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1965 Commencement Exercises 

.I'M;- : - .'■•.^ 



June Fifth, 1965 
University of Maryland 


President of the University 

Dr. Wilson Homer Elkins 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye 

Candidates for Degrees Presented by : 

Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean, The Graduate School 

Dr. William S. Stone, M.D. Dean, School of Medicine 

Dr. John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean, School of Dentistry 

Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean, School of Law 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Dr. Charles Manning, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean, College of Business and Public 

Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean, College of Education 
Dr. Frederic T. Mavis, Dean, College of Engineering 
Dr. Selma F. Lippeatt, Dean, College of Home Economics 
Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean, School of Nursing 
Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean, School of Pharmacy 
Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean, College of Physical Education, 

Recreation, and Health 
Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean, University College 

Special Music 

Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

University Choir, Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Director 

Men's Glee Club and Women's Chorus, Mr. Paul P. Traver, Director 


Dr. Mary F. Devermond 
Miss Evelyn F. Garvey 

Program Coordinators 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley 
Professor George F. Batka 


O say can you see, 

— hy the dawn's early light. 

What so proudly we hail'd 

at the twilight's last gleaming 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 
thro' the perilous fight. 

O'er the ramparts we watched, 
were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, 
the bo7nbs bursting in air. 

Gave proof thro' the night 

— that our flag was still there. 

O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave? 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts tee hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 



The National Anthem 

Musical Selections 


Conferring of Degrees 
and Certificates 

Commissioning of Officers, 
United States Air Force, 
United States Marine 
Corps and United States 

The Alma Mater 



"March" from The Magic Flute, Mozart 

The Reverend William C. Tepe 
Catholic Chaplain 
University of Maryland 

The Star-Spangled Banner, Key, led by 
Mr. Fague K. Springmann 

His Excellency J. Millard Tawes 
Governor of Maryland 

Mr. Charles P. McCormick, Chairman 
Board of Regents, University of I.Iaryland 

Gloria, Mozart 

The Battle Hymn of the Republic 
arr. Waring 

Combined University Choral Groups 
Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Conductor 

The Honorable Hubert H. Humphrey 
Vice President of the United States 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Colonel Vernon H. Reeves 
Professor of Air Science 

Kinney, led by Mr. Fague K. Springmann 

The Reverend Theodore R. Caspar 
Lutheran Chaplain 
University of Maryland 

March from the "Military" Symphony 

Honorary Degrees 



Hubert H. Humphrey Doctor of Laws 

Hubert H. Humphrey, Vice President of the United States, was born in Wallace, 
South Dakota in 1911 and makes his home in Waverly, Minnesota. He received his B.A. 
degree from the University of Minnesota in 1939, a degree from the Denver College of 
Pharmacy in 1933, and an M.A. from Louisiana State University in 1940. In 1945 and 
again in 1947 he was elected Mayor of Minneapolis. In 1948 he became the first Democrat 
ever sent to the U. S. Senate by Minnesota constituents, and he was reelected in 1954 and 
1960. He was elected Senate Majority Whip in 1961. His term as Vice President in the 
Johnson administration began on January 20, 1965. 

Mr. Humphrey's political career has been distinguished by his work in human rights 
and foreign policy. He holds Chairmanships of the President's Council on Equal Oppor- 
tunity, the National Aeronautics and Space Council and the Peace Corps Advisory 
Council. In 1956-57 he was U. S. delegate to the United Nations, and in 1958 was a 
delegate to UNESCO Conference in Paris. In 1958 Mr. Humphrey became the first 
American oflBcial to meet at length with Nikita Kruschev in the Soviet Union. He has led 
legislative efforts in the areas of arms reduction. Federal aid to education, farm surplus 
exports, international health, and drug regulation. 

Frederick W. Brune Doctor of Laws 

Frederick Brune served as Chief Judge in the Maryland Court of Appeals from 1954- 
64. He began his service with that body as a member of the Committee on Rules, 1946-54, 
while a partner of Semmes, Bowen & Semmes in Baltimore. Prior to joining this firm 
Judge Brune was an Assistant U. S. Attorney from 1923-24; was Assistant to Dr. Horace 
E. Flack, Department of Legislative Reference; and was associated with the late Osborne 
I. Yellot until 1922. 

Judge Brune was born in Baltimore in 1894. A graduate of Harvard College in 1915, 
he obtained his LL.B from Harvard Law School in 1920 and was admitted to the Maryland 
Bar in 1921. During World War One he served in the American Red Cross Ambulance 
Corps and later in the Army Ambulance Service and the Intelligence Service. He is a 
past President of both the Maryland State and the Baltimore Bar Associations and is an 
honorary member of the Order of the Coif. He is presently Chairman of the Committee 
on Revision of Maryland Motor Vehicle Laws and is on the Boards of Trustees of Goucher 
College, the Maryland School for the Blind and the Union Memorial Hospital. 

Donald F. Hornig Doctor of Science 

Dr. Hornig is simultaneously serving as Special Assistant to President Johnson for 
Science and Technology, Chairman of the Federal Council for Science and Technology. 
He is also Chairman of the President's Science Advisory Committee, a body which he has 
served through three administrations. In 1962-63, Dr. Hornig was a member of the delega- 
tion headed by Dr. Hugh Dryden which negotiated the agreement with the U. S. S. R. 
for cooperation in certain space activities. 

Born in Milwaukee in 1920, Dr. Hornig received his B.S. degree in 1940 and his Ph.D. 
in Chemistry in 1943, both from Harvard University. In 1946 he joined the faculty at 
Brown University as Assistant Professor. In 1949 he became Associate Professor and 
Director of the Metcalf Research Laboratory and later was Associate Dean of the Gradu- 
ate School. In 1954-55 he was awarded a Guggenheim grant and a Fulbright scholarship 
for research at St. John's College, Oxford University, England. In the same year he was 
appointed the first Bourke Overseas lecturer by the Faraday Society of London. He was 
appointed Chairman of his department at Princeton in 1958 and in that year was the first 
incumbent of the Donner Chair of Science at that institution. 

James A. Sensenbaugh Doctor of Laws 

Dr. James A. Sensenbaugh became State Superintendent of Schools for Maryland on 
June 1, 1964. For eight years prior to this appointment he was Superintendent of the 
Frederick County school system. He spent 22 years in the Baltimore County School sys- 
tem, as a teacher and Vice-Principal of the Catonsville Elementary School, Principal of 
the Sixth District Consolidated School in Freeland, and Assistant Superintendent of the 

Baltimore County schools. He began his career in education as a teacher in Washington 
County, after obtaining his B.S. from Columbia University, where he later received his 
M.A. and Ed.D. degrees. 

Dr. Sensenbaugh is presently a member of the Baltimore YMCA Metropolitan Board 
of Directors, on the Board of Trustees of State Colleges, Chairman of the Board of Trus- 
tees of the Teachers Retirement System of Maryland, and a member of the Advisory Coun- 
cil on Higher Educational Facilities. He has served as State Director for the Department 
of Rural Education of the National Education Association, Director of the Northeast 
Region of the Associated Public School Systems, and Vice President and Secretary of 
the Maryland Association of School Superintendents. Dr. Sensenbaugh was born in 
Frederick County, near the community of Wolfsville. 

Eric Sevareid Doctor of Humane Letters 

Eric Sevareid, one of broadcasting's most distinguished correspondents, is heard 
regularly on the nightly "CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite." Mr. Sevareid's news 
analyses were also a feature of the news coverage of the 1964 Republican and Democratic 
conventions, the election, and President Johnson's inauguration. Based in New York from 
1961-64 and in London as a roving correspondent from 1959-61, Mr. Sevareid recently 
returned to the Washington Bureau of CBS, where he served from 1941-43 and from 
1946-59. During World War Two he covered battlef ronts on both sides of the globe, and at 
the end of the hostilities he returned to cover the founding of the United Nations and the 
San Francisco Conference. He has moderated many outstanding current events series, 
including "Town Meeting of the World," "Conquest," "The Great Challenge," "Years 
of Crisis," and "Where We Stand." He is the recipient of numerous awards for excel- 
lence in broadcasting. 

Mr. Sevareid was born in Velva, North Dakota in 1912 and studied political science 
at the University of Minnesota and later in London and Paris. He began his newspaper 
career on the Miyineapolis Journal, and later worked for the staff of the Paris Herald 
Tribune and the United Press before joining CBS News. 

James A. Shannon Doctor of Science 

Dr. James A. Shannon is Director of the National Institutes of Health, main research 
arm of the U. S. Public Health Service in Bethesda, Maryland. He is widely recognized in 
the scientific world for his original research in kidney function, chemotherapy and 
malaria. In recogrnition of his prominent part in malaria research activities during 
World War Two, he received the Presidential Medal for Merit, at that time the highest 
award for civilian service to government. 

Dr. Shannon was born in Hollis, New York in 1904. A graduate of the College of the 
Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts, he received his medical degree from New York 
University in 1929 and his Ph.D in physiology from the same university in 1935. He later 
taught at New York University College of Medicine and directed research at the Univer- 
sity's Goldwater Memorial Hospital. From 1946-49 he was Director of the Squibb Insti- 
tute for Medical Research and a special consultant to the Surgeon General, U. S. Public 
Health Service. Before becoming Director of NIH in 1955, he held the post of Associate 
Director for three years and served as Associate Director of Research at the National 
Heart Institute. Dr. Shannon is the recipient of the Rockefeller Public Service Award for 
science and the Public Welfare Medal of the National Academy of Sciences, He was 
elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences in 1965. 


Fred C. Downey, Washington County 

Granville Gude, Prince George's County 

NOAH E. Kefauver, Jr., Frederick County 

Samuel M. Quillin, Worcester County 






ftf ^ 






Candidates will be presented by Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean of the School 

Doctor of Philosophy 
(Department and Thesis Title Indicated) 

Mahassen Hassan Abbassy Maryland 

Animal Science: A study of factors affecting Ihe In Vitro production of ruminal 
volatile fatty acids. 

MOHAMED A. Abdel-Halim United Arab Republic 

Botany: Presence and composition of the middle lamella in higher plants. 

Abdul-Wahab Kadir Ali Iraq 

Physics and Astronomy: Resonance broadening of spectral lines. 

Herbert Gunther Arm California 

Microbiology: Investigations concerning an apparent In vitro enhancement of 
Shigelia Flexneri 2a to elicit response in ligated segments of rabbit small intestine. 

Warren Seals Askew, Jr Virginia 

Chemical Engineering: Heat and mass transfer in an agitated vessel. 

FouAD MoHAMED Attia United Arab RepubHc 

Poultry Science: Studies on raw and heated wheat germ for young chicks. 

Robert Lewis Baker Maryland 

Botany: Deficiencies in chromosome 1 and the control of pairing of homologs in 
Zea mays. 

Vernon Allan Bandel Maryland 

Agronomy: The effect of differential phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium 
fertilization of nutrient balance in orchardgrass. 

Cornelius Barry Maryland 

Entomology: Hemolymph proteins in the molting cycle of insects. 

Charles William Basham Oklahoma 

Horticulture: Physiological changes during maturation of tomato fruits with 
especial reference to respiratory activity and ethylene production. 

Richard Thomas Bettinger Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: An in situ probe system for the measurement of ionos- 
pheric parameters. 

Dwijendra Lal Bhattacharya India 

Physics and Astronomy: A study of the phase transformation of sodium and its 
effect on the electronic specific heat. 

John Edward Bowen Maryland 

Botany: The nonessentiality of boron in fungi and the nature of its toxicity. 

Carolyn Lipshy Busch Texas 

Foreign Languages: Wom£n in the novels of Unamuno. 

Thomas Stratton Bustard Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Betas and bremsstrahlung from Sr^" — y^". 

Gary Dale Christian Maryland 

Chemistry: Electroanalytical determination of biological substances. 

Eileen Z. Cohen Pennsylvania 

English: Gentle knight and pious servant: A study of Sidney's Protestantism. 

Francis Edward Cole, Jr Maryland 

Microbiology: Persistent infection of human conjunctiva cell cultures by Myxo- 
virvs parainfluenza 3. 

JiMMiE Lee Collins Louisiana 

Horticulture: Effect of calcium ion-structural polysaccharide interaction on 
texture of processed apple slices. 

12 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Michael John Coluns, Jr Maryland 

Microbiology: Studies on physical, chemical and biological properties of Cache 
Valley (BeAr 7272) virus. 

John St. George Creaghe Massachusetts 

Government and Politics: Personal qualities and effective diplomatic negotiation. 

John Litchfield Davis Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Surfact states on the {III) surface of indium antimonide. 

Robert Lane Davis Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: A plastic stress analysis of cylindrical wafers under 
elastically deformable compression plates. 

Kenneth Edward Dawson Maryland 

Education: The effectiveness of subsuming concepts in teaching industrial arts. 

Richard Augustus Day Maryland 

Physics: Measurement of the Stark widths and shifts of nitrogen ion lines. 

Chauncey Mitchell Dayton Maryland 

Education: An empirical evaluation of the effects of small expected values in 
2x2 contingency tables on the chi-square test of significance. 

Robert Lyle Dedrick Virginia 

Chemical Engineering: Intraparticle diffusion in adsorption from dilute aqueous 

Ann Demaitre D. C. 

Foreign Languages: The idea and technique of the absurd in Eugene lonesco's 

Peter Norman Dobson, Jr Maryland 

Physics: Analyticity of the scattering amplitude in quantum field theory when 
local communtativity is weakened to a condition of exponential decrease. 

Adrun Anatol Dolinsky Maryland 

Physics: Collisions and nonlinear effects in plasmas. 

Edward Joseph Donati Maryland 

Anatomy: Use of specifically protected and purified uraniuvtrantibody conjugates 
in staining of embedded antigens for electron microscopy. 

Thomas Ludwig Dorpalen Maryland 

Foreign Languages: Das motiv des ruhelosen wanderers, studien zum leben und 
werk Moritz Hartmanns. 

Heyman Clarke Duecker Maryland 

Chemistry: The effect of pressure on the spectra of certain inorganic solids. 

Arthur Mason DuPrb, III D. C. 

Mathematics: Real borel cohomology of locally compact groups. 

SvEN Olof Ebbe Ebbesson ; Maryland 

Anatomy: A quantitative sttidy of the superior cervical ganglion in primates, with 
a critical evaluation of histological counting techniques. 

Terry Eisenberg Pennsylvania 

Psychology: Fakability and validity of two types of forced-choice formats. 

Yehia Amin Elbatawi United Arab Republic 

Microbiology: Pathogenesis of Rickettsia Mooseri infection in guinea pigs. 

Albna Elbl Maryland 

Zoology: loxdid ticks (Acarina, Ixodidae) of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. 

Mohamed Mokhtar Elhalwagi United Arab Republic 

Chemical Engineering: An investigation of solids distribution, mixing, and con- 
tacting characteristics of gas-solid fluidized beds. 

Albert Edwin Evans, Jr •. Maryland 

Physics: Application of an anticoincidence-shielded scintillation spectrometer to 
the' study of the N^* (p,Y)Ois reaction. 

University of Maryland. 1 3 

Richard Frederick Farman Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Entry-region heat transfer in an annulus. 

Richard Fong Ohio 

Physics and Astronomy: Relativistic direct interaction theories. 

Robert Lull Forward California 

Physics: Detectors for dynamic gravitational fields. 

Chester David Fox New York 

Pharmacy: A study of water-in-oil emulsions prepared by low pressure capillary 

Robert Whiting Freeman Maryland 

Psychology: Preset environmental tones and human whistling behavior. 

Lothar Frenkel Florida 

Physics and Astronomy: Relaxation effects in the nonresonant absorption of micro- 
waves by mixtures of polar and nonpolar gases. 

Daniel Leedy Garber, Jr. Maryland 

Civil Engineering: A non-linear modification of the trigonometric series solution 
for st(spensio7i bridge analysis. 

Alphonse Benoit Gaudet Canada 

Education: An experimental exploration of the relationship of classroom size to 
pupil and teacher roles. 

Robert Meade Ginnings Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Synchronization and demodulation of pulse-freguency- 
modulalion telemetry data. 

Iba Bernard Goldman Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: An investigation of turbulent transport coefficients. 

Robert Howard Goldsmith Maryland 

Pharmacology: The synthesis and pharmacologic evaluation of 8-alkylthioxanthines 
and related compounds as potential antitumor agents. 

Karl E. Gustafson Maryland 

Mathematics: A priori bounds with applications to integrodifferential boundary 

Albert Haberstich New Jersey 

Physics and Astronomy: Experimental and theoretical study of an ionizing potential 
wave in a discharge tube. 

Barbara Udell Hammer Maryland 

Psychology: Operant verbal conditioning as a function of affectual connotation, 
homogeneity, frequency, and semantic chaining. 

Lowell Thomas Harmison Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Derivative neutron activation analysis of zinc. 

Walter Kirby Harrison, Jr Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: The effect of elastic body properties on human vibration 

Walter George Heid, Jr Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: Changing structure and performance of the northeastern 
markets for grain. 

Carl Louis Heifetz Michigan 

Microbiology: Relative bacteriophage sensitivity of Staphylococcus atireus: De- 
velopment of a method for its determination and its comparison to coagulase, hyalu- 
ronidase, and acid phosphatase activities. 

George Libby Hinds Maine 

Physics: Foliations and the dirac theory of constraints. 

Chieh Ho Republic of China 

Chemical Engineering: Determination of electron temperature of a theta-pinched 
hydrogen plasma by means of carbon line radiation. 

14 1065 Commencement Exercises. 

William Arthur Hook Maryland 

Microbiology: Antibodies to X-irradiated rabbit tissue. 

Billy Dawson Horton Arkansas 

Horticulture: Carontenoid biosynthesis and development rates in tomatoes (Lyco- 
persicon esculentum Mill.) as influenced by two levels of solar radiation. 

John Charles Keresztesy, Jr Maryland 

Chemistry: Tlie synthesis of indolizino(2,S-b)quinoxalines from 2,S-dichloro- 
quinoxaline, active methylene compounds and pyridines. 

Gary Kessler New York 

Physics and Astronomy: The origin and evolution of the comet cloud. 

Eberhard Georg Kiehlmann Germany 

Chemistry: Preparation and reactions of 1 ,1 ,l-trichloro-2-hydroxy-i-alkanones. 

Jai B. Kim Korea 

Civil Engineering: Lap splices in reinforcement for continuously-reinforced con- 
crete pavement. 

Jung Gun Kim Korea 

Government and Politics: Non-member participations in international organiza- 

Abdul Razzak Kiwan Syria 

Mathematics: The Cauchy problem for systems of partial differential equations. 

Anthony William Kotula Maryland 

Poultry Science: Blood volume determination of chickens and the influence of 
slaughter technique on blood retained by carcasses and cut-up parts. 

Leslie Andrew Kulp Maryland 

Entomology: The taxonomic status of the Phytomyza ilicicolailicis complex (Dip- 
tera: Agromyzidae). 

Lawrence M. Lasher New Jersey 

English: James Cheetham: Journalist and Muckraker. 

Francis Joseph Lawrence Maryland 

Horticulture: Genetic-biochemical studies of fruit color in Rubus species hybrids. 

James Everett Leggett Maryland 

Botany: Calcium activation of orthophosphate absorption by barley roots. 

Stephen Albert Lesko, Jr Pennsylvania 

Biochemistry: A study of deoxyribonucleoprotein from calf thymus. 

John Ira Leslie, Jr. Maryland 

Dairy Science: Evaluation of pasture forages for lactating cows; nitrogen fertilized 
grasses versus grass-legume mixtrires. 

Morris J. Levitt New York 

Government and Politics: Political attitudes of American women: A study of the 
effects of work and education on their political role. 

Guy M. Lewis D. C. 

Physical Education: The American intercollegiate football spectacle, 1869-1917. 

Ming Chiang Li Maryland 

Physics: Volume I. On the radiative hyperon decays, 2="= — ► ?; + n^ + i» 
Volume II. Three partical unitarity integral. 

Reimer p. H. Lincke Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Measurement of the oscillator strength of the neutral 
hellium resonance line. 

MORDEHAi Liwshitz Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: The distribution of hydrogen in the earth's thermosphere. 

University of Maryland. 1 j 

Carl Arnold Ludemann Tennessee 

Physics and Astronomy: Angular distributions and correlations in the C^^{He^,p)N^* 

BiPiN BiHARi Mahapatro India 

Animal Science: A study of the effects of forage moisture content upon dry matter 
intake, rumen acid production and rate of passage in lambs. 

Bohdan Maksymiuk Maryland 

Entomology: The occurrence and nature of antibacterial substances in plants with 
special reference to the susceptibility of certain insects to Bacillus thuringiensis 

Richard William March Maryland 

Microbiology: Studies of Guaroa virus, a member of the Bunyamwera group of 

Jason Max Masters Maryland 

Anatomy: The induction of conditions associated with autoimmune hemolytic 
anemia in neonatally thymectomized mice by diffusible substances from the thymus 
of mice of the NZB jBL strain. 

James Brenner Mathews Maryland 

Psychology: Experimental and organismic factors affecting time estimation in 
an aging population. 

Joseph Edward McCarthy Pennsylvania 

Government and Politics: The concept and evolution of American Foreign Policy 

toward Viel-nam, 195i-1963. 

James Cleary McGroddy Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: The polar reflection Faraday effect in aluminum and 

Gilbert Vincent McGurl, Jr Texas 

Chemical Engineering: Spark decomposition of ammonia. 

John Herbert Morgenthaler Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Supersonic mixing of hydrogen and air. 

Martin Harold Morris Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: The preparation of alkamine esters and ethers con- 
taining a 3-Indolyl substituent. 

Kurt Muenz Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: The effect of small surface waves on interfaeial mass 

Daniel Thomas Mullin Illinois 

Physical Education: The expressed judgments of college and university presidents 
concerning preferred and minimum qualifications for the chief administrative officer 
of physical education compared with the qualifications possessed by such chief ad- 
ministrative officers. 

Philip Needleman Maryland 

Pharmacology: The biotransformation of nitroglycerin. 

Monica Rose Nees Illinois 

Chemistry: Reactions of aryltrichloromethylcarbinols with sulfur nucleophiles. 

Charles Ronald Nichols Virginia 

Chemical Engineering: A study of the vertical flow of air-water mixtures. 

Catherine Ke-Chia Ning Missouri 

Biological Chemistry: Studies of the role of messenger ribonucleic acid in protein 
biosynthesis in cell-free systems. 

J. C. NOGGLE Maryland 

Agronomy: The infuence of ammonium on the accumulation of potassium by 
barley seedlings. 

Antonio Rodriguez Noriega Spain 

Microbiology: Studies on the pathogenesis of, and immunity to. West Nile infection 
in hamsters. 

16 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Robert Benfield Getting Missouri 

Mechanical Engineering: Investigation of the effect of low temperature on the static 
and dynamic properties of Incite and a low carbon steel. 

Daniel John Palmer New York 

Mathematics: On the structure of nilpotent algebras. 

Choong Hyun Park Maryland 

Microbiology: Nutritional requirements of Neisseria gonorrhoeae. 

John Joseph Park ...Virginia 

Chemical Engineering: Uranium phase diagrams and a solid solubility correlation. 

John Clarence Parker, II Maryland 

Zoology: Studies on the natural history of Ichthyophthirius muUifiliis Fouquet 
1876, an ectoparasitic ciliate of fish. 

JohnT. Poole Florida 

Mathematics: Coefficient extremal problems for Schlicht functions. 

John Orin Powers Maryland 

Aeronautical Engineering: Nonequilibrium effects on energy transfer in an ionized 
fluid flow. 

Yedla Koteswara Rao India 

Agricultural Economics: An economic analysis of the interplant efficiency of the 
Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Manufacturing Plant, Laurel, Maryland. 

John George Ray, Jr Maryland 

Microbiology: Studies concerning a rapid agglutination test with the aid of the 
centrifuge: A rapid tube agglutination procedure for the diagnosis of tularemia. 

Donald Charles Richter Ohio 

History: Public order and popular disturbances in Great Britain 1865-191 It. 

Ravinder Jit Sahni ^ Indiana 

Physics: A study of hyperfragments produced by 2.3 BeV /c K interactions in 

Wilfred Saint, Jr Pennsylvania 

Sociology: The occupational role of the general practitioner and the internist in the 
treatment of the alcoholic patient. 

MarkSakitt New York 

Physics and Astronomy: Low energy KT meson interactions in hydrogen. 

Michael Salmon New York 

Zoology: Waving display and sound production in the courtship behavior of Uca 
pugilator, with comparisons to U. minax and U. pugnax. 

Kenneth Chapman Sanderson New Jersey 

Horticulture: The influence of temperature and photoperiod on the growth and 
quality of a winter {cv. Wintergreen) and summer (cv. Florida) variety of snapdragon. 
Antirrhinum majus, L. 

Helen-Louise Scarborough Maryland 

Sociology: The role of the school specialist in interaction with community 
and school functionaries. 

Philip William Schaefer Maryland 

Mathematics: On the Cauchy problem for an elliptic system. 

Donald Vincent Schlimme, Jr _. _. Maryland 

Horticulture: Anatomical and physiological aspects of sprout initiation and de- 
velopment in sweet potato storage roots. 

Brian Jerome Sharkey Montana 

Physical Education: The interrelatedness of static and phasic exercise as reflected 
in the response of selected physiological variables. 

Nathaniel E. Shechter Israel 

Economics: The generation and transmission program of the Rural Electrification 

University of Maryland. 1 / 

Paul Leonard Silverman Maryland 

Psychology: The role of professional identification and experience in psychologists' 
evaluations of test protocols. 

Herbert Martin Simpson Maryland 

English: Mencken and Nathan. 

Raizada Madan Mohan Singh India 

Biological Chemistry: Enzymatic steps in the degradation of hydroxy-L-proline 
by Pseudomonas Striata: Conversion of ^ l-pyrroline-lf-hydroxy-2-carhoxylic 
acid to 2-keto-glutaric acid. 

Joseph George Slavin Maryland 

Education: Parental identification and achievement level: Perceived child/parent 
congruency of underachieving and achieving fifth grade high ability children. 

Clifford James Smith New York 

Poultry Science: The role of the central nervous system in the feather release 
mechanism of young chickens. 

Gene Barry Solomon Maryland 

Zoology: Tlie influence of gonedectomy and gonadal hormones Nippostroncylus 
brasiliensis {Travassos, 191 i.) infections in hamsters and rats. 

Neil Solomon Maryland 

Physiology: Work performance of a rat heartAung and an isolated heart prepara- 
tion: Standardization and influence of corticosteroids and aging. 

Gerard Joseph Spahn Maryland 

Microbiology: Characteristics of hemadsorbing enteric (Haden) virus and experimental 
irayismission in calves. 

Charles William Spangler New Jersey 

Chemistry: The chemistry of substituted l,S,5-hexatrienes. 

Sundaresa Srinivasan Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Homogeneous and graft copolymerization of styrene by 
ionizing radiation. 

Joel Maxwell Stutman Maryland 

Chemistry: Bond and molecular polarizabilities from a delta-function model of 
chemical binding. 

Yasushi Sugiyama Japan 

Government and Politics: Japan's policies towards Communist China, 19^9-1963. 

David Kinsey Taylor Ohio 

Physics: Theory of the effects of electronic excitation on the vibrational and dis- 
sociative relaxation of diatomic molecules. 

Ronald John Terchek Ohio 

Government and Politics: The making of the test ban treaty in the United States. 

John Russell Thomas Maryland 

Psychology: Behavioral baselines controlled by avoidance of time out from positive 

William Wendell Townsley, Jr Pennsylvania 

Botany: Respiratory jnetabolism of germinating conidia ofCurvularia geniculata. 

Gurston David Turner Maryland 

Dairy Science: In vitro incorporation of progesterone- 1,-C^* into rabbit uteri. 

Norman P. Uhl Maryland 

Education: Intradimensional and extradimensional shifts as a function of over- 
training and similarity between training and shift stimuli. 

Kashyap V. Vasavada Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Partial wave dispersion relations for pionic disintegration 
of deuteron. 

John Ashbridge Vernon Maryland 

Chemistry: The reactions of amines over alumina. 

Teshome Gebremichael Wagaw Ethopia 

Education: An investigation of the functional and non-functi(mal aspects of 
record forms in a senior high school. 

18 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Henry H. Walbessbr, Jr. Maryland 

Education: A programmed investigation of fixed-ratio schedules of reinforcement 
using the system of integers under addition. 

Theodore Sheng-Tao Wang Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: The synthesis of spiroindolenine and azepinoindole 
compounds structurally related to Iboga and Vinca rosea alkaloids. 

Albert Harry Warpield Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: An approach to the total synthesis of rhyncophylline. 

Sheldon John Watts Minnesota 

History: The County of Northumberland 1590-16S5. 

Minna F. Weinstein Pennsylvania 

History: Jerusalem embattled: Theories of executive power in the early Puritan 

Ronald Earl Wheeler California 

Entomology: Studies on the physiology of hemolymph coagulation in Periplaneta 
Americana (L.). 

Frank Wesley Wilson, Jr Rhode Island 

Mathematics: Homotopy properties of vector fields on the three-sphere. 

John Madison Wilson _ Maryland 

Sociology: A sociological investigation and comparative analysis of patterns of 
beliefs of Negro and white male alcoholic offenders regarding the use of alcoholic 

Rae Winter Maryland 

Foreign Languages: Jewish influence in the work of Proust. 

Ellsworth Tien-wei Wu Georgia 

History: The Chinese nationalist and communist alliance, 1923-1927. 

Dale Arnold Yarns New York 

Animal Science: Rumen factors affecting salivary secretion. 

JOOST Yff Maryland 

Education: An investigation of the effects of response mode, intelligence level and 
sex on learning from programed instruction. 

Ulysses S. Young Pennsylvania 

Sociology: The relation of social factors to mental syndromes: A case analysis of 
thirty-seven Negro mental patients and their families. 

Woodford William Zachary Maryland 

Physics: Relaxation processes in quantum plasmas. 

Robert H. Zieger Wisconsin 

History: The Republicans and labor: Politics and policies, 1919-1929. 

Doctor of Education 
(Thesis Title Indicated) 

William Edward Burns Maryland 

An experimental study of the attainment and retention of learnings in industrial 
arts drawing when classified according to selected educational goals. 

George Champion California 

The interrelationship of industrial arts with science in the elementary school. 

Arlanna Mary Claypool New Jersey 

A study of the relationships between children's goals, interests, and feelings inherent 
in their attitudes and the lack of scholastic achievement. 

University of Maryland. 1 9 

Jesse Drummond Dillon, Jr. Maryland 

An analysis of science teaching in Maryland elementary schools, with limited com- 
parisons to practices revealed in a nation-wide sltidy. 

Alphoretta Southworth Fish Pennsylvania 

The effect of a selected teaching procedure upon the ability of sixth-grade pupils 
to explain environmental phenomena. 

Cyril Frederick Walter Futcher Tennessee 

An analysis of selected elementary arithmetic texts published in the United States 
of America during the period 1877-1917. 

Charles Orville Gray Maryland 

The involvement of the conceptual structure in training personnel in military technical 

Marion Louise Hartlein Maryland 

Construction and evaluation of a test to measure elementary mathematical under- 

Robert Edwin Kersey Maryland 

An investigation of the effects of an exploratory program in instrumental music on 
the aural perception of instrumental timbre. 

John Howard McCauley, Jr Maryland 

Rorschach, WISC, and ITBS patterns of nine-year-old school boys with labile 
and stabile IQ scores. 

Walter Jason Musgrove Florida 

A study of type of reaction to frustration and direction of aggression in one-parent 
families and in two-parent families. 

Jesse Woodrow Myers Maryland 

The personality syndrome of Presbyterian University pastors using need charact- 
eristics and based on a staij-leave criterion. 

Ann Liddell O'Neil California 

A study of self variables in three teacher groups. 

Kenneth Lloyd Schank Wisconsin 

Industrial arts supervision: A synthesis of selected supervisory principles and 

Gilbert Bernard Schiffman Maryland 

An investigation of the effectiveness of two pedagogical procedures in the remediation 
of remedial retarded readers. 

Richard Tyler Scott Missouri 

Adolescent perceptions of contemporary self-concept and adtdt social role. 

Louis A. Sedlak Maryland 

Tlie projection of school quality from staffing measures. 

James Francis Skarbek Maryland 

The effect of a program emphasizing rate of comprehension upon rate of reading 
and comprehension at the sixth-grade level. 

Dorothy Douglas Sullivan Maryland 

An evaluation of a proposed teachers' gtdde for improvement of reading achievement 
of tenth-grade agricultural students in selected Maryland high schools. 

Johanna Cornelia Van Looy New Jersey 

A study of scholastic achievement, pupils' perception of expectancies, self-ideal 
self concept, and observed classroom behavior. 

Donald Field Vorreyer South Carolina 

An analysis of teacher classroom behavior and role. 

Henry Hattman Wiesen Maryland 

An investigation of relationships between intelligence, organizational climate in the 
classroom and self-concept as a learner among ten- and eleven-year olds. 

20 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Master of Ai'ts 

TURGUT Arslan Akter Turkey 

Marianne Ellis Alexander Maryland 

George Warren Andrews Maryland 

Jay Burton Arnold Maryland 

Ellen Averbach D. C. 

Ronald Banner Maryland 

Lucius Beebe Maryland 

Haney H. Bell, Jr Maryland 

Barry Peter Berube Rhode Island 

Marina Bethlenfalvay Maryland 

Lawrence Louis Biacchi Maryland 

Ardele Catherine Borgos Maryland 

George Rowling Bosa Uganda 

Donald Edward Brose Minnesota 

Clint E. Bruess Maryland 

Henry H. Burbridge Michigan 

Donald Ray Burch Virginia 

Edward Brosnan Burlas Maryland 

Carolyn Frances Cannava Virginia 

Charlotte Anne Cannon Maryland 

Leo Darwin Carl Maryland 

Albert Charles Cesky Maryland 

Run-Sheng Ching Maryland 

Robert William Christina New York 

Lawrence Betts Clark Maryland 

William Thomas Clute Minnesota 

Wade Thomas Coggins Maryland 

Shlomo Isaac Cohen Maryland 

Tamara Cole Florida 

Theodore Kenneth Comden California 


Carter Cunningham Cowles, Ul..Maryland 

Lewis Henry Croce Maryland 

Carol Cushard Maryland 

HOLLIDA Wakefield Dickson Maryland 

Bruce Charles DuBois New York 

Eldridge Burnell Duffee, Jr Maryland 

Gregory M. Dunkel New York 

Charles Frederick DuPont Virginia 

Ivan Lee Fames D. C. 

