 

tRonald Edward Man 
Ellen Yoko Sakai 

Division of 
and I'^eial 

Bachelor of Arts 

Barry Baile Adamson 
Robert Anthony Bloomfield 
Bruce Alan Blum 
Douglas Trowbridge Boiler 
Claire Costello Bourdeau 
William Robert Brumbaugh Jr. 

Acie Lee Byrd, Jr. 
t Robert Earl Campbell 
"David Celeste Jr. 
tJan Chervenak 

Michael Denis Collins 

Kevin Joseph Conrad 

Leo J. Coughlin 

Stephen Robert Cox 

Steven Alan Crumrine 

Marcia Lynne Crutchfield 

Stewart John Deavers 

Rona Rae Demb 

Richard Roland Diamond 
"Dennis Joseph Dolan 

Charles Francis Donnelly 

Robert Bruce Douglas 
tLouise Foster Fitzgerald 

Robert Wesley Frebertshauser Jr. 

Jatrice Martel Gaiter 

Charlotte Anne Gearin 

Robert Paul Gleeson 
"Ruth Gloger 

Zachary Stewart Gray 
"Gerald Mark Haram 

Wendell Allen Johnson II 

Legaunt Joseph Jones 

Coleen Marie Kelly 

James E. Kirk 

Raymond Joseph Kolarik 
"Marcus William Kostolich III 

George Andrew Krzywicki 

Mary Kathleen Kyne 

Nella Anne Launi 
"Pamela Ann Layman 
"Clare McManus Lebling 

Beverly Burdette Lerman 

Linda Lucille Levine 

Anthony Joseph Loratto 

Stephen Smith Lortie 

Harry King McAfee 

John M. McCullough 
tCynthia Anne McGrory 

Mary Elizabeth McQuillan 

Maria Mendelson 

Leonarda Amelia Meyer 

Edward Charles Miller 

JoAnn M. Minor 

Francis Xavier Morgan 

Steven Earl Morton 

Gerald Bowen Mullikin 

Dixie Carol Newhouse 

Harriet Slingluff Palmer 
tWilliam Douglas Pence 

Daniel Alexander Perlman 

John Lee Pie 

Susan Florence Pirritano 

Mary Alice Pollard 

Frederick Douglas Ramseur 

Catherine JoAnne Reed 

Alan Gary Rodbell 

Diane Marie Ruddell 

James Louis Sanders 



Cynthia Ellen Schellhase 
Raphael Lee Schwartz 
Edgar Eugene Seabolt 
Lisa Rebecca Seidenberg 
Michael Harry Serkes 
Jo Ann Sessions 
Jacqueline Ann Sheppard 

tDavid Lawrence Shreve 
George Ning Sun Soo Hoo 
Yvonne Freund Stapp 

tPatricia Marie Tana 
Mark Joseph Thalheimer 
Robert DeForrest Thomas 

*Nancy S. Tuck 
Douglas Paul Vandeven 
John Anthony Walsh 
Mary Belinda Whalen 
Paul Bergan Winters 
John Joseph Wright 
Robert Allen Zigler 
Barbara Ann Zlatin 

Division of 
and !^eial 

Bachelor of Science 

Karen Ann Befumo 

Edith Clarke Bickley 

Steven Francis Brown 

Carol A. Clancy 
"Margaret Beth Feinberg 

Paul L. Felsenfeld 

August Eugene Ghessie 

Hardy Cannon Grier, Jr. 
TKathleen Lea Landers 

Joseph Mark Langlais 

'Thomas Hugh Ley 

James Eric Magness 

James Stanton Mattingly Jr. 

William Webb Moroney Jr. 

Gregory Barry Norris 

Kathryn Clara O'Connell 

William Earl Paxton 
tJon David Peters 

Diane Marilyn Shapiro 
tBarnett Dennis Shpritz 

David R. Sinett 

John Robert Sloop 

Anne Joan Spinnler 

Michael R. Young 

William Dale Young Jr. 

Division of 
and Physical 
!^c*ienc*es and 

Bachelor of Science 

Tim Dimitri Andreadis 

Emil Joseph Blassic 

Reginald Lavern Brown 
"Daniel Joseph Dougherty 

Jane Elizabeth Flowers 

Carol Crawford House 

Fred Leise 

Robert William Loewer 

Douglas Wayne Moye 

Henry August Sohn II 

Samuel Francis Strasbaugh 

Jeffrey Howard Sturman 
tDale Michele Weinstein 




Bachelor of General Studies 

Robert Lewis Alter Jr. 
Barbara Kay Bollard 
Edward Allyn Brault 
George Richard Buzzard 
tCatherine Hickey Calabrese 
Shelley Lynn Garretson 
Alfred Robert Guerieri Jr. 
Owen Marion Madsen 
Thomas Michael McAleer 
SaraJane Muir Jr. 
Mary Philomena Myrtle 
Michael Joseph Nesbit 
William Jerome Robrecht 
John Stephen Rothman 
Diane Kathleen Stout 
Howard LeRoy Turner 

Candidates for 


Deeember 30, 




The 1974 class roster is comprised of 
degree candidates from the undergraduate 
and graduate programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final action 
cannot always be taken for candidates by 
the time this program is printed, the 
list of candidates here is tentative 
only. The University reserves the right 
to withdraw or add names. All diplomas 
will be mailed by the Registrations 

Students who have earned their degrees 
from the College of Education may obtain 
a Statement of Certificate Eligibility in 
the College of Education Records Office 
(Room 3201) until 4;30 p.m. today. Other 
students who have completed teacher edu- 
cation programs will receive their 
statements in the mail (separate from 
the diplomal upon verification of re- 
quired coursework. 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Britt L. Albritton 

Government and Politics: Weapons Devel 
opmentas Catalyst in Elite Transforma- 
tion: The Case of the Soviet Military 

Erhan Alparslan 

Electrical Engineering: Structure of a 
p-adic Computer 

Earle Bartley Amey, III 

Chemical Engineering: Chlorination- 
Volatilization for Recovering Nickel, 
Maganese, and Cobalt from Refractory 
Nickel Ores 

Stephen J. Andriole 

Government and Politics: Public Policy 
Relevance and Contemporary Social 
Scientific Inquiry: The Case of 
Foreign Policy Analysis 

Steven W. Anschel 

Zoology: Functional Specificity of 
Vocalizations Elicited by Electrical 
Brain Stimulation in the Turkey 
(Meleagris gallopavoj 

Stephen Howard Armstrong 

Human Development: A Three-Dimen- 
sional Theory of Group Process in Ado- 
lescent Dyads 

Alan Aubrey Atchley 

Botany: The Genus Arrabidaea 

Sara Ayers Bagby 

Secondary Education: The Development 
and Validation of A Q-Sort Designed to 
Measure Flexibility in Prospective Home 
Economics Teachers 

William Robert Bandy 

Physics: A Tight-Binding Green's 
Function Formulation for Electron 

Norman J. Berg 

Electrical Engineering: The Effects 
of Nuclear Radiation on Lovj Temperature 
Transport Properties of Epitaxially- 
Grown Gallium Arsenide 

Ranjan Kumar Bhowmik 

Physics: A Study of (p,2pl Reaction 
on Light Nuclei 

Robert Jonas Blatchley 

Human Development: Personality Factors 
in Violent Behavior 

Forrest Michael Bonner 

Administration Supervision and Curricu- 
lum: Comparative Organizer Effective- 
ness in Televised Nine-Grade Social 

Janet S. Brandon 

Human Development: The Relationship 
of Runaway Behavior in Adolescence 
to the individual's Perceptions of Self , 
the Environment and Parental Ante- 

Alice Perrin Brew 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Effects of a Counseling Workshop on 
Adult Women and Counselors 

Peter William Bruton 

History: The National Board of Health 

August /Bachelors 
14 December/Doctors 

* with honors; t with high honors 

Victor David Burns 

Psychology: A Confusability Model for 
the Detection and Recognition of 
Visual Stimuli Embedded in Multi- 
element Displays 

Dwight George Campbell 

Chemical Engineering: The Effects of 
Ethylene-Propylene Blocks Copoly- 
mers on Melt Blended Linear Poly- 
ethylene and Isotactic Polypropylene 

Jane Frances Carey 

Human Development: A Study of Disso 
nance in the Classroom Setting: Its Rela 
tionship to Teacher Job Satisfaction, 
Student Achievement, and School Satis- 

Barbara Goetschius Cashion 

Sociology: The Relationship Between 
Self -Esteem and Social Participation 

Thyagaraja Chandrasekaran 

Chemical Engineering: Transport of 
Radiation-Induced Charge Carriers 
in Liquid Alkanes 

Thomas Howard Chapman 

Counseling and Personnel Services; 
Simulation Game Effects on Attitudes 
Regarding Racism and Sexism 

Sada Dolhinow Chernick 

Secondary Education: Investigation of 
the Role of Positive-Negative Instances 
and Total Number of Examples in 
Achievement, Recognition, and Trans- 
fer on a Concept Formation Task by 
Early Childhood-Elementary Educa- 
tion Majors 

Chester Francis Clark 

Chemical Engineering: Radiation-In- 
duced Grafting of Hexafluoroacetone to 

Charles A. Cody 

Chemistry: The Vibrational Spectro- 
scopy of Some Alkali Trihydrogen Sele- 

John G. Connell 

Entomology: Population Dynamics and 
Sampling Techniques for the Tobacco 
Flea Beetle on Maryland Tobacco 

Charles Malcolm Cook 

History: The American Codification 
Movement: A Study of Antebellum 
Legal Reform 

Robert J. Corn 

Electrical Engineering: A Class of 
Point Process Games 

Albert Clark Crambert 

Measurement and Statistics: Concepts 
and Issues in Criterion-Referenced 
Measuremen t 

John Joseph Dalton 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Audiotape vs. Videotape Observation: 
Comparative Study of their Effect on 
the Observer's Ability to Hear Process, 
Affect, and Content Aspects of Counsel- 
ing Sessions 

Robert Henry Davis 

Electrical Engineering: Synthesis of 
Steady-state Signal Components by an 
All Digital System 

Francis Mary Deane 

Chemical Engineering: Synthesis of 
Optimal Programmable Control Policies 
for Lumped and Distributed Parameter 
Reactor Systems 

Rodney 0. Dillon 

Physics: Selected Electronic Proper- 
ties of Graphite 

Paul A. Domoto 

Horticulture: Effects of Interactions 
of Calcium, Potassium and Manganese 
Supply on 'Delicious' Apple Trees as 
Related to Internal Bark Necrosis 

Jacqueline Dovel Driver 

Human Development: Personality Differ 
ences in the Elderly As a Function of 
Type and Length of Residence 

Jeffrey B. Dunbar 

Elementary Education: An Investiga- 
tion of the Relationship Between 
Teacher Verbal Behavior and Class- 
room Openness in Selected Primary 

Joyce Roberta Durham 

English: The City in Recent American 
Literature: Black on White 

Jacqueline Bridewell Eig 

Special Education: An Exploratory 
Study of Orientation Effects upon 
Normal and Dysfunctional Children's 
Figure-Completion Ability at Two 
Grade Levels 

Ermaleen B. Etter 

Elementary Education: Children's Per- 
formance on a Spatial Task and Sex and 
Physical Distance of the Examiner 

Hans Eugene Feldmann 

English: The Function of Heresy in 
Modern Literature: Studies in the Major 
Fiction of Thomas Hardy, E. M. Forster 
and D. H. Lawrence 

Lawrence Webster Fielding 

Physical Education: Sport on the Road 
to Appomattox: The Shadows of Army 

Virginia Burke Ford 

Human Development: An Investigation 
of the Selection Process and Drug 
Treatment of Explosively Aggressive 
Adolescent Females 

Douglas Fyfe Eraser 

Zoology: Interactions between Sala- 
manders of the Genus Plethodon in the 
Central Appalachians: Studies on Co- 
existence and Competition 

Barbara Beers Fretz 

Secondary Education: Foreign Lan- 
guage Study and Evaluation Reac- 
tions to Spoken English and Spanish 

Neil Emmett Gallagher 

Health Education: Student Interest, 
Cognitive Style and Instructional Meth- 
odology: A Study of the Effect of 
These Variables on Short and Long 
Term Memory of Health Education 

Thomas Nelson Herzog 

Mathematics: Proposed Definitions of 
a Random Sequence: Their Set Relation 
ships. Measures, Cardinalities, and 
Statistical Tests 

Robert Keith Hinderer 

Entomology: A Comparative Study of En- 
zyme Activities and Cytochrome P-450 
Levels of Various Tissues of the Rat and 
Japanese Quail with Respect to their 
Metabolism of Several Pesticides 

Kuo-hsiung Ho 

Human Development: An Exploratory 
Study of Spatial Dimensionality Across 
Two Ethnic Groups 

David Alan Hopfer 

Horticulture: The Effect of Calcium, 
Manganese, Rootstock, and Interstock 
on Nutrient Uptake and Translocation 
in Apple Trees 

Ming Teh Hsu 

Nuclear Engineering: Analytical Solu- 
tions of the Two-Vector Boltzmann Equa- 
tion In Nonplanar Geometries 

John York Humber 

Food Science: Immunoelectrophoretic 
Detection of Staphylococeal Entero- 
toxin A in Pork, Beef, Chicken, and 
Turkey Broths 

Harold David Jenkins 

Government and Politics: Correlates of 
Anti-Poverty Agency Effectiveness 

Ernest Scott Gladney Robert Emile Joseph 

Chemistry: Trace Element Emissions of Electrical Engineering: -4na//s/s and 
Coal-Fired Power Plants: A Study of thi Implementation of Interval Number Com- 
Chalk Point Electric Generating Station potation and Estimation Processes 

Robert Allan Glass 

Psychology: Adaptive Interactions be- 
tween Photopic Mechanisms in Re- 
sponse to Chromatic Borders 

