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December 19 


i'^ '/'- 




i'^.if - 






College Park 

University of Maryland 



December 19 

University of Maryland 
College P^rk 


We hope that you will want 
to maintain contact with 
your University. It is 
important for us to learn 
from you during the coming 
years how best to serve the 
students who will follow 
you and how best to serve 
the citizens of the community 
of which you now become 
a member. 

Congratulations and every 
good wish for the future. 

R. L. Gluckstem 

Today some 2200 students 
will be awarded degrees in 
more than 200 fields of 
intellectual study. Each of 
you deserves special honor 
for having chosen your goal 
and pursued it, regardless of 
obstacles, to successful 
completion. We are proud 
of what you have accom- 
plished here. 

The primary purpose of a 
university is to provide an 
environment for the 
discovery, critical examina- 
tion, preservation and 
transmission of knowledge, 
wisdom and values that will 
help ensure the survival of 
present and future genera- 
tions with continuing 
improvements in the quality 
of life. The extent to which 
we achieve our purpose is 
measured, therefore, not 
only by your accomplish- 
ments, which we honor 
today, but also by your 
success in achieving future 
goals — goals that will help 
make the world a better 
place for future generations. 


December 19, 1977 
Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstem 
College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCleary 
Lecturer, Department of 
Speech and Dramatic Art 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend Jesse P. Tynes 
Church of Christ Chaplain 

The National Anthem 
University Chorus and 
Wind Ensemble 
Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H.Elkins 

President of the University 

Hugh A. McMullen, Esq. 
Vice Chairman, Board of 

Musical Selection 

Hallelujah Chorus 
G. F. Handel 
University Chorus and 
Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Dr. Traver 


Isaac Asimov 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Elkins, Honorary Degrees 
Dr. Gluckstem, College Park 

Remarks to Graduates 

Elizabeth A. Williams 
Graduating Senior 
Dr. Gluckstem 


Mrs. Gloria Douglas 
Religious Advisor to the 
Christian Science 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland we're all behind you 

Wave high the Black and Gold 

For there is nothing half so 


As to see our men victorious. 

We've got the team, boys 
We've got the steam, boys 
So keep on fighting, don't give 
in M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D 
Maryland will win. 
Led by I>. Traver 


The Students 

The College Park Campus 
gives all students the chance 
to encounter new persons, 
new ideas and new interests, 
all of which they could 
hardly find elsewhere in 
such variety. Students may 
discover ancient Greece for 
the first time; they may try 
their hand at art; or they 
may use a computer to help 
design a better environment 
for man. 

But whatever they investi- 
gate, whether it is under a 
microscope or out in space, 
or within the human mind, 
their experiences sharpen 
their vision and improve 
their judgment. They learn 
in and out of class, by 
relating to many people of 
their own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. 
They are able, in these many 
ways, to better define their 
directions and their goals. 

The Faculty 

The men and women who 
instruct our students at 
College Park are teachers 
and scholars who bring to 
the classroom a depth of 
knowledge, experience and 
learning that ranks among 
the finest of any university 
campus. Their work ranges 
from the study of physical 
forces to the study of man in 
all of his complexities. Some 
scholars are searching for 
practical applications of 
solar energy, discovering 
new galaxies of stars or 
researching substitute 
processes for pasteurization 
to increase the shelf life of 
milk, while others are 
administering stress tests to 
study coronary artery 
disease, debating the 
philosophical beliefs of the 
founders of our nation, or 
studying the world of black 
Americans at the turn of the 
century. All of them are 
sharing the results of their 
learning with their students 
in the classroom. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban 
Maryland just nine miles from 
the Nation's Capital, the 
College Park Campus offers 
a diversity of cultural, 
political and scientific 
resources to its students. It is 
in the midst of a great concen- 
tration of research and 
intellectual facilities, such as 
the National Institutes of 
Health, the U.S. Department 
of Agriculture's Beltsville 
Agricultural Research Center, 
and the Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, all within easy commut- 
ing distance. 

The campus is a spacious 
one of 1,300 acres. It has 
229 buildings, mostly in the 
Georgian style of dark brick 
and stately columns, which 
overlook playing fields, the 
tree-lined central mall, or 
rolling lawns, while one or 
two border the few remaining 
open fields of grazing land 
belonging to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is 
among the 10 largest campuses 
in the country. Undergrad- 
uates enrolled in fall 1977 
numbered over 30,100 and 
graduate students over 7,700 
for a total enrollment of a 
record 37,866. This year's 
College Park operating budget 
is $145,519,470. The Uni- 
versity assisted over 8,000 
College Park students with 
financial aid in 1976-77. 

Students may choose from 72 
undergraduate and 70 
graduate programs leading to 
degrees. In 1976-77, a total of 
5,322 undergraduate, 1,362 
master's and 370 doctorate 
degrees were awarded by the 
College Park Campus. In 
number of doctorates granted 
annually, the University 
ranks among the top thirty in 
the nation. 


The University had its 
begirmings in 1807 with 
the establishment in Balti- 
more of the College of 
Medicine, an entirely facul- 
ty-owned institution grant- 

ing the M.D. degree. When 
its name was changed to the 
University of Maryland 
five years later, it was given 
power to confer additional 
degrees. The first dental 
school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, became a part of 
the University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the Univer- 
sity opened schools of 
pharmacy, law and nursing. 
Under a charter secured by 
a group of Maryland 
planters in 1856, the 
College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the 
Maryland Agricultural 
College, opened in 1859 
and became one of the 
original land-grant schools 
in 1865. After a disastrous 
fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the 
College and bore the cost of 
rebuilding. In 1920, the 
State took over the faculty- 
owned University in 
Baltimore, merging it with 
the State-owned institution 
at College Park to form the 
present day University of 

In 1886, the Delaware 
Conference Academy was 
founded by the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, 
Maryland. The State 
acquired this institution in 
1926, making it a division 
of the University of 
Maryland in 1948. It was 
made a campus of the 
University of Maryland 
Eastern Shore (UMES). A 
new campus known as 
University of Maryland 
Baltimore County (UMBO 
was opened at Catonsville 
in 1966. 


University libraries include 
approximately 1,231,540 
volumes on the College Park 
Campus, 15,847 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, 
plus over a million microform 
units, including microfilm, 
slides, film strips, music 
scores and recordings. 

The Undergraduate Library 
has a seating capacity of 
4,000 students and is 
among the nation's largest. 
Facilities include a quadra- 
phonic concert room, color 
video tape players and play- 
back units, enclosed rooms 
equipped with instructor's 
consoles for the use of 
nonprint media materials 
and wireless stereo headsets 
for tapes of lectures, plays, 
speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional 
research facilities are: a 
140 MeV cyclotron; a 
nuclear reactor; scanning 
electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; 
an electron ring accelerator; 
a precision encoder and 
pattern recognition device; 
a gravitational radiation 
detection system, including 
a gravimeter on the moon ; 
a quiescent plasma device 
(Q machine); a psychophar- 
macology laboratory ; three 
retro-reflector arrays on 
the moon; rotating tanks 
for laboratory studies of 
meteorological phenomena; 
Van de Graaff accelerators; 
a laboratory for basic 
behavioral research, an 
assortment of computers; 
the Astronomy Observatory 
Center of Materials Re- 
search, Institute for Fluid 
Dynamics and Applied 
Mathematics, Institute for 
Molecular Physics, and the 
Water Resources Research 

The College Park Campus 
also owns and operates one 
of the largest and most 
sophisticated long wave- 
length radio telescopes 
(located in Clark Lake, 
Calif.) and a cosmic ray 
laboratory (located in New 

In addition to these research 
opportunities in the biologi- 
cal, mathematical and 
physical sciences, research 
programs in the behavioral 
sciences, social sciences and 
education exist in many 
bureaus and institutes 
including: the Bureau of 
Business and Economic 
Research, Bureau of Edu- 
cational Research and Field 
Services, Bureau of Gov- 
ernmental Research, Insti- 
tute for Child Study, 
Institute for Criminal 
Justice and Criminology 
and the Institute for Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and-gowns 
worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient 
origin. They have been the 
traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times 
and probably represent an 
adaptation of the ecclesiasti- 
cal dress, since many of 
the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic 

An intercollegiate commis- 
sion in 1893 drafted a 
uniform code for costumes 
which has since been 
adopted by the majority of 
colleges and universities in 
the United States. 

Each of the three academic 
degrees — bachelor, master 
and doctor— has its own 
distinctive gown and hood. 
The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long 
pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, narrow, 
closed sleeve, extending 
below the knee ; the arm is 
passed through a slit at the 
elbow. In contrast, the 
doctor's gown has a full 
bell-shaped sleeve with three 
bars of velvet . The opening 
of this gown is faced with 
wide velvet bands. The 
velvet trim may be black or 

of a color indicating the 
general field of learning of 
the wearer, for example, 
blue for philosophy, green 
for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and 
distinctive item of the 
academic costume is the 
hood which passes around 
the neck and extends down 
the back. The doctor's is 
the largest of the hoods and 
the bachelor's the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of 
the velvet edging indicates 
the field of learning. Below 
is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/ 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education, Pedagogy/Light 

Fine Arts, Architecture/ 

Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 
Library Science/Lemon 
Oratory/Silver Gray 
Philanthropy /Rose 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage 

Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile 

Theology and Divinity/ 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the 
college or university which 
conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" 
is uniform in design for all 
degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of 
the field of learning. The 
tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

From Europe the use of 
academic degrees spread to 
English universities. Har- 
vard University, William 
and Mary and Yale 
followed the British pattern 
in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the 
successful completion of a 
course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently 
conferred by American 
colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was 
a doctorate conferred by 
the University of Bologna 
(Italy) in the middle of the 
12th Century. Originally, 
the doctor's and master's 
degrees were used inter- 
changeably, each indicating 
that the holder was quali- 
fied to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or 
baccalaureate degree 

indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study 
preparatory to the doctorate 
or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean 
successful completion of 
one level of study prepara- 
tory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning 
teacher, or instructor, 
applied by ancient Romans 
to those who delivered 
public lectures on philo- 
sophical subjects. In the 
Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as 
a title of honor borne by men 
of great learning. It 
was first made an academic 
title at the University of 
Bologna, which received 
from the emperor the right 
of appointing doctores 
iegum (doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed 
in 1145. Soon after, the 
popes granted the univer- 
sities the right of appoint- 
ing doctors canonum et 
decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law); and when the 
study of civil law came to be 
combined with that of the 
canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). 
The faculties of theology 
and medicine followed that 
of law in conferring this 

The doctorate in philosophy 
and science, and occasion- 
ally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the bacca- 
laureate degree, and requires 
two to five years, the 
writing of a thesis, and the 
passing of written and oral 

The doctor's degree repre- 
sents the most advanced 
earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. 
There are two distinct types : 
the professional or practi- 
tioner's degree, and the 
research degree. The first 
type represents advanced 
training for the practice of 
various professions, 
principally: Doctor of 
Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veteri- 
nary Medicine, Juris Doctor 
and Doctor of Pharmacy. 
These degrees carry no 
implication of original 
research and are classified 
by the U.S. Office of 
Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first 
professional degrees. The 
University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental 
degrees in history, on 
March 9, 1841, and 
invented the name of the 
degree, D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's 
degree is classified as 
research doctorate repre- 
senting prolonged periods of 
advanced study, usually 
accompanied by a disserta- 
tion which is designed to be 
a substantial contribution 
to existing knowledge on 
the subject. The most 
important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no 
longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, 
but represents advanced 
research in any of the major 
fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United 
States by Yale University 
in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was 
awarded at the University 
of Maryland in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 
The master's degree is an 
academic honor conferred 
upon students who have 
successfully completed 
work in advance of the 
baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are 
usually required. The 
word magister, connected 
with a qualifying phrase, 
was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; 
but its present meaning 
must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the 
oldest universities. Regular- 
ly organized faculties were 
not then known as they 
now exist in the universi- 
ties. The whole circle of 
academic activity was 
limited to seven hberal arts, 
and those who received 
public honors on the 
completion of their course 
of studies, for their 
diligence and knowledge, 
and had already received the 
degree of baccalaureate 
(bachelor) were called 
magistri artium (master of the 
liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University of 
Maryland awarded its first 
M.A. and M.S. degrees in 
fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree 
represents completion of a 
four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the 
oldest academic degree used 
by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree 
Bachelor of Arts was first 
conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine 
graduates of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural 
College, which was later to 
become the University of 
Maryland College Park, 
awarded the first Bachelor 
of Arts and Bachelor of 
Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstem 
Vice Chancellor for Academic 

Nancie Gonzalez 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

John A. Bielec 

Vice Chancellor for Student 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Robert A. Corrigan 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Joseph M. Marchello 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

John W. Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Gordon M. Cairns 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

Dean C. Corrigan 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of foumalism 

Ray E. Hiebert 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Keith C.Wright 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

David S. Sparks 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

MelvinN. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


Wilson H. Elkins 
Vice President for General 

Donald W.O'Connell 
Vice President for Academic 

R. Lee Hornbake 
Vice President for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


B. Herbert Brown 
Vice Chairman 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

John C. Scarbath 

Percy M. Chaimson 
Robert M. Coultas, Jr. 
Ralph W. Frey 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
A. Paul Moss 
James W. Motsay 
Peter F. O'Malley 
Joseph D. Tydings 
Wilbur G. Valentine 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert C. Wiley, 

Professor, Horticulture 
Associate Chairman 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger 

Assoc. Dean, College of 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 

Assistant Vice Chancellor 

for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Eugene W. Troth, 

Professor and Chairman, 

Music Department 
Committee Members 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, Director 

Office of Student Aid 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, Director 

University Relations 

(College Park) 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Assoc. Professor, 

Agricultural and Resource 


Mr. John T. Broadbelt, 

Supervisor, Physical Plant 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, 

Dean, College of 


Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, 

Admissions and 


Mr. John A. Goecker, 

Director, Food Services 

Ms. Joanne Janus, 


Dr. Conrad B. Link, 

Professor, Horticulture 

Dr. George Marx, 

Professor, Counseling and 

Personnel Service 

Mr. Elwood Gross, 

Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, 

Athletic Dept. 

Mr. Charles Jantho, 

Director, Physical Plant 

Mrs. Catherine Banscher, 

Nurse, Health Center 

Col. Alfred J. Hanlon, 

Assoc. Director of 


Lt. James W.Shaffer 

University Police 

Isaac Asimov, one of the most 
respected and prolific writers 
of science and science fiction 
in the Space Age, or any other 
age, has illuminated the nature 
of science and the possibilities 
of the future for millions of 
readers throughout the world. 
A scientist, writer and educa- 
tor, he has produced some 180 
works of fiction and non- 
fiction, including children's 
stories and publications on 
Greek, Roman, and Biblical 

Described in terms ranging 
from "genius" to "the nearest 
thing to a human writing 
machine," the biochemist and 
author began writing science 
fiction in 1938, and later 
turned to expository works on 
science for the layman. 

Although most of his career 
has been devoted to writing. 

Asimov taught at the Boston 
University School of Medicine 
for 10 years, leaving the 
school in 1958 to write full 
time. "Writing is a form of 
teaching," he once said. 

"From 1939 to 1949, I thought 
of myself as a science fiction 
writer," Asimov grinningly 
told Newsday in 1967. "From 
1949 to 1958, I thought of 
myself as a biochemist. From 
1958 to 1965, I thought of 
myself as a science writer. 
Now I don't know what to 
think of myself." 

His first book of science fic- 
tion. Pebble in the Sky, a 
novel whose hero is trans- 
ported by a nuclear accident 
from the 20th Century to the 
galactic era, was published in 
1950. In 1952, with two of his 
colleagues at the Boston Uni- 
versity medical school. 


Asimov wrote Biochemistry 
and Human Metabolism, a 
textbook for medical students. 
"That introduced me to the 
delights of nonfiction," he 
said. "I went on to discover 
the even greater ecstasies of 
writing science for the general 

Born in Petrovichi, Russia, 
January 2, 1920, at age three 
Asimov moved with his 
parents to the United States, 
settling in Brooklyn, N.Y. 
His father bought him a type- 
writer in 1936, and two years 
later he sold his first story, 
"Marooned Off Vesta," to 
Amazing Stories. 

The author earned his bache- 
lor's and master's degrees in 
chemistry from Columbia 
University, and went on to 
work as a chemist, before 
serving in the U.S. Army 
during World War II. Fol- 
lowing that, he received a 
Ph.D. from Columbia and 
joined the faculty of the 
Boston University Medical 
School, where he still holds 
the rank of associate professor 
of biochemistry. 

Working seven days a week, 
Asimov types 90 words a 
minute and produces as many 
as 35 pages of manuscript a 
day. His tireless pace is partly 
motivated by his view of writ- 
ing as recreation and relaxa- 

He has consistently won 
awards and critical acclaim for 
his ability to translate complex 
scientific information and an 
enlightened vision of the 
future into lucid and vigorous 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Science 
degree from the University of 



Michael Straight, editor, 
publisher, novelist, play- 
wright and arts admini- 
strator, reflects a commit- 
ment to the Renaissance 
spirit . In his recent position 
as deputy chairman of the 
National Endowment for the 
Arts, he has played an 
important role in enriching 
the cultural and artistic life of 
the nation. 

Known throughout the world 
as one of America's most 
eloquent spokesmen for the 
arts. Straight has stressed the 
importance of the non- 
partisan nature of the 
National Endowment for the 
Arts, an agency devoted to 
supporting and enhancing the 
nation's cultural resources. 

Straight has also earned 
recognition as a practitioner. 
He was a soloist with the 
Martha Graham Company in 
England, and has been a 
violinist and tenor saxo- 
phonist, as well as a painter. 
An avid art collector, he has 
contributed to the National 
Collection of Fine Arts, the 
Corcoran Gallery and to the 
White House collection. 
Further, he has written 
several works of fiction and 
nonfiction, as well as a play 
based on the life of the 17th 
Century painter Caravaggio. 

In addition. Straight has been 
associated with many 
humanistic causes, serving as 
national chairman of 
Amnesty International of the 
United States, co-chairman of 
the Legal Defense Fund of the 
National Association for the 
Advancement of Colored 
People (NAACP) in Washing- 
ton, D.C., and president of 
the William C. Whitney 
Foundation. He has also been 




vice chairman of the National 
Repertory Theater. 

Bom September 1, 1916, in 
Southampton, Long Island, 
Straight comes from a family 
with a distinguished inter- 
national reputation for its 
contributions to the arts, 
education and business. He 
is the son of artist, diplomat 
and banker Willard Straight 
and Dorothy Straight, 
founders of the influential 
New Republic. 

Following in the family tradi- 
tion of public service. 
Straight began his career as 
a writer and researcher for 
President Franklin D. 
Roosevelt and as an econo- 
mist for the U.S. Department 
of State. He was educated at 
Dartington Hall, England, the 

London School of Economics, 
and Cambridge University, 
where he took a master's 

From 1940 to 1943, he was 
Washington editor of the 
New Republic. During World 
War II, he served as a B-17 
pilot in the U.S. Air Force. 

After the war, he became 
editor and publisher of the 
New Republic, leaving in 
1956 to devote more time to 
his personal writing. He 
joined the National Endow- 
ment for the Arts in 1969 and 
remained there until his 
resignation last month. 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Humane 
Letters degree from the 
University of Maryland. 



AUGUST 15, 1977 


Doctor of Philosophy 

Gary Henry Bachara 

Human Development : An Ex- 
periment in the Role Taking 
Ability of Learning Disabled 

Dawn Strouse Baker 

Secondary Education : The 
Effect of Appropriate and 
Inappropriate In-Class 
Performance Models on 
Performance Preference of 
Third and Fourth Grade 

Patricia Maxey Bartlett 

Early Childhood/ Elementary 
Education: An Investigation of 
Child Abuse/Neglect Instruc- 
tion Offered in Early Child- 
hood and Elementary Educa- 
tion Preservice Programs. 

Marjorie Baumer-Mulloy 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education : A Study of the 
Relationship of Certain Home 
Environmental Factors to High 
or Low Achievement in Read- 
ing Among Black Primary 
School Age Pupils of Low 
Socioeconomic Status. 

John William Bieber 

Physics: Numerical and 
Analytical Solutions of the 
Boltzmann Equation for 
Cosmic Ray Transport. 

Cynthea I. Blake 

Chemistry : Substrate and In- 
hibitor Related Characteristics 
of Monoamine Oxidase. 

Paul Jules Brounstein 

Psychology : Evaluations of 
Alternatives Prior to a Choice 
as a Function of Time to 
Choice, Expecting Information 
and Nature of Assessment. 

Robert Milton Brown 

English Language and Litera- 
ture : A Critical Old-Spelling 
Edition of Henry Glapthome s 
The Ladies Priviledge (1640). 

Mary Catherine Brunner 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education : Effects of Two 
Methods of Articulatory As- 
sessment on the Responses of 
Five Year Old Children. 