David Al Edwards Texas 

Edward George Engelbart New Jersey 

Mary Solveig Espelie Illinois 

William A. Fackler New Jersey 

Richard Alan Fahrney Ohio 

Vincent Joseph Falzone Pennsylvania 

Zaher Farag Egypt 

Frank Brook Feigert Maryland 

Hans Eugene Feldmann Maryland 

Ronald Edward Fluke Maryland 

Maurice Stephen Fortin Maryland 

Roswell Freedman Maryland 

Richard Freiman New York 

Howard Jay Friedman Netv York 

Daniel Harvey Gadra New York 

Erlinda Sanchez Gatbonton Maryland 

Gertrude Gebel Maryland 

Howard Stark Geer, Jr Maryland 

Susan Ann Godby New Jersey 

Anna Martha Gregersen Maryland 

Edgar Ceraso Grimm Pennsylvania 

Maung Gyi D. C. 

Carol L. Hall Maryland 

Larry L. Hall Maryland 

Robert Curtis Hardwick Illinois 

Wilson Clark Harper Ohio 

Harrison Howell Dodge Heiberg, Jr. 


Jack Morton Herman California 

James Milton Herrell Maryland 

Kathryn F. Hilt Maryland 

Jean S. Holmes Maryland 

University of Maryland. 2 1 

Donald Herbert Horstman Maryland 

Frank Saunders Hundley Maryland 

Gilbert Lewis Ingram Maryland 

Gabriele I. M. Irwin Maryland 

Linda White Jacobs Maryland 

George Kalish Maryland 

Carolyn Dorothy Kany Connecticut 

Susan Stuart Kaplan Maryland 

Linda Sorin Katz Maryland 

Robert Lewis Keeper Maryland 

Marguerite Stewart Kelley Maryland 

William Houston Kelly Maryland 

Joyce A. Kennedy Maryland 

Warren Williamson Kershow Maryland 

Alan Charles Korz D. C. 

James Robert Kuttler Maryland 

Richard Bruce Lakein Maryland 

Edward William Lambert, Jr Maryland 

Susan Ecker Landauer D. C. 

Judith Purnell Lansdell Maryland 

James Monroe Lee California 

Carlos J. Lemoine Colombia 

Robert Morton Leve Maryland 

Diana Wickman Lillevig Virginia 

Genevieve Everett Littleford Maryland 

Robert Alfred Luke, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Eugene M\cmYNSKi... .Pennsylvania 

John Joseph Mainhart Maryland 

Russell Walter Mank, Jr Minnesota 

Stanley Markowitz Maryland 

Ernest Charles Mauch New Jersey 

John Thomas McLaughlin Maryland 

Ina H. Mears Maryland 

Frances S. Meginnis Maryland 

Robert Bruce Mericle New Hampshire 

Jerome Hughes Miller Pennsylvania 

John Charles Miller New Jersey 

Russell Harrison Miller Pennsylvania 

Ferdinand L. Molz Maryland 

Edward David Mooradian Virginia 

John Phillips Moore, Jr Maryland 

George William Morris Virginia 

Benjamin Franklin Mowry Maryland 

Carol M. Navratil Maryland 

James Harry Nelson D. C. 

Lyndrey Arnaud Niles D. C. 

John Louis Olesniewicz... .New Hampshire 

David Wear Orme-Johnson Maryland 

Patricia Pallister Virginia 

Khosit Panpiemrasda D. C. 

Karen Mary Peterson Michigan 

Vu Tien Phai Viet Nam 

Harvey Polster Ohio 

Neil Charles Potash Maryland 

Willlam C. Pratt Pennsylvania 

Margaret A. Redic Georgia 

Martin Bernard Reilly California 

Sally G. Revoile Maryland 

David Allen Roos Maryland 

Fredrica L. Rosenberg D. C. 

Darrell Lee Rudd Pennsylvania 

Wayne David Santoni Maryland 

Stephen Harold Saperstone Maryland 

Marcia Anne Saunders D. C. 

Emily K. Schlesinger Maryland 

Gerald L. Schmaedick Ulinois 

Henry Forbush Schorreck Maryland 

Dwight Lewis Scott Maryland 

John Scott, Jr Maryland 

Norine Holland Seely Maryland 

Everett Greeley Senter, Jr Maryland 

Richard Louis Sher Maryland 

Eugene Anthony Sheridan, jR...Maryland 

22 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Clara M. Silver Maryland 

James Young Simms, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Kaye Sizer Maryland 

Charles William Smith Maryland 

Robert Erwin Smith Maryland 

Shirley Claire Sorensen Maryland 

Halina Wanda Spalinska Maryland 

Keith Gordon Springen Virginia 

Richard Alan Staufenberger Maryland 

Fred Grant Swafford, Jr Virginia 

Joan Long Tarwater Virginia 

Anthony Russell Thompson 

Janice Marie Thompson Maryland 

Richard Frank Thompson Maryland 

Edward Thomas Turner Maryland 

Samai Uambamrung Thailand 

Milton John Uzelac Louisiana 

Clive Chester Veri Maryland 

Valerie Page von MACH-BROWNE-Morj/tend 

Francis Daniel Wagner Maryland 

Mary Stone Watson Maryland 

Rosanne Weil-Malherbe Maryland 

William U. Weiss Maryland 

Barbara Laurent Woll Maryland 

William Culver Wright Maryland 

Myung Kun Yiu Korea 

Israel Stephen Ziony California 

Master of Science 

Donald Theodore Acheson Maryland 

Charles Edward Ackerman Maryland 

Ralph S. Adkins Maryland 

James M. Akridge Maryland 

William Charles Armbrust Canada 

Alinda Ann Arthur Virginia. 

Helen Louvinia Aubel Pennsylvania 

Larry Louis Augsburger Maryland 

Devendra Prasad Bajpayee India 

June M. Baker Maryland 

Donald Martin Bandel Maryland 

Mary Hippard Bauer Maryland 

Thomas J. Beahn Maryland 

Millard Leroy Beall, Jr Maryland 

Floyd Charles Bentley Maryland 

Robert Julius Jacob BiKtiCw.i....Connecticut 

Morton Knowles Blanchard Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Bloxham New Jersey 

Paul Courtney Bossle Louisiana 

Walter Edmund Brandt Maryland 

A. Katherine Brezovec Maryland 

Richard Joseph Brodeur Connecticut 

Francis John Burkitt Maryland 

Ilene J. Burnstein Maryland 

Bobby Gene Busbice Maryland 

Hugh D. Byrne Maryland 

Daniel Ralston Caldwell Maryland 

Mary L. Carl Pennsylvania 

Lucille David Chandler South Carolina 

Susan Erganian Chapman Maryland 

Helen Alyse Chilson Maryland 

Hilda W. Chu Maryland 

Patsy Ellen Cianelli Maryland 

Charles Webster Coale, Jk Maryland 

Joseph Francis Coleman New York 

Norman Edward Collins, Jr Delaware 

University of Maryland. 2 3 

Elmer Lewis Cooper Maryland 

Elmer Eugene Davis Maryland 

Albert Byron DeMilo Maryland 

Howard Gerard DeVezin, Jr Virginia 

Charles Willard Dickinson Minnesota 

Barbara Jean Duska Maryland 

John L. Echternach New York 

Phillip William Eckels Maryland 

Sylvia Shade Eckhardt Maryland 

Betsy Linn Eells Texas 

Forrest Edwin England Maryland 

Bernard Louis Epel Maryland 

James Edwin Etter Nebraska 

Barbara Carol Feigenbaum Maryland 

Franklin Eugene Fisher Maryland 

Morton Fox Maryland 

Melvin Friedman New York 

Elaine Marie Gaddis Maryland 

Wallace Turpin Garrett Delaware 

Elwin Lucius Gerrans California 

Harry Anthony Gieske Maryland 

Ann Paige Gill Virginia 

Harold Ginsberg Maryland 

Edward Lee Glover North Carolina 

John Francis Goertner Maryland 

Francis Romeo Gouin Maryland 

Kinsey Bass Green Maryland 

Priscilla Littlefield Green Maryland 

Stephen Edward Grenleski, 3R...Maryland 

Patricia Ann Grinnell New York 

David Edwin Gruenig Vermont 

Paul Rudolf Haldemann Maryland 

Elizabeth Mary Hamilton Maryland 

Frances H. Harrell Maryland 

Velma Eichhorn Harwood Virginia 

John Robert Hastings Maryland 

Henry Thompson Heaton, II New York 

John P. Meggers Maryland 

Donald Roger Heinle Maryland 

Jeanne Carolyn Hill Maryland 

Louise H. Hodgson North Carolina 

Emma J. Hoeffner New York 

Benjamin Franklin Hoffman. ...Marj/faMd 

Hazel Lucille Hogan Georgia 

Minnie Rebecca Hood Mississippi 

Frank Palmer Hopkins, III Maryland 

James Richard Houghton Maryland 

HuEi-Li Huang China 

John Earl Hutchison Maryland 

Robert Hynes Maryland 

Herbert Jacobowitz Maryland 

Ray Mitchell Johns Maryland 

William Reed Johnson Maryland 

John O. Johnston Maryland 

Jane Catherine Jones D. C. 

Genevieve M. Jordan Maryland 

Sister Mary Dominic Karwacki.. Maryland 

Helen Mae Kaufman Maryland 

Thomas Stewart Kaufman Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Keenen Pennsylvania 

Kenneth D. Keller Pennsylvania 

Margaret Blanche Keller Maryland 

Kenneth Hallock Kellbtst Maryland 

Edward Grover Kelso Maryland 

Charles Vernon Kincaid Maryland 

Marlin Albert Kinna Maryland 

Ruth Olive Knighton Massachusetts 

Horace Ronald Koller Maryland 

SOTERO L. Lasap, Jr Philippines 

Charles Francis Lay Virginia 

Han-Chung Leung Macao 

Claire Marianne Linka Maryland 

Louise Roop Linthicum Maryland 

Kenneth William Ludlam Maryland 

James Alva Madison Iowa 

Bal Mukand Mahajan India 

Francis John Marousky Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Robert Mason Maryland 

Vernon William Mayer, Jr Maryland 

Aldo Tobias Mazzella California 

Thomas Griswold McCreless Maryland 

24 i555 Commencement Exercises. 

Mary C. McKinney Maryland 

Cerdet Melezoglu Maryland 

Katherine Vetter Miller Virginia 

Gerald J. Mizejewski Maryland 

Thomas Blackhall Murtagh Texas 

Becky Ann Myton Pennsylvania 

Edith Davey Nikel Maryland 

Gary William Nooger Maryland 

Sister Mary Lawrence Noone 


James Ronald Novak Virginia 

Sin K. Oh Korea 

Phyllis Okerlund Virginia 

Daniel Odell Oldfather New Jersey 

Frank Albert Padovano New York 

Stephen J. Palmer Maryland 

John Pandelides D. C. 

James A. Perschy Maryland 

Robert Lee Peters Maryland 

Edmund Maurice Powers Maryland 

Zaiga Guntra Priede Maryland 

William Edwin Queen Maryland 

Harris Rabinovich Maryland 

Jamshid Rasekh Iran 

David Harper Reese Maryland 

Bonnie Jane Reger North Dakota 

Robert David Reinsel Pennsylvania 

John Edward Ridgway Maryland 

John Bamforth Rippingale Maryland 

Robert Ellis Robey Pennsylvania 

David Milton Robinson Ohio 

Ellis Phillip Robinson Massachusetts 

James Alvin Robinson Alabama 

Lisa Robinson Maryland 

Antony Steve Rodolakis Massachusetts 

Maxine Elaine Roge Louisiana 

Sabina Hanlon Saib Maryland 

John Michael St.Clair Maryland 

Malcolm Leslie Sarna Massachusetts 

Anne Moskos Sayler Maryland 

John Peirson Schelz Maryland 

Sigmund a. Schildcrout New York 

Larry Charles Schooley Virginia 

Thomas James Schuetz Maryland 

Robert Thomas Schwartz Maryland 

Joyce Weston Scudder Massachusetts 

Janet Louise Senkewitz Pennsylvania 

Wilma Sue Sewell Arkansas 

Bassam Z. Shakhashiri Lebanon 

Barbara Valerie Shipman Illinois 

Walter Simon Maryland 

Dudley Templeton Smith Maryland 

Inbum Song Korea 

Bertha Owens Speight D. C. 

Marlo Speiser New Jersey 

John Henry Stanley Illinois 

Bert R. Staples D. C. 

Steven Eliot Starley Maryland 

Herbert Hans Steiner Maryland 

John Robert Stottlemyer Pennsylvania 

Richard Paul Suess Maryland 

Irwin Henry Suffet New York 

Clara Ellen Swift Maryland 

Lawrence Leo Swift Maryland 

James Aubrey Sykes, Jr Maryland 

Mansur Tavakoli Maryland 

Lillie White Thaniel Maryland 

Antoinette Thompson Arkansas 

Leone Florence Thompson. ...Pennsylvania 

Ellienne Nell Todd Louisiana 

Leonard Edgar Tolley Maryland 

Marcelina Chavez Torres Philippines 

John Pasqual Toscano Maryland 

Reinhard Richard Ulrich Maryland 

Frances Smith Uppitt Florida 

Zigfridas Vaituzis Connecticut 

Ralph Joseph Vendemia, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Morlan Warren Maryland 

Linda Mae Wehling New York 

Julla Ann Wendholt Indiana 

University of Maryland. 2, 5 

Sheldon Andrew White Connecticut 

Steven R. Whitman Maryland 

Mae Ann Wilson Alabama 

Carol Ann Wurzell California 

Ellis Quinn Youngkin Maryland 

Theresa Yuann Yuan China 

Master of Education 

Mary Ellen Abbott Maryland 

Annie Herman Adler Maryland 

Robert Edward Anastasi Maryland 

Anne Eastman Arthur Maryland 

William Arthur Bailey, Jr Maryland 

Michael Bakas Maryland 

John Ernest Barham Maryland 

Alice Holt Battle Maryland 

George Marion Beckert Maryland 

Barbara Marshall Benning Maryland 

Thomas Olof Berg Maryland 

Richard Earl Bitterman New York 

James Kenneth Bittinger Maryland 

Martha Veonia Blick New Jersey 

Mary Margaret Bowen Maryland 

Frank Walden Bredenkamp 

Southern Rhodesia 

Doris M. Brett D. C. 

Alan David Brown Maryland 

Elsie Halaria Brown Maryland 

William Lee Brown Maryland 

Emma McCarter Burgess Maryland 

Thurman Terry Burgess Maryland 

Harry Montague Burkhardt, III 


Ruth Heaps Burkins Maryland 

Cleo Campbell Maryland 

Joan Allison Carter Maryland 

Margaret Ann Cassidy Virginia 

Gertrude Nachbar Cohen Maryland 

Antoinette Harrison Covington 


Betty Wyatt Culotta Maryland 

James William Curry Maryland 

John Ball Dade, Jr Maryland 

Jefferson Adam Dardin Maryland 

Gerald Wayne Davis Maryland 

Durward Deffenbaugh Maryland 

Robert North Deming Connecticut 

Raymond John Dombrowski Maryland 

Richard Charles Dove Maryland 

Anna Elizabeth S. Downing Maryland 

William Harold Dyson Virginia 

Ernest Edward England Maryland 

Lucille Wharton Eveleigh Maryland 

Madeline Robertson Eversley D. C. 

Elizabeth G. Flett Maryland 

Francis Bennbtt Frampton Maryland 

Gerald Paul Frick Maryland 

Kenneth Winfield Frushour Maryland 

Brother Carey Garner Maryland 

Grace Manning Gaskins Maryland 

Gary Irwin Geiger Maryland 

Irvin David Click Maryland 

Morton Greenberg Maryland 

Ruth Kay Gross Maryland 

Marjorie Eleanor Hall Maryland 

Armen Peter Harootlan Massachusetts 

Melda Hamlin Henry Maryland 

Fletcher H. Herrald Maryland 

Joseph George Hornyak Maryland 

John Albert Hutchins Maryland 

George Kaludis Maryland 

Velma Speight Kennedy Maryland 

John A. Kiesow Oregon 

Linda Bushnell Kinsley Maryland 

Lonnie Lee Kisner, Jr Maryland 

Don Joseph Konschnik Maryland 

Irene Kraut Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Lacy Maryland 

Robert Edwin Laird Maryland 

John Jenkins Lancaster, Jb Maryland 

Charles Lovinious Lane Florida 

Jane Carroll Larson Maryland 

Oliver Patterson LASLEY....iVort/i Carolina 

James Archie Leary Maryland 

Hattie Brannon Leggett Maryland 

Lillian Wallace Leydic Maryland 

Eleanor Johnson Lindner Maryland 

George Litman, Jr Virginia 

Phyllis Knox Losaw Maryland 

Faith Clift Loveless Maryland 

Marlene Fay IjVCKEliBAVGU..Pennsylvania 

26 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Craig Herbert Lundberg Maryland 

John D. Mandelbaum Maryland 

LiNNiE Warren Marshall Maryland 

Nicholas Anthony Martocci 


Roger Gene McClure Maryland 

Mary Ellen McGeehan Maryland 

George Edgar McKenney Maryland 

Carola Giovannoni McMillan.. ..Marj/to«d 

Peter Joseph McMonigle Maryland 

Melvin August Metzger Maryland 

Gilbert Ervin Miller Maryland 

Rubinette R. Miller Virginia 

Thomas William Minnich Maryland 

Frederick Thomas Mitii>iiCK..Pennsylvania 

Theodore Charles Mintz Maryland 

James Robert Miskelly New Jersey 

Eleanor Cleary Morgan Maryland 

H. Dolores Chase Morgan Maryland 

Beatrice Mensch Mountjoy Maryland 

Allan Baker Myers Maryland 

Anna Nemesh Maryland 

Mary Nemesh Maryland 

Mary Frances Noggle Maryland 

Jane M. Oliver Maryland 

James Albert Owings Maryland 

Sortis James Pappas Maryland 

Alma V. Parker Maryland 

Mitzi Alice Parks Rhode Island 

Harold Richard Pearson Maryland 

Doris E. Perschau Maryland 

Peter Mario Pfisterer New York 

Barbara Ann Pokrinchak Maryland 

James Michael Poston Maryland 

Helen Elizabeth Powell Virginia 

Jane McLeod Radcliffe Maryland 

Robert William Randall Maryland 

Patricia Ann Redhage Missouri 

Della Noe Reeder Maryland 

Muriel Marie Reingruber Maryland 

Dewey D. Rhodes Maryland 

Fred Augusta Rivenbark Maryland 

Betty Heaberlin Roat Maryland 

Maralee Gipe Rook Maryland 

Gladys Shirley Rori Maryland 

Dolores Jean Ross Maryland 

Catherine Hayes Ruddy Maryland 

Emil Edward Rusinko Maryland 

Ann Leaky Rutledge Maryland 

Carl Stuart Schramm Maryland 

Philbin Leroy Scott Maryland 

Herbert John Sell Pennsylvania 

Joseph Leslie Shilling Maryland 

Thomas Edward Silliman Maryland 

Ruby Cozaet Simms Maryland 

Gary Joseph Smith Maryland 

George Wilson Smith Maryland 

Nicholas Albert Smith Maryland 

M. Eugene Spurrier Maryland 

Margaret Louise Stackhouse Maryland 

Margaret A. Stahly Nebraska 

Paul George Stitik Maryland 

Emily Matilda Taylor Maryland 

Mollie Margaret Tillson Maryland 

Joseph Ignatius Tiwis Maryland 

James Edward Toole Maryland 

James Joseph Treanor Maryland 

William Millard Turner Maryland 

David George Vader Maryland 

Henrietta VanMaanen Iowa 

Jack Collins Van Newkirk Maryland 

Richard Frederick Vert Maryland 

Grace Lemley Walton Maryland 

Florence Golding Wargny Maryland 

Nancy S. Watkins Maryland 

John Stephen Watson Maryland 

Patrick J. Weagraff Maryland 

Velma Joan Weatherholtz Maryland 

Estelle S. Wechsler Maryland 

Frances Goodwin Wells D. C. 

Irvin Fulmer Wilkinson, Jr Maryland 

Ida Willen Maryland 

Donald Stuart Wilson Maryland 

Harry William Wilson, Sr Maryland 

Stephen Jay Winkler Maryland 

Charles Matthews Woolston Maryland 

Shirley B. Worthington Maryland 

Donald Charles Wright Maryland 

James Leroy Wynn Virginia 

Edmonia Townes Yates Maryland 

Lydia Welford Yowaiski Maryland 

DeLoris Harris Zucker Maryland 

University of Maryland. 27 

Master of Business Administration 

George Benjamin Amoss Delaware 

William Charles Bell New York 

Gordon Wells Berg Maryland 

Richard William BROKENSHiRE....Afarj/toKd 

William Ernest Cermak Maryland 

John Shields Connors Pennsylvania 

Joseph S. Forster New Jersey 

Ronald William Goetz Maryland 

George Edward Hartwell, 3R...New Jersey 

DwAYNE Allan House Michigan 

John Michael Ivancevich Maryland 

KiYOSHi Kawahito Japan 

Burt Alexander Leete New Jersey 

Michael Harris Levinson Florida 

Kenneth Allen Mann Maryland 

George Louis Marthinuss, Jr Maryland 

Richard Gwynn Mattingley Maryland 

Louis Edson McGraw New Jertey 

Abbas Mirrashidi Iran 

Lawrence Noel Patterson Maryland 

Jimmy Wayne Riggs Maryland 

Harold Eugene Ritz Maryland 

David Brian Schuler New York 

Allan Kimbrough Shemman Maryland 

Samuel Thomas Stagg, III California 

William Rosser Thorn, Jr Maryland 

Robert Warren Waters North Carolina 

Master of Music 

Joanne L. Barnett D. C. 

Bette a. Eberly Maryland 

Vernon Dean Kirkpatrick Maryland 

Edward J. Marks Virginia 

Margaret Grillet Wardall Maryland 

Master of Social Work 

Rosinda Nealy Alexander Maryland 

Geraldine Aronin Maryland 

Margaret Rowe Blessing Maryland 

Susan Adreon Claggett Maryland 

Benjamin Norman Davis Maryland 

Marjorie White Feinblatt Maryland 

Judith Helene Fine Maryland 

Betty Ellin Golombek Maryland 

Paul Gunning Maryland 

Elmire Ettlin Heist Maryland 

Myra R. Herbert D. C. 

Elizabeth Anne Herdman Maryland 

Ferne Kandel Kolodner Maryland 

Jeannemarie Therese Kratz Maryland 

Barbara Ann Mikulski Maryland 

Phyllis Ruth Miller Maryland 

Martin Bruce Miluson Maryland 

Marian Burall Monk Maryland 

Norma Marie Muller Maryland 

Myra Bonhage O'Brien Maryland 

Mary Ann Risse^i Maryland 

Ann Frances Scheper Maryland 

Evelyn Frances Slaght Maryland 

Rosalynde Kolodner Soble Maryland 

Nancy Ryder Tankersley Maryland 

Carl Irvin Thistel Maryland 

Valeria Aola Tocci Maryland 

William Brooks Wise Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Medicine 

Jeffrey David Aaronson Maryland 

Zalman S. Agus Maryland 

Verner Albertsen Maryland 

John Harold Axley, Jr Maryland 

Brian Jay Baldwin Maryland 

D. Gary Benfield Maryland 

Stanley Leonard Blum Maryland 

Bruce Allen Brian Maryland 

28 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Charles Sidney Beown Maryland 

Harry James Brown Maryland 

Jeffrey Lee Brown New York 

William Gregory Bruce Maryland 

William Harold Choate Maryland 

Lap (Larry) Ching Chong Hong Kong 

Thomas Curran Cimonetti Maryland 

Brenda Mansfield Cley Maryland 

Chester Cattell Collins, Jr Maryland 

Michael Nathan Coplin New Jersey 

Arthur Roland Dick Maryland 

Patrick Francis Dougherty, Jr.. .Maryland 

J. Bernard du Buy Maryland 

John Charles Dumler, Jr Maryland 

Gary Lee Ehrlich Maryland 

George Edmund Engelke Maryland 

Paul Hudson Feshe Maryland 

Louis L. Fine Maryland 

Allen Arthur Frey New York 

Stanley Friedler Maryland 

F. David J. Gillis Maryland 

Ronald Goldner Maryland 

Stanley Goldsmith Maryland 

William Michael Gould Maryland 

Timothy Kenney Gray Maryland 

Robert Louis Handwerger Maryland 

David Robert Harris California 

Charles Simeon Harrison Maryland 

Frederick Stephen Herold New York 

Stephen Morris Highstein Maryland 

Terren Merrill Himelfarb Maryland 

John Charles Hisley Maryland 

Edward Stewart Hoffman New York 

Robert Roland Holthaus Maryland 

Susan Louise Howard Maryland 

Barbara Lou Johnson Maryland 

Calvin Embert Jones, Jr Maryland 

Allen Herbert Judman Maryland 

Paul Alfred Kandler Maryland 

Galen Henry Kistler Pennsylvania 

Allan Stephen Land Maryland 

Earl Kaufman Landau Maryland 

Susan Traum Legat Maryland 

William Edward Legat Maryland 

Sanfokd Leslie Levin Maryland 

Frank Russell Lewis, Jr Maryland 

Jay Stephen Margolis Maryland 

John William Maun Maryland 

Carlos R. Mendez-Bryan Puerto Rico 

John George Mueller Oklahoma 

Louis 0. Olsen Maryland 

Janne Robert Olson Maryland 

Michael Eugene Pelczar Maryland 

George Peters New York 

Jeffrey Edward Poiley Maryland 

Michael John Reilly Maryland 

Ronald Cornelius Roane Maryland 

Emily Ann Robinson Maryland 

Alfred Barry Rosenstein Maryland 

Henry Allan Saiontz Maryland 

Sigmund Linder Sattenspiel New York 

Martin Samuel Schwartz Maryland 

Hannah Joan Segal Maryland 

Earl Samuel Shope Maryland 

William Edson Signor Maryland 

George Clarence Sjolund Maryland 

Larry A. Snyder Maryland 

M. Peter Stasiowski Maryland 

John Miller Steffy California 

Harry Calvin Stein Maryland 

Louis Edward Steinberg Maryland 

Fred Nelson Sugar Maryland 

Harry David Tabor Maryland 

Elliot Sanford Tokar Maryland 

Phillip P. Toskes Maryland 

Richard William Virgilio Maryland 

Joseph S. Weinstock Maryland 

Philip Joseph Whelan Maryland 

Daniel Henry White New Jersey 

Victoria Plaster Whitelock Maryland 

Robert Nolen Whitlock Maryland 

William Carey Wimmer Maryland 

Thomas Whetsell Wingfield Florida 


Candidates will be presented by John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Juan Alberto Arias Panama 

Carolyn Elizabeth Barclay Maryland 

Marcos Hebnan Barrera Florida 

Marvin Allen Becker Maryland 

Ronald Jacob Berman Maryland 

Sheldon Arnold Bloom Maryland 

Gil David Boisoneau Connecticut 

James Edward Bradley Maryland 

University of Maryland. 29 

Stuart Allen Broth Maryland 

Robert James Carey Maryland 

Martin Leo Chaput Massachusetts 

Joseph Matthew Chasko Florida 

Joseph Louis Corey West Virginia 

Anthony Eugene Curcio New York 

George Eugene Dent, Jr Maryland 

James William Donaldson D. C. 

Albert Irvin Dorfman Maryland 

Frank Thomas Dougherty, Jr Maryland 

John Russell Earnhart Maryland 

Leonard David Efrom Maryland 

William Wood Eldridge, III Florida 

Guy Ronald Estes Florida 

Sylvan Feldman Maryland 

Philip Saul Ferris Maryland 

Donald Joseph Forno Maryland 

Theodore Stuart Freedman Maryland 

Nelson Charles Freeman Connecticut 

John Michael Freiler New Jersey 

John Anthony Frensilli Maryland 

Harry Lee Friedman Maryland 

Charles Albert Gagne Massachusetts 

Joseph William Gallagher Delaware 

Frederick Joseph Geating Maryland 

John Charles Gigliotti Maryland 

Alan Paul Girard New York 

John Joseph Golski New Jersey 

Richard Omer Goodman Connecticut 

Leroy Goren Maryland 

Edward George Grace, Jr New York 

Jack LeRoy Graham California 

Warren Granek Maryland 

Murray Gerald Greenberg Maryland 

Stephen Arthur Greene New Jersey 

Edward George Gutman Maryland 

Ronald Frank Hanswirth New York 

John Knox Hart Pennsylvania 

John Wallace Hathaway Maryland 

Richard Allen Hawse Florida 

William Howard Helfert Maryland 

Joseph Hinich, Jr California 

Charles Edward Hunt Maryland 

John Michael Iacono Neiv York 

Marius Pitkin Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Michael Hartley Josephson California 

Harvey Alan Kallins Maryland 

Morton Irvin Katz Maryland 

Herschel Benjamin Kaufman 

South Carolina 

William Edward Kaufman Florida 

Richard Bennett Kirk New Jersey 

Thomas Lewis Klechak Maryland 

William Leonard Knoche Maryland 

Martin Harold Lewis Florida 

James Nicholas Leyko Maryland 

Rodger Howard Lofland Florida 

James Edgar MacBride, Jr Pennsylvania 

Leonard Louis Maranto Maryland 

John Mills Martin Maryland 

Joseph Edward Mazikas Maryland 

Arnold Gerard McGreevy Maryland 

Sheldon Meltzer New Jersey 

David Scranton Meroney Maryland 

Robert Austin Mullen New York 

Steven Arnold Nachman Maryland 

Michael Josephat Oles, Jr Maryland 

Charles Bernard Parr, Jr Maryland 

Barrett Joel Raff New York 

Irving Jacob Raksin Maryland 

Albert Richard Rayne Maryland 

Alan Rosenfeld Maryland 

Alexander Michael Rvdewicz.. Connecticut 

Robert Heller Schuckman Neiv Jersey 

Andrew Albert Schwab Florida 

Harry Benesh Schwartz Maryland 

Paul Clark Sebastian, Jr D. C. 

Thomas Anthony Simes Maryland 

Wilbur King Smith Maryland 

Barry Edward Solomon Maryland 

Stephen Nicholas Sovich Maryland 

Lamon Arlie Stewart, Jr Maryland 

Richard Hopkins Stag Maryland 

John Francis Tintle New Jersey 

Allen Anthony Vessel Maryland 

Ronald Stanley Wershba New York 

Steven Martin White Maryland 

Wayne Wilson Wibby Maine 

Harold Wallace Wilson, Jr New York 

Larry Joseph Wisman Maryland 

Walter Raymond Wolk Connecticut 

Lawtience Fred Yampolsky New Jersey 

Edward Louis Zak Massachusetts 

Charles Harry Zois New Jersey 

Vincent Joseph Zugay Maryland 

30 iyS5 Commencement Exercises. 


Candidates will be presented by Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Laws 

Laurence Gary Abramson Maryland 

William Bain Alexander, Jr Maryland 

Sheldon Harvey Altwarg Maryland 

Joseph Reed Anderson Pennsylvania 

Philip Joel Axelrod Virginia 

Albert Bernard Baikauskas, Jr.. .Maryland 
George William Bauernschmidt, Jr. 

Clinton Frederick Beckner, Jr. 


Paul Dennis Belman Maryland 

Thomas Nichols Biddison, Jr Maryland 

John Oramel Bodman Maryland 

Leonard John Bonner Delaware 

Wayne Alexander Bradshaw Maryland 

Elliott Allen Brager Maryland 

Leonard Anthony Briscoe Maryland 

Lawrence Edgar Brown Maryland 

Howard L. Cardin Maryland 

F*eter Coggeshall Cobb Maryland 

Richard Martin Contino Maryland 

Eugenio Cornier-Salls Virginia 

David George Crocco Maryland 

A. Robert Davison Maryland 

Frederick Timothy De Kxsyp^r.... Mary land 

Frank Louis Dell'Acqua Maryland 

David Arnold Denton Maryland 

James Martin Dirkes Maryland 

James B. Dudley Maryland 

William Porter Ellington Maryland 

Paul Edward Ellis Delaware 

Marsha Nan Epstein Maryland 

Philip Edward Epstein Maryland 

Robert Feirstein Maryland 

Howard Stuart Feldman Maryland 

Alan Thomas Fell Maryland 

David Curley Fisher, Jr Maryland 

Carroll James Fitzgerald Maryland 

Richard Anthony Fitzpatrick D. C. 

