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MAY 14, 1977 


MAY 14, 1977 



Today some 4000 students 
will be awarded degrees in 
more than 200 fields of 
intellectual study. Each of 
you deserves special honor 
for having chosen your goal 
and pursued it, regardless of 
obstacles, to successful 
completion. We are proud 
of what you have accom- 
plished here. 

The primary purpose of a 
university is to provide an 
environment for the 
discovery, critical examina- 
tion, preservation and 
transmission of knowledge, 
wisdom and values that will 
help ensure the survival of 
present and future genera- 
tions with continuing 
improvements in the quality 
of life. The extent to which 
we achieve our purpose is 
measured, therefore, not 
only by your accomplish- 
ments, which we honor 
today, but also by your 
success in achieving future 
goals— goals that will help 
make the world a better 
place for future generations. 

We hope that you will want 
to maintain contact with 
your University. It is 
important for us to learn 
from you during the coming 
years how best to serve the 
students who will follow 
you and how best to serve 
the citizens of the com- 
munity of which you now 
become a member. 

Congratulations and every 
good wish for the future. 

R. L. Gluckstern 


May 14, 1977 

10 a.m. 
Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstern 
College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCleary 

Lecturer, Department of 
Speech and Dramatic Art 


University Symphony Band 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend Dean 

Lutheran Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 

President of the 


Dr. B. Herbert Brown 
Chairman, Board of 

Musical Selection 

Battle Hymn of the 


Howe-Steffe (arr. 
Members of the 
University Chorus and 
Symphony Band 
Conductor, Dr. Traver 


Herbert L. Block 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Elkins, Honorary 

Dr. Gluckstern, College 

Park Campus 

Remarks to Graduates 
Henri D. Bartholomot 

Graduating Senior 
Dr. Gluckstern 

The Alma Mater 


Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty 

For thee we stand. 

Love for the Black and 


Deep in our hearts we hold, 

Singing, thy praise forever. 

Throughout the land. 

Led by 

Dr. Traver 


The Reverend Edward 

Baptist Chaplain 


University Symphony Band 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 



-Hv^ -^ ...» 

5r . %^ 

- ^Jft, 

' 1«^ 




The Students 

The College Park Campus 
gives all students the chance 
to encounter new persons, 
new ideas and new interests, 
all of which they could 
hardly find elsewhere in 
such variety. Students may 
discover ancient Greece for 
the first time; they may try 
their hand at art; or they 
may use a computer to help 
design a better environment 
for man. 

But whatever they investi- 
gate, whether it is under a 
microscope or out in space, 
or within the human mind, 
their experiences sharpen 
their vision and improve 
their judgment. They learn 
in and out of class, by 
relating to many people of 
their own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. 
They are able, in these many 
ways, to better define their 
directions and their goals. 

The Faculty 

The men and women who 
instruct our students at 
College Park are teachers 
and scholars who bring to 
the classroom a depth of 
knowledge, experience and 
learning that ranks among 
the finest of any university 
campus. Their work ranges 
from the study of physical 
forces to the study of man in 
all of his complexities. Some 
scholars are searching for 
practical applications of 
solar energy, discovering 
new galaxies of stars or 
researching substitute 
processes for pasteurization 
to increase the shelf life of 
milk, while others are 
administering stress tests to 
study coronary artery 
disease, debating the 
philosophical beliefs of the 
founders of our nation, or 
studying the world of black 
Americans at the turn of the 
century. All of them are 
sharing the results of their 
learning with their students 
in the classroom. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban 
Maryland just nine miles 
from the Nation's Capital, 
the College Park Campus 
offers a diversity of cultural, 
political and scientific 
resources to its students. 

The campus is a spacious 
one of 1,300 acres. It has 
229 buildings, mostly in the 
Georgian style of dark brick 
and stately columns, which 
overlook playing fields, the 
tree-lined central mall, or 
rolling lawns, while one or 
two border the few remaining 
open fields of grazing land 
belonging to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park 
is among the 10 largest 
campuses in the country. 
Undergraduates enrolled in 
spring 1977 numbered over 
27,200 and graduate 
students over 7,600 for a 
total enrollment of a record 
34,830. This year's College 
Park operating budget is 
$129,305,017. The Univer- 
sity assisted over 7,000 
College Park students with 
financial aid in 1975-76. 

Students may choose from 
71 undergraduate and 68 
graduate programs leading 
to degrees. In 1975-76, a 
total of 5,058 undergraduate, 
1,477 master's and 365 
doctorate degrees were 
awarded by the College 
Park Campus. In number 
of doctorates granted an- 
nually, the University ranks 
among the top thirty in the 


The University had its 
beginnings in 1807 with 
the establishment in Balti- 
more of the College of 
Medicine, an entirely facul- 
ty-owned institution grant- 
ing the M.D. degree. When 
its name was changed to the 
University of Maryland 
five years later, it was given 
power to confer additional 
degrees. The first dental 
school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, became a part of 
the University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the Univer- 
sity opened schools of 
pharmacy, law and nursing. 

Under a charter secured by 
a group of Maryland 
planters in 1856, the 
College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the 
Maryland Agricultural 
College, opened in 1859 
and became one of the 
original land-grant schools 
in 1865. After a disastrous 
fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the 
College and bore the cost of 
rebuilding. In 1920, the 
State took over the faculty- 
owned University in 
Baltimore, merging it with 
the State-owned institution 
at College Park to form the 
present day University of 

In 1886, the Delaware 
Conference Academy was 
founded by the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, 
Maryland. The State 
acquired this institution in 
1926, making it a division 
of the University of 
Maryland in 1948. It was 
made a campus of the 
University of Maryland 
Eastern Shore (UMES). A 
new campus known as 
University of Maryland 
Baltimore County (UMBC) 
was opened at Catonsville 
in 1966. 


University libraries include 
approximately 1,534,000 
volumes on the College 
Park Campus, 11,000 
subscriptions to periodicals 
and newspapers, plus 
nearly 900,000 microfilm 
units, as well as many 
slides, film strips, music 
scores and recordings. 

The Undergraduate Library 
has a seating capacity of 
4,000 students and is 
among the nation's largest. 
Facilities include a quadra- 
phonic concert room, color 
video tape players and play- 
back units, enclosed rooms 
equipped with instructor's 
consoles for the use of 
nonprint media materials 
and wireless stereo headsets 
for tapes of lectures, plays, 
speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional 
research facilities are: a 
140 MeV cyclotron; a 
nuclear reactor; scanning 
electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; 
an electron ring accelerator; 
a precision encoder and 
pattern recognition device; 
a gravitational radiation 
detection system, including 
a gravimeter on the moon; 
a quiescent plasma device 
(Q machine); a psychophar- 
macology laboratory; three 
retro-reflector arrays on 
the moon; rotating tanks 
for laboratory studies of 
meteorological phenomena; 
Van de Graaff accelerators; 
a laboratory for basic 
behavioral research, an 
assortment of computers; 
the Astronomy Observatory 
Center of Materials Re- 
search, Institute for Fluid 
Dynamics and Applied 
Mathematics, Institute for 
Molecular Physics, and the 
Water Resources Research 

The College Park Campus 
also owns and operates one 
of the largest and most 
sophisticated long wave- 
length radio telescopes 
(located in Clark Lake, 
Calif.) and a cosmic ray 
laboratory (located in New 

In addition to these research 
opportunities in the biologi- 
cal, mathematical and 
physical sciences, research 
programs in the behavioral 
sciences, social sciences and 
education exist in many 
bureaus and institutes 
including: the Bureau of 
Business and Economic 
Research, Bureau of Edu- 
cational Research and Field 
Services, Bureau of Gov- 
ernmental Research, Insti- 
tute for Child Study, 
Institute for Criminal 
Justice and Criminology 
and the Institute for Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns 
worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient 
origin. They have been the 
traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times 
and probably represent an 
adaptation of the ecclesiasti- 
cal dress, since many of 
the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic 

An intercollegiate commis- 
sion in 1893 drafted a 
uniform code for costumes 
which has since been 
adopted by the majority of 
colleges and universities in 
the United States. 

Each of the three academic 
degrees— bachelor, master 
and doctor— has its own 
distinctive gown and hood. 
The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long 
pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, narrow, 
closed sleeve, extending 
below the knee; the arm is 
passed through a slit at 
the elbow. In contrast, the 
doctor's gown has a full 
bell-shaped sleeve with three 
bars of velvet. The opening 
of this gown is faced with 
wide velvet bands. The 
velvet trim may be black or 
of a color indicating the 
general field of learning of 
the wearer, for example, 
blue for philosophy, green 
for medicine, purple for 

The most colorful and 
distinctive item of the 
academic costume is the 
hood which passes around 
the neck and extends down 
the back. The doctor's is 
the largest of the hoods and 
the bachelor's the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of 
the velvet edging indicates 
the field of learning. Below 
is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/ 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education, Pedagogy/Light 

Fine Arts, Architecture/ 



Home Economics/Maroon 

Humanics/Dark Crimson 


Library Science/Lemon 



Nursing/ Apricot 

Oratory/Silver Gray 




Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/Sage 

Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile 

Theology and Divinity/ 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the 
college or university which 
conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" 
is uniform in design for all 
degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of 
the field of learning. The 
tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

From Europe the use of 
academic degrees spread to 
English universities. Har- 
vard University, William 
and Mary and Yale 
followed the British pattern 
in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the 
successful completion of a 
course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently 
conferred by American 
colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was 
a doctorate conferred by 
the University of Bologna 
(Italy) in the middle of the 
12th Century. Originally, 
the doctor's and master's 
degrees were used inter- 
changeably, each indicating 
that the holder was quali- 
fied to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or 
baccalaureate degree 
indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study 
preparatory to the doctorate 
or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean 
successful completion of 
one level of study prepara- 
tory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning 
teacher, or instructor, 
applied by ancient Romans 
to those who delivered 
public lectures on philo- 
sophical subjects. In the 
Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as 
a title of honor borne by 
men of great learning. It 
was first made an academic 
title at the University of 
Bologna, which received 
from the emperor the right 
of appointing doctores 
legum (doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed 
in 1145. Soon after, the 
popes granted the univer- 
sities the right of appoint- 
ing doctors canonum et 
decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law); and when the 
study of civil law came to be 
combined with that of the 
canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). 
The faculties of theology 
and medicine followed that 
of law in conferring this 


The doctorate in philosophy 
and science, and occasion- 
ally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the bacca- 
laureate degree, and requires 
two to five years, the 
writing of a thesis, and the 
passing of written and oral 

The doctor's degree repre- 
sents the most advanced 
earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: 
the professional or practi- 
tioner's degree, and the 
research degree. The first 
type represents advanced 
training for the practice of 
various professions, 
principally: Doctor of 
Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veteri- 
nary Medicine, juris Doctor 
and Doctor of Pharmacy. 
These degrees carry no 
implication of original 
research and are classified 
by the U.S. Office of 
Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first 
professional degrees. The 
University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental 
degrees in history, on 
March 9, 1841, and 
invented the name of the 
degree, D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's 
degree is classified as 
research doctorate repre- 
senting prolonged periods 
of advanced study, usually 
accompanied by a disserta- 
tion which is designed to be 
a substantial contribution 
to existing knowledge on 
the subject. The most 
important of these, the 

Doctor of Philosophy, no 
longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, 
but represents advanced 
research in any of the major 
fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United 
States by Yale University 
in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was 
awarded at the University 
of Maryland in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an 
academic honor conferred 
upon students who have 
successfully completed 
work in advance of the 
baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are 
usually required. The 
word magister, connected 
with a qualifying phrase, 
was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; 
but its present meaning 
must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the 
oldest universities. Regular- 
ly organized faculties were 
not then known as they 
now exist in the universi- 
ties. The whole circle of 
academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts, 
and those who received 
public honors on the 
completion of their course 
of studies, for their 
diligence and knowledge, 
and had already received the 
degree of baccalaureate 
(bachelor) were called 
magistri artium (master of 
the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University 
of Maryland awarded its 
first M.A. and M.S. degrees 
in fields other than agri- 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree 
represents completion of a 
four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the 
oldest academic degree used 
by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree 
Bachelor of Arts was first 
conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine 
graduates of Harvard Col- 

Maryland Agricultural 
College, which was later to 
become the University of 
Maryland College Park, 
awarded the first Bachelor 
of Arts and Bachelor of 
Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 
Vice Chancellor for Academic 

David 5. Sparks 

Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

John W. Dorsey 
Vice Chancellor for Student 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 
Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Robert A. Corrigan 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Dudley Dillard 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Joseph M. Marchello 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

John W. Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Gordon M. Cairns 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

H. Gerthon Morgan 

College of Engineering 

Robert B. Beckmann 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Ray E. Hiebert 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Jerry 5. Kidd 

College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Robert E. Menzer 

Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


Wilson H. Elkins 
Vice President for General 

Donald W. O'Connell 
Vice Presiderit for Academic 

R. Lee Hornbake 
Vice Presiderit for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 
Vice Presidetit for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


B. Herbert Brown 
Vice Chairman 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

John C. Scarbath 

Percy M. Chaimson 
Ralph W. Frey 
Barry M. Goldman 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
Edward V. Hurley 
Gerald F. Miles 
A. Paul Moss 
Peter F. O'Malley 
Joseph D. Tydings 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert C. Wiley, 

Professor, Horticulture 
Associate Chairman 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger 

Assoc. Dean, College of 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 

Assistant Vice Chancellor 

for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Eugene W. Troth, 

Professor and Chairman, 

Music Department 
Committee Members 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, Director 

Office of Student Aid 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, Director 

University Relations 

(College Park) 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Assoc. Professor, 

Agricultural and Resource 


Mr. John T. Broadbelt, 

Supervisor, Physical Plant 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, 

Dean, College of 


Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, 

Admissions and 


Mr. John A. Goecker, 

Director, Food Services 

Ms. Joanne Janus, 


Dr. Conrad B. Link, 

Professor, Horticulture 

Dr. George Marx, 

Professor, Counseling and 

Personnel Service 

Mr. Elwood Gross, 

Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, 

Athletic Dept. 

Mr. Charles Jantho, 

Director, Physical Plant 

Mrs. Catherine Banscher, 

Nurse, Health Center 

Col. Alfred J. Hanlon, 

Assoc. Director of 


Lt. James W. Shaffer 

University Police 


Herbert L. Block of The 
Washington Post, better 
known as Herblock, is 
probably the most noted 
political cartoonist in the 
world today. His drawings 
have led to two Pulitzer 
Prizes (1942 and 1954) and 
in 1973, he was named as 
one of four Post staffers 
cited in the Pulitzer the 
newspaper won for its 
coverage of Watergate. 

In the words of the 
Christian Science Monitor, 
"Herbert Block ranks 
among the few all-time great 

Block's editorial cartoons 
are syndicated in more than 
200 newspapers in this 
country and abroad. He is 
the only living American 
cartoonist whose work ap- 
pears in the National Gal- 
lery of Art. His work has 
also been put on exhibit in 
such art galleries as the 
Corcoran Gallery of Art in 
Washington, D.C., the Asso- 
ciated Artists Gallery in New 
York and the Virginia 
Museum of Art. And in 
1966, he designed the U.S. 
postage stamp commemo- 
rating the 175th anniversary 
of the Bill of Rights. 

Joining the Post in 1946, 
Block insists that his car- 
toon ideas 'come on office 
time and as part of the daily 
routine in which you think 
about what you're trying to 
say. " Then he draws a 
number of sketches in an 
effort to find the best way 
of saying something in a 

After drawing the sketches. 
Block conducts what Posf 
employes call a "gallop 


poll, " when he gallops 
through the newsroom 
showing the sketches to 
practically everyone he 
meets. "I do this," Block 
explains, "to make sure that 
the idea is understood," 
which is probably why his 
cartoons have been con- 
sidered consistently clearcut 
and forceful. 

As a result, his work has 
been viewed as historic. 
William V. Shannon of The 
New York Times has said 
that "a hundred years from 
now, Block will be read and 
his cartoons admired by 
everyone trying to under- 
stand these strange times." 

Block's cartoons were first 
syndicated shortly after he 
came to the Post, which are 
now being handled by the 
Field Newspaper Syndicate. 
Previously, he served two 
years in the U.S. Army 
during World War II and 
was editorial cartoonist for 
the Newspaper Enterprise 
Association service in 
Cleveland, Ohio from 1933- 
43. He started his profes- 
sional career working on the 
Chicago Daily News. 

The son of a chemist who 
had brief newspaper experi- 
ence. Block was born Oct. 
13, 1909, in Chicago, 
where he adopted the pen 
name, Herblock, while 
drawing and writing for 
publications at his high 
school. After winning a 
scholarship to the Chicago 
Art Institute, he freelanced 
cartoons for local magazines 
and newspapers. He also 
spent two years at Lake 
Forest College, majoring in 
political science and 

Block is the author of seven 
books on cartoons, which 
have been acclaimed for his 
writing as well as his draw- 
ing. His latest book, 
Herblock Special Report 
(1974), deals with the 
Nixon years. 

His professional achieve- 
ments include the Power of 
Print Award (1977), the 
National Headliners Award 
(1976), the Bill of Rights 
Day Award, the University 
of Missouri Distinguished 
Service Journalism Award, 
and many more. 

Block is also a fellow of 
Sigma Delta Chi, Society of 
Professional Journalists, 
and the American Academy 
of Arts and Sciences, be- 
sides holding honorary 
doctorate degrees from three 
institutions, including 
Rutgers University. 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of 
Humane Letters degree from 
the University of Maryland. 

Photo by Doree Lovell 



Dr. John Archibald Wheeler, 
theoretical physicist, has 
quietly influenced the 
development of 20th Cen- 
tury physics through such 
work as originating the 
dispersion-theoretic ap- 
proach to elementary parti- 
cle physics and formulating 
collective and unified mod- 
els of the atomic nucleus. 
He has also made major 
contributions in the funda- 
mental studies of gravity, 
astrophysics and cos- 

The distinguished physicist 
and teacher has spent most 
of his career at Princeton 
University (1938-1976), 
where he retired and then 
subsequently joined the 
University of Texas, Austin, 
as professor and senior 
theorist. While at Princeton, 
he taught and inspired sev- 
eral of today's leading 
theoretical physicists, in- 
cluding some who later 
won Nobel Prizes. 

Dr. Wheeler s whole career 
has been devoted to formu- 
lating the essence of solu- 
tions to fundamental 
physics problems and to 
give guidance to others as 
they work out details. 
According to physics 
Professor John Toll, presi- 
dent of the State University 
of New York at Stony 
Brook who studied and 
worked with Wheeler, 
"Many of those who later 
work in fields of physics do 
not know that it was John 
Wheeler who started them, 
because his great modesty, 
informality, and continual 
willingness to give credit to 
others have often effaced 
his own germinal role." As 

an example. Toll, also 
former chairman of the 
University of Maryland 
Physics Department, ex- 
plains that few physicists 
know that it was Wheeler 
who invented the collision 
matrix in quantum physics, 
or that he originated the 
idea of the simultaneous 
coherent interaction of dif- 
ferent quantum states and 
groupings within nuclei, 
which concept later became 
the essence of nuclear 
cluster theory. 

Before going to Texas, 
Wheeler held the Joseph 
Henry professorship from 
1966 to his retirement at 
Princeton. Besides teaching, 
he has also been involved 
in non-academic research. 
In 1958, he served as chair- 
man of the Advanced Re- 
search Projects Agency, 
Department of Defense, and 
from 1950-52, he worked 
in thermonuclear research 
at the Los Alamos (N.M.) 
Scientific Laboratory. Dur- 
ing World War II, he 
helped E. I. Du Pont de 
Nemours & Co. design, 
construct and operate the 
plutonium manufacturing 

facilities of the Manhattan 
Project. Earlier, he worked 
in a plutonium project at 
the University of Chicago 
and served as a consultant 
physicist on atomic energy 

Born July 9, 1911, in Jack- 
sonville, Fla., Wheeler re- 
ceived much of his early 
education in Maryland, 
culminating in a Ph.D. in 
theoretical physics in 1933 
at Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity. His father, Joseph 
Wheeler, was distinguished 
librarian of Baltimore's 
Enoch Pratt Free Library. 

Dr. Wheeler also played an 
influential role in the his- 
tory of the University of 
Maryland's Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. 
Several College Park faculty 
members studied under 

He has served as president 
of the American Physical 
Society and as vice presi- 
dent of the International 
Union of Pure and Applied 
Physics. Presently, he is a 
trustee of the Battelle 
Memorial Institute. 

Recognition of his achieve- 
ments include the National 
Medal of Science and the 
Albert Einstein prize of the 
Strauss Foundation. Also, 
he has been a Gugenheim 
fellow and a Fulbright 

He is the author of several 
books and articles ranging 
from geometrodynamics to 
gravitational radiation and 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Science 
degree from the University 
of Maryland. 




MAY 14, 1977 

The 1977 class roster com- 
prises degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and 
graduate programs at the 
University's College Park 
Campus. As final action cannot 
always be taken for candidates 
by the time this program is 
printed, the list of candidates 
here is tentative only. The 
University reserves the right 
to withdraw or add names. 

Students who have earned 
their degrees from the College 
of Education may obtain a 
Statement of Certificate 
EUgibility in the College of 
Education Records Office 
(Room 3201) today. Other 
students who have completed 
teacher education programs 
will receive their statements in 
the mail (separate from the 
diploma) upon verification of 
required coursework. 


Candidates will be presented 
by Dr. Robert E. Menzer, 
Acting Dean for Graduate 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Constantine Emmanuel 


Physics and Astronomy: 
6 Centimeter Wavelength 
Observations of Solar 
Active Regions and Bursts 
with 6 Arc Seconds Resolu- 

Janet Anderson Asher 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Application of a 
Consumer Model to the 
Evaluation of the Univer- 
sity of SAaryland's Reha- 
bilitation Counselor Educa- 
tion Training Program. 

Taeil Bai 

Physics: Studies on Solar 
Hard X-rays and Gamma- 
rays: Compton Backscatter, 
Anisotrophy, Polarization, 
and Evidence for Two 
Phases of Acceleration. 

Leslie Riechers Bass 

Microbiology: Replication 
of Parvoviruses H-1 Rat 
Virus in Human Lympho- 
blastoid Cells. 

Rajat Subhra Basu 

Physics and Astronomy: 
Mode-coupling Theory in 
Critical Dynamics and its 
Application to the Thermal 
Conduction in Steam. 

Margery E. Berman 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effects of 
Focus of Prescription on 
Reading Achievement of 
Remedial Readers. 

Robert David Bersson 

Secondary Education: The 
Process Model of Art Collab- 
oration: An Approach to 
Art Program Development: 
A Case Study. 

Jacqueline Blackwell 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Preoperation 
Behainor of Children in 
Publicly and Privately 
Supported Day Care Centers. 

Carol Jeanne Boggs 

Human Development: Train 
Up A Child: An Analysis 
of Selected Contemporary 
Christian Child Rearing 

Judy Mikell Bohren 

Physical Education: The 
Role of the Family in the 
Socialization of Inter- 
collegiate Athletes. 

Michael William Bowen 

Chemistry: /. Photochemical 
Studies on Alkyl Amides. 
II. Photochemical Studies 
on Phthalimides. 

Phillip Frederick Bowers 
Astronomy: The Galactic 
Distribution and Kinematics 
of the Unidentified Type 
il OH/IR Stars. 

Barbara Bowman 

English Language and 
Literature: A Structuralist 
Approach to the Gothic 

Balu Lai Bumb 

Economics: Patterns of 
Rural Development in India, 
An Econometric Analysis 
of Social, Political and 
Economic Change in 
Rajasthan and Maharashtra. 

Gerald P. Butrimovitz 

Chemistry: The Determina- 
tion of Plasma Zinc by 
Atomic Absorption Spectro- 
photometry and Plasma 
Zinc Reference Intervals 
Throughout Childhood. 

Humberto Ignacio Cardounel- 


Spanish Language and 
Literature: La mujer como 
elemento real objetivo e 
imaginario en la narrativa 
de Adolfo Bjoy Casares. 


Dennis Clarke Carey 

Government and Politics: 
Intra-District Resource 
Variation and Equality of 
Educational Opportunity. 

Ted Teh-hsien Chiang 

Physics; Experimental Study 
of the Ion Dynamics in the 
Maryland fast Theta Pinch. 

Janet Kay Houston Clinton 
Secondary Education; A 
Study of the Influence of 
Professional, Academic and 
Personal Background Fac- 
tors on the Formulation of 
Attitudes of Maryland Pub- 
lic Community College 
English Teachers Towards 

Richard Bendall Cobb 

Physical Education; Deter- 
mining the Independence 

of the Recall and Recogni- 
tion States of Motor 
Memory in a Redundant 

Jack Newcombe Cole 

Secondary Education; The 
Effects of Non-Prose 
Textual Characteristics 
Upon Short-Term Recall 
of Major Concepts and 
Supporting Details in In- 
structed and Ininstructed 

Elena J. Colicelli 

Chemistry; /. NMR Studies 
of Thyroid Hormones and 
Thyroid Hormone 
Analogues. II. The Use of 
Lanthanide Shift Reagents 
in the Assignments of 
Carbon Magnetic Re- 

Jerome Victor Danof f 
Physical Education; Elec- 
tromyographic and Torque 
Relationships During Elbow 

Abdullah Demirtas 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: An Analy- 
sis of the Nature and Pur- 
poses of Open Education 
with Implications for 
Curriculum Development. 

Yvonne Romney Dixon 
Art: The Drawings of 
George Romney in the 
Folger Shakespeare Library. 

Miroslava Wein Dow 

English Language Literature; 
A Variorum Edition of 
Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 
"Sonnets From the Portu- 

Akife Nilufer Egrican 
Mechanical Engineering; 
Modelling of Rankine 
Cycle/Vapor Compression 
Cycle Cooling Systems for 
Solar Energy Applications. 

Robert Melvin Eppley 
Chemistry; Studies of the 
Trichothecen Metabolites of 
Stachybotrys Atra. 

Jean Marie Flurkey 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education; Relation of Open 
Education to Student Aca- 
demic Self Concept and 
Teacher Role. 

Ralph Roderick Fox 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education; The Relationship 
of Locus of Control and 
Three Levels of Stress Upon 
Student Performance During 
an Elementary Science 
Methods Activity. 

Jacqueline Snedeker Fralley 
Secondary Education; An 
Investigation on the Hy- 
pothesis of X-Linked Reces- 
sive Inheritance of Spatial 

Richard Gordon Frederick, Jr. 
Government and Politics; 
United States Foreign Aid 
to Bolivia. 1953-1972. 

Herbert VanDyke Frey 

Astronomy: Crustal Evolu- 
tion in the Early Earth: 
Basin-Forming Impacts, 
Crustal Dichotomy, and 
Plate Tectonics. 

Martin George Galvin 
English Language and 
Literature; Hugh Henry 
Brackenridge and the 
Popular Press. 

Vic S. Gladstone 
Hearing and Speech 
Sciences: A Comparison of 
the Effects of Middle Ear 
Grafting Material on 
Acoustic Impedance Meas- 
urements and Audiometry. 

Deirdre Katren Golash 

Philosophy: Entitlement and 
Equality: A Response to 
Robert Nozick. 

David Eliot Goldenberg 
Geography; The Spatial 
Dynamics of Household 
Composition and Residential 
Life Cycles. 

Paul Kenneth Goldsmith 
Zoology; The Postnatal 
Development of the 
Membrane-Bound Enzymes, 
Nadph-Cytochrome C 
Reductase, Nucleoside 
Diphosphatase, and S- 
Acyl-Coenzyme A: SN- 
Glycerol-3-Phosphate Acyl 
Transferase, Studied in Rat 
Liver and Kidney. 

Ernest Jackson Green 
Sociology; A Study of 
Resocialization in a 
Therapeutic Community. 

Tri Thuc Ha 

Electrical Engineering: 

Synthesis of Linear Passive 
Time-Variable Transmission 

Steven William Haan 
Physics: Migration by 
Fo . . rster Transfers in a 
Random Configuration, and 
Series Expansions for a 
Continuum Percolation 

Cheryl Ann Hack 

Secondary Education; 
Adaptation to Level of 
Difficulty of Questions in 
Multiple Choice Tests in 
Biology at the College Level. 

Sandra Carole Hadler 

Economics: The Extended 
Linear Expenditure System: 
An Application to Korean 
Household Data. 

Oscar A. Hahn 

Spanish Language and 
Literature: El cuento 
fantastico hispanoamericano 
en el siglo XIX. 


Edward Anthony Joseph Hall 
Secondary Education: The 
Assessment of Parental 
Knowledge, Comprehension, 
and Attitudes About the 
Science Curriculum (Grades 
6-9) in the Baltimore County 
School System. 

Sally Hart Harrison 

Chemistry: Trace Elements 
in Water: A Development 
and Application of Sampling 
and Sample Handling 

Daniel Joseph Hurley, Jr. 
Psychology: The Relation- 
ship Betiueen Cultural 
Diversity and Community 
Effectiveness A Comparative 
Analysis of Community 

Roy Winston Ibbott 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Study 
of the Effects of Video-tape 
and Audio-tape Information 
Presentation on Listening 
Comprehension for Black 
Fifth Grade Male arid 
Female Students. 

Elaine Claire Immerman 
Human Development: 
Adjudicated Adolescent 
Males: Self Concept and 
Impulse Control. 

Rosemary Helen Jackson 
Human Development: 
Language Diversity as a 
Function of Self Concept 
Formation in Children, 

Keith Willis Johnson 
Meteorology: Potential 
Vorticity Transport and 
Stratospheric Warmings. 

Judy Ramoy Johnstone 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Relationship 
Between Supervisor Evalua- 
tion of Clinician Perform- 
ance in a Reading Clinic and 
Clinician Self-Report; Years 
Teaching; Grade Point 
Average; Miller Analogies 
Test; and Knowledge of 

Annie S. Jones 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Mathematics 
Achievement of Children in 
Title I Open Space and Title 
I Traditional, Non Open 
Space Elementary Schools. 

John Felix Kadlubowski 
History: The Experts and 
Poland's Frontiers at the 
Paris Peace Conference. 