Balu L. Bumb 

Economics: Patterns of Rural 
Development in India, An 
Econometric Analysis of 
Social, Political and Economic 
Change in Rajasthan Maha- 

John Butner 

Government and Politics: Con- 

Janet Carlson 

Human Development : The 
Effect of Leadership Style and 
Leader Position Power Upon 
Group Performance. 

John Bernard Carlson 
Astronomy: Radio Inter- 
ferometric Investigations of 
Compact Components in 
Active Spiral and Seyfert 
Galaxy Nuclei. 

Raymond Clar 

Spanish and Portuguese lan- 
guage and Literature: Lo antil- 
lano en la obra publicada e 
inedita de Luis Pales Matos : 
tema e imagen. 

Gregory Lynn Clark 

Physics: The Acetabularia 
Clock: A New Look at the 
Paradoxes and Their Implica- 
tions for Circadian Organiza- 

Margaret Sydnor Clark 
Psychology : Reactions to a 
Request for a Benefit in Com- 
munal and Exchange Relation- 

Donald Wayne Coats 

Zoology : On Feeding and 
Morphology in the Philasterine 
Scuticocilate Porpostoma 
Notatum Mobius, 1888. 

Robert Huston Cornett 

Astronomy : The Interaction of 
Supernova Remnants and 
Interstellar Clouds containing 
Carbon Monoxide. 

Carol Anne McVeigh Dahlberg 
Secondary Education : A Mea- 
sure of Viewer Recognition 
of Audio, Visual, and Audio- 
visual Cues in an Instructional 
Television Program. 

Hattie Hammond Davis 

Administration, Supervision/ 
and Curriculum : The Relation- 
ship of Pre-Service Orientation 
for Open Space Teaching to 
Teacher Satisfaction and 
Teacher Performance. 

Ramachandra Diwakar 

Aerospace Engineering : Inter- 
action of Combustion with the 
Aerodynamic Flowfield in an 
Internal Combustion Recipro- 
cating Engine — A Two-Dimen- 
sional Numerical Solution. 

Richard Michael Eberst 

Health Education: Reduction 
of Intensity of Meaning At- 
tached to Sex Words. 

Richard Leete Eldridge 

English Language and Liter- 
ature: ]ean Toomer's Cane : 
The Search for American 

Kuo-chung Fan 

Chemical Engineering: The 
Study of Aerosol Filtration 
Using Model Grid Filters and 
Nuclepore Filters. 

Richard Alan Fee 

Health Education: The Rela- 
tive Effectiveness of Several 
Techniques to Induce A Troph- 
otropic Response. 

Ruth Bisen Field 

Chemistry : The Effects of the 
Hypocholesteremic Compound 
3B-(B Dimethylaminoethoxy)- 
androst-5-en-17-one on the Bio- 
synthesis of Sterols by SAC- 

Duncan Lee Forest 

Psychology : Cognitive, Affec- 
tive and Behavioral Reactions 
to Benefit and Harm : The 
Effect of Endogeneity of Attri- 


Jacqueline Snedeker Fralley 
Secondary Education: An 
Investigation on the Hypothesis 
of X-Linked Recessive Inherit- 
ance of Spatial Ability. 

Constantin Frasinel 

Botany : Effect of Triarimol on 
Lipid Composition in Three 
Species of Chlorella . 

Greg Norman Frederickson 
Computer Science : Approxi- 
mation Algorithms for NP- 
Hard Routing Problems. 

Virginia Cleo Geoffrey 

Hearing & Speech Sciences : 
/4ccousficfl/ and Perceptual 
Differentiations of Speech in 
Parkinson Subjects Alternately 
Exhibiting Akinesia and 

Alan Steven Goldfarb 

Chemical Engineering : The 
Measurement and Analysis of 
Particle Size Distributions from 
Industrial Oil Fired Furnaces. 

Carolyn Cook Gotay 

Psychology : Helping Behavior 
as a Function of Objective 
Self-Awareness and Salience of 
the Norm of Helping. 

Stuart W. Greenwood 
Aerospace Engineering : Turbo- 
jet Engine Performance at High 
Turbine Entry Temperatures 
with Transpiration Cooled 
Turbine Blading. 

Michael Douglas Griffin 
Aerospace Engineering : Nu- 
merical Solutions for Two-And 
Three-Dimensional Non- 
Reacting Flowfields in an 
Internal Combustion Engine. 

William Lloyd Grogan 

Entomology: Systematics of 
the Nearactic Species of Palpo- 
myia Meigen (Deptera -. Cera- 

Kathleen Klaire Hickok 

English Language and Litera- 
ture : Representations of 
Women in the Work of Nine- 
teenth-Century British Women 

Eric Myrn Hill 

Computer Science : Computer 
Solution of Large Dense Linear 

Nancy Mary Horstmann 
Psychology : The Role of 
Group Interactions and an 
Integrated Problemsolving/ 
Feelings Approach in the 
Development of Competence. 

Thomas Joseph Hunt 

Human Development: Care- 
taker Attitude as Related to 
Pica and Lead Poisoning. 

David Lee Imhoff 

Psychology : Context Effects on 
Memory Storage and Retrieval. 

Jenefir D. Isbister 

Microbiology: Transformation 
of Chromosomal Genes in 
Salmonella typhimurium . 

Bradley Warren Jackson 
Mathematics: Contractible 
Covering Spaces of Closed 

John A. Kapp 

Zoology : Effect of Repro- 
ductive State on the Hypothala- 
mic Control of Serum Growth 
Hormone Concentration in 
the Immature Male Rat. 

Daniel Edward Kelleher 

Physics: Stark Broadening of 
Neutral Helium Lines in a 

Bruce Robert Kleinhans 

Psychology : Order Effects in 
Impression Formation : An 
Attributional Analysis. 

Saul Lavisky 
Administration, Supervision/ 
and Curriculum: Army Train- 
ing Research: A Thirty-Five 
Year History with Implications 
for Educational Research and 

James Crosby Lawlor 

Secondary Education : Selected 
Characteristics of Innovators 
Related to Social Studies 
Teachers' Adoption of New 
Curriculum materials. 

Raymond Walter Lemberg 
Psychology: Measuring Com- 
munity Mental Health Needs 
and Community Competence: 
A Cost-Effective Analysis of 
Three Assessment Methods. 

Selma E. Lyons 

Secondary Education : A Study 
of the Education Provisions for 
Institutionalized Juveniles in 

Ronald M. McCall 

Secondary Education : A Com- 
parison of Achievement and 
Attitude of College Students 
Using Learning Activity Pack- 
age and Lecture Strategies in 
Physical Geography. 

John Joseph McCarthy 
Physics: Observations of 
Solar Flare Particle Anisotoro- 

Bertram Michael Miller 
Secondary Education : The 

Effect of a Two-Way, Single 
Blind Feedback System Upon 
Academic Secondary School 
Students Attitudes Toward 

Kenneth Robert Nicolas 

Astronomy : The Application 
of Si III Line Intensity Ratios to 
Determine the Solar Transition 
Zone Density and Pressure. 

Jacqueline Ann Noll 

English Language and Litera- 
ture : Old Testament Prophecy 
in Blake's Lambeth Poems. 

Joan Mary Ogden 

Physics: Analytic and 
Numerical Studies of Micro- 
instabilities Driven by Ions. 

Titus Jones Olanisimi 


Agriculture and Extension 
Education: Construction of a 
Five Factor Attitude Instrument 
for Use in Evaluation of Rural 
Community Development 
Programs in Developing 
Countries: Ghana as a Model. 

Carole Schornagel Orleans 
Psychology : Effects of Fear 
Contrast and Model Fear Level 
on Modeling Outcomes. 

Patricia Anne Outlaw 

Human Development : The 
Impact of Remediation on the 
Academic Achievement of 
Marginal Students. 

Kenneth I. Pargament 

Psychology : The relationship 
between the church/ synagogue 
as an organization, the fit of the 
member with the church/ 
synagogue, and the psycho- 
social effectiveness of the 

Raymond Samuel Peters 

Special Education : A Study of 
the Attitudes of Elementary 
Teachers Toward Exceptional 
Children in the Mainstream. 

Roger Paul Quane 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum : Development 
of an evaluation instrument for 
the assessment of minimum 
standard entrance-level train- 
ing of police within the State of 


James Michael Reading 

Hearing and Speech Sciences : 
The Nature of Structured 
Variability in Articulatory 

Carl Edward Rivard 
Agronomy : A Comparison of 
Sulfur-Coated Urea and other 
Nitrogen Sources on Cron and 
Small Grains. 

Robert Charles Sapinkopf 
Psychology : A Computer 
Adaptive Testing Approach to 
the Measurement of Person- 
ality Variables. 

Christine Micheline Schonewald 
Zoology ; Temporal Patterns 
of Courtship in a Caviomorph 
Rodent, the Green Acouchi 
( Myoprocta Pratti Pocock) . 

Craig Charles Sheaffer 
Agronomy : Soil Temperature 
and Sewage Sludge Application 
Effects : 1 . Crop Growth and 
Heavy Metal Concentrations. 
2. Soil Organic Matter De- 
composition and Extractable 

Thomas Edward Silliman 
Secondary Education : The 
Effect of Entrance Age on 
Achievement and Retention in 
the Beginning Band Instrument 
Program . 

John Marshall Silva III 

Physical Education : Changes 
In The Affective State of Guilt 
As a Function of Exhibiting 
Instrumental or Reactive Ag- 

Richard Ira Simon 

Psychology: The Effects of 
Experience with Reversed Roles 
on the Discriminability and 
Acceptance of Attitudinal and 
Behavioral Alternatives. 

William Merritt Snyder, Jr. 
Mathematics : A Concept of 
Bernoulli Numbers in Algebraic 
Function Fields. 

Richard Dermis Solomon 
Secondary Education : The 
Effect of Values Clarification 
Instruction on the Values of 
Selected Junior High School 

Richard John Staples 

Psychology : A Comparison of 
EMG Feedback Training and 
Progressive Relaxation Train- 
ing of Hospitalized Psychiatric 

Catherine E. Stifler 

Industrial Education ; A Study 
of the Personal Background. 
Work Values, and Career 
Preference of Nurses Teaching 
In Secondary Health Occupa- 
tion Education Programs In 
The State of Maryland. 

Thomas W. Summers 

Counseling & Personnel Serv- 
ices: Product Analysis and 
Evaluation of a Youth and 
Family Counseling Program. 

Gordon James VanderBrug 
Computer Science : Linear 
Feature Detection and Map- 

Wilma Elaine Wake 

Social Foundations of Educa- 
tion : Anarchism and Educa- 

James Charles Watters 

Chemical Engineering : Pilot- 
Scale Synthesis of Macro- 
porous Cross-Linked Styrene- 
Divinylbenzene Copolymers. 

Michael John Wigglesworth 
Psychology : Extraversion, 
Habituation, Dishabituation, 
and Nervous System. 

JoanM. WoUe 

Health Education: Patients' 
Knowledge and Beliefs about 
Hypertension and Their Re- 
ported Compliance with Treat- 
ment Regimens as Related to 
Blood Pressure Control. 

Jar Rong Wu 

Physics: Multiparticle Re- 
moval Reactions Induced by 
Deuterons and The Study of 
Pre-Equilibrium Reactions 

Yueh-shiou H. Wu 

Chemistry : The Synthesis of 
a Biodegradable Polyamide and 
the Synthesis of a Ladder Poly- 
mer by a 1,3 Dipolar Reaction 
of a Cyclic Dinitrone. 

Doctor of Music 

James Edward Chaudoir 
Music : String Quartet. 

Doctor of Business 

Frank Miles White 

Business and Management: 
A Critical Incident Study of 
Perceived Productivity Factors 
in Three Occupational 




Master of Arts 

Patsy Ruth Acree 
Kelsey Lennox Andrews 
Ruby Ann Bahner 
Carol Jane Balliet 
Robert Coyle Barry 
Jean Cox Baybrook 
Nancy Bond Beach 
Carol Rubel Berman 
Michael David Berman 
Marie Macario Bestul 
Jeanette R. Binstock 
Bruce Erskine Bovard 
Frederick George Brems 
John H. Canderan 
Oiana Bonhard Carrick 
Grace-Ann L. Caruso 
Linda Jean Cimarusti 
John Lawrence Conley 
Margaret Ann Cooper 
Dennelly Christian Grace 
Susan Riley Desrosiers 
Nancy O. M. Dickson 
Myron Alvin Dutterer 
James M. Edgar 
Roy William Earner, Jr. 
Thomas Edward Finton 
James Parker Foley, Jr. 
Jane Ballard Fontaine 
James Louis Foster 
Arthur Samuel Gitajn 
Mark David Goldstein 
Robert Benton Groves 
Kenneth H.Hall 
Joan Ellen Helman 
Karen Scott Hitcho 
Duane Scott Jones 
lx)is Yvetta Jones 
Sharon Lynn Kane 
Marcia Beverly Kass 
Henry Edward Kelly, III 
Richard L. Kerr 
Susan Longhi King 
Betty Threatt Koch 
J. Peter LeBoff 
Wesley Walton Lee 
Saul N. Lieberman 
Alice Marie Litwinowicz 
Elizabeth Kimball MacLean 
Deborah P. Mandycz 
Bonnie Lynn McElroy 
Marilyn Irene McMorrow 
Susan Elizabeth McNab 
Rebecca Walker Mihelcic 
Nancy Mimeles 
Susan Jane Mucci 
Janice Sue Murakami 
Diane Joan Rutter Nargiz 
Karen Laura Nemeroff 
Winona G. Nicewamer 
Eileen F. Gilson Paglia 
Karen Lisa Pelham 
Lynne M. Pherson 
Peter D. Pichaske 
David Charles Pizarro 
Dolores S. Powell 
Carolyn Irene Robertson 
Susan Carol Rogers 
Janet Somerville Sachs 
Deborah Elisabeth Shaller 

Josefa Ippolito Shepherd 

Susan Ellen Siegel 

Dianne Robin Spal 

Thomas Calloway Springer 

Cathleen Ann Steg 

Sheldon Switzer 

Kathleen Buehrle Taylor 

Eddie Tobias 

Metuka Wachsberg 

Cynthia Ward-Smeltz 

Barry James Waters 

Peggy Jeanette Weaver 

Robin Judith Weinstein 

Willo Pequegnat White 

David Charles Whitford 

Stephen Henry Whitney 

Mark Francis Wilkinson 

Connie L. Williams 

Thomas Carroll Worthington, III 

John William Wrightson 

Donald Paul Wyman 

Laura Pienkny Zakin 

Chris Zikos 

Gwendolyn Beth Zunger 

Master of Science 

Jonathan Russell Agre 

Sarah Navid Agre 

Alfonso Aguilar 

Linda Faye Allison 

Judith H. Anderson 

Philip Edward Angerhofer 

Joseph Anthony Baker, Jr. 

Johnson Kristian Behel 

Keith Alan Berven 

Brenda Joan Biermann 

Michael David Bilger 

Michael Howard Brown 

Robert J. Burger 

Robert Sheldon Cessine 

John Wesley Courtner 

Linda Lee Crump 

Dorris Rose Barron Debro 

D. Michael Denbow 

Richard Louis desjardins 

Richard Edward Dougherty 

Richard Douglas 

Robert Cameron Duncan 

William Timothy Elam 

Leonidas Polk Bills Emerson, Jr. 

Lynn Epstein 

Marsha Freeman Epstein 

Kenneth Lee Ferri 

Diane Marie Foster 

Barry Allan Francis 

Altan Albert Gabbay 

Anita George 

John William Gird 

Gary Alan Gordon 

Lewell Franklin Gunter, Jr. 

Peter Robert Barker 

William John Hazel 

Patricia Jean Herchenroeder 
Paul Richard Hoffman 
John Philip Randolph Hopkins 
John Thorpe James 
Michael Dale Jobe 
Gregory Morris Jones 
Iftekhar Ahmad Khan 
Kwang Soo Kim 
Steven Kopstein 
Lana Barrett Krawczel 
Janet Louise Kurin 
Leonard Allan Larson 
James Eryx Malcolm 
Maureen A. McCall 
Mary L. Anderson Melvin 
Axel Monostory 
Efrain Morales 
William Russell Morgan, III 
Nicholas William Morolda 
Michael Alan Moses 
Eileen I. Muirragui 
Ward Frederick Joseph 

Odenwald, III 
Kathleen E. Ojanen 
Annette Grace Polyzou 
Patricia Ann Potthoff 
George Lamar Robert 
Albert Conrad Rodriguez 
Dale Ann Rubenstein 
Jack L. Saba 
David Robert Sadowski 
Richard David Sakamoto 
Leslie Paquita Salgado-Tamayo 
Helen H. Savage 
Beverly Davis Sceery 
Jeffrey Alan Scherbarth 
Alan Michael Seidman 
Hilton Paul Settle 
Randolph Bullock Sleet 
Hal Renner Spielman 
Stephen Francis Stumer 
Marilyn Lorraine Taub 
Alan Winston Taylor 
Earl Maurice Taylor 
James Wesley Tweedy 
Virgil Kazimir Viliamas 
Kay Edina Webb 
Patricia B. Willard 
Joseph Daniel Williams 
Karl Sommerville Wright 
Kent Daniel Zimmerman 
John Joseph Zyren 

Master of Education 

Faith Janet Amaral 

Shelley Jean Barnhart 

Helen Cathy Beaty 

Mary Lee Bobby 

Nancy Cabell-Wooding Bonifant 

Betty Hopper Boyce 

Hazel E. Crawford 

OrvilleM. Deming 

Barbara Ann Yates Dietsch 

Robert G. Domergue 

Franchon Dana Elkins 


Sandy Frazier 

Jack Lee Gallegos 

Bess Marie Gamble 

Barbara Anne Gay 

Shirley Marie Geatz 

Marsha Taylor Girard 

Linda Beth Goldblatt 

Patricia Pataky Green 

Beth Lee Greenbaum 

Patricia Suriano Gronkiewicz 

Bonnie Beuth Guthrie 

Mara S. Hellman 

Sylvia N.Hilbert 

Sheryl Ann Hockenbery 

Marilyn Hoexter 

David Allen Horm 

Gayle Irene Janko 

Ellen S. Joyce 

Stephen R. Kallmyer 

Janet Lea Kellam 

Elizabeth Kimball Kiefer 

Miriam Patricia Kimball 
Steven J. Klass 
Elaine Linda Klein 
Anita Assunta Knepp 
Mary L. Levin 
Charlene P. Lopez 
Lois P. Macfarlane 
Marcilla Lynn Major 
Anza Lucille Manning 
Cynthia Louise Marini 
Bruce Alan McCall 
Sara CoUette McGill 
Kathy Jean McGuire 
Janet McCoy McSweeney 
Joan Kopf Mehner 
Judy Adams Meredith 
Suzanne Rebecca Molock 
Arlene Slossberg Morrison 
Pamela Hay Newman 
Douglas C. Perkins 
Katharine Herath Reinke 
Golda L. Robinson 
Judith Anne Roots 
Barbara Arleen Rose 
Kenneth Frederick Sachs 
Helen Hatfield Schaefer 
Candler G. Schaffer 
Barbara Blatter Schlecker 
Jane Onkeles Segal 
Judith Bracewell Smith 
Calvin E. Vain, Sr. 
Sharon Ann Virts 
Jacqueline Karol Wassel 
Vicki Varoff Wheeler 
Audrylee M. Williams 
Terri Bess Wishner 
Carol Ann Yaden 
Mary Lou Yopes 
Wade Martin Zirkle 

Master of Business 

Steven Jay Berkowitz 

Gregory Keith Brown 

James Thomas Campbell 

James Dewey Causey 

Robert Cohen 

Jean Marie Crosson 

Harvey Arnold Davis 

Fredric Eliot Epstien 

Rosanne C. Fortune 

George E. Gilbert 

Michelle Oveta Hill 

Valarie Ann Hoyle 

Fred Alan Katz 

Glenn R. Kessler 

Robert Louis Klungle 

Perry Clark Korotky 

Joy Jaeckle Luna 

Daniel Raymond McCuUy 
Joseph John Moorcones 
Syed Waseem Abbas Naqvi 
Janet Anne Nelson 
John Paul O'Malley 
Teresa Ann Perillo 
Richard G. Polhemus 
Lawrence Edward Puchalla 
Edward M. Rykowski, Jr. 
RoUandaT. Sharlin 
Maria Cavaliere Stephens 
Gregory Lloyd Sutton 
Richard Eari Walters 
Robert Douglas Yabroff 
Roger Allen Youngs 

Master of Music 

John Winston Bailey 
William Daniel Landes 
Joan Berman Mizrahi 
Francis A. Kobina Saighoe 
I^chard F. Shaw 
Lawrence Victor Shipowick 

Master of Library Science 

June Susan Ailin 
Lillian Patricia Alexiou 
Ruth Moore Alvarez 
Roberta Duncan Bagwell 
Frances Ann Bufalo Ball 
Beverly G.Bell 
Lydia Beyerlein 
Adele Marie Biancarelli 
Kendra Ann Biddick 
John Nathaniel Blake 
Esther Lynn Bloch 
Phyllis R. Blum 
Beatrice Sternberg Bobotek 
Jennifer Mary Bone 
Julia W. Boyle 
Robert Mathieu Bryce 
Jeanne N. Chamberlain 
Shirley Ping Chien 
Kathryn Scanlon Coffman 
Gladys A. Cotter 
Elsie Duque-Estrada 
Susan A. Farkas 
Susan Kiken Ferber 
Judith Benita Frazier 
Mary Diana Fulghum 
Sandra Annette Gallop 

Joan Elizabeth Goss 
Judith Hardie 
Esther M. Hardin 
Sherin Rochelle Hart 
Judith Ann Headley 
Phillip T. Heame 
Janice Ann Hummel 
Andrea Lynne Hutchins 
Brigitte Duces Huybrechts 
Cynthia Jane Kahle 
Maryann Kilduff 
Doris Kohn Kirschbaum 
Ruth Blackwell Law 
Patricia Whiting Lebanik 
Carol Sue Lipinsky 
Anne Theodora Loppatto 
Scott Arthur Lutrey 
Alfred B. Maury 
Ruth Diane McCrank 
Joyce Ann Merritt 
Stefanie Ann Mueller 
Sarah Jane O'Neill 
Sandra Peterson Parrish 
Louise Kelley Pollard 

Marijane Kathleen Prichard 

Richard Allen Rider 

Linda L. Roberts 

Judith McGovern Robinson 

Sharon Adrienne Ross 

Sandra Jameson Schofield 

Peri Lee Schuyler 

Alice Jeannette Scott 

Kathryn Morgan Scuka 

Shelley Baker Shorb 

Jenafred Juliet Shore 

Sunny Shore 

Patricia Clare Smith 

John Frederick Wilkinson, Jr. 