Samuel Robert Fleishman Maryland 

Ralph Hayward France, II Maryland 

Michael Trias Fracticelli Puerto Rico 

Barrett Walter Freedlander Maryland 

Charles Freeland Maryland 

Allan Freidson Maryland 

Louis Frank Friedman Maryland 

Gerhard Helmut Fuchs Maryland 

WiLLARD Geller New Jersey 

Lawrence Koman Ginsberg Maryland 

Howard Edward Goldman Maryland 

Stuart Arthur Goldstein Maryland 

Joel David Goodman Maryland 

Wallace Gary Gray Maryland 

Leonard Jerome Grossman Maryland 

Lyle Edward Grupenhoff Maryland 

William John Hamill, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Clifford Hayden, Jr Maryland 

Michael Gerson Hendler Maryland 

William Hoyt Holden, Jr Maryland 

Jerry Herbert Hyatt Maryland 

Alan Barry Jacobson Maryland 

John William Jansak Maryland 

Richard Bruce Jones Maryland 

Richard Ramsay Jones Maryland 

Louis Irving Kaplan Maryland 

Alan J. Karlin Maryland 

Howard Hanford Kelly, Jr Maryland 

Lee Neilson Koehler Maryland 

Richard B. Krieger Maryland 

Joseph D. Lantz Maryland 

Ann Galperin Leibowitz Massachusetts 

John Henry Lewin, Jr Maryland 

Robert Stuart Litwin Maryland 

John Richard Low Maryland 

Joseph Marshall Mamana Maryland 

Stanley Glen Mazaroff Maryland 

John Eric Messerall Maryland 

Donald Lee Miller Maryland 

Lee Marshall Miller Maryland 

Joseph D. Montedonico, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Finan Mudd Maryland 

Lawrence Francis Naughton, II 


Joseph M. A. Nelabovige Pennsylvania 

John J. O'Meara Maryland 

David Chalmers Palmer New Jersey 

John Brentnall Powell, Jr Maryland 

Marvin J. Powers Maryland 

Jerry A. Rokoff Maryland 

Eugene A. Rosengarden Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 1 

Anthony Joseph Sacco Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Sachs, Jr Maryland 

Roger L. Salen Maryland 

James Patrick Salmon Maryland 

Sheldon Paul Schuman Maryland 

Jerome Rubin Sereboff Maryland 

Howard Shecter Maryland 

Michael S. Simon New York 

Louis M. Solomon Maryland 

Barbara Ann Spicer Maryland 

Jerome Carmen Squillaro Maryland 

Frederick Howard Stalfort Maryland 

George Cochran Stankevich New York 

Richard Bernard Talkin Maryland 

T. Joseph Touhey Maryland 

Peter Joseph Tribulski, Jr Maryland 

Harold Joseph Tulley Delaware 

William Preston Turner Maryland 

Mary Ann Tuur Maryland 

Cornelius J. VAUGHEnr, Jr New York 

Paul Howard Voreacos Maryland 

Mary McBride Walker Maryland 

Howard Elliott Wallin Maryland 

Ronald Wartow Maryland 

Sherman Wodell West Maryland 

William Burnham WHiTEFORD....Marj/tond 

Cypert Olan Whitfill Maryland 

Newton Allen Williams Maryland 

John Martin Clayton Willin, III 


Ronald E. Wilson Virginia 

James Owen Wise Maryland 

William Piatt Young, Jr Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Nelson Wilbur Aurand Pennsylvania 

Paul Emil Bauersfeld, Jr Maryland 

Charles Warner Bowers Maryland 

Roland Thomas Bowman, Jr Maryland 

Max Furnia Bowser Maryland 

William Frederick Brighoff, Jr. 


Edwin Iglehart Cissel Maryland 

Gary Peter Clemons Maryland 

Marshall R. Dauberman Pennsylvania 

Harold Douglas Dinkel Maryland 

Robert Franklin Doll Maryland 

Dennis Joel Donharl Pennsylvania 

Frank Chalis Downey Maryland 

Roger Joseph Drissel D. C. 

Paul Ernest Engel Maryland 

Robert Grafton Esham Maryland 

Herbert Wayne Everett Maryland 

Donald Clayton Fretts Pennsylvania 

David William Fulk Maryland 

Nicholas Lee Gounaris Maryland 

Carl Robin Hahn Maryland 

Leroy E. Hall Pennsylvania 

George Herwig Hodges Maryland 

Laban Richard Hodgson Maryland 

Charles Ellsworth Iager, Jh Maryland 

Ethel May Jensen Maryland 

Dona Lee Kern Maryland 

Charles Dennis King Maryland 

James Joseph Linduska Maryland 

Michael C. C. Ling Maryland 

Donald Eugene Lippy Maryland 

William Calvin Malkus Maryland 

Joseph Lugosch Marter New Jersey 

Howard Jeffrey Maslan Maryland 

Walter Page Mays, Jr Maryland 

Hubert Travis McPherson Maryland 

Leonard Joseph Megby, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Dimling Morris Maryland 

Kenneth Leroy Nash Maryland 

Edward Lee Page Maryland 

Kenneth A. Palmer Maryland 

William Bruce Peters Maryland 

William Henry Peters Maryland 

Stuart Clayton Peterson Maryland 

Norma Lynn Phelps Maryland 

Melonee Ellen Pullen Hawaii 

Richard Lawrence Ray, Jr Maryland 

Melvin Gerhardt Schnappinger, Jr. 


William Robert Shortall Maryland 

James Stephen Showers Maryland 

32 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Carroll L. Shry Maryland 

Stephen S. Snider Pennsylvania 

Richard Lee Somazze Maryland 

Marjorie Frances Swider Maryland 

Michael Tapper Maryland 

Joseph Winston Trumbauer Maryland 

William Francis Walker Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Wenzel Maryland 

Maurice Henry M. White Maryland 

David Harvey Wilson Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Patricia C. Abbott Maryland 

Neil Richard Ackerman Maryland 

James Michael Adair Maryland 

Adelaide Constance Adams Maryland 

Donald L. Adams Maryland 

Edna Tova Agus Maryland 

Judith Lynne Ahlberg Maryland 

Barbara Jean Aland Alabama 

Flora Ann Alexander Maryland 

Robert Donald McKinney Allen 


Diane Ware Almario Maryland 

Melinda L. Alter New York 

Karen Kottke Althaus Maryland 

Nancy Lynne Altman Maryland 

Robert Stephen Ambrose Maryland 

Marcla Claire Amodei Maryland 

Howard William Amos Maryland 

Gerald Kermit Anders Maryland 

Barry Crawford Anderson Kansas 

Carole Anderson Maryland 

Gerald Lee Anderson Maryland 

Kathleen Elizabeth Anderson. .Marj/tond 

Carol Nancy Applebaum Maryland 

Dorothy Lenore Aronow New Jersey 

Charles Edward Atkinson Maryland 

Marilyn A. Aungst Virginia 

Caroune M. Axtell Maryland 

Melanie Blackiston Ayres Maryland 

Beverly Ann Baker Maryland 

Joseph Lee Bane Maryland 

Frances Anne Banville Maryland 

William Clifford Barbee, Jr Maryland 

Arnold William Barnett, Jr Maryland 

Morton Baron D. C. 

Maureen Barbara Barrett Maryland 

Lesley Susanne Barron Maryland 

Jacqueline Ripps Barsallo Maryland 

Karen Marie Bartol Maryland 

Alan Gary Batten Rhode Island 

Beth Hippard Bauer Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Bearer Ohio 

William Robert Beer Maryland 

Arthur Charles Bell Maryland 

Jeffrey C. Bell Maryland 

Leah R. Bendavid Maryland 

Iris Jean Benjamin Maryland 

Alton LeRoy Bennett Georgia 

Peter Allan Benoit Maryland 

John Thomas Berbrich New York 

Harold Alton Berdiansky Maryland 

Joel Martin Berg Maryland 

Linda J. Bergida Pennsylvania 

Thomas Joseph Bergin, Jr New York 

Gerald Juan Berry Virginia 

David MacArthur Besa Maryland 

Cynthia Ann Bickley Maryland 

Beverly Ann Bierer Iran 

Charles Francis Biscoe Maryland 

Barbara E. Bishoff D. C. 

Judith Marilyn Black Maryland 

Stuart J. Blank Maryland 

Frank John Blazek, Jr Maryland 

Gary Maynard Boardley Maryland 

Sharon Bobb D. C. 

Janet Helene Bode Maryland 

Carla Watson Bouker Maryland 

Peter Gehring Bouker Maryland 

Kathryn Louise Bowden Maryland 

Susan Elaine Bowers Maryland 

William Redin Bowie, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Jbian Bradfield Maryland 

Mary Margaret Brady France 

University of Maryland. 3 3 

Paul Harvey Bragaw Maryland 

David Arthur Brigham Maryland 

HoNORE Harry Bright Maryland 

Marilyn June Brill Maryland 

Barbara Phyllis Brodkin Maryland 

Arnold Neal Brodsky Maryland 

Betty Gay Brooke Maryland 

Nathaniel Clenroy Browder Maryland 

Sheryl Gaye Brown Virginia 

Vera Irmgard Brown D. C. 

Carol Cecil Bruck Maryland 

George H. Buck Maryland 

William Herman Buck New York 

Jeanne Elizabeth Buckingham 


Juliana Irene Buonagurio Maryland 

William Arthur Burkman Maryland 

James Howard Butler Maryland 

William Adam Byers Maryland 

Edward Paul Byrne Maryland 

Kenneth E. Camell Maryland 

Mary Delphine Campa Maryland 

Richard Stewart Carl Maryland 

David Joseph Carpin Pennsylvania 

Keith Armistead Carr Maryland 

Robert G. H. Carroll, III Maryland 

Mary Rebecca Carson D. C. 

Patricia Marie Catterton Maryland 

Jose Antonio Caubbt Maryland 

John Carmine Cavallaro Connecticut 

Berle Alan Cherney Maryland 

Deena Marsha Chesler Delaware 

Herbert Arthur Child New Jersey 

Hack Youn Cho Maryland 

David Marshall Clagett Maryland 

Gail Anita Clark Maryland 

Perry Craven Clark New Jersey 

Richard John Clark Maryland 

Sara Jane Cockey Maryland 

David Cohen New Jersey 

Paula Beth Cohen New Jersey 

Steven Frank Cohen Maryland 

Carol A. Cohn Maryland 

Bonnie Jean Coile Maryland 

Neil Laurence Colbert Maryland 

Hugh Francis Cole, Jr Maryland 

William Ronald Collier Maryland 

Joseph Jordan Combs Maryland 

John Bernard Comeau Maryland 

Richard Franklin Cone Maryland 

Judith Ann Conrad Pennsylvania 

John F. Conroy Maryland 

Kathryn Elizabeth Cook Maryland 

Martin Thomas Cook Maryland 

Wesley Todd Corbin Maryland 

John Printz Corderman Maryland 

Sandra Lou Corn Virginia 

Theodore Bernard Cornblatt Maryland 

Margaret Katherine Corrigan... .Maryland 

Richard Francis Costello Maryland 

Richard Lynch Counts, III Maryland 

Carol Lee Courtney Maryland 

Geraldine Coburn Cox Maryland 

Janet Anne Cramer Maryland 

Paul Mark Cramer New York 

Fred Gibson Craven Maryland 

Charles Frank Cunningham Maryland 

LovETA Lee Curlee Pennsylvania 

Antoinette Fairly Currie Maryland 

Leonard Dean Cutler Maryland 

Steve A. Dandy Maryland 

Victor Joseph D'Avella Maryland 

EsTA Frances Davis D. C. 

Christina Snowden Day D. C. 

Eva S. Debita Maryland 

James Stuart Dempsey Maryland 

William Harold Dent Maryland 

Gregory Irving DesRoches Maryland 

Robert Coombs Detwiler Virginia 

Kathleen Louise Dewey Delaware 

James Leonard De Young Maryland 

Peter Meigs Dibbern Maryland 

Jerry Lee Dier Maryland 

Joseph Philip DiPietro Maryland 

John L. Doolan Virginia 

Charles Henry Dorn, Jr Maryland 

Karen Dorn Maryland 

Lawrence Allen Dorsey, Jr Maryland 

Jane Ann Draper Maryland 

Robert Milton Drinane Maryland 

Stephen David Dubnoff New Jersey 

Ruth Holmes Dudley Maryland 

Earlene Joan Dunavant Maryland 

Phyllis Elaine Dunkin Maryland 

Jeffrey Howard Dunn Maryland 

Joyce Ann Dunn Maryland 

Virginia Gail Dunnock Maryland 

Donald Edward Dunphy New York 

Edwin Lawrence Dworkin Maryland 

Anthony John Early Illinois 

Nancy E. Ebert Maryland 

Margaret Alice Edmundson Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Edwards Texas 

William Franklin Edwards Maryland 

34 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Elizabeth Patricia ENGLEMAN....Afarj/tertd 

Joseph Epstein Maryland 

Dennis Martin Ettlin Maryland 

Janet Lynn Evry Maryland 

Gilbert Exler Maryland 

James Ray Eyler Maryland 

William Robert Falkner D. C. 

William Walter Farnandis Maryland 

James Earl Farr D. C. 

Carol B. Feder New York 

Richard J. Feinberg New York 

Grace Esther Feinglass Maryland 

Norman Mitchell Feinstein Maryland 

Linda Ruth Feldman Maryland 

Patricia Mary Fenimore Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Ferguson Maryland 

John Carlton Findley Maryland 

Bruce Michael Fingerhut Maryland 

Valerie Ann Finney Maryland 

Michael Fischetti, Jr New York 

Robert Allan Fischgrund Maryland 

Leah Irma Fisher Maryland 

Roger Elliot Flax New Jersey 

Sharon Linn Fleming Virginia 

Francile Franklin Flexner Maryland 

Isaac Fogel Maryland 

John Anton Fohrell Virginia 

Marre Wilson Folcher Maryland 

Kenneth Barry Folstein Maryland 

Anthony Nick Fotos Maryland 

Bernard Roy Fox Maryland 

Frieda Sue Fraley Maryland 

Phyllis Sara Franck Maryland 

Margot K. Frank Maryland 

Daniel Jefferson Fkeedenburg, Jr. 


Rochelle Lee Friedman D. C. 

Gary Alan Fry Maryland 

Donna Lee Fuchs Maryland 

Valerie Anne Funch Maryland 

Carol Anne Fung West Indies 

Marvin Allen Gardner, Jr Maryland 

Philip Fox Gardner Maryland 

Susan Ruth Gebel Maryland 

Sandra Rae Gershowitz Maryland 

Alan Jeffrey Gillis Maryland 

Carol Ann Gilson Maryland 

Andrew Neal Gladsden Maryland 

Susan Linda Glass Maryland 

Virginia Godfrey Maryland 

Margo Ann Goggin Florida 

Janet Madeleine Goldberg Maryland 

Howard Irvin Golden Maryland 

Eileen S. Goldman Maryland 

Harold Norman Goldsmith Maryland 

Gary Alan Goldstein New York 

Rita Susan Goldstein Maryland 

Susan M. Goldstein New Jersey 

Bonnie Claire Goodman Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Goodwin Maryland 

Jay Stefan Gorban Maryland 

Linda Terry Gordon Maryland 

Kay Anita Gordy Maryland 

David George Gottlieb Maryland 

Ellen Louise Graham Maryland 

Harry Frederick Grant, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Mills Gray Maryland 

Karn Blaine Gray Maryland 

Annette Bertha Greenbaum Maryland 

Joyce Elizabeth Gregory Pennsylvania 

Carl Warren Greifzu Maryland 

Charles Thomas Grimes Maryland 

Marilyn Sheila Grossman Maryland 

Patrick Carrick Hagans Maryland 

Eugenia C. Hagimihalis Maryland 

Roger Warner Hale Maryland 

Michael Jay Hanik Maryland 

Edmund Victor Harnstrom, Jr Maryland 

Donald Joe Harris Maryland 

Donald Michael Harris Maryland 

Paula Marrianne Harris Maryland 

William Barton Hartley Maryland 

Jacqueline Havener Maryland 

Milton Reichard Hays Maryland 

Janet Elaine Hazelbaker Maryland 

Janet Lois Hazen Maryland 

Elliott Livingston Healy, Jr.. .New Jersey 

Arnold Andersen Heggestad Maryland 

Charles Joseph Helm Maryland 

David Alan Hendelberg Maryland 

David Roy Henderson Maryland 

Richard Herberg, Jk Maryland 

Sara Jane Herbert Maryland 

Michael Jacob Herway Maryland 

Stanford Donald Hess Maryland 

Philip Allan Hickok, Jr Maryland 

Donald Allan Hicks D. C. 

Julianne Camille Hila New Jersey 

Carol Ann Hissey Maryland 

Donna Lee Hoagland Maryland 

Linda Anne Hobbs Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Hoey New York 

Joan Kathryn Hokemeyer Maryland 

Michael Dennis Holden Maryland 

David Fredrick Hollis Massachusetts 

Kay Ann Holloway Kentucky 

Judith Ann Honeycutt Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 5 

Marilyn Edith Hopcroft New Jersey 

Judith Bell Hopkins New York 

Stephen Howard Horwitz Maryland 

Darryl Lee Houseman Maryland 

Harry Kline Howell, Jr Florida 

James William Hutchison D. C. 

Harold Lee Ingraham Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Irvin Pennsylvania 

William Gordon Isaac Maryland 

Franklin Leonard Isolato Maryland 

Arline Ivanitski New Jersey 

Ildiko Veronica Ivanyi Maryland 

Marc Eli Jacobs Maryland 

Matthew Stephen Jacobs Maryland 

Jerilynn Jessel Jacobson Maryland 

Joan Laurie Jacobson Maryland 

Laura Brooks Jaecks Maryland 

Elliott B. Jaffa Maryland 

Arlene Iris Jaffe Maryland 

Arnold Janofsky Maryland 

Marsha Dianne Jenkins Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Johnson D. C. 

Frederick Thorpe Johnson Maryland 

Penelope Johnson Maryland 

Julia H. Johnston New York 

Larry Craig Johnstone Maryland 

Sandra Ann Jones Georgia 

Jerry Lou Jorgensen Virginia 

Michael Daniel Kadlecik, Jr Maryland 

Roger Paul Kaplan New York 

Ann Marie Kartschoke Virginia 

Suemarie Spence Kassler Maryland 

Robert Allan Katzen Maryland 

Carl McClelland Kauffman Maryland 

Warren Francis Kaufman Maryland 

Andrew Frederick Kaufmann, Jr. 


George Herbert Kaye New York 

Vivien Kay Keeler D. C. 

Richard W. Keil Maryland 

Thomas Preston Kelley Maryland 

Lorraine Fowler Kenyon Maryland 

Mary JoAnn Kerr Maryland 

Honora Wright Kessenich Maryland 

Harry Ray Kessler Maryland 

Donald Willis Keyser Maryland 

Mela Khedouri D. C. 

George Edward Kidd Maryland 

Terry V. Kimmel Maryland 

Phyllis Ann Kinsella Maryland 

Earl Klitenic Maryland 

Jayne Elizabeth Knapp Pennsylvania 

James Elwood Knox Maryland 

Susan Mae Kottler Maryland 

Megan Myers Kraft Maryland 

Melvin Ira Kramer Maryland 

Marilyn H. Krasner Maryland 

Ellen Lee Krause Maryland 

Dlane Faye Kravetz Maryland 

Sharon Sommers Krieger Maryland 

SusANNE Marguerite Kriss Maryland 

Marcia Ann Kuhl Maryland 

Joseph Adam Kuppe Maryland 

Robert Bruce Laing Washington 

Arthur Lewis Lapin Maryland 

Suzanne J. Last Maryland 

Ronald Eugene Lauchner Arizona 

Barbara Jane Lauster Maryland 

Richard Herman Lawlor Maryland 

Barbara Gail Lawrence Maryland 

Regina Elizabeth La wrence.... New Jersej/ 

Anne Mary Lawson Maryland 

Pamela Jewel League Virginia 

Anna Hagy Leiatherwood Maryland 

Eugene Barry Leiderman Maryland 

Harris Kieth Leonard Maryland 

James M. Leslie, Jr Maryland 

Carol Elaine Leutner Maryland 

Norman Perry Leventhal Maryland 

Carl Gary Levi Maryland 

Merlee Levin Maryland 

Aaron Levine Maryland 

Judith Druskin Levine Maryland 

Stephen C. Levine Ohio 

Martha Deborah Levsky Maryland 

Bayla Kathryn Levy Maryland 

Howard Stanley Levy Virginia 

Judith Ellen Lewis Maryland 

Robert Charles Lewis Maryland 

Seela L. Lewis D. C. 

Kenneth Raymond Libby Maryland 

Ulo Lige Maryland 

Joan Carol Litts Pennsylvania 

Lynn Allen Logsdon Maryland 

Arnold M. Lohrfinck Maryland 

Thomas Myron Loyd Maryland 

Kenneth Whitney Lynch Maryland 

Lynn Merle MacGowan Maryland 

Anne Gushing Magner Maryland 

Emil Rudolph Mainer JD. C. 

Rala Mandelson Maryland 

Gary Allen Manker Maryland 

Joseph Richard Mariani Maryland 

Edwin Stewart Marlow, III Maryland 

Bruce Alan Marshall Maryland 

36 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Naomi Wolfe Martin D. C. 

Wallace O'Conor Martin Maryland 

SusANA Elaine Martinez Maryland 

John Peter Maruzewski New Jersey 

Allan Norman Mason Maryland 

Marsha JoAnne Masucci Maryland 

James Bennett Mathes D. C. 

Claudia Freda Matthews Maryland 

Carolyn Sue Matzek Maryland 

William Magruder Maury Maryland 

Lois Diane Mazoh Maryland 

Jean Anne Christine McAllister 


Robert Henry McCauley, III Maryland 

Stephen Jerome McCleary Maryland 

William Leroy McColligan Maryland 

Joseph Stanley McCully Maryland 

Eileen Sara McGuckian Maryland 

Barbara Jean McGuinness Maryland 

David Michael McLean Maryland 

Reginald Lee McNamara, Jr Maryland 

John Harold McWilliams, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Woodrow Meek Maryland 

Michael Allen Mendelson Maryland 

Michael Francis Mewshaw Maryland 

Rawle Bisland Meyer Tennessee 

Frank Arthur Mezzullo, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Elliott Michaelson Maryland 

Albert Henry Mickler Maryland 

Gloria Lynne Miliman Maryland 

Charles Lyman Miller Maryland 

James Bradley Miller Maryland 

Ralph Julian Miller Maryland 

Stephen Howard Miller Maryland 

Stephen Sanford Miller D. C. 

Harold Winford Mills, Jr Maryland 

John Charles Milton Maryland 

Robert Steven Mirin Maryland 

Harvey Alan Mogul Maryland 

Carol Lee Mondell Maryland 

Dimitri L Monos Maryland 

Joseph Esham Moore Maryland 

Michele Mary Moran Maryland 

James Thomas Morley Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Morse Maryland 

David Thomas Moss Maryland 

Herbert Joseph Mulqueen Maryland 

Maria H. Mumford Maryland 

Elizabeth Mider Murdock Maryland 

James Edward Murphy Maryland 

Leslie Henderson Murphy Maryland 

Morris Brown Myerowitz Maryland 

James Russell Myers Maryland 

Maraline Alice Myers Maryland 

John Marnell Nader D. C. 

Janet Lee Neal Maryland 

Mary Dorothy Neary Maryland 

Mary Carol Nelms New York 

Michael Duane Nelson Maryland 

Gail B. Nemier Maryland 

Stanley Joseph Neuhauser Maryland 

Marianne Neumaier Maryland 

Nguyen Thi Ngan South Vietnam 

Albert Kane Nicholson Maryland 

Joseph Michael Niland Maryland 

Christine May Nimmo Maryland 

Anthony Francis Norcio Maryland 

Mildred Jean Norman Maryland 

Marilyn P. Nugent Maryland 

VoLKER Gunther Oakey Virginia 

Eileen Mary O'Brien Maryland 

James Roger O'Connbll Maryland 

William Francis O'Connor Virginia 

Richard Stanley Offin Ne7v York 

Douglas Keith Olson Maryland 

Ellen Anne Orecchio New Jersey 

Stephen C. Orenstein Maryland 

LiLA GoLDA Orleans Maryland 

David Walter Ott Maryland 

Marie Louise Outlaw Maryland 

Judith Lynn Overstreet North Carolina 

James Hamilton Owens, III Maryland 

Diane Jane Owings Maryland 

Joy Pantazis Maryland 

Roberta Diane Papperman Maryland 

Sally Lister Parker California 

Leslie A. Parr Maryland 

Lionel Eugene Pashkoff Texas 

Alessia Passalacqua Maryland 

Stanley Pecknay Maryland 

Douglas Strathern Pelletier Maryland 

Celeste Peltz Maryland 

Sandra Bernice Pelzer Maryland 

Andrew C. Pepper Bermuda 

David Patrick Peppler Maryland 

Vincent John Perticone Maryland 

Carole Anna Peterson Maryland 

William Albert Pettit, Jr New York 

Ursula Klara Mathilde Peuster D. C. 

Patrick Prince Peyser Maryland 

Helena Lang Pfeffer Maryland 

Paige Gordon Platt Maryland 

University of Maryland. 37 

Renate Anne Plischke Maryland 

Robert Wayne Poling Maryland 

Arnold Paul Popkin Maryland 

Marvin Louis Portney Maryland 

Roger Norman Powell Maryland 

William Arthur Power, III Maryland 

Rosemarie Preziosi New Jersey 

James J. Price New York 

Franklyn Kimmel Prochaska.. ..Morj/tewd 

Martha Anna Procinsky Maryland 

Arlene Marie Pullia New Jersey 

Adrienne Lee Pumphrey Maryland 

Anne C. Purdy Maryland 

Joseph Leo Quattrocche Maryland 

Janice Anita Quigley Maryland 

Ruth M. Rabineau Maryland 

Charlotte Alberta Rader Maryland 

Rex Edward Rader, Jr Maryland 

Janice Simone Rainka New Jersey 

Nancy Elizabeth Rains Maryland 

Jay W. Randle Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Rankin Maryland 

Kaye Rasmessen Texas 

Susan Gail Rathbone Maryland 

Leonard Owen Reber Maryland 

David Michael Rechenbach Maryland 

Ernest Frank Redeman, Jr Maryland 

Mary C. Reeves Maryland 

Joanne Sarah Reich Maryland 

Allan Shelton Reiver Maryland 

Norman Christian RENNiNGER....Marj//and 

Dominica Mary Repetti Maryland 

Marilyn Garon Retzer Maryland 

Patricia Missel Rever Maryland 

Howard Robert Revit New York 

Blaine Clifford Richardson Maryland 

Donald Wells Richardson, Jr Maryland 

Lavtoence Smith Richardson Maryland 

Susan Carol Robb Maryland 

Pamela Olivia Rodricks Maryland 

George Holzshu Roeder, Jr Maryland 

Arlene Roemer D. C. 

Florine H. Rosenberg Maryland 

Barbara Alice Ross Maryland 

Carol A. Ross D. C. 

Claire Stadler Rosser Maryland 

Patricia Anne Roswell Maryland 

Larry L. Rothacher Maryland 

Arthur Michael Rubenstein Maryland 

Dennis Ira Ruck D. C. 

Mercedes I. Ruiz Maryland 

Clifford Bradley Rullman Maryland 

Danny Craig Rupli Maryland 

Francis Jack Russell Maryland 

Victor T. Rykken, Jr Maryland 

Leroy William Sadler Maryland 

Efthalia Saloukas New Jersey 

Connie Gay Sandberg Alabama 

Jon Arthur Sandberg Maryland 

Marsha Ann Sandler Virginia 

Genevieve Ward Sansoucy Maryland 

Stanley Morton Savitz Maryland 

Patricia S. Sayler Maryland 

Stephanie Schaub Maryland 

Daniel Harvey Scherr Maryland 

Barbara R. Schimel New Jersey 

Marc Schlossman Maryland 

Steve William Schmertzing Maryland 

Julia Cushwa Schnebly Maryland 

Michael E. Schneeberger Maryland 

Flora Ellen Schneider Maryland 

Peter Allen Schulkin Maryland 

Harriet N. Schumann Maryland 

Stanley Martin Schwartz D. C. 

William Hayes Seabold Maryland 

Gerald Lee Seff Maryland 

Raphael Semmes, III New York 

Harold Erwin Settler Maryland 

William Joseph Seubert Maryland 

James Edward Shaffer, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Paul Shafritz Maryland 

Russell Earl Shaner, Jr Maryland 

Marlene Joyce Shapiro Maryland 

Michael Barry Shatarsky Maryland 

Paul Anthony Sheldon-Moir Maryland 

John Robert Shematz, Jr Maryland 

Doris Sylvla Sheskin Maryland 

Stephen David Shevitz Maryland 

James Mark Shields Maryland 

Robert Craig Shookner Maryland 

Joel Jay Shugarman Maryland 

Barry Silber New York 

Jerry Harold Silverstein Maryland 

Harriet Lee Simon Maryland 

Edgar Alan Simpson Maryland 

Terry Lynn Sims Maryland 

Ronald Mark Sirkin Maryland 

Ellen Marsha Sirkis Maryland 

Judith Bonnie Sislen J). C. 

Donna Jane Skoglund Maryland 

Barry Ronald Slott New Jersey 

Herman W. Smith, III Maryland 

Joe Edward Smith Maryland 

Norma B. Smith Maryland 

Patricia Anne Smith Maryland 

Richard Scott Smith Maryland 

38 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

BoNiTA Kaye Snyder D. C. 

Stephen Larry Snyderman Maryland 

Gerald Macy Sokol Maryland 

James Francis Solley, III Maryland 

Emily Eileen Sommers Maryland 

Carolyn Judith Spangler Maryland 

Katherine Marguerite Spake Maryland 

Steven Spitzer Maryland 

Patricia Frances Spradlin Maryland 

Robert Howard Sprague 

Panama Canal Zone 

William Thomas Stack Maryland 

Sharon Mellor Stahley Maryland 

Hedley Duane Steelberg Maryland 

Susan Weeks Stefanowicz Maryland 

Roberta Marlene Sterman Maryland 

Susan B. Stern Maryland 

Stephanie Margaret Stoll Maryland 

Joan Caroline Straw Maryland 

Marvene Ruth Sullivan Maryland 

William Clement Sullivan, Jr.. .Maryland 

Harold Eugene Sultzbaugh Maryland 

Adrienne Krellen Sussman Maryland 

Anne-Marie Sutton Maryland 

James Douglas Sylvester Maryland 

Edmund DuVal Taliaferro, Jr Maryland 

Jean Makie Talley Maryland 

Sheila Blum Tamches Maryland 

Charles Martin Tatelbaum Maryland 

Carol Inga Taylor D. C. 

Elizabeth Ann Tegtmeyer Maryland 

Betsy Alice Thigpen Maryland 

Ramsay Berry Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Upton Haskin Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Joan Temple Thomason Maryland 

William Edward Thompson, 3r... Maryland 

Thomas Toal Maryland 

Karen Brown Trebilcock Maryland 

Linton Lewelling Trego, III Maryland 

Charles Robert Trenkle Alabama 

Gerard Karney Trosian New York 

William Dow Trotter Maryland 

Arthur Howaed Trush Maryland 

David Joseph Tucker Maryland 

Charles Edward Tufts Maryland 

Dorothy Marie Turton Maryland 

Louis Fisk Tyler, Jr Maryland 

Ingrid Uldrikis Maryland 

Sandra Edith Vadney Maryland 

Maria Valencia Maryland 

David Thomas Vermette Maryland 

John Andrews Vernon Maryland 

Armand Villaret Maryland 

Marcia R. Violett Maryland 

Arthur L. Vogelsang Maryland 

Patricia Louise Walker Maryland 

Sandra Carol Walker Maryland 

John Burgess Walsh, Jr Maryland 

Leslie Marion Waranch Maryland 

Susan Cramer Ward Maryland 

William Henry Ward, Jr Maryland 

Miriam Maureen Watkins Maryland 

Glenn Ellis Watts Maryland 

Edward David Way Maryland 

John Allen Ways Maryland 

Neil Alan Weber Maryland 

Daniel Howerton WEDDERBURN....Afar2/tawd 

Walter Glenn Weedman Maryland 

M. ViCKi Weinberg Maryland 

Ronny Joan Weinstein Maryland 

Alexander Weiss Maryland 

Lenora Anne Weiss New York 

Barry Albert Wells Maryland 

Paul Allen Welsh Maryland 

Elliot Werner Maryland 

Sybil Esther Wertheim Maryland 

Sheldon David Wexler Maryland 

Joseph W. Weyer Maryland 

Michael Andrew Wheatley Maryland 

Barbara J. Wheeler D. C. 

David Earl Wheeler Maryland 

Kathleen Alice White D. C. 

Robert George White Maryland 

Sarah Whitney White Maryland 

Leo Anthony Whitecavage Maryland 

Robert Myron Whitelock Maryland 

Constance Dean Whitely Maryland 

Thomas William Whitmore Maryland 

Phyllis Hope Wickenheiser Maryland 

Jon Michael Wickwire Maryland 

Ragnhild MakyAnn Wikander.. ..Mari/tond 

Barbara Anne Williams Maryland 

Susan Ina Williams Maryland 

Carol Elaine Williamson Maryland 

Earl Wayne Williamson Maryland 

Carolyn Sue Willis Maryland 

Judith D. Willner Maryland 

Wendy E. Wilner Maryland 

Patricia Louise Wilson Maryland 

Mark Alan Winkler Maryland 

Donald Russell Wirak Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Wire Maryland 

William Donald Wirth Maryland 

Jon Donald Wisman Maryland 

John Wright Witters Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 9 

Sandra Jane Woodard Maryland 

Paul Dufpield Wright, III Maryland 

Stephen Holt Wright, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Elizabeth Wyatt Maryland 

Mary Gordon Zanoff Maryland 

William Hugh Zietz Maryland 

Katherine Ann Zihlman Maryland 

NlJOLE Mary Zilys Maryland 

Laurence John Zimmerman, 3k.. .Maryland 

Terry R. Zinz Maryland 

Charles L. Zipp Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Donald John Ahern Maryland 

Elizabeth Appel Maryland 

Saundra Lynn Badian Maryland 

Albert Cannon Baker, Jr Virginia 

Raymond Charles Baker, Jr Maryland 

James Milling Barber Maryland 

Jay Martin Barrash Maryland 

ORiiANDO Antonio Barsallo Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Barton Pennsylvania 

Susan Ann Bautro Maryland 

Jay Walter Bayors Maryland 

Thomas Carroll Beach, III Maryland 

Michael James Bennett Maryland 

Barry Bernard Bercu Maryland 

Eleanor Jane Berdou D. C. 

Vincent Francis Berger Maryland 

Sanders H. Berk Maryland 

Jay Martin Bernsohn Maryland 

Stephen Bernard Bierek Maryland 

George Edwin Bigelow Maryland 

Roderick Francis Biosca Maryland 

Wallace Webber Bixby, Jr Maryland 

John Charles Blasko Maryland 

Brenda Philips Bloomgarden Maryland 

Charles Ronald Brewington Maryland 

Barbara Lee Briley Maryland 

Barbara Jane Brooks Maryland 

Deborah Nan Buchman Maryland 

Mitchell Jay Bukzin Maryland 

John Edward Bullock Maryland 

Michael John Burchick Maryland 

Teman LeRoy Burks Maryland 

William Moser Burnett Maryland 

Barry Victor Bye Maryland 

Thomas Lee Callahan Maryland 

Kathleen Michael Chalfont Maryland 

Norman Pierre Chanaud, Jr Maryland 

Richard Charles Childers D. C. 