Charles David Kahn 

Chemical Engineering: Non- 
linear Multivariahle Feed- 
forward Control of a 
Continuous Stirred Tank 

Louis Joseph Kaluzienski 
Physics and Astronomy: 
Studies of Transient X-Ray 
Sources with the Ariel 5 
All-Sky Monitor. 

Delores Goodwin Kelley 
American Studies: A 
Rhetorical Analysis of an 
1884-1888 Controversy in 
American Religious 
Thought: Response Within 
the Presbyterian Church in 
the United States to Evolu- 

Sharon Hartwell Kempf 
Human Development: The 
Measurement of Four Types 
of Moral Preferences with 
a Forced-Choice Instrurrtent. 

Elizabeth Taylor King 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Attitudes To- 
ward Child Rearing Prac- 
tices Among Parents with 
Children Enrolled in Gov- 
ernment Subsidized Pre- 
school Programs. 

Gail Lee Kletch 

Physical Education: A Study 
of the Effect of Selected 
Variables on the Observa- 
tion of Selected Teacher 
Behaviors in a Physical 
Education Activity Class. 

Chhaya Kulkarni Kohli 
Electrical Engineering: An 
Integrable MOS Neuristor 
Line: Design, Theory and 

Phyllis Burke Kopelke 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Analysis of 
the Activities of Para- 
professionals by Super- 
visory Mode, Organizational 
Role, and Scope of Class- 
room Involvement. 

Ronald Frank Korcak 

Agronomy: Extractability 
with Time and Greenhouse 
Corn (Zea mays L.) Uptake 
of Cd, Cu, Ni and Zn after 
High Applications of Metal 
Salts or Sewage Sludge to 
Six Maryland Soils. 

Kit Renata Krickenberger 
Chemistry: The Relationship 
Between the ExchatTgeable 
Cation Content arid the 
Flocculation of Clay 

John Richard LaBrake 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Coopera- 
tive Public-Parochial Sec- 
ondary School Venture: A 
Case Study. 

Denise Ann Lengyel 

Astronomy: Titanium Oxide 
in Cool Stellar Atmospheres. 

Patricia Gobbett Levno 
Secondary Education: 
Development and Validation 
of a Competency-Based 
Protocol Model of Instruc- 
tion for Foreign Language 
Teacher Education. 

Ellen Weber Libby 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Perceptions of 
Stressful Life Events: A 
Comparison Between Phy- 
sically Disabled and Non- 
disabled Adults. 

Jo Anne Linnerooth 

Economics: The Evaluation 
of Public Programs Affect- 
ing Population Mortality. 

Dale Andrew Lowry 
Geography: A Synoptic 
Climatological Model to 
Specify the Probability of 

Robert Thomas Luckritz 
Chemical Engineering: An 
Investigation of Blast Waves 
Generated by Constant 
Velocity Flames. 


George Charles Malless, Jr. 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Acquisition of 
Social Systems Coping, 
Behavior: The Effect of 
Verbal Instruction, Be- 
havior Rehearsal, Verbal 
Warning, and the Sex of 

Steven M. Mark 

History: An American 
it^terventionist: Frank Knox 
and United States Foreign 

Myrtle Polley Matejski 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: The In- 
fluence of External Forces 
on Medical Education at the 
University of Maryland 
School of Medicine, 

Grant James Mathews 

Chemistry: Reflections and 
Research on; I) The 
Nucleosynthesis of Light 
and Heavy Nuclei: II) A 
Unifying Theory for Odd-A 
Nuclei; III ) Three Heavy- 
Ion Systems. 

Peter McGrain 

Physical Education: Trends 
in Selected Kinematic and 
Myoelectric Variables Asso- 
ciated with Learning a Novel 
Motor Task. 

James Fulton McKenney 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Increasing the 
Number of College Applica- 
tions and Registrations from 
Feeder Schools as a Function 
of Personalized Contact. 

Clyton Dupree McKindra 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Matrix Representation and 
Prediction of Three-Dimen- 
sional Cutting Forces 
Including Chatter. 

Peggy Jean Sisk Meszaros 
Secondary Education: The 
Effects of Competency- 
Based Instruction on Home 
Economics Teachers' Knowl- 
edge, Attitudes, and Student 

Rolf Herbert Mielzarek 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: An Investigation 
of Token and Social Rein- 
forcement with Moderately 
Retarded Teenagers. 

Thomas Eric Miller 

Secondary Education: A 
Study of Differences in 
Student Work Values Using 
Three Different Methods of 
Instruction in Office Oc- 

William James Milliken 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Relationship of 
Work Values to Job Satis- 
faction in the Maryland 
Cooperative Extension 

Edward Herman Mitchell 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Governor's 
Study Commission on 
Structure at\d Governance 
of Education for Maryland: 
An Analysis of a Public 
Policymaki)ig Process. 

Curtis Dale Mobley 

Meteorology: A Numerical 
Model of Wind-Wave 
Generated Langmuir Circula- 

Marilyn Kay Moore 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: An Economic 
Analysis of the Impacts of 
Natural Gas Price Increases 
and Curtailments on Ir- 
rigated Agriculture in the 
Texas High Plains. 

John Francis Morrison 

Mathematics: Approxima- 
tion by Algebraic Numbers 
of Bounded Degree. 

Carl Ernest Mueller 

Chemical Engineering: An 
Ellipsometric Study of 
Oxide Film Formation on 
Zinc Electrodes. 

David Joseph Nagel 
Engineering Materials: 
Electronic Structure of 
Equiatomic Alloys of 
Aluminum with Iron, 
Cobolt and Nickel. 

Lawrence Earle Nash 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Differences 
Between Scores Achieved in 
Large Group, Small Group, 
and Individual Administra- 
tion of the Metropolitan 
Readiness Tests. 

James Michael Nester 

Physics: Canonical Formal- 
ism and the ECSK Theory. 

Michael F. Newborg 
Zoology: Studies on the 
Effect of Malaria (Phas- 
modium Berghei) on the 
Development of Parasitemia 
with Trypanosomes (Try- 
panosoma Lewisi), with 
Reference to the Possible 
Role of Macrophages. 

John D. Nodine 

Secondary Education: The 
Influence of Educatiorml Set 
on Achievement in Business 

Ruben Dario Nunez-Cabrera 
Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: An Economic 
Analysis of the Long Range 
Potential for Expanding 
Cereal Production in De- 
veloping Countries— The 
Case of India. 

Alexander G. Ober 

Physical Education: Facilita- 
tion of Motor Performance 
Through Sex-Related Com- 
petitive Situations in 
Selected College Juniors. 

James Ernest Pantle 

Secondary Education: The 

Effect of Teacher Approval 
of Music on Music Selection 
and Verbal Preference. 

Josephine Ann Parikh 

Computer Science: Auto- 
matic Cloud Classification 
and Segmentation. 

Marcia Sperling Pollack 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effect of 
Question Order on Para- 
phrase Question and Infer- 
ence Question Scores of 
High and Low Vocabulary 
Achieving Fourth-Grade 
Students in a Recall Situa- 


Orasri Purakam 

Secondary Education: Ef- 
fects of Curricular Chause 
on Mathematical Abilities 
and Attitudes of Secondary 
Students in Thailand. 

Barbara S. Reiner 
Hearing and Speech 
Sciences; The Ability of 
Children to Identify an 
Adult Model of Linguistic 
Mood Using a Stimulus of 
Intonation Pattern in Con- 
tent-Free Speech. 

Judith Arline Resnik 
Electrical Engineering: 
Bleaching Kinetics of Visual 

Patricia Rose Roche 

Human Development: The 
Effects of Training Kinder- 
garten Teachers in the 
Decision Making Process on 
Decision Making Behavior 
in the Classroom. 

Frederick Anthony Ropko 
Secondary Education: A 
Value-based Introductory 
Secondary School Ceramics 
Curriculum Model Derived 
From Four Contemporary 
Value Education Sources. 

Richard Lang Rossmassler 
Nuclear Engineering: A 
Study of the Formation of 
Nitrates in Irradiated 

M. Antoinette Schiesler 

Secondary Education: Locus 
of Control and Academic 
Achievement in Remedial 

Ellen Schiff 

Human Development: The 
Relationship of Women's 
Sex-Role Idetjtity to Self- 
Esteem and Ego Develop- 

Nancy Hillis Schroeder 

Human Development: The 
Relationship Betioeen the 
Conjugate Lateral Eye-Shift 
and Internal-External Locus 
of Control, Creativity, and 
Language Use in Elementary 
School Children. 

Sharon A. Shueman 
Psychology: Reliability, 
Validity, and Factor Struc- 
ture of a Measure of Atti- 
tudes Toward Sex Roles. 

Evelyn Stern Silver 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Involve- 
ment in College and Selected 
Student Background Char- 
acteristics as Predictors of 
Academic Persistence for 
Older Women Undergrad- 

Marcia Datlow Smith 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Development 
and Validation of the 
Maryland Preschool Self- 
Concept Scale. 

Thomas David Smith 

Electrical Engineering: The 
Measurement of Acoustical 
Parameters and Transducer 
Accelerations in Pulsatile 

Michael Thomas Sobus 
Chemistry: The Effects of 
the Hypocholesteremic 
Agent Trifluperidol on the 
Lipid Metabolism of 
Sacchromyces cerevisiae. 

George C. Stockman 
Computer Science: A 
Problem-Reduction Ap- 
proach to the Linguistic 
Analysis of Waveforms. 

Linda Ling-Sung Ma Sung 
Astronomy: A Study of the 
Propagation and Intrinsic 
Characteristics of Flare- 
Associated Particle Events. 

Gerald Francis Szucs 

Government and Politics: 
The Medicare Certification 
Program: Success or Failure 
in Public Administration? 

James Joseph Thomas 
Chemistry: The Photo- 
chemistry of 1- Alky I and 

Harlan Anthony Thyfault 
Animal Sciences: Rumi)ial 
Thiaminase and Thiamine 
Status in Rumiriants. 

Immanuel I-Ming Tung 
Computer Science: A 
Language-Acceptor Type 
of Probabilistic Cellular 

Dale Ellsworth Twomley 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: An Analy- 
sis of Federal and State 
Supreme Court Cases on 
Financial Aid to Non-Public 
Elementary and Secondary 

Wallace Edward Tyner 

Economics; Energy Resource 
Development and Economic 
Developrr^ent in India. 

Robert Frederick Van Dolah 
Zoology: Factors Regulating 
the Distribution and Popula- 
tion of the Amphipod 
Gammarus Palustris in an 
Intertidal Salt Marsh Com- 

Jacquelyn Marie Vawter 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Kindergarten 
Children's Expression of a 
Personal Space Preference 
in the Classroom and Their 
Spacing Behavior in Class- 
rooms of Varying Densities. 

Stefanie Nucci Vogel 

Microbiology: A Study of 
the Immune Response of 
Mice to Type III Pneumococ- 
cal Polysaccharide as Modi- 
fied by Phytohemagglutinin. 

David Darley Wagner 
Poultry Science: Growth 
Depression of Chicks Fed 
Rye or Pectin and Associated 
Changes in the Microflora of 
the Small Intestine. 


Walter Lee Warnick 

Mechanical Engineering: 

Secondary Deflections and 
Lateral Stability of Beams. 

John Albert Watts 

Zoology: Salinity Tolerarjce 
of Marine Bivalves: The 
Role of Divalent Adenosine 
Triphosphatase Activity. 

Karen Lea Weiss 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Effects of Dif- 
ferential Media Treatments 
on Newly Admitted Mature 
Women Students. 

Roger Owen Weiss 

Aerospace Engineering: The 
Application of Irwariant 
Imbedding to Problems in 
Elastic Stability. 

Cheryl Hiers Wilhoyte 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effect of 
Recall, (Recall +) Locate, 
and the Specific Compre- 
hension Strategy (SCS) on 
Comprehension Perform- 
ance Following Silent Read- 

Barbara Jean Winterson 
Psychology: Luminance as 
a Paramenter in the Mixed 
Human Retina. 

Joan M. Wolle 

Health Education: Patients' 
Knowledge and Beliefs about 
Hypertension and Their 
Reported Compliance with 
Treatment Regimens as 
Related to Blood Pressure 

John Michael Wood 
English Language and 
Literature: A Nation De- 
livered from Satan: The 
Homiletic Structure of 
Deliiierance in The Faerie 
Queene and Paradise Lost. 

Richard Douglas Wootton 
Horticulture: Evaluation of 
Composted, digested sludge 
as a medium for growing 
ornamental plants. 

Kuoeng Frank Wu 

Mechanical Engineering: 
On the Prediction of Mass 
Flow Rates of Propane. 

Joseph Ling Young 
Electrical Engineering: 
Efficient Activation of 
Mammalian Muscle Units 
and Its Relationship to 
Motoneuronal Discharge 
Patterns During Locomotion. 

Doctor of Education 

Thomas Stephen Kubula 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Study 
to Assess Value Differences 
Among Four Groups Who 
Affect Community College 
Career Curricula Using the 
Rokeach Value Survey. 

Doctor of Business 

F. Anthony Bushman 

Business and Management: 
The Information Value of 
Package Colors in Creating 
Product Imagery: An Ex- 
perimental Study. 

Stanley Newton Sherman 
Business and Management: 
Competitive Opportunity 
Among Motor Common 
Carriers of Property in 
Interstate Commerce: 
Impacts of Entry Control 
and Irregular Route Carriers. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Marjorie Huffman Lee 
Music: The Piano Com- 
positions of Henri Pousseur 
—A Recording Project. 

Gail Faber McDonald 

Music: A Performande Tape 
of the Complete Piano 
Works of Daniel Gregory 
Mason (1873-1953). 

NOTE: The following names 
were irtadvertently omitted 
from the list of degree candi- 
dates in the Commencement 
Program for December 17, 
Doctor of Philosophy 

Carol Nevin Abromaitis 
English Language and 
Literature: Ethos and Figures 
in Three Poems of Alexander 

Richard A. Rosthal 

Physics: Exchange and 
Correlation in a Two- 
Dimensional Electron Gas. 


Master of Arts 

Barbara Wiegand Ahern 

Paul John Allman 

Julian Sutherland Alworth 

Eunice Amarantides 

Martha Shacklette Anderson 

Elizabeth Lois Anello 

Tova Aviram 

Ellen Sharon Ax 

Ruby Ann Bahner 

Joan Bahnick 

Robert Coyle Barry 

Jannette Morgan Barth 

Connice A. Bavely 

Jean Cox Baybrook 

Mary Frances Beatty 

Lynn A. Bechdolt 

Christopher Berg 

David Michael Berkey 

Marie Macario Bestul 

Vinod Kumar Bhalla 

Diane Lynn Bloom 

Gerald Lee Boarman 

Petra Alexa Borzilleri 

Donna Moore Boylan 

Patricia Ann Brack 

Roger Burrowes Bradford 

Stephen Paul Adolph Brown 

Thomas Matthew Browne 

Joan Bryce-Rayner 

Rodney J. Burgett 

Virginia Marie Buxton 

Grace Louise Cangialosi 

Diane Beth Caplan 

William Edward Carney 

Diana Bonhard Carrick 

Valerie S. Cass 

Tina Cernugel 

Scarlet Cheng 

Judy Darlene Chichester 

Kwang Choi 

Perviz Walji Chokhani 

Linda J. Cimarusti 

Barry A. Cipra 

Marilyn B. Citron 

Joanne Coffin 

Jewell H. Colbert 

Linda Stevens Colby 

Chalmers Charles Congdon 

Gerald Denning Courtney 

Amparo Ferrandis Creager 

Michael Francis Crim 

Sarah Kaplinsky Crim 

John Garretson Cronin 

Franklin L. Curnoles 

Susan Chandler Curtis 

Anne Marie Davenport 

Elizabeth Rogers Davidson 

Gwynneth W. DeHaven 

Carol Jeannine Delozier 

Patricia Ann Devaney 

Laurie Bassan Diamond 

Nancy O'Neil Montgomery Dickson 

Robert Edward DiGiacomo 

Mary Theresa Dondero 

Kay L. Dove 

Steven Joseph Dunn 

Steven Charles Einhorn 

Holly McFarland Ellis 

Roy William Farner, Jr. 

Barbara June Fegley 

Anna Lou Fletcher 

Russell Lee Fleury 

Susan Ann Frey 

Richard Pierre Gareau 

Rita A. Gaylin 

George Martin Geeslin 

Harriet Lynn Glosoff 

Nancy Elaine Goliber 

Barbara Pecknay Goltz 

Edna Hawk Gore 

Janice Ruth Gorecki 

Charles E. Grantham, Sr. 

Brenda Greenberg 

Barry Edward Grofic 

Frances Mulherin Gwynn 

Margaret D. Hachten 

Michele Lynn Haddad 

Jacqueline Coy Hamilton 

Olu William Harding 

Ann Boyce Harper 

John D. Harris 

John C. Harvey, Jr. 

Mary Beth Hatem 

Philip Marshall Hayes 

Sandra Davis Henderson 

Loretta Ann Hicks 

John Michael Hihn 

Howard Hines 

William Fletcher Holmes 

John Apalategui Holte 

Patricia Ann Hook 

Thomas Edward Hooven 

James Reid Horney 

Eric Cameron Howe 

Jeanne Blanche Jacobs 

Jeanne B. Janes 

Guillermo R. Jauregui Jaramillo 

Christopher David Johnson 

Lois Yvetta Jones 

Maureen Sheila Kalet 

Sungyong Kang 

Tsong-Liang Kao 

Frank J. Karasinski, Jr. 

Elizabeth Karpovich 

Brenda M. Keegan 

Janet Lea Kellam 


Bettie J. Kennedy 

Mark William Ketterer 

Abdul-Majeed Ebraheem Khuraibet 

Elias E. Kibler 

Carol Marie Kingsley 

Peter Avigdor Kiss 

Carol Jean Kitt 

Steven Craig Knickrehm 

Kevin Paul Knott 

Katherine Seward Knowles 

Mary Lou Luttrell Kraft 

Kay Harris Kriegsman 

Marisa M. Kutscher 

Rosalind A. Leibowitz 

Priscilla F. Lepori 

Barbara Levitz 

Laurie Joan Lewis 

Yami Evelina Lewis-Coker 

Saul Neil Lieberman 

Edward Luther Long, Jr. 

Hollington T. Lu 

William Donald Ludke 

Victoria M. Lyons 

Deborah Powell Mandycz 

Eva Jacqueline Manning 

Jorge Francisco Marcano 

Arthur Russell Marshall 

Donald Elliot Martin 

Lawerence Wesley Martin 

Sharon Elaine Martin 

Thomas Albert McCarty, Jr. 

Barbara Ann McCuUoh 

Karen Jeanne McGee 

Marcia Kay McGinness 

Don Mario Mcllhenny 

William Freeman McKenna 

Robert Hernandez Mendoza, Jr. 

Manuel Metz 

Shirley Hayden Mitchell 

Janis Brooks Mosby 

Catharine Drum Norton 

Patrick Alfred O'Donnell, II 

Carol Orvis Olsen 

Charles Robert Pagelsen 

Eileen Frances Paglia 

Anne Cannon Palumbo 

Lisa M. Papa 

John Joseph Parkington 

Kathleen Boos Parnell 

Joseph Casimir Paskevich 

Steven Thomas Patterson 

Richard Wilson Peach 

Peter D. Pichaske 

John E. Piper 

Margaret Ann Podolak-Warren 

Thelma Joyce Pohl 

Joyce Lynn Posner 

Charles Cada Post 

Robert Slocum Preece 

Anna M. Puma 

Deborah Williams Ransom 

Karen A. Reid 

Patricia M. Remch 

Kenneth Rodney Richardson 

Orlando Ridout, IV 

Martha Lillian Rinker 

Maria Herson Rishty 

Diane Vaughan Roberts 

Wayne Ingraham Roe 

John William Rohrer 

Phillip W. Rourk 

Richard Mark Rubin 

Ellen Russak 

William John Sabo 

Janet Somerville Sachs 

Debie Denise Saidla 

George Patrick Sand 

Paula Lewis Scheye 

Robert James Schissell, II 

Philip Warren Schulz 

John Frederick Seitz, Jr. 

Yukiko Sekine 

Ronald William Shafer 

Josefa Ippolito Shepherd 

Judith Eugenia Sherer 

Susan Ellen Siegel 

Gordon Brent Simmons 

Michael V. Sisk 

Stuart Hartley Sojcher 

Jewel Ruth Gillespie Solomon 

Stephen Charles Spriggs 

Thomas Calloway Springer 

Betty Beckley Styers 

William Thomas Sutton 

Kathryn Szawlewicz 

Jan M. R. Temkiewicz 

Kenneth William Tenure 

Maureen Ellen Thomas 

Catherine Carr Thompson 

Eddie L. Tobias 

Susan Rachel Tomchin 

Maria del Carmen Torres 

Robert Lawrence Trachy, Jr. 

Diedra Kay Van Duzee 

Mary Elizabeth Young Viscito 

John Paul Albert Van Hoene 

Barry James Waters 

Bruce William Weal 

Dennis Wayne Webster 

Rochelle G. Weinberger 

Abbie Sue Weiner 

Robin Judith Weinsten 

Fonda Hope Weissberg 

Elizabeth Jane Wingerter 

Alan Barry Winn 

Ann Brice Worthington 

Naohiro Yashiro 

Gwendolyn Beth Zunger 

Master of Science 

Cynthia Katlin Abrams 
James Brice Abshire 
Frederick Robert Adamchak 
Alfonso Aguilar 
Roseleen Mary Allen 
Frederick Karl Arzt, Jr. 
John Michael Baines 
Jean Avent Baker 
Tevfik Bardakci 
Carl Frederick Bauer 
Johnson Kristian Behel 
David Eugene Benedetti 
Vincent Howard Berg 
Eyron Dov Berman 
Michael David Bilger 
Wayne Watson Boy 
Hans Joachim Breitenlohner 
Michael Howard Brown 
Gerald Stewart Bunn, Jr. 
Sam Richmond Carter 
Jane M. Cassidy 
John Michael Cavallo 
Dennis Ying-Cheung Chan 
Walter John Chappas 
Nancy Chia-Shing Cheng 
Robert Benjamin CoUidge 
Luis Ramon Cortes 
M. Elaine Costello 
David Vernon Cowger 
Linda Lee Crump 
Martin W. Czekalski 
Rachel Lavonne Dalrymple 
Paul Anthony D'Amato 
Donald Allen Danald 
Daniel Robert Deaver 
Dorrisrose B. Debro 
Daniel Lee Detrick 
Charlene R. Dieter 
Sally Lillian Dixon 
Richard Douglas 
Sharon Stanley Durkee 
Michael John Eby 
Blenda Malmberg Eckert 
Marsha Freeman Epstein 
Elizabeth Wilcox Farrell 
Michael Henry Ficco 
Shirley Tina Fleischmann 
Barry John Forster 
Edwin Neil Foster 
James Randall Freed 
Allen Burke Fritsch 
William Benson Frost 
Frances Wolf Gendelman 
Roger David Gifford 
Garry Alan Gordon 
Susan J. Gorlin 
Marilyn Arlene Greenwood 
William Gary Grimes 
Jacob Grun 

Lewell Franklin Gunter, Jr. 
Mary Kathryn Hanson 
Patricia Jean Herchenroeder 
Paul Richard Hoffman 
Theodore H. Hopp 
Susan Karen Ski Imus 
James A. Jeffries 
Ronald Thomas Jerdonek 


Michael Dale Jobe 
Andrew Charles Johnson 
Melton Asnks Kaale 
Andrea Ruth Kaminski 
Carolyn Alice Kanagy 
Anthony Joseph Keogh 
Thomas Henry Kibalo 

Linda J. Kling 

Yao Kouadio 

Hordur Kristjansson 

Susan Marie Kysela 

Jaan Alfred Laanisto 

Larry Lewis Langdon 

Carol Riggs Ligon 

Russell Wayne Lines 

Glenn Themba Magagula 

James Eryx Malcolm 

Sharyn M. Mallamad 

Edward F. Mangiaratti 

Michael Stanley Martowska 

Paul Raymond McMuUin 

Ronald Lee Medford 

Julie Ann Melvin 

Mohamad Hossein Mikhchi 

Robert Edvin Miller 

Albert Daniel Milleville 

Flora Millstein 

George Lewis Mino 

Eric Chun-Hong Mo 

Axel Monostory 

Nicholas William Morolda 

Hugh Arthur Mose, Jr. 

Michael Alan Moses 

Christine Murphy 

Bandita Nayak 
Raymond L. Nebel 

Winifred Alethea Newton 

Anita Apprill Ohlhausen 

Gary F. Otakie 
Ki Yul Paik 
Arthur John Pashayan 
Velupillai Pavanasasivam 
Olga Elizabeth Penney 
Robert Kenneth Plice 
Annette Polyzou 
Terry Eugene Poole 
Patricia Ann Potthoff 
Patricia Black Powell 
Robert Leslie Powell 
Eugene Mark Rehfield 
Mark William Rodney 
Albert Conrad Rodriguez 
Elsie Nugent Ryn 
Mario E. Salazar 
Helen H. Savage 
Paul Francis Schneider 
Jonathan Seaborne 
Pauline Victoria Sealey 
Karen Weber Seaton 
Alan Michael Seidman 
Wayne Vernon Shaff 
Harvey Earl Shaver 
Lee Samuel Simkins 
Robert Joseph Small 
Brian Edward Smith 
Mark L. Spano 
Robert Webster Stone, Jr. 
George F. Sushinsky 
Roger L. Thomas 

Judith L Torgerson 
Mark George Twarowski 
Thomas E. Urie 
John Andrew Veil 
Sandra S. Vincent 
Barbara Sharon Whitaker 
Maxine Inez Whitehead 
Darrell A. Wiles 
Patricia B. Willard 
Percy William Willett, Jr. 
Joseph Daniel Williams 
Paul William Woodward 
Karl Sommerville Wright 
Kent Daniel Zimmerman 
John J. Zingaro 
Victor Casimer Zwinklis, Jr. 
Phillip Andrew Zyllo 

Master of Education 

Mary Ilene Alexander 

Sandra Lynn Anguay 

Thomas EUery Baker 

Francis Marion Baranson 

Nancy Brindley Barchas 

Harriet Roth Blum 

Nancy Cabell-Wooding Bonifant 

Barbara Ann Bradford 

James Earle Bridger 

Nancy Hollingsworth Brown 

Shirley Charles Browner 

Allen R. Burns 

Marlene Cappetta 

Deborah Jane Caputo 

John Wayne Carter 

Marta Wiles Casper 

Catherine Ann Clark 

Jeffrey Franklin Clark 

Michael J. D'Antuono, Jr. 

Dorothy Frantz Dix 

Louise Willa Downes 

Jean Elizabeth Dwyer 

Stanley Ricks Edwards, Jr. 

Deborah Faith Elliott 

Barbara Diane Emon 

Charlotte Marie Faison 

Marc Francis Fitgerald 

Sandy Frazier 

John David Freed 

Joy Stair George 

Edward Lee Gobel 

Paula Gordon 

Linda Ann Greenbaum 

Laura Shaw Hack 

Alberta Daniels Hamilton 

Patricia E. Henderson 

Harold Thomas Herndon 

Frances Litton Higgins 

Sheryl Ann Hockenbery 

Barbara Ann Hoffman 

Patricia Usher Holder 

Antoinette Kennedy Holland 

Kathleen Maureen Howard 

Faith Howell 

Evelyn A. Hurley 

David Allerton Hutchins 

Terry Dale Imhoff 

Mary C. Jabara 

Ruth Olivette Floyd Johnson 

Ursula Kannengiesser 

Jeannette Manning Keaveney 

Ramarion W. King 

Steven Jeffrey Klass 

Phyllis Susan Koss 

Linda Gail Krass 

Jeffrey Norman Kurtz 

Rilla Spellman Ledgard 

Min Leong 

Becky Gail Lessey 

Ellen S. Leventhal 

Carolyn Shaw Lowry 

Richard Risser Lytle 

Marcilla Lynn Major 

Carol Koller Malstrom 

Joan Elizabeth Grayson Masino 

Sharyn Consorti McGinn 

Debbie Lenora Meyer 

Karen R. Millar 

Richard Leo Miner, Jr. 

Francine Carrington Moore 

Anthony Vincent Navarro 

Bonnie Burns Padderatz 

Maria Dolores Padron 

Douglas Collins Perkins 

Barbara Lu Pettit 

George Thomas Pierson 

Ida Louise Polcari 

Sharron L. Powers 

Barbara Kathleen Prince 

Elizabeth K. Queen 

Claudia Lorraine Garner Rathbone 

Rita Gudelsky Regino 

Jeffrey Rayford Robinson 

Judith Anne Roots 

Elizabeth Susan Rose 

Rudolph Patrick Savage, Jr. 

Mary Ellen Savarese 

Jeanne Anne Scanmon 

Elaine M. Schmitt 

Janet Mariam Schreibstein 

Celia Schuchman 

Margaret Patricia Murphy Sigler 

Adrian Elizabeth Simpson 

Nelson Thomas Smith 

Neville Benjamin Smith 

Paulette Josephine Smith 

Richard W. Smith 

Jo Ann Marie Pesce Soporwski 

George Monti Stewart, Jr. 

June J. Thompson 

Karen Trebilcock Utterback 

Calvin Earl Vain, Sr. 

