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The Concise Standard 

IBx. U. B. F>t. OS.] 

Of the English Language 

Designed to Givb the Orthography, Pronunciation, and Meaning 



Abridged from the Funk y Wagnslh Neta Standard Dictionary 
of the- English Language by 



' ,S y-; • ' D:,-:c.Jt,C.OOglc 



M42 t 


Digiiizcdt* Google 


ibon, the choiw hu beeo for 

he choioe has been for the most part of wonu at unoe (he nmpleBt uid it 

immon. Only euch worda h ihauld be wiitlea with apitAl inilial letters ai 

capilaUied tn tbo vacabulary. 

The proauaciatiocu are tba« of the New Btandafd DictioDuy aa finalty determined 
mth tlie aid of the Advisory CommittM of tweaV-4v€ feadiDg niilologiats and Edu<^ 
tora, their moA beinff based upon that of the Advisa^ Com- 
U. Fronmirtatlon. mittee of Fifty to wfauh wen submitted the Disputed ProDus- 
ciatioiu in the earlier editiomf of The' Standard Dictionary. 
Tbe proDuucistion of words is indicated b^ Idumetio teapeUiog in die cbuactetB of 
the Revised ScientiGc Alphabet, whieh is deanated aa Key 1, and also by means of a 
ntiem of diaoritic msrics such as is much uMd in (eit-book* and the older dictianaries. 
uas older system beijiff called Key 2. The Hevised BeientiGc Alphabet is believed to 
lie It onoe the simplest uid moet.eiaat altAabat y«t deviaed for uea in bwlu nf general 
lefprvDCe- An eq^lvutlan of the valuea of tite symbols and of the principles of the 
•Iphabet will be fouiid on tbe conchidiiw iutroductoty paces. 

In deBnitions the aim has been to ■ "- - "■- 

re the utmost bzerit^ and amplidt^ con- 
it the method of beginniiia eaoh definitioa 
niLu n unuuuvQ ■bauement^ss in the New Standard Dictionary, 
I. IMlnltloni. has bean beie einployed. Tlua haa bean dona, even at the coat of 

somewhat enlarsins the TDlun»i with the belief that the readinc 
^blic will especisUy 4>i>redala thia faatnie of fulness of definldon. Wbera definitioa 
.' Bynooym baa be^ neoeasary for the sake <d bzvvi^, the endeavor has been to define 
' a wi»d whidi is itself man fully defined, or b^ oua ao simple and familiar that ita 
eaoioE can not be for a moment in doubt. Enghsb tables of mmturtt and vieiahu are 
ven under these woids, and the tables of tbe metric ryeltm under vtttnc, 

Tbe moat important pre6na and sofflies are fully treated in tbe midn voeabulaiy. 
iaoy of these, especiaU^ of suffises, form derivatives which are seff-eiplainina when 
e meuiin^ of the principal word and that of the affix are known. Hence such a word 
ofi^n indicated by eimiuy ^vina the Boffix after the word to wiitch it is to be adjoined, 
by entering the derivative in full under the prinapal word, to i^ve Hpellinjiand accnit, 
lb BBurance that the maauinc *rill ba teadiiy understood. 

The illustratjons, 7S0 in number (17 of tf" '"•- ■ -" ■ ' ' 

Kveral mdividoal iUoatralioiu), have been en>eciaUy selactad 

IT. The niogtta- many caaes more .^ r- 

tioni. the meanini of anchor or annl. or of the contnsled terms 

doofn and exoffen, BO clearly and readily as it is eiven b)[ a gi 
picture; and for totally new producta, aa the atroplane, or for very complei BLtbject&, 
arcKutciure, aiustratioDS are indiapensable. 

In the Appendix will be found a set of simple Kules for Spelliim; a treatment 
conuDoa faults in diction, with rules and examples helpful in the avoidance of hi 
faulta; an extensive pronouncing Ust of Proper Names, anci 
T. The AptiMidli. and modem, iMraonal. geographical, literary, etc. : FareiKoWo 
and Phrasea, with their translations; a hit of Symbolic Flov 
sod GeniB, with the significance of each exfdained; and, flnaily, an explanatory list 
common Abbreviations. 

It is believed that the book will find favor among tbe many penona wbo dear 
small, juexpenrnve, and bandy dictionary which will give them in a moment tbe m 
necesssry information as to toe spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of tbe words 4 

db,L.ooglc . 


idlHliiDnL DhiaUi 

TOdbuiuT pU 
irti BBikaun ir 

a o> timUv 

santtkm, *■ I 

ty ¥«citbulw vord danou Ui*i lii 

i„ iDiUaUqi Out U 
ue tumilfUlf, I 

■ylUblea. Ihe oilitile* vbicta n 

M or a ixunponnl wonl, ami lodtoMes tbil 
pvti lo JolDed an to tw oMmeotH] br i 
IiTpbai In onHnarr wMltiia or tiHntiDB: u, 
MlTBHt (wrlttoi onUurtbF Mf-maiO . 

TBI Simiu Aocam n Indlcaua Uic prl- 
nuiT or Otiti accmt; aa. a'Ma. 

3!£S'-tj^'' "" "*■ *'''^- ■■"'* 

AbbrmlmHonB and ArUlnrr Sicn*. 

[CoUoq] ColLogulBl. I t-sAnMf. 
pun.] Dl»Jecllc. l-orMolc. 

r) a Letter In the Tocabularr 
B. u'p>-U|«', tftti' (pdiirte) 

', ipcIUnsB reconuaended br tli« 
lint BoariJ — tbe ( being droDIMd 


coDfltruoted by a Got 

ud Diotioasry. The tuentiaJ p 
of iU coailruction lira tha follo>Ti 

1. One srralMri. and nnlr a 
BUh Miniid, BO that in vtaiMver c 
ticm a eivea Bymbol appears, iu 
unislitagiiiB Bud unrnistakabis. 

I. The rowel letters hare thi 
Hoentel (or Lstlu) Talne*. ( 

pontble ■> relaC^QD b 
niRspoodi to chat 

d (W m 

Bnglish alphabetlo valu». 

aa that su«ge9Kd by cattbg the 

diphthotig. the other a Bmple ^ 
diphthong of piae coiuiBta ol tl 


sintle latter i (1) u no adeciuats aymbot for 

ciatea it witb the urmJsMd liBiplB ahort 
vowel of tnn. The word nai vm the fint 
syllmbCa of maHnff lue tha ■■me lettef, a; 
but the Towde thetxlHivM »n totaELy 
diSereni in quality ai ynU aa in lenith, A 
Kieotifio kiphabet ahould dlatinciiuh them 

!. Oa ths other hand, fal and /an have 
in QUalily. Iho differiaB ia 
"--■-"■ "-'intifio Alphabet 

lenEth. The Beviaed S 

npresOQU thorn by tiu sama ■ymooi, a, 

dietin^iflhiat tha long vowel of J^e by a 

phODetio alphabat uaed ben ahon eiaotlf 
the chaiaclar of a eouDd. lla conDsotlon 
•ith related aounda. and (if the BOaad ia 
diphtboocal) ita eiameata and thair value. 
I. Di^tii«a(>Bnrepm«nladbrtbe 
■emboli of their leapecUra demanU. 

tu two Bmple voirela heard in oh and rvia 


(that n. D and 0) apokan [n rapid auooaa 
the chief ilreaa beuis on the Erac; out. L 
and Che diphthoDg in oii. bay baa for 

or cb« (lile^. and I 
-- -■ -'■, Xei, B: 

't it roadily abows that it begina 

vowel of il; chat ia, (he diphthonjiao+i; 

the full vowel hoard m rude preeeded by a 
lisht vowel like that in il; that ii, the diph- 
thong la i + 0: miat. In Engllah apellioga 
these diphthonga are often dieguiaeif : in the 
phonetic gymbol* ol the Reviaed ScienUfio 
Alphabet (Key 1) thay are alwaya abao- 

4. iHMrf Ue iniirki mra almMt whoUr 

maoroo, and Uiia alwaya aa a aign of length. 
By meau of tha maeroo tbe Engliah abort 
vowela are properly paired prith their near- 
eat long fonua: the abort vowel of obtv (o) 

i) the aame in quality ar •■■- ' ' -" 

note (A); the abort vowi 

vowel of fart (1) ; tha abort vowei of vr 
ia in quality oloae to tbe ' 

Jta of at _„,. 

wholly tUMtieeaed ayltables . 

altered in quality and reduced In ahupnaaa 
of utterance to one or the other of two 
neutral or " olAcure *' vowela. The more 

ibout. lep^riUt, cuttom," 1 

i ayllab 

halal. mmaec. Tie former 
I repreacnted by a. the latter by i. 
•. Familiar digraphs (cb, »fa, tfa) ar« 

in U« by Oi, and of th in Oiree by fh. It 
would be mora adenliBe to repreeeDt these 
atn^e eonaonant aounda by aingle aymbola^ 
but for genaral use it waa thought better to 

of diKOrilio ^fl*'^*. ia aucsh aa hu lonl 

Tba foUowiiw (able Eiv«« the -vsli 
pbonifl Tilun of tha aymbolj of Key 1 
aC«d ia Key 1 by u, is the eqaivaJeat 


itiun keys on hen UHd. TTid 
ond (Key 2), n ' " 

n Mit-books Md is the 

are clsaeed in the n 

Di exampLe. the aouj 

- Key 2. The latter ■ymbol W I uut ? & 
four aymboli im u»d loc the BHiae Kiuid— Q 

i classed 'with d, f<.. _ 
a, I, f . Other symboll 

A as in ask, chaat, ddL... 

C M in set, bell, Hia, iBopani. 

said, dead, bury, addfd. 
■,( MinpMy, 


I, r uiahit,tfD,miBa,ciist,ph|Aia. 
ti 1^ r as in poltoe. OKte, gr«t, 9«. 
O as iQ obey, window, photo. 

t «« in (D, hijIe, glory, 

soul, goat, door, heai 
^9 OS ia not, odd, vhot, wo 
0* H as in or, Dorth, all, haul. 
If, 9> A^ «* in full, push, eould, stood. 
nitbn Bsinnile. tnu, food, who, loM. asio bum 

J. whirl. 

ol I, f aa in oute, pine, aiga, Vgbt, 
type, hflght. 

In n as in duiation, lulilit;. 

IQ II OS infeud, tube, pupil, beauty. 

•I ti,<r uiDail,<tinD,bi;v. oyster, lOB&L 

K k,c as in tin. cat, back, acAe 

■ t «aiDin>,doii,ew>S^<Ht,(ruard. 

aa in fAin, ba^A, faitA, e 
aaia £^, witJ^ brealAe, raiher, 
as in to, hoiue, this, missing, 
as in «et. lasy, buu. irati 

as in aboot, Soul, sofa, if 
separate, mystery, pjt- 
timd, martin-' 

■,e,t,7 as in habit, se 

tnsouit, I 
average, piivilfga, valler. 
Sunday, dtiea, renew 
ways imstxessed). 

aeinlocft (Sdotch), ad, n 

as in Lflbeck (German), Du- 
mas (French). 

asinbon (Freoch). 

1 lepnaented in Engliab speUince, but n 

poHtion for k (as in iotk). The diSeri 
lot wholly oloBB the paauoe, b" "' "■- ' ■■■ — 

is then made by foTcin£ the breath out while the topffue le held firmly in 
posmoD for English y. 

lips at U 
that the 

4> the pieceding van 

d while the lips are fully pursed or rounded. 

le n iteelf ia ulent. but has imparted a nasal quality 

The Concise Standard 

. B; a I imaoemtid, 1 si^Sa). inde! 
■a. pT] Odb; my: Hoh: befoie i 

^ 1 -«i/5-«i 


2 a-Mft'. JVonl. I. adr. Towmid the 
rUrta; back; behind. IL pnp. Fuiiher 

■■Am'doarfBaiit. n. The ist of abandaii- 
inc. ortbsAateolbelnfaliaDitoiwd; aflvlm 
np: yleUUB (ol omhU). 

k-Aue'TTAai'; 2 k'Wa', «t U-bubo^ 
A-Bu'ns.) To make low or loirir; lower, 
■■ ID laaC: tamibtt^m-tmafaatai, ■. 

»<b«*b', 1 e-baAi'; 2 a-bJUi'. •<. U- 
maaHBi/* or A-BAaac*; i-babb'ihi],] To 
make ariiamed : confuaa: embairaafl. 

■ ■>■*«', 1 »-bet'; 2 a-bit', i. [t-Bti^Di^; 

BAT'ma.t L 1. To lenen; ndun 
rar with. II. i. To «[ow Itoa; 
iaw.~a-bat«'iB«il, a. The an 


■'bat'totr', - - 
A ataufthtoivhoUH 

■bliB. lab's: 2ab'... 
Of, n. The di«niti 

Fathei.— Bb'k»> 

•li^b^l'ab^sSb^y.n. Us'Bira'.p'-l A 
bot orabb«a; a chapel of ouoh ui inffUtu- 
tiori: the itsideacs at an sbbM or abbeaa. 

mh-uA, 1 ab'et; 2 tb'at. n. SccJ. Tb» 
■DHClor of a iDonaitenr.— ■VbM-aUp. a. 

kb-&n1««te, I a-bifTi-it: S ItWvi-ftt. 
■<. t-AT'EDa; -at'ins.) To out ahort; 

a'tton. a. A AontnloB: an abrttti 
ab'dt«at& 1 ab'di-k«t: 2 U>'di-ett, 

l-CAT'noi-.-CA.T'll ' ~ 

iUt; rcDoiuHeoiaa. 

aMo'meii, 1 ab-ds'men or ab*!!! 

anal carltr: bolb.— ab-dom^naU "■ 
Bb-dnefd^ 1 a^okt'; 2 UxtOet', <<. To 
carry away wronEfully; kidnap; draw 
arids.-atoHJBetlDii. n.- alfAae^, n. 

k-4Mi(l'>lit-bed';2a-b«d',iid>. Inbediona 

•4>et', 1 »-bet'; 2 a-bCt', H, [A-Brr'lDJ; 

-B>T'«HO.| T( ' ' ■ - 

idte; incti 

A-B>T'«HO.| To eaoonniB (wn>n|-d(dns 
or a wroDnloer), aa by ^ipioTal or aid; 

fndte; inctlgata; aa, to oM a person in m 

ai;2a^anc,T>. Sua- 

l:artlMlc an; tat,tin; fort; gM, prer ; MC, ixdice-.obey , g« ; ; mil. r«le ; bm. bftroT 
1; * — floal; inhabit; fdsle; >n = «it: all; IB = f»d; ^Ud: bo; Q = a(it^; tUn, Otfa. 
» w^ dg: bAk, bMt; f^ rule, c«re. bOt, bftni; «U, b«r; fo, tern; Igk; tUu. thifc 


, 1 »b-J.Sr'; a Ib-hflr-. ■ 

Ud«', 1 i-boid'; 2 »-bId', r. U-boo.'; 
i-Bn/nia.I L t. To awnit eipeotsntly 
wdaBMitryioadure. II. i. To remsin; 

I The ■ 

.. l-n 

taleDt: foouJty. 
ablcet, 1 ib'jeVt; E lb']«ct. a. Bunk to » 
knr BUtfl^ dHflt down in spirit; nwui; d«- 

■. tb^Jee'dont. '' '"' " 
ub4wre\ 1 ■b-j^Di': Z ib-Jui', f<. |ab- 

«Ui; n^Dt-ab'JOAtkiB, n. 

B-Uan', I a-bIE>'; 2 *-bUa', a.tadi. On 

Gre^ in ■ bisie. 
■nile, 1 E'bl; g S'bl, a. U'bleh; i'bubt.1 

Havini; «!eiiuftta DDw^: Damiietent: CHr 

I ab-la'lor -liQlftoa; SBb-ly' 
1, n. Tha sot of msbing; : 

■n. i ■b-DHc«'<hu>r S ftb'iw 
TbB ar- -' — 


-»-MM't nuni. OlTen b 

mal; 2 KI>Hi4t'iDSj, < 

•*<Mle',le-l)6d';8«-b0d'. t-t Imp.ol 
AB1DB. II. n. DHallinr^lace; boms; so- 

»^aI'lihS 1 A^Ml'iOi; a B-bSllsh, H. To 

».bam'l-uat«, 1 B-bsm'i-net: S o^ 

— a-boml-iu - bl)'. i 



■UtADt.— Bb"(Mri>'lBeii 1 ob'o-til'- 
.-u.s; 2 tb'o-rlfi-nfi, n. pi. The origi- 
nai Inbabitant* of a oountry, 
i-bOT'tlon, 1 •-ber'AiiiD; 2 &4>te'Bbon.*. 

BrDOBht fortb premacunly; ImtHTfect* nfr 
•XiouaA'', la-tajini': S tiouiui'.ti. To 
be or ban la abatidsiiw. 

»-K™^,'l i a-bov'! S a*6v'. I. ml^ T«- 
^buT'^. j tically up; overhead; on tha up- 

pecBide. II. pr>(i. Vertically over; upon; 

mejice«of; supenorto; beyond; free uom. 

— a-ban'baard', a. A odff. Opoi; op^dir. 
■b-ndc', 1 ab-red'; 2 &b-cad'. tL |ab- 

any.-ab-n'sloo. I 'ab.r«-itB; e Ib-ir- 
»-bnut',1 ls-brest';Sa-bi«it', o^ Sdi 
a-bresfs J by side. 
k-brldpi',^ 1 e-brii'; S a-iwMf . K. 1<- 

shorter; condense: cut akort. a. To de- 
prlve ot.— a-brMi'meat, 1 s-brutDml (r 
-msDt; e a-bridfioHit, H. TBe aot of abcMr- 
tni; Um stale ot belni abrtdced; ■neoiUBt 
'oratMnat. a-biUfe'mcmlt. 

m-bnmi'f 1 e-brod'; 2 a*rftd', wts. Be- 
yond toe bouada of one's home or ooon- 
try; oul^of-doora; away; at larse. 

mb'ro-nte, 1 ab'ro-cet; 2 &b'nHt&t, tL 
[-aAT-iD^: -OAT'inal To do away with. 
annul; aboiati; repaL— ab'rtt-cs'nui, a, 

mb-rupt'i 1 sb-rnpt'; S ab-rilpl'. a. Not 

ab'tenee, 1 ab'sens; 2 ib'rint, n. "Hit 
state, fast, or time of l>eia« absent; hui; 
want. [keep (onasein away. 

■b-sent''), 1 ab-sent'; S ab-otnt'. ((. To 

ent; tacUoff; mUslnc; abfleDt*mUiil«d. -Ir* 

ak'Mntli, \l (kt/ssth; S fib'alatb, n. 
Kb 'slnUie, r bitter, oTDiiiatio LiquBur & 

Bk'i»4nte, 1 Bb'sa-Uatj's Kb'so-Ut, a. ; 

'■ iTp^tiv 


'1 2 tb-abt) 


aiidc up; ensnaB oomptfltely; 

-■k-»Ti>'*Dt, iBtv^erWDiie 

. , L a. Aburbinf . or WDdliur to 

aboorb. 11. rL Bometbliu ttiaX Bbwrba.— 
»ti ■orp'MoB, 1 »bjigrp'giMi: S ftb-wrp'- 

lb-sUa',n. To keep 

Spuing m food And dri&k; tem- 


rbe Oct of dwisbiff or purBUia. 
«, 1 ab'itj-neDa: 2 ftE'sti^nbu, 
rt OT practise ol abstaining; Aelf* 

2 tl1>sti&et', H. 

1. To Uke I 

■b'ltnct, 1 ab'stralit; 2 U)'«lK«t. a. 
istiAi in theught only: not hid 
tbeotetical: imnginiiry; tinnnae. 

U>4tnue ', 1 ab-ttrOa'; 2 &b-Btrus', a. 

to be uDdentooil: dUDeult. -If 

■fc^upj"" I ab-DDiU'; 2 Sb^Qid'. a. 

Irmttonal: ^epoatvonik— ■iHvord'WI j, m. 
■b-«nrd'ii«MI. *. eemethLnc nbsurd.— 
vbun'tlaDt^ I ^on'dsQl: 2 a-bbo'dant, 
a. ASordinf a Jarg« guantil^, DUmbar, 
or DiBAaure. or a euxpIuB ; pJenUf ul ; ample. 

le-bia>';2ii'W.«' [ii-BcraaD': 

^-Bus'iNo.] ToufleimpropeHy; 

wroiyt; burt; revili; ~" 


■e'csnt, I ak'i 

■.Zle-tlat'.tt. To speak, 

3 K«'«bit, n. Aitreu 

pHTtiffuIv oyllable of a voni. 

— m-ccdHo-bI. lkt-aen'(%u-BJar-Ua-Bl; i 
Ifrfta'llllMJ or -ig-iil, a. I>erui^^ to uy 

HHJ To giv* wcgnl to; BmpludiL— >c- 
MotB-allaB, iL 

a»«apt'<^lBk-«pt':Sft»^«Iit'.K. l.Totak< 
whoi ODtnd; vne to: reoeivD; believe. Z. 
ToacreetoUf.KsBdnft. 1. Touimowl- 

M. TM ast 01 MMpUiw; mte of betni u- 
MpMd or KCMKablK wwontulm; an to- 
muA MQ or the Ilka.- M%*p-ta'ltaa, n. 

If bdsa aecsiited or ai 

1 alc'Ki; 2 &c'!i(e, n. The act or 
unity of approaohiDg: adraitsioD; 

«'^bUt-t)','i>.-aHH'Bt-U<«', a! 

IL n. I-KM*, pL] As dd; adiaMti ■• 
■c'^Ieot^ 1 ak'n-dant: 8 l«'(Mtot, • 

li. Toehoulae 

- nu'tMblakla^oraliMi: EM^a-nVAM 

IL A.ibmn,Mi>tHipMiae;auiiiilmoai<D 

Tote of araroviL 
aMsU'nnita, 1 a-kloi'oiet; 2 l-dniiU, ri 

[-H:iT-aid; -Kti-maJTo babiMwtoto i 

nitel(BellBute. me^ 

sc-cUrl-tr, 1 a-kliv'Kti: Zt!3v't4f, a. 

[tub", pJJ An upward slope. 
■c rum 'ma il»tr. 1 a-ksni'o-clet: 3K-caa<> 

<Mi»t,I*. I-D*T"aDd; -DAT"!™.! l.Toill> 

atavoTto;oblice;be]p, Z. To proride toi; 
lodce. *. To adapt; (ocfonu; Bompio- 
mlse.- a»«BB'm(^janDb va. OlilklBC. 

m'pm-BT. )1 n-kum'pBiaii 1 

d; -NT-iNo.j To (o with; aWa»J; 

. Anftiui^ Uiaft a 

ceom'plloe, U a^bim'plui 2 l-eOn^iK, 
le-Mnn^UfS ) n. An aeeoaate in wmgf 

MomVilA^ 1 B-ksm'plUh; E K.cBd'- 
pneh» Tt. To bring to pais; perform: e^ 
foci.— ae-flnn'plliBcdt, pg, J, nooij^; 

Ki-t>dfd'«,la-ksKl':21t4te^'.(L !.(; l.T> 

II. i. To acres; hannoBUe. 
■r'«ord', n. 1. BartwHty; tanmnA. 

fini Ut; addresa. 

pnlatJDB; noord; sCateminiti deBimpUou: 
nDtue. t. An eiplBnation. S. Impor- 

MiL— B^^Dniit'a-lllf . ad'.— u-eoim'teiit, 

■Mon'tar, U n-ka'tsr; g' &-eg't«r. ri. 

or TBiKO.I To (uroish with disBB or trsp' 
vtt^i'. eavtv-— at^mi'ter-amit, M-eoii'' 
tn-mtttUn. Eoulpmmi; dram; trappliuM. 

«Tv crodit lo; furDiuh witb creoentiata- 
■e-ere'tlaa. 1 ft-krffiisn; 2 S-erS'shou, n. 

■e-vom'beat, 1 &-kDm'beat; 2 t-sOin'b 
d. 1. I^enmbent. t. Bol. Lying see 

heaporpileupisniiisB; oolieet. IL i. 

; 2 l«'yit-i«-(y, n. 

late; p«f inrtHlartng — j 

The quality oIlMing I 
M'eitnte, 1 ntyu-.,., ^ -.ju-;--. - 
Confonrang exactly to fact; preoiBo; ei- 

JL^an'MnrS.-canit'.a. Cutsed;detensbte. 

■»«ii'i»-Ui(e*. I a-kia'ie-tiv; 2 &4a^- 
Ut. Gram. I. o. Objective. ILn. Tte 
Que olihfi direct object: objective ca^. 

B»«aM', 1 ■-kiai': S Kiiat'. k. & «. [ac~ 

1. 1 fr-kna'temi 3 t-ctlE'toiii, K. 

-(sWH-17, 1 


. _ ■Dt't**!; 2 a-flBrtii-»y, r 
Soumeda, as of temper, ate.; 
[acfltio acid, 
c-e-tele, 1 lU'i-Mt; 2 If-if^at, n. A ailt of 
-Mtle, 1 MBt'ik or MCtik; a a-^etT* or 
a-pftie, a. Pertainina W or like vinegar; 

*«"Fl-t». «. 4 rt. (-n»o; -n-iMOJ Tj 
•cct'y-lciM, 1 e-est'i-lb; 2 ^-itt'y-i&a, h. 
A brilliaDt illumiDatiDg gas produced by 

sufFei dulL 

s-chi«(e'r, 1 B-dhlv'; 8 a-dhSv', K. 4 tt 
■ -D*: A-emov'iHn.l To aedoni- 
1 exploit; perform; finish; win; 

ni. le-fljv'msnt or -ment: 2 

KCb'TO-inat^ 1 akVo-mat'ik; 2 Se'ro- 
m&t'le. a. Free from color; tiuumittuis 
pure irbita liebt. u a leas, 
iC'id, las';d;2ttc'id I.O. Sharp to the 
lasle,«8 vinegar; bout; dt or like an aad. 
II. n. 1. Any sour nibstanee. t. Chrm. 
A compound ot hydrogen capable of unit* 

Mld'i-tiii: S ■rticriSI'H. 4 »i. To maiia'or 
besome aeld.- a^^'Wtr. 1 ->-□: e -l-tr, ■. 
The quality ol ^ "" '' — 

; characterlied 

TDB qoanty oi huic wna, buvukui uj 

acM. ■end-MMt.— fcdd'»4>(e, i(, 

aeldicr.— a-eM'HiMM, a, SUghtl^aMd. 

-a'dinut ni^. Abounding in; charactert 

(, I-B. 

CO'lytc 1 ak'o-loit; 2 Ke'oTlSt, 

aervioo; altar-boy. 
c'o-nlle, 1 ak'o-noit; 2 &e'i] 
alt, n. Mad. A poiaonou, 
plant; monkVhood or wolfa* 

'be bi«hert 

[IS'HC i B-ledsV -kauyitik; 2 a-euJ'- 
1: •3iflnal;~i>'tutiU:iitole;aB = <>iit;«0;IO = f*iHi-.AIn;r): Q = D«v; (tain, fldh 
S: wfU,d«ibAtk,bSM:f«U,n| bilt,bAm;«l,Ub'ito.teKi;IV)':'>>'^*>>'^ 

or -eotuntie, a. Pertainiu to tba urt or 
eW of b»rilli: MlBplcd for conwyirm 

i: ES-kwin'- 

lOffledce- >■ A penon or 
penooa knomL 
a^tlBl-cwe', 1 ak'n^^i g keVi-ib', «. 
[-Mcen-*; -rac'iNQj To tadlly consent; 

«. Tbfl &ct or vqulrtnff: an iicqiilT«l pi 
■amimieiil.- ■c'qaM'tSan. 1 ak'wi- 
h; SM'wHWi'Dn.n. l.ThesoloTii 

- -u-qolll-tlTl**^ 1 l-kwll 

MmlEii u 

n. iPriL , 

■c'rt-inp 'ni-oiu, 1 

n. [-NiM'.'pt] BitieTveiioi >peeoh~or 

temper; hnnhnan. 
ac'n>-l»t, 1 >k'n)-bftt; E Ee'ro-I^t. n. One 

who pneliau Hrtaia BtUetio emrises, 

mji vBuJdDS, tmnblinE. etc. ; a rcp&'daiicer. 

— ■e'ro-bat'le, a, 
m i T cp'n-lb, 1 «-krep'o-lis; 3 s-oCp'o-lta. 

n. ThedtndelofanancieDl Greek city. 

•■CTM'tie, 1 a-kras'tikT E a-ei«i'tie, n. 
/Vd«, a rime ■□ which tho initial lettCTfl of 
each line form a word or phrase. 

■et<l,takt; EB«t.i>. I.tToperioi 
play; feicn. II. i. To perfo 
»ct; bchavg; do; perfonD an tho 

— Brtlnf. Lpo. Operattu: o 


tid-bm, ] 
BC'Uon, 1 ak'i 

:^d-bm, i iktin-lim; 2 

; 8 ^e'lhoo, n. 1. Th 

iddfl of acting; operation; u 
ay. t. ThethinjEdnDe:deed:abBtK( 
■ult.-me'tlaB-a-Mlar, a. AflflrdM 

•c'ttv^eM ak'tiv; Bi.tiv.a. i. AbouDc 
iug m action; lively; brisk: biwy- 1 
Oron. Egpr o a ilTn action, aa a to^ •!] 

ac-Ur'^tr, i ak-tivl'ti; 2 Ke-Uv-i-ty. t 
■, pi,| The quality of bein* Htiw 


^Q^lat, •. [-at"i 

real.— iw'tll-«FI-tr. a. 

»tUS .— M'tU-M'lf . Ofh I 

u-t-r-Iiu-l^n; Sfic'ehv I 
(-Kira'. pi.) A itatiB- 

-[^ -tJu-1H; 3 Kc'cb»iH I 

Iikuance; Impel. IL 

B-cn'meii. 1 s-Ua' 

QuickncfB of inaish'. _ .__ __ 

»4Ute', 1 s-kiat'; 2 a-dit'. a. t. Keeolr 
I. Int ■- 


a-da Vd, 1 a-dO'jo 

moiu1.-ail"»>naDtlii(e>, a. 
Mlapt'^l^^pt'; 2a-dipt'.ri. Tonaka 
eiiitable: odiun; fit; conform; rimodel. 
-a-dapt-a-bfll-tT. it. a-dnifa-Mto- 

bMn« uUpted.— ad'ap-tatlAo. ■. Am 


add^ 1 1 Bd: S U, >. I. (. ToMnor (utW, M 

■d>> />Btoini)i«aM;fiiidthsnimDf. II. i. 

To tnaln or be ui idditlaB; perfonn ad- 

md'der, 1 ai'a; E Mir. n. A 
■eipenl; the oonuaon Guro- 

■^Sc^^'irdikt': Z S-dI«t'. >t 
T<i»pply (oneself) persiiWiit- 
1t: pr« (oDHKlf) up; followed 
brtt.— ■d-dle'UoD.n. Bibitu- 


■d'dle,41 sd'l:£Mt. l.^.lii!. {u 

adt', /DLED, iD'LD'i AI/dUNO,! ^ 

■poll or beoome qwUed, «■ eon; muddl 

td-dreu'/l B-dnis'; 3 O-^lrCs', m. [a: 

To ipttBli to; Bi:Dogt. 'l. To direct, u 
latter. I. To devote (oDMelf) ; spplir. 

^ A parvon'a lume, tVAldeiio 

i t~61^; 2 ft-ddc'. W. ' 
iD-ono'ma.I Tol»in(for- 

•■dept', 1 »^iept'; 2 s-d^', I. a. Highly 
okCUufiproSaeDt. II. n. Aneipert. 

■d'e-aaaU, 1 ad'i-kwit tn- -kwM; 2 Id'A- 
knt, a. Fun» KjnWHii. 


emed'; AP-nsB'ina.] 1 

id-be'don, I ed-hl'sen; 2 U-hs'ihon, 
Theutol adberina; fidelity: adheren 
tfT, d. Adhcrtnf ; dioclDg; laokf. -If, d 


adt-poH,luiVpaa: Sldi-pflKii.^n. Fat 

md-JB'mnt, 1 ^-JTMot; S l-]I'c(nt, a 

Nemr; ,-■--'-•— — -'- 

aDuii.-kd'Jeo-a>{»4r>, Mil. id-Jge-UT^ 

md-ima'', 1 >-Iein': 3 X-]an', i<. * n'. To Jchd; 

&ppeiul: be dIoh toaether: be in ooDtnet. 
-* ■-'-■* — -o. Lying nut: oelt br: 

wtjovniiiic; poitpi 


•d-Jndca', 1 >-]dJ'; 2 >-]<idt'. «.*•£. 

[AI>.n71>GBD'| AA-JPPO'TNaJ TO pOB aBO- 

tetice; Award; decree: oondenm. 
■d-jH'dl-cate, 1 B-m'di-kH; 2 &-Ju'<ii-elt, 
K. A n. I-cat'™": -ciT*iNH.f To d»- 
lermlne JodloliUr: wUudge.- ■d-Jn'W^*'- 
tloD,n. A JutUolal deeUkiD.- ■d-jB'dl.c^ 

Kd'Jnnct, 1 sJ'DQkt; 2 U'tiBct. I. a. 
Joined mibor^nitely; aunliwy, IL ii. 
An BuilUiuy.-ad-Junc^laB.ti. Tbeutol 
jolniDg; Abo, the liiLng Joined.— ad-Jnnc^ 
tlTle*,a. Fonnlng an Bdlunot, -Ir. odi. 

ad-Jure'. 1 a-JQi'; 2 K-iu''< A Iad-jdkid'; 

iiviTTii'iNa.I To ohMe Bolenini ' 

to; Invoke.— ■d'la-n'BoD. n. 

ad-Jmit"!, 1 a-iurt': g i-jOet'. H. 


^ s. An. 

.. B -irn-urcea. ptl 

, 1 ad'mi-p«-bl; Z Id'mi- 

n-U, 0. Woribv of ulmintioa; eicel- 
■ — -■* — "— -Mj, a(p. 

mi-relf 2 Wmi-ral. n. A 

ad'mi-n'tiau, 1 id'm 

t'isa.] To ngud with 


Mr, All 

tL Richt or privili 

ad-mlf','l ad-mif: 2 (d-mlf, tu [ad- 
mtt'ted"; AP-im'TiNO.] 1.1. To aUow 
to enter; reoeive: permit; ooncoda, II. t. 
1. To pve ecope, warrant, op permimioii: 
■withoT t. To give entranoeiotten with 
M.— ad-mlftaDce, n. An sdmltdsi or 

wS^ftnWf,, 1 'sd-mikii'^ur or -t^; 2 Kd- 

1 ad-miAi'SD; 3 Id-m 

■(. Tosdi 

bmstHle^,. — 

ad'ncHildi'Bn; 2U*m(HiMb' 

M mdmoDlglitu: cmlle m 
IMto^ 1 D-dO'; S ■-do'. 

a-dopt'^ 1 s-dspt'; 2 s-dM', it To so 
eept u ooe'i own.— k^loptlMi. ■. Tbn lel 
of ftdopilDi. or tlw lUte of b^nr adopted.- 

»4erii'>ls-dera'lE»iiten',M.' To make 

L BldUd: 

•d-le'nal-lii, 1 ■d-rt'oel-in: 2 U-rt'iial-b, 
n. Tl» mon powsrful (tem' ' 

>-Srtrt ', 1 Hliift': 2 tr^tW. adt. 
a-drolt', 1 ».dTait'; 2 »lriUt', < 

kd'u-i>'a^ 1 BdVo-WOiMi: i 

IS'ibon. n. Servile fiaUeir; 
dHnpUmsil.— ■d'B-la-to-ir. « 
fluloDilj flAtterliu. 
a-dnlt', 1 Hlult'i 2 a-dfilf. I. a. Full- 
grown. II. n. 0« who 

L wL [-ai'ed<I; -AT'ola.] To Bnlut iv 
pnro ^ AdmiiGure; eomint. 11. o. 
Adultented.— a-dol'tar-i'tta, ■.-» 
dnl'lov-tar, o.- B-dal1«^, ■. I — 
n.] vioiBticniotlMiiumKenwiaiidii 
— a-dnltsr.*, a-dnl'lo-M*. n. A 

■d-njuc', 1 ad-vasB'; Z U-vAac'. L M. 

To move, bring. orgoforw»iid;»oeBle»le; 
ineiwee ; progresa. S. To par HdcnehaDd. 

ifres; imwovemeDt: pny^'iuoil: 

ipoeaL t. Tlw front; lekd; itait; m. 

id-nn««d'. so. B^ttcMO* ftW 

_..'etoped.— ad-TBDM^BMBt, ■. U ait 

vaneUia; AsllHrBDoe: prw n ewtan. 

ad-nn'EMWt 1 ad-nm'Ui; 8 Id-rlm'tai. 

LK.ftrT t-TiarDdJ^uo-iKaJ Tobv* 

or gun advautags; favor; profit. IE a. 

Anythioglayonble to aueoeaa; wip wiori t r; 

proDt: ntfU^.— ad'Tan-ts'iMai. 1 ad'- 

viui-u>'iDa: 3 Id-nn-u'n*. a. ASordM 

It; 2 tUl'v&it. n. t. A 
I) The coBiini of Cbriit. 



. . adVeo-Wfti'oi; 2 W- 

, a. Not inhennt; eitrinde; 

ad-ran 'titfa, 1 ad.v'Bu'<!hiii or -ttu r ; Z td - 
TJIn'chur 0r -tOr. L e<. & n- I-tuhbp: 
TDK-iND.) Toventuie. II. n. Ahuard- 
oua axpnunea; dulns taa*; Tmtme; vec- 
nUtloii.— ad-w'tnr-af, ut-ra^tmi- 

tiltnt, 1 Bd'von; 2 WtI;™, o. Oppos 
Im or OBB«e4; intMonlMlo. -Ij. od« 
^BCH, ■>.- wt-refiS-tr, n. Hnn*, I>l. 

'iDCisnution; notifioslion; frequentiy J 
the phinL oiJncM. a.DalilMntiao;tar 
■-• 11 ■d-Toli': 8iUtvl9j 

■d-Tin', 11 i 

uel; cooiult. 

(•bll^.n. Proper lo be adTlKd; 

-U-Tta^Ur, i>cii>.-ad.Tii'wi- 
n, u*. Wltk lorMMu^t or iidvlcs; -- 
bigUly.— ■d-itt'CT. ••■ One wba advU 
■A-ifM-rr. o. HavlM power to nd 

id'n>>«mte, 1 ad'vo-ket; S kl'vo-<at. .. 
H. [-oat'ed'I; -OiT-iNa.| To speak in fa- 
f or of ; ple»d f( ~ *" 

'w-m(«,l#'er-*t: 3a'er^t.«. J-iT*- * 
iDd- -at'ino.1 To BUpiJy or diftruB 

'tT-l-lana, 1 e' 

A dylAg bokt; brdrofteropluH. 
„ me, 1 Var-o-Oiam: 2 d'Sr-o- 

air: piawforteiliJ — "-'— 

, , „ _.optan6a(&i 

nutalned ay the ebdins motiD 
by its own propEUer. 
/tr.»4tet, 1 fn-o-KUt; 2 S'et-o-«t5l, " 
1. AbiiUoonorflying-miwhinr - '" - 

e-IoP; 2 a-tar', ad'- At or to a 

r^M&, 1 afa^l; 2 Kfa-bl. n. Eoay 
and esuneooi in mamB.-U^a-MII-tT, 
iL TbH QoaihT of belnff aAable; eaoy eoar> 

E4ai'> 1 B-fir': 2 t-Or', n. Anyttainc 

doi»<irU>bedon#;InuiiHH; matter: thing. 

•Mccfol. 1 i^ekt': 2 «-fi«f , rt. To act 

npnn: inftmnoe; move emotinnally. 

iDo^ed cootloiulir.- aT-IMt'lIiiirt |KL Mot- 
om: patiietkt.— af-fetflnc-lr, ode. 
irf:4eM'*d,rt. l.Tobefc>nd<if;love:h*nnt: 
frequent. 9. To pretend; oounlrrfeit.— 
arnfec-tallM, 1 ai-nk^^fli.;: a «■*«»'- 
shiHi. n. Pmenae: dta|diu;^-i^-fMr(^_pa. 

»<1f-si, 1 < 

Uke the aic 
aiir; apirft 
a'eMe, 1 e'l 

■y bird, ax the eaele i 

>f 'Eer-en^ 1 aJ'sr-crt 

t, Google 

dnndiig Inwoid or tow&rd tha oeatfir: o^ 
pcnea to effeftni. 
af-S'ance, 1 k-fai'eu: Z ft-fTuic. I. <*■ 
t^HCBlit; -AHC-IHO.] To betroth; pledes. 
IL n. A belitnhal: ptedce of [uth; con- 
fidence, [who makei ui affidavit. 
■(-■'ftut, 1 o^ai'Bat: 2 K-f['uit, n. One 
»r».*»'Tlt, 1 aCi-de'vil; 8 Sf 'tdi'vit, n. 

■i:-ai-k(e, 1 s-fU'i-et; 2 s-m'i-fit, i! 

t.iT"KDil; .iT'ina.l I. t. To ssnociste 
with: adopt; ally. II. t. To be iDtim&ce; 
muBtlilH; consort.— al-Bll-a'tlaB, i>. 
Wt-tnl-tj, 1 B-fin'i-tii 3 Mln'i-ty, n. 
I4ias>. pi.] Natural inclination; ohemi- 

•f4nn'. 1 a-tonu'; S ft-flrm', tt. J; ri. To 
■late positiTfily; maiDtaia; aasert; aver; 

■f'Bi'S 1 a-f'iW;'2 trtSlaf, m. To attach; 
taaar. append.— af "fli, 1 afiki; S U-lkii. n. 

mC-nct'<^ 1 B-flilct'; Z iUIIet', ■(. To op- 
vvH; maUe; srleve; dliUiEoa.— atfflc'- 
&a, B. Dinna ol bodr or mlcd. « lu 
(Wise; etUI; latamlty.- Bf-tl(^tlT(v, n. 
CaoilDc dMna: irtoT«a. -Ir> M>. 

af'te^nt, 1 Bf'1i>«Dt: 2 UlortoU I. a. 
AbOQibding, aa in wealth; don; also, fiow- 
inc freely: fluent. IL n. A Uibutary 



■-f)lll%l >-faul'; 2 tf4ailf, wji. A a. In 

l^lnddVl e-frSd'; Z a-flM'. a. Filled 

with fear; tearful. (more; Kgain. 

a-freah', 1 ^tn^': 2 a-fiWi', adr. Once 

Af'ri-ea, I arrt-ke; B «rrl-ea. n. A coDllnent; 

H«e. 11,9G0,000 Kman mUca.— ATrl-caii. 

art^lDft:81ft. A'atK. La. Ofornearthe 
^' ■ ■■ ■ .ard,ornearthBsteni. 
Mr. I. n, t. Naa 

r, K. 1. To be 

Toproduoe; yieli 
kf-bT'est, 1 a-for'eat; 2 i-fOr'firt, (t To 

eonvBTt into a toreet; declare mib]eot 

to for««t lews. [brew]; fifht; irvf. 

at-ttmj', 1 a-fry: 2 i-fri', n, A piibric 
■f^Mshfl, I ifCniit': 2 (-MV. 1°. a. To 

Irt^leii. IL n Fniht. 
•MMUt', 1 aJnmt' 2 i-frbnt'. I"!. «. To 

inault openly, IL n. An open insult. 
•f-ftt'don, 1 a-fia'sen; 2 Si^a'ilion, n. 

■.fcid',°f»-rad'; 2»-feld'.odt. In.lo, or 
on the field. [bumins. 

■i-fte', 1 B-fair"; B a-flr', adt. lea. On fire; 

■4h1»', 1 a-flem'; 2 a-fl&m', odi. A a. 
Flaminff; glowisff; ~ 

1 »-flS'; 'l 

i^n^i; adv. & a 
a-flfi', ado. & a. 

I. Floai 

jui time: lormccly- 



behind. IIL prsp. t. In aucceaaion to; 
. aubeequeally to; becauae of; notwitb- 
Btanding, S. Behind, baelc of, or below 
in raukHnferior to; in pursuit of ; in Bearch 
of. . S. In relation to; about; for; in imi- 

4. For tLo aake of; by 'the name of. 

inoirinii ol. the Beae(Hi.-BrMr.intMt, a. 

Ttat pirt o( the de, 

. and BunHt: nvBratlvdy. t^ 
- arto^pteee", n. 1. A lata 



t, 1 Dft'mfiel; 2 U 
a-sain'i 1 «-cen'; S a-jen-, aav. &t a 

^resh: back; in repty^; repeatedly; further; 
moreover; on the otber hand. 
»MlIlst', 1 s-censt'; 2 B-««ast',' prep. I. 
Ktoconlaot or collieion with; in wove- 

contiuTt isith; uso, oppoeite to; in oou' 

readineaa for. L In eichange for. 4« 
To the debit of; aa a charge upon. 
■C'Bte, 1 ae''': 2 Vat. n. 1. A variecated 

5jj2a«. LT<.An. 
Briod of life Di ' 

hod: Miitur/.— ■'BBi, i (Cjed; Bi'i 
1. AdTsnoed Id ynn: otatUkeohlft 

dJclon, cHSoe, service, or otber re^: 
" 0];Av,drByaff, I>U£Tliiidfft 
■■ ont: 2 a'gSnt, n. 1. Oi 

n. [-CIKS>. ;il.] 1. AetlvepuweroTDpenUoD: 

M-gli>n)'ei^«t«, 1 s-giom'er-M; S t- 

iso-l To gather, form, or grow into ft 

niBsa or heap; ilufttet^ lU, n. A 
heap or ntaes of thmss thrown tofteUier 
lndl«r1iD]Dat«]y. — m^^om'er-A'Uoo, rj. 

[-i»T-EDa; ^at'ihqJ Toe.cit«: 

SUiTHl; mtlm; ft«llal«I. 
■■slow', 1 B-ala'; 2 b^W, adv. &a. Id ■ 

■C-tMN'tl^buii, \ 1 ac-nsB'ti-aina, tw-oaa'- 

u-nos'llcg, ftiks: 2 S£'nas'ti-clBiD, 

l>£-aaa-ti». n. The doctrine that bU l>e' 

ing, including God ftiut the humBD «ouJ. 

a. FrolHdnff SADOfl^dBm. H. n. K b^- 

•-pt'. 1 &i6'i3ft-ge', pp. *adt. Gone by; 

■-gpB'i 1 »-?'«?; 3 ft-taS'i i^".. * 1^ Ex- 

mt'a-B^s, 1 1 Bg'o-Doii; S fi£'o-nIi, vLAvi, 
■l^nUe, /I-niied; -siz'iNo.l TotMturej 

■C'd-DT. 1 fk"^: 2'i 

a-cn^l^«ti, 1 e-grt'n-en; S B-SrR'ri-fli 
PertfliniaE to land or ita diatnbi 

ocale o( BgTBTlAiilam.— m-grA'il-Bn 

■■'sn-pt*! 1 ag'n-get; 2 ij'ro^lit. 1. 1(. 
Ifsi. |-aAT'Et3i -aiT'iNQ.] To bring or 

CollecMd into a Bum, mus, or total; <saV 
leoiivs. IILn. The entire number, sum. 

k-ChaM'.ll »-eDBt'; 2 B-tlst',a. Stmc 

B-nsf, J dumb with horror. 

VllCe^ 1 ai'il; 3 i^il, a. Active; nimbi. 

— i^^BfV'^t n- ^Ickncn BU 


iBCnt; ppomiw; oorrespond; match. 
w'>-br(e'. 1 e-gTl'»-bl; 3 a*r6'a-bl, a. 
reeine; plcaffurabje; buj table; corr^ 

■-blll-n'.n. a- 

i-Biee'mcDt, 1 o-Ert'meat or 
a-£n^'mEDt, n. Mutual asset 

iEM-cii]''tiire. 1 sg'n-kDrrhur o 
»i'ri-eiU'churiw-tQr,n. The ci 

"; 3 a-h6y', 'mttr;. Kaul. 

. , jhip Dhoyt 

aid, 1 ed; 2 Kd. I. H. A n. To heip; eiiif 
'»,. n. n. Cooperatioa: aasis' 
helper; asnatant. 
--ip»,l ad'.di.ltamp'm-ld'.dB- 
LWe«- ■ - '"^ 

; S ftd^Kle^eami 

T SdVlB-eiln', 




|An)i»'^K:*iiF', p(.l Mil. An offioer 

aa In olloutlon. 1. Tlie: tbe ArahtsdM- 

nito article, mId AOutao. 

-al, nyni, OI. like, or pertabilna lo: twnUna 

■r*M^ >l'«r-r, ». auneuuBK. 

adJeoUvea Irom oUior »dJeeUv« and n«m^ 

al'cret, 1 6'wet; 2 a'grtt, n. 1. A heron 
t be egret. V A tuft of feathers or the like 

and Doung from verba; a>. denial, rniuik^ 
»lae»rt«', ioiakart'iBslSeilrt'. IF.) Ao- 

MrtllB!^^^^ of^^tare; deUcnaUv ■ ■». 

Btm, 1 *ni; 2 Sin. I. d. & ni. To direct 
toHBtd m mHk or poiol; point or level 

»-toc'rt-ty,' 1 fl-lsk'n-ti; 3 a-lai-ri-tj-. n. 

n. The net of aiming^ line of direetion ol 
Bnythmg aimed; objector point simedat. 
BUiix».-»IimeM.fl. WMttailn almor 

1 U mode'. 1 fl la mod'; 2 S lii oDO-, AROcd- 

■-tarm', 1 a-ldrm'; 3 a-lirm'. L rt. TV) 
■tnke Kitb BuddcD fear; give alarm tn; 
arouse. ILb. 1. SuddeQleararouBingto 

puiUy: ventllaw: make imbiis.— atrlni^ 

M ot a ^aocfc.glvln£sueb^dg^a:,-*^Kl■^. 

l>l,n. One disposed to eidle alarm. 

- alr'dlne'. n. 1. Tbs ilional dlilaDse 

■-iM'. 1 e-loa': 8 a-iJiii', inlerj. An e^ 

clamation of sorrow. [ment 

S. A^dSfler'nillroaSroula-alr'iiilllp'rB! 

sih, 1 aib: 8 Mb. r>. A pne«'. lined ve.^ 

A dlrlglblo balloon. 

alHa-trosa, 1 alTie-treB; 3 Ulia-ttea. ■>. 

Blr<,n. 1. Characteri9ticsppesnnee;iniea: 

(^Ross-EB, pi] A large. Ion*. 

plural. isoprano. 
•It', n. Mat. 1, A melodr: tune. *, Tbe 

winged sea-bird, mW^ 
•I'be'itl, 1 ol'bl'iti a If 


«lr'm«n-.16r'tnan':2ftr'man-,n. Onewho 

Dperatea a ballaoa or flying-machine; an 

Sl-bPna. n. A poraon, '"'^^BH 

aeronaut ot aviator. 

animal, 01 plB^ uo-^PVP^^ 

Mlfr, a. 1. Of or pertainine to the air 

naturally wlSte. ^JL, ^ 

«n>uni, 1 Bl-bum; 2 SI'- ^ ^^^ 

visionary. - 

Puttrng on a 

allMted. ». VI 

■l-bn'mcD, 1 al-bLu'men; S fil-bQ'meo, ». 

eloui; «ar.-al 

Tbe white of an OKI or a aimUar visc^u* 

Ir.odt, In a It 

■I'cbe-Diy, 1 al'ki-mi; 3 Sl'«-my, n. The 

medieval chemistry that sought tho truu- 


mul^tion of base metals into gold, tba 

Xsll. Aj, 

dlilr ollile. etc.-al-cbemie, 1 i.>.keiiiU: 

2 al-c«m'lc, a. Of.pertalnlngla.or mHhwed 

eeatTre'a chur 

bymeanotalDkemy. al-chemltalt— aT. 

\ \^'^ "' 

«l_'«!0-hol,l8l'ko-bol;3ai'eoi61. «. Th« 


uora; pure aistilled spirits; anient i^HiitL 

f«if- , ', . 

-al-w-bonc. 1. a. Fenatniog to. Bta. 
containing, or Drcserved Is alcobct. II. a. 

K-UmtM, 1 s-ki 

1, A toper; drunkard. *. pt. AKuduis 

bo; 2 a-ktm' 

or-l». fl. lUKOUM. 

Al'eo-ran', 1 al-ko-ifln"; Sal-co-rSn', n. Sun* 

outward. **»<«■ 

■I'cove, 1 al'kfiv or al-kOv'; 3 S.l'e6v or 11- 

B-kln'. 1 (Mkin'; 3 a-kin'. a, A orft. Of 

loom: a compartment, as of a librair. 

•l-,(»(Uli. 1. Form or Latin 0*-. to, before J, 

See illus. on following p^ge. 

An old-stria dis- ■ 

tilGaa ■ppannuTl 
•nyihina "^-" 

2»4«Tf ,3. Keenly I 
ntehftil: on tha I 
ImAout; ready (or ■ 
nddomctloa: *iao. - 
ttidyi nimble, -ly, ■ 

■il-M, 1 pj'i-bc 

E il'i-bl, n. Lou. A 
when when a crime waa 

i; 2 HI'yto. I. n. Of bd- 
-as; foreign. H. n. An 
HlforelaiHr; a BtrangBr,— AlleD* 

he Aate or au^uty of h^qa ui 
D-ata, It (-AT-md; -irTlo.) 

: t** atody m 

Mliht', 1 e-laiC: 2 B-lrt'. I. «■. |a- 
uoai'Bii°; A-LiOHT'iHa.j To desiWDd and 
KHne to rertidanioiinl; eettlo; teet: with 
moiupon. iL a.A<tdi. lighiedjonSie. 

»«p',ete. aamaaiiuin.ele. 

ade',l»4ailE'i2a-III['. 1. a. , Similar; lilie 


■umber without re- 

/tSa-lKo. riving; eenri- 

, . iJ'ke-hert; 2 WtaTM*. n. 

Alchtmy. An imattiiiuy iufallibLe eolvant. 

U'b»41, 1 al'ka4ai or -h; S Ula-D or -li. n. ' 

-u«',lrf.l ■ ■ ^ 


etable) iTpi^ 

a bre'ti: s 1111 bi 

alia bre'te. l 

AI-m; l^yTx U^T^TM ™ npnne 

belns; Ood. 
a^ia?', 1 a-IC; g M&'. i4. Ial-uteo', u- 

LATn*; i[/-UT*iKQ.] To oalm; reduce; re- 
lieve; soothe; paeify. 
Wege', 1 »Je]'; E i4E4'. rf. IaixK.bmd': 
•t-LBo'lNO-l To awert without provim; 
nste; plead.— >l'<le-«'lloD,lB]'i-<flhen; 
eu*frM'ihoD, B. The aet ol gjlcsliij, or 

He'EUUM, 1 a^'jerui; S a^i'^aof. n. 
Hddi^ or dutf lo a Eovemment. a 
Biipeiior. or a pnnidple. 

• — fi iil%-jor'ik.-i-ke[; 2«^ 

ll,/aOr^«,-i-cBl,a. Pertaining 
■ir^nB allecoiy; flsujative.— 

i-iefo-Tj, I af'i-ga'n; S Bl's-gB'Ty. "- 
[-BIEB*. pfj A eymbolic repreaentation; 

Ple-naft^ 1 olle-treflo: 8 Ulfrfm^ a. 
A aSu. jvu. Moderately Mat; ttmet lAin 

■Me'mi, 1 al-WEiQ: e U-le'Cro, ttta. L a. 
■ "- '-—'-■■—- U.H. MuMolnqukk 

r-iT'ii><l: -iT'iNH.] To miiko Uchtsr .. 
Uevs: mniwtU.-aMB'Tl- 

allCTi 1 >l'i: 2 U'y. n. A nsmnr puncs- 

itKy: a spurn or ouildinc for bowBur. 
al-U<UM«, 1 a-loi^tw 2^«ih "TA for- 

td1I^B"tar, 1 ml'i^tM; 8 ll^ lor. n. 

CToomUlaui »!>■ 

rich ihB HRK 

1 •i'D-ket; a iU'i.i«i 

ehon.n. A innnal addr«iiB» aj by the Pope 

al'W^thle, 1 al-o-paOi'ik; 3 

path'ic, a. Pertaining lo the ayitt 

nifldicfll treatment oppoaed lo flio tiDmeo- 

al-lot', I a-IaC; 2 t~iii'. 

.^UlT'TlNO.l ~ 
h'oI aUDttini. 


ansa ay lot; di»trib- 
al-lBl'nHnt, n. Tbi 

aw', V. I. i, 1. Ti 


tol«rat<: approve. Z, To [nnt; allotl 
five; Bdnut; aoknowledge. a. To make 
ftilowanoe for; daduot. TtL t. To make 
allowance, maoeBffioa. or abatement.— 
•How^MCa', a. -lliat may be allowed; 
permtaslble; admlonile-— ■J-Low'^blj, adv 
— al-lini'anec. IK x. To out an an Mlon. 

aSoired. t. AcXnovleilKiiieat. ' 
»l-lo»', 1 a-lei': 3 tt-ISy-. I. x. A ri. 
To mil Bith or totm into an alloy; tem- 
per; debase. II. n. 1. A miiture of 
two or more matala. or the baaer tnetal 
in auch mirture. S. Anythiim that re- 

BU'aplee", 1 SI'apoiB^ 2 tl'apH!', n. The 
dried berry of a WeM-Indiaa tree, the 

rt^wfe'. 1 ..lind'; S iyild', ri. |ai^ujd'iid<1; 

ut eipren mention; make iiidiRct 

■, la-liOr': 2 UO.', K. Jc n. Ul- 
)'; AL-LDB'raa. To attract; enlW; 

U-ln'atan, 1 a-iiQ'jen: 2 i-la'ihoo. n. As 

alludinc; mdireet leferenoo; susbq«Uoii- 

al-In'iit(«>, 1 a-IiO'siT; 2 K-U'dt. a. Siy 

Bl-ln'Tf-Bl, 1 B-liD'vi-al; 2 UO'vi-al, a. 

Pertaininc to or compoaed of earth de- 

posited by «a.ter. 
aMu'il-ani, 1 a-liQ'n-tnn; 2 1-la'Ti-aai.n. 

l-^i-A m -vi-Tma, pL] Earth deposited by 


2 M^. L !<. A ri. fai^ 
1.1I.U i .1^1.1 iKO.] Te units ttv- relatno- 
ahip. treaty, or mairian. iL n. Ui^ 
una': pl.l A state or rifler teagued idth 
acother by treaty: an aaoeials; a kiB»- 

/nM-DBC, 1 el'tos-nak; 2 aj'ma^iSe. a. 
A book dvins the days of the week and 
month uirough the year, with Tarions 
data; a yearly calendar. 
af-mllfaCy, 1 eloioit'i; 2 al-mK'y. I. a. 

2 t^'- lnilt;i,.toi». 

idt, Appixmmately; very nearly. 
ami; 2 imj, n. innp. A pi. A gift 
i for the poor; obantabLe ofFerinn; 
.-alDu'hoiue', B. A boos (orUia 

al'o: 2 Wo. n. A plant with thiok, 

•4ott', 1 frlaft'; 2 ■4e[l', adw. In or to h 
hjfih or bigher ptu»^ on hj^; high up. 

a-Ha£; 1 iMa'; 2 k4Sn''. x. * ndo. With- 
ouCiwmpaoy; saliMryi uniqiia; only. 

k-IOD|', 1 e-lS))'; 2 aJOnc'. L «li. 1. 
LengthwiH; onward. S. In eompkiiy 
(with). ILprep. On the Une of ; by Iba 

k-looT, I B-lOf' ; 2 ^\5bi; adt. At > di^ 

tBDce apart. [or ludibly. 

»4nMl', 1 >-Iaud'; 2 B^oud', adt. Loudly 

alp, 1 >lp; 3 Up, n. A lofty mounUiiD, 

— al>«B-liaTii'. 1 ■I'peD-him'; z U'stn- 

SouUi, America. 

order u flisd by ui 


1. a. Pwiabiiiw lo tt 
ralan o( EuronB 
• 1 e fil-pid'a, 

inclo^ J 

1 ILJi 

1 by u alDhabet. t. AlptubeUcU.- 

]( tlie alptubec. >. Alpbibetle.— ■!■' 

'J, \ 1 et-nd'i; 'a al^edV. adf- B& 
r>, / tore or by thu lime Di tbe tinu 

Lo. Tvidliic to di*iin fraOoato (te bodl^ 
U'tweate, I alV elltar^t; 2 U'lor tn- 

dtamta: wraodB— afM^o'tlOBi ■>. Ancrr 
Amtnvs^: dlapuUnc. 
'■I'tet-DBte, I alVelltei-an; S tU'lor rI'I- 
t«r-n4t.i*,*ri. [-mai-bd^; -s.i'ino.I To 
choDEe, perform, or ooDur by tuma. — 
■Itcnat^ ament (S(cc.).asunest Uial 
ehsnsea trom Uie posltlTe in nw n™«iJMi ill- 

vlbratlna cc 
lon.n. Oe- 

2 U-[w gl-l- 


tSr'nat.^. «. 1. t .. ,, 

or foUowin« !w tunu; r™ipT->cal. S. 
Ev«ry other (of a Hriei) : pertBininc to 
RichaHricg. II. n. [U. B.fA lubstitule 
or iKond.-al'tw'aBte^r, udi. in aiter- 

Kl-t«r'llB-t)T(C^ 1 al-IorSI-ltDc'DB-tlv; 2 
KJoT il-lt^D&-tiv. \. a. AffordJDg a 

Choioebetlpvt-nlhinn II. n nniTU^ 

>l'I«-lia'^,?'a]'[<<rel1t>r-^Iw^, . 

ini«r-ni'USr. n. I. One who o 
which idt«TiaHs. I. A dynamo 

a^o', "" ri el-ftft'; 2 al-ttiO', 


i-lu'nil-nuiii< 1 a-tia'mi-aD 

|--1«l-nl;2-ii«,p(.l A 
aaof A coUefo. 


. 1 -noi; 2 
f a college. 

if. pt-] A male gradiu 

_. . . Sl'wu: Z ffm. orfp. 1. Per. 

petually; oeascleMly. *. Beiulirly; in- 

A-lys'ium, 1 B-liB'um; g'^-IJa'ain, n. Bit. 
1- A Jfiige genua of plant* of the muatard 
family, bearina r&cemeB of white or yel- 
low fiowem. 2. [a-] Any plant of this 

.main', l i>-m£D'; 2 s-mSn', odi. 
hemently; eicee<I]nfily; wilJiout del 
nial'inm, l a-mal'iem: 2 a-margi 

iliul 'g»-niBte, 1' B-mal'ga-iait; 
mai'Sa-mSl, a. * n. [-wat'edJ; . 

oomtilne; mil.- ■-insI-is-ml'tloDri 
.ran-nin-SlS, iTm^^jTi-eo'siai 
man"y^-*ii'"i». 1. l-»ca. 1 -all; 2 -at 

n. A plant vllh flowen liiat da nc 

■teut. II. n. One who pru^tiaBB no 
am'A-IlvCe'. ) am'»-tiv; 3 im'a-tlr, 


ISED': A-.Mii-INQ.l Tt conlound or I 
Ldet; aatonlahgrcaay.— a-niM'ed-lr. n 

r fenuUe warrior: a vlnigo 

bfts'a-dSr, n. A diplomatic envoy of 
any olBcla^ meweigw. mn-taa'al-dort.- 

unlMr, 1 amOier; 2 tei'bir. I. 
tuning to or hke amber. U. n. 
loniah foesiliied vecetable naii 
bctltle, and trufluoent. 

•mlfer-srls, 1 itn'ber-irfs; 3 im' 
n. A waxy submsnEe irom tb( 
whale, ued in pHtumcry. 

■in"l*Jm'ler,l»m'bi-dake'lBr: ; 
deka'ttr. L a. Uajng both hand 
bwelL Bni*bl-d«i^trmul. " 
One who ub«h both handa e-^ 
S. A doohlfMlcaler; bypwrlte.— 

unHil-eiit, : 

If, n. ItiiBi. plj 

Hl'aoa'. 1 am-bir 

I. Inordinale d. 

lolion. S.Worth' 

2 Am'bi-tnt. a. 

ig'yu-ne; 2 Rm-blg'- 
L double meaiunE; 
CM, n.- amld-nr. 

j( power 


.. The fabied food ■ 

■nfbttlana. a. t 

1:'e &mT)l. 'l. n. 'Uii' 
[KQ.l To moTo with u 
yioEmotion. II. n. Al 
ihorse. in whiobbothlec 

lithe ffoda; deliciou 

le', 1 am-boa-lied'; 2 Sm-fiOs- , 

.'bosb, 1 am'bu^; 3 ^mlnjuh. It. if. ' 

iriie. Z. To attack' from an ambuah: ' 

raylay. II. n. The lyin£ concealed to ! 

ttaok by aumriie; the hidinsTilaoe, or I 

ae'tat 1 ».innjB: 2 ariai'btt. n. A mi- ' 

ke maaa. able to move by X^wion out 

alD'>-c■-U(e-II<u^n. Ttaaqiulli 
uuLoBbL«.— am1-cm-blr» odE. 

vestment, M w. embroidered' o 
hood of fine white !■—" 
B-mld', 1 e-Diid'; ; 



, tbr 

BID'Dei-IT. 1 arn'ofe-ti: 2 bD'n<<«-ty, n. 
[-TtBS*. p£.| A general act of pardon of 
ofFen««a Bgunm a aovei 


■•nie'D»-bl(e', 1 e-oil'na-bl; Z a-mf 
bl, «. AccounUble; lubject; nib 

B-merce'i 1 s-man': 2 a- 

ni*rfl', rf. U-BKBCID'*; 4 
A-HsatfiHo.] To mulct; J 

A-m^'C^,'l Aier-i-ks; S f 
s-n:«r'i-en. n, 1, Either ' 

Dsliooal anthem of tl 

iMtir -Se. w. ° "" 

am'e-Uinb 1 aoi'i-aigf 2 Sm'e-thjrt. n. 

Quart! of a clear purplfl or violet colori 

auo. the ea1oi.-Bni'e-)hn'tla(e«, a. 
>'nii-«-bI(er, 1 e'mi-s-bl: S &'mi-e-bl. a. 

pleaainB in diepoBtion; kind'heattpd; ■>., ^v.. — »--.~. 

meodlv.— B'ml-it-liin-tr, n, en«ui» i ain-ptilb1-au9>\l 

of dlaixHltlon: lovablem. a'Dll-B-Ule- 1 am-flbt-oIIB'i ' 
am1^sl|it(eMHm'i-Wbl: S Hm'i'a-bl, u. I — iun-phlb^an,~nT as amiAlblf 
1: asflnal; I = habit; (dale; fn = <mt; all: 111 = feud: ^hln; (o; js = ming; diin, Blto. 
S: wolf.dg; b«bk, b«n;f«ll,, bdcbOni; fill. bOr; to. tem; loH; thin, tblL 


■Bi»pU-tkc'>-let, 1 1 amfi-arftiir; Z 

wn-pW-Ui»'»-tre,Um'frthi'ii-ar.B. An 

KBi'^Uu'^tar, lovsl sdifiCe having 

tova of BBAtfl vrbioh ilopa upward from an 

moloflbd anoa. 

•■n'pl<c>', 1 am'plr 3 ilin'pl, a. BpaciouiT 


a.-UB'^ft, w.ftM. (-Fi«D:-rTi™iTo 

oiluae; eipand; emiMiM.— UB'fU-B-tm'- 

flon. ».— ■m'pll-lade, H. I.iraeaag; jcopo: 

tulDBsg.— am'pli'i (uis, IaixsI;: UbmlU; 

am'pu-taiej I un'piu-Wt; 2 Km'pQ-tat, 
1^, l-^iT'Eod; -r.T'iso.J To cut off, u 

a'sm'yu-lft. n. A 

in. I. Toeicite 
— •-iniu1n(-4r>a 

k-nscb'ro-Qlsm, l 

nilc'ro-nlani, n. , 

)rey; a boa or pylhon. 
iI"B»-Uie'II-a, eta. Bm 

... -1-hU, 0. 

■<SIES», Irf.l 

Idaititr.— aD*>-lDKn-cal, 

thins «IH. ui'a-Ionct- 
B-nat^-d*. 1 a-nal^-iUi; 2 M-nil'y-«Ia, t 

cwrflD^ by analyda. 

I'a-lrie, )1 an's-loL 

iMlr or ertUDaUy.- wi'a-lTit, ■. 
1 an'fll-ki: 3 fin'8r-<s', n. Ab- 
sregard of goveraujent; lawless- 
■I'dilCia. WIlbouCoroppoBHlU) 
t; lawkoa. sn-ar'clil^Blt.— an'- 
". OppoailianioiiaKOTaniKDt. 

»Datb'c-ma^ 1 t-uafh'^msj 
formal ecdefliasTic&l cursQ^ aL 

-nat'o-mi. 1 •-iut'i>4Di; S a-nit'o-my. n. 
|-uiE8>. pl.j 1. Tbe sciena of tbe itrac- 
ture of organiamB, a» of tbe human bod;-, 
t. DuBectioa;a«iriMPOTil[eletoa;anemB- 
daudpcnoD.— ■n'a-tam'l-eBliii. Pertain- 
ingtoimatomy, an'^bnn'lct. -l-cal-l^i 

nectiDi cable. 
aD'chor-a^i) 1 

Dobte oc wonhr llaeage. 
! iD'eor. I. «. & if. 

-et: 2 in'co-ift, n. 




»n'aUm<t, 1 "'fH*-": 8 »n'eI-lS-ry. -. 

on* of oeI«nial puritr. S, A formpr 

EntlUb lolrl ooliL-an-cellc, I an-Kl'iI; 

and, 1 and; 2 tad, canj. A particle d«- 

2 iMSIt. ■. Of or «» uMtli; MnUall 

nolin* additi™: used u a oonneotivB. 

SSS-WS;jr"'- "-'x-- 

*D-liIl't*- or iD-dlole. a. A ndr. jfM. 

RMlHr Mow, belireen adagio and aU«retUi. 

0. & odt. Uu. aiiiw« IHu andaoU!. 

ing, noon, and night. caJJinE the faithful to 

w«l1-roil,l*nd'ai'Mn;3 4ikn-eni.i.. A 

niBtBllieffliraBrt for wood _ 

";s;'ffiffi".t":: \;ij°:s 

BbcfftliowevBr.bothforniB , E 

£^iIiifi^''ta2SS! J F 

an'lli^n, 1 an'iwia or an-joi'De ; Z Kn'^i-na 

Kn'^Hlote. 1 an'ek-dOt! J C 

2 Kn'e«- lot. n. A abort 4 ^ 

*-ii)c'>>II-^|a-iie'nii«,'n. Deficieney of 


__gK^ S-IT^I^" 

wi'jIiCn. The fig- ^^^ 

^jrjt,"-: ^ »«.> 


fiahlak oitli hook and Una. 

Ad'cII-cu.1 ag'di-kan; 2 ig'ni-caiL I. a. 

1. pmatoin, u, Uu< caun* ot Eoglutd qr 

aDCTDld IwronxEWr or ^^B h ^ 

Churen sany. «. Fert>Inln( to Rofiia-. 
EulUta. IL a. A monUT of tba Cbiirdi 

tm of Uw Ctiiireta of EDgtaDd. or of the Hlgtv 



e.fld.. In 
lee of ths 

w caln. u''M-a»V(t^sn*M-thetle 

dilatation of tbe ooata of 

tumor fanned by 

I', ads. Osoe mor«; 

_ ,_. ^ L a. Aniidie. 

' A opirituiu being, eapecjally 

tlw ADgliyetioM ot 

1 Ulbei, eUeay of AnglM 



tn'srr, 1 ao'fn; S Wkry. a. Iaw'om-bb: 

NoRh-AMeaD mast.- a 


AN'oBi-EaT.] Moved "ith uiger; ndic- 

uDt: lnn>Aied.-an'cil-lj,^c.-aD'ctl. 


tui'Ufe', 1 aq'kl; 2 
So'kl, V The iiint 

nT'SSiil; I im'awiih; 3 io'i'ri'b, «. Ei- 

muciBting pain; Biony; lorlure. 

»n'gu-lar. I so'siu-lar; 2 So'iO-Ur, a. 


Hming or pertuoing lo ui anele or sn- 



- mD'ED-laMr. sdt. 

of elme.-ui'n.I-l.t, 

<i. A writer otumKU. 

dlgo-pivii: tbe dye locUio. 

U'Ue, 1 in;i or -oi.; 3 JlD'il bt -II, a. 

ft-uer, i«. To tender 

iff ^r^ 

»ft and touBh by 

l-lr, n. 

b»tiD( and then 

•D-l-lin. 11 imVlio; 2 Xa't-Dn, n. A 

slowly ooolina. 

«n-ne.". 1 .-neka'; 2 


bue of msay coaWar dyes. 

ft-DSka'. tt. To add 

■ddilKH): sppendlc 

lollowed by upon.- aol-nuid-vdr'jiloii, ti. 

Bn'^H^X? Bi>'.^el; 2 Kn-i-mal. 1. a. 
Penainirm Co an aaimai or aniniaU. II. 

rt. l-LiT-iiXl; -i^T-iNO.| To reduce lo 
nothiDi; deMroy.-an-nl'U-ta'aoB.ii 

mal^lam, n. Tbe itate at being ■ 

fta^l-maJ'ca^a, n. Plural of aniiialr 
kDl-nal'cnle, 1 an'i-niBl'Kiill: 2 

BDimBl.' an'l-niBl'en-laint-— an"!- 

l-mat*. 1 BD'i-n>et: 

kn'l-iiiltm, 1 anVmiiiu; 3 Kn'i-nifsni, n. 

«oul ot man or"lhe ivorld^uTof ^reek 
philoaqphy, J. Awidelyprevalentformof 

fower «TiiniaK lo inanimate objerta, and 

- Mi^mlatle, a. 

nailne tbousbt; spirit; 

a io'o acmi-n! or -nl. In the year of our , 
Lord. I. e., of the Christian era: abbtc- 
■viated A. b. ' 

mD'DO-Ut?. 1 Bn'o-t«t: 3 iD'o-t&t, ■(. A n. 
(-tat'ed'J; -t»t"imo.| To make critical 
act of annotaUng; a note.— an'BS-ta'Mii 



by^™;. »•«»■ 

1 B-niti'; z ft-oar, ii. Uh 

.'. AS.NDU)»: AB-NtI,L'lJNO.; _ T 

■D'oB-lBte, 1 ui'ri>-Ut:B in'ro-itt. o. Hw- 

Ids riiwB; rtDOBd. ■d^iuMat'edt. 
■n-auD'el-Ble, \ 1 B-nDn'«ii[or -«->«: S 
miKDun'ti-atc, { i-nOo'ifaitirti-Ht, X. 
[-•T'EI><1: -AT INOj To nuka known; ui- 
nounoe.^ aa-BBB'd-B'Uoa, n. 1. Thaut 
or uDODwUic: a r»o«i»waon. >. lA-l Tba 
restivai <Hanb 36) nonuiiaiiDntlng tba ta- 
noiuuHOMiK br liia ua«i to Dm VKcU) (tut* 
i.2S-S8).-*iwinn'*l-s>lia,H. TtauvUeli 

iD'ode, 1 sD'fid; 2 &n'Sd, n. Ths poaltive 
v-Qltnic paJe: oppoaed to caihodK. 

an'o-dfiw. 1 ui'o-doin: S £ii'i>-dfn. I. ». 
AIL&yinB pam; aootbiii^ IL n. Any- 
Uuii0 that reliaTiapAin, <tt[u«, or HJoUiaa; 

i-nnlK'Vl Kieint'; 8 orfiBiDt'. i*. To pot 
lUs, n. DeviiUnafromtile; iirBKolar; ab- 

ti.] ImguUilty; urUi]M abnormiL 
Jittle while; praaeutly. I. At anotber 
MMm^.*?MDunaii abbnviation oT'^!^ 

■n'nfer, 1 on'asr; 2 ibi'str. t. LL 1. 

Bdi«:foply;e«P«iBlly. to reply favorabLy; 
ntabate; oontrovtrt; »lva. it h riddle, 
>. To be suffidenl for; oorreapoiid to- 
■tone for; eipiatc. IL >. L To reply 
or mpDod; ooTTcapoiid; be aufficienl. t. 
Tobe reapoDsiblei atoDO. 
an'iwcr.n. AT^hrorreapoiiMintutation-, 
retaliation: aUuthm.— an'ianwa-UO'. 1 

int, 1 ant; 2 int. n. A amall tnaeot; an 
at-,prt/lx, AgBlnn, SMAXTT-. 
aa. miUUiB. Utl^iU, no. >• Ona wbo doea: 

contand with; ODuatonoc; neutraJiae- 
ebBck: aat In aatasoiilaia.— ■D-tac'volam, 
l-nlim: z -aism.B. OnpoaTuon: hotuiiy.— 
>D-Uf 'o>iiU^ K, An Bdvoaarr; oDPonmt. 
— mo-tag-o^i^ae, a. Oppoied; taoatHc. 

anMrc'Uclani-aTk'tik; S &nt-aic'tie, a. 

pole S3* SS'.-Antarctle vi 

nt'^fw; 3 int'^'Br. t 


o. Qoint bei 
preoediiis. II. 

that which nifla 
beton. 2. The 

in'le-cbam"bSr, i 

■1^ 1 ui'ti-d«l; 2 On'ts-dSt, i<. 
l£d; .o„-,Ho.l Vodateback^pre- 

^In'riHiii, 1 anli-di-Jio'vi-an; 3 


_ ILb. 

lived be(on 

Mtle and Koala, ai 

davT'like animal, ic 

ttrnrediate between 

the Baael, eto. 
mart^mt-tUt-tn, 1 

hi'te-cw-tfd^-an, a. oeiore uoou. 

I'te-mnn'daiw, 1 an'ti-mim'djn; 3 

iD-le-mOo'diii, a. Preceding the world'* 

creationr [a. Precedinjc biHli. 

■n'(»-iMlal, 1 aati-n«'tet; S Kn'te-aR'tal. 
~ '— -— 1 an-ten'a; g ftn-tfa'a, n. 

a -t,tiA Oua of the taelnm 

i u-trn-K; 3 bi-te'il-or n. 

_. rat;prior;«ATlier. ^ Fhtuwi 

front: BtuBtad at the Inot. 
■Dt»«aoni'i 1 ■n'ti-rflm'; S tii't»«4ISiii', 
-. Wutist-iDom: sntmlutn^ier. 
tbem.lan'atamiSln'tMm.n. Aioy 
a or tiiumphB] aoiu oi hymn. 

Out, 1 ■D'flw; 2 in'ther, n. Bol. 

Tlw pollenvbemrins put of 9 stamen. 
mOFtbai'OtT, 1 ■Mhol'o-ji; 2 In-tliai-a^; 
- I-oiM", pi.J A ooUeetion "' '■ 

La. Oddifu 

An'Ortiabt, 1 nn'tt-lcroiM; Z &n'ti-erM. r\ 
... ._. .. .. ^._.... ^ [^j^ ChriBt.- 

•n-tlcl-pate, 1 ui-tis'i-pet; 2 lD-tli^.f«t. 
K. & vi l-PAT'iD^; -?AT'i»a.l 1. To 
look forward to; fonaea: eipect: oheriib 
eipectation. t- Toact»KmerUun;foR- 
Atall; ttrevont; fulfil beforehand; fonrtafli^- 


Iob: prevWc"" ' — '" 

■D-n-cU'msi, 1 aa'ta-kloi'maks; S ictl- 
clT'mUu, n. A niddsn deaoent or fall: 
the oppodta of dimax. 

an'tMnte, 1 ao'ti-dSt: 2 bi'tHdfit, n. 

aOMU or palKm « ai^j evii^ an'tl-do"- 

an'tl-mo-iifa l 4D't>-mo-m; S ftn'ti-mfMiy, 
n. A BilveT-'whito. hani. orystaJline, m&- 
tanii ebnwnt.- tin-a-ma'Dl-al. 1 anli- 
Iii0'i1»«l; £ »Dll-mD'nt«l, a. Of or oon- 


a. Havlu juUJH^r; nacoraly npagDint. 
.D-<to'<i>3ca. 1 u^^i/o-^;2ia^o^ 
n. nfV.AvL A plan (« p«vk on Iha 
opponte aido of th« ttiih; (be amcata 
enma.-*B-tlp'*«d, i ■a.UpWal; B 
lA-Up'o-dal. a. Pertalnlnc to the aotbndaa: 
dlamMrkaltr mnoied.— SBtl^ada, 1 *B^ 
pM: BiB^i>-pM.B. 1. An eiast opiHrtie. 
a. Ona o( the aDHpodes. 



'iHO-f To make old or 

I', I aa-Uk'; 2 la-tOc'. La. 


a'6-ttv'Ut, 1 anti.Mp-Uk; 2 Koti^;^'- 
tic. L a. Prerentuic putnfaetion, MO- 
-l-mt. IL <k ,_ i^^l^f havinejinti- 

K. Anythina hiivii 

.- u^-MTWi a. 

IniBtloc. the aw- 
tem or flurvery by which Ihia la done. 
>u-tltb'e-d^ 1 an-tiOi'MiB; 2 £n-tlth'e- 
■te. fi. [-on*. l-ta.S-ttt. pt.) 1. Op- 
PDiDtioD of words or ideaa. 3. The ooo- 
tnay: a conBut.-Bo^-tbet't-eal. 1 W- 
u-OiBfi-del: 2 inii-thetT-eai. a. DOvair 
oi>po«id;Doiitt»stad. antl-thetlet. -l-ral- < 

lani-toi'lB, I an-D-cek^io: SiniMOkria, 

■I^^, 1 antler; Z Imtllr. n. A de<^u- 

■n'to-nTm. 1 sn'to-niin; Z ^^^S^r 
Aa'to-i^m. n- A word di- ^^^^^L 
tecLly f^ipcaed to aiioth^ ^^^HV 

sn'rl]. 1 an'vil; 2 in'vil, n. A heavy' 
black of Iron or sleel on whieh metal 
mey be forged. 

aniloot, I Btk'ftiDs; 3 »ok'<hD«, < 

leotallr tmiblsd or peTplend; al», 
taer; Killcitoui. 1. WDiryuiK; dirtnB- 
«.— am-fc-tr. 1 an-Ml't-ti; g u)4rM:r. 
. [ins'.sjj MI«litDE; Boiwtude; ««tr~ 
as.— uuloHi-lr, Bdc— uu'loiit-inu. 

Aph'ni-dl'tc,, ■ 


'U;2-tC,pl.l Tbs srwt utar}^ ipniiCLDC 
»pace'. 1 ■-pes': 2 Vitus', ado. Rapidly; 

^part', 1 »4nrt'; S m^rt', odD. Seps- 
»le!y; atdde; by ibMll; anindn. 

•-part'Dtcnt, 1 e-pait'meDt or -msnt: 2 
B-ptrt'tueiit, n. A room or suite of 

■p'm-tbT. 1 w'a-lhi: S ip'irtlar, n. 
|-THiKfli, pj.} Lack <rf feelfne; iDnnnbiJ- 
]ty:mdl<Iflreiice.— ap'k-tlKt'lCila.r'B-tbet'- 
ik; B (p'a-UiK'lF, a. wiciUTitnielliK: ucMin- 
rxrnid: Impuriin. -1-call^ ap'a-tlut^ 
cal-lr. odi. 

MM, 1 ep: 2 ip. I. 1 
To UDilste sbaurdly; 
Old WorJd m&n-tiLe 


■ 'pes, I i'pela; 2 E'pEka, n. [a'fet-b 

a-Bbell-on, 1 >-fni-9ii; 2 s-fiHi-So. n. 
rLi-*,lJi-8; 2Ji-»,p(.f Thspointinan 
orbil, aa of H plaPBt, f grth«t rrom the aun. 

a'pUt> 1 Vtui: 2 ft'Sn. n. Ufb-I' 
aTHdti; 2 tfi-dSf, pLI A plui 

apta'a-rlim, 1 afo-riim; 2 Kf o-rlgra 
proygrti; maxim.- ^»k*ii-fla'tle, i 

«-n:2{L'pi'44y. n. [>HRa*, 
'here beu ars kept; aloo, b 
KLwUiuiaB.— ■'ft* 


►-plew'Tl e'-pWra"^'. aJ». For eaofa 
penoDOTtiuDji; lAeachoae; each. 

i^li.lfpii;SrWa, a. "--' — 

bull ot BDelmt Eiypt. 

W'lsh, 1 ViAi! i dp'ii 

■y, orft.— ■retail- ' 
a'ptomb', 1 a^i 

a. Upright ponun; eRctnog. 

ft-poc's-nrHic, l s-psk'n-lipa: 8 a-pde'a- 
$pi.n. 1. A nvslation. f. (A-] Re<'» 
MtkHH. Clu lut book or CIH BIMe.— ■-pw'^ 
lyp'tle,!!. ■-poc'a-lrp'U-calt. 

B-Hc'iMm, 1 B-pek'o-pi; 2 a-pfic'a-pe, n. 
A outtua o9 of the [aat letter or ayllable 

A^rac'ry-fhs, \ l s-p^n^a; 3 a-pOe'ry- 
A>poc'ry-lk', f (a.n. "nu. Ajil. Booka of 
'^ lUledauthority. included Symme in tha 
TeetuDimt Bcrlptiina.— A^voCry-pbal. 
1. PertUaUiz to (lie Apocrypha. X. (B-] 

Bp'o-jl; BSp'frii, n. That 
moOQ-i Dtbit fanGeit from the 

■P'O-gM 1 

point of th< 
A-potlo, L »-pel'o 

r>. lln». B 

ili. B. iHjitEp; -oia'iBo.l To offer bd 
apology or cunw. -a-p^'O'iat-te. 1 
».pero-l*fik; Ea-pOI'o-i6fLc. I. a Oftb* 
nature of an apology. A-pof'O'.cet'l-eatt' 

'«-Wt 1 a-pol'o-ii 

- [rf.l 1. An a 

CUM. ^. A J 

I'D-lsg; 2 ip'o-lW, 
; 2 a-p«l'r>iy, n. 

ap-B-pbtbrnii, n. Hea innsu. 
■p'o^ero'i 1 ap'o-piekM; 2 Sp'o-plito-y. 

o-piak'uk; S ip'o-piee'dt, - ■ 

□r rWi'^'"a lowart] apoidvy. 

', 1 e-pOrt'; E ■-pSrt', wit. On or 


prliulpke.-ft-iraa'Ule, 1 D-ps^i«t; S a^>a«'- 

m-paB'U(e', 1 mwI: 2 s-pasl, n, I. One 
slsim his tcmpel {Mall. i. 2-1). 2. Any 

Ip^ai-tAI-U. -l-ul. a. 

■p-pear', 1 ■-plr': i l-p'r'.B. 1. To eonn 
'--Q view: become Timbde. S. To Mem, 
__ nem likely. 

•p-tNSr'aiHn, l a-ph'sns; S K-pSr'uif, ib ' 
AJX AppuHfia: that which appean; tw 
pect; sembluioeiiiidicatiDa; advent; put^ 

ap-peKse', 1 a-plm*; 2 S-pEs', i*. [ap- , 

ti: aim-, nui; iUbf. — ap-pMi*'a-M(e', a. 

— ■p-peM'a-blTi odT. 
a^IMlOant, I a-pcl'imt; 2 S^'ant. ik | 

One wbD uppmls.— ap-pellate, I a-p«L'^; 

Z ft-pEl'it, O- FeruinllME to or having J JFI^ 

1 s-psfh't-liS-n; 3 a^th'- 

«'a-Bk, 1 


fill with horror; terrifj; 

EiaitBCion to d 

ap-par'el, 1 H-pqr'el; S ^^^. . L M. 

To clothe. IL 'ft. Raiment; clothing. 
al^^r'ent, I a^p&r'entiS ft-pfir'Snt. a. 1. 

slTpMl'tlOD, I ap'B-riiih'en; 2 &pViIsh'- 

>p-HSl', 1 a-pH'; Z &-p«l'. I. Tt. t vi. 1. 

!?> beeeech; flntreatj awaken Teaponae oi 

a higher authority, as for sanction or aid. 
— Bp-peal'a-tiKfl^, a. — ap-peal'lugt ^. 

ijoploriDfl, -If, adv. 

.p'e-lS'ihsn; 2 Ip'B-IS'- 

.. ortitio; theactcf call- i 

Idi or naming.— ap-Jvllk-Uiraai la-pd's- 
tlv; 2 1-pk'a-tlv. I. a. Servtac to Aatk- 

Bp-pend'S 1 aswnd ; 2 tl-p«Dd' if. To 
add or attach [somelhinff fluboniHi;LtB)-— 

ap-pen'dl-cl 'til, 1 B-pen'di-«ai'tii or -crtB; 
2 ft-pSo'di-gl'ti* or -fl'tin. n. Inflaiuiiui- 
tion of tho vennifotm appecdii. 

■I»-pen'dli, 1 a-pen'dik»; 3 ii-pan'dik», n. 
[-Dix-isor-Di-cita,l-aI.;3.<;Sfl,pi.j l.An 
additiqa or Bupplement, aa at the end of 
abook. I. A email inleatindl organ calkd 

■p*per-talll', 1 Bp's>ten'; 3 Kp'e>t&n', n. 

!late: with (o 

2 1p'»- 
pi.] SiroDs'eraviQg; ap- 

. fifinc. -t&i-cy. 

- Bir'p»-tU*iB(. so. Glvlnc 

alplsd'; 2 K-plsd'. ■<. A tL 
approval, as t^ clapptDg the 
Dead; praise. — Kp-pUOM'i 1 
tJaa'. n. Tbe act ot applawt 

I; S ipl. n. The ti 

■p-^'mnce, 1 ■^dI'sm: 8 K-pll'sne, n. 
Tho act qI ftM)lyin«; adovioe; totJ; in- 

■p^pU^a'donjl upTi-krABn; 3 Ipli-tft'- 
shoD. n, !■ The hct of applyiiig; &ppTO« 
priHtioD. 3. That vhicb b ftppLiwl; s 
remedy. S- A request. *. Cloae and 
oontUmoiB ■tunUon.— ■P'pU-ea-bal-tr. 
n. l-nsB*. ti!.! BulublUtr: acoees. ■p'PU- 
tm-bKa-aet't.- a»'pll4k-blle', 1 ip'ii-kr- 
M: 3 jL[il>-M-bl. 0. Tiist may be KprlLed^ 
■Dllable loc aciillcaUoa: relevant: AlUae.— 
■pn>ll-a>-Ur> imi'.-aii'BU-**"'. «. One 
vbo Bppllu: a o mriMa te. 

Bit^'M-qi'^t Ispii-ke': SJLpii-ice'. I. a. 

AppliHd;lai<?"" " " ' -—"* 

jt and applied 



Ai-^K.f'lKO.yi. I. I. To p«t or plaw 
(to); devots; ttttacb; refer; teat. a. To 
gild wboUv (lo); devote (oneself), as to 
study, n. t. 1. To make request; uk; 
pedtion. a. To have reteronoe. 
»-H<ntla-taTa, 1 aD-pe]-a.lO'ra; 2 Uf 
pH'^CU'rM. 1. A musical embeUIBlimeat 

kp-polnt'^ 1 a-psiDt': 2 i-)>Cmt', d, & d. 

prescribe. 3. To St out; equip: furnish. 

— a»-palaCM. a, Destenatsd: equtrped. 

— ■IH^Dt-m', ■. Onewholi ippoLnted. 

— a^poluf «rB n. Oh who appoLnls-— ap- 
polaCawBti n. An ippolaclni « beUw ap- 
pointed; poiltlnn; eer vice; itaUon: DlBce; an 

Bp-por'tJon. 1 a-p£p^Bi 

To divide propwtJonaHy; 

Sp-po-altfeM ap'; £ 

; 3 S-par'ahon, rf, 
SnWt.o Well 

ap^pd-al'tJoD. 1 ap'o-ii^'sn; 2 &p' 
glah'oo, n. 1- Gram. The relation t. 

a-prfi'; H &-prfi^, c*. [ap- 
-phaib'ino.] To put a value 
'Blue.'.KP'^rBU'BLn. An ap- 

«t; aa-prt'ehi-St, 
__ _.™.l l,Toe«teeni 
ve dUt'notly. 8 T" 
le. S. Toestima 
A-vrrOa-it-bl: 2 t- 
lay be appreciated; 

cl4ttiH>, 1 ssgrt'AtCDian; e t-pK'ahl-&'- 
■hon. n. An appreelatliii: tm* eaUmatloni 
recognition; InerHS In value.- ■IKpm'el-*- 

"-'-■ - " — ' ^-nlTMUngapunelailon. 

.*n4icod'; 2 Ip're 


"b^'. .. I.'/, t. 
poroeive. I. To hs 


mi»*pre-Iieii'il-U (>', 

rith forel 

.hen. , , 

cepllon. t. Lfeal arreet. — i 
leatful. t. Quick lo apptelll 

,uous forebodinK. 4. 
i. 1. To euppose: 
3. To look forward 

f^n,V l! 

■p-pren'tlee,)l a-pren'ti8:3a-prfn'tie. I. 
s^pren'tlB", j ri. [-ncip*, -tibt*; -no 

ap-pri»'i 11 B-pniii'; 2 K-prta', i*. 

ap-prlie', Jpbized', ai^phised'; ai^ 

INQ, Ai-PBis'iMa.l To notify; advir 

rhe act of appioaobii 
_ 3. Opportumty. Dies 

table for Ibe pi 

■p-pra'pci-ate, 1 a 

of. II, 0. s" ""° 

semetJilTig appropr 
sp-prove', 1 a-prily'i 3 i-mv^i 

irtby. 3|. To provB 
To think with ftvor. 

by trial; 

. 1. Tore- 
*orthy. ' 3|. To J 

, n. Ap:»Dbi. 
— ip-prvvtacl}. 

I; irf|[,dii;liabk, WtM; fertile, <!On.bill,bani; All, My; to, feem;l<|k; thin, U 

L. _- T V yg to«ppro»iih 


ohurch, pn^Terly 

1. TendiDs: liable: 
to leBRi;^alfuL 3. 

tBr-iki; B »p't6r-JflM n 

B-qna'rl-nia, ] 


flhaimel for 
1 etm-Ds; 2 ft'kws-Qi, a. 

•q'«Hlii(«>, 1 ^«>4iD; E WwMtn, a. OI 


b]e cf being plowed or cultlTBted. 
u'bl-lcr, 1 or^t-tH-; S tr^t-Hr, 


'Hilt. 1 

H. The luiiiue or Uia < 


ludie.— ahUt'- 


ir'bi-tn-iT> 1 oT^i-trt-n: E bHit-i 

; E (jTii-trt-fTjO. 

oUd.- ■r'bMn-il-b, orti. 

, 1 arnn-trtt: S ir4>i-trfit, < * 

t'id°; -TSAT'iKa,] To dedds 

lor^mSb'bot.n. U A 

cDlt«i>«l, a^ (flMM^mtm-bt, n. 
u'iMr', n. A vine-cl»d baw«; h shada) 

mlk or nooli. [The Mayflower. 

arJin'tus, 1 az^Ufl'tos: 3 ir-bn'tOs, -pl 
■n, 1 ark; 2 be, n. Put o( the Fircum- 

frreDflfl of a eirok; l bnw; an arch. 

in, 1 nrJce'di-iHi; 2 Ar-ci'di^n, 
.iniuc to Arcadia; raial; ^atonj. 

an onh or archea. 
irdi, a. 1. InDocenl 
pU^tnJly Riy: coj. >> i 

ire; ^lan with 
mng; roguiab! 




^ml; very Kmt: 

preSi orch-^ ate ayl- J 
vofd; Bfl. arcfi'- m 

U>«IIB^ 1 ar-lE'ik; S JLc 

longing to * former ppriod 
' hk^ inllquawd. -1-ult.- 

AnyUitDC jkTctuUo, &B an arcli 

orini'bi^'Bp; 2 irch' 
chief bishop of a pror- 
tl>-l1c, fi. The offloe uC 

, , rebbUiiop. 

mfcli''des'cdIFI ordh'dl'kn: S Errh'df'en 

Ttte oflloB or lurisiUcUDD of'sD'arehdeacon.' 
mr'ebi-ol'—tr. II orln-sro-li; 2 H'ee 
»r"cll«-<ir»*r, (Bl'o-fty, n. [-Quia', pi. 

TheBcienceoretudy of history from rclici 

■r'elU-, 1 

afchl4*.lH'le, s. 

, . or-ki-tAt; g Wa-titt. ji. 

One wbo plui buUdinfi, eta^ud dineta 

M'cUtc^ 1 ar'kciiv; 2 ar'dv, n. 1. . 

poaitoTyforpublicdDcumeiits: uaadi 

lyinthQ plural, 1, A publie docimu 

record. [Hrchwl pasflue. 

»rcll'w»7", 1 oriih'iiS'; 2 iieh'wB". n. An 

MT'Uclc- ' ■ ■ - - - ■ 

""l. T^^i^o 


Bslng nntt. 
e of the auaUty den 
or'dent; 2 ftt'dBnt, 


[Pdsr" or -dor; 2 gr'dor, i 
' ensity; eagerness; Teh 

& 3d -pw. ^ fn 



1 B-rTne; 3 »-re'n», n. The 


r eontesta^U in a Roman amphi- 



1 Sr-jent; g Sr'SJnt. a. Like or 

mver; obiu; aUvery.- ■r'ceD-tlf '. 


raons, I oi'ji-Ul'dhDs: 2 ftr'tl- 


UK« cla 

; clayey. 

Vcon, 1 

fir'gen: 2 ai'gSn, n. A gsseoue 


eat of the atmosphere, diacovetei 

[•(.lar-go-nStiaar'So-nat,™. 1. 

One of 

the legendary wckers for the 


man (CliHpel ol Bt, lobn lo tin Tower of ijiiiM 
KHByBaDCkne (Cbiinli of Bu BasU. MaoDoiir). f 

t, Google 

. Modem Amcrlcui (I _ 

ali&n (Temple dT Kmuk, T^pt). 

a. Colonial (Juintl MuBlon. N«r Yorli). 7. Maonsh (L> Olnldn, S< 
of Tbell, ITaiue). t. McOtm (Tal Milul, India). 

t, Google 

^,1 A h, 

2 ar'S<m, n, I 

. . _ — ly laa«aabip. 

w'sue, 1 or-gia; 3 ir-ja. «. & ri. 

diacusa: influeno 

. 3. A blsacEi ol 

Ar'cii). 1 ai'Ens; 1 

1. A ghari>4FM, wBtcIilul penon. 

EmBMnillMi jiliesant. 

•'i<-a,ia'rHi;SK'rM,n. jVtu. Anilroi 

•m'rt-ui, nuni. Used la ItHmtnc adjeoUVeg 

■od idJeoUcBl oouiH denoimg occupr"— 

fl<e. «ni. etc, : aa. [ffedegUooTlaR, 

■rid, 1 ai'.d; 2 Sfid, n. Parcliod; dry; 

b»iTon.— ■-rldT-tj, n. 1-Tiia«, (J.] -~- 

atau or {jqaiity ar boUiauld. irld-iii 

■r'ma-DicDt, 1 or'- 

2 fir'nis-meDT 
A land DT I 

•4ls'ta. 1 o-rie 


s;3»Tl.'ta.n. I-r^. pi.] 
1 ar'is-t«k'r»-ai; 2 Br'a- 


1. "WeBpom 

collectively. 3. The mihluj 
> AnDoriiU beariDgi. 

- -— [,R'«T™.ri.l 

arlt, 1 nrii: 2 irk, n. 1. Scn'jK. (II 
ship of Noah (Gen. vi. Hr-22)7 (2) 
chwt ooataining the tf^tes of the lav 
'" "- ~ (3) The papynii ( 

A Isncc orsanised bo<ly of taea, armed 'for 

of the aslfir family, or a tincton pi«pand 

i-ro'ms,' 1 B-ro'ms; 2 a-ra'ma. n. [-bab« 
or -«»-TA, 1 -mfl-la; 2 -ma-la, vl.] Fta- 
ffrartos. aa rrom p;sDls; a«reeahlg odw.— »*> . 

f. ^ta^lorvsT^usHidHoriabout! 

mr-Vtf't*^' 1 ar-i>«]'D: e Ir-Difo. m. Tb 
BDundlns ol the oat^s of n cbDrd In BUDDfiMiH 
iDMBMl oT hjtfetritt-, KS la playing the harp 

WHnDrn', 1 n-rSn'r 2 a-rSn'. rt. To acouK 
ft^nmUy bArtmaoourt; aoaiise.— ar-r«tva'< 

■r-imnse'. 1 s-r^ci'; 2 fcrbit', ri. 4i n 

order; agnrB upon, aa a i^an; adjust 

bad; unmltigaf^d- 
■r'n*. 1 afn; s Ir'ia. ■. Taiiatry. 

Bhu; aet in order- 2- To clothe; dteea, 
a. n. 1. Regular or proper onlerj ar- 
rajunment, as for battle; a mihtary lOFDe- 
Z. C lathing; diFn. 
■r-rear', 1 a-rir'; Z B-rer'.n. A part, aa of 
a debt, overdue and unpaids oommonly 

%r-rtmtK 1 ^-reat'; 2 &-rm'! i". H. I. 
To>top8nddBnlv-oli8c!i;fii. J. Totake 
Into Duatody. IL n. An arrestinff; a 
■tc^. obecli, or tmy; aeiiure by legal 

BI^IlTC', 1 a-miT"; 2 g-riv', ri. Iin-uvat.'; 
AB-Hil'iHs.l To oome to a destination, 

""-•^nl'VBliB t-rrTal,n. a£ 

-■ ■— . whloli antvea. , 

ni'o-saDt; 2 b'<HtaDt, a. 
tiavingnraaDwineeieeBBive pride; auper- 
omoUB: oferbeaHna; bauihly-— arlti-caiicc, 

anivlni- o 


■r'raw, 1 ar'o; S Hr'o, 

1 ar-rxit; 2 Sr'o-sat, «. 
-oat'ino.J To take, Jomand, 

UoB, 1 ai'o-tS'ibm: zlr^HH'- 
A slender shaft 

lectlvely; as. the eathetio oi 
o, BrtiBtin Bkill J. Craft;eii 
. organiied body of trained ■ 

Ar'tv-mla. n. See DLiNA. 
One of the vessels whioh eonvey blood 
- ar-toM-al, 1 (iivti'rHl; 2 Hr-tCrl-al. b. 

I, a. I. Cralty: 
S. Skilful; in- 

e of a elaea of liiiiitinf adjectives, 


i-l»r, 1, oi^tifyo-lerr 2 ir-tle'y«- 

l-latO, 1 or-tik'yu-tet; 2 Sr-Ue'yu- 

I. Bl. Jt n. (-LAT'Epd; -LAt'iNQ.) 

wunds. 3.'to joint together. 11. 
Having distinct 5yllables;distmctly 
d. 3. Joinled;Be|tnien(ed. Ill.n. 
vertobrate animal with segmented 

, j 1 oitl^a*; S Ir-U-fle, n. Trio 

VU-A'clal, 1 orti-fidh'al; 2 Kr'ti-fleh's 
a. Produced by &rt; not nstiml; aft«l 
ed. 'ly, ndn. 

H^ailCF-r, 1 DT-lil'M-i; 3 Bi-tn'&-y,_n, 1 

•rfbti 1 oit'in; S Irffat, n. One who ii 
>ki11«d in the fine tirta; one who worka 
inmuour.- •r-tto'dc *r-tl>tl-ui, a. 0( 

■T'O-Ban* j trtdned warkmani superior u 

aitteM,' 1 acn™; 2 Rrtlfa, o. Wilht 
art OT craft; uiiftSect«d; ia^cnuoufl; Bi 

'■A-rr, fWRj. I>eTiotlnff Id nouno, peno 

Al'rmn, I Br-vnn: a Sr-vsn. I. a. Im 

. 1. On* ol ft prUnltlvi 

a*, I u; 3 K«. adi. A o 
stAQDe; in the charao 



cendinfi; naiDj 

T. J S-tSn'd^n-cy, - 

inc: promotioa; s wb? of ■aODruHtks; u I 
kccJivicy- ' 

«'eer-taln'. I u'ai~t«Q'; 2 ^'Er-tln'. tt. 
CH-talB'a-taKe'; a. 

«-e«tlc, I a-Kt';k; 2 JH^tlc L g. 
Practuing extreme abetiaenoe; sereTdj 
■elf-deuying. IL n. One austn^lr lelf* 
deDylDA; a hsmlt-— fta-cetl-eal-lri otff^— 

i-ierlbe', 1 a-akmit/; 2 ft-sertb', «. |i- 

f DBitberBei, 


1 8-81iOmd'; B a-ahRmd', a. 1.; abaihed. I. Dcternd 

a^Sh6r';'2 a-BhOr', ndi. To at 

lb: Eft'BhH, 1. Th^lBrKreCiiaif 
the wnrld, ir> the eaatem hemi- 


Ot or pe 

a-Btde', 1 I 

(hi-at'it: 2 S'Bhi-at'it 

tt^iiuf.adt. Wtlb 

K-akew'. 1 

- -■ant't ' 

V; 2 a-dca'. a. A adt. 
-_t': 3 B4lAnt'. I. a.& adt. 

* prev^ Acroaa aluitin^; athwart, 

>-sleep',l ti-alIp';2B-elep',a.*adi. In or 

>-idope', 1 B-el5p';Sa-«lep',a. AoJt, In s 
Hloping position. [■■■iper. 

•■Pi 1 ospi 3 iap, n, A venotnoua serpent; 

ss^ar'a-sas. 1 BB-pnr's-Kue: 2 to-ptr'a- 
£09. n. A plant of the lily family, or its 
edible shoot?. 

u'pect. 1 aa'pekt; 2 Sa'p^et, n. Appear- 

■sp'en, 1 asp'n: Z asp' " ' "' 


Bbakins; t 

i-perl-tr, 1 BS-per'i-ti; 
2 »iniSrt-ty, n. l-nra". 
vL\ ItoughneBa; harvb- 


u'pIult.U sB'lalt;'2 iie'nit, «. "Mint 
ss'&lf, Jpiieh;- ■■- 

pitch; hard hi 
1 es-tiks'i-B; i 

— U'Ditri^-k'tiBii, I 

a csndidati 

(-RlT'Bpd; -RAT'lKH.i 1. fo Utter wilh 

a breatliing or as if preceded by the letter 
k. Z. To drav out by BurtioD. II. a. 
Uttered with a Mtodi h louDd. u'pl- 

u'pt'rBte, n. The lelUr K. or its aound. 
M*pt-Ta'(l<>ii, I Se'pi-r 

;; exalted deaire; & bre&th; 
i as-pai^; 2 iB-plr', Hi. 


pihbd': A«-PiB'iHa.J Tn dedm »metlua« 
high and good; res '■ - 

U'pl-Tln, 1 aa'pi-rln; 2 fto'pt^in, n. i 

eand eqi^ne quadruped; a b- 
aa'B-goi; 2 a«' 

u-HOlt', 1 a-aelt'; 2 KHi«lt'. I<). tH. To 
attack with violence; anail. IL n. 
Any attack; eharae of tToopa. 

»»-8»y', 1 a-a;'; 2 l-f6'. I. ti. A li. To 

™ow by ten T^rtS^'aE™™il. n! 
The tesiioK of aa alloy or ore f oi valuaUs 

■9-Bem'ttoib. ra^^hj^'2 i-etm'UBt, 
R. An oflsemblinc; gathering; collection; 

life", 1 a-som'b!; 3 ft-eemtd, tt. »l 

n'talfe", ] 


set, i Ba'et;3 Aa'et, tt. Anil 
sets, I as'eta; 2 WUs, •>. pi. 
iroperty. aa for payment of 

debts, kg- 

bk, bAt: tqlU r^le, cBre. bai,bOm; «!, bAj; |o, tero; Ifk; tUn. Uil>. 

tt. l-Af'BD'i-iiT'Tiia.l TDaArm oqriut- 

NBllr (T (SMDUUr.— ■fr^BT'O^'ttiH, I 

bM*'»4'«ua; £ ik«tT-ir-Vikoy, •. AD 
a. Davoted or wnntuit; unieimnitit: 

■URiniL 4r,<ll(>. 1MM,l>.-M'V-aBt4T, 

1 lirt-dlBVai B ■•VUn^r. ■- yam', pij 

■■ ilpi'. 1 noin'; 8 t-la'. I.tLkwi.1. 
To Ht Bpart; doiculfi: appidnt; lUot; 
•twibutf. «. TomJteoTm, mpropmty, 

■. A penon to whom propwty. lighu, 
R pmiCT u« tnuiAned by iiothfr.— 

tHm: uproprtiUcu,— atHliB'l4a-fl*(i' 

BmSm^ l*ii-ut'; 2 1-alM', t^ A n. 
To oiTe niosor or mipport ta: aid; bi 
nlian. S. To atteDd u a bdper; 

Pj.1 Ao| 

Liz'; 2 S.4II', n. Iahu'is 

e: lued c^iflfly m th« plural, 
HM«'cl-atc 1 H-aa'^i-«t;Sl-*a'ibi-tt. 1. 
■I. ft si. [-at'ediI; -AT*mQ.[ To bring 

hflvfl fellowaUp^ uoite; join, l£^a. 
Joined Ingether; unilfid; allied. DL n. 
li A oompanion; collsaffua. %, A cou- 

ti-k'ibaa, n. t. Tbe iwt ol UHxiatini: 
lellowBbip; oombiiiBtioIi; oodsty; ot- 
poration. t. ConnaetioD of Ldeas. 

diMllbuto Into d 

n~iM<].l Tomakalenvio- 

■ranlvd: suppOM. 
— MHiraalBS, »«. Fraauiipti 
n ininp'tlffn. 1 a-aitnip'ina 

': 2 t-«Din', tl. ft B. 
n-iHo.] 1. To t«ka 
ipt. 1. To take fof 
I. To affeet; pi 

1. AnofaoM. 
i*-«Mr'uiea, 1 a-thar'iai; 2 i.-ahur'an 
1. Tha M( ot ar -■-- '- 

u'ter. 1 aa'tsr; 2 Ki'Ur n. A plant I 
altflmate leaveo, and aowera Kith 
whlw't pim]Jr% or Uua mya Aihd ^ 

■I'iu^lik, lu'tBr^iakr a Ea'Ur-l 
lak, n. A star [*) used in writinl * 

udt. ^oni. Behind'; backward. ' 1 

mitMiHM, 1 ai-tsr-sid; Zit-ttt- I 

Old, n. Ooa of the very amall ( 




aitL^uan-caHl't «lt- 

-Uim, 1 B4tis'iDB-ti«n; 2 a- 

a-sUi'. a<((. ft a. Td 

I'lih; 2 a-aUtn'iah, rf. 
-onder sod nirpiue; 
■ •■lontab-liif^. 

a-fltdund'. itf. ft 
ndBT: ooolouiui; 

■nrUe; amasfliBCDI. 
•slnoiid'd, 1 iHiKiund' ; 

ai'tnU.^1 aa-tral; 2 i»'ti»t, a, 

k-ttnr', I B4trt'; Z a-rtrl', a. ft odi. 

WiLndering; out of the way; evil. 
»-iWJe', 1 .ntKiid': 3 a-«rld'. ad., ft 

La. ^' 

r altalrta, 1 »Offlt; 8 (thlM. ••. Obb 
•killtd in IMH d plural Itrwipb uid 

■dipa ; oaiwlipati ve 

oI'd-KT. 1 ss-twl'o-ji; 2 fts-lrWo-ty. 
I'd-aer, 1 u-unl'o-lBr: S i(-»ol'a-««r, n 
. mnwai Mmlogy.- ■flco-lof'lii 
itm-lel'ili: S UlroMVic, a. -l-call. 


odD, -Dcvh n- [Apart; la or 
m-sTlain. 1 e-sonnm; 3 .■^i^fi 

•t, 1 nil 3 61, p«i>. !■ On; upon; c1o» to; 

"y; near; in; within. 4. To: toward; 
nftar; by way ot; ilirough. 9. On the 
point oi; dunng. 4. On the happening 
of; in response to; btcfluie of. »- Upto; 

Rereruon to an anotstral type o 
»te. I n; S U. <"p. ol »*T, 1. 
-■t«, tufflX' 1> FormlnK adjectlvpg: a 

if mspfl or the liks. i. A aiie of papsr. 
•a by 33 (34) 'nchei^^ ^'^i^ ^™,S^° 

Htsd. Wbeai 

a'tbe-lit, H. 

f in the 1 


r B B-tbPna, n. Tlii 

Btl>*e>nc'iim, I - - ■ - 

A-tfce'I*— n.'l. »-<bI'n.-Ki: E a-thS'ni 

B~tbe-li'tt-«al-lT, ate. 
- ■ - --ns; B 

B fh Vn'rVin ;7 S~" Sth 'e- 

Of. P 



die body or oixy of it4 parte ; a 
of crowtfa. 
mt-4sch'S,l o-Uiili': E K-ttch'. :(. d 

vigorcuAly on {a tABk). S. 
n. The set of attaciEine; as 

with fo.- al-tBlB'a-bll1-tf , a(- 

^oem-, n,-i.t-taln'»-W(e', a. 
t attalDHl : mcldcabla.— nt-talD'- 

. 1 a-t^o'der; 3 &-tfin'dGi. n. 

at-tCD'Hon, 1 i^ten'dhBD; 2 (i-tei 
1. The act, fact, op power ol 
ing. J. ABactofcourtay;™™ 
carC' >■ Mil, The soldierly p 

1. Imputatiaa; vtigma; attainder, X* & 

touofa; bic 
ktlw, 1 afar; S Kl'ar, n. The fncrant 

OKatial oU Bitnctsd tram lOK-peMa. 
>t-lem'per, 1 a-tom'psr; S i-tim'per, il. 

To modify by minun; laftan; moderate: 



Z fi-IJ&mpl'. ■<>. It 
-■ omiqua, 

1 a-ten'yu-«t; 2 &-t^'yv-4t, 
'gd<1: -AT'ujo.] To make oi 

nlnbls.- mUtta-t^tUm, n. 
«'; 2 «^t«it'. I<1. gt. Jt (i, 
ronbnn; vouoh foi, II. n. 
>t"te»-tB'aon, lat •ttWfiima; 


adorn. II. n. Dresa or clothia 
«l; laimentai ooetume; adornm. 
CU-tDde, 1 at'i-tiod: Z tfi-tDi 
Positiaa of the body, as sugcest 
thought. feeliDg. or aation. 1. 

I, 1 A-tnkt'; 2 $-ti«et', v. I. I. 

r^tm, n. Tlw net w procas ot 
ttncUva power; aDythlns pl«aA- 
ig.— tt-Umiettrif, a. Having 
Quality ol attnotlDc: drawlns; 
nnln». -ly, rW.. -neai.n. 
1 a-trib'yut; S i-t,ilb'yijti •!- 

A due and beloiMEinK;asflieij; refer: 
- st-blb^-to-Mo', a.— aftrl- 

at'tri-buU, 1 at'i 
That n bich is att 

mt-trl'Uoii. 1 a-tri 

■n'bliril, 1 BllBm; 2 (("bum. 

ane'tlon, I ek'dhsD; 3 se'abi 
To sell by or at auction. II: 


an'dMKC, 1 a' 

IU9; ImpudeQce; i> 

f's'di-bl, n. ] 
loud enoU4Eh to 

»n'dl-ence,lH'di-«iK;Es'di-{nc,n. A 
aa'U>pIiitiie, 1 e'di'-fon; 2 a'di-f6Q, b. 

J cbuTchesT halla, etc.. may be f^oiiriecied 
I a common toltphooe circuit, of which 

1. One who audita accouuta. 
an'dl-to'rl-nn), 1 'e'di-t«'n-um; 2 s'di- 

I An 


,16'di-to-n| Sft'di-to-rj-. I. 

hearing, or to as audience-i^m. U. 
[-RIDS", p(.] An a«=mbij' o( heai™™:. . 

public m 

mneb^'l 6t; s'el, n. Any- 

e tAolfD 

le; predict; 1 
>r pntalulug lo 

<7* s>.' To 

Aa'gaii, 1 e'Kust: a tt'gilat, n. The eighth 
month of the year, containing 31 Mya. 

auk, 1 ok; 2 sk, n. A diving bird ot 
northern aeaa. '^ 


aVri-cKer, 1 a-n-kl; 2 ■'ri-tl. 

t. The Htenul 

or pflrulnlng to lui aurlato. 

Is or norlhern llfbls,tnHiutlwniLatJtud« 
r ulDd ku ror> laalnlia or uptlieRi lie bU. 

aui'pis*, Jinfluenrj or (pjidance; patron- 

-meas, n.-^ ■lU-tci'l-ty. 1 w-ur^-a: Z w- 
tennmU-naaeiau severity. 
wu'lral, 1 es'trBl; 2 gi'tnl, a. SouChem; 

An^tnlld, 1 ss-tri'li-e; 2 «s-trft1i-B. ti. 
Britiah ialund oontlnent in tlu Indian and 
Padfio oceans; 2.674,681 sq. m. 

an-Uieii'tle. 1 e-£hea'iik; 3 a-tbEn'tie. a. 
AuttaoclKd: tnutwortby; genuine. au- 
thcD'U-alt.-an-tbca'U-ail-bi ndc- 
au-llMD'tl-nte, Is-Oien^-UI; S«-Iliin'tl- 

mowiobeT'^ """ "" 

B a"UieD-tic'i-t7; 

r: the i 

■a'thoMie, 1 e'Oier- 

d'to-bl-fig ra 

tn-bl-ac'n-plHir. ii^~ w-ta-li^frlpmpih-V 
eal,<L aW^bTo-fraphlcl. 

li'tg.»<Mit, —"- — -— ' ' 

er"el«, a 

ilt-yde lYoptiled bymi 


SI. II a'tO-KTBf 
, (a. Writlei 

ill, II o'tostTdf; 2 s'lo-irif. 

m'to-^iiut^c, 1 

o-ton'o-ini:2 »-tBn'o-mv,n. r-HiB' pi.) 
S«lf-COvmiiient; practiFH! indc^iendeiies 

.u'l«p-sr<lo't«P-Bi; 2 ^'tAp-sy, n. (fliu*, 

i,)lB'lumrBa'tOm,n. The third 
, fseason ottheyoat: oftenoalled 

n-nia-tj, 1 a^il': 

Qivina gfd; subaidii 

l: 2 »at-flVi 

ILn. f-Bi»«, pJ.] I. One who or th»t 

I's dlspcwl.— a-TKll'i-lil)', a 

M'Mlec1lBv'B-riii2&v'»-ric,n. Fuaioa 
nVdP, ; forrichas; oo-vetousneM: cupid- 
Ilr.- ■T'a-it'cloin. I nv-e-tiSh'ni; e tv's- 
risb'tta.EI. Grwtl^ oT emJh; sn^ploc; mlaerly. 

a-oat', i e-vun'; 2 n-vdn', ijiitrj, JVaul. 

Sup! boldl 
4-niuit'i 1 e-VQDt': 3 B-v£ut', iiUc]. Be- 

ife, 1 S'vl; 2 S've, n. A in^ei to the 

Virgjif, h*>eiT>ninfl A r* Uhtui (Hfcll \f*fy) 

l-reiue', 1 a-venj': 2 e-vbig', >. (a- 
vdi^cd'; a-venh'ing.] I. I. To take 
rencunce [or (wi (u:t) or in behsli of (s 
penoD) . IL >. To uke vengeiDce ; ei- 

avenftei. Ibrood road. 

-vor'; 3 B-iftr', i<. U-VKttMD', 

■-tCT', 1 a 

■T'tri«n, 1 av'ar-i]; 2 Sv'Sr-ai. 
[-»aED; -*o-ina.I To E>. or be the e 
ol; apportion on the averaee; talri 
average. II- a. Obtained h^ cf 

1. The'q 
he Qiimbi 

3. The or^nojy oegrBe ot 

or the like. 

awar or ^de. 'z. To i 
a'it»-rr( 1 e'vi-e-n; 2 iTvi-a-rj, n 

■'tV«'tor, 1 tfin-s'to 

B. /n>.— a'll-a'Hini, ■, TbeutnttijiDa. 
-TMl-tr, 1 B-vidVn: 2 B-*Id'i-Iy, n. 

Eager appptite; greedineia; chemical 

-nild'd, 1 B-veid'^ S a-Tfiid', X. To keep 

t'oli^n-pols', lav'ar-du-paii'; Siv'or- 

du-JlSij', ». The ordinary gyatem ol 
wdghta of the United Btatea and Great 

-Touch't, 1 e-vaiuih'; 3 a-rouch'. «. To 
affirm poflilively; proclaim; vouch for; 

»-TOW', 1 e-vau'; 3 a-vow",!*. To declare 
openly; own or oonfeaa frankly; a * 

iUBo; wake; wSe™!!."?' Ta 
a-iralie',la-wek';2B'wak',a. Notasieepj 
k'en^ 1 a-w^k'n; 2 a-wfik'n, ■(. To 

adjudge ; apportion 


jUVoJ Vo ™p„ 

-wbUe', 1 s-hwoil'; 2 a-bwit', «!•. For a 
time. [the wine; flying, 

-wing', 1 a-win': 3 a-vlng', aifr. £ a. On 
wk'wani, 1 aVwart; 2 sfwaid, o. 1. 
Ungraoeful; unakilful; bungling. !B* Em- 

riuitnimerit for nukinB small boles, \l 
awn, 1 on; 3 SB, n. A brielle of t^^Xt 

'ftWDinc lva'ni;'2 »n'iiig.n, A roof- ll 

>-wolie'. 1 B-wOk'; 2 a-w6k', imp. fl 
*jT),ofm — ■ 

'. odD. fk a 

u, 11 akH; 2 U», R. Aned«e<«ol 
kiCt i for choppme, hQwiiu, or the iUie. 
u'Kal, 1 aLa'i-sl; 2 Hkn'i-aS, a. Of, pec- 

WU,^ 1 ak»'d'_3 ilu'il', nf "'rbe, lUirie 

■tem Bt the i 

rtf Alii 

metion. 2. The si 
'8;3Sk8Jn'a,n "" 
i-8m; 3 Sk^i-o 

mit«, U aks'l; S Mian, n. A shaft or 
toTl'. I Brindle OQ which a wheel lunig. 

a'nro, 1 ftj'ur; 3 &ih'ur. I. a. Like the 
blue of the aky: eky-blue; cloudlesa; apot- 
less. II. n. 1. Aclearskv-blueooloroT 
pigmcDt, I. The cieHr sky; the blue 
vadit of heavea. 
I'yra, il ai'uo; 3 &i'yiii, n. The 
Jl'ria«,;jewiah panhal loaf; unleavened 

[mini, B's, 

BCream; pratUe; goeBlp-' 

tebe, 1 l>^; 3 b&b. i 

An mfant; baby. 
B»lMi, 1 Whei; Z bs 

alw, Babylon. J. tb- or B-] Confuaion 

bmlMKHi', 1 bab-On': 3 Ub-5oD'. n. A 

fenjeioua Old World monkey. See ilhu. 

ba'bF, 1 b«'bi: 3 bfby. I. M. Iba'bbd: 

b.'bi-ino.) Tot™atMababy:pli^»lth. 
II. n. Iba'bieb', pi.I A child inarms; 
an Infant.— balt^hood, n. The period at 



iMC 'cha-DBl, 1 bak's-ne 

2 bat'a-nal, n. 
jrunken nveler 

^., Ivard; HjylvocaJ: 

Innloal, 3- Qoplog (o the ]eJt. bb wrltlmr.— 
imOt'tUt", «. ThB rear or Unda' nlda.- 
kut^dkle^ ri. TO reuvse'. ■[uauu».- 
buk-SUd-er, il- back-wcMMll*, n. WUd. 
^IWdr KttiBd dlHlflCLA.— bmck'wiHHli^ 
■IUII,». i-tlEN.PlJ 

buk'sam'miMi, 1 bak'sun'sn; 2 bKk'- 
JSm on, n. A ssme pUy«l by two per^ 
oonji on a'speoal boanl, tbc moTeg beina 
detarrnined by dice^hrovs- ■ 

bkcklmd, Ibok'wsid; 2 bSli'vttrd, o. 1. 
Turned to the back or rear; reyerBed. S. 
Retiiins; '■'■""■ 1. II - V . 

; wicked: c 
disaeReable. it. n. ]. That which 

bus: 2 bi«. I. i(. A n 
)•; H.Q'aiHa,l I.Tc.puliniosiM«! 
uie or kill, as game. 3. Toailout Uke 
s; swell: bulge; eag. IL n. 1. A 
^ck or pouoh^ the udder of a eow. Z, 
■liftt n bag will hold; game bagged. 
— luff'lT.a. IJkeabag: Ioob: bnlctog. 
baCB-teiae'M bag'a-lel'; 2 bM'a-tfil'. n. 
1. A trifle, i. Gama. A modScalion of 
billiarde. _ 

i|'f»«'iii2biS'at.», l.tD.&] 
The trunki. packages, etc., of a traveler; 
luggBge.S. Anarmy'smavableequipfflent 
bat'SlnK. 1 bas'iQ: Z btfiug. n. 1. The 
putting into baga. 2, Mateiial for okak- 

biJJWfc'l bag-poip: Z WS'pIp.j.. A 
Scotch muBtnal Btad-lMttumenl.- bac'pir'- 

b»U', 1 Ml; 2 bid, K. To admit to bail; «1 

«l|i, R. LA'S. 1- One who b«ooine!i sure- 
ty for another. 3. The eeeurity given or 
agreed upon. 3. Release, or privilege rf 

Crickii. One of the croespieces of the 

balllf(P, 1 bslif; Z bsnit. n. A local 
b»l'U-wlck,I,bf^li-wil.:gbS']i-wIk.n. The 

I bm; I UiB, ■, ISgotJ . 

Iwltd, 1 bet;, 3 b£t. t 

lie. 11 b 
B', Jfabi 

TkaMtoitMhfDi; t 
tal'SDce, 1 bal'ani; S bU'u 

^iJ^T"^ To ™t ■ 

I for tAblMoren. 
i, ^. A wi. taxiED; 
. To cook H boconie 
;oDtinuedheat; vitiiiy 

cmke. Mc-tHiklnt, n. 

rium: THHse. S. To T 1 

sdjUBt or be ,d-l 1 

S. To'^^'™"to| 1 

neiKb; deUbemte; I I 

pondEr; henUte. II. I I 

bal'CD-nr. 1 bi^'ko-ni: 

f-HIHI*, .pi.) A —■■ 

balugtrBde pLatfori 

bale, I bel; S bl 

:itoii8.~ bsle'fDi-lr. a 

balli, n. Any rouDd or Bpheival body; i 

ume played with a ballr ^nS' 

buP, n. An evening ndsemblF for dutc 
ballad, 1 bol'iid; 2 bU'ad, r. Any populai 


ballet, 1 bai'e; 

I, tbe dancers 

ballot. tL n. 

Srint£d ticket ot g, Uttle bAll for voting. 
. The votins secretly by balls or tick' 

■aim, lbam;S bftm. 1.vL To anoint, aa 
with balm. II. n. 1. A ■nothing appli- 

>a 1 bui; 8 Un. Lit. An, iBANinis. 

' - — B.bii. IL n. 1. A 

DBn'a Br ba-^'njL. n- Thft fniit « a InrEfl 
faeriHiocoiu tropioiL pLoDt; hIbo, Uib plant, 

talld,ltwiid:2bAad. l*. ft. I. Toblnd; 

unite. I. Tostrtiie. IL n, I. Abond; 

a flat ffeoblB tbip uwd for bicdins- X- A 

flompany, ai of miiuciatii. 
liuid'Bcc I baad'ii; 2 bibid'it. L af. 

KaBO; -.Q-iNo-I To put H bandaSB on, 

11* n, A atrip, aA of Hit oioth, uaad ia 

""™° " "" "£ biinttii'a, n. 

bud'bn", 1 bandHnkB-: 2 bKadliaks' 

IT dcum. baa-daa 

n", 1 b— ■"--■--■ 

». A li^t n 

B'lllt,lbao'cbt;gUbi'dit.n. |ba 

bui-dit'ti, pLI A higjiwaytaBD; brioaiid. 
bmn'dj, 1 ban'fb: 8 blu'dy, it, Isui'iaBDi 

BAN^T-4na,] To exahuun, aft vorda, 

blowa, etn.; km ' 
bMI'dr, a. Cn 

knsBS.- baaUi' 

kan'dr. n^>*i 

t. Ahockeymtf 

Noidoui: doUsdoub: deadly. -Ir.adf. 
bany', 1 bat; i bins, it. k, li. To Hriks 
viUj a boav^ MKmdi kuook; beat. 

rnmt ioAr. [what^, or e^osloa. 

k«iv>i n. A luddsa or Doisy bloir. thump, 
banc*, n. Froirt hair cut strai^ an«B. 
teufc adv. WiOi a violent blow or hmd 

and sudden noise : abruptly. 
banlBii, II ban'yan; Z btd'yu, n. An 

Abaluner. t. pt. A 
lMnJo,lbaii'ja;8 bIn'Kfl. Amurioal in- 
-■ n pi tbB Buicar daaa. Sbb ithis. 

toBk-', 1 baok; t bAqk. L ■(. A ri. To 

makB into a bask; Aehts undtf 

n. An infltitutioD for tending, boiruaiuft 
ImUii, V carina Str laaaej.— bank'a* 
U(Br, a. BHd^le by a bank,- teuira. 

Odv aisand In bauUj 
■niB bOBUtB ol a b 

notBiiayatiisats bink. ' 
pt; S b&Dk'rOpt. li^. 
knifit, U. a. Un- 

_ r_ bU; inaolvent. IlL 

L peraoa unabi* to pay hia dsbta. 
ik'-rnti«r,s, Hna^.piJ TbeiHM* 
Bf bankrupt; ftflvB; InaatvBDey. 
-; 1 ban'Br: 8 bta-fr, •>. A sloth 
-- ' — = j^Ai — lapoLsby 

bani; 8 btaf. ■. pi. of w 
■VB'iBi^ 1 Dau'tBm; Z b&n'Um, n 

breed of nnall doniBitic fowl, 
butter, 1 bantan S bin'ter. I. H. 

make apon of; joke. IL n. G 

humored lidinile. 
buitllDS, 1 bastlin; 2 bSntllnc, n 

yoom ShU; infant; youth. 
ban'nB, n. Bame as Bunui. 
ban''k»4',lban'Bfl« ;Bblji'ta-r,<a 

Bap'tUt, 1 bap'twt; 

g hBp'tiat, B. 
ily yaJid bapli 

= >rt:«il; ta=f*MI;< 

<: w^dl«;bdkk,bac:fvll,T«k<,cOra,Mte,b< 



barb, 1 batb: 2 bSrb. vC To pnivide witii 

sbub^ make outlJDg. 
barbs n, A bAckw&rd-projectiDg point, 

bUb>, n. A bone of tbe breed bnnubt by 

barlift-raiu, 1 bar%«-rui; 2 bar^^rila, 

ratal: savl An UMIyUlHd. 

de penon; UHlcatlr* a fonleiMr. 

t, I tar-b«'ik: g biMAfle, a. 

RwMy srieadld. ArlklnB, or plolunKiup.— 
bai^a-rlsn, 1 bflrbs-rlim: Sblr'bMi^. 
It. 1. Tbr coDdlUon of n pnple betHeai 

bai^y, 1 bar-bar'i-u: g Idr-bk^tr, n. 
l-TTESi, ;il.| BTuU] or bsrbuoiu ooaduiit: a 

bu'b»<ue, >1 borli-kiO: 2 bAr'be-tu. 

bar'ba-cue. ; I. it. l-cnan; *it-inb.] To 

roast whole. II. n. An animBl roaaWd 

bulwr, 1 birTjBr; E b4rT)«r, n. One who 

cuts th? hair. 8haves the beard, eta. 
bud, I bord; S b&rd, n. A Celija minetrel; 

ly, odi. Only iuat; mua^y: tnldly; plalaly 
— ban'neu, n. 
baT'saln, 1 bar'^m: 2 bSr'ghi. I. tf. A h 
To trade: neEatiat«; ntiDulatfi. 11. n 
A mutual agreement, or that «hich i 
agreed upon; aa advaDtaftSdUH transa? 

baric 1 boiJ: 2 bbt, 
frpifht'boal; a large 

bark", lbark:2b&rk, 

buk<% K. 1. To ,. „ 

3. To abrade the sliia oi. 
bulC. n. A shon, abrupt, eiploaii 

Lpe baric o9; Eirdla. 

\s fore'snd'aft rijtsed; in poetical use, 

yegsel. banawt- IIU. S.] A bart*i__ 

bsr-keep*™, 1 bdr^p'er; 2 bar'tep'Br.^ 

barm. 1 bonn; 2 b&i 

b*ni. 1 bam: 2 bbi 

hay. eto, 
bar'na-cKC 1 bSi'i 

ehell-Bsh found ati 


Ip'er; 2 bBr'—r -. - 
bftr'lv, n. A hardy. 

The froth ri^nc 


[.ens, pi.] TT 

b»4aiielie', 1 

bar'imek, 1 bar's)!: 2 

bar'Kl, ibar'el: 2 bfir'M. 

tuWoii-ct-cy^ a. 

.rQfli'i 2 ba-rujh'. n. A 
■ ' folding top. 


hoopfl, about 31 i' 

Bpond;dnot; hoUow. ^ , ' 

a ba'B(s, pi.] A mipport; foundation; -v, 

chief in^edient. [u in irnrmtli. ^ 

"kS 1 Dngk: S b*sl[, n. To luiuriaM, 
iliet, 1 bas'kft; 2 bM'ket, n. 1. A 

.ir^ii. A 

bas'-re-llef', 1 ba'-n-W; 2 

■Uglill)' tram tbe bukKrouu 

bus, l' bh: E bii, n. JUuT. 
bass', Ibas; 2 bbs.n. Ooeuf 






CoimaH AmucAR Bakis,— 

« djcrry. B. Red Duplt- B. Bluk mlnuc. li 

t, Google 


^ it I 


L Brittlfl wlUow. 2. eiuffbuk hickory. 3. Honeylocunt. 

Digiiizcdt* Google 

Inle, 1 b«t; Z bftt. M. [bat'ed^; BiT'nia,] 

(bdMt. "' *™ ■ ■ ■ 

fc»-tema',lbQ-tft';8bl-tfl'.n. |BA-™*ni', 
1 -tSi'; 2 -loi', pJ.I, A flst-botuimed boat; 

bataTl badi; S btch. n. A bathini; ■ 
buildine, room, or reoeptacle for baltainc. 

bathe, l befli; Z bilth, c. [bithed; bath'- 
IHO.] I. 1. Td TUh or immerw^ wel; 

b»t-taI1on, 1 ba-talVm; S bS-tlU'yi 
Two OT more compnnie* of infsjil 

fltri]»repe&t«d]y; beat; dent; mar: 
■wf ten, n. A thick liquid miitun 

lut't«n, n, A b^vy blov; sIao, r 

liaft«r>, n. One nha uns the 1: 

buelnu. fenU'nuiDt. 
bBt't^lngirsm'i 1 bat'sr-ig- 

Ii»t'(le,l I bat'i; SbKta. I.ti. (BAt'TLdDD' 
haftl', ;b*t'tliso.1 To figlii; stniKKle 

umim or Oecta; a fight; c 
— . Arms-oranar------ 

tle-dore, 1 bat' 
.Jhi bat uaed to d 
bat'tle-ment, 1 b 

nhovy trinket: toy; wacd a 

baulk, >, A n. eamg h biu:. 
bawl, 1 bsl: 2 bal, m. A ni. 

«;ZbM(. An. To bark 

bB>>, n. 1. A body 
cl<»ed bj- Uad; an 

baysn. 1. Thelsur 

baya, n. A toy horw 

hunliDi. 3. The i 

E. A o 

1 betwe 

)ua treea. aa the nai 

b»y'o-net,ibe'o-net;BbS'<i-n«. V.n. 
BUboritarEewithahayoMt. II. «. 

Z brg n. A eluggiah in 


tof a 

j£ aiytular plan, teadun^to the 

ba-nai', U bB-»i': 2 ba-aar'. n. 1. An 

ba-nr', /Oriental marketT>lacc ar rango 

of nhnps. a. A fancy fair for liarity. 

1 brkan; 2 be'con 
i. To lightun; shine 
' a liidit. tt n. ^ 

-.-„ Bor-iigbt. ^a 

•ead, 1 bid; 2 b«d. I^. •(. & ^S^ 
n. To dcDonto with or aa^^S 
with beads; wlleot in beadar ^S^ 
bubble: foam; sparkle. Il.n. ' =-^ 
1. A little peffuraled sphere, «•«» 
DT the lilie, invndcd to be Btruns o 
thread. J. pi. A roaary; hence, pray 

A bubble or bubbka of (u on a liquid ; 
•tb ; A knob UBed ha the front uint of 
sun. 4. A sqaU oonTM ZQoldLnjf 

'el; 2 be'Jl. n. 1. j 

bin] ; bill; also, t 
■er. 1 Irtfc'Br; 2 

i beieCr, n. A iuse 

'bIlD:2b«m.I^ 1. 1. 1. To lend 
revs of light. Z. To furnish with 
. 3. ToburniBh. 11. i. Toehine; 
int.— bnu'lnci pa. RuUut; bclcht; 

t. 1. A long boriioiital piwe of 


The I 

ol wrt&in plan ta; a plant that bears beans 
b«u', 1 b^i S b&r. t«. & n. Ibobe oi 

nippon St nat; Buatain. 3. To support ir 
tnotHiai carry, S. ToBhow^ilJHplavtBi. 
hibit. *. Tomiffpr; ----- ---'^ - 

fi. To produi 

«. Tot 

) ; behavr 

price of (mocliB, 

tail. 2, A 
BKki to depi 
prises, t. Oni 

Bear. SeeUi 
Maiob. eb 

bou^' 1 bird; 2 *°"''™^''**°*"' ''" 
MnL !<■. U. ToCalubythebcunl^defv. 
n. n. The hair on a man's face, eapeoially 


appendxe; an iwn, im of (lua^ (b* bub 
ol an arrow, etc— beard'ed, a- Havlnti a 
beaid.— feMidlMi, «. WltluiU a beard: 
Toonv: InexpsleoHL 

laut, 1 bist: 2 bStt, n. 1. One of tbe in. 
ferior mioiiUt; k auadniped. 3. A mda 
or filttar PSBD.— bcalHr, a. 

>e»t, 1 bit; 2 bet, t, [biat; biut'eh or 
BE.T; beat'ino.) L (. 1. To nriko w 
poatedly. J, To eiesi; overcome; van- 


beat, 1 bit; SMt,n 
a pulBation. t. j 

C the lalnu,— be'a-tif 

/Hifld; 2 be-at1-l 

boE ; 2 b6t, pf .] 1. AlsdioB'man; sdan<ly, 
S, IColloq.] An escort or lover. 
bema'^-de'al, 1 b6'-oi-dI'al;2 bC'-^de'al. n 
The highest ooaoeivable t^w of eioel 

baiate^D«,11 biti'ti-ini; 2 bH'te-OB, a, 
beiit»«iu', jFuU of beaut;; beautifuL 

At, aSf, •neM. n. 
bekn'U-nd, > 1 bia'ti-ful; 2 bO'Ii-ful, a. 
ben'tt-IU', I Poweeging coniipicuousbesll- 

tTi fair. ^,adr— bcaira-ry, 1 bifl'ti-ioi: 

a Bll'lMI, «. * vU l-iMD; -FiTNa.! To 

makevr Boif beautdrol; adorn. 
bWHt'tr.ribia'UiSba'ty.B. [bead'tii»". 
ben'tr*, Jpl.I, 1. That which charms the 

BMqae'rH' rars, 1 belt-rel'; E bSc'rV 

l«d,lbed:eMd. LX. An. [bed'dei 
BiD'DmaJ Tdpu(tobed;plantin«bi 
Hlf«p, TL n. L Somethioe far sLeepm 

; ¥"bfrd»b'. 

.u..m, ou.i, ouiufi:, bMiileD; flalwr. 

bed'dlnt, 1 bed^p; 2 bed'ing. n. Fiu 
niBhiiiBa lor & bedstead: uuurula tor 

be-deck'Slbwlek'i*2be-dek'.ii. Todxcl 

adorn. [t«a vrith or as with dev 

b»4ew', 1 bi-<litt'; 3 be-da', i(. To moii 
ke-dUn', 1 bl-dim'; 2 be-dim', K. iBi 

make dim; 1.h<mre'. ' "™ "™h- 
bc-dli'en, 1 bi-dii'n; Z be-dTi'ti, zi. T 

dreu oul; adorn wilh towdry oplendoi 

lMHl'Um.lbed1eni;2bed1am,t>. Aaei 


IMd'rld''D', JCimeaed 

a-. Twabond. ■•d'll-lBt. 

bi-drajc'l; S beHirfta'!, 

', 1 bed'rOm': g btkriAm', 
,11 Nid'itod;S btifBUd. *. 

L hoaev' 


n. AfoRBttreeot , 
(he •wk family, -: 
with hjird wood. ■" 

«r, I bif: g blf. n. 1. The fleili o 
aJanchtored aduTt bovine ommal- 
[BKEVEB, pl.l Any Rdult boHirc anin 
-bett'iteair, 1 b— "■- - -—- 1- 

enled li' 

■-■: a ber, n. An 

c fer- 

lKf»'ir»-, 1 bu'wuin': 2 bes-wdkB", b. 
The wu of which hoiiBy>beea malce their 

bMt, 1 bit; 2 bet. n. The Qeshy edible 
root of a biennial heiti ; also, the plant. 

bee'a(*",lbni;3h«'tl,». Ibei;'tl(e)d': 
bee'tliko.J Toiut out; oveifasOE. 

bee'tle', a. To beat or itamp nith or u 

beCUei, n. 





A heavi' wooden hammer. 

i;2bav5, n. Hurol of BKEr. 
31-fel'; 3 bft-fil'. ». [BE-rau. 
1 bi-tol', 2 be-tai; at-rAU-'ct 
; BB-rAU-'maJ I. i. To occD 
to. n. i. To happen. 

fit', t*. [HE-riT'lED'i 

I suitable for; bswoi 
VtlDa.En. Becainlac;>mnabl< 
-i-foK^: 8 be-I6S'. .(, [bi 

fonbuul«L n* adt. In md- 
liefoTe tin time, 
■',11 bi-[read'; 2 be-frtnd', it 

ki^cet', 1 bi-ect": g b&^«t', 
bi-gef . 3 ba«at', or bb-ost 

rBE-OOT'. 1 

UBtflfklma: ad«tltat£ ItffiioD.— Ikc'C^ 
leH, n.— ber'CBr-1y»a. ^llBs-ably poor; 
m; wretcbni.— lHirsil'~ly. adc.— bt^- 




I.J I.t. TotBke 
1 the first itflp; 

TMKwtiiiA-pidDt^iit^: Urn put; i 
it-tmtt', 11 Wsd'; 3 tw-idn', inUr, 
. to-can" (pMtrawiiyl 

kt-fM", 1 tH-nf : e i»«fit', imi. at bi 

kfr^afiek, pp. ot B»n, t. 
ke-fradge', 1 bi-CTDi' ; S be-irOdd;', r 


Iw KBlla'', 1 bi-gsil'; 2 b»«I1', K. 
amun'r bb-qdil'ino,] To deceive; ■ 
te«u', 1 bt-smi': e bfrftln', (np. A 

k^u£''''l bt^nf; 8 be-bir, n. T 

k^biM', 1 b»4wM'; £ be-httd', M*. *vw-«l 
be-h«it',' 1 bi-heit'; 2 bc-hM\ n. An 
2 be-htnd', I. orfi. 
II. prep. At th* 

In, towd, ot At (bi 
rcvTve; bebiDdbAnd 

— be-UndlUDd*, a. 

d', 1 bi^bOld'. Z be-hSld', >I. d 
ield', 1 bi-hfld', 2 bo-bNd'i 
.'IHO. To look »t or upon; lo 

oomiDs lo. noedrui, or ridit (or. 
belnx.. 1 bl'io; 2 be'log. 1. ppr. of be. (. 

chimth^teosuieiiatence. |beBt:UinuL 
bv-Utior, 1 bi-Wbw; 2 be4S'bor, tt. To 
be-I>l«', 1 bi-let'; 3 be-lllt', ri. [b*- 

LAT'eo'"; BB-LiT-iNQ.] To doUy piut the 

;r hour. 

bdChS 1 beliJb; 2 belcb, IK 


bd'dmine, J-dam, n. A 
old wommn; big. 

be-Iea'>aer, nbi-iriBT; 
be-lem'Kei'./2 be-lt'- 

gOr. wt. To besiege. 
MTrr, Ibel'fn; 2 b«'- 

flT.n, [BEL'TRlEll'. p(.J 

A tower, or tJiHt pan 
of B tooei ia which a , 

IM-Ua',1 biToi'; 2be-II', J 

rf. iBfLlEl/: BB-LT'- ' 


contradict; disappoint. 


n. 1, Acopptaow of 



*■■ wf l(,dQ; Ubk, b«at; tvll, mlo, core, btftibftrn; 611, btij; Co, fe 

a UltlL IprDtHtair. 

3 be-Uk', nds. Perhapa; 
be-lJt'tJe,>lbi-]it'];2be-l(t'l,tt [-rLWr': 
bemtl', f^uND.] To tmt sUihiWly; 

diflpfuase; depreciate. 
b«ll. n l-i- H bBl, m. A ri. To put a bell 
le lilie a bell: nutke a bell-like 


bell.n. AhoIIow] 


a-dOn'a, n. A 




bdlE, lbel;Zb«l,f 


belOl-cose, 1 bel'i-kOe; 2 bei'i-c 

□■cioua; warlike. 
bel-l^'er-eiK. 1 be-lij'»Miit: 

Enl. I. a. 1. Warlike; bellict 

gaged in or pertaining to varf t 

A nation en^afed in IcsitJoia' 
beU'nun, 1 bel'man; S bil'maa, 

Miow, 1 bel'oj'l'bei'o. I, n 
pnclum Tociferouily; rosr; 

belhowB, 1 bcl'o>: 2 t^l'Sfl, n,' lina. A pi. 

Ce-long', Ibi-Ieq'; 2be-I6uc'. n. To bee 

■ultflble: appeKaIn: roIlDved by u — be- 
lonc'Iaff, n. SflmethlDK tliat belonEB (o i 
peE4oD ur thinff: UBuaUy In tbe plural. 

be^DV'ed, 11 bi-luv'ed DTbi-luvd'; S be. 

be-lOT'ed', /liv'Sd orbe-Wvd'. l.a. Greav 
lyloved; verydear. 11* n. One creatlj 

be-lon', 1 bi-ln'; 2 be-ls'. I. adi. In oi 
to a lower place; fanliflr down; on earth 
InHsdesorlnhell. II. prep. Beneath 

fcelt, 1 beltXwit. i^.™"To*girdwith. 

belt; mark with belta; drive by s belt, ai 
amacbine. II, n. A band worn around 
the waiat; a innd for tranHniltiiie pi 

le-moan'. 1 bi-inda': 2 be-c 
tcn^ 1 bendh: 2 I 

jut t»ble, aa for 

S. Tbe judiaa' eeat is 

court; the judge or the judges. 

bend, 1 bend; 2 bBnd. V. iBFSr ot 

aaNu'iDil; Brno'iNo.) L (. 1. ^'oourvej 

'-■-■-''— ■dimot;am>l/- »■ Tomb- 

due. S. ffavt. Tarn 

1, To beooi 

To yield; Bubmit;dev01eoQeaelf. 

overhang. Poop or knot- 

bend, n. A curve or nook; a beudins; a 
be-ne»(h', 1 bi-nl(h': S b^nSth'. L adi. 
At a lower point; below. IL pnp. Un- 

und'er the power of: unworthy of. 
ben'e-dick, 1 ben'i-dilt; 3 bfn'c-dlk, n. A 
nei^y married man. bCD'e-dJetl. 

■- -■-•Hon, lbea■■-dllt'ahBn;2Mn•e- 

len"OM]JC'uun, i Dcr 

die'ahon. n. The a. 

<hip; blesK 

; favor. 

twn 'e-nce. 1 1 ben'i.Iii; 2 btu'e-flp,, n. 

ben'e-aa>, f An eccleaiaBtica] livinit.— 

ben'e-flnd, -flat", a. Holding a benoaee. 

be-uefl-cent, 1 bi-nef'i-«>nt; 2 be-n^i'i- 

rerrbig benedta; helpful. -Jf.odf. 
beD''e-a'cl->-ry. 1 ben 'i-fifli'i-e-n or -e-n; 

'. p(.| A KCip 

II. n. 1. Profit; I 

ti. Tol 




— l>e^iM>'o4*nt. a. Chara 
-evolence; Undly: Dharllabl< 
, .nlght'ed, 1 bi-cait'cd; 1 
Overtaken hy nlfht; jffnorj 

: 2 be- 

1 b>ibe^ 

. .,.i'6d', pa. 
;; depwived. 

be-ntelunt, 1 bHiig'Deiit: Z b^-nU'DUt.a. 
1. Kindir: benisn: centle; (nidaus. X. 
HidPtal; nhit4r;. 'If, odi.-lw-iUs'Bl-tT, 

. . .1. Teiil. ., , 
Tlw limit of endunnu 
bent', n. A Dlifl wiry f(i 

coloTleaB, infla 


lammabb. and ciplodve liquid obUined 
nun petroleum, uKd lo cieaow clctMiie, 

•vi'iio-mM ot M'da. CAsn. A wUh pow- 
lieii'i»-ln, I bcu'io-iii cr -leio ; 2 b«n'io-in 
or -mflin, n. 1. A frHgrBot nedicinHl 
OriaDt&lEUJunaia. 3. A ahmb of Nortb 
Atfkerioa And eHlem Anft, the ipioe-buAh. 
S* AproductinvT^nd ^rtificially.mBfrom 

HAT'EDd; BB-ui'ura.] To chide huibly; 
ecoiri; rail at. 
b^ie«Te',ll bi-rh^; 8 be-rBv', tt. Ibi- 

beit', I'bi-re/t'^E be-^l'rBE-MAT'iMa.I 
loTBd^cle3pQll:rob.— ba reBra^nient,B. Tlie 
Act of bctenvlruF, or the itAla of bdzv b«- 

Bcv-mo'ds iU'r> Thekniterlil;. Ss^ult. 

hmi'r*. 1 hsiJi- a ht.'u ., [bI e'iUES*. pi. 1 

1. A gmall nicaulent f 
bens or the Uke. 
bertb, 1 bOi£b; 2 berth, 

2. A place 
BTi'teDi, 1 bcrtl-yBfl'; 2b«r'. 

', Sbe-eAt'; sb-sbbch'- 

k with luppQo&ting ei 

et", 1 hiHKi'; 2 be-«*f, ■. (be 
-set'tinb.] To stCfick: hsr"**- m 
b: vurliy.— bt^eCUBit re 

additioato; apartfrom; Bicept. 
be-sldei', 1 bi-eoidi'i 2 be-elds'. I. a/It. 

1. In nddition; ■!«. I. Aside from. II. 

prtp. In addition to; otlier than: except. 
I>e^e>e% 1 bi-alj'; 3 be-eftt', if (be- 

'» 1 bi-amiirdh': 2 be-wnlnA' 
un; deSle. 

I'lem; 2 b*'BDm. n- A b™ . 
tliat em-eepa away or deHtroys. 

[ira.l 1. To BBk for in advance. 

beat; 2 bfat. I. a. 'iSupcrt. of 

Mnm eioellent. II. n. The 

loellent; tbe bi^lievt deoree; the 

, III. oifc. ISupert. of will.] 

mon favorable result; 
be-tl«d% ) 1 bi-ried'; 3 be-af*d' 

^M^Ba. 811- 
t\.a. beaitiv; 

le-Bttr', 1 bi-»iuT'j a be-atir', « 
■e-stoW, 1 bi-Bti': 2 be-at6', tf. 

To sprinkle; scatter about. Comi 
le-Bttide', 1 bi-rtraid';2 be-atnd', d 

ri. [BE-raoDQHI', I tn-lhst', S be-thflt' 
BK^HiNK'iNQ.I Toremiad(onesBU); tak. 
thought : deliberate. 
be-tlde', 1 hi-toid'; S be-tid', u, * tt 
[B&^n'Enii; BE-rm'iKQ.) To tappen to 

be-tlme»'. Ibi-toim.': SbG-tlma', adt. Ii 

be-traj', 1 bi-trS'; 3 be-ti 

■'ltn. t 

be-ti!tk', <ini>. 

""r <iiBc(oMJreBo!«TOuil!yrie;d 

trSth' or bs-troch'. M. To finglgB tc 
marry: nromlBe In murli^e — be-trotta'sl, 

prefetabJe^ suipaaaiaE: improved in 

b6l'er-ment, 'n. 
(alue of real 

o the interval;, at intervalar U. 

Id the ipsce whidi eei: 



I, called a bri 


'^-•^o^"'" »*vel*™re. 
i; B biv-y, n. laiiv'iEa', pi] 
bLTda; ft Bmall croup. a« at 

imall eroup. i 
-wel';3be-wBl', I 


be-wiM', 1 bi-w6t': 2 bt-wftr", li. d 

warv; look out: often with of. 
be-wU'der, 1 bi-wil'dar; B be-wt 

be-wltcb',llbi-widh';3 be-oleb' 
be-wkh^, lEain maEical powe 

Off Pr— b9-wtteb'iii«nt| n, Tlie »ct 

ocbewilcblng, ortlie state 01 belncbf 

bey, 1 M; £bg, n. Tbe Kovemor dI ■ 

be-Tond', 1 bi-yond'; 2 be-y6nc 
That which ia on the other idr 
on; the future life. IL odi 


bl-an'DU-al, l In 

" do. On the 
H, OT<p. FarUiwot 

'%l£. Twice; doubly: 
eflUy. btu-t; bis--. 

To tipple. ?t n. A 
the chin by children ■■ 
1 blb'sr: 3 Ub-er, n. A 

! brbl. n. The Sacred 
: Old and Kew Testa- 
1, 1 hib'ii-kBl; S Mnt-»J. 

I : ortiadc, flit; fat, are ; fBBt; get, prty; hll, police ; obey , ga : D« 

„,„ blbrtoeraphyr— MbTl-^H 

irnphlci. Ub-U-B-tnpbl-all.- Mb"- 

daerJplloD and bislarf ol boolj. I. A Ust 

Hb'af-o-tua'id-m 1 bibli-o-mCni-e; S 
blbHi-o-ma'nL-a, n. Book'niiuluEm: the 
IxwIOD (or oollBcUng booM.— blVTI-*-!!!"'- 
nl-mc, a. A n.— Hb'Uwiiui-Bt'B-al, s. 

bib'A-o^iiUte, 1 bib'li-o-fHil or "filrS blb'li- 
o-flio^fll.ti. Ono wbo lovBB books. 

blbtl-o-pole, 1 bib'li-o-psi; B bib'U-i>i>01, 
n. A deaJer in lan books. 

MbTl-o-the'ca, 1 bibli-u-flil^o: 2 btbli- 
o-tha'ea. n. A libiuy, or ■ iwlWtiOD of 

bIb'n-lOTU, 1 bib'yu-lm: 2 bib'yu-rils, a. 
Qivea to drinlc; abflorbiDc moiature 

M'ceps. 1 boi'seps; 2 bfofps, ». Tho 
large miMcIo o( tbs upper arm. 

Uck%r, 1 bik'sr; 2 Mk'er, ri, , To diepute; 
wnncls; ohatt^i'; flov DDisiLy, as a Invok; 
splutter, ag a Same. 

M'cr-e>C 1 boi'm-kli 3 bl'cy-d. I. n. 
t-cLEp;-cLiHa.l TorLd^abioycle. IL n, 
A vehicle with iko wheels Bet tasdem, url 
proiKDed by tie rlrter's leet.— U'cr-elllt. 

bld^ baidt Z 

. iBll 

I TowaiCfoi;await;dwell; 

H-en'nt^, 1 bai-en'i-iil; S bpen'i-al. I. 
a. OceurTioA every two yean; laatinE 
ITO y«an. II. n. A plant that lives 

A fr»[ 

a: the 

earrying the dead; a ooffin; h 

U-ro'eai, 1 boi-fa'ks] ; S bl-ff/eal a. Hav 
ing tvo fod- as a pair of eye'glBsaea tha 

bt-foOI-sto, 1 bQi-feai-«t; 2 bMClMt, a 

Ml, 1 bit; e tia, a. [Bio'aBB; 
LariEe; ftreat; bulky; haui^ity; 

bls'a-mj', 1 big's-tm; B blg's-m., . ... .. 

crioie of havins two wivea or husbands 
ODM.- bt4UB^,a. uk'a'Dioi 
mist, 1L Ooa guittr ot Mgamy. 

- ■ ■ - ■- n. ITa 


n. [-aiica 

M"Joa', 1 




bUe, : 



■atall bay. 

'a^W'J.'n-" "^'illibena 
cnedi party, or oiHiuoa. 
Stubbornly attaelied to a 
»m, or opinion.- bVot-ry, 
Obnlnale and Intoleraut at- 

■'. III.] A'jewel; a innkel. 

1 bail: 2 bll, 

by t 

1. A 

lbllj;2bllt. (bii 
\-lKa\ Wb«I. To slave or be no 
s or be [saky. U. n. 1. Tb 

part of a ahin's I - ■' 

a barrel.^ lill|[C''i'a~Kr, n. . 

that coUeMsID tb* bilge of a ship. 
bD'^^t-rr. 1 bil'i-*4i;_2 '-'"' - - 

_. _ ... _- The Hat 
bottom. I. The bulge of 


Hi-lia'cirel; 2 bMIg'twal, 

a. Beootded or aiprenod ii 


ing from liver complaint; iU«nat 

U-Ut'WHU, 1 boi-lit'sr-el ; 2 U-U' 

Compoaed of two lettoTB. 
bini,ll bil; 2 bD, rt. To enter 
bll', fcharge; advertise by bills or 
bUI<, », Toioiobilla, as doves; 

poaed law. ^ A publjo notioo- 

blTli, n. A beak, as of a bird. 

bUI>, n. A hooknhaped instru- 
ment or wtapou; a halbeid. 

bHlet'. 1 bil'et; 2 bW'St, t*. A 
n. To lodge, as Boli£ore, in a 
privsta house , 

blllef, 1 bil'et; 2 bn'et,n. A 
note; requisiUon; a soldien' 



A short tb 

k stick of wood. 

M'Iet>dau',lMIVdl|-:Eb1IXl|i',ii. (an.-- 

LBTB-DODI-, Bi,J A lover's note. 
binimnls, 1 UiVudi; S MI'yudB, n. A 

■Bme played nith iroiy bsllB on a cLotlK 

covered (able. 
hU'llm^te. 1 bil'iqi^n: 2 bn'mit- «lt^ 

from BLLUnsuate fiAhpiaarkflt, LoDdon- 

bUllon, 1 biPyen; 3 bll'j-on, n. 1. |U. S. 

t Fr.] A tbouund mUlioag (1,000.000,- 

000). V. [Ena,] Amillion millioiil( 1,000,- 


bUlow, 1 bil*o; 2 bU'o. 1. a. k vi. To 

- blllDW- 

ll, 1 bal-munQi'li; 2bl-mflnth'- 
adt. Once in two rnontbu. 
; 2 bin, n. A luKs rec«ptAcle, aA 

; double: 

PenAining to or mode up of iwuj uouuje; 
paii<!d. IL n. |-iue8*, pl.j A couple: 
■rind, 1 boiod; 2 bind, ri. A n. 
1 bisuod, 2 bound; Hoin^D or b< 


by t: 


TE obligatory. 

Un-oe'D-tor. 1 bin-sk'yu- 
lu. I. a. 1. Having tw 

'Iia-Cl'i J atsnd or esse lor a Bhil 

""""' Z Uo-iieVu- 

ita. %. Per- 

— — jyB«»t onoo. 

, u a teleaoope or nucro- 
flcope. adopted to viaioa by both dyBH »t 

l-o-gen'e-Bis, 1 boi'o-JEn'i-™; 2 
e-sla. n. £^. Tlie doctrine t 
BflaPrHted only from antfloodent 
Mf'e-nr, 1 hoi-oi'i-ni; 2 bl-a 
BM. The avolution of living th 

bl'o-cnpb, 1 boi'o-Hnif; 2 bI'r>.<rU, ■. ' 

Bee xmroosarH. 
bl-oCn-pbr, i I boi-si'rB-ti; 2 bMSe'pa^. , 

---iiml or a penon's lUe.— U-oc^n-^*, 
ol-w-re-ticj B bi-ai'ta-i», n. One win '■ 
a a hlnmipliy.-M'a-snptalc, M^ 

ol'a-lir, 1 boi-fll'o-ji; 2 bl-fil'D-fty. ■. 

-M'a-lH'l^ 1 biil-o4BrikT Eb[-i>4flrit.«. 
M'a-Joc^l-cdl.- M-ol'o-cbCiL Aatudeot 

Di-pea, 1 Doipea;;; Dipeo. i. n. Having 

lev:.— Up'v^dal, s. Of or potnUdnc to » 

bl'ptane, 1 boJ'pltn; 2 brpUn, n. An aa». 

bliTh,lb0iX;2blreh,n. 1- Atmnf the 
oak family, with outer barli aeparable in 


&%, Anefstry "t descent; hneMC I. 
le: oIlBprinit; the eiviof tdrtli to 00- 
qnlnc.— blrtli'dar*, n. Tbe dar <tf ooM 
blrtli. or lu annlvcnary; lued aim ad]ii«lvclT. 
— Mrth'Ttfbt', n. 1. A Tigbt or ntfvIM* 
to wlilcb one 1B bam. 2. Prlmovenltun. 
bU, 1 bla; £ bb, aOn. Ita. Twloa; reoeat. 
bls'cDlt, 1 bia'kit: 2 bla'eit, n. 1. A imall 
■oft cake: al«. a cracker. 3. Bisque. 

DowDr woodpflckw. 



hurt inflioKd by bi 


il-weekll, 1 bo^wlkli; 2 bl-wek-ly. La. 
Occumos or ^n»viiw once in two m^i. 
II-Tt A biweekly pubiication. iodd. 

moke or bewmo blaoki blacken. IL 0. 
ReSectini little or no li^t; duk; 
BvBrtby; Bloomy ; dismal; forbid<tiaE; sad; 
evil; malignant; deadly. IlL n. 1. Tlieab- 
senco o{ color, or the darkest d( all colon; 
■able. Z. Aaythica black, t. A Degro. 
blaek-bmU'', 1 blak'bil"; 2 blikTml'. I 

of certain ahrubs, or a pjaat producing it. 
biMk'bIrd", 1 blak'biird'; 2 blSk'blrd-, n. 

A Eiuopeaa thrush, black with yello« 

bill; one of various blaok Nortli-Anierian 

blMk'boaTd", 1 btakOiOrd': 3 bULk'bStd', 

~ * blaokswd surface, for mft».lttn^ upon 

bUck'giurd, ) 1 blag-ard; S bwird. i*. 
biBCk'fard', /^ To revile, if, a. Scur- 

preparatioa used to rare 
luster, or both. 
bbekncf', 1 blaklea': 3 bllkn*g* n. A 

bbck'nul]'', 1 blak'mel": a'biak^i^'I^L 
- "■ ' blackmail upon. II. n. Ei- 
lireata of accusation. 
'■ 1 blak'smifli"; 2 blik"- 

BuulMO.I To find (aoH with: teamn. 
n. n. I, Hu Mt of faultBodJoc; csn- 
nn^ bIbo UiMt', imlpaHBtr. — WiiBi'k- 
!!(■', a. Dinuilin Muun: wrou; kulty. 
UuMfBlti Muiu'wornk]rt.-bl)ua'»- 
Uy, ad>.- Mwna'rDl-lT, ndi,- blamaYnk 
MH, n.-'NBiiw1«a,ii. iDDoosnt; guUi- 

ImnctaS I'bLaatni; 2 bLinch, X. & n. To 

whiten; bleach; pale. 
bDc'inuuige', 1 bla'-moox'; Z bU'> 

m&D«b', »- A whitish jally^ika pnpaia- 

tion for deB«rt>. 
Isnd, 1 bland; Z blind, a. AffabiB fai 

DaOHr: gnult: mOd; I»lia7; ■cotiL 4f, 

Un'dliht, 1 bUn'diA; E bl&n'diab, ii. 
Ta wbeedle; caiw; usai; pluH.— Uu'- 
dbb-Bunt, *. _ 

tank, 1 blaqk; 2 bl&gk. I. a. 1. Fna 
Iroin wiitiog or^ot ; white ; Bmpty ; toM ; 

TVTwe. >■ Di»cmo«ted; coufoasd. 1. 
Utter; d<nrnii«ht. JL n. 1. A blank 
paper, or one with blank iipaces. t. A 
vaosnt epaee. S. A lottery-ticket which 

blanket. IL n. A 

line; name; ftieam. la. n. A 
jwioc flaine; bn^^tnev; efful- 

„ _iiop. 

blMe>. L It, To publish abroad; pioolaim. 
A prqeFunation or report. 

tree) by dilp- 

I. A Halite q>ot 

, to imUoate • 

wD<^en or Dtbei 

bta"^', Tl^a'tt' ; 2 bla W, a. Sated with 

pleasaie; weuiedby cfissipation. 
Uw-plMiiie',11 blas-rim'; 2 blas-tem', c. 
bUa-teme", /rsLAS-FBEuini'; blab-fheii'- 

m^i^ered thin^''*II. 'fTT"^"ak blas- 
phemy; use profane languB)(e; swear.— btas- 
pbem'cr, n.— Mas'pbe-nioia. 1, lioplDag; 
Irreverent: prolane. -ly, sdi-'r blai'iilw- 

Uiaa*, pJ-l E^vU or pfotane speakina of 
bod or aaocod thlo£s. 
Mast, 1 blast; Z bliet. I^. >f. & ti. Ta 
lend in ineoes by eipioeion; n-itber, ag by 
a wiui; blisht; ahriTel; destroy; ruin: 
curse. IL n. 1. A Btioo^ wind; strong 

The d^cherge of an explosive; a loud, 
■udden sound, a. A blight, or blichting 


a;gbllB. Lit 


luk. 1 bilk: 3 blek, o. 1. I 
wind; bare: bamn; di«ery. 1. 
Una. -It. odi. -DeM, n. 
law, 1 bllr: Z blet. i. rf. T 
s<nire;blur. II. s. Dimnwd: di 
bleat, 1 MK; Z bltt. l*. ti. : 
sheep, n. ». The cry of tl 

bleed, 1 bltd: E bled. it. & 

fluid; shed; eiu 


>leiu^;3 bifinch, v\ 

blibt; Bixaa'iHo.f 1. To biing or wiel 

feTolale. I. ToinvokeGod'afavorupor 
•t. x„ ~>...uM^i«. 1. To praise; liorifj 
1, blest; 2 bies'ftd. hl&H 

U A^n^i 

■,. 1. Ths.t 





bloJtr 2 but. Id. rt. A .i. To 

Noek-«l«',lbl^-ed';2blSk-Sd'. Id. tt 

cloBios of & Ksporl, ate., by hostile forces. 

d sUU of pluts; uytluss th&l 

hopes or pnwpecta. 


blaind;3bltQd. l".* To make 

llh>lld,lbleDd;2bl6nd. La. I. Having 


ncnenj hide: eclip«. H- a. De»- 
ot mkU izDorsQC; inoDneideratr; 

• H fsir gkin .ith l«hl eya> nod luur. & 

Fls«norBt>ldeii.u.hnir. II. n. A blood 


..1_.r._hllnri1<. aAt wruinnl 

penon: m tbe lemlnlne, hHaOr, 

hHden: obooun.- 

bUnka. HInk'KM:. 

Mb'tra, 1 blii'tsi; S blls'Ur. I. K. & n. 
To iwoduw s bHater or blisten upon; 
hurt, u by B blister; cBll. IL n. A tliiD 
Tedcle on tJw skin: my aubstann used 
lir bUitcriiu.— hUitei-r. a. Marked br 

NlUie.lbloiaiin'blaiih; S Mtth or bnth, n. 
Joycras; my; merry; iptlltaj, bUtbe'- 
•omel.-Mltht^y, odi. . , . , 

blll'nrd, 1 blii'snl; 2 bUi'ard, n. A high 

An. To puff 
o is bloated ; a 

1. Tbe fluid that 

bnied, tapa^aUr oc Uw BnaUsli-Anb biob.— 
UMJliBBiid', n. A k«Heeola1 luuid 
for mciw rugiura.— UsodlcM, o. 1. 
Havlni » blood: Dale; Mdns; eold-heartid. 

- Moodl-lT, odp.- Uoodl-i 
dod'ed, 1 blud'ed; S bl6d'e 
pure blood or breed; as, a 
(better HmJ.SwmI. I. Hi 

kind; I 

: tHoodtblrat)'. 

^. po. 1. Of 

bloodrd hoiwi 
blood of 




. .. blood; bloody. 

bloadted, 1 bitid'id: S bl6d'id. a. Stained 
bloom, 1 blDm; 2 bidim, (i. To bloHom: 

fcrow lufuriantb'; etow witb healtli aiul 

bloom', n. The Sloondng or being in 
flower; fulness uid freshoesi; a flower or 
flowers collectively; tbe downy coverioc 

in tbe plural- 

bloi'iiam,lbles'sm;SblSs-om. I. 
Toblwm. Il.n. Aflower;lilDC 

blot, 1 blet; S blSC I. vt. A vi. [blc 
Bun'-nso.] 1. To Fipot; stain: d 
sully. 3. To obUterale. as writi 
Baure:darken:ottenwiIh<>U. I. 
with blotting'IBiper. II. n, A 

, 1 blmij 2 bloui, n. Aloo»upj»t 
1 blC; Z bla, t. JBLEW, 1 bla, 2 bia; 
rMj BLoVisQ.) r, (. 1. To move 6r 

by ■ 

blow'* n. A sudden or violeDt Btroke: 

'thump; flhock; catamity. 
bhiw', n. 1. The act of blowing; ablMt. 

:. The ecg of a fly; a flyblow. 
blow, n. The BtatB ol flowBiing; a msaa 

blmr'er, 1 blO'w; 2 Wo'Br, n. One who or 
that which blows; a devioe for inoRBsinc 

Uow'plpe", I ble'paip'; S bIS'pIp', n. A 
tube by which air- or gaa ia blown throufih 
a flame for the purpose of heatiiiff or 

blowa '1, 1 bloui'i ; 2blaw.'y- o- Havbe a 
red or flushed face; alattfinily or unkempt. 

blublMr, 1 blob'sr; 2 bltib'«r, n. To mb 
noisily. [skin of a whale, or the like. 

blDbtwr, n. The layer of fat beneath ths 

blDdK'«"<> 1 bloi'en; g bltid^oa. ti 

abort olub. 
Mue, 1 blQ; 2 biy. L it. (bldid; 

IH0.1 To make blue. IL a. Iblct'er; 

BurrarJ^ HavinK the color of the clear 

BSTJl Havi 
m. n. 1 

•ioeklDC, H. A learned 

bluIP, n. A bold, deep headland. 
lua'der, 1 blun'dsr; 2 blOn'd^r. I. d. A 
n. To err eEreidously: act stupidly. 
II. n. A stupid mistake.- Mna'der-er, n. 
Inn'dei^busa, 1 blun'der-bua; 2 blfin'de> 
' ' prith larte boK and 

, , , - mith I. To 

tieoome indistinct or amcared. [L H. A 
smeared or indistinct roarkinc; a blemish, 
blurt<), 1 bliji-t: 2 bICirt. u. To utter ab- 
ruptly; burst out with: often followed bjr 

btusb, IblDifh; SbtOsh. I*.K. Arn'. TD 
make or become red; flush: mlden. DU 
n. I. A rEddeninc, as of the face; a red 

bliu'ter, 1 biua'tsr; 2 blOs'ti 

Bwaiger. U. 

L: fume with anger; threaten; 
" ■ ,us talk; a fit- 
blus'lei^^r, IL 
— Una'ter-lut, pa. windy; disigrDeabla: 
Daisy; swiggerlni. bins' Inwnlsl; blas'- 

bo'a.lb6'a; S bfi'a, ti. I. Any large noB" 

I. A lODE fur or feather aeck-pieee. 
baaT, 1 bfir; 2 bflr, n. A male hog. 
board, 1 bard; 2 bfird. Id. tl. Ic ii. I. 

tailed to 

bflrd'sr; 2 bflrd'Sr 

1 bBd'i-li: 3 bSd'Wy. I. a. Per- 

iiiuDa;u>tlwbody;ot>rpor?«l. ILrv^T. In 

^jx b(>ay; ia pervou; whoUy; oompletcLy. 

bod^n, 1 bad'kin; 2 biSdlitn, n. A 

-riimai; ijiro, the trunk, i 


bos, 1 bBE^ZMC. I.U. 

bog. ' If. n. Wet ftnd epongy groundi 

DUnb; Duns.— boa'CTi o. Btmnja; inlir. 

boc^Klc, 1 1 bog-l: 2 bS'l, 111. A n. [Boo'- 



boV"> 1 bo'gns; 2 ba'eSe, a. Counier- 
ffit, u money; hence, fraudulent; fio> 

bo'gjr, U hoV-i 3 b6'Sy, n. [BrfoiM*, 
iMi'cer. J BO'asTa', pi.] Aioblm; bugbear. 
Bo<he'ai]-Bn, I bo-CfDu-an ; 2 bo-hs'mi-tui, 
n. 1. One of the people of Bahemia, 
B pnTinoe of AuBtrii « HuxupLn-, or 
their JuuEuage. S. A fipsy. I- [B- or 
b-\ Apernon, aHanauchor.aHiat. Of Bctnr, 

oome to the boiling-point: ook. affect, or 
produce by boiling; bubble up; be ab- 
lated. — boD'CT.iL A lend In whlsb • 

im,n. A 
balP, n. I. 

b^d!^"hOId; S b 

51; 2 bal. 

^nt. !B. Striking; vi^ 
, "The ttunW a tree. 


IhS, I bal; 2 bel. I. «'. To form podfc 

IL n. 1. A round pod, aa of flax. 2. A 

bol'itw, 1 bBr-rtsr: H bol'rtgr. I, X. To 

propup; aid; abet. IL n. Aloncunder- 


I. Totaa- 

k To (wallow 

urrieilJy. 4. 1 
1, Toruna. 

r~ MVaiS B. Ona wlu er Uat wl 

boif, ». 1. 

To K 

le u by Ml 

■LidiDjE hMT for f s«teun| ft 
T.HI., Bu/piu oi rod lued toriaMmr 
J. An iirrow; a k>iia shoe for a 

(tr. S.l 'Desertion p[ & puty, cudidata, 

bsmlNui, 1 beiti'bast; Z'bAin'blEt, n. 


lolteud; ■rudikxjuent. 
bo'iia fl'th,! bs-iia tol'di; B bOD'i (Tde. la 

good tiilUi: wltliour dwelt: uacd laEoElMi u 

■ cmapaaad iui;«Uva, 
bo-nail'lB, 1 bo-niui'iii; 2 bo-n&n'u, n. 

[U. B.l A rich roine or van of on; profit- 

Bbh speeulAdg^ 
honlMm 1 bsnTwD er ir.) banTwn'! 8 

■On (T (P.) bfli-Wo, n. 
_l; oonfectioii. 
I, 1 bend; 2 bend, n 

bonds 1 bend; Z bend. rt. To put Imdi 

bond; mortsase; biDO. 
bODd* a^ Subject to eervitude; enalikTai 

. [-K 

bond, n. 1. Tlist which binda; b buid 
ob^ktkn. t. tL Fatten; captivity, 3. 
An mtenflt-bearina debl-oertifitiate. 

bBOd'kKF, 1 beDd'u: 2 baod/sit. n. Com- 

bifi^^. : 

jMymont ot dutiea. 

». i-i^^; 1. dp 

— security tot aaothta; 

ind'td. pa. 

d in I 

2 bCndt'mui. 
a vho ii [Muiid 
■URty. 2. A 


The jikflletoii of * verinbrnte 

MiMal <r asar pmtlna of H. a. fri. Tbt 

•: u«d M k ItrtUUar.— bMWlM*, 

btr^ fin, H of bnuh, in the open u] 

'"■ita ii 

bOQ 'net, 1 ben'f 

for the head. 
bon'iiT, 1 bsi 


biSoV. a. Iwni'in-iB 
tins homelike beauty 

bt^ia^T^k -un 

■Bunt. [nEjAdull feUow; dunee 

boo'bT, 1 hO'bi; S b6b^y, n. Iboc/bie^ 
boo'dk, 1 ba'dl; E b^'dl, n. (Slang. U 

9 Ut and bsnUi 

ithsbed tocet^r; 

cUvWoni.- boM1»Bd^^iL"^One'wtiai> 
tnde latksblndtiiC M (wola— l ufc ti^ a 
Fondrt bmit»:i— *^— *-— I—— ■—' — heoh'' 


i with s deep, 

onward impetuDUfdy. TL n. 
erbentiDf Ktuid. ai 

. *n. Ti 

To puili forwwrd;,,, 
advance with a 

n. n. Atonenti 
luddan Mtinty or 

boam^e-noK. 1 bOm'i-rao ; £ bi 

mrrvd AootJsllKD murila that viU 

I to tha throwH. 

. ban; 2 b^n, a. Oenulj Jorial; 

soodcift; fawr; bleosiiis. 

Dutch pnsBDt. I. ^1 
ii^lt.1 RodcilawalMi. 

'. ti. TopvuhoT 

. U.n. 

Aliit; help, 
. IL n. 1. A Imther c 

reoeplflulF. for carry Lug 

^. «. To profits KTul. n. n. I 
ineover midnbovfi given in bartei 
L AdTvilaov; mourca; bei&.— bmtleat, o 

bootb, IbDOiiTrbaCh; gbdadiDrbooth, i 
A olAiL AB Ht a fur; H tcmponuy akdlei 

»aotT. I ba'ti: 2 bsa'tr, ft- [boo'tie*' 
pl.l Theipralofwdr: plunder: g«in- 

Mraiclbai: 2b«<M. I', n. To drink t 
exceas; tippla- IL n^ SCioDg driolE; 

border; adloir 

interior diametei 
Mi'rMl, iTba'ri'- 

2 bAr'der. I. tt. A z 

« made b^ boring; 

.„- , — „ -- — -, — jr the north wind; 

■ortbciTi, [norlii wind, 

So'K-as, 1 hs'n-BH; E b6're-«8, n. The 

\KtTU, lFr,mU10tpp.ofBII«Hl..^lhntrrm 

trame, tbi>m beiug restricted 
ffitenbirihUi.brtmolU foHh, u 

bA p«, in all other b 


irsi; iuarained. 
tlr'o. n. I. (U. 8.1 
irated viiloffe; ko- 

tion of a citr. S- (Ens.) A i 
wjiporatioo or * privileBed town, 
bor^w, 1 ber'o; g Mtr'o^K. A ri. To <^ 

pretend; feign. [vorda; nonHeiu& 

bMh, 1 be^; 2 bMi, n. [Colloq.] Empty 
bO'Klin, 1 bu'iem; 2 b«'gl>m. n. Tbe 

bn^aet. or tho part of a garmaot Doveriag 

thobreut; the affectiona, 
bdu>, 1 bo.; 2 bSa. !>.•<. To work in n- 

lief; cmbng. IL q. A dreular promt' 

DaDoe: a knob: bukI.— bosaVi ^ 

[Colioq., U. 8.] P. 

IL n. 

; fon 

Z. A (Uctatoi of a 

mt'k-nr, 1 bat'B-m; S bfif a-ny, n. [-inaH, 
pl-l Tlie Bcienee that Ireataof pli '" 
bo-iaii>«^ibo-twi^««l:Er --^' 
bi»-(Bn let ■—»■-»■■ t-caMTi 


■m 'i^^ 1 bo-tu^^M : E b»l£^«al, a. 
bouny.— bat'Hlu, 


boch', J do in a bunding way ; mar: ^il; 
dioIiflUTe; buuEle. H. n. A bungled piece 
ofwork; a bungUng workman.— botcb'y, a. 

both, lbaa;2b6th. La. TheHroto- 
gelher; tbe one and tbe other &Uke. IL 
jtron. The two. ineludinff tiio one and 
the other: the pair. IIL adg. A amj. 

bat'Ue,|l bot'h S'bfltl. wt. [mrr'TLMa, 
botT, jBOT'ui^BOT'Ti.iMa.J Toputinlo 

To base or found (upon) ; fathom; reati 
touch bottonj. IL a. Lowest; fundi^ 
mental; basal. IIL n. 1. The lawefl 
part of anythinig: base; support: EvDt; 
oiegi. 2. llie ground beiieath or low 
land Ewar a body of water. S- Tbe part 
of a venei below tlie wate>line; benee, a 
vvnel. 4- Eoduranoe: atamina; grit.-'- 
bot'tain-l(M.a. Ha¥lDgnabono>n:iinfatb' 




OI'dBT,n, A I uve da- 

re like 

. j; 2 bounf. _. . . . 

bcmiid; didvq with a bound. IL n. A 
iKnindinfl or elastie motion; iprin^; leap; 
bound; rebound.^ bonn'rer, n. BometUnv 
tlutbouooa; a tilajBtronc (KTWilk or t hin g; 

lAime; QLwfBer&tHi: bouirui; uotrutMuji. 

boanii'. 1 baund; Z bound. 1°. ri. To 
leap Ujtbtly; spring; rebound. IL n. A 
liAbt elaHUo eprins; * rebound. 

feoand>. W. rt. To »et bounds to: form 
the bouDdiuy of; mdj«n; name the bound- 
uies of. IL n. 1. That which ciniun- 
■cribea; a boundary. H* pi. Tha diAr ' 
included nithin a boundary or iimi 
— koandleia, a. Bavlni no Umlt; ti 
InOntte. -li, odt. 

IL >. ' To bam); a 
lit: yiald. 

ioir'.No.'l ba^D, S ba'ing'.] 
■ma bow; bend. 
lu; 2 bow, n. _ A bendinf of , 

(koond, w. 1. I 
sompelled. 1. 

(koon^ a. Havi 
demised; with 

braiMl'a-nt 1 b< 
^t ' [Oblii 

[voJaotlDc TlDdoT built ui> frv 
lMii><, 1 buu; Z bow, n. Tha lorward pan 
bOTT'eMSiu^l'TiMiw^, n. AniDtestina, 

'a diad] 

Vn; 2 bound'a-ry. n. 

Gcneroua; bm^hwnt; jflenUful. -ly, odf. 

boan'tl-rnl, 1 boun'ti-fui; 8 boun'ti-ful, 
BannteDna; (cneroua; Bbundut. •Ij, a 

koantjr, 1 baun'ti; 2 boun'ty, n. {-tsi 
pjU Idberality; munifioenoe; generc 

bolfqaef, 1 bQ-kf; Z bylie^ ». i. 

bow 'le •knife', 1 bo'i-naif'; 2 bii'iqiif, n^ 
[IT. 5.] A Dtron; huntincknife. 

bmrl, 1 bol: 2 bol, i. 1. 1. To roll; tmo' 
die along; hit with anythina rolled; knock 
down; promrato. II, t. to roll a bowl; 
deliver a erickafball or the like; movt 
BDOothly, uB on whedo.^ bewf er, it. L 

playeT vba deUpefa tbe ball. 

. bowti, n. A ooneavB vessel, larger than < 

- ' irge (Kiblet. [pins, 

_ . . _ . A Harvo wooden ball for tAo- 

' bow'spii^ 1 bO'sprit; 2 be'sprtt. n. A 

— V projecting forwaid from the bow of 

the Paris stock exi 
boat, 1 bout; 8 bout. n. 1. A emile 


SDsrrina; BvjrilKm. 

•r; Btupid. 1 

wood, oslled Twxweod. 


Oh vlia i|Nii« et tmac; 

toiiMv, MiCin la 1900, wl 

lid Cniu of fomlcnoa by nw , dw. 

tor< 1 twi: £ biy, n. A nwle child; lad; 
ronUL— korliawl. n, Ttw lUle or period 
.. ^.. ...... .. ^. _..._.__ bo),'!,!,. 

tor'Mtti, 1 bslliet; S bCy'cet. I^. il. To 
BxcJudo from all de ali ngi or Interooune; 
oatradAfl. IL «. Refunl of all Hi^iHpr* 

taM«, 1 brte; 2 brAc. L W. [BUCEDt; 
BAdu/iHO-] To itreosthon; prop; bixuL 
n. n. 1. A support to hold Hunethiaf 
Gnnly in plaoe. %. A crsnk'lika baiidle. 
■. Inr a ^it. See Uliu. at ItT. S. A 
surrtd ling (•-'-•) for uoitiits 
e. 4. A pajr; e«ipl«; two. 
ich 1 brta'let; 2 bilc'l«, n. Aa or- 
intaJ band endroUiw tbs wriit or 

Anek'et, 1 bnlfet; E brfk'it. Id. ,( 

St in braekata; joia; souple. ^ 

, n. t. .4 pi«« pnijMtina p 
from a wall, aa a aupport. a H 
pa4ituTe, etc 3.lDprint<| 
&uorwtidi«:(l) Ontof twop 

dlvlDitr; Antoi 

Id, w. To wwv. 

munnr dat imp for triodiiif orvnuimeni- 

iu labrica; aiwtluitc hzaidad or pUted. 

tnm, 1 brCa; 2 htta, n. That pM of the 

teatai lArAatg v Pdm.1, hup. tf aaUK. •; 

wwty of fern; bracken, 
b^^'bie, 1 Y bnunT)! ; 2 brtn.'bl, «. Tl 



put forth 

indelibly. IL, n 

-ye, and other eereaia. 
i; 2 biftnch. I>. it. An. 
or adorn with bran^ea; 
LChea. II. a. TMverslDS 

mersiu in a tmrik. stock, or 
,.. t. lit n. A leoondary Btein, 
ft tree; an offahoot; side Inue; di- 
; departiueot; tributaiy, 
1 brand; Z biAnd. Id. ft To 
iiad; MiKlnatiie; Imprinb 

Bticma. Z. QuaJitj: IcLnd. S, A brand* 

ingnron. A. A BWOTd, 
bran'lIlBllS 1 bran'diAi; S brin'diah. ■<. 

To wave liiiunphanUy or deOantly. 
btUld'>Iiew', 1 braod'-nia'; 2 bittnd'-na*, 

a. Qiul« new ; freth and IwijthC, 
bran'dy, 1 bran'di: Z biSa'dy. n. [bhah'- 


o«^brta,n. Aq alloy of CO 

bra-n'da, 1 br>-ve1<«- -va')da; 2 bra- 
r»1or -vgHdo, », f-noB" or -noM", jJJ 
Arrocant dafiance; sSEctsllon of bravery. 

braTC. 1 brST; B br&v. L tt. [bkitedi 
BniT'iKO.1 To moot wilh oaurage; dofyj 
dare; chsUenie, 11.0. (sBAv'aa; bbxv'- 
estJ 1. HavLnv or ehowins oournve; 
intrepid; eoiiracenui. 2|. Elecant; 
ehowy^ fplendid. IIL n. A man al 

Inillan "KTlor; abravo. -jr, odr— bra'- 
r€r-y, 1 !>*»•«; S bra-ifry. n. has*. 
rt.l 1. VUor; gaJlantry; btrolnn. S. £!•- 

P^J ], A dariofl viLIun; bii^ a —wwii ; 
basdit. %. A ihout of applause, IL 
1 bra'vo; 2 brl'w, inter). Good! well 

teMl,lbc«;SbriL L**W. TonM« 
D^iUr; wnui^i flow noiMly. u — •" 

rt'sBf, 2 brt'iher, 
, ^^ -i pan lor boldinjE b< 
»»., 1 bridh; S brtch. I". <(. 
_, brendi In; break throuch. 
The Mt of bre»tin«; a pw or 

brw.t.Ulip«t;2brI!.t. U. vt. Toea- 

brestsfDoustei: buffet; turn. IL n. !• 

The ftonl o£ tl» ohMt. J. One o( jAe 

mwnmBry aluiili: the boum. SyJ^ 


brtatb.11 bteth; 8 
breUiSf spired; — 

(. 1. To ii 

t. To E»rd»; orertlR. t- 
Bi tor breath. II. i. 1. TO 
id eihiJe air; reapirei b« »]iva> 
use lor bnath. 3. To eibile. 

rear an^^of a 
breech 'es, 1 bi 


2 brtchln 

breccb'lnc, 1 brii(h'n,j 

hold-back itiap paaBing beluDd 

breed, l brid; 2 brEd, b. [bbu; 
1N0.5 t ■ • -^ -■ — "■ 

youn'K?**!''T^be boi 

1. To produce, as offsprm|| 

l.°"l. Toprodu« 
i; develop; origi' 

TIi6 progeny of one rtoclt 

w.^.^, . i brti; 2 biSi. n. A iiriil wini 
bree»', /breeif,. 1 brii'i; 2 brei'y. 
bretb'ren, 1 &ieai'ren; 2 brtth'rfn, n. 

t: w^dglbObk, UtM; IbIi! rnto, cOre, bat,bftm; Ml. W^rt »o. ftem: 

brevnied. m. n. 

brew, 1 brO ; 2 bra. I- "■ * "■ To malte 

oonlrive; be DnpArins' II. n.' That 
Fhirli ia brewed^ tna product of brewinj;, 
-hfew'er. 1 brO'er; S bru'Br, n,— IweV- 
er-i, 1 bra'BP-i: a bru'«r-y. ». (-mb*, iii.) 

