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n El.: EMBER 21, 2000 



WU^ C35,^vj 


University of Maryland 
December 21,2000 

2 Congratulations from 
the President 

3 Message from the Alumni 

4 Message from the Senior 

5 Order of Commencement 

6 Schedule of Events 

7 Campus Map 

8 The Umversiry of Maryland 

13 Commencement Speaker 
John S. Hendricks 

14 Graduating Student Speaker 
Heather C. King 

15 August Graduate Degrees 

23 August Undergraduate 

30 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

50 Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 

65 Honors and Scholars 

68 Student Marshals 

69 University Officials 

70 Commencement Officials 
and Stafi^ 


M ongratulations on the completion of your degrees! You and your families 

M have just reason to be proud of your reaching this important milestone, 

^^^^„,a^» one you will come to appreciate more and more in the years to come. 

As you leave your universirs", I would like you to know how much we, the faculty and staff, 
value your accomplishments as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders. You have enriched your 
lives and have elevated the esteem of this institution. 

We have tried to provide you with a universit)' experience where you could develop your 
acadenuc interests, your special talents, and broaden your intellectual and cultural perspectives. 
Our experience also shows that the friends and associations you have made while here will 
enrich you in many and varied ways throughout your Hfe. I urge you to stay connected with 
us and take tliU advantage of being a member of the Marsdand family. 

I truly hope that you wUl return to campus often and continue to support this institution 
and fiiture generations of students at the flagship University of Maryland. Please consider 
joining us for the campus-wide open house, Maryland Day 2001, scheduled for Saturday, 
April 28. 2001. Welcome to the university's family of alunmi. 

Good luck. We are proud of each and every one of vou! 

Yours sincerely, 
C. D. Mote, Jr. 



On behalf of the University of Maryland Alumni Association, congratulations! 
I add our wry best wishes to those you have received from your faculty and 
other university triends. 

Your commencement ceremony today includes a special tradition. You will be officially 
inducted as a member of the Maryland Alumni Association by Jody Olsen '72, '79, this year's 
association president. Our gift to you on this day is a one-year complimentary membership. In 
the next few weeks, you will receive your membership card and information on the benefits 
and services that membership brings. 

The alumni association gives you an opportunity to stay involved with your alma mater, 
to go places and to continue to learn. Our programs meet many needs and interests — whether 
cultural, educational or recreational. Join us on a trip to Spain where a universiry professor 
is your guide, at the opera with representatives from the School of Music and, of course, at 
athletic events. Game watches around the country let you cheer on the Terps with fellow 
Maryland fans. 

And be sure to visit the university on Maryland Day, April 28. This campus-wide open 
house is a great opportunity to experience again the best of this research university. 

Remember that as alumni, you can always call the Universitv' of Maryland your home, and 
we look forward to welcoming you back often in the years ahead. Again, congratulations and 
best of kick. 


Danita D. Nias '81 

Executive Director, University of Mar\'land Alumni Association 



The Winter Graduates* 

Applicants for degrees 

Total Doctoral Degrees: 


Total Masters Degrees: 


Total Bachelor's Degrees: 2 


Most popular undergraduate 


1 . Criminolog\' and 

Criminal Justice 


2. Computer Science 


3. Finance 


4. English Language 

and Literature 


5. Electrical Engineering 


Most popular master's degree; 



2. Mechanical Engineering. 

Master of Engineering 


3. M.S.. Mechanical Engineering 


4. M.L.S.. Information Studies 


5. M.S.. Electrical Engineering 


Top Ph.D. majors 

1. Civil Engineering 


2. Mechanial Engineering 


3. (de) Computer Science 


Government and Politics 




'Aui;ust jnd Daanhcr (omhmed 

Today you complete the jour- 
ney that was undertaken sev- 
eral years ago, arriving 
proudly at the threshold of a 
new life. When you look back, can you see 
how this journey has changed you? As you 
sit here today, what events stand out in your 
mind as experiences that showed you which 
path to travel? 

We have each followed a unique path but 
have reached a common destination. As 
seniors, it is easier to list the ways in which 
we are different from each other than the 
ways in which we are bound together. 

We are accustomed to describing students in groups — commuters, residents; members of 
ethnic, religious or professional organizations; students in particular departments and coUeges. 
These differences should be admired and respected as should the many qualities we share. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. Remember what you learned along the 
way about who you are and what you are capable of achieving. 

Know that your time spent at the University of Maryland will help you arrive at your next 
destination. Finally, always consider our campus to be another home, a stop on vour life's jour- 
ney to which you can always return. 


Senior Council 2000-2001 



December 21, 2000 • Cole Student Activities Building • 9:00 a.m. 



Dr. C. D. Motejr. 

President, University oi Maryland 

Master of Ceremonies 

James N. Newton 
Undergraduate Studies 


Symphonic Brass Ensemble 
Dr. Milton Stevens, conductor 


The Reverend Holly Ulmer 
Chaplain, United Campus Ministry 

The National Anthem 

Led by Linda Mabbs, Soprano 


Nathan A. Chapman, Jr. 
Chair, University System of 
Maryland Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Jared Stahl 
Senior Council 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Heather C. King 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

Symphonic Brass Ensemble 
Olympic Fanfare and Tlieme 
by John Williams 


John S. Hendricks 

University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Induction 

Dr.Jody K. Olsen 79 

President, University- of Maryland 

Alumni Association 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of Colleges 
and Schools 



The Rev Ulmer 


Symphonic Brass Ensemble 

Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

For thee, we stand. 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold, 

Singing thy praise torever, 

Throushout the land. 

Floor Seating Arrangement 

for Ciraduates in C 

lie Student Acnvities Building 























Individual graduation exercises for colleges and schools will be held at various campus 
locations on Thursday and several ceremonies will take place on Wednesday evening. 
Guests are urged to be seated approximately one half-hour prior to the designated time 
for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student and faculty processional. 
Graduates, their families and friends are cordially invited and encouraged to join university 
officials and members of the faculty at the reception to be held on the first floor of the Stamp 
Student Union tbllowing the campus-wide commencement. 

Shuttle bus service will provide free transportation across the campus throughout the day. 


' '^ ' 4. ' 


Campus-wide Commencement 

9:(K) a.m. Cole Student Activities Building 


of Arts and Humanities — Department Gatherings 


Art History 

Art-Sociolog\- Building, Room 2309 


Art Studio 

Art-Sociology Building, Room 2203 


American Studies / Comparative Literature/ 

Dance /English /Women 's Studies 

Tavk'es Theatre 



St. Mary's HaU 


Foreign language, Linguistics 

Tydings, Room 0130 


History /Jewish Studies /Russian Area Studies 

Skinner, Room 0200 



Ritchie Coliseum 



Skinner, Room 1 125 

College of CoiTiputer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Noon Memorial Chapel 

College of Education 

Noon Reckord Armory 

College of Health and Human Performance 

Noon He.ilth and Human Performance Building 

School of Architecture 

Noon School ot Architecture Auditorium 

Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Noon Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Information Studies 

1 :00 p.m. Biology/Psycholog)' Building, Room 1 240 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

2:3l) p.m. Memorial Chapel 

A. James Clark School of Engineering 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Ceremonies held Wednesday, December 20 

College of Journalistn 

5:00 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

7:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Life Sciences 

7:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Undergraduate Individual Studies 

5:00 p.m. Nyumburu Cultural Center Multipurpose Room 





A Bold New Era 

From its pre-Civil War roots as the 
state's 6rst agricultural college and 
one of America's original land 
grant institutions, the University of 
Maryland, College Park, has 
emerged as a public research um- 
versity of national stature, highly 
regarded for its broad base of 
excellence in teaching and 
research. The momentum of recent 
years has poised the university to 
move into the top ranks of higher 
education and take leadership in 
shaping the research university of 
the 21st century. 

The university' 's commitment 
to quahty education m a research 
environment is key to its academic 
reputation and the success of its 
graduates. The research enterprise 
infiises the curriculum at both the 
undergraduate and graduate levels. 

exposing students to the most 
pressing issues and challenges in 
their discipUne and training them 
to respond with rigor as well as 
creativity to contemporary prob- 

There are 13 schools and col- 
leges within the organizational 
structure of the University of 
Maryland. Seven of these units — 
the Smith School of Business, the 
College of Education, the Clark 
School of Engineering, the Col- 
lege of Journahsm, the College of 
Computer, Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences, the College of 
Information Studies and the 
School of Pubhc Affairs — 
have been recognized by their 
peers and in various rankings as 
among the 25 best in the nation. 
Various academic specialties in the 
College of Arts and Humanities 

and the College ot Behavioral 
and Social Sciences are also ranked 
among the 25 best and the School 
of Music has been ranked 30th 
nationwide. The breadth of this 
excellence is a source of pride for 
students, faculty and staff, and is 
endorsement for the university's 
flagship status among the state's 
institutions of higher education. 

The university has enjoyed a 
period of rapid advancement in all 
ot the areas that affect quahty. The 
qualifications of entering students 
have risen each year for the past 
10 years, and SATs now range 
from 1170 to 1330 for the mid-50 
percent tier of students. In fall 
2000, 507 first year students scored 
above 1400 on their SATs. Spon- 
sored research and outreach has 
doubled in the same 10-year 
period, and has reached $284 mil- 
lion for FYOO. Private giving has 
increased even more dramatically, 
from S 1 8 million per year at the 
start of the decade to $71 miUion 
in FYOO. Alumni Association 
membership has been growing at 
an average rate of 1 percent a 
year since 1992. Coupled with 
renewed commitment from the 
state of Maryland for funding flag- 
ship initiatives, these factors ensure 
that the university will continue 
on a forward trajectory for many 
years to come. 

One of the largest research 
universities in the United States, 
current enrollment stands at 
24,638 undergraduate and 8,55 1 



graduate students. There arc 1 10 
undergraduate programs, 100 mas- 
ter's programs and 70 doctoral 
programs, and more than 1 00 cen- 
ters and institutes engaged in 
research and outreach. 

The university has licensed 
more than 750 technologies since 
1986, and has been issued 135 U.S. 
patents. An average of two new 
invention disclosures each week 
are received by the Office of 
Technology Liaison, a reflection of 
the pace of innovative technolo- 
gies being created at the university. 

Faculty at the University of 
Maryland, in all fields of knowl- 
edge, are engaged at the highest 
levels ot national and international 
concern. The university's location 
near the center of federal policy- 
making and international political 
and economic activity enables it to 
play an active role in research and 
analysis of public policy. Strong 
links to the scientific and techno- 
logical agencies and organizations 
of the federal government drive 
research in the environment, engi- 
neering, physics, computer science, 
life sciences and agriculture. Schol- 
arship in the arts, humanities and 
social sciences is marked by the 
spirit of intellectual diversity and 
mterdiscipHnary collaboration. 

Maryland is one of the 
research universities in the presti- 
gious 61 -member Association of 
American Universities and the 
only public institution in the 
Maryland-D.C. area with member- 

ship in the nation's most distin- 
guished honor society. Phi Beta 
Kappa. It is classified as a 
Research-! university by the 
Carnegie Foundation by virtue ot 
the range of its baccalaureate pro- 
grams, the amount of federal sup- 
port received, and the number of 
doctoral degrees awarded each 
year, sharing that honor with the 
top research universities in the 

Fall 2000 Students at a Glance: 

University Highlights 

Total enrollment: 
Graduate Students: 



Students of color: 


States represented: 

(plus Giuvn, Puerto Rico 

and the Virgin Islands) 
Countries represented: 












The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore as a 
faculty-owned College of Medi- 
cine. The medical school was con- 
sidered one of the top schools in 
the country, attracting notable pro- 
fessors and lecturers from through- 
out the world. In its beginning, 
tuition cost $140, grades were sent 
home weekly to parents, and stu- 
dents could obtain room and 
board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing 
institution was renamed the 

In fiscal year 2(11 111. sponsored icscaivli and outre.ich awards to 
the Universitv of Maryland totaled more than $2S4 million. 

The universirv' collaborates with more than 280 businesses 
through its Maryland Industrial Partnerships piugrani.The 
universitNs incubator has spawned 2<l new Lomp.iiiics; three 
have been recognized as among the fastest growing iii the 

Rankings continue to reflect Maryland's rising reputation. 
In the latest U.S. News & World Report look at undergradu- 
ate schools, the Smith School of Business and Clark School 
of Engineering were among the top 25, and the university 
was selected among the top 25 public universities. Graduate 
programs m education and engineering were top 25 pro- 
grams, .md the Smith School had its management and 
inforination systems program ranked m the top 10. Further, 
the Smith School was rated No. 2 m the world by the 
l-)nathi,il I'liih'.^ (or its information technology program. 
iiA/in;,);;i)i 's "Best Colleges for Asian Americans" ranked the 
university 10th in the nation. 

Maryland was among 27 doctoral granting institutions to 
be honored by the Quality Education for Minorities Net- 
work. The honor is based on the number ot university doc- 
toral degrees awarded to people of color in the fields ot 
mathematics, the physical sciences and engineering. 

The uni\ersit^ was cited as ah "exemplary program" by Tlie 
Teinplrioii ( iiiidc: (,'()//ix'r> //m/ i:n,vin,ii;e Character Develop- 
ment, a guidebook for students, parents and educators. 

Umversin' activities like athletic cxcnts and Commence- 
ment ceremonies will be held in the planned C'omcast 
Center arena, beginning in the 2l "12-2003 school year. 
Comcast Corp. made a $20 million naming rights gitt that 
enables the state and universin,' to proceed with construc- 
tion. It is the largest single donation ever to the flagship 



University of Maryland. Despite 
the name, the university was not 
considered a state institution as it 
was still owned and operated by 
faculty. Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental 
school in the world, became a part 
of the university in 1840, awarding 
the first Doctor of Dental Surgery 
P.D.S.) degree in 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agri- 
cultural College, which would 
evolve into the University of 
Maryland, College Park, was 
opened under a charter secured by 
a group of Maryland planters in 
1856. In addition to spending one 
hour each day hoeing or plowing 
on the college farm, students took 
a broad range of courses in ancient 
and modern languages, natural sci- 
ences, English and mathematics. 
After a disastrous fire on campus in 
1912, the state acquired the college 
and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature 
combined the College Park insti- 
tution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
The entity eventually grew to 
include campuses in Baltimore 
County, the Eastern Shore and 
University College, a continuing 
education institution. 

The following decades saw the 
increasing growth of student pop- 
ulation, excellence in programs 
and curricula, and the burgeoning 
of the University of Maryland, 
College Park, into a nationally rec- 
ognized research institution. 

July 1 , 1 988, marked the dawn 
of a new era in higher education 
m the state of Maryland, as the five 
components of the university were 
merged with six other state uni- 
versities and colleges to form the 
University of Maryland System, 
and College Park secured its flag- 
ship status with a mandate to 
become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 

The Alumni Association 

With alumni clubs fi-om Miami to 
Taipei, Taiwan, the Maryland 
Alumni Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the 
university and its graduates. Mem- 
ber events such as pre-game par- 

ties, bull roasts, picnics, golf 
tournaments, dinner cruises and 
subscriptions to College Park maga- 
zine and the biannual Maryland 
Alumni supplement help keep 
alumni connected to the university 
and to each other. All graduating 
seniors and successfiil master's and 

Ph.D. candidates receive a one- 
year free membership in the 
Maryland Alumni Association. 

The Alumni 

The University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Hall of Fame 
recognizes graduates of the univer- 
sity who go on to distinguished 
careers in a variety of fields. The 
35 outstanding individuals below 
have brought, and continue to 
bring, great honor to their 
alma mater. 
Carmen Balthrop "7 1 

World-class soprano 
Adisai Bodharamik 70 Ph.D. 

Tckcoinniuimdtions trailhla:er 
Waldo Burnside '49 

Rclait kuifi 
Harry Clifton "Curly" Byrd '08 

Leiicndary Vnii'ersity of 

Maryland president 
Robert F. Chandler '34 Ph.D. 

A founding father of the 

Green Revotnlion 
A.James Clark "50 

Construction magnate 

and benefactor 
William P. Cole 10 

U.S. congressman 
Mary Stallings Coleman '35 

First woman chief justice, 

Michigan Supreme Court 
Ruth Davis '52 M.A.. '55 Ph.D. 

Respected scientist 
Leonard Elmore '78 

All-star player and scholar 

Geary Francis "Swede" Eppley 

'20, '26 M.S. 

Administrator, coach and soldier 
Norman "Boomer" Esiason '84 

Football hero 
John Faber '26, '28 M.S., 
'37 Ph.D. 

Legendary coach and 

distinguished professor 
Charles L. Feflferman '66 

\] 'inner of Field's Medal, 

mathemalic's highest honor 
Robert E. FischeU '53 M.S., '96 
Honorary Doctorate 

Medical technology pioneer 
Herbert A. Hauptman '55 Ph.D. 

\obel Laureate in Chemistry 
Harry R. Hughes '49 

Popular Maryland governor 
Jim Henson '60 

Beloved Muppets creator 
Steny H. Hoyer '63 

(_'. S. congressman 
Carlisle H. Humelsine '37 

Preservationist and statesman 
Hugh Newell Jacobsen '51, "93 
Honorary Doctorate 

World renowned architect 
Albin O. Kuhn "38, '39 M.S., 
'48 Ph.D. 

Builder of the Baltimore campuses 
George J. Laurer '5 1 

Inventor of tlie Universal 

Product Code 
Samuel J. LeFrak '40 

bnernationally acclaimed urban 

planning leader 
Kathleen Magee '72 M.A. 

Surse and philanthropist 


Wilbur Monroe (Munro) Leaf 


Creator of "Fcrdi)iaiui llic 

Bull" slory 
Parren J. Mitchell '52 

First African Amcriuiii smdciil, 

U.S. congressman 
Jane Cahill Pfeiffer '54 

First woman to head a major 

netii'ork. named chair of NBC 

m 1 978 
Judith A. Resnik 77 

Astronaiil, died lrai;ically in 

Challeiiiier shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen '61 Ph.D. 

President of Taiwan's 

Tsing-Hua University 
WiUiam Woolford Skinner 1895 

Xationally pronuiieni 

research chemist 
Adele Hagner Stamp '24 MA. 

Maryland's first dean of women 
Reginald Van Trump Truitt ' 1 4 

Naturalist and Chesapeake 

Bay advocate 
Millard E.Tydings '10 

Introduced legislation to create the 

University of Maryland in 1920 
Evelyn Pasteur Valentine '67 
M.S., '86 Ed.D. 

Educator and entrepreneur 

The alumni association inducts 
graduates into the Hall of Fame 
every five years. The association 
wiU induct its third group of 
honorees in 2005. 

Customs of Commencement 

Early commencement ceremonies 
at the University of Maryland 
were marked with great fanfare 
and celebration. The faculty gave 

huge banquets for the graduates 
the night before the event. The 
following morning, crowds gath- 
ered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occa- 
sion, attracting not only friends 
and relatives, but the fashionable 
elite of the day. At the ceremony, 
prayers were recited, speeches were 
made, and honorary degrees were 
awarded to distinguished figures 
from across the country. Finally, as 
the audience cheered and threw 
flowers, the graduates came for- 
ward to collect their Latin- 
niscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the students and faculty in the 
academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars 
since the Middle Ages. The ordi- 
nary dress of the scholar, whether 
student or teacher, was similar to 
that of a cleric. Caps and gowns 
were probably worn to keep stu- 
dents warm in unheated buildings. 
Many medieval scholars were ton- 
sured, like monks, and hoods 
served to cover their shaved heads 
until the skuU cap later took its 

Even after the Civil War, most 
students at American universities 
wore caps and gowns daily while 
in residence. These varied in 
design until they were standardized 
by the American Intercollegiate 
Commission in 1894. At that time 
It was decided that all robes would 
be black. Colors on the trim of 
the gown were also standardized to 
indicate the scholar's academic dis- 

A list of department colors follows: 
Agriculture: Maize 
Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 
Business Administration, 

Conmiercial Science: Drab 
Dentistry: Lilac 
Economics: Copper 
Education: Light Blue 
Engineering: Orange 
Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 
Forestry; Russet 
Home Economics: Maroon 
Journahsm: Crimson 
Law: Purple 
Library Science: Lemon 
Medicine: Green 
Music: Pink 
Nursing: Apricot 
Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 
Pharmacy: Olive 
Philanthropy: Rose 
Philosophy: Dark Blue 
Pubhc Administration, Foreign 

Service: Peacock Blue 
Pubhc Health: Salmon 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 

Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored 
to represent an academic discipline 
or it may be black. Officially, the 
tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. How- 
ever, numerous institutions have 
adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel 
on the right front side at the start 
of the commencement ceremony 
and then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination 
process, student marshals are 
senior leaders who play an impor- 
tant role in the graduation cere- 
mony. Student marshals assist in 
organizing the thousands of grad- 
uates, leading them smoothly 
through the commencement pro- 
cession. They also supply extra 
caps and hoods, and bobby pins to 
keep headwear secure. December 
2000 marshals are hsted on page 68 
of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university tra- 
dition dating back 90 years. The 
first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, 
was given by the Class of 1910 
(although the gate itself was not 
erected until 1941). To commemo- 
rate their time at the University 
of Maryland, the Class of 2000 has 



voted to present the university- 
with a freestanding clock structure, 
which will be placed in front of 
the newly renovated Stamp 
Student Union. 

The purpose of the senior gift 
is twofold. Each year the senior 
class leaves behind a memorable 
legacy for new students and visi- 
tors, and provides the university 
with a gift that enhances the cam- 
pus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: 
the Testudo statue (Class of 1933). 
the hghts around the "M" in the 
traffic circle on Campus Drive 
(Class of 1986), restoration of the 
Chapel chimes and clock face 
(Class of 1992) and the Bronzed 
Seal on North Gate House (Class 
of 1995). 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the suc- 
cessful completion of a course of 
study. There are more than 1,600 
different academic degrees cur- 
rently conferred by colleges and 
universities nationwide. The Uni- 
versity of Maryland offers degrees 
in 102 undergraduate majors, 100 
master's programs, and 70 doctoral 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree con- 
ferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the 
practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type rep- 
resents advanced training for the 

practice ot various professions, 
principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, Doctor of Pharmacy, 
and Doctor of Veterinary Medi- 
cine. These degrees do not involve 
the completion of original 
research by the student. The Uni- 
versity of Maryland, at the profes- 
sional school in Baltimore, 
awarded the first two dental 
degrees ever on March 9, 1841, 
and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The University of Maryland 
conveys the Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine (D.V.M.) to approximately 
90 students each year in a program 
that was instituted in 1980. Gradu- 
ates receive a diploma containing 
the seals of both the University of 
Maryland and its partner institu- 
tion, the Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State University. 

The second type is the research 
doctorate representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study. A dis- 
sertation that usually accompanies 
the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to the body of knowl- 
edge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an 
imphcation of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents advanced 
research in any of the major fields 
of knowledge. It was first awarded 
in the United States in 1861 by 
Yale University. The University of 
Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the 
first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students 
who have successfiilly completed 
work beyond the baccalaureate. 
A thesis and an oral examination 
are usually required. In 1920, the 
University of Maryland awarded its 
first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees 
in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
the completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is 
the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions 
of higher learning. It was first con- 
ferred in America in 1 642 on the 
first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
University of Maryland, College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Sci- 
ence (B.S.) in 1862. 




One of the leading visionaries in the media industry, John S. Hendricks has been 
honored with a Primedme Enuny Award and the Academy of Television Arts 
&• Sciences highest honor, the Governors Award, tor conceiving the TLC (The 
Learning Channel) series, '"Great Books." He was also the first corporate leader to receive the 
National Educadon Association's Friend of Education award for "innovadons in education and 
technology and greatly expanding educational opportunities for America's schoolchildren." 
Founder, chair and CEO of Discovery Communications, Inc., Hendricks incorporated DCI in 
1982 as the first cable network m the United States designed to provide high quality' documen- 
tary programming that enables people to explore their world and satisfy their natural curiosiry. 

Over the last 15 years, Hendricks has been the driving force behind DCl's dramatic growth 
including the expansion of DCI from its core property; the Discovery Channel, to current 
global operations in 150 countries with 180 million total subscribers. Under his leadership, 
DCI's stable of networks now encompasses 14 entertainment brands including TLC, Animal 
Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Kids and a family of digital 
channels. DCI's other properties consist and 165 Discovery Channel retail 
stores. Valued at $12 billion dollars, DCI's global infrastructure spans six continents. 

Never one to thmk small, last year Hendricks formed the Women's United Soccer Associa- 
don (WUSA), designed to be the premier women's soccer league in the world. Play begins 
next April in eight cities across the United States with all 20 members ot the 1999 U.S. 
Women's World Cup champion team participating. 

Hendricks serves on the board of directors for several technology companies, including 
TiVO, Interactive Pictures Corporation (iPIX) and Excalibur Technologies. Most recently, he 
was appointed vice chair of the Washington-Baltimore 2012 Coalidon, formed to make the 
case for hosting the Olympic Games in the region. 

Hendricks holds a B.A. in history (iiuii;ihj aim laudc, 1973) and an honorary doctorate (1991) 
trom the University of Alabama, HuntsviUe. 

foliti S. Hendricks 



Hciitlicy C. 

When Heather C. King addresses her peers on December 21, she will have 
reached a goal that began well before her graduation from high school at 
age 16. "I began saving for college when I was 13 years old," she says. The 
eldest of five children, she is the first in her tamily to earn a college degree. After a year at 
Prince George "s Community College, King entered the Universit\- ot Maryland as a College 
Park Scholar and an Honors student. 

Despite an active life on and off campus. King achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point average, 
earning academic honors every semester. Typically matter-of-fact, she attributes her academic 
success to her English language and literature major. "I found those writing and thinking skills 
useful in everv class," she says. Those who work with her tell a fiiUer stor\'. 

"She is a remarkably talented and versatile person, one of the three brightest young scholars 
I have encountered." says Karen L. Nelson, associate director of the Center for Renaissance & 
Baroque Studies. "And her work ethic is extraordinary." In addition to her job at the center as 
program coordinator and webmaster. King tutors high school students, teaches Sunday School 
and volunteers in a pregnancy crisis intervention center. Says Nelson, "Her intellectual curios- 
irs' seemingly knows no bounds, and yet she remains focused upon what is required." 

For King graduation isn't simply a capstone to an illustrious undergraduate career. After a 
well-deserved year off, she plans to attend graduate school in chnical counseling. "I believe that 
every stage of Hfe is a stepping-stone to something new. We are all works in progress." 