Sonja Laquietta Walker 

Joseph Edgar Wall 

Jacqueline Karol Wassel 

Sara A. Watkins 

Elaine Hall Williams 

Stephen Winter 

Terri Bess Wishner 

Anita Marie Wolgast 

James Franklin Wright 

Janice Shaffer Wright 

Leslie Roberts Zimmerman 


Master of Business 

Thomas Gerard Blanchard 
William Hugh Chambers 
Ivy Hau-Kong Chang 
Maurice W. Cutler 
Teresa Mary Ellis 
Bruce Anthony Esposito 
Richard J. Feeney 
John Earl Frazier 
Kenneth C. Freeburn 
George James Gimourginas 
Donald Goldman 
Richard Lee Gossard 
Richard Wayne Harris 
Louis William Helly, Jr. 
Frederick William Hitz, III 
William Robert Hoffman 
Walter Van Buren Holmes 
James Hutton Hutchison 
Edward Jackson 
Dennis Robert Jansen 
Jean LaFemina 
William Zeddie Lord 
Susan Abramovitz Lynn 
Mark Thomas Mixter 
Syed Waseem A. Naqvi 
Dale Chapman Oliff 
Jong Hyun Paik 
Laura Elena Paugh 
Karen Vandermause Pincus 
Michelle Louise Pointon 
Edward Berkley Powell, III 
Gopalakrishnan Ramanan 
Francis Xavier Ryan 
George Joseph Ryan 
Rammohan Sarangan 
Stephen Michael Schneider 
Edward Henry Schultz, Jr. 
Jeffrey Stuart Summers 
Deborah LaMar Thompson 
Stuart Wheeler Van Scoyoc 
Gregory John Walling 
Richard Earl Walters 
James Theodore Watson 
Robert Manning Willcoxon 
Robert Elkin Yellon 

Master of Library Science 

Ruhul Ameen 
Elaine M. Asher 
John Thomas Baker 
Frances V. Blendermann 
Sue Judith Boley 
Julia W. Boyle 
Linwood Brady Carter, II 
James Patrick Cole 
Virginia Marie Cuff 
George Lee Dillard 
Gail Feldstein 
Martha Tompkins Folk 
Margaret Peters Forehand 
Mary Jane Gantt 
Florence Kelton Gospodarec 
Tamah Adele Graber 
Gayle E. Griffith 
Grace H. Herlihy 
Pamela Louise Higgins 
Anita Jeanne Hill 
Marlene Janet Ingrao 
Carleton Le Baron Jackson 
Ida Patterson Johnson 
Alice F. Jones 
Donna Marie Kimber 
Jane M. R. Kliszejko 
Carolyn Ann Lareau 
Frances Lubin Lichtman 
Areena J. Lowe 
Miriam V. Lowinger 
Scott Arthur Lutrey 
Robert Kirk Mack 
Caroline F. Mclntire 
Christine Hansen Means 
Ehzabeth Dessez Miller 
Mary M. Nathan 
Marilyn M. O'Loughlin 
Marshall Lee Pfeifer 
Linda Louise Roberts 
Judith McGovern Robinson 
Sarah Ann Rogers 
Kenneth M. Roseman 
David Dwire Schieber 
Mary Angela Bouchard Smith 
Meredith Jane Smith 
Ann Hanson Stanton 
Marion Kettling Torchia 
Rita C. Toscano 
Elizabeth Alice Walsh 
Rhonda Joyce Watson 
John Frederick Wilkinson, Jr. 
Joyce Linda Williams 

Master of Fine Arts 

Timothy Victor Beard 
Mary Mayers Bernstein 
Scott Richard Fair 
Josephine Ferrugia 
Phyllis Jayne Henkelman 
Linda Lezzi Hurley 
Susan James Kitsoulis 
Ralph T. Millet, Jr. 
Michael Rogovsky 
George Kaestner Singley 
Charles Henry Sleichter 

Master of Music 

M. Denise Gresham 
Arthur Charles Helms 
Joan Berman Mizrahi 
Kathleen Ann Myers 
Richard Forsythe Shaw 
Patricia Lavender Stott 

NOTE: The following names 
were incorrectly listed in the 
Commencement Program for 
December 17, 1976: 

Master of Science 

Joseph Cleveland Opdycke, Jr. 
Cynthia Rae Ostsrof f 


January 28, 1977 
Master of Education 

Samuel Jackson Buser 
Benjamin Payton Chatham 
Eugene N. Laughridge 
Margaret Turner Martin 
Elizabeth Deldee Post 
Barbara Sutker Rubin 




Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Gordon Cairns, 

Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Donna Marie Ackerman 

William James Adkins, III 

John B. Ager 

Kathryn Ann Alford 

Francis Joseph Allnutt 

Linda Louise Aspeslagh 

Fred Warren Averill 

Linda Louise Awramik 

Randy Lee Bachtel 

Philip George Bailey 

Deoborah Balaban 

Harold Ludlow Barnes, III 

Michael 5. Bauerle 

Donald Richard Baugh 

Christopher L. Berbert 

Deborah Jean Bernd 
* Robert Zinn Berry, Jr. 

James Thomas Beyer 

James Gary Bogarty 

Robert Joseph Born 

Kenneth Michael Bounds 

Sigrid Anne Brewary 

Judith Ann Brocies 

James Edward Brosius 
§ Kathleen A Brown 

Charles Bulik, Jr. 

James Melvin Burggraff 

Todd Hunter Butler 

William J. Caplin 
\ Dyanne Louise Caprio 

Claire Theresa Carroll 

Sarah Whittier Chabot 

William Scott Chaplin 

Christina Louise Chapman 

Gregory G. Chasko 

Karen Elizabeth Christ 

Jeanne Leonard Clay 

Carol Lynn Cohen 

Jean Marion Colbert 

Daniel James Collins 

Rodman Paul Cupka 

Peter Bernard Darmody 

Raymond Mark Davids 

Olin Staats Davis, III 

Robert Allen Davis 

Carolvn Elizabeth Dean 

Kathleen Joan DeBold 

Karen Michele Dingier 

Karen Lee Dissinger 

Lee Earl Dochtermann 

James Martin Dodson 

Joette Dorsey 

Karen Bentley Dungey 

Robert Patrick Dunning 

Edward Joseph Dunphy 

George Timothy Dyson 

Sara Jane Eddy 

Jed Karl Erickson 

Randolph John Fadler 

Susan Elizabeth Farris 

James Kenneth Ferrant 

Isadora Beth Fine 

Linda Virginia Flury 

James Robert Frazee 

Howard Keith Freilich 

Kenneth Arthur Fry 

Ronald Callan Gardner 

Michael Joseph Geier 

Elizabeth Ann Gill 

Joan Marie Golden 

Donald Warren Goode 
f Ronald Wayne Goode 

Mark Carter Goodrich 

Lida Patricia Gordon 

Pamela Frances Gratton 

James Joseph Greer 

Martin Frederick Hager 

Gerald DeWayne Hahn 

Catherine Courtenay Hamilton 

Patricia Diane Hannaway 

Richard Francis Harrington 

Robert Douglas Heckner 

Steven Kenneth Heger 
*David Floyd Hildebrand 

Julie May Hill 
*John Alexander Hochmuth, Jr. 

Carol Jeanne Hom 

Thomas Joseph Hutchinson 
f Cynthia Jane Ice 

Michael Graham Irving 

Herbert Bennett Jacobi 

Eric Robert Johnson 

Louis Henry Johnson 

Ronald W. Jones 

William Gary Jones 
*Kathleen Romaine Judy 

Mary Ellen Judy 

J. David Kane 

Peter J. Keller 

Melanie Jean Kilgannon 

Alan Price Kintner 

Joanne Stratos Kolego 

Carl Andrew Konosky, Jr. 

William James Kreitner 

Brenda Neal La Fayette 

Kevin Bruce Lawton 

Patricia Jean Leget 
*Donald Edward Lewis 

Donna Lee Lindenmuth 

Patti-Ann Line 

Kathie Jean Liptak 

Suzanne Ludwig 

Linda Katherine Lyon 

Patrick Stephen Mangan 
gMichele Anne Marganski 

Barry Lyle Markowitz 
^Christopher Laureat Martineau 

John Philip Martinson 

Virginia Helen McCarthy 

Gwendolyn McClung 

John Douglas McDaniel 

Mary Ann McDaniel 

Patricia Crawley McElroy 

Leofoldo Gonzalez Mendoza 

Karen Schweidenback Menke 

Frederic Peter Messinger 

Patrick Joseph Minogue 
§Lynn Parlett Moore 
*Era J. Moorer 

James Albert Morgan, III 

James Fred Myers 
§Rolf Joh Nelson 

Sandra Joy Nelson 

Grant Patrick Nisson 

Elizabeth Ann Novotny 

Michael Dennis O'Meara 

Kate Jansen Orme 

Jeffrey Douglas Peat 

Penny L. Pennington 

Ronald Amedee Pitts 

Alan Reed Post 

Carol Ann Preston 

Earl Glenn Rakes, Jr. 

David Anthony Rapp 

David Anthony Rapp 

Gary James Reckner 

Henry David Reese, III 

William Conrad Reid, Jr. 

Thomas George Reio, Jr. 

James Michael Reise 

Wilfred Walter Reisinger, Jr. 

David Alan Reynolds 
§Jane Ann Rhodes 

Philip Conrad Riehl 

H. Benjamin Rigdon 

Bruce Dale Riggle 

Lita Evelyn Rinaudo 

Robin Sue Ring 

Harry Melville Rogers, Jr. 
*Fritz Michael Roka 

Judith Lynn Rouiller 

Michael Woodford Schafer 

§Summa Cum Laude: +Magna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Mark Ira Schlossberg 

Robert Andrew Schultz 

John Lund Schwanke 

Cary Doman Secrest 

Christine Ann Serbinoff 

Janet Louise Shank 

Theresa Marie Sharpe 

Kathleen Ann Sherman 

Mary Shilow 

Marc H. Siegel 

Eric L. Silverstein 
*Janice Lee Singley 

Nancy Ellen Francis Skinner 

Patrick Kennedy Skipton 

Lorraine A. Slawiak 

Mark Jonathan Smith 

David Bruce Smyser 

Gary Levan Snyder 
*Elizabeth Ann Spear 

Kathryn Clara Speith 

Mary Kathryn Spoerl 

Kathy Ayers Springmann 

Scott Robert Stanley 

William Charles Stocker 

Biran Francis Xavier Stone 

Carolyn Marie Tennyson 

Bruce L. Thompson 

Heather Frances Thomson 

Alyson V. Turner 

Kendra Jo Vinton 
tjanet Galliher Walker 

Virginia Lee Wallis 

Kenneth E. Waters 

Feurdnant S. Weber, III 

Marguerite Elizabeth Wetherbee 

William James Whelihan 

Alexander White 

Patricia Lee Wiley 

John Neil Woodward 

Thomas Wary, II 

Gregg B. Yarian 

Willim Fulton Yates, Jr. 

Robert Earl Yeschek 

Deborah Anne Young 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Nancy Mae Aaron 
Irene Akalovsky 
Stephanie Ramona Allen 
Sherri Lynn Alpert 
Carmen Magdalena Andrews 
Regina Angelo 
William George Angelos 
Karen Marie Ardai 

*Andrew Charles Aronson 
Howard E. Asaki 
Caroline Louise Ashton 
Robert L. Austin 
Robin Lee Autenrieth 
Myrna M. Avila 
Peter Christopher Bagley 
Alfred Waters Bargar, III 

§William Gregory Barish 
Lawrence Arthur Barrett, II 
Henry Hall Bartlett, II 
Doris June Bates 
Carl E. Baucom 
Patrice Louise Becker 
Paul David Berkman 
Jerry Alan Berkowitz 
Larry Michael Bernhard 

*Kim Ann Bernhardt 
Elliott Betesh 
Douglas A. Bingham 
Michael Franz Blue 
Larry Webster Blum 
John Bradley Boos 
Joan Leslie Bossenga 
Brooke Elizabeth Bourne 
Patrick David Bowen 
John H. Bowers 
Kenneth Eugene Boyd 
Michael Francis Boyer 
Franklin Elliott Bradford 
Sue Braumiller 
Teresa Marie Brennan 
Michael Timothy Brosnihan 
Charles Robert Brown, II 
Kurt Alan Bruwelheide 
William Forrest Buckingham 
Michael Richard Burkley 
Katharine Marie Butler 
David Harold Buzzell 
Joseph Nicholas Cane 
James H. Cantrell 
Moira Ann Cargill 
Jeffrey Macleod Carolla 
Barbara Jean Carroll 
Robert Joseph Carroll 
Terrance John Cassidy 
Maria Isabel Castro 
Susannah Shu-Chu Chang 
Bruce Randall Charlton 
Harold Hao Chen 
Kin-Sing Chiu 
Dinah Lynn Christopher 

Andrew Martin Churgin 
Stephen Harrison Clarke 

*Beverly Ann Collins 
Kathy Lee Collins 
Richard Gregory Collins 
Mark William Collison 
Nedra Morrell Confer 
Barbara Conway 
William James Cooper 
Ira Hunter Copeland 
Lawrence Scott Copeland 
Paul Ernst Corona 
Douglas Neal Craig 

tGary Ryan Cramblitt 
Jacquelyn Danes 
Craig Robert Darcy 
Geoffrey Ellis Davids 

*Amy Marie DeBrower 
Joseph Michael Dees, III 
David Francis Deil 
Anselmo Mauro Delia 
Rebecca Anne Devine 
Greg Richard Diamond 
Howard Scott Diamond 
Sidney Diamond 
Ellen Robin Dickstein 
Margaret McClain Dienelt 
George Whipple Dobbs, III 
John Harold Dodd 
Joseph Thomas Doyle 
Steven Bruce Dreksler 
Thomas Joseph Driscoll 
Susan Leslie Dubin 
David Neil DuBois 
Jean Marie Dyer 
+ Paula Nan Ehrlich 
William Francis Eisele, Jr. 
Michael Howard Eisner 
Vicki Elwyn 
William Petty Erickson 
Ernest Ellis Eskridge, Jr. 
Alan Robert Fischler 
tHelen Chalka Fliegel 
Barbara Ann Foley 
Nicholas George Fotiadis 
David Gerald Frick 
Stanley Friedman 
John Henry Fringer, III 
Linda Diane Ganaway 
Paul Donald Gardner 

Cynthia Diane Gastineau 

Janet Naylor George 

Abbie Ilene Gerber 

George Joseph Gibeily 

Robert John Gilbert 

Claude William Ginsburg 

William Robert Glass 

Donald Lee Glassman 

Joseph Albert Glatz 

James Henry Gledhill, III 

Beth Gomeringer 

Richard Gonzalez 

David Melvin Gran 

Joseph Norman Greenawalt 

Holly Belle Groelle 

Jay Scott Grooman 

Paula T. Grossman 

Mark Robert Guilder 

Douglas B. Gultz 


§Summa Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Robert Joseph Hage 
Steven Michael Hall 
Scott Edwin Hallgren 
David W. Handelsman 
Linda Mae Hanks 
Jane Little Harman 
Ernest Clayton Harr, Jr. 
Millard Thomas Hennessee 
Heidi Andrea Herbst 
Terrell Ann Hewston 
Gregory Michael Hicks 
David Andrew Higgs 
*David Floyd Hildebrand 
Anita Kay Hill 
Samir Bishara Hishmeh 
§John Jen-yeang Ho 
Joseph Mark Hoffman 
Linda Ann HoUenberg 
Alan Joseph Huguley 
Allen Robert Hynes 
Youngock Hyun 
John Phillip Irey 
Larry Charles Jackon 
tHoward Terry Jacobs 
§Marc Alexander Jaffe 
John Thomas Janzer 

Patricia Diana Jennings 

Patricia Marie Johns 

Peter Nicholas Johnson 

John Edward Jones 

Karen Dawson Jones 

Wayne Bruce Jordan 

Richard Thomas Joy 

Howard Joel Kahn 

Christopher Parker Kannenberg 

Robert Solomon Kaplan 
f Howard Raymond Katz 

Jo Anne Kaye 

Richard Joseph Keegan, Jr. 

Ronald Lee Kelly 

Lynn Johnson Kemp 
f Karen Marie Kidwell 

Ronald Edward King 

Christine Thomasson Kisler 

Victor Kit 

Maria Jean Knackmuhs 

Fred Kodesch 

Elizabeth Jane Kolbe 
»Orly Cathy Korat 

Robert Bradley Koser 
tRoy Alfred Kottal 

George William Kraus, Jr. 

Barbara Ann Krop 

Mark Antony Kuhn 

Kathryn Cary Kunkel 

Patricia Marie Lacey 

Mark Chandrakant Lakshmanan 

Peter Karl Lambooy 

Sheryl Lynn Lard 

Gerald Deloss LaVeck 

Elaine Marie Lawson 

Scott W. Lea 

William Mark Leader 

Dong S. Lee 

Fred Matthew Lee 

Kam Hoo Lee 

Elliot John Lefkowtiz 

Terry Lynn Legge 

Elliott Alan Lehrer 

Bruce Norman Lein 

Marjorie Burns Lepor 

Bruce Wallace Leslie 

Richard Joseph Leung 
§Randy Levin 

Terence Lew 

Tracy Marie Leyden 

Rodney Brent Liller 

John R. Link 
*Robert Wayne Little 

Hung-Hsi Liu 

Richard Earl Lloyd, Jr. 

Phyliss Victoria Lockheed 

Frances Liesa Loebenstein 

Hunter Johnson Loftin 

Jane Kristine Logan 
*Robert James Lord 

Sandra Marie Loss 

James Edwin Lowry 

Eric Waldo Lundy 

Philip Jonathan Lyng 

Gary Howard Magnus 
Andrew Malay 
f Gordon Lee Mandell 
^Stephen Charles Boyd Mann 
Politimi C. Mantzouranis 
Georgia Maroulaki 
Carl Frederick Maschauer 
"Franklin Ned Masin 
Daniel Harry Mason 
Colleen Ann McCarthy 
Robin David McCuen 
James Patrick McDaniel 
Ellen King McGlade 
John Joseph McGloin 
Kathy Gayle McKee 
James Terence McMuUen 

f Nancy Jean Mick 
Russell Glenn Miles 
Blair Justin Miller 
James William Miller, II 
William Russell Miller 
Theresa Ann Monego 
Carla Yvonne Mora 
David Christopher Morck 

§Summa Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Susan Deborah Morstein 

John Stephen Nagle 

Michael J. Novak 
+Anne Terese Nucci 

Andrew William Offutt 
*Julian Linwood Oliver, III 

Shirley Jean O'Neill 
*Rose Maria Ong 

Nadim Nairn Ovvais 

Benedict Bernard Pagac 

Dai Yung Park 

Jonathan Mark Parrish 

Anita Patt 

Pamela Louise Peck 

Ruben Perez, II 

Denise Candice Perret 

Mark Allen Petersen 

Michael E. Peterson 

Richard Furman Peterson 

Robert Scott Peterson 
*Terri Jean Phipps 

Jean M. Pierce 

David Mark Pillor 

Gary Steven Pisner 

Alan Ricky Pollack 

Judith Rae Popowicz 

Frances Jamie Porter 

Laurie Sue Post 

Robert Paul Poston 

Antonio Ricardo Prats 

Mark Eldred Prescop 

Jorge Antonio Puig 

John David Putney 

Bruce Alan Rabin 

Bruce Stephen Rashbaum 

Steven Lee Rattner 

Nicholas Paul Reuter 

Naomi Richfield 

Gregory B. Robinson 
*Howard Neil Robinson 

Elliott Michael Rosengarten 

Scott Bruce Rosenthal 

Mark Jules Rothschild 
§Deborah Beth Rubin 

George Frederick Russell, III 

Pamela Susan Russell 

John Joseph Rutledge 

Linda Irene Saari 

Kathleen Louise Sader 

Peter Arthur Salsbury, III 

Andrew Charles Sanders 

Thomas Ford Sarelas 

William Edward Schaefer, III 

Leslie Joan Schilling 

Patrick Paul Schimpf 

Marc David Schlenoff 

Eric Arnold Schmader 

Katherine Marie Schmid 

Steven Joseph Schmidt 

Alvin David Schnitzler, Jr. 

Louise Marie Schulden 

Michael Louis Schwartz 

James M. Scott 

Mark Sears 

Gary J. Seiden 

Ricky Lee Seifarth 

Mary Jane Seipp 

Thomas W. Shamp 

Kathleen E. Sharkitt 

Michael John Shimko 
+ Elise Yumi Shitama 

John Patrick Shober 

James Irwin Schultz, Jr. 

Marvin Howard Siegelbaum 
§Ann Lynne Silverman 
*Krisztina Maria Snow 

Stuart Ray Snyder 

Ellen Faye Soorenko 

David Howard Spiegelman 

Mark Edward Spier 

Michael Evan Stahly 

Eddie F. Stanchi 

Audrey Janine Stansbury 

Jeffrey Wilson Stansbury 

Judith Anne Stein 

Walter Frank Stracke 

Joannes Cheng-Ying Tang 

Glenn D. Therres 

Joe David Thomas 

Timothy Peter Thorpe 

Mary Lee Thrasher 

Mary Lucille Tondo 

Jody Sue Trigg 

Alexandra Twarowski 

Deborah Kay Upton 
*Marianna Jo Urick 

Edmond Robert Vanden Bosche 

Judith M. Veihmeyer 

Paul William Vineyard 
*Stephen Jeffrey Wagner 

Steven J. Waller 

Randall Wilson Watson 
*David Gordon Watt 

Jeanne Mae Watts 

Nanci Ruth Aiken Weaver 

Marc Lee Weil 

Lise Joy Weisman 

Pamela Jeanne Wheeless 

Malcolm Glen Wilkinson 

OUie Williams 

Russell Stephen Williams 

George Roman Wisniewski 

Karen Ann Wright 

Dazaree Christine Young 

Dee Zarnowski 

Ludmila Zawistowich 
^Phyllis Zilber 

Lewis Bruce Zimet 

Deborah Ann Zirk 



Candidates will be presented 


Prof. John Hill, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Francesca Ippolito Blythe 
+ John Henry Boose 

Pamela Joy Brown 

Howard Ross Campbell 

Nathanial Charles 

Peter Yim-Leung Cheung 
^Stephen Robert Dallmus 

Roger Kendall Davis 

John J. DiMenna 

Hermione Jane Fthenakis 

R. Wayne Gibson 

Jeffrey Eric Gilbert 

Ted Michael Goldberg 

Lynn Sharon Goldfarb 

Luigi Grande 

Robert Michael Hackley 
f Nancy Strong Harvey 

Rebecca Jean Key 
*Edward Charles Kohls 

James Peter Lefever 

Philip John McWilliams 

W. Ronald Morgan 

Jon Charles Nathanson 

Donald John Quesenberry 

Glenn Steven Reynolds 

Steven Joseph Rohlfs 

Albert William Rubeling, Jr. 

Stephen Sedmak 

Carl Shen 

Daryl Albert South 

George Ingraham Staber, Jr. 

Steven R. Steinheimer 

David Guy Stroup 

Jeof fre Tesoro 

Mehmet Faik Tugberk 

Vicki Rae Walker 
§Marilyn Hamilton Weinberg 

Bachelor of Science 

Nathanial Charles 
Vincent Patrick Cucchiella 
Stephen David Larson 
John Steven Legg 
Sallie Suzanne Morse 
Michael Francis O'Malley 
Donald Joseph Schultz 
John Reginald Walker 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Candidates will he presented 


Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, 

Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Nicolet Jean Barlous 

Mary Virginia Batka 

John Martin Bebris 

Steven Mark Berlin 

Thomas Theodore Bienert, Jr. 

James K. Blake, Jr. 

Bruce David Block 

Charles Eugene Bracken 

George Everette Brandon 

Clifton CarlyleCahall 

David Issam Damalouji 

Graham Spalding Dower 

Ellen Margaret Drummey 
f Michael Patrick Dugan 

William Timothy Duggan 

Carrie G. Du Free 

Lorraine C. Dyjak 

Susan Lyn Elms 

Susan Rebecca Emrey 
*Linda Anne Ervin 

Cynthia Ann Fenneman 

Janice Mary Flynn 

Cathrine Ann Foley 

Timothy Sayre Fowler 

Karen Gail Friedman 

Grace Diane Gilden 

Heather Haunani Giugni 

Jan Ellen Goldberg 

Terri Goren 

Saundra Margaret Goss 

Robert Eugene Graham 

Peter Alan Grefrath 
*Felicia Anne Gressette 

Phyllis Gail Gruen 

Kathryn Mary Harrington 

Anthony Andrew Harris 

Douglas W. Harvill 

Donald Fay Hemenway, Jr. 

Frederick Paul Hildenbrand 
§Frances Miriam Hromulak 

Robert Murray Krantz 
*Sheryl Anne Leder 

Susan Lee 

Barbara Irene Lucas 

Garland Harrison McElveen 

John Kelly Mione 

Constance J. Mitchell 

Gail Sandra Mitkoff 

Rose Marie Morina 

Gae Elizabeth Morris 

Samuel Murik 

Donna Lee Nahme 
Timothy Dalmaine Neely 
Michael James Nelson 
Morey Girard Norkin 
Karen A. Palmer 

+ Dorothy Woodward Parlett 
Vincent Joseph Paterno, Jr. 
Richard Patrick Pica 
Norman Eugene Pruitt 
Rose Marie Reid 
Joan Elizabeth Rodgers 
Audrey R. Rothstein 

§Deborah Ann Ruth 
Diane Lynn Sachs 
Marsha Ann Satisky 
Susan B. Scheinman 
Corey A. Schneider 
Scott H. Schreibstein 
Patrick Anthony Sivigny 
Nancy Beth Smith 
Jeffery Alan Stanton 
Gail Ann Svensson 

■fMarcy Renee Swerdlin 
Kaye Ilene Tetlow 
John William Trotz 
Joan Marie Truszynski 
David Martin Walter 
Albert Williams 
Bonnie Jean Woo 
Joyce Ann Woodington 
Robert Louis Wyks 


Candidates will he presetited 


Dr. Rohert Corri^an, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jeanette Abramowitz 
Gonzalo Alfonso Accame 
Marcia Robin Adelman 
Michele Harriet Albert 
§Pamela Ann Allen 
Thomas Howard Allen 
Christine Elizabeth Alvey 
Hollis Paschen Anderson 
Vincent Wayne Anderson 
Judith Oak Andraka 
Lawrence Eugene Angle 
James Patrick Antonelli 
Peter Philip Arnsberger 
Richard Elliot Atkins 
Catherine L. Averinos 
Eugene Joseph Bachinski 
Stephen August Barkanic 
Sapienza Barone 
Mark Charles Bean 
Robert Beatson 
Richard S. Becker 
Joan Ellen Bellsey 
Neil Bender 
Mindy Sue Benderoth 
Jane Elizabeth Benedict 
James Junior Bennett 
Rita Issacson Benowitz 

Jill Susan Bergemann 

Gregg Lewis Bernstein 

Robert Lewis Bernstein 

Ruth Elizabeth Berthold 

Teresa Marie Bethke 

Doris Marie Beverlin 

Lori Suzanne Bierman 

Barbara Bissett Billman 

Judith Eve Blair 
*John Michael Blanchfield 

Timothy Walker Bliss 

Pamela Jean Blow 

Martha J. Bobbino 

Nancy Maria Boissy 

Craig Alex Bond 

Joy Hilda Boudreaux 

Nina Louise Boul 

Martha Pacy Bowersox 

George Everette Brandon 

Norman Lee Brautigam 

Michael George Brent 

Hugh Joseph Breslin, III 

Shari Dyanna Broder 

Gail Marjorie Brooks 

Daniel Christopher Brown 

Jeffrey Allen Brown 

Todd Brookes Buck 

Elizabeth Buckley 

Dara Lynn Buckner 

Donald Jay Budman 

Page Eisinger Buis 

Joan Patrice Burdick 

Kenneth Thomas Burns 

Maria Kay Bushee 

Hugh Nelson Calderon 

Lynnwood Raymond Campbell 

Jonita Campini 

Julie Anne Cardin 

Eugene Austin Carlin, Jr. 

Hugh Michael Carroll 

Yvonne Spring Carter 

Toni Rena Cherry 

Nathan Huff Christopher, Jr. 

Nina Rachel Chwast 

Louis William Ciufolo-Dickey 

Aida Antoinette Clarke 

Donna Kaye demons 

Dale Eugene Cole 

David Lee Coman 

Janet Marie Comberiate 

John Wallace Combs 

Nancy Caroline Conner 

John Kevin Connolly 
§Nerissa Jean Cook 

Robin Lee Cornell 

Lucia Vinciguerra Costantino 

Delight Carole Covill 

Ethel-Hancock Cowher 

Susan Auerbach Crowder 
*Page Croyder 

Patricia Margaret CuUens 

John Edward Curry 
f Marie D'Aguanno 

Deirdre Daly 

Victoria Danahy 

Franklin A. Dash 

Mark Philip Dassoulas 

Elizabeth C. Davis 

§5umma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 


Michelle Dawson 
Stephen Larry Day 
Eugene DeAnna 
James William Deatherage 
Patricia Ann Dedovitch 
Mark Charles Del Bianco 
Gary Stephen DeMoss 
Sheila Lillian Derricks 
Diane Marie Devlin 
Angela Marie Dey 
Arlene Mary Dillon 
John Dingier 
Thomas Gerard Dollard 
Richard Brian Dondes 
William Martin Donnelly, Jr. 
Idola Jane Dotson 
Thomas Edward Dougherty 
Stan Thaddeus Dragan 
Michael Droz 
David Marc Dubin 
Peter Thomas Eddy 
Mitchell Alan Egber 
Brian James Eggleston 
Margaret Meredith Eife 
Ronald Lester Eisenstein 
Ronald Anton Eschmann 

*Kathleen Ann Fagan 
John Scott Farow 

§Neal Robert Feigenson 
Harley Mark Feldberg 
Randi Sue Feldstein 
Darla Marie Fera 
Michael Earl Fine 
Barbara Joan Fineran 
Peter Francis Fisher 
Margaret Mary Flanagan 
Margaret Regina Foley 
Sonja Marilynn Ford 
Douglas Charles Forness 
Donna Jeannette Foushee 
Donna Louise Fowler 
Stuart Alan Frankel 
Alfred Gerald Franz, Jr. 

*Judith Bonnie Fried 
Michael David Friedman 

*Christopher James Fritz 
Edgar William Fruit, III 
Kathie Sue Funk 
Stephen D. Gainsburg 
John Francis Gallagher, Jr. 

§Kathy Chernus Gallay 

f Jean Ann Galliart 

+ Joan Kay Galliart 
Randy Lee Gartner 
Bruce Tyler Gayle 
Lynn Susan Gendason 

§Jane Albina Gentile 
Beate Luise Marie Gerbig 
Desiree Denise Giles 
Shirley Lee Goldberg 

*Janet Wendy Goldblatt 
Michael David Golden 
Mark Curtis Golla 
Vicki Joy Goodman 
Elizabeth Jane Gordon 
Joseph Rey Granados 
Keith Grant 
Ennis Gray, Jr. 