•rtl»,lbroib;3brib. I.a.&ti. [bribid; 
BBiB'iNO.J To aivB ■ bribe to; aive or 
offer bribed. II. n. Any gift UAed cor- 
ruptly to Induems public or official &c- 
don; anything that oeduc^fl or allurea; aa 

ctHn M bribe.— brlbVr-r, n. [-na", pj.J The 
^vlna. oQertna. lu* accepUiLC of a bribe. 
Hlc'«>bnMr*. 1 brill'- B-brak^ 3 brte^-a- 


rtde, 1 b^id; S brfd, 

weddinc. IL n. A 
L A nevly married 

Mdn whM. A variety of tlHEUneoIwtiML 
bil'dle. 1 broi'dl; S bri'dl. c. [bbi'dlui 

BBi'DLiHa.) L I, To put a bridle od; 

check; curb; ooDtrol. iL t. To raise the 

brt'dl^n. "l-he head-hamen of a hone. 

ibridce. II. a. 
quickTy paging; 
Kuy Bh«t mater 



brts'»-ala', 1 briK'o-dir'; 3 brtS'a-der', a. 
A ^oeral who commande a brisada. brlc>> 

hrlA'aDd,. 1 hrit'Bnd; E brig-and. n. A 
nbbei; a bandit.- brlCand-ace, a. Roh- 

bi^'an-tlne, 1 bric'sn-tio: 2 bris'an-tln. 
n. A vesfle] lilce a briB, eicept for having 
a fore^nd-aft maiusatE: once much uaeq 

bil^^'^1 brait; 2 but, a. Full of light; 

u' brigbt or brigbiei 

brlllluit, 1 bril'^sQ 

.. tLn. Thenm-axofac 
: bordw. — brtm'nil*, a. 


bilm'atoiie", 1 btini'iatdu'; Z bi 

OlB'dled, 1 brin'did: S brfn'i 


d: £ bring, m. InBocaHT, 1 
: BBiNo'iNa.1 l.Tocunveyor 
or toward the speaker; cauacl4 

Unk, lbriqk;2brtD!i.>i. Tli< 

tbin; ipirlMdLv. con kifol. ' 
WUk. 1 Wsli; 2 brisk, a. Quick; ipri^tEr; 

fcrte'liel,"i'briB'kM™'bril'k«, n. Ths 
bmut of ui animal. 

Mi'tle, 1 brii'l; 2 brtil. I. K. * m. 
iBsm'TtEp, bbibVld'; Bim'TtiMO.) 1. To 
BTKt, or btBOd end, as briatles; make 
bristly; aidte: irritHtfi; aeitat^. S- To 
be tUckly be«et, an »Iib bristlee. II. n. 

hiMi; S tirli'Li', a. Hivlni « roemblbii 
WlTih.l brJflffli; EbrlVtol. I. a. PBrtnlo- 
li< to GreM Briuln, tbe Viilt«d Elsadom. 
oritaaBrltlsbEmiiln. ■rl-tsn'nle]. II. n. 
1. lA Tba people alOMsIBriiain. 1. Tb* 

. l>nniu.nlthIi.IinlignB[ltOna. 

3 brtt'on. n, 
dtlc people 

Mttte,)! briti: S bilcl, a. Liable to 
IrltT, /breBk:fneile.-Mt'a»-new,''- 
tntb, 1 brMh; Slirfich. I>. tt. 1. To 
aeatlou or inlroduee (a matUr); make 
nibtit Z. To tap. as a caik. n. n. 1. A 
batintptiwU rsBmet. S. Abiooch. 
tooid, 1 brsd; £ brAd, a. 1. Eitended in 
uddth; wide; vaat. T- Comprehengivo: 
oatbolic; liberal; toierapt- I* &troc£. 

,lbred'n:BbrOd'n, ■(. *^ 

make or becQme bnjad or broader. 

kn-aide', 1 bro-ked'; 2 hn>-etd', «. 
nlken fabrio woven with raiaed 6gu 

bco"eiiDTe', ! bro'ifliOr': abro-^Lttr'.n. 
pamphlet; riicht sketch. 

kn'cBD, 1 brO'naa: 2 brO'tfto, n. 

>: *fU, ds ; bdbk, bMt : t«U, nil«. core, b) 

noli, 1 broil; E. _ 

dbtot h«at, aa over eoala. 

~L turnwdl; aotay quarrel; braid. 

brCD, ■<.*•<. Toeookbr 

,. ^^~,-.^, notay qua 
Bomethinc broiled; s br 

rbi«'ker;2brS'k«r, n. One who 

id Hill for aoDther on eommiaeioD. 

kro^er-MtCi ■. Tiu Purinen oc oomi 

ll-al, 1 breoHa-BT; S brSo'ti-al, a. 
pcrtai Ti l r g to the chief airvavasn 
lunga. called the brimAiol tuhf*,-- 

ie chief ail 

le bnmAii 

, 1 brsQ-kal'tu or -krui;e brflg- 

bron'co, 1 breq^co; S brfin'eo 



breni. I. 
:e brouae: brown; 


IL n. A rediah^mwn alloy ol copper 
and tin. or a statue made of it; a brcqia^ 
like T^gment. [n. A breastpin. 

iroocb«lbi^)^orbr11dh;2brAch or brooch. 

llDod, 1 brild; 2 brdbd. I<>. ■<. A vi. To 
Dorer, aa a bird its youni; incubate) 
chetiih; nurae; meditate. OLn. All tfar 
younf lilrda ol aeiiiglehatchiDs; offaprinci 

>Klok»,Tbruk; 8 br36k, ri. To put up 
■itb; endun 

itS^n. ■ 

brotbr'l brSth: 2 br«tli, n. The liquor ii 
which meal haa lieen bdled; a Uun a 

brttb'ren. pj.] A k 

1 brouTlK'; 2 brow^f. 


BB^f'ma.] To istiniidate: vuw. ukutj' 
tavm, 1 b^lun: e bnwn. 1. it. An. To 
iii>ke(>TbMaii»bnwD:bn>iiH:taa. I' 
a. Of ft eolor nuds up of nd, ycUon, 
Kndbluk. Uhn. A duiky oolor, u of 
bded lMv«, or ft picmsnc or dys pro 
duanc itj n thing or part tlwt » bnrwi: 

Dcly ftODd-iiatund Bprit^p 
-.l6rt'm;2hm'in,B. Abe»r. 

■ ■ - -^ L * * «. 


«mt, 1 brat; 2 bryl. Iil. rf. 4 n. 1 
jtol>e BibTDftd- report- procluEo. 1L tl 
rumor noised ftbroHi ; mdin; cJftmor. 
■(«', 1 bni-net': 2 bnf-nSt", «, 

brn-UI-li, mO.- knfUi. 

braL«; Au;rfd; brmtioniU: hv^uu.— nrH»-- 

Ub-^, aHv.- hruVUb-oft, h. 

bii)>'ble,)lbub'l;2bab'l. I. ti. [bitb'- 

bllb'I'', (bled, bus'U)'; bcb'sukq.) To 

form bu>>blca^ cue ia bubblm: mftke ftn 

intenoittejit bquid Moimd, U. n. 1. A 

raide of tiauid. filled vilh air or otbei 

■u. t. Anythinc uiiBUbgUatisl; ft de- 

uuhm; eEuu-t; fraud. 

knc'cB-necr', \ 1 bultVnTr'; 2 btte's-nir', 

bDCk% 1 buk; £ bdlc, i4. A r>. To ■prinf 
viciously (ram thfi (round, aa s horse or 
' ' (a rider) by vioiouaplun 
*■- .leofiTirioi ■— 


To apply onflsalf vifforouoly: folknred by 
burklei, 1 bilk"!; 8 bflkl, b(. 4 h. To 


lM)eine>,'n. Abend; dieioriii 
bneklfr, ] buklnr; 2 bOk'Uii. 

Frame with moyabla 

bQck'tbot*. 1 

LaT^e flhot, ui 
bnek'iUa', 1 I 

Ul or JiKe ■taepb'^rcH or berdsineii; pa^ 
toral; ruatio. IL n. A paatorml poem. 
>nd,lbDd:2btld. I.X.An. (BuiA«D>i 
BtiD'r>tNo.[ I. TogtsftlwiiuemBiabud 
into the alit bark. >. To puC forth, ai 

huda: Iwcii 

developed Bwra, oianon. 
aot or Bta«e of buddinc- 
tnd'dlu, 1 lud-e: S b««'a. 

flower. S. The 

bndK'et, 1 boi'et; 2 bOdfi 

a onull «»)i» or JtA ooaU 

of newa; flnuicial eatima 
bDir. llbufi^bM. 
bafttl-a. Made 

ol buffx leather; i 

ILn. l.'A*!hi,*;i\ 

n'l. Z. A licht i 
broBuiah- yellow, « 

buffHc^her. | 

boTlk-lo. 1 bnfs- I 

lo; 2 bat-s-lii, n. ■ 

pi.) 1. A large Old Wo 

Nortb-AmericMi bison. 
baffer. 1 buf'er; 3 bar. 

tuS'teti, T'buCet' 3 baf'f" rt^J?^" 

■trilie; heal; atnicste asaiiin! codU 

bDf'ret-, I buf'el er bu-«'; | bttC 

a. The 

haT'feO, 1 

bnf-roon', I bu-fOn'; i 

s bttf'et 


bQS'bor", 1 bug'bSr'; 2 bBBTjii', n. An 
Imjuliian'oblenDl toTiir; aemiur. baa'- 

biu'sy, 1 hnK-i; 2 bdeV, n. Ibdo'biib*. 
^.) A lisht fDurnvheeled velucle will or 

bn'sle. 1 bia'gl;' 2 ba'il^ n. 


babl, 1 bfll; S bul. n. Metal oi 
ah«l1 inlaid In furniture: (Uao, 
work m decorated. 

boUJ, 1 h 

establiah; found; atrcn^hen: oftan vith 

buildine; coEtalrurt. !S. Toroly: depend; 
wlcli sn ar uiion.— bond, n. The mumer or 
■tyleln whlcliaiiytiilivlabuljt: (onn: Obutb. 

*a( building. 


. Bel. I 

vei part, aa of a «aaki 

bulk, Ibolk; 3 bUllc. ' 
n. Magnitude; m^; 
alie; alarjfe body; the / 
■realer part.— biuk'r> £l 

bnlk'bcsd*, ) 1 bulk'- 

bulli.'n bu] 

n. 1. The male of 
ler who aeeka or ei- 
oeuTDCDt of the Pope, 
us coDtrsdiction in 
'; 8 byl'd*^', n. A 

tnllmidite; buUy. 
bullet, 1 bul'et; 3 bul'ft, n. A ainall 

proleeUle lor a flrearm.— damdaiD bnlM. 

an expanding or manfatapplDg buUet. 
bnl'le-Un, 1 bul'i-tin; 2 We^tln. n. A 

bnll'flBCb", 1 bu]'fini<h'; 3 bijl'flnch' n. 

bullion, Ibul'yon; ,2 Wyon.n. Gold or 
buI'lMk, 1 ^!'ek; 2 bul'ok. n. A young 

imall peiforsted noaden block. 
bul'iiSbwl'y- t.n.Ap. Ibcl'* 
icL'tt-iHO.) To browbeat: tei» 

IncL'T,iEa'. pi.] A qu» 
lOE. eowanl/y fellow. 

t: Wf U.d|i; bdbk, bSK; f^ll, rvle, cfire, bAt,b(lni; fill, b&ri t". fcem; Jpb; thin, mi*. 

a (be buHl joint of tho 

k, 1 birqk; 2 benk. I', n. To st««p 
s bunk; eo to bed: II. n. A abelf or 

ftDDlter, 1 bno'ker; S bUo'kEr, 

r0c«pt — , „ ^ — ^ ,- -, 

Imi'dDS-. 1 boD-tq; 8 bOc 
lllht, nooteu mdr used for 

A fincbKke bird. 

ElAAUolIy of BTMrlla; 

faopefuJ. -Ir* offif. 

9 like. t. Th< 

bailiot. 1 boitrat: Z bar'bot. n. A fish 
witli b vbels on the nose Bad sbiu. 

bar'deD, 1 bui'dn; 2 bOr'dii, H. To load 
or ovnlowL 

bnr'den', n. 1. SomeiJiiiiB heftvy to 
bflV-; A load. 1- The oarryioa capacity 
ot ■ T^id— bm^ea-moe, o. Bacd a 

bnr'den', n. The icfrtun ot ■ hds. 
bnr'dock, 1 bnr'dak^ 3 bOi'dilk, n. A 

bo'reaii, 1 brn'roj 2 ba'ro, n. (ac'BKArB 
or BU'MADI, 1 bia'rO.; S ba'r(ta, pi.] 1. 
lU. S.I A chest ot lJjftwe™«for clotli- 
ing, etc. S. .A pubho depa^meot; ■ 
vtafF of literary voiken* or the plaee 
where the work it done. •. A writing- 
burr, 1 boTc 2 bOrg, n. A borouch: 

bUT'EM^ 1 bnr'je*; 2 bOr'Ma, <i. A free- 
man, atuen. or officer id s boroush or 

bnr(b^ lbDri[;2bOr4, n. An incorporated 
tuwn or TTllaiK; bonueh; Drijpnally, a 

bur'rSrf 'bKlar; E bOr'ilar, n. One 
who conanltB a burglary,— bor-ila'ri-inH, 

„_ .... ADutcl 

bOT^-*!, 1 ber-i-al; ; 
buryina of a dead boi 

ler; SbBr"- 

BUBS'lNO.l l.i. To «f- 

iw'rdi'. "i'Li; To bo on 6re;'app<*r di 
feel hot; be eager tw aidled; slm*- 
tnirn', ii. An effect orjnjuiy troni bum- 
bun'^'n. [Bcot-l ' A hrook or rivi 

timni'n', 1 bSro'sr; 3 bflm'Sr, n. One' 
ot tlmt which bunu; tlie port of & la 
or tlie like, that Dairies the flama. 
tllT'Illfbt, 1 bur'nifli; 2 hftr'nish, A i 
To polidi by (notion; make or bee 
h^li, 1 bornt; 3 bfimt, imp. 4 pp 
hmalbfir; 2bar.n. 1. Aroughneb.^ 
IMU*, Jroueh odse, or a tool '^»^^'^'*^^'^ 

^J^ gj i^KotU doiiej.uiBd a« s paek- 
taJJSt.lboi'o; 2biir'o. I. .(.An. To 
dig into or throu^; perforate: make or 
K^inabuiTOW. 11. n- 1- AWemade 
in and. under the ground, ae by a fabbit. 
S* A mound or barrow. 
hmt, 1 bcnrt; 2 bOist, b. [i 

gy^btukl-lji ait. 

"Tuih'Bl; B^ bijah'a^ 

buSh'lo; S buah'iuK, n. A 

lindi ■ 


iS'l^^feJon" »l'ling"iA 
r- Intetest; oonoem; duty. 

nliB«eto. ' , lR?f'L '''"■ 

bvfi; 2 baa, : i n. [AroluuD at 
bnsa^n. A fiehlue'smack. 

bns'UuSTl buH-terd; S bdn'tard. n. A 
n?Uea'lb^»''li^3^^- '- 'i-^J'-S'"^- 
TuMlc- T^kea'^ti ™fS^™i n E^t'S 

mV l^bii"'!'; 2 blW. I. -<. A "■ [mjf;- 
iBD, 1 bi.'id, 2 liK'id: bcb'i-ino J To 
make or be buiy; oocupy oneself. II. 
^r^[BnB'i-EH; ECB'i-MT.J t. Intensely 
active; habitually occupied: induetriou 

wa ] I. I To rend, break, or 
.Jjonly or violently. IL •. !• 
[eTrup"!™ '">■" >" internal for 
TaeiWf ■'''"" ""'' ""' 


!&blt BomB sudden uld v 
break forth; bre^ away. o. 
■ or Btirred to overflowing or bn 

1, ABudden or violeot erplo 
jng (orfh; sudden rending or 
Z. A Hoden eOort; apurt; r 
gt of apeed. 

lbOr'ttin;El)ar'lliiu«. *"- 6 

bat, 1 but; 2 but, 

^y-bod*y, I bii'i-bsd'i: a 

of. m.l A ID 

... I,odt. Not otherwise 
...jre than; only. IL prep. 
Leaving out; flieept: barring. IIL. ar^. 
EicepTyel' neverttelesa; however; not- 
withHlandina; tho; even if; besideH; wain. 
hntcU'er, lbur)li'er:2bucb'6r. f- «■ To 
slaughter animaia fcr market; )uU 
(men) barharemily. H - "-""^who 
slaughters animaU ord 
0( Of perlidnliig to 

I: w^dii; bd»k, W»t:I»Il.rilo,care, bit,Mlmi M. M^; to. »< 

hlS^lbot: Sbat,K.An. 1. ToRrike 

with or u with tM brad of bonu. 1. 

To invest: Jst; ibut. batt- 
b■ltt^ I. I. 1. To out off the butt 

imoothly, u of a k«. 11. t. To out 

through thn h-" ~' " '" 

butt', R. A Rrolu or p 

botf , n. A large cuk; 
12eU.S.gsl1(Mu: api 

e Uduld I 

y, thickof md o( 
ige. t. A target. 

meaaunof wine, 

urntcE. — bnf^- 

h,». TaByeontalnliKbu..-.. 

fcat'ter^n. Apenonoranlmal tbatbutta. 
bal'teroip", fbut'siJii'p'iBbOt'er-ftip' 

n, A pTaiit n-ilh veIIow eup^aiwti 

floweoi: also, the flower. 
bnt'ter-Qr', 1 bufBt-noi"; S bOt'^-ni'. n. 

l-rUEB-'.pI,' ' '-' '- 


■ai'ier-nur'. i om-i 
nut"! S bSfet-niM', 

bDt't«r>ri 1 bot'sr-ii 

inhole; a pivotea fa; 


liii«,lfbui;Sbii>. I.i>f 

A larfe hawk. 3. Ad Amf 
tnr^tr-biu'nnlt- 1 

br. lbai:2bl.adi. 1. At hand; near. I.Be- 
yaad: ran. I. Aulde; amn oS: up.-kr 

tare Urns. 1. Tbfliereatlal 11. At'om; 
lmine<ttatdy,— h^'Pra'aiiet, n. SomettalMt 
prodiHSAd loBldeDtaUT: as. leilJitT la a 
ivrmUia o( the MeMiulniirj.— br'inr*> ■■ 
Ailde a inludod laae. nwd, or wny: oiwoaid 
loMtlngw. bripatht; Iqrinwdt. 
br, prep. 1. Beside; past; over (a coiine). 

2. Thnnifb the ttfntcy or help of; witli. 

3. TnACGordancflwitbiaccn^ngto. 1- To 

or br. bi Uie wu> ^deotaUr: la pubUI. 
br^ii(e*». 1 bii?B6n'; E brtftn", a. A lu 

Gone by; former-; piut; Hometbinr past. 
br'-law^ 1 bai'-l8*; 2 brd*', n. A nib- 

ordliute rule oi law. bic'4«H'l. 
br'sMnd'er, 1 bai'stand'sr; 2 bratilod'Sr, 

n. One wbo stands by; a lookeTKin. 
br'woTd", 1 bai'wiird'; 2 bfwllrd', n. An 

i«-lHU'.j kcbsl'; 2 a-MI'. L n. To 
plot- n* n. A number c^ penona SHretly 
uDJtfd f»TK>Die private ptuiKWC; iBtiivue; 

a!it°ln*K',lkBb'u;2tiViJi,n: TbecloK' 
ub'la.llub'ui':2,dib'iD., I.tLAti. To 

paaarmnTB' apartineat on m venaE, 
ciVl-nel, 1 k^'i-net: Z (I[b'i-ii«t. n 

ca^l^Ikfi'bJiSeK'bi. I. W. A ri 
blbd: ca'blinh.I 1. To Imniea. i 
IBble, I, Ti 
marino Wlep, 
n^w or eoAiD, 

II. I 


, 100 I 

a-booM'. 1 ks-bQa'; 2 o-boSo', 
™rtor«(rBirtt-tr - -^ 

nb''rl-i»-let', 1 kab'n-o-le'; 2 fib'TJ-o^l; 

s-a'o, 1 kfr-ke'o or ka-kl' 


1. 'the cook's 


Kimediin«, m in thr Eround. 
caeb'^ii-natloii, 1 ksk'i-n^'d 
Loud lausbter. 

le. i 1 kak'l; S d 

vae'tm. 1 kak'tr 

, [CAC-TI. 
D folKiwIiv 

emd, Ikid; 2tU.n. t. A low fellow. 
[Enc.l Tb« conductor of an omnibiu. 



eue,lk6j;2^. Icaosd; oa'tna.) 
To shut up in ■ am: confine: luiprisot.. 
II. n. A jtnclure. with openwork at 

n-jole', 1 kB-jSI'; 3 a-jftl'. t 
joled'; ci-jol'ino.| To ii 
Battery; duDe.— t^lol'tr-i, i 

eake.lM: 2etk. I. a. k 

of f»rt:anv>niall. thine 
etc., baked or fried. 
(»l'a-lM»li, 1 kal'e-bafli; 3 el 

"Tm" ptl 

_ . % veSBfll made from it. 

i-l>nt1-tTi 1 lis-lani'i-ti: Z «-l*m'lTty, n 

••■'cm-lst*. I kaltdu-let; S e£]'ea-lSt. tl. & 
in. (-l.t'bd'J; -L^fixQ.! To compuw 
TtiBthematically; fiinire up 0Tout;recskon; 
cMlmate: p^an.— e>l'eB-la-bl(f% a. That 

Cal'ca-lua, 1 ksL'kiu-lua; 
[-Li.l-lai; 2-11, pi.) 1. ; 
cretioa. u in the bladdn 
or caJculatlDg by algebr^r 


.ono'likc I 
8, A met 
rmbols- ««1'- 

2 tfll'dron, b. A 

sr; E eSl'So-dar, n. 
Liigement of daye, 

1 kal'en-daf; B «BI'6n-d(r. 
■PBS between rolle™, II. n 
QT giving to doth, paper, etc? 

eair, 1 kaf; 2eU,n. [calves. 1 ki . _ 
iiv5,pl.| Thoyoiin^<iltheci>w,itsskin,Di 
leather made froai it. called calfskin. 

(Mdf, n. ICALVEH. pi.' - ■- < 

the human leg belov 

le hijuier pj 

' 1. \jj°i] 

.. 8. |Eii«.l 

m Kale.— enll-ftl*. tan- 

t»l"to- tlKii1 e». n 

o'lUfH. Sameai 
alli>>, ) 1 ksk: i 

2 (AT'i-pf r. n. An 

%. To' 

uik, n. A spur on a horao'a shoe, to p«- i 

alt, 1 ite™3 til tr. 1. 1. To Dsme; gain- j 

To ay mil :' appeal irigniil; mSie a brief I 
^^ F»S<»>oriip»i.-c>U-cr,>i. ! 


liEBtum. I. A brief visit 
ealOs, 1 kal'B: 2 eSl'a, n. Bo(. 

African plant, vith a large 

blDHiid. cilia ■Ul'iFl. 
cal-lIg'ra-pbT, ' " ' 
ol-ltg'rm-fr', , .. , 

HJLlp,— eaini-Eraph'' 

caini-Eraph'*1e, a. 

8. Habitual occapation; t 
), 1 ka-loI'D-pi: S et-fo-pe. n 

-nesi, n.— CBl>l(M^tfi i 

Aa'l-ty, n. l-nis. 1 -tiK ' 
enod, tiHTdeiwd pmJoD of 

»l'o, a. Unfledged; to- 

ol low, 1 kal'o 

eiperiea«d; youm.u 
calm, 1 Vbm; z ekm, 

aoothe; tranqiiiliie. 
oulet. Bd: eereDB. 

calm, n. Tlaaquilllty 
cal'0-mel, 1 kal'o-mel ; 

larmeriy. & Buppoesd princii; 

■ns; I -rig. pi.) The fe»n 
unit of best, being the um 

, fi'o-ntt. 


tal'u-mei. 1 ki 

The Indian pipe of 
c>l'aia-ii7< 1 kti'm 

ta ceatictade: 

olfe, 1 ltqv;2e*v,i<.*B, IoALVED,eii.TD"; 
> ,_.._, To brint forth (ft calf). 

I, \ \kav-,2<ii 

cm1n,lk«-\ihi:2eriSVt, n. 

ICAl/T-CESOrCi'Ln-M, 1 
kai'l-ali or keiika-on 2 
e&l'y-tSf or ei'lylts-*(, pL\ 

leaves of ft floffac. I. A 
aup'lhaped pftrt or oiKftn. 

bumped bftck, and J 
able to mbftiAt ions f, 
vlthnul irawr. ^ 

MMncHt*, 1 lis-iDd'- ■ 
t-s: 3 eft-m«l'i-a. n. d 
A tropionl Eftitero^ 

o-pArd. n. The giraffe. 

■triated atone or ahell. sarved id relief. 
t^m'tw-^ 1 kam'sr-B; 2 eKm'er-a, r 
l-*» m-m. 1 -H or -I; B -bi or -e, pi. 
1. A box withia vhioh the image oT en ei 
terior obieel ii reoeiwd throiuih a lena e 

m'i>-mQil ; Z eAm'ivinll, r 

«unp,lkaDip;Se«inp. I*. ■<. A n. To eif 
camp; lodge lemporahly. IL n. A group 
of tenta, as for aaldien or hunters, or the 
plaw w occUTHed: s ■* — ' — ''■- -■*- ' " — 

t, cabin, etcj ttia 

'fi^riTa p. __ 

CMiMalgn'er. n. 


cyl] T< 

granl A riatic fum-lil 
[MUH^ate, «r, t-^T'sD 

'itaa-.Ztl.a.T.dcf. lcoTTLr.,1 

. [CA 

l-ni; 2n9, pi-l i. Afinch, onmoHiijr oi 

Ihe Canary Islands. 3. A briEl yellow 

mlor. S. Wiuefmm the Canary lalands. 

CBtl'celf 1 kaa^Ael; 3 eUa'cAl. vt^ [can'h 

malignant a 

[C-1 TheCrftb^ft'iodiaeal'K 
CHi*de-la1>ruiii, 1 kan'di4«'bcum; 

1 spr^iding evil. 

p(,J . 


nched . 


•D'did, 1 kan'did; 2 tin'- X A 
did. a. Sincere; ingem.- , *. ■*. 
oub: trsnk; fair. -Ii, Mb. ^_^ * 

an'dlAlli'te. 1 kan'di-dit; 2 ^^ 
(iflnMi^It n A nnminxe ' ' 



c*?'dle, U 
an'dl', ;d< 


Cia. Vl.\ 'ine fltBle 

o. tern; Ipk: thin, thia. 

become like hArdened ni 
DIBS'. p2.] A ■weetmei 
Isflsea or Doth. 

... Jlem or plK 
« fiaHugu^ciuw.— uiw'fkn 

«»-nane', J ks-naiu'; £ cs'IiIe 

Uc g^liitder Ailed witti 'bullet* t 
CmBlnr, I ksq'ker; 2 (dsltEr. 1 

bw era. — tsa'kerinirn*, s. 
1, 1 k.n'.-b8l; 2 «Ka'i-l 

U. A n. 

II. n. 1. Fonnal. 
talk, J. Any " 

un'not, I ku'Bt; Z dln'ot. Cui not. 

See CAHi, I. 
e»n'nr. 11 kan'i;2eaQ'y, a. [Soot.l 1, 
Ma-nlcJCsn'ful in pUnDini tor sction; 

shrewd; thrifty. 3. FleaaDCi oomely; 

O-DOC, '1 ke-na'; S ea-no', n. A light 

boat, ta of buk. propelled by puldlei. 

CHi'oni, 1 kan'm: 2 eSn'on. n. 1. A rule 

DT law; itaadard. 3. The books of the 

Bible ihat ate tecotniied by the Cburrh 

u ingpired. lEoBland. 

on'ani, n, A diirJtary of the Church of 

ek-fion', )1 kui'yBD or (Sp.) ka-uyfin'; 2 

can'Ton, / caa'yon or (Sp.) di-nyon'. b. A 

•-MU'l-Ml.U kt-nen'i-ka). kMMo'i&i 
s-D*n1c, fS eb-D«D'l-al, ek-nSn't*. n. 
BeloDcioctotlMeuwDof Senptora: laa- 

ikMi' OffleUliDbsaf tlxdcm. 
~ eu'wHkVtr. 1 kan'sQ-to'i-a', S eln'ob 

emn'oB-tae, 1 kaa'aa-^li; S e£u'tiu-Ia. tl. 
[-iied; -u'tnq.] To emull uodiik the 

csn'tHpri 1 kaa'o-pj; 2 e^'o-py-. 1, if. 
|-pi.D;-FT-™a.l fo cover wits or « with 
fl canopy. ILn. [-pieb, 1 -pu ; 8 -pid. p/-l 
A Buipcnded covenjVt as over a throba, 
ahiina, bed. ato. 

■MnU. 1 V.T.I- 5 ..St.1, Id. ^_ 4 „■_ To 

^ , . . IL n. An indiiia. 

f'n. To talk with affected 
hypocritioal way, 

technkal or profeoaioDal 

mil, Mta, Cnntntly, la a atjia < 
iied by melodious awing. 
m'ta-IODp, 1 kas'ts-lQpi 3 elo' 
A variety of ipupknieloEi. 
in-ta'U, 1 ksn-t^'ts; a el 

tHrluP. 1- 

ti'tft, n. 
Uk Btyla 

1. A KldieiB' diinkiDE-flask. 3. A a 
laTfl' refresbraeTit' and iiquor'ehop. 
an'ter, 1 kan'tar; 3 etn'lSr. I. il. * 
To rida or move at a eanter. II. n. 
moderate, easy Katlop. 

%. Toaaalcii 
«a. II. fL 1. A 
iM eoDfedemtion. 
I lor lod(]n( moia, 


KTUtlDiBQ; Bift, IL 1' 


n. 1. A ohiBt city; the nM 

thB begioniiia of > Bentaac*. of » prop- 
■ iuiiH.Mg. CNdUl letMrt. 
I capVUl<, n. AVealth empioyed in < 
-■'»blB for — -<-- - - 


1 ^Q'diuk; S 

A detAilod 

Mp»)j>, It. Ttie upper membei o 

oolumn or pilJar. ^ 

eu^-taMic'. 1 kap't- S 

— -=- a dlp'i-uA>, 

covBrina ■! Iba top or end at anythini- 
»'p^ble,llkfp»-bl:3c»'ps-W,o. fblo 

a. Able 1 


II. f 



B on; clotw ri(Jily. 

kep; a tap, n. 

EKu^uJine into Iho sea -- 
aipe>, n. A short oloak. 

playfully; . 

ea'pen. n. Le^ng, or fnakjiij:^ 

' oloak. 
2 tk'pir, I 

, n. Le^DB or friakiDj:: p 
L'pen n. >>'. 'i^s flower-Uudi of a 
iUTTKoean shnib, used %b n coDdim 
upll-la-i7i ' 

I, 1 te'psD: S «l'pon, n. A c 

Apeoially bred for the table- 

ca-pilce', 1 ke-prt9'; 2 «-prte'. «. A i 
den unreBAoaahle chanfft; a vfum; it* 
oaprlclow dBpuiiltion.- e»-^rloi», 1 

c*p-slie'i 1 kap-aoii'; Z e&p-sli', rt. 4 n 
[cAF-eiMD'; ci?-eir'iMo.J Toupeetjovop 


Ctklltton, t ksi/^Bii. 3 dlp'shoii, n. : 
tit[«, introduottoti, or bgading. 

FaultfiDfliDC; over-cntiisl. 2. Pecplei 
Inff; ■DphtetlOAL -Ir^ odr- >D«itt n- 

cap>tl-nte, 1 liBp'ti-vit: 2 eSp'ti-vit, * 
|-VAT'aij°; -vAT^a.) To obumi win 

■sv'UtcII kap'tiTT 2 tSp'tiv. L o. 

MP'Ut*. JTskeo pruoner; held in confine- 
meDt or boodaee. II. n. One 
tured and held in rootraiat; a \uk 

p'tun, 1 liap'iniur 

t; 3 eftp'cl 


S d-iS-lit'o. 

fourth part o^tha finenera of gold, t, A 

Cw'a-Mn, l^r'>-vaa;3 dlr'^vfai, iE™An 
Orientn] armed compui^ of traders, etd, ; a 

OrleatallHsMiryoi.kDD.' ear*'B-Tan''H-nt. 

European heib or its'ipigy fruit. 'the w 
Bidlea seede. 

earlMii, 1 kSi^aa 

onlalnl ng or yielding oa 



poaea, — car'btHnia'dDm'dotfa'' or ' 
e»rT>or, ! korTjoi; S eir^y, n. A I 

OT'bDD-ele, jl kor'buD-il; 3 carTiiSo-*!. 

o form an eiploai^ 

eardd 1 kSrd: 2 


of a hnuae or ahip. 

2, Charsa or ovnsi^t. S* Kegard 
tlention: heed. , 1. Ainy object, ot 
lurte.— oFe'tal, a, EHnMag. marked 

tip or incline 


-rti': 2 o^-rtr'. I. n'. To 
D. JI. n. A f ree «id jwitl 
T fhatse; a life or period o[ 

oDbraDe; pot. 

CKt'k^ i kar'^; 3 eAr'Ep. n. Goods ant 
iii»aIu>Ddi» taken onboaid of a veuel 
laiiioc; load. 

NordiaAniafioaii n 
CBT'l-cm-tDre, 1 kat'i- 

'by ri^^^_^""'^^j^ 

; kt'n-li; S «Il'ri-«!, n. Deoay o 
'alBlaitk— ca'it-OBt.a. ABeeOn 

1 'kar'i-aii 3 tifHU. <i. A hdU 

) One 

esT^iace, 1 lior'nif; 2 eii'nat, <i 



o the fleehly natui 

shunter; D 


I. Pert Rin i n ^ 
bodily appe^ 
*»! tenauai: lormany, worldly r not 
innuiL— cT-nalTt-ty, n, Ttie quaUiy of 

•lut'llon, t kar-Di'ftisD; 2 dtr-nG'ehoD, 
1, Fleeb'oaloi. S. A pink of eouth- 

A red chaleedony, often out as a gen 

cw'nl-nl. I kar'oi-vBl;2»!ir'ni-i'al. I 

period of Eoimy, Jiut before Lent: a : 

car-nlr'D-niiu, 1 kar4ilv'o-n»; S di^ 

nlv'o-ids. a. EstlD« or Uvins on flealu 
ot'oI, 1 kar'al: 2 c&r'o!. I. W.^ A li, 

blef^IlX""/; •oi'rfto" u of a'bwi 
a joyou. hymn; a Ckrirtmaa ballad. 
esr'oro, 1 kar'sm; 2 i&r'oin. I. n. To 
make a glanoing moveioent. IL n. Tb« 

es-r»t'ld, 1 kt-ret'id; 2 «a-r£lt'ki. n. One 
of the ireat aitcrUa ol tUe neck. cwoOd 

ca-roD'uJ, I ka-rau'iBl; Z es-rou'tal. n. 

A Jovial feaat or banquet; b<flsUroua 

ea-rouM', 1 ke-miu'; 2 ea-rou^. I. vt. 

[ci-BOOSEo': c«.-HOc»'lKaJ To drinil 

deenly and bwaterouily. IL n. A ca- 

at'aa-ttl, 1 ku'ii-wl; 8 fllr'u-«B.n. 1. 

A meny^oTound. ]L A toumuneat. 
cuvMkdrpiS^rp. n. To find fault us- 

CHP, n. [ciBP, formerly CABPa, K] A 
fresh-vator food^nch. 

CBr'Dcii-ter, I ka/pen-tst; 2 eSr'pen-tSr, n. 
A builder or repairer of wooden ■truo> 
turea.— ear'Mn-tiT, IL TlM art. trade, c* 
work of a earpDQter. 

ear'pet, 1 kor-pel; 2 (fli'pM, I*. 1*. To 
ooretwithoraswithsoarpet. II. n. A 
heavy omameotai noor-ooverlnf.— ear'pet- 
bat's *■- A huuUbaa, ceoeclaJly one mad* 
ol eanndna.— ear'peUJov. n. Material Cor 
oarpelai earpeu ooUmiiveiy. 

ear'riu^ 1 kar'U: 2 eftr'aj, n. 1. A 
wbeeled vehicle for carrying penona; 

chioe; transportation: the eoet of earry- 
Inf. >■ Deportment; bearing. St- Bomv 

e«r'rl-«r, Ikar'i-Br; 2eSr'i-er. n. Onowho 

ew'ii-an, 1 kar'i-BQ: 2 elr'i-on, «. Dead 
^ putrefying fleHh; a oaroau. 

ew'rot. 1 kar*! 
vellow edible 

the plant pioduc 

tafrt, i kar'ii'3 eSyy, t. [cak'hied: cj 
BT-IH0.1 I.I. 1. To take, aa in the hi 

er^Donve/. a. To! 

11. 1. To have 

MTtaL 1 lu 

<«M«'. t., 

eiDhAbaB of piiioDflnh S- A ubnUoon. 
•" ' , 1 kit'ti-lij; 2 «ir'tL-I«. - 

nil*: a eKr-U-uri^ 

crtRly ikdMOD, h Huru. 

MU>-bM»l', 1 kai^taa'; E (Cr-tean'. 

A luge (kstoh, u f or ■ f»BC(). 1. J 

I. [?nim. Tlw K 

, j>T A<tjcotiva to atbar vor 

sue', 1 k«a: 2 sb, n. A wveriiu 
oometluDg m&y be kept; qu 
numbei » eontuoed; > set; i 
holding type. 


ticueat fd milk, tbe chief ia^riadient ii 

c'nute, 1 kea'met; 3 efta'niat. n. ^ 
hui^xr. ae in m fort, with openiii£(i foJ 

BUb', n. Cnmat money in huid. 
MahS n. |cuH. tU.I A former oola of 
Chiiu. worth one^th of a sent. 

mJM in digtrace, m b mili CaiT'officer. 

OMk, 1 knk; S ttATit. A btrnt-Anfti 

wooden veHtl, oi tb qnuitity it will bold. 
OMliet, 1 kni^t; B tttHOt, n. 1. A 

jewetvue. S. [U. 8.1 A buiial-we. 
MMBiu I kuki e (lAjk, K. AbMmn. 
e«Hwrti,lkMfi'».:8**I'v., n. 1. A 

txomoal Ameriohn umb or herb; mwtloa 

9. TapiooB. 

eai'io^ 1 ku'sk; 2 cii'ak, r 
olOBdlttiiiE garmeat for I ~^~~ 
CM'B-ira-rra kaa-o-wt^ 

trich'liln biid of 
CMC, 1 knit; 

[cAbV; CiBT'lPJoJ 

1. To thro* with J 

SSIdt- ^- i'^H«inuiteilC»«)Wir7-. ■/. 

puu.' S. fo ihftp* m a mold; foundl 
4. T^o com 

.. Thill. Toai 

^ object shaped in a mofd. 1- An 
iresiou, u in wu. 4. A character- 
! formation; lUmp; shade. S. A 
int. 4. Thtal. The dinributiOD ol 

a-^ne^ 1 kaa'ts-net; Z ea^'ta-nSt, 

«r,. 1 

kll clappera, luad aa aj 

8 •ist'a.wll. n. 

m'«d,ni. Having balUementa;fDj 
cut'er, 11 kiul'Br, -or of -or; 2 « 
cait'OT. J-or, n. 1, One who oi 

S. A hidbII roller for fumitutB, 
" kgs'ti-^it; 2 


^:rftD<i|^__^ ^ i™,™,. 

Aan: B ttatl-U'gliaii. n. A wlilpntDi: 

oevfn nbuXv m Drltldim. __ 

nst'lnct 1 kaBt'ig; E cttat'ing, n. Tba ^ 

of DBOuaCpOr Any- nutal olt; 9ct castiiia mold. 
Eu'tle. llta^; Ztki^l.n. 1. A fortrewi 
as'tl'i JB fonifiKl reaideEce. 1> CAi - 

AcaellitJ ' ' 

E-diapsd piHn; >rook. 

" " " "'hat. a-^A hi 

" •'-I'!','; 

i; nAcidantk]; i 

A beavor, or iu fur; ■ 
fabric for ovenioatB, el 

U»~6il'. ". A thick vetetable i»l: u^as 

Cas'trst«,lkutr«t;3ea>'uftt,Tf. Ton- 
tnove tbs nxuAj eerm'beoiicf glandA from 
(the n^Je) ; emBBciiT»hi 

■1-u: £ etili'it-al-ty, n. I-nu, l-tii; 2-ua, 
plj 1. A TauJ or aolaw uddeni. a. A 

cu'D-lit-rT, 1 kij'u-ut-n; S aiUh'u- 
iirt-ry, n. 1-him. 1 -ru; 2 ^i, pi,) 1. 
Xhe dotAnouiBtioD of duty in doubtiul 
caou. S. Sopblnloti TeaKalm. - tM^- 

«as"%>lf tie," cu'»-lctl-«il? 

emt. 1 lot; 2 c&t. n. L AdomeMiouiinul. 
kept to kill mioe aod nO. Z. One of 
variouB fishn. •■ A pvnhua for hrin- 
int an anchor. 4. A Ba(^'>nlnii>taill. 

til ■' illliiii 1 kaf s-klUinj 3 tdkt'a-dj>gDi, 
n. An ovarwhotmins fkwd or oonTulidon. 

cat'B-««inb, 1 kaC'»-kSmi 2 alt'e-cOin. n. 
An undoTBTound ^lleiy lued ai a buzial> 


cat'B-Ie^sT< 1 katVlep-n; 2 *lt'a-l«p-^, 
n. Sudden losg of oorudoumen. with 
TDDwalu' rliJdlty.— eat'a-lev'tle, a. A n. 

>t'»4ac, 1 1 katVlec: 2 at'a-iet, I.m 

lt'»-IOIIie,J (-IOOID, -LOaDKD; -UW'lHO 

Lood'iHa.f To Hit. IL n. An alpha 
betjeal liit of namei, penona, or thlDia, 
^Ul'pa. 1 ke-tai'p»j 2 e»-t«'pa. n. i 

t, Ikat'e-i 

«*'■ plum, 1 kat'^iiLasii: S 

n. A poultioe. 
st'a-pnlt, 1 kat's-pnit; 2 d 

An andent nulitaiy envne t 

AEreatiraterfall. S. Opaatyofal 

t'a-pCll. It. 


_ad.-cB't«ritV. a. 

I'lio-pbe. tl kB-taa'Uv-fi; 2 ea- 
I'ttro^C, ;tii'tro-fe, n. 1. A final 
'' fatal coaclUKOQ; jHudden miafo^ 

I. QtoV A sudden, violent cbania. 

cafblnt". 1 katTjord*; 2 eifblrd", i 
Email tlate-oolored 

thniah with c 

CBttK^. 1 kat'. 
bet'; 3 At'bet" , tl. 


[CiCOHT, 1 kat. E est; oat 
To lake; BiM; captuie; e. 
^ To rraap: apprehead 
vate. Tl i. 1. To eeii 
Bciie Bomethinc: with at. 

cmlch, «. ^ ,1. The 

I bnak. §. Miu- i 
rfninci; a scrap or aoof. 

catch'Dp, 1 kaiih'np; 2 tBch'Op, n. A 
miced mndimant for meata. 

cat'e-cUsni, 1 liat'i-kiiin: 2 dlt'e-elgni, n. 
A book of reli^oufl inatruction by question 
and aarnT.— eaf^-ebet'lc, -l-cal, 1 katv 
kafik. -i-kal; BeM'e^H^ -k-»],a. OCor 

rat'e-cUM, •cbliCi 1 kat'i-koii: 2 eKt'e- 
-cinB"iNa.J Tointerroitata; Tnrtructaa by 

SiMt!'%M'e!«hb^er or1«U»>rt. 
ot'MbH, Ikat'i-dhO; 3eit'e-chu, 1^ An 

pla^tT" ' """ »««>"■ n™ 

cst"e-Cbn'm«n, 1 kat'nkia'nieD: 3 «£t'a- 

B. Sludad 1U>«. 

D,-:..JL, Google 

la'tatti, iL One undar okteeheUt in 
IT. 1 k»tVi ' 

i; i*UTOr*'^i»7m''p.' 

'WBBl, I kst'sr-wel ; 2 n&t'er-wi 
tier a diflcordtmt cry Uk« ■ cat. 
ti", 1 kal'fiih"; 3 liit'fUb", n. Any 


D-tbe'dnl, l ka-ihl'dral; 2 m-the'dnl, n. 
The i^ef churnb at s djoeoe; the chiiich 
coatainins the officul throne or ohair of 
the bishop. 

atb'ode. 1 luth'Ad: 2 tith'Od. n. The 
neffative poJe of a salvudo bflttair; 
oiHKHed t4> a»Ade, 

Ck&'o^c, 1 luih'[>-I;k; 3c!ith'o^Ie. I.a. 
1. PertainiiiK to the whole Chrinian 
rhurch. 9. Spedf.: Of orpertainingd) to 
the Church of Rame, (2) to the Chiirsh 
of Eniluid, or (3) lo the Greek 
Chuich. S. [(H X«ne-DiiDded; lib- 
enl ; tmirerul. II- n. Amen^jercrftbe 

taCmlnC, 1 kat' 
An sniDstio herb 

OLt' ■o'lnlne'itetls 

1 kBt'>cniain''te 
riy ueed fca flogljiic ij 

tumy and J. 

tats'pBw',lkatB'pe*:8dlte'p»',n. 1, A 
peraoo Aiaed at a wol op dupe: inalluHon 
to the fable <rf the monkey's wring the 
cat's paw to drav cheBtnuU from the 
Gf«. 1. iVauf. A Jight Bind harelyruffling 
tlH mter. eaPs'ipaw*!. 

cWiHV, IL Same as catchit. 

cmt'Oa.U katn: t eXtn.ii. f>I. 1. Donw 

011% f riiftMl tirtirin* *ft[malw - formerly 
any Hve (took kept 1« uae or profit. >■ 
htneeo, camds, dieap, elo. Z. Humaa 
beincs: mid contemptuoudy. 

Cmn-ea'HaB. 1 k»-bidi'en or -Wibea: 2 
o-eftsh'ao or -ei'ihaa. n. A member of 
tne whit« dJTisioQ of the hum«ii ^lediea: 
alas used adJeetlTel;. 

«>a'cas,lken[Ds;g(t'<Os,n. [U. &] A 
private or pre hrn i n ary meetina cf mem- 
ber* of a political party to aeiect candi- 

canl. 1 keL; 2 e«l. iv. 

ran'U-aaw'cr, 1 I 

S e^'dno, B. Banw 

y of oabbaff. 

Jinse, 1 kot; Z CM. I. «- [cAnsEn; Cins"- 
iNo.l To produce: effect; oompel. IL 
n. 1. That which produces any Ihing or 

i,"^* : 

CMUe'mT, I kas'wS; S eu'wk, n. A 
nised road, aa over nuinby ground. 
au'Ot, 1 kea'tik; 2 esa'tic 1- a. Cor 

rodina; oorroeive; aarcMtio. 11. ■. A 

Us'i-ci: Seqa-tlc'l-ty, ■. eaiutlc-ii«st. 
m'lM-liear-lM, Iko'tsr-au; 2^'ieT-tt, 

Un nr a hot Iron caii*lw-+«a'Ior -ao* 

pi.] The act of eaiileriiina; a'ca'uteiiiizii 
lu'tlon, 1 ke'ALsn:£ef'shon. To 

II. n. 

1 kS'shBD-t^; a 

RlPRESENTATlVE TypM or Cattu!. 
umatA bulL 3. Aberdeea-Anre buU. *. G&llowar bull. S. Dei 
cd CDV. a. Polled Durtlflm con. 9- W«flt HlcblAad gov. 10. I 
Elwd buU, 12, JeEBey cow, 13. GuflmHy cow, 14. Ayrvtiln o 

Digilizcdt, Google 

1 kBv'Bl-ked'; 2 d 


ea*«a-UeT','l kiv'B-lir'iB i&v'a-let'. ' I. o. 

Free mciesay; offhuid^ IiBlighly, II. n. 

l.[C-I AroyaliBtoppoQoot of the English 

Puritans, Z. AhoraemBQ;kniahtilover, 

BBCort— «T"»-ltortT, ode. 
OT'al-ry, 1 kav'el-n; 3 tiv'ai-iy, n. 

»-ler'l-tr, 1 «i-ler 
Qhiclcaoss; speed. 

. [-mi»>. (H.l I-uoai 


(s'n-tl'Da. 1 


\ niitural i!avity in 

es'dial:2|»-]«a'chal. 1. a 
nine t^ the sky or hoav«n: 
ChiiKse. n. n. 1. A 
le, S. [C-l A Chin™. 

:l'l-b»4r, 1 8Gl'i~be.«; 2 c^i'i 


rM"l-ar', 1 kaVi^Sr'; 2 <l 


caw, 1 ke: 2 <«. 

IX. n. The cry 
C>r-«iuie', 1 1 li 

Axnericoji ailisa 

"J^fflSn' U.""! 




3 5*^ 

atop; dfflisE.— cesKtesa, a. OmtLntUng 

ce'dar, 1 s'dsr; 2 Ee'du-. n. A larEs eveT- 

grnti tree of the pine fomify. 
Mde, 1 Bid: 2 5Sd. Pi, [oFD'En^r CBn'ma.I 

' celln-tar, lBel'yu-Ier;2¥)'l'yu-l8r, 0. Of. 

pertaJDiiut to, or like a coll or nils. 
. celln-lold, 1 sel'yu-loid: 2 cM'yu-lSid, n. 

A hard elaatic oompound. prepared from 

CelC, 1 Belt; 2 (!l!It. n. One of the family 
Ibat includes the Irish. Welsh. Bretona, 
stf.— CrlCle,!!. An. 

Celf. Ti. A prahismrio implement or weap- 

c-meBt', 1 si-ment'; 2 c-m(nt'. i"". rf. 
A vi. To eover «ith or join by cement; 
units; cohere. IL n. A subatanee fot 
joining ohjeets by adhesion: a motlar-Hke 
subatance tor producing a hard, smooth, 
or water-proof aurfaw. 

To XI 

. I Bll; i 

Cfl, . 

cdllng. I ^'10 ; 2 (^Vin 

liead eovering of 

■i-brft; 2 cSre-biHt. 



MU'o-Ute, 1 sen'o-boit: 2 cbi'o-blt, n. A 

monH.- een'o-Mtlt, <«ii"iKUt1-««l, a. 
MD'o-tslAi ) 1 sen'o-tnf: 2 9ea'o-Isf, n. 
wn'D-UP, /An empty tomb. 
■ea'str, 1 Bsn'sar: 2 (^n'sir. n. A Tes- 

m nSciat exomiosr empowered to prohil^t 
.ubiisalion of RianuseMita; one «ho een- 
2. An ancieDt Roman 
lillbiMjlng. -It, a 

>.] "tS i 

iDuniberinAof the people of 
, 1 sent; 3 e&il, n, Thoooc- 

EDgluh bundndwngbt, 112 poundi. 
MB'Un, 1 KD-Ur or IF.) •ofl'ai'; E (*)'- 

CCD 'taur, I Hn'tac ; 2 '^n-Ur. n. A ffibl»d 
tnonBtcr, baJf msa snd faiilf hone. 

cep 'te-nm-rr, lBen'ti-De-n;2 5*n'te-nB-ty. 
L a. Of or Hnairung to « hundred or 
B eeotiirv. ^I. n. Tbim", pil 1. A 
hu&dreilth anuivBr^aiyr Z- A period of 
A aundrea 7«duii. — cen"t*-n*'ri^ui, n. One 

anything, especially of a olrcde.-'CeD'tcr* 
[or -m-]tilt*, n. A bit wHli a cmugg edie 

cen-tef '1-nul, ] M>n-t«s'i-iiiBl ; 3 c^n-th'i- 
mal.a. One-hundredth. 

een'tl-Bnde, 1 seQ'l>£rSd;2 (Bn'ti-grid, a. 
Graduated to a scale of 100°. Onffiecen- 
linrade thermoDieteT thefneiiii^-poiDt of 

caBtt^mm or -crarant, i np'ti-mm: 2 
Ciatftiim, HD'U-ll'tcc or -U-tre, 1 nn'- 

actJDe from the oenter 
- eCD-tniM-Btlon oi 

reiaied to a nenovenur. ecntil-ealt- 

cen-trir'u-al, 1 sen-trlf'yu-cal; 2 e^ 

lrIF'yi]-tar a. Tending away from t 

ccih.tilii'e-tal, 1 Ben-trip Vtal ; 2 sfc-irfp'e- 
taj, a. TciidUic towan] a centa-. -ly, irda 

ccatn-^e. 1 1 sen'tiu^l: 2 oen'ta-jjl, a. 

eeD'ta-pl', / lapieaBcd a tundiedfold. 

ccD-tu'il-aD, lien-tia'n-BniScSn-tll'n-oii, 
n. A nomaa oaptain, otieuiaUy of ■ 
bundled men. 

eentu-rv, Isen'ifliu-lDr-tiu-- - - 

>-ntul1c,)l Bi-fal'ik;' 3 i*^ 
t-fBlIC, Ste-tWit.a. Of, W J 

ce'nte, 1 arrtt^ 2 «f'TSt, n. An ointment 

of oil 01 lard, vith mi. eu. 
ee'iBt-ed, 1 ai'ret-ed; S ^'rst-£d, a. Cot- 

le bralnT moniS.- w'l-bmtlBB, 
t, lalr'menl or-mmt; 3 fer'ment. 

nmrplno! Dg-me'tett ICrJ. 

pOK,* or ths like. I. p^---- 
tledlKlief; mvund; 
t. iDdBOnlui one: r 
••r-tin-li; E cer-lln-ly, __.. 

mt— e«'i«K^.''"i 

.; a cBr'ti-D, t*. ft ■ 

eer'tl-tude, 1 sni'ti-tlad; E 9< 
P«rf«ot ODofidcDoe; OHund for 

il-tnd, ; 


lor'vtiBl; 2 «Sc'vi-««I, Q, 

«, or Dear the neck. 

1 i»-«a'fii*D; a c^-aA'ahoD, i 

oes'slOD^ Ise^'BD; 2 geah'on. n. The u 

of oedinf; surrender. 
eess'BOOl't 1 Bea'pOl': 2 ^a'p gar. n. 
c«-tm'ce>D, 1 ii-u'^Bo; 2 i^U'shsn, i 

chat'ikq.I To 


chidP, *i. Ooodp^utund rullery; bantfiT. 

— clui^ ftf. A M. Td pakfl FnD (aE) ; banter. 
durfcr, 1 ifhafur; 3 cUf'tT. L n. 'i'o 

dispute mbout pHoe^ bsr^D; haegle; 

ohftt1«T. IL n. A diBputatiouB bainin^ 

etufnoneli. 1 rfhaI'infli;'s'aSTii^n.' A 
rtaflofHib", 1 dhefiD-diih'; S chU'ing- 

rt>« tTin'. 1 Ai»«rm' or -0tii'; 2 fha-filn' 

DT-tHu'. I. i4. Tohumiliite; mortify. 

tL n. Diuppoiotiaant uid wouQdfid 

pTida; mortifioatiOQ. 
dubt, 1 dhao: 3 cUn. 

u vith > cbiua. II 

[ina of 100 lisla. 
tbMi, 1 &Ai; 2 
■at with fc 

[. ((. To faMen, 

DuilepandabaelE; n 

eballce, U <aisl' 

cbml'I*', /iatbc 

ch»lb, 1 lihek; 2 

with ehalk. II 

ft.i. PtMOltl. 

jchil'iCpVi. Aem>aaad 

I'd dil 

lullli, 1 ^hal'i; 2 fhl-Y.. 
lUl'WooI fabrio. 
eh^-trb'tcktc, 1 k»-Llb'i-«t: 

cbamlieT, 1 1018111111 



■CI, i uiiDui nor: 2 chSnl'bSr, n. A 
afl[>ecUUy a bedroom; ariy «nc1oaed 

ctumTer, 1 i5hain'fer: S chKm'ter. I. it. 
To bowl. IL ». A bBvel. 
m'olH, I dham'] vf &iAia'tA', 2 cblml 
ch&m'ei, n. 1. A mountBin ulelope. 
A mtt leather. 

n'o-mtle, n. Buna ai uhouli. 
mpt, 1 iHiaEnp; 2 ch&mp. (I. ^ ». To 
te impaljeatly. as a baree Che bit. 
ni-paffn«^i 1 ^arn-p£n'; £ c^fiTi-p^'f 

cham-iNtliii'i 1 dham-p«n'; S ^hia-pta', 

n. Flat and open iround. 
cham'iil-oii, 1 lihani'pi-Hi; 2 chKm'pt-oo. 

oat«id for; odvooi 

defendfl a parwn, principJe, 

a'Ml, 1 iHii 
4ce about tb 

ChSn'CelHH'i /c&-l<jr.n. A high officer of 
BtBte or ol a lulvHslty.— clun'rel-lDr-shlp, 
rban'cel-ilT-alitD, n. 

dUD'cH^T, 1 dhaa'Bsi-i; Z ch&n'cEr-y. n, 

«Il«n^de-ll«^"i''flian'd»-llr'; 3 chSn-de- 

ler, I cihaa'dli 
dIBr, n, ■ ■ 

«lull«, 1 ihiaj; 2 chllni. I. rf. ft 
IcHANaBD: cHANo'iHo.] 1. To make 
become different; convert; alter; vi 
2. To eichonge; mteFchange. ILn. 
The aoE or Iftct of chvuEiag: aJterati 
■ubstitution: %. nibsUtute. 2. Ss 
moiHy. S. An eiidium.- ehsmn'^l 
l-tr.n. eluiite'>-M(«-iwu>'t — cbanr 

Change Olns, 1 ("hBnj'lm; E chaog'llne, n. 
1, An il^Bivored child ouppoBorT to Ssve 
been substituted by fairies for a beautiful 

ChBa'tl-cIeei, 1 dhan 

cha'os, 1 ks'ns: 2 cA'Ss 

,e unformed primal 

I To orack »id 

ebap, 1 dh&p; 3 chjlp, 

--_„ tbcBkin 

chap^ n. A crack, ai 

'!lup^ n. [Colloq.I A icLiDw; mo. 

*»p", 1 lihep; 2 ch»p, n, A jaw; in U» 

plural, the mouth and cbeeks. 
!hap^aPTal', 1 imapVral': 2 ohSp-a-iai', 
n. A taojEle of dwarf oak, low thorny 

; 2 chdp'fl, ! 
2. A cbapel a 
p'er-On: S fh 

rried « 

chBp'lUI'eD, ) 1 iHiop'fal'n; 2 ch^p'fat'n, 
Cbop'lkll'eti, jn. DejecleU; crestfallen. 
ehaplain, 1 <!liap'lm; Z chlip'lin, n. A 
nunialer ot olertDTnan aaugned to qiecisi 
dutias, aa holding the relisious services of 
a leeialature, a regiment, or on board ebip, 
— duuHalD-CT, B. j-cine". pi,] The dIEm 

duplet, 1 liluip'let; 2 chi.p'l(t. n. A 

wreath or garland; necklace; rosarv. 
chap'msD, 1 fliap'men: 2 chSp'm 

ran, pl.j A pedler. 

i^ l^e cleri 

1. A 

iB'BiNo.j ToEcorch; bum to charcoal. 

flouFS: mark: ti 
Be. I. a. Ttai 

; designate; dlstlagulah.— dwi'ac-ta- 

de', 1 flift-red' or -rod': 2 (ha-rid' or '■ 

, n. An acted riddle. 

oal", 1 dharTiel"; 2 dbir'tor, n, A I 

chsae', n. I. Eunen punuit. % ' 
which 19 pursunl. 3. lluntinc; hui 
CDlle<:tivefy; the hunt *. [En«.l A 

. thas"»t', 1 «ha'( 

3 ei^m, n. A ymwnlps 

u'i-tF, 1 ifliat'i-ti;2 chSr'i-ly, 

SI 1. LibeiHlityi almsgivinc 
nevolence. CbristisD Inve; 

tbat Ik-tan, 1 ^ai'ti 


__ .jptivatcr fasdnste: delight: be fss- 
ciastins. Il.n. 1. The power of alluF- 

tion^besuty. 2. A maeicnl jpeli;«nnifet. 
— rtotna'tr, n.— eliBmiliiCt pa. Elavlng 

diiciplma by pain 
dofteti; purify. 3| 


Btato oi quality o 
chattimiat; 2 chill 


i.«r. II. n- Be 
cbi'leauM da 


country .«. J 

chst'e-Ulne. I 

1 A.sfi-I«D;I 
3 sh»tVlRn,l 
n. 1. A chain ^ 

I riKhte or pHviTcffea; basa 


Licle of personal 

cbst'ter, I dhat'sr; 

1. To click (the t 

:. To talk fan hi 

EllMpt 1 Alp; 2 ehep. a. Low ii 

«. Art. 

A RAme played on » ch 
dr^usbr^ ^— «hepk'erilKiud''t 

ctiecli'msle''> 1 lihek'mit': i 
Id. ■(. CAeu. To put (n 

detest by a skiUuI mviei] 

Thp act orpoflition of check: 

ebcek. 1 iHirk; 2 ch?k. t 

I aoalogouA ps 
lip: 3 ehep. i.' & n. Chirp 
I cheerful; applaud with chee; 

■rty; wUllM.'— eheei'ful-lyi 


S;h«,n. Amslebeadtc 


That soience 

kem'uMn; 2 rf 
whioh tf«l« 
omposed of at 


taperinf cigar cut olt at both enda. 
clier>r> 1 (!her'i; 2 ch^r'y. I. a. 1. Liks 

a cbnry: red. S. Made of chfliryvood. 

IL n. fcBEH'Kira", p(.] A miiill red 

or reddiib fltozte-fruit; alao. the tree that 

bean it, or its wood. 
cbCT'nb, 1 iflier'ub: 2 ch«r'nb, n. 1. 

[chbb'dbb, pi.] A 

beautiful wmeed 

child, I ' 


An anjEcIic being. 

ehn'up, 1 dher'op; 

2 chlr'ep, I. A n. 

Chimip: chirp. 

eb«s, 1 (ihsa; 2 chE^ dmnlKni 

a checkered board, g„,,n77.iin«i/. 

!heal,l dhest;2 ch^st, n. 1 
aa for packing, t. The pi 
eocloBed by the ribe; 

cheat 'DUt, 1 dhes' 

reddifth-brawn colnr. H 
rtiea'oatt. ^ 

:he'tah, 1 dhl'te; B 

^her'n-IIer', 1 fl,ev*B-»i""- 

llr'-, 3 thevVIer'. fi. A kniiht; caTfJior. 
chet'ron, 1 ftav-rea; 2 (bSv^ron, n. jlfa. 

A V-duped 

cbew, 1 dhD: 
or ghod »i 

ined officer's o 
.Ih the teeth; iroi 

. . ^, lethine chewed. 

Cbl-«>ne'. 1 6bi-kin';2 chi-cin', n. 

peny trickery, irlib (Kir pnneniH. f 

thWe, TSaid; 2 chtd, r 
dhid, 2 chid (CBODE, ISth 
1 idlid'n. 2 ohid'n, oi 
CHin'mo.) 1. To rebul 

in BdulterAlJna cof7e< 


F. I. a. Highwt; great Eal 
._,. ..nee, ll.n. Anitcr.leadei 
priDclpa] pm.— eUsriTi »<•. 
, I tthU'tiB-. 2 cha'lin, n. Th 
& HighlUkd cUd; chief; letujei 

— Said'hdiMi 

CbMICH. 1. BlvlQf no rbUdn 
adv. •ness. n.- chUdlIke', i. 

CbUI-ad, 1 kii'i-ad; 2 cll'i-Kd, n. . 
Ewnd; epeciScaUy, n thou&and yei 


clllln-pmn'iec,li<hiin-pa.ii'il:2 chliD-p&n' 
■a. 1. AWest-Africao »pe. about 5 foQ 
in hEight. 

chin, 1 dhia; S chin, n. The cectnl ■□> 

ctll'IU, 1 <!hai'nBt BohI'M7". 1- |C-1 ^ 
nn*t.— CU'iUi-BUUI, n. One o( Ut 

eblael^ i i%in<^; 2 chloch. n. 1. A bu| 
dertructive to grain. S. The bedbug. 

eUn-ehUla, l aiin-dhil'B: 2 ehln-cbtl'i. n 
A nquirrel-like rodent of the Andes, it 
ooft, pcflrty<STty fur, or a woolen imita 

,. n. .inff. or pi A native of Ohini 
.c race or the language oi Chins. 
Jji, 1 dhiflk: 2 chlok. I*. K, 4 «, T 
pen in chinks; make a ehink; crack; rinj 

open in chink 



mOok-'n. ANoHh. 

chl-TOg'm-iy', /ra-[y,n. Stvie or char. 

act«r of handwrltlnc. — cU-rof'ra-^ier, n 

— chl^ro-Era^l-CSI. a. 
ebl-rop'n-dlai, 1 Liai-rop'o-diat: 2 tl-iip'a- 

wfU,d]i; bd&k. bdftt: tgll, rqle. cDre, bilt,barn; fill. bSr; to. temi ipk; tbin, tbl*. 

cblrp, 1 iHiurp; 2 nhlrp. I*, vl. k n. Ta 
utter with a chirp; eiv« a chirp, 11. n- 
A ahort, ehHll sourid, aa of a cricket. 

CblrTup, 1 iHiir'up; £ chlr'ilp. I'. K. * n. 
Tochini. n. n. Aohirp;acheery Hmnd. 

ChU'el, I lihii'el; 2 cbl^'SJ. 1. K. [cnis'- 

cUt'bI-it, 1 . - 

The koicbtl}' systfm 

*. A bod? br knlnhii—^f ■«!-(!<, i 
Pertalnliw to chivalry — ehli'sl-rou*. < 

lie -lr> adK •tins, n. 
cblo'nl, 1 klO'rol: E ela'ral, n. A wdi 

tive prepared from ctiloim fUid alcoho 

chlo^, 11 klO'nn,-noor-nn;B_«18' 

n,n. Chem 

bl^wihlng and disinl 
cblo'rcKfonn, 1 kl 
larm. 1. n. To w — 
to. II. n. Aoolorlea, 



of plantB. 
chock.lAokLE^Wlt- I^iK.Ari. Tofit 

iu tightly. 11. n. A bloelt or wedge. 
ch«ck'<fall", 1 rihek'-ful'; 2 ch5k'-ful'. a. 

Complelelx full ; full Ifl orowding;. 
Clwc'tMlate, 1 diak'o-lit: 2 chOk'o-lst. n. 

ivilege of ohoofliDg; preference 


■, J temper ■ 

1 kal'ar-B; E cSI'ft 

1 i5hSl.3ch8^, c 

. lilisi 

BtTokes; hew; 

1. To t 

__ . ST'To <5rap!°*5.*'To TO , .._ 
wind. ILn. l.AcutofmeatcontflimM 
a rib. 2. A cleft or fisaure. 3. An act <^ 
chapTunK.oratODlforchoTirinR. t.Ajaw. 
hOP'per, n. Oho who or tj 

hop'-atleki', I Chap'- (mm^~~~ — If 

ssr.v^™""' IT f 

cho'ral, 1 bO'csl; 2 eC'rat, n. PertaioinK 

cboni, 1 kotd; 2 «6rd.' I''. , «. A m.' To'fur- 

mon^Mwrd. 'il,'^i?'A'harm"nioiS 

imonly in ttie plDml. 

tbiriUl«r, 1 ke;^,^ter; 


,(1 'ftiof; 3 chaf, . AHUiturB,aaof3ok' 
cbmt'dw. 1 dhau'ditr; Z iihow 

CiiHit, 1 kraist 

. The Anoinl«d: 

D bBpdsn: bsptlu — CtariataD- 

Uui luiU. or cliFlitlaiii solleetlvely; Out 

Chrb'tUn, 1 krii'dhen; S crla'chan. I. a. 
Relatins to Chriit or his doctnoe or his 
lollowMB. IL n. A dimiplB of Chrirt, or 

Ctalfa^mt-tt, 1 ktM'fliHui'i-ti; E irtg'- 
Blil-iii'l-ty, n. Tlw ChrinUB rallilon.— 
Cllflfltlu SfllsDCCt a BTBt«ni ot monJ snd 
rell^oiu iBstmntoD, taimded b; Mtur 
BUS Q. Bddj (IMfll.sad eomtiLiiiid with 
m nwUud ot tiBMInc dUeus nustiiUy. 

Cbrtufnuw, 1 kris'iius; S erfs'iaas, n. 
The 25tb ot DecemlMr, celebrated sa tha 
auoiversuy of tha birth of Christ. 

eluvMiiatlc. 1 kRHnat'ik; 2 cro-mSt'ie, a. 

!□ ooJors. cki**ina-iltl>'»i(nplit. 

cfaroa'lcU kiso'ik; 3 crSn'ie, a. Co 
croDlc*. J tiniuna for ■ long period; i 

clin>ii*a-li«1-eal, a. thna'a-io^tz.- 
ttaou'a-Uift-tti'lJ, f- 

n'e-ter, 1 km-aeinVtsr; S t 

tbrjt'a-Us, 1 i 

l-U^Ba. 1 -I.B-ei, a -Ifa-b, or -AL'!-DIB, 

l-«l'i-dIi.S-Rl'i-ii6«,iJ.I The pupa of an 
insect. oDcloaed in a shaU from which the 

cIiiT»-aD'tIie-nitim, 1 kris-Ba'<hi-m^ 
cij!»«D'the-mtim. i. A plant of the 
family, with Isrse heads of showy fie 

clirTi'i>-Utc, 1 kris-o-liit: S cij>b'o-I' 
An oliTevffreen mineral: used as a ^ 

ehnb^r. 1 tfhnb'i; S chab'y. a. Fhirap; 
rounded. [as under the chia. 

ctaDcbit, li<huk:3ch{ik,tl. Tapatortap, 
chnrk", vi. To duok. like a fowl. 
ebaelP. n. A playful pat or toas. 
ctlQrki, A, A clamp; ohock. 
cIiDel[>, fi. A oluck. IChoi&^ull. 

ebDck'-mU-, 1 >mDk'-(ul'; E chfik'.fwl', a. 
chackle, II dhok'l; S chtik']. I. •<■ 

Tolauiitoonesell. IL n 

pnweed. or broken laugh. 

hdreli, 1 tthonlh;^ 2 chflicb. r 
buildinJE for GhnsUan worship, i 
tinnt body of Ctria' 

L, n. Food redueed 
process of digeation. 
a; 2 cH/a-trfs, n. A 

. . is Mitated to 

_ ebnmtiw, n. 

chate, 1 dtot; 2 9b\|t. n. An indinsd 

chyle, 1 kail; 2 eh, n. A nutiilive fluid 
formed durmg dim'atinn 

to liquid form in 
cte's-trla>, /sear. 

H™d: '-raizlNal'^To'loraia™^*^ 

a-ttt-sallaDer-u'tlon, n. 
efee-ro'nc, 1 dhi'iilie-ro'nBorBisVra'm; S 

chl'che-ra'ne or (jltVro'ne, n. [-N1, -BIB, 

1 -nl, -nfa: 2 -nl, -nea, p(.] A local guide. 
cl'der, 1 aai'der; 3 cl'dBr. n. The oi- 

pnaaed juice nl Bpplca. [Former. 

d'^^irant'f l tf'^de-vdfi'; 3 oT'Hle-^A', a, 
rl-Kar', 1 si-Rcr'; E ci-«ftr', n. A_ imall roll 

.-sn;E c1^m«'ri-aii. 

A br<nd uddlc-^rth, knotted into | 
dD-tlio'Ba, 1 •in-ka'nii; 2 dn-co'c 

Peruvian bark: tha (out™ of quiaii 

tree that yield] tUg buk. 
clnc'toIWi 1 slnk'i^ur or -tinr; S dv 

or -tor. n. k belt or girdle. 
«lil'd«r, 1 Bb'dar; E cin'dft, b. A t 


S. Sof. A pl&nt J 
[obed lesvM. J 

II. n. 

nonoKnuq, c^pberl- p»rtd(« 

Cli-te'an, 1 ssr-el'an; 2 vlr^yan, 

witching aod dcEradiQff, like the ( 

tflB9 Ciroe, who iranfiionoed n 

•iJr'kl; 3 (Ir-el, rt. A b 
^(e>d»; oib'climq.1 To. 

elPeU;^!. Gexm. ._ 

by a curved liDecallod tbe orcum^i , 

everywhere equally difltant from a point 

--"■ "?dthe cenleri alH, Ihecircum- 

,1hmgeircular:aring. 3. 

. i. The c 

B-iihm called th 

oe G^uro bounded 

i-ui^W; '-u-,'.„„j -1.-,. 

abroad; diatmiiiaU. IL t. 
a eoDipletQ drcuil. aa the bl< 
the boajjbeooine diffiiHe4l» a 

cQ-la-to-ry. a. Ol or patoMilg to etreulir- 
Ir'cun^ 1 liir'kum-j 2 (Ir'efim-, prpli. 

cir'eiiiii>«lie'. Tea 

iNO.) To perfom 

i; 3 tir'cl 

L .6rTtnm-(l<;k«; 2 plr'elliii- 
nark t " " *) uacd over a 

falling tone. 

11, o. iaTio^^u^" ' 

'Hon, 1 «6r-kum-lo-ki0'- 

Im-lo-efl'Bhan, n. Iiulii«ct 


clT'eiun-UT'l-n , . .... ^^^ ■-m^-, 

2 tlr'ettm-nSv'i-gM, rl. [-OiT'an''; -oat*- 

la'aoa. %.— dr'eani-i>a*t'i*-(oTi n. 
slT'caiD-po'lmr, 1 uur'liuni-pO'liir: 2 clr"- 
eLim-p^'lar, a. Ne&r. aiLffouadiiis, or 

ilr'euni.icTlbe', 1 afrrninDi-ekraib'; S 
5lr'ellm-«errt>', li. [-scbibed'; -ecBiB"- 
mo.l To draw arouiu!; iiioii;deiiiw, — df^ 

ipelit; S clr'- 

eUm-mScC, a. Watchful, ■ 
— di'cnin-siwc'tlan, cir'c 

clr'caDi>TeDt'<, 1 Borlii 

thing Incidenla]; 


on eiKsumnaneia, 

: DlvlUiUig.dtllie 

D of & ri^t; a light ur tilla. ■■ 

molluik; one of van 
damlfer, 1 Id^Tjar; 

elt'rte,l>i?rJt:2sIt'rie,a. : 
f niitil ol the i?DiLii Ciilrui', w 
tha onnce, lemon, lime, ete 

dfroD. 1 ait'rm; 2 cit'ron, n. 
a lemcn-butlugeruid 
loH soid; also, the tree ^ 
(aitrOD-CrM)yie1dii]< it. 

ttt'J, 1 Bt'i; 2 dt'y, n 
Icit'iib". pi.) A plaoe )| 
m!i»biied by s Ihtkb, a 
pmnaDenl. oqtaiiiied m 

clatnp, 1 kl 

-omj, -Ir, 

bindinK tofetber 


Lk-Uko odor : the 

ji called dtet'cai. 

n'~^a^&V,n. Union JjD.Dti.M'. S. Jnr- 

fbn^es'tluc, 11 tlan-des'tin; EdlQ-dW- 

■ clan-dea'tlii*,|tin.n. Kepteerret; oon- 

oeated.— -It. ait. RKretlT- _ 

:)uiK, I klaij; B elSng. 1. «. & n. To 

EenJ forth aa a dang. II. n. A nnpIH 

ilan'sor, 1 kl&g'aBri S tlSo'eoi 
peatfd cliuiglnc; oLatnor. dm 

nu^noUtsata; also, i. eifn 
drl-llae or-lbe, 1 nv'i-laii 

•loii: 2dv^ 
, bring filo 

tz w9lf,dft;b«6k, Mat; (^mKcCra, bill, bOm; ill, b«y; to, Jem; ink; thin, aHa. 


quitkly or middenly, '11. n. The not . 

tlut nhlcD clapa.— clkp'tnp', n. Sometlili 
dadgnBd bo evokp apudaun^ cbeap or unwa 

ClsptHnrd, 1 klap'betd; 2 cl.lp'bAnl, : 

An orerlnppine board in the sbenthioc < 

a honas; a. veather-boaid. 
clar'et, 1 klar-et; a clirtt. n. A w 

cUrl-iy, 1 klE 

1 -foii 2 -n 




i-Hi; 3 tlftr'i-aD, n. A 

ctolll, 1 klash] a «IIlah. I'. U. ii ti. To 

flict; interfere. .II..K. A 'confused re- 

elup, 1 klosp: 3 eMao. I^C u. To take 
hold of; fasten. U.n. I. An oveilnp- 
pins faaleiuDg. a3 of a book. 2* A firia 

elawil kliu; 2 cidis. I*, tt. To eroup in 

tlBS'sle, 1 klBs'ili; 2 eUlB-ie. 
GiHt mnk in literature or 

■me quality ot tK^nK oIiAHIc&l. fJu'ol-eaJ- 

clu'ef'}^, 1 klas'i-fu; 2 cLIs'i-fl, t^. 

« olaasee.— cl«"al-&<<s'(laii, 1 Mas"!-!!- 

clat'ter, 1 klat'or; Sel&Cer. 1. ct.±m 
rBtble;malteaclHtter. IL n. Aral 
Dotaei noisy talk: cbatter.- <Ut'Uc-«r, 

clsosf). Iklai; 2clH,n. I. AdiatincC 
of a composition, as a paragraph, divi 

X. Gram. I 
is'Ual. 1 ktoB'trel; 

uratch as wit^ clam 

cUr, 1 kla; 2 eli, n 

oUr'CDorb 1 k 

-de, tuffix. A dlmlnutlT' 

clesD, 1 kiln; 2 el?n. I. 

clcanM). ^I. a. ¥m 

«>m'pl"e. " iIl orfc.^ 

dMUly, 1 Ulnii; 3 cl#ii1y, adt. In a 
"eanscllklenE; 2 d*ii8, •(. [cleanbed: 
eaae^ Jcleans'inoJ To free from dirt 

car, 1 kllr; 2 cl«r. ' I. tt. '& ti. 1. To 

make or become dear; bri^ht^n; clarify: 
^lean! Irpf.- itfnmt- 3. To gain over and 
1. Free from 
:ens: uncloud- 

, .ntsi liable, a. 

from teaponaibilHy. detect, guilt, or 
QcemiBh, 3. without deduction; net. 4. 
Undieturbed: serene. S. Piun; evident. 
III. n. Unbroken or unobstructed dis- 
tance orspacB. IF. adv. Wholly; com- 
pletely; quite; clearly; (dalulr. — deu^ri 
adi.— elaa^"'- 
clesT'ance. 1 

anything tliat 


ilear'tng, 1 kllrti); 3 cler'inic, n. A 
ing or becoming clear; that which is 

cleat, 1 kilt; 2 el^t. Id. i 
«ith ^ cleat or ckata, 11 

cleBTC, )1 kllv; 2 clfv, u. 

To out through; sunder; er^t. 
M'a-bl(»r, 1 kllv-e-bl; s eKv-a-tl, a. 

CapaUe ot beinc cli 


eleft.""^ -- -, 

fissure; crevice; rifl. 
clem'B-tis, 1 kl«m'B-tL9; S el. 

A perennj&l flowciiri;; plAiit ol 

foot (smily. 
clem'eD^y, 1 klem'en-si: 2 cl 

MildncBO towttid - ■ 
,— dem'gM, a 

clep"to-nui'nl->, i 
tlew'gr, 1 klur'ji; a cierg 
ores", p(,] Tbo body of ni 

el«'ie,'lkler'ik;s'cT(iPii. 17^' Clerical. 
II. n. Asa. Ch. A clerk is holy orders. 

dert-cal, 1 klsr'i-kel; 8 eiar-l-eal, a. 1. 
Of or beloQEiag to tiie cleiEy. t. Of or 
pertaining to fl clerk or clerks or of pen- 
raanalUp.— cicilcal enor. so arm of Insd- 
Tsteoce In a writing. 

tletl£, 1 klurk ^Eag. kidrk): 2 d&k (E-io, 
eUlrk), n. 1. One vho keeps records or 
accounts; a Becretary; (TJ. 5.]. a salesman. 
Z. Ang. Ch. One who leads in Che ro- 
BDDnse&-(lerk'>hlp, ■. 

cler'eT, 1 k:cv'er; S ciflv'Sr, a. Resdr and 

dew, I'lSiTs eiu. !..(." i Tom™"* 
fasten by or as by » clew. 3. To coil or 
ToJ up into a bunch. II. n. I. A 
thread that guides through b maie; som^' 
thing that leads to the solution of a mys- 
tery. Z. A loop at the comer of aLsait. 
». A ball of yam. dnet. 

eU'ent, 1 kioi'ent; £ tlTSnt, 

whom an attorney acta. 
cWm-tela', 1 kld'en-m* or -tel'; 2 

cUIT,'li''i'(: Scllf. a. Ahigh, st 
rUr. J a precipice. 

lail, by bending 

d firmly, aa by 
:. n. Medical 

cH'dui, 1 klDj'mi 

Dg, lkliQ;St]biE,R. I 
illingfCLiNa'nioT Tol 
(rssping; adhcn; stick 
n'lc, 1 kUn'ik; Z elln 
nitructioa at the bedi 
'll-Dhiue'ti 1 kh-iilt': B 

cUnk, 1 kli^k; S cUak. It. u. & n. 
ie a cUnk; strike smartly. II. n. 
ht ringing sound, as of giasi 

..-V by coal In burning. 
CU'o, 1 hLol'a; 2 ilfo, n. Or. Mmh. Mi»i 

oWc Doelry and history. Klel-ft'l IGr.l. 
!llp, 1 klip; E clip. n. [clipped' or cl! 
clip'fiko.I To trim with shears; si 

cloak, 1 klok; 2 elflk. I', vl. A n*. To 

cover with or put on a olo^i dJSEuise: 
conceal. If. b. A kxise outer garmenti 

lack^^'klnk; 3 cISk. n. A machine tor 

clod, I kled;3eI5d. \. vt. & li. [clod'' 
dedJ; clod'diko.I I. To throw clodt 
(at). X. To turn into clods. IL n. 
A lump of clay; theaoil; anything earthy 

cocka tnee 

„ 11. n. A CDO^Iau 

doth, 1 kiait: Ztt&th.n. A wovrti laonc. 

ckrtbe, 1 klOtti; 3 elath, cL [clothed ot 

eL.D, 1 kind, 2 cIM; ci.otu-iko,] To 

ooveioTprovidewithclotbes: dnn. 

dotbes, 1 iH&i: 2 «]Sth;, n. pi. Gar- 

elotbler, 1 Ustb'yir; 2 dsth'yfr. n. Ont 

who maku ur Delta claths nr elothint-. 
clath1iiK,lkiath'iq;2eiacfa;inE.n. Dn«; 

<ti>*Mra', l' UStllr'; i dStOr'. n. A dotni 

covet or De G<jT«r«<l with douds; nt^ke ot 
becooM darit; duken; obamir* 

1, 1 klnud. 2 (laud, 
be covered ' 

d«i| dMU-. . 

ot TJnble vuK>r Boatiu id the mi 

A ouiiie « TinUe vapor floatiu id the Air; 
■omethlDt that obsaum, darken*, « 
timjiouded: dear.— dendV. a. 1 

KlooDay; otocore: vmnie; omfa 

tODt. 1 klaiit; 2 cLnut. n. t. 
: patch; ng. S. Tbet 

leafed plant of 1^ bcBo faioily. 

anlfTman.— doinlab. 

■licfci oudKi. «. A bUck three-lobed 
Hpor.Dnnplayini^t^rd; a. card so marked- 
-dDbbed. 3. shaped or uaed like a Hub. 
— HaVtoof, ■. Comretilia] (UaumiHi o< 
the tooL-elab'tfaat'ed, n. 
cliib>. I. tt. <£ n. To onntributP to a 
imnwii purpoee; miiibiiie: joiB; fonn k 
lub. II. n. AnorganiiBIioiiofpenoiia, 

ilklDu; ZEionc tnji. A n 

1,11 kludh; 3 dOch. i. I'. /. To 
VMoaQ oasaviy; BnAp (irmly- 11< 
^oaoKtcb; cauh: with ol- 
,1, K- li A pnverful eraop; ticLt 

dH(«li', n. A setliDE o[ ekeb; ■ brood. 

dBtten, 1 klut'ar^ )i clflt'Si. I. K. T 

diMideri Utter. IL n, A diionierei 

cmftCT<. I. n. To' clatter; Di&ks 
BtAsB. II. n. A clnttflilnc noise. 

i kiWh; 3 «i 

™6b.'' II! n. 1. Ala^ 

S. A tnlm; tralnBT,— "" 

rf.) 0» wlm ilriv« 

nru-JU'tiM, 1 fco'n-jO'ter ur 

mmI. 1 kOl: 2 «ai. 
with (nal. II. 
■tance derived I 




i; blend.— cs"m-l«'- 

A THiacd bouDcUiy oi 

rr.] Compofled nf large or niueh 

lkam:2so«t. Iii.ti 

II. n. I. Ths 

■BMhoro; foT- 
l. [U. &.1 A 

An upper and 

2. [U. S.] TLe Bp^ke of an ear of m>i». 

5. A fftrong. thi(UL4et. sboft'leEged hone, 
colmlt, 1 kstwlt; 2 Ed'liilt, n. A tou^ 

■teeU^ray metaJlio element tliat forms 

blue pismenu. 
mblilcl 1 ketiT:2e5b'l.ii. [cob'blbd.cob'- 
eobT, f LD'i cob'buko.I 1.1. Torepiuc. 

ss boots; aake domxily. II. i. To work 

ce of iDdi* Ibat a 
1 brood hood. 

coh'wehVl kob'web-; 2 rtb-wB 

{cOn'WMaU.',- OM'WTB'llMa.l 

as with cobwebs. H. n. Tfi' 

n. A white, bitter substance obtained 
from cooa; used aa aa ajicAt^etic. 
coehl-neBl. 1 kodh'i-nt!; 2 cAch'i-atl, » 
■arlet dyeatufF Doosiatin^ of o 

or firing. I.^ To 

rick up."Ba,tiie ear 

eock-ade', 1 ksk-ed'; 2 eSk-ild', n. , 
eock'«-tix', 1 kek'e-ta'; 3 «6k'a-l»e 

w trTCj Ti. A fabutoiit «erp«tjt 
1 by it! bnath or cluice. 
mK I kak'bet':^ afik-bat', i 
•mull rovboat. 
eock'erew', 1 kslilEifi': E cdk'ert 

Hh cwly momlDE. 
eoek'M^, 1 kHlrsrH 

Mek1(«', 1 kofcl; 2 eSkH, n. 1. A 
Cbat crava ADionc iniD. 3. An e 
Eutopeau bivHive, 

cocklorc, 1 keklaff; 2 edkOUt', r 

fat thB " 

«k'm; ScSk'ny. n. A Lon- 
«k'pit'; 3 fi&k'pTt', n, 1, A 
'fJEhtins. 1. An nputinent 
Dded in b itkr^hip. 3* In 
, the space insid* uw eoHm- 

CDck'raacb", 1 ksk'riWh'; 2 nSk'rech'. n. 
An timet with a flat oval body iaf«3tia£ 

eoeki'eanib*, llTBksTtenj'; 2 rfta'eOm-, n. 
1. A plant with led flpwen. !. A coi- 

cock'tall", 1 ksk'ttl'; 3 cak'lfll-, n. tU. S,] 
A dnnk of arHiita mixed with mifar and 

CO'RO, 11 koto; 3 **'«. "■ The palm- 

m-ea'palmt. ™" 

ciyKU*, n. A poitder made from the «eed- 

A place for rearlnB lU 

to&t, i kdd; 3 cdd, n. A system of 1 

suEnala, or niles. 
e»iilB'er,lkei'Br;ScMs'Br,n. A tea 
^eieatrie old man: fellow. 
codl-cU, 1 ksd'i-«il; Z cSd't-ffl, n 

supplement to a will. 
cod1-rr. 1 ksd'i-fai or kO'di-tni; 3 e6 

tematlie. '«a iHWa.-cafi'n-a-ra'tlsD, B 

iu«>, n.— eo^ei-lstcnt, i. F-iiT-g to- 
eo'Vi-teml'il, I ka'sks-iend': Si«'£k>-<&id', 


•«-Wl"n-«>'ttoB, lko^'u-[or-edVu-]kf- 
flian; 3 eo-tjWor -*d'yv-]*fi'ihoB, n. 
The educaboa (j both aeiEi, or of wtaila 
and necrocBi tofether. 

eo'cM'clnit, 1 kflVriXh'ent; 3 eB%Adi'- 
«nl. 1. a. Jointly effieienl. IL n. L 
A oooperatinc acent. t, A nmnb«r tB 
letter put beiorv an al^bnuc eiprcosion 
ahoninc how many timea it la to b« t&ken, 

e<e'lu»-Ut«, n. Same ai csnonns. 

eO-«'«<ul,lkM'kwBl; 3ea-a'kwaL 1. a. 
Equal and oonjoincd. II. it. The equal 
of another or othen. 

- - - Ico. 

sc-iNa-l To« 

coffee, 1 kef'i; 3 tt 

The Keds ol 
\ producing ^m. 

eof'fra, 1 kaf'er; 2 tM'ir. ... _. , 

strong hoi; aafe. t. pi. A treaaury; 

frame built In the water and pumped dr^. to 

cofflD, 1 kof'in; 2 cOf'in. I. a. To_put 
into or aa inUi a eoffin. II. n. 1. Tba 
case in which a corpse is buried. X. The 

««. 1 

; efii, T 



™i-t«te, 1 koj'i-1 

fleet; think.— '"' 

eo"iDM'. 1 kO 

Pranee. eo^iilKl. 
eo^'nUbe, I kes^n«t; 2 eSE'nat, a. Allied 

I rfjg-nfch'on. 
ilty of know- 

i; ttu>upbt. 

rwr-nl 'Uan, I 

n. The art. 

i; 3 eee-nh 

-MU-INQ.) Tokl 

— coc'al-ak-bK*' 

- ■■' - CBMbJCb./. 

■r-ni-isn.; B tl 
l; kDovLfldfe; J 

1, 1 kag-no'men; 2 *«E-ntt'lIifal, 
la^ jti.] A ffunuune; colloqiu- 

dmn (oEeUur u b 

bc'iloa, 1 ko^iraaa: ! 

BmonGlDS to, K^ 

• 'but,' 1 k5%ert; 2 (AlArt. n. 
onacd compaay; orieinally, the tenth 
ft Homui LeaioQ, BOO to 600 mQn. 


colcnflT.^ eolfK 

dvantaseoua posllloQ. 
it.&ti. To wind a- '- 
IT HpiTsI; perpleii 

coin, 1 kaiu; 3 e6 

■ge, B. CaLiilii« nr 


d- penny 


















1 = 




(Currencj chiefly 

{°%, f""^ ■» 


Ot varylne valur 


!: Wf If.dg; bdtili, b«&t; tqll. r||J«. cQre. bAcbOrn; AM. biy: to, tem; Ink; thin, tt 


: - add i >- n^>pflr 























BQund 1 

HCTllM 5 






4 H 

100 fire 







1 Ssrf: 








i m-KtlyBHUS* 




Soedea A Nocwuy 








^a^a-tUf', 1 kfi^-MEd'; 2 «0'in-fld'. ' 
l-cm'BB^^^lBtMQ.I To agree euct! 
ngpoDdeniie.— e^lI^Mtnt. a. 

e<Ac, I kok; 2 cok, n. Ccnl from wlii< 
th« voUtLlfi portian has been expeU«d 1 

Md'ai^er, 1 kul'ea-dsr; 3 c6l'u-d!r. 
A perforated veanl Tor atr^niuv Uquic 

t cordial; 
tuHcounisp'ia. ""Jt *«P' -nHw, n.— eold'i 
ehlc'd, n. A. natl chlsd Ax- cuttlnc OOUI 

told, n.' 1. A low temparature, or the Ben- 
satioa caused by tt. 2. A disorder caused 
by eipoeura to cold. 

Core-op 'tcr-ft.! kol'i-ap'tBr-s; E ciSl'e-4p'- 
tfr-a, n. pi. An order of insectA having 
bomy winc^usHp bwtiE4-- eol*e-op'ter, a. 
A beette.— co]''e-op'tcr-«»T a. 

colic, 1 ksl'ik; 2 ctVsc. n. Acute pain in 
cbeboiF^.— eallcIi-i', lke['il:-i;2eOI1k-y,a. 

C4^1ab'»4Stc. 1 k^lab'o-rtt; 2 rS^ISb' 

To & 
t - eokUb-o-ra 

- oitlab'i^ra ' MM-, n. nit-iaiiv- 

!1 ko-Eapa^ Z cG-Mps'- 1. t^ & 
n. (-ij««D'» -UPaT*; -ura'- 
1 cause to ^irink; f^in; fall to- 

1. n. A falling or siTikin^ to- 

twnd for the neck; s 
about aoylhln^.— «tl 

col-latBMkB-l«t';2t6^iat',ii. [coi^i^T'- 
en''; col-i.*t'ino.1 To compare oriti- 
nlly: eiamlne.— nl-Iatloii, n. 1. A ml- 

cri-lat'coal, 1 kfr-lat'sr-elf 2 tS-lfit'Er-al, 
a. 1* Attendant; incidental: conftrma- 
toryr t- Parallel; borderlDf; dcAcended 

eanrai:ne,1 1 kollt-: 2 eSl'eg n. An as- 

caUcmga, fsoeiate in ofQce. 

cc M ecf'.I ka-l5tt'; B e6-l8et', t<. A ri. To 
brine or Dome logether: irather; assemble: 
BocumDiaU.'-' cnMeefa-Mter or col-lectl- 

col'fec'tr'l ksl'ekt; 2 efil'Ket, n. A short 
condenaed praysr. ^ 

eoMect'cd, m, 1. AsHmbled; gatbersd. 

3* Composed; self-possessed, 
evI-lM'tlOQ, 1 ka-lek'Aian; S cfr-iee'shon. 
hlJBOtins; persons or ^ngs nh 

kfrJck'tiv; 2 e6-l»«'Hv, a. 

lected; i 


leOur'— tid-lee^T<e-lr>i ode, 
coMec'tor, Ike-tek'teror-ter^ 

n. One who coHecM, as dnti _, ._ 

dsbu.— eol-lee'liir^ate, eol-Jec'tar-ahlp. n. 



__, t'lj: S eQVeg. n. i, a scnooi 

of hifber kamins. Z. A body ol aseo- 
oiatea or oollCHfues. |A college stodent. 
Ml-te'fl^li, 1 ko-n'ji-an; 2 ifl-Ts'ii-an, n. 



ko-D'ii-en; J 

. ks-ini-etjE 



col lie, I kel'i ; & <6i\ n. A Scotch sbcep- 

flog, eonen. 
eol'Iler, 1 kel'ycr; 3 cSl'^ir. n. A coal- 

ot<Bie'oni«-imw--e<*U«-7.'>. l-i»«, jd.l 

coi-ir9lo>l,l'ks-li3'Bn:2e6J)ih'on,n. The 

eolio-ote. 1 karo-kft; 2 cai'o-eot, d. 

col-io'dlHia. l'k».l<:'di-en; 2 efi-lfi'di-oa. n. 

hoi that forms an adhesive film. 
colloid, 1 kel'eid; S cSI'Oid. I. o. Jellv 

Ulie. II. n. A Jelly-like suhetanee.- n)l> 

hU'dal, a. 
col-lo'aal->], 1 ke^lO-kwi-cl ; 2 tO-t6'. 

' ■ ■ ■ '-, oiJE - eol-liyqui- 
Lpeech used oiJy or 
a ccUoqulal a 

e^'Dd, 1 kdi'Del; S tCtt'DS. n. The 


pi.) A body of emigranta in i remota 
teginn undpt thfl control of tlM parent 


(SUblldi. unlW li 

a bJending of IhoH bum 

?^ pr«tfln»i dlaeuise. i« p/. 
, Ow. or b&dRfi.— cfli' — ■""" " 

I. Wlthoul 

eo^B'eus, 1 ko-loa'™; 2 co-16a'fiB, n, [-bi, 
1 -Qi: 2 -I, or -8Dft-i!9. p:.l A alganUo 
rtatiie, a3 of Apollo St undent RliodeB, 

Uw uBual BpelllDi Jn Giwlind. 
c<d'paT-t«ur, l kal^r-ter; 2 e6l'pn>tP 

nlVoog boolu. CUT. «>l'Dor-terT.— eol' 
POT-Un, n. A iHiLponeur'B work. 
colt, I lialt: 2 eelt, n. A vouni hors 
— «ilt1ali,a, IJke 


A blade c 

col '■UD-bln 




like, with teeth; tpi 
holdibg it in place, 
hill or wave. 4. B 
eomlut, 1 kem'biLt 
batwc6mT)&t. K 

tending Id Qght; dob 
engaged Jn oombat 

eom^'lne^'l kiim-bo 

3. Tho Beshy crert 

']. a. Theemtotk 
or kum'bnt; 3 eBm- 
.vl.Avi. To fight or 
ee; resist; do batllfl; 
■Mtle or Briit; Jtrag- 
.■l~*at. r a. Coo- 

,- eoni-lui-««(e«, a. 

loiniDg lOEcibar: 

unllt^ of being DomlHutadOh 
L. kom-bna'dbao; Z ftCoi* 
.e act or prooesa of bunuDK. 
eim, riT [OAUB. 1 kern, 8 

or toward the Bpealcor; dran 

eoi^eS »; T'ksmVdi: 2 

[-IHB^.pi.l AnmnuHiHBdTj 

body. CO 

-gr; couCli-ebt.) I. Fleu- 
lon; haodBOme. i. Suiisble; 
aimtlt-lr, <IIl^ taan^jt.— 


»!«». II. 

— com Toci-m-Ue-neH, 

lM(, a. D> 

Butisfttction; also. 
t«a to Buch a stat«. 

iin'ftwt-CT.'fi. 1. One 


1. Per- 



(,) deno 
'■'', 1 ks-nu 

MD1-Iiuili]'> n. 1. The tighl t 
tery; authority, 3* Ao order: coi 

ttiobfl: cxteoded trade; 
iicEuuLuiK.— i;<iui-zaer'clal,0. PcrtalnlDgto 
•oAe or cammerce-— com-mer'clal-lr, adt, 
a-mln'sle. 1 1 ke-min'gl; 3 cft-mlo'ftl, 

I com'ml-nute, 1 kem'i-niat; 3 tSm't-nati 
e partJcIeB; crush; pultferiae.^ 


o.i - To teol 

I. «. Topvc. 

a efi-mlih'oD. 

ta fiommittinc; & trufft; oharge. X> A 
document oonferriiiE mik or Kuthinity, 

A bod^ of p«F9onB AotLng under pubfic 
authority' •' Afeuoy, or the compea- 

officirU Bpccudly 

COm-mts'iIon-eTi 1 

mr'TEBd; coh^it'tino.) 

t To devotB; pledee; ' 
bind (oneseU). t. To i 

. onn-nilftalt. 

icaMston or tue lo 

communion; inteiobangetbouKhUorfeel 1 
ingL 1. TopmrtBka of the euchuiM. 
«ai'nitlDeKl)iwii'j'(lu;ScSm'rvii,n. 1. 
The im aUiat p oliottl tBvJM OB ot France. , 

■ul> 1 kamVn-»l: a eUB'jJt-^M, a. Of 
or pertalnlDffto ft commune; pobUe. 1 

om-ma^il-catc, 1 iM^a'ni^tti 3 | 

' - ■^- -Tip^; make known. 11. i. 

1, Tomak 

B Lord's 

mn'pl-eaiit, il Ooa whopuUku oi (t 

The Mt ol enmmuutMilna, or aimt^JiUi 

tlTiM, 0. lUidy to eommunUale: irwU 
-Ir. odi. -MM*. ■.— «ini-mmil-en''liw, 1 
(mwma'nloii, 1 ko-mtOn'yan; Sco-mQn 

ortheactof partakinsoML. 3* Reli^iou 

fellowBhip; a denominalJDn of ChrifltiBDi 
am"mD'nl''qii«, 1 ke-mO-nrke'; 1 rd-mu' 

nTke', I.. IP.l An official annouEjienisnt. 
om'DiD-nlgDi, 1 kBm'jTi-Diim; 2 cCm' 

yu-nT^m.n. Common owneiship of piof 

"lES", p^.] 1. A body politioj 
ny place; the public S. Ph- , 

^ . identity; likeneas. 

sm-iiiate', 1 ks-mifit'; 3 eS-mat', •. 

[cDU-MnT-EO^; COll-llDl'lNn.1 I, (. To 
mducB to Bomething le™. II. i. To p»y 
at a reduDfid rate.— coiu'iaii-ta'tlan, ■. A 

the direction or vary the BtnoBtlt ot an elec- 
tric current In a dynamo, motor, etc— eo^ 
mnt'er, h. Ong who tntvels itatDlly al I. 

am-pact'<', 1 kem-pakt'; S c6m^>ilet', <(. 
To pack oloMly; compreBs; unite olneely; 

compose ; make a eomput; conacre. 

CJoHly united I 

com 'pact. 1 ksih'pakti 2 


|-HII»», pi.) __i!'T^ K 

gathering of ,. 

le-Qi; 2 M 

ion, I. A 

1 kam-par': 3 

iSt '-cI' di«in, 
i. To bs Uke or 

n'pn-n-Mr. ode,— (»m--p«^liy(e»; 

m-psr'i-BBii; 2 eOm- 

ampie: resemblance. « 

com-pul'ment, 1 ksot- >> 

pan-ment or -mimt; B fli I 

«6ni.pftrt'm™t, n. A /» 

■epatate eectioD, as of a V D 

eom^BW, U kom'pei; / 1 

It.-. To attain; plan t 

for; oompHheod; eur- I R 

round; eneompa™. II. I L 

n. 1. ErtBiitwilhiphin- -Jlf 

boundary; boucde: 'du* I If 

Umiu. I. Mvs. The T I f 

."''"■ I. OnMnary Com- 

iniitru- p„,(^ g'. pjo_ 

ponlfmai Com- 

d( a magnetic De«]le loi 
northwanC u in liie iiw 

ecnbing circieB, etc. 
tom-n&t'lloil, 1 kem- 
piab'on, n. Pity for 

h ipcin( PeocU- 
pafli'wi; geSm- 

:-ilT-D(aJ Tohare nfnpaislanlor; 

; lympaiiiMla. -U< idi. Mim. s.' 
'l-ble,ll kenvpaCi-bU 2 t6m- 
'l-bPjptU'i^bl, a. Capable nt 
locather: uncenliil. — com-pal^ 

3 cfim-pK'- 

com-peer', l knm-plr'; 3 cflm-pSr'. n. One 

of equal rank; awtorade; aaaociaCe. 
Com-pel'. 1 kam-pel'; 2 edm.^', v. [cou- 

PBLLBd'; COM-pil'lINO.I L (. To UTM 

imirislibiy; oonattaln; canoe; force; ,<*- 

a 'paid, 1 kem'pend; 2 
.D Abridgment; dicoat; e< 
n-peD'dA-DnB, ' ' 


pav. 3. To mal 
bajinoe. H. L 1 

Briefly eUtedi conciee. 
is for: 

im-plt'; S .i*in-p« 
ISO,) To strive f. 
al; ne.-eom-pe-C 
2 tOm'pe-tlBEl'ori. n. 
Pertaining Id 

pell-1 - , _. 

lied by mmiKllIloD, — eom-pen-Ioi 


om'pe-teoce, 1 1 kerc 


r. authority, 
aU requi re- 
able; qualj- 

Mn-pU'MDt, 1«'KT.t; S ithn^'- 
CtDt, 1. Feeling or ihoiviiii EntiSutioil. 

m-pl5nt'; 3 eann>lant', 

lL8m'pl6-iant"; 8 fSm'- 

3 fflm'pl 

eomcfementto; iupplBinent. 11 

iriews: m MoefBorr.- i»'iii-|iIf-d 
com-plele', 1 kom-pUt'; S eSm- 

W. ^PLET^ED'l; -PLET'lNa,] Ton 

^ite; ocvampliah; finish; fulfil 
Lkckinc notaiDE; entire; perf 
flslitaed.— CMa-plctel]'. adi.— eo 

caBi<#la%n, a. ComplElJiiE or 
cam'Itlei. .1 kein[pleks; 2 eCm'pl^lu, a. 
Intricate.— com-pinl'ly, 

, , ... _. ._ jf the Btin. 

esprriallr of the face. t. Aepact; ohar- 

com-pJl'uii»i i kem-pldi'tnai 2 c«tn-pll'- 
anc. n. 1- The act of oompTyiiig. 2* 

eom-pirant, 1 keTn-pIoi'snt: 2 tein^IilI'Bnt. 
a. ComplyinE: ylddlDg.— wm-plt^t-lT, 

com'pH-cate, 1 kem'pli-liSl; S *am'pli.tfit. 
I. if. A «, l-ciT'n)*': -ciT'iKO.I To 
make or become complci. difficult, or 
perploxing; mix; coufuse; eotao^e. IL 
0. ComirilCBteil: complei.— «m*plt-ai'- 
Moot H- 1' The net of compHoatlDg. or Uis 
elAt« of bdDS GompUcated; oompiflxlty, t^ 
AoytblDE that oompUcaLdi. 

Mni-imeVt7. 1 kem-plis'i-ti: 2 tUm- 
plIgTt)', n. [-TIES', pl.l The art or 
fltatc of bb\ng an accomplice; participa- 

Cotn'pU-meDt, t kam'pli-ment or -mint: 

mplimeot to; tue pi 

I-l, rf. A ri. To p«S . 


t, 1 ksm- 

com-port'd, 1 kem-pOrt'; 2 cBm-nKi-t 
1.1. To conduct lonesolf). U,' 
compatible; uRe. 

eom-piHe', 1 kem^ 

To hi 
1-1)8.': 2 c«ln^W^. ^.. 

L. 1, _ To enj 

omtfpoi'it ar nempo-nc; 
&in'po-^t, a. Made up 
;s; comT^ned or oom* 

["po-ii^'en i B cj^'- 
fl act of 

bwv, VI luuaical productiouj ■ 
itiou. Z. TypeMtting. 3. An : 

1-tot. 1 kem-pei'i-IBr or -tar:'e 
A trpdetter. 

com'post, i kem'pSat; 


com-po'sure. 1 kem-pa'jur; 2 ■ 
thijc.n. Tronciiiillity; caimocja;. 
com-poaod ''' 

■piSrt.». A 

1. Toi 

i; aettle. 

n'ore-hend '>>, I'kem'pn-hend'; 2 tem*- 
re-hCnd', W. 1. To gnap mentally: un- 
eratand fully. 9. To include; cotDpriaei 
icomi>aH.-com''pFe-l»D^-HI'Mr. •*. 
he Kau of belDC aompr^btBMble. «•■■'- 
r*>lMn'>l-U(»4NB>t. - eam' tee ! ■■ '- 

rtaa", 1 kom-pres": 2 eC 
-vaa together; cDDdense; c 

I1-PRAS'*1-U] l-tj, 4. C 

onoeallQa. or scau ol 

MltCT'liBn-Blt'; 3 »6n-c«', n. 1. 
^ver thQufiht or erprefefdoc. S. A^ 

. -It,-" 

aa.] 1. To form an 

com 'pro-mlM, 1 


3 tOnwirfC, iK. 



suspicion. II. n. 1. AsettlemBuc ay 
mutual concomioa 3. Tbs habit or 
Bpirilofconcessiai]. _ [Controller. 

1-pul'slon, 1 kem-pnl'flmn: 2 cB'm^ 

nl^hou. n. The act dI compelliuE, or 

mpelled; coerciou. 

. , . -ompelUuff. or wad- 

- com-pnl'Mwl-li', 

- - pn'nk' fliea: S eam- 

pQoe'ahon.n. SelfTepioai^^al^ht regret. 

Pute', I kem-piUt': 2 eSm-pQt'. ct. & 
PUl'Blrf; -fdt'ino.) To estiiUB-lo 


itnerlcaELr: oaleutate; nohon.— 

kdc, 1 tsm'rad; S eSm'rSd. n. 
.— comladc-alilpi n, cam'rule-i 

Con-eeitCe'', I koi 

idea of; think; i ^ 

>-Dl(e>', it. — nn-cclT'a-btj', (ids. 
eon'ccn-tnitc, 1 kon'ses-tiEt or kea-eeu- 
trtt; 2 ran'cen-trit or tOii-t*n'trfit, rt. ft 
I.-. [-rRiT-EDd; -TB«T'iNO,! To draw to » 
QommoD ceuter: condense: mteualfy.— 

troubLo, II. n. 1. iTial which con- 
eetns one; aSair; business; andely. 3. 
Bolicitudo; iuttrest. 
ton-^tto'lag, 1 koniinrn'iq: 2 cBn-eem'- 

eon-cert**, 1 ken-siht'; 2 rBn-?ert', t(. To 

' conch, 1 kot]k; 2 eSnc. n. A large marioe 
BhcIL — con-chol'dal, I ksQ-kerdel: Z cAlh 
cCI'daJ. a. 8he]1'ahiLped- eon'rlHlilt, — 
con-cbDl'o.<jr1st, l keo-kel'o-llst; s tOo-eOr- 

con-vll1-*U,' I ken-ai]'i-«t; 2 eSo-tll'i-iit. 

ft-U^ry, a. Tending u> 

iLaD-klDd'; 2 cfin-clyd'. W. 

COI^^la'lton, 1 ken-lil0'3»a; S t6a-rlii 

□uaAtion; end; {Dfereiioe; 'dficlaoiL 
«iD-cIa'*lT(e', 1 ksD-kid'uv; 2 cdn-elu'u 

Con-eoct''', i ksn-kfikt'': Z t6a-t^V, i 
Tn prepsre by miiing ingredienta: oo 
utvB: pLui.— eoD-floc'aDD, 1L Tha *n 

UKw; mliturfl. 

eAm'i-tant. I' a, Enatuig or occurrij 
together- --•—•'—■ " - ' 

istiiu JQ concord; c 
. ksri'for kenlkOrs; 

W, It. 4 n'. 
To form 


Joined in. 

m'kritT 3 rfn'crt 

D-blne. 1 ksqidu-boin : Z ciSo'eQ-blii 

eoD-cn'piR-Miici!, 1 kei>-kia 

tO'a-^at. n. 1. Undue ( 
denre; tast. I. Any bo 

eon-cur', l kM-kOt'; 2 tOn- 

com« or happen toffetber; a 

OQ-demll '. ) 1 keu-dem'; 2 eCu-dtm'. i4 
oa-.dCDi'*. Jl. To apeak egainat; deidan. 

appropriate for public use; declare; for^ 
coodenintDff, or the state of belDc «iadGiDn«. 
— con-deiii'iu-to-rrf a. Conulnlng ot ex- 
«n-deim'i 1 lisiwlena'; 2 ean-dtos'. 'I- i 

make or become d^ue; comprew: cms- 
•oUdaie; abridie.— fWD-dm^a-tor •l-lbl(e'. 

:laus; patfonldnv- -iTt ade.— con'^de* ' 

con-dt'Oon, 1 ken-diAi'an;TtSa-<Ua)i'oii. 
I. Tt. To limit bj- conditions; l>o pre- 
requisite to; reauire. II. R. 1. Thcet&te 
of existence or of health; statf of highest 
health. 9. A modifying drcumTtanoe; a 

a) poMtlon.— een-dl'Uan-al, a. 

t; leadlni; he'lDlnx. 'ti,a 

eOB-doet'd, 1 km-dokt'; 2 tOn-dOet', •, 
LI. 1. To Kuide; escort, t. To raan- 
BKe; any on: ulao. In behave (onwelf), 
3. To truisnut. M electrioity. IL i. 1. 
To be s Ktoduiiior. I. To direct: leiid: 

S. E^K1L , , 

control; Bkilful laaaAgomeiit. 
can'dnll:,ikeD'dit;3(nSD'dit, n, AmeBu: 

cone, 1 kein: £ ^n, n. A soUd Skiitc tha 
tapers luufoTmly from a cu-cliIbt base U 
a point: a scaly fruit, as of ttao pine, hav 
mi such a shape. 

con-nk'D-Ute, 1 

|-i.Ar"«DJ; -1 

eon-IM'ei-a-cr, 1 keD-fcd'er-e-si: 2 eSo- 
nsd'at-a-sy, n. 1-oiis", pi.| A number 
ttt Atatofi or persona allied; a leapie; con- 

con-red 'er-ste, ! kan-fed'»r-st: 2 c5n- 
fWtr-st. I-rt.&ii. [-AT-EDdi-AT-mo.] 

(ktn, II. 1. Tbe act o( rwnfeduaUnK. t. 

eon-lei', lkou-fDT';B*OnJar', b. Utebsxd', 

-FBHD'i; TEH'HmDj L (. To ETant ai a 

benefit; bestow, ri..". To hold a conler- 

addit, as ■ fault or 

nfei-b, ait. 
— «im-le>'sla 

- ton-IM'sloii-a]. I. B. Pertalnlnc to 
iodon. U.a. A, C. 1711. A print's eaini) 

tbe Chrl^lwi ulUi. as under penecutltm. 

tniBt or confidence; entrust (to). IL L 
To repose confidence (in), 
va'B-dencei 1 ken'fi-denK: Z eia'D-Mu^ 
' Truai; roliaBoe; belief in a 

cat^bKe^,- eoDlls-cate, a. 

nn'^^ra'tlan, 1 kBn'lie-grS'ihm 
€an'na-.£r&'flhon, n. A Ereat or eiten 

1 kon-niln'; 2 tOn-fllct', 

in-dam'er-atc, 1 kan-glsm'H^t: 3 tCo- 
il6m'er-at. 1. rt. & ri. I-at'ed':' 

(, To miiB like in tai 
To sot ii 

d-nviD'^blf. adv. 

': EriSn-farm'.t 
-i; with (0. 1 

composed of pebbled 1^ 
lether. — WMt^Jom'Bi^ 
ooDgLonuratol nua. 3 

owrwhelm; abash., J. To < 
D'fn-ter'nl-tr, I ken'frs-toi 

"1,11 ken 
".fW. 1 
« defianlly : p 
1 kon-f iai'; a 

Q-iQa'.ri. [CO 

1 I. Tcperple. 

curi.. t. To mix in lui 

— con- fiu'ed-li. a^'.- 

ecm^oand'<^ I k 
K. I. To Btilke 

■a-ieVni-ty,' n. I-t™"," pn"'A^ , 
MMeiMion; btotlle^^""-■ 

eon-fnint'''. 1 1 knn-f 

»m'fm-t*te, 1 kon'gn-glit; S (JVilrc-eSt, 
tl. A m. l-aAl'wja; -04-P'(NO.| ^o brint 
or Gome together into a crowd; aABe[ubL«t 

so't'^^* '*>»■>• 1 ken'En-c«'«}iHi: 2 
eOa'ere-ea'shon, n. 1. The act of con- 

Segatiiic- 3> An a»emblafe» aa for wdt- 
ip; a reliffioua body« 
sn've-is'tlaii-al, 1 ken'gn-ie'ihmi-*!; 
2o5o'Sre-ia'Bhon-Bl.a. 1. Fertainini to 
a oonsrcfiHlian. 2. [C-] Fertaildns to 
CongreEBtioDalism or to tbe Coagng»r 
The cburcb poUty iliat malH Il» autliorltr 

eon-fate'. Ikon-fint';2e5a-f0t', it. (com- 

rCT-EQll; CON-TOT'lNQ.) 1. To f 

false; refute. S. To prove (a perms) ' 

con-geal', 1 kon-jU'; 2 t0n-fi6l', rt. ,( 

A membi^r of the a 
•an-sc'nUli 1 ken- 

tral-t;, 1 iBD-grO'i-t 

I : attprop^teove* 

LnmdedsiTe opioion; i gueaa; Bui 
- eDD-Jae'tiip«l, a. Of tlie niilun ol 

»-lofn', 1 kHn-jsin''; 3 eSn-jOin'. it. 

cAdI'i a. AasodiilHl; oonjobief]. _ 

kon'ju-Bol; Z «On'jii-S»l. o 


oQ'na-tatc, 1 kea'o-Ut; 2 cCD'o-tst, tl. A 
ti. I-^at'ed'', -TiT-iNQ.l To indiOBta in- 
directly or by impEioatiDn; oppowdto^^ 
noU. con - ■ute'I — coa*Di>-U'Uan, m.— 
ean-Ba'U-UT<a*. a. 

aa-na'bl4l. 1 ks-nifltn-eL; S tO-nalii-a}, 

Dial; coning. 
on'auer, I kag'lcBr; S cSoIiEt. t. I. f. 

of (a wrb). 11 

a- Joined In pairs; «upl«d; i>alred-— cod' 

UD-lu'nc'Uon. I kea-jui)k''>fliaii: 2 eSi 
1iaa; league. 3. A part of qjeech thi 

CDn-iniie'tiTIB*, a. Jolaiiw or Joined t< 

£- TTiaut or l<ilJiiLg: iuUod. 
cou''Jii-r»'(lvn, I ken'iu-rg'^an; 2 e6a 

S' -TVnhoD, n. 1* A solemiL izkvocatio] 
Ad iacaotadoD; amIL 
CSD'Jiire', 1 kun'ior; 3 c6n'iur, H. A > 

oontnil by macic art; practiie magic. 
caDlar-CTi s. A liugleT. 
mn-Jim'*! 1 Von-iBr; 2 eBn-itit'.ii. [con- 

to solc'iimly. «s in the name of dad; 
adjim- B- i. To bind oneself by oath 

■'; 2e5-nat', n. Bom 

II. (. 

■ conflict 


coa'un-^ulil'e-viu, 1 konssn-Knin'i-D.; 
2 raa'tSta-^-Wr-Gs, a. Descended from 

(ntal-tr> n. BloodreJaUonsbip. 

nduly Aelf 'oonacioua. 


dJae; tbe pover of oeiNkiiowledga. 
coQ-scrlpt'^ 1 ken-Bkript'i 2 rtn-aetlpt', 

il. To force iclo military servicp; draft. 
coo'scrlpt, 1 kon'ekript: 2 eSn'iertpt. I. 

a. FcftiHtered; enrolled. 11. n. One 

To join, u 

<l. & Tli. 

con'se-crate, 1 kon'si-kret; 2 c5u'se-rrfit. 
a[i^ to Hacred uses: devote; dedicate; hai- 



, 1 ksn-Kn'^eot; £ .__ 
BQ'uicni. a. Mutually AsnciQE. 
a'K-naemx, I ksn'ai-kirenB; 2 cCd'k- 
kwiSngi n. 1. That which natimllir fol- 
lows. 2. DiniDotiOD; imi»rtuin. 
n'M^nent. 1 kan's-kniiti S tSn's 
InrEnt, a. Following at a Rflult or col 

Ma''*HBen'JlBL 1 ksa'n-kwsn'tlhil; S 
•Sn'se-twBn'Bhal, i. 1. Havina m ahow- 

•ar'm^B. a. pkpoiMiiii to ba eaucm 
•tvt.— eoa-teT^n^T[«*. La. 1. Adbctli 
to Hia ailitlDc order at tbliMfl; oppofled i 
tfcm e or p ruKi a»i >. ConKnUiy. n. i 

koirtBr-vOtw w -tor; a rtii'#r^"Wr, 

«j,1 ' 1. A sloMd — 

mta'a w n, 1 ksn'iDrv; £ eOn'iSrv, n. 

^uit pnaeTTpd in m^tr. 

1 MiMld'er, 1 koD-aid'ar: 3 i«n-ald'ar, c. 

I. I. 1. To reflect upon; ponder. I. 

"■■■■■■ ■ DEle: believe, 3. 

rell. t. To make 

To think elowly; 

1 of; tna 
r. II. i 

amplB.— ean Ji'M a M y. 

ImportanoB; If 

n, I kwiHiiJ'Bc-i'AiKi; S 

I. Thoughtful and kindly feel- 

COD-Sid 'cr-lng, 1 ken-sid'sV-iQ ; 2 eAn- 
efd'^r-ingn prrp. In view of; talcinff all 

eon-ctsCil, 1 ken-ait'; S eOo-ibt'. n. 1. 
To be aadt up: followed by a/- I. To 

lowed by in. ). To harmoniu : followed 
by Willi, i. To Mand tocedisr; nibast. 
eoD-sli'HDt, 1 ksn-ak'tent: Z ean-A'ttat, 
a. Ix Aere«in( with Itself; not Aetf-OOl^ 
tradiotory. I. Congraous: somiiatible. 
>. Firmly Dulled; lollrl. .Jy, odi.— cMt- 
■li^aee, e»a-alii^eo-rT, n. f-co' or 

coD-aU'tMT. 1 ksD-HH'to-n; S efin-A'> 
to-ry. n. I-RIEB*. iif.l An eeoleHaatinl 
«aurt.-*MiVri>-teM-al, a. 

tOi>-Mile',lkea-«al';2efln->ei'.((. I-SOLED'; ' 
-«)lVoT Toeomfort; aotaaa; oheer,- 
can-UI^UM', a. Tbat may be aoBHlecl.- 

dt-date, I ipBi 
.. J-i>*T-.n^-i 

become united, nlld, or firm.— coD-aol^ 
(iII-w>lB',lkaft-«li';Zf>Sn-f«lt',><.^l. . 

on'K^naat, I keD'ao-nsnt: 3 iaD'H>.DBnt 
t, ConsonaUal. IT. n. %i alpbabetio 

eoQ-spee'tnSi 1 kea-spek'tui: Z cOD-opte'- 

n-s^e'n-oiu, I ken-apik'yu-sB; 2 eSn- 
tpIeVv-as, a. Clearly visible: prominent J 

li-§plre\ i kan-apoir'; 2 eAn-apIr'. i<. £ n. 
CON-BPIHKU'; co^-aPIH■TN^l.I 1. Toplot; 

t-ey, 1 kon-ai^(Ha; 2 eOn^Dlr'a-ijyj n. 

TV-u-fr- L a. ftrUlnUicto 

n. Steadinen; fuUifulness: eUbility. 
o'rtant, 1 kiHi'BtBiit; S e&a'ntut, a 
Bte»dy: persavering: faithful; invmBble 
oTtUI-fraoa, 1 Imp'tte-i yflinn; £ cfia' 
H*4(l'iihon, n. A ■— 

□"ito^iutloii,! k( 

□^iniBn; 2<an'BtS 

ent, llu 

1 tM'rt 

I, To n 

-tutc, 1 kai 

'rame; mmpom. 2.' To Mtniiiii,- 
:ipi»liil.-caB'all-ta'tjT(«i,B. HcId- 
' hKvliic power to flooAluiu. 
ktu'doil, 1 keo'iti-tia'Aian^S c<5d'- 
'■bDti, n. t. Til* act of cooBtitu^nc. 




■f-ftf , n. 
CBD-imin'i ll»D-'«i«D''r2 eSH?r&n^,°'« 

^ .eoit-fltnln'ed-lr, odp.^ eon^tnlnt' 
1 ken-vtrCnt'; 2 cfin-Aftut', a, Compul' 

coi»-atr^^ ksMt^k???™ n-rtrftt', U 
To [omprw: bind: (nmp.- eoa-rtrie'tlaii 
n. A eoutrleODS. or t (UDMiig|«d psn.- 
caB-atri^a*(««, a. TeniUiii to Bwmlot 

— CMMtrte'tai, B. Tlut whlsh eomKilola 

ctHMtnaet'0, 1 lEaa-ctTulit': S e6n-«rn<t' 
i<. Toputtovethflr;baJld:iiTraiice;make 

— em-atnut^a e — - Jtn w'tot. n.-»a< 
■trac' l.TlMwiiDf ooutruotlna; i 

wn'strae. t kso'stru er kao-strQ'; 2 (£a'- 
«trij or efin-Btry', «i. d: ii. [oon'BiaiUDj 
cnN'sTsu'iHQ.) To tnDaI&t«; mtanuet: 

m>d'siiI, 1 kan'id; S cAn'iOl. n. I. An 

juHHIfcOD'iQ-lAT.o. Perulnlitt to&ooDjniL 
— eoiria-ltl*. n. 1. The offlct orierm vt 
oIBoeof a AmiJ. cvD'snI-ililpI. 1. Tlio 

«n-ani^^ kansuli'^ Bcfln^aif; .. I. i. 
To uk the advira <^; ngHrd; caoiider. 
II. >. To uk advL^: lake cDunaeL; fa]- 

-- — T gr dlHappear graduBj|y» u by bijii> 

1. Ths I 

Imp'tlKe". L oT 

con-mDip'tiaii. 1 ksn-Bonq/dhaD: S cf 

'a^DC diaease; 
La, Tandlbf 

tn^'tn^m'takt; 8 eBn't»«t, ». The 
oominir to«{otber of two bodies. 
tn-tm^OD, 1 kan-W'isn; 8 can-tl'ton. 
n. !%« cominuiueBdoii of diseaae, aa 
bv cont&ot; paatilenOB; placue^ 

a'tjans. 1 ken-ts'j iia ; S «Sn-fK'tO>, o. 

TrammijiBible, u 

I; enclose, t. To 

k, bOM; t^n, mle, cAn, bAt, bftro; All, Mj; fo, feem; Iffk; thin, etu» 





[neditat«; munc, 

'po-r&'ae-(ia, a. LLTirg 

l-Riea'. pU A penmn 
^ timB with Moflier or 

-tempt';2 eSn-Wmpt'.ti. 

fHUDff, or GJipmBIng oontAmpt; dUdAlnlul, 
•ly.adi. -imi,n. 
can-tend '<>, 1 ksn-tend' ; 2 cSn-tend', i, I. 

Itrugglcj atrive: debute; dlsputB. 

iSn-tHu'ehDr rrr -tOi, n. Tntun.- 
eoD-tls'ii-aug, 1 kac-tic'ya-ns; 2 cfin-tIB'- I 

h tblDga u Uier tu 

rw&CDeil; wlUUv- 

n'shiii. a. Gi 
lapme -It, ad 

Todiapule: Btriveto 

a'teit, 1 kan'telut; 2 cOn'tGkat, 
a-tei'tnre, l kgo-teks'^ur or 


OD'tl-nent, n. One ol the irent bodiu 
nTUndDDtbeElotw.— con'tl-nealkl, a. I 


^""""^f. Co! 

a-tlD'ae, 1 k> 

kan-lin'yu-el; S «i 

Lm: imljitemii>ta1. 

n.— coa"it-Dal; 

twi« violently 
tar'tton, 1 hei 

ean-Inc^U(e>l: Mil-tne^i<*>|. 

:t, 1 ken'trakt; 2 eftn'trftct, n. A 

contempUte I 



denial: be inm 

1 kon'tre-dikt'; 2 eSn' 

HBtent with. ' n^i. T 
. cttoo.- BOn'tniHUe'tlor 

dlrwjt nanBtloa — eon'tni-dlc'to-n. I.I 

ran"tn-lD'dl-CAte, 1 ken'trt-in' 


■ -Irll'U 

1. li 

part betwren aopmi 
contralto aiDcer. 
con'b7»^, 1 ken'tre-n; 8 »an'tra-ry. I 
Opi^oflite; oppoains; cantioua; pervei 
II. Tt. [-iuW, pi.] One of two CI 
trary ttalnss: the opposite,— eno't™-!! 
ty, 1 ksntrj-ry^li: 2 rbD'tn-rTe-tv. 

•on-tnut'<i| 1 ksn-tr 

.n onier to fihov 





. To 


eaa-trlb^-ta-ri', o. 
•trite, 1 kon'troit; E 

coD'tro-Ter^BJ', 1 ken'tro-v6r"ei; 2 cfln'- 
tro-vfir'ny, n. [-biis>, pi.] EX't.ite; di>- 
putaUon; dispute.— coatro-Tvr'ilaJ,lken'- 

mS-ly. n. f-LiEB". pi.] Sco'mfu] inso- 
lence.— fli&''tD-iDe1I-olu, I ken-Hn-mrii- 
DB; 2 cOn'tfl-mfi'ii-aa. a. Booj-nfuUr DfffD< 
slve or Umleat- 'Ivj udr. 

br e blaw.-eon-tn'ilon, I'Von-tlfl'ian: S 
t^apn'ilniiEi, 1 ko-nun'drum; 2 co-nQn'- 
drQm. n- A riddJe; pcTploiity, 

tewbd'; ca-1-VE.N'iNO.) I, (. To call to- 
eathet; coDvoln. II. i. To cooie to- 
gether; assemble. 
!Dn-Te'n]ent, 1 kon-vIn'yBot; 2 «5n-vfn'- 
jSnl, a. Suitable; liandy: comoiodioui; 
livnrHhlE; um^r.- con-TsUeDCT, 1 kAS- 
vm'yeoe; 2 f^n-vEn'yenc, n. Ba^lcnHbleocai 

coa'Tcnt. 1 kuL ._ 

o«upied by them. 
eoD-T(in'U-cl(r'i 1 

v«n'ti-fl, n. Arel 
3cotti8b Covenant 

■ Ra 

COD-verte', 1 ken-v 

•ant.d. KDOwjngfully; versed; eiis»(«l; 

kon-vcn'ti-id; 3 efin- 
-ven'ihon; 2 (6n-vfn'- 

le tofEetber b]f 

«sa *««««, 1 ken 


jh conwu; eapeclaUy. 

[; iDtBTChuiffcaNe,— ewi-Tertl-Uf , 
Con'ierC, 1 ke 

L. Capable or DO 


"^s°^-viaU. I. 

ike a secment of 
buIsinjE out. n. 

— cMi-feiVtri ». 1- 1 

traiuport &t>ni c 


body; ooiiv«i(t:r. 

't: K. 1. To 

ate. X. ids! 
o real estate. 

id cuiLty of GTime; a c rirnin al. 
le'tldu, 1 kec-vik'lhsn; 2 tj 

one £rm!y beliei 


rcH/d: eON-YL 

pel belief by argumenl or evidence. 
can-TlTl-^, 1 kan-viv'i-sl; 2 cSa-vIv'i-al, 
a, Pertaioini to a feaet; feniva; jnvUI. , 
-Ir, adt.-nm-ilT^-ari-ty, H. l-tiaf.jLi 

con-Toke', 1 ksn-vOk'; 2 diit-vok'. i<. 
[cOH-TOKED't; gOK^OK'iHa.l To call lo- I 
ie<itit: nuiunoa.-MBTo-ca>tlaii. n. 1. 

eoo-volTc'i 1 1 kan-velv'; Z eBn-vftlv', rt. 

COO'TOlr'*, ]■ ± ri. (CON-VOLVKI/, tCK- 

voLvn'"; cOK-votv'iNQ.I Torotltocetlwc; 
tvlBt; tun,— con'TD-liit*, 1 koo'vo-UDt; 

(-Tol'ni-liu, 1 keo-yel'viu-lD 
iovy trumpflb-^aped oowera. 

otlan.— con^ramrM*. a. 

AnbUt. tafatrt- 

[co'tnu*. pi.) 

~.:"L iX. di B.. To utter M 

1. Aaythiiui tbmt arohi 

1 kuk; S eStt, 1'. t( 

rttUW t« HWUllK, 

molL'r. 1 kiik',; 2 
A aouU- vwwt oak 

£wd: B oopiDit.' 2. A Jo 

Co-per'nl-csn. 1 ko^pur'ni-ken; E to-per'- 

hu theory that mAkflB 

S *fip'i-*r, n, A copy- 

[ tSp'iog. n. The mp 
j-Ds; 2 ea'pi-0», o. 

2 eep'er. "l. K."' To 
r, II. n, A reiidiBh 

, cov'lns, 1 kCp'i 

^ co'pl-ous. 1 

, AbimilAnt; Hrnj 

1 cop 'per. 1 kap 

Be]f>«ontr(^lad; Aelf^oensaod; apathetic; 
obillius: HlighliTiE' Ul, n. A moderate 
loapenturv approaflhlEfl-ooldr— cool'er, n. 

log. I 

, or AH eocnivlnff 

kap; 2 roop. I. Tt. To oodSdi 
I coop. 11> n. An endoflure to 

. I kO'p»r; 2 *55'pSr. n. One wb 
cukB. buTGlg. etc.— nWpcr-afe, ■ 


Ehe prefient indicative 
i-lat«, 1 knp'yu-l5t_; 2 riip_^ 


1 kep'i 

proO (^flhurlng,— co-op^er- 

lED, 1 kop'id, 3 

. . II. 7 

ba of eoorri 

mot, 1 kOt; 2 

coInU, 1 ks'pi 


Tlthf. III. «. TO KcuiB oopyriBlit lor, 
of HuthoTB ftnd ATtlfltfl to pubUflh vi<l dlapoao 
- eo-4iaet', 1 k»-ket'; 2 eo-kfi' «. * ei. 
Mii^ witli^eJted f^d^^trifle in'lavT. 
[-Biia'. ti).l TfiOlM In love. — eo-fluet'te', 
to ow[uetri-; a aiEt.— eo-qoet'tlili, o. -ly, 

cor'il, II^bJ; 3 ear's!, I. a. Of or liko 
si. II. n. A caloareoua eeeretion of 
ioua manne loophytea. often forming 

. eon>el.lkar'bel;2e6rTi61,n. . 

Willi cord: iurnisli with 
corda. :.TopiJe[GK- 
wood)bytheoord. IL J 
Tt. 1. A fftrinE of Kv- ^ 

And CDTdA coUcctlvfdy. 
jor'dale, 1 ksc'dft; Z j 

cAr'd&t. 1. Bo'. UeBit- * 

Bhapt d, aa a leaf. 
<or'dlal, 1 tSr'jsl w kSrd'yst; 3 cOr'jal 

qubUty of beln^ a 

ca"ri-an'der, 1 ko'n- 

!io paratey family, bearing 

columns nithoraaK 
CMk, 1 kerk; S eArk. 

CM'ma-nDt, 1 kir'mi 



2 tOm. iT To ptaem b 


tJio outer coa 


orned, 1 1 kon 

•rnd', fbj. Is 

1 ker'ne: 

S cflr-QSr. 

Dook. :. I 

1. A 


'"" 1 tBi^net': 2eS^H'. n. J 
ormeriy. a cavalry officer 
idard.— cor'oet-Wi «- tub r 

carls'™) t koVms" Z "tflr'nls, n. 
eor'nis", /molding round Uie top ol 

building or wall of a room. 
--■ - 1 k&r-E^ - '--'- -■ " - 

M^nil^ 1 ko-rol'»; 

-ne^'^l'ke^o-net*2 cOrtnet, n 

eoi'piHal. n. MiL The lonent i 
commissiDEiad officer in n company. 

cor'pc^rate, 1 ker'po-nt; 3 cflr'po-tal 
Incorporate?!!, or T>rto]i^injt tL> h com 

bodr: bodflj.— «>r"piHr«tl(>D, 1 k^r 
perfloAB lecnlly UHOdawd Ira tJie truDBU 
ci^po're-fll, 1 

— eor^po-rel-tj 

COEpSt 1 kor; a cor, ti. a 
■ODfl Aotioe together, aa 

con>*«> 1 ksrpa; Z cOipBi "■ A deul body. 
As of A humaQ bcins, 

cofvu-lent, 1 ksr'piu-leDl; 2 cAr'pD-lEiit, 
a. ExGcoBlvdy fat.— cor^pn^koc^t n. nu'- 
pn-len^t.— «n'pD-jFDt-lj,adff. 

ror'pns-elf, 1 ksr'pus-l;2 car'pn»-l. n. A 

«tr'piu-cul«l-— eot-pm'ca-tar, a. OI or 

perlALnlDE to corpuaoln; molecuUr. 
coiwal', I ko-ral'; 2 rt-r&l'. L K. [con- 

pea up. ' II. n. An endoMd ipa'ce or 

puDiah. IL a. Fre« fr 



2 riir-e- 



eiWri-dor, 1 ker'i-dorr 2 eOr'i-dar, n. A 
vide E&llflry or pauaec in a buiidiQCr 

eor'rl-Kl-bl<e>, 1 ker'i-'i-bl ; 2 eSr'i-^l.a. 
Capabie of b«Df cornct«d 

Tliat wblcb co[Tod«a^ a corrodlDg acent. -Ira 
ir'ni.^t«,'l 'kar'u-Kei; 2_ iSr-iHiut. I. 

eor-TUpt', 1 ko-rnpt' 

cor'Tii-tat'edl — cor* 

b% ui or oomKatUw: 

Dpt'. Id. I 

vilialp; deprave; podulc: tfcvert, aa by 
bribery. 11. a. 1. Decompoeinc; taint- 
ed; putrid, 3. Given lo tiibery; di». 
hooMt; aeonvea.— tBT-^ruoVrt.tat-tmw'- 
tor, R.- cor-ropl-l-Mrt-tT, n. %^e gu^ty 
ot belmt comipllble.- cor-raptl-MIC, a. 
TIiDt may be comipud. - eoc^ODtl-blt*- 
----mpl'Ufly, a' — ■ 

fineljr colorfd u Bcsu. Emery ii the 

eot-r-te'dou, 1 kof-^-lI'den; 2 riit*y-lC. 

giuulir vnietr. 

dou, n. Aeeed-leaf.o 

Snc leaf of an eiD- 

cor'ug-nte. 1 !i3i'D»-k«t: E cSr'tiKki, »'. 


[-ciTiDil: ^xT'iHD.I To marU*^ cw"!!*- 

BouB. 1 toivied'o- 

a'HiHi,iL AbuntotnoiU. 

BDi; e t«I-yUd'o- 

n>r-TCtt«', 1 ker-vet'; S cAr-vEt'. n. A 

naa.a. Or, pertainla* 


eo7^M^. 1 ker'v.n: 2 cdr-.L, 0. Of or 


«W. a. Suae £• COIT. c«n- 

(!ouch\ 1 lioudh ; 3 

pB ^in' 

cos-meCIc, 1 kai-inet'ik; S cSt-rnKfie. I. 
n. Psrtsining to th» art ot bemulityini; 

lay donnj ioier, ai 
a eoMT, for attack. 
S, To express in a 


A compound ippUed lo tHe lUs to Imiaovs 

cas"iii<>«al'l-^n. 1 liei'mo-pal'itsn: 2 

as a CBtatMt. II. t. 

efi^'mo-pAJ'i-tui. I. a. CainmcHi to bIJ 

To lie down; leat; 

the ■woT]d: at home in all partj of the 


world; oidely distribuled II. n. A 

eouch, n. A bed or 

other Bupport for 


coi'moMkM'ma.jSeSj'inOs.n. ThEuni- 

Bleeping or reclining. 

Tfitse aa a svntem; sdv comolete ayeteni- 


(ar, n. The puma. 

Caa-weli. 1 k-'at:a«a'itt. ». ^one oYa n™ 

. I. <. To e,pel by 

tnliaWtliKS.E. Ruatls. euDPlilog lingular 

eof, fa couih: wi 

th up. 11. i' To 

eipel sir from the lu 

DgB with aaudden. 

roi'Mt.lke.'etiS «««'«, H. .1. To fon- 

httmh Bouod. 

dle; pet, J[I. n. ApeKamb; any pet. 

cough, n. A sudden 

harah expulsion of 

cut, 1 k«t: 2 cOst. L K. [cobt; cost'- 

uctivB of coughing. 

of cu>>, •. 

lo»"crf.Motlife. 11. n. The price pEid 

3 cu-iam'. n. The 

for anything; outlay; anjenw; charge. 

eos'toVl kBs'tBl: 2 cOs'talTa. 01, per- 

nl coaveyed by one 

named from Cou- 

co8'(lv(e', 1 k«'tiv; S riB-tiv, a. CoMti- 

lomb. a French phya 

iBt (173a-lS06). 

costlT, 1 toM'li; 3 efial'li, a. Of ireat 

^Il'd!l."j koun's"" 

c..iin'(il. n. Anas- 

loa.- coDB'eU-mBD. 

.■og'tume, 1 kae'tiOm: 2 cSs'tQip, n. Dreu, 

wuB'rtliSJ, ™°A'Seffll«T or a council. 

espeoiaUy of a country, period, claas. ste. 
cot. 1 kal; 2 <6t, n. 1. A cottage. 2. A 

eoan'srl, l koun'eel; 2 coun'sCI. 1. a. k 

ri. [-SILKi.or-8Ftl.En 

-BELn"; -aBUNQ Of 

light, portable bedatead, 3. A cover, aa 
of kid. foranmjured&ncei. [NBOna.etc. 

-SEi.-LiNa.l TooouBulljsdmoniahjadviae: 

co-tem'pa-n'ne-aBui, eu. See CONTiMPaiu- 
«o"te-rie',lk6'tB-rt';2c6'to-r6',n. A set 

purpose; prudence. 

n-B^-or. 1 kaun'eel- 

□I penoog wbo meet babltually, a clique. 

. n. One who gtva 

Kuie. coua'wi-l«t. 

co-tUHan, 1 ko-til'yen; 2 eo-tll'yop, n. A 


Ht. «, I.!, 1. To 

number: compute, K 

Mt'tue, 1 ket'ij; s'eSt'ag, n. 1. A hum- 

judce. 3. To ascribe; with U. II. i. 
1. To number. 3. To be important. S. 
To rely; with on or upon. 

eoanf, i kount; 2 «. 

eottager; [arm teo&Dt. coltart; eoi'tl-er:. 


imaUon; a Beparala 

COt'Un, 1 ket'n: 2 cSC'd. r. 1. The soft, 

"n°'or oon^n"u} 

count'. 'n. A roblen 

of a plani {the oiUan-planI): also, the 
plant it«lf. See illu.. in -eB column. 2, 
Cotlon eloUi or thread.-' eat'lon -da*, n. 

CDun'te-runcc, 1 kaun'ti-noOB; 2 eoun'te- 
nane. I. «. [-NANCRB*; -n*hc-iko.J To 

abet. It n. Tho 

Uiellberot cotton. 

pom: "^ '"^ 

cannier, I kaun'tnr; t eoun'tCr, ( 

of wood, ivory. etR,, Used in COUI 
money orHxpUBegoociafnrflflle. 
return ^low. i. The portion o 

n>Dnl«r-, prejlx. coutAry; oppo 
anauen/n, Cfmmerp&rt. 

Under.— (»iui*t«F-»«tlaD, n. 

offset. 11. n. .Any power equally op- 

nran'tei^lt,'! i k "^B^KtTs eoun'tEr- 
caan'tcr-fit>, /fit. Id. tl. To make Frnnd- 
ulcntly, B9 money; indtate deceitfully; 
feign; pretend. II. o. Fraudulently imi- 
tated; Bpurious. IIL n. Something 

I'ter^naDiI'i 1 knun'tsr-man 
un'teivnifind'. I^. it. To revoke, 
iati eontradiet; oppose. II- n. - 
r eontrary toorrevokiTie one prtv 

eonD'tei^put". I knun'tBr-porf; S roun'- 
Ur-pftrt'. n. 1. A facvpiile; duplicate 

the H^t hand to the lelti a complement; 
CODn'ter-polfie', 1 knun'tBr-poii'; 2 
»UB'tSr-p6ie'. I. m. [-poibed'; -pois'- 
INQ.] To offaet with an otjual weight; 

tOUn'ter-allll", 1 kann'tar-soin*; 
additionai Bign^ture. U. r. i 

coan'trl-f*. 1 


Tfoi;2 tdn'tti-fl. 



ning to ttie ooun 






cou"p*', 1 kO'p*': 2 tuWi "■ A lo* 
conpncjl kup'l; 2 tUp'l. I. vl. A ™, 

CDnplel,)! kop'let; B eOp'lJt, n. Two 
cup^Iet', / auoceadyB Udob of Tetae riming 

cou'poD, 1 kQ'pen; 3 ey'pen, n. A de- 
tachabfe portion of a boud, ticket, or the 


j;2(iir'at,n. Intre 

ir'«e, '/ity, « 

1 ko-IC'JUB; ? cG^rft'tf Ob, a. Having or Bbow- 
ing courage; brave; Intrepid. -Jy, ode. 

Hnser: also, a traveling attendant. 
iaTse,lkara;2f5ia, I.w.ici. IcouRaED*; 

a tare. li. rt. 4ri. To woo; 

II. a. Of or pertaining tO 

n. 1. A judicial tribunal, or 

*-. wiplf.dg; bdbk, bAt; fqlt, rflle, cOre. biit,blkni: 611. b«r; Bo. tem; Igk; thtn, tbla. 


irlnd or wooing.— eour 
icl0Be4 yard ad>a1iiliiB 

eiirte'»y"^;-eT-iNo.l' Tomake^eotatay. 
ronttt'sy, n. [-nss*. pi.] An old-tims 

cooT'te-ian, 1 kOr'ti-isn; ; 
caortler, 1 kBrt'rn; 3 . 

eor'c-Dant, llkuv'i-i 
cnT'«-iiaDf, JL vi. i. 
pled^ oiHWif. 11- T 

eni'ert', ; oeal«l; Kcret; il 

A tiidliit-iitaet. u :i ttilekii. 

cor'n-tore, 1 ' 

ea^'etA, 1 1 kov'el; 8 fir'at 

«n»'et',) deriro wrongfully or 

■ mooL"! 
1 kuv^i; 3 «: 

cow'berd", I'knu'hSrd'; E mwTiird', n. 

caw'hide", 1 kauTiaid'; 2 cowTiId'. I, 
IcoVbid'ei)"'; cow'hio'i.vq.I To whip 
with > cuwhLde, II. n. The hide ol 

cowl.'l koul; S ec 

o-wark'er. 'l 


2 B 


atw-aip-, 1 ka 


n. A wild 

flower of the 


01 'comb-, 1 

keke'- «: 

kotn': 2 <«k> 

1, A pielenti 

^^fo"' ft 

3. Ssme u 

™0CK»-' " 

an'swiln, 1 k 


or tnoul.) ke 

'an; 2 

.JSkUan' <»■ 



u cbHrga 

MW. ) koi; 2 iay. o. Shri 


etljib. -1^, 


iii^To'^h kS- 


ri'6t.r.. The 

of tt 

United StaUa 

I'd; 2 e«i' 

& ti. To 


eO'iy, a. Jco'n 

EflT.] SnuElj 


»ool»ble. »>y 


eo-il-ly, odi. 

folded undfr th 
rtellation. CanM 

itkb. n. 1. AlOfooIed 
K ths abdomen or taU 
body. 2. [C-l A con- 

! beartnc tlilB tr 
■il/ed. o. So 
rjvniwd and 
rfgular. -iTi <^'- -OBM. It 
nek, 1 krak: E crAk. 1*. if. A n'. 

Hpirit. 11. n. A partinl hTriiaEB; b. 
snv; a Aharp sound; a sounding bl< 

lit, Ice; I: 

eneklCe', 1 krsk'l; 

eliliis.— crackllDc, l kr 

WUTid*; ■> urDHil 

J mkIu. (13 on 
I. TbecrlaiibtawDed 

llc,lkrrdl{3er!i'ill. I 
a onidle; nxit^be; rniti 

traft, 1 ki 

akai; trie 

. 3. A trada, or those en 

.— crani-lT, adu.— a^ttl 

nlc.— mtt'i, 1 kAiIt'i; 
Jful In d«alvlDg; cuDDlnff, 

eat (TOedily ; etufir imwd; overfilf 

vamp'i X krajnp; 2 erJlmpp 1^. if- ' 

fasten with a cramp. IL n. A bent ir 

for bindiiLff two pieces firmJy (OEethirr. 

eimmp*. l^st. ~ ~ • - ■ 

CTK'Dl-Uin, 1 trt'ni-imii 3 trS'ni-Om, 
IcaAln-^i. pLI Tbe akuU.-~ cn'nl-al, a. 

crank. 1 krauk; 2 er&Dl'. a- Uiute& 
easi^ capsiBed; shaky; lively. 

opening; Goiure. 
crape. 1 lirep! £ cri 

rame-Uke r^brlo. c 
crsH, 1 krapa; 3 

playod with two d 

with a sharp, sudd 

enighi, n, A loud i 

■£«; destFuctlDn; r 

porting various artir[#i 
cra'ter. 1 kre'tar; 3 crS/tSr, i 

CTSTe, I'taHv] Berav.'o. [ci 

crBW°^i''° 1 ki^'fiih 

cnWQQ, f kt^Bn; 8 cra'on, n. a'poi 
as of charcoal orprgjarcd ohaltl, fordr 

glue — crail-IrT fult,— 
3. 'Dllaiildated:'i1i 


e. ILn. A 

. The bowl, 
-vHt', B. A 

»VI!n; CRAV-- 

E for. II. {. 
I. o. Cow- 

1. -ir.nfln. 

" mak'p. or w 

I creik. IL f>. 
I. aa Irfm frio- 

™ * Pi. % 


of Euro] 

oily liquid of a 

oky odoi 

lie West Indica, 
- distilled from ' 

crepl-tmte, 1 knp'i-teti 

[-^AT'End; fTAT'iNO.] 1o male a sun 
BOQ of lislit ciacklinf Hmnds; cracl 
— crepl-tanl, a.— cn^l-tatlMi, n. 

crept. 1 knpc: 2 atfU Imp. of cuxp. •. 

Q. a. ^wly 

That which eertiGn oaE'g autharity 

or aUim to oonndenoa. 

end'MiKe', 1 knd'i-bl; 2 erMl-bl. a. 

Capable of beini believed; vorthy ol at- 

sapUiue.-cnd'l-Mn-tr.x. TluMateor 

(tedlt, l,kred'it;.8 orM^it. 



I tor 


U'lODSi 1 Iired'yu-lue; 

: prafeiewon^i 

m'cen^ 1 

kres'eDt: 2 arta'A: 
as the new nu 
it'aht^>ed. IL 

OT bomethirit "90 shaped, a 
device on the Turkiih b'- 

of the miiBtard family, v 

OM'ael. 1 kn 

tuft on iho ) 
the like, on I 
the ridce nl e 

of a mount 

top nf aaythiiM?; head. 

. I-o. 1. 



a. Chalky, 

a trt-tan', n. An'im^ liTBaiMt. 
Eiaiad ootion fabric printed on one side- 
CK-Taue'i 1 kri-vai'; 2 ae-viy, n. A 

cnn^sS } finiTn or cruk. 

crew, n. The company if seamen beloiDS- 

•rib, 1 krib;3 ern>, n. 1. .... 

or bU1< for attic. X. A duld'a bedslesd. 
with (ud« railincB. A. A boi or bin for 
fram. 4. A wooden frsme, as to re- 
tab ■ bant or «itii--crtbVBC, n. Tbe 

1 krik'et; 2 «ft'6l 



Ztiim-n. An sot p 

^■■■tinj to or lunty ot orliuo^ II. n. One 
tHa hn samnuiifd * crinw.— crim'l-iul'i- 
tr, H.— (rlml-nal-lr, adv.— «lin'1-iute. 1 

ctUn&-~ criml-na'tloB, n. The ut of 
Crlml-IMl'o-cri 1 krim'i-DsL'o-ji; 2 cilm'- 

crlmp, 1 krimp; 2 eilm' 
into folds^ comiit^to: 
tie and cHsp; stiff; fria 
tlilne crimped, aa a 1i 

erim'Hiiia 1 lirim'ic 

: S erfm'sn. I. 

o. DeepTed; 

di-ei. IIL . 

tin^ of blue; deej^red. 
crlnxe, 1 krinj; S tAnt, I. ri. {c 
CHiNo'iKO.] To crouch 1 fawD. 1 

rrta'klCe', Ikria'li!; Serto'kL. I. 

kle. II. n. A wrinido; ripple; 

cHnldr, n. Wrlnhbd; ednpy. 

CTlp'ple.l 1 krip'L; 2 cHp'l. I. il. 

Isme; dlubla. IL n. pno lac 

CTi'm. 1 krgi'.il; 2 trt'rta. n. 

l-rii:2-9G|.}iI,I Atnnintyixiiiit; noiltl- 

CTlap, 1 kriip; 2 eriap. P. ri, A ti. 'To 
cnnkle; curl ; mako or beoome crisp. IL 
a. 1. »oinE>vhat firm and brittle. X. 
Crinkltd: ciupcd. 

cH-te'rl-on, 1 krai-fn-en; 2 trf-W'ri-on. 
n. ^Hi-A, pj.[ A standard; t«flt, 

eHtlc, lkriVik;2ir1l'ic, n. 1. One who 

cro-ebet', 1 krs-jhe'; 2 

. . kra-ihed', 

[hc'loerr'To form or knit, m c 
11, n. Fancv^ork produced by 
Ihniad with a hooked neodla. 

<rt)k'ei-y. B, 
J irSe'oJll, n. 

a eroeodOe. cme'o-dll 
It, 1 krO'koa; 2 crfi'.ai 
he iris family. Kith U 

; 2(t6Jt. n 

im^l field oi 

, n. A withered ol 

m>'nr, 1 krO'ni; 2 (rO'ny, n, [cho'hh»", 

pi.) A familiar friend. 
Took, 1 krvk; 2 (rt&k. I', n. A *i. To 

ben3; — '■- — '—' ■• - 

_ end. Z. A 

.-'(Toek'nit 1 knifed^ I 

•'*****i.5™32' "^sw*; *•'*« "*" •* 


Uke. or aaectsd by GKup. eraDp^J. 
croup.. 1 kriip; 2 crup,™. ThT^p of % 

«rop, 1 krop; S a6p, il. [chopped' or 
csDPi*; CBOp'piKa.r To cut off closely; 

erow, i kra,- airo, ri. [cbowbo, cnowt*. 

1 krftd. 2 crOd; cbo..'Uo,1 l-'Touttei 

thecryofapock;eiuit;boa8t 8. Tout- 

crop, n, 1, Produce: barveat. 2. The 

ter sounds oi infantile delight. 


crow, n. 1. A bird with glossy black 

ero-gaef, 1 kio-k4';3ero-lte',i. A lawn- 

plumage. S. The cry of a cock, or any 
l^_ioun<Jj-«w'l»r-, 1 krO'hdr*; a h?- 

game played with bulla and mallcta. 

ss a'tover.-croWloot-," " A plsnt, IM 

croUar, ttmitt, n. Ste cboheb. cbosblkt. 

butl«rcuD.-tToWi',too(-, n. toneef 

ttms, 1 kiw; S«rAa. I>. cj. A n. 1. To 

place or move aciaBB: traverse; intersect; 
cancel (crosso^- OP oi,(l; obstruct; contra- 
diet; urital*. 3, To make the sign of the 

VMiely. IL a. Ill-tempered; peevish. 

nerottneeye. I. OnenI varlousmcctiuilial 

lection; multitude; throng, 
erown, lkmun;atro»n. f.ti. 1. To put 
a orown on; mvest ivith loyai M 
clignrty; honor; reH'ard 3. ^M 

torture and death, consioting of two 
crossed limbeni. on which the condemned 

o( Cbriat: tho Atonement. 3. aomelhing 

To form the top' part of ; cap; J 
complete, ll.'^n 1. -A eir^ ^^U 
cletor covering for the head, W^H 

(. A miiiii)! of breeds; an animal of 

mi.eo breed.- enm-Ij, adt. PoevteUj.- 
ODSs'iiHi, n,- erosa'bow', n. A bow. 

-c.-l>reedlns.i>.-e..ent,i>. Aoutacrow; 

sovereignty. >. A reward; *^'™- 
priie, 1. The top, as of the bead; Bun> 
roit; perfect state; acme. I. AnEngliah 

a ebori cut- e.vumlDe, «. Lajc. To 

coin, worth 5 ■hillinfB. 

cro'IlOT, 1 krO'Bsr; 3 era'ihBr. n. A bish- 

nulntlnc.— e.flpurpoBe^ n. A conHicUni 

cra'cULlkrO'tftisUSeru'shal, a. 1. D»- 

nutiy, ia IB order m elleliracu Irom a reluc- 

cisive; searching; severe, t. Havini the 

crossing;, 1 krSa'm; 2 erfls'loe. n. Inter- 
section, as ol roads; act or place of cross- 

cra'cl-bller, 1 kro'81-bl; 2 cru'ti-bl. n. A 

vessel, as of clay, for melting metals, eto.; 

crJSI'.ro«Ml-, 1 krea'-rSd"; 2 crSs'-rOd", n. 

era'^irrkfo^tf^rsWci-flk*, ™. A 
cross bearing an effigy of Cbriat crucified. 

cru"cI-Hi1oa, 1 kra'ai-fik'^eu; S cru'«>- 

crara'wlse, 1 kroa'ttoii; 3 crta'w^, 'adv. 1. 
ArrosE; sometinieB with lo. i. la tlie 

upon thi cross; specificaUy JC-], tfe death 

Cfo^. 1 '^2 eriJeh, n. A point cf 

CMleh'et. 1 kreA'et;'2"ra'oh'«t. n. 1. A 
whim; eocentrioity. 2. Mat. A quarter 

era Tl-fy, 1 kraClai; 3 eru'ei-fl, «. [-nm; 
-ky'ikq.] To put to death by fastening 

■.-nwteli'Bt-y, n. WhImHcal; eccentrlo. 

CMide,''TkVfld; 2 eriid. =. Not mst««: 

-erp'dl-^, 1 tLTB'di-ti; 2 Mtfdl-ty. n, 
(-Tua". pi.i 1. The state of bcmg mid» 


crude'ntsst. t. Tbat which la crude. 

em'cl, 1 krfi-cl: 2 erg'ai. a. Disposed to 

BTm: buA: illmii^iiii -b, i 

fl-lf,l kra'«-ti: tjt^-ty.n. 

A eruri dlflpcfllUoa or act: iniiumj 
ira'tt,lknl'eC; 2aru'St,n. Ai 

bottis, fu for Tinegar or oil: a 

BBlM, 1 kr«i;Ecrvq. L«. An. (crdiwd; 

cxiria'iNa.l To nil over or thrDU|;h ; ncl 

■mile to ind tro.— erab'tr, s. A i 
cr riUp UtU vutm: ■ inii>vs«l loin 

cral'lsr, 1 frul'Br; 8 erCl'ir, n. A 
ibwni cake ot dougb. med bioi 

mimole. II. n. 1. A 

bread; » morael. 2. Th( 
tnuii1>le,l 1 krom'bl: S< 

im'iwt, 1 krnm' 

m'pet, n 

<nin'ple,)l krnm'p!; 3 erttin'pl. •<- * 
moi'pl', / ri. [cBUH'pLdlD': c nn m'- 

p[.iNC.) To press into wriokLea; become 

wnoklHi; mmpl«, 
crandi, 1 krone*; 2 «rOnch. It. Tl. ± vi. 

Td erusb n-ith the teeth; chew sudibly; 

EnishorcriodaDuili'. U. n. Thoactof 

mSi>Hr,l krnp'Brr 2 «rtlp'«r, n- 1. The 

^T^t. The rump o! a homo. 
■ni^ade', I krQ^ed'; 2 er^-sftd'. 1°. ti. 
To eo on or engaeo in a cnuade. 11. tl. 
A medieval gatberins of the Chriatiaju of 
Europe for Ibc ooriqueat of tbe Hoiy 
Sepuldjer; any vicomus coaceited move- 

BiAerfuc enist. embi 
ttoib, I intb; S a6ib. 
preiB out of ehspr ; break 

broken by 
Mat by TJotent preaeura. 

1 krm-WfliBa: 2 trO»-t»'- 
Of or pertaining to the 
L n. OneoftheCVuMocsa, 
ig i;mBt*like ahells. ineludinif 

I. eraba. umbosg. < 

jrflat'y.o. Cnist'like; 

cratS,Ukrui!b;2rriich,n. AouOwith 
cmell', J a crosepieee fitting apdar the arm- 

erri'tU. I kris'ti 
or lilce cr3'atal; 
1. The aolid nial 

1 art of ciphet-writiD 
; 2 etj>a'tal. I. a. ui 
clear; Umpid. II. n. 

cryg'tal-llaeor-Ilse, ] 

tal-ll, ri. & m. (-IIIKI 

cnb, 1 kub; 2 eQbi n. 

bcsr, foi. wolf, etc.; 

cnlw,lkiab;2cab, n. 

angles right anjties. 

eo-ble, 1 1 

M-ol-ll, adi 


krie'tel-oii', I 

k ooJid bounded 
n'bt-ealt-- eo'- 

^: about American YHlo»Millleil 

eiujc'oo, 1 kuk'Q: 2 euk'oo. n. A biid, 
ny iipecreA of which deport their eggs 

to be bWhod in 

cD'cmn-lMr, 1 kiQ'ku 

». The obltml fnii ,_ 

of the couTd fatdlLy; al«>, the pJi 


cue, 1 kia; 2 cQ, n. 1. A tail ; s lone hnid 
ofhaJr. a. Thfl word»BerviiigMii>igq8t 
for an actor; n hint: suggiation. i. A 
vtnucht t&perins rod. UKd in billiards, 

cmraikofiZcilt,!. I.t. ToBtril[e,as 
«Ilf», twith ■ - - ■ - --' . 

cni'pi^WfTf l^kij? , 

cnl'in-bl', f iJwwTiiii o( li 
Mll-tr, cnl'pa'bl|e-iieiu',i 

eul'prlt, I kurpril; 2 eOl'prl 

cllltri''kDl";'°s"'8ait" n. A 


.— e«l'tnred, fa. £di^ 

uodct « toad. 
DinlMr, 1 knm'bar; 

1 kiO'Dl-i-tann; 3 t 


L 0. 

[cup. ». T 
. If. n. A 

Cfl'»ld, 1 MfltHd; e eQ'itil. n. MrA. Tl 

ea-^tAjr, 1 kiu-pid'i-ti; 3 Bn;pld'i-ty. i 

cii'p»4a, 1 kiQ'p^g; 2 eQ'po-la. n, . 
dome; a small stmcture sbovo a roof; 

ear, 1 km-; 2 tOr. r. A warthlets dot; 

nw^bie, )I klor'J^r^'a eOr'a-bl, ■( 

eiwr«-bl', rauiceptibla pf being cured,- 

oiT'k-bUI-tr, n. nr'^klle-iiMa't.- 

t!ib poutiiia,'duti», at leim of offio 


— CB'nM-alilp. n. 

^tlr*t J PDuaasiiic p< 

n. AmiperinteDdaat; guardian. 
tOTb, 1 kerb; Settrb. I. W. To subjeot, 

oontrol. u with rein, and ™tb. II- ". 

1. A chain or itrap to add power to a bit; 

also, a bit bo airan^d; regtraint; control. 

t. A curbstone. S. The framswork 

■round the top of a welJ. 
Corb'statie'. 1 kDrb'itSn'; S eUcb'aUln'. n. 

A Mone foiminc the outer ed(o of a side- 

curd, 1 koid: 2 cQrd, n. The caaculai«d 

portion of miUc of «hich cheasa la made. 

— ear'dia, w. & «. Ichb'olid: cna'DuiraJ 

To Qfaance to curd; ooacuUte. 
CBTC* I kiflr; 2 vQr. !■ If. A ri. [cnnEo; 

CTTB'iNa.] 1. To lesUm to ^eaJth; 

cause reoDveTy. Z. To oradicalB, Be 

diaeaae; heal. S- To nreflerve. aa £sh, by 

and iatenuti 
en'rl-ons, 1 
E»«ec for i: 
Adapted to ' 

LM. An. TocDTl 
adorn with corla: 
A Dythiog omJed 

enr'rmiit.lknr'entiBrtr'Bii.. . 

od, acid berry, or ttie buah producing 

enrTtnt,' 1 kut'ent; S ctir'Snt.' I, o. 1, 
r.: — T,.:__ . — 1... iiy aoMpled. 

al'^o''' ' ■ pre. 

; 2 tH- 

<U1J, 1 kur-i; 2 (dr-y, tt. [ci 
-nd^ 2 rrid; CCB'BT-moJ i. 

or groon-., asahone. 2. todn 

t kttn'ed; 3 cOn'M. a. 

fane oath. 2. Calamity invoked; a •ource 
t11r^BlTe^nkDr'siv;2cOr'Biv. I. a. Run- 
"kttera'joinwf, °'lI™'^A"eMa-'of (Sar-' 

S: «9ir,d||;bdIik.b«MjlVU,rnle,rOre,bilt,barn:« 

'SdUIH.— CBC-tlll'- 

([COBV(b)o»; CDBV'l 

jr W'tdr, n- Tm Acl ol tKodtDe, o 

cnr'Tet. 1 kSr'vet: 2 eflr'vet. 

light, low leap of a bone. 

«ttr'M-lln'e->r, 1 tur'vi-LLn'i 

IraVar., a. Fomied by i 

To plan 

51. n, A neiiDiB ca 
astsiial, as feathe: 
d«adea iac. 

rl kuap; 3 cilap, n 

One Df the 



rd, 1 k 

A bloodUilniy ninu 

wounded; aevere<i. 

' aSected by outtina; 

me, u a cbilc 
-kl; 2 tQ'ti-e 

Erina.— eit-tle^i4u'. 

let, I kul'l< 
cce of veal ( 

ciit'tl*,'llktil']:3«at'l.n. 1. ^ 
cntlr, tS.CuttloboDi 
-ent'Ue-bone", i 

eJsoUng an tuky Oi 

1. A cuttle liHli. 

Cfde, 1 aatnii: 2 (I'd, k 

1. A recutric^ 1 


The curVH ol- _ .., „ , _ .... 

pluv of H circle that rolla aIodje > iLraiEht 
er-d«D'e-ler, 1 »ii-ktsm'i.tBT: S ci- 
el6m>W ■ • . 


CT'clone, 1 sailtlBn: 2 H' 

lent and deatnictive wind 

-C7-doDlc, s. 
Ci-clo-pe'ao, 1 soi'klo-pI'Bn: 2 cl'tEt 

pe'an, a. Of or pert " 

clopcq, a race of mythi 


. . ., ,_ )i11o-pr'di-»:2cI"tlo- 

«^tlo-pie'dt«, ; p«'di-B, R. A work giv- 
inc A summuy o[ wme brsDch of knoirl' ■ 

-cf'tio-rt'la-ne^c.a. bwui. , 

en'IMt, 1 >ie*i»tj S tfS'net. b. a youne 
tKlo-der, 1 BiL'm.dBr; 3 cfl'in-dEr, n. A 
circular body of anifonn dianietfr. the 
«itremitifli af vhich are pqiu] pAr&llel 
dnrei.— er-lln'drlc a. cr-llD'drl-all.— 

C]N4lB'dtl-«l-tr> BdD. 

of ■ pair of plau-like met&llic miui- 
ebI inBtrumentB played hy 
being clHshod tofetber. j 
[CI ODeofHKCtofUreokS 
phiEoBophen who t&li£ht^ 
eoDt«mpt for pleasure. J 

mist.— tr>>t*uili B. OI or 

like a oynLf; mUanthreplR; Turklflb 

moron: 'f"'*"^-^'^ Cymbal*. 

''no-sure. 1 sai'no-flifir; S tl'no-ahyr. n. 

'preas, 1 «ni'prM; S cl'prfa. n. An bvbt- 
■ kindred plant, funeral cypreas,' s-itf 

1. T«»i'e-Tltcht.- Ci»-ri'ni 




J, 500. 

<Ub'. n, 1. A gentle blow; pal 

sinall lump of soft substsace. aa Dutter. 
dab>, n. A aldlful person; adepC dab'- 

dabltta,)! dsbTr 2 dSbl. t. [dab'bijid. 
....... i -j(0;l ti^Todip 


d«i, i dft; 2 da^, n. A small fre»h-water 
dM'tyL 1 dak-til; S dSe'tyl, n. A foot con- 

*: w(if,dB;babk, usm: t 

da'do, 1 ardo: S dft'dc 

da-Ruerre'o-tTpe, 1 d8-Ker*o-toip; 2 da- 
i^r'o-tlp. Is d. To take a daguecreo- 

AdlTt I de^: 2 dilr- I. a. Oocurrinc 
every day; (tiumal. IL n. [dai'likh', 
M A daily pubUation. IIL 
adr. Day altet dny: on every . , 

dalii''tr,ld«n'ti:2daii'ty. L a. ^ f 

tBilNTl-BH; DAiN'Ti-»r.l DeL- ' 

lemte; deJidoua; fu^dioua; re- - 
fined; decorous. II. n. [-nivi', > 
pl.l SameChingdelicioiu ; b del- 
lousy.— dalB^-Iy, udi.- dalo'- 

•.M A I 

trntx, 1 dfu; 3 - 

ati'nl 1 Aezit s ^ 

A Son-er hsviar 

or tosewobred 

dale, 1 del; 2diU, 

(Ullr, 1 dal'i; 


'for keeping 

A nueed plBt- 
[DAl'ajES", pi.] 

fflmalB parent; eaid ot the 

m'ij;2dam'aft. I. a. & vi. 
niM'AG-TSQ.l To hnrm; im- 
joma impiJred. II. n. 1. 
11. Z. pi. , Money recover- 

,m'eBt;2diri'Mk. I. a. 01 
uk. 11, n. A fine Bilk oi 
TOven in olaborste patlems. 
8 dam, n. A lady; married 

damn, 1 dam; 

>n. S. To curat 
.. — swear.- dam-u. 

MeriUoK or causing damnation 

II. a. r.Somawba 

d«in'»»l, ldam'iel;3dim')*l, n, Ayoum 

(Iri; maldsD. dam'c-Hl). 
daiii'90Il,ldam'£fin;2dftni'gon.n, Asmall 

purple plum; ^Bo, the tree produan^il. 
danccldauaiSdinc. I. il. Aii. (danced'; 



dan'dle.11 d 


idy. II. B.[DAK'DIES",pi.l 

d in drcsB and affedud in i 

dan'gte, 11 dao'Kl; 2 din'gl. 1. * vi. [dj^v'- 

liefare, ruwiu, or'o/'T-- dUB'gler. n. hnoH, 

dank, 1 dank; 2 dinV. a. Damp and cold; 

dan'seuse'^.ldnn^aSr': Hd»n-iOa', n, i 
profesaional female daneer; baUVt-nirl. 

Diqih'ne, 1 d^ni; 2 dAfne. n. ^illl. 
Daughter at rlver-^od Pencils; ohanged lute 
a laurel while fleelnc from Apollo. 

dap'per, 1 dap'er; 3 dip'Sr, a. Trim and 

dap'nleill dap'l; 3 dKp'l. I. ri. [□ap'- 
dapif, (m-zh, OAP'Ln'; DAP-PLivQ.! To 

make ^notwd. II. n. Spotted; variegated. 

dap^edt: dip^d'!. III. n. ABpotordot. 

dare, 1 dar; 2 dftr, t. [itobht, 1 do™l. 8 
dQmt, or damp; pab'inq.] i. (. 1. ^o 
be bold enotitb (lo do or atlcrupt). t. 
To cbflUenjei defy. D. i. To have 
courage; venture.- dartiif, 1 ■Ut'id: B dir'- 

coura^; bravery, •ly, adv. 
dark, 1 dark; 3 dark. I. a. Lackist 
ligbt; of a deep abade; obscure; flrloomy; 
airociouB. II. n. I«ck of light: a plat* 

I. a. Dim; tfoomy- 1 
bunny.— 4ani'unie, a. 

Imdlr. II. Tt. A itieliy uppIieatiiD: t, 
■mear; a poor.rottnepiuDUBC.— daab'tr.!*. 
danib'ter, I dS'tsr; g dVter, n. A femito 
-'- "1 Of doonulut.— dan(li'Mr-lB4mw", ». 

darn, 1 dam: S d£m. 1. •(■ To uwnd by 
GUiog in yarc ur thread with a needle. 
IL It. A plttoe mended by darning. 

lar'nel, 1 dfrnel; 3 dar-nEI, n. A aoaoaa 

dart, 1 dnrt; 2 dirt. Id, rt. A •». To 

miilly. kl. II. .\ rain ted mbinle weap- 

iM3b\ I daih; f: -Sah, ».' I. i. T. To 
throw suddenly and violently; hurl: 
ihatler; spluh. £. To sketch hanity^ 
with off. S. Tc discoutage; abash. IL 
i. To nail impetuotaly. 

daib, n. 1. A sudden oiuet; rush; impet- 
wj^ty: inHrit; ditiplay. 2- A oheck; col' 
liiion. S. A slight admiiture. 4. A line 
1 ). aa o mart of punotuatioo, etc. 

ftlAlIKt 1 dsdh'iq; 2 dSah'ing, pa. 

S[Hiitcd; bold; impetuous; sbowy or say. 
du'tard, ldas'terd;3difl'tard. I.a. Bsse 

ind cowardly, du'tard-lft. IL n. A 

iate, 1 'det: 2 dai, i. [dat'bd'I; nAyiNQ.j 
LI. To mark with a date; ... 

usJEn a date to. II. >. To ^Mi 

latei.a. The time of' some ^H| 
cent: n point of time.- WTI 

e'tnm; 3 da'-ld-iwl;c 
^mi^i rem°« >^d'^ 

ireDld. -lit adr. • 


tv'1%, 1 dav'itii; oavn 
on a ahip^s side, aa for 

2ds'Iin.n. T 
lie king of I 

r-nusa." To I 

row li(tht. ' II- "■ 1 
f Ught in the mol 

init appearanee 
'; daybiealc: a 

dar. 1 d?: 2 dl, n. 1. The period of day 
Ught. 2. The twenty-tour houre from 
midnight to midniEfat. I. A period; aa 
ace; a batUe. or lis result.— diy'-boMi*i 

recorded as they aXs place.— dar'l^e*li*t 
n. r>awn.^ daydream, n, A reverle.'- 
dayllght', n. The light ol day.- day'* 
siirln£*, n. [Poet.l The early dawn.— 

daw, 1 dSi; a d&i. L r;. [d*ikiJ; dii*. 

iNa.l To Btupefv; bewilder. 11. n. 

Stupefaction; bawilderment. 
dai'ile, 1 1 dfts-l; 2 da.'l, tt. & ti. [nti'- 
dMT. /iLKn. nai'LD'; dai-mjtki.I To 

blind lor a moment by eicera of JiirbC bO 

blindingly blight; fascinate; bewilder. 
d»-> ptaii. From; down; out: used with prifc 

dead, I I ded; 2 d«d. 1. a. I. Lifelesa; 
ded>, (insensible; numb; motionlees; in- 

n.- deadly, 1 ded'li; 


If. a. iQS! 

de>l, 1 dll; 2 d«i, i. litEu-T, n 
Bppottion; iufliot. U. <. 1. 

■able or hard of 
[war or oon^ly. 

r-r«TlBd; -TAT-INO, 

(•(r, n. Abnomul 

u with debt. II. n 


on of <»nla; a aUijEle round. )■ 
\ board or plank, or the wood. 

deb«rl8', jbrr Br 

' -d frwiDi 

fl^ offabls^ compLaiBaiit. 
i*: s de'bu'clitlr', n. ins 

deTiri, deb-rt 



[-IBS', J 



Tbe office 

de*r, . 1 

!r. 'I. 


s (iarlUr 

III.* a 

IV. irilo,-. Aneic 






n. C« 


dylra: i 





llket. I 

D. adc. 

de-bM', 1 


e-bdr', o 

shut oil 


; hindc 



1 di-bfirt 




1 di-bfs- 

B da-b 

debt, 1 deti .. 
on-ea^ aa obliffa^u; indobtediieB: tr« 

ae^uV, 1 di-bQ'; 2 de"bQ'. n, A fin 
appearance, aa in society; ont attempt 
-d«^a-Unf, ine-ba-ian'iBde'hiitia' 

dM'adf', 1 dek'M; s'd^&d.ik Aiieil« 
ortsnyears; aMtotwo. dfw'adt. 
: d^«a'dence, 1 di-kydenB; 2 de-cft'dBnf. n 

i-ca'dcnt, a. Famsc'tnlonila; de 

l,ldek'l^«an:2d^e'a-g0n. n. ^ 

in, dec'a^uner o""^" 


Li 1 dek'B-hl'dron; 2 d^'jb- 
A aolid bounded by t«& 1 

1 dek'B-lBK; 2 diVa-iae, n. 


I dx-kap'i-Ut: ! 

3 de-bticb'. I< 
I dehaucbery; i 

it.Ati. To 

tlf. -.. A ^SS^f 

m; oomiption; rot- 

I>»<«m1>er, 1 di-wm 

[•ciiat, pi.] Pio^TBt)'; modesty; thai 

^r. having 3 1 days. 

!nt,ldr»nt;3d«'rtnt,n. 1. Proper; 
orous; respectable; mcMlest; chaatfi' 
Juffldeot; tHunblei imiderace. -Ih mla. 

ip 'Hon. I di-sep'^ so : 2 de-eEp'ihon, n. 

Itim. d«1-U"(< 
4cdie', I di-« 

Into; emobatlc.'— 

ime, 1 rlBS'Hrriin, B rM('l- 
f; 2 de-sId'. si. *' n. 

I, 1 di-sid'yu-oa; 2 de-rfd'y 
A falling off at mstunty. i 
% ShESdiDX leaves amimll 

iMli^lul, 1 des'i-DisI; 2 d^u'i-nial. 
Pertaining to or fgun-*--' - - ■* - 
10; proc^dinfl by tei 

dnlffli] fiHtlon, a fiactloa whose d 

10-— d. polatt a dot or perlDd ubhi b 
ilKlMBitractloQ-— dee'l-mtf-lri ade.- 

un oj: d«tror numben ol,- Oien-nu 


*e-<i'piier. Ill 
de-eKfci«, ;mi 

iMj'dOB, I di-sis'an; 2 de-slih'oa, n 
The act ol deciding; a fixed inten 
Kttkmeat; jud^eut of a court 
onim^ss; determination. 

Ie-el'sl»«, /Putting an end Wdebete or 
nuesUon; concluave; positive; deoidsd. 

leck\ 1 dek; 2 'dSk. H. 1. To dress 
ele^ntly; adorn; deoorate, t. To put a 

luck, n. ■ 1. Naul, A platform or floor 

such platforms. S. A car-rof/. S, A 
pack ol playinHiaTdSp 
Ic-dmlm'. 1 di-ktem'; 2 de-et»m'. tt.Ati. 
To dcUvw orstorlcalty: recite.- de-dalm'sr, 

l°g; empty eratorr; somethlnii mdted or to be 
recited from laaaorY.— dn nam's tn ry. 1 

»; deteriDralioa 

tn'slnn, I'di-kieD'i 
n. n. t. Oram. Th= ,. 

9. A slope; incline; ds' " 
4«-clln*', 1 di-kiain': E 

vi, (nE-CUSEp'; DBI-CUB i»u.| .. i u re- 

decsy; dimini^. 3. To ir^eot, as s 
noun. n. n. The set or result of de- 
ellntnit detaiorsUoa: dscs7.— de - cflo'a - 

.. TbeanculardlacaDoeorabeavenlybody 
d»-rIlT'l-tr, 1 di-S™-ti; a de-«C(v'i-ty, n. ' 

I-TIEB', pi.j A do>vnwani ilopc. as of a 
If-coe'tlou, 1 di-kek'«H9n; 2de-e6e'shDni 
by bolUoff.— de-e«t"i, it. To niake a decw^ 

de"to-b«e', i di'io-hir'; 2 de'eo-be', «. To 
" '.un Jo (WABe cobnlne. 
™ne-l«M do'kolVt*'; B de'efil 'e-te', 

™i'or, (ldi-kul'er;2diSc6l'or,K. To 
;ul'or',|blc&eh de-cal'or-iieor-laet; 

de'com-imse', l dl'kaTn-pei'; 2 dc'eiim- 

BonJtitmnt purti; 


Ml, 1 dek'<>-[«'«bSD; S dSc'o- 
Thfl Ai^ or ut of deeonting; 
onuimopuitina: an ornament: ■ badse of 
hoaer.-it^o-n'avw, a. OrnuKOMI.- 

^••M'rou*, I di-kS'rua or dek's-rca: 3 
dA-eA'rOa or d^'o-rda. a. -Proper; be- 

J»- Wt« ie'.ldi-kttt';2de-er6a'. Li<. 

(oi^pBBAaBD"; DB-CHHAS'maJ To 

miniah i^nuluaUy: reduce. 11* n. 

dun, or appoint by law or by edict; iaaue 
Rdei^ree. TL n. A 1a» ; eaict. 

dVi^repK, 1 di-kreo'it; 2 de-et*p'it, i 
Enfeebled, aa by old lae; broken dawi 
4etrap'ldl.- d*-<f«p1-lBde> n. Eotn 

bMBMsn. u uiraucn old i«e. 

de-crr'i 1 dhJmii': E d»-<il', •(. (oi- 
cuEi/: DB-cBi'iNa.] To diaparam tra- 
duee.- d»4H'at, ■. The aot of daotrliv. 

dedl-nto, 1 d^'i-JcSt: 8 ded-i^t. I. n. 
r-c«l'K)*; -cti'iwo,] 1. ToKHuecrale; 
devote, t. To preface with a <l«licatioii. 
U.S. nedlcated: devotsd.-iMI-a'ilan, 
A. 1. TUe aat Dl dndlwUni. *. Anlmorlii- 

4^uce', 1 di-dida': 2 de-dilc', tl. (dr- 

», 1 rti-dofct';3di 

nchievemeDt. 2. Fact; truih: reaJity. I. 

A dODument oonveyini property. 
I«eni, 1 dini; S d«in, M, & ti. To decide. 

Judge: eooaider: repaid; believe. 
Imp, 1 dip: Z d«p. 1. a. 1. Eitendini 

far dotvn^^td, baoLwud, or inwafd; pro* 

found;o]itreme;heaj-lfi>lt. %. 8a«aciouB; 

peoetracinc aim, acbenunc; dnignins. 

I. Loirlatane:cIarkinhue. II. n. Tbit 

which haa great depth; an -l*-™"- !>■*■ **• 

in. odf. Deeply, -b, s 



"".pM a fleet 

d^hcc'T"! "di^W ;' 8 "de-fW. t- [oi- 
ricBD''; DF-r«c'iNO.LTo mar; diafigure. 
— dfr.fteB'iiicat, ■. The aet ol **^"^"t, 

or Kate of belnr dcTaeed.. 
defkc'to,ld[fak'to; 2d«f^to. Actually 

der'al-c»''tlon, 1 drf'ai-kt'^en; E dtf'U- 

of fi 

— dera-matlOD, l def'e-inB'aian; 

de-hult'd, 1 di-fsit'; 3 de-fqlt', 
Td mako default in; neelcct; di 
dettult. II. 1. To make a defa' 

1 obligatw 

AnoverthTow;fTUffUation; an annul Dieiit. 
Ie-r«et', 1 di-fekf: 2 do-(»et', n. Lack of 
BometMnfr eewntial; irnperfeolian; blen> 

allcglancs!: doeertlor.— 4e-fee'lJrw»,a. In- 

le-tenW, II di-feDi';3 de-«a.', n. ' 
le-fenee', / act of def sndini; anythiog t 
defendi; & pica in jtietiBcHtion; xioi 
spotoiy.— de-tenwlnt, dA-fBnolcsm _ 

■■ ' -'B-fcn'W-bm-tj, do-fW- 

.-de-fni'd-M(^, a. ''- 
itenited — (l«-(tD'ui (■ 

4»4set'<l, 1 di-flekl'; 2 de-fltat', tt & fC 

IDTD liwn ■ c»une.-«MtoCllam a. A 

tundai tudile; devtatloo. 
de-aow>er,ldI-(l(iu'si;3da-now%',i<. Ta 


detciue; luklDidMtuL 11. n. AoMUi 

de-fet", _I di-Iur': 3 deafer'*' •. I 

To put off; postpoao', II, i. To^lay; » 
de-fer^, i. [Dn-ncBSEi/; DB-rEn'Hr 
li. 1. To Bubmil or refer (something] 
' spectfnlly: »itb to before tho indirect 
iect. n. i. Toyirid tcBpeotfully; i 

dfif flr-^n«, II. 1t«9p«etrul yielding: mp 
[E(vd.— deCcr-eii'tliU. o. Regpscttnl. 

d«-fl'ant, 1 di-fai'ant; 2 de-fl'uit. 

Tlifl hA dT defying; a clvJleoge; bold opp 

adfta-fy.n. I 
deT't-el't, I ( 

ii-frSd'; 3 dB-(riid*, li. To 

K by fraud; cheat; 

- ie-lr%j', 1 d] 
~ dt-lnr'il^'n^ 

I deft, l'^t;'3 dl 
de-roDct'i 1 di-fL.^. 

penaii; tbe deitll. 
de-rr', 1 di-foi'; 2 deJl', * JoK-nnn', 1 

-foid', 2 -Cd'; de-ft'ihg.] To obiUengB 

OT dure; act in despite of: nniat openly oc 

deceit 'M^le, 1 di-jen'er-at; 2 de-«ll'ft- 

eame >rDr»; decline; detcriorsCe. II. 1 
di-jen'ar-it; Z db-t^'^r^at, a. Deterio* 
ruled: degrsded. III- t>. A detenocBtwl 

de-Ale", ri 
d^flle', n. 

de-One', 1 di 

DDrdh by alee; file oO. 

. 3de-fto',i. [db-hkbd'; 

»i^F>n inu.j 1. To state the meaning of; 

eiplain. X. Tobringout thenutJineBof; 

determliH euouy.- de-AD'B-M<e', a. Ca- 

paMB « being denned.— de^o'er, n. 
defl-iilte, I I defi-ait; 2 dSfi-nlt. a. Hav- 
deTI-nll', JingpreciMtlimlte: determined; 

i-tl»(««. I. n. Shurnly deanlng or llmlUoB; 

explicit: pogitlTe. 11. ». A word that do- 

der^id'tloD, l" ^I-i-iiiiii^^ 2 dtfi- 
nlsh'ou, n. 1. An eiplanation of a nord 

oUierthincs. I. llie act of defining. 3. 

dcK^il-tl'Han, 1 degln-ti^'an: 2 dffiif 

lebaw in character otgual; 

oegraocn.— qe-pMI'iag-i)', oap. 
d*«ree', 1 di-gxT; 2 de-Ste', n. 1. On 
~ 'pries of steps; grade; rank; statj 
>unt; intenaily, t' One of tbe tt 

tbe p 

>r of a 

de'l^'l"'d¥3ii: 3 de™, 3'. [-nio, 
1 -foid, 2 -nd; -n'iKa.i To njgsid oi 
wonlUpHneodi Adon.— dc't-fl-«K'doii« >» 

pUAnce; condweiui; Touchsafe. 
dalUD, 1 dl'um; 2 de^m. n. The belief ol 
-'- -------- of Go5, with diabtlief ol 

-«»4ttlc,a. (I»4i1l-eyt. 
de1-tr. 1 dTi-ti; 2 d«'i-ty, n. 

dfr-ject*^ i I 

, .. ■. p|.! 