Doctor of Philosophy 

Marga Alisjahbana • Electrical Engineering 

I'rocess Monitoring: Predicting Shifts in Circuit Perjormaiici^Bascd on the 
lariabiUty ofMosfet I(V) Curves 

Barbara J. Bass • Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

,-1 Mind Like Compost — Rci'isioning the Student Writer: A Plienomenological 
Study of the Process of Revision 

Susan B. Battistoni • Human Development 

Tiic Factor Structure of the Attitude loward Menopause Sdile 

Brian L. Bell • Mechanical Engineering 

Computation of Vapor Flow in a Horizontal Tube Absorber Bundle 

Jeffrey A. Bouffard • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

'Ilie Effect of Emotional Salience on "Rational" Decision Making in 
Sexual Aggression 

Shannon Bowen • Communication 

A Tlieory of Ethical Issues Management: Contributions ql Deontology to Public 
Relations' Ethics and Decision Making 

Paul M. Branoff • Physics 

Instantons for Black Hole Pair Creation in a Cosmological Spiicetime 

Rebecca M. Buchanan • Psychology 

['he Acculturation Gap Hypothesis: Implications for the Family Adjuslment oj 
Russian Jewish Refugees 

Shu-Hua Chan • Chemical Engineering 

Tlie Metabolic Engineerutg of Alcaligenes Xylosoxydans Ssp. Xylosoxydans (Sh91) 

Hsiao- Yung Chang • Chemical Engineering 

Modeling and Simulation of a Tungsten Chemical ]dpor Deposition Reactor 

Frank R. Chavez • Aerospace Engineering 

Characterizing Model lariatioti for Robust Control of Flexible Atmospheric 
Flight I'ehicks 

Richard C. Chen • Electrical Engineering 

Dynamic Programming Equations for Constrained Stochastic Control 

Farideh Chitsaz • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Rings a Bromodoniain Protein. Modifies by Sumo and Localizes to 
Chromosomes During Mitosis 

Sapna B. Chopra • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Sex Acculturation and Attitudes Toward Career and Family Among Asian 
American College Students 

Michael L. Cohen • Philosophy 

Testing Scientific Theories Through I iilidating Computer Alodels 

Gabriel Cornilescu • Chemical Physics 

Relationships Between NMR Parameters and Protein Structure 

Adenike M. Davidson • English Language and Literature 

"Sweet Land of Liberty ":Tlie Black Nation Sovel in Early African 
American Literature 

Roberto De Leo • Mathematics 

Topological Aspiects of Planar Sections of Periodic Surfaces 

Guy E. De Weever • Government and Politics 

Making a Difference: Tlie Influence of Black State Legislators on Policy Making 

Alex J. Decaria • Meteorology 

Effects of Conivction and Lightning on Troposheric Chemistry Studied with 
Cloud, Transport and Chemistry Models 

Stephen G. Deets • Government and Politics 

Interest Group Xationahzation 

Alexander M. Dekhtyar • Computer Science 

Reasoning iritli Probabilities and Time 

Dwight Dickinson • Psychology 

Exploring WAIS-III Variables and Everyday Functioning Among Individuals 
with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders 

Junhua Ding • Chemical Engineering 

Signal Processing and Dynamic Modeling of Microholplate Gas Sensors 

Jeanne A. Dussault • Curriculum and Instruction 

Effectiveness of Staff Development in Nonroutine Problem Solving 

Rupa Dutta-Gupta • Economics 

Intermediate Inputs and Rules of Origin — Iniplicatioiis for Wctfare and 
ViabiUty of Free Trade Agreements 

Mitrajit Dutta • Physics 

Chaotic Systems: Predictable Unpredictabilities and Synchronization 

Tania M. DuBeau • Human Development 

Coming Out Resilient: A Quantitative Study of Gay Higli School Students 



Tomas Dvorak • Economics 

Gross Inlcrihilioitcil CnpiUil Fkni's 

Kevin L. Ensor • Human Development 

Analysis of an Altenmtirc Educaiioii Proi<mm: Adapting Scliool Classroom and 
Organizational Proccdnrcs to Educate At-Risk Secondary Students 

Holly D. Erwin • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Temperament Dimensions of Activity, Allenlton and Distractihility 

John A. Figura • Economics 

Tlie Cyclical Behavior of Short-term and Long-term Job Flows 

Jason E. Floyd • Nuclear Engineering 

Evaluation of the Predictive Capabilities of Current Computational Methods 
for Fire Simulation Using the HDR T51 &T52 Tests tinth a Focus on 
Performance- Based Fire Codes 

Billie J. FoUensbee • Art History 

Sf.v and Gender in Obncc Art and Archaeology 

Rhonda P. Ford • Psychology 

Racial Sociahzation and Identity: hnplicatiotis for the Mental Health of 
African American College Students 

Zhiw^ei Fu • Business and Management 

Using Genetic Algorithms to Develop Intelligent Decision Trees 

Martin O. Furr • Animal Sciences 

Neuroinnnnniology oj the Horse 

Jun Gao • Mechanical Engineering 

Control of Polymer Extruders 

Ricardo Gomez • Mathematics 

Finitary Isomorphism of Markov Chains via Positive K-Thcory with 
Formal Power Series 

Angela R. Gover • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

TIte Influence of Exposure to Family I 'iolence en Juveniles' Psychological 
Adjustment Within the Correctional Institutions 

Kenneth K. Gustafsson • Physics 

Measurmeni of Electron Dcuteron Tensor Polaritation in Elastic Scattering 

Kristen A. Hallock- Waters • Chemistry 

Tropospheric Trace Gas Obsen'ations in Rural I 'irginia Photochemistry and Transport 

Zhiyi Han • Electrical Engineering 

Electron Transport and Quantum Effects in Semiconductor Devices 

Norman P. Hart • Theatre 

Life I Jpon the IVicked Stage 

Philippe H. Heiche • Economics 

Essays on Balance of Payments Flow Models of Exchange Rate Determination 

Matthew R. Hendrey • Physics 

Effects of Inhomogeiuity on the Complex Ginzburg-Liindau_Equation 

Richard R. Hoffman III • Psychology 

The Relation of Optiimsm and Self-Mastery to Responses to Unfavorable 
Contingency Changes 

Mingwei Huang • Electrical Engineering 

SiC Device Modeling: Temperature Dependent DC. Small- Signal AC and 
Noise Simulation 

Tasha R. Inniss • Applied Mathematics 

Stochastic Models for Prediction of Airport Arrival Capacity 

Karla A. Irgens • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Assessment of Emotional Disturbance 

Jonathan T. Isham • Economics 

TIte Effect of Social Capital on Technology Adoption : Evidence from RuralTmzania 

Stacey L.Jackson • Psychology 

Lhuler Hliich Conditions of Race and Culture Do African American Students 
Peiform Best on Cognitive Abihty Tests? 

Shalini Jayasundera • Civil Engineering 

Mechanistic Interpretation of the Interactions of Organic Pollutants: 
Application of NMR Spectroscopy 

Ingrid G.Jenkins • Engineering Materials 

Switching Dynamics m Lead-based Thin Film Fcrroclectrics 

Yimin Jiang • Electrical Engineering 

Synchronization and Channel Parameter Estimation in Wireless Communications 

Tallese D.Johnson • Sociology 

An Analysis of Job Quality and Welfare Recidivism 

Avis A. Jones-DeWeever • Government and Politics 

Sentiment and Consequence :Tlie Portents of the Battle Against Affirmative 
Action in Higher Education 




Se-Jong Ju • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Development and Application of Biochemical Approaches for Vuderstandinif Agim^ 
and Growth in Crustaceans 

Kirill M. Katsov • Chemical Physics 

hrom L'nitorni to Sontiniform Litjuids:A Jonrney with Density FhiclnationTlieory 

Sang-Ha Kim • Music 

Two Performances and a Stylistic Study of the Five Complete I 'iolin Concetti by 
W.A. Mozart with Cadenzas as Composed by Five Celebrated Violinists 

Adrian J. Kinnane • History 

Savmg Moral Ideals in American Life, IS90-1916 

Kunal Kishore • Physics 

Son-lwcar Optical EJfeas in Fiber and I 'CSELS 

Thomas G. Kocot • Psychology 

Domestic Violence Psychological Outcomes and Coping in Battered Women: 
The Role of Social Support 

loannis Kotidis • Computer Science 

A Framework for Management and Efficient Maintenance of Materialized Data 
Mazehoiise Aggregates 

Sateesh Krishnamurthy • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Hererse Genetics of Xewcastte Disease I 'inis 

Sandra J. Landbeck • Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

.4// Exploratory Study of the Impact of Continuous Quality Improvement on 
Elementary Teacher Efficacy 

Eric S. Leifer • Mathematical Statistics 

Two-stage Optimal Designs 

Baoxin Li • Electrical Engineering 

Human and Object Tracking and I erifualton in 1 'ideo 

YanQiao Li • Comparative Literature 

Beyond the Gap and Translating Nature hiiage in Classical Chinese Poetry 

Mingyan Liu • Electrical Engineering 

Network Performance Modeling, Design and Dimensioning Methodologies 

Polina B. Maciejczyk • Chemistry 

Atmospheric Fate and Dry Deposition Fluxes of Particles Bearing Trace 
Elements and Soot in Baltimore Area 

Edwina A. Maksym • English Language and Literature 

Generic Change in English Comedy 1773-1779 

Nikhil Mallampalli • Entomology 

Impact of Alternate Prey on Predation of Colorado Potato Beetle Eggs: 
Implications for Resistance Managemeiil 

Nancy L. Massotto • Government and Politics 

Borderlines :Tlie Gendering of American Citizenship 

Juan C. Mata-Sandoval • Civil Engineering 

The Influence of Rhamnolpids on the Bioavailability of Pesticides in 
Contaminated Soils 

Keely E. McCarthy • English Language and Literature 

Reducing Tliem to Civilitic: Religious Conversion and Cultural Transformations 
In Protestant Missionary Narratives, 1690-1790 

Lois R. McDonald • Health Education 

llie Relationship of Gender Differences in Coping Resources to Symptoms of Stress 

Maureen L. McDonough • Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

A Case Study of llu Transfer I'rocess of a Selected Group of Students from a 
Community College to a Four-Year Education Program 

Scot W. McNary • Psychology 

Behavioral Generalization of Social Skills Training and Cognition in Persons 
with Schizophrenia 

Jean C. Miller • Communication 

The Melting Pot Metaphor: Immigration and Identity in Early 20tli Century 
American Discourse 

Lyubov G. Mincheva • Government and Politics 

Balkanization: Ellinotcrritorial Separatist Movements and Spillover Crises 

Siddhartha Mitra • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Tliree Essays in Urban Economics 

Neil M. Nagar • Astronomy 

Central Engines in Low- Luminosity AGNs 

Larry J. Nelson • Human Development 

Social Behaviors Nonsocial Behaviors and Peer Acceptance: A Model of the 
Development of Self Perceptions in Children Ages 4 to 7 

Susan K. Neurath • Civil Engineering 

Modeling the Processes Tliat Influence the Fate and Transport of Atrazinc in the 
Active- Surface Soil Horizon 

Cynthia J. Nickerson • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Cfiaracterizing Participation in Farmland Preservation Programs 



AUGUST 2000 

Priya S. Niranjan • Chemistry 

Snidy of the Tln-mwdyiuvmc Parainctcn of the Polymerization oj Aclin 

Gregory G. Ogle • Kinesiology 

Tlie Impact ofTliree Independent Tennis Programs on Self-concept, Locus of 
Control, Perceived Competence and Tennis Performance of Junior Tennis Players 

Juscelino H. Okura • Mechanical Engineering 

Effects ofTemperatme and Moisture on Durability of Low Cost Flip Chip 
On Board (FCOB) Assemblies 

Christopher A. Olsen • Theatre 

Tlic Arts Lab Phenomenon 

Jonathan A. Osborne • Physics 

A Study of Xucleon Structure in Quantum Chromodynamics 

Debabrata Panja • Physics 

Studies on the Chaotic Properties of Driven Lorentz Gases and Hard-Sphere 
Sphere Systems 

Elias Papatryphon • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Tlic L'sc of Phytasc and Palatability Enhancers to Increase the Vtihzation of 
Plant Fcedstuffs for Striped Bass, Morone Saxaliris 

Crystal A. Parikh • English Language and Literature 

Betraying Identity: Emergent Articulations in U.S. Ethnic Literatures 

Krishna S. Pendyala • Chemical Engineering 

Measurement of Tlierniodynamic and Transport Properties of Poly 
(a-methylslyrcue) Solutions 

Vasanth Philomin • Computer Science 

Real-time Generic Object Detection ami Traveling for "Smart" Vehicles 

Eduardo Ponton • Physics 

Extra Dimensions and Supersynimetry Breaking 

Catalin T. Popescu • Computer Science 

Fast Evahiation of Integrated Services TCP/IP Setivorks 

Michelle Previte • Mathematics 

Tlie Topology of Fonr-Dimcnsional Real Algebraic Sets 

Nelson D. Pyuzza • Meteorology 

Infli4ence of Land Surface Processes on the Tropical African Weather and 
Atmospheric Conditions 

Lixun Qi • Mechanical Engineering 

Machining of Dental Ceramics with Applications on CAD /CAM 
Dental Restorations 

Manjit Ray • Computer Science 

Object Recognition Using Multi-Dimensional Ini'ariants 

Miachel Rexrode • Marine, Estuarine and Envirorunental Sciences 

Development of an In I'ilro Stress Protein Reporter Gene System for Evaluating 
Sublethal Toxicity 

Thomas J. Roberson • Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Tlie Academic Achievement of Inner City African Americans: Perceptions of 
Washington, D. C. , Inner City High School Students 

Paulette J. Robinson • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Within the Matrix: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Investigation of Student 
Experiences in Web- Based Computer Conferencing 

Maria E Saavedra • Biology 

Potential Impact of Climate Change on the Phenology and Reproduction of 
Delphinium nuttallianum (Ranunculaceae) 

Jaruwan Sangtong • Curriculum and Instruction 

Critical Factors in Mathematics Achievement of Grade 8 Students: 
Insight from TI.MSS in Tliailand 

Camilo Sarmiento • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

An Alternative Approach to Demand Analysis Essays on the Relationship of 
Aggregation, Functional Form and Dynamics 

Sherry E. Scott • Mathematics 

Spectral Analysis of Fractal Noises in Terms cf Wieners' Generalized Harmonic 
Analysis and Wavelet Tlieory 

Charles S. Sealing • Mechanical Engineering 

A Highly Efficient, Electro-Mechanical, Diycr-Wise Plate Tlieory For Electronic 
Circuit Card Assemblies with Attached Piezoelectric Devices 

Marcia A. Shofher • Biology 

Predation, Patch Type and Prey Dispersal: Interactions Between Meiofauna and 
Juvenile Fish in a Sandy Stream 

Adam S. Sikora • Mathematics 

A Combinatorial Description of Character Rarities 

Robert A. Skipper, Jr. • Philosophy 

TIte R.A. Fisher- Sewall Wright Controversy in Philosophical Focus: 
Tlieory of Evolution in Population Genetics 

Joanne G. Smale • Biology 

Accumulation of Repetitive DNA in Unisexual Poeciliopsis 



Erik M. Smith • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Factors ReguUnmg Respiralioii jud Its Coiipliin; to Pnniitry Production in 
Coastal Plaiiktonic Communities 

David E. Steinhauer • Physics 

Qiiaiitilit'c /mdijoii; oj Sheet Resistance, Pernnltnnty ami Fervoelcclric Critical 
Phenonieiioi} with a Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscope 

Gaylene J. Styve • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Quality of Conditions of ConftnementiThc Effect of Prii'ati:ation on juvoiile 
Correctional Institutions 

K. Subramani • Computer Science 

Duality in the Parametric Polytope and its Applications to a Scheduling Problem 

Jin K. Suh • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Agricultural Development and Its Transforntaiion in the Context oJ General 
Economic Growth 

Craig A. Swanson • History 

American Images otWle.xican Alta California 

David L. Sweet • Physics 

Higher-Dimensional Chaotic Scattering and a Blowout Bifircation in the 
Magnetohydrodynamic Dynamo 

Cheng-Feng Sze • Electrical Engineering 

Rcconstmcting 3-D Tottgue Motion from 2-D Ultrasound Images and Speech Sigtials 

Dexter M. Taylor • Psychology 

Tlic Maintenance and Change cf Stereotypes Following Memory-Based and 
On-line Processing 

Colin R. Theodore • Aerospace Engineering 

Helicopter Flight Dynamics Sitnulation with Refined Aerodynamic Modeling 

Kritchalach Thitikamol • Computer Science 

Dynamic Software DSM Systems 

Matthew O. Thomas • Government and Politics 

Institutionali:ing Rejorm.Tlie Policy of Connnunity Policing 

Merideth J. Tomlinson • Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Application of Chickering's Tlieory of Psychosocial Development to 
Lesbian College Students: An Exploration of Sexual Identity Deivlopment 
and Campus Climate 

Lee A. Vedder • Art History 

Contemporary History in the "Grand Style": Benjamin \\'est,fohn Singleton 
Copley, C:hangiitg Aesthetic of Dite ISlh (A'ntury History Painting 

Jingdi Wang • Molecular and Cell Biology 

A Mutagenesis Study of the Nuclease Activity of the Escherichia Coli 
RecBCD En:yme 

Qing Wang • Economics 

Trade Protection and Trade Flows 

Kimberly S. Weems • Applied Mathematics 

On Robustness Agauist Misspecificd Mixing Distribution in Generalized Linear 
Mixed Models 

Heather R. Wilkins • Biology 

Cell Death and Division in the Bird Inner Ear 

Kenneth R. Wilund • Kinesiology 

The Effect of Endurance Exercise Training on Plasma LpAI and LpALAIl 
Concentrations in Sedentary Adults 

Jingsong Xie • Mechanical Engineering 

Shielding Degradation of Zinc- Coated Steel Enclosures with Beryllium-Copper 
Gasket Joints 

Shiqing Xie • Government and Politics 

The East Asian Financial Crisis: Four Models Lead to Crisis 

Byoung-KeeYi • Computer Science 

Similarity Search and Data Mining in Time Scijuence Databases 

Jason S. Zack • Psychology 

Development of Client In Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 

Jingjun Zhao • Electrical Engineering 

A Tliree-Stage, Megawatt Level, Phase-Coherent Harmonic-Multiplying Inverted 
Gyro- Twystron (Phigtron) 

Mingxin Zhao • Mechanical Engineering 

Dynamics and Stability oJ Milling Processes 

Yun Zou • Electrical Engineering 

Experimental Studies on Resistivc-]Vall Instability and Development of Beam 
Diagnostics for the University of Maryland Electron Ring Facility 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Scott M. Martin • Music 

daCamera One 



Master of Architecture 

Jeremy Alain Arnold 
Shi Chong Chang 
Wendy Yvonne Hanes 
Garner C. Oh 
Evan Laurence Rosner 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Margaret M.G. Enloe 
Marybeth Geralyn Kavanagh 
Courtney Pitts 

Art History 

Kimberlee Staking 
Dorit Yaron 


Ann Katherine Renzy 


Te-Chih Chiu 

Leah Michelle Simone 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Taniiko Lea Hitch 
Lacretia Elaine Johnson 
Christopher Liang 
Jean Marie McLaughlin 
Beth Cheryl Proctor 
Rene Theresa Thomas 
Ina Thompson 
David John Wachter 
Paul Stanford Wilson 

Criminal Justice 
and Criminology 

Elaine Price Egglestori 
Erika Marie Osdie 
Heidi Rebecca Sumner 


Liji Mariani Jacob 
Varsha Venkatesh 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Matthew Joseph Kita 
Rosario Villanue\'a Popovici 

English Language 
and Literature 

Angela Louise Delacenserie 
Terri Ganell Narrell 
Esther Simpson 
Robin Virginia Smiles 
Jason Christopher Weakley 

French Language 
and Literature 

Lisajeannine Hale Decrozant 
Maha Saleh El Nasser 


Sesalea Orpleen Fuller 

Government and Politics 

Michelle Angelene Benjamin 
Lourdes Giselle Prado 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Brian Anthony Boscolo 


Philip Matthew Bagley 
Jyoti Mohan 

Stephanie Natalya Muravchik 
Anna Kathryn ShoUenberger 

Hutnan Development 

Claudia Michelle Joe 
Lisa Beth Solomon 
Micah Robert Stretch 


Jaeho Cho 
John Walter Croft 
Kent Steven German 
Debra L. HofEnan 
Rachel DiLaura Mansour 
Kathryn Sarah Quigley 


Laura Azzarito 
Linda A. Keeler 
Jaime Addis Wright 


Jeffi-ey Paul Lilly 

Tuomo Matti Sakari Neuvonen 


Michael A. Feiertag 
Yuki Yayama 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Karen Mallory Douglas 


Margret Ellen Bell 
Daniela Phillips Ligiero 


Apariia Sundaram 

Master of Business 

Brent Frederick Adler 
Michael Patrick Allen 
Craig Evan Armstrong 
Kevin J. Binger 
AUson Reich Bodor 
Mark D. Brockway 
AJfian Budihardjo 
Thomas A. Carlson, Jr. 
Andrew Thomas CoUier 

Lisa Joanne Creason 

John Edward DeVoe 

Lisa Antoinette Edwards 

Todd H. Eichberg 

David Jay Gooznian 

Michael Bruce Gordon 

Korri Rene Jackson 

Hans Kapur 

Donald Avery Kniffen.Jr. 

Fred S. Lau 

Howard MarkweU 

AngeUka Pfister Maske 

Christopher William Mayer 

Kjisti Miller 

Christopher Cushme Newman 

David Hong Ni 

Ying Ren 

Kevin Hamilton Ross 

Thomas E. Scott, Jr. 

Stephanie Horner Seiberg 

Santosh K. Sharma 

Naorm Fay Siu 

Scott Aaron Stoogenke 

Carrie Ann Tutde 

Donald Ray Vail, Jr. 

Subramanyam Venkata Vedula 

Harpreet S.Wadhawan 

Kathryn WiLhams 

Christopher Joseph Wisniewski 

Elizabeth Beehler Woodward 

Sean Lael Yarborough 

Master of Business 
Administration, Master 
of Science Combined 

Aniit Chandok 
Marisa Chinsupakul 
Christopher Michael Corrigan 
Emin Bulent Ikiisik 
Salah-Eddine Kandri 



Marybeth Krurnm 
Sirawit Pancangveat 
Suriniet Phothongsunan 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Leslie Mane Anderson 

Julie Elizabeth Herlands 

Fang-Yu Huang 

Shatori Nicole Mann 

Steve McKindley-Ward 

Douglas Lyman McWillianis 

Ramakrishnan Parameswaran 

Devon Paige Rager 

Jennifer Lynn Willnian 

Kevin Bruce Worthington White 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Dan Shahani 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Debbie Denise Carter 
Claudine Marie Costich 
Anne Stewart Doane 
Michelle Lynn Goldstein 
Eunah Kim 
Samuel Pearce Pelham 
Julie Phillips-Nielsen 
Andrea Joan Salve 
Nicholas Browning Smiley 
Eileen Welsh Tosi 

Special Education 

Jennifer Ann Baldwin 
Anne Lenore Barsky 
Ilysha M. Brown 
Marie Ellen Considine 
Jennifer Louise Crownover 

Kyrie Elizabeth Dragoo 

Teresa Michelle Hall 

MeezanYasmin Hassan 

Abigail Susannah Hoftrnan 

Eunae Ko 

Jennifer Lee Maarec 

Debra D. Nagan 

Michelle Lee Price 

Chitra Ramachandran 

Joan Marie LeCompte Robertson 

Master of Engineering 

Aivaro C. Bautista 
Melody Malissa Burch 
Sergei Chernikov 
Joseph Patrick Godin 
Hernando Alberto Gomez 

De La Vega 
Vijay Kumar Gupta 
Jason Paul Huczek 
Jose Luis Hurtado 
Ruwan H.Jayaweera 
Meily Lin 

Armand Tarriton Quattlebaum 
Richard Powell Rhoads 
Brian Tarantino 
Williain Russell Vogtman III 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Joel S. Ballantyne 
Tanya Tamara Shirley 

Master of 
Library Science 

Information Studies 

Russell T. Ball 
Marci Lavine Bloch 
KeUy R Clark 
Mary Sheridan Czlonka 
Lloyd Kenneth Grabill III 
Marlee Grantham 
Tammy Hayes-Hartman 
Brooke Shannon Hinrichs 
Robin Hill Mathews 
Laurel Anna Mclnryre 
Akemi Noda 
Janie Carver O'Neal 
Kathleen EUen Pitta 
Loren Jo Scherbak 
Shannon Kathleen Sheehan 
Stephen H. Spohn,Jr. 
Laura Suzanne Tomb 
Katharine C.Wagner 

Master of Music 

Sarah Dewall 
Gretchen Mane McNeil 
Robert Lee Thorp 
Melissa Anne LJnkel 
Paola P Urbma 
Liza Frances Vick 
Robert R. Zuber 

Master of 
Public Health 

Health Education 

Tanya Ann Santelli 

Master of 

Public Management 

Laura Kimberley Hatfield 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Garland Lee Dixon, Jr. 
Ashish Sudhakar Purekar 
Donald Anthony Richards 
Steven Robert Weisman 


Annette Helene Para 
Melissa Anne Stme 
Kerrianne Larae Zdinial 

Animal Sciences 

Tera Lynne Auchtung 
TeriLynn Cornetto 
Lisa Ann Dickey 


Marianne Janik 
Deepak Malhotra 

Business and Management 

Sara Ehzabeth Brooks 
Dingmin Chang 
MehndaJean Genua 
Bhanu Jaluria 
Zeynep Kantur 
Xiaowei Li 
Lin Lin 

Siddharth Indravadan Shah 
Dawn M.Van Berkel 



Chemical Engineering 

Triana Nichelle Jones 
Li- Yuan Kuan 
Leonard Franklin Schugani 
Ramaswamy Sreenivasan 
Miguel Angel Valle 


Matthew E.Thompson 

Civil Engineering 

Abdourahamane Barry 
Harsha Challa 
Chun-Ming Chang 
Jeong-Hyub Ha 
Lisa Deidamia Lugo 
Julien Vernon Martin 
Somnuk Ngamchai 
Mika Kathleen Robertson 
William Lucas Robertson 

Computer Science 

MotiUl Agrawal 
Baris Aydinlioglu 
NizarYahya Habash 
Tamer M. Nadeem 

Electrical Engineering 

Zhaohui Chen 

Christopher Michael Collins 

Vinodh R. Cuppu 

Mete Erturk 

Aravind Inumpudi 

Songrith Kittiperachol 

Nicholas John Kohout 

Aravind Vidhyasagar Lappasi 

Changping Li 

Yuan Qi 

Shantanu Sandip Ray 

James Bertram Roberts, Jr. 