§William Francis Greaney 

Karen Elizabeth Green 

Kent Lee Greenberg 

Laraine Ellen Gregory 

Jeffrey Gresser 

Frances Anne Griffin 

John Charles Griffis 

Gary Poe Haines 
»Marie A. Hall 

George Roy Haller 

Robert Leroy Hanafin 

Charles Christopher Handy 

Cathryn Sue Hanger 

Alfred Monroe Tebault Hardesty 

Lynne Carol Hardie 

Jonathan Robert Harris 

Judith Lynn Harris 

Jeffrey Michael Havel 

Virginia Ellen Havely 
§Shirley Ann Hawkins 

Mark James Heazlit 

Cathryn Celeste Helm 
tCarroll A. Hench 

Gary L. Herman 

Karen Diana Hevey 

Emily Rochelle Hickey 

Elizabeth Ellen Hill-Merica 

Kevin Joel Hochberg 

Ronald Eugene Holt 

Deborah Faye Horner 

Deborah Faye Horner 
+ Robert Scott Horton 
f Claudia R. Householder 

Carol Estes Houston 

Michele Frances Hudson 

Marie C. Hughes 

Steven Paul Hulsey 

Gerald H. Inman 

Roxanne Marion Ivkovich 

Eileen Lynn Jacobs 

Kathleen O'Neill Jamieson 

Joseph Clayton Jennings 
*Linda S. Johnson 

Richard Marlon Jones 

Marcia Ann Jordan 

Janice Evelyn Kanter 

Dean Peter Karadimos 

Serena Stephanie Karandy 

Jeffrey Scott Karpa 

Rita Diane Karpin 

Marliese Helikum Kaufman 

Mary Elizabeth Kay 

Ruth Marie Keenan 

Robert William Keene 

Kenneth James Kelleher 

Lois Elaine Kennedy 

Martha Morrison Kenner 

Thomas Patrick Kenney 

Mary Ellen Keyes 

Denis Owen Kiely 


gSumma Cum Laude, IMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

'Gloria Katharina Kightlinger 

Clare Maureen Kiley 

Mary Dianne Kimmel 
*Viretta R. King 

Eddie Mark Kjelshus 

Anne D. Kline 

John Joseph Klinovsky, Jr. 

Sherri-Ann Knudsen 

Samuel Kouvaris, Jr. 
*Isfvan Kovacs 

Joni Kramer 

Carolyn Sandra Kramp 
*Irene Lucyna Krassowsky 

Lynn Rachel Kricun 

Linda Joy Kriebel 

Kurt Peter Ladusky 

Anne Frances LaLena 

Norma Jane Lambert 
gBarry Scott Landsberg 

Jamie Suzanne Lapin 

Russell Edward Layton 

Mary Therese Leahy 

Marc Franklin Lebowitz 

Mark John LeFever 

Barbara Fletcher Leibler 
*Gina Leifer 

Jil Leslie Levick 

Barry Joel Levy 
*Arlene Joyce Lipman 

Elaine Dawn Lizzio 

Charles Edward Lloyd, II 

Sophia Ann Lopez 

Randall Walker Lord 

Alice Virginia Luck 

Annette Brody Ludwick 

Thomas Daniel Luminello, Jr. 

Jeffrey Quintin Lynch 

Ann Louise Mable 

MaryEUen MacKinnon 

Pamela Ann Maier 

Sandra Ann Mallory 

Marilee Celeste Malphrus 

Eileen Lenore Mandle 

Lisa Mary Manzolillo 

Alan Richard Marcus 

Theo Athan Margas 

Stephen Marques 

William Scott Mason 

Barbara Ann Massengill 

Michael Robert Mauck 

Feme Mazaroff 

Nancy Jean McCann 

Kenneth Martin McCathran 

Scott Taylor McClelland 

Derrick Monte McCraw 

Mary Beverly McKay 

Becky Jean McKenzie 

Carolyn McRoy 

Cara Jean Mead 

Peter Seth Mehlman 

James Christopher Mercury 
f Thomas Edward Merritt 

Mary Jo Mesner 

Pamela Lou Messick 
*John B. Meyer 

Ronald B. Meyer 

Stephen Alexander Michaels 

Cheryl Kristi Mielke 
*Lynn Adrienne Miller 

Juanita Omah Mondello 

John Allen Moore 

Mary Kathleen Morris 

Mary Mell Morton 

Susan Marie Moses 

David William Mott 

Darby Ann Mudano 

Antonina Maria Munnia 

Robert H. Murrow 

Ronald Eugene Nelson 

Steven Lee Niederman 

Gerard Francis Nolan 

Elizabeth Ann Novack 

Rebecca Payne O'Donnell 

Craig William Olive 

Maury Bennett Ostroff 

Patrice O'Toole 

Stephen Ozanne 

Marie-Ange Parsad 

David Lee Parsons 

Raymond Alphonso Patterson 

Stephen D. Paugh 

Christopher John Paul 

John Paul Pavlos 

Karen Denise Peacock 

Helen Gwyn Pelton 

Margaret Swindell Pfeiffer 

Terry Pisano 

Paul Vincent Pisciotta 
*Vivian Lord Pitts 

Mari Frances Pohlhaus 

Cynthia Dee Posin 

Katharine Kirby Price 

Stephen Robert Prince 

Beth Fran Pripstein 

Barbara Faith Rabkin 

Lee Raines 

Ricky Roger Rankin 

Rosalind Ruth Reagin 

Malachi Joseph Redington 

Kathie Gearhart Reed 

Mary Virginia Reed 

Roberta Bell Reed 

Peter Charles Reniers 

John Michael Reynolds 

Richard Michael Reynolds 

David Brian Rhodes 

Cassandra Fay Ricks 

Nan C. Ring 

Susan Marie Ritter 

Salvatore Anthony Ritz, Jr. 

Regina Lynn Robbins 

Bruce Richard Robins 
*Harold F. Rodenhausen, Jr. 

Samuel Rogovsky, Jr. 

Ashley Stephen Root 

Jules H. Rosenberg 

Lisa Eve Rosenberg 

Joseph Wayne Rosenburg 

Belinda Brewer Ruch 

Donald Sabatini 

Bruce H Salan 

Charles Sanders, Jr. 

Nancy Lynn Sawyer 

Kathleen Marie Schaner 

Janis Aline Schick 
*Linda F. Schloss 
*Debra Ann Schneider 

Flora Kurz Schuck 

Jonathan Seides 

Cherie Settle 

Patricia Aileen Setzke 

Laura Carol Severt 

Joan Marie Sewell 

William Donald Shaheen, Jr. 

Margaret Louise Shea 

Janette G. Shelly 
'Roberta Gail Shore 

Thomas Gaspare Shriner 

Helen L. Silberminz 
f Renee Joanne Silver 

Janet Marion Simmons 

Joseph Emile Sissler 

Joseph Robert Skarwecki 

William Randolph Skinner 

Donald Edward Smith 

Patricia A. Smith 

Sheldon Charles Smith 

Steven Randal Smith 

Michael Joseph Snabley 

John Blaine Snook 
*Neeman Ahmad Sobhan 

David Richard Solomon 

Jerri Lynn Solomon 

Julie Robin Solomon 

Bernadette H. Somerville 

Louis William Sornson, Jr. 

Donna Jean Spain 

Thomas Edward Spangler 

Betsy Lynne Steel 

Robert Alan Stein 
f Revalee Renick Stevens 

Ernest Wayne Stokes 

Theresa Stokes 

Jacqueline Lee StoUer 

Jeffrey Charles Stout 

Dennis Peter Streppa 

Charles Francis Sullivan 

Richard James Surette 

Richard James Surette 

Ronald Mark Sussman 

Gary Curtis Sutton 

Jane Gallant Sweeney 

David Matthew Szuch 

Sheila Ann Tait 
f Stephen Joseph Tarafas 

Stephen Craig Taylor 

Eilene Resendes Telles 

Dana Marc Terman 

Jeffrey Law Thomas 

§5umma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 


*Alayne Dale Thorpe 
Shirley Louise Tingen 
Roger Hans Tinius 
Timothy Thomas Torbert 
Nancy Eileen Trachtenbarg 
Nicholas Mark Trainor 
Steven M. Treff 
Marvin Elwood Truax, Jr. 
Neil Jeffrey Tucker 
Linda Young Usilton 
Peter Rogers Van Allen, Sr. 
James Patrick Ventura 
Mary Carlisle Voelkel 
Andrew Theodor von Brand 
Rosa Marie Walker 
Margaret Leslie Wall 
Wendy Wallis 
Arleen Gail Wang 
Leila Irene Wassom 
Bradford Lee Watkins 
Robert Lee Waybright, Jr. 
Diane Susan Weisburger 
Toby Sandra Weisfeld 
Jean Marie West 
Neal Suddith West 
Adell Westbrook 
Dawna C. Westbrook 
Valerie Faye Whitmore 
Kurt Frederick Widmayer 
Katherine Anderson Wigell 
Valerie Susan Wilbur 
Susan Bowman Wile 
Arthur Ernest Williams 
Charles J. Williams, Jr. 
Charles E. Wilson 
Charlotte A. Wilson 
Mary Ann Wilson 
David Edward Wilt 
Thomas Aaron Windsor, Jr. 
Susan Debra Wittan 
Kenneth W. Wood 
Juanita June Woolston 
Mary Jo Wortman 
Alan Jeffrey Wright 
Mary Wright 
William Daniel Wright 
Carol Ann Yates 
Ludmila Zawistowich 
'Joanne Zawitoski 
Daniel Mark Zerivitz 
Paul Kenneth Ziff 
Gary Bryant Zimberg 
Kathryn Ann Zukasky 

Bachelor of Music 

George Wells Drumwright, Jr. 
fDeborah Ann Krute 
P. Josef Matsuki 
Regina R. McConnell 
Elaine Alison Moore 
Charles Wesley Phelps 
Arlene Marie Reichel 
Cheryl Elaine Dale Rice 
Jeffrey Eugene Rink 
Barbara E. Roberts 
Dorothy Bernice Yanes 



Candidates will he presented 


Dr. Rudolph Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Carl Norman Aefsky 
Michael D. Ahearn 
Joseph Christopher Allio 
Daniel Haskell Alper 
Rainer Altmann 
Deborah Sue Anderson 
Roy William Anderson, Jr. 
Arlene Therese Avery 
Linda Catherine Bahnick 
Steven James Baker 
Lisa Seidenberg Balzer 
Willie James Barber 
Karen Ann Barnhouse 
Edward Thomas Barnhouser 
Michael Paul Barr 
Bruce Howard Bauman 
Janet Louise Bell 
Frank Benvenuto 
Ronald Bergman 
Richard F. Berlinrut 
Dougas Joseph Bevington 
Paula Anne Biederman 
Michael David Biehl 
David Robert Black 

John Francis Blottenberger, Jr. 
David Malchi Boldon 
*Larry Philip Bormel 

Joseph F. Borowsky, Jr. 
Robert McLean Boyd, Jr. 

Jeannine Marian Boyle 

Jean-Luc Brami 

Barbara Ann Breitenother 

Wayne B. Brent 

Daniel Charles Broderick 

Chauncey Brooks, III 

James Mark Broullire 

Allan Lee Brown 

Paul B. Brown, Jr. 

Russell Wyatt Brown 

Richard Conrad Brustein 

Stephan Hugh Burgess 

Thomas Alan Burgess 

David Andrew Burnham 
*Thomas Spencer Burnham 

Patricia Marie Butera 

Robert Ellsworth Butman 

Bruce Arnold Byrd 

Laurie Theodora Byrne 

James Wilson Calhoun 

Vincent Michael Campanella 

Ignacio Andres Cardona 

David Stanley Carroll 

John Thomas Cascio 

James Sheridan Cashman 

Joseph James Cassell 

*Mark Anthony Casso 
Paul William Chaney 
Eun Ju Cho 
Chong Hong Choe 
James Richard Christopher 
R. Brian Coffman 
Gary Jack Cohen 
Jeffrey Neil Cohen 
Jo Ellen Cohen 
David Thomas Collins 
Roger Lane Collins 
Michael Christy Condolon 
Maura Joan Conley 
Robert Blackwood Conlin 
Morgan Andrew Connor 
Brian Kelly Cramer 
Jack Louis Crews 
Steven Murray Crow 
Bruce T. Cunningham, Jr. 
Francis Raymond Cuppels 
Roland D. Curbelo 
Sally Anne Custead 
'Samuel Jeffrey Davidson 
Jarman Wilson Davis 
Quinten M. Davis 
Carol Linda De Candido 
Melinda Ann Dillon 
Victoria Gabrielle Domenick 
§Farid Fazal Dossani 
John James Drehoff, III 
Leesa J. Early 

George Kenneth Eichelman 
Neil Richard Eisner 
Jan Terence Engel 
Diane Ermogeni 
Paul John Fatseas 
Martin Lee Favin 
Joseph Patrick Feeney 
Carl Bruce Feldman 
Steven Brian Ferguson 
JoAnn V. Fields 
Peter Fioretti, Jr. 
Frederick Conrad Firsching 
Kevin Andrew Flynn 
Donald Eugene Ford, Jr. 
Fred Allen Fosbury 
John Paul Fraley 
James D. Franks 
Roger Scott Fullerton 
Thomas Anthony Fuorry, Jr. 
Diane Barbara Ganz 
§Sandy Robin Garchik 
David Marshall Gardner 
Anthony Vinson Garner 
Janice Keefer Garrison 
Ann Marie George 
Paul Cono James Giaquinta 
Robert Herman Gidley 
Marvin Eugene Glass 
John F. Gleason 
Ann Marie Glenn 
Frederick Wylie Glomb 
Wayne Rogers Godwin 
Michael Robert Goggins 
Helaine Robin Goldberg 
Sylvia Yvonne Goldsberry 
Harvey Michael Goodman 


§5umma Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 

*Herbert Paul Gorin 
Michael Webster Gosnell 
Richard Charles Gottlick, Jr. 
Darrell Avrum Green 

f Arthur G. Greenberg 

f Richard J. Greenberg 
Judith Helen Greenspan 
Joseph Robhins Gregory 
David Michael Griffin 
Alex Phillip Gross 
Jerry Frank Gross 

fStephen Howard Guth 

*Linda Ann Guy 
Susan Judith Hahn 
David Anderson Hale 
Stephen Robert Halpin, Jr. 
Richard Elmer Hanak 
Timothy Robert Hanratty 
Randy Leon Harris 
James Michael Hastings 
William Roland Hawkins 
John W. Hayden 
John Collis Hayman 
Harvey Alan Heit 
Douglas G. Herman 
David M. Hesli 
Richard Alan Hill 

§James Francis Hines 
Marie Elizabeth Hirrlinger 
David Jay Hirshfeld 
Mark Stephen Hoffman 
Rhonda Diane Horowitz 
Samuel R. Housley 
Mark Emmett Howard 
Marc Alan Hurwitz 
John Joseph Inglesby, IV 
Gerald Johnson 
Donald Anthony Jones 
Elizabeth Ann Sara Jones 
Gary Kent Jones 
John Sherwood Jones 
Phyllis Susan Jones 
Kenneth Edward Kaelin 
Christine Kamenjar 
Jeffrey Philip Kandle 
Jay Laurence Kanofsky 

f Mark Alan Kaufman 

§Ruth Marie Kaye 
Harold Arthur Keiiing 
Thomas G. Keller 
Frank Luther Kemp, Jr. 
Paul Marshall Kipper 
Thomas Richard Kirpatrick 
Michael Jeffrey Klein 
Philip Roger Kmiec 
Pramod Kumar Kochhar 
Gerald Y. Kurihara 
David Andrew Kurtz 
Robert Wayne Kushel 
Ted Farrell Landman 
Michael Allen Lane 
Michael Edward Lange 
Richard Donald Leach 
Richard Wayne Lee 

*Susan Roberta Leifer 
Edmund Francis LeMieux, II 
Robert Joseph Leonard 

Jodi Barbara Lev 
*Stephen Murray Levin 
*Sari Ivy Levine 
Barry Max Levy 
Stuart Levy 
Deborah Ann Lew 
Randee Beth Lewitt 

John Anthony Licciardello 
*Luu Linh 
Frederick Gustav Lissau 

Anthony Vincent Lizzi 
*Susan Elizabeth Logan 
Kurt Michael Lomac 

Gus Loukas 
§Wayne Brian Lowell 

Mark Walter Lutrey 

Donna Denise Lyles 

Mark Allen MacDougall 

Lawrence William Mack, Jr. 

Andrew Joseph MacPherson 

Arthur Stuart Malen 

Susan Chapp Man 

Theodore Victor Martin 

Curtis Luckner Marts 
§Thomas Warren Matthews, III 

Thomas Edward Maultsby 

Jean-Jaques Maurer 

Robert Laurence Max 

Eileen Maye 

Kevin Francis McArdle 

Philip Joseph McBride, Jr. 

Clayton Swearingen McCarl, Jr. 

Robert Michael McCarthy 

Kelle Dennis McConnell 

Marsha Anne McDaniels 

Michael Robert McGreevy 

Roger Earl Meade, Jr. 

John Francis Meehan 

Denise Renee Meister 

John Tighe Merkert 

Donna Marie Metcaif 

Gayle Ann Metcaif 

F. Weller Meyer 

Martin Louis Meyrowitz 

James Christopher Miers 
§Mary Jane Miller 

Michael Saul Minker 

John Paul Mitchell 
f Gary Lee Modjeska 

Joanne Stefanie Moller 

Ann Cecelia Morris 

Michael James Moser 

Leigh Elliot Moshel 

Michael Anthony Mucci, Jr. 

Michael Joseph Murphy, III 

Robert Albert Neiman, III 

James Neel Nieves 

Mark Jay Niewerth 

Jill Suzette Norair 
f Robin Michelle Norman 
*Cynthia Ann O'Brien 

William Michael O Brien 

Patrick Dennis O'Connell 

James Marshall O'Day 

Norene Diane Oertel 

William Lee Ohlmacher 

Andrew Adipo Okuome 

Denise Lynn O'Neill 

Carol Lynn Oren 

Mitchell Scott Orgel 

Charles E. Packett 

Joan Ruth Pakulla 

Donald Steven Paris 

Ann M. Patrick 

Nancy Elizabeth Payne 

Gary Neil Pearlman 

Steven Philip Peck 

Jeffrey Peisach 

Turgut Omer Pence 

Rona Perlman 

James Francis Phillips 

Sharon LaFever Phillips 

Patricia Anne Polchinski 

Michael Eugene Polits 

Richard Saul Pollack 

Gail Ann Polser 

Stephen Michael Pope 

Susan Lori Popyer 
*Sandra Lynne Pore 

Steven Max Porter 
+ Edward David Postal 

Eric Harris Prawde 
§David Edward Raderman 

Wesley Carlton Redd 
gMichele Cockey Reed 

Marc Allan Resnick 

Ronald Thomas Rice 

William Todd Rich 

Mark David Richman 

Scott John Richter 

Tali Rider 

Robert Edward Rigg 

Harry Edwin Rimmer 

June Robins 

Stephen Karl Robinson 

Lee Wayne Roe 

Timothy Dennis Rollins 

Ellen Sue Rosen 

Mark Jeffrey Rosenstein 

Kenneth David Roy 

Susan H. Rumble 

Robert Lynn Russell 

Thomas Arrington Rymer, Jr. 

Kathleen Marie Ryon 

George Nicholas Sacclaris 

Arline Vea Sagisi 

George William Salmon 
f John Robert Sanders 

Michael Patrick Saulsbury 

Robert Kenneth Savage 

Franklin Wilson Saxton, III 

Kenneth Lee Schickler 

Michael Karl Schlener 

Robert Michael Schoenhaut 

Martin Raymond Schwartz 

Chris Alan Scitti 

Randall Lee Scott 

Michael J. Seabron 
'Sheldon David Serkin 

Randee Hope Shaffer 

M. Lance Shawver 

Michael Scott Shedler 

S. Peter Shultz 

Daniel Albert-Lewis Simenauer 

6iSumma Cum Laude. iMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 


Lery Bernhard Sims 
Michael Leonard Sirkis 
Thomas W. Skinner 

*Sally Slaton 
Larry Alan Slutsky 
Bruce Edgar Smith 
Gary William Smith 

f Randall Lee Snyder 
Stephan Eugene Sobolewski 
Ronald Joseph Staines 

+ Richard Fred Stark 
Eliot Jay Steele 
Julia Ruth Steele 
Barry Eugene Sterling 
M. Christine Stewart 
Robert John Stout 
Cary Barnett Strisik 
Michael Edward Struntz 
Helen Louise Sullivan 
Alan Marc Surrell 
Michael David Surgen 
Jay Thomas Swartzbaugh 
Gary Howard Tabach 
Robelito Jose Taguding 
Barbara Lynn Taubersmith 
Sharon Ann Thomas 
Suzanne M. Thompson 
George Bert Trammell, III 
Ralph F. Travellin 
Simela Triandos 
Peter William Troy 
Harvey King-Leung Tsoi 
Brian Adam Tupper 
Robert Glendon Valentine, Jr. 
Richard Dean Vance 
Dennis Martin Via 
Carol Jean Vogtman 
Dennis Irvin Volcjak 
Barbara Ann Wagar 
Kevin Leopold Wagner 
Phylyp Arthur Wagner 
David Leigh Waldenberg 
Diane Genevieve Wallace 
Michael Eliot Wallman 
William Robert Walsh 
Mary Tina Wang 

William Patrick Ward 

David La Rue Warner 

Michael Alan Warner 

Robert Clifford Wathen 

Robert Jeffrey Webb 

Leonard Brian Weinstein 

Kenneth Mark Welch 

Andrew Anthony Werner, Jr. 
'Patrice Louise Wessel 

Helene Shelley Wexler 

Joseph Michael Whelan 

George William White, ill 

James Aloysius White 

Karen Sue White 

Robert Steven White 

Mary Jeanne Willett 
+ Anna Marie Wilson 

Paul Alexander Wise 

John F. Witzel 

Douglas Richard Wolf 

Trudi Wolin 

Mona Terry Woorman 

Henry Talmadge Wooten, III 

Richard Marc Yaffe 
'Nicholas Anthony Yancich 

Donald L. G. Yee 

King Kuo Yee 

Mary Elizabeth Young 

Paul Edmund Zacharski, Jr. 

Gale Judith Zaentz 
*John William Zolldan 

John Anthony Zuccaro 

Wendy Jan Zweig 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Dudley Dillard, Acting 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Janet M. Abbott 

Jaime Acevedo-Scott 

Vincent Mark Adams 

Sophia Aksman 
§Audrey Simone Albert 

Marian Christine Allen 

Fred Allentoff 

Benjamin Cleveland Amick, III 

Francis Martin Amodio 

Vasiliki Gerasimos Anastasakos 

William Andrefsky, Jr. 

Andres Archila, Jr. 

Mary Catherine Atwell 

Diane Carol Ayars 

Mary Margaret Bailey 

Mary Carol Barron 
fLynn David Barry 

Thomas Matthew Barse 

Godelieve Willemsens Bartlev 
firving Thomas Basil, Jr. 

Andrew Mark Baum 
*Michael John Baxter 

John Trahey Beamer, II 

Jeannette Wilhelmenia Beckett 

Christine Lynn Beckner 

Sherrie Renee Berger 
Linda Sue Berry 
James Russel Biernesser 
Rebecca W. Blackman 
Laverne Blackwell 

'Marsha Lyn Blank 
John Stewart Blevins 
Marie Anne Boccabello 
Roy Raymond Bohr, Jr. 
Nadia Marie Bolus 
John Christian Bonner, Jr. 
Randall David Bosin 

f Candy Cee Bowman 
Marsha Jean Bowman 
John Alfred Bradley 
Larry Cartrell Bradley 
Wanda G. Bradley 
Arthur Deale Brady 
Robert Keliher Bresnahan, III 
Sharie P. Broder 
Adrian Eric Brown 
George Edward Brown 
Nathan Cunnngham Brown 

tSheryl Lynn Bruff 
Catherine Paula Brumbaugh 
Marilyn Rondi Budish 
Robert Michael Burch 
Gerry Jay Burghardt 
Sandra Burkom 
Susan Russell Butlner 
James C. Byers 
Claire Anne Callahan 
Vincent LaMonte Campbell 
Sheri M. Caplan 
Stephen John Caracciolo 
Eugene Thomas Carney 

'Christine Mary Carpino 
Douglas Arnold Carrese 
Dennis Micheal Cassidy 
Joseph Anthony Castille 
Catheryn G. Cavas 
Donald Frank Cerny 
Elliot Charles Chabot 
Louise Chang 
David Harris Chapman 
Gary Emil Charles 
Castor Derald Chasten 
Karla Ann Chesser 
John Lawrence Chiriboga 
Kathleen Marie Clancy 
Mary Dolores Clark 
Dalerie Patrice Clarke 
Randall Jackson Clay 
Douglas Robert Cochran 
Laurie Beth Cohen 

'Merrill Cohen 
Pamela Joan Cole 
Kevin Jerome Conlon 
Robert Anthony Connolly 
William John Connor 
Earl Martin Cook 


§Summa Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Jane Ann Coons 

Pamela Ann Cooper 

Victor Earl Copeland 

Christopher Michael Coppinger 

Mary Margaret Cornell 

Maria de los Angeles Cortes 

Michael Edward Coursey 
^Robert Bruce Crawford 

Beth Creeger 

Kathleen Madge Crim 

Rose Valerie Crisci 

Christine Roberts Curry 

Margaret Ellen Cusick 

Harry Custis 

Nancy Laura Cuzzolino 

Richard Clarke Daniel 

Brian Paul Darmody 

Lorraine Denise Darr 

Jane Ashley Davenport 

Carla Marie Davies 

Annette Irene Davis 

Gail L. Davis 

Joann Barbano Davis 

Lynne Davis 

Robert William Davis 

Patricia Susan Dellen 

Judith Ann DeLozier 

Peter Joseph Denchy 

Gary Gregg den Hartog 

James Anthony DeRado 

Sara Louise Deshler 

Donna Marie Di Paola 

John David Dondey 

Teresa Ann Donofrio 

Jeffrey Alan Dorman 

Frederick Anthony Dormer, Jr. 

Janet Michelle Dorsey 

Jeffrey Keith Dowler 

Patrick Andrew Driessen 
+ Laurie Sue Druckman 

Charles Osborne Duvall 

Cathy Jane Dyer 

Scarlett Sue Dziuk 

Michael Donnell Edison 

Michael Jay Eigenbroce 
*Debra Susan Eisner 

Cheryl Diane English 

Mary Irene Eno 

Robert Allen Errera 

Richard Granville Ervin 

Robert Lewis Evans, Jr. 

Patrick Leo Fake 

Diane Marie Falkenberg 

Suzanne M. Faris 

Stephen B. Feder 

Jo Esther Feldman 

Carol Fendler 

Kathleen Marie Ferguson 

James Paul Festa 

Mona Janis Fielding 

Paul John Fields 

§Diane N. Fineblum 

Kathleen Finn 

Mark Joseph Fisher 

Richard Douglas Fleming 

John Alexander Fletcher 

Cathrine Ann Foley 

Brigitte Former 

Diane Foster 

Willard Olcott Foster, III 

Lilymae Fountain 

Shelia Lynn Fralin 

Gareth Joseph Frank 
*Stuart Alan Frankel 

Stephen Joseph Frattaroli 

Carol Regina Frazier 

Susanne Bishop French 

Thomas Arthur French 

Debera Kay Frick 
f Debra Celia Friedland 

Barbara Irene Fuchs 

Raymond Charles Futran 

Cheryl Lorene Gaines 

Karen Rose Gallant 

Gregory Michael Geney 

Carmen Lillian Garcia 

Stephen Andrew Gardosik, Jr. 

Mary Ruane George 

Adam Giampietro 

Paul Cono James Giaquinta 

Roger James Ginnett 

Elyse Ann Gitlin 

Cynthia Dianne Glenn 

Carol Nancy Gluckman 

Margaret Ellen Godaire 

Denise R. Goehring 
t Cheryl Ann Goldberg 

Lisa Sue Goldberg 

Ellen Sue Golden 

Paul Norman Golder 

Patrick William Goodman 
f Bonnie D. Gordon 

Regina Marsha Gould 

Joseph Robert Gracia 

Alfred Lerue Graham 

Janet L. Gramm 

Cynthia Delores Graves 

John Michael Graves 

Louise Dennison Gray 

Ronald Brian Greene 

Richard Gary Greenstein 

Alan Scott Gregory 

Wonda Veretta Griffin 

Linda Gail Griffith 

Karen Lynn Grimes 

Steven David Grodnitzky 

Robert Jay Grossman 

James Francis Guenterberg 

James Bradley Guest 

Daniel Mark Haas 

Johnny C. Hahn 

Carol V. Hall 

Kevin Lee Hall 

Todd Leonard Halseth 

Judy Darlene Hamlet 

Michael Leo Handon 

Andrea Marie Hanko 
gCharles Harab 

Paul Allan Harper 

Ralph Edwin Harris 

Edward Gerard Hartigan 

Robert Olin Hartman 

Randall Paul Harvey 

Susan Lela Haught 

Crafton Julius Hayes 

Lawrence Edward Heffner, Jr. 

Lois Francine Hein 

J. Michael Henderson 

Kathy S. Henderson 

John Andrew Hennigan, Jr. 

Geoffrey Frank Hermesman 

Robert Richard Hetem 

Richard Michael Higgins 

Ivy Himmelstein 

Donald James Hogan, Jr. 