Hekf; 2 de-jSet'. Bt To de- 
itnaa uu) BiilTltg oF: rtlacounge.— d*-Jecf- 
M. vo. DmrcMaa; dMiewiencd. -It, aii>. 
-lUM, ■,— de-iM'tlan. n. l>eprisiiDD;m(l- 

ddCa-aain, Ho. Suing u ntcjunua, «lfl. 
<le-l>F', 1 di-le'; 2 d»-]J)', i. Li. To put 
olT; postpone; detain; retard; hinder. 

de4a}^, R. A putting oB; poetponement; 

Ise^to'tloill n'. DeU(hl. 
(M'e-istb i del'i-aSt; 2 dtt'e-sat. X- tl. 

l-ciAT-EnS; -QAT'iNQ.l 1. To send u a 

repreaentBtivc; depute. S. To oommit; 

entnut. II. a. Sent osa deputv. III. 
-n,'A reoreBentaU™; deputy.- del-e-fa'- 

tt«ii n. Tbfl Mt at cLBiegitliiff; a deieea(Q; 

dclecata eoUecIJveJy. 
4»-lete', 1 di~IIt'; S de-lit', il. (de-lei'- 

mmeel; dele.— ■tc>letlot>. 

i; 2.d*rc 

I. rf. 4 Ti. f-ST'iT.<"; -iT'iNO.) To weish 

II. I dl-lib'ar-lt; 2 de-ilb'«r-at,'n. Acting 
Kith delibemUon: elow; cautious; leiaure- 

H^'ar-ntlon, >i. The scl ol rIelihtTBtlns; 
■Uiwiim In aetlon: loreltioiuhl: Inwntlan. 
— de-Utr'er-ii-tlTic*, a. Pertaininiio, ciiu- 

■r BraleTuI. •1y, odr. 

ilB-M5ht'i,lldi-lQit'; 3de-IIt', r. 1,1. To 

t^mt^'f ipleaseorEratJfyhiiEhly;cherin. 

U. i. _ To rejoiee: lolloived by ia oi aa 

dc-llBht', n. Joyful « 
tig deUght; crstUylng; et 

' 3 de-lTn'e,&^ et. 


: de-Ur'i-Os. a. 

de-lln'c~atc, 1 di-lin'i- 

ponru; depict: ii^he'-'^iln'rri'^ai 
ualt; sketch .— de-lla'»-ii*t4r, n. 

de-llu'qncnt, 1 di-Iin'kwent: 2 de-Uo'- 
kw«nt. I. a. 1. Neglectful or daty, 
faulty. 3. Due and unpiud. aa tuea. 

mliaa fault.— d«-llii^lieB-cr,n. I-CIB'. ^ 

Tbe last ol beltis dOlnoiMati tHtfen; Kult. 

4em-qaeMc', I del'i-ltoee'; S^l'tkwO', 

liquid by abeorption ot mciiMure fnmi tbe 
air.— dell-qnea'CMite, 

a^pCnm, I di-lir'i-Di 
Hiifrerlsf rroiD deUrlum. 

de-Url-nm, l di-lir'i-un 
1. Meutal nbrcratlon. ae m levei 
derive of the mind. 2. Idmubg 

de-Ur'er, 1 di-liv'M; 3 de-llv'er, it. 
set free: reseue; feve. S. Togiii 
up: eoiziinunlcat«. I. To utter; 

dellvnliw: rescue: nrieaae; sipm 

reDder- t. Mode of uttenoce, ma J 

dctl.Tl'def; 3 d«l, n. A snull h 

del', / valley. 

del'U, 1 del'ta; 3 dtrta, n. The 
letwr in the Groek alphabet. lA, 
triangle, aa of Und ; tbe mouth of I 

de-lude', 1 di-liod' ; 2 de^lod' jri.^ (di 


inundale. II. n. 

»UTli;diK;fatham. [cipledpoliticii 
m'A-Kcv, ) 1 dem'«-ssg; 2 a^m'a-A^, 
m'a-fOBUC, (n. An arrfiil and unprin- 

-dudJ', 1 di-mand'; 2 de-mlnd'. I'. 
tl. A. ci. To cUiim as dua; ioaist upon; 
iKd; Rquire; make claim. IL n. TbB 

■■ ■ ■ ■ i« de- 


To tear nr throw d 
-dMn'o-U'UoD, Id! 

.; devil. 2. Or. Mylh. Acuard- 
.1^ .^u.., dK'oianti dal'mon]. 
de-mum 'e-tlie or -ti»t, 1 di-mun'i-taii: S 

dc-mo'ni-ac, 1 di-myni^k; 2 de-in6'D>Ke. 
I. a. 01 or Kke s deiunn: devilisb. 
d«'^l>-lll'»>t*)t. 1 dl'mo-ml't-kal; 2 M'- 

: dem' 

atr^t; Z d«ni'on-at 


, . ■■iNo.) To prove 

nakecltti.-At-aioa'ttrfmeCa. Cm- 
bifl or ^Mielllvfl ptDoI. — de-moii'itTa-M(e> 

dem'oa-stra'Bhoo. r 
reasatdng that leads 

tent-foa, 1 dem'i-ged{ Z dtoi'i.££d, r 
TtiF taUad offepritlgDi s god and > moita 
a godlike man. 

dHn'Hahii, 1 deui'i-ion; 2 d6ai'i-jOn, r 
A iui-like slan vesse] enclosed in ivickei 

loi'sl-lae D 

niar'Bl-[i, K. 
nipt or dai 

S. To I 

IQ.) 1 

H.i.'rade-mSi'. I..*, 

paas by betjuesi 

iflcaTdy.— dem'o- 

■■"e^cnf Ic I. 

I croope.— dB-nor"ai-J* 

^^ool'cent, 1 di-mnl'sent; Sde-m^'c^nL 
Med. I. a. Soothing. II. n. A nxiUuns 

e-mur', I'di-mnr': 3 de-mOr'. I. n*. 

[-mjEHED',-«UBD'.;-UtItt'ttlNO.TT0 0bieCl: 

hesitate. II. n. HwritBtion: obiecfioa. 
e-lniire',ldi-iniQr';2de-mQr',a. Sedate; 

mntat; alsD. prim: coy. -It,ai1v. -ueHtil. 
e-mur'raKe, 1 di-moT'ij; 2 dc-mQi'sit. n. 

I. ThedettnlioaofaveaBelorcarbeyond 

the BpeclEed lime. S. The conincnaaaoa 

de-mur'rer, 1 di-mOi'sT; 2 de-mQr'er, n. 

de-nst'a-ral-lie n 

1. 2. Tu denatioiAliie. 3. To 
B, 1 dl-ne'dhur or -tlut; 2 dS-nS'- 


t, a. de-nua'H-B-l 

bid: 8 
de-o'doMsc or -I 


D'doMsc or -IM, 1 d! 

de-iiam"l>na't1oii, 1 di-ni , 

de-nSm'i-oi'shon, n. I. Tha aot ■ 
natningL a lutmp; appellatioD. 3. A di 
tlsct body Dt Clulnliiu ; s Kot .— de-aon' 

de-not«', i' di-iiSt': 3 d&-QOt', cl. [di 

dH'da^l^n'tloa' or-M'ttoB, n.— de-s'- 
dor-li'rr or -It'tt, n, 

dfM>i'l-dlie or-dlwAdl-ots'i-daii; 2d«- 

0L8'!^S,Cd. (-DIISdJ; -DTI'ING.1 Tod*- 

{-dUu-ttro ^'-u'tlM, n* de-oil-d*'- 

de-pKrC', 1 di-p5rt'; E de-p4it', ti. To go 
twiit: MibdraB; devlau: die.— de-part'- 

— de^pHt-mcntml, d — de-mr'tiiTe, i di^ 

pOr'f^iir Dr -tlur; Z de-p£r'clll^ A- -tOr, d. 
Tlie set of depanlnc; devlsdon; dctiUi. 
le-HIl<I'<l, 1 depend'; 2 de-p^d', n. 1. 
To tniat; rely; bo' dependant, 2. To 

%e-p^n'6tat, I di-pen'dent; 2 de-pSu'dSnt. 
1i a. 1* Depending upon sometbing 
eilerior: euboTdinate; contingent; noedy. 

l^di-nauns': 2 d^-no; 
nently: Btiamslbej 

dent, 1 dent 
dent, in; i 

dea'tal, I'di 

\ de-plct™, 1 


1 di-pUt'; 2 de-plft', W. [-plet"- 
.bt'ino.I To lesaen or exhaust, 
nH the qiULndty ot blood in the veifu,— 
ite-plft'UaD. B. 
B-plore", 1 di-plor'; 3 do-plSr", i^ 

- de-plof^bl<e>', D.— de-^lM'm-blr, sdr 

— de-irior1nB>ly> mlt. 

- de-plnT', 1 J-plei'; E de-plCy', rt- A n. 

Mil To apniid out la liiw ol battle, 
dc^n'uDt. 1 di-pS'i 

-e Id form, but 
niu Latin verba. 

., _. onent verb. a. 

One who dcpoaes; a witnen wfao 

ili-Ute, 1 dt-pBp'ju-iet; 2 di- 
- *. [-LAT-iDa; -iAT-mo.| To 

mt«. de-piv'ei-A-lo-rTl. 
dcp're-daie, l deD'n-d«t: S [l#p'ie~d&t. <(. 
4 K. [-DiT-BDa; -DAT'iMQ.r To prey 

i': 3 de-pSrt', a 

B-U'tfoa. n. 

Tmvport&tJoQ; eiUe. 
it-pon'ment. 1 di-n 

do-port'ment. ji. O 

fc-pBnt, 1 di-po'i'ii; a dV-pSa'it. Ii". ■*. 

* pi. To place, m for ssfe-lteepiBg; lay 
depOHl. li. n. The act of depositing ; 
de-posl-ta-rr, 1 di-poi'i-M-n; Z de-pS^'i- 

dtV'o^l'tklli, 1 dep"o-iii(h'BQ; 2 d*p 

t'au, n. 1. Ttae act of deponitiDg: 
Hit. H. Zaic. WritWn testimony I 
deroalh. 3. Removal from office. 
de-poal-tar. 1 di-poi'i-tBr or -tor: 3 i 
p4)'i-lor, n. One who makee a depoE 
de-poil-to-rT, 1 ib-poi'i-to-n; 2 de-p5i 

inythin£ is deposited. 
dt>>t, 1 dTpo or dep'o; 3 dfi-po or dfe'o, 
1. A BtorehouM. 3. [U. S.) A rmlrt 

4e-|mie% 1 di-prfiv"; 3 de-prSv', tl. ^ 

or worar; corrupt; vtUale.— dc[rta-TB'' 
Hm, I den'TB-ve'ilian; S "■••- ■■■■-■— 
a. Tbe act of depravlag, 
bdoadepraveit ■"' 

lep're^U, 1 dep'n-ist^a'dJp': 

: Z dip-rj 

r-lNO.}- io ple^aj 

UE'trt ddc— deir'Te-pa'tl 
fi-lo-rr, c. TendlDg to de 
tog; deDrecatlu;. dep>e-e 

— dep're-caf- 

mate; proKat< 
; 2 de-pri'shi- 

ir the price of; fall 

dciiWda'Mr, n 

a low or hoUow place.—J e trea'alrw*. a.— 

de-prlre', 1 di-prair'; 2 de-prlv*. tl. [d>- 
piuvED': De-FKiv'iHo.] 1. To Uke awaj 

from; diopoAseM; divest; with of bofoi* 
the object taken away. S. To keep 

debar.— dep^l-ia'tloii, 1 dep'n-vi'aiiw): 
B d6p"rl-va'Bhon, ■. Tie act Dt depctvlni. 

lepth, 1 depth; 2 dfpth, n. 1. Tbeitata 
or doHree of beine deep; diatan^ dowt^ 
ward, inwBiii, or backward; profuiidityj 

de-pute',ldi-piat'; Hde-pat',«(. [de-poi'- 
Eod; DB-PDT^No.l To appoint aa an a«eiit; 
■ -[gate; aend with auUiorlly.-dep^-ta'- 

'yil-ty, n. [-TIBS*, ^.1 A person del^ated 

d^'nll', I dlrti': 8 dfrjal', ri. To run off 

de-raDKe'i 1 di-rSni'; Z de-ring', M. (di- 

de'Taiu(e'mcat,.n. The 

l;i=aii«l: i = bablt: Dkle; 00 = out; etl; lii = r«id: Aln; go; Q = alnir: <hlii,llil». 
1 WOK, da; b«k, bOM; MlUrnle, cftra, bat,bftiTi-, «!, b«Tj to. tero; Ifft; thin. U^ 

, HldtnilB; mnckery; sa obje 

le-rfn^nt.- (Ic-i1'ili(e-l}'*,(i(l 

di-raiv''; E de-Mv', ri. Idi 
B-BiViNO,] To draw, ss from 

sr'fHBte, 1 der'o-E^; S dSr'o-g&t. n. 
[-nAT-Eod; -OAT-ma,! To tdke awsy 

dlBparBcemeoL-— dc-rog'B-to-rl-Irp 

[-cbat'ed^; -CKAT'iNo.i To divert !m 

de-««rl'<l, 1 di-iurt'; 2 do-rfrt'.'». I. 
To leave imwRirsntabJy; foTssIn: abu 
don. It. I. To forsske b post or Krvii 

de-sert", 1 di-ioj 

tiades'sn.o, Ofarlikea 

^. A ro^on destitute of 
nl^flB, and coouuoDly umn- 

de-sBit', Pi,_ Tfr 
iu~iV-"2 dfraSrv^ ». ' 


\; Orsvlng.— Ije-dr"- 

4«lc 1 d<^: 2 dhlc. n. 
ingorstudy. Z. 

I'- 1 ,<l"'p-li'; Doll Used by WMhlMUm. 
abaodoned. 2. Without friends; torlom; 

■asK. 3. The Mt or mskluc denlAte; 

<lt-ap»lr'. i di-apEr'; S de-ap&r'. I. di. To 
Bbandon hope; be or become hopclen: 
often with d/ ILn. 1. Utler hupelesa- 
neaa. I. -nut o-hidi csuwa dexooic ni 
whleb ti de^alnd of.— <l»«p*ltlp(-lT, 

des^pOHl'dO, 1 dea'pH^do w -a'do; 2 
(l&^>fi-A'do<ir-i'do,n. I-iwH' or -DOS'. 
pi.) A ruffisa. 

dei'per-ste, 1 dea'par-it; £ d^pjr-kt, a. 
I. Without caro for danger; ncklem, as 
from despair. I. lieaortcd 1o in eitrem' 
ity; haaardoua: furiaua. Si Renrded as 
ttopeicaa: deapalrad dT.— dei'|wr-«tc-I>, ad >. 
— d«'per-*iv-Deia, n.— dei'iier-B'llBn. x. 

. Tlie quaJlty of belDg dt 

de-splse', 1 di-spaii'; 2 d 
temptiblei diadoin; boot] 

de-w(te', 1 di^^Hit': 2 d»4p;t'. 

standi DE.— de-fpil«'ral. 

Iplte'ftiUIr, odt ^ 

«'pot, 1 dcs'pet: Z d^'pi 


des'Une.U dea'tin; 2 d 

dea'tl-tutCf 1 dea'ti-ti 
1i Not poswBsiDf; en 

de-itnic'tlap, ' 

or state oi brini deatroyed; denx 

nda. t. TItM wUcli d«MTars.-de-itni^- 
tl-M(C. n. Uable u deunBUon.-d^ 
t(rac'tfT<«*, a, TenduuE id dcunn; (■«(• 
nldous; rulnoua.— de4tnic'UT(*-lt*t adt, 
-d»-struCUT(a-iHaa>. n 
dn'oe-tude, 1 des'in 

S dEs'ire-tDd. 

le-lach'<, 1 di-tai!h': 2 de 
n- A rietaotilEur^ aomeihlDH 

de-taln', 1 di-»n'; g dt-tin', •(. To slop: 

wttbliold; keep buK.- de-tala'er, n. 
de-tecfd, 1 di-iekt'; 3 de-t«et', i(. To dis- 

i«m]ne:<UMw.'de-tM:'tlD'a, n, -rluiun: 
n. IL Oneem^yed 

Hi'*hen; 8 de-«eii'»hoii, 

n. Tlie aet of detaininc, or ths Mste of 
belnc detBintd; twUslnt; oonfliKDHnt. 

de-t«', 1 di-lur'; 2 de-ter', t*. Idk- 


dc-ter'gent. 1 di-tiii-jeiit; 2 de-Wr'tent, 
I. a. ClesDaiiic. II. n. A cieansi^e 

de-te'ri-o-rate, 1 di-tl'n-o-rj t ; 2 de-Wri-o- 

Definitf ; filed, 
aon.'n. 1. Thei 

-d^lm-ta-Uon, n. Eitr 

1 'dl-£hrfln'; 2 dS-thrSn', 
iu'; DE-^B>.os'I^-o,l To 
y«] authority; depose. 

■c-lur'.n. A 
E de-trSct', . 

deocei, 1 di 

. die, bavii 

ICIkTd. o 

dev'w-tato, l dev-ss-Mt; 2 dSv-ss-tftt, 
[-TAT'Epii; -TAT-iBO,] To lay ifaata, u 
war, fii«, f^DOd, etc.; deBtroy; ravaj 

de-Tel 'ops 1 di-ve]'Bp;Bde-vfrop, r. I 
To iTnonrer or unfold; parfwt by deci*_., 
iM, II. i. To adyaneo by de- 



:4uUoa oiMtnMetti 

isde; vande 
9u]i: vBjIatJon 

deTf-oiu, 1 di'vi-us; 2 de'ri-ds, o. Wiod- 

luff about; rambllos. '^t oj^p. ^neai, m, 

de-rlsc', 11 di-vnii'; S de-vfa'. I. H-AhL 

dfclllB'' [fnK-visKD'; db-vth'ihq.1 1. Ta 

de-Tolr',ldi-vwai';ade-ywlr',B. BHTloiior 
d^'^ie'.U A-velv'; 8 ds-vBlv'. .. (db- 

followed by to. 



'ti, 1 di-vSCed: E de-TOfM, pa. 

4. One zealously il«viHeiJ, as to reuibt 
I'Ooa, 1 di-vO'then; 2 de-vO'ibon, 
rhe act of devoting, or the mate 
ig devoted; devoutneae; seal. 2* j 


-. Moiatur 

deoHd frvm tha atmosphere in amal 
dropA upon the upper B\maoe of pLanta 


dl'ceilt'lc I doiVkrit'ik; 2 dl"a-eri:t'i< 
L a. MsTkiiu! a diflereaoe: dintinotive 
«*M*ttl-«dt. II. ». A dlacrlUc mar 

^Ui-Unlt. I dai's*k-tm'ik; 2 d:'a<-tlii'ii 
4- Capable oi traDomittinc actioio rayi 

nal; 2 dl-Bfi'o-n"'- 
CroaainiE obliqudy 
lique. It n. A tu 

of a square, (o anv other ancle not b^.< 
Jaoeiit.— di-ac'd-nal-lr. ads. 
dl'k-KTanii 1 ddi's-gram ; 3 dl'a-lrKm. n. 

le by a ahadon 
BuWiai, B. Any gtadu- 

1 Iq^lciao. 

di's-iocue, I formal coo'vereation tetween 

iiiel'r|.-cal. a, 1* Of or pertafnln 

bon. X- A ficur« bounded by four equsl 
MtBight " -* <- -— ' "- 

lowiun. <■ A very smail nae of type; 
■N-ka'k, I del-All's: S dMlii's. n. ItgA. 

Afte-nAit lOr.J? 

dfa-pm'ion, 1 dai's-pi'iwn <ir-»D;3dI'- 
a-pa'aon ^^n. n. I. Mv4^ A principal 
Btop m a pLp«»oreiui. chfu&cteriied by fuE- 
neaflaodricboeflBOf lonF. 2. Compreb«n- 
sivfl or fuDduuealal baimony: aocord^ 

dl'B-pcr, 1 dm'B-psr; 3 dl'K-pir, 
figured ulkcn or linen clotii. 

,11 dai'e-tmi 

tiee. Z, Any dividing mombniie or par 

litJoEL mld'rim*^ dl'^B-phiu-DiBtle.a, 

dl'BTTlui'B, 1 dni'»-ri'8; B dl's-rf 'a. n 

icord of riiily ovents. 
- •ii'8-t«n'ik:8dra-t«i 
ig tile regular torn 


An abusiTF 

>l for planting aeedj, aettinc 

y trade; barter: bore^- 
t; 2 dle-tit. I. ■(. * ci. 

I, 1 dik-Wtor or -lor; 2 dlc-tft'ta 
I dictates.- dle-U-toU-JTs. oie 


arrancement of words and 

', 1 dlk'^an-fi-n: 2 dle'shon' 
UBS», pi.] AbooioonUiniui 
a l an guage, arranged alpb^ 
-'-'-—'■ - '-- Soo^of 

id dsfinod; a 

Motive; eip«lt(iry, dl-dae'tt-aJI.-dl- 
tatfa-tal'^imi. [do,i. 

dlcl Vi: i'^fli^'l^u^'^^oY'To 

die, n. [dicb.'i dais, 2 dK, pf„ in drf. 1; 
DIES, 1 dcdi, S dig, pi., in def. 2.1 1. A 
Am&U fiffured cube feee dicb) ; a caBtn Ka 
in dioe^ilaying; stake. 1. A hard metal 

object, as a coin. 

dl-er'»«is, U doi-er'mi»; 2 dl-Jr-e-sfa, ». 

dfr«r'e-sl». {[-BEB, pL] Two dots (■) 
placed aver a vowel, denoting tJiBt it ia 
to be jironounced eeparately from the 
yon-eT ;ii9t before it: not used in (ho (eit 

dl'et«, 1 doi'etl S drat, tt. A i^'. To regu- 
late the food and drink of; take food and 
drink by rule; ent BpsrinBly. 
"~" ~ A regulated oouivo of eatitui and 

dl'el-, I 

drlnMiw; I 

tabling lo diet. "iT. a, ~[,«tE^,~pl.) A nyai 

oldlet.-dl-e-lctle. dl'e-tet'li-cml. I d< 

i^t-e-n; gdrM-try. 

differ, 1 dif'»r; 2 dH'6r. ri. 1, To 
unlike; be different: commonly follow 
by front. Z- To disagTee: dissent; fi 

dlFTer-eu-tlal, 1 dif'ap-en'Aisl; 2 dfftr- 
On'sfaal. Ik a. Denoting or irmlfing, a 
difference; diatinetive. II. n. Math. An 
infiniteoimal differencs between two values 
ol a quanUtr.— dlfftr^lttal-lT, tUt. 

dirreK^n'tl-ate, 1 dif' er-en'du-«t; 2 dIC- 

ing. 1^ Hard to infiifl: 

'quality of bclDC 
n: oWmlaii; t 

ta-iBse', 1 di-fio«'r 2 ttMOj', t*. & n. 

[mr-FUBZD': tnv-rDa'ma.l To n>resd 
■tmwd: dnnlite; pamnta^ <BM1H"I- 

un-tr.a. dtT-nB^UHMHt--<UMtii-- 

M>le, a. BsnailtDa niMlr and aiemtt- 
allr.-W4iM«i. 1 JtWwa; S dMfl-- 

lU-hue\ 1 dMifb'; S dMOi', a. Reduo- 
dnt: rraiti: nrtiw: siWklsd.— dtt-An*'. 
b, odf .— tU-taat'mtm, ■. 

dli, 1 dis; 3 dig, 1. [Dca, 1 d™, Z dUI. or 

bieiJi ap- or thnnr up or out. u «(utli 
with k ipade; eiravkte. 2. To nnsh or 
lon»iii,a9BqiBdemlalbBcnNUld. U. C 
Td wDik, u witb a qpade; loili iriod.— 

d-cnf^ 1 d>-l«f : 2 di-tM', ■(. A If. 
1> To diaikcB ia the Momsdi, » iood; 
Uke into tha phyncAf or mental oranum; 
mnmtlate. % To Hialyie and dooaify; 
formioto a digest. 1* To tAtcTAtc; endure. 
-■■ I w r eT.n.-dl-f tl-M' TbE 
IIU11IC7 ol betn dlEnilbls. dHnm-NCe- 
iman-— 1-f<sfl-bl(e', a. Ca^bLetrfbe- 
IDI MftKUi.— iH- f^t H (C, B. PertalnlDi 

dl'KM,, 1 dai'jeat; 2 dfHen. n. A ii>«- 


itmtlom 1 di-ja'Ata; S dN^cbon, n. 
u Tlie procen of ohancLns food in the 
Momach, BO that It mo be Uksn up by 
the blood and furnifh nutriment to the 
boiy. Z. Tbepowertodisest; thsdigo- 
live fuDctiana. S. Mentalaaaimilation. 

<ll1t, 1 dij'it; 2 dUlt. n. 1. A flncer or 
toe. 9, An Aranio numeral. S. Ad 

third i of BD inch. 
I:>.lliial; tB-haUt:) 
t: v»U, dg; DAk, MM ; mu, npe, core, bi 

tlfBt-tT, 1 dte'm^ol; 2 dTaMl 1. 

^nmt>\ -pt'inoI TaiII^)a^tdI^ityto;ill- 

Teat vitli rtignitita; booor; pramote; aialt. 

- i Br i ■eiL 1 ou'oMBld: > dlTBi-Bd, »a. 

ouuaetitliid brttpdCr; itatilri bonond. 
dlf'nl-t»«v, 1 dic'nt4«-a: 8 dlTni-ti-fy^Ji. 

F>iB>. pi.] Oat who b^dild*h omoal 

d£^(rtldic'iu-tii2dlt'iu-^.>i- I-tdM, 
pj-] L Ormw or 8tat«ly baaiiDS. 3* 
Huh ranic ix' poaitiDa: ^itinetion; ei- 
eeUaose; vortb. I. A di«mlsiy. 

dl'mM. 1 doi'Knf ; SdftrM, n. A nnion 
(H two diaractera with a riosifl sound. 

1 doik; Z d^. I. v 

dl^SVl dtJCf: 2'd3i?,irftKr'^- 
Lin'sD^; DF4.Ai'Dra.J To awell vt poll 
oot; dUMM: cnnnd; emitlaM.— dMatiaB, 

dB^-to-rr. 1 di]'»-to-n: Z dtfa-to-ry, u. 

low.^ dB* •- to-rt- V,*^!.- «a'a-to-rt^ 

1 di-leai'e; 2 di^&n'a, n. A 
choios between equally un- 
Jtematiree: a perpJexive pr^ 

'o-tan'tl; Sdn'B-tto' 

dU'ct-tan'te, 1 dil 

- I-n. pil A dabuici ui 

1,11. ' dU'e^lant-limi. 

dUI-IWncei, I ^dilVjens; 2 dn'i-jgt 


dMu'Tl^ Idi-liQ'vi-ei; £ di-ltt'vi-al. a. 

Of, pertfumne ta, orpitHliieed by a flood. 

aim, Idim; 2 aiin. Idimmid. 

° fi5H.°IL''J° Jdim'hih; di^- 

dlm'l-ly, 1 dim'i-ti; E dlm'i-ty, n. [-nis 
iltm'ple, 1 1 dim'pl: 2 ifim'pl. I. vl. A v 

dlro-ri', ;ft..u'PL(ll)Df; DIH'PUBG.I T 

mark with dimples; lona (^rnples. 11 
n, A aliEht depreaiuon dd the cheek ( 
chin, or on any nmooih eajimx. 
dia, I din; 3 din. L U. An. [dinki;] 

dln'Ecri 1 diq'gi; 3 din 
dln'^ai dVsl: £ dlo' 
dInV.; valley. 

[boat, dia'nt. 

, o. Of a diinkv 

odi.— dla'cl-ocH, n.' 
din'ner. 1 dm'er: 2dln'ir. n. The piin- 

cipa) meal of th« day; a banquet. 
dint 1 dint; 2 dint. I. H. To make a 

dent 01 dint in. It n. I. A dent. «. 

Active Sidney; efficacy; as, by dtnf oJ 

U'»*«'ma, 1 doi-o-ro'me; 2 dl'o-rft'ma, b. 
A painting, as of a battJo, Brransed for 

Jp, 1 dip: S dip, (. (dipped* or ditt; mr*- 

fluid and withdraw again; [over and tliea 
raise, aa a flae. 2. To Ufl up and out, 
as liquor vMi a ladle. IL >. 1. To 
plunge parUv or momentarily; engage 
elightly; with in or into. X. To inchne 

:t ui dipping 

I, 1 dif-flil'n-e: 

fUph-tbe-finca. dUlUthertet.-l-alt. 

dlB^^Uionc, 1 dVOirai 2 dIf'thAng, n. 

The union ol two vowela in one sound. 

MrJoSIV^!! 1 Aip-l»d*o-ki«; E dlD-IH'o- 

ll-plo'IllB-cr> I di-plO'me-Bi; 3 dj-plO'nia- 
;y, n. [-ciia*, pi.] 1. The art, acienn, 
or praotise of conducting negotiatiord 
between utiona. t. Tact: shnwdnen; 

«m.— di»i» Duti I dipie^ut; z dipno- 

m&t, B. One emplerM of aUUed tn fUpJo- 
■nac)'.— dlpno-naatii^ a. 1. Of or pec 
. >. Marked hy u« 
«u; adroit. M^tf 
■niatt-cil-l7, ode- 
l. One employed In « 

in neabttallaa: deit 
iiut¥«all. - dlp*l 
dl-plo'nu-tlBt, n. 

iklllecl In dlDlomiK 
fer-laet tnd ahrevd i 

Ip'peii 1 dip'ar 
dTp'«r,n. 1. Onewi 
Iftat which dips; s 

dire, 1 c 



Ay calamitoua; divadfuJ; terrible 

1 di-rekt'; S dl-rfit'. t. t. L 1 

nO. 3> Toregulata; CDatTDlinvem 
a AddKB. u s letter. II. i. T< 
a B fuide, oonductor, or lemder. 
^, a. Stnigfat; (truBhtfarviird 

— dl-nef BCH, a. BlnlghUMii; nnlftit- 
MrwnntaMi.— dl-raetw. «. One wlio or 

dl-rec'Uan, 1 di-rek'jhm; 2 di-r«e'ihon. 
n. 1. Tbe position ol one point in rc- 
latioa to ftDolher; tvUtivg position; ten- 
dency; aim. t, Superiatendenee; com- 
maud; order. >. TbenszoeiuidieBideniie 

dl-r«c 'tii-ry, I ' - . . . . 

lir-ful; 3 dli'tnl.o.' 

dlrxe.ld'nrj; 2dbt. •>.' Afuneral hymn. 
dlTt-d^Ker. 1 dir'i-jt-bl; 2 dlr'i-«i-bl, a. 
That may be direeUd; M, • diHfibit 
A dancer ~ 

_. filthy siriHtuce: refuse. 1. 

[Coiioq.. u. sj ^•f°;tS"^LS" 


2 dirt, n. 1. An/ (oiil ^ 
nibvtvice: refuse. 9. ^K 

S.) Loose e«th; nr- fll 
illrfr> 1 <tllrfi: Z IWy. B 

on: f«il; mtby.— dirn- ■ 

iMTt: urndtr. In no- H 
Is luvlnv tbil prefix, rft^ ^m 

...llddbytbeHo^aecunc ■ 

«'. I diM-mtl; 2 dlH-bl, rl, ■ 

ider incapniile of effective „' 

eripple: Imralr.- dls'n- !>■"• 

__ ._ -b-B-bidi'; 2 dls't-bm', 

dlx'^bOM^i/ff. To rid ol ■ lalse notion; 

__ __-, -n'tiJr 2 dli-. 

__ ._'ta4. I.I*. To injare: prefudice; 
hinder. II. n. 1. That whtoh hinders; 

db'ad-Tsn lace, 

- ■ vio'tain. I 

Hi'aT'fcct'd, 1 disVfekt'; 2 dla'^^ffiet'. 
K. TDs)lenHW.-dU"at-IMt'*d,i«. AUen- 
aecd: setnnied; imTrteodly.^ dla'afpAc'* 

lls'a-crre'. 1 dis'e-grl': 2 
1. To differ: (ail to tf 
quarrel. ». To be unfavoi 

-,, .- dls^-laWaDCO, n. 

dU^ap^MT', 1 dis'a-plr'; 3 dls'tlpSr'. ti. 
To ma tnm Tlew; vulsli.— dli'ap-veai'- 

dWnii-ViAat'^, 1 dia'a-peini'; S dls'S- 
pflint', d. 1. To defivt the expectation, 

tnMlrale 'ft bopj or plan).— dle'^aih^<atol'- - 

lll»«|r''pn>-bm'tlini, 1 diA-ap'to-b^'^haa: 
2 dI»4p'r(>-bit'shon. n. Disapproval; un- 
favorable judftDent. 

la*«^Vrore', 1 dia'a-prav*; 2 dls^prav'. 
V. I. f. 1. To retard with diafaVDr; 
— -■ -' ith d/. I. Tq lefuss; 

dlfrStar', 1 dia-bor'; 2 dls-bar', «(. Law. 
Tn diqirlTB af.lfce.niht ca'appaanla court 

Oxltt-IM', 1 

i"bi-nf'; 2 dlB"bo-JSt', 

dlgnbe-llcve', >1 dis-bt-Uv'; 2 
dl»'be-lle»*r, f rl. A Hi. To n 

A n. To unkiHl; (M rid of ; unbunlen. 
dli^une', 1 dio-faSn'; 2 dltbdn'. d 

diK. n. BuDK H i>m.-dl*'eal, l ulrtal; 

ZdlVfiU, a, or, pwtalnlitf to, <v like a disk. 
dli-^»r<l'<i, I difrkdrd'; 2 dlMftid', it 4 ri. 

dl»->«(TIl', 1 di-cum'; 3 di-gSm'. W. & ti. 

dlwrlmlimte.-<lls-am'l-M(e', 0. CapaWs 
nr bam illKimml: pandiTtbte— itii nwn'- 

1 dintharj'; E dto-chtti', I. 
Eoith; emit; unload, u & ship or cu- 

i-m, u a duty. II. i. To deliver a 
'■da cargo or buideni wod 
■1 ahoot: fin; pour. 

ple-ildp, B. 

dle'el-pllncll dIi'>-(din;E dis'i-fdiii. I. 

dll'd-pUni, Jk. [du'ci-plih(e)d*; on'- 

i . t: ._,_ bedieaue 

-. - , , ._. «. To 

aa of a aoJdicr; nibjectir-^ ^-^ — 

moldinc "' "^ """ — 

dl*-«ol'or, U di^kDl'er; S dlrtOloi 
ai»«Ill'a*>, ITa livB an unnalural c 

u: mdn.- jlb.«r-at-«tlaB, il 
«wo«iim<iri 1 d»*nni'fit; S dI>«6iiL _, 
dl»«IlBl'Bf , ; ^. To defmt ulKrty : f rui- 

(ratej mut; ranaakb.— ati-c«ai'a4a»i ■. 
Aa-eemltet, 11 dia^Dm'fart; 2 tttf 
lti»«am'brK/eAm'fort,n. TheataMof 

b«iiLf uneomfortable, or tliat vhioh cauaea . 

it; dmuHnuce; diaquletude. 
dlfCMD-mode', I ^Iw-mSd'; 2 <lTa'e{>- ' 

mSd', M. [-Moi/iDa; .MOD'iHa.] To 

dls'eom-poMi', 1 dblwo-pai'; g'dIfl'tSi&- 

eaii'ti>-tM. a. SoiTowful; tueouolabla; 
0omay\ eheerieai; iad. 
Ht'coo-tMlt'. 1 dii-kMHteiit'; 2 dia'- 
efln-ttet'. I^ X. To di^tiafy. tl. ■. 
Lank of omtent; dliMitWnetion; uneasi^ 

Ite^oo-taofad, a. lU at «ua; dkaati*. 

lli*eo»Sn'iw, Id^keo^tiD'yu: 3 dh*- 

•«I1-Un'™. ■«.*■*. [-nH-DBDJ -TIJ«^ 

IHO.] To break off; btins to Ml end; 
cea»; •top; inMnnlt; aeparate; be di>- 
nMMd.- dfe-eo— «■ ' ■ ■a w, 1 dli'kMk- 

db'oonL 1 dJaOurd; 2 dia'c^rd, n. 1. 
VuiHB«; Mrifn; conUntioa. t. A com- 
bination of iabaimoDioiu Boumla; 1a«k of 
barmoa?-— Ai-air'daiHe, n. A dlBordant 
Slate or quality; dlieord, dfa-coc'daB-cvt. 
— db-eof'daBt, a, Coouadletory: barab; 

««& 1. To deduet^'^n^ an allonym 
take witli ainptiou or doubt, *« a itBto- 
D»nt; diecndlt. %. To buy or ca^ aa 

I; aoUdnal 

'liaiiot; t dVeount, n 

An uiKnint dedlutod: btann dsdunted in 
ulvBiu»Iorca*hingDal«.eM- t. The act 
of diocouQtmn, 8* The nt« of dlBoount. 
dla-eaoB'te-iUiOM^ 1 du-koun'ti-HsoB; 
2_ dto-eoun'te'Duig, il. To dimpproTe ; 

dls-COWaS*,!! diB-kor'u; 2 dls-eflr'at. 

4l»«oarw'. 1 di»-kSn'; Zdl^Srs'. I. vt. 
& ia. lom^onsaxD'', BOKXiaBaT": dib- 
CODES'ISOJ To talk; apeal:; oonvBras; 
make an address. IL n. Connected coin- 
muoicfllion of thooEht; cnuvBraation; a 
formal addresa. 
dla-caiir't«-sr> 11 dig-kor'ti-n; 2 dis- 
ais-eiir'te-By*, jedt'te-ey. n. r-aiEs>, vl.j 
Kode bebavlor; Iznpoutencaa.— dln-caar'tv- 

dl»^:iT'er, iJ. 
'fne; reveal; 

I, iL-dlt-CTlm'l. 

- dl»-erliBt- 


o»'er, lldi^kov'«; 3 < 
nr'er', tTo Bnd out: diw 
OH.— du-eoT'tr-a-Nt, n. 

dlOwenttil. -If, a 

crUnLnaunf; diaUnotiTe. dli-criin'l-Ba* 
dlk-rmwn', 1 dis-kioun'; 2 db-erown', H. 

dla^iir^slre, II du-kor'HT; Z dis-rar'nv. 

Bub}nt; wandflrlng. «lri acfjr, -Be«>« n. 

dls^nu'^ 1 dii-kui'; 2 diB-ctb', rt. To 

unnis fcf and ■calns: detnie — (|]»-en*'- 

.-n of dlsciunUit; tniiiineiitatlvs euunlna- 

dis-dfln';2d!B<Uii'. I, tK. To 

™d noDtonpt.— dt*-dalii'H> a. 

a«e', I dii-Ii': 2 dig-ea'. 1. if. (ois- 

IED'; DIB-EAS'iNO.I To c/iii*a ^liA^btn 
disorder, ir. n. Diaturb 


> ^vic£ orAaou 
f 1 dis'en^boTk'; 2 

dlB-CTe41t, 1 difr-kr^t 
l\tt. To disbeliBTe; inj 
destroy faith in, IL n. 
discreditiTu?. Z* Lack 
Hired FepucaUon; dMion 
Gif, a. Qurtini to R 

e credit of; 
, .. The art oi 


dlt or reputatloo; 

dl»«IMt', 1 diB-krft'; 2 dlB^rtt', a. Wi« 
ID avffldinc enon; iudidous; prudent. 

Mt-en^Mtt^lia-inp' tat or dWkn-paat; 
2 dto-crfp'snt or dl»'tre-pi at._a^_ Differ- 

1 dl»Jcrep'aD-fl: 2 dlB-flrSp'aiHjy> B- [-ens'. 

Distinct oi «,i».»L. 
dl»<n'tlan, 1 dla-ki 

m-bar'ai, M. To free fro; 

I'en-kmn'bBr; E dfa'- 
1 dB'en-B§)'; 2 dJatn^S*". 

kilt'; 2 dta-erSt', 
^te, 3. Madeapr 


iP'en-ton'Eta", t ! dia'en-tao^U S dls'in- 
a'tl^tMn'itf, I tAo'H. U. To reiiers ol 

Is'So-thrsJ', vL To releaj 


41»-ik'nir, I di>-re'T>r; £ dto-fl'voi. !• i<. 

To wiUidnv or withhold fsTor from: dig- 

cuunt«mn«, ll«n. DivppmvKt;difllilcB. 

dlt-Of 'ore, I ciw-[i<'yurj 2 dI»Wyvr. x. 

'^- ■'--"---?« the beauty of; nuclei 

1*-^DHi»t, n. 

Ta cbui^ In iippcannee, u by ^ muk; 
hide; alter. II. n. The act ot dilguiiiiia 
or the et&f^ of b^ng di ^uispd^ lonKthiiic 
that di^uieee; concealmcntr 
dl»-«iur, 1 diHuit'; 2 dI»4Blt 

To cause tfl loathe nr hatt, II. - „ 

averflon: [oalMni; alilKneiioe.— dit-naf - 
\nt, pa. OAdub; reralUDf .— ilk f^rlnf 

I. /. I. To plKK 
rYB.Mf00' ^■" 

rheel. 11. 

iSldii«b;2dIih, I 

dlSb, n 

dlB'^a-blUe'. 1 di>'»-l,i!' or-bil'; 2 

a-bU'or-bU.n. tlQdjo™,or nFjligent a 

dlB-beart'en, i 1 du-hart'n; 2 dls^hSit'ii, 
dl»>lisrt'erH, I st. To disminuie. 
dl-shcT'el, Idi-iihev'el^Sdi-ahev'H.iil.An'. 

LiwaJ To dieDrder (the iudr); diaanan^ 

It; S illa^D'eat, a. 


. 3. Con 
loaecLiseoTraicupflLy, aaanote, II. ' 
1. Lack of honoc^^wiidMuu; inMlt: r 
■ proach; itrain, 8. Befuaid or failimi I 

VRf, a. Cbaneteilied br or brinilitt dl 

dln-bon'OT'^HT. ait. 
dli'^n-cllne , 1 dis'in-klain'; 2 dla-in^Ui 

dlJ^D-rMt^ 1 dia*ii>4ekt':'EdlB'iD-f»et'. 
a. To puittyfroiBUiMaloii.-dlflBi^M^ 
taat. 1. 1. DMnfectlnc. 11. a. A nb- i 
•tanoe ueed to dMsrm.'TdltlB'leCllH^ ■■ 

db'^OiiCen'ii-onc 1 dig'uHen'yu-iM; S 
dle'm-Wn'yu-Os, a. Not dncere; derail- I 

dls-in-hcr It'll I'dia-iD^eT'it: Sdlatn-bfr'- 

dl»^%-Knited. I die^n'ti-crtt: 2 db- 
Tn'te-trit, M. A li. To break or fa[t in 

dl»-tn''lwlMt.«drfd^Hn'tai^t.ed: V^ I 
ia-ib-ffMA, a. UnoelGehi impartlsL 

dl»-Ji>lii')ldi^jem-;2dIa-iAia'.t(.An. To 
sever or be Bevered^aeparate : sunder; part. 

dliHjUnt"^Id!»'JBiat':2d[^J0iiit'. iTt. To ' 
divide at the jointe; dialoeate^ difloonneet. 
— dl>-te*Dfed, pa. DUooalad; dlaeoo- 


in^todiajom. ii. n. joat wdichoi^ouib, 

M one of certain cooJunotlona ASt odr. 

disk, 1 1 disk; 3 disk, n. Any plane or suk 

dl*-(l]ie'"di*4n5t';"2dto-Ilk', I*, rt. To ■ 
resard with avcrmon. IL n. Distait«; 

dl^o-cat«, i dtslo-ket: 2 dIs1o«lt, H. 

■U^'ladge', 1 iW-lej'; 2 dlB-IAdA', H. To 

driveout; eject; dindaee.— dl^lodx^amt, ft, 

dta-lor'«l,ldij4oi'^i2dlB-iey'Bl,n. FJm 

dU'mal, 1 dS^al; 2 diymaT'a, Cheer- 
Vm: daleTul; Oattay. -It, ads. -Bwa, it. 

amy. -ij, ail 


.1 To 

strip of fittings, fiimitun 
dtvmuf >>, III. To lemove uie mHis oi. 
db-nur'. 1 dl»4ni'; 2 drs-m&'. I. m. To 

Q11withfear;apiiaJ;affright. IL n. Ovei- 

whelroing fri«ht; conitf matiaii ; terror. 
dli-incm'b«, 1 dia-Eocm'ber; 2 dls-mem'. 

b«r, Dt. To Kparata limb from limb. 

II. >. 

oft or I 

dls*D-b^'i I dis'o-be'; 2 dk'o-W, •(, A n*. 
b^dl-wicc, H.-dis'o-kcMI-eBt.'l <Wa- 

mhiBliiE lo obey; nffAdtory. -If, 04c. 
ib'»-l)iigt', 1 clSVblaij'; 2 dls'o-blli'. M. 

Infi pd. Not dlflpoaed to obUtfe; uriBOOaiu- 
■Dodama- ^1 adv. 
ite-or'iler, 1 diMr-dor; 2 dto-ftr-dir. I. iK. 
Td throvf out of ord«r; disaTraiiEe: de- 
nncs. n. n. 1. Dissmngeninit; di»- 

Ihe pBsn^'dli-or'dct^, 1 du-Sr'dsi^li; 3 

ilt4r-Aer-ly. b- A odi. Beliui In dlnrdn; 
' lawloK dlareDutftbLe.— dli-or'de^lfc-iMH.B. 
db-ot'KBB-lKi 1 diMr'isn-oii; 2 dT»- 

flr-gan-Ii, •«. -TodepriveoforBaniialion; 

break up.— dl«-or*taD-I-iatkiD, n. 
ib-own', I diMn'LS dlB-5i ■ 

db-psr'ue, 1 die-pu'ij; _ . . 
HoEn; ->a-iNa.] 7o speak of 

-paz-l-lj, 1 di»-pari-ti;Bai»-pari-iy. n. 
■riEii>. pi.] The stale of bemiduainulu; 

-n»'slaa-Bt«, 1 dJa-paA'so-n; S dla- 
■Anh'nTi^AC. a. Free from i>AAsioa: with- 



dla-puHi'; 2 d^pAcb', 
impllflh; kllLoulrlf 
dlflpatcblDBr %, 
Its. as by telem 

UH^'i 1 di«-pel' 
NattarT diil>e»e; i 

2 dl»-p«l', rf. [Dift- 
/; 2 dls-pjne'. I. [ciR- 

obligatian. II. i. To grant digpenutioi 
-to dlspeim wlUi. lo do irloioat; nHc 
anWi: CoreBo.— dta-pcn'M-UfeP, a. Ci 
MUe ot bslDi dlspeosM or dkonaed •ritl 
- dl»-»«a'w>-fTi t Jl»-p«i'»»<i; Sdl>«in'M 

I «mpaunded, Mpad ally wfHr * 
■■paHVAiBii: Bdla'iifcHI'aBon. 

lot of dlsiMnslBa. )■ EmnpUon 


dis-port'; 3 dta-pSts'p «. & li. 

oC 4lanenliit. 

dJinened. Idoprva 

ill».plr1t<), 1 dv^Hi'it; 2 &■! 
«|j>-|dMe'<, 1 iUtHtf; 2 - 

db^dea'; Z d)»i>lBc', K. To 

put out ol plan; take t&e p4an of . 
dli-lriay'. t dis;^«'; 2 dls-plii' 

unfold i 

io a'S^^! 


. 1 d»fAi'i 2 dl»^!«', tl. k n. 

'"""*■; offend; Bive offend.— 
pa. OftooBlTS. -Iff adv.— 
Idls-plaAu: SdbHMtali'ur. 
. M'beliw $bplau«1: dlMal- 
ton; EDdlffoaDt dlsapproTaL 

.^, "Tl'dii^pCn': 2 dto-pOrt'. Itl, K. 

An. TodivcTt; play; sport. II. n. Di- 

llAMMMe', I difriiei'; 3 dTs-p«s', ct. A ri. 
Idis-pomd'; Dis-pos'iKQ-l i. ToarranaeT 
settle; order; r^ulnte. 2, ToiDc]iDe:reD- 

dla'po-eltlon, I dls'pa-'i^'"'; 2 db^w- 
glah'on, n. 1, TbeKtofdiBpnsingidiqw- 
ssI: wttlanwiit. 1. Naturaf temper; tom- 

dls"po»'iCT»'\l iii»'P''-'™'l 2 dIs'piS-B*8', 
w. TO «eet; oust.- Mt/'pat-tt'tloa, h. 

dto-pnlse', 1 dic-prti': 2 dls-p[a«'. n. 
Blanu; cenauR. 

dl»-linwf', 1 dis-prOf': 2 dl«-pr5ar, n. 

dls'pro-pof'lldn, 1 dia'pro-pdr'thBn; 2 

4ia-paW, 1 die-pi&C; S dls^Dt', t. [di> 

PDT'rod; dib-tot'iso.I I.I. Toqueatioi 

. (AalleDBs; diaeuH; oontest. It. i. T 

' OHmu: aoami.'-aiBtpa-ta-MCa'.a.- Ttu 

_ wntMt; altera^on; wnuiele; ui 

ft tt. To deprive of tiiuliiieatiODa; JD- 
3 dUh-kw'et. I< 

IB. Hie qiuUity of beioff di^ieasinc < 
(Ua''re-putc', 1 dis'n-pi(lt';2 dto're-pOt', n. 

-dU-np'ii-ta-bl(c, i dto-np'Tu-ts-bl: a 
dlB-rep'Fu-U-bl, a. Bdu tn or OBUiliig 111 
npute; dlammui.^Wt wp'a-t^JHr, mlc. 
dlB'^»4peet'. 1 dw'n-aiwkl': E du'rc' 
■pfef , n. tack of mneoti cUseouneav. 
-4l*'V»^peerad, a. frantbw U napect: 

diMobe', 1 ait-rSV; EdiMdb', ■<.&«. 

To nnolotba; midnaa. 
dlHapt'<l,ldiHn^3dI»' To 

tbta; 2 dl^Taii^lioii, D. Tbe ut or burn- 
ing amndfr; tba stata of bcliiK dlompUd, 

r< 1 di»«»t'u-fai; 2 dla-e&t'u-fl, 

jiIda; disafneraent; noii*< 

dlB'ger-ta'UoD, 1 dii 

2 dl-s«v'er, 1 

ent, 1 dis'i-dent; 2 d1 


dispel; WBOle; eqUHiider. n, i. 1. To 


drn'o-liatr 2 d.„„-.,.i, „. 
lOlgala.— db'io-liKa-Irt odi. 

LndulffaDoe In vitiova pleanim, 

l»-io'el-«te, 1 dt«a'du-et; 2 dl-aO'^i-at, 

«. hAT'Bi«! -AT'rsoJ To dieiwmiectj 

awarats.- dU-fa*ctHi^D, a. 
dlB'M-m-UcIl die'd-liQ-bl or di-wt'Tv 
dli'm-ln-bl'./bl; £ dls'n-la-br or dl-aSI'- 

yij-bl, o. Separibli ' " ' 

dk'M-lnle, 1 diH'o-]iat7~2 dli 
■ bBgdonoflipconigala.- 
dla'a<F-lDt»>iuaa, n. 
'■o-tn'Oan. 1 dis'a-IiD'^Ba; 2 dla'a- 
I'lhon.B. Ths act of dissolving; sMjam- 

— -solre',) 1 di-ialv': 2 dl-jSh-', m. A ri. 

dla-BOlt". J [dIS-90t.v(i)d'»; DlB-SOLV'lHal 

■" lelt; breftk up; ahroiBto: relai: de- 
-dU-aoli^liKe', a- dU-Ml'nnt, 

dlt-BIUde', 1 ili-aw«d'; i 

*m»'tt»a, n. t. TIh aet of 

db-a^Oa-kle, 11 dtnl'a-bt; S dl-ajn'a-bl, 
tfll^rl'ta-bl*. J 1. A won! of two lyl- 

Lablo.— dli'wl<4»blc a. 
dbtaff, )1 dis'lBf; Z dl^tU, «. [du'- 

A roUtiiic vertisu ataff that hold* Iho 

buDoh of flu or vwri in huid'apinniag, 
«*-Uln', 1 dltUn'i 2 dl^tia', tt. To 

auiu; sultr- 
dU'tsDce, 1 di*'t«tia: i dta'ttec- I. x. 

Ipm'TAMtjEDt; du'tanouis.] Ta lesvs 

dk'tant, 1 dis'tMt; 2 dVUnt, a. 1 
Sepanied in tgnux ta tams; nmots: In 

ila-tUlC', 1 dit-UK'; 3 dli-Un', n. ' Av^ 



4i»-t*ta'ftt>, A. t. A mslsdy, aa of 

brutal, a. Ill hnmor: diatuibiuun. 
db-tcm'licr*, n. Wataiwnihir, H tor 

Keoe'paiatiiiCi or tha pnintuic n eiaoutod. 
41»-tend'd, l^Mead': 3 dls^Jbid', K. A 

tt. TO ciiwiil: ■wcU; InOiM.- tfi-tm*- 

■l-Mll-ll',n.-dll-laii'll-U(B>-,a. OewMc 

DC bdDC dUICDiM.— db-ICD'tKID, n. TbB 

MC Of dUtenttUif, or the attu or bdAC dtft- 
dli'tieli, 1 dia'tik; 2 i&tic. n. Pru. A 

ai™'^\ i 1 dta-til'; E dlHH', W. & n. 1. 

di^ttU't J To vaporise and coadenAe; also, 
tD male eitracla by nich piocea. 1. To 
idve Fnrtli or «xude ui dropa: ahod; emit. 
- dU'tU-Ulton, n. Tbe aet or [roduei at 
lUniniDa.-dla-tlFtar.ii. Onewbodinlli: a 
oondenKT UHd to dlnlIUi«.— ttt-a-lit^, a. 

eapHtatir [or dimnusc ahxAoUe ttqiian. 
dl»-tU>ct', 1 dio-tigkf; S dla-tlseC. a. 
CMar, pliln: dislotiwd: nDaraie. -It, adi. 
.ncH, n.-dl»4iu^lloii, 1 dls-ttek'Awo; E 

W^. >. 1. I. 1. To note u di 
disccimiDSta. 2. To make eminei 

_ i. To diaerbniTiato^ fdlowed by i 
-dta-UB'IBlih-a-MC*', s.-d 
KtHalMd. JO. Conploiioiui eminai 

dla-t«rtd', 1 dJ»-te[t'; 3 dla-tdrt'. 

twjat into an uanainral form; miiiDtez^ 

dto-tntln'. 1 dia-trSn'; 2.dlB-trftu'. >. L I. 
To aaiia for drin. 11. i. To make a 
IBry on penonal property for debt.— dtl* 

4k-timH', 1 dtt-tzF; 2 dIa-iM', a. AlaeDf 


t', 1 dls-tiat'; S dU-trat', a. 
1 di»-trM'; 2 dH-lrf*', I*, tl. 

'». tom. To^'iBittain^ ¥l »! 

dl^trlfi'ntc, 1 dia-trib'jut; 2 dla-trnyyut, 
i4. A ti. (-DT-Mfl; -DT-utO-l To *vide 
amonfl a number; unortlon; eliare; 
^Uam.~ dlanri-bam^l cBatn-blB- Aan; 
E di^rl-baUDii, H. AmorttonmeBC at» 
raiMemint; dtapc^tloa.— oa-trlb'a-tlTMi, 
1 dia-EtU'ru^lv; e <»«Ib'yv4lT. a. Btrrtnc 

baUon: applying to IndlTidnali. -tf, odr. 
dli1flct,lWinkt;2dIa'tiiet. I. ><. To 

divide, mto dinriota IL n. A portion of 

territory ^HdallyntoS: aiegiaa; tract. 
dli-lrDat', 1 dii-tniit'i 2 cDa^trliBt'. K 

M. To doubt; au^iaot. II. n. Doubt; 

dU-turb', 1 di>-torb'; 2 dIe-tQrl>', vl, 1. 

mental contudon.- di^'tnrb'er, n. 
dto'^-mtc'd, 1 dis'yu-Doit'; 3 dis'yv-nit'. 
tl. A (i. To BBpuxif ; aliaoatB or become 

yon; £ dk-yon'yui, n. Tbe stale ot belni 

dlsunltediievvui«^ ruptunt. 
dl^iue', \l dis-yOa'; 2 dto-ytis', f- To 
dls-iue ^, J diacontinue. 
dls-aae', 1 diif^rtla'; 2 dta-yiji^ o. The not 

ditch, 1 didiij 2 dlol.. It,,*. Atii.^odiB 

a ditch or ditoZies in; drain by ditchins; 

run into a dit<ih; make ditobea. II. n. 

A nam^T trench in tbe ground, ae for 

dralDage.— dltch'er, n. 
(Ul'to, 1 dit'o; 3 dit'o. I. n. Tbe mmn 

thins ropBated; the afor^taid. II. adv. 

ditty, 1 dit'i; 2 dit'y. n. [Dir-nM", ptj 

A short ample nh*: BOnK- 
dlrtu'DBl. 1 aai-Dr-nel; S dl-flr'Dal, o. 1. 

Dmily. %. Fertauuna to the daytime. 

-dl-iD'iuI'ljr, odi. 
dl-Txn', 1 di-raa'; Z d>-Tftn' n. 1. An 

dhe. 1 daiv: 2 div. L n. (t>ivn>or (Cotteq.) 
DOVB, 1 dOv, 3 dO»; div'imo.J To make 
a dive; pluDse or ruaH in. II- n- A 
pluiue nead foremtAt into or as into 
nur.~(liT'er,n.-dli1ac-b«n",>L A nol- 

dtre^e', I di-vflij'; 3 di-v^^^^^. [di- 

_ ._ ^„ ,. Diaerinc; devtaUiw. dl- 

. nci^t- JTOTlQqs, 

arnn, 1 dai'»»rt; E dTvets, a. Several: 
dlt«neMdi-vun';3di-vCrs'.a. DiSer- 

Inc; dUtaut. -Jr, odr.- dl-nir^D-ai'tlon, 

B. VuiBJon; vMlety.-(ll-«»^J-l>. «. 

[Vixd: -rrura.] ToDukkedl%cne:TailGgiiU. 
dl-Ter'*loii, 1 di-vni'flien; Z di-vCr'^oD, 

n. The act ot diTertdna, or that which 

diverts; recreatioD. , 

dt-ier'il-ty, l dz-vnr'ii-ti; B dj-Tb'ri-ty, 

n. [-ma-, pi.] The state o( being di- 

dI-reTt"% I di-vur 

atnp; dispoeeev; 
dl-tlde', 1 di-voii 

a di.v8rf , »(. 1. ■ 

1 div-i-dend: E dlv-i-d^nd. «. 
1. AfotA. A quantity divided, or le be 
' divided. iniA equal parti. . I. Com. A die- 

tributian of profit oa sliares or the like. 

dl^Tlnc't 1 di-Toin'; 2 di-vin'. I. it. k vi. 

[di-vikid'; ni-vm'iHa.l To find out or 

toreUll by asmmied gupcmatural aid; 

Pertaining to. proceedinff from, or of the 
nature of God or of a ffod; sacred; 
lent; godlike. S. Pertair--- -- ^ 
ortheology, ni.n, Athi 

dl-Tl'iloii, 1 di-vix'Hi; 2 dt-vlih'on. n. 1. 
Tbe act of dividuiE. 9. A part; nolJon. 

■ a .1 — jT nt, J, Ti„t 

!•», a. «■ 

l(S, 1 m-Tla"- 

I't-ld, a. Capabla nl iMdiH 

,. _ rtiUtr,<idD.-dl-«llriT(?d 

dt-m%v: i dPrniv. a. Candnc oc Bi- 
isiashii diTlrion.— dt-rfiar, 1 dt-Tofaar v 
-»r: £ dl-vreor, h. jfaU, That by wUA a 

>. e^taratioi 



tU-vOre", I. It. [di- 

. „ NO.I To separate le- 

fausband and wife; sunder; put 
L n. J.egal dissolution of a mar- 

A-THlce', 1 di-vnU'; 2 di-vOlf , K. [ni- 
tdt.obb'; Di-voLo'isa.l To tell, ai a se- 
eret; discloae- 
Ili'iTi 1 diK*!; Z dit'y. I> tl. [dii'ud: 
Dii'ii-iNO.] Tomakegidil,v;confuiie. DU 
a. [die'ii-iis; bii'n-MrJ Havingafeel- 

: <_t;j: --eonfusior — -■- 

dy: csuaii 

n.l I.i. 

accompiisbment; perform; eiecut«; ef- 
fect; transact: finish. 11.1. 1. To act: 

health. S. To answer the purpooe; Buf- 
docile, i 1 da.'il'Jr dS'il ; 8 dHs'ii or dO'cfl, 

off. u the taU of a t 

dockn, il. To [ay u] 

diKk'He,iL Tbeac 

/ for or marxe tor doekl 

s; sl», a 

docking; pcovMoB 

rious plants ot Uie 

'artifioial basin for veis- 

vhaif. 3. ; 

dock*^ tT'^tSc rtWp of a UiL 

dock'eC, 1 dek'et; Z Mflt. !'<. K. To 
place on ■ docket; resold. II> n. A 
summary; calendar of case* to be called in 

doSf'filJK 1 dek-yord': 2 dOtVtnl'. ■»- 
A shipyara nroridsil with dodci. 

diK't«r,ld^teriir-ter;2d5e'tor.R. 1. 
A phynolan, 2. A peraon who bu re- 

ceiredthe bighHt defcrec in a facuJty, ha 
of dlvlnltT. lAW. ale.— doctor-ate, n. 

doc'MlM. I 1 dek'trm; S dsi'tHn, r. 1. 

doc'trin-./Thatwhich is truth, especi»lly 

>|l. iDMnulian.^ doc'M-iul, o. Psrtsla- 
Ijifl to tloctflna; Irutnictlve^ 

dft*'yi)-meot, n, Awritten or printed 

do-dec 'trgoi 

m-tft a. or, perttUiilaH to, 
„ .jciunenu. dac^n-auatall. 
1, 1 do-dek'»-gf>D; S doKUc'a- 
figure with twelve sidei knd 

dofr. I 

iIP, 1 1 def ; 
if. Fa hnt 

only domeaticBlfid, uid reEoarkable 
Intelligenoe and ita tttaduneaC to 
Zm a c4tob or detent; implemeDt.— 

J, haplDE two fleatfl eot batik to baok. 


. the el« . 

holding princely rank in Venioe orOeaoa, 
aom'weS, 1 dSg^ : a dJf M. a. Silently 

dole, 1 Mi; S dfil, tt. Idolei 

To deal out in stnaJI quantitic 
dole. n. That whioh la doled o 

dDleftal, 1 dariul; Z dal'ful, 

doU, lidal; 2dt 
dol'jfa person. 

luit of the United SUleg and Canada. 

equal lo 100 cent& or about 4i. I'/gl. 

pathetJd. Ay* a4w, 
daf^Umll dsl'rin; S dSl'fin, n. 
dol^', /cetacean oT the Medilcrra 

dolt, 1 dmt: S dolt, 

dunoe. -lih, s. -U\ 

do-nuln', 1 do-men 

a of knowlcdsQ; fanKc. S« 

es'tik; 2 do-m6« 
to or tqnd of th 

me. I. 


•Et"^- ^^" 

E TiPH or DotM. 


iDlB-uc'i-ii'. n. [Jtatf 

it<Hn^-cll. 1 1 dem'i-aJ 
dmn^-cUe, J[-ciLED. -c 

II* fi. A borne, bouBP. or dwetlljiff. 

DWIe, 1 dsr'ik; S dDr'ia. L 

'i-nO. LK. 
.... J«m-t 

odDdeocT. dtim'l-iu>a>«l't-— doml-iuuit, 

fOTWDlnff; uredomlniuit, IL n. Mitt. The 

ana une or b dbiunle •salo.^ doml-iu'- 

UvBiH. Control; donUnlon. [nn. 

tfo'ml-ii^ 1 do'mi-Dj; 3 dCmHie. il A tnr- 

dam"l-Deer', 1 damVnlr'; 2 dam^-oei', c 

— doml-iiecfliu-ly, adv. 

' ~" Ido-min'i-lteliado-mlnl-eal, 
_ to Chrint orlo the Lord-i d^. 
dvml-tlle, 1 deai'wu; 3 dOm'wii, n. A 

DO! 2 dSm'i-no, n, 
S.pi.1 1. A rob* and 

_jisquor»deB; also, the 

ireai«r. i, pi. A guoe played with 
flmt pieces murkeil like dioe, each piece 

baoK ilao sailed ^ 

loa,l don: ZdOs, 

DDH'NIHa.] To pi 

SdS'iiflt, M 


lutioi: a gin,— doD'a-ttrCe*. . 
_ dan'a-tlT- 1. a . Bfllooalnff 

m']o o^'da^'ki: S daoTly or 


to death or rail 
Act of doomini 
dooiDed: sad ot 

. Il n 


lor'mcr. 1 dor-n 

dor'ml-to-iT, 1 der'nu-to-n; S dAi 
lo-ry, n. f-sir**, pJ-j A studeald' I 
ine'bouae; any Larce room in which d 
persona aleep, 
or'mome", 1 dsr'- 
mauB'; 3 dtK'maiu; > 
n, Joos'ioei!', Idor-. 
A Amall oquiiTDl'liiDe 

or'aal, 1 der'tal: 2 
dOr'sal.a. 1. Of.pcr- . 

the back. 1. Per- « 
tainiuA to the undei 
Buiface, as of a leaf 
do-TT, ■ -■ - -' 

take doB« repeatedly. ILn. Thequantity 
of medicine to be talien at one time. 

speck: nwt. 
do'Uge, 1 ds'i 

; 2 dB'taS, n. Feebleness 
old aee; sennity.— do'tardi 

dote, 1 dat; 2 dot, ri. [dot'ed^; dot'ing.] 

1^ To be in one's dotage! doatl^ dotln*^ 

dotb, 1 dotb: E d«h, M ptr. tint. rta. mi. oi 
douliTe,)! dub'l: 2 dobl, »- tnons'LHi 

duM', (I.trB'LD'lDOnB'lJHO, DUB'LDia',) 

L (. 1. Tomateorbetwiceaamaoyoi 
twiceas irsat. 3. Tofi^ CoEBther: with 
up,o»r,etc. ». To repeat, i. TopMa, 

; llt = Iwd: tfhln; bo; QaBinj: tl>tn,ttil>. 

Lt,baTii: MU bdji to, kern; iDk; tkln, OI*. 

■ud (O baoli on tha n 

donb'Ic, a. 1. B^nc in ] 
*. Twin w iHse. much, 
or many. S. Tvofold; ' 

donEle,n _ 

muob. 3. A fold 
or thins that oloi 
4. A backward U 

ib^idnl'inc. I. r 

L II, iL Treacben 

Sonethin^ that la twice t 

.lldnb^flt; adObTM,n, 1. One 

dnb^f , ; o[ a pair of like thingi; looKly, 

a pair nr couple, t. A clo«a^ttmf outer 

bodyVBiment (ISIh to 17th oeatunen). 

drali-lo<»',)ldDb-laD'jgdlib-Ioos',n. A 

dUb-lMB^, (tonaa Bpaniah gold cqiii 

_-_,„ .- . 1. lUk o( oertun knowledie; 
unoniahitvi iBdMUon. >• A queetiwii 

vtrvtmvf. ineiini.-dMrtt«a,dHfnds 
- • -""-« lo doubi: "'— — -- 

I. -tl.Mt. • 


BaB~«Br'i 1 aO'itrr'; S du'cUf. n. 
doaebe. 1 dadh; 2 duch. n. A jc 

ikiDE into breadn cake, etc.; 
r □!■■•.— doH(li^at", n. A 
ouc^ fried fn Lard ,— doBcb'r.Q. 

. ^ Jau'ti: 2 dou'ty. a. Bmve; 

<dn|b'll-lr, *!■ '- — ■-■■* 


_,, iSdoVdy. 

Dl-RR;DOW'Bl-MT,«Md, ^ . _^ 

ill-fittiDS, and in bad taatel Kt^l 
•habbir. dow'dj-teht. IL n. ^B^^ 
A lUtlaidr womiui. ^^ -j . 

dow'd, 1 dau'el; 2 doVS, n. ■«* 
A jHQ or peg fitted into two ^^p* 
adjawnt pieaeg to farteo them Dovetailed 

tOBEthei. JolDL. 

daw'cr, 1 dou'ai; Z dow'Er. ^ „g^. ^ 
dowei; euioi 

'» life-portion 

_ , lally a third) ol 

huf^und'fl [anda and tonemente; the 

doWQi, 1 daun: 2 down,' n. Fine wCt ' 

'down*, n.' [Eiig,] A flat-topped tnalcn 
hill; tmdulatiiiE tract of upUod. 

down, odo. From a higher to or toward 
a lower pi are or pomtion: downward to or 

[ on.angroinid; lielow the bmtaiin.— dowaj- 

). IL odi. null ■ 

lawalWit-. I. a. 1. 

down, 1 daun; 2 down. pr«p. In ■> de- 

downT, 1 doun'u S down'y, o^ Of, per- 

taimng to, like, or covervd with down; 

Boft; leMfuL 
doWrr, I dau'n; S dow'ry, a. iDow*- 

taf%', pt-] The property a wife brings to 

her hiuband in marriage; an endawiueut 

or gift. 
doi-ol 'ina^l dsksiiol'o-ii ; 2 dSka-Sl'o-^, n. 
' hoita*, pLlAneiultanthymnofpraiaa. 
dOM, 1 dOii 2dSi. I. ri. [Dnno; ■»■'. 

1M0.1 To ileep lightly; drowse, 11. n. 

A Llabt a«p: a dmwie.— d*i>> a. Dnnrar; 

:tch: delineate. Zp 
. 1. A Eurreal oi 

1 drab; i drfib, > 

^ll drab'l: 3 

dnb'T, Jblxh, dbu 

dneku. 1 dnm: 3 drtu 
dnn, 1 1 droit; 2 d 
dnn^tfjoutline; ski 

To oDDscript. II. n. 

til. I. The nnc of 

t. The deplli to nbi 

Uw inter. 4. Tlw act I 

haul; pull; disg. A. A 

1. A monFy^onlei: bill of 

U dmfa'mi 

di^ 1 d^^aS^™^! 
DKAa'aiHa.] L 1. 1. To pull bIode by 
main force; haul. S. Toseuuli by diao- 
SDs, aa for a dead body; search cuefully. 
n. >: 1. To move aloi^ or heavilr. 3. 

One, n. 1. The net o( drutgfog, or the 

. [-« 

r S drtfta*-] On< 

rbich dtaca ' 

loot, high, four- 

Drag and Four. 

. , JbB — - 

ra.1 To dns or trail on the (raund 
t to wet or toil; drabble; befoul 

dnc'o-JBku, 1 diac'c 

dhw'Mi. ] 

an, 1 diac'o^nen; 2 diU'o-mai 
ia>, imptweit; -Han, ^T An ii 
Of acent for travelan in the Eu 

'•n, I ^i'l 

serpelit-like, winged n 

dnc'M^, K. An It "' 

oar, (Our larm wliwe. an 

ij ooeree; browbeat- I1« n 

>T tronch for draining. 

drsln1we,ldiCa'il:Sdrftn'a«,n. Theac 
or meaiu of draiaJDc: that which i 
drained off: a vat^m cj dtoina, 

diKke, 1 dr«k; 2 drU, n. A male duck. 

drain, 1 diam; Z diAm, n. 1. In apoths 
cariee' weight, 60 jpaiiu; in avoiidupca 
weiaht. 27.31 craina dncllmt 1. J 
drink of BpiritB. 

dra'ma, I dra'ms; 2 drl'ma. n. A com 
theatace; aplay; thelheateT 

tlmuioaL dra-matl-eall-— dra-matl- 

DBAPiNoj ID Dover, afl with banging 
cloth; azrange, aa draperr.— drap'tT, a. A 
dealw In olothj.— drap'w-f , a. i-iBi>, fL} 
1. Locaely ^»ngtnf attire: alao, curtalne, 
tapegDv. eio. t. The burinaa of a draper. 
I. ClDUi [n general.' 
draitlc, ldraa'tik;gdr«^tie. La. Acl- 
iogTig<iroualy:eDectiTe. O. n. Aatranc 

drao^M, M. A a. Bee tMtrr. 
dranahn, 1 drotta; 2 drafti, n. pi, Cheek- 
dravgliM'Diu, n. A pleee uaed In tM 

"'" i-fV-paSi 

i; obtlio. t. To draft: 
_ up. 1. To iketDh; por- 
mqiure the depth of <» 

J. «. To obtain money, etc., 

on applicatknt. f. To delioeale. ni with 
a ppifnl; ptactiae . dravioE. i< To un- 
ibeathe a cirord.— draw' bark*, a. 1. 
A diKidTanuie. 1. A rebate.— draw'- 
bridge', n, A tirt<l«e ol wbleh tlie whole « 
a pan mar be dnwo up or ailde.— drswW. 

3 act of drawing. I. A tie, 
>. The aovable asotloa 

1*,'t drs'ig^ilm'; 2 drt'ing* 

twLldroliSdrtL l.i(.dtri. Toil] 

diVi]; £ irVti. a. 1. Tbeut of naenr- 

liigkaftdny, >• Tbe BtunEV 'or dnylDK. 
dKMl.ll <<»<1: 3 ili^^ !''•«- To ui- 
dradS iUdpsM fmrfnlly. IL n. !• Cnui- 

inc CKOt fear; terribifi. 9* Exoitinc awe 

ror; MRifyina uilidpaticuL 9* Fearpnth 
»ap«t; mm. Bl. That wbicb wiuen 
mwc or fsar.— dnad'nUi a, inspiitai 
Oraid; iwiBjle; awlul,— dnad'AiMr, oil«.— 
dnttdtBlHMM, n. 
diaam, 1 dilm; 2 drCm. L tb & n. 
(dbbavbd or piuAHT, 1 dremt, 2 drimt, 
nann* 1 duuk'ihq.I To hava ■ Tialoa oI 
while gleeidiitl have » dream or dreams; 
famiy; hope; mufliiie[ meditate. IL n. 
A ttMD Of Uiouahta or imacee paiBim 
throiuh tbe mind ia sleep; also, * Tidon' 
err Idea or antWpatliHij- tnnn'tr, n. 

dMU) 1 ditr: e ditr. a. IPoetJ Dnair. 

ilnu'r>ldrti'i;2di«r'y, a. iDauB'i-ii 

dhriCb'i-ibt.1 Forlorn; lonely; gloom; 

dMd(e>, 1 Jrei;'2 drSdt. — — - . 


out by a dredfe; remove by a dndve; ui 
a dredge. 11> n. An ■pplumoe lot brici 
jaEupmiid»Biit»eta.»fitrm miderwat" 
dr«dc^< I. M, To niinkle flour or 
like upon. II. ti. A boi wigi perton 

I. pi. Bedimtnt; 

inm, 1 dregi; S di 

lece: nru«.— drea' 

o.-dtec'n. o. O 

drenchS l dieo«li; Z di^Dcb, vC To vet 

tborouchly: nak; five a potion to. 
drenelit n. A large draft of fluid; a liquid 

«nH,ldRajWrfa. I.K.An. IpniHiDt 

adorn; arrange; adjust; cleaoaa and bind 

Ootties coll 

1: ildelKiard. — dnulnfi n. Tbe act ' 
mMm, or tiiat wnn wiiiiiti aoriidng. ai 
ind. la diMMd. — dWM'iaah'Wjtt, Ona 

.— dNMVt a- ICoOoq.l . 


drlbl', hosT 
Bimo.1 +o< 

I 'BLED. DBIB'Ul''; 

tint aive out by piee«m«aL 
dioM.— driblet,*, 

a otunDt. 1. A K 

drl'er, 1 droi'si; B 'diTb, n. One vho oi 

drt' er, drl'est, cemmr. * niptri. ol dht, a. 

driltd; 1 drift; 2 drift, K. * ri. To eanr oi 
be caTiiDd ajoutf . ■■ on a current; acoumu- 
late by foroe of wind, aa •nnw. 

drIR, H. 1. Soroetliiiig di 
piled up ty a' — ■ — ' * 

. ,^_ I. To train, i 

Boldiera. S. To plant in drilliL 

dim, n. 1. A borin«;tw)l lor metal. 
A EoachiDe for plantioK sKda in rowaj 
' row BO plantAd. 1- Military training. 

dtUlliic, I dtil'in; 2 dril'ing, n. A fir 
tvUleTfabrio oninen or eotton. 

drill', odt. Same ai i>bti.t. 

OHnk, 1 drigk; S dilgk, tl. A vi. \im 
DHiNK, 1 drank, 2 drfiok (former 
DHCnx, 1 drnok, 2 drfigk); pp. dbci 
aonnerly nRHNK-BN)! nBlUK'i-la.l 1 
iwalloir, aa a linnid; aheorb; recei' 
eamir,— drtnli'a-blce'. I. a. Cacml 

drink, n. Any liquid that is or 

flvaUowpd; a Doverage; a draft. 
drip, 1 drip; 2 drip. !>. it. di if. 


drive, 1 dniv; 2 drtv, •. [dbovb, 1 diAT, 8 
drtv; dbiVbk. 1 diiv-n, B drlT-n; dbtv'- 
rNQ.) I. 1. 1. To urge forvard forcibly; 

drlt'el.ldriv'liSdrlv'L. 1. m'. [ddit'eliii 
or i>w'BiJjt]>, parv'nr,D*; drtv'bi^iho oi 
DHiv'BL-LiNa.] To leC ipittle Sow fron) 
the mouth; be wmk or HUy. IL a. 1< 
Ad iaToliuitaiy flow of B^ra from tli^ 
moutiL >■ Souelesg. etuitrulk.— dllf'M- 

UV, fpnii 

droU, 1 drOl: i 

ill; S drill. !.«.&«. 


-dnrfoIliitfinedTopL n.A. 
Odd; 'cornier ; 

S-n; a drOm'a- 

he bsc-l 

■ound; a bus of o 

droop, i diQp; 3 droop. P. il. & t<. To 

aUov to hft^E LUtLcssly; bend downward: 
ddIc Afl from weakness; deepond; decline. 

dnt|>,ldia[i:2drfip. 1. «. 4 n' Idhopfbd' 
or DBOtTt; DBOp'nNo,) (■ To fail, or Ifl 
tsll. in drop*, t. To fail, or let fait, in 

lit ft. 1* A globule of liquid; ai»'thlc^ 
han ji n g down; a pendant. 1* A falfi 

normal accumulatioD of liquid in some 

. ,_ Jro&T^'dP , „, 

/drfia^, n. A lifht open Rua- 

1 drea-.SdnV), fi. ImpuiitT In DH 

llt,U draut, drouth; r 

11^^. drouth']', t dnui'i, dnnOi'i; 

■ •-^— -"-lUBht 'or Ihim; OiltWT.— 
droDtli'^iuai, h. 

kill by immsmon. as In wBter; deluoe; 
overwliehu. II; i. To die by BuSoca^on 
In Uquid. 
Irowu, 1 dmui; S drows. I. •(. A ri. 
JnHowaBD; DBOwB'JMO.I To doae; be lilt- 
loa. II. n. A doH.— drov'ar, a. lisaW- 

tf drusB to; Kupefy; also, to 
UMd mwlmMlly. i. Aa uuhIkMs eom- 

an apothecary. 

rti«'««t.ldru^et;2driir«,n. Aooam 

woolen fabric for rvf and the like. 
dmldi 1 drO'id; 2 di^'id. n. A pri»t of 

'TBI Oaol and Btlttln.— Ora-ldl-eal, a. 

t paulnliig to the dniUa. dra-ldiet. 
, 1 drum; 3 drOin. 1. iii. & ti, 
UMBO, DBtJMB"; pBtTif'inBa.] To plav 
. drum; beat a drum. IL n. !■ A 
>w cylinder, die enda of which are eov- 
with skin. Ut be beaten with drum- 
■. 2* A cylindrical orsan, aA the tym- 


1 drtiQk; S drltdCp pfr. el 

dnink'ftrd, n, Dnfiwbo 

, diT. Idmiiadn' i. rt. in. [bhied 

Looldng iat 

ftreen. 3, Thirsty. l! 
lifeJeu; duU. i. Slyly 

dn'nm, b. ja wood-oyniBli. 

T^, 1 droi'id; 2 drrai n. Cr. Miil*. 

iHiu DompoaKl 01 twg 
inbri dub: 3 dob. f 

fairly to be «oribed. J. Schaduled to 
obliratioE. in. adv. Dirscliy; eiartly; 

du'd, 1 did'el; 2 dO'Sl, n. A preBrTaagfd 
""5!.' betwoea Iwo iwKms.— dn'el-InK 
H. Tta BsbUn. of aueU. du'H-Unc^ 
dB'd-IIt. n. A'td-Ilitt. 
1^"* ^ '''''"?''''■ 2 do-*"'*, -t An 1 

*a-et',IdiQ-et';2dO-et',n.A(»mpoBitim ' 

fnr tvV] voicea, perform^ra, DriiwtrutnenU. 
dur, «. A teal or ulier.'^' " "°' °' 
duke, 1 diOk; 2 dOk, n. 1. A nobleman oi 
the highest rank. S. A rdEnins prinea 
Vatrtiat to a klDg.— dnbeMoju, n. 1. A < 

dld'Mli 1 dol'set; 2 dai'cM, o.' Sweet; j 
dol't^mer, 1 dDl'si.™8r; 3 dttt'ci-mfc. n. 

Bevaral European coins, r 
iach'eu, 1 doiih'ei: 2 d£ 
dneh'r, lduiih'i;3dilch'y, 

pi.] The tsmtori' or dom 
inck', 1 dnk; S dOk, i<. A 

suddenly under water; di. 

CThiffe-— dneklnc, n. A ai 



n. [CoUoQ.] An article 
ing: comnioiily in the plural, dud: 

dade, 1 diad; 2 dOd. n. One eiceuIvEly 
tHStidiouB in dresa, mannen, speech or 
the like; an o.quisite. Idispleasure. 

dndK'eon, l dnj'sn: 2 dOdi'on, n. Sullen 

dnds. n, ii(. SccDi- 

owedj proper; 

I. 0»inj{ 

1 ham. 

S. An ancie 

dlII-cln'e-». 1 dnl-sln*!-*; E dUHtlo'e-a. n. A 
■weetbeut: rrom Dulehiw del tdNmo tin 
lady^QvB oE the hero in Cervimtea'a nov4 , 

diiU,lldDl;'2dai, I.tfe4ri. Tomakeor 
dm'.ibeopine dull. II. n. Not sharp. 

Men, bnjht, or acute; blunt; sluKgUn; 

voarieome; ead; dismal; obecure; dim.— 

nuDld person; a dolt.— dollT, odi.— dai'. ' 
flnlr. I difl'h; 2 dQ'lj', ode. In accordan 


Lacking; the 

temporartly eomethlnff 



P.ldnmp;2dOmp. It.rt.4B. To 
oad or rcmovM in mats. ML n. fU. 
A dumping-grpund; a[so, that n-hich 

Ij ^Uo,^;(.t,U«;tett;g«.pri7i hit. polIc«iObey,gft;n«;,»r:fiill,.«te;l«, born; 


A denert. aa of fruit (uifllDwd id paatry 
and boiled or bakad^ 
dump*. 1 domw; g dOmi». n. pi A 

Sjoomy atAie of mind; mQiuiGholy.— 
nmp'Iih, 0. rmn tud UuieUc«: Saw- 
damp'T, 1 dump'i; Z dOmp'yi a- Short 
and thiok; Btocky. 

; Z dOn, K. A v 

1N0.1 T 

lio dun*: H dtmiuid for paj-- 

A MIL of low 

Im'fCOB, 1 dnii'jaii: S dBn'iDa. n. A 

dmrk undergTDubd cell; any pnxm. 
IIUWUII', 1 dDn'hil'; 2 dlWhll'. I. a. 

tfa'ot 1 dlVo; e dO-D. n. Mm. A dun. 
dB'»idRtt-nua, 1 din'o-det'i-msL; 2 dD'- 

D-dSt'i-iiuiI, a. Denoting a ■yitem of 

mekonliw by tvetrn. 
dB'vdar^nal, n. 1. one ol Uu munlKn 

ila''o-<lee1-i>Mi, 1 diO'o^M'i-niS; i dO'o- 
d£^i-m^ n. !• A book-pan of about 
4'/i by T/t inches; a book Iwviiif nidi 
pBfleA; often written ttmo. S* Jtfuc. 
An interval of a twelfth. 

dupe, 1 diapi 2 dOp. I. rt. Iddi«d>; dup'- 
— 1 ^„r itn, Onemi»- 

>te, 1 diQ'pli-ket; 2 da'pli-rSt. I. 
i. [-cat'bd"; -ciT"iKQ.J To make 

oiicinaL 3. 


II. I diO'pli-kit: 3 dt 
Made or done «uctly lik< 
Growinjt in pain; di 

number of objefrta exactly alike; an eiact 
eopy; a zvpniduutlou.— da'pll-rstloDt a. 
Tttii aet of dupUeaUnf, or tbe Bate of t)dn( 

iD-pIle'l-tf. 1 diu-^ia'i-U; S dQ-plIo'i-tv, 
n. [-ma', pi.) Tricky deceitfu!nB«; 
lD'n-ble.1Idia'T»-bI; Sdn'ra-bl. a. Able 
jn'nt-bl''. JtD ODHtiDua long unchanged; 

laitlis.-dli'o-HI'Mr, B. 
MMt>^ dor^t-Hr. ait. 

dnr'ance, 1 diOr'an*; 2 dOr'aot. n. Per- 

dB4a'tlOB, 1 (U'u-wAian; 2 dO-iK'ahm, n. 
The period during whieh anyttdng lasts; . 

dn'rai. 1 dlD'rea or diu-iea'; S da'r«i or 
dfl-rii', n. ConatTsint; wmpulnon; im- 
prtaomoenl. dn wtB*!. 

dni'lDB, 1 diOr'io; 2 dOi'iui, jTcp. Id oi 

1 dOm; i dOnt. Imp. of nun, t. 

Hbat dvk; dbn; obnun; (wailtiy. dukt 

[nit, 1 dnit: S dGat. \*.vt. Tofnefmm 
dual; aprinkle wick duat; reduce to duet. 
II. n. 1. Any lubitanoe, aa earth, re- 
duced to powdef. X. A deed body; to- 
the erave. >. lEng.] Aihet and 

tnlCh. I dmfh; 3 dOch, n. 1. The people 
of Hollaod. or their lamnuwe. t. Looaely, 
1 doini'men: SdOcb'inan.iL [DDns'iUH, 
^.1 A B^dlaodo'. 

In'tT. Idi0'ci;2da'ly, n. [bu'tiKb'. pf.l 
1. That whiFD is due; moral obligation. 

^da'H-a-M<*r, a 

™rf; 8 dw»rf. I*. . 

muil^dmrruf. a! -i 
dwell, U dwel: 2 dw«l, 


fiied abode; mide. >. To 

dtrtn'd]e,)ldwin'd[:8dwlD'd[.ri. [dwih'- 
dwIn'dl'./Di,(E)n»; DwiN'nLiBa.J To 

prwluoeil br « « bj dyMnc hu«.— ajtft 
iMnw'.n. AbuUdlMirlHn 

Iilii« eolon In doCli or Uw U 
One wbo dya.— drc^tajr*, 

Equnoj^- fjiiuni; moTtA^^ peiiibBbla; pn- 
Udnlns to death or the Udh Qi approach- 
inj( death. 


.-r dTB'ea-tcr'ICt a. PerCAlnlns to 
Ini Irom aremtwy. dw'Mi-tei'- 

iDdividvially; enolione. 

ta'cer, 1 !'■«; 2 a'|«T, 

d. ImpatKDtly BDXI01U 

••'■to,'!! Fal; 8 a'H. n. 

diurnal bird or prey, 
Z. A gold eoin of ths 
United SoUa, vklua 
•10. a.AR 

> H«d luid Taldn 

ion; h«d. 



Hi, 1 I'm 
rl', ; Brit 

« occur, !!■ oJBr 

ir^t, )'l**^n 

U e/oem; E ar-nem, a. i. 

, fZesloiu; fervent. >. Seriou!^ 
int. -Iv, ddf . -BCn, n. 
', n. BBriomnew; iwlitj. 

«krth,tl aiib-, 2 irth, n. The (Ldbe on 
erth', JirliiohTedwell; the world: sraund; 

Wth'cn-**!*-, ». FcRtcry.-autb'l- 
Dfee, It. Tbfl mAUty of belnff eartJiv or like 
wUi,— eartb^-iicUt i l^e quality of 
ewnUr, 1 KrCii'li; 2 enbly. a. Fm-mining 

eaitb. tTLUe ei 


lueroMiEtiteD. 'iLn. i. 
diHturbnuce; tnjuiuillity; 


A loldinc frune : 

1. Latp, A rijE^t difltinfit from own 
lip of tba ikh]. u to running KBter 
ee air. 1. That wiauh livea eaie 
■Mjr. 1 L 


i-Ji; S ^'i'lyp adv^ to an ejuy 
l^i-ne^- a ^i-i-n*^ n. The 

i ^. I. a, Bein«' 

the esetirardTig-) the 

I. A.., 


TowATd tlie e 

swt^ard. L a. 

a peAolDlnc bo the Ean Id 

n. iL AnatlveoinaldentoftlHBi 
Eut'er, 1 IM'ar; £ «M'«r, n. A I 

featival commemoniliDC tha m 

□f Christ. 
eu'r. 1 ta'i; B *s'y. a. [k\»'i-« 

KiTT.] 1. Marked by aue; fi 

difficulty, (UflCOmfort- f^r nfTrrrjtti 

Fortahie ; naCuTAl ; 
Yielding; indulevnt. «. 


et. 2 et); U'p'iNo.l 1. , 
uid e*k1Iow. OB foDd. X. 
eorrode. U. t. 1. To ti 
feed. 1. To gotw-, peni 

eav(«, 1 tvi; £ «vi. n 
ff^lidp'.tl. ikM. Tl 



I eb; Zeb. I. n 

-de: decline; fs 
<d ttde^Bter t 

eb'o-nr. 1 d/o^ui £ U/o^iy, n. I-»iBi>S 

pt.l A hard, heavy mod, unwllr black. 

cb'^Btlon, leb-i>Jiai'aD; SJSb'a-JIsh'or 

«. ThBbuH)lingo(»liqiiid;b-'" '■ 

lent aci(Atioa- 



«c-«fm1c, 1 

•cff-Shl (IfO; a et'o: I. K. A «. To re- 
turn as an echo; rflproduoe; Imitate. IL 
». [Bcn'oB*, pL\ A sound vven back by 

Boume; a elwe repioducUoa or imitation; 

prompt reBpooae. I«lebrity. 

t^Ut", 1 B^n': 2 o'rfft', n. Brilliancy! 
ee-lec'dc 1 ek46k'ult; 3 (Wfte-tie. I. a. 

philosophy or 
£ ta-lte'U-Am, a. An iDlegtUi mellud ir 
>-cllp«e',lI>^l[>*'; Ze-dlpa-. I. W. [n~ 
iMQ^ Vo'dSSnof £^ byLwmnlionl 
cnet into the shade; surpaaa; obacura, 
U. fi. The olMcuration of a heavenly 
body by the btBrrentioo of another; any 
birlLne. obacurisc or OTCtahadowina. 8m 

«qiutc uid opcntlv*; 

rTtir-reacc'i 1 d'or-vet'; 2 *l'?r-v*«'. n. 

boiling; giiidi.— crtflr-fM'eciiMi h, TtM 

butjbUDg of H Ugidd rnim svcmplDS gu; In^ 

et-fete', I ^flt'iTTw; a. Worn out 

ahAusted; barren. 
cTB-ca'clolu, 1 etVks'fliDB: 2 *n-«ft' 

ehas, a. HaviDgflfficmey; effective; ef 

aioH.-af-ll'eleBM]', wit. 
rf'O^, 1 eTi-ji; 2 ifi-ty, n. [-anu>. pi.) 
A luDture or s stdffed nsuie repieaentuis 

; Btrenuoiu eadeava 


■ '•!: 

(f-ra'alao, 1 B-riQ'jen; 2 Wa'ihon, n. A 
poiiriiuifortliH or (Lat which Ia poured forth ; 
a liter&ry producliou; show of iHliu. 
tf-fa'Iltc,f l»-fia'aiv:3i-f0'nr,a. Ovei^ 
iMD'al**. J flowioE; demoaetntive; puh- 

■~ -"-" -— -,,.„.,na: 

oommDnly followed by tm 


brvnouB or shelly ooTeriiur. 

e'lls, 1 I'lu; 2 a'gl* n, jCluiio (omi »- 
GiB.J A shield or defensn BTmot. la the 
mantle of Minerva, be&rinff the Goreon^a 
head: any proCectiog influenu or pover. 

(tlaiwUne, 1 eg'lBa-Uu]; 2 titnan-tln. n. 


t'O^m, 1 eit'o-tor I'to-lbiD; 2 tifo-Ifr 
t'lo-ligm, n. Self-develotimaat and mil' 

UnuMi refined ■elflihnewi oppoaed to nj^v 

tim.— •K'iMit.n. 
K'^-ttam, 1 eg-o^w rm-ltlun; B Wo- 

lor a'to-Jtlgm. *. Tb» liabit of tbiakiiit 

(md '■llnwg mueh of oueaelf ; aelf-oonoeit. 
eC'o-tUt. 1 et^oitf rao-ltln; g <ro-|or 

fflo-lMit, n. One at ■-^— J >— — 

oiEm!-««*^llfllC a 
tn'pmu, I i-gif'jug; 

gMMJ! eMsartvj. 
I'sreaa, 1 I'ana; 2 6 

ftiHi. n. A soiDs ! 

•'mU 1 ['eret or I 
eg;ret! 2 eVet .«■ ■ 

. iflTic ! 

H«ht, 1 6t; 2 tt. Lo. O 
dflith, 1 et.(b: s etiii. 

ai% i *t-in' ; 

Theiuniol t;^ anclol«ll.— eUht-Mlltll', I 
M-UiOi': Z tl-^ntb'. 1. a. EUbth Id crdtr 
anattdtnlh. ILs. One ol dihteni equal 

clRbt']', I «t'i; 2 ct'y. I. a. Coniistjnc of 
ten more than seventy. II. n. Eight 
tliDca ten.— el|bt'l-f th. I. a. 1. Tmtli 
In DTdo- after the leveDtletli. 9- Being on* 
of eight? equal parte. 11. n. One of eighty 

I'lhM.lI'lhar m-'m'tilflr; 2 fthSr or I'tiiSr. 
I. 1. 1. One or the other nf two. S. 
Each of two. UUprm, One o( two; 
one or the other. III. anj. In one ot 

-Jac'u-lBtc, 1 )-jali'yu-Wti 2 e-jSe'yu- 
ISt, a. ft n. [-LAT'rtx'; -lat-iso.) To 
utter lurKlenly; exclaim.— ^Jae^-la'Uon, 

lHafc'STi-ia'fliBn;Be-ltt'yij-li'ahon,ii. Ei- 


•^cel", Ii-)ekf;2»-]Sct',K: To throw 
Dul by Kudden lorn; sipel; dupo m ii. 
— t-]*>tl*B, a. Ttw ul or MeeOat: apol- 
Man-, ■"■"*'■'"> ajamail.— a-HefinMil. ■. 

•ke, 1 Ik; 2 Ui. K, |iiuD>; u'uia.] To 
Iwnout; follomd bi' o"'' 

•fedl.xl). *«M. UkmHeiatao. 

•4>b'«i4Bl«4 1 >4.tb'o«K; 2 fr^lVo-rtt. 
L il. l-mii*m)<>; -UT'ciaJ To ^oduoe 
br thoroudi and oftnCul work. IL 1 
l-lBb'o4it,' 2 •-Ub'o'nt, a. Dereloped 
wttb tbocoufbDw or oiAstiMaL -It. oifp. 
.-•^m^t-n'Oar ■ 


ip*", ; >-unT^;>-Lu«'iNO.] Toclide 
rl [MM. ml time. 

n'Oe, 1 i-taa'tik: 2 •-Uc'ljs. I. o. 
pOJltAoeoUBlf TDturninf to -ltd oh^nal 
lape; apringy; scoommndatinK; buoyinl. 
.«, A li(uida(<dHilDniu«rl>].--*-lu1l- 
J-lr,a£i.-enH-tlel-tT.1ilH-iliri-u: S 

d'baw, 1 el'bo: 2 H'ba. I. d. A ti. 
tnjh with the (Ibowa; Jostle. II. n. '] 
loint ftttho b«ti(i of the arm, or anyth 

dt, 1 eld: E JUd, II. (ARhalo A FosL] i 

8 M'&, I 

a cotden opportunity. S. A 

■umHMd by Ihe Spat 
sLgli to haie eiiBted bt 
and OtIiumo rivnm. Rt 
>4Mt'. I 1-tekt' 

OiSTli^ri; Elated' 
Cbooen of God [or sairt 
chuBcter. in. n. A p 
eleotfld, favoted, or prefej 

lma and b 



e-tttttfiili i4ek'Ut; S-»4«c'tlv. a. 1. i 

•-lec'tlT*. J Of or pertainins to eleetku). 

i. Enrdsinc or nblect to eholes; op. i 

, t >^ekt«T: S o-ISc'tor, n. i. 

o electa or vote*. S. Formerly. 

one of the great juin tiM of G Mtna ny.— 

(Uethna.— »4Mt*-rato,s. 1. Thebodyot 
t<eet«< cf vatat, aoHeet lve ty. ft. Formerly, 
the rank or lerrltary olan eleiiloc tai UHdd 

■JaMrtCI-tr, ' 1 i-lek-trii-i-ti: 2 e-Oe- 
trfi^'i-tyf n. An imponderable and ia- 
vinbla a^ent manifeeted in lishtninB. 

iKlektnki se-lttttle, a. l.'RcUUnc lo. 
pradUMd, or optrata] by deelitBl0. >■ 
^)Mi«dimwD«ki;tfatllUui. »4*e^M^ca]:. 
_. -t—t-Mn-t. . .^ ^1, of cMnc an 

itrklEhTa Ml ei 

«4MtiM)r. I I'Mc'trvfoi: 2 e-lCc'tri-fl. 

1, a. Ttie !»»««■» DC e teWr Wng. or 

• -iS^ra- 

ion. ■■ ol Kilt lian 


mr-Unt, a. e-lMi'- 
e'too-maa'DeC, n. a 
nude mubetJa by thA 

nt eeuo.— v^M^trK 

a d)flMntf.— B lee t rop^fr^hFi n- 

[Eleotntyped macur li 
'^p^, n. e-kctn-tipnst:.- 
'trp'lnc. K, ••iMtrvnit*! t> 


father o[ the two polea of s battery 
Mcc'tm-Ucr'.li-ia'Cro-Ilr': e»'1Sc1n>4b', 

>4H'ti«ll, 1 i-lBk-owi: 2 (■Wc^Hln. ». The 

<i*»«-41MM']bI>>-IT. 1 el'M-mee'i-^oe-n; 3 
U'^4-n]i5a'y-ii&-Ty. 1. a. Of. pert&iiunr 

to.ordepcndentona]mA; ehajritable. iC 
n. [-BTu*. p2.| A recipient of charity. 
d'e-CUit,leh-itsiitT2«V{tuit, a. Gmw 
M; lyiQimTtrlctiJ; reflnej. -ly, ndn.— el'e- 

»,■. ThcaiaUoraiulltTC) 

»,lel'Hi:3»l'.e^, B. l-oi 

BBd; [rimliitiyB. ((•«-cl'K-<'«lt. 
i'r-tatat, I cl'i-meot or -meat; S el's- 

iiilP«dieat. I. pi. Ruchmenls, I. ^ 
The bread and wme of the Lord'j Supper. 
4. pi. Nfttural afencie*. ae of eAtth. ait, 
fire, and wata. S. The natural iplure oi 
. •• Chtm. A (orm ta osttai 
be deoODii ' ' 

IDipoeed by a 

i-vEt; S Ife- 

TSt, I*. I-vat'bd''; -ViT'rao.t T' 

"""""^ "-"■: ehewiluaplre.— «*^i 

V vrakn, frelcht. or 

i. iVlev'n: 2 e-l6v'ti. I. o. Con. 
« of one mora than ten. II, fi Tha 
» tmandooe.— «-l«T'antb,a. 

. t. One of em. 
i; 3 a™. pt-I 

UCltHTl 1- 

c-ilde', 1 i-Uiid': 2 e-lld'. K. [e-ud'ed'I- 

i^uDlHa.] To atiike ooC or omit, aa » 

part of A w«d. 

el'l^ftble, U el'i-ji-bU 2 «['i-«1-bl, a. Ca- 

ri'l-ff-bl', fpable of being choaen; worthy 

or aeseptuMC.-d'l-fl-Ul'I-ty, a. elTi^ 


2 e-llili'oa, n. The u 

coholic me^cina] pnpbratlon : n oordial- 

1 elk; 2 «k. n. A lsr« deer of aarth- 

with pa]in&t«d Antlers. 

tJiai el: 2 #1, n. 
bI^i J DOW rarely uAed 

e-Upa', n. Ac 
2 S-Bii'?is. n. 

.. „^-', 1 . 

el-llp'slB. 1 

1 -eli ; 2 -seg. i>l.] The nmmioii m b »uru 

ll-ltp'tle, ' n e-lip'tiV, -t.-kBi ; S f-IIp'tie, 
el-Up'tl-ral, f-li-cat, a. 1. Of. pertsminK 

to, or Uke AD eilipoe. JL ChunctetiHcl 

'ly ellijpsiB; »ho™m6d. 

i. spreadinc, or ovoiaicMnc t^jp. 

'" aB"' 

e-IOn'(>te, 1 l-laT:'Kf>t; 3 e-l&n'gM. ^. & 
vi. |-oxt;ebi1; -o*T'iNal ToTeiiBthen,- 
e-lope', 1 i-ISp'; ac-Jfip', n. [E-i^pKo't; 

kwsiH; 8 fi'o-kweiic, H. Lofcy.lmpAM 
jind oonvtnelnc uturatm: the qunllty 

dK, 1 elB: s'fia. adi. Other: beaide 
■tMd; DthvwlK.-*lH^lHn',ad>. 

e>lQ'cl-4l«te,li-liO'Bi-dft: 2 B-IQ'fi-d 

lo.l To throw U|h( I 
'■ 8 e-IQd', It |i-™'iiDai 

&lra'l-Ba, 1 i-lii'i-en: 2 e-lj^g'i-sa, a. Be- 
ionKing to Elj'Buni ; hsppy; heBvenly, 

E-lfB'l-Dm, 1 1-lLi'i-um; 3 e~»}'i-Qni, ». 
Gr.Mvth. Thasbode of ItE biased dead. 

e-nu'cl-atv, 1 i-ma'ihi-iC; 3 e-ma'tlii^ai, 
M. [-AT-EDifi -.t'inq] To reduoa in 

cm'a-'iiBtf, 1 om'»-nft; E *m'B-ii4I. ti, 
{-■nxT'r.sA; -hat'ino.) To flow forth, s> 
tmm a •oinw.— mn's-iutliHii 1 tm't-aV' 
fti0D; 3 ADi'B.4il' TtteafltoretOBiifl^ 
Ins; an eaiu€n»o or outOowtos, m oT the i^y 

e-m>lt'cl-p>t(,.l i-Man'o-rlFt; 2 e^siKn'ci- 

tnc. ta tram riHiaT.-^c-nun'cJ-patlaD, it. 

•0-kt. I.« 

To deprive oi nuBcuune aErengiD; weajc- 

sd; impBir. >. To castnte: ipM. II. 

a. EmMOuMleiL— e-maa'CD-la'ttoa, «. 
cm-Indai'. 1 em-bnm'; 2 em-bSm', U. To 

preserve from deo^, aa a d«ftd body, by 

iu]Unpiln..-«B-talBi'er, ■. 
eiD-b>iikt,lem-baQl[';3«m-bK||k',K. To 

m-bar'to, 1 em-bor'KO; 2 am-bSr'ia. n. 
A prohibition of ahipe from Jeaviog port; 

m-lttA^, 1 em-bark': 2 s'm-bErk', H.&H. 


em-bat'tldr, j Drawi 

..-sn-bafU^ «. 

Bd', 1 em^ied'; 3 «m'4>JSd', H. [.EH. 
'OED": rh«ed'd[iio.|. Tolay.aauik 

«n-b«I1IaliS I em-bel'iihi 2 hn-Mlldi, > 


<,U am-beiH; S Sm-bKin, ' 
rrHiMulenlij,— ■m-bcs'ile-WieB 

em-bU'Hn, 1 eiaiiWni: 2 Sm-bU-n 
tl. To adoni with BrniDiul enniiui dil 
play: Mebntc^ cm-bU1nH>-«^ h. 

Bm'blcm. 1 aii1>l>nii B Om'bl&n. n. , 

bfem-rnn^T'oB'tknHS^altr *™ 
em-bod 'r, I em^tsd'i; a bu-bM'y. •<' A r 

[EM-BOD'im: ■H-BOD'T-lira.) 1. To pu 

intoboilily/ormiBipTeM, MinwonJ*. 5 

Hlielt«r; tiieriah. 

1 cm-bUd'o; e iD-bOld'D. M. 

em-ba^; S bn-bO*'. «. To 

m-brta': 2 Cm-brtt'. I. e(. 
iohd''; Eu-Baic'isa.I To 
Anns; clup; hug; accept 

rm-bra'mTC, 1 em-bri 

■ wall. Bs for 

im^bro-kC'ibBn: 3 tm 

[t-brol'dcr. 1 em-brsi'd 

It with needlawork; 

mentary form nf Anything, u of u 
Tul or idaDt,— ttm^lrrHHilc. a. 
t-mrtir', 1 i-mir' ; 3 e-m6r', n. An m 


S^koJ 'to %, 

«7, 1 i-mor'jf 

tuKfWBi an out 

^mar^Bl, a.— e-mer^DMT, a 
i-nurt&a, 1 i-mer'i-itja; 3 «-n 
a. An. D«notiiic dd 


pale'iMBt.n^TbttMclwipiUiic, Instt 

o! vuiou* butt 

1 im'fHis; 3 
1 -eli, S -«««, pi 

m-phat'lc, 11 em-fsfikr E l^m-at': 
XMatlC, jSpekkiog or ^wkcn 

n'plra, 1 BBi'poip; 2 ilm'pir, - 

_ . , ,_^ITWr- ... 

EiperimtaHkl ntber than scnntifie. II. 
_ r, 1 — Lv-j. iinriqal; 

A ^werfuL 

MD-l^'tC, 1 

^iperimAntL . . . 
Onfl vhooe 

wiCh.— I 

HT'»4l, 1 ■m-rtr'Ml: 3 Ut-nfr-t-M. •. 

'mo. 1 rmiu; 2 «'nia, n, A lirie Aiu 

Uui oMrich-like biid. 

UD'n-teta, I gid'^ 

IM; 3^i'yi*-lit, 

To strive' to equ^ o: 

am^SSilK-. ... _ _ 
Ion OF unbltlon to ^ 
eqiB] or snel soottK ' 
-«n->4*-tm.8. I 

oompetltlFa. -If, adv.— em'D^oii^ncH, 
-mul'aloil, 1 i.mul'ABii; 2 e-mfit'^on, 
A liquid miiturp in which h fatty Bi 
Btaoce in puspeaded in miouu globul 
xay milky liquid.- ^mnl'slKe', a. On 
BnturcolianfmuLdoa^ sollenlnB; oUt. 
a<-, priilx. In; 1dm; ■.». eMhriM: . 

a-1, prefix. Id: used ohleOy In Advnt 

ble,11 en-eTil; 2 in-iT.!, «t |kk. 
bI»,;i'Bi.(K)D»; tH-A'auNQ-l To 
Ee able; ampover, 

:t"l, 1 GD-akt'; S «D^tt',K. 1. To 
te into s law. «. To curry out in 
on; pQrIarm..- «i-mcl*iiHiitt ■- A Uir; 

n'd, 1 en-am'el; 2 Sn-ftm-ffl. I. if. 

Sn-efii-.rt. ' 
p'; 2 ^n-eSmi 

en-rmns'lJc 1 fn-kss'tik; 2 en-titi'tlc, s- 

HaviiiE oolOTB fixed » by heatt aa til«». 
en-clialti', 1 en-<%en'i 2 «D~ch&D'. tt. To 

livtTi adi,->BB-elijiBt'iDeiit, n 

en-g^r^L; 2 6a-^tl, i 

eo-cmn'pau', Jpu. it 

L Id. A I 



w, S CnJiouii'M 

□ conflict, U* n, A Buddf 
leeting; aonfliet; Iwttle. 
, 1 en-knT-iJ: 8 iSa-iOr'iit, i 

eo-criMwh'S 1 ot-krOdi'; Z iq-n«ch', K. 
To tJ^ichonanotiker'iliiaitsornijiU; in- 
cntm«hlBs^, odt.— etMTOMk'maBt, n. 

eit«tuii'b«T> 1 SD'Jiinn'bei: 2 bt-rOm'Mr, 
M. To obstnict; hinder; burden.— cn- 
naatntm, tt. ThM wbloli eoeumliBei a 
burdensDme addition. 

en-cT'clo-pe'dl-a, 11 en-MiTdo-pI'di-B; 2 

ui-^*'elo-pB '«7«, ; fn-cj "elo-pe'di-a, n. 

t* llie termizial p«nt or part ot 

in object; oonsluaian; oblevt; purposei 
volt. t. The etue at Ula.-erileH*. 

■du'w, 1 eiwUn'jar; 2 SiKUn'tti, ft. 
ro putin dansBT. 
^earMffl^dlfiSfn-der-, rt. ToiniJu 

do; undertake; try. □ 

eo-demle, 1 eii.<laQi'iii 

ca'dlTe,len'div; Z Sn'di 

blnnohed Jeavee; uwd i 

en'do*!!, 1_ en'do-jea 

2 6n'd,i-i&i, 
by En>wth fi 

b; clodip;Leat and Divided 

nHim , 1 en-diOr'; !«>■ alwnVv ctuu- 
3 fai-dQi'. ». Jbn- aotMlKlo •tnmure. 
dubxd'; Bit-DCB'raa.] L 1. To bear, aa 
p^iif witliout jhTogwa^wit b gfa m d: jui- 
ler patiently ; tideratt. U. i. 1. To has* 
dDtBlk>D; continiH. I. To be firm In 
trtiL— «i-<tiir^->l«, t, TbU may 1» at- 

rmt-OD. I en.dim't^n: £ EnnVnil-Aii, n. 
UflK. BeauUtuI Tmitb. lonver adeep: 

BD-i^ml-ODi I en.dim't^n: £ 


•B'e-ma, 1 caVinti t Mt-i 
or i-hem'j^a, pi.) "' 

tn'm-mi, 1 eaVnu; 2 
pl.1 1. One vbD ohensiiH nHnimsni gr 
muioe; an mdrmAry; fo«. t, Ona of a 
hostile orniT or lutliiii: bIbo. luch nntioii 
or army tvJIectivdy. 

•D'er-Klic, 1 en'ojaiii g taftr-tfrn, if. A n*. 
I-ouid; -aa'Tna^ To ioipel or ut with 

•"'•»>«J.leii'»f-ji:Ben'«^i)'.>4. [-ou»", 
p<.J Power to move or dkuacei or to *o- 
eomrUata annlt; vigor: forea.— «ll*«r-t«W*t 
1 Ki-er-Wit; 2 tatr-WVIt. a. FuUDlen- 
. ^.. wr-ei^Bill-iBll. 

ipiiTa of energy o 

en'n^Tate, 1 



To eiiecu„, 
tKin by fart 

D>rran'cliljie, 1 

- ■ 2 *a3ifti 

, fran'^iu or en 

ifhcii.; 2 Sa-fiftn'chM tr «n-[ran'cl 
MKoiJ; 1, To ondo' 

txHidaaB. -n>c)it,m. 

battle.- •n-fa^K pa. later 

nine.— *B-casnBrJr, at: 

•n-feB'der, l eiw^dar; S ta 

1. (. To Mnc inta eBstenoi 

n. t. To corns into beint 

en'KlM, 1 1 on'im; a hi'tin, b, 

«D'liii>, /by which poner, u t 


I*. 1. To MMiital^ cootnvanee, 1 

flan and auperintend the CDiutnioti< 
L n. L One vened in or pnotiain 
Bineering. >■ One who niu an enci 
eii*l1-D«r^BVi 4. The art of nu 
and floutmetinc puhUe workB» aa roadi 

b'glWl, 1 iu'diflil e la'aliah. I. a 

or pertai n i n s to KncUmd* ita pe<ytp, oi 
it* lancuase. IL n. 1.t>I. The EnfEili i 
race coUectiTSly, I. The lancuace of ; 
England and of the En£Uiih<spejU[inK peD> 
pin-- En'^lib-nuB, m'citah-in>*inaB,il. 

lEU to the Ttinjllah people. ' 

Bs-fralB', 1 eo^rtn': 2 te-Hn', w. Bamea 
an-grara% 1 en-crBv'i S (ojrlv', «. fui- 

Tbaaot arart<tf «iilllm iliiiliiii on* plai 
an cogiaTed dirign. sItM, at print. 
eli-xnm'% 1 en-eras'; e Cn-artar', it. 
To writo in a bold, round hud; make 
formal eopy of. !• To occupy oompLctd 

en-sulfH, 1 eo^Dlf : S (n-ftQir. tt. 1 

■wallow up tn or M In a gulf. In-nOTI. 

en-hancc'< 1 en-hails'; 2 $n-bAna,it.£ 

en-jdln', 1 en-jnin'; S «D-iOia', at To 

command; charge; ptnhibit. 
•n-J07^1en-i.8i'; 2&i-iSy',«.*«. 1. To 

pleasure. 2. To have the use o'r beoeil 
of- oa-lof '■-Mier, a. . GlTlng, or oapabteil 

glstna. enJosment.-en-Joi'in^B*, leo-JtS 
ment or -ment; 2 Cn-J0y'zuent, h. The act 

«i-lilB'dl«,)l' eo-Un'dl: 2 «ii-kin'dL v. to 

(D-kln'dl'.ianoDAre; kindle. 

ciwhtrte', 1 en-ldrj'; S in-Urf , .. lev- 
LiMOBl/; BHrtABo'lHe.)- 1. (. 1. To nUL< 
larger; iEoreaae: elipand. S. To set m 
liber^. ILi.l.TDbecoinetarteorlaiin 
I. Td erpatlata.- •■-iBfae'BiBat. ■. 

•D-Uiftt'ell, 1 BtJoit'n ; 8 »n-«t'n, rt. To 
bestow mentaf or a^ritual lisht upoai 
Impart kiHniisdf* to.- Wi-Bgiii'sii ■««*■ 

u-IUt-d, 1 ea-liff; S fn-RM'. t. 

the interest and i^tuue of. I 
EnKstre, u in the military or nsn 

i; 2 fe-ffvii 

:«ii'ml-ty,T.. [-TTii". 

mak« lively or cheei 

ta'tnMT, 1 ea'nu-ti; 2< 

pt] -fiiB apirit of an 
en-DonUe. 1 e-nO'bl; 3 A-nctii, ic. 

-BUNo.J To make noblo; ooofor 

ta'anl', 1 on'nwl'; 2 t^-ainl', «. 
wearineag molCiiia from laUBty. 

p>rNni>b',U>-Dar:Se-nBC'. I. a. Ade- 
wmr*. Jqualo; nifficient. 11. n. An 

ample gupply; a BiffidBBcTy. III. adi. 

SuffiiHently. IT.inler;. Itisenoush; itop, 
n-aolre', etc. Same u DtQUiu. etc. 

r^qed'; EN-BAo'iNaJ To &tow into a 

TTuce; exasperate. 
at-tm'tare, 1 eiwap'iflmr or -tiur; 

rip'rlivr or -tOr. rt, [-toked; -nn 

To fill with rapturei dolieht eice« 
■HTlch'^, 1 eQ-ii<fb': 2 «n-Tlch', it 

m'Mm'blc, 1 an-us'bl; 3 ftfi'itln'bl, 
The ptuU of LthinfF taken or vj^n'ed 
gether na a whole; the cenerBl effect- 

■B-abfine'f 1 en-^ofB'; 2 fia-ahrfn', 

Toutly; be a ahrinp for. 

To cover with a abroud: enwrap; conw 
■n 'al-fann. 1 en'm-rerm; 2 en's-fAtra, 

Sword'ahaped. aa certain leavea. 
■n'sbn^, X en'aaiii; S £n'Hla, n. 1. A dis- 
LBfaiiv Sac ^ ' 


t. A military oi 
'■i-lij;8tn'ii-lrt, B 

vei^e; Kduee. 

en-tab'ia-nire, 1 en-ub'le-ihur or -tiur: 3 
■ "■" ' r -tor, n. Arth. Tho 

tieuLar clan of _. 

Inc, or the atata of beiuc entailed.— 
iD-tBn'fle, I i'ea-taq'El; 2 «n-tED'CI, tL 
in-lan^', fTo catch as in a taaie; 

mler^' en'lsr; 3 Sn'tfr. t. 1. 1"^?^ 
come or ff3 int«; pass throufth; ncnptrale; 

B'lcT-taln'; 1 entni-ten': 2 finter-tin', i 

entcr-taJD'iiient, ■. 

en^6i™U^TMl-th^«^; 3 fc-thi»l', i 
en-tlirooe', 1 «n-€hran'; 2 f^-tbrj 

_ n-fhiO' 
1. Earns 

im; 2 «i 

ft«lins; ardent leal. VR. Irrational r 
lldoui ecataiy.— M~tbn'il-ait> a. Oi 

en-UiB'^-H'tlca. OlvEnloeathuMum^a 

n-tln', 1 en-taia": £ Sn-lfc', K. '[n 
TicED'*; ■H-nc'iNO.l To dta«-, or a 
tempt to draw fenpecially int" evil): a 
lure: aduoD. -nwat, n.— eo-tle'et, n. 

', 1 n-Mr'; 2 (o-Or'. 1. a. Com- 

UmuK >. ThM 
•n-U'tle, 1 ao-Ui'tlT S ta-trtl, H. lium; 

•TUHQ.] To sive B-nght or litis to; ■" 

thoriw to iBOciiro! naroBr style, 
•n'tl-tr. 1 M'ti-ta; 2 ia'ti-iy, n. [-tibi 

pL] Anythiag Uvt bkIjU; > nal thinf < 

■ ', 1 en^Om'; S tn-tiiin*. «(. Te 

D'to-mal'o-cr, 1 en'tiHasro-jii S tn' 

mad (S iooloB- 

■n 'trails, 1 ea'treli; 2 te'u&Ig, k 
iater-iu portly eopacuUy the mi 

-trans'; 2 fa-trinc'. c«. 


2. To UuoiF iuta 

sn'tTsnce, l,en' 

*- pasSBSB for eoMring. 
1 en-tmp'; 2 ta-Utp', 

.. , 1 en-talt'; 2 fti-trSl', it. To 
evnesUr; wpvUcate.— ea-trMfr. a. 
oil An Hncu nqueM; HIpfiUcMltlll. 

B by a tTEDob. 2. 

lo-tnucti't^ M^ 

" -■ — ITenchinc; a 

B'lrf*', 1 at lie"; E 

cn-trnsl'<l, 1 en-trait'; 3 Ka-trilM'. tL 1. 
ToffLvelutnut. >• ToplaoalndurKe, tai- 

en'try, i en'tn: 2 Ita'try, n, [cn'TinEs", 

pf-l t. Tbe ut (d enleriuc; sntTBnce; 

oDroJment. t* A place of entrance; a 

flmall hallway. 
•n-twIDe', 1 en-twnrn'; 2 la-twIn', rL t n'. 

To tniae loond; twina or twiat together. 
cn-twlat;^ 1 en^twist'; 2 &>t*bt', if. To 

i^n'mar-et; 3 e-nO'mHr- 

mnntiu; ni 

vel'ap; 3 En-vil'of 

tli(e*, 0. •Hiiui'cj'*-! 
en-Td'opS 11 
eo-jii'ope', j vl. 

CD-TCl'op, ) I en-vel'tp. eD-vel'op or < 

elt-rel'op«,/lep; 2 «d-v«I'op. in-vei'_, .. 
ta'TB-lOp, B. A wrapper of papa with 
((lunined edge*, w for endodiiK a letter: 
anj' endeeinc eovering. 

en-TOn'MD, 1 sn-TtD'am; 2 in-rin'om, il. 
To poocHi; nndar vindictive. 

•n'rtHHU, t la'n-tn: 2 en'vMia. s. Cli«r- 
Mine (BT71 dianetcrUail bv corr. 4t> 
odi. -MU, K,— ai'Tl-^M(«', a. To U 
CDVtad; deilrabla.— antl^-klTf otff. 
m-Tl'TOD, 1 en-vai'rMi; 8 tn-v fron j «<. To 

BurronDdliisi coUnUvelr.— ^t-TfroBa. a. ] 
The iurroundlnc retlon; outaklrta; aubuit- 
n'TOFi I en'vBi; 2 6a'v6y. n. A dipli^natic 
stent belo* an wnbansdor; a a 

Q'fT, l'en'vi;8Bn'vy, I. K. A n. [i 
viBD, 1 Bo'vid, 3 foi'Tid; xb'vt.^so.] 
To isjard with envy; teel fflivy; cm 
grudoa. 9. To admire and oovet wj 
out m will. II. n. [bh'vtbs*, F^.] 1.1 
tonms or hatied Id view of what anotl. 
i; envioua dadte. t. A wortliy tong- 
■■ ■■ ' "■!r,_irtS- 

i; 3 &-61i-an, . 


il l-oo: 2 ean, n. An mca[eulabla 
,i period of time; an age; et«nu^ 
ep'aa-let, 1 ep'o-let; 2 S'sJet, n. 
fringed Ahouuler^onianMDt of com: 

Mii^--Bie9; heno 


•pic, 1 ep'ilc: 2 iplt, h a. Of, pertamins 
to, or liu an Apic; lieKHO. IL n. A poem 
cskbratius in stately vena the acaie^'fr 
menu of bemes: ■ beroie poem. 

«p'l-ciire, 1 eTi'l-kiiuj 3 ip'HOr, n. One 
Kiven to dainty indulaBnoe in tlie plea- 
Hirea or tbe table.— K»*t<B ta ' an, 1 epV 
klu-rTsn: S tpt-eO-cCu. I. a. 1. Pci- 
tainina to the Oreek nbiMoplMr Bplnirui 

good. 1. M or. ptriMidncIO, or tile an 

S. le-) A pleaBureqeeker: ao eplcun. 
ep'^-onn'lci 1 opVdem'ik; Z ep^-dBm'ie. 
I. a. Mai. ASeotini many in a commu- 
nity at once. H, n. Wide-Spread dio- 

cp-l-dcrlnls, 1 ap'i-dor'mii; 3 Epl-dfa'- 
mis, ». The cutiole. or outer akin. 

ep"l-||lat'lls, 1 ep'i-det'u; 26p-i-B6l'i., n. 
1-n-DM. 1-i-dfi: S-i-deftjJTl Theleaf- 
Hhaped lid that corera the larynx durinf: 
the aot of BW^Uowin^ 

epl-KTBiBi 1 ep'i-gram;8*p'i-8rKni. n. A 
pitliy saylnc or brlel poem.— cv'1-craii^ 
nufle. ap'l-Rnin-niat'l-cal. a. Penaln- 
Ins to or marked by epigram; witty: juitl- 
itvEint].— «Mn-craia-iiiat1-ea^lr*od'- 

;p'i-tep-B; 2 fp'i-l#[«y, n. 

fp1-*jj^. i 

-ep'1-top'tle. I. a. 

n. One MtootM wltli epfla»y. 
cp1->oc U ■P'l-loc; 8 ^'hOC. n. The 
epl-locna. JeoDolurioa, u of a dineoune, 

— — play; a concludinr "" 

BJ, 1 i-^rfPe-ni; 2 

A festival (Jan. 0) . . 

' the vist of the Magi to Bethte- 

. Any bodily manileHtatioa. ^ of 

-piB-kt™!; 2 r 

9. |e-l Eplecopal. 


«p1-<M««, 1 ep-i-aSd: 2 «p'i-aSd, >t. Aa 
incidental st^y; incident. 

c-pls'Uf, 1 i-pml; 2 e-pli'l, n. A letter. 
- e-pta'ts-la-rr, 1 i-pwto-ie-n: 8 e-pirto- 
U-ry, a. BeJansliia or sultiM* Id oarrtapaB- 

cp'l-tspb,llep'i-tnf; SEp'i-taf.n. Anin- 
cpt-taP*, /Hnpiion. a« on a tomb, in 

memory of the dead. 
«p1-(lut, 1 ep'i-thet; 2 Ail-tb». n. A 

deeciiptive pbtase or vord. good or bad. 

a-plt'o-UH, 1 i-pit'o-ml; 8 e-plt'o-mfl. n. 

•pn-M-«tlC 1 ep"i-iS-Ht'ik; B *p'i-.O-0t'. 

ie, n. An ppidemic diwase of aoimala. 

f9'ath, 1 sp'^; 3 ta'oe. n. An ImportaBl 

prrinl o( memwable period of hiitory; era. 
a'4BB-Ue, U I'kwB-hl; 2 Cltwa-bl, a. Uai- 
e'qwfbliv [form: tecular; even; atead.v. 

-e'au-iail-ty, 1 l^wfrWIVti; b lliwa. 

«■ E'anAt 

kwal. 1. K. Ie'- 

[' To be or become 
■. II. - 

equal to; malceequal;equaliK. _ . _ 

Talue; neither treater nor kag. 3. £aua-( 
ble. S.Adequate. 1. Equitable: fuat. DI. 
n. A person or thini equal to anotber; 
one at the aame nak. .ly, adt. -neas >>.— 
« «nai1-ty, 1 i-kw#i-ti; e »*w«n-ty. ■. 

aEreement: uniionnlty.- •*qiid-4-a>'ilan or 
-aattoD,!!. Tia actm egiujlilng.— e'qMt. 
1h or -Ih, k. [-mn; ^x'unij To make 

e"llna-Dliii1>tr. 1 T'kws-Dim'i-ti; 2 t'- 

temper; compoaute: oalnuHiaa. 
»-qDB'lloii, 1 i-kw«'ibsn; 2 e-brt'ihon, n. 

A propOBtlon Bscpreaainc the equality of 

IV, R. i»-Qc]^Si: Von*riKo!i To 


. 1 ai^iHn: 2 itwCi-y, s. 

. — r^a, pL] An officer baTinc chance «b 
the horaee of a nobtemaiL 
»4BM't44A> I tJcwea'tTMiB: S e-kwW- 
V34a- L- a, Pedainins to borves tr 
biHwmanrtip. " 

igBUyOftnval: ■■.twIdlKut. 
^Vii-ma'g»-tU, 1 lIcn-aq'Biu 

kwi-ta'tll4u. a. Havina boiwI uisIm. 
•^■MirttBt, 1 l-kwi-dur'tuit: 2 Ckwi- 

£i'tuit, •!. Situated at Mual diatuuei 

fTOBi a point or from paoh QUHr, 
«*aal-l»t'«r-ai 1 i-kwi-lat'or-tl: S elLvi- 

lit'^r-aJ, a. Havinc all tbe aide* enuaJ. 
e'«inl-ll'bn»-t<H-, 1 ?kw>4ai'hr«-iet: 2 e'- 

kwi-U'brt'tor. n. A devirt for (Btabliih- 

inA or nntoriEig eqiiUibnimi» aa in aa 

aeroplaDe or diiigibM balh>oa. 
B'«DHih1r^«u%li-kffi-lib'n-Tmi; 3»V«i- 

n/n-am, If. £Ten poias or baiance. 
a'qalM, 1 rkwoin or I'kwin; S A'ksin or 

itviDia. Qf.pBTtaj ji i ji gto, orKkBahpfo. 
e'qol-aai. 1 niwi-naka: 2 CIcwMuKka. n. 

OnaoItwopoiDtaatirliicli theiun croagea 

the acmatDT. vhni tba da^ and nighta arc 
imaof niiaiiiiiMin ralHMil 
*.33).-*"4d«ii?Ual, 1 

St^wMMOaL ■ 

or pcrtatDliv to tiM eg 

e-kwip', If. 

wi-p.^. .1 

OQUlDDBl: a . 

eq'ul-P>f*> 1 ek'wi-pj 

t. Equipment. S. A 

honeSt attendanta, etc-; zetiDue. 
•'qoWHlUe. 1 I'kwi-peii; 2 E'kwi-pSIf. T, 

1. EqualiW.asofneiehCaodpoweriequ 

libriiuo. Z. A counterpoLH. 
et1**r, 1 ek'wWi! 3 «t'wi-ty. n, [-ras' 

pL] FaimaasiimparOality; equal juBtici 

" ;2e-kwlv'j 
"That whic 

•MH, «.— at'Bl _ 

^|■lT^-ICBt■ 1 1-kwiv'B-len 
^t. I. a. Equal ia^jali 

e-qnlT'B-eal, 1 i-kwiv'[>^I; S ^-kwlv'o- 

blKtiDiiB; queetionaljje. -IrtOtfP' p-Bflaa, n,^ 
e-«alT'a-ale, l^i-kwIv'o-kBi: jg e-kwfv'o- 

btauoue l a n Bu im e witb loteab i 

)'i»,irn;2fim,n. A period dattoE^vn 

a filed epoch: aa. Oie ChrLitLaii ero, 
Hntd >«>1«> 1 i-nd Vk«t: 3 e-riUi Ve«t. A 

!-r«M^"'i •-rta'; 3 *-rla', rt. [iKuaaDOl I 
•1.11.1'iuii I Tn J.1..»Tits, se by H:tapii« 

3 (r, frtpTA M 

TbeaetofBTHdui; aarthliicm 

Betupricht;build:estBbIiah:exalt. II. a I 
DiirlAC: TKUaal. -Ir>aili. -pen, ■- 
i-tae'tlall, 1 r-nk'^ao; 3 e-rCt'aboa. a 
Thaast ol ecectiua. or the slate of beai 
sreeled: a buUdini or itmcture. 

auBt. tatHoe, ete. _ I 

«■, (ari^lke oamiTore. eapsciaUj in ' 

(iDtcrdRBof whiW.wiU) black talk I 

_,. t. Ita fur, UHBdinEiiropB 

lor the faoian of odicial R>b«#i, / 

' ' ^ «;_ hence, the jadKial^a 


[iRKro, BBD>; ass'iKal To iFBiider fnm 
tbe tnith or nsht; miatake; aio- 
r'nild, 1 ei'BDd; 2 Sr'aiul. n. A ma- 
aacr or eompiMion ; also, the goins to tanj 

rTant.ler'BntjSb'ant.o. Waodsitoi 

Plural of BBBATim. 

ir-nl/le, I e 

/ straylni. ar-ratllealt. 
Vei^ra'tnm, 1 frrt-tun.; S j^, 

er-ro'ne-oas, 1 e-rO'ni-oi 

'.; 2 bat. odi. 1. FonneriTi 

a. In the bciinniiic 

r'u-aitt, 1 er'u-doit; 2 gr-u-dlt, a. 
i*jiiied: Bcholuiy. -Ir, hIi. -imm, ».- 
R'B-dl'tlBD, 1 s'tMUai'BD: B iru^ah'- 
ODiH. Compleu ukd vkMoiu gotwluvblp. 

-mpt'S 1 i-ropt'; S e-rOpt', i*. * pi. To 

A. bruUni out. u 1 

ef ea-lada', 1 es-kn-led': a ea'sa-Iftd'. I. 

1*. [-lai/kd^; -LAB'jNa.i To Bcole, u i 
waJI. II. n. PaHLD^ of rvuparts, etc, 
by Bdtliiis. 

ea'ca-^e, 1 nHiB-pN: £ to'ea-pU. f 

eet awsy fmio. II. i, T 
EcttJDE HiTBy from somMj 
elude iiDliDa. 
es-CBpe', n. 1. A niBceiaful 
Bighl: deliverHiiq« from 
Bomeevil. 3. Iwie.uofa 
fluid: lesksHB. 


I*. To Hhun, AB EOmetluiig 

es-cart'<l. 1 es-tarf; 3 *»- "^f?' 
e6rt'. It. To acton^any »"»» 
Hnd ^uftfd; conduct; coI^^ . "■ ■°°'^ 

>iiipuiyirtft a E«ll«t: 

es'eu-Imt, 1 eantiu-lent; Z ta'tSAint, a. 

Suitible for food; edible. 
tttatcb'tna. 1 e«-kudh'«ii Sto-ench'on, 

n. A hersldic shLoId- 
Ea1d-mii,l«'ki-mfi;2eB'ki-mfi.n. (-H0«, 

Til.1 Oneof thoATneriisnnativftofDorUi- 

ern North America; also uoed adjactively. 

Band-DiEDli Ka'qat-niBnt [-iuox.iii.1. 

e-M>pb'»«lll, U«Bffr«o.;2o-.Sfa-i,(Ia. 

•-- ^ ■"'-itulwthrourinrbieh 



Fi. Thstu 


-leh; tlwBuilet. 
ta'a-ttrte, 1 u'o-ter'ik; S ta'o-Wr'ic. a. 

Confined to ft gelect dide; BoaSdeotial. 

-— - ' 44r,tti>. 

■paKrir; E <»DU'r«r. ". A 

•e-pefli'sl: B^fei-p(«h'»l 

j', 1 ea'pls-nEd'; 2 is^la-nld'. 

... ^1 open spaoc, as befofs a (cHtnsa, 

for proma n ju i i n ^. 
M-poUM', 1 »{»ui'; E £g-poag', •!. Ik»- 

ennaKaorbeatDi'io mirriaKB. S. Tobe- 

— n^wD'ul, 1 (•.poo'iiil: E (•{Ho'obL I. a. 

oi or pertaUUnf to a tiMmUuI or K mantwe. 
n. n. The avt of npousbv: manlaie. 
es-pT', 1 CB-Hii'; 2 Sit^T, i. Ie»-fibd'; xs- 
py'isq.] L t To get nght o(; dMoover; 
observe. II. t. To keep aoae vstch. 

■B-kwnir': 8 Ee-kwft', n. 1. 
flioc or onurtwy. 11. [Eoj,] 
proprietor; squire. 3|. S 

of anything. «. Being or 
iritud bomE. S. A solu- 

of aopthlog; real; reouW 
M?Ub^^5i( 1 ea-tabTifli; 2 8^«WlMi, k 

Bl-a-mo-Ur, ; bL a. l. Deserving of ei 
tp«ni, 2. Capabte of beiiur efltimat«d - 
«'ll>inm-U|f, sdi. 

opinion about; compute; rete, II, 1°^ 

Vb-UlUl^'. 1 I 


A miposed medium filling si! apace. b» 
tTMamittin^ UiP vibrationn of linbt. hen 

e-tte*«-»l, 1 i-thTn-el; 3 e-the'ri-al, a 
Hunng the nature of ether or air- Lirfil 
airy; nibtli*: aeilil.- e-tbe-R-mI-l»^o 

etli>rkl, 1 eth'i-kBl;2 i 

- e^h-f-ei-l j,*ad^ 
eth'IcB, 1 eOi'tliB; 2 eth'iei 
of human duty; moral i 
ciples of rigbt action; i 

VttaiMi'pi-an. 1 I 

asi,!.:. "„... „ 

A nativB of Ethiopia, an ai 
•outh of Egypt, iocludina ml 

' '^thl-«StT 


tion nf w 
S. The h 

< Bthicqjin; 
t'i-kSt", ... 

i, I etVmol'o-u; a etV- 

t- GIBS', jj. 1. That branch 

iy which treats of the denv.- 

inie; derivation, sg of a noni. 

fter'ai-tf,' 1 i-toi 
[-nK8., pi.] 1. I 
less lime ; iiyimorta 
eternal or immortt 



,t»,-moI'o-tl)t. n. 
1 yOTta-lip'tc 

_mily which grows, in AiisU 

to a hei«ht of 400 or GOO feet. 
u'du-rlst, 1 yoTie-riati 2 yii'e»-rifl 
]. The Lord's Supper; the hoty h 

Men. cD'eba-rla'tl-talt. 
I'e&re, 1 yfl'lier; 2 yu'eSr. 

hy from two to six persona. 5 
of euchrinK « of beiDE euebie- 
eufo-Kj, 1 yo'lo-ji; 8 yu'lo-ty, n 



cn'nach, 1 yQ'nok; 2 yii'nO«. «■ An 

OrieDtsJ ih1w» nffioisJ; a chamberlaiD. 
eu 'phe-mlun, 1 yD'fi-miim; 2 yy'fe- 

ililiig mgiigroaitiio.— «t*|ili*-nil>'tle< o. 
ell'DbO'IlT, )l yil'Io-m; 3 yu'fo-ny, n. 
ta'to-nj^, J[-MiEB>. _p[.1 1, Agraeabie- 

nesB oi »uod. 3. Wdl-»unding com- 

^ 2 yi>'fADle, 0. Pen 
iplioDlous.- cn-plia'Dl' 
l: £ yU'n-Di-lIi. a. 

£ yU'n-Di-i 

. _ yu-T^ka, inlerj. I 
oiy of eiullatioD over 
o have been utMredby 
covering how to find thfl 

tyrant ot SyrafniBQ^ 
tn'ro-pe^an, i yo-ro-pr™ 

vak-ju-et; 3"b- 

— e->se^-a'fliHiii 

yfte -JU-i'ihon. n. 1 


i.<-,»^.^^».j .» avoid by artifice; 
(T's-nes'cent, 1 ev'BMies'ent; £ .. _ 

pBB3 awayi ErBdual]y» fadinCr flefltioc- 

s-tin'^^Ti^^S^eh 3 8-Tln;5a, n. Good 

tal doelriani ipUtuaUj 
one wba holdt evHiunUoal 
Kdlet.— w^n-cm-eal-l 
Bel-lsni, n. ZoU In iiira 
e-Tsn'icl-lat. n. 1. A travEiiof 


isby bp 

I. «••■!- 

as bcap^M. 
>-tSl:^S e-vSp'o-rSt 

it; dry; p&nn off bkt 

paixtus For dryldc «ubsiaji«a, afl 

fans, or F«au]t of evadine; 
BuhlertusB.— »-™'«lT[ea, o. 

'2 6°^ 1. Thfl. evening 
W^Qt' ™iPMt.l1 


or ben^me^ven or level; balan«^ !!■ a. 
1. E>ee from inequaiitiee; level; uniform; 
equal, S. Diviabia by 2 niUiout remain- 
dsr. III. n. [Anhaio or Poet.] ETenlns; 
eve, IT. ode. Toatikedegreeiattlievwr 

« part of lbs di 
, 1 i-vent': 2 . 

belnff a result; 1 

■; 2 Sy'Sr, ode. 1. 


— ei'er-lMtlnf 
' ». IE-IT 

, During 


1: 3 Sv'ry or St'St-j-. 
imber; nil taken one 

olUUsEa: aliuwc 

itfl- eometblDE auDremelr impratant. 
_._'ry-irlM»-, ad>. ACor In orory pi— 
e-rtct"", 1 i-vikt'; 2 e-virt', 1*. To 
powes) by tesal Droot«; oust ; eit^ .— e-l 
UoD, n. Tbe act oI evloUng; rornllile el 

er^-dence, 1 ov'i-denB; 3 Bv'i-dSno 
Fact on whicliajudgmeDtia based; pi 

Aj, ailB.— wl^en'tliJ, a. Of «ia na 

e"!!!, 1 I'vl:'.8 S'vl. I, o. Morally I 

IL n. 'wickad conduct; moral dm 
ity; aBlictian; calsHuty. III> adi. Ii 

A-rii'm-ate. 1 i.v«'k-M; 2 e-vta'er^vjj. 

e-TOkc', 1 i-vflk'; 3 e-vOk', H. (e-vomd"; 

B-vai'iMQ I To c&IJ (ortb or out. 
n'o-lntloD, 1 ev'o-UQ'flien: 2«y"d-10'- 

•hon.". Thi!iBtiitovolvin«:dB¥elopiBent. 
•-TolTe', )1 i-vBlv': 2 e-vSlv', of. t ti. 
e-ri>i»'",f [B-»oi.vBn', i-w)ltd'»; b-volv'. 

iNfl.) TauDfold; deral<v, 
ewe. 1 yD; 2 yu, n. A faoule iheep. 
•w'«», 1 yil'«r^ 3 jTl'Pr, n. A wide- 
id^ prtftr. Out; cut dT; ofT; bflrond: lued 

«i»ls v» wbo tDnuerly ooou^ed Uifl poil' 

ei-ut', l'fCi-Bkt';2et>-kt'. 1< >(. Tc 
oompel tho i>aymaat '^'^ -—•'—*■ J-™-"-i 
Perfectly con 

0. Opsj to BxnptioD Of obl«ctlon.— ■i-ccp'ii I 
tton-tilia. Vminwl <r nncomniDn: MMrlor. 
ai-«en>t'> 1 ek-gorpt;: 2 ^k-tiipt'. n. An 

t^wV "ek^; 2 ek-cW, n. I. That 

pref^edcQL ; narDiDC- 3> A pr^km to be 

ci-u'pM-stc, 1 egi-iw'pir-et; 3 ^i-ils'- 
p*r-it. rt. [-at'ed'1; -1I--IN0.1 Toangfr; 
(DTwe; inMo^W; iDitusc.— •i-u'>p«r-B'- 
Uaa, q. EEOemv viicr: rwa; iDtendtr, 

r-viT'i!^; -vAT'iNQ.] i-o die intii; nittkf 

dlgtlnt.— u'ck-ntlaii, o. A dtndnc □< 

•i-ceed'<ll eklBid':Btk-cM'!«'. To 
•i-eedB'*. (berind; autpHg.— ci-«ed1i 

2 tk-cd'. •*. A n. [11- 
non aiselknt than; be m 

ill hij^ier; ever up«-&rd. 

ception (to). 
tiOQ of. III. 

>4ep'tlon, I 

n. The set I 

vlDc good QUBJlLka In a hteb 1 

jDipoeed of loos, fiiu 1 

i-C^t'. Id. w. i 
^; object; take e^ | 

-.Hi. ' 

loD Of obl«ctlon.— 

. 1. The' 

i. To be si 

ei-fAute'i 1 eki-^hfaj': 2 (ks-chftDt'. t. 

or nceiyed in eichance: m.-. ~ »- 

«x-climiv«', T>. 1. The aet of eidLanfrnc 
or that which iaeichan£ed;bftrter; tnde. 
2. Chanfa. S. An^ tratuder ol va]ue» ai 
by CTcditB. drafts, ote., or the ivte at 
nUch it ii cffeoted. 4. A place wbefa 
Tnerohanta effect enehanKee. S< A een- 
tral UIeiriHiDe«IBoe.- M-tllMM'*! MH-lT, 
B.-ai-*hBBce'a-U(e', 1 ek»^liWa-U; i 
Aka-cbAof a-bl, a. Ttiat nuty ba tiTTiaigt^ 

ci-«b«|'ner, 1 Bk»'9i»lc'ari S ek»flh«k%, 
n. 1* The treanuy of a state; HDanocs; 
peouniMy Kaoureoa. ». [E-] [En*.] A 

ei-dK", 1 ek-wui': 2 «k-<3s'. «■ l«"- 

ciaao': ii-on'iso.) To cut oat or off. 
— ei-cfilali. n. Tils ramoial ol a iMit: u- 

t^^-S^Ca. TotH.-ai-ch'a-ble.a. 1^ 
(••cUe'i n. A charpi levied upon coid- 

modibes, eapoeially upon liqaon, 
st<Ue', 1 ek-«rit'; 2 Sk-tR'. K In- 
cit'idiI; kx-cit'ims.1 ToMdtate; gtimu- 
lite; brtBB about. afbreUVTidatlnc. — iV-^M^ 
»-hm-tj,n.-'ar^Hrt^mf,: Eartlyn- 
eltM.- u-cftant, i •k.Ml'iaiit: SM-MTuat. 
I.e. AJapteiltoeadleoratliMilatB. ILa. A 

belnaaiMnd. M*ft-««'H««li-»i-cH'«r 

cx-cUlm', 1 sk»«»m': Z^a^tm', a. 

n. Tn ay nut *bni|Mly or with pusi 

ei-rlade', lek^-klOd': ^Uu^Jud'.il. [si 
debar: nleot: sIbh.— •■•da'An. 1 Ot-Utl 

dU-BlT, S 

3f tnlHGUlud^ 

tat, rt, I^AT'n)''; -t*t'— ' ■"- ■■-^-'- 
oat car«l[iUy; davlflo.- — 

S i^kB-c6-aia'iii-eftt, n. [-^jat kd-; -cat - 
iKa.] To cut off from ahurdi'meiiiber- 
Btop luid cummuTUQii; «iotude; expal. 
— si>«iiB->BII*iil-atIoil. n. Tlie not 01 
eroommuDlcatjDg, or Ota itAte ol h&vUig 

-TAT'raB.1 To tbiok 
i.-u-fiorVtatlen, i>, 
^ 1 ski'ks-mitl'ai-kei; 

m.] +o« 


n-tui'rmte, I Blia-1cnl'p«t: 3 Eks^Ol'p&i, 
K. |-PA?eBd;^-PArWl To eion-r- 

u-CIir'BloD,' 1 eks-kor'Aea; 2 eVs-edr'- 
HhDQ, B. I, A ihort jouraoy; trip (Dt 

t. A d]BreiUon.-ei-tiir'«lf(e>, g. Wim- 
d«rliv; dHultory; dlsnulve. -Ij, odi. 
EX-ca*e'^ 1 ckt^Liai'; 3 fki-eag', i>i. |ex- 

vindiate; Justifr. 2. To gVElicxik; pBt^ 

■e', 1 gk»-kln«': S aia-eOs', n 

c1i-tlT*,U eei-ek'yn-tiv; 2 (fti-5.;'- 
^t-ee'n-llTi, Jrv-av, 1, n. , H«vin« ths 

trative. IlTn! A person or Wy that 

A'e-ge'dB, 1 elu'i-jl's*; 2 ila's-tfalt, n. 
(-SKa, 1 -«•; 2 -»*». 7JI.1 EiBlination or 
lDt«rpnt«tJon, BE or 

2 tkaVMl'lF, n. PatilDliv 


'PU-4T, 1 esram-pU-n; 

I'pli-Iai; a )*i^' 

■lid; -n'iMO.l 
B un ot cumpurylaf ; 
; 2 ei»^TDpt'. !■'. 

2 0Ci-«£air'Abckn. n. 

:; 2 Ilu'ir-cli. ■. 

ei-erfl, 1 fgt-pn'; 2 *ii-trt'. i<! To put 
forth, orput in action, ha f orpe or f acuity. 

Iei-haub': ix-hal'iko.] To bra 
loith; Mnd out, u v»por or perfuj 
■nit; »v»parHM.— «>"ll«- UtlOB, ». 
brtatblDg out; uijtliliii tobiUftl; & v»j 

'eduM; weakon. ' 


'itlStgi-Iblt. Id. i<. A 
pnseni to view; Bhfjv; diBpIay. 
Any nbject or objects eiMbited; 
leat or ohject mukal far uaa u 

ei-bll'B-nte, 1 1 

-a-bD'B'TMit. I. a. 

Jon. 11. n. SomeUdiv 

oiah. II. < 

3 Mj-ert', 

To deli 

r>-hiiine', I cks-hiOni'; 2 tia-blim', tl. 

[.i-HniiiD': Ei-Hci.'iNaJ To di« up: 

dtaUter.— «*hD-nutlan, n. 
eil-een-CT, 1 cWi-ien-Bi; a fks'i-««n-fly, 

I-CIK8', iJ.J The Slate o! beiim urgent; 

•ilie^ 1 cks'ail; 3 Wn. I.e. [n-tiLHD; 
Ei'iLiNQ.! To buiish. II. n. 1. Ban- 
ishment; expatiiatioo. 3. One driven or 
vuideripg sway fn>m country or hone. 

•I-lst"l,leBi^t';2J!it.Ift',n. To be. or 

litCDt, a. Baring belnsor eilgu;i>i». 
ei'lt, 1 eki'it; 3 elu-it. n. A way out; 

H'o-dus, 1 eka'o-dns: S Sks'o-d&i, n. 1. 

plaee. J. [E-] The departure'ot the la- 

TaeHt« from &OTt. *• [&] The MODnd 
book of the OlfteMament. 
i'»-%ea, 1 eka'a-Jen; 2 iki'D-Ain, n. Bol. 

ditiond c 

. J aa'arisa. •■ 

i-cishd; ■ae'iva.] I. I. To cast out 
ian evil ipirit). IL i. To uk or pnc- 

2 ekH'or-^t)™. H. Tbfl act or eioroldcff evil 
■Iilrlti.— M'or-«l>t. H. 
i-or'dMun, 1 egi-ei'di-inn ; Z ^s-Ar'di- 

That which UbbbptomI on 

2 ^kS-p&DB'. fl. 

enlaraemmt.— OMiuiVTnei a. Capabia 
u-ps'tl^tei 1 e^ii^rihi.ft: 3 a».pJt'Bhi- 

aud dllTuH stala'meut; dieouaa at leogUi. 

•t«>1(^«tCj 1 eka:i>e'tn-«t; S SkB-p*,'' 
Iri-St. rt, [-AT-FD* -AT'iBH.! To drive 
(rom one's own ociiinliT;eUle.-M-ti«-trt- 

u-pect''^ 1 ek»-pekt'; 8 akB-p*«'. rt. To 

kwk (or; reiy upon; nqtdre.— ts-pe^tlis^ 
e7, 1 oi»-po»'iBn-Bi; 2 tee-Dic'lan-ty. n. 

B-pw'tuiHt— ei-pec'tiuil. 1 eto-neii'- 
.aal; 3 Us-n^Uint. L a. LobUn^lorvaie 

via Bct of looUng oonQdeDUf for ■omp^Alnf 

;, 1 eks^rdi-ent; 2 Sk»p«'d;- 

SutUble onder tbe cirouio- 

diTAntii^eouA; advisable. IL 

|-D[T'BD";-Drr'l!ioJ To hflst«n; 
dbpstcii.— ei'pn-dl'Hini, 1 eki'pi-iiuii'ui: 

Dttny povoiu; »iao» tlv body of thtsodi lour- 
neFiog. X. Tbe quBiity or bBins upeiu- 
Uoua; speed: dliiutcb.— ei'pe-dl'Umu, 

qmelE; speedy. ^, ads. 4iesB, n. 
a-pel', 1 ek^iMpi 2 Ora-pei'^ rt. (sx- 

ei-peml'd, 1 ekMcnd'; S flu-nted', rt. di 
H. Toii»oiit;£ibim.-d4Mi'dl-tate, 
1 elv-tKo'dMIllir «r -ttOr, < eks-pU'dl- 

uiae; .oo■■£^ -^, ait 

n-pe'rt-CDoe. 1 eks-i) 

)1«'n-&ie. I. tt. I-EHCE 

UDdereu pervonally: 
KoDwledee derived fro 

1 ek»«r'i-mnit or -maat; 

It. la. n. To auike ei- 

penmenu; make a teat dt trial. II. n. 

rlence. -ly.aio. *"" « e>iw- 

ei-pert', 1 ek»-pnrt'; S Bk»-pirt', o. Bkil- 
[ul througb piaodae; doilorous; muked 

ii'pert, 1 eks'pBrt: 2 Sks'ijert, n. Oeb' 
nlio has epeciBl skiJJ or knowledee; a 

n'pl-ate, I «ka'pi-6t: 2 eke-pi-at, rf. 
[-.t-sdJ; -iT'iNo,] To atone for. as by 

ei-pl^'ttaii, B. Tbe Mt or mans o( ei- 
p1atJna;BUme]Dent.^«i'ld-B-lo-iT,a< Hay- 

ei-^re', 1 eksiHir'; 

fks-plr', 1 
■L 1. To 
lungs. II 

To mininste.— ei^^ntloii, 1 tik>"ia-rt'- 
lOTibiaUDii ol anyiwng. OS ot a i™ee. I. A 
ei-plidii', 1 eks-p1^'; 2 J^ks-pUii', U. A. n. 
To moks uluo OF clear; interpret' elnci> 
date.— ei'iria-iu'tloD, 1 eks-plms-tten: 

ol ecpl^nliK. 1, MeanLic; nlanUloance; 
sense.— ei-pun'm-to-ry, 1 &hs-plan'fr-tD-n; 

ei'irte-Hve,Ueks'pli-tiv;2Hui'ple-iIv. I, 
Bl'ple-ar*, / 3. Added for empbasis; re- 
dundant. II. n, I, An interjecuoD, 
often profane. I. A word oi pbraae 

-. jTjs; 

.. peiplejity; eiplain tlearlv. 

a'fa-tMl^ o.-d-j^.iUllan, n.-er. 
.ll-e»-(lT(e>><i. «x'|ilI-ca-to4yl. 
CHpUcIt, 1 eks-plis'it: 2 «»-pnc'it, a. 
Ftainiy eipressed, or tbat ptatdy ei- 

ex-i^ode', 1 eks-plad'; 2 eke^led' M. A if. 

' »D'iD«^n-FU)n'iNa.]l. Tobupt; 

out yioleaUy; flashy up. nQiaiTy,.A4 

-^iwder. 3. To dimCDVe utterly, 

nto^alt', lek»«1eif;80»«]5lt'. R A 
'Ai utillae selfishly, as vorOnrnen. IL 
-I. AbRo(adMderiH(.-er>loi^'(t«n,>i. 
'Phwe', 1 eksiilO:'; 2 <!ks-pler'. K. & n. 
Kx-PLOBED-; n-PLOB'iNa1 To travel 
.ver, as new lands; senitiniie; make 
tut of eiplorljiff.— ei-idwr'er, m. 
l:« = llnal; i = habit; olale: ■a = i>»t: all: M = rti>d: ^hln; go; q =s[iip; (Un,»b, 
I: «fU,d|; b«U, unt; t^a, mle-cAre. bdt.bttmi «ll, b«y^: to, tern; Igk; tUa, thia. 

1 ■k»vla'iaD; 2 ttKiUI'sbni 
It of «^o^itj_» ntddan uu 

2 ak»{>a'a&it. 

iL. 1. One who or that whidi 

or ecpoundL 3> jl£p. A ijmibol iji d i i Tt - 

et^rl^Sl ekt-pflrt; S ek^pOrt'. rf. To 


ai'DOTt, 1 cka'pOrt: 2 ^Iu'dS 
<J flXTKUtingt or that wmi 


l> i MX-FOS'INO.) 1. To U) 

ly; diacIo«e. Z, To pl&« in 



WW, 1 ek»"po-»i'-, S ftg'po-M'. n. 

undeHirBblo D1- vnb&Trknmfl aufllo- 

'II|Mil'Uon,_l elu^jo-dA'im: 3 Mta'po- 

I BiBOuniK— «»-IimT-to-t7, 

_ , jiJS, I'eE^^u-IiB- -tiu-]lM: 

2 Hu^eh'ehi^or -tQ^Ut. vi. I-lat'ed'':'iho.] To plead with apeisoDHcamflt 
Koa HduL— M p in ' tu -Utlon, n. 

a-pa'niM, 1 eluitfi'sur; S «k»-pa'thur, n. 
Im The act of eipoeine; ba expoBOd Ht«to 
or dtiiHtioiL S. Outlook or aspect. 

e^ponnd"', I eks-pauQd'i 2 eks-paimd', 

tir-treat', 1 eta-preo'i 2 ekS-prSs'. J*. 
.(. L To set lorth: declare. !. To 
preai out. S. To Kiid by tipttm. II. 
a- 1, Bet forth diatiactly; eiplidt; 
pluni direot. I. Done or euried hy 
etpnea or vith speed, t. Exactly Hke: 
veiy. IIL n. 1. A ayBMin ol rapid 
(nuupoTtatioD. X. A meaaaae: dispatch; 
also, a meeeeaser bearius ajqutcaee; a 
onrrlH.— ci>pnM'Mre, I ^t-pnari]-. s tHa- 
prtg'Bt, n. I. Amount shBTftcit lOr CBirrlDg 

. _ sIu-pieOi'aD; 2 Blu 
1. 1. The act or mode of ul 
repreHntiog. 1. That vhic 
3* Aspect; look; looks. I 
Tit, -leas, a.— cl-pKI'slT («^ < 

n. Fottait t4Bil«i-— a- P>l '«*(•■• s. 
T<BdlB( to BpeL 

O-pailM'i 1 eka-pnul'; 2 ik^^iiit^, ■- 
[ii-pnuomn'; Bx-nnre'ino.] To bk* 
out; obtiterate; efface; deatroy. 

eihm-mtU, 1 eka'pnr-cCt or ek>-]iHr'Eit; 
2 SkB-ptii-Wt or 8ki^>5i'i(lt, •<, I-oat"- 
ED*'; -QAT^O,] To dear, as a boalt, ot 


ei'qiit«llC)l 8k«t«i-rit; 2 BkaTiwi-«i 
ei'«IIl-alt>,yi. o. I. DalicBte; t--— ' 
delie»t«l " " 

oteb" beautLfi 
S. tntmu 
a Ic^; dudy. 

reks^tsBt': 2 ike'tMUt 

, Jtkjt4Xm'- j 

ueous. U. odt. ' 
loD.-n-taai''*^ I 
fm-Ds: SUM«B^ I 

Tonadi; Mr«tdbk— n 

I. a. Ectsrnal; outdde- 
ir'mt-iutc, 1 ekft-tor'mi 

^•tln'cDtsh*. 1 ek»4ia'r'n^i 2 Uu- 
tlo'lwiBh, W. To put out; quench; do- 
sln)T.-«-«lB'(iil«li-*-bl(ar, a.-CI-4ln-- 

tS^U^iaU, 1 eki'tsMCt; Z Bka'tl^^C. «. 
l-eJ^sA: -ht'inqT To ™t out or 

JST, IL r«X-TO , — , — 

rHQ.J To pnisa in ths hifbest 1 

taK^C'l tlLt-terf; S (ks-tAn', •. I. I 
o obtiia b^ compuluob; wrioj;; wr^t 


tan: nrodUrfiUtr; In^auliirlCy: wOdnoa' ev> 

i-treme'i 1 ela-ttba'; Z iiu-trfm'. I. a. 
Fanhost; outeraioJit; utmost; »ev«rr; 
»cewve, II. n. The highest or ut- 
most decree; fuihest pwut or liloit: 
extrOEnity; fliBt or Uot torro of n pro^w^ 
Hon or MHn.— o-tMin^t, n.- H^iMBl- 
tf, n. [4iW. vL] 1. Tbs tsraHm nun; 
md; (die. 1. The talgbat deem. *.£>• 

e^Mn'ide, I ek>-triii'nk; E Ek^trin'Hc, a. 

f*, l"ek»-t™kt': 3 Sk»-tiiet', 

To dnv or pull oi 

u'tnkt: S £ki'tr£ct, n. , 

•Ktiaet 1 eka'tnlct: 

5ojiaetniDg extntet^o, 

«. A eobotion, lu Itoeq & b«A. 
ratn-^to. 1 ekg'tre-dcui: Z «WttB-dn, 

K. (-niT'BD; «iT-mo.) To deliver up, m 

a-trsor'ill-BB-rr, 1 olB-trei'dt^& 
ekBtrs-oi'di-rie-n; Z ^k»4rAr'di-ii& 
6kB'tr»-ar'di-nS-ry, n. Bf mg beyor 

I the 


''*lcsiit. 1 eke-trnT'B-^Bat; 3 Mis- 

iia; lAvlflh hi emcodlturv. -Ir* o^t. 
, »,— ei-traf*a-C Miw ^ 1 elu-triLv'e- 
. £ «ka.tr4v'aHteiic n* Uvlih e&peodl- 

1 ek^-yfld; S tks-Twl', •(. & ri. 
iiA; Aji.~ori'it<a-] To ducfau^j 
— 18 Umutli pone.— •I'B-Ja'- 

I. Denotinf peat Jor-— ra*> 

gloM « ball ol the < 

l^.-erelaA', n. Ci» 

t the eyfUda,— «r*l«a> e- Lacldiw e: 
Derived of slEht.— efelet.n. A siibUI 
: opecine; ft metiU r^ for DTOtecthlc a 1 
I eanvaa. plow, ete.— weTM", n. On 
w DoSiy nuTMi™ ~ ■ " " 

Hji. PM^ a iBttH 

tilt Bpeaken: wty fictioD; legend; myth. 

fcli'rtp.llBb'nkiBtlb-rii.B. 1.Awot™, 

' ■■ ' LI cloth, etc 

A fictJtiouB ffMry 

9. A s 

yetem; BtnicHIR; edifice: 
i: tenure.— Ikb^-f«le, ri. 

3 ffij'Kt, r. 

BeloudlU to iioie; ncuuDus: myioic 
tulae. .Ir, mlt. -aim, ■.- M^-llit, ». 

fc-tmde', Ifa'Bod'; Efft'tSd'.Ti. Thefrontor 
Utx, 1 fea; 2 Itf. I. rf. 4 n'. [fackd': 

front; dppdh. I. To cover; smooth the 
•urface of, IL n. 1. The front part of 
the heul; the countenance. 2. The 9ui~ 
fiwe: fnnit: anwct; Look: ahow; dircf'' 
W-lemcnt. ». Pe ■ 

1. ESiontery; ai 
tesQuo B^rcsuon. 
toeiit, 1 fM'et; 

afffictjnf ' 

iK-ile,fl foa'il; 2 fKg'il, a. 1. Esay; 
CmII*, rpliuit:yiEldi^;BSab1e. H. Dei' 

terous: akilful. 
bK^I-lT, 1 fB-ml'i-h; 3 fa-ell'i-ty. n. 

tpioi", p(.1 1. Esse Ln doine; derterity. 
Any aid or oonvenicnw: commoiily ip 

teeHlU, 1 flWin: 2 fa?'iiiB, n. A coveriim 
■M-alm'tle, 1 fak^im'i-U; 2 (fiMlm'i-le, 

toe'don, 1 fak'ifaan: S li 
ENhTty within a party; i 
lent opposition, as to a 

Ikctor, ] 

■di'BB; 2 fK 

non merchant; agEnt. S. Om 

id tOEctber. produce a given quaiiti 
I-rT.lIalt'to-n;aH«'to-ry,rt. [-Bii 
1. A tDAnufactory. Z* A buns 
hbluhineDt in chai^ of factom ii 

"°1 fiJt-tC 

Ikc^l-tr, 1 fak'ol-ti; 2 twa-%y 

ail " 

ApeciaJ pover of u 

ir roileie, 


1 fag; 2 tit. I. rt. & n. [rAoaiD. 
ID*; FAQ'aiBa.l To work aa a fa«; la- 
:c;, tire out., II. n. One who doH 

rag'ot, 1 fag'Bt; 2 fWot 
stickB, s« used for fuel 

Ekb^n-lirit. 1 fo'ren-h 

smEnatibg thftt thermoiDeter^caTe 

.. jiui the Ireexingiipoint of water is ;._ 

and the boilSnt>poln( 212*: DunHl frai 

bundle of 
2 fi'i«n.hlt. a. 


- - ee', 1 h 

t ffi-i«M 

kind of m^olica, usually hi^ily (jeeorated. 
taa, 1 fel; 2 m. >. Ll. To be vantini 
disappoint. IL i. To prove inade- 
ile: waste away: deeline; dwindle; be 

itt-im, 1 ttt'yur; 2 ffil'yijr, n. 1, Tht 
act 01 failing, or tho jstato of havim 

That which fail 

lythltig umfuooenFul. 
I. n. 1. RfiEuotaatly 
Glad; njoiced. III. 


beooma BpihtJsa; deq>ond; jetqw woak; 
fadfi; vAiuBh. IL a. 1. DMpondent; 
tiimd; wsak. S- ludutinot; feeble; dim^ 
■II. ■. AuriwD. -Ir.odi. -n«u,n. 
lUr, 1 fftr; 2 f&r, a. 1. Free from oloud or 
biemiflh; ffunehioy; clear, t- ImpajliaL; 
juat: MKudioc In rule. S. Havins Lisbl 
«dor or oompleEion. 4. PleaAm£; t — 
tifol; SitteiiiiE; plauaible. S. Tolen 
punable. sriii Uic ilirMtiiiiiof a a 

u Dihibit of n 

■l-iM^V-l A 

l^ft unseeded after beinc plowed; uik- 
eultdvat«d; tieBlected. ^ P&le^yelEow oi 
paLeTed. Ill- n. I'HTid left faLfow; also, 
cleared woodlarul.^ lUlow deer, a i:uny 

" IMw'aeu, R. TbeauaUtyorauuof 

df aoiUTliw: a lalae atuoumc.- n^CiS^ 
ii.-fal'M>, 1 isi'n-toi; e wai-n. a. a >t. 

fidtb, 1 feCh^ £ ntti. n. A firm belief; 
tniet; a rebsioua ereod; bonor; fidelity. 

— fMUiYad. a. Tniawartby; accurate: 
trutDtnl: arm In laltli.- faltb'nil-lr, odi. 

— fMHlTal-iHHi, ii.-faltbleaa, a, Va- 
Mihtul: untiuatwortbr; unbeltevliic. 'Ir, 

fS-ui-', 1 ta-IOr': 2 fa-ldr'. n. An Oriental 

hl'cfaloD, 1 tel'><han: 3 fsl'ohon. 

broad-bladed sword. 
tml'raa, 1 lelcn or fallcao; 2 f 

diuraaf bird oM 


t, 1 fol-set'o; 2 tal-aSt'o, 

r; 3 tfll'ter, •(. A ri. 
ly; aot n^th weak 

Faii'iNO.] I.'rodwKend '" 

by the forw of gravity ; dnip; aink ; doclioa; 
decreaaa; droop; die. 3. To ain; cti; 
apoetaUiE, S. To paw or be tranafsTred 
&a by chaoee, inhentanoe, etc.; happen; 
come to pafb.— faU'en, a. Ovcrtlirowa; <lla' 

fsll.n. 'l. The' aot of falling. I. A wal«r- 
fnll. 3. Autmim. I. The rope of a tackle. 

ftn»-*F. 1 fal'Mi; 2 fSI'a-vy. "- (-ems', 
pl.l DelualoD: error; bigs nsniilng.— lU- 
WdoBi, 1 iM^ftbrn: 9 l&U'ahAa a. De- 
cetttui; deoepUTe. -Jf,adf. -omb, n, 

" — ■" ■■ fal'i-bl; 2 '- 

2, Digt irnmah ed or antdeDt Line 
BceDt. 3. A clasa or croup of ill 

fomlne, 1 1 fam'm: S fam'Ia, n. 
ram In*. J apread acanity of food: 
ftm'lsti', 1 fam'i^ ; 2 fam'iiih, tt. i 


- iaini-w- 

m-. «fU,(la;Mbk,bMt;fmi,nile,cflre,bat,b*rD:«I,ba7;| 


luaatlc 1 f»^ut'i 
tgtI-lT, iiiI>.-b-Da 
bnatfer vid aallar iirbirdi andmimaln. 

tut'a-lal, i faa'a-ful; 2 f&o'ti-ruf. n. 
ProoMdina from or priiduoed by fmocy; 

bD^CT, 1 fan'si; S Wn'sy. I. K. 4 n 

Ifiui'oiiD: FiH'oT-mo.] To Buppiwe; 
ooiuwive in th« fuioy; h^ve a notion of' 

11. a. Portuning to or prDCe«dinE frofrj 
t«ncy. lU. n. Itxs'ciia', pi.l I. Tlit 
power or act of forming ineDtal mugoa ■( 

I. A visionary notion; v««»ry, S. A lik- 
ing; that 1 
hobby; fu 

A Spaniah 

(kni, 1 foil; 2 tikag, n. 

f^^S^ 1 lon-to-D'a or lu-U-n-*; 2 Iln-- 
tl-ara vr Ita-ti'il-i. n. Mm. A fandful 
eontCKMillon at tmKular form. 

^■an'taim. J An imaciDory appeuBn«; 

mfmitom; fuicy. 
tkn-tM'nwl, U iBn-tai'msl; 2 ffin-^'- 
--■— ,Jm«l,n. RelBtiDi to or ol 

I fan-dou'Eo; Z iSn-dH^'io, n. 

S.riDcirui:miiKiry. fso-tM'ti-adt.-i 

It;fa28rjl~8™'-'^i FsnoyTT/.": 

■n'tsm; g faii'toin, n. 
bethins that euHte only in 
apparition; ^hoat; spet-- 
m illmioii; mir«gq; oft«D 


iatanee or dflcrea; by Toy mncfa. 1. 

'kd, I fai'ant: g filr-ld, «. Tbs piKtiul 
nit of nl^ttromacnatio capafiity: Darned 
Engiiah ohemiat and phyaicisl 
1781-1887). I 

. (omethlng ridiculoiu; an absurd ' 
nu'd-eal, lldr'a-kal; 2 ai'd-ul, 

__, IK^flj, I. li. [f.^bed; FiB-uia) I 

□ut; be provided u ro^irda (ood and 
drink, n.n. 1. PasaucmuDey. S. A paa- 
BenenT- S, Foodsoddnok; diet; e4table9p I 

fWeVell',11 firVel'; 2 flrVdl'. La. 

nire'wel'', fPartioa; cloatnc. IL n. A ' 
partJDs Halutation; a Eood-by; adiau; 
parting. 111. inttrj. May you ^re veil i 
uBfid oidy at parting 

Il-rl'lis, 1 fa-ifna or .-rai'DB; S fa-il'na gr 

tret, 1 iora; " ~ 
oomedy; "" 


■ow, 1 faKoj 2 tti'o. I,vLA ri. To 
'0 birth to; briiu forth youni: mid of 
ioa, n.n. Atit^spic.oraUttflroIpici. 
ow. a. Not pTDduciiis young during a 

w; mold; ma^; fit. IL n. 
vuling mod«. aa in drev. t 
; method: way. t-Thatiiakao 

ivovfidbv THllte ua 

- fHihlaD'S-Uy.M 


bstd, I fort; S (M, X 

lDOd.-tMtlv, ■ i 

baV. a. Finn; ■ 

fiuf.s. 1. SirifCjipeedy. S. Absul oi uhi 
Btutdud. u a tunepiBoB. I. Dissipalad; 
dlKluts.— blt\a<l. Rarddly; — "■- 

bit, n. AbitUHAlw fioin fond, 
iiraertbed tw It— Cut'^v*! " 
unit ror nUctoua rutUu. 

fuFca, 1 fu-a; 3 fii'D, •. L I. 
ImM; BQmn; attach; fix; TnncL ai. i 
lalwtantiaia; duave; cUbi.— fUl'eii. 


bt. 1 tat; Stit. I. It. A n. [MT'nDd; 
FAT'TiKa-l To fatten. IL a. [fat'tbb; 
FAT'TsaT.l 1. Having mueh (at: oorpu- 

lusratne. III. n. iTa wLils craaHj' 
eompDiuid found Ln ■nixwi or vegetable 
tianrw. ^ Thcricheat part of anythins. 
-UVIT, adi.-hfBaai, *, 
b'tol, 1 fe'Ul; E ii'tal a. I. BriiwiiiE or 
connected with death or ruin; destruc- 
tives diadLy; Dmlnoaa. 1. FatefuL— ra'- 
tol'IHH, K. TbE dacOioe Uial evny event 

ratal event: death.— fa'til^I)'. odi 
ously: aortaUf. 
fate, 1 f«t: 2 m, n. 1. Pndetenn 


inevit^ie necessity; destiny; fc .... 

doom: dralh. B. pi [F^ ft-, ft Rom. 
Mi/th. The three goddesses snppoeeil to 

1. I>elermlEied by (ate; deddlni destiny. 
f«'tlier,ifa'thBr;Ba'tflSr. I.B(, I. To 
adopt. 1* To char^ the responsibiLity 
foriwJthonoriipDTi. 11. n. 1. The male 
parent of a child. 3. Any male ancestor; 
lorefatbrr; patriarch. S. A venerable 
man; priest; clerEyman; ancient church 
writer; author; founder, t. [F-] The 
Del^Fj God; the Snt perann In the Trin- I far. 1 

(Hth'^m'fatti'emj'gffteh'oin. t * To 
find the dspth of; sound; gomiKebend. 
II. n. [*aib'oks or fa'Iv'oh, pL] A 
Dieuun Dt leoth, e rect.- f>tk'Mtt4*», B. 
UnlaUKHDaUs.' fiUh'Qm-B-Mc, b. 

ra-tlclH', 1 (B-tli'; S (e-tlf. I. K. [Fa- 
ll, n. Eibaumion of ttnng^ by toil; 

'""iBa; bIbo, lahor. 

1 feLVh<];2 ll"" 

loUy; ImheetUta'. 

hH'Mt. 1 (s'set; g fa'slt. n. A qtout vith a 

vain, for drawinc nanids tbroush a pipe. 
■kiUt, 1 t5]t; S fait, n. 1. An ofTeDBs: fail- 
ing; nefleot. & Adefeot;blBmiBh: break 
lnsBaM.-hrit1«H,B. WKiuatiault. -tr, 
adi.-mKtn.— taaWT.iL Bailai laiilu; <r- 
roneous; wroni.- fatvytl, at..- Ikain- 

ftun, lf^n;Sfan,n. ltom.ifvai, Adeity 
of the woods and hntx, half 4iusun, with 

f^'nas. pi.) The asitnala Uvitw within a 
jpven area or a Btat«d pniod. 
i'ror, 1 fCvBT: 2 tR'vgr. J. it. 1. To 
treat vi^ favar; bafriendj promote, f. 
IColioq.] To look like. II. n. 1. Kind 
feehng; a kind and helpful act; a token; 

Ufi'VBT- _ 

/Favored; prcferrwJ. II. n. 
_ -.' thins particularly liked or f 
— (k'Tot-IMsm. m. A favorini n 

FSn; 2 [«■. m. ' 
IB. as a do^ 

.- IBttardnHaW. n. The that F beloir U 
(ODB^ spouse.- fa'ther-Und*. a. line of Uie staff. 
rd of oneV birth.- fatbsr-leas, a. W^^f, 1 fral- 
vins a llviru! iBilHr.-lBtlwr^-l BBofavaBSall 

d; foya'lt] 

To be sppn- 
iriul or tfndd; 

ipprcbemled evil 

■UHMn-6, > 

'n-bl; a ftfj-bl, a. Thi 

tfTI-HUfrntW. n.- fM'M-Ur. »!>. 

(talt,lflst;8ftat. 1^. It, Jtti. Top' 

cn]ayaf«u(: dcKsht. •• - ■ - 

It; 8 tSt, n. 

ill, eik^ 
T;Zntfa'er. L X. An. 

fwChen. I. To turn tbe bUde of (bl 
Du) nearly hoiiionUl in recoTeting. II. 
n. 1. One of tlie fluffy growtlui that forn 
the plumage of a bird. 2. la rOHiiiE, thi 

pi. ThafsM. _. , 

fcb'Hle, II feb'nl or fi'hnl: 8 fSb'ril or Si'- 
IUi111>. fbiil, a. PertaioiDX to fever. 
rcll'Tn-»4T, 1 feb'ru-e-n; 2 tSb'nj-B-ry, n. 

eight or, in ktipiiytars. 

(M'l>l«,lin'hl;3fE'bl.a. LaoLinc Mrenctk 
fee'W', ; or vigor: weak.- l«-U»-nMi, ■. 

feed, 1 nif^2 fM. I.dI. Aii. [ras. I fed. 

or food: take food; t 

ttae louob. 1. To be consciouB of; be 
moved by. II. t, 1. To have (a it>eci- 
fied)feellii«;BS, to/«f cold, X-Topvea 

t approach; a venture,— 

Lr';,a fKld'spdr". n. 

rc-Hel-tete, 1 Ii-lu'i-tet; 3 fe-Dc't-tAt, xt. 
[-TiT'sB^i -TAT-mo.I To viah joy or lup- 
ploM to.- to-He^U'tlwi, n. 

le-Oct-tt, 1 fi-1i«'i-(i; 2 fe-Uc'i-ty, ». 
[-7™-,))!.! 1. Happin™; content: bl™. 
t. mppr faculty; a clever siprenaionj 
ippropnateDeag.— re-UeVt4>u, a. Marked 
by or produclnc feUclty; happy; approprl* 

(e'UiteJf'fl'Iiiin;2f«1tn. o. Oforpenain- 

inctocatBi cat-like; Or. 
feu, 1 tel; S fSl^H. t. T 


□atsil; a 

. ;. ^o'finiih with a fell (com^ 

tl. A hide or pelt. 

2 flSI'an. I. a. 1. Ob 

- Wicked; crimi 

1, One wh< 

,ve or taplliJ crime,— fe-lo^l-oa» 

ciflty Beekins Jndependtince tor 
FCnr-ao-lim, n. 
en'el; 2 Itn'tl. n. A t&l] am- 
ipeui herb with yellon Sowen. 
ll8>monl';3fSr-ioSnt', I. I. 
duce fflnnontatioa in; a#itat«. 

'fCr-nMafk-bUl-tr, i.-IW^ 

. fdr'mBnt; s' lit'mltDt.ti. _ t. 
enl or ifltaUDn.— fer^ineiwts'> 

oed by feW. 

1 trsKcheroun. II. n. 

ilh faatheiy It 
fchro'clous, 1 fi-i 

T(ei, a. Caufllns, u 
. A flDw^iiua plui 

3 ftlt. r 

A fab 

ndft> MeditfliTuieui coaotioff^fiBa^ 1 
palled by Crinngglaf uils and ouo. 
r»'nul». 1 Fl'mel: 2 Fe'm&l. 1. a. CH 
X that brincfl ft 


' MTbonlfo™. 
■ rer1«t, 1 (er-el 

fence, 1 Kehb; 2(6ni;, i. [fincbd*; rauc'- 

tenaer, I ma.] I. (. To eoclaiio with a 

fenoe;aecurH;p™tect. D. i. I. To prtto 

tiM with a loQ or award; strive Bkilfully, 

deleoHi.— ISDC'er, n.- feneHiii, n. 1. Tht 

k Btmctim, a0 ttf tuEb, for 

fer-iT, 1 fe 

enctiuing land; a <^eDj 

r-iNQ.) : 

. [FE 

I fer'tll«,ll(iit'til; Sfflrtil. a. 
rer'Ul>, I. . . 

fruitJiir; «imch^ 

ike 'of 'producing, abun^ 
[Henumi- rertll(e-lyS 

(ar-til-ois; 8 fer-'tll-Il. 
I To reader lerUs oi 

■er'nle, 1 fer-ul: S fSr'ul, n. A Bat itidc 

hr'tent, 1 fOi'rent; 2 fCrVlot, a. 1. Ar- 
dnt is faeliDs; fervid. S. Bumini; haL 
•Ir, am. -amt. ■.- (Wvn-er, n. FS^ 

hr'Tid, 1 fnr'vid: 3 fEr'vid, a. 1. Buming 

fBT'ior, i ffir-vw; 2 ferVor, n. 1. fn- 
tvoiB^ of feelingj Brdar; ■etU^ Z. Heat; 

fea'tal, 1 fea'tiil; g f»^lal, a. Perlaiiiiiif 
ID * I«Unl or ft fcut; teMJiv. -iTi 11'. 

fes'tor, 1 fsi'tu; E Rs'ter. I.K.^n. To 
uloeraMi i»nin>t. IL n. Ths ant of 
fsBterinc: u ulom 

or tta luda tkcU bj litai.- tH'dil-lr, a<>. 
b'iv, I n'or; 3 l«'v«r. 1. H. To affect 

with r«TBr, 11* n. 1. A dimrdor nuv^ed 

by hish tsmperBturq, quiok«i«d pulse. 

eu. . 1. EUHBie odteiraiL- t^rm-ik. a. . 

Aaeolal witii renr: tut; impaiiait. 
nr, 1 fia; S ft), a. SnuOl or Uniited ia 

!■, 1 r«i; 2 t^. n, A biimlwa Turkisb , 

fitt up. unislly md. with ■ bluk tu»1.- 

nu&Ad from Fe>. a citr in Morvaco. ' 

a.'tta'et', 1 fr'an't*"; 2 nMn-rf, «- [n'- I 

r'c<lK',/iiB,I An nfBuoed ol betnitlud ' 

recD. fatiDl failure, i 

'e», I fi-B^o: 2 fi-i^eo, n. A hnmili- I 

, 1 fol'at; E iril. n. AnauC ■ ■ 

: nb, 1 fib; E f[b. 


(es'tiT>,|or niiterl to a foMt; tsy. B 
raAST.— fiatlwJT! odi.— (e».uH-tr,_ 

. 1 fe^-tOD'; S fte-t^L. .. 
irate with or make into feotooi 

'a tcU s Gb. U. 11. 

.\1 faiTjer; 2 tfbti. n. I. A fine 
/ibread; a fubetancc composed of 

Brki'', fdujisviul: ounlclouii. . ... 

OCtUe,)! fik'til; Z fic'til. a. Fertaiung 
Dc'at*, ; to pottery; piMtit 
Sc'tion, 1 fik'^an; 3 fle'ihon, n. A nan- 
HDtins of thai which is not true; a fabri.* 


A Hnh«« of 

le Held.— l.-nunlial. « 

ot tlM hlfbau ruik. 

-_ iona or Item. -Iji uIe 
■C'ni*, n. I. Sb>pB; api 

b: Oortd. *. Pirulsliii 

1, 1 find; S fted, n 

cffoolDDd,— f.fptea, n 
\gt tbvMog, and n 

^taphur: A type. 4> An 

1. AdcvlJjd 

i-w.) Of. I 

•arc 1 fU; Z ittf. a. Ssvbss; ferocHHU; 

oir'i: S fir'y, a. friBB'i-iB: nsB'- 
™ _™.1_i^ to. or like fire; 

'■."liln.'n. A nnaU ■hriU-toned 
I of tea Hnd five, or the syiob^ll 

(15 or XV) rep™ 
U-teath'. I. a. I 

tenlti. >. BeinE oi 

j; thifl nurober.' 

dva «nul paru oI ftoythlnff.— Ifthlr, adv. 
•t'U, 1 fim 3 ra' ty. I, a. ConeMtina 

One of the regulBT movameDtt ol a dance 
in whieh a eeHAib Kt of Aepa ia oom- 

fll'B-ninit; 1 ni'r-ment or -mant: 2 tO'- 
ft-mant, n. A fine thread or fiber.— 
Or^Den'tOM.a, ThmdUXe. 

ll''bartiEni'Urt.n. Thesutof 

IIeh>, 1 filch: 2 Aeb. M. To iteal in amaU 

Ue>, 1 faU; 2 Hl.'l. K, (nleii; fh-'ibq-I To 

BteeE abradiiur 


papeti mrtufted for refanno*. 1* AfiJ. 

behind another. 1. A roll; lint. 
U'U, 1 fil'yal; 3 Sn-yai. a. Of, pertairnns 
to, or Iwfittiax a aan or dauchiar; due to 
puanla.— fil'lahlf ■ aie. 
U1-CICC, lfil'i-eH:2(il'i-frt, n. pdiett* 

Z. To march in iie, aa ac 
L Aay dCTios to keep pal 

ariDboH [^jrsMntLiig t 

■C 1 lis; S m, 1. The unB 
of B trer, cultivated la n 

Wiit,'l toit; 2 fit. B. [roDQB 
noHT'iNa.] 1.1. Tooontci 
on (a oonteat); direct in 1: 
Tn oontend or strive: rive t 

Smi-pFlUI, B. I'4I1, 

> by a flJs, 

Flin-pl'no. 1 

— Ll Ao Inhabitant d1 the r....w~— — - 

. . llfil;3fT]. I. It. All. 1. Tomakeor 

: 01', f beoomefuli. ^ To oetupy; ptmde. 

3. To satiEly; glut. IL ». That wbldl 

oils; a BaaDly.— OU'cr. B. 

flllet, 1 ni'et; Z tO'it. n. 1. A nunw 

band, aa for binding the hair. X. A ibip 

of lean meat. 

' fllTIp, 1 fil'ip 

■■'■ra. 1 fia-yur; 2 ttfyur. t. [na'z 
na'un-ma.i Li. irTo form an imak,. ,. . 
d«pis(; imasine, X. To mark with fig- 
ursK 3. To dom£«l«rcalouUl8. *. T" 
^mboliae; prefi^re. O* i. 1. To mail 
afigunibe canspiououa. S. Tocompub 

. i. A bold or lively yt 

ptue through a filter 

in, x. A^i.-Ul^ 

ir. ll «!°i h!^o 
•eparate by a filter. 

luixguldi.— ■l'(rmtc,ini'irsi;atU'tHt. X 
ri. n. Tbe Uqujil Banuiited by flltfmtlon. 
U-tntlni, B. TliB ul or iirao«a ot a 

Uth, 1 filQi; 2 fUth, n. Anything thi 
kA\» or deGlea; deGlemmt; nulinesi 
din- MHi-T, a. [nLiH'i-m; nuiffi-Mi 

in'a-UKcMfDin'B-bliSfln'a'bL, a. LiabI 

a'Dltl, 1 toi'nBl; 3 nw, a. 1. Psrtuoin 
totbeend: ulbmate; last; wncliuive. 1 
RehltuiB to tbe end ainiEd ILt; as, A fine 
(BUK— b-BlII-Ir, n. [-T1EB>. Hi.] Tb 


■nckiltindh: SflncIi.Ti 
ing bird, u A spairo* 
goidGnch, or caziary. 

■no, 1 foind; 2 Find, «. i 

IT by Beard 
IcBm, by r 


■oe'i'l foin; 


One, a. [nH'sn; ■tn'ebt.] 1. £iceI1ent; 
alecaut. ?• Liiht or delicBte; thin: IceeD; 
nSced] genaitivB^ nice; pure. I. Showy. 
•ly.oilB. -ncaa.iL— On'ciwi, n. i-af, tI.] 

fulneu; akiJL. 

r, Ifio'cKjEflo'lft'. 

flnlsh, 1 

To end; 

2 fln'y, a. Hmvinj E 

with hid) Todv 
tr, 1 (m; 2 Br, 

the pine family. 
Ire, 1 fair; 3 

set on fin; _ _ 
die ; bake, u pot-* 
tery: ^Hchar|- 
aa a firearm: ii 
pel, as from 

ingiuBlUs.— f.-eoaiHB}',!). Ammpanyof 
men employed to eiUnculdi lira.— f.^HBII. 

biilldlna.- flre^-, 

exuiunilatauu haa. >. A 

liTDL «aK.uiuiBjiviJt»rui1c or beat quality. 

adt. [Df the sea. 

ttrth. 1 SvtOi: Z (inh, n. [Scot] An arm 
■I'cal.iru'kBliSfls'eHL I. a. Pertaiiune 

FEtAry.— iliWi n. Tbeu«Biiury,aAO(aBtal«. 
■AS 1 nib: 2 flah. t. I. I. 1. To uCch, 

E^). 2. To catch, u &h, is or under 

^ti ipM^oirf"' II. i-"^o catch. 'or try 
to cstchj fish; be emplnyed in catching 
IMl— Bab'er, n. One nho aiib»: a Aafara- 

who catctaa iMi: ■ flshH-.— flah'ei^r, n. 

■iUa. adapted to live uoder '.-^ — . .. 
LooBOty, any aoimal habitually livina ii 
the water. See inua. on noil page — aah' 
Euwk'i n. A hoot for catohlnA flah on . 
Hoe.— Bsb'nan'KCT, 1 nfih'mnn'tBr; a Hah' 

loitah— «al?»-i«Sa,B.' ' "° 

aa'*ae,11Iig'il;2lls'i],a. Readily split o 
Bs'lII*. jKparaled Into layaa.— fli'alsn, i 

A Bplituott or fleparallog. 


^ 1 fiilh'ur; 2 Hah' 

plural, a agbl with Hi 

■lenchfd hand. 