Serdar Sahin 

Abdel Salam Muhammad Sayyad 

James Sheu 

Chandrasekhar T. Sundarraman 
Bo Tang 
Rohit Tripathi 
Chao Wang 

Family Studies 

Claire Edith Collins 
Laura Ruth Hoard 
Crystal Michelle Tyler 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Phillip Aaron Friday 

Food Science 

Sathyanarayanan B. Kalambur 


Jmmei Tian 


Nancy Lee Adamson 
Samantha Dawn Heburn 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Carina Lynn Chiscano 
Amanda Bond Hannaford 
Christopher James Heyer 
Sarah Jane Hypio 
Alycia Anne Kluenenberg 
Joshua Peter Schmitz 
Heather M. Stapleton 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Prashanth P. Acharya 
Shapna Sultana Pal 
WiUiam Joseph Wizeman 

Mechanical Engineering 

Ujval Alva 
Ramaknshna Arni 
Savmder Dip Singh Dhaliwal 
Kari Kristine Harper 
Venkatesan Krishnamoorthy 

Ramkumar Krishnan 
Xinan Liu, Sr. 
Bharatwaj Ramakrishnan 
Parthasarthy Srinivasan 
Rajiv Subrahmanyam 
Gowrishankar Subramanian 
David Charles Tomayko 
Thiagarajan K.Trichy 
Srinivasan Varadharajan 
Ravikiran Vishnuvajhala 


Degui Cao 

Mikhail I. Gamazaychikov 

Nuclear Engineering 

Mark Christopher Parrella 


Hongjie Bai 
Shauna Marie DufF 
Shilpa Padmanabhan 


Adrienne Jacqueline Anderson 

Evelyn Joan Boettcher 

Seok-Hwan Chung 

Bryan N. Dorland 

Deepak Goel 

Maura Williams Roberts 

Dusan Turcan 


Ilya V. Malinov 

Reliability Engineering 

Jorge Acosta 
Animesh Anant 
Balbir Singh Grewal 
Ming Li 

Chandru Mirchandam 
Hong Ye 

Sustainable Development 
and Conservation Biology 

Xu Duan 

Mary Claudia Jones 
Elizabeth Anne O'Neill 

Systems Engineering 

Praveen V. MelLicheruvu 
Jagdeep G. Rao 


Natha S. Chantra 
Chih-Yuan Hsieh 
Cheng-Chung Yang 

Master of 

Software Engineering 

Joint Program with 
University College 

Sze Yuen Wong 



A.James Clark 
School of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Michelle Suzanne Kurtz 
*Jonathan David Quigg 
Jonathan Charles Witkin 

Chemical Engineering 

Daniel Francis Roddy 
2itd Di\^ref: 
Electrical Eiij^weerin^ 

Civil Engineering 

Cornelius Brown 111 
Travis Courtright Howard 
Thuaii Tu Luu 
Ryan Christopher Spalding 

Electrical Engineering 

Shachaf Aniir 

Yassir Bouidiriss 

Alvaro Marcelo Cardenas 

Jeremy Michael Eckman 

Dawnielle Farrar 

Mehul Anilkumar Gandhi 

Noosha Ebadollahzadeh Haghani 

Dumindu Priyankara Herath 

Michael Orlando Ingram 

Ali Kantar 

Mosheh Tzvi Moskowitz 

Daniel Francis Roddy 

2nd Degree: 

Chemical Engineering 
Chirag Jyotindra Shah 
Jeanne Sun 
Ming-Hao Sun 
Oz Shay Urieli 
Mo Cun Wu 


Michelle Arlene Lewis 

Engineering — Nuclear 

Stephanie Jean Herlth 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Frederick Paul Hunsicker III 

Mechanical Engineering 

Patrick Chien Chen 

David Lee Herman 

Mauricio Justiniano 

Michael Eugene Keller 

Ali Motamedamin 

Olubankole Olumuyiwa Osimokun 

JefT Spencer Pulskamp 

Robert Tamale Ssali 

Surumi Josianne Thorpe 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Charles Adam Cramer 
Jeffrey Michael Greene 
Rahul Vinayak Pawar 

Animal Sciences 

*Paula Michelle Armstrong 
Kathleen Bridget Carmody 
Shin-Ye Sandy Chang 
Caroline Jane Massey 


Gretchen Lyn Larson 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Soil, Water 
and Land Resources 

*Kristin L. Marburg 

Environmental Science 
and Policy— WildUfe 
Resources and Conservation 

Genevieve Christine 
Bandong Wakefield 

Environmental and 
Park Management 

James Jenkins Mararac 

Landscape Architecture 

Julie R. Soss 

Plant and WildUfe 
Resource Management 

Maria Beth Rosenthal 

School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 


f Wendy Lynne Bratzel 
Greyson Huie Goon 
Erasmus Okechukwu Ikpemgbe 
Miko Yvette Tillman Masterson 
Evan Andrew Roth 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Peter James Allen 

Carrie Ehzabeth Burkhouse 

2nd Major: Art History 
LaShaun Renee Franklin 
Jason Johnston-Mason 
Kris Woo Lee 
Linda Joy Rivera 
Heath Samuel Shapiro 

Art History 

Maya Gudi 
Samira Hamidi 
Jessica Lynn Leshnoff 
Anne Purcell Zemarel 

Art Studio 

Lyndsy Alicia Bennett 
Caryn Bonita Calhoun 
Gina Teresa Chersevani 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Heather Elizabeth Dalton 
Kenneth P. Grubby 
Matthew Ray Gump 
Scott J. Hochstadt 
Renee Dianne Holtz 
Erinn B. Kravitz 
Parichad Kwunyeun 
Sherod Latitus Mangum 
Albert Oh 
James M. Quindlen 
Melody Shabtaie 
Elana Beth Shapiro 

2nd Major: Comnninicalion 
Stephen Joseph Thomas Sillers 
Pimtai Suwannasuk 
Marc Andreas Thorpe 
Mark Ticich 
Eric James Tisony 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Nicholas Andrew Wass 
Lamont E. Williams 
Randy LoraineYowell 


Kenneth Robert Alford 11 
Daniel Becker 
James Justin Bowhng 
Richard Alfriend Boykin III 
Tuere D. Brannum 
Joshua David Brown 
Christine Marie Capella 

! Sitmma cum L^tiiie ■{■ Mtigiti 



Allison G. Dunn 
Tina L. Emanuele 
Cara Rose Ferris 
Kevin Kennedy Fischer 
Jennifer Marlyn Fraser 
Amy Elizabeth Gardner 
Diana Patricia Gouveia 
Erin Doris Hanbury 
Carla Anita Harrison 
Amy Ehzabeth Herr 
Veronica Trish Holmes 
Kevin Matthew Hooker 
Daphney HyppoUte 
Gregg Allen Jager 
Mariama Cire Keita 
John Jongwan Kim 
James Andrew King 
Christine A. Kurdyla 
Sascha Michael Lebowitz 
ArmabeUe Lee 
Sariane Elain Leigh 
Rita Delores Lewis 
Mohammed S. Malik 
Robert Daniel Mays 
Sean Thomas McElwaney 
Lisa Isrela Morales 
Min Zaw Oo 

2tid Major: Government 
and Politics 
Anna Marie Pollack 
Joshua Neil Rubin 
Sanaz Sani Sadaghiani 
Jennifer Elizabeth Trapp 

English Language 
and Literature 

John Francis Alburger, Jr. 
James Richard Balda 
Regina Irene Bishop 
Hope Lynne Brown 
Heather Kate Grimes 
Maisha Lillian Hopper 

Jamila Aisha Johnson 
Leon Orlando Kafele 
Matthew G. Ketchen 
Georgia Pauhna Krist 
Justin Andrew Landman 
*Deha Clare Lyons 
Gregory G. Minah 
Daniel Richard Moyle 
Sumera Isis Mahmud Qureshi 
JuUa Lauren Sanger-Gregg 
Michael Anthony Sarzo 
Ana Paula Domingo Silveira 
Samantha Lee Silverstein 
Amy Colleen Thompson 
Brian Jacob Yourish 

French Language 
and Literature 

Irena Sonya Pawlak 
Dorothea Mane Roberts 


Pedro Barbosa IV 
David Allen Barker 
Jonathan Paul Beckett 
Jesse Gerrard Blanc 
Kristen Carol Gamache 
Lakeshia Nicole Highsmith 
Dorothy M. Hoffman 
Paul Daniel Miller 
Conor Brendan O'Croinin 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Lee Marc Pochter 
Kiniberly Leigh Schreder 
Anna Marie Simmont 
Candace Ellen Slobodnik 
Karen Ehzabeth SneU 
Andrew Benjamin Waxman 


Mark Ken Kasaniatsu 


Ilhan Merih Cagri 
Rebekah Sunnie Lee 


Luke Joseph Gannett 
Conor Brendan O'Croinin 

2nd Degree: History 
Chris David Rinehart 
Natahe E. Robert 

Romance Languages 

*Thomas Figueras 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 
and Literature 

Russian Language 
and Literature 

*Thomas Figueras 

2nd Degree: 

Romance Languages 
Aunica Marie Parsons 
Arkadiusz Marek Stawicki 

Spanish Language and 
Literature with Business 

Yolanda J. Brown 
Brendan Patrick Heegan 
Megan Kathleen Ligon 
Ricardo Miguel Ramirez 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

fMichelle Rose Doniinguez 

Soma Ivette Green 

Sarah Rjeves Peoples 

Amaryah Nichole Pharr 
2nd Degree: Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 

Kristen NoeUe Wolf 


Danielle DoUnoy 

Jeremy Alexander Goldman 

Bachelor of Music 


Robert I. Chu 


College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

James Adolphus Rotan II 
Thomas Eugene Skeeter III 
Vivian Tawadros 


Gavin Julien DeFreitas 
Corey J. Gantz 
Nicolette AnnVidal 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Michael Edmund Adami 
Gretta Jane Angle 
Vicky Axarlis 
Matthew Ryan Bailey 
Andrea Catherine Banks 
Mariahna Bello 
Denton C. Birgel II 
Brantdon Christopher Boyer 
Samuel Edward Bradford II 
Courtney Tad Britt 
Christopher Thomas Brown 
Delaruelle Lysandas Brumskine 
Kirstin Daniel Brumsted 
Jeanette Canas 
)ohn D. Carr 
Antonio B. Cerritos.Jr. 
Darren John Crandell 
Katie Sue DUl 
Kenneth Noble Ferro 
Yancey Holmes Garner, Jr. 
Rebecca Shute Gillespie 
James Allen Goldstein 
Bernice Henriques 
Benjamin Edward Hoult 
Jeffrey Matthew Jarboe 

Jesse Michael Kessler 
Jae Han Kim 

Robert Francis Lafterty IV 
Eun Ju Lim 

2mt Dci;n-c: 

Biologkiil SciciKc: Zoology 
Carolyn Cho-wei Liu 
Aaron CUfton Longus 
Jun Sun Ma 
Sebastien Malaty 

2nd Major: Goventmcnt 

and Politics 
Joseph Paul McAtee 
Lajuane Gerald Nurse 
Carlo Cesare Pacileo 
Amaryah Nichole Pharr 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Brian William Prezlock 
Jaime Bryant Riddle 
Ryan Michael Robertson 
Carlos John Rodriguez Salvado 
Neil Anthony Salveniini 
David Suk Nam Scott 
Cynthia A. Siessel 
Aparna Singh 
Alan Michael Smith 
Joseph Domimck Sterner 
Kevin Anthony Taheri 
Peter F.Timmins 
Matthew Owen Torbit 
Samuel Harris Weiner 


Richard Michael Annichiarico 
*Nadia Zareen Anwar 
Thomas Donald Becraft.Jr. 
Jerry Matthew Bodman 
Linda Annette Burrell 
JarmUe Aisha Carter 
Chung-Ping Chen 
Mohamed Jacob Darwish 

Roryon Duran Davis 

John B. Farley 

Tony Gannacone III 

Francis M. Green 

Stacey Damon Harrison 

Jason Alexander Kinikin 

Michael Salamon Lair 

Jonathan Lender 

Jonas Keller Lichty 

Marie-Gabrielle Diyra 

Thomas J. Lydon III 

Paulo Da Rocha' Miranda 

David A. Nieuchowicz 

Ursula Marie Paquette 

Rodrigo A. Patzy 

Amit Kumar Sharma 

Seunghan Shin 

Richard Steven Smallwood 

Michael Ryan Spruill 

AneUe Palma Week 

2nd Major: Environmental 
Science and Policy — 
Environmental Economics 

Maha Anne Wedeking 

Jeanie Szechai Wong 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Society and 
Environmental Issues 

Timothy Shawn Franquist.Jr. 

Government and Politics 

Manuel J. Bahan 
Joshua E. Bardavid 
EUssa T. Bishins 
Kyle Franklyn Bosket 
Michael Andrew Cerciello 
Robert Francis ChapeU 
Edward Murray Cheston 
Karen E. Cole 
Maria Teresa Comulada 

Jennifer Lee Corey 
Frank Charles Daniels III 
Richmond Rey De Ocampo 
Benjamin Franklin Duchek 
Dion Wesley Emory 
Craig AUan Jenkins 
Christopher Scott Kim 
Gary Jason Krupka 
Christine Michelle Kuehl 
Jeffrey Alan Ludwig 
Brian Joseph McGuire 
Carla Jean Miller 
Patricia Michelle Moody 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Phi Le Nguyen 
Mehssa Gayle O'Banion 
Benjamin Cannon Portis 

2nd Major: Economics 
Adrien Russell 
fMarc David Schifanelli 
Monica Sharma 
Austin Lee Smith 
Charles Edward Smith 
Jasmine Nicole Thomas 
Katherine Elizabeth Zimmer 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Resha Joan Bland 

Sandra Maryanne Buerle 

Kimberly Garson 

Kellie Michelle Heider 

DanaYvette Hinnant 

Traceyjo Lee 

Stephanie Kathleen Ottman 


^Christopher Scott Carmanlau 
Gina Teresa Chersevani 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Melanie Ann Chin 
Glenn Coleman Farley 
Jennifer Alexis Frieman 

§ Sttmma cum Latidc "t" Ma^nn cum l^iiiie 



Brian J. Garber 
Kristi Joann Garofalo 
Maria Michelle Reynold"; 
Valerie Ann Roath 
Valeria Claudia Sartor 
Samantha Ann Sauer 
Michael Jason Schoen 
Stanley Mitchell Selby 
Yousef Samuel Shadid 
Ravital Shalev 
Eesha Savanthi Silva 
Kimberly Ann Walcofl' 


Adetola Adekenii Adetunji 
Peter Robert Burnhani 
Alexander Joseph George 
Kimberly Yvette Goldston 
Railing L. Ho 
Tricia Angela Lapila 
Kimberly P. Ly 
Donna Marie Miller 
DiahannaYx'onne Padilla 
Davad Michael Plasse 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Environmental 
Politics and Policy 

Kendra Zahava Shore 


Leonard Fneson.Jr. 
Richard L. Hagm 
Matthew Ansley Horrell 
Alison A. Kerstetter 
Jamie Ann Litde 

2tid Major: Spanish Language 

and Uteraitire 
fjoyanna Elisabeth Priest 
Krishna C. Raichura 


Soyoung Chung 

Sydney Dudley Mahadeo.Jr. 

Alison N. Slater 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Mohanied Tamer Abdelrahman 

Khaled Ben Jilani 

Kenneth James Bishop 

Matthew William Bukoski 

Ross Christopher Byczek 

Michael Sean Calhoon 

*Raghuveera Nanchariah Chalasani 

Raymond Jun- Wei Chang 


Meera Helen Cho 

Sugene April Chung 

Sara Michael Conners 

Alexander Michael Delgado 

Kemiy Leon Fraser 

Da\-id Gomez Cid 

Brian Wayne Harne 

*Phuong Dinh Ho 

Uy Thien Hoang 

Sean Hyatt Holman 

Deepa Jandhyala 

Min-Hwa Jung 

Rajeev Kumar Kaul 

Yohahn Hyunjong Kim 

Albert Br%ant Kong 

2nd Major: Economics 
Daniel Stephen Kosack 
Timothy Lam 
Noah Matthew Lazar 
Ewadele Freda Leslie 

Owen E. Leung 
Nabil Makar 
Paul T ManeesUasan 
Maitri Himanshu Mehta 
Roman Meytin 

2nd Major: Psychology 
William Joseph Michael, Jr. 

2nd Major: Mathematia 
Molopo Molopo 
Khanh Quoc Nguyen 
Nicholas Thomas Palich 
Da\id Clare Petersen 
Nicholas Richard Pomato 
Jonathan Steven Rosenberg 
David William Rutstein 
Apostoha Schiza 
LJngi Shin 
Tim K. Son 
John Rong Sun 
Manh-Ton Quoc Tran 
Nawfel Tricha 
Raymond KwokleungTse 
Bih-Jen Wang 
David Yan 


Russell Stuart Meyer 11 


Laknsha Arlethrea Hughes 
Wilham J. Prochazka.Jr. 
Mohammad Hossein Rajabtavosi 
Lorraine Marie Simpson 
Armel B.Tonoukouin 
PhoQne Tsoukalas 
KaWing Rosa Wong 

Physical Sciences 

Erik Michael Eilers 
Jason N. Gough 
Laura Lee Goyer 
NeiU Andrew Langston 
AJi R. Saiyid 


Nicholas Immanual Cummings 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Secondary Education — 
English (Language Arts) 

Dalh Nataly Duran 
Sarah Brigid Mahoney 
Christopher Fritz Newton 

Secondary Education — 
Foreign Language 

Everett Michael Davis 
Gino A. Miragha 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 

Chi-Kang Huang 

Education — Music K-12 

EHzabeth Ann Simpson 

Elementary Education 

Michelle Lee Harman 
Andrea EKzabeth Mathias 

Secondary Education — 

Andrew William Clark 
Anthony Angelo Serianni 

Secondary Education — Science 

Shayda F. Eskandary 

Secondary Education — 
Social Studies 

Scott Bennett Mooney 
Amv Ellen Nichols 


! Siimma aim Laudc f Magna cum Laude 


Special Education 

Andrew Chanes 
Elaine Ann Greene 
Morning Hazel Johnson 
Jennifer Susan Ulrich 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Natalie Rjchelle Adams 
Victoria Ajike Akinnuso 
Raena D. Bendey 
Monica Burgos 
Tiffany Diane Creagh-Lee 
Anna Maria Degraffinreid 
Karen Jeanne Elborne 
Sean Richard Fellin 
Dusn' Dawn Jenkins 
HoUie Mack 
Brian Daniel Marquis 
Wanita Maria Uh Napitupiilu 
Courtney D. Puzon-King 
Estes Rodgers III 
Stephanie J. Runvon 

Health Education 

Sheryn Noel 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Bobby Joe Craig 
Emily Suzanne Janss 
Erw^yn LaFrance Lyght 
Brian Michael Page 
Jennifer Renee Wigger 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Zoe Nicole Ehrhch 
loyann Natasha Forde 
Keith R. Kopnicki 

2nd Major: History 
fMichele Fara Lacher 
Lauren Faith Leboe 
Andrea Olivia Lewis 
Enrique A. Manan Martinez 
Erin Jane Medea 
Brian William Shane 
NadiaYasmin Singh 
Jamie Michelle Skinner 
*Yonot Michal Stadd 
Jennifer Sussman 
Laura IlhwaTorma 
Rachel Arlene Weintraub 

College of 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Igor Belyansky 
Pavel Achot Khrimian, Sr. 
Dae Ok James Kim 
Chfford Moses Nwala 
Fangemonique Advion 
Dionnechelle Smith 
David Lewi Emmanuel Stockman 

Biological Science: Bees 

Sandra Ariabel Cariello 
Karaina Anne Lantzky 
Andrew Joseph Maskell 

Biological Science: Cell 
and Molecular Biology 
and Genetics 

Sophia Lorraine Berkel 
John Edward Gaulin.Jr. 
Cassandra Natalie Grenade 
Sarah Eleanor Ramirez 

Biological Science: General 

§Lionel St. Aubyn Best 

f Christopher Scott Drununond 

Biological Science: 
Marine Biology 

Kimberlv |. Cosby 

Biological Science: Physiology 
and Neurobiology 

Afeafa Akouyo Amouzou 
Candace Nadia Coleman 
Tina Lara D'Souza 
Michael William Hetrick 
Kelly Jean Lynch 

Malita I. Mayers 
Lalissie Merga 
Umit Nrupendra Shah 
Farah Jilla Shahnematollahi 
Benjamin Irwin Spokony 

Biological Science: Zoology 

Sarah A. Adams 
Hien Quang Le 
Eun Ju Lim 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 


Jared Neale Allen • 


Ferdinand Uche Ibebuchi 
Naciem David Yousif 

I iMiidc t A%M,i aim Uiidi- 



Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Adebowale Opeyemi Ayeni 
Ejigayehu Azmera 
Matthew Todd Bancroft 
f Mark Joseph Baumgardner 

2nd Degree: Management 

Science and Statistics 
Kelly Michelle Berzins 
Bachard Leonard Bragunier 
Antone" Roselle Brundidge 
Christopher M. Davis 
Michael Christopher Deo 
Sabina Joshi 

2nd Major: Finance 
Yian Ting Lee 

2nd Major: General Bi4siness 

and Management 
Benjamin Lin 
Jennifer Thao Quang 
Samantha Alleyne Samuel 
Michael Brandt Troup 
Kathryn GayleVan Liew 
DarreU Joseph Wilbur 
Todd Stuart Willnecker 
Sharon Wei Yeh 
LiRong Zhuang 


Jennifer Hall Aghazadeh 
Olawale Anthony Alawode 

2nd Major: General Business 
Milena Borukhach 
Hillary Danielle Davis 
Jice D'Angelo Driver 
Silvia Marleny Floras 

2nd Major: Accounting 
William Hsiung 

Mariamma Jacob Kallarackal 
Amy Lynn Milroad 
Erin Ann Nails 
Jessica Lynn Pfeltz 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Darien Elise Ruescher 
Annie Ja-ling Shih 
Yuka Shimizu 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Sirikanya Sriphen 
Benjaree S.Talwar 
Daniel S.Voronkov 
James Chen Wei 
Heidi Jean Weisman 

2nd Degree: Operations and 

Quality Management 

General Business 

Marika Gunnels Cackett 
Violeidy Cribeiro 

2nd Xlajor: Finance 
*Konrad Ferdinand Drew 

2nd Major: Finance 
Nur Karabal 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Melis Karadeniz 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Curtis Bradley Kelemen 
Brian S. Nemeth 
TrangThi Nguyen 
Sevag Anthony Poochikian 

2nd Major: Marketing 
JacquehneYsabel Stafford 
Marie S. Tirakis 

General Business 
and Management 

Vicky Jui-Mei Chang 
Raymond Michael Kin 

Human Resource 

Kristin Mane Archibald 
Michele Renee Jones 
Christopher McGee Simonson 

Logistics and Transportation 

Chatri Chanchaivanich 
*Vigdis Lindmark Smith 

2nd Major: General Business 

Management Science 
and Statistics 

f Mark Joseph Baumgardner 
2nd Degree: Accounting 

Kun Sung Kim 

Olanrewaju Kuye 

Yemisi Ozofti Lawani 

Trang Le 

2nd Major: Operations and 
Quality Management 

Wai-Sze Chrisie Ma 

Kamil Arda Odabasio 

Kenyon Onuruyade Rogers 


KeUee Genean Baker 

Relx-cca 1 cigh Bern 

Fanou Belkhayat 
Suzanne Mane Best 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Ava Renee Chandler 

2nd Major: Finance 
Sarah Lee Cody 
Jeanine Marie DeUkat 
Thomas Edward Dolan II 
Patrick Davey Fitzpatrick 
James Anthony Gonzales 
Jason Allen Hairston 
Alexis John Kanaris 
Ryan Cory Katz 
Anna Kara Mamane 
Jason Andrew Metter 
Patricia Michelle Moody 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Eric James Tisony 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Valerie Nancy Zyriek 

Operations and 
Quality Management 

Heidi Jean Weisman 
2ml Degree: Fiihvue 


r Ltiiiilc I .Miigna cum Latidc 


Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Henry Monroe Coleman III 
John James Marias 
Seth Lee Weisicld 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Tracy Ann Gletow 
Michael Bennett Goldberg 
Tasha Marguerite Guglik 

Certificate Programs 

Studies Certificate 

Lakeshia Nicole Highsmith 
Jasmine Nicole Thomas 

Certificate in 

Latin American Studies 

MicheUe Rose Dominguez 
Janaie Ann Little 
Federico Sor 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Jonathan Paul Beckett 
Alan Michael Smith 

Science, Technology 
and Society Certificate 

Noah Matthew Lazar 

I Liiniic "I" Magna cum Laitde 



Doctor of Philosophy 

Yunus S. Abdul • Animal Sciences 

Rn'erse Getietks of Bcviiie RespiraUirj' Syncytial Vims 

Philippe P. Absil • Electrical Engineering 

Mtiioniiii Rcsoihitors torWhvelcii'^ili Difision .MuiipyUwing and bnegrated 
Photonics Applications 

Manish Agarwal • Reliability Engineering 

Software Reliability Prediction Modeling 

Vakhtang A. Agayan • Chemical Physics 

< lossoi'er Critical Phenomena in Simple and Complex Fluids Sanhhe 

Saubhe Al-Dellemy • Sociology 

Pirsothit and Social Factors Associated with Social Responsibility Atnong Arab 
Students in the U.S. 

Mehdi Alasti • Electrical Engineering 

.-1 Jonit Design of Source Codnig and \ctuvrk Protocol for 
1 1 ireless Communications 

Leana C. Allen • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

.4 Life Course Analysis of the Relationsliip Between Military Service and 
Criminal Behavior 

Soumya Alva • Sociology 

Dill Moi and Employment in \'ictnam:A Gender-Equal Division of the Spoils? 

Anita K. Amla • Civil Engineering 

.■iirticld Pavement Condition Forecasting Using Neural Networks 

Gary W. Anderson, Jr. • Economics 

Multinational Corporations: Entry Mode, Technology, Transfer and 
Performance Requirements 

Kathleen A. Angeletti • Education Policy 

Tlie State's Role in Teacher Education Reform: Maryland's Efforts to Redesign 
Teacher Preparation 

Lars Anwandter • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

.4/1 .Analysis of the Inefllcwncy of Pubhc Water Supply Operations in Mexico 

Haleh Ardebili • Mechanical Engineering 

Moisture Diffusion and Two Reliability Problems Associated with Moisture 




Renee D. Ater • Art History 

Cultural SiUhUhn Mhl the Sculpture of Meta IMinick Fuller 

Elissa A. Auther • Art History 

Materials Tliat Make A Difference: 'Non Art' Media and the Hierarchy of Art 
and Draft iti American Art of the 1960s and '70s 

Christopher S. Baldwin • Mechanical Engineering 

Control of Sound in a Tlirce Dimensional Enclosure I'smi; a Distributed Bragg 
Grating Sensor Array 

Brian M. Balgley • Biochemistry 

Nisin Kinetics and Suhiaticm Nutagenesis 

Peter J. Balint • Policy Studies 

Balancuig Conservation and Development in Rural El Salvador 

Garth S. Barbour • Computer Science 

Heuristic Learning of Finite Slate Automata for Use in Intrusion Deteclioti 

Deirdre A. Barnwell • Special Education 

An Ethnographic Study of Latino Families' Perceptions of Transition from 
Early Intervention to Preschool 

Kimberly N. Bayard • Economics 

Two Applications of Mathed Worker-Estahlishnicnt Data 

Phillip L. Beard • English Language and Literature 

Fitzgerald's Xoslalgia and the Twilight of the American Sublime 

Nancy Beller-Simms • Geography 

Mitigation and Preparedness for an Expected S'atural Hazard Event: An 
Investigation of Four Dxal Communities and Their Experiences with El Nino 

William John Bender • Civil Engineering 

A Risk-based Cost Control Methodology for Constructing Complex Structures 
intli the Mobile Offshore Base as a Case Study 

Antonio M. Bento • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Tliree Essays on the Ttieory of Environmental Taxation in a Second 
Best Tlieor)' Setting 

Nancy Bergeron • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

l\ limed Dead or Alive: Some Economic Analysis of the Illegal Market 

Karen K. Bernard • Music 

Prejudice. Pride and Economics: Tlie Neglected Danish Operas of Carl Nielsen 

Fassil B. Beshah • Civil Engineering 

Performance of FRP Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs 

Tana M. Bishop • Education Policy 

Tlie Distribution of Teacher Quality Across and Within Public Schools: 
A Multi-level Analysis 

Julie Z. Blackburn • Kinesiology 

An Examination of Ego Identity Status and Athletic Identity Effects on 
Retirement Anxiety Among Intercollegiate Athletic Participants 

Christina M. Blumel • Government and Politics 

Foreign Aid. Donor Coordination and the Pursuit of Good Governance 

Kim M. Bobola • Curriculuin and Instruction 

Peer-led Discussion and foiirnal Writing: Connections Across Reader 
Response Modes 

Sally A. Bogacz • Psychology 

Cognitive and Motor Coordination of Polyrhythms in Piano Pertormancc 

Janice E. Bonner • Curriculum and Instruction 

Analyzing Notelaking and Other Study Strategies Used by Undergraduate 
Students During a Semester-long Genetics Course 

Bradford H. Booth • Sociology 

Tlic Impact of Mihtary Presence in Dval Dibor Markets on Unemployment 
Rates and Earnings 

LaRhonda T. Borum • Engineering Materials 

Enhanced Colloidal Stability of Hydroxyapatite 

Allen E. Brewer • Information Studies 

Library and Information Services Deterministic Inductive Logic: 
A Multi-valued Logic for Reasoning About Categories 

Elizabeth E Brittan-Powell • Psychology 

Development of Auditory Sensitivity in Budgerigars 

Kimberly N. Brown • English Language and Literature 

Revolutionary Divas and the Emergence of the Decolonized Text: Black Women's 
Subjectivity Images and Ideologies ( 1970-Present) 

Timothy S. Brown • English Language and Literature 

Rhetoric Holy Church and Sin in Julian of Norwich's Showings 

Timothy J. Bryant • Kinesiology 

Integration of Intercollegiate Athletics: The University of Alabama Case 




Jonathan L. Bundy • Biochemistry 

Development of Biocapnire Surfaces for Mass Speclroinclric Analysis of 

Mangmang Cai • Chemistry 

Sinicliirc and Dynamics of Self-assemhicd Isoguanosinecaiion Complexes 

Judith G. Campbell • Germanic Language and Literature 

Tlje Cultural Inventory:. -i Siuileni-ceniercd Approach to Culture Analysis in 
Foreign Language Programs 