Clare Barbara Hogg 

Nancy Rhodes Hoke 
§Lisa Louise Honkala 

Lesley A. Hopkins 

Valerie Jean Horn 

Dennis David Horner 

Marion Corenda Houston 

Cynthia Jean Howard 

§Summa Cum Laude. IMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 


Garry Eugene Hoyle 
Linda Lelia Hu 
Jeffry Boyd Hubbard 
Robert Charles Hubbard 
Dianne Sue Huffman 
Miranda Kathryn Hunt 
Debra Susan Hurst 
Donald Anthony Hysan 
Michael John Jack 
Judieth Milyn Jackson 
Trudy Ellen Jacobs 
*Matthew Philip Jaffe 
Robert Joseph Jagoe 
Charles J. Janus 
Karen Sue Jeffries 
R. T. Jennings, II 
Wayne Darnell Jennings 
gPhyllis Susan Joffe 
April Vanessa Johnson 
Deborah Renell Johnson 
Paula Faith Johnson 
Barbara Ann Jones 
Kathi Ann Jones 
Lorraine Lester Jones, Jr. 
Stephen Emory Jones 
Steven Donald Jones 
Steven Merrill Jones 
Catherine Elizabeth Jordan 
Margaret Susan Kadziel 
Frank A. Kalbacher 
Edward Joseph Kane 
Libby Ann Kaplan 
Steven Andrew Karlow 
Scott B. Karp 
Mindy Katz 
Terri Ayne Katz 
Miles L. Kaufman 
Dennis Michael Kearns 
Gerald Frank Keipert 
Kathryn Therese Keller 
Susan Tina Keller 
Margaret Mary Kelly 
Rose Marie Kelly 
Eileen L. Kennedy 
Laura Susan Kesterke 
Gwendolyn Yvonne Keys 
Hatim Saad Khatib 
Mark Gregory Kiefner 
Lee Carder Kirby-Smith 
Kathryn H. Klassen 
David Edward Klein 
Lee David Klein 
Stewart Louis Klein 
Thomas Ernst Klett 
^Benjamin Albert Klopman 
Daniel Louis Koch 
Joan Ina Korenblatt 
Christina Koustenis 
Carolyn Sandra Kramp 
Kent Frederick Krause 
*John Patrick Kudel 
Michelle Jean Kuptzin 
Howard Bradley Labow 
Steven Paul LaBuda 
Bruce Richard Lamartin 
Cheryl Ann Lambson 
Jamie Lee Lander 
Robert Leo LaPointe, Jr. 

Barbara Lorene-Hayes Larson 
Joslyn Karen Lassiter 
Lois H. Laufman 
Steven Loren Lebling 
Scott Douglas Leenhouls 
Leslie Marta Lehman 
Nicholas Apprich Leinbach 
John Douglas Leonard 
Michael Alan Levin 
Michael S. Levin 
*Alyse Joy Levine 
*Gary Stuart Levine 
§Ronald Mark Levitan 
Patrice E. Lewis 
Randy Susan Lewis 
Mark Jeffery Lieberman 
Lori Ann Light 
♦Jeffrey Scott Lisabeth 
*Patricia Ann Lisehora 
George Curtis Little 
Frank Hardy Lloyd 
Anne Ashley Randolph Loker 
Eileen Marie Lunga 
Abdul Tejan Macauley 
Brian Walter Mack 
James Alan Thomas MacMillan 
Brenda Elaine Makins 
+ Deborah Jean Malinowski 
Claire Maureen Malloy 
Teresa Maloney 
Leslie Ellen Manning 
Carolyn Joyce Mariner 

Edward Gary Marks 
Victor Peter Markuski, Jr. 
Cynthia Lynn Martino 
*Judith Ann Marx 

Leo Pierre Masciana 
*James Eugene Maxfield 

Elisabeth Ann McAllister 

Patrick Timothy McCall 

Garry Chamberlin McConnell 

Robin Lynn McCool 

Kathy Anne McDonald 

Kevin F. McFarland 

John Joseph McGrane 

Glenda Louise McNair 

Debra Jean Meade 

Peter Schriner Measday 

David Brian Mederer 

David Jeffrey Meltzer 

Ira Jeffrey Mendelsohn 

Howard Jay Mendelson 

Adele Renee Merchant 

Patricia Anne Micklus 
§Therese C. Mihlbauer 

Charles Ralph Miller 

David Chfton Miller 

Debra Gail Miller 

Ellen Sue Miller 

Ira Steven Miller 

Thomas Blair Miller 

Elizabeth A. Milor 

Mitchell Lee Milstein 
*Andrea Dale Miner 

Victor Antonio Miranda 
§Hugh Allen Mitchell, Jr. 

John Talmadge Mitchell 

Charles Joseph Montrie 

Calvin Earl Moody 
Janet Marie Moors 
Nancy Lynn Moran 
Robert E. Moran, Jr. 
Emily Jane Morris 
John Willim Mothersole 
Jay S. Motz 
Dennis Michael Mraz 
Barbara Cheryl Mulitz 
Paul Byron Munn 
Joan Constance Muzzillo 
Andrew Myket, Jr. 
Sandra Leah Nagle 
Teresa Nagorka 

*Susan Gwen Nee 
Leo Lawrence Nentwig, III 
Arnold Edward Nisley 
Rebecca Nixon 
Judy Hollis Novak 
Martha Louise Noyes 
Janice Stevenson Nzuwah 
Willette Louise Oliver 
Daniel J. O'Lone 
Ann Maria Onaro 
Howard Ira Oppenheim 
Patti Oringel 
Conrad Ornstein 
Ethan Seth Ortman 
Charles Andrew Orton 
Lawrence Carlos Overby 
Brian Edward Overington 
Gregory Owens 
Susan Elizabeth Painter 
Celeste Vera Parker 
Robert Matthew Parkington 
Douglas Cameron Parrish 

'Janice Marlene Passo 
Mara Terese Patermaster 
Douglas Lee Patterson 
Nancy Ruth Patterson 
Stephen Harvey Paul 
Donna Michelle Payne 

'Audrey Jean Pendleton 

f Juan F. Perea 
Priscilla Ann Peregoy 
Minette Perler 
David Mitchell Perlman 
Randi Joy Perlman 

'Carol J. Phillips 
Robert David Phillips, Jr. 
Jeffrey Keith Phipps 
Mark Steven Pinkston 
Mark Jay Pinson 
Robert Eric Podlesny 

'Gilbert Marc Polt 
Roger Thorsten Pomeroy 
Jim Wood Pond 


§5umma Cum Laude. IMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 

Terry F. Popper 

Sharorx Rose Anna Porta 

James I. Porter, Jr. 

Edyth Porton 

Mary Ann Poulos 

John Adams Pratt, III 

Mary Teresa Price 

Steven Bence Pritchard 

Jeffery Scott Pulford 

John Gerard Quinn 

Bert Warren Randlett 

Russell Edward Rankin 

Susan Elizabeth Reagan 

Michael Neil Redmond 

Barry Joel Reich 

Gary Jay Reicher 

Gloria Madelyn Reiske 
§Wendy Reznick 

Robert Alan Rich 

Terrance J. Ring 

Cheryl Lynn Ringler 

Richard Bruce Ritterman 

David Matthew Rivello 

Stacey Ellen Robins 

Carol Ann Robinson 

Mary Ann Robinson 

Mary Camilla Rodgers 

Thomas Edward Rodman 

Maria Concepcion Rodriquez 

Maria Isabel Rojas 
+ Gary A. Rome 

Ronald Mckever Rose 
*Warren Steven Rosenfeld 

Karen Sue Roth 

Karen A. Rothfuss 

Jonathan Mills Ruhe 

Timmy Fields Ruppersberger 
*5herrie Lee Russ 

Paul Alan Samakow 

Mindy J. Samet 

Patricia Mary San Antonio 

Barbara Helene Sandler 

Lewis Ray Sanford, Jr. 
*Therese Ann Schellhammer 

Anette Lois Schettino 

Jackie Lynn Schleifer 

Jamie Sue Schlussel 
'Marianne Jeannette Schmitt 

Carol Marcus Schneider 

Lindy Jill Schoner 

Carolyn Ann Schuler 

Amy Louise Schwab 

Mindy Beth Schwartz 

Rodney Burgess Schwartz 

Robert Marc Schwartzman 

William Joseph Selle 

Karen Peknik Selsor 

Joseph Clarence Sharpe, Jr. 

Marikay Shaw 
gjill Hope Sheinberg 

Steven Lee Shelor 

Patrick George Sheridan 

Don E. Shewbridge 

Mary Elizabeth Shields 

Jay Steven Shulruf 

Marsha Joy Siegel 

Cynthia Kay Silberman 

Sandra Lee Silbermann 

Craig Laurence Silver 

Robin Silver 

Laurie Ann Silverman 
§Richard Brian Simpson 

Ronald Brian Sindler 

Melissa Kay Skeen 

David Michael Slockbower 

Lori Ellen Small 

Michael Kevin Small 

Alethea Dee Smith 
f Brenda Ann Smith 

Leslie Ann Smith 

Sandra Paige Smith 

Stroube Jackson Smith, II 
*Joel Stuart Snyder 

Robin Sue Solomon 

David Bruce Solow 

Cheryl Ann Sorensen 

James Andres Sorensen 

Donald Ray Southern 

Stephanie Gail Spencer 

John Lloyd Sprague 

Frank Thomas Stanczyk 

Marisusan Stanek 

Teddy Carl Staples 

Ami Beth Stappler 

Zan Joel Steinberg 

Donald William Steinman 

Felicia Anne Stevens 

Kathleen Collins Stevens 

Flora Ann Stewart 

Scott Harold Stewart 

Melanie St. Martin 

Karen Elizabeth Stocksdale 

Claire L. Strack 

Eric William Strassman 

Victoria Lee Street 

Debra Ann Suchter 

Mary Catherine Sullivan 

Rita Marie Sullivan 

Stephen Christopher Sullivan, II 

George Edward Supsic 

Robert James Swanson 

Laura Ann Tardiff 

Debra Ruth Tari 

Egan Elizabeth Tash 

John Walter Tatspaugh 

Nicholas James Tedesco 

James Roy Thein 

Marie Antoniette Thomas 

Michael Joseph Thomas 

William Leonard Thompson 

Angela Edith Tilley 

James D. Toll 

Christopher John Tolton 

Mark Frederic Totman 

Jo Anne Townsend 

Lisa Ann Trovato 

Lan Manh Tu 

E. Lucille Tubiolo 

Wanda Latres Turman 

Rudolph Victor Ulbright 

Gloria Gene Van Pelt 

Roger Holmes Van Slyke 

*Kenneth Gerald Vaughn 
Frederic William Vogelgesang 
Lamonte Aaron Wade 
Janet Marie Waggener 
Samer Nicholas Wahbe 
Frances Elizabeth Walbert 
Barbara Lynne Walker 
Sherry Kate Wallman 
Lucy Marie Washburn 
Sandy Ruth Wasserstein 
Robert Edward Waters, Jr. 
Cynthia Maria Wattley 

fDagmar Marion Weber 
David Joseph Weir 
Gail Marie Werner 
Robert Bennett West 
Robert Charles Westbrook 
Herbert Merrill Wheatley 
Julia Monnett Whitcomb 
Richard Vernon White, Jr. 
Brenda Gail Whitehead 
Denise Linda Whitmyer 
Elizabeth Ruth Whorton 

tDavid Daniel Wild 
Robert Nathaniel Wiley 
Arleethia Sharon Wilkinson 
Kathleen M. Williams 
Michael Grant Wilsker 
Michael Steven Winpisinger 
Joseph James Witte, Jr. 

f Patricia Ann Woodworth 
Evan Richard Wuhl 
Elaine Marie Ziemba 
Marjorie A. Zimmerman 
Maura Ann Zivalich 
Daniel R. Zogran 

§5umma Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Bachelor of Science 

Steven Bruch Altschuler 

Gary Burton Anderson 

Theresa Ann Ayers 

Juanita Louise Banks 

Neal Lawrence Baylin 

Sandra Leigh Bessette 

James Leonard Brady 

Brenda Lee Byard 

John Marshall Byard 

Edwin R. Byerly, Jr. 

Ona Caine 

John Danilo Cappelletti 

Timothy Kevin Carroll 

Edford Olaf Chambers, III 
'Judy Ching-Huei Chang 

Suzanne Chapman 

Janet Kathleen Clark 

Theresa-Ann Beverly Clark 

George Theodore Constantine 

Don N. Crisostomo 

Gladys Bernadine Davidson 

Paul Richard Davis 

Joseph Francis Emala, Jr. 

Brian James Falk 
f Lawrence Richard Feldman 

Caryn Eileen Fox 

Stephen Harold Gamerman 

Robert Scott Goodwin 

Charles Henry Grant 

Bernard Lawrence Greenbaum 

Eric Allen Gross 
*Alberto Alejandro Gutierrez Mazorra 

William Patrick Hocking 
*Nancy Lynn Holford 
Ronald Edwin Hunkeler 

John Phillip Irey 

Edward Charles Italo 

John Benedict Joy, III 

Mary Kathleen Judge 

Ronald Lee Kepler 

Joseph Robert Kincaid 

Jay Edwin King 

Gary Steven Knauer 

Mark Matthew Koepsell 

Craig Alexander Lavish 

Dong S. Lee 

Robert Alan Levine 

Arthur Lewin 
'Marianne Tina Libber 

Sharon Faye Lieberman 

James Milton Maedke 

Rosemary Elizabeth Martin 

John Patrick McCoy 

Richard Scolt McKenna 

Paul Hugh McRoberts 

Donald Franklin Mercer, Jr. 

Alan Howard Miles 

Lyle Terrance Modlin 

Richard Anthony Montanio 

Terry Lee Mutchler 

Arron Jay Needel 

Thomas Anthony Neidenbach 

Susan Anne O'Connor 
*Ellen Terry Ozur 

Sudesh Pabla 

Therese Elizabeth Pagello 

Mary Clare Pahl 

Glenn Edward Peters 

Jeanne Marie Phelan 

Mary Irene Raley 
*Bruce Stanley Rosenblum 

Vernon Lesly Ross 

James Alan Royal, Jr. 

Joseph John Schlueter 
'Michael Alan Seidel 

David George Selig 

Joseph Alexander Semyan 

Barbara L. Serafin 

Deborah Lee Sexton 

David Cogswell Shepard 

Kinuyo Shiba 

Gregory Philip Shoop 

Israel Shualy 
§Lisa Ann Siegel 

James Peterson Silva 
fDonna Jane Sinetar 

Douglas Joseph Smith 

Debra J. Spear 

Sally Gail Spees 
f Gail Stotsky 

Mark Remson Stromberg 

Mark Scott Tannenbaum 

Dianne Darnette Thompson 

Earle Clifton Titus 

Deborah Joan Tontodonato 

Michael Joseph Touhey 

Deborah Lynne Valdes 

John Louis Voigt, Jr. 

Charles Lee Walthall 

Marcie Ann Wasserman 

Mary J. Wendehack 
f Colette Jane Wycech 

Vickie Marie Zeller 



Candidates will be presented 


Dr. H. Gerthon Morgan, 

Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Noel Layne Allen 
§Marcia Ilene Arret 

Saranne Elizabeth Barber 

Lauren Moss Barmack 

Sheryl Diane Berger 

Susan Lee Boido 

Scott Aaron Brenner 

Ellen Jo Brodie 

Claudette Angela Brown 

Janis Derry Burch 

Richard M. Burger 

Jean Marie Burkett 
'Elizabeth Marie Burns 

Joan Marie Cavalero 

Jina Azalea Choi 

Delinda Louise Curtiss 
'William Ralph Desrochers 

Barbara Worley DeWitt 

Ellen F. Dinnin 

Charles Adam Farrow 

Kathleen Ann Feneli 

Jennifer Lynn Fletcher 

Elaine Bias Flores 

Deborah Jeanne Fruth 

Rochelle Janis Geffner 

Louis S. Glover, II 
f Randy Jean Haaf 

Kristen Ann Hagen 

Leon David Harris, Jr. 

Roosevelt Harvin 

Susanne Elizabeth Hean 

Robert A. Henderson 

Jacquelin Ann Hill 

Ernest James King 

Jane Mara Levin 

Harold Raymond Lloyd, Jr. 

Susan Lynn Mulhern 

Goldie Lev Neff 

Kathleen Ann O'Brien 

Patrick Kevin O'Malley 

Pamela Ann Catherine Pemsel 
|Eva Peratino 

Mary Bull Perkins 

Lawrence Jeffrey Perrin 

Joan Pogermon 

Joanne Ready 

Paul Michael Riordan 

Patricia Renee Roberts 

Dorothy Constantine Royal 

Cindy M. Schwartz 
§Elizabeth NG Shirai 

Patricia Rae Smiley 

Leslie Ann Smith 

Marilynn Moody Spindler 

Martha Ellen Stern 


gSumma Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Lori Lee Street 
Laurie Caroline Ventry 
Yolanda Dora Lee Waldon 
John William Winter 
*Rhoda Lee Woolf 
Susana M. Yapur 
William Gregory Yost 
Sandra Metzger Zuckerman 

Bachelor of Science 

Deborah Elizabeth Adams 
Douglas Rudolph Agee 
Lorraine Florence Aiken 

Joyce Taiwo-Edmond Akintilo 

Jean Leslie Allred 

Susan Karen Altman 

George Thomas Andres 
*Richard Schaller Andrews 

Jayme Louise Atkin 

Betty-Jean Bailey 

Teri Lee Baker 

Patricia Irene Bales 

Euirl S. Banks, Jr. 

Thomas Charles Barnicoat 

Thomas Howard Baughan 

Dana Ann Beasley 

Donald Joseph Belanger, Jr. 

Sharon Ann Belcher 

Mina Kathleen Bell 

Barbara Jane Bensel 

Robert James Bester 

Gustav Charles Biedermann 

Renata Harriet Black 

Karen Leigh Blalock 

Susan A. Blanton 

Patricia Andrina Bohr 

Debra Lu Borklund 

Robyn Irene Bostrom 

Laurie Jean Bowen 

Debora jean Brooke 
jElizabeth Mclnnis Browne 

Nelson Anthony Butler 

Mindy P. Caplan 

Mary Josephine Caponiti 

Jane Carpenter 

Kung-Li Chang 

Michael Richard Cheripka, Jr. 

Ronni Elaine Cherrnay 

Deborah Rosalie Chilcoat 

Phillip Eugene Chumley 

Joan Leahy Coble 

Betsy Lu Cobun 

Barbara Eileen Cohen 

Lisa Fay Cohen 

Ricki Donna Cohen 

Marianne Grace Coleman 

Carol Lynn Collins 

Raymond Edward Conrad 

Sonya Yvette Cooper 

*Cheryl Meta Cooperman 
Linda Jane Copeland 
Aleese Edlyn Corman 
Laurie Sue Crawford 
Jo Ann Gentile Crescenze 
Angela Marie Cross 
Bruce Edward Grossman 

Deborah Kerr Daigle 
Anne Marie Winegrad Dammeyer 
Sally Jo Davidov 
Kathleen Jeanette Davis 
Lloyd James Davis 
Sherrie Ruth Davis 
Sandra T. Deckelbaum 
Gary Russell Decker 
Mary Louise DeFilippo 
Joan Dorothea Demmitt 
Daphne Faye DePue 
Nancy Joyce DeRuggiero 
Joan Marie Dienelt 
Barbara Mary Dillon 
Nancy Lee Donnelly 
Teresa Rees Dosek 
IJudith Lynn Downing 

Michelle Ann Duke 
f Bobbi Lynn Dunlap 
William Hancock Dunn 
Judy Ann Dutterer 
Carol Ann Duvall 
Robin Tara Eakes 
Holly Ann Eckard 
Fran Ellen Eisenstadt 
Janice D. EUenson 
Susanne Eva Eszenyi 
Margaret Jane Evans 
*Jerelyn Forsythe Everett 
Pamela Sue Everngam 
Wallace Lee Fauble 
Robert George Fehle, Jr. 
Stuart Barry Fensterheim 
Ava Cecilia Ferebee 
Patricia M. Fisher 
Ellen Sue Flynn 
Peter Kevin Flynn 
Pamela Jeanne Forness 
Rebecca Gibson Freas 
*Nanette Zipper Fried 
Anne Joyce Friedman 
Denise Arlene Friedman 
Ellen Clevenger Garber 
Jeffrey Allen Garland 
Dale Blackwell Gasque 
f Joyce Adrienne Gass 
Mary Teresa Gautier 
Katherine Carol Gentzel 
William John Gerardi, Jr. 
Barbara Jean Gesumaria 
Roberta Alliene Girardi 
Sondra R. Glosemeyer 
Sarah Gold 
Janet Goldfogle 
Linda Marie Gorozdos 
Georgina Ann Groleau 
Deborah Ruth Gruss 
Diane Gulkasian 
f Randy Jean Haaf 
§Ann Marie Moriarty Hall 

Janet Marie Hallen 
*Patricia Ann Marie Hamilton 
Allen Russell Hamlin 
Arnold Edward Hammann 
Patricia Kay Hammer 
John Richard Happick 
Betty Lou Harmon 

§Summa Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 


tSusan Denise Harold 

Robert Benjamin Hartswick 

Barbara Lynn Haub 

Frances Gwendolyn Headley 

Barbara Jean Hedges 

Paula Rochelle Hein 

Fern Sue Heller 
*Kathleen Mary Hennessey 

Dorothy Marie Herring 

Joyce F. Hewitt 

Debra Cheryl Hibbs 
'Martha Jane Hickman 

Mindy Jane Hicks 

Catherine Lee Hilderbrand 

Inge Bruun Hill 

Craig Alan Hobson 

Gene C. Holcomb 

Barbara Jo Holland 

Judith Ann Holmes 

Nancy Ballard Hughes 

Laurie Lynn Hunt 

Eric Wayne Jack 

Cynthia Camille Jackson 

Maurice Earl Jenkins, Jr. 

Catherine Mary Johnson 

Richard Marc JoUes 

Jacklyn Dawn Jones 

Katherine Irene Kahoe 

Daniel Saul Katz 

Robin Lee Kaufman 

Lois Rene Kemerer 

Margarete Ruth Kepich 

Donna Brinsfield Kimball 

James W. King 

Cynthia Louise Kinsey 

Frederick Otto Klee 
'Phyllis Joy Kleiman 
§Patricia Williams Kneisly 

Ronald E. Knight 
*Lois Carol Knowles 

Janice Joy Kociol 

Bruce Belbin Kopp 

Nancy Patrice Korrot 

Jacqueline Sue Kover 

William Jack Krenlich 

George Anson Kuck 

Carole Jo Lafferman 

Diana Georgia Lambros 

Linda Ann Lapato 

Amy Sue Lee 

Barbara P. Leiner 

Betsy Jane Lengyel 

Paula Lee Leventhal 

Melanie Ann Levine 

William David Levine 

Harry Levy 

Joyce Laurel Lockard 

Nancy Ann Logsdon 

Ellen Gabrielle Luciano 

Victoria Jean MacBryde 

J. Christopher Maclntire 

Elise Pao-Ying Mak 

Julia Sarah Malinger 

Ann Norma Manheimer 

John Eugene Manning, Jr. 

Edward L. Martin 

Victoria Marvin 

Dwight Lee Mayberry 

Brenda Gale McAfee 

Eric Paul McCuUey 

Charles Hamill McNeil 

Elisabeth Johanna Meerman 

Eileen Melia 

Jack Melnikoff 

David Michael Meltzer 

Debbie Lynn Meltzer 

Carl David Merry, Jr. 

Paula Ann Mihok 

Susan Elizabeth Montgomery 

Laurence Scott Morrison 

Sally Enid Moser 

Helen Joanne Muehling 

Karen Angeny Murphy 

Bridget Mary Murray 

Mary Theresa Murray 

Marcia Ellen Natan 

Bonnie Sue Negler 

Chandra LaVerne Norris 

Shelley Alison Nutter 

Amy Sumner O'Donnell 

John H. Omara 
'Sheila Lenitta Orth 

Lois Abrams Owen 

Russell Emmitt Owen 

Adrienne Beth Pantell 

Donna L. Pape 

Robert Lee Parker 

Ellen Bette Paymer 

Eugene Owen Peer 

Larry Ira Pekofsky 

Betty Jane Peters 

Robert Wayne Peters 

Mark Allen Petersen 
+ Ronald Charles Pflugf elder 

Lesley Kay Piper 

Linda Mae Pitt 

Sara Ann Poe 

Linda Ann Pohutsky 

Timothy Patrick Polvinale 

Deborah Elaine Post 

Adele Haven Presby 

Diana Marion Pressey 

Sally Jester Pusey 

Andrea Sue Pushkin 

Joyce Ellen Rabin 

Debra Bakalis Rallis 

Debra Ann Ray 

Donald Campbell Reese, Jr. 

Ellen Michelle Reeves 

Beverly Ann Resnick 

Michael Steven Resnick 

Herbert Christian Reynolds, Jr. 

Janis Ann Rhoads 

Jo Ann Rich 

Tracey Campbell Richards 
Clifford Arthur Richardson 
Mildred P Richmond 
Dereda Wise Ricker 
Carol Joan Rifkin 
Kathie Je Anne Rippel 
Francine S. Rogers 

§Susan Marie Roper 
Ellen Anne Rosen 
Nancy Carole Rothman 
Mary Ellen Rupert 
William Guilford Saccardi 
Bonnie Debra Salzman 
Albert Joseph Saunders 
Andrea Ronnie Schiff 

+ Lenore Iris Schiff 
Raymond Frederick Schisler 
Robin Anne Schlossman 
Jeri Schreiber 
Monica Susan Scruggs 

§Leigh Anne Selby 
Solveig Johnson Seltzer 
Ada Louise Sens 
Jack Steven Shankman 
Jacky Carol Shaw 

'Carole Ann Shetzich 

'Lisa Bergh Shoemaker 
Patricia Ann Silver 
Barbara Brown Slagle 
Mary Claudine Slater 
David Bradley Smith 

'Helen Ann Smith 


§Summa Cum Laude; f Magna Cum Laude. "Cum Laude 

*Mary Ellen Smith 
Diane Lynn Solomon 
Robert Allen Sondheimer 
Bette Jane Sorcek 
Debra June Spector 
Vickie Gail Spiezle 
Edith E. Stephens 
Barbara Maxine Stern 
Pamela Ann Stevens 
Scott Harold Stewart 
Barbara Ann Stone 
Elizabeth A. Strittmatter 
Gretchen A. Super 
Esther Marlene Tauber 
Jeffrey Wayne Taylor 
Sandra Sue Whitt Taylor 
Susan Marie Thomas 
Carol Lynn Thompson 
Sheila Marlene Titus 
Laurie Ross Tomassoni 
Elizabeth M. Tsoy 
Dale Ray Tucker 
Brad Martin Turley 
Sally Josephine Underwood 
Jean Lorette Ursini 
Matilde Ester Vallejos 
Bella Marie Van Sickle 
Kim Louise VValck 
Gaye Leah Wallace 
Elizabeth Anne Walsh 
Janet Susan Walsh 
Karl Brantley Watson, III 
■jKathleen Theresa Weaver 
Cynthia Weiner 
Diane Marie Wells 
Virginia Lee West 
Roberta Lynn Wheeler 
Elizabeth Clair Winslow 
Karen Wintermoyer 
Thomas Edward Wisniewski 
Carma Michele Wood 
Sara Dean Wright 
Carol Marie Zimmer 
Lisa Ellen Zimmerman 
Kathleen Loretta Zirpoli 
Debra Sue Ziskind 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. John R. Beaton, 

Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

f Pamela Deane Archer 
Shellye Jan Attman 

Noreen Babington 

Susanne Therese Barrett 

Barbara Baumler 

William James Beck, Jr. 