-[>; 2 fla'chu-la 
IT canal cuued 
lar, 0. 

mi table; adapt; pr&* 

t, o. [sit'teh; ni'TEar.] Adapted 

s^szis^ni: s"f.":'i.'s2 

BOdlO. -I/. *"-^.W-»., -,,„,._. ..,! 

, ... , , — itability; adaptA. 

flt'llns, Ifit'iJ]; 2 nt'ing.- 1. pa. I& or 
■ui^le; proper appropriate. It.n. 1. 
The act of adjuHlJiig. 2. pi. Fiiturta. 
— Bf tlnc-Ir, iii».^i!^tlB|>iwll. n. 

Bye, 1 (olv; 2 flv. I, a. Coniiating of one 
more than foui. tL n. I. The mm of 
foot and one. 2. A ^inboJ denoting 
thia number, ai G or V.-Hf^oW. I. a. 

lilt, 1 fiks; 2 flka, I. 1. 1. I. To fasten or 
eeoure^mily; makcfirm; eatabLiAh; settle; 
determine: solidify. >. To direct sUsdily 

il aiars,— ai'ed-lr. 

- BilS^n. 

belu fixed; permaDSDce; fixed- 

E nascnitr ur -tQr. n. Anything Died Pnoly 
]n lie [dace; u. aaJHtiAfrct. 

Oab'ir. 1 flab'i; 2 flSb'y. a. Iflag'si-er; 

languid; I«bla.~flab'M-l7, ad>.— Oab'N- 

Dac 'elil, 1 flak'nd ; 2 flae'fid, a. Lacking 

lUe-ddl-t)', flae'cld^uess, n! 

Bag'. 1 Hag; 3 ft9£. d. [nikOsED, Ft^on*; 

FLAo'GINn.) To signal by a flag. ' 
flaf, K. ' To pave with flagaWnea. 

Food- akd GAHC'r 
II. Y«Jknr penb. i 

IFST.— 0iur%r'»<«' n. 1 Fonniity, Or 
Maputo or b Oa^^kla. t, An ulmlnL vice 
iwlmlnt', ot raBT-^dmlml.— r. of tncc, j 
whUc llaf displayed 10 dvDota tbat a coo 
IBeDMoi trwwMdalRd.- r.oUii, s. TIu 
Blilp cafTTtDV a Ou-oOccr and dlsptarlnj 
bto flac— Barat^.B- A pM (m •rUcb 1 

L pliuit bavins Bwoid-ehaped 

moj 'To 

bflllaiu, 1 f]»-jiih'Ds; S fla-CIsh'Ci. a. 
Flacruitly vickEd; atrocious; liHuous. 

Bv'on. 1 flBs'Bii:'2 tUlCon. n. A ycasel 
with a handle ami a daitdw tnouth^ used 

shafT by beating. 
Ai-i. ■ 
in Ha 

flHA.—c^Y, 1 uiri; 2 mrr. i. 

boi, pi,] A Saiuu torch, 
fame, 1 Item; 2 flLn. L n. truus 
ruu'iHa] 1. To blajie; shine like 
Oame: flash. 2. To bunt [orOi, as 
viotenn of pasaiaD. II. n. 1. A atna 
o< vapor or fas made JmniDousbv heat; 

•a udeat affection: 

IU-mUl'K<kin»-miD'Hi;Zfla-niIn'ga, n. j 

Jonpneoked. emtll'podied bird of a re 
HloTt having vety long ieaa. vehb« 
feel, and a hcnt bill. Bee illua. in nn 

Muvc 1 ftani^ 3 fUng. n. 

threaten the Oank 
(ctf). n. a, Per- 

orSdf. OLfi. I. 

the ribs and the 
hip t. The side 

■an'nel. i flvi'l; Z 

fUn'L, n. A looeely i-uvcu wuuu 

with soft, iia»4ike surface. 
Otf, 1 flap; 3 fWp. I. *, 4 ri. [n, 

niAFi"; Fui'pma.l 1. To_ — 

and fro nmidiy, as wings; swing or waTe: 
droop. It. n. I. A broad, limber, and 
loaody hanging part or attachment, t. 
Tbe ut of DaDpliu; a Ugbt blow.- Oa^Wi 
1 nap'sr; 2 lUp'ir, n. 
flans 1 fUr: 2 fUr. I. rf. A li. [fubed; 
VLtn'lsa.] 1. To bum fienvLv and fit- 
fully. Z. TodisplL. ._. 

sides of'a funnel, n. tt. L Afaii^tbut 
unsteady light; show; ostentation. Z, A 
spreadiog oiilward, h of the sidea ol a 

flsah, l'f1a«b; 2 tUah. f. A dr vi. To 
sond or burst forth, as a sudden brlUiant 

with thieves or thieves' talk; chnp t^ 

of wit, anger, et 

att, 1 flat; 3 mt, M, A n. [put'tuk): 

FiuiT'-nua.] To lower; flatten. 
flat, a. iPLiT'TEB: jxAr-rEHT.] 1, Level; 

S rostrate. !B. Poeitive; abiinlut«. S* 
Monotonous; dull. i. Mut. Bfdow t^teh. 

■ftt', n. 1. A Jav«l; low land vtiahed by 
the tide; shoal. 3. AnytluDi that ii Sat ; 
thB flat aide of a thing. >. JIm, A lone 
a hftlf step lower than a tone fnm which 
it ia namedp repTMented by the cbarao- 

Oml', n. A setofToomaoa one floor; apart- 
Bat, adE. Is a level poaitioa; so aa to be 

lUt'ter, 1 fiat'ec; S flKt'er, >, I. t. 1. 
praiac unduly or imrincerely; fawn 
cajole. S. To eacourage with viaioi 
hopn; delude. II. i. To uh lulsom 
UDiliH imM.— •at'tChcr. n. One 

it'H-lent, 1 flat'yu-leni; 2 flfit'yii-ienl, 

L A9«:l«d with i 

Bauiii, 1 flout 9r fleot: S fllat sr fl^nt 
1°. ><. & •!. To diapiay uglentstiouely 

rrade. IL n. 1. The act of fiauntiog 
A bosat; vaunt. 
Bs'Tor. 1 flS'Tar; 2 fli'vor L t4. To imparl 
flavor to. n. n. The taste of a thing, 
eepedallv if pleasant: often used figura- 
UTily. Oa'TOtirt. 
Haw, I Ha ; 2 fl«, rl. To make fiaws in; 

flaw', n. An inherent defect; weak spot; 

Bkw', n. A auddeu puS of wind; ■ tran- 
Oai, 1 (laka; a flika, n. 1. Th( r 

1 libtoi 

If. pertaining u. 

IImj, l^ns;™ h&TtI- To atrip ^ 

Bea. 1 fll; 3 fl9, ».' A para- 
ailie wingless inaect, having 
limbs adapted for le^ung 
and a head armed with blood" 

fl^ iffekfTotk. I». «, _ 
To spot; dapple. 11. n. A ^l**- 

dat or streak; dapple.— leckless, a. Spot- 

■M'«au,lfltk'^an;2fiaeUiaD. «. The 





'isol Tosco 


henoe, Little known, as a young poel, 
AyouniMrdJustHMged. UAff- 

; 2 fie. 

V. [flbd, 1 fled. 2 fied! 

rLEB'lMO.I Li. 




To seek safety in flightj 

fleet*. : 

fia; 2 

flet- 1. 1. 

To shear off the flenM 


S. To cover 

as with a 



The woolly oovering of a 


. [FLIlrt- 

lo. Bte. « 

with a 11 


L -. 4 B. 

To jeer at; 


Derision; a 

Owtd, 1 

fttt; 2 

net, vi. To 

3y or pas* 

-■«.t'liig, pa. 7.M 

flwt, o. 

'^Moving, or capable 


■it, adfc 


ships o! war. 


A number of vessels 

Flem'Igb. l flem 

1^; 2 flfm'ish. I, a. Ot 


Flandera. its 

leople, liter- 

ir language. 11, ». The" Flemish 



rely, or the language ol 

flcDse, 1 flens; 2 flins, ■(. To atrip tlw 
blubber or the alda from, •■ a whale or k 

fleah, 1 fle^ 

U, lfle^;2flSah. I*. t<. To glut n 
' ■■ ,ta: also, to tempt wi^ a ta 
a dog; embolden with sueci 

vegetables; t'hB body ai 
DeMlf. 0. Pertaining I 

fleur">de-llB', 1 flat 

■n. i>aa: biwcMif.di 

ng of thi 



.-Mr&-j, ■ 


Oei'iire, 1 nek'iliur w flekt'yur; S fl 
that or tian'yu- ' •----■-- » 

,_.., ._ j:told. 

IUrk,lilik;g[nk. 1 

ILti. Aquick,IiKht«cmkB 
Olrk'cr. 1 mic'ei: 3 fllk'Kr, 

aleady or waverinK, as a J 
Dlck'eri, n. Awavinsorfii 

a BickennA or flutterme td 
— ■ ■ - TiiH gnldBn- 


Up** n. A Iwt dniik of «]e, sinoeil and 

Up'paat, 1 flii/BDt: 3 fllp'aol. a. IjEht, 
otn. aod irilUiw.— fltii'Mia-ci. il mp'- 

■ «p'p«fr,lflip'Br;3flIp'er.n. A limb UKd 


'a make love f^ 


niTt, n.' 1. One whi 
triSer. t. Theaa' ' 

B'er. ) 1 fldi'Br: 3 flTer, n. That wUch 

Br'er, Jfiies; a Syinc bird; a fugilivB. 

mtht,lt]aH:2nn.n. 1. The act, prowsa, 
or power of flyiof or of fleeioA; awift 
movement^ the diAtanoa traveled, as by 
a prajeatile. 1^ A flock or Bwonn of fly- 
inff creatur^^ 3. A lofty and Huatained 
tSon. t. Anaeoeutorsaies.asofstsirB. 

Udltl', 1 fLoit'i; 8 fBt'y, a. [riioBr'i-EF; 
I'Liam'i-Effr.l Capridoua; gfdds: da- 
Otimg-aiabifMT, odl.- 0V>*1-'H«> 1- 

UlD'ST.lfliiu'n^SflliD'ir.a. [fuh'si-er; 
nju'si-BBT.l ThinaodVnk; ineffective. 
~ BlB-iMr, odi.- UmtlAM^ n. 

ttneht, 1 flioim: 2 flinch, n. To shrink 
hniit as from pwnoc dunKW.wavertwi - 
fHfl;3flln«._.. -iFLnHa. l^ftoj 

To thru 

A aide (of a ho^ 
. t. 1. To beep 

i or carried along by a uq 
asbOs azKl meiy.— Oaat'a 

. An object that fioate o 

herd oTuiimi 

- Bu'cer, n — aai:'clBC, 

■.i-lent; E nSc'vu-lfnt, 

It. tf. T^^ii^ble; 
.. 1, A company or 
ehcep or birdg. 9. A 

. maaa of flnattnc polar 


1. The act of casting out, doi> 

' ' A 1^? flSSnXor leap"; "alwel y 
3. Free raiife for induF- 

hard. dull-col 

./. To in 
II. t. 

Lcc; daah; 

, 1 flint; 3 fnnt 

icty Of qtlarta 


the flocxl; overSoi 

"he tide at its height; high 

e supply.- Oood'^aie", n 

■traint for an outpoiulng. i 

3 fl6r. I. III. 1. To 

.r. 3. To thro 

overthrow; vanquiah. I 

the Booi: 
1. The 

■peal — Hoorlnc, n. 

Up. 1 flip; 8 fnp, nl. 
lightly and quirikly. 

»: i>irif,d|i;Mbk.UIftt;tqll,r||le,cace,biil,b( 

1. The aaen- 

y. a. [F-] Bom. 
were.- AiyTal, a. 

Bat. 1. The MaW^being in " ' 

flo'rl--cnl-Wn, 1 flc'ri-knl-bhui 
flS-ri-e01-:hur sr -t6r, i - 
tjon of flowert or oraam 

■orld, 1 flsr'id: Z flSr'iil, 

Ooraa, 1 tlar'ia: 2 tlUfi 
nlver {joio; ^flo, a so]4 

t, 1 fis'iiBt: z na' 

■ -tiur; 3 
Th* culti™- 

... „. I. HaviiK ■ 
ily red. S. Eices- 
-Oa-ridl-tr, n. 

■ui; 3 flo-rtr*r-iia. 

pulverlie. 2. To gpriokle Sour u) 

broad flat body. 
L. To 
and bolUd Hub- 

flourlsb', jl flnrtih; E flEr'ish i! I. (. 
flaunt.' a. To "mbeufah with'flouhabes! 

aoni'lsli, n. 1 

St. .. I. *. 
I.i. TobJ 

The binsaam ot ■plant: 
flowering plant. See il- 
pBgE. 3. The best of au*- 
omanKnt; flsure of speech. 

qu&uiy of bclns Bidd, ■u'M-aaM. 
luke, 1 flak; 2 fl^. n. The part ot as 
anchor that holds to the froiind; a loba 
of a whale's tail; a barb on a barpooD. 

; 2 tlum, n. A narrow passage 

inuni'ar-.-,BflOni'gr-y,n. i^ 
4Lpid ; humbug. Z* A dish of 

tliTough w! 
liuk'i, "li 

nong. fmp. A pp, of rUHQ 
[;afi;Bn(ioli'y.n- [»lcn 
«r^-~-V p'-l 1' Ad obeequii 
; toady. S. JCoUoq.] A servani 

I'M, 1 fla'ei 

Hubstanoe, a comi>Duiid 
I fluoriDn phoephoreaoent 
lu'wr4t«Ii flo'«c«par"l. 

1 flQ'o-res'eiiH: 2 Hy'o- 
e property, pooBeeDed by 



of ralDcrats and metaU.— bloodT Bhi. dn- 

flai'lon, 1 fluk'^en; S flOk'abon, ». 1. 
The act ot flowing or nielling; that which 
SoKi or melts. S. Math. The nte ot 


flS",™.' & ri. To Stive fram'eo'ver; 

be violently impelled: ei'plode; 'bunL— 

chiefly iD the put parliciple, iwi'th ap. 

njlDcllib-, n. A nab vltb lane peotond 
fins that buoy It up tu) It mnvo throngb tha 
alr.-aiip|[H)BlrnH. 1. A saiilrrBl^pulii 

a lold o! sSn loUlag tie lore and Und lem. 


. loDi gliding leaps, t. A mamiclal at 

a^h>, ™.""Tbe set of fludiini a bird; a 


bird or birds aUrcIed from oner. 

fltlBh', n. A hsnd of curds all of one suit. 

flusb'. n. A sudden gush or rush of water. 

A ii«iit (siLRiase.- By'Maii'. 1. a. A in. 

flush'. 71. Abundance. 

|ri.i'BtO"»", 1 flortilDn", a Ht'blSn'; n.i'- 

flua'ler, I flus'tBC; 2 Qiig'tei. I. w. To 
confuse: Huny. 11. n. Confuaion ol 

mind; flurry. 

flute. 1 flat; 3 flut. ri. 4 iii._ [fiuT-ii^; 

fly. •^' I. One of variouK raipidly moving 
objects or devices; as, the jf^ of a print- 

To pl^on 'a Baur^^'^'^UAO^i 
Bound.— Dnt'edf pd. 1. Cbanneled: crimped. 

i^^fl^Jear-A^'A w!ik\^t Vt'tte'^: 

smiling or end 01 a boot.- By.wheel,B. A 

J. A crtmp, B« In a woman's niBle. 
Bate, n, 1. A small tubular wind^nstru- 

heavy wheel whose weight nslala BUddffli 

Bceed-cbaDies, Ui us securing unlfonn nwUoik 

By'er, n. Same Bi TLUB. 

foul, 1 (SI; 2 fcil. 1. W. i .i. To givB 

flut'ter, I'flol'ar: 2 flflt'Sr, t. I.I. To 

shakB:agitato:vibratc. 11. t. Tomake 

colt or El^. 

the ivinBS vibrate rspidly: move fitfully: 

roam, 1 foTn; 2 fSm. I. lE. & n. To 

gather, produce, or emit foam; make or 
become foamy; froth. K. n. A col- 

flut'lcr, n. The act of fluttering; agita^ 

flu'vt-al, 1 flB'vi-Bl; aflu'vi-al, o. Of, per- 

lection of minute bubbles forming s 

lalolug to, or lonned by a river. fluTI-a- 

frothy msH- foam-r, a. Covered with 


(oam: (oam-like. 

Ilui, 1 flDka; 2 flQka. I>. H. To melt; 

fOb,lfBb:2 f6b,n. A watch-pocket in tha 

iolri^ ™nidlinfr "Wdd.' Diarrhea. 

waistband of trouaers, or a chain or nbban 

», A substance that promotes the luaine 

ro'cul, 1 fO'ksl; 2 fa'cal, a. Of, pertainin. 

of ravH of light; any point of con- 
m. S. C<om. Oni, of IwopoLnla, 
ellipse. th« lum or diSereoce of 

roc, 1 (ag; 2 (», n. 1. CondenBed watery 
vapor auBp«nacd in tha air oe&r the earth; 
HiiBt. 7. BeivildermeQt; perplexity; ob' 
■miriti.— roTlMT. odi.- ^fi-na«, n.- 
roK-n, llBB'i:2'*ry, a- FiJloiorniTored 
wHH fog; ubacure; oonTused. 

ro'w, 1 fo'p; 3 tft'iy, n. fFD'oiKs-, pi.) 
A penon of old'tadiloued doUom.- t»-«f- 

rainilc, )1 fBi'bi; 2 ffli'bi. n. A peraorml 
roU, 1 foil : 2 f5il, a. To render iaeOHtiisl; 

foU'. n. I. MfltsliE 

tnst. 3 

rotafl, 1 If 
n. To 
olyly; pe 

roM"!, 1 U. 

, lap. S. To em- 
To shut in Folds. 

n B fold, aa sheep. 

doubled over a£- 
An embrsoe. 

paper folded onoc 

li-0, 1. A sheet of 
B. booli of the larieet 

folk, 1 ink; 2 fSk, n. 1. People eollectiveli (Colloq.,U. S.) ThoMolDDe'Bfainil) 

Mll-cle. 1 tel'i-lil; 2 IS"' ' 

.™ ■„ J m. ,, t (Sl'y, n. Jpoe'lieb', r.l.) 
The state of being foolish: fooliah conduct, 

fo-ment'<>, i lo-racnt'i 2 lo-mPnt' n. 1. 
To apply warm or medicated lotions to. 
3. To stir up to_hcat or violence; insti- 

roDd. 1 fond; 2 

fonf, 1 font; 3 fBnt, n. 1, A, receptacle 

2 f5od. n. Nourishmsnt; 

Dutnmenc; aliment 

fool, lfal;2l661. 1. W. *n. To make a 

fonl of; impose upon; deceive; play tha 

fool, 11' n. 1. A person lackiiiE seoae; 

A ojMut ^mux.— faal'ti-i,' n. l-m', rtJ 
Foolish oonduce: anytUw rnniuh— fool'- 
hu'dy, 1. Bold HiDioiit li 
r«d-lsta, 1 


umn of figurEi. Ill li. Td go afoot: walk. 
fMt, n. [feet. 1 nt; 2 fit, pf.l 1. The 
pirtbifowtho Miliki in msn, or the oor- 
reapondlDC part in othtr moimaEi, Z- 
Ai^thais in itny way lilie an animal's 
' ■-- ' '-irtof Blbing; thelnelol 

in place ot; in honor of; fay thp i 

IL canj^ Seeing that^ einoe; be 

rar'Kse, 1 for-ij; S Br'ae. I. n 

oJ iDrbfarlDK^ patienci 

M^blil', 1 faT4)id'; S fSr-bId'. >t. [roi- 
BLDB', 1 (er-tsiul'.2[(b--b&d'; tob-bid'deh. 
1 fsr^d'a, S ffir^ld'n, or tob-bio'i fo>- 

oree, 1 tan; 2 fSrc. I. W. 
TOBrtHQ.l 1. Tooompel. », 
ToitimulatB arlifid»Uy. H. 

eroion; logenny; effioaey; im- 1 11 \ 
port, Tt- An orgaoiied rjody. t mij 
ai oi troom: an armr.— lom'* ^^8 
fal, a — tancTaHT. adp— "CilB 
force' ■paoui'i ■■ A pump r-n 
tluc laroca Buid oni or up by 

or'ms, 1 fer'Kpac 2 fSr't»p8. <*» ^' 
n. I^«n for (nupinc or n- PumP 
■norina ODall objacU or fomcn boi 

or'el-Mc^ll fBr'n-b!; Z far'^i-bt. n. 

qr'cl-M»i f AccQmplished by force. 
Bnenetlc; cogsit.— for'd-U (•-■««'i 
lOr'd-blT, adt. 

ord,lfflrd;2fanl. I^. M. Towadean 

wsdniaiiraa-ronl'a-Mlci', a. 
Ore, 1 for- 2 for. 1- a. Prccedine in p 
OT time; lorVHTd; Antecedent; prior, 
n. Th« foiemosl part; Uie lewlinE pi 
HLofi. 1. Naut. AtortfliraTdthel 
I. Before; forward; in front. IV. j. 
BelcHT.— dm'vDd-aft', n. Ljln« or g 

;fae arm that L 
. 1 fOr-bad'; e fOr- 

rore-caiit'<<, 1 fBr-kost'; 2 far-einf , r 

calculaleorplanbelaTahaDd; pr«dic 

roK'cut', 1 far'kaet"; 2 fOr'eiat", n 

ron'emg*(kv 1 far'kaal or (/^oul.) fal 

tl proceedinKS the richt tc 

iiMg»tfld«Dpet^ i 

KuelKtlier, 1 lOc'fa-l 

rore'fln''ixr, I fOr'fin'gBr; S fOr'tlD'tST, > 

TTiH 6nger nart lo tfie tbumb. 
fore'foot", 1 fOrtuf; S fflr'fSif, it. 

Con foot, 
fore'rrnut', 1 fSrTront'; 8 fBr'trint", i 

The foremost psit or poution. 
tOre-co", 1 fBr-gO': 2 tflr-jft', *. Ifoki 

wENy; fobs-oomb'; rOBfr^io'iMa.l 1 

Hive up; rvtinquiBh, 
(bre-co'', il. A ti. To rd io Bdvum o 

eo beforar— fWv-flvlu« ps. Occurrlni pn 

vlDwrir; anUcnlsnt.— JOC«'|lin(«'f pa. 1> 

fonluwd'cd, 1 fGr'huid'ed: 2 lAc'hKua'- 

6d.o. 1. Dons in Kood time, ». |U. S. 

HHviiiE n»Dey sB¥«d: thriftF. 

rorelKmd, 11 fer'od; 2 [eP«d, n. Thr 

roi«11«d>, J upp«r part o( tho face, b«- 

fol-'eHtn.Ufer'uiiatBr'm.a. Of or from 

belimtuiHl.— ron-luiawl'edEe, 1 

forelaDd, I'fai'luid; 3 fBt'lindT i 
projBCtiiig point of luid. 

1; 3 fSt'lfc ■ ' 
3 fir-lSk*, r 

bn'man, 1 Mr'mBDi 2 tor 
body o[ no Amen. 

t^r?it in plnoe, tiEQC, rank, or order; chitf. 

lliB period of d^iiclit pncedins oudday; 

the mDraiDf. 
i;B-Rii<sle. 1 fo-ren'iik: S fo-r«n'git, a. 

Pertaiiiing to oourtg ol justice oi tu 

pnblio dinnitation. 
tSK*ii(-Atbi', 1 Kr-ar-dtn': e fei'Si^dftn'. 

rf. To ordam 1»foreha£d; prodiv^nqte. 

_r ibefoT^i&od. 

f««-tell', 1 fflr-tel'; 2 tOr-tfl'.n. » 
[FOaB-TOLD'; rOBB-TBLL'lNO.] To pi«t 

foK'thODiht*, 1 fOi'OiSt"; 2 fOr'thfit' 
ConaidnutiDa beforehand; prudent < 

foK-wun', 1 ffti^Honi'; 2 fe 

To nam beforahuid; iaatruct 

— (on-wnrnliiE, ■. 
ror'Mt,)! fortit; 2 fflr'Qt. 
tortlt'i [low through some Im 

or error. IL a. Forfeited. 

A tbinji lost by defsuCt. ' 


inUnl to deTnud. II. i 

of iDtitry-— forg'er. .•.— r .. _ . 

ler-i or ISr-lw-i; E ror'tSr-y or rflr'rtr-y. «. 
I-TEB*^ pi.] 1. Tbe ut of fWffllkl. !■ A 

fMvv^ p. I. i- To impd forward, II. >- 
To BO slowly or with dLfficulli'. • 

tSne, n. 1. An open Breplace or hwrth 
with lomd draft, u for bUiiikemithiac. 
%, A plaoe where mstAl is forged. 

for^vt', 1 for-get'; 2 fOr^El'. rt. A ri. 
[roK-aor', 1 fer-gsf, B Tfir-jat': rOB- 
Qffi'TFB. 1 [Bi-Kot'n, 3 far-ftSt'n; for- 
owr'TiHQ.l 1. To loH fnrni the memory, 
t. To Lim Interen Id; Deileet.— for-fCt'TBl. 
a. Forgetting «dly; ncalcntTuL -ly, ado. 

giv'; B tfirJIvr^ [roB- 

. 1 (or-gOi^, 2 fflr-JSv': 

i-aiv'iHO?] L t. Topardoa; 

mnuv^c^inii.uitdeht, IL t. To show 

Kt oF TorflvlDE; paMoD. S. 

to loi^ve. llir-clT^DC-De*.,.— ._-i 

iDCt pd. DIflpoeed to forgive, -ly, oat 

Ux-itAf. l"ip. 4 PIP- of FOBOCT. 1.— (or.1 


1 fSr 


tOr'ml-dk-M', fdo-ti!, 

comnusii.- lOr'inl-dk- 

ror'mu-lB, 1 for'iniii- 

[-..AS" or -LJl. pf.l . 

■L&tcmect,— for'IDD-U 


u-da-hl; a Iftr'nTi- 

er; diffioult to u> 
*y, a*.. 

oi 2 fSr-mll-LK, n. 
. filed rule; «ncl 

A dlanosltioD 


>r di( inth a fork 

proiuce; also, anythiiuE of like 
.- forlMd, 1 ttekl sr CSrk'edi B 


ia dii 

2 f6r-BUt'. m. IPOK- I 
ar-^>e£k': foh-sm'bn I 
lAi'iNQ-l To learn 

'iBfQr-aooth'iOfir. In 

formula: type in a chaae ready fo 
pren, «. A ]oD£ beach without a 
form'Al, 1 form-el; 2 fSrm'al. a. 1 
rardlug with eatabUibed fortnn; on 
Dill; cettnnonioua. 1^ Fertaining to 

— fbraUJiBi. H. , 

at tami*.— Kna'aHati ■ 

a. l-m^, III.1 •"■ 

betiis formnl: a tt ._. 

— bmn'al-lr, « 

fdrt, 1 fOrt; 2 fflrt, n. A deft 

fortifieatioQ; fortrean. 
fWte, 1 tCrt; 2 fOrt, n. Th. 

!-.s£S3t i 

(flr'ti-fi-ol'sh. .. 

Bd«ace of foraying. 2* A milttuy de- 

far'U-fy. 1 tBr'ti-fQi;*3 fOr'ti-fl, 

emivB wor^^^^vs <_ren 

■ ^»7lo 
StrenEth of mind to eoidun ouifsi 

fort 'nisllt', 1 firt'iuit' or fert'mti i 
irft" or ffirt'nil, n. A pertod ( 

permBneBt iort: BitrDD«hDld: otitl 
for-tn'l-faHis, 1 ' — "■'- " " 

[ hy chin 

foJ^rtTS; Ww^iQ'i-ti; S'fOftO'My. n. 
Cbaooe o<»un«i«. 

for'tu-iute, 1 [er'tihu-Cor -tiu-lmt; B fOi'- 
chulor -ta-JoAt. a. C HAppflninc by a 
favDrableahui^ilucliy. Z. Fsvomtwlth 
(ood lorWDB.-. rortDHaaW-Iji mn. 

ror'tnnc, 1 fSr'cbua or -tiuo ; 2 fOr'chun or 
-ton, n. Chsnee; eapeci&IL]-, favonble 
chsnce; lot: luck; ■ucce»; ft luve MUls: 

for'(7, lfir'ti:2far't7, I. a. CoDsbtins 
of tsB more thui thirty. II. n. The nun 

or ri/BA, pi.] A plp« of public uaembly, 
as in uusent Rome: ui Mwmbly; tribu- 
□sl; oourt, 
riirlnrd, 1 (Sr-werd; 2 (ftr'w«rf. I', vt. 
To 0etid forvkrd; help onward; further; 
transmit. II. a. 1. Located at or near 
the front. 3. Advanced ; advandnx. &. 

nr. adi. Toward the front; onward; 

ahead, for'wwdtl. -It, odf. -■■■■ «. 

foa'ill, 1 fea'i!: 2 1W± I. n. Pfin'fied; 

antiijuatflL IL n. 1. A body. 
Lrified form of a pUuit or an ani- 

11 thepetrifi 

ome anOquated. 
>l. To nouriih; 

M, r.'Iklber. f.nBOther, f.<pamt, f.. 
«rt f*p«OB»aiieflODaidfi:eaaBboldliif the 

t: w^, d||: bMk. b«M: OfU, npe, cAre, M 

, oathMme; Slthy. t, dh»lruet- 
eataoiliiif. or injurins: unfair. III. 
kn att of fouling; a colliaiun; breach 
jle. IT. ads. Foully.— fanlij, mil. 

i^mi'^, I. 

3. To ful; b* ntfiMd. 1. To make or go 
lame, ai a horK^niucli infls.mmation 

h lfami<l'lii]:3found'ling. n. A 

, To lay the foundation 
itabliih. II. i. To form 
jelief or Minion: f oHowed 
rMIB-da'tfon, n. 1. Ttw 

X ndowa,— Ibmid'NU. n. 

cavt, aa iron, by melting 


rlsd Infant 

[rOuVDHIIB*. pi.] 

raoBt, I ftmnt: 3 It 

t o.-nvik, 1 nrch; a 

( tn 019* atlv the tlilrd. 

II. a. Ooe 01 lOuc Kiual part*. -It. otfi. 
fowl, 1 fouk S fowl, n. 1. The nwunon 
domestiecookorlMO. t> pi. Poultry in 
general. 1. Birda «dl«tively: aa, wild 
fsUI. Bee niiM. DO dbI page.— tanl'w. n. 
One *lio eatelHB or knH buila lor toon ot 
food.- l»wMll»iall«iw", ». AllgtatBaooth- 

B. Juvldge coehlni. 10. Light ) 

foi, 1 Isks; 3 fMco, i>. 1. AbamwinKiwniiK 

r fsi'm; S U 

tarium and lobby, u in a theater, etc, 
fntas, 1 frelias; 2 frA'cns. n. A iwi 

fight or quanfil; uproar, 
fne'tlon, 1 fr&k'^sn; 2 frie'lhon, n. 
A fmsineat; pc^tioa. t. The Bum of 
number □£ equal ports of a unit, aa t, 
Vk 0,3G.' fkaa^HoD-alp a. -tj, adt. 
mc'tioiu, 1 fcak'shus: S frit'shai, 

fTBc'tnn, I [rak'dliur or -Mat 

or -tOr. I. U. * ri. [ 

TKAO'TUB-iNa.] To break, 

act of breaJdnK; a braak, 
fng^Ie.ll fnj'il; Z MfH, 
fracll', (broken; mn: dctloa 

t-tt, H. Fraclte qiulllr. 
flSK'ineilt, 1 frag'meQt or-m 

dBUKbea pomos.— rnw'DHii-ia-iT, a. 

tn'sntaX, 1 fre'grant: 3 rrft'grant, n. 
HsiUe ao aaragaUs imdl.— rn'craaet. n. 

crsD-crt-— Sn'oanUi, adv. 
tnOtlirH-.Zlta.a. 1>J i irately coDBtJtut- 
ed; easily brfiken or deatroyed; easily 
Ienip<ail;UaliMtobeledutfsr. -ly, ndi.- 
tksD'ty, s. [nxiL'nca', ;il.] Tbe aute al 
being Iran; s moral InOmilty. tnll'iHgil. 

t; 2 frfir- 

,— IHne'wark", a 

fr*DC, 1 trsok; 3 friUpe, n, A Freneb ailver 

Crftn'cbig or fr&n'chTjH n. A political 
ri^t, privilege, or eiemptiQii; auQTaffe; 

rran'Kl-ble,'u fmn'Ii-bl; 2 frao'iri^b], 
fraD'ci-bl'-. In. Eaafly broken; tragUe.- 

■ten'gl-Un-ty, a. 
fnnkt, 1 freak: S fr&Dk. i4. To eend Iree 

rrailk.a. t. CBTicli[|aiidopTO;inEeDuauF. i. 

Germaaic tribei »ttled OD the Wiioe 
early is the ChrialiaD eis. 1. In tbs 
Orteot, any Europoui,— FraiUtlab, d. 

rrantle, 1 fran'tik; 2 h&n'tit, a. Wild 
eiolted; Irsuled.- rnn11-eal-ly, odi. 

(r»-tcr'nKl, 1 fm-tui'asl: 2 fra-tEr'nal, 
BrotAvTly. -ly, adv.— rra-fer'nl-ty, 

[^ma". jri.] BrotJlerbDod; t^othvly adP 

■il-m'[oc -aalUon, n. 
hatlf-eldc, ] frat'ti 


IT hold naiowehlp.— (>«(-*». 



I, Dcffiitful dealing; 

- - fnSd.-tra>tf'D- 


IPoet.l Fnlilit«ili 

To wear; (ret. II. 

h, and, eta. 

•; eomtiat. 
at baLng frayed: n 

tnmk, 1 Wk7sT^ A'^ddeiT™;;^ 
less ohange of mind; a whioL 1. A tooii- 
Hzoilcy.— Aeaklsh, a. -ly, ait. -aen, n, 

rreck'le,) 1 frek'!; 2 trfk'l, I. K. A ri. 

mark or bo marked «itii frecklea II. n. 
A Bcoatt, oolored spot on the Ahla.— frccklyt 




i; fan 

4. GrB 

a. Liben ,. 
gratultou^y: wJIUoffly. «Jyf adt. -iMi 
n.— flw'lHwCn'. n. A robtar. 
teed'niftii, 1 fild'men; 3 frM'man, n. i 

im, 1 fiTdem; 3_ (rt'dom. n. 

rrecscll (rlE; 2 fr«i, tl.& n. [fro'zih, 

tteeir. ; 1 fre'in, 2 (t&'nn, cjr raoiB, I frfli. 

S frSi; rBEEi'ma.l To harden nith cold; 

ooDgeal: hiu or be fclUcd by oUd.— rreei'cr, 

ltm'Br;SMi^,m. One who or ttBt wlUcli 

tMlsht, 1 fiBt: 3 fret. K M. To load; 
traiupon. II.n. Qoadstranspartni. or 
the pric« of traEuportation; that with 
wbiDtL anylUnE is laden.— IMiht'^i, n,— 

FrHlcll,lfreach;3fi«ncti. I. a. Pertain- 
ina to Fraoce. U. n. The lanauBEe or 
iwopls ot Franiw.— VMndi'niui, n. One 

Irtn'W.^tren'uiSfrti/u'. I. m. [itbkV- 

•pL] 1 


Sraign BO painted. 

freah'et, l frefli'ot; 2 frfsh'St, n. j 
ftwh'man, 1 [re^'man; B frSah'm 

'?, flrei; 2 

A oollegfi Btudent iu bia 

to fret; pe^vltTi; wtvrylnf; agitated. 
fri'*lble, II trn;'B-bl;2frI'a-b1, a. Eo 

«', 1 ink; 

bbiiix together of tvo bodies, or tha | 
Qdrance to motioQ to Modueed; attri- I 
c- MCdoD-al, 0. 

amy, 1 fmi-dii 2 frf'.Jy, n. The aiith 
y of Itie veek.— Good FMdaf, the FrMsr I 

'end', (cberiehea kindregaid foTanotht 
an adherent; ally. 3, JF^ One of t 
BoMely of Fpienda; a ftnaier.— trlend'lei 

1. A coarae. nhagEy woolen cloth. 
1 trVitr 2 frtfat.n. Aaoki.«tyle 

Kue.- Msbl'n^, a! Apt to Induce ter 
nr: eboaung:. -tj, adv. •!■«■, n. 
frteld, 1 frii'id; 2 (rfg'id. n. Ot Ion 
(«mperatun; cold; formal and forbiddine 
-ly, odi. 'oen, n.- ttt-|dd1-t7. 1 fn-]ld' 

frill. )I (ril:2 f^. I.vl.&ri. To mab 
frll'.tuilo a frill; put frilla on; be irUled 

MnKe, 1 frinj; 2 frtng. L U. [fbikqi 
FBiHo'iNo.| Tobordarwithufnime. 1 
n. A borit^ tU o[ peudeaC conla; 

tUi". n./™.' ' ' ' 

frisk, 1 iriafc; 3 triBk. I', ti. To 1- 

flbout playfully; frolifl. IT. n- A pL 

tDl BUpiilDE Hbout- M*kl-lr, adD.- trbl 

neu, n.- Itttm, o. Uvcly or ntartul. 

mtb. 1 Iriih; 2 frith, n. Bsma as fibti 

frit'ter, 1 (rit'BC: 2 IHt'5r. I. tl. 

«s9t« little hv little; with aicaa. II. 

1. A small fried cake. 2. A (bred. 

(riT'o-lons, 1 trii-'o-luBi 2 trtv-o-lila, 

Trivial; trtaiug; glllr. 'ly, aift. -ncu, i 

rrl-Tol1-(ri 1 fn-velt-tj; 3 Frl-voi'1-ty. 

. la-ii 

pl.i ■ 


: fri.. 

, /™ 

Lous, wel>faot- 

ed HTiimaL ■ 

frog'.n. 1. The I 

travk. I 

ft^i, n. 1. Ad ■ 

ornamental DevelopniBnt ol the FTog. 
fastening of B o.^km; h.b.MnuuliE jmint 
The loop of a iimrth: cidult 
KBbbBTd. 3. A aHilDr'a eoat or frook. 
fNllc, 1 Irel'ik; 2 friW'ie. 1. ti. I?eol'. 
icied'. raOL'lCT": moL'iCK-rao.J To play 
mirthful prankfl; oport. Tl> a. Meny; 
iportiTe. HI. i. A playful act; merri- 

i Sf • after. 2. In 

tMnd, 1 frond; 2 ftSnd. fi. A leaf-like ei 

pansion, aa of ferni. 
fronfJ,!! front; 2 tnJnt, B. I. i, T< 
nanfjface toward; confront. 11. i 

To have the front in a certain direction 

with on or up™. 
fn>nt,a. Situated atthefront; fmulal. 
front, 71. 1. The foremoat part of any 

th{ig|;;theforehead;brow:rgc«. X. Poa 

lr,n. Thp border of a 

frontlet, 1 froQtlrt; 2 frantlet, n. A 

band worn on the forehead. 
fWwf'', 1 frSm; a frfiat. B. 1. i. Tn cover 

with or iojure by frost; applyfroBting to. 

II. i. To frceie; assume the appearance 

frost, n. Minnte crystals of ice formed di- 

udi.— rrostl-Mw. n.— (ro«tii«. r. a 
■urface Imitating frost, as a auxared covering 
of c&te,— rnwt'i, a. IraosI'I-iH; raOBfi. 

frotb.' 1 trafh; 2 IrBth. I', vr. & ri. To 
OBUse to foam; foam. n. n. A mass of 
bubbles, as fn>m fermeDtation; any lisbt. 

frown, n, A wiinkllne of the brow, as 

frow'HT'^i frou'H; 3 frow'iy. n. (frow'- 

11-er; n.ow-i,-EBT.l Uokempt; slovenly. 

froxe, 1 frCU; 2 IrCU. imp^. fni'Mea, ^p. of 

fh>'ipn,'l fra'm; 3 fryin, jw. Solidified, 
benumbed, or killed by cold; overspread 
with ice 

trattl-tT. 1 frok'ti-foi; 3 frile'ti-n, r. 
t-nro; -^'iso.l 1. (. To render fruit- 
ful, it (. To yWd (rult,- trae-tl-a-ea'- 

Irm'pd, 1 ttO'wl; 3 tni't*!. a. Eoodou 
Jou; Bvinc; ipailiv; nwunr. 4, ode- 

ftn-cA'eMHUl, 1 tni-j: 

ePir-Ha. a. Fruit-beui 

lra-ClT'04itlu, 1 fm-iiT'< 

s;. 2 frij- 

pL&nt; «dibJa product 

SfrUt'if.i' FriiltcoDi 
-fimlifer-tt, n. A 

[)l^ or -TA, pL] T^t 
ohialeft ofsKlidaftar 

ha base; a fragment. 

ra] To 

■'boil. a. 

2 frOs'tfim. n. 

L (ul-fil'i 2 f«I-m', 

fiill>i II [ul; 2 ful, If. & ti. To Buks or 
fnl<', / become full: ghow fulnesa. 
miP, I. L t. To make (cloth) thudur, ■* 
in a fullingqni]]. II. i. To tbickon by 

fun, a. SntainiiiB til that tlu span wilt 
lK4d: DUsil; ampts: oomplata.— fDlrr. ait.— 

mn, n. Tba hixhot state, pdnt, ordecnt: 
ths (late of beinc fidl; fuliKaB. [quit«. 

nn, adt. Without abBtemSHt; fullr: 

fOD'w, 1 ful'u; E ful'ft', n. One who fuUa 
■ud deaniai clatlL— fullan* enth. a dar 
Daed In funiDa olotti-— fnU'at^ri n. A 
ptK« wbcnslDtli la fiUlad. 

fBl'ml-iiale, 1 fnrnu-nni 2 fQI'mi-niLt. >, 

(-HAT"BDd;-BAT"lNO.]_I. (. ToCiplodo; 

utter as a tlireat. II. i. To thunder; 
Mnaure or Umalco atonnUr-— fttl'ml-m'* 

wbldi ti fulminated.— (lil'nil-n»-to'*ryt a. 

rnl'iDl-iuite, n, A nibehuioo that el- 

nu'wote, 1 1 ful'sam; 2 fvl'nin, o. Offen- 

nU'anm'JnTa (rom •teas ol pnuaci 
ooane; IndeUsato. -b, odt. -■»■■■ n. 

rDin1>le,U fum'hl; S tOm'bl, W. Jb n. 

fUm'bl',|[rnii'BL(B)n»: njK'BLura.l To 
fee] about clum&ily. 

ronw, 1 fiOm; 2 fQni. L n', IimicD; 
xnu'roa,! To emit amoke, (ae. or vapor; 
laie; rave. U. n. 1. Vapor, eapscuUlr 
aa narootic or choldnc. 1. Futious ancer. 

ra'ml-nte, 1 fiQ'mi-iM; 2 fa'mi-£At, it. 
[^i*T^<i; -OAT'moTl To subject to 
amoka or fvmu; (Uatntedt.— ni*ml«ca'< 

fOD, I {an; Z flin, n. That vhiofa ueilei 
meiriment; frolic; drollery; Joko. 

roDcthni, 1 fTTQk'dian; 2 [Bss'Aaii, n. 
1. Tb« appnjpiiala buontaa. duty, w 
offioe of any paiaon or thing. 3. A pub' 
He oeremoay or enlart^iiiDcnt. S. Maik. 
A depandant quantity,— taBstloih*!. a.— 
ftuM^an il ly. ait.-tmme>tBm-*tf, \ 
rvi3k'AaiHfr<i;gflll^ihon.frC7, n. L-UKa*. 
rll A pubUo onoal. . 

n»ld,lf[md:2fand. K K. To con^^rt 
(vaiioua debta) iaio a nnsle fund wcnir«d 
by atooka or bonda. U. rt. 1. A mm of 
mooey or stock of oonvertiblc wealth ; a 

b ths plunl. 
nro-daiiWD'tal, 1 fim-i 
flkn'da-mfia'tAl. I, a, Kviftuua lo or 

nmnitutuic a foundation; ipdispeiinble; 

nt'MMil, 1 fiO'naMl; S fa'nRc-nl. I. a. 
PerUinuic to a tuaenL trn'oer^rrt- 
a. f>. TIh cenmanuH op penom it- 
lendinc the borisl ol the dsad. 

ta-ot'rn-M, I tia-nl'n-Bl; 2 fo-ne're-al. a. 
PeTtwmns to or luit^ki (or a (uuxfhJ; 

tan'rm, 1 ftm'Km; 2 tio't&i. n. [ruH'ni, 
1 fon'Joi, 2 iia'tJ, or TnN'Q™-i3,y.l 

muBhroomajtoadSools. otc,; ^M.^sotl, 

^S«Jl SV««;™ "reOMi. 
moulhed conical veml lor GlHof doge v»- 
■ela with bquide; tonaeJ. 3* A amokfrrupe^ 

taWaj, 1 fDo'i; 2 fWy a, (nrn'si-iii; 

fnr, 1 ffn; S Itu. I. tl. [nnsui. rDBD^; 
rnB'BiHQ.l To cover, line, or trim with 
fur. It. a. 1. The »ft. fine coat cover- 
ing the dun of maiiv 3, n|. 
or aiilrcl. line. Skins of fur-bearinc sni- 
maJji; also, apparel made of them. S. 
An7 riDa7 Dowlu-— '■r'rIllAi a. 

for'be^aw, I fa?ta-la; 2 fOPbe-IC, n. A 

farOiliIi', 1 [irrT)i*h; 2 fOn)Ut, «. To 

ror'catc, 1 furTiet; S fOr'tlt, o. Forked. 

Fu'rlea, Tbe. CIoh. MtOi, Tbe avengliit lod- 

„U tiit'lB; 2 fC 

ture anclonnc a fire^hiunber. ai [or 
AmeltiiiE or heatiofl. 
rDT-Dlsb, 1 for'niOi: 3 fbr'nish, K. To fit 

; 2 f ftr'nl- 

liairs, U 

■1 rm'mr. -rfr: 2 .fp'i«r, -rflr, n 
'■ — ■; mania. [dujer i- "- 

I for-Mr; 2 fOr'i-te, 

Iir'tliei ■ ■ 

help fi 

"m. adv! More nau 
addlilan; bnlilcs.^ Mr 
TM act ot tnrUKTlnE ad' 

as ampar. oj 
IvaniHt; fuller: 

fD'ft, I'fiQ' 

ine,)l furiT 2 fUri, n. A s 
in', fhaviag man/ 
branches Bnd yellow 

lie, )i (iQi:2 foji. I. 
ie',;«.*n'. [ruMo; 
rae'ina.] To melt; 
blend by meltinc. II. 

wind. 2. A fuse. aT ^^ 

rn-see'', n. A ipirailj' ".am^Swww. 

i«II%TfiQ'»3'Bir?2'l'o'efI'''y'.''- A 
tat. poiwnoui, oil; compound, often 
sent In unieetified OTitl-reotifled spirits. 
Made', 1 CiO'n-1«d': S IQ'i^lAd'. n. 
limuttaoeoua dincharne of flreanns. 


— fDut-lT, diii.- mut-Deu, 

i; Ddcety; muuJ. 
. L.o. 

. n. The time yet 

'./Bbor. Bi on 

ftjltol: I 

(qeis, O'l, or Gt, 

1 jli; 2 ^, pl.T The eeventh li 
the Enshsh alpbabet- 


MlEDe'i 1 EBb'«T 

Cibt>ie,U B«b"' " 
To chatter; t^"iirii^eidawiy. H. n 
Noisy and iiicoborent talk; catUin*. a 

■a'blH>n,' 1 gSTa-en: 2 Mti-on, n. J 
Bicker basket to be filled mth aaiid, a 
to form a foriificatioa. 

gaTbl*, IgTblj 2Jft'b!,n, The trUngula 

ga'DK. ige Di; zm 

sod of a wall, >bc 

. 1 gad; s'gfid, 

alinnd; ismblt 

lel, 1 e«l; 2 Sil, n. A Scot- 

large Gflh. 

[. rt. A Ti. toAOQED, 

To silence by toroo; 
eated. II. n. !• Adj 

■uitinc. S- Ad utor'a IntoipolmtioB ta k 

II. n 

An i 

Bona: a' «imii»rd;;-PMf BTj tmt^, *^_Otii 

as a pledge; pawn; wsger. II. n 
thing given or thiona down aa f 
— t^- ^ u„4.. * pledge; H "^"' 

To give 

i; 2 kve-ty. 

of i 

. [-n 

fal'ij', 1 igf'h; aea'ly.aii". Ina^yniBO. 
g»r'lr. (ner; loyoualy; iiiernly;_aho-ily._ 

1 gSn: S i»n, .. 
iin; arrive <it; reach, t. T< 
iropitiale. II. 1. To rnaki 

; ten followed by c 

-BAflKQ.l To 

oln'MT'er, fi. 

t»!t,lgCt;2Mt,n. The manne 
stepping; camase; walk; 

«e'^l^u^Bitio^: pnfit: 
1 gin'Iul: 2 BtaAqL*. 

8 eiji'sft", K. 


1 gfur. 

A boUday: 

leg ot ankle; a hiehih 

^a^»,lge'l'|; 2ii'la.n. > '—•!"••"■ > 

-gala-day-, B. ■ —"• 
Oal'ii-y, 1 gal 'at 

starry baod in vuo 

Mi(iw Wau. i. tg-l 

t>le, 1 «el: 2 tU, n. A windiCormi i 

ga-Ie'nB, 1 ta-a'aa; i (a-W'iui. n, A oon 

■UL 1 lol; S SdJ. •!. To render ton h; 
Iriotion; nbmos; fnt. 

iDKClg IV to > funtua.— ti>]l'<lB''H>(, n 
One Dt many snnMa or Uueou ctui mduc 
gaUa on pluita.— f>lFll1lt"r 1' Tbe gM u 

■alPi n. The bUe; be 

ttil>Dt', lC>l'Bnt;2i 

ini'l^ir: u'lnlreptd youUk -ij^ odi. 

lal-lsdl", 1 K»-I»nl'; 2 (S-Iinf. I, a. 

PoUle nnd uttentive to women; courtwus. 

nllkDt^r, 1 lal'snt-n; 2 lU'ant-ry. n. 
['ales'. pJ.) 1. Counee; ohiTilioumess. 

BUIe-Dn, 1 gsl'i-on; 3 iU'e^On, b. A 
lATge Spanish ship. 

nlOcr-r, 1 pil'sM; 2 iU'«r-y, n. [■■£»>. 
pf.l t. An eJevated floor, wmmonlytur- 
nuhed with seats, alona the nde of an 
audieace-room. 2. A corridor: a plaoe 
for the display of statues, paintings, ato. 

fsllfr, 1 gal'i; 3 Sfti'y, n. 1. A sesgoing 
vessel propelleil by oan; barge, t. The 
cooHng^lace on board ?hip, 1, Print. 

— cal'leyAlaTe", IL A convict sentencer] to 
labffl- at tbe oer of a talley. 

Gallic 1 Bsl'lk; 2 SSl'ie, <■- Of or per- 
taininE toanaent Gaul or modem Franee- 

— Oal'b-vlun, 1 Eiri-dim: 1 tu'i-ctam. «. 
A French IdJom used la another lanonafle. 

Cal'Hc', a. Derived from gallnuts. 
salll-nm'ceoiu, 1 gal'i-nS'iihuB; 3 JW'i- 

na-shtii. s. P^narninK to the common 

hen, turkeya. partridges, ete. 
lalli-irat, 1 gal'i-pat; 2 jai'l-pSt, a. A 

Ban»n,_l gal'en: 2 i&l'on,p,__l.^ liquid 

-) >rii. im,' 

f2i bri 
1. Adi 

a buahel. 
K>l-Il»D', 1 gl 

wont«d lac«i r 
lallop. 1 gal' SB 

Ol'lHt. 1 gal'sp or gn'lO'; 2 JBJ'op or 

n. A lively danee, or the music Fc 

ga-lMll', 1 ge-le^'; 2 ia-lAsh', 

sal-vsnlc. 1 gal-van'ik; 2 |t\l-vKi 
Prrtslnlng to gblvanUm.— gal'r^D. 

U {1787- 

mrciit: oolls (a eorpss) to musndar 
I by eleeolBlty: rouse to a talse show 
I and enaiy-— galnnlnd ban. Iron 

1 gal've-Bom'i-iori 3 
1. Eltc. An appara- 
f Emrrent^treiigth or 

BamT^iU gam-bl; 2 Mm-bl, r. [oam'- 

Bquander by gainlna. 11. i. To game; 
riuc OF wager something of value upon a 


Hii>ieocv', 1 gam-o 
hW or ikm-bBf , 


uafaone. t 
stick used to support 

am-bO]' ; 2 SKm- 
I. A brownish Ori- 

2 H°>'bol. !■ n. 
-Boui*; .BOLrjNO or 
gjfortively about. II. 

; 2 i&m'br», n. U 

ni^sl; BportivB; cay; g 




«nf, n. A aniup; »quttd. 

or OAN'au-i. M 


OB'freae, 1 w 

m'ertn; 2S*o'ftrfi 

. I. zl. 

uient or be afffiDCed by caoareuQ, jj. n. 
The dBBtt of ~ ■ 

On'iaet, 1 «an'et: 2 Jiinit, n. i 
latsd to tbe pelicatu. 

I»r'tie.U(mr'gl;2iSi'W. 1. «. ioi»'- 

tUie thnat) witli ■ Ikiuid aeUtad by an 
from the windpipe. (SJ TnuseaB^EU- 
Rle- U. a. Auquid £v EsraUuE. 
B«r'forle, lg5r'goili3tar'i6yl,ii. Apro- 

Krotooquely carrt-r ^ 
iah.n. Marked^by a^ 

VncM. 1 toKment or -niBiit: 2 JSr"- 
raeat, n. An artiole of dcnhing. 

ar'iHr, 1 gar'nsr; 2 Sftr'ner. I. i<. To 
nore.BsgraiQiaather. Il.s.Asmkuyl 

ar'net, 1 Bor'net: 2 (WnSt, n. A viuemn 
traoapareat atooe, uaed as h sem; deep* 

a djah at t&ble.— 

fr'ret, l K«r'et; E sar'ft, n. A Btorr or 

gar'rl-aen, 1 gar'neD; B6&f'i-HOD. I. tl. 
1. 'To supply witli aoldiera. ■*, To nut 
(BoldiBrajintoafortifieatioii. H. «. fh* 
military force defendiiv a ioil, town, ot 

■>r4oCe', 1 aa-rat'; £ gd-rOt'. L ■(. 

witli a EBiTote ; tbrottle, osia order (e rob. 
II. n. A Spanish instrument far aiBtll 
pmuahmeat hy atrmieliiie; Btrvqlula^OD. 
— tur-tofn, 1 (x-Kt'ar: S (A^Dfii. ■. 

■BT'TU-lDns, I gar'u-lua; 3 £lr'i>4ti>. 0. 
Given to tedioin talking; loquadovL 
^7, aat,—tM-IietMT, 1 ga-rali-li: t H- 
r4'll-tr, ». Idle and emptr loquadtr- 

tu'ter, 1 efii'iBr; 2 aSr-tSr. I. wi. To 
put a Eorter upon: iaaten wiUi ■ nrUff. 
II. n. I. A band to bold ■ MooSnc io 
place, t. Tliebadgeaf Uiehlabntordtt 
ot knighthood inGreat Britain. ealM Iht 

der or Uu Outer; aba. tfaa order It- 

i ^Ts'iil". «.'" roA"i^, p(.I 1. An 
'iform elBBtio fluid; such a fluid used 
liEhtioe or hestim. 2. A nngle jel or 
me BUDDlied by laa. >■ fConoq. V. B.\ 

■atb'er, n. Apl.ilorfol 
-ind, 1 ged; 2 *»1, n. . 
nwy.— Bandl-li, t 



like gas; aenfona: i 

3>'e-Qs.a. Of or 
>. M. To make a 
n. ' A long, deep 


i [roin_petrDleum. 
i-tar; £ a&s-Cm'e- 

Gbii1.'i k^, E e|1, n. I. A native of 

-them Italy, Fisnea, Del«iuiii, e 
._ Jrenchmao. 
■aniit, 1 (dot or Beat; 2 ffint sr Iti 

fsUDt'leti, 1 gunt'le 

sp, 1 gaap: S iinp. I 
itter or emit brohenly; 

if gaapiuB- 

ik; 3 gib'trir, a. Of, pef- 

ar; 2 giltb'Sr. '■ 
I. (. 1. To 

bring toKether; 

lect. I. to de- 
duce; infer. 3. 
To draw into 
foldi. II. i. 1. 
To ooDgnwate. 
I. To inereaw; 

-BU*«UI««r',lfu'«-ttt';Zlfti'e-t«T'.n. t 
A ^Uonuy ol |i»(rmptiliBl nunes. ). A 

a def. TTCble alet, iDdleUIni tbu lbs •boou; 
Him of me alair liia tlw pluth of uh nm C 

nu. 1 glr; S £$T, I. 1. 1. To equip; make 
rody; put into gen. U. i. to oomi 

tCBT. n. 1. Ally Kt of sppliancw, m ol 
ooCwbeelA, tf/tviati to traasmit iQotii>D; e 
cog-wheel. J. Equipment, u drasB, tools, 

tte, 1 jl; S £«, U. J 

■ubatance obtained f . 

u aUn or honu.— n-Utl-noa*. a. 
natum oT Efd&Uo: Ulie Iell7. 

'if™, i. rt. 
IQ.] To odoTD ' 

(cm'M-na 'tioii, l jem 
nm'Dikti. i ]em'«t; S 


Bollceman.— (cn''du'm»-rte', b! 

jen'dor; 3 iSn'dSr, rJ. To bi- 

A property of certain worda 

■CT, 1 jen'i^'^ji; 3 JSn'te- 
. [-QiKa», p!.I 1. A record of 

an; pedlBTce.— (en"6.».lotT-t»l, 

■en'CT-al,, 1 i=n'er-f.l; H i5n'Sr-aJ. I. a. 

\ class. ^rLarce; aweupiue; iudefinite. 
Z. Cauimoa; cuHLomary; wide^sproad. 4* 

trcH^ia Dot 

general phi 
totaUlF-— n 
1. The 


Ijricade. f . A 

- ccif^r-alt-lf , n. l-nw. Fij 

£ The lUte at bclii« geDeral or icDeraUKd. I 
" Ben'HHikl-ni'lor -hIHod, n. The act 
olgeoeraUilos; a AOHnl lDIer0ie«; au lpdu> 
Uon.— BeB'crqd-bc, t. [-uED; -ii'raaj L 
I. To treat si gaertX: Inter (* (mosl taw) I 
iTSDi partlouUn. IL C To torm obleeta j 

Rcn'n-jkHwt.— ten'cti-al-l 

"" — "~ ~ ""luiDul EoEns 

. t. CoUeoUvely. 



retl'eP4t«, 1 Jen'Br-«t; 8 Mn'Sr-St, it i 
KtW; -at^mq.) To produce; cieat^ | 

fenerau^; reproduci 

for Hie prtHluetlDD of gag or eleoulcKy. 
ge-nettc, 1 ji-ner'ik; 2 Je-nMc. n. Per- 
uiuini to s aanus or claae: opposed ta 
ipectflt, -l-ear.a. •l-c«M)'> odt. 

-neia, n.— fcu'ec-Ml-lr, n. I-i™b», vIJ 

Ubo-aUty; a genenius act. 
Ben'e-«l9, 1 jen'i-eia; 3 i6n'ejla. n. I-beb, 

1 -flla; 2 -efe. pZ,] 1, The act of arip* 

nating; creaUop: origia. 3. IG-IThefint ; 

book of the Bible. I 

go'nl-kl, 1 il'ni-nl; S ^^'id-aJ, a. Bindly; 

oonlla!; pleMKnt; cheering,— «"Iil.*l'l.ty- 

B.— (e'nl-nl-li, ads.— ge'iil-ai-DMii s. 
Eeii;i-ttU, 1 jen'i-tel; 3 iSn^i-tal, a. Per- ' 

Sen'P^e,UwV"vi2li^^-«v. I. «. ' 
jem-tl«", /Gmm. Indicatmg aouree, po». 

session, or the Tike. IT. n. la fA^t- i 

Greek, etc., the genitive case. 
■e'nlugi, J jln'yus; 2 6Sii'yQs, n. [bk'hm ' 

or Idef. 3) oE'sinfl-m, pL] U Bb. 

alted intellectual power and creative I 

ability. 3. Itemark&ble special aptitudo^ ! 

S. A person of remarkable intelleot and 

creative power. *. The eaaentisl ppia. 

ciple of aoytbiUK: a representative typs. 
fe'ni-iu'. 1 jmi-us; 2 t«'Dl-aa. n. l-m-i, 1 

-ol w .1: a -1 or -1, jjjj A ben^lcent guatdlaa 

gem'n, 1 ^IfiK E ihXA'n, 
Itii-t«el', 1 jeD-tll'; 2 f 

leB'Han, 1 jen'^m; 2 ^en'shim. n. A 
floveriDC plant of vanous flpecien, as 
Ihe fringed perUion dl Amuioa. with blua, 
delicate^ fno^ed Oower^, 

t«Btile. 1 ieo'toil; S gfln'lJl, n. I. [G-I 
Script. Ooe not a Jew. I. Grnm. A word 

ien-tU1-tr. 1 j™-til'i-ti; 2 tfitt-Ol-i-ty. n. 
[-TIM', p* I I. The quality of being (en- 
tee]-. BidusivsiieH. 2. Digoity of birth. 

[cn'tlcU Jcn'tl: 2 frPn'tl, o. 1. Milrf; 

len'U', ttdndly:softor)ciw: K&cefulldoc- 
U«: eaay. 2. Of honorable lamily; noble, 
-■MM, n.-fntltt adr.-tta-Ot-iOlk', 
n. pt. People of good lunlty: now mora 

Patslnlng ui or befitting a 

of good position i 

fied clan of peo| 
icn'o-aec'tlon or -Oti'lon, 1 ien'yu- 

nek-fliBn: 2 tfn-jv-fiek'ahon; b. A 

bending of the knee, as in wonbip. 
gHi'oJn*,llie'i'«n'yu-ln,a. I, 
ien'a-ln>, JOt the original or true stocli; 

adulterated" or rounterfmi. S. Not al- 
teGl«l or brpocrltlcai; frank; BlDCere. 'If, 

1 jl'nns: 2 ie-nfiii 

tt-OX'n-B'ir.U li-8g'r(-fi; 8 ie-6a'ra-fy. 

tfOK'n-IV'. ;n.[-FHiM',pi.jTheBcien<» 
that daKtibea Uie mirfaoe of the earth, 
with Itfl peoDlee and producta.— r&^f'r^ 
plwr, >>.— RC'a-cnpk^cal, a. Ol or per- 
lainlnc to (eocraphy. (v'lHCTaph'kt- 

ie-al'»4iT, 1 ii-elVji; 2 te-Ol'o-ty, a. 

ItHtm'e-try, 1 ii 

BiMlle, ■e'a- 

rt-rm'ai-atn, 1 

n. B«. A f 
plant of niany 

Bouice.— ffo'inj-iialt a. 

Ger'inaiii, 1 Jur'msa: 2 f^r'inan. I 

Pertaining to Germany, its peuple. o 

. 2. The lancuace of Gc 


t«'inan<, a. 1. Havinc the sam 
enwocjpuvilptTeDia: used after th 
• D '»"'»nB fsrnwn. 3, Germane- 
;, I]er.nrfn-;3a*i^jn[ln', 

. i-«aid;2e#r'mi-:[d. n, 

Lhiuff uBcd to destroy Eemu, a4 
a».-Kei'inl-cl''dal, a. 

' '-'■-'— -•H; 2 iSr'.iiii^it, 
M>-i -BAv iHnJ To begia la 
elop.— ger^zntna'tkio, n. 
'der, 1 ger'i-man'der; 2 HrV 

rating diatricbs as of a state, 

ces-to'tlon, 1 ]e 
■cs-lJc'u-Ute, 1 

3-V-ISt, ri '■ 

2 «l9-t&'sbon, 
•ISt; 2 iCs-Hc'- 
L^j'^fo^l To 

1 jes'dTur «■ -tiur; 2 jee'ciiur or 

;; 3 6*t] r. [aoT,'l get. OSt 
OPT or gor'ixM. 1 gat'q, 2 ICPh! 

B N c l^a ^ E 


F O H N I J 

K . L M N ^ 

P Q.H ^S ^T 

CV ^W K'^X KV V^Z * 

on'iwal t«. 

1. To »Un 







(her'Un, I gor'kni: Z fgr-kin. n. Any 
KnidlciicDmtw.imillDriiliiUlim. getnilvt. 
Gkct'lo, 1 in'o: Z nc'o, n. LObet^ or 

|b09t.)l ESst; 2 eost.n. A diKmbodied 
to«(>, ispJntj tbe soul: A Bh&dawj •em- 
Uuise. -lite. a.-gho«nf. a. 1. Per- 
iMlnlng U the mil; inilrtClWl. 9. Bpeemj. 
-(ha*t'll-D«l. n. 
IhODl, 1 ■«[; 3 ggl, n. A demm tappctnd 


db'btr, 1 rab'ar: 2 Ub'Er, n. To lubber 
-Clbnkar4ili, I, a. wit4WDt bbmUbi 

n. Aa uprigbi timbor wi 

at !ls upper And. uaed A3 i 

■Klmb 1 Ht/m: e Htfon. ■ 

U 2 itlVet. I. ■(. [-BBT- 

r nniukd. as ths J 
iQ bfltwsfln half And m 


l*InU'ruVrf- "*■ 

u Iha ^isrd, ei 
fMM^, 1 rid'i 

or that which 

2, Thouj 
Ii.- tU'i 


lUess; impradenC' 

dr. I Kir e tV. n. I. A n^t, Ciro- 

whulsd, one-hone rahiole. X A ihip'«. 

■V, II. A pniu^^sd fidii^peu; % itt ot 

hooki for cmUMng Gah by ^**ji*"i 
Cl-on'tle, 1 iai-gu'tik; 2 ^-jSn'cic, ■. 

£tte ■ iliuit; ootaHii; mlftitr.- (t'^uil^ 

«l»jt^')l'gie'l: 2 Siri. I. n. roio'- 
glK'l', JaixD. aut'inr-, oin'otmal T» 

ILa. AMiiTiiiDiTeiiaiii^mtcT.— drV<r><<^ 

SlW. 1 gild; B and. U. [asLi/in^oi out; 

aiLD'iHa.) To coat with Eold; mak» 

Arc Df DTvrlayln? thlDlr witil £Dll. >• Ajfr 

onrur if loid; (Hi. 
(lU, )n. 1»U ii the older form.) Aa 
KIIiM,/iAoiuti(« id wotken for Bnitual 

SlU>, iKJUSen, n. Anor^irffilhH tot 

CUI*. l.jd; 2 AH. n. A Lquid mewiie of 

■IFly'l(nr"er, 11 Juvnoa'w: 2 tn'r- 
-"■"■" — "" flou'ir, n. A Smriimc 

KmTi gilt; 2 itlt. I. a. Oildcd; yetlow 

'' ^ a. K. A tiun oreri^ of gold. 

' 1 jim'bsl; 2 ^'bkl. n. A cno- 

•...•..vtf for (nupeiidiag ui object, u b 

eompan. on HhipboardT » thitt It may 

Clm'cnck*, 1 Jim'fcrak': 2 Brn'trik'. n. 

Something ctieap and flhawy; a gawgaw^ 

bauble. [boriDFtoDl- 

^m'let, 1 gimlet; 2 ftlmiet. n. A airsll 
gUnp, 1 Bimp: 2 elmp, n. A nanoir, flat 

trimmiDg: uaed for dreaaea, furnitnie, fto. 
Cln, 1 jin: 2 «n. n(. [amMEO, aiHP": oiw'- 

KiBa] i. To catch in a trap. 2. To re- 

moTe the Boeda from (cotton). 
Sln^t ^ i> One of y&riDUa machines. 2* 

Kfn', n. An aromatic diatillod Liquor. 
glo'tei, 1 jin'jer; S iln'jer. n. The pun- 


OlD'sy. 1 jip'm; 3 

A i^B N C ^D ^ E 


F e 

I J 


K .1 M N ^ 

PQ ^R ^S ^T <tV 

Ohphasd Di 

Y ^ I 

aiT'innl.l I. f. 1. To cun; 
•auiin; leosive: abtHn. %. Ti 
1. Td heeet; bnnc about; «iu 
1. To prenii oa; penuada. II 

K«Vw, 1 gia'iis: 2 fiD'Jth n. i 
glJEl^F, 1 

tic n. n. 1. 1 

fteoor. 1 Jour; 2 tcnT. o. »" '■"> 

Hb^i^T^b'er: 2 ttb'er. n. To 
~|ik'»w4ib. 1. ■. wictmt I 

Cthlwt, 1 jib'et; 2 (IVet. 


3. GigBD- 

E of huouin 
S. Aaybnge 

, „ — jmte. II. 

. uprichi timber witfa * cmnpwce 
ippor Bud. used ne a Balknra. 

HblHIB. 1 db'B 

llb'bauf, 1 gib'ini; Z 
cTb^Oa, a, JL Tmcu- j 
lail7 nniiukd. as Iha J 
Toaon betwMn hijf ud ■ 
full. S. HumpbBi^«L ■ 

me, 1 jaib; £)b. I. * 


Hb^Ti^'i iib°iei: aab'- 3 

l(t. n. 1. Intemarsd- 

u the giiurd, etc. >■' pi. Run: tiitt« 
J'dr, 1 lid'i: 3 gld'y, a. [qid'di-i 
on/DT-Esril 1. IMiEy: tending to rsi 
diiiinesg. 3. ThauEbtless; impmdeDC 
M'dl-lr, lull.- ddW-DCSI. n. 
R, lldfti 3 Htl. n. 1. The act of giyii 
DT that wbi^ U givsn; a prewnt. S. 
utural endoHDHDl: talent.- iirt'ed, ; 

rtr, 1 A: s m, 

Enoki for patrTnng 
Kl^EVi'ltrr 1 joi-emn 

'* l''«iiri; s 

2 ti-ta. 
I. til'. 

ivelaofli: Oo«.-iJ||^,»l 
- with mid; maks 

rork^n for nnttual 
■n orsui of fiflhefl for 

nfi'. 1 

breathiac the (Ur eAntained In inHr_ 

□oA^i^tb of a quart. 
Sinr-toWcr.ll jiiVflaa'ar; 8 ill> 
CU'lt4o<r"cr,/fkiw'«r, n, A flowmng 

■St, 1 eD(; 2 tilt. 1. a. Oi1d«I; ytlkiw 

like gold. D. ft. A thin oreil^ of gohL 

fbn^MU l^Jiml)*!: 2 pm'hti. n * — 

e for 

D oblect, as > 

Klm-cTack*, 1 Jimlmik': E jlm'nik', n, 

SonjethiDE cboap and nhawy; a gav^av^ 

baiiUe. [boTinfi.tool. 

flin'let, 1 eimlet: 2 film-lit, n. A iiraU 

ilmp, 1 gimp; 3 tltop. n. A narrow, flat 

gfn, 1 jin; 2 «n. vt. [oikse'd, amp": oiiC- 
NiMQ] 1. To catch m a trap. S. "To te- 




found in every ptut o( tlH mnU: >Ib, Uu 



iclicling like a belt. 

J. To 

A belti 

cirl'baod, n. Ttie stale 
Clrtb, 1 gorfli; 8 alrtii. -i. 

1. To transfer 

"d tu s product or result, i. To 
lysomctliinB-vaiuable. I. Tojoeld 


it birds, in which Ih 
il,-8iSla'BhaI,a. Pe 


Kladv, 1 gled; S Clad, n. A cleuius or open 

■Udl-a'tor, 1 slad'i^'tn er -ter; S OWi- 
a'tor, n^ Ram. Antiq. Anivi wboloufht 
with d^kdly weApons, especially ia the 
amphitheater, for popular amuKUWDt. 
- i1ad-t-«-Kt^-al. a. 

SU-dl'o-Ini, I fltMlai'D-lus: S ela-dl'o-llis, 
n. A plant witii a fleshy bulb aiul award* 

Ktotr, 1 glOr; Z t1&r\ n. Th« white o( eui 

Cbra^oor, 1 1 ilam'er; 2 tlSin'or, n. A 

lisiicc, 1 elans: S Blflnc. s. lauHCEDt; 
QLiiNO'iHa.] L t. To dart suddenly: dt* 
rect momentBiily. IL i. 1. To look hur- 
riedly or indirectly. I.TDboundoff8(ter 
stiilunE obUquely. S. To hinl; make&llu- 
don. 4. Tollssh: ilBun.— ilsne1iir-lr,iidi. 

I, 1 glw. 

; oblique rebound. 

; E tlSnd 

gUn'dera, l glsii'dori; E tISn'dirg. n. Yrk 
Med. A coata^us disease affectinic tbt 
ain^paasages of the horse^ 
hue, 1 Euir; Z ilir, ri. (slahed; qlag'- 
IMO.I To shine with fierce intengity; gasa 
flHTely.— llarlDi, pa. ExoeMvfiy brll- 
UsDt; evident; notorious; staring acrt^. 

bire% n. 1. A daiulinfl lioht. t^ Apienh 
larei, n. [U. S.l A ilawy. smooih butIsm. 
lags, 1 gbs; 2 filis. U. tt. LToreOeet 
sa in.B iniiTor. I. Toglsse. II. n. 1. 
A tjanspareat. brittle compound of silica 
with metallic oiids. 1. Anyaiticle mads 
wholly or partly of glsas, as h mirror oi 
a drinkincvessel; in the plural. epeetackJ 
□I eyvvliiHses. 3. The conteDta of a 

Sas)')-. a. Coinpoaed ot or Uke glam: hav- 
n a hard. Died look.— (lust-lr. ode— 

Uie, 1 eI«e: Seiat. z. [slaikd; oue'i^o.) 
I. I. I. To furnish with glaaa. S. TO 

pre ft VBJBKy mppKWaicf or coauhc to. 
II. t To ij«eoine (lu*/,— ita'iler, 1 »IB'- 
]tr: £ tU'iUr, n. 1. Oh -Iid nu puk* 
of Eliia. 1. Om who BDPU<* iiu« lo 
pntun.— ■lai'lin, n. 1. A |lue. I. Tb* 

tusei n. A slouy coatioc, or « feutwtann 

giettn, 1 glim; 2 KiSm I. ri. To ihins 

out Euddeidy; gldw. lit n, A gJimmeri 

Heao, 1 eUo; 2 glen, K. A li. To gittwr 
(leavincB) ifUr mping; ipther item by 
lum.- tlMO'cr, n.— cWulMi o^ 

■hAe. 1 ^Ib; Z gleb, n. 1. [Gt. Biit.l LmuI 
of a i>uuh church. If. Titrf; Kill, 

BlM. 1 fll; 2 tl«, B. 1. Mirth; gakty; 
merrimont. Z. A ■odk tot threo or man 
voioa.- deCral, n. Full dI eImi menr. 

0eB. 1 (ten; S AISd, n. A small, teeluded 

Ellb. 1 ^ib: e gDb, a. FluFDl And pUunble. 
-BIIM7, adi.-cUk'Dwa, a. 

jiide. 1 Blaid: 8 gild, n. [oud'id^ or 
quo; ouo'iHoJ To flow niudl; and 

■Ui'ar. 1 ghild'tr: 8 eud'&, n. Ow who or 
Uac wblcU glM«: voKoUiliy, a device tor 

ijeam fitf^: flicker. II. n. Afaiot, a 
itanii light: a (team.— sUm'mepJiiia. i 

CHmpw.ll ilimpi; 3. illmpi. n. 1. 

Blls'ten, 1 ■lia'D; 3 itli'n. I. ri. __ 
Hparkle; ahine; BUUn. II. n. A ileam. 

■iirt«, I (llt'er; 2 gnt'Sr. I. w. To 
fdiiDe aa a hard, poliihed euthce: qparkle; 
tfeam. IL n. BpaiUa: brUlUsci'.— jtUt'- 
tw-his-lf . ode. llwlll^t. 

ttoam'Ini, 1 slQm'io; S USm'inc, n. The 

ilwlt", lglOt:3ilqt, n. To SfM ateadily 

■lobe, 1 gISb; 3 UOb. n. 1. A r«rffct]y 
round body; balf; «phare. «. The earth. 

tloom. 1 ElDm; 2 SlS^m, n. D 
obaeurity. hence, melancholy; mif 
— flonn'y. a. lotoon'i-m! olo< 

do 'rE.I>. 1 ilo'n-fai; 2 il6'rl-n. «. 
-ri'iNO.) 1. To anribe gloiy t( 

1. To be 
Uoa. n. 
cio'ri-aiu. 1 ilfi'ri- 

a; grand; noble, ^f, adt. 

tio-n, 1 (IB'n; 2 IIS'Ty 

siECi OLo'KT-iHa.l To eiulti eoDunoDlr 
Jollowed by in, IL n, [oio'wis', 1^1 
1. Diatiofuuhed honor; praioe^ adonttiocu 

_. -iatiofuuhed , 

a. GrandHur; radianPB. 
Ii<Ml>,l(lei;2II«e, " 

9; taually with ai 


«. To I 

PoUeh; denpUve i_ . 
■tou-. I*. U. A n. To annoUta: write 

marginal eqflanatiou. II. n. 1. An ec- 

[Sanatory note. Z, A plauaiblo excuae. 
BiM'ntHT, 1 «los'e-n; 2 JlOi'a-ry, ». 

('«m>. pl.1 A leiicon ot the rA>aolete, ob- 

acuTfl, or foreign wonls of a work. 
itam'tt a, IciLoea'i-EB; oumi^-ibi.I 

■kiM'KBMa. n. 
■lot'ag. 1 glet'is; 2 tlOt'ta, a. l-n-rM. 

I ^i-dla; 2 +i«ft pi.) The mouth of the 

SloTC, lBlirv;2£l^. n. A onrering for the 

hand, with separate ebaatb for ea^ flogn'. 

■low, 1 glfl; 3 SlD- !• •<■ !• To radiat* 

light and Wt. especially without a Bame. 

J. To be ardent -— ' * ■^- =— ■- 

II. n. .Fervid he 

idled, 3. To flush. 

■iaw'el, 1 glou'sr; 2 ftlow'^r, n* 

frown; »ow!. 
Bloie, 1 glOt: 2 ilSi, K. 4 B. Jot 

OLDi't-io.j 1. To palliate. 31. ToG 
Cla'cpsc, I glntea; 2 ilu'eOs^n. ^A 

in nature, and maila artificially by treat- 
Slue, 1 Rlfi; 2 elu. I. <4. * n- Vninai; 
oLu'rao.! To stick; adhere. II. n. An 
adhesive preparation derived f roiq aolina] 

dQm, 1 glom; 2 lldm, a. Moody and 
flume, 1 glap; 2 fliun, n, A chaff-like 

ftat,'l*'elDt; 3 (15tr"rV A^lQLUT-- 
TED"; oinrTnta.) To gorge. II. n. An 
eiceBOive supply; plethora. 

tfu'ten, 1 gla'ten; 2 ilu'Wn, n. Tho 
loAigh albuminous part of wheat^our.— 
rlu'thnous, a. ResembUog glue; BLicky, 

dut'ton, 1 glot'n; 2 eliJt'i.. n. One who 

•iu-lT,iiil«.— tlut^i>>r>it. Einn la 

llro'(V-ll^ M im'«I-in. -in or -In, 
fIfc'cMne,/ jlj>c'«>lD, -In or -In, n. 

tbisk, oUy, sweet Hquid formed in the 

eommiii m oB MiaM. 
■nri, l-nW: 3 oart, n. A touib kno 

n>rt(■)d^ 1 nand: s nlrU. a. Enin 

dUuned. (nari^I. 
■mab', 1 B>ih; Si>bb, m. A »'. To ir 

(Uw ta«th) boieCber, u In rSEe. I 

Ctut,lEBt;2nVn. A emaLU tno^ioi 
inaw, 1 nS; a BB, t(. A n. 1. Tu eat lii 

by Uttk. *. To corrode. 
yq W t 1 iKEla; 2 nifl, n. A ffTBnitio ta 

— (BtriMlc caelM'sM, a. 
p>Olne,lnOm;Snfini,n. Afableddwu 

eoblin; a faummuipbiTd; imall owl. 
•ng'mon, 1 nymen; 8 nS'aifln. n. 1 

Bpiight pieoa (hat lUU the shadogr oi 

1 dQ; 3 n 

. A 8oaU»Afrie 

lelope havmg 
rae-fike tsU. 

J another idepBrt; prow 
I away; be expended; d 

■Ml.. 1 (Ol: S gcVI, n. 

ta>-tee', 1 aft-tl'; 2 (5-16', n. 
lob'ble^ 1 1 g^']°'2 jObn. iK. 

•"bV, foOB'LD': nOB'BLlNO 

. To titter a gobUe. 


(,Ieeb'lEt;2gSb'lM.n. Adrinkjoc. 
sj Kith alem and etaadard. 
joblln, l»ob'ha;2i6bain,n. A frightW 
creature labLed to naunt groves and gmt* 

or narBtilp; dhinltr; an Uot,- 
tod'daBchtH, ■odtb*a<w. 
w. fOd'MlV, ono Tiewed " ' 
Usfoin HdaUDUiliIp like thi 

1. [G-] The ona 
- X. An obleet 


fEOC'Sle. lleee1;2Sfin>n- 1- A ranins 
Bflel', I of the eyes, S. pi. Tubular 

atrong lieht, 
rof 'ler, 1 1 gei'tsr; S SSVOr. a. A morbid 
sol 'be. Jewelling of tlie neck. 
sold, I eSld; S gold, n. A preeioiiB metd 

si; hence, wealth. 
BOld'-brt'ar; B »lil'- ' 
mahfq goJd-leaf.— ir.f i 

One penidee.— gold'* 

Inge or blac)L.ajifl yel- ' 
low.- coldVib". H. 

color.— g. lafe, a Jaea 

(Old'Fimllli', R. A worlJer In nSd^^.Troil, 

Said'ea, 1 gold's; 3 gOld'n, n. Made of or 
*^- gold: precious: proflperoua.— gold'«n* 
', 1 KOld'o-red'; 2 gaia'n-TM: n. A 
It ol tbe uia laniUr with bnght-t^iaw 


Ler'. A. Tlia rower or a gondola. 

;. 1 Kii; Z SOng. n, A metai instn 
Dt liks a shallow diah. soimdsd by bea 

1 Eud; £ ,j 


religious, a. Ade 


id cood; advaataffe; bcDefit; iicbt«>ui 
ness: virtue; welflre. a. p/. Person, 
property: chatWB.- looJIy, ^I-^-" 
pie.— liwdit-new. n. Cnmcllnag; twsui: 
liuitsnil; bad oT u family.— (•od'neHi i 
wtfe-|, 1 gud'wolf; SWtil'wIf ', >i."(-WTVEa 

|tooil'''by', 11 gud"-boi'; 2 saM'^r a., 

good'ibrv'i j 1-1 AtrUei^'. Farewell; adieu. 

■ood'r, 1 sud'i; 3 i^&d'y- I' a- Msivk- 

I^Uy good; weakly ploiu. load'r-CXId'I't' 

A ttack aod snuaJler than a asi-an. f. A 
tailors' imoothing-iron, (^^g|^^ 

-CWM^IWT'^, 'l dOi'- ^•■^BP* 
berl; 3 (iSB^ttr-y, n. S ^~ / 

[-«!«». pJ 1 T^e tart r™u ^^ i/ 

Skin rougbened like that nr a plucked eooh 

C*'])tl«. 1 ga'far; 2 ta'fCr, n. A burrowing 

Eon'i 1 gfir; 2 gSr, it. (noun: ooii'ing.] 
To make a gore of; supply with a gore. 

■t n. Blood after effuEion, eapeeially 
Itad Uood,— lOT^, a. eialned wlUi or 
""hnwg Bore. 

t. 1 got]; 2 Sfli*. n. A ri. [oobqed; 
Bo'iNO.! To eat greedily; glut. 
e. n. 1. The throat. I. A ravine. 

son, 1 f.Sr'gsn; 3 fiftr-ion, 
alA. 1. (G-l A (rightlul f cmale I 

Tbelead ol 
e Gorgon Me- 

egia of Athena, 
sfur the moDitei 
had been atain by 

Kor'maiidi 11 gSr'msnd. gai'iuend; t 

four'msiid, / gOr'msnd, eurmand, n. 1. 

A gtutUHi. I. An epicure.— |Wt'l>>iuld>tie. 

mot'j, 1 gflr'i; Z kbt'v. a. 1. Stained with 
gure. 2. Reeenibling gore. 

gOR'hBwk'', 1 gaa'hak'; 2 iWhtk", n. A 
short-winged nawk. Igooee. 

KImIIiir, lgBE'bc;2get'ling, n. A young 

COt'pel. 1 getr'peU Z iOa'pei. n. 1. Good 
new3, especially the tidinga of salvation 
through JeauaChiisI. 2, [G-] One d[ the 
four menuHra nt Christ in the Nev Testa- 

JS'alPj 1 g 

uttie.' n. 

oof outer t 
ip: 2 S6a-i 


attic: rumor. 2. Una who 
'rigioally, s sponwr in b^^ 

got. <m«, A pp. of OCT. c- (oCMn. 1 getU: 

S (Ofn. pp. Of QIT. t. 

Goth, 1 ^Oi: 2 t 

nvadera of the Roma 


.-!: bar. 

Prat. A nyts of trp*. 

B PolnMd nyls. t. 

This Line is in Cothio Type. 

flMtte,^! Bouj: S touj- I- «.. [aonnED; 
gimrd, 1 gOiA; Z fScit. ». 



fe&ted by painful jnflammatLDa of a jc 
u of Itaa gnal us.— mufVlWM. 



iDt, llgaVsra-meator-mBnt; 

__. Bilt',;2*AVBm-m«it, ti. The 

Aflt of govemitME; coatroL ^rwrtioDi or r«- 
Btralnti the mntmlliiig uower in t. Hate: 

rra-da'dOD, 1 cr&di'Aitii; Z trft-dl 

■nde, 1 ^M; 3 irSd. 1. ef. [orai 
aRAD'iNQ.) 1. To olaaoify by dTBdf 
To brios to a cnd«. S. To impro 


ira'dl-ent, ler(>'di-ent;i 

ar by a grsde. II. n 

n decnase, £ 

inMl'n-Bl, I gTBj'u-8l 01- jrad'yu-Bl; Z 

Erli'ij-al*r6rid'yv-«], a. I. Proceedim 
y etflpa; moving slowly and Tteularly^ 
Alow. B. Divided into deBreee; (^nuta- 

ETBd'd^W, 1 rraj'u-*t or ^ad'yu-*l: 2 
irKj'u-at or ei*d'yu-6t. I. (I. 4 ti. 
{•Kt'ttfi-. -at'ikq.) 1. To Bdmit to or 
tak« an academic d«|[rw at th« end of a 

terrala; change by degrees. 11. a. Hav* 
ing been giaduated from an institution of 
learning. Ill* n. One who tma been 
graduated by an iMtitution o( learning.— 
(nd'B^tlaD, n. The kI o( (ndaatlng. 

tran^l griJl;"^ Jr4tt. I. i«. A r<. 
[obaiVed; qratt'ino.] To insert, aa a 
Kraft; insert a graft into. IP. n. A aboot 

y ChriEt at tha Last Si 

1 gram; Z grim, i 

t. Aaytblnip obtained 

weight: IS. 43 

■Tsnil-nli'o-nias, 1 gram"i-niv'o-rm; S 
Srim'i-nlv'o-raa, a. Feeding ui>on gran. 

la snmamr.-tnr- • 

pam'pns, 1 gram' 
lArgc dolphiD'like 



■Tan'nle,lEnui'ya];2trlii'yul,n. Amull 
I ffiln-, puuclc: EorpnaoM.— mB'u-lom. a. 
- Irape* 1 Krtp; S ^i^^. •>. 1- The round 
edible fruit crowing in oluflt«n on » vino 
called the frape^De; ftJio, the vine, 1* 
Mil. Grape-shot,- imp'er-x, IgrSp'srn:!! 
trSD'er-/. n. A bulldlnj or 

.— tna'dun, »r»n'diim«. n. A__innd- 

I'l BOD or dauffblw. 


raiwli': 8 a 

8 Srtn-di'. n. A 

_... r Jiut; 3 trftn'Jiir 

or -dnr.n. The quality o[ being iiaad; 
sublimity; msgnificeDce- 
CTaii-dll'o-«iicnt> 1 Eran-dil'o-knent: 2 
erfn-dn'o-fcwant, «. Pompoua or bom- 

Kt>iMllI'o-gilen(-tr. ad>. 
tnn'dl^'la, 1 grBn'dM'Ki: 3 Erla'flMI'io. 

iranBe, i greaj; 2 tAne, n. A fum. with 

crantte, I I'griui'it: 3iftn'i't"n. A rock 

Cian'lt*, ^(wnpoKd of qusrti, fetdapar, 

and mica, of great etrength, and takins 

a lilflh poUBb.— grflnlto-ware", 4.— cr^ 

crm-TIIV'o-rau*. 1 e^'e-Div'o-iiTa; S era-nlv'- 

itiue; docribiDS with pio- 

'iit^ 3 I 

A TMiety of oatbon: u 
of lead-peDciia. etc- 

■n^'o-^nne, 1 Enf'o-fSu; 2 Crlf'o-fSQ, 
n. An instrument for FeeoFdinc and r^ 
Dioducinit«>und»t3iiDuch the medium of ■ 
disk, cylinder, or tape. See phoxoobafh. 

-fnphr< nstx- Dacnptlon: wdtiiii; uaed 

ETBiit, 1 grant: 2 grint. Id. il. 1. To 
bestow; confer. J. To ad--- 
coQcede. n. n. I. Theai 
S. The thine emnted. J. j 

J. To a _ 

I._ Th_e aet of cnDtinB. 

a. A gnpnel. 
It. rl. 1^ sein 

Cran'u-Ur, 1 Bran'i-u-ler; 2 
CompMsd of, like, or con 
ergnnulet. cnn'u-laiul.- 

(ntn 'n-Hsle, 1 smii'yn-let; 


h the hand; . 

■ II. n, I. A irip oi the 
lility to seize ancfhold; pas» 
ehenslqn.- fraspli 

planU on which cattle feed. 
An^ plant with hollow, joiaud Bt< 
Inflect bavlov powerful tlilEliH ada 

BAT'lNQ.l 1. To 

t; all; U ^fnd; 4hla; v>; n = ■■»;; O 
icbfirn; All, bAy; to. feem; Igk: (I 

1: nisp: irritslo. ». To ' 

o hold fuel 
te'nu. i grtt'fulr 2 SiSt'tuI, o 

2 firilt'i-fl, I 

-^ ITAtl-I^MS'tlOD, 

i; a'gra'UA. ndr. Without 

iBMt. -Jr. otlt. -Dsi, n.- (n-ln1-tr, 

M. l-nla*, vl.] SametblDi gnea gntul- 

■rafD-iaM. 1 ETKfti'u-K gr>.fyu-llet; 2 
erlch'i)-|w Sr4l'yu-)lai, ri. To QOngrBtu- 
llU.- tTlt'O - Ik'UOD. n.— rnt'u - U - (o- 

■raw, 1 grSv; 2 tnv. »(. [onAveu; 
BRATiD or qbat'em. 1 trSVo, 2 trtv'n; 

frmve, a. Important; Hiioua; sober, ^Jt 
thfl burUl of a dead body; ^e abod« of 

II. 1 

or fill with 

pebblw. a. FaiW. Granulsr mncre- 

CraT'er, 1 KrPv'ar; 2 Srav'Sr, n. An en- 

fr»T'l-UtP, 1 etav'i-tit: S *rtv'i-t&t. li. 
f-HT'rD<l; JTiT'iNO.I To tend by at ts 

SrmTn-U'tloIl.^1 BTBv'i-te'ihBn; 2 JAv-L- 

bodiw Bttrkct each other. 
■raTt^tr. 1 KTsVi-ti; 2 «rfv'i-ty. n. 
trtu'. T>1.| 1. GruTiUtion; weieht. ' 
The Quality of beioit p^ — - ' *-'-- 

fmtr, 1 grt'M; 3 4ri*Ty. n. lau'Tiu>, 
pL\ The |ui« oT cooked meat, at ■ 

«T>r. ) I gfi: 2 itri' La. 1. Of minted 

grey, /while and blick. >. Having gray 

hair; hoary; aged. Il< n. A Eny oMor; 

"" "° " "° " "'^"^BEDJ 

2 tAs. tt. 
feed upo 

■Tue>, ■(. & ri 
touch lightly 

;d: ORAz'iNS.I Ti» 

[resnrirfs. I.'tfc 
grfid, 8 great OP 
LSINO] joBmmrwilfTgrease. 
2 SrCB. n. Animal fat; any 
Loce.- ireaHt-ly, niit.-jreart. 

, cuEAe'i'i^aT,! HmesTHl with. 

great, 1 gift: 2 gi 

SroTC*. 1 Brtv»; 2 i-rtva. K. 

protect the leas from knot 

nebe. 1 unb; 2 gr#b. n. A 1-toed divini 

bird without taili^eattieTS. J^ 

Greek,' 1 irIk;'B grjk! 

to Greece or the 

tnnt*. 1 grit: 2 trtt. U. & 

■HTlbed to Popa Ongory (6tti oeutury). 
Kre-naAa', I cn-nSd'; 2 gie-nftd', r. Aj 
eiplooive ahdl, to ba thrown by hsod- 

ttextimtnf, 1 ta^'baund'; S ^t'bouncl', 
n. A tall, Jan- 
dflT hu n t m g^oa. ^ 

aj£ht aod Bwift- 

»und; (rats. 11. n. llis Bound "/ miide. 
rte& ;. «rtf; 2 CrBT, n, 1. Soirow; icgteC; 
luiaenlation. E. AfBicIJoa: urievaace. 

UOT'.loariiv'HrG.lXl, to opprea with 

irlTflD, 1 KTiC'm: 3 erifin, n. A fibuloui 

cr«abjrB» baJf lion, half eagle. 
t:rtB.U (Til: 2 ti^. Tt. A vi. To broil. 
erllr, J— Krill'<iwmi", n. An ealing- 

room vUQre .pilling la done. 

Crti«iM*'. 1 fi>«Kii': 3 tn-mc'. I. ri. 
To niBica irimicsit. II. n. A distDTtian of 
the ieatureg, aa in contempt or pntanH. 

gri-minor -nnJ'iEio, a. ' An old sit, 

SHiH, 1 Eraim: 2 AtIid. I. if. [objuedj 

(Miii'iNa.] To soil; besiiiu. ILn. That 

whicJi foUflp din £nund Id,— nim^t o- 

Srin,Irri";3£nn. I.H.ftn. lauNHUD, 

ouHDa; □KiN'HiHa.l Tomakcbvcrisniost 

Bhontha te«th,^ m HuppfOHd Eau^iter. 

II. n. The act of ATinniQf ; abroadaD^Ifl. 

Crind, 1 KniiDd; S filnd, i. [oboond, 1 

^uiid,2 Bround; oBiNn'iNa.r l-l. lo 

wear down or pulverijQ b^' fnotioa; j|uin>- 

en;flhare;oppr»3:lmui. JL>. 1. Toba 

chafsd, pcdiahed. oi ahsivenad by rub- 

Bb>De tunilDff 00 ui uxis, loT Bliupeniog t^oto. 

iriK, larip; 2 ertp. I. «- *«, (GPippErt 

QRjpi*; QHip'puJQ,} To ^pe; gratp. II. 

Jripe, iKraip^aiTTp.'Li. in. [oMP 

a'luJd; , 

If' ".he bowels ;d 

opptesaive contiol. 1. nl, 

pajna in the bowels, 
inppe, )1 grip; SMD,n, Seven inftuea- 
IIlp, f la or eradenao catatrh. 
KTls^r, I piifi; 2 gUi^ly. a. Savaiv 

■rlK'tie^ 1 gri.'li B kH^.'n. Xonab. 

aaMn taimti tliBiw; umiHe.-sidi^, 

1 irtali: s tnny. a. 
SH*', 1 giit; S eUl. n. I. I)ou«fa. hard 

partidw: «and or gravel. 3. Rmioeaii of 

ebuiieler: eourage.- wtWO-atiM, n — nlC- 

t*. iHit'iiSJrtfy.a. 
1. Coone 1 

!B, pj. Giotn 

of whito . 

and blaok; 

arli'i^^ Oiliity Bew. '/ 


wkdimr ol 


'^J- Cn 

B grfln. I. n 


lrt.;«>y, «. 

'■'^■■.'-■l '■' 

■roc, 1 bthk; 2 trOj. n. A miiture at 

(^B uid vna.-mg'tT, a.— rnfi 

taop\ n. A UQuor4iuooii, 
■roln, 1 Bwin; 3 JrOin, n. 1. ^nnf. The 

creue wb^rs the thigh joim Iha abdoEoen. 

9. Arch. The hoe of iateiHotian of two 

Kroom, I grOm; S trebm. . 

vho urei f or hen ' ' 
X. A bhdesTDQnu 
KnM>Te,1 l^v;2Enwv. I.» 

■TOOT', ; OBOOt'lNQ.1 To 

tn; Ahape like h ffroore. 
fuiTow or JoDff hoUov, lu 
1. A filed routine. 
■rope. 1 grOp; S SrBp, 'I. & 

le Rtable; hoatier, 

bealc.u t 

] To feel 

'erti'blk'; Z (rttTjek', 
m birda hjivinx ■ Urge, aUi 
I eATdiiu] redbird of Noi 

CroM, 1 (rOa; 2 trO*. I. a, t. Large uui 
o«ne;lJviiw^> fault. S. Entire. S. 

■o-tmk'; 2 SrQ-«ii 

tfO-IM«ne'. I e^ 

Ludiorouflly odd ur tutivv^puiki j&uiab- 
He. -U.adi. -««.». 

Clot'to, 1 gnt'o; S IrSt'o, n. A small 

, plotuTMiiue oaTB. 

sronnd<), 1 grauad; S iTDund. i. 1. I. 1. 
To found; eitablish: train in Snt prin- 
ciples. T. To fii m the fround; run 
aground. II. i. To run agrDund; (oil to 

■nud, (>n;i. A ». of aum. t. 

CTODiMf n, 1. The surface of the earth; 

land. >■ A base; start! ng*T>oint; reason. 

». pi. Dnga— fToiuid'ilioc', n. Tbo 

-DM*. ».— pWUBillBI. M. 1. Abv antaut 
thatlinaontbefTQund. S, An noaerUiv or 
baK mmiB,— ■nnuia'Dal'a i*. A paamit. 
— IT«iBd'i|ilui*t II, Ths Ditn of Die (iDBBt 
Boot ot a bulldlM,— >■•»■■(. a, TM ml 
el Doiud* leased lor buudlnc,— ■nHwd'- 
w«nL'« a, A rundamaita] part; t»sla. 
fnxilN 1 rrOp: 2 snip. I*, »t- & », To 
form inta a Hrtiup or groupa- Q- n, A 
Bmall assemblsae or coUecCuin; aampany: 

TOD*e> 1 Eraus; 2 trous, n. lint. A pi. A 
K^me-bird, smaller than the do- 

inwe, 1 giOv; ! 

■TOW. 1 Era; 2 ire, >. [oBiw, I crQ, 2 trui 
qbowh; QBOW'IHO.I t t. to raise, as I 
crop. n. i, 1. To increase in bulk. a> a 

■roiri, 1 grouli's Erowl. !• il. & »*. To 

^nimble, n. n. The guttural aound 

■Tsirn. 1 nfln; 2 trOo. M. ot aaov. t. 
CrdWth. I grafb: 2 trilth. n. 1. Gradual 

tation; progress; promofjon. 3. Anythinl 

grown; product; effect. 
Crub, 1 grab: 2 irHh. ri. A s>. [obcbbis, 

OBUBO"; ordb'bino] To dig up or oU; 

dig; drudge.— grab'lMT. n. 
KTVb, a. The larva of an inaeot. 
Crudsc. 1 grtij ; 2 Srfldt. L W. [snmiaiD. 

oRDDaD*: OHuDO'iHo.] To eDTTT be> 

grudge; cive reluctantly, tl. n. 1, TQ 

will cherahed, t- '— — ' ' 

.- ■ndiriBr^r, ■ 

food dkuIb by bmlina a 

tmt'tomt, 11 grd'sem; 
^rew'some. (Innnnog hi 

sion; repulsive; horrible. 

Brnm'ble, )l'»rnin'bl; S trBrnTjl, I. i(, 
Ernm'bl', (A ri. [aRtiii'BL(i:)D': aHcu'' 

BUKO.l TaniunDaT:KrDWl; mutlsT;coia- 

plain. IL n. The act of jmimblioc; 

cmm'Mliic', pa, « n. ' ' "* 

Orma'€Tj 1 truli'di: 2 trOn'dy. Mn. A elur- 

ACGcr In MonoD't toasaj Spefd Oie /*f«rffA: 

■Tunt, 1 (runt; S '{rilut. I. •!. A n. To 

complAin. II. n. A sbort, (ultunl souodi 
u o[ ■ iiDc.— irant'H, n. Od« uuit 

tiw'no, 1 awa'no; 2 ewS'nn. n. The »t- 

cremeDt <n Beo'birdft; used aA * fertUiHir. 

Siur^D-t««', ) 1 Kw'Bh-tl': 2 Jir'an-W'. 

Ka^mn-Ux", Si. tl. I-tted': ^e'ikq.] 

asB. II. 1. A Kuapfjiiy, 
(u«i'»n-(o»". 1 (•t'en-ter': 2 (aj'iin-ter', 
n. One who or that which Euanmtas or 

by ooe person 
oblie^tlOD of HI 

i iir'an-lj 
vembk to 

lense. >■ Ooe hjiving cb^Tvp, i 

a CKiirM, pa, Eihlbltlni auu'on; 
Bfiect. *bi adp. -ncH, n.— fnard 


); 2 Sws'vB 

it* tnut, from which 

o'niJeT-iu-to'ri-al, 1 tiD-bsT-ns-U'ri-Bl; 2 
gQ-bei-i.s-16'ri-Hl, n. [V. S.] Of or pet- 

2SPidS'oT.,n. 1. An 

Bade 'eon 

Old Wop 



1 fiah, vei, , __ 

[shsft; a pin- 
n. .VnA. The bearinK of ■ 
■ Bfifdan; 2 fiifdon, n. Rt- 


}ectun; diving. II. n. A lontatLve opln 

«2S'M ^ '^"^'^'"''^"™'™'^ 

inf-^w', 1 cD-fs'; 2 tn-fi', n. A ihout o 

C<dd«> 1 gaid; 2 ETd. I. tl. Imno'tB^ 
oniD'iNQ,] To conduct in a. psth; l*ad 
nunaga; train. II. n. 1. One wb 
lead! another in ai^- path. I, Somt 
t hin g wrvinjc to Euidc ; a jtuide^boo^ 

act of auldlDff; aieadlng; dlrfictioa.— colde' 
board*, f.'poit, n, A board or pon t 

Cnlld.cUI. aunesso 

Kiiu«1«*>t a. Free 
KDlllo-UlK', 1 bU'c 


kniffl: uoed b 
gaaU 1 «iJt; 1 


e by the tall of a weichi 
le Fnneh. 
_lt. n. 1. Deaen of «_ 
punishment. S. Wicked- 

nne.-cnllCM)'^ udi;- (tdlCl-DM*, a 

played vitji the fini^ra. 
SUlch, lgul^:2eaich. n 
KOit, 1 Kull: 2 SDIf, n. 

I. A a nbyu; ehsam. 
gall, 1 gul; 2 eai. rf. To ii 

SnlPt ". A lonr^-winKCd whW 

gull>. Fi, 1. A crcrluloUB petal 


it,lcTil'et:Eft(U7St,>i. Theewplucuii 
"""* '' III''''''' ^ ""'y^i ' " 


nr'^f.lKfir'diaWr'tf. Lb. [mm'- I 
ittW, ;oL(i:)D»; anR'auxa.) To Sow 
with a mimmiHii^ soimd. IL s. A 

ov>w?':ovk2ih0.1 To pour forth Mfloi , 
out fnely; m&ka ui utnmCBBt diqiUr 

den outpourinc of fluid; an eltnvusant 
dlHtdu of aenHmeat.— ■a^tnci JU.— I 

ffVUl'lliplXr O^*' ' 

'k(, 1 EOs'eC: 2 ■Oii'ft, n. A trian- 

' cloth fitted into ■ gannent. , 


»up flavored with okra. I. Gto 
alntified formatioD found in the Mia 
flippi valley, t. The Creole patois ii 

I, 1 gm: S «0n. I. n. fauNMED 
trsD«; oob'nino.T [U. S.j To slioot wjtl 
sun. 11, n. Ametal tube for firiDK pro 

emmt ot liontiDs 

■ooden p&rt ot a gun tacLdEna the h 

BDD'ni', 1 gon'i; 3 gBnV. "■ (oiT' 
pt.] CoarH sacking of iute or hei 

pmlralc, 1 gon'el or gon'wel; 2 
or tOn'wSI. n. JValrt. The upp 
of a veuei-9 nda. 

£ eOet, n 

BnB;io; . 2 (Oa'lo, n. ! 

gat'tfVtt'tbt, 1 gnt'eT)Dr'i!h»; 2 JOt'»» 
p^cha. n. A homy lubetance, euto^ 
ing nith heat, oblaioad from a Malayan 

I gut'ar; S (iSt'er. 1, .(. A » 
n a channel in; befwme ohanncln 

, ; a'aOt'O^ij. I, ( 

Part ahnn a to or formed in tb« throai 
" " ' sound produced in th« throai 

2 eL n. A itay^ope, ai h 

. To ridicule: quii. U. n. , 
t«qve appearance. 
El; S gOil. n. A n. [ohe 

aide of a road; 

fuy'. 1 pii 

•V, in 


it, as in Gen 
gmuianiu. II. n* 

ir'nl, 1 loi'rsl; 2 ^rral, o 

Of OTpflftuninstotEwconvaLudoaiDf t! 
Sr'nb^ IJai'rSt: BftFrftl, ri. Iqt'bii-id 


[Sdh: 2ftcb,n. Luicnxs, H', 
I'ei; 2 fioh'^ pj.l The eighth lei 

ha; 2 hit inierj. An exaJun&tk>i] 

to^ibUVraM^ 1 bB-bil'i-i 
ba-bn'MWDt, n. A|UD 

1. An ao- 

b&blt^ 1 luiyit; 2 hftb' 

quired tendeno]' cowuil tne repeutioo oi 
Kn uC or ehouebt; hsbitunl course of 
iMrtioa or condui*. t. Hnbitual coodi- 
tion; teuperunent. 3. An outer t^r- 

bsbll-^ble, 1 1 hab'il-e-bl; 3 hab'it-«-bl, 
limb1t-«-bF, ; a. Fit to be inhabited. 
habl-tmt, 1 hflb'i-tat; 2 h«/i-01t, n. The 

Te^on whue a piftnt or animal usualiy 

ba-Mt'O-Al, 1 bs-bidb'tH"' -bit'yu-tel; Z 

tw-blcli'q^sr -blfyu-l^ a. Pert^alng to 

□r rBQuttitiA fmm luibit; ujniat; ardinary; 

uiveurau.— lu-Mfa-al-Irt ndB. 
ba-Mfo-atc, 1 hs-biiib'u^or -bit'yu-lst; 2 

ha-blchVIiB- -btt'yu-Jftt, < [-at^hj'*; 

-AT'ma.J To mattHlanuliai by use; ao- 

eunom- bs-Utll-Btlan, n. 
lubt-trnde, 1 babVUad; S bUi'I-tad. n. 

HabituHl method: iubiti ouatomery aa- 

ha-blfa^, 1 hd-bUliV«': e ha-bidi'u-e', n. 

hwki. n. 
hatk', n 

A Eaah made by or aa by a ab&rp 

t foi 


baclCKllhakli^hak^. I. K. |aa 

tcar, il. n. i. A hatehd. 3. ., . 
eber, as raw ailli. S. A feather [ram tb* 
neck or baek of a oock, 
baek'iHr, 1 halc'ai; 

:. Umqwa 

Let oi 

for hire; < 

leby re 

II. a. 

bsd'doek, 1 had'ek; S bjkl'ok. n. A (ood- 

Ssh of tho North Atlantic. 
Hm'dea, 1 hS-dH: E hS'd*s, n. The eondi- 

tjon and abode of the dead. tknifs. 

h>n, 1 bnftr 2 but, n. Tbs handle of ■ 
bag, 1 has; 2 big, n. A forbiddios o( 

moUciou Did vonuiD,- hac'dili, a. L&e * 

lui'SBrd, 1 hag'ard; 2 hSC'ard. a. Worn 

baB'K^U ^^?^WI, .. [Hia'oun. 
bat:'!', /haq'ui'jhao'qlinoJ I. I. To 

bni^k: mangle. U. i. TochaSeribarsaini 

mui, 1 hel; 2 hU. L t(. A n. To pom 

out liko htul; pout down biitL 11. a. 

ilr. 1 h&r; 2 h&r, R. . 

- halr'tarcadtb-. 

llM-lD'^rl-lutlOD, 1 ha-Iia*8i-n«'ihen; 2 

oepljou without 'e«eniaI%!iMcrdeiuamB! 
luTo, 1 be'lo; S hs'lo. n. A luraiooiu 

circle, OS around tJie moon, 
bait', 1 halt; 2 hgit. Id. tL i n. To 

limp: faller; basitate. II, o. Limping; 

lame. IlL n. Tbe act of limpina; lame- 
halt'. I"!, ri. A ti. To rtop. IL n. A 

hal'ter, 1 hel'tsr; 2 hgl'ier, n. A strap or 
rope by which lo hold t. torse; b hane- 

l»U™.UhQv;2h»v.w. [hilt(e)d"; halV- 
■uti', / iHQ.I To divide ioto hajres. 
hilmh 1 tinvi: 2 btvg. n. Plunl of mtr. 
llM'7«nl, lharj:erd;ShSl'yjird,n. Naut. 

- - - jpe for hoifltinK a Hail, a yar 
bam, 1 ham; 2 h&m. n. The 

tumCt lbem;3hfim. tt. Oaeof 
bare fitted to the collar, tbi 
tracM of a dra'i.h."."" 

hamlet, 1 ham 

hvn'mer, Ihai 

idftS food. 

it hold the 

lim-lSt. n. 

, .. bftm'ir. _ 

To pound; drive; work ,-_ , • 

out laborioUBly; toil. W<ifm feS* 

t";d"rivi''°a°brt^| LnL-S 

iSs. ^uSfinl, Bto. vi e -•J'= ^^ 

ham'mock, 1 ham'ek; ^^^^tl' 
a him'ok. n. A cou.:h ' ' 

iship. :. . 

To put into hampers. 

rge packing-baaket. 

"doQ^of^e'hJim "^t^S 
"" "' a ijuadnipf^ 

■ ■ " - To tpTt, 

•I the hln< _ 

nd, 1 hand; 2 hSlnd. . . „ 

lass, delivCT, lead. Etc., with _ 

.he hBod II. n. 1. Tho eitremity of 

V. S^l""-^;,^*-^' ^^;B«> P«r: ^ poUoeiObej-.gO: c«,flr;fWl. r«Ie;birt.bOpa.*^»pe,«t,fft™.f*M.wl,t,5U:me.g«,pr^,f6rn;bit,loe;I=8;i=5;g*.nit,«;.w!ia; 


u (ruLdB-boak.— lutnd'knadtb*, 

eo by a chBU.- kandTBl, n. li 
I ■ luuid su bold.- luiid'iiiild', n. 
Je KTVuit. buK'nuld'cnl.-k.' 
II. A mialoftl iDitnuneac Diieraw] 

.ndl-capi i huid'i-kap; 3 liiiid'i-t&[i. 

.mpoae A handicap oq; hinder; ntard. If. 
I. The wcighliiii of the better bones, or 

handl-cnft", 1 hand'r-kniFt'; S hKnd'i- 

er&ff. n. SldU with ihe huidt; s mc- 

chaniOKl trade. 
■und'l-lT, Me., buMll-iiMi, n. See HtniT. 
hBodl-woik", 1 hftDd'i-wnrk'; 3 h&od'i- 

wftrk'p n. Work done by the bands. 
■und'kefcUer, 1 hHqlieiHniif; S hiln'- 

lcCr-chif» n. A Icerctuef fur wipioa the 

lua'dlcUhBn'dliShaD'dl. I.I. lats'- 
h»a'M', } dlWd': BiM'iiLLNa.] To touch; 
teel; treat; deal in; train. II. n. That 
part of an objoct intended to be grasped 
»-itb the hand. 
band^BDnM,)! haa'iBm; Z han'iwm. a. 

Ingly: llberalLr: gODBoudi'.' -oat, n. 
luuul'r, 1 hHnd'i; 2 b&nd'v. a. [ha»i>'i-eb; 
a *KT.'l-E8T.l 1. Read:/ at band; near by; 
convenient. J. Skilful with the bandi. 
— bmad'Mr, odi.- bandl-iwH, n, 

1 bag; 2 h&ni. i. lauila, 1 hiro. Z 

t by a 

hanoed). II* 


lovB. i. To depend; wait; cUni; hovei 
rest.— hkot^os', a. A n. Mean; meaUnt 
abject; a sneak.^ hanf'eiri 1 ba^i'ar; . 

AometlilnE I 

lunlier, 1 hui'kBr; 

bap, 1 hap; i 


hap 'pen, 1 haf 
lup'N. 1 

•MTheeled, ase-h^na cab, with 
«al perched . 

i;2h£p. L Jft^g 

ip'hai'ard, s. & n, AccldentalT 

lap d; 2 hap'n, 
chance; befall; 

ins pleAsme; Jnyous; blessed; opportune 
f«lle1tt>ufl; ttatunate.^ hap'pl-lr, adt.- 
Iiap'pl-ilieill, n. The lUte or quality - 
beinjE happy; enjoyment; ffood fortune; U 

a. n. 

> bir-aa, a 

har^onr, ■>. Harbor; usua 

hard, 1 bard; S bird. 

tar'dl-lr. 1 hat'di-li; S hiir'di-lv, odr. 


(UT'dl-oesB, 1 hor'di-nes; 2 hAr'Ai'-oft, n. 

I, Tfae AtaL« oi b«iii£ hardy- f- Tel- 

hud'lr, i ba^i^l; 3 hSrdly, odt. 1. 
— ■ ■ ■■■ficulty. Z. SoBToely; not qiule. 

I. IlD] 


terd'Blillb 1 hold' 

SoDWthirUE hkrd 

id'fliip; S hfiid'shCp, i 

ii'dr. I har'di; 3 hSr'dy, a. [^aiH'iii- 
hak'di-est.I laured lo bvdahiD: robi 

harks 1 hgtii; 2 Urk. vi. To bBrlmi 

luHk^n, 1 1 hark-n: S h»rt>, W, ft . 

barle-qnin,! horai-^ui: 2 h&r'ie-kwi^ 

A buffoon. [lui 

lurQat. 1 harlst; Z hfii^t. n. A prosl 

luirm, Iharm; 2htlrra. L K. To injur 

hurt IL n. That vhich inflicts ii 

. i. Del 

bllVi i bdri>: 2 birp. I*, t 

duly: with on or up- 

tbs b&rp- IL n. A 

stnjmfliit piflved viUi 
tbe Bnaen.— kWB'a, 
1 Vinfar, Z hiip*. », 
One wbo playv tbe bATp. 

liAr>pa*n', 1 bar-j 

To "■' 


'"* ''"' (^ 1 

fltrikmc whiUfis or tbe 
larp 'il-elHnd. 1 horp ' 
Ai-kerdr 2 bfim'oi 
(Aid, n. An old-fi 


— Jr. 1 haVpiiTbftr'p/, n. iKjU-riini. 
pi,] 1. A plunderer; citortioner. t^ 
MtiA. A rapsoioiu and filthy vingsd 
inoiigtei. S. A Urn American ta^. 

ar'qtie^mi 1 har^wi-baa; Z bftr'lci*^ 

■i;'ri-din,lh»i'i-dBn: Sh4r'i-dMi,n. A 
a'ri-ei; 1 bsr-i-sr;' IrKf 

turlttw, 1 bai'o: 2 bSr'o. I. tt. 1. Ta 
Tork wLtb 4 bftrrow, aa IbeuI. 1. To 

set B-itbtwtk for leveUng plowed graund. 
- bsi'rait-IIisJT, ade. 
lUT'rr. 1 bar'i; 2 hSi'y, •(. * "i. [bib'- 
BiED. 1 -id, 2 -id; hah'bi-ikq,1 To pil- 

hmrab) 1 iior^: 2 bAnh. a. Gratint or 

bart, I hart: S Urt, n. 
red dor.— huU^xmi'i 

The nule of tlie 

hasIU 1 hsih: 3 hlsh. 

has let, 1 lat-M; S bli 


hasp. 1 luupi £ htap. 

hu'sk:°Z ht^olLH? °A thick 

bute. 1 hM ■ S hi 

quick.— buCr. a 

hsteb'SU bu!h; 2 hSch, K. A ri. To 
h»cli% Jbriiic or oome forth from the 

oicKp OA youucbtrdB. [croned lines. 

ba^b'*. it.rro mark vith puaUel nr 
batcb<, a. The net of lutchiiiif, or the 

brood batched. {root; bJh, ita odvct. 

hatrb** Ti. An oi[Kn]DC in m deck» flDDr^ or 
batch'c^ 1 hs<ni'al-. S h^b'«l. L it. 

iva or KATi^Eii-LiHa.l To comb, u lliu 
or bemp. 11. n. An implement for 

bateb'at, 1 hMli'flt: 2 hleh'St. n. A 
small ■bor^'hudlHl u, f or ub irith one 

hatch'^r', I hodi'irl'i 8 hioWirft'. n, 

bate. IhetiZhU, I. u. A ti. [hit'idO: 

aAT'ino.! To n«ud with hatred; deteat; 

tul.— bsll(ll'tl-l/i aile.- 
baiil,lhel:£h«1. I. tl. 

dmR with force; tnospi 

n. A puiliog ivifh ioti* 

in. as a draft of Sshes. 
batmeh, 1 hgniih or hgnth; 2 bineh o 

hanch. n. 1. The fleshy part of the hip 

3. The part of »a aiah oo cither ade o 


hant;3hkiEsr htnt. kI 

much to; frequent: vial 


A place to which one rvaort 

an.\ l.Toliold;own; 
poneiL X. To feol; 
realiie; eujoy. S. To 
c&uw to be; procuro. 
t. To be compelled to. 
». To brine furlhj bear, a 
bantlock, 1 havaak; 2 r 


e, for 

haT'er-wcIf, 1 hav'ar^akj 2 h&v'er-gik, n. 
A baa. aJuof from tiie Bhoulder, aa for a 

iMT'oclhai'nk: 2hSv'oe.n. Generalea> 

naEe or deatruetion. [Left in driving. 

b«w, 1 he: 8 h^ ,(. 4 ri. To turn to Iha 
haw, n. The fruit of the hanlham. 

iBD.iho-wol'TSD; E hJi-wrran. L a. 
pertalDLQc to -the Island of HawaH. or 
t froop of laaoelated IMaiula. IL n. 
e of the Hawaiian neonle. 3. The 
Hawii^iui luiuaae. 


. ft ti. To cough up or clear th 

hawh". 1 hik: 2 1i*k. -tt. 

baw'wr, 1 he'ief; 2 h»'i«r.- 

eiit ana dried.-hmy'eMli", i| 
n. A i1om(-*tapBcl_pUe ol T 

& barn.— bAV'tta^k", n. a Hmtfk pr^jurt 
conical pUe of bay dtacked In 'or FaJcoary. 

hu'ard.lWsrd: Shili'Brd. lil. t«. T 
put to baiard; imporil; liAk. IT. n. 1 
Kiposura to tbe cLaace of Ion or harn 
"2. A dunce. S. Thstwhic 

I baifirdad.— bu'ai^-oiu, 

le, 1 hpj; 3 hai. tl. 
■o 9ubJ!:cC to iU li^tn 

BOWalio,— llH-l-ly, a 

b>'i«l, 1 hC'il; 2 h 
haul'WODd; dark't 
trea of the oak fa 
odible nut. the Am 

The male previously 

hewf^UhediShM, >. LI, l.Tobeat 

hed*. (the head of; lead. S, To be or get 

ahead of ; iatereept. II. i. Tomoveina 

lingular and phirti, 4. Headwa 

luad'qau'ton. n. li 

-".'"fsli', n'r^ 

bewl'itroD^. a. StubbLro; ebaUn^ 

ooniiecqllvelruln>.-hewl'wfnil",n. i 
blDwlDg directly agaUkAt a ve«a«j-H c 
— bead'r, u. lamAi/t-tBt qead'i-eai 
aa liquor.— iuad^neai, n. 

hrail. 1 hU: 2 h«i. .. I. I. To rest* 
health; reconcile, as diSerances; let 
n.(. TobDcome»wdandwell.— b< 
*-beallDf,<i. An. 

llMltb,U bdCh; £ h«th, n. 1. S 

phyaical concUtJoii. eo^ or ill. 
tout iriahliia li«llli.— beallbfnl, . 
Promoclnff buitti; Balubrious. 1. Bel 
health: properly lirailhii. -ly, adc. . 
n.- benltb'l-ly. odr.-b^tlil-iina 
besltb'r, bejtb'r', a. idiilth' 

IMh 1 hip: 2 hip. 

[aUBD, 1 hSrd, 2 i 

h«ir»e.U hors; 8 he™, n. A vehici 
hersc, JcarrviiiE the dead to the sre 
heart, ) 1 h5rt; 2 hirl. n. 1. The m 
barf, I lai organ that propels the b 
3. The emotional nature; lender 
aympathy. L Courage. 1. Vital 
— .. — t-aefitfiB. 

guUh^ grlaf .— bcBrt'ibiv^KBD, d 
irhalinliHir tttena.— btarnan 

.— heufnndliif I i 
L, d. Deeply dlBapi>i>ti] 

Iwarth,)! hut}); S birth, n. The flu 
■artti*. iof a Btepbwe; flmidc; bon 
»««l*r,)lhn[t'i; 2h*rtV,a. bniRr'i-i 
lart'y, ( Bi^ia'i-tn.] Cordkl; bennte 

»MtlWt;8bSt. U.iC.kti. Toms 

bratb, 1 bifli; 3 h«tb. « 

bea'then, 1 iii'thn; 2 hs'i; 
tilei pagan; irrelisu>u& 

lw»tl»'er, Uheth'ar: 2 hith'Sr, *. Heath. 
hetk'er', t— heath* 

beave, I lhlv;2heT. 

throw with diffioull 


heavp. n. A bwi 

bpaT'eiif llb'v'n: £ 

ber'en-, jTheabod 

eoua dead; AupreD 

thesky. I. [H^ 

God; Provi- 

r^SS'.a. Olor 

, — ^Witg great nsiaht ; 

ponoerDua; 'miu u> lift, bear, or suffer; 

delenediaimiiiii.— bHT'l-lr.iidi, •a«ss,n. 
heb-dom'B-dal, 1 heb-dem's-dBl; 2 hfib- 

d6m's-dfll. a. WeeUy. 
He-bia'lc, I bi-bre'ili; 2 h»-brft^M. o. lie- 

HelweWi 1 Uiirt; S he^ru. 1. a. He- 
biaio. IL iL A Jen; tEe Jeniah Un- 

Conlbtutioiuj. S* Consuraptiv 
hM'tofnni, bM^t»4rMr,~ si 

_ .., . . hek'lo-graf; 8 hSeTo-firtf, 
». A geJatm pad for produpinff muLtipJe 
OOT^eB of a wntjofc or arHwiiur. 

iee'tor,lhek'iBror-tor:Shft?lor. I. K.ft 
li. Todoiiiinecrover;biiIli-;bedDmineM- 
in«. II. T^ Aguaml5omefeUow;buIly' 
from Hector, a Trojan hero, 

tCdgb 1 hej; 2 bSd£. d. [hiohikd; hidq'- 
mo.J I. (. To enclosp with a hedee; 


i, B. The hioder port of the foot or of ■ 
1 rajftei; laat pari, of 

tho ftisht of Mt^ummed 

D. 822. 

heif'er, 1 1 her'er; 2 hSff i, n. A 

belsbkU bait; 2 btt. n. 1. I 
blsnt, J above a baw; altitude. 

uree.- heJibt'BD, htfbfeii, l h 
hel'nons, 1 he'nua; 2 be'nt 


bth'to-tniBi etc. 3hd 

btU, 1 ta^; 2 taa. imp. oi hold, t. 
baii'tffal, 1 tu-lui's-kal; 2 he-U's-cal, a 

fed'li^aw'bel'i-kBl; 2 hSI'i-est, a. Per 

rise i> BToagced by proneiien. 
—"' '—I, 1 hlto^n'tnk; 2 heTi 

1 hlli-o-gmr; 2 hfili-o-CrU, 
q- jp AQ jiistrujuent for tAkiiu; photo- 
BTHphi of the sun. !. A phologniph taken 
DvsimliiEht. 3. A mirror f or aisa&liDS by 
-— ■-— -■ Uiht.- bt'V-O'Knu'h'ic^a. 

ape. 1 hlli-o-trCp; 2 bC'li-o-trOp, 

, Aflbruborbubi vith amBll purpliah or 
•-'te Bawea. 
o-trpci 1 hni-o-toip; 2 hsli-o-tip, 

A^oloenaraTiiiEfromwhicl- ' 

a can be taken by h printLBtf 

tae-H-um, 1 bmi-mn; 2 heli-Om, n. A 
chenuGHl elemejit firflt inferred from lines 

bi!l'ter>«kel'l«r, 1 hel'lsrqkeL'Cur; 2 bfi'- 
Ur^kSl'ter. I. a. A adv. Hurried ud 
tvufuaed; witb hAste and c»Jifu90D. IL 
n. DiBorderly hurry. 

belTC, 1 1 helvi 2 bSv. n. The hsudle. u 

lldT>, loC BD u or hatchet. 

bem<, 1 hem; 2 hem, it, Ihehhed, Hiiii>^ 
H^tima.l To bordei; edge; shut in; le- 

MiNQ.] To throw off by oouchiiic; cough; 
faem^, n. A folded rdse of cloth Kwed 

hfm*, n, (fe iiUerj. A sound made, aa in 

clearing the throat; ahem. 
hcin'K iTtLilT. Hair: tm, AnxOpbcre. 
IU!in1-«pl»re, 1 hern'mflr; 2 b6m'Ua!tr. 

n, A half4pb«re.— b*m''|.4pher'1e, hcm^ 

n'l-stik; 2 hSm'Hitle, n. 
._. Una. 
:m1ek; 2 faJmOfik, n. 1. 

!m1-sticb, 1 

A half (d a p< 

in of the r 
family. 7i A poieorj< 
herb of (ho pareiey fs 

bein'oT4luse,lhem'»-i ., 

2 hfirn'o-raft. n. DiflcharBe S 
nf blood from a niptured f 

■>r-rl»ldij|fi. ri. PUn.- 

hemp, 1 hemp; 2h«mn,B. ■ 

A tall annual herb of the 

bem'stltcii't, 1 h< 

threads adjoiui 

n'stiiOi'; Z him'stlch*. 

B .. draniDg tosetber 

m groupa cne cruB'threada by aucceaiive 
ben, I hen; 2 hUa, n, 1. A female fowl ot 

ben'iMr-r. 1 hen'»t-i; g hta'Sr-y, 

[-iiiB". pi-] A pL&ce whan heiu an kept. 
bcn'pMk;^, 1 hen'pek'; 3 bSa'pClc'. «. 

r, a3 B wife 
i; Z bfe'ry. 


EI«. The 

Ii7nri~. Am!rio»n"phyioim~( 1787-1878). 
be-pAtlc 1 hi-pst'ik; 2 h&i>U'M, a. Fer- 

bep'ta-eon, 1 h?p't< 

1 Hid«a and a 

_ _ -n»J,o. 

bep'tar-clv, 1 hep'tai~ki; Z h.fp'ar-ty, t 

fcDiee*, pjj I. A BToup of iiaven kin) 

fcer. life'; 2 hSr, pr™. Objeotiva i 
poAseanve caae ol sas: used In the fori 
A«ra in the predicate when the noun ia n' 

ber'Ald, 1 her-eld; 2 her'ald. .1^. K. t 
ADiiDUnce publicly: usher in; pTocEsin 
II. n. An offiosl beftier ot menKees, i 
from a soTBretgn; Aoy beaicr of news; 
rorsniDner.— he-nl'dle. I bi-nJ'dih: 
he-r&l'fUe, a. ItelBllni to henldi or henli 
ry.— btw'tU-nt 1 IWgld-n: Z btr'ald-ry, i 
Tbe Bdoiee iliat treata at UuodIiic or di 

aM-flblpt A. The oflloe er rank of a henUi 
bM-b, 1 horb; 2 bCrb, n. A plant that dit 

DuwerliuE: berbace,— b«^ba'r«oiu, 1 be 
M'dhuH: 3 hfr-ba'ahOa. a. PpuiFniiiir to i 
_.. ^._^_ iierb'aie, 1 hflrb-ij » Briyil ; 

, paBturave.— Iierb'aii I t 

'^har. lE.Acrovd: nbble. S-Aherv;- 
Qdfl a bttd. faard'«rr> 
h 1 hlr; 3 hSr, adt. In. at, or to thia 
ace, tiroe, or atae^ of proee«ilia^; in 

aon of this.- hMV-br', ad>, Br a 

9, oi and.— haf«na-fai«'. 

i^vn-, aaw. ITpon or twcauH of tbl 
KWltb', aHi. Aloni with tMl. 

l-te-IT, 1 hi-nd'i-t*-n; 2 he-rtd' 

tAty, a. Deacaidiiis by inberitaiice.' 
be4«d1>(»4Ur, mfi. 
b»«ed1-tr, Ihi-red1-t4; 2 he-rtdl-ty. j 
Tmnamiaeioii of qualities, diseaAeA, etc 

pi.iA' belli 

to holde a hvruy.— h^ 

nn^.i. Ai ,_ 

ueiB. -It, odD. 
hw1-te-ble,)I her'i.Ce-b]; S h«r'i-b 
iHTl-ta-U', ; a. 1. That cBQ be inb 

ed.. 2' Capable of inheriting. 
hNl^lsfe, 1 heKi-tij; 2 h«i'i-tat, n. 1 

her'nt-a, IbOr'nj-BJEb&'nl-a. 

he-ro, 1 hl'ro; S hS'to, n, 

and. I. Tbe ohiaf n 

- b»«a^, 1 btWH: 2 

ha'OB, 1 ber'oii; 2 b*".™, n, - 
Tiit^lfwl Innt'l^ned wadiEkfl bird, 
i^; 3 hOr'nic, a. . 

' her-t^fi2 h 

be slow in deck 

_-«af, pron. A 

ir empbatii; form of tbq tblrd' 

,— taMT-utiai-ir, 1 

Bei'per, 1 bes'pi 

- l-tt 
pLl TDA coaracwr oi Deuiv oeur^-'-'- 
liet«rodox dcwtrina. 

fcet'CT-w-ffe'iie-ims, 1 het'aiM>-iI'i..->.D, ^ 
h&'$r4'>;^ne'aa, a. CoDAiatinK of diB- 
slnJUr etem«[i1«- -lyi ode. 

hew, lhia;3h(l,ii(.An. Ii 

bei'k-fon. ] helogV 

sd; 3 hela'A-efio, n. 

BlM — bci-iE'o-iui, a. -I7. ruW — bm**- 

&m'e-t«i. L a. Pt«. Hav 

averse, IL n. Prot. A vei 

ber. I li«; S b«, intoj. ,An ei 

iDy.— hd Ife^iute, 1 hcd'bH-oAt; a bf- 
wJnU-l enpeclsUy bi & UrpM siaU.— U^ 
T'nl-an, l.hoi-bDr'nt-Bni 2 hl-Mr'ni- 

. W-bct^l-rhiiil. 

1 UL'dp; 3 hic'lip. 

phrafim Hsd wfiiL,-r.. 

hick'o-rr, 1 hik'n-n; S 

Mk-o-ly, n. [4iB>, 

^.1 AnAmorioMili- 

ii}90. Its bard, tovcb. 
beavy wood. [pi. 

HlDiHID'lNQ.J Tqput ». hiokoiymot. wiU 

or kf>ep out of m£b£;liAU Qm vhuck r* 

iMe", rt. [hid'ed<I; hid'woJ To whir 
witb s rawhide; eovo » wi^ hide. 

The skm of a large viiiaal. as an 

— hMe'biMuKl', 

d'logi,! hoid'iu; fi Ud'ins, n. 

btdlnTtn. [CoDog.] A 
Ue, 1 hoi; 2 f- ' " 

Iil'et4nb,'l hQi'or*tk: 2 hl'&*re. n. 
Aa eeckHlainloaleWBfmnr.— lil'«^«r**Uti 

a. or.wfalnlniio.orlUiBahlei '- "*- 

(br. IL A body at wmmnd < 
nileri: chrlcU of prteiay (oren 

hl'CT-o-^lTpIl, 1 biii'in>o-e1if; 2 Unr-o- 
£ljX, n. \. PiMuiemridiK, as of tlia 
andent Egyptuss. S. A diATMter or 
word suopoeod lo contey a hiddm meaii- 
ing. U'er-«-clTph'Iet-~bfa-»«ln>h'- 
Ic a. Pcnalnlng to IdendyDbi. U'W-*- 
Hr^ft-c^t.- UrtK—^stbl^tiyiw, ait. 

li&'lS*. I hj«a: 2 bItT n*. [HKraUD; 
— 'ouBGj to dBpuu about trlflo.— Ull'- 

blSh 1 bai: 2 hi. L a. Qnatb' elevsled: 
lofty; chief; e.sltsd; intenae. II. ad". 
Id a bi^ maniwr; to a pvat aJtitude; 
alBo. at a bleb rata; luxunoudy. — bleb'' 
biim'',a. OInobleeiECramon.— h.ibni.1. 

hip. 1, hip: 2 hip. n. The hip-joio*: 

cblel pnem.-W«Ii'««|-, n. 1. A .oaiD 

as ^A.-rs.u'.^.'Si^ 

n. An ancient lacs-ooutw or modem 

Khwil.- ii.aptrltod, a. FuU cf ipiut; uut 

lilp^^lSipot'j.-mns, 1 hip'o-potVmM; 2 

ll(p-o-pai'B-m(iB. H. '-" —-"■ 

An elevation of land. Z. lA. A moun- 

wB-nir', 1 Li'wS': 3 M'wi-. n. A pub- 

lic ituul - blgb-nr-'nu'D, n. A robber on 

' hone. ■ 


hl^Y^^'SS^'l hai-la'ri-m; 2 hl-la-ri-Qa, n. 

Shlr'(in,a. Per- ^ 

B^slerouslymeny.-bt-lnr'l-mn. Bols- 

hlil™U "Idl^B hn, n. 1. A coni^Lcuonn 
blP, J natuz^ elevation. Tt, A em^l heap 

hl^fl'h^lil'TShlT. I.-'. (RinRD: HIK'INO] 

for^taS^KTWcii. eic.-hln^ng.^^L a. 

huTlijilt; S hilt, n. ThB handle and 

htr-sute', 1 hoi-eiat': 2 hir-tftt', a. Hairy. 

guard of a swotd or dagger. 

htl. 1 hii; 3 his, pron. Possessive case ol 

bim. 1 him; S him, jron. The ob ectjve 

ci«e of HI. 

hlM.' 1 his ■ 2 Ms. I*. W. & n". To utter 

v-ith or ^ a hisB' uCUt a bias. 11. n. 

^Lm-belvb'. ;^.| 1. The Intensive torn 
a[ BE. I. One's Ipdlvlduiaitv. 
hind, I haind: 2 hind. a. [Hi^ro'uoar or 
aiNB'EB-M08T, ™pn-l.l Belonging to the 

The prolonged sound of .. especiaU/.as an 
expression t.f contempt; also, any amilar 

but, 1 hist; Z hist, inlerj. Be silentl hiishr 

hlQd^ n. A female deer, 

hin ■dnr? 1 hin'^; 3 hlo'der, vl. 4 n. To 

hi»'t*-IT, 1 hii'lo^: 2 hls'to-ry. n. 

aTa ohHk.-blB^Hi^uiM, ■! Sa^'aa 

binder'"! hnind'er; 3 hlnd'Sr, a. Per- 

celebrated In blstorr; notable ». HLalorl- 
cal.— bls-lar'l-ral, a. 1. Relatlw to bu- 

lils"trM>n'lc?'T."his'ln-en'ik:' 3h'i3-tri- 

BlB'ddo, -laiD, eto. fame as eim>n, etc. 

cal.'"' "' 
hit, 1 hit; 2 hit. .. [hit; hit'ti-'O.) I. t, 
To strike; get or catch oleuerly. II. i. 

bln'dnnce, i hin'drens: 3 hin'rtranc, n. 
The act of hindering; an nbataole. 

Hln'dn, 1 hin'da; 3 hin'du, a. A member 
nf the native raee of India; also, thj 

Ungnage ol CbU ntce.- Bln'dn.sla'.d. I 
K*iS5,ia'nl; S Wn-du-swm, n. The olll- 

hit, n. A fltroke; blow; a reparuw; stroke 

of luck. 


hltcll',llhidi;2Mch, .. I.(. To fasten 

Hwo'iNcI To l«raiah xith a hing^-; 
lum, as on a hinge; depend; hang. II. 

Uth', fortie. II. i. Tomovflbyietk.; 

become entangled. , 

n. A device ailoning one part to turn 

bitch, n. 1. A atop; obstruction. S. Tb3 

act of fastening, aa by a rope. 3. A 

hlB^r,'l"hia*'i; 8 hln'y, n. The offspring 

hith'er. 1 hith'er; S hith'gr, 1. a Near 

bint, I hint: 2 hint. L «,'* n. To Bug- 

to or toward the Bpoaker. 11. idr. lo 
tbls direction.- hltb-er-Ui'.otH. Till now. 

gert indirectly: mate a aiTggeatLon. II. 

n. A covert or indirect allusion. 

-Ulb'er-wHd, odi. Hither. 

1 htroai': S bOdf pfidt'. > 

l»o™f hft" 

That irhich hsn imn aorumula' 
stored away: a stoclc nr Atore. 

', IhOrTiaund'iSbiSrTioun 

n. /v Ditter poromuo] herb of the Di 
fuoi^: lued &■ a KTtwdy for oolda. 

I tlATtb in 801 
homr'r,^ I hflr'i; 3 hBr'y,' 

kou, 1 hokg; 2 hOks. I*, vl. 

thck upon. II. R. A dece 

tlBsd lor ipon.- houtv, n. 

bob, I bob; 2 hSb, n. A pzoji 

bobnilcVl iiebl; 2 bflbf, i 

bOb'P, / [hOB'bLED, HOB'LD'; 
..«L-I>01» , 

nl BMpUnit.— bob-Ua-A 

bob'br, i hBb'i: 2 b6b'y, n. [hob'bieb», 
p;.] An object of ettravwant interest; 
CM idea.— iKibnM-liorM". ■>. A wooden 

bob-sob lin, 1 hsl>^b1m; S hSb-gSb'Iin. 
bob 'nail-, 1 hnb'n#]'; 

OK, 1 hag; 2 bit. ". 1- .Ad \ji 

nhidi is called T>i7rib. £. A filthy, glut/' 

tonoui penoD,— bos'clih, a, like » lu<; 


b(«a'beiid, 1 hesi'hed: 2 biiee'biM. n. 1. 

'■ A Lares disk. S. A Li<iuid meHsuiE, (fdiof 

rily 83 laJlons. 
. bol'den, 1 hai'dn; 2bAi'dn. n. A mmpini 
; or bold Kin. boy'dcal.-hol-dcD-lab, a. 
bolat, I bsirt: 2 biiiat. I<1. K. Tu laiM to 

-3cbine; Bit; the aet oi boiatuis. 
hoM, 1 hflld; 2 held, •. (heui; held pt 

emnj; koep; rastrii 
I. To mamta^n; ai 
*■ contBin: have 

■tick; adhere. 

itokon. 3. To . 
have poaaeaiiDn. ft. To atop; f< 

r.— Iuila'er« a.— htrfdlnct n. A p 

, n. The act of hoMine; a kI 
mint; a ptaoo la Eraip; nfuie. 
, n. Tbs etorace pan of a ship. 


drink togethi 
bOtk<. 1 bek; 

- boraklled'. 

fao11-n«sa, I hGli-iiee; 2 batata, n. The 

Btatfl pi being holy. 
bolland, 1 hel'Bnd; 2 hSI'and, n. 1. Un- 

bleiLched linen. %. pi. ArdcDt Bpirita; gin. 

I n. Any white Rhino vdne. 
ey, 1 hok'i: Z hfili'.v, n. A gar 

, A hooked bat. 

(■po'ciu, 1 hS'ko>^'kiT>: 2 ha'cS*- 

llow. II. o. 
ibe. Jar. o 
DUndins U 

., I had; S bed. i 


A tall bieniuaJ her 

with iaroB flowerfl. 

holm^ 1 £olm or hi 

Jjow land by a atrei 

bolr. 1 liS'Ii; ShMy, i 

n. [ho'li-eb; ho'li- .„_.«; nniii 
EOT.r MoraUy enoel- *'°*™" '"'">■■ 
lent; of hiffheat q>intual purity; conee- 
crulfld; baUowed. 

tUl regard or worabip; a vassal's act oi 

home, i bSm; S bfim. I. a. 1. Pertain- 

e^otiye. IL n. 1. A plaoe^oTabode 
family resideace; resdnff'plBce ; habitat. 
X. Id fames, a roal- 111. adv. I. To 
or Kt hoiM. J. To the _p1a« or poini 
lj]tQDd«d.— bomlar, a. Readily Ondlru 
ltd way hoTDBH as a carTierHplgeorir— home'' 

RavlDff plalq feattra.— home'tlek^ a 
hDime'iIrk'iMaB, n — hMne^Dn". I. a 

Ao''rDe-ap'>-tlir, 1 ha'mi-Bp'B-ftu; 2 ho'- 
me-ftp'a-lhv, n. A ajr&tein of medicine 
louniied OQ the priociple that - like oures 
like/' and prescriblEig; miDute dosea of 
meciiciiiea that would produce in a 
heollhy poreon symptoms like those of 
tbe disease to be cured.— ha''iiw-f^pm1h'1Ci 
a — tao"nt»-oif'i-(lil9l, - ■■- -'— 

isDpatby. ho'me-i 

The tillihE of a 

!: v^,d{t;b«tik,b 

lom'Unr, 1 hsm'i-u; 2 I 

[U. S.) MaiH, hulled and bi 
ii^ini»'^i'^thr, siA. Same 

lHi''iiio-ge'nc-ou«, I hn'mo-jrai-ui; 2 
he'iDD-g$^iie-lia, a. Made up of siniilBr 

-ty, sdi. •■»», n.— Un'iiKHfe-ae^li, n. 

IdsDUty or alranarlty ol bind or structure. 



candid in dealing: frank; open; jusE; up- 

taon''e^tr, ft. Tbe duality of being honest. 
jn'py, (1. bm'i; 2 hbu'y, n. A sweet 

marrlftge-— bon'ej 

Nobility of charat 

.t technicaliy viewed 

;aisie: aa = iruv. W; 10 = («(d; ^liln; go; oobW; (hin. fl 
t; fifU, rMie. cOre, bat.bQm; All. bOj; to, ftemi \^k: tbJn, U 

-havd, (u^, Co 

bood, 1 hud; Z 

m%h H hood; 1 

irlak>, K. To 

; Tiie ii 

1. S«v< 

1 bad luck; on evil 

1 h^; S bB!/p, t. To wboop. 
I>. i(. 1. To suiTtHiDd wiUi hw 
eask. ». To eneiiclo. II. n. 

1 hSnl ; S hOnl. n. A ntlund and 

en the earth or sea seema to 
'.— bar'^ioo'lal, a. PsnlMI I 

eline E^ovtii on the h«id of an ani- ' 
a oi or d«r. I. Somelhinf i 
Dm. or Ukened to an animal'g 

na.- harn'plpe", n. ' 1. A lively I 
untxydance. X. A tonna' mu- 
auml IngDument,- hoTB'j, s. 
I bor'net, 1 ber'net; 2 ber'uet, n. A laiga : 

-wH'o-gTi 1 ho-rslVji; 2 ho-rSl'o-fo-, n. 

lilrot. ^e positlouoftJia plancta at ■ 

arson's UrUi. ! 

1 har'ri-Ue, U hor'i-bl; 2 hSrtJjl, a. E.- ' 

hor'rt-lll''. Idtina abhorrence; terrible.— 

■---^.Wi, odt.— hor-iU'le, a. Caualiii 

-bor-H-RF. <(. l-nxD^-Fi-maJ To 

IT l«:ndcDt of the Stat« 1 

boot, 1 bat: 2 boat. I^. 

risiM. "l, Tbe"cryotan" 

olid'hoofed quadruped 1: 

rt leapSH BBpocially on one leg. 

i lobed leaves ana Bc^y frui 
fruit of this plant. 
hSp. Utl. & t>. Ibofbh) , 
'o dFsire with eipcetation of 

2. The male 

— hone'DiBB-ablp, n. 

tavp'per, 1 hap'er: 2 hjiti'Er, fi. A tunnel 

hep'He. 1 hepi: S hSpl. I. H. [noe'- 
pled; HOP'PUNoj Tohaninw; bobble. 
ILn. A fetttt. aa for the l.«s of a bone. 

bOT'ta-tlre,)! hsr'lfr-tiv; S bftr'U-llT. a. I 

lilH'ta-tiT*. /Of tb« nalnre of eiboHetica. 

— bort^to-rr, a. GlTlnf slioTtatloti. 

Digilizcdt, Google 

A dmAlHrdly Fdiaw. 

, 1 aur; 2 our, n, 1. Siirtr n 

beautiful miidsiiB who. aocordiai to lbs 
Mohflmmedau [aith, are to he tia cont- , 
paoioiig of the fultaful ia Paradise. | 

honM, 1 1 haui; 2 ho™, it, A ri. [hocbbi. 

h»m', f HoniD'; Hon?iKa. Koni'iHO'.l To 
plus under cover; tslieBhcltcror lodEiiiga, 

bniue, 1 haua; 2 haiu, n. Isodb'sb, 1 
haui'ei: Z houg'Ca. sC] 1. A plaoe il 
abode. 2. A houKhold. 1. A tribd 
stock; line. 1. One o[ thi^ divinoua of ■ 
t«cislativs body; a nonvention; audiancb 
■• A mensn^e establishment: a corpo- 


A gtit emi^oyed 1] 

boTc tnp. or BtATt, : Idnlltai^ 

bm'el, 1 hev'el; S hSv^, n. A aretched 

boT'rr, I hoVBt: 2 hiv'ei, •. i. (. To 

cover with the winei. II. i. 1. To 

pause with fiuttorin« irioss. t- To lins« 

n wluU 
S. In 
*- To 

For vhat rea»n; why.- haw>be1(, nd 

II. anj. NotmtliataDillni: }>eL-hair 

ertfT, adc, Nevfflttelem. 
lioiT'dah, 1 tinu'ile: S hoVda. n. A raile 
bow'l&in, 1 hau'itMp; 2 bow'tnes. n. 

.hort light cannon. 
bonl, 1 boul: s howl. I. tl. t tt. 

utter a loud wail; olamor; nmr. If. «. 

--_eoL I> AnytJuiu oentmL [roar. 
tnb. 1 hnl/nb; Bhab'Ob, n. Up- 
Te-bw-ry, 1 bi.W-l»r*.; S haA 
bb-'y, n. [4iE^, pt.] The edibla bluk 
or daiicbJue bony of ■ mimBn of liiwtb. 
hnek'iter, 1 hakfaai: Z bWaifc. I. »- 
To bKTEwn in B DtuiU way. II. n. Oi 
whoiatai' " ■ ' 

kBd'dle, 1 

■ huddle. 


hndl; 2 hnd'L. I. tt. A n. 

it Ln plwje hurriedly^ gather in 

II* n. A ooTifuKd croird or 

IqutUity of ft color; tint- 

1; 3 ha. n. The p&rUcuIai 

nl: lni8c<ble. hvtrjt. 
t, 1 hog; 3 hOi^ B. 
oa'oUJO.) I. I. To c! 


. Topu 
IL 1 

'o clasp tiabtly wit' 
i; chemh. II. t. 

nu'EB^EUit, i mugi'nec: a nu-p^nni, n. 
A French ProtisUntof Uie ISthand 17lh 

knik, 1 hoik; 2 haik. n. The body of an 

old ahip; any unwieldy object. ■ 
hBllc'UiK.lhnIk'iQ:2hlllk'iaca. [CoUoq.l 

Bulky: dumsy. bBlk'yt. 
haa, 1 hnl: 2 hdl. L «. To frw from 

the hall. ni. n. TliB outer coveriug, sa 

dI a nut: husk. 
bnll*. I. K. To nrike nr jmra the hull 

or. IP. n. The body of a vesKL 
kri-lo', 1 bu-W: S btHB', •.. IL. 4 tnirf. 

. "nf '^*A kiwi^ 

Shfim. . 

articulatA aa 
ka'nun, 1 b 

^ pbllantbioplst. 
aoHnd ooUeoUydy. 

HaThuiotabc . 

ate. z. Tendinc te nfina; polite; rie- 

(BDt.-^ b^AOMMlr, ait, 
bom'blB.ll hum'bl; 3 hnml)]. I. M. 
bom'bl', J[Ht™'BL{ii)D*;HtJ»t'nmro1 To 

make humble; hamiliato: lower. If* a. 

[mjii'SLia; hou'sleot.] Bavins or 

meek; uapret«iiltaic: low^.- InunVr. e^i 

I'bng; 2 hOmlillt. L 
— D. bum'bjjov*; hum'- 

impoetor ot impogtuie; a dMeil; 

A bumble 

ft «flf,d||:bd»k,bAH;tqll,rvle.cDre,bllt,bI 

La. Or or perWiQiiift to HiuiffUT- IL r 

hun'cei, 1 hDo'gar; a'hfio'fi.Sr, I. tn 

Cravimt for food; uiy slrooE dosin 

tug iiunsa.— biuVI-lTi 111°- 

cbarge or Uw paaX of bouDilfl In 
— "■- ■■ bor'ril; 2 hOr'dl, . 

nr'dlcU li 


butiu I'hfirJ; ihiui'. 

OrismHiJy, a cyclooe 

har'ry, 1 boi'i: 2 hfir'y. 

Kb'iued. 1 -ui, 2 -id: HOI 
lea; act rapidly. IL n 
si.] Ttu ut of bnnrliic li 

b^j'hnrl; 2 hOrt. I. ■*. 

ft. IiduTy, Afl a bniiw; ht 
— bamaLs. Cukuchun 

barll*, 1 hnr't!; sTbPtl, zt. 
ilid; hur'tltnq.j To mo 
hurl; ruA coofueedlv And □ 

■^■rtl t - bef ti 

'hiH'feuid. 1 

k, 1 hink; 2 hOsk. 
ehiwtof. Il.n, An< 
nethlng wortlilfln.— I 

rt-ken; S hOfi-oiii. i 

biu'sr, 1 hni' 
blutliu, 1 h 

A Bmall rude dwtU- 

ifh, 1 hai'e-sinth: 2 h 
one nlaol with spike-li 
.-hr'a-rln'thlii(<#, a. 

br-ie'iu, n. Bbb Hmrt. 

brbrld, 1 hoi'bnd; : 

br^^rbUluB, n.— lif 

br'dn, 1 hoi'dia; S 

[H-I Gf. Ml/til. The Ducyheadeil natsli 
eerpcnt alnin by Hercules. I. Any eril 
of nuioy formB. 3. A fraahitater polj-p. 

TAlv«d dischAfeo^ipe oa a wateiviasiii, 
r-dnnllc, 1 hoi-dre'lik; 2 hl-dra'lie, a. 
PflTtAlDlnz to hyiiFAuUos-— hr-dTAiitl-ei4< 
If 1 ddc— ht-dnolln, n. The Kleoee nl 
liquids, u wato-p Id motJoD. 

hy'diw-a'CT-tMilsae, lbardni-e'Ar-'j-pieii;S 
liI'dro-«'*r«-Dl*n. B. An aw^iilane fltled to 
alUbt on. rise froni or travel aT« water. 

bj'ato-t»a, 1 hni'dm-jsD; 2 hl'dro-^D. n. 
* cnlorleis, odorleea. t^elaB, (aswui 
. — neat, the licht««tnibUMice kBown. i 

byilro«^k-Bfaf,1 1 hoi-dras'n^i 2 U- ' 

bf-^lrgi^m^, JdrSt'ra^, ». Tho bjI- 
enoe of eharttag nav^able wftt^s, ooaat^ ' 


lie. a. ^ 

hr'^iirB'nicnic, a.— 

_. , j.-taj-dram's-trr,*. 

hr-drop'a-thr, I hni-drapVOii; 2 hl- 

Krater.— ,hr''dr(^^<li'le, a, 

2 bl'< 

b7*dro-iiut^-caJ, a. 

br"ilra-f»'bl-B> J 


A dif 


tl'ilrn plinrii 1 hardro-pHn: t hrdn-pUO. 

hl'dnntatrk*, n. The Boience a 
pmaurc ATtd equiUbhuia of fluid 
niA'.— br'dn-antle, a. Penalnl 
bydroslatlcB. by'dro-itatl-CKl]. 

br'aroils,lhai'druB;3hI'ilrila,ii. Wi 
conltunine water oi hydroien. 

hr-c'u, 1 hui-rav: 2 hl^'na, i 


^egs longef 
n voe hii.d. 

Mylli. The god of 

_ria«e. 3. [h-1 The 

hf'me-ne'Bl. L a. Per- 
loe. 11* n. A wMdlnff4CHiH, 
ijm. I,»(.&ri. JhihnkS. 
Id; HiB-fiNO, 1 him'ni or 
mW w hym'Tiing.l To 
i; e^ireA in hyma^; Bing 

cit* by a plane that ^^^'^ 

ttr-wrlMi-le, 1 hoi- nt. i 
pm-Tjo-B: 2 UtPir'- '^ 

HOD.— bf'per-lHille, by'par-boll-Ml, > 

hr-Ber-bo're-mn, 1 hoi'penja'n-sn; 
u'pet-hC're-sn. I. a. Oonupyine the bt- 
tmoe north; very cold. 11. n. JH-I Gr. 
MiiM. Oosof B people euppoaedtodwell 

fainpN-nlt'lc, 1 hd"p»f-krit'ilt; 8. .hl*- 

Undulr H 

'— -pnr, 1 J 

— br'pbcD-a'UMI. <i 
iif.'no-tiim! 2 hfp' 

Bleep.- ]il'P'Bo>(lMi ri. [-Tizu>: •niiHaJ 
To produce bypooEJc aleeit Id. 

I>r>»-i bTP-. Ihal'Do-. hlp-^ 2 hrpo-, hfp-, 
^nflr. under: beneath; l«ea t Ti a n ; oppoaEd 
w %w-; u. dvpodermlo. , .. , 

lirp"o-ebon'iIrl-a, 1 hm oHor boi po-| 
ken'dn-s; 3 hfp'M'" " PO-]eflii'dn-a. n- 
A morbid nKl»Dcholy and anxiety of 
mlDd.— Iirp'i>-rl>ui'''>-ac- I- a. Subjetrc 


, —hJ-pt'^T, 

In-pek'n-B: 2 hy.p4«'rt-w, n. (niim*. JJ.) 
The lelKnlng to be what one le not— aivra- 
eim-fi, a. Pertaining to B hypocrite or 
byp4icrtBy. ^lr» odD. 
hT"po-iler'IllIe, 1 hai'po-tor hip"o-|dor'- 
mSi; 3 lil-po ' " "J-^- - r-. 



the skia. 
, 1 hoi-pet'i-niOs; 8 — 
The eide of a ri|[bt>BJJgl«] 
leiooppowtel'- --■---—'- 

: f^- 

-^ — / 1 — operty) in pledge as 

bT>potli**-ca'tien. n. 

„ , , „ji-peili'iJRsi 3 hl-pSth'- 

.ttiIb, n. (-ara. 1 -flli; S -eSj, pi.] A aiip- 
poBition asiumed as a baeia of leasouing 
or eipwiment: a giie&i or conjecture. 
— hr^o-tbeMe, by*i»-tbBt1-* 

(peraunal property) i 



, bI*PO-thetl-cal-lT, -'- 

brs'sop, 1 his'ep: 2 hjs'op, i: 

mmt lamily. 

>: 2 lifa-Wn-ft. n. 

ue pendiud proooui 

»«IB'bllS, 1 (J- 

■m'bni; S t-im' 

bOa. n. r-Bi, 1 - 
-boli 8 -bl, pl.l A -^ 
foot eoiuifltinf of 
a iluHt fallowed 
by ■ tone syllabic. 
— l-un'btei a. 
•taBiOuiu. Sm-ih. 1 
I'kdh 1 d'bela: 2 M 
UiSa,n. OiMOtE 

Koats, especially ^ 

tba AlTuofl- ^ 

CMS, 1 oilHi; zi 

ipc biH, WLtti cy- V 


eake. IL fi, 1* CoDfealcd o 
water. 8. I<««:Teani. mmtine, o: 

,lata^D:21c'iDK,«. Alroei- 

7, 1 ili'flu-ol'o-Ji: S le'thy- 

leb^thy-ol^o-gtet, n 

I'd-rf;, f mass of ice 

■; extstinff only Id 


IL n. 1. A dhmM 

Udni IntkiUiiirr. -ly, adi.- t-aifat Itm , • 

lecu Immediately knixrn. S. Tbt qiuit o 
IdoJ OtOtexlBa.-K'ia-an-tj, n. 1TTii> 
■LI 1. -me nmdliloa or ctaaneUr a( tKtn 
UmL >> Ttui ponr or toHleiuiy to Icn 
ldcak.-lHltfal4iM, |i4*U-lM, M. * a 
[-aai>:-TX'TNa.1 To roidef Ideal; tonnldeeli 
-l-Afal-IU, n.-l-d**BM>'(le, cl— ■-«•■ 

Wentl-ft, 1 aWon'tJjoI: : 
l-ITED! -rr'iHGj 1. To I 

I-dEo'ti-fi. It. 

l-dcDtl-ty, 1 ai-deo'ti-lii S T-d$ii'tt-^. n. 
[-^M»,Jil,l t. The Mat« of being iden- 
tjoal. t, Distinettve penonal character. 

Ides, 1 oidi; 2 Idg, n. pi. Bom. Aniig. Tb* 
l.'itii of March, May. July, and Octob«> 
aud the 13th of the other months. 

Idl-o-rf, 1 id'i-(m; 3 Id'i-o-«y, n. Tin 

IdtKim! 1 M'l-Bm; 3 Id'iflm; n. t. A ua* 
of words peculiar to aT^^ lanimaire. t> 
ApeeuUarspeectaordlueci- Id't-om-aCie, 

Isni^ge. Idl-otD-afl-cali. 
Idl-O-STn'cra-STi 1 id'i-Q-ein'krBfli; 8 

Id'to-^o'era^y, n. [-ana', pt.l A con- 

stitulional pecutiahty. 
Ul-ot, 1 id'i-Bt; 2 Id'L-«t, n. One cVvnio 

of caminoii kdh; an Imbecile.— Idl-ol'Ib 

a. Like an Idloc-idl-iit^al-ly. ad>. 
I'dle, 1 ai'dl; 3 I'dl. I. W. A oi. [i'dlbd! 

l-DLiNa.] To spend in idleness: wsMa 

ti^me idly. _ II. o. [i'dle 

to' la^'W. 
fdler.H. ow 


taioiaff to or fonned by meaiu of Ere, 
iK'nIa Ikfu-m, 1 ia-nl. fat'TU-m; 2 (i'nli 
afyv-fin. [la'NTS FiT-n-i. 1 ib'dIi fat'- 
yu-ai; SUfDeeWyu-l, pi.l AphoBphor- 

g-noil';31j-nIl'. I. [lo-Hrr'lE*; 
1 1 L t To kindle; make lu- 
11. >. To take fire: tfow lith 

1 Ij jilJM jm; £ ll- wlnH^ rtii, 


a. The wt Di lanLUDg. 
■c-no'ble, U ii-aS'bL: 2 H- 
iB-noTH'.JUnworf' - 

_.- J, ,_ degraded 

cnwscuT. 3. Low-bora. «. Of interii 
^'UO-mlU-ir. 1 ii^iin-min.1! 2 (ynn-mln. 

ift'mOii, T 

. 1 ig'ni; 

lK'n04>IU«; 1 iK'na-Ttni; S Ig'no-ntio. 
ThostaMirfbeiaEiciuiraat: Isckof kooi 
cdKB'— Ic'Do-nuiI, a. t. DaMtute of < 
DBBUon or kDovleilBe. 1. UneoquAJnb 
~ VBo-rant-Iri adB. 

%-iuwe', 1 ijE-nOr'; 3 ItoSr', *(. [: 

. I: hu 

\aytbiii« bad; 

nwed. or tnlned.— al-bnedlnf, a.— U 
RBpulilTe: uiiy.— WMtura, pnvWuMM: 

I «»(«•■, a. li 
lUxUiKd.o. I 


WlU,tmMiay, msunuieiio 
B-le'fBl. 1 Mfsal; 2 i-it' 

to tlH tew. 'If, adi.- 

a-k«'l-blcU>-1'']'>-bU&t-I«i'l-b1.a. Not 
U-btrl-bP, htgtble: obKuie. - U-kc'^ 

un-tr, H. £icc^-U(e-iMB't^ D-tea^ 

Uf, alt. 
— — "■ mate, 1 ilVjitVmit; S !l'o*ri* 

U-llb'ei4], 1 i4ib's>Bli 2 l-Ub'Sr-al, a 

That on not b* 
2 I-M%'4t. a. 


j-TSiT-ro"; ^-™AT-ma.] _l-,To ei^aia 

uunplSB, etc. «. 

Il-liui'tri-oliu, 1 i-lWtn-SJ"2 l-Wwi-Ito, 
a. 1. Greatly diitiDcuuhed. X* Coi^ 

iiu-B|'lii>. 1 [-u; 
form aa !ma« 
Jecture; deviBt 

Jl-IKO,] T "' To 

e Inualneil.— !■■>• 

BD-kant', MO. Buns la Muun. Ms. 
Imlie-clle, 1 1 im'; S Im'b&«a. L a. 
Im'fco-clH. JFeebl™ind«d.__^rt_^n^ A 
PotSS, Bl.l "imbed 

I To drink in; thiotb. 

l ln-MV Wr. 

Imtut-ute, 1 im'bn-kBt; 3 Im'bn-cit, a. 

OveriMping; having ovarlapping godeB. 

lm'lii«-cat'%dt.-lm1icl-isi-UDD, a. 
fm-bro'Klla, 1 im-broayo; 2 Im-brS'fyo, n. 

Im-brne', 1 im-brO'; Z Im-bru', i4. (lu- 
BBOKo'; ik-bbd'imo,) ToBetormoiatea; 
drench. [To brutaliie. 

Im-bmtc', 1 im-brttt': 2 to-bryt', «. * ri. 

Im-bne', lim~bia':3Im-ba', il [ih-bhed'; 
IM-Bo'uia.] To Btmorb or pervade; lin*e; 

bo'l-UtF, !iio'i-l«rEIin'i-tat. li. [-tat'- 
vt^i jtat'ino.] To pattern after; ecqpy; 

auf be Imltaboil.— Im't-tBtloD, K. I. Tbe 
sot of I ml tall HE. 3- SometJiliis oopleil.— Im'n 
l-ta-UT{e>. n. -l), odc-lml-tatar, n. 

1|B-Ill»c'll-Ut«, 1 i-mak'yil-lit; 2 l-mSi-yy. 

>-t«'rl-ml, I im'mB.U'n- 


Ini'nui-tiir^tri n. 
m-mck'anr-a-hlei 1 1 im-mr ' 


m^neMl^to, 1 i-BtTdi^t: 2 I-me'di-M, a. 
1. Without dsl^'l inBlant. I. Ckne. », 
Aotins without anvthing intfirveninfl; di- 

bu'l^fhiMll-cal, 1 h 

Im^ue-thAd'i-eBl, a. 

couutiy; micraCe into: 0[ 
OUT!.— Irn'ml-fnuit. u. 
Eratfls: oppooed ta sinn 


mybil: Z On-mB'bit. «. 
□mDmNB.— im-oia-UI'l-tT, «. nno- 

niad'Cp«tC,l im-msd'DT-it: StaD-mad^ 

mod 'CBt, 1 im-mad'»t : Z Im-mKd'&t,*. 
WanUog In modesty, t* Impudent- «Itj 

mi>-la(e, 1 im'i^l«t: 2 Iin'n-J!it. rf. 
^at'edJ; -LAT-mo-l To loll or offer, u 
•anTiaee.— Im'tBoJB'lloii, n. 
mot'al, 1 im-ioer'al; S bn-mdr'al. a. 
LoJatJDg Che moral Law; lioentiou^ 
" .— bn'aa-Ttilt-*!, 

1, Depravt^. %, Ai 


:: dealhlevi; im- 

™EMa«ttd>iH, ti 

Im-nroir VUCC 1 
■-b1, a. ThM a 
oliaiiffSftbl«; ftpu 

diAucable.' Id 

™Qv'«-hl; aiin-mov'- 

ra.] Toshuli 
■icitt'tB-bl: E l-mO'tJ 

bn y^et, 1 im'pakt; 2 Im'p&ct, n. 
tm-palr', 1 im-pir'; 2 (m-pir'. 

ilC, -ment, M 

t-pal'pfr^bl; 2 hn-ij&V- 

ba-v^a'tl, ] 

To enniil, ■ 
fB>^Mrt'<>, 1 _. , 

To Bbare; make known; bestow; givs, 
Im-lwrtU, 1 Im-par'ibsL: E Im-p&r'ihB]. 

a'el; g Im-p&n'ei, i 

,11 im^iu'e-bl; Z Im-pli'- 
' ■ Not p aj —big^— 

lm-pAH''m-bBl-Cr, In 

n.— Iio-MM'B-Ur, odi 
bn-pM'sHHe, ) 1 im-paa't-UiSIm-pXi'l-bT, 
im-^u'll-liP', J^. Incspmbleof feelinc -- 

, li'ond, n. .. . 

Jm-pai'^lTe. 1 1 int-pas'iv; 
lm»pw'ali<. / UnsflBoiBci b; 

having or Dot jihowinjE enc 


t, I im^e'tfhent: S bn-pa'ihSnt. 
■titnt; mtoknot of oppoellioa 

ilisbllltr.--tD»^'««aMri a 

. 1 im-iAfh'; 2 (m-pSdi'. i 

n-pek'e-bl; 2 Tm^iee'- 
'', > H-DIt a- ^f Dt capable ot 
- im-pec'CA-tlX'l-iT, n. 
.... .-oufc 1 i^l'pI•!dQ'rll-ml;2Im*- 
pe-eO'tli'^Sa, o. Having no mon^: htf 
bituEiUj' poor. -Jy, (iiit!-lai"iw-CTl*nk-o>'- 

Im-pa'fcct, 1 im^iar'fekt; 2 Im-pfa'tB.. 
I. n. 1, Not porfsct; lEoomplele; da- 

B-peW*!, 1 im-pITi-Bl; SIm-peTi-«l. I. 

— Im-petl-iil-lim, n. : 

iP. XpEr'mfr^bl. a. Not 
ipsTloiia.— tm-iMi'iiM-k- 

Im-per'aan-al,' Fiiii-put'BBQ-Bl: 2 Im-p*r'- 


■'Hon, H. 
Im-per'tl-iKnt, 1 im-por'ti-neat; S Id- 
pfa'ti-ii6iil, a. L Offending proprien 
Impmlenl. I. I '- -"- "— 

LpHble of ] 

bn-pcr'rl-ous. 1 

Im-pct'ti-oiu, 1 iin-p8l'yuJ*ri)«(h'u^D 
2 Im^t'yiHor -pficb'v-lltB, a. Full i 
loDg.— liv>i»C*ii>o«l-Cr| Im-pani-oB 

_„ .DBjSIm'pe-tdB.B. The 

iin-pai'i-ti;2Iin-pt'e-ty,n. 1. 
; wickedneiH. t. An impi- 

. im^inj'; 2 Tm^iln^, ei. 
iM-i-iK^iMQ.l To mme into 
itast ariUi nn ableot.-~ln^ 

, , . im'iM-tn; 8 tm^i-iis. o. Cn- 

todlyi wicked; irreVBrent; bUapliEmous. 

tm-pla^^-blle'.' l ittijiyita-bl; 2 In^jis'- 
eMil,a. Th&t can not baplncBted; inex- 
onbte: i^eotlen^ Im-ate'ca-bOI'tr, Im- 
pto'(a-N{»4KH',iL— fm-nta'cs-bly.a^- 

lav<plant'S 1 tnwiLuit': 2 Inii^>lint', 
TO Inoulcaie.— Im'^iUB-ta'HoB, n. 

liiKpiMd'3, 1 im-plld'i Z Im-plM'. d. * 
TobdogasultstUw; eue.— In-ptud'sr 

liD'ple-inetit, 1 im'jrfi-ment or -niftnt 
Im'pla-meat, n. A thins lued in wo^ 
uteDHil; tooL- 

Im'pmcate, I bn'pli-k«t; 2 Im'pli-eftt, 

told: (Dtucle.- tmyn- af UBm, n. t. 

ikci of implylnc; dedoeUon; maaMUa^ 

pUed. If* An eoijt n a ieingi t. 
Im-pUelt. 1 im-plis'it; 2 Im-^Uii'it, a. 

ImpUed. t, UnauestLooinc. -ijf o^. -nv 
Im-plore'. 1 im-plor'; 2 Iio-plar', «. i 

lai-PLOBED'; iM-PLOH-mb.) To«U(o 

gently or juteoualy; entnat; suppbi 

— iDHDlaniirlr, oiff. 

n-plr't 1 im-ploi': S Int-pB', * 

PLim/; ui-PLY'^raa] To tvolve o: 

n-pal'i-m; 2 Im-pOl'i-cy. ■ 
■n'po-loit': 2 Im'po-Ht'. a 

WltlHiut Wright.— im<poo^«>>«-Hl>lr>>i> 

lm>9ort'<', 1 im-pSn'; 2 Im-pSit', ■>. LI 
1. To bnng In from abnad: 2. To meu; 
ncnify. 1. To uSeot BeriousI?; be impor- 
Ituit to. n. i. To be ol importance.- 
bn.port'a-blte', a.~ Im'par-la'MiM, ■.— 
Imiwf er. n. One kbd impona. 

Im'port, 1 im'pOrt; 2 )ia'(>6rt. n. 1> 
Mniuiig. S. That idiich » impoHad. 
S. Importance. 

Im-pm'Unt, 1 im^r'tsnt; S Im-pSr'tant, 
a. Of Ereat import, coiuntuence, or 
nloa. 4);, aa»i— Im pwt— wt a. TW 
quality of HlDf Important. 

Im'per-tniie'i 1 un*psr.ti(ln'; S Im^illr> 
ton', tt. * «. [- TPmni'^^ TFK^a.l To 

■eat: tnilnnit;' pan]iHiMixi% ■^j, atr.— 
Dn'poTi-ta'Bl-tr, n. ttae*, Kl 
bn-piwe', 1 im^loi': 2 Im.iior. •- lo^ 
posxp"; iH-ros'i.fQ.l I. t. To levy at 

trtt^ve.— Im.^ai'faii-ly, adt. 
iv'pa-tl'tloll, 1 im^w-tiA'sn; 2 bn'po- 
glali'on. n. The act of impooins; *■ 

PM'tt'Ml'i-tr.'n.-lm-piM'ri-Mr. siji. 
Im'HMt, t, im'iWBt; 2 Im'poat. n. That 

Im-pos'tor, 1 im-paa'tsr or -tsr; g Im- 

To shut up» Bv la B pouotL 
tsHpciT'tt^lali', 1 im-pev'er-lAi: 2 Im- 
pSyBr-Iab, li. TomnkepootideWriorate. 

■■DHtTSC'tl-ca-ble, 1 1 uiH>rak'tiJcs-bli S 
lmJKHt^«a-bP,Jlra'»nU'ti-a-t>l, o. 
Thiit «n not nuDnably ot pnGtablr b« 
done: not leaUblg; lDtr»uU»v~tni-pnl^- 
■t-ta-Mn-Cr. Im-nimrtl -t^-tHt^atW, n. 
-bn-pneitlt^-tb, c^*. 
Iin'pre-eat«, 1 im'pii-Ut: 2 Im'pie-cAC, d. 

lm-PRK'ii»-ble, H im-prc^na-bl; 2 Im- 
bl^pm^iia-bl', j pr^na-bl, a. Proof 

['■w-Ur, off^ 

ntt, M. [-HAT-I1 

>!e, 1 im^^'net: 2'lm-|iitt'- 
S.'To sstunls; imbus. 

— tiB*:pnc-DBllaii, n. 
bd'im-ia^i-o, 1 im'i. 

pre-B4'n-6, n. Oue who m 

duels, OT is nsponaiblo foi a 

pony or public muacai peifc 
ba-pmm'^f 1 im-fiTei'; .3 Tm-^ 

Tofnrmor&ibyprMura; n 

ri re; indent. fClim'pres; . , 

A mark or lodentatioa produced by pnta- 

vlee; selvi fcr P^V^H*' ^^^- vooKTlpt.'- bn- 

■oUUcn w HaUcffS. Into the pubUo airvloe, OT 

of eeiiiiiB property for public im. 

tm-pnHl'ble. 1 1 mwrns'i-bL: 2 Im-pri^'- 

Im-preu't-blr./i-bl. a.' Capable of bein'^ 

pnatl-hti, lutt. 
■m-prei'iton, 1 ioi-pTe jh'itn; 3 Im-prSsh^)!!. 


Produotru ■: 

I. Apubti 

1 im^nu'nr 3 ba^iTlg'D. 9f. 

[ii4rab'a-Ue. ) 1 laH>nb'»4]l: 2 ln>- 
■n-|«»b'a-bl', / pi«b'ik4J. a. Not likely 
tA bfl tnie cr to bappen.— Ita-jfnWm-UP^ 

m-nomit'tni I im-pramp'tia: 2 Im- 
piomp'ta. L n. A adi. Eitempoie; off- 
hand. 11* fL An offhand qwech or p«> 

nki'proii'tf, 1 un.prop'Br; 2 <T&-prftp'ftr. a. 
Not ni)^: unml»Mc.— Im-pnp'a^Ti 
odf .— liii*pnH|vl'»-if ■ n. Tbe Kat* ol 

m-prore'. 1 ini^jrflv': E Im-prpv', I. L 
I. 1. To make betlei. Z. To lue to 
■ood piirpow. H, i- To mak^ progresa. 
— Im-^OTC'Dtait, n. 1. Ths act ol int- 
provuig: iDninJiMg tbat Improveo, aa a 

,_-. - , _ i-prov'uknt; 2 tn- 

prflv'i-dftit, a. Lackini foraaigbt or 
— -■- wanMuI. -Ij, edc— Im- 

tt.&ti. [-nsED'i-via'nia.l Tocompose, 
Blnv, pla7> vtc^ 0fftianiL-'Im>pniT't4a'- 

Im-pra'dent. 1 int^ra'dent: 2 Ira^n}'- 
dSat, a. Not prndent; Isckinc discietioa. 

Ira'pn-dent, 1 im'piu-dent: 2 Im'pO-tUut, 
a. 1. OSan^Tsly bold. Z. Immodest; 
dnm^sga.— Im^n^enc*, n. Eirronterr; 

■m-pntn', 1 im-infln'; 2 Im-paa'. if. To 
oall in queadon; caiuay. 

Im'pillM, 1 im^nla: 2 ba'pUs. n. 1. An 
impetua. 2. A ludden or tninaiant feel- 
tas; tavfUUK fame.— tnk-pBl^don, n.— Im- 
pDl^>(e>, a. I. Actuated bi Imputag. S. 

lin-pD'iil-tr> 1 im-^ifi'm-ti; 2 Im-pa'ni-ty, 
n. l-nps*. fW-] Freedom from puiusb* 

Im-pnre', 1 im-piOr'; 2 Im-pCc'. a. 1. 
Corxtarniu Borne fonu^ substaoei?: adul- 
terate. 2. Uncbo-ste. A. l.'uhsUowed. 

'piat'; Z Im-pat,' tl. iDf 
or'iNo.l To Bet to the 

Cloq, n. Tbe am of Impmms; aocnnreor 

i^o or that whjelt ii ia, ag in office. IT, 
adv. 1. Eimlosed to a place or atikte. 
2. Into a place or itate. S. Close by. 

m-pate^ 1 

S: «yU,dii; bibk, bat; t«ll, r«la, cBn, bAt, bl 



m'I-u-bl(<i', -blT 

ln-*ol'u-bl|e'. -n 

In-UD'El-bKc'. -DOB, 

1 active; Indo* 


illen-^Ue,! 1 iii-«l'veii-«-bl : 2 In-Sf- 
■ItoiH-M'.fyen-a-bl, a. Not tntnc 
arable; Chat can sot be luhttully taken 
my.-ln-atleB-a-blf. ndi. 
»ne', 1 in-en'! 8 In-ftn', o. Empty; 
Uy.— iD-BDl-tr, 1 la-anVU; £ liHlD^cr. 
, r-nis'. pl.l The eondlODn of iMlna I&. 

In'a-Dl'tlon, 1 i 

n. EihBUBtion 


tn-Mi'Kii^ato. 1 iEF4'iin-reti 2 In^'tO- 
fBH«l. 1 ItrA'cuwi 

_ lo-a'tu-nl. I. a. 
- ■ I'm-n-uiiii, «. 

pluilod by 
In^br^", 1 i 

H , 

[I- . 

iB-bl; 2 In- 

_ Thst 

X caiculalert or Mtimat«l_;_beyoi 

In-ial'eii-ift- bl i» -ncH't- 


eSn-des'ent. « 


loreetimaf , 

.— Id - al * ea • 1* -lill ' I 

ecook In'cui-dia'Eai-c] 

, 1 In'kan-U'^BD; S la 

Ja'tirjA^tAt, vt. To make incapBble: 
dlKiuUrr.— lB'a-pDe'l-tr, n. [-nM», pi-l 
I. i^ek <tf asultr: lii(iiwa]>iuty. t. Wui 

ln-«aT'ca4lC 1 In-lur'aBr'^t: 2 tn-cAi'- 
(h-lt, K. [-iT'iD'l: -.T-tsa.] To im- 

'BSte, 1 m-kai-nec; 2 bnAr'ntt. L 
I-KAi-Dd;,o.1 To embody: 
rt wiUi bodily [orm. U. a. Invested 

-MD'dl-B-IT, I m-seu'dH 
k47. L a. Perteining t 
purpoa^ kindled; ianai 
tioiu. II. n. |->UEa>, pi.] 

i; 2 In-cea'dl- 
incendiarf— - 

■'WDlC, 1 iu'MU; E In'ofoi, tt. i. n. 

(iH'CDHBEDt; m'ciKKNO.J To pcrflUDB 

in uDDutio nbaUtwa tliat 
I in burainc. 
^2^UH«eDtIv. I. 

iMepttm, 1 in*ep'fli8n; E Iii-«6p'ihoD, 
n. Abecmoliw.— l>-e^^T|c*, s. NotUc 

I n wfWnSfe, 1 inior'ti-tiad: 2 tn-f&'U- 
tDd. n. Uncertainty; obscurity. 

0:>ntiDi)ed or repc&teii without cevation. 

iDCb, 1 iniHi; 3 Inch, n. A moasoiB, tho 

twelfth part of fl fcx>t. (ciDJent. 

la'Cta«-a&, 1 inlm-et: E In'io-at. a, In- 
In'd-dence. 1 in'swlens; 2 In'ci-d£nc, n. 

A falling, or the direction of fall- 
In'd-dent. 1 in'iHleDt; 2 In'ti-dent. L a. 

Falling upon; liLely to bcuU or happeD; 

ibcddentaL U. n. A subordinate ei 

rtn'W-Ub 1 in-ein'ar^; 2 In-aln'«r4C, 
1. t-AT-iiD* -AT"iNa.l To bumH) aahaa. 
-to-dn'er-a-HitB. n. CnmaUon. 

S t^cTp'i-'hit, a. 

Bge«; lietinniiup. 

fiMon. bk-tti/i- 



iitwiis'; 3 ^in-cla'p W- ^fv-a^To'i 

ia^StarT^. a. Ailapled lor oitUna. II. 

n. A tnnt or cutUW lootb. 
D-«lte', 1 in-Hoit'; E In-sit', il. Int-crr'- 
ED^*; iN-crr'mo.l To impal to ajuirtieu- 
Ur nation: Innltate.— la-ePtant. I. a. lo- 

— lB-<lt«'nua>t, B. 1 

an Im^ielUiu motlvB.— iD-dflDC-lTf mfp. 
ji-clem'eD£ I in-klem'cnt; 2 ln-*lem'6nt. 
a. Not foment; aevere; lisorous, aa 

inTdi-na'flisn: B In'dt- 

> 4 

Wl'lhon, n. 1. A doviition from a TOTti- 

ul or borUoaUl direction; ibcnd; slops: 

po-nt, a. 1. Not conButiua of msMcr. 
ln-cor»-nti->. a. Incorporated — 1»- 

■n-dSnc-, 1 iD-lUaiQ'; 2 In-cftn'. «. A vi- 

[in-climbd'; IN-cLIs'lHQ.l I. To bend. 

•sr'lHi-rBtlan, a. 1. The act ot Inoorpo- 

Mdop. If^n, or slope. Z. To males or he 


body.lBw.-lo-dlii'n.Wte', o.- twiliied 

In'cor-iKi'n-al, 1 iq"kBr-pO'n-ol; 2 In'- 

plane, ■ plue lonolng ,^ 

cfir-pS'ii^al, a. Not eauaistio^ of niaCter; 

»y .ngle but a^rWhJ J*^ 

'-jinuiterial; intazigiblB. 

taSr^.n. A«lfst:-&^"» 

In-corW-at-bP, Ur'i-gi-bl.j. that c». 

iB-ehxe'. Re. Bum u IncUsed Pltue. 

not be corrected; depraved b«-ood re- 
form, -nau. n.-lntofH^-bii, lul^- 


Tomake or become greater: eiJarBe; ain- 
ment; grow; multiply. II. 1 in'krla; 3 

■l>™; IN-CLDD ENG.I TO'OOfmJftsei 6n<*o^; 

lii«; samprMiic. -Dr.aitt. -ihh, n. 

In-coslil-ta, 1 iD-kat-ni-lo; 8 In-eOJ-ni-to. 

In-cnd'u-loQS, 1 in-kivi'u-lna; 2 b- 

nBiBe. IL H. The taking of b ficticious 

erfi'u-lu«, a. 1. RefuMng belief: .ky 

In'ro-her'ent, 1 inTto-hlVeit; 2 In'io- 

Wr'fnt, o. Not cwheront; innnngruoua; 

In-cre-ment, 1 in'kn-meDt or -ment; 2 Id'- 

cre-ment. n. The act of increasing; ea- 

halon or connBcUon; tomethlng IncoSa™!. 

Inrgemeot; amount of increase. 

In'coine. 1 in'kum; a In'c6m, n. Ihn 

la-Grim'l-natc, 1 in-krimVaet; 2 Jo- 

erlmtnll, t«. [-NiT'ED<l; -BAT'rBq.] To 

la-eniBt"<. 1 in-kruel'^ 2 In-ertlst', x. Ta 

con.onlPdt. -ly, luir. -neat, n. 

mys with a oruat.- tD-eriu-la'tlan, a. 

In-eom'pft-n-ble, 1 1 in-kom'ps.rB-bli S 
ln-«>iii'u-n'bl',;io-eain'p&-ra-bl, 1. 

Iu'ca-b»t«, 1 mTdu-b«: B lo-eO-bat. .t ft 
ri, |-B*V^r.d;-B«-iN(..l 1. To at upon 

.IMM, B.-la-com'iA-ra-Mr, aU. 

in onler to hateh; dl, s^ on egg^; to hatch 

In-can'srn-oUB, 1 in-ko^'grn-ua; 2 In- 

bysitilnj. *. TostndFipian.-ln-ea-iar- 

ComiigsBd Dt InSarmontoua elemenu, -Ijf, 

iDton'K-vueDt, 1 in-ksn'si-kweat; 2 In- 


In'cu-bus. 1 in'kiu-bos; 2 In'cQ-bila. •• 

able inference; illo|ri<»l. !. Not in regu- 

[-Bta-Esor -Bi, 1 -l>ai; 2 -H. pi] Anylhin* 

lar KquenH.-ln-coD'H-qiwnce. a. 

DppreiHve or discoungiDg: nightmare. 

In-Hin'tl-iieat, 1 ia-kan'tfaecl; 3 In- 

iDtnl'eatc, 1 m-knl'ket; Z IniiU'ett. iC 

tOn'ti-nfnl, o. Not continent; unchaste. 

-lD-«n-U'lwn«. B. Lm6 of conllnonce; 

uncHuLltF.-ln-eoa'U-neD-CT. n.-ln- 

[-p.,^EDdi -f.T-mQ.r "To chame with 

- ln-cal'i»'(«Tr, a. 

po-rit, .. [-BAT-EDd; -RAT-1«0.1 I. (, I. 

To combine logelhnr t« form a whole. S, 

lD-eam'b«Dt. l iD-knm'bent: 2 Tu-ellm'- 

bEnt. L a. 1. Required; obligatoiy. 

To embo^. 3. To form inlo a leeal cor- 
poration. II. i. To beoome iaeorporated. 

un'kcr, iD-eam'bnne 

In^de-pea'dent, I la'dt-pen'dsnt; 8 1b'- 
dsMiSn'dent. a. 1. Not mibordiiiate to 
nor dependent: It™. «. Affording inds- 
pendeDoe. S. SclfToliiiat. 4. Sepuate. 

*^°d™ *'.t.'^-i 

lo-debt'cd, 1 in-dei'ed; Z bi-da'^d. 
1. Having (ootracted a debt. " " 
gratlludei obllaed,— In- ■■ """ * 


Clih'oo, n. Want 

t^^J^^^Te, 0. 1. 

Ing; tcavlDi the mull ■.^~,^, — _ — 

li^n^', lis^'; 2In^ed',<idiL In fact: 
ln-«e-Ii»(^-«»-W^U in-d>-(afMB-bl; 2 
In'M^^Bt'i-ga-bl'./lii' a. 

Not eiliauslfd by labor; unflagsiDg.— 

lo'de-ratl-ca-Mr. ait. 
lD''d«-f«l'sl-ble,U in'di-n'o-bli 8 Yn'de- 
|n"de-fe>'il-bl'.Jle'«i-bl. n. Tbat can 

not be defeated, set aside, or made void. 

— In'de-fea'sl-bin-tT, n.— ta'de-fem'd- 

lD^cri-nlt(e', lin-defi-Dit;Sbi-d«r'i-nIt. 
a. Not definite, detenninate. or precise. 

li^en-ble^TTi ".del'i-bl; 2 tn-dM'i-bl, a. 

In-delf-U", J That can not be blotted out : In-del'- 
l-Wle-ntM'i.-ln-ilen-blT, oil'. 

In-dem'lll-^i 1 in-dem'nt-fai; 8 Kn-dem'- 

sau'ror loH a Injury.— ■■■-deln''iil-B-fa'- 

tlDD, B.-ln-d«Il1ll-tr, B. |-HIS>, rtl 

Tbat irtaleh la fflven as compensatJou for a lom, 

In-dent'il, 1 ia-dent': 2 ln-d6nt', tC I. 

To nuOie dent* in. t. To indenture. 3. 