Carl Martin Gueizo 

Economics: An Institutionalist Recon- 
struction of the Theory of the Firm 

Frederick Harry Halvorsen 

Chemical Engineering: Linear Dy- 
namics of the Hydrogenolyses of 
Butanes in an Adiabatic Fixed Bed 

Alice R. Hammond 

Psychology: Playback Context, Trait- 
Anxiety Level and Sex in Audiotape 
Self -Con fron ta tions 

Leonard Stanley Haynes 

Electrical Engineering: The Architec- 
ture of an Algol 60 Computer 

David Victor Kalbaugh 

Electrical Engineering: Optimal 
Search Trajectories 

Anthony Richard Kalica 

Microbiology: Electron Microscopic 
Studies with Respiratory Syncytial Virus 
Temperature-Sensitive Its) Mutants 

Harriet F. Kaplan 

Hearing and Speech Science: The Ef- 
fects of Cued Speech on the Speechread- 
ing Ability of the Deaf 

Alan Hersh Karp 

Astronomy: Hydrodynamic Models of a 
Cepheid Atmosphere 

Neil H. Katz 

American Studies: Radical Pacifism 
and the Contemporary American Peace 
Movement: The Committee for Non- 
violent Action, 1957-1967 



Shari B. Kharasch 

Government and Politics: Political 
Attitudes and Voting Turnout in a Poli- 
tically Impotent Population 

Kay Hodges Kline 

Psychology: Teaching of Problem Sol- 
ving Skills and Internal Locus of Con- 
trol as Factors in the Effectiveness of 
Group Counseling 

Delia Hope Klingbeil 

Secondary Education: An Examination 
of the Effects of Group Testing in Math 
ematics Courses Taught by the Small 
Group-Discovery Method 

Donald Thomas Knauss 

Mechanical Engineering: The Influence 
of Flow Orientation on the Vortex Fre- 
quencies of Bluff Cylinders at Low 
Reynolds Numbers 

Anil Kohli 

Chemical Engineering: Hydrodynamics 
of Drops in Newtonian and Non-New- 
tonian Fluids 

Susana Eva Krivatsy 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Differential Effects of Three Voca- 
tional Counseling Treatments 

James Anthony Lagattuta 

Human Development: An Investigation 
of the Developmental Parallelism Among 
Four Piagetian Operational Groupings: 
Additive and Multiplicative Classifica- 
tions and Additive and Multiplicative 

Harold F. Laydon 

Secondary Education: A Comparison of 
Selected Teaching Competencies in 
Secondary School Environments; 
Open Space and Self-Contained 

Zandra B. Leibowitz 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Differential Effectiveness of 
Adult and Adolescent Trainers Using 
Reinforcement and Non-Reinforcement 
Training Procedures on Social Skill 
Acquisition Rates of Adolescent Sub- 
jects: An Experimental Investigation 
of the Peer-to-Peer Helping Model 

Gail Dianne LundgrenThomas 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Male Stereotyping of the Female and 
Its Effect on Verbal Behavior in Small 
Discussion Groups 

Steve-sze Yee Wlak 

Chemical Engineering: Experimental 
Studies of Electron Transprt Phe- 
nomena in the A1/A1 20i/ Plasma 

John Dine Martin 

Horticulture: Plant Antitranspirant 
Effects on Water Loss of Potted Chry - 
santhemum morifolium Ramat. and 
The Potential Side-Effects under Con- 
ditions of Commercial Greenhouse Pro- 

William Charles McCarthy 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Modification of Locus of Control and 
Self Concept As A Result of A Human 
A wareness Program 

James Robert McKee 

Chemistry: A Study of the Mechanism 
of the Base Catalyzed Conversion of 
Trichloromethyl Carbinols to Chloro- 
acetic Acids 

Audre Janis McLoughlin 

Administration, Supervision and Curri- 
culum: A Study to Determine the Rela- 
tionships Between Role Conflict, Role 
Ambiguity and Job Satisfaction as 
Perceived by Administrators of Bacca- 
laurea te Nursing Programs 

Adolf Miklavc 

Physics: Cyclotron Resonance and 
Cyclotron Waves at Far-Infrared Fre- 
quencies in a Semi-Metal with Nonpara- 
bolic Bands 

James Wallace Milden 

American Studies: The Sacred Sanc- 
tuary: Family Life in 19th Century 

Julia Rudyne Miller 

Secondary Education: Family Commu- 
nication and Academic Achievement 
of Black Junior High School Students 

Thomas Keith Morrison 

Economics: The Performance of Less 
Developed Countries in Exporting 
Manufacturers: A Cross-Country 

Delia Ann Munday 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Relationship of Role Models to the 
Career Orientation of Female College 

Joyce Alene Murphy 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: An Investigation of Teacher 
Influence on Two Decision Making Be- 
havior of Five to Seven Year Old 

Annie Wynn Neal 

Elementary Education: Analysis of 
Responses to Items on the Peabody 
Picture Vocabulary Test According to 
Race and Sex 

Hani Mohamed Negm 

Aerospace Engineering: On The Theory 
of Extended Fields and Its Application 
to the Problem of Forced Vibration of 
Thin Plates 

Axuan Ngo 

Poultry Science: Nutritional and Bio- 
chemical Studies of Glycine Metabo- 
lism in Chicks 

Francis William Nicholas 

Geography: Parameterization of the 
Urban Fabric: A Study of Surface 
Roughness with Application to Balti- 
more, Maryland 

. Laurel Weber Oliver 

Psychology: The Relationship of 
Familial Variables to Career and Home- 
making Orientation in College Women 

John Michael Ondov 

Chemistry: A Study of Trace Elements 
on Particulates from Motor Vehicles 

Cesar Oro 

Spanish & Portuguese Language and 
Literature: El subjuntivo en la 
Primera Cronica General de Espaha 

Leonard Paul Miller 

Chemistry: A Comparative Study of 
Soluble and Membrane Bound Glutamate 
Decarboxylase From Mouse Brain 

Kurt Matthew Liewer 

Physics: The Amplitude Interferometer. 

Design, Testing and Astrometric Results George Carlat Monser 

Mathematics: Extensions of Banach 
Algebra Homomorphisms 

Johanne Elizabeth Peck 

Human Development: Relationships 
Between The Spatial Structure of Chil- 
dren's Free Drawings and Logical 

Paul Vincent Piazza 

English: Christopher Isherwood: 
Myth and Anti-Myth 

Alice Maryann Pieper 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: Parents as Teachers: The 
Effects of a Home Visit Parent Educa- 
tion Program on the Information Pro- 
cessing Ability and the A ttitude 
Learning of Academically Disadvantaged 
Kindergarten Children 

M. Louise Rainey 

Chemistry: Simplex Optimization of 
the Separation of Phospholipids by 
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography 
and Quantitative Analysis Using a 
Moving-Wire Detector 

Hossein Ghahfarokhi Razavi 

Economics: Optimal Stochastic Con- 
trol of Econometric Models 

Virginia P. Redd 

Secondary Education: A Comparison of 
Two Methods of Language Arts Instruc- 
tion for Low-Achieving Eighth-Grade 
Urban and Suburban Students 

Thomas Caspar Reimbold 

Economics: Simulation with a Dynamic 
Interindustry Forecasting Model 

Michael James Reiner 

Physics: A Study of the Half -Shell 
T-Matrix Using Analyticity and Rela- 
tivistic Meson Theory 

Ronald Lee Robeson, Sr. 

Secondary Education: The Diffusion 
of Educational Innovations Through Ex- 
plicit In-Service Training 

Thomas Edward Robinson 

Administration, Supervision and Curricu- 
lum: The Design of a Decision-Making 
Model for Placement of Supplementary 
Staff Personnel in the Montgomery 
County (Maryland! Public School System 

John Edward Rouse, Jr. 

Government and Politics: The Impact 
of Decentralizing Program Administra- 
tion: The Department of Housing and 
Urban Development Case Study 

Paulette W. Royt 

Microbiology: Contributions of Glu- 
cose Transport, Gluconeogenesis, and 
Glycolysis to the Inducible Utilization 
of Glucose by Kluyveromyces lactis 

16 December/Doctors 

Francis Anthony Ruffo, Sr. 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum; Individualizing Instruc- 
tion: The Effect of Student Selection 
of Learning Mode on Achievement 

Jack Louis Runyan 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: 
A Spatial Analysis of the Maryland 
Grain Market 

Greta W. Salem 

Government and Politics: Citizen 
Participation: Opportunities and Incen- 

Ross Edward Schipper 

Mathematics: On a Generalization of 
Hubert's Theorem 94 and Related Topics 

William Howard Schlotthober, Jr. 
Psychology: The Effects of a Video- 
tape Model and Written Instructions On 
Interpersonal Growth Groups 

Walter Edwin Schwab 

Zoology: The Electrophysiological 
Ontogeny of the Rhythmic Pulsations 
of Aurelia aurita 

Daniel Max Shungu 

Microbiology; Effects of Hycanthone 
on Bacterial Metabolism, Prophage In- 
duction and the Replication of 
Selected Bacteriophages 

Paul Richard Simmers 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: An Investigation of Person- 
ality Variable and Their Relationship 
to an Evaluative Rating 

Gordon Andreas Singer 

History: La Vauderie d'Arras , 1459- 
1491: An Episode of Witchcraft in 
Later Medieval France 

Albert J, Snow 

Secondary Education: American In- 
dian Ethno-Science: A Study of Its 
Effects on Student Achievement 

Shirley Claire Sorenson 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
riculum: A Follow-Up Study of the 
Chautaugua-Type Short Course for Col 
lege Teachers in Mathematical Model- 
ing for the Years 1970-71. 1971-72 
and 1972-73 

William Ping-Yiu Tong 

Chemistry: Nucleophilic Substitution 
on Halogens and Reactions of 2,3-Di 
phenylthiirene 1,1 -Dioxide 

Joseph Travaglini 

Administration, Supervision and Cur- 
iculum: Differential Characteristics 
of Students in Career Programd and Un- 
completed Transfer Programs at Essex 
Community College 

David Edwin Trevvett 

Physics: Low Energy K d 

Wae-hai Tung 

Chemical Engineering: The Influence 
of Triblock Copolymers Upon the 
Mutual Compatibility of Polystyrene/ 
Polybutadiene Blends 

Paul Vivian Twining, Jr. 

Poultry Science: The Influence of 
Dietary Protein and Amino Acid Levels 
During the Starter, Finisher and With- 
drawal Periods on Weight Gain, Feed 
Con version. Body Composition and 
Feather Consumption of Broilers 

Susan Sanzo Welsh 

Nutritional Science; Physiological 
Effects of Methyl Mercury Toxicity; 
Interaction of Methyl Mercury with 
Selenium, Tellurium, and Vitamin E 

Harry Samuel Wieand 

Mathematics: On a Condition Under 
Which the Pitman and Bahadur Ap- 
proaches to Efficiency Coincide 

Harry S. Williams 

English: Theodore Roethke's Long 
Poems: Animistic Archetypes in the 
L yrical Mode 

William Edward Winter, Jr. 

Chemical Engineering; Mass Transfer 
in a Liquid-Gas Spray Column 

Byong W. Yoo 

Food Science; Effect of Certain Fac- 
tors on Cell Mass and Ethanol Produc- 
tion by Lactose Fermenting Yeasts 

Zoe Zehel 

Hearing and Speech Science; Consis- 
tency of Performance of Aphasic Sub- 
jects in an Audio- Visual Pointing Task 

Marilyn Miller Schwartz 

Psychology: An Evaluation of Ellis' 
Theory as a Cognitive Model of Emo- 
tional Behavior 

Shirley Jean Schwarz 

Art: The Econography of the Archaic 
Estruscan Herakles: A Study of Three 
Adventures: Nessos, Pholos,and 
Ache loos 

Howard Christopher Schweitzer 

Hearing and Speech Science: Recovery 
Time in Compression Hearing Aids: Ef- 
fects on Intelligibility for Normal- 
Hearing and Otopathologic Listeners 

Raymond Keith Schwer 

Economics: An Analysis of the Invest- 
ment Account of the American 
Economic Association 

James Lawrence Sherald 

Botany; Antifungal Mode of Action of 

John B. Shive, Jr. 

Botany; The Effects of Ancymidol (A 
Growth Retardant) and Triarimol (A 
Fungicide) on the Sterols and Gibber- 
ellins of Phaseolus vulgaris L. 

George Leo Stevens 

Human Development; An Investiga- 
tion of the Relationship Between Adult 
Attitudes Toward Reading and Reading 
Skills Before and After a Reading Im- 
provement Course 

Joan Cole Straumanis 

Philosophy; A Pronominal Analysis of 
Proper Names 

J. David Sullivan 

German & Slavic Language and Litera- 
ture; 4 Thematic and Structural In- 
terpretation of the Short Stories of 
Heinrich Boll in the Collection Wan- 
derer, kommst du nach Spa. 