Constance E. Cannon • Psychology 

Tlie Influence of Religious Orientation and Wliite Racial Identity on Expressions 
of Prejudice 

Yuqing Cao • Mechanical Engineering 

Stress and Crack Analyses of Ceramic Crowns and Characterisation of Material 
Removal in Machining of Ceramics 

Alan D. Carswell • Business and Management 

FaciHiating Student Learning in an Asynchnorous Learning Setwork 

Andrew Case • Physics 

Turee Wang Interactions in a Weakly Collisional Plasma 

Daniel T. Casem • Mechanical Engineering 

High Strain— Rate Testing of Low Impedance Materials 

Juan C. Castillo • Linguistics 

Thematic Relations Betiveen S'ouns 

Michael W. Castle • Electrical Engineering 

Expcrinwntal Investigations of a Second Harmonic Gyroklystron Amplifier 

Julie A. Celestin • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

77it' Definition of Comnuiniiy: Implications for Areal Studies 

Saipin Chaiyanan • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Microbiological Study of Fish Sauce for Selecting the Suitable Bacterial Strains 
Used in Improving the Fermentation Process 

Chialin Chang • Computer Science 

Optimizing Retrieval and Processing of Persistent Multi-dimensional Scientific 
Data Sets 

Djoon Chang • Civil Engineering 

Optimizing Time-varying Multiple Origin-destination Trips Among 
Competing Modes in a Regional Corridor 

Kuo-Yang Chang • Civil Engineering 

A Simulation Model for Analyzing Airport Terminal Roadway Traffic and 
Curbside Parking 

Chanchalat Chanhatasilpa • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Race and Sentencing Revisted:Tlie Sanctioning ot Asian American Defendants 
Under the Federal Sentencing GuideUnes 

Brett Chapman • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Prosecutorial Discretion: An Examination of the Decision to Seek the Death 
Penalty in the State of Pennsylvania 

Sojiphong Chatraphorn • Physics 

Room-temperature Magnetic Microscopy Using a High-T-c Squid 

Jay P. Chawla • Electrical Engineering 

Optimal Control of Semi— Markov Decision Processes 

Charissa S. Cheah • Human Development 

Beliefs of Euro-American Mothers Regarding Preschoolers' Sociahzation 

Tesema Chekol • Agronomy 

Phytoremcdiation of Organic Contaminants Using Forage Crops 

Wenjun Chen • Electrical Engineering 

A First Study of a Harmonic Doiibhng Gyro-TllT 

Yen-Der Cheng • Civil Engineering 

Enzyme System for Organophosphate Detoxification 

Farah N. Chery Medor • Government and Politics 

Discourse and the Construction of Cognitive Frames in the 1994 
Zapatista Uprising 

Kwo-Fu Chiang • Mechanical Engineering 

Dispersion of Contaminant Released from a Line Source at the Wall of a 
Turbulent Boundary Diyer 

Supab Choopun • Chemical Physics 

ZnO Wide Band Gap Semiconductors for Optoelectronic Dtt'ices 

Young Chun • Sociology 

Reducing Xonrcsponse in Establishment Surveys: A Two-stage 
Experimental Study 

Matthew T. Cimino • Plant Biology 

Systematics of the Coteochetales 



Kelton L. Clark • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

rill- Rfspoiiii' of Prey lo the Interaction of Predator: Habitat \'ariahility 

Eton E. Codling • Agronomy 

Utilization of Industrial and Munidpal Byproducts to hni\whiii:e Piiosphonis in 
Poultry' Lilter-amended Soil 

Robert E. Cohen • Curriculutn and Instruction 

Development and Use of a Constructivist Taxonomy in Teacher Education 

Amy B. Conn • Psychology 

Self-directed Learning in the Workplace: Exploring the Relationships 
Between Self-directed Learning Readiness, Self-directed Activity, Learning 
and Job Performance 

Kelly K. Cookson • Psychology 

Acoustic Startle in Budgerigars and Atiimal Models oj PTSD 

Gregory D. Cooper • Physics 

.-l();).irijfi(j to Study Electron Stimulated Desorplion from a Silicon Surface 

Will H. Corbin • Linguistics 

Principle-based Approaches to Second Language Tutoring 

Joan R. Crawford • Curriculum and Instruction 

Children atid Television: A Case Study of How Elementary Students Responded 
to the Teaching of Critical Television Viewing 

Kevin M. Curow • Government and Politics 

Populist Promises, Popidist Tlireats: Tlie Origins, Nature and Dynamics oJ 
Populistn in Post-Communist Europe 

Ross G. Cutler • Computer Science 

On the Retention and Analysis of Oscillatory Motions in I 'idea Sequences 

Lynn D. Darling • Curriculum and Instruction 

Young Children's Social Representations in Factional Narratives: 
Gender Identification and Prediction 

Paul E. Davis • Geography 

Religion and Settlement in i 7th Century New England 

Matthew P. Delisa • Chemical Engineering 

Harnesshig the Quorum Circuit: A Study of Bacterial 
Cell- to- Celt Communication 

Pamela J. Derfus • Business and Management 

Investigating the Action Challenge 

Joyce L. Dewar • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Impacts of Nitrate Contaminated Groundwater on a Sandy Fringe Marsh: 
A three-year Mcsocosm Study 

Patricia S. DeAngelis • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

The Ethnobotany of the Miskito Indians of Northeastern Nicaragua 

William C. DeGraffenreid • Chemical Physics 

Cold Collisions in an CJptically Brightened Sodium Beam 

Ricardo H. Diaz • Aerospace Engineering 

Evaluation of Near-wall Models for the Turhtdetice Kinetic Energy Budget 

Giuseppe V. Diurno • Mechanical Engineering 

Wall Models for Large Eddy Simulation of Non-equilibrium Flows 

Rona A. Dixon • Human Development 

Self-concept. Special Siippiori System and Career Maturity of the Female 
College Student 

Prateek J. Dujari • Mechanical Engineering 

Analysis of Random Vibration on Repetitive Shock and Electrodynamic Shakers 
for Accelerated Fatigue of Electronic Instruments 

Jesus J. Duran • Geography 

Habitat Management of Agricultural Biodiversity 

Samuel S. Dutton • Psychology 

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Interpersonal Relationships 

Tamer A. Elbatt • Electrical Engineering 

On the Design of Satellitc^Terrestrial Hybrid Wireless Systems 

Robert H. Esser • Engineering Materials 

Niobium-Gold Tliin Films for First Level Metallization for GaAs Circuits 

Ozlem Firtina • Germanic Language and Literature 

Fainilre in Kafuas Schreibcn: Biopraphische situation und literarische verabeitung 

Erin F. Fleet • Physics 

Design and Applications of a Cryo-Cooled Scanning SQUID Microscope 

Virginia I. Foran • Government and Politics 

Alliances, Assurances, Security Guarantees and Non-proliteration: 
A Model for Empirical Analysis 

Cecelia M. Formichella • Sociology 

McDonaldization at Work in Federal Fisheries Management 

WINTER c o f 




Stephen H. Fox • Electrical Engineering 

Focus, Edf;c Detection . and CCD Camcm Chamcterizatioti for Development of 
mi Optical Overlay Calibration Standard 

Peter L. Francia • Government and Politics 

Awakenitif; tlie Sleeping Gianf.The Renaissance oj Organized Dibor in 
American Politics 

Bernard A. Frankpitt • Electrical Engineering 

Robust Control of Hidden Markov Models from Input-Output Information 

Daniel E. Friedman • Electrical Engineering 

Error Control For AMticastini; in Satellite and Hybrid Networks 

Constance J. Gee • Music 

I 'iola Concerti of the Stamitz Family 

Andrea Giacobbe • Mathematics 

Convexity for Midti-valued Monu-utum Map 

Gaurav Gopalan • Aerospace Engineering 

Flight Trajectory Management to Reduce Helicopter BI7 Noise 

Reina L. Graham • Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Exploration of Deaf Consumer Perceptions of the Barriers to Rehabilitation 
Success and Barriers to the Achievenu-nt of Rehabilitation Goals 

Wayne D. Graham • Kinesiology 

Skeletal Muscle IGF-I and IGF-I Receptor mR!\A Responses to Chronic 
Resistive Training in Post-menopausal Women 

Lynda Grahill • English Language and Literature 

Hunchbacks in Literature 

Monica Grasso • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Economic liihiation of Mangrove Ecosystem 

Nikki D. Graves • Human Developinent 

Racial Identity and Racial Socialization aiiiong Educated African American 
Sorority Ubmcn 

Kleanthes K. Grohmann • Linguistics 

Prolific Peripheries. A Radical View from the Left 

Rabih M. Haj-Najib • Civil Engineering 

Joinlless Bridges with Integral Abutments 

Miles M. Hamby • Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Teaching and Darning Styles for Airline Pilots ' 

Hwansoo Han • Computer Science 

Dxahty Transformations for Adaptive Irregular Applications 

Richmond T. Hand • Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Ecoiogic Effects of Water Management Policy: Lower Mekong Watershed 

Radhakrishnan Haridasan • Electrical Engineering 

Model-based Approach to Encodhig Generic Moving Pictures at I'ery Dnv 
Bit Rates Using Support Layers and Parametric Motion Models 

Amy L. Harris • Economics 

Studies on the Relationship Between the Elderly and Public Policies 

Mehrdad Hassani • Electrical Engineering 

A Component- Based Methodology For Real-Time Decision Making in 
Embedded Systems 

Paula F. Henry • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

The Avian GuRH System and Reproduction 

Julie R. Hens • Animal Sciences 

//( 1 'iro Transfection of the Mammary: Expnession of Heterologous Proteins 
During Lactation 

GisH R. Hjaltason • Cotnputer Science 

Incremental Algorithms for Proximity Queries 

Matthew R. Holman • Biochemistry 

Determinants of I 'I -Induced Cyclobutane Pyrmdidinc Dimer Hot Spots 
in D\A 

Thanarat Horprasert • Computer Science 

A Real-time System for I 'ision-based 3D Motion 

Capture Yufei Hu • Engineering 

Materials Study of the Inteiface Behavior of Liquid CrystalThin Films with 
Synchrotons Radiation and Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering Technicjue 

Yimin Hu • Electrical Engeneering 

Multilayer Dielectric Coatings for Optoelectronics Devices 

Wei-Der Huang • Music 

Solo Piano and Chamber Music of Contemporary Taiu'anesc Composers 



Ellen R. Hughes • American Studies 

Muhiiici For Bciicr Boiiwi:A Culnmil Hisloq' ot Excfcisc MmIuiws, 

Diane E. Hurlbut • Kinesiology 

Effccli of Stniif;!h 'I'miiiinf; on Ghuosf ami Iinuliii Response to an Oral Ghuosc 
Tolerance Test: Age and Gender Responses 

Ana M. Ibanez • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Tlie Random Ihilily Model for Recreation: Incorporating Health Impacts and the 
Gosts of Imperfect Information 

Boris lonin • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Molecular Mechanism of Stapliylococcal Enterotoxin B Effect on Human 
Kidney Cells 

Shelley M.Jackson • English Language and Literature 

Southern Literature and the Construction oj Wliiteness 

Jodi D. Jacobson • Psychology 

Modeling Minds.Tlie Believer's Contribution 

E M. Jariwala • Physics 

Experimental Int'estigations of Election-Electron Interaction in 
Mcsoscopic Systems 

Sandra Jarrett • Music 

77ic Songs ol Edvard Grieg 

Yun Jiang • Chemistry 

P/iii7iV Microfluidic Systems for High Throughput Drug Screening and 
Protcome Analysis 

Xiaodan Jin • Mechanical Engineering 

Multi-parameter Sensor Based on Fiber Optic Technology 

Francisco J. Joglar-Billoch • Reliability Engineering 

A Methodology for Fire Hazard and Risk Assessment 

Richard D.Johnson • Business and Management 

Tool or Social Actor? Factors Contributing to Differential Social Attributions 
Toward Computing Technology 

Soojung Jung • Civil Engineering 

A Genetic Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time-depciidcnt 
Traveling Times 

Krishnan K. Kailas • Electrical Engineering 

Microarchitecture and Compilation Support for Clustered ILP Processors 

Pablo A. Kalnay • Agronomy 

Biology and Control ol Perennial Weeds 

Kenneth E Kalscheur • Animal Sciences 

Evaluation and Improvement of Diet Formulation Models pr Protein 
Requirements of Lactating Dairy Cou'S 

Hyoung H. Kang • Engineering Materials 

TEM Characterization of O-D l-D and 2-D Semiconductor Natwstructure 

Camilla J. Kari • Communication 

Rhetorical Trajectory -.Tlte Public Emergence of the Joint Pastoral Utters oJ 
Anwrican Catholic Bishops 

Phyllis E Katz • Curriculuin and Instruction 

Mothers as Informal Science Class Teachers 

Robin T. Kelley • Health Education 

African American Female Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: An Exploration 
of Mother-Daughter Relationships and Religious Supports as Coping Factors 
\'\1iich Mediate Depression 

Cynthia P. King • Communication 

"Images of Opposition: Black Racial Depiction hi the Historical Narrative" of 
William Wells Brown, George Washington Williams and William T.Alexander 

Dimitri R. Kioussis • Chemical Engineering 

Selective Ion Remoi'al and Recovery from Wastewater by Hydrophihc 
Polymer Gels 

Catherine J. Klein • Nutrition 

Magnesium Loss in Patients Treated u'ith Contiimous Renal Replacemeiu Ttierapy 

Michelle L. Kloss • Art History 

Tlte Constructed Self in Colonial American Portraiture 

Ilya S. Kofman • Mathematics 

idssiliev Invariants oj Knots and Links 

Maria R. Kohlman • Sociology 

Locating Sexual Harrassnient Witlun Intersections of Experience in the 
U.S. Labor Market 

Bikash Koley • Electrical Engineering 

Oxidized Lasers for Freespace Interconnects and Datacorn Links 



Ivan V. Komarov • Economics 

A/iiiiiJijtT.'; ill Riisshi 

Nikhil A. Koratkar • Aerospace Engineering 

Developmeiil ot a Siihirl Roior Blade with Trailii\^-edge Flaps 

Ibrahim Korpeoglu • Computer Science 

MMle and Wireless Networking for Palmtop and Laptop Computers 

Vinayaka Kotraiah • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Bioihemical Properties ofWild-lype and Mutant Forms oj B52. a Drosophila 
Melano^aster Pre-mRXA Splicing Factor 

Jennifer R. Krumrine • Chemical Physics 

Tlieoretical Investigations of Open-Shell Systems: (1) Spectral Simulation of 
the 25 2p^2 2p 2D 2S2 2p_Valence Transition in the BAr2 Cluster and (2) 
Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations ofB in Solid Molecular Hydrogen 

David Kuijt • Computer Science 

Data Parallel Indexing of\ ector Format Polygonal Data 

Kip D. Kuntz • Astronomy 

Small Scale Spatial Fluctuations in the Diffuse Soft X-ray Background 

Suzaiuie Lalonde • French Language and Literature 

Georges Bernanos' "Les Enfants Humilies":A Spiritual Testimony 

Barbara D. Leber • History 

Giovanni Paolo EustachioiA Counter Reformation Jeunsh Convert to Christianity 

Michael E. Lebrun • Government and Politics 

Gain-seeking Behavior as a Determinant of International Mihtary Cooperation 

Daniel R. Lee • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Tlie Impact of State Sentencing Commissions and TIteir Guidelines on Prisons, 
Crime and Disparate Sentences 

Christopher G. Leggett • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Environmental I'aluation when Perceptions of Environmental Quality Are Imperfect 

Mary R. Levinsohn • CounseUng and Personnel Services 

Evalvating Instniciional Consultation tor Reading Outcomes 

Fei Li • Reliability Engineering 

Assessment of Reactor Vessel Failure Due to Pressurized Tliermal Shock with 
Consideration of Probabilistic-Deterministic Screening and Uncertainty Analysis 

Huiping Li • Electrical Engineering 

Text Processing and Understanding in Digital Video Databases 

David J. Liewehr • Entomology 

Ecolog)' of Potato Leafliopper and its Egg Parasitoid in Monoculture and 
Diculture Cropping Systems 

Weiqi Lin * Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Modeling Surface Wind Waves and Tlieir Effects on Air-Sea Fluxes in 
Chesapeake Bay 

Deborah D. Linnell • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Double ABC-X Model .i> .i Predictor of Maternal Coping for Socially 
Disadvantaged Mothers and Their First-born Children 

Phoenix P. Liu • Germanic Language and Literature 

E-mail Journal in German Curriculum and Interlanguage Data Analysis 

William M. Liu • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Exploring the Lives of Asian American Men: Racial Identity, Male Role Sorms, 
Gender Role Conflict and Prejudicial Attitudes 

Jami R. Long-Onnen • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Lethality and Motive in the Geographic Concentration of Gun Homicides: 
An Exploratory' Analysis 

Amnon Lotem • Computer Science 

Graph HTX: Combining Planning Graphs and HT\ Planning 

Sean O. Luke • Computer Science 

The Race Against Bloat in the Evolutionary Optimization of Computer Program 

Catherine A. Lyssenko • Biological Resources Engineering 

Impact and Recover)' of Xitrifying Biofllters from Operating Disturbances 

Ann M. Mac Lellan • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Academic Preparedness and Community College Persistence 

Ayesha Malhotra • Business and Management 

Firm Response to Industry Convergence: An Investigation of the Entry of 
Commercial Banks into Investment Banking in the U.S. 

Margaret P. Maslanka • English Language and Literature 

Tlie Myth Made Me Do It: The Influence of Navajo and Chippewa Creation 
Stories on Transcribers and Fiction Readers 




Ann M. Mason • Communication 

riif Rhf!orii\il Career of WiDine Helen Biirrou(;lis 

Tonya R. Mason • Psychology 

African AiiiericiVi Siiidenii' Adjiisrnieii! re College 

Zoran Made • Reliability Engineering 

A .\Iethodolo(;Y for ProlhiUstic Physics of Failure 

Marie L. Matyanowski • Human Development 

AJolescein Peer Croup Memberships, Peer Group Characierislics and Self-concept 

Melinda B. May • Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

/)( Search of Educational Leadership: Presidential Leadership of Educational 
Program in a Maryland Community College 

Frances W. Mayhew • Textiles and Consumer Economics 

A Study of Oxidation Products in Tlierntally-aged Cellulose Film 

Lisa D. McAllister • Kinesiology 

Selectiue Attention Characteristics of Experienced and Inexperienced Rijle 
Shooters: An Electrocortical Study 

Kaleb G. McDowell • Neuroscience and Cognitive Science 

Motor PLiiifuitg a Dynamical Perspective: Testing the Dynamic Field Tlieory 
I Vci a Directional Metric 

James J. McKinney • Business and Management 

Front Audit Companies to Consolidators.The Corporate Form Within the 
I fiited States Accounting Profession, its History and Impact on Independence 

Timothy S. Meinke • Government and Politics 

Policy-mahing in the American States:Tlie Case of Welfare Reform in Maiyland 

Chi-Jan Meng • Meteorology 

Modeling Land Surface Energy Budget on Regional Scale Using Satellite Data 

James M. Mensch • Kinesiologfy 

Student and Teacher Perceptions of Teaching and D'arning in CAAHEP- 
Accredited Athletic Training Programs 

Anastassios Michail • Electrical Engineering 

Routing and Scheduling Problems in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks 

Craig E. Miller • Mechanical Engineering 

Development of a Fiber Optic Pavement Suhgrade Strain Measurement Sysletn 

Joyce A. Miller • American Studies 

Tlie Southern Belle in American Cinenui 

Kristen A. Miller • Astronomy 

Xumerical Study of Accretion and Accretion Disks 

Matthew M. Mills • Biology 

Contribution of Dowmvard Fhixing Particulate Matter to Coral Nutrition 

Roxanne Moran • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Listening to Nurses' Ibices in the Midst of Health Care Reform 

Claire L. Morgan • Government and Politics 

Liberty lor Individuality 

Neta A. Moye • Business and Management 

5oiiii/ Exchange and Imovation:Tlte Role of the Psychological Cotitract in 
Individual Motivation to Generate ideas 

Ratna Mukherjea • Nutrition 

Lcptin as a Modulator of Nutrient Partioning During Lactation 

Kyongtaek K. Mun • Nuclear Engineering 

Investigation of Hydrogen Transport and Distribution in the Passively Cooled 
Pim Containment 

Ahsun H. Murad • Electrical Engineering 

Joint Soiirct^Channel Decoding ofVariabli^Lengih Encoded Sources 

Elizabeth D. Murphy • Psychology 

Beyond Supiervisory Control 

Stacy B. Najaka • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

.4 Metii-Analytic Inquiry into the Relationship Betu'een Risk and Protective 
Factors and Delinquent and Problem Behaviors 

Riad M. Nasser • Sociology 

Poststriictiirahsm and National Identities 

Amy I. Nees • Human Development 

Re-examining the Role of Family Interaction Patterns in 
Autonomy Development 

Amy A. Nespor • Psychology 

The Necroendocrine Basis of Sex Differences in local Production, Reproductive 
Behavior and Neroudomial Components 0/ the Budgengoss 



Khanh L. Nguyen • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

John Pwduclion of Rice ,iiid Aqtunic Animal Foods: Policy Implications for 
Pesticide the in I'ielnam 

Takashi Nishikawa • Applied Mathematics 

Eifd'cddiiii; I'lteorcni for Spike Tnniis and Active Process iti Chaotic Flows 

Franklin C. Noll • History 

77if Feminist Underpiniungs of the IVelJare State 

Renee L. Norris • Music 

Black Opera — Antehellum Blackface Mmstrelsy and European Opera 

Marsha G. Orgeron • English Language and Literature 

Making Reputations: Publicity and Self-representation in tlic Cinematic Era 

Michael W. Ortalano • Physics 

Qihirk-Atniquark Bound States Based on Quenched Lattice QCD Interaction 

Tsunehiro Otsuki • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Implication of Property Right on Productivity in the Brazilian Amazon 

Lynn M. Owens • Kinesiology 

Teachers' Journeys Toward the Motivational Shift: A Narrative Inquiry 

Shannon L. Palmer • Psychology 

Diversity and Performance in Top Management Teams 

Chunhui Pan • Mechanical Engineering 

Developntcnl ofTwo-phase PI\' and its AppHcation to Sedimentation Within a 
Particle-laden Turbulent Channel Flow 

Michael C. Patterson • Chemistry 

Approaches to the Synthesis of Affinity-labeled Monosaccharide 

Phosphate Derivatives and the Synthesis of a Doubly-labeled Polysaccharide 

Flourescence Biosensor 

Wilbur S. Peng • Electrical Engineering 

A Heuristic Computational Methodology for Structural Similarity Representation 

Yuan-Te Peng • Engineering Materials 

Hydrogen Sensors Based on Palladium Electroplated Fiber Brag^ Gratings 

Ursula A. Perez-Salas • Chemical Physics 

Polystyrene Network-Network Interfaces: Adhesion and Inlcrdifjusion 

Rahsheda D. Perine • Psychology 

Psychological Factors that Influence African Americans' CRE Peformance 

Rodney J. Petersen • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Copyright Oumership Policy and Practice 

Heather L. Pfeifer • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

77if Influence of Exposure to Community I 'iolence or I 'lolent Behavior Among 
Juvenile Detainees 

Nicole L. Piquero • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Exploring the Recidivision Process of Maryland Adult Probationers 

Anne M. Pitsch • Government and Politics 

Tivo Decades of Structural Adjustment in Africa: Implications jor Human Rights 
and Democracy 

Robert B. Pless • Computer Science 

Linking I 'iewpoints: Creating Models from I 'ideo 

John C. Powell • Mechanical Engineering 

Investigation into the Solderability Issues in Surface Mount Manufacturing with 
the Use of TItermal Adhesive Underfill 

Ana L Prados • Chemistry 

Observations and Numerical Simulations of Atmospheric Trace Gas Species and 
Tlieir Transport from North America to the North Atlantic Ocean 

Patcha Punyindu • Physics 

Understanding Kinetic Surface Roughening Using Local Discrete, Nonequilibrium 
Growth Models 

Marjorie S. Pyle • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Caregiving Grandparents Raising Tlieir Grandchildren Hliose Parents are 
Mentally HI: A Grounded Theory Approach 

Xicheng Qi • Civil Engineering 

Development of a Universal Permanent Deformation Law for Asphalt Mixtures 

Leslie A. Rach • Curriculum and Instruction 

Literacy Demands on Deaf Adults in the Work Place: An Investigation of 
Reading and Writing Practices on the Job 

Aarti Raja • Microbiology 

Role of HIl' Nuclcocapsid Protein and Rnaseh Activity of Reverse Transcriptase 
on Retroviral Recombination 

Andrew S. Rajkumar • Econotnics 

Foreign Aid and Public Resource Management in Developing Economies 

u N I V E R s I 

1 A R Y L A N D 



Lauren M. Rhim • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Prwatizini:; Public Education: How Tlieory Rfgcirdiiii; hicrciisiiif) Ejficii'iicy 
Tmiiihilcs into Practice in a Public School 

Brian D. Richmond • Health Education 

Use of Complementary & Alternative Medicine Among University Students 

Thomas A. Ricker • Government and Politics 

Transnational Adivcacy Workers' Rights in Nicaraf^ua 

Gabriel Rivera • Computer Science 

Computer Optimizations for Avoiding Cache Conflict Misses 

Randall N. Robinson • Chemical Engineering 

1 alidation of Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation oj a Rushton Turbine 
Mixer Using Liiser Dopplcr Anemometry 

David E. Rohall • Sociology 

The Relative Effects of Economic and Organizatinal Factors in the 
Downsizing-Stress Process: A Case Study of the Russian Army 

Claudia B. Romano • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Soil Erosion and Imperfect Labor Markets: Tlie Case of Small Farmers in 
F.I Salvador 

Jill E. Rooth • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

'Hie Role of the Invasive, Phragmites Australis, on Cheapeake Bay Marsh Stability 

Thomas Rossmanith • Mechanical Engineering 

T'chnology Development for Multiple Internal Strain Measurement in 
Composite Structures Using Embedded Fiber Optic Sensors 

Lael E. Rudd • Aerospace Engineering 

Dmgitudinal Dyiuimic Stability and Control of Mission-oriented Hypersonic 
IVaverider Vehicles 

Robyn A. Russow • Human Development 

Tlie Effects of Graphing Calculator Experiences on Conceptual Understanding 
of Algebra 

Carolyn A. Saba • Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Early Progressive Educational Reform:The Kindergarten and Industrial 
Education Movements in the United States from 1875 to 1890 

Jason E. Sanabia • Chemical Physics 

Experimental Studws of Halocarbons on Silicon surfaces 

Tara E. Santniire • Government and Politics 

Domain Specific Cognitive Complexity and International Crisis Decision Makitig 

Saswati Sarkar • Electrical Engineering 

A Study Of Congestion Control and Fairness in Multirate Multicast Networks 

Wendy L. Sarney • Engineering Materials 

Microatialysis of Semiconductor Films for Military Optoelectronic Device Applications 

Barbara A. Satina • Kinesiology 

Girlhood Rememberances of Developing a Sense oj Bodily Competence Through 
Physical Activity: A Phenomenological Study 

Kamran Sayrafian-Pour • Electrical Engineering 

Space Division and Scheduling in Multiple Access and Some Infnmation- 
Tlieoretic Approaches to Problems in Networking 

Virginia W. Schardt • Kinesiology 

T7k' Relationship Between Cognitive Beliefs and Psychological Attributes 
that Contribute to Exercise Participatory Decisions of First Time Myocardial 
Infarction Individuals 

Mary K. Schneider • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Grounded Theory of the Outconws of Service Related to Social and Civic 
Responsibility for College Students 

Ibrahim Sei • Chemical Engineering 

Spectroscopy Based Process Monitoring 

Pradeep Sharma • Mechanical Engineering 

Micro-structural Modeling of Cyclic Creep Damage in Tin-Lead Eutectic Solder 

Kartik J. Sheth • Astronomy 

Molecular Gas Properties of Barred Spirals 

Christian K. Shin • Computer Science 

Tlie Roles of Document Structure in Document Image Retrieval and Classification 

Lynnette H. Shorts • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Analysis of hnetferon-Tau Activity Using a Molecular Genetic Approach 

David M. Silver • American Studies 

Cyberspace Under Construction: Design. Discourse and Diversity in the 
Blacksburg Electronic I 'illagc and the Seattle Community Network 



Susan S. Singer • Economics 

SuHlching Costs in the Tdecommunkatiom Industr)' 

Scott A. Sirchio • Chemistry 

Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Ternary' Transition Metal Sulfides, 
Chloridesulfides and Nitrides 

Randi Smith-Bessette • Government and Politics 

Is Globalization Inevitable? Cryptography Poliq' in Post-Cold War Japan, 
France and the United Stales 

Claudia M. Smith • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Tlie Lived Experience of Joy of Low Income Women with Pre-school Children 

Nazemeh Sobhi • Civil Engineering 

Tlie Impact of Using Advanced In-Vehicle Information Systems on Driver's 
Behavior for Decision Making and Rerouting 

Isidro Soloaga • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Production and Factors Allocation in Farm Households: Evidence from 
Rural Mexico 

Jie Song • Electrical Engineering 

Optimal Rate Allocation and Security Schemes for Image and I 'ideo Transmission 
Over Wireless Channels 

Damon T. Spayde • Physics 

A Measurement tf the Protons Strange Magnetic Form Factor Using Parity 
Violating Electron Scattering. 