La Verne Zaremba 

Master of Fine Arts 
Claude Michael Buchanan 


Master of Education 

August 26, 1977 

David Jan Allen 
Martha Merritt Altman 
Donald Dapcevich 
Judith Louise Estepp 
Stewart Howard Roberts 
George W.Taylor, Jr. 
Sharon Rosemary Taylor 
Carol A. Thompson 
John Richard Thompson 


Master of Education 

May 29, 1977 

Mary Margaret Byers 

Marie Wesley Haram 

James B. Heggie, Jr. 

Luverne Mercedes Dixie McDonald 

Melvyn Kenneth McDonald 

PaulM. Skaggs 

Mary Blue Ster 

Kathleen A. Segrist 




Bachelor of Science 

George Frederick Appleton 

John Standen Blackmore 

Molly Melinda Bray 

Francis Haile Commiskey 

Michael Wayne Dare 

Kathleen Joan DeBold 

Andrew Curtis Eisele 

Conrad J. Flessner, Jr. 

Howard Keith Freilich 
t Lee Alan Gibbons 

Pamela Frances Gratton 

JoAnn Greenberg 

Richard Francis Harrington 
§ Jeffrey Norman Head 

Suzanne Marie Hudak 

William James Kreitner 

Jean S. Kukla 

Renske Elisabeth Kupper 

Pierre Marie Labossiere 

Valerie Anthea Lashley 

* Mary Oleta Leeds 
Lawrence Robert Martin 
Mary Ann McDaniel 
Geoffrey William Menzies 
James Albert Morgan, III 
Kathleen Lee Elizabeth 

Melissa Clark Neptune 
Thomas James Sammarco 
Emily Ann Shepard 

* Steven Marc Solomon 
Kathryn Clara Speith 
Sharon Marie Stevens 
Alyson V. Turner 
William James Whelihan 
Penney Susan Yolles 

Bachelor of Science 

Eugene David Abelow 

Polly Ann Angle 

Stephen Andrew Asch 

Ira Augenzucker 

Myrna M. Avila 

James Howell Cantrell 

Robert Joseph Carroll 

Thomas Kenneth Coghlan 

Douglas Neal Craig 

Linda Sue Criner 

William Scott Custer 

David Francis Deil 

Sandra Craven Dougherty 

Garry Michael Duschl 

Ronald Ernest Engle 

William Charles Garnher 

Thomas S. Goldbaum 

Frank Wesley Hall 

Thomas Edward Hemler 

E. Lamere Hennessee 

Harry Joseph Hoffman 

John Phillip Irey 

Larry Charles Jackson 

Christopher Parker Kannenberg 

* Marta Jadwiga Kempa 

* Gregory Joseph La Valle 
Kam H. Lee 

Robin David McCuen 

Richard William McDermott, III 

John Joseph McGloin 

Mollie Malka Miedzinski 

John Timothy Mulrooney 

Maureen Florence Murtha 
T Victoria Mary Pazulski 

Karen Ellen Peterson 

Glen Maurice Phipps 

Bruce Alan Rabin 

Kenneth Lewis Sacks 

Mary Ellen Savage 

Chris H. Serlo 

John Patrick Shober 

Frederick Gregory Smith 

Lee F. Smith, Jr. 
§ Karen Ann Taylor 

Joe David Thomas 

Mary Lucille Tondo 

Timothy E. Ungrady 

Kyle Nathan Walker 

Jeffrey Wagner Wallace 
t David Lung Yin 



Bachelor of Architecture 

Robert Blake Dutton 
Yongwon Kim 
i Gail Ann Pearson 


Bachelor of Science 

Warren Fiske 
Ira Martin Greenberg 
Bruce Neil Harris 
Vance William Harrison 
Jana Helenka Herman 
Joy Hill 

Marc Alan Monahan 
Susan Christine Ohaneson 
Carol Anne Pennington 
T Janet Lynn Raubach 
Cheri Ann Robinson 


Bachelor of Arts 

Barbara Dolores Adams 

John Reber Alderton, Jr. 

John J. Allshouse 

Lawrence Frank Bassani 

Anne Brownyn Bauerlein 

Rufus Beatty, Jr. 

Barry Begelman 

Naomi Kae Beiler 

James Junior Bennett 

Susan Kay Berkson 

Ariana Sara Berman 

Pamela Jean Blow 

Jeffrey Allen Brovm 

Richard Steven Caplan 

Michael Gordon Capshaw 

Helvi Kyllikki Clement 

Vivian Linda Cohen 

Patricia Kelly Colaianni 

Richard Everett Collin 

Susan Elizabeth Dale 

Robert Joseph Davy 

Sylvia Gail DeMar 

Richard Alan Diamond 

John James DiCarlo 

Mitchell Alan Egber 

Mary Anne Fineran 

Adriana M. Fortune 
t Herman Eugene Funk, Jr. 

Victoria Anne Gordon 

Virginia Bowen Gradecak 

Michael Leo Gregoire 
§ Elizabeth Susan Griggs 

Phillip John Hale 

William Frederick Hamilton 

Wayne Franklin Hastings 
§ Mary Nell Henry 

Elizabeth Mary Heron 

Susan Rita Herron 

Marida Wright Bartlett Hines 

* Peter Darr Hoefer 

* Mary Elizabeth Hughes 
Lorri Ann Hunter 
Nanette Clarice Johnson 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Signe Margarete Johnson 
Ann Aurelia Kennedy 
Leslie M. Kem 
Mary Dianne Kimmel 
Kathryn Mary Kogge 

* Joni Kramer 
David Scott Lewis 
Richard Charles Lobb 
John Joseph Loughridge 

* David Fielder Lynn 
Marianne Martha Mansfield 
Avis Robin Marcus 

Rose Anne McGarrity 

* Mary Beth McGee 
Joyce Mary McKay 
John Liam McNally 
Sarah Margaret Michel 

§ Patricia Picone Mitchell 
Elizabeth Monaghan 
John Dickinson Moore 
Stephen Lawrence Mudd 
Gerard Francis Nolan 
Gloria Ann Northcraft 
Bruce Alan Owens 
Richard B.Patt 
Morris Alan Pondfield 
Georgia T. Prakas 
William Scott Ratliff 
John Matthew Reed 
Kevin Michael Reilly 
Tracy Elizabeth Reuben 
John Michael Reynolds 
Camille Antoinette Ricks 
Fre'de'rique Marcy Roberge 
Susan Denise Roeser 
Ruth Ann Rombro 
Diane Rosenthal 
Fran Rothbard 
Lawrence William Ruggeri 
Anita Anne Ruiz 
Hannah Merlyn Samuel 
Lisa Schork 
Jean Dick Sellers 
Karen Ora Shapiro 

t Andrew B. Silverstein 
Nita L. Smith 
Patricia A. Smith 
Martin W. Snyder 
Barbara Gene Suto 
Glen Calvert Sweetser 
John F. Tatum, Jr. 
Rene Denise Taylor 
Susan Carol Torchinsky 
James Jan Triebwasser 
Jean Carlon Tsai 
Julian Emmett Turner, III 
Mciry Carlisle Voelkel 
Carol Marie Voynitch 
t Sara Elizabeth Wagner 
Raymond Arnold Walsh 
Katheryn Anna Wasylczuk 
Herbert Randall Waters 
Cathryn Christine Wheelehan 
Nancy E. H. Wheeler 
Melinda Carol Yalom 

Bachelor of Music 

Jeffrey L. Bieber 
Barbara Ellen Roberts 



Bachelor of Science 

Darrell Ray Adams 
Joseph Martin Baker, III 
William Henry Barker, 111 
Robert Wayne Bateman 
Eric Francis Billings 
John Malooly Blair 
Virgil Lee Blizard, Jr. 
Clark Hollis Blouir 
Garry Edward Bowring 
Stephen Craig Brinsfield 
Joseph Michael Broullire 
Gery Evans Brownholtz 
Langdon Coate Campbell 
Kathryn D. Christian 
Lee Crawford 
Richard Arlo Dahms 
Michael Arthur Daly 
Stephen Lowell Daniels 
Thomas Phillips Davey 
§ James Joseph Debelius 
Louis Abrim Deutsch 
John Edward Dewald 
Nicholas Trudering Doggett 
Carol Frances Donnelly 
Roberta Lee Elliott 
Kenneth John Farbizio 
Joyce Meryl Feldstein 
Louis Frank, IV 
t Eleanor S. Futrell 
'Barbara J. Gagne 
* Michael Lawrence Genua 
James Joseph Gerrity 
Robert Herman Gidley 
John Francis Gleason 
Edward Terry Goldmeier 
George Gonzalez 
Mark William Graham 
Nelson Lee Hagy 
David Owen Hale 
Roy Gordon Hale 
David Joseph Haspert 
Paul W. Hillsinger 
Roger Scott Holtmann 
Ralph Paul Horton 
Samuel R. Housley, III 
Patricia Lee Humphries 
Howard Brian Hyatt 
Paul Michael Jacobson 
§ Helen M.B.Katz 
Thomas Grady Keller 
Frank Luther Kemp 
Cheryl Elaine Koehler 
* John Anthony Kowal 
Eric Lee Ladner 
Ted Farrell Landman 

Judean S. LeBherz 
Norman Leifer 
Jody Diana Leo 
Paul Nickels Lewis 
Joan Bowles Lisankis 
Frederick Gustav Lissau 
Gary Craig Lowe 
Phyllis Ellen Margolis 
William Scott Mason 
§ Sherry Evelyn McGrew 
Lynette Monique McRae 
Susan Ellen Meyers 
Brenda Ann Norman 
Patrick Dennis O'Connell 

* Dennis Gene Ogbum 
Andrew Adipo Okuome 
William Michael Patterson 
Michael Wilbur Payne 
Steven Philip Peck 
Ronald Mitchell Peters 
Calvin Westervelt Phillips 
James Francis Phillips 
Gregory Joseph Praske 

* Laurie Debra Pushkin 
William Albert Rackey 
Penelope Marston Randall 

'David Mark Robbins 

Charles Clinton Robinson, Jr. 

James Hartley Roffman 

Steven Gary Rosenblum 

Daniel Sadoun 

Arline Vea Sagisi 

Robert Buckland Schwartz 

Ron Schwartz 

Roger Paul Shenton 
t Darrel James Shiles 

Roger Fredrick Sies 

Nancy Jean Simpson 

Lery Bemhard Sims 

Thomas William Smith 

Matthew Louis Somers 

Ronald Joseph Staines 

Amirhooshang Tabassi 
t Paul Edward Taylor 
t Michael L. Thibdeau 

Constance Geneva Kaiser 

Harvey King-Leung Tsoi 

Elizabeth Susan Wagner 

Walter Bradley Watkins 

David Pierce Weaver 

Donald Glenn Weber 

David Pettit Whitley 

Diane Willard 

Craig Forsythe Wilson, Jr. 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Arts 

' Areve Brachman Alexander 
'Jeffry Duane Allison 

Andres Archila, Jr. 

Linda Marie Arsenault 

Yvonne Kay Atterberry 

Godelieve Willemsens Bartley 

Lisa Jo Basciano 

Keith H. Berger 

Dennis Berry 

Brian Edward Bodkin 

Frances Manzanares Borgeson 

Marie Louise Bowie 

John Michael Brown 

Edward Sheridan Burgan 

William Edward Burgess 

James C. Byers 

Toni Marie Carchedi 

Shirley A. Carey 

Linda Susan Carlisle 

Cathryn Georgia Cavas 
) Shirley Chamey 

Karen Leslie Chase 

Barbara Catalina Chretien 

Craig David Chucker 

Gary Joseph Clark 

Major Gary Coleman 

Sarah Elizabeth Crest 

Donna Lynn Cruickshank 

Janet Barbara Cumberland 

David Donato Dalo 

John Stephen Dassoulas 

James Patrick Dempsey 

Sara Louise Deshler 

JoAnne Douglas 

Clifford Hunter Drye 

Cathy Jane Dyer 

Jacqueline Ellis 

William George Estes 

Steven Bern Fink 

Kathleen Finn 

Argo P. Fragoyannis 

Kathleen Free 

Gregory Michael Ganey 

Eileen Carol Gelbman 

Annamarie Goetzinger 

Albert Elias Goldstein, II 
§ Madonna Therese Goodspeed 

Stacey Wendy Greene 

Wonda Veretta Griffin 

Daniel Mark Haas 

Warren Thomas Hartley 

Robert Olin Hartman 

Crafton Julius Hayes 

Geoffrey Frank Hermesman 

Michael Owen Hodges 

Gail Holovac 

Charles Albert Hughes, III 

Amy Marie Hymel 

Mary Elizabeth Inabinett 

Wayne Darnell Jennings 

Ricardo V. Johnson 

Steven D. Jones 

Mary Kay Kersey 

Gwendolyn Yvonne Keys 

Karen Dolch Knecht 
Denise Knoebel 
Tom Lachman 
Donald Jerry Lambert, Jr. 
Nicholas Apprich Leinbach 
Deborah Artricia Lewis 
Susan Gail Lipskind 
Daniel Theodore Madzelan 
Ellin Susan Marems 
Elisabeth Maria Marewski 
Thomas Mason, Jr. 
JoAnne E. McGoogan 
Karen Patricia Mell 
Mary Elizabeth Miller 
Ronald Adrian Miller 
Robert Samuel Moore, Jr. 
t Thomas A. Nace 
Carolyn Anita Nelson 
Bobbi Jean Nerthling 
Susan Nimmerrichter 
Kenneth Lee O'Berry 
Allen Howard Orenberg 
Gregory Owens 
Robert Harold Patchen 
Byron John Phillips 
Esthermarie Rector 
Barry Joel Reich 

* Anthony Hallman Rickert 
Terrance J. Ring 

Philip Roland Robinson 
Arthur William Rodgers 
David Michael Sandhaus 
Janet Leigh Sawyer 
Timothy Allen Schilling 
Ileen Cheryl Schonfeld 
William Joseph Selle 
Stephen Michael Settle 
Joseph Clarence Sharpe, Jr. 
t Robin Haine Shipp 
Arnold Michael Silverberg 
Ellen Joan Small 
James Andres Sorensen 
Teri Lynn Mudry Sorensen 
Michael H. Stern 
Flora Ann Stewart 

* Patrick David Strok 
George Edward Supsic 
Paula Beth Sussman 

* Mark Andrew Symborski 
Warren Joseph Tilley 
Mark Frederic Totman 
Wanda Latres Turman 
Patrick Christopher Twiss 
David Lynn Twomey 
Melanie Beall Valcourt 
Mary K. Vanderberry 
Lamonte Aaron Wade 
Melvin Henry Walker 
Deborah Ann Weekley 
Charles Michael West 
Andrea Elizabeth White 
Linda Karen White 

Jean Phyllis Whittaker 

* Thelma Marianna Williams 
Mark Cheyney Wimsatt 

* Anthyme Cesaire Yameogo 

Bachelor of Science 

Alan Arthur Anderson, III 
John Richard Bender 
Christo George Cambetes 
Gladys Bemandine Davidson 
Joseph Frcincis Emala, Jr. 
Abdol Reza Ganjei 
§Zena N. Green 
Jay Edwin King 
Mark Matthew Koepsell 
Bonnie Sharon Kramer 
Jane Marjorie Lewis 
Regino N. Maceyras 
William Clinton McKee 
Susan Anne O'Connor 
Mary Clare Pahl 
Michael David Rausa 
Alan Raphael Wilson 



Bachelor of Arts 

R. Kent Adams 
Scott Aaron Brenner 
W. Clyde Dixon 
t Joseph Anthony Gergel 
Robert Matthew Goldman 
Conrad Waltermere Judy, Jr. 
Bette F. Krochmal 
Harmon Marc Levine 
Harold Raymond Lloyd, Jr. 
Carole Joann Lockwood 
Gertrude Ann Lyles 
Janci Lee Mako 
Kathleen Ann O'Brien 
Patrick Kevin O'Malley 
Leslie Ann Smith 

Bachelor of Science 

Lauretta Arlene Adams 
Joseph R. Agee 
Randi Carole Agetstein 
Gary Ralph Alston 
Janet Marie Back 
Betty Lou Baker 

* Ellen Barber 
Kevin John Boland 
Pairick S. Brew 
Thomas Edward Byerly, Jr. 
Michelle Marie Case 
Alan Jay Cohn 

Andrew Thomas Corrado 
Karen Michele Dellen 
Vera Dibov 
John Grafton Downs 

* Jeanne Teresa Eslinger 
Phillip Pete Fickos 
William John Gerardi, Jr. 
Karen Denise Givner 
Stephen W. Goldberg 
Wesley Olan Hagood 

§ Ann Marie Moriarty Hall 

§Sumn:ia Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


James Michael Hand 
Jane M. Horton 
Linda Marie Intellini 

§ Ruth Ann Johnson 
Ona M. Jordan 
Suzanna Jo Clara Kinzhuber 
Ronald E. Knight 
Phillip Anthony l^vy 
Timothy Mark Lincoln 
Edward Lee Martin 
Michael Lynn Mellott 
Sandra Johnson Mohr 
Edward Francis Mullen, Jr. 
Richard Carey Nairn 
Mary Patricia O'Brien 
Joan Cirstine Rawlings 
Beverly Ann Resnick 
Beverly Ann Robertson 

* Janice Hayden Rohme 
David Alan Simpson 
Karen Louise Still 
Jeannette Thomas 
Pamela Mary Van Gelder 
Marie-Horence Vielot 
Ernest Victor Wachs, Jr. 
Michael Cole Willon 
John Michael Zemhelt 


Bachelor of Science 

Joyce Ellen Amendola 
t Jacquelyn Louise Berry 

Sandra Lynne Bowen 
§ Michele Ann Breeden 

Nancy Lynn Cameron 

Emily Gay Eichberg 

* Anna Lx)uise Frankle 
Karen Faye Gillette 

* Jill eien Hecht 
Randy Sue Helfant 
Cathryn Ann Jackson 
Kathy Ann Jackson 
Ruth Kaplan 

Anna Maria Kuzmiw 
Louise Marlene Lazar 
Robert Eugene l-ee 
Cynthia Finley MuUar 
Maureen Gerarda O'Neill 
Theano Sotirios Panos 
Anne Lisa Perry 
Sheila Elizabeth Phang 
Tayloria Ann Robinson 
Ulene Sandra Shapiro 
Deborah Ann Singleton 
Sharyn Domi Slobins 
Mark Merrill Stafford 
Alison Jean Taylor 
Sue Ellen Tellis 
Hnora L. Welbeck 

Bachelor of Science 

Anita G. Atwood 
t Blair Berkowitz 

Marilyn Janet Brown 

Richard John Callahan 

Debra Lynn Carney 

Joseph Gerard Colleli 

Donald Robert Erdman, Jr. 
* Carol Ann Euzent 

Edward Franklin Fones 

Ann Nicole Ford 

Julia Buhl Forker 

Clara Burgdorff Fowler 

Steven Craig Fox 

Dawn E. Freedman 

Leslie Anne Friel 

Albert Joseph Gallagher 

Gregory Allen Hardesty 

Karen hee Himmer 

Kathryn Dell Hudock 

Kermeth L. Jacobs 

Kermeth M. Johnston 

Lisa Lynn Kaufmann 

William James Knight 

Frances Marie Kress 
Ronald James l-andis 
John J. Lee, Jr. 
Helen Wendell Leigh 
Janet Barbara I^vin 
Lynne Gail MacCracken 
Kristine Elaine Middlebrook 
Arnold Barry Miller 