Jn"de-ter'inl-ii«-bHe', 1 in'dv-tirr'mi-no- 
bl; 2 In'de-tEr'mi-na-bl, a. Tbatcanuot 
be determined, aecertuned, or rendered 
doflolte.-ln-de-tB'inl'iu-blT, adv. 
["de-ter'ml-iute, 1 ia-di-ior'mi-nrt; 2 

betio list ci is 

I'dl-ftTU' " 

p of various tropical 

uted BTM, 1T430.S0O sauare mikfl. 
M(«, 1 In'dfket; S In'di-efit. H. 
r-lB*; -CAT'iNO.) 1. To give a aug- 
ionof. S. To point out: ebo«;t|pre- 



a,v. ."i 


in-dlf, Tl. To 


-iQ-dleCmcnt, ti. Theaelolln. 

-ent, 1 in-dif> 

-enl; 2 tn^lf'Sr' 


S, bply passably good 

nO., a 

1: • = aisl; i = hftblt;ahle; mi = 0»l:; »D; 111 = rend; AIn; to; o = ■!»?: tUn. Sila. 
t: wfie,dB;bd»k, b«M; fifll, mle, cOre, biit,baTii; til, bOr; Bo, ^em; Igk; UUn, tliia. 

ta'dl-CM'tloiia 1 b'di-ja'^ 
t^a'cbou, n. Defertive dig 


', 1 io-dic'paat; Z ra-dQ-nuit. 
-ly, uti.— iB'il^Ba'tkiB, n. Jim 

iDHlls'iil-tr. 1 iiHlic-iu-Ui 2 IiwUS'ni-tr, 
n. i^iEa', pi.I An «cl tondinjl to de- 
grade or mortify; inauk; affront. 

ln>dl^lin'di-co;2&i'di4a n. A blue 

GO[OFmC4UbAtAncQ ^'*— ■-'---' '— — -1-- :- 

IB-Olt'lpa.ta^le. U >»-<l"'P'»-*«-t'l< Sb 
tn-dU'pii-U-H'./dlB'pll-tk-bl, a. Inn 

pidde of beioft disputed; umiuestioiittlilf 

- i3- lit 'pu>U-blT. into. 
tii-dlg'so-lu-ble,n in-dii'o-liu-bli 3 ft 
In-dlJ'so-m-blr, /dis'a-lfl-bl.a. Tbiitw 

not ba dJoBolved; pwpetuallT blodbv,— In 


iD'-iU-riiI'D-al, 1 

From Greek JiuJot. 
form, denolina t 

<yM'yir]a]. L s. I^r^ 


or", 1 ta'dOr'; 2 In'tfr-. a. Bet 
tn-donci''^ 1 in-dan^Z tit^&n', tt [ni- 

1 in-diOlB-te-b' 
. ., Mti-U--' 

, . it (m 

.] 1. To mBiuBce to 

Ink'«iw;2bHlI«'afa(ni, | 
so of infenins leiwru 
1 pwticnlar tuaes; Id- ' 
inn. >. EleetiUcattoQ 

iB-dBtnhtiii, 1. PerUlB)i« to iDdaiiUaa: 

proeeedlDg or produced br liidiMUao.<- to* 
(hw'UTfr4r<adt.- lii-dBet«i, n. 
In-doe", 1 in-diD'; £ In-dQ', it. [ut^uu)': 

tN-no'iua.) To endow. 

ln-dne'% tt. To put oa, h a Eomtect. 

In-dnln!', 1 inilnU-i 3 In-daU', X. lux 
duloib'; M-nnLQ'iNO.J To etatify. u a 
desire; leave mireatrained. aa a wrson- 
^ iB-^Bl'Vcace, n. I. Tbe act ftf mooiciiii: 
dcev. 1. Tbat wllb yibixii a poBOB Is In- 
<tulffed. 9. H- C. C/i Remleilon or temmnl 
pualBhmeiit.— JnHlal'feat, a. Prone to li^ 

la'diu-trr, i iu'dn>-tn; 2 Tu'dOs-tiy. n. 
I-TBiEa', pl.l 1. Earoem or constant ati- 
plkation tn mrk. 3, Useful labor; ary 
branch of ^oducfJve work.^ In-duatri* 
DM, a. Hibltuatlr oocupial *IUi « BfTen 
to work; dlUgmt; laboiloiu. «4|r, adv. 

lii-etirl-ate/liu-I'bri-«C:2In-«'bti4t- I. 
rt. l-iT'iD"; -tT'isaJ To inbnicate. 
n. a. Inebriated. ID. a. Ahahitnal 
drunkard.- iB-Cbrt-attoa. lB.'t-lttl'9-tT, 

U-e'kit-ul, a. * n. IswHaut. 
In-eT'b-Ue, U iiM('e-fa.; 2 In^f's-bl, c 
iD-crta-bl'./Too lofty o! auied for ul 

i-tar-bf, a. Not Kwordijia to equity; 

ir: qnJiiM — lD-«4'iil-ti-bIr, ad(. 

tn-er'nnt, 1 in-er'snt; Z ta-fo'imt. a. Va- 

taMtt', 1 in-Drt'i Z Tn-Srt', a. Having no 

etab. •Ir, adv. '•He**, n.— bi-«r11-B, 1 m- 

llr'4hi-e;eiD-er'B)il-B.R. 1. Tliemiiieof bdug 

U'ti.™sr «.'■ Abo™ 


1 in- 


ed CT entBtislBd bcvond «it 


L— l»4Mll4lr.s<& 

- Z iBfa-mOa, a. 

nu; dsMiblt. 
Mm: t inlHnr. 

. in'fent; 2 In'fant. I. a. Pe 
V inftuicy^ infaDtdle. 1I» n, 
t. Laar. A minor.— iBlUI-cy. : 
t ot bang an lofsal: twl>]>3iiia< 
\.~ln-uiPa-iUe, n. Child mu 

lalkn-tiTa I iufsn-tn; 2 In'fui-tiy, n. 

Foot4ouuory eQuipped «ith sioaU Kma. 
In-btli-Ate. 1 iD-fu£h'u-(or •J>fyQ-|«t; 

a In-ttchVlor -(Wyi^-llt, tt l-iT-MD^; 

-AT'imi.l To iiiBpin with unmuoniry; 

l»4tet'd, lia-Mcf: 2lii-f«et'. d. To bunt 

inferaa! reffiona, .,«« 
In-rMt"!, i in-feat;; 3 Ia-f«st', K. To fiD 

iD'O-d^ 1 ™£Si; 3^InTi-dJl. 1. a. 
Unbelievioff, rejectiD^ the Christian 
nElCioii; lutUeea; mcnaot. 11. n. A 
disbeliever in God or in tbe Bible: anr 
■mbaUeTs.-ln'a-dcl'l-tr, n. [•ncB'. pM 
* — ^ rellBioo. *. Want u( iMeUi7i 

e, 1 io-filtrtt; Z la-m'tiit, it. A 
Ar-XD"; -TRAi-rao.l To filter 
i; pBooUt*.— iB'il-limtloii, n. 
1 1 inli-nit; 2 loTi-nit. I. a. 

. (ImnKaninableanduDbauDded; 

limitless; perfect; oountlHa. IL n. _ at 
irblah k Infintte: n-J Uh Deity. -4;, odi, 
-aim, IL- IB-On^-Ua VbuI. I. a. id- 
Anftd^imalL II-> •' 
tlty. -ii.aitt.-b 

. . ._ .., _. TenOing 

fl»te',l"iii-fl6t';ain-flat', il.&ri.' Iih- 

UT'Epd; IK-CLAT'lNO.l To puff Up. M 

'Kti air; nw^-. elAt«; apeDd.'-fa-BBthn^ 

rutlDf ; QffurntlveLly, bonibafft. 

ID-dMt''', I in-flekt'; S In-fl 
I. Oram. To be subject 
(ive Che ioSectioiu of. : 

]. An Infloctinc; mDdul&UoD 

Eeoder, penon, :4DBe, etc. 
[n-a«'lc>n-al, ■. 
_a. Not to be.bent; aol to b* awajcd or 
turned fnm a punioae: rinii; UDalf«r- 
Bbtc-lIHte^lAt-ltj, n. In-acil-lile- 

'■«, 1 iii-nikt|iglto-fllet' . •(. To ray 

move. ILn. The uradual or uiueea oper^ 

In'Bu-cn'n. 1 in-flu-cn'iB; 2 lo'Hu-en'ia, 

n. An epidemic catarrhftl diaefue. 
Inllnx, 1 m'flDki; g In'flake, n. A Bowing 

In-fiild "1, ImJOld'; 8 fti-fSld', it. To eu- 

iD-TOTtn', 1 ia-ferm'; 2 In-ifUm', i. I. I. 

1. To impart knowledge to; tell. K. To 

lB>fiirm'ant, n. One wboslTea Infonaa- 

Duuileaied bf others.— iB-fMna'Wi n. One 
vho iDlominaaliiet otiien; a tdU^e. 

._ , iu-for'niaJ; g Io*to'ina1, o. 

ronn: wiUiout oHrmony. -iTt 
Jiiall-lT,!!. [-Tn8*,pl.| Ab- 

t, la-ftul-H(i!'. For til 

1 in-trinj'j 2 In-frlni'. i 

tnvEoaB.— tn-rrlnce'zneii 
ln-tati-tte,l in-fiQ'n-et 

2 ln-tn'ri.J.t. L 

Btil; inculcate. !s. To el 
iB-rn'ikiD, n. Tbe act ot 

[n^Tn-so'Tl-*, 1 mfiu^S'i 

-l-n: derteroufl. 

n.-lo-ne-nBl-tr, n 

In'gle, 1 in'sl: 2 Iq^I, n. 
(dace.— iB'^fridde', s. I 

i>; 2 In-Ato'- 

In'fo^ 1 in'; 

:nift: ii 

diBBraee; wtth- 
t'lln'sat.n. imanolcast 
in-groft;; 2 ttt*:*rt'. •(. To 
"" " " Tody* 

_. , I m-jtto'r 3 tn-jrftn', i 

before weaviuc; dye with laatug cuiori 
liii deeply. 
In'snln, 1 in'Brtn: 2 In'Mn, a. Dyed 

before Heavliig; thoroughly inwroui^t. 
In'tnim, n. A carpet made of vonted □( 

... ,__.. ■-sreUin*, 

La. L'n- 
L uograteful. 
2 In-gTi'. 

■pa and won 
in'gret; 2 In'tcll. 

iD-tra'a-ate, 1 iH-cre'^i- 

eB-At, U. [•iT'iD'i; -iT" 

for oneeelf. 
In-gTst'^tOdis 1 ht-gracVti 

tnd. n. Lack of ,—■:■—'- 
Iii4re'dl-e * 

ent,n. O 
In 'EMI. 1 

-0.1 • 

iiL«1'dHent: 2 In-tri'di- 
s eipEDeDt of a mixture, 
'irca; 2 In'grSi, n. Entranoe: 

^vie-Shi-tar.H. Toeninir. 

iD-lwb^, 1 in-hab'itiS lorhSbTt, •■..To 


! IirUI', K. lire 

IL n. ^he fin 
bJ'U-ate, 1 in 

H. [-at'ktA-.-. 

Newly _ kdraillfd. 

t. The power of imliatiog; power to 
oripDAte: oHfin&lLty. 3. A pohtical f-ys- 
lem by which the pMplemaj-demaiidby 
vote the pafi&aiie of any deared le£Ud»- 

fn^'Ject'd. 1 in-iett'; 

. Injected. - 

.1 il(k; S 1 

■ban, A> !■ The &et of enJoioiiuF; ait 
iDoiutioo. i, A judifluJ order prohibLtinf 

In'Jarc 1 in'jur; 2 In'iur. ■*. Im'^nBBBi 

— ' ^ '^" ioSict hAnn or injuTT 

u,a. aurtful: detrLmeft 

In-Jiu'UM, jTbB violitioji of tiutiee; u 

k. It^ tl. To eover oi 
IL n. A colored liquid 

tnk'UDC, 1 igklig; 3 IskliDi, n. A hint. 

tnlmn^ i inOsod'; 2 Inlsnd. L a. L 
Rfmote from the ma. t. Not foreim. 
II. nib. Toward the intetior of a land. 

lo-lar'. 1 m-(e'; 2 In-U'. L if. 1in-uid>: 

the like in' cabinetwork. II,' i biTiVs 
Inla'. n. That which is ioUiid. 

Inlet-, 1 inlet': 2 talM". n. 1, A amall 
bay OI creek. 2. An entrance. 

Inly, 1 imii 2 Inly, odt. In the inner 

la'mate, I in'mit; 2 In'mSt, n. As 
lD'DHwt,lin'mest;3!^'ai(M.a. Partben 

■--''"'--" In. n. A publio house; 

|qa'k«oi>*er, n. Tbe ] 

1 in-nok'ru-UB; 2 In-n6e'yi> 
[Ooliarmfulqoahliea; barnt- 

la'oD-nte, 1 in'o-vfit; 2 Tn'o-rlt, n*. 

Uons: Introduce new ttalnce.— In'oo-n'- 

In'^u-cn'da, 1 in'yi 

»-Ue,Uiif«ia'in«i^B-U; Zln 

iD^c'iHlKte, iiD4k'yii-lfit:eiD-a('}-u-IAC, 
a. [-L«,T-«D^; -iiT^iHQ ) 1. To inleel 
IfantuEh the skio. I. Ti ' 

H ■ tne; bud.- tD-«!''a-t_ 

In-w'dl-iiBte, 1 in-or'di-i 

Lackiac aeose or aeosbility; foolidh; tnj 
tB-w^o£ble, 1 1 m4eD'ai-bl ; S In-ato'ai- 
In-Mti'il-bl'.ta. 1. That ran not 

pcrc«LV«d by the keibm. t. Destitute 

n'sMe", 1 ii 

I, 1 in-aid'i-Tis; 2 In-alil'i-C 

rt harm; truch- 

In'rtlth'l", 1 in'sdf; 3 In'slt". n,™hiwt 
iD-sla'nl-*, 1 iD-ais'iu-B; 2 Itntli^m^ n. pi. 
Btd^a, eta.. Ad i]urk!a of offi« or di»- 

iD'ils-nlf l-fant, 1 

i-an'D-aie, i m-ain 

I. I-iT-sr-d; .„■„ 

(oneself) in. n. i. 

■yu*,; 8 Ii^*i'ytj-&t, 
0, Li. I. To 8U«. 
lnute. t. To worm 

lii-9lIlld,llD4ip'ul;SIii4lp'id,a. With- 
out OAvar: luuavory; anlnteEvMbiff. 'Ir* 
odi.- In'U-pM'Ntr, iL iD-rip'M-Bnat. 

li>-Blst'<[,liD-^n';2lD-du'. >i. Towwrt 

or demftnd peraist«DtIy. 

i-aefvcnt: Z Xn-e6i'Ytat. 
- inadequate for Ih* pay- 
IL 1. A hnnknipt. — 

_id cnually.— iD-afxe'* 

[■ ipfct ', 1 in-roair': E Xa-Bptr'. j, 
BPiBEi/; iN-spm'moJ I.!. I. Tahrr< 
mlD tho hioes- 3. To uiimkM u bj' i 

in-S^t; 3 In-qilr'it, it. 1 

bll'i-ty, R. [-7IEB>, pl.I IlDSUble COD- 

dition; cbaneeabkoeAs; Inconatancy, 
lll4UU\ 1 io-n^l'; S lo-sttJ', U. 1. To 
invest fornmlly with office. J. To Mtub- 
lUl.— lll*IAll-4*'lioa> R, CeremoDlHl Intro- 

bh eiampk. 2. SoUdt&tion; sueiestian. 

In'ttant, 1 in'Mant; S tn'stant. I. a. 1. 

Imioedialely impendinjE. & Now pasa- 

it;(»oiu1.— lii^tvt.(a'B»-ou. 

r-TiTT'inHi; ^rpr'ma.l To ontablish; «tii 

tuCiaa.uof]eanuii(. Z. pi. Fvodimea 
Ul pniicii>ta.~bi*>ll-talloD, 1 iD-m^tir 

poTAU body, or lb* buiUUu occupied bs tt 

In i i«iu tt'd,lin<ttMfct';31n-«tr!)«',i<. I. 
"■-inipiirtkDowlodsetoieduoBW, *. Tt 

ctme'aTCe*, o^ ~ Fined' to Inraru 

tnjE koowlciJfFO- .^Tf Off B.— ID4| 


_.. __ _.ii»ical purpooea. t 

A l«SBl irrldui.— In'itru-men'UI, a. 1 

iB^atn-nwB-tktloni 1 lii*nni-in« 
lof pcif onniinoe br In 

2 In^t&l', odi. In 

irched u| 


to^n'p i M* M e. tl imiQ'ps^B-bl; 2 fo- 
lii-all'pei^«-M'. J sfl'pCm-b], a. Not to 

».bOi-tr, 1 

iB-BOre', 1 ib-iQiDr': 2 In-ahui 
• - -fisa] 1.1. To I 
. i. To effect in 

buf acttm.'- bi-i**»Wti o.- i-ttl-t*"- 
Iii-atil'iliii-stil';2lD-ata',r<. NH-(iT!Li.tD', 
EndoaUy. ^ To pour ui by dnipfl. In- 

AniiDatfcl from wjtLin. 
Ii'irinil^ 1 io'Miolit; 2 Tn'Rlott, n. A 

maincicolEy.— lB.4ttiK'HT(«a,a. Spontaoo. 

U ••cteal; ishablt:cd^;BD = «(t;ai1; H = t«yd:^dn; pi; «=*hv; tUn. tUi. 
1: «flt,dt; bJkk, bMt; tIMl. npe, <«», bai,bttni; All, b^; |o,*Mn; Ivk; (Un, IWk 

.mtneot; «bdliD«.. IL n. 0» who 

lat. ft. l-t^T'EB'l; -LAT-moT To insert, 

BD-ree'ebDQ, n. An Driuuied recutance 

" 'l^'I^V^^f™^ " '"■*«'''*^-^' 

In-Uet', 1 in-takfi a '"J*-**^,"- I*" 
In-ts'gllo. 1 in-ta'lyo; S in-til'lyo, n. [-oui 

lirter-«d«', 1 in-ta«fld'; 8 ln'ier-s*d'. »: 

1-ceii'=dJ;-ccd'inq.) To mediate betwPM 

peTBoia; make UiMroesBloii; ptead.— intei- 

or -QLiM'. 1 4yl or -lyo.; 8 lyl or -lyoa, 
pi.) iDCisBd or oQuntcraunk work; agem 

CH'sloD, n. Entreaty In behaU ot anot^ 

lD°t^KW,'lTn'ti-i8(; 2 In'te-fter. «. A 

Intei-^'pt'?, 1 in ■tar-sept'; 3 In't6r-s«pt', 

M..-ln'C«^rit.. .. [-flfUT-BfJ: -OMT-. 

iNU] 1. 1. To nwfco lau a wliole; live (be 
eiini total al II. 1 To bMome whole. 

in-tee'ri-ty, 1 in-tee-n-U; S In-tM'ri-ty. ». 
1, Cprightnees of character; proliity. S, 

Chans', «. & »■ To put each of two 
thin^ in the pl<»HOl the other; alternate. 
- Inter-chante', 1 In'ier-fliBU'; a In'l*f 

ohtnl", n. 1. Mutual eichanga. I. AIW^ 
natlm.-ln-ter-th.riWfc.Nf.'.a. CapsUs 

lll'teM^t.lin'le-lekt;2In'tS.l«ct,n. The 

In-ter-cos'tal, 1 in-ter-kos'tal ; 2 In-tfr- 
flAs'tal. 1- a. Occurrmg between the riha. 

In'ter-coane, 1 in'tB>kora; 2 In'ter-*ai3, 

«nih«; rattonal: kuIWo. -H, ad..-jB- 

In-te^Slct', 1 in'tBf^;; S Ui't«.-dlet'. 
Id. ti. To prohibit. II. 1 in'tar-dikl; 
Eln'tSr-dltt, n. Aprohibiliye order; ban. 

■Uodlni. t. News.— lo-WU-gBUMT, n.— 

-In-teMlleHHIe', in-tm-dle'S^.a. 

in'ter-e«t,lin'ter-eat;3In't*[-6st. I' 

tem'p«r-Ht, a. Immoderat-;: eieeaaive, 

especially in the usa of idcoholic drinks. 

d.^ to know, a. Profit: benefit. 1. 

raymenl for the use o( money. 4. In- 

,.S£r?ff»l:;ld-, ».T ."; 

lerem; engaeed; enlisted; hissed, -ly, it*'. 

To purpose; rifflisn; have an miention; 

-la'ler-tat-lnf, na. Awakenhic InHnst; 

In'tCT-fere', 1 in'tsr^r'; 2 IntSr-fer', b. 

In-ienBe', 1 ia-lena': 2 lo-t^ns', a. Strained; 

[-lERED'; -raH'i.-iG.l To Ute part in Che 


la-ten^sl-fy, «. i «. To nate mba^e 

n, ThoK^rsrrXlMilni^ty.-lD-teii'- 
«l-ly,B, The mate 01 Ming miepse; amount 

In'tel-lm. 1 in'tsr-im; 2 In't«r-Iin, b. An 

or iegite ot loroe or energy.- lll-ten'sH(e«, 
o. Bervhig to InlMiBlly; thorough. -I», aUc. 


Ill-™t "■ 1 in-tent'; S In-t6nt'. 1. a. 

Inif^lJ^tTl-'inNrre^'-; 2 In-«>i«^. 

■J,4«. To throw between other Ihimt 

iD-teotion, B. A purpose.- ln-ten'(laa. 
a1, 1. Daliiwd, -a, ode. 

-iD-ter-jMiros. a. The act o( totertMt- 

ID-^'. 1 in-tiic': Sln^r'. H. Iih-terbed', 

ln"ter4Me'S 1 in'taf-lea'; 2 In'tSr-IH'. ■<- 

in-tebd'S; in-t^b'B1KQ.1 To place in a 

& n. To "eave or twine together; en- 

twine. eeeaiue-onneitp.Be. 

In'trMud'd, 1 in'ter-loKl': 2 lo'Wi'lftrd'. 
s. To ttiveiBfy; mako frenuant inier- 

l!.-: a toW-lSy-. -. M 


l-LB.™,'; ■LBAT' 




lybUnli leaves, in-| 





■^.^^to-liu"?'^ Ii.«rl««lA,o«l. 

l-UKIB'; -US'lNO.l TOWT 

between the 



Iiric^kick', 1 ia'tsr-lBk'; Z 

To Hak into e»rfi cthet; clasp together. 

In-tef^Jo-eu'tlon. 1 m-t«^ 

D-kia'^sn: 3 

vaggh: conlorenco: dlalog- 

lw,n. Onewbolaiespsnln 

In'tet-kiirei, 1 in'Ur-Iop'B 

; E In'l*r-lSp"- 

fr, n. An Intruder. 

Inter-mde, 1 ia'tar-llOd; S 

In'tSr-lOd, n 

iniDg between 

between acts 

tSt-mSr'Bi, n. Marriage 


ln-t»^ii»d'die,U in'tiir-. 

led'l; 2 ln't*> 

iD'htf-medV. IrnMl, n 

uadiilj In Ibe aflaln ol o 

■Caen.- lo-ter- 

med'dler. -. 

ln-l«'iU.**r, 1 io't 

ir-ml'di-a-n; 3 

3 IntSr-mi'di-S-ry. I. a. 

Eltiiated, act- 

tSr^nS'dJ-at, a. Being ia a nikldle place 

or d^ree; lying between, 
ID-Icr'ment, 1 in-tor'inent or -msnt; S la- 

t^meot. n. The act of Interring; bunaE. 
In-ter'inl-iia-ble, 1 1 In-tSr'mi-DB-bl; S In- 

Mss In tact or seeming.— In-Mr'nil-Ba-tilii 

m'tn^mlD'cle, 1 in't8>niii]'gl; 2 In'tfr- 
mlo'gl, id. A •n. To mingle tosether; mii. 

llftel^Ditt', 1 in'ts>m!t'; 3 ln-ie>Dat', rt, 
& p*. [-idt'ted^; -«rr'n?JH.) To c-eaae 
temnanrlly^ LntefTupt: Ruspend.— In*ler- 

er>iiil!rs 1 is'tBT-iDika'; 3 IntCr-nillu', 

4_r>. To mint^e with; beoome mined. 

inmate; eflpenally a resident boepitol su 
geoa or phyeieian. 
In-fer'na], 1 io-tor'nali 3 In-t«r'nal, > 
Situated in the inade; interior; baaed c 
eaaentitU qualities; 

In'ter-na 'tloD-al, 

ring mutual alaughter; 
i-tar'po-let; 3 fa-tet-ijo- 

teTpoang. X. That whleh is inlerposecl. 

iD-ter'piet'^, 1 in-tur'pret; 3 lD-t«r'pret. 

iri. & t<. To give the meaning of; traniK 

ly an iDtfrtveter.— Id- 

lo Interiveta or 

:?),— ri'^M-rog'^tlY(es, I 

ter-mc'a-lo-ry. I. 

Pertaining to a duesUM. ILn. Aauee- 

tn'lH^nipt''^, 1 in'te-rnpt'; 3 In'tS-rfipt', 
progms; check; hinder.— 'lB"Mr-ro|>'tliHi, 

stop; Chech; break .— ln'ter-nip'tlv(e>. a. ' 

ln''tet-Bect'd, 1 in'tar-eekl'; 8 Io"tar.«6ct', 
rt. A n. To pa«a acrosa; cut through or 

Iu"tei^«(«l'l)tr, : 

tween p*hdIb; deErae oF 

ence of pitch 1 
tn'tcf-iene', 1 

tenupl,— ln''tt 
In'ter-TlBiT, 1 in 

opiniDU. II. n 
sons: coUoquy: 
ln"ter-w(i>Te', 1 

Tt.&n. 1-T.OVK 

t. Mui. A AormHei. IMfFer- 

mtB>Tln'; 2 fa-ter-TSn', 
-VSH-mo.) To oome or be 
i; mterfer«; intflfpow; iu- 

■wly'; 2 iDtir-weV, 
'VIM, -wc/vn.l Tc 

iD-tea'Ute, ! in-WUt: S In-tte'tSt. La. 

Ipgallv bequnthed. n. n. A penoi 
■ho digs lotoUU.- la-tHtk-TTi n- 

B, H in-tes'tin: E In-U^tia. 

■o-tbiill'. iD-thnnw', i.._. . 

In'tl-mXb 1 in'li-met; 3 In'ti-i 

[-Uat'bP*^; -Hat'inO-I To muEa mai 
indirectly; hint. II. I in'ti-nut; 2 To' 
lost, n. CloM: conGdenCiaJ, u fneru 

coaDdraiUBl trlWglilp,- lo'tl-ma'CteD, 
iB-tlin'i'dkte. 1 iThlim'^det; 2 lo-tln 

.-DArtNO.! • 

friBlit»Tt; influi>iii» by fc 

Toudin; to 

uit, A. 1. UnwiUing to totorftte contrary 
beliefs: bicoted. I. lJnBUetoaidin«:u, 
tnatt'oM Bt oonlmUctlOD. -ly, a<>.— ■■• 
t«l'«r-k-U(e', d. Thai <u dm be bonH: i 


n-Kin',*.*«. [is- 
■ -> rerite in or to 

lII-loi1.4mBt, I >n-C«kgVliant; 2 la-tCks'i- 
cant, n. Anytbina th&t inloxiesUa, as 
aioonol; anythinv that unduly eihilaratea. 

iD'tolL'l-cate. 1 m-iskaVkei; 2 In-teke i- 
*at. t. l-ciT'en""; -ctT'iKa.J 1. (, To 
make drunk; inebriate; elate; excite. IJ, 
t. To pomen ictoxicBtinc properties - 

In'ttw., vTtlix. within: bh. fnfrrrcer^nl. 
tD.|ne'^M<«', I in-tr^tf-bl; 2 [a- 

tr!itta-bl, a. Not tnctsble; refruitorj-; 

unruly. H an animal; dtlBoult to treat oc 

VBTb. -^."Xi. 

iM-tnvld,' 1 in-trep'idi 2 In-trSp'-ki, "». 
■''""*■"'""" "~ "*■" DreBSBce of danger: 
iSl-ty, s. imdaimted 

m- mtn-plSl-t) 
».~lB-tra»l3-ir. M 
»te. 1 in'tn-'-' 

In-Mxnc', : 


Kheme. IL n. 1. A Koret >di 

idot. 3. A olandenjne loro^ffair- 

dac'll>(«^ 1.- (■■a«-dne'Uk-ry, a. Prel- 


, TheBBtoflookiiici 
__ ^.jaa.-~ tn-(nMPK'lll(i 

ln"tn>-Tert*^ 1 ia'tro-yfirt'; 2 Intro-i 
n. To (orn wrtiiin .— iBtTo-Ter'itSD, 

iD-bode', 1 in-trad'; 2 tn-uud', •(. • 
[in-tbud'bixIi iM-nnn/iNO.J To ton 

- In-ren'ttM, n. 1. T)w i 

oaulvjw.— la-nB'(h<«*. o 

, — il«mued lilt, npeoally 
Taluep, AS of property. 

iB'im-dKte, 1 Lzi'rrtM)l>t or \a-tm'Af\. 

THo.l Ta overUow; uoad; nu 
nowiiic.— ln'*1iii^a'tloii> n. A 

ID-lira', 1 in-jilr'; 2 iD-yur", >. [ 
iN-TiR'iHn.l I.t. Totkudenorto 

:. To take oi have site 

■, 1 in-um'; 8 In-ftm;, «(. To put 

d;riKli)n>«L -If, oif •.— lB-i«r'(lo 

order or tiiiiisB7— lii'TcrC'Wbl (f, e 

, In-Ter'te-bnte, 1 io-vir'ti-bnt; Z In-vC 

'>l'id;2Ii>-yU'id, a 

IB'TS-Ild', I io'vB-adj 2 In'Ts^d. I. a. 
Enfeebled ^uoUy. IL n. Aneklyordis- 

dltloD or b^Tiff an invuLU!, 
to.ral'a-a-bk, ) 1 tn-vs!'yu-e-bl: 2 tn- 
ls-ial'n-»-bl',jvEI'yv4-bL, a. ValuabLs 

^Ta'n-nbKc"', la-ToFne^a^l^^f" For 

iD-ia'dan, 1 iD-re'sHi: S IitTl'iban, n. 
The act of invadiu: boitile attack: ecr- 
crnaobnuat.— ln-n'aT(^,a. BnonaelilDf; 
usradm. -If, ad>. -nan, a, 

lD-Tee1lTe,1I in-vek'tiv: S b-rCc'tiv. n. 

iB-TKtl**, /RsUioc Bccuaalion; -Wtupera- 

ID-T^xb'. 1 in-ve"; S Ii^re'. ^. To utter 
iB-Tcl'Ble, lin-rfgl;'el,W. [-oliid; 
-nLiMO.! ToleadMtraytbpguiloiwln^lB. 

m-ien". i la-veet , s m-ve«f. i. i. 
1. To lay out (money) in purchaw tc 
permanent holdjnjc. t. To clothe : drcn- 
3. To endow, ae with office. 1. To be-' 
leaguer. IL i. To make an Invntment. 

■ ■ 1 i , , , „ ,, ^, 

- - . 1, aa the aahw <J the dead. 

iB-u-aFI-tr. 1 io'yu-tilVtj; 2 In'yu-ttl'i-t; , 
a. The quality ol beinc uselaH or profit- 

In-ia^'. 1 in- 

host.Lle armed 
tn-nlldi, 1 m-< 


in-vn'ti-sM; 2 In-vWti- 
gst. B. t-oAT an'': -oit'iMo.J To in- 
Qulra tnu> aTnaaalleaUT.— In-rea^Yl-fa'* 
Oaa, ».- In-twtl-c»;<tar, a. 

by long c 

i-TKlT-aiu,' 1 in-yid't-m; 2 In-vid'l-i 

IIl-rti'or-«t«, 1 in-vig'or-St; 3 In-vTj'or-at, 
K. 1-at'id^; -.t'ihq.1 To give v3p>f to; 
LnJmata.- lo-rii-or-a'tlon. a. 

— 'cf-ble, 1 1 in-vin'ei-bl: 2 rn-vla'iii-hl, 
l.nil'cl-bl', f a. Unconquerable.- [n- 
rtn'cd-'ba'l-tT, n. 


, d-ba' 



iDMli't^bie, il in-vii'L-bl; 3 'in-vlj'i-bl. i.. 
In-rial^lr, jNotvudbleTnotinudtieon- 
oealed. •blr,a<I>.-tn-Tla1-bU1-(T.n. 
In-ille', lin-Toit'iSIa'vIt'. «. Iim-vit'bd<I; 

ir tnvuini.— lB>vltlDC, I 

01C-IN0.1 To rask- — 
Tq uukfl ■ list of cDOda 

1 involved; i 
t & quantity 
I 1 in-volV; 8 Ii 



InliaTd. 1 inVard; 2 InVud. _ .. 
gitust«d within; ioner. IL n. The in- 
lide; in thn plural, the visoera. III. adi, 
Towjuci Uie inrid* or intotor, lu'mnbt- 

lii-»Fiim™|, ULa^Iv';2In-wav',K. [-wor«'; 

weave tngether. o was m , 

In-wiouitit'. 1 iD-TBt'; 2 bt-rtt', pa. 


Ir're-iim'il-tiKF' Ir-cv«pi>n'id-bl(e' | 

Ir're-proaoh'tWCe' Ir're-tri^v'a-ttUe' 

Ir'rMirtHllT ' '°™ Ir-rev'SSr -1» I 

l-nu'd-We, Tl oV-ni'i-bl; 2 f-riiVbl, «. ! 
tlu'd-bl', 1 FioQB to or cau«d bv ueer; 

hot'teini>Bed ; chotorlCr— i-nt'cl*Mr« odf ■ 

. ^nt«^ 


mtb; swcr.-Wrnl, a. , 
Er'l-dM'ecDt, 1 ii'i-deient; 2 I 

a. Rihibiting chanKLna rajol 

— EFn-d«s'f«w«, n. 
l-rldt-am, 1 oi-rid'i-Dni; E Wdl-Om, n. 

A Bilveinrhite, meUllig element. 

DM, 1 -ei or'ii'i-dh;' s'^wlrl-da^pi.] U 
The golored ciicla anund the pupd ai the 
eye. 3. The rainbow. S. A Qowerinc 
plant with ■word'shaped leaves. ^ [I^ 
Mvth. The rainbow pcrwuified as the 
meiMnger of Juno (Hera) and the goda. 
I'rlibilai'nA: Sl'iiih. La. Pertamina 
-- '-'—J — -- pBopla. IL n -' '^'- 

o Ir^nd Ol 


lie of Ireland or their la n guage. 

nrk; 2 Irk, ■ 

.1 fatl 

har<i; rude; unyieldlnR; hf 

l'o>dlIlt > 1 ai'o-tUn, -din. -^oin, o 

I'o-dlne, I I'o-dln. -din, 'din, or 

Ckem. A blubb-black ccyatallioe 


I T'ro^iy, n. Lancua^ 
the oppoflile of wEat u 

lr'nMliioT-bI(B». -blf 


JI-im'dl-Bte, 1 i-r«'di-«t: 2 T-rA'di-it, i4. A 


li-nr'n-SB-Me, 11 i-refra-gs-bl; 2 trtC- 

Ir-refrm m » hP>/ra-ta-bl, a. That eu 

Dot be nfuted or disproved. 
Ir-np'B-n-ble, 1 1 i-rep'e-rs-bl; 2 T-rto'- 
Ir-Kp'a-n-bl'Ja-nnbla. That eui not 

be repaired, reetified, or amended. 

iTHTM'O-mte, 1 i-rn'o-tiQI: 8 Mn'o-HH, a. 

Not nmhite or reeolvod: waTenng; ben> 

taUng. 'Ij, M>.- lt-TM*0-lB'lliw, H. 

lT*ra-ww'Un,ll irVqwktiv: e frV 

Ir'K-tpMtiTS i ■pCe'tiT, a. l«okin« re- 

qwct or nlaUoa; taking no ucount; re- 

lr-m'o-c»4ile, 11 i-nv'a-k(F^I; S t-rSv'rr- 
lr-nT'a-c»-lil>', fst-bl, a. Incapable of 

beinA revoked ir repealed; unalterable. 
btl-sate, 1 ir'i-get,- 2 Ir'i-Jit, •(. I-Ojit'- 

Tb; -o*t"inq.] Tn water, w> land, arti- 

nHaIly;>f8l;ioB»;IiBilow— lr*Il.«Bt*o". "■ 
Irll-bite, 1 at-tet: S IrWt, t. [^.t'- 

— ' - -■— -■ -* TOvokB; in- 

lUfffli: earn; 

azuowl or emlted- Ir^-ta.bli', sdi.- IH- 

neot.— Ir^-ta'tlon, a.— Ir^-ta-tlTle*, a. 


b-rm'ttoa, 1 i-rnp'^Bn; 2 t-cQp'shpn, n. 


'^i-u; 3 leh'u- I 

■; profite: finid outc< 

Thi perafj'm 

I-Ullan, 1 i-tal'y*n; 2 i- 

w body of land oon- 
r. i SiB; 2 tbe, pi.] 

PertainuiK to Italy, ite people, or lan- 
euBjre. n. n. The people or lanffuage of 
I-tal^e, 1 i-tal-ik; 2 i-t£rie 

IT InnguasGH of Italy. 

adjectlved cI place or counUr 
-■ - • ■ tin, ilMicft. 

The Mohan 

blTDdl'Tl o 
lland'. foC 1 
bland-CT, r 

a gmaU island. 

1, bapttrm, erltLetfM, 

I'Kt-met 'rlc, I Di'sn-me 
l-ioB'ce-ln, I ai-asa'i-li 

Jar'caa, 1 jot'ebu; S jftr'Son. n. Coofiuei 
lia'mlne, 1 1 jM'mm; 8 Ita'roin. n. A 
|w'niln% / ornamental pltmt with fcBgnm 

EPnetally white, flower*. 
jM'per, 1 1 iM'psr. -oitr 3 jSa-per. -It, ' 
Ju'pclwlte,; An impure, opaiiue, colore 




jlielli^ 1 iaynio; 2 jfi 



beotwcured. JecludWrtUwIied 

Jaldn, 1 jBr-km; 3 jetTiin. n. A jsclret. 
er'HTi Ijur'ii; Ejfir'nr.n. 1. One oi ■ 

il'lT'"': '"""'"""^, 

Jes'a-lt, 1 jei'yu-il or iej-u-il; 2 i^yu-it 
or JCib'u-it. n. 1- £. C. Ch. A oember 
of the Society of J«bus. Z. A subtle ces- 
uJat.-J»'a-lt1c, o. Jt«*n-lt'l-ult. 

Jest, 1 Jen; i 


1. Oui 

if tbe b< 

3 JB. I,. _. _ . 

Eh in which the teeth 

Anj-Uiin(t like ot skigeestingsuoh »n organ, 

often need figuraSvely; as: the iaic» of 
death. [of briUiuili CDlonnK. 

IS; 2 15, B. A smaU otowlike bird 

- •- ' Sja'Oa, 

Jet, 1 Jet; 


Ifal'DUS,!! jel'in! 3 j«l'fii 

iel'ons*, fa. 1. Apprehet 

Bive 01 bemc diaplaced by i 

kM.lilri2ier. L.«.^4 

fe-boTah, 1 ii-h?v8; ; 
" ■ iifically. thf — 


Ijbl'liebi. pl.l Any nemieolid gl 
nibftance, aa fnat-luioe boiled do. 

'™°ril]en'i;2JBnyn. [JiVmi 

,Tl Jep'BTd; a ISp'ard. 1 

pHtl. Jeofi'arUnt.-leiip'ard-r.n. Bi- 

[nsizn To danner; pivU. 
!iki,l jark;Zj«rk. I'. i<. A ti. Togive 
A iprk to: move with Jerks. 11'. ™. A 
< puU. Cwllob, or 

M and dryiDE 


Meat, u 

. To Joke. 



amenta. 3. Th. 

Boatitie part of n vu^u „■»<. ■ 
to liithtcn s veasd in dangi 

Jet'U-MD, 1 let'i-aaa; S I^fV 

.jt'ty, llet'irS 
let^.n. Ubtt'; 
Jiad'ea-prir, 1: 

Jen.lja: 3Ju,< 

B goods, to lighten 
II. The threwing 

Like ta mad« of 
1.1 A pier. 

leweirs'. |ew'«l-l«rt.- Jen'tl-iT, n. 1, Jew- 
(U eoUectlvfly. a. Tbe Mde ol a lewekr. 

|ew'B'>b>rp*< I lli'^hirp'; 2 jys''liSn>*. 
nielal ftame and a bflot metiUio tooguB. 

Jib, 1 Jib. 3 ]ibi n. A triangular sail ei- 


IMS. I To Jtnnklaa. 

ly. kO, wmk, rt* by die Job. n, . 

AiMwof ■■orkdDoe„,«.hofc. a,A 

Oaeetmtoyed to rid* honw,. „ „ ^L-t 
i. AnoMh.— jai'i 

Ite ^tly;'jo([. Il\ 

i*». I joll: 2 lo h, Ii.a A li. Tto Alb 

biAixHidiuitnli^iitatbii '""* 
cunodil ^^ 

•Jl^l j-j 2 JOi^ ■. ACbi- 

' -i" '"'* ™™n or "teteb offlituL 


nal or newroapw. 

^^_;;^.™.,„.„.._,™.„,,.j)K5!;};j5;..-si«.-w. ii j. 

loiut, 1 Job: s list. >. * n. Suas u jdbt. 
~ to'vlHll, 1 je'vi-aJ^S jS'vi-Al. a. Mirthful; 

iDBrtT: )ollr.-Ja-iri->l1-tf,n. 
Jowl, 1 jal OT jaul; S jBl or jowl, n. The 

tfj, 1 im; 3 jOv. n. L A Uvely emotion ot 

£vtt dellglil.-Joj'ral, a. 1. Full ot Joy. 
MulffMInt loy. -Ir, oifi. -■■«■. n.- 
JortMI. a. DSUtuts ot toy. -ii, adi. 

Jn'bl'Isiit, 1 ID'hi-leat; Z JD^j-luit, a. 
trlumpIiAzil.-^^bHt^lHI, n. UbIdICLdc! 

inc. ^ To dKide upon evidence: try ]u- 
dicuU^. II. 1. 1. To fomi a Judimeiit; 
St in judgment; expreoB judcment. 3< To 

Indfe, n. 1. An officer authoriied to ed- 

deiddes upon the merita of thinfca, aa in 
eonlfliu^ ecoiino1swur.^J1idff'ii»nt,n. 1. 

Jui^ viBdy I 

tiDn nev^Pd tts a pun- 

Jn'dt-cB-tnre, 1 JQ'ili-ka-<<hur or -tiur; 2 
JU'di-ea-chur or -tQr, n. 1. The power of 
adnunistering juAtice. S. The juriadic- 

Impullil. -ij, aiw. 
Pertaining to courti 
That deiATtment ol 

-In-dro-vn. L i 

bulEinff vensel for ilquida, 

deigned to be eloaed n 

Jn«|ie.°lT]ngn; 8 IBM. I. 
Joj-P, frf,AB, rJuo^otro, g 

ceive by trick; _praf''" * 
sleight of hmnd. IlT n. __ 
tzlok; deoei>tJon.— Jiig'Bler,iL 
Ooe wbo pravtlHB ddcbt of 
liuiiI.-Jiig'glH^r, n. 

jD'gii-Ur, 1 ja'Kiu-l»r: 2 jn'- 
^-Ur, I. a. Fertiiiniag to 
the throat or to the jugular 
vein. ILn. One ot theUcgn 
Tcisi of the neck. 

Juice, 1 jDb; 2 juc, n. The 

jii'>]Dt^ii, 1 iti'-lufin: s lu'-Jui-tu ' 

[J*)>.) Wmtling or throwlnc u Dptionei 

h/melglit. Jln'iJnCmt. 
' -Kp, 1 ID'lep; 2 JvlCp, n. A diin 

eompoBed of riweeteiKvi. bquor and nunt- 
JU'lI-eDiM', 1 gDli-eii'; E ihali-en' t 

have been chopp^ or abredded: name 

from Jiilim. a f^nch caterer of Boatoi 

*11-1»', 1 Ju-Ioi'; a lu-ll', n. The Hvent 

month ol the year. 

■- ■■ ' iTil; E iBm'b[._ 


1 lump; S jOmp, t 

tnoe, 1 JOn; 2 iija, n. The sixth month of 

lan'i^'l Jim'g]; g jao'U, n. A denae 
Jon'gl', J tbicket: a foreet choked with 

undereroinh.— ]tu'(lT,a. 
Ja'nlor, 1 lOu'yar: Z Jvn'yor. L a. 

The younger of two; a yoDnget pereon. 
-Ja^nl-or^ti, n.— Ju'nbHwiQp, h. 
Jo'nl-pCT, 1 jQ'm-pBr; 2 ]u'ni-ptr. n. Ad 

Jank', 1 jDQk; S JBsk, n. 1. JViuI. (1) 
Old cordHge. (2) Salt meat. 1. Cartqifl 

Iunk*, n. A laive Cbineao BuLiug>vavel, 
OD'ket, 1 itmlnt; SlQo'Ut. AtCkti. 
To fesst m company; ittvsL II* tl A 
fflftflt; pionio. 
Jn'Do, IJlk'DD: ejwtu.n. R«i.JVti», Wife 
of JupHer: quern of IKHTCD. He^t lOr.l. 
Jnn'tat, 1 Jnu'tA; S JOo'U, n. A E^woiih 
or 8onUi.Amoricankfiilativ« r "-' 

JOD'to, 1 Jon' 
Zcott IGr.l. 

lembly or 


Relstmc bi l&n. Z. As 

sun. jD-rUlt]. 
b-dte'Qon, I la-n»<lik'i 
/■hon, n. The right ta 


Jo/rtal, 1 


1. Thi 

t; S Ju'rtn. n. One vened 

Jn'mr, 1 JO'rar w -ror: 2 lu'ror, n. A 

member of a jury. 
Ju'r*^ jn'n; 2 ju'ry, n. [to'kM', jrf.J 

diet upon the Bvidenoe in a lri«J;Hiiyiom- 

tiltinpimateh between mounted kni^ili 

Just. L a, RiehtAouv; bonefltr o<iuItabk ; 

n. adv. 1* Exactly; wecisely. ^ But 

□ov; tbie moment. S> Barely: onZy. 

jDiticcn lui'tu; e jnctic. n. i. c«- , 

im'Of, S fonulty to tbe piindple* of riifai; I 
hoiieny; ImDartlaUtT. t. AliHlKe.-J<I>4^- 
d-a-Tr,I|D*-UA'>4-n:ai(i*-tlBli1-£<T. L . 

oi IuSm? lE B. ^mf.pLI AlUdCL ! 

Irn'O-ti, 1 Ini'ttJaii S JB.'tiJI, 4. 
[-tisd; ■Tt'ma.] 1. To ehow to be juil: | 
vindicate. X. To dedan biwnelesg: ei- - 
ODBrale. t, ToadJugt.-]Ba'tl-a'*>N{«r,ii. 
Capableotbeliifjuattanj. -neaa,n.— JM^ I 
ttJFa.faIr, rtdi.-JIU'tt-ft^'tlBII, B. TM 
■Ule of bdni Imtiaed. I 

Jut, 1 JBt; S jilt. I. n. [lDT'm)d; jut'- , 
■nso-l Toprojoct. ILn. A projerliBL 

Jute, 1 ]Dt; 2 jut. n. An assual Aiiatil 
herb <d the linden family, or ite fiber: 

la'TV-DUcU io'vi-nil; 2 Ju've-nll. L a. 
Jn're-Dfl*, / Characteiiitio of or adapted to 

youth; youthful; youofl. 11. n. Ayouni 

penon.-jD'n-DlIl-tT.n. Youthfuioen. 
Jiu*tB-pa-al'U»ii, I ia^ta-po-iiai'sn:3 

J Qki'ta-po^tah'on, n. A placinc cLoaa 

tostther; contigiut)'. 


:, k, 1 k«; 3 UL 

Ikey 2 k»(.pl.l 

Che Eniliih alphabet. 

1 koi'sk; 2 U'Sk, 

Ikatb, K**, at Xa, 

n. A manupial quadruped of AuRnlia, 
havinc atrona hind limba and mdrlnt by 

Inel, 1 lul; 3 kel. I. 


lit lengtbwiae Katy*U- V. 
iber of tbe fiuoeworliof avnael. t<™>- 
a projeeiins ttdce alon^ the botton 

ked'Mn, 1 kellnti 2 kH'uD, n. A ba 

runninc tengtliwisg above the keel, 

ICMD, 1 kin: 2 kSn. a. Very ihup & 

1. Ounody. 

4. To be ftkitUul lo, ae i 
inuind, IL i. To tBmiin 
T hfuod, Bweet, freeh, or tb 
luap^, n.- Iwwiiilt. n 

I of eub- 

U. it^ ReAcb ol HiEht or knowledge. 

kca'oeP. 1 kcD'el; 2 kSQ'U, n. 1. 
boUBfl for H dofl or for » pAok of boun' 
■In. Uie pack. S* A lair; den. 

ken'iMlS H. TIu riMfr oi » nreec: otiui 

kept, 1 itpi; 2 Mpt, tmp. A pp. of kief, • 
lu-immlc, ke-nnrle*. Bamo u cbrihic, ( 

lUuniiiiatiiiptiil distilled fi 

Ut'itj, i km'a; Z kflr'gy. i 
britt^wfliobt buver doth: 
E«ny, &D(1siid, 

tCtlbllp, n. SUMUOTCHUF. 

hefOcIl ketl; E kttl, n. A 

'■" "■ /vessel for itswina or 

fm^lraiii'. D. A nmaha] Ins 

a mntmmt bead: romwrlr 

* aioooth. 


Ld. 1 kid; 2 kid, n. A youDE loat. or 

leatber made from Its akiii. 

Ld'iup, 1 kid'nap; 2 kld'oKp, ML 

or -NiP-piHO.l To rairpy off (« person) 
from taoDH ocnmUry.— Idd'iup-er, -on, n. 
M'oer.lkid'Diiakfd'ny.n. AilanduIsT 

-U-unfMM. 1 kii-am-pir: E kn-Km-per, 

n. Eltc. One thousand amnaw. 
kBI, II kil; e kn. K. To deprive o( Ufe, 
' Ul'. (vicor, efficbncy. ot useliilnegs; 

for baking {nduHtnal ^oducta; place for 

UH'tf, eti. Bee name arnm. ondsF m'r^ 

lavo-fnm. Ufo-U'la-. klFe-iiu'Ur, Ul'. 
o-aMC'. Bee Mima Bmu. uDdaimnic. 

kH'o-Jaill«"t I kil'o-iOt'or -ioul'; S kll'a-jui' 
or.Jour.n. Bkc One IhouBiind Joulas.— 
Mfo-mtt-, n. gUc. On* ihousuid mta. 

kUt, 1 k;lt: 2 kilt, n, A ehort nWrt. aa of 

ker. 1 kl; 8 ke. n 

' Un, 1 kin; 2 Un. n. Relation; i^DnnD- 

-nni m^- nimlnotlve; as, lambUn, maol- 

r Und, 1 koind: 2 kind, o. Oentlc: tender; 

; tauDiBne;kind[7.— klnd'-beaTt'ed.a. Hav- 

: Inff eklndsplrltordlapcAltioD.— kliul'nsa,n, 

I kind, n, Sort; a cIsKt; spenea. 

■ Ua'iffnftta, l kin-dar^ar'ta: 2 kin'- 

1 dSr-eilr'tji, n. A pUj^Hchool for little 


IL i 

ite: iaSsme 


imunr. lkoind'li;2kIndTy. L o. [kihd; 

lesliii kindoBBS. ' ». 'FavorBble; ^ne- 
£dsl. II. adi. In B kind mamwr or 
■plrltn conaenJaUr." Idndtl-nns, n. 
Un'dKd, 1 kin-dred; S kln'dr&L I. a. 
Of s like n&lure or charsctsi; related; 
CDDgeniotf akin. IL n, HeUtioiiahip; 
relatives collectively. 

U-Vet'o-B*ipe, 1 Ih-net'o-Jtop; B ki-ntt'o- 
Be6p. n, A device by which the tOctursB 
taken by the kinoloi^^ph may be r^ro- 
dmwd in. rapid succeMon to the eye, aa 
up«D B gereen.- kl-iiet"o'>«ip1c a. 

IIlIW,lkit];2kIiiK, n. The Boveicign male 

-kinli'.boli-, B"™A*vmlc"ij' oeDtral bolt 
sltachlng Ihp body or a vehicle lo the Tore 

Bilmil t(iwi<oin.— kliiii'aib"er> n.' A bird 

hing; regat. IdnrlUu 
klDEU-nefis, n. 

tOnlt, 1 kiDk; 2 klgk. 
M. & n. To form ki 
twinU Upcte. IL n, 
almipc Hend. Cvist. 1 
or'tdtlElc. asinann: 
kink'f. a. 

klnB'ralk-', I kinifOk'; S ) 
klns'fOk', n. pj. Rriativee 

1 kis;Z 

n. (Scot.l ChurclL 
klr^ntt, n. AppolntM 

1. 1. To touch vith 

tullly with the lips; touch gently; meet 
[S9t n. An afFectionate solntatioB by coa- 

If, 1 kit; a kl'l, n. A tub, pail, or b<h 
for packing; an outfit, aa of toold. 


Idtcli'en, 11 kidh'en; 
.Har''den,_B. i 


2 kich-foi, 
hkine food-^ 

Idle, 1 knit; 2'lat,'Ti."l. Ahawk^Uke birf 
having long pointed wings and a iorked 
tail. %. A Blender frame coveted with 
light fahric; to be Hown ia the ^r. 

Idth, 1 kiCh; 2 Uth, t>. One's friends: in 
iht pbTBBF Utb ftnd Uiu 

Ut'ton, 1 kjt'n; 2 kit'B. n, A young cat, 

Ucp^to-ma 'nl-a, 1 k: sp ;tii-nic'n]-s ^«p'- 

to BWal.— UeptA-ma'nl-u. I. a. Of or 
p«rtaMln« K> kleptonanlB. tl. n. A pa- 

The joint betweea 

1 nelt, 2 

knlck'er-bork^en, 1 nik'a>bek'Bn; 2 
" 'ir-b6k'eta, n. pi. Knee-breechBB gatb- 
...ialthe knee. [A trinket; trifle. 

knlcklmuk", 1 aik'nak'; 2 olk'nfik'. n 
bnlfe, 1 naif: 2 nlf. n. [shiveb, 1 naivi; 2 

Tiff " 

3« ^ 10 

16 M la 

DirrEBiHT FoHus or Ehots, 
1. Bl^t or ilmple toofi. 2. Simple, Mngte, or overhuid knot. B. Flgure^r'elKbt 
tout, 4, Oranny-kiiot, fi. Sauan knot cr rmr-bDot. 6. BtAi*kaot. ?■ boublF ^"^' 
diuk kDot, lot aiurMaiiig ■ repe. e. BowUivkDoi. 10. 9beei'l»Dil, ■» ~ 
CiUtd llB Hwiiwl' IM, bsBiiK wed Id w«v1ii« roi JolDlng ttanads. 
U. SiKi* aRlDk>t)«Bd. 13. atnedor^knot. 14. aWv«d«»kaot MK 
bmnknot. IB. Doubla nemtali loop. IT. ChalifkiMit with toi^. 

Btaeknl hutb. 34. PWiamu'i bad. 2S. RaoDd turn sul bal(-Ui^i~~i«.~ 

}, sbrDUd-kwit, betnn u 

'is. BLDfUi J 

'is, 29. oowdm mib r 

X. JGt. Brit.l Ths boldei of 
it below thrit of bunnst, a. 
IAS beuiiig & hone'i head. 

kBKbf-er*rmnt-n. ■.- kBlchl^iiod. i 

knlgliu oollHtlTelT.— knlcbl'll-iwu, n.- 
^Wtiftr, a. PeruUning to B knlgbt; ciii< 

tid": KNiT'Tisa.] 1. To f orm (a f &bho < 
carraenO by a Kries of isterlooked Loot 
o^ yaru or thzead- X. H«iu»» to uoit. 
aotHy-. uno tc«Mbcr.- Iuiltttu-«i«e"<lle. 
n, A iDOf. Miioc Hcdle. OHd In&ltUiilt. 

knln*. II, Plural of unri. 

Imobvliwb; 2DCb»n, A round proMction; 

Dsbd : e nAbd. o.-lBUb'U-Ma, a.- tuui'- 

klipcli. I nsk; Z aSk. 
etrika; rap, as on s di 
II. n. A alroke: blrnr, 


kmrfl, 1 nfilj 2 nU, n. A imall round hilL; 

mound; hilltop. 
knot, 1 net: 2 nSt. it. & ti. [emoi'ted°; 

knota or jointa, aa in plantar gather in a 

lOMit fi. 1> A faatening of a rope, cord, 
or tbc like, by intertninlnn. Sm UIub. od 
preceding baae. I. An omanwntal bow. 
k. A gnarled portion of a troertnink, 

kDOtlt, 1 nouti S 
wbip fonneily ua 

know, I dO; S nO, I 

lout. n. The offiraBl | 
[Kmw, 1 nlD, S at; 

. To be «i- 

undentMuL IL iL To have or (it 
knaw'inc, I aS'U); 2 nfl^iD«, ps. Shrewd; 

«lyly,— liiio*^ 
inowl'edKCi 1 

kDDWlediie. 1. SI 

li: ZniVMi.n. ^ That 

2 nBkl, Tk 1. Oue of 
Knaes'iTi i uie joints of the finieta. i. 

A idnt (d tha kDH. as of a oalf , 
ko'kalt.n. Sama aa couLT. 
kv'dak^ 1 ko-dak: Z kS'dlk. n. 

photcvraphio ramera for bi 

A portable 

tm. n. The Mohanmiedan ucied 


w, 1 tB-Oitr: 2 kB-nhBr. o. Beb.l Pb- 

,' 1 krSl; 2 krU, n'. [Afr.) A villaoa, 
roup of native huta: alao, a eheepfoLd, 

knlnUa, 1 ka'mis; 2 ku'mls. i 
kn'mnt: ■in'mnti kaWnl- 

— ■ pi.) ThL _ _. 

EnfliBh alphabet. 
I/, n, Somathins, aa ibo wiofl of a house, 

bavina or maki n g the form ^ an L; aoelt. 
b, 1 la; 2 U, n. Mut, The aixth tone of 

ta'bel.lle'be]; 2111,8. I. rf. |li'beled 

la'W*], I 1«'bi-Bl; 2 lltn-al. I. a. Pe> 
tiimna to the lipa. nt> "■ One of the 
letteii p, b. in./, e, oi n. formed by tfat 
line. -Ij.adt. 

UlMW, 1 le'bei; S Itlior. I. ti. & H. _ To 

-b-kvnA-ou, 1 i»«ini> 

U'a-n-to"rr, 1 lub'o-rMC'n; 2 1*b'o-r«. 
I5'ry, "■ I-M™*. P"! * P'"" '"' ™''' 
duotjng sesKiliSo oipMimooto, Mo. 

U'r-riDtb, i lub'i-rinfli; B^&O'y-rl-itJi, n. 

DIM tab'i-rlii'thl-ui:; lab^-riB'> 

tiiiB(«»j.- '^'■""'I'^^^^f.^m^ 

eiitded from sa Eut>Indiaa aaieaiatet; 
ilso, other Bmilar subManew: at^ for 

lu<, n [Ando-Iad.r otn 
bee, 1 ise: H !&<;. i> «. 
L.c'iNa.l To iiiru with 

i vi. |i.iCKD': 
tork'of Xhwadi 

1 l«s'er-«l ; 2 iSs'Br-ai, rt. 
-AT'jNoj To tear raBgodly; 

Iwk, 1 lak; 2 lik. 
destitute of: be d 
AbflBoee or defidaac 

ci*t witb Ucquer. i 
of ahellae diasolTed 
ijveKd woodwork. 
lM^!l-inal. ' '-'-'- 

loohol. Z. Lao- 

1 lak'n-mal: 3 LSCri-raii 
. , . _ to tenra.— iM'rt-raoH. 1 ■ 

t -mM. a. Tearful. 
lB-cro*»'> 1 le-kros ; S li-crOs', « 
IBDie of bull. pkyHl witti b rMkel 
impleinent (called b cmnil between 

ho^'ttonf"! SSSSi'fliBD; E iae-t(l'L„,. . 
n. Tbe set or period of luckllns.-lutMl, 

tMC'Oc. 1 iBfc'tlk: 2 Wrtie, a.' CAtm. 

Ad iBttnimoit for detennlnliw the den 
of muk. putLeuUrty a tiydrometer; a bh 

bd, 1 lad': 2 ISd, n, ■ A boy or youth : e 


lab'ek; lad'ind-I 1. To loed; i 
wied^ ai>pi«Kd.- IwllBt, 1 lU'iD 

la'dle, 1 WdU 2 l&'dl. I. i<. 1l 
'->LiNa.J To dip up and pour 
s. ll n. A veggel. with 

die, fot »ervi[i« Uquida. 

to'dj, 1 l«'di; 3 li'dy. n ' 

or aullable (o ■ udf; len . . 
detlnte.— l.iloTe.n, Aewfel- 

-lB'di-4bip, n 

ISS.i'to mov" '^^WM- ., 
owly; etay or fait behind; loittr. 

Bsof a houne- 

UH. U-ctr-beer'I. 

'Wd, I iBc'srd; Z ISj'a 

Urdy. II. n. A loit 

i-soaii'. 1 iB-gOn'; 2 la-goon', i 

of ■hilloir water: boOI; lake, u 

la'i-alt. 'll. n. A laynum. 


laint, 1 tbd: 2 On 

iE^S lik, n. 

; rislTn.'^nglo.Ind.l 
,000; egpeeially lOO.OOO ru 

1: wflf.dQ; bdbti, Wmt; f(fU, mle, cOra, bat,bani; «U, bSy; |o, *om; Igk; thin, thl*. 

Uin'l-a*. 1 lun'i-iu: S Itm't-sii. n 
— tMUl-Dktc, o.— UlD'l-Iuit''«d, a 

1 lun-pDn'; S Mia-pS&a.'. L 

Hl-like pacuiljcal fish. 

luMe, 1 lans; S IAJ19. I. It. iLUlCEct; 
LAHc'iNO.J To pierce with A laace nr s 
buoet. Itn. AgpesrikbennTolBlance. 

bn'cct, 1 lon'set; S liu'cH. n. 1. A' 
sureeasB' instniment wiib one or more 
■msll. keen bladea. & A a acu(«l>' 

luw, 1 Ito; a UUu n. A narrow way jr 

bn'soace, 1 Isq'awij; 3 IKo'twij. n. U 
The eiprenidti of ideu by wtntai speveL 
X. The words in UHB unoiv any peofib; a 

Un'snld, 1 liQ'gwid; 2 Ito'iwid. a. Lkt- 
\'salab.\ 1 lai 

To become weak ; p 

leiful^fade. Z. To 



■■p>, 1 lap; 2 [«p, > 

.n'. UFrt 

Upi, n A vi. [!j.rrCB* 

a substance wlifcb 

p", n. The upper part of the th%lB ot 

clDthlD( tfast covers tbli pan.- la^idoc*, 

■pel', 1 iB-pel'; Z la-pel', n. The part ol 
the froat of a coat which is folded back. 

Isifl-da^l 1 lap'i-de-n; E liSp-i-dft-ry. L 


la'plB lai'a-II, 1 U'rus lai-yu-Iai; S ll 
p^ liii'yu-ll. AricTbluemiitureofmi 
prals, largely ueed by the 

lap "pet. 1 lap'el; g iSp'St, n. ^ 1 , 
A eaudl lap or fiap, ^U ^ST 

lapBc.ll laps; Slips. I ' ^ "^ 

tops-JlLiPaEu', L,»r 
L.P8'mQ. To poM ( 
uaily ; glide; slip; to pass out M 

p'ro^S^bSii™ vo'id.^ ilt 1: 
n. A slippinB or paosiufl Lapwing. V 
ip'wlng^, 1 iBu'wiu"; 3 IRp'wInj', n. 


br'biMnI', 1 tSt'Mtr; a UrtAnr, a. A t 

bc'ee-iv, 1 Ju'a-ni; s'l»i';»'iiy,n. t-HiW 
pl.| The unlawful Uldos of uolher' 
property; thsft. [pine fsmil> 

brch, 1 larrili; 2 Urch, n. A tm o( th 
laid, 1 loni; Z UnL Id. i«; To stuff a 
SHUT with Urd: interlud. IL n. Th 

Great a« retardA aIec. guaatity> el 
tnttd. -It. lulD. -HM, n. 
lu'i»«, 1 lafjea; 2 lST-t««. n. 

bl4^ 1 lork; 2 Iftilc, n. i. hobII Binglns 

brln IL [CoUoq] A liUirlaui tlioe: HoUo. 
tark'ipnr, 1 lark'gpsr; 2 lOrk'spur, n. A 

tba^ herb, with flgwera in cluBlera. 
br'ra, 1 lat'vg; 2 IKc'va. n. A caterpiltsr 

or tntb: iowct-Ufe rifter Ififtvins the egg. 
te'TllI, iVr-mlu; 2 IKr'nila, n. lu- 

ic toryni,— Ur"rn-«l'tl>, 1 

2 l»-5lvi 

ubi, 1 la^; 2 lAsh,, c(. & n. To whip; tie 

Uh, tL 1* A thoug on a vhip>haad]e; a 
whip^Eitroke witha wluD, 2< Astrokeof 
larcaaia- S- An eyelaaiL 

U8, 1 Iob; 2 lis, n. A girl. 

H'Bl-taiile, llu'i'tifld;2U>'i-tadn. IHa- 
'' i; lan^ot; debility. 

lu'a«,lIUi'D;21&s'o. _. 

with B lasso. IL R. A ]or]« li 
hide, with a noose, for oatchinghi: 

laitd, 1 iQBl; 2 Usl, n. To n 
Btoienn; eadure.— Ust'liic. I, i 

The and; conolusion. 
. ATur all othcn; DniU;. -Irl. 
lla^;2iaFh. i\vt. Tolanea, 

Istcb'et, 1 ladh'et; 2 llch'M. n. 

that faaMoa * ahoe or sbihUI. 
kte, ll«t: 2l&t. I. a. luT'EHon 
ut'cst or LAST.] Comiiw afu 
taidy; reoent; deoeased. 11. odi 

Not ap- 

Is'tent, 1 M'tent; 2 I 
panDt; dormaat. -If, uun. 

lsrci->k, 1 lat'oaL: 2 ISl'Si^, s. Per- 
taining to, ptoceedina from, or directed 
toward the Mde.- Ufw-aMr, aSv. 

ktb, 1 IdOi; 2 Uth. I. it. To Gt with 
iatlu. IL n. A thin itrip of wood or 

Ut&e, i IBIh; 2 lAth, n. A maeliiiis tot 

shapiuc articles by tumiUE, 
lath'CT, 1 ladi'at; 3 lath'^r. I. xl. A ti. 

To enread OTer with or form Uthet. IL 

Ti. Fmth from fluapsuds. 
latTn,! latin; 214110. I.o, PerUiniog 

to ancient Home, it& lamniafe or people. 

Romans. IL n. The lancuace of ai>- 

lA-Hn1-tT, n. Lattu style o 
Latln-tK, ol. 


tauf^e northward or soathwanj 

muator; rnnve; scope.— lai'l'tv 

ItPter, I lafar: 2 ISt'Sr, o. 

^Sip. ■" ' " 

lat'Occ)! Ist'is: 2 ISt'io, L 
lat'tls>, /ticed*, r -" 

I. Mt-. 

:■ furoLsh wifh a lat- 3 

bud. 1 led; 2 1{|d. J<|. | 
li. n." f'SSe 
Und'ifl^, a 

li asflnml; Ishablt; ntele; aii = «rt; ell; llt = r«id: ^hln; go; nmaing; (tain, a 
I: wftCds! HAk, MM; fvU, rgle, ctre, bat,bQni; All, bftjri to, tern; Igk; UUo, U 

UufhUir; ba «Ud. >. To ko9; Jeer 
.__dweabjiU.-Uiifli'».|>l(B',B. Provol 
LpajBugiiMr.— lonifi'lnt-lr, ids. 

lOCblniatofk', n. A butt roi 


(. mt£_ vo- 

R. The Hct 1^ lauDchios: a tu(e open 
iBan'dn', I lan'dar: a ISa'dCr, it. To 

tau'rel, I lo'rel; 3 la'rtl. n. An everBree 

U'vii'l'ia'vfli^S'va.n. Melted rock, ( 

lS('a-to"rr, 1 lavVWn; 3 liv'g-W'ry, i 

I'BEES", p^l A place for waAhins, 
I>TCl]ev;2lJlv, It. Api. [uved: LAV'iHd 

tov'en-der, 1 \e 
1. An womBCi 

laTflib, 1 iBv'iri 

1?^°^° Bci 

■awni^ 1 Ion; 2 l*n._n. A graBsy apsee near 
Imw'vaUr, 1 ta'nQC'i S l«'iat', n. An 

I>T, 1 !«; 2 la 

1. To plane 
or ucnbe; i 

2 Is'rSr, B. One who it 

a fowl. IL i. 
- lai-'ai-iip*, ■ 

lar, a. PenalDln( to Die lallr.— Imie, a. 
Isyi.ii. The manner in which »omethinaliM 
or id placed; a lioeot work; h layer; aiiek 

UCH. pt.] One of the laity. 
Ik'UI,! k-iBr;S ]&'»r. n. ( 

Bk. 1 tl; 2 le. n. A Kraaay Geld or plain. 

nKh.lUifh; Slich. AttAii. Tawaih, 
aa vood'a^es; drain away. IL n, 
Woodiahea. waahed lor the allcali coa- 

Htd'. 1 lid; 3 led, a Jled: UAD-iHa.] L 

lead>, I led; 2 

»d>, 1 1 led; 2 
d", JbluiBh'sn 

-lod'er, r 

d, K. & R. 

!d, IL 1. A soft, hean, 
7 metal: Borne leadeo oh^ 

Onphlla UkW )SSu 

BnpbTU (blaek irt 

lead'eo. ) I led'Q: 2 l«d'n. a. %ada ol or 
lear. 1 nf: S lei. n. [luth. 1 Itvi; 2 ]«<» 


pi-] Ona of the breathiacvn 

plut, (TDwinc from the itsm. 
mouly oroad, ttkti thin, and ftTMn; •Jvo, 
KmetluDg retemblmc thia, u & fold of a 
book> » nkovabJa p&it of m table, or a valve 
or H doot.— Ifafaia, r. I^avii ooateattty: 
fnUioe.— leaTtou, a. Havlnc no kafue.— 
kSlet, H. A LIIL* leaf; alao. a tnct.- 
I»rr, 1. U-nrirBA; Llu'i-m.) Atnuul- 
iDt InlcaTO. 

IncacU at:2]ei. iL A n. Jmoim), 

Itu*. JuAQo*; Luau'iNo.] To iom in 
A Icaffuc; combme. 

Itsgaei, n. An aUiasce. 

ltMIK>in- A vaiying meaaure of distanoe. 
The m arin e leapu e^uala 3 Em^Taphio 

lt*k,l'llk;2]Sk.!. To paw or 
Allow to pBfls in or out uixdeiHCQed^, aa 
a liguuL IL n. 1. An opening lettuis a 
Siiid in or out u xid c ai giigdly. 3* Leak- 

Soot.] Loyal; true*heart4 
li9II,l]ln;2l£n, li. An. [ 
2 lend, or LEANT, 1 lent, 

lion; depend: vith ot 

WaatiM fleah; i 

Imt. Z 

I, 1 Up; Slep. L ii.i«. [lb 
uiAPT, 1 llpt, Z !^t, or UPT, 1 
l^t; LBArtNo.] To Koiwg over oi 

KLmdijuiDp; bound, U. n. Th 
dnti a Jump; bouDd.— ■eap'irMir', : 
Et«t fourtb year, in wblcb Febnufv lb 

i«Vii,>I leniT 2 l^tD, if. A ri. (lubhxi 

lem 'j ; tmni', 1 1 omd, 2 l«md, or LBAKw 

knawleiiire of or aldll in; acquire know 

fw. Pcaaeand ot iwiilnfl; erudite. -I; 
Eid«. --nesa, n,— leam'er, a.— leara^ii;, : 

. 1 Lfti- 3 I«ah. t'. a. 
1 by a leaah. IL 

imtinf.d<%, etc.; TnrBB 
1, aa er^yhoundA; tbree 

ins lor holding 

kth '•!■,; Dial 


«*»e',llHv; 2 lev, v. [lkit; LnVmo.' 
MTf, fl. t To withdraw 'fnim; quit 
abandon; refer; bsquealh. O. i. Tow 

To p'ut7ortli lea™.' 

a departure; parting. 
iMV'eD, 11 lev^;3iev'n. 
leT'en*, /li^t by ferm 


Hvo, ■. Plural of 

Imt'Ids, 1 Ut'id; S liVini^ n. I. Tbe act 
of depaituie. X. pL Thinsa left; acrapa; 
refuaa; offaL 

IM&'V, 1 ledi'ir: B Iteli'Cr. n. A Uba-Hnei 
awiaiuiltat.- te^-if^iBa, a. Lewd. -Ir.atfi. 

toe'tonml^'Mni; 21iet«m,n.' Aread- 

innleak in aohioolL 
lee'tara, 1 lafc'rShur or -tlnr; 2 ISe'ulivr or 
. -tor. L (t. ft li. [Lic'TiiBEn; LEC'rnn- 

iNo.] To deliver lectoreg to; leprimaodi 

2 lAd£, n, A projecting abelf _ 

l&U'er, n. The chiet 

Naia. Perlaininc 

•dj'er, 1 1 
book of a> 
ee, I D; Z le. I. □. Kaui. Perlaininc 
to the aide aheltcied from the mud. U. 
"" '* -■ oppodto that from 
wa; tbe aide aheltered, 
iniiBiiuTmaiBiiHi, from wlEd.— IM tbons 
tide miuilnc iMtli (ha wind. 
letth», 1 Itrjh; 2 Ueh. i^ To bleed with 

leeches; Ovat witii medicine; heal. 
iMcb', n. An aquatic worm used for draw- 

ih U»e wind ec 

A aly, oblique, ro^ 

ttta,'! li . _ ., 

Iwlran), 1 If'werd or 
ward w (JV™(.) lu 

™(.) lu'ar 
rowaid th 

CoilHOH Ambhican Lbivh. 

PODUi, 8. WblU elm. 9. CtUMOUt. 

. t;.io>;[c 

tee'wmf, 1 B-w*-; 8 IFwt', n. 

B tc mJ to kcvud. 
Mt, 1 iBtt: : lelt. Imp. A ps. ot L 
len. L d. <^p()Bts to ngU. 

1^,1 L« 

!ft Me.- Wt'-buid'B^ <i 

Z l«t, R, A nipportinc Bmb of 

as, tbe>pof astocJang; theiuof & table; 
a lapiwrt. [A bBquett. 

!««■■-(;», ller-B-H; 8 Wra-W.-.. [-cnm-.p!.! 

le'|»1, 1 IPgaT; Sl^tij.a. Fertiumna to or 
Koordiiw u law: lawtuL— la^W>'>-tr. 1 ■>■ 
tnl'i-a; 2 IHtUt-Iy. a. [-ma'. pU Tbe 
ooDdlUoTi of bdm ksal; gonlonnlly to lav. 
_lp'(tf-lie, u. [-oxb; -ii*iicfl.1 To alia 
tlH suUwriCT Of law to. le'tal-lact-— n*- 
Kal-lr,-ail*. A« ordlnc to law; kawtuUr. 

In'ato, 1 ]e«'it; 2 l»'at, n. An ambam- 
dor; envoy. Irednent of a k«Biiy. 

Ier'>-t«'< 1 le«'«-tl'; 2 Itt'a-U', n. Ilia 

leHU'lkHi,ll»«'i(hBn:Slfr«'Bhoii,n. 1. 
The act ot'ddecatins. t. An ecobaiay. 

■c-ta'to, 1 i»«no: a iHtio, an*. J<m. 

tec'end, 1 lej'eiul; S tU'Cnd. n. A Indi- 
tjonsry nansdve; table; mythi alao, • 

ida-iT, a. Pertalnlsc to teemdii 

mala', 1 ]eJ'ar-di-m6a'; £ I^'- 
<!i^.ae-iuma', n. EOflight of hazid. 

lor DiB leg. lea'clBt- 
k«1-Me,)l kg'1-bli 8tet^i4>I, a. Read- 

leVan, 1 B'jan; 2 U'ton. n. A body of 
Boman mldien, of «,GOD to G.000 men; 

Icc'b-late. 1 lej-ia-lEt; 2 UTMU, jt. k n'. 
J-iuiT'SD"; -LiT'isa.l To btina about by 
ieKMatlaD; maia or enact lawi.- [*CT'l^,* 
UrCB*, l'la]'»le'Dv; 2 NVlaU^v. a. rw- 
talnliw to iDglaladoa or lo a lectaUture.— 
letlilSa1«, a. A lawglve: membtr of a 

iHEls-U'tme, 1 Jei'ifrla'dhur or -tlor; 2 
I^'ia-Jii'chur n- -tOr. n. A body of men 
empewemi to make LawB tor a atata. 

iHltl-tnste, 1 h-jit'i-m«t; S Wftl-mftC 
t it [-HAT'and; .K*T*mQ.) To make 
lecituiuitc. n. 1 b-jifi-miti S ]e«tt'i- 
mat, a. lAwful; bora in wedlock: Kenu- 
ine. Mr* aOt. *neia, a.— l«-f1t1-nia.4r, 
1 li-)li'>-ai»«; E le-tlt^ma-«T. n, Tbe 

u or pea.— Ifri^ra'DiKiiana, 1 

qiHlity a<beli« Mt 
non. a. TM ant of I ^ _ 
leglinie, 1 lac'yum tr li-giOm' 
or lo*l— ' - ■ " — ' ' ~ 

K« . 

to the baan tunllT. la-l u 'nilMii—1. 
lel'rore. 1 U'lur: S U^vr. I. a. Spare; 

luuMcuiHed. KL n. noadom fnm work; 

nara time; opnortuiilKr.-' Wibt^^j. I. a. 

Dona M leture; dellbecate: riow. II. odl. At 

Mnira; deUbmiMly.— Wwp* B ' ■■■, a. 
lem'oii<llam'Bn;eUSm'oD.n. Anonmw 

like fruit, with veiy add Juioe: alai, Cha 

tng tliat bean tl.— Itm^m-Hla', n. A 

r, I U'mnr; 2 U-mfir, i 


leDdi 1 land; L , , 

rf. [UKT, 1 lent, 2 Unt; A 
ldhAhq.] To Slant the ■ 
fcaqwrai; on of: fur-l 
nUb; anocd.— land'er, a. P 

Inutfa, 1 leotb; 2 l«i«th, , 
n. 1* Ehrtenaionfromena ^^-""^^ -'•• 
toand; nach; sneat. S.(%wn. AProt. 
QuantlR, aa d a vowaL— tancthl-lr, ode— 
laiWtkl-iMai, K-Koicth^iilM, l -Wflli: « 
-WT9, a. A adf . In a loi^tudlnal direcdon.— 
lenstb^.lleDtli'iiSleniai'y.ii, iLaHOTs'i- 
ia; lAVQIvt^BT.] Having ;engtb; uodul/ 

lengtli'ni, 1 leijfh'D; 2 ISngth'n, tt. & li. 

^v.o. HhvIds tbe p( 

lensilleni; SIAig. 

ideoe ol glua by 

which rayt of light may be made to con* 

lent, 1 lent; £ liot, <ini>. A M. M i"n>. 

Lent. n. A fsat dt forty daya immediately 
pre«Bdlng Easter.— leBt'en, i ieufeu 4ir 
lait^iSllot^So w Hnt^. a. (I- Of L^ P««- 

l«ii-tle'n-iar, 1 len-iik'yu-lBr'; 2 ian-ti*V»- 
lar. a Heaerabling a double^onvex lena; 
■haciedllkealentlL •\s,ait, lan'tl-fOnat. 

len in. I len'ti!; 2 t£n'til, n. A leguniiaoua 
plant OT one of ita poda or aeeda. 



■Mpard, 1 1 W«d; 8 Itp'aitl. n. A ipotMd 
bV^d', ; exlAka tUMiuiial, of A>a. uid 

^piEiainr: tnusn. lae'-niMi'ea-lxt- 
le'don, 1 rssai 2 ta'thon, n. A burt; 

1m>, j lea.-sliie. Lu. {LBAra, 1 tut; 3 le>t. 
tapart.1 Biualler; inferior. IL oifs. In 
Lnfsrior or umAller deereo; not ao much. 

-ItM. IHfll. A termlnstlon exumalnE dep- 
rlvBtlan or deaututlon. olla Kiulvilent to 

Ibi-m«', 1 lw-['; S l«>H«','n. One hotdias 
DroDertv by leaae. 

I'n; 3 Itt'o, *._* HI. To mJic 

•MS'erHi 1 JeiTH'; » leg'Er, a. Lch; Bnwller; 

iM'ton, 1 les"!!! 2 IWn. n. 

ht leomed by a J>"J^ : 

gTsnt4 a le»w. [not; for fear that. 

iMt, 1 leM; Z leat. com'. In order that . . . 
bff, 1 let; &16t,<*.±ri. luci; utc'iihc).] 

1. To pormit; pn Ibbvb to, ». To hire; 

rant; ba leased or hired. 
ltt»,<*. [LBTorLifr'Ti;D''i lk'tiho.I To 

i?_ J impedej obatruot; oppose. 

Ilmfet, tabfel. bnortal; deadly; (&t3j. 

lB^bSriU'ft.6l:aitTJuH,o. Csialna Oealli; 
leth'ai^r. 1 Iflft'er-ji; 3 IHh'si-ty, n. 

f-GTBS*, pi-] A Btbl« of pralDJij;ed bIcqp; 

Wupor; »p«tby.— It-VuaVr, a. Drovsr; 

let'ter, 1 let'ar; 2 lit'dr. I. K. To mark 
iritb letters. IL n, 1. A obsracter 
(Bed to repreaont a sound; a writlen or 

i. pL Ulerary culture: Wmliu.— letter- 

■■S. IL [herb UKd M t, Hlad. 

tet'SBe. X letls; 2 Ufig. n. a kitchen 

LfrrantliWt a 

Lnkioent beside a 

Mediterraiwan and ita ooaati 

— Tne.a. 

IeT-ee^ 1 lev-i'; 21Sv-e', n. |U- S.l . 


point. IL 

soj To make level; aim; 

in. n A boriiontal linel 
Hunai:e. plane, or poeition; an instrument 
forascertaininaahorisontaiiine- TV-oJv. 
In a level line; direct; atraJEbt; steadily. 
-nns, n.-ler'el-H, ler'el-lH, d.— ler^ 
Inc ler'ci-lliicr n. 
Wer, llev-sr or U-vsr; 2 Wv-Er or ISVer, n. 
A Tur, tuniiniE on a fulcrum, to api^ 
power.— lef 'er-aret n. The mBc h a nto u ad- 

n. A large unkuowa animal mentioned in 
the Bible. [frivolity; flippancy. 

iil-tT, 1 lev-i-ti; 2 ISvVty, n. LiahtneM; 

'»T, 1 loVi; 3 ICv-y, tt. [tBv'nn; LavT- 
iita,] To etaot by oompulaon; make a 

IcT^i n. [LEv'on*. pi.] 1. The act of 
levying or eollectinjc oompulaoiily. Z* 
That wbich is leviedi as money or ttriope. 

lewd.lliad; 21tld,a. Lustful; liceatioui. 

le^-coK^a-pby, 1 1 leks'i-keg'T*-!); 2 

tei-l-ei^n-ty', fias"l-eag'™-fy, n. Th» 

. .,.__ ..^_, ,„ — iti-*o«'*«. 


art of oomplUnz dlctlourlea.— lai' 
phn, B.— Im'Ueo-inHili'lei a. 
lei'l-c»n, 1 leksVksn; S^Ifks'i-eSaj r 

■8'i8ft';2ini"Bea'. ' 

aEiiiD, Li'sei.t)*; u 

BBi^una.i lo aeiaoie: ujiuft suit oaajiiss 
(a ship or carso). TV. n. 1. Anythinc 
tendinB to defame character or ifjiuta' 
Uon; slander. 3. A plaintiff's written 


II court of adminJtF. 

SUb'er-iiL I. a. Free 
-— '-■ --* ■-'-ited: 

— Ub'eP4l1-ty,lUb-«r-iil 

Ib'n'-Bta, 1 , . . 

tiT'ED^; -.T'iNO.1 To Bet free; nl«H 
3ID t>oDili«e.~ llb%r«tlOD, •L-Ub't^ 

t. I^tuioliise: 

Il>blil1>naa9, 1 Ii-bid'i-nini; 3 li-bId^-^D^ 
niirm-ry, llai'brt-n;£II'bpfi-ry, n. [-iu»s", 

pi.] A collectiaa Df boaks, [iBJDnhleta, etc.; 

jUbo. ttm plftoe oontblnlnc L^.— n-biv'ri-mD, 

a Ubnzy. 4li]p, il 

M-bni'U, 1 tt-hnt'ta 

ol the ten.- U-bnt^t,^ 

Uck', 1 1ik{ 3 Hk. R. A n. To lap; malu a 

llc'»-rlcc, II lik'o-cii: 3 Ue'o-ii;. «. An 

Be's-rb*, /uuiuiil li«ib or ■ ooufBotiDn 

Duda from ita root. tlid. 

Ud. 1 lid; 2 Dd. n. A movable Dora; sye- 

lle', 1 loi; 2 U, n. [lat, 1 IS, 3 LS; ijin, 1 

ten, 3 Iftn: LTTma.L To rent or lay odhdU 

down At fuU kiQfllli^ aloep; lod^; abide. 

lle',n. [LrBD; lt'ihq.] TouttsTfalBehood; 

Be.n. Annntiuth; lalsehood, 

hrl, 1 M; 3 Uf, adt. WUIincly: tnely. 

tcQun; •OTinin. II. n. A vu«l: i 

cidien; aIki, » Uaga lord, 

I'cn, 1 U'en or On; Z H'tu «■ Un, n. A 
Legal daim on propeRy. 

leo, 1 UD; 2 10, n. Ilaoe; atead; la tb* 
pbnse. in lieu of, 

Im-ten'ant, l liu-ten'suti 2 la-t«n'Bn(, n.- 
1* An officer ampowend to act in plaoa 
otasuparioridopuCy. 1. A eommiwaooBd 
offi»r nett beLon a caplain in tha anny 

life, 1 laif'^ ml n. ' [livei, 1 loiv^; 2 Uvf, 
M 1. The state of being alini vital 

nnndple; vitality, t. An' — • ■■-' 

3. Human affaua. i. 8 

--. ... 1. Tbe Mt of miiDg; that wbldk 
ia raised or hcdsted. 3. That which Ufts 
or onists in liftinii: an elevator, • book 

HC^ment, 1 lic'a-ment or -msnt: 2 Dfo- 
meTit, n- A fibrous band wjuah binds re* 
latod stfiictures, aa boo«, tocetberi A 

, {uonT'BiA or 

fire; infiaroe: Idndle; illnniinate. ' i 

Utbf, n. luaHT'En'^ or lit; uqbt'- 

iMQ.) 1. To ftligbt, HI s bird. 3. To 

happen OTBtumble. aa by chacee: followed 

by on or upon. [pale in doIot, 

light*, a. Full of Ucht: bn)&ti faint or 
HShti, a. 1. Havina little veicht. 1, 

Trifling; trivial. 1* Easy in movement} 

cheerfm; frivolous; gay. 
nsbt, n. That which renden objects vi^ 

lj1e;anytMiicthaC|iveslicbt, aaa oandla. 

windowt etc. ; aitpect; perception. 

j;BnilshteBiS] _ 

llgbf en^ K. ft ij. To ralievB rS mj^t 

ordiatraai; riadden; beeomolew waiihty. 
Ufht'cfSI icA^wjB m-k'. n. AbaiifilSca 

vaodoMd in loadins dape. 

BClil'ei*, n. Ooevhoo 

IkbtlMHue', 1 loifhai 
A tovec bearing 

With littlB 

The qu^ty af being light, in Bny xnae. 

Utlit'nliu. 1 loit'Diq; 2 Ht'ning, «. Li^ht 

OHUAed by tba diLcharEe of' eleiHricity 

(rem a cloud. [slauibtered ftnimal. 

tiKbta, 1 laiu: 2 tits, n. 111. Lunn, as oi a 

IIShl''Std|r'. 1 liiif^p^ 2 Ul'-eUp', n. A 

ligkll, to serve the purpose of a li^thouse. 
Ikht'ioiiw, llaii-a«D;3 1It'soQi, a. Of a 
light or cbeerfulmoodoroharaclflrjlively; 
Bar; piaytul. -'r, ai'. -neas, n. 

%IHMma, 1 lii'm-Ds; 3 ai'nfriia, a. 
[mna Ihe appearance of wood ; woody. 
ng'nlM, 1 liB'noit; 2 IlK'nlt, n. A fuel ia- 

termodiate between peat and coal. 
Dg^umTltK, 1 liir'nom^oi'tn 2 Uft-nOm. 

iI'M, n. A tropical Amorican tree, with 

bard, heavy wood. 
■ke,llailr:3111t. [uKEot; likIsq,] 

To plesae, or be pleased with: enjoy; 

choose, tl. a. ReBembling; aiiSlar; 

equal, OF virtually equivalent. III. n. A 

Bk'eii, 1 lnik'n;3Ilk'en, rt, Ti 

Ad simUat; coDipanj, 
Ulmc, 11ai'Uk;all1ae, n. Asbi 

f raeraat purplish Qowerv. 
lU'y, ,1 lil'i; 3 lay, n. A bull 

^Eastvr lUr, the louE-Oowered white IIJ 

ura-iiat, ' 


obfecta In proportion.— liJ^U-pntl 


also, a tjrsnch ol a tree. 
Hmb^t n. An edge, or part, as of a diak or 

l[ni1>er,'l limber; S Dm'biF. it. To make 

llm'ber, a. 
Um'ber, n. 
UmlM, 1 

Tluoi. J 

Easily bent; 

m-bo; 2 llmTj 

thleaa or fool^ th 

llmei, n. A whif« esrth'like subflt&nce 

K'oduced by buming limestone, eto-, uvd 
baUdlng.— llme'-lcUii'r n. A klla for 

Ume', n. A email tree of the orxiwe (ant- 
ily, or its lemon'like fruit; alao. & lindeil- 

2 llm'it. I"!. K. To bound; 
ict. II. n. That which 

; perlnd.- Uml-ta'Uail,' 1 

■mO'rtn';2fi-iiu-tfn'. ■. A 


Imp, ri. To w»lk lamely. 

S HmVd, a. Ti 
- Um.«ld^-tr. n. I 

to keep B wheel oi 

L I, To in&ke lines ui 
__ by line. IL t. To I< 



coming: liui.— IUi^«r>lD(^ ;iii, FiotwcieiJ; 

Dn'^rie'i 1 lad'sB'T]': 3 [Ka'ibe-r^', n. 

Fine white _liiieD or cotton artidea ol 

lln'|:iul,lli]j'Ewei:2Uo'iws]' !-<■- Fei" 
lamias Co the toneue. IL n. A letter 
pronounced chieSy Kith the (oDSUB. as d. 

lln'fiiliti 1 liQ'ewist: 2 Ito'gwlat, n. An 
(dent In Unguacea.— Un-cmla'tlc, o. Pet- 

Bok^t n. A torch. 

BukB, 1 links; 2 Uqks, n. pi. 

ling bin 
Ennnll sin^ 


Hardened linaeedtdl, miied with etdudI 

Il'DQ-tllM. i loi'no4or lin'o-]toip; 2 ll'no- 
lor DnVlt4>, n. A liiu of type cast 
m one piece, or a machine lor ao caatiog 
material for printing. 

■bKaeed". 1 lia'dd'; 3 Du'sftd', n. Pla^aeed. 

_' the letters 

n.r. -it, att. -nais, n - Ilq-ul-da(e, 1 

US'wi-dSt; B US-wl-dat, «. [-DAl'EDaTDAT^ 

IN0.1 To Kttic: adjust: make more liquid, 
as a sound.- llq*nl-da-tlan, n.- lUquldl- 
ty, 1 li-kwlil'i-Q; 3 11-kwld'l-ty. n. The stale 
of belug Uquld. Uq'uld-neul. 
Uo'iiOT, 1 lik'er; 2 Dk'or, n. AnyalcohoUo 
liquid; liquid in general. 

lisp, 1 lisp; 3 Uep. I', vl. & vi. To speak 

Hpcak imperfectly. II. ti. 1. The act or 
habit of lisplnf. tt A childish or timid 

HsV<', 1 list; S list, i<. & ti. To enroll, 

Il9t>, a. To cover villi list. See uns, n. 
list', If. dt n. To careen, as a ship. 
UBt', rf. & vi. [Poet.] To listen. 
Usfa.iH. Tocncloscassfiekl.foraombat. 
Ilsti, n. A roll or cataloi. 

HftTiat » knonledKB at letlei 

tlt"e-rs'a, 1 IH-i-te'td; 2 HtVrStl, n. pi. 
[-TTja, I -tm\2-t.aa, ting.] Menofletten; 

Ut'er-k-ture, 1 lit'er-s-i^ur or -tiOr; 2 ilt'- 

made by hest 


y hwtioe lead i 

ntta'O'-Crapb.l 1 lifh'fHraf; 3 Uth'o-er&f. 

Utb'o-naK ;it-x, fo produce by tiUi- 

OETaphy, 11. n. A lithogrnphio print.— 

Utli'i>-snrik: 2 litb'i>«rU'lE, a. FenalnlH 
10 or produced by ILtbwnpt^.^ Iltb-oc^rm- 
ph)', I Utli-sg'rMi: B ncft-Wra-tr. ". tiih 
an DI prlnUoiE fronL Aoafl. 

ntn^^uit, lIit'i-eBat: S Dt^i-iant. I. a. 
Diaiio«4 1« or anMced ia liticBtioD. IL 
n. A pArty to & lavBuit. 

lltl^Ate, 1 litl-gSt: 2 Ufi-Sit, a. & ri. 
(-hat'bjA: -oAT'iBa.T To «nes«e in Uti- 
gatioQ.- Ilt"l«'lloii, I III VgS'fflisn: i Ut'- 
1-flK'flboD, n. Tbe aoiryXns on of a Hilt at 

LA*: > IBOBDlt.— H-flc'hMB, 1 Il-CU'oS: 2 II- 

atfOa. a. rnollMil to UUgaUoa. 

lllv'iao';SUv'»oi'. a. 1 

poimdwoni; »B, loiiA'titod. 
mtr, 1 Joiv'li; 2 llvly, o. [liye'ij. 
UYi'iJ-mTj ruli of life or Bnimat 

lT'eri.'lliV»r:2'lIv-(r, n. One who li' 
a. dwalier. 
Iv'er*, n. An Internal orran which 

ca and vehiclea for 
llowaoca of (ood.- 
Uray^table keepa. 

The kZ 


•.'A'- .Wearing a livery, 
liTld. 1 liv'id; 2llv'id, a. 

as bnUBsd Seah; 

lead^oJored ; aahy 

Ur-lDS, 1 


Nonb-AmaKian unm. ■/. 
Iiood; benefieo; those who Kve. 
E'aidiS Ui'ardvn. Oneofvari- 

una reptilM, with four lev. a Hair body. 

BDd lODK t^. 

Bt'DU, I la'mB; Z li'ini. H. A South- 

I*. 1 JS: !t la, initrj. Beholdl abwrve! 
lotd^ 1 lOd; 2 lad, ■<. A ti. 1. To Imy i. 

laippty ibuDdftntiy. t. To ehuge, u & 

lotf>. 1 USf; 2 10(, ri. A n. To pu> (the 
time) lailly: lounie; lotter.— iMf'v. 1 WPk; 

hal, n. ' (uuvKB, I'iSvi; 2 Ifivg, pi.) A 
ah&ped man. ki of breul or cake. 

IMO. 1 Ifia; 2 Ifin. I.K. in'. (U.'s.l To 
lend. II, f). 8om«thiiicleDt;aotof lendiDg;. 
loatb,) I ISOi; 2 l&tfa, a. Stro^f dieiii- 

tuxIni.-lMthlDC, n. Eitrnne tfleUke; 
iTtnton.- laatblr, odi.- laalb'naH. n.— 
toeUi'HiiH,!). EiettliicannlDiiordlKiBt. 

loblir, 1 lel/i; 2 l&b'y- Ltt. icri. |i«B'- 

ciire (le^aUtion) by o^mpt inBueoee. 
II, n. [uiB-BiBe-, j)l.] An aalBroom, u 
oT a lenelativo hall; men engaged in lol>- 

lobe, 1 leb; 2 10b. n. A protabeiance. aa of 
Uk ear or or a i«i,— ki'bii*lar, a. 

marine cnistaceaji used aa food. 
hi'cal, 1 ICkel; 2 lo'esl. a. PertaiolnE to 
plus or to BiDcaniy.— lo-eal'l-tr, 1 lo-kai'- 
i-n: £ lo-dLn-tr. n. [■nca, pi,] A deCplte 
n«lon in any ron or epace: eeoiinplitcaJ po- 

lode'atar", n. A ruiding itar; t 
lodc'Htone', n. MBgnetic iral 
■ ■ lohSiOda... (.tOBOID 

t I-a 

lO I 1 

- lff*cal-l-H'ttD>, a.— to'eaMr, 

lo^le, 1 ISTtM; 2 IB'eat, t*. [to'cAT „ , 
lo'ut'ihg.] To plw» in a paitiEulu- 
BDoi; loc&IIK.— lo-a'Uon. 1 lo-hfAen: S , 
lo-rl'Aon. «. A loeatliv; eiactl pDflltlon; 

l«h. i']ob:2 IM, n. rSoot.l A lal- "— ■ -- 

iMkM lok; 2 I6i, t. I, (. Ton 

shut in or out seeurely. II. i. To be 1 
■Kurelr doeed; bebEJdrut.-kMk'Jair" ' 
lBk-}t': 2 lOk'ti', a. A dlaeue elianclei 


M Ise; Z m. L 1. [ux 

■peed of a vemel, b« <lnwiru > 
Ime in IreiUiic bi 
of IhB daily proem 

0( ■ HHl.- W-^ 

tof 'Icr-MMl", 1 

fell'Br-hed';3 I 
10('e>h6d'.n. A J 
blaekhead; I 

Si™; fur^r * 

lOf 'Ic, 1 lai'ik^S -^ 

V«. ^ The^ __. 

^"luid acot isiilii-B.LoslnUw. 

rata reuonins-^lnin-eil. u, FteiaTiDg 

loc'wood'', 1 Iss'ivud 
Centr&l-AiEWricui tl 

*I«CF, fb!^. Und to 

2 M^w«6d', fi 

3 161, il. & ti. To haoi out. as 
: 2 IQq, a. Suodioa by it 

beam of loiieUa»: aeoluded. -jjii odi 

loni, 1 Isq; S laoi. n'. To have tm eage 
OTBving or doairo. 

10D(, a. Having lentth; ttutiai;; eilended 
■a in epaoe or time.-lDniC'lIrM]-, 1 ISq' 
kitvd'; z lang'-Uvd', a. Havlnfj a lonj ]Ub,- 
l.-aullfrlnf, a. Enduring InlurlH for 

■ODt, odD. ' To, at^ or through a neat ei 

UDt or palod. M. LsicUi or ufi 

lOD-ceT'l-tr, I lon-iovVti; S Ifln-jtSvl-ij 

■oasing, llSQ'in;3lang'iuc,n. An eooe 

tou'd-tnOe, 1 Ifta-Ji-dad; 2 lAn'^tOd. r 

loolct, 1 lull: e Ideic B. 1. 1. To infliMDii 
or eipnn by the looka. II. i. L Tl 
fix the eyes; direot the oifht: ioUomd bi 
of, on, or upot. H, To applv the minil 
oonaider; eip«ot; follow^ by /dr. ft 
To seem; appear. 4. To depend; fol 
lowed by Co. S. To cua^: watch: (o^ 
BloB'; SK>6k'ld£^lda'.n. A mirror.— tooa'- 
of watDhld£: a plaee fur observation; per»L 

loom, 1 lOm: 2 loom, n. To rue gndiaHJ 

f a loops form mto 

■ make \oQps. II- 

A doubliw. as 

:(la;^I66«. I. 

ra.)" 'T^fiea'; '*°''- ''" i 

; uabindi duensaH. IL g 
[h; loos'est.] t Not laaicned. 
id, or compacts X. Lax^ alack: | 
•e, S. Indennlu: vaiue. -Ir, a^t. 

1 make or becoma Iw tlibt, DRii. « 

it;3lflat. KtCAn. Toplimder: 

»p of anythlDf - 

as the ean of 



lope, 1 ISpi g lap. n. An eaay gallop vU 

le dogfl.— iop'ivBred", i 

e: ehaiterlnK. •Ii.iufi 

Z lo-H»«-H 

i 1 lord; 2 16nL V^ n. To nilt^ 
omineer. IL n. I. One havina powo 
nd authorily; a ruler., »• [L-T Tta 
>eity: Christ. 3. A title of-nobility o 
nee.— lontlr, a. Pertaining lo or UUI 

kw^f 1 l&r; 2 Ifa, n. LebrolnJE; erudition. 
hW^nette', 1 l8r'iiyet';,2lOr^yet', n. A 

namcnlar h^dle; also, ui cipora^itiwj of 

lorn, 1 loru; 2 Ifim.'o. Forlorn; lonely: 

lose, 1 10»; 2 1«, a. 4 «. 1i.o«t; uw'raa.] 

To put witli unintentionally; forfeit: 

tnifllay. b<r depiivad ol; nuis; oquAnder: 

loss, 1 lee: 2 Id*, n. Tha (ct ar ■«■((! of 
loaioffi that which ii1o«t:dAnu4ee: failurv; 

•at, 1 iest; 3 Itet. m. 1. Nol to be Ininl 
or reoovervd; not BHined, lued, or anioycd; 
misaed: vaited. !B> Ruined: tiaa, bewil- 
dered; perpleied. 

at, 1 let; 8 lot. I. «. * ri. [un'TtB^; 
lAnfTOia.] To divide of dr»w by lot; 



n. 1 

lo'tloii, 1 IS'^ieo; 2 IS'sbon. i>. A medi- 
lot'teo-r, 1 iol'er^i; 2 10t;er-j-, n. {-naC. 
kniii.llQUd;31oud,f.. MsfcrngBgroatnoiw; 

— londli-i adt. kuull.^ lODd'oeai. n. 

■ODQCe, llauni:21oun<. I. n. [LODNsm; 
LOuNO'ma.] To recline larily: loU; idle; 
lOBf; loiter. II. n. The ut of loungiiie; 
'Dlace; couob; aai^.^^uant^t 

to ■ SDveMunent or bl 

■u'eiue, 1 lei'enj; 3 Hii'tnt, n. >. a 
rhombufl vith ell Bides equeL 3, A 
■mall iweelened tablet. 
llAlKr, 1 Iirb'sr;2iab1r, n. An avkwaid 
"-■•iiw: UudBnenonililpbouil.-lnk'lMt-ty, 

. Ilk 

lloie; 2il"; 

hli'a-Itl'.i Worthy nf lore; amiable. 
kn-fellini-iSWy, », iLovin, LcvD'; toi 
hlTr, ; iNG.] 1. 1. To regard vith aftecUo 
delight in. IL i. To feel tender or pa 
lOonaH aOectlon.— loT'luj-ly, vts.— lm 

lore, lluvl216v.n. 1. Devoted affectioi 

LonfLi-iar ]■ Chamh 
ible.— laieql-neM, h.— 


I'cld. 1 Bo-sid; Z Id'cid, o.' Eaaily under- 
stood; Bane; dear; Ahioing; trBimluoent, 
- iQ-rtd/l-ty, n. Cleameee. In'dd-nwit. 

g'd-tCr, 1 llO'D-tsr; £ IQ'cl-lir, n. 1. TIB 
momlng eUr. t. Batan. the iMnoe ol darfc- 
eeie. S. [)-l A Irlcllaa • nwieta. hFci-lkr* 
' luck, 1 Ink: 2 lOb. n. ChBsce; fortune: 
lot.- lneli1eM,a. Havlni no luek.— lock'- 
lesa-lr, odD.— iDck'leH-neaa, n.— lyck^* 
ly, mil.— Inekl-neea, a.~ lnek'y, 1 

hi'<n-tlTe,n lin'kra-tlv: 2 la'era-tlv, a. 

Ia'cn»-M>e, /Hi^illi profitablD. -!;, ad: 

Hl'ne.lUa'kar.Sia'eeT.n. Money; aain. 

la'clMmtt^ 1 ita'kin-brH; 2 lO'ea-brSt, it. 
• i. I-brai'bi^;-«b*iV;o.I Toebbo' 
I OTEieTfeet la by night atu^; itudyor 
s uortouilr.— la'ea-fen'ttaii, l flO'- 

w. 1 10; 2 IS. I. If. To live a loud soli, ) 
ae caUle: bellow. IL n. The bellow of 

m, U luf; S IfW. 


InC'CKCe, 1 luE'ij; 2 lag'Ri, n. ADylliiag 
Durdeanome Qr heavy; bocsa^. 

In-^^D'brl^uSi 1 liu-gia'bri-uH; 3 la-gd'- 
brf-OB.o. Doleful; Bolemn; md, 

luke'warin'', 1 link' warm'; E lak'niirm'. s. 
ModenKly wum: IniUOersal. -Ir. adv. 

luil,u'lnl;E lai. l.vl.isvi. To lootbc 
lUl'.fto rest; caimr quiel; .bate. II, n. 

luU'm-by, 1 Inl'e-bni; 2 lillVbl, n. ' [-bibs', 

pi.l A cradJo-Bng. 
tamnur. 1 lum'bar; 2 LOmliac, o. Pei- 

bS'io: S IDm-bS'Iu 

ablaforiii.aBpecLaUy bovcb;alB4 
Any body T 

JlKhl.— Iu'idI-dm' 
lump. 1 InmpIT 10 

la'ns-CF, 1 liO'Qa-m; S la'na'-oy, n. [-cies*. 
pJ.] Mental unmuQdQ™; inaanity. 

luuob. IL n. A liiiit meal, as bcl 

Innii 1 Juq; 2 IQiig, n. An nree 
renpiTBtion in air-broathing creature,. 

lunse, 1 luDJ: 2 Iflnt. I. n. [LUNam: 
LUNO-iNa] To Uiniflt. IL n. A ' 

'\ liQr: 2 10^1. K. 4 t». [luhid: 
B'lua.l To antioe. as a bird: attraci; 
ure; lempt- II- n. A aaare: deny; 

dl 1 im'nd:'2 lu'rid, a. Giving • 
asUy or dull-red light; diamal. 

■ attack; hide. 

iious. 1 Iu^'ds: 2 IQeh'tta, a. itkb, 

, ode. -neu, n. [luxurianL 

, 1 Inih; 2 liSah, =. ^Rich <uid juicy; 
, 1 lust; 3 lOflt. Ill, B. To ban 
saionate deaire. IL n. Vehement or 
irdinata deeire. 

ler.U luvter; 2 IBa'tSr. «. 1. 

lua'tre, /Brilliancy; glosa; brightneHB. U 
'landelier with aUob ^ea^^ats.— lua'tt^ 


iDg, 1 Ins'triD; 2 Ifis'tring. n. k 

1 (kwy lUk. Inle-iMnct. 

(, 1 luat'i; 2 lusfy, a- [r-osr-i-ea; 
T'l-EST.I Full of vijior and healdi; , 

2 lu'th6r-an. L 

I, PertaininRi«u.= jr.u™ui 
Martin Luther (14&3-15*6) 

iljundant In frowtli; prefuse. -ly* orfi.— 
t-U'ri-ate, 1 lug-saTor Inka-yO'ln-ii; 3 
ai-iby'lDr_lilk.?-y«'|rl-!lt, vi. .[-iT-io^; 

liu-u'rl-ouB, i iDg-jO'Ior lukB-ydlo-m; 3 
liSJ-ih«'[or I(lk9-v«1n-ila, a. Pertidninf 
to lu;cury, -Ir* i^*. -neso, q. 

Iiiii'u>ry, 1 iDk'ibu-n; 2 lak'ahij-ri-, "- 
[-niGf>, pi.] A free indulgence in the 

vard deligbta; anythinji givinc great plea- 

a elaanoal BchooL 

3 l(-J«'(iBl,. 




Z U'ini. va. Beiiw is 

If'lnp, pa. M«a<Ucious: fal».— irlnii". 

The fftct or hobil of apeakiiiil falKhoaLa; 

untFuthfuineHB; mandacity- 
Ifd'tUUv 1 lid'dt; E ifdlt, n. An eioecd- 

insly powerful ^Lplonve. 
If mph, I 1 liml; 2 Wmf, n. A trmMp.rpnl, 
lynifr, /wlarlesiauid. ufromooBsulBHd 

blood: viniB.- lym-pkmCIc, 1 Um-rat'ik. Z 

l^m-Cllt'IS. I. a, ItTUUlllIC lO, ODBUlDlOt. 

or [Tunveylntlyiopti: ilwirtHiil. It. il An 

Ijiictit, 1 IiiH<h; S Vfaeh, tl. To puDieh by 
lyDCh'l&w: from Charl« Lynch, of Virfin- 

c, 1 lir'ik; E Ur'ie, 


H, m. 1 em; S Sm. n. 

1 emi; S *in^ jii.f Tl 

nue-ad 'bih-Ihi ur -Ise, 

2 mac-ftd'an,-Ii, H. |-i 
pavo with BmaH brol 
from the Scottish e 

a^'-^Aw', 1 mB-ko': 3 Ina-e*t'» n, A llir^ 
tropioal Americaa purot. 

■u^e»'be'Hi, Imak'B-bl'an; S iiiic*t^bt'aii. 
a. Of or peraUilnff to a Tunlly of Jewish p&- 
ixloca of tlie 2d nnCurr B. C, wbo ffuc«a»- 
lully dMeDded UieU nsUoa and teU(lon 
aii^net tbe Syrluur Hac'a^biB'iuil* 

DAC«', 1 mj}B; £ mil?, n- A dub^hapB^l 

mme'ei-atc, 1 maa'ai^t; i 

tjon, aa to contioi iiKtical pHtron^.— 

leotlvtly.— nu-ebln'kt, 1 'inB-itiia'kii: ■ 
ma^Uain, n. On* who makes or rainlni 

macb'et^l, I mak'srel: B mlk'Sr-ei, n. 
A food.Siib 

N^ Allan- a 

kt«r^>roof o< 

mad, i mad: S mftd, n 

Date; iiifalUHtedl anery- t> 

Havfoff hydrophoblap 

". 1 nud'kap'; 2 mAi 
■tUo-bnlDed. II. n. 

S: Vfltdg: bdbk, MM; r«U.i1|le,cltre,b*, born; fill. bArslo.ieinilgkiUiIii.aiB. 

i: Uifl FnDclk appellatJoi 

umnt oS the o« 
credited with t^bL 

;''b-iIii'; 3 mig's 
B Stored ;- chamber of a npe 
. mag-et: 8 mig^t^n. _ The 

i "ma'glT 


DU^iisl. IL n. 1. Any eupposed supep 
_.. — 1 .... j_ Sleightol 

te'H^l mai "1*^^1-6]; 2 i 
-bI, n. Pertaining to a magial 
utive; ludJciBl. -V, ad>. -ne 
bste, 1 mai'iB-tcet; 3 mllg'i» 

BUc'ns Cu'te, 1 maTiiB kBr'ts: 2 mtlt'' 
■u (Si'U. [L.| The Great Cbaiiar ol 
EnglLsh libertiea, delivered June 19, 1215 
by King John, >t Runnymeds.^ 

mlg-nKD'i-mas. 'a. Elevated in s^l 

— maipa»-ii]m'^ty« n. inobU 

■llM'lute, 1 mae'net; 2 mlli'nGt, n. A 

BU|-ne'al->, 1 mBe-Dl'dhi-B; 2 m&e-ii«'- 

in medicine.- mar^nc'it-am. 1 nig-nl'- 

body^uabls of ■ttrtwClng t( 

■UMK-niri-eent, I mac^uTi-eeatT 2 mU- 
olf'i-Ciat, a. Grand; majeatic: q>lendid. 
nof-all'let. -lj,adf.~aimg-oin-eatet,ii. 

mmf'nl-tj, I mag'ai-fai; B mSi'ni-a, n. 
l-nto; -n'lsoj To iacreass the ap- 

Blorlly: eDlBTKe,— btu'al- a^B-Ute'f 1 

■-koem,". XiBlnEor 

nuc'nl-tndc, l mne'tu-tiDd; 2 m&g'ni-tad, 

n. Siae; vastoeBs; grandeur; iisparLaoce- 

Duc-noll-a, 1 niBe-n6'li-s; 2 nilQi-nfi'Ii-a, 

mu'plc, 1 mag-poi; 3 mM'pI, n. A trow 

like bird with olack'andpwhite plumBce: 

capable of beins taught to upeai. 

nuMMtt'a-nri 1 me-hegVm: 3 ma-hSfa- 

n. [-NIKB", pi J A larve tropical 

pelican tree, with hard, nddiah wood. 

sm'ed-OB, Ha~Iioii>'<-tiin. etc. SaniB 

a maiden; initia- 

Uod, 1 !nfti'l«nd: E mln'laod. n. A prlD- 
cJM tHdr ol land; a coaUnent — mainly. 

The pHnclpAJ Di*at ot a v«hi.— ina]n'wJ''t 
— nuilD'iprluv"* n. Tha principal aprliu or 

msln, n. 1. Tha ocean. S. A chief ooi 
duit-Tjipe or conductor. 3. VioWntefforl 

(. To hold; keep; support; uphold: vii 
dic^te; make good. II. i. To asaerl 

meaoB ot Bu;ipurt.— maln-talD'a-Ue, a. 
malie. 11 m^i: S <"■"■ n- A tall gru 
ruAlir, /cultivated for food and fonftc; it 

aaj'es'tj, l maj'ts-ti; 2 miye»-ty, i 
[-^lES*. pi-] 1~ Exalted diEPity; stat^ 
lincMierandeur. 3. [M-1 A title given t 
reigning monarcha.- ma-Jestlt, 1 ne-j™ 
Ilk; 2 •m-UB'tit. a. etstely; iDysl; augusi 

[-TiEB>. M !■ The erealei part; eicesi 
S. Leekl age. S. Mii. Rank of a wajoi 
nmke, 1 mek; S mSk, t. [hadii: lUE'ina 
LI. 1- To bring into being; prndiicc 

:. A II. DenotlDE a V 

BUlEe, n. Structure; shape; product. 

mai-, pftflx. Bad; UJ; erli; wronff; deJeoU 

lni[i^«t; BB, nuAnat: algnlfylng i 

inal'k-clille, 1 malVkait; S mll'a-elt, 
A imtive oaibenatfl of eopper, of a gr 

nut'ad-DiIa'ns-lrstloii, 1 mal'ad-m 
Tihen; S mSl'&d-: " ■' "■ 

Bad management, ae • 
aaV'm-anai', l mnl-e-di 

a. Glumay; bltuuierirtg. 
>nBl'»-dri 1 mal'e-di; 2 mira-dy. n. 

I'Di^, pL] A dieoase; aakne^; illneso. 
mal'k-pcrt. I malVpuiC; 3 mM'a-pen, 

. . . . _ -^ .-o-pfl'; 2 mU- 
fip'TD-pfi', a. Out of place; Dot appn>* 

nu-la'ri-a, 1 ma-le'n-a; S ma^'ri-a, n. 
Any foul ait or exhalation, ot a diKasa 
atMbuied to It; ohlllB and lever,— ma-la*!!- 

U^^lu*. 1 ma-lS' or mele; &mii-}R' ormili, 
n, 1. One of the dominant tsce in 
Malakka and the Eastern Archipelago, 
>, The language of tiiU people.— KMaf'- 

DuUWif teat, 1 mallun-teDt: 2 mU'eon- 
tent. I. a. biKontented. II. n. A dia- 

nuJc, 1 mf [; ^ mAI. I. a. PeiUtning to 

the BH tha 

K male peison. aoinui 
'tloD, I mid'i-dik'tha 

ma-leT'o-lcD^ 1 ms-lev 

■ -Ua; 8 


Ban«. ». Evil ot i 

malice, 1 1 insl'is 

Wl^itag erU; m-Uspoaed. -Ij.ihli, 
1 mal-friana; 2 mM-fS'- 


DM-lhi^, 1 ma-Jlv'(M: 


mti'l-90ii. 1 miJ'i-aaD! 2 miU'i-i! 
Biiill.1 DiSl; Bimsuili 

Cspable of bft- 
lug hsmiiMPed oi 

m*l-prac'Use, 1 maJ-prak'tis; 2 mfil- 
■D^t.'rmll^s'rnjtlt, n. Qnan viiQcially 
X peniUiiIiig lo Malta, s BHCUh 

motb, i msm'Bth'; 3 mSzn'oth. 
Uuee; coloisaL IL n. A Uige t 


1 mani 3 m&n. I. .1 Iii.sNl 

n'a-cle.U m>n'e-kl; 2 m&n'a-el. I 
n'a-cP, /■. 1-ol(jIi>'; -cumo.j To 

n'ace, 1 nuia'ij: S rnkD-ni, t. luis- 
did; man'aq-iho.1 L t To ooctrd 

n'dftte, 1 maa'det; 2 mSn'dfit. n. J 

„n'dl-ble, 1 mfln'di-bl: 2 mfto'di-W, • 
The lower jambone ; either portion of U> 

beak of a 


ahsiwd body. 
lun^raka, 1 mau'dt£k: 2 

m£n'drfik, n. A com- 

mon WDodluid plant; th( 

nan'dHd, 1 man'dnt; 2 I 

Bhaft; aplndle. 
uaiw, 1 m«a : 2 raai 

oa-Dfrge't 1 EKHiiea'; 2 iii&.Deita'. n. [FJ 1 
Tbe ejt or ttaiaJn^ or rMliik lionca. X • 

■u-nea'reT, 11 m»-nO'v»r; 8 ma-ny'vfi 
aa-ncFQ 'Tre. / L t(. & ri. J-Tiitra 

?'o*LatriKiif. 11."^. "E'a mov"™i,a 
of trwRB. 2, Any deiteroua or and 
nan'mi, 1 manful; Smtn'riil.t. Mecti 

nsn''ga-DeM', 1 mao'ge-nto'; S miSo'i' 

nSi', ». Abard.brittlsniBlJj. 
nange, 1 menj; 2 mSoit. "- An iidi^ 

nan-icer. 1 'men'jer; 2 inSo'Wr. "■ ' 

f eeding.boi. aa for horeea. 
iian'gl(e'MnaD'gl;3mSfl'BI. * [mas' 

ou!D;i>HH'Qijwa.] To mutilata: lacaan 


man'ljc', iL TomKwtuwithBmmnEle. 
Dun*^ n^ A niKliine (or BmoalhioE 

nun'to^ 1 man'go; 2 mao'eo, n. 1, An 
edible tropLcu fniit or the tr«e produoing 
ic. 2. A pickJed gnan muBkmeloa. 

Dun'^rore. 1 mau'Erflv; 3 in£D'iT«v. n. A 
tropioa] tree of low oouta. 

DUn'ir, 1 roin'ii; 2 min'Sy. O- [""k'- 
qi-eb; UAH'ai-EBT.l Affected with the 
manae; sauAUd.— iii*p'iWn«w. n, 

man'lUHMl, 1 mui'hiid: 2 mia'hdM, n. 
1. Msnly (lUBlitiea collectively. Z. The 

nw'nl-Si 1 me'ni-B; 2 oA'ai-B, n. 1. 

oUcal. Ill B. A peraon wUdly inHae; a 

mul. -ly, adv. 

raanl-CBra, 1 in«D'i'-kiOr: 2 m*n'i-«(lr, n. 
The care and treatment of the hands and 
fiofepviulB, or a penwn who jn&keH iHa 
b IjuBliHH.— Euan'V^Dref vt. ^ ri. 

Il»ii1-f«»t,lm»n'i-tertr2ni&n-i-(6frt. i^. 
vt. To make i^ain: reveaL IL a. 
Plainly appventj erident; plain; dear. 

maal-fold, 1 manVIald; 3 mUn'i-fCld. a. 

Of great variety; nmncrouB. -b'- odr 
man'i-Un, 1 man'i-kin: 3 m&'i-kln. n. 

1. A model of the human body, I, A 

DU-ntFm, II ma-Dil'e; B DUI-ldl's, n, 1. 
DU-nin*. I A cheioot made in Manila, in 

the Philippine Iilaadi. t. The fiber of a 

ina-iifp'a-Iate. i iiie-nip';ru-]i|i;2 mi^ifp'- 
To operate on with the handai manage. 


manlf, 1 manliiS mlnly, a 
BAH^Li-m.] me & tnie 
Frank and taitrepM.— manll-i 

S' given food of the Imelilea ii 
emeaa; nuritual nouriahnui 
Bweetish Bubrtanes Itom tbe si 
ipecdes of asb. 
lun'DN, 1 man'sr; S mtn -fr, n. 
way of doing anything; habit; 
2. Appearan»; bearing; miei 
BebavUtr; poinencea.— r ' — "" 

adv. PaUUiT.—\ 

•ornm'. n. luti^-or^l^''. ^ i 

landholder's residence. 

slater, n. The killioi 
especially when withoi 
man'tel, 1 i— •■■ - 
famng about 


■*l, 1 man-UlBTB man-ni-a, n. 
light eape or head-eoTering. 

oan'tlt. 1 man'tis; 2 mSn'tiB, n. [lu 

TlO-Ea or lUN'TEB. 1 


■uul''D-fse'to-I7, 1 man'yu-fak'to-n; S 
n^xftn'j-u-ffte'to-iy, n. |-Hira". pt.] A 
UlAett wbeoe anything ie manufactured. 

by hand oi toMhinsry. 11. 
maldiia of gocHie by LnduslriaL ari 
Uctured uticJu coDeotlveJy.— nuui 

man'U'iiiit', 1 man'vu-mit'; 3 
mJf, rf. l-MiT-rEDa; -MIT-Tlt 

na-nuK', i m ™Diar'; 2 mn-naf 

IL n. Aai fettiliiei, as dung, 

maD'u-serlpt, 1 man'yu-skHi 


nby £l 

le Isle ! 


Of □! 


map; 2 mlp. 1. .(. Iuai-ped'. 

UAP^piNa.l To make B map of; 
I detail. II. n. A nprsBentatioQ 
region, as of the earth a Hurfaui a 

A deoiduoua 


if tbe north lemper- 
mir; 8 mir. 1. t*. 
i foharml'imlMir: " 

InaUy durloK the Oiymi 
ma-niud''!, 1 mftred'; : 

lamle,?! ■ 

arTi]: 2 mStTjI. 1. r(. 

BL(K)n'; M*B'BLIHOj_ To 

„„. ._ jlioQ of marble. U. o. 

Made of or like marblH; unfeeling; white; 
cold, IH. „. A fine iimcetoDB, vaiuabb 
for building or sculpture ; a amall baU, aa 
of tbia sEonflp uaed in a child's game; a 

m&rch', 1 manih; 3 mSrcb.'ti. i vi. To 

The tliird month of Qm jta, 
A boundMy; frontier. 

iin; 2 m 

... mar-il-iul, a. -U. 'd: 

mar'sae-rlte, 1 mir'ge-rtl; 2 mlr-ie-rit, 

nur'l-^old, i mar^-gOld: S mttrl-tdid, n. 

A plant with golden'yellow flowen. 
ma-rlnc', 1 me-rin'; 2 ma-rla'. 1* & 

Pertaining to the ae»; ooeaoio. XL «. 

X, A soldier serving on a wM-vea«L 

Z. Shipping. fo^l™. 

nuTl-ner, I mi 
inar1;-t*l. 1 ma 

nutrl-lfme, 1 

r; 2 mSr'i-r 

ir these 

Jduce ^ 

market; deal in 
e whefe articles a 

n. [HAHSS'MKH, pi.] < 
a maiX. eppecLAJiy U skill 

arl,'l'niarl;,2 mttrl, n 

ar^DWi, 1 mar'lin; 2 n 

lar'intt-Ht. 1 mar" 
$et. n. A small SouU 
a eguirrel-moDkey. 

jut. Bhort-WiJBd, biuTowiDgjodsQt. 

it dAhon aod AbancioD, as on a daaolstfl 

■nma't ^ Hafior tba color maiooa- 
kfoon'^T n. A duIlTwl odbt^ 
#OOD''t ru A oecro Living wild in 
e mountBini of aome Weal India iiluida. 
■'tlfaf, I mSr-plBf; 2 mlr-plOf, n. 
ne *rho, by meddlinEp apoila & plan. 

Uree field^'tant. 
■ur'anb, I mar^> 
nobleiDan nQKt in 

fildIe belciw & d 
3 nJiCaS. n 

mar'rUsr. I ,. „. .. — . 

act of marryiixEt or the atHte of bfling 
m&rried; a veddlne. 2. Figuratively, 
any clone union.— marYtMCe-k-U (e*, 1 msi-- 
il-B-bL: 2 nir'iid-c^lll, 1^ FUUdbyaie.elc.. 

■usr'n, 1 mar'i; 3 mKr'y, iJ. (-rikd; -kt- 
iNo.f To unite in vedloolii espoiLso; ved. 

Han, 1 man; 2 mftrg. n. 1. Tbt fourth 
pianet from the eun. 9- Rom, Mj/th^ 
The god of war. AT**! [Gt.]. 

Har^sclllals', >l mar'se-IOi': 2 

Har'selllalHi;, /mi.. /m&r-se-lftg. I. o, 

tatS°of MRTwiUen. «. /™. The Mb> 
scillaiee hymn, the national hymn of the 
French republic. 

aoPflieIr 3 mlr'sliBL 

I. n. A oino officer, i 

gre m o n icfl, etc.; a nulitary 

lUHU'pM, 1 

rying the youoa 

narl^l mart; 2 ml 
traffic; nurket. 

'ftisi; 2 mSr'shal, a. Par- 
tm;, 2 mar'tia. n. A bird 

of the nallow v 
lU^U-net', In 

gel. B. 1. A forked Blrap' fi 
down a horao'e bead. X. JVn 
of a Jib-boom, or a vortioal i 
the bowBiwlt. mar'Cln-call. 
nar'tyr, 1 mor'ter; 2 mir'tSr. 
put to death because of one 'a fe 
outa. IL n. One who luften 
hie faith or for anv cheriAhei 

r hold^ 
>ar under 

ider. tL n. That 
a prodljy-— marvel* 

aai'cat. 1 maalcst; 2 rr 

mas'cu-llne. ) 1 u 

na^;3miAh, ■<. Toi 

« of (omething beaten or 

A play by ma 
in biit^ ar ston 


The oelebmtion of the 
be Koman CBtholio Cb-arc 

Z m&s'a-eer. I 

•nw-suc', 1 mo-Mj'; 2 mft-aftih', i 
mediHl tnktmeat b^ mauipulBt 
by mbbiiu or lme*diiig Uw body 

obiet. III. 1. 

u tn or prortHdcm.— nu>1er'(al. a. C< 
m ■Piling; u-bltnry^ Hbowlng mHAter: 
mM'lcr-licr*, n. ' A ke; ttasl will unloc 

beflttlnt B muur.— nuH'Uri-plMe', n. 
kdiDlnbJe prodnMJon — mu1«^r> "- 1 

nuu'tlr^ 1 mu-tik; 2 mixWc. n. 1. 

ream obtained froi 


ti-kSt; a m 

mmtcliS I 1 madh; 2 m 

wiie: matdi, S. An officer of a merohaBl 
ahip raakinff below a oHotflin- [inaU^ 

nate*. 1 met; B mSt. n. In chess, a check- 
ma-le'rl-al, 1 m«-tl'n-el: 2 ms-M'ri-^. a. 

por^; BCDBUaL 9. E^aentiaJ ; important. 
-b, aift.-iD»-(e~rl-al'(-li, n. ma-le'rt- 

lU-tett^l, n. That of which anythinf 

■Mit^ n.— n»-te''i4-(t-l>'lle, a. 
B-tei'lul, 1 ms-tnr'nB]; 3 ma-t^r'nal, i. 
Mailurly, -ij, odt.— nia-tcr^l-t)', 1 ma- 

tflr'u-u:Sma-tSr'D]-tr,ii. (Tua'.AJ Tlie 

b; rigidly exact. -iV, ddp.- 

— mal'l-nie', 1 mafi- 

The mu. ■ 


mo.! T 

klUi hl> OBOta.- mafri-cl'dul, 1. 
ma-trle'Q-Ute, 1 ms-Uik'yu-l«ti 2 ma- 


match', n. 1. An equal; mate. Z. A 

of concerD or importsnoe; Bigaify. IL «. 

1. The substance ot anything; material; 

■natcli>, B. A splinter of mft wood tipped 

essence; importanee. S. That which hai 

So. alSse: rfow- (orq^ok-) niatSi" 

subject, as for discussioii. *. A coif 

DUtc', 1 met; 2 mitt. li. A b. [hat'id''; 

ditioa of Bff^ira^ case: trouble. A. i^u. 

-mBtter-less,a-mat1er>Dr>Iael'. a. 

mBte>, g(. [uat'ed'': hat'iho.]* Incheii. 

EMt'ttm. I raafm; 8 mfit'm,, n. A 

to checkmate. 

maCtoek, 1 nut'sk; 2 mUfok. 
kx-like tool h&vinc blad«s r^^^^^M-^ 

rfe.n. AtickBluHrfwilh «■"«*■ 
■ 1 bed. 

' j-l To m 
(•Itoi. «.- 

;, 1. iMi 

,11 niTiw: I! mi'tir, a 

mett'ivrfll nu-B«-: « mpsDr, a. iDia; 
Dtea'pT.i cmiuiiiied; Kuity. -tr, adt. 
mesl', 1 mil: g m^l. n. Onraaly etoudiI 
mettP, n. The portion of food tjlen at 

•ns-tuie', I me-tiar'; 3 — , 

ripon; bring to — ■-■---- ■■ 

mify. O-i. 

oreoDdltlonolbeinc mi 
m>-Mre',a. 1. Fuil; 

Cm. Due fend uyaU- 
miudllu, 1 mad'lin;.: 

ishly feffe«(ioafete, »a f. 
maul, 1 mdl; 2 m^l. 

4^ njUdaveJoT>cuiit. 
iveloped; ripe. * 

miilii i"To 

puipo«'; mgnify. tb i. To be~m 

2. Ignable; hnae; petty; eon 

meBD', a. iQlermedifete; mediun 
Picail,n. 1. The middle stnte a 
betwt * 


nfeOHd From Paul AfmcHr, tbe IdtviLW. 
■iiaii''«>-le'uiii, 1 nw'so-II'inn; Z iq4'k>- 

iriiiii, n. A large atately tomb, 
mantc,! mev;2maT,n. A delicate purplo 

color or dyestuS. 
maw, 1 me; Z m^ n. t. The craw ot 

a bird. 3. The Blomach, 3. The ait- 

DUWklslI, 1 jBok'iib; 2 m^^iih, a. Dis- 
mai'U-la-rT, 1 maWi-le-n; 3 mlika'i-li-ry, 

mMnlng, l tnln'ii 
meulng^pa. SL^jLQc 
motn'tHnC'll i 

In the interveoiag 
mca'BlM,) 1 Dil'ili; 

mea'Hire, )1 mes'u 

vplHtion; imnort. 

frn^. i pp. of mAN. f. 

ntDim-: -hwoilV S 

ity, amount, or deg«e. 

m or ability- IS. To be poB- 
IThe first day of May, 

_., -. .. To take thedimennoiiBof: 

'dih;iudce. ILt.Totake themeasureot 

^TtiiDUnl.- mtrn'trnt^auat, n. 

4. Moderation. J^ A specific act or 
CQUTTW of Bction; a leglalalive bill- 9* 
DiviiioQ of time, as in mui^c: meWr, aa 
in reree. 1. pi. Grel Related atrata. 
Lwif or Umar Heaiiin 
(q«d Id meuurlni leiiKliis and dlBtaoeea). 

3 lf*t — I yard 1yd.). 

V/tfda-niei/dt.- 1 rod (rd.l or pole (pl). 

rnented honey and wi 
meads n. IPoet.l A 
Bmd-aw.llmed'oj i 
med'ow*, j field. 

bk,bO&(;fifll,rqle,cflre.bAt,bam;MI,b^;BOikein; Igk; tbla, thia. 


l»t • 1 iQiun /ird M. ydlv. 

BloWileaiUi. brwdUi.iuid lUokneaB). 
yle ttet - 1 ooblc rard fou. yd.). 

1 (Uls BJ.) - I plot (Dt"!. 

! plnla - 1 qilBJt (qt.). 

Iquuu - lEaUoa(gil.). 

A|KiUieeBit«' naM Meunre 

1 liOao ICJ. 
r Hekaun 

tgurlDg dr}> HrtldtD). 

3 1 peck Ipk,).' 

t riBiit ui^a or auid- 

intcrfen in the soiuianu of othera imperd- 
-ui, a. F< 

Btod in tl 

- me-iU->nw, 

med1-«ln«, l l med'i-dnDrmBd'Bm: 2 nrfd'. 

medl-cln*, f i-$lD DrmU'ciD, n. 1. A«b- 

flCHDC« that tends to out« oiaeaAfl, 2. Tfas 

- DMdl^Mli 1 medical: 8 n*!'- 
— nwdi-caCc, «. [-c*r-»i><'; 

■MMI-e'nl, 1 iii1'di4'nl: S mC'di-Cnl. a. 
BelDtulniitotbsnilddleaagg. nwMKiB'nIt. 

iiie'dt«"efv, 1 ml'di-A^sri S mrdi-S'ser, 
o. Of medium qi^iW; ordinKy; »m- 
Commouplue A^Uty or coDdJUoD. 

ri. I-TAT'iD'T-^iT'iNO.T To pUn; think; 
coDtemplaM.— mfld'^ta'aoiia n. Tbe *ct 
ot meOnuint: reOgcUoD.— Iiwil1-ta1lT(«>, 

Um-l-tcm'Dii-aB, 1 med-|-(*TfVi->a: S 
laf^l-a-ifae^a. n. Ad iDlud m be- 

In{em>edi&t«; middie: mediocre, 11* n. 
[uE'Di-UKS'oruic'Di'A, pi.; 1. Anything 
tb&t Bc]t« inlfinoedjately; m lubataace in 

One believed tobe eoDtrDlied by » duem- 
bodied npirit. 
medOsr, lmed-lBr:2m»d'lu,n. A amall 

med •itef ^ mS'nirs' midlj 

me-dulla, 1 mi-dut't; 3 
me-dala, n. l-tM. 1-11; ^ 
2-lS.)jJ.]Marniw:pilh; M 

, I mlk: S m«k, a. 
itte; Bubmi.sive; 

aatufy; urmoDiBwith; 'refute, n.'l. To 

neHike epwking^rump 
me'frliii. 1 ml'imn; 3 i 

U Mckfca. Id Anbta, Uh u 

(el*»«^. 1 

mMVC^ vmrVt-ln: S 

. 1 m*Te'; g mele'. -- 
•to-hud fight: as attrar. 
■«te, 1 mQ'yo-rtCi 3 mSL 
, l-RiT-BB*; -BAT-nro.] 

To D 

met-linii.eDt, n. EM uiLun.noui.-mel 
uriu-eaee, n.- ineMinD-cnl-lf , idi. 
DWl-lif'In-oiu, 1 me-Liflu-Ds; 3 mt-llflif 
Flowmr — — - — -- - 

ilous. mffSflii-i 


in quality. 

^iS^dtmK, 1 mj-lO'<!.-D»: 2 



niei'n-£a"lnm, 1 OHiVo-d'ta'i: 


n»el'o-<lJ,T'''mero-di; 2 n 

«l'o-dy, n. 

[-01B8'. pi.] An «cre»ble niceeHiQn of 


A trailing 

plant of the gourd family, or 

te fruit. ^ 


fram a solid to . Uguid rta 

To ohange 


a. To »It«i the feelinia of: move to 


■bir. B., A. 



member; members collectively. 
nwiii'bnDe, 1 mem'brtn: 2 m 

«inlHSn. n. 


u'eM<»rmem'bn-MiaK a . 

-men'to. n. 

2 mPmVflr 

rativBof aperaonalife. 

mem-'n-rBD-aiim, 1 mem'o- 

■sn'dom: 3 

mem'o-rtln'dflm. «. [-D* or 

nCKB', pi.) 


■ne-mo'rl-al, 1 mi-mS'n-d: 2 


ethiug, u 

the memory of the dead. 

IL n. 1. 

Something designed to keep 

etc t. Aoretea- 

Vtt. tti. 
To thiealen. 

BiB^ifi'lar -nSih'iir-*, 'n, A coUeotion 

of prild animolfl kept for exhlbitioD. 
■ncDd'l, 1 nv.nd: 2 mend, i(. To repair; 

patch up; chaD^ for the bett«r. ^ 
men-da 'clooh 1 men-dS'tliui; 2 mbi-dS'- 

Bhtifl) a. Addicted to lying; falBifyiiu!; 

ileceltlul.— nwo-dM'l-n'tn. LylnB; laljlty. 
men'dl-ont, 1 men'di-keat; 3 mfia'di- 

eanl. I. a. Reduced » begBary; boj- 

ginj. II. II. A b8<f»r.— men'dt-cin-cy. 

menln^'tlft, 1 m-m'in.Jai'aa; S mao^n. 
fd'tls. n. InflammaCioii of the mcm- 
branea, ai ol the brslD. 

men'Di-nt'tloii. 1 men'Au-r«'^sn; S 
men'ihQ-r&'shon, n. The aot, art, or 
prooeM of measurim. 

II* n. The aet of Ea^ntioniiu; bi 
ewnce. - meDtJon-a-blt^ n. Tin 
ineil-l4W, 1 men'ter or -ter; 3 mfiD 
■ncD-D', 1 Dieii^'; E mtD'yu. n. A bill ot 

fare; alee the dlihH lacJuded hi It. 
mw'nD-tUe, 1 1 mDr^Bn-tU or -toil; 2 
mer'caii-Ml<, f raEr'uuftn or -til, a. Fe> 

mer'c«-i»-rr, 1 mih'ai-iif-n; S mBr'ce- 
oRfry. I. a. Influenced by desire tor 

t-BiB^, pL) A hiied soldier ii 

.— lao'ebuil'iiiiiii 

WT'en-iT, ] 
1. A ^ver 

The planet ^ our aystem na 
S. fi«n. MiriV [M-] Ood of CO 
" "- — ■- B and thieves; 

awl [Or.].- iiMi-eiri44l, 

(otbnodMsreuiy; Unli; 

eatment of iui_ (lender; 


" mereTy, oiJp. vmy; BDUup. 

BNHt n- A poDd; pool: booodaryilne. 

■nu'e-trl'dODa, l mer'i-tnffli'DB: £ mto'e- 
trlsb'aa. a, Decdtfully or arilfldaLly at- 
unoUve: Tolear and landry; wanton. Aj, 

ntMie, 1 niDrj:2 in&*, tI. A ri. Iueboec; 

ne-rid'l-ui, I mi-rid'I-Bn; 2 me-rid'i-an. 
L a. PertAinlng tothe meridian; highest; 
brightcet; noonday. !!■ fi- 1* Noonday; 

northiindwiuth line. 

wooled alteep. 2. 
fabric o( or llie me. 
tustli, I mer^t; 2 m 

a«.— mer'Wto'Tf-OHa, a, Dfr 

nrd; inlHeinrthy. ■if, at; 

mSr'mM; 3 mFr'mAd, n. A 

t, Google 

il; inirthful. 

TDiviiK nog 

Im': S m«-iUi 

. Plu- 

mesb, 1 me«li; 2 m&ih, D. vl. A rf. To 

nfitj entAo^j odjIhcc, lu cc&r'teeth, 11. 
n. 1* One of the open apaixB of a TX«t- 
Tock. >. Aoyihina that enUD(l«; a 

■nes'iocMuii. 1 loet'mep-iMia; 2 mEt'maT- 
fam. B. 1. Tha produetlon of a trance- 
like condition by eontrol of will; Im^no- 
tism. S-PenocuilDiRgnetinn: named from 
Frani Meimer (1 733-181 S) , th< originalor. 

«S 1 ma; 3 mfa. rt. 4 «. To prortde 

8^n. 1. Ame.L. J. A number of per- 
03 who «t toEathei, ai on board ship 
M, ». [CoUoQj A >uui ol dlBorder: oon- 

'sscc 1 iD»^i|: 2 mfa'aj^, n. Word 
'seni^er. I mM'en-Jer; g mfa'fa-ter, n 

:Em<»^,>i.;J. B 


ll«in.a. ■ 

V ■riMii.jaa the one 


HW,,u«aally hard, ^Bvy, a 

Mai.— nwfal-tar'cr.n.Ttieanotaitniiit* 
« ruCBla trom oreB,— nut*al-liir'(lc, a. 
t'a-mnr'pho-ste. > 1 met'o-mer'fini«i 
t'a-oMirTo-alBi', /3 m^t's-iDAr'fo-BlB, 
. [-sea, l-8l>; 2-sS8, jj,| Transforr- 

& 6fl:ui« oi HpeAch In whiob i 

BwtaiiboT; dannitlTe. -Ir, odn, iiHt>'a- 

nef a-tthnlea, 1 1 mefB-fii'iks: 2 mit'a- 
oafS'^le*', /ffs'iM, ». Philoeophy; 
iDvxtal idaiice; ueyohalovy.— met'a-puri'* 
l-cal, a. -Ir. odi.— oui'B-phr^l'dan, n. 

aete, 1 mit: S mSt. i. tt. {urr'cBii 
BUT'iHal To allot by meamroj Bppo> 
tion. iL n. A boundaryline; Umit, 

■ic't»«r, 1 mlti-sr; 2 me't«-Sr. n. A 

lominous aaas ot msttnr froiD epaoe. viiit' 
ba Uk aartlL; a ihootlnHtar. nute-or- 
Mt.— IIMt»i«fnc 0. Relmlni u mete- 

ae. mft^-ofifSl^. 

(na ot tile atDinplMre, eqnclfllly aa Rlatlofl 

and (d atmoipiHclii cbangca.— ■iie*l*Hir*o- 

lodc pie'ttHK'^t-lac^-cal, a.— nwt^ 

ormfiHcbt, a. AiqieiilaUatknnieteoniloir. 

me'ter, 1 1 inltaTi 2 mBttr. n. 1. Rhylb- 

inpoetiT. %. An instnimant^^mM^ 

-_ -_ a^) OMe^ arransemeiil 

or DTooKliiri.— n^UuMlle, tn^tbodteal, 
' - — *-iy;ir>taDatla. 4t, ad>,- iiMth'- 
. i-nra: -AlHa.] 1. l. To aulr. 
—"•aa; recniau, IL L To aet 

4lt^ meOi'Bd-iat; 3 m»h-od;Iat. 

mclb'od-b'H-al, a. 

■MFtYic, I fflet'nk g mifrie, a. 1. Pei- 
I mH^-tsI: 2 mH'rt-al. a 1. Bfdulnf to 

)l l« 10.000 meieni. Slmiun; 

Nora,— Id Um Unlwd auiw il» tbIm ■ 
tbe meter la lefitLKd at 39.37 Lnclm. vbl 








'oSSm^'^^^"iI^«;'^ £^1!^ 





cuftio 1 muM 



1 cm' jO^ST 0. dr. 

(BritlHh) 30,35 Utcn; one quut (drr mflfr 
RirB>- 1.1011 lllm; one pwk -TO. SO B.ei 
or (BriUBbl B.OS lltcn: one oublo yinl - TM 
Uteres one floM drun - OOOSW Nlcr: oH 
nuld ounn - O.WM llur; one iffl - 0.1 ISt 










10 mil 

20.4« IM. 
M.046 ItH. 

mi'crobe, 1 md'krSb: 

28-SiW> imiu; c 

V'0->St 1 pu-tTBp'a-lia; £ 

iBet'UeilliBet'l;2 Eottl, fk TbeitoSaf 
tnetV, JwhiBh ■ Uiing ia comnfaea; Mm- 

OHW'. it. To Bliut op or id; cotiSiw 
meir', n. The ordiii»rj- cry of a oat. 

U 2 miU, ti. To I 

ttm^o-B"*, 1 moi o-iini; is meio-nn 
n. A method of oowHnH&te enjcraTizL 
pioiiiudns B picture libs a photoffraph. 


E-iu-^k, pi.] PoUutiiis siludations 

larlBl ptMoo. Bfaml.— nl-u'Bii 

AtloiiadlMtawiiMm*.— mP ^ i a n t^ -. 

ml'M, 1 moi'ks! S mfia. ■. A ndnenl 

ml'BrBb, n. A , 
.. , bacterium, 
■kro-koim; 2 niI'«ro-" 






biilL— tnld'ililp*. ode. 

petty officer in ih« navy. 
■nUM, 1 midBC; 2 mldat. I. «. Theoestrat 

Hrt; middle. II- <^- I" the middle. 
mM'MimliKr, 1 mid'ium'er: 3 mld'aOio - 

Ir, n. The middle of lanuner. 

mM-WM*, 1 ma'we-; 3 mld-wS". o., n., A 
adv. HaU'wsyi nuddla. 

milk from; yield milk. IL n. The wlirt« 

uh their youiw; the white sap of certain 

nld'wlft", 1 midVaif': S mld'wll', n. 

lum-wiVBl'. 1 -W-v.-j 8 -wlv,;. pi.| A 
wo™ -to HlW «, cmidblraL-mld'. 

BUnt..-iiillk'€r,n.-iiillk'y,a. (mii'i-ni 

■nu-i-BT.I CoDlaliilniorllMmllli.yMdIiw 
■nUk.-mldi'l-iHaa, n.-HUky W>r, ■!»: 

mld'«ln"far, I mid'win'tBr: 2 mld'wln'- 

mlnoiia band OMlroUiiI Uw Iteavma. com- 

nden,"! mtn" ^m^n! n. Eiterul appeu- 

poHl at (UMaot nan ami nebula. 

nlir, I'mll: 2 ail. (Colloq.l V. «. To vei. 


griodliw nam. rediulDC or«. eco.-mBl'. 

awriy.— ■nlsbt'r. a. [mioht'i-u, ■itqbt'- 

duloeway or a mm.- mBlllana*, k. om 

fS.I iSSbS' of mliM; ^werrui: 
ml'pini-ctte', 1 m'nV.e'>-el': 2 oan'yoa- 

mUle-OB'rt^ii. 1 milVni-n-an: 8 mllV 

SDDIul nlHnt, bwinE Boall JL 

frsarast flowen. ^B ^ 

or to the Mitlenmuni. IL ». A be- 

ml'Cntei 1 mm'srei: 2 mi'- JZ^ A 

liever in A millennium. 

mll-len'iil-uiii, 1 mi-Ieu'i-Din; 2 mi-l&i'V 


o. PertBlnlng to mlgrallon; ^jfl/'fl-j 

rnjlni. 4KK^^ 

mlll'erf'l ndrer: 2 mll-er, n^ 1. One who 

■li-Wdo, 1 mi-lia'do: S m^ ^M^ 

keepe or tend, a milL 2. A pale »w«h. 
with floury wiuca. 

ndld, 1 msildj Z mild, a. Modeute; kind; 

mll^t.lmil'eliEndl'Et.n. Agruaoulli- 
vated for f orajb ■«! ■■ & oeraal. 

Ddllf^ner.l'DiU^eri^inn'i-Dt^.n. Ou 

who makei bonnet*, women's bate, <t<l. 

l£ n. AYun^^^r » mold'«u«d"by°it; 


tnll'Hi.ll.iBiil'ySDrSnai'yon.n. A thoa- 

mile, 1 mai); 2 mtl, n. 1. A meamre of 

nod thoueand; mlllloa-am'. 

mrriM: 640 K™,-o.Ue'we, n. LeoBlb 

» million ormore.— minionth. a. A «. 

eipeonHOI InvnJ- miie^inal-, m.ulone. 

milt. 1 milt; 2 mnt. n. The apleen; ^khh 

■. A poit or atone net up to Inillciile dl* 

mime, rmaim;3mlm.». A mimio plar. 

or aotor; a mlnHc.- mlmle. I. r. jicim'. 

mllT-tsnt. 1 jail'i-tont; Z mH'i-tant. a. 

ICEEDt, lOHlcT*; HQi'm-iHQ.l Tolmlialei 

mH-l-U-ry. 1 n,il-.-t«-n; B mO'i-tft-ry- I. 

Icry. IIL n. An Imitator.— mimic, a. 

u. PertMoiag to Boldiera or warfBre; 

martial; warlika. IL n. A body of aol- 

IIllQi'&-o-Kniph, 1 mim'i-ixraf; 3 mlm'e- 

Htm: mldiery. 

mll'l-tate. 1 mil'i-Wt; Smll'l-lSt, ri. [-tjt"- 

Bod; .T,T-iNa.1 To opi»»i oontend: 

copiea of written or typewritten matter. 

followed by aaainjt. 

mld'»-ret. 1 min'e-ret; 3 mln'a-rSl, n. 

IllJ.U'tta,lnu?U*'.:2mi-II-h'».n. CitL- 

A slender tower near ■ mosque. Ses 

leoa who ub enrolled in military otEanl- 

latlont other tlian the regular anny.— ml- 

mlnee. Imina; 3 mine. H. A <n'- tuiKCEnt; 

uiNc-'ihio.l To chop Gne: lessBn: talk or 

mllk,! milk; S milk P. «. & ri. To draw 

aol anestlYtfy.-mlmelns, I mina'io; 1 

Meat gbopped Eoe ind id 

■Ulnd^, 1 

tl. A •>' 
To beed: 
care for; 
obey, II. 

n. f.Tbat I 
wh i s h 

feeb, and 

mlDd'ed.s. Disposed.— mlnd'rul.i?. Kenr 

mine, 1 maiti: Z min. t, [ionid; uin'iHa.l 
1. 1. 1. To dig out of Uis eanb. S. Tc 
undermine. 3. To mglte by diggin*. , II. 

ore, coal, or tlw like, or a deposit of au 
material. 3. An eiploaive nbBrae or t 
cavity coutaioinc it. ■ 
■nine. jron. Beiongiog to me; of s 

nJ?SS™l'mik^er-Bl; 2 mln'Sr-al. I. 
Pertaining to or resembling mioeia 
inorg&mC' IL n. A mbatance neitl] 
animal nor vflgetable, and commoi 

MtOt. Ooddtas^n 

mS^le,)! B 



q'kI: 2 mio'el. K. & »'. 

3L{i:)D': HIS'aUNO.l To 

end.— iii]B'clliicly» odp. 
-tar. La. MiicbBmaller 

mlD'lin, 1 min'im; 

apotbcc&rieB' fluid 

drop. X. ifaa. A unik uuw. 
■nln'l-inuiii, l miu'i-mom: 2 n 

n. [-HA. pi.] The least pauibli 

>r degree: lued also adjeetivf 

type: 7*point. 3. A minx. 

mlnla-tcr, 1 min-is-tar; 2 mln-is-ttr, o, I. 
I. To lupiily. II. i. I. To attend ; eoit 
tribute. 2. To perform a rite of worsbip 

mln'U-teT. n. 1. The head of a govem 

TUDoot. i. A Dlergyman 
went,— niln''1^te'rl-al, a 


.eu; eecendary, 2. Mvt- Intfaeuiinor 
,ey; eolenm and plaintive. II. n, 1. 
)neunderage. 2. jUiu, ThemlDatknr. 
-ml-nor^ti', n. [-JiaBf. t*.] I. Tha 
roalJer of tvD partB or panlcB, 2. Tbe 

D'lter, 1 mio'sler; 2 mln'iter. n. A 

D'atnl, I min'n'rel: 3 mln'atr«. n. A 

deriaguniaidanialyric poet; mounts 

i,-^ piln^alfel n y, n. Tbe occunatlon of 

DT IjTtaa oollectlveljr. 

[-M, 1 A: 2 -i. uL] i 

e,?l 'mi^s-tl;' S mlr"*-*!, n. 
If. Jrapornstunil event; wmcUili 

SupernAluraJ; Btrtum; wmdcrtuJ, -ly* « 
-■so. ■>.- mlr'a-^leipUr-, n. 
ml-nce'. 1 ml-Tni': S ml-rAih'. n. J 
'^t^fi'i DluHun, oi of ft sheet of -w&ter 

iNQ.I 1. To fix. Btall, or sink in mu'd. 

To defile. IL n. Wet, yietdins aal 

dee* mutl.— iBlT^t a.— mlH-neBi, n, 

iBliii.iBlrkl-lf, eti. SameuuiTBi, eic. 

Merry. -1^, 

nlft-J* prtflx. Leu: used with nsntlvB or 'dfr< 

prefllmt«f7 Mroe; ih> mltpriBe, ■ 

nb-f, VTtflx. Wrenc; wnoflr: used wltti 

naiua. Tccba. ud puUiliila^u fntmoaduct. 
Tbe lollowlDC *n nU-eiplslnliw b/ tfvtns 

nil tlu aaitB ol wmitiv. udUb: 


jaiaT t A i m ' Imh 1 mU^rui-nn'dbiu v I 
-tiut; 2 nA'td-rln'clivr v -tar, n. Al 
unlucky ehaiua: loMortuae. 

mli'aik^&iaBB, 1 miB'fta-^iisp; 2 mbib- , 
XCato. tt- 1 nuwttiler. nu-Mi'Um- 

PT, IL H>md DC dtunm ot numUnd. 

ml>"ap-nro'|«l4te<', 1 miB'a-iirO'pn-it; , 
3 mli^^re'pri-ftt, it. To appropnU* I 
wroocl;.-- mli'ip mnTttt K'Hiw. n, 

mli-MU', 1 mw-ksi'i 2 iiil»«al'. K. To 

B£Z^'^°?i^ku^Wc&'y, n. 1. 
TDful(^BBiiiteadedeffoet:goirro[«. I. 

'. I mi»4<hana': 2 mlHshloc', 

ehl^voui. I miytihi-vue; B mie'fJiS.vaB, a. 
1, meliDed to miaoZUitf, >■ injuzloua. -Aft 

mls'eoD-duct''!, I mii'ken-dalit'; 2 mle- 
c&n-dQet't e<. a n. To beluve ini|in(F- 
erly; mianuuca. 

ml»«on'duct, 1 mb-ken'dukt: 2 mb- 
e6n'dil«t, n. Impn^Mi oonduot; bmd be* 

mls'dMDt, 1 mu'kn-enti 2 mli'eR-uit. 

wront or imprapct Mt. 
mls'dc-mcan'nti I mu'dt-mln'Br; 2 mls'- 
de-mea'or. n. Miacooducl; an offenia 


\ 1 iBi>'»-«-bl; 2 n^'er-aJll, 
Cn. Wretched; unhMppr; ot 
.- mli'vs-tlr, OM.' mb'tl- 


1 oT wretchednetf 
DU-iortBiie) 1 mi».f er'dhun or -nun 
ler'ahunor-tlln. n. Ill fortune; eal 
iil»«l«e',il miwiV; 2 mto-pv', b 


mlsln-ltem', 1 mls'in-fSnn'; 2 mCgln- 
fBna', M. To luiorai faueiy — iiil>-lii"(ar- 

atiala-ter'pitlA, 1 iT'iB'ui-tDr'prct; Smls'- 
in-»r'pr*t, il. To iaterprat wrooily — 
mli'tn-ttr'^v-ta'tloii, il- mli'ln-Mr'- 



FB wrongly applied o 

lala-oty-nj, 1 mis-aj'i-iu; 2 toSaJii'y-uy, 
n. SBtred ol womui.~raU-af^-ii&t, n. 

■nls-prlDt', 1 mis-print': 2 mlB-nrlut'. 
Id. tt. To print ^mmeousb'. IL n. 
An emr in pnntiii^ 

inl«-reii''r&-9cnl^, 1, mift-rep'n-ient'; 3 
niltt«p're-?«nt', tt. A li. To represent 
wroneLy; give % wronff Imnntflon.— mls^ 

■nl«-rule', 1 miB-rnl' 

mlSsS 1 ima; 2 mis, c. 

come Bhart of. 2« lo leei uia k 
sbeence of. IL i. To tail of s 

inlis>, 11 

The book conCun 

R. C. Ck. 
vx foi the 

I. Adiptsd 

I proper or acouBtoEued ptaw ; loHt. 

.ImUh'en; 2mMi'an,R. 1. Tlje 

act oT aeaditis, ta on swdaL service, oi 
the penona Bent. %• 1^ woric of apreul- 
Inc reUckMB prlnclplet.— tnli'riDii-^rr. 1, 

be Bent. II. f 

nl AperHmaen 

f luiltsble work. 
■lls'alTe,) 1 mis'iv; 2 mis' 
mU'^'./or deaii 

That wliich ia sei 
■nlst, 1 viHt; 2 mist. 1°. ri. & 

eloud with mist; be misty, 

Viflible moiature in the Aim 

VApor condeoBed on n auriaoe; i 

that dims or dBrkena, 
mto-tske', I mis-iek'; 2 mls-tlk'. 

„-. , mla-traiCrnl, 

a, mu-iruBCrtlt-lT, adt. 
olst'y, 1 mist'i; 3 misi'y. o. JinsT'i-ut; 
uiftT'i'SaT.] Dimmed by miat; hoiy; 
-mli«1-l», adE.~ mlall-nHS, n. 

mlt'l-SSte, 1 

i-gM; 2 mlt'i-Kl 
tt. [-QiT'Eoa; 

Ti'yfti': E mltrt'- 

aot fiitand over ths Eiig«n. t* Amittea. 

mlt'ten, 1 mit'n; 2 mlb'n, n, A ooyBring 

for the haudtlesriiic only the thumb sep&- 

inad'n^te, 1 
A n. [-AT's 

become lesaii 
mod'CMle, 1 

« or violent; AlUy. 

min^lfl; blQtid; 

Pertki nin Btoareoent period; not ancient, 
II. B. A poreon of modern limes.— 
nod'em-lHor-Ue, n. Tn roMor modera. 
— mod'trn-ly, ndB — mad'ers-ness, b. 
DMd'Mti 1 mBd'wt; 2 nutd'Sst. a. Chiir> 
acteriaed by reservCt propriety, or puiity; 

■OUat, 1 mat; 2 mat. ■<■■ tl. To ■umui 
with > moat. U. n. A ditch on tl 
outaide of a fortress wall. 

mob, 1 meb; 2 laOb. I. d. [uogbi 
HOBD*; uob'bikg.J To HBaail, as by 
mob. ILn. A rude, Uwleas onmd. 

mo'bUe.U mfl'bd; Z mS'bii, a. Euily 

nWUl'. ' "- '"- 

little"" '"° 


[^'b-iate, I'msj'u-fMDT ined'yitlEt; 2 
nO; VlSt f m6d'jm-ISt, tl. A n. f-tiT*- 

ieer. 2. To d 
by false ufaow. 
a. Merely itni 
the reality: 
IIL n. A . 

ilc L B(. * «. 1. To 

''^ ] l'. MoeklncMid, 
Icry'. 1. A (Else sbnw; diai 
.-moeklD(>blrd-, n. A 

modlHU'lor, n. 

HoEul. 1. The ro 

being or dj^ing; way; prevailing style- 
&oin. The manner in wluoh the aoti 
or a verb te suted.- mo'dal, a. 
mod 'el, 1 msd'el; S mSd'EI. I. r<. A 

Ha-bsni'me-daD. 1 mo-ham'i-den; 8 
mo-hftm'B-dHa. 1. a. Pertiuninc to Mo* 
hanuned. an Arabian reformer ud relif- 

1 reiliiiiHi. la small jwt. 

I mel'Mj; 3 mS-e-ty. n. fliU: 
lil: 2 mSil, iC. & n. 1. To saili 

S. To weary; tm!. 
leiit; 2 mSist. a. Slishtly vet: 

liquid djained off from 

iii«l5^'nmald:8mBld. I^ 
mania, ) in b mold, fl. n. 
Bhapiog aDylhmg plutis; i 

D^,~ll>l. "'To ™ter 
iBaiild,/U. n. Rich esiit 

iBSld>. yi*. ^. t •>. T< 

Any f unsoua Erowth an food 

nut, 11 mBld'm; 2 maiding, n. 1. 
Idlns.jThe act of shuping with b 
Id, £ Anythiiif made in a mf^d, 9- 

mnild^, ) eb; 

ST.] Covered with 

ibe obnu; a stoia 

nMlll-frt I mol'i-foi; 2 m51'i-n. m. & n. 
I-FIEO; -ft'inq] To make or fnjw mild, 

don, ■.— mal1MI''Br, n. 
■Mi'liiak, I mel'Dsk; Z mSI'ask. n. A 

mol'tvB. I mBI'tn; Z m 

n. 1, A vety small p«ri< 

dgm, n. The monutic hie. 

moD'ad, 1 man'ad: 2 mCn'id, n. U An 
indeslmotibte unit; atom. ?. Biol, A 
minute aintplB siocle^oelled orKaniam. 

mon'arcb, 1 msn'erk; S mBn'are, n, A 

■■r'chuf,' d.-~ nn-lui'Fhl-cal, a. Pertain- 
Ini ua IT " ' 

■Don^s-ta^Ti 1 msn'ss-ter-i; 2 ml 
ar-7, ». I-TBH-na', pi.) A dir<. 
pUoa ocfluptM b)' monks.— mo-nu't 
Fotalnlna to monki la monaaterles. 
nu'd-cd t. - mcKnu'a-rlim. n. Tb 

Bfou'dmr, ' 1 mnn'di; S mA^i'dy, n. The 

HoD'sol. 1 men'ssl; 2 mBol^l, n. Oof of 
the race iohabitinc Moneolia, betweeD 
Ctuna and Biberis : frequently applied to 
tbe Cbloeac tmrriUly.- Hon'iol, a.- Hon- 

mon'grel, 1 miTn'^rcI: S m6i]'erl!1. I. a. 
Of miied breed. II. n. An animal of 
mixed breed. 

Fiiendly counsel; admonitioa; iv»niin£- 

n. 1, An adviser; H pupil in lempotary 
charge of a claoi. 2. A turreted iron- 

monk, 1 1 m 
munlf, J of a 

mon-ker. t 

munlEerr,/ n. Toap 

ni6|)k. n. A meml 
JlSmioTiy- I-" 

nwn'o-taiu. 1 mun'o-tCn; 2 mBn'o-tto, n. 

■Don'o-. 1 men'o^ E ftfStali^ 

maoo-. A PomblDlnB Ire*^^^** 

Kime uaHonnJIy. 

"SSS^y ,g*7."i i,SXi. 5]i!6-snal-ik; 2 mfin'o-erO-mat'ie, a. 

respect, equivalent to Mr. and Sir: 

name: abbreviated AT. S. [M-J F™). 
HiU. A title of a FiBoch kWs eld«t 

mon-OHlle, I msn'o-kl; 2 mSn'o^l, n. An 


tno-iioe'n-bu, 1 mo-nsk'yu-lsr; 2 mo- 

brother. 3. A Frenchman. 

nBr'yu-lar, a. 1. One-cj-ed, S. Pertsln- 

1. A wind that bloni steadily along tha 

ini to or u«d for one eye: oppdeed to 

AsiatJo ooaat of the Paeifio. I. A trade 

mo-m^'B-my. 1 mo-neS'uni; 2 mo- 


aOi's-my, n. Marria«8 to but one hu.»- 

S.i-i'.T-— ■— •■ ■— 

Anything hideo™ or ahnormij ; on. 
atrocinuay wicked or enicL S, A very 

man'o-cram, 1 moo'o-gram; 2 jnOn'o- 

griiin. n. A chancier maile up of ^^ 

interwoven letten. -v Ur 

mon'o-llth, Imen'o-lith; 3 mBn'o- s™™' 

UnnatunU; buae; hideous; bcMbie. -Ii, 
the 12 parti into whioh the year ii divided. 

-month^." I. fl"'contlSuli.| a mooii. 

llth-ie. Q. nSn-iMithll]. "*■ " 

tn»li'o-loK. 11 men'o-lBE; 3 mBn'o-lflg, 

11. B. (uosth'l'im". pi 1 A montWy Bu!>^ 

moii'o-lotiie< J n. A noliioquy. 

mon'D-meati 1 msa'yu-ment er -msnt; 2 

mon'o-ms'ill-a, 1 mon'o-mS'ni-Br 2 

mfln'yV-nient, n. Something erected u 

mOn'o-ma'Qi-a, n, Iimanity sa regards 
one subject.— mon'o-nik'nl-K, a. A p«r- 

tDDn'D-met'Bl-llsiIl, 1 msn-o-met'eWim; 

, 2 mOn'o-m/Sfal-lsni. i. The theory or 

practise of using one mElil only, espe- 

cially gold, as a standard of value.- 

mood'i 1 mOd; 2 mSbi. n. Saioe u uode. 

ffiDd'a-plue, 1 men'o-plSn: i mUn'o- 

pl»n, n. An aemplime with hut one nip- 

mind'; eapiiee; bum™"^*. 'xbe slate of 

punlngplane B« plMe ot AiTOPiAwm. 

betag moody.- moed'y, a. {iioon'i-iB; 

mo-aap'o-ljf, 1 mo-nop'o-li; 2 mo-n6p'o-ly, 

uooD'iTST.t Olven to eaprieioui mooda; 

n, [-tuca-. p;.] The e.elusive control of 

m<»d-l-H», B, 

moan, 1 mOn; S mS&n. n. 1. A sateltite 
revolvins about a planet.™ the B«th. J. 

A lunar montb: a? days. B Jkhub.— •■•mi'- 

beam', ». A ray M looanilgbi.- nwon'- 

IJght-. I.B. Pertslnloi to Ibe light otUw 

mon'o-wns-Hl'./mBn'M^l'e-bl. ti. A 

wont ot one OUnblo,- in«i-o-«Tl-l«li'lr. 1 

n>Bn-n^-l»h'ili; 2 mSn-o^-Kbl*. a. Ccm- 

voeed ol one ^llahle or of woMa or one 

c9i.'[r.S..APniT.Kng.l BmaniednriiHeitir 
distilled splrliH.-niooii'ghln'w n. An 11- 


mon'o-thenam. I mnn'o-fhllnn; 3 mfin'o- 

llcll distiller: a amuMler.-moOd-attm*-, 

thSlsm. n. The doctriBB (hat thcte is 

but one God.- mDn-a-lb«-lit, n.- mon'^ 

nUMir, 1 mOr; 2 moor, rf. A «. To fiSten, 


asaveasd, to the shore or bottom; lie up; 


taoaV^oarV, n. A eoiin Air the trli 
mop, 1 mopj 3 ">*&; I; "*■ 1"°' 

S. A taogJed bi 


Liou. moi'al-Uet.-' 

a', 1 n 

u'bid, 1 mSr'bid^T'mflrliid, a. 
v'dmnt. 1 TaeT'daal. 2 mOT'ilsnt. 

[PonliMi w«ntiin; most, niptrl.l Giealerta 

IL^^'a 2?nU? qu» "ity^ftlnount! eta. : 
an added amoual. III. adv. 1. To a 
ireater eiteut ar decree. I. In addilino. 

Beudei; furthat; likenue, 

marsoe, 1 mere: 2 mart. n. A place 
where eorpacs of persona found dead an 
eipooed for identification. la. Dyjof, 

Dior'l-baDd, 1 msr'i-bund: 2 mOi'i-bfind, 

iractiaioB polygamy; 
le saeied book i^ 1^ 

II. R. The early part of the day; any 
(aiiy nege- iiiorD'iDi^o'rT, a, A twin- 
ing [>lant wKh f unnel^naped flovera. 
mo-roc'cOi 1 mo-ret'o; S mo-rfte'o, n. 

Mnr'pbMU, 1 mar'fiiia or mor'Ii-usr 2 
mAi'fOa ffT m6r'fe-it>. n. Sleep: named 
from AfarjjAeiif, the Roman god of dreams, 

nior'pfalll, ) 1 mor'fin, -tin or -fin: 2 Qi6r'- 

mor'ithlnFjliD, -fio er -fin. n. A nar- 
entlD preiHired from opium, mor'plil-at- 

morMs, I msr'is; S mOr'is, n. An old-fuh- 
ioned rustic dance inEngland. mortleel. 

mor'row, 1 mer'o: 3 mftr'o. I, a. Ne»t 
BueceedinK.asaday. Il.n. 1. Thefirsl 
day after the present or aft«r a day epect- 
fied. 2. Momini. [food; emaU piece. 

mor'acl, 1 mer-sei; S mar'sil, n. A bit of 

mor'tal, 1 mSr'tel: 2 mdr'ul. I. n. 1. 
Subject to death; human. 2. DesiUv: fatal. 
II, n. A human belnii.- mor-tal'l-lr, n. 
j-TiM'.pl.l 1. The quailtFOI being mortal. 

mor'tal-lr, odn. FscaUy; eitremely. 

lOT joining bricks, eto. 
mort'KKfWt 1 mer'Bij; 

<rty) by mortfagej pladce. II. n A 
pleiUe of property ka aecuiity for a IcWD- 





oil 2 

mor'ii-n, t. 

(-fiid; -fi 

INQ.i I. 

, 1, 


Bhuae: vex. 2. To 


a bv futini. 

BtO.. U thB 

3. To dknroy tha 


ureof. n..-. 1 


ity, u livix 

QB, B. To be 





Uving )»dy. 

«. Tbit 

mor'UH., 1 1 


"2 n 

6r'tia. i. VI. 



ma-sa'lc|. 1 u 

D jnUid 

«)rfc°"i!, n.' luioi 

Ho-u'lC, a. PeitsiDing lo Mosee, the 
Hebrew losdar {1571-1451 B. C). 

HoB'lem, 1 moi'lem; 2 mtia'JiiQ. a. A n. 
Mohsmmedan. [lemplfl. 

miMque. 1 niesk; 2 mlSsk, n. A Moalem 

mm-qartOi 1 mss-kl'lo; 2 mos-kl'to, n. 
A two-winifed blood'flucldnff inBeet, 

■ ■ ■■ tB cryptog- 

Qiun* coDUInUlff mlDC 

■■•''■ait'ate, n. lilntrat. 

moflt port; prlnclt^lly. 
mote, liiiCt;2mL^t, n. 
moth, 1 meth;2inath, 

Z mSst. I. a. Consisting 
, numbci, Bmount, 01 quaa- 
II. nA„. 1. In the highest 

imblUu or per 

mo'tlon, 1 mB'ihiui; 3 ma'ahon 

Chann o( poBtion 1 ft movnnea 
t. ApropaCtlDn tobevoHdon. 
motloiivlc'Uan. <i. A rapidly cbmaiitf 

tno'ttra, i 1 ma'Uy; S md'ti' 

tuo'ttf.iiag poin-i 10 move; ckuans 

motion. II. n. That which incitu to u- 

tian; inoantiva; Intpulae; deingn; putpi&e. 

motlert 1 met'h; S mSfly. a. Variesnted; 

pwtywloml; betsnisaDeoua. 
lao'tor, 1 iwytar or -tar; 3 mA'tor. n. One 
thmt whioh [^roduoea motion, u 1 
■""■""—■""* ■^— -nr. icyele, 

mot'tle, 1 met'l; 2 mOt^l, il. [hot'ti.edi 

mould, monit, eie. See uoui. ete. 

DKmnd, 1 mouad: 2 mound, n. A heap of 
euth; bank; hiUo^. 

mount^, 1 mount: 2 mount, tt. & »'. 1. 
To lucend. a. To set or geC on hoiK- 
back. a. TaplBceonamountin«;9uppl7 
with fittinga; equin^ 4. To amount- 
xnonDt'liiK, n. 1. The aee of mounUra, 

1. Abouodlu Ja 

moim 'te-banki 1 maim'ti 
bitok, n. A vender of 

monrn, 1 mrim; 2 mSra, 

DMMse. 1 1 mdiu: 3 mom. it, ft n. ruoirnii 

3 mlc pi.] A BDUill todenC infeatin 

DKiulh, 1 mouHi; 2 mouth, K, A li, T 
■peak uoDsturally: rant; griroBce. 

■t which fixxl ia taken; any openiDg < 

Um*. I. ABmaUquAniliy. -month'pleM' 
■. 1. Tlial part ot bot uunrument Itast 

GbaDE« place; act; atjr; aSect; propoei 
make a motbon; pius: sa. 2. To ts1> 

tUf, l/a. Capable Dl beuu mined. U 

Ml'l-°r! n iiloi™We-T™i,-n.ov'i 
Uy.idi -moT'er.n-iDDT'lnt. Lot. 1 

E^cltlDst]ie/e«UD«H;uuchlriff. 11. The b 
of motLoK: ebange o( realdeiice wJtJi romoTi 
ot houBeliold ffocHla. etc — axin'lng-li, a4B.- 
noTloc pl^tarei see iiotion'Fictubic. 

— moTe'UMiit* n, 1. Cbuee of place c 
poelttoa; rale or movlnK. f. An unagi 

mMKs, 1 mOi'u: 2 mor'is. n." pi. 

moUoD'plctun Bbow. 
■IMHI<, 1 mO; 3 ni6, rt. & n. Jhowbi 

fused.— miid'dl-lj, adp.— upd'dl-iieM, n. 

— mad'd j-lib, a. 
nnil'dle, U m^Til'l; 2 mM':, I. K. <k rf. 
ondT, /Iudd'dled; iiud'dumq,| To 

by drink ; mil. IL n, A muddy or ooB- 

miiffi, n. A buncliuB action; iaihiie, as 

m ealching a ball; a buneter. 
mur'fln, 1 mnf'm; 3 mM'in, n, A light 

maftti, 1 1 m'nri ; S miifl. «. [uup'n.iD, 

mofl', ;urF'LD»:UDF'rLDioJTowrapup 

to it to deaden sound.— mnfDer, n. I. A 

moK, t mue; 2 mtig. n 

«ith a ha..dle and no Ud. ~ ' 

mng'sr, lmng'i;2mai 

uua'oi-mT.) Wami.i^ 

i£t. and close. 

5;t%b£t;''.B°w%°I jJBSi 


ma-Uffo. 1 mm-lBl'o: S 
of mingied nhile and n 

ma-I6t'o,^, One 


mnl'bCT-iT. 1 muLTxr-i 

hiX£I: ii( J^h 


^E*^ p'lj_^A_t— 


match, 1 moliHi; 

mau'; 2 Mower 

8 mOLch. I». VI. 

Hay or knil.; /. fii««-b«r; ■ 

DUco^ e-t: 

E r II i n '. liltjnl-l^u; lu, lu 


Stored "■'k.til.MM. 

aaetraw, spread^ 
about plants, to*^ 

U a ban; tbe place of noran 

-raoip. «. 

mow. I mS or mou; 3 mO 

protect Ibeit 

moa, 1 t3o^;2m(loh. I. 

. Great in 

raulci,' 1 molkt; ™f 

ck Mulberry. 

qniDtity or amount. IL n. 

1. A lante 

ait. 1. In a gteaC degree. 


ninle. I miof; 3 mQl, «- 

The offaprii^g of 

meet part. 

ajackase and a mare; a 

ny hybrid, aspin- 

nTR.-mallill, a 

nnU, 1 mul; £ mOl, •(. To heat I 

mnn. 1. A thin, «(t. ootton di«»"gooda 
mol'leD. I muL'Bn; 2 mOI'^o, n. A tall 

mnllloD, ^ .. .. 

diviBioa'pieu between wiodow^ichta ci 

ntol'ti-, 1 mnl'ti-: S mU'lK A ooml 
lorm Blgnltylnf nun;; u. miliUami. 

mill''tl-Ik'rf-aiu, 1 mnrti-fE'n-ui; 2 i 
ti-f^'H-fta, a. Having givat variety. 

■niil'tl-^l''>-lilW>', a, Tt 
pUed.^ m>il'(l-iai^»-bl(e' 

to tw'muiciplled.'br anoUi 

il'U-tade, 1 mol'ti-tiQd; 2 mOl'ti-tad, 
. I. The eUte of beiiUE many. 2. A 

' Be si^ 

m'Ue, ) 1 n 

S. Hrpocrltlcil wade. 
mum'mri 1 muni'i; 2 mfini'y. n. Ixni 
bjEai, p^J A faody embJmed In t! 

mump'Uh, 1 mtimp'ifli; 2 mamp'iah, 
Sullen; nikx: petulant, -ly, adt. -nta, 

miin'dkne. 1 mon'dSn; t miln'cUii, a. 

Banhly.— imn'daiie-1f , odp. 
mu-nlet-inl, 1 miu-nia'i-pel ; 3 mQ'nlf'^ 

pal, o, Pertainios to a town or city or u> 

Hwfll soTflmment.— DiB-ii]e"l-paJ1-l7, a. 

[-Ti£9>. fj.] An InoerporalHl horouch, towD. 

D-nlf 1-«eDt. 1 m 


mu'TI-at^c, ] m 

Perttuninc to i 

b°e""lS. n. 

Id bi- a wad. 

L'i>at'ik ; 2 mO 'ri-it'it. o. 

; E mllrkV. a- [mum'- 
\1 Darkened; hacy; ob- 

ic disease of cattle; plapie. 

nnu-en-Ufl-tr, n 

, ,. r t. One of the 

Eoddeasea of poetry, art, and efience. 
nn-se'llin, 1 miii-ri'nm; 2 mO-BE'ilni, ii 

miiBli 'rootn, ] 


•D aodgftthftr too^thflr; 

: mntB-bli 

Sll miQ'tB-bl; E 
', 1 ChangieBble; fii 

maBk, I mink: 8 idUsI 

odor, obtained L 
from the must, 
deer; alw, tha 

rodentp yleldliis 4 ■ 

dumb. IL n. I. One who ii 

. 3. Ooe who does DoC n>uk, u b 
Bclor. S. In Turliey, s dumb 
of ihe Benello. who acts as eie- 

er. 4. A letter (m 6 in dumb) that 

RebellioD, as of widlei 


a. 1. PettaLninB 10 
ipTOcally relatedT t, . 

. <UlD.-IIIB-UHl'l.t]l, 

ig mulual: reclprocJty. 
; 2 mu-shttV n. A 

■nal'P, fiLiD. Hni-LD^Mtri'iLiNa.) To 
iMten up the mouth of: lilanffi. IL n. 1. 
The snout ol an animBl. 7. A luard for 
an animal's snout. S. The front end ot 

my-o'pl-B. 1 mai-a'pl-«; 2 nJ-0'pi-Fi, II. 

Nesr-fllghtednMi, mr'a-prt.— m^-op^ n. 
myrl-ad, 1 mirt-od: 3 rfr-I-ad, n. I. A 

vut indefinite number, i. Ten thousaad. 

miT'l-a-Bnm, imirt-a-Il'ter, myr'i-a- 

it"lcr, elc. In the metric system, 10,. 

S: W9lf,ds;b0bk,bdb(; tifll,n|lB. <^re.biU,banii fill, bAr; Bo, tern; Igk; thlo. thii. 

with jtUoW 

■o-pedi 3 mJr'i-»-p6d, 

1ik<.poopleofan- '■ '"""' 
dent TnipsuLy, tlw devoted 
Achillea in the Trojan var. 

grvit Qovam, and blaok benies 

eSif', pron. I; me: emphatic OT 

mn'ttt-j', 1 mis'lar-i: 3 mjf 

[•ms", pl.| Something unknoi 

henslble. -ly, aat. -DCflfl, n. 
mra'ter-f'. '■- |-ies>, pl.\ A medicTal 

dnunatjo periormuioe ; miiaole>pI&y. 
mra'tlc, II mis'iik, -ti-ltel; 2 nijs^*, 
mj-B'tl-csl, J -ti-enl. a. Beeret; dark; bear> i 

i; perpki: bewilder. 

tndition; populntfa- ' 
. Patoinliic lA mrai 

_, . mrtMet.— ■iTtb'^^ 

emit a. Pfllalnlna to mjtbotcwT; UN 
mi'th'iHacatt^ ■iirA'M^wi^^ 
.4dE.— iDftlMl'o-cUti •■-- mi^tfeor- 

itudyof mytlu. 

Me- mrtny^. 

N, 0,1 en: 3 en, n. Imn.N's.or/ 
2 eng, fij.1 The lourteench lett 
Enelkah alphabet. 

i.j' rCoiimj!] Tfo catch, 
ne'heh; 2 niliSb. n. 

■UL'bOb, 1 

■ui, 1 nag; 2 uie, i4. di li. [NA.aaED, 
NAan>; NAO'nmo.| To wold or uibs oon- 

nsi, n. A small bene; pony. 

Na'lul, 1 nS'yad; 2 oS'yid, n. [Na-ia-dph, 
1 nSVB-dl>; 2 ni'yB-dea. pi.| Cioit 
Myth. A waterTiymph. 

nail. 1 nei; 2 nr.l, L U. To fasten, u 
niLb a naiL IL n. 1. A thin homy 
plate on the end of n hnfer or toe. S» A 
metal pin jvitb^ifunt at one ead and bead 
at the other, for driving into Tood. 

I1»-|VP', J llQ-Iv'; S ni-Iv', a. Inaorentty 
■ (rank aid bright— JI»-t«TT,0(l>.— naflinr- 
tfTl naViff, 2 nifly-te'. s. laomac 

na'ked, 1 nelied; 2 n&liM. fi. Without 

elothnie: nude; 


deecitute: plain; 




I. rt. 


mU by 


word by 

l™, o 



n. ». N 

n nt to be 





an-koen', 1 nan 



m'.n. A 

lap^ 1 nap: 2 



NAPT-; ((.P-PiHa 



p. ILa. 

A short Bleep: do 

»o>, n. The ihoit 


■ on the >urf ace ot 


nape. 1 nen; 2 sin, n. The bach of the 
IluIi'tlu,flnaI'(hB;Zni['tha.n. Amis- 
DVi'tluM', J tile, inAanunabie oit- 
napldll. 1 nap'kia: 2 niipldn, n. A imaU 

olotb for use at table, etc. 
iWH»(1r, loar.ket'ik;2iitD«iH->e. La. 

Cauaifw Bleep .or stupor. IL n. A oar- 

r-HAT-eD*: ■BAi'mo,) T 




D»r'n-(l«e,U aar'e-Iiv; 

k! ■!& Putaii^ 

II.«. AioKlBily«™ui 




UUr'raw, 1 nar'o; 2 hAt'o. 


little distance from Kde 

to Bid 


illibenl. III. n. A c 


unit, -ly, ado. -deu 

nar'wlial, 1 n4i'nDi.l^ S 


laiie «.> 


one's birth; dating from birth. 
na'tion, 1 n«'^sa: S nfi'ahon, 
people OS an orgaiuied body; i 

birthpbi™. 2. Inboi 


1 plai 

t'D-ral, 1 nfl<!li'ii-Iiw nat'yii-]r,., „ 
iach'u-[or nftt'yu;lral, a. Pertainini to 

wture: not uBecled or artificial: nonnal; 

■st'II-nl4i«««,n,~-n*t'u-nl-lst.n. One 


a'U-^'al, ] 
n'ti-lng, ] 

noUiuk. 3. 

A cuttlefish 

^ nsvy. Z. Having 

nsTC'i 1 nSv; a niv. n. 
a church, between th 

; E.nB'. 

_.__ iddle of the abdomen. 

il'l-^tc, 1 navVgPt; 2 niv'i-fat, rl. & li. 

loumey by ship. 3. To direct a ship; 

niwd; capable o( nsvl^ilon.— nat"!-™'- 
tlnn. n. 1. Thp apl nl navigating I. The 
position and dlrecUni 

mihtaj-y force of a 

neap, 1 nip; 2 n!>p, a 

in riding or driving, 
IIL adt. AC little 
aely. tV. prep, dot 

DMli, 1 nit: e tOi.'Tp^ 
map, a. Pertunins ts 

Jfl Dollecti^dy. !E 

ai. [ntbl 

A beak: bal; tit 

- DAb'B^aa'^trp H 

L a. Buns luch Che 
II. n. I'B[sa>, ' pi.] I 

1; unavoidable. 

n*-eei'ii-lMU( a. Nndr; deatliute — im- 
BHU-tr.n. tnvi.iX.) 1. TtaequaUuof 

fate: latallU'. '*. Ponrty. 
■Mdl, 1 nek; 2 n^lc. n. The part of an 
tiaimal CODnsotiiir tlie bead and trunk; 
any similar part, ah in a bottle or sarmflnt. 

UienBck.—iWBk'tle". n. A tww«tlevani 
Be-CTOl'o-Kr> 1 ni-icrsl'o-ji; 2 na-erSI'o-ty. 

w [-aiE>>, pi.] A resistor of deaUia. 

— De-croj'n-flat, n. 
■iM'r<>-m>n''cr, l aek'ro-mso'u; 3 □ee'ro- 

mAn'ry, n. Divination by means of 

pretended communicatinn with the dead; 

man'tle.™ '""""' ™'' " "" "" 
ne^rop'o-Ua, 1 oi-krop'o-lis: 2 ne-ertip'o- 



or required- 

perU— DfledTDl, a. Needed: RqulB]c«;n 

MC'dle, tl nl'dl: 2 nC'dl. «. 1. AHmall, 
nec'dlr, Jpdatetl inBtniment with an eye 

eto. S. A Btisiflht wi 

l: 2 n«d'y, 

ne'er, l nir; 
ne-ra'rl-aiiSi 1 

; 2'n(, 


ine or imiHjin^ denial or 

denial. 1. Phot. A i^etura having the 
IltliU and Aodea rtmnM -^i • 

neir-lect', 1 nee-lebt'; 2 nffVM'. l^. H. 
Toftu] to attend to; inf»e; overlook; div 
regard. IL n. 1. The stale of beinf 
neglected. S. Want of attention; die- 
n^M:omlaslon;overBlAht.— nef-leetfalta. 
Marked brne^ei1t:lieedlaB;<HreI(n.-ly,iIilt 

neK*U-|«e', 1 negli-sS'; 2 nSg-[i-.h?'. I 
a. iDformal in dn». IL n. Cncere- 

habit or nealeetlnff; heedleamoai; oaretei^ 
DOB.- nerU^Htc', a. Tiial duu' b« 

IW-S«'tHlt«, 1 m-gB'flii.*t; 2 ne-Sfl'shi-it, 
«. A m". [-AT'lca; -AT'ma.l To bargMn 
(or; aiTai«e: dlnne ot; ntl.- ■wco^'O-aV 
tor, >>.~n*-«»'tl-f4lie', o. Thatmarba 
wotlateil.— oe-«o*tl-a-hllt-t», — — - 

nr'KTO, 1 nl'gni; 2 n8'j 

lib, i^^lS^ 

s, or theii de- 

■: £ nCMa. a. fan. 
. n. To 0T7 or caJI, 
The Biy of a hone; 

DClKll'bOr, 1 nSliBr; 2 njlxir. 

\i near.— neigb'ba^ly, a 

■H'thar, 1 id'OiH: 3 Bi'tMr, i 

[0-1 Hetribulion. I 

nc'o-phrtc. 1 nl'o^ait: Z ns'o-nt, 
M^'ew,)! nef'yu: S nEf 
Bcrew'. f «0D of H sister or 

■cp'o-aam, 1 nep'o-ium; E noyo-usn. 1- 

Ntp'tolMi 1 nep'dbfiD; g nSp'obuii, n. 1. 

Rtn. Myth. The (od of the Ks. 3. 

Ttie plsneC faithut (rom ths lun. S. 

Tbe ooeui- lA sea'aympb. 

N*'re-ld,l°l'n-id;2ii«'ie-Iil,n. Or. liytli. 
nWTe,llnDrv;Snerv. I,ti<. [mbiit(e)1)>; 


r-vlD I. 