Vivian G. Spencer • English Language and Literature 

Ritual Use of Death in the Plays of August Wilson 

Marie R. Squillace • Health Education 

An Exploratory Study of Personal Assistance Service Choice and Decision 
Making Among Persons with Disabihties and Surrogate Decision Makers 

Martha Anne Stancill 

Collusion in Czech Small Privatization Auctions 

Ryan P. Starkey • Aerospace Engineering 

Investigation of Air-Breaihing. Hypersonic Missile Configurations Within 
External Box Constraints 

Gregory J. Stephens • Physics 

On the Dynamics of Phase Transitions and the \'oncquilibrium Formation of 
Topological Defects 

David P. Stevens • Geography 

Spatial Decision Support for Regional Planning in Davloping Countries 

Richard A. Stevens, Jr. • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Understanding Gay Identity Development: Critical Incidents in the 
College Environment 

Carolina M. Struijke • Linguistics 

Reduplication. Feature Displacement and Existential Faithfiilness 

Laura D. Stubbs • Mechanical Engineering 

Analyses and Modeling of Fin^Protection Agents 

Sheiyao A. Su • Computer Science 

3-D (Gestural Input Support in I'irtual Environment 

Yi Su • Business and Managetnent 

Pricing American Options via Sinmlations:A Stochastic Optimization Approach 

Brook R. Sullivan • Aerospace Engineering 

Technical and Economic Feasibility ofTelerobotic On-Orbit Satellite Servicing 

Nada M.Tamim • Poultry Science 

Factors Effecting Quality and Biogenic Amine Formation in Fermented 
Poultry Carcasses 

Zhibin Tan • Reliability Engineering 

Methodology for .Y-IIiiir Systems Rehabhty 

Sara A. Tangren • Agronomy 

Quantitative Relationships Afnong Groundwater. Plant Community and 
Soil Morphology 

Heather E. Tedesco • Psychology 

Tlie Effects of Seed for Closure on Responses to SelJ-administered 
Survey Questions 

Ashfaq S. Thanawalla • Physics 

S'ear— Field Microtvave Miaoscopy of Superconducting Dei'ices 

Concetta P. Thibideau • Comparative Literature 

TIte Image of Christ in the Cinema of Pier Paolo Pasolini 




Trudy E. Thomas-Smith • Chemistry 

ClhmKim:mi rlic Plunomhuing dipMiiy of ColomI Dissohed OrgatiU Matter 

Abraham Thomas • Electrical Engineering 

Algorithms for Markov Decision Proccsser 

Charles W. Tipton rV • Engineering Materials 

Etilhithcil Pyroelearic Response of La-Sr-Co-O/Ph-Zr-Ti-O/ 
Lit-Sr-Co-O Helcrostniclures 

Yanhong Tong • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Regulation of Lipooligosaceharide Biosynthesis in l\'eisseria Gonorrhoeae 

Jesse D. Tour • Kinesiology 

An Exploration of llie Relationsliip Between Deniographii i'ariahles and Social 
Leisure Participation of Libenans 

Wei-Chun Tseng • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Random Parameter Logit with Sampling of Alternatives 

Bridget D. Turner • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Racial Identity Development Through Participation in Racial Dialogue and 
Action Project 

Kartik Vaithyanathan • Mechanical Engineering 

LAirge Scales, High Speed Bragt; Grating Sensor Sysleiii 

Maria J. Van Den Belt • Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Mediated Modeling: A Collaborative Approach for the Development of Shared 
Understanding and Evaluation of Environmental Policy Scenarios with Case 
Studies in the Fox River, Wisconsin, and the Ria Formosa, Portugal 

Catherine M.Vannetta • Curriculum and Instruction 

Interpreting the Advanced Placement Statistics Curriculum in Tliree High School 
Classrooms: Case Studies of Teacher Practice and Teacher Learning 

Elsa R.Velez • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Midlicultiiral Counseling Competence: An Exploratory Investigator of 
Multicultural Training in School Psychology 

Esteban R.Vesperoni • Economics 

Essays on Asset Markets in Emerging Economies 

Guilhertne E.Vieira * Mechanical Engineering 

Analytical Alodels to Estimate Manufacturing Systems Performance 
Under Rescheduling 

Amer E.Villaruz • Biochemistry 

Identification and Characteri::ation of the pH Dependent Interaction Between 
Nisin and Cellulose, and the Screening of \'isin-hinding Peptide Epitopes by 
Phage Display 

Maria C. Wainer-Yaffe • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

One for All or All for One's Self: Comparing Professorial Values 

Jill T. Walston • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Tlie Intliience of Questionnaire Appearance, Sponsorsliip,Time to Complete 
Statement, and Reply Option for a \leb-based Questionnaire 

William C. Walton • Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Mitigation of Predation by the Green Crab (Carciniis maenas) upon Publicly 
Seeded Hard Shell Clams 

Daw- Wei Wang • Physics 

Elementary Electronic Excitations in One-dimensional Semiconductor Quantum 
Wire Structures 

Shiaau-Lir Wang • Civil Engineering 

Development ofWdtenvay Simulation Model for Interdependent Project ScheduHng 

XiangJ. Wang • Mechanical Engineering 

A Stress Discontinuity Model oj a Single Interface 

Xiaowen Wang • Electrical Engineering 

Robust Channel Estimation in Multicarrier Modulation Systems 

Deborah L. Watkins • Human Development 

An Observational Study of Interactions Between Children with Attention-deficit 
Hyperactivity and Their Trained Peer Partners During Collaborative Learning 

Andrew J. Wayne • Policy Studies 

Federal Policies to Improve Teacher Quality for Students 

Dennis S. Weyker • Government and Politics 

Technologies of Representation and Tlieir Relationship to Public Disclosure on the 
Use of Force 

INTER C O M M E N C E M e N 1 



Ralph D. Whaley, Jr. • Electrical Engineering 

Etched facet INP-Based Photonic (Components for Monohthic Integrated Fiber 
Coupling Assembhes 

Ann H.Wilson • Education Policy 

A Content Analysis ol Eiwiroiunental Education 

Cynthia L. Wimmer • English Language and Literature 

Discourses ofW'ofnen's Anger in 20th Century American Plays by Women 

BooGon Woo • Chemical Engineering 

Mass Transfer and Reaction in Melt Poly Condensation Processes 

Laura M. Woodney • Astronomy 

Chemistry In Comets Halt^Bopp and Hyakutake 

Donn C. Worgs • Government and PoUtics 

Red and Black: Culture Pohtics and Economics and the Development of 
Industrial Education 

Kimberly R. Wrenn • Mechanical Engineering 

Capillar)' Pumped Loop Evaporator Performance Investigation 

George W. Wright • Mathematical Statistics 

Efficient Semi-Paranietric Estimation I Vii Slightly Misscidied Models 

Yougui Wu • Mathematical Statistics 

Analysis of Two-stage Case-control Family Data 

Hassan Yaghoobi • Electrical Engineering 

Stability Monitoring and Control of Nonlinear Systems Susceptible to 
Oscillator)' Bifurcations 

Daniil Yakimovich • Computer Science 

A Comprehensive Reuse Model for COTS Software Products 

Hong Ye • Mechanical Engineering 

Research on Networked Control Systems 

Peter B.Yim • Biochemistry 

Characterisation of Molecular Interactions Using Atomic Force Microscopy 

E-SookYoon • Government and Politics 

Environniental Cooperation in Northeast Asia 

Kenneth P.Yusko • Psychology 

Tlie Structure of Cognitive Maps in Bilateral Negotiations 

Terry Y. Zacker • Education PoUcy, Planning and Administration 

An Exploratory of the Institutional Factors Affecting the Quahty of Social Greek 
Letter Societies 

Angelo M. Zago • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Quality and Self Regulation in Agricultural Markets 

Oleg A. Zaitsev • Physics 

Semiclassical Suface of Section Perturbation Tlieory 

Xiaopeng Zhang • Business and Management 

77!rff Essays on Credit Risk Modeling 

Yi Zhang • Germanic Language and Literature 

Leidenschaft-Unrulu^Politisierung-Of Fnung-H'issenschaft: Ceschichte Der 
Rezeption Der Deutschsprachigen Literatur in China — I on Iliren Anfangen 
Bis Zur Gegenwart 

Zheng Zhang • Mechanical Engineering 

Development of Optical Fiber Biosensors with Dvig Period Gratings 

David L. Zurawik • American Studies 

Tliefeu'S of Prime Time 

Doctor of Education 

Urith D. Boger • Curriculum and Instruction 

Undiscovered Common Ground: Family Stories of Families Who Are Raising 
Children with Dyslexia 

Ruth E. Kolakowski • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Instructional Leadership and Home School Relations in High- and Low- 
perfortning School Relations — SBNTeam Perceptions 

Jill O. Manga • Curriculum and Instruction 

An Examination of theTransferabihty of Reading Recovery Methodologies from 
Reading Recovery Teachers to First-grade Teachers 

Kathleen M.Wallis • Curriculum and Instruction 

Literacy for At-promise Students 




Doctor of Musical Arts 

Jon R. Cart • Music 

Progrcssioti of the Lyric Tenor from the Eighteenth to thcTwetitielli Century 

Vincent H. Chao • Music 

The Complete I'iolin Mmic of FeUx Mendelssolin 

Jarrel B. Crowder • Music 

Tlie Passion of Robert Sclninuuin 

Constance J. Gee • Music 

Viola Concerti of the Stamit: Family 

Olivia Hajioff • Music 

Program Notes for the Forty-four Duos, the Rhapsoilies and the Rumanian Folk 
dances of Bela, Barlok — A Performance Survey 

Wei-Der Huang • Music 

Solo Piano and Chamber Music of Cotitemporary Taiwanese Composers 

Hsien-Ann Meng • Music 

Tlie Lyric Journey in Scliuberl's Piano Sonata before 18 19: An Analytical Study 
and Musical Performance 

Carlos C. Rodriguez • Music 

Mozart's Complete Sonatas: A Dramatist at Work 

Amy Wang • Music 

Ttie Evolution of Piano Education in China Since 1927 

Tzi-Ming Yang • Music 

77ii' Soto Piano ofTmvanese Composers 



Master of 

Applied Anthropology 

Eric G. Bergthold 
Lisa Anne Pfeifer 
Kathleen Rand Reed 
Anne MetteTeigen 

Master of Architecture 

Laurence Jay Brady 
Adam John Bridge 
David Hardy Broderson 
Daniel Brinton Curry 
Brian S. Dayhoff 
Robert G. Den Besten 
John Michael DeRichie III 
Cynthia Renee Gray 
Joshua O'Connor Hill 
Kevin Ka-Kiu Ma 
Robert Coles McClennan 
Maura Ehzabeth O'Dea 
Maria Alejandra Pineiro 
Stephanie L. Ridley 
Jason E. Stabach 
Christopher Frederick Tucker 
Edward H.Wright 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Christina Jane Cox 
Yuri Kubota 
Constance Ann Terry 
Tamara Ruth Winograd 

Applied Mathematics 

Heather Maria Arrighi 
Joseph Callender 
Xiaodong Guan 
Nonetta Marie Pierre 

James Smiley Richardson 
|u-Yi Joyce Yen 

Art History 

John Michael Beshoar 


WiUiam Leonard Carey 


Randall R. Bengfort 
Pamela A. Dixon 
Yaw-Jong Fan 

Catherine Olivia Warmerdam 
Robin M.Wedewer 

Comparative Literature 

Heather Hope Austin 
Jennifer Ann Dix 
Chuong-Dai HongVo 
Limei Yun 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Sonya Jean Andersen 

Amy Elizabeth Blandford 

Sarah Michelle Byrne 

Annisa Louise Chestnut 

Jacqueline Pauline CUhzza 

Patricia Diann Copeland-Arnett 

Paula Ann Desmond-Mistretta 

Tasneem Haq 

Miya Higa 

Karen Rena Lowe 

Chieri Miyazato 

Nami Muramatsu 

Yoko Partee 

Dana Read Pauh 

Janie Marie Schultz 

Gregory James Schuster 

Maria Teresita Shier 

Gidget Woodson-Crudup 

Criminal Justice 
and Criminology 

Kristen Lee Coblentz 
Mark B. Coggeshall 
Edward Rhea Hickey 
Robert Jason Marcello 
Darin Charles Reedy 
Carlos Menzel Rocha 
Nicole Denise Simpson 
Margo Barbara Siwanowicz 
Diane HiUVann 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Patricia Toth Seaton 
Rebecca S. Shepherd 


Matias E. Berthelon 
Catherine Dawn BufEngton 
Amanda Ellen Dawsey 
Javier Espinosa 
Theodora B. Galabova 
Federico Luis Guerrero 
Jeremy Tyler Harris 
Woo- Young Kim 
Somprawin Manprasert 
Facundo Santiago Martin 
Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak 
Daniel Ernesto Ortega 
Randeep Rathindran 
Pedro Cesar Rodriguez 
Ramzi Michel Shammaa 
Haiyan Shui 
Bac V. Tran 
Polina A.Vlasenko 
Xiaojuan Wang 
Yevgeniy A.Yuzefovich 
Lan Zhao 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Liza Estelle Briggs 
Yolanda Sheree Henderson 
Kara Kathleen Myers 

English Language 
and Literature 

Jennifer Boeree 
Ann Georgia Emily Boerner 
Koldo Jule Garai 
Joanne Marie McEvoy 
Christine Ann Moritz 
Jasmine Obunni Palmer 
William Joseph Pistner 
Heather Emily ReUihan 
Amy Rachel Shay 

French Language 
and Literature 

Virgime Mane-France Cassidy 
Sarah Letaw Crowe 


Matthew Edward Fowler 
James Morrow Harmon 
Kevin Joseph Herron 
Chun- Yen Huang 
Steven Robert Keegstra 
Tyrone Ligon 
Ronald W. Luna 
Birgit Peterson 
Ami Shrestha 
Andrew J. Smith 
Robert AUen Sohlberg,Jr. 
Benjamin G. White 
Robb Kory Wright 

Government and Politics 

Adedayo Oluwakayode Adekson 
Victor Assal 
Andrea Marie Bertone 
Pei-Ru Chen 
Sulan Chen 
Matthew R. Crouch 
Sebastien Gagnon-Messier 
Charles Samuel Hamilton III 
Alexandra Mariana Kogl 
Patrick Joseph McBnde 



Elizabeth Anne McQuinn 
Linda Joann Piccirilli 
Szilvia Rohoska 
Matthew Robert Vernon 

Health Education 

Rjmona Wink Couteau 
Andrea Balzano Tucker 
Margaret B. Zink 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Haya Toby Berman 
Sandra Marie Carter 
Mary Elizabeth Donovan 
Kristin Louise Lake 
Carla Ann May-Clay 


Bara Baldursdottir 
Sidney Robert Banks. Jr. 
Mark Clifton Behlert 
James Louis Duncan 
Ida Roxanna Eblinger 
David Joseph Gainer 
John R. McQueneyJr. 
Brian Christopher Phelan 
Marcy Kay Wilson 

Human Development 

Dana Shireen Jones 


David Allen Abrams 

Andrei Blakely 

Rachel D. Brown 

Barbara Kim Burnham 

Rosalinda Dejesus 

Jamillah J. Echeverria 

Penny Ann Fuchs 

Julie Marie Lopez 

Sean Llewellyn Mussenden 

Virginia Theresa Clair Rodino 

Blair Gagnon St. Amand 
David Childs Walker II 
Kathryn Shaw Wenner 
Anrwan Corvelle Williams 
Danyell Tracy Williams 


Leanne Abugov 
Daniel Coleman Barlow 
Josef Brandauer 
Jeffrey Douglas Brown 
Craig Chasse 
Ryan Joseph Clancy 
Michael Todd Friedman 
Jessica Margaret Mohler 
Alexander Watson Porter 
Steven W Smith 
Katherine DunlapVeazey 


Aitziber Atucha 
Jeffrey Paul Lilly 
Elixabete Murguia 

Mathematical Statistics 

Bipasa Biswas 


Joel Thomas Chovanec 
Daniel Kluge 
Lev B.Vertgueim 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

OlgaV Dekht>'ar 
Chin-Fang Weng 


Susan Mane Slmgland 
Keith A.Wolfe 


Blaine M. Nelson 


Aaron Ashby Harris 
Gayatri Misra Hasan 
Paul R.Jones 
Megan Elizabeth Radek 
Stephanie Christine Warner 


Kelly Feighan 
Bradford B. Hepler 
Yuko Kurashina 
Marybeth Jordan Mattingly 
Rachel Virginia Noble 
Todd Evan Stillman 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Hilkka Marja Booker 
Julio F. Guerra 

Master of Arts, Master 
of Library Science 
with Geography 

Demetris J. Kafouris 

Master of Business 

Matthew Francis Assia 
Radu S. Burducea 
Timothy Charles Burkard 
Jeffrey Todd Clark 
Viola Nelson Davies 
Anthony Michael Dejoseph 
Alisha S. Dixon 
Hai Nghiep Duong 
Ecton Burke English 
Stephen D. Good 
Claire M. Grady 
John Graham Hartwell 

William Henry Heaney 

Ya-Ling Huang 

Matthew John Jankowski 

Matthew R. Knadler 

Adrian B. Kutko 

Michael Joseph Loefflad 

Brent J. Lorenz 

Rodrigo Daniel Maramba 

Cheryl Denise Meares 

Michael A. Miller 

Charles K. Minesinger 

William Douglas Morningstar 

Elmus Walter Mosby.Jr. 

Samantha Neukom 

Michele Annette Nichols 

Edward James Paglee 

Kristajane Pilot 

Jason Todd Quimby 

Philip Edgar Railsback 

Ramraj Rangarajan 

Prasad Lakshmi Recharla 

Eric Baechtel Reed 

Jonathan Michael Ruttenberg 

Adam Safir 

Stephanie Kaye Shum 

David Adam Slomsky 

Chen Smith 

A. Cyril Spiro 

Barrie Natalie Stesis 

Jeffrey Allen Stuart 

Jeffrey Stuart Swanson 

Dipak M.Thakker 

Suryarao Venkata Naga Tipparaju 

Brian Henry Trentler 

Christopher Joseph Wisniewski 

Gang Xiao 

Dawit Zena 



Master of Business 
Administration, Master 
of Science Combined 

Lisa Ann Barnard 
Katherine Galiger DeTitta 
Joshua Samuel Feingold 
Margo Suzanne Harris 
Yu-Ling Hsu 
Stephanie Lynn Jackson 
Fredrik Olof Nyman 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Rosalba Bassols-Martinez 

IVlehssa Carol Bird 

Nicole Marie Lacoste Bowles 

Laura Stone Burden 

Kristy Janine Reuther Daniels 

Shamali Francoise De Silva 

Joyce M. Delaurentis 

Monika Gabriele Polanec Graves 

Juhe Elizabeth Herlands 

Laura Ann Honhart 

William Echols Jeffries III 

Allison FitzGibbon Ladd 

Donald Brett Ludlow 

Jennifer LaDon Pinder 

KeUy Ann Schuler 

Azhar Tyabji 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Theresa Mane Baker 
M.Venessa Barney 
Janet Leshe Carn 
Edwin Fielder 
Debra Etheridge Fitzgerald 

Carey Patricia Grana 
Toby S.Jenkins 
Megan Elizabeth Mature 
Jillian F O'Shea 
Juan C. Regalado 
Laura Sue Rubinstein 
Dan Shaham 
Lynn Soots 

Robert Richard Stenard 
Mary Sun Taylor 
Diana Do Quyen Tran 
Clayton L.Walton 
Maureen Veronica York 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Julie Ann Branier 

Elizabeth Aileen Brenden 

Darius Edward Brown II 

Elizabeth McMath Byam 

Leslie Spencer Dorn 

Gina Maria Downin 

Julianne Helms Favin 

Nancy S. Guerra 

Heidi Palmer Knechtle 

Sarah Elizabeth Lewis 

Wen-Chen Liu 

Loucas Louca 

Karen Miriam Rosenbaum 

Kasra Sotudeh 

Laura Ehzabeth Brown Wittniann 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Patricia Elizabeth Sterling Cosby 
Heather Ellen MuUally 
David A. Norment 
Mary Lou Riccio 

Special Education 

Jennifer Kinney Kowal Chambers 
Margaret J. Glenn 
Jolie Beth Lechtman 
Jennifer Smith Stepanek 

Master of Engineering Master of Fine Arts 

Ramesh Ardeli 
Andrew Eugene Bartoszyk 
Kimberly Caldwell Becker 
Jose Bengoechea 
David Alan Burgess 
Fannie Ting Chan 
Raymond Paul Clarke 
Richard Arthur CHfton 
Olugbenga Olawale Faniodu 
Jose Alberto Faria 
Joseph Paul Gross 
Keith Alan Heckler 
Ernest George Heinrichs 
George Denman HUl 
RusseU Vincent Hime 
Michael K. Hutchinson 
Ashish Rameshwar Jakhete 
Bruce Vinton Jones 
Rajeev Kumar Karamchedu 
Sam Hecham S. Kassem 
Christian David Long 
Wilbert Moultrie III 
John Bruno Niemczuk 
Bradley Kirk NoU 
Jason Albert Pannone 
Lu Treavis Damon PhiUips 
Kevin Robert Russell 
Robert Steven Samanich 
RoryTrey Saunders 
David Eugene Scott 
Patricia A. Sharkey 
Richard Alfonso Sullivan, Jr. 
John William Ward 
Julie Anne Wheeler 
Sze HongYau 
Nick Zajerko-Mckee 

Creative Writing 

Stephanie T. Allen 
Leonne F Gould 
James Scott Hoch 
James Christopher Tweedy 

Fine Arts 

Jeong-Hee Sumita Kim Muhn 


John Reese Davies 

Master of 
Library Science 

Information Studies 

Kineret Leigh Abramson 
Kathryn Carroll Boyd 
Rhona Campbell 
Daria Kary Caron 
Allison Maria Denny 
Abigai] Fitzpatrick Ellsworth 
William Bruce Fleming 
Irene Amalia Fuerst 
Beverly Jean Geckle 
Naomi Rebecca Gelfand 
Patricia Kelly Gualtien 
Tara R. Hess 
Laura J. Holoski 
Karen Marie Johnson 
Travis M.Johnson 
Mary Susan Kilpatrick 
Diana Jill Kirby 
Anita Hafnalka Komlodi 
Kimberly Jean Kraus 
Madonna Anne Lebling 
Monica Van Wert Martinez 
Serafima Mirkm 
Angela Ann Nieberlein 



Heather Gibson Norris 
Kelley Ann Perkins 
Linda C. Roberts 
William James RoUins 
Jennifer Lynn Smith 
Madeleine Joan Tolmach 
Deborah Tova Tomaras 

Master of Music 

Audrey Elizabeth Cupples 
Adam Marc Friedman 
Eugenia Kuang-Luan Ho 
Aaron David Holmes 
Jiyoung Park 

Master of 
Public Health 

Health Education 

Larissa Aylin Guran 

Master of Public 

Emily Q. Dick 
Christopher Ronald Dallas 
Paget Luke Graham 
Shirleyne Herold 
John E Lafferry 
Joshua H. PoUack 
Gudivada Venkateswara Rao 
Kasmera Allegra Santiago 
Nakima Kim Scotten 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Kathryn Huff Boyle 

Karen Ehzabeth Cunnyngham 

Scott C. Macomber 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Manuj Dhingra 

Dario Fusato 

Nilesh G. Panandikar 

Jacob S. Park 

Mehssa H. Pelton 

Mark Christopher Shaner 

Lauren Susanne Shook 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Jonathan Eliot Alevy 
Sumeet Gulati 
JuUy Sayevich 

Agriculture Engineering 

Christopher Lee Perrygo 
Christopher Alan Streb 


Schantz Basir 
Jennifer Sue Butler 
James Graham Davis 
Rachel Esther Gilker 
Monisha Kaul 
Carinne Anne Peters 
Joelle Elizabeth Woolston 

Animal Sciences 

Aurobindo Solomon Dhandu 

Ashley Henshaw Sanders 

Mary Jennifer Woodward-Greene 


Wcilan Pan 

Biological Resources 

Matthew A. Bower 


Jeffrey CUfton Cole 
WiUiam Lafayette Mondy 
Charles Grier Sellers 
Wai FongWu 

Business and Management 

Lesley Erin Alexander 
Benjamin Nicholas Britt 
Rohit M. Chande 
Maomao Chen 
Chung-En Chu 
VinodV. Iyer 
Adam Chad LiUing 
Ryan Michael McClain 
Swaraj D. Nandan 
Grant Daniel Newman 
Reginald Anthony Norwood 
Kathleen Marie Rhoads 
Manisha M. Shah 
Tuan Le Thomson 
Ruijia Wang 

Cell Biology/ 
Molecular Genetics 

Wennung Ding 
Priti D. Kumar 
Lisa Hartman Simpson 

Chemical Engineering 

Karen Kimberly Carter 
Wook Chang 
Kedar Himanshu Dave 
James Paul Roseli 
Ashish Suresh Sabadra 
Ping Jie Wang 

Chemical Physics 

Jaime Ramirez Serrano 


Madhuri Chattopadhyay 
Linda M. Duane 

Steven Iwanowski 

Civil Engineering 

Gayatri Bhamidipaty 
Shirlene Marie Cleveland 
Elias L. Demetriou 
Timothy Michael Gary 
Andrew Kenneth Hamann 
Thomas Hans Jacobs 
Ghassan Sylla Khouri 
Terence W Lowe 
Adam A. Pinkard 
Antonio Bruno Rigato 
MohamiTied Adil Rizvi 
Catherine Romero 
David Michael Schmode 
Charles Christopher Smith 
Dahborka Stanojevic 
Kevin Jay Stroud 
Brigida FatimaVan Doornik 
Jun Zhao 
Ying Zhou 
Liang Zhu 

Computer Science 

Waiyian Chong 
Mihai Ciocoiu 
Lance Everett Good 
Zhiyun Li 
Peng Liu 
Dorit Naishlos 
Dejan Taoija Perkovic 
John Joseph Viner 
Jing Wu 
Xiaohu Yao 

Electrical Engineering 

Mohamed Mahmoud AbdaUah 
Kaushik Chakraborty 
Torsten Frederic Chase 
Xuewei Chen 
Zhiyun Chen 
Saurabh Dadu 



Zeynep Dilli 

John Thomas Dowdal 

Youyu Feng 

Li Gan 

Milena Ivaiiova Hadjiyska 

Gregory Anthony Katona 

Andres Kwasinski 

Ahtit Limpongsa 

Kyriakos Manousakis 

Yu Mao 

Melissa Moy 

Stephen Kirkman Powell 

Daniel J. Rapczynski 

Anna Secka 

Zhiping Shi 

Lamar Soul Taylor 

Chun Tse 

Nauman Uppal 

Jun Wan 

Chang Wang 

Jason Jer-Sou Wang 

JonV. Zihus 


Gang Hu 

Harry Frank Rasmussen.Jr. 