* Barbara Lynn Miller 
Marie T. Otley 
Effie Peter Palaigos 
William Menelaos Pastis 
Robyn Peters 

Judy Sue Plumer 
Frank Thomas Reese 
liichard Harris Rosenthal 
Susan McGregor Royder 
Robin Lee Shifflett 
T Linda Lee Shotwell 
Felix McKinley Smith 
Kim Tryon 
Scott Robert Turkel 

* Richard Bain Urmann 
Jamie Xavier Velasco 
Roberta Jo Vite 
Robert Arthur Wolfe 






Bachelor of Science 

Andrew James Bagnall 

James Kerr Barr 

Franklin Edward Clay 

James H. Dietz 

John Scott Doneghy 

David Charles Gulley 

Robert Conrad Karl 

John R. Kautz 

Bruce W. Kostreski 

Bruce Robert Kuester 

Michael Joseph Maher 

Nancy Lan Moy 

Aliasghar Pazouki 

Celine Gatewood Pho 

Kevin Scott Pippin 

Stephen D, Powell 

Charles James Powers 
* Mark Christian Rippeon 
§ Samuel Richard Rod 

Piero Sarti 

l-eonard F. Schalburg 

Thomas David Schick 

Mohammad Tayyebi 

David Gordon Turek 

Robert Howard Turok 

Stevan Alan Varga 

Joseph Francis Williams 
t Frank Henry Worrell 

Agnes Tung-Yung Wu 

Hea Wah Yee 


§Suinma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 


Bachelor of Science 

Stuart Aaron Abramowitz 
Mahyar Baharmast 
Frederick Lawrence Blonder 
Thomas Herrell Gwaltney 
Dominick Peter lascone, Jr. 
Paul Mark Kratchman 
Barbara Nichols 
Mark MacLean Nisonger 

§ Jonathan Rosenberg 
Robert Allan Rybarczyk 
Theresa Marie Schenk 

T Bruce Edward Shapiro 
Mathew Allan Taylor 
Michael Thomas Wolff 
Frank Henry Worrell 
John Benjamin Zonak 



Bachelor of General Studies 

Eugene L. Banez 
Marilyn Rochelle Berger 
Barbara Sue Binder 
Lori Anne Cecce 
Marian Denise Chodnicki 
Judy Sharon Cohen 
Lynda-Lee Sobotka Elgers 

William Steven Fotta 
Fred Gary Halter 
Deborah Gail Halverson 
Frank Bernard Herty, 111 
Linda Joan Hill 
N. Scott Jones 
Nancy R. King 
Karl Dennis Lehman 
Debby Susan Libster 
Michael Eugene Matullo 
Denise Barbara Morrison 
Eugene F. Ochap 
Richard Alan Privot 
Beth-Ann Rickert 
Vernon Lee Roberts 
Mark Charles Rosenblum 
Rick A. Schweigert 
Steven Marc Shapiro 
Carole Beth Sheehan 
Lisa Gayle Stein 
Margaret Ward Stortz 
Irena Swerdlin 
Susan Bums Titcomb 
Roger Norman Tuck 
Ron D. VanLandingham 
Linda Ackerman Walsh 
Robert Campbell Williamson 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jerold Howard Brenner 
Kim Elin Chamberlain 
Robert Andrew Collinge 
Bruce Meredith Cubbage 
Jody Rachel Click 
Paul Bennett Siegel 

Bachelor of Science 

§ Dale Katherine Dedrick 

* David Mark Fishbein 
t Peter John Golueke 

* Gary Robert Griswold 
Jeffrey I. Piatt 
Ronald Jeffrey Wolff 

The sum of more than its parts, 
the University, draws on the talent 
and resources of the corridor 
stretching from the Washington 
Monument to the Baltimore World 
Trade Center. 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 




DECEMBER 19, 1977 

The 1977 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the under- 
graduate and graduate programs 
at the University's College Park 
Campus. As final action cannot 
always be taken for candidates 
by the time this program is 
printed, the list of candidates 
here is tentative only. The Univer- 
sity reserves the right to withdraw 
or add names. All diplomas 
will be mailed by the Registra- 
tions Office. 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of Edu- 
cation may obtain a Statement of 
Certificate Eligibility in the Col- 
lege of Education Records Office 
(Room 3201). Other students who 
have completed teacher education 
programs will receive their state- 
ments in the mail (separate from 
the diploma) upon verification of 
required coursework. 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean for 
Graduate Studies. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Leonard Gerald Abram 

English Language and Litera- 
ture : The Eye of Henry 
Adams : Perception in the 
History . 

Nancy Elizabeth Allgire 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Developmental 
Instruction and Information 
Responsiveness : Their Effects 
on Cognitive Development and 

James Edward Althof 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services : The Effect of Field 
Experience Instruction on Cog- 
nitive Development of Under- 
graduate Students. 

Mary Karapetian Alvord 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services : The Effects of Non- 
Motion Symbolic Modeling on 
the Sharing Behavior of Young 

Carolyn L. Anderson-Young 
Psychology : Empathic Devel- 
opment and its Relationship 
to Social Adjustment in Chil- 
dren with Socioemotional 

Norma Jean Arbuckle 

Human Development: The 
Effect of White Noise on Short- 
and Long-Term Recall in 
Hyperactive Boys. 

James Howard Beall 

Physics : On the Physical 
Environment in Galactic 

Cynthia Marie Bell 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum : Changes in 
Self-Concept and Academic 
Achievement of Peer Counse- 
lors in an Urban School Dis- 

Donald Raymond Bender 
Hearing & Speech Sciences: 
Effects of Competing Signals 
on Aided-Hearing Per- 

Grace Ann Bensimon 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum : An Analysis 
of Forty-five School Systems 
in Pennsylvania using Law- 
rence and Lorsch's Contingency 
Theory of Organizational 

Brian Lee Biehl 
Electrical Engineering: Elec- 
tronic Circuit Simulation on 
Small Computer Systems. 

Dorothy Bilik 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Immigrants & Immi- 
grant — Survivors in Recent 
Jewish-American Fiction. 

Thomas Michael Blessington 
Horticulture: Acclimatization 
of Foliage Plants for Interior 

William Reno Bowman 

Economics: A Human Capital 
Approach for Analyzing the 
Distribution of Post-MDTA 

Craig Nelson Boyer 

Physics : Studies of Collective 
Ion Acceleration Using Intense 
Relativistic Electron Beams. 

Michael Buas 

Physics : A Theoretical Study 
of Membrane Diffusion and 
Lymphocyte Capping. 

Ann D. Bunting 

Human Development : The 
Effect of Three Performance 
Expectation Structures on 
Influence Potential, Coordina- 
tion, and Penchant for Closure. 

Larry Lambert Burton 

Physics : Magnetic Fields in 
Laser Pellet Plasmas 

Ritva Rauanheimo Butrum 
Food Science: Effect of Storage 
on the Protein of Meat, Meat 
Analogs and Their Mixtures 
by Rat and Tetrahymena 
Growth and Amino Acid 

Xavier Caicedo Ferrer 

Mathematics : Interpolation, 
Compactness, and Maximality 
in Abstract Logics. 


Charlotte Losero Callens 
Human Development: The 
Relationship of Type of Moral 
Attitude to Perceptions of 
Authority Figures and Insti- 

Amar Singh Chawla 

Electrical Engineering : Electri- 
cally Alterable, High Density 
Non-Volatile, MNOS Cross- 
Point Capacitor Memory. 

Thongchai Chewprecha 
Secondary Education : A 

Comparison of Instructional 
Pamphlets and Audiotape 
Models on Acquisition of 
Questioning Skills by Thai 
High School Chemistry Teach- 

W. Jean Marshall Clark 

English Langauge and Litera- 
ture: Harold Frederic's Fiction 
and the Intellectural Milieu. 

Karl A. Conger 

Chemistry: Shell Growth in 
Starved Oysters. 

Stephen Francis Curran 

Human Development : A Study 
of Interpersonal Distance and 
the Locus of Control of Opiate 

Jay Frank Davidson 

Secondary Education : Com- 
parison of the Effects of Com- 
petency Measures and Labora- 
tory Reports Upon Achieve- 
ment in a College Science 
Laboratory Course. 

William Scott Davis 

Physics: Noise Measurements 
of a 134 kg Aluminum Cylinder 
at 5 to 8 Degrees Kelvin. 

Nelson Lee De Gangi 

Nuclear Engineering : Order of 
Scattering Calculations. 

Victor K. Der 

Mechanical Engineering : In- 
vestigation of Fracture of 
Brittle Non-Metals. 

Robert M. Dixon 

Physics : Formal Truncations 
of Connected Kernel Equations. 

Bruce Edward Douglas 

Mechanical Engineering : The 
Transverse Vibrato.y Response 
of Partially Constrained 

Laura Post Eisen 

Chemistry: Two-Dimensional 
Velocity Correlation Function 
and Stokes' Paradox. 

Lawrence Key Elwood 

Counseling & Personnel Serv- 
ices : A Study of the Effective- 
ness of a Brief Sex Education 
Program on the Sexual Atti- 
tudes and Atvcieties of Institu- 
tionalized Physically Disabled 

Warren David Erhardt, Jr. 
Chemistry : Studies of ir Elec- 
tron Delocalization in Nitro- 
gen Analogues of Sesquiful- 

Edward Noel Farabaugh, Sr. 
Engineering Materials: Analy- 
sis of the Surface Structure, 
Perfection and Microhardness 
ofAlzO, Single Crystals by 
X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy. 

Joan Hartman Fellers 

Zoology: The Roles of Inter- 
ference and Exploitative Com- 
petition in a Woodland Ant 

Gary Arthur Ford 

Computer Science: An Investi- 
gation of Embeddings of Cel- 
lular Spaces for Cellular 

John M. Forsyth 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: An Applica- 
tion of Contingency Theory of 
Organizational Effectiveness to 
Public School Systems. 

Richard Haudiomont Francis 
Government and Politics: The 
Effect of Public Policy on 
Interstate Student Migration. 

Marvin Gast 

Geography : A Highway 
Impact Study of Three Towns 
in Panama: A Baseline Analy- 

Eliud Mugu Gathuru 

Botany: Passiflora chlorotic 
spot virus a new strain of 
Passiflora latent virus. 

Omer E. Goktepe 

Nuclear Engineering : Sputter- 
ing of Metals with Medium 
Energy (KeV range) Ions. 

Robert A. Gore 

Physics : Resonance Oscilla- 
tions of a Bounded Plasma in 
a Strong Magnetic Field Near 
the Lower Hybrid Frequency. 

Roberta S. Greene 

Human Development: Atypi- 
cal Parenting: Single Custodial 

Joseph Jeffrey Griffith 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: "When Vernal Suns For- 
bear to Roll: " Belief and 
Unbelief, Doubt and Resolution 
in the Poetry of Philip Freneau. 

Ronald Eugene Grim 

Geography : The Absence of 
Towns in Seventeenth-Century 
Virginia : The Emergence of 
Service Centers in York 

Matthew Hale, Jr. 

History : Psychology and 
Social Order: An Intellectual 
Biography of Hugo Munster- 

Robert Lee Hannan 
Psychology : Performance as a 
Function of the Interaction of 
Abihty, Work Values, and 
Perceived Job Characteristics. 

Aloysia Fahnestock Hard 
Hearing & Speech Sciences: 
Cortical Evoked Responses to 
Combined Speech and Noise 

Peter Aaron Heimann 

Physics: Arialysis of de-Haas- 
van-Alphen Data using 
Linearly Recursive Fitting. 

Jean-Francois Hennart 
Economics : A Theory of 
Foreigh Direct Investment. 

Steele Waychoff Hill 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Structural Unity in the 
Noveb of John Updike. 

Britt Ingalill Monica Holmstrom 
Human Development; An 
Investigation of Mother's Age 
as Related to Expressed Hos- 
tility by Offspring. 

Mildred Frances Holt 

Special Education: Guilford's 
Structure of Intellect Model 
Applied to Underachievement 
in Gifted Children. 

Lewis Michael Horzempa 
Chemistry ; The Nucleation, 
Growth, and Flocculation of 
Colloidal CuS Sols. 

Laraine Rathvon House 

Spanish Language and Litera- 
ture ; Myth in the Work of 
Marco Denevi. 

William Edward Hrezo 

Government and Politics: The 
Role of Institutional Ideology 
in Organizational Change. 

Wan-Chen Hsieh 

Mathematics: Fourier Analy- 
sis : spectral synthesis 


James Albert lonson 

Physics: Heating of Coronal 
Loops by the Resonant Absorp- 
tion of Alfvenic Surface Waves. 

Geraldine Niva Johnson 

English Language and Litera- 
ture : It sa Sin to Waste a Rag: 
Rug-weaving in Western Mary- 

Thomas William Jones 
Botany : The Effect of Blue 
Light on Carbon Metabolism 
and osmoregulation in 
DunaUella tertiolecta . 

Basil S. Kamel 

Food Science: Effect of Protein 
Concentrate Additives on 
Acceptability Wholesomeness 
and Nutritive Properties of 
Fabricated Foods 

William Stanton Keifer II 
Chemistry: Generation of 
Ozone in Plumes from Large 
Point Sources. 

Sally A. Kneipp 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Enhancing the Career 
Development of Vocational 
Rehabilitation Clientele 
Through Job Survival Skills 

Kathleen Anne Kos 

Chemistry: Evidence for a 
Nuclear Requirement for the 
Replication of Japanese En- 
cephalitis Virus. 

Norma R. Long 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Creative Autonomy of 
the Literary Woman : Case of 
Lillian Hellman. 

Robert K. Madsen 

Psychology: A Study of Social 
Interaction with Hospitalized 
Psychiatric Patients. 

Kemba Asili Maish 

Psychology : Black Political 
Orientation, Political Activ- 
ism, and Positive Mental 

Willie Eugene May 

Chemistry: The Solubihty 
Behavior of Polynuclear Aro- 
matic Hydrocarbons in 
Aqueous Systems. 

Mary C. McBride 

Secondary Education : Stu- 
dents' Perceptions of and 
Responses to the Opportunities 
for Individual and Collective 
Decision Making and Use of 
the Community that are 
Offered by Five Public Second- 
ary Alternative Schoob. 

Thomas Griswold McCreless 
Nuclear Engineering: An 
Application of Invariant Im- 
bedding to Neutron Thermali- 
zation in Infinite Homogeneous 

Carole McKewin 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: 'The Subtile Mirror' : 
The Function of Feminine 
Characterization in Ben Jon- 
son's Comedy. 

Stephen W. McKnight 

Physics : Far Infrared Cyclo- 
tron Resonance in Semi con- 
ducting PbTe. 

Charles Joseph Meade 

Psychology: Interpersonal 
Process Recall and Human 
Relations Training: An Empiri- 
cal Comparison. 

Anthony Joseph Mento 

Psychology: A Laboratory 
Investigation of the Effects of 
Goal Ehfficulty and Subjective 
Probability of Success on Task 

Jean L. Muhlbaier 

Chemistry: The Chemistry of 
Precipitation Near the Chalk 
Point Power Plant. 

B. loneMutchler 

Secondary Education : Twen- 
tieth Century American Paint- 
ing Coordinated with Poetry 
and Drama: An Innovative 
Curriculum for the Secondary 
School Level. 

Robert S. Nagle 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: A Model for 
Catholic School Finance In- 
corporating the Concepts of 
Centralization and Decentra- 
lization : A Case Study. 

Charles Stuart Nicewarner 
History: "The Household 
Account of Baldwin Radding- 
ton, 1395-96, " Critical edition 
with Introduction and Com- 

Ida Annett Nold 

Mathematics: Systems Ap- 
proaching Equilibria in Disease 
Transmission and Species 

Loretta Highberger Nowakowski 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Comprehensive Health 
Care: Social, Mental arid 
Physical Factors. 

Mary Ann Ottinger 

Zoology : The Relationship of 
Physical, Behavioral, and 
Hormonal Variables During the 
Sexual Maturation of the Male 
Japanese Quail. 

Paul Francis Ottinger 

Physics: Equilibrium and 
Nonlocal Stability Properties 
of Bounded Relativistic Elec- 
tron Beam-Plasma Systems. 

K. N. Parthasarathy 

Aerospace Engineering : High 
Energy Gasdynamic Lasers. 

John Franklin Patrick 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Relationship Between 
Sex of Supervisor, Attitudes 
Toward Women, and the Job 
Satisfaction of Female Em- 

Diane Cope Peabody 

Botany: Microspectrophoto- 
metric analysis of the Nuclear- 
cycle and Ultrastructure of 
meiosis of the Basidiomycete, 
Armillaria mellea . 

Robert Braynard Peabody 
Zoology: Electrophoretic 
Analysis of Geographies 
Variation and Hybridization of 
Two Appalachian Sala- 
manders, Plethodon jordani 
and Plethodon glutinosus . 

Richard Alan Perley 
Astronomy: A Study of a 
Technique of Pencil Beam 
Synthesis With a Line Aperture 
and Its Use in Mapping Giant 
Radio Galaxies. 

Shirley Andersen Perry 

Counseling & Personnel Serv- 
ices: A Cross-Validated Study 
of the Prediction of Com- 
munity College Attrition Using 
Demographic and Motivational 

Dennis Ray Phillips 

Mathematics: The Existence 
of Determining Equations and 
their Application to Finding 
Fixed Points of Compact Oper- 
ators and Error Bounds for 
Eigenvalue Estimates of Com- 
pact Linear Operators. 


Nancy MacEdwards Pinson 
Counseling & Personnel Serv- 
ices: The Development of a 
Procedure to Identify Factors 
Affecting Change in Institu- 
tions of Higher Learning, Using 
Career Education as an Ex- 

Augustin Laurent Quilici 
French Language and Litera- 
ture: The Genesis of Zola's 
Novel La Curee . 

Barnett Alvin Rattner 

Zoology : The Effects of Hy- 
poxia and Restricted Feeding 
on the Hypophyseal and 
Gonadal Hormonal Induction 
of Embryonic Implantation 

Amitava Raychaudhuri 

Physics : On the Application 
of the N-Quantum Approxima- 
tion Method to Bound State 

Judy Anne Reardon 

History: Belgian Workers in 
Roubaix, France, in the Nine- 
teenth Century. 

C. Roger Rees 

Physical Education: Interper- 
sonal Attraction in College 
Football Teams. 

Katherine Hanson Reichelderfer 
Agricultural & Resource 
Economics : A Benefit-Cost 
Comparison of Alternative 
Methods for the Control of the 
Mexican Bean Beetle. 

Joseph Garrett Reilly 

Zoology: Subclasses, Size, 
and Organization of Repeated 
DNA Sequences in the Ciliated 
Protozoan, Tetrahymena 
pyriformis . 

Helen W. Reznick 

Psychology : Comparison of 
Treatments for Fear of Success. 

Fulvio Ricci 

Mathematics: Fourier Analy- 
sis: Multiplication of Pseudo- 

Elaine Romberg 

Measurement and Statistics : 
The Effects of Test-Taking 
Skills and Attitudes on Validity 
of Standardized Achievement 
Test Scores of Inner-City 

Ellen C. Roth 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum : Locus of 
Control and the Teaching of 
Library Instruction: A Com- 
parative Study. 

Jacob Braun Roth 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services ; The Effects of Vary- 
ing Leveb of Contingent Social 
and Token Reinforcement on 
Performance on a Non-Verbal 
Measure of Intelligence. 

Joan Marshall Rupp 

Social Foundations of Educa- 
tion: "Logical " and "Psycho- 
logical " in the Learning Proc- 
ess : Critique and Reconstruc- 

William Randolph Schneider, Jr. 
Microbiology : Behavioral 
Responses of Motile Bacteria 
to Temperature Variations. 

Jaime Sendra-Catafau 

Spanish Language and Litera- 
ture : La Novelistica De Ignacio 
Agusti en "La Ceniza Fue 
Arbol": Una Saga Catalana 

Jagdish C. Sharma 

Physics : Difficulties in the 
Kinetic Theory of Transport 
Processes in Gases in Three 

Irene K. Shipman 

Secondary Education : Guide- 
lines for the Development of 
Graduate Program at the 
Master's Level in Mass Com- 
munication at Four Year Col- 
leges and Universities. 

Malak Ibrahim Shoukry 

Chemistry : Partial Purification 
and Characterization of Aconi- 
tase from the American Oyster 
Crassostrea Virginica , Gmelin. 

Edward Joseph Sienkilewski, Jr. 
Industrial Education: The 
Development of a Multi- 
variate Formula to Predict 
Successful Achievement of 
Vocational Electricity/ Elec- 
tronics Students. 