Debbie Sue Bernstein 

Jacquelyn Louise Berry 

Deborah S. Bierman 

Kathleen Jean Blasco 

Joanne Silver Book 
§Susan Ann Brill 
gBarbara Lynn Broad 

Karen Lynn Brookbank 

Halia Maria Bula 

Lucinda Miller Calahan 

Carol Susan Camarano 

Kenneth H. Campbell, 111 

Janie Joan Cannon 

Joanne Kathryn Cartwright 

Wenona L. Clark 

Cheryl Renee Cohen 

Sheryl Joan Cohen 

Dorothy Jean Cole 

Carol Jean Conway 

Wanda Camelia Cox 

Jeffrey William Curcio 

Hollie Shawn Cutler 

Elzora Marie Dalrymple 

Joanne Davidoff 
*Maria Aleida DeKuyer 

Thomas Anthony Dorosewicz 

Brigid Mary Dougherty 
Laura Anne Dowling 
Donna Lynn Dunay 
David Mcallister Durrett 
Merri Donna Duval 
Janet Marie Eaves 
Brenda Joyce Eden 
Barbara Lynn Eisner 
Zelma E. Elder 
Berit Ellenes 
Angela English 
Diane Firko Everline 
Sheryl Lee Ewing 
Margaret Anne Fear 

* Karen Lee Fetterolf 

gMarcy Finkel 
Paula Rachel Freeman 
Vicky Lynn Frey 
Melinda Lynn Fromm 
Susan Lee Gagner 
Sharon Elizabeth Gatlin 
Karla-Jayne Gehuhr 
Mary Ann Gerlach-Schmidt 
Camille Lynn Goldberg 
Joyce Phyllis Goldman 
Barbara E. Goldsmith 
Pamela Christine Gonzales 
Joyce Cynthia Gorun 

Lynn Patrice Grambo 
Sally Ann Hack 
+ Leslee Ann Hall 
Carolyn Ann Hamet 
Elisabeth Bishop Hanson 
Martha Rose Hardison 
Anne Wheeler Harlan 
Nina Lynn Hartunian 
Rochelle Myra Haveson 
Karen Rose Marie Hayman 
Nancy Colleen Hiett 
Paula Leigh Hoffman 
Cathleen Marie Heidi Hofman 
Ruth Ann Hunt 
Ena Pamela James 
*Cynthia Lynn Jennings 
Deborah Elaine Jewell 
Susan Meredith Johns 
Katherine Marie Jones 
Lori Beth Kantrowitz 
Ruth Kaplan 
Terry Robin Kaufman 
Brenda L. Kay 
Phyllis Helaine Kershner 
Ellen Rae Klotzman 
J-Nancy Hughes Knain 
Betsie Ruh Kosher 
Sharon Ann Kunkel 
tJan Michelle Landau 
Carole Ann Lass 
Paula Reeder Lawrence 
Arlene Joan Lawson 
Eileen Nolan Leach 
Karen Virginia Lee 
*Alane Katherine Lehfeld 
Yoland H. Levin 
Laurence Anthony Long 
Patricia Ann Long 
Cheryl Jean Loomis 
Margaret Menton Lynch 
Charles Avery Lyon 
Miriam A. MacDonald 
Millie J. Maguire 
Mercedes Ann Manno 
Susan G. Marsheck 
Paula Lorraine Matthews 
Sherry Ann McAllister 
Paula Lynne McCall 
Tara Mary McCloskey 
Vickie Jo McCracken 
Cynthia Marie McKay 
Marilyn McRoy 
Michelle Annette Melcher 
Susan Powers Meyer 
Jann Lesley Meyerson 
Priscilla Jane Mooradian 
Martha Ellen Moore 
Emily Jane Morris 
Linda Sue Moskin 
Priscilla Maureen Murphree 
Sophia R. V. Nakonechny 
Beverly Jeanne Nelson 
Lori Sue Nelson 
Rita Mae Newton 
Mary Ann Nichols 
Mary Kaye Nilan 
Margaret Elizabeth Norton 
Deborah Faith Novinsky 
Kendall Kochevar Nowstrup 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude. *Cum Laude 


*Rosemary Carole Nye 

Amy Moria O'Connor 

Nwangaji Ogbonna 

Margaret Mary O'Neill 

Roxanne Marie Palau 

Robin Sue Pato 

Alice Fay Patterson 

Judith Nancy Platshon 

Margaret Catherine Proctor 

Ellen Vollweiler Radeloff 

Deborah Witmer Redington 

Elizabeth Ann Rees 

Janie Nauss Reeves 

Maria Susan Reisberg 

Jane Elise Riemenschneider 

Marilyn Lee Rifkin 

Susan Milburn Ritchie 

Tayloria Ann Robinson 

Theresa Kyne Robinson 
*Mary Ellen Katherine Romano 

Joan Elyse Rosenberg 

Michelle Denise Roskam 

Rosetta Mae Samuel 

Jill Mara Saunders 

Margaret Ann Savage 

Philip Schlickenmaier 

Anna Cornelia Schmidt 

Carol Lynn Schmidt 

Marc Jeffrey Schoem 
*Danielle Monique Schor 

Jeanmarie Sebastiano 
*Jane Elizabeth Setterstrom 

Harold Shapiro 
*Ellen Therese Sheridan 

Margaret Lee Sims 

Holly Debra Singer 

Elisa Dale Sinrod 

Paula Marie Sinsky 

Norine Fowler Sleeman 

Sharon Lee Sless 

Alison K. Smith 

Katherine Marie Smith 

Gonzalo Alberto Soto 

Cynthia Laurel Stanley 

Victoria Smith Stave 

Elisabeth Carla Maria Steinbrecher 

Lynn G. Strauss 

Jeanne Marie Stref f 

Judith Wendy Swirnow 

James Casey Teare 

Charles Howard Towson 

Linda Jean Trudell 

Elise Ann Vernick 

Karen Ursula Wales 

Andrew Alan Wallitzer 

Louise Marie Washick 

Keith Antoine Watkins 

Alexis Lorraine Webb 

Robin Iris Weiman 

Cynthia Denise Wellante 

Jeanne Marie Wilkerson 

Denise Marvelle Williams 

Stephanie Corliss Williams 

Josephine Isabelle Wilson 

Jody Lynn Winner 

Donna Marie Yazge 

Barbara Gail Zelkind 

Jayne Lois Zion 

Harold Roger Zurn, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Marvin Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Susan Lynn Abrams 

Carol Ann Barge 

Kevin F. Benson 

Wayne Russell Bickford 

Deborah Ann Blair 

Donald Lawrence Blocher 

Kenneth Duane Bowers 

William Francis Briggs 

Jana Louise Brown 

Margaret Genevieve Butler 

Sharon Lucille Cain 

Cristy Laumer Caswell 

Patrice Eve Cohen 

Chris Edward Comulada 

Gerald Robert Covello, Jr. 

Jack Lee Dail, Jr. 

Carolyn Louise Denham 

William Andrew Dorko, Jr. 

Collins Scarborn Downing, Jr. 

William H. Evans 

William Bradner Eyler 

Karen Marie Fangmeyer 

Dawn Elizabeth Farrar 

Jeffrey Michael Fattibene 

Gregory G. Filipos 

Virginia Sara Fixell 

Susan Ruth Fleming 

Susan Debra Fribush 
fFlorence Sullivan Fritz 

Michael Stephen Fuka 

Ayne F. Furman 

Scott Davidson Fyfe 

Nancy Evelyn Gaither 

Beth Mindy Goldberg 

Ira Jesse Goodsaid 
§John Francis Grabowski 

George William Granofsky, Jr. 

James Edward Green 

Timothy Brian Hames 

Derick Lamon Harris 

John Clayton Hill 

Brenda Marie Hoelman 

Pamela Ann Hurley 

Loretta Ingraham 

James Wilmer Johansen 
f Wendell Wilson Jones 

Vicki Lee Kinney 

Joel Leslie Klipp 

Frances Marie Kress 

Michelle Larash 

Karen Corinne Long 

Stephen Jeremiah Long 
*Deborah Ann Luongo 

Bertram Elmer MacColl 

Marsha Terry Mager 

Sandra Emilie Malone 

Patricia Honora Mann 
*Gary Maurice McCorkle 

Sarah Ann Messier 

Arnold Barry Miller 

Monica Mintz 

James Alexander Mixon 
+ Paula Ann Mukavitz 
§Deborah Jean Nelson 

Karl Henry Noyes, Jr. 

Stephen Robert Orwig 

Marie T. Otiey 

Susan Marie Parks 

William Menelaos Pastis 

Mary Kay Munsterteiger Pearl 

Margaret Warren Pully 

Lynn Christine Campbell Rader 

Richard Paul Randall 

Frances Lee Reid 

Kathy Darlene Rice 

Rosemarie Ruddick 

Nancy Rose Shultes 

Deborah Sue Schuman 

Carol Lynn Svec 

Arthur Charles Tsonis 

Jamie Xavier Velasco 
*Donald Steven Walls 

Jerry Armond Warren 

Teri Myra Washabaugh 

Emily Jane Weaver 

Laurie Ellen Williamowsky 

Janet Helen Wingrove 
*Frances Ann Wright 

Denise Josh Young 


§5umma Cum Laude: +Magna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 



Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Robert Beckmann, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Benjamin Abarbanel 

Mortaza Akbariantefaghi 

John Michael Albert 

Donald Allen Anders 

Jerry Lee Anderson 

John William Andrew, Jr. 

Nassir Azhdam 

Iraj Aziz-lavi 

Andrew James Bagnall 

Timothy Thurston Barge 
§Henri Donovan Bartholomot 

Horace K. Beale 

Robert Alfred Becker 

Robert William Bennington 

Yitzhak Ben-Zvi 

Terry Lee Boettner 

Ben Byron Bond 

Scott Knight Borges 

Thomas Paul Borgoyn 

Harry Lewis Bradley 
*John Osburn Bridgeman 

Michael Murray Brown 

Steven Kenneth Broyles 

Gregory Bernard Butler 

Alan Douglas Chiarito 

Benjamin Chin 

James Allen Coffee 

John David Correll 

Steven Jerome CuUen 

Gary Ken Davis 

Francis Anthony Decurtis 

Frank Doo Keung Der 
*Douglas Merrill Dillon 

Michael Diprospero 

Thomas William Dodson 

Yi-Chung Doo 

Peter John Dorsette 
*Thomas Maxwell Dresser 

James Michael Earlbeck 

Laurence Alvin Edwards 

James John Evans 

Joseph Hoch Ewing, Jr. 

Philip Walton Fairbrother 

Matthew Brian Flyer 

Percy William Fountain 

John Raymond Fredlund 

Jesse David Freeman 

Michael Joseph Gahan, III 

Karen Marie Gainer 

Guy Thomas Germana, III 

Bruce Joseph Gerwe 

Kenneth L. Gillespie 
§Michael David Granger 

Edward Morris Greenhood, Jr. 

Patrick James Griffin 

Andrew Stephen Griffith 
Jay Stuart GroUman 
James Edward Hallameyer 
Dennis John Halloran 
Charles Raymond Hamilton 
Michael Lee Hampton 
Gary Michael Hardesty 
Stephen James Healy 

tJudith Ann Helsing 
Jeffrey Paul Hobelmann 
Lewis Charles Hofmann 
Stephen Edward Hooper 
Robert Frederick Houghland 
Dennis Allan Huber 
Charles Edward Hutson 
Richard C. Jones 
William Edward Kane, II 
Michael Stuart Karp 
Clinton Joseph Kelbel 

*Dennis Sean Kelliher 
Dimitrios Kokkinos 
Michael Edward Kraus 
Richard A. Krause 
Jimmy Kyle 
John Raymond Lannon 
John Willard Latham 
Jimmie S. Lee 
John Dukhyun Lee 

*Richard Lee 
William Shew-Jung Lee 
Jeffrey Grant Lessner 

*Philip Edward Liehrecht 
James Timothy Looney 
Frank James Lucas 
Martin Howard Marcus 
James A. Mattocks 
Philip N. McCollum 
Robert Franklin McMican, Jr. 
John Philip McVicker 
Gregory Robert Miller 
Jeffery Alan Mills 
Frank Morabito 
Michael Joseph Morrison 
William R. Mosher 
Donald Kelly Muller 
Mark Arthur Neidlinger 
David Lee Nelson 
James Alan Nemes 
Hung The Nguyen 

§Robert Thomas Niemeyer, Jr. 
William Gregory Niessen 
Mark Maclean Nisonger 
Dennis Paul Vincent Nolan 

§5umma Cum Laude: +Magna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 


Dennis Eldon Nowstrup 
Lee Thomas Ohier 
Michael Roy Ordun 

§Jeffrey James Ousborne 
Gilbert Wesley Ousley, Jr. 

f Mark Lee Papsan 
Michael Burk Paulkovich 
Ira Jay Perlow 
Maksimos Polihronidis 
Michael Robert Porter 
Robert Allen Potocko 
William George Rauen 

f Harlan Ray, III 
Harry Joseph Rebbert 
Timothy James Regan 
Jeffrey Brian Retterer 
John Daniel Rhoad, Jr. 
Frederick Alvin Ricles 
Malcolm Snell Rosenberg 
Monica Carola Rowland 
Frederick James Santucci 
Piero Sarti 
Cynthia M. Schaeffer 

fAndrew Schlosser 
Edward Peter Schmidt 
Jeffrey Lynn Schwab 
Harry Anthony Scott 
V. L. Seipp 
Terry Alan Shantz 
Cleveland Brian Skinker 
Charles Michael Smith 
Stephen Mark Smith 
Richard Raymond Sola 
Michael William Steele 
Lewis Alan Strachman 
Edward James Sullivan, Jr. 
Charles Chi Sun 
Russell Edgar Tennyson 
Royce Burke Tipton 
Roman John Turkevich 
Charles Allen Twigg 
Richard Louis Vann 
Christian Vinten-Johansen 
Barry Lee Wallick 
*Brian Woodrow Wamsley 
Jacob Lawrence Weaver 
David Samuel Weber 
William Patrick Wheeler 
Shawn K. Whitlow 
Joseph Francis Williams 
Henry Adam Wisniewski 
John Herold Wohner, Jr. 
fKin-Ting Wong 
Jeffrey Lee Yates 
Ping Yuen Yu 
Scott F. Yuengling 
Robert Karl Zimmerman 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Joseph Marchello, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Craig Agree 
Douglas John Antonio 
Eugene Albert Atwell, Jr. 
Dennis Paul Bednar 
Raymond Patrick Belott 
Jon David Bergman 

*Eugene David Brooks, III 
Samuel Darnell Calhoun 
Lance Edward Casner 
Joseph Paul Chamberlin 
Rickey David Chapman 

*Evelyn Chew 
Deborah Jean Clark 

fCharles Louis Collins 
Michael Alan Counihan 
William Gordon Crabb, II 
Carol Louise Davies 
Michael Winston Day 
Charles Francis DeGeorge 
Patricia Ann Durham 
Gayle Marie Dyson 
Phyllis Ann Epstein 
Ross Webb Erwin 
Mark Evangelista 
E. F. Fishbein 
Mark Allen Flaherty 
Michael Robert Franklin 
Darral James Freund 
Robert William Gray 
Robert Harlan Green 
Bernard David Greenspan 
Thomas Herrell Gwaltney 

f Michael Scott Hamada 
Jerry Raymond Hampton 
Mark D. Harmon 
Elden Eugene Hays, Jr. 
Douglas Wayne Hildebrand 

Harold Lee Hoffman 

Suzanne Muriel Ingberg 

William G. Jackson 

Richard Allen Kelly 

Jeffrey Nicholas Kostiw 

Charles Gregory Lampe 

Patrick Daniel Lewis 

Elizabeth Li 

Audrey Lynne Loomis 

Richard Eric Lunow 

Hovik Mardirossian 

Rouzbeh Elhorz Mazanderan 
§James Gerard McNally 

Robert Edward Mengers 
§Michael Joseph Merchlinsky 

Jay Arthur Miller 

Terry F. Milne 

Jacquith Hugh Morris 

Robert Daniel O'Donnell 

Dennis Michael O Neill 

Clinton William Parker, II 

Wendy Lynne Peltier 

Joy Ann Phillippi 

Ann Michele Potosky 

Mary Rosalie Potsky 

Sriram Rajagopal Ramaswamy 

Celindah Grier Richter 

Richard Darrell Ridgley 

Joseph Francis Rose 

William Jeffery Rowe 

Fred Edwin Ruder 

William Roy Ruvinsky 

Mary Elizabeth Ryan 

Alan Bruno Sauer 

John Timothy Scoville 

Katherine Ann Shaffer 

Daniel Peter Siebenmann 

Stephanie Marguerite Simpson 

Charles William Smith 

Jenny Susan Smith 

Roy Richard Sothen 

Susan Marcia Stearman 

Andrea Sweetak 

David Matthew Wade 

Richard Lee Waid, II 

Edward Francis Walenciak 

Bruce Henry Webster 

Melodie M. Wolfe 

Wai Man Wong 

Pamela Wai Ping Yan 


gSumma Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Robert Shoei}herg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Ann Altman 

Linda Ann Bernhards Antaya 
Andrea Lee Arnold 
Harold L. Blackwell, Jr. 
Elizabeth Parker Boettner 
Joyce Michele Brodian 
George Rodock Bushwaller 
James Hans Byrne 
Paul Cagiano 
Susan Lynn Cantor 
Peggy Deloris Corbett 
Robert Peter Creed 
Thomas Duane Cross 
Nanette Marie Curro 
Patricia Ann Dinota 
Douglas Lane Dorsey 
Faye Elaine Dowdell 
Holly Gail Dunham 
Mary Blandford Edwards 
Theresa Louise Enos 
Enoch Paul Fickling 
Susan Carol Gardner 
Scott Michael Gingras 
Jeffrey Robert Gittleson 
Deborah Ann Gnegy 
•(■Nancy Miriam Golombeck 
Lester Mark Goodman 
Robert James Goodman, Sr. 
Maureen Cecilia Gordon 
William Rae Boyd Gould 
Elisabeth Finch Greene 
Fred Gary Halter 
Janet Marie Hamill 
Debra Kay Hartin 
James Charles Hieber 
Pamela Belanger Jeffrey 
William Larry Johnson 
Barbara Anne Kahler 
Deborah Sue Koch 
Timothy John Kolb 
David Francis Kopack 
William John Koustenis 
Nancy Lynn Kuntz 
Mary Ann Weaver Lash 
Kenneth Robert Macdonald 
Bernice Arlene McLaren 
James Michael McNickle 
Roger Messick 
Nancy Janet Milasuk 
Marvin Dewitt Minor 

*Barbara Jean Morgan 
Bonnie Elizabeth Morgan 
Steven Edward Mulder 
Janice Ann Myers 
Kathryn June Panks 
Charles Robert Penney 
Marjorie Lois Pincus 
Joseph Michael Ramsey 

*Evelyn Rena Rib 
Charles Ronald Richardson 
Roger L. Rishel 
Mary Patricia Romero 
Mark Charles Rosenblum 
Ron A. Scheinberg 
Richard C. Schmaltz 
John A. Schultz 
Anthony W. Seitz 
Deborah Ann Selway 
Nina Carol Shepherd 
Robert Walter Sherwin, Jr. 
Van S. Silver 
John Earl Simies, Jr. 
Monica L. Sims 
Darlene Jacqueline Smith 
Phyllis Barbara Snyder 
Judy E. Stauffer 
Irena Swerdlin 
Gergory Scott Taylor 
Beverly Lavender Tompros 
Debra Helene Walner 
Janice Lynne Shay Walsh 
Elizabeth Jean Weyel 
Richard Norman Weyel 

*Kathleen Teresa Wright 
Michael Frederick Zangardi 
Charles William Zielinski 

Bachelor of Arts 

Samuel R. Cacas 

Michael Ellis Carbine 

Sheryl Joan Cohen 

Louis Barry Gleason 

Judith Glickman-Shnider 
'Barry Marc Goldman 

Lawrence Lee Harp 
gThomas M. Logan, Jr. 
*Andrey Nagorka 

Woods Price 

Mary Theresa Shimek 

Marlys Jo Stupar 
*Desiree Jeanne Weidaw 

Margaret Virginia Werback 

Bachelor of Science 

§Judy Ann Braus 
Bruce Gordon Campbell 
Brian Keith Eisenberg 
Kenneth Roy Golkin 
Carolyn Reed Griffin 
Robert H. Hurt 
Richard K. Jamison 
Bernard Adolph McCann 

§Philip L. Olsen 
Leigh Alexandra Schuyler 
William Whitehurst Taylor 
Yvonne Christine Zitta 


Bachelor of Arts 

Dorothea Jeanne Curcio 
Walter G. M. Fields, Jr. 
Nancy Louise Jacobson 
Jim Weldon Whittemore 

Bachelor of Science 

John Joseph Mistretta 
John Robert Murphy 


Bachelor of Science 

Seth Allen Breger 
Sidney Arnold Katz 

NOTE: The following name 
was incorrectly listed in the 
Commencement Program for 
December 17, 1976: 


Bachelor of Arts 

§Linda Arlene Stigen 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

William James Beck, Jr. 
Robert William Bennington 
James Russe! Biernesser 
Scott Knight Borges 
Gary Emil Charles 
Douglas Robert Cochran 
Michael Alan Counihan 
Nancy Laura Cuzzolino 
Michael Droz 
Darral James Freund 
David Anderson Hale 
Robert Leroy Hanafin 
Douglas Wayne Hildebrand 
Patrick Dennis O'Connell 
Ronald McKever Rose 
Thomas W. Skinner 
Douglas Joseph Smith 
Andrea Sweetak 
Keith Antoine Watkins 
Jeanne Mae Watts 

§5umma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 







. JB^- 



Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors for scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in 
the alphabetical listings by 
Division or College. To be 
eligible for consideration for 
such honors a candidate 
must meet the following 
general criteria: (1) have 
completed two years of work 
at the University of Maryland 
(60 semester hours) and (2) 
have a scholastic average of 
B (Grade Point Average of 
3.000) or higher in University 
of Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration 
before award of the degree. 

May 1977 candidates who 
meet these criteria are shown 
in the alphabetical lists as 
qualifying, upon graduation, 
for the designations "Summa 
Cum Laude " if they ranked 
in the top two per cent of the 
candidates in their respective 
Colleges or Divisions; "Magna 
Cum Laude ", if in the next 
three per cent; or "Cum 
Laude", if in the next five per 

General Honors Program 

Irving Thomas Basil, Jr. 
Kim Ann Bernhardt 
Elliot Charles Chabot 
George Joseph Giheily 
Barry Marc Goldman 
Charles Henry Grant 
Robert Harlan Green 
Valerie Jean Horn 
Judith Ann Marx 
Ellen Sue Miller 
Howard Neil Robinson 
Katherine Marie Schmid 
Renee Joanne Silver 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Botany 
Alan Robett Fischler 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Randy Levin 
Theresa Ann Monego 
Marianna Jo Urick 

With High Honors in Economics 
Hugh Allen Mitchell, Jr. 

With High Honors in English 
Lynne Carol Hardie 
Kevin Joel Hochberg 
Laura Carol Severt 
Margaret Louise Shea 

With High Honors in History 
Neal Suddith West 

With High Honors in 

Ludmilla Zawistowich 

With High Honors in Physics 
Eugene David Brooks III 
Charles Louis Collins 
James Gerard McNally 
Sriram Rajagopal Ramaswamy 

With Honors in Anthropology 
Valerie Jean Horn 

With Honors in Chemistry 
Susannah Shu-Chu Chang 
John Henry Dillard 
Anita Patt 
Steven J. Waller 

With Honors in Crimir^ology 
Lee David Klein 

With Honors in Economics 
Howard Jay Mendelson 

With Honors in English 
Gregg Lewis Bernstein 
L. W. Brewster Cumberland** 
Christopher James Fritz 
Marie A. Hall 
Kathleen O'Neill Jamieson 
Richard Michael Reynolds 
Joanne Zawitoski 

With Honors in French 
Irene Lucyna Krassowsky 

With Honors in Government 
and Politics 

Merrill Cohen 

Debra Ruth Tari 

lA^itfi Honors in History 
Robert Beatson 
Peter Francis Fisher 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Charles Louis Collins 
Bernard David Greenspan 

With Honors in Psychology 
Marianne Tina Libber 
Judith Ann Marx 
Earle Clifton Titus 

With Honors in Russian 
Diane Susan Weisburger 
Mary Ann Wilson 

With Honors in Spanish 
Hugh Nelson Calderon 

With Honors in Speech 
and Dramatic Act 
David Edward Wilt 

With Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 

Janet Marie Eaves 

Marcy Finkel 

"Graduated December 17. 1976 




(Agricultural Engineering) 

Donald A. Anders 
Charles E. Hutson 
James T. Looney 
David L. Nelson 
Christian Vinten-Johansen 



William L. Jessee II 
Diane H. Johnson 
Holger R. Kjeldsen 
Mary J. Lowell 
Robert W. McCulloch 
Faye A. Misner 
Alicia Morrison 

MAY 1977 
Janet M. Abbott 
Mary M. Bailey 
Sherrie Berger 
Claire Callahan 
Kathleen M. Clancy 
Pamela Cole 
Laurie Druckman 
Suzanne M. Paris 
Cheryl Goldberg 
Steven Jones 
John P. Kudel 
Alyse Joy Levine 
Ellen S. Miller 
Emily Jane Morris 
Sandra Silberman 
Michael K. Small 
Cheryl Sorensen 



Jayne C. Alenier 
Larry Anderson 
Gerald S. Bunn 
Dyanne L. Caprio 
William C. Coale, III 
Bonnie Conard 
Nancy A. Dunn 
Paul R. David 
Joseph Dymek 
Eve Edelson 
Eleanor C. Hawkins 
John A. Houchmuth, Jr. 
Elena Incarnato 
Cheryl Irish 
Sherman W. Jack 
Debra L. James 

Teri Johnson 
Kathleen Judy 
Judith King 
Molly V. Madigan 
Rebecca K. Morrison 
Kathleen L. Naughton 
Carole Quimby 
Mary Schaefer 
Emily Shepard 
Scott R Stanley 
Kendra ]. Vinton 
Patricia L. Wiley 
Rick W. Wilson 


(National Scholastic and pro- 
fessional honorary fraternity 
in accout^tiiig. Members are 
elected on the basis of excel- 
lence in scholarship and 
professional service from 
junior and senior students 
majoring iti Accounting in the 
College of Business and 

AUGUST 1976 
Glennell C. Forinash 
Joanna C. Lee 

Robert W. Ahberg 
Mark A. Bange 
Gary G. Brain 
Margaret L. Cummings 
Jennifer J. Dehr 
Michael J. Demchuck 
Jose R. Dias 
Michael J. Kandel 
James A. Lindsey Jr. 
Charleen E. Lynch 
Marian P. McHale 
Joel J. Penenburgh 
Javid Saadian 
Deborah A. Swartz 
Linda A. Zink 

MAY 1977 
Lisa R. Balzer 
Edward T. Barnhourser 
Larry P. Bormel 
Frank R. Cuppels 
Farid F. Dossani 
Jan T. Engel 
Sandra R. Garchik 
Janice K. Garrison 
Frederick W. Glomb 
Arthur G. Greenberg 

Richard J. Greenberg 
Stephen H. Guth 
Linda A. Guy 
Thomas R. Kirkpatrick 
Michael A. Lane 
Stephen M. Levin 
Wayne B. Lowell 
Thomas W. Matthews III 
Robert L. Max 
Mary J. Miller 
Leigh E. Moshel 
Robin M. Norman 
Norene D. Oertel 
Gary N. Pearlman 
Patricia A. Polchinski 
Edward D. Postal 
David E. Raderman 
Michele C. Reed 
Robert M. Schoenhaut 
Chris A. Scitti 
Michael S. Shedler 
Randall L. Snyder 
Margaret C. Stewart 
Jay T. Swartzbaugh 
Gary H. Taback 
Dennis M. Via 
Nicholas A. Yancich 
Paul E. Zacharski, Jr. 


(National scholastic honorary 
in business administration. To 
be eligible students must rank 
in the upper five percent of 
their junior class or the upper 
ten percent of their senior 
class in the College of Business 
and Management.) 


AUGUST 1976 
Joanna C. Lee 
Howard L. Redmond 
Mary J. Sharp 
Rosemarie J. Woodbridge 


Robert W. Ahlberg 
Gary G. Brain 
Michael J. Demchuk 
Charles M. Gebbert 
James R. Hudson 
Molly Hughes 
Joel J. Penenburgh 
Anita C. Pinnes 
Philip B. Ruberry 
Raymond E. Somers 
Rosalia B. Strauss 
Deborah A. Swartz 
Edward F. Tennant 
Linda A. Zink 

MAY 1977 
Larry P. Bormel 
Thomas S. Burnham 
Mark A. Casso 
Samuel J. Davidson 
Farid F. Dossani 
Sandy R. Garchik 
Herbert P. Gorin 
Arthur G. Greenberg 
James F. Hines 
Mark A. Kaufman 
Susan R. Leefer 
Stephen M. Levin 
Sari L Levine 
Susan E. Logan 
Wayne B. Lowell 
Thomas W. Matthews 
Gary L. Modjeska 
Robin M. Norman 
Sandra L. Pore 
Edward D. Postal 
David E. Raderman 
Michele C. Reed 
John R. Sanders 
Sheldon D. Serkin 
Sally Slaton 
Randall L. Snyder 
Richard F. Stark 
Patrice L. Wessel 
Anna M. Wilson 
Nicholas A. Yancich 
JohnW. ZoUdan 


AUGUST 197b 
William N. ApoUony 
Russell F. Smith 
Patricia D. Stocker 
Roger E. Young 

Patricia S. Bryant 
Daniel J. Hampton 
Ralph A. Walkling 

MAY 1977 
John E. Frazier 
Louis W. Helly 
Dennis R. Jansen 
Susan A. Lynn 
Laura Paugh 
Karen V. Pincus 
Francis X. Ryan 
Robert M. Willcoxon 


(Civil Engineering) 

Stephen H. Cimperman 
Daniel B. Dodry, Jr. 
James S. Fritz 
Kenneth E. Gates 
Robin B. Hammers 
Dwight R. Koogle 
David W. Riffle 

MAY 1977 
Henri D. Bartholomot 
Ben B. Bond 
Scott K. Borges 
Benjamin Chin 
Keung D. Der 
Jesse D. Freeman 
Michael J. Gahan, III 
Andrew S. Griffith 
Jeffrey P. Hobelmann 
Stephen E. Hooper 
William R. Mosher 
Robert A. Potocko 
Timothy J. Regan 
John D. Rhoad, Jr. 
Frederick A. Ricles 
Monica C. Rowland 
Jeffrey L. Schwab 


(Hebreio Language and 

Steven Altschuler 
Bonnie Faber 
Abby Friedman 
Elliot Gottlieb 
Robin Greenhouse 
Phyllis S. Joffe 
Lisa Kirshtein 
Susan Klein 
Phyllis Levine 

Renee Levy 

Jon Lowenthal 

Brian Miller 

EUice Neugroschel 

Minette Perler 

Nancy Rauch 

Daniel Sadoun 

Sandra J. Sager 

Paul Schlicher 

Paul Siegel 

Marianne Sternberg 

Irene Straus 

Harriet M. Wichin 

Rebecca Zimm 


(Electrical Engineering) 

Neil E. Birns 
Sylvan I. Caplan 
Stephen K. Chang 
Michael J. Devaney 
Ravindra R. Kulkarni 
Kenneth E. Layman 
Norman H. Malmberg 
James P. Moran, Jr. 
David L. Muri 
Dennis G. Stewart 
Richard R. Talbott 

MAY 1977 

Robert W. Bennington 
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi 
Thomas P. Borgoyn 
John R. Fredlund 
Karen M. Gainer 
Michael D. Granger 
Stephen J. Healy 
Michael S. Karp 
Philip E. Liebrecht 
Wayne J. McMahon, II 
Jeffery A. Mills 
Jeffrey J. Ousborne 
Cynthia M. Schaeffer 
Charles M. Smith 
Lewis A. Strachman 
Charles A. Twigg 
Henry A. Wisniewski 



Virginia Ackerson 
Hila Alderman 
lima Backelman 
Teri Baker 
Penny Jo Barth 
Carolyn Bechtold 
Alan Beier 
Sheryl Berger 
Karen Blalock 
Susan Boido 
Scott Brenner 
Ellen Brodie 
Linda Copeland 
Angela Cross 
Lucinda Crist 
Daphne DePue 
Carol DiPace 
Teresa Dosek 
Michelle Duke 
William Dunn 
Robin Lakes 
Ronald Eisenstein 
Elaine Flores 
Gary Ford 
Patricia Ford 
Nanette Fried 


Anne Friedman 
Florence Fritz 
Joyce Gass 
Randy Haaf 
Kristen Hagen 
Janet Hallen 
Patricia Hamilton 
Susan Harold 
Debbie Hartin 
Susanne Hean 
Fern Heller 
Kathleen Hennessey 
Martha Hickman 
Barbara Holland 
Catherine Johnson 
Katherine Kahoe 
Carol Kitt 
Phyllis Kleiman 
Patricia Kneisly 
Lois Knowles 
Barbara Leiner 
Jane Mara Levin 
Julia Malinger 
Ann Manheimer 
Patricia Marney 
Vera Martinson 
Elizabeth Meerman 
Jack Melnikoff 
Debbie Meltzer 
Paula Mihok 
Susan Moses 
Goldie Neff 
Maureen Norton 
Adrienne Pantell 
Rebecca Peterman 
Lesley Piper 
Christine Pohl 
Pamela Powell 
Sally Pusey 
Susan Roper 
Lenore Schiff 
Eve Schindler 
Robin Schossman 
Cindy Schwartz 
Monica Scruggs 
Leigh Selby 
Helen Smith 
Debra Spector 
Vickie Spiezle 
Pamela Stevens 
E. Marlene Tauber 
Gerald Teague 
Carol Thompson 
Elizabeth Tsoy 
Jean-Lorette Ursini 
Linda Venton 
Laurie Ventry 
Janet Walsh 
Elizabeth Wear 
Kathleen Weaver 
Cynthia Weiner 
Diane Wells 
Virginia West 
Sallie Williams 
Carma Wood 
Rhoda Woolf 
William Yost 