Fred E. Christman Maryland 

Thomas Edward Christopher Virginia 

Maimie Yu-Yen Chung Maryland 

John Arthur Cooper Maryland 

Jay Stuart Copeland Maryland 

Seth Marshall Coplan D. C. 

William Jouett Cornwell Maryland 

Irene C. Costello Connecticut 

John Nelson Coulbourn Maryland 

Robert George Cox Maryland 

Halleck E. X. Cummings Maryland 

Earle Stewart Dashiell Maryland 

Gene Philip Daumit Maryland 

John Gerard deBey Maryland 

Kenneth Francis Doolan Maryland 

Thomas Everett Dooley Maryland 

Jeanne Ellen Douglas Maryland 

Andrew Martin Doyle Maryland 

Brian E. Dunlap Maryland 

George Walter Dye, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Jean Eaton Maryland 

Kenneth Henry Eckels Maryland 

Judith Ann Eggleston Maryland 

Joel Stuart Epstein Maryland 

Howard Syd Faden Maryland 

Gerry Lynn Fairbrother Maryland 

John Nicholas Faniola Connecticut 

Harriet Barbara Feld Maryland 

Eric Fernandez Maryland 

Daniel Edward Fielding Maryland 

Angelica Marie Gloria Filloramo 


Roger Alan Fine Maryland 

Doris Ellen Finkelstein Maryland 

Susan R. Fisher Maryland 

Gabrielle Yvonne FitzGerald.. ..A/arj//and 

Elaine Lisa Foster Maryland 

John Wendell Fowler Maryland 

Ronald Lee Frailer Maryland 

Lee Walter Freeman Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Geating Maryland 

Detlef Horst Gerlach Maryland 

David Park Gibson Maryland 

Devera Elizabeth Glazer Maryland 

Judith Helene Goldberg Maryland 

40 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Stanley Goldfarb Maryland 

Paul Kenneth Goldsmith Maryland 

Francis Eppse Goodwyn, Jr Maryland 

Lew Wayne Goodwyn Maryland 

Ronald Jay Gordon Maryland 

RiMA Hacopian Iran 

Herman Frederick Haggerty Maryland 

Edward Louis Halpern Maryland 

John Waller Happ Maryland 

Jay Garland Harper Maryland 

Maureen Kathryn Harris Maryland 

Robert Alan Helsel Maryland 

Alvin Nones Hewing, III Maryland 

Sara Mary Hodge Maryland 

Richard Harding Holmes, Jr Maryland 

Alvan Miller Holston, Jr Maryland 

Daniel MERBa)iTH Howell Maryland 

Patricia Ann Irvine Maryland 

Richard Leo Jachowski Maryland 

Robert Alan Jacobson Maryland 

Margaret M. Januska Maryland 

Jill Carter Jefferis Maryland 

Linda Gail Jenkins Maryland 

Laurence Edward Jeweler Maryland 

Marie T. Jones Maryland 

William Harry Jones Maryland 

Sherman Kahan Maryland 

Donald Anselm Kangas Maryland 

Joel Karpel Connecticut 

Stanton Coleman Kessler Maryland 

Donald Mark Kirson Maryland 

Vernon Melvin Kleen Maryland 

Carl Joseph Klein Mississippi 

Carole Ina Klugerman Maryland 

Adrian Stephen Kozak Maryland 

Manus Leroy Krongard Maryland 

Roberta Gail Krupen Maryland 

Robert David Kurtz Maryland 

Lutz KurzweG Maryland 

Charles Byron Lady Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Langan Maryland 

James J. Larkin Maryland 

Philip Scott Lawrence Maryland 

Gary A. Layton Maryland 

Freda Florence Lee Maryland 

Paul Levin Maryland 

Arnold Irving Levinson Maryland 

Archibald C. Liao Maryland 

Chising Liao Maryland 

Sandra Richards Lim Maryland 

Stuart Charles Lipskind Maryland 

Kenneth Christopher Litkowski 


Arlene Sandra Littman Maryland 

Herbert Lewis Livingston Maryland 

Norman Duval Lowery Maryland 

Barry Neal Lutsky Maryland 

Dale Martin Madison Maryland 

Hart Larry Mager Maryland 

Robert James Malcolm, Jr Maryland 

Francis Hughlett Mason Maryland 

Patricia Ann McIntosh Maryland 

Elisabeth Porter McLean New York 

Anne E. Mehler Wisconsin 

Harold Robert MENDELS0N....pye8t Virginia 

William Peter Meseroll Maryland 

David Russell Messent D. C. 

Frederick E. Miles, Jr Iowa 

Charles Francis Molino New Jersey 

Morgan Morgan Maryland 

Jean Violet Morlock Maryland 

Arthur Christian Mueller Maryland 

Edward Herman Myer, III New Jersey 

Robert Nadol Maryland 

Paul Eugene Neal Maryland 

Sheldon Earle Newhouse Maryland 

Bruce Lee Nicholson Maryland 

Charles Simms Nicholson, lll....Maryland 
Jerome Michael ORYSHKEVYCH....A/arj/tenrf 

Sharon Love Oscar Maryland 

Elliott Lee Packer Maryland 

Wayne Howard Parris Maryland 

Malcolm David Paul Maryland 

Robert Ross Pelham Maryland 

Dennis James Phillips Maryland 

Ruth Emily Phillips Maryland 

John Rogers Porter Maryland 

Joanne Frances Reiter Maryland 

James Warren Roberts Maryland 

George Cleveland Robertson Maryland 

John Francis Rogers Maryland 

Thomas Charles Roginski Maryland 

Myney Alice Roof Maryland 

Michael Barry Rosenzweig Maryland 

Melvin Victor Ross, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Daniel Rothman Maryland 

Susan Rowland Maryland 

Jeffrey Dennis Sabloff New Jersey 

Abby D. Sayler Maryland 

Barry Harold Scheiner Maryland 

Jeffrey Mark Schoenberg New Jersey 

Bernard Schoenfeld Maryland 

Gary Philipp Schoppert Maryland 

Norman Frederic Schreiber Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Shearer, 3s... .California 
Arnold D. Sherman Maryland 

University of Maryland. 4 1 

Bruce Philip Sherman Marylaiul 

Edwin Clark Silvers Maryland 

Alexander Anthony SKAVENKSi..Marj/taMd 

Alan Barry Snyder Maryland 

William Eric Sohr Maryland 

David Allan Solomon Maryland 

James Leaman Sooy New Jersey 

Thomas Edwin Staley Maryland 

Ronald Jeffrey Stanfield Maryland 

Michael Edwards Starling Maryland 

William Lowell Starling Maryland 

James Gilbert Stefen Maryland 

Melvyn Arthur Steinberg Maryland 

Evelyn Louise Stone Maryland 

Charles Phillip Sutphin Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Sweeney Maryland 

Henry Gerald Taylor Maryland 

Norman Wayne Taylor Maryland 

Dale Teitelbaum Michigan 

Joan Rebecca Temchin Florida 

Riho Terras New York 

Alan Robert Thompson Maryland 

Alexander Wolodymyr TRASKA....Mar2/taKd 

Gerald Henry Trumbule Maryland 

Steven Robert Tulkin Maryland 

Paul Vivian Twining, Je Maryland 

Jerold Thomas Twitty Maryland 

Robert Joseph Valis Maryland 

John Vandenberge Maryland 

Stephen Watson Van Scoyoc Maryland 

Johan Adrian van Zuylen, II Maryland 

John Gilbert Wagner, Jr Maryland 

David Norton Walker Maryland 

Martha Lee Walker Maryland 

Robert Paul Walker Maryland 

Darryl Lynd Warner Maryland 

Stephen Alan Weiner Maryland 

Martin Melvin Weinstein Maryland 

Elizabeth H. Weir Maryland 

David M. Welsh Maryland 

John Thomas West Maryland 

Joel Hillel Wien New Jersey 

David Allen Wike Maryland 

Gerry Lee Wilcove Maryland 

Bruce Allen Winter Maryland 

Gordon Samuel Woodward Maryland 

Barry I. Woolf Maryland 

Ronald Dick Wu New York 

Sandra Ann Zimmerman Maryland 

Michael Peter Zimring New York 

Sandra Lee Zucker Maryland 

Bachelor of Music 

Barbara Louise Atherton Maryland 

Lois Damron Burt Texas 

Donald Dale Johnson Maryland 

Averil Briggs Kupka Maryland 

Arthur W. R. Shettle New York 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael Joseph Albersheim Maryland 

William Day Allen Maryland 

Charles Dixon Anderson, Jr Maryland 

Knute Alois Anderson Florida 

Joseph Peter Anthony, Jr Maryland 

Philip Norman Antokol Maryland 

George Arnold Ashman Maryland 

Michael Edward Asner Maryland 

Bonnie Joe Ayers Maryland 

Malkon Simon Baboyian Maryland 

Richard Carl Baer Maryland 

John Parker Bailey Maryland 

Norman Charles Barnett Maryland 

Brian Grey Barr Neiv York 

John Louis Bast Maryland 

Stuart Barry Baum Maryland 

42 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Lawrence Raymond Beebe Maryland 

Walter J. Bell Florida 

AvROM Bendavid Maryland 

William Edward Benton Maryland 

John Henry Berard Rhode Island 

Jay Richard Bergida Maryland 

Raymond Bergroos Maryland 

Dennis Bassin Berlin Maryland 

Peter Jeffrey Berman Maryland 

Frederick Richard Betz Maryland 

Marion Frances Bianchi Maryland 

Shelton Marshall Binstock Maryland 

Donald Thomas Blanche Maryland 

Nancy Ann Blanchette Maryland 

Marian Lee Blanton Maryland 

Howard Michael Blum Maryland 

Albert Louis Bonan Maryland 

George Bernard Boniface, Jr Maryland 

Harrington Robert Borden, Jr Maryland 

John Dudley Boughter Maryland 

Ernest Richard Bourdon, Jr D. C. 

Margaret Joann Bowers Maryland 

Dennis M. Bradshaw Maryland 

Berton James Braley, Jr Maryland 

Jay T. Brecker New York 

Earl Roland Brees, Jr Maryland 

Paul Joseph Brewbaker Maryland 

Barry Irwin Bricken Maryland 

Robert Peter Brillante Maryland 

Arthur Barry Brisker Maryland 

Clinton Dennison Brooke Pennsylvania 

Robert D. Broughton Maryland 

Orrin Jefferson Brown Maryland 

Philip Brown Maryland 

Terence Albert Brown Maryland 

Wallace Arthur Bruder, Jr Virginia 

Paul Lawrence Brune Maryland 

Timothy David Calderwood Maryland 

Richard Allan Calgaro D. C. 

Joseph John Cardarelli D. C. 

John Lawrence Carey New Jersey 

George Edward Carothers, Jr Maryland 

Lee Smith Carroll Maryland 

Martin Edwin Caulk Maryland 

Maurice Joseph Cecchini Maryland 

Alan W. Chais Maryland 

Charles Eugene Chambers, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Edward Chappell Maryland 

Ping-Yao Chen Formosa 

David Emerson Clark Maryland 

Alexander Harry Clattenburg, Jr. 


Richard Alan Clay Pennsylvania 

David Sonell Cohen Maryland 

Robert Charles Cole Maryland 

Michael Owen Connaughton Maryland 

Robert Francis Cook Maryland 

Charles Aubrey Corcoran, Jr Maryland 

Joel D. Davis Maryland 

Paul William Davis New Jersey 

Kenneth Fred Dawsey D. C. 

Marylu Dawson Texas 

Raleigh Wycliffe Dawson, Jr Maryland 

William Stephen Demas Maryland 

Gregory Alvin Dent Maryland 

David Michael Diamond Maryland 

Edward Anthony DiSilvestri Maryland 

Thomas Arthur Dixon Maryland 

TiMMiE William Dixon Maryland 

Franklin Scott Dobson Maryland 

John Dumbar Donaldson Maryland 

William Allan Donnelly, III-.A^eio Jersey 

Edwin Thompson Douglas Maryland 

Richard Alan Dressel Maryland 

John Henry Drewanz, III Maryland 

Frank Charles Driscoll Maryland 

Jerry O'Neil Duffey Virginia 

John R. Dunbar, Jr Maryland 

Carville Donovan Duncan, Jr Maryland 

Lawtjence Charles Dunham Colombia 

James Francis Durkin, III Maryland 

Steven Craig Duvall Maryland 

David Edward Earle Maryland 

John Ellsworth Earley Maryland 

Ronald Bruce Edlavitch Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Egan Maryland 

Michael Elliott Eisenberg Maryland 

William Mandell Eisenberg Maryland 

Ernest L. Engel Maryland 

Andrew Davis Faith Maryland 

Alvin Morris Feit Maryland 

Richard Allen Feldman Maryland 

Joseph Mark Ferrante Maine 

John Bailey Fieser Maryland 

Eugene Alan Fisher Maryland 

Frank Lindsay Fisher Maryland 

Jerold Hart Fishman Connecticut 

David Jay Fleischmann Maryland 

John Frederick Flippin Maryland 

Melvin Fliss Maryland 

Robert Alois Flohr Maryland 

Richard Harris Flowers, Jr Maryland 

Robert Anthony Flynn D. C. 

Edwin Kent Frazier Pennsylvania 

University of Maryland. 43 

Michael Allan Freedman Maryland 

Penny M. Friedman Maryland 

David Paul Gallagher Maryland 

James Edward Gardner D. C. 

Edward George George Maryland 

Charles Winfield Bratton Gibson 


Stephen Willard Gieser Maryland 

Carolyn Lois Gietka Maryland 

John Anthony Gioia New York 

Stephen Arthur Glaser D. C. 

Harold Potts Click Virginia 

Mark Lawrence Gold Maryland 

Samuel A. H. Goldstein Maryland 

James Deane Good Maryland 

Barry Earl Gordon Maryland 

Bernard Alan Gordon Maryland 

Donald Edward Gordon Maryland 

Peter Alexander Gordon Maryland 

Douglas E. Gould D. C. 

James Paul Graef, Jr New Jersey 

Alan Morris Greene Maryland 

Thaddeus Bennett Greenslait, III 


Gary Martin Gregoria Maryland 

M. Howard Griffith, Jr Maryland 

Crawford Field Grigg Maryland 

Paul Richard Guckenberger Maryland 

Earl Charles Hadlock Maryland 

Judith Virginia Haislup Maryland 

John William Hamerski Maryland 

Ronald Patrick Hamilton Virginia 

Robert Lawrence Hansen Maryland 

Eric Robert Hanson Maryland 

Robert Francis Hargest, III Maryland 

Stephen Edgar Harrison Maryland 

John Peter Hartinger Maryland 

Carolyn Kay Headlee Maryland 

John Albert Heagy Maryland 

Neil Ira Heilpern Maryland 

Stanley Dudley Herrell Virginia 

Gerald Nelson Hess Maryland 

Melvin Hess Maryland 

Raymond David Hesson Maryland 

Darryl Andre Hill D. C. 

John Francis Himmel, Jr Maryland 

Charles Carter Hinkel Maryland 

Frederick Clifton Hinshaw Virginia 

Jerry Preston Hite Maryland 

Thomas Wesley Hogan Maryland 

Donald Carver Holmes, Jr Maryland 

John Archer Holzberg Maryland 

Robert Lee Hopkins New Jersey 

Raymond Malcolm Horne Maryland 

Roger Leon Howell Maryland 

Patrick James Hovitrigan Maryland 

Carter Chipman Hull Maryland 

James Ivan Humphrey, Jr Maryland 

Hugh Osmond Hunter Maryland 

William Edward Ingram Maryland 

Gary Kenneth Inoff Maryland 

Richard Carlisle Insley, Jk Maryland 

Wade Hampton Insley, III Maryland 

Michael Dano Jackley Maryland 

Stephen Arthur Jacobs Maryland 

Fulton Parker Jeffers Maryland 

James Philip Jenkins Maryland 

Marian Helen Johnson Maryland 

Conrad Maxfield Jones, Jr. Maryland 

Gyneth M. Jones Maryland 

Patricia Marie Jones Maryland 

Paul Albert Joray Maryland 

Frederick William Kacher, III. .New York 

Lawrence John Kalench Maryland 

Paul Benjamin Kallaway, Jr Maryland 

Marvin STANLEry Kaminetz Maryland 

Alan Norman Kanter Maryland 

Joseph C. Kauffman, Jr Maryland 

Paul David Kay Maryland 

Barry Nelson Kaye Maryland 

Jane Lee Keidel Maryland 

John Boyd Kincaid Maryland 

Gloria Elaine King Maryland 

Steven Charles Kinsley Maryland 

Edward William Kirk Maryland 

Donald Joseph Klausmeyer Maryland 

Francis Joseph Knowles Pennsylvania 

Edward Manuel Kochian Maine 

Charles Frederick KoENEMAN....Mar?/to7tf/ 

Joseph Frank Kolodziejski Maryland 

Herbert Richard Kornbut Maryland 

Francis Peter Krawczel Maryland 

Carolyn Kromer Maryland 

Stanley Eugene Kkosin Maryland 

William Donald Krueger Maryland 

Jill Kugler Virginia 

Wasyl Kurinij Maryland 

James Edward Kyne Maryland 

Steven Paul Lamb Maryland 

Gary Bennett Landsman D. C. 

Donald Milton Lathbom, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Stanley Lazer Maryland 

44 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Robert Wesley Leatherwood Maryland 

Stephen Alan Leavey Maryland 

Bruce Southgate Lee Tennessee 

Jesse Lee D. C. 

Janet Elaine Legal Maryland 

Gary L. Legum Maryland 

John Joseph Lehan, Jr Maryland 

James Malcolm Leiberton Maryland 

Susan Elise Leibovitz Maryland 

Michael David Levine Maryland 

Stuart Ronald Levine Maryland 

Jorge Macropulos Llacuris Maryland 

Raymond George Lorber Maryland 

Melvin Joseph Maas, Jr Maryland 

John Keller Madden Maryland 

Stephen Kader Malls Maryland 

Dennis Patrick Malone Maryland 

William Camden Mariner Maryland 

Charles King Markline Maryland 

Don Franklin Marrs, Jr Maryland 

Jan C Martin Maryland 

Thomas Raymond Marvel Maryland 

Kenneth Paul Marx Maryland 

Alan Durwood Massengill Maryland 

Raymond Thomas Maxwell, Jr. 


Ronald Jeffrey Mayer New York 

LucKETT Gardiner Maynard Maryland 

Robert Irving McCormick Maryland 

Diana McGee Maryland 

Robert L. McIntyre, Jr Maryland 

Isaac Jefferson McKenzie New Jersey 

Kenneth Perry McKinnon Maryland 

Jess Edward McLain Maryland 

Robert McLaughlin Maryland 

Joseph Patrick McMahon Maryland 

Michael Jay McMillin Maryland 

Thomas Edmund Melloy, Jr Maryland 

Mattye Rachelle Messeloff New York 

Philip E. Meyer Maryland 

Ronald Meyers Maryland 

Bette Janice Miller Maryland 

David Edward Miller Maryland 

Gordon Oliver Miller, Jr Maryland 

Larry Ralph Miller Maryland 

William Alfred Millichap Illinois 

Robert Franklin Mills New York 

Norman Elliot Mininberg Maryland 

Charles Frederic Moeser, III Maryland 

Robert Charles Mongelli Maryland 

James Arthur Moore Maryland 

Bruce Randolph Moorefield Maryland 

Charles H. Morley Maryland 

Jimmy Ray Morris Maryland 

Thomas Lawson Moss Maryland 

Jan Piotr Muczyk Maryland 

Albert Leigh Muehlhaus D. C. 

Melinda Elizabeth Mulhern Maryland 

John Norvell Mullally, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Clay Munson Maryland 

Reynerio Antonio Muradaz Maryland 

Carol Ann Myers Maryland 

William Howard Nalley Maine 

Mark Nash Maryland 

William Beck Nicholson, Jr Maryland 

Charles Frederick Norris Maryland 

Verner Christian Nygaard, Jr Maryland 

Martha Clyde Odgers Maryland 

Christine Anne O'Neil Maryland 

Edgar Bayly Orem, Jr Maryland 

John Berkley Otley Maryland 

Daniel Franklin Owens Maryland 

Ronald Wesley Owens Maryland 

Clifford Alan Palmer Maryland 

Richard Allan Parker Maryland 

Robert K. Parker Maryland 

Robert Allison Parrack Maryland 

James John Pasko, Jr Maryland 

Michael Jon Patashna Pennsylvania 

James Stoner Peacock Maryland 

Adam Stephen Peak Pennsylvania 

Thomas W. Phipps Maryland 

Robert Webster Pierce Maryland 

Joseph Robert Pietrzak New York 

Daniel Russell Piper Maryland 

Stanley Scott Pond Maryland 

Arthur David Postal Maryland 

Gary James Powell Maryland 

Lawrence Anthony Powers D. C. 

Woodward Clark Prichard Maryland 

William Edward Pumphrey, 3v.... Maryland 

Stephen B. Quick, III Maryland 

James Gilbert Rallo Maryland 

Charles Anthony Randle Maryland 

Larry Mason Raney Maryland 

George Frederick Rehorn New York 

Robert Graham Reilly Maryland 

Nancy Darlene Reily Maryland 

Charles S. Rhudy Maryland 

Richard Ames Riley Maryland 

Walter Warfield Rock Virginia 

William Charles Rogers, Jr Maryland 

Robert Alan Romero Maryland 

Elliott David Rosenberg Maryland 

David Rosenstein Maryland 

Charles Melvin Rossiter, Jr Maryland 

William Lee Royer Maryland 

David Lawtience Ruderman Maryland 

University of Maryland. 4 5 

Dennis Mitchell Sabbath Maryland 

James Minor Sachlis Maryland 

Sheldon Bruce Saidman Maryland 

James Sandy Salkin Maryland 

Joseph G. Salomone Maryland 

Alan Martin Sandler Maryland 

Charles Michael Santoni Maryland 

Hugo Gary Santora Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Saslaw Maryland 

Robert Austin Saunders D. C. 

Ronald Kenneth Scales Maryland 

Robert James Schick Maryland 

Arthur L. Schuettinger Maryland 

Brian Emery Schutrumpf Maryland 

C. William Schutt D. C. 

Michael S. Schwartz Maryland 

Ronald Stephen Schwartzman. .Mori/toTid 

Martin Harold Schweitzer Maryland 

Arnold Wescott Scott, Jr Virginia 

Thomas Lange Sebring Maryland 

David Nelson Seielstad Maryland 

Leonard Arnold Shaffer Maryland 

Gloria Jean Sharp Maryland 

Alan M. Shefter Maryland 

Phillip Wilson Shepard Maryland 

James Abraham Shimer Maryland 

Richard Earl Shiner, Jr Maryland 

Lois Ethel Shortall Maryland 

Robert Neal Sibley Maryland 

Lewis Ken Sichelman Maryland 

Alvin Michael Sidle Maryland 

Francis Barry Silberg Maryland 

James Wilson Sinclair Maryland 

Thomas James Sinclair, Jr Maryland 

Philip Barry Sklover Maryland 

Mitchell Ronald Slavitt Virginia 

Albert Allen Smith Maryland 

Andrew Velpoe Smith, Jr Maryland 

James Lee Smith Maryland 

John Henry Smith Maryland 

Wayne McArthur Smith Maryland 

Howard Mark Smolkin Maryland 

William Arthur Snowden Maryland 

Peter H. Somervell Maryland 

Michael Eugene Sparrough Maryland 

Joseph Eugene Spinella Maryland 

Gary Stuart Stacey Maryland 

Gary Allen Stambaugh Maryland 

Terry Lewis Steen Maryland 

Guy Jerome Stephens Maryland 

James Clement Stewart Maryland 

John Dennis Stewart Maryland 

Marianne Julia Stewart Virginia 

John Lloyd Striegel Maryland 

William Kennedy Sutton, Jr. 


William Lee Swann Maryland 

Jonathan Cameron Swindle Maryland 

Richard Alderson Swope Maryland 

Denis James Symes Maryland 

Thomas Edmund Symonds Maryland 

Edward Burton Taxin Maryland 

Suzanne Tabakin Taxin Maryland 

Owen McDonnell Taylor Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Thom D. C. 

William Isaac Thomas Maryland 

Kenneth Olen Thompson D. C. 

Joseph Wayne Tomlinson Maryland 

Anthony Rosario Torrice Virginia 

Austin Allen Towner Maryland 

Kenneth Michael Tuchtan Maryland 

Alvin Tucker Maryland 

Donna Thomas Tydings Maryland 

George Michael Vber Maryland 

Leonard A. Uzarowski, Jr Maryland 

Richard James Van Lill Maryland 

Stanley Nicholas Varlas Maryland 

Robert Spuklin Waldrop Maryland 

Andrew Dyle Wallace Maryland 

James Edward Waller, Jr Maryland 

Dennis Edward Wamsley Maryland 

Allen Barry Warshaw Maryland 

David S. Wasserman Maryland 

Robert Eliot Weisblut D. C. 

Raymond James Welsh Maryland 

Robert Barry Wertlieb Maryland 

Dorothy G. White Maryland 

Frank Joseph White Maryland 

Christine Ann Whitmore Maryland 

Mary Ann Wickham Maryland 

Charles R. Wiedecker, III Maryland 

Donna Lane Wilcox Florida 

Michael Craig Wilder Maryland 

Elizabeth Marian Williams Maryland 

James Leroy Williams Maryland 

Michael Leonard Williams Maryland 

Jon Creighton Williamson D. C. 

Philip Franklin Wise Maryland 

Samuel Anthony Wyvill, II Maryland 

Barbara E. Yano Maryland 

Gail Yano Maryland 

Natalie Ann Catherine Yopconka 


Howard James Young Maryland 

John P. Zebelean, III Maryland 

Richard Henry Zimmerman Maryland 

46 1965 Commencement Exercises. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Sandra Marsha Ageloff Maryland 

Diane Judith Aronson Maryland 

Joan Despina Athanas Virginia 

Lorraine Carol August Maryland 

Robert Lee Ayers Ohio 

Robert Horst Paul Baerent Maryland 

Judith Devers Baker D. C. 

Betsy Warfield Barnsley Maryland 

Mary Golda Barron Maryland 

John Alexander Baxter Maryland 

William Parker Baxter, Jr Maryland 

Carol A. Becherman Maryland 

Rose Marie Becker Maryland 

Judith Roland Beegle Maryland 

Catherine Carr Beitler Maryland 

Lawrence Robert Benson Maryland 

Charlotte Smith Bernard Maryland 

Matthew Joseph Bernota Maryland 

Jerome I. Bershtein Maryland 

Patsy Moul Bortner Pennsylvania 

James Lester Brubaker Pennsylvania 

James Wesley Buffington Maryland 

Jane Simpson Burton Maryland 

William Wendel Butcher Maryland 

Anita Louise Caruso Maryland 

Esther Elizabeth Catterton Maryland 

Joan Linda Clarke Virginia 

Annalee Jay Clifton Maryland 

Richard Brent Clow Maryland 

Helene W. Coakley Maryland 

Charles Carroll Cockrell Maryland 

Polydorous Paul Cocoros Maryland 

Barbara Lou Cohen Maryland 

Charles W. Craft Maryland 

Susan Crandell Maryland 

Nancy Lobuono Davis Maryland 

Catherine Sweeney Deck Maryland 

JOLINE Rae DeHart Maryland 

Helane Hope Derman Maryland 

Mary Cynthia Dancy Dever Maryland 

Harold Clemence Devol Virginia 

Carolyn Hendrix Dilks Maryland 

Orrin Renfrew Dillabough New Jersey 

Ogden Henry Donellan Maryland 

William James Dudley Maryland 

Frances Irene Einhorn Maryland 

Alexandre Ely Pennsylvania 

Geri Beth Fish Maryland 

Judith Miriam Fishman Maryland 

Diane Ellen Friedman Maryland 

Meriam Dolores Gallahan Maryland 

Eugene Adam Goeller Maryland 

Beatrice Marcia Goldstone Maryland 

Richard Paul Grau Maryland 

Leslie Call Greene Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Haines Maryland 

Evelyn Sorel Hall Maryland 

Patricia Ann Hardy Maryland 

Suzanne Harman Hardy Maryland 

Janet Lee Hargett Maryland 

Thomas Brace Haughey Maryland 

Ada Lee Headridge Maryland 

Delphine Margaret Hein Maryland 

Aileen Hendelberg Maryland 

Frances Horowitz Herbst Maryland 

Carolyn Johnson Hernandez Maryland 

Estelle Vivian Horowitz Maryland 

Donald Joseph Imwold Maryland 

Mary Jacobson Maryland 

Joyce L. Jenkins Maryland 

Maylon Eugene Johnson Maine 

Fay Evans Josion Virginia 

Sandra Lee Juliano Maryland 

Michele Joan Kalman Pennsylvania 

Joan E. Raster Maryland 

Lu Ann Kauffman Maryland 

Olga Kilin Maryland 

Helen Rosalie Klein Maryland 

Andrea Ruth Kraus Maryland 

CORINNE P. Lautman Maryland 

RoNNi Jane Leibson Maryland 

John Albert Lerda Maryland 

Frederick Levi Maryland 

Myra Elaine Levin Maryland 

Anna Wilmer Lewis Maryland 

Joann Esther Lewis Maryland 

Beverly Jean Loeblein Maryland 

Martha N. Malkin D. C. 

Abby Jane Markowitz New Jersey 

Loretta Anne Markowitz Maryland 

Joseph Martino Maryland 

Barbara Naidine McAndrews Maryland 

Dorothy Larsen McCann Maryland 

Raymond Victor McCluskey Maryland 

University of Maryland. 47 

Sheila Emelie McDonald Maryland 

Donna Marie McGowan New Jersey 

Karen J. McManemin Maryland 

Sharon N. McNeil Maryland 

Robert Donald Menzie Maryland 

Nancy Lee Merchant Maryland 

Peggy Louise Merrill Maryland 

Charles R. Michael, Jr Maryland 

Pary Ann Miller Maryland 

Eileen Marie Moore Maryland 

Linda Joanna Moore Maryland 

Dorothy Carolyn Mueller Maryland 

Rebecca Jean Murray Virginia 

Evelyn Lowe Neidert Maryland 

Susan Treverton Odgers Maryland 

Martha Henderson Owen Maryland 

Lewis Robert Paskoff Maryland 

Ruth Ann Patrick Kansas 

Nancy Pensak New York 

Karen Amelia Pollack Maryland 

Bonnie V. Patton Maryland 

Helen Sylvia Popkin Maryland 

Bonnie Joy Portman New York 

Barbara Ruth Putzel Maryland 

Sarah Lindsay Reed Maryland 

Rita Rogers Virginia 

Maria Miller Rosen Maryland 

Eve Ann Rubin Maryland 

Linda Jean Sacks Maryland 

Gloria Helen Sari Maryland 

Betty Jane Schaaf Maryland 

Pamela Mae Schaener Maryland 

Jack Phillip Shilkret Maryland 

Jeanne Birks Sealing Maryland 

Clifton Elwood Seaman Maryland 

Richard Dimitri Seletzky Maryland 

Sandra Jon Semma Maryland 

Susan Potash Sereboff Maryland 

Arnold Wharton Shadrick Maryland 

Carol Lynne Sharp Connecticut 

William Francis Sheppard, Jr. 

New Jersey 

Sharla Zane Silverman Maryland 

Marsha Ann Slugman Maryland 

Suzanne E. Snyder Maryland 

Ernest Lee Souder Maryland 

Burdette C. Stampley, Jr Maryland 

Lenthel Daniel Stanton New York 

Elaine Hall Staufenberger Maryland 

Judith Ann Sternberg Maryland 

Charles Thomas Stevens New York 

Carl Conaway Swanson Maryland 

Elaine Lois Swersky Maryland 

Shirley Sue Davis Tucker Maryland 

Thomas Hubert Vann Maryland 

Patricia Anne Vinsant New Mexico 

Peter John Volkert Maryland 

Katherine Marina Vriones Maryland 

Bonnie Lee Walker Maryland 

Russell Burdell Warye, Jr Maryland 

Mary Frances White Maryland 

Della Silverman Whittaker Maryland 

Francis Albert Windsor Maryland 

Judith Ellen Winkler Maryland 

Carol Ann Witt Maryland 

Lea Joan Wobbeking Maryland 

Sandra Gail Wolin Maryland 

Judith Elizabeth Woods Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Corinne Prevost Abel Maryland 

Ronald John Adams New Jersey 

Robert Twilley Adkins Maryland 

Diana Elizabeth Andrews Maryland 

Anthony James Apicella Maryland 

Patricia Ann April D. C. 

Rosalie Claire Arcuri Maryland 

Dorothy Lavon Ashley Maryland 

Louise M. Avis Maryland 

Charles Wayne Bachman Maryland 

Ruth H. Baker D. C. 

Richard Edward Balling Maryland 

Clarence Raymond Barbee Maryland 

John George Barbers, Jr Maryland 

Dennis Charles Barnes Maryland 

Linda Ryan Barry Maryland 

Betty Ann Ernst Bauer Maryland 

Diane June Baxter Maryland 

Ernest William Beck Maryland 

Harriet Paula Beck Maryland 

Katherine Wheeler Becker Maryland 

Susan Penny Bennett Maryland 

Sharon Lee Be^iger D. C. 

Beth Ann Berlin Maryland 

Charlotte Blicher Berman Maryland 

Nina Bilokin Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Blaa Maryland 

Jean Anita Boardley Maryland 

Michelle L. Bodnick Maryland 

Jerry Lynn Bollie Maryland 

Theodore Richard Bongartz Maryland 

Marcia Roberta Bortnick Maryland 

48 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Judith Boswell Maryland 

Nancy Patricia Bowen Maryland 

Mary Margaret Brabant North Carolina 

Barbara Anne Bralove D. C. 