Phillip David Simpson 

Botany : Ultrastructural and 
Physiological Studies on a New 
Chlorophycean alga Isolated 
from Brackish Water. 

Rameshwar Prasad Sinha 
Astronomy : Kinematics of HI 
Near the Galactic Center. 

Stephen John Sniegoski 
History: The Intellectual 
Wellsprings of American 
World War II Interventionism, 

Donald Charles Snyder 
Economics: A Longitudinal 
Analysis of Pension Provision 
Changes and Firm Attachment. 

Ward Robert Stewart 

Secondary Education: The 
Passage of Upward Bound 
Students Into Postsecondary 

Rebecca Hawkins Strydesky 
Secondary Education : The 
Application of the Delphi 
Technique to the Validation 
of Evaluative Standards and 
Criteria for Distributive 
Teacher Education. 

Gloria Coe Sturdevant 

Industrial Education: A Study 
of the Factors Which Led to the 
Funding of Nursing Education 
Under the Smith-Hughes Act. 

Richard Jay Sugam 

Chemistry : Chlorine Degrada- 
tion in Estuarine Waters. 

Alice Harriet Suter 

Hearing & Speech Science : The 
Ability of Mildly Hearing- 
Impaired Individuals to Dis- 
criminate Speech in Noise. 

Nancy Jean Symmes 

Chemistry : The Oxygen 
Requirement for Delta-9 Fatty 
Acyl Coenzyme A Desaturase 
and its Relationship to Early 
Biological Evolution. 

Patricia Elizabeth Tatspaugh 
English Language and Litera- 
ture: A Stage History of Sheri- 
dan 's The School for Scandal : 
An Examination of London 
Professional Productions from 
May, 1777, to December, 1899. 

John Swann Taylor 

Government and Politics : 
Putting Metropolis in Focus: 
A Case Study of the Unrecog- 
nized Forces of Metropolitan 
Integration in the Richmond 
Metropolitan Area. 

Martha Jean Loeb Taylor 
Nutritional Sciences: Copper 
and Zinc Studies of Sickle 
Cell Anemia Subjects, Subjects 
with Other Hemolytic Anemias 
and Control, Non-Anemic 

Edir Carvalho Tenorio 

Botany: The Subfamily Cento- 
stecoideae (Gramineae). 


Bernadine Claryce Thomas 
Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum : A Study of 
Curriculum Approaches in 
Man/land Secondary Schools 

Car! Edward Thomas 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Information Needs of 
Personnel Implementing Early 
Identification and Instructional 
Programming for Learning 
Problems Within a Rural 
County School System. 

Mary Celine Thomas 

Food Science: An Approach 
to the Chemical Analysis of 
Folic Acid. 

Jerry John Thombery 

History : The Development of 
Black Atlanta. 1865-1885. 

Russell Lawrence Tobias 

Physics: Lunar Surf ace Gravi- 
meter and the Search for Gravi- 
tational Radiation. 

Joanna Tyler 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : Readiness Level and 
Effect of Form Discrimination 
Learning Emphasis on Training 
and Transfer in Young Chil- 

William Edward Underwood, Jr. 
Computer Science: Grammar 
and Automata Modeb for the 
Syntax of Displayed Mathe- 
matical Expressions. 

Barbara M. Vignone 

Secondary Education : A Study 
to Determine the Relationship 
Between Selected Student 
Characteristics and Achieve- 
ment in Bookkeeping When 
Two Modes of Presentation 
Are Used. 

Eric Vlahov 

Physical Education: The Effect 
of Different Workloads Vary- 
ing in Intensity and Duration 
on Resolution Acuity. 

Jerry L. Wagner 

Aerospace Engineering: Ab- 
sorption of CO2 Laser Radia- 
tion in an SF^-Air Boundry 
Layer Region Around a Blunt 

Frederick E. Wasserman 

Zoology : Territorial Behavior 
and the Advertising Song of 
Breeding White-Throated 

Edward Charles Watters III 
Chemistry : A Study of the 
Interactions Between Metals 
and Microorganisms. 

Morris Waxier 

Psychology : Effects of Lesions 
of the Telencephalon of the 
Pigeon on the Discrimination 
of Patterns with Different 
Kinds of Radundancy. 

Elisabeth Ann Wear 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Construction 
and Validation of a Preschool 
Food Knowledge Test. 

Thomas Beckwith Wells 
Physics: The Role of the A 
(1236) In Charge Dependent 
and Charge Asymmetric 
Nucleon-Nuclean Scattering. 

JoAnne L. Willette 

Sociology: Family Socializa- 
tion and High School Social 
Climate Effects on Adolescent 
Alcohol and Marijuana Use. 

H. Kaye Bonner Williams 
Early Childhood/ Elementary 
Education: The Relation of 
Selected Teacher Variables 
to Locus of Control Orientation 
in Kindergarten Children. 

Thomas Richard Winters, Jr. 
Industrial Education: Indus- 
trial Arts Role Changes in the 
PubUc High Schools of Lan- 
caster County, Pennsylvania 
Since 1966. 

Glenn Oliver Workman 
Agricultural & Extension 
Education: An Investigation of 
the Differences between Verbal 
Learning Followed by Motor 
Skill Learning and Motor Skill 
Learning Followed by Verbal 

Joan MacDonald Wysong 

History: The "New" Evangeli- 
cal Theology of Henry Drum- 
mond (1851-1897): An Histori- 
cal Analysis. 

Doctor of Education 

John C. Larkin 

Industrial Education: An 
Assessment of the Industrial 
Ar(s Teacher Education Pro- 
gram at Central Connecticut 
State College. 

Joyce S. Lowenstein 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : Self-Esteem of Boys 
Living in Single Parent 

Doctor of Business 

Barry Charles Broden 
Business & Management: 
Ethics In Tax Practice. 

Michael Aaron McGinnis 
Business & Management: A 
Study of Freight Transporta- 
tion Choice. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Michael Kent Warren 

Music: Theories of Vocal 
Registers in the Singing Voice. 

NOTE: The following name 
was inadvertently omitted from 
the list of degree candidates in 
the Commencement Program 
for May 14, 1977: 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Olusola Olu. Ijaola 

Electrical Engineering: An 
Algorithmic Approach to 
Disease Classification and 
Medical Diagnosis. 


Master of Arts 

Claudia Sack Adams 
Judy A. Ariff 
Barbara Rose Barbiero 
Cameron A. Barron 
Lois Elaine Benvenuti 
Karen Lynette Beverly 
Michael Brady Bieterman 
Steven Howard Bills 
Gerald L. Boarman 
Stephen Nickolas Boliek 
Roberta Klein Breslow 
Willa Jean Brooks 
Carol F. Buchman 
Steven Allen Buechler 
Brian Nelson Bundy 
Robert Alan Bums 
Linda Kay Bystrak 
Felicia Veronica Candela 
Herbert Francis Carlson 
Sharon Elizabeth Cefaly 
Joyce Linda Chetron 
Sandra Theresa Cikk 
Virginia Martha Clark 
Catherine Eugenia Clary 
George Coan, Jr. 
Gerald Denning Courtney 
Allen Clifford Criner 
John Garretson Cronin 
Kenneth Zerby Crumrine, Jr. 
Victor Henry Cummings 
Barbara R. Cummins 
Franklin L. Curnoles 
Pamela Ann DeFosse 
Geraldine Mary De Paoli 
Thomas Joseph deSeve, Jr. 

Christine Scott Dmytrow 
James Henry Dotson, Jr. 
Robert William Dubman 
Carol Davenport Emmett 
Dale Mitchell Erdman 
Alfred Earl Finch 
Youssif Youssif Gadour 
Richard Pierre Gareau 
William T. Gattie 
Charles Michael Gerardi 
Frances Hughes Glendening 
Carole Goldstein 
Paul R. Good 
Carole Chansky Goodman 
Ruth A. Gordner 
David Gordon 
Adrienne Anne Gray 
Ira Robert Greenstein 
Eric Frank Grosse, Jr. 
Antonio Jose' Guernica 
William Patrick Guthrie 
Joseph Donald Harkins 
Alta Jane Harrington 
Simon Anthony Harris 
Thomas Hugh Harwood 
Jacqueline Mayo Hatch 
Therese Marie Helbick 
David Peter Henninger 
Michael Scott Henry 
Leonard A. Hickman, Jr. 
Nellie Theresa Hill 
Carl Anthony Hinton 
Charles L. Hoffman 
Marion Bowen Hoffman 
Lynda Schmedegaard Hollidge 
Cynthia Teves Jacobs 
Lisa Cohen Jacobs 

John Ashby Jennings 
James Ridgely Jones 
John Josef Joswick 
Barbara Lynne Kaplan 
Karen E. Kaufman 
Jonathan Bennett Kermiet 
Kimberly Kaye Kinniburgh 
Carol Jean Kitt 
John Gregory Kram 
Scott Philip Kravetz 
Harry Edwin Lanehart 
Daniel Lettieri 

Debbie Lynn Traktman Lipton 
Uoyd Henry Malchow 
Elena Rasines Maldonado 
Beverly A. Mallard 
Paul Shearer Malone, Jr. 
Donna C. Mann 
Eva Jacqueline Manning 
Joan Whyte Matejceck 
Sandra McEntire 
Suzanne Hick McGilvray 
Sharman Wallace McGurn 
William Freeman McKenna 
John Robert McMahon 
Jeffrey Hunter McQuain 
Matthew Sumathy Mendis, Jr. 
Jonathan David Miasnik 
Katherine Isabel Miller 
Steven Earl Miller 
Kenneth Robert Moeller 
William Robert Mowbray 
Weylin Poy Moy 
Timothy Patrick Mulligan 
Andrew Roy Mullins 
Kenji Nagasaki 
Marilyn Virginia Neder 


Karen Lynn Nichols 
Kevin Michael Nolan 
Catharine Drum Norton 
Mary Louise O'Connell 
Umera Ofunne 
Darlene Marie Olson 
Robert Anthony Ott, Jr. 
C. Robert Pagelsen 
Susan R. Paisner 
Henry Junior Pankey 
Patricia Fern Patton 
Rebecca Pearl 
Raimunda Brito Pereira 
Nancy Karen Peskin 
Otto Martin Pharr 
Edward Allen Pietsch 
Jorge G. Pompa 
Katherine Patricia Quinn 
Roger Joseph Reitman 
Orlando Ridout, IV 
Curtis Robbins 
Jesus Rodriguez-Acosta 
Edwin George Rohde 
Linda Charlotte Rudnick 
Juan Guillermo Sardi-Massera 
William G. Saylor 
Paula Lewis Scheye 
Catherine Reese Schwob 
David R. Sebberson 
Patti Ann Petry Sebberson 
Donna Lucille Sebly 
Mark Gredler Seigel 
Ronald William Shafer 
Mary Sue Shaughnessy 
Nancy Kessler Shenk 
Flora Mendelowitz Singer 
Stanley Benjamin Sinsky 
Judith Ann Siskind 
Virginia M. Smith 
Steve Elstun Snyder 
Mark Arthur Steinberg 
Donald John Stretch 
Marguerite Marcia Striar 
David Bernard Sturtevant 
Frances L. Suggs 
Ronald Bruce Sullivan 
Robert Frederick Swenson 
Jane Frances Tamagna 
Terri Bush Thames 
Marc Bruce Toplin 
William A. Trapmann 
Jean Elizabeth Travers 
Lee G. Treichler 
GailD. Triner 
Marta Porcel Tvardek 
Katherine Ann Vincent 
Jane Beach Voytek 
Rufus Gary Wallace 
Mary Ellen Walsh 
Deborah Anne Walter 
Wylie WanVeer 
Patricia S. Warren 
Rosemary Prattle Webster 
I^chard Shawn Weinstein 
Thomas Edward Weir, Jr. 
Richard E. Weisblatt 
Gary W.White 
Sarah N. Wigginton 
Nancy Carolyn Wilfong 
Hilda L. Wilson 

Anne Burke Wolf 
Bonnie Starr Wood 
Stephen Edward Wright 
Evelyn Zivetz 
Susan Bette Zuckerman 

Master of Science 

Diana Ivette Acaron 

Louise Marie Agen 

Karen Gilbride Anderson 

Tim Dimitri Andreadis 

Joanne Marie Andresen 

Delf ina Artean 

Robert Gilmer Baker 

Byron Dov Berman 

Mahmoud Binaie-Kondolojy 

Hans J. Breitenlohner 

David Carl Brownlee 

Nelson Lewis Buck 

Bruce Howard Budd 

Marcus Kent Bumgardner 

Joseph E. Burrow, Jr. 

En-Cheng Chai 

Wei-Sen Chu 

Edward Alan Gierke 

Norman Stanley Clerman 

Jane Gosselin Coffin 

Darryl Erban Cook 

Luis Ramon Cortes 

Morris Jacob Creeger 

Michael Edward Delaney 

Arthur Joseph Dorsey 

Ralph William Dutrow 

Joseph John Dymek 

Gloria Joan Hicks Edwards 

Barbara Ertter 

Charles Federman 

Faye Jan Feldstein 

Steven Richard Fram 

Allen Burke Fritsch 

Stanislaw Paul Gembicki, Jr. 

Juan Carlos Gentina M. 

Ghanbari Jamshid 

Robert Michael Giannini 

Raj Pal Goel 

Stephen Lawrence Goldhahn 

Abraham Goldiner 

Paul Wesley Greer 

Weldon Scott Hale 

Patricia Ann Hanlon-Fair 

Douglas M. Hart 

Edward Allen Haser 

Patricia Hausman 

John Graham Hemphill 

Kathleen Henderson 

Martin Herman 

Linda Jane Histen 

Mark Jennings HoUiday 

Peter Bautze Holmes 

Timothy Lee Horn 

Wanda L. Howell 

Richard Alan Huntington 

Paul Edward Hussar 

Daekyoo Hwang 

Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer 

Patricia Jean Jacobs 

Shih-Yu Shirley Jao 

James Lee Jew 

Carol Lee Jorgensen 

Robin Gail Kaufman 

Gary F. Kelman 

Sandra Robinson Knisbacher 

Jens N. Knutson 

Robert William Koontz, Jr. 

Bruce L. Krebbel 

Vera Aber Krischik 

Ellen Maude Kyle 

Stephen Frederick Lange 

Elwood Alan Lepel 

Martin Edward Leshin 

David Sander Levitt 

Hector Jose Lira 

Rebecca Holmes Long 

Thomas Richard Mainock 

Stephen Craig Malan 

Scott C. Marinello 

Janet S. Marr 

Paul Raymond McMullm 

David Carl Millner 

Andrew Rattin Mitz 

Joseph Andrew Nuth, HI 

Harry Andrew Oken 

Robert Andrew Orchant 

Georgios S. Panayiotou 

Mary Berry Panneton 

Robert Vernon Phillips 

Monica Pizzillo 

Joseph Anthony Pollizzi, III 

Mark Powell 

Walter R. Preysnar 

Abdul Rashid 

James Michael Rebel 

Rhonda Renee Rhoda 

William Michael Roberts 

Vildana Rojnica 

Mario Edgard Salazar 

Sandra Brauner Salazar 

Seraf ina Santa Maria 

Michael Eugene Schauff 

Scott Edward Setesak 

Susan Hodge Shattuck 

John L. Sherwood 

Steve Robert Shimko 

Bruce Alan Sidwell 

Fern Miriam Siegler 

Supat Sirivichayapornlert 

Deborah Mae Smith 

Henry H. Smith 

Philip Anthony Snow 

Jerrell E. Stamps 

Warren Eugene Steiner, Jr. 

David Robert Stoehr 

L. Lorrabee Strow 

Mabel D. Strum 

Douglas F. Suess 

Susan Elizabeth Sundermann 

Richard V. Tearle 

Daniel Edward Terlizzi 

Erhan Tolu 

Kristan Bechtel Uebersax 

Amy Jo Unertl 

Susan Ann Vargo 

Charles Lancaster Weaver, Jr. 

Richard Hoelzen Wheeler 

David Frederick Winkler 

Sheldon I. Wolk 

George J. Wrobel 


Master of Education 

Charles Edward Anderson 
Dolores Jean Anderson 
Shelley Lashenick Balis 
Mary Ann Barbery 
Perry Wilson Bascom 
Ellen Weill Bauman 
Carolyn Louise Beach 
Richard Alan Berman 
Catherine Marie Bodenhom 
Nimrod Thomas Bruton 
Leopold Maurice Bugen 
Pamela Lee Burdick 
John Wayne Carter 
Daniel W. Church 
Jean Cary Ciavolella 
Margaret Kessler Clement 
William Michael Coffin 
Linda Stevens Colby 
Robert Homsby Cooley 
McGrady Cordell 
Robert Frederick Cudworth 
Betty Bridgers Cullen 
Carolyn Rose Curlin 
Kilmer Earl Daughton 
Mary Druding DeLoache 
Arabel Wagner Diamant 
Deborah Dahlberg Diehl 
Joan Mary Eifert 
Nancy Elaine Eigenbrode 
Jo Anne Ellison 

Elaine Patton English 

Martha Gene Esch 

Kathryn Crowe Fenton 

Margaret Kleyla Fetrow 

Lynne Saunders Fields 

Mary Dwirmell Fish 

John David Freed 

Louise Sarah Gerson 

Carol Louisa Glover 

Kathleen Tobin Graves 

Robert Jay Grossman 

Evelyn Sorel Hall 

Neila Hecht 

Julia Frances Henderson 

Joseph R. Henry 

Jane E. Hermansen 

Eslyn Gail Hinmon 

JoAnne Williamson Holland 

Sandra J. Hoover 

Wilf redo Jimenez 

Ann Carter Johnson 

Linda Denise Jones 

Mary Lou Yockey Joseph 

Sheila Anne Keigher 

Janet Emily Kitchener 

Judith Ann Kondor 
Diane Marie Kuykendall 
Dana Allen LaBossiere 
Ann Davis Lagos 
Naomi Mae Leefer 
Robert Vincent Lindsey 
Marjorie Riley Lohnes 
Gary Steven Magiera 
Joanne Theresa Magro 
Marie Louise McBride 
Gloria Thompson McKoy 
L. Joanne McLaughlin 
Alfonse Ixiuis Mercatante 
Gary Warren Miller 
Sue Selby Moats 
Larry Paul Monke 
Carole Elizabeth Mueller 
Patricia Adelle Murphree 
Mona Galal Negm 
Mary Woodall Newnam 
Alan Steven Noll 
Kathleen O'Day O'Brien 
Raymond Albert O'Hara 
Linda C. Osmundson 
Elin-Marie C. Papantones 
Jeffrey Bernard Pitt 
Judith Carol Plattner 
Rececca Louise Postol 
Charles Maurice Prattis 
Janet Previc 
Roderlyn Marcia Pugh 
Anna May Puma 
Jean Ann Piatt Raesly 
Susan Durfee Robinson 
Patricia McGrath Russavage 
Lonnie B. Rutledge, Jr. 
Nancy Barbara Sachs 
Mary Ellen Savarese 
Sherry Lou Schaefer 
Sue Ann Sears 
Rosemary Reimer Shaw 
Linda Jane Sheppard 
Christy Frances Shipman 
Kay Duman Small 
Natalie E. Steffen 
Karen Bryan Stief el 
Kay Bowen Thompson 
Andrea P. Tokarcik 
Judith Collins Tonkery 
Ann Fisher Walter 
James Alan Walters 
Muriel B. Washington 
Marilyn Beth Weiner 
Marilyn Rhoda Weinstein 
Andrea Reid Winchell 
Thomas M. Winer 
Gertrude Anne Winters 
Anita Marie Wolgast 
Constantine Emmanuel Zervos 

Master of Business 

Paul Miles Adler 
Michael Paul Baranowski 
Alan Edward Becke 
Christine Marie Beeke 
James Harling Blaisdell 
Joanell Anne Boehm 
James E. Brooks 
Mary Campas 
Gail Elizabeth Chambers 
Dennis George Chekan 
James M. Collins 
John Paul Corless, Jr. 
Jonathan William Davis 
Ronald James DeMarines 
Richard Lee Dineley, III 
Gary Robert Dogger 
Andrew E. Finkel 
William Michael Fitzpatrick 
Joseph Francis Forrest 
Bruce Joel Gersh 
Richard Lee Gossard 
Michael Joseph Hoffmann 
Walter Van Buren Holmes 
David Mark Isquith 
Anne Leclercq Keiley 
Kenneth Seymour Kreger 
Debra Ann Leo 
Robert Lee Lewis, III 
Glenn Meyer Lohrmann 
Ramachar Mukunda 
Letha Jarrell Nealis 
Thomas Michael Nichols 
James F. X. O'Brien 
George S. Pollard, Jr. 
Joseph Brandt Schlecte 
DenaB. Schneier 
Alan Nelson Siegfried 
Dennis Dean Steinauer 
GregN. Wegznek 
Robert Lee Weikel 
H. Elizabeth Weir 
Barry Nelson Weiss 
David FrarJdin Wherley, Jr. 
Andrew Stewart White 
Linda Diane Zenker 

Master of Music 

Cynthia Ann Corley 
Nardina T. Fleming 
Harry B. Hindson, III 
Charlotte Suzanne Nelson 
Jane Marie Nwankwo 


Master of Library Science 

Luz Maria Aveleyra 
Cynthia Jill Barkley 
Ralph Jon Bucca 
Evelyn Boudar Caldwell 
Julia A. Campbell 
Kathleen Coons Crowe 
Linda Peak Cumbo 
Deborah Anne Davidson 
Regina Elizabeth Drifmeyer 
JoAnne Weigel DuChez 
Jessie Deborah Dunleavy 
Marynell Barker Fernandez 
Mark Steven Gochnour 
Eileen Sara Goldstein 
Florence Kelton Gospodarec 
Rebecca Joyce Green 
Laila Hajoui-Taalibi 
Marion Jerri Ruth Hankins 
Suzanne Elizabeth Holler 
Lin-Chih Christine Huang 
Peggy Joan Huffman 
Sarah Diane Irvine 
Jean Hlen Kellogg 
Kyle Jeannette Kramer 
Janet Hoover Kubalak 
Deborah Aleyne Lapeyre 
Lily Won Lee 
Edith Dixon Loesch 
Kathryn Morgan Lovegrove 
Yamile M. Martin 
Daniel Jordan McMahon 
Natalie Cohen Monteleone 
Ellen Stack Newton 
Eileen Patrice O'Connell 
Judith Disman Press 
Catherine Frances Quinn 
Deborah Ann Rine 
Meme Amosso Saccone 
Jeannette G. Sedlacek 
Elva Jeanne Smith 
Pauline Horton Thomas 
Beth S. Trumbower 
Jackie M. Tse 
Deborah C. Weaver 
Patricia Sue Webb 
Timothy Sears Wolf 
Marie C. Ortiz Wong 
Carol Macaulay Yetter 

Master of Fine Arts 

Linda Lezzi Hurley 
William G. Richardson 




Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Gordon Cairns. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Deborah Lea Albrecht 

Anna Maria Alexander 
* Genevieve Carr Anderson 

Henry Timmons Badger, Jr. 