Matthew Richard Temmel 

History; W. E. Forster and Liberal 
Politics, 1847-1875 

Joel Douglas Thomison 

Mathematics; Function Space Comple- 
tions of Function Spaces 

Wayne J. Thorburn 

Government and Politics: The Conserva 
tive Party of New York: The Pressure 
Party in a Cross-Endorsement System 

Henry Fritz Vollmer 

German & Slavic Language and Litera- 
ture: The Non-Political Aspects of 
the Journal Per Monat as Viewed 
through a Study of the Prose, Poetry, 
Drama, Music, and Fine Arts Contribu- 
tions to it in Respect to Education, 
Reeducation, and Reintegration 

Martha Thompson Wagner 

Psychology; A Study of Visual and 
Verbal Memory Processes in Children 's 
Paired-Associate Learning 

John Samuel Walker 

History: Henry A. Wallace and Ameri- 
can Foreign Policy 

Ronald Gary Walker 

English; Blood, Border and Barranca : 
The Role of Mexico in the Modern 
English Novel 

Stephen Barry Weiner 

Government and Politics: Toward the 
City State: An Ethologic Approach to 
the Problem of Political Violence 

Deanna Atkinson Zitterkopf 

English: The "Dextrous Disguiser": 

A Study of Alexander Pope's Epistolary 


Doctor of Education 

David Christopher Berry 

Administration, Supervision and Curricu- 
lum: Higher Education in the United 
States Army 

Robert Vaughan Elsberry 

Secondary Education; A Comparison of 
the Achievement of High School Pupils 
Using an Overt Answering Method Versus 
a Covert Answering Method When Study 
ing Programmed Material Involving the 
Graphical Addition and Subtraction of 

Ronald Bruce Hall 

Industrial Education; Role Expecta- 
tions Held for the Supervisor of In- 
dustrial Arts in Pennsylvania 

Annette M. Kaleita 

Special Education: A Study of the 
Impact of Instruction on the Auditory 
Discrimination Abilities of Kinder- 
garten Children 

Decern ber/D octors 


John Thomas McLaughlin 

Human Development: Books as Rein- 
forcers: An Investigation of Their 
Reinforcing Ability and Therapeutic 

Godfrey Obilo Onwere 

Secondary Education: Factors Associ- 
ated with Interest in Science of West 
African Students at a Consortium of 
Five Universities in Washington, D. C. 

Wayne B. Rieder 

Counseling and Personnel Services; 
The Employment of Token Reinforcement 
in Altering the Self-Concept of Cul- 
turally Different Individuals 

Dalton Edward Smart 

Industrial Education: An Investiga- 
tion into the Relationship Between A 
Teacher-to-Student Communication System 
and Student A ttitude of Self -Expec- 

Dale Carlton Westcott 

Secondary Education: Comparison of 
Two Methods of Teaching in Environ- 
mental Education 

Dennis Gerard Younger 

Administration, Supervision and Curricu- 
lum: Measuring the Effectiveness of 
a Social Studies Curriculum to Increase 
Concept Use in Grades Five through Nine 

Doctor of Business 

Gary F. Bulmash 

Business and Management: An Inquiry 
into the Background of and Circum- 
stances Leading to the Establishment 
of the Cost Accounting Standards Board 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Joan Singer Spicknall 

Music: The Piano Music of Aaron Cop- 
land: A Performance-Tape and Study of 
His Original Works for Piano Solo 

IVIaster of Arts 

Bruce Friend Adams 
Barbara Jean Aker 
Margaret Kaye Alderfer 
Bob G. Ammons 
Richard Bruce Ansell 
Paul Edward Arnold 
Cindy S. Aron 
Mary Anne Aukward 
Philip Ngam Ayeah 
Vittoria Marie Barge 
Michael James Barron 
Elaine Gail Bates 
Thomas Selden Baxter 
Walter Wolfe Beckerman 
Bonnie Lieberman Berger 
Kenneth N. Bergmann 
Sharon M. Berkowitz 
Tilahun Beyene 
Jon Gregor Bjornstad 
Louise McAlister Blauvelt 
Clyde Markell Bohn, Jr. 
Judith Touchton Bradbury 
Alison Catherine-Klist 

Stephen Paul Brown 
Elfriede Brunner 
Alice Elizabeth Bryant 
Gerunda Burnadette Burke 
Diane Lorraine Burrows 
Katherine Jackson Bye 
Carmen Samper de Caicedo 
Snyder Carlton Caldwell, Jr. 
George Callen 
Grace-Ann Lucille Caruso 
Mano A. Ceaphus 
David Chittenden 
Merritt Keith Coplin 
La Vonne L. Cornett 
Janet Lynn Cornfeld 
Kathleen Kamp Costanzi 
David Bruce Crary 
John James Curry 
Francis Thomas Curtis, Jr. 
Charles Michael Czarski 
Carol Perruso Di Julio 
Jane R. Dittenhofer 
Andrea Louise Doll 
Margaret Loomis Dooling 
Charles Floyd Downs, II 
Richard A. Drozd 
Paul Joseph Dunlap 
Flynnette L. Eaton 
Mary Catherine Edelman 
Kathleen Lillian Endres 
Virginia Diane English 
George Stotelmyer Everly, II 
Louis J. Fanti 
Christina Farrera 
Richard Lawrence Fields 
Domenico Gus Firmani 
James E. Fish 
Susan Knight Flaherty 
Ethelreda Flannagan 
Duncan Lee Forest 

Richard N. Friedman 
Guy Norman Fringer, III 
Carol Sue Fullerton 
Frank John Gorbett 
John Walter Graham 
Yvonne Glebas Gurney 
Charles S. Gwynne 
Sheila Rockwood Hanson 
Jill Hardwicke 
Janet Louise Hartley 
Craig Dean Hayward 
Mary Kathleen Heid 
Marie Rana Henry 
Varice Francis Henry, Jr. 
James Edward Herbert 
Deborah L. Hintz 
Roger Gene Hoffman 
Patrick J. Holland 
Linda E. Hollaway 
William Fletcher Holmes 
Alan Leigh Holt 
Ronald Elliot Holt 
James Clifton Home 
Thomas Gary Hostetter 
Beverly Jean Howard 
Hugh Dorsey Hudson, Jr. 
Jane Susan Hunter 
Daniel Joseph Hurley, Jr. 
James M. Hvidding 
Janet Lynn Hyman 
Penny S. G. Jacoby 
Arlene Elizabeth Jones 
Linda M. Jones 
Marvin Vail Jones 
Ruth Louise Jones 
Thomas Michael Joray 
Stephanie Jordan 
liana Artzi Kafkafi 
Paul Stephen Karchawer 
Francis Lovell Keith 
Janice Bialon Kisner 
John Kochan, Jr. 
George M. Krainak 
Barbara Sharon Kramer 
Alan Jeff Krupnick 
George Gregory Lach 
Carolyn Jeannette Landphair 
Eleanor Davis Leaman 
Ann Shields Leighton 
Linda Anne Levine 
Mitchell A. Levine 
Michael P. Levock, Jr. 
Darald Gene Lofgren 
Christine M. Lortie 
Jeffrey J. Lowry 
Barry Mackintosh 
Robert K. Madsen 
Mark Anthony Mangold 
B. Thomas Marking 
Martha A. Marshall 
Misael Mastrapa 
Lawrence Hall McAvoy 
Camille Agnes McCann 
James Maris McClenon 
Mary Strader Merritt 
Douglas John Messerii 
Deborah Lynn Meyer 

Robert A. Mier 

Janice Johnson Mills 

Helen Jo Mitchell 

Javier Miyares 

Michael Salvatore Molinaro 

Catherine Jane Moran 

Frederick William Mueller 

Robert Clyde Natale 

Susan Jean Nickens 

Evelyn Marie Nordsiek 

Bruce P. Novak 

John Ronald Oberst 

Richard Charles Osborn 

Kenneth I. Pargament 

Ellen Louise Paul 

Emily Conrad Pesti 

Robert Alan Petry 

Angelo Massimo Picardello 

DeWitt T, Player, Jr. 

Lawrence Pokroy 

John L. Portella 

Joseph Breeden Potts 

Wilma Jo-Ann Power 

Richard Knowlton Preston, Sr. 

Lewis Charles Price 

Mark Ira Refowich 

Marilyn Groer Richter 

Bradier Rivera 

Loretta Sih Robinson 

Bernard C. Rooney 

William Theodore Rusinko 

Joe Frank Ryerson 

Kooros Sadighi 

Richard Dean Salvatierra 

Jon Leslie Sandler 

Ethel Luvenia Sands 

Jeanne Anne Scammon 

Richard Michael Schavone 

Robert Ryan Scheer 

Paula Ann Scheye 

William Randolph Schildknecht, Jr. 

Nancy Hillis Schroeder 

Kathleen M. Sedlak 

David Paul Seeman 

John Michael Sefakis 

William Charles Sefekar 

Mark Gredler Seigel 

Evelyn Margaret Shambaugh 

Grace Janelle Sherfy 

Christopher Shipley 

Jeffrey E. Simmons 

Richard Ira Simon 

Cathy Ann Simpson 

Paul D. Slattery 

Jill Rae Wolfram Soderquist 

Amy Stein 

Elizabeth Joyce Stokely 

Joseph Paul Stone 

Bobby Lee Stover 

Douglas Angelo Strouse 

Richard Struyk 

Ronald Eugene Sutcliffe 

Charles Lloyd Taylor 

Linda M. Teich 

Marian L. Thompson 

18 December/Doctors 

Shirley Lavinia Thomson 
Sharon Frances Hunter Travers 
Ralph Treitel 
Hollister Wooten Trott 
Linda Simpson Ulfelder 
Lonnie Wayne Underwood 
Suzanne F. Walter 
James Ching-horng Wang 
Carolynn Ann Washbon 
Samuel F. Wichess 
Regina R. Wilkinson 
Howard Hazen Wilson, Jr. 
Ronald Wayne Wineholt 
Susanne Braun Yokel 
Thomas Franklin Young 
William James Zaiser 
Wade Martin Zirkle 

Master of Business 

Tajudeen Adepemi AdebiyI 
Edwin John Avila 
Stanley Melvin Beitsch 
John L. Carter 
Joseph Vincent Charters 
Jay Allen Copan 
Fred Putney Fenstermaker 
Lutz Rainer Filipowsky 
Howard William Friedman 
Lamidi Afolabi Gbadamosi 
William Winslow Glickert 
David H. Heggestad 
Thurman Carlyle Henderson 
Anh N. Hoang 
Steven Charles Kiser 
John William Meredith 
Richard Arthur Meyer 
Ralph James Moden 
Norman Arthur Nickel, III 
Charles H. Nobs 
Joseph Carl Pacifico 
Steven T. Rehm 
Henry A. Rubin 
Vincent Francis Saccardi, III 
Stephen Roger Salt 
William James Serelis 
Aviva E. Shulman 
Charles Lee Slagle, Jr. 
Jeffrey Edward Sohl 
Cary Eaton Thomas 
Robert Howard Wardwell 
Cameron Dwight Watts 
Reuben Leonard Weiner 

Master of Education 

Linda Kerr Agreen 
Mark Louis Arenas 
Allen Ridgley Arnold 
Bonita Susan Barrash 
Jane Cecilia Baskin 
Gwenevere Delia Berger 
llene Robin Berkowitz 
John Francis Berrent 
John Norman Berry 
Nancy R. Bishop 
Bernice Bloom 

Judith E. Brady 

Katherine Riley Brewin 

Larry Lynn Brown 

James Allan Burns 

Anthony V. Butler 

Paula Christine Butterfield 

Jane Marie Cain 

Barbara Lynn Wallace Carmichael 

Mano A. Ceaphus 

Stephen Ciambor, III 

Sue-Ellen Cohn 

James Ronald Colby 

Vincent Ronald Coleianne 

Gretchen Phillips Corbin 

Diana L. Craig 

Mary Ellen Curl 

Cathy Buckwalter Davis 

Kathryn Cook DeAngelo 

Carl Anthony Deeb 

Vicki Diamond 

Dorothy Frantz Dix 

Sheila A. Dunne 

Jacqueline E. Dutton 

Judith Ann Dwoskin 

Melinda J. Eckhardt 

Marguerite Anne Elliott 

Maurice Charles Eriy 

John Clark Erskine 

Harold Clark Evans 

Alvera Ferguson 

Francine Iris Fersko 

Linda Arlene Fiore 

Nancy Forinash-Smith 

Gerald Leon Fowler 

Raymond Louis Frappolli 

Jeffrey Fremont 

Susan Elaine Gardner 

John Willard Gibson 

Vicki Case Goldenberg 

Lis Jorgensen Golumbic 

Mary Elizabeth Gorman 

Carolyn T. Green 

Nina Cecelia Griffith 

Verian P. Guillory 

Marlene Kay Gunther 

Diana Elizabeth Hadesty 

Martha Gamble Hall 

John Edward Hanson 

Marian Wise Harper 

Sharon Eileen Harris 

Judith Decker Hartt 

Beverly Grim Heater 

Lee Ann Hennig 

Eslyn Gail Hinmon 

Barbara G. Hoffman 

Marcia Jo Hoogstra 

George Michael Jacobstein 

Oliver Frederick Jenkins, Jr. 