Paul Donald Breeden Maryland 

Elaine Lois Brener New Jersey 

David William Brenneman Maryland 

Judith Anne Brissette Maryland 

Caroline Kathleen Brosnan Maryland 

Elizabeth Frances Brown Maryland 

Edith P. Bulik Maryland 

John Lewis Burger Pennsylvania 

Nina Lou Calloway D. C. 

Kathleen Revere Calder Maryland 

Carlota Josephine Campa Maryland 

William Love Campbell Maryland 

Robert Irving Candler Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Caplan Maryland 

Ralph Thomas Carrello Maryland 

Jane Archibald Cassidy Maryland 

Delores Lorraine Catlett D. C. 

George Robert Cecchetti Maryland 

Claudia Louise Chapman Maryland 

Frances Barbara Charney Maryland 

Marilyn Rita Chotiner Maryland 

Frank Stoner Clark Florida 

Gray Watson Clark Maryland 

Renee Adele Clarke Maryland 

Clarence William Clawson, Jr.. .Maryland 

Darlene Marie Cleminson Maryland 

Ralph Barry Cleveland Pennsylvania 

Joanne Elizabeth Coady Maryland 

Gail Sandra Cohan Maryland 

Cynthia Harriet Cohen Maryland 

Eileen Cohen Maryland 

Judith Sharon Cohen Georgia 

Jessie Wilkins Collins Maryland 

Curtis C. Combs Maryland 

Nancy Wright Corkran Maryland 

Suzanne Proudman Cowles Maryland 

Paul Bertrand Croft, Jr Maryland 

Mary Reilly CronAN Maryland 

Constance Cecilia Cross Maryland 

James Gordon Cullison Maryland 

Maureen Ann Cunnare Maryland 

Dona Dee Dameron Maryland 

Mary Fletcher Daniel D. C. 

Merle Hass Daniels Virginia 

Paula Ruth Davies Maryland 

Vincent Damion DeLeo Maryland 

Esther Chamberlain DePew Maryland 

Joann Catherine DeVito New Jersey 

Gay Gerson Dickman Maryland 

Mary Margaret DiGennaro Maryland 

Anne Katheleen Dillon Maryland 

Elizabeth Maude Dismer D. C. 

Patricia Naymick Dolecek Maryland 

Joan F. Donovan Maryland 

Clara Jean Doubt Maryland 

Catherine Theresa Dougherty.. ..Marj/fawd 

Donald Lee Droneburg Maryland 

Frona Faye Dubin Maryland 

Harriet Dubow Maryland 

Patricia J. Dumbaugh Maryland 

Patricia A. Early Illinois 

Sally Kay Einhorn D. C. 

Dorothy Howard Engle Maryland 

Martha Biggs English Maryland 

Barbara Lee Etelson Maryland 

Allan David Etridge Maryland 

Ann Marie Evans Maryland 

Gloria Terry Feldman Maryland 

Harriet Rosenbloom Feldman.. ..Mor?/toK(/ 

Adrienne Goldstein Fisher Maryland 

Robert Douglas Forester Illinois 

Marilynn Newhouse Fradin Maryland 

Joseph A. Frattaroli Connecticut 

Cary Lewis Frey Maryland 

Sandra Ruth Friedman Maryland 

Robert Alan Gale Maryland 

Ruth Leslie Garonzik Maryland 

Thomas Allen Gary Maryland 

Rodney Edgar Gates Maryland 

Florence Mary Gauvreau Maryland 

Lewis Edward Geer D. C. 

Harry Clinton Gemberling, Jr.. .Maryland 
Virginia Elizabeth GiLBREATH....Mar2/teMd 

Arlene Broun Gillis Maryland 

Frances Glaser New Jersey 

Genevieve Margaret Goeller Maryland 

Marjorie Wendy Gold Maryland 

Sharon Lois Goldstein Maryland 

Linda Victoria Gooding New Jersey 

Carolyn Grace Gordon Maryland 

Pamela D. Graf Maryland 

Sally B. Gray Georgia 

Susan Joan Greenfeld Maryland 

Phyllis Ann Greif Maryland 

Harris M. Griffin Virginia 

Kelly Meta Griffin Maryland 

Lewis Henry Gross, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Rudolph Gschwandtner 


Charlotte Louise Guarnieri New York 

Nicholas Guidara Maryland 

Lois Hillman Hahn Maryland 

Margaret Helen Hall Maryland 

University of Maryland. 49 

Leslie Berns Hammond Maryland 

Kathryne Estella Hanvey Maryland 

RosEMARiE Collins Harr Maryland 

Susan Harris Maryland 

Arleen Fern Harrison Maryland 

Marion L. Hausch Maryland 

Kay Romoser Heisler Maryland 

Ronald Lyman Henderson Maryland 

Helen Joan Hersey Maryland 

Elyce Gale Hershberg Maryland 

Valcia Sydney Hershdorfer Maryland 

Eleanor Susan Hertzler D. C. 

James Nicholson Hess Maryland 

Howard Lee Hiller Maryland 

Barbara Ruth Hillman Maryland 

Barbara Lee Himes Maryland 

Geraldine W. Hisle Maryland 

Barbara Joan Hobart Maryland 

Elaine E. Hollidayoke Maryland 

Sandra Horowitz Maryland 

Florence DeWitt Howard Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth Hudson Maryland 

Janet Gail Humphreys Maryland 

Frances B. Jackson Florida 

Janet Jackson D. C. 

Mary Eileen Jacobs Maryland 

Saba Jacobson Maryland 

Carol Ann Jaffa Maryland 

Paula Charlotte Jaffe Maryland 

Barbara B. James Texas 

Betsie Ruth Johnson Maryland 

Charles Harvey Johnson Maryland 

Edward Francis Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Meredith Reynolds Johnson Maryland 

Nancy Clare Johnson Maryland 

Sandra Johnson Maryland 

Joan Smith Judd Maryland 

Sandra Gisriel Juska Maryland 

Maxine Claire Kadish Maryland 

Judith Michael Kahn Maryland 

Michelle Ann Kamien Maryland 

Barbara Lynn Kaplan Maryland 

Susan Janet Kaplan Maryland 

Allan Michael Katz Maryland 

Brenda Gail Kaufman Maryland 

Claire Margaret Keane Maryland 

Martha Lou Keating Massachusetts 

Margaret Crezee Kemp Maryland 

Linda Lou Kemper Maryland 

Diane Ladd Kessler Pennsylvania 

Robert Clark Kight Maryland 

Jean Louise King Maryland 

Nancy Lee Klawans Maryland 

Carol L. Klein Maryland 

Bette Sandra Kneeland Maryland 

Winifred Ruth Knuese Maryland 

Janet Grace Kofron Pennsylvania 

Rose Marie Kokoski Maryland 

Judith Cutler Koren Maryland 

Charlotte Winifred Kraus Maryland 

Barbara Jean Kreamer Maryland 

Carole Ann Kreger Maryland 

Lillian Gould Kristal Maryland 

John Charles Lang Maryland 

Roseann Lois Leizear Maryland 

Eileen Patricia Lentz Maryland 

Phyllis M. Levin Maryland 

Susan Lee Levin Maryland 

Bonnie Gail Levy Maryland 

Julie A. Lewis Maryland 

Launa Ann Lewis Maryland 

Vaughen Harwood Link Maryland 

Wendy Ann Linzey Maryland 

Brenda Brown Lipitz Maryland 

Minna Lipsitz D. C. 

Bertram Thomas Lloyd Maryland 

James Francis LoJacono Maryland 

Joanne Mary Lokstein Maryland 

June M. Long New York 

Katharine Reeme Longridge Maryland 

Mark David Lord Maryland 

Madeline Catherine Lovera Maryland 

Robert Lee Luebkert Maryland 

Patricia Jan Lundgren Maryland 

Rheda Luntz Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Lutz Maryland 

Richard Wayne Lynch Maryland 

James Anthony Lynn Maryland 

Anna Giwines MacCubbin Maryland 

Alpha Davis MacPherson Maryland 

Maria Macuk Maryland 

Thomas Michael Maley Maryland 

Elizabeth Showalter Manitel.... Maryland 

Harry Nicanoros Maragides Maryland 

Diane Stephanie Marks Maryland 

Mary Catherine Martin Maryland 

Carol Sue Marvel Maryland 

Joan Mary Maxa Maryland 

Mary Yaeger McCarl Maryland 

Linda Carole McCleary Maryland 

Vaughn M. McClure Maryland 

David Belt McDowell Maryland 

Martha H. McWhite Maryland 

Geraldine Mehlhop New York 

Charles Mendel Maryland 

Johanna Martha Menzer Maryland 

Melita Zahnke Meyer D. C. 

Diane Barbara Miller Maryland 

50 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Mary Saunders Miller Maryland 

Carol Rochelle Milwit Maryland 

Victor Solomon Mizrahi Maryland 

Karen Louise Moonly Pennsylvania 

Carol Moroughan Maryland 

Albert Edward Morris Virginia 

Carol Lynn Mudd Maryland 

Mary Lucile Mueller Maryland 

Stephen Edward Mueller Maryland 

Mary Anne Multer Maryland 

Marie B. Murison Maryland 

Noel Yvonne Murphy New Jersey 

Mae Brann Musgrove Maryland 

Rosa Marie Musumeci Maryland 

Mary Jane Myer Maryland 

Patricia Ellen Myers Maryland 

Ellen Sue Needle Maryland 

Susan Marie Newman Maryland 

Veronica Marie Nichols Maryland 

Carol Lane Nixon Maryland 

James Jeremiah Nolan Maryland 

Sally F. Oliver Maryland 

Noah Edward Orndoff Maryland 

Henry Charles Oustecky New York 

Frances Leigh Owens Maryland 

Kaken J. Pack Hawaii 

Rita Jean Panici Maryland 

June Carol Pascale New Jersey 

Dennis Charles Patterson Maryland 

Charlotte L. Paxson Maryland 

Marita Clare Pearson Maryland 

Rochelle Peisach Maryland 

Susan Carol Perls Maryland 

Marilyn M. Petersen Maryland 

Lucinda Ann Petrisin New Jersey 

Ella Mae Phelps Maryland 

Clyde Terry Phillips D. C. 

Sharon Lynne Pickens Maryland 

Judith Lee Pickett Maryland 

Linda Ann Pollack Maryland 

Debra Ann Pollekoff Maryland 

Donald Iverson Poole Maryland 

Mildred Ruth Popham Maryland 

Lillian K. Prager Maryland 

John Charles Prettyman Delaware 

Dawn Raye Prichard Maryland 

Peter Ferdinand Prinz Maryland 

Dorothy Gertrude Pritts Maryland 

Dorothy Gibson Pruitt Maryland 

Charles Edmund Quarles, Jr Maryland 

Leo V. Quinn Maryland 

Anthony Louis Quintihan, Jr Maryland 

Rosemary Ann Helm Reed Maryland 

Eva S. Reeley Maryland 

Janet W. Reeve Maryland 

John Carroll Rehmert Maryland 

Diane Atkinson Rever Maryland 

Ann M. Rich New Jersey 

Maxine Ellet Richardson Maryland 

Deborah Beth Richman Maryland 

Catherine D. Riley Maryland 

Georgette Florence Rivers New Jersey 

Earl T. Robertson Maryland 

Nancy Carr Rogers Virginia 

Patricia A. Root Maryland 

Norman J. Roppelt Maryland 

Linda Sharon Rosenfield Maryland 

Marilyn Betsy Rosenthal Maryland 

Charles David Ross Maryland 

Judith Rosalyn Rossen Maryland 

Michael Thomas Rota Maryland 

ZoRA Ruth Rowe Maryland 

Gail Friedman Rubenstein Maryland 

Joanne Leah Rubin Maryland 

Sandra Lee Rubin Maryland 

Glendine Fulton Russell Maryland 

Algimantas Jonas Rutelionis.. ..Marj/tend 

Frances M. Sachs Maryland 

Marilyn Lee Saks Maryland 

Elizabeth P. Sakwa Maryland 

Marianne Sandilands Maryland 

Sandra Sandler Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Sausser Maryland 

Susan Lansdale Savage Maryland 

Stephanie Cole Scales Maryland 

Roy Uhlig Schaffer Maryland 

Judith Ann Scheinhaus Maryland 

Sandra Lois Scherr Maryland 

Melvin Dennis Schneider Maryland 

Kirke Gilbert Schnoor Maryland 

Marilyn Schoenfeld Maryland 

Stephen Mayer Schoenfeld D. C. 

Robert David Kent Short Maryland 

Mary Cecelia Schrand Maryland 

Janet Marie Schulman Maryland 

Barbara Susan Schwartz Maryland 

Charles David Sealing Maryland 

Clara A. Seaman Virginia 

Sandra L. Settle Maryland 

Thomas Hugh Seymour Maryland 

Carolyn Marcella Shaffer Maryland 

Barbara Truitt Duley Shanklin 


Dora Patton Shaw Maryland 

SoNDRA Terrie Shuster New Jersey 

Catherine Frances Sierk Maryland 

William Elmer Simmons, II Maryland 

Florence Russell Simonds Maryland 

James Frederick Sims Maryland 

University of Maryland. 5 1 

Shirley R. Sircus Maryland 

Fran Anne Sirlin New York 

Walter John Skruch, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Katherine Slevin New York 

Donna Lou Sloat Pennsylvania 

Ellen Nora Wire Smith Maryland 

Norma Lea Smith Maryland 

John William Snyder Delaware 

Timothy Richard Snyder Maryland 

Jean Parker Soergel Maryland 

Marie Wicks Southworth Maryland 

Marie Tolzman Spicknall Maryland 

Rhoda Harriet Sprafkin Maryland 

Diana Elizabeth Spring Maryland 

Delphine Neva Stackus Maryland 

Patricia E. Steele Maryland 

Michael Joseph Stefanik, Jr. 


Charles Elwyn Stephens Delaware 

Dennis Michael Stevens Maryland 

Rogers Craig Stevens, Jr Maryland 

Beverly Jean Stewart New Jersey 

Lynn Page Stinehart Maryland 

MiNDA L. Storch Maryland 

Marvin Tompkins Storey Maryland 

Thomas August Strohm, IV Maryland 

Cecelia Joy Stump Virginia 

Arlene Surdin Maryland 

Barbara Ann Sweeney Illinois 

Myrna Tannenbaum Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Tassey Maryland 

Anne Eakens Taylor Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Taylor Maryland 

Barbara F. Rosen Teitel Maryland 

Janet Lucille Thomas Maryland 

Margaret Bartholow Thomas Maryland 

Susan Martha Thomas New York 

Ernest Townshend Tibbetts Maryland 

Jean D. TiERNErif Maryland 

Nancy Steele Tilford Pennsylvania 

Margaret Laughlin Torbet Maryland 

Irene Torop Maryland 

Roberta Wells Trainor Maryland 

Marcia Diane Trattler Maryland 

Paula Cherna Trivas Maryland 

George Peter Tsirigotis Maryland 

Robert Lee Turner Maryland 

Joseph Edward Urban Maryland 

Robert Stanley VandeVisser Maryland 

Edna Frances Wade Maryland 

Edward Bartlett Walder, Jr Maryland 

Norman Roger Warrell Maryland 

Susan Warsinger Maryland 

Sonia Marie Wasko Maryland 

Iris B. Weaver Maryland 

Steven Malcolm Weinberger Maryland 

Diane Bannett Weinfeld Maryland 

Deborah C. Weiss Maryland 

Judith Kraft Westerman Maryland 

Anne Loretta Whelan Maryland 

Shirley Jean Wilcox Maryland 

Sandra Kaye Willis Maryland 

William Stanley Willis, Jr Maryland 

John Francis Wilson Maryland 

Marguerite Naylor Wilson D. C. 

Mary A. Wilson Maryland 

Marilyn Ilene Wolf Maryland 

Marjorie Anne Woodchek Maryland 

Bonnie May Woodfield D. C. 

Sydelle Kleinberg Wyman Maryland 

Joan Buffington Yeager Maryland 

Albert John Zalner Maryland 

James Robert Zedosky Maryland 

Demma Thelma Zeigleb Maryland 

Arlene Zilber Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Frederic T. Mavis, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard Harding Allen Maryland 

Mario Averardo Antonetti Connecticut 

Alfred Francis Arnold Maryland 

Gregory Nelson Bacon Maryland 

Thomas Francis Baldwin Maryland 

Stanley Richard Ball Maryland 

Howard Ira Bassen Maryland 

Donald James Baublitz Maryland 

James Leroy Beckham Maryland 

Lansford Charles Bell Maryland 

Wayne Frederick Belloff Maryland 

Norman James Belt J'ennsylvania 

Wesley Knapp Benefield Maryland 

52 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

William Edwin Benns, III Tenneagee 

Brian Lee Biehl Maryland 

Robert Llewellyn Biggs Maryland 

Albert Charles Biniasz Maryland 

Anthony Laws Birch Maryland 

Richard Leslie Bloom Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Bode Maryland 

Henry Snyder Bonebrake Maryland 

Jay Marshall Brakman D. C. 

Harold Milton Brierley Maryland 

Ronald Wilson Brower Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Brown Maryland 

Harry William Brown Maryland 

Michael Anthony Brown Maryland 

Daniel Walter Buckner Maryland 

James E. Bunch Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Burke, Jr Maryland 

Robert Page Burruss Maryland 

Robert Calogero Maryland 

Richard Theodore Cannon Maryland 

Robert Francis Canova Maryland 

Charles Crawford Carey, Jr Maryland 

David Frantz Carl Maryland 

Alexander Carswell, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas Cianos Maryland 

Weldon Hawkins Clark, Jr Maryland 

William Francis Clawson Maryland 

Thomas Landon Clemons Maryland 

Donald L. Coble Maryland 

Howard Martin Cohn Maryland 

Terry Allen Collom California 

George Bruce Connor Maryland 

James Arnold Costrell Maryland 

Arthur Edward Cote New Hampshire 

Clifford Smith Coulter D. C. 

Roy Leon Courtney Maryland 

Robert Francis Crabbs, Je Maryland 

Charles Leroy Crook Maryland 

Ronald Anthony Cucina Maryland 

George Daniel Darnell Maryland 

David E. Davis Pennsylvania 

Constantine Evagelos DEDOULis..Marj/teMd 

Daniel K. Denenberg Maryland 

Randolph Allan Diamond Maryland 

Ralph Edward Dinkle Maryland 

Alexander Dixon Maryland 

Kenneth Wayne Downey Maryland 

Dennis C. Drehmel Maryland 

Richard Hope Duke Maryland 

Paul Russell Dwiggins Maryland 

John Allen Dyrkacz Maryland 

Robert Franklin Eagen, Jr Maryland 

La WHENCE Edelman Maryland 

Robert Harry Emerson Maryland 

Arnold Michael Epstein Maryland 

John Dennis Evans Maryland 

Rudolph Keith Fairfax, Jr Maryland 

Harold C. Feinstein D. C. 

Charles Nesbitt Fohner Maryland 

Robert Heath Foley Maryland 

James Patterson Frank Maryland 

Ronald Franklin Frick Maryland 

Robert Gordon Gage New York 

Ferris Orestes Garrett, Jr Maryland 

James Bupfington George Maryland 

Robert C. Gibson Maryland 

Joel Glazer Maryland 

Alan Irving Gomberg Rhode Island 

Ronald Jeffery Gordon Maryland 

Steven L. Gordon Maryland 

Peter Warren Grant Maryland 

John Randall Gray Maryland 

Robert William Graybill Pennsylvania 

James Eugene Green Maryland 

Douglas Lacy Gregory Maryland 

Paul Joseph Gross Maryland 

Daniel Guralnik Maryland 

Roderick McCloud Hall, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Henry Hamer Maryland 

Joseph Michael Hanyok Maryland 

Thomas Lamson Harman Maryland 

Donald Theodore Harris Maryland 

Michael David Harris Maryland 

Julian Kent Haspert Maryland 

Kenneth Wallace Hastings, 3R...Maryland 

John Michael Hayner Maryland 

Ronald M. Heck Maryland 

William Karl Hellmann Maryland 

Robert Ellsworth Hess, Jr Maryland 

Steven Elliott Heyman Maryland 

Bryan Allen Hill Maryland 

William Monroe Hinckley Maryland 

Lee Hodorowski D. C. 

Joseph George Hoeg Pennsylvania 

Calvin Lewis Horm Pennsylvania 

G. Porter Houston, Jr Maryland 

John Lacy Howlin Maryland 

Thomas Barry Hughes Maryland 

Terrance Warren Hull Maryland 

William Rudolph Hunt Maryland 

Nathan David Isaacs Maryland 

Lewis Willis Jernigan, II Maryland 

Charles William Johnson Maryland 

William Carroll Jones Maryland 

Donald Robert Jordan Maryland 

Howard Baer Katz Maryland 

Walter Keighron Maryland 

Matti Kiik Maryland 

Hyun Joong Kim Maryland 

University of Maryland. 5 3 

Wilbur Harrison Kinneman, Jr. 


Dennis H. Klein Maryland 

Eberhard Klein Maryland 

Robert Louis Klein Maryland 

Jacob Bard Klevan New Jersey 

Ernest C. Kopp Maryland 

Eugene F. Korth Maryland 

Gerard John Kotova Maryland 

George Antonios Kotzias Maryland 

Arden S. Kuroda Maryland 

Barry Kurtz Maryland 

James R. Lambdin, Jr Maryland 

John Anthony Lang, II Maryland 

Ralph Milton Lance Maryland 

Peter David Lawson Pennsylvania 

Stephen Joseph Lechert, Jr Maryland 

Carl Edward Lenhoff Maryland 

Paul Lawson Leroy Maryland 

Robert William Lindner Maryland 

Wardell James Lindsay Maryland 

William Linton, Jr Maryland 

Harry Edward Lipsey Maryland 

Knowles Graham Little Maryland 

Tran Qui Loc France 

Phillip James Lombardo Maryland 

Vassilios Nikolaou Loukidis Greece 

Michael Brian Lynch Maryland 

Bruce Michael MacMillian Maryland 

George Richardson Mahon Maryland 

Michael Anthony Maiuzzo Maryland 

Harley John Mann Maryland 

Charles James Marquette Maryland 

Charles Walter Marriott Maryland 

Hugh Douglas Marron Maryland 

Paul Douglas Marsico Maryland 

Thomas Joseph McCormick Maryland 

LuciEN Berry McDonald, Jr D. C. 

James Joseph McElroy Maryland 

Robert Vernon McGlothlin Maryland 

James Mackson McMichael, HI. .Maryland 

Peter Bill McOrmond New Jersey 

Richard Warren Merson Maryland 

Gregory E. Mester Maryland 

Douglas Craig Metz Neiv York 

Wayne Trumbo Michael Maryland 

Nolan Gene Miller Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Mueller Maryland 

Wayne Edwin Mullinix Maryland 

Alan Lloyd Newman Maryland 

John Emil Nylund, Jr Maryland 

Abraham Abe Ohebsion Iran 

David L. Owings Maryland 

Michael Sharp Patterson Maryland 

John Henry Peake Maryland 

Michael Bernard Pecker Maryland 

Sidney Lane Pennington Maryland 

Allan Eliash Pertman Maryland 

Charles Anthony Pessagno, Zr... Maryland 

Richard William Plantholt Maryland 

Benjamin Franklin Voin'sett ....Maryland 

John Joseph Poiter Maryland 

Alfred Do-Ying Pong D. C. 

William Paul Proffitt Maryland 

Ronald Ernest Purcell Maryland 

John Greenbury Purnell, Jr Maryland 

Richard William Radlinski Maryland 

David Ernest Reed Virginia 

Kenneth Wayne REisENWEBER....Mari/faTCd 

Thomas James Renner Maryland 

John Nicholas Rever Maryland 

William Frederick Rhine Maryland 

Richard Allan Rice Pennsylvania 

Craig Young Roberts Maryland 

Philip Vincent Roberts Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Rose Maryland 

Robert Harold Rosen Maryland 

Mark Stephen Rosenfeld Maryland 

John Thomas Ruhs New York 

Robert Holden Sales Maryland 

Robert Edward Sancewich Maryland 

Fred H. Sanders Maryland 

William Ralph Sangrey Maryland 

Edward Norman Schinner Maryland 

Richard Louis Schmadebeck Maryland 

Vernon Robert Schmalbach, Jr.. .Maryland 

Charles Henry Schoeffield Maryland 

Frederick Dellere Schor Maryland 

Gerald Joseph Schueler Maryland 

Joseph Jeffrey Seidler Maryland 

Richard Van Shaffer Maryland 

Franklin W. Shap , Maryland 

Steven Charles Shap Maryland 

John Thomas Shaul Maryland 

Warren Lewarne Shinker Maryland 

Gordon Russell Sima, Jr Maryland 

Charles Frederick Simon Maryland 

Ronald Lionel Smith Maryland 

Irvin Fleming Snider, Jr Maryland 

James Robert Snyder Maryland 

Larry Alan Starbuck Marylayid 

Richard Henderson Stebbins Maryland 

Theodore Thomas Stepanoff Maryland 

Alan Dennis Stern Maryland 

Frank Robert Stone, Jr Maryland 

Walter Ferdinand Straub Maryland 

Raymond Edward Streib Maryland 

William C. Strohman Maryland 

Charles Richard Strong Maryland 

54 ^965 Commencement Exercises. 

Rymantas Alfonsas Svotelis Maryland 

Alvin Benjamin Taliaferro, 3R...Maryland 

Michael Leroy Taylor Maryland 

Robert Berkeley Taylor Maryland 

Robert Doyce Taylor Maryland 

Robert Lee Taylor Maryland 

Oyton Tertemiz D. C. 

Charles Donald Thatcher Maryland 

Daniel Louis Thomas Maryland 

Richard Vernon Thomas Maryland 

Woodford Arlington Thomas 


James Russell Thompson Maryland 

Robert Everett Thurber Maryland 

Thomas Jonathan Tinsley Maryland 

Allen Price Todd Maryland 

Robert Clinton Trakas, Jr Maryland 

Andre Shau-Chuen Tung Hong Kong 

Ronald William Turner Maryland 

Barbara Spencer Tyler Maryland 

Lewis Andrews Tyler Maryland 

Rafael A. Valls D. C. 

David Allen Wagner Maryland 

William Walter Walker Maryland 

Warren Edmond Walter Maryland 

William Kyle Ward, Jr Virginia 

Laurence Donald Watrous Connecticut 

Thomas Clifton Watts Maryland 

Murray A. Westrich Maryland 

George Emerson Westwick Maryland 

James Leroy Wetzel Maryland 

Raymond Stanley Widmayer Maryland 

Waco B. Wike Maryland 

Howard Leslie Williams Maryland 

Robert Britton Williams Maryland 

Robert Trevor Williams Maryland 

Wayne Lasier Wilmot Maryland 

David Edward Wilson Maryland 

William Lee Wilson Maryland 

William Carter Worsham Maryland 

Thomas Jack Wright, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Stanley Yankelevitz. .Marj/tajid 

John Godfrey Yates Maryland 

Lewis Harold Zarfoss, III Maryland 

Bruce Elliot Zunser Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Selma F. Lippeatt, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Yvonne Letha Adams Maryland 

Phyllis Jean Ball Maryland 

Susan B. Berney Maryland 

Carolyne Lee Boone D. C. 

Sandra Elaine Boose Maryland 

Marilyn Gassman Booth Maryland 

Leon Edward Brafman Maryland 

Sharon Lorraine Bruce Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Buck Maryland 

Julia Louise Butz Maryland 

Carol Louise Byrd Maryland 

Ann Calderhead Maryland 

Dorothy Jeanne Carmine Maryland 

Marie Louise Castonguay D. C. 

Mary Catherine Coberly Maryland 

Barbara Anne Commerford Maryland 

Margaret Alice Corstaphney Maryland 

Patricia Anne Crowe Maryland 

Mary Fay Cunningham Maryland 

Jean Carolynn De Gaston New Jersey 

Janice Rebecca Eggers Pennsylvania 

Barbara Lee Eisman D. C. 

Virginia Ann Elliott Maryland 

Mary Stuart Ferguson Maryland 

Carol Lynn Fitzell Maryland 

Katherine Rose Godlove Maryland 

Helen Carol Goebel Maryland 

Sue Ann Grey Maryland 

Linda Ann Gross Maryland 

Patricia Joan Guilford Maryland 

Diana Evangelista Hagemann 


Brenda Jean Hardy Maryland 

Margaret Wharton Harper Maryland 

Eileen C. Hartman Maryland 

Beverly Dianne Hicks Maryland 

Dudley Curtis Hoffman, Jr Florida 

Beverly Joan Holland Maryland 

Jean DeBuchananne Hurst Maryland 

Linda Ann Hurst Maryland 

Tahma Indritz Maryland 

YOLANDA Maria Ippolito Maryland 

University of Maryland. 5 5 

Thelma Louise Jeffords Maryland 

Barbara Jean Josephs Maryland 

James Lawrence Kane, Jr Maryland 

Grace L. Kendall Maryland 

Patricia Ann Krus Maryland 

Richard David Lamb Maryland 

Mary Ann Lane D. C. 

Judith Elaine Lindsay Maryland 

Gary Robert Lovejoy D. C. 

Nancy Lee Luchini Maryland 

Brenda Louise Lutes Maryland 

Anne Moore Maio Maryland 

Leslie Finch Markoe Maryland 

Florence Mildred Mason Maryland 

Susan Ann Matzger Texas 

Erin Lou McClench Washington 

Nancy Carol McDaniel Maryland 

Madalyn Louise McIntire Maryland 

Bonnie V. McKenney Maryland 

Ina J. Miller Maryland 

Pamela Ashbrook Miller Maryland 

Peter Parr Miller Maryland 

Sally Ort Miller Maryland 

Mary Ann Moore Maryland 

Gloria Ann Morgan Maryland 

Anne Eileen Morris Maryland 

Jay Elliott Neily Maryland 

Caren Gail Owings Maryland 

Mary E. Pacheo Maryland 

Jane Wood Pennefeather Maryland 

Colleen Zindorf Pierre Maryland 

Christine Elizabeth Pike Maryland 

Jerrilynn Virginia Prout Maryland 

Jo Ann Quick Maryland 

Bonnie Sue Rakes Maryland 

Karen Louise Reynolds Maryland 

Andrea Mildred Rogers D. C. 

Judith Elaine Rohrer Maryland 

Arlene Sue Rosenberg Maryland 

Carol Ruth Ross Maryland 

Mary Alice Sanders Maryland 

Carolyn Elsie Schissler Maryland 

Anne Marie Schlegel Maryland 

Andrea Schwartz Maryland 

Susan Lum Shewchuk Maryland 

Christine Sharon Smith Maryland 

Jeanne Ellen Smith Maryland 

Mary Gilliam Smith Maryland 

Sandra Jean Stevenson D. C. 

Nancy Jane Stoll Maryland 

Roberta Deanne Taylor D. C. 

Supajee Tembunkiart Maryland 

Carolyn Powell Urquhart Maryland 

Linda Ann Utterback Maryland 

Nancy Maloy Vert Maryland 

Marjorie L. Wagner Maryland 

Judith O'Maba Whitmore Maryland 

Deanna Lou Will Maryland 

Ruth Ann Williams Maryland 

Susan Gaarden Young Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Hazel Eugenia Anderson Maryland 

Helen Agnes Arnold Maryland 

Nina Grace Austin Maryland 

Valerie Eve Barkley New Jersey 

Grace M. Barolet Maryland 

Grace A. Black Maryland 

Mary Petry Blunt Maryland 

Susan Anne Briele Maryland 

Nancy Lee Clark Maryland 

Janet F. Cogliano Maryland 

Barbara Marie Conners D. C. 

Sheilagh Carol Courtney Maryland 

Sharon Donette Craig Maryland 

Rebecca Ann Crevelt Maryland 

LoRETTA McAdory Cumbo Maryland 

Edith Rita Davis Maryland 

Dolores Lorraine Defelice Maryland 

Mary Rose Deffner Pennsylvania 

Karen Louise Deppe Pennsylvania 

Darlene Diana Dietrich Maryland 

Martha Mary Donelan Maryland 

Linda Yvonne Dove Maryland 

Margaret DeNeane Foret Maryland 

Esther Mauch Forsyth Maryland 

56 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Judith Marie Fromm Maryland 

Toby Roberta Furash Maryland 

Pamela Sue George Maryland 

Joyce Lynnette Grahl Maryland 

Henrietta Dennis Hancock Maryland 

Judith L. Hayes Colorado 

Mary Callis Headridge Maryland 

Melva Jo Hendrix Maryland 

Marlene Florence Hockenberry 


Mary Joan Holthaus Maryland 

Linda Ellen Hutkins Maryland 

Florence Elaine Hyde Maryland 

Joanna Elizabeth Imbierowicz.... Afarj/tond 

Gloria Ann Jackson Maryland 

Judith Augusta Jann Maryland 

Mabel Viola Jenkins Maryland 

Marjorie Sue Johnson Maryland 

Sylvia Ann KjVMenetz Maryland 

Judith Rae Kane Maryland 

Reba Vina Keithley Maryland 

Marjorie Kay Kellerman Maryland 

Catherine Diane Kelly New Jersey 

Elizabeth Katherine Kilgus Maryland 

Dagnija Kilpe Virginia 

Beverly Jane Knipple Pennsylvania 

Margaret Ella Krainock New Jersey 

Todette Andrea LaPrairie Pennsylvania 

Barbara Anne Leibel Maryland 

Patricia Ann Lusk Maryland 

Susan Helen Machen Maryland 

Lynda Sue Markel Maryland 

Isabelle Cameron Martin Maryland 

DiANNE Matheny Maryland 

Lois Richardson McFadden Maryland 

Mary A. McMahon Maryland 

Barbara Marie Meyer Maryland 

Gwendolyn Marie Myers Maryland 

Margaret Mary Nalevanko Maryland 

Mary Eleanor Noone Maryland 

Patricia Ann O'Connor Maryland 

Margaret Ethel Painter Pennsylvania 

Ellen Yvonne Parker Maryland 

Ann Lynn Parkinson Maryland 

Karen Judith Pataky Maryland 

Patricia Mary Pelczar Maryland 

Ellen M. Reapsomer Maryland 

Judith Stevens Rees Maryland 

Marie Christine Regan Maryland 

Joan Ann Reider Pennsylvania 

Patricia Ann Rhoten Maryland 

Doris Elaine Schiff Maryland 

Karen Charmaine Seaman Virginia 

Kathryn Disney Sebastian Maryland 

Shana Rubin Seidenman Maryland 

Patricia Ann Sheyka New Jersey 

Virginia Lee Signor Pennsylvania 

Claudia May Smith Maryland 

Marlene Frances Sossen Maryland 

Jacquelyn Brooke Spalding Maryland 

Nan Barclay Stahl Virginia 

Constance Hooper Staley Maryland 

Nancy Jean Stetson Maryland 

Sandra LaRue Sutley Maryland 

Diane Leslie Teitler Maryland 

Harriet Elizabeth Thomas Maryland 

Cathy Orrin Thomasson Maryland 

Ruth Marion Tornquist Pennsylvania 

Deanna Jean Van Atta Maryland 

Janice Ireland Vathayanon Maryland 

Kathleen Diane Walsh Maryland 

Hermine Marie Louise Werle Maryland 

Bonnie Lee West Maryland 

Beatrice Lane Wolcott Maryland 

Frances Wyand Xenakis D. C. 