John Martin Bebris 
Steven Mark Berlin 
Charles Eugene Bracken 
George Everette Brandon 
Michael Patrick Dugan 
Susan Rebecca Emrey 
Linda Anne Ervin 
Janice Mary Flynn 
Jan Ellen Goldberg 
Felicia Anne Gressette 
Frances Miriam Hromulak 
Gae Elizabeth Morris 
Donna Lee Nahme 
Karen Ann Palmer 
Dorothy Woodward Parlett 
Joan Elizabeth Rodgers 
Audrey Ruth Rothstein 
Deborah Ann Ruth 
Susan Beth Scheinman 
Nancy Beth Smith 



Lawrence Arthur Barrett, II 
Irving Thomas Basil, Jr. 
Audrey Bergman 
Marie D'Aquanno 
Robin Tara Eakes 
Kathleen Ann Fagan 
Darla Marie Fera 
Helen Fliegel 
Barry Goldman 
Mary E. Kay 
Beverly Ray Keene 
Patrice E. Lewis 
Thomas M. Logan, Jr. 
Deborah A. Luongo 
Paula Anne Minok 
Andrea Dale Miner 
Barbara C. Mulitz 
Raymond A. Patterson 
Ann Michele Potosky 
Ricky Rankin 
Mark C. Rosenblum 
Monica Carola Rowland 
Susan Scheinman 
Jill Hope Sheinberg 
Renee Silver 
Victoria L. Street 
Jean S. Verbos 
Fredric W. Vogelgesang 
Susan Joan Wallis 
Pamela Jeanne Wheeless 
Phyllis Zilber 



Jonathan D. Ackerman 
Linda Marie Arbabi 
Vivian L. Berzinski 
Janet L. Cohen 
Jody Anne Cook 
Sandra Leigh Cook 
James T. Cummings, Jr. 
Freda Curchak 
Kevin A. Dunne 
Michael Gnatt 
Anne C. Heufle 
Marcella Ethel Hoff 
Pamela Jacobs 
Cynthia Ann King 
James Douglas Kearney 
Kathleen M. Lawless 
Elizabeth Loftus 
Jonathan Lowenthal 
Caroline M. Mack 
David Marker 
Gerald McGarvey 
Cindy Mishner 
Kevin O'Grady 
Patricia A. O'Hora 
Kimberly A. Potts 
Clayton J. Powell 
Deborah Reich 
Laura R. Shapiro 
Debra Sheinbach 
Patricia Ann Smith 
Don G. Wartella 
Mandy R. Wolkoff 
Margaret S. Zeas 


(Chemical Engineering) 

Francis A. DeCurtis 
Matthew B. Flyer 
Judith A. Helsing 
Jimmie S. Lee 
Brian W. Wamsley 


(Sigma Circle) 

Yvonne Atterbury 
Henri Bartholomat 
Audrey Bergman 
John Bridgeman 
Shari Broder 
Elliott Chabot 
Jonathon Claiborne 
Janet Cohen 
Bootie Cosgrove 
Bruce Grossman 
Arlene Dillon 
Kevin Dunne 
Neal Feigenson 
Barry Goldman 
Howard Gordon 


Charles Grant 
Kathy Haney 
Cindy Jennings 
Patricia Johns 
Cynthia Keith 
Kevin Levengood 
Patti Lewis 
Dave Linthicum 
Miles Maguire 
Kathy Parnell 
Raymond Patterson 
Clayton Powell 
Mark Rosenblum 
Timmy Ruppersberger 
Sue Scheinman 
Jill Sheinberg 
Marianne Schmitt 
Renee Silver 
Gail Smelkinson 
Vicki Street 
Fred Vogelgesang 
Dave Walter 
Mary Wilson 
Sam Witten 

Tom Miller 


(Hiwmu Ecology) 

Sarah Backus 
Diane Bailey 
Donna Brinsfield 
Kerry Buckel 
Gail Campbell 
Dorothy J. Cole 
Karen Colteryahn 
Elzora Daltrymple 
Susan Edelman 
Brenda Eden 
Zelma Elder 
Elaine Eynon 
Dorothy Hampton 
Jill Hecht 
Deborah Hurdley 
Mary Ann Nichols 
Mary Norris 

Faith Page 

Susan Rivers 

Theresa Robinson 

Elisa Sinrod 

Paula Sinsky 

Margaret Solem 

Sherri Whitehead 

Terese Warsinger 

Julie Williamson 

Jayne Zion 

Susan Bartell 

Susan Gladden 

Carol HeitmuUer 

Deborah Jewell 

Eugena Sills 

Brenda Testa 

MAY 1977 
Marian Cooper 
Irene Dietrich 
Berit EUenes 
Marylee Fabula 
Mary Ellen Fise 
Ann Frankle 
Vicky Frey 
Carmella Gallerizzo 

Marcia Goldstein 
Jaye Helford 

Nancy Herfort 

Susan Hixon 

Kimberly Kipikas 

Rosette Konick 

Linda Lansman 

Michele Lieberman 

Karen Narode 

Susan Node! 

Mary Noon 

Joy Ossip 

Ellen Radeloff 

Robin Weinberg 

Patricia Yopconka 


(Gamma of Maryland) 


Andrew Charles Aronson 
Gary Wickens Barone 
Christine Lynn Beckner 
Stephen Vincent Benson 
John Michael Blanchfield 
Martha J. Bobbino 
Cynthia Joan Brown 
Ingeborg S. Brown 
Sheryl Lynn Bruff 
Barbara Jean Carroll 
Judy Ching-Huei Chang 
Susannah Shu-Chu Chang 
Anna Mary Cherry 
Ira Hunter Copeland 
Page Croyder 
James Bradley Darcey 
Mark Charles Delbianco 
Stan Thaddeus Dragan 
Paula N. Ehrlich 
Kathleen Ann Fagan 
Lawrence Richard Feldman 
Randi Sue Feldstein 
Darla Marie Fera 
James A. Ferrante 

Diane N. Finehlum 

Helen Chalka Fliegel 

Stuart Alan Frankel 

Mary Frost 

Carmen Lillian Garcia 

Jane Albina Gentile 

Barry Marc Goldman 

Felicia Anne Gressette 

Georgina Ann Groleau 

Alberto A. Gutierrez 

Lynne Carol Hardie 

Valerie Jean Horn 

Claudia Householder 

Carl S. Hyman 

Marc Alexander Jaffe 

Patricia Jennings-Heilmeier 

Gloria Katharina Kightlinger 

Roy Alfred Kottal 

Martha Willard Kozlosky 
Gina Leifer 
Marianne Tina Libber 
Patricia Ann Lisehora 
Robert Wayne Little 
Mary Julia Lowell 
Stephen C. B. Mann 
Judith Ann Marx 
Margaret Elizabeth McCahill 
Gerald Alan McGarvey 
Nancy Jean Mick 
Paula Anne Mihok 
Kim Irene Miller 
Hugh Alan Mitchell, Jr. 
Stephen Ozanne 
Janice Marlene Passo 
Ruben Perez, II 
Wendy Reznick 
Deborah Beth Rubin 
Therese Ann Schellhammer 
Katherine Marie Schmid 
Lawrence J. Schnaubelt 
Elise Yumi Shitama 
Roberta Gail Shore 
Ann Lynne Silverman 

Donna Jane Sinetar 

Sandra Paige Smith 

Ellen Faye Soorenko 

Mark Remson Stromberg 

Mark Andrew Symborski 

Debra Ruth Tari 

Earle Clifton Titus 

Deborah Joan Tontodonato 

Elaine Ann Tubb 

Marianna Jo Urick 

Janet Galliher Walker 

Mary J. Wendehack 

Pamela Jeanne Wheeless 

John Bevill Williams 

Rhoda Lee Woolf 

David Lung Yin 

Joanne Zawitowski 

Phyllis Zilber 

Laurie Twila Zimmerman 

Marsha Lyn Blank 
Nerissa Jean Cook 
Dale Katherine Dedrick 
Neal Robert Feigenson 
Judith Bonnie Fried 
Christopher James Fritz 
Cheryl Ann Goldberg 
Gary Robert Griswold 
Randy Jean Haaf 
Michael Scott Hamada 
Howard Terry Jacobs 
Matthew Philip Jaffe 
PhyUisS. Joffe 
Barry Scott Landsberg 
Anne Terese Nucci 
Patricia Anne OHora 
Rose Maria Ong 
Juan Francisco Perea 
Howard Neil Robinson 
Lisa Ann Siegel 
Renee Silver 
Dagmar Marion Weber 
'Elected as junior in 1975 



Jef fry Duane Allison 
Jean Leslie Allred 
Felice M. Anderson 
Genevieve C. Anderson 
Mollis Paschen Anderson 
Josette M. Ash 
John Thomas Baker 
Lauren Moss Barmack 
Patricia L. Bartran\ 
Christine Lynn Beckner 
Dennis Paul Bednar 
Mina Kathleen Bell 
Sherrie R. Berger 
Blair Berkowitz 
Sue Hinda Berliner 
Javanta K. Bhattacharjee 
Judith E. Blair 
John Michael Blanchfield 
Kevin L. Bobart 
Marie A. Boccabello 
Candy C. Bowman 
Deborah Ann Boyer 
Michele Ann Breeden 
Linda Anne Bricker 
John Osburn Bridgeman 
Elizabeth Mclnnis Browne 
James M. Burggraff 
Thomas 5. Burnham 
Maria Kay Bushee 
Hugo Nelson Calderdn 
Richard S. Caplan 
Dyanne Louise Caprio 
Karen D. Carlson 
Deborah Mattingly Caskey 
Trudy Cathers 
John M. Cavallo 
Rickey David Chapman 
Joy Boes Choppin 
Jonathan Edward Claiborne 
La Verne Z. Coan 
Roberta Susan Cohen 
Janice L. Comstock 
Sidney Allen Connor 
Lucia Vinciguerra Costantino 
Cynthia Costenbader 
William Thomas Crouse 
Pamela Elaine Curran 
Dale Ann Cusack 

Marie D'Aguanno 
Elizabeth C. Davis 
Maria A. Dekuyer 
Scott Michael Dennis 
William R. Desrochers 
Allen N. Dixon 
Farid F. Dossani 
Thomas Edward Dougherty 
Judith Lynn Downing 
David N. DuBois 
Bobbi Lynn Dunlap 
Jessie Deborah Dunleavy 
Charles Robert Dyer 
Paula Nan Ehrlich 
Susan Rebecca Emrey 
Carol A. Euzent 
Jerelyn Forsythe Everett 
Elizabeth Cornell Fake 
Sue Farquhar 
Barbara June Fegley 
Gyorgy Fekete 
Karen Lee Fetterolf 
Darla M. Fera 
Daniel Eugene Field 
Marcy Finkel 
Anne Barbara Fleck 
Sharon J. Forman 
Douglas Charles Forness 
Nanette Zipper Fried 
Nancy E. Friedman 
Herman E. Funk, Jr. 
Karen Marie Gainer 
Lisa Ann Garbern 
Sandy Robin Garchik 
Carmen Lillian Garcia 
Donald Stephen Garvett 
James H. Gilbert 
Linda Marie Gilbert 
Jeffrey S. Gishen 
Jan Ellen Goldberg 
Shirley Ann Goldberg 
Ronald Wayne Goode 
Richard J. Greenberg 
Robin Sue Greenhouse 
Felicia Anne Gressette 
Elizabeth S. Griggs 
Alberto Alejandro Gutierrez 
Lola Anne Hacia 
Kristen A. Hagen 
Diane Mary Hagner 
Ida Hakkarinen 
Janet Marie Hallen 
Patricia Ann Hamilton 
Dorothy L. Hampton 
Betty Lou Harmon 
Charles Franklin Haugh, III 
Wendy Hayes 
Richard Philip Healy 
Barbara Jean Hedges 
Charles Ernest Helene 
Sherrill Jaye Helferd 
Carroll Ann W. Hench 
Carol Hendler 
Kathleen M. Hennessey 
Mary Pittas Herschbach 
Barrie Jean Hershkowitz 
Irene Lucyna Hilemn 
Eric M. Hill 

James F. Hines 
Nancy Rhodes Hoke 
Lisa L. Honkala 
Lesley A. Hopkins 
Valerie J. Horn 
Claudia R. Householder 
Austin Hughes 
Brigitte D. Huybrechts 
Roxanne M. Ivkovich 
Pauline Diane Jakobsberg 
Jo E. Johnson 
Linda S. Johnson 
Wendell Wilson Jones 
Kathleen Romaine Judy 
Libby Ann Kaplan 
Helen M. B. Katz 
Irena Kavalek 
Mary Elizabeth Kay 
Cynthia Louise Keith 
Lynn Ann King 
Lee David Klein 
Jay Robert Kliegman 
Nancy Hughes Knain 
Patricia Williams Kneisly 
Christopher Kostas 
Carolyn Sandra Kramp 
John Patrick Kudel 
Sarah Jane Bauer Kryszak 
Mary Kulczycki 
Jan Landau 
Carolyn Ann Lareau 
Valerie Anthea Lashley 
Elaine Marie Lawson 
William Mark Leader 
Mary Oleta Leeds 
Priscilla Fry Lepori 
Randy Levin 
Alyse Joy Levine 
Gary Stuart Levine 
Melanie Ann Levine 
Robert Alan Levine 
Donald Edward Lewis 
Philip Edward Liebrecht 
Arlene Joyce Lipman 
Jeffrey S. Lisabeth 
Patricia Ann Lisehora 
Frances L. Loebenstein 
Nancy Ann Logsdon 
Kathryn Ann Longen 
Anne Theodora Loppatto 
Curtis Hugh Low 
Wayne B. Lowell 
Jonathan D. Lowenthal 
William Hunter Lucke, Jr. 
Annette Brody Ludwick 
Enid Sharon Luterman 
Philip Jonathan Lyng 
Lynne Gail MacCracken 
Amy Macht 
Caroline M. Mack 
Deborah J. Malinowski 
Michelle Anne Marganski 
Christopher Laureat Martineau 
Eric Paul McCulley 
Barbara Ann McCulloh 
Gerald Alan McGarvey 
Marybeth McGee 
Ellen King McGlade 


Marie Helen McGlone 
Sherry Evelyn McGrew 
Helen H. McKann 
Charles H. McNeil 
David Jeffrey Meltzer 
Emely E. Merchant 
Sarah M. Michel 
Barbara Lynn Miller 
Lynn Adrienne Miller 
Era J. Moorer 
Laurence Scott Morrison 
Donna Maureen Murphy 
Kathleen Murray 
Andrey Nagorka 
Kathleen Lee Elizabeth 

Susan Gwen Nee 
Rolf John Nelson 
Grant Patrick Nisson 
Deborah Faith Novinsky 
Martha Louise Noyes 
Patricia A. O Hora 
Marilyn M. O'Loughlin 
Patricia O Mara 
Allison Parish Ondrasik 
Sheila L. Orth 
Faith Hobson Page 
Susan Elizabeth Painter 
Cathy Louise Parker 
Pamela Ann Catherine Pemsel 
Priscilla Ann Peregoy 
Betty Jane Peters 
Ronald Charles Pflugfelder 
Diane M. Pickeral 
Ann Michele Potosky 
Robert S. Preece 
Laurie D. Pushkin 
John David Putney 
Robert J. Quickie 
Ricky Roger Rankin 
Michele C. Reed 
Roberta Bell Reed 
Donald Campbell Reese, Jr. 
Karen A. Reid 
Richard Michael Reynolds 
Mildred P. Richmond 
Anthony Hallman Rickert 
Andrew John Rindos III 
Jung Sik Rno 
Diane Marie Roderick 
Joan Elizabeth Rodgers 
Mary Ellen Romano 
Susan Marie Roper 
Margaret Lynn Rosthal 
Sherrie Lee Russ 
Maria B. Salvadore 
Alan Lloyd Sandler 
Barbara Helene Sandler 
Linda F. Schloss 
Marianne Jeannette Schmitt 
Flora K. Schuck 
Kathryn M. Scuka 
Michael Alan Seidel 
Kathy 5. Seifert 
Sheldon David Serkin 
Jane Elizabeth Setterstrom 
Bruce Edward Shapiro 
Carol S. Sherrin 

Elizabeth Ng Shirai 
Martha Lynn Shuart 
John M. Silva 
Donna Jane Sinetar 
Lynne Carol Sisselman 
Brenda Ann Smith 
Kenneth D. Smith 
Mary Ellen Smith 
Steven R. Smith 
Krisztina Maria Snow 
Joel Stuart Snyder 
Ilene Sontag 
John A. Statler 
Kathleen C. Stevens 
Mark Remson Stromberg 
Janet L. Stroup 
Dorothee Elisabeth Struzyna 
Robert M. Swarm 
Daniel Tang 
Jodi Lynne Thai 
Carol Lynn Thompson 
Deborah Joan Tontodonato 
Rita Cahill Toscano 
Richard B. Urmann 
Roger Holmes Van Slyke 
Janet Marie Waggener 
Nancy Kathleen Wagner 
Bruce W. Weal 
Rebecca Glenn Whaley 
John F. Wilkinson, Jr. 
Malcolm Glen Wilkinson 
Thelma Marianna Williams 
Mary Ann Wilson 
Susan Debra Wittan 
Deborah L. Wolfe 
Melodie M. Wolfe 
Robert A. Wolfe 
Evan Richard Wuhl 
Nicholas Anthony Yancich 
Diane Thomas Young 
Dannv Zerivitz 



(Floriculture and Ornamental 

Genevieve C. Anderson 
Paula F. Brown 
Merry Christine Clark 
Jeanne L. Clay 
Carol Lynn Cohen 
Vincent Michael CuUen 
Ronald W. Goode 
JoAnn Greenberg 
Debbie Lee Hartman 
Mary Ellen Judy 
Pamela B. King 
Brenda Neal LaFayette 
Michael Marcotrigiano 
Michele A. Marganski 
Kevin M. Maxwell 
Karen Menke 
Susan Michelle Mitchell 
Rolf John Nelson 
Susan P. Nicholson 
William A. Palmer 
Cynthia Lee Papish 
Robert R. Raybits 
Janet C. Remmers 
Robin Sue Ring 
Janice Lee Singley 
Susan A. Stanzioae 
Roberta N. Steinberg 
William Charles Stocker 
Lydia S. Stone 
Mark Szemereta 
Ellen B. Templin 
Ken Waters 
Feurdant S. Weber 
Frances Rion Willocks 
Adrian Irving Wolfe 



Douglas J. Antonio, (Sec.) 

Dennis Bedner 

John O. Bridgeman 

Peter J. Burgess 

Sean Chang 

Rickey D. Chapman 

Evelyn Chew, (V.P.-Treas.) 

Gary R. Comstock 

Scott Dennis 

Yi-Ben Doo 

Yi-Chung Doo 

Mark Evangelista 

Joyce Epstein 

Phyllis Epstein 

Edith Fang 

Robert L. Fini 

Geoffrey Indrano 

Marie A. Hall 

Scott Glixon 

Lonny Gorban 

Elizabeth Kolbe 

William W. Krieger 

Josefina Lago 

Robert Laprade 

Wingyu Leung 

Simon Lin 

Janet Louie 
David Marker 
Gerald A. McGarvey 
Debbie Meltzer 
Jay A. Miller, (Pres.) 
Nancy Moy, (Sec.) 
Ann Potosky 
Eugene Pong 
Mark Ramage 
William Clinton Roth 
Bruce Shapiro 
Ronald M. Weintraub 
Kin-Ting Wong 


(National scholastic honorary 
sponsored by the Propeller 
Club of the United States. 
Membership is elected from 
outstanding senior members of 
the University of Maryland 
chapter of the Propeller Club 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 

Anne C. Crowley 
John C. Hayman 
Anita C. Pinnes 


(Mechanical Engineering) 

Gregory J. Burch 
Kenneth L. Fowler 
Milton E. Palmer, III 
Robert J. Vernier 
Perter J. Woytowitz, Jr. 

MAY 1977 
Horace K. Beale 
Yi-Chung Doo 
James E. Hallameyer 
Clinton J. Kelbel 
Martin H. Marcus 
James A. Mattocks 
Robert F. McMican, Jr. 
Robert T. Niemeyer, Jr. 
Dennis E. Nowstrup 
Gilbert W.Ousley, Jr. 
Andrew Schlosser 
John H. Wohner, Jr. 


(Fire Protection Engineering) 

William P. Wheeler 
Samuel S. Dannaway 
Philip Felton 
Gregory R. Miller 
Wilfreci H. Jung 
Ronald H. Lee 
Fred K. Walker 


(Aerospace Engineering) 

John O. Bridgeman 
Joseph H. Ewing 


(College of Engineering) 

Stephen K. Chang 
Stephen A. Cimperman 
Daniel S. Cobb 
Michael J. Devaney 
Kenneth E. Gates 
Robin B. Hamers 
Geoffrey Indrajo 
Dwight R. Koogle 
Ravindra R. Kulkarni 
Wing-Yu Leung 
James P. Moran, Jr. 
Eric N. Rice 
John T. Roberson 
Richard R. Talbott 
Robert J. Vernier 

MAY 1977 
Donald A. Anders 
Henri D. Bartholomot 
Horace K. Beale 
Robert W. Bennington 
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi 
John O. Bridgeman 
Douglas M. Dillon 
Yi-Chung Doo 
Thomas M. Dresser 
Karen M. Gainer 
Michael D. Granger 
Stephen J. Healy 
Judith A. Helsing 
Jeffrey P. Hobelmann 
Lewis C. Hofmann 
Stephen E. Hooper 
Michael S. Karp 
Richard Lee 
Philip E. Liebrecht 
Martin H. Marcus 
James A. Nemes 
Robert T. Niemeyer, Jr. 
Dennis E. Nowstrup 
Jeffrey J. Ousborne 
Frederick A. Ricles 
Monica C. Rowland 
Cynthia M. Schaeffer 
Andrew Schlosser 
Brian W. Wamsley 
William P. Wheeler 



Milton Abramowitz Memorial 
Prize to a junior or senior 
student majoring in mathema- 
tics who has demonstrated 
superior competence and 
promise for future develop- 
ment in the field of mathema- 
tics and its applications. 
Awarded to: 
Charles Collins 

Distinguished Accounting 
Student Awards. Awarded by 
the University of Maryland 
chapter of Beta Alpha Psi and 
the accounting faculty to the 
ten senior accounting students 
with the highest scholastic 
average in Accounting in the 
College of Business and Man- 
Awarded to: 

Sandra R. Garchik 

Stephen H. Guth 

Wayne B. Lowell 

Charleen E. Lynch 

Thomas W. Matthews, III 

Mary J. Miller 

David E. Raderman 

Michele C. Reed 

Rosalia B. Strauss 

Linda A. Zink 

Advertising Club of Metro- 
politan Washington, Inc., 
Scholarship. Awards of $600 
to outstanding Marketing 
students in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Margaret M. Coons 

Paula Henry 

Aerospace Engineering Depart- 
ments Academic Achievement 
Award is presented to the 
graduating senior in the De- 
partment of Aerospace Engi- 
neering who has attained the 
highest overall academic 
Awarded to: 

John O. Bridgeman 

The Agricultural Alumni Award 
is presented to a senior who 
during his or her college ca- 
reer contributed most toward 
the advancement of the College 
of Agriculture. 
Awarded to: 
James R. Frazee 

Agricultural Engineering De- 
partment's Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to a senior 
in Agriculture Engineering on 
the basis of scholastic perform- 
ance, participation in the ASAE 
National Student Branch, and 
other extracurricular activities. 
Aivarded to: 

David L. Nelson 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards of $750 are given to 
outstanding students majoring 
in mechanical engineering, civil 
engineering, electrical engi- 
neering and fire protection 
Awarded to: 

Robert C. Belief 

Timothy T. Barge 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship. An award of $750 
to an outstanding junior stu- 
dent majoring in Transporta- 
tion in the College of Business 
and Management. 
Awarded to: 
Anita C. Pinnes 

Alpha Chi Sigma Honorary 
Fraternity, Alpha Rho Chapter, 
offers annually a year's mem- 
bership in the American Chem- 
ical Society to a senior major- 
ing in Chemistry or Chemical 
Engineering whose average has 
been above 3.0 for three and 
one-half years. 
Awarded to: 

Stephen Jeffrey Wagner 

The University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Outstand- 
ing Student Award presented 
annually to an outstanding 
senior man and woman student 
who have demonstrated ex- 
cellence in leadership, citizen- 
ship and scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Barry Goldman 

Jill Sheinberg 

The University of Maryland 
College of Education Alumni 
Chapter Award presented an- 
nually to the senior male and 
female students who have 
demonstrated outstanding 
service toward furthering the 
highest ideals of education. 
Aioarded to: 

Charles H. McNeil 

Paula A. Mihok 

Alumni-Hamilton Award is pre- 
sented by the Engineering 
Alumni to the graduating 
senior who has most success- 
fully combined proficiency in 
his major field of study with 
achievements in the social 
sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to: 

Henri D. Bartholomot 

American Accounting Associa- 
tion Fellowship Award. An 
award of $1,000 to an out- 
standing doctoral student in 
Awarded to: 

Lawrence J. Gramling 

The American Association of 
University Women, College Park, 
Graduate Awards are presented 
to outstanding women receiv- 
ing advanced degrees. 
Awarded to: 

Linda Ma Sung 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Astronomy Program 

Mary Jane Wood 

Master of Arts 

Criminal Justice and 
Criminology Program 


American Institute of Aero- 
nautics and Astronautics 
Scholarship Improvement 
Award is presented to the 
senior in Aerospace Engineer- 
ing who has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship 
from the junior year to the 
senior year. 
Awarded to: 

John O. Bridgeman 

American Institute of Aero- 
nautics and Astronautics Out- 
standing Achievement Award is 
presented to the student who 
has made the most outstanding 
contribution through scholar- 
ship and service to the student 
Awarded to: 

John O. Bridgeman 

American Institute of Aero- 
nautics and Astronautics 
Chairman's Certificate is pre- 
sented to the branch chairman 
in recognition of service and 
Awarded to: 

John O. Bridgeman 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Professional 
Achievement Award is pre- 
sented by the National Capital 
Section to an outstanding 
senior chemical engineering 
Awarded to: 

Judith A. Helsing 

American Institute of Chemists 


Awarded to: 

William G. Barish 

American Marketing Associa- 
tion Metropolitan Washington, 
D.C. Chapter Award. Awarded 
for outstanding student re- 
search papers in Marketing in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Paul Kuny 

George H. Venet 

American Nuclear Society 
Student Chapter Award (do- 
nated by Potomac Electric 
Power Co.) is presented to a 
senior in the Nuclear Engineer- 
ing Program in recognition of 
scholastic achievement and 
contribution to the student 
Awarded to: 
Richard Lee 

The Baltimore Chemical Asso- 
ciation Scholarship is pre- 
sented to a Chemical Engineer- 
ing student who has demon- 
strated outstanding academic 
achievement and has shown 
potential for leadership in the 
Awarded to: 

Judith A. Helsing 

American Society of Agricul- 
tural Engineer's Student Honor 
Award is presented by the 
national society in recognition 
of conspicious student activity. 
Awarded to: 

James T. Looney 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding 
senior graduating in Agronomy 
who has demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership activi- 
ties and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 

David F. Hildebrand 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to a senior 
member for outstanding scho- 
lastic attainment and for 
significant service to the 
Awarded to: 

David S. Weber 

American Society for Testing 
and Materials Student Award is 
given in recognition of the 
demonstrated interest and 
meritorious work in the 
courses related to the activities 
of the American Society for 
Testing and Materials. 
Awarded to: 

Ben B. Bond 

Robert F. Houghland 

Ammon S. Andes National 
Outstanding Undergraduate 
Award is presented to the most 
outstanding undergraduate 
member of Sigma Gamma Tau 
in recognition of an outstand- 
ing academic record, extra- 
curricular activities, and special 
technical achievements. 
Awarded to: 

John O. Bridgeman 

The Appleman-Norton Schol- 
arship Award to a senior major 
in recognition of excellence in 
Awarded to: 
Nancy J. Mick 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. 
This tuition and fees grant is 
awarded to a student who will 
enroll in the fire protection 
curriculum in the College of 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 

Evan Stauffer, Jr. 