Ummh sn uilraa 

DH'TaOB,' 1 nor'TDB: 2 nSr'vlls. o. 
PertainioB to or affected by the ner 
Z, UDduly «xd(abLe; easily Hftitsted. 
Piin at Dtrva or vlEDT, -If, adf- •!»■•, 
—■ ^■-— " Qfab'tnc, 

lih'eoB; : 
added to adjectives uul f 

IfCToest ;'2 Dtst, (. I^V Toplac. 
' supply with Dseia: plaee, aa di 

one ina^fl aaother. II. 
, 1. The place 

KET'TTHa.) To male i 

aeV^', X. To earn or yi' 
net, o. Free and deai 
net, ». An open " 
made for tbe eapt 
-DCt^iork*, n. . 

nSf^,"! netb'M; 

-Htt'CHlllWf, I 

nel'tle,)! net!; i 
Ott'tP, jn-War; 


irriute. IL n. A oommon herb, with 
iMn-t>l'^«, 1 nia-r»l'ji-e;. £ nO^U'ti-a, 

nea'Inl, 1 nm'trsl; 2 nQ'tral. I. n. 
Takm^ neither side; havinf no decided 
clLBracl4rorHction;aeul«T. 11. n. One who 

tral'^ty, 1. l-™*, Bi-i The state 

oountarMt— iMntnl-^^a'- 

NcW^DOnd-lutd'', 1 nia'tend-land'iS na'' 

'iw%«r.n, Apapalasiudi 

Dcwt, 1 niU: 2 nClt. n. A amoll li>ard-4il 

neil,! ■idcst;2DEket, I. 

diatfily succeediojE. 

n"-idb£3*?l"'^ ""*' 

■iebe, 1 Dich; 2 nlch. 
Olclt, 1 Dilt; Z nlk. t 

point of tim«; critjc 

alck'el, 1 niW'el; 3 nik'a. n, 
BUver-likfi metoL X. A L'ni 

notch: hit; gt! 
t;uob^: tally; 

Dlrh, 1 a<ii 
nlglit, 1 a 


,— niilit'cw*. n. 
ilDg \a^— nlgbt'- 

I, d^ P«rtaliihiff to Dtffbc; ocourrlnff K 

BtKht'ln-iab^, 1 noil'm-ga'; S nlfin-i&L, n. 
V smBlTEu-^^ 

H.- nlm-Mr. dffi. ' 
din'biii. 1 Dim'iiiii: 2 nlm'baa. a. \vne- 

bavy, raliflHaTlDg doud. 3. ^n. A taiio 
or vgm ud KlDry eiiiiinjiiDs ttis bud. u nt 

line, 1 nam: 2 nin, a. A n Eiitht plni 

-nlue'tl-elli. I. a. O 

nlne^, a. A n. Elcbty 
I, n. Of or iwrtJLlnliiff- to 
pu^— DlnUlly, odp. 
ilD-nT. 1 Ein'i: 2nlQ'y, b 
A flimpletoni dunce. 

llp.llUp-3lllp. I.rf.lNIPrKU-.Kin-iSll" 

riKO.f To bitfi or pinch suddcnty ; Affect 
by f-— " - - - 

NIN'MIB'. rL\ 

Illp;iilc, il nipl; 2 nlpl, n. The cone- 
nlP'l''. I shaped prowM of the breast; ■ 

nl'tro-sen, I nni'tru-jeo ; 3 nl'tro-ifn, n. 

nl'tro-flrC'CT-lll, 1 noi'tro-gliB'sTMn; 2 
nl'tnHJfic'ir-Iii, n. A light-jrellDW oiU 
exptosiva liqmd mado by tr^^tiniE glymin 



1 na'-bl; 2 iiaT>l. 1. o. 

no'blibt,) 1. EmHad in (harMter or 

lobgiDC to an uistocracy; of exalted 
nut. II. n. A noblemui; peer.- no- 
Ull-tr, n. l^rns", p(.J Tbe bum of bain* 
ooble^ \ite Pflwase; arlHtocraa/.- DO'Mv- 
mui n. [-MEN, nf.l A DDbl«; p«er-— no'- 
Ue-new, n.~lio'Mri "^f- In > nobis 

nolKMl-y, 1 nOTwd-ii 2 nB'WSd-y, n. No 
noc-tnr'iiBl, inak-tDr'nBl;3o8«-tfir'nal,o. 

Pertaining tonight; oceuiring at nijtht; 

Kekine food by night. 

end forWiird, as the head 
or top: inclme tho head^ aa in aaa«nt or 
drowsinesa. II. n. A forward and down- 
ward motion of the bead or top. 

JJj^ W nod'i; 2 nMI, n. The head. 

■odc'l n6d; 2 nOd, n. 1. A knot or 
knob- Bwellmg. 2- Sol. The joint of a 
llem. 1. JlfnlA. A 1 

t itself. 4. The point 

■ecu tin ecUctli 
Uiltotoiw lumi 

ro.l 1.' To spread by rui 

• ■^- -li-'irb with noia 

.lly a disturb! 


oaeDATQ; Hl^melUng; noxlotu. -Ijj adt. 

Roving; unnettled; nomadic. II. n. A 
nvn- one of a rovlna n«e.— no-muCK. a. 
Poulnlng lo nomodi: roaming: unsettled. 
M-men^tnre, i nS'men-klS'iaiur or 
■tiur; 3 n6'nifc-elll*ch«r or -tflr, n. A 
Byatem of namea, aa used in any art or 

naml-iul, 1 nem'i-nDl; 3 nSml-nal, o. 
Pertaining lo a name: exlBting in nam? 
only; Intonnlderable. -Ij. od^' 

peiiod before one b iegaiiy of age; n 

IMD''m-4^na'ri-Bii, l nen's-ji-n^'n-an; 
" i'D-£e-na'ri->n. I. a. Pertaining 
ninetk&. IL n. A penon beCwe 

■H>D"p*t-teii 'dance, 1 

, . , o. tc proTi. ■ Nol 

one: Qo one. EL luli. In no ngpeat. 
non-en^tl-tF. 1 nan-en'ti-t.; 2 n6n-*n'ti-1y. 
[-nna", p2.J Nothingneaa; nothing;ni> 


I'aenK, 1 ne'n'aeni 

snse; absurdity.— 
That time of day 

FertaininB to NDrm&ndy. 
in« of noTthwBSlem Franai, 

ILn. An lnh»hitant of Nt ,. 

Ifone, 1 oBTs: 3 nOn. I> a. PBHaining to 
Boandiaiivisii oouBtris*, or to their peo- 
ple* or LmEU»eea, IL n, Tha ScHodin?- 
Tun latwia^Da. cffpecially the leelAndii 
— IfMM'nuii, B. AD uidBit BnixUnivlij 

worth, 1 aer£h; 2 oflrth. L a. 
towud or in the north, t. Is 
the north. IL n. 1. One of U 
dinal pointB of the oompui; 
hand of an observer who fsM 
opposed to •oath. t. Any n 
ft(i»«Bpdnt. *" -'- 

mara-V, a.— ■»nB-'inn-«B. a. 

BOrtbtr, I nSrft'en S nOrth'Or, n 

north wind er Bile.— nwtk'er-Ir. 

Bonli«n, II. adr. To-"^ ™- f"™ 
DorUi.— dorth'em. I. i 

nartb'cm-«, ■>. One rtaldlna In i 
■OW. 1 nOi; 2 nAe, K. & li. 

Nos'iNO.J To uneO; Kent; tncl 
BOW. n. Thut pint of the (ace cr 

TOEnedy; quack medidiw, 

Lt: uwd in negation, prohibitk 

tmei-pl-l 1. The fluBllty 01 beliiB Douil 
>. A penon ol dSstlnctton.— iio't»-blrS e 

■I0t'>-ble>, 1 net's-b1; 3 nSfa^hl, a. E 
isently careful or thnfn and akiiful, u 
bouHkeeidnc.— Bvf^bQ^ otfv. 

lia't»4T> 1 nSta^; 2 nO'ta-ry, n. I-RH 

1. The procen of notins or desisastio 
by fijEures. etc. t. Any Hyateoi ol raga 

_._., asKithT 

notch, > 1 QAdh ; 8 n&ch 
not^. IL n. Aniok 

ntc 1 oBt; 2 

Itn, 1 

I to n 


It Indt'ed*! : 
i. High in 

A character iodrca' 

n by rvamtaclon oi 

■ tn£e. 'iL 
U.-Bothldl- , 

a%t lnt«llicence; 
tt«atnl«nt. 1. ; 
oated.- luytke^-blte 
tin.- Bo-tkiB-a-Ui, 
l-nan; -niMj 1. 1 
' — - —onubiMi.- 



S oSCwIth-BUiid'iiit, I. I 
la Hpite of thfl fact; Bew 

■anti, 1 nauD; 3 noun, n. A woni uKd i 

DMU"IlkS 1 nur'ifii: a DJ) - - ' ' 
To feeif: - - - ■ 

iCe.lIn8v'ia;2n6Vic,n. A bepmi. 
la** ) one who snten a nlij^ioufl hoi 
protnUon.— DO-rFttate, n. Tlw Mi 

na'whav', 1 nS'bwftr'; 2 nS'hwer', od 
Iio'wilK", 1 afl'KOii'^ S nS'nle', aJt. la i 
noiloiu, 1 nek'ihin: S nak'ahOs, 

I'lle. Jdiicharie a( liquid, u from a 

'ete-a*, 1 nia'Ui'Us; S nO'ele-iiB, n. 

entrKl moflfl. u of a comet; kero^ 

de, 1 DiOd; a nQd. a. Deititula ol 

Icpthbur; laikBd; ban. -If, odp.— nu'dtty, 

B*. ^.1 If aliedDUB; AnTtlilDff nude. 

. noj: 2 nOdg, I. i^. [vidqed^ 

jja.l To touch gently, u with the 

IL n. The act of DuiigiDg. 

■ll!{l»,lnnlr8nflI.o. Ofn 
(OMt: Toidi otnoamlL 

■ulOl-iy, 1 DulVCoi; Z uOI^ 
-n'iKO.I To deptivt at 

frliv.— sallM*«r. 

-n, i4. I-n 

. .1 Tuifu Inotidta. til 
ivm iwrraoi MKivfl tbe Unv) t^C tleoou 

■n-merT^aljO. PenalnlDg to niur ' ~ - 

inn; that wh' ' ' 

nSw n. n I. A Of"'"''™'- 
fruit' ooadatiiic of > ksniel or seed ea- 
cloaed Ln ft woody BbelL X. A uoaI] 

blook of wood or metal havizut a 
tauil senrw.UirBUl.-nufciiU-', a. 

•ell.- aal'tlHdl*. n. Tiie aiieu oi k n 
lu'M-ent, 1 nifi'tn-enC: 2 nQ'tri-e 

M1l«b' n. I.'Tb"""" 

DTmilll, 1 1 nlmf ; S Dfmf, n. 1. Mvlh. 1 
nrmf', / female divinity iahabitins i 
: .. j_ [^oet.l A damHl 

0,o,ie:gB,n. Ioju,0'b, orOn.I St; 3 Bg, 
p;.] Tbe Gfteentli latUi in tbe EoElish 

ut, 1 St; 2 Ot. 

P^-J A fertile Bpot II 

a BtstemeDt. S. A blupbemoiu ose of tb* 
name ot the Deity or nfaflythinit sairred. 

Hard-hearted; Btubbnrn; impemtent; uo- 
yielding. -If, adv. -oaat n.— oh'du-i^ 
ey,n. Oballcuy: oMurstentw. 
<»-be'dl-eiit, 1 o-bl'di-ent; 2 a-b«'di-£nt a 

bendiDB of the koee^ 
oli'c-Usk, 1 ob'i-li»k: 2 BbV; 

1^. 3. The da^er (tj ua 

-bey'. 1 o-b*": 2 o4)fl'. ». 1. i. To do the 

bidding of (a person) ; act aecordma to (a 
command or law) : be controlled by. IL 
■ '^- -ield oV--"- 


o-btt'u-1-rr, 1 o-biifh'u-[or o-bi 

"-■- (or o-Ml'y|i-l&->y. I. 

.. death. IL b. A i 

notjee d( il death. 

ob-Jeet"', 1 sb-jekt': 2 »b-i**f, 
'To allege ae ■ naaon aeainst k 
II. 1. To declare oneaelf op 

ob'itcC 1 eb'iekt; 2 Bb'jtet. n. 

1. Any- 

Uiii« thkt tOK/ be paneived by ths hs 
a. That vbiflh u affHtcd by ux art 
S. A[iurp(w;alin.— ab-lMll«i,n, Tlii 
af oblwUDa: UiM whtob la objeewd.- 

ob'tl^W. 1 eb' 

! 6b'U-eftt, rt, 
a duty,- ofcTl- 
-al or iFeal Donstnlnt; a r«aiilr«meiit Im- 
Gr p^alty.— obliim-ti^rii, a- OT a na- 

o-bllfi', . 

Impel; r 

ibt«l,aaiorBiavor;grHarr.— o-tilf'- 

Dlanoaed to do lavon. 
', I ob-llk'or ob-loif; 2_6b-lUi' or 

Uq-Bl-tr.n. i™s' 

Id.] ObllquaqiiallU'ila- 
it'ar-et; 2 Bb-llt'fr-at. 

out: tOKB.— ob-lifcr-a'tliui, n. 

Db-Ur'l-on, 1 ob-liv'i-on; SOb-Uv' 
1. The stats of b«DC utterly foi 
a. The act of forgotting oom^ete 

__ fifuie b 

greater length tbaa breadth. 
ottlo-iiiir, 1 ob'la-kffi; S 5b1a-I(wy, ' 
Odiiun or diagrace. TU Vilifioatioa- 
ob-DOilous, 1 eb-neL'jhu3; Z Sb-nSk 

• ■"-'— — Bd t- - - '" 

». 1 „ „ 

, 1 eb-slH'; 2 6b-sto', 
• tity or deee 

•b'se-qulu. : 

pi. Funeral 

kwL-ds. a. Meanly aubmiaaive; compU- 

cetebrateieomply with. S. To^ 

and eontrato [t. S. SpVOiuillitii. PoiieadDD of 

ob'so-letc 1 ob'so-Ut; 3 5b-«>-16t. I. a. 
Qone out of use; dismrdedy^ntiquated. 
IL n. An obaolet* word lir einreoHion. 

oh'stMte, 1 eb'sts-kl; 2 Sb'sta-el, n. 

That whicb atanda in the way of progreia; 

on obstruction; hindranoe. 
ab-stet'rlM, 1 sb-elet'nkai 2 Sb-atet'mj, 

n. The btaaoh of mediiui] science »- 

latlDff to midwifery .— ob-sl«l'il-«l, a. 

Blr^'Si^Os. o, Noi^. m in deniB 

flomiitalnG: clamennia- -Jyi ado. -tn 

ob-stract'd, 1 ab-etroltt'; a Ob-strQi 

— ob-etiDe'Uon, n. 1.'. 

iDK or tendlsff lo .^^ — > 

Inv oneBHlf reward, -ly, odf , 

ob-toae', 1 eb-tiOB"; a SWiSs', o. Oresler 

than a right angle; rounded; dull; stupid; 

ob-nne', 1 eb-vDH'; S eh-rore', 1. Noting 


mediate]; evident: maoifeet. 

at-rM'ikin, l e-ke'inD^ Z 6-c&'iI; 

To brine abouC; «ub. II. < 

euiranMi opportunity lor a 


I'n-dwit; Z e«'9M*at, n. 

-_.„ JB Ifini v««t of Afl& and 

the Turkic empiR. 3. |o-] The veet. 
— Oe'^ideB'lBlia. Bekuuliw to tlie Wen, 
nr'M.niiC. 1 .Ir-m-nnt ■ 3 St'ci-pOl, ri. The 
bad.— oe-dpl-t>l. 

Hidden :»=- 

. . -- JolfUt, ".- 

ac-vultli, alv.— oe*eal-tB'tlan, n. Cdd- 

!'CU-py, 1_ ok'vu-paii B, ae'yy-pl, _cl. 

or betv busy^occupanor. 
e-eUr', m. [oc-CDBMB', 
m'RiNQ.l_ To happen; 

2 e'ahAn, n. Tlie grest 

I ereat tracta icto which 
y unbounded eipsnse.- 

!&-e(<[. n. A native red 
eArth> of Iron and clay. 
uiduB palnc-s'ebHw 

aili a'oimiut- 

;2o-cliili'. Of the dock: 

it is divided; a 
o"ee-iui1«, B. 

Geom. A figure with c^Kht 
elflbt aoBlo.— oo-taff'o^mUt a. 

Oc"t^be'dnl, 1 ek^[>-hrdrel; L 
dnU, a, Havinji eicht cqunl pEi 

oe-Ja-he'dion, 1 oPtB-hrdren; 

li§'dr6n» n. Qaom. A solid bounded by 
aioht pUiw taoM. 

•c'6iT«,lrii'tiv; 2 6«'iaT. I. o. 1. Com- 
poaed of eight. 3. tf u>. FBrtainioi to 
an oetrn. U. n. Mm. An interval 
of seven desnea; a odte Bt tliig interval. 

w>t>'TO, 1 otte-vo; 3 fte-tiVo. I. a. 1. 
Folded into eight iHvea. Z. Denoliot 
a certBin siie of page (oommonly QiOVi 
inehea): Sm. l£ n. A book of euota 

M»-U]'llon,lek-til'yBn;2 6e-tII'yon. R. A 
cardinal nurabv: ui the French Byet«m,' 
tepminted by a flcura 1 with 27 dplien 
annexed 1 in ttw Eosliah ayBtflm, by a Sciin 
1 withtS omtaen. 

Oe-tolMr, lek-ta'benSSeU'bSr.n. Tha 
tentii month of the year. 

OC'tv-Ce-ui'rl-uii I ek'la~ji-ae'ri'Ba; S 
Se'ti^te-na'ri-Bii. 1. o. Bnng eighty at 
from eif:hty to uinety yeara of age. 
II. n. A person of between eighty wd 

OC'to-piu, I 6k'to-pDi; g Oe'to-pfis, n. 

■iMiii 2 -pT, pf-1 An - 
cicht'Brnied cuttle- jf 
fiah; a devil-fish, 
oc'a-Ur, 1 ok'yu- 
ler: 2 il.'yu-lar. I. 
a. Pertaining to or 
cnonected with the _ 
eye, H. n. The "- 

idd.l 1 ad; 2 Ad. a. 1. Nol 
id', J divisible by two without 
:. left over after b diviaon : ac 

Occasional. 1. Peoiiliar: 


additional 1. 

2 Mb; b. 

, A brief poem; a lyrio. 

nected with." t. From oc out from. 
Directed toward or eierted upon. 
Conoeniiog; about t. E<]uivalaBt to. 

oa,lM:Z6l- L«. Futher^uddflfrom. II. 

ode. I. Away. 3.EaUrp|ytt>Miend; ut- 


lively, u in coq,uetry. II. n. An amo- 

"wiy or our^'m.' IV."ntoT. Begon'S 

»w.£-oir trior. unwliBlsciory: ln(«lor. 

o^gre. (1 B'gor; 2 A'SB'-. "■ A demon 

set oO or uBlnst; balBDM .— oB'iet", b. 

oh, 1 0; 2 0. 'intcrj, An ejaculation evoked 

./^T^Kuz^f'^.n. Ref.«ot...t^ 

qhm,™ 0ni°8°"i^!'' The unit of electrical 
resistance, equivalent to the reaiatance 

oM^^;io-Wd^B6-ftod-,. IW J. 

^re: fi^ 'QBCTg"simon"oSm (17S?T- 

To affront. SI, To ma sgamst. II. i. 

1854) , German phyMcist, 

1. To tronagreBH laws. 2. To displeasp. 

-old, lu/nc. Like: lesembllni: bivtu the 

rormol; SftepheroUt 
oil, 1. eil;.E 6il, I. rf. To lubricate or 

sIVO*. I. a. 1- Scrviojl or InteDded to 
ServliiK as a means ol attacli. II. n. Ag- 

anomt with oil, II. n. A greasy Lquid. 
of vBgotabJe or animal origin, insoluble m 

^S2<ri*SLJfo'r ™"l^fclSS °^ m"»'^°- 

of^er, i™'Vr2 8f?r, = I. i. 1. To pre- 
Bent tor aoceptMce., 2. To propose, 3. 

tUlKr.- o'lrclotb". n. 1. Coarse cloth coat- 
ed with while lead ground In oil. and boarUig 

To BBcnfioo. II. 1. 1. To prfisent it- 

The kot o( oHertng; a Dropoaal,— •Tler-lDg, 
n. 1. TneadtormAkJnganoIter. I. That 
nblcb ta ottered; sacrlflce. 

done In oil-colors: opposed to aaicvalor and 

olf'j, 1 eU'i; 2 iiil-y. -. [oh-'i-ek: oil'i-e™,] 

wltb oil: smQoth, as m speech.- otil-nna, n, 

Mnt'ment, 1 eint'ment or -msnt; 2 &mi'- 

ment, n. A fatty medioinal preparation 

2". Words or muBi'c during the collection 

offoiSe. ot'tte^thinT^^- 
oU'liandMefhand'; EWhlnd'. oft ad.. 

oPBc",Ti™'C5b'-''!.''. *■ Aparticubr 

Antiquated; worthieBa. 3. Farailiar, 

vioeorduty, S. A pUce vhero bu^uess is 

customary.- oM'm. L «. A M. To rea- 

der old: ^w old. ILo. Old;ancleDt. 

carried oD.-orB-eer. I, h. 1, To com- 

oTe-»«'l-nou8, 1 flli-ai'i-nos; 2 olB-fiJ-i- 

mand as an oOlotr. », To appoint oa»™ 

nda. a. Oily. 

M krm/-of-n'd»l- °I. fl, if PsrtalidS to 
an ofHoe. S. AuUiorllatlvB. IE. n. One 

O'Te-an'der. 1 a'li-an'der; 2 Ole-in'dSr, n. 
An Old *orW ever- 

holding a Dubllc offloe.- of-fl'cl-ate, rf, I-at'- 

green Bb™b with pink 

»-lM..mar'pi-'rln or 

wbat Is not one's ooncem. -If, ode. -ncss.n. 

-rtne, 1 e-li-o-mar-jB- 

ott'lDK. 1 «S'i1- 2 af'inc. n. TVaut. Th&t 

rin cr -rfn; 3 flle-o- 

beyond anchoraira-Kround.'pe-rln or -rln, n. ■ 

made from anisial fats, * 

oB-anrlaf. 1 ei'spriu"; 3 er'sprlng', n. 


<»«t, 1 ett; S ftt. [Poet.] I. 0. Fiequont. 

ol-rac'to-TT, 1 al-fak'to- 

T\- 2 61-lSe'to-ry. a. 

" It »i... Often., ^ ^ 

of smell. 

ol'l-pir-flll'. 1 el-i-gor-ki; 2 Sl-i-gS.-.y, n. 

al-l-ar'cUe, a. oTV^u'eluIt. 
ql'lTBiT 1 el'iv; 2 JSl'iv. n. 1. Aii Bvergreen 
ont", J tree, wipiently ui emblem of pMW; 

alaOp itfl oily fruit. %, A dull y«UowHh' 

HieeD ct^or. 
-oJwn • fS^. A niffli used In EucHib Konli 

OH/ra'pl-u, li>-1un'[ii4D:£o-lfii:i'pl-an. I- 
0. L Peruinliic to (tw tnlva (oda of 
OlynuHB. ewednIlT to Zeis (JuciUEr). >• 
Ffviolnlag to Ihe OLyvple rune*. 11* h. 

Mrm'iile, 1 o-Um'pik; 3 

Myniic suu 

u Olyiopla, In ' 
-figuTft lively, tl 

of Olrmplui ZeuB. 
2 o-me'Si, n. The 


1, 10' 


3aW°ii. I._t( 

thine regarded 

ai^meoHi.— om'^iioiu-lf 1 od*. 

O-mit', 1 o-mit': 2 o-mlt', vi. [o 

o-mr'TiNo.l To leave oat; ]m- 

Id fried. 
.,. ... Some- 


IL n 


Om-nlp'O-Mnce. 1 om-nip'o-tens; E 

lent, a. Almlcbty. 
om'nl-pTes'ciicr, l om'm-prei'ena;E 
lu-prtt'H^I, "■ The quality of being 

la, lei 

. Eyerywuere 

]^ food of ftll kindg; greedy. 
. Forward; 

II. J 

Close bebiDcL I. Directed 
la the act of. ». C 
refemicfl to. 7- la 

■■e'l J durins some poat 

Comprised in. t- Id 
One liLX, 

mngle tUng oi 
Ednltelr.— >B w 

b; Z 6D-(T~aa, a. Bui- 

OBlon, 1 ua'vBn; 2 lln'yon. n. Aq ediWii 
underKrotmd bulb of the lily family: r«- 

i. ILoir. j, WithoutAnother; Hinsly- 

D.— on-tol'ih^b^ n. 
■ en'wBrdi S OnVi 

Dn'ri, 1 en'iks; 2 Cn'ylu. n. A variegat«l 

oo«*,ll'lH: 8 66.. I. rtAri. [ooi<eHi1; 
DOI', X ooi'iHn J To leak out; flow Ki^iilb: 

percolitte. II. n. I. Slimy mud. or nt 

■dU. t. A femle Dow.'* oa^t a, iUrr. 
o-pkf1-tT, 1 o-jMie'i-ti; 2 o-pftc'i-ty, o. ' 

[■^TiEB*. p^.| The itAtd ol bemg opuiue: 

o'p»l, 1 fl'pol: 2 O-pal. n. A precious none 

Kpsque'i 1 o^k'; 2 o-p^', a. 

'isalijoait. •neu, al 
,10l.;2 0p. X. 4n. [Archi 

i^n, 1 5'pi 


or Poci; I 

_. _ Tosci; 

Uolock; diAdose ; rl- I 


>"pe-r»' boilSe', 1 a^S'in' bOI';;i o'ps"n 
buf. FarcicBl comio operetta. 

Ip'eiVBte, 1 ep'Hr^it; 2 ap'Sr-i,t. t. (-*t 
EDii; -AT*iKQ.] I, (. To put Ln actioi 

iph-tbu'tnl-m, 1 1 Bf-ihai'E 
£-tliaI'nil-a', /mi-a. n. 

-b: S Of-thlU'- 

n'pi-at. I. a 



'pl-uin, 1 5'p,-nm 


CS' "'•"""'' 

.— op'iior-ta'nl- 

[^por-tu'iiljiti 1 e 

tiea to esia his en 

6i'; g 6.p6a'. T.(. in. [oi 

1 I. Tq act in or 

a. To objaot tc 

leirtlDn. 5. Tn stand oppqsile.— 

ippD&lUon or 

tisly I 

S> Tbo party opiMwed 

2 5-prt8'. K. To 
d unjustly ; ««iBh 


(^HIUO'bTl'lim, 1 fr-prO'bn-Djn; 2 H-pri'- 
bri-frm» n. Hepraofh miojElcxi with dis- 

. daia;diflBrace; ahameiacHuse oEdiBRrace. 
-- ftp-proTwl-ons, a. AbuBlvei conlumellQUB, 

op'tic, 1 ep'tik; 2 Op'tie, I. o. 1. Pcr- 


i[>-tlflh'9n; ^ Ol>-tlBh'aii. < 

ho tyai£iil: a8a < 8 trn s tL 

-op'Mca, B. The 

llgbt, vteloii. and Blgl 
op 'tl-nrism, I ap'ti- 

— op'tl-inlat, II. / 

EfcLccua umi. treata oT 

everything ia oraerec 
ipefid view of things 

Bleotlvs. -If, adE. 

(; iHnluK,- aii!(i4«oc«i 

of LatlD ori^: aa. JuDlar,- (3) 
■uunta nouDa ol Latin oiteln: 

'e-fcl; 3 Br-B;*!,, B. 1. The 

prophecies w 

EnlimaOcBl. t, P 

oT»l, 1 6'rel; 2 fl'i 

writWD. Z. Pert! 

o'nl-lTi ode. By i 


■ n. A larga juicy fruit, with ft rrddiAh" 

the color of tho iruit. 
•-t»iiK''n-t»n", 11 o-raD'-O-tan', -tifl"; 
«-nnc'H>D-(Miiic'<;£ - — 

riiig-Tj-Iip-, ^tlog', n. 

Ski ap« bl Bornea a It 

or'a-tor, 1 srVtar or ft 

-tm: 8 ar'i^tor. n, m 

Ona who dcUven an , W 

oration; im eloquent i R 

inilHlc«|ie»*m,— o-r«'- 1 r( 

plJifJm^l^"- or-. , E 

]. fiDhertcaJ. t. 

_. aT-ble'>4at-cdt.-i._ ... 
VfUt, 1 er^it; 2 Ar^it, n. 1. The pB 

roe alons which a heavenly body co 
The lavity of the ekuU contain! n 
eye.— sr^tt-Mli a. 
• - ■" ■ 2 ir-ftard, n. J 

ZA, .. ... 

1. Methodical _. 
iettlod rule; w< 

Lud; USMCe. I. A claaa, ai 

B0t"i^eSS.™», pl^ ^ 
^w. 4. A Bt^le of arcbi 
ir-ll-iuai, n.— OT'd^r-Jr' 1* 

; peaoelu]; well amncM; 
iMen. IL n. A nQD'comn 
tttcnduit oa a ffunerlor. 
I, 1 Br--l^-nsl-. -d 6r'<li-DBl. 


IL n. l-Bi™-'. pi.] That "MA 


or"dl-lu'Uoil, l^r'di-ne'Asn; 2 Ar-di-iii' 

tenTiinatioa; order, i. Ordinance. 3 
Arrangement in order; dlBpooitioDi am} 
i. Natural or proper order; coordinaiio; 

riementa ot war. eapecially ditilleri-, 
OT^dUrC. 1 er'jur or Sr'diur; B BCJUt i 
^r'diir. n. Exorement: feoea. 

.ural Bubatancf . i 


uical V 

peiforminfi some Epecial work ; newspap* 
pubUsbed in the intereat ot s P"",'; 

Cwginl»d: avBUniBtUsd. ac-nal-ol:' 

An OTEanlHd or IXItnt being. *. "ne »' 

of tKlnc orianliad.— or'san^t. ■. 0^ 

who playa the organ. 
r'gsn-dr, 1 or'gBn-di; 2 flr'4(.n-dy. n. A 

very fine tmnJiioent muslin dre»«w>. 

often barloi Kcuied pattana. Bttuttti'i 
T'san-lie, 1 or'gBn-aia; 2 flr-gan-It ■■] 

|-iieo;-u'™q.1 LI. ToaiTan«ewnH 

la Ta ^mbly; fomi into a Uiing oiii»l 
Ism, II. C. To unlto In a Kdetj. «; 
gan-ltel.— or-caD-l-ia'aoD, ot^ba^ 

number of paaoDfl or things orgai&lKiI; ci>^ 

a-ri-fnt. I. o. 1. fO-l I 
bLintf aunrue; bright- 

iftr.- 0-rt-m't*l. \ 

, PcnalDlnc ui Vaa S 

a. Hiivinc ■ full, elev, coundsd, Ks- 
onut quality, u a voice. II. n. Ths 

or'pluii,il er'tsn; 2 flffan. I. a. De- 
<^'ni1l't ipriv«dofpu¥Dta by death; per* 

inff to ui mphan ur orphuu. Ill n. 

luEd deprived of its pueat« by death. 

^rture; h«^; a perfon 

Biiree',- o-rlcl^Ba'aan, 

rl-olB, 1 6T1-01; 2 O'r 
rarluus black-uid- . 
F^Uiw birds of Che J 
[>lu or Nbw Wotld. 1 

^ m^iia'inen'tal-lr, ado. 
elQ^aot by dewratlon; on 

~ wr'nt-tlial'o-Cbi, II. Onen 

or'tbo-«I>"7, 1 Sr'tho-ep'i or 8r-£ha'i-pi-, 3 
Or'tho-ipV or Oi-thS'e-py. n. The art 
or correct proDUQClalloar— cr'tho^p'let d. 

r-tSB'm-phyrn°e?^t™B?&-fi; 2 flr- 
r-thM'n-ff r, J th&|'ra-fy. n. I. A Bva- 
tem ci BpeUing; correct BpeJliD«. S. Tbe 
Kieace that treats of letters and spelling. 
— n^tbofts-^wr, n. One mwd In onJioi- 
Tat^-— Dr''tno-crBph1c, - -• — ■■' - 
or^tao-fnphl^ial-U', dJc. 

hawk-like bird that preys upoo fi^. 
M'-d-ty, 1 Bs'i-fai; E 6a'i-fT, tl. t ri. j-n 

-FTTraJ To turn Into b. 


n_ AvnwAd nr put forward; seemiTu 
J'tl-Ull-tj, a.-«-teB 


M"le-»I'a-Sr. 1 M'ti-el-fr 

without dni^ or knifflp baaed upon belief 
in the remBdiBl power of w«IJ'^eviHKl 
manlpuluton.— iM'te-i^lHtblc, a,— at*t«- 
■>-Mtb1-aMy, KID.- u'te-ap'a-tlilit, n. 

One Vila t>«llevw m or pnctlooA dqicopa^i;. 

Ot'to-man, 1 st 

Pertaining to tba Turks. II. n 
Tuik. C [o-l AIowEuahioDedsei 

oiulit, 1 et; 2 61. 1. 1. To be nndE 
obligstion to be or do. 2. To bi 

& gjr. 

I^t>, n. A dpher; naught. 
lUifvi, 1 hum; 2 ount, n. 1. A unit of 
weifibt; i/it of & pound aToiniupoiB, Vii 
of a pound Troy, Z- Onefvxt«enth of ■ 

ODdCC^ n. A feline cumivoniUH Toamingl 

nt \\ 

A person or thin* that la out 



Prom the inside of. In n»- 

quallDed.— outHkonBA". a. Outwim tKniDd; 
allium awav Dom a port.- OBt-bmk', d 
To bunt out: break fortii.— •Dt'brMk*. ■. 
A HHWen and vIMeot tH«aMn« forth.— ostr- 
iHint", a. A bumlni out; a vtoient mul- 
lealatlon.— out'eait". I. a. Ite]eeUd u 
nnwDrthr or neelea*. II. n. One wbo )■ re- 
lecwd nod dtapMed.— sal-dau< M. To 

n- In baeebaU. ete., tbe pUyen In tJie ouUi 
part ol the Held.— oul-c»w', M. 1. To gur- 
pasg In growth, t. To grow out of or awar 
nom.— out'trowth'', n. An eiereeeen™-- 
ontlnc, Kr The act of gomg ont: a boudar 
excuiBlon.— Dut-Iaat^, 1. To la« hmgir 
Uiaii;iurvi¥e.— ont-itjetebtjol. ToatrtltB 

The eansequence or visible result. 
ont'crT-. 1 aul'l;mi-; 2 out'en'. n. A , 

ont'door", 1 out'dflr";' 2 out'dSr", o. J. I 
Being or done in the open air. Z. Oul- 

of-door*!.— o«t*3ooni'. I. n. Tbe wotM ' 

[it; S out'dt, n. A flttinc 

n. &i>. Togo 

— _- , - -'h»t which so« 

>ut: CDSt or Dutla^.— ODt'Bi>''1nf ■ a. An, 

OUt-lmnd^Bh, 1 aul.'lBad'iA; 3 out-llnd'- 
iah, a. StrailD?: barbaroua; remote, 

ont'lkw", 1 autno"; 2 out'ls'. I, vl. 1. 
To put out of the protfctloii ol the law. 
X. To deprive of legal force. IL n. One 
nho ie outlawed; n freebooter: bandit.— 
anCIaw*iT, n. The itata oi beins proeoribed. 

out'Uy", 1 outlf; 2 nut'lftV n, A laying 
out or disburaizig; that which 19 diaburaecT 

aatletf, 1 aunet'; E outlff. n. A pas- 
Bage or vent for eacape or diH«hArfie. 

ODt'Uoe", 1 nutlain^ 2 outlla'. I, K. 
To draw the outline of, IL n. The 
bordoriiiE ri:ie of a figore; a aketch ^v- 

aDt-11»%U out-Uv': 2 outrilv'. K. To 

ODl-U>'',JlivelonEerthan; mrvive. 

outloolf", 1 Qunuk'; 3 outl5&k", n. The 

eKpanue in view; place from which a view 

mar be had; prospect; probability; foro- 

OUfpaC, 1 Qut'puf; 2 out'nnf, n. The 
quaatitir put out or produced u a apecified 

dufn^sloufrej; 2out'rft£. 1. d. [oin'- 

Tue upon; aaeauit; wroTu; ahamefully. 
It 71. An act of 'allocking violence or 
cnultr.— ODt-rm'geoiu, a. 0( the natnre 

oat-Tlda', 1 aul-rodd'; 2 oul-rld', W. To 
lidfl f^ffter than; oome safely through, aa 

M wltb Outrlgta'. 

Free froTn merve i 

extreme. 111. adv. without.— DBt^tld'eTf 

out'aldrt', 1 out'skiirt'; 3 oufskirt*. n. A 

monly in the plutal. ' 

ut'BpanuD, 1 nut'epeTui ; 2 out'epOlm, o. 

Bold or free of apeeoh. 

-' -' 1 auMfand'io; 3 Dut- 

'verdue and unpud. u a 

3 oul-etrip'. t*. 


oat-strip'', J aut-Btrip'; 
■ .rd: E 



o the outaide; e?ctentaj. t* 

ont'mrds, J ] 
ont-wIt'. 1 


On the Buifsoe. S. 

oul-wtt', iJ, [ODT- 

«a,l To eicel or 
8 oufwOrk', B. 

'work-, _ _ 

Any outer defenae; bulwark. 
I'val, 15'vel;20'val. I. a. Egg-ahaped; 

elliptical. 11. n. An oval fieure or object. 
i*Ta-iT, 1 O'vB-ri; 2 O'va-o". n. 1-aiis-. 

Vi.l An organ where an egg or eeed ia 

■leveloped-— o-ta'ii-ui, a. 

'~~'' ' — - ~ -■ - Egg«haped. 



■hoot or fly beyond U 

unpaid or undoofl 

ovoreee. X. To look over; pardon; (aij 
to aee; min; alight; neclecL 
oTre^-pow'er, 1 0*v»>poii'Mi 2 O'rtp 
pow'ir. rf. To conquer: subdue; over 

0"ver-Te»clit, 1 ft'vBr-rIA'; B 8"vfr-rtch'. 
E. Ll. L To cheat. X. To eiteod over 
naoh or shoot too far. 11. i. To strike 
the hind acainst the lore foot: ssid of e 

id'; S a'vaf-rid', rt. 

i>r01'; 3 aVer-ral', i 

m', 1 OVer-ron'; 3 a'ver-riln'. .. 
L. To run or spi«ad over: infest oi 
. 2. To ma beyond; eiceed oi 

jupeiinlend, S, To lail 
5. To sea too weU. II. 
■.T thioga. 3. To act aa 

Crert, I 6'vert; S S'vert, o. Open; mat 

rot.— D^ert-Jjr, adv. 
o'ler-take', 1 a"vBr-«k'; 2 0"v«i-tftk', : 

3. To take by aui 
i*rer-tbrow', I O'^ 
I. tl. To throw 

r-£hrS'; 2 a'v6>thr8'. 

Tiie act « oveitumiiic; overthn>w; ^^ 
D^^H^wecD'Int, 1 SVar-wto'itp; 2 a'vlr- 
w^n'inf, pa. Marked by presuraptuous 

ver-hwolm'; 2 6"v«p- 

. lowi 


merly ocoht 
L(. 1. To 

gationfor. X. 
To be indebted Ii... , 
II. 1. To be indebl^ J 
ed; be due. * 

irI,louli aowl, t.. .. 
lari-c-eyed uocturaal bird of pnyr.— 
owl^'ei, n. .Asmara' yoong awl.— awl'kb. 

^ To haiT th« rightlul 

(■voir; raoocuiH. 

t; ocLdowLedge; conf«u; 

ntl; intimAtelyn 
the rieht to or pi 

ui'ld, 11 Bks'id, -Qid; 2 Oiu'id,' -Id, i 
oi'lde./ CAem. Any binary oompound t 

And nter.— fn'T-aan 

irs'ter, 1 eistn: S Syster. n. 
iloM, lO'lSiiiES'lan, n, Chim 
law KM Willi a pungeat odoi. 


r, P, 1 pi: 3 pS, ■, tPKKB 

2 p(a, pi.] The uitnau. .ii«, .- .--. 
Enjdish alphabet. [n. Food. 

psb 'u-lom. 1 psbVo-lon: 2 pih'yu-lfim, 
pkce. 1 pSb: £ p3;. I. tl. ± it. [paced'; 
FAc'iNO.] Tn walk with recular slept; 
ntpuure by etridn; move, as a bnrse, by 
liftins bath feet, on the BBme side at once. 
II. n. 1. A Btcp in vaUciDS. 2. A mes- 
Bureof IcDith: 3 t«t. S. Gait, rate of 
speed. 4. The movement by a taorw oF 

pscb 'y-derni. 1 pak'i-dnrm: S ptic'y- 

elei^iant.— paeti''r-df9'in^toiia, a. 

im-clMc, lpo-aif'ik;2pB-c«'it, a. 1. Per- 
t&miUE to peace; peaoeablc; calm. t. [P-] 
Pertalolw to the ireal mtttto Mean. -Irt 

Amedca and Ailawd Auatnlla: m.0Oo,(iOa 

Bsci-fla't,l'pa>'i-nBt;epbn-nn,it. [Reoent] 
AD adTocatn o( peue. — IHiel-Mni, n. 

pac'l-fy. 1 pas'i-(oi; 2 plc'i-d, «. 1- 
-rrlNO.] To makfl pAureTul: oaLm.— | 

pack. 1 pak ; S p 
Baugiy loEethei 
tleht. >■ To I 
v-itli a pack. 

md, Ipai); Sp^. I.rl.^of. [i>An'D»><l: 
rAD'oiNQ.J To atufi with psdi or pad- 
dins; put up in pads: wear or use pads. 
IL n. 1. An elasUo cushion. Z. A Bat 
packet of paper; tablet. 3* A floating leaf, 
sa ol a wBlv4lly.— Md'dlBS. n. StufBng. 

pad'dlcU pad'l; 2 pfid'l. I. tl. A ti. 

padT, fll-AD'DLED, PID'LD': PAD'BLIMO.l 

To propel with a paddle; row with or uae 
a paddle; dabble, as in water. U. n. A 



. A chonl n 

Ii«'f»n,Ipe'mn;3p«'gan. I. a. Heathen- 

u£; Idolatrous. II. n. A worshiper of 

blsBiodB; a heatJien.— pa'fui-liin, fl. 

pue, 1 p*j; 2 pig. a. JpAop; PAO-iNO.] 

To number the paffes of (a book) . 
Dmmi. n. A male attendant, usually a lad. 
One mde of a leaf, aa of a book. 
- ■■ ■ 2pi«'sc- - ■ 



Bpectacle.— pac'eant-rf i fL 
pa^'dk, 1 pa-B6'de; Z pa-ga'da, n. A 

aacred Onental tower, profusely adorned. 
paid. 1 bM: i pM, tmp. & iip. oi pit, t. 
pall, 1 pKI; 2 pSi, n. A vessel for carryiiij 

pain,' 1 pEn; 3 pAn. 1. ttt. To hurt; dis- 
sufferine. " H. pi.' Care, trouble, or eier^ 

pereel.— paeb'a, a.— nack'at, 

Bioall paebaffs;'pafoel. I. A tasi 

otallB and paiaeacfn. 
pact. 1 pskt; 2 pltt, n. An s 
1: B^llnal; Inhabit; able; « 
X: w^,d||;bd&k, MiM;f|fll,ni>e, care,blit,btlmidll, b&y; to, tern; Igk; (hlzi, tbll. 

• 35* 

— dbIu'Ihb, a. Free rron 
PUD. -Ir, ode. ■IH», n. 
L a, TaJtlnc palzu. IL 

palnt^, 1 pent; S pftot. 

IM)nt'er<, r. a rope foi moorinc s boat 
Vilnt'lnK. 1 pfDt'itjj 2 p&nt'lnj;, n. Thi 

tct or art of UHmjc painte ; a painted picture 
pair, 1 pix: 2 pftr. I. a. & vi. To mate 

matcli. IL n. 1. Two pemns or thingi 

, j-ja-mM; 2 pB-iS'mn,, n. pi. 

Loow tjuuHrB, especially for nigtit'nEar, 

'■»ee, 1 pal'ia; 2 pU'ac, 1. A roj-al leai- 

aeDoe» any Btately fauitdina, 
p>l'»4lla, I pBl'fr^b: 2 pSl'a-dln, n. A 

peerof Cba^lemasae;apanflo^o(kE^ai■t- 
p■''1le-o^-t«l'1Hcr*R■ SUQeUTALEONTOLOOT. 
pia"BiM[iiIn', 1 pai'sn-ltta': 2 pJU'ui-kln'- 

ial,lpe-l«'dhel;2pti^lll'Btuil. 9. Of. 

'er, 1 pe-lav'iir; 2 pa-ISv'er. I.'iJ. 
To ftitter; cajole; talk idly. IL 
^mpty talk. eflpeeiaUy flattery. 

it: 2, pSi, K. 1 

^ .. —loro-— ' 


psl'et, I lp>d'rt;2p&l'«i.n. A thin Ublet 
pal'ette, f with a hole for (he thumb, , 

pu'lTtJ, 1 psi'fn; 2 d 
easy nddle-hom 

e', IpaJ'i-*' 

Ai'i-ia.f', I. 

Atronif timbers fiet in the ground. 
patk 1 j>a\: 2 pai, tC. & n. To make c 
coDifl inaipid; cloy; eatiate. 

)n or aarcvuanl. t. [F-1 
of the dty was aupDoiiHl 

rd of straw. 

i-et; S pfill-ftt, 14. f-A- 

the hand. 2. The breadth er the length 

L A tropuai tree or shrti 
r luee tsHTU, S. A brum 
n. &a a flyiubol of victory c 

•t pertaJnlAg to Uie p&im; abou 
2 pKl-m 

p^metto, 1 p&l'mnt'i 
A f ui-paliu, u of th( 

'. 1 pom'u-tn or pal'm 

tn; 8 

tended art of reB4liiig one's chaniolet or 

Ihfi palm or tbfl hand.^ palni'llt. L a- Of 
or port&lnina ui EalmMjy. II. rL One ifho 
ma lorume* ny paiminiy. ^m1*-l«rt> 

fKl'ps-lile,) 1 pal'ps-bl; 2 flU'iw-b], a. 

pal'pm-bP, f Thai may be touchnl ar Mt; 
muuieM.— pal'ps-Ult-ty, H. pal'p>-bl(e- 

J-pt-U'UoB, n. 

n«uiar puisallon. 
p»i'sy,lpM'ii;SpBi'H'- I. K. [pal'siid: 

pjl'bi-imo.I To pandyM. II. n. Pa- 

nlyiila: InelBclEaicyi spsCliy.— ^'iM, ;«■ 

pal'ter, 1 pa'tor: 3 psl'lEr. Bi. To trifle; 

BQUlvocata.— paltry, 1 pSl'ln; E PBl'tiy, a. 

TrUUng; wonbUn.^ pul'trt-iMM, n. 
pam'paOi 1 pam'pai; 2 pfLm'pa?, n- pf. 

The great treelEsa pUim aoulE of tbe 

pam'peTi 1 paio'pM; 2 pKm'per, if. To 
feed with rich food; indiU^B exceaaively. 
pBiiI'pb]et.tlpBm'flet;Spam'n«t. n. A 
pftm'ilet*! I printed work atitchjed or 
paated, but not bound; a brief Ireati^e or 
enay.— paia''phlel~«^. n. One who wittm 

pan, 1 pan; E 


nlTpliig all: used before Ensllflb tropcr ad- 

pui'a-ce'a. 1 pan's-d'e; 2 p&u'a-t^'a, n. 

A pretended univer^ lEmedy. 
paD'CBkC. 1 pau'kek'; 2 p&a'sUf', n. A 

luu'dc-md'nl-um. 1 1 p&n'di-mfi'u-inn 
pan'dn-mo'nl-iiin. I2 pBn'de-nTfl'ai-Qm, 
n. The infernal reguina; s nruHy and die- 
orderly anemblase. 
IBUi'der, 1 pan'dsr; a piri'dir. I. oi, Tc 

ptMte, I p«n; 2 pSn. n. A piec« or plate, 
■■ nf irinrinTT fin— 

pm'e^fl'Ul, 1 pan'i-lir-lk; 2 p*D'e-tfT'i«. 
n. AiDrmalpubhaeuloor; enoomiuin;1aa- 
dMIon-— pAn'^^yr^, pan'c-cyr'l-cil, a 

PBB'el.lpan'el;Sp4n'U. I. tt.{r^'Ki^B 

PAH^Ei^uNa.l Td form or divide into pan- 
elj; decorate with poneLa, O. n. L A 
mJtAn^uIaT piece inserted, as in a door. 9, 

luiy-duty.-pu'eljnc n. 
pans, I pau;, 2 pfins. n, A eudden and 

pan^^l pon'ik: 2 pin'ie, n. A euddrn, 

pma'Qler, lpan'y*r;2pKn'j-?r, n. Abaskel 
for cairyinfl a load, aa on a horae. 

pma'a-n^, 1 pan'o-pli; 2 pSn'o-ply, n. 
I-PLira, r.(.l The full armor of a warrior. 
— ■•■n'o-pUM, a. Airayed In completa 

pmn'o^K'nu, 1 pan'o-ra'nie; 2 pin'o-ift'- 
ma, n. A Bories of large pioturea repie- 

pan'iy, 1 pan'n; 2 pSn'sy, Ti. jpAS'aiia*. 

pi.] A apecies of violet having many* 

colored bloaeonu. 
pant, 1 pant; 2 p&nt. V. ii. To breatba 

Slickly; long eageth-; yearn. IL n. A 
art. labored breath; a violent heavinc. 

psn'ther, I pan'Oier; 2 piln'thEr, n. 

dark'hk^ leopard. 
pan 'to-mlme, 1 pan'to-mnim; 2 plr 

In aeUon iiltbaut dialog'.— ran"! 

pap', 1 papi a pSp. n. A toat; nipple. 

papi, n. &>tt Tood for babea. 

po-pa'^ 1 Pe-p5' or pQ'pe; 2 pa-p*' or pftVa. 

la -pa^r. 1 pa-pftai; 2 pt'pa-cy. n 

office of the Pope of Romi 

pa^, 1 

W or pen 

h iDAlen&l. 9. A printed o 


■0 apDlliid, p>'pw< 

sampler '•na'cM', 1 pa"py6''iiia'SM': 3 
pA'py^'iD&'che', n. Paper^ulp molded 

pt'giat, 1 pe'piHl; E pK'pIat, n. An sd- 
I . .< .V gn opprobriou 

Able, par^^lw'i-calj. t. PenjUnliis 
pU'a-Cbntc. I par'a-ihnt; 2 pIlr'B-chllt, n. 

W-Tsde'. 1 ns-rSd'; Eps-rsd'. Li<. An. 

tary order; pr . 
nad« f or dupLay, IL ^ 

pu'a^linii 1 par's-di 

lodel h 

« iJeilBht- 

DBr'a^Ise. 1 par's-dais: 2 pflr'a-dls, n. 1. 
IP-] The Eardeo of Eden. 2. Heaveai 

f^icity: rejioD_o_r_Btatn of aur- 

'a-dOk3, n. 

__ jf-an, 

Iwr'a-Eon, 1 psr'e-gon; 2 par'a-iia, n. A 

par's-grapb, 1 1 paPe-eml; S pRr'a-grif, n, 

' iP, ;i. A dislinot passage in m 

'lU.; a ahort article. 


k CD u, 

where a 

— pai'a-Crmph^ 

«, B. A wHIer of newapaper paraBcapha.— 
par"k-cniph1e. a. pai*i-tnipii1-ealt. 

pw'>l>bl, 1 par'B-lalu; S pb's-l&ks. n. 
An Bppareat displacement of an obJMt 
dtte to chane« of an t>baarver'a podtion. 

pH'»l-kt, 1 par'e-lel; 2 pfii^UI. I. «. 

-LBL-UHO.l To beapsrsllel /on [Awx par- 
allel to, or in oomparison with. 11. a. 1* 
ExtendiOfi Of lyii 
a. Hflvine » lite . , 

1. A line extending in tL 

with ojid equidistant at all pcdnta from 
another line. 2. Esaential lilcenesa; 
something like or equal to Bnothcr; a 
malcli.- par'at-teMsm, n. 1. Parallel po. 
Bttlon. 2. E^BEnt\hl IlkeDcn; anslosy. ^ 
Similarity ol conatructlon.— par'al-ld'o- 
gnmt n. 1_ A fonr^tded |)isi» flK%ira 
whorte opiKielu eldea are parallfl. X. Aas 
area or object ba Vina suctifgrm. 
pa-nl'T-als. I ps-ral'i-sie; S pa-riU'v-els, n. 

. pnr'o-peti E pSr'8-p*t, ti 
\s about the aige of b ro 

tidea of equipi 

r words. II. n. An eiplMifltory r 
jDMiit or free tramUlion of a pasM( 
pork.— pur" i-pbnu'Oe, a-— par"! 
u'a-e«l-l»,mn. „ , . ., . 

liii w PHMlUB. piir'Mlt'Mall.- P"*- 
iiltl-Ml-ly, *».- par-wlt-hiD, n. , 
ptr'a-BOr, 1 psr'B-«8l'; 2 pSr'a-sal . "■ A 
small unibrella carried by womsn; fl min- 

a: Tl. To 
D by heat 

pir'ceU I pir'nel; 2 plr'cSl. I. B. 

UHa.l 1. fg dividamto partsi 

distributB. 3- To combme; ; , .., 

inlo a purel. II. n. 1. AnytlunE 
wrapped up: a packaga. I. A part; lot; 
j;.>t^...>r ■w>..i;nn, bb of land. hdorch. 

; 3 pfcrch. pi. A ri. T( ' 

" pirch'raeQt, n, tBheej 

pardl, 1 pOrdl 2 pfild. n. A 
Sat'aoB, 1 poi'den; S pfii 
remit the penalty of; for 

irdh; S p&rch. il- 

flkin, etc.t polished 
m pareiuoer' 

IB penalty ol 

. Couit«oas t 

n. A camphor 
par'ent, ! pir'ei 

1; 3 pS'rfp&a'u. 

-lal; B pa-rt'e-tal, o, 
ill or walla. 3. Per- 
witMu walla, as ol a 

pwrl^V 1 pifiB: 2 pir'ing, Tt. I, Tha 
cutting off of a surface or edge. 8. Tha 
portiQU pared off; as. i^iHe'panngB. A* 
Aiw- wortlileas acrap. 
I'rf naa'sn, 1 pa'roi j 
With egual pace or 

pu'ljb, I par-ifli; 2 pir'iBh, n. A rellgioi 

mereKatkoa; an ecdeeiaatical diatrici 

B^rlsblDD-er, n. A m«mbcr of a pails] 

,__ 't-ty, 1 paj'i-ti; 2 pir-i-ty, n. Equalil; 

pmrk, 1 pork; 2 ii&rk, n. 1. A tract i 

Uon. a. An encloBUre (ot artillerj, c 
Ihe artillery Iheio placed. 
parlsnM, 1 por^sns; 2 pSrlan 

pulla-menttil par'li-mcnt or -mont; S 

'Anient',/ par 'li-ment, n. A togi* 

VB body; eapedally^ [P-] the suprcuu 

I par 'o-Jt, I par' 

l:» = flii»l;l = hablt:<ilBl6T™ = ™t;«iIl;IO = f«d;<(liLn; go; o = s1nff; tWn.ttls. 
t: w,U,d||; b«k, W»t; fgll, nile, cffl™, bat,bam; dll. WJy; to. tern; igk; thin, thla. 

tDiED-.^T-iHa] TDbuileaque;tnvHty. 
L.n. I-DlW, pi,l A burlMQUB eom- 

' tnT»tj.— ^r'o-dlit. n. \an-tt*i't. 

pa-rol', 1 pe-rOi'; ■£ pa-rfll', a. Oral, 
p*Ji>le', 1 ps-rol'; a pa-rol'. I.*, [Pl- 
bolxd'; Fi-HOL'iNa] To nlean on pa- 
role. II. K. 1. Mil. Aplo^lieofboiiorTiy 
» prisoner that he will DOl K«k to eficape, 

eichutved. S. Laif. An nral utAtement. 
V>-n>t1d, 1 pB-ret'u' 

Bitusted near the ea: 

^and below the ear. 
PU 'Ol'rim, 1 ^HU-'sks-iiin ; £ jjAr'Skg-Vam, 

n. A penodio attack of dueon; a Dt; 

couvuUdo.— par^oi-fi'malia. CoavulslTe. 
pAi-qoet', 1 por-lta'; S picks'. "■ 

[U. B.I The miun.floor spsoalioH-^ "-- 

orcheatra of a Oii 
pmt'wa-keet, 1 i 

; 2 ps-rOC'id. I. 
l£ n. A*aUv& 

■»-klt; E p 

u'ra-lieet. 1 j»r'»-l , _ , 

A anull longrtiOlKl purDt. par'a-qm... 
pw'rl-elde. 1 psr'i-«>id; 2 pb'i-«ld. : 

The murd^i or the muideier of a pareu 

-parff-d-dal, a. 
pBj'TDt, 1 pu'sl; S pir'o^ n. A bii 

haviof a bwk^ lull, and abb to jmital 

buman qieeflh. 
pw'rr, 1 par'i; 2 pllr'y, i*. & ri. [pab 

Biwo; pab;bi-ikq^ To ward off, aa 

pws'ley. 1 porsl]; 2 pirs'ly, r 

1 port; 3 part. 
ie into psru or po 
r; KpamU. EL n. 

.^tcrre', 1 por^^f'; Splr-t 

lu. s,; -— 

thu part of the floor u 

pu'tial, Ipor'AsUSpir'Eh^.a. Fgrt^n- 
inff to a part only^ favorinc one side; 
praludlced; unTilr.— pac'tl-al'I-tr, 1 pir'- ' 

DC hODt [BTtlBl. 1. gnfatrnaa; bias, t, A I 
predUtcUoD.-iiar'llal-lr, odt. I. id part 
ODly. X. With UDJUflt rmTDrltlam. 
piT-tlc'1-pate, 1 por-tia'i-pet; 2 jA>Uc^ , 
pAt. n, [-PiT'ri^i-PAT'iNa.l TiHliare: 
partake.— paf^del-iiant, 1. a. Partldpab* | 
Luff. IL 1. One wbo putJclpatefl; a pu- 
laker. par>(lc'l-pa''(ort.— pat-Uc^pa'- i 

PM'tl^-pIcI 1 p6^U-B*iil; a pfa'ti-p-lrf, 
par'U-d-pl*, { n. A form of the verb 

that permitfl ite use aa an adjectiTe or at I 

a noun.- pac^U-elii'l-al, a. 
patr'tt-rlF.1 1 pdr'ti-kl; Z p&r'U-el, n. L 
par'tl-cI'./A minute portion of matter; . 

acaall amouDt. 3. An uninflected put I 

par-tfc^ter, 1 piir-tik'>;u;lsr; S pSi-tlt'- 

apeoally noteworthy. L Miaut«;eiact; 

llsm: sa Lustaim; point; deuu — pai-tfe'^ 
iMT^bt a. ]. Tlie state of belnff Ttartlcv- 
lar. i, BomellLing particular.— pa^Uc'IH 
lar-tK, I. I-oid; -it-iNO.] L I. To mat- . 
Uoa partleuiany. ML f . To give paruculoia. ' 

paT-tl'U«ii. 1 par 
IL n. . 1? K™ 

2 p&r^i-tlY. L 
opparaime; denoting ■ 

par'tl-un, ) 1 pdr'ti-aea: S pSr^-iUL 
par'U-Ban,/!. a. Of or pertaining to 

. — ^ . __ — ^ . jjit^fiady devoted 

A biBOt«d adiHient 

... _ , ^ .. - part^an-ahlpt H. 

psrtir, 1 - ■ - 

pmr'a-aie, I 

> pSrl'nSr. n. One 
ither or othera, aa 

part'nei^blts n- Ai 

hDiMurd. ... 
I bob-wbite. 

pAr'tyt Iporii; apiwiy. a. ifiviati0 mc 
puts <s d diSsrent piirtleg.- ■wr^Mud'' 
and, a. VuMoaud. 

PVtr, n. (PA?™^'. pi,! 1. A body of 
persons united tor ■ common purposr 
poUtioal ucendcnDy. I. A nooinl < 
pany. 3> A amaD detachment, aa of 

P«'TC-I1U*, 1 par'vB-nia'; £ pSrVfrnQ 



pM'chal, Ipulrel^ 2 fig'tel, a. Fertun 
pa-sfaa', 1 pB-aha'; 2 pa-ehd'. b. J 

i> 1 poe; 2 pis. i. Ifisbed< 
M'ma.J L (. 1. To BO 1 

muEti» or beyond; Apend, 

. S. A state of affalrB; crisig. 1. 
A lunAQr-^ psh'b-iiI (e^, a. Capable or be- 
lus paxed; fairly £OOd.— pftHH'']^blj, adv- 

paaease by, throusb, or ovfii; the power 
or ri^t of poaeing; a vmy', journey; voy- 
agB. 2^ A corridor, hall, etc. S. Adauae; 
pamemph, 4. A perwuLol encouuter. 

: 3 pi-«C. a 

tfoa'tea-ga, 1 paa'en-]ar; S pla'Sn-^, n. 

IntflOBB feehne; strof 
pulse. 3* Sufleri — 

: scony. 1 
mit in Gethi 

ZvproButlDg tba F 

' The pTiaoipaJ Jeinah teasl (cp. Ex. ill)! 

pus'port, 1 pae'pOrt; 2 pia'pert, n. An 
official protection to a dtuen of one 
ooontry travdinc in another, 

pUB'word'', 1 poB'word"; 3 pia'wOrd', «. 
A wstchwoid. 

put, 1 poet; 2 p&st. I. )». Belonging to 
timegoHoby. IL n. 1. Timegoneby. 
I. One's anteoedeute. m. odi. So u 
to KO by and beyond. IT. prip. Be- 
yond; after; out of reach of. 

paste, 1 p««t: 2 p&st. I. i(. [past'ed^! 
pist'ikq.T To etick with paste. IL n. 
1. An adhesive mlTtute, as of flour and 
water; maist plaatic Bubstanoe. f. A 
baud", n. stis, thick ilieets'ofpa»r 

paa'tcm, 1 pas'tsm; 2 piU't&n, n. That 

Fas- tear lie. I poa-tui'aii; 2 pfis-tOrTs, 
[-hid; -n-isa!) To oiieck and raeve 
fennentatioD.aa of fluids: fromtheFreu 
chemist Pantur (I S22-lS(isj.— Pas-tear' 

lUtY. 1 l>««'i: 8 pUt'y. I. a. like 
pute. n, tt. [ptBT'iss'. pi.] A pie. 

pat, 1 pat; Z pat, rf. (fat'ted'': fat*- 
TiHa.J To itnke [iehtly or csredingly- 

pat, a. EiBctly luitableln time or plue; 
Acting; apt.— pat^r» a>f v.— pftdMvs, n. 

pati,n. 1. Canndnx atroke. >.Apatlemu- 

pat«h,11 pa<!h; 8 pftch. 

paeh',/put a patct oa; m 
tiaatdy or imperfeotly, IV. i 
piece, ai of dotli for repairing 



m nitebMl tocetliS, H 

n fruit oi tiie kaeA< 

fcdut; kneepso. 
fat'cDt, 1 pafcDt : S [AfKnt. I'. tC. Ti 
annt 01 DOsura bv pateot. II. 1 pat' 
entorpS'tent; 8pKt%ntorpS't»r.t " 1 
Haulfeat or (Vpareot. X. Frol 

Son Kcuring the 

itfict«d by 

,-nt pmteo- 

rieht of makiivg 

fk-ter'iud, 1 pa-tDr'D< 

p^rt^^DM^r, 1 peter-nea'tat 
T, n. 1. TLe Lord's Pn 

2 pa-t^r'nsl, i 

father; fatherly. ! 
Hereditary. -It. ruli.- pa-tWiil-tT, i 

nSa'tSr, n 
ally, " 

pathi 1 path; S path, n 
2 P*th^ vl.] A waik 

pa-tliet;ie, 1 pe-thet'i 


. PerlAlntnff to Datholorry. pm 
,— pa-tboI'D-cUt, n.— |Mtli*» 

tender feeUnca, at 

paniini or syrapatliy. i 

patb'wnr*, 1 path'wC'; S ptth'wa'. i 

^lathT, nmw. DflrtYBd from Oresk 

inc; meek; ccaitle; lorlwariu. 
per»>ti uEider trflatment for ^m 
)ui7.— pallCDM, iL Tin ouaUi] 
patleot; lorbeuuiee; tentleiiMa; 
A'talt', 1 Dotwa': £ pI^wK', II 

-patrt-Wchal, a. pa'ti»«i'- 
i. 1 p^trifli'an; 2 pa-ttlab'aiu 

pafri-Fldc, 1 pat' 

-eoid; 2 pSc'ri-sfd, n, 
at'n-nio-m; g plfri- 
i, pH Ad inherital 
- paf'rl-iiia'nl-sl, o.- 

-pa'trt-ol'le, a. Of or like a patiigt.- h*u 
titol1«al-lj, odi.- pa'M4t.4aia, a. Ot. 

pa-(n>l', 1 pB-trOl'i 3 pa-tral'. I, tt. & ri. 

To walk aroiiod in onler'to guaid or S- 
Bpect. II. n. t. A (uard or body of 
guards patrolling a distni^t, Z. The Mt 
o( patroUlas.— pB-tral'niBn, n. One Hbe 
palTDle, aa a poUoemaa aHslgned to a b^l, ur 

pa 'tro^ J pS'tren or pafrsn ; S pltron or 


m'lk; 8 pat-K)- 

... ^ uBun derived fr^ 
pat'tcn', 1 pat'n; 2 plt'n, n. A thick- 

lat'leri, 1 pat'er; 2 pSt'Er. n. To maks a 
Buceesaian of light, rattling sounda. as 

p•t't«^^ M.&'n. To mutter; Jabber. 
paVla, n. A BucosBMon of pate or taps; 

" sound; gUb talk; chatt«r. 

apKt'Fm. I.vl.Aa. 

11. R. 1. Something 

STJon; a model. 2. A decorativa 

figure; etyle. 

pat-.; 2 pSt'y. n. [piT'Tiia", pl.j 

pasms 71. i 

IfS, 1 pi; B pa, V. |r«.i., r.. 

i. To rendir tw equivalent ._, _ ... 
property or Bervice. I. To ^tlBfy, aA b 
claim. 9* Toexpend, amnoney; deliver; 
hand over. t. To jiroat. n. i. To ren- 
der componsatjoa; yield adequate relum. 

partiu of employees,— vr'tfa 

act oT paylDs^ requltaJ; recomi 

pCT, 1 pi; a pa, ti. [fEAfl* or 1 

A oHmblnB annual hetb, or Lie odible »e 

tlie bean fuoUy, with lanie, TrapaJit, v 
oualy oolorol Oowers. 
peace, 1 pla; 2 pflc. n. Al>!»n™ or obi 

H'^at^'JilM" 0. i. BicUned' to^ 
I, Peaoetnl: traiuiull.— pcace'a-MISHn 
IL— neace^Ml. adi.— pcaee'rul, a. 

Undknirlied. I. looUiHd lo or used 

IK>1»._ pMCfF^Bl-lr, ait. 

nau-h, 1 ifKb; 2 [lAoli, n. The flea 
le iruit of the peaoh'tree, or the t 

■-, 1 plltolt'! 3 pl'eOk', 

traiiine plant of the bean 

family, ripening under _sround. 
pear, 1 pir: 2 plr, n. The edibla. fleshy 

fruit of a tree of the roae family. 
pearl,)! purl: 2 pirl, n. A luetrom 
perl', t coucreUDD deposited in the shelli 

Ml)'; a. Crude powesluDi e— ' 

p«m»'»nt,ll pei'But: 2 'pK( 

pel 'anf.f Europe, a petty 

farm'labarer.— peas'aat>ra, r 

peaae,) 1 pli: 2 p£j, n. litv. £ pf. Peaa 
-"-■!',_; ralle^ctjvely. ^_^ 

""""" ''°"[d"il»d 

!b"l~3 peba.'nT'l'.'A smaa 

.j_J ^__. 2_ ^ quart!- 

Aboundlne wltA 

peat. 1 rit; 2 p«t, n. Partially carboi 

as nieL— pnC'lwr', «.— peaCy, o. 
peb-ble,!! pebl; 3 pebl. n. 1. A Bi 
pebl', (rounded Btone. 2. A qua 

CTTBtal lens.— pel/lilr, a. Abounding 1 



pfdler, 1 ped1»r; 8 pWWr, f 

yecbt. 1 [Kk; S p«k, 
rt. 4 >i. To mnko 
trlth or u with the 

fourth oT a buAhel. 
gteto-nl, I pck'l«-colla™iPMc«ry. ''• 

Firialntng to tbn b'reut or ah«t. -If, odD. 
■M'D-Inte, 1 ppk'3-ii-l#t; S p««'yu-lat " 

I-tiT'En^:-LST"iHa.l To ambciile; pilfer 

»l«l.- pec's-U'doii, n.- j»c*lria7{or, n. 
pc-eolUr, 1 pi-kiQCyer; B pe-«01'var, n 

1. ParUeulsr: nngulu'j rtnmte; odd. a. 

■me oualliy ol bdiw pemiuv: ringululir- 
BM!n'nl-»-ri'> 1 pi-kifi'ni-«-n; 2 p«0' 
try, a. ConsisUaa of niooey; monetBry, 

nd'a-gacne, f A Echoolnuseer.— |iea">- 

-Hd'a-co'^, I ped'e-gini of -«s)1; JJ 
i)M'i-e)'iyw-(44')'.n- 1. Pedigoglija. I. 

pHnKu^'sl Of Pl'dsl! 2 pM'sl or pf 'dal, 

n. A lever for the foot, in mueicat inatru- 

menta Bnd light machineiy. 
ped'wit, 1 ped-ant; 2 pSd'ant. n. One 

wto makcB needlcm display of learning. 

_pMUn'Ue, -tl-Ml, a- pei'aaUti, a. 

08i™iaUoiia alsptey oi knowie<igB._ 
ped'dle. U pe^l; 2 pM'l. «. & »^^ rsn- 
■^iHrom h^. "bo's*' « ht?£' by litUei 



I baptum and the 

ptf-Ao-feMttbt, ■. 

pe-dun'cle, U pi-duo'kl; 2 pt-dtto'cl. n. 
pe-dan 'el', J The general stalk or support 
^-^- -nwH-; any etaft or steDi.-|KMlini'CB- 
.- pe-dDD'cn-late, pe-dun'io-lat- 

plllSpil. I. «- * iii. To strip ofl 
^1 of: remove or b« detached, ad a 
.rskin. IL n. Skin; rind: bark. 
pecpi. 1 pip; 2 pfp. P. ri. 1. To look 
Blyly; peer. 2. To be seen partially, la 
throueb a crevioe, 11. n. A furtive look. 
>eei><. I', n. To utter a aiiiiht. sharp 
sound. ILn, The cry of a ohick, or the 

>«er, 1 plr; 2 per, A. To look at. or into 
Bomethhig Bttsntively and inquinngly. 

leer, n. 1. An equal, *. A nobleman. 
The. noWUty.- !««*'*». '■^J^^ "^ 

■7, aat.~ |we'Tlab-DHa> a 

pe-lu^c. 1 pi-loi'ik; .3 pe-li^e. 

laining lo or inbflbitiiig the deep 

peir, 1 pelf; 3 piH, «. Money; we 

pel'l-can, 1 pel'i-ken; 3 P 

Blornge of nsh. 
ie-liS8e', 1 pi-U 
polls', n. A 


et, n. A small round ball, a 

pem-els,} 1 pelVkl; 2 pjU'i-t 


ith a headlong rush. 

ne-destrl-Bil, 1 pi-dea'tn-sn; 2 pelfs' 

Iri-an. I. o. Of or pertaining to walking 

II, n. Ono who jnumeya on foot; 

walker.— pe-destTi-nii-lam, n. 
pMl'1-cel, 1 ped'i-sel; 3 p*d'i-c6I, n. . 
italic or aupportmg part, aa of a flowei 
pedl-crM, 1 ped'i-gil: 3 pM'i-Srfl, n. 1 

A line of ancwslora. I. A genealoKioi 

pedl-nieDt, 1 ped'i-mSat or -mant; 2 p«d' 

above a portico.— pwi"l- men'taU a. ^ , 


pclt% R. The undntsed akin of a bmst, 
viUitlieluuroricooloi]; BoundnaMdfui- 


f>«lt'ry. n. PslW 

>''-^-, n. The bo 
the abdomi 

2 p«m-i-ean. 


pern'ml-eBn, l ] 
1* Lean, dried 

poHtfi with fmt aim twmefl. x. a hu 
food now made from beef and dried fr 
uwd on ATCtJe expeditioiu, ete. 

pen', 1 p^ 2 pSo I. iK. [pibj™ 

IL n. A uuall eaclosjre, u tor pigs. 

. II. n. 

at [or* 

lUriiy undert^cen u an 
piDC, n. Flurat ol 

pen'ell, 1 pen'sil; 2 pia'^a. I. it. [-cilxd 
or -ClLtBD, -ciLD"; -ciL-mo or -ClI^tlKoJ 
To mull, write, or drsw with a peocil. IL 
n. 1* A limgt TK^ntod nrip c^ wd«1 en- 
dodoc aiiip of eraphite. alaU, etc., lued 
for writinc, drawiDc, etc 9* A BmaLU 
finely p<rintedpaint'bruah. S* A eraup of 
lioefl or rays diver^inf from s ^vea pomt. 

pould, 1 pend; 3 p6nd. ti. To Ot awaitiun 
or in procew oF adJUBlmEnt: literilly, to 
hsng M aepeod.— ~— '-* — ' - ' — "■■-- 

a. apecKlIy s . 

h IL pui'dylos1-tyt. 
pen'e-Cntf. I pen'i'trtt; 2 pSn'e-trfit, i 
[-tbat'»ii°; TBAT'iimj LI. t. To M 

le Interior oS. 2. To aee tnt 

E p«n'Ji 

Uile", n. 
pen'ituli], 1 pea'E> 

short'wiiiged Aoa' 

pe-nln'gU-U, 1 ni-nin'aiu-lB r 2 PB-nin'BO-l», 

n. A piece of land almost Burrounded hqr 

mter-— p«-aliD'sii-lAr,a.— p^nla'^iMar'- 

pen^lent, 1 pen'i-tent: 2 pen'i-tent. L 
a. Soiry for bin and de&iruua of snwnd- 
ment; contrite; repentant. IL n. On* 
who is penitent, -Ij, nrfs.- 

Pert&lnlnif to penllenDS, 
ment- pent-tcn'Ua-rr, 

■; 2pBn'.nftm',n. 

An author's aasumed name; pseudonym. 

pen'Bsnt, 1 pen'snt; 2 p^n'snC, n, A 

small flag, ospedaLLy a very lonjc and nar- 

pen^nl-lew, 1 pca'i-lr<; 2 'p«n'i-l«B. a. 

pen'non, 1 pen'sn; 2 pta'on, n. A small 
fla^. borne on hia lanoe by a medievaj 

pea'nr, 1 pen"!; 2 pSn'y. n. traN'mia" or 
FiiNCE, 1^1 1. A British coin, one* 
twelfth of a ahillina, or 2 cents United 
SUtes value, t. Any small coin, as a 
cent (U- S.)-— peD'ziy-weIcbl''p n. Tti^ 

pen"ny-roy'al, 1 pen"i-rB['Bl; 2 pKn'y- 
r&v'al, n. A atronc-scented herb of tb* 

disikbled Boldier or v 
pen 'ilve, Tlrsn'Biv 

tiicuiktrui. -I 

pen't»-gon; 2 p&i'tH'Jfln, 

.. 1 luTbkC tiia upper edce c 

llopiaf; roof Mta«l»d to the wall ol 

pv-nnlt', 1 pi-Qn1l' or pi'nult: E pe-nft 
pS'nOlt. T>. Ths ByUnble neit to 
tut ID ■word, pe-niillt-iiut.' pe-Bi 

rmtus; 2 pe-uOin'bn 


pe'o-Dr, 1 pi'o-m; 3 p«'o-ny. n. {-Hint', pi. 

Aplfuit bearing larga showy flow«n. 
pM'iile,)! pl'pl; 3 p*'pl. I. d1. [peo' 
»*'ple», J^pled; ■ "- - -■ 

with lohabi 

The penoDS, 

locality, Bpealdiis ane knouHse, 

under one ffOTemment, X, PeiBoiiB ooi- 

Isotirety. S. The populsoa, 1. EinafDUc: 

i; populate. IL n, 
, oolleotiTBly, inhabiting oi 


tmtn, 1 pep'K-: a pSp'( 

■saaon with pepper: pen: 

A tpoploal "^ -^ 

■ooid. n. n. 

obtained from the 

Va"aA'teu'ttm, 1 per'ad-ven'<!hur or 
-tiur; 3 p6r-id-v*n'chur or -lOr. adi. 
f^rchaaoe; perh&pa. 

per-am'bn-late, I par-am'biu-lJt: 2 pir- 

Im-bWat, .. [-L«T-IID'i; -LAT'lMQ.] I, 

I. To walkthniughorover. 11. i. To 
walk about.— pa^aatlM-latloD, a-— rtf- 

>. A babr^anlage. 
pep-«ilTe'.l lp8r*Iv';3petHjSv', I*. l™»- 
Vtr-rttrf, I csiv(k)i/': pik-ciiit'ino,) To 

know by meana of the eenaea: diacem; 

peK^T'a-klr, adv.— peKdr'er, n. 
p« nat. By or In the hundred.— nr-cfiaf' 
■n, n. 1* Rata by the humlrea. S. Tba 

per-ccpllaD, 1 per-Kp'OiBn: S pSr-c^'- 
ehon, n. Tbx act or power of nTcdving; 
that whieb ia p«nieiT«d : ootniuon: appre- 
hmtoc-pw i!«p1l Mi'l-tr.ll.-pi-eBp^ 
tt-MU'iO. Tbatmaybeaeenoraiipnhaiil- 
•di pereeinble.-peT-Kp'tl-Ur, atf.~ 
pc-cwVf (•■> a, FvnetrUit. or iMTlng Itaa 
power of pcroeptlon.— ■ar''ccp>UT'Mr« a. 

parchS I punih; Spareh,i<. An. Toplaca, 
alisht, or ait on a perch; rooat. 

pmh>, ». A email food-Gsh. 

pa«b>, IL 1. A ataS, pole, orelat:aTDOst. 
I. A measure: CD One rod (18,5 teot). (3) 
Id aConework. about 25 cubio feet. 

pe|v«|iaiice', 1 pei-<!hani'; £ p«»ibia$'. 
oiJi. Porhapa. 

par-dpl-^at. 1 pei^p'i-eDt; 2 pCr-flp^ 
._. _ ^liil-«ii-ei, a. 

fllon« 1 poi^lcD^'an; 2 pir-eOah'on, 

dden cclliaLon. or the Hhoolc or vi- 

in-duced by It. — *«'-«■>'«••■• 

tulmlnate for Driiia a chaive,— wn- 
■on, 1 paiwti^'an; 3 per.dbh'on. 
struction; eternal death: heU. 

iaiye: abBoluie: po«- 


pcp-en'nhd. I pbi<-«d'i-b1: 3 pCHhi't-al. 
La. -I juning more than one aeaaoa. IL 
n. A pluit that loau year after yaar, 

r^r'teef^, 1 p6i^£elrt t>r_ 


t>r_per-lekt'; 2 ptr' 

To Dwke perieci 

r-fBet"I-lill^6. n.- 


,. SnidHd avi 

Gram. The pertBCt tsn 

per'fl-dr, I por'/i'-ii; 




,r 3 pi'r'fo-rBt. I. 
] To bore thromh; 
It; 2 pSr-fq-rat, a. 

Eneroe. IL 1 pur'fc 

Uoiijn. inffa-iBt-edt.- perYv-n'tor,n. 
pCT»-force', 1 pBi--f9rfl'; 2 p§r-fari', odi. 

By force of: aeeceaity. 
per-form', 1 pBr-form'i 3 pSr-tOrm', ». I. 

(. 1* Tobni]AtoDompletiDn;acoompli«h; 

fulEl. e. To set out. as > playi repm- 

pleasant odor, 

pBi-fuok'lo-n; 2 p«r- 

.. ine merciy for the mte 

of Edttjnc throiwh; medianlaaJ; formal. 
— per-nuiet»4l<-lr> oifE.— pR-rBae'to<rl- 

i; poniblj'. 

It nur- •■'- 

p<ri-. pnflx. Near; jroun 
rei^Mc'u, 1 perVkU'u 

. Una. A ttSry 

pnl-tMt 1 peCi-jI; 1 
point in the ortiit of t 
oe&KsC the earth. 

tall, lper'i1;3per'il. 

tt-wtm't-Ur, 1 pi-rini'i-tsr: Spe-rlm'e-ter 
n. The boundary or rim nf a figure or 
Dbleel.— psTT-mefrle, -rt-cal, a. 

pe'rl>«di J pl'n-ad; B pe'ri-od, I 

Wete »eDioii«.- pe'M-od'Ic, i 
to a nrkd; ralutnlng at muh — 
pc'^l-odt'cal. I.s. PoiDdlc. 

pnblKiatloii apparlu at rfgular In 


le-HFw-r Jn. [-IW, Jil J;teou 
— -p«-ripb^r«l. a 

irVwi*; 2 peri-iSa, n. A 


perl-Mrln'UcU per'i-iraj'kl; 3 p«r' 


w, ^— perju-ry, n. Ai- PertwlnUa. 

d'nuJEeBti 1 pur'nifr-Deut; 2 pir'ms- 
nftot. a. Contuiuiiuf without chancR; 
durable.— pw'iiM-iicnce. n. The state or 
Belnc permueDi: durability: flxlty.-per'- 

I pgr'au-et; 3 p6r'm&Jt, c(. 
LT ujo.] To pBHi through 
r interstii^ of; be diSiiKd 
r'nw^-bUI-tr, K-pefm^ 
Allowliu puABfie, flapeelally of 
ae-B-bly, ndt.— po'tne^a'- 


BHin. Idbt- 

n; SpCr-mlih'on. 
UK or aUoninffi 
■'•l-bl(e', par- 
mu'iiti^e-, a. i. u-mn pornLlbL 9- Tlial 
to pfrmltHd.'- pcr-mli'n-Uj, inr-iuli'- 

pet^mtt', 'l por-mit'; 2 p§r-mlt', ti. k ti. 
[pBK-MiT'TBr''; pmt-iiiT'TiNo.l_ To gim 

pw'mlt, 1 pur'm 

per'mu-tm 'tJon, 


: 3 pSf mi 

i; 3 per'pe-tral, 
NO.] To do. or 
a bod Benae; be iruilty 
all n.— per'pe-tn'lar, n. 
tm^pet'll-al, 1 iier-pe<flK'u-8l or -pel'j-u-al; 
B p^r-pfeh'^-a] or -pflt';vj-ali a- Con- 

leaa: sodleii. -Ir, odi.— 'iMr-ptfB^ICi K. 
t-*T'«i><l: -*T"D(o.l To molw DtrpetuaL— 
Hr>pet'a4'lloii, n.— ptt'o^lal-tj, 1 
pai-[a-ua'i-u:Epir*pe-tfl'l-ty,iL [■ma'.pLI 
pM^plex'S IpBr-l^lu'; 2 pSr-i^ilu'. rl. 
To nibjoct to doubt or difficulty in dete r- 

Meil^. H. [-riu'. pi.1 ' A DovLsied ODO' 

dlclon; bewUdertnent. 
■er'QHl^te,! 1 pur'kn-iit; S perlcwi-git, 
»W<nU-dti, ;». Any pnlit from eema, 

beyond fflJary or wa«m. 
pn'H-eulp, 1 p6r'si-kiot: 2 pBi'se-eOt, tl, 

[-ctrr'nDdi -cuT'iHO.] To injure or 

tton, IL Tbe Bcl or pa*«i 
per'se-Tere', 1 nSr'Bi-vlr'; 

In df^na or nrivlncp pen 

Par'aUa, Ipffr'Aan; Epftr^ibui. T.d. Olor 
pertAlDlug to Penla. Jta people, oi luuuege. 

pei-dm 'mon, 1 panim'Bn; S pir^m'on, 
n. The jjlum-lite fruit of im Anwliosn 
tree.HBtnoeent until exposed to frost ;^BO, 

-ilit'',lpaiv«iat';3p&^4lrt'.». Totd' 
?rg firmly to any oounte, dooisn, eK,. 

ep4la'laii-ei't>— pm- 

~- pw-tU'tcnt-lr, odi. 
per'aoB, Ipor'asn or 

... . _^bein«; pj^mmoi 
an individuBl. I. The ^ -, .. 
body of a hun»n he- "■■""^^ 

*«i^'t^, n. l-nn*. ^ 

1. That whiiai 
I dlipaiacUic.— 
B,i(. f^Tldai 
SB,*. Theiet 


R.— per'Hui-Bcl', 1 pOr'iHMl': S pEfso- 

pn^^lKC'l'm, 1 1 par-apektiv; Z ptr-apSe'- 
P«-Wectll«,_ltiv. 1. «._ Partainins lo 

The art of delioeatiiiE solid objecti on a 


-If, ode. -Oft, : 

Keen^ di 

Icr-splc'u-OUB, 1 par^iitVu-uBT Z P«r- 
apTiryij-fia. □. Cl^ar to the mmd; readily 
inKlent4»d ; clear; hidd- -Ir* ddp. -neair il 
— Mr*» p< e ilT-tT. B. Clear™™ ol Emia. 
oritylai lueldlty. 


accei>l«d ened. 
pcmiada. -If, e4f.— p 
pcrC 1 port: 2 pCrt, i 

beloog tu an attribute, i>rop«Tty, eloEoent, 
etc.; appertain 1 relate, 
p«"U-Iu'clOns, 1 pOr'U-ne;flim; 2 pSf- 

t-lj, TL Stubbors or undue lulsteDos, 

a. Belated to the matter' in band; rcle^ 
not.- Bir'tl-amee. n. pet'tt-Dei>-eTt>— 
per^-nenl-lr, adc. 

per-tnrb', 1 p8i>tDrb'; 2 pSMifirb', ti. To 
disquiet thoroughly; disturb greatly-; 
iKIlala. — po-torb'B-UW', a.— pertor- 
batloii, n. 

pe-rnke', 1 pe-rOk' or pfT-Qk; E pt-ryk' or 
pir-uk, n. A wlB- 

pe-mie', 1 pi-rOi'; S pe-i^j', 
bused': PE-Bua'iNo.l Toresda 
- pe-nfaal, n. A ctrelul readlnK. 

Fe-ru'Tl-an, I pMU'vi-m; 2 pe-ni'vl-an. n. 0« 
« pertaining U> Fern, Bmith America: relat- 
ing to the ancient reahns or the Incaa. 

Ver-vade', 1 psr-vW; 2 per-vW, t(. 
[pEH-VAD'iiD^; pB»-TAD'iNO.J To spread 
through every part of; pwmmte.— pcr-Ta'- 

— per-n'alTleB, i 

pa'vt-mu, 1 
pes'Kl-nilaDii . ,.. . 

n. A dispofliUon t< 

-db: 2 p?r'vi-(lH. a. 
■miun; 2 pea'i-mljm, 
-pu'al-iabti a.— pes'il-mU'- 
pttt, lpeflt:3piat. 
— peaf-holiw", 


pea'ter, 1 pet'isr; 2 i>*s'ts., 
pec-ttt'er-ous. 1 pcB-tifer 

i; S pea-tll'- 

pMlt-l<ait, 1 pea'ti-leBt; 2 pVtt-1«Qt, a. 
TendiBfl to produoa putltenoe; hurtful; 

wldexpreail and tMM lnt«oiloui malady.^ 
IM*tl-UBlUl. a. aaylni the nanira of oc 

pn'tl'./used for - 

breaohea, ai, -. „,, 

petl-ale, 1 pet'i-al: 2 pfifi-al. n. . 

The f oatatalL of a leaf. 
petit, U pet'i; 2 pSfUn. Snmll; I 
— "'-".Jer; minor; petty; uaed in 



a; 2 pe-tlsh'on. I. 
a petition; request. 
r formal reQueat.— 

let'rl-IV, 1 pefn- ? 
ioi; 2 pit'rt-H. t*. 't 
&vi. I'Tod; -rr'- 5 

pct^bctton, IL 

stone,- pefri-facaice^li"'^ "" 
pe-trale-nm, l pi-tro'li-um; 2 fie-tr5' 
^m, n. An infiammable dly liquid I 
udiDS from the earth; cosl'^. 
et'tl-«>ati 1 p8t'i-k6t; 2 pft'i-eni. n. 
skirt ; eBpedaJly, a woman a underskirt, 
p«fU'r(W"Kn, 1 pct'i-tag'ar; 2 pSi 
frtS-er, n. An Inferior lawyer. 
*t^sb,lpet'iih;2p6t'ish,a. Capric[oi 
lyllMemper«1; petulant. •iTtixIf. -neas, 
et'tp, 1 pel'i; 3 P^t'y. a. [pbt'ti-i 
I'K-i'Ti-BSTn Having bttle worth orrai 
Inlerlor.— pet'U-lr, utH.— pettl-Beaa, n. 

plfyu-Isr pKeh'tt-nuit, a. Cwrioioi 
m^mnndi trMAil; pattUA. -6, od 

pe-tn'iil-a,lm-tia'iu-a; 2p»-ta'iii-a,n. A 

plane with ibony fuaDel>gIiaped Baweni. 
P«W, 1 Did; Z pa, n. An cndoMil aeat in a 

f«w'Wr," 1 piQ'tBr; S pfl*Mr, n. An alloy 

Bm'e-traiall fS'i-tsn; 2 U'e-t 
e-tOD', Jli^t fouPwhHied 
opan at the matm. ^^ 

tnLh ranlu S to 1& d«ep; any 

body 01 DOTpfl. !G. One of tbe bonca vi 

tbs fincen or toee. 

piiBD'taani. piu>nt>-«r> ptuatain, stn. 

nui'b«M,l[«'>-gl;2ffa'^4t,n. One or 

votfd to tradition and eeremomea; a oelf- 
rlgbtioiupenon.— ■lurnHii'lc. vbrntt-t*'- 
■•call a. 1. Patalnlng to the PharueM. J, 
Formal; bypoorlUciU; selfTlgbtAoud.— phar^- 
I'U'l-eal-ly, oJb. -■—" — ■ — - 
phar"mt-ceii'tlci 1 f< 

pbannauy, phar^ma- 
ma-«a'tl--cal'lT, all. 
abar"ina-co-p(e1ai 1 far'me-ko-pI'yBi S 
iSr'mnto-pa'ya, n, 1. A ataadiLni book 
of formulas, druga, etc. ^ Druffa ool- 

eir'nu-cr, 1 1 far'ma-a-, 8 fir'ma-fly, n, 
'ntB-ey, Jj-ciES", pi.] i. The com- 

tL a dnuntore. 

phar'nurtl tai-mfca; 8 flr-roti, n. 

nr'rni'', / [pha-bin'obs, 1 fo-rin'jli; Z 
fa-rJn'j!S5, iii.l The psrt of tha ali- 
mentary aanal betveen the palate and the 

Iba'nti,)! fl'nitai Z fa'nika, n. Boati. 
•'nlxr, IMvlk. ^Viaoredbird, (aUedto 

bum itKlf on tha altar onoa in SOO yean, 
and to me ajcain from ita aebea yoiinc and 

ihedunn'e-iioii.'l 1 fi-nem't-DeD; 3 fe- 
e-nom'e-noD', jnSm'e-nSn, n. |-eh-a, 
pj.| An appearanoa, fact, or incident; | 
tnaml: piMlgy,— pb»-<HMn'e4iBl. a. F<r- | 

tanldnd; -effort to i 
in'Bn-nmp^ ^ 

itil^U BOCtal e^ 


Wol'd-ny, JThc itudy of languafe; 
llneulaclo Bclence.— plill'o^ac^e, 4-eaI, I. , 
— ph^lid'o-Klit, n. An eipen Id Dlillo>o«r- 

ibll'd-mel, 1 1 fil'o-mel; 2 fn'o-mei, *. ! 

J'o-melr, J[Foet.| The nightingale. 

ibU'o-pe'iu, ) 1 fU'oiiI'na: 2 fQVpe'na, 

J'o-pc'ua', in. A pair of twin kemf Li 

uid InTolving a gif t made ' — '— *■ 

8U-los'o-pIi;,ll frfaa'o-fi; 2 fi-i6«-o- 
-los'o-fy, ]ty. n. I-™,M-. pI-1 I. 
Kconledge of fonjBB. causes, and Ian 

Llional Beit' 

!S- The national eiLplaJiatioQ 
I. Practical iriadom and i 
control t. Mentalaciecoe: m 
— phl-lofl'o-pli 

pbl(«ni, ) 1 (lorn; S fl^m, n. 1. 
OeBni'. J in the air-paeiai-m. 
Indlrrerencer— phle^mat'lCi t, 

nutt-oi-lj, nK. 

Sua!,!! fJalu; 2 
OI'.^ J herb with 


e. a. PertAioinfl to or of tho 
Vl fa'nc>Hmf; S fS'no-grif, 

le*. jfo-nei'ic 
. Relating Co a^ 

ticul&te Bound; as 
phonttu spa 1 ling. - 
pliD-Detlci, n. Tilt 

sound. nhwnetl-aUt; 
pban'icsl.- pbo- 
BBt1-eal-ly, ndi. In i 

tbonlc.) 1 '—'-'- - 


oordrnjE sounds and reproducing tbJruo- ... 
A phonosniphic oharaotei. 

Ko^iiM'n-pbi', 1 1 io-aet'!t-b:S fo-ndfl'- 
aof'wm-tr', Jra-fy, n. Ths art of 
WTltlnc by sound; sborUiuHl.— pba-IMC'ni- 
pber, *, One skllhid la iibonocrBphy: s 
pboneUo scenocraiAer.— pbo'oo-cnphle. 
a. PertAlnlnd (<i s phonotrrapli or b> pboDO^ 
rapby. ^lio"iio-Ermpli1-c4tT. 
Bhos'plu(«, n toa'fst: 2 fSstttt, n, A 
ros'fnte'. J salt nl phoephorio S£id. or a 
fertiliser fxintftining it- 

8li<H'phnr-ai,)l fes'fsr-m; 2 fSsfoOi. 

elem«it that icnitea by modeiste beat, as 
of frtctkHL— pluH"pb(^4s'c«neiit n. Tbs 
emlsOon ta UsM wKbout soislbk lieat. or itae 
light so emiued.— phas'pliai>«s'eeDl, a. 
Qiowlnc fslnfly wlUuut apparent beat — 
pbes-^w'lc a. 1. Pcnalnlnii In or de- 
rlvad from phosphorus, t^ Phosphorfscent. 

tho'to-crapbtll fB'to-Kmf; 3 fS'to-grM. 
>'to-Br»r», [it. M. & B. To tate a 
photograph of; pmrtise photoKraphy, IL 
n- A picture ta^en by pbotosrapby.— ph<^ 
tag'ivpluir, n. One who practise! photoK- 
isphy- pbotv-cnfli'te, a. PertaUilog 
to or pnxlueed by photoErapby. pbo'to- 
frmphl-ctfl — pfea<taic'rB-pliy, ■. Tbe 
process of lormlnz and Axing an Imue by tlie 
dumloal acttoDD? llgbi. 

nhnse, ) 1 Iris; 2 frig. I. if. |i-bB:19ED; 

rmse', t noua'iHG.] To etpresa in words. 
IL R. t. A few words denoting a nngLo 

Mat- A frasmeot oF a melody-' plira"s^ 

phle-iHd'iHgr, ) 1 fri-nsl'a-]i; S trc-pSI'o- 

ire-nBl'o>cr'i 1 17, 1. A system holding 
that thalaauldea of the -itiwl are locaMd 
in sepuatfl portions of tlH brain and may 
be estimated by the riiape of the bead.— 
pbrcn'iHlaCle, phrao'D-lcc'l-eal, a.— 
Pbraa'D-Ioct-caMr, ado.- plira-n*!'*- 

pbUdBlc 1 tis'ik; Z tij'ie. n. >. Asthma. 
1. Dlseasi of Uie lunts.— pbtblsl-ul, a. 1. 
Consumptlie. ». AiUimattc. phtbli'lcli>rt. 

pbtbl'sls, 1 (hni'sis: 2 thl'Bia, n. Pulmo- 

phTBlc, II fL.'ik; '2 [Ja'ie, p. «. To 
ITIIC, /give modirinc to; purge. II. n. 

*. A cHlbartl'c— phyit^al, a. RelalUii to 

corporeal; material.— pfayst-cal-lyi 

n i^yslfs.— pbystes, n 

,^ _. pliyB"l-a-lo«r^t.— 

phfi"t<Q-ldK'>-e)iI-ly, alt.- pbya*lHil'o> 

Clst,n. One versed in pbyilokigy. 
phr-sl(iDe', 1 fi-sik'; 2 fy-jik'. n. Ths 
physical struetura or orcimiiation of a 

Print. Type that has 

Pl. I i poi; 
pie, f been t 

Son. ILodD. titu. Sotily.'lIL Ipistn'o; 
2 pl-An'o, n, rCollo<).l A pianoforte. 
pl-in'o-ror'te, 1 pi-an'o-fOr-W or -fBrti E 

souare or a oovered oul«i 

-. .,, * Ihainoh 

bod}!; 12-pouiI. 

^e'm-riinc', I pik'B-yOn': 2 ple's-y^ 
A email Spanish coin, fonnerly ua 
the Umlcaf Stal«g, and north 6 Vi a 

plrk>, 1 pik; Z pOi, I. Tl. A li. 1 
■trike •lith or » with a pink or poini 
To pluck: select; cull. U. ti. 1. ^ 
with a pnnted head. 9. Right of , 

aagt. i>lck'an-t. 

pick'er-el, 1 pik'or-ol 

North'Amerioan tieah 



plek'et, 1 pik'et:3plk'et. 1*. tl. 1. To 
lencewitfipiokele, ». To place on guard. 
a. To tie to a pieket. IL n. 1. A points 
ed rtick; tEnce-paling. 3. Mil A guard 

pfekTe,!™ pik'l;"s p™"!! •^ [pic.'- 
plek'^k"«£' I pik-pek-Bt; 3 pIk'pSk'tt. 

gritphic-— pl^to'ri-a^jj, ads. 
plc'ture, 1 pik'iihur or -tiur; B pic'chyr t 
-tor. I. rf. [nc'nm=D; pjc'toh-jno 

^■'E'1^'i"n''An''" ' " 


lOtGgraph; i 

blaDoe.— ple^tt-. __, ,_. . _„, 

% dtrlMog or pleuliig picture; flguratlve; 

^di^niED'tdall, i pij'mi-ig'Ehih; Pold^- 
in'To'^hsh, Tt. A jaivoQ of Eneliflh and 
Oriental words in Chinese idiom, used in 
the East, IildllniiBD'glliht. 

pie;, 1 pai; 2 pi. n. A magjiiB or a relatsd 

ple>, n. Prepared food baked either be- 

ple'bBld", I poitiSld"; 2 pl-hald', < 

M«M, I pte; e p«c. I. tl. A r< 

PIEC'lHO.] To attach a piece i 
fit or toia lagether. IL n, 1. 
part; (raiment; eectioa; plot. 


Mottled with vi 

rfe-tlBin, 1 pai'i-tiim; 3 pi'e-tl«m, n.' L 
Ch- Hiti. A TeligiouB awakening in the ' 
Lutheran Church in the latter part of the 
17th century. 2. [p-I Affeitw! or ejun- 
gtnud ^My.- rfe-mt, b.— M-n-OMfc, 

^'6-tJf 1 pQi'i-ti; Z pi'e-ty. n. Love and 
service of God; r^ij;ioufl devoutneaa and 

plKilpv!; 3pUt, I.i<.An. InaaMD.nao'i 
Tia-ainB.\ To htler, as pte*. IL n. L 
' ' LOg or hoclike animal, especially wbca 

-pVflsh, I 

i;2p'jilroi>,i.. Adow 

paDora,— tlk'vmtKB'glMi, n. 
Ig'glii, 1 pis'!!!: 8 ple^ 11 
fectinf for a huidle. 


iPio'iiiEB'. pl.l Adwarf. 
plkei, I ;nik; 2 pIk, n. I 

leed in medieval 

pike', n. A turnpike. 
pl-l«st«r, 1 piHaa'ter: 3 pi-Us-Ur. 
'—*. Asouare column torming part ■ 

H beap. I. Any irest st 

n. jil. PBtkat, 

, El. & ri. 
w pstty at« 

pUlmse. 1 pil'ii; 2 P^'ail;. I. !«. A >'. 
ipiL'tioen; nL'uo-iNO.) Torobbyopsn 
force. li. n. 1. Openrobbery.asm war. 

fender voA fastened and eipctaed to pu 

lid ■com. 
^low, 1 pU'o; 2 pll'o. I. It. To lay 

oi support wicb h pillow. II. n. A » 

euihloD IDC Ite tuaA: ■ Hpport..' plllo 

cue", ■. A coTMlDB dr»wo Dv« a pllloi 
UTot, 1 pcdlet^ 2 pf'lot. I"", ri, ' 

gl«r: piide, U. n. One B-ho eondm. 

--1 ami out of port,— pilot-age. o. 




, , . „ „ plm'plf . 


.n,l pin; 2p(o. I.T^, IPINNED. PIMD"; 
pik'nino.] To pierce or fasten, as with a 

K'a, II. n. 1. A wire, with a point and » 
sd, used in lutenins clotliiag, etc.; a 
daap; brooeh. S. A peg. as (or a fftsten- 
lnE,aapport,et«.— phi'ettlh''lMI*n. Aouob- 
loD w liaJiJ idiH.— pta'-DMitb'er, a, A 

Bd much as can be taken be- 

-n the finger and thumb. 

plnflilkeck, I pindh'bfk; 2 plnchTifk, n. 

A cheap imilatiDn of gold: from Pinch- 

beok. the inventor. 
pine, 1 poio; Z prn. oi. & ti. [piMU>; ptn'- 

pine, n. A oone'-bearinE tree, haviaf 
oeedle>ebaped evergreen leaves; also, ita 


pln'lon, 1 pin'ysnT 2 pi 

i tropical 

shackle, n. n. I. Tho 
- ■ feather. 8. A 

91 plant beanng a pink 

pln'na^l«.U pio'»-U; 2 pln'a-el, n. A 
ptn'oSM:!'', J small turret; topmoat point. 
plat. 1 point; 2 pint. n. A measure o( ball 

pTn'tl, n, A pin upon 

pi"o-ne(!r', 1 pai'o-uir'; H i^'o-nSr". I. tt 
& vi. To take the lead in; be a pioneer. 
IL 7i. One wbo prepares the way, as a 

pi'ous, 1 poi'™; 2 ni'aa. a. 
piety; kUkIoub. -It. ode. 

pip'i 1 pip; 3 pip. 1. A disease of fowls. 

jAp'f TL. The seed of an apple, orange, etc. 

Plpc< 1 pnip; 8 pip. 1- "i- * "■ ("PKo*; 
speak or aing in a high key; wbiatle. Z, 
To convey in pipes- 11. n. 1. A small 
bowl wilt a hollow Btcm,^for amoking. 

the twcpipc. BBS iUus. . t, A Urge cuk 
lor wlm .- pi'pcr, n,— plpOnc, a. A n, 

ptpldn, 1 pip'bn; 2 p)p1iu, n 1. A 
■mall eutceiivATQ jar. X, A pigc^O- 

pip'pin, 1 plp'in; 2 pfp'in, n. 

M'quDt, IjU'MentTa^frt'- K 
fcant, a. Tart; puDsenti 1 
Dun; noy. -I|', odi.— pT- 

pf; S ptk. I. If. \ 
i; noD^Ha.] To J 


pride (oOMelfir II. n" SlySl 

ed pride. - 

pi'nie, 1 pai'nt; S pi'nt.MaricBl Plp« 
I. •(, A ti, |n'B*t-»i/'; (ScoMhBue- 

or piBctiBS pincy. II. n. 1. A robber on 
the high aeaai s veuej Bogaged in iHracy. 

I. One 

Pb'tol, 1 pie'tBl; 2 pto'mi 
plS'lule'i I PW-lOl': 2 DiM 

!. Uteiary tben.— |d4at'l-cal, 
r upoD tbQ toa la dancuig. 9. 

The sefid- 

A small fire- 
. [gold coin. 

connected witb s rod, sad fitted to elii: 

^S lliit; 3'p""'[pi™^^m'TiNa 
I. I. I. To mark with pita or hoUon 
I, To eet in antaKoniem. 3. To put inl 
a pit. II. i. To become marlted with pit 

pif. n. 1. A cavity; depreBBion; abya 
Z. The main fioor of the auditorium of 
theater. 1. An enclosed space, as tor ll 
liehUag of cocks or don. Ifruit 

pit', H. [C. S.) Ths kernel n( ™>rt.i 

pitch', 1 lpi'^:SpIch,r. [m 

pleli'. ;piTCH;im,I I. t. 
throw, J. To fii or am 
a. Mvi. To set the pit 
1. To throw; faU or pin 
a. To settle. 1. To rise 

pltcb<^ rt. To oovKor ti 
^tch>, >. 1. Pomtordeg: 

1. To toss; 

ch 'of. II. >! 
Lge downward, 
and fall alter- 

roof. S. Mui. The hi 

Bubstanu ob- 

plleti', n. A thiok. R 

pitch 'blende*, 1 pi^-blood'; S tdchTjISriri*. 
n. A browiUHh*black mineral foimd in 
Bohemia: important as being the source 

plteh'tt'i.ll piifh'sr: 3 plch'Sr. n. Ona 

ftth'tw, /who pitehea 

pltch'tr', n. A veswl ™ith a spout and 

a handle, for holding liquids. 
pltcbYatk", 1 pi((hterk'; 2 plch'fdrk-. n. 

A laiga fodt with which to handle bay. 

2 jilchV- ' 

pltcbY.U piiHi'i: 
pleh'lii'.JblitiE pit 
plt'e-ods, 1 pifi-us. c 1111 ,^ui,. 
cltlni ptty. 1. reeling pity,— V 

plt'hll', l'^i^^?p?l'tel', n 
entrapping animals; any hi<j 

^th, 1 pitii: 2 pith, n. The i 

a feather or the like; 

- pitbl-ly, odt,- pith'WiMaa, a. ' 

lit'}', 1 pit'i;2 pit'y. l-tt.iti. [PTT'iiDi 
pir'r-iHa ) To feel pity for, n. n. 
(Pir'iia', jil,I 1. The leeSng of grief or 

S. Ml«ortime,-plt1-a-bl(B', fl. That may 
be Dltled; patbetic: plUTuI.- pCtt-a-bly, att. 
— pitl-rul, a. 1. CiJUng lonk pity. I. 
Contemptible; pHllry, -ly, adv. -Ikecs, is..^ 
plt^leu, a. Destitute or ptty; cruel, -ly. 

To place or {urn on h pivot; hinge, IL 
n. A pin on which anything turns, 

Mta. Kotes for a bowed Instrumert wblcb 
are to be plucked with the Angers 
^>-ord', 1 ple-kord': 2 pla-iard'. Id. ^ 
To anaounca by placards; poet placards 
upon. II. pl^'etd or ple-kard'; 2 pl&c'- 
ard or pla^cflrd'. n, A paper publicly dis- 

Bi'ofcel 1 ple'ket; B ^i'cit, «, In^'- 
pw- pla'ca-UKMr. ».- ^^S(e^^ 


pUce, 1 pita; 2 pllLf. 
PL*C'1HQ.1 To put I 
appoint; invest. II. 

portuii of KMoe: posltlan: nnkr offl»; 

■bode. t. An open spam or sqiune, or 

a Bhoit stRCt in ■ dty. •■ Vaealedroom; 

pbc'eP, 1 vhia'Bt; 2 plfto'Er, n. 4 pliuw 

when suriAoe depoiLta are waohedj na for 

EDid. [plaoes. 

pbe'et*, 1 pLta'BT; 2 pUkt'Cr, n. One who 
piMid, 1 ptai'id; Z plftc'id, a. Smooth: 

unnuned; o»lm. ^r« adv.— pli-4ld'thtTi f>< 
pln'Bl-a-iln, Ijdfi'ii-s-raii: 2 pl(l'i>:i-ii-rti, 

K. _& n. [-Bnao; -bu-ino.J To falnly 

— »la'cl-a-ilnn, n. Tlie unwairanlea ■[>- 
pnirtaclaa oi anouier'ii iiunrr or iLntiUa 
mirk: mduUUos piasiBiiMid.''iila'cl-B- 

I^aKiH^l^ples; 2 plU. 

IriiSdri jdad'oi- pied; 2 pUd or pUd. I. a. 
fiavinc a patlem of stripea oroBdnc in 
aguucfl. IL n. A fabno, aroaa4>afT«d 

plain. 1 lidini Z plAD, I. a. I. Flat; 
amooth; eBay; readily undentood. 3* 
Lowly; unlfiuDod^unadornei^ nnpRtend- 
!□£; Bunple. X. Lacking personalbe&uty. 

plaint. 1 plentl 2 pl&nt, n. A mournful 
com plain t: Imnentitlon.— plaln'tiKe", a. 

^afi'tUr. il pLSn'tif; 2 pl&n'tif.n. The 
idRln'llfi / party that bcsina an action at 

pbltj 1 pl«t: 3 pllt. Id. If. 1, To double 
in DBiTow folds. ». To bnid. ». To 
mat. n. n. 1. A fold find in place 
bv Bew)iu[ or otherwiae, 1. A bnid. 
plan. 1 plan; 2 idln, il. k n. iPLiHHm, 
PLAjm*; PLuf'HUja.] To cocuive; de- 
plan, n. L A method; desisn. t. An 

plane. l^Sn 

. a. Lyini in & plane; level; Sat. 
^ n. 1. A flat Burfaee. 2. A grade 

le of the priacip&l snp- 

■lane*. n. The ivganion or buttonwood. 

glBQ'et. 1 plui'et; 2 pUn'M. n. One of the 

bodiea of the aolar ByaCem that nvolre 

piriik,f^aQli;2pl^k. P. 1 
with planka. IL n. A bn 


1 plant; S pl&nt, i. L t. 1. ' 
. . the irouod lor Rrowth. t. To m 
(fround) with plonta or leeda. IL 

■laaLn. iTAncetabicsnmth. S. The 
appuanoea rarruind for a faolory or --■— 
—■ — ■— .-plan-taliM. 1 — ■■ 

Ml M plaotUc: a plan iN«ot«L- ^anVcr, IL 

One who jdanca; an owner of a pla n t* tf M. 
plaD'taln^ 1 pUn'tm; Z pl&n'tin. n. A 

perennial weed with broaa» jibbed leaveo. 
pbn'Mn^ n. A tropical pennnial herb 

or ill edible; banaiia4ike fruit. 
pian'a-ft*d«, 1 plan-ti-si«d; S plftn'ti- 

frid. L a. Wdkina on (he whole sole 

ol the foot, as man, bean, etc IL n. 

A plantigrade ■^'^■i 
[daque. 1 plak; 2 plUi, n. A plate, disk, 

or Blab, artiitjcally ornamented. 
plMb. 1 plaib; 2 pIKah. I', ii. k n'. To 

fiplaah. IL A. A aplaoh; small pool.— 

pUa'ter.'l ploe'ter; 2 pUe'ter, I. vt. To 

piaster on. IL n. . 
lime, sand, and watc 
S. Caloined gypsum 

ir (or CDKtinc waJla. 
for m^off aculp- 
VHS oas», gtc. «, A viscid substance 
apread uoon cloth, for healing purposes. 
— plastaocr. n,— plalt«*-lB«, a. 1. The 

tlas'tle^ 1 plaa'lik; 2 plte'tie, a. 1. Tend- 
inc to shape or mold. I. Capable of 
bdnc molded. S. Pertalnlns to molding. 

plaf, 1 plat: 2 pl&t. , L if 

To plait. IL n. A plait. 
'. To by out in plats or pints. 
A small piece of cmund; a 

IL n 

_pIot. B, A pjOLtea m« 
tlal«, 1 pl«t; 2 pllt. 1 
pLAT'lsa.l To ooat wi 
L A flat, broad, thia b 
a dish; metallie surf an 
matter or the lines of i 
Plated tableware: tUve 

■- iBpli. .. , 

: 2 -«(', pl.\ 

10 stretch of elovatf 

iBcsout; aD: 111=: 

S: wflI.d|ib«U:,b«H;f«ll,n|lB.c>re.bdt,M 

ftat'en. 1 plat'en; S pUftn. n. Tbe put 
of ft ptlatiiif^HVB, or tia like, od which 
tlu paper ia nippartBd in ptintjiic 

pbt'liMm, 1 pbt'Cerm; £ pliffOnn, n. 
1< A railed floor or vunaoe. !■ A strnte- 
nunt of piiucipkflt aa of a party. 

-■ -"■ ' pTat'i-num; g pliit-i-aiSm. fi. 


1. A flat euuu 
Pla-tonlr, 1 pi 

1. Pertrining t. 

7-347 B.C.). «. Pureh 

ik pMliwopher 

pU-tooo'i i pls-tUn'; 2 pla-toon'. n. Mil. 
Half of a oompany, oommuided by a 
lieutenant. [ahallow dish. 

plat'ter, 1 plat'er; 2 pldt-ar, n. An ohlong 

pUu'dlt, r pIB'dit: 2 pla'dit, n. An ei- 
prenioa of applauao. 

ylku-sl-ble. 11 ple'- 

pl>u'Bl-blr *= -- 



pUr. 1 pie: 2 piL >. 

in (a Mame) ; prcxiuce 

I. Toperforr — 

ment. S. Tc 

, : S Pls'l^l. o- 

ilkted to win oonfldence. — 

1. To engage 

umble- i- 

IAD, 1 pled, a pi „ 

PLSAD'Dia.] 1. To advocate: eupplicau 
anus; urge. 1. To alleEs u an eicusi 

ehaiEa.— piead'ar, n. 

piMs'ailt.ll plei'ent; S pl«f'ant. a. 1 

phw^nf, (Givine or promoting plpMlire 

>. Meny;(ar. -Ir,adi. -neaa, n.— pleaa' 

ant-fTiH. 1-Hiaa'. J).] Playtulam: legt- 

plnip, t plli; 3 pl^. T*. Ic ri. [puuibii; • 
puAa'jNO.] 1* To give pleanire to. 
a. To b« agTHsble to. S. To baro ■ 
prtfflrenoe.— Heaa'tug, pa. 

plea'anre. i 1 plej'tu; 2 plJahlfr, n. tM 

ple'ion*. J SEiBHibla aciigation or en»- 
tion: gretifi«tion: amiuement in geii- 
eral.- plea'niF4-lJ(«', a.-idu'inr-B- < 
blTt nJt.— ■tea'anr-^bte- M eaa, n-— jMtf* 
■nre-boal', n.— p.vroaiul, a. 

pleat, I pin; z piai, (. A n. same as flut. 

ple-be^iiui, l pU-bTsn; 2 plo-be'an. L a. 

mon: inferior. IL n. One of the eooH 

plebl-Mlte, 1 pleb'i-nt; 3 pl^'i-alt. n. 
An eipreonon of tbe popular will by vote 
of tlia whole people. , 

— — ■■ plei:2 pled*. I. rf. [njoora, 
; PLMa^mol I. To iepgdi aa 
irityforaloaa. >.ToproDuse. t. To 
.k tiie health of. IL n. 1. A guaranlr 
thja petfnTman« of an act. 1. A 

a-ri, 1 pll'n»-n or plen'»-n; B ple-na- 
pl9n'a-ry, a. FuEl^ complete. 

pa-tcn'U-*-iT, 1 plBn*i-po-len'<hi- 

e-n; 2 pleD'i-pa-Ua'ahi-&-Ty. La. Pro- < 



-.n;2r'- - 

io reurcKnUtive invested witli 

.v^ by hia government. 

plen'ttude. 1 plen'i-tiad: 2 pien'i-tad, n. 
ThoatatocJbeu]gful];fuhieBB: abundance. 

y; enough.— ^n^te- 

ple'o-naam, 1 pll'o-n»«n: 2 pl*'o-ni4m, n. 

The U9fl of needleaa words; tautology.— 

ple'o-ut^c, 0. 
pleth'o-n, 1 pleOi'o-cB; 3 p1«th'D-ra. n. 

ExocHBlTe tulnefla; npLetlon-— ple-thoi'lct I 

pii-chor'ik or pLeai'o.nk; £ ple-tiuyia a 

Pietb'o^c a. 
pleo'lSi 1 piu're; 2 plit'rs, n. [fucu'bc 

1 -ri; 2 -rf, pi.] The membrane thai m- 

idFa-blle', a. Eanly beat or persuaded; 

dexWle: yleldlna.-pU'a-bUt-tr, n. nad- 

bUitr. pU'B^M-Dcu't. 
pll'ant, 1 ploi'enC 2 plfant. a. Evdiy 

bent: yleldlsg. -ly, oJi. -uas, a^ pV- 

pU'w, i pla'er: 3 plI'Ei, n. 1. One who 

plieA. 1. vl. Small pineera. [troth. 

pUtbt^, 1 plait; 2 pllt. pI. To pledge; be- 

□. uoflo 

plof, 1 plal; 2 pl6l. I. tl. & pi. Iflot'- 
TBD'"; m.ot'tino.] To planr form & plot; 
snupire. II. n. 1. A s«sn( plan; oon- 
B^Tftoy. 2* Tht plAA of ft Jitory, play, or 

plitt>. L It Iflot'tid*; purT^rmo.) To- 
lualtc > mmp of, as lota or ploto; dnrido 
oflinplotg. II. n. 1, A piese of CTouud 
__. — ^ ^^ paroeL 1. A mrweyorB' 
"— [tailed wKlJna bird. 

_.--. —,_,--.— ,2 piOT'er- ft. A BhoTt' 
plow, 1 1 idau; £ plow. L t(. * n. To 
plough,/ break up with a plow; workirith 
a plow; cultivuM. II. n. An imple- 

nu: ■srimiitun.— plow^bor'. n. rinuEh'- 
Wl-— ploWnaB, II. ^n^^nant.— 
■AotKahan*. n. The tfian or blade of a 
plow. plouli'iliu«*t, 

plDckS 1 t^ok; 2 plOk. I. <<. A >i. 1. 
To Jerk up or out: pull; twitch; waJc. 2. 
To atrip oomplalob', IL n. 1. Coot- 
ace; iatrepidjty. t- Theheartpliver^and 
hzQn or an anliiial. I. A twite)],— plucVr, 
o. [pLUCE'i-aa: FLUoc'E.iBT.I Couraoeoua; 
intrepid.— plnek'MT.iiili.— plnekl-Dcaa, r. 

plug, 1 plnR; 2 pifii. I- X. Ifldqqed, 
FLnaP"; FLiTo'aiMa.J To stop with a pluff. 
IL n. 1. ADythinc u»d to (top a bole. 
S. A cake of tobaoco. 

Bhan, 1 plmo; Z pltim, ». 1. The edible 

tree. J. A rainn. S. The b«t part of 

^n'macci 1 plQ'miJ; 2 ptg'mat, n. The 
(eathen that oorer a bltd; >wor>une°'- 
phunbp)! plnm; 3 pKim. I. U- 1. To 
plum*, J teat or adjust by s ^N. 

Sumb-linc. S. To topply (a \Jf 
utdiDg) with cav, walei*, ^^ 
andaewep^pn II.a.True. fB^ 
acminte. and upriclitLvei- CV 
tical; perpaudiculai. Eu. n. m^\ 
A plummet. IV. ndii. lu a S J 

poidloalarHr ol aomMliliif . 

plnin''imi'. J One who 

pliunpS a. Blunt; downright; diraet.— 
ptamp, oil). BiMdailr and Urelbly. 

plnn'dcT. 1 plon'du: g plOn'dAr. I. tl. 
To dero^ or mk by violence: pOlagei 
rob. Itn. l.Fniper«ytakenbyTioleDee; 
boot; ; ^P^j- '■ ^^ »t oi pluDderinf. 

ptunce, 1 plmii; Z pIOnA, >. [flchqed; 
ptnHo'iHa.l L (. To thnut or throw 
iniddenly into water or the like. II. i. 

deK»nd abrupliy; leap: fall. 
l^nuKe. n. The aet of plunoina; any sud- 

plu'per^eet, 1 pla'pSr'Kkt; £ ply'pSr'- 
f^- 1. a, Exprceeiii^f poot time prior 

pluperfect tense, 
pin'ral, lpl.VrBl;Bpln'raI, I. 
tMT. -ly, odt.— pln-rall-tf , 

a. ConWn- 
bqiDg p'luraL t- Tb« 

t fU.B 

*. I plna; g plUi, a. 1. Havinc an ad- 
Ltioa (of); inenaBed O^y)' oppoaod to 
dntit. t. More tlian nothing; ^xm 

ali,'lp]D«h;2p1Kiih,n. A cloth having a 

cy> 1 tJlu-« 

buoy. ■. To pTDoeed in haste. 

pir. IpMiS pB. n. lrta^.pL\ A «eb, 
kyn, (c tbitdoKM. 

ttte, 1 nia-mWik; Z BO-mlin*, a. 

mni lo air or IH. pam-Ban-Mlt. 

A puMulA. 

^--F'STi pSi'otTz'pak'k I*, rt. To 

put into B pocket: apinprute ; «ecpt, as 
ut iiinUI^ ivithout reoentmeat. KL n. 
A pmnh attnelvd to b rarmeiit: a carity. 
opoilnt. « noeptule^ pack'el-baalc*, n. 

ps'ca. 1 pfl'kDi g pO'eo. adi. Attn'. aitcbUy; 

P»A, I psd: 2 pfid, n. A seed'vc'seL or 
■W'em. 1 p6'em: 2 pO'em, n. A lofty or 

-mtr,i-tit,n.fim.-ma'at-—'t*t,n. Aii 
Infoioc pott.^ p»wle, po-ct1-ali a. 

lergel ypato tul: dlrtw 

pobat^, 1 paint; g 'peiaC >. LI. L. Td 
put K point on; sharpon &t tb« tip- 2. To 
eiteod or direct; urn. S. To diiwit Bt- 
tenlionto. 4. Tonunctoate. IL i, Td 
diiect att«ntioa» as by the eiteoded finder. 

point, Ti. 1, The aharp end of b thme; 
anythine pouited; a promoDtoi?. 3. A 

jjDmuBu™. «pp^/_B .PHioa- 

iur«ct; piBia. __. , 

■UtkUt— Dolnt'ed. m. 1. Ka«ntHpolnl. 

sa straight St Che DL 

polTC, 1 peii; 3 oMg. J. M. & ri. [poised; 
pou'iHQ.I Tabalanoe. ILn. ThestatA 
of beiiLS balanced; b baJance-wei^t; 


pakc^ n. Tbe pokeweed. 
jtok^t Tk A pocket or bas. 
pok'crS 1 pfil^er; 2 pflk^, n. A 


playen bet on the viitw of 
Dlar, 1 pOler; 3 pClar, a. 
tbe pole* of » iphen, u o 

OBlde in wbu 

pTtBiTiing Tft 

' tha earth, or . 

__. .. -at^.m. TtB 

quality at IWTlBt oppoMt* polH.— poftM^* 
n'dOBor-u'ara.fL The act ol potail» 
iDffH or- the state of-beina potartaed, — pa*!*^ 
IB or -lie, ic. I'lzu: -iz'iini4 Ta aerelDp 

pole*, 1 pOI; SpOl, n. A Ions olender piece 

of wood ot metal; b rod- 
pole*, ». 1. An extremity of the aoa of 
Si ^iheie. 1. One of two pointa, as of ■ 
magnet, at which oppoaite quafitiee are 
oDDHBiiaud.— pots' ^W". IL Tbc biiM 
star niw the north celestial pole, nottb 
atari. IPolamL 

Pols', n. One ol the Blavlo iieapis tnlahrtha 
pole'cat", 1 pellcaf; 2 pal dH*. n . A 

^^d odor. *°" S^^^^P^ 

po-lemlc, 1 po-lem'ik; ^*^i^^^^^^^^ 

3 po-16m'ic.o. Fertain- Enropesn Poleeat, 

diapuUUoiia. -l-ealt.-^po-Iem'ta.n. Tta 
po-Urp', 1 po-lii': 2 po-tit'. I. ■<. I«>, 
licid''; po-lic'iho.I To place undfr iJw 
coQtrol of police- U, h, A body of 
civil dfficcTB oreaniied iindjir authorilv 1o 
malntalD order and eotcffoe lav. — po-Uce^ 

pnll-er', 1 pol'i-ai; 2 p-ai-sy. n. [-cna*. 


pl.| 1. pTudencs; m4»ti%T: fiMBe: arti- 

pcSISJ^^^iH', pt] A writias wB- 

I>ld'bb,liwl'ia;2'[iel'isb. 1. K. * n. To 
mak« or b«oome miDatli or hutnnUt 
polite, or nfinad. TV n, Smoo^mea or 

rv*!!*!!, 1 tJOtUh; e pOlllti. I. a. IMlttall 
gnsvv, 1^ 1L TbA PoUtfi luvuafB; b 
|»4U«', 1 {K>-lait'; 3 po-llt', a. Showini 

rMl^41e, 1 pelvTik; 2 p6]ft-t(e. a. 1. Bb- 

BFtfoL X. CoiuiBtmE of dtueDa; per- 

p»4in-al, Tpo^litVkfJ; Z po-DCi-ral, a. 
I. PertsiniiiK to public poUoy. S. Bc- 
knlna id tlw ■dtoM at iciTcniawot.— 
H-lAxtf^, oK.-poI'MPclu, a. 1. 
Ou wbo M taaaMeA m polMoa. 1. Ooe 
■UDea ID poUIKaU MMUC.-pcrt-tlei, n. 

pMI-tr, 1 pBl'i-ti;'2 pen-ty, n. I-fnw*, 
pi.] liieloRnaf govemmentof Bnation, 

pMIn, i pfllt*; a pSIIu, n. A round 
dtuiM, ot tb» Diuno for it. 

roll, 1 pfil; £ pOl. I. i4. A ri. 1. To en- 
rol]: obvuk; vote. Z. To lop; elip; 
iluar. n. n. 1. The IiehI; henoe, s per- 
son, or a list of penonfl. S. The votinc 
or vot« at ui election. S. A poll-lai. 

(Lit has £i .. . 

put* out thick chieten of diooti. t. f 
animal that hai lost iM bomi. 

pMlCB, 1 pel'en; B pal'fa. it. The fii 
powder forraod within Che anther of 
nowerinc plant. 

Ml-hrtc', 1 ps-Eat'; 3p6-lllt', X. [pn 
Mn'sD"; PO[/-LTrr'iBo.f To make u 
dean; deole: stBlD; »».- poHalliMi, 
Hiv aet of tnlliulnv: dedlemeat; eervnonl 

vain, 1 pfiloi 2 pRIo, n. A ganie plnvt 

i', 1 pel-tnln': S pSl-triSn', 
i> Duwiuil,— pal twaB'tf r, II. Ooward 
»■)>-. 1 pall-: t pu'r^ tmu. Mur; su 


ptf']'-i9st,lj>il;i«let;2jifil'r-il0t. I. a. 
1* £ipnBBcd in anreEal lan^uaccs. 7- 
SpttloBtannnltoaram. IL s. A book 
Civiiv veniana of the ume text, aa of 
Kiiiptan. In nvnal lainiiaii ■ 

pal'7-SMi, 1 pej'>«eni 2 pai'y-fSn, n, A 
maar^ilBd fl(BB^ pa-ln'S-Mal, a. 

pol'Th 1 pirflp; 8 pM'yp. n. A nany 

, «. "hnal,-poi> » —fc a.- 


II pel' 

l^-Bl'*-bl; 2 p 

jtji-iSSMii. ' 

po|->-Mch^BlC 1 polVtek'nik; 2 p«^y- 
indUHlfial u 


Bchool of applied a 
, 1 'pal-i-OiI-iinp 

3 p«lV- 

Btanoe of ti 

fumeddrTeflin^ for the hair. |H^^. 

pome'tTSD-atfc 1 pem'eran-it: Is pom 
ftrin-al, n. The fruit ot a tree of «ii 
myrtle family, or the tne itaelf . 

IMin'mel. 11 pnm'el: 2 pAm'S. I. ri 


pO-llU>ro-«y. 1 po-mol'o- 

Wflt dt; bSbk, MM; r«ll, mle, ettre, bilt,barD; Ml, Mry; to, tem; igk; tUn. tbis. 


, , . ^n'dii-B-bl; S pOn'iUi- 

*-bl, a. C>p*bte of beioc vaubed: Bid 
of oidiuuy matUr, ■■ opposed to etbar. 
eleotrioiW. etc., whiob ■» »iiipi>iHi*roW«.— 
BOB'iti-m-Vn-ty, R. 

^n'doi-oiu, 1 paa'dn^cB: S p^Sa'd^Qs, 
a. 1. Havinaveiflht; unutiully wci^ty 
or foroiblo; ■Jho. hu^; buU^. !8* Im- 

B«uve, AA liy weight of lea m i n a. S- 
emvy to the extent of dulnesa; lumben- 
Im: BU>i»ed.— poB'deiMii'l-ty, n.- 

po'ny, 1 pi'm; B pfi'ny, n. 

poo'dle, 1 1 po'dl; a pisa'dl, ... 

poo'dl'.J breed of curly-tuured dogs. 
P0ol,lp01i2pd&l, .. I-t. Toputint 

le after part of the deck 

Urn", B. rt. 

J tlmiat suddenly. H^ 
op, lit n. A Bborp ex- 
it ada. UneipecCedly. 

[»r— po'pe^r, >L 0[>probrlouB]yi tJ 

pon'^in", 1 pep'-sDD'; S piSp'.«OQ', «. 

A iajtoXL. [ooxcoinb. 

pop^Jky, lDsp'in-le;Spap-'m-j&. n. A 
poplar, 1 pepler; S pOplar. n. A tree of 

ra^ (rowtn, and haying »fe wood. 
popOln, Ipsp1m:2pfip1iii, n. Alustroul 

dreia^oodd of nUc and worsted. 
"op'py, 1 pep'i; S p6p'y, n- [rop'na^, 

pfj A flcpwerinc plant hayinf a jidce that 

aboundain opium. 
pop'u-Ucc, 1 pep'yii-lii: 2 pSpVu-laf. o. 

The body of tbe oommoa pwple; tb 

eial favor.— pop'tt-ia^Ue* of. To makt 

pop'u-lBte, 1 pop'yu-lat; 2 pip'ru-lnt. *■ 
[-u.T'ia)'': -LiT'mo.I L (. To fumiali 
with inhabitaote. IL t. To propagate: 
breed.— pop^-la'tlon, n. 1. The wholi 
□umber of a [xoi>le. t. The muLtlplTliii 
oiinhabiuniH.-^pop'a-laiu,!!. Conulabn 
many Inhabltanta. 

pOKelaln, 1 penim; 2 pArtlin, n. A 
tranaluceat kind of potteiy^ chlnawai«. 

poreb, I pfirtni; Z pArch, n. 1. A covered 
entrance to a biutding. S. A yeraada. 

por'cu-^lw, 1 per'kiU'piiinj 2 pflr'tQ-pla, 

pooderoretudy ' 
closely: f^- 
lowed oy 

Porcupine, ifm 
po~r£, i pflrkTa pOrk, n. 'l. The flesh of 

. , _ r-.-O". a. Full of 

.ly, adv.— pf^roe^ty, ft. The ctaLB 

po'Toni, 1 j>fl' 

par'nbr-rT, 1 1 ■perTi-n: 8 p4rty-ty, », 
porlT-ry', / [-jHFfl*, pi.) An igoeoua rock 

encloaiufc crystalfl of feldspar. 
por'pcdM. 1 par'pna; 2 pdr'pAa, n. A I»t 

por'rldEe, 1 per'ij; 2 'pfir'idj, n. A lofl 
food ae of meal or flour boiled in. water or 

por'ilii-ier, 1 per'in-]*T: S p6r'ii).^er, «■ 

A miBll ditb, hariiis atnight ode*, and 

peoiiu m th 

rtuguen dty, Oporto, 
I pSrl'»-bli 3 pfirt'K-bl, a. 
That may he readily carried 
qrt'a-Hle-iMUMi. psrt"*- 

port'an, l pSrt' 
aot <^traDsporti 

tbikt wbiEb is tranfr 
pBr'tsl; a t^rtal, n. An ea 

down Budderxiy to close tiia i n 

portal of a f i>Ttified place. 3 j 

rorte, 1 p5rt; 2 pOrt, n. Tha 3 j 

Ottoman or Tutkiah (ovem- s , 

ment. S 

porte''nuui'nale',Ipart*ino'- > 

HE': 3 pSrt'rooW, n. A ; 

poeketbook; amal! pume. ^ U 

por-tend"!, 1 per-tend' ; 2 3 1 

p6i-«nd',ii(. fomdioateaa ? 1 

about to happen; presaee.- •% J 

poi-teat', I per-teaf er par"- C_ f 

la tfl ba'ppai.— par-ten'(aa>i 0. BodliUE It 
por'tet>, 1 pOr'ter; 2 por'tSr, n. On 

TuiEeaee, etA.— poi'top-are, n. The busLaei 

of a porter; ceec of carrlB«e. 
por'tei', 1. A keeper of a door or gal«, 
por'teTi, n. A da A brown malt liquor. 
jfttrUtoht-o, 1 part-(61i-a; 3 pOrt-16-liHi.i 

etc. S? The°<^oc of a cabinet miniate; 
porf'tiole", 1 part'-bsl'j 2 pOrt'-hol', ' 

por'tHn', 1 pfli-tyar': 2 pfir' 

curtain, or tie Uke, for um in a 

por'tlon, 1 pSr^ftan; 3 par'ahcu. 

i; distribute. S. To 

portir, 1 i^rtli; 2 pSrtTy. n. Somewbat 
Btout; of impoains appaaranDe and ea> 
rlajis; corpulent.— pntil-ncaa, n. 

port-man 'tMU. 1 pfirt-nun'ta; 3 pOrt- 
mAn'to, n. A naae for eanyioff elatbing, 
ate b^iind a saddle; alao. a haud'bac or 

par'tnlt. 1 por'tnt; 3 pSr'trit, n. A lika- 
■Kaa of an Individual.- poc^tnl-tan, 1 

--_-._ ^.._ ._ ^■«_ . pjjr'ixl_ehvr or -tOr, 

draw or paint: dnoKbevlTldly.- por-trar'- 

•I.n. ThB aot of portraying.— por-trar'er. It 
H>T*trtu, 1 pOr'trea; 2 por'trfs, n. A fe- 

tnala porter. 
Mwe', 1 pit; 2 pOs, il. (tri. [poBin; pos'- 

1N0.1 f. fop,' - -■ -^--'- 

pose'. 1 pOi; 2 pSfl, 




an; 3 po^h'on, n. 
m of the 

-tiv; a pas'i-ttv, 1 

1; actual S. Abeol 

3 flure; ro^ty; a pb 
lighta and ahade of 

ffrapb bavio^r 

poa'se, 1 poa'i; 3 p6s'e, n, 1. A fo 
ing a shenS. S. [Colloq.] Anyforoe 
aquad, I. Fosaibmty. povie coml 

pos-sess", 1 pe-iea'; 2 pft-fSa', 

thoroughly-— pos-aea'alon, n. I, 

of poswttlnff. *. That whlcb one i 

slTleB. 1, a- PartalnlnH b> or ai 
o1 poBBCflalon. II. n. 1. TJie at 

pos'al-ble, 1 1 'poi'i-bl; 2 pia'i-b], a 

po»'sl-bl'. ; may he t'uemuyK' I 

Imaalnablytrue,- poa'Bl-bUT-tT.n. 

•<■. I pfet; : 

ILl. TotnTdwltlinHed.— put'rri, s. 
post>, iL Ab upiicht niem qI timber 01 

Dtber DBteiuI lued ag ■ nqipoR. 

Ml plaw or BtatioD: of< 
. £The mul sysMm 


pest'ace, 1 pon'ij; 3 pdrn'sft, 1 

(Ump*, H. A. Bull crliiud ints 

pwl'sl, 1 peafni; 2 pOst'al. I, 

IL A pOBGBl ClVd.— postal OTd, _ __ _ 

bujlnff a govoTuneDt fllamp lor ttin^^ng 

poB-te'rl-w, 1 po»-ll'n-Br; 2 na«-Wri-or. 
1> a. Comioc Aiter uiotLer, 11. n. Tho 

,fM-Mm-t7.' 1 psMu'i-ti: 2 pM-ter'i-ly, 

n. Sacceeding scDerKtio^ 
*i>»'tem,lpaB'lBni;3pS«t*rn,n. Aback 

W, 1 

, 1 aam'*teV; 
i-.ait. With 

[■ther's duth; 

aft«f the death 01 tD* 

pM-tyiOB, 1 pos-tilVB" 
piis-tll'yoii. n. A tida 

pM^dhujor 1 

1 pSrt'mwi: S •™«" 
« A letCep^ctu-rier: mHil'Cbr 
1 past'mork'; 3 pOat'ml 

The atamp of « jkw 

VMfnnuner, I pAst': .._. _ ^ — 

—*'■■■*- - *ji offidai havuv charge of 

The atamp of a poa^>ffice on m 
dfiinuner, I ^tst'mDB'tBr; 
mHlft. n. An ^ ■ ■ ■ -■-- 
i post'offieA- 

M*iiirttdi'«B. : 

ne-Mdl-tn. a. Pi 
XHDBVHitT abbrevj 

pHt'^fOn, 1 pBrt'^af^s; 2 pa«f -JJfTt, n. 

dalivery of maJB; also, tbe poatal aervne. 
post'apa^', 1 poBt'^i^'; Z pCat't>ad'. a. 

Havioc the nogtace wejiaid. 
paat-p«B«', I pM-p6n^ Z peatrpOn'. ri. 

[pDST-F0HB>';paaT-POH'D«i.] Todeferto 

a lalH- Ume: ixit oIL— voat-pone'DUBt, a. 
post'srript. 1 peel'alcnpt; S puat'scnpt. n. 

Aa addition to a wxitteq or printoi docu- 

»os'liiUate,lpe9'<!hn-!Sti3p«H'chij-mt, L 
■<.*pi. [-ur'UD^i^jT'iHO.] Toasaumo 
(aomet^ng) aa Bplf-evident or already 

pMtlue, 1 peB-iaiur or -tiur; 3 pit'cbo' "> 

IL n. Tha poatioa of the parta of ItH 

ps'W. 1 pO'n: 2 pffw. "■ [mi'bmb". pi.) 
A buoflfa of flonera, or a HUtftla flower; 

irat, 1 pst; Z pfit, tL [poT*Tai>^; nr'Tuia.l 

,e-bl; Z pata-bl. I. a 

po-ta-Mc,. . , , , 

pOts-U'.rSiutAbLe for dnnki^ 

ffTrnwfhlng drinkables a drink.— po-4b >■ 
n. Tlie aot of dOoklnc; a bevoaca; a dr 

paTMfe*. 1 pat'ai 
iThtCe» aolid, alka 
liquid gbtainedfi 

I'l S pflt'Iah', n. 1. A 
ne oonuHniru}. Z* The 
no. leuJiBiI WDod>ashal 

po-U'to,lpo-te'toiam>-ti'to,B. tToaa", 
pf.] One of the edilile mmnmB tuber* 
of a plant; also, the plant. 

pe'tent, 1 pS'tent; S DS'tHnt. a. Poitcrfdlj 

adCr for eilitaiea, but not jM nlnttni, 
. <?raM. iDOIoatlng poaatbUtr or poms. 
L a, 1. AnyU dng that may M pnanilt. 

:fi'er, Ipsth'BnSpfith'Ei, n. Bustle 01 

pa'tlOD, 1 pVihen; 2 pS'ahon. ». A draft. 

aa of liquid medfcine. 
pofponr'rl', I pS'pn-n': 2 [■•*>q^. a. A 

1 p<iu«l]: 2 

'■ le-ly. ; 

nitkn HttiienmrB. 
A, n. A nun baa 
Br- 2 pSltei-et. n. 

A d«&1er ki poultry. 
pcwI'Ove, 1 poiliii; 8 pOCti^. t i*. 
[-™3«B5 -™>nro.I ToooTBrwithspolil- 
taos- IL %. A nmnd^ <^ & laaat, mealy 
■utan. kKilied to influned nuhoea. 

povitcet 1 poiuu: 3 pounct ci'- (pmiHciD': 
Pomic'iHQ.] To males a suddoi seiiun; 
spring: followed by on or upon. 

poHnra^ s. TbB lot ol pounmse; k Ukm. 

fine in a pound; 

poaild*^ v. L t To beat; bmk; bruie. 
a. i. To bainmer: plod. 

poaadi. n. 1. A unit of miKbt: the 
frvoirdupw pound ia 16 ouiu»9 of 7.000 
sndnaitbs troy pound, ]2ounDaaa( 5,760 
irorUn*out$4.88: ■ign'f. °' aoooun , 

pound', n. A plaoe in iriiidi itray ani- 

poaK 1 

S pout, 1*. A ri. To puf 

pouting appeafAnce. 
pOT'er-tr, 1 pev'gi^ti; 2 pOT'er'ty. •> 
Btato of beinc pooc; deatitution. 

m inote jia rtiolca; npedally, sunpowdcv. 

pow 'a, I ponder; 2 pow'Kr, n. ^ 1. Sbengtli 

Z. Authority, t. Aw^acent tlut e»r- 

prsc'U-CM-Me, \ 1 prak'tt-ke-W; 2 pril^-ti- 
prur'tt-ea-M'.Jta-ii), a, Tliit ™n bfnut 

I prakti-ksl; 3 prietl-oiil, a. 
ft. xeruuuiti^ to aotual oneriaDoo. ). 
Derived from praotiaa. 1. Babic audi In 
taet<irslT«t.-|inetl-cal1^, n. -mal. 
^ prat tl aa H y, ndi. In a uraiicliial my. 
prae'tt9e,)lpraktu;Spcfie'tia,>. [pbac'- 

mCtlCe, >TIBBDt.-TICED>,-TUia;nuC'nS- 

pne'tls*, tiJM, -norao.] I.(. 1. To door 

IB habitually. 3. To perf. 

prattle, 1 piC'ni S prt'ri. ■. , 
treeleaa laad mnnd with mam eraaa. 
— pnTMeiebME^ni, h. TIw plinated 
froiiae <tf Nartli>AiB«lc*ll praliUa,— B. itfaKi 

B. AmarminMtMplaliiaatNanbAmKlBa. 

pnbe, 1 prSi; 2 pr&|. L it. [rBuaan; 
ruia'oia.l To Biprea ammnl or 
kdenttion of. U. n. 1. CDnmiBBila- 
tion: applause. >. ThanluciTinc fot 
bleadsei; laudation to the E>el^, I. 
The object, mmoa. or lubjeet of oonunen- 
daHoa.— pni i» »^ a i'Qa, a. YMmrVtBa 
ivalae.— pralic'inr'tU-lT, ait.- pnlaa'^ 
wDr'tU-uH, n. 

mio«r 1 pnma; 2 prin^ , vi. [FRAHCcot? 
FHinc'DiaJl. To movB proudly with lii^ 
■ten. X TatJdeiiiHoapeiininuilmsr. 

pmik, IprsQk: Sprlok. I*. W. A (i. To 
deomate Eaudily; midce a ssody Bbow. 
IL It. A miachiavoiH or [roUoaoraB not. 

IpTate, 1 pi«t: E prSt. I. tt. & n. fra^T'D^: 
FiuT'iiia.] To talk abmt ninly. II. n. prafl;'a prftl. 1, tt. t tL 

m.] Toti^artt«Bly,ssKdiild;pnl«. 

(dsvoutly, aaGod. 
pntji 1 pri] 2 pift, m. A, n. To sddresa 
pntTCT, 1 prir; B prftr, n, 1. The act ol 





preuhS l prii^h; S pr«cb, >. L E. To 
deliver, u ■ Mrmon. II. i. To db- 
courH publidy oa a religloiu torno.^ 

|n^'UD-ble,ri prt'uD-bl; 2 prS'Swbl, n. 
pre'sm-bl', t A pnliminary statcmeat. 
pre-o'rl-oiu. 1 pn-ki'n-m; 3 pre-e&'- 

li-Qa, a. Subject to rigk or diuiser; un- 

cortnin. -Ij, (Hit. -Deu, «. 
[»e-cau'tlan, 1 pn-lt8'4hen; 2 pre^i^'ahon, 

- "—J—- 'irethought; pro-visic •■- 

;'.Ha.f"£*i' 'to "^ 

pre-ee'deoce, 1 pn-«I'dena; B ptB-WdsM, 
n. The act or rlffbt tt preoedlcw. pre- 
ee'den-CTT.— pre-re'dent* n^ "tj, aav.'^ 
prec'e-dent, 1 pfw'i-deati £ prtc*^ ''""' ~ 
I. pierlDui uHtn. t. An uit«iied< 

pre'eepti 1 prt'wpt; 2 pr6'c6pi, n. 
•cillwd rule at — ■*•— — ~'— -■ 

pce'dDct, 1 pri'sQkt: 2 pre'iluct. •>. A 

pre'dona, 1 pre^'us; 2 priib'tiB, a. Hichljp 

prlHd or prlHd. •Iff ad9. -Dfiu, n. 
prac'l-plcei 1 1 pre»Vpi«; 2 prfs'i-plf, n, A 
piee^l-lili*. J hisb wuiBteep cliS, or itshrink. 
pre-e^i-bi^l pn-Bip'i-t6t; 2 pte-^pfi- 

tSt. B, r-TAT-Bn"; ^AT'lNG.l I. (. 1. To 

thnw *lo«n, H from B height; luxe on- 
ward tuhly; bsstfD. X. To cause to 
fall, (14 from a liquid, by oeodenaatiiHi. 
II. i. To tall hudlong: settle dawn. 
pre-clp1-la(e. 1 pn-sip'i-tit; S pre-dp^- 

<1-to(e, 1 prmip'i-t 
; prsMtH^r^ll. n' 

— pre-dp^tationi n.— pn-clpt-tooi. a. 

1. Bimll&r b> a precipice. X. Headlong U 

pre-dse', 1 pn-eoiB'; 2 pre-ciii', a. Strietb 
accurate. 'It. uIi. -neu, n.— ■>t«-«I'- 
■Ian. u. A nicklei tor rules-— prfr<l'ilaiit 

pre-rliule', 1 pit-klfld': 2 pr§-eluci'. i(. 

vent by prevloui aocloD— pn^D'alon. m. 

— t)re-<la'ilT(e*> 0. -'b,ait. -ncas, «. 
pre-co'cloaB, 1 pn-ka'dhue: 2 pre-efi'ehlii, 

a. Davelcping unumally eariy; forwaid. 
-Ij, odD. -nesi. IL— pc»«i>el-&. n. 
pre''cau^;etT(«''. Ipil'koQ-flrv'i 2 pr^'citD- 
CSv', Hi. To conceivo or form in the ndnd 
eoD-eep'tlbn, n. frhe act olpreem- 

opinion. pn^toa-€tit'i, 

pre'con-cert"', 1 prllon-sDrt'; 2 prt'- 
dSo-cftt', «. To arrange in ooneert be- 

pn-cur'aor, I pn-kor'aci irr -ser: 2 pi^-eCr^ 

tinA'*r-U>-TJ, 1 pivi'e-ln-ni3 prM'a-tn-ry, 
a. 1. Chai6cl*ri»ed by or addicted ta 
plundering. %. Living l>y preying upoa 
others. pn^a'e«ftaat: prc^da'clouatp— 
preil'>-to*rt-lf .mil.— DrM'a-to'ifr.iMSt.a. 

prad'e-crfi'Mir, 1 predMw pri'di-laes'»r! 
2 prM'e-(or prt'de-lijee'or. n. One wta> 
precedes *noiher in tuns. 

prr-dM'tf-natei 1 pn^jtes'ti-nit; 8 pn- 

beueier In predenlDatlon.— pF»-dea' 
tLoa, n, Ip The act or predouaat 
The Tf^reordlnafJoa o( all tldngs br G 
prfr.dlc'a-meat, I pn-dlh'e-mf 
-ment; 2 pre-<ile'a-ment, n. A 

poailJciB. or ooadltloB; cqMoUlr, ■ tr] 
fbC or ununnff ntumtion. 
pndl-cate, 1 pml-i-k«t; 2 prtd'i-dlt. 1 
■I. I-c*T*iD''; -ciT'iNo.l To itaU i 
beloncuia to somellunE. IL n. Tl 

(t«*ili»-iKiB«', I prt'du-pOi'; 8 prt'diB- 
pBg'. tt. To di^woe or iaolins twfora- 
bviil: mats liable or niBeptlblB.— pn-dli'- 
pe-al'UoD, n. 1. ETopeoMty; predllvstlDD; 


, I im-dsm'i-n«i 8 ii 

r: praTMUna orer 

pre-doml-iunt-Iri odi. 
^B- c m'l-nent. 1 prf-em'i-Bent: 2 pre-Km 
i-nSnt, a. Supreinely eiiu»nt; eitiao: 
dUuirr. -I7, Hit.— pn-Mnt-iwiiee. n. 

*te4mpt«, 1 pB-empi'; 2 prt-«mpt', 
[U. SI I. (. To seoiire m advina 

rL tha li^t of ppsvioui purchaH. I] 
To take up public land by preemptioi 

pr»«K'nn, 1 pn-tic^ir; 8 pR-fUf yur, 1 
To lutiii n ui rt btimtatBd by ficona 1 

pf^Ai'Mpn-Hki'; Spn^Hii', •(. To put 

bsfoie o at th« beglDiiuis. 
tafMi, 1 pil-fiki; 8 pri'Bka, n. That 

whish ii pnflied. 
pnc'i>>Di«y, 1 pn^an-«; S prtfiian-cr, 

n. Hm state of Dcinc with youag or 

wtOi eUld.— ■nf'Baiit. a. Bwin youas. 
pr^ban'M-lifii Tprh-hen'ii-bl; 3 pn-ta»a'- 

ai-bl, a. Capable ot bdnc apprehended 

piB-Ccn'riliE> ) 1 pn-bsn'a]; 2 pTS-fafn'ril, 
pre-heo'iD>, J a. Adapteil for traapics or 

pit'nib-lMle, 1 QiT^ia-tor'ik- 2 prtHiia. 

tAKiep a. BeloDjpng to the time before 

IMT^iadn', 1 pri-Jnj"; Zjp>*iy*'i,» 

, I-D. 


I'u-dU; 2 prH'tt-dic. 
t"; -Dic-ma.l L T- =■ 

prel'Kte,.! prelM; E pnl'at, n, 0» of a 

er, IL (-CUB*, iij.1 1! The lyneiD of dnirA 
ffoTHTunoit by i^elatca. 1. The dlfnity er 
niostloD of a prelate.— prti'»l«-«Mpt n,— 

£3-1^ — 

yi^-li, i4. To ocm^y m wtruuv: piv^ 

Pum: iiRluill«.-i>R-«e*ei-p*'tt*B> s. 

lili'M iillB'i 1 prfw^lte'; 2 prt'dr-dlB', 

pre-parc', 1 pn-pftr'; 2 p(B'pl«', <L* «i. 
tFBS-PAMB)': FM»»B'iHa.] Ts nvks 

L-A'ttHm, fL TbB met of 

pw m m b', I pn-piDi'; E prc-p&u', a. 
Hsid bdCoiliaad; pfemMJUtad. 

■n-POB'd^-aH, 1 pn-tien'dBr^; 3 pni' 
pto'dlP**. n. J-AT'Biyi; -at-ibo.] To 
be nuerioT m vejidit Dr powers oft^ fol* 
kKmib)' iMT — pn ■ ■■'rftf M w , ■ — pre- 
pon'iw ■>(, a. •I7, aJt.— !!«>«■■•»- 

^■b'oD, *. llie part of >p*Mh that ds- 
notoi the TelfttioiL of vi objeot to an urticm 

VnTpn—eW*. 1 pn-n-«<i'; SptCpfr^', 
■(. To make « Ent impiMBtoo on. 
Mpnunr ft tknnMa ImpniriDB.— pn"- 
pw-wnlBf, 90. inaplriiHE a isvnnble 
o^on mm tbs bsatamlni.— pra'pof-Mt'- 

■n-V«*'ta-om, 1 pn-ptntBt^ca; S pic- 
pdii'ter-a*^. Contriiy" 

pre-nq'ul^te, } 1 prt-nk'wi-iiC: 2 pi«- 
pTMM'nl-llIti, /i«k'wi-glt. L a. Re- 
quired UL &n onteoedeot; neofiflaAry to a 

pn-raC'm-Un, ) 1 pn-tes'B-tivi S TiK-i«r- 
pre-fof 'm-Uv*. J >-tlT. n. A pocuUiu riglbt 

01 ijnvilegs. u of a Ung. 
pre-sw>'> 1 pn-««j'i S piB »>*'. i<. * n- 
— "~ ' I'lKO.) TopnteDid; 

'2 prfa'si. n. Aj™^ 


On «M Mtoraitaiibg nmuHm « Uw ' 

Ctarat.- PiM^r^atl-u, o^fin^ 
l«W !■ Inii, ■■- pffcr-tg-t, ^ [-n«^ 
pi.] AbodrolaUcnlafttLiirciardlMnet. 
e'sef-enee. 1 piT^-ena; S prViht^ii;, 

II. Forslcnoiriediei ■tcBc'oin tomi^t. 

— pn'Kl-ent, a. FonknowlDg. 

^4crllM't 1 pn-akroib'; 3 pre-oerlb'^ if. 1 


dlnet: onls; ilTe dlmUon.— f 't u tt'- 

pn-mtottoo, 1 pn-sbip'than; 3 pre- 
ttilp'Aoa, «. 1. The act of pnMribinci 
that vhieh u sveionbedj a physman's bia- 

a toMDcioarxr Title obtained in law by 
lom |icwE^iii.-pr»*ctlp^T(e».u. Bum- 
tjoned by eifltom or lane lag.— pw tali/- 

rei'cnce, 1 prei'enj; S presltac, n. ITrt 1 
state of bf-m|; pieac^t; pemonal amieu' 1 

re-Maf^ I pn4ant';S pi»«Ciit'. tL To 
introducei confer a nft npoa; (in; mr 
■en; ollK^|«MeBt^U(a',«.-pnnnH 

Tes'ent, 1 prei'eot; S prSt'Cnt, a. !• 
Baiuin this plaeeorina luoa t*****^*^ 

foitijE 00 <v in muul. tw Trnpnirfingi in* 
■unt.- picf'aat-lri t*'- 
ttt^miVtn. l<Pies«DttJme. !!. TliapM» | 

pM•'Mlt^ H. A sift. 
■n-amtt-nMBt, 1 pit^en'ti-ment « 
^aent: 3 pr&^Jbi'tHuent, n. A f orebodinf. 

3 pre-fEut'meat. n. PrceeaCatiooj repie- 

>n-aene', 1 1 pn-inrr'; 3 p iu i jfc ''- !• ■*■ 
)r« ■TT'e.JJt ri. [pu-antra/, no- 
■IBTD*! pa>«Bn'iNo.] TokeepipcDteot; 
■aval put up, as fruit in nmr. IL n, 
t. Auythlna laaaeiTad, aa bmt oooirodiB 
fniear. 1> A place in vhidi Baiiie ia pre- 
scrredi— pm'w-Ta'tlaB, s. The an id 
preacrrlnc, oi the Bale ol b^u lauu iiiL 
- piM«*^a-aT{a>. L a. enHmvttaA- 

lendg u> preeerre.— |ii« av'ia (a if. a. ail 
W g a i de', 1 pn-ioid'i 3 l«e-tfd', h. [raB- 
bid'ei^! nu^m'iiia.l Tontinaathoiity 
overoUiarai aet M bead or nder. 
[iresl-deiit, 1 pKi'i-dsot; 2 pr^a'i-dBDt. n. 
On who pnwdea over an onanUad body; 
[iH the etuef e i ee uUv e oOaer of s re- 
pnMfci^ prat'l tarn tr. o. peaal-^ f t* 

«blpt.-n««1-de«fMM, a. 

-,^., , — ,,jUoe:aber.z*;i>,rtle;b«t,l>«nh 

ftens 1 pns; 3 lafa, vl. A ti. fpBBmn*, 
FBiHT>; nuMi'itia.I l.Taenuh;HIu«wi 
oompiaii; crowd; follow dosely- 8- To 

To smwtb, u with ui inn. 
pttm^, K. i ri. To lorm into i»t»1 or 

praa, n. 1. A uDwd or cmirdiQg; thionc, 
X. HuTTT^ urgancr- S- AmorabieflkMet. 
*. A pniuhie-pfBM, t. Newwpapen or 

«r«>-(tn', 1 pTee-tSs'arpianii: ZpTtfOA 
or pjtrt'iit, n. Influence bued on pBa 

pna'to, 1 ptcfl'to; 2 prti'to^ *i4v. 1. Afib 

[i'BBV«IIIIED'; PBI-*Um'u|0.[ L f. ,1-To 

followed by infinitiTe. 9. To asaume as 
entitled to belief mthout prmJ. BL <- 

ttut vliMii rfay be umnud or taken lor 

U ir il iiin ■■iiiii'lli fn' II CreUMtor 

r9fUnc npoB a preciunptlon; probable.— 
■t»i ■■iii»fH'Oa«, a, TTuiiiilT oonadent or 
btM: andactous: InKtlent: [oolhirtr- -<ri 

■le'sn-iMM', 1 {uTBD-pai'; 2 pre'eO-pet', 
K. To mppoee in sdviinoe; take for 
sranfied .— fwm aM ^^e-al'tfoa, n. 

pn-Und'd, 1 pn^tmd': a pre-t«sd', «. !■ 
I. TonmulaCe; leicu; olfumfaleely. II. 
t. 1. To make belisTe. I. To luume ■ 
ebaractw.— pi»4eBd'cr» «. 1. AcJalmaot. 
%, A AjipDolcc.-' pr^t«aa«'t pT^Ceaee', n. 
TTieactoT preteadlnff^aiKvtext; Biil)t«'fuKP: 
Glalm.— pe^lAB'tfona n. 1. A eiatzn put 
bjTward. wIkUht trne or falae. 3- Affeeta- 
(hin:dliqila^.— r»-t«i'Ilaiia,a. Makings 
dlaplay ; Invoalnfr. 

pn'trt-, 1 pn'tar-: S [WtSr-, jtf^fti. Bfr 

«mt'«F-ll, ') 1 pcet'eMt: 8 pr«t'li^t I. 

pret'ep-Hr.)a. BelDn^oE lo the pait 

II. n. ^ The tenae that aipreuea ab«>lut( 

pre'KMnl'f , 1 prftur-mit'; 2 prttfe-mlt'. 

prCMr-Bat'u-iml, i prf'tM-na^'iHo'' 
-aat'yU'lrBl ; Z pTfWs^iAch'ii-ier-aiVyt-}- 
ral. a. Byroad what ia natural. -)t> 
m'telt, 1 prf'tebt or pn-tilot'; S prC- 
tOat or pidDlnt', n. A fictitknia icHan 

__..-|inftt-aeu,i>.-»nt^.a^(. Mod- 

•msb': annviwhat. 
^« nM', I pn-^1'; S pr^TjU', n. I. 
To triumtife: foUowed ty skt. t; To 
perfluade; lollffwed hy im or uptn. t- 
To mnwl wtdBlr-— in-fdllM^ »«. l i. 
OoRQie: pnralait. 1. BfllrwtouB.— pwr* 
»4«aca, ■. The act (Ute, or qaaBtir id 


t Biven or oalteA in aichiuige ; t 
— pclMleM. a. Beyond prise; I 

IL i. To have 
Ini msatlon; mar. aiM«a.- prick'v, ■. 
nick, n. Tlie act of prickiniE: a pomt; 
lioad: punsture.— prlck'lle'. I. it. * n. 

rrucEVslD*'; pucCuhq.) ToprtskriMUr 
In fnan7 E^ne; lia^ lb dlCMaed lUnrtng w- 

Vlfd^ 1 proid; SpiliL I. tCAri. [prid' 
loO; paiu'iMaO To benroud (ofl; havi 
pride; emit; bIoij-. it b. 1. Uadm, 
tetlvtteem. ». A nrpper teate of per- 
I. That of nhioh one ia 

Jfem.— prieffhoodf n 

Tbe prleau; ol 

pltti 1 prig; S pAg, n. A (omuil, pedoDtii 

(KTBDo.- prtl'lUh, fl. 
prtm.lpriniiBprfai. L_»(.*m. [i 

Just pnmly. IL I 

Pri'ma. 1 Hi'ma: 2 mi'mii. Fim: principal. 
prl'mii doD'Dft, a i«ullDff letoidfl Blncer, 

iraM or ad- 

prl'mal, 1_ 
prfma-rr, 1 

OrlglnsI; Ont; 

prfnute, 1 pt 

Tho preUlfi bieaen II 
pHme, 1 praim; 2 prii 

ot a prlmaie. prl'iOBts-Bbtpt. 

luumiia; dUet.— prPnaa- 
i6t; 8 prf'mftt, n. Ecd. 


Fint; chief; vigoroue; 
n. 1. The periwl b^ 
d we; fulnsM of vigor; 
t. Thebediiniasof any 

S. Either o 
iwo mtea oi type, Known aa [rest prlmei 
<lS-paint) and iauf primer (lO-poiut). 
prim'erS 1 praim'er: 3 prim'Sr, n, Oni 

oitjn^ the eharfle in n firearm ; 

im'i-tiv; 2 prtj 

liMt." 3."oiS. 

A primal? OI ndlcA] word. 

'ina, n. Tl 

prt-moT'dl-al. 1 prai-mer'di-a]; 2 

mUr'di'al. a. FInt; origiaal; price 

Pfbn'nMe^, lprim'iai';2pdm'rea',r 

eulted lank 
power. -prince'- 

dlpijtF, or JurlsdlcclDD of a prinM.— ^1n<«^ 
U-neea, a.— |hI neear, a,— prln'ccu, i»./am 
prin'cl-pal, 1 prin'Hi-psl: £ prin'fli-pal. L 
o. Km: chief, it n. I. A principal 
porBon; leader; head, 1. Propetty ot 

prln'sl-pBll-tr, 1 

si-pU'i-ty. n. [-1 

prto'cl-plc, 1 1 pij 
prin'cl'Pl', ;i. A 

■, pl.J ThB tenitflij 

mark, tu by pi 
printing-prees: publish. IL 

whlcb Is prliile<l. >. The act 
rcproducliiff an Image on aenali 
In phobs^pbf.— printlDg-i 
prege by wblob printing, aa 

sl'or, 1 prol^erj 2 pri'or. 

rule of action, eapeciiiUj ot 
Z print. I. i4. A n. To 

roi-sr'i-ti; S pri-Brt-ty, n. 

1«liilng to. ahaped Ufce, or rorma 
eihlbltlnf lalubow tlnu. prta 
— vria-msti^ai-lr, cdi. 

prison. II. n. A place of o 

allel plana 

1: •rUalio, «rt; (mt, are ; (oBt ; get. prCj : hit, police ; obey , g* ; ii«.*r ; fun, r0l8 ; but, bOiB, 

KoB*. pi] Beaiwm; M«lt_ 
■nTate, 1 nrai'vit! 8 prTrit. 
tiled; BMlude^ 


prt«t'tl»n, 1 pm^wyawi; a i»i-va'iiMip. 

La. DiiprtTlii_._^ 

■riT'ct, 1 privet; 2 p 

mentkl hsdiavlant. 
■rlT-MesC 1 pn^'i-l 

prtT'i-left. I. •<. [-rj 

Deie to. II. n. A niiht . 
or BdvaoUge enJoyBd by J 

J»: aecret; privi<.-priTt-l 
ijlnraii; 2 prt». 

AnythipA won or to be won in a contest; 

irt** pnA^. Befoce; fore: lorwud; tor; In- 

pnb'a-biel^ r^eb'e-fal: 3 preb's-bl, a. 
pnb'k-bP. I Likely to be true or to li>p- 
peQ: onHUue.— proli'i^lill'l-tTr >i- t-vTV, 

pralMte, IprO'bat: gprtli&t , n. Foniul, 

offioUl. Je^fi] proofs aa ol a wul. 
ire-ba'Hon, 1 pm-bC'dhsu; 2 prcbt'ihon. 

I.- pn»ka'Hi>B-< 


fn dn>]c^in£ the ooune of WDunda, eto- 
BrohT-iy, lp»b'i-li;2prah'i-ty, n. Tried 

intwity; atrirrt honesty. 
preb'leiii. 1 problem; 2 raSSblSm. n, A 

pcfiikxlnf qucfltlon.^ proVnem-kife, a. 

-healt.- prab^em-at'l-eiil-lif, uIb. 
tn bw 'ete, 1 pro-bee'u; 3 pni-b£e'is, n. 

I-ci-HB. 1 -a-at>: 2 -ti-deg. pi.] An uii- 

proiiCe'diiTv, 1 pm-tf'iorar-sld'ynr; gpn>- 
C^'iur- or H^'yvT, n. A method of pro- 
ce«luiK; B floum of motion. 

PK>-C(«d'<>, 1 prn^d': 2 pro-ved', n. 1. 
To r> on oi forwBid; continue. *. To 

Timt wUcb ta JKuoliiiiDed. 
pn»-<llTl-tr, 1 pro-kliv'i-ti; 2 pro-cUir'i- 

ty. n. l-rttt'j pi-] Nitural diffpoeition; 

pTopeniitT; inclination. 
jfratas'U-uatm, l □ro-ktsB'ti-nft; Z pn>- 

«ia'ti-nBt. ri. A n. [-hat'id'*; -hit'- 

O^tleD. n.— pHMTu'd-iu'tor, n. 
Vnt'cra->4«^ 1 pra'Iin-*t; 2 pr6'ore-al, t*. 
To bent.— pn'er»«ttoiic n.— pro'cg»« 

a*tlT<er, 0. 
rn»-«nu'tc-aiii 1 pro-kimtt-ea; 2 pro- 
rrOi'te-an. a. I. PertiiniBc to Pro- 
onutes, » legBodary Gieek robber wbo 
wBi eud to etretch or cot off the limbi 
Af bis cutJTefl as nec tiea ry to At a ecr* 
I bed, t, lp-\ HuCblwly eiactinc 

,-,. tor, 1 proktw or -ter; 8 prfle^r, n. 

An attorney; proxy; minor officer 6t m 

ooUece.— pnWtw-fllilp, fL 
Iiro-cnre', l pro-kiQr'; 2 pro-eOr', tL 

iPBO-cnuf/; PBO-crm^o.] "^ '-- 

intMl, I pred; i , _. .,. j , 

fbod'dimo,) To puncb: poke. I^. n. 1. 
Anointed inatiument. t> Athnut; pimcb> 

prodl^Sal, 1 pred'i-iel; 2 predVgHl. I. a. 
Wssteful'.piofuee. ILn. ODewhoumets- 
ful or nroOlsate. -ty, ado.— prodt-nl'W 


sr^'iw' ^ 




eld; bear. IL 

pr^'iM 1 prsd'ya.: 2 laM'yMj. ». « 
J^ F'-. -^ pradaati fanoTiaduiti i 

»rod'ae£lp«d'afct;Spr6d'0.t,fi. Ai 
tJMQi gnidii cwi; JMUtt o bUined by id 
imiHa at pndueUc. 1. Tbac irmidi ii g 
duoM.— prOHlBc^(e>, a. PnxiuclM 

pra'em, 1 pr6>mi 2 prO'Jm, n. Aa'inl 
pr»-niH', 1 pr>t6n'; 2 pro-fsn'. L 

[pEO-rABID'; FBO-^Ui'lNOj To dei 

— •-: polhiia; dearade. IL a. 1. 
-' "'" ' Z. Secular: t 

. 1 pio-Jot'i-tn or -tar; 2 

I Bu; 2 pTOit-an'aa, n. 

11 prttrim; 
C.J A liK of e 

Thoraiicblr veiiiedl h m arT 

IK.— wiHtt ' eliii ey, n, 

.. ^v^cfaat-lr, odL 

iro'Ut. 1 prO'm or -Icdl; 3 prfl'm of -fn, n. 
An outLiofi, am of a faoe aeeiL ftoQL tfie 
■ds; lida-visw. 
■Ml'lP',! profit; Zptfif'it.f. It Tobo 
of profit w. n. i, 1. To obUia prefit. 
2. To b* of wlTaBtacK. 
^oflt, n. 1. Vahnbls return from labor; 

^M-H m mat, sBr.— pniTH fcn, a. 
profH^stc, lpr8f1i-eit;3nrtlU-Eat- !■ 
I to vi«. IL ». A da- 




^o-Jecf ■'. 1 pro-jekt'; 3pRh.j«ti', i 

1. Td BbooC forth: Hid out. S. To «ai>- 
tnvB or plan. II. i. To atand out; jut 
aut.-pn^.Jee'l»<e». L a. ImpMtoi tor. 
want II. B^ A BMle; ■kM.-«M-|aC< 
Hod, n, tth an oT pni]setk«: a mm- 
Iihcm; acheiK: prejHi: map or dmrisi 
^vlii( nmciuac. aa m nIM,— foHjet'- 

_ >4'ect, 1 proj'efct;Sprti'iiet,n. Apian; 

fn'te-Wl^^i, 1 prtlMa'n-st; 2 prtle- 
tU'ri-ftt. I. Jomieriy, tin lower claaaef: 
peasantry. «. la modern aDoiaKstie un. 
wacerworicer? flt^clive^; woiUnc mst 
aBdUKlitaraUM.— ■n'naHtvMvM.a. *«. 

w»^a^k,lvto^i^&■.zpro'Vnt,a. Pto- 

'^""iDC abuBduitlTi feitU*^ 

-lib', a. UaiBS or (nntsmini; too 

)Ci [1 pr6l8«r 2 pfSTSft, n. Aa 
•HW>( introduction or imfaee, la to 

pnii^iqr'. 1 pm-tSs': 8 pre-IOog', i*. To 
ItngtliBi; otutL- wnrtmm tl^lttm, *. 
roni''e-Iude', I proni'i-nod': 8 prtm'e- 
n5d', I. n. [-Kio'iB"; -HAD'nra.) To 
taJB a pmrnoBado. 11. n. 1. A «Ui lor 

3n7a. Of. p 

ptam "Wnent. 1 piHii Vuent ; 3 iirSm V 
n. Jnwint catijifaiaotiwi: aoB^BB 

^ 1 prD-bus^o-Da 
Mmd; indiaer 

PBOK'K-mo.l 1. 1 
todo. S. Toa' 
n. >t. L A di 

prem'uu t*"IJ. 1 |it«m'*a-to'n: 2 prftm'- 
OQ-to'iy, m. hBiM*. i>I.| A hJth poiat itf 
land ■**T'***^"f into ue bba; ■ headluul. 
■ro-iBoto', 1 pHHaCf ; 2 pra-mflt'. il. 
(fbo-hot^i?; raoHaT^a.] L ToIw- 
pnHn^lpr«npt;Spram(it. 1°. pi. To 
incite; iiwtdi&to ; help br BunefltioiL; sue- 
■est. nU a. Aotinc or lei^ ta act. at 

■(•-■■al'tale, 1 iHp-iDnl'tM; 2 pTD-mOi'- 
Jftt, It I-aiT'to": -OAr'mo.l To m - 
SSi.T**°" natal knows.- ^a-m>l- 

pioiv, 1 prOn; 8 {jrOti, a. 1. I^tnf flat oi 
witti face downwara; pttubata. L la- 
BlinBd; ntan^ diquwd. 

pcansi 1 pi>c^ 8 piAnc, ». A iliaiv 
' pcHntad uubiinwn^ aa a tioa of a fork or 

pM'iMaili 1 pra'EuuiQ; 2 pro'noun, a. A 

naLs. ri'jmlaliilai In iii lliiia iiiaiiiiiii 

rilh pHmna or < 

Btudard aloobcAe atcencth. EL a. !• 
lis ut ct prorinf ; aoDmuiai aridnu)*. 

S. Tha itudinj atmcth v alooholio 
liquon, a. A [xiBted tiiaWiaat, aa In 

ff^t. I prop: S prte. I. ■(. Ifboptbd*. 
wman^; isof'iho.] To (onMrt k> *« M 
ka^ £rom laUinc; nataui. IL a. A wa^ 

ft^^-Jpn'AlL, 1 pnp'a-vui'dal 2 pcfip*- 

for gro paaati ac a do tWiiw or w ataa^- 

l-OAT aB"; ■d^T^HS > t' Tn«ii=«™t»- 

pradoooT qmad; 
■■*'•'' '' 1 pn>W ';_2 ye^pH', tt 

VM-pltl«tc 1 pro-piA^-et; S pn>:piib'i- 
It. H. A n. [-AT'nd; -AT'iNo.r To to- 
Ilia mot of pnpltUuu- 1. TEmivtaJah 
DUU>tM.-ini-«ltt-a-to-iT, - — — 

idly disposed; aiupicaoui;f Avontble- 

pro-por'tlOD. 1 pro-pAr'ABD; 2 pro-pSC- 
■hon. L g(, 1. To form: nuke sym- 
meCiickL ^ To Kparatfi mto portioiu. 
IL n. 1> Relative mAonitude, numbar. 
or d?sr9e, 9* FitneaB and hArmon; 

pi.} A wo prt etor. or a t 
l>n>-»H'»4aT-iU^ ■.- 

^o-pil'e-lri 1 pro-prai'i-li; 2 pra-prl'e-tr, 
n. (-mis', pLl Btcotaiofntm; Btnea; 

pm^tjial'daa, 1 pro-pTri'du-n; S pn>-piU'- 
■hoTi,n. Tho'ut or operation « propel- 
UnC-— pr«-pal'HlT(e', a. Tendinf to propel. 

pto nt*. In pioponion; m, UHtrous or ds- 

pro-iflg'; 3 pro-rtT. •*■ 

the lomi ( ' 


.. or hnvipB 

PiOi^'Kail^, alU. 
f, 1 pro-eknub"; 2 pco-MtIb' 

■roWtlprOiiSprfit. Li4, Ati. Tphoiid; 
PBOO'llia.l To write or ny in a dull mu- 
ner. ^IL o. Proeaio: proey. III. n. 

i-kiQt; 3 prtls'e-cQt, r. 
a.] Lf. L Topunug 

lejEal fluit or ohorge Asaimit; aeek to on- I 
loroe, u a claim, by legal pra«». II. t. 
To benn sod oarry on a IbebI procesdinf. 

— ^ma^fr^U'dim. a. Thit npt. nr HWAtb I 


H'O-d)', 1 pros'o-di;2 prOB'oHjy.n. Tht 

la'pect, 1 praa'pelit; 2 prae'peet. I'. 

l' A<^ev;ou?ook;'reaaoiuiMre'^cta- 
lon.— pTi>-siiMtlT(e*i s. 1. Being MUi in 
be Aiture: emested. B. Looking (o tlM 

prMiMT, 1 prea'pat; 2 pTea'pSr, t(. A ri. 
To makeorbemcceHaful; thriTe;iiucce«d. 
— pnw-per^ty, n. Tlie giale tA bdu proa- 

Oourlfllilnfl. ^ Favoring; auiplilom.— pwa'* 
per-oua^r adp, 
proa'tJ-tntf, 1 nrea'ti-tiat: Z prAa'ti-tllt. 
1. ft [TCT'BLpa; -TUT^o.! 1^ apply ta 
baee or vile purpoaoi. iL a. Suiren- 

n. A baae hireling; a lewd woman.— pwi^ 
U-ta'tten, n. Tbe act ol prtHtltuanc. 
proa'trmte, 1 prei'trit; 2 prSs'trat. I. iL. 

lay or thioir down flat: overthrow! 1. 
To reduce to eitiems wealcness. IL a. 
Lying fiat: overthrown or overcome; i^o^ 

1 prti'i: 3 prOfl'yi ^ 

_ . . 'A' 

pro'te-kn, 1 pre'ti-eu; 2 prS'to-on, n. At- 
Burning yanouB lornu; frhangeable. 

^o-trnfo, 1 pro-teki'i 2 pro-te«t'. «. To 
pmerrelniatBtyiKuanl: delend.— ^o-lee'* 
lloB, fi. Ttteaetot procecUng; a protMBa 

pnbteetloii-lil, <■. One wbo lavon piv 
teot]aIl.-pro-lcaW(•^ n. Albirdtaig B 

if ft nronca-.— rm Hr'lnf ihlri ■.— p 

»n»"(«'^,"i pro-Wje'; S pr8te'ih«', .. 
|-a*i', 1 -jB'; 3 -»hs', fem.\ Ono ipeciilly 

pnfM-ld, 1 prVO-ld: 'e pratfrld, n. Od 

formally declare 

ly decL 

- ^NVea-tant. I. 
!lDIBIinM«t. n. n. 

— prsfci-tatiDB, n. Tlia act ol tmuor 
tall), or Hiat wUcb Is protaua. 

fto'tnU 1 pryiMt; 3 pra'Wst, n. The net 
of proteatinfl lolemn or formal Dbiec- 
tion : deolanlion of noa-iMfmeiil. a> oI 

pro'to-pluiii, 1 prS'ta-plsim: 2 prC'to- 
pl&gin» n, A semiliqi^, viscid mi^ 

sa auiinal or vegetable oeU. 
Vo'to-trjft, 1 pro'to-tojp: S prSto-Up, n. 

A primitive fomr oiipnti. 
pf»-tIset'S 1 pro-trokt': g pro-trStt'. nf. 

To flitend; lengtlMn; proluic^-^ pnntnc'- 

piD-trHde', 1 pro-trOd': Z pro-tnid'. ti, A 
n. [pao-nnjD'Eii"': nio-Tsvi>'lna.I To 
piBb or tiniat out; prolecl outward,- pm- 
tra'Atn, n.— pr«HtrB'uv(«*, a. 

|VO-tn'lMI<4Ut, 1 pro-liQ'bar-snt; Z pro- 
tQ'Mr^nt, a- SwellinB out; bulgiTig.— 

proait, 1 proud: a proud, a. I. Feelinc or 
raanifeating pride; arroEant; hauabty, ?. 

prove, 1 prdv; S prO". ■■ &kovid; Jnov'- 
iHGj f. t. 1. To estsbliih by evidence. 
I. To tErt. 1. To leam by eiperisnce. 
ILi. Totumout, orbefoundlobe.^ 


f, pithy' k. 

— ino-ver'H-al, a. 

mna-Mr.' Hie. 


'mo.l TomakBipto- 

L K. To tumi* irith food. n. n. 1. 
MeaeuRa takes in advance. 2. A suit- 
plyoflaod. >. AMpulatloii.— pri-tI'iIiuI' 

pro-voke', 1 pro-vSk'; 2 pro-v81i', >. [pro- 
VOKI.D": pao-voi'™a,ri- '- 1- To of- 
fend, t. To etimulale. >. Tooccaaioiii 
to elicit. IL i'. To produce rcHntiiKnt. 
— proT~a-ca'ttaD, n. 1. Ttae act ol provDk- 

pro-vOe'a-tlvor -v(J'ea-tlv, 1_ a. Bcrrlncto 

t, Ip: 

■6': E 

u^ege of- 

1 prou; 2 prow, 
'cuel'i hiiU; 

'Bnrth.'jtiHl , 
intrepidity in 

■tealtbily, la in 
Bearch of pray.— 

■-■na(«.|>, ode.-" 

pni-lDi'i-tr, n. The n 

pnu'hma, 1 preki'i-mO; 

pxii% 1 praka'i; i 

Smfte, 1 prdd; 2 p^, n 

mhjh'imo.I To cut off aupeifluuua 
braochH; trim: dnsa, aa * bird its 

prime, n. 1. Ths dAed fruit at tl« pJian. 

pru'ri-eiit, 1 prt'n-eirt; 8 ppj^-Snt, o. 
Impuifl in tiunixbl bid dapre, 

Frni'alan, 1 pru&'sn; 3 prOili'Kii. I. a. 
PertuiuQ£ to PnuHu, in Germai^. 11. n^ 
A cdUiaiDlPrunli.— ptnwlu »e, B«l- 
arlDff mibvtwx used ■- *— '— ^- ' 

p>r-«hal'o-«T, 1 •ni-kBl'o-]i; S m-eSI-i 
n. Tbe sdnice of ths humaa soul and its 

HM-l-fn. 1 tarVii-gwi; a IflrtoJ-jUm. n. 


kaloid, derii 

ynblle, 1 pnblik; 2 pttblit. I, a. Per- 
taimnjE to Ha public at laive; aptai to a]]' 
well-knOHO. U. n. The pwipta anl- 

em. "_5^' *■ [En*.) 

& Uduonnlocii. 

tai-nutnrer.- »wyilim ^toSf i T^? 

bduf mib|]a.-Hik^le%. adft 

To make fawwn ptAlMy: (iraulsts. 

,, ,- rd wrinUH. 

dR, 1 pud'ni; S pijd-iBa, «. 1. A 
rt of soft food. Zt A larCQ naiinajn 
e,U podl: 2 ofldl. I. M. [fub'- 

pu;erJle,YjrpiiJ'w-ii;8pa'*Ml a, diihl- 

poff, 1 1 pqf ; 2 pfif. 1'. rt. & n. To in- 
pnf./flatEisw^; praise fulsomely; iHnt; 
ilbe bard. U. n. 1, A aadden, 
able bnatb; a irintF. t. Public aid 
ome pnjso. I. A nmn^ or flulfr 

PUK. 1 poi; 2 p<U. n. I. A pae^oK. J, 
• -lootey.— ^w'4<w*, h. A man, Avti 

|illE-n>%laiu, 1 puipnt'fl 

BbOa. a. ninmnd »i fi>> 

i; 2 pOS-ni'- 

. ., - pole; 2 poip, " 

nrnr h the loft. augvuI... 
— pnlp'ona, o. »<ilb^t> 

wait, 1 piQ]; 3 pfil. 

To pa^; irtimpsc. 
piUI,)li>u];Spvl.^ Todnw 
poP,/irith fcaw; bsul: dm; tuc; iriuok. 

IL n. I. Th« ut □( puilio^; datlt. t. An tlmHignpoiiti c .Mltajijritiim. 
pallet, 1 pul'et:3 pvi'et.ii. AyouuKbea. 
pvUcj..! puJ'i; 2 p«i'y> •>• A wIhsI for 

tMMHttan PO.WW- bjr HMO. of a oord or 

puI'in»>B>-i7, 1 psl'mo-BS-D; 3 pfil'mo- 

ilo; 2 dSId. n. , 

it pazt of fruit. 

. puiVlia'pil-iBt, ?.. LAa 

church. & The pi»dH'i cdaai the 

pnl^L. I pBl'att: 2 pOI'ttC n. [pul'- 
UT'n^; rcL'uT'oKi.l TaUnnb;bat. 
-ptf^itlM,B. AUiniMte«BhBHfb«t. 

yKlM,lpvlKSpQli.n- IrnuuiSniui*: 

PBbe>vn. TIm Ay thmw bntiox of the 

pdM*, n. LecuiTiiiioua plnta. ■■ peu, 

pBlTrr-lM, 1 pnl'TBHii; 3 pal^'^Ml, il. 

*W. r-iraD; -ii'isal Tond^neocbe- 

coma nw u cfld to pow J er . to anrfi. pnPrc^ 

tut.- fri'^ccf'inr'aM cr ^a-On. «. 

pn'nwt I pM'rag: 2 pfi'ms. n. An Ameri- 

pnm'toCi ) I pirai'ii; S pttmli, n. Voleasia 
poDili^. Ibv»: used M k poUiUiu'ni*- 

wjUi — pn- aU'tamw, ^-idle^-nni. 

S pflmp, «<■ A t 

Onmp, 1 pomp; S pflm 
tube nfth, or ■> wilL K 

piimp'i n. A cte^oe lor 

pmmmpiM, L pm^t^n; 2 pSmpliin 
(Cooit. 1 pDO'bD; 2 pbilosj. n. A 
ti^^ -nu oc iu luii^ yJhw f mit. 

pa^lpiini2 pOB. 1.^. An*, [pmonii, 

A word In two 

it» pota. or nudae- 

pnneii*, n. A dnoli of nine or ll 
nned, fiavored, sjid diluted n 


perforrauwe (J pnppcto. 
pon'elwoDi, 1 puD'tihgn; 2 ptLa'shoa, n. 

L Aa uprieht Bupportins timber, i* 

A punob or perf ononc tool. 
vmaramnP, n. A Uqumuli boldlDC tnun 

i; 2 pane-tiri-o, 
IL A Bin point of eUqoMU.— paae-*d'- 
!■■», a. Vt ry (tut In tba lorn* o) nl- 


ILi. ' 

barffa pTDpelied 

B. b<b,b»s; ta^btf, to, feent; l||ki IWd, tkl& 

LiddBK of 

iped footbaff before i 
.] WMk imd i 

Va'pm, 1 pia-pB; S.pOJm. n. [sv-tm. I 

SiQ'pl; Z pQ'pt, pi.] Tha (titgit of s trnni- 
irming uueot tliat pnoedu the perfect 

uniler the 

_ . . The openiric in the iiu of the 
Mp'ret, 1 pnp'et: 2 pBp'«, «. ' " 

flaora mxla to move by wirea. 
' — 1 pup'i; 3 piip'j 

., !■ The net ^purchiudna, 
or th&t vhi(\h is purehAAed. %, Ad hd- 
Tftnlage, aa at loverMO. for moving heavy 
l»dl« or uie Uke.— »Dr'clu*-B-U(*r, par*- 
cluw-k-Ule', fT pTiT'rhH rr. n. A 


— ^vr-gmlloii, n. A purslnf . putjn'lnf , or 
dMrUc— pnr^»-tt>W*. I. a. Kneseioui 
lo4l-al,a. OforDKiiilii- 
pofti^to^Ti n, [-Bi>a*. 
br upkatory 

ra^l-tan, 1 pio'n- 

Engllsn PnmatanK 

. Togiowotb 
l-t-emttea, a. 



pnrl, I pnrl; 2 pflrl. ti. To flow vHh ■ 

bubbling gouDd: rimila. 
pnrlteti, 1 pSr'lifl; 3 pHTlO, n. p(. Th» 

outikiria of any pUwe. 
par-Mo', Ipui-LsiD'^S pOp-lfiin', wl. To 

piir;plcs)l pBr-pli's pOr-pl. !.•<.&«. 

pnrW, npnB'M.(i;)D'; pdb'plino,] To 
make ot become tiuiple. IL a. Of the 
color of purple, TIL n. 1. A color d 
mingkd nd and blue. 3. Hoyal di^iiCT; 
mnlE; wealth. >• The office of a o a rai n aL 

pnrtTPort, 1 piir'pfirt; 2 pOr'pOrt. l^. it. A 
Pi. ToHpiify;mean;imply. IL n. A 
meaium utsoded; import; ■laalfil^aDl». 

por'poM, 1 pirr'pBs; 2 pOr'poe. I. rt. & iL 
froB'poaBD*. rau'fatT^: pub'pos-iko.I To 

plui intanded to be DUried out; deiocn: 
«et[|ed naolutlaa.— »ar'p«a»4r, odi. 
Pim. i 1 pur; 2 pOt. I. n. To make a low 

parM, 1 pnn: 2 pOra. I. rf. [pnBaBD^ 
P0B»i»; POBa'iKO.1 !■ To draw into wrin- 
kl«. i. To place in a pune. II. n. 1. 
A qm«]l bsA for carryinfl money, t* A 
i. Money offered as a prive, 
iv tiavlEu eha^ el 

3 pCir-Bii', 

"o loUow 

lOr'SJ'i 1 pnr'Bi; 3 par's)-, a. Short* 
bicathed; fat. 
lU'nfleiit, 1 pia'ru-lent: S pQ-rvlEnl, a. 

f, 1 i: 

[BuppUn).' por-re] 
Q; 2 pQf'Til, n 

pnr'TlFW. 1 por'vif 
at, 1 pub: 2 pOii, n. Secrttioa from in- 

paah, 1 pu^i 2 push. P. it. A *{. To 

— 18 H^CoioBt; urge forward; thmet. IL 
1. A prDpelline or thruffuns premure; 

velahlcK 4S IX 


Mil Ml iMt Id iiuaeta. 
MflAn-apiril«d; cow- 

; S pOi'ial. n, A smsl 
^pni; futTiho.) I.I 

pm'tulc, 1 pui 

pi^IputtSpi,., .. 