Family Studies 

Dolores Ann Acquista 
Dina Marie Barclay 
Irina Beyder-Kamjou 
Dawn M. Conner 
Philip Russell Johnson 
Sonja M.Johnson 
Maria Lestina Mills 
Goldie Mehssa Morton 
Patricia Lois Most 
Ainisha Bikira Orton 
Marylynne Matson Urie 
Michele Marie Winter 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Yogesh V. Kalantre 
Noah Lael Ryder 
Mark Henry Salley 
Steven Mark Strege 
Steven Daniel Wolin 

Food Science 

Michael T Wetter 


Narayan Bharadwaj 


Lmda Charleen Pope 
Li Sun 
Jun Tian 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Pilantana Anderson 
Karyl Kristina Brewster-Geisz 
Jeanna Rose Bryner 
Shannon J. Busby 
EUen Frances DeRico 
Michael Guise Frisk 
Kathryn Ann Gloersen 
Erik K. Haberkern 
Daniel Jason Hochman 
Nicholas William Kaltenbach 
Jamie Michelle Krauk 
KeUy Margaret McAloon 
Wendy Ehzabeth Morrison 
Javier Robalino 
William Anthony Severn 
Alice Louise Stratton 
Mitchell Stewart Tartt 
Stephanie A. Wilsen 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Ameet K. Aiyangar 
John RusseU Blackwood 
Randolph Nicholas Jacobs 
Carl Hugh Nicholas 
Makesh Subramaniam 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sameer Nilkanth Athalye 

Robert Bruce Barthelmes.Jr. 

Michael Alan Beamesderfer 

Thomas Howard Beigel 

Keita Fela Broadwater 

James Sung Cho 

Brett James Cuder 

Paul Frederick Elkouss 

Zhenya Huang 

Raghuram Iyengar 

Hui Li 


Philip Andrew Lyndon LoveU 

Charles Leander Moore III 

Kevin Adrian Moores 

Dale Robert Morey 

Rajesh Narayanan 

Rajesh Natarajan 

Rajashekar S. Pappu 

Bongjin Park 

Diana Marinela Pelmescu 

Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan 

Brian John Reynolds 

Swaminathan Saikumar 

Anoop K. Samuel 

Brian Austin Self 

Gokul Venkateshwar Shankaran 

Rajdeep Sharma 


Saravanakuinar Velayudham 

Venkata Prasad Veluru 

Yves Gabriel Wantou Deugoue 


Chengning Yang 

Lang Yuan 


Mark Andrew Armstrong 

Sowmya Devarajan 

Robert W Eicher 

Hua Guo 

Ileana Cristina Musat 

Monica Moran Spinnenweber 

Yunheng Wang 

Nuclear Engineering 

Amani Carter 
John Lee Carter 
Marc Alan Garland 
Ali BeUou Mohamed 
Michael Anthony Salay 


Eileen Bridget Ann McMahon 

Susan Thorsland 

Ning Wu 

Teresa Catherine Zavitsky 


Satyan Gopal Bhongale 

Jesse Snow Alexander Bridgewater 

Sarah Catherine Donnelly 

Boris Gelman 

Sarah Jessica Messer 

Todd Erik Sherhne 

Wendy Leigh Wood 

Xiaomeng Zhang 

Reliability Engineering 

Clement Tayo Aladekugbe 

Kristin A. Fretz 

Jennifer Lynn Perry 

Peter Anthony Stephens 

Yining Wang 

Huixian Wu 


Medardo Enrique Yanez 



Survey Methodology 

Robert Gordon Bentord 
Jennifer Ann Guarino 
Zakiya Tiomaya Sackor 

Sustainable Development 
and Conservation Biology 

Marina Cracco 
Jose-Luis Izursa 
Bryan Jason Kelly 
Annette May Meredith 
Marianne Carla Panuncio 
Karin Ellen Sypura 

Systems Engineering 

Yi-Wen Cheng 
Fernando J. Galup 
Kawin Ngamkajornwiwat 


Kyungsub Ahn 
Rodolfo Francesco Bonacci 
Carlos Eduardo Hernandez 
Jerome Kevin Hetrick 

Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Dominic Armond Travis 


Jeffrey James Hanten 

Master of 

Software Engineering 

Joint Program with 
University College 

ChiaYu Hsiao 
Souha R. Shami 

Graduate Certificate 


Harlan F. Rosacker 




A. James Clark 
School of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Stephen Kerhy Doyle 
Daniel S. Maloney 
Karen Marie Mitchell 
§Jason Louie Pereira 
Roxanna Sai 
Jeremiah Nolan Smith 
Monica Vohra 
Jonathan Charles Witkin 

Biological Resources 

Fikerte Getachew 
Kristen J. Hughes 
Hetal Manubhai Rami 

Chemical Engineering 

LiHa Chaimovich 

Rehan Choudhary 

*Su-Jya Fan 

Binyam Asnake Giorgis 

Nasir Hussain 

William Warren King. Jr. 

Robert James Redmond, Jr. 

Ryan K. Santoso 

Elizabeth Antonia Smiroldo 

Rachel Mozelle Williams 

Civil Engineering 

Stephen P. Acott 
Jeremy Lawrence Beck 
Lam Duy Bui 
Jorgomai Ceesay 
*Michael Joseph Chamberland 
Nicole Andrea Chin Wing 
Gilbert Marc Chlewicki 
Scott Suk-Jong Choi 

John Albert Cosgrove, Jr. 
Christopher Angelo D'Ascanio 
Christopher Brian Derbyshire 
Shee' Lynette Fells 
Biniam Formica 
Christine Marie Gorgone 
Derek Lamont Gunn 
Ifter Wellington Lashley 
Ruel H. Manuel 
Desmond Keith Michael 
Mary Leona Paist 
Natalya Seredich 
Charles Alfred Shaw 
Jon Adjei Shiancoe 
*Kjmberiy Anne Whitt 
Sze-Shun Krystal Wong 

Computer Engineering 

Marwan Salah El-Dm Oweis 

Electrical Engineering 

Kaveh Abnshamkar 

Javier Jose Alday 

Kwame Asare Asafo-Adjei 

Semmere Asfaw 

Robin Scott Barbehenn 

Laura Ann Bopp 

Christopher Jeremy Boyle 

Michael Cao 

Angela Chan 

Uttara Devi Chan 

Raymond Jun-Wei Chang 

Nicole Karen Charles 

Joong-Hee Cho 

Geoffrey Thomas Christoph 

Richard Ming-Wai Chu 

Michael Anthony D'Ambrosio III 

Scott Randall Duncan 

David Ryan Durachka 

Jeremy Michael Eckman 

Chad Michael Fisher 

Eric Michael Fiterman 

2nd Degree: Computer Scieme 
Lee Kenneth Gillespie 
Jeremy Shane Grant 
Joseph Roy Grigonis 
Marco Nicholas Gulotta.Jr. 
Robert Wayne Horn 
Lars Hovmand 
Marko Ivanov 
Hemant Kapoor 
Shivani Kaul 
Asher S. Lazarus 
Kenny Sheng-Che Lin 
Stuart Benson Martin 
Ariel David Martinez 
Jeffrey Robert Mcllvain 
Jeremy Jason McKeever 

2itd Degree: Malhematics 
James Garrett McWUliams 
Matthew Christopher Miller 
Saswat Misra 

Arnin Mohseni-Cheraghlou 
Apandarshan Pal Singh Monga 
Nathan Andrew Moody 
Charles Paul Nail 
Anh-Thu Thi Nguyen 
Lam Son Nguyen 
Manh-Tai Tarn Nguyen 
David Nelson Ohver 

2itd Degree: Mathemalks 
Eric Jong Park 
Christopher Anthony Pope 
Matthew D. Prenatt 
Kelly G. Reeves 
Andrew Lee Ripple 
Donnell Robinson 
Francis Thaddeus Rodriguez 
Christina Lynn Sage 
Suman Sampath 
Allyson Neel Sanders 
Uday Pandharinath Shenvi 
Brian SUl 

Kyle Christopher Smith 

Andrew Craig Stockham 

Jeffrey Douglas Stone 
2nd Degree: German 
Language and Literature 

David P. Tang 

Samson David Thomas 

Renee Michelle Tolbert 

Dai-An Tran 

Tri D.Tran 

Jemiy Trinh 

Rath B. Ung 

Ogechi Chinedum Wachuku 

Daniel Ian Walsh 

Derm Carr Walters 

Shwu-Jing Wang 

§Yun HuaWang 

John Michalsen Wanko 

Vincent Michael Weaver 

Eric M.Wescott 

f Luke Michael 

Blohm Winternitz 

AUen M.Wong 

Kwan lames Yau 

Engineering — Nuclear 

Brett Richard Stewart 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Eric James Babcock 
CheukWai Chan 
Stacy Ann Dyer 
Jamie Lynn Ferrino 

Nascimento Rodrigues 
Mark S. Rosenberger 
Je Weon Sung 

Mechanical Engineering 

Daniel Joshua Ackerman 
David William Bever 
Uttam D. Bharwani 
Deborah Anne Bourke 


i Stimma mm Laiidc "t" .Vj 


Namrata Boveja 
Michael John Ciotti 
Mark Louis Cretella 
*Luke Joseph Currano 
Erik Lance Davis 
[ohn William Dean 
Kevin Andrew Denton 
Christopher John Euteneuer 
Ross Joseph Fichter 
Thomas G. Fistek 
*Subroto Gunawan 
Omead Attar Hashemi 
Eric John Hawley 
Bryan Alan Hays 
Steven Michael Hedgespeth 
Patrick Flynn Joyce 
Geoun Tack Lee 
Paul James Marrichi 
Dean Richard Menegay 
Richard Alexander Michael 
Do Hwan Noh 
Melissa Kay Norton 
Veronica Otero 
Omoefe Agwarota Ozomaro 
Angel Prado Gonzalez 
Jerry Thomas Rahll 
Thomas Evan Schappeler 
Sujay Sudhir Shah 
Paula Suzanne Simon 
Jennifer EHzabeth Supik 
Vaughan Lamar Thomas 
Carolyn Jeanne Turk 
IlanVanWesel I 
Brian Adam Weiss 
Luke AsherWilhelm 
Darrell Adam Zinn 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of 
Landscape Architecture 

fCaithn Grace Dalton 
fDonna-Marie Despres 
Eileen Marie Kemp 
Barbara Ann Morgan Wexel 
*Steven Todd Yavanian 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Charles Adam Cramer 
Anthony Raymond Dodson 
Sherry Rene Holt 
Martha Tajjulukuka Lwanga 

Animal Sciences 

Felecia Michelle Francis Bishop 
Tonya Lynn Catterton 
Angela J. Constantino 
Jessica Susan Fritz 
Catherine Anne Kebler 
Jennifer Ann Shupe 
Giselle Kristine Soriano 
Phihp Anthony Trice 

Conservation Soil, Water 
and Environment 

Suzy Suk Park 

Crop Science 

Lori Ann O'Connell 


Esther Ziba Lazar 
Brian Keith Yager 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Environment 

Sean Christopher Bull 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Environment 

Joseph Byron Clift 
Nicole Mane Hale 
Christina Rachelle McGuire 
Michael Bradley Spancake 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Mapping and 
Data Management 

Brian David Halulko 

Sung-Hee Kim 

Franklyn Adew Trinity-Davies 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Soil, Water 
and Land Resources 

*lnbal Becker-Reshef 

2tid Degree: Geography 
Jessica Alexis Bondinell 
WiUiamJ.Burns IV 
Wayne Scott Zimmerli 

Food Science 

*In-Tin Hsu 

John Perry Sakowski 

Horticulture — Horticulture 

Nancy Jean Griffin 

Heath Montgomery Holmes 

Horticulture — Horticulture 

YanYan Leon 

Horticulture — Landscape 

Andrew D. Dziuban 
John Adam Librizzi 

Land and Water Management 

Charles James Dilla 

Nutritional Science 

Stacey Alysson Melnian 
*Jonathan Edward Spindler 

Plant and Wildlife 
Resource Management 

AmyW. Leska 

Turf and Urban Agronoiny 

Michael Joseph Stanton 

School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 


Christopher Andrew Labosky 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Gregory Scot Barlow, Sr. 
Gabrielle Amelie Bosco 
Kerrilyn Patricia Bowers 
Mandy Robyn Carpency 
Erin Elizabeth Gregoire-Cope 
Kate Spencer Hannas 
Daniel Isenberg 
Eric Andrew Klaiber 
John A. Masciandaro 
Christopher Joonsuk Noh 
Karen Ann O'Lone 

I Latide f Magna cum Laude 




Felipe Antonio Rodriguez 
Casey Todd Ryan 
Jennifer Ann Williams 

Art History 

fSharon Benzacar 

AlexaY. Choi 

Arlene Eiras 

2nd Major: Journalism 

3rd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature with Business 

*Maureen Keren 

2nd \Ljjor: Jewish Studies 

Lorene Allison Nucker 

Donna Lynette Richards 

Emily Clipp Rincon 

Deborah Mira Sotzsky 

fjennifer Lynn Strickland 

Elizabeth Szatkowski 

Art Studio 

f Sarah Kate Albro 
Chad Steven Balsis 
Benjamin Roy Bettinson 
Alexis Bilanski 
Linda Kaiser Brant 
Laura Jean Broderick 
*Niracha Chartsiriwattana 
Nira Duvan 
Susanne E. Eisinger 
Terry Anna Epps 
Justin D. Finkle 
Jason Mark Greene 
Brian Christopher Hanlon 
Gregory Adam Hess 
Rachel J. Hiskins 
Raymond Y. Hu 
Sara Briana Kane 
Paul Eugene Kim 
Joshua Alan Kimerling 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Ksenia S. Lobanova 
Jared Wayne Maltz 

Morgan Mane Martins 
Rhonda Sue McKinley 
Shailendra Neewoor 
Kevnn Nyaga Ngugi 
Kathleen Louise O'Donovan 
Tali a Rose Peres 
Renee Alicia Pitts 
Natalie Lynn Quatrrociocchi 

2nd Degree: Biohgical 

Science: Entomology 
Calvin Benjamin Richardson, Jr. 
Mario Cortez Stewart 
Pimtai Suwannasuk 
Sarah Lynn Walko 
Wancheng Wang 
June Amanda Webb 


Maevlyn Alette Stevens 

Classical Languages 
and Literature 

Titi'any Lynn KlafF 
Lori Musico 


Todd Rjchard Ahern 
Shepherd Z Baum 
Sean Michael Beavers 
Kelly Knox Beckham 
Francine Alison Belser 
Kathryn M. Bergeron 
Joshua Scott Berlin 
Matthew Robert Blaney 
Aisha Sarina Bobo 
*Carrie Anne Boron 
Sarah Paige Bradley 
Erin Maureen Brannigan 
Lester Chad Malonzo 

de Jesus Carreon 
Sohee Cho 

Gretchen Beverley Cox 
Jennifer Lydia Cruz 
Samuel Charles Cusumano 

Christine Delli Bovi 

Jennifer Dickens 

Elizabeth Teresa Dillhoff 

Samantha Michelle DiCrocco 

Desery Veronica Donovan 

Frank Travers Flannery 

Jessie Geller 

Ramatouhe GiUen 

Jan Ellen Golembiewski 

Sheila Marie Gribaudo 

David Matthew Groothuis 

Michelle Leigh Haupdy 

Donicka Abiola Herod 

Amy Michelle Hilliard 

Scott Jared Holzberg 

Jeremy Rand Hutman 

Robert Israeli 

Shereen Brennan Jahed McAdams 

Derrick Lemont Johnson 

Lauren Alexys Johnson 

Angela Marie Kelly 

Angel May Kim 

Michael George Kuntz 

John Peter Lafranchise, Jr. 

Eugenia Nartatez Lagda 

Anne EUzabeth MacAdams 

Gail Lynn Marmon 

Vonetta Brenna Martin 

Nicola Trena McKenzie 

Belen Mesfin 

Brian Russell Morgan 

Thadious WydeU Modey 111 

Eugene Joseph Murray 

Thuy-Ngan Thai Nguyen 

Lori M. Orser 

Moka Pantages 

"(Jennifer Mary Plopa 

Anna Mane Pollack 

David Matthew Porter 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Stephen Edwin Pugha 

Sarah Lily Rabmowitz 
Michelle Lee Redding 
Kristal Ebony Roache 
* Renee Lee Robbins 
Aryan Angelette Rodriguez 

2nd Degree: Conernment 

and Politics 
Kathryn J. Ross 
Mark Alex Salazar 
Genan Isa Saleh 
Amy Lauren Shavelson 
Katherine Llagas Shaw 
Keisha Erica Srmth 
Cr\'stal A. Straughn 
Amanda G. Suder 
Maryam Tara 
*Uri Samuel Topolosky 
Vanessa Leilani Tucker 
Jordon Heil Valentino 
Megan F.Van Dyke 
Ehse Victoria Zeller 
Ross E. Zimbalist 
Angela Christina Zittle 
f Patricia Ann Zuber 


Brian Howell Buck 
Leila EHzabeth ConkUn 
Darin Robert Ford 
Meredith Chatam King 
Kelly Elizabeth Mayfield 
Jessica Jo Schafter 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Monica Leigh Smothers 
Janai Christine Trammell 

English Language 
and Literature 

Nicole M.Arseneault 
E. Sarah Ann Bacchus 

^ E R S IT Y OF 

I Summa aim Laiiiie f A/ii?ri<i n"'i Lattde 


Adam Jacob Bahr 
2itd Degree: 

Secondary Education — English (Lan- 
guage Arts) 
Jessica Sabra Baiita 
Nicole Sheree Bates 
f David Bauckham 
Lauren Beth Berger 
_^Amanda Kelly Bernhardt 
Aisha Rashon Brantley 
Erin Heather Brown 
Elizabeth Lee Buchanan 

2nd Major: Women 's Studies 
Joel Kenneth Church 
Kathryn Adele Clement 
Gail Tanaj Connell 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
Bridget Mary Corrigan 
Diane Marie Croghan 
Michael S. Dombrowski 
Josh Frederick Faehner 
Christina Rose Fisher 

2nd Major: General Business 
Bryan W. Fletcher 
Vicki Marie Franks 
HoUy Ann Freso 
Christina Maria Gentile 

2nd Major: Romance Languages 
*Tiniothy Francis Gorniley 
Mickey Diane Graham 
Allison Kay Green 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Erika Britt Hall 
Darla Sue Hawkins 
Shania Nyota HUl 
Andrew Michael Huminski 
Caria A. James 
Lissa Marie Jean-Jacques 
Tremaine Lee Johnson 
Palmer David Jones 
Jonathan Kavner 

Richard Stewart Kelley 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
*Akbar Faraz Khan 
^Heather C. King 
Vasileah Flora Kyros 
Paul Douglas Lord 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
Jonas A. Malever 
Jennifer Samantha Mann 
Peggy Ann Marquardt 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Brian Francis McNally 
Warren James Morris 
Pamela R. Morse 

2nd Major: Women i Studies 
Warren Joseph Paul 
Aaron Brian Pintzuk 
Stacy Ehzabeth Price 
Jonathan Ripp 
Farro T. Rogers 
Joaquin Roose 
Constance Marzetta Rowe 
Tatiana Marcela Roy 
Annaheta Salajegheh 

2nd Degree: Biological Science: 

Physiology and Neurobiology 
Peter Edward Salvia 
Christopher Aidan Santulli 
Paul L. Scarlata 
Jessica Jo SchafFer 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Hanna Elizabeth 

Schlesiger McNally 
Robin Alyssa Schoenberger 
Nancy Lee Shampo 
Markham EUery Sherwood 
Natanya Ruth Silverman 
Patrick McEachin Skinner 
Genesis Dawn Sleight-Price 
Lewis Earl Sloter 
John Maxwell Snavlin 
Divya Soni 

Robert William Stevens 
Robert Adrian SadeH Strain 
Julie Suzanne Strobel 
Hilary Holbrook Taylor 
Colin Matthew Turner 
Paul Jarvis Turner 
Tania Faye Tydings 
Simone Antoinette Valentine 
Kenneth Vinciguerra 
Laura Ehzabeth Walker 
Joshua Seth Weitzner 
Linda Kristen Widmayer 
Monica Patricia Wraga 
Melanie Quinto Zapanta 

French Language 
and Literature 

Irena Sonya Pawlak 

German Language 
and Literature 

Jeffrey Douglas Stone 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 


Emily Joy Bantleon 
Vaughn Brooke Boyer 
Jeffrey Thomas Brown 
Jonathan S. Carr.Jr. 
Ronald Pineda Casison 
David Spencer Cavey 
Jonathan Evan Chapnick 
Neal Hufana Dedicatoria 
James Patrick Diokno 

2nd Major: Anthropotog)' 
Jonathan Lee Hearne 
Rebecca Virginia Heath 
Farid Hekmat 
Krista Jennings Irish 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Faraz Ahmed Khan 
Anthony B. Kitchen 
Ethan Reiner Kraus 

Maurice Gerard Langlois 
fDaniel Phihp Levi 
Kimberly Lynn Marselas 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Meredith Bainbridge McGann 
§Sean Patrick McGee 
Ayrik A. Moran 
Jeffrey Michael Morris 
Valerie Muravchik 
David Caruso Nicklas 
Anthony PeUegrino 
Elizabeth Lea Raeder 
Paul Anthony Ranno 
Elizabeth Mae Schmidt 
Jerome Richard Singh 
Evangeline Theodora Soleyn 
Mary Teresa Stephanos 
Allen Raymond Wagner, Jr. 
Ross Matthew Wallenstein 
Melvin R.Welch 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 
Traci Violet WiUiams 
James A.Wilson III 
Evan Steve Yakas 

Interior Design 

Josetina Marie Patterson 

Italian Language 
and Literature 

Lucille Alessandra Toniolo 
2tid Degree: Marketing 


fTheodore Paul Balchunas 
Kuohsien Huang 
Jacklyn Kim 

Jewish Studies 

Robyn A. Hughes 
Shoshanna Rachel Schechter 
2nd Major: Anthropology 

I Laude t Magti 




*Ana Acedo Garcia 
fMaria Gracia Currano 

2nd Degree: Spanish Limgimge 
and Literature 
Luciana Eva Donato 


f Steven Nelson Bailey 

2iid Degree: Biological Science: 
Cell and Molecular Biology 
and Genetics 


Rudolph Joe Francis Adler III 
Paul Damien ComLsh 
Jacques Domenge 

2nd Major: Communication 
Galaal Maliek Ferebee 

Romance Languages 

JoAnnette Allender 

Russian Area Studies 

Ran.1 Alise Neal 

2tid Degree: Government 
and Politics 

Russian Language 
and Literature 

*Alita Ivy Smith 
Melvin R.Welch 

2nd Degree: History 

Spanish Language and 
Literature with Business 

Crissy M. Fox 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Albert Moses Haim 
Glenn Lee Knapp 
Jose Mariano Medrano 
Patricia M. Mischutin 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

fMaria Gracia Currano 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 
Erik Martinez- Westley 

2nd Degree: Economics 
FlavioJohn Martinez 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Amy L. Mejia 
Marieannette Otero 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Arnulfo Antonio PadiUa, Jr. 
Francys B. Rodriguez 
Jessica Lynn Sacks 
A.Yvette Santiago 


Jason Matthew Aufdem-Brinke 
Malaurie Barber 
Maria Gavrisheff Hemmer 
Bina Kumari Malhotra 
Charles Michael McNamara 
*Wendy Mane Nogales 

Women's Studies 

*Amy-Louise Henderson 
Jennifer Ann Pompi 

2nd Degree: Journalism 

Bachelor of Music 


Christopher Robin Marousek 
Abel Antonio Romero Martinez 
Steven Patrick Zebrowski 

Music Composition 

*Michael Robert Boyd 
2nd Degree: Education- 
Music K- 12 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Needra Toniika Graham 
Larry Ellis Johnson, Jr. 
KamariaYaminah McCaskiU 
Jason Anthony Nichols 
Beatrice EHzabeth Pendleton 
Harvey Lowe PoweU,Jr. 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Marvin Steven Reese 


Brett Emerson Edwards 
Michelle Kathleen Hamilton 
Scott A. Holman 
*Brenda Kathleen Jones 
Michelle Lee Niedzwiadek 
Jon Alexander Quiros 
Keisha EUzabeth Robinson 
f Mark August Tervakoski 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Tana Abeni Alert 
Ellen L. Alley 
Clinton L. Anuszewski.Jr. 
Pejman Arab 
Matthew Todd Barrett 
Tracie Lynn Bell 
Jennifer Jacquehne Bennett 
Michelle Scarlett Billings 
Craig A. Bluhm 
Michael David Brito 
Damone Reginald Brown 
Gregory Pascal Buchser 

Angelica Felise Buder 
David Andrew Camilleri 
Michael Candela 
Tina Marie Catalano 
Anthony Oluwaseyi Cole, Jr. 
Thomas Charles Conlon 
Matthew Brian Cumello 
Brian Thomas Daughters 
Jason Robert De Luca 
Cheryl Denise Diggs 
Brandee AnngeUic Dinkins 
Joseph Thomas Dodson III 
Mark Christopher EUiott 
Sean Christopher Endler 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Francisco Julio Escalante.Jr. 
Amanda Marie Fritzges 
Gina Renee FuUen 
Krisry Rae Gable 
Robert Chauncey Gannett, Jr. 
Corita Mane Garner 
Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth 
f Catherine Prentiss Giaquinta 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Sze-Boey Goh 
Shannon EUzabeth Gorey 
Ronald Raymond Hartman.Jr. 
Shelly Renee Hernandez 
Mehssa Lee Hodgson 
Jennifer Carrissa Hultgren 
Aaron Ilkovitch 
Minda Maude Island 
Roslyn Lynette Jackson 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Shanair LaKesha Johnson 
Karly Rebecca Jordan 
Eric Douglas Jorgensen 
Anastasios Christos Kapetanakos 
Mariatu Kargbo 
Jason Paul Karlsven 
RyanYoungpil Kim 

U N I V E R S I T - 

j Summa aim Ltiiide | Mtignti { 


David Shih-Wei King 
Craig Daryl KJukas 
David Michael KoUore.Jr. 
Alexandra Kushel 
David Stephen Lively 
Reza All Lubis 
Erin Eileen Lynch 
Flavio John Martinez 

2nd Degree: Spanuli 

Language and Literature 
Maria Allison McVicar 
Kabeer Singh Minhas 
James Ethan Moore 
Peter Justin Muollo 
Dounganion Muttamara 
Maria Nychis 
Harold Steven Park 
Ahce Josephine Pechin 
David Matthew Porter 

2nd Degree: CommunicaiiiVi 
Lance EUison Purvis 
fjesse L. Ray 
Jason Paul Remmers 
Michelle Lee Ricciuti 
Craig J. Robinson 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Eric Francis Roche 
Jason Aaron Rubin 
Anthony KeUy Rudolph 
Wendy Ehzabeth Sanchez 
Ronald E. Sandoval 
Jeremy Allen Schuhmacher 
Latisha Amalia Shaw 
Murat Ali Siyam 
Cyril Bromfield Smith 
Sonepheth Sombat 
Janel Asheley Southerland 
Jared Thomas Stahl 
Michael Carl Aniachi Stewart 
Jason Michael Strahan 
Farrah R. Trimmer 
Edgar Remy Vasquez 