Thomas Willis Johnson 

Iris Sylvia Judkins 

Joseph Sidney Kimber 

Walt E. Klevinsky 

Victoria L. Kley 

Janet Kogut 

Susan J. Landry 

Stephen Wayne Lawrence 

William Leroy Lawrence 

Donald Wilfred Lawson 
Carolyn Sheila Lee 
Judith Ann Lese 
Gwenyth E. Libby 
Elaine Kuk Chan Liu 
Eugene Anthony Lynch 
Roy Ellis Mabry 
Mary Mahoney 
Sherlynn Nancy Matesky 
Anna Mary Mauk 
Dennis Earl McKay 
Linda Kay McNamara 
Theodore Charles McQuade 
Margaret Jeanes Meehan 
Philip Lee Mendelson 
Richard Lee Miller 
Michael A. Moore 
Alan Isaac Munaker 
Karen Seymour Murphy 
Edward Robert Neubauer 
Susan Corbin Neuwelt 
Barbara Louise Olson 
Norma Sue Osborn 
Rita Kay Overman 
Rosetta Currie Parker 
Heidi Jeanette Pelot 
Kathleen Carr Poporad 
Ruth Molly Price 
Paul Stephen Ressler 
Olivia Fay Reusing 
Janice Elaine Richardson 
Mary Rose Rickard 
Karen K. Rogers 
Joanne Smith Rowe 
Mary Ann Rozanski 
Laura F. Rubenstein 
Alice Leigh Ryan 
Stanley A. Schaub 
Gail Irene Schimel 
Kathleen Donnelly Seeker 
Kathryn Ellen Serock 
Robert Joseph Sharpe 
Susan V. Starr 
Stella Mae Steele 
Jay Ira Stein 
Carl Conner Stewart 
Mary Lynn Strandquist 
Judith A. Strauff 
Lola Tsirigotis Tarleton 
Ralph A. Travis 
Douglas Aloysius Tschiffely 
Sister Barbara Ann Tucker 
Mary Janet Walsh 
Beverly Adina Walter 
Emma Payne Ward 
Anne Simmons Weismiller 
Louanne B. Weissberg 
Ivey Clontz West 
John Carlton Wheaton 
Judith Krill White 
Nola J. Whitfield 
Catherine Jo Winter 
Virginia Elaine Witt 
Wendy K. Workman 
Sunday Jay Wynkoop 
Jacqueline Hamrah Zmurko 

Master of Fine Arts 

Marcia Elise Caval 
Ting-Chung Dick Chen 
Jacques Alexander Dellavalle 
Gary L. Owens 
Linda Fran Simon 

Master of Library Science 

Harriet Beth Albersheim 
Marlene H. Alderman 
Beverly J. Anders 
Richard Joseph Andress 
Jeanne Marie Arnold 
Katarina Horanska Avnet 
Sharon Rice Banning 
Kathleen Tucker Bivins 
Beverly Beck Brandenburg 
Nancy Maclay Brazier 
Cheryl Kathleen Butler 
Katherine Hoag Button 
Roberto V. Cagnoli 
Rebecca Erwin Cawley 
Sheldon Braidfoot Cheney 
Douglas Lester Cook 
LaVerne Ann Corum 
Mary L. Coyle 
Virgil Santi Crisafulli 
Margaret Anne D'Adamo 
Laurie Jean Every 
David Milton Fagerstrom 
Jodie Sue Fine 
Mary Dean Vance Floyd 
Joseph C. Flynn 
Doreen Carole Gantz 
Rochelle Hannah Gottlieb 
Roger Kendall Haley 
Thomas Roger Harrington 
Merle Heitman Harrison 
Doris Mae Turner Hayes 
Khin Khin Htway 
Joanna S. Hubin 
Loretta Joyce Jackson 
Patricia Vieux Jackson 
Joyce Miller Jenkins 
Ellen Jessica Keyes 
Mary Meeler Kirkwood 
Gail Ann Kostinko 
Leslie Andrew Kulp 
Meredith Hill Kwiatkowski 
Marcheta L. Lawrence 
Minne D. Lie 
Pricilla Ann Lyons 
Neal P. Massey 
Dona Meredith Mennella 
Susan L. Mester 
Alice F. Mezzapelle 
Gloria H. Mitchell 
Gretchen Van Loan Naisawald 
Stephen Owen Newton 
Linda Jo Nickle 
Jane Louis Oates 
Michael Davis Peterson 
Judith Farnham Picciotto 
Margaret Jean Poore 
Elaine K. Prensky 
Linda C. Redmond 
Laurie Anne Reith 



Pamela Marie Roberts 
Sally Morten Rock 
Mary Ellen B. Ross 
William Sheridan Rutledge, Jr. 
Sarah R. Schiebel 
Susan Janot Schneider 
Susan Fifer Schutt 
Denise Marie Smith 
Marc Charles Sober 
Sarah Sokolsky 
Willie H. Stephenson 
Robin Amy Strickler 
Adam Stephen Szczepaniak, Jr. 
Deborah Ann Toomey 
Joseph Anthony Turkos 
Nenita M. Valine 
Jane G. Van Wiemokly 
Susan Frann Vengel 
James John Wasylyshyn 
Madelyn Hope Weschler 
Carolyn White Wheaton 
Carolyn Dugan Whitham 
Joan T. Widdicombe 
Judith Jess Williams 
Michael Lawrence Williams 
Loretta Orndorff Yaller 
Susan Elaine Rice Yarger 
Nancy Lee Zimmerman 

Master of Music 

Barbara Ryland Beach 
Donald A. Bick 
Daniel Leon Comegys, Jr. 
Mary Mclnnis 
Frederick Peter Morden 
William David Taylor, III 

Master of Science 

Frederick August Abele 

Phillip Alan Arkin 

Robert Kenneth Arvedlund 

Frederick Karl Arzt, Jr. 

Nancy Almand Ator 

Raymond J. Baker 

Sukumar Bandyopadhyay 

John Ferdinand Barkley, Jr. 

Lester Fred Baum, Jr. 

Jeffrey Eugene Beach 

Maurine Bleker Beinbrink 

Sharon Gierman Berk 

Carole Rouzer Berwager 

Constantin Beugre 

Nageshwar Rao Bhaskar 

Ronald Robert Bielen 

Donald Louis Bini 

Karen Irwin Braunschweiger 

Hans Joachim Breitenlohner 

James Robert Britt 

A. Michael Budjako 

David Allen Bushi 

Donald Wayne Caldwell 

Jaime Fernando Cardenas-Garcia 

James Lynn Carter 

Eileen Joy Carton 

Bryant Stewart Centofanti 
Hwai-huang Chang 
Hyo Duck Chang 
Janson Chiousong Chang 
Chieh-San Cheng 
N. C. Chiang 
Pei-Lu Petty Chiu 
Jing-Ping Chow 
Wei-Sen Chu 
Morgan Barry Chute 
Neil Francis Comins 
Joseph John Copley 
Dale George Coppage 
David Carleton Curtis 
Steven Andrew Curtis 
Zambia J. Dalieraki 
Apichai Daorai 
John Richard D'Aprile 
Robert George Darmody 
William Scott Davis 
Dorrisrose Barron Debro 
Allan John Dietemann 
Dennis Michael Dignan 
Orville Davis Ditman, Jr. 
Richard Carroll Doyle 
Carl Dennis Ealy 
James Edwin English 
Jeanne Elisabeth Erickson 
Christian Fazi 
Thomas Lee Fegley 
Joseph Frederick Ferrero 
Edmund William Frick 
John S. Galanakis 
Catherine Paolino Garbini 
Rosemarie Cecilia Garcia 
Roberta Scott Gardella 
Louis Charles Gasbarre 
Donald Jerome Gerson 
James Samuel Goddard, Jr. 
Judith Carol Gottlieb 
Robert Charles Greiner 
Luther Pearson Hampton, III 
E. Marshall Hansen 
Katherine Lee Hanson 
Constance Jean Hardy 
Robert Leroy Harper, Jr. 
Ann Tibbetts Hazelwood 
Peter Cormick Hearn 
William Francis Heffernan 
Elwood F. Hill 
Katie Davis Hill 
Harold Daniel Hockaday 
Howard Reese Holbrook, Jr. 
Robert Wayne Hopkins 
Michael Patrick Horan 
Martin H. Horn 
Bille Hougart 
Gerald F. Hurt 
David L. Imhoff 
Charles Lewis Jaffe 
Lee Scott Joseph 
Charles David Kahn 
Stephen H. Kaisler 
John Michael Kamrad, II 
Michael Edwyn Kanowitz 
Jae Ryong Kim 

Stephen Michael Kimmey 

Irving Lee Kind 

Gary Lee Kistner 

James Richard Klein 

Laurence William Klein 

Robert Carl Koch 

Ajay Prasannajit Kothari 

Robert Carlton Krueger 

Robert Eugene Kuhns 

Nancy Suzanne Lamontagne 

Yuet Alfred Lau 

Timothy Michael Laur 

Kawai Lee 

Kia Young Lee 

Bertha R. Liebersohn 

John M. Lindsay 

Ronald Edward Lipinski 

Michael Lee Lowry 

Jerry Lush 

Richard Hooker Lynch, Jr. 

Foday Eseaka MacBailey 

Carol Emily MacKnis 

Joan Ellen Magnusen 

Carol A. Magone 

Michael Joseph Manka 

Vernon Lee Marshall 

George A. Maslyar, III 

Timothy Patrick McCarty 
Daniel Roderick McLeod 
Catherine P. McLoughlin 
Paula Faye McWeay 
Gerald Thomas Mikesell 

John Marshall Miller 
Samir Kumar Mitra 
Kenneth Wayne MIynarski 
Harshad V. Modi 
Jeffrey Myron Mohr 
Wayne Howard Montag 
Peter Bouve Moreland 
Mir Massoud Mortazavi 
Arthur Emil Muegge, III 
Thomas M. Myers 
Burton James Naberhuis, Jr. 
Henry P. Nelson, Jr. 
Mildred Schmidt Nethken 
Robert Edward Niemeyer 
Gloria Annette Nygard 
Don J. Orser 
John Frank Patrick, Jr. 
Timothy Joseph Pavio 
Thomas Val Peacock 
Joel Pearlman 
Ervin Kent Peterson 
Diamond Ladha Pirmohamed 
Marshall Richard Potter 
David Martin Prett 
Edward Lee Priestas 
Steven M. Raphael 
James Michael Rebel 
James Brian Restorff 
Clifford Conley Rhodes, Jr. 
Gordon Lee Ritsema 
Jose Luis Rodriguez 
Thomas Edward Rowley 
Elizabeth Ann Ryals 
Sateesh Janardan Satpute 
Jacqueline R. Schmitt 

Eileen Frances Schneider 
Christine Micheline Schonewald 
John Newman Sexton 
Harry Edward Shisler 
James Michael Sinton 
Leslie Lynn Smith 
Ronald Eugene Sorace 
Peter R. Sottong 
Jeanne Bladen Speight 
Charles Leroy Stone 
Suzanne Jo Suchard 
George F. Sushinsky 
Roger Collin Sutherland 
Theodore Dahlman Swanson 
Abebe Tadesse 
Mohammed Qasim Taherian 
Seshagiri Rao Tammara 
Jeffrey Lloyd Taylor 
Sheila Anne Taylor 
Edir Carvalho Tenorio 
Oliver Howie Thompson 
Constantine George Tjoumas 
Daryl Mark Tompkins 
James Andrew Tompkins 

Russell Spencer Travers 

Rebecca Jane Trumbo 

Frank Tsien 

Edward Clifton Uebel 
John William Vanlaak 

Carl Robert Voorhees 

Staporn Vuthiganond 

Deborah J. Walden 

Yeh-Sun Y Wang 

Virginia Ruth Warner 

James Charles Watters 

Walter Allen Webster, III 

Lorryn Anne Weinman 

Noreen O'Hara Welch 

Robert John Went 

Carol A. Werlinich 

Hendrik Willems 

Mark Edmund Wilson 

Faith Yildiz 

Atiq Mohd Yonoszai 

Chris Mitchell Zerby 

Thomas H. Zimmerman 

20 December/Masters 

College of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Gordon Cairns, Dean 
of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Henry William Altevogt 
Phillip Sheldon Appelbaum 
Owusu Atiba Bandele 
Stephen Michael Benton 
Robert Craig Bonvie 
Alan Charles Burgoon 
Douglas Lawrence Chambers 
Paul Francis Corridon 
Cynthia Jane Cory 
Michael Wayne Davy 
tMarilyn Bernadette Devine 
'Barbara Cole D'Onofrio 
Peter John Dorsette 
Karen Lynn Dugard 
Carl Richard Eisberg 
tSharon Eleanora Engler 
Judith Dupuy Faecher 
Andrea Lee Fochios 
Allan Arnold Frank 
Michael Andrew Gagliardo 
'Clement Rene Grangier, Jr. 

Don Otto Hammerlund 
tCharles Edward Hartman 
Paul Richard Hoffman 
"Stephen Morris Hopkins 
Peter George Hubbell 
Gary Lee Hubler 
Douglas N. Isokait 
J. Richard Jablin 
Carol Diane Justice 
'Patrick Jean Kennedy 
Kathy Lee Kirkwood 
Victor Kit 
tFrederick Joseph Krastel 
Joseph Jordan Lagioia 
t Richard Clay Lucas 
"Curt Lunchick 
tSara Lee Lustbader 

James Darrell Luzader 

John David Marconi 

George F. Muna 

John B. Munns 

Kenneth Allen Oldham 

Robert Stephen Pashuck 

Philip Henry Patterson 

Stephen Robert Peel 

Cornelius Powels 

John Clay Rencher 

James Thomas Robson, 1 1 1 

Laurence Abiodun Olusola Rufai 

Robert Frederick Schumacher, Jr. 

James Wayne Schwartz 

Jeffrey David Schwartz 

Michael Robert Shine 

Kim Roberta Shopp 

David John Shuttleworth 

Lucius Simms Smith, III 

Rod M. Suarez 
'Susan E. Sundermann 

Amy Tetervin 

Norman Ray Tetter 

William Charles Thomas 

Robert Anthony Thomassen 

William Alan Totten 
'Mark Leo Tucker 

Beverly Augustyn Turner 

Leslie W. Vilchek 

Roy Smith Walls, Jr. 

Irma Jean Sabine White 
"Lorraine Mayer Wolpert 

Karl Sommerville Wright 

S€*llOOl of 


Candidate will be presented by 
Prof. John Hill, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Paul Neal Tankel 

CoUege of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Georgine Elizabeth Altomare 

Steven Victor Baumgarten 

Brandon Robert Belote, III 

Richard J. Bengston 

Betty Louise Bennet 
'James William Borton 

Barbara S. Bradley 

Mary Jean Brady 
"Joel M. Bright 

David Allen Broder 

Bruce Martin Carpel 
tEllen Linda Coonin 
tMaureen Therese' Cummings 
'Hong Ngoc Thi Dao 

Andrew V. Davis, Jr. 

Demetra Spofford Day 

Larry Gregory Ellis 

John Victor Engelman 

Susan Feirson 

Kenneth Eugene Fleischmann 

Richard Edward Frank 
tGregory Paul Fryer 

Ernest Clifford Geisler, Jr. 