Cheryl Trudy Zangwill Maryland 

Lenore Kalk Zedosky Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Robert Paul Brauner New York 

Robert Brun del Re Maryland 

Suzanne Joan Caplan Maryland 

Leon Ray Catlett Maryland 

James Anthony Cavoures Maryland 

John Wilmer Conrad, Jr Maryland 

John Robinson Cooney Pennsylvania 

Richard Louis Cysyk Maryland 

Gayle Robert Dolecek Maryland 

W. Robert Elliott Maryland 

University of Maryland. 57 

Sylvia Mina Frangakis Maryland 

Marvin Irvin Gamerman Maryland 

Wayne Allen Glover Maryland 

Marvin Goldberg Marylajid 

Robert William Hoffman Marylaiid 

Robert Beck Kroopnick Maryland 

Harris Lee Miller Maryland 

Martin Barry Mintz Maryland 

Mary Lynn Myers Maryland 

Gerald Marvin Rachanow Maryland 

Charles John Schutz Maryland 

Ralph M. Sollod Maryland 

Michael Joseph Walsh Maryland 

C. Bennett Williams, Jr Maryland 

Israel David Wolfson Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Barbara Ann Adrian Maryland 

Andrea Claudette Allen D. C. 

Guy Thomas Appel Maryland 

John Peter Aravanis D. C. 

Sue Elizabeth Baust Maryland 

Donna Lois Berlin Maryland 

Gilbert Lackey Bond Maryland 

Gary Bronstein Maryland 

Richard John Brueckner Maryland 

Leonard Julius CHiAVERiNi....PenKS3//va?iJo 

Arthur James Clessuras Maryland 

Shirley Linda Cohen Maryland 

George Edward Combs Maryland 

Richard Harold Dahl Rhode Island 

Mary Kay Daniels Maryland 

Thomas N. Daugherty Maryland 

Ross Pool Davis New Jersey 

Margaret B. Dinger Maryland 

Richard Howard Estes Maryland 

Marcie-Lynn Sidney Farris Maryland 

Bridget Anne Foreshew Maryland 

Paul Francis Frendach D. C. 

E. Dean Garrett California 

Michael Jolley George Maryland 

Marilyn Elaine Christ Pennsylvania 

Raymond Harry Gibson Maryland 

Kevin Hugh Gilson Connecticut 

Nancy Lee Graham Maryland 

Gail Diane Griffin New Jersey 

Betty Ann Guthridge New Jersey 

Grayson Russell Harmeyer Maryland 

Frederick Evard Henning, Jr Maryland 

Richard Irving Hetherington Maryland 

Robert Elden Hoffman New Jersey 

Edward Trousdale Jaques Maryland 

Gerald Vincent Jennings, Jr. 

Rhode Island 

Mary Ellen Johnson Maryland 

William Offutt Johnson Maryland 

Brenda Carol Jones Maryland 

Richard Norris Jones, Jr Maryland 

Robin Lynn Kessler Connecticut 

Jon Frederick Kreissig Maryland 

Richard John Kubow Maryland 

Thomas C. Langley Maryland 

Nancy Anthony Lewis Maryland 

Bruce H. Lippy Maryland 

Allen Davis Lord Maryland 

Carol Annette Lutheran Maryland 

Nancy Lee Mays Maryland 

Betsy Mae McDonald Maryland 

Christopher C. Mench, Sr Maryland 

Kenneth Wallace Mettler Maryland 

John Harrison Metzgar Maryland 

Bernard Patrick Mooney Maryland 

Shirley Rita Moroose Maryland 

William Edward Neveling Maryland 

David Harold Nielsen Maryland 

Wayne Gregory O'Brien Maryland 

Margaret Ann O'Connell Maryland 

Winnifred Helen Overton Maryland 

Linda Mae Peyton Maryland 

Charlotte Marie Rieman Maryland 

Hugh Joseph Roddin New York 

Edward Stevenson Rog J^ew York 

Walter Paul Samora New York 

Camille Carmen Schaefer Maryland 

Carol M. Schneider New Jersey 

58 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Maurice LaRue Scott Maryland 

Theresa A. Scurato New Jersey 

Cheryl Lynne Steiner Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Thompson Maryland 

John Carroll Tischinger Maryland 

Frances Ann Tracer Maryland 

Carl Ernest Trump, Jr Maryland 

Shideh Vaziri Iran 

Marilyn Crete Venetta Maryland 

Kenneth James Wall Rhode Island 

James Richard Watkins Maryland 

Frank Gary Wikander New Jersey 

Franklin Pope Wilson Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Axbert Francis Ahrenholz Virginia 

Charles Raymond Alexander Illinois 

David Joseph Allingham Connecticut 

Alexander Edward Ames, Jr Wisconsin 

Edward Anderson New York 

Louis Edward Andre, Jr Virginia 

Margaret Ashcroft Vermont 

Albert Edward Atwell, Jr New Jersey 

Robert Baird California 

Philip Robert Ballinger Arkansas 

Leo Vincent Barglowski New Jersey 

HoYT Warren Barnebey Washington 

Melvin Jack Barr Oklahoma 

Margaret Davis Barry California 

Norman Wardell Bartee Arizona 

Lewis Harold Batty Maryland 

Shirley Ann Bauer Maryland 

Daniel Wilson Bay Maryland 

Thomas H. Bayless Tennessee 

Frederick Charles Becker, III Texas 

John Peter Bedford Virginia 

Gerald R. Beekman Wisco7isin 

Arthur Belefant New York 

Walter Warren Bell Georgia 

Arthur Edwin Bergeson Minnesota 

Frank Moritz Bernick Iowa 

Gwynne Roland Berry Maryland 

Alain Bertaux Maryland 

Thomas William Bishop Maryland 

Edward Joseph Boardman.. ..Massachusetts 

Charles Francis Bock Pennsylvania 

Edward Stanley Bohnhoff Virginia 

Margaret G. Bollinger Arizona 

Luis William Bowman Missouri 

Audean V. Boyles Maryland 

Francis Anthony Braccio Pennsylvania 

Donald Bridges Oklahoma 

John Lawrence Brill Washington 

Alexander Michael Buinickas. ...Marj//and 

Charles Phillip Bundy, Jr Maryland 

James Michael Burke Virginia 

Richard Oliver Burton New York 

Paul Bystrak Maryland 

Joanne Mitchell Calder Maryland 

John Louis Caldwell Maryland 

Donald Gifford Carson North Carolina 

Geraldine Sexton Chadwick Virginia 

William Fletcher Chandler Maryland 

Robert Sumner Chaney California 

Johnnie M. Johnson Cherry Louisiana 

Richard Harold Choron Alabama 

Earl Joseph Clark Ohio 

John Herman Clark Maryland 

Percy Cedric Clark, Jr California 

Harold Albert Clem Illinois 

Theodore Louis Cogut Michigan 

Dwight Ripley Collin, III New York 

Jane H. Collura Maryland 

Joseph Robert Combs, Jr Washington 

John Thomas Connelly New York 

Richard J. Connolly Massachusetts 

Roy Joseph Connor New Hampshire 

Virginia Lee Conrad Virginia 

Carolyn Helen Cooper D. C. 

Joseph Bernard Corcoran Pennsylvania 

Katherine Roy Costley Maryland 

Edward Earl Crider California 

Edwin Nelson Crim, Jr Connecticut 

Morgan J. Cronin Texas 

Richard George Crothers New Jersey 

Maurice David Cullison Maryland 

Gordon Fossett Gumming Maryland 

Lewis William Currier, Jr Florida 

University of Maryland. 5 9 

Victor Eli Delnore Maryland 

John Wesley Demler Maryland 

Henry Vernon Dempsey, Jr Florida 

Charles Ware Detert Maryland 

Alexander Devience, Jr Illinois 

John Zimmerman Dillon Ohio 

William Gemmell Dodds Pennsylvania 

Robert Frederick DoRBACKER....New Jersey 

Bert Eugene Dowdy D. C. 

Ellen Mullikin Dudley Maryland 

Robert Alan Duganne Florida 

George Eager, Jr Virginia 

Harry McGee Edwards Tennessee 

Robert Thomas Ellis Maryland 

Stephen Edward Ellis D. C. 

James Spurgeon Elliot Texas 

Arthur Bertrand Emrich, Jr. 

South Carolina 

Alexander Denham Estill, Jr Maryland 

Edna H. Everett California 

James Thomas Farrell Virginia 

David Wright Farrington Ohio 

Gladys Jeannette Federman Maryland 

Juanita Baker Felder Maryland 

Harry Noble Fields Alabama 

Iver C. Fitschen Maryland 

John Martin Foard D. C. 

Wallace Edward Fogo Virginia 

Ronald Lee Ford Washington 

Werner Horst Fornos Maryland 

Robert Glade Foster, Jr Maryland 

Susanne Dale Fredrikson Virginia 

Bernard James Freeze Maryland 

William John Games Maryland 

Alberto Garcia, Jr Georgia 

Robert Ernest Garmer Maryland 

Charles L. Gaty Ohio 

Ellis Parsons George Florida 

George Henry Gilmore Louisiana 

George Edward Glober D. C. 

David Robert Goodman Florida 

Harold Leon Gordon Virginia 

Marvin Gottlieb New York 

Donald Ulysses Grant Ohio 

Paul William Green California 

Lassiter Elmo Gregg Texas 

Edward Martin Guell Massachusetts 

Joseph Finlaw Hackett New Jersey 

William Alexander HAhh.... North Carolina 

Kenneth Sterling Hanten Maryland 

Jean A. Harter Maryland 

Mary Katherine Hartz Maryland 

Kenneth Max Harwood Oregon 

SusUMU Hashitate Hawaii 

Toney Head, Jr Massachusetts 

Kenneth Rowe Henneberger Maryland 

John Augustine Henry Maryland 

Patrick J. Henry California 

Joseph Robert Hergan Maryland 

Ila McSween Herring Alabama 

Madeline Katherine Himmelman 


Arthur Everett Hoeg, Jr Virginia 

Peter Joseph Hoegen Maryland 

Wesley K. Hoffman Pennsylvania 

Ronald Andres Hofmann Maryland 

Russell Gilman Holton, Jr Kansas 

Arthur M. Holtorf California 

William Horn, Jr Florida 

Edgar Clinton Houck, Jb Maryland 

Thomas Jefferson HuDDLESTON....A/arj/tenrf 

Hotenel James Huff Florida 

Leon Wyant Huffman Oklahoma 

Charles Willakd Ingalls Massachusetts 

Clement Isaac Irons Pennsylvania 

Luther Claiborne Jackson, III... .Tennessee 

Lloyd Earl Johnson Kentucky 

James Douglas Johnston Arkansas 

Elmer E. Jones, Jr California 

William Seaborn Jones Texas 

Robert Douglas Kahn Maryland 

Elsie Josephine Kaspar Maryland 

Steve Nicholas Katsakis Maryland 

Lloyd Kermit Kaul Virginia 

Joseph Paul Kelley Pennsylvania 

Lawrence Patrick Kelly California 

James William Kenney Texa» 

William Delbert Kent Virginia 

Martin Jules Kessel Pennsylvania 

Ralph Francis Kessler Maryland 

Kenneth Neal Keyte Iowa 

Burton Arnold Kittay New Yorh 

James Joseph Kobernat Minnesota 

Lawrence Kress Maryland 

Herman Krug, Jr New Jersey 

John Vincent Kruthesis New Jersey 

James Richard Kurtz Pennsylvania 

William Sylvanus Kurtz Spain 

Lewis Allen Lambert Maryland 

Bernard M. Landau Illinois 

Clyde Edward Layne Florida 

Sandra Freed Lehman Maryland 

Elmer Francis Leonard Maryland 

Robert Theodore Leonard Virginia 

William Earl Leonard Montana^ 

60 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

William Earl Lewis Virginia 

Alice Agnes Long Maryland 

Clarence John Lontos New Jersey 

Thomas Philip Lopresti New Jersey 

Max Jay Loudenslager Rhode Island 

Theodore William Lowrie, Jr Maryland 

Vivlan Marie Lubenow North Dakota 

William Theobold Maddox, III Virginia 

Francis Joseph Majewski Maryland 

Jerry Manolatos Maryland 

Phyllis Margaret Harden Maryland 

Paul Thomas Marion Alabama 

Warren Harry Martin Kansas 

Lesley Garber Mathews Maryland 

Bernard J. Matson Illinois 

William Tim Hoy Mau Maryland 

Walter Anthony Maull Pennsylvania 

James Charles May Maryland 

Thomas Ralph McConnell Maryland 

Edward M. McHale Illinois 

William Paul McLaughlin Maryland 

Kenneth McIver McTEER....SoMt/i Carolina 

Glenn Stewart Messenger Virginia 

Victor Meh'ta Maryland 

Anne Creagmile Michael Maryland 

Vivian Bertha Michaud D. C. 

Anthony Allen Miller Mississippi 

Beverly June Miller Maryland 

David Arnold Miller Minnesota 

George Edwin Miller Florida 

Robert Donald Mitchell Ohio 

Donald Jay Morrison Ohio 

Jack Raymond Muhlenbeck Wisconsin 

Carlton Robert Muth, Jr Virginia 

Russell W. Myers, Sr Pennsylvania 

Takeshi Nagatoshi Hawaii 

Theodore Michael Nagy New Jersey 

Benjamin Lewis Narbuth Pennsylvania 

Rudolph Julius Nothdurft, Jr Maryland 

Hugh Good Nott Virginia 

James Thomas O'Brien Maryland 

Thomas William O'Connor Maryland 

Thomas Jennings O'Donnell, Jr. 


Thomas Joseph O'Donohue New York 

Richard Nicholas O'Hagan D. C. 

Herbert Olmo Florida 

WooDLEY James O'Shea Maryland 

Viola Maxwell Pagos D. C. 

Garnet Bruce Palmer Virginia 

Anthony Francis Palmieri Maryland 

Robert Allen Pemberton Indiana 

Tertia Penn New Jersey 

Willoughby Wright Penney... .iVew Jersey 

Edwin Prince Pentecost Missouri 

Frank Persons Virginia 

Robert William Peters Iowa 

Gene C. Pettit New Jersey 

Joyce Elaine Pollock California 

Kermit Rudolph Pope Virginia 

James Thomas Powell, Jr Maryland 

Melvin Merl Prichard Michigan 

Frank Jens Prosser Minnesota 

Manuel Arthur Protos Illinois 

David William Pugh New York 

Silas Wayne Purvis, Jr Virginia 

John T. Putnam Georgia 

Maurice La Vaughn Qualls Maryland 

Charles Henry Randolph New Jersey 

Joseph Francis Read Maryland 

Robert Alexander Reade Connecticut 

John William Reynolds New Jersey 

William Joseph RHODUNDA....Pcnj!sj/tean!o 

Eugene Henry Riesenberg Virginia 

James Frank Rigby Maryland 

Vincent Marc Roduit New York 

Richard John Roger Illinois 

Franklin Rose, Jr Virginia 

S. Joseph Rosenbaum Maryland 

Clifford DeWayne Russell Utah 

Vincent Paul Russo, Jr Maryland 

Robert Sanabria Maryland 

Francis Reo Sanborn Michigan 

John Anton Sanda Maryland 

Merrill R. Sanders Illinois 

Dieter Walter Satz Texas 

Samuel Saunders, Jr Virginia 

Edmond John Sawyer Massachusetts 

Edward Lee Saye, Jr Georgia 

Albert Vernon Schenfisch. .iVor(/i Dakota 

Richard Joseph Schrenker Maryland 

George McNemer ScHWARTZE..Rhode Island 

Ila Frances Search Washington 

Ernst S. Selig California 

Jane Ann Senter Maryland 

Robert L. Shahan California 

Edwin Francis Shippey, Jr Georgia 

Edward O. Shotwell Oklahoma 

Romanus Shukis New York 

John Joseph Sillers, Jr Florida 

Robert Alan Skipper Arizona 

Allen Lee Smith Missouri 

James Leon Smith Alabama 

Mary Emma Smrcina Maryland 

University of Maryland. 6 1 

John I. Snyder, III Maryland 

John Philip Snyder New Jersey 

Aaron Clyde Staats Texas 

Gertrude Margaret Stanford 

Rhode Island 

Roger James Sterr Wisconsin 

Elton Irvin Stilwell Michigan 

Kenneth Eugene Story Colorado 

Jack Lee Stuff Tennessee 

William Condon Svhi,i\A^... .Massachusetts 

Donald Harold Swellander Indiana 

Albert Tappa Virginia 

James Palmer Taylor, Jr California 

William Golden Thomas New York 

George J. Thorn California 

Nona Margaret Whittington Tindall 


Frank R. Traficante Texas 

Edward Patrick Travers Illinois 

Jay Gibson Tressler Nebraska 

Shirley Bennett Lowe Turner.. ..Morj/Zawd 

Hans Jack Armin Ullman New Jersey 

Virginia R. Vetter Maryland 

Robert Louis Vidrick Ohio 

Nancy Sue Newmen Waldman Missouri 

Kenneth Aldrich Walker 

New Hampshire 
William Joseph Walker Ohio 

Edward John Walsh Illinois 

Gary Francis Ware D. C. 

Don Emerson Wegley Virginia 

Charles Robert Welch New Mexico 

Catherine Anne Delbridge Wells 


Edward G. Wendorf Texas 

Barbara Anne Wheeler New Jersey 

Roy J. White Texas 

Dale Ervin Whitesitt Missouri 

Clifford Andrew Wiggers Illinois 

Charles Thomas Wilkinson Ohio 

Joseph Albert Wilkson Michigan 

Merl Ward Williams Illinois 

Robert Rayfield Williams Maryland 

Calvin Oscar Wilson Kansas 

Vernon Algernon Wilson D. C. 

Ronald Howard Wong Maryland 

Jesse LeRoy Woods, Jr Texas 

BiLLiE Jean Wren California 

William Howard Wright, Jr. 

North Carolina 

Robert Clayton Wysong Maryland 

Frank Rocco Yacone New Jersey 

Bernard Young Maryland 

Charles Frederick Younghans 


Nathan Nahu Zavala California 

James John Zidar Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Joseph Adams Indiana 

Joseph Thomas Adinaro New York 

Arthur Aguilar Virginia 

Daniel Anderson, Jr Virginia 

James Ellis Anderson Virginia 

William Gould Applegate Montana 

Joe Ellis Ashley South Carolina 

Joseph Eugene Badger Virginia 

John Leighton Barnes Indiana 

Thomas Anthony Barr North Carolina 

Edwin Jack Bates Virginia 

Raymond Armand Beaupre 

New Hampshire 

Douglas Lincoln Behenna California 

John Robert Belgard Louisiana 

Donald Allen Bell Michigan 

Robert Thomas Bell Massachtisetts 

Hugh Joseph Benn, Jr Massachusetts 

Dwight E. Bigelow, Jr Washington 

William Lindsay Black Maryland 

Harry Bertram Blacksten Ohio 

Harry Kirk Blake New Jersey 

Clifford Perry Blankbnship Virginia 

Jack Leroy Boling Texas 

Francis Walbridge Bonner Georgia 

Robert G. Booth Pennsylvania 

William E. Borneman Georgia 

Peter Joseph Boyle Virginia 

Thorburn Baker Broaddus Virginia 

Robert R. Brooks Maryland 

Russell Edward Brown Virginia 

Russell Kenneth Brown New York 

Walter Louis Buckley Oregon 

John Joseph Byrne New York 

Allie Willis Callan, Jr Arkansas 

Jonathan Donald Carney New Jersey 

George Lawrence Carpenter Maryland 

John W. Carpenter Texas 

Robert Frank Carrell Virginia 

62 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Donald Gerald Carroll Ohio 

Maurice Junis Castille Georgia 

Louis Caudell Virginia 

Edward Cavich Pennsylvania 

Francis Alexander Chance, 3n...Maryland 

John Rual Chandler Virginia 

Edgar Allan Chiat New York 

Raymond Norman Clark South Carolina 

Roy Clayton Clark, Jr Georgia 

Donald Colburn Cline Maryland 

James William Cobb Florida 

Robert Brandt Cook Pennsylvania 

Ralph Monroe Cooke Kentucky 

Roger Atkinson Corrington Texas 

Edward Joseph Costello Maryland 

Leo Francis Costello Texas 

Lawrence Martin Crane Michigan 

Donald Joseph Crowley Arizona 

Alfred Lawrence Cummings Florida 

Eldon Lavere Cummings Pennsylvania 

Kilmer Earl Daughton Maryland 

Norman T. David Alabama 

Sidney Davis Pennsylvania 

John Richard Delmore Virginia 

Wallace Carl Delp Maryland 

William Robert Dolan, Jr California 

Jerome Vincent Donovan New York 

Henry Clayton Douglas South Carolina 

Philip John Downes Massachusetts 

Brand Whitlock Drew Hawaii 

Andrew Scott Dudley Mississippi 

Richard John Duke Ohio 

Stephen Frank Durbin Pennsylvania 

Robert Burl Eddy Virginia 

Frank Joseph Egan California 

Rodney Charles Ellis Maine 

Samuel Wayne Ellis Virginia 

Frank William Estok Minnesota 

William Harrison Everett Washington 

Fisher Altis Fair Maryland 

Alexander Falzon New York 

Leo Junior Farmer Oklahoma 

Robert J. Faust Pennsylvania 

Alfred A. Ferris Virginia 

Harlan Wayne Foote California 

John Allen Frago California 

Eddie Noboru Pujimoto California 

Jack Carter Fuson Virginia 

John Austin Gahr Indiana 

Joseph Beale Gardner Arkansas 

Harry Lewis Gary Virginia 

Leslie Elwood Gaskins Ohio 

John Marshall Gaunt New Jersey 

Paul Henry Gleye Michigan 

Paul Godbey Virginia 

Pat E. Goforth Virginia 

Frederick Theodore Greene, Jr. 

Puerto Rico 

Myron LeRoy Greenquist Minnesota 

Robert Elmon Griffith Virginia 

Richard W. Groton New Hampshire 

Alfred Thomas Grubbs Virginia 

Theodore Guzik Pennsylvania 

Sidney Haken Virginia 

Reginald William Hall Florida 

Joseph Franklin Hansard, Jr. 


John Spottswood Harris Virginia 

George Richmond Hawley Connecticut 

Louis John Hazel Pennsylvania 

Paul B. Henley Virginia 

Louis Emery Herrick Oklahoma 

James Stanley Hildebrand. .ATortfe Carolina 

Walter Lister Himes, Jr D. C. 

Larry Joe Hobbs Georgia 

Gunnard Ernest Holt Minnesota 

Robert Max Hordan New York 

Joseph Shirkey Howard West Virginia 

Walter Russell Howley Maryland 

Edgar Jackson Huff Wyoming 

Joe B. Hughes Virginia 

Hester Maria Jackson D. C. 

Raymond Pedro Jacquez Maryland 

Curtis Adolph James, Jr Virginia 

Jacob Anthony Joppa, Jr Hlinois 

William Stephen Killo Pennsylvania 

Paul Simpson King Michigan 

Edward F. Kline California 

John Gerhart Kloke Oklahoma 

Alexander Stephen Koczak Maryland 

Theodore Korolchuk Hlinois 

Walter John Kwitkoski New Jersey 

Billy H. La Coss California 

Reed Joseph LaFerriere D. C. 

Gene LeRoy Lane California 

William Dixon Lee New Jersey 

Alphee Maurice Lemay New Hampshire 

IVEY J. Lewis Hlinois 

William Edward Lindeman Delaware 

George Bruce Lineker Pennsylvania 

Don Gordon Love Washington 

James O. Lykins D. C. 

Alan MacDonald Virginia 

John F. MacFarlane California 

Angus Boyd Mac Lean Maryland 

Cornelius Manthe Virginia 

University of Maryland. 63 

George Michael Marshalek, Jr. 


Joseph Anthony Martini Illinois 

Owen Lilburn Maupin Virginia 

Donald Thomas McDonald Maryland 

Charles James McDonough D. C. 

Walter Daniel McGee, Jr Texas 

John Vester McLain Virginia 

Henry Cyral McLendon Virginia 

James Francis McNulty Virginia 

Joseph Marshall McPhie D. C. 

Eugene Laurence Meade California 

Blaine Berlin Menth Virginia 

Herman Joseph Meyen Texas 

Harry Ffedrick Middleton Louisiana 

Frederick William Mittelstadt, Jr. 


Milton Bryan Moore California 

Clinton R. Moorman Ohio 

Robert Leo Moraski South Carolina 

Richard Bucks Mosser Pennsylvania 

Ray Jerome Muirhead Texas 

Philip Henry Myers Virginia 

WiNFRED Clayton Naselroad Virginia 

Egbert Henry Nelson Florida 

Bob Truett Nobles Maryland 

Herbert Wayne Norton Alabama 

Lawrence Brailsford Owens, Jr. 

South Carolina 

Raomon Padilla Pennsylvania 

Donald James Pagel Texas 

Kenneth Gail Paris Virginia 

Warren Leboy Parker, Jr Pennsylvania 

Clinton Addison Parrish, Jr Illinois 

John T. Pascoe North Carolina 

Jerry Kenneth Payne Massachusetts 

William Robert Perry Alabama 

Jack Gordon Persall Georgia 

Chester Aubrey Personette Maryland 

Rudolph Roland Picarelli... .Pennsylvania 

Lloyd George Porkert Michigan 

William Roy Prescott Georgia 

James Carlton Queen D. C. 

Jack Warren Radcliffe Kansas 

David E. Raley Kentucky 

Kenneth Ramey Virginia 

Chester Alexander Reynolds Virginia 

Lemuel Joseph Richards New York 

Richard Greene Risley Virginia 

WiNTHROP Hurlbut Robbins D. C. 

Stanley E. Rodby Florida 

JOSEPH RoEMMER, Jr Maryland 

Robert Rohrmoser Wisconsin 

Donald Raymond Root Nevada 

Robert Warren Root Maryland 

David Wilson Rudolph California 

Garrett Stanley Runey Wisconsin 

Floyd Lawrence Runyon Indiana 

Robert Aloysius Rynn Rhode Island 

Donald Cary Schaffer Maryland 

Thomas A. Schintz D. C. 

Henry William Schober Kentucky 

James Melchior Schroeder Texas 

Kenneth Jordan Scott, Jr Georgia 

Russell Zuber Seidel Maryland 

John R. Shealy Mississippi 

Edward Lynn Shirley Maryland 

George D. Sibthorp Virginia 

Robert Roy Sine Pennsylvania 

Ernest William Smith D. C. 

QuiNN Gray Smith Maryland 

Charles Wellington Snoad Maryland 

Leslie William Sokay New York 

Donald Curry Stanley Oregon 

Edward Thomas Stanley New Jersey 

Eugene Calvin Stapleton Pennsylvania 

Sylvester Philip Steffes Wisconsin 

Edward Oliver Stillie D. C. 

Frank Guy Stilo New Jersey 

Donald Ray Stiver Virginia 

Lloyd Favor Taylor J'lorida 

Robert Tecco Ohio 

John Wade Therrell Alabama 

Willlam Thomas, Jr D. C. 

Jack Howard Thompson Virginia 

Robert Warren Thompson Florida 

George Dewey Thurman Illinois 

John Edward Todd Virginia 

Ernest Earl Triplett Maryland 

Edward Truncellito New Jersey 

Charles M. Tyson Texas 

Valentine Mamanta Untalan, Sr. 


Francis J. Vassett Virginia 

Eric Henry Vieler New York 

Nathan Lamont Walker California 

James K. Ward Pennsylvania 

Harold Charles Weber, Jr California 

Charles William Welch West Virginia 

John Lawson Whitlock Florida 

Charles Allen Wickers Maryland 

Roy Lee Wilson Georgia 

Thomas John Wilson Netv Jersey 

William Wilson Winters Maryland 

Richard Delmont Wolf, Jr Indiana 

Robert Eden Wolfe Maryland 

James Aloysius Wood Ohio 

64 ^555 Commencement Exercises. 

Harold Bowden Woods New Hampshire 

Richard Ray Wright Texas 

RoBEUiT William Wright Washington 

Kenneth Wu Burma 

Michael Paul Yopchick Marylana 

Robert Frank Young Mississippi 

William Henry Young New York 

Nicholas Richard Zubon Virginia 



Robert Donald McKinney Allen 

Alfred Francis Arnold 

Alan Gary Batten 

Lawrence Raymond Beebe 

Theodore Richard Bongartz 

George Bernard Boniface, Jr. 
*Paul Harvey Bragaw 

Robert G. H. Carroll, III 

Maurice Joseph Cecchini 

John Bernard Comeau 

Fred Gibson Craven 

Ralph Edward Dinkle 

Robert Harry Emerson 

John Dennis Evans 

Andrew Davis Faith 

Ferris Orestes Garrett, Jr. 

James Paul Graef, Jr. 
♦Stephen Edgar Harrison 

Philip Allan Hickok, Jr. 

James William Hutchison 

Ralph Milton Lange 

*JoHN Albert Lerda 
*James Francis LoJacono 
Charles King Markline 
Charles Walter Marriott 
Stephen Howard Miller 
*Harold Winford Mills, Jr. 
James Edward Murphy 
Volker Gunther Oakey 
William Francis O'Connor 
Charles Edmund Quarles, Jr. 
Melvin Dennis Schneider 
Rogers Craig Stevens, Jr. 
Thomas Edmund Symonds 
Upton Haskin Thomas, Jr. 
Robert Clinton Trakas, Jr. 
Ronald William Turner 
Charles M. Upham, III 
Michael Craig Wilder 
Laurence John Zimmerman, Jr. 

Peter G. Bouker Gary A. Fry 

Marie L. Outlaw 

* Distinguished Air Force R.O.T.C. Graduate 

University of Maryland. 65 

— !l ^ 


Academic Honors 



University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Thomas Lewis Klechak 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Citm Laude 
Awarded to 

Martin Leo Chaput 

Lamon Arlie Stewart, Jr. 

John Joseph Golski 

Charles Albert Gagne 


Graduated With Honor 

Sheldon H. Altwarg Stanley G. Mazaropf 

Paul D. Belman Lee M. Miller 

Howard L. Cardin James P. Salmon 

Peter C. Cobb Michael S. Simon 

Louis F. Friedman Mary McB. Walker 

Gerhard H. Fuchs Howard E. Wallin 

Thomas C. Hayden Cypert O. Whitfill 
William H. Holden, Jr. 


Faculty Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Timothy Kenney Gray 

Certificate of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Zalman Stephen Agus 

Certificates of Honor, Cum Laude 

Henry Allan Saiontz 

William Edson Signor 

Richard William Virgilio 

University of Maryland. 69 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 
Awarded to 

Gerald Marvin Rachanow 

Certificates of Honor 

Richard Louis Cysyk Michael Joseph Walsh 

Charles John Schutz 


Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident vi^ork with a scholastic average of B or higher. The 
candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respec- 
tive colleges. "With high honors" are awarded to the upper tenth of those in each col- 
lege if they qualify, and "with honors" are awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank by 


With High Honors 

Hubert Travis McPherson 
William Frederick Brighoff, Jr. 
Stephen S. Snider 
William Francis Walker 
Walter Page Mays, Jr. 
William Robert Shortall 


With High Honors 

JEiAN Violet Morlock 
Sally Lister Parker 
Jerilynn Jessel Jacobson 
Martha Lee Walker 
Margot K. Frank 
Patricia Anne Smith 
Anne Mary Lawson 
Sanders H. Berk 
Donald Willis Keyser 
William Clifford Barbee, Jr. 
Laurence John Zimmerman, Jr. 
Mary Gordon Zanoff 
Eugene Barry Leiderman 
Arlene Roemer 
Robert Paul Walker 

With Honors 

Stanley Joseph Neuhausek 
Norman Perry Lbtventhal 
Franklyn Kimmel Pbochaska 
Eva S. Debita 
Bruce Allen Winter 
Neil Laurence Colbert 
Daniel Jefferson Freedenburg, Jr. 
Joseph Stanley McCully 
Stephanie Schaub 
Herman Frederick Haggerty 
Marre Wilson Folcher 
Stephen Paul Shafritz 
Christina Snowden Day 
Richard Charles Childers 
Stephen Watson VanScoyoc 

70 1 965 Commencement Exercises. 