Craig Ralph Beach 

James Gary Bogarty 

Dale Marjorie Boreiszo 

Roger Alan Brenholtz 

James Edward Brewer 

Lisa Diane Briddell 

Patricia Kane Broderick 

David John Brown 

Paula F. Brown 

Brian Henry Burrows 

James Thomas Chaconas 

Chawky Chafic Choueiri 

Margaret Schaefer Church 

Merry Christine Clark 

David L. Cohen 

Jeffrey Gerald Cohen 

Antony Barker Contarino 
Roy William Crow 
Gary Paul Cumberbatch 
Clyde Charles Daly 
David Roger Delbrook 
Thomas Paul Densberger 
Ruth Catherine Donoughe 
Paul Donald Durham, Jr. 
Michael Stephen Fabula 
Robert Aloysius Facchina 
Gerald Thomas Frischkom 
Susan Ruth Frost 
Leslie Marie Gibson 
Timothy Patrick Gill 
Roger Lee Gonzales 
Edward Rand Gordon 
Mary Patricia Gorman 
Patricia Marie Greene 

* Melanie Faith Haber 
Thomas Joseph Hall 
Howard Carl Hankin 
Paul Michael Hanyok 
Debra Marie Harper 
William Louis Hartnett 
Jody Arlene Higgins 
John Robert Hight 
Regina G. Hofer 
Donald Paul Hoff , II 
David Carney Hoffmaster, Jr. 
Barbara A. Hohrein 
Richard Lindsay Holmes 
Thomas Stuart Hopkins 
Bryon Dean Huang 

t Jacob Edward Jones 
David Stephen Kallal 
Pamela Bennette King 

Michael F. Loibl 
William Jonathan Long 
Sherry Diane Madison 
Patricia Ann Magruder 
Linda Jean Maiorana 
Nicholas Marathon 
Barry Lyle Markowitz 
D2iniel Joseph Marshall 
Richard Jay Maurer 
Cheryl Lee McKinlay 
Christine Anne McNickle 
* Emely Elizabeth Merchant 
Karen Hizabeth Mesinger 
Cynthia Anne Mills 
Stephanie Woodbum Moore 
William Freeman Moorris, IV 
Everett Abraham Morse, III 
Rebecca Moy 
Richard Lee Myers 
Kevin William Nicholas 
Clare Laveme Nichols 
Susan Patricia Nicholson 
Joel William Owen 
William Albert Palmer 
Cynthia Lee Papish 
George Robert Pasley 
Janet Louise Pattison 
Karen Lynn Pearce 
Patricia Ann Philbin 
Larry P. Poole 
Stephen Walter Potter 
T Janet C. Remmers 

David Alan Richardson 
* Helene Iris Rosenberg 
Scott Jon Rykiel 
Mary Theresa Schultz 
Charles Frederick Schuster 
D. Eric Seifarth 
Preston A. Sleeger, Jr. 
t Michael Slott 
Elizabeth Lee Steele 
Roberta Nancy Steinberg 
Mary Katherine Stiles 
Brian Francis Xavier Stone 
Lydia Stetson Stone 
Melinda Lee Sylvester 
Ellen Beth Templin 
Bvin Dail Thomas, II 
Earl Eberwine Tonkin 
Robert Curtis Turner 
David E. Tyma 
John Allen Van Newhyzen 
Antoinette M. Victor 
Wanda Len Viers 
Timothy Ward Warman 
Michelle Renee Wells 
Mark M. Whittemore 
§ Frances Rion Willocks 
Scott Dashiell Wingate 
William Paul Wingerd 
Adrian Irving Wolfe 
Cathy Elizabeth Anne Young 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Michele Yvonne Alsheimer 
Stephen Carl Alter 
Janette Susan Anderson 
Kevin Anderson 
Carmen Magdalena Andrews 
Elaine Sue Axilrod 
Gary Raymond Bartlett 
Steven Russell Bauer 
Ronald Louis Bedry, Jr. 
Lawrence David Bergman 
Roger Craig Bergstrom 
Jeffrey David Bliss 
Howard Reed Blume 
* William Lincoln Boteler, Jr. 
Kenneth Eugene Boyd 
Robin Marie Bryant 
Albert Walter Brzeczko 
Jerome Paul Bukovsky, III 
William Arthur Cawley, Jr. 
Edford Olaf Chambers, III 
Sanjay Chandra 
Joseph John Chesney, Jr. 
Katherine Jane Christakos 

Lisa Ann Coburn 

Roberta Susan Cohen 

Timothy Michael Collins 

Robert Lee Colvin 

Dennis Ronald Conley 

Patrick Timothy Conley 

Michael Lewis Coplin 

Howard James Cornish 

John William Cox, Jr. 

William Charles Cuseo 

Elaine Wilcox Darby 

Franklin Whitney Day 

Nimfa Pasamanero Delanoche 

Douglas Alan Dotson 

Barbara A. Dowell 

Douglas Jerome Drabkowski 

Paul Jerome Dupont 

Martinus Johannes Dykstra 

Brian Wissler Eaton 

Maureen Rae Ellis 

Kerry Eugene English 

Linda Marie Eppard 

Heidi D. Evans 

Michele Diane Foo 
T Douglas Eugene Frantz 

David Gerald Frick 

George Richardson Gabell 
* Linda Marie Gilbert 

William Robert Glass 

Robert Mark Goeken 

James William Golden, II 

Beth Gomeringer 

Paul Harris Goodman 

A. Michael Gottlieb 
t Lola Anne Hacia 

Paul Mark Hamersley 

Jane Little Harman 


§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Uude; 'Cum Laude 

Douglas Wayne Hayman 
Kimberley Ann Hazard 
Harley Lowry Heaton 

* Douglas Lester Hendricks 
Marietta Larracas Hidalgo 
John James Hnat 

John Buffett Holt 
Jean Marie Hourihan 

* Austin Leland Hughes 
Mark Edward Jacoby 
David Elijah Jailer 
Steven L. Jessup 
Judith Ann Johnson 
Dennis Patrick Jolly 
Pamela Anne Jones 

§ Beverly Ray Keene 
Scott William Keith 
Shawn William Kennedy 
Marjorie Eleanor Kilmain 

•Kirk J. King 
Howard Franklin Kirk, III 
Susan Mary Kowalski 
Joseph Andrew Kozlosky 
Michael Francis L^mb 
Ann E. Lawrence 
Jerry Joseph Lewis 
Hank Alan Lockman 
George Hunter Loeber 

t Jonathan David Lowenthal 
Daryl Ann MacCrehan 
Duncan Laurence MacKeever 
Susan Lee McAlear 
Gerald Dennis Mclntyre 
Hubert McWilliams 
Marshall H. Montrose 
John Stephen Nisos 
Anne Johnson Mustafa 
Patricia Lee Noonan 
Joan Marie Noone 
Donna Jean Norton 
James Robert Osborne, Jr. 
Richard Scott Ousley 
Willis Keith Palmer, Jr. 
Alexandra Maria Parma 
Minh Huu Pham 
John William Rau 
Debra Mary Re 
Donna Lee Reed 
Louis William Reichel 

* Elaine Frances Remmers 
Kevin Bruce Rogers 
Michele Lynette Rollence 
Robert Bruce Ross, Jr. 
John Albert Routzahn, Jr. 

§ Rebecca Elmaleh Sachs 

Anton Salah 

Elaine Schaeffer 

Evelyn Miriam Schwartz 

Cynthia l-ee Scott 

Marc Samuel Shiftman 

Mark Edward Spier 
•John A. Statler 

Paula M. Steiner 

Daniel Tang 

Mark Jeffrey Taubenfeld 

Dale R. Watson 

Richard Evan Wattam 

Barbara Ann West 

Patrick K. Whelan 
Steven Rowland Wilkins 
Rick Wayne Wilson 
Joseph Zagami, Jr. 
John Joseph Zukowski, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. John Hill, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Architecture 

J. Mark Bartel 
John C. Cannella 
Randall J. Greaser 
Ronald Blair Geraci 
Howard Stanley Goldstein 
Donald John Quesenberry 
Christopher Allan Smith 
George I. Staber, Jr. 
William Edward Tolbert 
Thomas Urie 

Bachelor of Science 

Ronald Ralph Hoggard, Jr. 
§ Richard Frederick l^wis 

Brian A. Robertson 

Thomas Urie 
T Michael Andrew Wiencek, Jr. 

Hal Roy Zaslow 


Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Leslie Ann Adams 

Vickie Jean Allen 
• Pluma E. Beyer 

Romaine Louise Blackburn 

Daryl Clinton Branson 

Leslie Alan Brindley 

Alvin L. Brockway 

James Edward Hensley Burris 

Catherine Ann Campbell 

Marc Harvey Caplan 

Cathy Rachael Clark 

Alois Ricardo demons 

Anne Deborah Davis 
t Allen Nathan Dixon, III 

Karen Muriel Drew 

Sharon Ann Earley 
§ Elizabeth Falloon 

Denise Ann Fee 

Stephen Lawrence Fricker 

Bruce Paul Friedland 

Julia Patfon Gaines 

Jane Gardin 

Virginia M. Gibson 

Paul Thomas Girolami 

Tyndall Leigh Greene 

Laurence H. Gross 

Denise Renee Guillet 
' Barbara Jean Hegarty 

Christian R. Hennemeyer 

Joan Hilger-Mullen 

Thomas Peter Kapsidelis 

Kenneth Stephen Kulick 

Vicki Ellyn Kurman 

Robin Jean Lally 

Gayle Bonita Langley 

Scott Edward Lapkoff 

Wendy Ellen Light 

Hilary Alexis Mapp 

Karen H. McDonough 

Constance Juanita Mitchell 

Vivienne Denise Morris 

Nancy Ann Motto 

Mark Anson Munson 

Brett Elizabeth Murchison 

Saul Franklin Oresky 

Mary Anne Parrish 

Jeanette Diane Peck 

Marcia Jo Penner 

Renee Marian Pettis 

Maria Plati 

Cathleen A. Ponton 

Robyn Snodgrass Quinter 

Gwendolyn Clare Reynolds 

R. J. Reynolds 
• Susan Jean Searle 

Carol Jean Strohecker 

Deborah A. Sumski 

Phillip William Swann 

Keith Vincent Taylor 

James Lippincott Thompson 

Sandra L. Walker 

Anita Washington 
§ Susan Marie Webster 

Slaton Longhurst White 

Susan Denise Wood 

M. Patricia Yu 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Corrigan, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Rodney Powell Albright 
Candace Marie Arthur 
Althea Carol Bacon 
Barbara Tracy Bagli 
Donald Earle Baldauf 
Helen Barnatny 
Nancy Karen Barry 
Susan Helen Barton 
Eric Alonzo Beasley 
M'hamed Benkreira 
Mary Margaret Berkey 
Jennifer Ellen Blackman 
Karyn Ann Bloom 
Lisa King Bockmiller 
Caroline Botsford 
Mary Kay Bowman 
PaulM. Boy den 
Laura Kapelle Bradbard 
Donald Charles Breton 
Linda Anne Bricker 
William Aaron Bronrott 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Gail Yesman Brown 
Karen Lorraine Brown 
Max Anthony Cacas 
Lynnwood Raymond Campbell 

* William Bernard Cavanaugh 
Virginia Neil Chite 
Jonathan Edward Claiborne 
Regina Murphy Clark 
Dean Peter Cokas 

Dale Eugene Cole 

Linda McGinn Collins 

Brian Lee Corbin 

Richard Bryan Cort 

Alexandra Edelin Cosgrove 

Justine Denise Couchoud 

Delight Carole Covill 

Richard D. Culliton 

Eugene William Cunningham, 

Christopher John Davis 

Eugene DeAnna 

Augustus deGrazia 

Rosemary Lynn DeMouy 

Peter Scott Denison 

Moira Elizabeth Doherty 

Roberta Dondes 

Mark Sherman Doroff 

Lawrence Joseph Dougherty 

Vivian Durant 

Kathleen C.Elder 

Jack Evans 
t Miles Edward Everett 

Elizabeth Ann Ewald 

Cynthia Ann Fast 

Marc Alan Felton 

Denis Finnin 

Janet Lynn Forman 
§ Judith Bonnie Fried 

Robert Joseph Fronczak 

Clair Richard Gibson, Jr. 

John Gibson, IV 

James W. Gildard 

Lee Jay Goldenhom 

Jeffrey Dean Gorinson 

Lisa Karen Gottlieb 

David Stephen Gregory 

Douglas Fulton Griffin 

Helen Jean Hamill 

Felipe Miguel Hart 

Gregory Alan Hedgpath 

* Cynthia Ann Heil 

§ Charles Ernest Helene 
Cheryl Lynn Henretty 
Joseph Byrne Herring 
Anthony Lyle Hession 
Violeta Larracas Hidalgo 

* Holly Aiui Hoffman 

John William HoUingsworth 
Robert Lee Hollman 
Dorothy E. Horton 
Joey Miller Houser 
David Russell Hurt 
Richard Arthur Ireland 
Lynda Marie Irvin 
Sanford Bruce Jaffe 
Rebecca Bell Jaquith 
David Alan Jarman 

Charles Thomas Jenkins, Jr. 
Donna Marie Jer\kins 
Amy Lynn Jones 
S. Suzanne Kayne 
Daniel Kevin Keenan 
Eun Ok Kim 
James Ronald Kinter 
Annie E. Knowles 
Carol Lynne Kostka 
§ Martha Willard Finch Kozlosky 
Larz Foy Kremer 
Walter John Langan 
Maureen Elaine Lawrie 
Cheryl B. Ligon 
Georgia Novak Lindengren 
Harriett V. Linnenbom 
Karen Therese Litfin 
Christopher Joseph Love 
Sara Ann Lukens 

* Caroline M. Mack 

* Miles Burke Maguire 
Kathleen Marie Martin 

* Kimberly Ann Matters 
William Keith Mayo 
Donald Carroll McGean 

T Sheryl Ann Metzner 
Timothy Scott Miner 
Sunil Kumar Misra 
Karen Jeanine Moffett 
Jeremiah James Montague, Jr. 
Mary Louise Mosimann 
Thomas Joseph Murray 
Joel S. Nazdin 
Christine A. Neri 
Mark Joseph O'Donnell 
John DeWitt Pacy 
John Charles Parker 
John Charles Parker 
Allyson Lisa Paul 
Susan Clara Payne 
Mark Jef fery Pelletier 
Frank Anthony Phillips 
David Scott Piechowicz 
Patricia Anne Piper 
James Carl Pogar 
Larry Bemell Postell 
Norma Jean Powell 
Robert Kent Powley 
Michael Lewis Prosise 
Roni Lynn Prusky 
James Cowen Resnick 
Barry Eugene Rice 
Robin Leona Rohrer 
Joe Rosenfield, IV 
Jason Philip Roth 
Nancy Carson Ruedy 
Mary Louise Rutt 
Alan Lloyd Sandler 
David Ray Sauder 
Judith Ann Schaeffer 
William H. Scheig 
Deanna Lynn Schmidt 
Jeffrey Todd Schnitman 
Sally Van Zile Scott 
Janet Marie Servadio 
Mary Rae Shine 
Fulton Sylvester Shockley, Jr. 
Donna Lynn Shulman 
Janet Marion Simmons 

Diane V. Simons 
Donna R. Siracusa 
Thomas Skallerup 
Joseph Robert Skarwecki 
Elizabeth Ann Smith 
Michael Glen Smith 
Sean Michael Smith 
John Blaine Snook 
Alan Joe Sparkman 

§ Mary June Staley 
Jeffrey Blaine Steed 
Ernest Wayne Stokes 
Kenneth Edward Stone 
Mark Willett Sullivan 
Helena Teichwer 
Uwanna Donzella Thomas 
Clare Grant Thompson 
Elliott Scott Tucker 
Andree Louise Tullier 
Robert H. Vaught 

T Cecelia Faye Wang 
John Leslie Warrington 
lona Kathleen Watter 
Asenath Scallan Weaver 
Use Wilkerson 
Ellen Marie Willenbecher 

§ Elizabeth Ann Williams 
James Williams, Jr. 
Sandora LeVette Williams 
Brenda Kay Wilson 
Julia Mary Wolf 
Linda Gale Wood 
Jeanne Swaim Yingling 
Robert Latimer Young 
Margaret Susan Zeas 
Roberta Sue Zeenkov 

Bachelor of Music 

Edward Butler Anderson 
* Lewis Irwin Berman 
Janice Elaine Kilgore 
Kathryn Ellen Lewis 
T Laura Jean Morgan 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Samuel Agyeman-Duah 
Peter Nicholas Albanes 
Daniel Albert, Jr. 
Randy A. Alexander 

* Mary Rebecca Allman 
Jerry Angle 

Stephen Bradford Antle 
David Jerome Ardoin 

* Sharon L. Arnold 
Paul Lannan Baker 
Paul Daniel Baldwin 
Michael E. Baiter 


§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Richard Mark Barkley 
Kevin Michael Barry, Jr. 
Robert Maurice Beaver 
John Michael Beckman 
Suellen Hope Beren 
Walter Evan Black, III 
Wayne Spencer Bladen 
Michael Dana Block 
David Casper Matthew 

Kathleen M. Bovello 
Melissa Jean Bowman 
Jean-Luc Brami 
Michael DuPuy Brannan 
David Wayne Brewrink 
Barbara Ann Broyhill 

* Christopher W. Burch 
Joseph George Buskirk 
William Dougan Cameron 

§ Mary Ellen Cannon 
James Leroy Carruthers 
Brian Christopher Casey 
ConstantineC. Ceo 
James Thomas Clagett 

t Jonathan Edward Claiborne 
Bruce Howard Cohen 
Neil Daniel Colucci 
John Raymond Coppa 
Matthew Paul Coty 
John Charles Crawford 
Milton Lloyd Cummings 
Bruce T. Cunningham, Jr. 

§ Dale Ann Cusack 
John Stephen Dammon 
David R. Dana 
Francis Howard Davis 

* Sherrie Lynn Davis 
Raymond Neal DeKoning 
John F. Demarco 
Nghiem Thi-Tue Do 
Mary McAuliff Dougherty 
Claire Louise Dwyer 
Frank Earl Ecker 
Randall John Emery 

* Kenneth J. Epstein 
Charles Sidney Faller, III 
Robert Douglas Falter 
William James Falter 
Michael Garry Fanning 
Amir Hushang Farazad 
Margaret Celia Fasone 
Renee Fran Feldman 

* John Joseph Fitzgerald 
John Kevin Fletcher 
Peter August Frandsen 
Donna Rae Freeland 

T Scott William Frew 

Andrew Carl Friedman 
t Steven Marc Friedman 

Thomas Michael Gallas 

Vicki L. Garrett 

Lynn Davis George 

Judy M. Gilden 
t Joan Ruth Glass 
t Michael Jeffrey Gold 

Thomas John Gorman 

George J. Gould, Jr. 