Daniel Paul Gill 
tGayle Betty Golfer 

Michael McAllister Greene 

John Joseph Harrington, Jr. 

Steven Elliot Hercenberg 

Eugene Thomas Hibbert 
tJohn Joseph Hibbert, Jr. 

Joseph Thomas Higgins 

Paulette H. Hodgson 
"Michael Owen Howell 
tArthur R. Jenkins 

Thomas Hood Johnson 

Anton Chalmers Krucky 
t Carol Dian Kurzweil 

Robert Bruce LaMar 

Victoria Marie Lewis 

Donald Samuel Littleton 

Areena J. Lowe 
tCarol M. Marshell 

Dennis Charles McGrath 
tPatrick Thomas McKay 
tKatherine Elizabeth Miers 

Marc Hiroshi Nishino 

Rose J. Oh 

James Augustus Pearce, Jr. 

Marilyn Ruth Torchinsky Politzer 

Gary Lee Powell 

George Eldridge Ramsey 

Barbara Boothe Richardson 

Thomas Russell Riley 

Judith Irene Robertson 

Ronald Marshall Sachs 

Harvey Clifford Schevitz 

Gary David Schindler 

Susan B. Shannon 

Karen Ann Shapiro 

Karen Lee Shockley 

Steven James Shultz 

Lawrence Steven Silberman 
"Christopher Avery Smith 

Dennis J. Smoter 

Mark Robert Snyder 

William Edward Stenger 

Donald Anthony Stiles 

Dennis I. Stutterheim 

David Shea Teeple 

Beth Ann Thompson 

Peter Thomas Tracy 

Michael Bryan Twigg 

Cheryl Ann Wagner 

Ralph Howard Waterhouse 
tElizabeth White Weeks 

J. Shelley Welch 

Christopher James Wentzel 
Lawrence E.Wertheimer 

Philip Anthony White 

Gordon Edward Williams 
Robert David Williams 

Thomas Cameron Williamson 

"Mary Anne Winters 

Marisa Ellen Young 

W. Arthur Young, III 

College of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Music 

'Christopher James Linstrom 

College of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Science 

'Mark Edward Abramson 

Patricia Carroll Axon 

Peter Michel Belanger 

Leslie Arthur Cartier 

Christine Elise Carty 

Lewis Marshall Dillon 

Samuel Thomas Duvall 
tJames Eugene Eckman 

Thomas Bartholomew Finn 

Gregory Peter Fischetti 

William Edward Fogler 

Warren Edward Hill 

Ronald Lewis Hoffman 

David Hussong 

Margaret Elizabeth Johnson 
"Robert Kirk Johnson 

Laurence Anthony O'Reilly 

Mark Gerard Parresol 

Barry Thomas Perricone 

Gary Scott Roth 

Timothy Mark Scalzone 

Mary Sue Shaughnessy 

Richard Alan Small 

Raymond Curtiss Sowder, II 

Terry Lee Straub 

Dennis I. Stutterheim 

Marilyn Sue Thomas 

F. Lynn Tidwell 
'Stuart Mark Wiener 

( ollege of 
Bnsiness and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph Lamone, Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Stephen H. Adamo 
Theodore George Adams, Jr. 
Michael Frank Allen 
William R. Allen 
William Edward Ammenhauser 

* with honors; t with high honors 



Bruce Richard Anthony 

tDonna Marie Apple 
Edward Louis Bailor 
Gary Bowden Baxley 
Michael Andrew Bell 
Salvatore Richard Belmonte 
Richard Alan Benedick 

tRobert Ernest Benefiel, Jr. 
James Benjamin 
Christopher L. Berbert 
David A. Bergner 
Nathan Bergstein 

tJohn Joachim Blanchard 
Kenneth Jan Bokar 
Frank Samuel Bondroff 

tJames Lawrence Bort 
Lambert GIttings Boyce, Jr. 

*Ridgely Ellwood Boyer 
Martin Howard Brasse 
Baird Curtis Brookhart, Jr. 
Kenneth Gordon Brown 

tRobert Samuel Brown 
Gary Anthony Brunetti 
Alfio Bruno 
Thomas William Buck 
Harmon Lee Bullard 
Michelee Camer 
John Robert Cannon 
Kevin Christopher Carlin 
Thomas Andrew Celentano 
Robert William Cella 
Stephen Mark Christmas 
Ligita Cirulis 
Brian Albert Cleary 
Michael Verlie Cody 
Walter Gene Cohn 
William R. Collier, Jr. 
Michael Marvin Conner 
William Michael Costa 
John Vincent Cuff 
Michael Clark Cunningham 
John Stephen Curtin 
Alan Richard Dadourian 
Thomas Edward Dailey 
Michael Allan Damberg 
John Stephen Dammon 
Richard Allan Darsa 
Michael Alan Dering 
Steven Griffith Dick 

tJames Thomas Donovan 
Jeffrey Matthews Doxzon 
Thomas William Doyle 
Adrian Lawrance Druzgala 

tSteve Dubin 
John Stewart Eby 
Robert Waite Elliott, III 

tJanet Lee Farrar 
Robert Glenn Fasick, Jr. 
William Holt Featherstone 
Gary Irwin Feren 
Jerald Michael Foarde 
William Francis Fox 

tSandra Irene Gaal 
James Larry Galey 
Russell Craig Garvey 
John Gregory George 

John Thomas Gibala 

Gary Frank Gittleson 

Samuel Francis Goble 

Joseph Edward Godridge, III 

Richard Leo Gonzales 

Carl F. Goodwin 

Suszn-Xavier Grahn 

Mark Douglas Grant 

Ronald Wayne Grant 

Donald Raye Graves 

George Joseph Grillo 

Chester Joseph Grynaviski, Jr. 

Walter Francis Hannan 

Suzann Marie Hardenstine 

David Bruce Hartman 
tAlexander Andre Hassani 

David Joseph Havelka 

Richard Dennis Helm 

Thomas Patrick Hennegan 

Joseph H. Hensley 

Thomas Albert Herlihy 

Timothy Lee Hinson 

Douglas Johnathon Hollobaugh 

Robert Arthur Hosinski 

Robert Monte Hoyt 

Jerome Francis Kecken 

David Keyman 

Douglas Andrew Knoche 

Gregory Jonathan Kokoska 

Zeev Korman 

Robert Casimir Krolicki 

Donna Jeanne Reierson Lane 

Khanh Quang Le 
"James William Leach, III 
Joan Ellen Leanos 

Robert Earl Lerch 

Raymond Bernard Lessans 

David William Lewis 

William Eric Lewis 

Steven Craig Lipovsky 

Danity Margo R. Little 

Darryl Jeffrey London 
"Richard George Loutsch 

Michael MacCarthy 

Donna Murray Mack 

Robert J. Madden, Jr. 

Steven Frederick Madeoy 

Brian Charles Mahoney 

Robert Wayne Maillet 
"Linda Gail Markham 

Steven Gregory Marks 

Stephen Henry Mattutat 

Glenn Francis McAvoyy 
"Jeanne Marie McCarthy 

Ronald Lee Messenheimer 

Donald Clyde Michael 

Emma L. Middleton 

Michael Joseph Monaco 

George Moy, Jr. 

Dorian Edward Mullar 

William John Murphy 
t Richard Thomas Needham 

John Patrick Nesline 

Edward Alexander Neuwirth 
"Peter Joseph Newman 

Gregory Albert Nichols 

Stella Alva Nobilio 
Jill Ann Nydegger 
Daniel Edward O'Berry 
Michael Thomas O'Brien 
Michael John O'Connell 
Mark E. Oleksik 
Eugene V. O'Neill 
Claude W.Owen, III 
Wayne Martin Parker 
Ira Bruce Pearl man 
Spero Peratino 

"Howard Leslie Perlow 
Robert Knowlton Perry 
Melville Edward Peters 
George William Peterson 
Clare Louisa Pettey 
Charles Ellwood Posey 
Steven William Pullen 
Matthew William Quade, Jr. 

"Stephen David Rabbitt 

tDavid Charles Ratajski 
John Philip Riley 

"Barbara Inez Roberts 
Luke J. Robinson 

tDavid Ruben Rodriguez 
James Alexander Rosie 
Stephen Alan Runyard 
Bernard Wolfe Salamon 
Ralph Enrico Salierno 
Dennis Michael Scott 
Timothy Paul Sebastian 
John I. Seek 
John Henry Sefren 
Gregory Lee Shannon 

"James Frederick Siegel 
William Paul Siko 
William Alan Simms 
Jay Arthur Sinsabaugh 
Donald Edward Smith 
Wayne Allen Sody 

tTheresa Doris Spearman 
Michael Stern 
Francis Xavier Stevenson 
Robert Allen Stover 

tJohn Stanley Sybor 
Jalil Taghavi 
Julio Cecil Trigo 
Alvin Turner 
Frank C. Vollmerhausen 
David Michael Walczak 

tAlan Stuart Waldenberg 
Scott Bennett Wallace 
Mary Christine Walter 
Robert Jeffery Walters 
William Frederick Watchorn 

tBrian Grayson West 
Winf red Clyde Wilcoxan 
Ernest Carl Williams 
William Arthur Williams, III 
Thomas Gary Wilson 

tSteven Allen Winsor 
Edna Kay Wong 
James Michael Wynne 
Dimitrios A. Zafiris 

"Burton P Zimmerman 
Beverly Barbara Ziner 
Donald James Zuidema 

CoUege of 
Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

Marilyn Collins Baldwin 

Michael Mark Bartel 

Corey Hatcher Branch 

Dan William Clink, Jr. 

Suzana Nagele deCompos 

Gregory Scott Dreoege 

Billy Randal Evans 

Sidney Arnold Katz 

Gail Aleathea Morton 

Sharreth Ann Naugle 

Paul Linden Redd 

Byron Robert Renner 

Ronald William Ritchie 

Charles Wayne Rodgers 

Talmage Eugene Simpkins, Jr. 
tRuth M. Slade 
tThurman Donald Solomon 

Charles Ira Taslitt 

Brian Craig Thorne 

Davis John Tomasin 

Imants Vanags 

Steven Charles Weisman 

Gary Steven Williams 

Harry Raymont Zeigler 

CoUege of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Emans, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Arts 

Maureen Carol Agar 
tJudith Suzanne Agee 
Pamela Michaels Aspiazu 
Jeanne Crane Bergner 
Rachael DeVita Brumsted 
Dale Victor Chew 
Rose Eileen Dooley 
Gail Marie Duncan 
Kathleen Rose Fahrner 
Alan S. Goodwin 
Patricia Ann Greenwell 
James M. Harrison, Jr. 
Ronald Clyde Heflin 

22 December/Bachelors 

• with honors; t with high honors 

Rosalyn Mae Jaffe 
Mary Ryan Joyce 
Cynthia Beryl Kleinman 
Nadine Helen Levitt 
Gertrude Ann Lyies 
Antonio IVIagrf 
Jeanne Wallace McKinnon 
Dana Christopher Merrill 
Joanne Eileen Mitchell 

tRosanna Winston Moore 
Virginia Kelly Muller 
Sheila Marie Murray 
Gloria Ivette Norat 

tGail Elizabeth Remsberg 
Beth Ellen Richard 
Karen Elaine Shaw 
Charles Henry Sleichter 
Cecelia Rose Smith 
Molly Gilbert Spencer 

tMaurice Damian Sullivan 
Martha Laverna Summers 
Brian Jon Wendrich 
Karen Enix Wheeler 
Ronnie Steven Wolff 

CoUege of 

Bachelor of Science 

Patti Jean Absher 

"Victoria Lyn Allen 
Sharon Virginia Baily 

tHoni Joyce Bamberger 
James Douglas Barnette 
Susan Jean Baum 
Marguerite Patricia Bausch 

"Deborah Anne Bergquist 
Lynn Victoria Berman 
Carolyn Clapper Berngartt 
Barbara Jo Berry 
Martha Fulton Beshers 
Carol A. Betz 
Helen Margaret Beyers 
Judy Ann Bilberry 

tRoseann Mary Bivona 
Brady Francis Blade 
Sheri Lynn Blum 
Claudia Fay Bogley 
Alice Palmisano Bone 
Paulette Frances Bowes 
Robert David Boyar 

tSetty Willis Brackman 
Kenneth John Bradshaw 
Sima Marcy Breiterman 
Thomas Martin Brent 
Diane Leray Briscoe 
Debra P. Brodsky 
Willma P. Bross 
Eugene Brown 
Howard Galen Brown 
James B. Buckingham 
John Michael Burley 
Mary C. Butler 