Tont; Uy; ptaoe; .>|iii». >u^« , ■»•»- 
□lit: *pply: urge. IL >. To dincC ODe'a 

pn'U-tlTe, ll' piu'l^tiv; 2 pOts-UT, a. 
pB'ta-tJi*, [ Suppoaed; reputal. 
pn'tTC-fy. 1 pio'tn-foi; 2 pH'tri-fJ, rf. 4 oi. 

poBe.^ patr^he'tlan> n. Tba act or pu- 
trefying: aecw.— PU'lre-fce'tlllB', a.— 

pu'trld, 1 piQ'tnd: 3 pa'trid, a. Putrefy- 
Inc: rolloL-pB-tildl-lr, a. pn'Uld- 

pnttr, lpol'i;3pai'y. 1. 1^ [put'tiid; 
njT*rT-wa.] To fill up with putty. IL 

pns'de, 11 pail; 2 pK>1. I. vt. A d. 

confuse or bo confused; perolei; r^«ify. 
IL n. A perp]eiina problem; perplex- 
ity; quMidsTS.— pai'iier, n. 
pycW.o. - - '^- 

pfr'a-mldj . , 

■olid baving ■ rootilineai, ___._ 

PTTC, 1 poit: Z pb, n. A heaj 

pr-retlc 1 pai-iet'ik; S pl- 
1. AffKted witli or relstii 
febiile. S. Reiii«lua in fa- 
A reiiiHiy in fevon. 

prMte, 1 poi'ioit; 2 pi'cit, 

It'it. L a^ 

Ira. II™' 

. Uiniral. 
-tl't:s, pl.l 

pr"r<Atccli'[iK, I poi'ro-lelt'mlt: 2 pl'ro- 

pr'^t«li'iil-aUt-~-pi''T<>-teeIi'iila> ■■ 
Flnworki.— pf "nt-tMb'uliti n. 
Pf.UuWa-n'wi, ' —"-—■-—— - — 
tUI'o-re'u. I. I 


1: a^flnal; i^tuMt; able; rasotit; aD; I0 = I«h1; iSbln; ga; tt = tlng; fhln. 
S: wfltd||;bMk, W»t;tijll, rule, core, bilt,bQrni All, bdTj to, tern; Igli; tbln. 

(Bnd U. S.) ayrtam 

foUowed by IS dphcn. (2) In the 
. IfotloirodbTSJ oplien. 

i^f^^*^ nvtflm. ] fotlowod by 24 nplwi 
■lunWrllB-He, 1 1 k«wl'n-«a's-bl; 

■■.>_^>k.^F i kw»d'rM*l'«-bl. 


tle,\l fcwwl'ra-pl; 2 lnj»dTu-pl. 
^,;*ri. l-n.(I)o*-.-riJKB.i 
lee or bMOOw qiiadrvpLe. 11. a, 
■ — -' ~ TDuhiplied by (our.— 
irartidd,- ^t^i^^a^tU• 

^aMMt,\l fcmt; S InrU, tt * n'. To 
VUP. ( drink trmly. _n»OKy- 

nac'ET, 1 kwag'i: 2 kvU^', a. TMtfios: 
foat'oOn^, 1 kiFBc'maIr'; S kwU'mlP, 

tt. MBTflhy croDiid that giwa way imdar 

tJie foot; boe- 
Qiuai, i kwil; 2 kwU, n'. To Btuisk fn> 



t«4'a«i, n. : 

M qmSStat 

qiUl14r, 1 kwol'l-ta; g tlt»J-i-ty. Ik 
['na^.fl.l 1. EsssBtist ivoperty; chu- 
ftotemtio. I, Deiree of ■oodnaB. t, 
Cipultr,— wun-taliTM*, a. PcRMnbit 
to qokllty: l avliu id te wUh owhiIib osV: 

fwrim, 1 kwomi 8 kMin, <•- I. A faaUm 
-tUliB'Ui.a.' •Ir.'sSI!' ""O""*"^ 

qiiaa<d»«r, 1 kwas^a-nj 2 kw»n'da-iy, 
n^r-UH*. |ij;l A aUte of hMiWiliiM at 

«aui^»^j'_l kwan^ti; S W«n-U-ty, lU 

inns aaBBuMa 
\wa^ ttfttri?. 

■Om»f, 1 kwn'm-ttQ'i Ekw»r'u- 
TIm lemponiy uoIatiaB dI 
sbiiH. or *«Kb <uble lo bratc 
nu duens; alio, a |da«e lor nch 

' 1 kwor'el; 2 k»»r'«. I ri. 

s.j Todiq>al«: fallout: diaasne. 
■B anctr orviobiiit dupule; al»> 
e er diaputc,— wwr'ad-MOM, a. 

1 kwer'i; 2 ^^r^, a. [qdis'' 

[•TIB)*, ^1 A oBrtata mHi, vr 

«iur^, n. [qniB'Biia>. pi.] An e 

vmBion from whidi fftono ia cut. 
quar'iTt, n. A Ltuited beast or I 

qnart, 1 kvgrt; 2 kwRit, n. The to 

Kera; LodsQl. 4. Havlu qaanoB. 
aai'ta; n. 1. One of four eqiuil pnti 
ufaoytbin^. X, ODeftftbefourpriiiapAl 
poiati of the mnutaaa. 1. A plaoe: lo- 
«Jlir:aMWEaeiliw«mi>ii;lod|lii(.- qBH^taP 

oaioDly.— qaartMwiy, 1.8. 1. Oooulv 
tug a tounti part. %. Oiiiiaiiln aaaa awjy 


mmiUa. Me. >. Ha*t, I 

,— <|»«T'IWit'- 

sqiun, aDBUUaa HO uni. 

flUftr't^i n. 'Mcrey ihown in RMuia 
tbB Hfs of k datoMcd Mm?. 

Qoar'tern, 1 kvw'lBni; 3 kwor'tlta, ti 
A ftnttli pttt, M of girt^B manim a 
wdtiiu^ ■ laufpouDii iott. qowMni loafl 

VtMr-4»V, 1 kwar-tet*: 2 kwgi-UK', n 
Four tbina of ■ kind! t, mnaal eampa 
aitioa for four TWKA or inAmiaeatA. or tin 
four Hnam whn rmdnr n. «iv-taMin. 

tnai'to, ] 
Havina lour 

A book at pamphJet wboAB pMM ajo 
the UH (< the f onrtli of ft iliHit. 

Vmvte, 1 knrU: S kwuta, n. A bi 

VOaah, 1 kwn^: 3 liw»di. it. To 
■|iuu'«t«, 1 kwafli't 

■ fcndi')-! 

kw**h'i-a. n. The vood of 
vvs wtwr BeiL: used aa A (ooio. 
qna-tcx'na-^, 1 kwa-tOr'u-n: S Icw^tSr'- 

2- Fourth in OTder. 
qiu>-tct'iil-aa> lkir3-tDi'iu-en;Skwft-UT'- 

DMHi, n. A nt, ayituB. oi file of fooi. 
qoaTer, I kwa-vn: 3 kvt'vir. 1. 1«. * n. 

To nnd tfvmu]oue^» Ikava n tiemuloua 

lou notion: a alwiwi trill; nn ei(hth now. 
«|II>r>ll U; SkS.n. A whuf j pier; irti- 
key'. J fioiu landiiiifplMB. 
qncui. 1 kwtni 2 kTin, n. 1. A fow wo- 

miui. >. A roans or namnrried womim. 
qaea'ar, 1 kwl'm 2 kv^gy. a. 1. Oek at 

theetomaohiiutaaeawd. %■ Naoaectinc. 

8. Eamly nanaeated; henee, faotidtoua. ii 

Difficult; deUcBle, asa anbiect cr qneation. 

— qnea'aMri a4>-— qaea'dHieaa^ 
qnveiiff I kwfn; S kwte, n. 1. ^Iw wife 

of a kinsi a female aoiereiga of a Un(- 

■pberfl. 1. The most powerful piece in 
c^«a. S. The female of anbi, been, etc, 

— ^OMBlT, 0.— UMan kac uw mother-bM 

S: w^da:llAk.lint;(«ll,npB,care,bdt,M 

qnendiS 1 kweuili: 2 Inbicb, 

ovtt aa fire; auhdue, aa pAeewa^ enm- 
«ui*. ^^(■'.a. [quicer. 

qaa'ifat, l twrnal; s k««'d«. n. Aa In- 

qncVM^aiUi 1 kwef o-lm: 2 ln«T'>Hlla. a. 
nianiaaiiiii^ -Ij, ado; hmm^ ■. 

qneir. 1 kwi'n; 2 kwe^. i. k. a tj. 

Iqdi'ujbij goB'sr-msJ To question; 

doubt; make inquirr. u. ■, [qui'biu'. 

nl.| Aninquiry Iobaanswered;adaubt; 

IntoRoaMiaB. [aMkiBi; avreh. 

qiuit, 1 kweat: 2 kwMi, n. The act of 
qHes'tkW, 1 lcwes'i9isn; 2 kwSs'chon. I. 

M. & n. To pot a quaaCian to; make 

inquiry: doubt. II* n. 1- A asitoboo 

e uutrovwmj ; diffenmce; obiscUon. 3. 
A oopoMtloo under diKUiMao.— naa'- 
ttoB mUW, a. Liable la be called la qiif- 


,«'.] ^o" 

the back of Uw h^d; a picCul. 
- kwibl; 2 kwn.1, I. ti. 


n. ■. " ii' 
qntolc! 1 kwik; 2 kwfk. I. a. 1. Elone in 
a ihort time; rapid; ewift; slert; sprichtly. 
S. Irritable, k. Having lite. U.n. ■""--' 
wUeh baa life; any vital or eeniilive 

qald'dt-tr, 1 kwid'i-ti; 2 kwld'i-tv, . 

tnu'. pl-l 1. The eBsenoe of h thini 
A tnflipg diBtlamJon. 

Av iDQUIsltlve buBTbo'ly, 
«ureC 1 kwDi'ct; S kwl'«t. I^. m. A t> 
To bring to a etste of reit: become Btil 


^■taBDt ewMtc MIOniB oon- 
- qnPci-lit, a.- qni'cMr, atn. 

ing: dntb: npDie; gnltuim. 

. 1. A Imce. strong feat 
ird; k hoUov. absrp Bf 

r fold, as in a rutSe. 
lEwilC; 3 krllt. I'l. il. A »'. 
.hroiuEb and thrQUElt at iste 
lne> oi SguRS. n. n, A 
Tiade by Atitchine toother 
of olotii with padding bet 



yesiB; UaUng foe flvs 

■nlii'irt 1 kvia'ii; S 
kwlD'w. n. InflamDU- 

quin^tol, 1 kw^'t'ei; 2 
100 Idlogra 


J part of anrtblng. 

ranged for flvOTt^cCflorinattuTrMnta; 
the fivflperaona pHrfonninjt it, 
qnln-tUlIoii.^l lt«in-til'y»n^_2^k»In-01' 


(2) la ths 1 

the French (t, S.) i 
" followed by IS cipner^ 
— h Byst^Eo, 1 follow^ by 

Hubi'Sat-plie', 1 kwintiu-pl; 2 kwlnto*!. 
I. rf. A W. [-PL(i))D-; -PUKO.) to 
multipLy by fiw. IL a. Multiplied by 

quip, 1 kwlp; £ kwlp. n. A m«rlDv M-mock* 

qnlre, I kwoir; Z Icwlr, n. Twen^mfow 

<or twentyfivs) aheeta of papsr. 
fnlifc, 1 kwDik; 2 kwlck, ». A short 

r^*5;. ! 

ult, 1 kwit;S I _ - 

or omr'TmD''; gmT'TiHa.] :.. ._ 

or d«^t; lot go: fotaakei Bbandaii. 

great extant: oonuderably, 
([uUT'cr. 1 IiviT'ec; Z kwfi'Er, n'. 

qulT'eri, n. A portable oaoe for arroi 

qnb-«t1Ct I'kwikrM'ik; 2 kwUi»- uH 
at'ie, a, Ridieulougly ohivalrous _ . _ 
or nnmmttc,- qiili-Si«al>lr, ad). '^"'^^ 

qnliilkvii; Zkwii, I.if.An. IgdziEB 
QTTu'ziHa.l 1. To maka game of; chaff 
>. To peer at. S. To examine by qusv 
tiona. IL n. 1. An abaurd or puaihna 
question <ir suggeatioiL. 9- One given %0 

qaolt, 1 kinit; 2 knilitln. 1. A didcol 
iron, for jpitehing. 2. pL A gama played 
by throwing these diaka at a utort otake, 

quon'dSDi, 1 kiraa'detn; 2 kirJSa'dun, a. 

qno'nuui 1 kwS'nrrD: 2 kwfi'rlim, n. !• 
Number of membera neoeaauy for the 
transaetian of busnen. >. [Bng-I Cei- 

qnotB, I kwS'ts; 2 kwS'U, n. A prop 
tiontj piut or ifaAra. 

quoM, I ItwSt; 2 kwAt, H. A n. [que 
BD°; anor'iMO.] 1. To np«t, u 
wordfl of > book or of ih ^Hakar; to oi 
mkke * quolatioii. S. To 0ts U» m 

. atld or anott. 


ftrj, ^I.J The eli 

:E;ngltBh alphabet. 

nbHet,' - ■^' - " 

r&b'et. I<1, W. /m'n 

nbld, 11 mb'ni or -1, -u.; B HUjl «■ -i. 
labltlll. t -in. n. Muter; leacher: a Jewigh 

tlUe.- nb-btnlc, nb-tdnl-al, a. 
rsbntlt, 1 rab'it: 2 rUi'it. n. A rodent 

reflembling, but unaller than, tho harv.^ 

Wellh nbUt, OIUiHe tnuled or meJWid. 

■amnniiil. uid Krred od (omst. See bisibit. 
nbllls, 1 tahT; 3 rftb'l. n. A mde crowd; 

nbldi 1 i^^; e'^id. a. 1. ASeotad 
wiUi rabies: mad. >. Violent: furioiu. 

rmlA-ea, 1 ri'bi-^ 
trvmdy fatal in 

; 3 raln^ n 
ot the canit 

y inoculation, ai by tiie bite of a n2iid 
nimal: popularly OAlled hydrapjutfna, 

slated to the bear, 
e, 1 teal Z i&f. tl. A 

dal'ly, lit. 
nck'S 1 rak; 2 r&k, 
■treteh; tear; Ara 

gaitoBJied rack. 
rmck>, n. 1. A ] 

r«'^l; 2 i&'ihat, a._ Fertainliui 

a horn, with the 

ihthat eusaffe 
L a Bide beiufl 


ntk^i^l rak'w: a rtk'™ 
that which raeks, asa i 

I nc'r. 1 rSs'i: 2ric'y. 

ipicy. Z. HavliiRai 
t. Riclal- raet-lx. 
B'dl-al, 1 i«'di-B];2 

ractf, n. A mntm of *■ ' 

deaoeudaata [rom a 

ooDunon aaoestry; UneHHO; pedigree- 
race'f n- 1. A trial of epeed, "i, Movi 

i-et;2Ta'dt-at. I. i<l. An 


rays. II. o. ] 
-> raya; Iiavjug 
I'tlon, fi. The a 

_. . ._. S. The primitivB part 

of • word; B loot; ndjcle. S> Moik. A 
qiuDtity of whioli tha root ii nqulred. 
— lad'WaMaB, n. TM MUs or sbuuur 
of belni ndlal or ■ muoi.— nd't^sl-If, 

fM'Ma, l,nd'i-kl; 2 ild'Hl, n. 1. BtH. 

_ 1. Anol. & 

root'lika port, 
-■'di^frgrof; £ rt'^-o- 

to*f, B. An X^y nioti 
nl'hfe.ltwllAiSrbHidi,^. ^ >u.. 

plmt or iU ponfutt w&bio root. 
fm'0-am, 1 te;di-tnn: S lE'di-Om, ». 

ISaS by M. and Mma, Curia ol Faria. 

im'dlMu, 1 i«'d>-DB: 2 ra'di-oi, n. | 

.. 1 -oi: 2 -t, 111.) 1. A itnicbt lii 

^ Uio iHinter of & airim or tpiiot 

pariphary. t. The bona ol tha . 

rrfT, /nB>. MAi'tB': 

Ball br or toko p*n in i tafDa. u. n. a 
tvn ot loiurr -nrver, %. 

tmtt, 1 nft; £ rUt. I. il. A li. To tnos- 
jiart at trsTel by raft. IL n. A Ooit 

ntri'er, 1 nft'H^ 2 rifttr, r 

j; E ii«, B. 1. A torn ^m of 

doth; frunwat. Z. pf. Tattered eloth- 
InC-— ranvdp a. Torn; dotbed to rasa; 
0ULbby; nmch, ^^ 0". -■«•■■ n. 

nc'a-miif'an. 1 iaC*-muf'm; Z lig'a- 
mM'in, n. A woithleaa or noed fellow. 

n(e, 1 r«j; 3 la*. I. k. Ituam: luo'- 
ikq] To be tuiioui with ancer; rave. 
IL a. 1. Violent ancer. 3. Eitieme 

lT.«*r. " • ■ 

n-gont', I ra-cfl'j 2 rS-t^', n. A highly 
eeBBoned itew at meat and vecetablea; 
banoa. anytlung wpiny or ptquant. 

n>M, 1 rM: 2 rU. I. W. & n. To iimde 
■uddeidy; m^e a laid. IL n. A hoatila 
inourtiOB; foray. [rails. 

t>U', 1 Wl; a tU. ■«■ To encloae or lay Tiith 

A bv, ma al wood or iroii, r« 

■Ullf. 1 

■U'roBd*, 1 rel'rSd'; S rfil'rSd'. I<1. ri. 

Tonuh. D. n. A sraded road, hannl 

paimUel metal nilB. for the p^H«e 61 

cara. raU'war't- 
al-BUBtl, I ivntat «r HnisI; e rl'snt. a. 

Wearliw apparel: ttaOmit. 
alB, 1 yCb: 2 rln. L M. A li. To ponr 

do«n;ihower. IL n. Water falliDS from 

rata-y, a. 
nlsB, 1 1 rii; S rl«, M. [bxbid, xum^ 
Talx% J BAiB'mci.l I. To move upward; 

lift; eialt. S, To produea; rear. S. To 

nl'ain, 1 t«'in; £ rA'an. n. A dried piipe. 
n'U, U lo'ja; S it'ia. n. A Hinds ' 
ra^aht Jpnnee or chief. 
nksi, 1 itk; 2 rftk. P. <<. & n. [uuDi i 

uK'imiJ l.To«: ' 

tt«ether. X. To 

nuika a aw«h; 
■BcL S. To &n ■ 

tba Witttii c'l aa < 

KkSera." IL n. 
tooUied impleDeD 

drawing tocathar kwaa "Hth 

matoial. « imootluiia I. Bulky nb>. 1. 

rAe". !?"■. ToiaanJ"*'"^ 

M a maat; ineiiiiB. U. •>. luolinatioa 

fpnn the perpaiidieular. 
trnkC, fi. A diHdiUe. lewd man. 
mk'Uhi. 1 rek'iih; g [ftk'iih, a. Hanpa 

the maata tunuualty mdined; aa. a rakiA 

ytma.—iturwt-aim, ■. 
rak^h', a. Diaeolute; pioaicate: Jaunty. 

imny>, 1 ral-i; fi'rSlV, L «. * n*. Inai'. 

aninKH: tail togethar; levire; natore. 
IL n. [uL'un*,pI.] 1. An aaaaioUiDf 
or iiiiniiiiiihUni. as of aiiatWivd tiao|» 
t. A reaovaiy. aa of health or Tigaj. 

ndlf*. It. ft vi. To bMbA vitk wDojr; 

joke; teut; buitm. 
ram. 1 mn: E i&m, d. A n. tiuimBD, 

RAiiD*: KAit'iDHa.] I. To Miike: buu; 

battfr. t. To pna oloMly tofeUwr; 

foTfliuf , batMnnS) or onuhinci as a pro- 

B waTTQfloel QODfftmotAd for ramtnizic. 3. 

sure of ooTDpiwed air: oaJled also hy 

rmin'McIl nm^l; g i&m'bl. I. n. 

r»Ill'ill',;[lU«'Bl,(»)l.»; HiK'BUKC.I To 

"WADdn about; nam; tal^ -;— i-— .*-- ■» 
n, A Jwqreir BtroJl; i 

Orifflita] plant, < 

a flna aber jieldtd by 

Thfl embankment aroaod 


immfir. 1 laa'nd'; 2 rlm'rHd', n. J 

1 lued to diive htnue the ohai^ of i 

rang*, 1 itaj; Z ilni, i. 

amv. S. Tod—Hy;ajk." 
f: *iflf,dfl;'Mlk,ba*ifMtVK<:«n^b«I,b*m;«l.b«r;|< 

nB|e. n. 1. The 

™ S^ 


tmnkS 1 mokr 3 

iuk, <■ 

Ivb; aicnnt. -b. ad*. 


.oppojedto^ *. 


: a riirtl, . 

1.1 TocauM 

. _ki g rti'rii, rt. * »i. 

I thmi^; e>pkn«i nmnue. 

AaaOL IL it. !> Money palii for tii» 
releaae ol a penon or pnparty oi^CutsiL 
a. Relean jmrAtaed, aa Inita eaptint;: 

Z Tim. ri ti. 

tf vacantly; 

I. Tsneak 

"Ei?S«., ViiS^-*SS 


"■pFilTJ 'dssrt"pi4s;-i 


rape; 1 rtp; 2 r^, n. Fonibh. 
violatioD,- ft anBtohinc aini; by 

npC, n. A weedr Old World 

np'M, 1 rap'id; 2 rKp'id. L a. 


MplnCeS 1 r^'io; a-rtp-ta. n. !!■ 


teg of |»opaRy by lupoioi tone; ipolii- 

nuit^ 1 npt; B ript, pa. Eiir«ptured» 
uuMponao. H witli aoBUiy.— np'ton, n. 

An ut eopRMva or uHmat dtUtht.— np'- 

tn^U/ri^tlf a. 1, SeiunB and devouring 

JiTinl prey, u hnwkg, «tc. !!. Ada^teil 

for KLiiEif and boldm^ prey, aa ts-lone, 

*»re', 1 rJir; 2 rir, a. Ibab'ib; RAR'esT.l 

1. Inlrequent; eiDeptionsily vitlusble: 


Not tborouohJy co 
™A Welsh' mljliit: ths 

*. A ru«uv u 

fBilu n. A ■kin^TuptioD' 
tMb'CT, ltadi'>r;3rlih'er,n. Athi 

of mist. 
nip. 1 nup^ 2 tiap. I'. <(. ft t 

ratplief^ry. l rai'ber'i: 8 ricbte'y. 
[-aiEs*. fl] A thunble-shaped beny, 


houses, bams, ships, 
■•'- "te'. 1 rtf- ■- 

1 pToport 


SubJHt to BAMf 

timatod pToporti< 


bl; 2 rSt'a-hl, a. 1 
nent or Ui. I. Ea- 
[lally. 1. Capable of 

the teeth of which CDga 

r»tei, 1 ret; S rfit, >. [r«,t"ed 
Li. To estimBtei asKis. I 
estimated; have rsn]i ot va1i]i 

WWiST^f. * «. To rail at; ac 

nth'cr, 1 n&'er; 2 ritlifr, ad>. 1. With 

preferecoe; more wiliioxly. Z, WilJiiiun 

reason. S. Bomewbat. 
nt'l-ff, I rat'i-foi; B rtit'i-H, rt. [-tub; 

-ty'inq.] To Sancton; make valid; coQ- 

flrm.— rat*>-S-eB'lli>n, n. 
ni'tl-a.lre'Ahi-o;3rR'shi-o.n. HelatioDol 

decqe, Qujnbor, etc.; pr^portioQ; rate. 
ra"li-ac'l-aBte, 1 ra^'i-ss'i-nft; S t^Bhl- 

Oc'i-nat, ti. (-k*t*kb; -Hii'iHO-l To 


reasonable; Ju^ 
-- — iSi**-- 

Uwal-latl-cal, a.- n'tli«Mll-&, a. 

nti1MH»", 1 rats'ben'; S rtu-bfai-. n, 

rat-Un', 1 ra-taa'; 2 rS-Uo', n. 1. The 

Sedble stem o[ an OrieEtalp&lm. I. A 

rat'tle, U ratT: E rBtl, I. t*.' * ti. 

rati', j [RAT'TLiiD, bat'lu': hat'tuko-I I. 
To make a rattle; clBtler. t. To utter in a 
rapid and noiay manner. II. n. 1. A 
seiiea of short, ebarp eounds in rapid suc- 
oesBioD. >. A plsythinc or imidemenc 
ete.. adapted to produce a rattling noise. 
>. RatM snd noisy talk; ehatter.— 

•y'«ge,! rav'ij; Bray's*. I. rt. IraV- 
aokd; BiVAO-rHO.] To lay waeW: de- 
spoil, n. n. Violent and deaOuctiva 

are, 1 iflv; 2 r&v, it. *'n. (iuvkd' iiiV- 
iHQ.) To say wildly or inooherentlyl 
tallc or act wildly or rage as a madmaD. 

»T'el. 1 ravl: 2 rS.1, m. 4 n. !T,*v't.i.Tii 

To take apart the threads of; diaeocBgei 

YonudouaJyi prey ujhd; taftr. ILn. Thr 


traruport with deUffht; 

1,11. A narrow beaia of Iwht; aoythini; 
Ldialine from nn object, %b a flpina of a 
ih'a flu or a nyltka dower.— rtf 'mi, a, 
\ ta. A fiab having the body deprusved 
its the form of a Oat diek; a lAcpedo- 

o level with the ground; demoUsh. raie|. 





oated, I. r^Dumtia 


■dto-lrlb'ute*. r. 


re-nirtner-«ie<l, », 

re-pop'i>^t«A, % 



KMhS 1 rfdk; S lech, • 

ait«nd; hand; delivei 

l; inOuflnce: 

II. t. 

}, ■4>proull, tdteot, or eqiul 

iD4i; cutAncH ODa u ftj>le to -^ ... 

Soowtliiaa attainsd or attiuaabk. 1* An 
imbrokaa extent: eiptoae. 
rfr*lt'^ 1 n-Hit; Z re;S*t', ft. To Kt ii 


read, InA; Z red, e. [bead. 1 ml. Z r«d; 
BEAs'mo, 1 rtd'ig; 2 red'ing] I. t. To 

tflra. OT Aziy markfl or uftiu; peniHe; m- 
t«rpr^} explain; also, to utter audibly 
what la ao laatnad. IL i. To Earn 

1>*»-M(«r,a. Tbuato 

■nuaU^; bMDC; (act.-IC'al- 

pon^n aa a naHtr: IM « 

t. To obtato Ml a protlt^ om- 

II. I. TD aonivt miKRT 

1 ODt. nU-lHL-n'aMr, 
^j. adt. IQ naUty; amiallr. 

Hi.] Real 
mm, 1 Ac 

ho^) . b? 

2 rSp, t. "l. ir^' ei 

lead: leeUJie.'- read'a-bU'l-tr, * 
M», I rtd'a-bli; S tM'B-bly, aiW. 

read 'lug, 1 itd'iti 

nads; etudy. 3. That ■ 

n. i. 'To 

or aotias; quick; prompt; willina. ^. 
lifcoly or UBble:_about,_ 3. At tand; 

3 rS'al, a. 1. Actual; 
ible. t. Rslaticg to 
ids or lands and buHdin 
f Uilnga aa tboF an h 

S. Mr[id;inlcll«it;n 

D£: atffue ; pef^uada 
oaiue or oonditioB. 

■O'mOr': 3 M'a'mOr', a 

a"o"mOr':3 Mf 

n-tni'raBr S n-MfTm. n. Tb« act ' 
fbfltUDc^ ortulMd mdfltiuioe u tosir. 
toil or MboHty. 

MniimI"', 1 n-baund'; 8 n-bound', e 
o bound bHk: noolL- n-kaond', a. 

ItDir, 1 n-bof; 2 n-bdf', I*, tt. 1 
fjaot ftbrupUy or nidoly, 1L n^ 
iddenrepuueifioitdeoial; ch«Dk; dcfea 
»iike%ln-biak'i S n-bU'. I. pf. [bi 

rcSni, 1 rTbut 

d. IL n. A aharp t^ 

, p6T)iii, n. [Mi'Bca-i*, 

jil.] A pictorial ridiUe- 
re-bu('<',Tn-btrt';g»-bat', «. An'. Ihb- 
-"— - -' 3.1 To diuppovoj 

ra-batt«t. H. 

re-cal'ei-tiB&t, 1 



re-cBll', 1 n-kel'; 3 «-«*l'. I- ><. '■ Ti 
callback; Douatermuid, X- TorecollHt 
11* n. AoaUiDibaakoroQuntecmuidiDC 
a HiB^naj to call DHDk HOldiers, etc. 

re-eut^ 1 n-luof : S rHsnl'. K. * ti 

— n'csD-tatlini, n.- n-CMtttfer, n. 

re'itt-plt'D-Uto'', 1 il'ks-pi A'u4et; S rl' 
ea-pfiSh'tf-lit, vl. ic ri. To rm™t 
c)aBlj;revlB"brirflr;»ainaii.— r»"it»-pl 
■m-UiHi, n.-n'ot-plCiFU-ta-n, o. 

re-cap'tun. 1 rt-ksp'i^ur or -Uui; S le- 
tfip'chvr or -(Or. L ■(. To capture 
B«un- n. n. Tha act of teUldog; a 

re-iMde''i 1 n-<^' ; 3 n-cM', n. [bi-ckd'' 
DC''; be-ceb'ikq.I To mov«, Uod, oi io- 


K-gSt', III. E<. a 
----Bipt{fop). II. 
e; tbat ^xicb 
IB reoavm; a wntien acjoiowledflmant 
of anyUuDc iM^ved. t> A reo^M. 
■e- ce lT » ', 11 n-^r': 2 n-cer'. tl. ^b- 

■e-«^T'», ;eMV(B)l>'^ BK-CEIT'INS.) To 

ie'", 1 ri-rtd'; E rt- 
Lpt'.tl n-rit': 2 H 
ir",Jn. Topvea 
1. Tha act of lecei 

luld otber tfainc*. 
t-txt^UoD, 1 n-eep'diH]:: 

1. The act o( rtceiving, 
' ■ ; reodvad: reoeipt, 

init.- Tti-»ep'fii((» 
- n'sap-Mi^tf , n 

«-c«m',' 1 n-eee" or »!'««■■ 
Cfii. n. 1. A d«pnuj(v 

2. CnBaticm ficm — 

8 «-(!)Wi'oD, n. 
wnalninc lo r^ 

rec'f-pc, 1 ttrt-pl: 2 rtc'i-pg. n. Imc'j- 
- vpntvi-] A formula; vedicalprcecnptioD: 

iiffliaUy abbieriatad to ^ 
re-clp T-ent, 1 n->ip'i-ent; Z le-jIpl-SnI. 

I. a. BaoeplivB. n. n. One who or 

tlut wLich receivts. 
re-elp'ro-Hl, 1 n-iip'n>-Iial; 2 le^p'ro- 

«at, a. 1. Mutual :aIteRiBtiD(. 2. Uu- 

re-cip "ro-cate, 1 n-aip'ro-ltet; S le-flp'ro- 
tSt, ■(. [-ciT"ia>''; -ciT-iBO.l To rive 
and take mutually; loteciiaive.— n^dp^nn 
ca'doil, n.— rec^-piDc^trv 1 reaVpteB'b- 
- " rto-t-prtc'1-ty. n "--' ' 

Mcklew, 1 reklw: 2 i«k1«g. a 

of duigv; i]tep«ral«; ntfi. -IrtO' 

nck'on, 1 lek'o; 2 r^'ii, i. 1 

■, 1 r,-k]=i. 

I Toleaallia'dowi 

M-clDse', 1 n-klOs'; 2 re-dys'. I. a. Se- 
cluded: BotiCsiy. IL n. Oh irbo lives 

ree'vc-nliei 1 rek'sc-naii; Z c^'ht-nit. yi. 

re«>l]ea(; aoluiowledKe; oonleas; Bdniil. 
nc'Ds-DlHt— rec"0(-nltloBi 1 rafc'Bj- 

Kma pATtlCUlAT u 

re^oH', 1 n-kei]':'2 re-iisa'. I. «, 4 n 
To start, sbiiok, or disn bank: rebound 

^ T^^otlectloii, n 

ree'om-nienil '^j, 1 rak'e- 

cile"D»ntti^'rH'on-d''iT, *. " 
rvc'on-dlte. 1 csk'sn-dait; S ric'Sn-dK, a. 
Not flsBi^y perrwired; abtrun; seont. 

1 n-keD'i-aaDs; £ re 

e: reKlner-— n-»nl'ir. n 





for help 

rc-cUT'er'. {I. To obtsin seud: i 
rfltricve. IL i. To rtgainTiesHh. 

re-cof 'er^ 1 ri-koy'Br; 2 r6-(6v'6r, rt. T» 

Tce're-ani, 1 rek'n-snt; S rfe're-ant. I. a. 

Apoetate; fslse: craven; cowardly. 


with ■oldwn; rail 
up; refreehr 1I< i 


■k't4o'(l;3rf«'tiD'il. Ti. 

TE tmtM Bt-tjjuu^A. A nBht'BltK^^ PA^JlI- 

islnanm.— nn-tui'iii-IUi 0. BivUig ou 
,?Si^*i^ °™'; 3 rte-ti-H. 
-^■iNa.I To coi ■ 

___ _ _ 'ricfa-£''ttf n. '' 

leCtMln'e-u, 1 rek'ti-lin'i-w; 8 rt«ti- 

llD'e-tv, a, FertHuung to or con m ati n g of ' 

McbtUnsorl --" --——'--■■ 

t. ne-U-Uu'e-sIl. 

Upruht^Kflq; intecrity; aoouracy. 
mentor, l«k't>rw-ter;2r««'tcir. n. The 
clersTTUui ot ■ iiailBti.---rM-ta'rl-al, n. 
nw'tar-kll.-ne'tsT-ibip, n, rac'ior- 
ktcl^ne'to-rrtii. (4iu>.)il,] Areetn'i 

rec'tum, 1 rek'tum; Z rtc'ttlin, n. IbicTa. 
pi.] The tenoinal portiOD of tbo nUineil- 

re-cnmliciit, 1 n-kom'beDt: 2 re-cOin'- 
Mnt. a. RAoUnlDf; leanljv. -ij» adv.— r*- 
tnm'*Ht-tj,ti, Tha «t»te of belM reouia- 

re-cn'pei-at*, 1 n-kia'pw-et; 2 »-efl'- 
piT^t. tt. & vi. [-iT'iD* -iT'iBO.] To re- 

tli(«"jn^ TmOlM or parUlolDc to reoot- 

happen icBin; happen rep«At«dly; oome 
Iwo^.utotbamlnd.— n-flnir'reDDe,n. The 
act oc futit Df meuTTlDc; Roiune. re-mr'- 
ivn-crt-^ 'V-Cltf'wilt a. Ranurliif; niD- 

m to the AngK- 

LD church- IL n. A reoujnnt penoa: 

Kd, 1 red: 2 rtdl T?"*Or?[.'e"^lor of 
blood. IL n. Aoolorlikethatofblood, 

A M. To nuM nd; aufa,— nd'dUk, a! 
Bomewbil nd.— ndli'. odt.— nd'Mn. n.— 
nd tap*, .fonoM and tadtooc oaiUl,pnM~ 
dure: from the trUwol deVDmenU with zed 
tape.- ndtaV, *. A cultlTatnl cnw. 
Mne'tap'tl bM-f •mivt. 
re-dcem', l n-dim': 2 re-dem', i(. 1, To 
buy bBck; tHuaoin: recoTBr: deliver, aa 
tram mn. t. To IuIHI. S. To make 

IB-] Jw Ctmat. Uie flavlof .— fB-dMni^ 

ni. or oonDeoted with redemption. 
St^"!*' red-.hef- 2 rtd'-bOl 


n-din'ti-jiM ; 2 re-dln'- 

I'te-fTathce*, n. 

, 1 ted'o-lentr 2 rtd'o- 

FuU of or diffuB 


. rl-drea'; 2 iC-drii', tt, A n. 

T»4tim', I n-dtOe'; 2 n-dde', rf. [ri- 
duced'I; Bfr-unc'iHa.] To dimiiuah: 
lower: deRrade; subdue: chance the form 
ra-dlwtloB, H. The act of rednelu, or iu 


a. EieeniTeriuwrflUDUi; verbose: tauto- 

lociiial.- n-dBn'daiice, re-datt'daii-er, ■. 
reMla'pIl-aito'', I n-dia'p]i-k«t; 2 le-dfl'- 

pli-«»t, M. & Pi. To redouble.— r^Jii"- 

pU-ca'tloDp a. 
red'vood', 1 red'wud'; 2 tid'vdbd', n. An 

of the ptne family, 
wood. 9e-«i— "- • 
t«ed,lifd: 2i 

of eerUJntAUfraas- 

WefS 1 rtl; 2 rtf, K. To tske in; fold ai 

lutsD down, u t. uil or part of a mi[. 

reeT, n. A ridKe ol ro^ at or new tl 


'Ik; 2 r«k, •<.&». To 
;2*rtl. I. III., To wind qi 

', a pI-cn^K 

re'en-Ton*^, •*. To 
re-fHthio, In'"" 


applj'^ awKaJ.— r*f'«c 

rtf"«^-cii'dam, 1 

lo the vote o[ the i 


s. TbaaotolrailMtliKt 
IT nuestcd Ucht; Dcrfi' 
lun. n-flra'lHit.-iv 
MedlUtlve. *. KiffltM- 

iit wUflta liocBta: a I■li^ 

rT'ri'nau. I. a. 

1 bsckw&rd; leSeeCive. 
, or ■□ iioa^ produeed 

lit, ] reflu-ent; 2 rWlu-Snt, n. 
I or ruBUni buk.— nn«-**c«> n. 
1 trfluks; 2 tE'fiaks, n. A flowing 

'1, i n-fenu'; 2 tfr(«i 
■ ■ loral 

n [or the b«tt«r. 

re-ftwm'', 1 iMftnn'i S 

To f oral BffJklD-— W^lM 

re-Met "3, 1 n-frakt'; ; 

re-frae 'to-rr, 1 n-f r»k'- 

'e-tonn'a-to-n. 1 

-B of liihl. Z. 
n- i. 1. To B 

2. To think u 
liUte. I. To < 

tt^to-it-lj, ndi.— n-n«c'ta-rt-iiHa, ■. 

re-lr»ln',ln-trt!n';8t«-frin',n. An. To 
hold within bounds; abstain from actioo; 

re-fnln', n. A BtrMn rroeated Bt inter- 

vaie. as in a sont; a butden. 
re-ft»ii'»l-bHe', 1 n-Itan'ji-hl; 2 re-tiil'- 

rays 'ot Usht.— »-fna'V-li>l'f-tr> «■ " 

re-fwrUj", 1 nrtre&i''; 2 re-frjjh'. vl. A n- 

.- n-rreah'uHat, : 

^'rr-ate, 1 n-frij'8P-6t; 8 re-frltTt- 

soma oold: cool: dilU.— n-Mt'o-snt. 1 

^.,__ — .. _^^ .^( , CooUhb.- 



fund anen 

-fund'; 2 re-ffind', il. T 
2 rt-(ilnd', il. T 
a re-fOe'. r(. & 01 

iTTtw privllegB c 

re-fuse '^rrrl-fioi '7a' r«-(Os'i «■ * •'■ Ti 

1 'nfyOa: 2 ta'y(p. I. n. Re 

re-rote',^ 1 n-fiot'; 2 re-mi'. 

fala". GT^imeouB, or mistaken; 

dUDToof. n-fnt'iiil.— n-fnt'c 
r«-gBln', 1 n-gen'; 2 re-itn'. i 
re'Bsl.irT'Kel;Eri'Ea1, n. BeloD 
rev|t«le';ln-BSI';3r?-e(Ll',i*. [t 

K-K>'li-a^ 1 n-ge-U-e; 2 rc-S51 
Dewiative emblecu of royalty. 

r»4^rd', 1 n-gord'; 2 re-£»rd'. 
To obnervB oloeely; considi 


jr- fllVJWliiK rceard. 

avlu oo ncnrd at 


rMSD'ei-Btc, 1 n-ien'Br*t ; g re-jto'ei-St, 
C It. hiT'ii>°: -AT'ura.l To TVodll« 
anew; renew actually, llil. Havina 
intiiaUy nmewed; reatored; 

A jTDewlos; tli0 new b 

Ml-rldc, 1 rej'i-soid; S rC^'i-tM. n. The 
kilLmrE at the kiHer of a kins or nvereiffo. 


Doune of livinjE, aa to food, etc.; govGTD.' 

KCl-inent, 1 rej'i-ment or -ment; 8 r**'i- 
mi^atn R. A body of eold^en ccininana«d 
by a ootonel- rcc^mcB'tal. I. 0. 0( or 
pertain^ to A nf^nenc. 11. il pj. MllJtarT 

re'clon, i rl'iau; 2 rt'ton, n. A country; 

rec'lB^tei, 1 rcJ'iB-tar; 2 re«'is-t«r. I. X. 

roll.' Z.'TodeaotiiacDordiae toaacale. 

oohcdule. !I- A reEistrar. A* Any re^ia* 
tednft appalatua; a device for reEulating 

Mur. Tbe nunnaiiB of a voice or an in' 

keewT of rvcorda.-- reir'la-t'ar-alitpt 
rei'ti-tra'tran, n. The act ol ret'' 

try. H. (iiuEa>. iil.l 1* Rfgfstratuii 

rcsiBWr, or the plam whore It la kept. 

rra'nant. 1 reir'nent: 2 r^'nant. a. 

FODcern,^ rv-tret'ftil 


,, J. [Jiufotinl> 

itluHliBal: uiuii[. S. Belonc- 
ndioc army. IL n. A •ol- 

hr^tr, ... , , ,,.. . 

of being TCffulAT.— nc^l>r<4r* ad*. 

^-U'I»t«, 1 ree'yu-leiLE rtj'yu-ISt. i 
lat'ed""; -latImo.) ToorderoTfavei 
y rule; put or keep in order; adjust « 
Dordlqg to ■ ctADdud.— nv''a-lB'ttAii« 
rea'yU'lE'Aani^rAS'yV'IB'Bbon, n. Tbea 
oT r^nilsttnf. or tte ■t&t« of being reculAted; 

pjj,, , . 


K-gur'gl-tMU, 1 

2 re-BOi'ei- 

it bni-k; 1 

re"lu-kU'l-1>l(^ 1 H-be-bil 
bn' TorestoretoB 
cepucHy, rank, or Itie like; reU 


the lime of a i 


strap attached lo the bil 
Nia'dMr', 1 rfD'dtr'; S re 

2 rt'qfl, .. ,.. 
The ludneys; 

hence, the «f- 

rft-iert"l, 1 n^l"';J 
n-]olce', 1 r 

2 te-i8ie', a 
■u.o,l . f o fi 

/To lapse back, aa ] 
dHllne: backslide. 

Utorl.- n-U'Uon, 

■. A relative.- R-btlaD-ahlii, ■. 
rel-a'HTCll rel's-tiv; g rtPa-Uv. 
-■'-.«¥■, /Having eonnection or 

□rce lai, 1. 

or belnff Tclaied; 1 

;; 2 rS-li', il. To 

U-, U. * n. 

■e-lta'. I, t(. |U- 

BS a right or claim. II. n. The act c 

leaHing: diBcharfre; relinguishment. 
re-l«aae'>', 1 fI-IIb': 2 r^le*', rt. To I 

■■■t*,lre!'..«ft;2r«I'HtBt,K. H 


Thftt Dwj Iw nued upon; trust 
■■"k-bDI-lr, n. TtimmatUa 
blle-nMl.- n-ITk-UT, ad>. 

of thftt vhioh hb vanished; a nwmtinti 
relief 1 rel'ikt; S rei'itt, n. A widoi 
re-ller',lri-llf';2re-[et',n. 1. ArelieviDi 

alicyistion; aid; releue. 3. The pre 

re-Uere'. )1 n-llv'; B re-tev', i. [bi 

free fmm paio or traublc, H. To sUt 
vistai le«WDi BofCen; lighten. S. T 

re-Ilcton, 1 n-lij'ea; 3 re-U^'on, n. Aq>»- 
(ilMy.-iB-Urtooi, 1 n-llj'pi; B n-Ufat-a. 

re-Un '([night, i nJig'VwiAi; 2 i 

?, especially to let « 

J'li^HlaHrr, 1 rel'i-kw«-n: 2 rtll-lcwfl-ry, 
71. l-Riia", pi.) A repository foe reHca. 
rtsb\ 1 rel'iih; S rfl'ish, t. I, (. 1. To 

^ To fl 

tel' — , 

like toe LHK oi; enjc 

II. t. To yield or have a iuvdTt espeoa 

an Hjtteeable flavor. 
Kl'IshS n. 1. Appetite; htdng: i»Duni 

ly with far. 3. Flavor; a pleasing tar 

in food or drinlt. 8. Sometliiiie tl 

t«Ii8hF3: a slight navory dish. 
fe-loc'Unt, 1 n-lnk'tent: E re-HSctant, 

niihieUuBd: unwilling.— i»4iKtuie«, 

□eUiiDg left.— r*-iii«ltxa'> : 

aniid'; S re-mind'. I<1. rl 
snd bask; reeommit. II 


habit; ahds; mi = «it; • 

t. btat; (qll. rule. cOre, bdt,fallTD: iO, Mtr; to, tem; Ink; thla, tbU. 

Mlation, *. Not 
^mQv'. I. tt. & 


■wp-it'lJT(e>, a 

n bistory: often usod r1 

' or the tidiHyB. 
a'eni ; S Te-diH'&ie, i 

1. To 

be; fur- 
S. To 

ren'dei-TOlu, 1 roii'dft-va or ren'ds- _. , 
rtn'de-vu or rin'de-vu. I. «, & ti. 

Aq mppcnnled place of meet 

TeD'e^^«Bde, 1 ren'i-e*d; 2 r5 
Bmsiace: dwerter. ren"^ 

■KXV. n.- re-BeWed-lr. i 


re-pir'. tl. To «- 

re-nDD''cl-a'tloti, 1 n-nnn'M-rw -ibi-*'- 

- n-,2re-ii(io'ci-Ior-BhHa'dion, n. Th» 
_._of IBnomldne. 

re-palp", 1 n-pBr'; E 

bKe*'', s. capable o: 

— np's-ntlon. ■. 
uoeDds; lndenmlCy. i — 

re-p>lr'i, n. To betake onewlf ; reson; re 
re-paIr', n. 1. RartotMion; reparation J 

CoodlUoD alter repalrJoi.— Tep'a4>-MT 

odi.— n-palr'er, n. 
rep"aP-tee', lrep"8r-tr;2tap"ar-t*', n. J 

witty or apt reply; sharp rojoinder. 
re-paat', 1 n-poM'; 8 re-pist', n. The « 

oT taking food, or the food taken; s lonl 
re-p»y', 1 n-pe'; 2 re-pS', •(. * n- Topij 

back; par again; renuJte; r— -"— — 

PB)^H(e', fl.— ™-pM'meiit, ,_ 
re-pal', 1 n-pU': 2 ">£«■■ *- ,'*■ ^" 

reacind; revoke, tt n. The act of repeal- 

lM.-f*-P«l'»-M<«'.'i-'^P«»''WL"- , 
re-peat'S 1 n-plf; 2 re^f, f(. To do 

force ot keep back; check; repulse; be re- 
BuMvB- r^ieMent, o. ServUi* or tfflid- 
iDg to repel. 
■e-PMit"', 1 n-pcnt"; E i,-pent . 
To sorrow for aa anful; l»f sorrc 
with dMIre to ameod; n«rel,- 

or oharactetlwd by repentance. 

rformed; a] 

; 2 rfc-fe- 

or the W. 

Ki»'«-ti1Ii>ii, 1 Ko'i-tiih'sn; 2 t«p'e- 
ilsh'on. n. The Mt of repMtiiig, or tbat 
wMclilBr«i>aud.-np'e-trtloBi,a. [U.B.) 
Cbafuunieil by or IbvolTUv tntnUtloo. 

R-plae', 1 n-poin'i 2 iK-pIn'. n. (be- 

tomeitia.— n - lOa'tr, n.— r« - plaliic - bi 

n-pIMe'^ 1 n.p1*«'; 2 ra-plBc', rt, 1, To 

put hack ia place. S. To £lt the pla« of. 

S. To reTuDd; npar.— re-plBcv^meat, il 
re^pknlib', 1 n-pl«ii'i^; 2 re-pien'LBh, il. 

■fa GU again; impph' or etock abimdiiatly. 

— n-plfln'bb-inAnii n. 
re-plete', 1 n^irt'; SrgglSt', o. Filled 

rep1K»,lrep1i-kB;Srgp1i^,n. 1. ^rf. 

executed by the artist lumBelf, and re- 
KHrded aa an oriaiQal. 2* Mut. A paa- 
aase to bo ptrfoi-med a aecond time, 
tt-plj', 1 n-ploi'; 2 cc-pir. I. vl. & ti. 

plies'*, pi.) SometliinK uttered, writtea. 

re-ptirt'<3, 1 n-pfirt': 2 re-pflrt', d. 1. 1. 1, 
To brine bank, ai ioformation; relate; 
" Ucly. 2. To prepare 
S. To inform ag^flt. 

II. 1. To lendL- 

for duty ;ai 

gatiher and report newi for pubUoatLon. 
fc-poM', 1 n-pOi'; 3 le-pOj', I. H. ft n, 
[b»-k)bed'; H«-«ja'mo.i 1. To put to 
rest; refresh by rest. i. To tnut; con- 
fide, t. To lie; recline; rest. II, n. I. 
Tbe aet of rvixitfiv; rest; sleep, r^po'salt- 

IT-pa9l~to-r^, ] n-poi'i-to-n; 2 re-pas'i- 
to-ry, n, [-HIES-, pltl A place in wbfch 
anythme is kept. 

rep^re-henil'^ 1 rep'n-beod'; 8 tfp're- 
hfind', rf. To chide sharply; object to 
Iorcll)]y; blame.— rcp"Te-lieD'il-b1(ai>, -a. 
DcBer^UiK Denmire; blamcirorlf y.~ rep*^«- 
ben'sf-blyi adv.— rcp^'r^heD'sloiu n. 
Blame; cenaurB; reproot — rep-rw-bea'- 

>ir, odE.' 

fep''i»-i"BDt'"l, 1 repV-tenl': 2 riSp're- 
gent'. K. 1. To brine before the mind; 
portray or depict, 3. To act aa agent for. 

Ir(t>^»«en-tl1bcm.n. 1. 

rep"rl-iiiaDd', 1 rep'n-muid'; 2 r^p'ri- 

mind', I". «. 'H) reprove ahaiirfy or 

publicly. II. n. Severe reproof, pulfia or 

pirivat*., [print anew. 

re-prlnl"', 1 ri-print'; 2 le-ptJaf, rt. To 

re'prlnt, 1 H'print; Z ra'prlnt, n. An 

eiaet reproduction of a piinled work. 
re-pri'wl,lii-i)rui'»Bl;Sre.prI'sal,n. Ee- 

.', 1 n-pnWh'; 2 re-pr<lc!i'. 1'. 

iverely; blame; upbraid. 

. __ if reproaching; censure; 

i; dlsrace.— n-pcaach'a-liKe', a.— 
. Heb'fai, a. -Is, aat. 
rep'm-bate, 1 rep'ro-bet; 2 rSp'ro-bfit. I. 
M. I-hat'ed'': -BXT-ma.] 1. To disap- 

hopolcBely w]ckc< 
sin; utterly depra 

evil.— rep'^n-ba'tlon, ■. 

r«"pro-dDce't, lrl"pro-ditie';2r5' 
-' 1. To produce — - - 

duce (offmnnK), >. Ti 
— re^'pro-diie'tJDa, it. 1 

of reproi'"- — - ■"- 


MPS'.— re"pro-<Iuc'«Tle", a. 

1 n-prilv'; a re-prov', tl. 

lulhoritativcly; bl&me; rebu 

waS\ 1 n-prflf : B rc-prOOr, «. ' 

1 rep't'd;3 rip'til. I. a. Cra 

■b)Hitpgni>B.~ n*-tiri- 
M-paVBc, 1 n-poblii; S 

llcfru party — n^pab'll-c4n<-Uai, n, 
n-pub'iiBb', 1 rl-pub'lisli: £ rt-ptSbliBb, 

<■ To reprmt- R-pulr-U-a'dDD. n. B»- 

IH^nilDfl: a retjrlnt. 
r«-pg'dl-ftt«. 1 n-p 

knowlcdEe or pay; 

l'di-«: Z re-pO'di-it, 
ra.l To refuse to »o- 

c-puglunt, 1 n-pDg'UBnt: 2 ts-pfii'Dant. 
a. Offuiuive; incoiuLAteDt; opposad-— 
n-pu'iuiirv, n. Aventoo: oppotftioD. 
n-pnc'nu>-«yt^ n-pac'uBUr, ad>. 

r-piUM'. 1 n-puls'; g re-paU'. I. M. [BE- 

but or ^rivs hack; repel. IL n. The ut 
of npulolDI: rejeellon; nf unl.— rv-pal'- 

pklent; aaeulve. -ly, adi. -neu, h. 
e-pute'. 1 n-piQt': 2 re-pOt'. Lit. [m- 

To SI 

it', 1 n-ki 

ilicit. U. 

requegtinc: entnaU' 

wUetaiaukedfor. i 

tousht ftfUT. 
re'qiu-cm, 1 rt'kwi-«in: 2 rt'kK-l-toi, n 

hymn, dirae. en mus lor the dead, 
re-qnlie', 1 n-kwoir'; S le-kMr'. •(. 

QDiRu'i Bc-qcm'iNa.l 1. To dem 

or to requGit authoritBtiyely: olwm. 


-■LiN^ To be 

re>warcli', 1 n-sDn9i';3re-<(rcb', r. ' 

tinnrd and diliaent invBetieati 
n-Mmnile,)! n-iem'bl: 2 n 

UM: tM ol Uu 

(Ot^**, pa. 1. DUtut 
jDimilve. 2. Reulne 

T-tl^*', 1 

1 Tiie Kt of r«i<iiD3.— nal- 

'esldent;atUplomatLe repmeal>> 
-dca'Hal, a.- na-l-ilcn'li-v 

re.'i-diQ; 2 rf,'L-dn. n. A i»- 
rpLiu.— (•-•Id'B-al, 1 n-^'<i4v 
2 re*l'uKiir -ald'Tu-lal, o. it- 
.— n-itd'o-iun, n. (etun'- i 

4iiiD';2ie^'.i<. An. 1. To 
murendar: relmquuh. Z. To 


power, or leaulC of q>niiaiii| 


KK""" """' 


1 n-iiet'; 8 re-fliif, «, A r 

r ^r.^bo'^T'"' 



Haniic ■ flifld puTpon; dBCcrmiiwd. 

— IM'^lBt^Ti atf.— t lM 'm i Mt u B MI. *. 

rn'o-ta'ttoo, 1 rei-o^ia'Aan: 2 r««'»-ia'- 
■hun. n. 1, The act at nsulviu: a n- 

The iMM i< bans TesoluU; tortituda: de- 

olaocQ into ita compoFwnt DMtB. 
n-Mlve, |ln-i«lv':2n-tejv'. I. if. & n. 

1. Tadeoide ab»lute]^; fona • fiisd 
purpoH; determine. S. To HpuBte into 
ptutg; uuilyie. II. n. niednnt of 
purpose; A flieddetermuution; XMolutiOD, 

Ultl Kl'o-l 

To SO tnqueutly or bsbituallfi repur. 
1. To have remun*. IL il 1. The 
act of trequanUDC m pUoa; a [dsee na«t^ 
to or fnnuented. %. A nnoiuw: nfuce. 
t9 ■oaod^i X n-Hand'; S rfr^ouDd ','<<. A 
■i. 1. To repeat, m a aoimd; be reao- 
nant; reecbo. S. To celebrate; acolaiin. 
- - ' -t^^.n. 1. Thai 

rv«flpeTt'> 1 n-epeat'i S ny«p<9rt'. I"^. i€. 
1. To Iwra oi ihow resp«t for: hold 
saored, %, To relate oc refar to. IL n. 
1. Honor minsled Irith ' ' 

reeard. 1. A qiedal i 
— Tfr^pMfa-kl (e*, a. 1 


■rked br or manEfBitiiic r* 

aa.— iMpaPtAna, a. p< 
tj to cac£ ot a poup, eoni 

R-aplre'i i iv^pair'; 1 

N-aptai 'dcDt. 1 r> 


a. Sbuunt; ttAeodld.— n 
re ulaa^iia mr, s.~ n 

rc-ipa>d'<l, 1 n-opend'; 2 rewpBn]'. M. A 
ft To aneirv; ootnipaiM].— re-cpDB'> 

dent^jLODe who rcapiadi: a deMndaiit.— 

r»«poD'tf-ltIcill n-speu't^US! le-epSn'- 
re-«»i>tt'»l.W, fu-bka. AocouDtable; eol- 
r»4MB*(l-UI1-ti, H. [.^mi.^j 
ite^beUc ropoMlble: a duty or trust. 

on'nv; 8 re^epBn'liT, 
dined or ready to re- 

l^ n-Ati. 1. To 

; de^ib 2. To mtnwrt; nBtaio; 
)■ To Evpoaa; deep: be milet; bo 

n^pen'ttrsfa. Ir 
' amnd. -Ij, adt. - 
rats 1 reiti 2 rtat. 

Bto, t TMCf'i-Ut; 2 iMtb't^U 
I-TiT'lD"'! -TjT'mo.l To brio, 

re-t>l'l-Ble, l n-ul'i-n; 2 n-UJI-it. tl. A 
ti. I-AT*i!Da;-.T'iNO.| JTodveliUfor 

B.-'r^STl-k'HKt*, n-'ui'^*-(a-rr, o.- 
»-Ult-m-tlTl»-lj*, odi. 
re-tard', 1 n-iflrd'; 2 r»-tRrd', iL To rnako 
um: blDds: delay: pcMpooe.— rc'ttr-da'- 

ntch*. i reiAi: 2 rSch. li. Tn make an 
re-Mn'tlT^ J Bavins pover or tudency to 


i^tceDcb'S 1 n-tremJh'j 2 re-trtncb', *. 
' 1. To out down; ttduce. II. i. To 

HE* •lMIUM.~-I»>tniMk'lIWIlt. •. 

rcfH-tmltoB, 1 isfn-bia'AiBH ; S tEtVi- 

re-tle'B^^ 1 n-tik'yu4(t; 2 n-Wya-ll) 
a. Ukaiwtwork-.nmei]. r*-tl'eii>Ut*cdl 
K'tt-IHiiit.-n-tlB'iMH, •.-n-Ue^ 
Uttaa, B.— nVV^nl*, h. a tmsll bw 

1 To withdrKW: 

To eay in shBip i«- 
ioLoder; np]y BOaip- 
ly, 2. ToSendbsok. 

iSf.fErtltSeh'; '^: !(.U~o. 

w*,)! n-trfv': 2 re-l 




(rlH-er, ••, A doc tncued lo norcii tar 

sod bring back 

"vre/li. B«ck: 

irardi in f«n»d By ibM 

mai. addlDi i 


pound, u Uia loUoirtni: 





ret'n>-«i»ae, 1 

ret-ro-lw rt'lm-Jgrfd; 2 

rflt'ro- ffr ^rt' 

ro-lirttd. I. rt. 4 «. 


HiD'iHO.I Tomovebsek- 

R.— ntro-sn'ilaB, ».— n*tn> -■■«■'• 
•li(0>,a. ^,adi. 

n. A view or 


jDent^ !!, A Toport', liflt, ttd. 
e-u'nlon, 1 Tl-yQ&'yH'; 2 rS-yi^i'j'i 
1. The Mt of reunitice; hBrmany. 
■ocli>] ntli«li«.— ra^-alle'd. r. a n 

ir'tO-it'. 1 rev 'fr4l' *r » 
le-Di-ifrvel'ye.n. A mo 
or bujlewaJl lor Boldjara. 

teV'eilreVshErtVH. I.ri. [kt'flkj 

re-Tlie', >1 n-voii'; 8 te-via*. I. «. [r.- 
re-rtie'»,;vi»iD'; M-viB'iKa,| To loei- 

or HKl-'KLLED, HIv'BLb*; BeVM^IBO Or 

BEv'Et-LmqJ 1. To (oaat liotoiuly; a- 
roiue. 3. Todelightkeenly: follonedb)> 

amioe; improve: teform. II. b. A re- 

ia7»~I884,- r»-TU'al, b. A revMag; re- 

leT"«-lB'U»ii, J revVle'fliBn; E tfv'e- 
li'aboa, n. 1. The act of levealing; 

r4i^rT^n-;sr?f TEJiviv'. H- * «-. 

that vhich ij nvealed. >. [H-I The 

[he-vived'; be-viv'imo.I To re««me; re- 

trob: renew: mwOtn.- re-ifnl, n. 1. 
THe an o{ reviving, or the Kale of betng re- 
vived, t. A rellclDua awakenlnE. 

A vt, [HE-TmNcuto'; bh-vinq'iho.] To 
niunili« ol Injui; tor Inlnrr.— n-nat*'- 

rMOke', 1 ri-vok'i 2 re-v6k', «. 4 ri. [«b. 
tdeib'*: BE-voI'iHG.l Toannui; make 

rcT'elnue, 1 rav'i-niO; E rfy'V-nO, n, In- 

a. The act ot nvoking; iviKsl; nvmaL 

re-Tn'W«te, 1 n-vurT>e>ei; 2 re^fr'- 
BK-TEK-nnr.] To ulDn: veaaaxe.-nftr- 

>. To bfl repeOed or shocked. 
re-Tolt', B. An i^tiring aeainst ertah- 

liahed »utbori». 
rcT-o-hitloB. 1 rev'o-Ka'ihBQ; E rKVo- 

ia'ihon, B. 1. The act of revolving: 

motion uoTind a center. !. A radicU 

COM. I. B. l-iiicroti-wio-iKO.l To revere. 
II. n. 1. AteeUBao(|RofaimdReDect:v«ii- 
emU«i. 1. Ad kM of napeet: obeuuoe. 

S. A nrtcend pcnon.- refM-rad, a. 1, 


-It, odp. 

re-ioli'S fvoLVED", -tolvd'*: iu^volv'- 

rer'er-le, U rev'sMj 2rfT'cr-i,n. |-ie»». 

mo.] 1. To move in an otiiil d»nt a 

rev'er-j. Jpl,] ListlcB miuing: a dsy 


I. One wbo or Uiat wuoh nvoivM. i. A 

re-vene', 1 n-ynr^; 2 re-y«rB'. I. K. ft 

11. Isi-YBKtSD", HE-TIBSr'*; RE-TGHB'- 

raoj^ To turn beck; invert: revoke. II. 
a. fteveraed. III. n, 1. ■rt« direct oi>- 
pOBta. t. The back or aeoondary side. 

re^'ilona^"vol'fliBn: 8 re-vOI'rtion. n. 

A strong reaction; reood, 
re-WBrd'i 1 n-verd'; S re-w«rd'. I". M. A 
n. To give a reward to or for: be a re- 

te-Ter'slon. 1 n-vVflien; E re-vir-nlion, n! 

The act of rewarding; a gilt, pri.e. or 

1. A tetum lo BOmo former Mate. 2, A 

rer'nard, 1 re'neni: S rf'nard, n. Thslol 

ai the personlEcKl^on of cunning. 


tIKe'.a. Tending w iwen. 

m'er-T, n. Same aisivuui. 


re-rtew', 1 n-vid'; S re-vQ'. rf. & ri. To 

view or examine carefully; inijKot; oriti- 

ihe'mi, I rl'e; 2 ra'a, b. An ostrich-like 

die.— n-itew'ei, n. A critic or eiamlner. 

bird of the plains of South America, 

M-*leW, n. 1. A looking b&ok; ntro- 

having three toe*. 

ape-rtion.. !. Critical^<«™aation: ra> 

tbt^tf, D. -Rw runlw plane 

vey; ui impootion. 3. A nenodioal de- 

Bhenlah, lMn'Uli:3 rin-Hh, 0. oi or per- 

voted to critical or other ewya 

talnlDf 10 the river BMoe or the eounDlea 

n-Itle', 1 n.^oil'; E re-vll", n. & «. [be- 


viLBI/: »B-vii.'iNo.l To attack with or 

rtae'o-aUt, 1 rl'o-atat; E rS'o-itSt, a. A 

use flbusve speech; vilify. 

contrivance for measuring current 

•tienctli ot ahetridtr bv mutuuw eoili 
or the lilie. 
rhct'o-rle, 1 ret'ti-rik:3r«C'(i-rl(, ». Tha 
■km In Um UM Dt luciuc*.— rb^-toiH-al, 

dioclurge from the ikou 
n'T, a. 

A vuUble, thiftint 
nsurmUia, aff«etmf thft 

veV^™cl hide' 1 
Tho'dOiideD'draii, l t< 

. dren; B rO-do-[or rfld' 

fe aolid bounded by aii such parallclcH- 
rMna Thom'bnit.-rliara'He, a.- 

jxrallelocram wtth 

rbTDIf , rhTIn'cr. ete. S«e nun. Kb. 

rlVtblDi 1 tithm; 2 rfthm. n. RppjUr 
cad«nc«. u la miulo or jxwtry.- rbrth'iulCf 
a. RelaUng to or cbvmciolBQil by zliytbin. 

Tib, 1 rib; 3 [lb. l.n. [hibbu>.hibd>; su'- 
Bitta.] To mark witb or Blrengtben by 
libs. II. n. 1. OneoClhecurTedboDca 

■trip, or bfttid: a curved timber of h Bhin. 
rlb'sld, 1 lib'gld; 2 rlb'ald, s. PenaiDing 

to or indulftififE In coanw iodeceacy.— 

rtb'ald-IT, ■. Co»r»e conrliict or apeecta. 
rib'bon, 1 tib'on: 2 tih'na, n. A narrow 

■trip of fine MuS. ai lilli; any loii«, nanow 

rice. 1 rail; 2 sit. n. An Eaat-lndian an- 
Hchi 1 [ii%^ 2 r^ib. a. Wealthy; opuleDt; 

TaluaJile; costly: I 

rlch'es, l' ridb'ei: 2 
Abundant poiaeaaioi 

licl^l rik; grlk, n. j 


baU; dS."n™"A''» 

boundinCr aa of a projeatik 

rtH, 1 rid: 2 rfd, rt. ijic (» 

D.D-): Bip'DlHO.T "To fr. 

Itf, ( i rid'l; 2 

rid'dlC. L Kl. & n. To solve, n an 
enigma; enlain. II. n. 1. A putifiDf 
Question. t> Anytbing myglerioua. 

bid): aio'DEH (formerly bJbo bid), rid'k'; 
■iD^iNo.I I. t. 1. To be supported on 
nod borne ajana by. t. To Itaverse, ai 
on horKback. 11. V. To be carried, aiiw 

TMe'a-bl(Ct. * ' 1 

ride, n, 1. An eicuraion by any meuu I 

ot conveyance. eHocciaHy on horwback. ' 

». A road iQlended lor rMlna.-rWw, a. 

ridte, 1 rij: 2 rldg. 1. rt, 4 «. [bidqeii; 
BlPG'iso./ To lonn ridKe. on 11. n 



rldl-fulc. 1 

>iNoJ To make tun of; | 
— rl-dl^^n-loiia, 1 n-dik'yD' 

, Abundant: plentiful; 

ni'fl; B.rt'fl, 

^; nibbLsh. 


TLata,\ Tod«p<iil;pluiidc . 

rtle", rf. 4 Hi. [ri'^lid; Bi'rtiso.) To 
croove Bpirslly, as the bora of a gun; ro- 
tate when dischsried. as a bullet. 

rtVe> n. A firearm Imving epLtal grooy« 
within the bore far imjiaOing rotation to 
" i DTOleotlle.— rl'S*-mui, - 



UK. 1 riK: 2 rti. M 
onjQ.l To fit out > 
BquLp.^ rlc'cer* q.— rlt'flnf , i 

Hitlre cordB«e tyBtem or n veflBf 

risiit^, 1 rait: 2 ni, I. I. (. 
liEht; Mt upright: correct; 

;left; S»un 

rind, lraind:SrfiHl|i 


To reiaiD an uprigl 
IlEbt, a. t. Confti 

righteous: true; aecvtraM; o 
t, PBrtaining to that side 
whieh is toward the sooth \ 
out sannn.— right wicte, a 
- rigtat'vn'tM, a.~ rigbt 
ri^t, n. 1. Moral rightiu 

right, oJc 

l-'ln a rieh 
ly; suitably; pi 

r*' rlglin'i-t*'' 

ri«1d,l rij'id;3rr^'iil.a. Resetipg change 
of form; BtiS; iiitleiible; rigorous; strict. 
- Tl-lld-l'ty, n, rtg-ld'D«st. 

Hrma-iolfi, 1 rig'niB-r61; 2 rtrma-rBl. n. 

rts'ori, 1 rig'sr; 3 rig'or, n. 1. 8tfflne« 

potty.— rtg'ari^in, a 

. The skin or out« 
To eneirele; supply 

a oirele; combmaljon of ' penons, as in 
pollUa.— tiag'pdore*. n. A European pig- 
no taarlBg a emmvolraed mark around th« 
neck.— rtas'lMd'tri ■, A leadw In wrong 
undertaUng.— ilngleC^n. A long, spiral 
ease appearing In dreular patcbee, 

Idic'i n. The sound of, or as of. a bell. 

Ink, 1 ri^k; 3 rio-k. n. A floor or surfacA 
enciosedp as for skaling, 

wal«r. II. n? The act of tia^. 
I'ot, 1 roi'st; 2 ri'ot. |d. n. To engage 
in a riot; act riotously, II. n. f.'A 
disturbance on the part of a crowd or 
mob; turbulent conduct of a large rxuii>- 
ber; tumult. Z. Revelry; wild, free 
grcwtli: a medley.— rt'ot-n, n.— tl'at^tai. 
Or Bolaleroua: tumultuous; prolUgate. Mjt 

'. rip'. 

il. > 


3 Up, o. Ful 

— rIpe'neM. n — rtp'en, n 

rlp'nle, 1 1 rip'l; 2 rfp'l. I. «. * m. Imr'- 
ripl', J PLED, kip-ld'; niP'wJNQ,] To 

as raniS water, it n, A wftre™oiI 
the surface of vaU ' ' 

— ripely, odi. 

a sound, as of ri 

i; Igk; thio. tbti. 

Ill'l-bl', HnE to Isuihler; (CDdini t 

cltelsuiEita'.— rla^-bU'l-tr.n. [■na'.rl.] 
rUk, 1 riak; 2 ilali. 1>. il. 1. To e: 

to B riBk. Z. To dure to undertake ; 

Ijt'u-al, tidh-u-[oT rit'jTi-]Bl; 2 rfsh'u-Tor 
rlt'yu-lid. 1. a. PeTtaimuK to rili^e. II. 
n. A prescribed form of religioua or 
Bolemn oer«matiy; body of ceromooicfl. 
rffB-il-iBm.n. Buauiaus InslaMnee up- 
- luol.- rlt'u-nl-lit, s. a H.-rlCiHat- 

C a.- rlCB-aMi'tl^Mr, aii 

rt'«l,lrai'v»l;3rt'yal. I, ri. * 

riv'yu-let; 2 ilv'jrv).lBt, 

Dmau Dnnk; streamlets 
mcbi, 1 rMi; 2 rtcb, n. A Eui 

fish vith reddi'h fin. 
NmV, «. a c 
rosd, 1 rod; Z 

Bbon without InitKir proteittloii.— raad^fttcft 

lury nniU.— roM'mu'". a. A rud. an*- 
ctallr tlutt part of ■ row! over wUidi veUclM 

Hpriakled with Era 
. A roaa coloc. I. 

nwr, 1 rOr; 2 rOr, 

faeaat; mj 

louds PfDloDfed Bound, 

Mst,irt«t;2rtBt. I- - 

^wPy" lirS.' rkuJwd.'in.' 
piece of Toast meat. 
»b, lrobp2t6b, (. [bob 
Eiva.] 1. I. To Uke i 
fuUy or i-=- ------ " 

II' n. A lone, looae. flowing EarmeDt; a 
lap^ODverine for uw in » camaffo. 

rob'lP, 1 leb'm; 2 iSb'in, n. T A bouiII 
EunnjflBn bird; tbo rcdbreafft. X. A 
North'Ameiicaii Ted'bTeAsted tbruah. 

Ta-bmt', 1 re-boBt'; 3 ro-btiBt', a. Chap- 
Bcteriaed by ffrCBt itren^th; niEKCd; 
bealttay. -If, adi. -dsh, n. 

(Z) A rocUw^balr.-riKk^Bf'ciub', il 

A cbBlr supporfAd on eurved mden 
«cli.n. Aayianenumotgluie.— roek'r.a. 

ConalBtliic ol or abouDdiac In rocks. 
ock'ct, 1 rek-et; 2 rfik-Et, n. A firework 

MDt upward by laeea produced as it 

od, 1 red: 2 r6d. n. 1. Aeboot or twis: 
a stralf^ht, (dim piece of wood or bar of 
mcul. t. A moaure of knirth: 161/) feet. 


ra'dSnC I. a 


we', 1 rO; 8 rt, B. 1. Th* mAwn, u 

Sahte. S. A motthid itrMk m wood. 

nw, n. A ■nmll deei of Europe Hnd An 

S. To emoot^ut with a roller. IL i. 1. 
To move onWBnl, like a wheel or aa on 
wheels, t. To undulata. fluctuate, oc 

roll, 1 rOlj 3 rol.'n. I. Anything rolled up 
ia cylindjical lorm- 1!- A liat or reKLmer. 
A. Any nrtiele of food, a« bread, rolled ot 
doubled t(«ether in makine. 4. A roller. 


Rom aa; noble; 

i. Roman Calhdlie. II. n. 1. , 
of Rome or of the aocieDt Roman e 
I. Prill. A Blyle of perpendisular 

— KomaD Catbollc, oenalolrs t 


Ko^maare'.ll ro-mans', -man'ik; 3 rt 
Bo-tnan'le, f m&a;', -mtin'ie. a. Pertain 


the lanvusgea. ns Italian, rreii 

I, and PortoEueK. dcsoended Ir 


fa. B. Aw 


_, , I*, n. To play 

Lsly. IL n. 1. One who romps, 
roufl pLay.— nmp^b, a. -Ir, ode. 

The lidfe-pole i 

rook', 1 rut; 2 rii6t. n. An Old World 
crow,- nwk'er-T, n. I-ies". M 1. A Bolony 
or breedln^'pLace, as ol rooka or of sea'tdrds, 
eealB, ete. t. A rambllEkg bulJdlns, 

room; lod^. II. Vi. 'l.FrEf 

cround. 4. A nerBon' 



t; 2 ro-oW. iTu. A 

vi. To 

nrat, n. 1. The underground, mpportim 

tion. ''*.'-fhB"el^n?B"?8%™^ofa™ord' 
3. A faetor of a quantitj' Chat, multiplied 
by itself a apeoified number ot times, will 

lliliiO'.— "PT-Iri odt. 

2 rS'»a-ry, n. [-BJKS", 
pt.j 1. A fltnnjt of bvadq for ooimtiiic 
pr fc ym. S- A olupLfit or EvUnd^ 

IMS, 1 i«i; Z lAf. n. L. An erect or elimb- 
ing flovHing shrub of numerou* vuieties, 
u»u»Uy «pinyBtemnied. and in the wild 
Kate b«rinc vhiU, yellow, pinli, or rrd 
flOW»r«irithfiT«peliljMch. S. A Bower 
of this Bhrub. S, A li^t pinkiflh orim- 

IMe'ina-rr, 1 rti'me-n; 

A fracTAnt shnib of tlia i 

fiinuty, with uaually blue 

utt. Uke ( wtmL— lo-Utloa, 1 : 

Itlump; fuU-towd.— riHtiui'da, ■. A dra 

Dii|te,liCs:Snjih. Lit. An. [HODan 
Hov-Q'iMD.J To tint with or apply rou(j 
11. n. Any ooflroetie for ooloniia the akl 

raoi^Ml rirf; 2 rU, *. * ri. 1. 1 
—• >, /rouahsn. «, To malw op Ai[ 

loimb, o. Uneven; not amooth; rudi 


a OT nni4Eh eonditioD 
;e, violent (Xw; ■ 

letto", 1 riHol'; 2 ry-lR', i 
roand''. 1 raund; 2 round, i<. & r 

sphehoal, or cylindii 
curved, i. Free froi 
divisibla by ten. diBr«| 

.ethinf that is Toundi 

On eveiy side of, a 

fe olroie. BO tliat ih 


raOMk 1 raua; E roog, ti, Jk n. [nousBD: 

BODi'iBO.I To waken riirapUyi aumlei 

root, 1 mut; 2 rout. 1*. U. 1. To drfeU 
dietHCrounLy; pub to Ai^t. >■ To drive 
oi dru lorth, u from hidina. ^ II. n. 
1* A diaorderly ftod overwheTmiDf da- 
fe&l DT fiicbt. >. A dianrdcrly uhih' 
bLngB; nb^. Innd; way. 

rool«, 1 rat or mut; 3 r^t or rout, n. A 

nni-tlnB', 1 rO-Uo'; g iv-tln'. n. A mcUiod 
of procodure, regularly followed. 

ro»e, 1 pflv; 3 rtv, e. [aoyM.; aoy'iKal 
Ll. Taroamoverorabout. II. i. To 


lih. 0. 


raa'el; 2 


row'en, 1 rau'en; 2 rm 

loy'Bl.'l rai'elfE ifiy-™ 
to a moDarch; Idnj^; 
A aia of jMper. 19x24 
for printug!^ 3. A n 

L (aoWDlB", p(.1 A 

r; also, the optiT u 





e who rube. i. The de 

tl Italy; bouodai? ol 

mltleij iunweir to a war witli Pompey; boh)^ 
any aet dona or point paiHd that deoldiB 
ona'a touxm beyond reoall. 
rn'M-cund, 1 rOtu-kuDd: 2 ru'bi-cand. a. 

color. X. A nob red like that of a ruby. 

rachv, 1 rQdi: Z rucb. n. A quilted or 

ruffled ntnii of fine fabric, worn about lb* 

rud'der, 1 r 

Tin^d ^tb ted: ro»y.— 

nid-dMr,B_. . 

mde, 1 rQd; 2 rud, n. [bitd'ih; hcd'IBT.I 
1* ilounb or abrupt; tempeetuoui; un- 

m'dl-nieDt, 1 ra'di'^nent or .taant; 2 ty'- 
dl-EOpnt. ft. A flrat principle, itep, afage, 
« condlUon.-ro'dl-DieB^vfy, s. Fcr- 
■amlnU; undeislDPBd; abort^rc tVil^ 
menial t. 

file, 1 rQ; 2 rfl, i«. A ti. |itlin>; nu'iiro.] 

— nw'rBl.a. Deplorable; ptufol. -U',a^ 

ni»r^ ""a smiill buehy heib witb hitt«I 

ieav«; a bitter draft. 
mlT, 1 1 rnf : 2 rtl, n. A ruffle; a eoltar of 
mPi i projectioi {eatbon around the neek, 

nifll-an. 1 ruf'i-ea or rufysn; 2 rU'i-an 
brutal fellon 


rnr'flc)lruf'1;SrM1. I. ri. A rf. [mW- 

—'- ' ->. Bny'ij.'; Koi'rUNO.l 1. To 

t fumieh with rufflea. 9. To 
rumple; be dieordeied or 
mmpled. t. To vei; be offended. II. n. 
I. A plaited atrip; frill. 3* Agitation; 
ruf, 1 rug; E rUg, n. A heavy fabrie, or 
dreaaed ekin. to be apnad on a Boor, or 

rai'ind, 1 rng'ed: 2 rC^'M, a. Rougb; 
rocky; UQCvcu; aboHiy; wrinlcled; haiu; 


i; faU ic 

II. f 

port abroad, !!■ n, A report pj 

person to psnon: Kmsumea petsoniGed. 
l^ I rnoip; 2 rOmp. n. The butM ' 
^. hioder porta; the lac^ ' ' -' 

nim'ple, t " . . , 

ram 'pi', ' 

"iSSer or' 

. Aftunl^ uiiDuiI; 

TUB-iNQ.] Td bunt; brt 
II. n. The arrt of mpl 
mujKto; heroia; breach ol 

ra'nll 1 rtt'fel; 2 ry'ral, o 
Iheonuftir: rmOt. •IfiOd 

. PertaiDing to 

aotioD intcDded 


Braas'like herb, having 

t", n. A cauUe ruAdfi by dUH 

. The act of ru.<Liiic. Z> Ex- 

; 2 rQsk, n. A kind ot'ligbt. 

bread or bbcuit. 

irOs.o.An. lPoet.1 RuaoiiB. 


... _ !.MBda 

of russet nULterUL II. 

and purple. S. Ruseet 
cloth. Leather, etc. ». 

brown.— rus'aet-J', a. 

nut, 1 ri 
1", t*. / 

affected m 

. ., ___ Uon. n. 

itiDg. as that causer 


ik; 2 rii.;tic. 

a^b, o^.— Tiatt-tMti, H. 

Oe't-tf' n. iTiH-, Til Ru! 
■yVliSrflBl. I. TJ 
uaCHne eaun 

nu'tle, I 1 ro» 

11. li«hl. f rictionat 

tmtT, 1 rmt'i; a rBal'y, 

K alio, tl» [JBDt. Bee it) 

8.B, l«:S«an. hX S's.orSii, l.e^'ei; 

«», 1 ™k: 2 »S*. n. Bioi. Amembranotli 

«??e"?.iH'=?11';.:?:?S:;f'2 -SCa-nn, .. 

■ae 'elM-rtne, | Pertflining to or like augai; 

sa^cr-4o 'Ul. 1 eas'sr-de'tsl ; £ ■^'i'P^e'- 

ptuial dgn, beoomlag -a, iSUr ilbl- tf) 

tal. a. PilHtly. -Inn, n. -Ir, ndi. 

LmnU; u. caU. boiM. 1. The eiKjtog J|/ 

"A.^"Li "*■""■ 2 -^■o''*"' "■ ANorth. 

S.'uHSS.''." 1 »b-l-e(h ^ .e-ba'6Q,; TI 
2 B&b'a^th or ea-bi-ath, n. pi. jl 

bag for perfuined powder. 
Mflf, 1 iak; g rilk. It. rl. To put into. 

SBbllstii, 1 iab'saii 2 sftb'ath, n. It 
J. The seveoUi day of the week, 1 
appointed a« a day of ™t. S. I 
Sunday- 3- A penod of reat and (1 
Bea««Ti.-U'rt-»n. I. a P.r- )/ 

l?ThSl for'"bX^a™id«"''l. A loo^ 

n^t^ i'° rt" To pl^er °{u' town or 
tured towTi or city; booty obtained by 

U^Babbam. -lam, n.- Sab-tat'- ^ 


uek'bDt, 1 «ak'bul; B oik'bOt, n. 1. 

SfetS: sSX'i'^e"'""*""^^"™. 

■•'b*r, U i^'bsr; 3 eS-bflr, 1. tt. [»«'- 

saber. EL n. A heavy cavsiiy sword. 

•m'tred, 1 aSltred ; g rt/crtd. o. Set aput 

aM-rt^ce, 1 saWn-ioisi 2 sflfri-fU, ^ 

make an offering;. 
Mte'iMte, 1 Mk'n-foie; 2 eac'ri-nc, n- An 

cloiii dwtraouon or damage, ea by striken 

l^^ *" 'di^'^^^"'.i^s-^ ? 


profwiv oT onythiag oac 

— •u'rMe'claw, 1 nk'n-inui. 

irt(U.a. iDploiia, -Ir.odir. -j 

Mc'rU-tr, 1 sak'ns-u; £ e&e 

Ud, 1 lad; 2 K&d. a. [bui'iieb; ud'debt] 

Mil'dl*,llud'[;3ii&d1. Lix. [sid'dlbd, 
ndir, /su>'u>':eAD' 

lUHQ.] To put a sad 

DUHQ.J To put a sad- ■ 

dlfl oa: load: burden, 1 

IL n. 1. A HBt or 

pad to nipport a rideTr j 

STThB two hind i 

quartf n or the loins, t 

ton.-Mii'dlw, "- A I 

ncsL etc.— md'fler-rf 1 

dler,— Md'dte-tne', n. 

The frame Ola saddle. 

ri'so: i ta-TV-a-aa. a. 

Bia'mRa.I To bend or cause to bend 
dowavard, especUJIy in the middle, 
ss'vii* 1 ed'ie: 2 M'Ba. n. A SmodiiiariBa 
iMTTiLe Bt^irf : a fracmeoc of jmcleni hlsuar 

n-Ca'ClOUB. I sSrlfS'&uBj 2 EB-it'Bh&B. n. 

hound, -tj, adv. -nessi «.— aa-fac'f-tr, I 

b^nr OBcacious; nadr and acvujate )udt< 
Uge, i sSJ; 3 U(, b. Having calm, far- 




Md'il'TOII, 1 sad'< 
laAt, 1 aaf; g aU. I. a. 1. Free from 
danger; unbarroed. 3. Not haiardous; 

and-flteeL reoeptacLe for prolectliig volu- 
ablaa; aay place of Bate storage- -l^t 

Laa. AnoOdstdaoumeDCsseuniiiDrDIeFItoii 
OD a jDiimey or voyage.- safe's In) aid ">. 

Mctt-wfe-tT"™. The m«t^ or eoSdjuSS 
efbdiii safe.— lafa'ti-TalTe*, n. A valve 

Mrfron.'l saf'rsn; S B&f'roQ. I. a. Of 
the color of aafTroa. II. B. The dried 
Btigmaa of a speoies of crocus; also, their 

■*». I sag; 3 sHjt. If. A ti. [mwEP. »AQr^! 




u in 




>U, 1 sel; 3 bU, n. LA piece of 

s»ure Its propulnon by the wind 
sailini vsssel oi craft. S. A trip in i 
■iDt, 1 sent; 2 s&nt. I. a. Holy; 
i»d: as a title, abbnvisted to &. 
A godly or aanodEed penon; om 

amonf the saints; ussed Into h 
salnMllHfa.-aalnt'll-iKss, n.— s 

nsrlly brown and Klilta, tmlned to ra 

^fish of the North 

i»"IO™ 1 ea-isn'; 2 

ixtfTODm; a fsAbjODi 
em-loOD', 1 ss-IOn' 

■alt, 1: 

!.'rn, 9.1 A groe«!n 

i-i. rt. To ai ■ 


SBlt'labtl ult'rl 

_ il't»-lo-n; 3 «II't».lo-ry, 

d. Movuu by leapB; Leaping, 
ulf^'tcf, ttlfpe-tre, 1 selfpl'ter; 2 

i^l'pe-Mr, n. Niter. 

Ml'u-U-rr< 1 sal'fU-M'n; S d 

1 BalVj-Wflisn: 8 Bfil-yij- 

tni — ut-lata-to-Tj, i 



id!*or the compenMCion to th^ ,™..™- 
a'tlon, 1 >Hl-ve'i(heD: 2 Btl-vfi'shon n. 

MJVe")™ av; Siav, n. A thifk, adhedv* 
BBlii'. (omtmBBt for local application. 
ul'ver, ,1 ml'ver; 2 ail'vgr, n. A Way, 


wni'iiKc', 1h 

'pi ; 2 B&m'pl. I. I*. ISAH'- 
pLic;r-i B»»nJNO.| To test by mean* of 

piece taken as a reprewntative of 'Om 

B«n'*.tiTe,Tl aan'^tiv; 2 i^n'a-tlT, a. 
ssn'i^tlv*, jHealinK, MQ'B-to-ryt.— 

MDc'fi-S^l eank'ti-foi; 2 rftje'li-fl, ^ i|. 

, 2 nKoe'ti- ■ 


a; g Efiae'shon. I. 

M ^of'^l^"''LhJ- 

. Twa gUoe* o[ hnsd, hBvin 
m nMatp cheese, or tiie liki 
i, 1 s#a; 3 sftn.i. Mentally WHindi is 

drin, -dr'im:E8&n'- 

■SD'l-tr, I san'i-U; 2 Bftn'f-ty, n. The 
Ban'ikrlt, 1 uD'ak'rit; 2 (ftn'skrfi'. n. The 

•■p,lmp;2 8Sp, 

i. The juioe o/ pLmila. l-Anj 

..._ i', II Bai-illa'; S s6r-din'. n. 

(UvdlD'Vt smsli herring-] ike fish. 
'dl-Qs, 1 HT'di-ue; 2 sat'di-Oe, n. 

. jd eera ataoe. 

Derisive, as a erm, unnscuiaL or lorFed, 

wr'do-n^, 1 sor'do-nlkB: 2 att'do-aiit, 

tiHte layen o[ chalcedony and mliiiBh 

ur'sti>'p»4it'U, 1 Bor'se-fts-nl's: 2 Bit'- 

' SB-pa-ill'a, n. The dried rooU of > 

tropical Amiricah elimbinjc plaot. or as 

M'sa-rras, 1 sas'e-tru; 2 sia'a-frlA, n 
tree of the laurel Fam- 
ily^ also, thn bark of 

nteh'el, 1 sadh'cl;* 


BiuaQ [du»t, kfl the moon, rev 
rouiKl AloTser. 
n'ti^te, 1 afOa-tt; 2 sl'ihi-ilt. I 
ci. I^a'ti-it'bA: •A'Ti-ir-iNo.l T 
ify to the utnKnt. II. a. Filled t<i 
tyiBtlaled,— a'it^tlaa.D.- u-U'< 

I, 1 Bat-io: e •&t'lD, ti 

UB^f n 

D which 'vice or tolly is helJ 
-n-Orle, u-Urt-nl, 1 sb- 

liue to, or etnployliv i 

••tl»-ly,l »afi»-tai:EiAt';».0, 1. I-"" 
-iT'iNa.r L I. !■ To gnCify to Oa (uU 
(»ilt«nt. S. Td rr« fmia doubt or Ull 
iety. S. To nay ofl or diuhaiie. II. i 
To Htb BtMutlon- ut*l>-rKtlaD, n 
1. Cocapleie cntiOcALlon. 1. Toe m^dnj 

flee.— ot^to fa iKtaHgT, ?, gIvIda ■iit:lfllu] 
tlon: *toiUi«.— ufiB-tecto-rl-lT, Bdi.- 
■■l*to-ftCI04l-MM. n. 
•a'trmp, 1 (Ctnci or ut'rap: a talrin o 
sifrlip, n. A KovfTDor or e. provtnco La ui 



I. «. i-aAT'EDa. 

8at'UT-<Ur, I ut'sr-di; 2 s&t'ur-da. n. 

The seventh or hut day of the week. 
e>farDil»e'ern: EBit'uni.n. 1. Tbe ulinet 

cbiriy pluet. See untuitHi. t. utiiA. 

Tdn; laLd to luve bu^ucKed tto t>e<^ie of 
Italy ID ncrioulivie; heiue, hlfl relsn, cele- 

BBlum lieM in anelein Rome in mtil-De- 
BDd siasa: la UiU kdk treated ai ■ ilih 

a. i. pHUlnlnc u> Uie lod Saturn or to 
tJw Bolden age, S, PtrtalnlnA fo the planet 
mame; dun. )• IB-] p«u1d1u« to Saturn. 

§mVltf Infer or ei'tet; 2B&l'frorBi'lJ'r.n. 
Gr.Utilh. Awoodlaaddeity.havinigoat. 
like ean and buddlnt bomi.— la-trrlc. a. 

■soce, I (w; 3 ««. I, nt. [»aecid': 
■a.DC'TNa. To dreaa with sauce: H^Bon, 

S: ir9U,iI|itiAk,t)<I»t;[vU,niki.t!«Te,bdl,U 

UID'M|e> 1 ne'eij; Z s«'sai, n. tint 
chopped and bi^bly Haeonod m^at, co. 
monly stuffed into the pro^jared entn 

Mi''»l(e,l«av'iJ; ZAi'tt. La. Wild a 
untamed; uncLviliied; cruel, II. n. Aw 
and unriiviliEed human beinjf^ bnital pi 
son: birbarlan. -Ij, adi.— aar'ase-rr. 
1. The male ot belni savage. •»'■! 
ueaa). *. SavigaeollectlTel)'. 

B^vftD'nu,! treeleaa pj^; a meadi 

■erve. n. >. To be economicaL 

■T^DK, 1 «e'«'n); 2 sSv'ing. I. (a, 

Redecmlitf; ecanomicBl; quaGfyinR. 11. 
1. I, PreBervation: redemptian. I. Ecoo- 
omy. >. pi. Biinkfl laid Biray. m. yetp. 
Jkainj. l.WiththeBioe[)tionD[:Mi^. i, 
Withoutdiiraepectto. ^. oiJi. -DCWtib 

Ik'TlCtf, 11 Mv^er; 2 nSVyot. n. 1. 

la 'rtonr, J Jesus Christ, the Redeemet. I. 

i'TOf, 1 bS'vsp; e si'vot. I. n. To have 
a specified flavor or quality; followed by 
of. IL Ti. Flavor; rehah; specific quaUt^. 

MWl, 1 so: 2 Be|T_fe«.WED or MWK, tJLWD'; 

Biw'^Na.] Li. TocuC. shape, or fashion 

w'itt, I M'ysr: e li'y^- K 

, n thoSth 

ud eUi oentu- Purple Staltraje. 
tun. 3. An Ad- ^ 

reof Saiooy. i. Ths 

Elo-Suan. 3. Ai 
luiSUBce of Che f 

dsiE either orally or la wiitmc. Z. To 
guppooe. IL t. To make lui UHitios 
njr, n. Wh&c one has said or haa to ray 

■CBb,' 1 akab; 2 Be£b, n. 1. A cru 
formed on the ouifnoe of a sore^ alao, aor 
amilar appeArancCp u on diacased plan) 
a bliat^r OD the eurface of a caatina, el 
X. tLowJ A pioan, dirty, paltry fillo. 
BO used by Bhalce^»are; heaoe, rec«atl^ 

— .— uabbed, leali^.a, 

I'ard; 2 Aeftb'ard, « A 

nI'M: 2 a 


•old, 1 skeld; i 


Id. la. «. T< 

■calei, 1 skSU 2 . 

if or to mver with 

bcoome cTuaiod. 

■oUei.tX. 1. Toiui 

To draw lo iicalB 

I. Mw. The iuoo> 

■olp, 1 skalp; 3 Mftlp. !■. tC To takt 
the Bolp fiam. IL n. The akin, or ikil 
and hair, of the top of Che akull. 

Ksl'pcl*, 1 ekalW'; S seM'p«l', n. A 
small pointed knife used in dinectJona and 

KSly, 1 ske'h; e Hsaly, a. Covered wHk 

Boalea; of the nature of a Kale; monuted; 

Bourfy. [rueaL 

Kampt 1 akamp; 2 aelnip, a. A rofue, 

Wam'per, 1 akaEa'par; 2 aeKm'pCr. L ei 

To hasten away; flee. IL n. A hunied 

icsn, 1 akan; E aean. ti, h. ri. [kahiiei^ 
BCAMD'; BCJ.K'mso.l 1. To read metrf- 
eally; eonform to metrical mlefl. C To 

aean'dal, 1 akan'd^i 2 
diaaemination of evil ze 

lal: dlflfiBeeful; Inlurloua to rq 

MrnDfUnc, 1 ikanflH); 2 aeAntlins, a 

>tr. 1 al 
' «Kt wHch ss\ 

uie people into . 

..- .., umatle to bear blame tor othfiii 

■cmpe'tnce", 1 ikVc*^: 3 ■dp'iilc', a. 
A worthkM, dueiinted fellow. 

l-hM, 1 -U; S -ie. pL] Tbe ahoulder-bluia. 

%ar, 1 BJcnr: ZHitr. Lit.Awi. [kabkeu, 
msrkeij. with b. kbt. IL n. tLo mBifc 

a tbe Hkln after the heeling oi 

ett»/i aUi 

ddm M«tat; ixmlil.- 

wrvi^h«]«l<K>hlTv pema. 

d and oeclc. Z. A 

•cmr>fr, IsWi-toT; Sedir'i-nVt*. l-Fim; 
FY'Lva,] 1. To make s aumW of slight 

ackris-tf na, Iskdr'le-tl'oe; SmAtIs-U'u, 
n. Ad infectious fever, with a difliued 
Korlet null. Hwlct biot- 

atarlet. l Bkir'let; 2 eeSrlBt. I. a. Of 
n. n. 1. A brilliant 


red, it , _ 

aurpi 1 ittarp; Z seirp. I*. e( 

a flt«en Hlope. 11* n. Any 
■eattae,ll aksft, «lcr'^- " - 
gemlh, ;i. i^. [u>Ti 

injure Mverely; ha; 


■kaf]i; 2 Klltji. icKth! 

Kt'teTflskat'eiiSH&l'eriX.dici. Tncait 
about irTCfinlarly; Htraw; diaperae; defeat. 
H'en-fer, 1 skav'en-jer: Z Beftv'eD-g«r, 

reftflnted on Che sta^p; diviuoD of &n ac 
of a jJay; any etrifcina exhibition or dia 
play, u of panlon-— tMO'cc^rt 1 tfit'ar-f : : 

odoroua; perfume. II 
cant, Q. An odor: tlie !i 

ental ataS as the 

abS^ V 

Mlivd'nle, 1 ikej'uLDr'aked'- 
yui; g Bcti'ul or ae«d'yul. 

■iam; 2 e^m. •>. 
Ktai^mafle, 1 


■ehla-mktl-aU. •.— Hhlr 

. Anv rtKk that 
■cUitle, Khli'- 

Tt. A iierwn 

. aeUat'evtl. 

,11 akel'er; _ 
. J pupil: leamc 

t, l>edaiiU«. 

Kbooli, U skol; 2 aeffil. I.m. Totcach; 

icool** XtTBin; diflciplioe. II' n^ 1. Ao 
educational ineljtution; any place or 
meane of liutruGtJon. 3> A aohooi' 

4ion; A body of pupils or of dlBcipleB; a 
■eet. etc.- •cbMl'bef ", Ichvd'tM', ■, A 
Ixr/ «- iM attendlnl Hbool or of eebool 
age.— Mboat'M'Iair, n, A schoolnutc 
.- lehiKil'hoiue". Mtaml 'nwm", n. A 
building m ■" —'■■-'- " -**■'—» *- ""- 

low out: dig. n. •>. LA dio*e1-l>1n 
implement far handliof any loom jomt ' 
Urul. t. Ad act of Booiiliif ^ 
Cope, 1 ikAp; 2 BcAp, n. A rmnge of vie* 

■ksM>iO'tik: Z gcSr-bQ'tif 
nr ta. lilw. or nSecWd will 
n afflicted will 

BourvT- leo^biitl-eaJt* 

MOKil', 1 ■Itart^i Z ttOrdb, t _. 

bum, f>r be bunit, superBeiaUy; singe; 

■core, lakBriSirSr. I. it. A n. ^ohep; 
wob'imo.I 1. To mark with mU, 
Dotchea, or the Uke. t. To Bcouiin^ ces- 
Bun. 3. To keep aeaount of: keep tallf. 
II. >^ 1. An scgount: debt i A 
enidge. 1. A talW. 4. The a 
tamical oompoeitir- ' '^- 

scoW*,'l >kO'n-»i 3 ■oS'ri^ B, 

I. Tbo Dumliei 

„^ i BkSrn-2 »ft™.' I- K. * n. To 

lold in or treat mth eonlerapt; deqnBt. 

II. n. Extreme oonlsmpt: disdnin; de- 

iBlou: SB oblKt of oootamiit.— tcomfnl, s. 


>r'plHin, 1 aker^u-an: 3 seAr'pi^n, ti 

^ tropical animal, of lobster'Uke form 

n the end of th« 

Scof, 1 sket; 

,- ,_ ,-. 1. 1 

1 sUzhtly. Z. To dnm, ■ 

Scotch', n. 1. The a 

used as a plural. 3. C 
nwken by Soola.— S<( 
SeOtdl'Dlall, B. A Br 

■carter, J BCDBaEo'; ■conao'iNO^ToUsh. 

•l!oaf,'lskaut;'2MOUt. l". i(. A n. To 
fallow and apyupon: acrtui a scout. 11- 

tB of the poaitioD or atrenitli of Bn enemv. 

noo'DiuitarT ortuiliatloa of twfa roi tha 

lUl-botloiiwd tMUt. 

•rrab'ble.U .fasbl; 3 wrlb' 

■ble,)! «krsb' 
•11 h.CBAfl' 

IL n, 


ikrse'ed; 2 BirSi'Bc 

BcrmmliKe', 1 nknun'bl 
lacHAu'aMElD'; acttAsi' 
prepare hastily. II> i. 

rragment; clipping.— k 

scrmpc, 1 skrSp; 2 bc 

witJi a hard mrfacfl or 

2. A sliKbt fleshiTound. S. J«Wi«, 

The Una Jrom which conteatantH Btait. 
■crawli 1 Bkrel; 8 sfrpl. I. H. & n. To 

write hastily or illegibly. 11. n. Icregu- 

lur or UDBkiBul wrilmg. 
BCrsw'Df, 1 Bkro'Di; 2 Mrg'ny, o. Lean 

and bony; skiony. 
scream, 1 skilm; 2 ecrEm. J.Tt.tvi 

cry. UL n. A ahiill. prolonced cry 
■crcech, 1 BkrWh; 2 Btrtch. 1». ct. 

Bhieldg. u a light partition 
rrew, 1 akrO; 2 .m,. .. 

; 2 Krto. 1. ■*. 1. To 
- Anythina that 


iractise oppnannn. I I * M 

mgepir^. 2- A bladed B Bcrewa. 
propeller. Benw pro- S i.Lu-Kno. 
pdlect- ■' An eito> ■z.Wiwd'Knv. 
n. a' tool lor driving Vaomt. 
■crlb'bie,)li'lmbT;2BcrIb'l. 1, r(. * n. 

Mrtb'l', hBCBlB'BLED, SCHIb'LD'; SCBIb'- 

ILIHO.] To write hastily sod carelegsly; 


1 thn Moaaia law. 3. 
I'liiSaerlm'at, n. A 

jtineUy; skimp; itint. 
p, ri. A certifieate of 
KTvp of paper, 
or ■malibai; galehel. 
iwrtpt, n. Writing; 
mitation of haodwiit- 

MTlp'ton, 1 Bkrip'<ihur or -t _.. , 

churL^-tQr, n. Sacred writing; Apecjf- 

icallj- |S-1, the Bible: often in the plural. 

Serlp'tiir-al, a,— Serip'tur-kl-l]', adv. 

1 «liu( . - 
■cdd'diho.] To mnve, mn, or fly swiftly; 
run before Uie niod. O. n. 1. Tba act 
of Acuddioa- ^ Light oJoudB driven 
rapidly befon ths wind. 
•eurOe. llaknlli^Kafl. I. it. Ebcct'- 

KDflr, ;i1J«D, •OOT'iJ)'; •OUF'njNO.l To 

Btruulfl I^>^Ahly or conftuedLy. 

diAoraflrl" "" ''" ' 

•call, " 

(iooi*'Ttm-iHO.] TolBjJiion. uatatunry 
n. n. The Krt of f Bahionioc fisuna c 
■i^nft or broni0 by inodelinfl, o^rvin^, r> 
. ^ — Knlptor, I 

•emu, 1 skDm; S kOdi, n 
that riwe to Uie eurii 

•cnp'per, l sliup'sr; 2 i 

•cbtT, 1 gboif; z geflrf, 

■kin tlirovn 1^ In nUnuuT Ham.— Karri 

•cnfrl-liilU, 1 ■l^oT'i-lus; 2 B«6r'i-1(i., o 
Grossly offensive nr vulgfir; opprobrioui 


■earMlt.- scup-iflt-ty, it 

Kur'rr. Isknr'iiSseilTV.K. An. {kdi'- 

seur'TI. 1 skBi'iri: 2 seOr'vj', a^ [sctrB'yi- 

la: scdb\i-iht.] Mun; low; biuw. 
acnrrri »- A diseasa cbaneteriaed by 

livid spots under the aldn. and by sraal 

To a 


rffh-sn.-Sscneh'oD.n. 1. 

I. A shield. 

■Ue'.Jl slEuM; 2 s.Bt1, if, Ibcdt'- 

ik (a ship) by maki 


CbalTkdli, to MlH ■ 

■nUie, \ 1 aaiOi^S^tti, 

A bod Ita esRylnc coal. 
B JFa.*. daw, J ftM. Ass 

on Uw auit otMcaslna. aptnsJ 

fasCened to a bent fas 


MB, 1 Si; 2 SO, n. 

The ateat 

curved bUd« 


any lariB enelosed or Inland body of salt 
watar.— iaa'kiwid*. I. a. Bmlailiia ga 
ttaessa. II. a. TM seaeossc- Ma'-ftrccae*, 
n. A bnese blowUic Hon the aea.— Ma*^ 
naaf, n. Tba smAocs.- (Mfafln, a. 
FDiloiMDa as sea ai a eaUlnc.— •••'■•^ 
Inc. a. Adapted la use on Uie oceao: 
KaUring:.— sea-ftMO. L a. or a blulsb- 
snen eolor. IL n. A deep blulsb oreen, 
as smelter - sea-leiel, n. The lerS 

^rss"ar^^HaWD-sblp, a.-uaincit. 
H, A gull,— sea'port', n. A harbor on « 


ItFlnf or ETOwlDE Id llw 

uS^lillZtl. TofuCeDTithi 
BesJ: put m leai upon; oloae tigbtly; kct'p 

meat used fur makios ui impreBaifm upon 

made, or tho aubBtanc« beuiDC &uch im- 
presoon Bid afSmd to s dovument. 2. 

■nil. u oa latuni. ' 
■eal>. L li. To hunt aenls. II. n. Ad 

I of hwh IktI- 

li. To unitf 
: became fie- 
ere jwrte oi 

— MMDleti, n. Having no aom.— ■»«■»'- 
■ tn«, n. A womso 9klU«] Id DKdlework. 

iis: mike ealloua; harden. IL a. Dried 
or blutali withered. 
■emrcht ) 1 ■Oirfh; 3 atrcb. P. H. & m*. To 
■ereb'iteipltinj thoroujhly; try; eismino; 
Kck or look euefully. II. n. The act 
of aeekioz or lookiae diligeDtly: iDTeBtiEH- 
ttoDilDqulry.-Mardi'-ufiil', n. Amwer- 
tul elevtriii BrMUbi set n ■ reflenor, an tfait 

ibcT by drrlu, I. A ni\ab. 
■It; 2 act. l3. p«. l.TDpl»ceon« 
CBUH tn idc dowD: hDve HBti for; 
, Z. To fi« M MMt on or in. II. n. 

! bM; lomtlon; iil*; 

> OD honcbHk. 

'esDt. I.I. Cuttinfi 

. Malh. A Btniiht 


net of Be«dLDg. 

utp. 1. AnyUilng ko 

rf-ly« nfff. — KC'ond'htMv t «■ n<wi 

ntKD n tlirouAb uwtJier; pntLouily ui 

JwDd^ a 

over ot foreull^ tbe niLure. 
'and', 1 Kk'eDd; 3 s^'ood. n. 1. The 
ne Deit after the fint, 2. An atter^ 
uBDt, u in ft dueL 
■ec'oiid', n. The Vii of r minute either 
' time or of oD^lftr measure. 
iDd>, n. Vtit. 1. Tbe IntovM IhIihhd 


1 rp'i»rda,°eto!'' 5!l A IiekJ 
entai departmeDt. S, A 
ae'n-ta'ital. o.-aoe'i^ 
■, 1 a'l-krtt': 2 BC-ertt', vi. [a»- 
od; gE-cBEVlNQ.] 1. To coDeeal; 

S: w9U,ds;bMk,baH;fqll,rnie,care,bflcMlrn;ail, bOrltOtteiii' iQk; IMn, thla. 



pftfS of K dicle bound^ by ^pi^''*"^^^,^ 
tiro ndii ud the included C 7 

•ec-o'-Ucl >«li'yu-l"; 2 \ / 

•Se'yu-lHT.a. 1. Worldly. I, \ / 

Brought about in the oouree \/ 

of sues. t. Not bound by V^ 

iopB4;lcvowB. -tjioae. ■ 

. [-lilts', pfl ' T 


BOOlblDI. I 

■ed'cn-tm-^, l' Md'en- Sedan, 

tf-n; S BM'6n-tS-ry, o. _ai,ttiu« much of 

»d'CB-tMf-lT. odt.— tt'ta- ta-if-iu 
•edse. 1 Bej; 3 aHtt, n. A TOBme ruBl 

herbcmwlnfflna wet pJace.— ndg'j, d.. 
•ed'l-meut, 1 sed'i-ment or -msnt; EsM'i- 

dl^mu,a. -Ir.adc. -atat,n. 
e-duee'. 1 «i-dia»'; 2 «e-dac', 
DncFD'S: BF^DCc'mo.I To dn 

■ed'yu-lua; Z BAd'yu-lQa, t. 

__. . i.Thegenn'troio 

which a plant tpny be i«produo«d; that 

with seed; pn>!ui?e ae«d; i 

lich anything eprii 

I..., iouroe. J. Oaiipti„. 

cdlln.n, A plant mm) from the wed. 

'l-lr> oili.— aeedl-iieM, n. 

■eeI[,lsTk;EB«)i, I. [soiToirr. 1 sat; S aAt: 
BEEK-IKQ.] 1. (. To BO in search of: 
utrive tor: endeavor. It i. To look; 




'i. Oni 


to: vacillate. 

b<^e iin and dovn on opposite ends i^ ■ 
balanced plank; any nrnilar movetneiit. 

MCtlH, 1 nth; 2 mai. ri. & n. To boil. 

ses'nMIlt, 1 sei'ment or -mant; 2 eii'iaent. 
n. A pnrt eut off: a see- ^— «^ 
tion; (he part of a arcle /^ ^ 
IncludedvitlunachordaDd j \ 

SKf'nrimte, 1 aeg'n-gSt: ^ ,^ 

J^*'rTo«^«i^ "«oiiS:"ii!' 1 

MI'KnlOT, 1 Ein'yar; 3 BCn'yor. n. 


m EuTDpe, uand like F^g^it*^ nr. 

•ciDe, l«eii;§>eD,>i. Aiiy large euciRUuc 

Hla^mo-crmphAc, ^-cal, a 

Si,\laiE-.2aii,il. {m»(i 
iM'.jl. To Br»«P iuddeni, 
tAke by forn; &Sect suddec 

parated intemlH: infrequently. 

Mvlecf, I 

-K-lM'Uoa, n. Tbe' ul i^ t^ecdos; 

irlf, iBelfjBsJir I.o. '8ame;n«rtieul»r; 

identical. It. n. [BrLTU. vi.l 1. An 

individuaJ oomdderod a4 thp aubjoot of 

Bonali^. t- FenHul advuitfuis or (oin.— 
Mir*-ea>-cclC, n. vult)': eiiHInn.— ■•• 

RlffbtcouB Ln one'B own atlDialJoii: ] 

nrd of otben.— s.irllUd, a- 
Mlf'lBb, 1 SPlf'i^; 2 rtlf'ish, a. C 
oni; or diMlj lor gifl. -Jri ntfi. -Ml . 

scl'I ) Ta tnnder (property) to uotber for 

■el'Tan 1 kI'vu; Z •Si'vmt, n. The edim 
of ■Tsbiiii BO fiuahed that it will not ravel. 

eoUese half^var^ j 
•ena'l-, pngtz. HnU; partly; ai. w 
ieni"l-«D 'na-al, 1 Hin'i-M'}ii-aI;ZiC 


Min1-cli*c)e, 1 

lem'i-sor'kl: £ aSm'i- 
lf-circ)e. 1. Aoy Bern;- 

' nn'n-elT'cv-lar. a. 

Mmt-flnld, 1 eein'i^a'id; 2 Bim'i-flu'id. 

Fluid, but thic) 

nm'^-laW, 1 Km- 

-lia'nin'; 2 •Cm-i-JO'- 

SSC™:«— "S- 


MDi^-moDtblr, I 

•eHi'i-nionthli; 8 

,*m-i.m6nth1y. I, 

a. Taking place 

twioeamonth' IL 

1. A publication ia- 

Bued twice a month. 

•MUl-nal. 1 nem'i-n 

>l: 2 8«m'i-nal. a. 

Mm^wt-rr. 1 teni'i 

ne-n; 2 aSm' 

mtiin""^'^' ^ 
»m1-«aa"ru, T'h 

Vtaf-var: S semf- 

kw»^;«.a. Mw. * 

•eml-toae, lumi'i-ian 

S Btm'i-Mln, n. Jfui. 

Halt a major uoe. 


Vvou'el; 2 aein'i- 

tavint the tharaoUr 



lem'l-week'lr. 1 kj 

roVwtk'h; 8 ato^- 

w#k1y. I. a. lamed or recurrini twice 

a Wk. n. n. A 


•ein'pr*, 1 wn-pr*; e 

Btm'iirc, ad>. uu. 


>;Bitaip-BM>.n. A 

I^^S??!;™'.*; Zrfn'al.-. 1. [S^l The 

•en-^-te'rtvI, a. 

•end, 1 leadl 2 liDd. I 

■C'DllC.) 1 ■I'QE 

»e'nll>. for. p. 

Older' alder. J. [u'sT 

1. Anelder; elderly 

MD'IU, 1 seCL-ii: 2 sSd- 
plaac, used oiedic' 
DAlly u B purgHtivi 

8 «en'} 



cn^TUoD, 1 ■ 
rtD-sft'sbon, n. I. 
arnused tbroaih the 

Muw, 1 Ku; S riu, n. 1. Tbs iHcultr of 
nnutioa} feelinc; lemliutioD, t. ADy 
one ot the Gva wosea, sicht, hnrine, 
taste, 110811, or tounh. I. OoodiudEnieat. 


„_ , . sea'Aiii-idT 2 ■en'thu-sl. a. 

Unduly itidul(«1t to the appetitea; lewd; 

MD'tence. 1 HD'tei 

; 2 ata'tfat, I. 

implele thought. 

e9ii-:ea'tfive: 2 ■ftD-t^a'vbat, a. AtnundLDC 

len'U-eot, 1 aen'^-eot: E e«ii'elii-«nt. a. 
HKviDC Hnmtiaa tod perception; aeu- 

ti-nienl,n. I. I^[ty»adt*fined feeling; Ben- 
ability. I. Anopiiiioa;eipnuivethoucht; 
lout.— eentl-OMIItal. 1. Clumcterlieit 

a'tl-Ml. 1 

Vti-nel: 3 efn'i 


TT Bl'pai; 2 atp'al or ^' 


[Q.l I. I. L To dis- 
e. To ■ 

eeparBtely, >■- >! To be 

— — -, -Ben, n.-Mp'^ 

B rtp-s-re-W. a. c«- 

n.—iep'a-n-My, odi.- MpSn^atlaii, a. 

Tiie act 01 KinntlDi: cba etaia or being 

tbtt slildi Hpusiea; s davloe or instiu- 

uideml by 

a.. Dark- 

It prepBrod fi 

^Mt'Indiitn Bofdiet equipped and tmined 

in Eoropean Myle. 
•pill. r>ep'ii9i 2 a«p'iii, n. Poiwnoui 

putceneUon, or infeetion from it. 
I^tam'bw, 1 ■ep-tem'bar^ 3 •e[>-iCin'ber. 

n. Tbe Minth moalb ot theywr, haviuc 

eii't»-na-TT. 1 aepti-DS-n; 2 elpte-Dl-ry. 

n. l.ConaMicaaf.peTtauiiiifto.otbeiiDr 

•even. 1. SepUnnisl. 
ep-t«Dlll-aI, 1 8e|>-tenVaI; ^ atip-ten'i.Al, 

Wp-taitoB, 1 ■ap-til'yan; S itp-UI-ri 

A urdinil number: id Ihe Pnoch .y 
^bUa U. SJ 1 followed by 24 ciphen; i 


8 «ep'tlS-il-*e-na'ri-Bn, n, A pent 
-eais old, of between TO and 80. 

Conai^tin? of 
tiioee rcpe&ted. 

"old G^ee'kvemoD of &e oTd 

■liu-pl; 2 ■fo'ca-pl, a 
■en: KvenCold: never 

I'sl-kar: 2 .ep-d-^ir 

swry; feeult; upeliot- 

K^nes'lM, 1 ii-kwei'ter; 2 se-l[w«>'C 
ri. 1. To npsnUc; aniudt. S. To i 
queamte.— MMiaa'tcnd, TO. ttctiredi 

H-qiUR'tiate, 1 si-kwes'trCt: S ge-knH 

cDoniKsUaD.— Mq'iicii-tn*t«ri n. 
MHjnal'a, 1 u-kwBI'a; e ee-kwil'a. a. 

se-n'gllo, 1 *T0lyo or m-nil'yo: 2 88- 

•er'«^,ll ser'nfi's aer'af. n. Jbeb'aphb 

■cr'st*, f orsm'A-faiM.BEB'i-fTM'.py An 

aanl ol Uie tilgliat onta-.— ae-rapli'lei 1 

awaPik: 2n-rwie, a, AngeUu.- •vnwhl- 

Ml^e-liade', 1 aer'i-ned'; 3 ««r'e-nBd'. I. 
zt. & Hi. I-m«d'ed<1; -Hio'isa,) To en- 
tenBin with or eocace in a Knnade. IL 

l.-ie-^ (^lEai, rt.l 
aorj; 2 B«rg, n. A Willed woolen 
■t, 1 sar-jent:, a eir'gant, t 

««"rl-a'tliii. I 
order » aeriall' 

^'n-i'tim; 2 a*"ri-a'tittt. 
ei another; ia cDnneoted 

r*I'n-r<: a ae'ri, ors--'ri-fi. 
«1 aucoeagton,- M-rt«l, 1 

pubUsiicd Ld paru.— ae'rt-iil'lr.a 

w^rl-ous. 1 al'n-us; a •f'ri-dB. c 

sad eampgi; thoughtful: sober 

Importance. •4t, adf. -neaa, n. 

. n. A person employed to labor fir 
iGT: a dependent. 

faMV^Na.) L.'"'. l'to be in the 
oymeot ol; work foe: be of use lo; 
i. To content; uliefy; lequite. S. 
Toconduct; manipulate; handle; wait on. 

or mndng ot ma orcAnlied body, or tht 
tim« diirioff vbich it remuna flitting. 
■ct, 1 flat: e sM. 9. [flBr; set'tiijq.J I. (. 
1. To isiue to lit: lo put m place; pisoe: 

Kit; appoint; lettle. t. To Gi (■ price). 
. 1. I. Topui!Klow(belionion;de- 
csline; aiaJfi lode. I. To iiilidify; be- 

oert ooe'B powers, i. 'Vo St, u s gar- 
brcM or huDtlni^oa tluc ccouc'b lo point 

Z. Efitabliflhed or preaaribed. S* Rigid; 

■el, n. 1. A coUecUon; dug; group. 9. 

Po<dtion oi dirscIioQ. 3. The act ofiunli- 

iof belov the boriun, tin a hearenty i>ody. 
■et-i«e', 1 K-U'; S se-t£', n. A long seat 

with A bigh back, 
Mt'Ue,.)l>KC1;2s«e'l. t>. [bct'tled. Birr'- 
»«fl', |ld'; bit'tlino,] 1.1. 1. Tofii; 

dnwmino; adjust; pay. I. ToBtiU;calm. 

by wment.— nCMe, n. Suae 

^•n'eo-rtM, n.-K 

bfuL 1. Harsh; t 

[™».PI.J ' 
«w, 186:3 

faiun', " Hirb 

females of a group. ooUootiTely. 
>«x"k>g»-Da'n-an, 1 selis's-ji-ii^'n-BD; S 

years old, or tietween siity and asVEnty 

(, 1 sekfl'tsnt; 2 sWts'ta 

by Sleiphpn.and in the 
by 1 followed by 38 rnnbei 

n gravei-fliggeT. 

SI'tu-pl(B', 1 neks'tiu-pl; 2 sSkstQ-pl, a. 
>I'u-ll, I sek'^u-Bl; 2 sEk'shij-al, a. Of 
or penalnlDE u tne seiei, or sex. -Ijt ihIi, 

b'br, 1 ^ab-i; 2 si 

lud'dacll, 1 Asd'slc; S ahid'ok. n. A 
tropical fruit akin to the oraoce; also, Ot9 
tree yielding it. 

hMt; ihield. % To blend, 
modify .— ihad'er, n. 
■bade, n. 1. Obwui 

■huTi ~ ■ ■ ■ 

I solor 

BhallDp, I Aial'sp; 3 thWap, n 

. -_ ih&dy pU( , 
A soTHin. *• A BTiLdfcU™ of Dolor; nu- 
BUts difference, i. AahMt. «, pi. Hudet 
iad'«w, I ^had'o; 2 ihid'o. I. •!. ft n. 
1. To oast B Bhadaw) ghadei dirlun. t. 
To foreshow dimly: often with /orfj or 
•Ml. 9. To follow u ■ ipy; doc. IL n. 
1* Partial darknen caused by the mt«r- 
oeption of light; ihade! gloom; obteurity; 

bIuIIow, 1 Aal'o; 2 -i 
■lialtl, iriluilt;esUi^i 

I. FDidter; 

IK iliadowy; a ' 

™_„.. , .„.., _ ; ilmii^ 

BHAu'i-UT.I 1. Full orihwlo; (fastins a 
shade; shadfd. S. Dubious; suspidoiu. 
— ibad'l-lr, adv.— iliad'l-neu, n. 

dart; a 

o b«- 

twean capital and baH, 1. Any tons 

cylindricelbar.aBBnaile.thill, or thclikE. 

tbitt', n. A well'like openinc oojinccted 

jritb a nuoa; tlie tunnel of a blast^umaee. 

-ihatTkii*', n. The 


The rough skin o 

iKjishins; rough', 

dwh. 1 am: z ahii. n 

■bslce, 1 &^Sl\ Z lb 

i aha-grfn'. 

J Top.! 

feit. ' Il£°n. 

'l a. Pretended; 

impvfltnre; deception. 

ibam'blcll fliam-bl; 2 i 
stamTil', ; |sH*M'Ht.C«)i>»: > 

~ walk with ibuffliv cait.— 

1. A fal« prelenee; 


nightor«bou»e; fonneti)', 

ihem; Z shKin. I. tl. [anAUBD; 
B,] To make ashamed ; dingisce. 
1. A punful HKH of giult or dee- 
; eomethingthat makes ashamed; 

cbajw^esi, a> 

naviQit nouDimiin •usuc. -^y. odE. -niUi 
n.-IbwCiy, o. anuBIul; aymmetiHnl.- 

ghare, 1 ftiSr; a ihSr, t, [shakid; sfab'- 
INO,] I. i, 1. To give s part of to an- 
other; divide: followed by iciih. ». To 

in. 3. To distribute: with sSiwrn or 
amwio, II. i, TohayoapBrtoraahare; 

A plowahon; > bUde. u ol 

abirk, 1 ^arkT Z shirk, n. A vorBcioiu 

•barpil tharpiSBhbp. I.a. 1. Haviui 

of pctceptloni quick-idtCed; shren-d. 3. 
Ardant; quick; eager. 1* Funful; lunh; 



hrill. %. DisCi 
1.%. i?*.«t». ' 
lii S. A iong o 

— ' ■burp'siii 1 fliOrp'n; 

BbaTe, 1 jh«v;3sh&v. 


make BmooCfa by » 
thin; giaie pa 

sha'wl, 1 ^1: 2 sIiqI, n. 

"f the bodv. 

1 ^: 3 Bhf, proa /*™. 

af, 1 flJf ; 2 sbsf, n. [bhi 
shfv;. pl.l The EtidkB 

ar, 1 ftilr: Z sh^r, if. A n. 

« (it) mdi< 

L Blender needle. 3 

lA^-^- 1 flir^ 

Hhfiij, n. nnfl. ^ frf. Any 

large eutling. 

forked by the 

cmwinK of cutting edgea. 

aheaUi, 1 ^Ch. 


; ttsoabbwd. t. Anyeo- 

VBlop or «««. 

aa ihe loirer part ol 

teavcB la gnuw 

i-abaatb sowa, a ck»b 

flHLDB gonn Ki 

ibe^Ibe. 1 tfhia: 3 sheet. ri. [BHBATa.D. 

8Ht»THD»: BHE 

TH'iNO.I To put Into or a« 
ver.- ■heatb-lDi:, n 1. A 

uUdLE*. %. Tbe act ol OM 

8l>e««,lihiv:2gWv.n. A amoved nullev 


Erik 1 ^n; 2 Bh£ii. 

b^w■ offriunf ofl!*»3^; 
S. To ca«s8_ to flow out, 

jaU low buildtne; cabin; hut. 
^ ' ' A BliatBDi&i* 


a M, 

Bbeer. 1 ihir; S eWir. «. 

To swerve- turn 

aside, [ri^t; pen 

pendioulati 'gteep. 

.t(. At. 

absplutc: don-f 

f^l or 


sli«rB, 1 ilhlr.; 3 »h*.3, 

. An appan.tua 

ot poles aad hoisting^ 

ackle, for raisiiic 

i.xi. hH 



. To 

sheet,. 1 ihit; 3 Bh» 

\^. vL 1. To 

g: re-lio 

'er .as la a d>»ti 

To slice 


Bhroud. 3, To spread 

the surf 

sheets: eipwd. IL 1 


Assyrian and Ba^iylonian wetiiht. t. A 

; S that. fi. (wELTn, pl.l 
HI iiUfa hC honuBtally into 
A ilat projettlns 

To bnmbard "ilh 

ledge of rock; & reef; ahoaL 
shell. )1 ifhEl; 2shel. I. il 
(hel', J endose in 

husk, or tbo liki 

sheila. It n. A niira stnioiure. _ m- 

rscinc mwboftl: * hollow ahot filled with 
ui enlofive; & metAllio cartrid^e-caw.— 
tbtn'tmiV, n. Sum u gHAOBtsE.— 

■t-ISC'. 1 iths- 
T shei'iic, n. 
tl'tcr, 1 ^el' 

Crude lu 
gr; 2 ihei't 

prepared for 
r. I. K. To 

i 2 BhJlv. K. (SBELVID, 

■; aHBi.ViNa.1 l.TDlsyoD 
one; put aside; retire. Tt* 

Aplve'i ni. Tn iDclise grndasliy. m 
keeper of flheeti; a pastor* 1~ 

! Bh«TT>et. B,, 1 ihfirljel; 

fbtvored icaternee. >. An Oriental unu. 

of fruitrjuioe. [of pottery. 

skerd. 1 ^nrd; 3 diird. n. A fragment 

ther^lT, 1 1 iher-if : 2 AIt-V. n. The ehiet 

therfP'i J hdmtniatrative officer of a county. 

nandatrs of n 

sbM'ry, 1 Otfi; 2 ■bSr'y, n. [-inEa>, i>(.1 
The wineaof Jerea.iB AnJdalusu. Spain. 

lbeir|,*I>ew'teaBi',eu. Bams as bow. etc. 

dUb'kv^etk, 1 <hib'o4e(h: 2 ahIb-o-l«th. 
». Aparty tefltnFord^ep. JtKi^HBl, 4-6. 

■hIeM, 1 JMld; 2 ibild. I<l. K. To pm- 
teet; defend. 11. n.' A bnnd piece el 
defenave armor. sonuiiDDly isnied on OxK 
left arm: s defense or defender; ahdUr. 

iUn*, 1 Oiift; 2 Bhtft. rf, A li. To diBSce; 
try expedieate; m3JiH«e; evade. 

■hUt, n. I. The set of ehifUng, 7. 
A snbalitule: eipedient; triek; evaaon. 
i. An uDdergarment. 4. A reUy of 
workntea^ olao. the working time of each 
■ani.— ablTfer, *.— staim-ly, ado.- shltl'' 

pable. 'IVt Id*. -■■■ , a.— ■hufr* a. 
■UnillK. 1 ^il'm: 2 sbU'inK. n. A current 
- rilver B(»D of Great Britain, worlh 24 

'LT-nio.l To T«eBUte; trifle.'sr; EsMm'Sr. I. ti. To 
a itemolous light; gUmmer. IL n. 
muloaa gleam; gUinniBr. 
^a; 2 shiD. I. U. & «'. [annwEii, 
*t aicnj'HiHo.) To elimb by the 
ids and" lege; to trot about. 
~ part ^ tbe hv below the 

ihlne, i i(hain;3ihln. I. pt. &•>. [brohb; 
shuTimg,] To Rive light; beam; ^ow; 
elewn: be illustrious. 11. n. Brightness; 

] shank. 

sold or fear; ahake: quiver. 11. n. A 

■hm,». AI>HmaetendwiB,»aproi>. 

«^rr&E Z .ML. .. «. 4 -■. T. 

M-;£..T„"5r"r~^ ' 


plane in uiy bodv of walsr; a aand-bauk 

■hcHTt, 1 ihirt; B ahflrt. L Klfe> 

n. A multitude; throng, as of Eeb. 

a. Of»IightJength,hei«ht, S»T&^ 

■hOKt, 1 ihfit; 2 1*61, n. 1. A younn hfw; 

■boSi'S 1 «h»k; Z snak, d. To Btiake by 

Si..'"lLn.'^The™u'bi 6^^^ 

■udden eoUinon; jar; horrify; diiguat.— 

•JHKllinK IH. CauriDE a mental shooki 

». Anylhfnji that i. abort; ^^a,% 

horrible; repugnani; dlstreMing. -1^. ast. 

aaaahorts'll^hleiadefi- ^^il 

■ncH, B. la shock or ghocks. 
IhiSH, .(. A 0-. To KBthcr (grain) into 

ciency. III. ads. In a E^^^Aw 

5.S?2.'T' \i^^^O^S^'^^}9- 

aiai.-'s^i.'.'sfs ,»,■„ .„ii, ., 

by wUcli anrUUM » iHngaWallbr 
abort; deflclency.-ahorf- "Bhoro («. 

•hi^i. 1 ihnk; 2 ahOk. «. A ooarae tan- 

gled man. aa of hair. 

tall; reduce; Icbbco. >. To make cHap. a* 

■Hod. i dhad'Eat^d' linD Aci of BHOa, f . 


■hod'dr, ldh»d'i;2abM'y. I> «■ I^HOp'- 
"w'sLddv" «hl^' n. «.''FibJrTS 
marie of ehr«dded <Baolen ns?: sham. 

'Ct;CS;S: ■■,. 'SS.'tA =! 

ijulckls; aoon. t. In fmr worita; imelly. 1. 
Abruptly.- ahort'neafc n.-abarf >*lcbl^ 
«d, s. 1. Nwr-oKrhted. t. Lacktnc (otb- 

■hoc, 1 ((ha; B sho. I. il. Ibhod; anon or 

Blthl. .ly.Olll. -MHa,!!. 

bhod'pen; BBOK'jKa.j To tumish with 

■hof, 1 ^at; S ah5t, «. [bbot'tei^; 

ahoes. O. n, laHoia. pi.] A covering or 

BBOr'TiNa.l To load with shot. 

ttiotf, Inp. A VV- 0( BHOOT. (. 

■book. n. A bundle of bnrrel aUvca. or 
the like, in order for eeCtine up, 

■hoot, 1 (hot; 3 .hoot, ,. Vor; enooT'- 
INO J 1, ( ]. To hjt or kill with a mis- 

■hot,n. [BHOT or eBO™, ,^.1 1. A nu.- 
ailc, as rf iron or lead, to ho aent from ■ 

2. Tha'act of ahooUna; a rtroko or hft. 

aUc. a. To discharge, aa a projectile or a 


of a projectile. 
mooM, 1 Aud; E ahud. Hap, of bbau, a. 
■houl-der. l>a>el'dBr;2aUl'd»r. I. X. * 

SB'if tlv ; flash along, as a bird or a Htar. S. 

R. 1. To take upon tha ahoulder; aua- 

To grow out rapidly; jiH out; protrude. 
■hoot, n. 1. A ymmg branch; offshoot. 

taio; bear. ». To push with or aa with 
the shoulder. O. n. I. The joint ««- 

a. A rai»d in a atnsiD. I. An inclined 

necung the arm or fore limb with tb« 

ihSJ^iliiap'i £*thOp. 1. tf. [BHOPPEP', 
8HOPT*; ■HOP'wHQ.L To viait ahopB for 
purchaia of goods. 11. n. 1. A place for 
the aale ol goodi at recall. 2. A place 

■hout^ 1 Auut; a about, l-i.rt. An. To 

utter with a about; litter a about; cry out 
loudly. II. n. A auddan and loud rea- 

Inc. n. The atesling ol loods from a shop or 

ju. *n. 

BUire.- abap'plng, n. 

»ho»e.11 fliov; 8 BhSv. I. M. « ft. 

iliore. 1 ^6r; 2 shOr, .(. Ibboreo; rhoh'- 

■hut', J (BBovBD.sBnvD'; BHov'iNo. ■nnr'- 

INQ.] To aupporl, aa a wall, hy a prop 
of timber. See iliu9. in neit column. 

iHo'J Topuah:pr«aBaaainat;io>U>. IL 

«.. T'heactTpSahin«;apuah. 

trvl; S ahAvl. I. ri 

_. !. To 

jv» exhibit; erplun; ^nol; 

■Iblei appev: wam.^ihaw'- 

A spMtadei exhibition; display: 

^ ..; preteiue; Knr^'' — '-- '-^• — ^-'—- 

promlae,— ■bvw'hiwl' 

parade : vrtteiue; lemUtate: indies 

^riokle; pour out; raia; scatter. 

tbniF'erit ». A fall, aa of rain, hi 

al«t. nf iboTt duration; ftbuiulant bi 

w'er', 1 «I " 
Wr, 1 ^ - 

•liraak, 1 ^ifaqx; £ Afmtjt, (m^, or SHain 

■Iubb'dpI, 1 Airsp'nFl; 2 sbrap'nfi], n. 

ahdl Sllcd with bullM-< to he acntt 

bviieeinlawoii; from the British cem 

Ihred, 1 ibred; S ahr'd. L tt. (bbre 

aBHXD'DXDd; gHRED'DIHa.] To teal 

tempered. -Ir« ado. -n«H, n. 
■brcwd, i flitfid; 2 y ^^^ 

Bagaoloiu. udi! ^I^HBB 

•lirtel[,li'hrfti2«hr*!t. - T^^SB^ 

It.i<.An-. TniitUr Stirew. Vi 
1 (hriBk. U. n. 

«IiTirt,,'l Aicifl; 3 ^lUt, n. 'The act 

— '■ flitift, s 

; aWuCic 

, ! tKercLng. i 

Ksuiar jJixUL— ihriu », i 

ner. tbriUt.- ibilU'iii 

ahrlmp,.! «hrLmp;2shr] 

lobstorjiiie cnutaeean, 

. Knmd.— ■hrlU'T, 

L id. [saaiNXD; 
ine. ILn. A n- 
plaee of peculiar 

lhriIik,lihriQk;2HhHDlt. ■*.*«■- lanRAWx 

. To draw toeethe 
S. TodmwWk 


■brlie, 1 ihrniv; 2 ehilv, »(. IsHBOvi 

SHBiyXD; BHHtv'KN, 8HI11VKD; BBBrv'lSO. 

n, C, Ch. To frant abmlullon upon sod 
ShrtT'cl. 1 Arivl; E ahrfvl, ><- A n. l-aLiH 

0T-EU.n>,-EL0>;-EIrIHOOT-IL-UM0.1 T< 
lIin>Ud''tl ^roud: StbToud'tl. Tadathi 

t foi 

part of the Btandii^g 

'"■"■ 1 

pea forming 

Sbroie'ttde", 1 i 

ately preocdina Lent. 

■brnb, I Airub; Z ihrfib 
n. A woody, perennial ' 
a buih.— ■hrnblier-}'. n! ConDccUaiu 
[-iKs'.pM Slinihacolleo-,,''.'^"'"';;^' 
Uvsly^ ■linib'by, a. K"*!:, *' """^ 

Bbrui, 1 flirug; a nhrBJ. I™*™^ 

■o,l "ToS; 


L» up mw eh 
I. n. Theac 


ahruBk, imp. A vv. oi aHBinK. •. 
BllTTIDk'«n. 1 ilhmqk'D; 2 shrQak'D, 

hIw pjir of BHB[NK» ir. Contraoted 

shnd'der, 1 ihvd-it: 2 ■hfld'Sr. I. vi. 

tremble, aa from fright or cold; ifa 

IL n. Theact of flht[diL>mie;convL 

sbati', h 

lihirfl; 2 than. 

'; BHtjr'mHa.] L 

To be cloKd. 
(hut, pa. Mads tt 
■Iiut'teT, 1 ^ut'ar; 

im; hide. "El I,' 
r closed. 

1 wfavioB to cwiy the 
L-diDt'Uxwet*, n. A 

tlwoQji; iilsD, tba smmB Ita^, 
■hr.l Auu;3BhI. hri. [raiED: BnT'iNoJ 
1. To start suddenly B^de, u > horee. 

J. To 

bbt'i»t; or 

iiddenly . — _ .,„ 

- Oioc. IL a. [ui'ui; 
— — ' — .| 1. Enaay 

f'lU^, I 


rDfeeaoiial ttiokA; ol 

Sshl'Bter.R. [Cdlloq. 


•m'l-lant, 1 iiib'i-lBQt; 2 atb'i-Lin 
Having a hissiiur Bound. U. n. ^ 
wniDd, u ol I.- itb-Mun, n. 

flb-rt I aibiil; g alb'jl, "• 1. An 

''^. I'lilt: 3 lUl. 'n. - ""—^ 
". I. Nau. 



a. 1. HiUtoUiy iDdUvcHd: tiuat. i. 

Faint.— slek'B-DM*. ■>.— ilek'nui, n. 
«teb1Ci, 1 nkl; 2 eikl) n. A reapingqin- 

pleraent with a lou* curved blade. 
■Ide, 1 Mid; 2 Bid. I. n. [sid'kdI; bid'- 

iNn] To noire oneaelf on the aidr; 

tonaired by u^. jl. a. KtuaUd at or 

III. 71. 1. A^ one of the bounding 
lines or rarlaeca of an objeet. 2. A 
lal^rftl part of a surface or objects 3* 
A party; sect. A, Either of tve op- 
. fjotfte oiHnlona.^ riddle, tf. A tf. [si'- 

Sme'. aWsrtS'.-lMe'ton^. \T"l" 
MiniDi nr t«Kllu lo One slile; laicnu. II. 
iBUnI « <itillaua dlreeUon — 

moDt»da mttfmjWU 

atefe. 1 




for siflJiiE throu^ iDeahpa, 
lift; 2 sift. >. 1. 1. 1. To KparaU 

Ml,lsai;2 9l. I. n. 1, Tout 
lameTtt. 3. To yewn; long, 
deep reftpiratlon, as in sorrow. 

Il«ht,lsm't;2slt. l-Crt. 1. T( 

2. To firrniftb vritil sights, sa a 

II. n. 1. The faculty of seeii 

a.fs. -ma. n.-M^t^y, '«!' 1- Plsuaat 
to Uh rtew; comely, f. Aftordlng a Du 
Tlsir.- alcfatlf-BH*, n. 
JSI1,_1 smn; 2 sin. .L "t A n". To sffii 

pefltvre. 2* Ad inacription or the like to 
icdicatfi a place of budiuBs. 9. A mvk; 

Ir^Sa!' i aig-nrf; 8 Birna]. I. K. * li 

maUon.- al('Bal-ln(i n.- slK^atSie, 1 

alg-naWHsfJ BJ-Hii-ii. u. [-ujoi: -e'imJ 

I'Da-tnre. 1 eig'ne.iihur or -tiOr; 2 fO*- 

ict;. a B«-n«, 

_ jwoninc. 

■iB'nM>7l ^lu^; E lii'ni.n, t t-iraDi 
— • -- I L i. I. To make known by 
wordi; bctolEFn in any way. 1. 
.unt lo; nmtler, H i". to b. 
tancB. lausNicH or nexoR. 

L sTnyer: S irnydr. ». same M 

d'hMMMB',lBl'Ht';Stfl'o-M'.H. A 

M1-CS, 1 nlVks; S d'i-ca, n. A hud, 
cryBtalUnB mintiuiae, tba priiHikial eon- 
mAuM of (vwR. uM maa.-M n Ki wa t , I 

UC^O. FUtldBlM to « (OHMlBC ol'riUa. 
Mk, 1 slk; S lUk. L a. SiUwB; lilky. 
n. n. I. A (Uti- 
ote. (toiiy, fi- 
brcHU wibiKm* M 
produced by the W 
OTvm of lilk- 1 

CloUi at SMT- . 

Cloth at SMT- 4 

^ S. Am^ I 

thins tflky. — * 

Mwla o/ « Bke 
■Ilk. 1. Ldi- e 

)f ordinKTy 


•m. )lBU:E41.n. 
tar, J the bottom . 

Mir, 1 Bil'i; 2 on' 

■ST.I Desliliulfl 
•I1«, 1 i»i'(o7E "!■-- - — , 

wmch Ereea fodder ia Btored. 
■UtTT lilt: 2 silt- l*. rt. A n. To ob- 
Atruot with Bediment. O. ti. F'aut 
wthy aedimeat d«po«t«d br a rtream. 

•U'rar. I mI'vkt; 2 dVir. ' L f(. To nlal* 
with slver; (iro a rilveiy hue to. IL a. 
Made of »ilv« or rcsembUna; lilver; hav- 
ing n pure beU-like tone. IIL n. A 
white, ductile metnUic eiemaot: ooe of 
(be preoiiii" metsla; eilwr nin orsilve> 
wnn.-tll'TCMn.s. AjMUMOreoTertiig 
of ■liver.-' ■U'ler-Hnltk*, n. A worka In 


. _, , i-li; 2 ■Jm'He. n. A rbe- 

ioJ finire niprv^nj comf«riBon, br 

I ol nh^ tcrma Be fajb«, a«, 10, eto. 

— " " 1 ■i-mil'i-tiad: 2 ei-inin-tM, 

ilm'ser, 1 ura'per; 2 >im'p«r. L n. Ti> 
anOieiBSfiUy.Hir-conKiouBmiuuiec. lU 
n. A ally, eelf^coeeioiie amile. 

Mm|)^)liim'i)l;2ilm'pl. L o. Isini'- 

iog of one thincT dnsl^; pl^a; uasdomod: 

pl^ *■■, 1 Mofpl-tHI; E ODi^iUiui, w. A 
wmiqdDded or iIUt penon.- dm-^kt-tj. 

1 rim-pUTi-u: t itm-pDel-tr. \J-?^' ^1 
^' — n. A rinmuijrliic.- 

MmiM or moiB to 

■tmll-lBte, 1 £la'ra-'\lt;2 ilmVw-llt, > 

. ii. ft n/lsntMBD, 

at. -I»,«l^ •■»■. 

LDdi. 1. Fnima 
to the prF4er:t. 2. 
>il time. ). Eefore 

e, bilt,barn; Ml, btn to. feem; Ipk; tUu, Olfc 

p, 1 mp: £ ^, L il, A n*. luprant sir 

UP'riNO.] To take with tite lipa m vi 
amaU qiiuLtili^, IL n. 1, A mer^ tw 
^ Tbfl Ad of sppisg. 

Bl'Dhon,)! ni'Isn; 2 sl'Con, n. A b 

~1'ion>', /tube for drAv' 

•CfsuriBUr.n. 1. At.._ 
' respectful addma to 
a. S. (8-1 fEM i A ti- 
ll bBTonsIs uidknichts. 
L«iri£ib. Lfl. Isued; 
'INS.I To beESt. Hs an S 
mal. tl. n. t. An 
Estoi or pranenilor. t. A Ions U 
reu to a king oA prises. 
1, 1 aai'rpD; 2 tl'ria. ». 1. A fabulous 
■nyntph that lured Bailors by boos ta 
tnicUin. Z. A f asdoBtinit, danseRm 
aan. >. A lDg<lH>m.- ■I'rcni o. 

IRQ,] _ To bum Bliglitlj'; 
Unf 'eri 1 sid'nr; S elag'tr, n. One who 
■In'^af Biij'el; 3 bIo'B- I. K- * 
■"^h™ out K)'''"''^W*'''lL°o Y 
). Unmarrlsd.— slB'iW-neai, n. — ila'- 
■tu'ions*, B. MopoWnouB oadence. 
■tD'tn-Ur, 1 HiB'Kiu-lBr; 2 Blo'ed-lar. 1, a. 
J. Standing by itseH; peculiar; odd; re- 
markable, 2. Denoting a umt; single. 
IL n. Oram. The sii^ular number, or a 
word Is Owl number,— ala'cii-larl-tT, n, 
hriBS'. i>l,| The Btale ot being Blogular-, a 
peculiarity,- slD'(a<lM-l|', Mi. 
■Inls-ter, 1 iin'19-ter; 2 an'is-tflr, a. Situ- 
ated os the lelt : ill-omened: iuauBpicious: 
erU,— alali-tlali a. Of. iierudnlnc lo, or 

1 Bipk; 3 siDk, i 

r doirrade: ditui 
It 1, To de: 

dnkf n, A boflin onssected with a 

for WB.ita water, etc, ; a ceeapool, 
yn'D-oai, 1 sinVu-ns; 2 rin'yu- 

llr^p. It Eir'Dp; 2 all 

e Afsditei- 

or ^'^t'"^** 

, [aXSTEBB-IN-LAW. pi-] A rii 

;t; bat; HT-TiNoJ L 

■" V^-ISfr 2 Blrfi-w- 

lor rf(t'«'|lt- *■ "■ [-AT'ltD'l; -AT imb] 
fofijamWfDriloeale, D. n, Pitualad. 
- ill-D-B'Uan, n, 1. LocaUlj; eo 

1 : ■rtlaUo, flrti ftit, (ire ; fasti B*t, iff«j ; htt, poUce : obey , g* ; iiBC,«i- i^TuU, rtlle ibwt, bO™. 


Td fv '^e BH of; diitnlj 
to liH. IL n. Comparsli 
bulk; bigiwH. 
■laa*. Lr M. [nikd; ui'ir 
with UK. IL n. Thin 


A flal^wdied fiiiblia 
A nntrinooe [or the f. 
e to llidQ rapidly ovar io 

Tiw boor fruMwork 
t. As open (nuuwD 

nil Wy. 

Bkep^'UcU gkep'tik; S ■kep'tie, n. A 

thsCbrtgauirdUlc!a.-ik^(l-al,a, Mm'- 
tl-calt.->kep%.(»].lr. odf.-ikqi^ 
dun. n. KM'U-elimt. 
■ketcbaiake^iSsktch. li.rf.&n. To 
*lCMh',Jmake a sketch. II. n. An in- 
■wmiiletebutsuMrativeiHcture: suhortoi 
iDoomplete oompo^UDD; iHitiirw.— Hlu^trlit. 
J, adf .~ iksIcbl-scH, 

•r, 1 


«. To 
1 a ucfiwar, ii. n. A long 
rood, for holdinc meat in ahapB 

T-«hoe for aliiiiTis, c< 
is di^tly attadied ii 



apbli abota-frapht. 

I. Aaho 

ur. liii 

01.11 eb 

it's aSf, n? ' 



•klP./wltli pranlcial el 

■klU. ikiU-nUt.-akll'nil-lr. aat.-akO^ 
(Ulla^'i "akil-eti Z akU'St. n. A small 

kettle or fryinpptui, 
Aim, 1 ikim; Z sklin, W. A li. [bdummd, 
■EDiD*: KDi'uiNa.J 1. To remoTS (Boal- 
ias mBtler) from the niilMe of a bqnid. 
a. To move ItehUy over; gUnea over (u- 
perflelallr.— ■Un'mK, a. t. A Udl* tar 

lit. S. A vesiid 

intDUed.— sldB'til-iHas, a. 

■Up,! skip: 2 skip. Lx. An. IikiffidS 
turf; txiT'TiHa.] To jomp lichUy over; 
pass over; oznit; capor: vprlns- IL n. 1. 
A lisht boiuui, Z, A paiaiDC over ^th- 
out uodce. Lpr that whioh sldps. 

■klp'peri, 1 BUp'ar: E aklp'ir, n. One •who 
lUp'MI*, n. The master of a small 

-•—'—-•- "^ikftr'nufli; 8 sklr-miih. V. 


Bldrt, 1 skort : 3 BKiri,. m-- », ™ Fi. i u IV 

aloDC tile edjEe of; be on or mo^-e alonv a 
bolder. U. n. 1. The loose lower pari 

petticoat. S. Margiii; border. 
tldt'ttih, 1 skit'iiih; a iklt'ish, a. 1. 

Easily Irifhtened; timid. I. Cspridous; 

trtcky. •It, ndi. -ntsa. n. 
■knlki,lBko[k;eskaik,n. Tnmoreaboul 

a place fmtlTdr or slyl^.— tkolk'n. a. 
■knU, I 1 skul: 2 ekol, n. The framework 
flknlF, i of the head of a vertebrvte uumHl; 

l^'np'.Iekol'kBp'; Esk{U'etp',i>. A 

plant of wet ahody places, with larn 
solitary blue flowers. tski^ 

buahy tail aod mpal 

ladiDff forth 
r. eSeiUaa. 

™;. pi-I 1. 

£D.— ■kj'vmrd, odp. 
, iky'Urlc'.n.AUrkof 

ifdcnifw, n. A very ^ 
ab, lalab??'siab, n., aM 
aa the outside cut mide '■^- „ 

dark, a. I«ok; renUBs: oreleu; liitlera 
leeble.- •iKklf , ods.- lUek'iuH, n. 

■lacki, n. The part of auythiu. as i 
rop^p that hanga down looaely betweer 

(lackSn. 'Smailcoal; coal-KsreeuiiiBi. 
■be, 1 alag; 2 aiaSt "- Dross KparaUd ii 
th« preparation of m«tal, aa from oro 

a politieal idate. IL q. t* 
jin^ uuit ui m^ that vpliti readily into 
layen; aLw, a pie«w of auch rock for 
ropfing, writing upon, el*. 8, A list of 

UpoUtimL-al^'M? n.-^*^, a. 
ilat'tem, 1 s'.at'Brii; S slat'Sm, n. A nef 
Unnt or mmdy mauB.— ilaCtara-lf , a. 

■UllKh'(ct,)lala'tsr:S«li-t«i. 1. 14. To 

■lan'teT', t lull vaatimfy or Bavogely; 

butcher. IL n. I. Wanton or aarace 

Star, lalav;ei 
vaiioua p»t 
r.uiiii». aaa 

n. Bulgarian, Pok, or 

ar.Av'iNa.l To toil; drudge. 


1. To.guem 
ken. 2. Tom 
i. ToabK>ib 
aaid of lime. 

HO,] To pull or push toi 

To injure by mHlI 
calumniate. IL 
report uttered w 

alan'der^iu, e. Utler- 

I^U 1 BlQQl,^''8lant. Id. %. & ,i 

IL □. Lying at an aogle: sloping, 
fi. Anything alanting; a slope; incL 

slap, 1 slap; 2 alfip. L », [blai 
SLAn*; Bi^p'i'iHa.I To deal a slap 
«ith. II. n. A blow delivered wit 
open hand or with somelhinE flat. 

*laah, 1 bIb^; S altiah. |t. tl. ft n 
strike vKlh a slash; bUC: gash. IL 

■laTe'lMM''*r. s. 
ilST'er, 1 aUv'er; 3 eiavsi, H. A_ri._ To 

alaT'eP, 1 alSy'er: 2 eli-v'Sr, n. A perwa 

or a veue] engaKOl in the alave^jade. 
aUi'M*. 1 alaVor; 2 aiaVEr, m. DriveL 
■iBT'er-y, 1 aUv'sr^; g atfiv'Er-y, n. En- 
voi untuy aervilude^ Bubwelian. 
law, 1 als; S alt, 1. Cabbage alieed oi 
chopped, served as a salad. 
[»r. 1 ale: 2 al», u. [slew; stAis; BLii'- 
ma.l To lllL- BlarVi, a. 
■led, 1 sled; 3 al«d. Ld. &»>. Ibled'ded'', 
- — ' — ro.j To eonvey on a sled; uae a 
I. n. A vehide on nioners, tor 
Blei; 2 Mdi, n. A aled or other 


■Icep, 1 •Up;2«l^ *■ [iil»t; ■LExr'iiia 
L f. To rest or npom In (ikep}; u. I 
aleep the itoFp □! dsKtb. U. i. To t 
k^eepT dcarauit. « dead; iliimbn. 

fieep^, 1 iillp''i; 8 dap'y. 

■laev. ] cannent U 

iH^hn^'l. TluwtafiUlnf laaiMch. sT 
•rae condllKiB at Ito lOMi tbM kdmtti of 

■lellbt,)! Bioit; 3 iCK, n. Dexterity is 

■ll^t*«i maiuinilatioD;ii juc^flr'i triu. 

■len'der, 1 ■leD'dBi;2 nlhi'der, a. Bnull in 
tMcktben in proportioa to Iwisht or- 
tcavtti; Hum; fH&e. -biidi. -BCM.*. 

■lept, 1 ilepl: g alipt, fmii. * ;v. ol u-up. i. 

•t«ntb, 1 riOfh^ 2 duth, n. 1. The track 
oi trail of man or beait, as falloinid by 
tha aarrnt. 2. IColkKJ.T A dalootlTe.- 
■Intb'.taannd', n. A ikxiOhoaaa: Ot- 

■m, 1 ua; g uu- t,ip. gt BUI, >. 

tUee, 1 aluia; 2 >Uc. I. W. [auoEotj auc'- 

ma.l 1. To cut into tliin jaeoem. t. 

To cut fiom a Isrser piscc. IL n. A 

piece; ettw(iiHlLy,a diinpieoe cut off Imm 


ment; mi>va ouily and snoothly. It* ' 
1. The act oi ilidinc. t. A piaoe fi 

•Ustat, 1 alait: S dK. I<). it. Toneriec 
do iminifeatb'. IL a. 1. Of am^ ii 
porUnn. %, Stendcr; ttafl. IIL n. 

dlBW, 1 sloim; 2 lUm. n. Any soft, ■tieb' 

■HUE. I alig; E allnir. I. if. [aLCHOi 
BUNO'irio.l 1* To mns from a aling; 
hurl. t. To hsoi up, aa in a slinc. U. 
R. 1« A Atrap with a Mtinft at ea^ end. 

sUnk, 1 sUqIe; ^2 iriak. ri. 

moft on fmiively, 
•llM • " 


I. 1. The act 
in conduoC; a 

_. slipt; Bup-pisa.] I, ■: 

To fcUowio ; ao W™ U? 
of allppinc. Z, A lapse 

narrow dodc. A. A euttinv from a plAnt. 
-in^dauf, IL A bovkDot- ■Up'^ec. 
a. A lav Uiau aluH. lot umaor mar.— 

. ,rf. A ri. To 

I all pEiini'Ilke 
bean it: the 

lUT'n, 1 Bliv'gr; 2 alt 

sloe, I 

jrip, afl oi TDod; Blip; 
^S; Z Ble, n. A >i 

, also, Che ahruh that 

alo'taii, 1 ila'gsn; g sis'jtsn, n. 
■Md, 1 1 ilsid; £ slSid, n A nu 
■lATdt f infl ayatem originatinE 
■ling, 1 fJOp; S Blato, n. A^- 
fortiandiiSt riMed reasel, 

Uoe; decli^ 

. 1 Blot; 2 jHOl. n. 

OaV, H. The trail of 

d*tk, 1 ilflth or lliOi: e Iiath or alAtli, 
1. DMnoliuBtioa to uertinn; ImuoHi. 
_. ■ -.— ilothfnl, o. SuB- 

ivund. II. 

■IQ; 2 >lu. tut. A 

portion w«re iHvotcd; hUdx i 

dDc, 1 ilDt: 3 ilQl. it.'A^if. To (trikc 

dnr. R.' Any 

matal; eipe- 
oally, DOS used 

like uiimal of 
elonuled torm, havius 
dng'iard, 1 ■Ino'anin 
penoD tuibitiuny la^ oi 

wuh in a aluicfl- XL n 

■lumlter, l Blom'bsr; 2 il 
1. To tfeep. », Tn be it 

'ti± n. ^ 

An BTtiadBi 

r Of mud; to [U ot 

UBB, 1 BLirn: ? bL(^, Imp. A «. of bum. f. 
nnc'ialiot", 1 iliin'-^st'; S «iai«''^6t'. 
n. A weii^t UUolKd In ■ thons or ohiL 
uged u a weBpou by ruSaiu. 
OQkt lBlupk;2slQDk. imp. Apj 

aiwordi. I. To ai 

in toiethet, 

„ llTii. 1. 

A dieparvcinf remiu^; disparagcmeDt 
■tioma. t. Mui. A curved line (- or -. 
in^catioc that looea so tied U« to bl 
■una wtlia name syllable. 
Ihuh, 1 iln^; 2 glQsb, n, Bott. alopw 

EbiloaUm.'rte.^ilSh'y"™" *™" " 
■lot, 1 Bint: 2 alnt. n. i. A female doc 

«. A riattemlr ■DDUD.— daltfiik, (. 

Blattamly; dirty. -)r> udf. -HW, a. 
dr. 1 Blai; 3 all, a. [au'en or slt'u; 

aLi'UT or u.r'vM'.] Artful in draof 

thln^ HFretlr:vuaDLiia: crafty.— ilr'lTafldiL 

noMt, lBRiak;2<mtlk. P.((.An. To 
tdTeornakeaBmack. ILn. AquiekdiaiT 
sound; a noiay kiaa; a aounding aluj. 

■msdii. It. n. 7o have ■ tans or flavor. 
IL n. A taste; flavw. FvewL 

imsek', n, A amall Doaatins' er fishiiie' 

■mall. 1 >mal; S em^l. a. Diminutive; 
QtUe: onlrnixtrtant; mean. -iH*t« ■-— 

U^rt, TVort i S^^n!" »3f^ To ei- 
petienoe an acute painful »DBatioD. IL 

a. L Quiokinthouahtor---'— - -' 

■ X, Stinr 

Tdttf. Ik Stkudnc; tnni 

To b 

ir: E amlfb, U. A ti. 
atterioK of; talk mpo- 
■w, ■.- ^mmtttt^Mt, a. 

iCr. I. rf. To bertaub 

I (met; 2 imJSl. ■. 

r or perfume. L Ta 
mae oi ameu; min. 

which odon are pererived. t* An oda 
.melt', 1 Bioelt; 2 Hmfilt, tL t ri. To N 

liarUaUc art ; fst, five ; iaat;gM, prtj-; bll, poUoe ; obey, gAj nM,Br ; fall, rflle ; bwt, h«n. 

dn» (om) by fUnoa ia * 

ig plant with cncnish Aohbzv. 
lie, 1 nsail; 2 iiidl. 1. n. [uolxd 
'■L'tvoJ To i^ve ft flimle; show mp 
va]. 11. n. A pLetiKd or amiued «k 

leu. 3. To defame. 
■milk, I aahti; 2 imlrlt. It, n. To 
amile in a ally mannei. IL n. An 
KffMtad RDile. 
■mltc, 1 (mait; S unit, li. [biiotx or iwit: 
BHTT'iTn or uot; unr'iHa.I 1. To 
■tnks with foRH. S. BrcBk by a blow; 
Kffliot. •. To aJTeot with luddm feeliuc. 
fli; 2 Binlth, B. Ona who 

- ■ — — -thWrt. 

i^moeV^totV, n. An 

hale IbeMnokBo 

To gire out nuoko. S. To uio iob» 

■moke, n. The Tapar-lilie ^wiucU 

To talcB (merehandiae^ ii 
JSortJ!l!d,'"l£°r° To pn 

-Tiffil; nraVrma.t To affiet with mnuti 
blaaltBii; fltaia ot be stained- H, ■- 1* 
The blackeniiic izuide by eoot or the like. 

■nsTlle,)! ■aaf.'l: Z 
m»tf, ibH, or nic' 

II. n. 1. A jacEsd 

oratumpyknot. "«. Thor 

Qf a tooth. 1. [U. S.) A tree^tmnk 

I, f mek; 

Boap; break luddenty with & CTBddas 
noiw; Kiv niddenly. IL i. 1. To emit 
a ihaip, oraokinf Bound. 2, To pfttt with 

lAp, n. 1. A flbarp, quiok oouud; lud-* 
dea breakiDs; aharp» sudden c]oslnic» M ot 
a Buu-lock; any ffc-"-- — ' — .t- i:i.- ,L-» 

with a 

ieV. I. J 

bavlDa dowen. MkeDed to dnwoiH 
mi^litt. n. 1. One who m tl 
BLape. 1. A food'llBh or Ibe Oolt ' 
A mapping turtle.— anap^Iili, a 

■poken; dlBtnaed t« snap, sa a doB. ,-- 

— Biiap'tfluit'', n. 1. AQidekBhottakflQwltZi* 



Let. ft I 

. [an 

BNAH'iHaJ To ntch with s Bnare; uiB 
■narflB, II. fi, A device, as it nooM. fia 

I's'inkrl. I. ■<. A *f. To 

A banh irowl. 

A vul^ pretender to gentility.- 

KioB'iini.) ^D biH^ Doiiily in dHp. 
■La. Ad Kt ot BDOItu.— •aor^r, n. 
HMTt, 1 mart; 2 millrt. 1°> vi. To ton* ui 
nranlr throuaii tbn nostrili. u a nniWid 
hoTH. II. n. The ■<» or mmid of •ncr' 

■■Mrt, 1 tomt; B n»Dt. n. Tbe formrd 
pnjflctinc put of n beiHt'i head; nHuda. 

■now, 1vi£i£h>0,>. 1.1. Tooovwwith I 
mow: let 1*11 like now. U. i. To iiB I 

tnaw, n. Fteien vipnr faJlinc throat 

IBBw'Wir. I. B. ^"i^.' *Ta Umv maw ' 

lOBW'j. o. Iwfow^ia; 

■nub, i nnb; S tnab. I. tl. [miuiisniii 

ammfantaj 1. To cheek eon- 

uly: rebuJf. t. To brine to * 

Koo. IL o. Short; puc: nid of 

uie mse. lEL It. ft« Aa »ct of BnubbinCi 

E. Amuboi 


■uddea it 

Df:3 D 

; Biiff; UkB I 

Ai «t o/ miifl 

oeption by smeUiDL IS. Piureriied to- 

boeeo to be lahalnl Into tlie noftrila. 

mUBI. !•. •<. To croL) tbe aaaa from. 

II. n. The diarred portion of a witfc. 

>nnf1e,tlHinf'J:2nTinn. I.ii. [lsct'- 

utoCP, J wixn, »mjT'Ln»; ■nrrT'mHa.] To 

bteatSe with difficulty and eonwwhat 

luu^lx throiifb tJie nose; talk throuch tlie 

note; miTei. IL n. An act or Bound itf 

noAT,] Clnee or compact; comfortabiy 
ritiWd: eoiy. At, otfi.- uicVe. «. * 
t(. [imoa'otMB. esno'ij)'; anra'auiHiJ 19 
dnwelaaei nMJe; aiddla. 

aQ,li6;S»a. Ixulii. 1. To thU or tbKt 
extent. >. In such a nunner. 3. JuM 
Bs Mid or implied, t. Veir. (. Be- 
ckuh; therefore, t. Thenebout IL 
ami. Frcniided thmt. 

MMlA 1 eak: 2 lOc. >. 1. 1. To uturalei 
■keep: drencb; (baotb. II. i. U Ta 
mnui in liquid lill nturatcd. t. To 

Tomb with 

M>p> 1 eBp; 3 aOp. I^ ^ 

1. To a 

t nlofi 

throuEb the air on winEs, na a bird. 
To rue id Uiausiit: upire. 

■Ob, 1 wb; 2 neb. 1. ri. i»OB(Bit>D»; bob'- 
BiHtt] T. To weep with short, catehinB 
bmtha. 9. To malcea Kniiid lik* swlb, 
ae wind. IL n. Act or Bound of aobbme. 

■O"***, 1 ■a'bsr; S ■fi'bST. 1. H. A n. To 
Dujce or beomne sober; render graTe or 
Uiouthllul. II. n. 1. Poneesiag prop- 
erly oontroUed faculties- t' Grave: ar- 

- M-imt-ir. n 

The Btate of belna ao 

M'ci»-bl(er, 1 sO'ihB-bl; 2 nC 
Inclined to bhL: compuiy; i 
liuilombte; ESDlal. — BO'da-bli 

M'CM ] 

,pted to aociety; sudable : t 
.uu-^g, -Ir.ado. •Bna.H.-'aii'eU 

ownenlilp o[ luut and eapttal. am 
mnoacement d( all kn<lualrt«.— bo* 

ciiO-Iitlc, a.— to'^-alr%'tr, n. 

to^'a-tj, 1 ao-aaiVtir 3 "o-tl'i 
[•TiEsa. pi,] 1. A body of peiao: 

rf^; fellowahip. 
aBTtt^Va^, 1 Ba'flit*l'o- 

•oefcVt, 1 •sli'et 

opeiiins adopted to ^fAi n 

A short Ktockuis. 

tbe Kreatcat Alheniu 

philosopher (W9- 

- SiHCtBtl-ad, 

1 Bedi_2 aW. I. K. lsoD-£ 
ra.I To eover with so 
aasir soil h?ld l^cether by matt^ 

I «h1; S aM. imp. Dt BMnn, >. 

k 1 iS'da: 2 aS'da, n. A wUte alkalii 

■l^tr. 1 ao-dal'M 

3 lo-dWi-ty. «. 

(A. C. Cft.). m 

IT eh&ritiible purposes. 
laed'D^EsOd' BoiJudwitll 

holitoBd and haviDB a back and raised* 
aaft, 1 soft or soft; 2 sAf t or afilt. 
Yielding easily Co prqHure; pliabh 

'roceed' softly: bo qiiii 

■Oft'Ky. 1 seg'i; S sM'y. <■■ Soaked wifli 
mAi, IwUlSsdil, i4. in. To make oi be- 
come dirty; befoul, 
«aU^ It. To feed, as stalled cattle, with 
freshly out, greea food. 


rarliorw^liTa'. JLvi. T^ reside m 
■11 temporarily. 

A'wee, 1 

j 'L To rhee"^in 

irouwe. z. lo aiieviaie, as grief. II. 

n. Comfort in irief. trouble, or caUmity. 
Wlar. 1 »aier: 2 .Olar. n. Perlaininf to, 

Donneoted with, or measured by the sua. 
hI^'w, I Bod'er:'2'"iSil'6r^' 1. r(. ¥o"join, 

as two metallic si^wtAJioes, bv soldier: 

unite; repair. U. n. A fuaible alloy used 

for jominc metala- 
Mi'dler. 1 sOl-jar: 2 rfA'-^ft. 1. 1>. 1. To 

be a soldier. 1. To pretend to work; 

To fumiidi with a sole: reatde, uaahoa. 
mIBiB. aiaflei onlyi absolute. Mi e Tfs 

Mies' B. Tbe bottom of the foot orot • 

«: v^ df ; bOfck, bMt; r«ll, nMe. CMOS. t>*t, M 

•olid, 1 wil'id; 2 •Mfd. „„.„, , 

Ixllnv II. n. A turd lubstuiM: 
« that has IraRth, biendUi. and 


iOA.— •aI'U-l)>> oil*.- Mlld-IMU, IL 

in'o^nr, I •i>-IU'i>-kwi; 2 BO-Ul'i^kwy. 
. l-QUIi^. pi.] A tstliinc to ODBseU. 
•»4B>^id», tt. I-qumD: -qmfnia.l 
O dlKouns to onneU. ■o-lU'o-qiilHt. 
'l-talre', 1 ael'i-tii'; S ■Al'i-tAr', n. 1. 
. diUDcHid set tit>aa- Z- A ^anu played 


•OTo, i aftlo; 2 sS'lo, n. A muaical pe 
formance by a aiQcle voice or imtrumeD 

•d|stlM,ll sst'itu; 3 ■Sl'itif:. n. TJ 

farthHt train the equator, usually r 

■•I'SSi-.,- . 

SOl'n-M', tpable 

e, 11 ael'yu-bl; 8 ■jl^FV-bt «■ C»- 
', [pable of bwu dinotved or of { 
■oind.-Ml'B-uH-lr. ». ari^ I 

,..p by diswIiW « , 

m a liquid. %. The act or pncot ct \ 

ialn,\lwBlv;2itiW,ii. Iaoi.T{E)i>*: soti'- I 
ihloia^ ezpiun; clear iqk 


.1 To obtain 

-uli'a^U^, _ _. 

wlfa-bUI-tF. HilCi 

tol'rent, 1 sel'vent: 2 

fluid capable of di«a1vin« 

■al'voift-cr« '>' The state oIUjmuB>wi«»»^ 
omnxr, II Mm'bar; 2 •Sm'bar, a. 
om'bre, j Dualcyj gloomy; melanaholy; 

,_, _.. debli S. i 
dutaolvinE, 11. a. 

amount. IC Not definit^y known. 
E^rt, but Dot all, IL jmm. 1. A pi 
tiou. 3. Certain iodiviiliiala not tU 
nated. III. odl. In an aptniuD 

thine Indeflnttely a 


nMi. ' FondBi adjMtlTM doHMlac 

nini'w-nillf, l.Cr««lt, -aEt, n. A leap in 
■om'o-nt. fnhich a penon tumi bedi 
luoi'M^^et'. J orei head and li^la on 

2 •am-nim'bOJfszn, n. ' 
Ins durlQc sJwp.^ aoiik»i 

nlfer-Oa, a. T«idini tt 

>ct at walk- 
»«-Hat, H. 

m: 2 lAiD' 

, 1 aein^KF4ant; S aSm' 

I^t, d, 1, iDclioed to Blnp; drowiy. 7* 
Tendlnc to Indiipe droirilMn,— iwn'mt- 

■no! 2 


oe'B il«i«hl«.-»»a'«lilp 


1 lO'aaBt; 2 te'iumt 

eoundia*; vocal. IL 




eo-aa-W, 2 ao-DL'ta. n. 





(Oiv, 1» 

V: 2 sAtk, n. 1. The n 



of Tocal 

muKp; mo™ widely, an 


crance. 3. Poetrj-; v 


miit.-i«.r»Wr,n. Aiwraongrt. 



■OB 'net, 1 

fourUsD lines; sny ahort song d 

— iWu 





;2«*m, ndt. Inanho 





chlnmeya-— •aot'f • i 

uatbe, 1 nGth; Z e«>t>i. 
•ooTH'nja,) Toreducefmn 
qutot; inlUga»; Iiiuaor.— km 

•Off, 1 Bop; 2 sSp. I. tl. A 
son*; eop'piMO.) To dip u 
liquid: soak up. IL rt, h. nu^Lum^ 
dipped uid softfiDpd la liquid. Z. Any- 
thms tpven to pacify, 

nnH'Isn], 11 sef^um: 2 B«t>m. n. A fal- 

■oflsni', JIbcidus argument dejoEned to 
deodTEL— Hplilit. n. One wbo arguea 
etorerly but filLadouaLr.— lo-plili'tle, hh 
phii'ti-eal, 1 »-fl^tit, -n-kai: s aj-ni'- 
-i- ^ _■ „ rt. — iji... BophjBlry; talla- 

1. To bcsulle: 

vb: QiUbbUsff. -ly, oift.- 


Mu>. 1. A womui'B or b 
lance. >. The mugio io 

>aiafuli touchy. I. Causing eitrenw 

BAr'^am'. n. A 

«. Poor; paltry.- 

d or Dsined; rearelful. 
ir'ri-ly. itils.-»r1<- 

nr'tle, 'l sSr-ti; _ , . 

tronm from a besieged p\i 

1. A 

\. aally of 

MOSkt 1 MU BT nvl; 2 aou irr iHt. L n. 
To Blow vitli H nshiu tound' !!■ n. 
' ■ '-J Boond, u of wiftd 


MOL 1 bSI; 


Miuce. )L b6is; 2 aflrt, i.. — 
Aoorae^f J which anythins prooeedA; 

■aue, 1 ea^: 3 acas. H. \ n. [» . 

SODST*; ■ons'isa,] To dip mlii t. luttiid 

ftuddeply; |duDce; aplaah. 




3p a ploDso in wmt 

n. 1. That point of the aompm ^ 
ii dinctir oppont* to nntth. 
nsioD tyine nouthvud. III' ad\ 
Tonid or « the south. S. Prom llie 
•nnn.-Matk'XHl', n. ThM point ot tn 
Matt^Hfc^r. a. * adi.-sMtlt'nwt' 

oeedlu fram the uut 
boni or nmldlitff Id tJ> 

: z gOth'^m, a. 1. 
t> Prooeedtos trou 
■atli'erK-«r, a. o» 

Ita'inrMr 1 1 'unlk'mrdit - 

rudnf tJH BOQ^wnt. ^ Proceedluc from 
IM Knthwen. IL n. TbsC part of Ihs 
banHm wUota la mJdwiLy between bddUi ud 
w»t-uBtfa"w«t'er-lT, o. * o*.- 
HBth'weif en, a. lA maneMD. 

•n"»e-iilr', 1 sO'vi-nIr'; 2 su've-nir', n. 

aT'er-efsn, 1 1 wvlw anvjar-m; Zj^f 

oi'a-^TC, f nAvler-In. I. o. Hsvuc 
supreme power: royj: preenunHnt; p«i- 
smoirnt; potent. II. n. 1. One »lio 
poneswa mjmme authontv; ■ monnrrh. 
tTAcn^i^ildi fiolil coin of the v^ue of 
M.g6.- (M'ti-eivt-tT. "' Tiie«t«te of be- 
lls soraelcn: nitmnie eutboritr. 

mr.l^Sia, e. fsowKD, sown-; sown « 
sowed: boVmh^ L (. 1, To K»t(er, 
fks seed; disseniiimtA. 7. To pUat with 
seed. IL i. To soatlor u seed for > 

ow, 1 sou; 2 ■aw.n. 1. A female boc. 1. 

A neU bug. imr-fellct. 
«I, 1 "oi; £ efiy. n, A sauoe prenued in 

Oiiiw and Jspsn from a bean of too Bepw 

«», 1 spa: 2 spft, 1. Any loeclity (le- 
ili«eei lsp&;3spat- I-rf.Am. [spiCM*; 

Wnsion. 3. .^s 
I'spfADs: Z spa' 

An iuaplemsHt 

— — —.„. ipait'M. ■- 
S|HMf«S n. A ficore like a heait, with » 

triaacular luukdle» on a playnvwd- 
ipata, 1 tor*: S npU iAnduUo or Poet-l, Mr. 

■pan. 1 span: 2 ipHb. I. H. [spANitm. 
».Ki>>; ^H'KIHa.I I.Tameasun;witb 
an enianded hand. 1. To ejasnd anr. 
II. o. 1. The ipacs over wtueh tlie hasd 
can be evpHuled: about inchea: Mf 

■glisll ^mfl'gl; 3 Bjiio'tf. I- tl. 
■«n-,;[9FAN-a.,(ic)i.';8PA.N'auso.l Tc 
m •nth spansjea. II. n. 1. A bit of 

Bdorn »nth spansiea. I 
briUiuit nwMj Tat An 
mull opBrklinc otgect. 

E to S^iuDh (he SjKU] 
«e. n. n. The laii| 

^n'i^ La. Pet- 

1 SjKuaJsrdfl, or tLeir 

„-. ... lelancuweof B|juu. 


BPAs'siHd.] Td furnish V 
tgml', cL To enavte in Lxii 

>r eitf ndise & 

9Kri, n. A vttnoiis, luBtroos minecKJ. 

■pue. 1 uplr; 2 splLr, c, {bpahed; spik'- 
nsa.1 1. (. 1. To tub fmEslly. S. To 
forbnT lo injure or punidi. X. Ta ftta- 
pense with; bestow. II. i. 1. To be le- 
nient or fortivTUt; refruin. ». Tobefru- 
CuL -mat, ■.— I^u'tac. I. o. 1. Scant}'; 
dlKbt. 1, Beat oD vTlns; ftiwl: panlmo- 
moufl. IL n. Pufllmony ; Uu^BliLr-— apar'- 
fnolT. Dill.— (Hr'tac-BMS, n, 

1. Tt»t Qu be spared. !, Held 


■iHttna -f rfbq eomewfeltt tfoaelT 
(ValV, 1 spbik; 2 spftrk. K t(. 

IrADd ecaulDinc hi 

- Tow 

t n. To 
IV— wuk*"' 

. II. r 

■»w1i(e'i 1 oA^l; E inlirV. I. R. « ft 
lBP<B'iy»lD';BHH'ujwo.) fc emit wvks 
flaoft. n. «- A apvh; Blevn. 

qu'iaw. 1 apu'D; 2 aptr'a, n. 0ns o 
rarioua eOLall pjaiuly colored l^tda.- 

[larBe, 1 qvini: Sapftra, a. Thinly ac 

SwuTOwliawt Vu 
id ejiduTLDc person. 

BjlaaD; coDTUIalva; UnnalalFe. ap] 

spat>.'l Bp»t; 3 Bfiil. I, "w. * B. Ibpat'- 

Tri>d; aPAT'-nxo.) To spawn, us rfi^'fish. 

IL n. Bhell-&ah apawn; a 70UDK oyater. 
ipMl. K M. &H. IU.S.I TosUphEhtly; 

quarrel. II. n. 1. A stght bl— ■ — "- 

qiiarreL 2. A iplaA 

>; petty 

tpkrlO, 1 suv'm; E ap&v'in, n. A diaESHS 
f^ Gk hocb-ioint nf horsea. at^enmfi the 

ipmmi, 1 speu; 2 apvi- 1. 1'. A n. 1. To 

depo^ esn or loe. Z. To produce ah 
ofisDring. II. n. I. IIk eggs of fishes, 
moQuakB, etc, 9. Pmluet; yield. 

bfo'een; SFU^LNQ.l I. 1. To utter, as 

■1.1. T'aUU:iiukeaq)e«li.-ni«k'ec,it. 
1. 0» who speaki: u oralor. t. IS-I Tb* 
pmliliDC offieer ol a IwlalatlYe body.- 
Bpoak^Hlifp, M.— ipeak^Bi, pa. Eit^e». 

mmr, 1 nlr; 2 ap^. a. I. !■ To nlerea 
«ith a apeti. II. >. To send foith ' 

■Ve'«fal,lsw(ai'Bl;SBp«eb'al,a. ginB:u1ar; 
unique: particular; apwifiei dilfennitUL 
— spt'tlsl lat, n, ApenoBdevnndiosoDe 
one UBS ot Rndy oi woik.- ■pe''H-d'l-tr. 1 
ne4hi-ari4<; s s»Wi-MrMy, n. fim'. 
jfl.) Spe—- " -- "— - — 

— *pe'cUI-lr, 1 nieA'et 

a: «<fl£,dB;liMk,liM«;^ll,n|le,e*n.b^l>ani;NI,Hrito,*eB:lvk;tkKada. 

■pc'clc, 1 spl'ilu; 2 ap^'ahi, 71. Cnined 

■pe'ctei, 1 ^'^Ii or apl'^hi-lt; 3 ipS'iheg 

DTipe'ihi-^g.n.iiiiff.dipI. 1, Agroupol 

- - ' ~ -lIs or plonCd mborduutA to ft cenUA, 

tteuiar; ^«qa1. t. Pel 

3. A Iliad: . 

w»-cir'ic I 

1. Defioitc; 

■pecT-fr, 1 BpM'i-foi; 2 ro«9'i-fl, i(, 
l-FiBD; •ft'ino.) To eUte in enjicit 
tmni; meation prtloulariy.— ipetfl m rM'~ 

mflnc or psnicuJATB: a panlciUar spaMHed. 

■pe'cloui, 1 apVRia»; 2 »oi'' 
pculnff right and tnia; [>ULitf 

■pock, 1 apeV; 2 apCk, 

It. tl. To spot; 
Tiall spot; a littlo 
tklna,— *pKli1[er, 

■tie, II Bpek'tB-tl; Z apie'in-cL n. 
.cl'. / 1. SomethinB uhibitcd to 
view- X* p£. A pair of el^^^A, 

■pM-ta'tor, 1 apek-U 

•pec'tmm, 1 gpek'trani; 2 sp^e'trfti 
(spEc'TnAi pJ.J An imago formed bj' 
of lijfht refracted, as throiurh a priam, 

■pePu-Eir, 1 Bpck'jTi-Jet; S apfe'yij-lii 

■pee'n-laM. 1 spek'yu-lit: S sv^c's\ 

ri. [-UT-El.a; -[AT'-Mn.l 1. To tllK 

Od« KlM ipHulato, Id ut acoag. 
aper'D-liiiii, lBpek']'u-Jum:Sqi<^yv-IBin. 
n, \-\-K, pi,\ A mirroT of poluhod metaL 

ipeech, 1 splilh; 3 HpSrb, n. 1. Th» power 
of spealdog; s puiilir nddrws; diseouMft 
X. A lansuacB.— apMCbleaa. a. MOM; 

■peed, 1 apid; a sped. L nl. A n*. |HPB^ 

iiiovnaTigwiftlv:eip^te;aiBpaIch- iT.n. 
1, Celerity; awifaneaa. Ti, Rat« of motion: 

O- [aPHED^-ES; & 

(Uat«^-r — ^'"' "^ 

apell.l lir-, ,-r L- 

apel», ; BPBm»; acBLL'rsa.l I. (. L To 

cive the letten of (a word) Id tbrir order. 

Z._ To decipher. 3. Jo faacitiate; b». 

'ho spells: orthagrs.iihy. 3. Tt* 
:b a word U spUled.- qKUlic> 
A tKHk or eicrcuea In speuinf. 

apeUi, «. 


april', n. 

■prlti'l spelt; 2 ^It, r 
pend, 1 CT>eiid; 

BPKKo'lNO.r L t. 

LTchasea. I. To 
pasN or empJoy, 

ipin;2»pfl, K. ( 


BoKd enty put of wbosa nrfua la «qui- 
t«; a Elobg; pUuiet: Mar. t. Field of to- 
■Vbcric, 1 ■rsr'ik; 2 sitr'li, a. 1. Pensln- 

rlobular. 1. PotatDloa to & 
*- - - Jc- wlw-rteT- 

n, Tiie«t4t«oI 

■Dhse — apbarh-eiJ-Ir, 

tj, I Bfi-rl«'i-tj ; 3 Bre^rlc'UtT. 
bdiw 1 sphm.— iplM'roM, 

■phere — ■plifr-rol'<ialia.— ■plwr'iilfl,ltfcr'- 

tl];2ilCr'ul. n. A mlnuuspben; ilobule. 
■pIiliUill ^ki; 2 afloka. n. iBPHiHi'xa 
(Biu', [orsFBiN'aia.l-eiDrBfm'ilirS-^ 
orBnn'(i«,,pf.l 1. [i^orS-1 Cr. MyUi. * 
winged moost^r that destroyed thons iin- 
abla UtjtaeaK riddles she propaunded. I. 

7'lNoT^O B 

e, UB^ tQ flivor Jood ar 

HtlMcr. 1 apai'dei; 2 ipl'der, 

of vanoiu im- 
ptements, ai a . 
long'handlad ^ 
(ryiiM-pan., j 

■p^'at, lapig'tt; -^ 
2>pI|'ot.n, A 

•plbe, 1 •poik; S _ 

vith BpikeB! atop 

rormrrlr aTAH; Brim; ■nK'niHa.] t. To 

dra* out and tirist into tbnadi. t. To 

a npld wblrUnff.— ■plD'ner, it. 
■plR'KCb,)! apm'ij; 3 spln'ad 
tria'»g^ J deBpat>herboritaf 
■pln'dle,il spio'dl; 2 apli 

•ida'dl', J [BFtN'OLCE^Dr; BFIH 

■^n'ster, 1 apln'ati 

11^ n 

Ax^hiDS of opi* ^ 

of a tourer; a Bte^a; a gldnder elalk, u nf 

■pliei, n. A RiiiHl; vfaoH; twist. 

spirit, 1 spir'it: 2 uplr-it. Iii. rt. To 
carry off; kidnap: followed by airay. 11- 
n. 1. The pan of man tlint is capable of 
tliouBht, (eeLioB, and will: the soul, %. 
A raSoral being not ambodied; the Deity 
or the third penon of the Tiinity, rallea 
(he Halii Spirt). S. A EhoM. 4. Ardor; 
dadi. «. Dintllled Uquor. eapeciFilly a1- 
ooliol^»I|lrT^«*,^^ Tub o' eoWt- — - 

-apM-ti' '•-- "" ■ —- 

MnoarapW ^ — 


tpti'l-tn^iu, 1 tpii'i-Atit-lor -i(-yu-)ui; 3 

■pIr'i-i!hu4Dr -h-yu-IOs. a. Containing al- 

onhol; dutUled, ai liquor. 
gplrt...*!.. aaaeaiaroM. 

1 niit; i 

■pit. 1. t*. t ti. [n 


■(R'Tl. p(. [■pit'™>*; ■in'riKu,] To 
truuGxwithaKpJt; strina oa & atick. TL 
n. Ip A pointM rod on which maitt nwy 

i 1 nnd r(MUt«A I. ApouJlDdow 

"iC into lbs nua. 

j S qui. 1. X. Ibftt'ed''; 

,. So w m«]i«iaiuly; thwart. 

Mahpious bittjrmi ; p udcp^ i^ 

Iipl«d by BJlltA. ^, 

■pita, 1 naili I 
■nr^oJ To 
II. n, MaHric 

or ■n4T'Tm^; «n4T'Ti»a.I To dtiida 

II. n. The act or mull of Mittina; t 
floBura; n^tur«; ■chum. 
gplut'ter, 1 aplDt'er; 2 't>]Ilt-er. (. n. * 
Hr To Hpoak hw^tily and oonfimdly. 

iyoII,lspail;2ip6iI, I. ol. & n. [uoilu 
or SPOILT. apoiLD*; HFoii.'iifo,f L To 
make trorthlea; taint or beconw t p i n tJd 
t. To nb; daqnU. IL ». Plundol 

vpoktt n- 1. One of the bare joiniAg the 
hub lo the rim of a wheel, t. The mng 
of B ladder. 

lanlaw'mHfL 1 enAks'ineD: 3 srVMu'inAn, a. 



nfu do 

Ods of a breed of 

laka a aplaih, >. To natter, wet 

I -ith lOiquid. U. ». 1. Tha ac 

of iriaatitnf S. A qnt made by j 

played: broad and dunuy, u a foot.— 
alu^fooft a. Havlnr ■plw' (eel- ililBr'' 

qtleeii. 1 q>1In; 2 apl^. n. 1. An orgsn 
found in moat vertebrates, near the 
■lomaflh, that modUiea the blood. X. 
IllHsmDer; mlufulnega: melaacholy. 

■pten'dia, 1 iplen'did; 3 apltn'itid. a. 
Brilliant; nutedfinnt; impaliui; illus- 
IrloiBr-iptoB^M-lT. ad*.-wiMi'do>, a. 