Wayne Steven Gourlay 

Jerome Ross Goverman 
Diana Lee Gowen 
Francis Xavier Green 
William Douglas Gunn 
Charlene Rosetta Haley 
Nancy Lee Harrell 
Kenneth Alan Harris 
Mary Denise Hennessee 
Robert Charles Herbert 

* Frank Michael Hetrick 
Bradd Steven Hickman 
Paul Richards Himmelstein 
Nancy Sween Hodges 
David Wright Holmes 
Lamar Owen Hopkins 
Donna Lee Hosea 
Steven T. Hubscher 
Christopher Lingo Hudson 
Justin Craig Hudson 
Patrick Joseph Hughes 
Kevin Robert Hunt 

Paul Hurtado 
Frank Edward Hustava 
Frederick Michael Imber 
Jack L. Jacobs, Jr. 
William Lee Jaseph 
Stephen Phillip Jersey 
Paulette Bell Johnson 
Anthony J. Josephson 
Edward Katz 

* Gerard Edward Keefe 
Jeffrey Mark Kleeman 
Robert Anthony Knaus 
Alan Scott Koehler 
Charles LeRoy Kraft 
Matthew Earl Kurlansky 
Sheryl Beth Kushner 
Alexander Milic Kybal 
Joseph Kelly Lacey 
Richard Campbell Lawrence 
Robert Daniel Leahy 
Susan Kemp Leahy 
JoAnne Lee 

Paul Jonathan Leo 

John Charles Frederick Lindsay 

Michael Bruce Long 

§ Hugh Patrick Mackrell 
Mark Alan Maiewski 
Perry Wayne Mallor 
Marie Victoria Mancuso 
Jon Richard Mangerich 
Paul David Marbach 
Terrence Lee Marshall 
Jeffrey Samuel Martell 
Cheryl Blum Martin 
Frank James Martin, III 
Lawrence Michael Martin 
John Michael Mason 
Rebecca Sue Mavilia 

T Douglas Ross McAdoo 
Teresa Karen McAllister 
Edgar Earl McFadden, Jr. 
J. Michael McGowan 
Patrick James McGowan 
Timothy Dennis McGowan 
James Owen McGrillies 
Lorraine Lambert McKinney 

Stephen Mitchell McMahon 
Michael David McNally 
David Jay Mears 
Ralph Edward Meloy 
Thomas Scott Michaels 
Donald Frank Milan 
Geoffrey W. Miller 
Timothy Brian Miller 
Franklin William Moraff 
Sharon E. Mullen 
Paul Alexander Muntjan 
William Murphy 
Walter Kirk Neff 
Robert Chris Niffenegger 
David Ward Nisonger 
Eric Anthony Norberg 
Harold Marc Norken 
Randall Ross Nye 
Martin Charles O'Brien 
Jeanette Cecilia O'Donnell 

§ Theodore Alan Of fit 
Patricia O'Neill 
Carol Lynn Oren 
Jeffrey Allan Oring 
Juan Pablo Otero Bailey 
David Ovadia 
Spyros Stephen Passas 
Marks. Peltzman 
Turgut Omer Pence 
Barry John Peoples 
Leslie Ruth Piatt 
Gregory Joseph Plum 
David Marc Polinger 

* Kathleen Atkins Pratt 
Elliott Bruce Prissman 
James Ray Puckett, Jr. 
Firouz Rabiee 
Diane Peden Rankin 
John Victor Reaves 
Ann Stewart Redding 

t Gail Lyrm Reeser 
Richard Allen Repac 
Sara Revah 

Dorothy Hart Richmond 
Nancy Ridgely-Fullerton 
Michael James Riley 
John Michael Rivers 
Larry Ray Roberson 
Philip Michael Rose 
Lawrence Russell Rosen 
Kimberly Denise Schifanelli 
Michael Karl Schlener 
William Robert Schmidt 
Patrick Dennis Scrivens 
Gary David Seigel 
Kevin F. Shaver 
Lawrence Richard Shawe 
Matthew David Sheridan 
Clarie Tsuneko Shimizu 
James Carroll Simpson, III 
Douglas Russell Smith 
Janet Lynn Smith 
Joel Vernon Snyder 
Robert Jesse Snyder 
Kenneth Spearman 
Gary Clark Stephens 
Donald Alan Stolar 
Carol Fran Stone 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: "Cum Laude 


Corinne A. Stringari 
Jack I. Sugarman 
Jon Vernon Summers 
t Greta Luise Summersett 
§ Robert Martin Swarm 
James Esslor Syphard, III 
Guy John Tegler 
Brendan Paul Thayer 
Patricia Jean Ton 
Steven J. Toovy 
Charles Kwok-Foo Tsui 
Gerald Francis Tucker 
Thomas Gerard Turner 
Maria-Luz Giorla Umali 
Robert Emmett Vanaman 
Nancy L. Vipperman 
Vincent Dennis Walsh, Jr. 
Ervin Walter 
Benjamin H. Wasser 
Harold Roy Weiner 

* Mary Michaela Weir 
Joseph Michael Welch 
Elmer Joseph Wetzelberger 
Laurey Ann Williams 

Fay Renee Williamson 
Wayne Dennis Winker 
Leslie Sandra Wir\ston 
James Bryant Woodburn 
Edward Lee Wright 

* Maria Stephanie Zaharoudis 
Rita Mooney Zassenhaus 
Gregg Edward Zido 
Donald David Zurawski, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Murray Polakoff, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jaime Acevedo-Scott 
Sam Walter Alderson, III 
Zachary Paul Alexander 
Ralph Evang Andresen, Jr. 
Douglas John Antonio 
Sally Gene Arnold 
Gary Eugene Artrip 
John Fenton Austin 
Jay Randy Avram 
Lawrence Joseph Back 
Donald Gunn Bacon 
Mary Karen Bailer 
Timothy William Bane 
Wade Bartholomew Bankins 
Pamela Jean Beard 
Randolph Mesa Benavente 
Vivian Lee Benner 
Sue Hinda Berliner 
Robert Bernard Bernhards 
Floyd Raymond Berry, Jr. 
Gail Denise Belts 
Listen Bums Bevard, Jr. 
Janice Ann Bickford 
Patrick Joseph Birmingham 
Linda Marie Bouton 

Nora Elisabeth Boyle 
Iris Yael Breidbord 
Daniel Joseph Breslin 
Robert Keliher Bresnahan 
Marta Consuelo Brito 
Sandra Pat Broide 
Joyce Loretta Brooks 
Miranda Jean Brooks 
Brenda Joyce Brown 
Tom Bufano 
Amanda Ellen Bull 
Patricia Williams Calabrese 
Michael Vincent Callahan 
Peter Paul Canny, Jr. 
Sharon Kay Chalmers 
Joseph Andre Chandler 
Steven Jay Chansky 
John Strother Clayton, Jr. 
Thomas Edward Cleckner, Jr. 
Alice Lorraine demons 
Ben C. Clyburn 
Crystal Celeste Coleman 
Steve Michael Collins 
Steven Michael Cooker 
Eileen Mary Cosgrove 
Peggy Anne Crane 
Kenneth James Damall 
Howard Gregg Dasheff 
John Edward Davenport 
Thomas Charles Davenport 
Patrick S. Day 
Michael John Dembski 
t Rhonda Ann Denny 
Michael Lawrence Desautels 
Beth-Ellen Kerpelman Dolinsky 
Gerald Joseph Donegan 
Michael John Doyle 
Joan Marie La Verne Dudley 
William Earnest Duncan 
Lawrence C. Dimgan 
Daniel Robert Dunne 
Stacy Anne Easton 
Thomas Richard Eckert 
Steven B. Eggleston 
Michael J. Eigenbrode 
Martin Robert Engelmann 
Elizabeth Ann Eppard 
Maurene Willette Epps 
Ivonne M. Erazo 
Regina Anne Facchina 
Thomas Allen Faries 
Stephen Michael Fedastion 
Lisa Harriet Feldman 
Amy Denton de Felices 
Audrey Ann Femandes 
Mitchell Fields 
Jerome Francis Finn 
George Edward Fitzgerald 
Bianca Patrice Floyd 
Daniel Scott Foreman 
Helene E. Forman 
Edward John Foster, Jr. 
Thomas Eugene Fowlkes 
Theresa Evelyn Franco 
Barbara Delaney Franke 
Gregory Laird Eraser 
Jean Arthur Frederick 
Daniel Rayner Gamer 
Connie W. Gates 

Regina Elizabeth Gearin 
Loren C. Geisler 
Gary David Golacinski 
Samuel Ottmar Goldwater 
Shawn Elaine Gorden 

* Howard William Gordon 
Joel Stanley Gordon 
Joseph R. Gormley 
Beverly Jane Gottshall 
Pamela Marie Gray 
Sallie Elliott Grier 
Florence Louise Grigsby 
Eugene William Guff 
Marion Elizabeth Hagerty 

* Diane Mary Hagner 
Helen Diane Halasz 
Mohammad A. Hamian 
Gwendolyn Harrington 

§ Nancy Lori Hawvermale 
Robert Christopher Heeney, Jr. 

* Susan Ellen Helfman 
John Andrew Hennigan, Jr. 
Marc Louis Hess 

Joseph Michael Hileman 
Debora Sue Hinson 
Bret Louis Hollander 
Timothy Kevin Holloway 
Michael Lee Houser 
Susan Stella Housley 
Richard Follin Hughes 

* Peter Crittenden Hull 
Donna Kohler Humphrey 
Joseph Anton Humphrey 
Diane Charlene Hunt 
Ellen Rita Hurley 
Garry Joshua Jackson 
Thomas Michael Jackson 
Nancy Kathleen Jaep 
Howard Earl Jenkins 
William B. Jermings 
Randall Donald Johnson 
Angela Louise Jones 
William Henry Jordan 
Jeffrey Mark Kaplan 
Joanne Karambellas 
Lynne Ethel Kaufman 
Francis Patrick Kelly, Jr. 
Sherrie Maureen Kessler 
Won Ki Kim 

Paul Hewey King, Jr. 
Anne Hughlett Kirby 
Michael John Knapp 
Charles Roger Knoblock 
Joan Ina Korenblatt 
Daniel Francis Kostka, Sr. 
Robin Krassner 
Arlene Hope Kravitz 
Albert Thomas Krehely, Jr. 
Edgar Tomlison Lacy, Jr. 
John Edward Lavigne 
Barbara Juanita Lawrence 
A. David Leach 
Robyn Winifred Leatherwood 
Dorothy Ellen LeBlanc 
Jeffrey Lawrence Leibman 
Frederick Chan Lim 
Donna Marie Logan 
Rudolph Wellington Spencer 


§Summa Cum Laude; jMagna Cum Laude, "Cum Laude 

' Teresa Mary Luther 
Michael Anthony Lynch 
Jill Louise Mahaffey 
Jacqueline Celestine Mangum 
Phyllis Olson Manning 
Steven Alan Mansberg 
Dara Margetich 
Edward Gary Marks 
Denise Audrey Marlen 
Donna Marie Marshall 
Thomas Michael Martin 

* Osvaldo Jesus Martinez 
Kathy Lynne Matthews 
Clifford Norris McCall 
Mary Ann McCarthy 
Regina Victoria McDonnell 
Kathleen Celia McDonough 
Terrence Michael McCrath 
Stephen Martin McLaughlin 
Robin Ann Merwitz 
Linda Theresa Mickie 
JohnL. Moore, III 

Glenn Alan Morrison 
James Patrick Muldoon 
Maureen Muldoon 
Joan Underwood MuUeinax 
Edgar O. Munoz 
Barbara Ann Murphy 
William Patrick Murphy 
Colleen Marie Murray 
Lynda Rae Nelson 
Michael Avery Nelson 

* Judith Ann Norvell 
Samuels Chris Idowu Oladipo 

§ Michael Sanford Oring 

Joseph C. Osazuwa 
•Edward Philip Oseroff 

Michael William Osmeyer 

Barbara Lois Parker 

William Alan Parkman 

Glenda Susan Perry 

Robert Stanley Perry 

Steven Wm. Pfaff 
T Michele Hope Popkin 

Robert Stanley Powell 

Patricia Sykes Powers-Norton 

Marianne C. Prather 

Julie M. Price 

Jeffrey G. Ray 
fRanda P. Ray bum 

Kathryn Ellin Redington 

* Lois Ann Reinstein 
Lois Ann Renbaum 
Paul Richard Reyes 
Donna Gayle Rice 
Keith Edward Ronald 
Louis L. Rosenberg 

t Margaret Lynn Rosthal 
Karin Denise Ruatto 
Allan B.Russell 
Raymond W. Russell 
Jeffrey Martin Safirstein 
Teresa Marie Samosuk 
Miriam Maxwell Sanders 
Johnnie M. Sawyer 
Paul Edward Schlicher 

* Richard Bennett Schmitt 
James Louis Schumacher 
Eric Mitchel Schwartz 

§ Lynn Ellen Schwartzberg 

Rodney Burgess Schwartz 
Linda Kells Shaeffer 
Marikay Shaw 
Sandra Cox Shaw 
Michael Keith Shockley 

* Fred Bernard Shoken 
Ted B. Sillings 
David Michael Sills 
Bruce Ray Silverman 
Ronald Bryan Sindler 
Nancy Elaine Sisler 
Ernest Richard Smith 
Karl E. Sonneman 

* Deborah Ann Speicher 
Sonia M. Spencer 
John Michael Stack 
Frank Thomas Stanczyk 
Teddy Carl Staples 
Bruce Everett Starr 
Juanita Helen Staub 
Jeffrey Brandon Stavitsky 
Debra Elaine Stepp 
Cynthia Elaine Stevens 
Karen Lee Stewart 

t Scott Alan Stewart 
Walter Dwight Stone 
Delia R. E. Street 
James Esslor Syphard, III 
Robert Lewis Theodore 
Weldon Gregory Thomas 
Stephen George Tise 
Tamas Tokoli 
Heidi Adrian Tunkel 
Barnes Patrick Turner 
Trang Thu Vo 
Robert Athlyn Waller 
Anthony Thomas Walton 
Charles Francis Welch, Jr. 
Phyllis Eloise Wheat 
Barbara Ann White 
Michael Glenn White 
Nancy Cornell Whiteman 
Deborah Helen Williams 

TKaryn G.Willis 
Etema Galeng Winters 
Adelaide Mei-ling Wong 
Robert Wade Wyche 
Gary Michael Young 

t Nelda Jane Young 
Carl A. Zaner 

Bachelor of Science 

David William Baron 
Henry Hall Bartlett, II 
Nasser Basir 
James Leonard Brady 
Rupert Joseph Brady, Jr. 
Steven Ellis Bramow 
Edford Olaf Chambers, III 
T Sidney Allen Connor 
Jane Ann D'Aguanno 
Gregory Decker 
Michael Marion Douglass 
Henry Felices 
Thomas A. Gardosik 
Neil Leslie Gerber 
Charles Abraham Goldberg 
Thomas William Gramlich 

* Lisa Annette Gruel 
Joseph Brian Heil 
Mary Ellen Hook 
Raymond Chauncey Jenkins 
Jacqulyn Marie King 

tLynn Ann King 
Robert Philip Korman 

§ Gerald Alan McGarvey 
Marie Helen McGlone 

§ Carole Beth Miller 
Deria N. Moeis 
Richard Anthony Montanio 
Joseph James Origlio 
Don Franklin Owen 
Angela Theresa Passarelli 
Perry Joseph Pepper 
Kenneth Douglas Pike 
Rachel May-Kin Pong 
Michael Rice 
R. Kevin Roberts 

* Ralph Thomas Salvagno 
Lee Edward Seipp 
Susan Carol Sharp 
Michael Stephen Smead 
Brenda Carol Thomas 
Daniel Mark Thomas 

* Mary Pamela Townsend 
James Patrick Tupper 
James Gary Turoff 
Steven John Weaver 
Lori Olivia Wong 
Lorraine A. Wong 



Candidates will be presented hy 
Dr. Dean Corrigan. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jennifer Louise Andrawos 
Gary Mark Arnowitz 
Lynda McCrea Baker 
Ann Elizabeth Blair 
Sandra Lynn Bond 

* Andrea Eve Boyarsky-Maisel 
Sotiria Carson 

Beverly M. Coltrin 
Susan Jean Courlander 
Timothy Felix Q. Cubero, Jr. 
Dean Taylor Drewyer 
Carol Selonick Ehrlich 
Charles Oliver Ferris 
Ellen Frishman 
Carlos Mario Garza 
Susan Rita Gwyer 
Gerald David Harshman 
l^lia Ann Isel 

* Mary Teresa Kahler 
Lisa Jae Kovens 
Mary Rita Liekweg 
Deborah Greene Lord 

§Sumnia Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: 'CumLaude 


Pamela Ann Maier 
William Perry Miller 
Valerie Ann Misita 
Jacklyn Delphia Morgan 
Dianna Taylor Mosedale 
Michael Donald Olert, Jr. 
Kenneth Raymond Owen 
Diane Marie Pickeral 
Diane Marie Roderick 

§ Richard Neal Roserihaft 
Cornelia Overduin Simon 
Due Joan Simon 
Debbie Karen Souder 
Arthur Josef Spillers 

t Sandra Gail Stone 
Joe Thompson 
Terez Maria Touhey 
Dominick David Tringali 
Bonnie S. Tyree 
Ellen Ruth Walston 
Marjorie Scott Welch 
Louise Adele Zynda 

Bachelor of Science 

Sharon Ann Alfaro 

Rona Diarme Altwarg 

Julia Lynn Ashley 

Diane E. Baker 

Anna M. Balogh 

Susan Mary Baltzell 

Patricia Lisle Bartram 

Carole Kay Beaver 

Sherry L. Berman 

Carol Shingara Bernard 
t Shelly R. Bernstein 

Francis S. Biancciniello 

Sheryl Lynn Birkhead 

Paul Randy Bless 

Ellen Ruth Bloom 

Ronni Gail Bodner 

Bryan Edward Broda 

Barbara Ellen Borgert 

Diane Marie Borum 

Linda Sue Bowen 

Nancy Geiglein Brice 

Adrian Paul Brinks 

Lynn Marie Bucklew 

Richard Douglas Cadle 
t Karen Darlene Carlson 

Nancy Lee Carroll 

Ann Garett Casey 

* Deborah Mattingly Caskey 
Gertrude Gathers 
Douglas Brian Celmer 
Corrie Elizabeth Channel 
Faith Carla Christensen 
Christine Marie Clark 
Katharine George Clark 

* Janice Lynn Comstock 
Julianne Conley 
Carolyn Anne Cook 
Debra Ann Dacey 
Joseph Edward Daddario 
Donna Schalk Danckaert 
Marcia Anne Delanghe 
Karen Jane Deveney 
Anthony Joseph DiLorenzo, Jr. 
Mary Cynthia Dindino 

Leroy Alan Donaldson 

Robert Allen Dry 

Marion Elizabeth Duffy 

Mary Elizabeth Dulaney 

Bernard R. Edwards, III 

Joan Lynn Fallon 

Joan Eileen Flaherty 

Charles Samuel Flynn, Jr. 

James Richard Fowler 

Rhonda Ilene Framm 

Karen L. Frank 

Ann Usher Frantz 

Sheryl Irene Freed 

Helene Sherl Freiman 

Lynda Sue French 

Milton McCoy Gardner 

Terri Ann Gibson 

Barbara Jeanne Giebel 
t Debra Sue Godwin 

Patricia Ann Goodman 

Diane Cecile Gough 

James Vincent Gray 

Deborah Neressa Griffis 

Catherine Hedwig Grimes 
t Deborah JoAnn Hall 

Ann Esther Hammer 
* Dorothy Hudspeth Hampton 

Lindsay Anne Harris 

Phyllis Ann Harris 

Joseph Haus 

Anne Marie Heidenberg 

Carol Hendler 

Peter Naisby Herring 

Linda Ann Hill 

Beverly Ann Hillis 

Norma Bishara Hishmeh 

Don Howard Hobbs 

Marcia Kathleen Houdesheldt- 

Martha Elizabeth Howard 

John Michael Hyland 

Karen Theresa Ingoldsby 

Lynn F. Isaac 

Meta Ilene Ivey 

Kenneth Lynn Jenkins, II 

Melaney Leah Johns 

Marva Ann Jones Jones 

Lawrence Daniel Karr 

Marcia Lee Keene 

Vicki Eileen Ker 

James Tanner Kirby 

Mary Byrd Kline 

Barbara Diane Kostens 

Elizabeth Ann Kranack 
t Mary Kulczycki 

Gregory Kurgansky 

Elizabeth Karen Lacy 

Kathleen M. Lawrie 

Judith Virginia Leapley 

Patricia Elizabeth Leary 

Susan Jane Lee 

Pamela Mary LeRoux 

Lori Marva Levin 

Stephen Anthony Lieb 

Mary LeNeal Linkous 

Sheila Mary Little 

Gary Logan 

William Hunter Lucke, Jr. 