Clare Elizabeth Carey 

Brenda Deborah Carter 

Kathryn Janice Chappelear 

Anne Elizabeth Chipchin 

Dorothea Leanora Choper 

James Edward Clark 

Jonathan Hall Clarke 

Bettye Lou Coleman 

Mary Elizabeth Colister 

Scott Collier 

Charles Edwin Conner, III 
"Amy Christine Cosby 

Helen Anne Critchley 

Colleen April Crump 
"Sharon Louann Dean 

Delores Elizabeth Dearing 

Gary Paschal Delano 

Sandra J. DeLuca 

Marcia Louise DeMatteis 

Mary Gillis Diamandis 

Rudolph Stephen DiCocco 

Barbara M. DiMasso 

Shirley Anne DuVall 
tSusan Rachel Dworsky 
tMarilyn Dykton 

Eric E. Ebaugh 

Lowrie Childs Ebbert 

Gary E. Eddey 

Cheryl Helene Eisenach 

Dolores Mariana Gill Erickson 

Martha Ruth Esaias 

Janet Marie Farrior 

Ronald Richard Fasso 

Judith Ann Fegan 
"Rochelle Paula Feldman 
tAnita Jane Dineen Ferreri 

Rosalind Rozella Fields 

Joyce Elaine Fisher 

Margaret Flora Folio 

Rosemary Glasgow Ford 

Michael Craig Forte 
t Linda Faye Foster 

Pamela Karen Fountain 

Sherry Ann Fowler 

Beverly Jean Francisco 
tMary A. Frankhauser 

Gail Karen Friedman 

Ellen Geri Garfinkle 

Howard Paul Giberman 

Andrea Gilroy 

Bonnie Suzanne Goden 

Susan Armstrong Goglia 

Lois Dee Goldfarb 

Margaret Leslie Graber 

Janis Lynne Gralnick 

Barbara Christine Graves 

Johana Gray 

Kathryn Anne Gray 

Malinda Burket Gray 

llene Susan Greenspan 

Anne Marie Griffin 

Michael Harris Griffin 
"Shelley Hope Gugig 

Janice Marie Guinan 

James Frederick Haber 

Paula Evelyn Hall 
tRuth Ann Hardesty 

Nancy Jeanne Hartge 

James Sterling Harvison 

Gretchen Alexis Haubner 

Robin Keller Haupt 

Deborah Lynn Herman 

Gilbert Lewis Herman 

Ronny Gene Herrig 

Teri Lynn Hershberg 

Sherry Stephenson Hickley 
"Cynthia Lee Hoffman 
tJudith Ann Hoffman 

Linda Susan Holden 
tJudith Anne Holt 

Daniel Anderson Hunt, Jr. 
tMartha Lynn Innocenti 

David H. Jaskulsky 

Nancy A. Jenkins 
"Jill Irene Johnson 

Eleanor Beth Johnston 

Connie Jane Jones 

Linda Marie Karter 

Kathryn Cheryl Keehner 

Martha Reuschlein Kemp 

Karen Leslie Klompus 
"Gene Paul Klopf 

Paul Mark Kratchman 

Davida Gail Lane 

Deborah June Lang 

Robert Wesley Lathroum 

Helen W. Law 

Diane L. Newman Leatherman 
"Florence Krinsky Lederman 

Evelyn D. Lewis 

Suzanne Denise Li 

Laura Sue Linton 

Thomas Robert Littlejohn 

Kurt Lawrence Lucas 

Cynthia Doreen Ludington 
"Dawn Simas Maggio 

Kathleen Nadia Maguire 

Christine Carol Mahn 

Michaela Roberta Martin 
"Deborah Sue Marx 
"David Gresham Mason 
"James Robert Mathes 

Ellen Louise Mattes 
tPatricia Varan Matuskey 
"Sheri Lee Maydwell 

Theda Ann Mayer 

Mary Josephine McDermott 

Bonita Boltz McElyea 

Hugh James McGregor 

Steven McLaughlin 

Robert Eugene McNey 

Ralph Edward Meadows 

Hope Michaelson 

Brenda Workman Miller 
"Marjorie Dale Miller 

Diane Michelle Morgan 

Mary Anne Morris 

Susan Morrison 
tColleen Lucille Mount 

Pamela Louise Mountjoy 

William Robert Muth 
"Renee Carol Negin 

Terri Susan Niland 

Dorothy Michele Novick 

Carol Ann Offenbacher 

Mary Mercedes Olmert 
tVincent Joseph Parada 

Rosalee Delores Parker 

Lynn Susan Parrish 

JoEllen Parsons 

Amy Deremer Paul 

George M. Payne 
tFriedel U. Perschy 

Mary Katherine Peterson 

Karen Marie Petrakis 

Lori Lorraine Pinkey 

Shirley Carol Penny Fleet 

Thomas Gary Pless 

Irene Roseanne Potosky 

Valerie A. Potter 

Kathy Lee Purisch 

Eileen Virginia Quinn 
tLinda F. Reinach 

Carol Jean Reuben 

Rosa Lynn Rivera 

Gary Stuart Robertson 

Daniel Richard Rodgers 

Thomas Richard Roland 

Elizabeth Nan Rosen 

Mary Martha Rowe 

Ann Graham Ruddy 
tNancy Lehman Ryan 

Larry Patrick Salcedo 

Patricia Ann Sartori 

Joan Laurette Savary 

Gail G. Schaumberg 

Janet M. Schindler 

Jacob Samuel Sclar 

Charles Watson Scott 
tClare Elaine Seeker 

Janet Anne Seibolt 
tMargaret Anne Seike 

Mary Kim Sexton 

Judy Gayle Shanley 

Audrey Irene Shapiro 

Joanna Lynn Sheets 

Gloria A. Simmons 

Joseph Norman Smith 
"Marcia Ann Smith 

Nancy Ross Smith 
tJanice Leigh Snipes 

Carol Ann Sobnosky 

Joan E. Sossen 

Gilda D'Ambrosi Spear 

Arlene Joyce Spielman 

Bruce Portwood Spranklin 

Edmund Thomas Stabler 

Vincenza Ann Stamilio 

Debra Lynn Steinbach 

Theodore Drummond Sterne 
"George Ernest Stone 
"Linda VIeck Stone 
"Bonnie Jean Suter Stoner 
"Caria Jean Sturgis 

Gail Jacqueline Summers 

Steven Charles Theodore 

Anne Duncan Thomas 

Paul L. Thomas 

Roy David Thomas, Jr. 
"Vicki Rona Ugel 

Nancy Lee VanCourt 

Doris Virginia Vanek 

* with honors; f with high honors 



Thomas Barry Vaughan, Jr. 

Linda Marie Venier 
Leanne Denise Verber 

'Barbara Louise Victor 
Judith Zwirn Voelske 
Mary Christine Wade 
Eugene Wallace 

tColleen Lindsay Walsh 
Pamela Louise Equi Wanveer 
Nancy Jean Ward 
Christine Ellen Weber 
David Mason Webster 
Robin Joan Wendell 
Pamela Lee White 

*Patti Smith Whitmore 
Kevin J. Wiedel 
Wendall Griffith Wier 
Judith Ball Wigglesworth 
Deborah Lee Wilkinson 
Edward Gary Williams 
Kathryn Cook Wilson 

"Patricia Anne Winn 
Dara Jeanne Wooton 
Constance lone Wright 
Christopher Allen Yates 
Lynne Marsha Yavener 
Ronnie Gail Yeskel 
Deborah A. Young 

'Michael Henry Yourishin 
Joan Phyllis Zelubowski 
Daniel David Zimmerman, II 

CoUege of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Beckmann, Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Science 

'/Farrokh Abrishamkar 
»^Khosrow Ahdoot 
VHossein Aminjavaheri 
■•^Alan Karl Arnold 

■ T h em Jomoo B oron — 
'John James Bednarczyk 
v/Kenneth Robert Bell 
/Darl Jerry Bolyard 
vCharles Eugene Bornman 
"'Steven Edward Bradshaw 
>f John Henry Burdette, Jr. 

YThomas David Burton 
yllchard A. Caldwell 
^Douglas Paul Carlson 

•Robert Borden DeWolf , 1 1 

'yi/lichael Winton Dingman 

'nyiichae! Gerard Dobrzykowski 

^'yoel I. Dumont 

>/Jphn A. Elgert 

vGeorge Thomas Elliott, Jr. 

t/Wlichael Harold Evans 

Louis C. Fiorucci, Jr. 

David H. Poo 

Gary Anthony Frazier 
"James Edward Gast 

Robert Garrett Grim 
tGuy Saint Clair Hammer, II 
"Ralph Norman Harrington 

Francis Bradford Haughey 

t Robert Leiand Higginbotham 
Gary P. Hoffman 
Garry West Horton 
Steven Bruce Hosford 
C. Jeffery Hudgins 
Gary David Hughes 
Kenneth Craig Jacobs 
Richard P. Judson 
Avdesh Kaushiva 
Brian Augustine Kelley 
Mohammad Amir Khan 
Keith Robert Kirschnick 
Donald J. Kozlowski 

♦ jB HUBi C »i n l O l | l k' l U ltl D 

"Joseph Henry Laco 

Orin Eugene Laney 

Ronne Thomas Larson 

James Edward Lauriat 

John Raymond Lawrence 

Gordon Lee Lushbaugh, Jr. 

Russell Carroll Lynch, Jr. 
tHoward Michael Markman 

OuiiulU EuyLiiL Maiiliall 
"Thomas Leroy Martin 

David James Mathis 

Robert Gary Mauler 

Ronald Powell Mazcko 

Thomas Myers McLeod 
tHabib Ebrahim Merchant 

Bryant Owen Mercil 

Thomas Albert Morgan 

Luke Stewart Morrison \ '.I] 

■^ Rebecca E. Munroe (l»JO->v\^t^)'>- 


William Michael Carnes 
David Estel Cobb 

^Vincent Thomas Cogliano 
vOames Patrick Collins, III 
'•/jVlichael Lee Cooper 
•/clarence Edward Copley, Jr. 
>/Thomas Cordara 
■/lacques R. Courtillet 
VDrew D. Cummings 

24 December/Bachelors 

fO'p." 9u3— Larry Edward Newman 
^^ Clarence Bakhong Ng 
\0S tZarko Novarkovic A^t/ 

-^Penny Louise Otte ' vOc o<Y\a->/V)c7 

Puu l OlLI I U l t Pu lllli tL I 

Charles William Parks 
Richard Dix Parks 
Girish B. Patel 
Wi l l iai w Todd P a Hon 
Jesse McCoy Plater 
Gerard Edward Poiter 
Nelson Chi-Hong Poon 

Dale Schnepf 

tCharles Patrick Shuster 
Thomas Skrovanek 
Dale Smith 

David Tracey Speargas 
Charles H. Spittel 

"John Theodore Tatum 

"Mahmod Molai Tehrani 
Dale Herbert Thompson 
Mark Douglas Troutman 
Charles Ronald Turner 
Gregory Stephen Veraa 
David Wayne Walser 
Peter Alexander Warth 
Steven Allen Weber 
Paul Ronald Wettlaufer 

t Jerome Hayes Whelan 
^Miriam Winder 

Walter Ralph Wisner, Jr. 
Wayne Ellsworth Wissinger 
Grant Edward Woodslde, III 

College of 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Elizabeth W. Brabble, Acting 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Brenda Jo Akers 
Margaret Spencer Allen 
Theodore Fouad Ayoub 
Michael Patrick Barnes 
Lee Anne Blasecki 
Sarah Jane Carl 
Carlson Wood Carter 
Barbara Ann Chandler 
Charlene Tobey Connor 
Cheryl Iris Corbett 
Nivin C. Cranford 
.Nancy Susan Dall'Acqua 
'.MJSan Frances de Cheubel 
Barbara Louise Draper 

tMiriam Fay Dubin 
Christine A. Erickson 
Ruth Neely ErI 
Gerald Bryant Fink 
Karen Lynn Fullem 
Wendy Ellen Golanty 
Sandra Madeline Gold 
Joan Michelle Goslin 
Bonnie Faye Greene 

"Janis Ruth Harvey 
Lynne Cheryl Hicks 
Jane Beck Higgins 
Robert Carter Hogensen 

Charles Russell Quandt, Jr. 
Steven Douglas Radcliff / fi vOebra S. Holloway 

^Leslie Paquita Salgado TamaycJv'J^c'VwS^) Dorothy Brooke Hopkins 
Laurence James Sauter, Jr. Judith de Simon I ngorvate 

Michael Allen Schehlein Karen Theresa Jeffries 

Mona Sue Kalkstein 

■^ Uio^Ae'•^ 

Susan Kauder 

Alyce Maria Kobin 
"June Marie Lawson 

Linda Lee 

Ann E. Little 

Arie Leon Mangrum, III 

Deborah Lenore Merchant McKerrow 

Lou Ellen Meadows 

Ellen Frances Measell 
tFlora M. Millstein 

Georgia Gay Murray 

Linda DeAngelis Powell 

Sylvia Joan Reanrungroch 

Dorothy Elizabeth Rieman 

Patricia Anne Rosenblatt 

Josephine A. Russo 
"Mary Lee Rynties 

Nancy Elise Sandvick 
"Pauline Victoria Sealey 

Yahooda K. Shahery 

Sandra Ann Sites 
"Susan Elizabeth Spada 

Inge B. Stocklin 

Diana Stone 
tAnne Kathleen Stratton 

Mabel DeLois Strum 

Peter Seth Wantuch 
"June S. Watzman 

Janet Lynn Westfall 
tjeannette Sautters Wiley 

Martha Mary Williamson 

David Michael Zahorchak 

Elizabeth Ann Zando 
tSue Ellen Zippel 

College of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

tinez Elizabeth Connor 

Karen Elizabeth Croson 
tDenice Lee Darrow 

Ronald DeCicco 

Daniel Harvey Elstein 

Randolph Ralph Farmer 

Grace Elizabeth Foster 

Barbara Felice Goldstein 
tMark N. Kernis 

Susan Terry Levitan 

Robin Anne Liebermann 

David Laurence Marker 

Peter Charles Mekeel 

Thomas Patrick Mulrooney, Jr. 