Allison Christine Voight 
Brian Keith Vough 
Devona Shanta Wayne 
f Melanie Westover 
Frederick MacVeigh White 
Adriene Denise WiUiams 
Kuo-Lai Wong 
Ellis Cooper Young III 
Christine Zamary 


Rashidatu Aza Adam 
Adebimpe Mojirola Aina 
Geraldine Kelechi Ajagba 
Olukemi Olukeye Akinkuowo 
Janelle Joy AUadin 
Antony David Barsi 
Jeffrey Michael BUtz 
Rosa AmeUa Caf&ey 
Clyde Daniel Chang 
Saquib Chowdhury 
Patrick Thomas Collins 
Mark David Dammeyer 
Christina Davis 
Stephanie Eileen Day 
Adam Ernest Dejak 
Michael Damian Delp 
Matthew Joseph DeZee 
Steven Anthony Dubicki 
Jonathan Freeman Erath 1 
David Lynn Friedman 
Jason Fusco 
Meera Ganeshan 
David Brian Gibson 
Yoav Gilad 
Gena Marie Gleason 
Peter Gregor 

Alexander Michael Guba III 
Joseph Granville Hart 
Janice Natanya Henry 
Marc Anthony Henry 
David Hintz Michael Hintz 
Prince Clifton Hunter 

Jef&ey Harold Hyman 
Evelyn Antee Johnson 
Bo Ra Kim 
Mi-Jung Kim 
SeaYeun Kim 
Justin Dean Leavitt 
Mark Edward Lebida 
Charles Rhetts Lloyd 
Francisca Nohemy Lopez 
Michael James Luther 
Erik Martinez- Wesdey 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Meyrick Dabocol Mataac 
Eric Christopher May 
Damion Christopher Moore 
Jef&ey Glenn Moser 
Vishal Nand 
Woo S. Oh 
Ryan W Parker 

Bohvar Armando Patino-Astete 
Jiasheng Peng 

Alexandra Corinne Podolny 
Jonathan D. Rhoades 
Michelle Diane Rittmer 
Brent Reid Roberts 
Stanley J. Salomon 
April L. Seymour 
Gabriel R. Shapiro 
Richard Vincent Sheehan 
Joseph Daulat Marsangap Siagian 
Michael Zachary Simonsen 
Jessica Renee Sincavage 
Chris J. SiroUi 
tjuan Diego Stacey 
Frederic DuvUle Stanley 
Paul Lawrence Sturges,Jr. 
Agung Posa Sumantri 
Anthony Roy Templon 
Themis Themistokleous 
Jay Chandrashekhar Tipnis 
Christopher Romeo Valle 

Keon MoniqueVasudevan 
sYang Wang 

Christin Adele Washington 
Nicole LaShaun Williams 
James Oliver Windle 
Michele R.Winston 
Li RongYe 

Environmental Science and 
Policy — Environmental Issues 

Harry Allen Schrecengost IV 

Environmental Science and 
Policy — Environmental Politics 
and Policy 

Nihar Kirtidev Bhatt 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Land Use 

Roberto Ernesto Ramirez 

Government and Politics 

Addis Eshete Abebe 

Graciela Marie Aponte 

GabneUe C. Bafkas 

Kelly Patricia Baker 

■{"Robin JuHa Boucard 

Ayaan Aneje Kanini Africa Carter 

Paul Thomas Christensen 

Louis Lee Clark 

Gail Denise Claspell 

Martin Hardie Coogan 

Elizabeth Ann Crowley 

Kevin Joseph Duffy 

Melanee Anyse Farrah 

John Ira Fleet III 

Crissy M. Fox 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 
and Literature with Business 

Stewart John Greenleaf 

Douglas Edward Greise 

Martha T Guzman 

Nicole Jean Halton 

Kimberly Anne Handler 

§ Sltmmti cum iMude f Aliij^na film Ltitiiic 



James Patrick Hanratty 

Michael Edward Hardy 

Elena Elizabeth HoUowell 

Lavan M.C. Hoyoung 

Elizabeth Helen Lawrence Jackson 

Mary EUzabeth Jones 

Joon U Kim 

Constantina Kozanas 

Brendan James Leary 

Jason Richard Lugo 

Andrei Mikhail Marinenko 

*Mehssa Dorene Mason 

2iid Major: Sociology 
Oana Adela Nagy 
Rana Alise Neal 

2nd Degree: Russian Area Studies 
Nneka Oyoyo Nwosu 
Timothy Patrick O'Connor 
Lee Patrick O'Donovan 
Marieannette Otero 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Eleanor Lee Pak 
Kelly Marie Paulson 
Mark Alan Piersall 
Mark Donovan Potter 
Crystal Natalya Raiford 
William Harold Robinson 
Aryan Angelette Rodriguez 

2nd Degree: Communication 
Joshua Howard Rosenberg 
Cherie Lynn Ross 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Loveleen Kaur Sethi 
Alexander Shames 
Michael Louis Stuckey 
A. Christopher Swetz 
*Edward Mark Taylor 
j"Mark August Tervakoski 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Carla Jean Torrez 

Jason WiUiam Tyng 
Luis A. Vivas 
Tricia Nicole Waite 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Matthew Jef&ey Walters 
Stephen W.Wright, Jr. 
Ross Michael Yader 
Kimi Yoshida 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Erin Lynn Bray 
Lynn Marie Briscoe 
Keary Lynn Crawford 
Laura Debra Diamond 
Takeisha Monique Everett 
Patricia M. Fiser 
fEhzabeth Anne Jones 
Lesego Kukie Makunga 
Yolanda Michelle Pernell 
Christina Marie Ricker 
Jodie- Ann Jannelle Shaw 
Cheryl Lynn Thompson 
Cinyone Nickasha Wright 
Beth Lynn Zaidi 


Donald W.Adam, Jr. 
Cynthia Lynn Adorno 
Karen Elizabeth Agnes 
Jesse Wu Barnwanijakul 
JeneUe Sharron Beale 
fDavndW. BeU 
Danielle EHzabeth Bennett 
Monique Chantal Burget 
Caryl Legaspi Cabrera 
Alan K. Cho 
Gloria Mi Chung 
Danielle Antoinette Dawes 
Aadila Desai 
Matthew E. Dickson 
Lauren Katherine Dougherty 
Dena Mane Edgmon 

Assata EUis 

Juanita Maria Enamorado 

Glenn Martin Brendan Flaherty 

Levester Fountain, Jr. 

Serita Monick Garrett 

f Catherine Prentiss Giaquinta 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Tanisha Denelle Gray 
Joel Peter Greenberg 
Lavania Namie Halay 
Lola S. Han 
Tenille Teresa Hoskins 
Negar Jahanbin 
*Rachel Fania Katz 
Sun-Hwi M. Kim 
Thomas Quinn Lawrence 
§Micah Keith Lebson 
Emilia Mackey 
Mehssa Frances Matassa 
Jennifer Christine Mehaffey 
Michelle Ann Minich 
Jonathan Declan Murray 
Winona Ahcia Nurse 
Laurie Ann Passano 
Jennifer CoUeen Pauritsch 
Catherine Melissa Payne 
Shelley Suzanne Platte 
Brian Eric Rabinovitz 
Angela Michelle Reddick 
Katherine Ann Roody 
Nazish M. Salahuddin 
Brian Michael Schoenfelder 

2nd Major: American Studies 
Melanie Ann Sholtis 
Claudiny Z. Stebler 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
§Megan Mehssa Taliaferro 
Jeremy S Tiegerman 
Pamela Michelle Torro 

Jill Martinique Understein 
Adriana Del Carmen Valbuena 
Maria Mikhaila Virker 
Crystal Nichole Wible 
Laura Wolson 
Robert Lucaine Wymer 
Sung C.Yi 


Anupama Vasant Abhyankar 
Paul Xavier Babbington III 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Seth Michael Brenner 
Pooja M. Chawla 
Meghan Deroian 
Elka Simone Forbes 
Emily Rosenthal Forman 
Caria-Maria Graves 
LaShaunda Nyree Haynes 
Elizabeth Hong Huynh 
Aprill Lanise Johnson 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Liza Christine Mataac 
Amia Marie Matthews 
Michael John Mellor 
Erik Morgan 

Catherine Beth Ostrowski 
Staci Ann Peete 
Tonia Marie Porras 
Robert Gregory Sabelhaus,Jr. 
Sun Y. Son 
Dhvam H.Vyas 
Joshua Avery Ward 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Alexandra Curtin Winch 
VassUia Zervas 
Adiatu Ajima Zubairu 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 


t Summa atm Laude f ^ifgf'< 


Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science and 
Policy — Environmental Politics 
and Policy 

Jennifer Oberg 
Lauren Virginia Priestas 
James Patrick Shupp 

Environmental Science 
and Policy — Land Use 

Benjannn Gordon Sclarow 
2nd Major: Gco'^mphy 


_^Laurence J. Aurbach, Jr. 
Julius Olugbenga Bankole 
*Inbal Becker-Reshef 

2iid Degree: Environmental 

Science and Policy-Soil, Water 

and Land Resources 
Enrique Betancourt-Paniies 
Martin Belikha Bibum 
Jorge Anibal Cardona Uribe 
Jill Carol Eastman 

2nd Major: Geography-Cartography 
Geoffrey Christopher Gomez 

2nd Major: Geography-Cartography 
Robert John Hanrahan 
Dipendra N. Laniichhane 
Jeffrey Kit Lin 
Tina Marie Yow 


Laserian Aririele 

Sunanda Bhatnagar 

Adrienne Delores Brooks 

Nassim Ebrahimi 

2nd Degree: Biological Science: 
Physiology and Neurobiology 

MufaddalTaher Fatakdawala 

Sean Patrick Flanagan 

Nathan Robert Geraldi 

2nd Degree: Biological Science: 

Marine Biology 
KhaHlah Tatiana Gibbs 
Heather Elizabeth Kilgore 
Claudia Heejung Kim 
John Wesley Luiza 

2nd Degree: Biological Science: 

Physiology and Neurobiology 
Audrey Renee Nelson 
Stephon Andre Patterson 
Brian Matthew Rimlinger 
Jelena A. Stevanovich 
Eric Thomas Toussaint 
Zachary Douglas Truscello 
Talitha Maria Weaver 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Albert Edward Davison 
Marc Raymond Despres 
Thomas William Narock 

Computer Science 

Khaled Ben Jilani 
Alek Beynenson 

2nd Major: Economics 
Kenneth James Bishop 
*Jason Rudolf Boss 
Matthew William Bukoski 
Jonathan Charnis 
Chang Ki Choi 
Jimmy M. Choi 
Sugene April Chung 
Jon Alexander Ciecka 
Anselmo Imani Dash 
Michael Craig Davidson 
Andrew Kenneth Debenham 
Aaron Courtney Dixon 

Welf Christopher DLxon 
* Philip James Douglass 
William Cornelius Edwards 
Jiries Michael Elaraj 
All Emami Khamenehei 
Jeremy Paul Fisher 
Eric Michael Fiterman 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Fernando Javier Flores 
Kenny Leon Eraser 
Bing Bing Geeng 
f Christopher Matteo Giordano 
April Deshawn Golden 
David Gomez Cid 
^Seth Benjamin Goodman 
Mark Richard Goss 
Robert Alexander Graves 
John Michael Hadeed 
Xili He 

William Benjamin Hicks III 
Fawaz Essa Hijazi 
UyThien Hoang 
Sean Hyatt Holman 
Ahn Christina Hopgood 
Gregory Alexander Horton 
tTai Hu 

Bjoern Erik Ingebrigtsen 
Bryan Nathaniel Jones 
Rajeev Kumar Kaul 
*JungWoo Kim 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Timothy Lam 
Bao-Toan Vo Le 
Nam Hoai Le 
Michael Hyomok Lee 
Honter Chien Hong Lin 
David Dah-Jyh Liu 
Nabil Makar 
Paul T. Maneesilasan 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Jonson Marin 

Darrin Jeffrey Maule 

Orion Adrien McCaslin 

Hui Men 

Ye Men 

Assaf Mesika 

William Joseph Michael, Jr. 

Zeyad Mobassaleh 

David Matthew Ng 

Quan Anh Nguyen 

Hyun J. Park 

Robert Tadlock Park 

Margaret Yao-Mei Peng 

Manuel Antonio Peralta 

Kieu Pham 

Jason Daniel Prosnitz 

Issar T. Sadr 

Reza Safarnejadarabi 

Gabriel Liendo Sanchez 

Sofia Decarli Scuhmbrene 

Anil Sharma 

Anup Sharma 

Thiruvenkadesh Someswaran 

Tim K. Son 

Daniel Edison Soto-Barrera 

Timothy Joseph Strominger 

Jennifer Bo Sun 

John Rong Sun 

EUab G.Tarkghen 

Kasima Tharnpipitchai 

Manh-Ton Quoc Tran 

Anh Tu Tu 

Touch Tusson 

Guy Carlton Walker 

Bih-Jen Wang 

Fei Wang 

April Lynne Weigand 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Kai-Hua Wu 
Liming Xu 
§Jacob Ibrahim Yalcin 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

§ Summa cum Lattdc "f Magna aim Laude 



Kojoe McCarthy Yirenkyi 
Mark K. Zietlow 


Rachel Leah Courts 
Russell Stuart Meyer II 
Edward Chfford Williams. Jr. 


leffrey S. Brown 
Brandon Ian Conroy 
*JungWoo Kim 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Sean Se-Hsin Lee 
Jeremy Jason McKeever 

2iid Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Tran Le Nguy 
Ryan Murphy O'Connell 
David Nelson Oliver 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Mohammad Hossein Rajabtavosi 
Marcela Ehzabeth Rourk 
Lorraine Marie Simpson 
Sara Marie Stoner 
Jeannette Elaine Wageman 
April Lynne Weigand 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
§Jacob Ibrahim Yalcin 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Physical Sciences 

Merrick Charles Berg 
John Alexander Diehl 
Laura Lee Goyer 
NeUl Andrew Langston 
Ali R. Saiyid 
Christopher E. Zervas 


Scott Russell AntoniUe 
Heather Denise Dobbins 

2nd Degree: Biological Science: 


Harry Edward Ottey III 
Barak Chaim Poker 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Education — Art 

Jessica Guzman 

Secondary Education — 
English (Language Arts) 

Adam Jacob Bahr 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Christopher Michael EUis 
Kofi Nkansah Frempong 
Adam John Graham 

Secondary Education — 
Social Studies 

Gregory Scott Herbert 
Ian Joseph Morrison 
Lament Dontah Tindley 

Secondary Education — 
Speech Education 

Michael Daniel McCarthy 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 

HoUy Michelle Arnwine 
Tracy Mane Beauregard 
Alexandra Elizabeth Beckman 
Kathy Marie Burke 
Cheryl Ann Campbell 
Kimberly Lorraine Coburn 
Candace Monique Cooper 
Kristin Lee Crunkleton 
Nicole Denise Duncan 
Gina Marie Foschetti 
Laura Kay Harris 
Shakira Kim Holmes 

Amanda Jackson 

Kimberly Rachelle Johnson 

Danielle Jacquehne Kavanaugh 

Kerry Ehzabeth Kneessi 

Nora Elizabeth Long 

Nicole Marie Marmo 

Dorothy Maria Marraffa 

Bridgette Darensbourg Miles 

^Shelley Alissa Morin 

Lorna Renee' Oweh 

Stephanie Lynn Owen 

Destiny Helene Ramos 

Jacqueline Clair Regier 

Carrie Danielle Repole 

Andrew Craig Schwartz 

Lauren Rebecca Silvestro 

Amanda EUen Smith 

Christopher Shane Spindle 

Crete Mane Steele 

Michele Storck 

*Anastasia Holley Vicinanza 

Kathrynn NoelVillines 

Julie Denise Vipond 

Robb Wilton Wainwright 

Erika LaRae Williams 

Renee Shawn Sanford Willoughby 

Andrea Cherron Womack 

Education — Art 

Katherine Michele Beers 
Susan M. Cantorna 
Maria Loida Saldana 

Education — Music K-12 

Michael Robert Boyd 

2nd Degree: Music Composition 
fVicki L. Fanara 
Kelly Allison Miller 
Jennifer Lynne Russell 
Nucleo RosalVega 
Alicia Delores Williams 

Elementary Education 

Lucia Lynn Alcantara 

*Tara Lynne Armstrong 

Kathleen Elizabeth Blanchard 

Shari Ann Broadwater 

Carlos Canas,Jr. 

Amanda Lynn Catanzariti 

Angela Denise Cole 

Amanda Dawn Contreras 

Bonnie Caryn Cutler 

Carly Hope Driban 

Colleen Michelle Dunn 

* Heather Lynn Farrell 

Joseph Robert Galeano 

Robert Ian Glass 

Christopher Brian Higgins 

Alex Brandon Jones 

Ann Rebecca Kaufman 

*Catherine Mary Kern 

Miim Kwak 

Jessica Susan Leatherman 

Lori Michele Levin 

Barbara Adele Maiolatesi 

Melanie Grace McLaughlin 

Caroline G. McManus 

Terri Michelle Miller 

Phyllis Ndindiamaka Onwubere 

jDienny Nair Oropeza 

Jennifer Lynn Osborne 

Krisry Leigh Paoletta 

Carole Elizabeth Pinckney 

John Joseph Popow 

KeUy Kristan Pratt 

Dolores M. Quaghato 

Jennifer Leigh Race 

Cindi Ellen Roth 

Kimberly Rochelle Scott 

Rosemary Claire Scutt 

Jessica Erin Shane 

Susan R. Skyrud 

Christine Michelle Slagle 

Jeremy Isaac Snyder 

Qing EUie Tong 

*Tammy Elizabeth Tracy 


r Liude t Magn, 


Kevin Kai-EnVoritskul 

Daniel Aaron Weiss 

Tina Elizabeth White 

Sarah Yecheskel 

Catherine Michele Zaniborsky 

Secondary Education — 

Gwendolyn Katnna Quarles 

Secondary Education — Science 

Alicia Jennifer Reges 

Secondary Education — 
Social Studies 

Aimee Caroline Hooker 
Dorothy Blaylock Lee 
Jennifer Michelle Reynolds 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Consumer Economics 

Aphrodite Maria Peters 

Family Studies 

Karen Elaine Bedmgtield 
Soneh Bhadra 
Elena Patricia Bishop 
*Jennifer Catherine Bradley 
Erika Nicole Brett 
Nicole Elizabeth Brown 
Tiffany Renee Brown 
Shannon Rebecca Buckley 
Anna Maria DegratEnreid 
Megan Marie Farmer 
Sean Richard Fellin 
Mindyjill Fern 
Liza Gilad 

Julie Lynn Glassberg 
Sarah Beth Goodstein 

Samantha L. Gorman 

Adrien Marie Harvey 

Christopher James Harvey 

KeUy Rae Hiles 

Allyson JoeUe Hudak 

Paul Denard Hudson 

Andreal Jermain Johnson 

Christina Lynne Kendall 

Hong S. Kho 

Meghan Beth Lapides 

Chereen I. Leid 

Angela Michelle Velasco Ly 

Christine Marie Mantich 

Valerie Karen Moore 

Alison Denisse Padgett 

Kathleen Meagan Petrone 

Kimberly Lynn Ragan 

Ariana Anitra Rountree 

*J. Rebecca Shank 

Stacie Dawn Sisson 

Jennifer Michelle Smith 

Sean Lee Starner 

Heather Margaret Vander Schuii 

Trisha Verma 

Jesse Tara Walczuk 

Susan Ann Windsor 

Jaclyn F.Wolfson 

Miriam L.Yarmolinsky 

Health Education 

Abby Jaye Aaronson 
Islamiyyat Olaronke Agoro 
Noemi Almirez-Ramirez 
Katherine Sam Anastasis 
Dwayne S. Clarke 
Reenal A. Doshi 
■j"Frances Michelle Erbe 
Joy Lynn Glover 
Melecia K. Helwig 
Terrie Z.Jones-Robinson 
Christina Marie MargoUs 
Danielle Elizabeth Mong 

Kendra Angela Neilsen 
ShaneUe Georgia Nelson 
Mary M. Odenwald 
Alonzo Alexander Sanchez 
Lori Beth Schloss 
Carrie Corinne Stewart 
James Alan Wilberding 
Kimberly D. Williams 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Carey Catherine Balmer 
Margaret Loretta Banks 
Lorraine CaroHna Bittles 
Matthew Alexander Carroll 
Kevin Renee Colvin 
Nicole Crisafulli 
KeUy-Ann Sabrina Daniels 
Nakischa Shawnta Davis 
Rachel Tice Dolbin 
Craig Alan Douglas 
Michael Wells Eisenhour 
Hazeez Etti 

Ryan Douglas Fleetwood 
Shannon Mane Fooks 
Lisa Maikalani Franklin 
Matthew Jason Greleski 
Erin Danielle Hecknauer 
Timothy Joseph Howard 
David William Jenkins 
Monique Ja'Net Jones 
Jason Elliot Gilbert Joubert 
Howard Robert Kalish 
Laurel Louise Marsh 
Susan Ann Marvin 
Bradley Severin Mattson 
WiUiam Edward Mettee 
Kathryn Vaughn Moore 
Bernard Andrew Morgan 
Craig Anthony Munroe 
Torry Miquel Pledger 
Edward Derek Quinn 
Fausto Maurice Salazar 

Miguel J. Saponara, Jr. 
Elizabeth M. Schultheis 
Brett Jordan Schwartzbart 
Misook Lisa Son 
Iris Rivka Turkel 
Eli Ruben Wilhide 
David Brian Winterling 
Jeffrey Brian Wu 

Physical Education 

Michael Joseph Draminski 
Jean Maria Tyrrell 
Dustin Richard Zakar 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Aimee Am Avissar 

Mary Catherine Ball 

Kate Sara Bittman 

Katherine Marie Bouterie 

Mia Aisha Burns 

Heather L. Casey 

Stephanie Cheval 

Wesly Martin HoweU Cochran 

Cheryl Marie Conner 

Felicia Michelle Curry 

*Jennifer Sarah Davis 

Call Ann Day 

Jill Shannon Dodge 

John Duane Erickson 

John Edward Erzen II 

Joel Vincent Furfari 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Paul Michael Godino 
James Gregory HuU 
Naomi Johnson 
Amanda Trent Jordan 

§ Summa cum Latidc "{■ Magna c 



oshua Alan Kimerling 

2tid Degree: Art Studio 
Katriz L. Kirk 
Joshua Reives Klein 

2nd Major: Goverinnenl 

and Politics 
Lauren Faith Leboe 
Joshua Saul Levine 
Malin Shamim Ljunggren 
Thomas Joseph Maronick.Jr. 
Kimberly Lynn Marselas 

2nd Degree: History 
Melissa Ligaya IVliniano 
Jason Nathaniel Newton 
Kirsten Wells Pesti 
Jennifer Ann Ponipi 

2iid Degree: Women's Studies 
Sara Katlileen Porter 
Tereza Predescu 
Nicole Elizabeth Rea 
Anne Ehzabeth Redding 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
IHse Stephanie Rose 
Cherie Lynn Ross 

2nd Degree: Gorernmenl 

and Politics 
Azuree Che Salazar 
Jamal Basil Samuel 
Amy Christine StoufFer 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Somaree Arin Taru 
f Steven Tishco 

College of 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Oluwamayokun Emmanuel 
Adeyemi, Sr. 

_^Ah Azarion 

Stephanie Michele Diamond 

2nd Degree: Biological Science: 

*Grace Eunsun Han 
§Joshua David King 
Brian Seonghwa Lee 
Ipsita Mukherjee 

2nd Major: Biological Science: 

Cell and Molecular Biology 

and Genetics 
Marcelle Pamela Nkombengnondo 
Shari-Ann Joelle Peart 
Shashikala Ratnayake 

2nd Major: Microbiology 
Antwann Corell Kelvin Rawls 
*Jennifer Kellene SquiUari 
JaneUe Lene Wood 

Biological Science: Bees 

Karen Maureen Collins 
Ronald Edgar Dewitt.Jr. 

Andra Noelle IDoherty 
Dominic David LaRoche 
SybiUe R.Vega 

Biological Science: Cell 
and Molecular Biology 
and Genetics 

•fSteven Nelson Bailey 

2nd Degree: Music 
Janna Christina Cooley 
Leslie G. Courchaine 
Christopher Daniel Cox 
Michelle Goeb 
Erik Brian Gonzalez 
Lung-Chiang Eric Liu 
Lacey Lynn Mackey 
George Edward Mehen 
John Michael Ruiz 
Maria Teresa Ruiz 
Helina Sahand 

Marian Samaan 
Aleksandr B. Shklyar 
Jeffrey AUen Spence 

Biological Science: 

Natalie Lynn Quattrociocchi 
2nd Degree: Art Studio 

Biological Science: General 

Mujadala Mumtahina Abdul-Majid 

Stephanie Ann Aloth 

Evelyne Kien Awah 

Manama Barry 

Simone Renee Campbell 

Bahati Chikondano Chisala 

Juhe Kathleen Cook 

Laura Ruth Cook 

Heather Denise Dobbins 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Jeremy Jon Edwards 
Jennifer Lynn Farquhar 
Tabitha Latuan Harmon 
Kathy Lynne Kiersarsky 
Graham Thomas Moore 
An T. Ngo 
Lisa Ann Nolan 
Anita Dora Papanicolaou 
Seyong Park 

§Prashanth Paresh Parmar 
Anthony Kahnga Chaminda Perera 
Christine Ellen Pillsbury 
Karen Michelle Prochnow 
Ashwini Sudhakar Purekar 
Hina Imran Qureshi 
John Scott Repitsky 
Gail Jaclyn Rubin 
Konuray Hahde Sakiz 
Cattleya Sar 
Maryann Jane Scheel 
May Yusra Shlash 
Tara Ann Skelton 
Feray Lale Suleiman 

Andrew Robert Taylor 
Inibehe Sunday Udodong 
Darawalee Wangsa 
Daniel Douglas Wright 
Amy Hsuch-liYu 

Biological Science: 
Marine Biology 

Theodore C. Callimanis 
Daniel Merrill Fougere 
Nathan Robert Geraldi 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Wayne Anthony Green 
Kristopher Ryan Koch 
Christina Kelly McCall 
Michael Reginald Thompson, Jr. 
Heather Marie Zdobysz 

Biological Science: 
Physiology and Neurobiology 

Ozoemena Q. Akah 
Kamran Akhavan-Saraf 
Adeyelu Adejumoke Asekun 
Zahra Ashrafi 

Michelle Sheva Banihashemi 
Gregory Anderson Becoat 
Satrajit Bose 
Brett Cannon Brandau 
YanY. Bui 
Howard Yao Chang 
Memunatu Mariam Conteh 
Spencer Joseph Curtis 
Kelly Anne Donohue 
Nassim Ebrahimi 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Mindy Lenore Ehrenfiried 
Maksim Garkavi 
Salem Tesema Gugsa 
Huzaefah Jeelani Gulam 
f Kathryn Anne Jordan 
Pnina Leora Laric 
Karen Lynn Lew 


§ Sumina thmi Laudc f Ma^n 


Olivia Hui-Ya Ley 
John Wesley Luiza 

2nd Decree: Psychology 
Ellis Jennings McKinney.Jr. 
§Ruth Melamed 

2nd Degree: Management Scieno 

and Statistics 
*Terrence Mitsuyuki Oie 
Ibukun Omolola Olaosegba 
Oladapo Benjamin 

Abimbola Olarinde 
Krishnapryana Sikun Pribadi 
f Cheryl Ann Raab 
Heather Renee Redding 
Royj Saftary 
Vandana Saidha 
Annaheta Salajegheh 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Behnaz Sarrami 
Safiya Asha Serrano-Creese 
Anupama Sharma 
Alissa Beth Telchm 
Kendra Allana Williams 

Biological Science: Zoology 

Sydella Anne Blatch 
Stephanie Michele Diamond 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Shelley Leah Lower 
Brian DeVon Macklin 
Karen Than Myaing 
Christopher Francis Schroeder 
Colleen Williamson 


Njuen Mandi Chendi 
Jennifer Lynn Hammond 
Jtingmin Kim 
Jimmy IVlichael Munoz 
Miriam Saguros Ocampo 
Edward William Ott.Jr. 
Erika Seiing Roers 

Environmental Soil and 
Policy — Biodiversity and 
Conservation Biology 

Stacie Alethca Henry 
Erin Eileen Smithies 

Environmental Soil and 
Policy — Environmental 
Plant Protection 

Scott Alan Mowery 


Abayoim Olamide Akinfe 

Niveditha Bhaskarla 

Olanrewaju Olasunkanmi Bisiriyu 

Samuel Jawahar Chintha 

Matthew Gary Colebank 

Barry Gertz 

Neelam D. Gor 

Maria Nicole Hult 

Alen Karamian 

Tricia Nicole Sonnen 

Jason Todd Spacek 

Judy Lang Wen 

Stefanie Lynn Wetzel 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


fSarita Bhavnani 
Olivia Chiomba 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
John J. Cortale 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Anthony Joseph DiCataldo 
Jaime Lynn Farren 
David Gregory Fitch 
Peli Trivone Garner 
Daniel P. Gillispie 

Lisa M. Gracias 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Van My Hang 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Christopher Garland Hood 

2nd Major: Finance 
Henry Randolph Hughes III 
Kye Hee Im 
Aarti Bharat Kothari 
Soo Hoon Lee 
Ramiro Rafael Lindado.Jr. 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Tegegne Mamo 
Brett Anderson McDowell 
* Gavin S. McPhail 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Tiana Michelle Moore 
f Nobuko Okudaira 
fjennifer Elizabeth Pepin 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sarah N. Sandborg 
Glenda Lisseth Saravia-Benitez 
Ari Daniel Severe 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Kenneth Ankoma Sey 
Senna Lynn Shehadeh 
*Xin Shen 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Carlos Andres Suarez 
Hyun Jung Suh-Kim 
Dmitriy N.Valekha 
Patricia Anne Ward 
*Adam Louis Washecka 
Tamara Camel Wooten 

2nd Degree: Human Resource 

Sherien SamiYoussef 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistia 


Imran Khan Alizai 

2rtd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Brenda Owusua Appiah 
Mavis Annie Asomani 

2nd Major: General Business 
Gina Nicole Best 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Steven Michael Blubaugh 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
David Martin Bowie 

2nd Major: Getieral Business 

and Management 
Geof&ey Thomas Burnham.Jr. 