Joarvn Kay Lundquist 

Jamie Douglas MacKinnon 

Arthur Lee Manning 

Sharon Patricia Markowich 
Susan Marie Martin 
Terri Elise Mazur 
Kim Frances McCarthy 
Maureen McCarthy 
Marie Veronica McGugan 
Robert Thomas McMonagle, 

* David Steven Mensh 
Michael Gene Metz 
Susan Lorayne Metzbower 
Beverly Joan Michaelson 

t Ramona K. Mitchell 
Bradd Bari Mizell 
Karen Sue Montgomery 
Oksana Mouchyn 
James Dale MuUins 
Marybeth Narcisenfeld 
Anthony Nasca 
Carol Cecelia Nethen 
Kenneth Raymond Nice 
Russell Hideo Nishino 
David Yingling Nowell 
Ann Theresa O'Hara 
Brenda Ellis Oliver 

* Lois Virginia Olund 
Wynne Doris O'Toole 
Jeanilee Newcomer Parker 
Susan Ellen Patterson 
Charles N.Phelps 

Lynn Ann Pittman 

Sandra Lee Plesa 

Randa Lee Poliak 

Pamela Jean Powell 

Melinda Susan Rankin 

Terese Inez Ratcliffe 

Donna Lynn Reed 

Roberta Anne Ricci 

George John Robinson 

Gwendolyn Bernadette 

Leslie Zuercher Rohr 

Norma Lee Rose 

Pamela Dawn Rosenberg 

Hinda L. Rosenthal 

Donna Marie Ryder 

Teri Rones Saltzman 

Heidi Harryette Satosky 

Monica Lynn Sayres 

Jay Ira Schlosburg 

Ellen I. Schwartz 
t Carol S. Sherrin 
§ Cheryl Jane Sherwood 

Ann Kelso Shipe 

Debra Ann Shirley 
'Martha Lynn Shuart 

John Allen Silverman 

* Lynne Carol Sisselman 
Kathryn Ann Smith 
Dennis Neal Sober 

* Ilene R. Sontag 
Catherine Marie Spalding 
William David Stevick 
Marta Robin Strom 
Janice Lynn Sweeney 
Leanne Rebecca Swenson 

* Shirley May Tabler 
Jodi Lynne Thai 
Elizabeth M. Vakalopoulos 
John Ira Vucci 

Robert Lee Wagner 


§Summa Cujn Laude; t Magna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Susan Joan Wallis 
Gary Howard Weinstein 
Debra Ann Weiss 
Robin Beth Weiss 
Tracey Ann Wheeler 
Gail Hildreth White 
Frances R. Widdick 
Theresa Louise Wiesinger 
Yvette Renita Wills 
Ellen Nancy Wolk 
Robert Michael Wyatt 
Catherine Cullins Zuza 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. ]ohn R. Beaton, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Shelley Lynn Alpern 
Martha Ellen Anderson 
Julie Ann Andrus 
Susan Nan Bartell 
Shelley Renee Baum 
Mary J. Beers 
Suzanne Eileen Bernstein 
Karen Margaret Blackwell 
Peggy Ann Bonnell 
Jody Ann Brown 
Patricia Gail Campbell 
Annie Reese Carswell 
Marcia Chottiner 
Carolyn Mary Clark 
Mary Lucille Coe 
Marian Elizabeth Cooper 
Jeffrey William Curcio 
Mary E. Curtiss 
Greta Ramona Davis 
Pamela S. DeTuncq 
Thomas L. Donnelly 
Nancy Jean Emerson 
Mary Ellen Pise 
Kathleen Ruth Fortenberry 
Barbara Ann Fowler 
Wendy Beth Garbis 
Gail Elizabeth Gebran 
* Marcia Lee Goldstein 
Angela Michele Graham 
Helen Lee Gross 
Robert Jan Grosshandler 
Ava Lynn Gruenberg 
Cynthia Ann Guamier 
Julie R. Guiffre' 
Patricia Mary Gunther 
Debbie Cassandra Hamilton 
Leslie Susan Hand 
Maxine Kathy Haransky 
Martha Rose Hardison 
La Verne Fisher Havelka 
Karen Rose Marie Hayman 
Jonna LaRae Hjemvik 
Martha Frances Hobble 
Eleanor Rebecca Humphrey 
Linda Grace Humphrey 
Mary Antoinette Kendzejeski 

* Rosette Konick 
Carol Laura Kulwich 
Mialyn Sheree Lenoir 
Mary Boyle Logan 

§ Kathryn Ann Longen 

Deborah Lou Marchant 

Steve Marchitelli 

Elizabeth Currie McBride 

Donald Arthur McFall, Jr. 

Mary Jo McGowan 

Sarah Yocheved Mendlowitz 

Pamela Carriere Mills 

Effie Koschi Mondowney 

Evelyn Ling Moy 

Linda Moy 
§ Donna Maureen Murphy 

Lee Peyton Nickerson 

Mary Beth Niederkofler 

Jean Elizabeth Northup 

Rosemary O'Connell 

Faith Hobson Page 

Elizabeth Brandes Pattison 

Nancy Lee Perkins 

Roanne Petro 

Tamara Powstenko 

Deborah Muriel Rock 

Andrea Beth Rogow 

Debra Jean Rollins 

Judith Susan Rudder 

Delia Aslin Ruffini 

Patricia Manley Russett 

Cynthia Ann Salomon 

Linda Gail Sandman 

Caron A. Seidenberg 

Anne Louise Shaffer 

Linda Jean Shuett 

Margaret Louise Solem 

Jane L. Sommer 

Lois Agnes Stanbrough 

Cynthia Laurel Stanley 

* Lorri Beth Strasser 
Joan Marie Sullivan 
Mary Nicholas Terry 
Eileen M. Thompson 
Tawana Marie Tibbs 
Cynthia Lorain Hammack 

Michael Francis Tobin 
Silvia Irene Betancur de Uribe 
Susan Voorhees 
Patricia Louise Wack 
Patricia Anne Waldron 
Susan Rebecca Walker 
Jean Louise Warner 
Marjorie Helen Wax 
Austin Neal Webster 
Jennie Wells 
Arle Monti-jean Wilkins 
t Harriet Ann Wright 
Patricia Lucy Yopconka 
Betty Louise Young 
Lawrence Alan Zabel 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Marvin Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

David John Bartels 
Kevin F. Benson 
William Ewell Benson, Jr. 
Katherine Eileen Berthel 
Robert Boettger, II 
Lynette Maria Boyd 

* Deborah Ann Boyer 
Eva Brewer 

Daniel James Broadway 
Cheryl Angela Brown 
James Cameron Brown 
Janet B. Brovwiing 
Susan Lynn buckingham 
Carol Anne Cavanaugh 
Madelyn Mary Consoli 
Wanda Paulette Curry 
Brian Joseph Czechanski 
John F. De Armey 
Carol Marie duFief 

* David Francis Enzler 
Norleah Ann Fatkin 

t Steve Barry Feldman 
Steven Keith Fischer 
Susan Debra Fribush 
Deborah Gooden 
Nancy Ann Greenfield 
William Woodrow Gwaltney 
Linda Ann Hagan 
Robert Otis Hallwig 
Delores Arline Harper 
Michael Stephen Harward 
Martha Louise Hastings 
Samuel Gilmore Herold, Jr. 
Joyce Eileen Hinkelman 
Marlene Denise Holmes 
Karen Ann Hunt 
Michael James Ingram 
Gerald Albert Johnson 
Kevin Thomas Johnson 
Ronald Thomas Jones 
Patricia Ann Karwoski 
Dale Carol Kessler 
Claire Kominic 

* Arlene Beth Littman 
Virginia May Lo 
Larry Nelson Long 
Nancy Blaine McCloskey 
Doretta Louise Miller 
James Edward Morris 
Michael J. Moskaitis 
Kimberly James Newman 
Thomas Bruce Newman, Sr. 
Russell Taylor Nolan 
Betty Jane O'Clair 

§ Oken Jacqueline 
Earl Howard Olson, Jr. 
Gregory Vaughn Omazian 

t Mary Lois Pelz 
Mary Kathem Poff 

§Surnma Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


* Joan Louise Quinn 
Thomas Ray Rider 
Catherine Ann Rinard 
Jill Louise Rudy 
Gordon Ivan Schisler 
Sonia Schwarz 
Janice Kay Smith 
Frank Howard Snyder 
Catherine Mae Stevenson 
Sarah Lovell Walters 
Jeffrey Robert Williams 
Laury Ann Wooden 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter. ]r. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Dennis Paul Abremski 
James Steven Amos 
Gregory Anderson 
William Reynolds Angle 
Phillip Michael Baker 
Glenn Richard Beach 
Donald Frazier Beard 
Robert Alfred Becker 
Peter George Berman 
Albert Leon Bertram 
Frank Cornish Blachly 
Wm. Stephen Boyle 
David Lee Bradford 
Linda Lea Bright 
Michael Murray Brown 
Steven Kenneth Broyles 
George Robert Brungot 
Ronald Henry Buchner 
Richard Lee Cain 
Edward William Carney 
Charles Whittington Carr 
John William Carroll, Jr. 

* Horace Eugene Cascio 
Brian Stephen Chaillet 
Grover Harold Chamberlain, 


* Sien-Min Chang 
Eric Teh-Chung Choh 

* John Joseph Ciccarelli 

t Michael Francis Clifford 

Dermis James Cole 

Patrick Joseph CoUison 

Thomas E. Cottrell 

Timothy Coughlin 

Michael Scott Cowan 

Timothy Wayne Crawford 

Jeffrey Scott Davis 

Francis Xavier DeMare 

Philip Joseph DiNenno 

Michael DiProspero 

Joseph Dortwegt 

Kim Leona Doyle 
t Bruce Edwjird Drakopel 

David McClure Drury 

Christopher Anthony Dullnig 
Dolores Ann Duncan 
Richard Evan Duncan 
Martin Robert Englemann 
Philip Walton Fairbrother 
Nasser Fakhimi 
Michael R. Fallin 
John Charles Fannin, III 
Mason Gray Farrell, Jr. 
John Leonard Feustle, Jr. 
Joseph Bishop FitzGerald 
Paul Frederick Flack 
' Thomas Paul Gahs 
Peter Anthony Gallerizzo 
George Daniel Gilbreath, Jr. 
Kenneth L. Gillespie 
Charles John Crasser 
Frank Edgar Grunwald 
Kathleen Marie Gryctko 
David Dae El Hahn 
William John Harney, Jr. 
James Timothy Harper, Jr. 
William Dennis Harris 
Byrd Crawford Hennessee 
Charles Herbert Henry 
Masoud Hobbi 
Robert Clarence Hook, Jr. 
Richard Thomas Hyers 
Bryan Robert Jachowski 
Robert Donald Jennings 
Deborah Ann Joines 
Majid Karbassiafshar 

* Thomas Bernard Kazukynas 
Abdelkhader Saad Khatib 
Ronald Timothy Kidwell 
Joel Lee Kitaguchi 

Jerome George Kosko 

David Yui Lam 

Henry H. Lee, III 

Jeffery Wayne Lee 

Mona Jean Lee 

Ronald Harrison Lee 

Ronald Harrison Lee 

Stephen G . Levine 

Andrew Irvin Levy 

Hossein Lolavar 

Robert John Lynes 

Frederick Gihoon Lyu 

Samuel David MacKay, III 
§ Robert Lewis Mapou 

Abraham N. Margolis 

Jay Anthony Maxey 

Lawrence Eugene McGowan, Jr. 

Hugh Malcolm McLaurin 

Andrew Hammond Measday 

Raul Mario Mercado 

Cathy Ann Merrill 
t John William Mooney 

* Anthony Morabito 
Robert Scott Myerly, Jr. 
Dale Edward Newcomb 
Clarence Rosser Ogilvie 
Michael Henry Peters 
Walter Carper Phillips, III 
George Joseph Quinn 
Hardeep Singh Rana 
Donald Nicholas Rasch 
Mark Edward Reider 

§ Guy Wayne Riffle 
Roberto Aniceto Rodriguez 
Thomas Joesph Rossbach 

Mehmet Ali Sahin 

Nathan Sanders 

Steven Guy Schassler 

Stuart Dana Schooler 
t Bruce Parian Semple 

Barry Serini 
* Paul Andrew Shipley 

Simon Simon 

Thomas Frederick Simpson 

Stanley Edwin Smith 

Alan Richard Solomon 

Garry Michael Sparks 

Allan W. Strojny 

Hassan Talebi 

Peter Rexley Thambinayagam 

James Michael Thompson 

Mark Russell Tilyou 

Mark Leo Umholtz 

Anthony Vidal 

Joseph Frank Vrzalik 

Timothy Brian Walsh 

William Spencer Ward 

Stephen Matthew Watkins 

Sanford Fred Weinmann 
t Deborah Lynn Wolfe 

John Elbert Wright 

Do Wah Yee 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Joseph Marchello, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

David C. Algert 

Joseph James Aquilino, III 

Janet McCumber Barth 

Lawrence David Bergman 

Matthew Bond 

Roger Leroy Boose 

Ronald Henry Buchner 

Christine Wing Cheung 

Gary Russell Comstock 

Stephanie Cameron Duncan 

Brian Kimberly Duvall 

Ruth Elizabeth Ehlers 

Deborah Kim Elgot 
T Gyorgy Fekete 

Patricia Ann Fette 
§ Daniel Eugene Field 

Edward G. Freedman 
* Ida Marie Hakkarinen 

David Jesse Hardin 

Elizabeth Howard Hill 

Deborah Lynn Holden 

Avery Thaddeus Horton, Jr. 

Michael Max Hyre 

Joseph Ikley 

Elliot Stephen Itkin 

Robert Earl King 

Brian Joseph Kopeck 

Michael Allen Kowler 

Lewis Edward Levi 

Akiko Endo Meyers 

Marshall H. Montrose 

Patrick Jude O'Lone 

Michael Charies Peck 


$Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Brian Paul Riely 
Matthew Devon Rose 
Lawrence Wayne Rutledge 
Vernon Lee Smallwood 
Anthony John Somers 
David Neil Spector 
James Frederick Tomlin 
Richard Lee Waid, II 
t Charles Wolf 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

John Carr Adkins 

Pamela R. Barlly 

Terry Lee Boggs 

Astria Lois Boyd 

Donna Lynne Boyd 

William Gordon Brown 

James Wesley Bumpus 

Norman E. Campbell 

Joseph Barry Chazen 
* Robert Louis Church 

Janice Marie Colbert 

Clyde Stuart Cole 

David Paul Conrad 

Thomas Stephen Conway 

John R.H. Cotter 

Brian L. Cox 

Denise Ann DeWitt 

Judith Liningstone Duckett 

James Michael Dunlavey 

James Derwood Finch, Jr. 

Walter Paul Finch 

Elaine Gainen 

Sandra Lynne Hamblen 

Kelsey Wylmoth Heckendom 

Richard Lee Hughes 

Dolores Janet Hylander 

Howard G. Justis 

William John Koustenis 

Moshe Lapid 

Paul Augustus Lawhome, Jr. 

Joannah H. Machlan 

Joseph H. MacKenzie, Jr. 

Barbara Ann Matthai 

Faith Meda May 

Donald Melvin 

Roger George Messick 

Pauline Batube Njosa 

Alan Cecil Offenbacker 

Lorraine M. O'Hara 

Randy Pete Pagnotta 

Katherine Ellen Pardee 

Janet Elaine Poitras 

Henry Isador Rosenberg 

Beth Ellen Rosenbloom 

Nancy K. Rosenthal 

Wayne Alexander Ruf fin 
* Thomas Richard Scanlan 

Stephen M. Schanwald 

Marc Schrecengost 

Randall Dean Smith 
Peter Szarvas 
Bradford Lodge Thomas 
Rodger W. Touw 
Mark Matthew Tully 
Richard Scott Wain 
Isaiah Ricardo Walker 
Debra Helene Walner 
Douglas Andreas Waterman 
Jeffrey Gordon Wood 
Michael Lawrence Yelovich 

* Sheila Beller Yoshpe 

Bachelor of Arts 

Myla C. DeLoatch 
Sharlene Sue Gampel 
§ Lisa Ann Garbem 

* Robin Sue Greenhouse 
Bruce Brian Johnson 

t Barry Louis Polisar 
Lori J. Sevin 

§ Janet L. Stroup 
Gaye Beryl Weinstein 
Margaret Virginia Werback 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael Joseph Currens 
Donna Lynn Davis 
Stephen Coleman Doss, II 
Timothy Michael Fitzgerald 
Howard Steve Freundlich 
Alfred Lewis Passori 
Christine Veronika Roberts 
Ray Alton Siever, Jr. 
Wendy Susan Walleigh 
Gregory John Yaskovich 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 




Candidates for bachelor's degrees 
who have earned honors for 
scholarship upon graduation are 
indicated in the alphabetical list- 
ings by Division or College. To 
be eligible for consideration for 
such honors a candidate must 
meet the following general 
criteria: (1) have completed two 
years of work at the University 
of Maryland (60 semester hours) 
and (2) have a scholastic average 
of B (Grade Point Average of 
3,000) or higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the last 
semester of registration before 
award of the degree. 

August and December 1977 
candidates who meet these 
criteria are shown in the alpha- 
betical lists as qualifying, upon 
graduation, for the designations 
"Summa Cum Laude", if they 
ranked in the top two per cent of 
the candidates in their respective 
Colleges or Divisions; "Magna 
Cum Laude", if in the next three 
per cent ; or "Cum Laude", if in 
the next five per cent . 

General Honors Program 

Pluma E. Beyer 
Robert Lewis Mapou 
Gerard Francis Nolan*** 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Botany 
Nancy Jean Mick** 

With High Honors in Computer 

Jonathan Rosenberg*** 

With High Honors in Economics 
Douglas John Antonio 

With High Honors in 

Douglas Lester Hendricks 

With Honors in Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 
Michael Slott 

With Honors in Chemistry 
David Mark Pillor** 

With Honors in Computer 

Daniel Eugene Field 

With Honors in Criminal Justice 
Robin Elaine Shipp*** 
Deborah Ann Speicher 

With Honors in Economics 
Robert Anthony Connolly** 
Anthyme Cesaire Yameogo*** 

With Honors in English 
Karen Ora Shapiro*** 

With Honors in Government and 

Daniel Mark Haas*** 

With Honors in Philosophy 
Karen Therese Litfin 

With Honors in Physics 
David Neil Spector 

With Honors in Psychology 
Lisa Annette Gruel 
Ralph Thomas Salvagno 

With Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 
Mary Ellen Fise 

With Honors in Zoology 
Howard Neil Robinson** 

'Graduated May 14, 1977 
'Graduated August 15, 1977 



Campus Drive. You are invited 
to walk through this faciHty 
and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

There are many interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected some 
of these that you may wish to 
visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities are open on 
weekdays from 8 : 30 a.m. to 
4 : 30 p.m. You are welcome to 
tour them at your leisure. 
Other points of interest on 
campus may be toured by 
appointment through the 
phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
information, call the Student 
Union Information Center 


(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive. 
Open to visitors weekdays 8 : 30 
a.m. to 4 :30 p.m. A schedule 
of multidenominational serv- 
ices can be obtained in the 
North Administration Bldg. 

Regents Drive. This facility 
houses the Admissions Office 
of the University ; Office of the 
Registrar for graduate trans- 
scripts and commencement 
information ; cmd offices for 
student financial aid, housing, 
and campus employment. 

BRARY-(BLDG. 120) Comer 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 

is one of the finest in the 
nation. In addition to serving 
undergraduate students, it also 

houses at the graduate level 
the College of Library and 
Information Services. 

110) Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972. You 
can obtain a building directory 
and schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided 
tours are available to the 
bowling alleys, billiard room, 
ballroom, cafeterias, motion 
picture theatre, and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 27) Campus Drive. 
With a permanent seating 
capacity of 12,500, the Main 
Auditorium of Cole Fieldhouse 
is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

TER-(BLDG. 115) Campus 
Drive. You are welcome to visit 
the Art Gallery on the first 
floor. Offices of the depart- 
ments of art, music, sf>eech 
and dramatic art, and hearing 
and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. Uni- 
versity Theatre is also located 
here, adjacent to Parking Lot 

Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by prior 
arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for con- 
tinuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by 
calling 779-5100. 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students and 
faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

TORY. Open House is held on 
the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general 
public. Large groups may call 
for reservations at 454-3001. 
(For other information call 
Ext. 3460) 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough 
Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 11 : 30 to 1 : 30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 



Section 1 : 

Agricultural and Life 

Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Arts and Humanities 

Section 2 : 

Graduate School 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 
Undergraduate Studies 

Section 3 : 

Business and Management 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4 : 
Human Ecology 


main entrance 

& exits