Thomas Irving Price 

C. David Rambo 
"Deborah Anne Robey 
"Susan Amy Silver 

Paul Stanley Smith 

Louise Ann Snyder 

Alice Jane Strees 

' with honors; t with high honors 

Tollege of 
K(H*r4sil i4»ii 
and llf^alth 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin Eyier, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Stephanie Randall Andrews 
tBarbara Gale Arm 

Jan Leslie Bailey 

Janet Morton Beran 

Janelle G. Boisvert 

Robert Allan Burgner 

Dwight Berle Craft 

Barry Preston DeMaris 

Frances Ruth Dickie 

Laurie Ann Donnelly 

Charlene Marie Fischer 
'Ronald Louis Fochett 

Kathryn Snow Forbes 

Janis Mary Ford 

James Stephen Foster 

Janice Carol Friedman 

Mary-Ellen Martha Gaines 

Timothy Michael Galloway 
tElizabeth Olleen Gibbs 
tKristina Gilbertson 

Shirley Lorraine Harmsen 

Steven Robert Hessberg 

Marea Scott Hogan 
tSara Ann Hollcroft 

Hope Mona Lisa Jackson 

Madalyn Elizabeth Johns 

Aaron Frederick Johnson 

Theresa Ann Kang 

Risa Ellen Katz 

Jon Robert Kuntz 
"Steven Levenson 

Chris Ballou Lillie 

Marcia Bonnie Litt 
*Mary Christine MacAskill 
•Harold V. Macht 

Tiina Felicia Magi 

Dominick A. Mattessich 

Kathleen Maxey 

Janet Lea Mclntire 

Helene Karen Mitkoff 

Delorise Morgan 

Russell Lee Morrison 

Mary Wedding Moses 
"Linda Jane Mueller 

Kathleen Anna Newton 

Lynn Marie Nichols 

Gary Alan Orcutt 

George Paul Rogala 
tMary Jean Schaible 

Eileen Caryn Scholar 

Donna Lee Schreiner 

James Edward Sheehan 

• with honors; t with high honors 

Jeanne Reed Sheeley 
Jane Ellen Sheetenhelm 
Charles Frederick Shilling 
Karen Wolcott Toll 
Jacalyn Lucy Torres 
NIta Louise Van Fosson 

tJohn Frank Viqueira 
Stephen Carr Wernle 

"Jane Mary Whalen 
Margaret Ann Williams 
Linda Ann Zimmerman 

Division of 
and Ufe 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Francis C. Stark, Provost 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Oluwafemi Tajudeen Abudu 
"Steven Mark Albert 

Lorraine A. Onofrey Alt 

David Wayne Asche 

Federico Alberto Astiz 

David Elven Baker 

Patricia Hart Baker 

George N. Beltran 
tDavid Alan Blass 

Arthur Alan Blum 

Michael Fitzgerald Boyle 

Stanley Walter Breakiron 

Joseph Patrick Brennan 

John Ludwig Chapman 

Gregory Paul Chinn 

Joseph M. Cirri 

Barbara Clack 

Linda Colleen Cobb 

Joseph Dale Curtis 

John Braxton Davidson 

Jerrold I Davis 
"Thomas Charles Dawson 
tMichael Edward Delaney 

Norma Jean DeLauder 

Gary Louis Diamond 

Robert James Duggins 

George Walter Earle III 

Susan Lynn Eisenberg 

Janet Eileen Faber 

Mark Gregory Fairchild 

Nancy Ellen Faust 

Virginia Grove Galliher 

James J. Germida 
"Susan Carol Glowacki 

Timothy Rader Goertemiller 

Dennis Neal Green 

Roy Lawrence Greenbaum 

E. Michael Greene 

tCharlene Rae Hall 

Jeanne Carol Hamme 

Edward Curtis Hammer 

Thomas Michael Hanley 

Yoopyo Hong 

Diane Duval Hopkins 

Gary Paul Jones 

Peter Roland Kahia 

Andrea Ruth KamlnskI 
tThomas Edward Keefer 

William. Stanley Kirk 

Ronald Gregory Kolakowski 

Kit Man Stella Lam 

Michael Harry Lasher 

Robert Wayne Lehmkuhl 
"Arthur Frederick Lembke Jr. 
tRoy Clifford Levitt 

John Martin Long 
Reginald Bernard Lovelace 

James Michael MacConnell 

"Nancy Patricia McGuigan 

Joseph David Mickesh Jr. 
Russell George Miller 
James Alan Murtaugh 
Debra Gay Nixon 

tEdwin Victor Oaks 
Dennis Michael O'Neil 
Lura Jeanne Somner Oravec 
Robert Neil Ortlani 

tRajendra Manubhal Patel 
James Edward Pecor 
Antonio Pinero 
Rhonda Joyce Rollins 

"Sherril Lynn Ross 
Danton E. Rowett 
Mary Jo Kathryn Ruppert 
George Frederick Russell III 
Dennis Blair Saluter 
Katherine Marie Sanzaro 

"Paul Gregory Schruben 

tAnthony Michael Scialdone 
Diane Heather Sherry 
Mark Wiley Sherwood 
Ralph Wayne Shober Jr. 
Theresa Jacque Smith 
Glenn Patrick Stahly 
Robert Nelson Stalker 
Donald Braxton Stanley 
Meryl Amy Stern 
Olga Regina Stewart 
Guy Holmeade Talbott III 

tMarilyn Lorraine Taub 
John Joseph Thaler 

"Luther Tucker Jr. 
Malcolm Frederick Uhl Jr. 
Herbert Wechsler 
Blllie Lee Wells 
Gary Raymond Will 

"Erik Brian Young 

Division of 
Arts and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Corrigan, Provost 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Harry Costas Adams 

Steven William Allen 

Dieter Altmann 

Mark Alan Amtower 

Stephen Randolph Barclay 

Catherine Gail Barnes 

Stanford Bennett Barouh 

Thomas A. Bartolomeo 

Marianne Battistone 

Sherrle Eileen Belack 

Charles Lynwood Belbin 
"Martha L. Bellas 
"Robert Edward Beloten 

Aaron Chaim Bigman 

Alice Ann Bixiones 

Raymond Oscar Blummer III 
tPamela Leigh Bohrer 

George Christopher Bonifant 

Virginia Woodruff Bowen 

Karen Patricia Bowie 

Tina Rae Boyer 

Kevin Cecil Brady 

Joseph Albert Brancato Jr. 
"Janet Lynn Brennan 

Jeffrey Brenner 

Denise Christine Brindamour 

John Christopher Broullire 

"Carolyn Winthrop Brown 
Dana Elizabeth Brown 
Karen Gail Brown 
Nancy J. Bauer Broyhill 
Michael Joseph Buscher 
Anthony James Calabrese 
David Gilbert Calkins 
Wayne Pletro Cave 
Concetta Cicala 
Patrick Leslie Clark 
Thomas Joseph Clark Jr. 
Christine Ann Clarke 
Alice Ann Cleary 
Virginia Marie Colao 
Patricia Maria Connors 
John Randall Cournoyer 
Ronald Crocheron 

"Maria K. Crowder 
Diane Lynn Dempewolf 
John Charles Dempsey 
Judity llene Disman 
Diane Jacqueline Divola 
Cheryl Evalyn Doms 

tGarrick Storm Dowhen 

"Doris Farrar Droke 
Michael Duff 
Nancee Irene Edsall 
Denise Theresa Elliott 



Ira Feldman 

Mary Radovich Freeman 

Steven Alan Gainey 

Peter Dimitriovitch Galitzin 

Laura Eve Garten 

Felix Gonzalez 

Marina Josephine Gonzalez 

Jill Ellen Goodman 

Leslie Ann Gottschalk 

Mary Beth Gouled 

David Martin Green 

Ellen B. Grodjesk 

Mary Eule Guerra 

Elizabeth A. Hanley 

Clare Maureen Harig 

Paul Harrison 

Mary Jo Hedley-Hoffman 

Patricia Mager Hess 

Karen Sue Hesse 
tBarbara Rykken Hill 

Wayne Walter Hill 

Barbara Ann Holl 
tChristine Anne Holmlund 

Richard Joseph Herman 

John Joseph Hughes 
tJoseph Brooks Hunt 

Mary M. Ison 
tJeanne Blanche Jacobs 

Dennis Charles James 

Gerald Leon Jeffords 

Peter David Jermann 

Barney Washington Jones Jr. 

Dale Sandra Kane 

Patricia A. Kenney 

John Joseph Kenty 

Eugenia SunHee Kim 

Cheryl Meri Korman 

Meta Lagerwerff 

Michele Lane 

Alice Jean Langan 

Deborah R. Lapidus 

William Robert Lazarus 

Donna Regina Leonard 
*Deborah Rimmer Leser 

Terry S. Lindstrand 
Susan Linda Mall 

Margarita Maloney 
Dane J. Martindell 
Danielle Sydne Matland 
"Paul Hindman McAfee 
Margaret Ann McCloud 
Dennis Orin McGee 
Dan Stephen McQuain 
tHelga Jellinghaus Meisner 
Francis Vansant Milner Jr. 
*Katherine Louise Molesky 
Allan Paul Morris 
Richard Llewellyn Mott 
Steve Robert Nadell 
James Howard Nathanson 
Mary Elizabeth O'Neil 
Gerard J. Pagliari 
Raymond Charles Park 
Andrew Hunter Parkinson 
Denise Laverne Patterson 
Sharon Kay Phillips 
Marc H. Piatt 
John Robert Powers 

26 December/Bachelors 

David Byrd Priest 

Michael Anderson Queen 

John David Quinn 
*Kay Rader 

Denise Marie Rechter 

Lois Ann Reid 

John Machen Rice 
tAlmuth Elisabeth Riggs 

Bonnie Black Robb 

Richard Payne Roberts 

Susan Beth Rosenberg 

Mark Rothkopf 

Cheryl Jocelyn Rudert 

Romas Sakadolskis 

Karin Toby Schach 

William Gray Schauffler IV 

Ellis Samuel Schlossenberg 

Robert Jay Schwabacher 
tCatherine Reese Schwob 

Margaret Ann Sears 

Thomas Lee Sherlock 

Aileen Marie Shores 

Mauria Joan Shulman 

James Edward Slack 
"Patricia Lynn Slack 

Elizabeth Hess Smith 

Timothy Alan Smith 

Michael D. Soifer 

David Robert Solomon 
"Carolyn Spellun 
tPaula Ann C. Spero 

David Mark Spiegel 

Diane Lee Stelzner 

Nancy G. Sterne 
tRhonda Reis Strickland 
"Gregory Steven Strong 

Martha May Sturgis 

Robin Randolph Talbott 

Monica Sarah Theis 

Michael Paul Tierney 

Philip Ludlow Van Deventer 

Richard Hugh Waalkes 
"Mary Horton Waldron 
tJames Michael Ward 

Stephen Paul Ward 
tSue Ann Waterman 

Richard Ira Watter 

Daniel V. Wise 
tJulia Ann York 
tMonica Leggo Young 

Division of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Music 

Craig Douglass Cocharo 
Keith Allan Fleming 
Christopher Joseph Mauro 
"David Joseph Pothier 

Division of 
and .Social 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Mary Berry, Provost of the 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jorge David Accame 

Alan Adkins 

Leo Enrique Albornoz 

Robert Howard Allen III 

Sherry Lynn Altman 

Carmela M. Amelio 

Alexander Victor Andreeff 

John Nelson Arbuckle 

George Frank Ko Jo Arthur 

James William Axon 
tGregory Curtis Bannon 

Mary Baras 

Michael Grodsky Bass 

Steven Ronald Bass 

Katherine Keith Bedford 

Charles Michael Campanella Bell 

Patricia Anne Bender 

Lucille Pacy Benson 
tSara Louise Bergdolt 

Louis Berman 

Regina Betts 

Patti Diane Bishop 

Lisa Anne Blake 

Craig Luther Blemly 

Patrick Francis Bogan 
tMichael Louis Bollini 

James Michael Booros 

Rutlage Brian Brazee 

William Anthony Brooks 

Carolyn Dolores Brown 
"James Alan Brown Jr. 

John Joseph Buckley III 

Karen Rita Buckley 

Karen Beth Burd 

Ruth Lois Burstein 

Gustavo G. Caballero 

Lawrence Barth Calder 

Sally Frances Cannon 
t Ronald Scott Canter 

Mary Jean Carney 

Kimberly Ann Cassidy 

Louis Nicholas Chaconas 
tShelley Chapnick 

Patricia Ann Chappell 

Tim Kay Childs 

Stephen L. Christiansen 

Barbara Susan Clark 

Barbara B. Clemens 

James Ross Clinchy 

Harriet Judith Cohen 

Avis Edna Collins 
"Susan DeLane Commons 

Barbara Weigel Comoglio 

Charlene Tobey Connor 

Margaret Lamotte Connor 
"Charles Craig Conway 

Curtis Charles Coon 

Robert lllario Cozzi 

Ramiro E. Crespo 

Mark Aloysius Cullen 

Walter Nathaniel Davenport Jr. 
tLaurie Christine Dietz 

Silvia Ines D'Jaen 
tPatrick Charles Drury 

Joan L, Dudley 
tGregory Richard Du Four 

Joan Michele Duke 

Harry Newton Dunton III 

Timothy Joseph Dwyer 
"Leslie Joyce Edelhoch 

John P. Ehrlich 

Louis Nicholas Eliopulos 

John Philip Enterline 

Donzella Evans 

John Howard Evans Jr. 

James Franklin Farr 
tJohn Fellows 
"Diane Maria Fieldhouse 

Jerome Francis Finn 

Michael Joseph Finnin 

Charles Joseph Fitzsimmons Jr. 

Archie Wilson Fleming Jr. 