David C. Martini 

Baltimore Sun Scholarship to 
outstanding Journalism stu- 
dents; donated by Baltimore 
Sun Newspaper. 
Awarded to: 

Susan Jean Searle 

Margaret Mary Coons 

Jeanne M. Garland 

Rebecca A. Grier 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal 
to the sophomore who has 
attained the highest scholastic 
average of his class in the 
College of Engineering. 
Awarded to: 
Thomas Jochum 

David Arthur Berman Memo- 
rial Award is presented to the 
two students majoring in 
Chemical Engineering with the 
highest cumulative scholastic 
average at the end of the first 
semester of their junior year 
who have been elected to Tau 
Beta Pi. 
Awarded to: 

Corey E. Dreyfuss 

Patrick B. Sheehan 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince 
George's County Book Award 
for Excellence in Hebrew 
Awarded to: 

Barry S. Auerbach 

Steven Bernstein 

Sheila Blum 

Jerry S. Dunietz 

Robin S. Greenhouse 

Elizabeth G. Haberman 

Howard T. Jacobs 

Phyllis S. Joffe 

Joseph P. Klapholz 

Lawrence M. Raigrodski 

Sandra J. Sager 

Deborah Schifter 

Robert A. Wagner 


The Donald T. Bonney Honors 
Award is presented to the 
Chemical Engineering student 
who has made the most out- 
standing contribution to the 
profession as a member of the 
Honor Society, Omega Chi 
Awarded to: 

Jimmie S. Lee 

John W. Moone>' 

Business Education Award of 
Merit to a student in Business 
Education in recognition of 
outstanding achievement as a 
Awarded to: 

Susan D. Harold 

The Margaret C. Carthy Prize 
is awarded annually to the 
graduating General Studies 
student who most exemplifies 
the goals of scholarship, cre- 
ativity in program design, and 
commitment to the goals of 
General Studies. 
Awarded to: 

Nancy Golombeck 

Kevin Mutchler 

Citizenship Prize for Men. An 
award presented annually by 
the late President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the 
class of 1908, to the member 
class who during 
his collegiate career has most 
nearly typified the model citi- 
zen, and has done most for the 
general advancement of the 
interests of the University. 
Awarded to: 

Mark Rosenblum 

Irving Thomas Basil 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An 
award presented annually as a 
memorial to Sally Sterling 
Byrd by her children, to that 
female member of the Senior 
Class who best exemplifies the 
enduring qualities of the model 
woman. These qualities should 
typify self-dependence, cour- 
tesy, aggressiveness, modesty, 
capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for 
others, strength of character, 
and those other qualities that 
enable the women of our soci- 
ety to play such a fundamental 
part in the building of the 
Awarded to: 
Yvonne C. Zitta 

George Corcoran Award 
($750.00 and a plaque) pre- 
sented for teaching and educa- 
tion leadership at the College 
Park Campus, effective con- 
tributions at the national level, 
creative and other scholarly 
activities, directed to Electrical 
Engineering education. 
Awarded to: 

Dr. William W. Desller 

George Corcoran Award ($250 
and a plaque) presented for 
achievements in electrical en- 
gineering to an electrical engi- 
neering Graduate Assistant. 
Awarded to: 

Ernest N. Cory Scholarship 
Award to an outstanding 
junior or senior recommended 
by the Agricultural Sciences, 
preferably one majoring in the 
Entomology Department. 
Awarded to: 

Karen A. Taylor 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in the Depart- 
ment of Botany during the 
last year. 
Awarded to: 

Eloise Loos Styer 

Dairy Technology Society of 
Maryland and D. C. Scholar- 
ship Award to students in the 
Food Science Program who 
have demonstrated outstanding 
competence and promise for 
future development in the 
dairy and food processing 
Awarded to: 

Donald Edward Lewis 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy and 
soil fertility work deserving of 
Awarded to: 
Jacob E. Jones 

Delmarva Traffic Club Scholar- 
ship. An award of $500 to an 
outstanding junior or senior 
student, preferably from the 
Eastern Shore of Maryland, 
majoring in Transportation 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

John C. Hayman 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chesapeake 
Chapter No. 23 Scholarship. 
An award of $200 to an out- 
standing member of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland chapter 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Mark A. Casso 

Delta Nu Alpha, Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. 
An award of $450 to an out- 
standing member of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland chapter 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Barbara A. Breitenother 

Delta Sigma Pi (national pro- 
fessional fraternity in business 
and commerce) Scholarship 
Key. Awarded to the senior 
with the highest overall scho- 
lastic average in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Aivarded to: 

David E. Raderman 

The District of Columbia 
Institute of Chemists Student 
Award is presented to a senior 
majoring in Chemical Engi- 
neering on the basis of demon- 
strated qualities of leadership, 
ability, character, and scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Brian W. Wamsley 

Electrical Engineering Depart- 
ment Outstanding Service 
Award is presented on the 
basis of demonstrated service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Cynthia M. Schaeffer 

Engineering Alumni Chapter 
Award is presented to a senior 
in the College of Engineering 
for outstanding scholarship 
and service to the College of 
Awarded to: 

Deborah L. Wolfe 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Electrical Engineer- 
ing for outstanding scholastic 
achievement and service to the 
society and department. 
Awarded to: 

Michael D. Granger 


The Factory Mutual Awards 
Awarded to: 

David M. Drury 

William P. Wheeler 

Fred K. Walker, Jr. 

Bruce J. Gerwe 

Gregory R. Miller 

Phillip J. DiNenno 

Ronald H. Lee 

The Frank J. Fee, Jr. Award 
Awarded to: 

John R. Cochrane 

Financial Executives Institute, 
Baltimore Chapter Award. An 
award to the outstanding 
senior student in Accounting 
and Finance in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Wayne B. Lowell 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most outstanding 
senior in the Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

William P. Wheeler 

Society of Fire Protection Engi- 
neers Outstanding Sophomore 
Award to the most outstanding 
sophomore in the Fire Protec- 
tion Curriculum. 
Awarded to: 

Robert C. Beller 

Forbes Chocolate Leadership 
Award to a student in the 
Food Science Program to en- 
courage scholarship and future 
potential in the dairy and food 
processing industry. 
Awarded to: 

David Anthony Rapp 

Lester M. Fraley Honor Award 
to a junior or senior student of 
outstanding character majoring 
in the College of Physical Edu- 
cation, Recreation, and Health 
who has demonstrated concern 
for citizenship and has shown 
superior scholarship in the 
Awarded to: 

Gerald Robert Covello, Jr. 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic 
Award to the two members 
of the senior class who have 
done the most for the advance- 
ment of dramatics at the 
Awarded to: 

Bradford Watkins 

Kathryn Zukasky 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf Associa- 
tion to five students in Agron- 
omy displaying academic pro- 
ficiency, participation in extra- 
curricular activities, and who 
have an active interest in golf 
turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas Coda 

Thomas L. Donlin 

Daniel J. McPherson 

James W. Miller 

Stephen Potter 

The James Douglass Goddard 
Memorial Medal to a male and 
female student who are native 
residents of Prince George's 
County and have demonstrated 
outstanding scholastic achieve- 
ments and scholarly attributes. 
Awarded to: 

Patricia A. Woodworth 

Stephen J. Tarafas 

The P. Arne Hansen Award is 
given to the graduating senior 
designated by the Microbiology 
department faculty as the out- 
standing Departmental Honors 
Awarded to: 

Ludmila Zawistowich 

Haskins and Sells Foundation 
Fellowship Award. An award of 
$3,500 to an outstanding 
doctoral student in Accounting 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Lawrence J. Gramling 

William Randolph Hearst Foun- 
dation Scholarships to out- 
standing journalism students. 
Awarded to: 

Susan M. Webster 

Roland Kidwell 

John J. Kuchno 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Award in memory of Robert M. 
Higginbotham, a compassion- 
ate and dedicated young man, 
an honors student of mathe- 
matics, who lost his life in 
Vietnam, to an outstanding 
junior student majoring in 
Awarded to: 

Glenn J. Galfond 


The Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore award to the student 
with the highest scholastic 
average the Floriculture and 
Ornamental Horticulture op- 
tion in Horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Rolf John Nelson 

College of Human Ecology 
Alumni Chapter presented 
Recognition Awards to out- 
standing students in each 
Awarded to: 

DepartiueiU of Family and 
ComryiKiiity DevelopTment 
Junior: Joy Ossip 
Senior: Cynthia Jennings 
Special Department Award: 

Mary McGowan 
Department of Foods, 
Nutrition, and Institution 
Juunior: Ira Milner 
Senior: Linda Moskin 
Self-Supporting: Mary 

Special Departmental 

Award: Rita Newton 
Stokely-VanCamp Trivet: 

Ellen Klotzman 
Department of Housing and 
Applied Design 
Senior: Barbara L. Broad 
Self-Supporting: Gail 

Elizabeth Gebran 
Special Departmental 

Award: Mark M. Stafford 
Department of Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 
Junior: Carol Heitmuller 
Senior: Marcy Finkel 
Self-Supporting: Margaret 

Special Departmental 
Award: Carol Schmidt 

Richard D. Irwin Foundation 
Fellowship. An award of 
$2,000 to an outstanding 
doctoral student in business 
and management. 
Awarded to: 

Susan Rawson Zacur 

The joe Elbert James Memo- 
rial Award. A gold watch annu- 
ally awarded to the graduating 
senior in horticulture on basis 
of scholarship and promise of 
future achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Rolf John Nelson 

The John J. Leidy Scholarship 
Awarded to: 

William G. Barish 

Mary Anne and Frank A. 
Kennedy Scholarships to out- 
standing journalism students 
from the estate of Mary Anne 
and Frank A. Kennedy. 
Awarded to: 

Robert G. Fuggetta 

Theresa Lynn Oslerman 

Lee S. Cooke 

Charles Michael Walls 

The Dr. Alice Love Memorial 
Scholarship is awarded to the 
Physical Education major who 
best exhibits the qualities of 
scholarship, leadership and 
potential as a physical educator. 
Awarded to: 

Beth Madeline Ennis 

Charles Manning Prize in 
Creative Arts, initiated in 1971 
to honor the Dean of the 
College of Arts and Sciences, 
1962-71, is awarded each year 
to a graduating senior who has 
done outstanding work in one 
of the creative or performing 
Awarded to: 

Marilyn Myres Weinberg 

Maryland Chambers of Com- 
merce Public Affairs Scholar- 
ship Program. A program tui- 
tion award to an outstanding 
Maryland resident student 
entering the MBA program in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
John J. Hibbert 

Maryland State Firemen's As- 
sociation Grant. A tuition and 
fees scholarship is awarded 
annually to an outstanding 
high school student who en- 
rolls in the fire protection 
curriculum of the College of 
Engineering. This scholarship 
is for four years. 
Awarded to: 

James N. Robinson 

Matthew B. Cole 

Kevin J. O'Neill 

Steven L. Poole 

Ladies Auxiliary to The Mary- 
land State Firemen's Associa- 
tion Grant. This $750 grant is 
awarded to an outstanding 
high school graduate who will 
enroll in the fire protection 
curriculum in the College of 
Engineering. The award is 
normally available for four 
Awarded to: 

Charles L. Gandy 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Citation to the 
outstanding seniors in 
Awarded to: 

Dorothy Parlett 

George Brandon 

Graham Dower 

McCormick & Company MBA 
Scholarship. An award of 
$2,500 to an outstanding 
student entering the MBA pro- 
gram in the College of Business 
and Management. 
Awarded to: 

To be announced 

Montgomery County Press 
Association Scholarship to an 
outstanding Journalism senior 
residing in Montgomery 
Awarded to: 
Lily Ju-Ii Dow 

George R. Merrill, Jr. Memo- 
rial Scholarship. Friends of 
former professor George R. 
Merrill, Jr. have established 
this endowed scholarship fund 
to benefit students in Indus- 
trial Education. 
Awarded to: 

JoAnn Crescenze 

The Nationwide Award 
Awarded to: 

James M. Thompson 

Noxell Foundation Scholar- 
ships. Awarded to senior 
chemistry majors nominated 
by the Department of Chemis- 
Awarded to: 

Randy Levin 

Elaine Frances Remmers 

Marianna Jo Urick 

The Omega Chi Epsilon Award 
is presented to the member of 
the Chi Chapter who has made 
the most outstanding contri- 
bution through service and 
scholarship to the Maryland 
Awarded to: 

Brian W. Wamsle>' 


Parker Shirling Turfgrass 
Scholarship of the Maryland 
Turfgrass Association to a 
student demonstrating aca- 
demic proficiency in Agrono- 
my, participation in extra- 
curricular activities, and an 
active interest in commercial 
turf work. 
Awarded to: 
Karl R. Fellman 

Physics and Astronomy Annual 
Awards to Graduate Students 
for Excellence in Teaching, 
Awarded to: 

To be announced 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., 
Scholarship. An award of $500 
to an outstanding student 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Charles H. Hollis 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
is presented to the senior in 
Mechanical Engineering who 
has made the most outstanding 
contribution to the University. 
Awarded to: 

Robert F. McMican, Jr. 

The Augustus J. Prahl Fellow- 
ship in German is awarded for 
scholarly achievement to the 
outstanding Graduate Student 
in German during the current 

Awarded to: 
Peter Steese 

Prince Georges County Volun- 
teer Firemen's Association 
Grant. An annual tuition and 
fees scholarship is awarded to 
an outstanding high school 
student who enrolls in the fire 
protection curriculum of the 
College of Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Samuel S. Dannaway 

William C. Aceto 

Public Relations Society of 
America, Maryland Chapter 
Award to Outstanding Public 
Relations seniors. 
Awarded to: 
Deborah Ruth 

Jack B. Sacks Foundation 
Scholarship. An award of $500 
on behalf of the Women's Adver- 
tising Club of Washington, 
D.C., to an outstanding Mar- 
keting student in the College 
of Business and Management 
planning a career in adver- 

Awarded to: 
Diane S. Lynne 

Leland E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in Horti- 
Awarded to: 
Leo R. Lasota 

The Shipleys of Maryland 
Award to the Graduating 
History Major with the Best 
Academic Record. 
Awarded to: 

Neal Robert Feigenson 

Department of History Honor- 
able Mention for outstanding 
academic performance. 
Awarded to: 

John B. Me>'er 

John M. Blanchfield 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron 
Award to the outstanding 
senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

Deborah B. Rubin 

Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honor 
Society) Award for Service. 
Awarded to: 

Harold Rodenhausen 

The Leo J. and Rita Sklar 
Awards in General Honors are 
conferred on several General 
Honors students each year, 
for excellence in scholarship 
and for outstanding service to 
the University and the General 
Honors Program. 
Awarded to: 
Junior-Senior Awards 

Robert Horlick 

Robert Mapou 
Freshman-Sophomore Award 

Samuel Witten 

Department of Spanish and 
Portuguese Award for excel- 
lence in teaching Spanish 
(Graduate Assistants). 
Awarded to: 

Laraine R. House 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to the most 
outstanding senior in the Fire 
Protection Curriculum. 
Awarded to: 

William P. Wheeler 

Department of Spanish and 
Portuguese Award for excel- 
lence in the study of Spanish. 
Awarded to: 

Harold Rodenhausen 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 
Fund. An award of $500 to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in Transportation in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Anne C. Crowley 

The Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award is pre- 
sented to the outstanding 
junior in the Fire Protection 
Curriculum by the Salamander 
Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 

Samuel S. Dannaway 

The Homer Ulrich Honors 
Awards, initiated in 1972 to 
honor Professor Homer Ulrich, 
chairman of the Department of 
Music between 1953-1971, 
are given annually by com- 
petition for undergraduate and 
graduate students in each of 
three musical performance 
areas— piano, voice and 
Awarded to: 

Alvin Chow 

Joan Voorhees 

Karen Lykes 

Joan Berman Mizrahi 

Mary Beth Parrotta 

Mary Beth Kiss 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award. An award 
to the outstanding student in 
investments and security 
analysis in the College of Busi- 
ness and Management. 
Awarded to: 

To be announced. 

The Colonel Wharton 
Art Award 
Awarded to: 
Kalhy Gallay 



William P. Cole III Memorial 
Lacrosse Award offered by 
teammates and coaches to the 
outstanding University of 
Maryland midfielder. 
Awarded to: 
Robert Ott 

Joe Deckman-5am Silber 
Lacrosse Trophy awarded to 
the most improved defense 

Awarded to: 
Randy Ratliff 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung 
Hero Award to the player who 
best exemplified determination, 
will to win, and pride in 
Awarded to: 
Tony Morgan 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump 
Truitt Award. Player must be a 
graduating senior. Awarded for 
scholastic attainments and team 

Truitt Award to a graduating 
senior for scholastic attain- 
ments and team performance. 
Awarded to: 
Kevin Boland 

University of Maryland 
Alumni Swimming Association 
Scholar Athlete Award to the 
swimmer who has compiled 
the best combination of aca- 
demic and aquatic records 
Awarded to: 
Michael Allison 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football 
Awarded to: 

Timothy Wilson 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track 
Trophy to the senior who has 
contributed most to the squad 
during the time he was on the 

Awarded to: 
John Davenport 

Halbert K. Evans Award to 
the most outstanding senior 
Awarded to: 
Tom Andersson 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the 
outstanding senior baseball 
Awarded to: 

Robert Niffenegger 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero 
of the current season. 
Awarded to: 
Bob Raba 

James H. Kehoe Award, to 
the trackman whose dedication 
to excellence most closely 
exemplifies that of Jim Kehoe, 
one of Maryland's greatest 
Awarded to: 
David Watt 

Tom Fields Award, to the most 
important member of the 
Cross Country team based on 
the qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, atti- 
tude, and personal achieve- 

Awarded to: 
Al Naylor 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
to the Maryland student who 
has contributed most to 
wrestling at the University. 
Awarded to: 
Steven Hogg 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., 
Swimming Trophy to the 
senior letterman who has con- 
tributed most to swimming. 
Awarded to: 
Robert Hassett 

John T. Bell Swimming Award 
to the senior who has con- 
tributed most to swimming. 
Awarded to: 
Sidney Burkot 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the best football 
lineman of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Mark Manges 

The Andrew M. Cohen Tennis 
Trophy to the member of the 
tennis team who, judged by his 
teammates, contributed the 
most to tennis. 
Awarded to: 
Claude England 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Jonathan E. Claiborne 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstand- 
ing wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Steve Heger 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memo- 
rial Trophy to the golfer who 
most nearly exemplifies the 
competitive spirit and strong 
character of Robert E. Theo- 
feld, former member of the 
boxing team. 
Awarded to: 
James Hamilton 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy 
offered by the class of 1913 to 
the player who has rendered 
the greatest service to lacrosse 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Hynes 

Robert Reed 



Steven Sheppard 

Cross Country 

Anthony V. Garner 
Peter G. Gleason 
Gus A. Loukas 
Allen C. Naylor 
Russell E. Rankin 
Jeffrey M. Smith 


Howard Labow 
John E. Simes, II 


Eric Brubaker 
Joseph P. Campbell 
David P. Conrad 
Ralph E. Fisher 
Edward V. Fulton 
Derick L. Harris 
Leon D. Harris 
Michael J. Miller 
Eugene F. Ochap 


Robert W. Raba 
Kenneth D. Roy 
Thomas D. Schick 
Richard C. Schmahz 
Robert B. Schwartz 
Timothy Wilson 
John M. Zernheh 
Charles L. Moss 


David ]. Bartels 
Tony Kondratenko 
Steven W. Salamony 
Gonzalo A. Soto 
Alroy R. Scott 
Paul R. Tamberino 


Sidney Burkot 
Garry Duschl 
Robert Hassett 


Kevin Benson 
Richard C. Gottlick 
Steven Heger 
Steven Hogg 



John Bilney 
Lawrence Boston 
William Bryant 
Mark Crawford 
Bradley Davis 
Michael Davis 
Larry Gibson 
David Henderson 
Anthony Hunter 
Brian Magid 
Steven Sheppard 
W. Eric Shrader 
James Tillman 

Cross Country 

David D. Cornwell 

Anthony V. Garner 

Peter G. Gleason 

Jonathan W. Lott 

Gus A. Loukas 

Allen C. Naylor 

Russell E. Rankin 

Jeffrey M. Smith 

Michael T. Wilhelm 

Mark R. Milewski, Manager 


Keith Barrack 

Daniel Basso 

Scott Dickman 

Mark Eisenhardt 

Francis Ferdinand 

Lawrence Hurwitz 

Howard Labow 

Lawrence Labow 

Peter Loats 

Guy Moore 

John Reilly 

John E. Simes, II 

Alan Rendfrey, Manager 


Steve E. Atkins 

Robert P. Bell 

Lloyd Burrus, Jr. 

Keith M. Calta 

Joseph P. Campbell 

Bradley S. Carr 

Jonathan E. Claiborne 

David P. Conrad 

John Douglas 

Frank M. Dudish 

Ralph E. Fisher 

Edward S. Fotta 

Edward V. Fulton 

George H. Garber 

Paul J. Glamp 

Douglas L. Harbert 

Leon D. Harris 

Charles A. Johnson 

Vincent M. Kinney 

Theodore J. Klaube 

Steven J. Koziol 

Alvin D. Maddox 

Mark R. Manges 

Michael J. Miller 

Jeffrey Martell, Mgr. 
Charles L. Moss 
Joseph A. Muffler 
Clyde Nelson, Mgr. 
Eugene F. Ochap 
David Odell 
Neal Olkewicz 
Bruce A. Palmer 
Robert W. Raba 
Dean M. Richards 
Kenneth D. Roy 
Earnest M. Salley 
Thomas D. Schick 
Richard C. Schmaltz 
George Scott 
Larry P. Seder 
James K. Shaffer 
Eric S. Sievers 
Michael Simon 
Michael G. Sochko 

John D. Stanford 
Christopher J. Ward 
Kenneth Watson 
Charles L. White 
Timothy Wilson 
Kervin D. Wyatt 
Michael 5. Yeates 
John M. Zernhelt 


Jeffrey M. Amrhein 
David J. Bartels 
Scott R. Boddery 
Minnet D. Elverenli 
Claude 1. England 
Kenneth W. Johnson 
Bryan K. Kittelberger 
Tony Kondratenko 
Donald J. Kraft 
Kenan S. McCoy 
Ronald D. McKeever 
Christopher E. Miller 
John F. Myers 
Christopher E. Orsborne 
Eric A. Packheiser 
Steven W. Salamony 
Gonzalo A. Soto 
Paul R. Tamberino 
Alroy R. Scott 
Steve B. Testoff, Mgr. 


Michael Allison 
Joe Black 
Michael Dew 
Crail Gordon 
Bryan Graff 
Paul Kozicki 
Timothy McGough 
Thomas Sheldon 
Steven Shinholser 
Thomas Zonarich 
Sidney Burkot 
Robert Hassett 


Kevin Benson 
Kevin J. Colabucci 
Richard C. Gottlick 
Charles W. Harris 
Melvin L. Hart 
Steven K. Heger 
Steven D. Hogg 
Robert M. Mcllvaine 
Michael D. Meko 
Bill J. Schoy 
David P. Snyder 



The Alumni Cup. Presented 
to the Second Semester Air 
Science Senior Cadet who has 
achieved the highest cumula- 
tive grade point average within 
the Corp of Cadets, while at 
the same time, demonstrating 
the highest degree of officer 
Awarded to: 
Michael Droz 

The Disabled American 
Veterans Trophy. Presented 
each year to the Senior Cadet 
who has displayed outstanding 
leadership, scholarship and 
Awarded to: 
David A. Hale 

The George M, Reilley Award. 
Presented to the member of 
the Flight Instruction Program 
showing the highest aptitude 
for flying as demonstrated by 
his performance in the pro- 
Awarded to: 

Douglas W. Hiidebrand 

The American Defense Pre- 
paredness Association Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
Senior Cadet who has an 
academic average which places 
him in the upper half of his 
entire class at the University, 
has received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less 
than B, in the upper 20% of 
total ROTC enrollment at the 
University of Maryland, has 
participated actively in athletics 
and/or campus activities, and 
has demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 

James R. Biernesser 

The Air Force Association 
Award. Presented each year to 
the outstanding professional 
offices corp cadet who has 
excelled in Field Training, pos- 
sesses individual leadership 
characteristics, ranks in the 
upper 10% of his class in the 
University and the upper 5% 
of his ROTC class, and has 
outstanding promotion 
Awarded to: 
William J. Beck 

The American Legion Out- 
standing Senior Cadet Award. 
This award is sponsored by the 
American Legion, Department 
of Maryland, and is presented 
to the cadet best described as 
the Outstanding ROTC 
Awarded to: 

James R. Biernesser 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented 
each year to an outstanding 
Senior (Gold Award) who is in 
the upper 10% of the class in 
the University and the upper 
25% of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated high 
qualities in military leadership. 
A.warded to: 
Michael Droz 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to 
a Senior (Gold Award) in the 
upper 25% of the ROTC class, 
demonstrating outstanding 
qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas W. Skinner 

The Daughters of the American 
Revolution Award, Presented 
to the Senior Cadet who has 
demonstrated high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military discipline, 
and leadership ability. 
Awarded to: 

Michael A. Counihan 

The Military Order of World 
Wars Award. Presented to the 
Aerospace Studies cadet recog- 
nized as the most improved 
within his year category. 
Awarded to: 

Andrea Sweetak 

The Reserve Officers Associa- 
tion Awards. Presented to the 
senior Cadet (Gold Award) 
demonstrating outstanding 
academic achievement in 
AFROTC subject matter and 
highest officer potential. 
Awarded to: 

Nancy L. Cuzzolino 

Society of American Military 
Engineers ROTC Award. Cadet 
selected for this national award 
is recognized as one of 20 

outstanding AFROTC senior 
cadets pursuing an engineering 
curriculum. Award recognizes 
outstanding academic per- 
formance and professional 
officer potential. 
Cadet nominated: 
Scott K. Borges 

Air Force Historical Foundation 
Awards Scholarship. Presented 
annually to an outstanding 
AFROTC cadet who is pur- 
suing an advanced degree in a 
field of study beneficial to 
Air Force and American Avia- 
tion Technology. Cadets are 
nominated in recognition of 
leadership, citizenship, and 
outstanding academic and 
military achievement. 
Cadet nominated: 

Robert W. Bennington 

Armed Forces Communications 
and Electronics Association 
Award. Presented to recognize 
an outstanding professional 
officer corps cadet who is 
pursuing a course of technical 
studies in this area and who 
also shows a definite aptitude 
for military service. 
Awarded to: 

Douglas W. Hiidebrand 

National Defense Trans- 
portation Association Award. 
Presented to recognize an 
outstanding senior cadet in the 
transportation field who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities, academic 
achievement, and aptitude for 
military service. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas G. Keller 

AFROTC College Scholarships. 
Awarded on basis of outstand- 
ing academic performance and 
demonstrated potential for 
leadership and achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Robert W. Bennington 

Scott K. Borges 

William J. Beck 

James R. Biernesser 

Douglas R. Cochran 

Michael A. Counihan 

Michael Droz 

Darral J. Freund 

David A. Hale 

Douglas W. Hiidebrand 

Thomas G. Keller 

Thomas W. Skinner 



Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

College of Agriculture 
East Dining Hall 
Denton Hall 
Botany & Entomology 
Room 1216, H. J. 
Patterson Hall 
Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Room 1526. Chemistry 

Room 0113, H.J. 
Patterson Hall 

Room 0200, Skinner Hall 

Room 1200, Zoology- 
Psychology Building 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

College of Engineenrig 
Commuter Room, Main 
Dining Hall 
Computer Science 

3316 Computer Science 

Rotunda, Mathematics 
Physics & Astronomy 
1410 Physics Bldg. 
Physical Sciences 
1410 Physics Bldg. 

Division of Arts and 

School of Architecture 

0204 Architecture Bldg. 
College of Journalism 

Lobby, Journalism Bldg. 
American Studies 

2100 Taliaferro Hall 

Art Gallerv, Art-Sociology 

1116 EE Bldg. 

Garden, Rossborough Inn 

3120 Foreign Languages 

German & Russian 

3215 Foreign Languages 

2119 Francis Scott Key 

Recital Hall, Tawes Fine 
Arts Bldg. 

1131 Skinner Hall 

0220 Foreign Languages 
Speech & Dramatic Art 
Rose Garden/Theatre, 
Tawes Fine Arts Bldg. 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation and 

0108 Cole Field House 
College of Library and 
Information Services 
2115 Undergraduate 
College of Human 

Grand Ballroom, Student 
College of Education 
Education Building 
Supervision and 
Curriculum, Room 1107 
Counseling and 
Personnel Services, 

Early Childhood- 
Elementary Education, 

Industrial Education, 


Institute for Child 

Study, 3304 

Measurement & 

Statistics, 1203 

Secondary Education, 


Social Foundations, 


Special Education, 1240 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

College of Business and 

1101 Tydings Hall 
Afro-American Studies 

1128 Woods Hall 

0104 Woods Hall 

1111 Tydings Hall 

2100 Tydings Hall 
Government and Politics 
Under the large tree in 
front of Tydings Hall, 
weather permitting, 
Room 1108, Tydings Hall 
Hearing and Speech 

1154 Tawes Fine Arts 
Information Systems 

2100 Tydings Hall 
1240 Zoology- 
Psychology Bldg. 

2108 Art-Sociology Bldg. 
Criminology and Law 

0109 Undergraduate 
Institute for Urban Studies 
2102 Woods Hall 

Undergraduate Studies 
General & Individual 

0108 Undergraduate 




There are many interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected some 
of these that you may wish to 
visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities are open on 
weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. You are welcome to 
tour them at your leisure. 
Other points of interest on 
campus may be toured by 
appointment through the 
phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
information, call the Student 
Union Information Center 


(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive. 
Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A schedule 
of multidenominational serv- 
ices can be obtained in the 
North Administration Bldg. 

Regents Drive. This facility 
houses the Admissions Office 
of the University: Office of the 
Registrar for graduate trans- 
scripts and commencement 
information: and offices for 
student financial aid, housing, 
and campus employment. 

BRARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 
is one of the finest in the 
nation In addition to serving 
undergraduate students, it also 
houses at the graduate level 
the College of Library and 
Information Services. 

110) Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student Union 

was completed in 1972. You 
can obtain a building directory 
and schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided 
tours are available to the 
bowling alleys, billiard room, 
ballroom, cafeterias, motion 
picture theatre, and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 27) Campus Drive. 
With a permanent seating 
capacity of 12,500, the Main 
Auditorium of Cole Fieldhouse 
is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

TER-(BLDG. 115) Campus 
Drive. You are welcome to visit 
the Art Gallery on the first 
floor. Offices of the depart- 
ments of art, music, speech 
and dramatic art, and hearing 
and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. Uni- 
versity Theatre is also located 
here, adjacent to Parking Lot 

Campus Drive. You are invited 
to walk through this facility 
and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by prior 
arrnagement. (Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for con- 
tinuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by 
calling 779-5100. 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students 
and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

TORY. Open House is held on 
the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general 
public. Large groups may call 
for reservations at 454-3001. 
(For other information call 
Ext. 3460) 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough 
Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 



Seclion 1: 

Agricultural and Life 

Mathematical and Physical 

Sciences and Engineering 
Undergraduate Studies 

Section 2 : 

Graduate School 
Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Arts and Humanities 

Section 3: 

Business and Management 
Human Ecology 

Section 4: 

Behavioral and Social 



main entrance 
& exits 


ff .(Jjtu-eXxJb^T^