2nd Major: General Business 
Jorge Calderon 
Almudena Carrasco Perez 

2nd Major: General Business 
Shawn Michael Cepko 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Sung-Tai Chen 
LeAnder Catherine Clay 
Steven Chris Comuntzis 
John J. Cortale 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Hillary Danielle Davis 
Ibrahima DiaUo 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Gregory H. Dillon 
Todd Dwayne DiUow 

2nd Major: Marketing 
*John O'Dell Dunning.Jr. 
Sharon Alayne Ficklin 
Andrew Samuel Fox 
Daryl Lloyd Francis 
Joshua Jon French 
Adam Matthew Gantman 
Jacob Mark Goldstein 

§ Summa cum Laiide f I 



Lisa M. Gracias 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Paul Michael Gregg 
David Michael Halphen 
Firas Hamdan 
Van My Hang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Thomas Louis Heidecker 
Zoe Thuyen Huynh 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Pablo D. Inca 
fBrian Niels Jefferson 
Nikia Simone Jennings 
Sung K>Ta Jeon 
Diane LisaJn Charles 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Leonard Bernard Jones 
Jimmy Kang 
Michael George KassoUs 
Asim Khan 
Ki Suk Koh 
David Joseph Kosc 
Robert Matthew Krapf 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Eric Franz Kubica 

2nd Major: General Business 
Suma Kulkarni 

2nd Major: General Busitiess 
Michael Alexander Lakomyj 

2nd Major: Economics 
John Richard Leach IV 
Sherwin Justin Lee 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jacob Eliash Manevich 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Tara A. Marino 
Adam David McGettigan 
* Gavin S. McPhail 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
*Brian Matthew Neeley 

2nd Major: General Business 

Hoang-Oanh Thi Nguyen 
Chinonyelun Azuka Nwosu 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Joanna Panagiotis Panselinos 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Rina Rajendra Patel 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Sejal I. Patel 
fjenmfer Ehzabeth Pepin 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Cinnamon Hong Pham 

2nd Major: General Business 
Matthew MilhoUin Pilcher 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Szymon Poplawski 
Theodore ReshetilofF 

2nd Major: General Business 
Matthew Vincent Richardson 

2nd Major: General Business 
Jose Claudio Romero 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Tarita Monique Rooths 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Michael R. Scovitch 
An Daniel Severe 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Andrew Paul Shambarger 

2nd Major: Operations and 

Quality Management 
Seth Michael Sherman 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Rasheen Ehjah Smith 
Brandee Nicole Springfield 
Meera Srinivasan 
Keith Robert Thomas 
Victor Walter Trebules III 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Zar-Zar Tun 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 

Shona Ann Turner 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Keith Andrew Unikel 
David Christopher Vasquez 
Paola Elena Vasquez 
LucianaVieira De Carvalho 
Nathaniel Peter Wade 
Robert Allen Ward III 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Dudley Ernest Wellington II 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Matthew W. Wilson 

2nd Major: General Business 

General Business 

Andrew Michael Amatucci 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Guclu Batkin 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Santiago J. Cabezas 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Isaura Teresa Castro 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Cecilejill Cherry 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Joseph Michael Cocchiaro 
Renzo Dimitri Curis 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Zaid Fadul 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jorge Alejandro Fuentes 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature with Business 
Michelle Karol Gonzales 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Matthew Morgan Hale Hackett 
John Curtiss Horn II 

2nd .Major: Marketing 
Michael WilHamHuU 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Tuba Karaoda 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Qunying Lai 
Ramiro Rafael Lindado.Jr. 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Vernon Lee Lyght.Jr. 
Kyle James Lyne 
§Anke Mann 

2nd Major: Finance 
Kenneth Bryan Uglow.Jr. 
Jennifer A.Vanderpuye 

2nd Major: Finance 
Eric Abraham Whorton 
John Brian Wilhngham 
Michael Daniel Wyrsch 
Wen-Hills Zheng 

2nd Major: Finance 
Michael Anthony Zingale 

General Business 
and Management 

Behzabeth Digiia Cnbeiro 

2nd Degree: Logistics 

and Transportation 

2nd Major: Finance 
Seungjo Lee 
Christina Ann Murr 
Samuel Ching-Yu Pan 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature with Business 
Phuoc Hien Tang 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Patrick J. Tobin 

Human Resource 

Dawn Eileen Jackson 
2nd Major: Marketing 

Shawn Eric Mende 

2nd Major: General Business 

I R Y L A N D 

I LtJtid€ •\ Mugth 


*Allisoii Beth Petzko 
Kathryn Ann Rapczynski 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Tamara Camel Wooten 

2nd Degree: Acconntinf; 

Logistics and Transportation 

Michael Lawrence Amrein 
Lewis Edward Brogan 111 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Belizabeth Digna Cribeiro 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Gisela Miriam Fajner 
Daniel Hoyes Jackson 
Christine Lyngdoh Kharbyngngar 

2nd Major: General Business 

Management Science 
and Statistics 

Folayenii Olufemi Adunola 

Sharon Bi 

Gloria Sabrina Bizzell 

Nikolas K. Brisbin 

James M. Burlew 

Alan Michael Butler II 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jacqueline Marie Canning 
Hoaitrinh Thuy Cao-Nguyen 

2nd Major: Finance 
fTze-Wing Chan 

2nd Major: Finance 
Vuth Lin Chao 

2nd Major: General Business 
Tom Lee Cheng 

2nd Major: Finance 
William WuiShun Cheng 
Olivia Chiomba 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Neehar Pankaj Choksey 
PeiLei Chow 

Zeenat Alam Chowdhury 

Gaine Chung 

Shakir Gulam Contractor, Sr. 

2nd Major: Finance 
Stuart Jordan Crair 
Mary Ojoromiwa Emono 
Beatrice Anian Folquet 
Yelena Golosinskaya 
Aleksey Borisovich Gorbashev 
Rashida Hussain 
Abou Bakarr Jalloh.Jr. 
Hee Jung Kang 
Sun Young Kang 
Eugene Eric Khomutetsky 
Eun Young Kim 
Kihyun Kim 
Yeon Hee Kim, Sr. 
Jennifer Chung-Huei Lee 

2nd Major: Finance 
Wei-Tuei Liu 
f Hoi Lam Lum 
*Manisha Madan 

2nd Major: General Business 
*Sumit Malhotra 
Paul T. Maneesilasan 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Jacob Eliash Manevich 

2nd Degree: Finance 
George Nick Markopoulos 
§Ruth Melamed 

2nd Degree: Biological Science: 

Physiology and Neurobiology 
Bradley Craig Morick 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Angela Michelle Moy 
Mimi Ngyaneune Ngay 
Simeon-James K. Olaleye 
Theresa Pak 
Phillip Chong Park 

2nd Major: Operations and 

Quality Management 
Rina Rajendra Patel 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Mohammad Kashif Rehman 
*Adam Hasan Sayani 
*Xin Shen 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
"t"Meghna Singh 

2nd Major: General Business 
Dionne Andrea Symes 
Farhana H.Taufique 

2nd Major: Finance 
Lynn Treetharmruk 
Zar-Zar Tun 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Brian C.Wong 
Heung-Fung Wong 
*Tzu-Ching Wu 
Sherien SamiYoussef 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Qi Zhang 
Liying Zhuang 


fjohanna Agueda 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Jacob Buff Bakst 
Julia Bereznitsky 
Robyn Elayne Bragg 
Rebekah Katherine Anna Brill 
Bradley David Brodar 
Lewis Edward Brogan III 

2nd Degree: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Amy Lynn Brown 

2nd Major: General Business 
Mark Bryan Burhoe 

2nd Major: Economics 
Ana Coma 
Denise V. DeParis 
TiSany Monique Downs 
Natalie Chen Edwards 
Michael Anthony Feroli 

Susan Nana Fink 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
David Leonard Ford 
Brendan Patrick Fuhrman 
Daniel J. FuUem 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jacob Daniel GranneU 

2nd Major: General Business 
Daniel Robert Greenberg 
Scott Thomas Hanson 
Marta Louise Hayes 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Michael Wayne Hurley 
Zoe Thuyen Huynh 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Erin Nicole Johnson 
Kristina Dawn King 
Ernest James Leonetti 

2nd Major: General Business 
Binh Q. Luc 

2nd Major: General Business 
Juliet Nabukera Lwanga 

2nd Major: General Business 
Kanako Maeda 
Phillip Michael Maher 
Anthony William MansoliUo 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Peggy Ann Marquardt 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
David Mark McMichael 
Nicholas Ryan Miller 
Leah Earle Moore 
Bradley Craig Morick 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Brian James O'Shea 
fDaryn Lindsay Oglivie 

2nd Major: General Business 

§ Simima cum Laitde "f Xtagtu aan Laude 



Seema Saurabh Ponda 

2nd Major: Finance 
Noah Darrow Schwartz 
Keri Brooke Scrivani 
Sanaz Shojaie 
Marco Antonio Soto 
Seth Turner Teates 
Michael Scott Teitelbaum 
Tiffany Lisa-PaigeTierney 
Lucille Alessandra Toniolo 

2iid Degree: Italian Language 

and Literature 
Amy Der-Wei Tsou 
Shona Ann Turner 

2nd Degree: Finance 

2nd Major: General Business 
Keith Kyaw Thurein U 
Jonelle Triana Vanterpool 
Leander Joseph Wilson 
Jeremy D.Wolf 
Cheau-Ling Karen Wu 
Derek William Young 

Operations and 
Quality Management 

Christopher Joseph Apo 
JShuyan Zhou 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

*Lydia M. Belzer 
Bryan Patrick Bohn 
Byran Deondray Davis 
Denis T. Flanigan 
Phihp Matthew Kominski 
Tate Joseph Munro 
Joshua Shannon Perkey 
Carla Ana Robinson 

Jason Douglas Wiles 
Shawn David Wilson 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Lisa Renee DeReggi 
Jorge Antonio Gutierrez 
Susan Elena Nader 
Matthew Edward Peery 
Tyler Magill Townsend 
Shaunti Nichelle White 

Certificate Programs 

African American Studies 

Radha Rani Choudary 
Jennifer Dickens 
Brandee Anngellic Dickins 
Keisha Ehzabeth Robinson 
Simone Antomette Valentine 

Certificate in 

Latin American Studies 

Albert Edward Davison 
Michelle Rose Dominguez 
Jamie Ann Little 
Federico Sor 
Juan Diego Stacey 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Jonathan S. Carr.Jr. 

Science, Technology 
and Society Certificate 

Noah Matthew Lazar 

University of Maryland 



Commissioning Date: 
December 21, 2000 
Lester C. Carreon 
Mark E. Cretella 
Edward C.Williams 

The December 2000 class roster comprises degree candidates from the 
graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Maryland, 
College Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates by 
the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative 
only. The university reserves the right to withdraw or add names. 
Diplomas (tor other than doctor.-!! degrees) will he mailed by the 
Office of Records and Registration. 


' Liiinie f Magnti 


Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified 
for scholarship honors upon graduation are des- 
ignated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their 
names within the alphabetical listing of colleges 
or schools, pages 23—64. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candi- 
date must meet the following general criteria: (1) have com- 
pleted at least two years of work at the University of 
Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the 
College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of a 
"B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in the University 
of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
m the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, tor the designa- 
tors Siminuj mill Laude (if they ranked m the top 2 percent of 
the candidates in their respective colleges or schools), Magna 
cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Laude (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students 
in the preceding three graduating classes of their degree- 
grantnig unit. 

University Honors 

Sliulciils ii'lio /hire corned the 
University Honors Citation may 
wear red and gold braided cords 
ot'er their academic frowns. 


Kaveh Abrishainkar 
Daniel Joshua Ackerman 
Ali Azarion 
Eric James Babcock 
Lydia Ma.xine Belzer 
Jason Rudolf Boss 
Michael Robert Boyd 
Jeffrey S. Brown 
Howard Yao Chang 
Raymond Jun-Wei Chang 
Samuel Jawahar Chintha 
Geoffrey Thomas Chnstoph 
Neehar Pankaj Choksey 
Game Chung 
Karen Maureen Collins 
Steven Chris Comuntzis 
Janna Christina Cooley 
Elizabeth Ann Crowley 
Heather Ehzabeth Dalton 
Stephanie Michele Diamond 
Brandee AnngeUic Dinkins 
Phihp James Douglass 
Jeremy Michael Eckman 
Jeremy Jon Edwards 
Gisela Miriam Fajner 
Justin D. Pinkie 
Eric Michael Fiterman 
Vicki Marie Franks 
Jennifer Ale.xis Frieman 
Brian J. Garber 

Catherine Prentiss Giaquinta 

Karen Ann Gonano 

Timothy Francis Gormley 

Noosha Ebadoliahzadeh Haghani 

Grace Eunsun Han 

Phuong Dinh Ho 

Sean Hyatt Holman 

Maria Nicole Hult 

Krista Jennings Irish 

Brian Niels Jefferson 

Erin Nicole Johnson 

Catherine Mary Kern 

Joshua David King 

Henning Fritz Kramer 

Parichad Kwunyeun 

Michele Fara Lacher 

Pnina Leora Laric 

Noah Matthew Lazar 

Nam Hoai Le 

Micah Keith Lebson 

Daniel Phillip Levi 

John Wesley Luiza 

Deha Clare Lyons 

Sarah Brigid Mahoney 

Bina Kumari Malhotra 

Miko Yvette Tillman Masterson 

Sean Patrick McGee 

Ruth Melamed 

Wendy Marie Nogales 

Terrence Mitsuyuki Oie 

Veronica Otero 

Marieannette Otero 

Marwan Salah El-Din Oweis 

Prashanth Paresh Parmar 

Irena Sonya Pawlak 

Anthony PeUegrino 

Jennifer Ehzabeth Pepin 

Rina Patel 

Benjamin Cannon Portis 

Ashwini Sudhakar Purekar 



Hetal Manubhai Rami 

Keisha Elizabeth Robinson 

Evan Andrew Roth 

Marcela Elizabeth Rourk 

Nazish M. Salahuddin 

Annaheta Salajegheh 

Gabriel Liendo Sanchez 

Adam Hasan Sayani 

Robin Alyssa Schoenberger 

Natalya Seredich 

Anthony Angelo Serianni 

Seth Michael Sherman 

Brian Sill 

Paula Suzanne Simon 

)ill Erin Skarzynski 

Thiruvenkadesh Someswaran 

Jennifer Kellene SquiUari 

Meera Srinivasan 

Yonot Michal Stadd 

Andrew Craig Stockham 

Amy Christine Stouffer 

Edward Mark Taylor 

Mark August Tervakoski 

Uri Samuel Topolosky 

Simone Antoinette Valentme 

Daniel Ian Walsh 

Yun Hua Wang 

Anelle Palma Week 

Brian Adam Weiss 

Eric Michael Wescott 

Melanie Westover 

Kimberly Anne Whitt 

Luke Michael Blohm Winternitz 

Janelle Lene Wood 

Daniel Douglas Wright 

Ross Michael Yader 

Departmental Honors College Park Scholars December 


With Honors in 

Business and Management 

Rjchard Leonard Bragunier 
Annie Ja-ling Shih 

Computer Science 

Raghuveera Nanchariah Chalasam 

With Honors in 

Business and Management 

Gavin S. McPhail 
Mison Beth Petzko 


Matthew Joseph DeZee 


Catherine Mary Kern 

Electrical Engineering 

Eric Michael Fiterman 

Jeffrey Robert Mcllvain 

Yun Hua Wang 

Luke Michael Blohm Wmtermtz 


Hetal Manubhai Rami 

Government and Politics 

Melissa Dorene Mason 
Mark August Tervakoski 


Jeffrey Steven Brown 


Micah Keith Lebson 
Nazish M. Salahuddin 

The College Park Scholars program 
honors each graduating citation 
Scholar with a special medallion 
on gold ribbon. 


Richard Leonard Bragunier 
Michael Sean Calhoon 
Uy Thien Hoang 
Frederick Paul Hunsicker III 
Kun Sung Kim 
Anna Kara Mamane 
Kristin L. Marburg 
Annie Ja-ling Shih 
Ryan Christopher Spalding 
Jasmine Nicole Thomas 
Nicolette AnnVidal 
Rachel Arlene Weintraub 
Naciem David Yousif 

Kamran Akhavan-Saraf 
Acosta Elizabeth Acosta 
Graciela Marie Aponte 
Amanda Kelly Bernhardt 
Benjamin Roy Bettinson 
Namrata Boveja 
Bradley David Brodar 

Joseph Louis Casaregola 
Heather L. Casey 
Michael John Ciotti 
Brandon Ian Conroy 
Michelle A. Dacey 
Jennifer Sarah Davis 
Laura Debra Diamond 
Samantha Michelle DiCrocco 
Nira Duvan 

Mindy Lenore Ehrenfried 
Neelam D. Gor 
Jacob Daniel Grannell 
Huzaefah Jeelani Gulam 
Tabitha Latuan Harmon 

J N I V E R S I T 1 


Steven Michael Hedgespeth 
Ana Maria Herrera 
UyThien Hoang 
Jeffrey Harold Hyman 
Robert Israeli 
Roslyn Lynette Jackson 
Kathryn Anne Jordan 
Hemant Kapoor 
Joshua Reives Klein 
Dorothy Blaylock Lee 
Ernest James Leonetti 
Nora Ehzabeth Long 
Jacob Eliash Manevich 
Erik Martinez- Westley 
Mehssa Dorene Mason 
Jeffrey Robert Mcllvain 
Gavin S. McPhail 
KeUy Allison Miller 
Robert Louis Miller 
Tate Joseph Munro 
Peter Justin MuoUo 
Rana Ahse Neal 
Do Hwan Noh 
Maria Nychis 
Ryan Murphy O'Connel! 
Matthew Edward Peery 
Kirsten Wells Pesti 
Sara Kathleen Porter 

Stacy Elizabeth Price 
Lance EUison Purvis 
Cheryl Ann Raab 
Alicia Jennifer Reges 
Sarah N. Sandborg 
AUyson Neel Sanders 
Brian Michael Schoenfelder 
Alexander Shames 
Anupama Sharma 
Kopila Shrestha 
Cyril Bromfield Smith 
Jeremy Isaac Snyder 
James Charles Starz 
Jeffrey Douglas Stone 
Steven Mark Strege 
Alissa Beth Telchin 
Jasmine Nicole Thomas 
Jeremy S Tiegerman 
Steven Tishco 
Janai Christine TranimeU 
Amy Der-Wei Tsou 
Robb Wilton Wainwright 
John Michalsen Wanko 
April Lynne Weigand 
Stefanie Lynn Wetzel 
CoUeen Williamson 
Jaclyn F.Wolfson 
Darrell Adam Zinn 



The Senior Marshal Program began in 1991 as 
an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students 
selected to be marshals were nommated by 
faculty, administrators and staff for their outstanding accom- 
plishments and contributions to the University of Maryland. 
We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 

Amanda Bernhardt 
Namrata Boveja 
Michael Boyd 
Linda Brant 
Lilia Chaimovich 
Nicole Charles 
Janna Cooley 
Natalie Edwards 
Susanne Eisinger 
Justin Finkle 
Timothy Gormley 
Marta Hayes 
EHzabeth Jones-Piper 
Catherine Kern 
Pnina Laric 

Kevin Ngugi 
Lori O'Connell 
Veronica Otero 
Jason Pereira 
Jennifer Russell 
Roya Saffary 
Adam Sayani 
Rasheen Smith 
Jared Stahl 
Megan Taliaferro 
Alissa Telchin 
Mark Tervakoski 
Steven Tishco 
Nucleo Vega 
Melanie Westover 




Board of Regents 

Nathan A. Chapman, Chair 

Adm. Charles R. Larson (Ret.), Vice-Chair 

Steny H. Hoyer, Secretary 

William T.Wood, Asst. Secretary 

Louise Michanx Gonzales, Treasurer 

Thomas B. Fman.Asst. Treasurer 


Henry A.Virts, ex officio 

Lance W. Billmgsley 

Michael C. Gelman 

Nina Rodale Houghton 

Leronia A.Josey 

Clifford KendaU 

Jeong H. Kim 

David H. Nevins 

Kevin G. Oxendine, Student Regent 

Joseph D. Tydings 

University System Administration 

Donald N. Langenberg, Chancellor 

John K. Martin, Vice Chancellor for Advancement 

Charles Middleton, Vice Cliaricellor for Academic Affairs 

Joseph F. Vivona, I 'iVf CItancellor for Administration and Finance 

University of Maryland Adtninistration 

C. D. Mote, Jr., President 

Gregory L. Geoffroy, Senior Vice Presidetit for Academic Affairs and Provost 

William W. Destler, Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate School 

Brodie Remington, Vice President for University Relations 

Charles F. Sturtz, Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

William L.Thomas, I'ice President for Student Affairs 

Academic Deans 

Thomas A. Fretz, College of Agriculture and IWitural Resources 

Steven W. Hurtt, College if Architecture 

James F. Harris, College of Arts and Humanities 

Irwin Goldstein, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Howard Frank, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Steven Halperin, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Edna Mora Szymanski, College of Education 

Nariman Farvardin, A.Jatnes Clark School of Engineering 

Jerry P. Wrenn (Interim), College of Health and Human Performance 

Ann E. Prentice, College of Information Studies 

Thomas Kunkel, College ofjournahsm 

Paul H. Mazzocchi, College of Lfe Sciences 

Susan Schwab, School of Public Affairs 

Administrative Deans 

Judith K. Broida, Associate Provost and Dean, Office of Continuing and 
Extended Education 

Robert L. Hampton, Associate Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Studie 
Charles B. Lowry, Dean of Libraries 

Officers of Coininencement 

Unu'ersity Mirshal 
Ralph D. Bennett, Jr. 
School of Architecture 

Faculty Marshals 
Alfred C. Boyd 
Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Ellin K. Scholnick 
Academic Affairs 

Student Marshal 
WiUiam J. Higgins 
College of Life Sciences 


John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 



Commencement Committee 

Gregory L. Geoffroy. Chair 

Javaune Adams-Gaston, liidii'idual Studies 

Richard Ahearns. Agriculture and Xatural Resources 

Marva Ballard, Scheduling Office 

Diane Barlow, Information Studies 

Charles Beacry, Education 

Ralph Bennett, University Marshal 

Carlotta Botvin, Catering 

Carl Bovill, Architecture 

Al Boyd, Faculty Marshal 

Lisa Bradley, Life Sciences 

Kathy Broady, Stamp Student Union 

Dianne Burch, University Publications 

Ritzie Coleman, Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Gene Corcoran, Health Center 

Jessica Da\'ies, Special Events 

Jane Fines, A.James Clark School of Engineering 

Diane Hall, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Stephen Harris, Shuttle UM 

Bill Higgins. Student Marshal 

Brian Horick, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Demetria Jackson, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Fehcia MaineUa, Senior Council 

Melissa Marvel, University Book Center 

Joe Murray, Health and Human Performance 

Jen Meyers, Individual Studies 

Gary Parker, Athletics 

Pat Perfetto, Conference and Visitor Services 

Ann Petrone, Architecture 

Bill Powers, Public Affairs 

Vicky Reinke, Information Studies 

Alan Sactor, Environmental Safety 

Bill Scales, Disability Support Services 

Ellen Scholnick, Faculty Marshal 

Greig Stewart, Jo»rHi]/ijm 

Ray Stoner, Parking 

Charles Stubbs, Facilities Management 

Bob Stumpff, Facilities Management 

Brooke Supple, Senior Council 

Dan Sy'monds, Diploma Office 

Ann Taylor, Parking 

Harry' Teabout, Facilities Management 

DaleVanderWall, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Larry Volz, Police Department 

John Wakefield, School of Music 

Donna Walther, Agriculture and Xatural Resources 

Jessica White, Arts and Humanities 

Scott Wolpert, Computer. Mathematical and Physical Sciences 



Department of Physical Plant 

OfBce of General Services/Special Services Staff 

Responsible for Selling Up Commeticeinein Sires 
Marcellous Anderson Thomas Saunders 

Leroy Blackwell Johnny Sellers 

Earl Blake Rayfield Sellers 

Wayne Daniels Carol Shreeve 

Larry Garner Bob Stumpff 

Larry Jefferson Charles Stubbs 

Catherine Ku Danny Thompson 

Sherrell PurneU 

Olher unils responsible commencement prepciralions 

Area Maintenance Housekeeping Services 

Carpentry Shop Landscape Services 

Electric Shop Paint Shop 

Floor Shop Sign Shop 

TERP Services 

Cci'cr Design: Mark Nystrom 

Pholography: ]ohnT. ConsoU, Cameron Davidson, Jeremy Green, 

Michael Morgan, Mark Nystrom, Scott Suchman 

Inlerior Design: Sheila Johnston Sherer 

Mtinaging Edilor: Dianne T Burch 

With special thanks for the behind-the-scenes help from Tern Marcos, 
Helena Simpson and Sandra Toussaint, Diploma Office; team leaders 
Dianne Barrett, JuHa EHas,Toyin Oguntolu and Debbie Pruett, Graduate 
Enrollment Management Services. 

Produced by the Office of University Publications 
Division of University Relations 
December 2000 


I C E M E N T 

You are invited to join us for 

Saturday. April 28. 2001