With High Honors 

William Gordon Isaac 
James Russell Myers 
Carla Watson Bouker 
Barry Victor Bye 
George Holzshu Roeder, Jr. 
Mary Dorothy Neary 
Michael Francis Mewshaw 
Richard Lynch Counts, III 
Roberta Diane Papperman 
James Milling Barber 
Arthur W. R. Shettle 
Peter Allen Schulkin 
Jayne Elizabeth Knapp 
Nancy Elizabeth Rains 
Alan Barry Snyder 
Lawrence Allen Dorsey, Jr. 
Lesley Susanne Barron 
Sandra Ann Zimmerman 
Joan Kathryn Hokemeyer 
William Dow Trotter 
Leslie A. Parr 
Barbara Jane Brooks 
Michael Barry Rosenzweig 
Barbara Louise Atherton 
Mercedes I. Ruiz 
Susan Weeks Stefanowicz 
Andrew Martin Doyle 
James Ray Eyler 
Jeanne Elizabeth Buckingham 
Donald Edward Dunphy 
Carl Warren Greifzu 
Linda Terry Gordon 
Steven Robert Tulkin 
Linda Anne Hobbs 
Gene Philip Daumit 
Susan Linda Glass 
John Burgess Walsh, Jr. 
Theodore Bernard Cornblatt 
Raphael Semmes, III 
William Peter Mesbroll 
Lorraine Fowler Kenyon 
Claudia Freda Matthews 
Megan Myers Kraft 
Ellen Louise Graham 
Arlene Sandra Littman 
Thomas Patrick Hoey 
Susan Ann Bautro 
Anne Gushing Magner 
Kenneth Barry Folstein 
Bonita Kaye Snyder 
Judith Ann Eggleston 

With Honors 

Juliana Irene Buonagurio 
Rala Mandelson 
Jane Ann Draper 
Susanne Marguerite Kriss 
Gloria Lynne Miliman 
James Edward Murphy 
Donald Michael Harris 
George Edwin Bigelow 
Albert Cannon Baker, Jr. 
Joan Rebecca Temchin 
Karen Dorn 
Ruth Emily Phillips 
Paul Harvey Bragaw 
LiLA Golda Orleans 
John Andrews Vernon 
Leonard Dean Cutler 
Rita Susan Goldstein 
Pamela Olivia Rodricks 
Linda Ruth Feldman 
Aaron Levine 
Elizabeth Jean Bradfield 
John Arthur Cooper 
Melanie Blackiston Ayres 
Carol Elaine Williamson 
Jay Martin Barrash 
Irene C. Costello 
Sheldon Earle Newhouse 
Linda Gail Jenkins 
Kaye Rasmessen 
James Elwood Knox 
Mary Jo Ann Kerr 
Carole Ina Klugerman 
Christine May Nimmo 
Susan R. Fisher 
Neil Alan Weber 
Susan Ruth Gebel 
Carol Elaine Leutner 
Ronald Eugene Lauchner 
Gerry Lynn Fairbrother 
Ellen Marsha Sirkis 
Barry Bernard Bercu 
Paul Levin 

Arnold Andersen Heggestad 
Marvin Allen Gardner, Jr. 
John Thomas Berbrich 
Victor T. Rykken, Jr. 
Arthur Howard Trush 
Judith Marilyn Black 
Robert Coombs Detwiler 
Anthony John Early 
Maimie Yu-Yen Chung 

University of Maryland. 7 1 

With High Honors 

Morgan Morgan 
Marsha Dianne Jenkins 
Marsha Jo-Anne Masucci 
Robert George White 
William Redin Bowie, Jr. 
John Anton Fohrell 
Edna Tova Agus 
Janet Helene Bode 
Kenneth E. Camell 
Sandra Lee Zucker 
RiHO Terras 

Ramsay Berry Thomas, Jr. 
Richard Leo Jachowski 
Howard Syd Faden 
Michael Daniel Kadlecik, Jr. 
William Eric Sohr 
Jacqueline Ripps Barsallo 
Bruce Lee Nicholson 
Ragnhild MaryAnn Wikander 
Connie Gay Sandberg 
Diane Faye Kravetz 
William Ronald Collier 
Sandra Rae Gershowitz 
Elaine Lisa Foster 
Leah R. Bendavid 

With Honors 

Thomas Joseph Langan 
Elizabeth Ann Wire 
Douglas Strathern Pelletier 
Donna Jane Skoglund 
Jane Elizabeth Edwards 
Marsha Ann Sandler 
James Roger O'Connell 
James Bennett Mathes 
Suemarie Spence Kassler 
Beverly Ann Bierer 
Rawle Bisland Meyer 
Patricia Frances Spradlin 
Mitchell Jay Bukzin 
Harry Ray Kessler 
Detlef Horst Gerlach 
Deena Marsha Chesler 
Wayne Howard Parris 

With High Honors in Botany Elaine Foster and Stephen VanScoyoc 

With High Honors in Chemistry Gene Daumit 

With High Honors in Economics Marsha J. Masucci and Peter A. Schulkin 

With High Honors in English James R. Myers and George Roeder 

With High Honors in German Margot Frank and Patricia A. Roswell 

With High Honors in Philosophy William Isaac 

With Honors in Botany Arlene Littman 

With Honors in Chemistry Gerry L. Fairbrother and Detlef Gerlach 

With Honors in Economics Carl W. Greifzu, Arnold A. Heggestad and 

Norman P. Leventhal 

With Honors in English Robert G. White 

With Honors in French Mercedes Ruiz 

With Honors in German James Hutchinson 

With Honors in History Lesley Barron, Karen Dorn, and Pamela O. Rodericks 

With Honors in Mathematics Barry V. Bye, Robert P. Walker, and Riho Terras 

With Honors in Physics James M. Barber, Herman F. Haggerty, and Lutz Kurzweg 

With Honors in Psychology Steven Tulkin 

With Honors in Spanish Alessia Passalacqua 

With Honors in Speech Leslie A. Parr 

With Honors in Zoology Barry B. Bercu, Andrew M. Doyle, and Judith Eggleston 

72 1965 Commencement Exercises. 


With High Honors 

Howard Mark Smolkin 

Fulton Parker Jeffers 

Albert Allen Smith 

Natalie Ann Catherine Yopconka 

AVROM Bendavid 

Woodward Clark Prichard 

Andrew Davis Faith 

Jan Piotr Muczyk 

Donald Milton Lathrom, Jr. 

Lawrence Raymond Beebe 

James Ivan Humphrey, Jr. 

Jane Lee Keidel 

Reynerio Antonio Muradaz 

Gloria Jean Sharp 

Robert Webster Pierce 

Elizabeth Marian Williams 

Edward George George 

Philip Norman Antokol 

Andrew Dyle Wallace 

Melvin Joseph Maas, Jr. 

Howard Michael Blum 

George Michael Uber 

Daniel Franklin Owens 

Joseph Peter Anthony, Jr. 

Donald Carver Holmes, Jr. 

Eugene Alan Fisher 

Charles H. Morley 

With Honors in Economics Paul A. Joray and Woodward C. Pkkh aud 


With High Honors 

Sandra Horowitz 
Barbara Anne Bralove 
Linda Ann Pollack 
Sharon Lois Goldstein 
Karen J. McManemin 
Charles W. Craft 
Suzanne Proudman Cowles 
Raymond Victor McCluskey 
Marjorie Wendy Gold 
Suzanne E. Snyder 

With Honors 

Marilyn Rita Chotiner 
Helene W. Coakley 
William Parker Baxter, Jr. 
Marilyn Schoenfeld 
Rheda Luntz 
Nancy Patricia Bowen 
Joan Smith Judd 
Sandra L. Settle 
John Carroll Rehmert 
Carolyn Marcella Shaffer 
Adrienne Goldstein Fisher 

University of Maryland. ~] 3 

With High Honors 

Harry Nicandros Maragides 
Suzanne Harman Hardy 
Lillian K. Prager 
Orrin Renfrew Dillabough 
Judith Roland Beegle 
Ella Mae Phelps 
Marcia Diane Trattler 
Patricia Ellen Myers 
Martha Henderson Owen 
Nancy Pensak 
Elaine E. Hollidayoke 
Fay Letcher Evans 
Patsy Moul Bortner 
Carolyn Hendrix Dilks 
Mary Golda Barron 
Sally Kay Einhorn 
Ada Lee Headridge 
June M. Long 
Evelyn Sorel Hall 
Mary Anne Multer 
Barbara Lou Cohen 
Patricia A. Root 
Leslie Call Greene 
Barbara F. Rosen Teitel 
Sandra Gail Wolin 
Beverly Jean Stewart 
Florence Mary Gauvreau 
Judith Elizabeth Woods 
Dorothy Carolyn Mueller 
Patricia Ann Hardy 
Linda Jean Sacks 
Diane Stephanie Marks 
Barbara Naidine McAndrews 
Lawrence Robert Benson 
Charles David Ross 
Glendine Fulton Russell 
Myra Elaine Levin 
Melita Zahnke Meyer 

With Honors 

Gail Sandra Cohan 
Catherine Carr Beitler 
Clifton Elwood Seaman 
James Lester Brubaker 
Joan Linda Clarke 
Katherine Wheeler Becker 
John Charles Lang 
Diane June Baxter 
Sandra Lee Juliano 
Gloria Helen Sari 
Maxine Ellet Richardson 
Barbara Joan Hobart 
Arlene Surdin 
Bette Sandra Kneeland 
Rose Marie Becker 
Ruth Ann Patrick 
Diane Ellen Friedman 
Della Silverman Whittaker 
Charles Thomas Stevens 
JoAnne Elizabeth Coady 
Diane Judith Aronson 
Deborah Beth Rich man 
Florence DeWitt Howard 
Carolyn Grace Gordon 
Rodney Edgar Gates 
Barbara Lee Etelson 
Susan Penny Bennett 
Carol Ann Witt 
Curtis C. Combs 
John Albert Lerda 
Claudia Louise Chapman 
Thomas Brace Haughey 
Florence Russell Simonds 
Joan E. Raster 
Kelly Meta Griffin 
Helen Rosalie Klein 
Jerome L Bershtein 
Carol Sue Marvel 
Nina Lou Calloway 
Sarah Lindsay Reed 
Marilyn Betsy Rosenthal 
Bonnie Lee Walker 
Betsie Ruth Johnson 
Jean Louise King 
Lois Hillman Hahn 
Carl Conaway Swanson 

With Honors in Spanish Literature Sandra G. Wolin 

74 1965 Commencement Exercises. 


With High Honors 

Dennis C. Drehmel 
Nicholas Cianos 
James Robert Snyder 
William Paul Proffitt 
Richard William Radlinski 
James E. Bunch 
Ronald Jeffery Gordon 
Julian Kent Haspert 
Richard Henderson Stebbins 
Daniel Louis Thomas 
Carl Edward Lenhoff 
Mario Averardo Antonetti 
Paul Lawson LeRoy 
William Ralph Sangrey 
Harold Milton Brierley 
Weldon Hawkins Clark, Jk. 
Allan Eliash Pertman 
Charles Crawford Carey, Jr. 
Kenneth Wayne Reisenweber 
Alan Lloyd Newman 
Eberhard Klein 
William Monroe Hinckley 
Joseph Michael Hanyok 
Walter Ferdinand Straub 
Ralph Edward Dinkle 
Raymond Stanley Widmayer 
Robert Everett Thurber 
Barbara Spencer Tyler 

With Honors 

Daniel Walter Buckner 
John Henry Peake 
Daniel K. Denenberg 
George Emerson Westwick 
Robert Francis Canova 
Ronald Wilson Brower 
Thomas Lamson Harman 
Ronald M. Heck 
Robert Harold Rosen 
Alan Irving Gomberg 


With High Honors 

Arlene Sue Rosenberg 
JiroiTH Elaine Lindsay 
Grace L. Kendall 
Anne Moore Maio 
Colleen Zindorf Pierre 
Nancy Lee Luchini 
Beverly Dianne Hicks 

University of Maryland. 7 5 


With High Honors 

Claudia May Smith 
Mary Petry Blunt 
Patricia Ann Sheyka 
Elizabeth Katherine Kilgus 
Joan Ann Reider 
ToDETTE Andrea LaPrairie 
Dolores Lorraine Defelice 
Beverly Jane Knipple 
Mary Joan Holthaus 
Janice Ireland Vathayanon 

With Honors 

Judith Marie Fromm 
Marlene Frances Sossen 
Gwendolyn Marie Myers 
Marlene Florence Hockenberry 
Mary Eleanor Noone 
DiANNE Matheny 
Constance Hooper Staley 
Edith Rita Davis 
Mary Rose Deffner 
Sylvia Ann Kamenetz 


With High Honors 

Gerald Marvin Rachanow 
Richard Louis Cysyk 

With Honors 

Michael Joseph Walsh 
Charles John Schutz 
Ralph Morton Sollod 


With High Honors 

Marcie-Lynn Sidney Farris 
Edward Trousdale Jaques 
Cheryl Lynne Steiner 


With High Honors 

Victor Eli Delnore 
Vernon Algernon Wilson 
Reed Joseph LaFerriere 
Harry Noble Fields 
Maurice Junis Castille 
Shirley Ann Bauer 
Robert Sanabria 
Ralph Patrick Austin 

With Honors 

Takeshi Nagatoshi 
Robert Glade Foster, Jr. 
Charles Henry Randolph 
Donald Bridges 
James William Kenney 
Jack Leroy Boling 
John Marshall Gaunt 
Richard Oliver Burton 

76 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

With High Honors 

David E. Raley 
Anthony Francis Palmier: 
Roy Joseph Connor 
Donald Allen Bell 
Leslie Elwood Gaskins 
Luis William Bowman 
Egbert Henry Nelson 
Benjamin Lewis Narbuth 
Donald Jay Morrison 
William Seaborn Jones 
Charles M. Tyson 
Robert William Peters 
Ila Frances Search 
Alice Agnes Long 
Blaine Berun Menth 
Charles Robert Welch 
Bob Truett Nobles 
Vivian Marie Lubenow 


Robert Alan Skipper 
Lloyd Earl Johnson 
Leo Vincent Barglowski 
Kenneth Max Harwood 

With Honors in French Alain Bertaux 

With Honors 

Francis Anthony Braccio 
Arthur Belefant 
Edward Stanley Bohnhoff 
Charles L. Gaty 
James Aloysius Wood 
Billie Jean Wren 
Roy Clayton Clark, Jr. 
Edward Lynn Shirley 
Leslie William Sokay 
HoTENEL James Huff 
Eric Henry Vieler 
Nathan Lamont Walker 
Louis Caudell 
Theodore Louis Cogut 
William Paul McLaughlin 
Thomas Joseph O'Donohue 
Ellen Mullikin Dudley 
Joe B. Hughes 


Alpha Lambda Delta 
(Women's Freshman Honor Society) 

Elizabeth Appel 
Barbara L. Atherton 
Susan A. Bautro 
Janet H. Bode 
Joan L. Clarke 
Barbara L. Cohen 
Karen Dorn 
Marcie-Lynn Farris 
Judith H. Goldberg 
Sharon Goldstein 
Joan Hokemeyer 
Dorothy Johnson 
Jayne Knapp 


Roberta G. Krupen 
Judith Lindsay 
Linda Pollack 
Arlene A. Rosenberg 
Patricia Sheyka 
Claudia Smith 
Susan Weeks Stefanowicz 
Adrienne Kreller Sussman 
Marcia Cohen Trattler 
Martha Walker 
Natalie Yopconka 

Barbara L. Atherton 
Janet Bode 
Deena M. Chesler 
Gail A. Clark 

(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Karen Dorn 
Jane E. Edwards 
Judy E. Favier 
Bridget A. Forshew 

University of Maryland. 77 

Judith H. Goldberg 
Dorothy Marie Howell 
Dorothy L. Johnson 
Marvene R. McClung 
Linda A. Pollack 

Patricia Missel Rever 
Susan Weeks Stefanowicz 
Inga Taylor 
Maria Valencia 

Mortar Board 

( The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Janet Helene Bode 

Jeanne Elizabeth Buckingham 

Karen Dorn 

Patricia Ellen Myers 

Leslie A. Parr 

Linda Ann Pollack 

Jane Elizabeth Schaap 
Gloria Jean Sharp 
Donna Jane Skoglund 
Martha Lee Walker 
Susan Muriel Weeks 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Nelson Aurand 
Alan Batten 
Paul H. Bragaw 
Neil Brayton 
Hal Brierley 
Herbert A. Child 
F. Stoner Clark 
Marshall Daubermann 
Lawrence Dorsey, Jr. 
Frank Downey 
Dennis Drehmel 
Steve Dubnofp 
Donald Dunphy 
John Evans 
J. Charles Ford 
Timothy Geiger 
Michael George 

Robert Gibson 
Samuel Griffith 
Kent Haspert 
Roger Kaplan 
Eberhard Klein 
Nicholas J. Kovalakides 
Michael Mendelson 
Ray Miles 
Max Perry 
William Proffitt 
Donald W. Robertson 
Richard H. Robinson 
Hugh Roddin 
Walter Samora 
Jim Snyder 
Robert Walker 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Abdulhose N. Adham 
William B. Agins 
John Birmingham 
Stewart Block 
Jeffrey C. Blum 
Barry J. Brownstein 
Charles G. Bryce 
Gary R. Catzva 

(Men's Freshman Honor Fraternity) 

Michael J. Caughlin 
Warren W. Chamberlain 
John R. Daugherty 
Dennis P. Dean 
Dorian A. DeMaio 
James M. Dewey 
James 0. Duke 
Robert L. Epstein 

78 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Stephen D. Etter 
Jared I. Fine 
Darryl J. Garfinkel 
Jacobo R. Gavilan 
John M. Geary 
Howard J. Gersch 
Stephen B. Grossman 
William E. Hackett 
Rodney A. Harrill 
John C. Harris 
Jerry Herbst 
William F. Hermach 
Robert E. Jarboe 
Gary W. Kanegis 
Ronnie L. Kinsley 
Sylvester J. Kline 
Robert E. Koehler 
Joseph P. Lawrence 
Robert E. Lentz 
James M. Martinson 
Charles S. Mezger 
James E. Moore 
Larry E. Morris 
Joseph V. Moskaitis 

Alan M. Nathan 
Rolf G. Neumann 
George I. Nzewi 
Maynard E. Palmer 
Bruce W. Parkinson 
George H. Parks 
Gary W. Pfeufer 
Robert H. Plank 
Robert F. Radlinski 
James F. Ripken 
Kenneth L. Robertson 
John S. Sadowski 
Philip J. Schroeder 
Eric Schwartz 
Hassan A. Seirafi 
Michael L. Shanks 
Maury M. Silverman 
Michael J. Sindler 
Alwin E. Wagener 
David C. Wallace 
John R. Warfield 
Evan S. Winston 
Joseph R. Wise 
Don P. Yelton 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men 
and women, in all branches of learning) 

Edna T. Agus 

Mario Averardo Antonetti 
Barbara Louise Atherton 
Jay Arnold 
Helen L. Aubel 
Garry McDonald Baldwin 
James Milling Barber 
Leo V. Barglowski 
Lesly Susanne Barron 
Mary Golda Barron 
Jacqueline Ripps Barsallo 
Susan Ann Bautro 
William P. Baxter, Jr. 
Lawrence Raymond Beebe 
Judith Roland Beegle 
AVROM Bendavid 
Frederick S. Billig 
Mary P. Blunt 
Janet Bode 
Mary L. Bogard 
Susan Caroline Bohne 
Edward Stanley Bohnhofp 
William Redin Bowie, Jr. 
Luis William Bowman 

Paul Harvey Bragaw 

William Frederick Brighoff, Jr. 

Jeanne Elizabeth Buckingham 

Louis Caudill 

Marilyn Rita Chotiner 

Nicholas Cianos 

Waymon D. Clark 

Theodore Cogut 

Tamara Cole 

Gene Philip Daumit 

Christina Snowden Day 

Dolores L. Defelice 

Victor E. Delnore 

Ann Demaitre 

Lawrence Allen Dorsey, Jr. 

Andrew M. Doyle 

Donald Edward Dunphy 

Judith Ann Eggelston 

Sally Kay Einhorn 

Howard Charles Ellis 

Howard Faden 

Kathleen R. Fahres 

Andrew Faith 

Marcie Lynn S. Farris 

University of Maryland. 7 9 

Kenneth Barry Folstein 
Elaine Lisa Foster 
Robert G. Foster, Jr. 
Margot Frank 
Gerald Frick 
John M. Gaunt 
Florence Mary Gauvreau 
Susan Linda Glass 
Lawrence Arthur Glick 
John F. Goertner 
Marjorie Wendy Gold 
Sharon Lois Goldstein 
Linda Terry Gordon 
Ronald Jeffery Gordon 
Kinsey B. Green 
Leslie C. Greene 
Carl Warren Greifzu, Jr. 
Evelyn Sorel Hall 
Patricia Ann Hardy 
Suzanne Harman Hardy 
Kenneth M. Harwood 
Ada L. Headridge 
Linda Anne Hobbs 
Thomas Patrick Hoey 
Joan Kathryn Hokemeyer 
J. Kent Haspert 
Donald C. Holmes, Jr. 
Mary Jane Holthaus 
Maximilian Imhoff 
Edward T. Jaques 

Marsha Dianne Jenkins 
James Duncan Johnson, Jr. 

Paul Albert Joray 

Charlene K. Joyce 

Sandra L. Juliano 

Michael Daniel Kadlecik, Jr. 

Jane L. Keidel 

Grace Lucille Kendall 

Lorraine F. Kenyon 

Jane Elizabeth Knapp 

Beverly Jane Knipple 

Diane Faye Kravetz 

SusANNE Kriss 

Mary E. Lacy 

Carl E. Lenhoff 

Paul Lawson LeRoy 

Myra E. Levin 

Michael H. Levinson 

John G. Lieb 

Judith Elaine Lindsay 

Arlene Sandra Littman 

June Marilyn Long 

Anne Gushing Magner 

Lester Perry Mann, Jr. 

Diane S. Marks 

Lawrence L. Martin, Jr. 
Marsha Jo-Anne Masucci 
Claudia Freda Matthews 
Karen Jeisi McManemin 
Blaine B. Menth 
William Peter Mesekoll 
Michael Francis Mewshaw 
Edward Matthias Meyers 
Ray Andrew Miles 
Barbara Sue Miller 
James D. Moberly, Jr. 
Harry Victor Montague, Jr. 
Morgan Morgan 
Dorothy Carolyn Mueller 
James Russell Myers 
Mary Dorothy Neary 
Egbert Henry Nelson 
Bruce L. Nicholson 
Bob Truett Nobles 
Thomas J. O'Donohue 
DanielJ. O'Neal, III 
Martha Henderson Owen 
Anthony Francis Palmieri 

Roberta Diane Papperman 

Henry Lawrence Paquette 

Leslie A. Parr 

Ruth A. Patrick 

Alan Irvin Penn 

Nancy Pensak 

Allan Eliash Pertman 

Robert Webster Pierce 

Linda Ann Pollack 

Lillian Kathryn Prager 

W. Clark Prichard 

Zaiga G. Priede 

William Paul Proffitt 

Richard William Radlinski 

Martin B. Reilly 

Robert D. Reinsel 

David B. Richmond 

George Holzshu Roeder, Jr. 

Maxine Roge 

Michael Barry Rosenzweig 

Robert Sanabria 

Marcis Saunders 

Gilbert Schiffman 

Stephen P. Shafritz 

Peter Allen Schulkin 

Serge M. Shewchuk 

Patricia Ann Sheyka 

Ellen Carol Siegman 

Thomas E. Silliman 

Albert Allen Smith 

Claudia May Smith 

Patricia Anne Smith 

80 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

BoNiTA Kaye Snyder 
James Robert Snyder 
Maklene F. Sossen 
Jean E. Spencer 
M. Eugene Spurrier 
Richard Henderson Stebbins 
Susan Weeks Stefanowicz 
Beverly Jean Stewart 
Janet M. Stoner 
Sidney M. Sussan 
RiHO Terras 
Daniel Louis Thomas 
John Victor Thompson 
Leone P. Thompson 
M. Carolyn Tobey 
Marcia Anne Trattler 
William Dow Trotter 
Steven Robert Tulkin 
Charles M. Tyson 
Stephen Watson Van Scoyoc 

Janice I. Vathayanon 
Martha Lee Walker 
Robert Paul Walker 
William Francis Walker 
John Burgess Walsh, Jr. 
Ethel Weichbrod 
RiCKi Diane Weinberger 
Robert George White 
Thomas L. Whitaker 
Joseph B. Williams 
James Aloysius Wood 
Sandra G. Wolin 
Robert W. Wright 
Natalie Anne C. Yopconka 
George L. Yungmann 
Mary Gordon Zanhoff 
Lawrence J. Zimmerman, Jr. 
Sandra Ann Zimmerman 
Israel S. Ziony 


Alpha Omega Alpha 

(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Jeffrey Aaronson 
Zalman Agus 
Stanley Goldsmith 
Timothy Gray 
Robert Handwerger 
Janne Olson 
Henry Saiontz 
Earl Shope 

William Signor 
George Sjolund 
Fred Sugar 
Harry Tabor 
Richard Virgilio 
Daniel White 
Victoria Whitelock 
William Wimmer 

Alpha Zeta 
{Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

KiRBY J. Barger 
David M. Bogash 
Max F. Bowser 
William A. A. Boyd 
William F. Brighoff 
Thomas L. Browning 
Richard E. Card 
Ronald J. Cominsky 
Robert S. DeLauder, Jr. 
Paul E. Engel 
Robert J. Felsman 
Robert M. Goldman 
Gary S. Gross 
Thomas J. MacCubbin 

Edwin G. MacEwen 
James W. Mackley 
William C. Malkus 
Walter P. Mays 
Edward L. Noble 
Charles A. Pearl 
W. Brinton Sagle 
Melvin G. Schnappinger, Jr. 
Bernard A. Schneider 
Kenneth Y. Stiles 
Richard P. Streett 
Michael Tapper 
Joseph W. Trumbauer 
Earl G. Whitson, Jr. 

University of Maryland. 8 1 

Beta Gamma Sigma 
(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

John M. Ivancevich 
William G. Mister 

Gerry M. Baldwin 
James P. Bedingfield 
Lawrence R. Beebe 
AVROM Bendavid 
Gary F. Bulmash 
Eugene A. Fisher 
Edward G. George 
Fulton P. Jeffers 
Paul A. J or ay 
Edward M. Meyers 


Jan p. Muczyk 
Louis I. Rosen 


James D. Moberly, Jr. 
Reynerio a. Muradaz 
Robert W. Pierce 
Gloria J. Sharp 
Albert A. Smith 
Howard M. Smolkin 
Sidney M. Sussan 
Natalie A. Yopconka 
George L. Yungmann 

Phyllis Kaminetzky 
Alyce Lokos 

Eta Beta Rho 

{Honor Society of Hebrew Language and Culture) 
Stanley Steinberg 

Kappa Delta Pi 
(National Honor Society in Education) 

Rose Marie Becker 
Judith Roland Beegle 
Marilyn Rita Chotiner 
Marcia Cohen 
Suzanne P. Cowles 
Charles W. Craft 
Florence Mary Gauvreau 
Marjorie Wendy Gold 
Sharon Lois Goldstein 
Linda Lou Gregory 
Patricia Ann Hardy 
Suzanne H. Hardy 
June Marilyn Long 

Rheda Luntz 
Mary Esther McCloy 
Patricia Myers 
Sandra L. Myers 
Linda Pollack 
Lillian K. Prager 
Barbara Rosen 
Linda J. Sacks 
Gloria Helen Sari 
Sandra Lee Settle 
Suzanne E. Snyder 
Beverly Jean Stewart 
Judith E. \/oods 

Gail A. Clark 
Judith M. Fiterman 
Ray F. Lepore 
Mbklee Levin 

National Collegiate Players 

{National Honorary Dramatics Society) 

Judy N. Margolis 
Elliott S. Tucker 
David N. Ulrich 
Judith D. Willner 

82 1^965 Commencement Exercises. 

Martin Leo Chaput 
George Eugene Dent, Jr. 
Charles Albert Gagne 
John Russell Earnhart 
John Joseph Golski 
John Wallace Hathaway 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 
(Honorary Dental Society) 

William Howard Helfert 
John Michael Iacono 
Thomas Lewis Klechak 
Lamon Arlie Stewart, Jr. 
Allen Anthony Vessel 
Larry Joseph Wisman 

Omicron Nu 

(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Mary Bogard 
Kay Bowers 
Beverly Butler 
Anjanette Cazier 
Albina Dapkunas 
Prances Dunkle 
Lynn Edgley 
Beverly Hicks 
Jean Hurst 
Grace Kendall 
Tay Kincaid 


Susan LaPatka 
Judith Lindsay 
Nancy Luchini 
Anne Maio 
Mary Ann Multer 
Coleen Pierre 
Sue Robinson 
Arlene Rosenberg 
Elizabeth Spencer 
Carol Spicer 
Joan Weaver 

Kinsey Green 
Velma Harwood 


Joanne Hayes 
Marjorie Marugg 

Sheldon H. Altwarg 
Howard L. Cardin 
Louis F. Friedman 
Gerhard H. Fuchs 
William H. Holden, Jr. 

Order of the Coif 
(National Law School Honor Society) 

Stanley G. Mazaroff 
Lee M. Miller 
James P. Salmon 
Howard E. Wallin 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Edtication, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 

Clint E. Bruess 
Michael J. George 
William F. Gray 
Judith M. Kutt 
Harry G. Lee 


Sharon E. McCarthy 
Jean S. Nichols 
Robert A. Oring 
William A. Riley 
Ross B. Walker 

University of Maryland. 8 3 

Katherine J. Beard 
Thomas L. Bichy 
John P. DePass 
Marcie-Lynn Farris 
Bridget A. Foreshew 
Connie F. Goodin 
Imogene Haber 
Sallie M. Holzberg 


Gary R. Jackson 
Robin L. Kessler 
Jon F. Kreissig 
Wendy L. Pauli 
Walter P. Samora 
Sherron L. Sears 
C. Marie Smith 
Cheryl L. Steiner 

Phi Alpha Theta 

(National History Honor Society) 


Leo Vincent Barglowski 

Shirley Ann Bauer 

John Thomas Berbrich 

Juliana I. Buonagurio 

Robert Sumner Chaney 

Neil Laurence Colbekt 

Richard C. Demers 

Jerry Lee Dier 

Donald Edward Dunphy 

Daniel Jefferson Freedenburg, Jr. 

William G. Gray 

Edward Martin Guell 

Janet Lee Hargett 

Ada Lee Headridge 
Treva a. Meisel 
Merilyn Miller 
James Patrick Muldoon 
Louis Martin Nawrocky 
James R. O'Connell 
Marsha Ann Sandler 
Gretchen E. Schwarting 
William E. Thompson, Jr. 
John B. Walsh, Jr. 
Neil Alan Webber 
Beth Millwabd Westcott 


Marianne Elus Alexander 
Thea G. Braiterman 
Lawrence Betts Clark 
Andrew N. Cothran 
Lawrence Earl Dowler 
Howard W. Froman 
Clifford Stuart Goldsmith 
Stephen Goodell 
Donald Joe Harris 
Sandra L. Irwin 
William J. Levering, Jr. 
Erik Sheldon Lunde 

W. Reynolds McLeod 
Francis Eugene Mooney, Jr. 
IVAR Olsen 

Timothy Jack Runyan 
J. Frederick Shiner 
Alden Joseph Smith 
Joe Max Smith 
Manixel Tubio, Jr. 
Silas Gibbs Upchukch 
Carl Harrison Walker 
Jean D. Wentworth 
Richard Arden Wire 

Joseph Garonzik 
ToBiN J. Marks 

Phi Beta Kappa 
(A National Honorary Society for Arts and Sciences) 


David R. Richmond 

84 ^555 Commencement Exercises. 


James M. Barber 
Lesley S. Barron 
Sanders H. Berk 
Barbara Jane Brooks 
Jeanne E. Buckingham 
Fred E. Christman 
Richard L. Counts 
Lawrence A. Dorsey 
Margot Frank 
Linda Terry Gordon 
Linda Ann Hobbs 
Thomas P. Hoey 
Joan K. Hokemeyer 
William Gordon Isaac 
Jerilynn Jacobson 
Donald W. Keyskr 
Jayne E. Knapp 
Anne Lawson 
Eugene B. Leiderman 
Claudia F. Matthews 

Michael F. Mewshaw 
Jean Violet Morlock 
James R. Myers 
Mary Dorothy Neary 
Roberta Diane Papperman 
Leslie A. Parr 
George H. Roeder 
Arlene May Roemer 
Michael B. Rosenzweig 
Peter Allen Schulkin 
Patricia A. Smith 
Alan Barry Snyder 
William E. Tamblyn 
William Dow Trotter 
Steven Robert Tulkin 
Martha Lee Walker 
Robert P. Walker 
Mary Ellen Zanoff 
Lawrence John Zimmerman, Jr. 
Sandra A. Zimmerman 

Rho Chi 

(National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 

Lawrence L. Martin 

Myron Weiner 

Charles J. Schutz 

Richard J. Brodeur 
Sister Jane Marie Brown 
Irwin A. Heyman 


Glory C. Lleander 
R. Allen Rhodes 
Kakubhai M. Vora 

Nina Austin 
Mary Frances Baker 
Barbara Baldwin 
Betsy Bampton 
Nancy Baumann 
Euzabeth Bennett 
CoLENE Bishop 

Sigma Theta Tau 

(National Nursing Honor Society) 

Mary Blunt 
Mary Jane Brewer 
Dorothy Erode 
Phyllis Chickadonz 
Kay Cummings 
Harriett Cuthrell 
Sally Dawson 

University of Maryland. 8 5 

Dolores Defelice 
Linda Yvonne Dove 
Janet Duncan 
Margaret Eaton 
Mary Edds 
Mary Edelman 
Kathy Fahres 
William Fairchild 
Joyce Fletcher 
Esther Forsyth 
Marguerite Froeb 
Sandra Gordon 
Mary Hardy 
Phyllis Harrah 
Jacqueline Harrington 
Barbara Heister 
Marlene Hockenberry 
Geraldine Hofmann 
Sheila Huang 
Elizabeth Humphrey 
Judith Jann 
Fongee Jeu 
Marjorie Johnson 
Sylvia Kamenetz 
Catherine Kelly 
Elizabeth Kilgus 
Beverly Jane Knipple 
Todette LaPrairie 
Estrella Larrinaga 
Maye Liebeck 
Carolyn Lusby 

Patricia Lynch 
Fannie May 
Lois McFadden 
Mary McMahon 
Barbara Molicki 
Audrey Myers 
Frances Nolte 
Patricia Ann O'Connor 
Daniel O'Neal 
Eunice Pellissier 
Betty Peppel 
Marguerite Pike 
Joan A. Reider 
Sarah Reuss 
Patricia Roche 
Georgie Royster 
Ruth Schwalm 
Grace Shenk 
Susan Simmons 
Lorelei Stocker 
Janet Stoner 
Clara Swift 
Ruth Tornquist 
Janice Vathayanon 
Shirley Watkins 
Carole Watson 


Polly Whitmire 
Linda Williams 
Toni Winner 

Louis G. Amtmann 
Mario A. Antonetti 
YOURI F. Arzoumanian 
Stephen G. Bacon 
John Barolet 
Norman L. Belt 
Harold M. Brierly 
Ronald W. Brower 
Charles P. Brundrett 
Daniel W. Buckner 
James E. Bunch 
Robert F. Canova 
Charles C. Carey 
Robert F. Carpenter 
Nicholas Cianos 
Joseph R. Crupi 
Gary L. CxmTiN 
Howard A. DeBisschop 

Tau Beta Pi 

(General Engineering Honor Society) 

Daniel Dennenberg 
Erik J. DeWitt 
Ralph E. Dinkle 
Dennis H. Drehmel 
Lawrence Edelman 
Arnold M. Epstein 
Andres A. Fraga 
Robert C. Gibson 
Alan I. Gomberg 
Ronald J. Gordon 
John C. Grams 
Joseph M. Hanyok 
Julian K. Haspert 
Thomas L. Harmon 
Ronald M. Heck 
William M. Hinkley 
Lee Hoderowski 
Gustave J. Hokenson 

86 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Gerald F. Hurt 
James A. Jernigan 
Walter Keighron 
James W. Kenney 
Theodore N. Kirch ner 
Eberhard Klein 
Warren L. Koontz 
Carl E. Lenhoff 
Paul L. Leroy 
Marc R. Levin 
John G. Lieb 
Bernard T. Lieberman 
Luis F. Llano 
Bruce M. MacMillan 
Lewis W. Masters 
Robert V. McGlothlin 
Robert E. Munson 
Alan L. Newman 
Melvin E. Novak 
Christopher A. Okikiade 
Thomas J. Painter 
Frank E. Pascoe 
John H. Peake 
Allan Pertman 
William P. Proffitt 
Ronald C. Purcell 

Richard W. Radlinski 
Robert N. Reidler 
Thomas J. Renner 
Donald D. Richer 
Bruce E. Rickard 
Craig Y. Roberts 
Robert H. Rosen 
Joseph H. Rouse 
Barry W. Sanders 
WiLLUM R. Sangrey 
Edward N. Schinner 
James R. Snyder 
Harvey E. Solomon 
John B. Stamberg 
Richard H. Stebbins 
Alan Stern 
Walter F. Straub 
Rymantas a. Svotelis 
Robert L. Taylor 
Daniel L. Thomas 
Leslie L. Thompson 
Robert E. Thurber 
George E. Westwick 
Raymond S. Widmayer 
Joseph B. Williams 

Dianne Rouz 

Women's Badges 

Barbara S. Tyler 

University of Maryland. 87 



'i. '^^ ™ 

w n 


E ^ 


i^ — Ji 











Special Awards 


The Alumni Association Medal John Anthony Frensilli 

The Isaac H. Davis Medal Andrew Albert Schwab 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award John Joseph Golski 

The Grayson W.Gaver Memorial Award Lamond Arlie Stewart, Jr. 