Scott Raymond Foncannon 

John Mark Forsyth 
"David Butler Freeman 

Karen Louise French 

Matthew F. Fritsch 

Jill Mary Gaffney 

Pearl Lee Gaister 

Thomas William Gardella 

Thomas Daniel Gillespie 

William Alexander Glisson 

John J. Glynn 

Neal Leonard Gold 
"Sue Ellen Goldstein 

Roberta Phyllis Gorinson 

Stuart Howard Greenberg 

Kathryn L. Gross 
"Jean Marie Hacken 

Diane Lucille Haines 
"Robert J. Hamerhoff 
"Laurie B. Hanig 

Mark Donald Hanna 

R. Fulton Hannan 
"Steven Don Harrington 

Sharon Earlene Haynie 
James Frederick Hean 
Jo Ann Patricia Henry 

Edward Lee Hepler 

Violet Lucille Hicks 
Gabrielle Ann Hildebrand 
Wendy Than HIaing 
Steven Marc Hollander 
Marion Corenda Houston 
Joseph John lacono 
Linda Elaine Irey 
Ruth Ann Ishmael 
Lorraine Donna Jacques 
Clonnie Vasco Johnson III 
Craig Wayne Johnson 
Jean Elizabeth Johnson 
Cheryl Janece Jones 

* with honors; t with high honors 

Linda Frances Katz 
Hubert C. Kawaters 
'Michael Joseph Keane 
Jeffrey Charles Kelchner 
James Anthony Kendrick 
Robert Joseph Kennedy 
Chester Lyman Kingsbury 
Donna Lee Kingsbury 
Mark Kenneth Klelnsorge 
Leonard Alan Kola 
Francis Roman Kownacki Jr. 
Katherine Renee Kuzemka 
Edward John Larson Jr. 
Merrill Edward Layton 
Linda Sue Lee 
James Andrew Lesnick 
James Andrew Link 
Walter Richardson Loope 
Jay Dwight Lord 
Franz Ludecke 
Stephen Philip Luginbill 
Donna Segraves Lyies 
"James Thomas Maloney 
Joel Howard Marcus 
Deanna Eugenia Marlow 
Karen Jane Marsh 
George G. Martz 
Jay Paul Mattos 
Thomas Randall Mclnvale 
Brian McManus 
Marsha Ellen Merrick 
John Van Cleve Meyer 
Theodore William Michel 
William Rodney Miles 
Harry Thomas Miller Jr. 
Jeanette Delores Miller 
"Lynn Marcia Miller 
Linda Lee Mitchell 
Barbara Jean Moffett 
*Marlene Mary Montague 
Barbara Seammen Moon 
Joseph Alan Munzer 
Ronald Patrick Neilson 
Boyd Taylor Nelson 
David James Newson 
Terry Elaine Northcutt 
Neil Joseph O'Connor 
Lisa Diane Ostrow 
Thomas Ray Paris 
Steven Thomas Patterson 
Ruth Anne Pelfrey 
tRhonda Sue Perlman 
Laurence Barton Peters 
Marilyn Diane Peterson 
Concetta Maria Pirrone 
Barbara Gail Postelnek 
Arthur William Powell Jr. 
Terri E. Powell 
Beverly H. Preisser 
tMeredith Carlson Prior 
Frederic Judd Puhan 
Richard Francis Quinn 
Mary Kathleen Quirk 
Pamela Anne Rains 
*Debra Anne Rodriguez 
Christofer Allan Roman 
Donna Anne Rothermel 

Marjorie Evelyn Rowe 
Paul David Rubenstein 
Gary Allen Rush 
Herbert Walton Rutledge III 
Stephen E. Saling 

tJesse Sandoval 
Keith Durand Savard 
Paula Louise Schlosser 
Debbie Ann Schwartz 

"Melissa Gina Schwartz 
Michael Richard Schwartz 

tSidney Howard Schwarz 
Henry W. Scott 
Robert Matthew Scott 
Arlyn Harriet Sharpe 

"Deborah Gail Shendelman 

"Arthur Leslie Smith 
Joyce Ann Smith 
Richard Stephen Snider 
Shirley Anne Sorbello 
Barbars Ann Stasium 
John Michael Stasulli 
Ellen Kay Tannen 

* Richard James Thiele 
Sharon Linette Thomas 
Linda Ann Thompson 
Kerry S. Thorpe 
Mark Douglas Thuma 
Faith Elizabeth Tickell 
Frederick C. Trimble 
Charles Edward Triplett 
Margaret Jean Wallace 
Michael Stephen Wallace 

"Scott Andrew Webb 
Barbara Goldie Weinstein 
Mary Frances Weller 
John Lawrence Wells III 

"Connie L. Williams 
John Jay Williar 
Donald L. Witek 
Steven James Witthohn 
Michael Joseph Wyatt 
Sheryl Glascoe York 
Michael Thomas YorkowskI 
Robert Vernon Young 
Lawrence Fredrick Zucker 

Division of 
and ^MN'iai 

Bachelor of Science 

Daniel K. Abell 

Carlton Webster Austin Jr. 

Marvin Reginald Baxter 
t Douglas Crawford Bayern 

Patrick Joseph Breslin 
"Paul Carey Jr. 
"Randy Howard Cherner 

Donovan Ray Clark 
Robert Anthony Davies 
William Ronald Davis 
Catherine L. Dilley 
James Robert Divelbiss 
Colleen Mary Dowd 
Edward LeRoy Dunkerly 
Olivia Hale Elkaim 
Iraida M. Fajardo 
Adele C. Fergusson 
Donald James Fisher 
Mary Theresa Flynn 
Clark L. Forcey 
Gerald Ira Freed 
John H. Freeman 

tKaren Leslie Friedel 
Frank Gensiak Jr. 
Edward Barney Grant Jr. 
Janet Patricia Graziano 
Joseph Albert Greenwood 
David Howard Hallock 
Patsy G. Hill 
John Phillip key 
John Thomas Jobe IV 
Eric Ray Kaplan 

tSusan Carol Kaplan 
Oscar Kaufman 

tMark T. Kernan 
Gary Chester Kohler 
Michael John Krebs 
Patricia Elizabeth Krepner 
Ann Yuen-Fai Lau 
Steven H. Lipman 

tLinda Kay Lopez 
Lynette Norma Malkin 
Sonya Ethel Mallinoff 

tCarol Anne Mannino 
Michael Steven Mindlin 
John Kraig Nemes 
William Wiley North 
Kathryn M. Orhelein 
John Joseph Rohan 
David C. Ryan III 
Stanley Thomas Scharry 
Charles Henry Sherbow 
Christine Maria Shew 
Mary Finnerty Singleton 
Anne Claire Sorensen 
Veronica Louise Swistak 
Mark Edward Thomas 
Thomas George Tzomides 

"Julia Stephens Webersinn 

"Robert Leonard Wilen 
Joseph Harding Yates 
James Yoshimoto 

"Evan Lawrence Zucker 

Division of 
and Physical 
l^ienees and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Joseph Marchello, Provost of 
the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Philip L. Alter 

Walter William Andersen 

Morris Taylor Covington 

Charles B. Cranston 

Daniel Lee Detrick 

Richard Allison Douville 
tWilliam E. Fink 

Theodore R. Fischer 

Karia Rene Gigerich 

John Roxburgh Groom 
tDonald Joseph Henderson 

Stephen David Kirkpatrick 

Jeanne Louise Kofroth 

Robert William Koontz Jr. 
"Karen Jean Larson 

Glenn Joe Lieu 

J. Roger Loebenstein 

Paul Edward Malec 

Robert Paul Margolis 

James Terence McMullen 

Anne F. Moroz 

Olga Elizabeth Penney 

Michael David Perlberg 

John Denis Pouy 

Mark Dana Rockman 

Lynne Susan Rosenthal 
tjeffrey David Saffer 

Thomas Patrick Sherren 
"Morton S. Steinberg 

Stan A. Swetnam 
"Anne Kimberley Tolbert 

Karen Lea Twomey 

Dimitri Vvedensky 

Anne Elizabeth Whistler 

William Charles Whitmore 

' with honors; t with high honors 

Decern ber/B ach e lors 





Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Shoenberg, Admin- 
istrative Dean, Undergraduate 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Robert Lawrence Aberman 

Joan Anna Alston 

Robert Samuel Ball 

Preston Arthur Bar-Ker 

Steven Arnold Baum 

Bonnie Ann Berlin 

David Holden Butler 

Alicia Louise Collins 

Carol Ann Cox 

Richard Evan DeBois 

Richard Clyde Eastep 

Jacqueline Marie Ennis 
tTina Schwartz Fried 

John Clark Hardwich 

Diane Marie Haslam 

Andrew Larrabee Hatleberg 

Diane H. Heller 

George Joseph Herrell Jr. 

Monte Dean Hinkle 

Thomas Paul Johnson 
tJohn Francis Judge 

Andrea Susan Kaplow 

Iris Michelle Kohn 
tJames E. Lankford 

Michael Larmer 

Frederick Gerard Latreille Jr. 

Clinton Lee Lepley 

Linda Karen Maier 
*Molli Margot Martin 

Fred Monroe McNeil 

Steven Mark Mead 

Kurt Edward Muller 

Anne Cecilia Murphy 

Sharon D. Pollock 
tRoger L. Rishel 

Mark Terrence Ryan 

Sherie Phyllis Sachs 

Arthur Fredrick Seekamp 

Gavin Thomas Stringer 

Tee Edward Taylor 

Michael Alfred Tobin 

Melinda Annette Verduci 

Christopher Luke Wotell 

Ronald Kim Yee 

Honor $$ 


Candidates for bachelors' degree 
eligible to graduate "With Honors" or 
"With High Honors" are so indicated in 
the alphabetical listings by college. 
These persons are eligible for the appro- 
priate designation if they have com- 
pleted at least two years of resident 
work (60 semester hours) at the time of 
graduation with a scholastic average of 
B or higher. (Computation does not 
include grades for courses taken during 
the last semester of registration before 
graduation.) The candidates must also 
rank in the upper fifth of the gradu- 
ating class in their respective colleges. 
"With High Honors" is awarded to the 
upper tenth of those in each college, if 
they qualify, and 'A/Vith Honors" is 
awarded to the second tenth of those in 
each college, if they qualify. 

December 20th, 1974 

With High Honors in French Language and 

Christine Anne Holmlund 
With High Honors in Government and Politics 

Sidney Howard Schwarz 
With High Honors in Psychology 

* Louise Foster Fitzgerald 
With Honors in English 

Carol M. Marshell 
With Honors in English 

Rhonda Reis Strickland 
With Honors in English 

** Jane F. Tamagna 
With Honors in French Language and 

Jeanne Blanche Jacobs 
With Honors in French Language and 

Sue Ann Waterman 
With Honors in Physics 

' Michael David Sokoloff 
With Honors in Physics 

Jeffrey David Saffer 
With Honors in Physics 

Robert William Koontz, Jr. 
With Honors in Textiles and Consumer 

Mary Lee Rynties 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserve 

Steven Edward Bradshaw 
Gerald Bryant Fink 
Margaret Elizabeth Johnson 
Robert Joseph Kennedy 

28 Academic Honors/Commissions 

•Degree Awarded August 23, 1974 
""Degree Awarded May 12, 1974 

A Walking Tour Throii^i ilit^ rniversily 
of Maryland's Tollege Park Campus 

There are many interesting educational 
and research facilities on the College 
Park Campus. We have selected some of 
these that you may wish to visit along 
a walking tour. These facilities are open 
on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 
p.m. You are welcome to tour them at 
your leisure. Other points of interest 
on Campus may be toured by appoint- 
ment through the phone extension 
listed after each facility. For general 
information call the Student Union 
Information Center (454-2801). 


Regents Drive 

Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. A schedule of multidenomi- 
national services can be obtained in the 
North Administration BIdg. 

BUILDING-(BLDG. 83) Regents Drive 
This facility houses the Admissions 
Office of the University; Office of the 
Registrar for grade transcripts and com- 
mencement information; and offices 
for student financial aid, housing, and 
Campus employment. 

LIBRARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner of 
Regents and Campus Drives 
Completed in 1972, the library is one 
of the finest in the nation. In addition 
to serving undergraduate students, it 

also houses at the graduate level the 
College of Library and Information 
Services. Stop at the information desk 
if you would like a guide to point out 
the highlights of the library. 

Campus Drive 

A new addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972. You can obtain 
a building directory and schedules of 
events and activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided tours 
are available to the bowling alleys, 
billiard room, ballroom, cafeterias, 
motion picture theatre, and exhibits. 

Campus Drive 

With a permanent seating capacity of 
12,500, the Main Auditorium of Cole 
Fieldhouse is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, com- 
mencements, concerts, academic test- 
ing, track, and many other indoor 
activities. Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a swimming 
pool, classrooms, faculty offices, a 
ticket booth for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate Athle- 

(BLDG. 115) Campus Drive 
You are welcome to visit the Art 
Gallery on the first floor. Offices of the 
departments of art, music, speech and 
dramatic art, and hearing and speech 
sciences are housed in this building. 
University Theatre is also located here, 
adjacent to Parking Lot #1. 
BUILDING-(BLDG. 8) Campus Drive 
You are invited to walk through this 
facility and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the faculty- 
designed sculpture pyramid in the West 

Tours by Appointment 

CYCLOTRON, Department of Physics 
and Astronomy. The Cyclotron is avail- 
able for touring on Mondays from 10-4 
p.m. by prior arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 
The Center of Adult Education is a 
residential conference facility for con- 
tinuing education for adults. Tours can 
be arranged by appointment. 
PLEX. These new modular housing 
units are a unique innovation in student 
housing. (Ext. 4148) 
BYRD STADIUM. Football games and 
track and field events are held in this 
stadium which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

McKELDIN LIBRARY. McKeldin con- 
tains materials for the use of graduate 
students and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. (Ext. 4042) 
Open House is held on the 5th and 
20th of each month at 8:30 p.m. for 
the general public. Large groups may 
call for reservations at 454-3001. (For 
other information call Ext. 3460). 
building on the College Park Campus, 
Rossborough Inn is open to the public 
for lunch from 1 1 :30 to 1 :30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 


ColeFiekl IfcRLse Sealing 



nuiin entrance 

Section J 


Arts and Sciences, Agricultural 

and Life Sciences 
Agricultural and Life Sciences 

Arts and Sciences, Arts and Humanities 
Arts and Humanities 

Section 2 

Graduate School 


Arts and Sciences, Mathematical 

and Physical Sciences and 

Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

and Engineering 

Section 3 

Business and Management 
Business and Public Administration 
Arts and Sciences, Behavioral and 

Social Sciences 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4 

General Studies 
Human Ecology 
Physical Education, Recreation and