•pte-Befle, 1 qih-nefik or ipIenV^ 2 
■ide-DH'k or rolto'e-He. I. b. ' "— 
tAhiIng to the_B>i— n- l.^tjfiil; 

■ponse, ll^Dni; 3«p*ni, e. iMOBa 
■pHncC/BPOHa-ina.] !.(. 1. Toclea 

--^^■orb with a rr-- ' "^ 

... Ji poroiu body oi .... ._«..„-. ... 

fibers. 2. Loainmed dough. >. One wfco 

RHtdtuI: peevtsh. 

ia'ne-OlU, 1 apon.te'm-ua; B lo^ 

B own impulK; vohmtKTy. t. 1d- 

uoui, >. KM. Arising without ei- 

lenul eauis; aelfinoduced. -Jv, odv- -uva, 

n.-UHBta-iie'l-tr. l slxm-ta-aS-i-U; a 

spAo'Ia-neVty. n. [-Tib*. p(.] BpoaunNU 

■pool. 1 apfll: 2 ip^l. n. 1. A unall eylin. 

•punt, I 


, av a f raotured limb. H. 

fractured Jimb in place; any than flat 

■pttn'tar. 1 splis'ter; Z aalln't^. I. ri. k 
n, I. To aepATste ioto mlinters; epiit. 

sharii piece split off from s solid body. 
Birilt, 1 split; ■£ split, I. it. & li. [tFU-r 

wpooBtltpnB-.Zm^in. L !<. TodipmU 
with m epoon. 11. n, A tit^nnl hani^a 
shallow bowl and a handle, used in serrim 
or eatlnff tood.^ spoiMiflilt «. [apoonfvu. 

■p^^rmd'le, 1 spo-rad'ik; ! 

^Mad. "' 

strviDg as a wed of a flr 

eiMHrt^, 1 spon ; 2 apArt, t 
plsy ostenlftlioiislj'. I 

uiD-Ulie, a.— 

1 epnt: 2 epfit. I. vt. dc vi. [an 
'; ■Por'TiHaJ To mark with opt 
1. n. n. 1. A plaw or apAce 

-ii«w, B.-^pot-^.T™"'' """■ [wUe 
oDH, I spauc; Z apoue. n. A huabuid o: 
lont, l3pout:2 9pout. I^. n, * n. Ti 

tube, etc., for the diecbuge of a. liquid. 


■pnuv. tnji. ef BTBDra. v. 
sprat, 1 sprst: 2 spr&U n. 
sprawl, 1 ap»l{ 2 apt«L. 

sprar, 1 aprf ; S aprA. il 

^ Htrunloa < 

prar, 1 ape 

(a liquidj 


of epreadiof; t 

1, Th( 

'l,' Vdriit 

BprlK. 1 'prig; 2 sprig, 
Bprlslitl)', 1 1 Bproi 
■p^lte^J'■, /IspBioHT 

■^■■■■(ll-pcaa, n.' 

BpilllSi 1 apriq; 2 aptlag 

Td rcleaae the ^ling o 
Buddenb'. >■ To bend 

S, |CoIl«i.] A 
vi. To get drunk. 

3 Bpntly. o. 
bb:_ spkiqht'u- 

neipectedfy' and 

spfflnSi n, !■ Ao elaatio body or coDtri- 
166 that yielda under Htreaa and &t0 

new. S. A flow o 

1 leu diws »t«* every n 

iprlnBb 1 sprinj; 2 rorlng, n. 

sprtn'idCe'.lBprio'kf; Esprtn-kl. 
HI. [araiK'ii.C^D-; SPHiK'Kijrio.l , To 

soHtIf ciog drops, n. 71. A eprinklingi 

benise, a nnaU <iuiuillty,-' aprlaliler. n. 

Bprint;, 1 sprint; 2 aprfnt. I', ti. To run, 

— qvlt'tiiOt IL A aalL extended by & apru. 
(inlte, 1 sproit; 2 apill, ti. A t»iry; elf; 

nontherimof ^ 

witb theliokaofachaia. ^ 
Itm A vboe[ beoriDC ^ 

auch proleotiona. 

iftotk'efwlu^', n. AC 
wheel wlUi iprocketi. u ' 
OD a bicycte. .a 

proDt°, 1 sprout: S - 

sprout, V. I. t. To -^ 

apmer, 1 aprOa; Z spruvt ^- ^ "■ [sPHi^f 
BPacc'iNOj To roake oneself ajr -«aa,ti. 

■pnuci a, Haviae 

»: w9lf,da;bM1c,URH;rmi,n|le.cOre, bilt,bltni;ail,ba]'; to.i«i»; tflk;tklik,tUi 

K'nfo.l To ttatii; I 


i^tlll, 1 Ipim, 4 Bpun. tmp. 

•Mink, 1 (Dugk: 2 aptinti 

Quick, BTdent temper; a 

rcoUoa.) Spuited; nun 

Eur. Z. To funiijib «_ 
A prickinjE i>r eoodiDE 
on ■ hommin'sleel. i 

HHt'OHnni a. tvmn'jt. 

Z. AnythinB that 

,MtiD ™l? "^"^ 

r the like. 

u. * l.'Torejict 
l^. ol. dc n. Jo 

of liquid.' 
ke & sudden ind 
An eKtraordiEuuy 

it'Sr, 1. u. A If. 
emeneo sod inreg- 

■pr, H. [spiEB*. pi.] 1. One vhp 

tion, I. OneThowsCcheioChense. 

iqtub, 1 Bkneb; 2 >kw«b. I. a. Fi 

short; hnlf-crown. II. o. A : 

wia>b1>ic, 1 skwab'tTz akw^bl. 

wed; a akwsd. n. A amitll de- 
of troops or police. 
1 ikwad'rBP; 2 BkiTBd'ron, n. 
imbLage of wmr'veBBela amaller 



_. adapt. If. 1*. 

be at right uigiee. t. To fit; ag 

HIiiare,a. t. Bein^asquArs. 3, 
teriaul by a right acgb. ^ Just 
ble. 4. Balaoeed; even. ft. A 
t. aoUd: Bstlifylii«. -Ir, attt. -ni 

■qiure, n. 1. A SEure baviog foi 
eidea snd four right aoelee. 2. . 
jKtthat - . - . 

aliich ti 

measure or tov oi 
;k or an op£n ^ 

ktlCi a. A latge. bniwiiMiSiaek Nnitl 

smal, 1 skwot; 3 ak.»i. I. rl. k ti. 
\f^|■a.W^Ko° or BuoAr; •aUAT'Tnjo.I !. 
To ofouob in a sitting pomure. !. To 
settle on s pieee of laud without riflit. 
II. a. 1. Short BiHl thick. «. Being in 
a equattinic position- Hi- n. Aaqiul- 
tlni atutude.— aqaattari a. 

Eqnsw. 1 skns; 2 akwg, n. Ad AmeriuD 

qaawk, 1 ekffik; 2 skwalc It. vi. To 
utter a squawk. II. n. A harsh cry. ai 

_. ... ^e a aqiink 


somewhat prolonged « 
cry, »eol«p«g, 

h> lsk\Vll;Ssk<FSl.t. FsODEEltB)!!*: 

■./FOUEWiKn.l 1.1. 1. Toprea 
I', oompfesB. % To draw foru by 

pregniie, t. To ctowd. tl. ■'. To fore 

squceM, n. The net at uuHninc. 
BquelchS 1 akwvlfth; 3 gkw«lch. [I. & t. 
• To diKODoert; bo cnuhed or subdued. 

Kid, n. A 
BqnUI>, 1 skwil: 2 skull, n. 

squint, 1 akwiDt; 2 abiriat. H. , A 

M. A n. 1. To Biaks or be^J ff 

cnmeyed. Z. To look with ' '/ 

■laoH. Il.o*^»^M.8»Jui'nt; 

lookini obliquely. IIL n. Tha k 

attenduiti u of s kiiiclit or of a lady. 

■qulria. 1 ucwurm; Z ikwlmi. I. ii. 1. 

To bend aod twlat the body: wriule. Z. 

TochmbbyshiiuuDE. U. n. A squitm- 

gqulr'rcl, 1 BltwDrtl orikwir'el:2 skwfir'a 

or akwir'ei, n. A alendet rodent, with a 

long buahy Uul, 
saabt, 1 akwurt: S akwlrt. I". .J. 4 «. 
T-o force out in a «tre»m. II. n. 1. 

The aot of Bquirtini or iipurtiii«. Z. A 

nnnn. MUltt'-nn't- 
Btsb. latiib;2etftb. I. rl A li, [stasuco, 

pointod weapoa- It. n, A tbrust made 
with a pfunted ^neapoa; a vound made by 

gU'blc, iW-bl; 2 11211. til. A i>. Ista'- 
bled; STA'sLiva,) Ta lodie in s sUhle. 

■U'Me, a. Standing; firmly in plaee^ fiied; 
durable.-iU-bO'l-tT, n.- aU'lile-iHU, 

Bbt'ble. n. A buildins (or hones or eiCtle, 

or place in a pile; pile up Iti a etaqk. IT. 
n. 1* A large orderly pile of unthreshed 

any elevate, 



; theprofeM 
^uai regular 


^ reel or cauM to reel; cause to i 



BtajuiuE. S. A moral t« 
ar; 2 Btir. n. 1, One 5l 

stake'. I', tl. To put at 
risk. II. n. 1. Bomethi 
priie for cnmpelttion. 2. 

stn-Uc'tltc, 1 eta-lak'toit; 

t or B oivs.- >tal^^w>tltt 

■UlP, 1 tt6\:Salii,a. Hhv- 
inclonfnnliDmg; decayed: 
worn Ml; miB.-»Ulf- 

■talK, l-eiaic; e Hak. « & 
■i. l.ToapprofumBtctUih- 
ily, u in fiuntiiK, T. To 
pace in a diEnified mui- 

suae: iiaed also AgiiTativety. 
ftdlcn. A stem, as ol a plan 
•MB. 1 atsl; 2 HqI. I. il. 4 
plwe or keep in a atatl. Z 
with stalls. S. To aticli in n 
u a wacon. II. n. 1. A r 
In whiftb a hone or bovim ai 
fined and fed. S. A small 

■tcin'l-ns. 1 atam'- -- " - 

fnnlbly upon Uh 
itunplDCi PH. A i>. 

To strike the foot 

ark made by utampins, 

n-pld': 2 itini-pM'. 

iishiiLfi ofT, aa of eatUoi 

den starting bi__ ^ _.., . . 

through paDic. 7. Any suddaa tiimtihth 

DUB Hiovejiient on the part of a crowd. 
itanch, 1 ■Candh: 2 Btaoch, 1*. ■<. To 

Slop the flow of a>lDod|. u from a round.- 

n.a. 1. Consliint: faithful; he»rt.v, I. 

Btnog ami ijuatirarthy. Ag, adv. -BCMt «. 
Itwi'iMiiii, 1 slan'tlien: 2 stin'gboD, n. 

An' uptight harfonmnga support; one of 

itaod, lslaiid:2siiad, I. [stood: nun/' 
INS.] Li. 1. To place upright, i. Te 
put up with: bear. II. i. 1. To he or 
remain upK^l. J. To be in b oondilioa 
or attitude. S. To go; atep; pass. 1. 
To be situated; lip. E. To lest: depend. 

t. L KenulntDt (tvet. 

. n. 1. ItelaUve JHSII 
k Duration. 4. The i 
i.~ lUndimi, Ik 


_. _... I, Position; 

3. 3. The act of standint. i. A 

'aid, I stand'srd; 3 Btftnd'acd, o. 

Any established meaatm; 

An upnght timbei, poet, 

■tuid'ard', n. 
stond^rd', n. 

iUo'nmstan'M:2Bt»n'za, 1.. Proi. A 
ETOup of rimed lines, as a division of s poem. 

ata'ple, 1 eK'p! ; 2 sti'pl. o. KeEu1arO> and 
constantly ptodueed or Bold. 

(ta'iriei, n. 1. A well-vstsblished vtirle ot 
commene. S. A chief element. 1. Tba 
fiber of cotton or wool. 4. Raw maleiial. 

■ta'fde', n. A U'^haped piece of metal 

»r'«B'R.No!j I. 1^' I; To Bet with Ban! 
2. To mark with an asteiisk. II. >. To 

lly fiw. 

le animal having radlsUns ai 

1B"M, H.-Btartr. 1 BUI".-. 2b 

'eTt&inin^ to the rucht 

ilar'oaanl, j, ni 

Tl. To put or turn 

elarboard. II. a. Pe^_. _ — . 

oIsvesKl. III.n. Ttutudeof 

ttmnh, 1 eiarHi-, 2 tLtfirth. I*. i(. 
Ap^y starch to. IL n. 1. AnbitPHu 
etsnce round in the weils, pith, or tubi 

UK In RUteaU« eloUiea.— ■Unbed. a 

ttark, 1 Bi^rirrs itAik. 1. a. 1. Stiff • 

Tvad, aq ia death; atuhhom. !£* Con 
plele; utlfr. II. adD. ComplBtelj' ; ul 

b^Lc. >. To oall forth: 
1. i. 1. To mtkr. ■ stanled 
.. 1. To Kt out; besin. S. 

. A guiok. nsrtled movement. 
LDin^. L DiHt&oce la advance. 
stdr'U: 2 ■tOr'tl, tt. A n. 

TiH'TL(r)l.»; STiB'TUSa.l To 

exdt« Buddeuly; be auddeaJy 

of bun^r; funista. >. ' 
to penflh or fail by 

To MUWPSdHI wtOi mid 

0.1 -Toi 


C OfnuonkHB style; dlonltT.— 
pOp EBtAbJMied; FfsuiAT; and.— 
lr> acl>.- itale^T, a. IntTc'Li-En: 
u-«T.] LoRy: dWnined.- ■tate'll- 

ukd Hit at fovftsBuat.- itat«'iiuiB<Uli»*. 
a.-iUtae'mas-itilp, n. The ul or am 

itate'ment, I ■Ut'ment or -ment; 2 aUC- 

n equIUbrliun.- (tat'lel. ■ 

ite'tlon, 1 Bt£'^BIl; 2 Ill's 
a.-BiEn to B station. 11 
sinned location. 3. A p 

SitLon; fluuuos.— ata'ti^ 
m al n i n g In one place: fljied. 
A deaJFT In ilatlDOery.— a 
Ua-tli'ltes, 1 etB-tia'tika; 
pi. Byetematiied nume 
lecUTely.- ■ta-tti'tt-eBt, a 


itaCu-aMiw'. a. Rnembiiiia a natue.— 
■tat 'ore, 1 stadh'ur or stat'yur; Z itKoh'ut 

or atKt'yvr, n. The natural heifht of tha 

_. , .... . ^ Bute,«in- 

^ 1 atatfti'ut or atat'yn 


PerlalnlDs to a 

8taT«. 1 itCv; 2 atAv. I. [(. fnAi 

fftavee of: emaBh. V. To funush 
Kith atavea. IL n. [gTAVn. 1 HI 

I^ '^1 *rt'*ofThI'^i 
tub^or the like. I. Mt 

' bSvino.j L t.' To s"p"ptS;'JSiv.' 

pone. It. i. To reEaain; tarry; halt. 
■tar. n. 1. ThB act oi time of »layiB«, 


rhieh checlu a 
Bled;' a BUd. 

3: WflC, ds> bdbk, boat; nf U, rule, cdre, biit, bl 

iie«dT,U •t*d'i; 2 •«**'r- I- ■*■ * • 

■ted'y*. [|if™*''''Ei'; bteadtt-iso.] j 

•^JolUld. or b*™™ "-Jdy^'j Z^- 

Si^tlon t. Constant; vimform. T 

tree trtno difflipalion. 4, 8tedt»t.- 

tte«k,lsWlt;3"t"'.B. A dioB ol lueit, I 

of boet for broiling. . 

•t?«-^SSi?^i i. To tik^ witC 

right: Kouro dnTionwtly. >. To mov 


,' ii. i. J. Ti 


likliiCloii.— itauntHHif . »■ 

(twn'ilUp'. n. A IKSB TMMl "« o™ 

truffle, propenfld dji "*^'~^jf'-f A 

■te'k-rln. 1 Btl'e-rin; 2 ■«> »'';'': "; ." 

white, pearly lonipound oonlaioBd m 

■ted'taii^ 11 "tmi'liiiit or -t^; 3 sWd'- 

.tMd'rMt,;fl«t or -fast, «- F"™!^^- 

tul- ijoruuu«;BM»ilT. -Irt o*o. -new, n. 

■teed, 1 «tld; S Btid, n. A horse; a w"* 

L ri. 1. To cover 

!it piaw with or funush jyith 

To niBlie hard or unj'ieltling. 

„, u ..iado or eqinposed of steel; henco. 

hard; obdurate. III. ». !■ A oompo^ 

3. Bometliiiig mule 


„. iron CcWcBy with 

tOOBh. ^'l^^' " 

-■- Bl'yaiil, 1 B""' 

S atSyhia or 

(™ll«I.) stil'- P 

yard, n. A ds- 1 

vice for. we,ghj alU I 

io a hot uqwa; maM »" ;"';i'"'"¥ " 
Iteep. I- n. Sharply inolHied, 

rltte. Btel^l-«dt. 

11, 1 Btem; 2 stSm, •(. 4 «- [flTBUi"™. 
tan'; BTBiifuiMQ.l To make headmy 
uPAt. aa a current. 

Ill n' l,''The'fltoiJ' of n tree, ihrub, 
nUnt. «. The atalk that mipporli 
Bothins, as the fniit, flower, or 1™! or * 
int. «. The Block of a fainily; lineage. 
••. n A nearly upriaht timber M 
■Ui raece. conetitutinB «ie for™d 
™befofaTe»el'BhiiU. Jodpc. 

,ch,lBUMidh;3Ht4nch,n. Ancfleimire 
,'eU,lBi«n'Bd:8Btfn'(il. I.j(. [b™^- 

nr-UNa.l To niake wilt B Blenral. II-il 
A thin nlate in which letter* or firu^ 
e cut in Inch ft way that a color appKtii 
irface beneath. 9. A marking madt bl 

wrlUngbyUieuaeof otaaraotlonB or (ymWHr. 

Bbonhand. _ ^.,__ __„_.,«. 

aten-toTMn. 1 .lcn-«^-oni 2 _s«-W- 


y ohangB of posiliw 
SS" a. That up"' 

iVi^latio.flrt; f.t.Sre; fi.W:g«,prey i hit, f^^'"'^''*^^:«t^*^'~P^:^^^t^ 

S. Walk; cut. 1. A footprint, I. Uui. 
An inlerUHl betireen lone". 
Itep-. A itf«fli denoUng nUttondtlp Utroufh 
ttw muTtji«« oBly or a mnpt. imd not by 
blood.- ■Mp'knih'w, •).- ■tcp'cUM-. n. 
— ■(flp'dsub'Ur, n.— ■tcp^^tber, h.- 
gtcp'motb'et, n.— Itcp'di'Mr. n.— lUp"- 

food. X. Mental AiptBtiQD; v 
■tew'ard, l itLD'trd; 2 sta'an 

STBTiii, under mitbic 
t«r"e-ap'tl-eott, 1 

etfc'e-Opti-riSQ, n. A 

!, 1 Mer'i-o-iVflp; 2 ■t«r'e-( 

blendina Inta one image two j 
an object from slightly diflen 

-lMs],.E.~-*Ur"*-M'c»-Dr. i>. * 
•ter'e-o-trps> 1 star'i-a 

..... 1. To make 
t. To lurniili stcivo- 
l.yyi iilaKfi tor. IL n. A caat or plats 
tauenin metal froma matrix, aa of paper, 
nprodudnB tlu earface, aa of a page of 

_ Rter'«<«-lr»"«r, il 
sterile, 11 •ter'tl; 2 atEr'H, a. Having do 
^terll** (mproduelive power: barren.— 
■te-Hl4-tr, K.-- iKgrH-lM, «. J-uw: 4i'- 
INO.j To Ina Irom (enu. atvll-t--* 
ster'lliig, 1 - ■■ - - 

held by being chmS in. t. To pro- 
tnide: with out, tknuoK and from. 

•tick', r. Ibtcck; jmci-i-sc] L (. To 
attach by ennie adhciive substance. IL 
I. l.TodeavetoBiurface;aUynttachefl. 
I. Tn be Blnppi^, perpleipd. or discon- 
eerua.-iHek'r, a. [6Tiei'i-ra; snci'i- 
isT.I Adberliii to a •urtace; aahedva.- 
■tlctl-lr, ait.- atleli^neaa. n. 

ttlek', n, 1. A piDee ot wood that is long, 
oompated with ita breadth and thicknesa; 
arod, "and. oreane. t. Print. A meU! 
frame in which type lb compoaed. 

■Ucki, n. A penetiati 


■ttckl', XSTICK'UNG.I 

Batlf.o. _. 
I. I. Consi 

1. Not 



rtBr'lin; 3 stBr-lin^, a, 1. 
andard of value or finenesa 

-ir. IK". 

■Utle, 1 BtspflTV at 


! by t 

To kill by et 

. „iiish, as a flam , .... 

II. i. To die from auffocation. 
■tl'Oe. n. The joint neit the body, in the 

stlx'nu, 1 Btjf'rae; 2 stTt'ina, n, (ana'' 

infamy, or tnlen of disgrlice. %. Thai 
naii of a pistil whleh receives the Dollen. 
I. A mark: ipot: acar.- BHc-mafle, a.- 

•tla'Dl^tlBei M. [-TIIIID; TinNG.) TO 

trand aa Ignomlnloiia. atla'BW-(lB«t. 

■tUCIstoiTsatll, n. A acriea of atepB fot 


tni, 1 1 



n Incnasinff decree: 

e«ffl yet.-allir. 

mloads the bald of v< 

8: wfltds|b«kb,bAt;(vU,«.lia«,M 

v distilled. J. A diidUer; 

be keenly punfu!. II. n. l.Thaacts 
alingiiiC- the wound made by m Btinc. 2 
ZoA A iham or^n capable af InnioliD. 
> punful sDd poiaonaui wound- !• J 
■pur; icAd. 

iMn'gF, l«tin'iii2stln'4y,a. [stin'oi-m 
STis'ci-EBT.I 1, Eftn-mely penurimuo 
Hloih. 1. acuiy.— ittaW-DMb n. 

•IjDk, 1 Bti^k; 2 ntlnk. l.Di, [otihK o 

work; allowance. I, Keslriction. 
■tl'pend, 1 ■tai'pe°<l; 2 >ti'p#Dd. n. A 
saTarv thai hftards s bam llvslihoDd- 
aU-pen-dl-a-ii, n. l-aiia*, «.] One wlm 

iDytblDC otlpulaHd; 


. II. i. To be 1 

. Tbe Mt af atirriui; aottvity; t 
'pTi ™up DrMiJr'irp_;3 BtTr^Sp i 
ed from a nddle. 

■tltb'r> 1 atith' 
pf.] A amitby. 

■tj'm, : 

thread thui ; 
■at; S atrvEr. n 

with aioek. t. To 1i 

-„ ih"B""futuie." l£s 
To lay in or provide" — 

supplie.; ' " «»«• 

sCad£,a. Coutlatially kept ready; atandiofl, 
i(oek,n. I. The trunk oi 

a plant. 2. Lmeaee; 

mestio aolmala. 4. Go€X_ 

dise employed in trade. 

■upply. *. Certificati 

debtedoeB. 1. That! 

8. A support, aa for a 

'^f ftmlb''!"*'S!' a 

(. A bloc 

eUke. or log of wood; anything heavv 
•MUOl««.-»«aclt"— "-" - 
One who buys ai 

veks *ro publlely bovsiiL 

tl.- ■teek'sUn-. 
.oat; motlonlwi- 
dE'Tard", H. A larffe lubdlvldr^ ran 

Hide', 1 »iok-*d'; 3 st8k-»d'. I. K 
■ci-ad'ed"; btocx-ad'ino.] Toioni- 
vith a Blockade. II. n. A linr d\ 
It Btakea, Bet upri^t to form a barnrr., 
lag, 1 Btek'U]: 2 Itek'tni, n. i] 

■j, 1 Btak'i; 2 eiak'y, a. Short itt\ 

9: Kn, ape. Ut.f>ra,Ual,*bft,kll;mfl,gtb,iH^, fern; bll,lce:l= 

Paikiil. at Atlteoa, frequented by Zeno 
{34*-a60 B, C). (ounaer of the Stoie 
■ckool.- Stomal IS- or H. a. -Ir, odr. 
-Oft, n.- S(ot-<lsiii, n. 1. The docclneg 

■tale, 1 EtAl; 2 elSI, n. fed. A aairow 
h^ad word by an officutinc olercyinm; 
any eoclaslsBUcal veBUnsot. 

■totCB, |>l>. aC ITU]. I, 

■tol'ld, 1 acel'id; S it^l'id. a. Havin* 

m'm^'/To w 

IL n. 1. A diiatAtioo, of tke ali- 

diBSStion. 2. Tho ibdomea; bd^ I. 
Desire of food: appetite. 
■tone, 1 MAn: 2 stOn. I. tl. (btonkd; 
■mw'moj 1. To hnri etoaeB »t. I. To 
nmave ibe alonea or pita from. ■■ To 
funugh. ta a well, with atose. U, n. 1. 
A BmAll pien of rook, or such pieoea ooL- 
leolivelj-. *. A aem. t. A atony eon- 
cretlon in Iha bladder, i. The linrd 
ODVeiinff of the kernel id n frtut. ft, 
[Brit.] A nwaaure of waght, avoirdupoia. 
nauaUy 14 pounda.^ atone' •fruit", n. A 
fruit bavins a atone.— atoQ«*a eaat, the dlB- 

I, AbotindLne Lo atone. 1. Hard aa i 
iintedlng. (ton'l-iMaa, n. 
Hd, 1 Btiid; £ atdbd, Unp, d pp, of ffira 
Md, 1 atfU; S ata^l. n. A baoklesi 

atoo»\ 1 BtQp; 3 BtA&p. m. A if. 1. Tr 
Mod or lean forward; bow, or be bowod 
down. 1. To briDs or eoum down from 
dicmty or rank; eondeaoend. t- To 
■woop-- fdeao«iBioa- S, A awoop. 
■toop^n. 1. An act of sto^HniE. 3. Con- 
Staap^ n. [U. S.) An unoovered platform 
At the door ol a house; a porch; veranda. 
■-- 1 Btopr 2 ae6p. r. Isrc ' " 

mop'rma.i L (. 1. To briiwfroin at 

4. To cheok beforehandi preveni 
■' -'"-■ ■- — ■— '■ U. i. 1. T 

e; diecontlnue.- 

I. To eloae; keep back. 

et liavlnff a atop or 

Tt rs 

atop'-eoek', n. A lai 

*to]l, n. 1. The acti 
Crivanoe. in muaical in 

itoti'iac, I atop'l; 3 atfip'l, n. A atopper. 
pTui, nr bung. 

*lon, 1 ElAr; 2 aMr. I. at. [HTOBEOi 
BTOa'iNs.r 1. To put away for fu(ui« 
HH. Z. To provide, >. To dopoait for 
safe-keeping. IL n. 1. That whish is 
atond or lud up. I. pi. Supplies. >■ 
A i^a«e where merdumdiae la kept far 
aate.— ator'agc, n. 1. Tlta depoaltJng of 

•te^M'i; 1 at«^Ad; 2 ata^fT" 1. 
a notable hiatory. S. Related in 

riea. as a building; as, aiMtoeiad. 
atnrk, 1 ai^rk; 2 HiArk. n. A lont-necked 

and lons'legaed wading bird, 
itorni, 1 n^rm; 2 atOmi. i. I. I. Mil. 

To take, or attempt to Uke. by atorm. 

IL i. 1. To lake place, ag a storm. 3. 

To give vent boiateroiudy Co paasion; 

phcTc, oonunouly accompanied by rain, 
hail, oranow. 2. A viotent oomtnotioa of 

rto'rp, 1 atS'n; S sta'ry, n.' [btd'hies*, 
pi.] 1, A narrative or recatal; especially, 
a aWt lale, novel, etc. X. Anything re- 
ported or told. S. (Colloq.) A lie. 

tWri', n. [m/sina, pL] A divlaion in a 
building eonqniaing the space between 

Moot, 1 stout; 2 stout. L a. 1. Strong or 
firm; tough. 2. Determined; resolute. S. 
Fat; bulky. 4. Having muscular stnogth. 

IL n. A strong. V»"' "lork nnrtm- ni- 

beer.— BtoMlT, adp.- 

•loT*, J BtOr; s BIOv, imp. A sp. I 
■tore, n. An apparatus, uauallj 

for haatine or cooldng. 
■tow, 1 atS; 2 ate, vt. 1. To 

compactly; pack, a. To hide i 

■trad'die, ) 1 ■trad'l; 
Btnd1-n'rl-iu, I n 

r ilowlDi soodB.- 


Uvafl of Cremoob, Julr 

■/fie,\'iHTae1:2iHrW^.m. Istrao'- 
;<?, ;oi.ED.»TB.a'u)';sTii«a>LiNa.l 

usdulr'— •ttmcV«r. n, 

ttrslihl, 1 BiTit; 2 BUS 

tfloainii unilormly in tb 

S. Enct: upiicht; scci 

~ Ittal^t'tieu, n.— 

rtQ, (. I. t. i. To 
M. Z. To r»uu K 
inBtrain. 4, To pu- 

lale; filter. S. To b 


Dlag i^ie ortDB or diriferoua 
1; 2 itr&nd, tI. a r. 

■trend'', n. 
bers of a 

not an acqual nmn efc ] 
I vmlw. >. A loRlciia. 
(trajj'sl; S itrlg'tl. tL t t 

i. Toehoketodeatb; tbtitUe; «uffo«l. 

1. Tocboke 

llnp, 1 strap: Z atr&p. 

BTBAPI"; SIKiP'l': — 

>ti>p. ii.«. Al 
atrip ot leBihpr. , 

M.l To h 


[CoUoQ.I Lute um mi 

1 strat'^icmj'a atriW'a^^m, 

rtrsl'i-ii; E sttttt'frfty. [ 

1 tdence of jmlitiuy txaitwE 

,-.„. i,. -=. t. Tie uw oi 

-rr-iKOl To form 
■tntn-a-a'Uan, n. 

ripened irtalk; aleo 

pi.] Alsyet, bod, o 

plul. X. The pi 
itre>k, 1 stj 



ir loTtbia B «rt 


lnnD0i;2itrtiifth.n. 1. The 

orcB, 3. Degtea ot 




Bir^-ih: 2 rtrtch. 1' 

■*. iri. 

■; oover by Bcattfirinff. 
1 Blrai'Bt; 3 alrf'it, a. B*ariag 

1, 1 str&'n; 2 etrtk'n, pn. Wounded ; 
down, u by & calamity' 
stri]ft;Satriet, a, I. Oburvinfcor 
E nil«a exactly. S* Rigidly ob- 

&ctly d^nc 

iur; 8 strte'- 

To walk 
meanued aiep. 

,r by oDi 

! strtMl 

Qlvini a Load and bu^ Knmd- -lr« odr, 

-'-We, 1 Btrnif; 3 rtrif, n. 1. Angry col 

sution; fie^ting; rivalry, 2- Stnnuoi 

Ike, 1 elmik; S etrlk, v. Istruci 

mlCK'EN, HTBICK'n', lolWPrlv BTHOni 

rBin'i»a,l L I. l._To, 

baraain. 1. To e: 
ou(. 5. To haul di 

3. Toe 


tSkUyr^^^d!" '*. irS 

BTUU. n„ 2.— BMk'Inc, pa. NoUble; bd- 

Itrlkc, n! 1. An act o( BtrikinE; a blow 
7. The quitlia* of work by a body ol 

■tring, 1 rtrii]; 3 ilrlne, i. [sTBCiia; 

BTHiNo'iNQ,] t (, 1. To Biupend on a 

striuE. X. To fit tvith a etring or Htringa. 

IL i. To Btietch out into a kiDiTlr- 

refular line.— (Mnced, o. 
itrfiw, n, A Blander line, tbinner than a 

cord and thicket than a thread; a row 

1. A horiionui] BuptKirUiw tknlRr' ^. On* 

wlw nrliin.— ■Mns'l-neH, n.— atilnc^, a. 

itrin'geitl nii7jent; i M^n'^t.'a. 

1 strip; 2 ■trip, 


■Mp, n. A narrow piece. 

ions, OB of cloth, woc^d, etc 

■tlipe, 1 atn^; 2 atrlp_. 

To 1 

I. Ta pull 

: witli 

ipea; make atripea. IL n, 1. A litiJe, 

Strtp'lJnK, 1 itrip'lln; 2 at'riplim 

mete youth. 
■triie, 1 atraiv; E Btriv,_ n. ] 

A light , 

1, T^e 1 

atroU, I 1 strM; 3 atrOI. 'fo ramble; 

atrol'-, /wander Bimleafllj. II, n. An 

idle or leiautely walk; a wanderin*.- 

■Imns, 1 strsu or stroi) ; 2 atrftn* or atrOne, 
a. 1. Having ample Btrcnjrtb; muscutar; 

made Blrongiy defenaLble.— sttong'lyt adv. 
trap. 1 BtTBp; 3 utrOp. I. ti. [btbopfed. 

•trop. n, n. An impLem«it, a* a ntrip 
•Bo-^e, 1 B^'R'^ strol-i ; 2 iteb'tl crnt&Vt . 
1 ■tania.— Itfophle, a. 

imek,! Htiut 1 2 nrllh. (n;, A pp. ol sTHii:!. t. 

•traC'tarCt 1 mruli'ifhur or -tiur; 2 strfie'- 
cbut or -tCr, n. 1. That wliich in con- 
Btnicted. aa a building or nuchiov. t- 
Mwinet of comtnicCion or organiaation. 
— ■tme^ot-al, n. 

■trng'Kle.ll ■trtig'l; 2 itittel. I. vi. 

■tmi'P', /[aTRDo'aLXD, HTiica'i.ii''! 

■trrcb'nln,' ) 1 atrik'ma. 
ItlTcll 'nine, ; otrje'nin, -i 

To grub up, as n»U. IL n. Theatump 
of a tree, bush, or the like; any dhort part 

ch«ck or Dotc Is detached; a lenrnant. 

-italKbed, ■talr'hr, a. Short and tUck. 
■tnb'Uc 1 1 stub'l: 2 etQbl, n. The etube 
•iMbI', fof graia-Btalksleftaftetraaping. 
■tHll'boni. 1 Btub'us;SBiab'orD, a. Un- 

«Oe'CO,l'Htnk'a;2ste*'a,' I.ii.&i,i. To 
decorate niCh stucco. II. n. A fine 
plaster for walls oi leliof omameatj- 

BtDd^t n. 1. A short intennediale post, aa 
in a buildL[ig*framc. 2* A knob, round' 
headed nail, or the Hke.— ■(nd'dlBC, a. 

cmA n^ A coUection^Jhonee foi^r^- 

soa engaged in study. ^renieditu«d- 

■tDd1e>l,]etud'id;2stad'id,pa. Planned; 
Mn'dho, 1 stia'di-S; 3 stQ'di-fi. n. The 

; medilale upon. II. n. [bt 
1. The act of (tudyiuK. X 

fw Eameel endeavor, 
■(oS, 11 stof; SnCif. I^ 1 
Btaf ', ; dimantion; pack full; 

1. Raw material; the aub^ 

>f any- 
I. Rub- 

t-nsD: -rr'iNa.I To cause to appeal itb- 
■urd: nuke a tool ol.- itd'O-a-ea'tlM, a. 
itamliKe', 1 itnin'bl: 2 Btilm'bl. I. n. 
[aTtiii'Bi.(B)D';aTCM'BUHa.| 1. Tostriks 
the foot agaioat aomething in w a l k i n g or 
ruimiiig. t. To faU (on or upooj by 
chance. IL n. A sthidiiB or cAtchiDg 
of the foot; trip; false step; blunda. 
- ■Mm'btlng-UiKli', n. An otnaeici a 

To cauvass by nit 
7. To chaUeoge. 
IL i. To, walk 

itmnp, d. Of erpertalnlnf to a Btump- 
ttampt n. 1. That portion of a tree left 
stapling when the bee is feUsd. 3. The 

- 1. vl- ISTUHMEP. 

To stupefy by a 

■tna, 1 stun; E 
blow: stack; a 

make otuptd; hlu 
stn-iMn'doiu. 1 

astoDlslilns- -iVt adv. -ntmMj n. 
Stn'pld. 1 glia'pid; S RD'pul. 

witted; ftluggiBh; aenselen; i 

-ly, ode..- atiHpldl-ty, n. atn'p 
atn'por, 1 acia'psr; 2 etU'por, n 

dition of insensibility: dulnese; t 

:heck in growth. 
„-,u,j 2 sta'pc-n, K. 
To dull the seniles of: 

iii-r».n'HTi.- 2 BtQ-p*n'- 


atDT'dr. 1 itnr'di; 2 ■tOr'dy, a. (vrnn 
gedbea:thiHidsCreiiCth;hsFdy. C Fin 

Urfe flfih of the DOTthcm bcob and 

Btut'ler, 1 iCut'iir; 2 gtQt'er. I. i 

To iitler with ■pBAtuodic heflitAl 

stT', \ at 



wflUiDff on ibb edge 

■ trteilgtoil; 2 

To pre a liOe ■. 

•trie', n. 1. Muner ol 

tion. Z, FHflhioa;]DOdf 
of IsDffUfi^ or ma 

■trlut- <. zmT 



lilwmliU. itfltcnpUB pent, 

. slij/bk: z's^ptie. I. a 

Smooth and pleai 

s; Bnondary; LiklcTlor; lower; 
la tHOlDalnff with 
■): (!) Kcomtary 


nmk or position; eapei^aUy, & 

officer nnkinfl below & caploio. 

■nb'dl-tlde'f. 1 enb'di-vDid'; E 

•alr-danit-iuiot, 1 ■ 
tbe scftle In anr toy. 

I': S lilb-da', K.- [iDB- 
la) 1. To obtsio do- 
V war or foroe; ovorpow- 

To nnclermild; ■oilcn; 

Db-lMfd, 1 >ab-iekt': 2 «0b-i6*f_, *_ ; 

Bnb'tset, 1 et 
under the pt 

rab'iMt, n. 

who i» under tb« 
a,-n;h- ?■ Something 
n, thought, emotioii, 

thing spoken of; tho 
iMeCuVlo. n. He. 

wluilii the UdnkliiK lubjset: opim 

■nb-Mn'. 1 gub-jiin': 2 stth-iSia; i( 
Id at the end; attach; affix. 

Bub']u<iratCi 1 

r-QAT-- " - 

-cation. n.— iaVJOf^^ 

■Db-JaDe'UTCll BDb-JDDk'UT; e Iflb 

«uli-jBl»c'tlT',JiOo*'li¥, l.o. Oram. O 

or pertuninff to that mode of the hnju 

verE> (hAt la used to «ipreu doubtful oi 

coDdilioaHl UKTlion. IL n. The aub 

>': 2 sab-HtCb', It 

ly lubllliutllll.— IDly- 

■ak-Umc', 1 eub-loii 

like.— ■nb-Kilb'er. n.— mti-maif'ltmi, 

Anb-Akrlp'MhaD; 2 ■Ob^erlp'slion, rt. The h 

lub'w-^nent l sub'u-kweat; S liib'w 
kwAut, a. Following in time, plaM, o 

liniBte. H. a, Lotty; 

That irhich is sub^ 
lee: usually with the 
r, odv.^ lab-lliD'kCri I 

sub-KT'il^nC, ] 


Adapted to promi 
It in the Inleresto ol 
- ■Db-««r^-«i-tr. ■ 

u'iib-uid';Siab.dd', I 

m-rj, i AijD'uiL-ne-n; if suo'ii 
1. Situated beneath the n 
■Bb-ln'iuit. t. Temnrtil: evtiiir. 
■nb'ma-rinc', 1 eub'sie-iln'; Z ullb — 
rin", a. Eiiitini, done, or operating be- 

1 Bob-mi 


lDl>-sld'l4-I7i ] Bub-ad'i-«-n; 2 idb- 
»ld'l-a-ry, I. a. I. Bupplementaryi 
■uiltiary. 3. Of or like a ni^^. A. 

■Db'tt-dr, 'l "ub'm-di; 3 sBb'si-dy. «. 
l-niu*. i>1.1 PceunUrv aid.— ■nb'il-dn, 1 
Buli'it-daLi', 2 iQb'ri-itli, H. [-Diuii; -Dit'- 

malEe Bubordinate. KL 1 avb-er'di-n 

urder ar rank; ■econdaiy; eubject; 
Krviett. IILb. An inferior in pai 
oOetal poBlllan. -ly, BdE.— ■Bb4r'4l- 

ib-orn'. I ■ub-4ni'; 3 aab-«m\ it. 

1. To be fumiBbed with ai 

.Ab^tii'taBt, ■'. XilMiia: lolianDk , 
•■ Hlb-MU*, 1 sub'MirTaiBb'sOii'. n. The 
' nh Dttct beneath the aut- 

l inb'itance. 1 BDb'itBni;£iDb'ataQV, n. L 
The malerisl of which anything ia made. 
IL The essential part; brief Bumnkaryl 

atwitlal, l'BDb-«an'aiiil:eB(lb-«4n'iba].4; 
1. BeUd; fltfoni; Important; valuable. ■• 
POHtaaedolnaictentmetacmpanMMe. t. 
Aoioal: iMaB*B«iit: laitlni. t. Conlormlic 

A'Oal-lr, adE.- Mik-«taB'tUli, • 



6t beins 

.aie,ll aub'Bliin-iiv; Z aflb'- 
'ttT>,/BUIi-tTv. I. B. Chp^Ic 
5 uaedss s noun; denoline ™i»- 


i; groundwo 

;*2 gftb-Mnd', 

iub'tel^ftwST^b'ta^fiaJ: 2 aBb'Mr-ro 
n. A fal» «Kju«e; ppet«i»; avarton. 

■lll>"tei^4m'Iie-BIl. 1 >ub'te-r«'m-sa: 
B&b'te-ca'ne-ui, a. Undereround ; hi 
dan. mVtartm'vi-aBtt. 

mb'tUe,!! «gb'W; a «ttb'til o. 1. D« 

inb'tll',fi»te;eth*reBl:rarBfiiMi; leSoi 

Ub. -W, ati.-mh^tin-tt, I inb-ul'i-u 
■Ab-ts'l-iF. H. Tlis qiuJItr or luu or bel 


wil^; u^ty. i> Heeo^ d 

r-ilES>.' ;ij.1 Artiace; cudhIdb. ■ab'tle- 
■wBt.— (abtlr, liuiti; i Btt'ly. aac Jn a 

■llK-tfB^^'sDb-tnikt'; 3 «Bb-ttSet'. tl. 

tnetliMI.D. TlieMtorprocaaofBubtrMl- 

tos: ■ dcdnttinE.— •■Mne'aT<c», n. 
■«Vtra-heiMi''ri sub'ws-bcnd"; asOb'tra- 

hSnd'. n. That which 13 Co be subtracted. 
■nb'nrb, 1 »Db'»rb; 8 attb'urb, n. A -ffiKt 

sdjBOeDt to a aiy.- Mb-nr'baB, a. 
IDO-i^'". 1 jub-vmrt"; 2 sOb-vgrt'. ri. 

To ovenhrow; ntterlir datroy.— lak-rer'- 

■dlr^ar'i 1 aub'wS'; S sab'wfi", n, i 

mBloa, etc. I. An uoderiirouiid m 

or tbe tube in which it is operated. 

■ac-ceed'<', 1 anlc-ald'; 2 sOe-Cfd'. rf. 

1. To follow: come neit in ordei 

■dTBntaeeous result. ' 

tuBttftimx, 1 iDk-wA'an: i 

aequowe. —•■!-((•' ilrlf, 

Z HQe-C^lv, a. FoUowLns li 

xlnct', 1 ank-siqkt'i 2 eQe.fToet', a. 
Jompriaed within a narrow compaaa; 

o the' aid ol: help, IL n. Help: telief; 
Veo-Usb. 1 eult'o-ta^; S aQc'o-tiah, n. 

.ndian eom and 
loot: 2 »ae^u-l«nt. 

or Chat kind; 

dea; vield; die. 
incb, 1 aoiih: 2 sQch, I. □. 

ni, adi. Bo. ""'"' ° *" 
aQk. I. I. 1. 1. To drai 
th by lipa uid tongue- 1 



r abeorpCloD.- 

._ ir. 

, To draw in Uquid by bu 

™i.': BDci'iiiaJ To give met w. an at 

a. AdapWd tor aucklnf or tor wllieeloB. 
.Ud'dcn, 1 siid'a; Z aOd'n, 1. a. Hap- 

Sning quickly and without warnina; 
aty. II. n. The stale of beiog aud- 

irder^'o^iu, 1 Biu'der-ifar-oa; S alT- 

dKlTkf'-^ % n. "'"'^ "™*' [(o"m? 
uds, 1 auda; 2 afida. n. pi. Soapy water; 

mrfe^lDC, n, MlBery; d 

t admusU — suf-a'den- 

tOt'Oi, 1 Bul'iks; E Bflf'ika, n. An additic 

laffo-cate, 1 suf'o-bet; 2 eOfo-eSt, ri. 
rf. [-c«t'edS; -CAT-iNQ.l To liill by sto 
pine rf«p1nUon: cboke; Mas.— MuT'to-ra 

■nf'rraie, 1 auf'n}; 2 tUfia^. n. 1. 
vow; ament. H. The right of votin 
- ■uPftiM^ttc', n. A womui wIid sdv 

chiefly from Ihe juice of the ^ 

^!^ft^^be«r, n! Aeu«ii> 
prodqeloc variety of beet.— 

Dereimlsl gnus of tiopLcal ^ 

maple, n. The hud nuple. / 

nuiAr in nude.— ■■ -pltiin, R. ^ 

iDllen, I sul-en; 3 sfll'te. a. ObstiniLUly 
AAd cloomUy in-hitmored. -ly, ode. -n«i,iL 

Biil'l7i I Bul'i; 2 bUVv. I. U. ft ri. hnr.'- 
ueh; BiTL'LT-iHa.j To laraiBh; stain. 

ULtB. on DCBTliRig pa«e. ■■'nucbl. 

1- CdkcIh. X. InBtuit; oHhaaa. I 
[-HiK8», p(J An abridsmentoreiMloi 

I-uzcd; 4iz'iNa.] To mUe ■ nuDDUi 
_ ■nm'', ode. 

hottest season of the ^ear: incLu 
June^ July, and Auffust, m the doH 
henuHphere- [mcr- 

tam'inlt, I aom'ii; 2 aOmlt, b. 

hiB;hfrflt paiat; the top; apex. 
mm'nioD, 1 som'Bn; 2 Bfirn'on. t*. 

miting or repilating peraona! 
mp'liMim, I si7mp'dhu-Ds or -tiu-Ds; £ 
D, 1 Bim; S sBn. 1. U. &'n, [sdnni 

lOND"; atTH'KllIB.) To 

lipose to the eun. II. 

source of li^t and heat 
Anjr star that is the 

Maiiniiaa.— •aa'iUn'r, a.— imm'ttnk^l 

H. PmnfatlDQ from em«lve beat. 
Han'dST, 1 aun'di; 2 bOii'iIb. n. The firtl 

day of the week; the Christiu Sabbath. 
ran'der, 1 aun'dsr; 2 iHn'dii, tt.&vi. Ttr 

break; part, or bepmtad; «ver. 
■an'drr, I aDa'dn: 3 eao'dry. a. Vaijous; 

mmmL- •u'dilea. n. jil. liau or thliia* 

■Biic,! niD;2aftiic. mil. Afii. oTBiNO. >. 

(OU. I annk; E itsk. bv. A pp. ol uhk. •. 

■nnk'Hi, 1 anQk'n; 2 aOok'a. u. 1. Deep* 
ly depreswd. 3. Beneath the surface. 

■op, I Bup; 2 bQp. v. [siTPPEDt, Birrra; snpv 
pidB.l !,(. Tolake.aaauidfood.inBUe- 
OBMive moulhfula. IL i. 1. To partake- 
i^ (aupper). I. Toaip. Ill.n. A mouth- 
ful or laete of hquid or lemiliquid food- 

au'D Bt ■ boPBd'^, 1 8ia^>s>e-bauDd': £- 

aOVr-a-homid', of. To abound to eicess. 
— iB*p «r » bnn'a— ee. n.-^ al'p c r ■ Iwq^ 

a^ptr-aM'^, l iia'psr^d'; SaQV^t-Kd'! 

tt. To add in addiUoQ to That biig beeD> 

Ju-porti'iSaQ-perb', a. Hbt- 
ia^wenlTe b«aaty; tnajeetis. 

Jt, 1 BiO'pM-kor'go; 2 sO'ptr- 

eftr'gOt n. jVouf. An Bvent sent by ownera- 
of gooda in charge of a cargo. 
sn'per^ll-ous. 1 sia'per-sil'i-oB: 2 sO'- 
pSr-t;Il'i-ila, n. Haughty; contcmpluouB; 



«r[€M.-anini«ht", n. The 

L. FUlijU witii the llgbt and 

I.. r^IB'. in.; 



8: wolf, da; bitbk, bdM; fifU, n)le, cDre, bAcbQiu; AiJ, bAj; |o. ien: 

1 ^a'pBPJiiB'muii Z *a' 

Bot; 2 sQ'oEr-In-diin'bJJDt. a. Roling 
pun AoifieUiiiif elao- 

" * " 1 BQ'psr-io-diOt'; B 
. To induoe or give lue 


■ID-MIHI'O, 1 1 

»-«cr1s-tlT*,U aiu-pirrl»-IJv; S ao- 
I>pcr1»-UT*, ;p«nB-tiv. I. a. £Je- 

VAtad to or flrnrmiu Che hifhect degree. 

tl. n. The higheBt deil« ol ODmpuuon 

ral. I, o. Transcendine tha forces of aa, 
tun; miruulDuB. 11^ n. That whicl 

•u'per-nn'niei-MTi 1 ii(l*p»niO'inB[ 
B-n; a su"p«>nil'mep4-rT. I. o. Boinft 
beyond a certain numbsri Buperfluoiu. 

person or thlog; a BU^e pecformei 

1 siQ'pBi-slindb'; 2 ea'pfT- 

itflidfl or oa the upper p&rt 
^p'tJoD, n. The ut of 

Je', I MO"psr-«ld'j 2 »0'pSr-BM', 
... .—d'iidJ; -sED'moJ 1. To Uika 
tbe place of: replace, i. To BUBpend; 

in"pcr-»er'Tlce-«-bl{e', 1 5iO'per-B0r'"is- 
B-nl: 2 sa'p«r-a«r'vi^>-hl. n. Atumptiog 
needlenly or diBngreeably to be of Bernce ; 

1 by aupenUUoa 

Ufpa-tl%e', 1 KQ'pnr-vni.'; 2 sli"per-vls', 
<t. [-vjbed'; -vih'inq.I To Bupermi™ai 
lnipect.— ra'pu-rl'ilaii, n.— ta'per-tt'- 
MT* n. A auperbileDdeDC; Inapeetor. 

IINplDe% 1 Hiu-poiQ'; SbO-PId', a- !• T^ 
ins on tba bacV Z. Inactive; indolent. 

mp-plant^ 1 Bu-plaiit': 2 sil'^I^t', rf. 
To lake the place of. aa by treachery; di^ 

mp'ple,)! snpl; 2 sipl. a. 1. Etaij 
a-afiV, /bent; Bsiible; pliant. S, Com- 

anp'ph^nunt. 1 Bop'h-ment or ~manl; 2 

to. IL n. Somethiofl addol; an addi- 
tion Co a book.— aap^p^auo'tal, a. Like 
a fluppJement; lupplemfditing. anp'pl^ 

li. n." One who BUppHcatCH. 
aufjflt^tU, 1 Bup'h-ket; 2 etiplt^t, tt. 
i li, r-CAT'iD'f; -cat'ikq.I To seek 
humbly by eftrneat petition; pray to pant 
a lavor.— lup'plUunt. I. d. Aaklnff or 

entrcAtlnff humbir. ■■ - ** *— *"- ^ 

Mlaato.— isp'^ll-em'' 

""■plf'i 1, au-pioi'; 

is need^' H To givi 


niah with wnat la neeoeo. «- lo ipvpt 
aSord. S. To occupy tcmpomily. WL 
n. 1, The »v«i1.h\» lu- ' ■'^' 

It for 

up-uoTt', 1 «u-pOrt': 2 aft-part'. I"*, 
I. To bear the weiaht of; keep Dp. 3. 
To provide lor. >. To ' ■"- 

4. To 

iiourit^. li. n. I. Tba 
niag. t. One who or that 
-tB- 3. Subaetfnce; living. 
MHl'a-Ute'r a- Endurable. 
m-p6>'; 2 ati-pfl(', .. [bcf. 

n. i. To frame a iiuiii»iiitjan ; think.— 
■iiii-9f»'a-U(e'tfi' Tbat ma/ be ■uppoBBtL 

iDp^PHd'tloD. 1 iDp'o-iidi'sn^ 2 aQp'o- 
jIsh'oE, n. The act of auppraia*; wme- 
Oilna njpweed; « uonlmtuM,- *oj>-piM"l- 
a'dana, I id-iwi'i-tKli'aB: Z M-pOgl-tlBli'- 
00, a. Sdppuad; fraudulsnt- 

MUt-ffresi'S 1 BD-^xei'^ Z sO-prig'. il. 1. 
To overpower^ cnuh ; extjnrjiflb- It, To 
wfuiholilT rey : hhiihiI.- (np-pna'ilaD, 

iiiip'pa^te,lBiip'yu-ret; S aflpVu-tSt. ■>■ 

no*.— ■ap'>a-n'tlaii, a lorbltai. 

VM^rt^, prtflx. Above: beyond; u. tupra- 
ra-inetne', 1 aiu-prtm'; 8 Bd-prtm', a. High- 

■m^ prefix. Bame aa Bilrts-. 
nir^dn*Clp, 1 1 aafsio'el; 3 aflr'tlo**!. "- 
nuT'eln'tl', / 1. A eirth or rtrsp encir- 
cEin^ tbfi body of a beaat of burdeD, 3- 

aaTr^r, ad(.~ aun'iWMi n.— amte'ir, n. 

[-niaK, pi.] !■ OdfwIio beooruw reapanslble 

1* Tbe etaf« ^ belsc sure; cenaUity.^ 

■lue'^ililp, n. 
mrf, 1 aOtf: 3 ntui, n. The swell of the sea, 

that breaha upon a shore. 
(BT'lMC, 1 Bijr'fia; S sfir'faf, n. 1, The 

outside of anything, t. Qtom. ThsC 

which has leosth and breadth, but not 

•mYelC 1 1 .irtit; S Bdrfit. K it. * ri. 
■nT'Ot'i jTo overfeed; supply or be sup- 

C")d to satiety. 11. n. 1. Eicess in eat- 
er drinUnS' X. Satiety, -lu* pa. Je n. 
BOTKet I «Dri ; 2 iQrg. I. ■(. & ii. Ibdhobd ; 

omrard. as waves. II. n. iT A great 
wave; billow. 2. The act of aurgiDg. 
•nr'gMn, lsi7r'ien;£Bar'ltnn,T.. OnHwho 
pnctlKa surgerF.- sor'ger-.i'i n. [-ns", »!.! 
The treatmept or liUuri«, deromutLefl, etc.. 
by Doeratlona or Inelrumeiila.— lur'il-cali 

rarnofn", n. Bame aa sibloin. 

•nrl]', 1 sur'li; 2 sat-ly, a. [aca'ti-BE; 

Btra'u-iMT.l Crabbed; crow; rude; gruff. 

— uunt-ly, BiD.-BiinNneH, n. 

■ur'nunc, I sdr'aiin 

Bor-nam'c 2 
m. To call by 

■DT-pau'S 1 ain^pai'; 2 BOr-pla', it. To 
lo beyondi eioel.— *nr-pasa'a-bl[e', s.— 
aiiT>paaBliig, pa. Preeminent; oxoeetUns. 


mr'^ui, 1 aOr^i 

Iaiir'pliB;2 Jiflr'plii;, 

Td Btrilie 

what tias b«n ua 
t'\ 2silr-prlB'. L 

of saniriainKT or the elate of b»ng aur- 
priaed: a auaden and uneipeoted event,— 
Mi^itlilnf-lr. oda. sDr-prliiliis>I|t< 

ID^pril'al. 1 1 Bur-^prois'aEi S afir^ rtfal. n. 

inp^Mto'alf t The act ol aurprinng: lur- 

lO^^'der, 1 BU-nn'dar; 2 sli-r«o'der. 
1, t*. * ■ - ~ 


fnr"rep-a'tloii«, 1 

improper raGans; Bt«althy; underhandei 

■nr'ro-fmte. 1 Bor'o-Ret; 2 sSr'o-IJt, n. 1 
ABubaCitute. i. [U.S.I Aprobstejude 

lar-ronnd'd, 1 ^u-round': 2 afi-round', r 
To place aDmetluDg around; encompa^ 

wbJcb environs; Uio act of one who aurroundi 

■nr-reainnFC, 1 BDr-v«1enB or aor-vSI 

ysna; Z siivve'lani; or Biir-vel'yaEC, > 

The act of watchine, or the atate of beii 

- anr-rey'lng, b. 
a.- au^vcrWi « 

vlvina.^ iqr-vl'Ter, 


MUi^eptMiKe', 1 sD-Kp'ti-bt: 2 sli 
U-bL. n. yielding nidilr: seiuitive; 
marioiiabui.- •w-«p"li-bU1-t7, ■.- 

is-pckl'; a Bfla-pSct'. t, 
sbt or no evittenoe; diau 

'■ n. 1. TlH aUM oi b^oE undseid 

.OfSllitWDdlBff; A 

11, 1. The act 0/ mspootine; coniectut 
doubt ;mistniBt. S. flie least particle, 
». >. guHUoniible, gllwllcstlii(mi» 

-■ — wei^t; keep up; 


'tft'dioD, n, Bupport or ii 

ive^fd witti p 

of a haiHtle, tor cleaDlni.— mVbtr, n. 
■wad'dle, )lBwed'l:2sw«(l'l. m. [bwad'- 

■WBd'dl'.fDLED^ BWlD-DUHOl To wr»P 

uooDd with a buidtice; avauie, 
«WM'««f. 1 awag'gr; gswayft. I. ri. To 

awai'low, ] 
take iato 


' si^Vo, 'rf. "l. Ts 
5h, M food. S. To 
C; believe credulou»- 

Hwalloff',^ n. Tiiat which is HwaUoned 
nitllaw', n.' A small, saift bird iiilh 

sink, as H boat, by fillinE vith • 
i;beovetwhehn«l. II. n. A tr 

in*; BWAP-niM.T [ColloqJ To o- 
-i^e mde. n. n. The »( at iwM- 

Sinu4. 1 BKsrdT 2 BT«nl. n. Graay tand; 

nnrnn, 1 B*g^- 2 gwarm. Lil-Aii. 1. 

irong. 2. To seod out a new c<d«i:r. *• 
see, IL n. A laise numlKr, aa of beMi 


smrtbT.^ 1 eBorfl/i:^ 2 swerth^, a. 
k hue; taW. awirtt.- awartliSSj, 


■wm»c,lBweai;2>»ni^. I. if. [svArnxn; 
BWiTH'iNa.J To bind or wrap, as in 
bfuda^BSr ll>n, Abaiidag«fDrawathiDs. 

■w»». 1 swfi; B 8«'S. M, A ri. 1. To lean or 

dDmiinon. 2. Tbe u 

I* GovFrameriC: 

BWABEl: BVrOKS; ■WEAB'iNa.I I. (. 1. 

To sffinn solemnly, with an appeal to 
God or BomBthJns Bacred; make a ■olemn 
KfEimation. I. To utter proCanel)^, 3. 
To admipialer a legal oath to. II. i. 1. 

To send forth tkrough the 
To cause lo perapiis. II. t. 

or atate of sweating. 3. Hard labor. 
Swede, 1 swid; a »w(!d, n. A native o 

sweep, 1 Bwlp; 2 bw^, t. [swept; iweef'- 

ot bend, or _boi 

■weet, 1 Bwlt; a »w«t. i. a. 1. Aar 
tA the taste; tasting like sugar. 1. 
TaoiilouB;lovely^ restful. 3. Afreei 
delightful. 4. Gentle: Und; an 
II. n. Somi^thing sweet; a sww 
-It, adE. •neH, n.- sw«et1ic«d". 

swell, 1 SK-el: a BwH, a. Fcrtainiog to 

swells; dandiiied. 
swell, n. 1. A swelling. S. A billow. >• 

■WfR, 1 swift: 2 8w:^t. 1. a. 1. Movinc 
rapidly; Beet; 

Passing tapidly; . 
brief. 3. Onei- J 
pected; sudden, j 

1ow-hke>ird,aa ^ 

a^th' 'ly, ^f^ 
si^r'l"'sw:i; 2 

To drink greed- " "^ 

LiQuid food or kitchen refuse given to 
fiwltn^ 1 swim; S snlni, vl. A li. [swuf or 

of the limbs, fins, or the Ukc: float — 
■wlm'mlDf-lr, adr. In a iminuiiing nuA- 

iCa^ng: fraud. 

1, n. si/ffl. & pi. A 

ly.— swInc'liHtl'', n. 

swing, 1 etd'Q; S swing. ^I. 
I. To move to and iro while si 

more or wBTS rWUimiully. >. To turn, 
iu<i>iispiTot;«Wl;tLimBbout, II. n. 

„ ... ... whirl iJtmB. at 

II* n. AvhirliDBaloDKi A^aa eddy; vturL 

•Willi, 1 iwiih; 2 swiih. P. ri. 4 li. To 
more with m wbistlioc ■Dund, as a whip. 
IL n. A hiasinc •ound. 

Swin, 1 swis; S snU. I. n. Piirtunine to 
SwiuerlMid, M Alpins republic o( cen- 
tral Europe. II. n, ;P " '—' 

UAinj motioD- 1. To shift from Dtn 
track to ukother. u a wr. U. n. I. I 
■null flexible ivd; liiht whip. 3. A trea 
of hair. S. A meohanlam for shifting i 


r nriCflblfii.— awlteli'm 

•Wit'A 1 iwiirl; 2 Bwlva, n. A cff 
device, aa on a chaia. permitlinc . . .. 
hsU (^ the chain to rotate independciitly. 

nrokawsb'ber, n. Saoie u swib, ete. 

■l(MB,lawaii:3'Bwdoa."'£'ti. To faial. 
IL n. A Faintins-Gt. 

»W0«p,liiwQn;2sw™p. I*, n. Toawecp 
down, ae a hawk dd ita prey. II. n. A 
aWDOping down, aa by a bird of prey. 

■ 1 sard; 2 aOrd, n. A long blade 

■word. 1 sSrd; 

SycaiDOre. jHH^H 

swaaa> 1 awiig; e iwflBc, imp. i 

■rc'a~mare, 1 aik's-mer; 2 ^e'a-mar, n 

1. A buahy tre~ 

Egypt, allied ti 
thofig, tiu.s. 
The buttoo 

vile 'fltilt«er.— 
are'i>>pfeaB-er> >>. 
The metiBieor - 
ayccphaot; ba 
nattA>: fawnln 
tie, -H-al, 0. 
■TlOk-bl*, 1 ail'a-bl; S sfl'a-bl. L ■«. Ts 
utter or eipTCHB in eyllablcs. II- b. A 
ein^e vocal sound forming a word, or 

to or''c<^una~oi Viiabi4!-ir>-l>bl-a![ 
(■.-■rl-UM-«aMf, odL-art-UbttMa, 
«. [-cAriED; -cArora.! ^MaM-rrt.- irl- 
Ub*-l-ea'llon, a. lyMab'^B^a'tiBBt. 
frylta-biM, 1 nl'e-bns; 2 ^I'n-bOa, n. [-bi, 
1 -hoi; 2 -bl. plA A jnimmary or scbeduls 

(Tl1a-KlBni,'l sil'o-iiim; 2 aJU'o-tl™. n. 
The Togical form of reasoning, in vhicb 
two premiKs lead neceHarily to a condu- 
sloQ.- >f l-liKgla'tle, a. ■rl'la-giall-calt. 
-arl1o-gls'£cal-lr. me. 
■rlph, II silf ; 2 tfli n. 1. MM. An 
flytP", Jelbcrenl being livinn in and on the 
^r. tt A slender, graceful girl. ^ A 

like*, a. Like a s^lph; slender and graceful. 
■rl'nn, I sil'vsn; 2 sJlVan, a. FoMt- 

■ym'bol, r Bim'beJ;'2 sfro-bnl, n. 1. 
Something that stands for something el«; 
an emblem; a type. 3. A character, 
mark, etc., indicating something, as a 

Brm-boll-ealt.-sym-kol'l-eal-Ir, atlc.- 
sini'k«4lsin> n.— srm'btt-lsti ■.— aria'- 

gym'me-try. I alm'i-tn; 2 ajm'B-try, n. 

n. f-THiBB>, pi.] 1. Feeling oorreepondent 
by mlk. 9. Ptty; commiseration: fol- 
lowed by /br. t* Conge " "' ' 
Bfflnlty.- anii''Ii>-U»f le. 

. *• CoDgeolsl.— *ym*pctl>*t1*<a>'> 

pi-tbUet.-ijiD'p»-tliti'er,i>. •tUi'ert. 

■Tm'pbo-nri 1 Mi'fo-oi; 2 eSm'to-ay, n. 
[-xxEfii, y>L] 1« A harmonlouii miceling of 
Bousde. 3. Jfu.. (1) A compcHi^ fur 
an OTchfiatj&. (2) A nibDrdiaate LDAtni- 
mantal part, u a preluda, ato^ 

irm-no'si-uni, 1 siiB-pa'ii-iim; S nj^m- 
pO'S-Om, n. [-5i-». M 1. A drinkloB 
to^tlher; banquet. % A «>lI«odoD of 

phenonuDon of dLsease ; a ngn, token, or ■□- 
dlcatloiL— ■rmp'tain-atlc.a. ■rmp'taiu> 
afl-ealt.— »mpnaii>-»n-eal-lr> a^"- 

syn'a-gos, 11 ain'*^™; 2 HSn'H-g5S, n. 

* , / A place of nwetlnij for Jew- 

■ a Jawiih oonancaUon. 

-, . If 1 ■iD'to-pe'illun; E cDa'ro- 

lA'iboD. ■. JVUt. Tlia coDHnulng ol the un- 

followla Moented note of UH neit meuure: 
mi'eo-pa, 1 ^Tio-pl: 3 Bfo'eo-pf, n 1, 
■n.- 'Koppinc of a vowel or arUable from 
at of a word. >. Sudden faintneaa. 

■rn 'ai^onle, / A pli 

fah woiahip; a Jaw 

■rn'^H^M'BiHb 1 Bl 

ol labor by atua ol nmpallietM atruna. 

■rn'OI-catF. 1 rin'di^let: 2 ■fn'di-eW. n. 
An aBMtdatloa of penon* to earn' on aonia 
cnCerpriBfi leqairiitE large caiat^ 

■rii'od.lBiB'edT2>J>n'od,n. AneccleriaaU- 

Blr.— >y*»oa^w2l, la-ped'tOiM; i n-nOd'- 

t-al.a. ar-BDitlct.— B7-o*dt-eal-lit ode. 

■rn'o-nrnit 1 arn'o-nim; H liFa'o-nfiD, n. 

■n'tai, 1 sm'laka; B njn'tlka, n. 1. Tbs 

tence°iuiS1S'e™alructiJS!' * Tha ™ 

rule.- iTB-tai/tle, a. irB-tactl-calt^ 
arD-ta^H-eaMr. ' 

— ■ . 1 «ln' 


Syi'l-»c', 1 airt'-ak; 2 sjlr-i-it. I. 'a. Per- 
tainins to Syria of iia Languain. IL n, 
The Ian«u»«e of Syria, Aaiatic Turkey-. 

nr^nte, 1 Bir'ini; 2 ejr'ina. 1. [(. fflTR'- 
inoiid; aTB'iNo-isQ.l To spray or uject 
by a ayrion. IL fl- Atj uutrumeDt by 
which to withdraw a fluid from a reKTVob 

lyi^p, >rr*BP-y- Sum h aiBcr, eco. 

lyitcm, 1 ab'tem: 2 afa'tXat. n. 1. 0> 
deriy airangemsnt. as of twRa or •!•■ 
ments, Into a whol«; any onlerly claaaift- 
cation. X. A whi^ aa nude up of partg, 
as tta« human body. t. Orderhneaai 

Kf^ttanrOs. «. [-nzn; -m'nia.l To 




T, t, 1 tl; 2 tl. n. [nfB. Ta, or Ta. 1 tb; 

S tea. pi.] The twentieth letter in the 

the laraetitea in the wildemeas. 

tolile, 1 «"bl; 3 tS'bl. I. Hi. [ti'blkd; 

lab. 1 tab: 2 tKb, n. A l]ap, strip, (oneue, 

ta'buho.! To place on a table; lay on 

(•b'by, t lab'i; 2 ab'y. 1. a Watered; 

niturewitha flat horiioQtal top; also, an- 
lertaiomeut; fare, 2. A collection ol 

motUed. II. n. tTAB'siEa", plj 1. Any 

Ub'er-^ie,U tab'sr-na-kl ; S tSb'Sr- 

forn. l^'A^^;'tbln rlB^-'te'Ue-land-, 
a. An pleraledievBl region; plateau - t»^ 

. a tent. IL n. 1. A tent, booth, or other 

ru.«.pl,l "^ ™ 

alifiht shelter. ». A house of worship; 

taMean, 1 tab^o; 2 tlblo. n. [TAB'Uiui. 

- tMl- 

aput u atciei or forbiddea In be lueo 

tsb^-lar, I uh'yu-lor; 3 t&b'yu-l". = 

PertAiniiifl to a table or Lint; haTinfl 

iutiur:us«; ubul&wd.- t«1>'a-l>lc, i utr 

»aj To unmelD a taUs; llat^— tab^ 
teelt, 1 tu'it; Z Uf^l, a. Infnrwl ai 

Soa^ 1 tai'i-tSm: 2 lio'MuR 
■Bmd.-lM^tiutll-tr, n. 

tMk<. 1 tak: Z tiLk, «. L 
with l«k«; Mmei; micnd. — .. -, 
chan^ ctmne, aa a vesset, mi a UJ oritift 
tbe wind totheothflFBtde; veer. 

(aek,n. 1. AamallsharpnailjarfistMilDg: 
4tllch' i- rfaui. A rope for faateninc tEw 
eoTDer oi a «dl; Uie act of lAckinfi; thf 
ODUTse ailed ftsm onn 'lu-b art tu the ne.t 

tMble.ll lakl; S t 

«»c1iT,;l(E)d'; TiC 

witb; attach by b 

To Krapplt 

dation M what is Gt. propet. oc ntdit; 

tw*(ll^Ttat'uks;'2 UlB™i. k. I. The 
■npnfw »nA mrt of military and naval 
L Adroit msnacement.- 

(Be'tlle,11 Isk'til; Z t&c^, o. 1. 
teC'tllS JtainiiuE to touch; caused by 

tut. iKt»«ll. X. TugfMl. 
ted'iralc, 1 tad^l; 2 Ud'pSt, n. 

youDC troa or toad, bnathinc by ext«nul 

teO'ralL 1 t 

follow porairtBiitly. 

thine attached; 

. label. 

To OTettikc B 

iL n 

rhieh Che object ii to keep from bdnt 
>veTtakeQ and touched. 
1, 1 lel; 3 tU. n. The appendage il 
.he hindinofft part of the body of m&ny 
inimale; the hinder part of anylhinj:; anp 
lap, stem, appends^, etc.; thereverBeot 

Ullor. 1 ttler; S tlloi. n. 

, 1 Mk: 3 «fc. ;. 
s.| '.<- *■ To ^n 

Tey: siHtnct: deduet; 


al'cnt, 1 tai/ent 
vft, Z. An 

Laieni:: g UU'tet, IL 1. Su- 
Ltal atnlity; a .>P*^ faealty ot 

BebnUc. tl.SM to 

produce mBfiral tf ecta: a oliani 
talk. 1 (ak; Z ttk. I*. <«. A n 
in vorda; enieiiR woealij oouicnp. ••■ 
<i. Tha act of talldnc. or that which ii 

with UUow. IL ». 

bte[ 0[ mntloa. 
WIT, 1 t«|-i; 2 tai-y. t, 

LT-wa.] L (. To nam 

1. To agree predaely. 
tallr, 1 tal'i; S til';, n 

JT*L'L1«.. pi.] 
hich noteluw an 

1 Ul'm 

2 tSl'io 

— Tal-miid'ICB. T^mndl-alt. 

Ul'nn, 1 tel'sn; 2 IM-OD, n. A clsw. ei 

peoiAlly at a hird of prey. 
tuii'm>bl(e', 1 tam'B-bl; 2 tAmVbt, c 

buodraek, i uun'B-ruk: a tAm'ft-rtk, n. I 
The AmerietD « tabek Lmrcb. huk'nu 
toekt. >. A Nonlf AmenaB plDe. 

tsm's-Hnd, 1 tam'B-risd; S Um'a-ilnd. r 
A trofijcal tnai alio, iu aod fruit. 

tem^oOT, I tun'bflr; 2 timtur. n. 1. , 

played wltb Uw band. 
tame, 1 tfm^ 2 lim. I. ri. [tahxd; 
TAu'iNO.I To make tame: domeiticatf ; 
subject^ GOmiuer; floften. IL a. fTAit'- 
Bs; TAv'EeT.J 1- Domefltidated; dooilA^ 

twnp*,! tsmp; 2tiaop,tt. Toramdowa, 
aa a pacl ri ag OB a cbsrge. 

Cmd'fM', 1 tam'par; 2 tbn'p«r. n. To 
CTiperiment offioioualy or iooliahly; med- 
dle; malie unjualifiBbU alterations: fol- 
lowed by tntA. 

tan, 1 tjiii: 2 tfin, .. Itahhid, i*nd"; tas'- 
Nmo,I LI. 1. To convert into leather, by 
traHtiiiE with tanuia. t. To bronie. aa 
UM lUn. it. f To become laoDsd.^MD'. 

. 1. Tan-bark. S. Yell 

t>n|), 1 tao: 2 tini, n. A alendet pre- 

jectJbg Bbank. 
tiuiff, n. An unumalor diaafcreeable fUvor* 
tan'sent, 1 tan'jeat; 2 tftn't«Dt. La. 1. 

(Horn, TouobLiiA a lins or n euifaM at 

one pmol only. I. Toucbinf. IL n. 

A amusiii Use tannot to a curra.— laat- 

no-CF. n.— taD-fCD'Hal, a. 
tan'U-UcU lan'ii-bl; 2 Ua'ti-bl, o. 
tBii'Kl<bl',t Peroeptible by toueb.-tan'- 

g-MKI-ty, laii1^U(e-iua^. n.-tan'cl- 

tan^lfc^ i tau'el; 2 t&o'ei- Lrf. i«. 
Itak'ol(1)i>'; TiN'oLiNQ-I To Inlertwine 
confuaed^: aoaH. IL n. A eonfosed 
ifltertwmmg. aa of thread; confuaiop. 
— I. 1. — 1.. ■..._!. _ 4 laise receptacle 

.. . ,1 tan'lrqm; 3 tlntrB 
pendant fit of panioQ- 

api, 1 Up; 2 t£p, I. H. [tappbd 
TIP'PTHB.I To draw liauid from 
an openina. IL n. A fauoet i 

or playful blow. 2. Leather put upon the 
heel of a Bboe, 
tape,! tip; 2 tip, n, A narrow, stout rtrip 

eu.-red taMr UK clo« I 
and reutlne.— t. Uae. a I 

ta'ptt, 1 U-pur; 2 ta-ptr! 

iiatty. IL a. Growing no 
tatnad the end. III. n. 
gradual le 

(■P'l-«'c», 1 tsp'i-alts; 2 Up"i-S'ni. 

A fcxjd'prQduct obtamed from cftflflavA. 

ta'pir, r W>'p>r; 3 t&'pir, n. A Itu 

to-pl'; 8 ta^pia or S 
W-pl'.B. Tspep-a 
try: no* onlv in S 
ctaephruBira 1Im£ 
t>pl> (up for ODD- TS 
■IdenUDD). ' 

tkp'Mcr, 1 tap'- M 
One who drswa Bod » 

tM. 1 lar; 8 l»r, r(. Ita 
BiNa.| Tosoyerintb 

Uf, n. Chim. A dart 
oblaioed from reniiot 

tar>,i>. rCoUoqJ Asslk 

to-nn'tn-la, l t«-m 
tO-ln. n. A targe ha: 

, vucid. oily liquid 
'iiu-lB: 2 ta-riln-- 

tanf, 1 t4r: 3 Mir, n. Any one d 

tere>, n. Ad ttUowanoe for the weight of 

tlie receptacle jd ^hich cooda are packed. 
tmr'nt, 1 tar'get: 2 tiKgit, n. 1. A mark 

tobe shot at. 2. A inull ahield ; buckler. 

tor'lir, 1 1 ta'it: 2 tSjIf , n. A achedule of 
tar'lP', CohaTsea; ayatcm of dutiea ta ba 

tar'nl'sb, I tar'ni^: 2 t&r'nlBh. I', rl. A 
n. To leiHD Id luster; bIiud: diacrace. 
II. n. Lo»oflu>ler; a blemish, 

tftr-pBDlIn, 1 liir-pslm: 2 U^r^p^lin. n. 

tat'ty^, 1 tar'i; 2 tSrV. m. |t*h'hied; 

liuser; aUdc; stiu'. (tar; like tar. 

tM'n, 1 tor-i; S tir'y, a. Covered with 
tWt. i tart; 2 art, s. 1. HavlDg a aour 

with fruit filling and without t«p crust. 
J. [EDg.1 A [ruft pie. 

plaid fabric; also, i 

A^ello.^ iS^' 
- tsr-tarlc, . 

,tion on the teeth. 

■sk, 1 task; 2 t^k., I'. 
speclGc amountof labon I 

test by taking a little of Into the mouth, 
t. To have giight eipErience of. IL i. 
1. To take a tagte. i. To have a flavor. 
sate, n. 1. The Kowticn eicitsd wbea a 

tsr; a ta-tar 

a. t. IT- Di 

clotblna.— t*t'toi(e)'d>, a. 

iCtleTl 1 tat'l; 2 tltl. I. W. « li. Jtat'- 

yJT, Jtled.tat'ld'it.t'tliho.] Totell 

It, I tant or tent; 2 tiot w t^nt. I"". 

To reproach with insulliriB worda. 

. n. A bitlerlr sarcaalic remark.— 




Tan'nu, 1 tfl'nn; S t«-ra^n. 1. A son- 

teu, 1 t&r; 2 l&r. >. Jtou. (ormntv Ttn; 
tobm:t«iak'ino.1 tl. 1. Topuilapart, 

Tomske, asahole, by reodinf. 11. i. 1. 

tont,' 1° let:' Z b|(, a. Naul.^ 1. Hard-' 
Iwi-ttrt'oAr, 1 M-tef'o-ii; 2 t^^tO^'o*- n, 
l..'epn, 1 tav^wira tavim, n. A pufcU= 

To W>ve or «t with precipi^te baite. 
teu', «. A fiHure made by taaiing; B 

te>r>. 'l Ur" t;r. «. A drop of the iialiiw 

llUiild from the eire.~ tearfol, a. Foil of 

boate. Imuble. 

t^: HiMDi tan.' -ne«^ ».- 

taw, 1 to; 2 t», n. A game of mBrblea; ■ 

tMtle«, n. gbeddlni no tan. ^j, oA. 

tMWan, 1 tBMn; 2 t«'dry, o. [-dhi-kr; 
-DU-UT.I Showv, without elesitncs: 

-DCU, ». 

wudy.^iwdrt-nwfcn. ^ 

biw'n7. I te'm; 2 t»'Q.V. a. Tsn-oolorad; 

ently. t. To iwmb or card, aa wooi. II. 

tmi, 1 taks; 3 tfiks. 1*. d1. 1. To iuposa 

n. 1. A lesaer. 3. Tbo act o[ teaung. 

n tax upon. 3. To lublect to > »vera 

strain. S. To Mk Ma price. II. n. I. 

te»t. 1 tit; 2 tit. n. A nipple: pap; dug. 
*«i'iel.lii'.l;2W.I,-<. Therougfiburof 

In dnaliic cloth. tem'Hdt. 
tecfa'ni-al, 1 tek'm-kel; Z t«('ni-(al, a. 

Pertaining to some psrticubir art. sdanoe. 

fau^^b, n. A'motop.pab fitted with a 

tnds. etc.: tonniU; HUM. -ly, ani.- 
tedi'nl-all-tr. n. l-nn-. vj.l f. Tie 

meter to niBMuro lune or dlnance. Ui'>- 

■Ute Dl beliig IMhUoal. X. A teOmloal 

pohit; Detty dliUoctlon. 

tecti.nlaiie',llek-oik':2t«o-nlk'.B. Mai^ 


teeli'r. 1 Mi^'iJ S tech'y> »- Feevish; ii- 

teddTl ted; 2 ted. i<. To itir up and spread 

Baltz—Uil-iefiaUt, n.'' One who praij. 

lo^yi for drying, u grass newly mown. 

ta«,ltI:2M, n. 1. Aa evergreen Chine« 

Tc De'Bm,'] a dTom; E (8 iWDm. An an- 

or Japane» ahnib. ^ 

the opening words ol tBe Lslln original. Ti 

Oram Zalufamiu fWe pralso inee, O God) . 

te'dl-ons. lu'd,-u.; 2t6'di-ila,a. Weari- 

*r^lS^.iS ^^^ 

tee, 1 tl; 2 t«. n. A mark in soms gunes; 

in golf, a Uttle heap of earth from which 

impart knowleiiife ™ IjCU^^ 

a baU is played. 

teem, 1 tlin: 2 t*m, «. To b* full; sbound; 

To impart know'- ^^ 

orerflow.- teemlBg, pa. PmllDe: tMUf 

teS^ltln.;2«a5. n. pt. The J-ean of 
one'a age ending in -tetn. 

Si>^S!^«l^n<^ ^'-"^^"^ 

tecUl, 1 cnb: -2 l«th, n. To cut or dnelop 

leeth. Uetliel. ^ 

tMtb, iufh:et«cMi. PhiralofTOOTn. 

tJk, 1 tlli^ 2 Uk, f>. A large East-Indian 

te^to'tal-cr, I tl-ta'tsl-or; 2 l*-l«'tiJ-»r. 

tn« yielding durable timber. 

n. A total abstainer fnnn intoiicating 

teU, 1 m; Ttei, n. A .mall river-duok. 

Uquors.- t«e-ta'tol, a.- te»-le'tsl-t>m, ■. 

team, 1 Um; 2 tlm, n. 1. Two or more 

tee-to 'turn, 1 ti-tS'tnm; 2 tf-tfi'tfim, n. 

beuti of burden harnessed tOEStber. t. 

A disk pierced by a peg, spun in certain 

A get or worken or pUyen- tcam'iter, n. 


1 mtesiUDAni; i 



n-BMB'te-rrt .- 
We-Sruni 1 lel'i-aram: 3 UI'tHtrfm, n. 

td'e-m^, II tel'i-smf; 3 t*"l'e-Jrtf. P. 

M'»«nt>, StI. & ti. To Bend by telc- 

(nph; CDininiinicBle by tele^ph. IL 

t»4ep'a-tlir. 1 ti-lepVtlu; 2 
n. The sympallieljo affecuon m one 
sund « pervm by another at h distance; 
though t'U'UkBffli'caw, 

tal'A-plieDcU tel'i-Mn; 2 t«l'e-ffln. I. 

tol'e-fbne*. fri. Jiti. T-fhonhd; 4bok-- 
ma.l Toeendby taleiihaiii;: talk thnniirh 
the telephone. II. n. An bigtnimei^t 
tor repmduMng souad at a distant point. 
eQ>KlaUy by eJeotilclty.— M'e-plwDle, a. 

drive together, one within Bnother, like 
the seetiona of a snail reloRone. II. n. 
Ad optical instrument [or onlatBin* the 
image of a distant sbieot, as a star 
— td'e-Kople. 1 td'i^sksD'ik; a l*l"«- 
•eSii'lt, a. Petialolne u Um tdeaoepa: 
tWWs only Ihrouili iLb letsnapa. t«t*e- 
■cap>«)UI>- M'c-Mapl-al-Iii, d<v. 

*ell,U tel;Sta,<. [told; TBtL-iHa.) I. 

M*,;!. L To relate; make knovo! in- 

natie aerial transportation by elec- 
'. as by independent moton on a 

..etlng oable.- M'phef , a. * n. 

te-roeTl-lr, l ti-mer'i-ti; 2 te-mir-i-ty. n. 

brine (a metal) to a certain decrea oi 
hat^osB. II. n. 1. PanBioa;irntalion. 
1> Diapotdtion. 3. Seifinauiiand; eahn- 

reptrds hardnesB and britticnen. 

msnt; 2 t6m'pSr-a-nient. n. lodiyidiuj 

constitution; adjustment. 
eiB'p«-«ue, 1 tem'psr-Biia; E tSm^t^ 

ant. 1- 1. The state of being lempeiate; 

moderation. S. Total abstuionoB from 

intodcatin^ drinks. 
em'WT-ate, 1 tem'psr-it; S t&n'pS^at- a. 

1. Obserying moderation; not mdulguic 

in tntourratins liquors, t, Moiietate u 

'per4-tnrc, 1 tem'por-B-iiliur or -tiur; 

t8m'p?r-B-chgr or -tflr, n. Decree of 

ildi condition as regards heat or 

iin'pest. 1 tem'pest; 2 tSm'pfst. n. 

tcm'pa-nli, 1 tem'po-rBl; E l*m-po-ral. a. 

ttsa'po-itl\ a- Pertaining to or eiti^ 
ated at the temple or te^^es. 

tem'po-ra-iT. 1 lem'po-rfrn; B Ifen'oo- 
rA-ry. a. LaatiOR for afihort time only: 
tiansltory: tiaaalent.— teo'iio-iMMr, ati. 

tnn'po-TliM, 1 tem'pa-mii; 2 lim'pa^iU, 

Ing policy: delay; proers 

tempts 1 tempt; 2 t^mpt, it 
eapecially tr- — — -- J--- 


' lemp.4atloa, a. 

■ a.— temptlj^t a- 

l«n, 1 ten; 2 t«D, a 

n'a-bh.) 1 ten'e-bl; 2 t«^.bl, a. Ca- 
a'a-MP,|nable of being held or defended. 
■sraa. n.- ten1>-UT, ndi. 

„iid: 3 «i 

1 t«iLd; 3 t^d. c 

'I'ten't*-^' a' 

tCB'dcr, a 

n. Td look after: watch I 
n'der: 2 Wri'dfi, li. & n. 

Easily crushed, bmiiiRd, or 

IT-, U 

-|y. Bdi. -ncM, n. 
len'der', n. The act of b 
tena'ett, 1 Wnd-ir; 3 t«nd' 

veaerf HtlaodinB a larBer 

loc^DDtive. 3. One who t 
teD'defMn", I tfa'dsr-lein 

J^Ln', n^ The tendeifflt pu 

of beef. etc. 
ten'doB, 1 ten'dBn; 2 Wn'doi 

the bknds formina the Cer 

Ubf Dofaj ponJoQ of a mu 

Isn'ilrU, I ten'dnl; 2 tSo'dnl, 
organ of a plant; a dupport i 

family; Ufnially oi an ioferi' 

tcn'et, 1 len'et; 2 tin'St, n. 

tcn'ffdd, 1 ten'fald; 2 U° 

Made up of Ud ; t«n times n 

ten'Qis, 1 ten'iB:2 ten™ n"" A 
stretched perpendicularly at 

iea'aw,\°Ua-BT: 2 l«n'or,™. 
The hiohest adull rnab voic 

while heips strafched. 
tenth, I ten(h;2t«nth. I. a. 1. Neitin 
order after the ninth. !B< Beiof on* 
of ten equal pai-Ca. II. n. One of tan 
equal parta.— untbly, adv. 

Z tfp'id. a. ModeraCsly 
rm.- te-pM'l-tr, tep^t- 

11 ta>«ei>'ti-ne-n: 2 t«t- 
a. Qt or belonging to 
I yeaiB, or to a 300£ anni- 
.. [-niE«>, pl.l ASOOUiaii- 


1. Eva 

r aubf«rfujEe. 

rpprt. J. Jtftw. 
Btretched tight. 

pcrint, aa b] . 

t. Fickleness or instability of cc 
erni,lt6rnii2terai. I. tl. Toaesi^naie! 
name, IL n. 1. A word or eiprBaaion tfl 
designate some Gied thine, t- 'A fixed 
period or limit of time. 3. pi. Comiitiea*; 

er'nui-|»i>t> 1 tor'me-Ksnt; 2 l^ma- 

ahrei. ' 
tM'ml-D^ 1 ti 

II. t 

B. PBi 

unf to a boimdary o 

S: vflf,dgibMk,bntififll,n|le^cani.)>at,bI 

race; build in Uttbcgb. 11. n 
ter'n-^D. 1 tcr'e-pii 

■q', a. EBfthy; 
1; a W-rffl'tri-al, 
earth, t. Per- 

ter'^btB,ll ter-i-bL; S tSrt-M,a. 

(er'rl-bl'.f nature to eiclle tecro 

tHllinC. -oem, n.— (er^rl-blri odi. 

ter'ri-er, 1 tert-er; E tSr'l-er, n. A 

frightcti.^ ter-rlf' ii, a. Teirllylng^ alarm- 
tn'ri-to-iy. I ter'i-to-n; 2 Mri-to-ry, 
oMbdJ; domiun. _°;^ ^-1 A^jUvision 

'tt-**^ 1 tur'flii-e-n: 

t"l. 1 le«t; 2 tfet. 1.1, T 
t"i, n. Toatteat. 

he' true chatart*r of bo 

To try by eqieri- 

tAa'ta-Qwati n- 1- A vjll diimoaae d 
property afler death. 3- (T-l (5ne c( thi 
two vofumeB of the l^ible, diatioguiahH 
a> the Old ami tbe New TeaUment.- 
lea-ta-mental, o. Penalnliw to a tesu 
nent or will.— t«tta-ni*n't«-rr, a De 
rived troin. bequeathed by, or set Iqrth In i 
wlll4 anpolnloJ by a wJll.- les'tatc, 1 t«t« 

is'ti-cie, 1 tee'ti-klr 2 ISs'ti-d, 
of the tvo gsnital glands cf the e 
ss'tl-ft, 1 tea'ti-foiVS tSs'M-n, r. 
-rT'iso.J I, (. To decLara on 

«k before a court; ayidence. «. The aet 
ol lestirylng.'tcB^U-ina'nl-al. L a. Per- 
talnln^ to testimony or a tefltlmoalal. !!■ 1L 
A lormal token ol i«card or approval. 

M'ty, 1 tes'Uj 2 tfe'ty, n. [} 
TE9'n-TVT.l Irritable; qmok^tAinpeiwL 
- tea'tl-ly, odi.- MatlMMW, ». 

ct'ft-niu, 1 («t;».Dns: e tM'a-DHB, n. 

tete"4't(te', 1 te 

locUair.~ te-taB^lba. 

<p«t': 2 tel'-*-ti;t'. 2:1 
face; eanfidential. II. 
rviev. IIL adt. Fri- 

3 t6th'9r. I. H, To 

range of feeding. [Combimnc forid 

ifni-, tetr-, 1 lofra-, tetr-i E t*f ra-, ten 
it'ra-ROn, 1 tefrs-enu; 2 t^t'ra-Wn. n, 
Qpire having four angleo.— t«-trac'o4uil* 
It'ra-be'dran, 1 tet're-lil'dren; 3 t#t'r 

IT iHiLiw Iflanffulu lao«.— 

prinoo.— lefTMeb-r, n. tet'nnk^tcl.' 

n. A scbool'boak; DSDual.— Mi'tn^l. a. 

(ci'tUe,! 1 tekstil; S teksHil. a. PerUin- 
tcitlV, ; ing to wesviag or woven fsbrJCB; 

tei'tiue, 1 tel[a'[%UT in- -tiur; 2 t£ks'chifi 
pr -tar, n. 1. \faDaeT,of weavinE or 

thBiC 1 ttian: 2 thin, wnj. Whan, ae. or 
~" : used to expreu oom- 

tbane, 1 Oien; S thAn, 
Enellib noblemui.— llun 
ttaaok, 1 fhaqk; 2 

*. ."■ 

Uiaii][s''Klv'lnc,] (haokB'giv'in;Sthiloka"- 
SlvW, n, 1. The act at KiTing thanks, 
asMOod. 2. Apublic service or ;^elebra- 

m recoKoltlon of the year's bleeatiiAa: usually 
on tbs Jut ThuTBiU)' In NovemtiK. 
that. 1 fiiat: 2 th». I. a. [xhohb, 1 AS>; 
2 thoB, pi.] 1. TtB Cone) Hpecially desig- 
nalei a. Such. 9. The (one) there. 
II. pron. 1. Ai a demonstrative: the 

rTBon or thing mcnlioned or undeivtood. 
As a lelatTvc: who or which. UI. 

Ui«Sil,lftu^r2^iich."l°;rt.™n. "To 

of straw, or t^c like, for a roof.— thalch'sr, 

n^— Ibateli'liii, n. 
thaw, 1 ebe: 3 1% L rt, di vi. To melt, 

(aieeoranow. itn. The act of tluiwing, 

A* of fmen srouw]. 
the, 1 thi, m. or Hie: S AE, Ae. or Ch«. 

odi. By 

By this; for ihbl to this ei 

>-M-,U {bre-tsr; 
>-tl«.J A buUdinc ... 
itations; pUyhouse. 

Penalnlw lo the tbeatsr. 1. DtgUued An 
auolay « eflecc tba-afrlct. ll.ii.fl. 

A dramatlo pBrf<nia]ic«. 
thee, 1 till; 2 tfa«, ps-f. prm. The objeotivs 

oan of thou: used in prayer, poetiy, et«. 
tliert, 1 fheft; 2 lh«ft. n. 1. 7he act of 

stealing: larceny. 2. That which is stolen. 
Ulelr, \l IhEr, thiri: 2 ther, thfirs, rait. 
theirs, / pron. pi. Possessive esse rf tbci. 
thelim, 1 ihl'iiiii: 2 thaivn, n. Belief in 

one Ood.— Uw'lst. •>. 1 hrilm* In nne rinil. 
tb»4ftlc tl 

2. Hence, government by pricsta 
stics.-lhe»o-erBl'le, •i-cal, a. 
.'o-Ute, 1 thi-ed'o-loit; 2 thi^^'o- 
llt, n. A portable inatnjment for measur- 
ing angles, used ia land'surveying. 
be-ol'o-«y, 1 (hi-al'o-ji; 2 the-SI'n-Jy. n. 
[-Q1EB", pi.) The branch of reiigioufl Bci- 



rand only; abstract kn 
Ltt: a propoHed eiplanati 
- the"o-rot'l-CTl, 1 thCo 

■pntele. llHf—tim, 
the-oi'a-pbr, 1 Ou-n'o-fi: z tbe-ifo^y. 

n^ A ByBtem td mystical speculntioD ap- 
plied to dcduc* a pluk»o(itay ot the uoi- 
vena; id modem uae, a flystem that 

tbefB-pen'tle, t iher'iHiia'dk; S th#r'< 
pQ'tie, a. 1* HnTing hoalinE qualitie 
euTBliv?. 1, PertainiDji to mediofd science 

.atr.adt, 1. Inoratthal 

plan. X. To that ptam: tliitluiT, S. Al 
that tutt— *^ m '—h*ni; at: Hemrtbmx 
t fc w » V ln»ti-t 'fhr f i ' a f tiT La. Ttii 
dme loUowlDi u event. IL s^i., 1. Atva- 
van!. f. AeoDnUncIy.— Ih i re ef, od*. 
Upon that.— Unn-n'^i 
(tw aiiaMi o( tlial " •~ 
J. CoDfonnably 

■rtU', aitt. i. viia Uiu, tbac. or It 
TbenupoD.— tbere'wllb-al', lufi. Be 
ttcr'tnil. 1 Chor'mel: 2 tMr'miJ. a. 

lor'mo-atat; 2 th«r'ini 

pwltory or wordB w koowledia; a 

1 ihrns; 2 tbe'sii 



defended. 3. An emay; tbemc 
thaw, 1 fhlD; 2 thn, n. A niww < 

in Uw plural» bodily Btnngth. 
tlHT. 1 tht; 8 the, pm. pj. 

THniH. poR.; THEii, si/.] TtieB or thoH 
iuiileTvto4Mi or meatkcied. 
tbick, 1 (h[k; 2 thik. I. a. 1. BaTint 
reUtivcEy great distauoe from one aurfaea 
to ita oiqwfljte T< Havioc a nwnGed di- 
tnennim diBtJoeuiefaed from lenctb and 
1. ArmoK^d compactly: cl«e; 

II. ».' 

3., The ti 


1 dioi; 2 Ihl. n 

The I 

iof tt 

between the hip and I 
tUU. 1 ibU; E t£ll. n. una ol 1 

pale4 attached to a vehicle betwc 

a hone ia harnaiKd : a shaft. 
tUmltle, 1 1 fliim'bl; S thlm'bl. n. A no 
thhB'bPiJof metal, worn on the end ol 

the fiUEer in sewing. 
tblii,lfl>iD:StiiIn. I. K. An. Iteihned, 

— ifl'Kijja.I To make or become 


,T.| 1 

11. a 

>■ Spal'Be: Tore. 

UilBe, 1 Ihain: S thic. a. O 
to thee: used now most 
ptayw, eta. 

tUiii,l{big:2 thlocn. 1 
Bub«taj>0e; a diatinct objei 
1* pi. Fereonal bdonfiic 

think. 1 IhlDk: S thiQk, I 

.ot thick, t. Lean. 
HaviDg Uttle lub- 


Mrous.- tUnttir, odi'.- 

2 ttlr'ty, o. & n, Tsn 
~ tUr'ti-cth, 1. i 11. 1. 

s^"*!!?™!. < 


9 here prcKnt. tl. 

# penob or tbjnc bere praeDt, 

I if pRsent. HL odt. In tbts w»y; 

lc,)I^i^; 2 thill, n. One ol 

thith'w, 1 fiiil 

e^afle; in that d 
To liat end, 

«lo, "Tl ttiC; 
Uiouli,;2thQ, ' 

1. Nolwitbitujii 

3 Iho-rii-H. a. 

ftbom, 1 thBri];3th< 

out^rowih from 

thor'oiiKb, 1 1 a. 
Cbor-o-, Ithrc 

BtDcIc: blgh'Bpli 
OUril-(ll''lllc. d. 
— tbor'oBvaii^ 


«bor'iHisb-warf , 1 

VoT tliorouffb or 

perseded ii 

OnM^ 1 SiSi: E IbSf, a. A prm. Is 

pRAADt UAe, plut^ of TBAT. 
thM, 1 ftpu; 2 tbou, pron. The pomon 

■poken to: now supeTM"""^ "" ~ 

imce by Ihe plural form 

A. &ofaerr^actioa;ako,a 

thonsht, n. I. 1 

ment.eto. ' a!1 

tlLOUAllC^ I 



II. (B- 

es ten: l«n hundred- 
. 1. LutlnsKTiaol* 

(I'n.'"'!, AUBVB.serf. 
,— tbtmt'^otm, fL Bond- 

: Dirasb, t. I. I. To 
throw onMclf about 
nabt.-tlmMli'er, n. 

ireod throngh. II. i, 
Hfl thromch a wood. 
lender ootd. fiber, or 

lacing a«pect.—ttireat'eiMiiy,P(i. 

Oavth, 1 tbnfli; S tbtfah. >. L I. To 
beat, aa italka of ciain, by means of a 
Sail or s DMchiDe. II. >. To beat out 
grain, etc.— tlirab'cr, n. 

thrMh'eM, 1 (hre^'ald: Z tlirieh'old, n. 
The plank or atone benealli the door of a 
buildinc: Bill: entrance: atartino-point. 

tliRWi 1 thrll; S thru. lap. at tbbow. i. 

Uirlec, 1 ftiroie: 2 thrii;, odt. Three timea; 

Uirlf^' I thrift; 2 thrift, n, Wjae and 


be thrifty; grow i 
throat, lihrot; Blh 

uopJuffui or the WLadpj 

t^f ■ ' 

!, 1 Oiti; 2 thru, n. A vio1«Dt pane oc 
iw,iaii«n;2(hran. l.H. [teirone; 

ruLTch'i chair of Btate; royal digmty; 

ie,)l (hrot'l; B thrtifl. I, il. 

-i to chokB; .hut off, «. learn, 11. 
ThethroHt; windpipe. 1. A valve 

Ibrontb,)! fhrQ; 3 thr\i. I. a. Gains 
tlini>, Cfrombecmninctoend; pertain log 
to an BnCirn distance. IL odt. 1, From 
one end, auriaoe, ale., to or beyond the 
other. H. From benniunc to end. 3. 
To ■ termination. IlL prep. 1. From 
end to end. t. TbrouEhouC. >. From 
UH Dm to the lait ol.— IhroucbHiat'. I. 

Le air by foree. 
rowing: a fling. 

fringe of warp'threadi 

Bt; Z throat. I. m, & ri. 
i thftd. Th -J. T/ 

thud, 1 Q^ui 
n. Aduli.neavy- — ■- 

tbllt, I'ihug: 3 thtti, n. 1. One td ■ aeei 

thumb.] 1 Oium;' 2 tham." I. «. To 
thnni>, /prraa, goil, or wear with the 
The nhorl, thick di«it ol 


thump, I fliomp; B thflmp. 

It. ttf. k ri. 

To itfike with a bee 


aaund. IL 

n. A blow making a 


ttann'der, 1 {hun'dsr 

S IhQn'dEr. I. W. 

To gi™ forth a peal 


(.f thtmderj 

acoom^H lightn 

ng, 8. 

Any loud. 

mmbUni. or boomliu Dolse 




or thunder.- (hon'di 


oni.a. Producing or 



- ttann'te- 


Tlmra'dmy, 1 ftiiini'd 

2 thOis'da, n. The 

fifth day of the week 

thiu. 1 IhoB; ZOiHa 


. In thia or 

thwack. 1 fhwak; 2 thwilk. It. H. 

hearily; whack. IL n. A bloi 

thmrC 1 fhw&rt; 2 thwart, W. 

vpnt hy interpoaition; toil, 
thwart, a. Lying or extending m 

thyme, 1 taim; 2 ilm, n. An arDm* 

tUa'ra, I tai-«'r* or tt-S'to; 2 tl~4,'ra or 
a'*.n. ThePope'BtriplBHwn:aooH,o 

(lb1i«, 1 tih'i-s; S Ub'i-a. n, |-«, 1 -I, 2 
or -AH*, pi.] The inner one of the t 
bonei o( the leg Iwlow the knee,— tlkfl-al 

tlrkt, 1 lik: 2 tik, d, A »', To muud. 

tick<. n. 1. A acoifioant m«rk; eh«k. 

tllftt, 1 t«lt: 2 tit, a. 1. Not leaky; Im- 

i. One of tbe iKurrini eoundi made by a 

pervioua. S. Ckisely drawn or fastened; 

»skh, dODk. or the like. 

atriiuent, I. Mttln* oloaeLi'.- tliWen, «. 

tltk<, n. One ol vsrioua blood-micking 

5 «■ „Td make m become tight or ll«hter,- 

pBTudlea that iiifeat the skin of amnials. 

Ufiitly, udE.- tlcbt^en, ti. 

tief, n. The attmt ouler ooverinj of « 

bed or mattre.. Mek'taft. 

tlck'et, 1 tik'et; 2 iik'et. Id. <(. To fii 

a tieket to;. label. IL n. 1. A card 

Bhowinj Ibal the boEder u entitled to 

tion. :. AUwoilsbeJ. 3. [V.S.] A bal- 

lot; aleo. the list of Domineea of a party. 


tltine,U liW; 2 tlk'l. .. [TicK'L(!!)rP-, 






(. To DIUH UtlllRUOO or lUKllm.- tlC*'- 



tlde, 1 toid; 2 tld. 1. «. i vi. (tid'edI; 

■nD'iBH.I To carry, aa by a tide; to 

Ulc. 1 toil; 2 Ul. I. M. [tiled; til-inq.) 

I. To drain by tiles. S. To caver with 

D«r. n. n. 1. The periodic riu and 

tiles. II. -. 'l. A thb, piece of baked 

fall of the Doean, due to the attraction of 

clay used for covenng roofa. doors, etc. 

themiDandmoon. i. A current i itieam; 

15™inf«^ers.-tU'«c,""-?into,"'^ ll 

drilt; tendency.- U-dal, 1 Ul-dsl; z ITdal.a. 

tl'dlDRg, 1 toi'digi; 2 U'dLne;. n. pi. A 

report! newB. 

till, 11 til; 2 tn, U. To cultivate as soil. 

U'dy.lHii'di;2U'dy. ti'dibd; 

lU^(-tlU'»-bl(•',fl.-t^l'»■^^■.. CulUira- 

Til.I-lNO.1 [Colloq.I To make tidy. U. 

Oon. ~ 

a. |Ti'Di-ER:Ti'Di-iaT.] Marked by ocat- 
oen and order; trim; orderly. IIL n. 



tie, 1 lai; 2 (1. L rl. & ci. IriEn; tt'ihq.) 

aa'tr; n. a handle for turning a rudder. 

1. To(V.teii,a..cord;bin^:l.ush;fa.ten! 

(llti, 1 tut; 2 tut. I". *. A vi. 1. To tip; 

attack. 2. To form a knot in. 3. To 

slant; lean. S. To aim, aa a lanee: 

restrain; confine, i. To balance, a> op- 

contend with the lanee, IT. n. 1. An 

posins voles. IL n. 1. A flexible fasten- 
ing, as of eord. H bond; obligation. S. 

inclination; slant, 3. A (oumament. 
1. A thruit. as with a lance,- tllfer, •.- 

Exact equality for and asainat. as in a 
vote. I.jWim. Aeurvedlineplacedoveror 

Ull-.liainlner, n. A heavy hammer list 

under two notes of the same pitch, to make 

(Uf. Id. I*. To fumiah with an awnin«. 
11. n. A canvse cover, aa for a host or 

UlS^'tUth;2tatb,-.. Cidtiva«on;lillBaei 

them represent one ton».length. 
tier, 1 Mr; 3 tfr. n, A rank or row in a 

series of things placed one above another, 
tierce, )1 Urs; 2 Ifrc, n, 1. jUui a 

tlenc, /third. S. A cask. ». A sequenci of 

till, 1 tif ; 2 Uf. B. A fit of irriUtion; pet. 
tl'ger, 1 toi'gsr; a tl'jer. n. A farge 

uSs^'rss&s'**,;,"?; .. 

carnivorous mammal marked >iith vei- 

Ume, i toim; 3 tlm. 1. vt. k ci. [timed; 

column.- tl^r^lsh, '^(Tbb, ^-(J-jM. 

Tiu'iNO.] 1. To adapt to the time or 

lU'r, n. A tell culUvBIaa Illy with punile- 

occasion. 2. To regulate ae to time; 

or b;ack-«poti*d nowen.-tl'»»si, il a 

keep lime. 3. To record the lime or 

female tliei. 

»: walf.d(|;bl)»k,beiK;Iifll,n| 


n. n. A hint trai 

an'Ue,iltiD'«l;3tIo'il,n. [tu('ol(e1 
ttn'll'./TiN'auNoJ To hnve e. atii^ 

r; 2 ttflk-er 

makeahift f aahio' 

Unk'n, 1 liok'sc 

mendoTMWhi _ 

n. n. Ad ituMisDl insDdsT of til 

On'kle.lltiQ'kl: 2110111. 

ttn'W.jKLfDii'; TiN-KUiH!,) T<; 
a aericA of ouich, aliaht, mataUic 
11- n- A so^p, clear, Ijoklipg » 

ao'wl. 1 tla'r ■ " - ■ - • 


. n.n 

Unt, 1 tint: 2 tint. ■<>. tt. To tinge. II. 

n. A>li^t<»loT;tiDce:hue. 
tlQ*(ln-^]ili^-la'ilan, 1 tintHMb-,!.. 

OV, I Up; zap. It. A n. Itii 
Tip-piMO.] 1. To lean; lilt, 
t. To Biva a Hinall giatuil^ 

Upt, rt!"To°u^Ub mth or U 

[tap«riiiff; end. 
tlp'a n. A amall ^t of moDcy; a hdftful 
acaif far 

tlp'iMt, 1 lap'et; 2 tlp^., 
the bkV, or neck sad ulioilldera. 

Hp-ple, 1 1 'iB'l: 3 tip!,.. [np-PLin). _.. 

avV, /ld'itip'pung.I t.t. Tadriiik.l> 
alooholie brverHgea, fwquenljy. II. i. To 
■lii aficD. ai Uquor.— thi^a, H.— Op'plir.ii. 

ttp'aj, 1 tip'sii 3 tip'sy, B. Inp-ai-EB; tip'- 
Bi-EST.] Faitially iatoiictited. 

tlp'toe", 1 lip'ia"; 2 tip'ia', I. vi. Tc 
walk OD tiptoe. 11. n. The tjp of a UR 
or of the toei <!ollectiTely. 

«D'<top', 1 ti|>'-top'; 2 Mp'-tSp'. ». [O* 

veiT top: uaed Ldao aawijflotive and adverb, 
tl-p«ae',lti-red'iat!-rfid',n. A proloBied 

tUtf. 1 tair: 2 Ur, B. [tibec; tih'ino.] L 
(. To weary: fatigna. II. i. To be- 

1 tiih'u; Z ttoh'u, h. 1, BiiiL 
he elemenUiy f abrica of Thkh an 
L5 compowd, 7. Aoy light or 
injTeli Htuir.— tla'aiKifA*ti«T, a. 

avb^. It 

ot dlvtriLtlcA of glgkDtLe 
iCIta.— Tl-UalCi a. 


nama to; enUUe. II. n. 1. Ad i 
BCTiplion: DBine; Appellation of raztk, ei 
S. A claim, u to considemtion; rigbt, 
10 property.— tltledt d. UavlDff a Utle, 
of nobUltr.-tltle^Md', n. Tha Innj 

^cd.- Utle^wtc*, •>. A°px/ at ' 
fnmt of a UIosiT ^roductkiD. iimally or 

Intopliwe. 4. In a direction implied. I 

on indire ct o bject alter oertain parts 

q)«eh, m. The (dgn of the infinitiv 
toad, 1 ted; 2 tSd, n. A taillcu. iumpii 

animal. memMlDi (tw (nn.— tma'ataal 

n. A pofBonoue muBhroom. 
(lWd'r> 1 tiXl'i; 2 bJd'y. L M. A 

troiD'iKi; TOAD'1-rao.l To fawn upo 

ll. n. [lO^o'ixa', pi,] Aa obKiiuio 

touf , 1 t^Bt; S lOat. I'<. rf, Td drink 

the boaJth of . ^n. n. The act of drin 

meut; ftlw,-the penon or the senlime 

. Toasted bread. 
-bac'co. 1 ta-bak'o; S to-btc'o, n. An 
anDiul plant of Ibe niijhtahade family; 
aldo jtfl leavea prepared m various ways. 
' (••bM'cA'nlft, n. A manutacturer a 



forward end. talanu; alarm«beU. 

toc'alD, 1 tok'Bin; 2 tflc'sin. n. A ugnal; 
ta-dmr'. 1 tu^C; 3 tifda: I, n. Tho 

OTeaeat day. time, or ace. D. adt. 1. 

On or during tbls present day. t. At 

coholic liquo 
1,' To touch 

»H. B. To furnish 
ic of the diftila of a 

TO'a«, 1 -jl; 3 -45. pM The large loose 

to-Betb'er, 1 tu-«elh'ei; 2 tcj-fteth'Er, adt. 
1. Inbp union with each other, t. Ib 
compauy. S. Simultaneausly. 4.With- 

tot-Jcle. lltegl:2«Se1. I. rf. [Too'cstitD, 
tosn', /too'u)''; Toa'- Q— ^ o 



and moved by prsssun at the Jmictloa. 
oil, 1 toil: 3 tail. n. To labor arduoualyj 

woti liird.— ton's, n, 
oil', n. FatiguinjE work; any oppresidTb 

task.— toU'some, a. -ly, a*t. -nesa, a. 

ollet,' 1 tei'lot: 2 t«i'l«, ti. i. The 
process of droflBDa oneself, t. A pe^ 
eon'e dren. 1. A drnAainjE ' table or 

o'ksn, I tCkn': 2 tCkn, n. I. Anything 
indicetife of some other thing: a sicn; 
symbol; emblem. I, A pleife. «. A 


kUI with a tomihflwk. 
IL n. Ths North" ^ 
Ameiiuui Jadiui war* \_ 

o.-.. [-T. 

pl.| The edible fniiC « 
otaplontof tbsDighv ' 
iiinie ramily; al-u, 


: S Kico, 

toS"«Sl^a t 

to-mor'rawi I tu-msr'a; S t^iuOr'o. I. 

n. The morrow. IL otli. Oa tbe next 

day afier to-day. [litmouse. 

tom-ur, 1 lam'tit*; 3 ttm'tlf, n. A tit: 

ton', II tuni S t^n, n. 1. A meuuie of 

tun', ; weight, ettlmr 2.000 pounds (a 

short Ion), or 2,240 pounds (a long ton], 

2. £U. S.I A raeosure of 10 to 100 oubis 

INQ.) To'give tone tfl; modify in tone; 

defimte pitch;' charularistio sound, a^ of 
s voice. S. A mood. 3. Characteri.niii 
style. tVooBlinaectioffimodeofutteraiioB. 
tonis, 1 leqi; 2 tdngg, •>, ji, Aa imple- 
ment (or graspins, eoDsislinn of a pair 

1. The organ 

tan^, f ot lyeeoh and 

tomt, 1 ton'ifc; 2 USn'ie. 
vCgoradng; bracing- a. I 
tone or toDes. 3. Fertuni 

IL n. A t^nio medieine or anything in- 

tO'Dllllt', 1 tU'Doit'; 3 to-nit'. I. n. 
The nl^t that follows t»day; also, Uw 
present night. 11. ad^. In or durias 
the pteseot night or coming Disht. 

ton'nuc, 1 tuu'ij;E tAn'ati. n. The cuhie 
capacity of a vesset in tona of 100 cubio 

toD-ao'rl-al.I tan-BS'n-el:2 4An-i 
Pertaining to a barber or ta bis 

toD'sure, 1 ten'rihur; 2 t^n'shvr 
sbavinj; of the head, or shaven 
of a pnest; tlie ptiestiy office. 



,__._, e than suffi- 

eatly. 3, [CoUoq.J Eiceedingly. ». Also; 

haouner, file, spade, etc. !S- A peieon 

tootb. 1 tafh; S tooth, n. t^BETB. 1 
2 t«th. pt. 1. One of the hard, > 
structures of the mouth, used for ch> 
food. 3. Something reaembling the 


I theil. o. ' BupiJUed wllli leeUi : li 
Ib'pICk", n. A small r 

Tt^r 2°''tSp.'S.™b^"p^"t, T< 

'piNaJ 1. To remove the top o 

n. 'l. The upper eitremity of anj*- 
ig 2. That which is Erat or hightBl 
rank or degree. 3. Novi- Aplatfonc 

to-poi'ra-ntiyi 1 1 lo-pog're-ii; 2 to-p6S'- 
to-pofls-h', (ta-(y, n. 1. Tho dwcrip- 

physiud features, coUectLvelj', of a _ 
— to-pd'ni-iibrr, n. Ad tipenlnloiic 
pity.— l«i>"4>-ri«pu^c,top'(>-Knpfa'l-c 
ip'ple,11 tep'l; 3 tOp'l, V. [tof'p 


'""" °°"^i 

-tOr, I. il. t--TDraD; -tdr-ino.) Tt 
flict eilTcme pain upon; cause '^ — 
IwenJy, II- n. Int«iiK sufferiiui 
To'ty. 1 tfi'n; 3 ta'ry, r., |To'b] 
I. A memher of sn Epilish 
political party, oruunatiBg with thl 
CavaUer party of Charles I. I. Oni 
who during the American Revulutioc 

™a'iNa.l' L 1, To throw, pitch, oi 
SJDS up or about. II. >. To tCrow one 
self trom side la side: be moved, rocked, oi 
blown about. 
(«S9. n, I. The act of tosainc. 2. Tbi 

torch, i tordh; Z tArch. n. A 
a pole, or a lamp bo attached. 


dividuaT or clan, and retarded aa 

extent, usually with r&in and lightning. 
tor-pe'do, 1 tor-pi'do; 2 ti^r-pe'do. n. 1, 



with lender feelii 

(or 'rent, 1 tor'entiK tir'Eat, n. Anji 

tor'rlll.i tar'idiEtfir-id.a. SijItry;BO 
tor'gtOQ, 1 t^r'^sn; E tAr'shon. n. ___ 
Act of twisting, the state of being twisted. 

s. 1 tar-dhur or -t 

: (outh, 11 tiif; Z tOf, < 
■af», /being bent cr 
breaking; tenacious. \ 

toar'na-nMDt, 1 tOr'ne-mont at -rnent; 

E tur'iw-m 

est. n. la medixTBl tiUM*. m 


IdLlbetWHD putiMof niounud 

17 aeriei of oontsled gamltl. 

tMr'nl-qiut, 1 tOi'iu-ket: 2 tur'ni-kit. n. 

A bwidiws. «U.. far stoppins tha flov of 

(•w, 1 »; 

ta, It, To dm£, ss ■ host. 

through th 

e wmtor by a rope. 

*OTP.n. A 

■hort riau» hemp or flii fiber. 

tow. B. 1 

Th»t which i. towed, M > 

THe «oi ol towloe.- tow-Bfe, 

N. The M 

■vlw oi or olwie lor towlw,- 


n. A boat I« towing.- tow'- 

tmW, n. 

A ihUi ^odb Uie rivir or svuU. 

wed Id lowliM boiU.- toWm™-, n. A 
tope u»l to lowing. toWrflMJfi. 

io-wmrd, 1 

.5'flrd; 3 16'ard, a. 1. R^dy 

to do or 

leam; apt X, Approarhmg 

to'irard, ) 1 tA'ard, 'erdi; 2 tA'ard, -an 
to'wsnid J pr(p, 1. In H oouna or li 
ksdiiia to; alio, facing, t. With tsspt 
to. >■ AimiDf &t or oontributiiic t 
for. 4* Near m time; about, 
tow'el, lUiu-el:Ztow'e!, n. A doUi. ui 
■lly of linen, for wiping or drying. 

lU, 8.1 

— Umta'raKa 

1 tsks'ik; Z tCka'ie 

. Poisi 

tdil-caro-iT, i tuks'i-ksi'a-ji; 2 tSka'!- 

raatB of poisoDB. 

li; 2 Kiy. t ri. To dally: trifle; 
" lombling a toy; of mio- 
iBkui^HK. Mil. ri. A pUythiog: trifle. 
tr«*i,_l trSs; 2 trflc I, ri. Ithaceu' 


tor. 1 to.. ^ . 

play. II. a 

AtfiBn,] 1. To follow {a lino), sa with 
nencil; sketfh; map out. 1. To copy. 
» drawing or writing, on a auperwwd 
maparent tiieet. S. To track. II. n. 

. >r drawinc a ku. 
■'«!■»«, 1 trt'lu-a or tie-kl'»; Z ttfi'n-i 
w tca-nS-B, n. [«aii-«. 1 Jo-I; g -ke.i. 

Id br a focviCD body or 

.tnrfled; n 

tne'Ulet', 1 trak'td; 2 Irfa'Ul. a. Capat* 

bBlnjj drawn oat.— lf>e-tll'V^ti >. 
trmc'non, 1 tralf'Aisn ; 2 trie'ehoB, n. 

XI. 11. i. To engage in tcsdBi 
A btnimffl: bargain; dcfil; 

1, 1 tTB-di^'sn: 2 Ini-dlah' 

tre-duce", 1 tra-diOB': 2tr. .„., 

DucBn'*; TRA-Duc'iMo.l To miatfimvacDt 

tmrVJf'l mf'ik; 2 trilf'ie. I. rt. k\. 
iTRir'ncKED*. Tii*i'n<7i«; Tiur'ncE- 
IHn.j To barter; conduct bu«iie»: buy 
and sell. II. n. The eiehange of goods. 

nig'e-dy, 1 InJ'i-di; 2 
i-DiBs», pi.l I.^liie fora 

thetic. >. A fatal erent; dra 

liSfe-dy. T. 
. iofty, or pa- 

or tra-Jl'di-en'^ £.trM'ilie'dyte' or xrm-^i'i 
to', n. tm.-tn^lt, 1 tr«]'ik; B U1*T«, , 
FsrtalnlDff to trasedy; fataJ; oUinltou 

ti«II, Itrtl^atril, pi. An. To dra* aior 
lifthUy; dtAX or dmr after; follow tb 
tnu[ of; trace: creep, as 4 plajit. 

tian, n. 1. Tha tnok left by anythiii 

i* Aoytliuur tTAilod: a traia, aaof aEowi 
tntn, 1 trta; 2 trfin, .. 1. 1. 1. To d< 


1. To dim 

eof eierci 

e: the traJUri^ part of a ffOWD; 

ltrtnWl';2trfci'-«il*,"n. C 
rrom the blubber (rf whales. 


o hamper; entaiiele; i 

pede. a. n. . „ 

tramy, 1 trunp; 2 trimp. It. d. & n 
To wait witi heavy Btepa. «. To tr 
on footj walk or wander aimlevly. 
n. 1. A heavy, eootjniied tread. H 
, S.[U. R' ■ 

tnua'plle', : 

m'pT. D 

tnnee, 1 Z trans, 2 trtac, n. 1. A atale 
bmnscN/in which the »oul aeerna to baTe 

paraed out of Ihe body; ecstoay; rapture. 

S. A Blate of ioasnabuiU'; catalepsy. 
tnn'qnll, 1 Inq'kwili 2 trKnliwil. a. 1. 

Five fmiD acEtatkv a/t disturbance ; calm. 

truu-kl 'plDe, 1 trana-al'pin or -poin; Z 
trfta»«l'pia or -pin. a. 1. Situated on 
the other side of the Alpa, eniecially ai 
viewed from Rome. t. CroMns or ex- 
lendinfl' across the Alpa. 

tisiu*B&tan-tlc 1 trana-aWan'tik; 2 
ti«iu'&tr.|]kii'tie. a. 1. Situated on the 
other side o( the Atlantic. %. CnM«n( 

niuaj. -9jj iHv. -Besa 
ital, 0. 1. or very 1 

"iSfuSSjfr' ' 


tions at right anglta \ 
b»EU-fer', 1 tianfr.far' 

'; Z tr&o-aerfb'. 

of traiuiferriiig. t. That 
which li transferred. 3. 
A place, method, ( 

rans-flK'ure, 1 tr 

yur; 8 trSna-fS'jijr, «(. t^une 

□d^Ian c 

iiRkB (lorioua: 
" 3 tr&DB-flks', n. 
rm'; 8 trKns-fflrm', 

L; ebaii?e.~ toaai^or. 

. B\K. An apparaluB To 

ig b«3'ODd the Bea; 

(rsiu'iiilrCTate, 1 tTuu'au-grit; 2 tiiiu'- 
mi-crat. il. & n. [-saiT'Di": -obat'ihu.] 
To nii(i»te. u fram one place or coodi' 

BB-BBT'eiiti 1 trui»p&r'eQt: £ trtns- 
If^Dt, a. That CBD be seen through, 
I clear aIbh; enty to vadt 

ISB-tplrc', 1 tnm-flpaii'; 2 trin-eplr'.n. 
t-Bpnn>': ^pn'iHa.] 1. To be emilted; 
eih&le. 2. To beooDM knawu, u « lut 

remove aod pluL in 
moi'pUia-Utliui, n. 

nns-p6rt': 2 trinB^joit'. 

"^ To mi witfi^ii- 

traos-poit', 1 

The aot of tnniportini. or tlw bI 
bein^ tran^^iorteiL Z- A veoel for 
portuu troops, military Bupplieg, fli 
Emotioia,' —'■ ' -" 


tiuu'por-tktioiii n. 

traiu-piwe'i 1 tiasa^pOt'; Z tilln»iiOg'. <(- 
Itbaiw-poud'; Tiujn-Poa'iHa.J To n- 
verse Ibe order or chODin the plue <i\ 
taterttumae.— bvBi'poHd'tlao, ■. 

lnn*Hib-itan'a-a'tkiB, 1 tru^ob- 
FtaD'ihrf'flienT 8 tr&ii'attb-»l*ii'>liW- 
■hon, n. Tbe dootriae dut the aubsUEo* 
of the bread and irlne of tbe euchuiit 
is changed into the body and blood ot 
Chiiat; also, auch myitical chance. 

I. a. Tiyinjt or being acm; athvut. 
Il.n. Tbu Hliloll U Mnn««. -tr.mli. 
trap'i 1 inp: S ti<p, n. Itbxppbd'. tvifi*! 
Tstp'riNa.] L I. L. To CBUh in a tnoi 
ensnare. Z. To aupply with a tnp. It 
i. To Kt trapa for iBDie; operaM a Oait- 

(npi, tL To adorn with trapi^BBa. 

tnp>, 1 trap: 2 tAp, n. A dark rocti ol 

tr w- IWIW. ', 1 tra-pli'ia tra-pCi', n. A»bwt 
bar, auapended by ropea, fw gynuuaaa 

tra^'ll-Diii, 1 trn-pru-anii E ti^pf- 
ai-tini. n. f-u-A, pl.l ■Jj^'^wS 
■aid, I buVHid: s iriko'e-iald. ■- A 

tnp'pinc 1 tTap*!!!; 2 trftplna, n. An 
ornamental bouaog or hameaa tot a 
horw: in the pluiel, adommenta of any 

tnah. 1 tiaA; 8 trish, ». WorUilen mat- 

1. The act of travelin, 

2. To einmins csrefuUi 
tnT^BC, n. 1. Anything 

tniri. Itrel; S tra 

■ Dct'oia hooked 
tnj, 1 trt; B ti*. n 

with nueed edceq, 
(nseta'«H-r,ll tredh' 

To fiah by dfagKina 

(iH.y,il treiOi'M-i; 2trSch'er-y 
r-yi^t Violation jjf allMance 

1 tred; S ttfA. I. it. A. n. [tbod 

tomrd; duL with; eiprsH; present, t. 
To apply s BpodBl prooeaa to. a. [Col- 
lofi.] To pay the «itpense ni entertain-' 
ment, or £iak, for. U. i. 1. To handle 

byof. S. To neBoCiKte: followed by IcilA. 

treiti n. 3oinB unusual pleaaure; enter- 
tainment fumiahed BratuiioiiHiy." tre«V>- 
mcnt, H. Tbe aet or modo of treaunf . 

trea'tlBe,)! trftia; S trS'tiB, n. An elabo- 

p'.] A forrnal agreement or oompOi 
rebae,)! trebl; S tt«b'l. I. W. 
rtb'V,][vr.BB'i.lx)ti': rBEB'LjNG.] 
muliiply by three; triple. II. i 
Threefold: triple. S. Mat. Sof 
in. n. JUw. Tbe Bonruio.- treMl. 
Thiee times; trli^U 

irlply: eioeedL 

■.. l.Tt. [TSE 
perennial woody plant at 1 
■e'Ml, 1 tri?oS?S trifiiil, B 

■^i^-bieffl'Sem-bliStrBm-- I^^T 
■eraTH'.Jbl. 1. m, Ithkm'- J~^ 

shake InToluntari^i be agitatfid; quiver; 

one who bss the care of a treuury or lunda. 
. bidden, the owner boln« nntnown.- trela) '- 

trencli'er, 1 tren-fti'sr; 3 uench'er. n. A 

Rooden plate for use at table. 
trend, 1 trend: Z trind. Id. ci. To have 

or take a general direoOon; incline; lean. 

II. n. General courae or direcOon; 

tre-pan'. i tn-paE': E tre-pSn', n. An 
early fonp of the ireplilne.- tre-pmn', «. 

J: affinal; l = hahlt: (ddte; aa=i«<t: atl: ltl = rfl<d;<%ln; so; o = B[n^:[s. 

•: «alf,dg;b4bk,b«»e;fvU.HIla,care,bi 

t.bQni; Oil. Mr; to. tern; igk; thin. this. 

■N'lHQj^ To ope 
on. n. n. A 

lovine ft diak of 

cylindricid sav for 

bone (rom the skull. 

1 trep-i-da'flien; 2 trfp'i- 

I ttaence of mu.— Mebl-DO'dt, ■. Tte 

Fua proiliiaKI by trichina 

', 1 tiiki S trik. I', a. A n. To plBy 

tres^HM^ JBupporU 

poTtiiur a bridal o 
(n-t pi^Tz. Three; 

<ck'er-»i, 1 1 

I. Cnft; 

tfl'ad. 1 tnl'ad; S tn'£d. n. A group of 

tri'll, 1 tiai'sU 2 trl'&I. n. 1. The acl of 

toinf . or the elate of b^ce tried: iudiciftl 

figure bounded a AN 

2 trfc, rt. [trioed'; thic'- 
iM irith a rope; lie or luh. 

tild('cr-|F>, n, DRsaine up; decoretiou 
trlckKer, 1 trik'l; Z tHk'l. a. A n. 

Cto^; drip. 
tllck'f, 1 trik'i; 2 trfk'y. o. I. Diipo»d 

to tiicka; deceitful. S. Vicdoua, u an 

trt'COfOT, 1 troiTtol'ir; 2 trt'fcW'Dr. l.n. 

Of three eolon. trfcarofcdt. U. n. A 

SaS of Uuee colon, as the Fnnch. 
M'cy-cle, 1 trui-ai-kl; 2 tri'cy-d, n. A 

threa-wheeled vehicle of the velocipede 

trl'dcAt. 1 troi'dent; 2 trf-dBnt. n. A 
Ihree^roDged ImpleDient: the emblem tA 

trl-eo'iit-al, ltrai-en'i-Bl:2trt«n'i-il. I. 
a. Occurrina every third year; also, laal- 
inn three yeani. It n. A ceremony ob- 
■erved every three ycaiv. ^* ado, 

Mle, 1 troi'/l; Strf'fl. I. n. [■ 
THt'FUNa.l To eport; daily. II. a. 
Anrthlnc ol very UHle value.- MVb, ■.- 
M'nB(,«. LMvolouB. ». iMHr l fra m. 

trt-roll^te, 1 troi-fali-J^t: 2 tri-fCh-St. o. 
HailiiE thTM loan*. trl-(*'Il4(*edt. 

Ifte'gCT, llrig'Br;2"Ii'«'. "■ The Bnger- 
piece of the look, for diacbarginc a Bn 

Mt'o-notn'e-trr, 1 tria'a-nern'r-tn; 2 

brf-h('M-Bl.ltroi-lat'Br.^; 2 trt-lStfr-al, 

a. Ravine Itiree ndea 
M-Ht'cr^ .1 troWit'»r-»l; 2 tiWIt'iMiJ. 

brim, 1 trim; 2 trtm, f . [TEUfHED, thikd'; 
TTUiruiHQ.] I. ^ Tlj put in Blupe; 
prune; clip; decorste; biilancc, u a ves- 

trln'l-ty, 1 trinVH;2lirin'i-to-, n. ■ 
pi.] i. |T-| TAsoi. The tfireeM 
sonality of Gnd: the Father, So 
Holy Spirit, t. Aoy unioa of tl 

Any thrvr thin^ anoclated together, t. 

trtp, 1 trip; 3 trip, ». Jtripped'. TRin"; 

?o" "alanoe, atunihle,*'™*'!"!. ° j! To 
perform la dance) lighOy or nimhly. S. 
M<cA. To tree; releuw, u a catch. If. 
i. I. To move with light and nimble 
■Hsi. t. To UumMe: tn.- tilp'^um'- 

trlp, n. 1. A ebott journey: e.euraioD, 

S. Aitumble^blucder. L A nimble ilep. 

tarl-pu'(l(e, 1 tnI^l)af'lolt or trip'sr-Uilt; a 


tH'idaBe, 1 trufpl^D: 2 IrTpUn. n. Id sv1»- 

tHp'Ke', 1 trip'l; 2 trip'l. I. H. (thip'- 
l(B)D': TBlF^.i™.l tS make Ihreefgld: 

trip act, 1 triplet; 

rfplct, 1 t 

ne birth" 

|i'l]-c*(e, I trip1i-k«t; S trtpli-cBt. I. 
(. [-cat'i:d3j -c*T-iMa.l To treble. IL 
, Throetoia: tripl.. til. n. A third 

trUecfl, 1 trai-sekt'; 2 ti 

dlilde Into tiuee Darta.-trl- , ... 


cuJt. H. n. 1. E 

iiin'plunt,a. EiulUat; victotioiu. 
(rl'uiie, 1 troi'vOn; 2 tH'y«n, o. Three b 
one: said of the Godhead. 

legged itand, u for kettles or hot irooa. 

trlv^-al, 1 trivVal: 2 trlVi-al. a. 1. 

Trifling: inaignifirant. 3. Commonphice; 

ordliuTy: paltry.- Mr-tsl1-ty,nL Mi^ 

lH>ircek'ii'. 1 trai-wlkli: 3 trt-wikly, o. 
1. Performed- oceurrin*. or appeariDn 
three tiuieeaneek. 3. Done or occurring 

tro'cba, 1 Ire'dho; StrO'chl. n. In Span- 
IBh-flpeakina landa, a path; road; also, aq 

tni'eliee, 1 tri-kl; 2 tra'cB, n. Proa. A 
foot compriwni a loni and s short 
lyllablel- -).- tro-tfaale, a. 

fiah by dragginK » ' 
troll', n, 1. Mw,. J 
Fiihing. A reel ; lure usea 

(n>11cr,'l trel'i: 2 t'rtSl'y. "■ 
metal wheel (or rolling in 
electric conductor (the i 

tTom'bone, 1 tram'bfin:2 t 

.tr^ oi 

Ihe plun 

bm>lh 1 iiBp: 2 trsap. 

tropCt 1 trGp; ;j tidp, n. A fi^uri 

bo^piur',' 1 Irf'fi; 2 tPO'Ij', n. Irao'pHi 

~ Un'pbfHl, 1 ootid: gtiO'Ild.a. Ado 
villi UOpblH. 
tnpic, 1 Unp'ik; S Irtip'ic. I. a. T 
ical. II,n. X. EilhEr of Wo pBralle 
tslilude 123° 2T). nortli and south ol 
eguRtor, that form Ibe Umita of the 
rid lODf, 3. pi. The reeiona ol 

troii'l-cal, I uopVlisli 2 cnjp'i-tal, a. 

2. Of the I 
trot, 1 trot. B troi. 

n^ A pFO|:Tea8ive 

. |TR 

(Mtb, 1 UiQi or ti«l]i; 3 trfith or trSth 
n. Good faiUi; fidelity; betrothal. 
" ■ ,1 trd'bs^ar: 2 tru'ba 
mr poet of the middle agee. 
rub'l; 2 trflb'l, i. Jtiiocb' 

L. The 

xUteofbeini troubled 

t. SometbmK that wcMions dJHiculty. 

perplexity, or diAlfen. 8* Eiertloo; 

troilBll!,Utref;2ti6f, n. A long or narrow 
(roP, jopenieceptade, tu ■> log hollowed 

. holding food &ad 


troupe. I trQp; S trvp. n. 
trou'ien, 1 trau'isn; 3 

tTOii>"«»ii',l trQ'aS' ; 8 tru'sa 

n Abriie'l 




tr^UJ " 



trau'el; 2 .^^ 


L. l.AflM-qB^ 



used by 


Z.A Bm 


roi; 3 trOy, n A 

ByaWm ot 



tnubi, 1 trok; 2 trflk. I*. H 
barter; peddle. II. n. Con 
gardea produco, for aale. 

traelc. 1', rl •- - ■^ ■ 

a tniok. II. n. 1. A alout 
lik;1f heeL-'Sodi^ a. 

voyance, or fioods OD 

n-lent 1 

trudae, 1 truj; 2 tradi. vi. .[trudoed; 

TKCDo'iNQ.] To wiUt&boriously; plod. 
true, 1 trO; 3 try. a. Conformabie to fact 

□r reality; genuine; faithful: EUileSea; 

right; ei&ct.-lmTam, ItrO'lipilIlru'lini, 

n. An obvious truUL -trulf, aif>. 
trnfap, 1 truf'l; 2 trdfl, n. A fleshy nn- 

fmm^, 1 tromp; 2 trOmp. V. »(. Ja 
ilDpose unrsirly; obtrude \>v fraud, n. 
n. 1. (Scot.] A ifwVharji. I. [Poetie.) A 

Wortmen Onery. 2. Rubbish; DOOBonsa 

ly; appeArinfE m t ho cut Bquarely off. 

club: sUff: t 

m'dhBn; 2 trbn'. 
dl;' 3 tiOn'dl. 

ri. (tbon'i. . _ . 

sUma, u > hoop; loU on naOen. 11. 
n. T A small brood wheel, uol a (!uUr. 
>. The actor lrundUDs.-lnuiVleibe«-,n. 

trnnli, 1 trogk; Z trCali. n. !• Tba mii;ii 
body or stock of a tree; the coain body 
or BDy atTuctun. 2. The body, u dii>- 
tinguLshcd from the limber t* A poek- 
iDpibox with a hinged hd and handleSr 1- 
A probcecie» ae of an rlrphaat. 

trass, 1 trua; 2 tcOa. It. «. 1. fiuiJifin;. 
To support 

Aframo- BrMca.U uisLfl. 

work, as for 1. Th. Ho-, t™-^ a. Th. tri. 
B bridce. 1. ;^;^i,™- 1 i^u'^!d- 1 

tnuK I trail; 2 trBst. t. 1. (. 1. Tc 
repose tniat in. 3. To commit to Iht 
caro of another; entruat; confide. ». To 
kU on credit to. «. To believe. II. >. 
1. Torfaoe confidence; rel/. S. To 

bus^ n. 1. ConRdencer faith. 3. A 
chan^ OT reiponabilily accepted. 3. 

of being true. S. That vhich i> 
S. A fact: reality. (.Veracity: fi 
MtWiiey.-tfilft^. a. Veracloa 

»T, 1 ttoii 2 irj, t. [thikp: TRi^No.l 1. 
I. 1. To test; eiperiment nitti: put on 
tiiaL X. To uadcnake; atutnpl; en- 
deavor. «.ToBtraiii;di»treas; afllipt, II. 
I. To put forth eSort; alUmpt: endeavor. 
— trrlnf, pa. TcniDK aeretely: haid lo 

rjrst, llroiat or tiiat; 2 trtst or trj-st. n 

UT, tur'c-iitrli, eto. Same as out, eu. 
nb, 1 tub; 2 tCib, n. 1. A broad open 

"^i. a" Ion 

lono. hallow cylind 

tube, a titm tube for malntahilDE i 
vacuum- Inblnf . n. Tuba eoltec 

up o( or provided wlUi tuba. 
tn'ber, 1 tlQ'bsrr 2 ta-bti, n. B< 
short, thickened portion nF on . 

tnbe'rase", - 

IB luni.— to-bcr'ni-lar, a. 

'. To cover anugh-. J. To 
*. To make ti^s in. II. 

of small Sciible thiugB, as gtsB. leaves 
hair, held toBClher at the base. 
■IE. 1 tug; 2 tli£, I. cl. ^ li. iTTon 
Toan»; Tna'oiNO.I To nuU with gi 
effort; draw forcibly, 11. n. 1. 1 

I bearing bell^baped i 

t; 2 tOmtna, n. A 
la'DM-^, I tifl-mi-iol:' 2 tn'DB-n. N. A M. 

tu'mld, 1 tia'inid; 2 ta'mid, a. Swollen; 

pratubenDt: Iwmbutlc.- tvmUI-ti', n. 
tu'nior, 1 tin'mtr; 3 ta'aior. n. A locul 

■wdlliwoDanr putorttiBtHKIy. '" ' 
(u'mu-lu'. 1 (lO'iniu-lBr; 2 tD' 

HsrlDEtEBtomiotiiPioiuHL tn'i 
tu'mult, 1 tia'niulii 2 tu'nialt. 

mfoar-tB-mnPtn-m^ a. ™ tolmnl'til- 

*Oi^^lnn;BtOn. 1. 1(. [tonhed. tdnd": 
TDTJ'MINO.I ToputinUiatuQ. II. n. 1. 
Alarsei^Bsk;iermeDtiDE-VBt. 2. Abraw. 

tune, 1 tlaa; 3 tan. I. «. & ei. I'mmED; 
TDs'iso,] 1. Tq put or be in tune; 
attune, t. To celebrate with lODg. II. n. 
1- A melody. S* HannoDy; concord. >■ 

Ki bavlnfl two equal m 

A fork4ba|Kd piece a 

ci«rit cloBe-nttins garment. 2i A moden 
taa'Mce, i tun^iJ: 2 tHa'aj, n. (Bnc.) Ton 
tnn'lneL 1 ton^el; 2 tQn'tL I. it. A n 

tyf Mm wbedt. 

tur'bot, 1 tur'beti 2 tQi'bot, n. A lacca 

European Bstfiah. 
tw'bB-lmt, 1 turtiuJent; 8 tOrTriWtot. 

1. 1. Beini in violent comiuotion. I. 

', 1 Uu-rt 

1; peat; a £ras»<plDt; 

tnrr.l iari;2 tfirf. 
turt;BDd. II. n. ^.. 

tnr'tld, 1 tiir'jid: 3 tllr'^d, a. Siiollen; 
TnrS, ] turk: 2 tOrk. n. One ot the Mo- 

tur'lier. I tor'ki; 2 tAr'ky, n. A lai«e 
African bi^clKled,^^ ^UdTurter. 
tarter ■biu''Brd, fi. 

t.fncli.11. A 
irtey.-T. red. 

i. To 

To change; alter." 3. To VhBpH in a 
lathe; round. *. To sive or take a new 
direclLon; reyeras; incline; bend. II. 
n. 1. The act of turning; H change: vari- 
ation; rotation; revolution. 2. A rouod; 
Apell. 3. Shape or form; mold; diapoai- 
Uon. 4. Mm. AnembelliBhmentfornKd 

iloDC a railway.— tnra'io'ter, 
\ small pie havlnc a circular eruai 
n altylni-pan.— t>irD'Hll**<" 

y. looHl;. U17 hlab- 

form MWrBed. Uiih lubUiii : 

hlr'pen-Mme, 1 tor'nen-Uiin; £ tDr'pC 
n. A rtsinoua pnjduct of tbe pLne. 

tnr'pt-tmle, 1 tor^i-tiOd: 2 tifi^i-t 
tsbereiil boacnen; vilenea; decini 

(iu>qiiiriie', 1 tsi^ksii' or tor'kiri 
tur-kftig' or tQrtcwaia, n. A bli 
sreen EenHtoce. (Qt-qaoU'l. 

tnr^t, 1 tui'ei; 8 tQrtt, n. 1. A 
loner above lbs miua etruotun, ai 

wapvlilp — tnr'ntviin*. b. A lutKi 

»iir'U(«»'"'l lortl: S tOr-tl, n. A n 
ODvered with a faonv ahell: a Gortou 
tuftKe", n 

Eivcfl BpoKen Id Tuacany, (■pedaJly J 
FlonDoe- 1. .4rcA. A Romaa ORter ot anb 
tectiin, anted to Uh Doric. 

tusk, 1 tuak; 2 task, n, A Ions, paintc 
tooth, especiallr when prolrudlni:, sa i 
ttaa boar or itepbaot.— tailwil. a. 

tua'alt. Itos'l: e tOi^L L M. A H. [rm 
HtcD: Tm'njHa.l TobiTeatualewltli; coi 
t«ad. II. iL A dlsorderty •tmule; Kun< 

ock of nowliiB ETHB or wdffv. tiii'iitek{. 
tD'te-Ute, 1 lia'ti-lii; 2 WW-la*. n. 1 
State of beinc under a tutor or luardiai 
■, An or tuiortiw.- ta'l»4H. a. Feriali 
Ins to a tutor or Euanllan. mi«-Ii>-rrt> 

k. b<bt: tvll, rille, Ore. 1 

twa4'dI(C, 1 twadai 8 t»»d1. I. tt. t 

«. [T«*D'DL(l)p'; T»AD'PLI110.1 TO 

Drats. ILn. FreUatio us. silly taJk. 

couple; Mir. 
imnCt 1 Iwsq; 2 tning, I. tJ. A t<. 

sound witli a lnan(, II. n. A sbalp 

sound, aa of a t«nfla stiine plucked; a 

twnk, 1 twlk; 2 IKfik. I*. W. To pinch 

ai^ twist abarply. II. n. A twitch, 
tweed, 1 twld^ 2 twed n. A twilled 

tweei'cn, 1 twli'sri; 2 twei'Er^, n. pi. 

tweTv'e'ITwelv^S twifv, a. & n. Ten aod 

twice, 1 twnis; 2 %wJt, adi. Two timea; 

doubly. latne. 

(wIk, 1 twig; 8 twit, •>. A nnalt ^oot of 
twilight', 1 twolloit'; 2 twinif. I. a. 

Pertaining to Cwitight; shadowy: dim. 

II. n. The Faint ligbt diffused over the 

sky after sunset or before siunise. 
twlli,ltwil;2twll, I.1J. ToweavBwith 

rsiaedlinei. U. n. A twilled fabric. 
■■"■""" \. Being a 

II. n. I. 
at a birth. 


tfliZ *: Double: 
unterpBTt of anothe 

[rwiMBbi TwiK'mo.l 1. To 


The act of twining. 
wince, 1 twini; 8 twlnj; I 
twihoed; TwiNQ'ina.I To 
L twinge. II. «. AtUlng 

1 twlD-kl; StwlD-kl. I. li. * 

twirt, 1 twuri; E tirtri. 

Ii,bani:«l. b«7; to. i:ein; ipki ( 

Anything mad« by 
loy by »^adi 


tjpt, 1 Uiip; S Up. n. 1. Sometbinc em- 
blenuitia, nprcaeDtlnK, synibDUiiiig, or 

I. fl?i^ATu1XmenM*"S™Tstniclim 
Of ornnniara, t. A block or metal or of 
^ood. beating a raised letter or chtLTRf ter 

tlvel/.-t7'|aJ,n.— (I'PB'.biir^B. 1. Prtiu. 
A line of trpe cut In ona phne^ a l\uotype; 

fMiiMir.a.-t.-(MlBdlBS, a. The inimii- 

tnr somiiaBliia trpc.— trvc'HCUnc, n — 
tjr^rniVtr, n. A muhliio Rx- croSueliic 
L^tfldctawtfnuatubalitutatof WTitins; 
kito. raw wbo aii«tai«a It.— (I'pc'wrlt'lBc n. 

Pertaiiuiic to tj 
ln( fcKT. ^plivl 

i( cyelonio force, occurrinc in tbe 

typl-eal, I tlp'i-ksl; 2 tful-eal, a. Hsv- 
ins tbe natun or cbaracl«T of a type; 

ty-pof'rm-phr, ) iuii-p«e'rs-[i; 2 U-pGi'n- 

ty-noi'n-fr', Jfy.a. ).Thearran,ement 

of corapoaed type, or the appearance of 

printed nwCMr. t. The act or art of 

poK'n^pkcr, I ui-va^ra-tu: X u-pOfra- 
rtr. n. A lalnlS'.— ty'pD-fiapb'l-eiif, a. 
PcrtaloiDC to typosraphy. (r''PO-V>apk'lct. 
tj'railt 1 tai-rant; 2 tl'niDt. n. Aa ir- 
bltrary lulcr; demot: ouprfiaBr.— ty-ran'Bl< 
eal, 1 toHaifi^Hl; £ u-^As't-al, a. Ftr- 
talQlDf toorUkeatynml:HrtilljaTy;d<flpotk; 
□ppccHlve. tr-nn'iilel.' ty-rma'atioih 
lj< ado.— ttr'u^alm, u. t, •<. |-nuh>i 

nnt, irr'ui- mlatU —tfw'ma- hnh, a. 
DnpMle: trwuil^'— tfr^B-iMn-bi Mi. 
power HBliiatJF used; dcapotli 
tft-n, 1 tb^-M: E tfr'T^n. 
talnlDg to Tyre, an ajKlent ell 

..jwcr HBliiatJF used; dcapotliin. 
TrrlHU, 1 tb^-M: E tfr'T^n. I. n. t. Per- 

Tyrltn i^e: Paml*. 

(r'TB,! ui'ro; 2 tt'ni. n A beginnpri 

Tlt''o-ttt', 1 Ut'o-nr or -lb': S ifr'it^t^ ai 

-)V. L a. PstalnUc to Tyrol, an AuMHaa 

PTDvloec- II. a^ A oalivB kA TjnL— 

Tynn'V-eue'. m. Am. 

O,n,ly0;3yii,n. [heb.U'b, or fa, lyttn:\ The twenly.finl letter in the 
Encligii alphabet. 

»BT.| 1. IU.4ciokingJ IIDSist 

iDSishtly. S. B*- 

OhlaB, 1 blw nr yO-lBD': 2 u'lanoryu 
4. A cavalrymao aDd lancer, chieflj 
ployed in recDitnoiter^, aJdrmUbini 

n-liue'. Ij-u-kee'^Syu^Uis', n. An 
of tbe RuasiOD sovernment. 

nl'CTT, 1 iri'iar; gOiVr. .i. An open 


Dt-teTl^r, 1 Dl-U'n-ar; 2 bl-te'ri- 

More remott; lyina beyond; undi* 

■I'U-mate, 1 ul'U-mit; Z fil'ii-mit, 

nl'trm-nu-rlDe ' 

Biaf bluE col 


1 Dltrs-mB-rin'; 2 ttl' 

ain'ber.lDm'bar^aQm'bJr. I. 

a. BmwDish. II. 

plsmeDI or color,— i 
amliTUCf 1 ugi'b 

n-bn'ceoiM, a. ebidy. -I7. 

n'lilre. 1 um'poir; 2 Hi 

i-af-feoi-ed. ^r, 


■B-i)l(B»,-bIr ua' 

n'aH-uII'a-bKeF.-hl/ I 




un-pro-plttoun -ly 



nn-tul'liic, -Jy, -dob 





DD-tnnWlpf, -It 













oD-reini'8d-ly, -mm 


UD "re-lenl'luE. -ly 

iin"iE-ii's-l)i(e', -new 

un-Bup-porl'eil. 4t 













unTe-rtaflng -ly 


un-mi'lM. -ly 




mi-itWful. -ly 











un-Bl'«-W(e». -DW 



unSl'imed """^ 




o»-beaHli'lul, -)y, 

un ■ntP-tFC'tLaa-i-bl If 

SS^^Pu-tolU -ly 












iin-«er'vjQO-»-bl Ce». 



un-pai'al-»-W(ef. -bly 








SSiSS^Si"*- ■" 






USw^llbiy''' ■■"" 


udlSSld^' ""' 





UD-pre-lHiil-lng, -ty 




uw"TO(e%'o. Not 




a! Ii..po»dU<> t« 

•,\a. Not pro-vidcd wi 
I, / bearing arms; defensel 
I'lnf. a- Malum no I 

nn^a-vold'a-blCer, a. 1. laevitsbls. 

Thai can cot be made null and void. 

nn'a-iTWV', a. Giving no heed; i 


□n-bal'anMd, - 

a-con'9clon-«-bl (e', 

coii'a«loB-*>b]|r« Off D. 
D-eoQ'«clou>. a. 1 

ii-eoii''B(i-tu'tlaD-al, a. 

Going beyond 
Intolenbto.— tu- 

l. Temporarily de- 

■. 11. i. To re- 

act of anointing. 4, An unsuent 
salve. S. Reliiiuiu9 fervor; (Gvina 
— nDctB-onB, a. CieuF,— liac'tn- 
leu, n. unc^ta-si'l-tTi. 

in'de-eelve', Ic. 
iD'de-celT", ;bs] 

Lower or lowe 
IL adv. In a lower position ' 
degree. 111. prtp. 1. Ben» 
ered by. ^ In a place lower 
SubJEct to, 4. Leas IliBn. S. 

2. lAcklne Id good b 

of the tnnb. 
. 1. a. 1. 


clMbtnct .— unVo-eor'Ri 

cotrted;', cK. | 
ence,— iio'der-grad'n-iiU. 'n. a 


SS'iiS-li.i?" k"" tT^s w 

m dun dlnotlr below. 11- p 

aa-ibft', 1 Dn-drH': 3 OindrtB', a. 
Peitaininc to evBT7>dar atlin; beitoe, 

nn-dreu'. n. Ordiosrv attire; nefUcie. 
un-dae', 1 mi-difl' ; g flii-da-, a. 1. Man 

£ed 1^ Ikw or ptapriety. 3. Not due. 

|]n'dn-Utc,'l on'diu-lit; B (In'da-ISt. I. 
0(. Ab. I-i^atW; -L.T-ma.t To mtr™ 

BppeBrance. II. a. Wavy.— un'dM-ii^ 
Odd, ■. AnTliicniotloa;a>rBTe.— oa'dl^ 

To die up trom tne eann. 
dneorer.— nn ■Brthlfi 0. 

□D-Ml'T, I oa- 

t^bed; not qi 

S lin-erth'. It. 1. 


an-b'j-. a. Di«- 

nn-e'qiul. 1 

NotTiiviiig . 
ties. >* Iiiad«qua 

a.— nn-s'qual-b, nd.. 
ua-e>en, a.- 1. Not even or level, t. 
Not divUIble by 2 without leiaaindci; 
ndd. a. Nnt balsDcHi: not [air or iuai. 
Without a panlleL 

, .._(«',o. That can oot 

be taken eiccpbim Co: [aultless. 
in-blr', 1 oo-Ut'; S 5ii-Ur'. a. Mmrked 
by fraud; nob Just.— ni^falr^, oJd.— b^ 

in-IUthfnl, a. 1. Perfidious; futhlesa. 

mpntiietic; hanl; 
in-nF- !"■ vc. I'o oiHiu^if V. 11. a. 1* 

Having DO fitnese; unsuitable, t. Not 
ApproDTlale. -ly, odir. -iiesa» n. 
in-dedced', 1 na.<lejd-; 3 dn-fUAd'. a. 
Not yet able to fly, as a youni bird; ™l- 

n-fnrl', tl. 1. To unroll or spread out; 
expand. 1. To disclose, 
n-galnlj, 1 on-ctali; S OD-ttnly. a. 

Luklni gnce or eaae; Dhinuy.— tui-c>lBll- 
vn-Kva'ir, a. 1. Impioue; wicked. 3. 

1, I yan'yan; 2 yyn'yon. to. Pei- 

umtinci or the state of bcinp umto<l; a 
laniD^; ooaleBcence- Z^ A whole formed 

A combinstion ; eonaoiidation; eonfodec- 
ation; Ee^eu^' wedlock. S. Aflnemaat; 
a-nlqne', 1 yri-nlk'; 3 yv-Dlli'. a. 1. Being 

Wat-iaa, l ya'tn-saa; 2 }7i'iii-»a. n, 1. 

, trine of the Trinity.— 

irnt-tsll-aB-ltni, n. 
l-nlte', 1 yu-noit'; 2 yu-nit', s(. A vi. 
Ii.-rJtr'EBSiO-mT'iHa.l To make ot he- 

I'Ql-tr, lyO'm-ti; S yu'ni-ty, n. [-ties*, 
pi.l 1. The state of biHiiE one; ainileneMj 
union; humony: concord. 3. The nom- 

UU-Jasf.a. Not)u»t;wTongful;untair;uii- 

rUbteouB, -Ir, odn. -DMS. n. 
aD-k«nipt'i a. Not comliud: untidy: di»< 

nn-kninra', 1 nn-nSn'; 2 fln-nfln'. I. a. 
Not known, or not eapflble of being 


nn-lade', 1 nn-lsd'; 8 BnJid', tt. To un- 

nn-tawfUl, a. Contrary to law; illegsL 

iiii-lem"', [ niind: forset.— Dn-lnun«d'> nt. 
UDHeun't^.l 1 Dn-tara'cd: 2 aa-iim-H, 
oaJem'ed', fa. Without leamtne;illiUF- 

ate; uncultured. 
nn-leu', 1 on-lee'; S fln-lEa', a.nj. 1, It 

it t« 5°''^*'^* •*"• ""Pl^ine »*"" ■ - ■ 
■■□•llike'. I- a. ' IMiferent. II. adr. In an- 

nn-llm'ber, i 

QD-lMd'd, ». 

To detach the 

t; ant lft = f<«d; i 

!■'; Z fin-lodi' 

a, u & fort, 
tl. 1. To . 
t. To take any diBguue (lo: 

', a. Not Uvimd by luolt; un- 
— UB^ntk'l-neu. n. 

™" ° I. TJidfr 

u. a. 1. CrucJ: pitueaa. 

kibki', a. 'That cu Dot t 
nn-mii-Mlic'k-bKB'i.- nn' 

„_ r •talui^lilj, ■*. 

nn-IiBt'll-rBl, a. 1. Contruy to natur 

U OestJtuU ol OBtural oUcctio 

on-neiTle'*, ri. To deprii 

im-pu' Witl) 

iiii-pw^-leM>,/Dutch«l. _, 

■ut-par'H^iiieii'lk-rT. 1 en-porli-men'tit' 
n; 3 iJit^Arli-mfo'ta-iT, a. Coutnry to 
the Tulea that Boveni ddiberativp bodiea. 

nn-plMi'Bnt, ) a. Fuling to sire pled- 

Wt-tttifaiH^, S am; diciasTMable. 4r, adt. 

nu-pop^-lBT, a. Hav'^i no popularity; 

Ut^, K. W'. 

iiii-prot>-4«Dt-e4. a. Uneiaiiipled, -fcr. 

DD-m)'a-dlced. a. 1. Free from prej- 

luuce; impi^u. 1* Not injured or im- 

aD-prta'ctpledta. Ungorupuloiu; wick«l, 
■n''iin>-dlir'tl*(**, a. BlrreD; yielding 

Having re™ivBd 

nn-qnet'Uaii-a-blleT, ». Beii 
ui-qnl'ef"" ' ''-" — '— ■- 

lui4«ft', n. ReitleMiKH. 
nn-ririit'eoni, a. Not lichtooiu; wicked. 
nn-n'nled, a. Having no rivaJ; ub- 

eqiuled; matoUaa. UB-rt^alkdl. 
nn-nill', ft. To ipread or open (loni*- 

tbjng rolled up); o^blt to vww. 
nn-nilr, l on-rQ'li; 8 On-ryny, a. Dk- 

poaed lo man control: uscoTamable.— 



1. Having a din 

2. BiinesldiiE n 

.rnnpriJ^Sed" " 

■roper lifeaaon; Inappropriate, -bif, ait- 

luhom; depiiw of official podtion- 
-Kttle, m. 1. To move from a settled 
loQditioo. X. To confuse: distuA, 
f4eKt. Bt. To rob of ^e dielinctive qual- 
eapeoially, to make unieio- 

KB-tUp^, tt. 1. To unload 

%. To move out of plaee, aa a rudder. 
nn-aistatiy, a. CWenave lo nght: ugly, 
mn'so-pbla'tl-cat'Hl, ' --■-- '^-.- ■-■ 

1< Genuine; 

cimOK the power of thought; thoughllen.' 
)u*dl(«.- nB-ttalBktnc^ aiv. 
on-tl'dr, a. Showine or ehsracteriicd bj 
lack of tidineee; not in good order; not 
neat.— nn-tl'dt-^, iidi.— >ui-tl'dl-Da>t a. 

tree trom any iHlailng.— na-IM'i o. _ 

OD-UI'. 1 un-til'; 2 On-tH'. I, prre. Unto 

the timg of; up to; liU. TL eo<i^ To Ibe 

time when; to tbo plaee or degree that. 

an-Umelf, a. Coming before time or 

■ " T On'to, prep. To:«£onii»l. 

_. J. That can cot be de- 
a. That oan not be ealiouted. 

Xot ataa. 

DB4f twxbKC, ». Thu UD Dot 
utlered; mejARnbl«; uiupeakabLe^ 

oov«r» dlBctoK; imfold- 

wamuited; □njufttifijable: LmiefenaibLe, 
nn-WBr'nint-ei]. o. 1. UnwunDti] 

X. Bain* without wamnty. 
nn-WftlT, 1 nn-wS'n; 2 On-wB'ri-. n. I 

bmlgon one's enard; incB 
tta^mBria. Somewhat ill; i 
an-whoie'tome, a. 1. Idjui 

bsKlth; nckiy. 
nn-wield'Ti 1 mi-wlld'i; 2 fin-i 

Moved with diEsulty; bulky; cli 
nn-wtninci "' ^oc willing; . 

Not according lo w" ' "" 

f.— BB-WOT'till-Iie 

ward, ^I. n. That which ia up: ohSfli 
the phrase upa and dowiu. lIL oijc. 
Toward a higher place or level, a. Ic 
on * higher plac«. • ' -- - — : 

or lifted.- D»->>«T'al, h.-ub-ImM', imp. 
M vp, of inaoLD. >.— BP'-IlllI*, a. OMIIC Dp 
k hni: eitending upward; dUUonlt; labr" — 
— >»4lirid'. K. Td hold up; luppoi 
coorajo.— np-UR'a^. To lllf up oi 
■Inn; elcvau.— attitt, n. A mov 
umnrd; upbeaval; exaJfatioa. 
a'piu, 1 jHl'pH; 2 yyV^' "' ^ tali 
of the islaDd of Java, with aa acrid, 

itl»-bnld'<t, 1 op-brfld'; 

& pi. To rflproach ; accm 
np- hoi 'iter, 1 up-hAL'at 

up'pcr, 1 op'or; 3 tip'?r. I. a 
than aanuihing else. 11* n. 
part of a bcmt or ehoo above thi 
welt. S. pi. Gaitcr-tops for 
above the iboe.— up'pv^moit, a. 

Dp'plsh.'l up'i^;"2 i^p'ish, a. 

Snobbish; pt«t«ntious. 
np'rlgitit, 1 up'mit; 2 ilp'rtt. 

Vertical; erect. 2. Just and ho 



u[^«etMnp:«t';Bflp-»St',«. 1. Toover- 

tuTD. Z. To diacompoH: couluse. 
up'aet. a. Set up; cequired; as, the tipttt 

act of upsetling, o 

pertaining to an up.persto™. II. a. The 

daoly raided to wuJtb or 

or dincted toward a higher piace. 
np'ward, )adc. 1. Tonird a higber 
np'iiards, Jplace or price, i. Ja eiwu; 

more. S. Toiraid that vhich it better or 

n-n'oNiim, 1 yu-re'iu-um; 8 yuH^'ai-Qm. 
n. A heavy, hard, wtutfi, metMlic elemeDt 
foiukd in patchblfindo. Compare bu>[Um. 

Vn-aat, i yCrt-nn: 2 yu'ra-ntu. it. 1- 
Or. Mvlh. Tl» BDO Bud huBbud ol Oe 
(Kirtli) and ralbtr of tbe Tll ao i isd Ilie 

■urbane', ] 6r-bfn'; 2 ar-bftn', a. Civil; 

ni'chlni 1 ur'iihin: 'a Qr'chm. n." 1. A 
miachievouj boy, !E. A hedgehog, A* A 

mtt, 1 Brji' 2 Qrt, t*. tDMiD: nno'iNn,] 
To presa eameatly: dnve; Inipel; hulen; 
fcurry.— nr'nn-w, II.— nr^at, a. piaa- 

tfrine, ly^nn; 2 yu'rin. tt. The Buid 
secreted froiA the blood by the Iddnnyfl, 

— u^i-na-rr, a. [toot. 

of«, 1 nr-it: S Or^ a. ' [L.l A slK best. 

— Ursa Hijor, the Qreat Bean a larffe. 

■plQiiaiB Mart, popularly called Che DIpikTi 
Ihe line lolnlw two ot UieM Uan taHUeatlnt 
tbe poellloii of the polevtar or nonh stai'. 
Bet HHRTEBa- U. Mbiar, tlwUttle Bear: a 
■umbets oonstellatloD IneludUi Ihe pole- 

Br'tlnV. I nr'nn sr -eobi: S Ci'alD sr -Bbi. a. 

1. PeruUUnfi to or like a bear. i. Densely 

brlatled. ti aerula calerplllan. 
na, 1 ua; S Oa, pren. The objective cu<e 

plural of Uie peisonal proDouo of the first 

.- lu'age, I yojIJ: 

The'act of uainB; 
3. Sorvieeahlc- 

iu-ol, 1 1 ya'311-st; Z yAi'ibi]-^ a. Oc- 
- 'fmct, 1 ya'n^frokt; S, ry'ihu-trfirt. 

profit they produw without i 

Euiily.— B'lohiHitloii, n.— a-nu>^. n. 

n'sD-ry, lyfl'su-n;2yif'ihU'ry.ii. J-aiE«'. 
pl.j Illegal intereat; originaHy, ttcresl 

n'ter-iii, 1 yH'ter 

nnftiiiary laland, the seat oI an idealt^ 
erfect life; any state of idpal p<rf«lio»- 
U-to'nl'aii.a. PwijiiMng lo or like ni^- 

ter, 1 Dt'er; 2 iit'Er, tt. To apfak; ar 
ublidy; put in circulation; publiih. 
Mr, n. Absolute; total; unqualiSed. 

2 gk»*'ri-fii, a. 

T. V, 1 vl; 2 va. n. [VEM, Vs. or Fi, 1 vfti 
a v^, trf.l The twenty-Mcond letWr id 
tbe Euglish alphabet. 

taining cothing; ' empty. 3. Mot' occii- 
pded; void ot thought or e:iprewlon.— fa'can* 
cy> 4' E-OIEa", p'J EmptlDefla; empty apbtt; 
a RBP.— va'caut-lrt ado. 
fa'cate, 1 vi'kst; a vi'eSt, rt. * ri. [n'- 

Tac'clD(e*, 1 vak'nn; i 

guidebook, or the like; a Latin phraj 
Vb^nd; 2 vaEVbii 

»'ry. 1 vs-Be'n; 2 va-fi£'iy 

pomp,— wn-ido'ri-ODi, 0. '^Ir, ads. 
nie. 1 vU: 2 >U. n. A valley. 
nl'c-dlc'yon, 1 vsn-dlk'ABn; a vU-^^Ue'- 
" 1; 2 vJll-p- 


I a valedictory. 

At; tqll, mle, cSre, b 

•altnee, i vmtna: E y»'l*i 

Isl'eD-Une, 1 vaL'sD-tnin 

1. ALelteioctolienHnt 

rkl''e-tn''dl-ns'rl-ui, I v^'i-tia'di-nE'- 
n-Bo; 2 vaiVtli'di-nll'ri-an. L o. S«k- 
ing to recover health; infimL IL n, A 
il'e-tuW-iu-TTt-— "1^ 

9C Afylh. Tbe hall ol tb« lU 
al heron. Hal-ballat- 



val'Ur: s vil'Ur. 


the maldeoB Uiit » 

the ban- 






vail; 2 v&lV, n. 



vai'sr; 2 viU'o 

innonal bravery. 

irj,- lal'- 

»»l'ae. 1 

val-yD; 2 vSl'y«. 

r(. (v.L'- 


i.'d-ikqJ_ To call 
priM, IL n. 1. I 


«o worth: 


t. The market 


. 3. Es- 


2 vU-jnj-B-b]. I. a. Coeuy 

;^nw. II. n. 



e aet ot 



tor, IV 


ni-«'tor. n. 




' 'i 


— Talvad, a.— nlVa-Uc, i. 

guki^f ui anny; the Tin 
va-nUla, 1 VB-ml'»; 2 vB-nll », 
n. A tall-climbiiu orctaid or its fiuit 
knovt, SB ths »onia-b«sn 

boi-tr, n - 

-n't^^'OiHi. 1 Ti 

'rl-e-smte, 1 ye-n-i-gSt: 2 vS'ri-e-SIt. iL 
,-oiT'Eu"r -oat'iko.] To diversify with 

thiags; a Aubdjviaioa of a opeowfl. 
■'rl4-IaU, I vrnAor vu'i-ki-tald: e jtTtt- 
lar vti'l-)o-jaid. I. a. RCHmbllPC nutl- 

To cowr, u wiih V 
over. n. n. A Bolution 
or re^na: used to produo 
; loperadalpi 

• 'JT, Ivan; 8 VI 
va'ht-ino.I 1. T__ 
lity; differ. 2. To d 

tained Tram mtrotemn. 

mat, 1 ' 

'a1, n. A feudal »• 
2 vtot, a. Of great eitant or 

1 Df the hands. II. ti 

H. k ti. To boBit; eiu] 

vol, 1 vU: 3Tfl,T The 1 

TCdM, 1 TrdM 07 Yl'dwr; 

ilim, n. pt. Tbfl four ho 

Te-ktc 1-Hde, 1 vi-lesWd ; S Te^Cst-pCd.n. 

An ERrly form ol bicynla; a chOde tnVcle. 



;'e.«**l(e», 1 wj-i-ts-bl; S vfia-e-ta-bl. 

Te'iul, 1 vt'nsUS vE'nal. a. ReiuJrlo sell 
honor or pihiclirio: mer»Diu7. -iTt DdE." 
Te>IUll1-a'> n. 

re-nm'tloii| n. AnflngeniBiit of veins. 

ieild<<, I vend; 2 vJnd. ri. To tliepoee of; 
who vendi: a pedler. Veu'dacl.— niHll- 

Tcml'l-blT. adt.- Tsn-dne', a. 

Tes'e-tAt«, 1 vejvwti 2 vfe'e-tat, t 
TTAT-EDa;-rAT-mo.I Togrow.ssBpUn 
(Atlonf n. t. The ihykuos of vfisetaUng, ' 
talDlnv Co or produclua plaal'mQ. 

r«I1itiiif 1 

TeQ'Cl^«-bl(«', 1 v> 

icn'scance, 1 vcn'JBia; 2 ven'Eant, n. 
The ulflictJon of puniBhiDent: retribution, 
revenEB.— Tcnce'fiil, a. vindictive. -If, 

ve'iit«l, 1 vl'm-Bl; 2 ve'Di^al, a. That 

tr, n. vCnl-al-HSBt.-Te'Dj-ja-II, odi. 

Tcnl-Bon, lven'i'i«n;2ven'i-eoD, n. The 
fleah of deer. 

poison of fierpents. Acorpions. or the lik?. 

Te'Doas, 1 vl'nus; 2 v8'nBB, n. 1. Per- 
tsining to the veins. S. Marked with 01 

l-toH, 1 vei 

air Into; parity; 

_ iii-iiiiM, 

pnftnl, 1 ven'tTfll; 2 

pubUfl.- tntl-U'- 

T«n'(Tl-el|cr, 1 ven'tn-lil: B ven'tri-«il. n. 

trt^o-Ur," " ■ """ 
' -aulun, 1 Ten-tril'olnrinni ■ 2 



• fro 

Ml-a-qiirl--»B-U4l'»-«ai>t. ■.-««- 
trll'OHiauVp tt. 
Tea'ture, 1 ven'dhur or -tiur; 3 van'chijr or 
-tor. I. rt. & ri. [ten-tubed; tih'- 
TDK-ixa.] To hs»nJ: risk; dan. II. n. 
1. Ahmard; riak; speeulalimi. 9. Prop- 

»tB'ne, 1 ven'ya; 2 rfn'jTj.'Ti. The place 
where a crime a committed or a trial held. 

Tc'nnB, 1 vl'nus; 2 va'nOa. n. I. Mulh. 
The Roman goddess of love, Identified 
with the Greek Aphrodite. Z. Tho sec- 
ond jjlanet from the sun. 

TMm'cKHU, 1 vi-rt-fliua; 3 

B^tufll RBaMrof crut^ ^ ' 
ff^-fao'dft, 1 vi.r&n'da; c vc-iau ut^ a. fw 

open portico. Tfr4«n'daht- 
*ei*i, 1 vorb; E vtrb, n. That part of 

Tcr-cU'l-an, 1 1 

Of oi perUinis 

— la'ttt, n. Ad luAer I* 

h^-jil'i-Bu; 3vep*iri-Bn,i. 
to the, Roman poet Veirf 
auUior ol the Maeii. 

■0 lobe tr 

■athnitlcate.— nrt-lfa-Mier, o,— nr*l-lK 
ea'tloD, n.^mt-Wet, n. 
»WI-l7. 1 vert-li : 2 vSr'iJly. adv. 

beyonii nil doutt; ssBuredJy: really, 
Tcr*i-d-iiin'l-tiide, 1 - -• 

2 vBrl-si-mll'i-tad, n 

lug U) be true: likely. ~ * 

TM'l-tJ. 1 ver'i-ti; 2 vSrl-ty, n, [-nts", 
;>'.] The quality of being correet or 

rorm. a. HbtIk Hi* Mim ol a mn 

thin, and fleilbte; as, tile Krral/Vvm ap 
See AJMHDH.— (w'lBMan, I vflr^ 
s vSc-ml-tat. n. Any remedr that d 

speech vhich asserts, declares, or predi- 

..KS«."5"J.'?-ZSS»t ^,-». 

to words rather man Ideas: literal. *. Spo- 

<!he['U; 2 vir'ini-cai'i or vSt;mI-chellI, »• 

ken^ not written: oral. ». Penalnlng to or 

nr-mlllon. I vei^mil'yen: 2 ver-mlfran. 

n. A brilliant durable red, 
wrtoln. 1 vOr'uun; 2 ver'min. n. «n(. * 

to ^^.JSTSSS? w^io?^!^'M 

rst. mouse, roach, etc., or auch animal* 


Ter-nM'o-Iar. 1 var-nak's-u-lor: 2v«r^t'- 

w-lar. 1. a. Fertaiuinc to one'e native 

TeV^lv6?'Mi;3ver'nal,a. Betoneinc 

Ter'dlct, 1 v5r'dikt; 2 vfr'dlet, n. The 

tneprinc; also, pertain! ne Ui youth. 
ver'aa-tlfce, 1 vVsa-til; 3 vBr'sa-llI, a. 1. 

deoLiion of a iuryi any decisjnn or cdd- 


t. Inconstant.- ver'i.-ttll.ty. ». 

nKdl-grlB. 1 T6r'di-ens: 3 vBr-di-Jria. n. 

verse, 1 vdre: 2 vSm, n. 1. A line ol 

poetry; looacl)-, a atanma. 2. Poetry. 


busk-bone.— vcrtc-bnl, a. 1. Pcruininc to 

I. o. HsvW i. bMk.bone. ' IL n. An gnl- 

ver'tei. 1 vOr'telis; 2 vSr'tSka, n. [tbb'- 
Tox-u. 1 'II, 2-ea; ver'ti-cib, I-U-bu; S 
-ti-tSs.lrf.l The hightst point of anythine; 
Apei: lop.- Ter-U-«>l, a. 1. Being at tbe 

tKt'U-KOtl'yai'u-eoiSyir'ii-'io,^ tiitii- 
verrSi 1 tOi-v; 3 yfiry. n. ArUstlo ApMt And 

Fer'y, 1 ver'i; S vSr'y- I. "■ [Vaa^-IB; 

vEB'i-Bro.T Resl; Rctutd; true; suns. 

II.o<l>. InahiRhdeKiw: eitremely. 
TCS'l^KC. 1 vca'i-kl; 3 v6i'i-el. n. Any 

of vespers. II. n. 1. pi. 

m'iSi. 1 SJ™Ja" 

TEoeptocle. 3- A ship or oth« 
it[Btioa. S. /4nal.£Zaiil. ^ 

resP',lves(;2v6«t,.. I. (. 

' aa «ith suthoritv; invest, 
owrtenhjp of. II. i. 1. ' 
inenta. I. To lake elTeol 
nsf ed, pa. 1. Htivliw ve 
X, £au. Held by a tenitre lu 

tlia beanli 

aacred On. btootlitby £ 

I-kllle.l ves'tl 

ment, n. An articls of drew; robe of 

pl.J 1. A loom where vestments an kept. 
I. A chapel. S. A body adminiatering Uie 
asaln ol Die pirlib.- leatri-man, n. A 

VM'tnra, 1 vea'ifllur bt -tiur; 2 vfa'ehur «■ 

ve^h, 1 vwfli; 2 vecli,'i.. A plant ol me 

nt'tWB, I 'vet'ar-Bn; 2 vet'Sr-an. I. a. 
1. Old In Kivtee. V. Belonging to a 
veteran, II. n. One king in eorvice, as 

I of don 

fluctuate: vadilate.^ n-bratloDi 

vlar.-lfmtthlp. ». 

Made or performed by m 

□orality. Z. A bad I 

4w. ad>. . 

Ie»<rr ■■ Tbft Dffiog or b 


ti. A i-ham*. as of 

Tie'UlD, 1 vik'tlm; 2 i 

creature snciificed oi 

saQerer: a dupe. -tie. 


pi] Tfie overcomini 
GoDQuenng: Irlumiiba] 

)t an enemy or t 
- Tlc-to'Tl-aRa, 1 

victuals. II. n. jj. [vicr'niLB, I vitli: 

Tf-derfMwt, 1 vi"ei"™; a'^-iisri-feii 

adc [L.] To wit; namely; abhreviattdpii. 

rt-liutlc', 1 viQ-yet': 2 vlii-y«t', n. 1. A 
mnninE omamenE Ot leavea and tendfib. 
Y. Aq euBravlDE. or the like. haTiDg A 
backgroiiDd that is aliaded oS fmduiJIy. 

Tta'or, 1 viK'ar; 2 vlCor, n. Aetiw 
BtreoRth^ force; cpersy.— vIv'iwhhm, b. t. 
FiUlc>lTl|Or:robiiBt. >. PenaUUnc Co tlffv. 

Tl'Idnf, i vai'lor vrjkio; 2 vi'Ior vITIuia, 
n. A freebooter; (Hrate: one of the Standi- 
navianwarrionof the Sth to the Illh cen- 
tury, who hartied the coaate ol Eonpe. 

il: 2 vll, - 


iL-cn.) t. 

3. Meu 


' Shamemiiy « 

leellonable; d^ ... 

Btender!- iU"IS-™''tioii!"n.- lU^-R-er, a.' I 
TUla, 1 vil's; 2 vll'a. n. An eli^aat 

country house. 
rtn»g«, 1 vil'lijSvn'aft, n. Aoollectiiffl I 

[DbabJtwiIa colleotlvdy.— tUIij^, t 

- ■■■ " "■■ . 1. A' 

*. Fon 


— •lI'iaiD-oita^a. Wicked; 

Tim, 1 vim; £ vim. n. [Colloq.} Strength 

ilii'dl-«aUv i v^/di-Ut; 2 vIn'di-cAt. W. 

fend Bgni'ngt attack; mnintaia ■uceeM' 
fully; Juatlty.-iln-ai-eatlon.ii. Jii«Ui» 
tlon; defenae.- rld'dt-allile*, 1. Twdln 

Tlii-dle'tlT(e*, 1 vin-dik'iiv: 2 rta-dletiv, 

Tine, 1 vain; 2 vin, n. Any climbiiw m 

Tfn'e>fBr, 1 vio'l-gar; 3 vln'o-for, n. At 
uidliquid obtained from the iBrmenta. 
tion of an aleobelic liqnid. ae lader; fir 
uratively, anything aour. 


Tia'Uie.'l vLn'tlj; 2 vin'toi, n. Tha yield 
nt B vineyard or wino-KrowinK district: 
triK, t[ie AOt vr llTDQ ot KUtheriat Lt.— Tint'* 

Tl'ol.lvai'al; STl'ol,n. A Htringod inrtru- 
ment ol the vIoUn cImb— Tl'o-U, 1 vai'oJs 
or T[-*T>; a vro-l* or \I-0'la. n. A tMaatA 

Tl'»^Ute, 1 voi'oJet: 3 vl'o-lfit, ri. [-lat"- 
SB'; -lat'ibq.) 1. To brsak, u s Uw 
or an oath; tnnsereu. 2. To trut ir- 
revennlly: do violence to: abuK.— vfo-Im'- 
- ii,ii^il'<>-U'll»«i',a ■■ ■ - 

»l'4^knt. 1 Yai'o-1en^2 vi'o-IBnt, a. Forci- 

1. Pertaining to or eneloslng Ihe HBceia. ' X 

Vlotent xeFcin ol ions': Injury: outrage. ' 

vis'cid. 1 viB'id;.3 vfs'id, o. Sticky or 

Vt'o-let, 1 voi'o-let; 3 vI'o-16t. I. a. Of 

adhMve: viscous.- *1*-<ld1-tr. a. 

vla'oount, 1 vai'kaunt; 3 vrcount, n. 

growinr plant, "iUi flowrB typienlly of a 
purplish blue color. 8. A color Ken at the 

1. In England, a nobleman neit belon an 

end ol the spectrum oppoeits the red. 

or younger brother ot a count.— ils'eount- 

Tro-lln',1 voi-o-lio'; 3 vl'o-lln', n. 1. A 
mueicaf mstrument ol the viol elaa-'. hav- 

TlJ^Si, l'^C.°'2"v^of o." T^ti- 

ing lour mrlnn. ». A violinist.- rt-o-IIn-tat, 

nons; sticky. I, Impcrieclly fluid, as lar 

n. One nlio ulayg on the vlDlln. 
»I''i>-loa-c«no, 1 vro-len-dhel'lo or voi'o- 
iBn-Ml'o; 3 vl'o-ian-ch61'lo or vl'n-16n- 

tise, 1 iqis; 3 vis, n. An instrument of 
two jaws cloned loKether by a jl - 


screw or the like, ileet. ^^ I 

";'*'An;ffiXi ind»^ ^^m^ 

Tl'per, Ivoi'per; 2 vl'pSr, n. .4 venomous 
Old World snakE: aider.- rt'pef-oiij, a. 

i^nl a> on a passport, ^^^^Tj 

Havhi* the .jualliles ol a vloer; venomoua. 

certilying that It has ^ 

Tl-n'sO, 1 vl-r6'gor 3 vl-rl'KO, n. [-O0E8, 

pl.] A turbulent woman: viicn. 

found comet,- tl-if , «. [vT-siitn: vi-sb-- 

.li'lUlCeM vii'i-bl; 3 vl5', o. Such 
as may be seen; perceptible; evident. 

Tlr-Bai-ma, a. Same as Veho.liak. 
Tir'Bin, 1 v6r' 2 vlr'em.. I. a. 1. 

Iv: ehasl*. 2. Unoorrupted; pure. 3. 
Untried; Dew; maideii, IL n. A chaste 
unmanU^t noi^ian; a maMen.- rlr'ctiul, <,, 
-vlUlliil-ty, B, Maidenhood. 

Tl'glon, 1 vij'an; 2 vldi'on, n. 1. The 
aensB of aiabt; act of seeing. 3. Somo- 

Tlr'U{e>, 1 vir'il; 3 vir'il, a. Having the 
charM (eristics nt mature manhood; maa- 
euune.- rt-rU'l-ty, n. 

^^£-i1- «.*■ 'i-.JSSf'^rr 31^1 


n. Rare, curious, or beautiful quality; as 

.iK'ltJ, l\i.'it;3 vh'it, a. I. i. 1. To 
make a vUit to- 2. To «nd or come upon, 
as good or evil. II. i. To cldl; make calls. 

TlBlt n. The going to nee a person, place. 
orthlng;aBO]ouni:eall.-'(bi-tut,i<. A 

rtr'tIK, IvOr-fliu or Hiu; 2 vlfehu or-tO. 

morality; chaadty. J. Any admirable 
aualHy.- (IrnD-ar. o. Being jn eneet. but 

oni. n. Characterlied by or having lae na- 

1. Tlieactorlactnrvu'ting;avisit- t.' *i 

ture ol virtue: moral; upright, -ly, adr. 

-rfi'l-tor, a.-Tl.-T-to'rl-aJ, a. 


rts'or.n. HamessvizoK. 

ris'U.lvi8'te;SvIa'ta,n. An outlook shut 

critieal knowledge of. ihe fine . 
ci^lr. e. bi^ly skilled muslelai 
l-nll, 1 vnhusi 8 vl'rOs. n. 
pruson that is the means of eoi 

,uiv 01 Titus: potKinoue; 
'ivi.'ii;2 vti'aft, «. - 

!»ms^oT'thin'*'th?'l *■ 

;^|i w^,dflj'bd6k.b«it!ft,ii;ni>e.=0". 

bdt, bOmi dUI, b4sr: to. tern; Igk; thlD, tt 


: vl-xtr', iedilin 

PeiUukng t<1 
rt'UU 1 voi^ts 


icDpdi^ma Are enlarged 



tioDt coataiiiiDaE«: desCrov ihe validity of, 
u ■ cootnet.- vl''tl-m-tlMi, n. 
ilfre-oiu, 1 Tit'n-in; 3 Tlt're-Os. a. 1. 
PtrtainiDgtOKlun: gliissy. I. ObUtned 
trom lUiA— TlfiWr. •- [-FIT 

beeiHiui gUn w (lucr.- *»% 
rtt*ri-ol, lvitM-BL:E«It'i 


tf-tn'per-ste, 1 Tai-tia'psr-^t: ; 
tO-pSi-it, K. r-AT'ED*: -at'iho.I 
find fault witb abuBively: cenaurs: i 
opbnbl; nil at — il-tB'pcr-a'lJDiii 
vt-tu'per4>(tT(«>, 0. DeJamaury. 

Tl-ra'ckHU, 1 voi-vf'^DB; 2 vT-vS'«l 

a.— Tl-IK'l-tj, B*. {-TIBS', W.l ThoHl 

f»-»%nmf 1 i-ot-wT™; 2 n-n'ri-tl 


B,I yog; 3vfl6,Ti. TbeprcTiJ 

■ ^ "f"! T ""'''■ ■'" "*' '' 

M^to! 3,' To" MM. '"n."^ 
nd produced by tho vocal ore 
MBorammal. 4. Tl» power 

i«d™*. The finoof a'verb. I 
aHive — Tolee'leaA, a. Having : 

1 veid: 2 vOid. V. ct. 1. 


a: spirlwd, •I/, a 

rtT'l-ry, 1 
fl-Tlp'ii-rous,'' f "vd-vlS" 

vlT^-Mc'aon, 1 viv"i-m 
tiCthoa. n. The dissa 

Tfl'cn, I viks'n; S vTka'n, 

elite; ohangeable; 
w, 1 vol-s-t^i; u T( 

■ Tol-cs'iio, 1 -rai-Wi 

f-BOE». plj Amoun 
from whif^i lava ib < 

-TOl-CU'lC, •>. 


t. havii 

power 0^ wi 
>I'Ier, 1 vul'i: 
discharge vith 

>, 1 TO'lo-drttm : t vtfla-drto. ■• 

1 VBl'pl«n": 3 v6l'plan", n. A 
nworil from a h^ght »t tui untie 
UlBD the Eliding 

dsisbly cm 

(orn-hfef'lvKlVu-bliavttl'yu-bl.a. 1, 
Hsvim B r«idy flow of wordi: fluent, a. 

ls.~ (ol'n-lia'l-t/, n 

vol 'uo-ta-rr, i vel 'on-iS-i 
volitional; free. Z. Fow 


t compelled. 

1 vo-lni/iihu-lw -liu-l^n; 
T -tfl-]i-ry. 1. a.^ Per- 

J vo-!Bp'eh«-[or -tfl-]S-ry. 

It n. [-BII1B', irf,l One eddifW 
HtiAl plHeurea. 
TO-lap'tn-ous, 1 vo-lDp'<ihu-Ior -t 
vi>lfip'cbu-[Dr -tfl-](ls, a. Behl 

loin'lt, i vBm'it': 3 vBnilt. I<l. 

whirl in h fluid; whirlpool; slJilwiiid. 

'o'tm-TJ, 1 v6'lo-n; avS'ta-ry.n. [-kieb', 
jji.] Oat who is devoted to a particular 

tite, 1 v'at-^vSt! 1. n. di m. IvotTp''; 
VOT'iNoJ To delcrmine by volt; caal ■ 
vote. n. n. 1. A formal eipression ot 
choice, as by a ahow of handu, or ballot. 
>, The asE^T^te or vctM.— toI'^, n. One 
who voi£fl, or is QuaJlded to vo:«.