The Timothy O. Heatwole Memorial Award John Russell Earnhart 

The International College of Dentists Award Martin Leo Chaput 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Joseph Edward Mazikas 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award Thomas Lewis Klechak 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Medal Lamond Arlie Stewart, Jr. 

The Harry B. Schwartz Award Marcos Hernan Barrera 

The Sigma Epsilon Delta Memorial Medal Thomas Lewis Klechak 

The Katharine Toomey Award James Edward Bradley 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize STANLEY G. Mazaroff 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Leb M. Miller 

Roger Howell Award Willlam H. Holden, Jr. 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize Lee M. Miller 

Samuel S. Levin Prize JERRY H. Hyatt 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Mary McB. Walker 

John L. Thomas Prize Lee M. Miller 

William Strobel Thomas Prize William H. Holden, Jr. 

U. S. Law Week Award Howard E. Wallin 


Balder Prize for Excellence in Medical Studies Timothy Kenney Gray 

Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Medal for Excellence in Internal Medicine 

Richard Willlam Virgilio 

Dr. Harry M. Robinson, Sr., Prize for Excellence in Dermatology. .Eakl Samuel Shope 

Dr. Wayne W. Babcock Prize for Excellence in Surgery Phillip Paul Toskes 

Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Prize for Excellence in Genito-Urinary Surgery 

Calvin Embert Jones, Jr. 
Dr. Milton S. Sacks Memorial Award for Excellence in Medicine and Hematology 

Zalman Stephen Agus 

Student Council Keys BRUCE Allen Brian, Thomas Curran Cimonetti, 

Louis Odin Olsen, and Donald Cornelius Roane 
Student Council Certificates Brian Jay Baldwin, Bruce Allen Brian, 

Thomas Curran Cimonetti, Carlos Rafael Mendez-Bryan, Louis Odin Olsen, 

Donald Cornelius Roane, and William Edson Signor 

University of Maryland. 9 1 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Award to the student 
having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Claudia Smith 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Award presented to the 
member of the graduating class who has exhibited leadership in the professional stu- 
dent nursing organization. 

Awarded to Jacquelyn Spalding 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Award to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to PATRICIA Sheyka 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Award for executive ability. 

Atvarded to Judith Fromm 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Award for leadership, loyalty and school 

Awarded to Kathleen Walsh 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Award to the nurse who has most consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to NANCY Stetson 

The Neuro-Surgical Nursing Prize awarded to the member of the graduating class 
who has shown the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in neuro-surgical nursing. 
Awarded to Doris Schiff 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in the nursing care of surgical 

Awarded to Harriet Thomas 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in operating room nursing. 

Awarded to Marjorie Kellerman 

The Women's Auxiliary Board Award presented to a member of the graduating 
class who has demonstrated outstanding performance in giving professional nursing 
care to patients. 

Awarded to Constance Staley 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacology. 

Awarded to Charles John Schutz 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in 

Awarded to Gerald Marvin Rachanow 

The David Fink Memorial Prize, to a senior student for proficiency in the general 
practice of pharmacy. 

Awarded to CORNELIUS Bennett Williams, Jr. 

92 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Epsilon Alumnae Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior student 
for proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to William Robert Elliott 

The Phi Alpha Chapter, Rho Pi Phi Fraternity Prize, to a member of the senior class 
who has exhibited the most outstanding qualities of character and leadership during the 
time spent in college. 

Awarded to RiCHAED Louis Cysyk 

The William Simon Memorial Prize, for superior proficiency in the field of practical 
and analytical chemistry. 

Awarded to Gerald Marvin Rachanow 

The Wagner Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Prize, for meritorious academic achieve- 
ment in pharmaceutical jurisprudence. 

Awarded to Michael Joseph Walsh 

The Conrad L. Wich Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work throughout the 
course in pharmacognosy. 

Awarded to Cornexius Bennett Williams, Jr. 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the highest 
general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 

Awarded to Richard Louis Cysyk 


Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future de- 
velopment in the field of mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to RiHO Terras 

The ALCOA Foundation Traffic and Transportation Award to an outstanding senior 
student majoring in transportation. 

Awarded to SIDNEY M. SUSSAN 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical engineer- 
ing whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to Dennis C. Drehmel 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained 
the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to CLAUDIA Smith 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 3.50. 
Awarded to: 

Barbara L. Atherton Jayne Knapp Claudia Smith 

Carla C. Watson Bouker Judith Lindsay Susan Weeks Stefanowicz 

Marcie-Lynn Farris Mary D. Neary Marcia Cohen Trattler 

Marjorie W. Gold Linda Pollack Martha Walker 

Sharon Goldstein Arlene A. Rosenberg Sandra Zimmerman 

Joan Hokemeyer Patricia Sheyka 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains 
the highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to JOSEPH A. Foster 

University of Maryland. 93 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Ellen Davis Yorke 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 

Awarded to Ralph M. Lange for outstanding achievement; 

James M. McMichael for best student branch 
lecture; and the student chairman award to 
Charles M. Marriott. 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the 
Student Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during his 
freshman and sophomore years. 

Awarded to John C. Grams 

American Institute of Chemists Award to an outstanding student of the senior 
class selected by the faculty. 

Awarded to Alan B. Snyder 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Awards. 

Awarded to Ralph E. Dinkle for highest scholastic 

achievement and ARNOLD M. Epstein as 
outstanding senior member of the stu- 
dent chapter. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who con- 
tributed most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to Roderick M. Hall 

American Society for Testing and Materials student membership prize awarded to an 
engineering senior in recognition of superior scholastic ability and demonstrated interest 
in engineering materials and their evaluation. 

Awarded to Ralph E. Dinkle 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of 
excellence in Botany. 

Awarded to Elaine L. Foster and Stephen W. VanScoyoc 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to: 

Jeanne Buckingham Elizabeth J. Mullen 

F. Susan Praley Susan Odgers 

Helen Hyre Joan Weaver 

Mattye Messeloff 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award to the highest ranking junior in the 
Department of Chemical Engineering who is also a member of Tau Beta Pi National 

Awarded to John C. Grams 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest 
scholastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to James Lawrence Beard 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 

Awarded to : 

Philip N. Antokol Alyce S. Lokos 

Jay G. Cooper Lesley G. Mathews 

Hollace a. Goldberg Stanley M. Steinberg 

Genia Hershaft 


1965 Commencement Exercises. 

The Borden Award to the Home Economics student, who upon entering her senior 
year, has completed two or more courses in foods and nutrition and has the highest 
scholastic standing of eligible students. 

Awarded to Arlene Rosenberg 

Ernie Coblentz Memorial Trophy offered to the most outstanding freshman for 
work done on student publications. 

Awarded to Hollace Goldberg 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to BERNARD L. Epel 

Bernard L. Crozier Award to the senior in the College of Engineering who, in 
the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest improvement in scholarship during 
his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Robert T. Williams 

Virginia Dare Award to the outstanding student in ice cream manufacturing with 
an overall good standing in dairy. 

Awarded to Kenneth A. Palmer 

The Delmarva Traffic Club Award to a junior student majoring in transportation 
whose residence is on the Maryland Eastern Shore. 

Awarded to James E. Waller 

Delta Delta Delta Award to the sophomore woman with the highest cumulative 

Awarded to Carole Jane Lilienfeld 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award to the woman of the graduating class who has 
achieved the highest scholastic average for the entire course. 

Awarded to Martha Lee Walker 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business 
administration or economics. 

Awarded to Fulton P. Jeffers 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the most 
promise at the end of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Michael S. Miller 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior woman and senior man in 
the College of Education. 

Awarded to SUZANNE Habdy and Charles Craft 

English Department Short Fiction Award to the undergraduate or graduate student 
who has written the best piece of short fiction during the current school year. 

Awarded to Louis Theodore Grant 

Federal Government Accountants Association of Washington Award to an under- 
graduate student majoring in accounting. 

Awarded to James P. Bedingfield 

General Electric Company prize to the outstanding first year graduate student in 
physics and to the outstanding first year graduate student in astronomy. 

Awarded to Richard L. Matzner (physics) and Thomas S. Smith (astronomy) 

University of Maryland. 9 5 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial Medal to the male native resident of 
Prince Georges County who makes the highest average in his studies, and who embodies 
the most manly attributes. 

Awarded to Dennis Craig Drehmel 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Gail A. Clark and Elliott S. Tucker 

Hamilton Award to the graduating senior in the College of Engineering who has 
most successfully combined proficiency in his major field of study with achievements — 
either academic, extracurricular, or both — in the social sciences or humanities. 

Awarded to James R. Snyder 

The Haskins and Sells Foundations, Inc., Award to the senior student in the Col- 
lege of Business and Public Administration concentrating in accounting who has 
demonstrated excellent ability in this field of study. 

Awarded to Robert W. Pierce 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into 
her future home and community. 

Awarded to Andrbia Rogers 

William H. Hottel Award to the most outstanding senior for work done on student 
publications during his college career. 

Awarded to Andrew Faith 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Awards, by the Washington sec- 
tion and the national office, for active participation in student chapter activities. 

Awarded to William P. Proffitt and Harley J. Mann 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to Stephen S. Snider 

Leidy Chemical Company Award to an outstanding student majoring in chemistry. 
Awarded to Alan B. Snyder 

Maryland-Delaware Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior in 

Awarded to Charles Rhudy 

Men's League Certificates, oiTered for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to : 

Alan Batten Robert Kopinsky Ronald Squires 

Lawrence Dorsey Eugene Korth David Sullivan 

Frank Downey John Lyle Kenneth Thompson 

Steven Dudnoff Robert McCleary Albert Tortorella 

Donald Duncan William Petit Eluott Tucker 

Robert Gibson Peter Prinz David Ulrich 

Frederick Joyce Richard Robinson Robert Walker 

Roger Kaplan Charles Rhudy Frank Weathersbee 

Eberhard Klein Jack Scofield Philip Wise 

Alan Snyder 

96 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Men's League Award to the graduating male senior who has done the most for 
the male student body. 

Awarded to Michael A. Mendelson 

Men's League Award to the male senior who gave the most to sports. 

Awarded to Olaf A. Drozdov 

National Society of Fire Protection Engineers Awards to the most outstanding 
senior and the most outstanding sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Mario A. Antonetti and James W. Strausser 

Noxema Chemical Company Scholarship Award to an undergraduate student in 

Awarded to GENE P. Daumit 

The Omicron Nu Award to the sophomore student in Home Economics who in her 
freshman year achieved the highest grade point average. 

Awarded to DoRis Mai Betts 

The award of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa of the University 
of Maryland to the graduating senior whose basic course program has been in liberal 
studies and who has attained the highest cumulative average in liberal courses. 

Awarded to Jean Violet Morlock 

Phi Chi Theta Award to the outstanding graduating senior woman in the College 
of Business and Public Administration on the basis of scholarship, activities, and 

Awarded to Gloria J. Sharp 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class of the Col- 
lege of Education. 

Awarded to James Nolan 

Phi Sigma Award for outstanding achievement in the biological sciences to an 
undergraduate student. 

Awarded to Richard L. Jachowski 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards to the outstanding senior woman 
and the outstanding senior man for journalism activities. 

Awarded to Marie Howell and Andrew Faith 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering 
on the basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 

Awarded to JAMES L. Beard 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to Richard W. Lindley 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the 
outstanding senior, public relations major. 

Awarded to Donald Holmes 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to Bruce Nicholson 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who has 
completed the requirements for the doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Helen Louise Scarborough 

University of Maryland. 97 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual 
qualities practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Robert C. Gibson and Linda A. Pollack 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in the 
College of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest improve- 
ment in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Wareen L. KOONTZ 

The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award to the graduating senior who 
has maintained the highest scholastic achievement in the field of financial adminis- 

Awarded to FULTON Jeffeks 

The Arthur Young and Co. Foundation, Inc., Awards to exceptional senior students 
concentrating in accounting who are registered in the College of Business and Public 

Awarded to Lawrence Beebe, Gerry M. Baldwin, Eugene Fisher, and 

Glorla Sharp 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to MiCHAEL A. Mendelson 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to 
Sally Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best 
exemplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify 
self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that 
enable the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the 

Awarded to Karen Dorn 



The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male 
resident who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to John Schofield 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 
college athletics. 

Awarded to Micheal W. Cole 


The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholarship and 

Awarded to Donald E. Dunphy 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to John Kenny 

98 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to the 
squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Micheal W. Cole 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Phil Carlson 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most 
to swimming. 

Awarded to Philip Denkevich 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Jon F. Kreissig 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 
Awarded to John 0. Kenworthy 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to David D. Nardo 

Joe Deckman — Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defence man. 
Awarded to William H. Buck 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his three 
years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest over-all 
scholastic average. 

Awarded to Donald E. Dunphy 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 
Awarded to Michael V. George 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the 

Awarded to Robert Kopnisky 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Robert Kopnisky 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has con- 
tributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to DONALD E. Dunphy 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Fred Joyce 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to John T. Schofield 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to Olaf Drozdov 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies 
the competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, a former member of 
the boxing team. 

Awarded to Stephen L. Johnson 

University of Maryland. 99 


Jon Kreissig 


J. Philip Carlson 
Robert Lewis 
Samuel McWilliams 


Donald Wann 


Ronald Adams 
Louis Bury 
Leonard Chiaverini 
Olaf Drozdov, Jr. 
Jerold Fishman 
Joseph Frattaroli 
Darryl Hill 
Frederick Joyce 
Charles Martin 
William Pettit 
Harry Whilden, Mgr. 



William Buck 
Clinton Davie 
Brenden Fisk 
John Kenworthy 
Allen Kirson 
Robert Romero 
John Schofield 
Carl Smith 
Charles Surmacewicz 
Gerard Trosian 


Eberhard Klein 
Daniel Kupchyk 
Wasyl Kurinij 
Alex Medina 
Earl Shaub, Jr. 


Donald Dunphy 
James Geary 
John Harding 
Thomas Manfredi 
Raoul Rebillard, Jr. 


James Busick 
Louis Dobies 
Roger Flax 
Vaughn Baker 


Edward Bennett 
Edward Bury 
Micheal Cole 
Charles Croft 
Olaf Drozdov 
Dennis Duffy 
Michael George 
Steven Lamb 
George Leonard 
Stueart Markley 
Richard Sheer 
Ramsay Thomas 
Oliver Thompson 
Anthony Torrice 
Donald Wann 


Nelson Aurand 
John Bertinatti 
Timothy Geiger 
Robert Kopnisky 


Gerald Bark 
Thomas Bichy 
Paul Bbeslow 
Larry Butts 
Robert Cleland, Mgr. 
Ralph Conlon, Mgr. 
Lamar Davis 
James Fowler 
William Franklin 
Bradley Frost 
Stanley Graves 
Noah Hendershot, Mgr. 
Robert Isaacson 
Jon Kreissig 
Michael Long 
Robert McCarthy 
Douglas Miller 
Stephen Sauve 
Augustus Sclafani 
William Siedling 


James Sole 
Dennis Thompson 
Richard Wright 
Kenneth Zimmerman 


Neil Brayton 
Philip Caklson 
Jackie Clark 
Michael DeCosmo 
William Franklin 
Richard Harrington 
James McMillen, Jr. 
Gary Ward 
Gary Williams 
Richmond Wise 


Victor Clark 
Richard French 
Michael George 
George Henry 

Charles Koester 
Milton Matthews 
Barey Middleton 
Donald Wann 


Richard Absher 
Ronald Adams 
Kenneth Ambrusko 
Matthew Arbutina 
Boris Bagranoff 
Bernardo Bramson 
Thomas Bresnahan 
Louis Bury 
Robert Collins 
Frederick Coope^i 
Olaf Drozdov, Jr. 
Jerold Fishman 
Donald Foran 
Joseph Frattaroli 
Nelson Gibson, Mgr. 

100 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Thomas Hickey, III 
Darryl Hill 

Curtis Hotze 
Howard Humphries 
Frederick Joyce 
John Kenny 
John Klingerman 
Charles Krahung 
Walter Marciniak 
David Markoe 
Charles Martin 
Lorace McQueen 
Wymard McQuown, III 
Ronald Nalewak 
Philip Petry 
William Pettit 
George Stem 
Robert Sullivan 
John Trachy 
Milan Vucin 
Harry Whilden, Mgr. 
Robert York, Jr. 


Louis Borchers 
Robert Emmet, Mgr. 
Frank Herrelko, Jr. 
David Hyduke 
Stephen Johnson 
Robert Lindsay 
Lawrence Pearson 
Dennis Robinson 
Steven Rosen 


Michael Badger 
Boris Bagranoff 
Steven Becker, Mgr. 
William Buck 
Thomas Catalano 
Clinton Davie 
Walter DeHoust 
Bradley Dunn 
Brenden Fisk 
Thomas Flanagan 
John Heim 
Edward Helman 
John Kenworthy 
Allen Kirson 
Allan Levine 
Alan Lowe 
Robert Newkirk 
Robert Rombro 
Charles Ruppersberger 
John Schofield 

Carl Smith 

Charles Surmacewicz 

Gerard Trosian 


Lee Bernhardt 
Francis Contino 
David Darling 
James Dill 
Luke DiPompo 
Roy Bales 
Gerold Hoffman 
George Holland 
William Hults 
Eberhard Klein 
Daniel Kupchyk 
Wasyl Kurinij 
Alex Medina 
Aat Muys 
Robert Newkirk 
William Oxenham 
Earl Shaub, Jr. 
Robert Scioville, Mgr. 
Carl Shelton 
Roger Sterk 


Charles Beatty 
Burt Bondy 
Philip Denkevitz 
William Doheny 
Donald Dunphy 
James Geary, III 
William Gray 
James Green 
John Harding 
Eric Lampe 
Nathan Lessin 
Robert Livermore 
Thomas Manfredi 
James McCaslin 
William Nullmeyer 
Harold Phillips 
Raoul Rebillard, Jr. 
James Thompson 
Joseph Wechsler 
James Williams 
Joseph Minninger 


Vaughn Baker 
James Busick 
Louis Dobies 
Roger Flax 
Richard Gaines 

Frank Jones 

Thomas Merryweather 

Leonard Modzelewski 


Stanley Arthur 
James Bickley 
Gary Boxer 

Manfred Chemek, Mgr. 
Micheal Cole 
Frank Costello 
George Cramer 
Charles Croft 
Olaf Drozdov 
Dennis Duffy 
Richard Dull 
Thomas Finley 
Richard French 
Michael George 
William Godwin 
Charles Harris 
Ernest Hearon 
George Henry 
Elmore Hunter 
Charles Koester 
Peter Kowzun 
Steven Lamb 
Steuart Markley 
Milton Matthews 
Thomas Nawrocki 
Ernest Pellegrino 
Henry Nonnenberg 
Robert Schnetzka 
Richard Sheer 
Donald Smith 
Bruce Springer 
Ramsay Thomas 
Oliver Thompson 
Anthony Torrice 
Donald Wann 
Russell White 
Robert Williams 


James Arnoult 
Nelson Aurand 
John Bertinatti 
Olaf Drozdov 
Timothy Geiger 
Robert Karch 
Robert Kopnisky 
Thomas Norris 
Amando Soto, Jr. 
Robert Stumpff, Mgr. 
Milton Thomas 
Kent Webster 

University of Maryland. 101 


Alumni Cup awarded to the Commander of the outstanding flight in the Corps of 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Rogers K. Greenawalt 

Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the Air Force 
R.O.T.C. Angel Flight. 

Awarded to Margaret D. Hall 

Air Force Association Award to the Senior Cadet who is in the upper five per cent of 
his class in Air Force R.O.T.C. subject matter and top ten per cent of his graduating class 
and completed his summer training with an outstanding recommendation. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Laurence J. Zimmerman, Jr. 

Air Force Times Award to the Senior Cadet at each detachment who has dis- 
tinguished himself by contributing materially to constructive public attention for his 
Cadet Corps. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Harold W. Mills, Jr. 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air 
Society as the Cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of Air Force 
R.O.T.C. through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Harold W. Mills, Jr. 

Chicago Tribune Gold R.O.T.C. Awards to the two sophomores who display highest 
leadership and officer potential. 

Awarded to Cadet 2d Lt. James L. Blauch and Jeremiah C. Riordan 

Chicago Tribune Silver R.O.T.C. Awards to the two freshmen who display outstand- 
ing leadership and officer potential. 

Awarded to Cadets Bruce S. Gray and Earl M. Prater, Jr. 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Gary Lee Curtin 

Distinguished Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadet Badge to those seniors who possess outstand- 
ing qualities of leadership and high moral character and who meet the prescribed stand- 
ings in their academic and military studies. 

Awarded to Cadets Paul Harvey Bragaw, Gary Lee Curtin, Richard Allan 

DeVoss, Stephen Edgar Harrison, John Albert Lerda, James Francis 
LoJacono, and Harold Winford Mills, Jk. 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leader- 
ship and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C. 
Aivarded to Cadet Major Lee S. Altpeter 

Governor's Cup to the Commander of the outstanding squadron in the Corps of 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. William D. B. Swezey 

Military Science Award to outstanding member of the Scabbard and Blade Society. 
Awarded to Cadet Col. Paul H. Bragaw 

102 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Pershing Rifles Regimental Gold Achievement Awards to the outstanding members. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Laurence J. Zimmerman, Jr. and 

Cadet Major Upton H. Thomas 

Pershing Rifles Regimental Silver Achievement Awards to the outstanding mem- 
bers of the Pershing Rifles Squadron. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Charles E. Soellers and 

Cadet 2d Lt. James L. Yarrison 

Reserve Officers Association Senior Award to the outstanding cadet of the Corps 
of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Richard Allan DeVoss 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal Award to the outstanding junior in the 
Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Rix M. Mills 

Reserve Officers Association Silver Medal Award to the outstanding sophomore in the 
Corps of Cadets in the combined fields of academic achievement and leadership. 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Donald A. Link 

Reserve Officers Association Bronze Medal Award to the outstanding freshman in the 
Corps of Cadets in the combined fields of academic achievement and leadership. 

Awarded to Cadet Barry J. Brownstein 

Reserve Officers Association Ribbons for outstanding achievement in Air Force 
R.O.T.C. during the junior year. 

Awarded to Cadets Carl A. Dalton, Harold A. Kodelka, Jr., Robert W. 

Smith, Elbridge L. Snapp, III, and Albert J. Snyder 

Scabbard and Blade Coblentz Cup to the Commander of the outstanding group in the 
Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Rix M. Mills 

Society of American Military Engineers Award to the Senior Cadet displaying out- 
standing scholastic achievement and leadership and majoring in the field of engineering. 
Awarded to Cadet Col. Gary Lee Curtin 

University of Maryland. 1 03 

Jan Banks 
Richard Byer 
Barbara Evans 
HOLLACE Goldberg 
Stanley Goldberg 
Mary Ann Goley 
Anne Groer 
Robert Helfrich 
John Hendrickson 
Donald Holmes 
F. Martin Kuhn 
Ginger Lapidus 



Phil Manger 
Patricia McGinty 
P. David Myerowitz 
Anne Nicholas 
Michael Olesker 
John M. Purnell 
Ronald Schminel 
David Seielstad 
Richard Shafer 
Martin Siegel 
Robert Stonebreaker 
Karen Tulin 


Betsy Barnsley 
Jeff Barrie 
Bill Clark 
Ron Collier 
Camilla Detra 
Andrevv' Faith 
Sue Landrieu 

Rona Leibel 
Vickie Obdey 
Sally Reed 
Nancy Ringgold 
Marci Scherr 
Dianna Skirven 


Robert M. Duckman 
Fredrick M. Gray 
Judith Hurvitz 
William R. King 

Mike Sarnoff 
William Sourwine 
Susan Spalter 
Frank M. Zappala 

George E. Clark 
C. Noell Damron 
Ralph France 
Paula Frisby 
Jack Klevan 


Robert Leet 
Russ Russo 
KiETH Schneider 
Kenneth Sleeman 
Donald R. Smith 

104 ^555 Commencement Exercises. 


Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Award for outstanding musical performance. 

Awarded to Maxine Black 

Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Honor Award for service and dedication. 

Awarded to Sandra Higginbotham 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate to the senior with the highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to Barbara Atherton 


Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member of the year. 
Awarded to Carroll Shmitt 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to JEAN King 

Director's Award to the concert band member who demonstrated the most improve- 
ment in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to Kathie Dordal 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Symphonic Band. 
Awarded to WiLLiAM Taylor 

Gold Cups presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 
David Cole Thomas Jackson Duane Task 

Paul Dwiggins Jean King William Ward 

James Kyne 

Gold Keys presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Edward Cahill Dixie Merryman Robert Smith 

Carol Chiville Paul Prather Michael Stefanik 

James Fulcher James Rorer Richard Taylor 

Donald Hackett Nancy Sayre Paul Thomas 

Calvin Keeney Catherine Scott Leslie Thompson 

Gale Leister Darlene Shnider Richard Zimmerman 

Sweaters presented 
Daniel Ahalt 
Garry Bassett 
Charles Behymer 
Richard Bergman 
William Boyd 
YvETTE Counts 
Raymond Danner 
Linda Davis 
Marie DeSimone 
Georgia Eppard 
Alan Fabrizak 
Joseph Foster 
Diane Gilkey 
James Harrison 
James Hastings 

to members who have 
Wallace Hayes 
Patricia Hertzler 
Carol Hoshall 
Lowell Jacoby 
Paul Johns 
Robert Landers 
Steven Levine 
Andrew Michaels 
Kenneth Miles 
Douglas Morrison 
Sterling Murray 
Thomas Pack 
Susan Pelzer 
Peter Phelps 
Ransford Pierce 
Robert Pollock 

served faithfully for two years: 
Robert Prince 
Michael Raderman 
Jerry Riordan 
John Schneider 
Robert Sclater 
Ralph Shafer 
Annette Silman 
Morton Simmons 
Norman Sullivan 
William Taylor 
Tina Temple 
Randall Thompson 
Rodell Urban 
Raymond Wheeler 
Louise Williams 
Charles Wobbeking 

University of Maryland. 105 

Monogram Letters presented to members who have served faithfully for one year: 

Donald Adamson 
James Bechtel 
Richard Berun 
Stewart Block 
James Brown 
Rebecca Caldwell 
Caroune Callahan 
Andrew Callimahos 
Linda Carroll 
Earl Dill 
Kathie Dordal 
Kenneth Driskill 
Kathleen Duck 
Gary Dwoskin 
John Elkins 
Thomas Field 
Charles Frolich 
David Click 
David Goss 
Emily Gratz 
Jane Gray 
Thomas Griel 
Wiluam Hanson 
Beverly Hawkins 
Laurence Hohing 
Gary Imlay 
David Jacobs 

Nedenia Johnson 
Philip Kaylor 
Frances Klatzkin 
Daniel Konick 
Dean Lassiter 
Richard Lau 
James Lawson 
James Linkous 
Charles Marker 
Roger Martin 
Lillian Masser 
Mark Mitchell 
Charles Moore 
Conrad Nagle 
Lynn Nelson 
Richard Norton 
Kenneth Oswald 
Thomas Palmatier 
Sam Powell 
Carl Corson 
Sharon Fried 
Gerhard Harmon 
Thomas Purdin 
Steven Puterbaugh 
Craig Radcliff 
Charles Rader 
Douglas Rencher 

Betsy Robinson 
Susan Russ 
William Sansing 
Charles Schneider 
Jerry Schreiber 
Brian Sherline 
Carroll Shmitt 
Kenneth Shultz 
Ann Silcox 
Francis Simmons 
John Sisson 
John Solie 
Joseph Sorge 
Deana Sponsler 
James Tagert 
Walter Taylor 
Dorothy Tepfer 
Wilson Toula 
James Turner 
Klaus Waibel 
Paulette Waters 
Alan Wienstein 
Jon West 
Michael Wilinski 
Alan Witkin 
Milton Zahn 

Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for four years: 
Stephanie Marks Margaret Wardall 

Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for three years: 

David Cole 
Francis Hoenack 

Averil Kupka 
Robert Nehus 

Joyce Thomas 
John Wolfe 

Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years: 

Raymond Danner 
William Davis 

Susan Freed 
Ronna Kern 

Ann Lewis 
Dennis Stone 

106 1965 Commencement Exercises. 


Gold pin presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years or 
who have served as an officer for one year: 

Gary Grobaker Michael Linkins Robert Stonebraker 

John Kacur David Roffman Brent Struble 

Jack Knott David Smith Richard Warren 


Gold pin presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years or 
who have served as an officer for one year: 

Barbara Brill Michele Highstein Janet Stello 

Rhoda Capet Kathleen Liberatore Sharon White 

Nancy Harrison Judy Pritchard Eileen Wilansky 

Jeanette Schnydman Carol Jo Wool 

University of Maryland. 1 07 

Academic Degrees 

Reference : Projections of Educational Statistics to 
1973-7 A, Office of Education, U. S. Department of 
Health, Education and Welfare, 1964. (Identification 
No. OE 10030) 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course 
of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British pattern in the 
New World. 


The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 on 
nine young men, comprising the first graduating class of Harvard College. Yale 
conferred its first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 
1753; Pennsylvania in 1757; and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree. Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating members of the 
class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive this degree from any 
institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was conferred only upon students registered 
In the Lawrence Scientific School ; after 1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

Almost 534,000 bachelor degrees will be granted in 1965 by American colleges and 

One of the most striking features about the bachelor's degree is the great prolifera- 
tion of some of its simple types. There are records of 27 varieties of Bachelor of Music, 
108 varieties of Bachelor of Arts, and 426 varieties of Bachelor of Science. 


The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who have 
successfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually requii'ed. The word "magister" connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor; but its present 
meaning must be traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest universities. 

* Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccala^treus from 
baccalaris "under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, 
distinction or fame. 

108 1965 Commencement Exercises. 

Regularly organized faculties were not then known as they now exist in the universities. 
The whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) were 
cafied magistri artium (masters of the liberal arts) . 

The earned master's degree was first awarded in America by Harvard University 
in 1869. Currently, about 101,400 such degrees are being conferred in 1965. 


This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans to those 
who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 
12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It was 
first made an academic title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, which received from 
the Emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The University 
of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of 
appointing doctores canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law) ; and when the 
study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five years, the writing of a 
thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by Ameri- 
can institutions. There are two distinct types : the professional or practitioners degree, 
and the research degree. The first type represents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, pi-incipally : Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Science, Doctor of 
Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no implication of 
original research and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, with bachelor's de- 
grees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dissertation which is 
designed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. 
It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

Approximately 13,600 doctor's degrees will be awarded by American colleges in 1965. 

* The Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who 
in any faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a 


University of Maryland. 1 09 

The Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own dis- 
tinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. 
The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the 
arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide 
velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field of 
learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple 
for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 
of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 



Arts, Letters, Humanities 


Business Administration, 

Commercial Science 






Education, Pedagogy 

Light Blue 



Pine Arts, Architecture 





Dark Crimson 



Library Science 










Public Health 

Physical Education 


Social Service 

Surgical Chiropody 

Theology and Divinity 

Veterinary Science 



Silver Gray 





Sage Green 

Golden Yellow 


Nile Green 



The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the 
college or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may 
be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of dis- 
tinctive color and design. 

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